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File: 1636227476212.png (221.29 KB, 504x778, shqqqqq.png)

No. 961495

Previous thread >>>/ot/945538

>>946232 , >>947044 Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots a cinematographer

>>946494 , >>946525 Zara Larson leaks her nudes before someone else does.

>>947176 , >>947171 Kourtney and her new man being cringe

>>947770 river dale actor wants to be a drag queen

>>949335 , >>949506 , >>949435 , >>960675 miley being miley

>>949928 , >>952693 selena gomez also experiences a nude leak

>>950608 , >>960907 Azelia one sided beef with Dave Chappelle, Arca

>>951419 Chrissy Teigen is back

>>952264 , >>952267 Drake in a ugly coat

>>952891 , >>952966 , >>953616 , >>954525 Zayn Malik hits Yolanda Hadid

>>953462 Dasha calls out Chandler Riggs for being into questionable things…

>>954481 , >>954505 Billie Eilish as the voice of Sally in “The Nightmare Before Christmas Live-To-Concert Experience”

>>954862 Gwyneth Paltrow and Jada are anti-porn

>>954996 , >>959451 Kim Kardashian is rumored to be dating Pete davidson

>>955311 , >>955308 , >>955282 >>955621 , >>955753 , >>956083 >>956095 , >>956099 , >>957155 >>957520 , >>957875 Celebrities in Halloween costumes

>>957308 , >>957562 Demi Lovato documentary on aliens

>>957674 Kristen Stewart engaged to Dylan Meyer

>>959722 Chris Pratt throwing shade at his ex-wife and son

>>959723 ,>>959745 Britney ongoing conservatorship issues

>>959783 Lil nas x for wsj magazine

>>959979 Dakota Johnson defends Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

>>960818 Taylor swift will release a short film about her relationship with jake gyllenhaal

>>961022 , >>961030 , >>961033 >>961055 >>961058 , >>961365 >>961371 >>961461 , >>961469 People getting trampled and dying at Travis Scotts concert(worst OP in /ot/)

No. 961498

File: 1636227619332.jpg (130.32 KB, 640x898, 108b46c7bf28cc699d71d5f34a397d…)


No. 961506

File: 1636227803396.png (78.89 KB, 882x861, 2021-11-06 15_36_42-Travis Sco…)

continuing the astroworld convo, travis scott actually has a history of riling his fans up at concerts and has been sued for this type of negligent bullshit before

No. 961508

The formatting…

No. 961511

anon don’t make me laugh please I know just ignore the severe autism awaiting in this thread because of it

No. 961513

they were so quick to get it posted too kek

No. 961522

File: 1636228494020.png (173.36 KB, 685x771, 48a8s7788aa22s.png)

lollapalooza in 2015 as well. it's like he wants people to die at his shows.

No. 961525

File: 1636228633402.gif (587.24 KB, 220x279, 1331316521855.gif)

>Just saw a vid of him doing the roboter on stage while a fan was on the edge of dying just right in front of him.

No. 961542

… is absolutely perfect for the mess these threads are kek

No. 961546

Friendly reminder that if you don't know how to make thread OPs, it's ok to wait for someone else to make a new thread. There's no rush.

No. 961566

Holy shit I’m trying not to laugh

No. 961571

Truly the darkest timeline

No. 961573

File: 1636230410306.jpeg (363.79 KB, 1170x2123, D915B3DE-D3E5-480D-A8E3-98A7C5…)


No. 961581

What’s the appeal of watching some ugly ass dude make noise into an automatically autotuned mic? People go wild over this shit like they’re monkeys in a cage getting their first mental stimulation

No. 961593

what the fuck is wrong with this guy

No. 961600

high af

No. 961619

Holy shit his first name is Jacques? That's some 90 years old white French man name, I can't stop laughing.

No. 961621

If Travis Scott gets sued he can use billionaire Kylie Jenner’s money

No. 961638

File: 1636234198877.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 640x360, NEW BLOOD AND BLACK GOO GRAPHE…)

Kylie Jenner's blood bath video ad from a few weeks ago. She also dressed as Freddy Krueger, in a red bodysuit resembling his burned skin.

No. 961640

Literally her after getting a BBL.

No. 961642

The rich got what they wanted.

No. 961645

Her silhouette at the beginning looks ridiculous

No. 961669

How do you spend all that money on a new face and still be busted? I hate her old lady face sm

No. 961671

Every time Kylie gets work done on her ass she can't sit and has to shit standing up. What a weird existence.

No. 961678

re that travis scott shit
a couple years ago the same thing happened in germany and even more died. sounds impossible to happen but if people in a huge crowd panic…
in that case the organizers received zero punishment, he likely won't either.

No. 961690

The loveparade disaster happened because they thought that it would be a good idea to pring this street festival from Berlin's big open streets into a smaller closed location in a different town. Those idiots just imagined that not so many people will take part of that festival so they decided that the entry would be also the exit, which then turned into a death trap when more and more poeple tried to exit/entry this place and people freaked out and panicked. Both things have in common that too many people were allowed and non of who orgenized the event gave a single fuck about the safety of them. Every noob knows that big gatherings need to be controlled, have security and of course space for said people. It is true that people got away with murder from the loveparade thing and so will travis because as above mentioned, kylie's money and his brain dead fans will still support his ass no matter what.

Here is a vid from the loveparade disaster on how it was to be in the middle of a mass panic, knowing that people under you are dying.

No. 961692

File: 1636238180704.jpg (109.78 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20211106_193303.jpg)

Drake recently posted on instagram about the astroworld fest when everyone knows what happened and Travis releasing a joke of a statement. This is so sick, these people have truly lost all humanity. Caption not mine btw, took it from twitter

No. 961729

Houston PD announced there was a report of a security guard that got injected with drugs during the concert. It made him go unconscious and medical staff had to revive him apparently.

No. 961769

Videos from the concert are so fucking scary, so many people yelling at him to stop and he just doesn't give a fuck. Not to tinfoil but it really seems as if people like him get off to shit like this, the ultimate attention, now nobody will never not know him, will never forget him.

No. 961778

He’s trash and most of his fans are also trash for their crazy behavior, it’s sad that people died and I think most of them were very young, in teens and 20s. It’s terrible that many people cared more about “raging” rather than their fellow fans in the crowd who were dying and couldn’t get help because idiots were dancing on top of the medic cart. Imagine stampeding people and evading proper security just for some concert and celebrity clout, zoomers are brain damaged

No. 961800

File: 1636249583230.jpeg (359.4 KB, 828x571, C20F79DF-C19F-4FAC-8841-FA5084…)


No. 961844

Nah anon he woke up the next day and listened to Christian music while running and now he's all good again. Didn't bother to apologise or clarify that he didn't mean to disrespect his son and ex, but at least everyone got a reminder of how godly and fit he is while not giving a fuck.

No. 961851

It’s what he deserves

No. 961856

by far the worst chris in hollywood.

No. 961968

she looks like an 8th grade lesbian math teacher

No. 961974

selena gomez's nude leak is so unsettling to me, she looks so zoned out and unaware in a lot of them

No. 961976

He's obviously mocking the situation you autists

No. 962106

Yeah I’m pretty shocked people aren’t taking this into account, he himself is on autopilot and because he is narcissistic enough to have his own festival for himself like this he is going to be on another mother fucking planet from whatever drug combination he’s on, and he is getting the best shit. I wish I knew what was in his system.

No. 962178

File: 1636285254699.jpg (233.26 KB, 1200x1238, 20211107_112406.jpg)

Her stylists must hate her

No. 962184

reminds me of that one time angela merkel wore a dress with cleavage

No. 962196

Why did she/her stylist completely abandon her emo/alt look? So weird.

No. 962198

I swear I'm not a Billie sperg but it's so frustrating to me that she won't lose any weight. she is oviosuly uncomfortable and insecure at her current weight, it's a shame. she'd be much happier

No. 962199

The fur scarf and red nails look great but wtf is that shirt and bra??? The neckline emphasizes her massive and manly shoulders and arms and the bra doesn't match at all. Also who keeps telling her that hair looks good? She looks like she went to a 10 yr old and told them to cut her hair like joan jett and then poured the cheapest bleach she can find all over her hair. I swear to god no one hates Billie eilish more than her stylist

No. 962201


No. 962202

Same as Lizzo, she made her persona about being fat or "curvy" and if she loses weight she'll lose the female fans who have bodies like her. It's sad that so many celebrities need to choose their career over health in America

No. 962203

Is she currently sponsored by gucci?

Angela did it better lol

No. 962205

It’s awful but I can’t help but think that she could pull it off if she just smiled. The bored and stoned glare doesn’t come across as “cool girl” in any of her new looks. She looks like a mentally challenged prostitute. Also nitpick but lose the talons. They draw too much attention to her weird hands.

No. 962206

God complex

No. 962208

Way too jarring, they could've done a more gradual transformation from Alt style to… whatever this is

No. 962209

A long, dark colored hairstyle would improve her appearance so much. She's a millionaire, why not just get a great wig?

No. 962214

File: 1636289229308.jpg (375.55 KB, 1200x1593, 20211107_134631.jpg)

Looks like she had a stroke

No. 962232

can she even see? her eyelids are covering her pupils

No. 962255

this looks like the split second she's seen someone puke and she's about to puke in response

No. 962266

Gucci is making a huge push for the youth market right now, giving loads of clothes to celebrities and influencers. Dunno if it's related but a lot of their clothes are strangely ugly lately, like that green sweater vest from the previous thread.

No. 962298

File: 1636297561487.jpeg (12.71 KB, 621x494, fat Jenna thirty rock.jpeg)

The kindest interpretation of this mess, and how she's looked lately, is if her stylists have only ever experienced dressing models or anachan celebrities who look good in anything,who would make this dorky cabaret situation look at least whimsical/playful instead of like she got dressed in the dark.
Problem is Billie isn't morbidly obese like Lizzo, she's just normal fat girl which is hardest to style. Like they said on 30 Rock when Jenna got a pizza belly
>she needs to lose thirty pounds or gain sixty.anything in between has no place on television

No. 962299

>shit standing up

No. 962302

File: 1636297878754.jpeg (797.71 KB, 828x1148, 5A06D594-9863-4ACB-B8F8-63A42D…)

I’ve been to an extremely packed shoe in a small venue and know what she’s talking about. Sorry I don’t know how to pic stitch but this story about the festival has be completely shook. A layer or two of people on the ground. That sounds gruesome. I think that this is way worse than 8 people and it’s crazy that not only does Travis not care but he looks like he’s about to laugh at some parts in his apology video. He’s absolutely enjoying his infamy now. Complete sociopathic narcissist.

No. 962307

Most of the music celebs are on drugs 24 7 (eg Grande with her coke) so no wonder he has no brain kek

No. 962314

don't you kind of want to try it to see how it would feel?

No. 962322

i feel like billie's lost weight, i don't think her weight is the problem with that look

No. 962328

Her weight isn't the problem. It's those ugly clothes and fried hair. Idgaf if you styled that shit on an anachan or Lizzo, the fact is it would make either way uglier. You guys are obsessed about weight I s2g. Get some fucking taste.

No. 962332

Fox Houston interviewed an attending ICU nurse. It was a mess and nobody knew how to revive people/save their lives. This nurse had to go into the crowd and ask drs and other nurses to help save people.

No. 962336

Careful while scrolling down

No. 962350

shes a lardass lol keep coping fattychan

No. 962374

File: 1636306005890.png (549.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211107-182547.png)

Statement on his story.
He's a bad actor.

No. 962378

Seethe more Skeletor, no one thinks your potato sacks are attractive just because they're on you.

No. 962436

File: 1636310998064.jpg (120.41 KB, 946x2048, FDnA1rVX0AcWFBz.jpg)

Kylie also wrote a statement in her Insta Story. She says she saw no ambulance etc. while the show was going on …

No. 962438

File: 1636311093420.jpg (99.69 KB, 946x2048, FDhILLPX0AEKHeU.jpg)

… but in the now deleted story it clearly shows that she saw the ambulance and such in the crowd.

No. 962453

damn so scummy of her and travis

No. 962456

God how I just want these people to fade into obscurity. They clearly didn't give a fuck about those people's lives and it's all just a spectacle to them.

No. 962458

may be petty to say but i hope they fall out of favor with the general public after this, they've always been trashy and was never sure why either of them had so many people revel over them.

those people never should have died that way. that's fucking grim.

No. 962461

the look where she perpetually looks like she's about to roll her eyes is getting real tired. you can try looking like a normal person for once billie

No. 962481

Won’t happen, their fans are mostly kids and teens who don’t care. The male fanbase is so much worse than the female one that’s deemed dramatic. It’s gonna become a joke sadly.

No. 962501

i've known grown people who enjoy following them and their antics as well, weirdly enough. i'm guessing they're mostly popular amongst teens to millennial adults but it makes no sense to me that they're so glorified, they're just rich and contribute little aside from seeming narcissist.

but yeah i hate that what you mentioned is even a possibility - that it's all just going to turn into some joke and probably be forgotten because they don't care. i don't know what it'll ever take for these people (and their fans) to take things seriously.

No. 962506

kek. maybe you need to stop acting like a dumbass, pratt

No. 962509

You're right, I'm actually seeing those very fans say stuff like "Travis did nothing wrong" and "Pray for Travis" and it pisses me off so much. I understand the ones saying this are probably kids though, but there has to be enough common sense to at least think about the victims and their families and not him. But unfortunately they're just memeing the situation

No. 962514

she looks good here tbh

No. 962516

That's so fucked what the hell. Literal deaths we're talking about here, and people will still blindly take their dickhead of an idol's word like it's gospel.

No. 962529

How would you even tell? She puts her tits on display and when she's not wearing a tent with cleavage she's wearing corsets that are several sizes to small just for her waist to look completely proportional to her body

The Sally costume is what did it for me, it's the most recent body hugging one in which her waist looks massive even with a corset which is telling because women with average or even slightly larger waists can look insane with a corset, if Billie looks completely wide in a corset that's obviously several sizes to small then her natural waist must be fucking massive

No. 962538

File: 1636318000835.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3136x3182, 43AAB472-1478-4509-89DF-30E7D3…)

Can someone tell me what’s up with this hand over stomach pose she always does, I’m not sure what’s she trying to achieve but all it does is draw attention to her gut.

No. 962547

even if they're telling the truth, it still makes them look bad. he should've been aware of what was going on. what, was he so high he wasn't aware of his surroundings at all? or did he just not care enough to look at his audience once?

No. 962549

Is she strung out on something? She’s got that look on her face. Her pupils seem pretty normal sized if you account for the lighting but I can’t tell. She doesn’t look sober.

It’s an insecurity thing, like when people “hug” themselves or rub their necks to self-soothe when nervous.

No. 962553

File: 1636319507730.jpeg (372.09 KB, 828x1052, 00892860-D42E-474B-B4A2-8BBEA5…)

She looks so weak and aged like her face is so gaunt. She also posted the classic Anachan collarbones and sternum bones showing post. Trying to look like a frail Asian granny

No. 962556

he cares so much he really took the time to slap a black and white filter on huh

No. 962559

She's been posing that way since 16 and but when she's caught in candids you see her normal eyes. It's stupid af she looks better if she didn't try to look like she just left a drug deal

No. 962560

i think it's the insecurity thing >>962549 mentioned, and i'm also speculating that it's her probably thinking that putting her hands on her stomach will help to ever so slightly push it in or make it appear smaller in photos, however little it helps.

No. 962564

white trashcore

No. 962565

File: 1636320197192.jpeg (116.17 KB, 540x339, AD3F71C0-1796-4399-9C34-973A88…)

I'm not sure if this is correct because I just read this from somewhere, but to add on to the whole Travis Scott thing - he was allegedly at a strip joint laer that night after the event. Yup, if true he was obviously real traumatized by the whole thing. And someone wrote a comment with a link that had been removed by the time I caught wind of it, so I don't have it but the image related provides context as to what the missing link would have led to:

No. 962576

There was a deleted reddit post in the kanye subreddit about a person who worked for security in a previous TS concert who said the same thing,how travis was cursing at them, encouraging the fans to jump over the barricade, and that they were having a tough time trying to keep all of those fans from breaking in.

I found reddit posts from 2 years ago about this incident including a video so this did happen.



No. 962581

looks like heroin

No. 962582

File: 1636321197695.jpg (131.83 KB, 599x837, emily.jpg)


No. 962584

Kanye West dedicating his Sunday Service livestream to those who lost their lives at Astroworld, I think

No. 962585

This chick always wants attention. It’s a outrage now.

No. 962587

Hell, he needs to stop performing, he's putting all the attendees to his shows at risk and doesn't have a single care in the world about it. Granted those fans may be dumb, but he's actively encouraging this shit.

No. 962595

That argument quickly falls apart when you consider how there's multiple occasions over YEARS where he was encouraging fans to stampede and hurt themselves at his shows. Being young isn't an excuse to deny facts; one guy is literally paralyzed now because of a Travis Scott concert back in 2017 and yet Travis's sociopathic ass was cheering him on and making light of it when he initially fell. He also has an instance where he crowdsurfed and then told the fans to go wild and beat up some guy who tried taking one of his shoes off.

No. 962606

File: 1636323391148.jpg (622.67 KB, 3000x2000, travis.jpg)

Yeah he has been doing this for a while in his concerts and encouraging dangerous stunts by his fans. and it finally culminated to this.

In 2017 one of his fans became paralyzed after Travis encouraged his fans to jump off a balcony


No. 962624

There's so much milk going on lately. This has Manchester vibes for some reason.

No. 962630

>(worst OP in /ot/)

No. 962633

Because she's fat. That top rigth picture is awful. Should had stick to baggy clothes. Thank god this bitch is flopping.

No. 962747

hopefully now she can learn to stop using her baby as an accessory

No. 962774

This is so fucking funny and messed up, any woman with child or not hates this person because of how she treats her child and pregnancy. There is fucking nothing to relate to and I don’t care about her feelings about being in a thong when she’s very safe because she pandered to men in a video explicitly about rape and sex trafficking is sky rocketing. This is a shallow and really insulting way to neutralize what she’s famous for, supporting rapists.

No. 962777

There were doctors and nurses as attendees of this I thought this was for children who ate McDonald’s and vape cartridges

No. 962802

this cover will be the final nail in the coffin that costs her all her old fans. how do her management not realize this is 100% the opposite of what she was supposed to be selling?

No. 962804

sauce? asking for a friend…

No. 962807

>children who ate McDonald’s and vape cartridges

As weird as your post is, some of those are doctors and nurses.

No. 962815

File: 1636340793661.jpg (29.49 KB, 700x467, https___d1e00ek4ebabms.cloudfr…)

No. 962824

this cover came out weeks ago

No. 962825

No. 962827

File: 1636342724297.png (1.19 MB, 1000x600, 14567654329876.png)

who wore it better

No. 962829

I mean Merkel really went full tit, she wasn't playing

No. 962839

She looks hot here ngl, I feel like the frumpy haircut only looks bad on her because she has a chubbier body which results in her looking like a mom.
If she was rail thin like the typical heroin chic model she would pull it off as evidenced by her serving a look in this picture and others where her body isn't visible. I agree with the anon who said it would probably benefit her to lose some weight if she wants to stay in Hollywood.

No. 962840

Does anyone else think Billie does this retarded half open eyed face on purpose because it's her brand at this point? I refuse to believe she looks like this naturally kek, it's really too unfortunate

No. 962889

I thought this was in response to the German slag a post above this lol

No. 962914

oh for sure. i'm pretty sure another anon in this thread said she does it on purpose but in candids you'll catch a more normal looking facial expression. but it's just getting tired really. it doesn't suit whatever kind of look she's going for now and honestly makes her look like a bratty 40 year old.

No. 962920

This is not news. It is quite literally part of her personal brand and she's been asked to do "the look" in interviews before.

No. 963095

Gaga released a second trailer for "The House of Gucci".

No. 963108

That looks like fat girls lingerie from torrid. Florals and flares coming soon.

No. 963109


Merkel has better tits

No. 963110

Scrote begone

No. 963132

File: 1636381567324.jpg (373 KB, 900x900, billie-eilish-hairchanges.jpg)


I actually think she looks kinda pretty in these photos compared to her recent vouge photoshoot and met gala. Yeah, the outfit doesnt fit her and looks like something that an oldy lady at the brothel would wear, but her hair looks soft in contrast to the plastic hair (pic rel) and granny hairstyle looks she had before. The delicate makeup also suits her. I hope that her stylists will ditch the sexy mommy vintage look soon… These clothes make her look 40.

No. 963253

File: 1636390702526.jpeg (741.89 KB, 904x1264, 96766B0B-78A2-4B8F-995B-ECACD4…)

Painfully bland, she outdone herself.
Sighhhh i was hoping to see some creative packaging since she promoted a space/ futuristic theme (that ironically copied old vogue photoshoots)

No. 963257

File: 1636390787621.jpeg (33.89 KB, 1480x1728, 95ED320D-3D9B-436C-A25F-AB65CE…)

A fucking sharpie…

No. 963269

File: 1636391192517.jpg (138.02 KB, 653x807, Haus-Labs-Love-For-Sale-Eyesha…)

Oh man, I know her fans will buy this but this has been done already thousands of times before that. While the packaging is very clean and kinda early 2000s like, the colors story is just the most basic shit ever. I remember when Gaga dropped her stuff and thought that it was boring, but Ari takes the cake. They all really try to pull another Rihanna here but nope. They all fail to sell some sort of fantasy, like Fenty Beauty did.

Picrel is gaga's newest eyeshadow palette.

No. 963305

kek where's the anons that were talking in the last thread about her not giving a shit about the quality of their products. because they're right. this looks uninspired and boring
ofc her fans will, they think anything she puts out is good somehow. i didn't even know gaga had a makeup line. but damn why are they all trying to copy rihanna

No. 963309

Gaga with her terrible accent, never ceases to insult italy in many ways

No. 963311

I just realised she looks old in these pictures because she is trying to promote her makeup so the filters aren’t set to max for once. Her face looks DRY

No. 963313

Drugstore brand bullshit, come oooonnnn

No. 963315

I hate when collar bones stick out like that, it grosses me out. Like I could just grab it and tear it off, ugh I'm getting squeamish, what is wrong with me

No. 963331

Celebrity makeup really is akin to those make up sets you can buy children from the argos catalogue. That's what they are and that's the audience. Anyone over the age of teenager that buys these products needs a hard look at themselfs

No. 963350

i felt the same seeing that like wtf. how is that supposed to look appealing?
i've heard fenty is decent, and rihanna seems like she actually gives a shit about what she's selling instead of just selling it, not 100% sure though, that's what i've heard. but i believe that's definitely true for the others i've seen.

No. 963355

Fenty was surprisingly high quality but the quality began to dip some time ago just before the pandemic.

No. 963359

Why does this look like e.l.f makeup

No. 963363

Even the name sounds like something you'd find at CVS. Nyx, e.l.f., and now r.e.m.

No. 963369

Kek you're right. And she's charging $15-$24 for this stuff? Now I don't know if that's cheap or not because I don't really shop for makeup often but it just looks cheap. Can't wait to see what happens if it actually is shit quality like we suspect and her stans complain after buying it, but they probably won't. But if they do, even if it was shit I doubt she'd care.

No. 963371

Isn't that how normal collarbones look? idgi

No. 963372

the packaging looks so cheap and dated

No. 963373

That looks like Kiko, from the packaging to the mediocre quality.

No. 963375

File: 1636397647076.jpg (113.09 KB, 1170x1007, 97756732767.jpg)

If you're not into Ari's makeup launch, perhaps Demi can interest you in a vibrator?

No. 963376

File: 1636397729471.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)

No. 963377

Same woman copied some instathot's outfits and turned them into a merch. At least this release truly shows how generic and souless she is. where all of the grande stans from previous threads kek

No. 963380

this is the worst timeline oh my god

not only can i not stop fucking laughing but this is a whole mood every time fucked up shit happens. like shit what can you do, just robot it off.

No. 963381

Exactly my reaction, thank you anon

No. 963390

She's "pretty" because shes a celebrity, if she was a random thot on TikTok or SoundCloud not a single one of you would look at her twice and you guys would call her out more for wearing corsets 24/7 and trying to stealth them to pass them off as her real body. Her styling is shit but let's be honest here, she looks like an average American white girl with PCOS. Bad styling, cheaply done hair, chubby with bad fat distribution, no ass and honky features

No. 963395

She's purposely making them stick out, it is a bit off putting to look at.

No. 963400

>honky features
Hmm….. I think you're a little jealous anonita. The average american white girl is probably 5x cuter then you…

No. 963402

I know you meant that as a joke kek but god I severely dislike both of them. Can't believe Themi would think anyone would genuinely be interested in anything her musty ass has had a hand in the creation of and we've already picked apart Ari's shitty product.

We really do live in a cursed timeline.

No. 963403

If her stans couldn't already pick out that she's generic and soulless that's kind of on them kek. She just gives off the vibes of a conceited girl who was lucky to hit the big leagues in fame.

No. 963408

File: 1636400094755.png (509.66 KB, 737x720, Screenshot_2021-11-08-20-30-19…)

If you've never met your collarbones… Consider a diet
Half the girls i see outside are the same weight as Ari I really don't get the anons obsessed with labeling her body as anorexic, but she definitely does stick her collarbones on purpose like you said, i kinda get it because they're an elegant feature. What I don't get is when she does this (picrel) to her neck muscles she looks like she's getting the life sucked out of her

No. 963412

I'm not saying it isn't normal anons, I'm saying it grosses me out. Just the same way that thinking about how my insides work grosses me out, it makes me queasy. I'm not calling her anachan or anything, I just don't like when collarbones protrude.

No. 963422

File: 1636401356108.jpeg (496.85 KB, 828x1046, 7C0482DB-3CF2-4658-AD60-7160E3…)

This is on that same string of photos on Instagram, it’s just really not appealing at all and kinda creepy like it disturbs me because it seems like she’s trying so hard to look extremely tiny when she used to have some extra weight last year.

No. 963426

She's gonna be pushing up the daisies way before Ellen Page,and I'm not even being snarky.

No. 963429

I'm probably going to get it.

No. 963432

>t. Chubby American white girl with honky features(infighting)

No. 963435

the average American white girl is a god damn boxy whale, try again

No. 963439

I fucking want one

No. 963441

>t. Fat ugly poc coping(infighting)

No. 963442

File: 1636402762362.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, 1598144163850.png)

No. 963444

I guess “space age” in 2021 just means Y2K. This reminds me of Bonnebell stuff I’d buy at the drug store when I was a kid.

No. 963446

This is…so….I can't even find the right adjective, I just can't stop laughing lmao

No. 963458

I was going to post this picture to show how her collarbones are normal even if she's pushing them but decided not to because this conversion is retarded. But holy shit- you need to get you face stuffed you squishy round dramatic body positive queen and shut the fuck up about how spooked you are by a fucking bone, even demi lovato can see hers, this shit is boring and it's only making me imagine how much excess fat you've got there.

No. 963461

but… why? there are probably better sex toys out there. this one doesn't look like anything special

No. 963462

Nonny, america is predominantly fatties. collarbones are a new thing for the majority of them. don't be too hard on them, they don't know what a normal body looks like anymore

No. 963463

File: 1636404769520.jpg (128.19 KB, 634x1206, 4555BA1B00000578-4981046-image…)


am I the only one getting courtney love vibes? lmfao

No. 963470

Kek you're not alone. When is picrel from?

No. 963474

Lmfao anons are not fat just because they hate seeing a girl who’s known for having eating problems and whose fan praise revolves around being smol and tiny continue to lose weight and alter herself and body to the point of looking unrecognizable. She’s clearly not capable of looking at herself normally and that’s why she’s dwindling in size and keeps changing her face. It’s not even about her having collarbones, it’s the way she presents herself and does these poses to look as skinny as possible which she was doing when she was younger too. It’s disturbing and not just because OMG SHES TOO SKINNY AND NO ONE CAN BE THAT SKINNY

No. 963486

holy shit I think you're on to something. finally we have a context for the mumsy corsets and piss blonde hair.

No. 963488

Pretty sure she’s talking about her rib cage which is creepy bc idk most women have breast tissue there which you guessed it is comprised of fat even if you’re underweight or even fit. This person has no muscle either, which none of you ever bitch about. It’s not normal to see someone’s entire rib cage in front unless they’re like geriatric, sorry. Collarbones are normal and everyone has them and they can stick out more depending on how you pose so I doubt anyone cares about that. Also the chest bones are featured in the center lol, it’s really desperate to get someone to notice but she’s already famous and has access to health care. Like go show your fucking husband creep. It’s also loathsome because her fans are super young girls, like fuck off for real. Starving off all your fat and muscle tissue that it shows in your chest as a woman and showing it like a fashion accessory to children when you have a health issue is gross as fuck. She looks unhealthy and grey, whatever the tuck her diagnosis is or if her bmi is normal or not who cares, she looks abnormal and deficient in vitamins and is doing some shit only someone without a developed prefrontal cortex and no attention would do. She defends Dan Schneider and still supports him, I don’t care about her suffering and nasty pigeon chest, no one wants to see that and she has managers.

No. 963490

Points were made here though also I don't like Ari and what she stands for so I may be biased

No. 963491

File: 1636406134869.jpeg (196.89 KB, 640x510, E93A0675-2E94-4F31-8043-0C076E…)

Why is Vin Diesel being so dramatic about this it's not even a good film series kek

No. 963495

>this conversation is retarded
>spergs about collarbones anyway
I thought they would never stop making Fast and Furious movies, holy fuck…

No. 963498

File: 1636406501837.jpeg (36.25 KB, 480x480, 0A347AB9-68BF-4662-A518-248424…)

Oh you’re soooo concerned for ari whatever is she gonna doooo without you expressing your disgust- i mean sympathy for her collarbones you’re sooo sad for her, -totally not fat- anon. It’s not like she wants her body to look its best before releasing an album and getting on a tv show like most celebs do oh poor little rich girl.
Seriously, bitch is SQUARE her ribcage is fucking wide, ofc her bones are prominent stop being retarded.
Your boobs are on your collarbones?!
Picrel i guess dualeep is anachan now
Please stop this retardation you bitches are fat and delusional

No. 963501

I thought this was a troon before I read the post. I feel so bad

No. 963502

They should have stopped a long time ago lmao they're beating a dead horse at this point. I don't understand how it's still making money but I guess at least it's relatively harmless compared to other stuff, it's just dumb as fuck. Dwayne obviously wants to move on but the only character he can play is himself

No. 963505

File: 1636406710788.jpeg (898.56 KB, 828x1207, 4B1D3B77-159A-435A-B0B2-974693…)

Travis’ stans are fucking sick. So many of them are on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat mocking the victims or saying it’s not a big deal. Some guy on Twitter was even trying to sell off his shoes that had victims’ blood on them. Ofc it also didn’t take long for religious nuts and Facebook wackjobs to decide Astroworld was some kind of occult/Satanic human sacrifice ritual.

No. 963506

Nta but why are you so aggressive? It's just way over the top. Not everyone who has a weird take to you is fat and you're actively trying to start some kind of infighting. You don't need to instigate bullshit to disagree with someone. You can make your point and still act maturely.

No. 963507

it's the only thing he's recognizable for now kek
anachan or not can we please stop this sperging, this shit has been happening in every thread and i'd love to see one without shit like this going down.

No. 963509

File: 1636406952930.jpeg (469.72 KB, 828x1122, E795430C-46BB-47C5-8CC5-CEB210…)

Picrel is from another post about the Satanic ritual conspiracy. Something about this incident got everyone acting unhinged.

No. 963510

i hate this tinfoiling they're making wtf. people fucking died, why can't they take that seriously without either a) defending their shit head idol and b) being a weirdo and connecting it to satanist crap. that person must be pulling muscles making that stretch.

No. 963513

I remember some weird anon sperged out because I said Billie Eilish was average American sized (ie fat) but it'd be better for her career in Hollywood if she was skinny. I think it's the same person here, she's just fighting everyone
Anyway yeah collarbones are very normal but at the same time, everyone knows Ariana Grande is an anachan. She's been one for a fucking while, people even dug up old Twitter posts or something. Sick of people coping about celebrities, drugs and EDs are common lol

No. 963515

Ariana looks like shit. There's nothing wrong with saying her collarbones look weird and even freaky, not liking to look at craggy bones doesn't mean you're fat, please realize how pathetic you sound. In reality, only anachans think she looks good…she's your classic gray, sallow ED chick who's rapidly losing her "glow" because all she cares about so zooming in on her jutty bones so she can get snaps from her psycho fans. The girl is unhealthy.

No. 963518

Because the united states of America is a FREE country and it gives ne the right to call you FAT.
No but how removed from reality are you to think anyone who has visible chest bones is anorexic? It’s like the mini tess holliday situation. That shit is a serious deadly mental illness stop throwing that label like it’s nothing. ari doesn’t give me anachan vibes at all by scrolling her instagram (u might get that impression because of nitpicking on here) and no she’s not gonna give them kids the anowexics just by posting prominent bones. If starving for the aesthetics was easy like that america wouldn’t be so fat.

No. 963528

Ariana's had an obvious eating disorder since like, season 2 of Victorious. And she's also been a cocaine addict on and off since the Victorious set. One of the biggest reasons the show stopped abruptly was bc there was too much drug use on the Victorious set. Ari is just your classic druggie anachan . Oh and she looks horrible, some of you don't realize there's an entire world between skeleton and fat. You sound really stupid

No. 963530

lol @ the tinfoil thread just copying this shit verbatim between Facebook mom vaccine theories.

No. 963531

File: 1636408184222.jpeg (73.75 KB, 736x752, 7D26E016-6A3C-40E0-A3CE-7D817E…)

From last year here she is looking normal, she was also just fine during her tour performances. If you want to defend her current state that’s your choice, but don’t act like people are fat just because they have eyes and see how strange it is for a girl with known past eating issues and history of body checks to be showing off her smaller size or simply people who think her boniness is off putting.

No. 963532

File: 1636408186400.jpeg (121.59 KB, 640x511, 373F2605-E48A-4A06-9729-C1B00A…)

Trying to detract from the ridiculous weight sperging that's going on here. Looks like Travis and LiveNation are starting to get sued.


No. 963533

>Ariana's had an obvious eating disorder since like, season 2 of Victorious.
>One of the biggest reasons the show stopped abruptly was bc there was too much drug use on the Victorious set.
Nta but is there a source on either of these? Just curious

No. 963536

Samefag, sorry, didn't realize it would get redtexted and cause the link to break. You can Google it though.

No. 963538

from that image, i really don't understand why she is fawned over so much

No. 963541

She eats when she's on tour so she doesn't pass out, and she had a self admitted alcohol issue for a year or so after mac died hence the weight gain. In my opinion she looks great in this pic, healthy looking. She's glowing because she's not starving

No. 963542

I don’t think anything will come from this, he might have to pay some fines but it’s not that hard for him and he also has Kylie to leech money from. I wish celebrities faced bigger repercussions for literally anything, he’s been known to encourage worse behavior and its now resulted in innocent kids being killed.

No. 963548

Same crazyy anon, Yes totally agree with this. I just hate the OMAHGAH COLLAR BONES CHEST BONES ANOWEXIAA. She clearly had them at her "healthiest" and i double down on that being due to her wide ribcage but what we're calling her healthiest is when she was heavy drinking and she was bloated asf. No concerns for her health tho because she's not triggering the little kids i guess (same goes for Tswift) I agree she looks gray and old tho, i just can't tell if it's her makeup/ filters/ drugs. I have a hard time believing a millionaire would be having a vitamin deficiency due to malnourishment lol I'm pretty sure she eats better food than all of us.
And apologies for calling people fat for their opinions i deemed dramatic. I've seen so much enraging body positive shit from tiktok i got reminded of it KEK

No. 963555

I'll dig. I know I have some stuff on the drugs on Victorious set but admittedly, her team has always been good with hiding scandals and such so the eating disorder thing during victorious is considered more heavily rumored than anything - I know there's a lot of speculation because of her age, she was ahealthy weight and then very quickly got skinny which could go with ED, drugs, or both. Personally I think both but what do I know

No. 963573

The only question I have for all that is how does being "body positive" line up with talking about how Ariana's collarbones stick out or whatever. If people here are claiming to be body positive they shouldn't be nitpicking over her body, as bony as she seems. But then again I guess the body positive movement is full of hypocrites anyway. Not that I've seen anyone on these threads even align with that movement

No. 963589

The thing that blows my mind the most about these conspiracies is that the main proponents are teenagers and people in their 20s. The people you’d hope would be smart enough to recognize there’s no Illuminati bullshit.

This. Travis should face manslaughter charges for each person he killed but he’ll probably just get asked to pay a few hundred thousand, which he’ll promptly make back from a shoe drop. Iirc he only got asked to pay $3,500 the last time he got fined which is pocket change for him and the Jenners.

No. 963593

File: 1636413132193.jpg (1.3 MB, 2000x1333, demi-lovato-noah-cyrus-00.jpg)

>instantly imagine her using one with noah

No. 963608

Sometimes I feel like it's backlash from the anons who get tired of hearing how anyone with a tiny skin fold is a disgusting fatty. This thread is so toxic without a shred of body positivity. How is calling Ariana too skinny any more offensive than calling healthy weight celebs fat? It doesn't help that Ariana posts such weird pics of herself, those pics are what start the convos anyway. She looks weird lately and her collarbones do stick out

No. 963710

I just want the weight sperging to stop neither Ariana nor Billie is worth all this salt

No. 963712

billie is fat(stop)

No. 963713

It's easier to blame it on imaginary fiends than actually face the fact that humans are selfish and don't give a fuck about each other

No. 963741

i stan for dwayne. out of all the retards you guys are gonna hve to vote for in 2028 he's the least retarded. he's an arnold that speaks english, buy out now before it gets any worse.

No. 963808

i thought vin diesel and the rock hated each other?

No. 963810

This is a dig at The Rock lol Dwayne called out the cast for fucking around during the production of the other films and since then the two have had beef… this is just Vin trying to put the final film being inevitably shit onto him for not “showing up”.

No. 963811

They do. Vin is being a condescending cunt kek

No. 963815

god damn they look dirty. dump a keg of purell on them

No. 963851

The two of them should make out in the last one, just to fuck with people.

No. 963860

I agree. And she does post weird photos, yet she still has so many stans that lap it up like she's some queen or something. It's ridiculous that she's put up on some pedestal.

No. 963861

Jokes on Vin, the series has been shit for a while now, if not the whole time

No. 963863

James Charles?

No. 963864

KEK i can't unsee it now

No. 963879

>one of his fans became paralyzed after Travis encouraged his fans to jump off a balcony
I knew this guy was shit but wow. Goes to show how dumb scrotes are in general too, doing stupid shit because their idol "convinced" them. Darwin Awards.

No. 963880

>fake Christian

No. 963888

I went to high school with the guy that jumped from the balcony and became paralyzed in 2017. He was always sketchy but he didn’t deserve that. Travis literally said “they gon catch you don’t be scared!” When he realized the guy jumped and was hurt, he ordered the security to drag his limp body up to the stage. Travis gave him his ring worth $100,000. As if that would fix anything. Smh they’re still involved in a lawsuit.

No. 963904

File: 1636444496367.png (1.24 MB, 582x1505, screencapture-twitter-JeffBezo…)

This is so embarrassing.

No. 963907

That’d be hot ngl

No. 963908

lol what a loser

No. 963909

Jeffery your Botox bimbo girlfriend that you cheated on your lovely wife with was the one swooning over Leo. Tell her to walk off a cliff. Billionaire yet still a beta.

No. 963910

File: 1636445233091.jpeg (110.94 KB, 602x631, F718B7B9-2569-4C48-B0CF-0C0B0E…)

He should be more concerned about his twacked eye

No. 963929

File: 1636447674815.jpeg (416.41 KB, 1200x1726, 5A3287B6-EB41-4BA9-ADCD-CE12B3…)

Calm down nonita, i only complimented her hair and makeup. You’re right about her looking ‚regular’ now, that’s the reason why everyone critiques her recently. But looking regular is also what made her popular in the first place. She always presented herself as a normal teen in baggy clothes, little to no makeup and didn’t try to be ‚sexy’ like most girls in the pop industry, which funnily made her look unique. What makes her celebrity kind of regular looking (at least in my opinion) is the fact that she has no acne and a pretty symmetrical face. I doubt she would have as much teen girl fans as she used to have if she didn’t at least have a pretty face. You’ll probably get mad at me again but i think it’s just her new concept that ruined her look.

No. 963950

i feel like they would both hate that and the idea makes me kek

No. 963954

why do i already have the feeling that even long after the franchise is dead and over, it's all he will post about because he misses the "family" or whatever. nevermind other roles he's had because he's barely known for anything else anymore other than bland ass dom. even as groot from gotg he only had to say like 3 or 4 lines.

No. 963955

*words but yeah, you get my gist. probably technically 5 lmao

No. 963962

>Some guy on Twitter was even trying to sell off his shoes that had victims’ blood on them
Do you have a link to the (archived) tweet? This is infuriating
The Satanist theory is retarded, like they say 8 lights = 8 souls. How could they plan for 8 people being crushed? Or is that part of the deal with the Illuminati and Satan? Kek. Mundane reasons led to this tragic situation. The banality of evil. Having said that, I do believe that TS could not realize how bad things have gotten since you could not see the fallen fans in the crowd (I saw the recordings and I would have no idea). Personally I also believe that he couldn't hear shit and thought the ambulance came for a single fainted person that he asked security to help (occasionally, singular people do faint and shows don't end because of it) . I don't think that even someone who was happy to have people killed at their show would act like that, since it's a PR disaster on an unprecedented scale (as we see now). The worst thing is that TS saw no problem with overpacking his shows. That density of people was absolutely wrong in the first place! And that motherfucker kept selling more and more tickets, all for that cash. I think people without tickets were allowed to smuggle themselves in (correct me if I'm misunderstanding). TS encouraging fans to go feral and do stupid shit like jumping from a balcony also is a part of the problem. I hate when people blame the fans instead of the organizer of the clusterfuck. So many people were trying to help. The camera guy was the fucking worst. IDK what contract he got, but I would kill myself if I kept recording after hysterical witnesses informed me that people are dying. Which leads to a question… why nobody from security was hooked to TS's headpiece? Why wasn't anyone able to tell him to stop the show??? This is unthinkable

No. 963976

from what i know of the whole situation it was poorly organized/handled and travis is at fault as well for encouraging reckless things like that at shows. it puts into perspective how dangerous these events can get especially if organizers are not prepared for accidents to happen. hopefully there's a lesson to be learned afterwards, and it's awful that people died from this. but definitely making up stupid conspiracy theories or downplaying the whole incident is not the way, it's beyond disrespectful.

No. 963993

The fucker was largely responsible for organising the festival apparently. Read that he screamed "who told me to stop this show?" and continued chomping out. Super fucked up, IDK how much could he hear those screams… though again, I still don't think that he tried to consciously hurt people more. He needs to be held accountable for everything that led to the situation. I'm annoyed by the conspiracy theories and takes that make him out to be a gleeful killer. Not cause I'm a fan (I don't know who Travis Scott is), but cause simplifying truth annoys me.
He offered to pay for his victims' funerals and that makes me even more mad, even though it's probably a "right" thing. Here's a corpse of your beloved one, have some money to bury it. The damage done is irreversible.

No. 964001

Nursing is 85% a lower class brainlet career in the us. Like people that can’t finish high school will do that in their little ged trade schools

No. 964168

is this lana del rey?

No. 964243

Not puffy enough

No. 964378

The guy didn’t jump, he was pushed over the rafters.
The pic of the shoes is in the last thread within a collage

No. 964380

Head like a dusty ass airpod. If you stood behind him he would look like a wooden spoon in a suit.

Ok but this is the internet, not America, and the rest of us think you sound like a blonde ugly white trash girl from a TLC redneck show like Honey BooBoo when you start reeeing about how its you're Gawd dang right as an Murican citizen to act like a retard

No. 964385

>why nobody from security was hooked to TS's headpiece? Why wasn't anyone able to tell him to stop the show???
This is why there are conspiracy theories IMO lol. He's not some no-name, this is a big important show, of course he has security and people hooked up to him. But nothing was done, even the cameraman was ignoring it. It's suspicious
Also, I was inclined to agree with the "He couldn't see and didn't know" thing until I remembered that time Billie Eilish stopped a show because of one person in the crowd being in distress, and that video of TS at the concert literally shouting "Who told me to stop?", meaning he heard people begging him. The last last possible excuse for him is that he was high/intoxicated as fuck, and that's still fucked for his team to allow. The nonchalance of the cameraman is what really got me

No. 964392

Remember when her idol Jim Carey was tweeting her about depression meaning “deep rest” and she was fangirling so hard? I wonder if that’s why she’s calling it R.e.m. beauty, like deep sleep. She has a Jim Carey tattoo after all which is really creepy, and they’ve definitely secretly been seeing each other. I’m sure he’s another Jared Leto type, does anyone think he also has an eating disorder fetish and that’s who she’s catering to? She doesn’t give a fuck about her fans or image beyond who it can pander to so she can fuck them lbr

No. 964393

File: 1636491809304.webm (4.52 MB, 576x1024, 35d68d48ee23cf71800caddb865801…)

From theview https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8CwcERt/
>emrata shares her advice to young women: “It’s okay to say no. You can have boundaries.”

No. 964400

not to defend ts but in that moment he's actually saying "two hands to the sky" not "who asked me to stop". if you watch the livestream it's a lot more clear.

No. 964401

That would actually make the film legendary despite the failure of any other scene. It would be perfect, too perfect. The world is really, but the male ego hasn’t evolved to provide such cinematic gold.

No. 964465

from recent news i've been hearing about her i'd hope she's really developing some sense now but we'll have to see. i'll admit i don't have high hopes for her based on how she's been throughout her whole career, but if she's genuinely learning from her experiences and actively applying them to her life now it'll be a decent surprise.

No. 964468

i'd kek if the rumor of her fucking jim carrey became more widespread and got to the stans, can't imagine how they'd react

No. 964476

I don't want to excuse TS but were Billie's shows as overcrowded as TS's? I don't think so. Even if he genuinely didn't see, TS is still guilty of creating the situation in the first place. It's his fault people were jam packed like sardines so he couldn't see people dying.
I think that the theory that he didn't stop because of money loss also has some merit, though IDK enough about business side of shows to know that.

No. 964482

Nayrt, but Billie was fairly popular and must have had a fairly large crowd at her shows, no idea how big they got exactly though (tried googling but nothing seemed to come up for me). I definitely didn't hear of her encouraging the same shit Travis did. I agree he has some blame to take. Ever since this stuff came out I've seen many videos emerge of various artists/bands stopping shows over something going on in the crowd or even fights. If they can do that, I'm not sure why Travis shouldn't give a shit about what's going on at his shows. Even if people passing out is a normal occurrence at his shows like I've seen a video mention… idk. The fact that they got packed in like sardines shows negligence of the safety of his attendees.

No. 964483

Samefag. I have double checked and I don't see the shoes pic/collage. Was it in celebricows for sure?

No. 964491

>landed the 2nd richest man in the whole entire world
>openly flirts with a random movie star
Why would she risk it all like that?

No. 964492

File: 1636499647222.jpeg (170.48 KB, 640x754, 431BB7A4-4DE9-4B09-93D3-AA6AFD…)

So different anon, also decided to look for the shoe collage mentioned by >>964378 - gone through this thread again in case it was here instead. But came across >>961692 and out of curiosity wanted to check if Drake said something about Astroworld considering he posted about it. The post shown from who I'm replying to has been deleted and he posted this. Not sure if anyone wanted to know or anything but just leaving this here.

No. 964503

I remember reading on twt about her affair with that man and how she was a serial cheater lmao

No. 964509

Somehow the idea of her being a cheater doesn't surprise me a bit.

No. 964521

This actually looks ripped off from 2017 Kiko Milano packaging.

No. 964536

File: 1636507235942.jpeg (15.54 KB, 295x171, 85C1D82E-D55F-4809-9F3E-F20027…)

Couldn’t find a picture that didn’t look like it was taken on a toaster, but I think they have a similar vibe.

No. 964557

It's already gotten to the stans I'm pretty sure they don't care. Also deuxmoi posted something that said the rumor wasn't true. He apparently tried to go for Ari and she rejected him, or so the message said. I'd believe deuxmoi over enty who started the rumor. Enty spun Jim Carrey off a rumor of Ari fucking Jimmy Fallon because she was in Carrey's tv show. Similar naming. Besides possibly being assaulted by Schneider there's no proof she likes much older guys.

No. 964558

Why is she holding into the r.e.m. branding so much? Rapid eye movement makeup, so appealing

No. 964559

File: 1636511456980.jpeg (71.75 KB, 640x962, 3A327E2D-F724-4DCD-8C86-2B1587…)

>eating disorder fetish
his last girlfriend (the one the rumors said he cheated on Ariana with) wasn't actually that small by Hollywood standards and another blind said he tried to get with a celeb who had a big ass. I don't know what to believe anymore. But with someone as unstable as jim "undiagnosed bipolar" carrey it's likely he doesn't have a set preference for anything

No. 964569

>”will be of service in any way i can”
wtf would anyone need from drake of all people?

No. 964571

File: 1636514147839.jpg (147.4 KB, 1000x829, e0d5c0365d302e4bf00a8fc9349cbe…)

They really do.

No. 964577

ayrt, damn that's disappointing. it's ridiculous she can somehow do no wrong in their eyes and that there's so many of them. i just don't get it.

No. 964583

Can we have one thread that isn't just spergy nitpicking of women's bodies or claiming "x celebrity is gay/lesbian"

No. 964586

File: 1636517008396.jpeg (542.19 KB, 828x1261, B54328E2-3131-4F9C-BF53-F81B37…)

Seeing Bella Poarch without her baby shoop and one million smoothing filters is kind of jarring. She just looks like any random abg you’d find at a rave.

No. 964594

pardon the twitter faggotry but I can only say
It's giving Sims 3

No. 964596

do you know where you are

No. 964607

to be fair there is supposed to be another thread for people speculating which celebrities are closeted, but to the anon you were replying to, i haven't noticed anyone else saying "x is gay/lesbian" since two threads back with the random ass paris hilton stuff

No. 964672

File: 1636534308013.jpeg (355.63 KB, 640x1053, B8F5710C-8A96-48DD-B086-8CF6D3…)

“Get ugly”? Kek yeah right. Nobody said that to her. How about “get some actual talent” since she’s already ugly.

No. 964685

sims 4 more like

No. 964691

Oh great it's the Emily sperg again

No. 964696

File: 1636536303242.png (382.82 KB, 597x642, db.png)

>According to a report from TMZ on Tuesday (Nov. 9), Travis supposedly went to Dave & Buster's for an after-party following his Astroworld Festival. The Cactus Jack founder was reportedly unaware of the mass casualty event that occurred and ended with eight deaths, dozens of hospitalizations and numerous injuries.

No. 964700

I'm going to start keeping track of things anons have said in these threads without a lick of irony. Off the top of my head I've got:
>Emily ratajkowski is ugly
>Ariana grande can't sing
>Gigi (?) Hadid is fat
keep em coming girls

No. 964701

I don't know who Emily Ratajkowski is

No. 964703

The one who puts her baby in her thirst traps

No. 964705

Nta but is she the one who calls herself Emrata?

No. 964722

File: 1636543234303.png (757.4 KB, 760x747, aoljuj.png)

Bella Hadid posted crying selfies in a post talking about dealing with anxiety/depression, and gave thanks to Willow Smith
I don't know, but I can't help but think people are just going to make memes of this. Why post selfies of yourself ugly crying?

No. 964728

This, it's fucking embarassing.

No. 964735

I've called emrata ugly and I stand by it. the only people who think she's pretty are people who had a crush on someone who looked like her in school and grotesque white girls that want to look to Hollywood for representation

No. 964736

Who tf cares anons, those topics aren't safe from debate/personal opinion just because you don't deem then so. If comments about legit celeb cows are so alarming to you you'd probably feel more comfortable on Twitter jfc. You're just shitting up this thread because you saw some opinions you didn't like. None of those people you mentioned are in any way safe from a critique and you are actually the embarrassing anons, go orbit your celebs in a different space. Don't forget to write that down in your book of offenses btw.

No. 964738

File: 1636545145716.png (2.14 MB, 1198x1194, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 5.51…)

what a cow!!!! there are like a dozen crying selfies FROM DIFFERENT DAYS. it's so weird! the message willow smith said was basically just "everyone is unique and has something special. everyone is feeling lost and like their work isn't good enough" and then there's a dozen of these selfies collected over like 2 years maybe? wtf

No. 964744

Ariana Grande has horrible diction. Does anyone else remember "body bacon", her famous misheard lyric? Thanks for re-igniting my topic!

No. 964745

They're the nitpickiest, most boring opinions to post and read. Post something interesting that's actually worth discussing.
>Emily is an ugly cow
>Ariana can't sing for shit
>Gigi is fat
>Billy is fat
are such low-quality posts. If they're not doing anything more interesting than being ugly, fat, and being bad singers all the time, it's not worth sharing itt.

No. 964754

Actually your post, right here, is an example of the lowest quality post you can find on this board. Congrats

No. 964760

Worth it if anons shut up about random celebs being fat and ugly.

No. 964762

what kind of hollywood conspiracies do you guys believe in?

No. 964763

Some of these things are debatable…cope

No. 964764

Why is every former child star celebrity turned singer now into doing makeup? First Selena Gomez and now Ariana. Who will be next?

No. 964765

Because the beauty industry is a (the new?) big money-maker. It's not because they're former child stars, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have makeup brands too.

No. 964766

If Demi Lovato had the balls she would partner up with some kind of company and make her own non-sugar free cookies and I would buy them

No. 964772

The weight spergs I agree, but why the fuck can no one have a differing opinion on Ariana's singing or Emrata's face? Come on. I know I lot of people personally who don't like Ariana singing, so what?

No. 964804

Here I go with my opinion on this phenomenon. This also loosely goes with the Hollywood conspiracy theory question too. because I'm talking about how Hollywood feeds us and tells us what to like. Pop culture tells us who is a good singer and who we can and cannot critique. Ariana's undoubtedly a great singer but she's also a one trick pony (it's also important to mention that the one anon who said they didn't like her was actually critiquing her singing style and gave examples, they didn't just say "she can't sing for shit"), she's not the best singer if you consider how many factors go into being the "best singer" - RANGE, prose, flow, unique use of the voice, emulation of certain instruments with the voice, etc). I can think of 2 popular female artists who are better technical singers than Ariana and aren't at all recognized because we're trained by Hollywood to see thinks differently.

No. 964809

Also I'm not saying the names of those 2 singers because I don't feel like getting dunked on that hard, lol.

No. 964811

File: 1636551132331.jpeg (147.72 KB, 826x1213, 94A8C126-3379-4319-B1C0-922CDF…)

ariana looks so weird. what procedures did she have done? or is it just filters?

No. 964812

File: 1636551184225.jpeg (97.87 KB, 826x953, 763F3742-393B-42EE-AA31-798C26…)

her nose looks so angular

No. 964817

It's been discussed itt but I think the number of nose jobs have been underreported…very Michael Jackson

No. 964823

I agree. I also don't like her music since almost all of her songs sound the same and Ariana is literally a cow. Her countless plastic surgery procedures, a lot of rumors about snotty diva behaviour (her uwu i'm so short schtick + the rumor about her getting carried everywhere because she didn't want to walk, her co-star making a parody off of her on her show), her past with Dan Schneider and weeb behaviour combined with embarrassing tattoos are some of the examples why she is worth discussing here. Her appearance is the least interesting thing.

No. 964826

another interesting phenomenon were the countless ariana imitators and lookalikes

No. 964838

I specifically remember Paige Niemann, the teenager who Ariana shit on in the public eye and with no remorse. I feel like Ariana's self-esteem issues are really glaring when she does things like that.

No. 964848

they all seem to have insecurity issues and body dysmorphia.

No. 964852

It's giving little korea in whoville.

No. 964853

File: 1636553786553.png (454.7 KB, 719x825, harassment.png)

No. 964868

forgot the blaccent and blackfishing

No. 964887

kek the narcissism is off the hook with bella. who takes countless selfies while crying? why?

No. 964893

its funny that she’s so narcissistic even though she is only pretty because of all the surgery she got to look like a different person. and she’ll still never be as pretty as gigi

No. 964896

ariana is just a belter, she doesn't any different from my friends who aren't good enough to get a lead role on broadway but are still allowed in the chorus.

No. 964907

>yachting (some actresses make money/connections by being high end escorts essentially)
>rappers being gay on the low or having to do gay stuff to get a deal (the birdman kissing lil wayne thing is so weird to me…)

No. 964911

File: 1636561038619.png (182.69 KB, 338x600, yolb.png)

Never Forget

No. 964912

File: 1636561059834.png (203.1 KB, 338x600, yolb2.png)

No. 964913

I'm retarded when is this from

No. 964915

Not sure if perspective but she's looking like a bobblehead here. Nowadays her face looks like a skull wrapped in tissue paper.

No. 964916

Her mum is a f*cking dramatic cow. She gave Bella body dysmorphia and Gigi an eating disorder and should shut up.
How did this messages become public? Or did she just go in and publicly shamed her daughter?
Blood stained, and dirty underwear is nasty, but she is sadly not the first chaotic messy spoilt kid who does that and won't be the last.
I am sure they have cleaning personnel at home and when she grew up, so she is used to other cleaning her dirty pants.

No. 964921

I don't know much about them but her mom seems mentally ill. Thank god she's not my mother because my siblings and I would have made her life a living hell just for calling any of us stupid and not minding her business.

No. 964922

Well, I think she's telling the truth. Kind of. Actors shouldn't be scared getting ugly for roles because it's more realistic. A lot of pretty actresses like Charlize Theron or Halle Berry have won Oscars for getting ugly in their acting roles. I think Emily is extremely dumb and that's why she didn't get it. She should stick to fame whoring bc she's useless.

No. 964924

Some heavily rumored yahters:
Megan Markle
Hayden Pannetiere
Probably EmRata too lmao
But seriously, imo Markle and Pannetiere definitely did it.

No. 964929

Not sure when it was originally posted but its a letter Yolanda(bellas mum) wrote to Bella. And published for everyone to see. They both seem unhinged.

No. 964932

Did she crash or something? Why was her car at a pond?

No. 964933

File: 1636563093495.jpg (413.25 KB, 2400x2400, Tr-SixQvUUOiA4DGyIZJOGKvlNiQdD…)

Idk about those women, but Rita Ora is also alleged to be a yacht girl, and I believe it tbh. How else is she getting invited to all of those events (most recently the Met Gala and VMAs) when no one cares or
knows about her?

No. 964934

there's no way emrat hasn't been yachting, she's completely irrelevant otherwise. her peak was being one of the girls in the blurred lines video and for all its controversy no one actually gave a single fuck about the women in that video, she's just the one who paid for PR

No. 964935

maybe this is a weird detail to hyperfixate on but i'm confused as to why yolanda would be disturbed to find tampons. were they used..? or is she just one of those weird moms who think tampons break your hymen

No. 964939

while we're listing these, both nick jonas and priyanka chopra are rumored to yacht, priyanka especially bc she got run out of bollywood for being a homewrecker so she's clinging hard to relevancy in hollywood

No. 964943

There's no way he didn't know. The ambulance was clearly visible in the crowd. It stands out like a sore thumb in pictures– its lights were flashing and everything. His slag wife even filmed it.

No. 964945

She attended the met gala with her boyfriend who is relevant so she is basically the +1

No. 964947

I don't know and really don't think she's yachting or whatever its called but you are right how she is gotten the entire Indian population across the political spectrum to despite
for anyone wondering why Feminists and others left wingers hate her cause she's spent years prompting skin whitening creams(there's currently an active and ongoing backlash against skin whitening by Indian feminists) as well talked about giving support to the Indian army in their occupation Of Kashmir
Right wingers hate her and call her a traitor cause her character in Quantico only ever had sex with white guys and ended up marrying a white guy, they see this as a betrayal by Indian rightwingers

No. 964952

My interpretation is that Yolanda meant the tampax was dirty/bloody like the underwear she mentioned just before. I could be wrong though and we'll never know unless we ask Yolanda herself but jfc that woman is truly off her rocker.

No. 964953

Not even remotely true. You need at least an ADN to be a nurse, and most places want nurses with more than that.

No. 964954

I hate these fake accents. In Germany this movie got dubbed (which I'm very happy about in this case)… and they went without attempting to do accents. This movie should've done the same. They all sound AWFUL. If I was an Italian I'd be offended.

No. 964978

Bella Hadid wishes she was Liv Tyler.

No. 964980

I don't think Billie being fat is all that relevant, anyway. The main problem is that her styling is awful and unflattering. Her or her wardrobe people just refuse to accept that she's heavy and apple-shaped. Stop squeezing her into corsets like an overstuffed sausage and start picking looks that flatter her shape more. The off-the shoulder dresses and tops in particular do her no favors.

I know she allegedly wore the loose clothes to avoid being sexualized, but they were actually pretty flattering. The baggy pants counteracted her top-heavy shape, and the long sleeves drew attention away from her shoulders. The alt look was cute on her overall. Why they're trying to shoehorn her into the stereotypical blonde pop diva aesthetic is anyone's guess.

No. 964991

File: 1636567812543.webm (2.04 MB, 405x720, IMG_1437.webm)

nothing super milky but im seeing people share this video on facebook and reddit a lot. its young blood being disgusting. ive never met a fan of his and i never hear about his music. only know who he is because he says "woke" things for attention. hes as pandering as you can get. anyways hes disgusting and this video is being shared around cause its nightmare fuel.

No. 964998

Yeah. I'm pretty sure that anon was referring to nursing assistants/medical techs, and not nurses.

No. 965014

I want to puke, this video is repulsive. Don't watch this anons. I can fucking smell him.

No. 965025

Halsey dated this

No. 965061

>maybe you can live in the dorm for the year you can see how real people live
Kek. Yolanda is kinda based. Would like to see her whip the Jenner brats into shape. Nasty things those are.

No. 965065

i genuinely almost puked when this came across my tl last night. How does anyone find that thing attractive

No. 965066

Dont watch this is youre sensitive to drool and spit

No. 965073

sorry for being late but, this. it's a celebricows thread, no celeb who behaves like a cow is free from any valid criticism although it is tiring to see the same takes (billie is fat, debates about age, weight sperging that's been happening in almost every thread…) ariana has a lot to pick apart, and she's not the best singer either, yet she's put on a pedestal by the general public and i'm tired of seeing blind praise of her everywhere else i go and irl. other anons have described why better than i could.

No. 965075

she's pretty trashy herself so i'm not surprised

No. 965079

Ew, also he looks hella gay

No. 965080

>talked about giving support to the Indian army in their occupation Of Kashmir
well now i hate her too

No. 965081

wtf… i've never understood celebs or even regular people taking photos/videos just of them crying. not counting doing something else and then they just happen to cry, i'm meaning when they make crying the sole focus. why the fuck do so many people famous or not do it? it doesn't make them look sensitive, gain them sympathy or whatever they're trying to go for, it just looks shameless/desperate and one of the more embarrassing forms of attention grabbing. i never want people to see me crying and it feels weird to even hold a camera up to my face to record it and have people see the tears and then go back to normal life or crying in private or whatever.

No. 965082

kek so basically it sounds like she's hated all across the board?

No. 965088

File: 1636574260713.jpg (92.29 KB, 640x533, flamethrower-640x533.jpg)

No. 965092

agree about accent being unnecessary, but the idea of movies not for children being dubbed is so wild to me. Though it makes sense for accessibility.

No. 965109

Can someone who's watched this please describe it because from the comments after it, it sounds too vomit inducing to watch. I'm still curious though

No. 965113

fat ugly downy looking moid in a leather skirt and bad dye job on stage. Spits a fat wad in his hand and rubs it through his greasy hair. Very similar to anything posted in the mtf thread on /snow/

No. 965124

Ayrt, ew wtf. Grateful I didn't watch. Curious what the hell is wrong with this young blood guy though. Will Google it but if any anons have any more milk I'm open to reading.

Also according to the other posts:
>he says "woke" things for attention
>Halsey dated him
I'm not surprised if that was the case. Iirc Halsey does the same shit. No wonder they gravitated towards each other at one point.

No. 965139

he came from a well off family, was a Disney kid but acts like he's working class and rose from nothing. he made a big deal about coming out as pan last year.
his shows are just him crying over troons, borderline sexually assaulting his guitarist and prancing around in a skirt while spitting and throwing his drinks at the crowd.

No. 965142

I don’t think Ariana is bad but people hype her up so much as if she’s the only person in the world who can hit higher notes. I think younger fans believe just because she has a higher pitched voice means she’s better than singers with low tones even if they’re hitting the same note. Plus her music is trash and doesn’t show the talent she does have along with her pedobaiting wannabe underage aesthetics which is the only reason she got so much popularity and attention. If she wasn’t a puppet of the industry maybe I’d like her better but her image and personality ruin anything unique she may have.

No. 965143

No. 965163

brittany murphy was a yacht girl when her career was tanking
also miranda kerr but thats not a surprise to anyone…

i think there's probably tons of hollywood girls that have done it/do it.

No. 965166

>If halitosis was a person.

No. 965170

Is there proof of celebrities partaking in the yacht thing?

No. 965189

pretty much, honestly its pretty impressive

No. 965198

the narcissism really comes out in the middle of this. 'was your life terrible? i'm an absolutely awful mother! you're a LIAR! i don't deserve this! i work so hard for you! poor me, you're so evil!' ugh

No. 965210

>Why am I even working my ass off to get you in a beautiful apartment…
I don't understand this? She can afford several apartments.

No. 965261

Now we know where the narcissism comes from in this family.

No. 965276

File: 1636595455263.jpeg (777.59 KB, 1284x1485, F883B1FA-AF2D-4114-B92B-BD4512…)

Wtf I got advertised this on fb and this was the thumbnail. She looks like Quasimodo

No. 965282

anon why
what did i ever do to you

No. 965303

I think this is from after Bella got her DUI when she was 17.

It seems like as a mother you'd be more concerned about the DUI rather than a messy car, but… ok

No. 965339

Why am i not surprised. The world doesn't need more boring pale makeup. Literally reminds me of physicians formula.

I love their complexion products but the new shimmery palletes are pure garbage. Literally just cheap glitter, no pigment to be found.


I just know she is going to regret those fat pad removal surgeries when she's 40 if we have learned anything from the Olsen twins.

If you posted this in the mtf thread, nobody would think anything of it. He's worse than harry styles.

Isn't Lindsey Lohan one right now?

No. 965345

at first glance I thought she got an allergic reaction after being stung by a bee

No. 965348

i remember reading about how halsey lied about being homeless (during this supposed period she was taking photos in what looked like the same bedroom in her parents house or something, as well as posting expensive possessions i think) and started something about how she was "tri-bi" (biracial/bisexual/bipolar) and backtracked on it when it got backlash. kek these two must have been perfect for each other because they kick up a fuss over similar stuff. i will note, please correct me if i got anything wrong because i came across this info quite a while ago and i cbf googling her.

No. 965407

I only saw this with the caption attached
>corona as a person
And I won't lie, I laughed.

No. 965432

File: 1636612848111.jpg (Spoiler Image, 302.15 KB, 1242x1529, RDT_20211110_23382446113609785…)

Kourtney & Travis are peak cringe, spoiler bc Travis' tongue is so unnecessary.

No. 965438

I would just like to point out he is 5’7, five foot seven. Turns out all the money in the world really can’t buy you everything. That is so weak and infantile of him to post about Leo like that when any woman is going to crush out on him and it doesn’t threaten your masculinity to laugh about it and move the fuck on.

No. 965439

She definitely got a face lift, and because she’s so low weight she lost her youthful looking cheeks. Her face looks pulled back and way too tight, like Madonna’s. It might settle because I think it takes a really long time for face lifts to sit/move normally but idk. I thought it was just a thread lift because her eyes were so stiff, but that whole area of the side of her face by her ears is weird and it’s all way too tight, doesn’t move and no one does that intentionally with Botox to the entire face.

No. 965441

They posted this on Instagram? Showing affection in public is one thing. This just looks trashy.

No. 965447

I would not buy them, but she could have done some YouTube shit or Instagram posts trying local, independent, and women owned businesses of cookie bakers. Or not even local, could have started a thing where she posts about trying them in other cities she’s in to help people out instead of just fucking over her favorite froyo place for BAD AMBIENCE IN THE CHECKOUT LINE.

No. 965449

I think she’s doing it to piss of Scott and after everything he’s put her through she deserves it and I support it.

No. 965451

not sure why people support demi after the nonsense she pulls and bad takes. there are even people in this thread willing to buy musty dusty demi's vibrator and i see nothing significant about it apart from it having her name attached to it lmao what

No. 965454

exactly, she could be using her platform as a still well known public figure to bring awareness to things or do something helpful without starting some ridiculous crusade but no, time and time again she keeps doing dumb things without the slightest hint of self awareness. provides a lot of milk to laugh at but it's just tragic

No. 965466

I think since her album flopped and didn’t really do much in charting or numbers that she really doesn’t give a fuck anymore. So we get alien conspiracy shows and vibrator ads. Going the way of Trisha paytas.

No. 965478

How much longer do you think it will be before she goes full troon and chops her tits off?

No. 965491

File: 1636618343765.jpg (450.7 KB, 972x1661, Screenshot_20211111-081221_Fac…)

No. 965495

idk if i remember correctly because i don't really follow her work, i only hear when she's doing something to dig a deeper hole for herself. but whatever she's tried her hand at has been flopping for a while. while what she's been through in the past sucks, she's not profiting off of being a perpetual victim so maybe you're right that she just doesn't give a fuck anymore

No. 965500

she probably won't, the impression i get is that she just puts she/they as her pronouns for brownie points in the lgbt community and uses her ever changing gender identity/sexuality/general antics to try to make headlines to draw attention to herself when she feels she's losing relevance. who knows how far she's willing to go though because she certainly exhibits no shame, maybe she will if she's desperate enough?

No. 965514

She’s lucky to even be alive and has suffered more permanent health and mental issues than most people ever do. The effects of those things explain why she does things like get overly triggered at a cookie she saw. She doesn’t have a large dedicated fan base so why not fuck around and get attention for being a zany freak instead of a pop star which is what almost killed her

No. 965517

25k isn’t even that much

No. 965519

She’s a piece of shit for that cookie incident. She just wanted to bully and intimidate the staff because they didn’t kiss her ass.

No. 965531

To do nothing but show up to a football game with a man? Yes tf it is unless you're in the top 1% of wealth. You sound pretentious

No. 965538

25k is a pittance. The guy is a billionaire, he can afford to shill out more. But it’s all her ugly ass is worth I suppose. She is a talentless loser who has to prostitute herself because she can’t act and can’t sing. All she can do is attention seek to the tabloids and prostitute herself.

No. 965545

File: 1636626289013.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2228x2129, 073605E4-ACCB-427D-8C55-AB4922…)

Versace straight up made a cosplay for 13 going 30 kek

No. 965617

25k is extremely high for a prostitute, even degenerate men have their limits when paying for sex. They know they can get the same sex for A LOT less, 25k is insane. Stop kidding yourselves

No. 965628

You are not wrong, if it is a single date with no touchy. But if they had some other interactions, it's not much, for a semi-famous wannabe starlet and a billionaire.

No. 965630

When I read here about yachting, I came to think about Heidi Klum and her intermezzo with that ugly old Italian dude (actually on a yacht, lol), that resulted in her daughter Leni. I could never wrap my head around, why the hell she slept with that blob. I mean, she seems promiscuous but still.
Does anyone here have tea on that?

No. 965636

She looks like elliot page

No. 965672

…that seems sus to you but not ogre Seal…?

No. 965690

he made kiss from a rose, seal can get it

No. 965721

File: 1636648002985.jpg (60.57 KB, 837x352, unZZrki.jpg)

emrata also mentioned she's only capable of enjoying sex, while watching herself fuck her husband in the mirror

No. 965722

I believe it, she seems like the type

No. 965724

The only person I know who likes this mess is a fat unstylish bitch that still thinks Harry Potter is a personality. He literally looks like a bull or what the pigs in Animal Farm become.

No. 965727

I think Kim Kardashian and a lot of the kardashians have been I think it's very evident from season 16 onwards. Also I remember there being rumours Rihanna was and a lot of clients for these celebrities and like Saudi Princes or rich cunts from the Middle East.

No. 965728

Damn it Yolanda is right

No. 965739

i thought the same thing kek i actually wondered if the 13 going on 30 one was versace too because of that

No. 965747

The dress was from the Versace 2003 spring/summer collection. The stylist altered the skirt to add more colours for the movie 13 going on 30 so it’s actually pretty cool that Versace made the altered movie version for her

No. 965780

File: 1636653737438.jpeg (886.78 KB, 2828x2828, 55EA3167-4FB3-4C2C-AA1E-127E67…)

That's an interesting thing to know, I looked up the specific collection you mentioned to check it out and it looks like a combination of two dresses, the top part seems to be from the first, though the skirt could be inspired by either of the last two. I initially thought the horizontal striped one until I scrolled down further and saw the one in the middle. Just wanted to show the very similar coloring. I also don't know how this modeling/runway/fashion stuff works kek

No. 965811

I knew I recognized that dress… lmao

No. 965813

Honestly it looks like a thread lift and maybe a buccal fat removal? And another nosejob. I can’t imagine they would do a full surgical facelift on her at her age. It’s overkill. But thread lifts last a few years and can give you that look.

I thought she’d probably already had a buccal fat removal since it is a hot procedure right now but maybe not. Her face is looking extremely hollow and not just from weight loss.

Halsey is super gross and desperate for clout so this scans.

No. 965817

Ariana is definitely beginning to look well uncanny. Wonder if she's addicted to plastic surgery by now. Shame that she seems to be hell-bent on fucking with her face this much, as a singer you'd think she'd at least leave her nose alone.

Girl is beginning to look like a fucking Bratz doll.

No. 965842

I mean, they had a long-term relationship/marriage and two kids. Nowadays, she hunts young guy down. Strange women. People in Germany loved her, until she made "Germany's next topmodel". She was so nasty to the contestants. Maybe she is bitter because she had to yacht, back in the day? But I think she was never on that level of Tyra Banks' nastiness.

No. 965850

File: 1636660450528.gif (Spoiler Image, 991.64 KB, 500x260, tumblr_n0erk22K3p1s9twxfo2_500…)

ewww someone tell this ugly faggot he will never be gerard way

No. 965859

She probably wants to be a Bratz doll kek. May be tinfoil but the girls I used to know who liked Bratz now love Ari.

Yes, Halsey is a gross person and I wish more people realized that. Never had a good feeling about her from when she came onto the scene. I think she also took an ex-friends beloved sweater, never gave it back, and ghosted them as another example. And that weird fit she threw because someone didn't alternate her pronouns when writing about her is just… like that's who people look up to? All I've been seeing lately is acclaim for her recent release and movie thing for some reason.

No. 965885

File: 1636662882185.png (274.79 KB, 561x566, dakjfhakfjha.png)


Chloe bailey once again reminding everyone why halle is the better sister.

where is her PR team? This is depressing

No. 965895

they’re such talented & cute sisters but gosh chloe is so insufferable now…sad

No. 965938

i feel like she's overcompensating for the fact that halle always had more beautiful, interesting and delicate features. not saying chloe is ugly, just kind of generic looking. i feel like there's some sort of weird inferiority complex happening where she's seeking attention in an effort to get out from under her sister's shadow.

No. 965959

>any woman is going to crush out on him
he's looked like shit for ten years

No. 965961

File: 1636667282926.png (1.01 MB, 632x968, Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 4.46…)

??? normal-looking guy Seal
iirc he was somewhat above average in the 90s

No. 965962

former bratz liker here, i hate ariana

No. 965963

File: 1636667561726.png (450.83 KB, 1285x753, lolblud.png)

>we’re gonna show this industry that you can operate an inclusive film set, you can make it mandatory to use people’s correct pronouns on set
very punk

No. 965970

I used to think Chloe was very pretty, then I realized how much she edits her body and face, she's average, nothing wrong with being average (most are average), but she gives me Lizzo vibes.
Or baby Lizzo vibes, she does try hard shit and then she cried about it. I hope she doesn't become like Lizzo being a fame whore and crying everytime she gets bad attention. She doesn't have sex appeal, and there's nothing wrong with that, but she tries HARD.

No. 965975

People noticed she was "thick" and then she started acting a lil sexual, that ramped up of course (drake started following her) & since then she's been acting more sexual. Saweetie even had a lyric going, "Face on Halle body on Chloe"
So I guess because people started hyping up her thickness and body, she felt that was her lane.

No. 965992

File: 1636669829784.png (2.41 MB, 2240x945, good soup.png)

Fuck it I don't care if some retard calls me an Eilish sperg. Billie is one of the biggest musicians at the moment and her net worth in 2020 was 53 million, are you going to sit there and tell me that this is the best she can come up with? This is her favorite soup? This shit is only one level above Maruchan. She can't hire a dietician/chef? Make her own healthy veggie broth in something easy like an Instant Pot? Tops that would take forty minutes to an hour once a week, you can even freeze the rest for easy prep if you want something quick.
Then the "Everyone look I'm so quirky I'm eating my salt water and noodles out of the measuring cup lol! Did you see how quirky I am?!" Girl stfu you are not cute with your sodium induced water retention and hypertension. Go hire a nutritionist.

No. 966000

She eats 15 servings of bullion cube stock in one go? Am i reading that right?

No. 966002

what the noodles doin tho just being delicious and shit and making this jealous nonita screech for some odd reason

No. 966005

probably shares it with other people if they want soup you’re a bunch of debby downers

No. 966007

Nah she started getting fatter and people just ran with it. The difference in their spice girls music vid and the original video for “Do it” shows she gained like 20lbs while halle stayed the same. Good for her for not catering to body standards but this hooker shit she keeps doing is pathetic.

No. 966009

this guy is so going to get metoo'd. look at that picture. he's been raping people this whole time, i will bet my candy cupboard on it.

No. 966010

the pic literally says she doesn't share lol

No. 966011

she literally says she never shares it kek

No. 966013

One serving is 1/2 a cube and she had 3, so that would be 6 servings. 4,860 mg of sodium in one go.
Daily recommended sodium for an American adult is 3,400.
Check your autism and stop visiting lolcow if you're senstive smooth stan brain can't take it.

No. 966018

>it makes three servings
>I literally never share it
she literally never shares it and eats it all anon, it's right there in the pic

No. 966019

>but she tries HARD
I don't even want to rewatch to verify but I s2g she was flashing outer anal real estate during her first live performance of that song and no one on her team told her. Or she meant to do it, idk which is worse.

No. 966020

She said in the post explicitly she doesn’t share it and eats it out of the fucking measuring bowl like white trash. That’s lazy dorm or prison recipe shit. If you’re in those conditions cool, but it’s really not difficult to learn to cook healthy food. This is why she looks like fucking shit I’m not sorry, that’s an INSANE amount of sodium and yes I’m going to fOod sHamE bc it’s not food, it’s garbage produced to make you even hungrier and consume more products. You have got to be kidding me. She has one of the easiest and most privileged jobs, and can’t just idk do the one thing people ask you not to do so you can fit into the custom designer hinge you get for free and not look like a drugged whale at international events? That’s thousands of grams of sodium and you can make something just as good, or have it made for her because she’s a millionaire. Jfc this is the most American shit ever

No. 966026

it's not soup it's salt water with a few noodles in it

No. 966028

File: 1636670981246.jpeg (91.32 KB, 750x749, 346C1BC8-509D-4831-8F0F-382459…)

Not even fat, ugly or as much of a bad person you people are making her out to be.

>she makes lame/boring music

so what? just turn it off and listen it to something better stop giving her more streams

>she’s fat

she’s 18 and rich she can ween it off

>she dresses like trash

could be changed as well

>her weird boyfriend said this and that

even though it’s scummy for her to stay with such a worthless racist manchild i think there’s more to her than just stringing her into her boyfriend’s bullshit

look at picrel look at it she looks amazing and you’re hating

No. 966034

she's never going to fuck you

No. 966037

Obvious bait

No. 966038

File: 1636671171700.jpeg (27.17 KB, 425x283, 43D40D34-3F62-4BAF-91EE-95C5A0…)

Calm down you rabid beast I can’t believe you’re getting this sperged up over an 18 year old girl drinking soup

No. 966043

I feel like a special gendered woman or man is going to accuse him of some shit. He's going to be one of the first musicans to get "Them Too'd" or "Me Too'd" by a bunch of Tims, Tifs and NBs. He seems like a disgusting weirdo

No. 966050

Thank you, I appreciate you, because you’re right, he’s trying too fucking hard.

No. 966052

Samefag, I'm retarded and actually the recommended sodium intake from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is less than 2,300 mg per day KEK. Fattie Eilish
consumed more than double that in one sitting. If this is how she eats now she's on track for heart disease in the near future. All of that money and she's still this trashy.
Kek imagine being autistic enough to wk Billie to a bunch of anons.
> Look at picrel look at it she looks amazing
Picrel is photoshopped and tweaked to high hell. Billie IRL does not look like that and you're naïve at best autistic at worst for believing she does.
She's not even 18. She's turning 20 next month, and at that she's wealthy as fuck. There's no excuse for such a shitty diet at that level, she's just a lazy glutton kek.
I'd bet top dollar that you're a fat piece of white trash like her and that's why you're defending her KEK. I would call you pathetic like her but I don't want to knock your trailer park Honey Boo Boo ass down even more, you're already at rock bottom.

No. 966065

agree, flavio looks like he never showers and suffers from hot flashes

No. 966066

Everyone on her team is doing her so dirty. She looks so nastily greasy here and looks like she’s been slapped in the face with clay from a baseball field. Awful jacket and empty toilet roll nails. I don’t want to billiesperg but it’s so fucking confounding

No. 966072

nah he's like the male miley

No. 966077

Ayrt, thanks anon. Probably just the people I know and some others on IG/Twitter I've come across then

No. 966079

I smell a nasty troll within our leagues.

No. 966084

Ok I was fine with her radfem-lite sperging but now I don't believe this girl AT ALL. Lmao @ "get ugly", nearly every A-list actress is prettier than her already. The problem is that she's talentless.

No. 966087

It’s not even that deep you’re acting like a lunatic over a celebrity eating soup, think about it for a moment.

No. 966094

Nayrt but I agree. Also there's something about him that puts me off, he looked somewhat attractive in his youth and he's alright as an actor but that's it. May just be the fact he seems to keep going for younger women but idk about him as a person.

I don't usually bother to comment on her looks but her face in that story just made me feel really sorry for her, like I don't mind seeing people without makeup and such and doing their own thing in their daily lives, but she looks haggard here for her age. I used to somewhat like her, not so much anymore because of her recent behavior but she needs a better team or make some lifestyle changes or something. Hope she makes better decisions in the future

Feel like that last sentence outed you as a stan. Idk if you're new here but other anons can and will come at you for it especially since Billie often comes up. That being said I don't see the need for anons to rip into each other over her - we can disagree but is it even worth infighting?

No. 966095

If it's not that deep stop replying smooth brain. It's more than the soup but a pig like you can't understand.
If your feelings can't take what's being dished out begone faggot. No one is going to miss you.

No. 966096

Miley has displayed cow-ish behavior at times, I don't get how that makes the other anon a troll.

No. 966101

I just checked her story, and it's basically just a chicken noodle soup with tofu. I don't get why everyone is acting like retards over this.

No. 966102

the fact that billie eilish eating salty chicken broth is enough to send some autists into a tailspin is hilarious to me

No. 966103

The fact that your wk ing her on an anonymous image board is hilarious to me. What's she gonna do? Kiss you? Fuck you? She doesn't even know you exist faggot.

No. 966106

File: 1636675654302.jpeg (147.75 KB, 1080x991, EC7EDAC0-191F-4902-820C-E48727…)

i think some of you need to learn what WKing is kek a comment on chicken broth isn’t it

No. 966109

File: 1636676002103.jpg (84.25 KB, 468x727, jake.jpg)

so red (taylor's version) leaked and the 10 minute all too well version is spilling the tea. it's definitely going to make a massive impact. it's not catchy though.

non spoiler version: jake gyllenhaal is an asshole

spoiler version: she actually goes fucking in and talks about how he said that the age gap was the reason why it didn't work out and then proceeds to call him out for continuing to date young girls like his current chick (started dating him at 22 when jake was 37 or 38) she also talks about how taylor's parents saw him for the scrote he is.

the quality of the leak is garbage so i'm hoping i enjoy the album more when it comes out. the unreleased songs are very nice !

No. 966113

File: 1636676467353.jpeg (550.19 KB, 828x1491, 5D0A02EE-2D98-4AD3-A3BA-BE5DDD…)

> Full break down defending Billie
> some of you need to learn what WKing is
Babe you are terminally retarded. Your fav is a glutton too lazy to make her own proper food or even hire someone else to do it and that’s one of the many reasons why she looks more haggard every day. It is sad that no one in her support group is encouraging her to make better choices but at the end of the day she’s a wealthy adult woman, spare your sympathy for someone else who actually deserves it.

No. 966116

I know this is really hard to believe but there is more than one other person beside yourself here. You’re kvetching about her is more obnoxious than any fan sperg. Go touch some grass

No. 966117

He’s a fag anyways

No. 966119

File: 1636676768548.jpeg (96.97 KB, 500x500, 26789E8D-771A-4905-8A09-1F55B6…)

ok anon lmao

No. 966120

not the anon you're replying to but maybe consider that might be a different anon than the one who defended billie? there's no need to rip into anons who are pointing out that the soup thing is kind of ridiculous. yeah it's unhealthy, it's relevant enough to share but people really don't need to continue fighting over it

No. 966121

i don't follow taylor swift, is this an unreleased song that was initially meant to be on her red album?

No. 966125

> it's relevant enough to share
It wasn't and whoever shared it here first did so knowing it would cause infighting because all Billie anons on either side are retards

No. 966129

actually yeah no you're right it wasn't really relevant aside from being celebrity related. i just take whatever celeb things are shared here as milk bc i don't follow a lot of these people and get curious about what anons have to say about the latest dumb news kek

No. 966134

It’s just a cash grab and the AYRT Twitter stan is delusional thinking it’s “spilling the tea” or will make a “massive impact.” All Too Well is on Red, but apparently it started as a 10 minute song of her ad-libbing verses that had to be pared down (obviously) so now you get the “unreleased” version.

She basically Disney Vaulted herself.

No. 966137

File: 1636677966117.jpeg (459.28 KB, 1125x1582, B70BFA55-6961-4FF2-ACE1-DFB201…)

in other dumb news, demi lovato comes out with this


also pasting this shit from the article kek
>“Yes, absolutely,” Lovato laughed. “I am so tired of humans! I am so tired of humans and their human bullshit. I am so over it! Bring me an alien!” the singer said, temporarily forgetting their previous remarks suggesting that “aliens is a derogatory term.” They added, “Bring me an ET!”

No. 966138

File: 1636678049788.png (1.09 MB, 1584x1631, va0j8iqnwc341.png)

>ok anon lmao

No. 966139

god this gives me the creeps looking at this. i wish this was spoilered.

No. 966141

sorry, forgot to click spoiler

No. 966142

ah okay. i mean if it's already known that taylor dated jake and etc, unfortunately i doubt this is going to do much to his career. i guess we'll see if it does somehow cause some sort of impact though

No. 966143

File: 1636678365978.png (Spoiler Image, 610.99 KB, 818x824, billie.png)

Sorry if it's been posted, only started reading new thread but… have you seen Billie's fragrance new advert clip? That's more or less how it looks like, shown from this angle, touching herself, looking "seductively" (read: stoned/bored as always), sweat droplet (i guess?) rolling down her body… I dislike Billie, her shitty music and her creepy family just like everyone else here, but i lowkey feel bad for her now, it's disgusting what they've done with her. from Vogue shoot, her stylists dressing her in ugly 59 year old "sexy auntie" wardrobe to the fact everything surrounding her is only about sex and boobs now.
she's cringey and her "my boobs are better than you seethe lol" act is probably her idea, or her way of cope, but this fragrance must be 100% her team's idea. milking the cash cow while they still can. they should let her wear emo clothes now, safely could've waited at least 4-5 years before introducing this sexed up persona to further her career.

No. 966144

File: 1636678396007.jpeg (215.46 KB, 1548x1024, 607883F2-2F74-4F01-95B5-E2315E…)

I keep telling you nonnettes that this is the scrote backing every single decision Billie has ever “made” during her career, especially the weird sexy aesthetic right now. He was counting down the days she she was barely old enough.
Her brother and mom do a lot of string pulling also.

No. 966145

i feel like i'm out of the loop but who is that?

No. 966147

is that her manager? i wouldn't be surprised. Interscope is a shady scum label
on the other hand, her "emo/soundclout/alt" era worked brilliantly the first time around… why would he change something that worked

No. 966148

the alt girl schtick did work, it made people think she was unique amongst a bunch of public figures who are often sexualized, but unfortunately with the way hollywood likes to sexualize young girls it was bound to happen to her. it's backfiring in billie's case but… they're still trying. that's what i don't get.

No. 966149

File: 1636679271930.png (2.28 MB, 1496x886, billlieandphenis.png)

>Her brother and mom do a lot of string pulling also.
Isn't it ironic how much Billie and her brother looked like Poppy and Tits Sinclair in these 2016 pics…
Maybe one day she'll expose her family for all this shit, after she goes through bad breakdown/addiction or fades out of relevancy completely.

No. 966151

i'm probably naive in saying this because we know how hollywood is but i actually used to kind of like her for not being overtly sexual especially considering so many celebs just make things about sex now. like idm sex but it really doesn't need to be shoved in my face all the time. now she's just trying to be one of them.

No. 966152

>pic name says "phenis"
i probably shouldn't be cackling that this is a thing that's stuck in our celebricow threads but i am kek. on a more serious note i am wondering if something ever will come out one day but i suspect she's going to fade into irrelevancy instead.

No. 966166

His name Justin Lubliner. Anon from >>966147 I’ll give you one better. Not only is he her manager he’s also the CEO of Darkroom. He’s a big player in the scene and interned at Def Jam too. There’s tinfoils floating around that Billie’s over sized alt style was crafted by him since the aesthetic drew a lot of inspo from early 2000s hip hop fashion which he knows the ins and outs of bc of his time at Def Jam.
No doubt he and Phenis crafted this next evolution of her style as well.
She’ll probably fade into irrelevancy and either A.) Go onto to live a relatively quiet life until money gets tight and comes out with a book or doc called something like “my truth” where she exposes how gross her family is, then does a Las Vegas residency and later a nostalgia tour.
Or B.) The sadder route, ends up like Shelley Duvall because of the trauma/fucked up things she’s been subjected to.
I honestly can’t imagine anything in between but I’m also dramatic. Only time will tell.

No. 966169

She makes me so uncomfortable when she does her sexy schtick. Even in her videos and her performance of have mercy, it didn't come of natural, it was like she was trying to show as much of her ass and coochie as she could without it being pornographic. She doesn't have that mature, sexy and sultry look her gimmick requires either, she looks too youthful and girlish. She would be better doing Ariana's uwu larp instead.

No. 966172

This, stars whose entire image and persona is based on sex, being party girl, being kinky, adventurous af etc. and ONLY that, it's 1) one-dimentional 2) can be irritating 3) gets boring. no problem with stars dressing sexy but you have to have some… balance, idk? not bringing up one topic all the time, especially when it's shoved in our faces as much. like, we get it, you have big boobs, awesome. anything else to talk about? it's just jarring cause it happened too fast to Billie, especially in contrast to years when she wore baggy clothes on purpose, it's been a year almost and it'still uncomfortable
Phenis became an inseparable part of the lingo of celebricows threads and i find it amusing too kek

No. 966181

>"I made contact by meditating and looking up and seeing things in the sky that weren't there when I started meditating."
Are you sure you're not confusing meditating with doing drugs Demi?

>"Bring me an alien!"

>Forgetting she claimed "aliens" is derogatory
>"Bring me an ET!"
KEK this isn't the first time she's gone against shit she's said

No. 966186

In the first second I read this I thought it was going to be about Billie but I saw what you were replying to. Oddly, a portion of that statement fits with Bil too. Would be neat if they could try something else, like maybe having a mature image without so much focus on sex, but please, no more Arianas in Hollywood. She's just as sexualized and has more than enough people trying to look like her. Not to add her uwu smol larp creeps me the hell out.

No. 966192

>drew a lot of inspo from early 2000s hip hop fashion bc of his time at Def Jam.
That's a good point, not sure about now but Def Jam was popualar in 2000s and had a lot of well known hip hop stuff. Also i can add that Def Jam once had L.A. Reid on board. L.A Reid is the guy responsible for signing Avril Lavigne, who also had signature baggy tomboy style and was one of fav singers of Billie.
I haven't watched Billie's Apple something documentary but i've seen small parts of it, in which Billie and Phenis sit and record music. i had this impression that Phenis knows what he's doing and he's very idk focused, and he knows some mechanisms of not only music but also business overall. they all try to act like sweet loving family who ~*wasn't actually rich at all! small 2-room house!!!*~. idk if they abuse her, hope not, but they seem exploitative. think how much they were ready to sacrifice to reach success, to make their daughter a star. not just random star but top 1 one selling millions, all before she's 17 or 16.

No. 966196

I totally agree with you. Everyone loved ungodly hour and we ate that up. It showed how much they matured as artists without going overkill with the sex. Chloe is very talented and it’s so sad to see her go through this. I also wonder if she tried out for Ariel too?

No. 966203

I also have suspicions she's being exploited but not outright abused. They seemed like a normal family (as normal as a wealthy family could be) upon first glance and she and Phenis just seemed like they had a close sibling bond. But then I saw the weird sexualized lyrics they wrote together. There was one song, Daddy? I think. I believe they were posted a few threads back. Now I just get creepy vibes from the family and they seem to just let her do whatever (or whatever her team wants her to do) because she's their cash cow. It's concerning.

No. 966207

10 years ago, i would have never thought this would be a thing, but this sound like the most tumblr twitter liberal garbage ever. Inclusiveness probably excludes straight women, i bet. and actual lesbians

No. 966213

with Billie i feel like they should have just left her in the street wear. I can't think of a better aesthetic for her other than the edgy girl one. I know artists change their styles as they get older, but hers happened over night and was unnatural. Looking at her candid photos, clearly she does like those clothes better.

No. 966215

File: 1636683364083.jpeg (147.14 KB, 640x553, 13B4F3A6-14FE-461E-B166-2CE1AA…)

Not tinfoiling by posting this but just sharing a screenshot I remember I saw someone shared and found funny, though the implications are gross

No. 966224

I definitely agree. She looks uncomfortable in the corsets. I'm not sure how much of this she actually enjoys - but on the other hand it was still her choice to say stuff like how she thought people were mad because she has "big boobs". She and her team are trying way too hard to push this attempt at looking sexy and to me it's just uncomfortable considering she's been in the public eye since she was a minor and I still see her as a kid, she still sometimes behaves immaturely. Every time I see a child star grow up only to be pushed into sexualizing themselves it feels so fucking uneasy to watch and I just wish that would stop.

No. 966234

Yeah, i was the one who posted Daddy lyrics 2 or 3 threads ago. i know DDLG was "trendy" a few years back, and Billie & Phenis even liked Melanie Martinez but that's so fucked up to be an older brother and write lyrics like this, and have your 13 or 14 year old sister at the time singing this? how is it not questioned by idk journalists and not just small group of anons on the internet. you can be stupid teenager but you've got some common logic and responsibility, imagine writing a song about, idk, incest kink and telling younger siblings to sing.
Billies parents couldn't care less when she was dating 20-something man while underage, i almost forgot about this. they'd probably let her date Lubliner guy or even some wrinkly 70 year old scrote from Interscope as long as she brings cash home. Phenis loves fame, their mom surely enjoys her "vegan activist/cool hippie mom" fame too.

No. 966236

Isn't she supposed to be Arial in the live-action?

No. 966240

>Billies parents couldn't care less when she was dating 20-something man while underage, i almost forgot about this. they'd probably let her date Lubliner guy or even some wrinkly 70 year old scrote from Interscope as long as she brings cash home
Just to add on to this. I'm probably speculating but didn't that song NDA have lyrics along the lines of how the guys she takes home or dates have to sign a non disclosure agreement? She's apparently only had two or three boyfriends the general public sort of know about but I guess we never know what's going on behind the scenes. Just something I remembered and thought to add on to what was quoted. I feel weird talking about her boyfriends or whatever but there's something about it that's just off.

No. 966241

wrong sister

No. 966248

Oh right, the NDA song. the lyrics were bitter/ironic but i think this topic wasn't just made out of thin air. it's based on something real from her life. she surely makes people sign NDAs, that's common for stars of this format. the boyfriend that she accused of using her, highlighting the age gap (Your Power song etc.) didn't really say that much/didn't try to defend himself much, to my knowledge, maybe right because of NDA.
Anons speculated that Billie makes her guys sign NDA because she lies about her age, so she needs to keep them quiet when they go. if that one is true, then maybe she wasn't underage at the time of dating Seven (forgot the exact name) guy. so much of unknown.

No. 966250

this has “folgers incest” vibes

No. 966252

not again with the fucking soup

No. 966254

i'm baffled why she posts this, i mean why make instructions how to boil water and unpack bullion

No. 966255

The 3x daily recommended max amount of sodium is a pertinent issue. Poor girls got some serious bloatage and we must discuss it thoroughly.

No. 966263

Yungblood is like a human embodiment of all collective Tik Tok application. idk who is more cringy now, Yungblood or MGK. perhaps it's the same thing, i bet they're friends and switch their girlfriends all the time or something

No. 966267

At this point the next thread should be titled Billie Eilish Soup edition kek

No. 966270

Haven't noticed Billie's soup's been already posted, apologies kek. Billie's soup edition is fine but i think she'll be dethroned by something else.

No. 966283

there's gonna be something along the lines of "we went to his room to watch movies, and he kept pressuring me to drink more, then jacked off on my face as i tried to wiggle out from under him and wiped some poop off his hand onto my chest" i'm putting $5 on it now, everyone mark this date.

No. 966287

that was the whole reason her whole fanbase liked her. the point of bilie eilish was that she was a "regular teen girl" but not totally mainstream. like she was the kind of girl who grows up to be a hipster or alt musician (i mean she was marketed as such, i know she's a plant). her team have ended her career by basically burning the whole foundation of it

No. 966288

ayrt, that's exactly how i feel. it's all especially boring and irritating at this point because it's getting too much easier now to stumble across content like that. and i know if i brought this up elsewhere i'll probably be called a prude or not sex positive or whatever. but it shouldn't be too much to want the sexualization to be toned down a bit.

No. 966295

I agree, though she can take some accountability too. She's said stuff I certainly don't think her team was forcing her to say. I doubt she's being forced to date her current boyfriend, he's basically a nobody and they try to keep it lowkey but her fans already know and give them shit because of what he's done in the past. Idk why she would think any of her recent moves were wise, because they aren't. She's lost enough fans for her to comment on it, so she's only got the diehard stans and people who don't really pay attention to her sketchy behavior.

No. 966299

No worries, it's mainly because people were weirdly sperging over the soup thing earlier in the thread lmao. But maybe more stuff will come up and we'll get to witness more arguing kek

No. 966323

Yeah, it's her poor choice to date that older scrote when everybody warned her and thinks it's a failed idea. she also doesn't think about what she's really saying, just so she can think she's so right/woke while people are just "scared of the big boobs" lol. I think it's because she's used to praise and people fawning over her only. she basically witnessed no criticism in her debut album era, well not from the famous people, not anyone who matters. fans loved her unconditionally too. she used to be "down to earth and relatable", or normal compared to other popstars. (baggy clothes created this illusion too) Billie was told repeatedly all she does/says is more than great, so now when people are disagreeing or criticising, it's probably shocking to her. fame gets to people's heads, btw she reacts pretty immaturely, like a teenager she is (or a spoiled sheltered kid she also is). gets pissed off or rolls eyes and replies dumbly, or says shit like "i don't get what you mean guys, btw it doesn't matter, at least i have HUGE boobs and you don't haha jealous?" that's also a part of why packing her in mature/grandma clothes is weird, she's just not psychically mature at all.

No. 966344

Ayrt, I completely agree. Was also the one who wrote >>966224. It's so off putting they try to market her as this seductive bombshell (that spoilered pic anon posted of her perfume ad was especially uncomfortable to see) when, even though we say here she looks aged sometimes, she still behaves incredibly immaturely and makes dumb choices in contrast - none of what they're putting out to the public makes sense or is consistent. She's not exactly relatable anymore, it's a far cry from what she was pushed as earlier in her teens as an alt girl. I mean she still behaves with that similar stubborn teenage mindset in this era but more openly arrogant and full of herself and it's a tired act.

No. 966346

i used to like her when she talked about not being sexualized. And I think it would have been fine for her to dress more sexy as she got older and got more comfortable with her body, but this sit just makes me sad. This is just for moids to look at. Every fat girl I went to hig school with does the big boob cope thing. It's really cringey.
Also anon you're right an emo phase right now would be on trend and look good on her. I hate her outfits this era.
Her shirt is fucking disgusting. She's such a porn sick twat. It's not the edgy vibe she thinks it is.

No. 966348

Exactly! And I didn't notice the shirt, I just went back and looked at it. Wtf. Oddly though I think that was during her alt phase. Like some of her clothes then were shit but it seemed more like her kind of brand than wtf she wears now.

No. 966360

she looks like fat hila klein

No. 966369

Hard same. Hated those dolls, loathe Ariana.

No. 966373

File: 1636701110981.jpeg (131.03 KB, 725x740, 1E752AF6-4BA2-4342-94A1-BE9C52…)

Her Taylor versions sounds so fucking awful why did she di this? Did nobody help her?

No. 966374

Sad that it's become a norm now to try and look like those dolls..

No. 966377


i think the singles (22, wanegbt, ikywt) were poorly produced sadly but the unreleased tracks are really good.

No. 966379

……. WHAT ?

No. 966381

Anon who wrote >>965859. I feel like Ari would be the kind of person that's into looking like one. But yeah I was being a bit dumb when I wrote that other comment. Did notice a lot of Ari fan types online (and irl) who are into Bratz stuff and it had me think that, but at least not all Bratz girls are Ari fans kek

No. 966382

Yes exactly i was shocked at 22 it sounded so robotic. How could she release it like this kek

No. 966385

They just seem so off especially when you’re used to the normal ones, the vocals seem fucked up somehow. I appreciate the intent behind making your own versions of songs that’s are owned by a big label but they usually turn out worse in comparison

No. 966386

Is there a song on the album about how when she was 22yo she dated a 17yo high schooler as an adult and would drop him off at school in the morning?

No. 966392

Huh which?

No. 966396


No. 966399

Conor Kennedy. She was so obsessed with being a Kennedy that she bought a house next to their estate. His family thought she was a creep.

No. 966400

for real? this is the first i'm hearing of this

No. 966401

Yeah I get that, I just don't see the logic though of why

No. 966403

File: 1636707009239.jpg (21.23 KB, 360x450, Conor-kennedy.jpg)

Googled him, the first thing that pops is the Taylor Swift wiki, kek
he's used to be pretty good looking though, though he currently looks older then Taylor even though he's only 26


No. 966407

File: 1636707336761.jpg (205.89 KB, 1200x1200, rs_1200x1200-210622151725-1200…)

and this is him now, can you believe that a guy who looks like he sells drugs in a white trash town is a Kennedy and dated Taylor Swift

No. 966409

took a look, so apparently they dated in 2012. he was 18 and taylor was 23 at the time?

No. 966410

Taylor started up a "friendship" with him before he turned 18 and went public once he was legal. Typical scrote move.

No. 966411

… that sounds really sketchy. didn't take her as the kind of person to go for younger guys.

No. 966413

tbf he was a good looking 17 year old and she barely in her 20's

No. 966414

She was dropping him off at school like she was his mother. I wonder if she packed his lunches.

No. 966417

..listen to yourself

No. 966418

Idk, good looking or not I'm iffy of anyone dating a teenager while of legal age but I really don't wanna start discourse on that

No. 966419

Avril released a new song. Guess it is the perfect timing for her to do it due to the punk rock revival still going on.

No. 966420

I wouldn't call her a cow but go Avril. Loved her back in the early days

No. 966421

let's not defend creepy behavior here

No. 966422

File: 1636711671056.jpg (183.57 KB, 1080x802, 251529944_635078447875086_6726…)

To add tot this: She signed up with the record label of travis barker, the thriving force behind this revival.

>avrillavigne Let’s fuck shit up! Just signed a record contract to Travis Barker’s record label DTA Records! Should I drop my first single next week ?


No. 966423

I didn’t understand the reference so I looked it up, is this what you mean?

No. 966428

File: 1636712390624.jpg (113.02 KB, 1147x635, EDDIEHALLPROMO.jpg)

This is profensslal strongman Eddie Hall when he was 16, would one be a pedo if they said they would be attracted to him and not know he was underage

No. 966429

i can hear the old avril in this but man, what an underwhelming song. not catchy at all.

No. 966430

Anon I'm concerned for you

No. 966431

This sounds like it'd be in a PS2 game about skateboarding

No. 966435

not sure if this is solid advice or not but… maybe check that the guy's not underage before you want to fuck him? don't see much room in going wrong there.

from what it looks like taylor swift on the other hand seemed to know the guy she was dating was still a minor, and now you know the guy you say you're attracted to was only 16 in that image.

No. 966439

YEs, he looks underage, he has a baby face. And you know that he is underage and still lusting after him. You can find the same generic bald muscle man in adult version but here you are, lusting after an underage. Concerning.

No. 966441

of course you're not a pedo but if he's in high school it's weird. 16 year old boys are literally retarded why tf would you want to date one?
retard, do you know what a pedophile is?

No. 966443

File: 1636715404089.jpg (65.23 KB, 750x423, eddie-1-1-e1610761904984-750x4…)

well this is what he looks like now, clearly not a child

No. 966446

The ayrt kind of had a point though. And 16 year olds are usually still in high school. but regardless if they're attending school or not it's still creepy if the anon that had a crush wasn't also of high school age, but anon is implying she isn't

The anon that brought him up chose to bring up a photo of him at 16, not now

No. 966447

it's creepy but it doesn't make you a pedophile, a pedophile is sexually attracted to pre pubescent children

No. 966450

File: 1636716933783.png (112.9 KB, 909x862, Screenshot_20211112-085957~2.p…)

Perhaps the reason Grimes has been so out of touch this past year could have something to do with this, maybe she could have been more open about her difficult pregnancy but then it would have still created distance from her younger fans

No. 966452

at least a bunch of us can agree it's creepy but people often misuse the word pedo. i'm sure we all knew what both anons meant - also >>966428 was the first one to say "pedo" when no one else before mentioned it and we were only talking about how weird the taylor swift situation was, so you may want to take it up with that specific person

No. 966454

File: 1636717964247.png (60.75 KB, 653x400, FD26mH5XEAAT9NN.png)

Meanwhile in the themi lovato world …

No. 966455

File: 1636718023109.jpg (61.22 KB, 483x680, FDYcEFxXIAISGYl.jpg)

No. 966457

someone take the internet away from her please

No. 966458

File: 1636718135077.png (40.74 KB, 685x473, 1bo5mrczszfx.png)

predicting it right now, she's gonna fall under some rightwing pipeline and start blaming Jews

No. 966460

I feel like she's only pulling this shit because she keeps being given a platform and still has supporters who enable this nonsense, imagine if she had none of that. Good god I just want her to stop and get some damn help. Stay out of the public eye. It would probably be good for her.

No. 966473

her stans are saying the media is being mean to her and she's having a hard time right now. When is this woman not having a hard time? She needs professional help and her social media taken away from her. She's addicted to attention and she looks like utter shit.

No. 966490

God she looks awful. Themi Lovato thread when?

No. 966509

What in the 2016 is happening with her face makeup

No. 966511

please let's do this

No. 966512

the grimes thread dried up pretty quick, i think celebs should just stay in the celeb thread. themi is one of the most entertaining features here we need her

No. 966585

File: 1636733795266.png (1.02 MB, 1119x812, agony.png)

The amount she is eating contains several times the daily recommended amount of sodium for an adult human. Are you retarded?

Yeah she's got a fast pass to psychosis land and nobody is gonna stop her.

No. 966608

Ntayrt, but yes! People used to crack up at this commercial because it feels like sexual tension instead of a cute sibling relationship. Comedy Central even made a parody 'extended cut', lmao:

No. 966675

It's a bit underwhelming for Avril Lavigne but I like it tbh. I'll take new Avril music, it does indeed sound like her old stuff

No. 966716

File: 1636744125109.jpeg (565.24 KB, 828x1015, E689543C-42AF-449D-A883-D7AA8B…)

a 9th victim of astroworld. travis and all of the kartrashians should be in jail i don’t care. she was only 22 and she had several heart attacks during the crowd crush

No. 966723

btw, this is the girl that cops and untrained paramedics dropped on her fucking head. there’s a video of it going around on twitter so look out

No. 966730

I don't use Twitter. Link?

No. 966739

No. 966742

I can't believe melissa is still making music

No. 966757

TWELVE DOLLARS A MONTH!??!?!????? Lmfaoooo these people are actually fucking insane. You can read that shit for free, or listen to it for free everyone has a conspiracy friend or someone they follow who is going through it, you can support your weird friends for free. It’s such a con and she’s trying to sell it to her fellow brain damaged people who are going to get even more confused. This upsets me more than I thought it would, and not because of any kind of opinion held there but that it’s ephemeral nonsense you can’t act on anyway.

No. 966764

File: 1636749053239.png (78.71 KB, 1103x657, incidnet.PNG)

It seems nobody remembers the Hillsborough stadium disaster, in which 93 people were crushed to death. Did they blame the soccer teams? No. They blamed police and security.

I don't believe Travis should be taking 100% blame for this. Were his actions shitty afterwards? Sure. Should he personally be in jail for an infrastructure and security issue? No not really. His managers have control over that, not him.


No. 966775

>they blamed the police and security

The police blamed the crowd for many years after and covered up their mismanagement of the disaster. I can see Astroworld going the same way

No. 966776

are you a yank? they infamously didn't blame police OR security - in fact, the police did everything they could to make sure they removed themselves from blame. the crowds themselves were blamed by police and media, and specific rags over here (the sun in particular) even went so far as to blame the victims who died. this included children, and is why the sun is now banned from being sold in liverpool, where the tragedy happened.

No. 966778

Why are so many people jumping to his defense like it’s going to do anything? It’s his show. He encourages this behavior and has a history of it. He told people to break in and rush the gates and crowd. If Billie eillish could see a single person and stop a show to help them, he could see multiple people in distress. His apology was absolutely fucking fake, so you’re caring for someone who would not care if you live or die, you are no different. You’re also arguing fractions, you admit he’s negligent to some degree but the rest is debatable so I don’t know what you hope to accomplish by telling people They’re Wrong He’s Innocent. You don’t have all the information and we can all watch how the lawsuits play out.

He also watched people get carried out, could have just paused for a minute. Many times at huge concerts like this performers will tell the crowd to take however many steps back, they might even keep reminding them. You can literally always see how crushed and distressed people are at the front. They are always watching the crowd and ways are in FULL CONTROL to stop for a moment, or longer, or at any moment enforce security. There was a whole as ambulance that people were twerking on that Kylie recorded like a dumb ass, no matter what drugs he’s on he can see a goddamn ambulance trying to accomplish something and tell people to let it through and get off of it, or if he’s so high then he would have made sure his team could delegate safety for him.

Bringing up another event doesn’t help your argument at all, there are too many differences between events and circumstances. The only thing they have in common is crowd crush, would you compare all murderers or robberies? This man is laughing at you too. He wants his shows to be as violent as possible because it’s shock value, he sees people going hard and injuring themselves or dying for him as a compliment. Ask yourself why you want to be an instrument to this kind of person when there are far better musicians who do respect your humanity.

No. 966781

File: 1636750119377.png (125.4 KB, 745x356, what were you saying again non…)

No. 966785

You replied to the wrong person you dumb bitch.

No. 966795

Where did I mention that anon was pedophile or not? My "yes" was in regards if he looks underage or not, as I explained it.
Maybe the topic is a bit too close to home for you?

No. 966798

>Hillsborough disaster happened in 1989
>Inquest rules fans not at fault in 2016
>27 year gap

Confirmed yank.

No. 966799

i agree with most of this, but apparently there are many events to compare this to. it's what i've seen a lot of people doing.

maybe he can't take the full blame because the organizers should too, but he's known to encourage this shit and can be held accountable for a lot of it, why defend him? if this backlash is what he needs to realize pushing his fans to do crazy shit can result in them getting hurt or dying, then that's what he deserves. but unfortunately he's wealthy enough anyway so whatever (financial) consequences he gets will barely affect him.

No. 966801

yeah it's funny how "pedo" wasn't brought up in any of the taylor swift posts (which was what the creepy stuff stemmed from) until that other anon had to randomly ask if being attracted to a pic of a random guy at the age of 16 made one a pedo.

if they have to ask… i mean because of the age, doesn't make them a pedo but definitely creepy that it was even brought up in the first place.

No. 966807

kek, are you that mad about it, whore?

No. 966809

File: 1636753225504.png (612.15 KB, 798x929, 1636748493702.png)

Olivia Munn hired a cheap roofer without a license or resources, he fell from the roof and died. Now she's getting sued for wrongful death. All that money and she couldn't hire a licensed roofer?

No. 966810

Who cares if I'm a yank? It was an event that shook people globally, eurofag.
My point is, the fault is not of the people performing.

Everyone thinks that saying "someone should take the blame" is defending. I'm speaking objectively, no intention on "defending him" specifically. If people were blaming the fans, I'd say the same thing. It's organizers and infrastructure fault.

No. 966823

File: 1636754635014.jpg (349.75 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20211112-220406_Sam…)

It wasn't the fault of the football teams for sure. However, Travis Scott is on record telling his fans to rage, act wild, storm the festival if they weren't able to get tickets because he would be able to sneak them in

No. 966825

File: 1636754696236.png (68.61 KB, 267x275, r u mad.png)

No. 966828

File: 1636754743720.jpg (329.57 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20211112-220529_Sam…)

No. 966831

File: 1636755055495.png (565.42 KB, 1000x562, d91f97ff683eb493ed92f2350cb645…)

No. 966834

this man literally looks like a lost member of the goof troop

No. 966837

File: 1636755411626.jpeg (94.97 KB, 640x478, C6CCDA50-C3DD-417A-AD5C-F239DC…)

Just adding on. There's more screenshots of Travis' old posts encouraging this in the article I'm linking.


No. 966842

File: 1636755930239.jpg (629.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211112-222449_Sam…)

Excuse the blue light filter but Britney's conservatorship has ended!

No. 966843

I’m so happy for her

No. 966844


Travis encourages the type of behavior that led to this

No. 966855

File: 1636756578698.jpeg (57.36 KB, 522x749, shut up bitch.jpeg)

Ntayrt but are you autistic or just missing the context around what happened at Astroworld? Like other Anons have pointed out how Travis actively encourages his fans go full blown retarded and rage at his concerts. It's not a secret and I've even seen mainstream media cover it.
Stop backpedaling and own up to the fact that you're grasping at straws to defend a drugged out scrote who did the robot as people in his crowd screamed for help. Go back to your high school's debate club if you want to play devil's advocate kek. Maybe he isn't completely responsible but he is definitely partially responsible for the deaths of 9 people and injury of many others.
I don't like accusing other anons on this site of being men but your weird sperging to deflect any blame from Travis Scott makes me think you're either a very retarded woman or a scrote.

No. 966857

He has nothing going on for him, his music is shit and he's an asshole at best and psychopath at worst, i really don't understand wtf makes people defend him so much, those rituals were very effective i guess

No. 966864

File: 1636757144204.jpg (52.57 KB, 720x546, c8ricnhgx8r61.jpg)

This is great news. I hope her family burns in hell for what they did to her.

No. 966874

Wow nonnie I was literally saying “good for her”, in that tone when I saw the Britney update. Wish we could drink champagne in celebration together

No. 966890

We need a new grimes thread

No. 966894

Very well said anon, I agree entirely.

No. 966897

The Grimes thread didn't dry up, it maxed out and nobody made a new one

No. 966901

boullion eilish
boullion bossa nova

No. 966906

This looks like it's inspired by that Scarlett Johannson movie Under the Skin

No. 966911

File: 1636760097939.png (33.65 KB, 601x318, shsghjsjsjgsjgk.png)

he's done

No. 966913

File: 1636760331227.jpeg (533.27 KB, 2048x2048, 9FB7470B-CFBF-418A-9004-94591C…)

praying somebody talks to her before it’s too late… “billie, you have a F.A.T. problem!!”

No. 966914

bouillon eilish gets my vote for next thread title

No. 966915

That anon defending him must feel fucking stupid right now lmao

No. 966922

I mean at least her tits aren't pushed up to her chin here like they normally are… It makes her top half look less bulky.

No. 966926

Oh no but really… is she binge eating with the pressure? I have no irons in the fire but this all seems rapid. I just hope she’s ok

No. 966930

damn it's sad at this point

No. 966935

I'll toast to your and Britney's honor tonight Nonita. Enjoy your weekend.

No. 966937

Cut to Kanye reaching out to bring him onto those shambolic Sunday Service Can't Cancel Us live streams.

No. 966942

who did they contact tho?

No. 966943

File: 1636763268382.jpeg (563.13 KB, 828x1329, 64FCF1F1-F12A-4855-BF57-A303C5…)

Here’s an infographic from the article mentioned in the tweet

No. 966945

File: 1636763338329.jpeg (169.96 KB, 828x406, 848AE13E-0896-4AC4-8625-066F23…)

Sf, but also

No. 966946

Kek, but he probably will. That would be such a weird combo

No. 966949

probably the staff who went on stage, told him to stop, and he told them to fuck off and continued the show.

No. 966952

She could, EDs are so common with kids in the spotlight. She needs to get out of the spotlight and come back when she’s ready

No. 966953

sounds like whoever greenlighted the show should be charged
if that really happened, then obvs him too

No. 966963

According to the security plan, the only ones with the authority to stop the concert were the executive producer and festival director

No. 966964

why are you so obsessed with defending travis scott lmao it's beyond pathetic

No. 966965

So if he said to stop the show and stopped performing because people were dying they would have continued the show anyway, right?
Artists can stop the show at any point, stop being so naive

No. 966968

But I just said that if that happened he should be charged as well??

No. 966970

What a fucking idiot, everyone knows not to hire unlicensed people on the DL for this exact reason

No. 966988

So much second hand embarrassment for the Billie spergs shitting up this thread. We get it, you’re obsessed with comparing yourself to her. Post something that’s actually milky.

No. 966991

Fr, i'm already bored of Billie's candids, we get it, she's fat, move on

No. 966996

No. 967004

won't deny that i've joined in the billie conversation a few times when there was milk, but if the only thing that people have to say is that she's fat then yeah it's tiring. so much of this thread is embarrassing including what was said after the taylor swift thing earlier

No. 967012

i wouldn't call this a scrote move at all. dating a young rebound after an abusive relationship is common among women. i don't give her a full pass for going after a 17 year old (if she did, which she probably did) but i can understand the appeal in dating someone young who treats you decently after dating a scrote who negs you when you wear heels. the difference between men and women who do this is men do it for power, women do it to regain confidence in themselves as a once off. begin again explains it really well.

and it was for taylor, she didn't date like that afterwards. i think harry styles is younger but that was obvious pr lol.

No. 967015

nah you and other anons are trying to pass the blame onto every other person but travis, acting like he didn't know what was going on when his team literally came on the stage to get him to stop the show and he continued, people were screaming to stop, screaming for help, he literally watched at least one person die right in front of him as he just stood there and did nothing (all of this is documented on video). idk how travis fans are still trying to act like there's plausible deniability at all especially when he has a very clear pattern of inciting this behavior. this doesn't happen at other concerts.

No. 967025

IMO 17 & 22 and 19 & 31 are both weird, however, women typically date younger men for completely different reasons than men date younger women which you touched on

No. 967091

I've been wondering why nobody told him. Well looks like they did and he just didn't listen. Hope he rots in hell

No. 967094

It was a unique blip in her dating history because it wasn't just about the age. Taylor wanted that last name. For a certain segment of upper crusty northeastern Americans, the Kennedy family are like royalty, though they've fallen out of favor quite a bit over the years.

No. 967146

Song is okay but damn she looks amazing, hasn't changed a bit

No. 967165

there’s a lot of misinformation happening. no staff came on stage to tell him to stop the show (afaik, unless they spoke to him through this headset or something). i know the clip you’re referring to, those were fans he invited on stage, if you watch the clip in context you’ll see that they chatted with him briefly and then stage dived. not defending travis, i think he’s a shitty person and had a large part to play in the tragedy. i just think it’s important to get all the facts straight, there’s a lot of incorrect shit floating around and it’s not helping the situation

No. 967167

File: 1636790491342.jpg (86.07 KB, 524x518, ewlol.jpg)

I literally gagged when I saw Noah's suspiciously placed missing nails. Nonas please tell me they're not actually dating

No. 967169

some of the songs work well with her current vocals (stay stay stay, all too well) but a lot of the singles (22, we are never getting back together) don't. her re-records remind me of jojo's 2018 re-records of her two albums, vocals are hit or miss based on the track. peoples voices change and they can't perform songs the same anymore.

No. 967172

File: 1636791418979.jpeg (178.53 KB, 828x471, EAAC4386-2C51-43FD-8B28-220021…)

I ordered Billie Eilish’s perfume. Any faggots want a review?

No. 967180

WTF post pic of package nonnie

No. 967182

wow that's pricey

No. 967183

File: 1636793811602.jpg (34.92 KB, 812x138, Screenshot_4.jpg)

judging from the notes this is another typical sickeningly sweet celebrity perfume. But am a perfumefag and still curious so please do a review

No. 967184

Oh, this is not Olivia's year.

No. 967186

Psychopath. Prime example of a rich, narcissistic celebrity who's detached from reality and completely void of empathy

No. 967194

This makes no sense. They could've cut off the power and the show would've been over. I am reading the back and forth about this incident on this thread.
I think he didn't know it. But due to his jerkism he provoked the behaviour that led to this.
I just can't understand why the people that were informed by the police didn't decide to stop the show.
And as to the people that went on stage, another Anon already told, that they were fans.
The right way would've been, give notice to the performer, that the power will be cut off and what has happened, so the performer can inform the crowd. If the performer doesn't give a fuck, still cut off the power. While a person goes on stage and gives the information to the crowd.
It's not his fault that the show went on, but it's his fault that he provoked the behaviour, so he carries responsibility, as well.

No. 967196

Are those missing nails, or is the one "intact" a coke nail?

No. 967201

Realistic prediction, Travis Scott won't get jail time but he will get sued and his career will take a nosedive as companies and labels end their contract with him
he'll then make moronic business decisions and ill advised purchases like 99% of other dumb (c)rappers and end up broke, hopefully he'll OD so that there's one less fucking Idiot in the world
his low IQ-Fans(who in a just world would be sterilized) will whine about his death and proclaim that he was the "greatest" or whatever

No. 967207

She eats an astronomical amount of sodium, which explains everything. I don’t know anyone who would eat like that regularly and put it online like it’s nothing, not even dorm cooking is that stupid. She is probably the kind of spoiled and insulated that never actually reads nutritional information. Part of me respects that she truly could not be paid to give a fuck about her weight in Hollywood, but it’s so fucking stupid and only hurting herself. She can read and if she doesn’t know sodium is a bad thing then I fucking don’t know what to do at this point lmao. She has access to the most talented designers and this is what she does with it. Maybe she’s on some heavy medication that also causes weight gain, it would explain her behavior and inability to critically think about how things can come off. It can also delay her processing sexual abuse so I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 967217

No. 967221

Legit thought that was Rebel Wilson while she was still fat kek

Billie seems to be hitting the metabolism slow-down of young adulthood pretty early. Most people don't get that issue til they're like 25. Hope she spends some of that money of hers on a nutritionist. Or even a chef.

No. 967232

Stop making excuses for an adult woman who went after a high schooler.

No. 967236

well, if the theories about her lying about her age are to believed, then it only makes sense, right?

No. 967243

Yes please. No one in my perfume community cares about it and I’m certainly not getting it myself kek

No. 967255

File: 1636808386520.jpg (334.2 KB, 509x863, fdgf.jpg)

the woman and the Themi-midget

No. 967263

God, she looks straight up bizarre at this point. Could be an edit done by a farmer because it looks so ridiculous. Those pants look like they are about to burst in any moment. She also looks so damn sweaty ever since she started with the they/them retardation. What's up with that?

Paris looks very classy tho.

No. 967268

>She also looks so damn sweaty
She must be back doing hard drugs. Paris does look amazing though, agreed

No. 967289

Demi has an ED, right? I feel like part of her doubling down on this is that if she actually started to lose weight, she'd have to deal with the damage she's already done and would probably start spiraling

No. 967290

File: 1636812985412.jpg (34.11 KB, 425x425, 06835f78-e746-4bea-8e34-f039ca…)

speaking of Paris, her husband has extreme gay face

No. 967293

Pleeaaase don't wake the obsessive "Paris is a lesbian" stan/sperg again

No. 967300

So it's better for her to be obese then? She could do it the healthy way. She can afford therapists, cooks, personal trainers and whatever else.

No. 967303

File: 1636813837439.gif (9.82 MB, 540x540, 1607658059571.gif)

God he has an awful smile, men shouldn't be allowed to smile, everyone looks awful smiling
men should stay quiet and smoke cigarettes

No. 967304

lmao i didn’t mean to, i just think he looks so goofy

No. 967305

I don't think it is better. I just get why. The "recovery" meme is sometimes just that bc it's often full of enablers who will tell you it's better to be fat than even just a little too skinny. They'll literally lie to your face, and part of what she's done is buy into that lie for fake peace. It's why she lost her shit over a snack shop lol, she knows she's fucked both ways and even being "normal" fit might not be enough for her

No. 967346

File: 1636820174361.jpg (717.15 KB, 2700x1800, 1636819985516.jpg)

No. 967350

not a single upper lip to be found in this pic

No. 967352

Is themi stretched to look wider in this pic or is she really that fat?

No. 967365

File: 1636821249979.jpg (974.63 KB, 2200x3300, BGUS_2242671_001.jpg)

it's stretched, but she is still fat

No. 967385

r.e.m. stands for rest easy, mac

No. 967401

lol what? it's one of her songs that came out before he died

No. 967411

she looks like a wine drunk 4 times divorced aunt kek. Can't believe she's 15 years younger than Paris

No. 967413

Thank you.

No. 967418

Kek I had the same concern when I scrolled down and saw Paris was posted
You're alright anon it's been 3 hrs of peace so far. You're right though kek

No. 967423

I agree she has been looking weirdly sweaty and unwashed for a while, this is what I've been saying kek. Like wtf is going on? If she's decided to join the smelly Hollywood trend of celebrities not properly washing themselves/their kids, I'm sure we'll be hearing about it soon.

No. 967430

had a good laugh at that, kek. but admittedly i feel like that's at least better than the botched lip fillers i keep seeing on celebs

No. 967434

To be fair, anyone would look dumpy next to Paris - who's also had had a ton of work done over the years.

Themi's dress and styling is atrocious, though. Her makeup and wardrobe age her terribly, she looks like some bargain bin washed out bingo hall auntie.

No. 967455

Paris looks amazing

No. 967469

Oh no they don't have disgusting (c)rapper lips that look like buttholes, whatever shall they do(racebait )

No. 967471

Feel you all aren't appreciating this edit enough, looks awesome

No. 967474

File: 1636830661670.jpg (41.24 KB, 500x667, db705a7b11da1d3468a7dc0e5351e1…)

His upper lip really is nonexistent.

No. 967477

where'd you get this image of Paris's teenage clubbing days?

No. 967501

official vid is out

No. 967503

instead she chooses crack and social media

No. 967507

I'm trying not to be so mean and I don't like calling women ugly (anymore) but Demi got so ugly,she reminds me and looks like that Pixielock person in /w/.

No. 967509

It's not amazing, but it feels so perfectly 2000s so I love it for that.

No. 967510

Oh my god anon you're right, Demi is Jillian's celebrity look alike kekk

No. 967513

>(c)rapper lips

No. 967518

Imagine spending all the years of creating music with your band, touring, performing and so. But then the only reason why people ever hear from you is because you peed on a fan on stage during a concert. DISGUSTANG

No. 967546

can you retard stop sperging about "(c)rap" music every five seconds nobody cares

No. 967550

paris looks so amazing, if she continues to maintain herself like this, she might turn into one of the best aging celebs ever
who would have thought that back then kek

No. 967551

Yeah, that anon is really visible. Not assimilating at all.

No. 967552

anon please you vou should have given more details because this was unexpected.

She pees on a fans mouth in a concert.

No. 967553

What in the hell? And he was so happy about it too christ

No. 967554

based IMO, guy was ok with it and it's less gross than the L7 tampon incident (which was also pretty based)

No. 967556

I like you, you exude my energy

No. 967579

I forget who the fuck this is and it's gonna bug me, pls tell me who this actor is to end my suffering

No. 967590

it looks like Jake gyllenhaal

No. 967592

I think it's the guy from Hill House, Oliver Jackson something

No. 967595


No. 967597

No. 967599

Been noticing the past few threads there's always an anon talking about how they hate rap music (and might've been the one wking for MGK). Neutral towards rap myself but to bring up your hatred of a whole genre all the time unwarranted… what?

No. 967605

The rap comment didn't even make sense in that context I get it was probably some sneaky way of racebaiting, but still. This thread really does attract some strange people.

No. 967618

use this as the next thread pic

No. 967622

agree. had that feeling too with the possible racebaiting.

No. 967624

Kek A+. Next thread pic pls

No. 967634

I know absolutely nothing about this man and just from this picture I feel like I hate him

No. 967641

He looks like he's just killing time until HGTV gives him a show to inflict his shitty taste in design on viewers. That smile hints at no less than 20 taupe mohair throws.

No. 967644

Wow this photo just emphasizes how pillowy her filler face is now (even pre-pregnancy). She’s going to turn into Chrissy Teigen

No. 967645

she does this in the dumbass shit threads too, spells it the same way and everything

No. 967647

Taylor Swift always gave me asexual vibes for some reason.

No. 967649

Twitter pls

No. 967678

that sounds… unhinged. tf?

No. 967685

maybe she wants to be like or have a level of fame like chrissy teigen has. along with the plastic surgery she's already reviled as well so she's partway there kek. but she doesn't have as much notoriety and probably never will (as much as she seems to want to be) because a) people have never appeared to genuinely deem her relatable and b) barely anyone talks about her except for her weird trashy antics (re: pmab behavior, chris pine sexts, her claim that potatoes changed her face or whatever) and then forgets about her

this is all just from what i've seen though so what i'm guessing is probably wrong.

No. 967715

Ayrt, as soon as I get it I’ll be sharing my thoughts here. Delivery got delayed until tomorrow kek, which is kind of shitty because I paid for expedited shipping.

No. 967747

File: 1636855982834.png (1.26 MB, 1132x556, Capture.PNG)

SA- it's not that they even look all that alike, it's just like it's that brand of "Bored woman gains weight, gets depressed and tries to find ANYTHING to make a personality/get attention" look to them.
Demi at least has a traumatic past and things that happen that make you kinda understand it. It's like once they start going down this road they think, "Well I gained weight, I think I look ugly, so let me make myself look worse. Now i'm not even a woman! Now I'm extra woke and I can talk to aliens/have DID!"
I hope this makes sense.

No. 967748

kek i think she looks like abby brown (dead thread)

No. 967757

They are actually friends and have both dated Halsey so who knows what other girls they share. They’ve done a few songs together too ‘I think I’m okay’ is probably the most well known?

No. 967760

so halsey either turns men into fucking freaks or she dates fucking freaks

No. 967763

likes turning them to freaks.It was Halsey that convinced yungblud that he was pan but asides from snogging his guitarist on stage he’s exclusively dated women. Reckon Halsey gave him her top tips for being woke to try n be more popular with the tweens

No. 967765

Thought so. She's one of the more insufferable woke celebrities.

No. 967768

Just saw they got redtexted for racebait.

No. 967779

Have you guys been following Alice Evans' public freakout? I think she must be genuinely borderline. Such bizarre behaviour and going on for several months now. Lorraine trying her best not to laugh.

No. 967854

Paris is hot but why do fat celebs keep getting shitty stylists who hate them?? she straight up has tiger king hair and the outfit makes her look more upperheavy than she already is. Surely there's no way they couldn't have known how god awful their hair and outfits look??

No. 967879

File: 1636876399544.jpg (302.74 KB, 801x665, themi.jpg)

No. 967881

My thoughts exactly, anon. That man is beige through and through.

How fun that Paris has managed to keep a man long enough to marry, at long last, never thought I'd see the day. He must have exactly zero personality, otherwise she'd have dumped him ages ago kek

No. 967889

She’s the fat dumpy friend who makes everyone else look better by comparison

No. 967890

I vote next thread pic personally.
Remember on Instagram someone commented “they look bad and by they I mean Demi” kek I’ll never forget

No. 967926

Even as a fatty she could have looked way better with her long hair and original styling

No. 967946

Yep, that mullet is god awful. She looked best with long hair with middle parting. It would make her look younger too. But I guess her new enbie identity doesn't allow that, they always look hideous.

No. 967950

This reminds me of the rumor I used to hear (don't know how reliable the source but I'll dig around) that MGK and Pete Davidson double teamed a woman at least once

No. 968008

Blake Lively. This is how she met Leo und potentially her current husband

No. 968061

File: 1636905324938.png (232.09 KB, 634x634, imagen_2021-11-14_095531.png)

No. 968082

Seriously question, who is her target fan base currently? Her music is so boring, I've never liked her music at all and never understood her huge popularity, I can only assume it's because she's just so generic that she appeals to the masses that way?

No. 968084

I'm in the same boat, I just don't get the appeal at all kek. Seems her music and persona seem to appeal to the crowd that enjoys Live-Laugh-Love and GirlBoss vibes. Very basic thirty-something millenial women that think loving Schitt's Creek and The Office is a personality.

No. 968086

>who is her target fan base currently?
woke millennial white women and maybe a couple gay guys

No. 968088

she's also extremely popular in radblr circles because they think she's a lesbian and in a relationship with some model.

No. 968098

Whatever stylist they were using in the baggy clothes era was well versed in la underground brands. that fit she was wearing is by some ig famous artists girl in la. she use to wear sets like that all the time, I would periodically hear/see people talk about how her stylist knows what they’re doing/keeps putting people in the underground on by having her wear their stuff

No. 968101

Karlie Kloss and Taylor had a super close relationship which sparked the lesbian rumors. Many people also think her currentboyfriend/husband whatever is just a beard

No. 968106

>Seriously question, who is her target fan base currently?
The same one as always, her original fan base never stopped liking her. Then there's us gay women because of the whole Gaylor thing.
Now days there's even younger kids liking her too and I don't know where those came from because they must have been fetuses when she first came out.

No. 968113

Ah, no, that's just when it went mainstream. We were sniffing her out all the way back when she had drama with her girl band mate.

No. 968115

Now she's hanging out with Anya. If it's true she definitely has a type

No. 968117

I like a bunch of her music (not all of it by far but she has a ton of really good dreamy pop) and her brand of overdramatic softgirl-isms and wannabe girlbossing is charming to me somehow. She's full of shit but in a cute way. I'd let her vent at me 24/7 without asking how I am.

No. 968123

Some people have no sex appeal. Why can't she find her lane and stick to it?

No. 968124

File: 1636911286585.jpg (121.57 KB, 634x814, Normie.jpg)

This isn't about specifically Taylor but I don't understand this mentality regarding celebrity spouses

It literally seems people are incapable of understanding that celebrities have normal lives outside their personas and careers, It seems like everyone expect celebrities to date other famous people, event the delusional gay shippers only ever ship celebrities with other celebrities, most likely people will date who ever is living near their area and goes to the same places as the, so their most likely going to date and marry other rich people who are statistically not likely to be famous and any time some one famous does marry a non-famous person, people always seem to get surprised for whatever reason and always make delusional elaborate conspiracy theories cause they refuse to accept it

No. 968136

You guys are delusional. "You Need to Calm Down" is the straightest take on gay rights I've ever heard, there's no way Taylor is anything other than straight. For fuck's sake, in that song she compares homophobes to her fucking haters. No one who's actually experienced systemic homophobia would compare it to people judging them online. She also shoehorns her rivalry with Katy Perry into the video even though it has nothing to with the song. The song is also peak rainbow capitalism, waiting until it was stylish to support gay rights instead of releasing the song when it would have actually been a bold statement.

It's clear she has no personal investment in gay rights, or even a basic understanding of how systemic homophobia works. She's straight. Also she's a poser libfem and not an actual feminist, but that's a discussion for another day.

No. 968142

File: 1636913015476.gif (192.71 KB, 275x275, 1606169466542.gif)


No. 968150

she does have some fun songs like bad blood, lwymmd, shake it off, trouble.

Now Ed Sheeran on the other hand, that dude is boring af and his songs are all basic.

No. 968151

she also seems popular with gen z women and themlets

No. 968154

god those songs sick ass, I'm sorry anon. Especially lwymmd

No. 968155

i dont see themlets liking her

No. 968157

don't you know, she released you need to calm down only when gay rights were popular because her evil managed wouldn't allow her to express her gay self in any way uwu. Also something about her being on the rainbow side in the music video and fingering her champagne glass in another one while singing about fucking models if she were male
I love reading delusional Gaylor takes
I suddenly remembered the anon who admitted to photoshopping the supposed Taylor Swift 4chan selfpost, wonder what she's up to nowadays

No. 968168

this isn't really taylor-centric but i don't totally understand why/how when people see a close relationship between those of the same sex they immediately jump to the conclusion that they must be gay/lesbian for each other. like yeah sometimes that might happen, but i've seen the claims spread even if the people say themselves that they're straight or are dating other people, sometimes that even ramps up the fans theories that they're in the closet or something. i'd been seeing this with someone i used to follow and they've been nothing but straight with all the info on them out there, as well as with other celebs i've seen who support the lgbt community. i genuinely don't understand it, sorry

No. 968184

Nayrt, I don't care whether 4chin Taylor is real or not but I've seen 10 of the same posters on lc (over 4 years of being there) claiming that they were a part of it, but never having the same "proof". One would tell "teehee I just got beauty marks placed the same way she has" or "Photoshop" "we made up random Tay pics". It's a copypasta at this point lol

No. 968204

A lot of the Fujos that I keep in contact with also seem to have gotten into shipping straight female characters together, despite most all these women being "straight" themselves, I mean some identify with some spicy straight variety but you know their all pretty much straight

One kinda funny example I know is a chick who always rails against female characters being paired with "boring straight white men" despite all the female characters and herself being white and as far as I having only ever dated white men

No. 968209

File: 1636919861663.jpg (103.12 KB, 1200x675, 1b80fd414e8d53808c8c267a106703…)

I know your comment is generalized, but the Gaylor sperging went mainstream because of a video showing Taylor and Karlie supposey kissing. There were also some livejournal comments that sounded kinda gay, but probably were typical teenage girl asskissing. Oh and some drama with her female tour musician or something?
Love when the stans decode the lyrics to find hidden references to Taylor's various gay lovers. She should "come out", the hype would be insane kek. Or is she still a republican darling?
Yeah, I remembered the birthmarks one! I was taking her words with a shitload of sand, but the Taylor sperging made me think of her.

No. 968210

It's not that dep, son, we're girls liking and gossiping about a cute girl. Not every lesbian is a political lesbian some of us are just gay.

No. 968213

NTA but have you seen the absolutely psychotic, multileveled takes of gaylors on tumblr? Turboautism

No. 968216

Wait Jim cheated on Ariana? Good riddance

No. 968217

Alice Evans looks like a computer generated face of a generic pretty girl slapped onto an unedited middle ages woman's head, like one of those badly made filters that gives everyone the same tiny cartoon face.
I don't even know who she is, but it's uncanny.

No. 968220

kek who wouldn't? It's not like Ari's got a scintillating personality, and Hollywood's full of cheating regardless

No. 968227

tattle.life has several threads.

No. 968248

shake it off was cringe as fuck

No. 968254

i know but it was catchy.

No. 968265

kek you're not wrong

No. 968279

Most of her songs are cringe and I just cannot relate to her white libfem persona. She is pretty but not quirky or interesting in anyway. Queerbaiting is so 2010. Who cares if she is/was in a lesbian rel with boring blonde heidi klum? I could not tell them apart to save my life

No. 968283

That’s true. I’m just surprised because usually she’s the one to cheat on her SO or be the one that the guy cheats with.

No. 968490

At this point it's cute and nostalgic, going on about muh haters is very 2010s.

No. 968536

i see she's back to posting those ED-tumblr pictures, which worries me a little

No. 968558

File: 1636953504718.png (349.24 KB, 720x1280, 822A7F35-CF75-4D02-87ED-746720…)

nah the allegation is that he cheated on his gf with ariana. there's no real evidence to support them hooking up other than her being a fangirl

deuxmoi source adamantly denied jimari, said she ended up being creeped out by him. source said he tried to hookup with big ass a lister. most think it's either j-lo or kim k. would've been around the time he was living in nyc a few years ago

No. 968562

samefag unfortunately there's not a whole lot of jim carrey gossip floating around the stratosphere, other than him being mentally unstable, a cheater, druggie and having stds (most men in hollywood are infected cheating druggies anyway) there's not a lot of specific gossip. idk whether people are afraid to cross him or his pr team is this good but it's kind of a marvel how clean his reputation is in spite of all the rumors that point towards him being a bad person and the dead girlfriend thing. the guy should've been demolished by now but it's like people are scared of him

No. 968583

Saw this screenshot and thought people might have thoughts on how creepy this seems so shared here. Spoilered bc Billie posted yet another uncomfortable photo promoting her perfume similar to >>966143.

The thing I'm noting here is that Phenis liked this, his icon is left uncensored. He might be supporting his sister, but I'm not sure he needed to look at and like his 19 year old sister's lewds on Instagram to do that.

No. 968584

File: 1636956611269.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 344.53 KB, 640x909, C31788EB-6D87-4DB1-8E19-19403C…)

Samefag, forgot to add the screenshot.

No. 968589

billie eilish and her family are just trailer trash honkeys who got rich. Money can't buy taste

No. 968603


No. 968604

File: 1636957692960.jpg (816.71 KB, 960x1535, totally spontaneous.jpg)

The proposal only took 8 hours, but Taylor Lautner got a few IG-worthy pics out of it.

No. 968608

What was the context behind this?

No. 968612

It was a picture of Kim Petras wearing women's lingerie. The question was if he was passing.

No. 968613

Before the rabid "he's actually gay and this is an elaborate psyop" posters start commenting, he's actually been confirmed to be bisexual for a long time now

No. 968640

>custom neon sign with his name
But why

No. 968645

It was an unflattering grudge pic of some anon from discord that was spammed in quite a few threads, but you knew that.

No. 968666

File: 1636966569985.jpg (398.63 KB, 1080x1738, IMG_20211115_095610.jpg)

No. 968671

How the fuck was a child allowed to even go there?

No. 968677

This is fucking awful. What a horrible, horrible thing to happen to anyone, let alone a kid.

But Live Nation is both an industry giant and Saudi owned, and will not face any meaningful backlash or repercussion over this. Neither will Travis; this isn't the first gig he's had people in the audience fucking die, and it didn't matter to his braindead fans then - it won't matter now, either.

No. 968684

Event was advertised for all ages. Don't even start looking for ways to pin this on the parents.

No. 968689

No I'm not trying to pin it on the parents, I'm pinning it on the people who hosted the event. Allowing children to such a place, where there's guaranteed tons of drugs, alcohol and people high as fuck. Where I'm from festivals are usually 18 and up so maybe that's why this baffles me.

No. 968694

Why is it a reasonable expectation to die at a shitty travis scott concert? Fuck off

No. 968705

kind of related sort of but i saw an ig reel reposted from tiktok or whatever where a girl was basically saying that because people passing out is apparently a normal occurrence at his concerts he didn't think it was serious or something even though there was an ambulance in the crowd. which i still think is bullshit and he shouldn't have continued… so i agree with you that kind of thing isn't something we should have to expect at a concert. idk if you're replying to the right anon though or if anyone here is saying that it's a reasonable explanation to die at his concerts (if anyone is that's fucked.)

No. 968712

I didn't say it was a reasonal expectation. In general that kind of place doesn't seem suitable for a child. Would you let yours go to a travis scott concert where there are adult fucked up?

No. 968714

Fucking haunting… I cannot imagine what his parents are feeling. Though the worst thing was the crush photo with a guy whose blue face was in the middle, he was already dead and was confirmed to be one of the victims
>Neither will Travis; this isn't the first gig he's had people in the audience fucking die, and it didn't matter to his braindead fans then
When did it happen and what were the circumstances?

No. 968718

File: 1636976221210.jpeg (748.42 KB, 1080x3119, 550DF0D3-8EE3-41EC-BA12-745C81…)

(This was one of those multi photo posts on Instagram so I just put a bunch of the others in the same image since I don't feel like linking or posting multiple screenshots)

Does the idea of Chrissy Teigen throwing a Squid Game themed party seem… kind of weird or off to anyone else here? Can't really put my finger on why exactly. Also the prize on the fourth one (a video with a girl twerking in front of the card or w/e) says "Flights to Napa and dinner at French Laundry [?] for two"

No. 968721

This woman milked the death of her own child for sympathy points, she's capable of doing anything imo

No. 968722

does rem in this case actually stand for rapid eye movement or did she adjust the acronym?

No. 968723

Is she trying to appear asian with this costume..? The fake eyes kind of seem, dare I say, racist?

No. 968724

It's just off putting for some reason. But there are a few comments calling her out on being rich and missing the whole point of the show

No. 968725

Travis is actually marketed to children. He was in fortnite which Ezra knew him from. And he had a Mcdonalds meal. The average parent would have no idea his son dying would of been a possibility. I hope this situation wakes people up to how far our society is falling and how much brainwashing is going. How is a degenerate rapper who's music is all about drugs, disrespecting women, and killing "niggas", marketed to literal children? Travis is these kids "hero". I weep for the future. I really do.

No. 968732

File: 1636977328303.jpeg (110.68 KB, 571x921, 288CC345-024F-4B8F-A87A-6B931E…)

Yeah. Didn't know if I should've censored the commenters since they're just random people? Left one because that one's verified I guess

No. 968733

She's oblivious to the outside world, as usual. and the toilet photo is disgusting

>rich white men watching the glass bridge episode vibes

My thoughts exactly

No. 968737

She tries so hard to make herself seem quirky and relatable but she's so out of touch with what's actually socially acceptable among us poorer folk it's astounding. Idk what's worse - all of her and her rich friends missing the point, or the fact that she still has fans calling this cute and looking up to her.

The only way this could've been redeemable is if they actually donated to a charity (like one of the commenters originally thought) of the winner's choice, but obviously they don't roll like that. Ik it's a party kek but it just feels gross.

No. 968738

Anon, get damn glasses. I don't like her but she's just trying to look like a doll, which was the part of this tv show. calm tf down with your twitterfagging

No. 968739

Isn't she also of Asian descent or something?

No. 968746

Yeah she's half thai

No. 968762

Taylor Swift, dreamy pop?? Her songs are garbage and so is her voice. I don't even know how she gets radio play because her songs are infuriating. Her fan base must be retarded pickmes whose entire personality revolves around whatever wanker they've got a crush on

No. 968764

I mean tbf she's more talented then 99% of rap girls but then again is what isnt' kek

No. 968765

Thank you kek I never knew so many people had awful taste in music I wondered if someone would call out her music for what it is: garbage. On top of that any sane person could tell shes a fake person who is full of crap.

No. 968766

Are you the "(c)rap" sperg again lol

No. 968770

Tbf the only pickme attracted singer I met was Grande, her "fandom" is full of wannabe "bad bitch" pickmes that hate other women and stir up dramas. serves her right kek

No. 968774

Fuck off, ariana survived a terrorist attack and put in a great concert for Manchester. Sweetener shits all over anything Taylor Swift has attempted. Taylor is a dull boring bitch. Miley was based saying she bore Harry Styles put of bed.

No. 968775

just cause something bad happened her doesn't change the fact that her music is generic "wanna be bad bitch"

No. 968776

Nta but way to prove her point kek

No. 968779

Bullshit. Other great artists also work with Ariana because she's musically talented. And bad bitch persona was during the 7 rings era, she's an artist. Want to talk about cringe the fucking Taylor swift bad girl era, bad blood was shite and embarrassing.

No. 968781

"Musically talented" maybe, but her shit is so overproduced and generic, and she sounds like a malfunctioning tea kettle kek

No. 968782

No. 968783

Taylor is the quintessential pickme that it's hard to not insult her in a stereotypical way, she makes her entire "art" about her sex life then gets offender when people critique it.

No. 968784

Someone hasn’t listened to positions I guess? Wannabe bad bitch, complete pick-me in bed, same thing to me but go off sis or whatever you stans say

No. 968785

I was referring to anon being an annoying ari stan but I don’t disagree with this either

No. 968786

You sound like Taylor Swift slut shaming anyone Joe Jonas dates. Ariana is currently on the voice and if you think she's trying to be a bad bitch you can watch and be proven wrong.

No. 968789

Okay zoomer

No. 968790

Born in 1990 but go off

No. 968791

I dislike both of those morons you know that

No. 968792

Even more embarrassing

No. 968793

Oh I forgot in your 3rd decade of life everything you enjoyed months prior become suddenly cringe to enjoy.

No. 968794

Enjoy it all you want but you defending her so heavily in this thread is what's embarrassing

No. 968811

You're trying to drag ariana in comparison to Taylor swift who is a generic shitty singer. The whole point was that ariana is talented and actually respected by other artists for her talent. Taylor Swift relies on the most basic of bitches to stay in music.

No. 968813

>go off

No. 968827

She’s not going to fuck you anon

No. 968829

LMAO how you can NOT call Ari a generic singer? Her voice is shit and all of her music is the same, both Taylor and Ariana are equal. But Iml Ariana has actual milk potential because she is a DDLGfag that tries hiding her height, obnoxious plastic surgery (that she tries to hide behind Snapchat filters), making her looks like the next MJ and her being a BPD asshole towards her fans on social media, later then deleting it. Have you seen her ex fans twitter experience anonita?

No. 968831

That wasn't me lol but honestly what the original ayrt said here >>968770
was just that Ariana attracts a pick-me audience which I don't disagree with. Just had to say no one is going to take you seriously with how hard you're riding Ariana's dick and going on about how she's "talented and actually respected" which itself is already up for debate kek

No. 968850

both of them are generic lmao, its just that arianas music is more catchy rnb generic meanwhile taylors is country-pop generic.

No. 968853

File: 1636991095061.gif (107.97 KB, 220x165, popcorn-eating-popcorn.gif)


No. 968857

they sound unhinged and insufferable. how did they even get here from twitter?

No. 968860

Taytay is shitter than shit.

No. 968862

Did you get it? How is it? Is it worth the money?

No. 968865

> but go off
You must be from Twitter

No. 968869

You can tell the ones who have come from Twitter due to the sites exposure on there like from the whole CH stuff and other angry ‘stans’.

Those who use y’all is also a give away.

No. 968870

>Those who use y’all is also a give away.
Some of us are just country.

No. 968878

> Because the united states of America is a FREE country and it gives ne the right to call you FAT.

Kek, catching up on this thread and this made me laugh. So much retarded but sometimes funny infighting about weight whenever Ariana or billie are bought up

No. 968880

>Those who use y’all is also a give away.
no i'm from the south fuck all of the faggots appropriating southern culture

No. 968883

File: 1636993323642.jpg (50.45 KB, 800x800, SB-Standees-Spong-3_800x.jpg)

tbh the autism in this thread is so precious, But im also a part of the autism in this thread so purrr.

No. 968890

Both are human dolls anon, generic characters made for mass appeal
there is nothing special about them at all

No. 968892

purrrrrr anon

No. 968902

Probably, they never sage when talking about their hate boner for rap.

No. 968908

My god thank you. Ari stans anywhere just prove the point that anons make about them in these threads.

No. 968916

File: 1636996607655.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1749, 411D751F-C84E-4CFC-B2F1-381516…)

I love him (I know and deserve the shit I’m going to get kek) but the photos from this shoot are cracking me up he looks terrible

No. 968918

File: 1636996686421.jpeg (853.15 KB, 1242x1534, D5CEEFB5-A9C2-46C1-B968-301BEA…)

Samefag but my gay sleep paralysis demon

No. 968922

i hate this guy and his try-hard looks but he even knows he wouldnt be as relevant if he just dressed regularly

No. 968925

I had a dream a couple years back, just a couple months after the Macmaster stadium bombing, I dreamt that Harry Styles had been shot and killed by an Islamist extremist and the world mourned his death
I remember waking up and immediately crying cause I thought that dream may have been real, as now I kinda wished my dream had been reality
before he devolved into a parody of wokeism I wished he had died when he was just a good looking straight man

No. 968928

Some of his clothing choices are absurd kek. I don't hate him, just neutral to him but I do think that if anyone else was walking around with clothes like this in real life they'd just get weird stares.

No. 968930

I get what he's trying to do, but he's just no pretty enough to pull if off.

No. 968931

idk I think it is better than the vogue shoot or whatever magazine it was.

No. 968938

Would you mind pointing me in the right direction for this crowd crush photo you mentioned? I’m curious.

No. 968939

OP and I'm fucking dying thank you for sharing this nonny

No. 968942

File: 1636998147083.jpg (34.21 KB, 578x624, yall-honeysuckle-asses.JPG)

no mystery which country either

No. 968951

he is trying so hard to be quirky, giving of ezra miller vibes.

No. 968955

he's trying so hard to be the david bowie of the 2020's

No. 968961

File: 1636999799179.png (35.92 KB, 712x399, tracking.PNG)

I haven't gotten it yet. TBF I'm a bit pissy because I paid an extra $23 for expedited shipping and still haven't received it and probably won't until tomorrow according to UPS. Just for reference I'm on west coast, the package went from New York to New Jersey then to Texas, and some how ended up back in Kentucky yesterday for what ever retarded reason. If any anons work in shipping or for UPS could explain why it would get sent from Texas back to Kentucky which is further east when it's supposed to be delivered in the opposite direction I would really appreciate it.

No. 968962

Wow she looks so old. Her hair isn't doing her any favors, looks like she's wearing a halloween wig

No. 968963

David Bowie could write Sign of The Times but Styles could never write Station to Station

No. 968967

File: 1637000086526.jpg (24.47 KB, 521x350, oxzw4eq7h8n61.jpg)

No. 968968

I would unironically wear this.

No. 968971

File: 1637000659840.jpg (853.7 KB, 1600x2400, iu.jpg)

Was just about to say this. Even Ezra Miller doesn't really pull it off. Looks like a troon with multiple sexual abuse allegations
Most men in Hollywood just aren't attractive enough for this particular style of androgyny, they should find something else

No. 968974

File: 1637000730195.jpg (46.41 KB, 650x430, 1628523519432.jpg)

David Bowie actually was enough smart enough to know that when he started getting older he wasn't "pretty" enough his past glam rock persona and started leaning into his stronger features, Bowie had an intensity. He know how to carry himself and enhance his looks something that Harry lacks

No. 968982

He looks so greasy and like he aged 20 years since I last saw his face

No. 968988

File: 1637001250607.jpg (95.08 KB, 624x671, 84584050_3494754156_9273aff2f3…)

??? what the fuck is he doing with his hands? Is he trying to pull a Baphomet or what?

No. 968989

Ezra pretty much only looked good in We Need to Talk About Kevin and that wallflower movie, he’s really fallen off looks-wise.

No. 968996

File: 1637001676561.png (379.75 KB, 1190x786, 1572772658867.png)

>Of course Jake Gyllenragji still longingly thinks about me over a decade later, wears my scarf, stalks me, and pines for the days that we were together
>and then everyone in the audience at my show clapped #inspiring

Who does this boring prairie-dog bitch think she is?

No. 968997

File: 1637001681346.jpg (120.28 KB, 1000x750, 6078610174da0300181e1e2c.jpg)

speaking of ezra miller, what happened to him, i never hear about him anymore. Is his career dead after choking his fan OR is he blacklisted for certain behavior behind the scenes??? we will never know.

he was hot until he turned into this

No. 969005

"boring prairie-dog bitch" LMAO ANON

No. 969008

I hope you get it soon and I would like to hear your thoughts on it! I just watched this review on this and it sounds very sweet.

No. 969011

Looks like a gay jack the ripper

No. 969012

File: 1637002172051.jpg (35.14 KB, 380x467, elish.JPG)

No. 969013

Wait doesn't that defeat whole point of it though, men like Jake Gyllenhaal don't view themselves as "bad guys" cause they've never raped women but their still shallow and are attracted to women in their 20's for their bodies and older women also would hold them accountable and not put up with their BS.

Him being an obsessives stalker whose still in love with her defeats the real reasoning and logic of these types of men and makes it all about her

No. 969025

dont scroll cp below

No. 969039

It felt like she was trying to really emphasize the age-gap in the video as well. Um, yeah, Jake probably does have some pedo tendencies. But any insightful critique of scrotes like him and their entitled dating habits, as you pointed out, were forsaken in favor of her own ego.

No. 969040

ngl this sounds good, I wish I could test it but it's way too expensive for me so I'll never know

No. 969054

It does sound good but it's alsno nothing special. If you really like these types of notes you can probably find something similiar in your budget.

No. 969088

File: 1637006077078.jpeg (79.11 KB, 975x1253, 3E87BB4B-8ED1-4F43-9B26-A7FA76…)

He looks like if the grinch was a fag. And this shoot was to announce the launch of his own beauty brand called “pleasing”

No. 969098

Please tell me this is montage, or is he delusional enough to think he can pull off granny fashion?

No. 969105

He’s so fucking unappealing. I can smell his greasy hair and unwashed smegma dick from here.

No. 969109

The song is boring and she managed to make her character seem irrational when she was in total control of the story, can't image how batshit she's IRL.

No. 969114

I liked him for a long time but honestly this is the final nail in the coffin, what the actual fuck is wrong with him?? He's dead to me.

No. 969123

File: 1637007681656.jpg (165.19 KB, 1035x1350, Uglyandconfused.jpg)

I can't with his ugly golbin face.

No. 969131


Fashion is dead, and (gay) men killed it.

No. 969143

the irony in both of these men being straight.

No. 969146

File: 1637008815741.jpeg (449.31 KB, 1124x2086, 8308697C-4D10-4FF2-AC6E-138577…)

i haven't watched it and i'm not particularly too interested in doing so tbh. but i've been hearing a lot and from that, what i'm not understanding is, so is she focusing on the age gap or something? and was so committed she decided to cast a 19 and 30 year old as her and gyllenhaal? so she went through all of that in real life but wanted to put a 19 year old girl to act as her to make it more authentic somehow? i've seen criticism thrown towards those casting actors as couples with a large age gap in real life: picrel is an example, the entire infographic is too long, but something missing from the screenshot that's worth mentioning is elle fanning age 19 and jude law age 44.

the talk i've seen about all too well mentioned the age gap but praised her for committing to it….. idk if the impression i'm getting is actually the case, but that's my question.

No. 969149

All this goddamn effort and his music is still the blandest grocery store sound system soft pop rock

No. 969150

Most of these aren't that big except for the 17 and 43 one and the 28 and 59 one.

No. 969153

this really does come off as disgusting? and why post a photo of yourself on the toilet wtf.

No. 969155

File: 1637009244583.jpeg (785.77 KB, 1125x1251, 1E2BA7D4-9AEF-4D89-9DCC-F63BED…)

ayrt, yeah i'll admit some are fine. it's an infograph i remember finding about woody allen, who's known to be a creep anyway. it was too long to post the whole thing and there were also other graphs like this one i found of scarlett johansson and her casted partners in movies.

No. 969157

File: 1637009313383.jpg (189.42 KB, 1283x1272, FEKf7CaUUAIcwn9.jpg)

Speaking or Harry Styles: He has his own beauty line. You can get all nail polishes in a set for only 65$! A single nail polish is 20$. There is also a face serum, nail stickers and an eye liner. The most overpriced and random thing ever.

No. 969161

…why did he make them shaped like that?

No. 969164

File: 1637009662414.png (318.79 KB, 640x562, bd2afd676764e1979e26e7799c45ca…)


OK anon

No. 969165

>>16 and 46

Man the early 2000's were wild how was this shit allowed wtf.

No. 969167

ayrt, yeah i don't get how this shit was considered acceptable either. creeped me out seeing the age gaps, particularly ones involving those not yet of legal age.

No. 969168

File: 1637009894167.jpg (76.15 KB, 821x575, scammingkiller.JPG)

I'm sorry, I don't want to look at it again to confirm, but from the thumbnail I think it's here:
(thanks mods for not 'this is imageboard'-ing me earlier)
The victim is either Franco Patiño or Axel Acosta (careful, apparently there is a photo of his corpse uploaded to the internet because the police couldn't ID him otherwise as he was out of state). I think actually both may be in the picture

Just found out Travis Scott joined Ariana in the shameless BetterHelp scam after being involved in a mass tragedy. Fucker deserves being a-loged

No. 969172

aw that 7 year old kitten is so cute

No. 969173

confused, are you replying to the right thread?

No. 969174

i accidentally tagged a old post of a kitten in my post. Thats what they are replying to

No. 969179

File: 1637011160593.jpeg (148.87 KB, 1030x689, D6BD7BAA-8A9E-44E7-8A07-76AFC0…)

Here's another questionable age gap -
Drew Barrymore (17) and Tom Skerritt (59) in the movie Poison Ivy.

Just want to point out the entry of the 17 and 43 year old mentioned on the graph involves Woody himself. Picrel from that film.

No. 969186

Someone should let Harry know that $65 nail polish and other beauty products like that aren't really feminist considering his whole thing is being a woke feminist man

No. 969199

ohh i didn't follow the link kek. that is a cute kitten though

No. 969204

File: 1637013787651.jpeg (46.19 KB, 461x630, E8EF2395-2669-4FFC-B9C8-D35AC9…)

Fatson 6-month rolling stone expose finally dropped, looking like a recap of our old Manson threads from a year+ ago. Among new dirt is that he apparently had this type of abusive relationship with his own mother since high school, and I’m wondering if his accelerated degradation is related to the fact that she died and couldn’t be the universal scapegoat anymore.


No. 969205

I cackled out loud what the fuck is this KEK I hate celebrities

No. 969216

It's not really a gay thing though, it's a marketing thing. Let's not act like Harry doesn't swim in pussy. The "queer" thing is like a capitalist kind of aesthetic designed to appeal to and sell stuff to a certain demographic, the beauty products prove it. I doubt Harry has much say at all in a lot of stuff like shoots.

No. 969233

File: 1637016601890.jpeg (69.75 KB, 500x420, F4F58DC7-97D0-4D79-8F2C-D4BD55…)

Nonny this isn’t attractive, dandy-Esque, David Bowie glam rock type aesthetics, this is just straight clown costuming choosen on purpose to appeal to the lowest common denominator of gay druggie degenerates. Fashion in 2021 doesn’t know how to do hetero-attractive androgynous male aesthetics which is understandable since it’s 50% gays and 50% low iq woke women

No. 969235

I'd bet money that he didn't. Celebrities have very little do with their brands the vast majority of the time.

No. 969236

>He looks like if the grinch was a fag.
lmao anon

No. 969237

It's mostly low IQ woke women from what I've seen, not sure where you're getting the gay thing from unless you mean fakebois.

No. 969246

ntayrt but any recommendations for something with similar notes and more affordable? About to check g but would appreciate a nudge in the right direction

No. 969253

Fashion, like virtually every other industry, is dominated by men who tend to be gay.

No. 969262

Sounds like diabetes in a big boobs shaped spray bottle

No. 969272

damn this is amazing nonny good work

No. 969275

I know paris isn't the best person to be with what with her vapid personality and drugs and all the SA sex scandals' as shit (not that slut shaming matters but you know scrotes), but HOW and WHY did she end up with someone so ugly and vanilla looking? Would of expected someone way more attractive than this (or wealthy and powerful like her sister married into?)

No. 969320

I don't think he's ugly exactly, he just has a really unfortunate smile and anon is spot on about gay face. He looks less weird in motion/not smiling though, plus he's tall and I'm assuming he's rich. Seems pretty appropriate for Paris, though she's been engaged so many times god knows what her standards are.

No. 969327


I do believe she once said in an interview that she would never be able to date someone who is richer than her. she needs to be the one in control

No. 969331

had to look up her sister and holy shit did she marry into OLD old money. that family has been banking since the 1700s, goddamn. good for nicky.

No. 969333

but that isn't even true? his next gf after her was older than taylor swift, both currently and older than she was when she dated jake. and his gf now is 25. still a huge age gap of 15 years but she isn't 19.

No. 969336

Male hands are disgusting and his nails look like when bored edgy kids would sharpie on their nails during class

No. 969346

she dated some family member of the kennedys who was 17 and she was around 20-23, she literally gets no pass. she was dropping him off at school too

No. 969349

There was a rumor that Ezra was quietly shuffled off to rehab before filming The Flash. That film completed last month apparently, and they might have signed him for a full trilogy. Seems kind of overly hopeful to me but that's comic book cinema for you.
He's definitely been keeping a low profile but the whole promo period before release is going to be interesting.

No. 969355

Another thing to consider– It was also a carnival with rides and games, hence the "all ages" bit. It would be unusual to bring a child to any other regular music festival.

No. 969359

that's why i don't understand what she's trying to do with this whole all too well/jake gyllenhaal thing. the impression i get is that she's calling him out for dating her while he was 29? is that what's happening there?

yet - from what i hear she casts a 19yo and 30yo to portray her and jake even though people are usually critical of irl age gaps between love interests in media. and adding the fact that she was seeing a 17yo kennedy boy in her 20s and dropping him off at school.

No. 969360

she was like 22-23 but it's still weird

No. 969366

File: 1637035568528.jpeg (325.64 KB, 640x799, D35F785F-4484-4566-A9E9-4C150A…)

What is it with guys trying to show off their nipples specifically?

(As an example, more often than I should I keep seeing guys pull their shirt necklines down to show off their nipples in photos. Idk if I've just been unlucky or whatnot but it's dumb)

No. 969371

Is it me or did they edit his face heavily, I thought this was one of the Sprouse twins for a second, but I might just be retarded.

No. 969375

spoiler ugly pics like this please

No. 969385

they definitely edited that hairline.

No. 969387

All of the pics make his face look like an airbrushing on a touristy tshirt. Dazed's new photo intern exploring filters.

No. 969481

He's trying so hard. Too hard. Just stop this please. You're not an icon and will never be.

No. 969484

Only for the wealthy ones ~

No. 969538

File: 1637053742468.png (75.79 KB, 1270x500, imagen_2021-11-16_030928.png)

Is this true?

No. 969539

My thoughts exactly, he's trying so hard to be this era's David Bowie. Not that I like him either, but Harry styles is even more disgusting imo

No. 969543

Nonnie look at that date

No. 969548

>even though people are usually critical of irl age gaps between love interests in media
That's when it's portrayed positively or as a default dynamic, not because they're clutching their pearls at the younger actor having to kiss an older actor (providing they're legal obviously). Since the age gap is not a positive thing in the movie, it's overtly critical of it, that's not really the issue. A 19 year old acting out a kiss on film with a 30 year old isn't exactly violating.

No. 969550

Yes it’s true. He said it back in October I think.

No. 969565

File: 1637055712622.png (662.78 KB, 1044x494, grimes.png)

I didn't know this was a thing grimes said

“It’s really fucked up to call yourself Sophie and pretend you’re a girl when you’re a male producer [and] there are so few female producers,”

No. 969568

Smartest thing I've ever heard her say, let me go listen to Realiti once again

No. 969570

Let me go listen to Genesis again. That’s my favourite Grimes song.

No. 969574

i didn't think i'd ever call grimes based and yet

No. 969578

I stan Grimes now

No. 969593

didn't she backtrack tho

No. 969599

Yeah, she said this years before he came out as trans, and then she apologized for it on Twitter after his fans seethed at her lol. Could've been based but chose to be cringe

No. 969641

No. 969649


yeah, grimes said this before sophie had done public shit. before it was some mysterious producer working under the Sophie name. im sure grimes must have met sophie or heard shit about him that the people outside the indie music scene didnt know. thats why she got mad and said it was shitty for him to use a female name for producing since he was going to get pushed instead of real hard working female producers. months later sophie came out as trans and grimes immediately apologized. i think she did knew something about him obviously but by pulling the trans card it became a crime to critize him and he probably knew it. grimes was so close to getting it but her libfem brain couldnt handle it.

No. 969717

Now she just needs to hang out with Azealia a bit to become based again

No. 969748

File: 1637078037449.png (136.14 KB, 500x405, imagen_2021-11-16_095412.png)

Did anyone see these cool tweets by Marina?

No. 969750

File: 1637078062529.png (155.03 KB, 500x481, imagen_2021-11-16_095451.png)

No. 969751

File: 1637078182921.png (779.5 KB, 494x926, kekek.png)


No. 969754

Rofl that is straight up a sissy outfit, end toxic masculinity by parodying the way little girls dressed in 50s movies!

No. 969755

I love Marina so much, based!

No. 969757

I love Harry (I know) but cringe when people say this shit about him, it’s so annoying, weird, and basic

No. 969763

I hate Harry but still cringe when people say this shit about him mostly cause its boring and receptive and all these same losers will then champion "queer poc" or whatevr who are just as ugly

No. 969766

I mean its based but way too late, I don't think #notallmen has been a relevant topic since 2017

No. 969767

I'm glad you like it but it's not my edit, I yoinked it from somewhere else

No. 969780

File: 1637080067339.jpg (52.11 KB, 634x776, 33933566-8800927-image-a-1_160…)

Regards were born yesterday, so many other famous men were "ending toxic masculinity" in a more meaningful and/or stylish. Besides, men wearing dresses will not change shit about abuse they put others through.

No. 969806

Exactly why she's good for saying it, feminism is needed forever not just only whilst the hashtags are trending. Men didn't learn shit.

No. 969812

They'll just get away with their bullshit better if they put on a dress because then THEY are the brave warriors

No. 969884

There were the comments made above about Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore aged 16 and 17 respectively, in their early roles, being paired with love interests way more than twice their age, as well as others that haven't even been named. There are people probably more concerned about this kind of thing considering the amount of articles and graphs that exist out there about the inappropriate age gaps in filming that's been going on forever. I kind of find it an issue when there's someone old enough to be a parent or grandparent who's paired up with someone (girl or guy) much younger and obviously in a completely different stage in life. All the actors and make up artists available and they couldn't just pick someone who just looks or can look the age they need them to? Like they've done with almost every high school based film and show?

No. 969885

Just curious, who is that in the photo? I genuinely don't know

No. 969886

99% sure it's Kurt Cobain.

No. 969887

it's about the Sarah Everard case, made a lot of men on twitter sperg out using the hastag when women were sharing their experiences, that and the Met Police response basically saying "just run from the police if you feel unsafe lol"

No. 969890

>Men wearing dresses will not change shit about abuse they put others through
This. I don't mind that people want to break gender norms or whatever (in Harry's case using really ugly clothes) but it doesn't change what these people have done in their past and men who do this get fucking lauded for this shit. The bar is too low.
Of course men are trying to talk over women sharing their experiences once again

No. 969994

File: 1637098870282.png (312.64 KB, 1271x571, gh.png)

Guardian article about Harry. It's tagged as "women".

No. 969999

oh wow, i didn't realize harry styles invented lip oil and face serums. amazing. no one has ever used the word illuminating in makeup before harry styles.

No. 970014

It’s 100% Kurt Cobain

No. 970016

Yep it's him, wearing Courtney's classic kinderwhore dress (or a copy of it).
He was actually walking the walk, contrary to Harry Styles

No. 970083

stop defending and comparing here nonnie, Bowie fucked a 16 year old girl when he was an adult. he is a pile of shit and i hope he died painfully and so should you

No. 970099

Thank you anon, I thought I lost my mind because of the sudden dick sucking towards bowie because he statutory raped a fan.

No. 970106

File: 1637112116796.png (235.03 KB, 1080x1081, bowie.png)

I had no idea about this, so I looked it up and got this article, and it's point is literally "rape;oh well". I feel like I'm losing grip with reality.

No. 970110

I just skimmed the article, but it seems like the writer is criticizing the fact that people ignore what Bowie did because he is famous?

No. 970117

File: 1637113101209.png (190.21 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20211116-213501_(1)…)

It seems way too casual about it to me, and putting this part about how "no she actually said she loved it" and she says how he was like a God and it was beautiful. Some girl could read that and see that and feel encouraged because she wants to live an exciting groupie life and be with musicians. Idk it just seems off to me, maybe I'm being too picky.

No. 970121

>Some girl could read that and see that and feel encouraged because she wants to live an exciting groupie life and be with musicians
I feel like that's Maddox's fault not the authors, but I see how the way it's mentioned in the article seems casual.

No. 970127

That's a good point, you're right

No. 970132

Based wishing Islamic death upon Harry Styles, Inshallah

No. 970135

File: 1637114651951.jpeg (297.26 KB, 640x1859, 7F04CBC1-E0BA-414A-ABAC-762EFC…)

Okay so I was initially looking up the David Bowie stuff and was reading it, but there were links to other recommended articles. One said "We regret to inform you Chrissy Teigen is at it again" and I was wondering if she pulled yet another stupid stunt but in fact someone's criticizing the Squid Game party and actually calling out her shit instead of glorifying her. Kek.


>Teigen recently hosted a Squid Game-themed party, which featured a coterie of wealthy celebrity guests cosplaying as poor people.

No. 970136

You know if it wasn't Harry they would push this genderqueer shit onto any of the other members since they have a very underage fanbase and using Harry is making kids believe men in women's clothes are okay. At least Bowie had adult fans, these kids literally idolatred One Direction. My best bet is if Harry died Zayn would be used instead.

No. 970138

File: 1637114899291.jpeg (97.92 KB, 640x652, 521115DA-F7B5-4C7E-A9E4-761A25…)


No. 970150

Zayn is an uncontrollable mess, there's no way his team could get him to do that shit when they can't even get him to promote music lmao. Louis wouldn't because he's afraid of people thinking he's gay, maybe Liam would be desperate enough but he also wants people to think he's sexy, I guess they'd have to resort to Niall.

That said I think Harry is doing it of his own volition because he likes the praise for being a woke feminist breaking gender norms, and I suspect this is how he tries to stand out in the fashion world and distance himself from being an uncool boyband member.

No. 970159

he said this but don't be fooled or anything, he hates women a lot

No. 970161

A large part of mulaney's fanbase was women, thankful for a comedian who wasn't crass and high-key seething at women during his act. He has undoubtedly peaked and this shit is the nail on the coffin. I hope Munn wrings his wallet and his nerves of everything he's got. He deserves it.

No. 970162

Lori Mattix was 14 when David Bowie had sex with her

No. 970174

especially black women

No. 970183

They're both awful people so honestly? I'm intrigued to see them suffer together for as long (or short) as it lasts.

The only people I feel sorry for would be their kid, who'll be born into this shitshow, and his ex-wife but she's moving on.

No. 970207

File: 1637123466424.jpg (126.13 KB, 656x1000, 1030798-gq-magazine-men-of-the…)

This guy? He doesn't seem as blobish then, gross but not blobish. Her daughter from that fling is a gorgeous young lady, at least she has Leni now

No. 970222

File: 1637126418257.jpeg (2.21 MB, 4032x3024, 4AD4EF54-63E0-4E65-9FAC-4ADDDD…)

Ladies I finally got it… With dents. This is right out the box. I think it’s to be expected with the packaging though. Imho imperfections are more visible on a gold bust than a typical perfume bottle. Apart from that it is harder to open than a typical perfume bottle. I have to give the bottle a 6/10 without the dents, 5/10 with the dents.
Smell review coming soon, I’m still trying to make up my mind about it but as mentioned in the review in >>969008 I completely agree that it is extremely sugary sweet.

No. 970254

Bit of a film sperg here but I don't think Lost in Translation or Her should be considered in this graph. LIT because her relationship with Murray wasn't romantic at all imo, the whole point was that Murray and Johanson are two very different people but felt similarly lost in their lives and formed a bond and closeness from that. The whole point is he was an old, married man and she was a young, soon to be married woman, but they shared similar feelings about feeling isolated from the people in their lives and not really knowing where to go or what to do with themselves.

Then Her makes it's own point. She's an AI, she's not even human. She's meant to sound how a sultry, animated woman would sound. She isn't a human character in this, just a voice and I think her voice was a good choice for the role. It wouldn't have had the same effect if say, Meryl Streep voiced it.

No. 970263

About LIT, didn't the two kiss at the very end? Scarlett's character is depicted as if she had been developing feelings for the guy especially since she gets upset about him sleeping with someone else and is neglected by her husband (they were already married I think), and his wife was cold towards him. I agree on Her though.

No. 970269

They did yeah, and the kiss was awkward as fuck, as intended. I'm certain it was depicted this way to solidify to the audience that their relationship lacks a romantic element, but rather one of mutual bond and understanding.

I don't remember her getting upset (it's been years since I've watched the film) but overall the relationships reads as platonic, and it bothers me when it's read as otherwise because it misses the central point of the film.

No. 970275

If he comes out as nonbinary I'm gonna scream

No. 970277

Oh no this is just so wrong

No. 970279

Most people do see it as a romantic drama film, and I do believe the film did focus on the bond, but I did see some romantic feelings there culminating in the kiss and words being whispered in the end, especially as they were both feeling distant from their spouses. Ultimately though everyone will interpret it in different ways. It might be worth a rewatch, I'll go watch it because even I'm not sure atm.

No. 970316

Wasn't Lori 14 when she had a thing with Jimmy Page? I recall that she was 13 when she got with bowie, had sex with him for the first time in a bathroom or so and later that night even went straight into a threesome with another (adult) female groupie and bowie, all of them full on coke. Not that it changes the fact how wrong it was.

No. 970318

Ughhhhh. It's not even the 2000s that I can blame it on, this still happens today. I remember Maggie Gyllenhaal going for a role and she was "too old" to play against a 40 year old dude. I hate hollywood

No. 970319