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File: 1637421201823.jpg (90.84 KB, 1189x900, E95pGcwWEAIGUaP.jpg)

No. 973516

previous stupidity: >>>/ot/961598

No. 973520

I wonder if mods can see when we report our own posts. Sometimes I accidentally report my posts when I'm trying to delete them, and I always feel bad.

No. 973525

Samefag, but good thread pic OP!

No. 973534

kek this happens to me too. sorry jannies

No. 973535

I’m sure the Jannies would be like
>omg this fucking idiot again.
Or they think that someone is vendetta reporting you, kek.

No. 973537

I think they might be able to see IPs of posters/reporters. I'm not sure though, I know I've drunkenly reported my own posts before kek

No. 973550

One of the only things I remember about a girl I had in my high school class is the fact that she unironically listened to Cotton Eye Joe.

No. 973554

Now that I think about it, I'm sure they can! I remember one time I reported a post for responding to something that was redtexted as bait, and I got a short ban that said not to report posts because I don't agree with them (it was in the unpopular opinions thread). Most of the time I don't type in the reason for why I'm reporting a post, so it was my fault tbh.

No. 973556

File: 1637422839366.png (11.8 KB, 355x241, 1637422056209.png)

The idea of the thousands of random kids being named after kpop Idols makes me laugh uncontrollability

No. 973557

I'm laughing at the porn addict scrote posting an extremely filtered pic of Belle Delphine in the unpopular opinion thread saying she's fit, unironically unpopular opinion

No. 973559

I’m amazed, i wonder how many kids will have cringe k-pop stage names as their legal names for 18 years of their lives.

No. 973560

they can definitely see the ip of who reports things, because i got a short ban for reporting too many posts once lmao (in fairness it probably was incredibly annoying)

No. 973561

My tinfoil is that it’s either a tranny, that Jill cow or a tranny from the “not like other trannies” thread

No. 973562

I know a couple who unironically named their daughter Hermione

No. 973563

I'm laughing at the fact he's spamming porn at 9am on a saturday

No. 973565

How old is their daughter now and do they use a nickname? God that's autistic

No. 973566

Cringe but at least it's an actual name, not a foreign stage name

No. 973568

I can't believe I missed first post

No. 973569

File: 1637423496713.png (7.86 KB, 859x43, jimin.PNG)

Jimin is a real name tbf. Most of the children in the US named after him are probably not Korean though.

No. 973571

this isn't YouTube

No. 973573

File: 1637423632806.jpg (92.9 KB, 720x960, cow with bows.jpg)

You're still #1 to me nonny.

No. 973575

Thank god for that but I still want first and there is nothing you can do to stop me

No. 973576

File: 1637423723802.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>146 newborn girls in the United States were named "Khaleesi", the Dothraki term for the wife of a khal or ruler, and the title adopted in the series by Daenerys Targaryen

No. 973577

allright, tair, I like your spirit

No. 973578

I don't doubt half of them thought that was her name, not a title. (I know I did when I casually watched along with friends). Ngl I like how Khaleesi sounds

No. 973584

Dothraki is based on a number real world languages to sound Mongolic, so I guess it does make sense for it to sound cool

No. 973588

At least it’s pretty

No. 973592

BUMP. Warning, there's some retarded spamming porn.

No. 973594

He’s everywhere already, nonnie, I think this might be the soyboi from Shayna’s calves thread.

No. 973596

Don't bother, it's a seething male being retarded and it's just going to do it more until the mods wake the fuck up.

No. 973597

men are sick as fuck

No. 973598

Moids who prove that having a Y chromosome is the ultimate L.

No. 973600


No. 973607

it looks like random shit jumbled together

No. 973611

wow, at least she was confident enough to admit it though kek good for her

No. 973615

my mom thinks she's an expert on nutrition but she has some of the most retarded misoconceptions on it like
>eating certain vegetables burns fat
>sparkling water is bad for you
>packaged lettuce has preservatives
>has an obsessive fear of animal fat in meat but loves dairy
I never correct her because I don't want to argue plus she knows I have an ed so it's an uncomfortable subject, but ffs it's so frustrating

No. 973617

I have no one to share this video with because I don't want to seem like a weirdo, but I am in fucking tears. This is peak balkans.

No. 973618

You would probably think the same thing about Mongolian names like Enkhtuya or Ganbaatar. European names like Eleanor or Magdeline probably look like nonsense to people from Africa and Asia.

No. 973619

i want to know which vegatables burn fat in her opinion

No. 973621

Maybe celery?

No. 973627


No. 973629

Because I'm studying and taking breaks?

No. 973630

I appreciate this video.

No. 973635

That's what I always read on proana blogs a decade ago. "Celery has so little calories, chewing it burns more calories than there even is in celery itself"…

No. 973654

The scrote spamming porn is just turning me off men even more. The male gaze is so disgusting. They literally bastardise the female form. There is no appreciation of the fact there's a beautiful woman's body that you could make sweet beautiful love too. Instead it's glorifying the rash and uncouth male form. No elegance. No dignity. Just scrote scum vision. God I wish I wasn't straight

No. 973655

sometimes i remember doing silly shit with my old best friend in high school like abandoning p.e. classes to lay on the floor outside and cloudgaze. once we saw a cloud with a squarish hole in it and i told her it was a door that her and i would escape through, and that it'd just be me and her in the clouds together. that friend was an asshole often but she was the only one i could do stuff like that with

No. 973660

You're giving him attention by reacting to him, just ignore him ffs is not that deep

No. 973662

File: 1637431226145.jpg (215.3 KB, 720x719, 1594815785164.jpg)

Mods banned me for a few days but the message was nice and I deserved it after getting away with too much baiting so I did the time. Ok I ip switched when I was desperate but I seriously spend too much time here.

No. 973664

Don't censor me

No. 973669

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say maybe some of these people are actual Korean people naming their kids a Korean name, though I doubt it because they would would probably spell it as ‘ Ji-Min’ instead of Jimin

No. 973674

Same, I got banned once for answering a question regarding religion in the tinfoil thread

No. 973677

yeah, it makes me realize how shitty their taste is. Tumblr used to have girls running porn blogs with some actually arousing gifs but scrote taste is literally bad framerate, pixelated garbage but as long as its busted looking fupa-sporting males with drugged out girls in as much discomfort as possible - good to them.
No wonder they get ED if they ever try to do anything irl

No. 973682

File: 1637432829513.jpg (26.08 KB, 185x138, Tumblr_l_18743167537379.jpg)

Baiting on this site is too fun I get you anon. Here's to one day leaving this website for good lmao

No. 973717

File: 1637435524347.jpg (126.1 KB, 1280x500, Dreams and Reality.jpg)

The second the last drop of whimsy is drained from your heart, you'll die. Don't forget this and stay strong.

No. 973730

Damn it really do look like shit though…Just fucking ugly as hell man. Idk what to tell you it just looks like straight dookie, it doesn't look good. It looks bad man. Idk. It just looks super fuckin trashy…Bootleg looking ass. I'm sorry dude I got to be honest with you. It sucks booty. It really just doesn't look good, like at all.

No. 973770

File: 1637437787169.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1521x2000, 864e98b2-fad9-4420-bb9d-d0a88b…)

does anyone else remember these weird earrings girls used to wear like early 2000s? what a weird trend. fucking corona virus looking bastards.

No. 973779

Yes nona thank you for sharing. I remember I used to listen to these type of songs a lot, serbian ones too. My favorite is jadna bosno suverena because it’s so catchy. Here’s a lyrics video so you can see how insane the lyrics are for such a tune. The music video is pretty funny because it’s just miro semberac chilling in a forest while singing this.

No. 973809

I had to get a new phone which I didn't even want, but my old one was too glitchy. Anyway it has this feature where above the keyboard it will have a button you can push to post any text you copied (if that makes sense). Sometimes it will have a block of text that I wrote but didn't even copy. I keep being afraid I'm going to paste something I wrote for lolcow into my group chat for work. I would die

No. 973810

Blog on

No. 973814

I backed my car into a cop car the other day, well, he just drove off, sometimes life's okay.
I ran my mouth off a bit too much, oh, what did I say? Well, you just laughed it off and it was all okay.
Already, we'll all blog on, no, don't you worry, we'll all blog on, alright, already, we'll all blog on, alright
Don't worry, we'll all blog on

No. 973816

Blog on Normie Twat
(BoNT for short - has a nice ring to it, don'tcha think?)

No. 973823

File: 1637442005874.png (428.29 KB, 648x476, file.png)

But I would prefer the right but with more defined curls

No. 973824

Could you imagine sending a lolcow copypasta to your boss kek

No. 973838

I got two phones out of pure paranoia
I got two phones, one for the bitches and one for the dough

No. 973840

I can't decide which would be worse. Some autistic infighting in a /snow/ thread, or some overly personal blog post meant for /ot/. No, actually, sexual fantasies meant for /g/ would be the worst.

No. 973879

I have curly hair and I prefer the way the "don't" side looks too. It looks neater and more elegant imo, especially if you have a lot of hair length, it gets to the point to where it just looks unkempt

No. 973881

People who trace are so funny
>people were asking for my process so here it is, first I block in the shapes
>(three circles and two boxes)
>then I draw a sketch on a new layer
>(perfect lineart)
Just say you traced it we aren't going to get mad at you

No. 973883

/g/ anons are already thirsting over Kyle Rittenhouse. I shouldn't be surprised anymore, they want to fuck everyone.

No. 973884

who's this kyle guy? I've seem him being mentioned on different threads

No. 973888

File: 1637445705575.jpeg (138.32 KB, 1032x890, D779F48C-07B3-47A1-A266-0B2072…)

I don’t get how can anyone trace, it’s so annoying, it always looks like shit and it never truly conveys what you wanted to say with your art.
I get needing some references since not everyone can draw from memory because it’s hazy and shit, but outright tracing always looks like shit.
I wish I knew the person who shilled art as a way to get easy clout so I could get a bunch of people to point at them as they shout profanities and spit in their direction.

No. 973911

"Already"? Took longer than I expected

No. 973912

God this unlocked a memory. I had a shit ton of these, from Claire’s probably, and the cheap metal used to make my ears itch but I was like 10 and fucking stupid so I still wore them anyway.

No. 973915

Lmao they were doing it since a week ago even before the recent news

No. 973926

Everyone else feel like a person but not me. I feel like i'm skinwalking a human.

No. 973930

artist here. I don't know this dude or his art aside from the overblown mikasa drama, however this isn't trace but a badly redrawn (considering the proportion doesn't match with the original drawing).

is it just me but from the Art thread from /m/ to here there's always one or two anons crying over "youre obviously traced!!", stop watching Daftpina and youtube art videos - those people aren't artists and they're killing what left of creative braincells youve had left in your skull.

No. 973967

Yes holy shit. The girls who wore these were the edgy "artsy" types or Hot Topic frequenters.

No. 973968

>artist here
>doesn't know Butch Hartman
Fairly Odd Parents? Danny Phantom? Call yourself an artist…

No. 973969

I bet some of them are the same posters who wanted to fuck the Columbine shooters, Epstein and probably some serial killers lol

No. 973990

He's a hasbeen famous for 00's cartoons mostly known by amerifats. Not that weird. Personally, I know who he was thanks to reading tv tropes 13 years ago and being subjected to 'HaRtMaN hIpS'

No. 974066

Kissed my work crush still with him ttyl

No. 974084

File: 1637457207479.jpeg (431.69 KB, 750x728, BC4DC0B8-6167-4AD9-8A9E-04CED4…)

<3 my ass hurts
my ass hurttts
my ass hurts hurts my ass hurts
my ass may be fat
it may be thick
it might be able to destroy you and your family
but my ass and ASSHOLE HURTS in a good way now (thank you immodium)

No. 974095

Cartoonist isn't my profession. Ask about concept and environmental artists then maybe I can name some for you.

Same. I'm not familiar with Western/American artists, not that America hasn't done enough to be the most loudest in the industry (lmao).

No. 974122

Nah left side looks way better.

No. 974141

I wanna ask him out for our third date cause he planned the last two and I want him to know that I'm into him too but I don't know what to do!!! I saved a beet soup recipe cause he said he likes beets and I think a cooking date would be cute but its gonna be hot all week so its not really soup weather but also I feel like it would be the perfect date cus it shows that I'm thoughtful and cooking is something we both enjoy. I wish I wasn't so retarded and clueless about this shit I really like this guy and I haven't had the chance to express that to him yet despite him being open and honest about his feelings

No. 974198

File: 1637471995245.jpeg (133.15 KB, 1170x421, 37F262AB-3350-47B8-9527-5DA36A…)

Saw this on depop and checked out her ig due to the blatant humblebrag anachan desc and

No. 974200

File: 1637472029228.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x2089, 1D61744D-C3D3-462C-A707-2C49FD…)

Why do they do this? You are not even a size 4 let alone a size 000.
Just KEK at calling a size 0 thick.

No. 974206

this makes me think all those size 24-26in waist bottoms being sold are because they're no longer knee-deep in anachan shit and weigh more or they could never reach the "goal" of actually fitting into it

No. 974239

I once read a blog of a woman reviewing a dildo that had these same little prickly things on it. According to her it felt like she gave herself a chinese burn inside her vagina that lasted for days. The mental image of that has been haunting me ever since

No. 974260

File: 1637482393523.jpg (39.29 KB, 500x594, tumblr_8c7761f159788bb3238ef9e…)

I still really like this poem some anon posted a while ago

No. 974266

i blame vanity sizing

No. 974276

This video made me want to rewatch glee so bad. Also I want to fuck Sue Sylvester

No. 974284

Same here, thanks for posting it anon

No. 974285

Ever since I got covid I cry for just about anything, this made me cry wtf

No. 974304

I'm going to be high at the townhall later and I had a great night with my work crush god bless to u all

No. 974346

Born in 95
I hate zoomers
I am ok with some millennials
But can't relate to either

No. 974348

File: 1637498676560.jpg (9.1 KB, 168x250, Generation Fucked.jpg)

Anyone here born on the cusp of millennial/Gen Z year ranges and feel like they can't relate to either generation? Do you feel like you relate to one generation more than another or that you're just rootless?

I know I shouldn't care but "zoomer" memes are everywhere and it feels weird knowing 96/97 and afterwards is technically a zoomer but I feel like I have nothing in common with these people whatsoever. They're only labels but pic related made me feel this way even more

t. 1998 fag

No. 974350

huh I definitely relate to this but I think the cusp is more like 1998-2002. 25-26 year olds are millenials imo. I always think of the zoomer/elder zoomer divide as the kids who had musically unironically vs the kids who were making fun of them lol

t. 2000 fag

No. 974352

File: 1637499839641.jpg (72.64 KB, 640x950, 1608456758925.jpg)

I'm retarded, I meant to post picrel

No. 974353

eh, I'm from 96 and don't particularly feel like either of them (whichever generation 96 is). I don't feel like I can or can't relate to (adult) zoomers or millenials. Generational labels are stupid and quite America-centric. I don't know why people bother with them so much.

No. 974358

I have this coworker who is my personal cow. She is over 40, divorced and has two kids and she is a total pick-me and homewrecker. Yesterday she "bragged" about how she never wears shoes with heels and how boyish she is. She ist extremly unprofessional and flirts with any client that doesn't look like Quasimodo. A few years ago she had an affair with a married coworker who is now divorced twice and has 3 children. She now dates the former boss of our company. I don't really like her and at the same time I kinda pity her.

No. 974363

Honestly, I always forget people born in the 2000 are grown ass adults now. You guys gonna be forever babies to me

No. 974372

Many people born in 2000s would prefer to be forever babies, diaper and all

No. 974375

Same I feel fuckin old holy shit lol. I’m a 93. I have a 15 year old niece I play MTG with and take on “girl days” — she’s the only reason I’m somewhat clued in. Being on TikTok would probably make me feel less out of touch but I have awful time management and shit to do so I refuse to poke that bear. You sweet kids put me in a nice retirement home, ok?

No. 974389

We'll be good gertrude, tell haileigh to not stay too much on the computer posting her dang memes and becky to grow a fucking spine

No. 974402

I know right, I’m just from the ‘95 and I feel weird looking at these kids being 20 somethings, they will never stop being kids to me. Like, is it me or does the majority of 2000’s kids that I’ve seen so far look severely deformed?

No. 974425

Oh my god im still drunk from last night somebody make it end already

No. 974435

>is it me or does the majority of 2000’s kids that I’ve seen so far look severely deformed?
it's you

No. 974480

The guy who lives above(?) me is moaning again and I can't tell if he's just jacking off or if he's actually having sex.

No. 974493

Sorry girl probably one of my simps ill tell him to shut the fuck up for u

No. 974507

thanks babe. i have a big paper due tomorrow and i needed him to stfu so i could concentrate.

No. 974511

Good luck hope you do well ♥

No. 974514

Males should ask for permission before moaning or stating opinions

No. 974519

File: 1637516080903.jpg (77.02 KB, 640x853, Tumblr_l_655595001790639.jpg)

>tfw the compliment sperging from a few days ago made me feel embarrassed by the random compliments I impulsivley give out to other women regularly

No. 974525

Lots of host errors nowadays

No. 974531

That shouldn't deter you from complimenting others, if someone has a problem with it who gives a fuck the people who frequent this site are all mentally unwell anyways.

No. 974553

Males should ask for permission

No. 974557

You can give compliments, nonnie, nobody will shout at you for doing so.

No. 974567

no. You prefer left

No. 974570

No. 974580

File: 1637522757768.jpg (27.53 KB, 500x375, 092ada352e9a3a8afbbed813d6650d…)

Tracing is based I used to do that shit all the time. Fuck freehanding it with mistakes I'm coloring in that perfection and sliding in the clear part of my binder for all to admire

No. 974602

Nah you are all very ugly but it's ok it's not your fault

No. 974634

I'm 97 and my sister is 2001 and I don't think we're far away generationally at all. I think most of this is bullshit anyway. My country was in a war in the early 90's so we were late in many things american kids already had at that time for example. Generationally growing up, we were all behind. I got a ps1 in 2002 and it was novel to us, and ps2 had been out for 2 years by then.
I'm more well versed in millenial internet culture simply because I started browsing it really early, but my sister picked up on a lot of it growing up.
I don't really buy into generational wars like these because they vary so much, but if I had to put myself somewhere it would definitely be in the middle, I don't have issues keeping up with zoomer trends because of my surroundings. Once you stop caring less about what's trendy you fall behind and that's when the divide happens. Now you have a trend on tiktok that's making fun of millenials for using slang that was trendy only 4 months ago or so kek.

No. 974664

it's weird because these annoying faggy tiktok zoomers will make fun of millennials while desperately trying to emulate early 00s internet culture with their emojis, their way of typing, etc. they're all braindead as fuck

No. 974680

It's weird because I'm 93 and feel the same about people born until 98 but not 99+. Like you said, it's really personal. I get along better with people in their mid 20s probably because I have less life experience than people born in late 80s-very early 90s, but the deeper you go into zoomer territory the more tired I become just listening to all the new bullshit.

I'm glad I grew up before tiktok and social media became popular, for what it's worth. I feel like there's no youth subcultures or teen heartthrobs anymore, it's very alien.

No. 974718

Based take

Can’t believe you’ve been fooled into thinking artists don’t trace.

No. 974732

I don't think professional artists trace very often outside of drafting and animation. It's just not necessary when you can copy off references freehand.

No. 974793

File: 1637541496627.jpeg (9.26 KB, 194x259, download.jpeg)

I forgot you guys were referring to the year y'all were born so I just thought of this

No. 974810

Bruh I'm gonna lose sleep laughing over this it's so harsh. Every zoomer I've met has looked kinda sideways though.
Right looks fucking greasy as hell, I feel like this is just curly hair for people who desperately want straight hair but know they can't have it naturally so are bargaining with god. Left is cool and natural looking.
Tracing vs no tracing debate is so juvenile. Tracing doesn't make anyone better at art, looking at references teaches people to actually learn anatomy instead of just thoughtlessly squiggling over someone else's work. Just get coloring books if you trace tbh.

No. 974823

Lol nice photo editing, make the left one more warm-colored and inviting, make the right one look more washed out and unappealing. FUCKING CHEATER

No. 974824

AYRT, I'm a concept artist too, but I know who Butch Hartman, lol.

No. 974836

NTA But Butch Hartman is a fucking retard.

No. 974843

There's no way anons think right looks better. It's not bad, but come on…

No. 974844

File: 1637549399768.jpg (156.52 KB, 540x601, Tumblr_l_261023276064644__01.j…)

Who BABUSHKA here??

No. 974845

left is too messy and poofy, and i hate that weird parting. i don't see anything 'greasy' about right

No. 974849

NTA But it just looks wet and sad to me.

No. 974873

nta but I think the curls just need to be more defined, left just feels too much

No. 974888

I'm unsubscribing from Robin Seplut because he keeps taking sick kittens off the street and stuffing them in a one room apartment. I started to lose respect for him when he brought in the pregnant cat Baghira and then he kept taking home kittens and shoving them onto her nipples and he didn't fucking stop until her own kittens became visibly malnourished. Stupid Russian scrote loves his youtube bucks, I don't even care if his heart is in the right place because people keep telling him to stop and he doesn't listen.

No. 974897

C-can you compliment me?

No. 974954

Best part of townhall was adminsama-chan endorsing the use of nona

No. 974991

When did she do that?

No. 975004

She called us nonas towards the very end

No. 975007

IS non one gonna comment about Admin's fav cow?

No. 975010

No one is perfect kek

No. 975018

File: 1637573320726.jpg (54.71 KB, 640x480, workers-soviet-socialist-reali…)

I truly wish actual body positivity existed, imo body positivity should be about encouraging everyone, men and women regardless of color and class to be fit and healthy
for too long the fatties have forced us too accept them, fatties cannot contribute anything, they can only take and fat people are the only who deserved to be disseminated against in society

No. 975025

Hating on and being harsh to fatties only makes them worse because their problem is emotional eating
Even if they lost weight due to the bullying they would end up having body didmorphia and get worse

I agree with your post but the encouragement should come from a place of virtue, celebrating your body, not hate

No. 975027

I'm with you on this. Let the fatties seethe, they are not really fertile so the problem solves itself

No. 975031

should have mentioned skinnies in the thread, (except maybe certain good looking skinny males)

No. 975035

"body didmorphia"
here thinking about DIDclaiming teens on tiktoks crying didmorphia

No. 975062

>dumbass shit
Phew, thanks for putting this in the appropriate thread.

No. 975065

I can smell fat in this reply

No. 975068

File: 1637579665548.jpeg (72.56 KB, 640x566, 443D66CE-BC5C-472A-BB92-EE7F19…)

>they are not fertile
>basing your overall life on wether you can pop babies or not.

No. 975069

??? Just because I'm happy people don't reproduce?

No. 975089

Fatties are very capable of reproducing from what I’ve seen sooo that’s wrong

No. 975166

People are weird, My dad almost killed my grandmother while being born, and grandfather never forgave him even though my grandfather cheated my grandmother constantly. Like I don't get it
what was the point of being an asshole to his own son for a woman he barely cared about

No. 975167

It's probably a scrote or an ana-pickme.

No. 975168

Especially when he was literally MINUTES OLD and had no control over how his birth affected his mother, like what the fuck??

No. 975170

My grandmother had pain issues for a couple years due to my dad and apparently its cause of those pain issues my grandparents drifted apart and my granddad blamed my father for that
for almost killing my grandmother and "ruining" their marriage

No. 975172

Males are truly subhuman.

No. 975178

Wow so it wasn’t even bc he gave a shit about her, just unable to take any responsibility for failing the marriage himself, disgusting

No. 975217

Didn't want to lose his steady supply of sex & cook/cleaner/therapist.

No. 975225

Last week I ordered some shit online and while I received the package, I decided to take also the package of a neighbor because the do the same for me when I'm not home. The thing is that, as I said, it was LAST week and they still did not bother to pick that thing up, even when I went down to ring on their door to give it to them personally, nobody opened the door. I know that they are at home but fuck that, just brought it and placed it next to the door because for how much longer should I have it here? I saw that they received a note from the delivery guy in their mail box, so it can't be that they have not seen it by now. Who the fuck buys shit online and doesn't want it afterwards??

No. 975244

I swear there was one poster in the troon threads who typo’d HSTS as ‘HSST’ so many times that other people started doing it too. It stands for “homosexual transsexual”, ladies.

No. 975258

File: 1637596026645.jpg (49.96 KB, 828x828, FETjAd5WUAAk6ID.jpg)

It's gotten so bad, I catch myself oftentimes opening lc in public. I only ever browse /ot and /m but I'll mindlessly do so while waiting in a store for someone or in uni before class starts, until someone gets a little too close to me and I'm reminded

No. 975310

Everytime I get up from my seat in lectures I always leave sweat? condensation? on the seat. Why do I have a micro climate everytime I sit down.

No. 975351

I swear "lesbian" is the new nonbinary. When I was a teenager everyone had a nb phase but now thats sooo 2016 and the new thing for mentally ill girls is to call yourself a lesbian. they hear about comphet and take that shit way off the rails. somehow even if you're literally attracted to men and consoom copious amounts of yaoi and gush over botched kpop guys all day you still can totally be a lesbian because we live a society. ok

No. 975373

>even if you're literally attracted to men and consoom copious amounts of yaoi and gush over botched kpop guys all day you still can totally be a lesbian
This is so embarrassing, these people need therapy

No. 975376

its because progressivism is fucking full of people that call lesbianism any time two women are affectionate with each other in any context
I hate those "just gals being pals haha right guys??" jokes social justice-y types make. Sometimes it really is just women being really close friends, which women normally are with each other when compared to men

No. 975388

You can really see how those kind of girls don't have close female friends or any meaningful relationship with women, to the point every female interaction reads as romantic to them, maybe they would have girl friends if they weren't such nglos

No. 975391

>somehow even if you're literally attracted to men and consoom copious amounts of yaoi and gush over botched kpop guys all day you still can totally be a lesbian
Oh my god this is what infuriates me most

No. 975392

Is anyone ever just hit by the perspective of how inconsequential your current worries are?

I mean compared to when shit actually hits the fan for you personally.

Like a couple years ago I was 1 month away from homelessness in a foreign country and had no support network, no money for food.

And now, I'm worried that my vag smells a bit different than usual and my vast array of houseplants has fungus gnats. But like i'm actually very preoccupied with these problems. When shit gets bad bad I just keep my head down and hope the problems, whatever they are, will be over soon.

I don't really need to use my energy on worrying about this, but it's just habit, and I know once these mild problems have blown over, new ones will arise because apparently I can't function without worries. What a waste of energy, really.

No. 975394

Also, sort of related, but me and an old friend of mine used to kiss each other on the forehead because we were soppy and emotional and really loved one another.
We were both straight, but I know for a fact if I brought this up to people, everybody would act like fucking autists about it and insist it was lesbianism. Nobody is allowed to have a romantic aspect to their friendships anymore without it being called "queer" or whatever.

No. 975395

That happens to me all the time, even though I've been trough worse i worry for literal non issues, it makes me feel retarded

No. 975432

I wake up to hear about a car crash, didn't think much of it, and then found out that apparently some druggy fleeing another crime plowed through 40 young girls aged 9-12 and killed five of them. Ofc the news doesn't report it because women lives are worth nothing.

No. 975451

This, really. I'm worrying about non-issues right now with the car crash thing. It didn't affect me or anyone I know but I still feel like shit about it.

No. 975458

The world truly is just people walking into rooms and talking. Also sometimes there people in the room I'd have sex with and the only thing stopping us is no one bringing it up in conversation.

No. 975460

I saw a borzoi IRL today and it was beautiful.

No. 975495

Really? I'm actually seeing something about it on TV right now.

No. 975505

The media loves reporting on the tragic deaths of young girls, it gets tonnes of attention so I assume you're looking in the wrong place. Either way that's not what I'd be mad about in this situation, fucking hell that is a HORRIFIC thing for someone to do. Scrotes are a disease.

No. 975535

is this about that SUV that ran through a christmas parade? because that's been reported a lot where I'm at

No. 975536

sometimes I lurk the main italian imageboard and ironically coomer threads about women seem to always degenerate into
>you're a faggot
>no you're a faggot
>no you're an EVEN BIGGER faggot
>well you're a GIANT MEGA FAGGOT
that shit seems kinda homoerotic tbh. like just kiss already

No. 975538

Diochan? Tutti i maschi sono frocissimi btw

No. 975540

File: 1637612077908.jpg (8.73 KB, 256x256, 119224534_102582448262704_2293…)

No. 975541

sì kek buono a sapersi

No. 975542

the language of the gods.
Is this the lyrian superior feline race from space I keep hearing about?
Majestic indeed

No. 975544

what did you type into neuralblender?

No. 975547

Sanic was right again. I know I'm fucking insane for listening to some imageboard woo woo shit but he's ALWAYS right even when he tells me an answer I don't want to hear. What the fuck.

No. 975549

File: 1637612885115.jpeg (170.25 KB, 843x1080, sonic-totem-5acf86b38148a.jpeg)

No. 975553

He lied to me more than once, and for big things as well, like getting the job I wanted, flunking uni, travelling, getting scholarships, etc.
I don't trust that bitch, ever.

No. 975555

Preach, sis.

No. 975557

I never ask him about big things because I'm afraid of the way he might influence them so I only ask stupid small things.

No. 975560

I'm from the bible belt yee-haw zone but I love eurotrash dance & techno music the most

No. 975561

No. 975562

File: 1637613815978.png (4.69 KB, 434x83, lasers.png)

No. 975573

Omw to ask Sanic for the first time right now

No. 975678

File: 1637623776440.jpg (31.14 KB, 498x371, 51H0GMVE9DL._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

So I'm the tricycle idiot from the last Stupid Questions thread:

Don't fucking do it, girls. The one I got takes up so much goddamn space. LOOK UP THE MEASUREMENTS. According to my partner who picked it up from the shop for me "it rides like a deathtrap". And even if I could ride it, where the fuck do I put this thing without taking up a whole lot of sidewalk?? Thank god I called the Amazon drop-off near me and confirmed that they could probably take it for a return… I'll just admit defeat and try to learn how to ride a regular bike. Jesus Christ I wasted so much money

No. 975682

fucking KEK, there is probably no way that thing rides like a death trap. he was just embarrassed

No. 975693

Looking at this picture and post is the first thing on this site that's made me genuinely laugh in a long time. I think it's the fact that the seat has a back

No. 975719

Every time i ask sonic a horny question about my husbando he answers me with 9 (just jerk off) kek

No. 975721

Well there’s your problem. Bikes are for roads kek

No. 975729

not to mention it looks stupid as shit

No. 975730

I'm applying to this quirky pizza place in my city and I want something lulzy and dumb to put down under "hobbies/interests", any suggestions?

No. 975736

just did my first emoji report feeling like a snitch right now

No. 975737

File: 1637628739783.jpeg (72.17 KB, 329x500, B06DA9EF-8E60-419D-848A-718B81…)

Your perspective is very interesting nona. I wish we could philosophize about it further. I wonder what your other observations on society are.

Mongolian basketweaving

No. 975739

>hobbies/interests: shidding and farting

No. 975740

Na see something say something, you did good

No. 975759

You disgust me

No. 975761

Do you believe what a person does alone is not an event in of itself?

No. 975783

ugh my PMS is so horrible right now. I am having really bad cramps and nausea. why do we have to suffer like this

No. 975790

Whenever I'm shitting on my period all I can think is "great blood and shit at the same time" like we're dead except we go through it every month for days on end. Shit feels cursed but at least it means I'm not constipated.

No. 975838

Mines is brutal after getting vaccinated. Not mad about vaccines but dang, would have liked a warning.
Is it your first cycle after getting your shot?

No. 975846

File: 1637645209763.gif (310.56 KB, 466x498, peanut-butter-jelly-time-banan…)

>great blood and shit at the same time
PB&J wipes.

No. 975863

Men could never

No. 975900

Disgusting. Another reason bidet users stay winning.

No. 975926

I asked sanic if my husbando would like me if he was real and he said yes and since then I am not going to ask any more questions about my husbando because I'm afraid to ruin it

No. 975930

just remove that metal basket and go!

No. 975931

I did't notiche the back of the seat. Truly a tard's trasportation

No. 975967

File: 1637663068741.jpg (39.61 KB, 640x498, 0f08eef16f83f1bbd5035495f3f27a…)

so yesterday I learned those old white greek statues used to be painted.

Idk why this is so weird to me, they just looks so strange, almost cartoonish

No. 975971

File: 1637663168325.jpg (165.09 KB, 1400x1400, paintedsculpture.0.jpg)

another example

No. 975997

File: 1637665375335.jpeg (160.3 KB, 679x636, FDrX4kcX0AMvbnd.jpeg)


No. 976001

No. 976009

File: 1637666165141.jpg (96.34 KB, 640x1142, 3490cc32fda79a3d125f3f1498912c…)

Terracotta army used to be painted too

No. 976016

The statue goes from intimating and scary to just goofy asf

No. 976018

How do we know they were painted so shitty? Talented people can do incredible things with sculptures, based on repaints of celebrity dolls

No. 976055

They've got some snatched waistlines tho, skinny legends

No. 976212

I love brushing my teeth and I look forward to it every morning and night. My electric toothbrush makes it so easy and effortless and then my mouth feels so minty fresh and clean. No more "buy expensive lush bathbombs and book 2 hours out of your day to take a bath" self care. Basic things like taking care of my hygiene and tidying up my space is better self care.

No. 976213

but muh classic art

No. 976219

No. 976252

slightly related, but i always hated lush and i never understood the hype. their stuff smells so bad to my nose and i hate the way the staff follows you around because they get fired if they don't make enough sales. one time i agreed to trying out a hand soap but then the staff member was like washing my hands for me and massaging my hands in the sink and it was just so weird and creepy. at least at rituals they won't try and fondle you at the sink.

No. 976261

The capitalism ver. self care is so annoying. I need to book a dentist appointment and do my physio not spend $100 on nose killing bath products.

No. 976304


Oh boy let me take time out of my day to deep clean my tub because every single bath bomb has some sort of stain and/or glitter. There was one that i didn't realize had herbs inside and it got stuck in the jets in my tub. Tbh the best bath is hot water and maybe a little bit of shower gel if anything. No oils, gimmicks, etc.

No. 976311

I've never actually used their bath bombs but I used to buy and use Angels on Bare Skin religiously and I love it, but I've found other skincare routines so I can still get the exfoliation I need without shelling out $20 every 3 months for it. Their bathbombs are just too damn expensive for me to justify.

It feels like a false feeling of self care. There is no self care in sitting in a tub or ignoring your chores to play video games. How is that really caring for oneself? The dishes are still piled up in the sink, waiting to be washed.

I buy a big jar of bath salts from Marshalls or other equivalent for cheap and that's enough fance for me heh. I did get one with rose petals once and it was a nice aesthetic but even just some petals were a pain in the ass to clean out. Or the Body Shop will sell mini bathbombs for a dollar each or something that smell really nice and fizz for quite a bit, no extra shit in there either!

No. 976314

File: 1637689275002.jpg (238.69 KB, 1920x1389, 1637688790067.jpg)

>tfw you find an artist with art you like, no pronouns in bio, they don't post/share tranny shit, and their bio says they have some opinions the average tumblr/Twitter user (depending on platform) disagrees with
>tfw the opinions they were referring to were thinking anyone disappointed by lack of racial diversity in AAA multiplayer games is a stupid crybaby, and that men deserve consideration/empathy ("wow I love men uwu", "men have feelings, let men cry!")

No. 976347

File: 1637690173211.jpeg (414.8 KB, 750x1179, 15AF7E1C-B8A5-43DF-AB2F-666E8C…)

which one of you guys is this because this is so fucking cringe

No. 976350

Lol wtf

No. 976414

Uuhhhh wow kek

No. 976438

I hate people who want to play "devil's advocate" esp. scrotes. Like no, you are an annoying pest. Please kys.

No. 976439

Zoomers are a fucking plague

No. 976441

based bye

No. 976456

youre right

No. 976478

I am so unbelievably horny for my husbando right now. I need him on my neck and eating my pussy NOW NOW NOW NOW

No. 976493


Is it a savior complex or does he just want attention/money? I always thought something was off about him because I always assumed he made a decent amount of money via YouTube but only a tiny part of that actually went to the animals. Tinfoil and haven't checked up on him in some time tho. Maybe I just can't believe any scrote would ever do any selfless kind-hearted act without trying to gain anything from it kek

No. 976498

File: 1637694433965.jpg (24.11 KB, 564x718, original.jpg)

Should I get headphones or nah? Are they annoying to carry around in a bag? I'm fed up with earbuds, the ones with a cord and jack always and are annoying to move around with but the wireless ones never have enough battery. I just don't know if I could get used to having headphones on my head and having to carry it around.

No. 976501

I transitioned over to big over the ear headphones and I like them. My main bag is a small bookbag that usually has enough space for them and very rarely do I use a smaller bag without enough space. Occasionally I'll wear them around my neck and I just got used to it. I feel kinda dumb wearing them out but it's nice in the winter because they double as earmuffs lol

No. 976503

They can be a bit annoying to carry around, and it gets really sweaty when it’s hot or when you’re doing exercise with them, but if you don’t mind the smell and when they start peeling the leathery thing of the ears, then I think you have nothing to worry about.
I had some huuuuge headphones for lots of years, and I only got annoyed at them when I was doing exercises that required me bending over or jumping, but otherwise I was really fine with them.
I feel like the wireless ones have been a godsend to me, I can do a bunch of stuff comfortably and even wear only one or another so I can keep an ear on my surroundings.

No. 976509

Samefag. I just skimmed through some of his most recent videos and hoooly shit it's fucking infuriating how many sick cats and tiny kittens there are in that apartment. He's borderline hoarding them. And not a single set of healthy clear cat eyes to be seen on any of them. Nitpick but I hate the way be picks up the kittens one-handed by squishing their upper bodies like they're toys or something. Jesus christ. Sorry for sperging, I'm just triggered right now

No. 976515

I seriously have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I've been doing useless shit for the longest time, but now I ended up in an LDR. The thing is it was exciting for the first month, but then he announced he's visiting but I'm feeling kinda meh, and honestly if he didn't already book the travel, I'd probably have ended it. It feels like he's already getting lower on effort, and we've only been talking for like 6 weeks! It was a way for me to distract myself with internet flirting from things I needed to do, but now it's actually distracting me from things I want to do. I have no idea why my feelings are so fickle, like I was feeling I could fall for this man 2 weeks ago, and now I kind of feel nothing.

No. 976541

>the smell and when they start peeling the leathery thing of the ears
oh nope nah nah I'm so glad I asked lol, no headphones for me

thanks for the input anons

No. 976554

Sometimes I look at my cat and think how much it must suck to not have thumbs. Even if you manage to grab that cord, it will slip away instantly anyways, but keep trying you little loser lol.

No. 976557

My first boyfriend had a pretty distinctive smile and now I automatically dislike every man that has a smile like that on an instinctual level. There were only like 3-4 people like that so far though.

No. 976561

anons im toasted asf and just wanna let yall know ur all based
have a sick day

No. 976566

I hate our fucking technical overlords, I'm getting tinfoily and think I'm just part of some kind of tech experiment about responsiveness to notifications, because nowadays my phone will fire off the signal that I have a new notification and then there's nothing. Then because it got a reaction out of me, it'll push out a notification from an app I haven't used in months and then the next buzz will also show me nothing. I really need to go back to dumb phones.

No. 976576

Id have my music randomly get quieter then pause when I'm talking. Like at this point I'm just going to get a dumb mp3 and keep my phone in a box.

No. 976579

Or just disable your app notifications, ya dummy.

No. 976589

i did so many mushrooms last night, way more than i wanted to and honestly it was incredibly painful but i actually feel like a human with a working subconscious again. funky little mycelium fixed my brain and i love them for that

No. 976591

>>976566 This happens to me as well but I figured out what it was. I disabled notifications through my phone settings for a messaging app (stopped getting sound notifs and it wouldn't show up in the status bar) yet my phone would still light up. Maybe that's what is causing it

No. 976595

Like clockwork, I'll see a famous man, think he's unattractive, then grow interested in what he does/what he is in, somehow start to root for him/form the infamous parasocial relationship and boom, obsession. What is wrong with me

No. 976598

I want to get notified of e-mails and messages, but I swear it pushes out notifications from apps I already muted. And it doesn't help the "phantom" notifications anyway.

No. 976602

Maybe you just like ugly men.

No. 976605

Deadass… can't even trust myself

No. 976612

I need a Sailor Uranus to my Sailor Neptune.

No. 976619

nope my second, but I had my period literally the day after I had my first and second shots kek. they've always been bad but my bleeding has been way heavier since getting the vax.

I actually got my period today (at uni lol). it's crazy how I can almost tell when I'm gonna get it because my pms gets so bad

No. 976628

File: 1637703865957.gif (962.64 KB, 245x219, 1460775501684.gif)

So last week I bought a ticket for a band I always wanted to see. Even signed up for the pre-sale stuff to get my hands on one. So I bought it and was super happy about that, paid my shit and forgot about that because I thought I will get my ticket a few days later in my mailbox. So I'm sitting here and realized I have not gotten any ticket yet, so I checked my transaction and yes it was paid but I never got an email that says they got my money. Then I sat down and did some research about the ticket seller and you know you are in deep shit when you type the name of the online shop, followed by "is a scam". So I've read the one star reviews and thinking "oh fuck" because I guess people almost never get their ticket from them, but then I checked other sellers and there are non. Usually there is the one big company that does all the tickets here but the gig I go to, there no option to buy it there. The gig was officially announced by the band but why can you only buy your shit at the scam company? Normally you can get your hands on a ticket on several sites but it isn't the option here for whatever reason. It's too late to do write an email or so and will see what I can do tomorrow because this really kills the joy for the concert … I do not think that the band is involved in this or so, because it is the same thing for other cities that you can only buy your ticket at one webshop but why does my town from all other dates has the shit scam company?? Big bruh moment right now.

No. 976660

File: 1637707000298.jpg (142.71 KB, 1078x561, e7f857c440d6f6221056ae39912f03…)

Everyone was saying during townhall how much they wanted Sanrio themes and I am with them, as long as we have an orange theme featuring Retsuko.
Preferably a simple image of her working in the corner like this, it would be super cute and honor all of our office worker farmers lol

No. 976666

I support this. I would like an ironic uwu My Melody theme

No. 976671

Make sure you don't fuck him

No. 976675

I need that and a Charmmy Kitty theme for the Charmmy Kitty lovers. Maybe a bit cursed.

No. 976677

I'll try to take things slow, he'll be here for a week, but honestly at this point I feel like I have no idea how I'll feel about him in even a week, but especially in the moment I actually get to meet him. My mood is all over the place lately. If nothing else, getting some sexual pleasure out of it and end it amicably wouldn't be the worst outcome.

No. 976721

retsuko ALWAYS gets left out i feel like sometimes even Sanrio forgets she's their creation. so im all for this.

No. 976739

Kek apparently I offended a troon by saying "oh yeah I shave my moustache all the time" because he was feeling self-conscious of his facial hair and I was actually only trying to make him feel better. My friend texted me to tell me how insensitive it was to say that and how he's really upset and embarrassed? I don't even know why

No. 976745


No. 976747

Men are so fucking fragile lmao it would have been insensitive and hilarious to say “can’t relate”

No. 976751

I randomly remembered a bunch of manga I used to read years ago and never finished but I can't remember the name of half of them and I wanna read them now. That fucking sucks

No. 976753

I offended and hurt a troon once when I was like 16-17 (guy was like 30) on my FB back when I had one because I didn't like my boobs and said I wanted to get a reduction.
He kept insisting why I shouldn't and it was so obvious he was jealous. Fuck tranny groomers

No. 976760

Men are stupid and like to emotionally abuse women revolving around their appearance (and how they compare to other girls) so when women on the internet and a lot of times IRL lie about pickme related things like sex performance, vulva look/taste/smell, squirting, orgasming from anal or very quickly in general, and even use photoshop extremely and get plastic surgery and lie about it. Even other men will admit their view on how the female body looks is so fucked up since they're so use to thots blowing their tits and ass up and making their waist look 13 inches that anytime a woman doesn't look a sex doll she's considered dumpy and flat

No. 976763

Man why do you even try to act nice to troons?

No. 976769

bruh how do you access 2XX lmao

No. 976771

it's just 2X nonnie

No. 976772

Right? You humour them just once and they take it as fuckin praise. Gonna shit down that scrote confidence at every opportunity or they’ll stay arrogant.

No. 976788

I use my toxic femininity to tear down trannies. When he laments abt his male features I humblebrag how blessed I am by genetics to not have to deal with that. I hope it constantly reminds him that I am effortlessly a woman.

No. 976790

Based Nona.
“Hmm cannot relate” seems to strike such a nerve with them and they desperately need to be shamed as often as possible.
It’s lack of shame that led them to make their fetishes public problems

No. 976791

File: 1637721543044.jpg (93.68 KB, 1080x990, 1630292736407.jpg)

Ultimate troll queen, breaking trannies delusions is fun and good for them. One I know asked me how I prevent ingrown hairs from shaving and "idk I don't shave". It's like his brain was going to liquefy.

No. 976804

Saying “aw I can’t imagine what it must be like for u ♥” also works. It sounds sympathetic on the surface but deals damage when they think about it at night.

No. 976811

I skip over appearing nice and go right for the Adam’s apple kek. “Uh never heard of girls doing THAT but okay dude” gets them screaming, especially if they’ve just blabbed on about how they do x feminine stereotype.

No. 976813

Queen shit! Just giving options for non-confrontational bitches lol

No. 976818

File: 1637722909052.jpg (7.22 KB, 143x208, 111.jpg)

Posting some OG Tardthots

>Norah Elam, also known as Norah Dacre Fox (née Norah Doherty, 1878–1961), was a militant suffragette, anti-vivisectionist, feminist and fascist in the United Kingdom.

No. 976820

File: 1637722935719.jpg (101.58 KB, 285x417, 112.jpg)

>Mary Raleigh Richardson (1882/3 – 7 November 1961) was a Canadian suffragette active in the women's suffrage movement in the United Kingdom, an arsonist, a socialist parliamentary candidate and she later resigned as the head of the women's section of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) led by Sir Oswald Mosley.

No. 976821

File: 1637722965923.png (405.46 KB, 694x977, 113.png)

>Rotha Beryl Lintorn Lintorn-Orman (7 February 1895 – 10 March 1935) was the founder of the British Fascisti, the first avowedly fascist movement to appear in British politics.

No. 976823

File: 1637723089384.jpg (46.05 KB, 369x500, 114.jpg)

>Unity Valkyrie Freeman-Mitford (8 August 1914 – 28 May 1948) was a British socialite, known for her relationship with Adolf Hitler. Both in Great Britain and Germany, she was a prominent supporter of Nazism, fascism and antisemitism, and belonged to Hitler's inner circle of friends.[1] After the declaration of World War II, Mitford attempted suicide in Munich, and was officially allowed safe passage back to England in her invalid condition, but never recovered.

and here's a good article around the whole phenomenon


No. 976838

oh no she’s hot

No. 976855

>she developed a strong sense of British nationalism, and became a staunch monarchist and imperialist.
>Financed by her mother Blanch, Lintorn-Orman's party nonetheless struggled due to her preference for remaining within the law and her continuing ties to the fringes of the Conservative Party
>Dependent on alcohol and drugs, rumours about her private life began to damage her reputation, until her mother stopped her funding amid lurid tales of drink, drugs and orgies. Taken ill in 1933, she was sidelined from the British Fascists, with effective control passing to Mrs D. G. Harnett, who sought to breathe new life into the group by seeking to ally it with Ulster loyalism

still think she's hot

No. 976896

No. 976898

File: 1637729933714.jpg (42.27 KB, 546x800, ww.jpg)

one I forgot

>Mary Sophia Allen OBE (12 March 1878 – 16 December 1964) was a British political activist known for her defence of women's rights in the 1910–1920s and later involvement with British fascism. She is chiefly noted as one of the early leaders of the Women's Police Volunteers. Allen repeatedly sought to challenge or modernise the existing systems of the time, ensuring the Women's Police Service could become an auxiliary force after women were admitted into certain British police forces. She stood once for the House of Commons as an Independent Liberal, turning over her Women's Auxiliary Service to breaking the General Strike of 1926. Thereafter she met and talked with European fascists and anti-communist brigades, entailing frequent trips abroad and publicly joining the British Union of Fascists in 1939. In retirement Allen was an activist for animal rights.

>Allen learned to fly. She attended international police congresses in Austria and Germany. She also visited the Netherlands, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Turkey and Brazil, advising on the training of police women. She travelled to Egypt in 1936 on holiday (wearing her uniform), but was received as if sent by the police authorities in Britain. Her interest in combatting prostitution continued to be a preoccupation, and she attended the League of Nations conference in Geneva on the traffic in women. Wherever she went, she was perceived by many as the leading British policewoman. She did nothing to discourage the impression, and made contact with police chiefs and political leaders all over Europe.

odd woman

No. 976977

The “plurality”/DID hype among teens makes me low-key nostalgic, this kind of fuckery was prevalent in kids even back when I was a teenager in the early 2000’s but it was more of an anime-inspired “I HaVe ThE sPiRiT oF a DeMoN iNsiDe Me” or similar. We truly are back in 2006

No. 977004

Her face screams psycho, and she looks like a cool villain in a movie.

No. 977007

I have to go to the bank today and get like 2k to pay for my braces. Pls pray for me that I don't get robbed or killed ugh

No. 977046

Only tangentially related but this reminds me of a friend who got mildly canceled this summer among his genderspecial friends because he went to a pride event and posted a picture of himself next to a “DEFEND EQUALITY” sign, but he didn’t realize because of how he was standing all you could read was “END EQUALITY” topkek. Trying to support these people always backfires.

Much like how a great white shark’s heart stops beating if it ever stops swimming, so too does a troon’s if he ever stops finding offense in everything.

No. 977066

File: 1637757234770.jpg (27.35 KB, 480x462, 30728629_1887988891500817_5712…)

No. 977068

Fantastic kek

No. 977070

put in the interest rate of any loans you might have lmao

describe the general traits that a hobby would need to have in order for you to consider taking it up

No. 977157

It's a good thing I get high all the time because I was so high strung before. The old me would have talked about politics at work but the high me knows to stfu, positive vibes only.

No. 977158

File: 1637778967012.gif (599.95 KB, 245x190, tumblr_inline_mqhc5eWEqe1qz4rg…)

We're back!

No. 977161

I missed y'all! I hope we won't have this problem anymore on the new server.

No. 977162

Missed yooou

No. 977165

omg nonnie you're back i missed you so much

No. 977169

Ayyy I thought I’d have to spend my day trolling trannies again

No. 977176

Oh nonnies nonnies my beloved

No. 977177

Kek I missed you too nonnies!

No. 977187

Has anyone ever watched this movie Fluke before? It's honestly and for realsies my favorite movie of all time unironically. It was the first movie I ever saw as a kid that made me appreciate movies and story and how a narrative can make you feel a lot of things at once instead of just being a drama or just a comedy or whatever. That probably sounds lame, it's literally a dog movie, but I don't care. It's really unique. And it has Samuel L Jackson as a dog. And even though the dogs have "voices" they don't actually talk or anything, so it doesn't feel silly. The things that happen in this movie are wild and I really appreciate the genuine emotion. And the dog that plays Fluke can like, genuinely act, it's amazing. I'll love this movie forever. Hearing the music makes me cry. I've literally never even another person who has seen this movie before.

No. 977189

Samefag but around 1:32 is where he sees his mom and siblings trapped in a cage and he claws at the cage to try and get to his mom but she like uses her barks and body language to basically say "go, run away!" and it's literally just like, fuck, AHHHH, AHHHHHHHHH. This movie is good, you should watch it.

No. 977192

Tried to make cake, fucked up. Uughh I jate sucking at this but at least it's fun

No. 977194

Kek just complained about this last night and was about to write an email to the seller but I just discovered the ticket in my mail box lol. I'm glad I got it without a problem because it seems like it isn't the norm with this seller, oof.

No. 977218

I hate how predictable my daily energy levels are becoming, I suffer from a complete crash in cognitive abilities around 2pm up until 6, and after that I get a second wind some time in the evening. I wish I could just have a decent even reserve of energy all through the day.

No. 977225

Took an iron supplement yesterday evening, today I got my period and my flow is fucking INSANE. In the 1.5 minutes I pulled down my underwear to change my maxi pad I managed to bleed onto the bathmat and the bathroom floor and had to wipe down my thighs

No. 977238

I'll be on my period on my Xmas nite out so the pressure is off for everyone. This pussy is closed.

No. 977258

I left my ice cream out too long. now I have to go check if I put it back in for too long

No. 977314

I just farted and I swear my vagina is vibrating

No. 977322

I was talking to my mate about this recently. Farting sitting down and you feel that brrrrap go up through your vag lips.

No. 977325

I've been putting a cheap face cream on my extremly frizzy hair and so far it has been pretty good. I wasted a fuckton of money on anti-frizz sprays and all of the cgm method stuff and nothing could tame my hair so now I'll just stick to baby shampoo and face cream.

No. 977330

Maybe try silicone in your hair? Just a cheap dimethicone conditioner or something. Skin creams tend to have silicone and if you did cgm you were probably avoiding it. I know the meme is that silicone is bad but it genuinely works for some people

No. 977348

Amen, CeraVe is better than any conditioner/spray

No. 977350

File: 1637792651639.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.89 KB, 1080x1673, Screenshot_20211124-162225.jpg)

I put pic related in a small spray bottle with some rosewater for my hair

No. 977374

Fuck me guys, the tv is officially broken now. I guess thats a sign to cancel cable tv

No. 977388

why did you spoiler this

No. 977412

I've spent 2 days straight having a mental breakdown and my eyes are all puffy from all the crying, what do I do nonas (and how do I stop my fucking crying)

No. 977428

>(high moist)
Very naughty

No. 977460

I don’t get people who move to a different (shitty) country willingly and then proceed to spend a huge chunk of their time shitting on it on the internet. Like if it’s so terrible why don’t you leave? Be grateful you weren’t born or stuck there and move along with your life.

t. Someone who was stuck in a shit country as a kid for years

No. 977473

brb sucking on anon’s fat juicy lip smackin pussy

No. 977475

File: 1637803090006.jpg (22.97 KB, 640x661, 211dd9876553d733024b1e593b8fc0…)

t-take me out to dinner first anon…

No. 977487

This doesn’t just happen with shitty countries. It also happens with rich and developed countries. People really think that moving to a different place will automatically solve all their problems and their life is gonna become much more interesting. The reality is that your life only gets more complicated and now you have to adapt to a completely different culture and learn a new language too. Don’t ever move to a country only because you feel bored and unmotivated in your home country, it’s gonna be the same at a new place except you’re gonna feel x100 more lonely. There’s also people who genuinely enjoy staying in another country and learning about new cultures but they’re usually not the ones complaining anyway.

No. 977488

File: 1637804685442.jpg (91.29 KB, 1077x1191, 2019-11-27-211248-1c.jpg)

Homemade chocolate pudding tonight, ladeeeeezzzzz

No. 977493

File: 1637804853599.jpg (174.07 KB, 1200x905, Ds-HEgKUwAEtZpT.jpg)

a chocolate company here made a tasteless commercial about violence against women to commemorate the death anniversary of the mirabal sisters what the fuuuuuck

No. 977500

bone apple tea, anon

No. 977504

File: 1637805556094.jpg (207.9 KB, 799x675, 1636827588987.jpg)


No. 977505

I can't wait for XYs to die out.

No. 977515

kill yourself

No. 977516

No. 977517

No. 977521

We only really need about 30% of them. Our mitochondrial DNA says so.

No. 977529

File: 1637807651507.png (45.37 KB, 224x280, 76-765518_anime-girl-with-gun-…)

I like my men like I like my potatoes; skinned and mashed!

No. 977534

It does feel kind of crazy. If we could continuously fart…

No. 977535

So circumcized with a side of CBT?

No. 977536

File: 1637808493565.png (163.96 KB, 291x353, 100.png)

Wow I just found my folder from 3 years ago when I binged The Real Ghostbusters and obsessively took screengrabs of Peter Venkman. Cringe

No. 977537


No. 977538

I thought I was the only one

No. 977543

One time a friend told me a guy she was seeing was into CBT and she was interested in trying it out. I was like "oh… Like therapy?" Kek

No. 977546

C'mon, I don't want them to enjoy it

No. 977557

Aw anon, it's nice to know there are other spergs like me out there

No. 977592

Only need 8% actually, to avoid any inbreeding issues. Also don't need them at all, we made a mouse, kaguya, from 2 ovum in the lab, it was perfectly healthy.

No. 977621

File: 1637816974694.gif (258.41 KB, 324x200, FC24B9B4-5656-4E94-85C3-734B17…)

depression thanksgiving? depression thanksgiving.

No. 977636

I was already having a bad night and when I tried to talk to a friend about it he randomly brought up hololive and got extremely defensive with me for asking why he watches loli sharks. So now I feel like killing myself.

No. 977669

Men are life support systems for their coombrain. You cannot expect much from them, especially in regards to emotional support and higher level communication.

No. 977673

kill him instead

No. 977676

>male friend

No. 977704

I had my first period where I did not have suicidal despair in the 2 weeks before it and I cannot for the love of God figure out what I did differently. I put on a bit of weight because I ate more chocolate. Was sugar the answer to PMDD all along? I also took more iron supplements then usual, maybe that's it? Didn't exercise, didn't even take my antidepressants. Such a mystery

No. 977714

File: 1637831544022.png (449.15 KB, 460x613, Kurt Cobain.png)

Because of the cold weather I've been wearing a bunch of baggy, lame clothes lately. I know people either look right past me or look at me and think Im a loser who doesnt know how to dress, which is what i thought of my outfits lately, too until I realized i basically dress like kurt cobain. it pisses me off because i know if i were to tell people that my style is influenced by him, everyone would suddenly think im cool.

No. 977722

File: 1637832418298.jpeg (203.13 KB, 1024x694, F8FD3008-2D96-403B-B033-63D52E…)

I need to spill. I understand how you guys feel, because i too really like the look of the plain marble. Marble has really incredible qualities, which we see renaissance and baroque sculptors take advantage of. Light shines, bounces, and scatters very beautifully through marble, especially if you carve different textures on the marble. Paint usually masks those qualities and flattens those highs and lows. Thing is that most sculptures that were painted were painted in layers, but we can’t really know what those upper layers were for sure. Paint residue we see on sculptures is usually the first layer of paint the porous marble takes in. However, there’s a lot of different technology that can help us identify how these sculptures are painted, but if I’m going to be honest whenever i read about tech like that my brain glosses over it so I can’t tell you specifics. Different techniques and technology can result in different variations of how the sculpture could have possibly been painted.

We of course need to take into account why the Greeks (sorry don’t know shit about terracota soldiers) would want their statues painted. Temples were brightly colored, and this is necessary because these sculptures from pediments, metopes, and friezes needed to be visible. (Picrel is Paris, and he sit up high on a pediment. From a glance you can easily recognize him because he’s in distinctive Persian clothes. That pattern is carved into the stone, by just millimeters, and it needed to be visible. This pattern was meticulously measured and pays attention to the bend in his knee, they weren’t just vomiting color for the sake of it.) Even aside from this they would have just enjoyed color, the statue you show here is a kore, a funerary statue. It’s possible that these earlier sculptures could have just been flat, but its also possible that the other layers remain unknown, or even as i see it, the naturalism of this piece is not so important as the decoration and symbolism are. Some people also argue that these sculptures (the Paris and Peplos kore) were just painted flatly, but i feel like that doesn’t give them enough credit. I personally have a stick up my ass when it comes to this because i really like Archaic art but people seem to ignore it because its not Classical art, so they dismiss the nuances. I say that, but there are differences to how an Archaic statue would be painted and a Hellenic one. Archaic painting would have been simpler. Also note that sometimes these renditions are only for research purposes, focusing more on getting the pigments and patterns right. That’s not to undermine what they do, just mentioning that these aren’t always done with artists or artistry in mind.

Sorry, i just hate that usually the only way people talk about this is
>SCIENCE shows greek statues ugly! Haha ancient people stupid and TACKY ohohoho!
>these statues are WHITE and racist you are stupid and RACIST if you like white statues haha!
I’m not saying this is you though, I understand being shocked and weirded out by it, i was too at first. I just feel like its all misunderstood reee

Here if any nonas want to dive further
> Unfortunately, while those traces may tell us the statues were painted, they don't give us a real idea of what the statues looked like. Nguyen thinks sculptures may have had several layers of paint for a more nuanced effect, but since the layers closest to the surface were exposed to weathering and cleaning, only the base layer of paints lingered in the nooks and crannies of the marble.

This really nicely shows the techniques, reasoning, closeups. It’s long but the text is small and simple and the images speak for themselves.

No. 977730

I came across the gaming channel of a really old lady lol, I hate the word "wholesome" but that's what it is honestly

No. 977734

I wanted to post it here too! Even though I criticize those kind of games, somehow it's so cute and wholesome how she loves Neptunia, Fate (I assume? She has a daki and figure of the red Saber, I think). She made me want to play Atlier Aisha.
The sad thing is that she got really awful comments in the past and that's why they are closed. She posts on Reddit too, so you can send her a nice message or a comment!

No. 977741

I think that if it were an elderly man people wouldn't send hate

No. 977760

>ayesha in thumbnail
supreme taste, nonna (as in, nonna)

No. 977772

File: 1637843233277.gif (894 KB, 500x244, tumblr_8a3c3ad078136e3dcdf5e10…)

I kinda want to have a penpal, I used to have one as a kid. I think the slow communication would just be a really nice break from everything going so fast. Sucks stamps have become expensive af though.

No. 977785

File: 1637844354523.jpeg (13.26 KB, 470x364, 4.jpeg)

>"hmm.. what if i look for a girls only discord group to find gaming mates"
>enters a group with an uncanny pink filtered icon of a some kawaii cake or some shit
>"nsfw channel? hmm interesting"
>a shitload of animu girl tiddies and yuri
>not a single husbando posted
>selfies channel next
>knows by this point what's in there
>uninstalls discord

No. 977801

kek anon I'm so sorry

No. 977806

File: 1637848294838.png (771.52 KB, 737x798, omfg.PNG)

Came across this while scrolling twitter and it's just so fucking funny to me. In one of the panels Ivy even motions for Harely to come over to bed with clear intent. "Makes my ace heart happy" Sorry that comic characters get more pussy than you kek

No. 977808

>groping each other
>making out in their underwear against the mirror
>kissing each other's necks
>cuddling around in bed half naked
what the fuck are we supposed to assume that everything that's not graphic kinky bdsm sex is "asexual" now, imagine being this terminally online

No. 977813

Kek that person got multiple comments like "Is this sarcasm?" and answered that no it's not, you can totally cuddle naked without it being sexual at all. Ace headcanons are so extremely funny to me, it's really just "I don't fuck so this character doesn't either!"

No. 977822

i fucking hate asexuals. notice how they're always doind the "maybe they're just platonic teehee!" to same-sex couples

No. 977825

Same. I'll never understand this platonic relationship thing. They swear it's more than friendship, but you don't have sex and don't kiss nor do anything, that's pretty much friendship, what's wrong with calling it by what it is?
And don't get me started with the demisexual thing aka being normal nor aromantic aka being a fucking player

No. 977827

I wanna understand what they're talking about in the pastapizza thread because it's always about Yuriko Tiger whenever I scroll past, but I'm too lazy to copy everything over to google translate and then have to decipher the butchered translation.

No. 977829

File: 1637853509232.jpg (130.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Connie changing so much makes me a little sad, feels like im watching a friend having a mental breakdown as i've always liked her since her noodlerella days, idk something about her edgy persona and the way she acts seems so off

No. 977836

what in the Steven Universe Lilo & Stitch Hell is wrong with Poison Ivy's face in the last panel? my GAWD

No. 977843

fucking hell i'm spiralling again

No. 977852

Is having a partner truly only best friends + sex to you? How does a relationship differ from FWB then? I feel like even if I didn't have sex with my gf and didn't kiss her, it'd still be way different from being just good friends because romantic love isn't the same as frienship.

No. 977853

at least you are not trooning out of control again

No. 977854

File: 1637856451128.jpg (151.2 KB, 700x1304, cat (3).jpg)

I'm so excited to eat macaroni and sweet potatoes today, best food combo ever. Happy Thanksgiving to the farmers celebrating!

No. 977856

They look like they about to fuck in the very first picture, I'm 99.999% sure that twitter idiot is just an autistic "asexual" who's projecting her insecurities on cartoon lesbians.

No. 977860

Maybe there's some people in which there's so much electricity merely just with eye contact and being in close proximity that if you fuck you'd break the very fabric of the universe or maybe I just haven't had sex or a kiss in over a year and I haven't had a crush for even longer and this feels very intense.

No. 977865

I'm so jealous nonny. We're going to a restaurant and they're not even gonna have mac n cheese or sweet potatoes, just butternut squash and mashed potatoes. Bleh!!

No. 977868

Bitch stop playing the devil's advocate

No. 977902

I'm sorry about that nonna, maybe the food will be better than you think!

No. 977908

I hate seeing my bf's cousins because they are hot kek. They get work done and it honestly looks really good and I feel like a pleb in front of them. At least they're nice

No. 977912

I had been feeling kinda bad over cutting off a male friend but then I remembered he wanted to be a comedian and his dream was to write for SNL even though his written material was not funny at all and then I don't feel so bad anymore.

No. 977921

Found this cool little channel of a Finnish woman who loves to clean and she cleans extremely dirty houses for free
I'm not usually into cleaning but her videos are really nice

No. 977922

OMG you're like one of those people that sees surgeries as status.

No. 977930

That's called being horny and touch deprived anon

No. 977934

Not really. I'd never do it or care what people do. They're just the most attractive women I've probably seen irl

No. 977935

I hate it. I just want to break social constructs and ask a man to fuck in the middle of the working day.

No. 977952

I love her videos! I’m a fan of cleaning videos where messy places get deep cleaned, not just someone dusting an already spotless piece of furniture for half an hour or pouring 16 different cleaning solutions into a toilet bowl and then playing in it.

No. 977953

File: 1637867544156.png (308.82 KB, 600x849, 88e.png)

Ohhh I love cleaning very filthy things too, it makes me so happy to see something disgusting become clean again, but I tried to watch her and I can't stand her voice it's like she's speaking inside my ear, I think I will just watch and not listen, thanks anon. Pic unrelated.

No. 977958

if you copy and paste the link of the thread into the translation box it can translate the entire thread though it might take a while

No. 977960

You can just google translate pages

No. 977971

This is so satisfying… I just bought an older house that could use a deep clean - like there’s probably mold behind the bathroom mirrors - but I want like… real grime. How do I find filthy homes to clean?

No. 977992

I keep calling this guy I like who I'm barely aquitainted with "my boyfriend" in my head and I just know I'm going to almost refer to him or just outright refer to him as my boyfriend to someone. Just wishful thinking.

No. 978016

I think a guy likes me or maybe I'm just paranoid but I saw he rides a motorbike - and I hate motorbikes, I think anyone who would ride such a death trap is a moron - but I keep imagining that he asks me to ride it with him and then we die in a crash so I don't have to do anything anymore. Actually I think there may be something wrong with me gals

No. 978103

File: 1637879683658.jpg (111.52 KB, 700x500, SimonIceKingFeaturedImage.jpg)

This sugar keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy
im addicted nonas

No. 978118

Oof you tell me, I'm on my first day of not eating added sugar. My dad bought watermelon and I just ate a ton to feel somehow alive

No. 978122

nta but that's okay, anon! i went sugar free months ago and at first i ate fruit like crazy. but fresh fruit is good for you, so don't worry about it. after a while you will realize that you don't reach for fruit after a meal anymore (if you're the snack after meal type). i think it took me like a month until i realized that i can go without a sweet snack after eating something savory now. you got this!

No. 978123

On days when I don't "eat sugar" I drink an unholy amount of sugary coffee. I need to get this white crystal devil off my back.

No. 978164

Aw thanks for the encouragement! And congrats too! I'm looking forward to all the skin and mood benefits going sugar-free has >>978123
It's so so addictive, crazy

No. 978230

Ate too much pie, think I'm gonna explode… so good though.

No. 978234

What kind of pie

No. 978251

Drink lots of herbal tea anon. You got this. It will be really tough for the first few days, but I promise you that after a week or so you will feel better and have more energy. When you hit the two week mark you can start to lose the cravings. You got this!!!

No. 978278

I hate using my cashback bonus to pay for anything because my stupid little monkey brain thinks “if I’m ever in a situation where I’ve have zero money in ALL of the accounts/investments where I have squirreled away money, then I can use my cashback bonus as emergency money” which I still think is a valid backup plan but realistically I think I can spare $30 out of this emergency-for-when-plans-b-though-z-fall-through emergency fund.

Anyway Amazon is giving me 40% off this item that’s already slightly discounted from its usual high price but I can only get the discount if I pay with my cashback bonus and I’m saving like $40 so fuck it.

No. 978299

I've never understood tomato hate. Unless they're mealy even a shitty one can go a long way.

No. 978308

if you wanna see some real cringe download Lex the new qweer app. it's a fucking gold mine. too bad, i actually like the design of it and the premise but it's genderpilled

No. 978310

File: 1637912200750.jpg (175.99 KB, 800x800, s-l1600 (1).jpg)

don't have anything to say, just had to share this ridiculous photoshop I came across on ebay

No. 978311

i have no problem telling my bf in detail about shits ive taken (well i do it because i have something wrong with my colon and it’s just for discussing my health) but i still wont fart in front of him. its been 6 years nearly and we live together so it’s kinda torture when i need to fart but don’t feel like getting up. is this a common thing? my body physically will not let me fart in front of someone unless it just slips out on accident.

No. 978320

>my body physically will not let me fart in front of someone unless it just slips out on accident.
I'm the same. I never farted in front of my sister even, and we lived together for 20 years. I just can't do it. Same with puking. Last time I got food poisoning I had to wait until my family went out so that I could puke. Before that I was just trying to gag above the toilet bowl for an hour and half with nothing coming out. I tell myself it's not really shameful, everyone does it, yet there's a mental block that doesn't let me do it.

No. 978345

yesterday during one of my uni lectures there was a break and most people left. and this guy im kinda crushing on usually sits next to this pillar at the back of the hall and i was curious and leaned forward and looked back to see if he was still there. and he was leaning forward and looking right at me too and i just looked away immediately. it felt awkward yet it still gave me some kinda butterflies…

No. 978440

i noticed it's trendy to call yourself a cyborg. i'm retarded for this but i think it's annoying cus i am technically a cyborg as i have bionic hearing/cochlear implant and now it's just a nerd thing to pretend you are one. appropriating my culture smh

No. 978469

So cool that you're a cyborg yo, you're like Seven of Nine

No. 978481

Cute. I love hearing about crushes

No. 978485

Oooh shit just saw that there's a deluxe version of donda the album by Kanye West.

No. 978492

I hate it when I paint (I am a bit of a maniac when painting) and my upper arms jiggle god I hate that feeling it's like the flesh is trying to escape from the bone, but I don't know how to get rid of the jiggle, I'm not fat I can see my ribs, do you think if I had more arm muscles it would go away or would it not matter because if the muscle is not flexed it will jiggle too

No. 978502

Lol yes anon you're a real cyborg not like those fakers!!

No. 978543

I was gonna tell you guys something but I forgot what it was

No. 978559

Everytime I present my cat the tangerine she's been eyeing so curiously, and everytime she sniffs it and then looks so disgusted. I don't think she'll ever learn.

No. 978565

I didn't get my period this month. Kinda miss her.

No. 978567

File: 1637955626573.gif (1.69 KB, 29x39, B48B7BC1-3959-48EB-BB57-7B16E3…)

I hope you remember soon

No. 978568

File: 1637955641117.jpg (57.18 KB, 706x460, Screenshot_7.jpg)

My friday evening drinking beer, stalking coworkers on social media and posting about it on lolcow. What's yours like?

No. 978569

It was that you think we are all great and you love us so much

No. 978571

*consists of

No. 978574

Its only 2pm here, but I'll probably do some reading, have a bath, and paint my nails. I hope I can find friends where I moved.

No. 978577

Reading for school, I'll probably move onto lusting over my husbando soon. I have zero social life.

No. 978582

Watching Moomin with other nonas, drinking a beer. Cool pic btw

No. 978583

I'm just decompressing after yesterday and secretly cheating on my bf watching The Great on Hulu without him & I'll delete my watch history before he comes home

No. 978587

File: 1637957094981.jpeg (90.73 KB, 633x783, 736A77A0-D13F-4F1D-A8B1-A1FF84…)

Driverfags sitting cross-legged on a palanquin of their very own retardation and trying to convince me that man possesses any microscopic semblance of good looks. I have been looking at this picture for a good ten minutes and fucking wheezing. What he’s truly missing is some some rat’s whiskers and a nice, small block of cheese. Be careful of that cheese trap, Driverboy! Keep nibbling just like that! Imagine getting out of your house and seeing him. I’d shriek, make a 180, and resign myself to NEETdom forevermore; surely a life on terminally online monasticism and scholarship is more dignified and pleasant than being subjected to that sight. They should give me his money and his assets. And why the fuck isn’t he Jewish?

No. 978588

Wow. Wow. I love you.

No. 978595

About to go to Walmart. Today's pretty boring, I hope it's a Black Friday warzone in there it'll probably be chill though

No. 978600

>What he’s truly missing is some some rat’s whiskers and a nice, small block of cheese.
This is so cute, I wanna give him a block of cheese while I draw whiskers on his face

>And why the fuck isn’t he Jewish?

Yeah, why?

No. 978612

File: 1637958917389.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.98 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_f43d68b57b2bbc2b10dce7f…)

they should just get together already

No. 978619

I feel you, I didn't eat anything today and was really feeling the existential dread and the program I had to write for homework somehow broke overnight so I just sat and thought about my husbando for like an hour or more idk. My favorite is to imagine we are sitting on a grassy hill at night watching stars, and he is holding me in his lap and showing me which constellation is which

No. 978621


No. 978629

I wish I could look like tank girl but I wanna be a scientist one day and I want to be taken seriously. And I don't want to make my mother cry

No. 978633

I don't know why you guys keep on forcing this weird "ship", Azelia is bi but i don't believe for a second Grimes is anything but straight, Azelia deserves better tbh

No. 978634

Sometimes I just want to stab my brother in the balls.

No. 978639

File: 1637961130679.jpeg (58.81 KB, 640x640, pink_sony_vaio_netbook_used_14…)

I want pink laptops again, not rose gold but actually pink.

No. 978644

Just had a microbiopsy on my left breast earlier today and now it hurts a lot, which means I have the perfect justification to not be forced to go shopping with my little sister this weekend.

No. 978649

azealia x cara delevigne true and bestest ship

No. 978654

Why don't they make computers available in more colors? It's so sad that everything is black or grey. Also I want smaller phones, they're all made for male hands, I want to be able to hold my phone and tap with the thumb of the same hand and not hold the phone with two hands.

No. 978662

you bitches always complain, complain, complain like go diy your own laptop and computer with your aliexpress stickers already and go

>”uwu my hands are a lot smaller and delicate than male hands why are phones so big”

KEK man that is such bullshit female and male hands are only have a few inches of difference between them

No. 978666

sorry you have big man hands, anon.

No. 978667

Moid with teeny tiny girly hands detected

No. 978668

I chose my current phone because it was the only one I could comfortably use one-handed in the shop. Is this some kind of tranny cope?

No. 978670

Very recent phones are huge anon, stop being in denial. Maybe you don't realize it because your phone was released a few years ago or because you have big hands.

No. 978673

My bf's hands against mine are ridiculous, he only has 5 inches on me, and it's cartoonish. And I need two hands for my phone

No. 978677

File: 1637963811619.jpg (88.1 KB, 866x959, 1635968887303.jpg)

>tfw her middle finger is larger than a ring size 5

Man-hands crew, so sorry for you

No. 978681

File: 1637964026417.jpg (13.87 KB, 480x360, hands.jpg)

Get on my level

No. 978682

shut up tranny

No. 978684

you are a grown ass woman you are not “smol” and “adorable” you have adult-sized hands. your phone is not supposed to be comfortable you are supposed to use both of your hands you lazy monkey. lazy monkey lazy monkey anon lazy

No. 978685

You are the only one using those words. Sorry you don't know the joys of scrolling and typing with one hand.

No. 978686

I think you guys should stop arguing, make up and passionately kiss, perhaps fondle each other with your grossly mis-matched hands

No. 978687

yeah because screw people who also want to watch videos on their phone without having to squint and blow their eyes out too, fuck them poors!

No. 978691

I got a new phone and can't play my favorite rhythm games because the phone is too big and my hands and thumbs cannot stretch to hit the notes. I don't even have particularly small hands either phones are just fucking massive kek.

No. 978693

You know multiple models of phones can exist at the same time. It's just that the overwhelming majority if obviously getting oversized for hands and pockets.

I bet she gives great massages.

No. 978695

NTA but I've noticed smaller models get shittier cameras/less storage and ram. Not to mention the fact that if you go to buy it irl there's probably only going to be one or two smaller phones to choose from. It's genuinely kind of baffling

No. 978697

File: 1637965092577.png (233.17 KB, 400x300, reee.png)

Wtf happened I leave for like half an hour and we are arguing about hands

No. 978700

Imagine having enough money to buy some huge phone and enough time to complain about having a huge phone

No. 978701

i wish i had a massive phone. hate having to zoom in and run out of space can't see shit can't download shit can't have nothing

No. 978706

hi third world chan we’re still working on your escape fund don’t worry babygirl <3

No. 978712

Girlies, it is so hard to discreetly smoke out your bedroom window when your parents are home when it's blowing gale force winds. Luckily I'm drunk enough to risk it

No. 978725

fill an empty toilet paper roll with dryer sheets and then secure one over one end with a rubber band. blow smoke into that and out the window. don't know if you mean cigarettes or pipe though

No. 978731

I just mean that the wind is so strong it alerts the household to possible open window shenanigans. Either way I successfully got high.

No. 978758

this tbh. tranny tier debate. there's approx 10000000 different smartphone models out there and if you buy one that's too big for you that's on you

No. 978760

Procrasting my uni work. Will probably head to bed soon and read fics like the loser I am. Waste of a day.

No. 978774

File: 1637973796070.png (120.81 KB, 2690x216, Screenshot.png)

I love the r/s thread so much

No. 978777

No. 978782

This is so sad holy shit

No. 978789

I had a dream I had sex with a fax machine a few days ago. I'm still baffled by it

No. 978792

…how? Did dream you grind on it or something?

No. 978794

It was somehow holding me and I remember I was kissing it but it wasn't humanized at all, just a normal fax machine. I didn't even "see" what was going on down there it was just 100% bizarre dream logic.

No. 978798

nta I thought you meant onision by fax machine lol

No. 978801

File: 1637977356537.jpg (91.63 KB, 1098x732, 860437d0fe8914850e3e61899c2f3c…)

im always shocked by how hayao miyazaki is able to write such incredible female characters so effortlessly, how does a moid do it

No. 978807

My tinfoil is that his wife does it and he just acts as a male mask for her ideas. I Especially believe this after I read about the waifufag shit he said after working on that one lupin movie, found that out while reading up on moids inventing depraved hentai to drive women out of comiket.

No. 978810

lol when I was a kid learning English, I remember one of the reading was about him and how he grew up with strong female figures in his childhood, hence why all his protagonists are female.

No. 978811

>the waifufag shit he said

No. 978816

File: 1637978639157.jpg (79.61 KB, 649x446, 6533233.jpg)

nta but
don't know if anon meant this one specifically tho

No. 978817

File: 1637978772821.png (132.97 KB, 706x494, 140g09323y579.png)

samefag he also apparently said this too but idk if it's accurate

No. 978822

only thing i hate about playing dead by daylight is that i can't listen to music while playing

No. 978826

isnt he a creep cmiiw

No. 978829

it's not weird for a teenager to have a crush on a fictional character tho.. ?

how so

No. 978832

He knew what the word lolicon meant in 1979 for a reason anon, when doujin circles and comiket were insanely small with 'otaku' culture still in its infancy.

No. 978842

i just remember that one pic 4chan posts of him with a little girl

No. 978843

No. 978846

It was a press photo iirc relax but i remember thinking it looked kinda weird but I might have been taking dumb 4chin bait

No. 978865

the kiwi scrotes posting in elaine’s thread in /snow/ remind me every day how lucky i am to have standards higher than chan scrotes

No. 978872

It's not even fun. It's just waiting for them to be finished throwing their shit and then back to business as usual.

No. 978874

File: 1637985013127.jpg (22.05 KB, 410x230, cNRZFJxEA-nE48u28sdL_dou_ooiyI…)

>I might have been taking dumb 4chin bait
probably. miyazaki vocally hates anime tropes and weebs

No. 978880


No. 978881

he comes off as a hypocrite to me

No. 978882

I don't get how Elaine's antics became so popular. She's just a dumb tryhard attention seeker with barely any milk. I was interested for a split sec, because I thought some of her freaking out was genuine until I watched a clip of her talking and I could tell what a flat, empty narc she is. Why reward her with two threads that attract kiwi and 4chan scrote spam?

No. 978883

Isn't he a pedo?

No. 978894

please source this beyond the rambling article that says he has knowledge of the word "lolicon" (how could he not if he makes japanese animation) and denounces it even in the quote in the article that tries to paint him as a loli enjoyer. i am begging you to cite your sources instead of going on all twitter on me

No. 978898

Just because my iq’s low doesn’t mean I’m dumb.

No. 978899

File: 1637987771386.gif (1.06 MB, 800x800, ly2ee7v3bdp71.gif)

I was dancing like pic related, then i felt my fat rolls, now i want to [[BIG SHOT]] myself

No. 978901

Bitch that’s the best part. I usually just continue to let my flabs roll until my skin can’t take it no mo’.

No. 978903

ok shitgirl

No. 978905

File: 1637988331673.png (275.05 KB, 646x799, FEi9KNGXMAEC8eT.png)

just twerk and feel your ass cheeks rolling instead

No. 978913

Look Kronk not all of us are 6'4 have mercy.

No. 978922

There are ants here and there in my apartment even though I clean and leave out poison and I'm afraid that they're going to be on my headphones when I put them on and the ants will go inside of my ear. Makes me think of the anon here who scraped a dead roach out of her ear with her fingernail.

No. 978923

>scraped a dead roach out of her ear with her fingernail
excuse me, what???

No. 978963

I really like being a patient person. Of course I get frustrated and angry at things, but I try my best not to because it just makes me feel bad to hold that anger, especially at things out of my control like a check out line being too long or a delivery I was really looking forward to being delayed. It’s so much nicer just to chill out. I hate lines/waiting too but I don’t mind it so much nowadays, I try to just view it as a part of living and life and taking in the moment (as long as I’m not in a rush, but even then I don’t like getting upset because I still don’t like feeling angry and helpless in a situation where I just have to wait it out).

No. 978972

They won't go in your ear unless it's sweet and juicy in there.

No. 978975

I've got longer fingers than a good number of dudes I know and yet my current brick of a phone is too large for me. So idk who these are built for honestly.

No. 978978

File: 1638003001898.jpg (506.96 KB, 1920x2709, Paris Hilton 039.jpg)

i love this pic of paris hilton, such a look

No. 978997

Oooooh pretty dress

No. 979003

IDK what sorta weeb thread Hypmic music goes in so I'll just dump it here, this full song is fucking great. I did NOT expect Otome to have such a cool voice, she looks kinda timid and introverted.

No. 979028

The only hypmic song I like tbh

No. 979032

File: 1638015609527.jpg (75.55 KB, 832x960, FDm4cthXoAsfW3L.jpg)

No. 979056

More like this?

No. 979082

Would anyone be interested in a thread about analog photography?

No. 979123

Why do most Western fantasy franchises have quasi-medieval settings? Is everyone just copying Tolkien?

No. 979150

File: 1638027985948.png (6.51 KB, 222x227, 3683EBE1-6BE3-48E7-8675-4F9DF5…)

I honestly didn’t know bay leaves were a real plant until the last decade, I thought it was just the name of the evolved form of chikorita

No. 979151

>So idk who these are built for honestly.
me. see >>978701. why won't you guys give me your phone. i'm begging you. the tiny ones work like potatoes. the fact that you even have the money for it…

No. 979155

I sincerely hope that the divest newfag(s) who racebait in every thread possible, and refuse to integrate fuck off

No. 979160

I never understood why tomboys are stereotypically shown with a ruffled short cut or similar. Every tomboy I've known in real life had long hair because they couldn't be assed to go get their hair cut every other month.

No. 979161

the wat

No. 979162

LSA tier term for black women who don't date black men

No. 979186

File: 1638031018370.jpg (414.29 KB, 600x900, natural-diy-christmas-window-d…)

I still can't believe that I manage to clean up my entire flat, clean all windows, bring out the trash, clean up the basement AND decorate my flat with festive decoration because I tomorrow is already first Sunday in Advent and I really feel the Christmas spirit this year. Now I'm sitting here, eating my my noodles in my tidy and with fairy lights loaded apartment. I like that.

No. 979201

I fuggin hate rose gold, and fake brushed steel. If they're bringing back Y2K aesthetic where are all the transparent coloured plastic devices??

No. 979302

Most tomboys i knew wore braids

No. 979315

What’s the point in me having a super athletic and toned body? I do light workouts everyday, enjoy indulging in sporty hobbies for some fun, and really enjoy taking long walks whenever possible. I’m not the healthiest eater but I don’t overindulge on treats and eat family sized portions for myself every meal, I try out different recipes for dinner and include a variety of vegetables as much as possible. I’m tired of feeling like I have to attain peak physical performance. I’m skinnyfat but I do my best to take care of my body as much as my schedule and finances will allow me. As long as I’m just doing my best and having fun and my body isn’t in pain from weak muscles/poor posture/terrible diet, isn’t that ok? My body doesn’t make me any money, and I don’t like to post it or show it off irl or on social media so why care? Isn’t just living like a normal healthy person okay?

Just some dumbass musings. I’d like to be absolutely shredded but I don’t have the time/money to devote to the gym between my work and home schedule. I don’t even know if it’d make me happier, I think it’d just make me even more stressed out having to maintain looking picture perfect because I have such fucked up body image issues. I think I’m ok with my mediocre body.

No. 979319

All in one day? How the hell did you not get exhausted halfway

No. 979325

>What’s the point in me having a super athletic and toned body?
To sell your body's image. If you aren't some tiktok star then there's no point.

No. 979326

Fat hands wrote this post

No. 979331

Calm down anachan, there's a difference between ok healthy body and
>super athletic and toned body

No. 979333

nta but anon's original post clearly said she's healthy and has excersise habits so she's not fat.

No. 979334

>To sell your body's image. If you aren't some tiktok star then there's no point
This is what you said, do you understand that not all fit people do it for the appearance but for health/discipline, right? there's a purpose

No. 979338

I wasn't talking to >>979315 but to >>979325

No. 979353

File: 1638041839265.jpg (212.08 KB, 1080x851, 20211127_163326.jpg)

Whats up with spotify suggestions of podcasts/shows/whatever, how it came to this. I don't even speak spanish and I don't like nor listen to podcasts

No. 979357

Do you have a vpn set in spain maybe?

No. 979358

yes I know, point still stands.

No. 979362

I know you guys gonna be mad but idek what that is

No. 979370

You should probably go back to LSA yourself

No. 979380

File: 1638044000326.png (651.35 KB, 1500x1300, nonas cockroach.png)

I went and found this just for you ♥

No. 979395

It's been a year already??

No. 979396

Holy hell

No. 979405

Haven't gone to the gym in two years and now I have thunder thighs and a protruding belly

No. 979407

That's the next body trend, just you wait.

No. 979416

File: 1638047496225.jpeg (146.21 KB, 1000x680, 577261A5-6F25-4ABF-8E5E-7B4DFA…)

I hope she incorporated that roach into a new manicure

No. 979424

File: 1638048170053.png (112.77 KB, 500x423, 2y2ltn.png)

ayrt and holy fuck. i like how they said it "probably" contributed to the ear infection kek.

No. 979428

I use to know a guy who just had a weird hate against single moms for no apparent reason, word through the grapevine flies and it turns out he actually got a woman pregnant and ghosted her as well as groomed teenagers. I always knew men who had a weird hatred towards single moms were shady

No. 979433

File: 1638048936457.gif (339 KB, 195x200, FB973BC4-7FBD-426B-A403-2767E6…)

>fat hands wrote this post

No. 979436

ikr anon just get you some good food and give up you just fell for the modern athletic tomboy scrote meme

No. 979446

i don't see what's wrong with wanting either type or why there's even an argument about it. feels like some of you are just bored lol

No. 979450

No. 979454

It's that root thing of guys hating to see evidence that a woman got laid and it wasn't with them… or that she got laid and then moved on with her life when things weren't working out. As much as we think lifelong monogamy is a dream mostly sold to women.. men are full of such childish and petty bitterness when they have to navigate a world where women fuck more than one guy in their lifetime. They can't handle it but won't just come out and say that's what it's really about.

No. 979458

>men are full of such childish and petty bitterness when they have to navigate a world where women fuck more than one guy in their lifetime.
Its so weird, why do men act like women being sexual beings is this sinful thing when sexuality is part of normal adulthood for most people? like, do they really expect women to just fuck 1 person and that's it? fucking squizos, i'll never understand scrotes and the more they try to explain their weird notions the more confusing it gets, they should just leave women alone.

No. 979464

i remember this guy on reddit claiming that he hated it when women had many sexual partners (like more than three at age 30 or something) but he also expected women to sleep with him on date #3 at the latest. and then one day a woman pointed out to him how little sense it makes to expect women to be "pure" but also to "put out" after meeting three times. he was genuinely blown away by this comment and never noticed the flaws in his logic. tl;dr: men are fucking idiots.

No. 979477

Did he justify the three date rule by saying they're not in high school anymore and having sex early on is how adults operate, and everything else is just some romanticized fairy tale? Because if so I might've stalked the exact same guys account lol.

No. 979494

File: 1638052571921.jpg (43.54 KB, 500x345, lemon9ra7um5epy.jpg)

It's 11:30pm
I just had a somewhat big birthday party (15 people, which is a lot for me) and everyone left fairly early because it's been a long month for everyone, and everyone kept their trash pretty concentrated so it took me less than 20 minutes to clean everything up.
Couldn't have asked for anything better really

No. 979547

I have a neighbour who is about 60 and who makes small talk with me. I wish he wouldn't.

Whenever I ask how he is I get to hear about his leg pain and him having some heartburn last week… why the fuck are you telling me this? Just say you're good. Hell tell me about the leg pain if you want and just leave the heartburn out.

No. 979554

File: 1638056716274.gif (1.12 MB, 262x200, FED82E11-A4F4-4232-BF1D-2681EA…)

fixing to end my 7 year relationship soon and overwhelmed as fuck. at least he’s aware it’s not working anymore and it won’t be a surprise. still overwhelming as fuck though.

No. 979558

File: 1638056767172.jpeg (490.36 KB, 2048x2048, 2FE9ACA3-5E1C-465F-8903-CA1B08…)

What do you guys think of my poppy edit?

No. 979560

kinda like how it's less anime and more disney-ish

No. 979567

I like it more than the original, it looks less cute and more…off

No. 979573

I don't know the character or what it's from but I like the bottom one better. The upper one is borderline creepy. The distance between the eyes seems a little large though, maybe?

No. 979583

idk what that is but the smaller, wide spaced eyes make it look more like an actual vintage doll and less like some hyper exaggerated pixar bullshit

No. 979586

i think the character should look creepy as its from a horror game

No. 979595

It's minus three degrees celsius outside, it's so cold.

No. 979672

we started out broke together and now make good money separately, time for me to move on though. i'm getting better looking and he's just getting more annoying.

No. 979723

YES. Just got my first SLR and I'm terrified.

No. 979766

File: 1638073225384.jpeg (73.81 KB, 640x640, 51089E61-02A7-4C73-9331-FA2DC8…)

I keep laughing at this photo. He loves Ford so much. Shirt, tattoo, likely the car he’s in.

I wish someone loved me that much.

No. 979767

File: 1638073302432.png (168.12 KB, 256x256, diabolical spaghetti.png)

is it really true most women have men approach them in public super frequently or are people on social media lying? im a hikki neet now thankfully but i literally only had 2 creepy male customers try to flirt with me the entire time i worked in retail (1.5 years) and they were both severely underage looking, like middle school or early high school… and i was 21. i didn't even look that young, definitely over 18 looking. also an elderly fat black man that looked like a walmart neil degrasse tyson blatantly took a picture of my ass while he was sitting in a mart cart and sped away as soon as i caught him but i rather not count that.

No. 979843

can't believe some possible person on here implied piracy is bad… these are the same people who have subscriptions to netflix, hulu, disney+ all at the same time.

No. 979850

Yeah I was going for a vintage doll look

No. 979852

All my contacts that I don't have pictures of now all have cat photos because I don't like the initials/grey circle

No. 979868

i make picrews for mine

No. 979972

File: 1638109591495.png (1.42 MB, 1200x1200, imagen_2021-11-28_082627.png)

We have a friend finder thread now! approved by admin

No. 980012

I just realized I have my grandfather's nose. Time to sudoku.

No. 980029

I love this I love this! I hope lots of anons check it out

No. 980034

File: 1638111914687.jpeg (135.94 KB, 640x745, 197A992D-30B1-4B62-95EA-1460A2…)

I’ve been fucking around on gotoquiz for so many years, I’m now halfway through the third option down, when I started at the first. I wonder if I’ll make it to over 60.

No. 980040

Samefag, I’m currently taking a quiz to see how much of a guido I am. I know damn well that I’m in not a guido but I’m enjoying myself nevertheless.

No. 980067

File: 1638112860170.png (6.81 KB, 301x65, itwasjohnnywith82%.PNG)

I never heard of that website, and when I went to check it out the very first thing I saw was picrel

No. 980086

Bumped into a coworker at the supermarket and I was high and startled so didn't stop to chat and now I'll be anxious over it until work tomorrow.

No. 980097

Is the Sami derail in the afrocentrists thread a gayop to convince us Finland actually exists?

No. 980124


No. 980126

no. it depends on many things like the area, the time etc

No. 980134

File: 1638119823272.png (86.44 KB, 777x414, a6b3d7f5883bef0ece9d04d49e92bf…)

No. 980138

I remember seeing that thread when it was created but I can't find it now

No. 980156

It's okay! I'm okay! You're okay! We're okay!

No. 980159

File: 1638123395330.png (200.15 KB, 998x765, I need to get out of here.png)

Apparently there are more of these. These are on the "featured quizzes" page btw nonnas

No. 980269

Sometimes I like to listen to this song while I browse cows on /snow/. It makes everything I see, every car crash, every racial slur, every degenerate remark, every degrading selfie, every destructive life choice they make look like an art house film. I love it, is so cathartic in a weird way, like I am here looking at them digitally self mutilating in public and we become one, me the NEET viewer and they the mentally ill attention whores. I love it here nonnies.

No. 980276

Yes it is true. Idk what the other anon is talking about but I get harrassed often, unfortunately.

No. 980312

How likely is it that the Bridge teacher my mom said reminded her of my ex-gf has the hots for me?

No. 980316

no, as the other anon said it depends where you are etc. I've been approached on the street and catcalled but it doesn't happen literally every time I step foot outside thankfully lol

No. 980325

Depends on the country. Where I'm from, men are way too autistic for that. I've been 'complimented' by a fat old alcoholic but never catcalled or approached by other (normal) men.

No. 980355

File: 1638139383722.gif (1.41 MB, 200x200, Tumblr_l_312469127093978.gif)

I see guys saying they need a woman to be sexual with them right away because "physical touch is my love language". But try that line with gifts and watch their head explode. That's right mother fucker, buy me a PS5 and get these nails done.

No. 980357

The author even excluded sexual touch from physical touch on purpose, probably because he knew men would immediately say that's it, that's my love language because i like to fuck without reading anything of what he has to say in his book. Scrotes like those in /r/deadbedrooms complain about this exact point, of course lol.

No. 980360

This is based

No. 980363

I hope we get snow flakes this year again

No. 980366

please no, unless there's an option to turn them off. they make me feel weird

No. 980388

I want to ask Admin to make a snowflake theme, but it might be rude considering she's already making new themes for the new server.

No. 980395

File: 1638143652250.gif (312.65 KB, 112x112, 1630292195416.gif)

Convincing myself that my stress-related signs os premature aging do not make me look haggard, but instead perhaps, a little rugged and handsome…

No. 980411

You are rugged and hot, anon.

No. 980414

I just swallowed a piece of styrofoam, oh fuck

No. 980441

Let us know if u see it when it comes out. Like needle in a haystack

No. 980452

Ok anon, I'll give you a poop update.

No. 980455

Sometimes I just want to flaunt that I’ve met actual Japanese people (okay, one of them is a hafu but whatever) to my former weeb friends from my old high school.

I feed on their jealousy

No. 980462

There's nothing special about that? Japanese people are just people anyone else lol.

No. 980472

Weebs are a lost cause. They're creepy as sin

No. 980473

wait what lol is that something to flaunt?

No. 980474

this sounds like it was also written by a weeb but ok

No. 980475

Grow up.

No. 980486

You and your friends need to stop watching anime right now

No. 980492

Where's the use on flexing on absolute losers? They are already seething about being born white or whatever already, leave them in their coom filled misery.

No. 980559

I just realized it's pot calling the kettle black, and not back. I always imagined them tooting at each other trying to drown the other ones sounds out. This however changes everything. I don't like it though, so I'll keep imagining it like always.

No. 980572

Might end up failing this semester because of this documentary is more interesting than a fucking essay, pseudo-science (anthropology) and a communications course

No. 980669

I woke up needing to use the restroom but one of my parents was in there so I went to the closet to change (I share a room with my siblings)and ended up accidentally pissing myself

No. 980683

anons in so many threads schizoing about whether a woman looks masculine or feminine is so fucking annoying.

No. 980697

Some of them are no better than those transvestigation schizos.

No. 980707

lierally every woman online is bi. when will every man be bi online? i'm waiting for that phase to roll around.

No. 980714

I would become aggressively homophobic if this happened

No. 980734

File: 1638195764707.jpeg (12.84 KB, 612x408, AC817265-603D-4A14-8442-5273AF…)

Why is buying stuff in the USA so weird? I bought a cup for drinking water, nothing fancy, it’s made of plastic, and I thought it was a regular size, like the usual cups that you would buy for your home, I grabbed it my own hands and thought “well. This is a nice sized cup, not too big, not too small” and now that I have it here, it’s humongous, which is honestly nice because it makes me drink more water. But it’s weird.
It’s the same with food, I will go to the grocery store to buy some stuff that I can’t find in my country, and when I receive it in my home, it’s a different size to what I thought it was when I got it. I’m surely just insane at this point.

No. 980735

File: 1638195812983.jpeg (81.15 KB, 480x640, 393D4640-9BB1-4DCB-A5FF-52753E…)

Sun bears already kinda freak me out because they look like people wearing bear suits trying to gain their trust to join the secret bear council

But this guy

This fucking guy

If you squint he kinda looks like a guy named Roy that would cat call you from across the gas station

No. 980736

> H-hey lady! Do you have snap? Gimme yo snap girl we can be friends! Ok then walk off, whore! Your flat ass is ugly anyway!

No. 980737

File: 1638195976955.jpg (109.61 KB, 596x662, IMG-20211129-WA0004.jpg)

Furries are curing covid

No. 980738

I don’t care if they cure Parkinson’s and Down’s, furries will always be cringe.

No. 980740

What’s up with the intersection of fat goth girls, burlesque, and the absolute worst, most boring circus arts performances I have ever seen in my entire life?

No. 980744

File: 1638196700525.gif (1.79 MB, 480x270, tumblr_nonl6faObT1qf0opto3_500…)

You don't want to see me hoop in my sexy gorth gorl get up? I'm sure there are people in the downtown area who would love it if I took up public space to hoop for their viewing pleasure. Hoopin for life.

No. 980745

I don't think the account belongs to Angelique Coetzee

No. 980747

wow furry peter file rings, the anthropomorphic files of the peter, have been utterly debunked now

No. 980749

Had a terrible night's sleep and also woke up in the middle of it with a stomachache but couldn't poop so I took some pepto bismol to get my stomach to chill the fuck out, now I'm constipated. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck

No. 980750

It’s always Midwest alt bitches hoopin

The city girls just do pole and aerial comprised of 98% floor work

No. 980751

It's my city there are whole gangs of girls who hoop right in the downtown center

No. 980833

Bc corsets hide some fat and burlesque is stripping but with more clothes and an easy process thats hard for spergy, uncharismatic hoes to mess up. The rest of the attraction is because those things are MyStEriOuS and a form of mild exercise that isn't as basic as taking a yoga class with 23 Beckie's.

No. 980872

I prefer it to yoga. I'm so fucking sick of hearing about yoga.

No. 980903

you are mean. take it back.

No. 981036

This video made me understand better why americans are so anal about learning how to drive and being ashamed they don't and that they are a failure as an adult.
But it makes me sad more than anything else.

No. 981040

I'm 31 and you know what, maybe I don't want a kid. Ever. It literally might be peer pressure that makes me want it but when I think about giving birth and my body changing, hmm maybe not? But then, I help my mother out now and she's so happy to have my company and what if I'm old and I have no friends. Omg.

No. 981047

That man got the most boring voice in the world.

No. 981058

File: 1638211310017.jpg (142.01 KB, 1500x1500, Tumblr_l_44394313178093.jpg)

Enough brain damage for today

No. 981090

The entIre show looks like as if they used a color filter that used to be popular in 2013 on Tumblr lmao

No. 981093

File: 1638214182345.jpeg (151.64 KB, 800x600, 800px-Christmas_Tree_56651310.…)

I'm stupid excited for Christmas. My family doesn't celebrate it and have refused to get a tree for all my life, but I am still so excited. I'm not buying too many gifts, but I did custom order something for me and my closest friends. I might get dinner with them around Christmas time to give them their presents. I'm so excited to break out my vintage Christmas sweater that is so over the top and obnoxious. My family might not care for Christmas but I think I have enough Christmas spirit for all of us. I don't even know what it is, I just love the holidays so much. I don't care what my friends get me, I'm just excited to see them for the holidays and I really hope they'll like their gifts!!! Should we have a holidays thread?

No. 981145

Even if it's fake, who cares if someone likes cartoon animal art, people have hobbies.

No. 981153

Cooming to animals isn't a hobby.

No. 981181

No, it's not. It's great that I deliberately never mentioned cooming or anything nsfw because that's not at all what I meant.

No. 981184

You're adorable anon i'm so happy for you, after a very bad day your vibes are making me feel excited for Christmas again. Also there's a holiday thread at /m/ but i don't know how to link threads it would be nice if someone told me how to kek

No. 981199

Is the person who likes cartoon animal art in the screencap some rare nonsexual furry or something. I'm scared to check

No. 981205

I started watching this and all the songs they play have unlocked memories in my brain lol. Of course I remember the most popular hits but I didn't realize I knew more of their songs than I thought since I was really into them when I was like… four.

No. 981210

If you paste the URL of the thread you want to link to in your reply it automatically formats it to link to that thread! I learned that from actually reading the info page lol

No. 981213

Nta, but what? I need to try this

No. 981214

Omg it worked. I've been browsing for years and never knew this.

No. 981228

AYRT and yeah for years I'd just scramble to find a post of someone linking to another thread and copy the formatting but all this time I was just making my life harder for myself kek. Can you believe the info page has actually useful info?

No. 981246

I knew more **NSYNC songs than I did Backstreet Boys’ - I only knew like, one or two songs from them kek. I was 8 or 9 when my cousins introduced me to the teen pop stars back in the day.

The guys come off well-grounded though. Can’t believe they’re in their 40’s. Fuck

No. 981253

Its like they indirectly gave themselves a coomer mindset since it seems that feminine for them is having big boobs and ass, tiny waist, borderline fas face and not being taller than average, anything else sets of their tranny alarm. Ok it isnt actually this bad but who knows kek

No. 981266

i'm glad i can differentiate actual women from trannies or men, there are women with very harsh facial features or fridge/muscular bodies but i still clock them, there's always something that gives our sex away, every women is a normal women.

No. 981288

Idk about that person but nonsexual furries aren't rare it's just that the freaks are the loudest and can't keep their weird shit to themselves. It makes me sad cause I literally just like drawing colorful cat people wearing cute outfits and i know I'm not alone lol. I hate being lumped in with coomer shit

No. 981348

I feel like zoomers have been programmed by people like this to over analyze every little fucking thing into oblivion beyond the point of it making sense or being useful. Like what even is the point of an analysis so deep? Who does it help?

Idk who needs to hear this but you don't have to over analyze every Tumblr hashtag aesthetic that you enjoy because some aspects of it are potentially somewhat problematic. It's not that deep.

No. 981367

Found a vid of Eminem rapping when he was 15 and he sounds like a bay

No. 981373

okay, I didn't watch all of it before I posted and didn't realise he was kinda racist and sexist lmao. Though I chalk it up to him being salty over his gf breaking upwith him

No. 981378

File: 1638227372951.gif (28.06 KB, 100x100, 7C518248-B64F-4E19-9EE2-336217…)

I visit /biz/ and have made money thanks to them but holy shut do I wanna die when I visit them

No. 981386

SAME. I’ve been learning for a couple of months now and I haven’t made any money because if my current poorfag status. I don’t really have enough to invest. What did you learn while dabbling in finance, anon?

No. 981409

teach me ur ways anon i've been wanting to get into crypto for awhile but don't want to talk to scrotes about it

No. 981412

The good thing about lc threads is that they stay on the catalog even if slow/dead. Just make your thread

No. 981433

There is already a thread, just realize that most people aren't really deeply interested in investing because it's complicated. Also a lot of poor neets/students here who don't have the money to get into it anyway.

No. 981437

i want money

No. 981442

Got invited to a bday thing my bf's work was doing for his coworker but I decided to sit it out since I'm trying to save money. He texts me at the end of the night to say his boss surprised them and paid the entire bill for everyone. Lol I'm so sad! They were at one of my favorite restaurants.

No. 981451

Got my blood drawn and was a pussy throughout the entire process. It never gets easier each year and I fucking hate getting it done lol. I don’t deserve the treats I buy myself after getting it done but fuck it I’m getting myself warm boba anyway.

No. 981471

There have been multiple threads anons that have died, many of which I was the last to make a post in them.
I am no way a pro in this. I just pump into shilled projects and swing some BTC and ETH and also I use Brave lol.

No. 981491

Bf should've just covered your dinner if they were going to invite you

No. 981504

I have a take-home coding project for a job I applied to due Wednesday and I just cannot make myself do it. I think I subconsciously want to stay a NEET forever.

At first I read this as
>got my blood drawn through my pussy

No. 981516

He would have but it would still cut into our budgeting and what we're planning to splurge on this month.

No. 981528

aggretsuko is my favorite show because I am also a disgruntled employee
I can't wait for season 4

No. 981530

Lmao me too I did a double take

No. 981542

I lost weight due to a lack of appetite thanks to accutane, which would be good if I needed to lose weight. I was already on the lower end for my height, so all it did was make my ass disappear. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh.

No. 981573

Samefag, I went last night and once today. Didn't see any foam. I didn't look that long though, cause who inspects their poop.

No. 981575

Stocks are rich ppl feelings and crypto is for drugs, just make a finance thread anon.

No. 981576

The lord yoinketh and the lord yeeteth

No. 981578

There is a personal finance thread>>>/ot/734134

And a crypto discussion thread (but not for advice) >>>/ot/795180

Maybe there should just be a "finance general" and call it a day

No. 981579

Personal finance thread since the link failed >>>/ot/734134

No. 981582

My mother in laws dog just had to be put to sleep and I wanna make her feel better cause she’s real sad about it. Suggestions please nonnies?

No. 981593

a little portrait of her pooch to commemorate them?

No. 981596

File: 1638245255253.jpg (30.87 KB, 434x600, 8bdb721bffa7d84b761efaef863c86…)

reject human form
transfer your consciousness on inflatable tube man

No. 981614


No. 981626

I'm proud that I can recite the entire Al Harrington Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Warehouse and Emporium on Route 2 in Weekapaug speech and no one can take that away from me. Ever.

No. 981627

They’re cheesy and a little expensive but my friend and I got one of our friends a little crystal portrait of her dog at the mall. We just got the little light up keychain with the dogs face on it but she cried when she got it.

No. 981632

File: 1638249712050.jpeg (158.23 KB, 605x703, 1599155603135.jpeg)

I don't know what I clicked on but now my youtube recommended is full of moid videos now

No. 981639

File: 1638250331679.jpeg (469.65 KB, 696x1168, 3FBEB6E0-8B7A-4AA1-9503-031F02…)

crackhead vibes

No. 981640

The grimace one is making my sides hurt I can't stop laughing at it

No. 981641

There used to be so many of these. Sniff. Now they're almost extinct. Weeps.

My day is suddenly better!

No. 981643

File: 1638251233507.png (185.55 KB, 1077x2194, Screenshot_20211129-184831(1).…)


No. 981755

I treated my mother like shit when I was a teenager and she seems to harbour no resentment over it. She passes it off as a natural phase in a teenage girls life.: to rebel against mother and challenge all of her beliefs and opinions. She told me I’d get so scary she thought I’d hit her a few times. Now she just laughs it off. I feel terrible.

No. 981756

File: 1638266075969.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

No. 981759

File: 1638267141957.jpg (146.13 KB, 1920x1200, 2261526.jpg)

Anons with orange cats, is it true that orange cats are sillier than other cats? Because i saw someone said orange cats always gets in trouble or get themselves stuck in the stupidest places ever. Can anyone confirm?

No. 981773

I used to have an orange cat and while he wasn't the brightest, he's the smartest one compared to the cats we were housing at the time. He'd babysit the kittens, memorized the household schedule that he'd wake me up for school.

No. 981774

bad wording sorry
*he wasn't the brightest but still most obedient/organized in compared to other cats

No. 981776

Because it is a natural phase of being a teenager. Your mother is right and is evidently sane and balanced enough to recognize that teenagers are hormonal loose canons and so distanced herself from reacting emotionally to it.
Make sure you treat her well, some of us had unhinged mothers who never sought to understand teens and took everything as personal attacks. She sounds like a great mom, I'm jealous.

No. 981799

File: 1638275624818.png (2.12 MB, 2256x870, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 6.32…)

big ol heckin BORF @ whatever that mint MONSTROSITY is!! KEKK!! VOM! BORF!

No. 981800

How does this advertise hair care products? Every single one of them has dry, brittle looking hair?

No. 981805

Maybe they’re trying to show you what happens if you don’t buy their hair care products, it’s almost like a threat.

No. 981829

File: 1638281488324.jpg (101.24 KB, 731x448, alexamenos-graffito-composite1…)

ancient graffiti never fails to lift up my spirits

No. 981835

My best friend loves tea and studied geology in college and instagram recommended me "tea gems" which are just teas made to look like gemstones that will dissolve in water… I can't believe I'm buying this bitch like four Christmas presents because I can't stop finding things that are absolutely perfect for this bitch kek.

No. 981837

These are my faves from Pompei:
>Pyrrhus to his chum Chias: I’m sorry to hear you are dead, and so, goodbye!
>Theophilus, don't perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog
>If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girlfriend
>Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men's behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

No. 981852

My god italians were horny even then

No. 981856

Are you surprised that Romans were total freaks?

No. 981861

File: 1638285074866.jpg (Spoiler Image, 379.18 KB, 1044x1200, DZYdWRDWAAEovPp.jpg)

kek, there were also penises carved into the floor indicating the way to the brothel

No. 981868

Alright. I've wasted the last two or three years in depression. Pretty bad depression. Not getting out of bed and showering depression (I'm showering regularly now). And hey, I haven't had a paranoia episode since Feb. When in a good mood, I refuse absolutely to dwell on time gone by.

So I haven't been able to sit down and study or do any work for the past few months. So I'm trying to hold myself accountable. Today I'll study for a good amount of time, and if I don't, I want all the nonnies to beat me up. Drill me into a hole in the ground and fill it with lead, anime pillows, and dirt. Chase me with sticks and kidnap me and tie me to a seat in a dark theater where I will be subjected 24/7 to fluorescent images of a young Adam Driver (not pleasurable; by the universe's goodness and mysterious mercy, I am not a driverfag). Send death threats.

No. 981870

For the life of me I can't find it, but I was reading from a book about Cleopatra/Antony/Caesar and apparently Caesar used to do a lot of shit talking about Antony in public, call him a simp easily led by a woman etc etc. In one of Antony's letters he wrote something along the lines of: "I congratulate you if you have not fucked Flavia yet. What does it matter where a man puts his cock?"

I'm still trying to find it. Historians disagreed on the wording on "cock", but mostly agreed that Antony used the more crass term for the male genitalia. Man, I feel like I want to read up on it again. These people were way too funny.

No. 981871

The venus one's cute lol

No. 981872

Kek, poor Theophilus, his reputation as a slut precedes him.

No. 981878

This shit sums up the Scrotman empire tbh. Glad they fell.
At least he made some women happy, hopefully.

No. 981884

Go to the vent thread

No. 981885

No. 981888

Queen shit

No. 981896

I don't have covid but my ma gave me her mental cold. Wish I had covid so I could get time off work fs

No. 981942

File: 1638291068226.jpeg (28.11 KB, 652x120, 2F249F5D-0634-412B-A3CB-CDE5A9…)

Minors shouldn't have access to the internet if they’re going to say stupid shit like this

No. 981989

File: 1638294603383.gif (5.79 MB, 300x268, 9A77557E-DF51-4FDB-82D8-95148B…)

ate samyang noodles yesterday (the regular ones) and holy shit they were unusually spicy and my stomach doesn’t really hurt but i can still feel the effects of eating it yesterday im definitely going to eat another pack of it today idc

No. 981999

i work remotely but i just got a new manager and he's hot lmao

No. 982001

to be fair, didn't one of the show writers call him "omnisexual" or some shit?

No. 982021

Na but yeah, so he is basically bisexual as shown in the TV series (fucked Alana, crazy in love with Will)

No. 982047

I just poured out way too much hibachi sauce for my orange chicken. I wonder if Tsundere-anon actually left.

No. 982054

File: 1638299581421.jpg (245.23 KB, 959x1199, 247591975_4560388100688854_394…)

I am so addicted to these. Especially the Flamin Hot one. Especially paired with beer. Those will be the death of me, I swear, me nonnies
For those that are not feijoadanons, these are peanut "eggs": a peanut covered by a crunchy, salty starch crust. These are the wasabi and flamin hot flavored ones, and they are relatively new, but I am already in too deep.

No. 982066

File: 1638300356297.jpg (296.8 KB, 468x600, 22464_2018-02-05-23-43-14.jpg)

we have these in my country too (literally described as 'dough covered peanuts'). i love them! and since every supermarket chain has their own cheapo version of it, they often have funky names - like party nuts.

No. 982067

File: 1638300486924.png (154.89 KB, 500x633, paris-albert-hilton-einstein-v…)


No. 982080

File: 1638301317084.gif (3.99 KB, 182x200, LatticeMethod3_500.gif)

Speaking of math, I'm absolutely retarded and have never been able to do long multiplication the normal way. I have to do the lattice method or it doesn't click in my head. I know it's just doing the exact same thing but the visuals of the boxes has to be there or my brain shits itself and I suddenly have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. I fell asleep in class as a kid the day we learned normal multiplication the normal way and was awake for when we learned the lattice method. My friend is studying education and I had to explain it to her because she didn't get it because she does it the normal way kek. She tried to make me feel better about it by telling me different methods exist for people like me who just can't get it to click one day.

I still wish I was good at math, doesn't seem like there's much downside to being good at it. The rare occasion I had a math teacher who really held my class of retards hands through pre-calc was the one year I genuinely enjoyed doing math and enjoyed having things just click in my head, even though we were months behind the advanced class.

No. 982083

File: 1638301466150.jpeg (149.41 KB, 750x797, 897CD5F5-2598-40CD-91B0-8D7718…)

In burgerland we call them Japanese-style peanuts, which is kinda a misnomer because they’re Mexican.

No. 982091

File: 1638301950555.jpg (83.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault_1024x1024@2x.jpg)

I am the OP and we also have the "japanese" peanuts, but the "ovinhos" (literally "little eggs") are a bit different. I actually really like the japanese peanuts as well, especially when they have a bit of sweetness to it. But the ovinhos type have a thinner crust, and it has a hollow space between the peanut and the crust, which makes it even more satisfying to bite into, for some reason.
This was the only pic that I've found that kinda shows how the crust is. I guess it's hard to find cause everyone in Brazil know how these are lol

No. 982094

I've been giving up completely, everyone is just so mindlessly nitpicky now. I'm dropping out of my musical class because my teacher keeps blaming me for "being way behind" because she spends half the class complaining about how my wrist moves and not the actual sound of the music, I dropped my previous job because they refused to allow me to get tips because I wasn't as chatty with customers, my husband lost his job because they said he wasn't enthusiastic enough even though they never told him any examples or anything else. What's even the point of crying bloody murder about how no one wants to work if you sack people over the smallest things? Especially dying restaurants.

No. 982155

I got a new dildo in the mail today and they included a freebie cheap vibrator. I used it twice today and by the end of the second session it was heating up more than I'm comfy with. I still finished, seconds later I got up and took the battery out of it planning to probably bin it.. the smell that came from it transported me back to when I was 8 years old and my Furby would overheat. Exact same smell.. really vivid memory got set off. Weird to revisit that right after I just came lol

Overworked furbs and vibes have the exact same smell.

No. 982173

They only put hiring signs so they can get a bonus from covid relief. And people have been nitpicky pos forever, it's not about skill it's about how much they like you and how fun you are to be around.

No. 982196

File: 1638308779952.png (5.18 KB, 1333x83, wtf.PNG)

How the fuck did anon manage to do this

No. 982228

IDK if that's what you mean, but that post did have a picture when I saw it x hours ago

No. 982233

A friend went to the thrift store and bought a leopard print dress and it doesn't fit her so she gave it to me and I feel cool I'm gonna pretend I'm a gyaru.

No. 982257

No. 982270

if we lose the unicorn girl im going to be mad

No. 982300

I just want a beautiful man to materialise in front of me and take me on a lovely date for a whole day and we'll do every romantic thing and he'll magically know me really well but we won't have sex or anything i just want nice date and then at midnight he evaporates. I'm sleepy

No. 982339

What was it? I never saw a pic there

No. 982354

a reddit screen cap or something just as boring

No. 982363

File: 1638322282040.jpg (55.67 KB, 750x750, SBS-294014.jpg)

This stuff smells so fucking good

No. 982375

>Died a virgin

No actually, he practiced incest

No. 982431

File: 1638330050356.jpg (53.42 KB, 640x481, tumblr_355c066393a0288103d2f33…)

some more:
>Gaius Sabinus says a fond hello to Statius. Traveler, you eat bread in Pompeii but you go to Nuceria to drink. At Nuceria, the drinking is better.
>We have wet the bed, host. I confess we have done wrong. If you want to know why, there was no chamber pot.
>Chie, I hope your hemorrhoids rub together so much that they hurt worse than when they ever have before!
>I made bread on April 19th

No. 982487

Damn, why do everytime I put the VPN to Japan, someone gets banned from there? I'm worried for the stuff that had happen through that IP.

No. 982498

hhhhh i have been so stressed out and anxious about something i have to do tomorrow and my bf just ate me out and made me cum then fucked me and made me cum 4 more times i love my life i literally got to just lay there doing nothing but having the best sex of my life my pussy feels like tv static

No. 982521

Love it wish it was me

No. 982522

This is just an observation I've had for the last couple weeks, about when there's a piece of media that has a boy/man as the main character, or the cast is mostly made up of guys, an equal amount of men and women will be fans. Sometimes it's more skewed to men, but you'd still find some female fans. But if there's a girl as the main character and there's mostly female characters, the chance of there being male fans drastically goes down and majority would just be women. It sounds like an old revelation I know, but it keeps coming back to me for some reason and I find it fascinating in a sad kind of way

No. 982525

my boyfriend's brother keeps buying him funko pops as gifts and my bf doesnt even like them either but keeps them anyways and i wouldnt let them anywhere near my house if he wasnt so close to his brother
i really hate having to look at them, so fucking ugly

doesn't help how extra shit they look in comparison to my $100-300 scale figures

No. 982529

>But if there's a girl as the main character and there's mostly female characters, the chance of there being male fans drastically goes down and majority would just be women
it's the complete opposite with anime and manga. even non-coom shows aimed towards actual girls attracts tons of men if the focus is on female characters.

No. 982539

File: 1638339570711.png (69.15 KB, 624x581, 6ig219SLo1txvxbuo1_640.png)

Amy Winehouse’s yahoo profile

No. 982542

those "characters" are pure tropes designed to appeal to hentai connoisseurs

No. 982545

I woke up with 20 minutes to get ready to catch the last bus for my nightshift job, at a push I could have got the train but I “decided” that I had totally overslept my alarm and missed that too. Because I knew I would probably get away with it for a night off even though i need the money.

No. 982546

Wtf, this makes me feel so weird

No. 982624

How are adults who don’t like vegetables not embarrassed? 3 of my close friends all are super fucking picky with food and hate almost every vegetable on this earth. When we go out to eat they cannot order much really cause it has mushrooms or onions or something in there. And then they judge me for ordering a normal meal like that. I get so annoyed when they constantly order something a 12 year old would order like cheese fries or chicken strips…like damn you have an embarrassingly childish palette like that and judge me for eating tomatoes?

No. 982625

I hate the smell of shea butter

No. 982745

File: 1638373746390.jpg (7.29 KB, 235x253, 48e599c2ebf7fb760ed8abcf6ddb3b…)

the alice llani girl that has a thread on /snow is a borderline horrorcow to me, something about her whole situation is so sinister to me and her groomer boyfriend looks straight up like a crackhead from breaking bad. But i dont want to shit up the thread either so im just thinking about it here in silence.

No. 982750


No. 982752

Wtf i aint banned anymore bitches

No. 982754

File: 1638374665852.jpg (581.42 KB, 1080x1847, 20211201_170228.jpg)

how are yalls spotify wrapped look like

No. 982758

File: 1638375086976.png (414.36 KB, 750x1334, 262386711_324922815821135_7008…)

My top 10 songs were all either from Grimes or the Birthday Party. I think Venus Fly was my top song of the year just as it was last year lol… Pretty much confirms that I just autistically listen to the same five artists over and over.

No. 982759

kek my 5 top songs were the same as last years'. Tbf I try a lot of new music and like nothing.

No. 982768

File: 1638376061404.jpg (159.1 KB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_20211201-180759_Spo…)

Top artist was Britney Spears (top 0.1% of listeners), most played song was Zetsubou-cho Pride (the Yakuza karaoke song, 115 times), overall listened more than 98% of users in my country, listened to 1337 different artists and 134 different genres (??). Top genres were dance pop, industrial, alternative metal, K-pop and electronica. What a year lmao

No. 982775

I'm jealous of you with spotify every year, that's so cool that you get to see statistics
Me too I've been feeling the need to have a boyfriend SO BAD today, I don't actually want a boyfriend because probably we will not get along perfectly and it's hard work but today I want to give someone 100% of my attention and have them welcome it and get 100% attention back and I want to hug him and go for a walk in the city, it's so nice and full of christmas lights

No. 982777

I think christfags and schizos go hand-in-hand when it comes to conspiracy theories.

No. 982782

apple music has a similar thing if you use that

No. 982783

Nah but thank you

No. 982785

File: 1638377246711.jpg (316.98 KB, 610x679, fuck the mods.jpg)

What's up with the mods? How they decide how long your ban's gonna be? I get 2h for an emoticon, 30 minutes to 1h for infighting, samefagging or saying something a tranny janny didn't like, and then 2 fucking days for a short unsaged sentence in the unicorn thread. How they decide that? "Hey, it's that tard again, today you gonna get 2 days to chill" well guess what bitch? My appeal was listen. What you gonna do? I served half of my sentence. Fucking 1 day in the real world. But now what you gonna do? You ain't gonna do nothing. I ain't saging my shit here. I ain't!

No. 982799

Crying at monica and chandler getting engaged and thinking about the shit few years I was engaged. My proposal was well shit. It was after pizza hut ffs. It was a fake diamond. At the time I was scared of the dark and he took me to these pitch black ruins. He didn't even "propose" anything. He just had this gay stupid sheepish grin on his face and held the ring out. No fancy speech or nothing. Just a transaction where I became his mother for a few years until I dumped him.

No. 982800

I'm so sorry anon

No. 982803

It's OK, I didn't have to accept but I was dumb and young and didn't want to move back home lol. Initially I ran away when he did it, but then it suddenly raced through my head he drove you there and you live with him. Wonder if he factored taking me to ruins in the middle of no where at night to propose. The odds were stacked against me lol

No. 982844

Nonnies who seethe when other nonnies call themselves hot and attractive are definitely ugly. Ugly bitches can’t stand it when hot girls are self aware. Just like all the fat girls I was friends with in school just loved to see me fail. Now they’re all alcoholics on their 3rd kid and 5th husband.

No. 982847

>Get a job
Says the old ugly fuck in his 60s who has never accomplished anything noteworthy in his entire life. He's jealous that I make more money than him literally making cookies and dressing up stuffed animals kek. People own my art you stupid old man, people paid me good money because they can see the worth of my work. Those dolls are going to outlive you, and me. You paint walls. Hilarious.

No. 982861

File: 1638382810118.jpg (475.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211201-151309_Spo…)

The fuck is "indietronica"

No. 982865

what is "vapor soul" and why has it been my top genre 2 years in a row now

No. 982866

Oh shit, is it time for that?? I'm gonna go check mine

No. 982868

I agree. Sometimes as an attractive girl I want to brag to my friends about certain encounters with men, but then I don't want to be that bitch so I just keep it inside since I retired my male orbiters who served as the perfect soundboard as in, I'd just brag about my day to a captive audience. I miss being hot n young

No. 982873

I got engaged on my birthday. It was shortly after midnight and I was having some sort of 'my life is shit' moment (as you do around your bday lol) the guy asked while we were just in bed and I think it was a weird attempt to salvage my bday or stop me crying. We bought a cheapo ring the next day. Looking back my mom was dying and that's what my crying was really about. It was the last bday she'd be around for and he made it all about him. He left me a year later during the worst part of my grief.

I'm not too materialistic or fancy but I do think proper rings and planned out proposals are good for weeding out that impulsive shit. A bad proposal or rushed cheap wedding won't generally end up well.

No. 982877

Kek #3 for me was geek rock???

No. 982881

File: 1638383468042.png (783.19 KB, 917x1371, tmbg.png)

That is absolutely fucking right, yes I am.

No. 982882

as an uggo i support y'all

No. 982885

File: 1638383552318.png (63.05 KB, 1017x565, minutes.png)

Nonnies I want to know how many minutes you listened, I love this shit

No. 982891

Youtube started recommending me horoscope themed tarot reading videos. I'm not into that stuff but given I have no life I watched a few.. they all say the same shit is coming in december.

So is there one reader that goes first and then they all parrot what she said? How is it all so weirdly similar? Don't tell me it's actually real lol

No. 982893

i had the biggest crush on brewster from animal crossing as a kid and every time i went into the roost and talked to him i would get butterflies and hope he would someday say he loved me

No. 982897

File: 1638384684482.jpg (180.84 KB, 1080x1079, tumblr_pi4vzjGHVq1u1csaeo1_128…)

That is the cutest thing I've ever heard

No. 982900

I'd rather die alone than settle for a mediocre man, put that on my grave stone because it's inevitable. Men are shit lol

No. 982909

File: 1638385208104.png (22.04 KB, 369x183, dd51c6b3c0111fae0fb6349fa7ca84…)

i never make it past the 25k mark kek. also i got really into ed sheeran's three latest songs and now he's in my top 5 artists. the shame.

No. 982915

No. 982917


No. 982934

I've noticed that even in my fantasies lately I don't want dick at the end of an amazing date. I can't even make up some amazing sex to end the night.. not happening. Not having sex is the dream.

No. 982936

File: 1638386073636.png (710.2 KB, 1080x1075, shame.png)

Embrace the shame.

No. 982937

File: 1638386074072.png (39.11 KB, 218x153, o.o.PNG)

not ashamed.

No. 982939

Fuck yeaaah, I'm gonna try and beat you next year

No. 982947

It doesn't really smell like Shea butter tbh. It just smells like a less sweet coffee creamer

No. 982962

File: 1638387082683.jpeg (563.34 KB, 1170x1645, 28BCAEAF-87AE-49E2-99F4-EC079D…)

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who listens to him. Curious if anyone likes him too

No. 982974

Have any of you lived in tiny rooms with shared kitchen/bathroom/restroom? Tiny as in 8-10m²? What was it like? Is it do-able?

No. 982975

26k, more than I expected tbh.

No. 982984

Depends entirely on the flatmate. It's doable if you have enough to do outside of your place of living, or if you live online. I was in this situation for about 6 months last winter and when I had a nice flatmate it was fine. I did yoga, made my dinner and watched netflix while drinking tea.

Then a nasty flatmate moved in and left all his shit in the sink, his actual shit in the toilet bowl and I'm pretty sure used my towel so I had to keep it in my room and take it with me every time like some kind of prisoner.

So long as you make your room as comfortable and warm as possible, it should be OK.

No. 982987

i don't trust attractive people anymore after that one anon in one of the confessions threads hated her friend solely for being ugly and wanted her to stop being confident and to stick with dating ugly men

No. 982995

Google photos just made me one of those automatically generated memory albums and it's literally all pictures of lego stuff I made and its called "Master Builder" kek, I am dying. I love it so much.

No. 983010

Entirely depends on who you're sharing it with. I've been insanely miserable in those circumstances before and I've also been fairly happy at times when my roommate was a quiet guy with a nice predictable routine going on and a decent cleanliness level.

No. 983013

You have a huge range in taste wow I listen to the same 3 songs from my teenhood and feel embarrassed about my music taste

No. 983019

File: 1638389771873.png (53.22 KB, 1080x429, 957.png)

1337 super leet hax
I was really surprised at how many artists I listened to

No. 983043

File: 1638391769225.jpg (470.62 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20211201_214515_com…)

you guys wish you were as based as me

No. 983046

File: 1638391865272.png (8.39 KB, 246x87, unknown.png)

this is my friend's and i am concerned for him

No. 983053

As a kid I read some non-fiction children's book about a girl who was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age. I specifically remember she talked about being really thirsty, and then some page about her mom waking her up in the middle of the night to eat gummy worms and saying "isn't that so weird?!"

Ever since then, whenever I'm insatiably thirsty, I always think "damn am I gonna get a diabetes diagnosis?" kek. Diabetes does run in my family though, so I have to be careful.

No. 983054

File: 1638392377533.jpg (319.45 KB, 1080x2225, Screenshot_20211201_215903.jpg)

did anyone find the super rElAtAbLe text irritating? especially shit like
>you deserve a playlist as long as your skincare routine
it feels mocking and condescending, like they say down and were like "yeah let's put that in those braindead consumer retards are gonna love it lmao"

No. 983055

if emo was #1 you would be based

No. 983057

File: 1638392580863.jpg (486.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211201-194328_Spo…)

bully me

No. 983058

Yes I did, it was making cringe. Grimes was in my top 5 ♥
I have nothing to bully you for, love dream pop especially

No. 983059

What's deconstructed club? Any recs?

No. 983062

can someone make a spotify wrapped thread? this is fun i want us to discuss without disruptions kek

No. 983066

I made a thread for the Spotify wrapped stuff in /m/ >>172245

No. 983067

I'm retarded and idk how to link to other boards sorry

No. 983069

You were close, you have to do this

>>>/m/(insert post number)

No. 983070

copy paste the url and it transforms into a proper cross-boards quote. You can grab the url by holding "No." > tap copy url (on phone) in front of the number you usually click to quote.

No. 983072

I want my cat to wake up so he can keep me company!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 983080

went to a church barbecue bc free burgers but they weren’t even good. even dressed up as a tradwife smh.

No. 983083

It's a shame. I'm always surprised at the shit food served at burger potlucks and gatherings. I even went to a rich neighborhood and they served cold sloppy joe, i don't know how these people even get so fat.

No. 983090

I finally ate something today and it was bread with cheese and butter and now I'm kinda sick because of eating it too fast I guess, when I was almost 24h without eating anything but god I would eat another if I could (maybe later)

No. 983138

I think I just heard the word “nigga” in a Slipknot song…

No. 983152

At 30 seconds in right, I love that song. SPIT. IT OUT. Allyouwannado is drag me down, allIwannadois step you out

No. 983161

File: 1638400297986.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3672x2268, 4300C474-BA2F-4C75-BE46-89D05A…)

I wish I could be one of those people who don’t wear shoes indoors, especially because we have to Hoover so much more and the floor probably has bacteria since it’s carpet, but we’ve been doing so for like a decade, so we can’t go back now. That, and the fact that it’s more comfortable and warmer to wear shoes indoors than just socks and flimsy flip-flops/slippers

No. 983175

false and disgustang

No. 983178

slipper-socks are superior, warmer, and the comfiest

No. 983181

samefag in case anyone misunderstands, it's an extremely thick type of sock not literal slippers with socks

No. 983182

How so? My family has been putting their shoes on the carpet for a decade now. We can’t just start walking barefoot on the floor because the carpet already has germs
Yeah, It is kinda gross, but I think I’m safe enough from disease if I don’t touch my floor or anything.
Do you have another pair of flip flops to go to the bathroom in? Like, does everyone in the household have their own pair of flip-flops?

No. 983186

I am drawing my husbando again and I drew his face just exactly how I always imagined it, I'm so happy, I don't even feel like drawing the rest I'm just looking at his handsome face. But I do wish I could do things I have to do like studying instead of drawing him all day

No. 983187

So proud of you, drawing my husbando is my dream

No. 983188

File: 1638401854205.jpg (36.01 KB, 300x400, o0b1wyLfBk1sj0oe0o1_r1_400.jpg)

Lindsay Lohan wearing an $11,000 mink coat she stole from a girl at a nightclub. The girl didn’t know who stole her coat until she saw these pictures of Lindsay in Ok! Magazine. When she went public with her story, Lindsay had her attorney give the coat back to the girl without an apology note and smelling like booze and cigarettes, January 2008

No. 983190

Don't be afraid and start and you will do it one day. But the bad thing is you may want to draw him all day every day
That's nuts

No. 983210

File: 1638404094731.png (1.09 MB, 1366x640, screencapture.png)

second anon here, i was referring to pic related. but as for actual slippers/flipflops (aren't flipflops the one with open toes? idk) yeah everyone at home has their own

No. 983221

Nonnie come get your man he's moaning upstairs again and he's louder than ever

No. 983239

File: 1638408918130.png (85.14 KB, 247x300, dafuq.png)

Kekkk what is this picture of her? It's from her Wikipedia page.
Does it look like her face was badly photoshopped on or am I really high?

No. 983248

you could be really high but also it looks really shooped lol

No. 983253

I think she had some shit done on her face cus I remember watching her reality show and she looked bloated like that

No. 983326

kek she looks like that actress who plays julia in cowboy bebop. could barely emote and her drooly mouth was open the whole time.

No. 983356

me but with stitches
im not a furry either so not sure why lmao

No. 983363

File: 1638427391641.jpg (45.36 KB, 767x450, greatest-changes-cowboy-bebop-…)

I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand her with that bloated filler face and duck lips.

No. 983381

File: 1638430535779.jpg (107.34 KB, 536x640, andrea-1.jpg)

something about caligula makes me incredibly horny how do I make it stop

No. 983385

I feel awful for him, he was likely sexually assaulted throughout his childhood and that likely fucked him up, then he was given an absolute power and that leads to a deadly combination

No. 983425

I can't. They clocked the fakeboi in the lucinda thread so fast. I don't keep up with her at all but this is too good to not leisurely read through, I love lc.

No. 983450

File: 1638440792977.jpeg (9.37 KB, 225x225, gaypurchase.jpeg)

I bought myself a funko pop today. I swear I won't buy any more and I didn't pay full price for this one. It's fine.

No. 983456

not the one in that picture I hope

No. 983460

I'm not even gay, why did I get this?

No. 983466

Me neither but I’ve been having fun. I give dramafags shit but their spidey senses are impeccable.

No. 983470

KEK I love you nona

No. 983505

Incoming autistic yearning. I need to get this out of my system… We got our first snow of the year here in Stockholm last night and everything seems perfect for ice-skating. Let's go into town together and rent some skates you and I. You can lean on me for support so you don't lose your balance. I'll gladly hold you tight. Afterwards, we'll warm ourselves up with some hot spiced wine from a nearby stand and link arms as we stroll through the decorated streets. I'll look over to you and see the glimmering lights reflected in you eyes as you marvel at your surroundings. Let's stay like this forever.

No. 983534

I need to escape as well, I just need to download all bit of relevant information on my Hard-drives and USBs and then I can be free

No. 983566

>I just need to download all bit of relevant information on my Hard-drives and USBs and then I can be free
kek are you me, data-hoarding anon

No. 983608

I have copies of 3 external harddrives and probably over 12 USB's at this point, but there's still so much more
I'm thinking of buying 2 more external harddrives specifically for films and tv series

No. 983609

That's amazing anon!! Now you'll be able to see him in any situation you please. I previously only drew women but started trying to get better at men for my husbandos an it's the best decision I've ever made.

No. 983643

I love Friends. What iconic actors and I never realised it was filmed in front of a live audience. I don't know why I never registered that properly, but the actors are performing on multiple levels. Yes I'm currently high, but it's great. I like that different writers came in too the characters and actors are so animated it's fun just putting them in situations even if people think the characters change a lot. I only wish I could have saw it live.

No. 983690

I tried watching it so many times and still don't get it, it's so boring

No. 983720

My friend is telling me that her bf literally cried to her about a bad haircut he just got. I was laughing until she started defending him, and now I think they’re both annoying and pathetic wtf

No. 983724

Men get a haircut like every 2 weeks though, I grew out a bad pixie over the course of years and didn't bawww over it, men are so weak

No. 983726

Today I dreamed my bunny was making lots of posts in the Aeniayh thread defending the unicow and I was like "damn right girl, I agree completely"

No. 983728

how did the rabbit type

No. 983730

To be fair I'd be crying too if my hairdresser really fucked up. But I'd cry internally.

No. 983735

File: 1638467450846.gif (67.45 KB, 220x220, deer-hands.gif)

With her little hands

No. 983741

Right? She got a horrible haircut that we both still laugh about in 2018 and she never cried about it. I’m growing out an undercut and look demented sometimes, but I’m not crying about it. It’s fucking hair and he is 30 years old

No. 983809

I have really short hair and when short hair is fucked up I feel like it's worse.. I've left the house for a few days feeling so fucking self conscious but I sucked it up. As much as I generally cry easily I just refuse to cry over a bad haircut.

No. 983839

File: 1638474739891.png (11.82 KB, 675x125, 5454.png)

I can't get over the fact that there are users here who have kids here
makes me scared for their kids, imagine having a NEET mom spends all day hating anyone that doesn't cigarette waif aesthetic

No. 983842

We get it you hate kids. Lol being surprised that there are women here who have kids is stupid. Please go into the real world.

No. 983846

WHAT, I don't hate kids, I'm actually concerned for them

No. 983851

Not everybody who uses lolcow is a NEET

No. 983852

File: 1638475701831.jpeg (94.24 KB, 1170x277, F5C61EEC-0842-42AE-A965-50B5E3…)

Why do tourists keep saying thiiiiis reee stfu

No. 983854

I am aware of that, but I assume anytime an anon mentions that she's married, she's actually a NEET wife

No. 983858

File: 1638476054682.png (5.15 KB, 341x78, ew.PNG)

I really hate that the edtwt thread brought these people here or maybe it's just a cringy anachan farmer

No. 983862

Maximum disgust.

No. 983863

I actually have a 4chan bf…

No. 983871

i hope not

No. 983874

File: 1638477549968.jpg (14.64 KB, 443x248, hello-trigger-happy-tv-is-maki…)

I was in a store today and xmas music was playing. They were selling alot of xmas stuff too and my cold heart was weirdly enjoying the festive shit for once. Then some woman took a phone call and was obnoxiously loud while talking about a vomiting bug 'that's been going around' and how everyone she knew had it, covid is up too!…oh and back to talking about puking and shitting bugs again. Pukey shit and covid. Everyone is catching it!!!!

No. 983876

A NEET wife doesnt exist lol

No. 983877

There was someone on the lolcow discord who put her Twitter on her profile and it was all ed stuff. It’s like hide that shit

No. 983879

u mean a housewife?

No. 983880

A neet mom doesn't exist but some anons are really fucking themselves over by moving in with a scrote and staying essentially still a neet. Relying on that as a long term plan.. that's neet as fuck.

No. 983882

a NEET wife is just a larper tard wife who stays with a male and spends her day online browsing or playing vidya

No. 983883

I used the term she used

No. 983887

File: 1638478184779.jpg (65.28 KB, 750x685, tumblr_4ecaeeac2a120483f0a63a8…)

The discussion in the unpopular opinions thread just reminded me of when an anon posted a picture of her friends miscarried, fully developed baby, and got upset when mods removed the pic.

No. 983898

No. 983900

What part is confusing? I can clarify.

No. 983903

anon what

No. 983906

anyone else remember the mom anon in the plastic surgery thread who had a meltdown for several posts because her implants didn't look the way she wanted
what are they discussing, i refuse to unhide that thread

No. 983909

If I can find the post I will link it. The photo is deleted so no worries.
>what are they discussing, i refuse to unhide that thread
Some anon said she can't support abortion because of pictures of dead babies she's seen pro-lifers spread. Another anon actually chimed in to say that those photos can't be from abortions. Btw, I'm pretty sure that anon from the PS thread was a complete troll. She did that whole thing where she pretended that she was gonna do surgery on herself and take the implants out.

No. 983911

I remember that one, it was kinda funny because she acted fucking insane but the baby one I guess I wasn't here to see

No. 983916

Samefag, I can't find the posts through our shitty search feature. Maybe some other anons remember, but it was a couple months ago. Basically anon said her friend had a miscarriage and posted picture of the baby on Facebook, anon complained about it and then posted a picture of the post. Mods removed it I actually can't remember if they deleted the entire post or just the photo, and then anon said it shouldn't have been removed because she gave a warning for the photo, and worse things have been posted.

No. 983917

Every time I see the word Omicron I read it as Omarion lmao

No. 983923

Holy shit when, did I miss it?

No. 983926

I didn't realize people actually listened to Doja Cat's music, like I thought it was a joke.

No. 983928

Ok, I vaguely remember something like that, if it's the same anon, the pic was deleted and then she tried to post again and got the same results and complained about it "but it was under spoiler!!" kek but I'm not sure where I saw it, I didn't see the pic and other anons were vague about what was in it

No. 983929

Yes! The craziest part is that they literally said something along the lines of "It's a fully developed baby, not some vaguely human, homunculus looking thing" and still couldn't fathom why jannies would ever remove that.

No. 983954

"streets" sounds lit but I hate her lyrics. whatever

No. 984047

man, I'm super glad I missed that

No. 984100

And I am committed to the bit

No. 984105

Listening to a pocast made me remember how I always got chosen last in school sports, even those two times all of the four classes in our grade had PE together. The one single exception was whenever we played dodgeball, since I dodged well because I was so scared of the ball, I ran away from it even when it lied directly in front of my feet. Then I usually got chosen third or fourth to last (which is quite an accomplishment when your class is only 20 children big!).

No. 984152

Men are very touchy about balding and losing hair so I’m not surprised

No. 984180

Is he right ?

No. 984194

don't use your hands to play with kittens. my cat will attack my hands for no fucking reason but will never attack any other part of my body. other cat who only had play with toys has never scratched me unless accidentally.

No. 984206

File: 1638513538804.jpg (34.94 KB, 449x335, fuckyeh.jpg)

My boyfriend only ever goes down on me when I'm on my period, he can't seem to ever be bothered to do it regularly but for some reason he just prefers it with blood
I mean were both edgelords but yeah he's a bit much

No. 984208

Are you dating a vampire?

No. 984210

File: 1638514332781.jpg (80.38 KB, 1013x1024, f43d3be8620226ef5a2f237ce99ef8…)

Hello! Did you know that you can cheaply and easily manufacture a permablinding laser weapon that will instantly blind targets at ridiculous ranges?

No. 984213

File: 1638514485551.jpg (94.74 KB, 1080x770, 435435.jpg)

nah just an edgelord, I'm one as well though
but he's actually very sweet and understanding

No. 984214

File: 1638514854561.jpg (198.19 KB, 2000x1333, Racial_Injustice_Portland_4.jp…)

I'm just a guy who blinds people with lasers.

No. 984216

He's regenerating

No. 984217

File: 1638514988424.jpg (12.08 KB, 302x167, 1594596966919.jpg)

Human retinas can't regen

No. 984238

could not agree more. her lyrics are fucking horrible, it gets washed out from all the over-produced shlock so i semi understand why no one brings it up usually.

No. 984239

sounds like a troon unironcally larping

No. 984313

I usually hate them at first, but they're usually so upbeat and catchy I end up adding them to my playlists. It helps that I'm ESL and not overly focused on the lyrics.

No. 984323

File: 1638533114005.png (68.81 KB, 1022x360, Screenshot 2021-12-03 140413.p…)

I'm positive netflix will be they/them-ing ed

No. 984393

There will be more seasons of this trainwreck?

No. 984396

File: 1638542458169.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, mexican-guy-laughing-distorted…)

>small girl
>it/its pronouns

No. 984440

File: 1638548160820.jpg (7.02 KB, 236x236, 763e9089bff5e2514f03167593b482…)

It came back on the first. I did not miss her.

No. 984452

File: 1638550381003.jpg (217.29 KB, 1080x1363, Ed2CnxhUcAEIVwv.jpg)

Lupron/Netflix does directly benefit from childhood transitioners so it makes sense for them to push it as hard as they do. It's pure corporate greed so no wonder the keyboard warriors can't see the woods through the funko pops.

It's not progressiveness kiddies, it's pharmacorps making money off your mental disorders

No. 984454

my exes have either trooned out to some capacity or became a crypto bro. no inbetween.

No. 984458

same except mine also went the nft shill i think. one trooned out and deleted herself from the internet, one became a they/them full koolaid who hates me, and the other two in crypto or nft. glad i cut out all gender bs people from my life.

No. 984459

File: 1638551163779.png (87.78 KB, 254x255, Humongofrog_(Pet).png)

Thinking bout wizard101 anon. Hope you're enjoying the new world that came out!

No. 984462

File: 1638551332058.png (29.99 KB, 300x300, 783e4bd5-a038-4da6-bfa3-6a03cc…)

would it technically be against the rules if we used emojis as pics instead of actual emojis in post?

No. 984464

there should be a thread where you get banned for not using emojis

No. 984468

the finnanons are gonna love this shit

No. 984469

Honestly going to sleep without dinner isn’t half bad

No. 984483

File: 1638552594129.gif (2.95 MB, 326x156, Tumblr_l_255171144045158.gif)

ANONS i just got a new job that pays extremely well what yall want from the game store my treat

No. 984511

No? This is an imageboard.

No. 984517

File: 1638554267974.jpg (45.83 KB, 256x326, 27550.jpg)

congraaats, pls get me hyakka hyakurou, i forgot to get it during the sale

No. 984524

File: 1638554919037.jpg (55.49 KB, 640x640, XD.jpg)

Even emoji pics should get banned, ugly shit unlike the superior emoticons

No. 984526

please please can these anachans fuck off back to edtwt

No. 984527

I feel like such a sped loser for having to set reminders on my phone to eat, bathe, cut my nails etc. Tell me this is not that bad.

No. 984528

atleast you're doing it, anon. be proud of yourself.

No. 984531

Congrats nonna I want buried stars on switch please and in return I'll bring you out for a nice fancy meal to celebrate your new career let's go nonna my treat

No. 984556

Absolutely based, Hanzo is best boy

No. 984557

File: 1638557830025.jpg (801.98 KB, 1200x1600, Pokemon-Center-at-GameStop.jpg)

Can I have the pikachu plush? congrats though nonna!!!! hope you have a good time at your new job! get that bank

No. 984562

For the past two months I kept thinking it was Rebecca Black dressing like a tranny and I kept thinking "damn, why the fuck does she look so good dressing as a badly dressed ftm tranny?" And then I realized. She's dressed as bbno$. Why am I so slow lol

No. 984575

I do it too, I'm struggling to stick to it though

No. 984579

File: 1638559688257.jpg (270.79 KB, 1080x2742, Screenshot_20211203_201836.jpg)

i love her but why is she so cucked?
>he doesn't marry her
>has his baby
>still doesn't marry her
>gets all bimbofied for him
>he leaves
>"uwu don't worry baby you're so cool and smart and better than me I don't mind that you're leaving me and our child to go fuck aliens on mars or whatever the fuck. we'd just be dead weight <3 love you"

No. 984581

this is about grimes and elon btw, idk how I I forgot to say kek

No. 984586

lol nonny post this on the celebricows thread not here

No. 984587

They're not married???

No. 984592

Eating after a mouth procedure is actually hard as fuck. I had one of my front teeth operated on, and it's a little hard to avoid biting on it. I'm eating chopped up apples and they keep hitting the back of the tooth.

No. 984594

File: 1638560681396.png (343.02 KB, 1280x1280, late-19th-century-vintage-amer…)

I never drink alcohol, my roommate's friend gave me some alcohol, she gave me wine yesterday but I hate wine it stinks so today she gave me something that doesn't smell and just tastes a little bitter, it was ok I drank it, it was like a carbonated drink. But now my stomach hurts, this is stupid why do people drink alcohol anyway, it's just poison.

No. 984612

those bitches scare me

No. 984637

Hope you get better soon, I ate lots of rice and slowcooked meat/veg after my operation. Tip, take cod liver oil to strengthen your tooth so the healing goes quicker.

No. 984639

I don't understand it either, I just get dizzy after a few mouthfulls of wine. Is it normal to not have any tolerance for it if you never drink it? Or is my body fucked up?

No. 984641

the bitches are coming from inside of this thread

No. 984645

Most wine tastes like shit if you're honest and contains sulfites (?) that make me extremely nauseous and hurts my stomach a lot. Every time I express how much I hate wine and don't want to drink any I get so much pressure to drunk it so others feel more comfortable in their drinking, and they accuse me of being a lightweight as if the discomfort I'm feeling isnt akin to food poisoning rather than drunkenness. Wine is disgusting to me no matter the price.

No. 984646

this new song sounds awful

No. 984656

NTA but yes it's normal to not have any tolerance if you never drink alcohol. If you have alcohol flush syndrome (aka asian flush, but it's not exclusive to asians) you can just have a body that can't process alcohol and gets really fucked up.

>I get so much pressure to drunk it so others feel more comfortable in their drinking
I'm sorry the people around you are shit. I'm very glad my friends don't force me to drink and will deter others from trying to offer me drinks because they've seen me react terribly to it (I drank too much once and started shaking uncontrollably even though it wasn't that cold, on top of regular asian flush and the nausea/increased heart rate/difficulty breathing on top of it). Nowadays I just tell new people I'm allergic and they back off immediately cause they think I'll go into anaphylactic shock or something kek.

All alcohol tastes like rubbing alcohol to me. Do people who enjoy drinking regularly not taste that off putting poisonious taste? Or do they ignore it? If something is flavored, it never tastes even remotely close to what it's flavored as to me. If it's mixed with a mixer (no matter how much) I can almost always tell there's alcohol in it. Maybe that's just my body warning me to stop drinking lol. Why drink wine when I can just drink grape juice?

No. 984658

gross you just made me realize it's about musk, now I can't listen to the damn song anymore

No. 984662

KEK I looked it up and jesus christ. is the massive knight supposed to be musk?????? I'm dead

No. 984663

>tfw you didn't get picked even though you let him fuck you on the floor, didn't get any money, NLOG to death, birthed a son, said you wanna uwu die on mars in your vogue interviews, and publicly argued on twitter

No. 984665

>All alcohol tastes like rubbing alcohol to me.
Nta but you're telling me all those drinks and cocktails that people are almost addicted to drinking aren't flavored and delicious? All the alcohol I've ever drank tasted like cough medicine or bitter carbonated water. I assumed I just tried cheap alcohol because I couldn't imagine anyone liking that shit so much to keep drinking it. I like the concept of drinking cocktails sometimes but I guess I wouldn't like the taste at all.

No. 984671

AYRT and I've tried my fair share of cheap and decent alcohol/cocktails via friends who always offer me a sip. It all tastes like rubbing alcohol to me. The nicer cocktails have the slightest mask of fruity flavoring, but it takes a backseat to the taste of alcohol (actually, maybe not even backseat. It's more like a rollercoaster where alcohol takes up all of the seats except the very very last ones in the back). Lots of friends tell me I'm just a little bitch who's too sensitive to the taste of alcohol though, because they'll take a sip and say "really? tastes fine to me!"

I spoke to a coworker about alcohol flavoring and she said she doesn't taste the alcohol at all. She was ordered by her doctor to stop drinking because she wouldn't stop since it was so tasty to her kek. That shit is mindboggling to me, I can't even make it past a small glass of a basic mixed drink. It makes me sad because some cocktail descriptions sounds absolutely delicious (anything grapefruit/citrus flavored instantly tempts me) but I know I'll hate them.

No. 984672

not only were they not married, they've broken up

No. 984674

most alcohol is an acquired taste. people more often get addicted to the feeling of being drunk than the taste of the booze itself.

No. 984683

God I love this game. Only time I enjoyed each character in an otome.

No. 984734

>All alcohol tastes like rubbing alcohol to me. Do people who enjoy drinking regularly not taste that off putting poisonious taste?
Yes!!! It all has a horrible after taste no matter what it's mixed into. I can't even put red wine in stews because it gets nasty.

No. 984742

Kek you're supposed to cook the alcohol out, like evaporate in a frying pan with vegetables or meat.

No. 984763

this, if you taste the alcohol you did it very wrong

No. 984820

File: 1638575447237.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 241.55 KB, 542x769, 1C693AF1-CFE6-4CF2-818E-C4FA48…)

we’re feasting good today

No. 984822

No. 984824

For a second I was about to say that it was a scrote selfposting, but this guy looks like he doesn't spend THAT much time online so I'll let it pass

No. 984826

no scrote who is gay and cute would post on this forum let’s be real anon

No. 984830

lol I didn't know gay men did the instathot sink pose too

No. 984834

>reverse search
oh well, the body hair and beard are disgusting, whatever this thing is.

No. 984841

??? The recipe said to put it in with everything in the crock pot

No. 984842

He looks like how a white fuzzy dehydrated tongue feels.

No. 984844

File: 1638577125925.jpg (107.62 KB, 821x829, 5ibw2co090651.jpg)

Just bought a baby teether for myself because when I get very angry (which is kinda often) I sometimes try to relieve that stress by biting shit or grasping/clawing shit to the point of breaking it.
This will have to do until therapy, I guess.
And I bought this realistic TV remote one so at least I don't feel like a uwulittle.

No. 984846

even though this guy has objective conventional traits he looks so disgusting to me and idk why

No. 984847

Reminds me of how I used to get really angry and start trying to break remotes in half against my knee or just with my hands. After a while I succeeded.

No. 984850

When I’m really frustrated, I hit things that I’m in no way strong enough to hurt, but sometimes I’m stupid enough to hit things that hurt me instead (rocks, etc.) This is an interesting idea, anon. I might buy a “frustration outlet object” and only use it for such purpose. An accent pillow or something. I’m too poor to get treatment for my mental illness, so.

No. 984853

My nipples look like walnuts when they're hard. Life imitates art.

No. 984867

File: 1638579936251.gif (7.6 MB, 640x640, ezgif-6-635780a0ba9d.gif)

Maybe you too need a remote baby teether, anon. Or maybe you got better, which is… better.

Good luck on your frustration outlet object, nonnie! Some baby teethers are quite cheap. Since you said you're more of a hitter (can relate, sometimes), something like picrel might be useful. It's a desk punchbag, price is very manageable, almost bought one.

My remote arrives tomorrow, I'm actually looking forward to it a lot cause I feel like I have some pent up anger right now lol

No. 984882

File: 1638581672598.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.49 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20211203-193416.jpg)

Me too

No. 984889

what is this and am i in the right to be grossed out?

No. 984900

Pumpkle pie

No. 984942

Fat scrote I know threw a fit over the free lunch option being vegetarian Indian food because he "doesn't do vegetables." Saw the woman he's crushing on eyeing him with complete disgust.

No. 984955

Im excited for new aggretsuko but I just watched the trailer and wtf director ton is leaving and haida is gonna be a main character now wtf

No. 984964

Use the spoiler function or at least say spoiler you absolute ass

No. 985008

Someone at the Air b&b I’m staying at got banned on here at some point using the wifi bc I didn’t make the message I got a ban alert for. I’ve never seen a lolcow bam reason before, but it was back in December 2020 lmao

I thought it was hilarious

No. 985013

What was the ban for?

No. 985022

File: 1638595514041.jpg (46.27 KB, 720x480, Gren_Session12.jpg)

sincerely hope netflix goes under

No. 985037

Nitpicking on I think a past Holly Conrad thread? Fuck I forgot the name of the girl Jared left for Holly. It was nitpicking her.

No. 985041

same thing happened to me at an archaeology field school dorm!

No. 985042

I keep having dreams about a friend who cut me off because I hate troons wanting to be friends again. It's so weird because I don't miss her at all.

No. 985044

I hate that they portray anyone who dislikes their abominations just "triggered sexist white men" when I don't know a single white guy IRL whose watched bepop
The Tramp Stamps marketing team did the exact same thing "yup just triggered white guys" even though most tiktok users making fun of them were mainly many WOC who found their music condescending and offensive

No. 985049

I wish they would, then we'd all have an excuse to say to them, "See you around, space cowboy…"

No. 985063

Oh my god really?!!

This is the first encounter I’ve seen of lolcow outside of my own browsing.

No. 985135

Bryson De CHAM BEAU!! What a man. He's handsome, smart and an athlete. Wish all men were like him then it would make being a woman easier.

No. 985142

I think the taxi driver has my headphones hostage since I could only pay for part of the drive last night. I have no idea when he'll contact me about it lol. I could've payed immediately if drunk me had the mind to think far enough to get my emergency card from the house. Oh well.

No. 985158

File: 1638619196334.jpeg (485.4 KB, 1798x1232, D0C2D3CF-FCF0-470B-9503-760FC8…)

What are your honest opinions about netflix live action cowboy bebop nonnas? I don't use social media but the last time I saw any mention of it was a twitter video of incredibly over-acting of Ed. I checked the replies and there were so many defensive fans explaining that people shouldn't be mean to the actors and the adaption etc.

Unrelated but I'm rewatching Wolf's Rain and Samurai 7 to heal my millennial braincells.

No. 985168

It's soulless and ugly and I will not be watching it

No. 985174

It's a trap. Don't let them back into your life unless they have clearly peaked

No. 985182

That music snob in the celebricows thread has never produced a single song in her life and it shows

No. 985183

I watched that new Harry Potter quiz show and ugly ass Pete Davidson showed up and seemed stoned as hell. He looks like a raccoon that got turned into a human or the Joker without makeup

No. 985193

Figured out why I look so good in male clothing. I'm 5'7 and lean. Tops hang on me at the perfect height.

No. 985231

My new guy said he's going to get a nice vibrator for me, from what he's shown me it looks great and I'm so excited!

My ex broke up with me the same day I suggested we get a vibrator for the bedroom after over a year of pretty bad and infrequent sex, and I'm pretty sure my suggestion was the catalyst, because he was very sullen and quiet for hours before breaking up pretty abruptly. He'd always been sexually conservative but I thought it wasn't that big a deal and he'd open up/I'd get used to it.

And now I'm in disbelief yet again at how could I have settled for someone like my ex. Its like the same lesson over and over that actually I can find better. Either way, I'm looking forward to (more) orgasms by this man.

No. 985234

File: 1638629756698.png (245.3 KB, 446x316, mmmmbun.png)

i made a shit ton of sweet buns hell yeah

No. 985235

I told my bf the very first time we hooked up "I don't suck dick. It's never gonna happen." He said "ok" and never brought it up again.

No. 985238

Mmmmmmmmm nice. I made waffles with walnuts

No. 985239

that sounds amazing nonni

No. 985257

I had a weird dream today. I dreamed that I had a friend with pretty long brown hair and I went over to her house with two other people whos appearance I don't remember. I never had real friends before so I was excited to go over to dream friends house. We then went to the attic and the friend suddenly said that the one who wasn't lesbian enough would be eliminated so. I locked the two other people out of the room and then made out with said friend to prove that I am lesbian enough and I also was scared of being eliminated. I am straight tho.

No. 985261

Is the new guy not good at sex either

No. 985275

shes probably the type of person who asks people to name three songs if she sees someone wearing a band tee im usually not very moid paranoid but ive only seen moids sperg about music that hard

No. 985277

kek oops i meant to spoiler not make it fatter

No. 985294

No. 985315

I'm trying to wear the clothes I thrifted last year but I'm dummy thicc and these vintage skirts never fit my waist and hips right

No. 985322

Damn I want one

No. 985330

File: 1638636731555.gif (1.1 MB, 491x246, F62700F0-9FED-41B7-9DC4-CCD878…)

when you always get with the “i can fix him” men but break them even further

No. 985332

what the fuck does that even mean

No. 985334

you’re so cool and edgy anon

No. 985336

Wowie, watch out fellas she's a man eater

No. 985339

File: 1638637622063.jpg (62.63 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lvp1qpdGIN1qcmpnao1_500…)

No. 985340

I devour mens souls and convert it to pee

No. 985341

Cant it be converted to something more useful?

No. 985347

literally why did all of you take this seriously lmao

No. 985351

impeccably based
twitterfags emigrated from the ambrose thread maybe?

No. 985358

We didn't, we're in the dumbass shit thread, and replied with more dumbass shit

No. 985359


No. 985360

File: 1638638356450.jpg (158.18 KB, 1080x810, Screenshot_20211204_180707.jpg)

James Charles should have been canceled years ago for teaching and encouraging his teenage female audience to facetune their pictures into unrealistic perfection. He doesn't see anything wrong with this because he puts his feminine face on and takes it off like a mask, making himself look unrealistically beautiful is just a narcissistic creative exercise for him, outside of his ig feed he can just be a guy and not worry about how he looks, while for women it's our everyday reality, we have to deal with our reflection every day and it's especially alienating for young girls who grow up on social media to see themsleves as different from the standard that the beauty industry and retards like James Charles set for them in hopes of selling more makeup. I can't believe I used to watch and enjoy these videos

No. 985366

Every time anons post photos of their favourite attractive males and thirst after them I think back to that anon who after seeing that one ugly ass moid posted said straight women have no standards and subsequently got dogpiled on and banned for it and how brave she was for speaking the truth kek not all straight women etc whatever

No. 985370

I hate this movie so much tho i almost puked at that part where they found a girl who hanged herself, horrifying

No. 985377

I rethought how I see this whole dynamic when I spotted one lesbian anon sperging at people and insisting Adam Driver and Henry Cavill are handsome. She was full on arguing about it like a man would
Sometimes it's not straight women pushing ugly men, it's bisexuals in denial or scrotes

No. 985386

I agreed to get dinner with this bisexual guy who I thought was gay because I've been feeling dejected after my crush stopped being interested in me but he canceled god is good!! And no I didn't start talking to the bi guy cuz I was desperate he just wouldn't leave me alone and I genuinely thought he was gay. I think I'm going to go back into full hermit mode, maybe delete all my apps and learn a new hobby.

No. 985399

That argument was pretty retarded from all sides but it's not like Calvin and Driver don't have hordes of fangirls, women finding them attractive wasn't a conspiracy theory that anon dreamt

No. 985406

Anon was insisting they ARE attractive, not just that there's a subset of women who like them. She claimed it was objectively true, and even that her not dating men somehow made her an authority on the subject lol

No. 985422

im just the average problematic nonnie who needs to be cancelled for being toxic

No. 985434

Look at this cute cat.

No. 985445

The best cat there is! Should have posted him in cat love thread.

No. 985455

attraction is actually subjective, with Cavil the attraction towards him is fairly simple to understand, he's very conventionally masculinely attractive, there are many women into that look but many women who aren't as well
with Adam Driver it's bit more hard to pin down, from what I've seen the reasons fangirls have admitted to being attracted to him are more diverse, probably the most diverse out of any actor
1)Fangirls who simply like his body and don't give a shit about his face
2)Woman are attracted to him solely because of his face cause there into men with weird looking facial features
3)woman who are into both
4)ddlg libfems who liked his character on girls

No. 985463

5) i got memed into it by seeing his face plastered all over lc

No. 985464

>ddlg libfems who liked his character on girls
What? Sackler wasn't much of a dom, daddy or otherwise. Big stretch to stan the character for that reason

No. 985469

yeah it's not the write description, I should have written woman who get turned on when men yell at them

No. 985543

File: 1638647968837.jpg (878.11 KB, 1440x1440, Collage_20211204_205709.jpg)

does anyone else find it morbidly fascinating how deeply ugly Kristen from buzzfeed and her troon husband are? I don't think I've ever seen one person this unfortunate looking in real life, let alone two of them together

No. 985557

I don't know much about her (didn't know about the hub lol) but she reminds me of Smokey Glow because any time I watch a smokey vid I'm just amazed that she looks the way she does and still chooses to put her face on youtube. Not proud of myself for that but it's baffling to me.

No. 985562

Guys who don't care exist? I thought the main thing they all wanted was bjs

No. 985570

I want a guy who'll be good with just bjs (and returning the favor) and no PIV. What are my chances?

No. 985574

Why dont you? Im curious. Might follow suit tbh

No. 985576

Honestly, since you’re willing to give blowjobs, I’d say it’s quite high. I’ve met lots of guys who prefer that to vaginal insertion.

No. 985586

>4)ddlg libfems who liked his character on girls
Now that is a good argument to not be a driverfag, why would you want to associate with this kind of people

No. 985593

Did you meant to reply to >>985570 ? Because I'm not willing

No. 985596

it's been a while since i've seen it but the horrificness is kind of the point isn't it, it wasn't meant to be a feel-good movie

No. 985603

I took it as her replying to me

I'm bj anon lol

No. 985609

File: 1638652656776.jpg (8.07 KB, 225x225, 107804865_163318411899379_4432…)

Another spider reeee do they come out when I'm negative or what

No. 985612

nta but it's possible that she doesn't want to do it. Pensises can smell awful, you can't recall see the reaction of the guy, and it looks pretty degrading

No. 985617

Diff anon but this reminded me. I've had a couple of exes 'compliment me' by saying how fresh I am while also telling me some horror story about a bad smelling woman in their past. Same guys certainly went on to have their moments where their piss smell was was too fucking noticeable.

I like going down on either sex but men are so weirdly unaware that it goes both ways.

No. 985621

Is red scare a good podcast?

No. 985623

Nta either but it feels pretty degrading to me, probably because of how porn makes the act seem and how that view of blowjobs is just engrained into 99% of scrotes. Also a lot of scrotes are unhygeinic as fuck.
I think I'd give a bj to someone I'm in a serious long-term relationship with where we mutually love each other but not just any short term bf.

No. 985630

does he also eat you out, nona?

No. 985664

Agreed with you, especially the last point. When I found out that for a lot of straight couples oral sex came before vaginal sex I was actually really surprised exactly because of what you said.

No. 985669

File: 1638660801934.gif (965.33 KB, 400x310, FD0CD888-8843-45BF-8B9E-9BA688…)

I saw one crawling on the wall in the bathroom which scared the hell out of me because I rarely see them around my place. Plus it was while I was listening to AB's song, Tarantula. Not sure if she summoned it with her lyrics/frequencies or I'm just paranoid.

Still going to keep listening to it though.

No. 985685

Berry nice

No. 985697

The womb must have been really comfortable.

No. 985701

my twin sister and I ate our other twin brother in the womb

No. 985702

First guy I dated seriously set big expectations for me. When he asked if we could try oral sex I told him I didn't want to give him a blowjob and probably never would. He shrugged and said "that's alright, I would love to eat you out, though" and that was that. We broke up because of other things, but the amount of people who are surprised to hear that he only happily gave and never received is funny to me. Some even questioned his sexuality or accused me of being manipulative and selfish because "poor dude never getting pp sucked".

No. 985707

Queens, I guess. Anyway, I want to experience what it's like to be in there again. I don't know why, but I've been thinking about it a lot these past couple of days. I think I need comfort.

No. 985708

>Some even questioned his sexuality or accused me of being manipulative and selfish because "poor dude never getting pp sucked".
Men don't even need blowjobs, they're not the ones who have a hard time cumming from penetrative sex in the vast majority of cases.

No. 985711

Mhm, I was just thinking about this a few days ago and was going to ask for other opinions here kek. I agree with everything you said. It's fucked up how men expect it and demand it so much, but they do it with all sexual practices and habits tbh. I'm glad nonnies didn't experienced that pressure

No. 985713

Miralax always makes my mouth so dry

No. 985714

My current bf is like this and it's so nice. One the rare occasion I do give he prefers it soft and gentle so even that experience is 99% better than any bf I reluctantly gave in the past. God I wish my boundaries were better when I was younger.

No. 985715

Any bj*

No. 985727

People always tell me I live in my own head and I hate when they say that, but it's true. I try to do my homework, but then I just close my eyes and imagine my husbando asking me to marry him, or living with him abroad and my mother visiting us and they get to know each other and we go sightseeing and I am so happy, and time flies by

No. 985729

Seems like there are a few decent guys out there

No. 985736

Same… I spend so many hours in my head from the moment I wake up. It's really comforting but I wish I was more productive sometimes.

No. 985768

File: 1638673513957.png (528.18 KB, 644x541, cat-eats-cake-3b.png)

My birthday is in a little over a week. I don't really have much planned, but I'm blessed to be a Sagittarius.

No. 985783

File: 1638675246282.jpg (90.53 KB, 1400x787, Brickset-LEGO-Tiger.jpg)

Why does this new lego tiger set have an anus?

No. 985802

We need to gatekeep tomboys from scrotes and egirls

No. 985803

He needs to poop I guess

No. 985808


No. 985815

they need to be protected

No. 985826

so the autists can tongue it

No. 985866

saggy time

No. 985906

I'm not a sag sun but my dominant placements are my sag moon in my sag midheaven. Jupiter is also one of my strongest planet placements. I love sag energy. I feel like all the happy go lucky people have sag placements. Sagittarians are blessed

No. 985913

File: 1638698403236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 855.92 KB, 1170x1042, 0183D79B-41E7-4931-8302-E203C9…)

Unironically gonna do shifting because I need to be gangbanged by my husband

No. 985918

God Bless the anon who said pay attention to how much babies and cats stretch. Stretching frequently has made such a difference and when I bring it up some people tell me they never stretch!!!!

No. 985931

I think a reason I enjoy astrology so much aside from being a sagittarius moon is that I struggled for years with practically handling my emotions and planning for the future, and astrology helps you center yourself and assess what thoughts and feelings you could be challenged with. And whether you believe the planets influence consciousness, to stop and meditate over what the moon being in x sign means today or what this conjunction means, makes me stop and think about what things are going on in my life at a practical and emotional level. I'm reminded to ask myself how I'm feeling and what feelings do not serve me etc. Thank you for reading

No. 985933

thank you for posting