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File: 1594472524362.jpg (21.06 KB, 320x240, rogertroy2.jpg)

No. 582621

ITT we discuss news stories, both new and old, that upset us significantly more than normal.

I just read the story of Alissa Blanton, a 23yo newlywed that was murdered by a 61yo stalker who was a patron of the Hooters she had formerly worked at. This story deeply upsets me for a number of reasons. There's few things that freak me out more than the idea of unrequited love interests turning into stalkers, especially ones you don't even know. The fact she was murdered for not returning this guy's interest is already horrific enough, but the fact he was a morbidly obese 60+ year old man who felt entitled to a woman barely over 1/3 of his age is beyond disgusting.

No. 582635

And this is why I don't support jobs that rely mainly on women offering sex appeal to men.
It's not empowering. The moment these men pay money, they believe they own you (trust, it doesn't matter if you're telling yourself you're the one in charge to cope). Some of them will do anything and everything to make you realize that, even at the cost of your life.
I know this also could've happened if she was just a waitress at a normal restaurant, but the whole point of Hooters obviously exacerbated things.

No. 582646

> morbidly obese 60+ year old man who felt entitled to a woman barely over 1/3 of his age is beyond disgusting
I'm dealing with this situation atm, a 60 something year old local man who I used to make small talk with won't leave me alone. At one time I would've assumed most men this age are harmless on account of depleting testosterone levels, after dealing with how relentless this local man is in forcing his presence on me..they're just as bad. There is no cut off point when it comes to mens shittiness.

No. 582656

File: 1594480656399.jpeg (350.29 KB, 1000x750, DE470457-0069-49A6-B28C-615922…)

The story of Mary Vincent a lady who ran away and hitchhiked when she was 15. Got picked up by a guy who raped her and then proceeded to hack her arms off.

She managed to climb up a hill and get help, and help advocate for longer prison sentences. As the man who did this horrible thing to her did not get a long enough sentence and went out and killed someone else. Also had an extreme hate for women and did not need to leave jail.

Sadly if you google her name her assaulter was there.

I feel like this belongs more here than true crime.

It just upsets me to know evil can get out of prison for doing “enough time”.

No. 582662

stories like this make it obvious that society will always need a place to lock up psychopaths. they cannot and will not change and should never ever interact with society ever again.

another story like this took place in a european french speaking country. a kid (at the time of the crime he was 11) went from foster home to foster home because of "troubled behavior". he ended up in a foster home of people who were grandparents, however they didn't know exactly why he was transferred so many times. soon enough, he was violent, and sexually disordered. he was addicted to porn and would stand in the house naked, fully erect. he once locked himself in the bathroom with a baby, and the baby's diaper was found put on backwards (no signs of abuse though).

they notified the foster system so many times, but they couldn't kick him out, otherwise they'd lose all rights to foster ever again. the system did nothing.

one day, their daughter was over with her own kids and they couldn't find one of the little kids (a girl). they all looked for her until the foster kid said to another boy "imagine if she's drowned in the river. what would you do?"…he ran there and, unsurprisingly enough, she was laying face down in the river, half naked.

he had raped and killed the little girl at just age 11.

it made me feel like you can't trust anyone, not even a kid you want to help out. you foster one kid and then your grand daughter is dead.
this kind of individual needs to be locked up or executed. there's no hope. he will not ever be normal. if someone who did something like that could feel guilt, they'd inevitably kill themself.

No. 582665

Oh my god I watched the "I survived" episode on this case where Mary told her story in her own words and shit haunted me for the longest time. I have a relatively high tolerance for true crime but this was actually the case that I first thought of when I saw this thread scrolling down.

The man (Lawrence Singleton) who kidnapped her raped her all night. Then he took a hatchet and hacked her first arm off, then the second, and she was clutching his arm so hard while he was hacking away that the detached limb stayed clinging to the guy even after being severed off. He didn't stop there, he threw her off a 30-foot cliff naked and dying of blood loss. Miraculously she survived the fall, had to stuff her stumps full of dirt to stop the bleeding and muscle from falling out and then crawl up trying to stop a car while looking like an absolute monster and more or less scaring everyone off. This monster continued to send her threatening letters from prison and harass her, then got released on good behavior after only 8 years and killed another woman. An absolute fucking psycho who should've been put to death after the first offense.

To add insult to injury Mary's life just went downhill and she could barely afford the maintenance or replacement of her prosthetic arms. It's so fucking sad all around.

No. 582666

That's horrible, unbelievable. Do you know what happened to the boy?
I just can't understand those tumblr types who want to abolish prisons

This is a local story I heard so I don't have much details but I was sick the whole day after hearing this. There was a man out on a field baling hay with his kids riding by on the baling machine. He noticed the machine was working oddly so he stopped it and went to check, and he saw that his children had been baled with the hay. The machine is very loud so he didn't notice earlier. He went home and told his wife and shot himself, and she drank poison. I'm sorry, I'm not good at telling a story and I really don't know much more, but I'm sick again, this is my worst ngithmare

No. 582667

i went to check the story again and he was 14 when that happened, not 11. regardless, the fucked up behavior started years prior to the murder.
he was sentenced to 8 years because he was a minor and some other legal stuff. he'll be out of prison at age 22. it's crazy because he will only get worse with age until he gets arrested so many times he gets sentenced to life.

fuck, that's a chilling story though. that's the kind of guilt i was talking about… those poor parents would've never taken anyone's life on purpose and yet it happened, and they couldn't bear it…

No. 582668

I never understood where the "harmless old men" stereotype came from. Most of the times I've been sexually harassed were by old men. They're more shameless about it too IME.

No. 582669

what the fuck. i dread imagine how horror of what happened to her, but at the same time i think her strength and determination to survive are really amazing. shit like this legitimately keeps me up at night. it's very disturbing that the first results when you google her name is about her rapist, when the lives and stories of the victims should take priority.

people like her attacker are why i believe in the death penalty. first of all the number of people falsely sentenced to death is much much lower than the murders that can be prevented by implementing the death penalty. My country had the death penalty into the 90s, and the abolishment of the death penalty caused the murder rates to more than double.

No. 582670

This was probably from around a few months ago but I don’t want to try finding it again. A boy that was in the care his relatives (grandparents + uncle IIRC) in the US died after they routinely beat and starved him. After the family reported his death the investigators found out they were recording his torture on their phones, so there was audio and video of him being abused. His uncle, a 6’ foot tall teenager that weighed over 200lbs had also texted another relative in the house about wanting to kill the boy, so he was likely the one that hurt him so bad that he died from the injuries. It was so vile I haven’t read up anything else about it since.

No. 582671

Damn, I should have known not to read this thread, will struggle to get this story out of my head now. Unimaginable horror, I can completely understand the dad killed himself, there's just no way to carry on after something like this.

No. 582676

File: 1594485943966.jpg (19 KB, 640x360, 1594485713714.jpg)

The one that gets to me most is Cherish Perrywinkle. Pic related is her absolute failure of a mother.

>mom begs outside Dollar General with 8yo Cherish and her 2 little sisters

>old guy comes offering to take them to Wal Mart and buy girls clothes
>guy asks to go in dressing room to help her change, mom allows it
>offers to take Cherish to McDonalds at front of store for burgers, mom allows it
>guy just takes her out of store, rapes and kills her

It's just so horrifying. How could a mother allow her child to be out of her sight with a man who she just met that day? Especially after he requested to help her change???

No. 582681

As disturbing as this sounds she probably was just planning on pimping the girl out. She didnt think he would kill her.

No. 582682

File: 1594487596908.jpeg (79.91 KB, 634x611, FC894BD1-358E-46A0-A4E3-E9C5B5…)

>Maryland mother, Romechia Simms, 24 was found pushing her 3 year old child in a swing in the middle of the night
>Police are called by a neighbour who had seen her the night before
>Try to give the boy first aid but "it was instantaneously clear the child was dead"
>Turns out the child had been pushed in the swing for two days straight
>Romechia is in a psychotic break
>Autopsy finds the child died of hypothermia and dehydration
>Romechia had been known to have bipolar and psychotic breaks before
>America being America rules it a homicide

So fucked. When the story broke, it wasn't big but I kept up with it because it reminded me of something Dean Koontz would write. Fucking spooky imagery.

No. 582688

I watched a Documentary about a bus crash that killed 27 people most being children. Was said to be one of the deadliest drunk driving accidents ever.

It's been on my mind since.

"Impact After the Crash
Impact After the Crash (2013) Documentary exploring the horrific Carrollton, Kentucky bus crash, which killed 27 people, mostly children, and injured many others. It was the worst drunk-driving related accident in US history."

In the documentary, there was this religious guy talking about how his wife & two daughters were on the bus, he talked about how he begged god for all of them to make it, but then he started bargaining saying "Please just two" and then he got to the point where he was just begging he had someone left, even if it was just one of them.

He lost them all. Then the daughter of the bus driver (he died immediately) said she stayed on the bus as long as she did calling for her dad causing her more damage in the end.
Apparently her mom and the religious guy who lost his family ended up married and having children together.

I learned that some of the parents/victims just wanted a $1 from the settlement from Ford if they would recall the buses to make them safer, they declined.

No. 582689

Jesus christ I went on to read about this case. The old fuck who raped her did it so violently that she suffered massive damage to her orifices and even the guy's own dick was injured, she was strangled exceptionally violently too. Even the medical examiners were visibly traumatized at the trial and needed breaks. Fucking horrifying, this mother absolutely didn't give a shit and the guy who did it is an absolute psychopath. I will never understand how someone can do something like this to a child.

No. 582695

File: 1594489087947.jpg (21.91 KB, 300x169, 130622163856-donald-james-smit…)


Oh god, I remember that story. This guy was a sick fuck holy shit


>Donald James Smith, 56, faces kidnapping and murder charges. He was listed as being held without bond Saturday night.Smith is a registered sex offender who was released from custody on May 31, according to Michael Williams, director of the sheriff's investigations department. Authorities from the sheriff's office had just made contact with him to verify his address on Friday morning, Williams said. Later that same day, a woman called police to report that her daughter was missing from the Walmart.

>According to records from the Duval County Clerk of Courts, Smith's most recent convictions occurred last year on charges from 2009 for unlawful impersonation of a public employee and aggravated child abuse by willful torture, for which he was sentenced to a year in county jail.

This people belong jailed forever. Like no more human interaction until they die.

No. 582699

This isn't a specific news story but something that really fucks me up is seeing in the news how the rich are never truly punished.

I'm in the UK and it's sad how many politicians, aristocrats and wealthy people commit crimes, especially sex crimes, and just brush it off like it was a bad hair day for them.

Think of all the wealthy that fuck minors, rape women and then go home to their wives for a "I'm sowwy" photo op. Meanwhile the UK's "most dangerous prisoner" is a working class man from Liverpool who killed child rapists and wife beaters after suffering from rape and abuse as a child.

The former will carry on being rich, corrupt and evil while the latter spends 23 out of 24 hours a day alone in a glass box and whose main requests over the years have been for someone to talk to him, a pet bird or a cyanide pill so he can die.

I'm not saying he should be let out (though I do believe he needs more psychiatric support than anything else), but I am saying that money shouldn't stop you locking up sex criminals if you're willing to lock up their victims when they fight back.

I'm sick of seeing smug rich people from Mayfair posing outside court after been let off and then finding out that mummy or daddy went to school with half the lawyers in London or own the hotel chain that all the MPs like.

Sorry for the rant but ugh

No. 582700

I remember being in 4th grade at a new school. We all had to clip a newspapers article and talk to the class about it. So here I am in class looking through the paper and see my best friend's picture in it. She was at my last school. I read it and it explained that her step father had raped her, killed her, then hid her body in the home.

It was horrifying to read about someone you're friends with at that age.

No. 582709

holy shit anon i'm so sorry. my own best friend had to deal with a rapist of a step father for years. insane bastard, i'm surprised he hasn't killed anyone. but i think he killed her pet hamster…
i wish she'd press charges but she's finally cut all contact with him and is doing amazing things, and i don't even know how to bring it up anymore. sorry for /blog.

No. 582712

That some children can not be rehabilitated is not a fact people like to accept.

I don't disagree with your reasoning, but part of me feels like they get off too easily if they're dead (plus the expense.) I always think of Donald Smith, who raped and killed a child called Cherish Perriwinkle. He begged for death because he was terrified of being in the prison system. It's absolute hell. That bastard stood there and cried about how he was scared of being raped in prison after he brutalized that little girl.

I wrote this before I saw this. This case is so disturbing though and I'm glad she lost custody of her other children.

No. 582713


Charles Bronson (prisoner) is a mad cunt, though. He's like a more mental Chopper Read.

Jimmy Savile epitomizes your point best of all. There's a reason Ghislaine is wearing paper uniform and sleeping in paper bedsheets. It won't help: the fucking Queen will materialize out of her mist form and bingo another suicide.

No. 582716

File: 1594491478415.jpg (23.58 KB, 247x330, Junkofurutaportrait.jpg)

I was overwhelmingly upset when I learned about the horrific torture and murder of Junko Furuta. I was haunted for years by her case, and to this day, I become ill when reading about it.

Four teenage boys (Hiroshi Miyano, Jo Ogura, Shinji Minato and Yasushi Watanabe) abducted Junko Furuta, a high school girl cycling home after she finished her part-time job, in 1988. They raped and assaulted her for 40 days. This culminated in her murder, and they then encased her body in concrete.

The level of shockingly brutal torture she endured is absolutely gut-churning. Read at your own discretion: Furuta was held captive in the Minato residence for forty days, during which time she was abused, raped and tortured. The group responsible also invited and encouraged their other yakuza friends to torment Furuta. It was later said that over 100 men had participated in the rape and torture. According to their trial statements, the four of them raped her over 400 times, beat her, starved her, hung her from the ceiling and used her as a "punching bag", dropped barbells onto her stomach, forced her to eat live cockroaches and drink her own urine, forced her to masturbate in front of them, and forced her to dance and sing to songs while being beaten. They inserted foreign objects into her vagina and anus, including a lit light bulb and fireworks. They burned her vagina and clitoris with cigarettes and lighters, and her eyelids with hot wax. They poured lighter fluid onto her thighs, arms, face, and stomach and set her on fire. They also tore off her left nipple with pliers and pierced her breasts with sewing needles. Furuta was said to slip into unconsciousness because of the repeated assaults, leading them to dunk her head into a bucket of water each time to continue the torture. When her body was found, Oronamin C bottles were stuck up her anus and her face was unrecognizable. She was also found to be pregnant, despite the severe damage to her uterus.

More than 100 people knew about Furuta's captivity, but either neglected to report it or themselves participated in the torture and murder. In fact, Minato's parents and brother were aware of the situation, but did nothing to prevent it.

Despite the horror these vile men forced Junko to endure, the longest sentence received by one of the perpetrators was 20 years. The shortest was 3-4. One of the perpetrators' mother allegedly vandalized Furuta's grave, stating, disgustingly, that the victim had ruined her son's life. All of the perps have been released and have gone on to commit more violent crimes and express no remorse.


Rest in peace, Junko. ご冥福をお祈りします。

No. 582717

the person with the most dangerous uk prisoner title isn't charles bronson it's robert maudsley

No. 582718

And men routinely make hentai and shit over her death. It's absolutely fucking evil how she is fetishized by scrotes. RIP Junko.

No. 582719

I can't even imagine what her recovery has been like. I'm glad to hear she's safe now. I hope a bus hits the stepdad.

No. 582721

Why are people so horrible.

Reading all these stories makes me so sad and angry, because of this i really hope hell exist or maybe some other kind of justice that will make sure that these people who are doing this kind of thing will be tortured just as bad as what they did do the victims.
Prison doesn't do shit obviously, so all i can do is hope.

No. 582723

If anyone is interested in cults, read up on Shoko Asahara and Aum Shinrikyo. It's horrifying and fascinating.

This happened in the 80's or 90's in Japan iirc. Asahara, the leader, started out as a yoga guru, but he started telling yoga followers he could teach them to levitate and stuff like that. Followers were soon asked to do things like stand in boiling water to join the group. The group kept spiraling out of control, and lives were eventually lost, so now the group had the issue of disposing of evidence.

The group became a nationwide thing, recruiting young intelligent Japanese people, like scientists and lawyers, who felt excluded from harsh Japanese society. Ultimately, they turned into a doomsday cult, creating compounds to try and manufacture biological warfare in the form of disease breeding, as well as chemical warfare.

One of the most horrible things they did was create sarin, a deadly nerve gas, and release it on the Tokyo subways. Many people were injured or killed. But the group got away with a lot by being exempt as a "religious group" (and murdering those who were against them.)

I'm sure I didn't do this story justice at all but absolutely read up on it if you want to kill a few hours and struggle to sleep tonight.

No. 582724

>>One of the perpetrators' mother allegedly vandalized Furuta's grave, stating, disgustingly, that the victim had ruined her son's life.
How did she reach this conclusion???

No. 582726

I don’t think any news story will make me as mad as Junko Furuta. Just hearing about it makes my blood boil.

There’s another similar case that happened in the U.K. Kelly Anne Bates I think? It was a middle aged guy who tortured his teenage girlfriend for weeks including GOUGING HER EYES OUT OF HER SOCKETS until he ended up killing. At least he’s in jail where he belongs.

No. 582730

Hearing about this poor girl broke my heart. Even in your worst nightmares you don't imagine having to endure something like this. I feel sick. It's depressing knowing that she couldn't even be unconscious, they just HAD to have her feel all the pain.

I don't understand how nobody stepped in? Even if you were scared of them, why not just go to the police and let them handle it? Or let her free while they were out and claim she escaped or something? I don't know…literally anything is better than doing nothing.

And then to vandalise her grave? You can't let her rest even now?

I hope they all rot for what they've done to her.

What an incredibly resilient woman. To not only manage to survive so terrible but then to face your trauma day after day as an advocate…she's so inspiring.

No. 582731

I read long ago that the reason why some of the guys got a slap on the wrist for all of this and why some many witnesses ignored everything is because of the culprits' connection with the yakuza. Not sure if that's true though, the source didn't seem 100% reliable.

No. 582737

I remember seeing this video on youtube, where family members, friends, and students watching the launch of the 1983 Challenger rocket. They were all sitting in a bleacher like they were at a sporting event.

Obviously the Challenger disaster was terrible on its own, but it was heartbreaking to see the astronauts' loved ones experiencing everything.

Smiles and excitement from seeing their loved ones heading to space, then confusion when seeing something doesn't look right, disbelief and shock, then sobbing or staring blankly as you watched your son/sister/teacher/whoever plummet to the earth in smoke.

I just remember people slowly filtering out of the bleachers as others broke down crying. Like it felt wrong seeing people get up and walk away, but what else can you do?

(Here's the video, I'm not going to rewatch it now, but watch at your own risk)

No. 582738

Fuck this dude. I hope he’s rotting in hell for what he did to that poor girl and her corpse. The footage where you see her being taken is fucking creepy too.
I read an article about her that was an update on her life of some sort. I don’t think she fully ever got over what happened to her. It’s really sad. She’s still a fucking badass though.

No. 582739

Extreme victim blaming. And I guess with that mentality that explains why her son turned out to be a rapist, torturer and murderer, she and the father must have raised him in a way that made him think that shit was fine as long as he didn't get caught.

No. 582741

Samefag but the killer's mother vandalizing Furuta's grave reminded me of Luka Magnotta's mother defending her son and claiming he was a victim. >>582739 They jump through hoops to avoid confronting the reality that their kid is a psychopath

No. 582746

So it was more like extreme denial that turned into extreme victim blaming? I can imagine that, any kinda normal parent who would learn about their kid doing all that horrible shit for over a month would either be in denial, question themselves until they die of old age or completely deny they have any connection with their kid anymore.

No. 582747

I'm not a mother so I guess I don't really understand but I think, even if I genuinely believed my son was innocent, I'd advocate for him rather than attack the victim. If I knew deep down he wasn't innocent but my maternal instincts wouldn't let me let go, I'd just quietly visit him in prison and stay out of the press. It seems weird to jump straight to attacking the memory of a murder victim, it's not like they purposely get murdered just to spite people.

No. 582751

Sage for samefag >>582746 but I just looked up Luka Magnotta's name online and I remember actually watching something about him on TV, I just didn't remember his name at all. An American true crime show but translated in my first language, some of the people who worked on the case and talked about it in the show wouldn't stop saying how it was their worse, most traumatizing case in their whole career, that shit was so messed up.

No. 582756

The case is absolutely horrible, making it even more mind numbing that his mother was attacking the internet group that was trying to identify him before he murdered a human. I get >>582747, I imagine if my kid was facing heinous accusations and I believed he was innocent I would support him in my own way without attacking others, but that would go out the window if it was revealed that he filmed himself doing these horrible things on numerous occasions.

No. 582769

File: 1594495609041.jpeg (146.64 KB, 1100x738, 038A8A1C-7B0E-4410-BC5A-6247D0…)

This one boils my blood.
Amina and Sarah Said were killed by their "father". I'm writing this from memory so some details may be skewed or left out.
> 15 year old Western girl, Patricia, marries 29 year old Muslim Yasir Said with her parents' permission
> Yasir hates the western way of living and constantly berates it. Ends up abusing the mother and cheating on her
> The mother goes on to have children with him, 2 of which are Amina and Sarah. He eventually ends up abusing and assaulting them as well (abuse in all forms)
> He begins surveilling the girls, even recording one of them at their job, critiquing all her interactions such as smiling at a customer
> Eventually Amina and Sarah get the chance to report their abuse, but suddenly recant their statements (most possibly due to fear)
> Amina begins to secretly date a boy against her father's approval and plans of arranged marriage. He finds out and quickly relocates everyone after abusing Amina. He finds out Sarah also has a secret boyfriend and pulls a gun on them
> Eventually Amina and Sarah run away with their mother. Sadly, Yasir convinces the mother to come back with the girls. She agrees against everyone's better judgement. Sarah goes back reluctantly but Amina is a lot more hesitant, eventually agreeing to visit him.
> Yasir asks to take the girls out to eat, only to turn around and shoot them to death in his taxi and leave
> Sarah manages to make a 911 call pleading "Help me! I'm dying!" She takes her last breaths on the call
> Both girls tragically pass away from the gunshots, Yasir is nowhere to be found and still has not been caught.
It infuriates me that the mother went back to him after seeing everything he's capable of. It goes without saying Yasir is scum of the earth but the mother in this case also makes me angry. What piece of shit mother would put her children in danger like that? It wasn't even hindsight, she knew of his behavior. She was in a position to give them a chance in life and she failed them greatly. And they lost their lives because of it. My heart breaks for these girls who just wanted to live a happy life in America.

No. 582794


I remember reading about her years after she was discovered. Her story fucks with me to this day because I feel this could easily happen to me, as i'm pretty solitary and my parents rarely initiate contact and my friends would think i just ghosted them


>Joyce Vincent lived alone and cut off contact with her family and friends

>resigned from job in 2001
>died in her home, alone in 2003, due to asthma attack or complications from peptic ulcer
>no one knew she was dead for years
>half of her bills were paid automatically
>unpaid bills went unnoticed for a long time due to debt forgiveness
>neighbors thought her home was unoccupied, despite odors from her dead body
>discovered in 2006 due to reposession
>her tv and heater were still on, for almost 3 years after her death

No. 582810

File: 1594503258950.jpg (323.89 KB, 2000x1538, Miyu-Kojima-3.jpg)

Kinda related, but your post reminded me of the sculptures done by Miyu Kojima where she recreates the rooms of people who also died "lonely deaths".
I always think about stuff like that though. Probably one of the reasons that keeps me from wanting to live alone. I'd hate the idea of something happening to me and no one knows until I start to decompose and stink up the place.

No. 582853

This footage has never left my mind from the first time I've seen it until now. It's the reason I've never been able to look at rocket launches since.

No. 582860

>is a working class man from Liverpool who killed child rapists and wife beaters after suffering from rape and abuse as a child.
I wanted to ask "who's the hero?' but I googled and I feel horrible. The budgie or cyanide request absolutely killed me. He asked for such a small thing to be able to keep his humanity and got denied. Absolutely horrifying, death row would be more humane. Not that he deserves it imho. I don't agree with torture, but his heart and morals were in the right place. I don't believe that he is beyond saving.

No. 582863

"The sinking of MV Sewol also called the Sewol ferry disaster, occurred on the morning of 16 April 2014. Out of 476 passengers and crew, 304 died in the disaster, including around 250 students from Danwon High School."

The most upsetting part of hearing this news was how the captain and the government both reacted during the disaster and how many deaths could have been prevented if the students and passengers were told to evacuate. The captain was a coward and told passengers to wait in their cabins and stay put as the ship capsized and eventually rolled over.

Video is of the students laughing and joking about their situation unaware of their fates.

I couldn't find the video I was looking for. But in one video students joked "Listening to the captain to stay put, isn't this how people die in movies?"

No. 582865

This was so so fucked

No. 582877

I remember when danganronpa V3 came out that it was banned in South Korea because of an ongoing case.

Two teenage girls planned the murder of an 8 year old girl by luring her with a phone to call her mom. One then strangled and dismembered the girl and rode the bus with her body parts at one point. They texted each other through the whole ordeal.

Then one starts faking mental illnesses after her parents give her books on aspergers to try to get less jail time.

It's sorta hard to find out what happened completely because no names were used through the whole ordeal.


No. 582886

Robert Maudsley for anyone wondering. I agree the murders were brutal though in comparison to other infamous serial killers who died faster or served in less confining spaces it does feel like an insult hes been there for 40 years.

No. 582887

I watched a documentary about this one and it was so fucked. I guess it's partially because sinking ships are one of my biggest fears, but also because these poor people had a chance to get out safe but that was thrown away by the captain that was supposed to protect them. Wasn't the president of South Korea impeached almost directly because of this?

No. 582899

They have that clip in the documentary In the Absence, it has a different name on YouTube but it was uploaded by The New Yorker.

No. 582905

Jesus. That reminds me of the Slenderman case in the U.S except there the victim thankfully survived and one of the girls there actually had schizophrenia but her parents ignored it because there were scared of dealing it.

No. 582909


>A Man who bludgeoned a woman to death with a steel mallet so he could sexually violate her 12-year-old daughter

I remember seeing this article pop-up and all I could think how disgusting scrotes are and only they can do disgusting shit like this

No. 582913

>dude strangles woman, ejaculates on her while unconscious
>judge lets him go

nobody in the judicial system cares about alaskan/american native women it makes me fucking sick


No. 582917

This case drives me so insane I bring it up often irl. Rulings like this are why recalling judges should be allowed.

Also the OPs case where the judge said there was no reason for a protective order then 7 days later he shot her dead. The judge literally went "I'm not omnipresent" like what the fuck you old piece of shit she handed you 70 pages of proof and he followed her across 3 jobs and 2 houses.

No. 582922

What the actual fuck.
I hate men.

No. 582951

Men are disgusting. Possibly unpopular opinion but our society needs to stop discussing black-on-black crime or whatever, and discuss the real culprit: MEN. Men-on-men crime and men-on-women crime. The world would be a much safer, happier place if men could stop acting like cavemen and raping, murdering, and beating.

No. 582952

our society barely ever brings up black on black violence(racebait)

No. 582954

Not that I follow republican news, but it's defitely been a hot topic for racism-deniers to try and say "Look! It's not racism harming black people, it's black people harming themselves!"

No. 582964

stop race baiting

No. 582998

I don't know if this counts as like a news story, but the murder of Anna Svidersky fucked with me when I was a younger. She was a highschool girl that got randomly stabbed while working at McDonalds. But it was the heyday of Myspace and I remember this video being shared around constantly, and I remember her myspace url was "sceneslut" and you could go and look at her profile and see all of her pictures and see all of her friends commenting and mourning publicly (before that was like, a thing)

This has that Angels & Airwaves song on it but there was also a couple that were with Avril Lavigne's "Slipped Away", and I've never been able to hear that song without thinking of Anna. But I remember this one particularly because it had clips of her brother and sister speaking at her funeral and being understandably very upset, and I think there was one video that showed her (closed) casket all covered in flowers

No. 583001

>anon replies to a racebait post
>accuse that anon of posting racebait

No. 583002

I remember this one case that was brought up around 2019 but the thing happened years ago around the 80's or 90's

>Mayor and a bunch of his accomplice kidnaps a student and her boyfriend

>they rape and kill her.
>they also killed her boyfriend

What fucked me up about this was the autopsy report on the girl's body. The amount of semen found in her vaginal canal was enough to fill half(?) a can of sardines. The ex mayor got 360 years in prison iirc. I can't remember the name of the case correctly but it still fucking haunts me that things like this happens.

It's still fucking wild as shit that some men fantasize about rape and the men in my country sometimes enable it among their peers.

No. 583016

>I can't remember the name of the case correctly
try this database: https://www.google.com/

No. 583067

I feel obligated to add that everyone involved was tripping on acid on a near-daily basis. The cult initially gained traction because it appealed to otakus and virgin shut-ins; their beliefs were heavily influenced by science fiction. IIRC at one point they were required to wear "space helmets" that were just bicycle helmets with superfluous electrodes coming out of them. The weirdest thing to me is how widespread it became, like it wasn't unusual to run into those weirdos while grocery shopping or know someone from work who was a member

No. 583077

at one point of this video you can see the trapped students trying to break the windows of the sinking ship, it's fucking heartbreaking. This one stayed with me for a long time

No. 583078

The case of Gabriel Fernandez is one of the most horrific stories of child abuse I have ever read. The documentary on Netflix made me bawl for days after I watched it.

He was only 8 years old and kept in a small cabinet for nearly an entire year. She and her boyfriend beat him regularly and though his abuse was constantly reported, nothing was done about it. The police had visited several times and even told Gabriel that if he kept lying he would be the one arrested.

One of the worst parts is that before he died, he wrote about why he loved his mom on mothers day. He even wrote letters to his mom telling her he would be good if she left her boyfriend.

There are pictures of him taken by his teacher on mothers day showing how badly he was being beaten.

The entire story is much more horrific that I described I just didn't feel right going into depth.

No. 583111

File: 1594554367609.png (395.57 KB, 648x633, megan.png)

Haven't seen this story much, but it stuck with me. The full story is incredibly sad.

>wealthy, connected man rapes drunk college honors student

>she reports it immediately
>not considered rape because Alabama law says she didn't fight back enough (he literally had a gun)
>police start charging her with crimes instead because she took the rapist's gun and 3 dollars for a cab to get away
>she can't file a suit against the rapist because she'll get charged with theft
>she can't get counseling from school because the counselor is friends with rapist
>withdraws from college and commits suicide
>zero consequences for the rapist, zero changes to laws that ruined the victim's life


No. 583114

File: 1594554520798.jpg (21.24 KB, 220x302, unnamed (1).jpg)

The disappearance of Johnny Gosch has always left a pit in my stomach, even now when I'm reminded of it. Particularly the photo of him with his hands tied behind his back. The implication of the photo really gets to me.


That and the murder of Catherine Cesnik, that nun who was allegedly murdered for trying to expose a child abuse ring that spanned across the schooling system, churches and police force all the way to public officials of Baltimore. The fact that there were so many complicit according to victims, and that they went unpunished unfortunately doesn't surprise, but still disturbs me when I think about it.


No. 583122

File: 1594555764100.jpeg (749.05 KB, 1260x706, 158707B4-4083-43AD-B79D-27674C…)

In 2017, Swedish journalist Kim Wall boarded a the Danish “engineer” Peter Madsen (he isn’t really an engineer, he is an insane autist and narcissist who is obsessed with building makeshift rockets and submarines) Peter Madsen’s submarine. Stuck inside the submarine, he raped and dismembered her and then sank the submarine to cover his tracks. He made up a bunch of insane lies, but her torso, head and legs were discovered and it was determined that he most likely bound her, raped her, stabbed her genitals, strangled her and cut her throat and then dismembered her and got rid of the body.

There’s a lot of crazy information to be found about this guy. He was obsessed with redheads, due to his mother, iirc. Once he invited a red headed prostitute into another submarine or something similar that he built, had sex with her and then worshipped the spot where the prostitute had touched the submarine. Apparently, both his mother and his wife were redheads.

This really shocked me when it happened. It makes me so angry and sad to think about how Kim Wall must have felt when she realised what is going on, trapped inside that submarine.

No. 583124

The Keepers documentary on Netflix is a really harrowing account of Cathy's murder and the Catholic church/police attempt at cover up. It's a hard watch. The rape victims never really got justice and were treated like suspects every step of the way. Cathy's murder will likely never be solved either, but to see how they moved that priest to another parish after they knew he was a rapist/murder suspect is so gut-wrenching.

No. 583133

>She mitigated the bleeding from her forearms by shoving them into mud, and the mud suppressed her bleeding while she managed to pull herself back up the cliff. She walked for three miles, naked, covered in blood, and armless, before finding and alerting a passing couple, who took her to a hospital.
Holy shit what a badass

No. 583134

Shit Amon, just a few days ago I was wondering if they ever figured out what exactly happened in that submarine. At least he was sentenced for life (no idea what that means in Denmark) but he also got married this year

No. 583135

now I‘m mad

No. 583137

iirc he also asked for a board game in the hopes that one of the guards might want to play it with him through the glass walls. He was initially allowed visits and penpals in his previous prisons but I'm not sure if that's the case anymore after the killings of fellow prisoners.

I know that what he did was beyond what a normal, sane human being could do since he did torture a couple of his victims, but it seems like he is incredibly and violently triggered by rapists after being molested and raped himself. I don't think he needs to be out and about in the world but I hope he at least has access to some kind of mental health worker.

I can't believe I'm almost defending a serial killer but after reading this thread and seeing the monsters that are killing for fun and kicks, I'm just wondering how this is the man that seems to have been hit by the full weight of the law. I know they're different countries but how did he get a worse sentence than the man that hacked off a woman's arms and then got released or the gang of boys that tortured a girl for 40 days? I'm sure there are plenty of worse UK criminals who won't spend their lives locked up.

No. 583141

File: 1594560468635.jpg (81.82 KB, 948x536, 73c365ac-8c1c-4987-b9c9-69f30e…)

Oh my god, I just googled it and you're right. She (Jenny Curpen) both looks and is batshit insane, she saw his picture in the news when the murder had happened and "instantly knew she had to get to know him", that there's something important there for her that will change everything. Disgusting.

Apparently, if you're sentenced to life in prison in Denmark, it's a minimum of 12 in prison until you have a chance of parole.

No. 583143

Women that marry men like this should have to undergo a psych check There's genuinely something deeply wrong with people that marry men they know to be murderers and rapists.

She "didn't fight back enough" but they were gonna charge her with a crime for taking his gun? If she "fought back enough" and injured or killed him, they'd probably just charge her for that.

>he wrote about why he loved his mom on mothers day
That BROKE me in the documentary. He really thought he was getting beaten because he wasn't being good enough for his mom and he loved her so much that he kept trying, thinking that one day he'd be good enough to get treated properly. Heartbreaking.

Rapes perpetrated by groups is especially terrifying because we like to think that a rapist wouldn't be emboldened enough to even suggest out loud that he wanted to rape someone, let alone that he could get others involved. We want to believe that witnesses or nearby people would benefit the victim in this situation, not that they'd help the rapist. Same thing with sex rings - it makes your stomach drop to realise that the people around these monsters could actually just be more monsters and that all it takes is one of them to make a suggestion. Some groups are a powder keg waiting for a spark and that's horrifying.

No. 583144

I remember that, it was so horrific. The worst part was they wouldn't label it a sex crime using the logic that just masturbating over her after choking her out didn't count.

No. 583153

I am at work and I wanna cry so bad about the board game request. I could not deny the man.
I think he is not allowed any visits or psychological help at all. From what he said, he's just left in the glass prison to rot. All he gets is food. That's so inhumane and miserable.
I think he should be kept in a mental hospital and offered help, not locked up like an animal. Especially since worse murderers got lighter sentences. And really, if you are gonna torture a man like this, why not send him to an electric chair or provide a suicide method and turn a blind eye for a moment? I cannot imagine being a guard and ignoring this man's suffering.

No. 583167

Jesus fucking Christ
I had heard about Johnny’s case but I had never seen the photos. This shit is so disturbing. Even worse that there are other children in the pics with him. Can’t fucking imagine what went through the parents’ head when they were presented with those. Just awful. I hope they find the pieces of shit who did it.

No. 583188

she’s the first one in this video, audrey mestre.

it’s not gory but if you’re freaked out by underwater stuff maybe skip this one. anyway, her case always freaked me out because it was such a preventable death. freediving is an inherently dangerous sport, but in this case, if she just had a few extra support divers, a properly filled air valve and a doctor on the dock, she would’ve been fine.

instead, she’s stuck under the water for 8 minutes. the support divers can’t give her any air, because they’re breathing gas, and don’t have enough to supply them both in order to make the slow ascent (several hours.) freediving works because the diver fills their lungs on the surface at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. but because she’s 500+ feet below the surface, any air or gas she inhaled at that point would rapidly decompress as she resurfaced and instantly kill her.

so it was a lose lose. the second she reached for the valve and it didn’t spring off she knew she was fucked. she relaxes herself in vain to preserve her breath and her support diver attempts to inflate her lift balloon but fails.

her husband attempts to revive her while she’s still in the water on the surface, which wasted precious minutes. she was rushed to a hospital 10 minutes away where she was pronounced dead.

RIP audrey mestre.

No. 583192

I remember learning about her story when I was in my vkei phase. The Gazette did a song that related to her (though apparently now people are saying it was just about another crime the band read about?) but I still think the live version has a lot of emotion in it.

/saged for weebery

No. 583194

…or I can just fuck up saging I guess lmao.

No. 583205

that picture isn't johnny and it's been debunked for years.

No. 583219

I'll never forget this case. Their father was an ultra creep.. he would film and make sexual "mmm nice" comments about his own fucking daughters. He is on the FBI most wanted fugitive list now.

The mother was also a victim at first but he turned her into a monster. Also their brother is a piece of shit.

And fuck, those girls were beautiful.. the older one especially was growing into a stunning young woman. Too bad their misogynist insecure predator father just couldn't fucking handle that.

No. 583441

As a Burger, I honestly think Alabama might be the worst state. People love to shit on Texas, Florida, or California but at least those states have SOME redeeming qualities. Alabama literally has none and this and Roy Moore should be enough to tell you what a hellhole Alabama is.

No. 583462

My mom told me about this case a few years ago (I wasn't born yet when it happened) but it haunts me to this day.
This piece of shit raped and then murdered that poor little girl and while he did get sentenced to life in prison his lawyer is trying to seek parole for him. What upsets me the most is that this guy's friend actually kept watch but was not charged with any crime. People like that deserve to die as well.

No. 583468

Cherrypicking what they will and won't do with the law because they hate women. Truly fucked, I feel so awful for this poor girl. Everyone failed her.

No. 583470

It's not even a matter of opinion, anon. Alabama always ranks among the top 5 worst states in every major category.

No. 583490

I don't know why I do this to myself. I've heard of most of the stories in this thread before, but it still hits me in the gut the same as I first read it. I'm too sensitive for this shit, but its partially the interest in true crime/human behavior, but also not allowing crimes and mistreatment of women/children's lives, since more often or not they're the victims, to go forgotten. No wonder I have premature wrinkles.

I just can't get in the mindset of some of these people. The only people I'd even consider killing in a hypothetical situation, would be THESE MONSTERS. All the lives cut short, the pain families will feel until the day they die. But even then, you have families who are the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. How?

It makes me feel so helpless to know the suffering that is still going on in the world. Women and children trafficked, emotional and sexual abuse, torture. Why does this happen? What goes wrong in humans, both men and woman, to either commit the crime or standby and allow it to happen? Are we doomed for this to continue on in the human species?

And the sad thing is, these stories are what is reported and documented. Crazy enough to make it on the news. Sad thing, with the fucked up shit people indulge in now, who knows what else is going to happen. Not gonna lie, kinda hope sex dolls will catch on.

Also my heart goes out to Robert Maudsley. It seems so unfair that someone who feels so strongly about the mistreatment of children gets treated so coldly. Just wants something to live for, a hobby, a pet. He also has beautiful handwriting. I wish he could've gotten help.

No. 583563

The part that really fucks with me is that all she did was tell a boy no when he asked her out. And she faced the worst torture imaginable for 40 days because of it. It's terrifying.

No. 583566

File: 1594633091052.jpeg (26.02 KB, 600x438, 6856EC72-6F25-4E18-8CBE-F5E84E…)

Hearing about Zymere Perkins death really got to me, I had nightmares about what that little boy had to endure for days.


No. 583569


Children’s death shake me up the most

No. 583570

The OP story on the hooters girl I’ve just seen.

It knocks me sick because men think they’re so fucking entitled. No young woman wants a dirty, fat ugly cunt greaseball. She’s married too to top it off. It’s just horrific that these old men think young women owe them.

I’m tired of men so badly. Sometimes I wish they could all just vanish.

No. 583606

I think it is a natural consequence of being born in a species with billions of members. Most of these people have a scientifically measurable problem in their brain.. psychopathy. A rare condition but when you are talking about a population of billions, that's still a ton of psychopaths out there. That in combination with a bad childhood will inevitably lead to problems with society and those around them.

Obviously it isn't an excuse, I'm just trying to respond to your question of "how?"

I get your outlook but keep in mind that even though these stories seem to be happening everywhere and constantly, they are still very rare occurrences when put against the whole of society's experience. We just tend to fixate on them and retell their stories because of how horrifying they are.

No. 583640

Sometimes one of these crimes will resurface in my memory and it's unbearable. I read a lot of true crime when I was really young but now I wish I had never learned about things like The Toybox Killer or the Hello Kitty murder, and there's no way to unlearn. Seeing stories of women surviving like >>582656 helps keep me sane.

I often think about the story of Teka Adams, she was a young pregnant woman trying to get her life on a better track in time for her baby by giving up drugs and moving into a maternity home and her new husband was completing behavioral therapy so he could be better too. Teka was contacted by a woman who was a part of a scheme to give supplies to young mothers, and even though Teka's husband begged her not to go alone she went to meet the woman and eventually ended up in her home where the she was ambushed and knocked out and stabbed. The woman who had lied about everything and over the next few days she slept in the same room next to her and alternated between being gentle to her and attacking her again. Finally, the woman's grown son arrived and Teka thought she was going to be raped, but instead he helped his mother subdue Teka. The woman then brutally cut into Teka to steal her baby from her body without any training or proper tools or pain relief, with a Michael Jackson film playing on loop the whole time. Somehow Teka managed to escape whilst literally holding her insides in her arms to try and save the life of her unborn child. She banged on a neighbors door but the woman nearly managed to explain everything away whilst dragging Teka back until Teka lifted her shirt and showed the neighbour her insides and the person called the cops and ambulance. Amazingly, Teka survived and so did her baby, named Miracle, and she was able to give testimony in court.

People are fragile, they die so easily and sometimes for no reason but this heavily pregnant woman was able to escape down a flight of stairs clutching her shredded organs and still survive. It's something.

No. 583666

A couple of years ago I read about this man who was involved in Mexican gang wars. He was caught by a rival gang and was dismembered, skinned alive and his face was stitched onto a fucking soccer ball.
I feel like Mexican cartels are on a whole other level when it comes to torture and murder. Like, how do they even get the idea to do these kind of things. Unbelievable

No. 583669

File: 1594649726899.jpg (138.99 KB, 1200x800, Genie.jpg)

Genie Wiley is one that fucks with me the most.

>Neglected child who was locked up in a room by her abusive father who forbade any contact with her, never properly developed language as a result

>Was regularly tied down to a chair and harnessed for 13 hours a day, stunting her growth.

>Whenever she made any sort of vocalization, her dad beat her for it

>Eventually, law enforcement and child welfare authorities found out after her mother brought Genie into a general social services office on accident, a social worker and her supervisor was baffled to find out her real age, which was 13 at the time, and contacted the police.

>Genie's father kills himself the day before he has to attend court.

>Did not acquire language as a result of her neglect, was extremely pale and nourished at the time of her rescue, extremely weak gross motor skills, and her mental age was extremely difficult to determine.

>Eventually studied intensively and housed by foster families on the development of language, but the funding of the study eventually ran out and her mother forbid any testing or observations of Genie in 1978 and her whereabouts and circumstances have been unknown since.

It horrifies me to know that the neighbors were completely oblivious to the severe neglect and abuse happening within the Wiley household, but I'm also curious as to if Genie could've actually grasped language if she continued to learn under scientist observation.

No. 583670

File: 1594649831262.jpg (95.7 KB, 1200x1200, 1da34d.jpg)

Oluwatoyin Salau was a victim her whole life to various black males in her life, who were here own family members who sexually abused her. She had to live in a church for refuge from the disgusting conditions that she lived in. Despite how she was treated by black men her whole life, she still dedicated her short life to protecting black men. She was kidnapped by some disgusting man who was apparently offering her a ride back to the church, who ended up murdering her.

The reason why her death hits me is because it represents a major problems that many black women face at the hands of males. Black women experience the worst domestic rates in the US and nearly 60% of black women experience sexual assault at one point in their life. Black girls are viewed by men as sexual beings before even hitting puberty. Any black woman who dares to speak out gets slapped with the bitter black woman label and tossed aside. There's nobody to hold black men accountable or to force them to face their wrongs other than the police. Most black women have no choice but to trust the police for their protection, even if they suck sometimes and end up doing more harm then good, which is why I don't personally support blm or the defunding the of police.

No. 583671

She looks so sad…

No. 583672

Had to learn about this case in my sociology class. Still haunts me.

No. 583674

The problem with the scientists is that they also treated her like shit. There was only ever one adult she ever formed a bond with, and that was with one of the nurses who fought to have custody of her, but she unfortunately died of cancer. The researchers just saw her as a test subject and would constantly fuck around with her attachments. There's a chance that she might have no been able to talk due to being mentally stunted from birth. In the documentary i watched about her, you could see how being chained to a potty literally deformed her legs and it was horrible. I'm glad she's away from all those people and is living a private life. I really hope she found happiness.

No. 583677

I always forget they survived, I wonder how they're doing now. You just absolutely cannot just be okay after all that, I can't even begin to imagine the ptsd.

No. 583682

Her picture has been burned into my brain ever since I heard her story. I get so pissed off that they let those fuckers free.The men who did that to her should’ve been thrown into a volcano.

No. 583683

Seeing those girls smiling in the picture and reading that makes me sick. Religious men are the fucking worst sometimes

No. 583687

Everything about her brother was really sad too, there was an interview with him a few years before he died and he referred to himself as a living dead man.

No. 583688

She’s scary dude I regret expanding that image. I feel weird now

No. 583689

I think a lot about Ricky Rodriguez. He was born in a cult and was basically the adopted son of the leader, so they considered him almost like a messiah for their "new age" that would be the model for all their practices and ideas. What this meant was that he was sexually abused throughout his childhood by cult members including his own mother, and that this abuse was documented in a book that the cult printed as some kind of "guide" for raising children according to their sick philosophy. He got away from the cult and tried to have a normal life for a while but eventually his trauma became too much.

He tried to find his mother again as she was essentially in hiding because of what he had said against the cult. Before that, he recorded a video where he described how his abuse had basically destroyed him, and how he couldn't stand living in a world where people could do that to children. His plan was basically to find his abusers and kill them, then himself. Eventually he found his past "nanny," and he killed her before shooting himself.

He wasn't even 30, and he had only been officially out of the cult for 5 years after experiencing the unimaginable from birth. The worst part is that his mother is probably still alive, photos of her partying in Mexico came out in 2010.

No. 583696

Not a specific story but any story about female homelessness. If you become homeless as a woman, you'll face all the hardships men face PLUS an almost guarantee of being raped, and/or approached by some freak offering "help" who really only wants to bring you home, rape you and/or trap you into an abusive relationship. So many of those women end up addicted to cope.
Homelessness is scary enough, but as a woman, it's horrifying.

No. 583713

I’ve read about homeless women intentionally not showering and layering up just so they won’t get raped and sometimes they still do. It’s so sad I wish more women’s shelters existed

No. 583751

I agree, the worst part about some of these stories is EVERYONE involved failing them. Everyday people that knew, law enforcement, judges, the barely long enough sentencing, it goes on and on.

Like this, I don't understand how people go out of their way to get a job in some kind of child protection program and then just let this shit happen??

There's something wrong with the justice system that obviously spans the entire world. There are some psychos that will never change and deserve to die. There are some things people do that they would never be able to come back from, so why let them live at all and take up space and food in jail? I believe some people can be rehabilitated, or just locked away with mental help, but the monsters in this thread are a waste of space that didn't deserve to continue breathing, yet lawyers and judges and police want to play around with ~oh what should their sentence be~ fuck that. There needs to be a point where it's at least an automatic life sentence with no chance of getting out. Or there needs to be a larger audience to determine what these people get, or SOMEthing. Something needs to change. Obviously if you can kill another human like it's no big deal, there's something wrong. But in the case of self defense or trauma, it's obvious that they need mental help. The ones with no motives to kill or rape or harm people at all are the fucked up ones. This is obvious to everyone, and it doesn't make sense to give them an equal trial.

No. 583927


Stories like these are so harrowing. Children are supposed to trust their families, my heart breaks for them because those kids never got the love and protection they deserved from the start as babies. I wish heaven existed so these kids could know what love is like in an afterlife.

No. 583931

She was murdered here in my town, almost right across from a place I used to live…

No. 583952

That reminds me of the funkytown video they always talk about on /x/. Mexican gang cutting a guys face and hands off while funkytown plays on the radio in the background. I agree though, Mexican gangs are another level. Weren't they dropping tourists into vats of acid not long back?

No. 583977

Only men are capable of this type of violence. Only men. This breaks my heart more than anything else. i have a 10 year old niece and i cant even imagine…

No. 583981

This breaks my heart. It's terrifying to think that things like that can happen so quickly and in public too. That poor poor girl had her whole life stolen from her.

No. 583991

I live a few blocks away where that child, AJ went "missing" and for days the whole town was searching for him. Ofcourse they find the body and link it back to his parents. On-and-off again drug addicts, beat and tortures him to death. CPS made visits but they always had an excuse for his bruises. Normally this shit upsets me for a few hours and I get over it, but I guess because its literally so close to home it gives me anxiety every time I fucking think about it. Like I walk my doh past his house, every day, for years while this poor child was a few feet away probably crying for help. I hope those to fucking rot and get what they deserve. The trials are still pending.
They ripped the house down a few months agi,so it feels a little better. But prior to that it was boarded up and neglected. I wont even drive down that street any more because of the void you feel when you're near.


No. 585987

I have been saying this!! That was my unpopular police brutality and crime opinion that I am too scared to tell anyone I hold. Bigger picture it is a men on men violence and crime problem.

No. 585990

Generally they leave tourists alone unless you’re looking for trouble. By tourist I mean very clearly European or American. As for the Central American, South American and Mexican immigrants and citizens, they’re free game for all the horrible shit.

No. 586006

I stumbled upon this story about Alissa Turney posted by her sister, Sarah, on TikTok. A bunch of clues hint that Alissa's stepfather had sexually abused and murdered her, he tried covering it up by saying "the union" kidnapped her. Stepfather is also an ex-cop so he knows his way around the justice system. He was put into prison for 10 years, but only for having a large amount of explosive devices, which he claims were to be used on "the union".
Sarah recently confronted her father about the murder and he told her "I'll confess on my deathbed." She had a microphone attached to her when he admitted this, but the local police department said it's not good enough evidence because he needs to confess to them. Police department told Sarah to get social media attention so they can reopen the case.

Video from stepfather's camera, stalking Alissa at work: https://youtu.be/xxQJODXeFRA
Alissa warning her sister Sarah about their dad being a pervert: https://youtu.be/9uezWpO2my4
A few days before, telling her stepfather to stop recording her swimming in the pool: https://youtu.be/Gjf06iN9KzY

No. 586007

I know everything there is to know about the Chris watts case. Yet I still read more and more every day even if it’s the same shit. I can’t understand it at all.

No. 586051

I've followed this case for a bit and it's incredibly depressing. The stepdad was basically stalking her, showing up to her job, recording her, recording the house. Never turned over the recordings from the day she disappeared.

It's obvious what happened and the police completely failed her. How are you not required to hand over evidence relating to a missing person? Gross incompetence that he hasn't faced justice for her murder.

No. 586053

Tell us everything you know, anon

No. 586059

Fuck. In the video of her at the pool, people are commenting she was using ASL to say “make” him “go away”. So scary

No. 586181

the chris watts case makes me never want to get married, ever.

No. 586196

San Fernando massacre


>The 2011 San Fernando massacre, also known as the second massacre of San Fernando was the mass murder of 193 people by Los Zetas drug cartel

>Reports mentioned that female kidnapping victims were raped and able-bodied male kidnapping victims were forced to fight to the death with other hostages, where they were given knives, hammers, machetes and clubs to find recruits who were willing to kill for their lives. In the blood sport, the survivor was recruited as a hitman for Los Zetas; those who did not survive were buried in a clandestine gravesite.

I remember reading about it when I was 12 and fascinated with mass casualties.

No. 586295

This is so horrendous… fuck. reading all this shit makes me sick that such evil exists.

No. 586344

File: 1595134729122.jpeg (71.43 KB, 862x575, D7021FDB-C63F-49BD-AEDB-2323EB…)

Man I shouldn’t read threads like this they make me so fucking angry. Junko’s story in particular will always stick with me.

One semi-local story that really messed me up was this one about a group of men working in Gympie with a wood chipper. Bruce Saunders (dude in the pic) died after what was first pinned as a wood chipper ‘accident’. First responders to the scene had to undergo therapy after seeing what remained. Anyway, investigations soon uncovered more and more suspicious aspects of the situation and soon found out that the two other men had actually pushed him in. It was all over a woman apparently (she alongside the two men were charged with murder). I’m glad they’re serving time, but imagining what it’d be like being shoved into one of those things makes me sick. I just hope they at least knocked him out first. No idea if it was quick or not. Humans are awful sometimes.

No. 586375

File: 1595145277093.jpg (150.8 KB, 1202x1600, Andrea Yates photos.jpg)

Andrea Yates drowned her five children in a bathtub. She had postpartum psychosis and a history of depression, self harm, and suicidal ideation. She and her husband were extremely religious and literally wanted to have as many kids as possible, which lead to her psychosis going untreated.

Her husband would discourage her from following her psychiatrist's advice, and even after she told him she didn't want to have sex with him because she was afraid she might end up hurting her children he still persuaded her to get pregnant again. She was actually supposed to be under 24-hour supervision at the time of the murders, but her husband would leave her alone with the kids for 1 hour a day so she could "become more independent".

During the trial her husband claimed he had no knowledge of any psychosis or homicidal tendencies, despite several incidents of Andrea attempting suicide or hurting herself.

This case is so frustrating because it was all preventable, and the husband should have been held partially responsible for the murders. He ignored all the warning signs in his clearly mentally ill wife in favor of practicing their extremist religious views.


No. 586392



Don’t forget about Michael Woroniecki, a “preacher” who latched onto Andrea and her husband for some reason, filling their heads with his ridiculous fundie beliefs, like for example all women being born wicked and bad mothers. He also enabled their harmful decisions by encouraging them to choose a “simple lifestyle”, which, among other things, meant buying a fucking bus from him to live in with their numerous children. Even Andrea’s reason for killing the kids - to save them from becoming evil as a result of her bad mothering - screams of Woronecki’s direct influence. He later washed his hands of the entire mess of course.

I think that Rusty Yates is a gullible idiot whose intentions weren’t necessarily bad (at least he didn’t immediately turn his back on Andrea after the murders, and acknowledged that she wasnt being herself while committing them, as far as I remember). He still deserves to be held responsible for what happened to his family of course, but imo the biggest catalyst behind Andrea’s descent into madness was Woronecki and it’s a tragedy that he was never prosecuted. He seems downright evil.

No. 586420

I'm ESL so I googled what a wood chipper is and I wish I could unsee it and unread your post.

No. 586433

Awww that guy looks so happy. I can’t imagine dying in a horrible way like that. I feel so bad because when I first saw the pic of him I assumed he was a serial rapist because of all the other things ITT.

No. 586437

Can't believe it's been almost 20 years since this case. It was national news and the coverage was very unsympathetic to the mom at the time. Everyone was saying how she was crazy and deserved the death penalty, but it was pretty obvious she had some kind of psychotic break. I remember a witness saying her husband (before the drownings) didn't believe in depression and thought she would get over it eventually. Really awful shit.

No. 586693

I feel for this woman and remember this case. It's an overload of sexism and religion that played such a big part in this. if she got the help she needed, these children would still be alive. this is awful. I hate religion so much

No. 587020

File: 1595257089314.jpeg (35.38 KB, 600x400, A00749C9-302F-4648-B725-157C1D…)

Christy Sheats shot and killed her 2 daughters to allegedly to spite her husband, Jason Sheats.
> She and her husband were headed for divorce so they were on rocky terms
> Christy held a family meeting with the father assuming she was going to tell the kids about their divorce
> Instead, she pulls a gun on 22 year old Taylor Sheats and 17 year old Madison Sheats
> Both girls make terrifying calls to 911. They are desperately begging her not to shoot them. (If you could stomach it, the call is available on YT. It shatters my heart to hear the fear and desperation in their voices)
> The pleading falls on deaf ears. She shoots each of her daughters as everyone runs out of the house, with Madison and Taylor collapsing shortly after exiting. Jason runs to the end of the cul de sac and makes it out physically unharmed
> Christy goes to shoot more bullets into her daughters who are already struggling for life on the ground. Realizing her gun is empty, she goes inside to reload then proceeds to shoot Taylor once more
> Christy was later shot by police after refusing to put the gun down and even advancing towards officers with the weapon
> Madison passed away at the scene while Taylor passes away at the hospital

Some background:
> Christy had a history of mental health problems and was hospitalized 3 times for attempts on her life. She was on medication to treat her depression and seeking therapy
> Christy and Taylor got into an argument shortly before the shootings. Taylor was about to get married just a few days after her passing.
> Christy was an avid 2nd amendment "but muh gun rights!!!!" zombie
This case has stuck with me for so long. The 911 call is terrifying. All the pleading and tears done in vain. Christy sounded like the monster she is- almost nonhuman to me with a complete lack of compassion. I wish she could have offed herself instead of taking the lives of these 2 girls who haven't even gotten the chance to live yet.

No. 587022


No. 587024


i watched a documentary on her (albeit a youtube docu) but after her arrest and once she was properly medicated, she apparently showed a lot of remorse. she still writes the kids birthday cards, she still celebrates their lives. her reasoning behind it was "so she wouldn't ruin them in life". it's heartbreaking and imo, the husband should have 100% been charged for gross negligence.

what is even worse is that she got what she wanted. her husband now has to live with the fact that his ex-wife murdered his two daughters. i can't imagine how many times he thinks "why couldn't she have killed me instead".

the difference between christy sheats and andrea yates is that christy did this for REVENGE. she didn't see her children as her daughters, she saw them as props to be used against her husband.

meanwhile, andrea felt that nothing she did in life could help her kids, she felt like she was saving them from a miserable life by killing them. while it isn't an excuse, i can find a lot more sympathy for andrea.

No. 587050

This is one of the ones that disturbs me most too. The details make it even worse.

>husband is told by professionals that Andrea shouldn't have anymore children after kid 3

>has a fourth and Andrea has far more severe mental break than before
>husband is told to absolutely not have anymore kids and that he shouldn't allow her alone with the children they already have
>Andrea starts getting more and more crazy, starts doing shit like TRYING TO FEED HER NEWBORN ROCKS
>Rusty insists on leaving her alone with the children for at least an hour every day, despite doctors telling him not to
>she kills all the children in that hour

Honestly, I see Andrea as just as much a victim as those poor children. Her husband wasn't just a husband, but essentially her caretaker and he failed that duty to such a horrific extent because he was so dead set on her being his broodmare. He ignored all the obvious red flags and risk to both her and the children's safety to keep her popping out babies. He should have been held criminally accountable.

Also, Andrea was schizophrenic on top of several other severe mental illnesses and literally thought drowning her children was the only way to save them from eternal hellfire. Very different from this sick bitch killing her kids in revenge against her husband.

No. 587093

Fuck me, I remember that video. They actually skinned the guy, but gave him some drugs so he wouldn't die immediately and as he was crawling around in his own pool of blood he was trying to scream but his throat had been cut, so he could only make this horrifying screeching sound. I used to be addicted to watching gore videos but this one put an end to it

No. 587154

File: 1595273918258.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.77 KB, 1708x960, IMG_20200606_152226_compress64…)

Junko's story always sticks with me too. I'll forget about it for a few years, then I'll come across it again and it will haunt my thoughts for several days.

For me, it always goes hand in hand with the similar torture & death of Fan Man-yee.

AKA the hello kitty murder.
Called such because she was dismembered and her severed head was stuffed into a hello kitty mermaid doll.


No. 587169


Trump should hire the Kurds to sort out Mexico like they sorted out Isis.

No. 587199

Christ. I really hate gore.I understand the curiosity but there's no way being exposed to it can be good for anyone. The people that tend to lurk around gore sites are usually fucking batshit anyway. There's always a lot of men, and a lot of them go out of their way to leave disgusting edgy comments. Especially ones with women in them.

No. 587210

The worst part about this is they found out because one of the yakuza gang members 13 year old girlfriend is the one who came forward and confessed to the police. I guess when the yakuza is involved in anything, people keep their mouths shut. The worst part is that she was a mom. Her kid is grown and probably knows about their moms horrifying death

No. 587212

Idk I’m not a psycho or even le edgelord but I can’t help looking at gore sometimes. It’s like I NEED to remind myself that shit like that exists, And it could happen to me.

No. 587282

It's kind of funny because there are a good number of cartel members that were trained by the USA in the 90s. The US needs to sort out their drug epidemic before they go intervening in Mexico, making the cartel problems worse and causing even more civilian deaths.

Mexico is a sinking ship but at least let the Mexican people have their rise up on their own.

No. 587353

>looks up this case
>the guy who had a 13 year old girlfriend was 34
Wtf…please tell me this guy was also convicted for being a pedophile as well

No. 587391

The death of Victoria Martens will always fuck me up.

>Mother used her to get off as she would watch her daughter get raped buy men she meets online

>Autopsies showed that Victoria's mother would drug her in order to sedate her so she wouldn't struggle during her rape
>Was strangled and stabbed to death
>when police arrived to the scene she was dismembered and wrapped in a blanket that they set on fire inside an apartment unit
>Victoria wasn't an only child and her sibling also was raped for their mother's sick fantasy
>one of the men involved was released from prison only after 4 years of being involved because he had an alibi and the semen found on her that day was of a different unknown man
>It was her 10th birthday

Reading more in to it beyond the wiki page is really fucked up because the case seemed botched in so many angles, as if the city was trying to cover it up since cases like these make national news half the time.


No. 587524

Ha. Welcome to japan baby. That’s, unfortunately, the age of consent.

No. 587540

Hello Kitty murder happened in China.

No. 587550

*Hong Kong

No. 587774

All rape and child abuse cases make me feel super sick and make my heart race like crazy, especially Junko's, but one of the worst I ever saw was an interview with a child bride. She was only 8 years old and she described how they dressed her up, brought her to the wedding hall and then despite obviously having no idea what awaits her, she already felt weird and wanted to leave. The worst part is, when she was raped that night, her husband's mother was holding her down while she was screaming for them to stop. That interview was maybe 1-2 years later and that girl was still so small, to think that an adult man could ever do something like that to a tiny innocent child… I also always thought that women in these countries live in constant fear and are simply not able to protect their daughters from child marriage but it seems that they're actually so deeply brainwashed that they enable and assist something as gruesome as this.

I also saw a video about an old "tradition" of dressing up as girls in Afghanistan and when asked why they don't just have sex with their wives, those men said something along the lines of them being ugly/gross, only for children, while young boys are beautiful. Their wives don't like them having those boys, but women don't have a say. The way they simply admitted that to the camera openly and the way they grinned when they talked about gangraping a boy on the backseat of a car, saying he squealed like a pig…the boys also were interviewed, lying that they're alright.

No. 587837

Sorry, I couldn't resist

No. 587898

It can be a learning experience, like the death museum in LA. Gore is to an extent "natural" since such gnarly stuff happens in nature, and accidents happen. But don't let yourself get desensitized to it. I believe gore gives an extreme reaction because gore = danger, death, like vomit = sickness. It's not natural to be desensitized to it, and it's especially worrying when men are. I don't feel as weird if I hear women looking at it for the reason this anon posted or curiosity.

With that said, children who murder shake me up. I probably saw this one mentioned on lolcow somewhere and I will always remember it:
Venables looks like a straight up evil child to begin with to me.
It makes me think there is something not quite discovered yet wrong with someone's brain/mentally that makes them do things like this. I know sometimes schizophrenia, or something like prior abuse, could do it, but not every schizo and abuse victim murders or tortures people. It's like Ted Bundy, no reasons whatsoever. Just some kind of weird emptiness, lack of some vital thing that prevents people from ever doing such horrible, evil things.
Also I know everyone else mentioning Junko, I will remember her for the rest of my life.

No. 587909

Recently came out a story here how a young mother (lower 20’s) raped and sexually abused her sons (5-9). I read the case files and it involved urinating on them, forcing their faces on her vagina and other fucked up things. What seriously fucked me up was when I found the moms instagram and she looked like a normal, clean, attractive girl. I don’t know why I find it so weird? Worth adding that she was apparently coerced by her boyfriend to do (and record) all this.

No. 587924

I have a similarish story. This wasn't in the news but an old co-worker of mine's son was removed from her care after he told his therapist she was sexually abusing him. I can't remember exactly how old he was, but I think he was under 7. We worked with vulnerable adults so the company immediately put her on leave and ultimately terminated her employment. She reached out to a few co-workers (myself included) to tell us what had happened. She told us in detail what she was accused of and kept asking us if we "believed her" stating that her ex had set her up. I wanted to believe she was telling the truth but I also did not want to take the risk of being associated with her. So, I quickly cut ties. Looking back, I 100% believe she did it. I won't recount the grisly details but I really don't think her ex could've coached a little kid to say this shit. It makes me sick to think of what she did to that poor kid and how long she got away with it.

No. 587945

I remember reading about that, holy shit last time I checked, One of those guys is free and was looking for single moms to date.

No. 587947

Had to google this one; why and how in the fuck did the father escape unharmed? He didn't protect his daughters, he ran into the cul de sac uninjured
So he fucking just ran off and left his children, she murdered the children, they both go straight to hell

No. 587948

I used to play Neopets with Taylor, I even made a little drawing in MS Paint for her. This still hurts me. She was the sweetest person.

No. 587969

Omg samefag as >>587945 they apparently had PTSD after the attack. How the fuck does this happen? It’s so weird seeing the two little boys and thinking they’d be capable of that. The poor little 2 year old, may he Rest In Peace, I feel so much remorse for that baby.

No. 587978

They're both free now, given new identities. One hasn't been in the press again but Venables was arrested two times for being caught with cp. There's a real wacky law in the UK where since he committed the murder when he was underage revealing his identity is illegal to reveal and people have gone to jail for posting his adult pictures online (since he's a retard who admits to his friends who he is, so people just looked up their facebooks and found pictures of him).

No. 588475

File: 1595469998435.jpg (63.22 KB, 634x405, 3477124900000578-3602478-image…)

rewriting this because i originally kept it vague since looking up anything about this case is extremely triggering to me, but fuck it i want to repost with his name and handle and info because i hope this shit follows him for life. disgusting inhuman fuck.

anyway mine is when twitch streamer joe ortega aka joedaddy505 accidentally left his stream audio on when he thought he ended the live and proceeded to verbally abuse, beat, and brutally rape his girlfriend without knowing people could hear it all. i listened to the audio at the time the story blew up and it legitimately traumatized me. i 100% do not recommend listening to the audio even though its out there. here's a link to a transcript if you want an idea of what happened but fair warning bc even that is hard to read through because its fucking disgusting and sad:


i've never been raped or sexually assaulted outside of groping and harassment and i wasn't naive to how horrific that kind of abuse is, but hearing it so viscerally really set in the unimaginable brutality of it. i can still hear her screams and cries when i think about it and it makes me sick imagining how helpless and terrified she must have felt. it was a huge reason i became more radicalized in my feminism and started genuinely hating men. every time i hear a story about a woman being raped, beaten, and/or murdered now i just think of that audio and it breaks me.

after it all went down (before he just yeeted off the internet altogether) there was apparently some milky shit where he tried to deny it and i think even posted a pic of his wrists slit? but i don't give a shit what his pathetic ass had to say so i didn't really keep up with any of the aftermath. of course the woman got no justice and the cops did fuck all. i really think men like this dude should be castrated if not completely killed off. fuck em.

No. 588497

So fucking abhorrent. He looks like such a douche in that picture “it was all a misunderstanding” fuck him, piece of garbage ass man. I hope the girl gets justice and he gets thrown in jail , but knowing this awful legal system it’s unlikely. The way he verbally abuses her while raping her just shakes me to the core, goes to show that not all rape happens in a spooky dark alley, it can happen to you by someone you love or trust.

No. 588530

there is an old ass thread on him here if you dig for it

No. 588703

Ugh that is sick. I hope that woman is safe and far away from this man. A 'misunderstanding' and 'couple drinks' my ass…

No. 588979

I remember this.

And a lot of people will and had listened to the audio, and still will find a way to say it was her fault she got raped and abused.

>she should have left him!

>she should have fought back!
>she must have wanted it if she let it happen! I wouldn't let my man do that to me!

No. 589912

One of the stories I often think back to is of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers.
They went hiking in panama and disappeared. A few months later their remains where discovered. What really freaks me out about this are the photos (their camera was found, most of the photos showed wilderness at nighttime and people think they tried to light their way with the camera flash) and how they tried to call help with their phones over several days, but never getting a signal. I don't want to know how frigthened they must have been, alone there in the wild.

No one knows how they died, but I do belive that their tourguide, who was supposed to meet them a day after they disappeared, has something to do with it. Apparently there was also a photo that got deleted from their camera (probably from someone else, both never deleted a photo).

It must be really hard for their families and friends to not know what happened and I really wish that we find out one day.

No. 589949

I think about this when I'm trying to sleep at least on a monthly basis. There was so much conflicting info as well, the tour guide said one thing, someone saw another idk.

No. 589986


I think conflicting info is normal because people's perceptions and memories are often in disagreement. It's very easy to get lost even if you're experienced which these two don't seem to be.

What I take away from it is that normal phones aren't worth shit and investing in a satellite phone might be a good idea.

No. 590035

File: 1595698366640.jpg (19.51 KB, 512x295, unnamed.jpg)

The case of Elisa Lam fucked with my head big time. I was obsessed with her and solving the case and I read all of her blogs. She wrote about a lot of things that I felt like I could relate to, things like feeling lost in life, wanting someone else to make decisions for me, feeling disconnected from people in general and trying to avoid social interaction and responsibilities by spending a lot of time on the internet instead. I could also relate to her love for The Great Gatsby, preppy fashion, French language and poetry.

"I’m looking in the wrong place for answers. Why would someone else my age know anymore than I do? We’re all clueless.
I need to make a plan. I need a place to go and find my motivation to want to live.
It’s nothing to do with happiness. I just want to be at peace"


No. 590091

unironically she needed a handler. She probably would of lived

No. 590095

I've always wondered this and my guess is he went through the door first. Instead of you know, using his male strength to attempt to disable her and save his daughters. But no one ever criticizes this because he's male. Imagine laying dying watching your Father run away from you like a coward. Yes the Mother is absolue trash that belongs in hell, but the Father literally bailed on his girls too so I doubt the story he was a loving Father etc. She went back into the house to reload meaning there was a solid couple minutes she was unarmed and he could have beat the fuck out of her. But he was standing at the fucking end of the cul de sac.

There's a few ads that use Funkytown. That song is ruined for me because of that video.

It's so sad she was mentally ill yet everyone (especially reddit) want to make it a ~spooky ghost story~.

No. 590376

LordanArts did a very extensive investigation on this.

The family wasn't able to get any compensation for the negligence of the hotel

Something that's currently fucking with me is what's been going on in Fort Hood. Just right under our noses

No. 590401

What’s going on in Fort Hood?

No. 590439


This one always gets to me. I think it's because the fact that he was so incredibly tortured by his kidnapper, and felt almost helpless when given the opportunity to escape, but would both sabotage his own kidnapper's attempts at kidnapping other boys. Along with this, the fact that he was motivated to escape because his kidnapper kidnapped another boy, and succeeded in saving both he and the boy - it's such a heroic, moral story. I can't wrap my head around it, honestly.

The smaller details make me feel awful. The fact that the kidnapper got off scot-free for all of the rape and molestation charges and was let out of prison on parole after 5 years. They did all that because they didn't want to charge his kidnapper for rape charges because it would "soil" Steven's name - but he was bullied for being molested anyway. The fact that Steven never felt at home with his own parents and almost regretted coming back because he felt rejected by them. Steven's brother was arrested for the murder of four women and the suggestion that a park was to be named in Steven's honour was rejected. The worst part is that once Steven had his life on track - he was killed in a motorcycle accident 9 years after escaping his kidnapper. His kidnapper lived longer than he did.

It's such a bittersweet story, and kind of haunts me to this day. This is one of those times that really make me believe that a person can be traumatized so deeply, yet still remain morale and kind-hearted.

No. 590530

That's how I feel about car accident gore. It reminds me to always be safe.
Porsche girl was the worst for me. I feel bad for her family too. People sent the pictures to her family.

No. 590532

There's been a lot of killings lately and shooting spree in the past.

No. 590586

Reminds me of some documentary I watched about Jamaican cartels. They killed one of their enemies, decapitated him and then carried the head around with them for over 9 hours, taking it to bars with them, talking to it, putting cigarettes in its mouth and just genuinely scaring the living shit out of people with it. Everyone was too afraid to call the police naturally as they’re just too powerful.

No. 590619

>carried the head around with them for over 9 hours, taking it to bars with them, talking to it, putting cigarettes in its mouth
I have no words

No. 591077

Extensive prostitution, sexual assault cover-ups

And yeah, the murders
The military is doing an ass job at handling the whole thing

No. 591082

It's really long and was posted before they were found

But it's sickening to me how everything's unfolding

No. 591105

This case is so especially strange because of how his brother, who also claimed to be neglected and abused as a child, went on to murder several women. It makes me think a lot about how we can't just blame a combination of nature and nature for people's actions, Steven endured so much and rescued that little boy but this brother instead became a monster.
It's also just horrific to read cases like these where child abusers are everywhere.

No. 591203

lordanarts channel is really top tier. i've personally contacted him about a missing person and he was so quick to respond and very personable. i don't stan men at all because they end up dissapointing me, but his channel and personality seems to be genuine

No. 591314

>The military is doing an ass job at handling the whole thing

It's because they want to continue getting billions of dollars from us and keep masquerading as having this squeaky clean image of rescuing people from difficult situations.

No. 591535

there's an old conspiracy theory of him being groomed to be a male prostitute and a lover of george w h bush.

No. 591553

>It's kind of funny because there are a good number of cartel members that were trained by the USA in the 90s.

One of them was the founder of the Los Zetas cartel here >>586196

No. 591559

I remember in drivers ed they made us look at photos from the scenes of car crashes and some of them had bodies in them. kinda fucked up

No. 591589

File: 1595908495840.jpeg (4.33 KB, 100x100, 944470.jpeg)

The story of Delia Day aka Susan Anton is pretty interesting to me. She ran a hardcore BDSM lifestyle blog back in 2003 along with her husband. The thing is though, she didn't consent to most of their activities. Her husband was writing some of blog entries for her, as people figured out later by their typing styles. She took the abuse from him, got a tattoo of a collar necklace, even had kids with him. She ended up killing him with one of the guns he taught her how to shoot. It was ruled as self defense, I'm pretty sure. I know she went on to continue blogging about what happened, her struggle with abuse and sharing her story to help other women, and is now pretty religious. You can look her up and still read her blog.

No. 591595

File: 1595909062599.jpeg (199.34 KB, 558x439, 28C45769-2F34-4359-AA26-8A5918…)

At least this story has a happy ending.

No. 591596

Good choice anon. This story stuck with me the last 4/5 years or so. Anons on the gimpgirl thread speculate she's going through something similar as well with her husband.

No. 591608

BMEzine still host all her BDSM photos/nudes and claim she wasn't abused but used the S&M lifestyle to get away with murder, which is bullshit. They hate her because they think she "tainted" BDSMs public image like they weren't capable of doing that all alone. Reddit full out doxed her after she changed her name.

No. 591613

What would you do if you were in the dad's shoes? Humans have an instinct to survive, I don't think it's fair to judge a guy that lost his daughters over his crazy psycho ex.

No. 591614

>I know she went on to continue blogging about what happened, her struggle with abuse and sharing her story to help other women, and is now pretty religious. You can look her up and still read her blog.
Anon, do you have a link? I've been trying to find out more about her and this case, but all I ever found was that she had a blog in 2013 that she deleted, and a deviantart that's also gone. She stated that none of the blog posts were by her, she never did an interview as "Delia Day", that she can't read the posts written by her ex-husband without feeling a lot of pain, and that their kids weren't kept away from their BDSM relationship. Also, the husband was bipolar and refused to take his meds, kept an insane amount of guns and told her she would have to either kill or die.

It's insane to me that people can be so evil. For the sake of their fetish? It's disgusting. I think the Reddit doxing wasn't with bad intentions, at least.

No. 591676

File: 1595927845311.jpg (209.41 KB, 1280x720, -83OLeWWUWFh6cClH1DGpKcMC3c7Me…)

I think this story hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet but it's been haunting me ever since I first read it. Man went spelunking and got stuck upside down in a very narrow passage of a cave. Rescue efforts took almost 30h, initially every attempt of getting him out was more successful than the last and there was hope but after 20h something broke and he just slid all the way back in and everyone knew there's nothing that can be done anymore. They didn't even manage to get out his body, so eventually the cave was sealed with his body forever trapped in there. Horrifying way to die.

No. 591681

Holy fuck this story still gives me the creeps and comes to mind whenever I'm in a space that's narrow or see news stories about spelunking. I can't get the mental image of him slowly dying there, if I remember correctly they knew he would die there and brought his relatives there to say their goodbyes while he was still alive. Unsupervised spelunking in dangerous places like this should be outlawed, the rescue missions are highly dangerous even to the rescuers.

No. 591685

>rescue missions are highly dangerous even to the rescuers
Reminds me of the fairly recent case of that footbal team stuck in the flooded cave in Thailand, awful situation because it wasn't even that much of a dangerous place except for the flood season… I was following updates on the rescue as it happened and when that one Navy SEAL rescue diver died of asphyxiation I thought they're all done for in there. Thankfully they made it out & Elon Musk shown entire world how much of a shitty person he is on top of it.

No. 591686

I haven't been able to get this out of my mind since it was last posted here, except I didn't realise that's how it ended. Now I'm going to be stuck with that visual in my head forever.

There is another cave story that I can never forget, about a man in an underground tunnel or catacomb who died metres from the exit after his torch ran out of power, but I can't find anything about it online now so perhaps it was never real in the first place.

No. 591702

I remember the team being trapped. I was so fucking scared for them, every time I saw a news update about the rescue efforts I was ready to be devastated, especially after one of the rescue divers drowned (and another one died a year later from a blood infection contracted in the effort). Glad they got all the kids out alive but anything about caves has haunted me since. Spelunking/cave diving seems so unnecessarily risky.

No. 591817


It pisses me off a little when family members/the (adult) person stuck in a cave filling with water complains that rescuers call off rescues that are too unsafe. Like Onision says: take some responsibility!

No. 591819

I was able to see her 2013 blog through the wayback machine. Here's the link! https://web.archive.org/web/20130517045339/http://invisibl3survivor.wordpress.com/

No. 592043

File: 1595966057436.png (864.34 KB, 1395x2230, news.png)

Some 15 year old boys gang-raped a kitten for weeks, it is all over my country's social media today. Completely fucking horrific. A girl took notice of the kitten and rescued it. I just feel so broken over that poor animal. Why do I have to share a planet with these fucking monsters?

No. 592049

File: 1595966274030.png (10.92 KB, 476x558, 1357716676001.png)

>gang raped a kitten
how…how does that even work…

I'm glad the poor thing even survived such an ordeal. That's just mind-blowing levels of psychopath.

No. 592052

This reminds me of that psycho who’d film himself hurting/raping dogs and puppies. Worst one I heard tho was the gang rape of a baby. A fucking baby, dude. Who does that shit.

Put men in cages 2k20

No. 592053

did it really? because I can't imagine it surviving something like that.

No. 592057

File: 1595966751523.jpeg (443.58 KB, 2048x1536, 862DE3BB-E4A4-40E8-85D5-FD1102…)

It died :( My heart fucking broke, how can people be this terrible. Like, okay, the female gorilla being pimped to scrotes was bad enough already, but a kitten? Up to the point of internal organ damage? I just can’t.

No. 592058

I wouldn't run and leave my child behind then hang out at the end of the road for 5+ minutes. He was close enough he would have been able to hear them screaming. Guy is a fucking coward.

No. 592061

I wish animal abuse was taken seriously. If someone is abusing an animal there's a massive chance they'll also abuse children/the elderly/disabled as it's all about power. Animal sexual abuse is such a taboo thing but I wish it was spoke about more as well. We need to be handing down 10+ year sentences for this shit.

No. 592101

This makes me sick to my fucking stomach.
That poor kitten, at least it won't suffer anymore. I hope the rapist pieces of shit rot in hell. Why can't they be put to death?

No. 592110

I found this IG page supposedly naming one of the rapists.
The posts naming him seem to be videos, but I'm too sad and disgusted to see what they are. Not sure what to do with this information or who to report it to, so I'll just leave it here in case some anon knows what to do.

No. 592129

They were 15

No. 592134

This is one of my absolute top ways I would not want to die. Shit freaks me out so viscerally.

No. 592146

not her, but they're kitten rapists and they belong in the ground however old they are

No. 592158

Oh my god, the zoophiles. I'm glad most of it was documented here >>>/ot/696779 and KF but still. Woof's case was completely fucked up due to Cuba's animal cruelty being basically nonexistent.

No. 592170

Anon you replied to, I actually agree! I don’t get however why some farmers one time treat 15 year olds as fragile innocent angels and other times as grown adults.

No. 592183

On the topic of shitty 15 year olds

A teen in my country was in the news again lately. At 15 he lied about his age and met a woman off an app. He posed for a happy pic with her and then proceeded to choke her to near death seconds later. 3 fucking years later his dad is apologizing on his behalf in court. Sounded like a man saying sorry that his kid broke a window.. This woman pours out her emotions describing the trauma she lives with and she gets an apology from dad? The criminals identity is protected, her photograph and name are public. She gets photographed at every court appearance.

Older article but it summarizes the case best, violent porn viewer, used tor browsers to access unspecified illegal porn, calls murdering someone revenge for some vague rejection that he feels

No. 592260

>lie about their age
I think it should be a thing where stupid kids and teens are severely punished when they lie about being older than 18 btw. In all contexts.

Idc what you fuckers think about kids, that toddler killer Mary Bell didn’t deserve to get released and neither did her friend.

No. 592281

>Security camera footage has emerged of a mother saving her young son's life seconds before losing her own on an escalator in China.
>Chinese state media on Monday named the woman as 31-year-old Xiang Liujuan.

>Struggling with only her upper body above the metal structure, Xiang is seen pushing her son forward. The boy is quickly pulled to safety by a mall employee standing near the top of the escalator.

>Two other mall employees try to drag Xiang out, but within a few seconds, she disappears through the hole into the escalator shaft.

>Despite a four-hour rescue operation at the upscale AZG Mall in central China, firefighters declared Xiang dead when they finally cut the escalator open and found her body Sunday afternoon, state media reported.

>The 30-second video begins innocently enough: As the escalator in a shopping mall almost reaches the top, a woman in a white shirt and black skirt lifts up her young son to get ready to step off.

>But as she does, a metal panel collapses under her feet. She falls into the gap.

>Officials in Jingzhou, a city of more than 5 million residents in Hubei province, blamed human error for the tragedy at a news conference Monday night.

>Mall employees found the collapsed panel to be loose and protruding five minutes before the incident but failed to stop the escalator for inspection and repair, said Chen Guanxin, the local official in charge of work safety.

>Frustrated with the mall's handling of the situation, Xiang's family members have gone online to call for a thorough and transparent investigation.

>"An ordinary Sunday shopping trip ended up in such a sudden tragedy, almost ruining an entire family," said user @kkcake, who identified herself as Xiang's sister-in-law and posted some of the earliest pictures from the scene on the popular microblogging site Weibo.

>"The shopping mall is still open and the killer escalators are still running," she added. "Shoppers have no idea about the tragedy upstairs and no one knows if such disasters will strike again."

I almost vomited when I overheard coworkers talking about this in detail. I was horrified of elevators for like a month and did everything to avoid them. I still don't trust those fuckers. I think about this family from time to time and I am so sad for them, especially the kid. How the fuck are you supposed to grow up normal after something like that

No. 592313

File: 1596003674671.jpg (24.85 KB, 575x360, diao-575x360.jpg)

Speaking of China, I don't think I'll ever forget this case:

On 19 January, 1996, a street cleaner found a bag containing over 500 pieces of what appeared to be cooked meat. She proceeded to wash the meat and noticed three human fingers among the pieces. After reporting this to the police, the body was identified as 19 year old Diao Aiqing's, a Nanjing University freshman who went missing after leaving her dorm on January 10.

There are pictures online that I'm not posting for obvious reasons. They are truly horrifying

No. 592315

Those teenagers need to be set on fucking fire

No. 592342

Thanks for describing the camera footage so I know not to watch it, I'm sure I would struggle getting it out of my mind for ages. Terrifying, like the sister-in-law said, such a normal and not risky activity to go to a mall, and it was preventable too if employees did as much as stopping the escalator… just awful.

No. 592348

Holy shit, I just googled the victims name (I know…) and that picture where they have tried to collect her bodyparts on the autopsy table like a puzzle…. How does that even end up on the internet?

No. 592353


Anyone going to click this link, I scrolled a bit and saw the damage to the kittens orifice. Disgusting, wouldn't recommend and ruined my morning if not my day.

What is it with males? Particularly ones in very patriarchal societites? I wish death on all these boys. I would do it myself if I had the means. Their lack of empathy is literally not human.

No. 592357

I also saw that picture, it made me physically sick. Tragically I don't think their actions are going to have repercussions because they are underage, but if it was up to me, I would also have them executed.
>What is it with males? Particularly ones in very patriarchal societites?
I think with extremely cruel cases like this it's always due to the lack of education and non-existant emotional intelligence. Add the raging testosterone levels of a teenage male and you got yourself a ticking bomb

No. 592368

This made me sooo fucking mad. I would love to hear what the judge's reasoning was behind the 3 year sentence. 'Surely they'll grow out of their murderous tendencies by then?' Fucking unbelievable.

No. 592380

I'm sure the reasoning was more like "I don't want anyone's yakuza dad to torture me and kill me too just like her so 3 years should be enough"

No. 592388

Yeah, basically this. Pretty sure the affluent yakuza family had a firm grip on the justice system back then.

No. 592454

I don't know why people like this don't just get castrated. That has nothing to do with 'teheee they're just teens!' it's pure sadism that needs to be punished so they learn out of it.

No. 592479

Bianca Devins' murder. The afternoon I read about it I felt sick.

No. 592524

>Kelly Anne Bates
Holy shit did this make me mad, including his fucking "it was her fault she made me angry!!" bullshit. I hope that fucker gets the same treatment from his prison inmates and wardens.

No. 592653

I read about it very young and at first I couldn't finish the wikipedia article.

No. 592713

File: 1596057796537.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.5 KB, 406x720, loren.jpg)

Just heard about the Loren Schauers story today and it has absolutely mortified me. The fact that the human body is even capable of surviving like this is beyond me. Him and his girlfriend went viral on TikTok and they have a Youtube page where they explain the full story in depth but I can try my best to offer a condensed version here
>18 year old boy, Loren Schauers, tasked with operating a forklift on a street without any previous training or certification
>car runs a red light and collides with the forklift
>forklift rolls off the road and down a gravel hill with Loren still inside
>Loren attempts to escape of the forklift as the forklift tips over unaware that that is the most dangerous thing you could do in this situation
>forklift falls on top of him
>manages to just survive because his legs were so severely crushed that he couldn't bleed out of the damaged tissue
>was asked personally by doctors if he wanted to undergo the hemicorporectomy operation to save life because his family refused
>loses right arm and body from the navel down
This happened in late 2019 and he's still active and documenting his life on social media. It's kind of a bittersweet story, I guess, with the way he was so willing to fight for his life when I know that most of couldn't find the will to live if it were us in that same situation.

No. 592748

That's so sad. Losing a long (let alone several) is pretty much my worst fear in life. I can't even imagine the trauma he went through.

No. 592813

Horrifying, capitalism at it's finest. I really hope they find the hit and run driver and they rot in prison. I hope he sues and gets enough to be set for life and bankrupts his employer. 18 year old boy who wasn't trained to operate a forklift, the fuck did they expect to happen? If he had been properly trained he would have known not to try and get out.

No. 592877

>man kidnaps several people including a couple, shoots and kills the man from the couple but keeps the woman chained by the neck in a storage container. He had several other victims as well.


>pregnant teen is targeted to be killed for her baby. Her body is shoved in a garbage can and because of the way they tried to remove the child, the baby had brain damage and passed away after being put on life support.


>woman goes the wrong way on an extremely busy highway, causes a head on collision. I really recommend the doc Theres Something Wrong with Aunt Diane


>no survivor airplane collision that happened in Germany, I really recommend listening to the Casefile ep for this rather than reading about it- this is probably the one that sticks out to me the most


No. 592882

Feck that dude straight up murdered the air traffic controller in front of his family, got out of prison and won an award not long after.

No. 593203

File: 1596120116585.jpeg (562.53 KB, 820x1187, 51FEDD6C-4803-49BF-A32F-DFCE90…)

I know this is mainly murder focused but just recently a 15 year old black girl was jailed for failing to do her online schoolwork. She is currently still in juvie like!? Imagine thinking it’s okay to jail a kid for not doing homework DURING A PANDEMIC. and then when both her and her mother begged for her to be released the judge said that it would be better for her to remain in juvie then be with her mother like what!? Reading her letter to her mom broke my heart. I hate this country. I hope I linked it right

No. 593207

I stumbled across the Hi-Fi murders years ago, and it still sticks with me. I've read about plenty of murder cases, but something about this case in particular is so incredibly disturbing to me.


No. 593222

Oh damn, I've managed to remove it from my conscious mind but after I first heard about it it was stuck in my head for a long awful while. Unimaginable cruelty. That poor girl that had to watch everybody's torture and murder just to be brutally raped and murdered immediately after, it's terrifying to think how horrific her last moments were.

No. 593263

Vera Jo Reigle stuck out to me. It's really complex and the people who killed her weren't even her main abusers.

I'll start from the beginning. There's a woman named Cheri Brooks aka Sugar Babe whippits a notorious criminal and leader of a legally inbred family of criminals. When Cheri was growing up, she was repeatedly raped by her father until she was taken away as a teenager. After getting out of the foster system, she returned to her father's where they continued to have sex. She got knocked up by her cousin and had her first son. She then got married to someone and had 2 more sons by him, all three while her dad is there cucking the husband. She eventually has a baby girl who she locked herself in her room with four 6 months and didn't let anyone see her. At the time, she lived in a duplex and her neighbor had called CPS on her multiple times for abuse.

Cheri would often show up unannounced to babysit her neighbors 2 girls after the CPS calls, letting herself in without warning. It wasn't until three final CPS calls when she heard the baby girl screaming that anything was done. There was evidence of sexual trauma, and all of her kids got taken away. She got pregnant again with another girl, but the baby was taken away at the hospital.

Fast forward a couple years, she's moved into a house, has a new husband and has 4 more boys who don't get taken away, but are sexually abused. The father is basically a piece of furniture and the house is a party house dealing cocaine. She continues to sexually heroin her children. However, she sil wants a baby girl but at this point she's too old and obese, so she tries to get her teenage sons to knock up girls but nothing happens. They're also white hicks who think they're bloods, Juno people, rob houses etc.

Eventually she encourages her 13 year old son to pursue a mentally slow girl in the neighborhood and move her in. This girl, Vera, is 19 at the time. She is also one of three girls of the neighbor who called CPS on her and got her first brood taken away. Cheri treats Vera kindly for a while. Vera gets pregnant and it's a baby girl.

Once Vera gives birth, Greek breaks loose. Cheri once again keeps the baby to herself and abuses her. Meanwhile Vera becomes the house punching bag, abuse escalating similar to Junko levels. The cops ignore the abuse, so does her actual family.

Eventually Cheri makes a plot to get Vera killed so she can get custody of the baby. She pays a couple that are loosely related to her a bunch of cocaine to murder her. The successfully do so and pt her body on the train tracks to claim suicide. However thre body is found unscathed and thre couple get arrested after bragging about it at parties.

The baby got taken away, but Cheri received next to no charges. She's free today and her brood continues to terrorize the neighborhood. I also believe that 2 of the 5 children taken away came back into the fold.

No. 593292

What the fuck? That’s disgusting.
I remember a long time ago (like in 2012), another girl was sent to jail because she missed so much school. The reason she missed school? Was because she was working multiple jobs to support her family. This was in Texas btw.

No. 593367

I would've never guessed that some countries jail the actual kid for missed school but when I was a teen my parents were threatened with it. I was agoraphobic so from 12 to 19 I just never stepped outside the front door. There was no home schooling or alternative here. My dad beat the shit out of me one day when he was so stressed out from the threat of it hanging over his head. I never told anyone about the beating but soon after that I overdosed thinking that would fix the problem. I woke up days later in hospital, a social worker got involved and had to fight to have the threat of jail for my parents lifted.

Article says that girl has a mood disorder, adhd and that she can't focus. I mean is that a crime?

No. 593368

This case is why I don't trust the intentions of the NAACP or Amnesty International at all.

No. 593379

>teen boys rape their female peers
boys will be boys! don't ruin their lives!

>teen girl is moody, doesn't do homework

to the clinker, bitch!

No. 593408

All I can think is why?

No. 593422

wait is this the case where the little girl was hitting her mom and had a lot of behavior issues? Or did another kid get sent to juvie for not doing homework?

I think that child was on medication or something?

No. 593428

SA- yeah this is the case. Even if Grace had a lot of issues, I don't think Juvie is a place for her.
The link also said she was detained because she was a threat to her mom, not for homework. Either way it's an overblown reponse especially during Corvid.

No. 593431

Same anon. I still feel sick thinking about it. I knew people that were very close to her too. What sickens me the most is how people still find ways to laugh about it and blame a teenage girl for getting killed. I know some people in this thread might disagree with me, but I don't think anyone deserves to die at 17, not even killers, and she was far from being a killer.
I'm thankful the killer couldn't post the video of her. I feel nauseous thinking about losers sending it to her relatives or friends.

No. 593433

wait people here would disagree that a 17 year old does not deserve to be murdered by an fucking incel retard?
did people blame her here?

No. 593437

No, I meant to say that I don't think anyone deserves to get killed at such a young age, and luckily I've only seen one or two people imply she deserved it here on lolcow (it was on a /snow/ thread a few days after it happened, when everyone was either saying she was an angel or claiming she was a manipulative whore)

No. 593477

File: 1596151358422.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3072x2088, hb.jpeg)

Reading and watching things about the Hillsborough Disaster always freaked me out - the idea that the police just kept funnelling people into these pens until there were so many the ones at the front were crushed to death.

Also this thread is just proof to me that men are violent degenerates.

No. 593490

I don't think she deserved to die but I also don't think she was a good person, if she didn't die she'd probably be a horror cow.

No. 593497

She sold cp of other girls like Ciara.

No. 593498

Holy shit, I’m not British or a football fan so I had ever heard of this— this picture is so haunting and sickening, so many young people were there. The metal fencing pressing into people’s faces is so hard to look at, and I can’t stop looking at the man in white with the curly hair who’s gripping the fence. The Wikipedia article made me cry, I can read about brutal murders but reading about a bunch of people getting crushed to death by other bodies and just… dying, in these large crowds, and the survivors guilt of everyone else who watched everyone die is unimaginable. I do know a fair bit about football hooliganism and the pompous attitude of the police regarding what ultimately is a classist bigotry is insane, they were willing to let people die and then blame it on them just because they thought most football fans were drunken poors and animals! What the fuck!!

No. 593517

She sent gore and cp to random kids on tumblr. She also taunted her orbiters And posted her kinks on 4chan. one of her last posts on the site is all of her kinks and how she’s a bratty princess dom. She sold her nudes for heroin, it really just makes me curious her family seems like straight and suburban. How did she come out from that? It’s really hard for me to muster up any sympathy for her but the guy who killed her was too much of a pussy to kill him self and I especially despise him. But I feel remorse for her family and I think retarded incels who say she deserve it deserve to face a life and death situation themselves
Once again not saying she deserved it, but its really hard for me to muster up sympathy for someone like that

No. 593519

Proof? Because I'm kind of sick of the incorrect information out there about Biance Devin's case, especially in the light of Brandon Clark trying to switch his plea to not guilty.

Devins was underage when she first joined these /soc/ discord servers. She met one of the older guys irl, they had sex, he recorded them, and he posted it to discord. That got him a kiddy porn rap.

All those 'I don't care about you' discord messages people even here were pointing to as proof she was a total mean bitch? Sent when she was 15 to men in their 20s and 30s that were grooming her.

Anyway her parents removed her from the internet for a while, she came back. Ciara and that pedo she hangs with were all over her tellonym taunting her and it's still up now. They were pissed she pulled back from them and were attacking her over it a few months before her death.

She spoke often about wanting to move forward from that phase of her life, and instead she met Clark on instagram. And no she wasn't dating him. Even Clark told the cops she made it clear they were just friends. He waited until she was fucking asleep in the back of the car to attack her. There was no giant blow up argument. Then he fucked around with her body listening to joji.

And now you have absolute losers like noose.maniac on instagram sending the pic of her dead body to her 12 year old sister.

Then you have people with these fucking dumb inputs >>593497 that treat this case like a fun internet mystery instead of the senseless death of a teenage girl.

Half of the shit you posted is untrue (heroin? fucking what?) and the other half is normal dumb teen stuff. What is it about this girl that sends some of you into tard spins? You don't feel sorry that she got her throat slit in the back of a car while she was asleep because she led a troubled life? Grow the fuck up.

No. 593522

>sent shock images online as a teen to other teens
>taunted loser 4chan idiots
>posted kinks on dumb website
>Said dumb shit about being a brat
>sold nudes for a drug

you realize theres no such thing as the perfect victim, right? nothing you're saying she did is especially crazy apart from the drugs thing. she was 17 when she died and you dont feel bad for her because she did shit probably 90% of the userbase here have done?
when i was 16 i was sending goatse/lemon party about to other kids my age and pretending to like bdsm online. i said all kinds of dumb shit. guess i should have been killed too

No. 593527

>It’s really hard for me to muster up any sympathy for her
I hope that you're just trying to sound edgy, it would be really sad if you actually are so devoid of empathy. Either way, pitiful.

No. 593538

Anon she was fucking 17 years old. None of us were saints at that age. This is too judgmental and unwarranted even for someone who isn't dead.

No. 593645

Kek someone is upset
I don't give a shit about how old Bianca or girls like her are. They frequently exploited other younger girls for financial gain. You don't even know what discord server Bianca was in, it was sheep village and I was in it. Stop defending things you know nothing about. You can easily read up on the threads here.

No. 593657

Bianca was still a minor when she died, how did she exploit any other other girls while being a minor herself? Get your egirl lore straight you fucking newfag lmao. Just because you're an underage sheep villager doesn't mean you're an expert, the fact that you openly admit belonging to that literal pedo server means you're probably selling your cp or exploiting innocent 30 year old pedos with your manipulative whorish ways just like everyone claims she was. Sheep wasnt even the only server she was in so stop pretending you're an expert on the subject.
Literally grow the fuck up and if you have any self respect leave sheep village before you end up meeting up with pedo groomers online for meth or heroin like the girls you're so jealous of. If you had any brains you would realise being a girl being in that server will only mess you up more than you already are, but you're probably getting groomed too.

No. 593662

Anyone remember the case from India where a woman took the bus, but ended up getting gang raped for hours by the other passangers while the bus driver just kept driving around? As I remember it more than 20 men were involvelved. They also raped her with bottles and some sort of metal rods. After finishing the rape they beat her up and threw her out of the bus thinking she was dead. She did survived at first, but died later on. I remember reading that she had to undergo a bunch of surgeries because the rape had left her severe injuried.
I think it happended more than 10 years ago, but I still think about the case this day today. I can not believe there's such a horrible way to die. She litereally got raped to death, like… I can't imagine the pain she went through.

No. 593666

oh so you're mad she got the male attention you desperatly craved? Obviously you know shit all about the case because you're repeating lines from fucking /pol/

No. 593667

people like you are literal cancer on this site and I hope you get yours soon

No. 593682

imagine bragging about being part of a literal known pedo server. i think the only one that doesn't know shit is you, pedo.

No. 593699

God, I remember that. There was also another case where a woman was gang raped and then was set on fire. I think that was a couple of years ago. Poor women

No. 593725

Oh yeah. I remember that. The silver lining in that was at least the rapists were sentenced to death.

No. 593768

>I was in it
>I'm in it as of today
Reading comprehension helps, idiot. I've tried to help girls like her and they don't want to be saved.
It's just funny that you all deflect and accuse me of being a pedo or e thot while implying I crave male attention when I'm not the pickme who literally had her life revolve around pandering to incels and selling nudes of other minors until her neck got slit. It doesn't matter if she was a minor, goes to show you playing dumb games will get you killed and that's a fact.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 593873

Yes, it was the Jyoti Singh case. One of the rapists claimed that they pulled out part of her intestines/internal organs after they stuck the rod up inside of her. I am still incredibly disturbed by this case.


No. 593896

Anon, she was groomed since a young age. Of course girls like that have issues. That doesn't mean she deserved to be murdered.

No. 594002

kek someone is upset

You're not "saving girls". Do you know how many pedos use that excuse when they're caught lmao. "I was just trying to find out who the girls were and save them, officer!" You're obviously older than Bianca which means you are an adult hanging around with other pedos and underage girls on a server made purely for grooming.

I get you like dunking on a 17-year-old murder victim because it makes your fat, lonely ass feel better about being ignored by scrotes, but no one here cares.

No. 594009

noone has deflected it has been explained to you that you cant judge a groomed 17-year-olds actions the same as you can an adults. for example, i can judge you for sperging out over a teenager and bragging about being involved with paedophiles because you're old and bitter. i will say it was really funny how you came in here thinking telling us you were part of sheep village would give you cred lol
also the ultimate pickme is surely the girl who involved herself with pedos and shits on their victims just for attention? youre the pick-me, girl, not bianca.

No. 594012

worse than animals. absolutely disgusting

No. 594013

File: 1596219299553.jpeg (819.02 KB, 828x1668, 3C6B2D20-49F3-4C51-93E0-E00B94…)


There have always been rumors of skinheads/nazis/gangs in the LAPD but it was usually dismissed as propaganda or paranoia. Now it is coming out those rumors are true, amongst other things.

No. 594016

Being a minor DOES matter because it implicitly states she didn't have enough life experience to make sound judgments and calls about her moid. Us older women are wiser because the scrotes who wronged us happened to not kill us. Not everyone grows up with woke women, anon. A lot of us are raised by patriarchal families dripping with misogyny, raised by the biggest pickme mothers-who'd sooner dismiss male behaviors as intrinsic than stand up for their own daughters, kinda like what you're doing-leaving young women at the mercy of whatever influences they pick up from male-pandering media they are exposed to. Her media was 4chan. Even if you wanna argue she sold cp it's because some drooling moid convinced her the money was worth it so he could benefit from her naiveté.
The system is not designed to raise informed girls, it's meant to keep us servile, useful, and ignorant.

No. 594019

>Us older women are wiser because the scrotes who wronged us happened to not kill us.

This is so true and scary. How many women here have told a moid they're not interested but thought you were still friends? That's all Bianca did. She went to sleep in the back of his car as they drove home from the concert. She trusted him. It could so easily have been any of us, and maybe that's what makes people so mad about this case?

It's not uncommon at all for a pedo to get one of their victims involved in distributing/producing after they've aged out as well. It's common enough that the courts recognize it and will cut deals based on it.

Bianca's case fucks with me a lot. People literally celebrating her death just because she's a young girl. It could have been any of us and the reaction would have been the same.

No. 594022

File: 1596220641265.jpeg (88.97 KB, 828x346, 79CF15EE-D07F-4C5B-B57A-5C133E…)

They were hanged in March of this year for the murder.

The fifth rapist was a minor so his sentencing was different, and the sixth killed himself (supposedly).


Sometimes I wonder how a Western country like the US would handle something like this. Would people here still try to find a way to say that prosecuting the men would “ruin” their lives?

No. 594038

It fucks with me too anon. It could've been a virgin girl who has never shown her naked body or posted on social media and men would still find a way to blame her for being murdered. The guy was a huge psycho too, I've spoken to people who had talked to him before he killed her and he was a satanist. Also, did you know a tranny writes letters to him in prison and makes videos about it, because he wants to give HIM a voice? I can't stand men

No. 594041

I mean, it's been common knowledge that the LAPD has been corrupt as fuck since the 90s, possibly even earlier. Can't say I'm surprised although it is disgusting.

No. 594044

I didn't know that about the tranny. what the fuck? Men will always stick together, that's why it's so important women look out for each other. Clark is such a disgusting little bald man. I'm so mad the judge is probably going to let him change his plea and drag her family through the trial.

No. 594084

File: 1596229697080.jpg (118.07 KB, 720x427, 20200731_180830.jpg)

Anon are you me? I was reading about this case just a few hours ago. I was particularly outraged by one of the defence laywer's remarks
I'm so sad for the young girl and her family

No. 594100

File: 1596232091525.png (452.66 KB, 584x521, Cervixians.PNG)

I could have sworn there was an English word for this? What do you call those people again? Drawing a blank here.

No. 594101

oh boy kek

No. 594105

>Individuals with a cervix
This made me die inside. Imagine the outrage if they addressed men as "individuals with a prostate".

No. 594122

There are women born without cervixes and I do not mean trannies.

No. 594127

right, so obviously we should ditch the word woman and instead use dehumanizing and overly verbose language because 0.002% of the female population has a genetic condition. makes sense
somehow i think these women born without a cervix would not give a shit about people saying that cervix exams are women's health

No. 594151

If a woman is born without mammary glands and can't breastfeed her baby she's still classified as a fucking mammal, anon. Birth defects do not define a species.

No. 594185

Never said she deserved to be murdered.

No. 594191

>You're obviously older than Bianca which means you are an adult hanging around with other pedos and underage girls on a server made purely for grooming.
More assumptions, I was a friend of a friend asked to help with the Michael Sosa situation.
More projecting.
>i will say it was really funny how you came in here thinking telling us you were part of sheep village would give you cred lol
Are you underaged? I said it to establish that I knew girls like Bianca and her friends. Don't be mad you didn't get the information you wanted or expected. Bianca was a pickme till the day she died, get over it. Ciara isn't dead either.
These are middle-class white girls seeking out attention. I reserve my sympathy for those who aren't willingly self destructive.
>Even if you wanna argue she sold cp it's because some drooling moid convinced her the money was worth it so he could benefit from her naiveté.
A moid? You sure it wasn't another pickme? You really don't know what you're talking about, you are so afraid of holding women accountable for their own actions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 594235

>Ciara isn't dead either.
Quit larping on an anonymous imageboard, its so obvious that you get all your info from r9k threads made by schizos.
>you are so afraid of holding women accountable for their own actions.
She was 17 you brainless mongoloid, why don't you have this same energy when talking about Sosa or the other pedos in those circles? Why don't you insult Clark for being a balding loser in his 20s that pretended to be a satanist for edge points? I'm convinced you're a moid at this point.

No. 594247

>Quit larping on an anonymous imageboard, its so obvious that you get all your info from r9k threads made by schizos.
Thank you for showcasing how you know nothing. This isn't larp, it's a frequently reported sentiment among those who actually read up on the sosa thread. There's no proof she's dead other than rumors, most likely to keep placating her pedo boyfriend and to continue scamming.
>why don't you have this same energy when talking about Sosa or the other pedos in those circles?
Nobody would ever defend these men but I see alot of anons in here defending 17/18 year old fembots who sell nudes of younger 14 year olds. Some of them are also utter edgelords like Bianca that own up to being up borderline sociopaths. You are literally defending pickmes who never got to graduate, because guess what, playing games can get you killed.

No. 594326

omg at that pedo still being in this thread justifying her gross actions.

Reading the Michael Sosa thread isn't a fucking achievement you retard. The fact you read that shit and obviously actively sought him and his discord server down is psychotic. You seem to genuinely think these people are cool.

We get it, Bianca was pretty and skinny and you hate her for it. We get you get no attention so had to simp for a server of pedos. No one here is impressed, pedo-chan.

No. 594328

File: 1596252481013.png (93.49 KB, 1824x371, sosa kill yourslf.png)

worth remember sosa posts on lolcow so this sperg out could very well could be him or ciara
even if it's not this is obviously one of their low-tier followers they use to do their bidding. Usually the girls too ugly to attempt to fuck.

No. 594329

NTA, but that's actually literally what Ciara did, on top of blackmailing other girls with Mantras (and other neckbeard pedos).

No. 594330

Again you keep proving you know nothing. You're either Sosa or a complete retard because you're getting all your info wrong.
It might be him, some of the wording sounds similar to the posts he made on different places.

No. 594338

>You seem to genuinely think these people are cool.
Jesus christ can you curb your chimp out? Nobody is defending these r9k creeps.

No. 594341

>These are middle-class white girls seeking out attention.
Money has shit-all to do with grooming and abuse.
>those who aren't willingly self destructive
Self-destructive habits are a byproduct of trauma and abuse.
>A moid? You sure it wasn't another pickme?
If it was another pickme, again, it goes back to my point of women being groomed by men to serves their interests. You seem perpetually bothered by this factoid. The majority of pedophiles are men, sorry.
>You really don't know what you're talking about
"I disagree with you, I'm right, you're wrong, so there."
>you are so afraid of holding women accountable for their own actions
She's dead, anon.
She didn't deserve to die, and yet you're trying to hold a dead person's actions on a higher platform than the male entitlement and toxicity that slit her throat and put her in the ground. Speaks volumes about you.

No. 594354

Can we stop with the Bianca Devins sperging? She did dumb shit that she would probably look back on and cringe at it if she was still alive. Her death was tragic and not necessary. I think we can all agree on that. Sage for being off topic.

No. 594359

fuck off you desperate pedo. Learn to cope with the fact even pedos didn't want to associate with you

No. 594367

nah dont sage that. anons are lookin straight retarded right now.

No. 594372

do you really think he will suffer even half as much as his victim? brutal killers get to live in peace in prisons and the system morality teaches us revenge is meaningless.

No. 594376

Jesus Christ, I regret listening to the video. When she cries "don't put it in" I had to quit. I hope she's okay and away from that evil person.

No. 594384

>The system is not designed to raise informed girls, it's meant to keep us servile, useful, and ignorant.
Good god I love this post so much I want to print it on my wall and this part especially brought it home. You worded it perfectly. Bianca was a minor whose inexperience was being exploited and behavior being groomed by men older than her and she never, ever deserved to have her throat brutally slit by some seething moid who couldn't handle being dumped. Hindsight is 20-20 and it's easy to just scoff at her for "trusting incels" but especially as a teenager you tend to consider yourself as immortal and not stop for a second that these things could happen to you.

No. 594465

What's it like to live such boring lives you turn to backseat modding on a fucking image board? Hide the thread or report if you're upset. No one cares about your derailing.

She didn't dump him. She never dated him and he admited that.(derailing)

No. 594784

Not to derail in anyway but wtf is up with mom's favoring sons over daughters? personal shit, single mom favored older brother, I mean would bend over backwards for him to get him anything he wanted despite being poor fucks also would go into debt for him. She treated him like shit too, constant screaming, if he got bullied it was his fault but compared to how she treated me, he was the golden child.I could go more into it but then I sound more whiny than I already do haha. But seriously why do mom's favor their sons so much more and are willing to shame their daughters immensely?

These stories are crazy scary. Tell your daughters they have every right to tell a guy 'NO' and to not feel bad for it. Tell your daughters they matter and they are loved so they don't latch onto any fucking loser who even looks at them.

No. 594832

ANON I've dealt with the same thing too, my sister and i just chalked it up as "they're from a different time…"

No. 596048

File: 1596492047491.png (403.9 KB, 958x929, uighur.png)


Without a doubt one of the most enragin news stories I've read recently. The fact that this genocide is happening as we speak and is largely swept under the rug.

>Sauytbay describes being forced to witness a gang rape while at the camp. A young woman, she says, was forced to disrobe after being forced to "confess" her sins in front of around 200 prisoners. The young woman was then raped by several police officers, Sauytbay said.

>"While they were raping her they checked to see how we were reacting. People who turned their head or closed their eyes, and those who looked angry or shocked, were taken away and we never saw them again."

No. 596052

Free Tibet and free Xinjiang! Oh and Hong Kong too

No. 596081

This really fucking upsets me. I feel so powerless to help. The government have also been destroying Uighur burial grounds.

No. 596348

This is from another article:

>Some survivors recalled being suddenly “force-fed birth control pills” and “injected with fluids.” One had to recite her crimes (“I gave birth to too many children”) whenever officials came near her cell. Another remembered that a pregnant woman in her camp’s “class” had suddenly disappeared.

>Tursunay Ziyawudun said she was injected until she stopped having her period, and kicked repeatedly in the lower stomach during interrogations. She now can’t have children and often doubles over in pain, bleeding from her womb.

>Gulbahar Jelilova confirmed that detainees in her camp were forced to abort their children. She also saw a new mother, still leaking breast milk, who did not know what had happened to her infant. And she met doctors and medical students who were detained for helping Uighurs dodge the system and give birth at home.

>Gulzia Mogdia was also forced to have an abortion when she became pregnant with her third child. “Medics inserted an electric vacuum into her womb and sucked her fetus out of her body,” after which she was “taken home and told to rest, as [officials] planned to take her to a camp.


No. 598200

I forgot what the girl was called, but there was a case where an army girl was raped and murdered, and her fingernails had been glued or burned shut so that you couldn't find the DNA under her nails from when she fought back.
That's always stuck with me. If anyone remembers her name I'd appreciate it.

No. 598259

Vanessa Guillen?

No. 598367

This upsets me so much, knowing that no world leader will ever try to stop this simply because they are all to afraid of China. Fuck I wish I could do something for these people who are being tortured.

No. 598441

LaVena Johnson

No. 599071

Same. I can’t even read the article because I’m afraid it will make me fucking vomit. What can we do? I wish I knew

No. 599208

File: 1596839337269.jpeg (174.55 KB, 828x723, E84AFE9F-8F23-4DAF-A7E5-52C184…)

You could try writing to congress if you are in the US or a similar body in your respective country, or pray that some international human rights organizations aren’t drinking the kool aid and try to see if they could advocate. But realistically, there’s nothing anyone can do politically; China is hellbent on eliminating these people. It has been going on for a while, too. Some articles from 2008-09…





No. 599221

International groups just don’t give a shit about chinese citizens, they always seem to be an afterthought. There will pages on pages about “uwu troons are called by the wrong pronoun” or other dumb bullshit,then some mild remark in smaller font, like “btw all these innocent people who have done nothing wrong are being herded into consentratement camps” It is really sad.

No. 599405

If I'm not mistaken, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have done papers and research about this, but they honestly have 0 influence and power, so their work is more individual or local, such as freeing activists from prison and stuff like that

No. 599421

trump seems to be the only political leader standing up against china and im here for it i wish more countries would join

No. 599596

Me too, anon! I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the world lately. He’s legit the only president who hasn’t hopped in bed with China (in ages) and has been denouncing their practices for years. NPCs can spout whatever they want about him, but he’s actually bringing jobs back here (recent example: the Kodak plant!) and working to strengthen America’s economy. He’s also going after big pharma, which isn’t making him a fave in the elite circles which has heavy media influence.

No. 599630

For those that haven't heard of The Killing of Tim McLean, it's pretty gruesome. On 7/30/08, on a Canadian Greyhound bus in front of other passengers, Vince Li/Will Lee Baker stabbed a sleeping Tim McLean 100 times, decapitated him, and ate parts of his body. Li was found not criminally responsible by reason of insanity and was remanded to a high-security mental health facility until he was released on 5/8/15. He did not have a history of mental illness before the attack. On 2/10/17 Li was granted an absolute discharge. There will be no legal obligations or restrictions pertaining to Li's independent living, pertaining to parole or mental health in any way. He is a free man to this day. Whenever I think about this case I get so angry. I read an interview with Tim's mother and it's just horrible

No. 599632

Whoa whoa they let that fucker go?
What a joke.

No. 599649

Unfortunately some of these international organizations themselves are corrupt and they either don’t care because they get money under the table to not care, or are too jaded by people’s cruelty to give a shit. And honestly no one wants to start another (potential) world war, especially not one with China, or get murdered for trying to help like routinely happens in Africa with insurgents.

Yes. Papers unfortunately don’t save lives, which is why I didn’t really mention any one group in particular because none of them really do anything, legally or otherwise.

No. 599706

>He did not have a history of mental illness before
Not true. He had schizophrenia and he believed that the victim was an alien. Also he had no history of violence prior the attack

No. 599803

File: 1596917747728.jpg (449.71 KB, 672x896, Rebecca_Schaeffer_86-88.JPG)

The murder of Rebecca Schaeffer really bothers me.

>Rebecca was a young star just about to go audition for a role in The Godfather 3

>She had earlier answered the door to a man who found the address to her apartment through the DMV and he talked to her for a while but she had to tell him he had to go because she was waiting for her script to be delivered. She told him to take care.
>That man is Robert John Bardo, a man completely obsessed with Rebecca because she sent a response to his fan letter.
>Enraged by the fact that she pushed him away, he waited a while at a diner and came back to her house. Under the guise of delivering a post card, he knocked on door. While she opened the door and picked up the postcard, he shot her point blank in the chest. Her last words were her screaming "Why?!" She died at the hospital later.
>Her case set new stalking laws which made it impossible to get a star's address and such at the DMV. Sadly, people can get addresses online now, which means more cases like this are to appear.

>It was found later that in a creepy letter to his sister, Robert John Bardo said that he needed to eliminate the unattainable.

I think the worst part of all of this is that his brother wasn't charged because he helped Bardo get a gun. Bardo was deemed too insane to buy one.

No. 599902


No. 600010

anon, i am so shocked that you actually agreed with me and have positive thoughts about him. i am so used to everyone painting him to be the worst leader when its clear hes actually done a lot of good things for his country and stands up to china. i think people are slowly waking up which is good at least.

No. 600066

>its clear hes actually done a lot of good things for his country

Here's where you went off the rails a bit.

No. 600079

You did see him tell pingping to go ahead with the concentration camps, right?

No. 600097

Lol, Trump doesn't care. Good for him for standing up for China but at the end of the day, he doesn't give a shit about the U.S or China unless there is something in it for him. He's more than willing to rub elbows with other dictators as well.

No. 600178

Does anyone remember the black high school girl who was raped and had a photo of her passed out go viral? There were a ton of people recreating the pose as a challenge on twitter. It was messed up how it just took off like that with barely any backlash. I can't remember her name but I remember seeing her on the news, it was awful that she felt like no one cared what happened or just thought it was funny.

No. 600214

File: 1596968105988.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1930, D2E9795F-C9CF-4E08-BADD-DB1FEA…)

This case? I had not heard of it before but holy fuck some people are lower than dirt


No. 600233

Threw up in my mouth a little. The rape alone is horrific but then all this shit? This is more than sickening. I don't want to live in this world and I can't even do anything to make it better.

No. 600262

The point of my post is that he wasn't under the guidance of any mental health professional at the time of the attack and wasn't on any medications. He STILL isn't, and isn't required to. So he could "snap" again at any time.. They are just trusting him not to.

No. 600389


Misogynoir gets less calling out than the dumbass hoteps during these BLM activism times.

No. 600426

I wish rapists would get castrated. Then maybe mes would think twice.

No. 600451


robbie mclennan: a 2002 murder in canada where a 20 year old and two teenagers raped, tortured, and murdered their friend over hours. the actual article is gone cause it's from so long ago but here's a repost on a forum:


the girl involved in the murder killed herself years later and i have to say i don't care

No. 600464

> the girl involved in the murder killed herself years later and i have to say i don't care
hope the cunt lived a miserable life and died alone and in pain

No. 600728

goddamn that is so depressing
fuck her and I hope her bf gets the rape back in prison.
poor robbie…

No. 600736

File: 1597019809232.jpeg (21.68 KB, 150x212, D2D0E84E-DD24-4F83-A191-63F19C…)

I have a book on this one. Two promising, hardworking immigrant Harvard students on scholarships rooming together. One of the girls, Sinedu Tadesse was very lonely and her roommate, Trang Phuong Ho expressed desire to change her housing situation and move out of her housing with Sinedu. Sinedu stabbed Trang and then killed herself. The death of Trang is so sad to me, she seemed like such a smart hardworking girl. And Sinedu obviously needed some kind of help and it’s sad she had no resources. Part of the book I have on this case talks about the lack of mental health support at Harvard.

No. 600758

Stalking/person being obsessed with the victim stories like these really fuck me up. I know it's not the same as these poor victims' situations, but I'm in several communities which expose you to a lot of people who've never had friends/relationships before and literally have no concept of boundaries, so I'm fearful of getting killed for saying no.
The worst part is that one of my close friends is dating one of these types of dudes because she thinks she can fix him and can improve his life or some shit like that.

No. 601878

File: 1597130890355.jpg (138.1 KB, 1200x675, beirut.jpg)

Images of the Beirut explosion happened really fuck me up, especially the part where the warehouse is just being ocean water now. That video that someone took of the bodies of the people who were close to the epicenter will haunt me forever.

No. 601969

Not as gruesome as others posted here. But for some reason I was so upset with this case.

>Stephanie Lazarus, cop who was friends with benefits with John Ruetten

>John meets nurse Sherri Rasmussen, they become engaged
>Stephanie flips out, begs John to call off the engagement because she loves him etc, he says no but the absolute cockhead agrees to have sex with her for some reason.
>Stephanie marches over to sherri’s work and brags about the sex, “if I can’t have John no one can” type of thing, starts to stalk and threaten sherri.
>one day Sherri stays home from work, Stephanie picks the locks and attacks Sherri, shooting her in the chest and face.
>autopsy reveals Stephanie beat the shit out of sherris face and body AFTER she had died, also bit her in the arm
>gets away with it for 2 decades, probably for being a cop. John Ruetten contacts her during this time to fuck her again what the hell
>because of new dna forensics she gets busted. Hilarious interrogation ensues where Stephanie looks like Jim Carrey stroking out.

No. 601970

She looks like christian slater

No. 602017

File: 1597148092434.jpg (32.69 KB, 512x288, unnamed.jpg)

The Abu Ghraib prison torture never fails to shake me to my core. I can't look at the pictures of it and it has been said they never released a lot of the pictures, one can't even imagine what those pictures consist of when the ones released are so fucking horrible. It's fucking terrifying to think about what evil humans are capable of. Even seemingly normal people.

No. 602031

This video is fucking hilarious. But yeah it is sad she got away with it for 20 years.

No. 602070

More people need to know about this. If this happened 10 years later than it did, there would be a huge outrage on the Internet. Fuck Americans. Fuck humans, really.

No. 602076

God hates America

No. 602091

As if. Any international crime committed by America is talked about briefly and then pretty much forgotten about, even horrifying things like this. America is too rich and powerful to actually criticise since they’ve essentially been taking over the world, and trying to make themselves seem like the kind and benevolent hero of the world for over 70 years. Most Americans will never talk about things like this regularly either, because the vast, vast majority of them benefit from, even if indirectly, the crimes their government and military commit abroad and American imperialism.

Think about what happened to the citizens of Vietnam, civilians where killed, massacred, and raped by the US military, had Agent Orange dropped on them, etc, and yet most of what you hear about the war is about “muh poor drafted American soldiers with PTSD!!!”

But yea, fuck Americans, it’s infuriating, all the horrible shit they do that they get away with.

No. 602094

Sweet anon, even when you bombard people with information it doesn't mean people will really demand justice. There are so many injustices that the world knows about right now, but nothing gets done, people just share a couple of awareness posts and move on because it's too depressing to deal with or because something else is already happening.
I'm not American but I remember imagery from the torture was everywhere at the time, that Serj Tankian "Empty Walls" music video was played almost every morning before school on the music channel I watched and my teachers talked to us about what the news stories were about. I hadn't thought about it for years until now because we have moved on to the next atrocity. There's no time for justice in the 24 hour news cycle.

No. 602098


There is also the whole “rectal rehydration” stuff on prisoners who went on hunger strikes


No. 602100

File: 1597158193695.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.38 KB, 580x419, C4B561DD-A634-4030-AC65-03C0C7…)

Corpse warning.. the Abu Ghraib pictures of with the guards like this are so fucking disturbing

No. 602102

I have a theory on this. She is deeply disturbed. Probably wants to kill AGAIN. Then she can pin it on him or help him hide it.

Think… Dexter.

No. 602111

File: 1597159409075.jpg (28.49 KB, 474x649, bbfc4837feaa52d3f9fa9689d5d5fc…)

Things like that has always been my number one mystery, I suppose it's dumb to think that operation condor is a subject brought into school but do they talk about it? Like is it something know in the counterculture or critical side of the nation or is just something know outside of the country only?

No. 602114


Fuck forgot the first part lmao, what I wanted to start with, is that after some time there's always some news about what the American army was doing but it doesn't seems something that is talked much about it seems.

No. 602117

Brazilian here, my history teachers did mention US intervention during out Military Dictatorship, and that basically it happened because they meddled with our politics, country had too many commies and they didn’t want us to become Better Cuba.

Also that the torture methods utilized by the secret police were basically borrowed from American officials.

Not like we can do anything about it, our country didn’t even punish our military for these crimes, imagine the US.

No. 602125

How is it all black and like shiny

No. 602131

Coagulated blood under the skin maybe?

No. 602156

It's decaying, anon

No. 602230

File: 1597170998668.jpg (345.06 KB, 958x601, 92554.jpg)

Not a news story, but learning about Unit 731 gave me nightmares (tbh, anything war-related does):

>Prisoners were injected with diseases, disguised as vaccinations, to study their effects. To study the effects of untreated venereal diseases, male and female prisoners were deliberately infected with syphilis and gonorrhoea, then studied

>Men, women, children and infants interned at prisoner of war camps were subjected to vivisection, often without anesthesia and usually ending with the death of the victim
>Prisoners had limbs amputated in order to study blood loss. Those limbs that were removed were sometimes re-attached to the opposite sides of the body. Some prisoners had their stomachs surgically removed and the esophagus reattached to the intestines. Parts of organs, such as the brain, lungs, and liver, were removed from some prisoners
>In other tests, subjects were deprived of food and water to determine the length of time until death; placed into high-pressure chambers until their eyes popped from the sockets; experimented upon to determine the relationship between temperature, burns, and human survival; electrocuted; placed into centrifuges and spun until death; injected with animal blood; exposed to lethal doses of x-rays; subjected to various chemical weapons inside gas chambers; injected with sea water; and burned or buried alive
>Unit members orchestrated forced sex acts between infected and non-infected prisoners to transmit the disease
>Female prisoners were forced to become pregnant for use in experiments

No. 602246

File: 1597172161572.jpeg (30.39 KB, 764x401, 58385DBE-8DCD-4CDD-8586-E4805B…)

Gabriel Kuhn’s case has scarred me pretty badly both because of the horrific cruelty and brutality towards an innocent little boy over something idiotic and trivial, and because I’ve had the displeasure of seeing the crime scene photos of Gabriel’s body.

Gabriel was a 12-year boy who was friends with Daniel Petry, his 16-year old neighbor. One day when Daniel thought Gabriel had cheated in an online game he went over to Gabriel’s house where the younger was alone. As soon as he got in, he knocked Gabriel down and started beating him. Daniel dragged him to a bedroom where he raped him on the bed while all Gabriel could do was scream and cry. The bedsheets were stained with blood.

When Gabriel threatened to report him, Daniel panicked and decided to kill him. He took a wire and wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck, squeezing until the boy fainted. Then the sick fucker decided to go into the garage to get a hacksaw, after which he began cutting Gabriel. Gabriel regained consciousness and began to scream from the pain but Daniel didn’t care, continuing until he’d cut off Gabriel’s left leg. Gabriel eventually stopped screaming, falling into shock from the pain. Daniel continued with the hacksaw and viciously cut off his right leg. The necropsy showed that Gabriel was alive when both his legs were cut off; he died shortly after from the pain and blood loss.

Daniel supposedly only got 3 years in juvenile hall. He allegedly stated, when in prison, that he’d “see Gabriel in Hell and get revenge again”.

People like Daniel Petry deserve to be castrated, brutally killed and left to rot in a ditch, I don’t care of that makes me edgy. This case makes me so disgusted and angry. Writing this up made me feel physically ill.

No. 602247

Samefag to add: sorry about the ass quality of the photo, couldn’t find any better pics that weren’t from the crime scene and I wanted to spare you guys that. For your own sake, don’t google this as uncensored photos from the crime scene are the first images you’ll see.

No. 602250

Looks nearly mummified but gotcha!

No. 602253

Mate what the fuck. I looked it up and apparently it was all because of tibia. The rape and hacksaw is just, Jesus Christ. Brazil is a fucking hellhole.

No. 602254

anon i'm brazilian and i remember this
i totally agree with you, it's crazy that this sick fuck is walking around free and that he had a name change and moved
he could literally be anywhere and ppl around him would never knew what he did, i hate this shit country

No. 602288

Poor, poor kid.
Was about to question why Daniel thought he'd get in less trouble for murder than for rape (especially since the crime scene looks like he didn't even attempt to hide the body), but if he only got 3 years in juvie… Fucked up justice system.
RIP Gabriel

No. 602559

I know about this, it's such a horrific case. I remember reading that he was showing off the body parts he was eating to the passengers outside, like waving them through the window. Can you imagine casually getting on a bus on a random day and some psycho starts killing and eating someone right in front of you? I'd be traumatised for life. This is what really scares me, the idea of normally going about your day and something terrible and life changing happens, like I know that sounds vague but just the spontaneity, the randomness of horror is so unsettling to me. This poor victim did nothing to anybody and he had to suffer because he happened to sit next to a psycho. So depressing and frustrating. I hate hearing about good people getting their lives stolen away from them early in such horrific ways they don't deserve, like they deserve a respectful and dignified death and shit like this makes me so angry

No. 602675

No. 602745

good to know that nazi germany weren't the only ones doing sick experiments. hiroshima/nagasaki was bad, but the japanese had it coming tbh

No. 602760

except the hiroshima/nagasaki bombings happened to ordinary civilians who hadn’t done anything.

meanwhile, the people behind and working at unit 731 never got any punishment or karma whatsoever and went about their lives like normal people afterwards. many of the worst monsters got wealthy as fuck.

No. 602775

but they were all complicit with their army butchering chinese and koreans and this weird experiments. Germans also cry a lot about their 'lost' cities (especially dresden), yet they had it coming as well.

But you right, to many got away with their shit, I also hate that the japanese goverment does hardly anything to make up for the shit they've done in WWII.

No. 602803

The rape of Nanjing.

I’m sorry, but I could never quite feel sad over what happened in Hiroshima after reading all of that.


No. 602814

You can literally point at any country and say ”look they deserved it” by this logic.

No. 602827

Yeah you can.
And yeah they did.

No. 602838

I only feel bad for the Koreans in japan that got killed in the bombings

No. 602893

File: 1597243201462.jpeg (107.09 KB, 735x413, 80A0B499-4C85-4EEB-9681-35D199…)

NTA but
>Men Dress As Japanese Imperial Soldiers At Rape Of Nanking Memorial
I had never seen the Japanese equivalent of edgy neonazi fags before.

No. 602932

File: 1597249522267.jpeg (207.59 KB, 1908x1146, 6B010DCF-DB0E-4FCA-A619-01897F…)

This evil cunt, Daniela Poggiali.

She was a hospital nurse known for being sadistic and vengeful, bragging about giving sedatives to patients she found “annoying” and giving laxatives to them just before she quit her shift so the next nurse would have a tougher time. She’s shown in a picture with a very obviously dead patient with a shit-eating grin on her face as if she couldn’t possibly be happier.

She was charged with the murder of an elderly woman and sentenced to life in prison, but was acquitted on appeal in 2017 after serving 3 years because of “insufficient evidence”. She’s been accused of murdering 38 of her patients. She got a lot of love letters and proposals when in prison, I hope all of those people meet the same fate her victims did.

As someone with an elderly mother and whose father died in hospital, this story terrifies me and makes me extremely paranoid. This is the kind of evil that warrants a truly brutal, painful death, and I sincerely hope someone tracks her down and gets those victims some semblance of justice. The same goes for her retarded fans.

No. 602933

anon this is truly fucking me up, like my brain can't handle that 1. this is real and 2. that someone is posing and smiling next to a corpse. What the fuck this is messing with me so bad
Like I always knew the world was ugly, but I realize I never saw most of it head on :/

No. 602940

Her dad was a homicide detective and I guess she was already desensitized to corpses. She sent letters to her girlfriend telling her how fucked up things were and how she wanted to document everything. The thumbs up was her signature pose and she coped a lot with weird morbid humor

>Okay, I don't like that anymore. At first it was funny but these people are going too far. I ended your letter last night because it was time to wake the MI prisoners and "mess with them" but it went too far even I can't handle whats going on. I cant get it out of my head. I walk down stairs after blowing the whistle and beating on the cells with an asp to find "the taxicab driver" handcuffed backwards to his window with some underwear over his head and face. He looked like Jesus Christ. At first I had to laugh so I went on and grabbed the camera and took a picture. Again I thought, okay that's funny then it hit me, that's a form of molestation. You can't do that. I took more pictures now to "record" what is going on. They started talking to this man and at first he was talking "I'm just a taxicab driver, I did nothing." He claims he'd never try to hurt US soldiers that he picked up the wrong people. Then he stopped talking. They turned the lights out and slammed the door and left him there while they went down to cell #4. This man had been so fucked that when they grabbed his foot through the cell bars he began screaming and crying. After praying to Allah he moans a constant short Ah, Ah every few seconds for the rest of the night. I don't know what they did to this guy. The first one remained handcuffed for maybe 1½-2 hours until he started yelling for Allah. So they went back in and handcuffed him to the top bunk on either side of the bed while he stood on the side. He was there for a little over an hour when he started yelling again for Allah. Not many people know this shit goes on. The only reason I want to be there is to get the pictures and prove that the US is not what they think. But I don't know if I can take it mentally. What if that was me in their shoes. These people will be our future terrorist. Kelly, its awful and you know how fucked I am in the head. Both sides of me think its wrong. I thought I could handle anything. I was wrong.

No. 602959

At least we have those pictures. Nobody can't deny it happened. It's the only 'good' thing from all of this.
and to know they all got such light sentences.
who the hell know is happening ib those black site now?

No. 603023

I mean it's not a news story, it is something I read on Reddit years ago but I still think about it regularly. It's both sad and disturbing. Took me a while to find it:

>My girlfriend's grandfather used to be a detective, and he tells a pretty terrifying story. When he was still pretty young he got a call to an apartment building because a "monster" was trying to get into someone's apartment. The caller said that they had heard a gunshot, and then a while later something was pounding on their door. When they opened it a monster was standing there and tried to get into their apartment. They kicked it out, and slammed the door. The caller also said that they had heard more screams from down the hall, so the monster may have been trying to get to other people. When my girlfriend's grandfather got to the building he found a man shambling around inside covered in blood. He got the guy turned around and realized that he had found his "monster." The guy had attempted to commit suicide by putting a gun under his chin and firing upwards. However, he had screwed the angle up and blown off his jaw and part of his nose, but he was still alive and in extreme shock. He had been walking around the building knocking on doors, trying to get someone to help him, but his grisly visage had terrified everyone, so they kept slamming the door in his face.

No. 603242

Not even safe in a goddamn hospital
Reminds me of that news story of a woman who was in a coma and someone managed to get pregnant. Ugh

No. 603347

Suicide by guns going wrong always fucks me up. I can not believe how many of the survivors want to keep on living AFTER a failed suicide where they'd blown off half of their face.

No. 603556

Probably a dumb question, but why didn't he finish the job? You'd think if someone actually has the intention to shoot themselves and they follow through, and fail at first try, they'd try again immediately after to succeed.

No. 603616

he was probably going into shock/realized he didn’t really want to die and the first shot became his wake up call

such a horrible story

No. 603935


You have to wonder where these people thought the brain lives.

No. 605252

File: 1597525281985.jpg (108.98 KB, 578x433, picrelated.jpg)

No. 605255

damn i feel bad for him

No. 605326

My best friend's brother did the same thing when we were in high school. She had never told me that he had been molesting her for years; she did tell her mom, but as per fucking usual in true crime, mom swept it under the rug and sided with her brother.
Well eventually her brother either felt bad about raping a child or felt bad cuz of what he saw in Afghanistan, either way, he stole a gun from security where he worked, led the cops on a very brief chase
And then he blew his fucking eyeballs out and face off and now he lives in a hospital pissing into random receptacles when no one watches him close enough, because that's the last thing he can still do that his withered brain still registers as fun.
Frankly, a fitting fucking punishment, I think about that shit a lot still, her parents are fucking garbage and even after one kid got raped and one comitted existential suicide, and one of the older ones ran away from home at 16 and has not been heard from in well over a decade now, and the last one is only 16, so I guess we'll find out how bad you ruined that one soon, but they seriously honestly believe they were good parents
It makes me fucking sick because I know that must mean none of those kinds of parents do. They can watch the most heinous shit in the world happen to their kids under their watch, and feel nothing but pride

No. 605488

>At one time I would've assumed most men this age are harmless on account of depleting testosterone levels, after dealing with how relentless this local man is in forcing his presence on me..they're just as bad.

Damn, I recently got acquainted with an old man, we were rescuing a hedgehog that got entangled in a football net really bad, and we had a kinda amusing exchange. It didn't even bother me that he bombarded me with compliments and jokes about falling in love with me (guess I was also too focused on the hedgehog), but now I think I should be more distant with him the next time I see him. And yeah, the fact that he was old and also an icon conservator made me comfortable, I thought he was harmless and we were just joking around. Who knows, maybe he IS harmless, but I'll be more cautious anyway.

No. 605510

That one story where a man who prepared coffee used to cum in a woman's coffee because he thought she was hot or something. And the woman used to drink that semen coffee for months I think before he got arrested. Can you fucking imagine?

No. 605511

why are men like this

No. 605516

It must have to do with the chromosomes.

No. 605517

They don't believe women are fully humans.

No. 605538

how tf would he even be able to hide, cum in the coffee in a reasonable amount of time, and return without any of his colleagues questioning it? Glad I always get my coffee from a proper coffee shop where everything is visible.

No. 605545

Sounds like a story you’d see someone post on reddit

No. 605548

Reminds me of a story from my hometown of a photographer who would put his semen into donuts and drinks he later offered to the models coming for a casting. He posted videos of injecting the semen with syringe, internet vigilantes managed to track him down, police got involved and he ended up in jail for about 5 years.

No. 605549

Here is one news article I found about it. Also while searching for this article I found another case where a TEACHER put his semen in cakes for his students to eat.

No. 605551

File: 1597579474264.jpeg (295.06 KB, 750x1391, 7A67BE11-45E5-4F48-8345-D8BDD6…)


> He told police he was attracted to his co-worker and did this to get her to notice him.


No. 605553


Yeah I hadn’t heard about anything like this because I’m not a cumbrained scrote but having googled there’s MANY cases of this happening, and these are only the ones that were found out. Never accepting food from a man ever again.

No. 605570

Ok, this is a lot more common than I thought jfc

Reminds me of that story where there was a /k/(?) meetup and some dude took pics of himself cumming in some cookie dough and then passed out the cookies at the meetup.

No. 605703

File: 1597596760512.jpeg (101.51 KB, 800x800, 13BB464E-8923-4637-AC5C-452F02…)

Junko Furuta. It’s caused me to loose sleep

No. 605704

File: 1597596819262.jpg (24.18 KB, 540x374, 1586353545452.jpg)

holy shit anon do you have screenshots of this

No. 605740

Jesus Christ I always remembered this poor woman but seeing her mentioned again caused me to reread her story

> Two police officers were dispatched to the Minato house; however, they were informed that there was no girl inside.[7] The police officers declined an invitation to look around the house, believing the invitation alone was sufficient proof that there was nothing untoward to be found.[7] Both officers faced considerable backlash from the community. Had they indeed searched the house and located Furuta, her ordeal would have only lasted sixteen days and she may well have recovered from her injuries. The two officers were fired for failing to follow procedure.

That is so heartbreaking. All of her murderers are alive and well too, absolutely sickening

No. 605758

The eulogy her friend made was heartbreaking. Those boys are still torturing and killing people as of this time. They need executed.

No. 605760

Can't find right words to describe how I feel about this shit. It's hard to believe that 'people' like this exist in this world, and that there's some chance that anyone including you might become their victim. Just like that, you live your life, and then it's just pure torture and total helplessness until you fucking die. Only because someone had this sick idea of 'fun'

No. 605764

File: 1597600605840.jpeg (Spoiler Image,438.78 KB, 1862x1536, C01FD66A-CDBB-489C-AAA0-42BCF0…)

Ntayrt but think this might be it

No. 605776

why would you eat something given to you by something you met on 4chan lmao

No. 605782


> Even a young girl got invited to Minato’s place and she doodled on Junko’s face.

I know of everything that happened this is is in no way the worst, but something about this detail really fucks me up.

No. 605798

I'm so sure this kind of shit is more common than people realize. This older guy at my old job brought in brownies and was so adamant that everyone have one, even though it was just a regular supermarket box recipe. He kept saying "I really put myself into it" and other weirdly worded phrases.

No. 605891

Annnnnnd this dumb fuck probably thinks women are weird because they “won’t talk to him”.

No. 606015

That’s the one! Remember someone posting it on /cgl/ years back.

No. 606350

Yep, that's always been the one for me too

No. 606741

Is it weird that when reading this I kept hoping she would die sooner so she wouldn’t have to suffer? Like the stuff they did was so vile I’ve never heard of anyone even thinking of stuff like that

No. 607399

No, I wished the same. Poor angel had to suffer so much, I cannot even imagine the pain she was going through. I wish they found her killers and did the things to them as they did to her

No. 609909

Some positive news for this thread. Sarah Turney finally got the stepfather arrested.

No. 609913

Good news anon, thanks. I hope they actually have the evidence to convict him since they still haven't located her remains, and probably won't. Sarah Turney is amazing for advocating for her sister this long.

No. 610251

hell yes, anon! hoping Sarah will have a fluent trial and a new path towards finding justice for her sister

No. 610446

>tfw the boys that did such horrible things to her barely served any time and were able to be released, change their names, and live normal lives

No. 610502

I read somewhere that one of the killers moved to some Eastern European country, I think it was Romania, and ended up brutally killing some guy there.

No. 611005

Minato Nobuhara he now goes as Shinji Minato stabbed a man in the back of the neck in Japan

Yasushi Watanabe, who was originally sentenced to three-to-four years in prison, received an upgraded sentence of five-to-seven years. He was 17 at the time of the murder. After his release, he married a Romanian woman.

No. 613326

File: 1598286413034.jpg (50.91 KB, 571x380, 3D3C906400000578-0-image-m-12_…)

Kim Jong Nam's assassination fucked me up, especially the fact that they managed to convince two gullible women to kill him and they did it, believing it was just a prank for a sake of a TV show. Also this sounds like a horrible way to die:

>By preventing AChE from metabolising acetylcholine, the nerve agent causes the synapse to become flooded with the neurotransmitter. This saturation leads to the nerve being constantly switched “on”. In the case of nerves that control muscles, this means that the muscle is constantly receiving a signal to contract.

>Constant muscle contraction becomes a problem when the muscles in question are the ones that control the expansion of the rib cage, to fill the lungs with air. If these muscles are continuously trying to contract, the body is constantly trying to fill the lungs with air, and thus not allowing the body to expel air from the lungs.

>The victim of such a nerve agent usually dies from asphyxiation due to not being able to breathe out.

No. 614013

Old news, but an animal rescue channel was exposed for pretending to rescue kittens when in fact the videos were filmed in the reverse order.

It's unbelievably sick that the channel is still up and producing videos.

Attached video is a guy exposing him.

No. 614023

What's interesting about this is that the neurotoxin is so potent that it's dangerous to even transport. So they had one girl handle the first component of the poison and another put the catalyst into his face.. together they are deadly. Therefore the 2nd girl was is much more danger bc she had it activated in her hand from touching his face

No. 614029

This thumbnail alone is hurting me

No. 614042

I don't feel bad for the NK dictators whatsoever, but it's pretty fucked up that two bystanders got roped into the assassination. But I guess it's not like political assassinations are supposed to be humane or not obvious, as long as the target gets killed.

No. 614142

I really wish I hadn't seen this post and this video. What a rabbit hole. Sorry for a-logging but I hope whoever owns that channel dies painfully.

No. 614317

This video from just today of a car getting washed away in the flood in a small (poor) town in Yemen. The car was filled a family of four kids, a father and mother. Only the father survived.

It's so chilling and heartbreaking to watch the townsfolk try to help them in any way, with the children crying for help as the car drowns deeper and deeper into the current. May the poor mother and children rest in peace.

No. 614320

The car was completely destroyed when it washed up

No. 614367

This is horrifying. How the fuck are those videos still up on Youtube??

No. 614370

Thanks anon fuck you for this I hate it

No. 614383

Just wanted to pop in and say that I keep getting intrusive thoughts of that kitten rape story mentioned itt during random points of the day and it is certainly fucking with me.
I wish I was part of a vigilante team of people that find the pieces of shit who cause this kind of pain to animals and humans alike, and then do to them exactly what they had done to their victims. I'm not even a violent person but bitch I fucking would be if given the opportunity to fuck these monsters up

No. 614386

File: 1598333517037.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.2 KB, 720x720, unnamed.jpg)

Samefag. I checked out the guy's channel and one of the thumbnails was this. The fucker is mocking the viewers

No. 614394

File: 1598334480409.jpg (452.21 KB, 1456x1936, RUDGEWAY-3-superJumbo.jpg)

I was re-visiting Jessica Ridgeways story the other day. The brutality fucks with me, especially since the murderer was only 17. This is brutal so big warning for people who this shit sticks with.

>Jessica is 10, calls friend in the morning to check they are still walking to school together that morning. Friends Dad says yes

>Jessica leave house, never makes it to friends house. Dad of friend just shrugs and takes his own kid to school
>School calls Mom at 10:30am to tell her Jessica isn't at school
>Mom works late shift so doesn't get message until 4:30pm. Calls cops.
>Cops can't find shit
>Find her backpack, get dna from it.
>Child's headless, limbless torso turns up in field. Has tiny wooden cross placed in vagina. Confirmed to be Jessica. Get dna from it.
>They do mass dna swabbing as they now have 2 pieces of dna + another matching piece from an assault on a jogger a month earlier
>Person calls cops, tells them Austin Sigg had a cross like that, is super fucking weird, obsessed with death.
>DNA test Austin Sigg
>No match. Austin Sigg not considered a suspect.
>Still looking. Can't find rest of body
>Mindy Sigg, Austin Sigg's Mom calls cops
>"please come here my son killed Jessica her body is in my house"
>they go to house, Austin admits he did it.
>Takes them to crawl space, find head and limbs.
>Tells them he waited in the back of his jeep, grabbed her when she walked passed.
>took her home, obviously a pedo and raped her but they can't prove it. His Mom tells cops he has been watching child porn since FUCKING 12.
>Strangles her with zip ties but it hurts his hands so he stops
>strangles her with hands.
>lays body face down in bath and fills with water to make sure she's dead. Removes hands with electric saw. Cuts into pieces and flushes down the toilet.
>cutes limbs and head off, hides all parts in the pool house.
>week later gets the body, removes organs, flushes them. Washes torso, dumps in field.
>Can't part with the other pieces.

Like what in the actual fuck. I never saw them address why the dna didn't match, either. Even in the arrest report it just says it didn't match. He was so close to getting away with it. It also bothers me so much that her friends Dad didn't even call Jessica's mom to let her know she hadn't arrived at his house.

No. 614396

I don't want to click, just that idea makes me want to vomit. I feel so sad.
I already don't like those "animal rescue videos", they depress me like nothing else. To think some people literally just abuse animals and then repackage it as "rescue" is disgusting.

No. 614412

He was not even a dictator, he was the dictator's half-brother. He fell out of favor with Kim Jong Un when he tried to visit Tokyo Disneyland with a fake passport and people felt he brought shame to the regime

No. 614413

Samefagging to share this. It's a whole culture of fake animal rescue videos on YouTube.
I always got bad vibes from those thumbnails of "rescued" dogs and cats with injuries, and in pain. Now I know why. Half of them were abused by the ones behind the camera, not coincidentally found and rescued.
I'm glad awareness is being raised around this, but it makes me feel so sick. I don't know what to do to help besides post these "expose" videos.

No. 614419

>He fell out of favor with Kim Jong Un when he tried to visit Tokyo Disneyland with a fake passport
Holy fucking shit. This has to be the most kekworthy thing I've read all day.

Wow, this case is so fucked up. I can't imagine how the murderer's mom felt after discovering the body and realized that her son murdered this innocent girl.
Poor Jessica. She deserves more justice than for her murderer to be locked up but still alive.

No. 614421


> Mom tells cops he has been watching child porn since FUCKING 12

I hope they sent her to prison too. Fuck.

No. 614438

this one always fucks me up I feel so bad for thr girl, she looks so cute on her photos what happened is fucking awful. the moms phone call is fucked up too


No. 614489

Feel a bit weird because this girl looks like me when I was 10. I guess it just makes it easy to imagine myself in her place.

And it's so fucked up that his mom knew about child porn and didn't do anything about it(?). But thank god she at least called the police.

No. 614552

I suggest that you don't open this thread anymore anon, I will do the same. There are many deeply upsetting stories in here so if you're not in a good place, you'll only get hurt.

No. 614698

I remember writing letters to either her school or family 6th grade or fifth grade. I never knew how horrific the details of the story were until now. I can't even finish the full story.

No. 614987

What the fuck? She deserves to be locked up too, or at least committed to some kind of facility.

No. 616282

File: 1598483858467.jpeg (392.04 KB, 828x825, 57DB8ADD-BCAC-47CE-A759-C029A4…)

Good news!!
He’s been caught.

No. 616302

This makes me happy

No. 616347

fucking finally

that story fucked me up ever since i first read it years ago, his poor daughters

No. 618441

I listened to a podcast about the Yoslyn Ortega murders today and it just made me so sick. Just because one jealous fucking hag wanted to make her employer suffer. The kids were so innocent and trusting, thinking the nanny was just taking them home so the 6 year old could grab her ballet shoes. They didn’t do anything wrong.

No. 618729

There are people in my country killing and mutilating horses since the beginning of the year. More than 20 horses have been hurted, and there are more and more cases everyday. They cut one of their ear, remove eyes, their throats are sliced, etc. It's just pure cruelty. It makes me so sick, I read that one more horse has been hurt yesterday and saw a new case one hour ago. I'm sure it has something to do with internet or social media and I just wish these people die. Poor horses.

No. 618738

This is so bizarre! Why horses? Normally psychopats choose small, easy to kill animals that are everywhere, like cats or dogs; it's not easy to just find a horse. And such insanely specific way to kill, with elaborate mutilation, there must be more behind it than just killing for the sake of it. What country is this?

No. 618742

what country is this anon, i cant find anything in the news? i'm genuinely intrigued lmao

No. 618747

It's France.

No. 618751

File: 1598720825234.jpg (24.34 KB, 640x589, tumblr_d56f69777d37a77471400b3…)

mon dieu

No. 618798

If you remember please update here when it gets solved, it's so extremely odd and disturbing.

No. 619212


Is someone in France reenacting Equus?

No. 619260

shit I just read about this yesterday

No. 619760

File: 1598865037418.png (78.79 KB, 480x270, portrait-robot-chevaux-mutiles…)

A new wounded horse has been found yesterday.
A few days ago, a man saw two guys mutilating 3 horses from his shelter with a billhook. They couldn't catch them but made a robot portrait of one of them. That's everything we have for the moment, police think the case might be related to a sect or to witchcraft.

No. 619772

i kek'd at 4am because of this picture anon i don't even know why

No. 619783

Kek It made me laugh too
But also fuck that guy and his friends. The Horses don’t deserve this shit.

No. 619798

>police think the case might be related to a sect or to witchcraft
Yeeeeaaaah… Nah, I don't buy it.

No. 620423

If you're into long form documentary style youtube videos this one is really good and has been on my mind a lot.

A mega-douchey MMA fighter beat his ex girlfriend who was a porn star up (along with a man she was seeing). It sounds simple enough but the details and the psychology behind this is all very interesting. I've recently been binge watching the court hearings from this case and I fucking hate scrotes more than ever right now.

No. 620444

Oh my god, anon, yes. This story still fucks with me. Fuck that psychopath boyfriend and I hope he gets brutalized in jail after what he put his gf through.
She seems like such a sweet girl. When I heard her speak and relive all the trauma he put her through, I was shaking in anger. He basically beat her near to death, cut her with knives and raped her within the beatings. She thankfully ended up escaping and crawling half-naked and covered in blood to a neighbors help. It was awful and incredibly sad to listen to. I am relieved she survived but now she has to deal with the mental and physical damage from him. This particular documentary got me to take a break from watching these.

This dude's anger was actually one of the weirdest parts to witness. I've never seen anyone seethe and physically swell from anger and want to kill a cashier over a 7-11 drink.

No. 620455

She ran through a golf course. He chopped off most of her hair with a knife. I won’t forget the way men were saying it was her fault for being a porn star.

No. 620461

>I won’t forget the way men were saying it was her fault for being a porn star.

nta but this is exactly why I've avoided digging in to what happened to her. I can't take people blaming her for the violence that that piece of shit inflicted on her.

No. 620471

File: 1598956602643.jpeg (122.8 KB, 1400x1083, F28FFCE5-635C-48AE-B05F-35302A…)

In summary, Christy owned her own home in Vegas where she lived with her pets. Her relationship with Jon had long since fizzled, Jon was constantly having sex with other women and was violent and irrational. They broke up in April 2014, but she wasn’t able to shake him off until May of that year. She had started having a friend, Corey, stay with her so she wasn’t alone in the house. They were having sex but that’s honestly beside the point, she wasn’t in a relationship.

August 2014, she sent him a topless picture. Then at 2am he went to her house, kicked the friend out, and sawed her hair off with a knife. He beat her repeatedly and made her take off her clothes and shower in front of him so he could rape her. He raped her in between beating her. It’s still unclear to me how she managed to escape him, maybe it explains in the docu? But she ran through the golf course next to her house completely naked and knocking on neighbors doors until someone finally answered and she was hospitalized. A look at the photos says it all. Jon was in hiding for a week, his friends helped him of course. When the trial was happening he laughed while she described being assaulted and at one point blew the prosecutor a kiss during a hearing for his sexual assault charges. It isn’t worth knowing what men, and women even, were saying at the time.

No. 620475

Oh god I remember this. Hearing she survived and hearing her mom shittalk that PoS on court was almost soothing.

No. 620481

She escaped him by jumping off her balcony. He was telling her he had to kill her because he had “gone too far” and went to get some more knives iirc

No. 620550


Not the main takeaway from all this I know but does his shirt say “100 ALPHA MALE SHIT” because wow I couldn’t hate that more if I tried.

No. 620751


It says "I do alpha male shit"

Jim Can't Swim did a good video about that situation if you can bear it.

No. 621096

Not victim blaming but this guy is pure red flags all over. 99% of guys with tattoos are.

No. 621127

File: 1599030305716.jpg (206.8 KB, 1277x528, war machine trolled hard.jpg)

true, when I saw pic related years ago I thought "this dude'll 100% murder someone eventually"

No. 621131

Huechan here, time for a history from my dear home: the shithole of south america, specifically Brazil.

Recently there was this case of this girl aged 10 who had been raped from the ages of 6 to 10 by her 33-year-old uncle (and possibly other family members, according to recent clues) and at age 10 she was determined to be 6(?) months pregnant. According to several news outlets, every time she was questioned about her pregnancy she broke into tears and became hysterical, she clearly did not want the fucking baby. So what do the subhuman bible thumpers do? I'll tell you. Some lowlife called Sara Winter leaked this girl's name, the doctor's name and the hospital she was going to have the abortion performed after the first hospital she went to denied her an abortion. She had to go out of her home state to even get a legal abortion. It doesn't matter overall, but it is worth nothing that this uncle constantly made death threats to the girl.

So, a bunch of limpdick bible thumpers showed up to the hospital and as you can see in the video, protest outside the hospital and even try to break in at some point. Forming prayer circles and claiming they were there to "save 2 lives" (kiss my ass) and all that. But things go well, the TEN-YEAR-OLD girl has her abortion. But it's not over, because you have the retards with one hand on their bible and the other on their dick on twitter and facebook claiming the girl wanted it or even liked the rape. Such was the case for a PRIEST who said on facebook that because the girl didn't tell anyone for 4 years, she must have liked it. Another female teacher from São Paulo alluded the case to little girls being "bitches in heat" and that she, not fucking kidding I swear to god word for word, probably was well paid for it. Not to mention other retards who openly claimed that the girl getting raped was "god's plan", and that her rape baby was a "gift from god", and also many compared the little girl to various animals.

A week or so after a bill project was proposed by one Kleber Rodrigues, would see that victims of rape would be OBLIGATED to watch footage of an abortion before being allowed to abort. Thankfully this bill was put off by women's rights groups. Today the fight goes on, recently I heard that victims of rape who want to seek an abortion need to contact the police first. Another wants to make it so that women look at an ultrasound of their baby to guilt trip them out of an abortion. I weep most for this girl, she'll never know peace again. She barely lived and had her life stolen from her by people who were supposed to protect her.

Even as I type this it's hard not to a-log or generalize. I try so fucking hard not to generalize but it's so hard. I've never seen such a disgusting display of faith before. I never want to see a fucking bible in my life again. I don't want to hear about churches, prayer, religion or priests ever again. I'm so heart broken over this girl. I hate this god damn country and I excitedly look forward to the day I can leave and never look back.

No. 621197

Finding your dead dad and trying to revive him… I’m sorry but his neurosis makes sense. He should’ve just an hero or stopped taking performance and muscle enhancing drugs and gotten help tho, not making excuses. This post made me sad tho.

No. 621768

Shit like this makes me sick. Although I think abortion should be legal in any case, I can kind of understanding on being against it - but trying to force a fucking 10 year old girl to have a rape baby? These sick fucks should all die together with the rapist.
Here in Sao Paulo some years ago some crazy religious group was camping in front of the few hospitals that have legal abortions and attacking the poor women who most likely were rape victims going there for help AND the doctors working there.
Kinda funny when people from other countries think Brazil is so free and fun, this place is conservative and religious to a retarded degree.

No. 621769

samefag, but sorry for the crap English. Was mad and couldn't think.

No. 622177

I thought AI-san was back at it again when I first saw this.

No. 622925

I thought this was Peaches at first

No. 623682

File: 1599333336815.jpg (266.83 KB, 847x1200, 00b.jpg)

>And men routinely make hentai and shit over her death
damn, I didn't expect this to be real.
Good novel on this topic is Jack Ketchum's Girl Next Door, it's loosely based on the Sylvia Likens' case.

No. 623688

I love JCS, especially his military videos on his patreon. Really great analyses and great narration

No. 623755

I hope Japan dies out as a country because of low birth rates. the men in that country are so beyond disgusting. Junko's death is so haunting and to even think it's okay to be aroused by it shows how vile men think. Women need to take over the world already

>Kinda funny when people from other countries think Brazil is so free and fun, this place is conservative and religious to a retarded degree.

I have never met a single person who thought Brazil was a good place.

No. 623758

That's awful. Poor child.. There are a lot of mothers who suffer from mental disorders, especially after giving birth, but I honestly feel for the child. RIP

No. 623773

File: 1599341364055.jpg (192.96 KB, 1858x1116, 45A055DE00000578-0-image-a-15_…)

Natalia Nemets. She worked in a candy factory- specifically with caramel. on the day of her death she climbed up to the vat that stirred the caramel , fainted due to the heat and fell into the molten candy. She was boiled alive and what makes it worse was that the vat contained giant blades to stir up the contents. So boiled and chopped up both at once. (Although some of her co-workers testified that she was stood inside of the vat to clean it and it suddenly started filling her up; drowning her. I don't know which is more horrifying.)

Her co workers noticed she was missing and found her with her legs sticking out of the boiling caramel and there was nothing they could do to save her.

Third death in that candy factory that year. Russia, man.

No. 623785

spoiler that shit anon

No. 623786

Holy shit did the factory get shut down? This is so terrible. I thought those machines stirred themselves? What the fuck

No. 623789

Holyshit, that's such a horrifying way to die…

No. 623814


They do, there were even blades to stir the caramel inside the vat she fell into so yes they definitely stir themselves. There's some debate over how she got into the caramel because the cleaning theory is suspicious (why would she clean it whilst it was on? If it started filling up and drowned her why was she found with her legs sticking out?) But then if she truly fell in why had she gone up in the first place? More suspicious so was that they tried to cover up the story by telling the workers if they commented to the press they would be fired. It is still open even though more workers have died there. Still, this attitude to death in the workplace isn't uncommon in russia, I think it wasn't a murder just a tragic death and a company who didn't want bad publicity.

She left behind a 10 year old son. Sad. I'm sure Halloween is less than fun in his household now.

No. 623948

> Although some of her co-workers testified that she was stood inside of the vat to clean it and it suddenly started filling
That happened to a bumblebee tuna employee a few years ago

No. 624001

What fucks me up the most about this case is that the man she was with just left. Didn't call the cops or anything. He got his ass beat and just left. Left her to get attacked and raped, and had to seek her own help out.

No. 624012

>a PRIEST who said on facebook that because the girl didn't tell anyone for 4 years, she must have liked it
are you fucking kidding me…

No. 624029

yep i'm never going outside again

No. 624190

File: 1599411382772.jpg (208.97 KB, 1908x1146, 12579784-0-image-a-61_15559518…)

When I heard about the Delphi murders I couldn't stop thinking about it. Poor girls were so young

>On Feb. 13, 2017, Abby, 13, and Libby, 14, were enjoying a day off from school and went to walk along a local hiking trail. But they never came home. The girls' bodies were found the next day near the trail, several hundred yards from the Monon High Bridge, where they had posted a Snapchat photo.

No. 624208

No one thinks Brazil is a nice place, but before Bolsonaro people often thought Brazil is a place to go to have sex on the streets, see naked butts and have fun then get robbed. Hence why I said "fun" and not "good place"

No. 630663

File: 1600156321802.jpg (69.81 KB, 660x960, 131013josh-marks1.jpg)


I just started watching Masterchef and I was so upset to learn about what happened to season 3 finalist Josh Marks, an absolute fan favourite who unfortunately came runner-up to one of the most beloved winners. He had no signs of underlying mental health problems before or during the show, but when attending viewing parties towards the finale he started having panic attacks. His family said from there he would have bouts of psychosis and manic episodes in the following months. They said he would rant incoherently about new dishes and restaurant and business ideas.

At one point he ran from his home during a psychotic episode and attacked police officers his mother had called. Apparently he was saying Gordon Ramsey had possessed him and he had become god, paranoid delusions that were obviously stemming from his time on Masterchef. When he was hospitalised he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Only a year after his Masterchef season aired he killed himself with a gunshot wound to the head, his mother found him in their neighbourhood.

The awful thing is how preventable this was. The family dont fault Masterchef but agree it was a stressor. His mother had been trying endlessly to get him treatment and a diagnosis but they weren't eligible for insurance and no hospital would treat them. Add that to the court battle they faced when trying to prove his attack on police officers was influenced by his illness, the odds were stacked against them. I googled his name hoping he'd gone on to bigger and better things, hell Gordon Ramsey had offered him opportunity to train in his kitchens, I wonder what he could have done had he gotten the help.

No. 630675

This is so surreal that it sounds like a deep tumblr shitpost, how horrifying. The description of his last video diary is haunting and so is the grief of the mother that did so much but still couldn't pull him back.

Television shows always make schizophrenic breaks into grand stories about angels or aliens but the reality that it often just centres on banal things like their job or anything from a cereal mascot to a weatherman feels so much darker. At least in this case Masterchef was actually a real part of his life but's horrible that out of nowhere your mind can become stripped away and instead of holding your personality or memories of loved ones, you're only left with fragments of an obsession about things that don't even matter.
I hope PT is okay

No. 630679

Oh fuck, I remember this. Wasn't this like 10 years ago?

No. 630680

>tfw family has a history of schizophrenia and I’m always afraid one day something will trigger it and I’ll end up in the news for my mental break
schizo stories always fuck me up man

No. 630681

This is so unnerving. I hope that they release more material soon.

No. 630738


I know what you mean, I thought that article I linked was total fanfiction the way its written until I realised it was based on an interview with his mother, then seeing videos he'd recorded of himself.

I totally agree with you on the reality tv aspect, with Masterchef and these competition shows especially they really dramatise and personalise everything, they make the show FEEL like life or death and you can see that anxiety in the contestants. They must feel the highest highs and the lowest lows when competing for something they think is their only chance to make it in the industry of their dreams. It must be especially surreal seeing it all edited down into an actual storyline with sound effects and all, I can totally see how your touch with reality can become skewed just seeing something like that. It's really surprising more incidents like this haven't emerged.

No. 630810

>His mother had been trying endlessly to get him treatment and a diagnosis but they weren't eligible for insurance and no hospital would treat them.
I hate this shit. I hate seeing this every time. What good is a hospital that won't treat a patient which is in peril of death? Fuck these people, every single one of them. They've all got blood on their hands.

No. 630964

They've been saying they're actively investigating for years now. It's crazy how they have audio and video of the guy and still haven't caught him.

No. 631239

The police have insinuated they are pretty sure they know who it is, if not outright have a main suspect, but for whatever reason haven't found justifiable cause for arresting him or her. Maybe it's a fellow cop kek.

No. 631396

File: 1600232236359.png (350.95 KB, 625x340, 1.PNG)

so heres something that really upsets me and still does.

Ronnie McNutt. Guy lost his job and girlfriend broke up with him, which led him to make a facebook live where he commits suicide. I wouldn't recommend watching the video or searching for it, because it is pretty gruesome.

Even myself, who watched a lot of gore videos and got kinda numb to it, this particular video really fucking hit me in the feels, but also in the gut. If you have a weak stomach don't watch, guy blows his brains out with a shot gun, it is also sad to look at it because he has a dog, and you can see his dog in the background all scared, which makes this even more tragic.

Again, watch the video on your own risk.

Im not sure if it counts as "new" but i've seen this video going around a couple of weeks on a website. still, its disturbing, and sad.

No. 631402

I don't feel any sympathy for this fucker. Going live on facebook in front of all your friends and family just to make them watch you blow your brains out is such a dick move. He traumatized the people who cared about him for life. What a piece of shit. inb4 "you dont understand depressionnn" I know what it's like to be suicidal and even in my darkest moments I never even considered traumatizing my family this way.

No. 631424

same. Forcing others to watch adds a new fucked up dimension to it that obliterated the sympathy i'd have otherwise

Just because its suicide doesnt mean we have to always sing their praises, imo, if they were shitty or something. I kind of wonder if that sanctifying of suicide contributes to the numbers

not to be too heartless, though. I really do feel for most of these people and have been there myself. Just this instance really rubs the wrong way

No. 631452

I feel for his dog an ex-girlfriend. What an absolutely shitty thing to do.

No. 631474

You gotta be an asshole to kys in front of your dog and presumably your friends on facebook.

No. 631476

I didn't see the responses before I posted, it seems we are all in agreement. Sad that he felt driven to that, but definitely an asshole in life and in death.

No. 631596

The fact they got such a scary vibe from this guy who was just walking behind them that they felt the need to photograph him just in case anything happened makes it even more chilling.

No. 631607

>Maybe it's a fellow cop
I can see this being the case, like with the Golden State Killer

No. 631619

Was it ever revealed how the girls died?

No. 631630

he was also talking to his mother at the very beginning and i think she saw it happen, half the calls you hear are from her, is my understanding. this guy was a complete asshole and for me it wasn’t scary at all because he was just bitching about his best buy job and pissed off and then pop, that’s it. i felt bad for his dog and the cops who had to look at him but not him.

the only scary suicide to me is budd dwyer’s. he looks super sweaty and like bad scared right before he kills himself, and the people in the room are all scared too. it has a really bad fucking vibe to it. plus the life goes out of his eyes in a real visible way. that’s disturbing. this guy is just a jerk sticking it to people begging him to stop.

No. 631632

File: 1600270153429.png (455.83 KB, 557x818, rose1.PNG)

Rose Kalemba. She was trafficked and almost stabbed to death as a child by men who used her to make CP, which later got uploaded to pornhub. She had to fight to have it taken down by impersonating a lawyer while she was still in school. To this day she is harassed by porn addicts, and this sex worker named Maya Morena who has a weird subreddit dedicated to claiming human trafficking itself is some kind of conspiracy. People who doxxed Rose even killed her cat and threatened her family, all because she spoke out about a grimy tube site. It really sticks with me how fucked up the whole thing is, and that her life is still being made hell a decade after her kidnapping just because of some vindictive coomers.

No. 631635

apparently videos of her in diapers as a toddler were uploaded too , abosolutely fucking disgusting

No. 631636

That's actually the story of Rose's close friend Avri Sapir, another pornhub survivor, and those videos were put on PH as recently as this year and is still a huge ongoing issue. What both of these young women have been through is fucking awful.

No. 631643

A lot of victims thank her for speaking out and share similar stories under her tweets. But rhe slander against this woman is insane… there is even a ph spokesperson on reddit who tries to smear her and encourages other victims to not contact the police, only ph.

No. 631667

>Maya Morena who has a weird subreddit dedicated to claiming human trafficking itself is some kind of conspiracy.
Can you tell us more about this? From a quick glimpse at her twitter it seems like she encourages women to speak out about sexual abuse.

Anyway, all stuff Rose has been through is insane. It's so crazy to think people will kill her cat, and possibly even try to kill her all because she spoke against their precious porn website. I can't imagine porn controlling my life so much.

No. 631682

This poor woman. I would sentence all these sick fucks to a firing squad if I could.

No. 631687

I don't have screenshots atm but lurk a bit more and you will see she retweeted stuff that calls traficking a "specter" and is aways saying things about how the ones hurting traficking victims are SWERFS and how it's all some conspiracy and no traficking orgs helping women are true. She constantly spergs out against every single effort to help traficking and pedophilia victims and defended pornhub.

She is only defending her way of making money and will say anything that makes it seem like a noble fight, like pretending that she cares about abuse victims while calling the ones who don't support porn and sex work awful things and discrediting them.

Also she atacked rose some time ago over this shit, i remember another sex worker coming to defend rose and calling her out, but she deleted it.

No. 631709


Samefag but heres her reddit user and her saying that rose is lying and running avri sapirs account too. She never once worries about sex traficking, child porn or revenge porn victims, but she sure as hell cares about money and job opportunities she would lose.

No. 631808

Wish I had known this before I clicked on the unnamed gif on another imageboard. This shit messed me up, would not recommend even for those morbidly curious.

No. 631857

The only reason i refuse to watch it is the dog, poor doggy. Not even a dog person, but it won't understand where he went and why.

No. 631882

The way the new boyfriend just ran away WITHOUT CALLING FOR HELP leaving the woman to get beaten and raped to near death for two hours.

No. 631894

He also planned to murder her as well, it was pre-meditated murder.

No. 631914

Disgusting, there’s not enough vitriol toward the faggot bf for sure

No. 631918

File: 1600297234813.png (10.06 KB, 622x163, mayassub.PNG)

Hey, I'm the anon you replied to and here is the sub that Maya moderates about sex trafficking and human trafficking being overstated and prevention efforts against them being white supremacy and carceral. If you view her profile you can see she's the mod.


No. 631972

Why do people livestream their suicides? Do they not consider how traumatizing it must be for their family and friends to watch their final moments gruesomely unfold? I know they’re probably in such a terrible mental state that they don’t consider the aftermath of their decision, but it’s just hard for me to understand.

No. 631976

I that's the point. They want others to be disturbed and feel the pain they felt. It's the closest to a murdercide for them.

No. 631986

Why do people watch, I'm too scared to even click up and read, are they forced to watch? I don't even go and look at my relatives dead bodies at wakes. I'm aware of death and they've died I don't need to tramutise myself seeing them dead after the fact for closure. People are selfish and weird

No. 631990

Presumably the friends and family don't know what's going to happen or are trying to get them to stop.

No. 632025

I hate that type of depressed narcs the most. I have the feeling that the type who does this is the type who will shake off any attempt of others reaching out as not enough and “wrong” kind of help. That dude clearly did it out of spite, I feel no sympathy. Oh but look, everyone feels the need to walk on eggshells because he killed himself. Which can only encourages other suicidal men to do the same.

No. 632210

> Do they not consider how traumatizing it must be for their family and friends
That's exactly what they want, it's them childishly slamming the door on their way out..

No. 632488

File: 1600367526958.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1080x4479, Screenshot_2020-09-17-23-25-14…)

This has been making me suicidal since the day it came out. A 5 year old little kid raped and burnt, what the absolute fuck? What the fuck? I hate this world so much, I hate men so much. I don't even care if that sounds too extreme. There are men on the news saying that the murderers and rapists shouldn't get harsh sentences because they have their lives ahead of them. Didn't the kid have a life ahead of her too? The kid they burnt after brutal rape? It's insane. I hate it all so much. I cry everytime I hear of this on the news, I can barely contain the tears right now. I hate this country and I hate men.

No. 632492

>There are men on the news saying that the murderers and rapists shouldn't get harsh sentences because they have their lives ahead of them.
??? Uh what? How old are they? Not that it matters, it's inexcusable and they should be flayed and salted before they're killed, but were these teenagers or young men that did this…that's so sick what the fuck. It's all sick, but there's something that makes me queasier if they're also young for some reason. I'm so sorry, anon. I want to hug you and that sweet little girl. She didn't deserve it.

No. 632498

What the actual fuck. Women in this country need to rise up and kill their men already.

No. 632510

The prime suspect of the rape and murder is a man from the girl's neighbourhood, he is not a young man, I mean, he has two sons. A piece of cloth I think was found on the site that they connected to him. Also when the police visited him they noticed that he had cleaned and washed all of his curtains and shit. There is another rape case during the same time as this where a woman was gangraped in front of her children on a motorway. People have been protesting for the public execution of the rapists. And I hope it does happen but fuck, it cannot undo the hell this little girl had gone through. It's fucking killing me. I know in my heart that there are people near me, hell, in my family who will blame me for csa I went through as a kid for years by a teacher. It just pains me so much to know that the men literally don't care. They don't care because they don't think of women as human, it's really that simple. They think of it as their god given right to disturb the lives of women, who live in fear. I hate it. I really want to stop existing, sharing the same streets and paths with rapists and those who support them.
I wish. I'm happy I don't live with men. I don't converse nor interact with any if I don't have to. You can never know with them. I've gotten taken advantage of too much to tolerate it. I just want every girl to be safe. I just spilled some tears on my dumbass phone typing this out. Take care of yourself anon.

No. 632533

I hope you and every woman in your life stay safe ily

No. 632539

People will go through hell and back to defend rapists and child rapists. Nooo, don't execute them even though they torched a child after using it like a toy. Noo, that's such a barbaric way of execution. They've got a whole life ahead of them, won't you look over this just once? It's always the same song and dance.

No. 632548

This is so horrible. I really hope it gets better for the women in your country. It‘s hard to enjoy life when you know that shit like this happens all the time all around the world.

No. 632558

File: 1600373815666.jpeg (118.51 KB, 800x845, EFAE34BB-CC20-4112-B020-5B7153…)

The Ken and Barbie killers fuck me up pretty badly. And the bitch Karla got off way too easily considering she helped get her sister drugged and raped by her husband and leaving her to die and had the audacity to write him about how if she lived all the ways her sister would have loved to be a sex slave for Paul. Sick mother fuckers that should have gotten the death penalty for what they did to all those girls.I hope I hear a news story one day about Karla getting beat to death in the streets and Paul shoved in a fucking prison oven.

No. 632563

I think she’s been spotted working at a school or something, I can’t find the articles now but I could swear I’ve read it somewhere.

No. 632565

No. 632587

He should have caught charges for not reporting a crime in progress. Fucking coward. He could have called the cops from the end of the street.

Karla got incredibly lucky. They cut her a deal literally days before they found proof she helped him in his crimes and took an active part in them. This is in no way an excuse for her, but he beat and abused her badly. They had pictures of her beat face so believed her lies about being forced to take part. If they had held out a couple of days she would still be in prison.

I hope someone does beat her ass. How could you live with yourself? That was her little sister.

No. 632600

>This is in no way an excuse for her, but he beat and abused her badly. They had pictures of her beat face
I remember reading up about them years ago and she was turning up to work both battered (made excuses about constant bruising) and often showed up exhausted. Her coworkers were pretty worried about what must've been happening at home but she wouldn't speak. It was that typcial thing of having a black eye and insisting you walked into a door.

It's so conflicting reading that but also hearing about her active participation in others abuse. Her sis in particular.

But I feel like I've read very similar accounts in most 'couples cases' though. People always argue about whether or not the beaten woman is still a monster and it's just… alot to process. How you can be a victim and perpetrator all at once. The man is nearly always maintaining some hierarchy over you though

I think rose west was the only real exception to that? I could be wrong

No. 632601

I was listening to a podcast about this and after the boyfriend left he went home changed his clothes and took a shower THEN called his friend to tell him what had happened and his friend was the one who ended up calling the police (even though multiple neighbors had called well before). The boyfriend ended up going to the hospital and getting treated for his broken face and also spent a lot of time with Christy afterward during her healing process. I know that Shit Machine threatened him to not call the police so maybe he thought if his friend called instead it would be okay??? I dont know it's still extremely shitty because if he had just called the police as soon as he left it would have saved this poor girl from a lot of shit that took place.

No. 632602

Yes it's hard to draw the line. I think with Karla the fact she never apologized to the victim's families shows me that she wasn't abused into the crimes. When she got from under his control she had time to process the crimes and take responsibility, but she never did.

Rose West though, boy. Fred West was a disgusting little man but I am blown away he managed to find a woman just as sadistic as him but smarter. I really think she is a rare exception. I know she tried to say he abused her at one point but she gave the act up so fast.

No. 632730

File: 1600392549001.jpeg (404.52 KB, 828x1024, 3E66CDA8-9217-4B92-AD8B-5C67F8…)

Always the fucking “their lives will be lost” excuse.

It makes me suicidal, too. I fell down this rabbit hole of fucked up “christians” who gleefully abuse their kids and seem to wank themselves to shit like “obedience” and un ironically believe in a patriarchy because of god.

Some fucking demons adopted a young girl from Ethiopia, and then tortured her and her little brother for god knows what reason. They were inspired by this manuel from hell written by Michael Pearl, who admits that kicks cats because they are “stupider than dogs” (translation: cats are more spirited and he hates anything that doesn’t lick his ass) and beats his kids with water pipes for saying no. They even had their braindead bio kids beat up Hana.


Like this shit keeps me up at night. I hate having to discover this because it is triggering for personal reasons, but also because I don’t understand why so many christians love abusing their kids? I saw it in my own church, and it bothers me because it feels like any attempt at kindness is like a teardrop in the ocean, it just doesn’t even matter.


No. 632943

That poor baby. I really wish Hell existed so the ones who do stuff like this can be rotprrured eternally

No. 632944

Tortured* sorry

No. 632996

That poor girl. I hope those corpse-looking demons rot in hell for all eternity for what they did to her. How do these religious nuts even justify this shit to themselves?

No. 633048

File: 1600441175779.png (66.7 KB, 830x638, rehoming.png)

That poor girl, I will never understand how people can even beat their children let alone this.
I'm glad the other child is safe now, but I worry that the other biological children of that couple could have become be irreparably brainwashed.

I knew the US foster system was a mess but I didn't realize just how unmonitored the situation can be. Your article linked to this investigative series into the underground "rehoming" of unwanted adopted children, where parents advertise these children online before dropping them off with complete strangers. Children are abandoned like animals by the people who promised to give them a forever home and literally delivered to paedophiles. Why are the Wayfair and Pizzagate conspiracies so popular when things like this are forgotten?

No. 633060

>Why are the Wayfair and Pizzagate conspiracies so popular when things like this are forgotten?
bc freaks online would rather hem and haw all day about grand conspiratorial delusions than confront actual evils in this world that harm real people
it’s easier to focus on what could possibly be than to look at what is really happening that is much much worse than any “theory”
people are so goddamn selfish that they’ll talk all day about how the people they don’t like have a massive child sex trafficking ring and that’s bad but will ignore actual pedophiles within their own communities who are actively abusing children bc it’d “hurt the cause”

No. 633155

They think they're doing "gods work" by having 5+ biological kids and then adopting a shitton more, and then proceed to abuse and neglect them. The fact that someone can even have 20+ kids let alone most of them as fosters or adoptees is appalling. It's like hoarding live human beings.

No. 633453

> but I worry that the other biological children of that couple could have become be irreparably brainwashed.

It bothered me too because the oldest son at the time of the trial was around 17, he joined the fucking military afterward and simped hard for his parents. He beat Hana and Immanuel, too, and seemed completely incapable of comprehending the magnitude of what he had done. The whole situation was fucked up.

No. 634976

File: 1600662541888.jpeg (Spoiler Image,240.37 KB, 1908x1146, 484E8C40-92F8-4504-98F1-3E7B17…)

The Travis (the chimp) / Charla Nash incident is something that has haunted me for my whole life. As a kid I watched a bunch of Animal Planet (also Discovery channel) and there was some show about when animals attack. One of the episodes featured this case and even played bits of the 911 recording.
Charla was attacked by Travis a 200 something lb chimpanzee who was the pet of her friend. Travis had lived his entire life in captivity and I believe was used in local car commercials but had had incidents of aggression before he attacked Charla. There was an incident where he got loose and held up a busy road after he let himself out of his owners car to chase a pedestrian who has thrown something at him. When the police came they lured Travis into their car but Travis just simply let himself out of the cars other door (kek what the fuck) and then proceeded to chase the cops around the car.
The day Travis attacked Charla he had let himself out of his owners house and Charla came to help get him back inside. Travis mauled her and the elderly owner tried hitting him with a shovel and STABBED him with a butcher knife but this did nothing but make him angrier. The owner ended up calling the police and tried explaining the situation but the operator thought it was a joke at first all the while Charla is screaming in the background and the owner is saying “He’s eating her!”. When the police came Travis rushed toward them and tried opening the police car door and smashed the cars side mirror. The police shot him several times to which Travis ran off back to the house and died next to his cage.
Charla somehow survived but her injuries were severe. She lost her hands, lips, eyes, nose and had multiple skull fractures and brain trauma. I think after years she actually ended up having a FACE transplant which is insane to me that that exists. She also had a failed hand transplant due to the transplanted hands being rejected and providing poor circulation.
I know a lot of people theorize that the attack happened because the owners had Travis on Xanax which can cause aggression, rage and mania but the owners tried to play it up to Travis being caught off guard by Charlas new haircut? It’s seriously a crazy case.

No. 634979

This haunts me too, and it was an awful situation all around. I know some people may disagree with this but I feel bad for the old woman (the chimp owner) too, she sounded absolutely horrified in the 911 call and she was harassed after the event. She made some awful mistakes but it seemed like she was horribly traumatized too.

No. 634985

Oh yeah, this one severely fucked me when I first read it too. Imagine having your face destroyed and going through unimaginable pain through no fault of your own (arguably). I can't find it in me to be angry at the owner but I do think this is a very strong, clear argument that Travis belonged in a wildlife center surrounded by educated caretakers, not owned by some random old lady in her house.

No. 634986

I personally don't feel sorry for anyone else but the chimp. Fuck those people.

No. 635000

I feel sorry for the woman who had her face ripped off (I remember her saying she was blinded by the attack and all she wanted was to see her daughter) but the owner was obviously committing animal abuse and should've known better.

No. 635002

Between Karla being a free woman and what went down in Dear Zachary, I'm convinced that Canada has a really fucked up justice system. Some people need to be locked up for life.

No. 635006

hi Adam, didn't know they have internet in hell

No. 635007

I remember hearing a call-in to a radio station from Adam Lanza (sandy hook shooter) discussing this case. He proposed his theory that Travis was very smart and he knew he would probably be killed if he got so violent so was essentially doing suicide by cop. Because he was so unhappy being kept in modern society to the extent that they were giving him human anxiety meds. He made it seem like he could relate to Travis and was having the same experience and mentioned being put on psyche meds too. Creepy to listen to knowing what he went on to do and gave the impression that maybe he thought he was freeing the kids he shot from having to live in, to him, a painful & unnatural society.

No. 635010

Whoa I didn’t know that!

No. 635024

Oh my lord I remember this story, it was fucking horrifying. Yes you shouldn't have wild animals as pets but it wasn't hers and there's no way in justifying what happened to her as being deserved. I can't imagine living a life where you get your fucking face ripped off and stay alive. The owners had had their son killed in a traffic accident and apparently treated the chimp as some sort of a surrogate kid which is sick on its own but losing your child can mess you up bad.

I had to check up on it and apparently the conclusion is that the chimp attacked Charla because she was holding up his favourite toy to make him come back inside and because she had a new haircut she seemed like a stranger to him. Either way I think about this case every time someone gloats their exotic pet and I can't understand how it's still legal in some states to own them.

No. 635049

just post the link ffs

No. 635052

File: 1600678206764.jpeg (44.77 KB, 1338x220, shl-smiggles-travispostex3.jpe…)

Samefag. He commented on the Super Columbine Massacre RPG about the call. See pic related. More posts and info below:

No. 635061

He sounds like Microsoft Sam. I read about him having flat affect, but I guess I didn't expect it to be like this.

No. 635075

File: 1600682800644.jpg (146.41 KB, 1024x759, hart family.jpg)

I can’t stop thinking about the Hart family crash. Jen Hart committed murder-suicide by driving herself, her wife Sarah, and their six adopted children off a cliff. One of the six kids, Devonte, has never been found although it was ruled he died alongside the others. Apparently he was Jen’s ‘favourite’ so I don’t know whether he was spared, managed to run away, or if the official findings are correct.

Online and to friends the family seemed perfect, but after the crash it came to light that the kids were being abused. Jen and Sarah removed them from school after teachers started becoming suspicious. One of the daughters tried to escape by jumping from a second story window of their house and running to a neighbour but she was forced to go back. The neighbours called police but they said there was nothing they could do to help these poor kids. If you look at pictures the kids all appear so small, despite the oldest being 19 years old at the time of his death. They were being starved, people witnessed them going through the garbage and they often asked neighbours for food.

I can’t stop thinking about this case because everyone failed these kids. It really seems like nobody wanted to see past the facade Jen had cultivated of “the perfect life”. Jen and Sarah were allowed to adopt six children without background checks taking place. They abandoned a previous foster daughter because she was "too difficult" to handle (just acting like a traumatised and abused child would), which should have immediately raised concerns with the adoption agency.

Another weird thing is that Jen and Sarah would go out of their way to bring attention to the family but only on their terms. The whole family can be seen in pictures behind Bernie Sanders during a rally of his in 2016, and the famous photo of a young black kid hugging a police officer was one of their kids.

There’s a podcast called “Broken Harts” that covers the case in depth and contains interviews with people that knew them if you want to learn more.

No. 635129

What horrifying, ugly women. I knew before you even got to the part of them being used for attention that this was the case because their children are black while they’re both white. Killing your kids so they can’t share the horrible things you did to them after your death. I wish only that this woman killed herself without bringing these poor babies into it. Using them as tokens and props while mistreating them, hope if some sort of hell existed they are both there. I understand that depression is a tricky thing, but when parents choose to kill their kids with themselves I always think they’re trying to keep them from sharing something they don’t want others to know, absolving themselves in their minds.

No. 635130

Oh my god, this one fucked me up as well, now anytime I see a chimp in a documentary or something I immediately think about this

No. 635144

File: 1600694091903.jpg (174.83 KB, 1024x683, merlin_136139289_df40e2f5-618b…)

This picture still gets spread around like its supposed to be a message of 'unity' for cops and black people too. Its crazy how many people think this is a touching image (I guess it still is just not they way they think) without knowing the story.

No. 635165

Way too many comments from scrotes asking for “proof they were abused” aka CP

No. 635183

File: 1600699732878.jpeg (131.13 KB, 1200x797, 9B407DB6-636B-4C07-80DE-EADAC7…)

A news story that was really fucked up and didn’t happen too far from where I am from.
This guy killed his wife and daughters because he thought his wife was cheating on him. He slit three of the daughter’s throats and left them in a dumpster. It breaks my heart and makes me sick. One of his daughters survived though and wrote a book.



No. 635207

Kid is starved, miserable, and full of pain and that officer does not give a single fuck

No. 635224

File: 1600702324763.jpg (1.7 MB, 3553x1996, afghanistan-missing-couple.jpg)

I mean Joshua Boyle was let off the hook, too, and that's arguably just as fucked up.

>Boyle and Coleman met online as teenagers as mutual fans of the Star Wars franchise and were married in 2011. In July 2012, the two began traveling through Russia and Central Asia. For unknown reasons, the couple crossed into Afghanistan in October

>On October 8, 2012, Boyle sent an email to his parents saying that he and Coleman were in an "unsafe" part of Afghanistan. Soon after, the pair were captured by members of the Haqqani network. Coleman was pregnant at the time of their capture.

>In January 2018, Boyle was charged with numerous crimes including assault, sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm, and unlawful confinement, relating to incidents that allegedly occurred after the family was freed from captivity by Pakistani security forces and returned to Canada

The abuse he put her through as told by her is chilling

No. 635241

File: 1600703686715.jpg (35.95 KB, 700x366, asunta-yong-fang-1-700x366.jpg)

The Asunta Basterra case. She was a chinese girl adopted by a Spanish couple (Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra) . When she was 12, she was found dead by the side of a country road. Apparently the parents had been drugging her for a while and her dad had a computer full of asian porn and inappropriate images of the girl.
At some point, when they were both in jail, Rosario told Alfonso: "Your horny imagination is going to cause us a lot of problems." They were both given 18 years in prision. Today would have been her 20th birthday.

No. 635264

I need to hide this thread because this shit makes me want to die

No. 635288

On episode seven right now. Hadn't heard of this story before so thanks for sharing.

The part about Jen being addicted to one of those online 'clan' games was an unexpected one. In my last relationship (physically abusive/controlling) the guy was addicted to one. Shared all the same behaviours of being the 'leader of his clan' he would boss people around on it from morning til night. Constantly lose his cool over the game. He'd let it ruin his days, take it out on me and ruin mine too. He'd try to recruit everyone he knows into it and then freak out when they don't perform the daily tasks quick enough. He prioritised it over time with his son (his son only had short visits with him already) The escapism and ability to boss people seemed to be a huge part of the appeal. That and the dopamine rush when he was actually winning. I'd never seen a game have such a hold over a person. Was weird listening to that part of the story. The amount of similarities.

I don't know what else to say, familicide is always tragic but adding in details like the fact they were adopted, the total facade the women kept up and how rare it is for women to commit familicide.. there are no words.

No. 635295

That girl is a whole baby and that man used her for his fetishization of a race. Scrote are evil. I only hope his sentence was harsh

No. 635354

I wonder if her race was the reason they adopted her or if the dad got his Asian fetish later. It's fucking horrifying to think someone would adopt a child to appease their fucking fetish.

Someone posted her last photo on reddit and it's highly disturbing (not gonna upload even with spoiler). I was wondering what "inappropriate images of the girl" meant and I wish I hadn't looked, the dad is absolutely disgusting.


No. 635395

I dont know what's worse, men who do this or the women who stand by them. This makes me so angry…

No. 635398


This story was brutal when i first heard it. It made me hope for stricter laws on keeping exotic pets, when they are all just animal trafficking in the end. It's horrible what happened to that woman. But here i am on IG where people are showing off having otters and owls as pets in Japan. i hate this world

No. 635404

This is absolutely heartbreaking. I agree that everyone failed this kids. Kids going through the garbage and being so scared they jump from a two story window should say something. But we got these motherfuckers out here acting like adoption is the only choice (over abortion) and when you see these stories, it hurts how many kids need loving homes. This one hurts

No. 635591

I saw on her wiki page that there was a docuseries about her case that was released on Netflix but I can't find it. Am I going crazy or did it get taken off or something?

No. 636663

Wikipedia says it's called "Lo que la verdad esconde: Caso Asunta" This was the Netflix page for it (https://www.netflix.com/title/80997225) but it's 404'd now. Also here's the Wayback Machine link, just for proof: (https://web.archive.org/web/20190411054940/https://www.netflix.com/title/80997225)

No. 639778

No. 639798

you didn't even have to write a caption. i recognize these fuckers. this made me sick, i could barely finish it.
people are sick.

No. 639801

Vid won't play for me (might be my location) Who are they?

No. 639805

Should work if you click the Youtube logo. But they're a gay couple who bought a baby boy and prostituted him out to pedophiles all over the world for years. Scum of the earth.

No. 639806

samefag but would you guys appreciate if we had some sort of "uplifting news stories" thread to counter this one?

No. 639816

I would really like this

No. 639969

I think we need this.

No. 640383

Starts getting interesting around 18:49 . Almost every single one of the mentioned requests of this fake hitman site was from men on their wifes/girlfriends/ex-girlfriends. I don't want to start pp sperging but god, there are a lot of shitty creatures collected in the male gender.

No. 640512

File: 1601283880385.jpg (21.92 KB, 297x332, unnamed.jpg)

I recently learned about the Méchinaud case, a family who disappeared during the night of Christmas 1972, and no clue was ever found, no bodies, no accidented car, no letter, nothing. The only vague lead is the wife was cheating on the husband and they were planning to divorce, so it's probably a murder suicide from the husband, but the fact that nothing was ever found is really chilling. The authorities were alerted three weeks after the disappearance, and they found the gifts still under the tree and expired Christmas food in the fridge, which may indicate that the disappearance was not premeditated.
My country has its fair share of fucked up family disappearances (like the Godard, the Dupont de Ligonnès or the Troadec cases), but this one is really unique as nobody has any clue about what happened.

No. 640545

I never heard about any of those, I really need to watch more local true crime.
I wonder how you "luck out" so hard you manage to kill three people and then yourself and no one finds out…

No. 642329

File: 1601482219663.png (9.65 MB, 1242x2208, D4FF8D69-D6DD-43C0-9F8B-8CB019…)

No. 642349

Tbh I can’t say I’m shocked by this. Parents raised a psycho, this is what happens.

No. 642388

File: 1601486356125.jpg (73.75 KB, 960x640, disgusting.jpg)

surprised this hasn't been brought up already, i had to study this for my criminology degree so i may write a lot.

WARNING: EXTREMELY DISTURBING. John Venables and Robert Thompson, the youngest people convicted of murder in Uk history and definitely among the most hated people in Britain.

When they were 12 years old they abducted 2 year old James Bulger from a shopping centre when his mum looked away- they lead him to an abandoned stretch of rail tracks and proceeded to brutally torture him. Here's a list of injuries (KEEP IN MIND THEY NEVER RELEASED THEM ALL. Some of the injuries were so disturbing they were kept quiet)

>threw paint in his eyes

>kicked, trampled on, punched him
>inserted batteries into his mouth and anus
>threw stones and bricks at him until he fell over
>found a 22lb iron bar and dropped it on his head
>hit him with a broken railway fishplate
>removed his socks, pants and underwear and pulled his foreskin back
>weighed his head down with rubble and left him on the tracks in the hopes a train would hit him and make it look like an accident.

a train did come along and it sliced james' body in half although he had died before this happened. They were both arrested for only 10 years as they were tried as children and only spent time in kid facilities, they've now been granted anonymity and if you get caught sharing their new identity you WILL get arrested. Now, 27 years later: robert thompson lives a normal life with his husband and that is all we're allowed to know about him, apparently he hasn't offended since. John has been arrested again on child porn charges and has had his identity changed again, people are fighting for his anonymity to be lifted which has been a really big deal in the uk atm. he was denied parol yesterday but the uk justice system kisses his ass so we'll see where it goes.

a really sad, horrible case. look into it if you'd like, it's very interesting especially if you listen to the confession tapes- there's nothing more chilling than hearing a 12 year old explaining how he "killed the baby".

No. 642389

File: 1601486462708.jpg (66.64 KB, 1000x500, cctvjames.jpg)

samefag, this is the picture of them leading james to his death. so fucking haunting.

No. 642709

Of course they're gay. Further proves that most depraved murders by males are sexually motivated.

No. 642924

This one made me sick before but as a mom now it breaks my heart in a different way. Poor baby.

No. 642931

I think the most concerning thing here isn't that they're gay or even that they're male, it's that they're 12 years old.

No. 643079

This topic reminds me why I can never bring a child into a world where this level of cruelty exists.

Life is difficult as it is. Death is horrifying as it is. That these are the potential fates of human life is so sickening to me. And there’s nothing I can do to feel better about it.

No. 643202

File: 1601557297860.jpeg (342.26 KB, 750x1001, 17584074-77CE-41A8-A8E2-91A9B0…)

Stories of parental neglect always fuck with me, but allowing your child to have a lice infestation so bad she dies from it is a whole new level. Maybe it’s because I have a phobia of parasites of all kinds but I feel weak from even thinking about how this poor little girl must have felt with a swarm of blood sucking bugs crawling in her hair, slowly killing her.


No. 643227

Three years. She had lice for three fucking years and they never did anything about it. Utterly disgusting, that poor baby.

No. 643229

But nooo, anon. They were just kids. It doesn't matter that they're horrible psychopaths that killed a 2 year old boy like an adult serial killer. Why does the law protect criminals more than innocent people? muh mob mentality? muh vigilante justice? Like people who can spare no sympathy deserve sympathy.

They probably had surgery on taxpayer dollars too, anything to protect dangerous criminals I suppose.

No. 643235

>“I never saw anything that was super off, anything to report. If I did, I would’ve definitely reported.”
I don't understand this. This is a quote from one of her teachers - how can you see a student every day and not realize they're unwashed? Did the head lice not spread to other students? I remember in my school days if one student had lice the nurse came round every class room with a comb to check. Obviously not blaming the teachers, but it's hard to believe that neglect this severe can slip through the cracks

No. 643258

>documents show that Kaitlyn’s two brothers were removed from the family home because of unsanitary conditions.
And she was left? I've seen this before and I'll never understand how one or two kids can be selectively removed while others are left there.

No. 643259

Samefag but reading it over again it appears the two sons were removed, then baby number 3 came along (Kaitlyn) and there was talk of adoption but they decided to keep her and that was allowed to happen. Which doesn't sound much better.

I've seen it though. In my country addicts in particular have a habit of simply having more babies whenever the previous ones are removed from their care.

No. 643263

I’m worried about the effects quarantine is going to have on the occurrence and severity of child abuse cases. CPS is already a mess, and now the kids aren’t going to be around mandated reporters.

No. 643272

I've been on a true crime kick since quarantine started and I keep coming across eerily similar cases based in the US where people have 'as many kids as god blesses them with' only to then homeschool them all and starve/abuse them, cutting them off from the rest of the world and teaching them not to trust outsiders.

Usually the homes are filthy and the kids grow to be half the size that they should be. Even as adults the children are still held hostage with no plans of an independant life in sight?? I keep seeing those same themes over and over. It's scary how invisible kids become once they are taken out of that system.

No. 643292

>where people have 'as many kids as god blesses them with' only to then homeschool them all and starve/abuse them
It's the people that are weirdly obsessed with the notion that children's lives are a "gift from god", and feel entitled to their bodies, or straight up abuse them. Because you already gave them the ultimate gift of life, they should be thankful they're even alive, even if you treat them like shit, right? Life is a gift from god, so child rape victims should be blocked from safe abortions, etc. These people seriously should be put in watchlists, they're bound to harm a child one day. We see this shit time and time again from the same type of people.

No. 643302

Just watched the new documentary about the Watts family last night. Idk why the case messes with me so much. What causes somebody to just, like the judge said, throw their whole family away like they were garbage? If he was so unhappy in his marriage, why not just leave? And why kill a your kids who are only 3 and 4 and have no idea whats happening? Idc if he made a guilty plea, that coom-brained asshole should have gotten the death penalty.

No. 643414

>If he was so unhappy in his marriage, why not just leave?
Money. He wanted to start over with the new gf without having to send a monthly cheque to Shannan. Pure greed. Sickest part was how he had told the gf he wanted to have a son with her someday??

I remember at the time I was in a long term relationship and at the same time that different details about the Watts affair were coming out (trashy stuff like the texts between Watts and the gf talking about having anal sex ,ffs) that my own partner became suddenly distant and snappy without explaining why.. well you can guess. The temper this guy got with me overnight was unreal. I wasn't the one doing anything wrong but I didn't dare confront him based on his sudden aggressiveness. I had moments where I witnessed his blind rage and thanked god we didn't have any kids or debt together. A lease was bad enough. Terrifying how a guy can turn on you when he has found 'better' and you are just a hurdle getting in the way of a shiny new gf. I have so many uncomfortable memories associated with that time, in a weird way it made all the shitty little details of the Watts affair get burnt into my mind.

And I hated how people nitpicked Shannans personality in her FB vids. I found whole youtube channels dedicated to reuploading her old FB lives and talking about how annoying she was.. some people commenting were just MGTOW men but plenty of women were pretty into it too. Then I found a community on reddit doing the same? I mean he had the affair, he was dishonest, he got her pregnant only months earlier and then changed his mind and wanted to run away and take out the whole family to allow himself to simply walk away with less financial ties… her personality was allowed to be a lil 'annoying'. What is that compared to what he did? It was bizarre how some fixated on her small 'faults' and made out like he was driven to despair. He was just a selfish man having an affair, he lost all sense of loyalty and responsibility to his kids over a new gf, a brand new gf where lets be real .. they didn't even know each other long and that spark could've dulled eventually too. It was all for nothing.

No. 643457

> What is that compared to what he did? It was bizarre how some fixated on her small 'faults' and made out like he was driven to despair. He was just a selfish man having an affair, he lost all sense of loyalty and responsibility to his kids over a new gf, a brand new gf where lets be real .. they didn't even know each other long and that spark could've dulled eventually too. It was all for nothing.

I used to wonder why people would do this to victims as well. I’ve eventually come to the personal conclusion that whenever you see this, they probably empathize with Chris and want to do the same to their family/spouse. People out here having really dark thoughts,

No. 643479

chris was obviously some kind of sociopath incel. like he met shannan on facebook and he was way fatter and i guess "unfuckable" in his weirdo incel mind so he "settled" for an obnoxious neurotic mess like shannan but then his dumbass realized he could lift and lose weight but he was already 2 kids in with a third one on the way so he was like i guess i have to kill my wife and kids.
like the fact his mind went straight to that is clearly sociopath tier. it wasnt just greed or anything like that he has a retard brain that assumes murder is the logical step to deal with his current issues.
im sorry but shannan was an annoying cunt. she didnt deserve to get murdered but she worked for a pyramid scheme and exploited her children and family for indoctrinating countless helpless women into an mlm scam.
i hate this mentality that people have with murder victims especially if theyre white women that completely absolves them of anything bad they did just cause they were murdered. people hold them up like pinnacles of purity even though they were just humans who happened to meet an untimely demise.
both of them were horrible and the only blameless victims in this were the children. obviously chris was the worst but i completely disagree with anybody that insists shannan was a good person when clearly she wasnt.

No. 643485

You're off and irrational anon. Every other poster had said Shanann was annoying. The girls on my fb doing the latest mlm schemes aren't evil, they're usually just pressed for extra cash for their kids. Yea she was annoying but Chris was a freak. Also his new gf looked like his wife. The neighbors knew straight away he had killed her. He was a weird guy. He tossed his kids into a fucking oil tank. Strangled his dead wife he was pregnant. He even made a point to say he had sex with her the night before in case of a biopsy I don't know! Sick.

No. 643539

>the only blameless victims in this were the children
youre clearly insane or a scrote. only a psychopath would imply that Shanann was in any way at fault for her own murder. you need help.

No. 643545

shannan was one of the top members of her mlm group. that means she scammed hundreds of women out of their livelihoods with false hopes for financial freedom. you have to be pretty heartless to exploit tons of helpless housewives for shitty mlm. in order to be successful in an mlm is to be ruthless because it's so competitive and reliant on roping in people with manipulation tactics, and staging an artificial idyllic life to make people wanna join.
are you familiar with how ghoulish mlm-ers are with their bottom line?
I know chris was a freak. I never said he was good or even rational. he's a stupid sociopath. he was evil but shannan was not innocent.

No. 643550

get a grip anon you're clearly delusional and need help if you think shannan was a good person.
you shouldnt be trusted to have children if you think she was a good mother.
god i hope you dont have kids, because they'd be fucked if they end up with a parent like you who blindly defends a crazy bitch like shannan.

No. 643611

Still doesn't excuse cold-blooded murder.
I agree she was an annoying ass Karen who probably threatened that Chris would never see the kids again if he left but it seems like that was what he wanted anyways.
Divorce is always an option and you can sign over your parental rights if you just want to start over with your new, young wife.
Hell, he could have just dropped the kids off with his parents after murdering Shannan. But he didn't because he's a total sociopath. So let's not try to justify his actions.

No. 643668

Another thing about the Watts documentary, I was shocked they included all those texts Shannan was sending to friends/family about Chris not wanting to fuck her. Like other anons are saying, she didn't deserve to die (the two daughters and unborn son are the biggest victims in all of this) and Chris is a dumbass cheating scumbag murder etc ect buuuut, I can't deny how unlikeable she comes across in those texts and it surprise me they'd include something that personal about the victim but, it definitely showed how one dimensional their relationship was.
This, also I 100% believe he had this planned at least a few days prior and didn't just "snap" like he claims.

No. 644136

I'm one the anons you tagged. I never made any of the points that you are arguing against here so if you are going to tag three different anons maybe reply to each as an individual.

No. 644154

I know they did. They must have done. I volunteered at a primary school (elementary) and head lice were so easy to spot, kids scratch their heads so much and are very obvious about it, they complain loudly about being itchy, parents complain that their kid got it from another student and also you're constantly above them looking down at their scalp so you can sometimes see eggs or even movement. Lice are tiny yes, but when you're bent above a child looking down at their work you can sometimes see the eggs because they're these bright white little dots- especially visable in dark haired kids like this little girl. She had them for three years, there's no way in those three years no one saw her itching or no parent came in to complain that their kid had gotten lice. Those teachers failed her and they're absolute liars trying to save their own asses.

No. 644155

>you have to be pretty heartless to exploit tons of helpless housewives for shitty mlm
With MLMs that’s not how most of them think though. A lot of women believe they’re getting the opportunity to financially support their household without having to get a wageslave job, or SAHMs feel too inexperienced to bother applying to any and working from home selling shit like makeup on Facebook seems way easier. So they believe they’ve found a way to beat the system but usually all the money they spend on trips and kits cancels out any earnings they make

No. 644156

Jesus christ, guys! Sure MLMs are fucked up but she doesn't deserve to be murdered.

No. 644249

File: 1601648119060.jpg (25.41 KB, 460x276, Ashley-with-her-dad-in-20-007.…)

This is from 2012 but I only recently learned about it. Girl suffers from a genetic condition that keeps her from ever developing mentally beyond a 3-month-old, though her body would continue to grow as normal. To protect her from having to suffer through menstrual cramps, the "discomfort of fully grown breasts", and other effects of puberty, the parents decided to overdose her with estrogen to stop her body from ever growing beyond child size, give her a hysterectomy, and surgically removed her breast buds.

They say it's to let her basically forever stay a happy baby, a "pillow angel" in their words, rather than have to endure pain she doesn't comprehend. I feel shaken reading about it. I don't know. Maybe if I were a parent I would understand their decision better but right now it's as if I just read the plot of a horror movie.


No. 644257

Half of the reddit threads I've seen about the Watts case are exactly the same.
>Sure he was bad to have an affair and then murder her and the 3 kids and throw away their bodies like trash thinking he could just start a new life and lie his way to freedom… but let me type of many more paragraphs of disapproval at Shannan for being on FB too much and being in an mlm!

No. 644266

The documentary wasn't that clear about the kids death. A lot of people seem to be skimming over the fact he tossed his two girls into oil tanks to drown. I think when he said Shanann smothered the girls with pillows that's what he actually did to her. Maybe even during sex since he had to make a point to say they fucked. He had to know ahead of time he would have access to those oil tanks. The entire thing was ptemediated

No. 644280

>they probably empathize with Chris and want to do the same to their family/spouse
Late to the game but it's definitely this. People projecting empathy for the aggressor because they themselves have had thoughts of doing similar crimes in situations where they've felt emotionally justified. They're trying to alleviate their shame.

What freaks me out is seeing other men commenting on those videos because you know they're sociopaths in the making just like Chris. I'm more inclined to believe other women would nitpick Shanann due to pickmeism–which is really just a self-defense mechanism if you think about it. They think if they act differently than Shanann it won't be their asses buried in an oil field. What they don't realize is that scrotes will find any fucking slight to demonize women when they're done with us anyway. A woman could have been the nicest girlfriend or wife and sacrificed so much, but a man who is done with her will find a single straw to hold up as the justification to ditch her. And the kids too, maybe for less because kids are seen as money sinking burdens as it stands.

>like he met shannan on facebook and he was way fatter and i guess "unfuckable" in his weirdo incel mind so he "settled" for an obnoxious neurotic mess like shannan but then his dumbass realized he could lift and lose weight but he was already 2 kids in with a third one on the way so he was like i guess i have to kill my wife and kids
Dumb fanfiction only a scrote could have cooked up. Chris wasn't above Shanann's league at all, and his mistress wasn't much more attractive, she just didn't have kids and would let Chris do gay butt stuff to her.

This isn't about murdering and disposing of an annoying MLM momma because he no longer found her attractive, it was an act motivated by money because he killed the kids too.

No. 644291

I know I'll get lynched for saying this, but honestly I wouldn't want to deal with my severely retarded child having a menses and have the high risk of getting pregnant. Yes, believe it or not the mentally retarded have a high rate of sexual abuse (you can't always be there 24/7) The last thing I would want to deal with is a pregnancy.

No. 644292

I feel so bad for laughing at the girl wearing a LOL shirt

No. 644303

ayrt, no lynching from me. I see your point and I can see why the parents would fear that. I guess what messes me up is the idea of having to resort to that at all, or basically having a child with a condition where you can either choose to euthanize or turn them into essentially a high-tech doll. Or worse yet being that child yourself and having zero autonomy or agency.

No. 644309

I don't get why they removed her breast buds if they already gave her a hysto? Seems like overkill

No. 644316

Probably fear caretakers or medical profs abusing her if she is more developed? Yes I know it seems overkill but the other anon was right, sexual abuse in the disabled is very high.

No. 644317

The breast part is extreme. I will agree with that.

No. 644322

It's common to stunt the growth of severely mentally disabled (but bodily functional) children as a measure of protection and to make them easier to handle in older age. It's also a good idea to sterilize potatoes because the risk of them going around and sexing without understanding what they're doing won't result in a pregnancy that they won't understand.


This disabled 29 year old woman had been repeatedly raped and impregnated by a male nurse. She gave birth to his baby while the facility played dumb to cover their asses. She would have been better off on hormonal birth control so at least her innocent mind and fragile body wouldn't have had to been desecrated.

No. 644337

Her having the body of a 9 year old and mind of a newborn will still leave her vulnerable to other types of abusers. I hate that fact but I think that's the sad reality.

No. 644339

This. I worked in a home for disabled women and I was shocked seeing how many of them had gone through pregnancies. Pretty sure two of them were mother and daughter because of the age difference but we were supposed to call them 'sisters'

No. 644340

That's fucked up.

No. 644409

Same for comatose patients. Bucks like to fuck.

No. 644416

Why the fuck are men like this???

No. 644665

Most heartbreaking shit I've read all day. Pretty sure there's a picture in the article, so please be careful.
>Boxes stuffed with 5,000 dead dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets bought online found at courier depot in China
I wish people who abuse animals or exploit/neglect them for money would just fucking die. They don't deserve to be on this earth. I wish I could place a fucking curse on them or something, there is no excuse.
The people who thought it made sense to order living beings online to be shipped in containers are at fault, too. Pets are not toys, for fuck's sake. Those poor babies.

No. 644667

>stunt growth of retarded women
Can we do this with 90% of men and 89% of women while we’re at it?

No. 644668

Shit like this always gets me. This is why sites/channels like the Dodo are so dangerous because they almost encourage having exotic pets. Same with all those igs in Asia (esp Japan) where people own really exotic pets like it's normal. the pet trade is disgusting and animal abuse is so easy to miss because animals dont have voices the same way humans do and cant reach it. it's fucked.. this is heart breaking

No. 644669

Men are truly the lowest life form on earth. I'm dead serious

No. 644679

It's weird when even our favorite animals, the ones we have handpicked and especially bred to be the most 'cherished ones' are still subjected to cruel deaths.

No. 644691

he suffocated each of his daughters individually with a blanket. the documentary does mention this, with chris's own confession.

no one here is defending chris though?
postulating his motives how ever dumb they were isn't supporting or justifying his actions.

criticizing shannan isnt absolving chris's crime. pointing out how manipulative and sketchy she was for exploiting her children and illness to manipulate thousands of stay at home mom's out of their money for a shitty mlm doesnt change that chris was an evil heartless sociopath.
just because i'm not blindly defending shannan and thinking she was saint doesnt mean i sympathize with chris at all.
chris is a reprehensible human being that did something beyond forgiveness but shannan was a shitty person.

it's refreshing that the documentary didnt try to scrub away shannan's image and portray her as a flawless super mom.

No. 644758

This is fucking terrifying, why aren't men, and anyone capable of impregnation closely monitored in these facilities full of vulnerable people? Incels and coomers can't go one second seeing someone or something vulnerable, because they'll try to stick their dicks in it. Useless incel subhumans, not even hookers would go near them.

No. 644763

It's probably just because they're the easiest animals for abusers to get access to. The ones in the article were bought online, so it's definitely just about having easy access and opportunities.

I hate channels like Dodo too. They always twist the story and make it seem like it's so easy to care for wild animals and the comments are filled with people saying "omg I wish I had one as a pet!"
What people don't realize is that these videos are filmed in wildlife care centers where they have the proper equipment to care for these animals and staff who are specifically trained to be able to provide care.

No. 645234

>but shannan was a shitty person
and if she wasnt a victim in this case MAYBE that would be relevant, unfortunately its not so you look disturbed trying to shift any focus or blame from her POS husband onto her

your 'this could never happen to me b/c im a good woman is showing'

No. 645258

Speaking of Chris Watts' case, I will never forget video related when the based neighbour was showing the cops his surveillance footage and at 3:49 a commercial featuring a fetus and a skull coming out of oil popped up. It was the strangest creepiest coincidence ever, and you can see Chris' panicked reaction watching it.

No. 645289

I'm so grateful for this bodycam footage. Seeing how this fucker plays pretend knowing damn well his wife is rotting in the field and his children's bodies are in the oil tanks is truly something to behold. His body language gave him away. He did not expect that neighbor to have a camera.

I really like that the neighbors gave a shit about Shanann. Without them, it might've taken longer for Chris to have been caught. But her lady friend knew almost immediately that something was up because she knew Shanann well. It's nice to have neighbors like that.

No. 645432

Girl, come on, doesnt matter how annoying you find someone, they dont deserve to die. Conversely, a person doesnt have to be perfect for people to feel bad about their dying.
I think you are trying to say how stupid idealization of the murder victims usually is, this is understandable, but noone is saying that Shannon was a saint. What type of person she was is not the topic of the conversation. She was murdered by her braindead psycho husband for no reason. Life is not a zero sum game, her selling mlm and making facebook videos does not erase the fact that she was murdered, jesus, get of that edge.

No. 646189

File: 1601856653508.jpeg (18.96 KB, 600x337, 553EE7DB-C4CD-4D35-B88E-49FD16…)

Kim Wall’s death still gets to me sometimes. It was weird because, I remember when she first got on that submarine, and how excited people were at the paper she was going to release about its construction. And then how freaked out everyone was when she didn’t show up, the days passing by with no sign of her and this sadistic pervert pulling stories out his ass about where she was.


No. 646196

Such a horrible case. She seemed like such a sunshine, was awarded by her independent journalism and spoke eight languages, even chinese. RIP

No. 646201


This one still makes me feel awful, i was a kid when the whole thing was being aired on TV. I wish my parents didn't let me watch it or that it wasn't covered in such detail.

No. 646218

This story fucks me up. Two ten year olds brutally murdered a 3 year old boy. The dragged him from a shopping center to some tracks, repeatedly beat him and dropped bricks on his head until they killed him. They became the two youngest convicted murderers in Britain.

I haven't watched the entire doc because the story disturbs me so I don't know every single detail about it. It messes me up that two literal kids could do something so fucked up. I mean we're kind of used to hearing about murderers being grown men or teenagers but not usually children. And there were witnesses seeing them dragging the little boy around and didn't confront them on it. What's even more fucked is that they're both grown up now and are free men. Their identities have been changed (in order to keep them safe-there are still people today that are looking to kill them) One hasent reoffended, but the other has been arrested multiple times for different things- including being the possession of cp.

No. 646223

Scroll up anon and you'll find you aren't alone

No. 646228

Sorry, the boy was two years old. Doesn't make it better

Didn't see it mentioned. But yeah pretty disturbing case

No. 646263

the one that always sticks with me is Kanika Powell.

she was so young - only 28 - but she was an engineer who’d already worked her way into a top-secret clearance job of some kind with DHS and the dept of national security. no one has spoken publicly as to how relevant this is, if at all, to her murder.

a few days before she was killed, on 8/23, she sent this email to family & friends, which will haunt me forever:

>I just wanted to share with you the scariest thing that happened to me this weekend. Saturday evening around 7pm a man was knocking at my door (as all of you may know I live alone). I asked who it was and he didn’t answer, so once I got close to the door and looked out of the peephole I saw a male figure that was not familiar to me at all. I asked who he was and all he stated was that he was from the FBI and that he was looking for Kanika Powell. It freaked me out completely because this man knew my name. He held a shield up but no picture ID and he never gave his name. He told me he was looking for me in regards to an investigation. I told him that I had no idea as to what he was talking about and that he would need to show me documentation as well as a warrant of some sort. So he left and I looked out my bedroom window and saw him walking. I also heard a voice tell him to walk in the opposite direction. The whole situation was scary and seemed so false. So because of this incident not only did I get NO sleep for the rest of the weekend but I am now trying to get an alarm system installed in my apartment. I had one in my old apartment, but I just hadn’t had it transferred over to my new one. As far as everything that happened with the guy. I did call the FBI and they told me that it was more than likely bogus because they never come to your door by themselves and they always leave a card of some sort so that you can contact them. I called the local police as well to give them a description just in case someone is out there trying to rape or harm single women.

>pass this on ladies.. This is not a fake Forward this happened to ME Kanika…Who knows who these guys are and what they are doing and in what areas other than mine.

she called 911 immediately, but the cops who arrived couldn’t find any trace of the man or his accomplice. she also reached out to the FBI, who had no record of any agents looking into her.

on 8/27, four days after the initial incident, another man arrived at her door claiming he had a package for her and using her full name. when she did not accept the package, he also disappeared.

on 8/28, at 7:30 in the morning, a man arrived at Kanika’s door again. he knocked and said her full name. she called her mother and the police (again) out of fear.

she decided to keep living her life. she had a trip out of the country coming up for work. she left to do some errands after all.

she was gunned down in the hallway of her apartment just before noon on 8/28 as she returned home.

no one has ever reached a satisfactory conclusion as to why kanika powell died.

No. 646274

File: 1601864588672.jpg (43.59 KB, 600x450, 1595782631273.jpg)

An orangutan would never do that. There is a reason why we have the phrase "chimp out" but not orangutan out.

No. 646290

The only details I’ve ever heard about this case was simply the “burial at sea” bit from an “accident“ on board, but I never knew that she was dismembered and all that other shit. Hurts my heart that that happened to her.

No. 646291

Idk anon, all great apes pretty much freak me out. I don't know if I'd put more trust in an orangutan or gorilla, they can snap 4 inch bamboo like a pencil. Orangutans also like to rape each other. The only apes I like are gibbons, they seem alright

No. 646300

get out of here, orangutan
orangutan detected

No. 646312

I audibly yelled when reading that they let Nayara back into the kidnapper’s custody. She was shot in the face because of that stupid fucking tactic. The police should be ashamed.

No. 646354

File: 1601871130920.png (479.15 KB, 720x694, p7x9h4b0VX1sw713xo1_1280.png)

>chimp hate
Suspiciously close to macaque hate. Seek help.

No. 646360

No. 646467

Wow, that is creepy.

No. 646498

File: 1601891769614.png (311.62 KB, 485x465, bless.png)

Oh man, I remember this debacle. Brazil is a horrible place for women, but I just had to be born here. Femicide cases have almost tripled from 2018 to 2019. The men here are absolute fucking cavemen, of that I am sure.

Here's another one: A 55 year old woman named Elaine Perez Caparroz met a 27 year old man, named Vinícius Batista Serra in Rio through social media. She's beautiful, all plastic surgeried out and stuff. She looks extremely great for 55. Why am I saying this? This will become relevant later. They meet up to have dinner at her home. She ends up falling asleep on him because she's feeling comfortable, then she wakes up and is being viciously beaten by him. The attack lasted for 4 fucking hours, and the guy even tried to flee the scene when the police arrived. The apartment looked like a horror scene, I do NOT recommend seeing the photos. Now? She'll need extensive surgery and has trouble swallowing. It's truly haunting because she was so well off in life, and it took this one guy who was completely unhinged to ruin it. Literally one fucking person. He's claimed after he's released he'll leave the country, and "It'll all be alright."

No. 646502

And yet men question us for not dropping everything to trust every random bozo that rolls up. That poor woman.

No. 646554

File: 1601902228271.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.11 KB, 664x451, gf-aW3m-inMF-24zv_3-letni-chlo…)

Story from my country - remember seeing photoshoped (picrel) image of this boy's face on news for a long time, when I was 13yo and it was haunting me ever since.

"There were a few beats - strong inflicted with fury. One blow hit the one and a half year old Szymon's lip, cutting it open. The boy's small intestine ruptured from another blow. The other ones were also severe, as evidenced by numerous bruises on the child's body. 41-year-old Jarosław R. tortured his son, because not only did the little one not obey his orders, but he also cried. It happened on February 24, 2010. From the moment he was beaten up, Szymon's condition was not good - he had fever, vomited, had diarrhea, and refused to eat. His health was getting worse hour by hour. He required immediate medical attention. He did not get it and died after three days of terrible torments, on February 27 at around 11.00. His parents tried to resuscitate him, but it was all for nothing. The boy was dead."

"Prosecutor Borkowska emphasized that the parents did not call an ambulance. They realized that the injuries to Szymon's body were so severe, that if the doctors were to start asking questions, it would came out that the boy had been tortured and parents would be held responsible. Boy's parents decided to hide the fact that the child was dead."

"When someone asked Szymek's parents where the boy was, they replied that he had been visiting aunties/uncles - family members that did not know each other and did not maintain contacts - added prosecutor Borkowska.
Nobody recognized the image of the child published in the media, as it was significantly changed compared to what the boy looked like in life - the body was lying down for nearly three weeks.
When calls for vaccination started coming up from the health center, his parents transferred his documentation to another clinic, and then Beata Ch. "borrowed" her grandson to go with him instead. To make sure everything was "correct", from March 2010 to June 2012 the boy's parents also reported to social services, that their family had five people. In this way, they extorted housing and family allowances, almost 4 thousand. PLN."

"The investigation was discontinued due to the failure to identify the perpetrators, but in June 2012 a person came to the social services in Będzin, claiming that they haven't seen the neighbors' child for a very long time. Beata Ch. and Jarosław R. were arrested. They did not admit killing Szymon, only making false statements and extorting money. They face a life sentence."

No. 646568

God damn, i'll trust you on that because i am not searching for pics. It's awful here, remember the bruno and eliza samudio case? that one still fucks me up too.


Basically, a woman had a child with a famous goalkeeper who did not want to pay child support. He killed her and fed her body to his dogs. And HE IS ALREADY FREE! He is playing, earning money and living his best life as we speak! And she is dead with her son and family forever traumatized because he didn't want to pay child support.

Things just keep getting worse for women here, white, black, poor or rich, it seems like our only option is to get out.

No. 646577

Sage for ot but here you can see a woman who sent news about this case to her 12 tinder matches:


They crack jokes, try to ask what the victim did to trigger him, say it could happen to them too… only one or two had some empathy. In the tweet replies you can see people saying it's not misogyny but psychopaty also.

No. 646740

File: 1601920265163.jpg (194.63 KB, 1028x1189, her eye tbh.jpg)

Every time I am reminded about Madeleine McCann I get a creepy vibe. Something's off about her parents. They know more about the kidnapping than they are letting on for sure, things aren't adding up.

No. 646748

How the hell do you not get life in prison for that shit? holy hell. He should not be free.

No. 646757

If you look into it she got abducted near a known paedophiles residence. The podesta brother's would stay there. Either the resident peso was said to be there that night or the podesta brothers. The eye witness accounts police sketches look like the brothers. The McCanns have the wealth to have kept the public focus on it and media was different back then. I believe the parents are innocent

No. 646767

The way she describes her imagining her daughters "perfect little genitals torn apart" in her book is sus

No. 646769

File: 1601921922613.jpg (46.4 KB, 976x549, _112738771_christianb2.jpg)


Can we be done with the McCann conspiracies? the case is pratically already solved, its pretty obvious the sex offender, violent child murderer who lived like 20 minutes from the hotel did it.

Her parents are super fucking weird tho.

No. 646786

Parents are negligent richies who accidentally their daughter snatched by a pedo.
The only reason why it made news is because the parents are prominent and white and escaped charges for the fact.

No. 647013

A bit different from what is usually posted here but something happened yesterday in my city that really fucked with me. Somewhere I drive through almost every day. A mom forgot to put the brake on the pram her 5 month old baby was in, the pram rolled down a hill, through two lanes and got hit by a van. The baby passed away. We talked about it in our daily meeting at work and everyone was really sad. It’s really traumatising to think that that van driver could have been anyone, and that there’s literally nothing he could have done. He just went to work in the morning and then went home that night having killed a baby.

No. 647042

It was the mom's fault tho so he shouldn't go too hard on himself

No. 647043

It was the mom's fault tho so he shouldn't go too hard on himself

No. 647052

That's awful, as a man in the 90s or earlier you would absolutely have to become a dissociated alcoholic to cope because there was no way a trucker was given therapy
I do often think about how thousands of train drivers must have been in the driving seat of trains involved in suicides and accidents, but anyone who drives can be pulled into something like this.
Runway prams are almost a cliché joke in films but in real life, so many babies must have died this way.

No. 647118

I believe my grandpa brother killed a kid kind of like this back in the days (so not sure how street signs were really enforced as it probably happened in the 50s and in a very rural area). He was driving and a kid was biking or skating and basically threw himself right in front of the car. He refused to drive for a very long time after that but even police officers convinced him he wasn’t at fault, and his wife and kids didn’t know how to drive so he didn’t have much choice.

Don’t know much more than that because it’s a very old and traumatising accident but I’m sure it happens a lot, especially when i see videos of kids skating on ramps and almost getting run over by passing cars.

No. 647134

I just got my driver's license and the thought of this happening scared the shit out of me to the point of not wanting to drive. In my area a lot of teenagers and people under the influence run around the streets at night, and there's been more than a few occasions where whoever I was driving with almost hit a random teen bolting across the road without looking to see if a car is coming.

No. 647159

Very sad. It wasnt the drivers fault, but that guilt will last with him. He's gonna need therapy.

My wife does a lot of the driving since i'm new to driving, but her reaction is so good and i freak out and miss a lot of the things she doesnt. like she almost hit a squirrel that jumped into the road but avoided it and it was fine, but that shit scares me. That's why distracted driving is so dangerous. I feel for the people who accidently hit deer or whatever. probably super traumatizing

No. 647163

My mom's cousin accidently killed a young girl while driving though a rural area. He was sleepy and didn't notice the girl walking across the road and hit her so hard her head was cut off from her body. When he realized what he did he panicked and left the poor girl's body lying in the road until somebody found her. He ended up getting caught ofc and the girl's parents said they would've been able to forgive him if he hadn't left their daughter in the road for hours, that hurt them more than anything.

No. 647164

My cousin's husband had something similar happen. He hit an old man on a dark street and fled the scene when he realized what he had done. He turned himself in a couple days later. Found out the old man had dementia and had left his home without anyone realizing. So sad for everyone involved.

No. 647166

Did this happen in Ontario by any chance? We had a similar case here and it was awful

No. 647185

My friend's dad is a truck driver who own many trucks and we happen to live in an area with lots of truck traffic. That naturally means a few times a year someone, usually a man, manages to swerve their car with their kids or whole family in front of the truck, getting killed. Many others just try to suicide by doing that but no one ever talks about the drivers who not only get horribly traumatized, but they fall behind on their gigs, merchandise gets ruined, expensive trucks get ruined because it would come off as insensitive. "Why wouldn't they just brake" driving a truck is fucking hard, the things weight so much and if you drive into a one, you won't miss. These fucking miserable men have the nerve to take their own kids, drive into the wrong lane, killing themselves and the kid, traumatizing so many people usually over a domestic dispute with the wife. Makes me wanna just sleep for 3 weeks and die.

No. 647204

If the mom is dead, it's the dead now stuck paying even more for the kid?

No. 647224

I remember my dad once told me a story about something that happened during one of his family member's weddings years ago. The bride had a huge fight with her father who was drunk, and he stumbled out of the venue and started walking onto the highway. If I remember correctly, he was so drunk he stumbled and fell into the road, and a college kid hit him with his car. The dad died instantly, but my dad said he'll never forget seeing the college kid get out of his car screaming and crying as he tried to help the dad, knowing he had killed him. Passerbys and people from the wedding were running over and trying to pull the kid away so he couldn't see, but it was so obvious to everyone that it wasn't the kid's fault, the dad was just drunk. I always get sad when I think of everyone involved, especially the kid, who must've been traumatized for life because of it. Freak accidents are horrible.

No. 647284

File: 1601967554851.jpg (117.25 KB, 1600x900, 180202151148-natalie-wood-2-fu…)

I often think about Natalie Woods' death because there's no way it was an accident - she was terrified of water but supposedly took a dinghy out in the middle of the night, drowned and the two people she was with that night, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken heard and saw nothing?? - and I wish the truth came out.

>On November 29, 1981, the body of actress Natalie Wood, star of such acclaimed films as Miracle on 34th Street, Rebel Without a Cause and West Side Story, was found floating in the Pacific Ocean off California's Catalina Island, in a flannel nightgown, a down jacket and wool socks.

>It soon emerged that Wood had spent Thanksgiving weekend aboard her yacht, Splendour, with her husband, actor Robert Wagner, her Brainstorm co-star, Christopher Walken, and the ship's young captain, Dennis Davern, before an accident of some sort left her lifeless in the water.

No. 647530

to be fair, i think ontario has a case like this every single month.

No. 647639

Isn't there a big theory that Christopher Walken killed her?

No. 647832

At least that he knows more than he lets on. I thought it was widely assumed that her husband, Robert Wagner, might have killed her after a fight the couple had that evening.

No. 647890

you mean on purpose? fucking family annihilator suicide scrotes should be chopped up and sold inside bags of kitty litter

No. 648813

File: 1602094492575.jpeg (378.81 KB, 828x1272, 4E2D7B68-5325-4316-8227-7FBB40…)

Ironic because, some scrote just killed two of his daughters (sounds like they were twins) and then offed himself in a home around where my college is. Someone found him laying in the street late last night/early morning. It doesn’t even sound like he lived there???

No. 648964


I'm sure anyone who's been online knows who the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs are. I think I was probably around eleven or twelve when I found out about this story on the internet. I can't really explain how, but I think something about that case and finding out about it at a young age really changed me. I would never admit this to anyone irl, but if I had to make a list of formative moments in my life that significantly impacted me I think the day I found out about 3 guys 1 hammer would definitely be one of them. It was like a fucked up coming of age experience.

A more recent story that disturbed me was the whole uncovering of that Nth room case in Korea. My trust issues with men have really just gotten worse and worse. The fact that at least 10,000 men had access to that chatroom and were sharing videos with each other astounds me. You can't even argue anymore that it's just a couple of bad apples when over 10,000 people are willing to watch videos of women being brutally raped and tortured. Men are truly terrifying.

No. 648965

Yep. That type of exposure to violent material and spending way too much time on 4chan made me utterly lose faith in any male.

No. 649371

>It was like a fucked up coming of age experience.

I feel you anon. I distinctly remember the day my edgy 14 year old ass decided to watch 3 guys 1 hammer. I was totally unprepared for this and ended up spending the rest of the day on the verge of a panic attack. I also remember this awful sinking feeling of realization that I just burdened myself with something that I could never share with anyone and that was going to leave a mark on me forever. Which it did. I’m in my late 20s now and still, every once in a while, I have episodes of self-harming by seeking out gore pictures and videos on the internet and experiencing that hopeless feeling all over again.
I’m sorry for anyone growing up with an unlimited access to the internet. That shit can mess you up.

No. 649474

CDAN claims they were all wasted, Walken passed out, couple were arguing, Robert grabbed/pushed her too hard and she fell off the boat. He's too drunk to figure out she's fucking drowning and wanders off, comes back later to find her dead, Walken wakes up but doesn't leave or call the cops for some reason.

No. 649872

File: 1602171964344.png (784.47 KB, 924x713, Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 10.3…)

>A woman from eastern China has died after having four abortions in a year because her husband wanted her baby to be a boy, according to a newspaper report.
A woman from eastern China has died after having four abortions in a year because her husband wanted her baby to be a boy, according to a newspaper report.
The husband divorced the woman after she fell ill through terminating her pregnancies, the Jianghuai Morning News reported.
The woman gave birth to a girl four years ago, but her husband insisted their second child be a boy.
Repeated abortions destroyed the health of the woman, according to the article, without giving details of her illnesses.
The toll of the abortions caused her to become bedridden, but her husband asked for a divorce instead of taking care of her.
She reportedly had no choice but to accept the divorce and used the 170,000 yuan (£19,208) from the settlement to seek treatment at a hospital in Shanghai.
Her former husband did not visit her in hospital and is now planning to marry another woman, according to the report.

This one is so tragic. Even when they could have had more than one kid, the scrote just had to have a son no matter what. The brainwashing and abuse that poor woman had to go through. She became bed ridden and died because of a fucking monster husband.

No. 649894

God this is just so sad. I will never understand people who throw fits over kids not being the gender they want. It's a baby ffs, just appreciate that you can have one. That husband is so heartless. He'll treat the new wife just as horrible, and the cycle will probably continue with the possible son.

No. 650061

Welcome to the continent of Asia.

No. 650086

Blame the Chinese society in general, it's fucked up on so many levels.

No. 650246

I love how men act like women can somehow spontaneously control the gender of a fetus. The “I want a boy!” camp never seem to figure out that their own sperm plays a role in it, too.

No. 650823

Kind of OT but there has been news about two seperate incidents of gangrape in the same city where I live and I've been thinking how horrifying that must've been. I can't imagine the pain and the degradation a woman who has been gangraped must endure in her life. And the total loss of control and bodily integrity. I was coerced into sex, but it wasn't violent and it was only one person, and I think I am lucky in this regard. I can't comprehend how a woman would survive after going through something this awful. I wish I could do something to make it so that no woman or girl will ever have to go through that. And to think that it's not even a rare crime. I hate men.

No. 650846

>implying this phenomenon is exclusive to asia

No. 650855

File: 1602236995192.jpeg (42.96 KB, 640x480, A4666BD5-E050-4E24-A2F6-70ADD6…)

In 2009, 17 year old Brittanee Drexel went missing during spring break. It was later discovered she was abducted, gang raped, and then fed to alligators after they shot her. I will always have a deep anger in my body in mourning for those who suffer like this.

No. 650905

maybe not to that extreme but it happens in the west too. I personally know many women that freaked out over even the possibility of having a girl. One was because she already had a boy and her claim was that she is a "boy mom" and couldn't possibly raise a girl. Misogyny is a disease that affects the whole world.

No. 651496

I feel you anon. This case makes my blood boil. I hope anyone involved in her rape and/or murder dies in a cage. There's no excuse and no redemption for this type of shit.

No. 651727

What you described and straight up aborting several female fetuses and leaving your wife for dead are completely fucking different things. Sure the root is misogyny but the level is completely disparate.

No. 655138

File: 1602674007827.jpeg (630.99 KB, 1402x701, 7FD9D173-3D7C-4B02-AE4B-4D9019…)

>18 yo girl goes to get boob job in Colorado last August
>mom in waiting room
>five hours pass, surgeon finally comes out and tells her that her daughter isn’t waking up “probably because she’s younger”
>turns out she went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing on the table before they even began to operate
>left her unobserved for 15 minuyltes
>nurse came in and she was fucking blue
>remains unconscious after cpr
>left on operating table for 5.5 hours
>don't call 911 for 5.5 hours
>tell mother she can’t go see her daughter and claim she is doing good despite being comatose
>anesthesiologist finally calls 911
>anesthesiologist is Rex Meeker
>Meeker was sued in 2009 by a man after his wife died from brain damage she suffered during a breast augmentstion I that Meeker was the anesthetist for
>The girl is a human vegetable and is comatose in a hospital
>Expected to be comatose for the rest of her life, fed through a tube in her neck
>Meeker still has his license
>Girl passed away October 4th of this year
>Finally Doctor Kim’s license is temporarily suspended but can be given back
>Meeker ‘agreed’ temporarily to stop being an anesthetist yet there still hasn’t been a ruling on taking his license away
>everyone involved denies wrongdoing despite leaving a comatose teen on their table for nearly 6 hours without calling 911

No. 655141

File: 1602674262693.jpeg (356.08 KB, 1280x720, 40B9AFE3-F595-4BE5-B344-25FD0B…)

Mom said right before she died due to complications a couple weeks ago she had her first and only response to any stimuli, she would smile upon hearing her family’s voices.

No. 655142

File: 1602674376804.jpeg (47.3 KB, 633x329, 532636E9-C91D-4DE2-B10D-2E5012…)

Last pic just to illustrate the full gravity of this. Poor little girl did not deserve this kind of ending over a pair of breast implants as a high school graduation present. I can’t imagine what her family endured the past 14 months.

No. 655155

Omg I've recently seen a Youtube video about her. Such a tragic story. I was shocked when I learned that the doctor botched another surgery in the same way, a long time ago…how was he allowed to practice after that???

No. 655169

Theres was a similar case in Germany, a porn star called Sexy Cora died during her 5th boob job because her doctors fucked up.


No. 655174

In Poland too. There was a Swedish woman who came here in 2013 to get a boobjob because it was cheaper and has been comatose ever since, due to a mistake on the anesthesiologist’s part. I can’t imagine dying or having your life permanently altered because of such inconsequential thing as boob size.

No. 655180

The 911 caller sounded somehow amused by the whole situation, it was sick

No. 655194

This is such a tragic story.
But if they weren't in the hospital, where were they operating? Is that normal in the USA? Where I live, surgeries are only performed in a hospital.

No. 655197

Maybe I'm the asshole here… but who gets their 18 year old daughter a boob job as a gift? That's absurd.

No. 655199

lol my mom wanted to give me a boobjob+breast lift as a gift, exactly at 18 too, I said I was happy with my small pancake tits.
All my girl friends said they were soooper jealous and wish their moms would do the same, I assume its not that farfetched.

No. 655200

Damn, that's tragic, anon, I'm sorry.

No. 655205

Isn't that an american thing? Gifting their daughters boob jobs for graduation…

No. 655213

Nah its not, I guess she just assumed it was something i was insecure about because to be honest my boobs are VERY ugly lol, former-obese man moobs tier, im not pressed about it tho.

No. 655234

In some Latin American countries, girls get boob jobs as a gift at 14, 15, 16. I knew a girl that had hers done at 15 as a quinceañera gift.

No. 655241

I feel like it's one thing to offer it to your daughter if she has stated that this is something she wants for herself but I think it's pretty disgusting behavior to just offer to gift you a boob job if you never even mentioned wanting one.

No. 655263

Plastic surgery centers are often separate from actual hospitals, they’re often in like, more upscale strip malls and business centers. Sketchy all around

No. 655265

Don’t be stupid anon. This happens lots of places if people are obsessed with beauty. Just look at SK.

No. 655277

It happens earlier than 18 too, depending on the sketchiness of the doctor and stupidity of the parents.

No. 655299

>American thing
Are you kidding me

No. 655304

It said the anesthesiologist was the one who called 911… that’s sick

No. 656041

It depends on the surgery, but in the US many are performed in doctors' offices if they are set up for it. Partly because it is much more expensive if done in the hospital.
I had some reconstructive surgeries done as a kid and I remember my parents talking about how ridiculous the hospital bill was (this didn't include the actual surgeon). The later surgeries were done in the office instead. However, this was a legitimate craneofacial surgeon so I'm sure they were more on top of things than a place that only does plastic surgeries. There are many plastic surgeons who are legitimate and would never let this happen, but I'm sure there are just as many who are more interested in money than anything.

No. 656129


Tits aren't even done growing at 14. Why is this such a common thing? It's like they're setting up their daughters for a life time of putting value on their sex appeal and self esteem issues. I was a stringbean E-cup at 14 and would pray for smaller breasts.

No. 656674


Mine were flat as a board until I hit 17. (Late bloomer.) The fuck are these parents thinking? What happened to "accept your body the way it is"?

No. 659256

File: 1603110314620.jpg (91.74 KB, 600x800, jv.jpg)

Jon Venables now: https://alltruth.exposed/2020/03/07/jon-venables-james-bulger-killer-picture-spotted-again/

gross fat pedo deserves to have his face known. These pics are definitely him because they're always hit by takedown requests by the brits when posted.

Some guy saw her being gang-raped and just got his drugs and left. I hope they all fucking die.

No. 659258

Where is everyone reading the tits were a gift? I read the parents were against it so she saved up and waited until she was 18 and didnt need permission

No. 659386

Not exactly disagreeing, but it's illegal as fuck for Brits to look at this.

No. 659649

I was thinking this too. I would advise other Britanons to avoid clicking or sharing that link just in case

No. 659689

Damn anons, I'm a burger anon, and actually I think the first anon to post about him itt and I didn't know this. It's fucking weird that they go through that much to keep his privacy.
It says in the link he has a cell phone and doesn't even try to keep his identity a secret (I'm assuming because people who share his identity get prosecuted)
It blows my mind that he's out there having a seemingly normal life, the photos are in social situations.
The website owner said they have gotten threatened but just end up changing the URL and to spread the photos.
Plus how it costs tax money to keep him protected? Fuck that. Jesus. How must the people in charge of this feel to protect this guy?

No. 659726

What the fuck? Why?

No. 659735

I don't know. It's just British law, and I don't know if it applies to Commonwealth realms like Australia. He's not even that anonymous and has gotten back in jail for possession of child porn, and has even revealed what he did to other people and is completely unrepentant.

Here's a list of instances when British people got arrested for sharing that image.

No. 659739

I posted this and I am british. I'm more than willing to go to prison because I posted a pedo. I understand not everyone feels/can feel the same, but looking at it because it was posted here isn't going to get you in trouble. Just look and remember for your own safety and children you know.

He's blown his own cover so many times as well, give him what he wants.

Venables has a privacy thing because he commited the crime as a child. He gets a new identity and there's a publication ban on him. It's harder to enforce that outside of britian, though.

The thing is he's offended against childern SEVEERAL TIMES since. The fact he still has the ban is ridiculous.

No. 659750

I grew up in the same town this happened in, and visited the same shopping centre a lot when I was a child so this story is very close to my heart. We grew up in the area having stranger safety drilled into us, it's just an utter shame what happened to that poor boy. I remember walking the same route they did one day after college, and it made me feel physically sick thinking about it. I can't imagine what was going through their minds. I have a niece now who is one and the thought of someone doing something that abhorrent to her makes me want to break out in a rage. God knows how his parents got through it. I think I would have well and truly broke down and lost my mind. In a bit more positive news regarding the case, I worked in a shop where James's mum would come in, and she was always very nice and was one of my favourite customers to serve. You could tell she'd had a hard life and seemed to have an air of nervousness about her, but she was very polite. It inspired me to see how strong and resilient she was through it all. Sorry for sperging about it, as I say I was local to this case and a similar age to James when it happened.

No. 659757

every pic I see of him he has friends around him, I don't believe all these people could know who he really is. That's the scary part. Several people have been falsely accused of being him too which is dangerous. The moment he commited another crime against a child the publication ban should have been lifted for public safety.

Jame's poor mom though. She was stalked and has had threatening messages sent to her since this, too. Who does that? People can be so truly evil.

No. 659779

File: 1603146566891.jpeg (184.36 KB, 1908x1146, 8EDA46C9-B63B-4A4D-928F-10242D…)

Sigh.. this absolute motherfucker.

>Grant Amato fell in love and became obsessed with an online cam girl from Bulgaria. He sent her over $200,000 that he had stolen from his family. They demanded he go to rehab for sex addiction late last year. He left the program early. When he returned home, his parents allowed him to live there under rules they laid out for him such as no talking to the internet cam girl. When they found out he was still talking to her a fight erupted and they kicked him out of their house. The next morning his father, mother and younger brother were found shot in the head, execution style. Cody, his brother, didn't report to work that morning and his coworkers called the police for a wellness check. The police found the gruesome scene when they arrived at the house. Amato denies being in the house. He says when his father kicked him out he spent the night in a motel. Amato got sentenced life in prison.

If you want more details Bailey Sarian has a pretty good video on it. I have no words for this coward.

No. 659803

he even looked evil as a child
disgusting assholes, they need to die slowly and painfully

No. 659811

wtf, i thought the uk being pedo central was just a meme

No. 659813

Nope, UK is a gigantic pedo ring. Look at how inbred they all are ffs.

No. 659814

Why are they protecting him more than epstein

Oh wait Brit authorities are the ones that were complicit in the rotherham child sex slavery

No. 659817

Oh fuck I remember this case. Iirc he was also a massive weeb and basically transferred his waifu obsession onto this cam girl.

No. 659824

That sex abuse ring story and the coverup were particularly fucked, too.

No. 659830

A lot of the articles about this case really rubbed me the wrong way. A few snippets:

>Jurors in the Grant Amato case got their first glimpse Monday of Silvie, the mysterious webcam model at the center of the prosecution’s case

>Assistant State Attorney Domenick Leo then presented 647 pictures of Silvie in various stages of undress and pictures of a Christmas card she sent him last year.
>convicted of murdering his family over his relationship with a web cam girl
>prosecutors have described [her] as a catalyst for issues in the family that eventually led to the killings of his parents

The wording on most of the articles makes it seem like he was just a uwu totally normal guy who became obsessed with a camgirl and killed his parents over money, but he was also previously fired (and arrested) from his job for stealing prescription medication before he even met her. Why does it seem like this random camgirl is being blamed for "making him snap"? She probably didn't even know him and her pictures are plastered on the articles like she put on a hit on his parents.

No. 659898


America has legal Child marriage in like 10 states but go off burger

No. 659900

Anons already said it was because he committed that murder as a 10yo so the crime is meant to be 'sealed'
Epstein was an adult billionaire with a sex island, of course the two have been treated differently
And no, the British people do not agree with him personally having that freedom now but most would agree that young children should at least be given that opportunity to reform instead of in countries where they give adult life sentences to little children. He is possibly one of the most infamous criminals in this country, don't think for a second that he is truly left without surveillance

No. 659904

File: 1603157460436.jpg (95.4 KB, 940x545, amishschwartz.jpg)


I'm not british or american but it's weird to me how amrica thinks it's better than uk when it comes to this stuff.

what about this case where the Missouri brothers rapes their 12 year older sister and gets her pregnant and gets only probation? is america pedo central, too? or is it pedos are a worldwide problem in every country and men protect their own?


No. 659906

It’s not a pissing contest anon, nobody said anyone was better. Relax, it’s not personal.

No. 659908

sorry meant to quote >>659906 kek

No. 659909

no it's not which is my exact point? Keep up.

No. 659911

did you read any of the quoted posts? dumbass.

No. 659916

this case is so sad. they served 0 time and went straight back to the house their sister lived in. She has been raped by all 4 of her brothers, 2 of which were minors. She had her baby at 13.

I wish there was more on the parents. They not only enabled this, but they didn't raise the alarm when she was pregnant and just hid it. Why do they still have custody of this girl and the minor brothers? Are CPS even looking into this? I feel like there's a chance the children are being molested by the parents.

Can someone explain to me why the courts are on tip toes around these people? Is it because they're amish? Is it a god thing?

No. 659976

Just a personal experience, I used to live in an Amish area and it’s definitely an open secret that the women and girls get abused. Everyone knows. I’ve heard so many similar stories to that one that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Police are reluctant to get involved because of religious freedom, and the Amish have their own “punishments” for their members. The women obviously don’t report it either since it would mean being excommunicated and losing their families.

There was actually a Supreme Court case in the 70s that decided that Amish don’t have to educate their children past a certain age, and it was all on the basis of religious freedom (I’m on mobile but it’s worth a google). There are some other special laws for them as well iirc, like not paying social security. It’s hard to police them because they claim religious freedom whenever their dirty laundry does finally come to light.

tl;dr yes, god thing.

No. 660024

That's horrifying, glad you got out of there anon. Is it just too widespread to be called a cult, or what?

No. 660031

Why are amish people so ugly? The inbreeding?

No. 660049

Evan peters looks rough here

No. 660298

File: 1603744601380.jpeg (117.87 KB, 711x706, 177DFF50-44B9-4CBC-A68E-FAAE3C…)

The STEM school shooting from last year is so weird to me.
> One of the perps being a tranny (Alec McKinny pictured) and the other one being a anorexic manlet(Devon Erickson).
> There was a section of the schools Wikipedia that said “Anti suicide programs are implemented at the school to help lower the chance of suicide and school shootings” and a year before the shooting someone edited it saying “Do they work. We shall see.”
> Devon would make jokes about school shootings and even went as far as to tell his classmates not to come to school. Although Alec has spent weeks planning the shooting, Devon claims he didn’t know about the shooting until the night before. He also claims that Alec threatened him and that he only followed Alec out of fear for his own life.
> Devon pulled out a gun during class but was pretty instantaneously subdued by multiple students. Sadly, one of the students who attempted to apprehend him was fatally shot in the chest.
> Alec opened fire on the middle school section of the school and shot 8 students. A school security guard tackled Alec and and was able to subdue them.
> “Fuck Society” and “666” with a pentagram were spray painted on a car from Devons home. Police also found “The voices win” painted in nail polish on his dresser.
> Both perps used cocaine before the shooting.
> Alec claims to have been homicidal and suicidal since the age of 12 and also heard voices but refused medication so she wouldn’t feel alone.

No. 660385

File: 1603756104001.jpg (47.21 KB, 800x450, _107933697_8cf16e41-8461-4ed5-…)

Bianca Devins' case makes me so sad. She was just 17, she had just graduated and wanted to study psychology. She had shared in social media how exciting it was to go to New York City for a concert. An entire life ahead of her until a fucking sick fuck took her away.
The fact that so many people shared the images or her body and that scrotes joked about it in 4chan breaks me. I wish there was more education and awareness about the dangers of exposing yourself online from such a young age, there's so much that could be done

No. 660386

>makes money scamming robots with CP of her friends
>parents cope by pretending the killer was a family friend and not some incel she met online
It's sad but it's a reminder that femcels play a dangerous game.

No. 660394

Had no idea about her selling CP of her friends, source?
Agree with you, but she was really young. I'm scared for the next generations that are always surrounded by degeneracy, even as kids.

No. 660401

Her case is super sad, but she played with fire and got burnt. She was known as oxychan on 4chan, she was known to have many male orbiters that she played with and do drugs. Look it up

I think she needed better parenting and therapy, at least, because she was really attention whoring herlsef out there, with the wrong people. This is why I feel uncomfortable at girls who idolize twitter thots, want to have onlyfans, and get naked on command for attention. I feel like people who idolize or want to be this weird edgy alternative instathot girl (like belle delphine) are dumb af and really don't know what they are getting into. Society failed zoomer girls so hard.

No. 660406

I heard about her from the Gamer from Mars’s video about her and ending up going on a deep dive about her and what happened at like 2am a while back. Very tragic.. sigh but I have bad morbid curiosity and looked her body that the bastard killer uploaded..

No. 660429

she didn't deserve being decapitated. her murder and severed head displayed as a trophy and brutal warning online to threaten all other "e-whores" was medieval act, like putting a head on a pike.

No. 660458


TLDR local dad kills both of his twin daughters, shoots his wife in the legs to paralyze her but doesn’t kill her, says that he won’t kill her so she suffers for the rest of her life with it and then kills himself :( I always randomly remember it cause of the fact that he didn’t kill the wife with the girls to punish the mother

No. 660574

Bianca's case saddened when I first heard about it. I really desperately wanted to be efamous with lots of orbiters back when I was a young and stupid teen.
Tbh I don't feel as bad for her now that some time has passed. She was playing with fire like the other anon said. The scrote that killed her is a disgusting piece of shit for posting her body online, but Bianca really opened herself up to the kind of person who would do this disturbing shit in the first place. Everyone sucks here.

No. 660648

she didn't ask to be murdered and she didn't deserve to, even if she was not a good person

No. 660788

File: 1603810952121.png (310.43 KB, 927x588, bianca.png)

Literally nobody is saying she deserves to be murdered, but she was a collossal bitch and a drug addict who sent people nudes when she was underaged only to extort them for drugs and money. Not a big loss to society if you ask me

No. 661161

when you say it's not a loss, you literally are saying she deserved it. saying mean things to other people, financially exploiting enablers looking for sex does not justify murder. men equating losing money and dignity with losing your life, lmao smdh

No. 661213

It makes me so mad when I see criminal cases involving a single mom letting some dude stay at her house alone with her daughter and it resulting in rape and murder. It's not victim blaming cuz the mom isn't the victim, the fucking daughter is. They should have died in their place for risking their own blood just for dick. I just hope they live in guilt for the rest of their lives and the monster stays in jail as well.

No. 661228

Informed Consent = $$$,$$$

No. 661244

anons like this like to point to bianca's history as if this couldn't happen to them. she wasnt killed because of drugs, she was killed because an incel felt entitled to her life

No. 661245

anyone here from tumblr remember when bianca was infamous for sending gore to people (and being a retarded kinnie but werent we all in 2016) dare i say its a little… ironic… in a really fucked up way that she got turned into one of the photos she would send people herself

No. 661253

nta, murder can happen to anyone but it's hard to empathize with shitty people

No. 661271

Another teenage girl got murdered by incel. That's a tragedy no matter who she was and how fucked up she could be. I don't get how someone can say
>The scrote that killed her is a disgusting piece of shit for posting her body online, but Bianca really opened herself up to the kind of person who would do this disturbing shit in the first place. Everyone sucks here.
as if all that bullshit was equal to a murder of person who did nothing wrong to you. Not to mention it sounds like the worst thing was posting her dead body online and not the fucking murder. Okay, Bianca was not a perfect person before she became a victim, but it doesn't mean that both sides are just as bad.

No. 661281

>woman who was annoying online
>literal incel murderer

Yeah, it’s real fucking difficult to choose who was the worst. Jesus Christ.

No. 661286

Victim blame is a shitty incel/handmaid cope.

No. 661297

Wasn't all this years in her past? I'm not clear on whether the guy who murdered her knew her back then or was a new 'friend' (for lack of a better word).
Saying Bianca deserved it for stuff she did in the past seems… idk. I'd wager that a large % of people here had obnoxious edgelord phases, and none of you deserve to have your throat slit and be post-mortem publicly humiliated for it. She was a teenage girl on 4chan, the chances that she had been groomed and was lashing out by taking money from actual pedophiles is pretty high. Idk how people can feel more sorry for the pedos she scammed than the DEAD GIRL THEY MURDERED.

No. 661300

>pretending she didn't help victimize other girls as young as 13
It isn't black and white.

No. 661304

Do you have actual proof of that? I've seen this claim repeated, but no actual testimonies, screenshots of conversations, etc.
Are you mistaking her for Ciara or something? She actually did that, and laughed about doing it.

No. 661305

I'm not any of the anons who have posted so far but I don't think anyone feels bad for the pedos that got scammed. I think they just think everyone involved in the situation was shit. But thinking that doesn't necessarily mean they think Bianca deserved it. You can dislike her (while understanding she was young and stupid at the time) and disapprove of her murder at the same time.

No. 661311

Damn anon, this is just shitty teenage stuff with zero context. Trying to make her out to be some kind of evil child trafficking mastermind when she was a 17 year old kid is just weird.

Even if half of these rumors about her are true, this guy killed her because he was obsessed with her and pissed off that she wasn’t giving him what he wanted. This can happen to even the nicest pickme. Her being a “bitch” doesn’t matter in the slightest.

No. 661325

The killing of Tim McLean or the Greyhound Bus Beheading in Canada in 2008.

Normal bus ride Tim was working as a carnival baker in Alberta and going home to Manitoba. It was almost night and a Canadian Chineese man named Vince Weiguang Li moved seats. ORiginally sat near the front of the bus, but moved to sit next to McLean following a scheduled rest stop.
Tim was listening to music on his headphones and felled asleep head leaning on the window. Tim barley acknowledged him. Vince then wiped out a knife and started staring him neck nd chest. Everyone framed out and ran out the bus? Two men tried to save Tim but Vince would try to slash them so couldn't. While waiting for police the bus driver did lock the bus doors but people can see what was happening threw the windows.

Vince decapitated his head and started showing it off to the people outside and started to eat some of his flesh from his body. He put some of his flesh in his pocket too they found too.

Cops came around 9pm and there was a stand off but eventually got him.

In 2017 Vince was discharged out of the mental health facility. He can live independently entirely for now on.

Horror Stories mad a short but detailed video about it: https://youtu.be/JsQ_TGy2jf0

No. 661328

Journalists and reporters ask some of the most ridiculous questions. "Have you ever seen anything like this before?" No, I don't think too many people have seen someone beheaded out of the blue right in front of them before. Even as a veteran, this guy was traumatized. This case has always been a doozy for me. Really interesting that Vince has been released since then.

No. 661332

What disturbed me about this case is that it could have been anyone on that bus. I believe the guy who did it claimed that man was possessed by something and God told him to kill him, and tried to plead insanity on trial. I don't get the insanity plea at all, if you are actually insane that's even more reason not to release you.

No. 661341

This is wildly inappropriate and not directly relative to this case in particular, but I always wonder if every now and again some seemingly random victims are actually like, secretly terrible people who did something wrong. Not that it’s karmic, but what if a man who was randomly murdered by schizophrenic just so happened to have molested his little sister or was a rapist or something. Just seems statistically possible at times.

No. 661431

File: 1603879091776.png (89.6 KB, 600x612, young-richardson.png)

I fucking hate the insanity plea. I think really unhinged people like that should be euthanized. Reminds of this girl who murdered her family with her gross groomer bf. She's going to a university now


No. 661436

I saw one of those channels and the owner was helding cats in terrible conditions. One adult male cat tried to rape a kitten, the owner filmed it. I've never thought cats are capable of such things

No. 661451

yeah this one's fucked up. basically all the cases where someone just loses it out of nowhere and very violently kills or maims a total stranger.

there was a similar one in Helsinki subway almost 20 years ago now and sometimes it still pops into my head when using the subway.

"According to the police the 36-year-old perpetrator from Helsinki did not know his 23-year-old victim, also a Helsinki resident.
The attack happened at 10.20 in the third carriage of a metro train. Just before the Kulosaari station the assailant walked behind the victim who was sitting alone at the rear end of the carriage and reading a newspaper. The assailant revealed a long-handled axe under his grey leather coat and hit the victim unexpectedly three times in the back of the head.
The assailant never threatened other passengers who were sitting at the front of the carriage, and he did not resist the police who arrested him at the Kulosaari station. According to eyewitnesses he seemed to understand what he had done."

No. 661501

I consume a lot of true crime content, but this one hits too close to home to dig into at all. Was accidentally exposed to the images right after it happened. Nobody deserves what happened to her.

No. 662115

File: 1603935181561.jpg (41.56 KB, 640x361, mass-victims.jpg)

The Stewart Weldon case has been fucking with me lately

Weldon gets pulled over for a broken tail light and tries to flee from the cops. In the process he crashes into a cop car. He has a woman in his passengers seat that he had kidnapped, repeatedly raped and beaten with a hammer. She tells the cops she was kept captive for a month at his home. Weldon is arrested.

They finally decide to search his house three fucking days later after his mom calls 911 to report that it smells like a dead body.

The bodies of three women were recovered from the property; Ernestine Ryans, America Lyden and Kayla Escalante. They also found a lot of evidence that would indicate the victims were tortured. To make matters worse, there was a child at the home when the police came to search it. I don't know anything about the kid other than CPS showed up immediately to come get them.

The women that this fucker targeted lived in some of the rougher neighborhoods in that part of Massachusetts. The state agrees to provide his defense with $15,000 for an independent psychiatrist and medical examiner. His attorneys are also requesting the surviving victim's mental health treatment records un attempt to discredit her.

Weldon's DNA comes up as a match for multiple rape kits in unrelated cases.

I hate that pieces of shit like this guy are entitled to this grand defense team in the name of a "fair trial" when his victims will never truly have justice.

No. 662446

File: 1603982659462.png (360.46 KB, 589x618, raja.png)

not really news per say but shit like this makes me want to go into some public paranoid schizo malehate sperg out


No. 662465

What’s sad is that the spergs on the threads about her on kiwi farms and others comment on how she deserves what happened to her and how she had it coming due to what she was like on the internet and stuff. Even if she was a bad person, she didn’t deserve to be murdered and her corpse picture to be uploaded to the internet

No. 662466

She wasn't a good person and probably wouldn't turn out well (the gorecult tumblr shenanigans was very telling of her personality, no sane welld-adjusted teenager does that messed shit with so much pleasure) but being murdered is way too fucking far.

No. 662757

It isn’t inappropriate, I often wonder the same thing too at night when I get caught up in my thoughts. I have a few people in my extended family who died really horrible, violent deaths and they were NOT nice people, at all.

No. 663336

The whole Powell family case fucks me up so badly. Part of me wonders if the boys had lived, would they turn out like their dad / grandfather? I have to assume that part of the reason Josh turned out the way he did was because Stephen Powell was the creep of all creeps, and obviously instilled a lot of the religious contrarianism during his (Stephan's) divorce. It's so insane to think about the ways Josh fucked with the police by just being an obstinate dick playing innocent when everyone knew he wasn't. It's just an insane case, especially because so much of it was documented and you can hear the tones of voice everything was in. It keeps me up sometimes.

No. 663621

Alberta is so fucked up with convictions. So many criminals get let out waay too early and the government doesn't give a shit. A few months ago a little kid got raped by some rando and he was out within 2 months.

I used to be friends with this chump. The signs were always there but I never knew he'd actually come through and it shook me to my core.
also shout-out to those that might know me just by posting this lmao.

No. 663636


Well, this was an ex bf's friend, and my ex was massive dickhead. Wouldn't surprise me if this guy was too. The company you keep and all that.

No. 667371

Anyone remember the McDonald's strip search scam? A man would call restaurants and grocery stores pretending to be a cop and get the employees/managers to strip search a female employee because he claimed she had stolen something. The most prominent case happened at a McDonald's, where the employee was assaulted by the person doing the "investigation" with the caller giving him instructions. There was a movie on it too.

This case really freaked me out. The victim was only 18 and obviously a typical meek southern girl who wouldn't question authority. The perpetrator likely did it dozens of other times and didn't face any charges, even though they pretty much proved his identity.


No. 667384

It's really crazy that no one stopped it as it was happening. I recommend Casefile podcast episode about the case if anyone is into podcasts.

No. 667390

Yeah, their podcast was the first thing I thought of too. I listened to that episode recently and that whole scenario was so fucked up and the whole time you just wish someone had come to their senses.

No. 667438

The man who sexually assaulted her was definitely fucked up for going along with everything, I'm glad he actually got prison time.

The poor victim has fucking PTSD and got her whole life ruined. The video of her assault is online forever. I wish she had gotten more money from the lawsuit.

No. 671267

It reminds me of the Milgram case study done years ago where researchers forced the control group to “electrocute” a “person” by giving them instructions or whatever, posing as authority. My memory is shit so I have the details whacked out but basically everyone went along with it willingly.

No. 674176

I just saw this, and there is no english translation for the news site but basically:

Some middle aged dude was physically abusive to his wife, she chose to left but he still kept making her life hell. He ended up killing her in front of her family after terrorizing her by digging a grave in her backyard and saying he was going to bury her.

But here's the cruel twist to this story: he confessed, there was evidence against him, but he walked out of the police station all nonchalant and even gave an interview because here in this shithole no suspects can be arrested 5 days before an election. Now he's probably running away and cops "can't do anything".

I was doing good today after some hellish weeks but now i just want to cry. Cops here do all kinds of illegal shit and he said he wanted to be arrested, but they couldn't keep him there for 1 or 2 days and not tell anyone? who tf was going to miss this murderer who said he wanted to be arrested? no one even knew about this law, and now her poor kids won't get justice or peace. It truly fucked me up.

No. 674326

which shithole country is this?

No. 674409

The validity of that experiment has been called into question. Apparently a lot of people in the experiment knew it was faked, and of the people who thought they were really causing pain to people, a lot of them refused to comply, but the guy running the experiment reported erroneous results.

I don't know who to believe on it but I do wonder what effect it has on people if they believe that the majority of the population are inhuman monsters.

No. 675489

I’ve heard about this case because I saw the Law and order SVU episode that was based on this experience (and the McDonald’s thing) staring robbin Williams. I was horrified that it was one of those episodes that is directly related to a real crime rather than taking inspiration

No. 676863

Brazil probably. Elections were just few days ago

No. 682600

I listen to a woman talk about the Chris watts case in a lovely English accent to lure me into sleep and I’m disgusted but relaxed before bed at least once a week

No. 682614

File: 1606467794663.jpeg (2.34 MB, 3024x3122, A56E4BAA-6BFC-4DE0-8ADB-BB207B…)