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No. 77294

a thread for anything and everything about what has happened on the planet up to now. for students, experts, and laywomen alike


>questions about the craft of the historian
>movies, book, docu recommendations
>anything interesting
>anything complementary

all time periods, all aspects, all peoples, all locations, etc etc etc

No. 77301

File: 1582932388921.jpg (199.32 KB, 1200x1536, Crispus_Attucks.jpg)

the first person to die for the united states was a black man. his name was Chrispus Attucks and he was killed in the American Revolution. It was said that the army which enlists black men were bound to win, thus why the US enlisted them.
This changed by the time of the Civil War. The enlistment of black soldiers in the Civil War was controversial because then, the discourse around black men had changed; now they were seen as incompetent in war as they were viewed to be too dumb and inferior. yet, black men were simultaneously seen as violent, especially towards white women. Lincoln neither promoted nor disallowed their enlistment for the Union, he just let it happen as he was just as racist.

No. 77302

my professor said Sumerian was not the first language found in the world. There were writings in a cave not close to Sumer

No. 77305

File: 1582933358794.jpg (202.03 KB, 1600x1172, blackwhites.jpg)

The reason there is controversy around Egypt being white, which is in no way fucking true and I think we all know this, is because Europeans took over their culture to take their credit, and redefined the Egyptian people. The Europeans called the Egyptians "wooly-headed whites" or "black whites". Therefore, they are respected and their knowledge can be assimilated into European lexicon. Aristotle and other Greek philosophers say explicitly they learned from African philosophers.

No. 77318

Part of a letter from Oda Nobunaga to Toyotomi Hideyoshi's wife Nene. The last bit made me chuckle as it's just blatant trolling.

>It has been quite sometime since I last saw you, but your beauty grows day by day. Tokichiro [Hideyoshi] complains about you constantly and it is outrageous. While that bald rat [Hideyoshi] flusters to find another good woman, you remain lofty and elegant. Do not be envious. Show Hideyoshi this letter.

No. 77332

Well no. Egyptians as described by the greeks themselves don't describe them as black either.This isn't a WE WUZ KANGZ

When DNA testing is done and they recreate the mummies faces, often times they are a light skin tone.

Some Egyptian mummies have blonde hair and Blue eyes.

African scholars also doesn't mean black people. By definition modern day Egyptians are African.

No. 77333

The Egyptians weren't black or white,they were probably dark skinned but not dark enough to be black,I believe Egyptians looked more Mediterranean than black or even white

No. 77341

this. just look at the way people look in the surrounding regions and take an educated guess.

No. 77343

>Europeans took over their culture

???? are you a daft bitch why tf you in this thread?

the reason there is controversy around it is because african americans want to feel special since people shit on the countries they are actually from.

No. 77354

Anyone know anything about Mayans? I have really thick indigenous ancestry from my country and the tribes I have ties to are direct descendants. Everything I know is spooky conquistador stories my family told me and basic mayan facts online. I haven't taken anything other than American and euro history so I apologize for being retarded.

No. 77356

>fucking literal WE WUZ KANGZ post

No. 77358

literally no one considered them "white" Europeans, they were always viewed racially most similar to jews and Arabs i.e semities

No. 77373

I love how people, especially black Americans, try to pretend north africa as a whole just doesn't exist. This applies to the whole region, not just Egypt, but I see it way more often with Egypt because it's just more famous overall.

No. 77385

File: 1582987342466.jpg (36.93 KB, 484x362, hscf35fg4ax31.jpg)

Working class women strikers of the early 1900s often dragged up their fashion to show a lady worker who engaged in consumer culture could also be a political component. Their overly feminine identity was written out in labor records by male unionizers so they would appear more serious and rational

No. 77406

Surprised you didn't call it Kemet while you were at it

No. 77421

Do you guys have some documentaries (on YouTube but other video hosting sites are OK too) which are your absolute personal favorites? If so, please share.

No. 77429

No. 77784

When Viet Cong troops covertly infiltrated South Vietnam, some were ordered to dress as women and hide their AK-47s under their dresses

No. 77992

File: 1583377218741.jpg (275.81 KB, 899x1200, uxmal-mayan-ruins-mexico-10.jp…)

Mayans are probably the American civilization I'm least interested in, but I can still give you some fun facts.
For one, many people believe that Mayan civilization completely collapsed in the 9th century. Actually, the collapse happened on a city by city basis and some Mayan cities lasted up until the Spanish conquest. For example, the Qiche state existed into the 16th century and produced the Popol Vuh, which is one of the only remaining books on mesoamerican religion and culture written before European contact. Actually, there are still a lot of Qiche speakers around today, speaking a language and living a lifestyle directly descended from that of the ancient Mayans. There's also Uxmal, which many people are not familiar with. It's full of really unique architecture, pic related.
Another interesting thing about the Maya is that you can actually learn to write in Mayan script today. I found a book teaching it in my local library and I saw an anon on /his/ sharing some poetry they wrote in Mayan script.
Are you going to say that the Olmecs were black too next?

No. 78240

cool thread anon

I like a lot of different eras in history, and I'm really into historical costumes/re-creation etc. my lifelong dream has been to work at a ren faire, we have a local one but it's small af. I want to be part of a bigger one but I heard that there's apparently a ton of debauchery that goes on, like the people who work there camp out overnight and drink heavily and have orgies or something, which is not only surprising but makes me sad.

No. 78277

Any anons able to explain/summarise the Troubles? I feel ashamed being ignorant of it and I think a lot of discussion I see of it is inherently biased

No. 78321

File: 1583616973601.png (247.84 KB, 500x656, with-threads-like-these-cant-l…)

>this post

No. 78346

>England conquered Ireland
>Britain gradually becomes protestant while Ireland remains Catholic
>during the 16th and 17th centuries, England sends a english and scottish protestant settlers to repopulate Ireland(they only have foothold in the north)
>Irish potato famine happens leading to 1 Million deaths(in a country with a population just 7 million at that time) and a further 2.5 million to emigrate to the new-world to escape the famine(unrelated but Che Guevara's ancestors were actually Irish immgrants as well)
>Irish nationalism further increases
>During WW1 the Irish men and women stage a rebellion (partially supported by Germany) dubbed the Easter Rising
>In 1919 after 700 years of British occupation Ireland wins its independence in a general election
>problems arise when the north overwhelmingly supports staying with the United Kingdom cause their protestants
>Ireland is divided between the North and South
>The North remains part of the UK while the rest of Ireland gets independence
>but a catholic minority remains in the north
>segregation is enforced between catholics and protestant, and catholics start being persecuted(It should be noted that the average Northern Irish protestant was far more religious and fanatic then a english protestant)
>The Provisional Irish Republican Army forms as a "protection unit" for Irish catholics
>a number of attacks happen and the British army has to be sent in to protect the protestants
>ethnic paramilitary death squads start arisin on both sides
>what follows is a confusing and complex period where its hard to hell whose the bad guy

No. 78364

thank you very much, it's such a sore subject that I don't want to come off as ignorant if it were to ever come up in some discussion. Also that song is also what partially made me want to look further into it recently! That fan-made video is powerful.

No. 78782

File: 1583999625793.jpg (198.88 KB, 1484x1174, meowx7hga6a21.jpg)

My favorite pic from that period

>A Bomb Disposal Officer approaches a car bomb [1970]

No. 78850

Just some tidbits to add on to this because oddly enough I live in Norn Iron and this is stuff I heard from my folks and experienced.

>Parent's mentioned about Catholics facing discrimination from police (they were usually all protestants) along with the army, they had originally been glad of the army coming thinking it would be a neutral force.

>Catholics were treated as 2nd class citizens, usually over looked for jobs/housing
>Catholics were also not allowed to own housing so because back then you had to own a house to vote and it was more catholics stuck to a house it still equalled a single vote

I grew up in the 90's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCiDuy4mrWU

so the things I noticed a lot
>army and police patrols
I remember playing hide and seek and pom pom, I think it's called that, pom pom was like having a spot , usually a lamppost and if you could run and reach it before the other person noticed you and ran back to touch it you were free, anyways I remember playing this and running down my street and turning a corner coming across 4-5 army guys in black sporting guns with a few parked police vans
>they let me look through the guns scope was chill
>walking around with large machineguns
>if someone was beating their wife/girlfriend/know for doing abuse/date rape and the police did nothing, there was usually guys 'he's in the ra' that would give him a talk and to leave town if it was serious enough
>police vans and patrols at night
>being jumped if you were catholic/protestant or wandered into catholic/protestant areas
>some places would be painted in the tri colour or the british flag
>my uncle always said it was like dogs pissing on a lamppost for both sides
>bomb scares and bombs
It became more like a annoyance like a traffic jam

but yeahs thats all, most of the catholic/protestant division stuff is such bullshit it's tacked on hate trying to infect another generation, no one is any different and most of my generation doesn't give a shit if you're catholic or protestant

'Derry girls' helps show off the vibe a lil

No. 81398

I know this is years late, but can you believe people were actually upset that a game set in historical central Europe didn't feature enough brown people, like Jesus Christ it feels like a parody


No. 88937

>>77332 yeah but there's all sorts of issues with those studies, they only look at mitochondrial DNA (i think) and the only people preserved are royalty/elite who may not be representative of general populations.
plus the researchers usually really want to prove their particular beliefs so the evidence can be manipulated.

No. 89694

Oldest reconstructed song, from ancient Greece around 200 BC, by Seikilos in dedication to his dead wife.

He also inscribed a poem on the gravestone:

"As long as you live, shine,
Let nothing grieve you beyond measure.
For your life is short,
and time will claim its toll."

Just found it kinda interesting and depressing.

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