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No. 673217

For random things we like or love, like the Things we hate thread but the opposite.
Please don't infight, anything you wanna talk about is allowed. You might post physical things, ideas, links to random corners of the internet, etc. The things you might post don't have to necessarily be milky/not milky, go as controversial, weird, complicated, pure, simple or vanilla as you'd like.

No. 673225

File: 1605276453000.jpg (37.21 KB, 573x430, 6109bde4282f077101c542ee86f9c8…)

Not my pic, but my family has white swiss shepherd puppies rn and they're so adorable. They're really beautiful when they're grown up too.

No. 673227

File: 1605276471450.jpg (291.4 KB, 1080x1165, IMG_20201113_150730.jpg)

great thread! Your pic related is my most favorite thing in the world… my pug is my baby, we are like soulmates

No. 673231

This lady and her rescue foxes.

No. 673232

File: 1605276784811.jpg (88.5 KB, 800x564, borzoi-800.jpg)

No. 673245

File: 1605278186860.jpg (6.83 KB, 195x259, kittens.jpg)

No. 673246

File: 1605278212257.jpg (10.62 KB, 275x183, golden girls.jpg)

No. 673247

File: 1605278238105.jpg (11.29 KB, 374x135, sims.jpg)

No. 673268

File: 1605280950912.jpeg (154.91 KB, 875x900, D0E287D9-3CA2-485E-B415-26548C…)

please no bully

No. 673271

My dad! The other day I was a little sick so he (a doctor) gave me a pill wrapped in paper. I unwrapped it and written on the paper were "D&D stats" he'd assigned the pill ("+50 HP", "+3 Constitution"), because he knows I like playing D&D. Made me feel warm and fuzzy!

No. 673272

No. 673274

Why's he grabbing his ass

No. 673276

That's adorable anon

No. 673280


No. 673284

File: 1605281668443.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images2.jpg)

No. 673286

Lol I don't like 1D either but
>Please don't infight

No. 673288

Kek nah it's okay, I expected it and it makes me laugh. Thank you though, anon!

No. 673290

No problem, go ahead and like your boy band anon, it's not like it's hurting anybody lol.

No. 673291

I love this guy's videos, they are so relaxing to watch, no intro, no unnecessary commentary, no sponsors, just pure cat fun. The broken english in the videos' titles and descriptions add to the experience imo.

No. 673292

File: 1605282293652.jpg (63.24 KB, 640x321, knitting-cover-1-1585605723.jp…)

I love the comforting squishiness of yarn and how hanks or skeins of yarn become so round and cute. Knitting is one of the best things ever for that reason.

No. 673319

File: 1605285209883.jpg (43.64 KB, 570x401, bf739237-e3c9-4d53-b186-0416e4…)

Just anything tiny and fuzzy and cute is great,really

No. 673322

What are these called?

No. 673324

Samefag, nvm they're probably just called flocked tiny bears or something

No. 673339

File: 1605286544609.jpeg (153.15 KB, 1067x1600, F4F5BE16-2F10-40B4-9B3D-10E280…)

Foam lizard on a stick makes me happier than anything.

No. 673340

This post is so cute, it makes me happy just reading it.

No. 673343

File: 1605286959507.jpg (34.43 KB, 409x469, e58e854039bdbf6399d48d41033d9c…)

When you wash your bedding and take a shower so you lay down feeling so fresh and so clean with super warm laundered bankets. Oh hell yeah

No. 673346

Yes, this feels like heaven

No. 673359


No. 673362

File: 1605287845240.png (142.36 KB, 500x496, togepi.png)

No. 673370

File: 1605288394329.jpeg (22.68 KB, 320x240, 8043605D-D9BE-42E5-A4AE-2979C4…)

I love taking pictures of clouds. Gives me hope.

No. 673375

lmao nostalgia man. the wiggle they make always cracked me up. Also the walking puppets from the fair you could get, I got an ostrich one and I wish I still had it, goofy puppets dancing always get me.

No. 673385

That post is so fucking cute I'm gonna cry

No. 673392

File: 1605290776775.jpg (2.03 MB, 4032x3024, 20201111_081726.jpg)

I got a new phone and can take nice pictures of my puppy :)

No. 673404

File: 1605292290481.jpeg (64.82 KB, 610x610, F92FAF1F-2134-465C-9F9A-67E294…)

I like anything that has eyes like pic related.

No. 673405

My boyfriend used to never talk about himself, his interests, or even vent a little bit when something pissed him off. He bottled everything (his feelings) inside and kept it to himself, because he had no one really to talk to. Nowadays he loves to talk about everything and watching his favourite movies with me, listening to him when something bothers him or when he doesn't feel well. I see him smiling and giggling way more compared to couple of years ago. I know that this might not fit in, but I'm literally the happiest human in the entire universe when he can finally feel comfortable, happy, safe and can get silly in peace.

No. 673409

File: 1605293130580.jpg (76.37 KB, 997x1200, bingus.jpg)

Traveling or going on road trips as a kid. Traveling is still one of my favorite things but nothing beats having everything taken care of by your parents and not even thinking about it. just getting into a car in the cold, early morning in your pajamas. Maybe it's because growing up road trips were kind of rare so it felt extra special idk. I still love traveling ofc but the financial stress and dealing with logistics sour the fun a lot.

also picrel makes me very happy

No. 673445

File: 1605295493556.gif (874.24 KB, 500x616, 1494285799951.gif)

Watching those anons help that other anon with a math question. Its so fucking cute

No. 673457

wow, Mew is real

No. 673464

File: 1605296661225.png (123.65 KB, 457x267, dog-off-off-set-set-off.png)

I love petting dogs, even if I'm allergic to them

No. 673465

File: 1605296683027.png (533.76 KB, 759x427, c8b.png)

No. 673483

I had a memory of one of our family road trips and how it was eerie that I remembered to cherish the moment in the car with them all as we were all together and happy. Our family is broken now and haven't been together in over a decade so it's a very bittersweet memory. How apt of child me to remember it so vividly.

No. 673485

Tell your puppy i love them

No. 673511

File: 1605299011657.jpg (163.77 KB, 1080x1352, d705938fafe18b5784d2bad173be4f…)

I love kitties

No. 673528


No. 673543

I never went on road trips but for me it was the fucking airport. Getting up at 3am to drive there, lining up and sitting around for hours just to do even more sitting on a cramped plane, it should be the shittiest waste of time but if you only ever do it before going on holidays it just automatically triggers so much happiness and excitement. You're in a space where you have absolutely no responsibilities and nothing to do but relax, eat, and eagerly anticipate your holiday. I'd always get Mcdonalds for breakfast ever since I was a kid and that was a highlight kek.

Ah I miss travel so much.

No. 673599

File: 1605302675146.jpeg (189.57 KB, 828x817, 94FB8A08-69F3-417A-A1A0-60E447…)

Frogs in little hats

No. 673604

File: 1605303052145.jpeg (69.81 KB, 542x473, 3433.jpeg)

No. 673619

I fking love plantains!! Sauteed in some olive oil and salt, it's the best. Sweet, starchy, salty!!! So so so good.

No. 673623

100% wonderful i love them so much…

No. 673655

File: 1605307965287.jpg (144.93 KB, 1208x1085, a17e0d00ed1077afbc037e148c0343…)

I like it when cats lie on your lap and start nuzzling and kneading their paws on you, even when it hurts a bit. I like the feeling of relief after finishing all the work. I like flan and icecream. I like the bakery in our town that sells different kinds of sweetbread and cake every week. I like games that involve finding things while you avoid the enemy chasing you because the thrill is hilarious (idk what they're called srry) I like crocheting (it's very relaxing), eating desserts and watching free! all at the same time to unwind and enjoy during leisure. I like chickens cause they're cute, funny and they lie on your lap and stay there plus looking at their faces facing front always makes me laugh. I like it when chicks slip and slide a bit while walking on our wood floor because it's so adorable. I like the refreshing feeling after a walk. I like this thread because I like reading about what other anons like.

These things make me very happy.

No. 673656

Plantain chips taste good

No. 673673

File: 1605309426010.jpg (34.83 KB, 472x283, 743902760436.jpg)

I like games, both video games and tabletop. People say they provide escapism as if it's a bad thing; TV, movies, plays, books, even sports, all these activities take our minds off everyday concerns and let us "escape" into a world where the rules and goals are simple and frivolous for a while. I don't see harm in it unless they completely supplant someone's reality.

I especially like RPGs where I get to place myself in a different character's shoes or imagine how I'd react in unique or unusual scenarios. It's great exercise for the imagination while simultaneously feeling relaxing. I'm also a sucker for romance and it's so refreshing to be able to get lost in a fluffy little character drama while knowing I have to suffer zero of the repercussions from a real relationship. Of course I wanna be the strong competent heroine everyone loves and admires, who always comes out on top even after tough trials. And I think it's a great thing to strive for, even if how that looks is different in reality.

No. 673674

When your hands/feet are cold and you put them on a heater/bed warmer. The flesh sings

No. 673698

When I pluck my eyebrows slightly narrower and it doesn't end up looking shitty, I feel like I got a new face

No. 673702

I looooove petit buerre biscuits in milk or tea, and I love when I make popular characters in the sims and let them live their life and they do something true to their character, I know it's bound to happen sometimes but every time I'm like YOOOOOO

No. 673712

File: 1605315976232.jpeg (56.5 KB, 500x502, 7C5C7941-4E93-415D-9FC4-4F77FB…)

It took me a few tries but for some reason during quarantine they’ve finally sat in and I’ve been completely obsessed with Talking Heads for a majority of this year. I can’t fully describe it but there’s something so magical about their songs, they just scratch an itch I have.

No. 673715

File: 1605316328169.jpg (181.24 KB, 1920x1080, 106013955-site_thumb_mikechen_…)

I like Mikey Chen aka StrictlyDumpling on YouTube. Haven't really looked into who he is beyond his food channel, but his joy and excitement when it comes to food always makes me happy.

He's funnily enough also my inspiration to work out. Fitness channels seem to push the whole "food is fuel, if you love food, you have a problem" narrative.

This guy, however, has a big workout routine he does to make sure he can eat all the stuff he wants to his heart's content and still stay in shape. It took a while for me to realize that loving food on its own can be a perfectly reasonable motivation to work out. I can't wait for this coronanightmare to be over so I can go to the gym and travel again.

No. 673716

i hate his ugly ass

No. 673719

i love going on walks in the countryside in the morning

No. 673721

he's terrible god.

No. 673722


Kek. You're both in the wrong thread.

I like puzzle games.

No. 673731

File: 1605317924678.jpeg (945.07 KB, 2400x2400, b2b67980-2276-43ab-91d8-ce03bf…)

I love salt and vinegar chips! Especially the kettle cooked kind. My mom got some today and they're really good

No. 673737

File: 1605319231585.png (694.87 KB, 750x642, 797D0BE7-F97C-46C4-B6E6-40E91F…)

yessss anon theyre the best!!!

No. 673741

File: 1605319651609.jpg (619.73 KB, 1683x2110, 1596737419100.jpg)

this was posted in the rate my art thread and i love him, cheers anons ! happy friday!

No. 673745

File: 1605320317434.jpg (27.53 KB, 425x430, 71S3 TvokyL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

I love that smell

No. 673752

I love fall weather, the muted sun, it’s not glaring heat but it’s light outside, the smell of the ground and all the leaves falling. I also love Thanksgiving, hot coco and seeing my relatives. The only thing I dislike is Christmas music around these times. This song reminds me of Fall for some reason.

No. 673762

File: 1605323065362.png (256.88 KB, 1046x554, 088E2C91-B77A-4C70-8A9B-83ADEF…)

Reading on dark, rainy days. The sound soothes me and knowing that going outside is a hassle somehow makes me feel less guilty for getting completely transported into a story.

No. 673813

File: 1605339204943.jpg (16.07 KB, 480x360, 68180cbc61ce5bb162401972f1ef4a…)

Pixel art backgrounds of calming/relaxing scenes. And yes I find Undertale to be a cosy game, despite the awful fanbase

No. 673875

File: 1605352060893.jpg (74.33 KB, 794x596, il_794xN.1614812587_fvun.jpg)

Enamel pins, I love buying some from my favorite games or with edgy original designs, I just want to cover all my bags with pins! Too bad I'm an eurofag and most of the good pin stores are based in the US, the shipping costs are so high nowadays.

No. 673878

What store are these from? They're so fucking cute!

No. 673879

This is kind of weird/niche, but lost media. I'm not invested into finding any lost media or anything, but I really like watching youtube videos regarding the subject and it just fascinates me.

No. 673903

Haha, did you watch the recent blameitonjorge video like I just did

No. 673928

I also like lost or obscure media, but this video was so boring. It's just a guy with a dull voice reading 4chan comments.

No. 673933

Zetallis https://www.etsy.com/shop/zetallis/?section_id=20132061 I've ordered several times from her, I highly recommend her store!

I too love lost medias, I find so fascinating that stuff can be disappear just like that, like that silent Cleopatra movie, which despite being a very expensive production had so few copies.

No. 674178

YouTube channels like this >>673715 make me so happy, where it’s just food and people who enjoy it and enjoy creating with it. I like Mike Chen too, to me he is like a friendly uncle that always brings you a snack when he visits. Nearly a decade ago I used to watch him and 3 other people on these channels that would talk about Chinese history and current news in China. afaik he’s the only one with a youtube career this big now, but I assume the others are doing fine. I liked watching the hosts banter while also being educational, and it’s nice that he still teaches his viewers things in his videos. He liked food back then, too.

As for other channels I like, Beyrl Shereshewsky’s channel is one I found out about recently from her series of tasting foods from around the world. Her editing style is very simple and that’s something I like between her and Mike’s videos, they have a homely edited with imovie feel. The food is attainable, it’s something that someone with even a sliver of interest in culinary arts could achieve. They’re regular people who just like food.

Channels like this remind me of watching Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown at random hours and the genuine curiosity for unique, delicious food. Compared to mukbangs, these kind of channels feel like they offer the viewer something at the end. It’s not pretentious, it’s not an over exaggerated eating contest roadshow, it’s just for the love of food. It’s like the cafe vlog channels but regular meals.

No. 674193


No. 674254

I like looking at images of kidney stones. I just want to squeeze them out one by one.

No. 674311

File: 1605410971954.png (379.61 KB, 720x426, Screenshot_20201114-212710~2.p…)

Such beautiful,majestic unique sea creatures (squids too)
I don't see why anyone would even eat them

No. 674328

File: 1605415302789.jpeg (586.07 KB, 677x540, E57DFC9F-15D8-4850-9EE9-76BE76…)


No. 674329

File: 1605415356863.png (48.73 KB, 1019x589, eb8056e30073070e09230759d45c2e…)

Baths. A nice hot bath after a long day always feels great. And crawling into bed naked with clean sheets is 100

No. 674354

File: 1605422302785.jpg (98.87 KB, 826x1100, icecoke.jpg)

The sound of ice cubes gently click-clacking in the glass. It's my favourite sound.

No. 674420

This post made me smile sincerely… Such a sweet sentiment, the comfort of another human can truly achieve so much.

No. 674478

File: 1605449421207.jpeg (30.04 KB, 554x554, 529A73CD-A387-4EAE-A98C-BC3AAC…)

The smell of a freshly opened can of balls mmmmm

No. 674513

Me too, anon. They’re wonderful.

No. 674529

File: 1605457815545.jpeg (17.45 KB, 275x183, 22F4B56E-B360-493B-90F8-D26CA3…)

It’s amazing. I would honestly pick up playing tennis again just for the smell of the new balls.

No. 674535

File: 1605458801282.jpg (52.81 KB, 508x677, frankie.jpg)

My rabbit is the best thing in the world. My boyfriend and I adopted him a while back after us not having any pets since we were teens. He has completely changed my views around myself having an animal since my parents always cycled through different pets. I'm so happy to see him everyday and my boyfriend loves him so much too. I work from home and he just hops around the house or sleeps under my desk. He is so sweet, funny, and surprisingly smart. Love this guy.

No. 674545

Your bunny is so cute anon! Rabbits are so great and it’s really amazing seeing their personalities come through once they trust you. A rabbit bond is so different from a cat or dog bond and I think people give up too easily. They are some of the most loving animals if you put in the time.

No. 674598

File: 1605465985645.jpg (34.29 KB, 500x500, K92NmDW.jpg)

I love crows! Beautiful and intelligent creatures.

No. 674603

File: 1605466267155.jpg (121.48 KB, 723x558, worzel0104.jpg)

Same, they remind me of the Crowman from Worzel Gummidge (British children's show about a scarecrow) which then reminds of my late grandad as we both used to love it :(

No. 674604

I love those bastards too, I love hearing them caw in the morning .

No. 674640

File: 1605469646538.png (986.13 KB, 1000x847, 20A890B6-EE4D-4C59-A6B8-D02251…)

Living alone in my own apartment

No. 674647

same! i LOVE living alone. it's comfy and chill

No. 674650

File: 1605470029987.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x800, inground_pool_dassanayake.jpg)

Probably exposing my identity but I REALLY love pools. Renting a new condo solely based off the fact the complex has a luxury style pool. My rent is ridiculous but absolutely worth it imo lol. I hate pools like the one pictured, if there's no room for me to comfortably swim a 25m your pool is a piece of shit. All the McMansions in my area have these hideous infinity pools with no room for actually swimming without hitting the glass paneling. One day I will make a career out of rating pools so help me god

No. 674651

Thank you! He is a cutie it's hard to stop playing with him haha. The bond with rabbits is so rewarding because of this. I love dogs and cats but rabbits are like making a friend over time and they're so wonderful.

No. 674663

File: 1605470657192.jpg (416.58 KB, 800x800, rottweiler-4.jpg)

Rottweilers. I love their little pickle eyebrows. this one's for you dog hating anon in the other thread kek stay crazy

No. 674665

I am jealous and proud of both of you

No. 674670

File: 1605470951975.jpg (50.55 KB, 700x467, fuji-onsen-e1531746758789.jpg)

Sorry to hijack your post but onsens are fucking great too. I love going to outdoor ones in the winter time. Showering inside and then stepping out into the freezing cold only to get into a nice hot outdoor bath to warm yourself back up. I've been to onsens in the middle of mountains, and was taken to one that was similar to pic related- it was over a cliff over the ocean so you could hear the waves hitting down below, and there was a view of the city skyline in the distance. I fucking love Japanese bathtubs because they're so deep so I can sit with the water up to my shoulders.

No. 674678

File: 1605471390924.jpg (38.77 KB, 500x377, friends_imsohappyandnotatallje…)

i really love pools too anon!! i'm very happy for you, i wish i could live somewhere with a pool

No. 674682

File: 1605471625951.jpg (106.79 KB, 604x604, original.jpg)

Hard agree. I'm living with my parents again rn but I'll probably be able to live on my own again sometime late 2021 and I can't wait! I love being able to retreat to my own space.

No. 674688

Nice dog but don't bring petty shit onto one of the really chill threads, come on

No. 674701

File: 1605473537956.jpeg (70.25 KB, 1080x1144, 9134441B-5775-4BA8-AE41-3C314C…)

I slept without a duvet for two years and finally used one again last night. It’s only cheap but makes me feel like a princess. So warm and cosy

No. 674741

Op, thank you anon! I hope and can’t wait for you to experience it someday yourself ♥

No. 674833

File: 1605483833962.jpeg (168.54 KB, 1000x750, A1236A17-D6EF-4E4D-907C-0F3502…)

I love having a fire on the beach more than anything. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone. I just like to sit there on a soft blanket with my little radio, watch the ocean glimmer in the sun, and light up a joint. Perfect day.

No. 674847

i like the spooky sound of strong wind at night. with or without rain.

No. 674857

File: 1605487638564.jpeg (175.09 KB, 1024x866, 46F2E812-E36C-4368-B0B7-8C9850…)

I can’t run atm due to injury recovery so I’ve taken to gentle but long daily walks instead. Along the way I’ll sometimes grab a coke and just chill in the park drinking it.

Coke + Aussie summer + smell of the sea= small dose of serotonin

No. 674860

The smell of leaves and the crunchy sound of walking through them after they fall off the trees during fall is amazing.

No. 674873

Man idk how you can handle walking in our summers, what time of day do you go? I overheat like crazy even in the evening, plus I just smell people cooking bbqs instead of the ocean so it makes me hungry and jealous kek.

No. 674884

Anon pls make a sandman for christmas

No. 674889

I’m pale as fuck so I’ve been walking mid arvo (with sunblock/protection) just to get a bit of my colour back. Around 4:00 is nice though. I smell snags cooking as well, makes me jealous

Of course anon, I’ll post a pic of him when done

No. 675030

File: 1605507517074.jpg (9.52 KB, 334x151, 6543097643217880.jpg)

I genuinely love all the crazy and unhinged posters here. Bpd-chans, degenerates, all of them. They make /ot/ and /g/ less boring.

No. 675034

Ew, don't encourage them.

No. 675040

Bitch we're on this site to gossip and observe wackos, why would it be any less fun when they're on our front lawn?

No. 675047

speak for yourself lol

No. 675730

File: 1605579013129.jpeg (25.85 KB, 720x720, ㅐ.jpeg)

my favorite scent in the whole world, brings out so many memories and i can smell it on someone from miles away

No. 675735

File: 1605580638526.jpeg (34.1 KB, 461x282, F3867AC0-BAC6-48F2-A7A3-D8EFE9…)

I unironically love the whole uwu meme shit and I wish people stopped mocking me for loving them so much.

No. 675804

I fucking love pools. They are a must have in Arizona I only enjoy them if they’re private, public pools are gross and if there are kids in the pool I’m not going in.

No. 675810

File: 1605597359650.jpg (304.99 KB, 730x411, 62a27614ad196809a289da1.jpg)

I would never want to own a house with a pool based on my parents' experience, they take so much time and money to maintain in a swimmable state but they don't add much value to the property. It feels like they're constantly cleaning it just so my mum can swim a couple of times a year (while still paying for her pool membership).

My favourite pools are the indoor ones with tonnes of water features and slides and shallow areas, but I never go to them because they are literally for children. I just wanna stay out of the sun and play in fountains, I can't help that I don't wanna do laps or sunbake like an adult. Sucks tbh.

No. 675813

File: 1605598371374.jpg (422.47 KB, 1704x2272, 547d3d0f2576b6b73ce3dcf6dd7a74…)

I love this photo. I love whales and animals in general of course, but something about this specific being, in this specific moment in time, fills me with inexplicable joy. It makes me feel like I'm not alone and the world isn't so bad sometimes.

No. 675821

AYYY yEeEHawwWw barK BARk bArK

No. 675823

I love the smell of a musty basement

No. 675902

Omg beluga! My fave I love them

No. 675976

File: 1605625897394.jpg (76.54 KB, 960x524, 20-orca.jpg)

I also love belugas and whales/orcas/dolphins. Basically all fish-shaped mammals that swim. I especially like orcas and the way they "sing" and talk to each other.

No. 676059

File: 1605636576645.jpg (38.96 KB, 334x483, mmmmm.jpg)

No. 676125

File: 1605643235499.gif (321.68 KB, 500x556, 47803265084.gif)

I love getting to work from home. I'm at my desk and I can see and hear the rain softly pattering outside the window. It's warm and cozy, I have a bunch of house plants and cute decor surrounding me. I'm in my sweats and sipping a coffee. I can take breaks to play with my cats, browse a site, have a brief nap or exercise without worrying about someone bitching me out for not being glued to the computer (I still get all my tasks done). It's so relaxing and honestly I could do without having to go in to the office ever again.

No. 676132

File: 1605644249330.jpeg (60.39 KB, 700x700, F461DEBB-4127-4972-B4E8-9244F0…)

I love little round Hamsters like this they're so cute I hope one day I can have a hamster as pet

No. 676166

File: 1605648664973.jpg (32.01 KB, 596x395, Db-koTiU0AEVyG0.jpg)

Oh my god I thought this was the food craving thread for a second

No. 676179

KEK no anon I just had some of those chips for lunch and they were really good

No. 676196

File: 1605651844871.jpeg (24.77 KB, 647x474, images (31).jpeg)

I love my daily egg and toast for breakfast. Eating something I love early in the morning makes me happy. Also when I manage to make a good coffee, it's perfect.

No. 676221


Same, except I live in a house. Even before the pandemic, I'd slowly organized my life so that I could spend the maximum amount of time at home alone. There is seriously no place I'd rather be at any given time. I've got my favorite restaurant, gym, library, workspace, art studio, movie theater, and listening room right here. And even a park (the back yard). And I don't have to deal with anyone else's issues. Bliss.

No. 676314

File: 1605665841678.png (384.66 KB, 836x482, lol.png)

I wish I could go to the Higurashi café, I'm watching the 2020 anime (been a while since I watched the original in middleschool) and I'm liking it so much! Love Rena and Rika (I feel odd knowing a lot of people treat Rika as loli bait but I think she's cute)

No. 676354

File: 1605671699287.jpg (278.01 KB, 1536x1152, Higurashi-No-Naku-Koro-Ni.jpg)

I just really like higurashi lol I wish I knew more about it but it's so much work to get into every single detail, but it's kinda worth it IMO

No. 676356

File: 1605671781003.png (18.6 KB, 300x250, kwETxOjwQ7-4.png)

god, warm runny yolk on nice crunchy bread…. so upset rn i have no eggs left aaa

No. 676358

I like my personality being basic enough to gain decent respect from others but not to gain any scrotes creeping on me nor skinwalkers

No. 676535

Ugh so yummy. Thank you for reminding me to add eggs to my grocery list.

No. 676776

File: 1605727305991.jpg (46.66 KB, 500x469, angle and devil charms.jpg)

I remember these kind of things being popular as keychains/phone charms. I miss them

No. 676786

File: 1605728028390.jpg (66.29 KB, 564x789, Florant Courty.jpg)

everything about forest is great

No. 676800

walk in the early morning dummy. no snags and nice and cool. dew on the grass and soft sun. birds waking up. I love it. plus you feel better waking up and going to bed earlier, even though that sounds like a meme

No. 676809

File: 1605729245702.jpg (107.53 KB, 980x653, original.jpg)

Why did phone charms stop being a thing?! I need them back in my life.

No. 676865

File: 1605732261225.jpeg (288.26 KB, 1690x2337, 99CB7D59-4A30-4EAB-9199-36DCDC…)

Oh my god I had so many charms… anyone else have a decoden? I was obsessed with these and would make my own

No. 676878

i love having pretty much no tits so i don't have to wear a bra

No. 676963

File: 1605741143764.jpg (19.21 KB, 396x500, s-l500.jpg)

my bf got this keychain for me as a surprise not knowing that i too had bought him one of them! (his turned out to be a cheetah pusheen)

my s9 still has a keychain hole and lord have i been tempted to get something like your pic for it…

No. 676966

I don't know how else to describe this keychain besides "super mega epic." I love her so much. Have you ever seen the Neko Atsume cats? They make keychains for them too and they're super rad.

No. 676986

File: 1605744066612.jpeg (112.11 KB, 1000x1000, 95D63F33-8A38-4240-86EA-CDA25A…)


Could get a phone case and attach them to that?

No. 676988

yess, i used to play it lots when it came out in like 2015 (feeling old now lmao…), tubbs is still the og. thank you for reminding me of it!

No. 676990

File: 1605744354453.jpeg (299.86 KB, 1600x1200, E4FC4F94-EBA7-4EF4-8705-131D74…)

Always really enjoyed the too many phone charms trend

No. 677028

File: 1605749337584.jpg (36.7 KB, 564x564, binch.jpg)

baby ginch

No. 677030

File: 1605749373126.jpg (211.65 KB, 1280x720, binch_looking_aside.jpg)


No. 677038

Baby grinch > baby yoda

No. 677041

it looks like if you bred a frog with a pug. i like it, time to fuck a frog.

No. 677042

wait forgot im not a pug; idk what im gonna fuck now

No. 677043

There are more frogs in the pond, anon. Don't get yourself down.

No. 677047

File: 1605750286242.jpg (20.74 KB, 488x396, joy.jpg)

I like you anon you made me laugh

No. 677048

File: 1605750476375.jpg (78.3 KB, 500x750, DkG-C8bXsAcisCx.jpg)

I love Dolly Parton. Such a sweet soul.

No. 677058

Oh my god, I’ve always loved her. She is so talented and humble. She is perfect imo

No. 677064

YES. Absolute qt

No. 677161

File: 1605770175882.jpg (5.04 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20200317_180924.jpg)

Good OP image, I love pugs! Here's my baby Frank.

No. 677163

We stan a country QUEEN

No. 677248

You know normally I'm not too crazy about pugs but little Frank here looks polite and very fancy with that green bow. Very cute anon.

No. 677266

is this show worth watch? I'm from the UK and haven't seen a single episode but the memes/gifs seem fun

very cute, anon

one of the best feelings for sure

No. 677318

File: 1605798163184.jpg (98.63 KB, 736x622, Mexican-Black-Kingsnake.jpg)

MBKs are my absolute favorite, but all snakes, really. They're so pretty/adorable, fascinating, and misunderstood. It makes me genuinely sad that so many people are afraid of them, it's not warranted!

No. 677319

black has always just been considered evil so I think maybe they are afraid it's poisonous. I'm personally upset that they're frequently overpriced. Ranging from 150 to 200… they used to be like 75 bucks.

No. 677322

File: 1605798385441.jpg (63.76 KB, 435x336, unnamed.jpg)

I love snakes too! They're such fun little creatures and their scales are beautiful. I have a corn snake but I'd love to own a kingsnake one day.

No. 677323

*venomous, ugh.

No. 677324

File: 1605798416487.jpg (221.52 KB, 1280x960, IMG_9712__71085.1543099948.jpe…)

These guys are my favorites, along with Smooth and Rough Green Snakes.
I can't own rat snakes because they need rodents to survive, and I love rodents more. The green snakes are insectivores, but they're skittish and I'm clumsy.

No. 677329

Omg I know! I'm waiting for my favorite breeder to have them available or for them to go down in price overall again. They're so gorgeous and have chill but fun personalities.
Corn snakes are my second favorite, they're absolutely gorgeous in coloring in all their different morphs.
What a cutie, anon! Totally understandable, though. Their diets aren't ideal, but it's what they need. Doesn't hurt to love them from afar, though. ♥

No. 677333

Ntayrt but I have a cornsnake too. His morph looks similar to the one in your picture.
I love my cheeto danger noodle <3

No. 677561

File: 1605818012354.png (3.6 MB, 2048x2048, joy.png)

I like watching possums try to chew shit with their weird shaped mouths

No. 677566

File: 1605818231682.jpg (6.69 KB, 233x216, beautiful.jpg)

fuck yeah anon ! I love them

No. 677649

File: 1605825604058.jpg (46.37 KB, 720x480, cookiemonch.jpg)

No. 677651

One of my favourite YouTube channels to watch right now is Ocean Conservation Namibia, which is these guys who free seals caught in rubbish from the sea. They catch them and remove pieces of plastic and fishing wire which are stuck on those poor seals. It is so satisfying to watch them cut the wires and plastic and remove them from the wounds. So satisfying I love it. I will attach a video.

No. 677661

File: 1605828402853.gif (2.95 MB, 508x640, crunsh.gif)

fantastic please send more

No. 677670

No. 677680

Disgusting fucking creatures they don't deserve to be fawned over

No. 677681

You’re just mad because you haven’t gone viral unlike them.

No. 677698

I feel like I've posted about this before but as a kid I had a pet possum. My mom found it in the garage and was like ANON. THERE'S A BIG ASS RAT IN HERE IT LOOKS SUPER FUCKED UP, COME QUICK. I was like mom that's a possum…she's not from the U.S. and wasn't familiar with them. She was like "oh cool" and then she procured this big cage??? from seemingly nowhere in the garage and somehow wrangled it in. We fed him(?) meat scraps for about a week until my mom went maybe this is fucked up that we trapped this thing and we let him go.

sage for blogpost.

No. 677712

File: 1605834453127.jpg (25.4 KB, 672x372, opossum lady.jpg)

Thank you so much ! I'm smiling like an idiot, they are so cute. I will probably end up alone and happy with a bunch of them one day

No. 677722

I'm glad you let it go but your mom is cool

No. 677728

The animal talk reminds me of how much I like dingos. They have a bad rep for eating babies and they are dangerous no doubt, but I once went to a dingo sanctuary (in the middle of the suburbs in a dude's backyard, which was pretty weird) to volunteer and omg. They are like dogs on steroids or ecstasy, just crazy friendly and affectionate. When you first enter you have to just sit on the ground because the entire pack immediately rushes over to make a puppy pile with you in the middle. They communicate by licking so they will just slobber all over you, especially your mouth, they sit on you and lie on you and let you pat and hug them. They are so similar to dogs in looks that their differences are kinda trippy to see. They are much more obviously pack animals, they do everything as a group and follow each other around. They're also super flexible and have hyper mobility in their necks so they move in crazy ways, like you can pull their head way back to give them neck pats. They howl too, I feel bad for the neighbours kek.

These particular dingos were obviously socialized from birth to be comfortable with humans but I so rarely hear anything about this side of them because they can be so dangerous in the wild. But god they were just so fun and sweet, it was a total surprise because you'd never expect it.

No. 677886

I had never seen seals colonies like that before, the way they all crawl on the sand is so cute! It reminds of one of my favorite animal video, where people manage to save a whale from a fishing net despite being unprepared.

No. 678023

File: 1605884994803.jpg (27.74 KB, 354x500, thedescent.jpg)

Such a great movie, I'm happy it exists.
>t. horrorfag

No. 678024

I love their videos. Seals sound like sheep! They waddle away after being released from fishing wires and plastic! So cute.

No. 678026

It is a great British horror. The second isn't good though, it didn't need a sequel IMO.

No. 678038

File: 1605887192154.jpeg (35.13 KB, 320x323, 90A1C040-0747-4673-8A26-63DCD5…)

Sequel? Surely you’re mistaken anon, there was no sequel.

No. 678071

File: 1605890487905.jpg (1.97 MB, 3024x4032, 860c51ba63c189a34c5c16a181bf3e…)

Fittonias! One of my favorite, even though I've failed to keep most of my houseplants alive.

No. 678072

File: 1605890584279.jpg (161.1 KB, 700x933, bear-paw-cactus-succulent-illu…)

Samefagging to also post these bear paw succulents. They're fuzzy! Hoping to get one soon to go along with my kalanchoe tomentosa.

No. 678089

I have one of these as a houseplant but it keeps growing lopsided. It largely hangs outside the pot on towards one side. I think I'm doing something wrong.

No. 678105

Maybe it's uneven lighting and not enough rotating? Or you could try repotting it, that usually helps if my plants are a little lopsided.

No. 678602

File: 1605958708403.jpg (63.92 KB, 2812x1653, 2011_NYR_02473_0344_000(a_pair…)

Meissen pugs (and other vintage figures in a similar style).
I have found out that University of Yale has printed a photobook about them, but sadly I cannot afford it… Maybe in the future!

No. 678686

No. 678694

These are the cutest! i hope you can get one soon anon

No. 678698

They look like court jesters scandalized that you've walked in on them in rehearsal

No. 678706

File: 1605970259907.jpeg (223.79 KB, 1242x1097, 818B6E12-8F6B-4F1C-888E-85D2C7…)

I love the smell of indoor water rides at amusement parks like Disney. The chlorinated water, recycled air conditioning, theatrical fog. It’s so nostalgic. Someone managed to capture that scent and sells it as a perfume/cologne called Dark Ride. I wouldn’t wear it as not to smell like mildew but fuck I’m curious.

No. 678790

File: 1605978423062.jpg (17.23 KB, 400x600, 98_2.jpg)

Thank you, anon! I want to download the PDF as it looks promising, but it redirects me to a sketchy 'free' website that asks me for my credit card. Am I doing something wrong?
LMFAO anon, I can see that! Their mugs are wonderful and hilarious to me!

No. 678849

File: 1605983473473.jpg (81.49 KB, 1024x542, 61iXP8j2toL._AC_SL1024_.jpg)

fake food, I love it.

No. 678850

File: 1605983534756.jpg (14.29 KB, 225x225, fake food.jpg)

No. 678851

File: 1605983607461.jpg (15.5 KB, 186x271, baby sitter club.jpg)

baby sitter club books, I remember I'd go to the salvation army store with my mom and I'd go to the huge book shelf and get these books with my mom.
Fuck the netflix "Series" and fuck the new covers.

No. 678852

File: 1605983681797.jpg (46.49 KB, 499x355, 61hZvWSWUyL._SY353_BO1,204,203…)

also goosebumps books, I love the show and i love the covers.

No. 678859

File: 1605984082206.jpg (88.76 KB, 794x596, il_794xN.2462411477_e942.jpg)

I don't know what it is, but I've always loved fake food too.
The felted foods are my favorites though, and after looking for 25 seconds on Google for an image, I found these. They're adorable.

No. 678861

The absolute best, great taste anon

No. 678866

IDK if I told this story here, but where I'm from they had a fake store with fake tiny food and you could go in with an shopping cart and scan, weigh and shop for fake food.
I went as a teenager and I loved it so much.
I think I realized I loved fake food in Kindergarten my teacher had a whole section of fake food.

No. 678868

File: 1605984754963.jpg (6.89 KB, 225x225, barbie dolls.jpg)

barbie doll heads. My mom brought me these for christmas even as a teen I'd play with them, I fucked mines up cutting the hair into a bob and then it got lost when we moved.

No. 678869

The fake apples in the bowl on the coffee table at my grandparents house still have teething marks lol

No. 678874

YES it's so amazing and I can't even explain why.

No. 678877

Even the little canned foods are cute.
Anon, I'm deeply envious of your access to that place. Have you considered going back there since adulthood? Aand perhaps leaving us a link with an image dump for faux food porn?
We had some on the fridge as magnets that have some nibbles from kid me. I can't even be mad at kids for doing this.

No. 678879

File: 1605986522143.jpg (188.82 KB, 600x848, BbDyWXiCMAAk47Q.jpg)

No. 678880

File: 1605986587663.jpg (71.06 KB, 440x614, image.jpg)

I have just found out she released a lesbian love story and I wanna read it so bad, even though I never read YA and children's books

No. 678881

File: 1605986663877.jpg (2.27 MB, 1800x1196, strong.jpg)

it's called Strong National Museum of play, it's a tiny wegmans.
Here's some pictures from the site.

No. 678882

File: 1605986694664.jpg (9.74 KB, 225x225, wegmans.jpg)

No. 678883

File: 1605986825064.jpg (426.38 KB, 1003x520, market-cafe.jpg)

No. 678884

File: 1605986870563.jpg (116.69 KB, 722x984, 3280f965c871a4a33eaec0642d1ae8…)

Thierry Mugler Runway looks. Pic is one of my favs. I've posted about these before, but I just think they're really pretty. I'm not someone really into high fashion, but I still love watching the hour long videos of these. I can also appreciate that while a lot of the looks have sex appeal, there's still an actual "artistry".

No. 678885

I haven't been since I went on a school trip like in the 8th grade, we were there looking big ass hell having a blast while toddlers were walking around with their mom's picking out food.
I really would love to go back.

No. 678888

I kinda wanna read this too, I was surprised but also not surprised at all when she came out earlier this year. Loved her books as a kid, read most of them until like 2008.

No. 678890

File: 1605987402344.jpeg (63.72 KB, 500x750, 4CBAA786-D698-4C29-95B9-F753BA…)

God anon you just made me remember how much I used to just watch old clips of his live fashion shows. His work was always so beautiful and even when it was a bit campy and over the top it was still executed well

No. 678897

File: 1605988130357.gif (Spoiler Image,618.71 KB, 400x200, tumblr_0670f4c7656e40df3843996…)

Samefag but I forgot to add, the fact his models actually had some personality made the shows even better. They weren't just walking around like stiff boards, they actually sold the clothes.

No. 678901

omfg I have no idea! It makes A LOT of sense tbh.
Now I want to read the book even more. Too bad that I cannot find it on any ebook site and I'm not an UKfag, so it would take like a month (or more) for the book to arrive…

No. 678912

whoaaa…. pretty. I wish I were a model for a day wearing those fantastic clothes

No. 678925

File: 1605991626641.jpg (73.66 KB, 679x572, 71Touhzh83L._SX679_ (1).jpg)

Me and my family love this snack, and now that I am far away from them the only stores where I can buy it are asian ones. Made me realise how much of asian food my country has. I finally found one store with it today, unironically ate a whole box through the day while sharing with partner because of how happy this simple snack made me.

No. 678927

These are called Moonpies where i'm at

No. 678928

they sell them at family dollars

No. 678948

I love snuggling up in bed when I’m cold, drifting off to sleep and waking up really warm.

Also love waking up during the night. A lot of people seem to hate it but I enjoy the feeling of realising I don’t have to get up yet and falling back asleep.

No. 678967

Ah, the snacks of my childhood…

No. 679050

Was just about to reply that. We've got a factory here.
Wish they tasted better though.

No. 679344

File: 1606059641880.png (588.52 KB, 860x646, 513-5135909.png)

All o' yas. Love this dumbshit place and the funny gals who populate it.

No. 679347

File: 1606059784326.gif (957.49 KB, 300x242, gif.gif)

No. 679351

File: 1606059989668.gif (112.94 KB, 220x204, 304.gif)

No. 679362

File: 1606060710727.gif (28 KB, 220x138, FB24C6E1-804E-4595-A8E5-F7080F…)

Yeah well y-you too anon!!

No. 679401

File: 1606064179349.jpg (279.62 KB, 1920x1080, 9fcd4c82e4a274690ac7893980f052…)

I really love Pink Floyd. I know it will sound cheesy af but discovering their music was like finding a missing part of me. Great music and visuals surrounding this band!

No. 679420

File: 1606065444783.jpg (64.42 KB, 960x709, b1661e8d-9d3e-4d40-9a05-55b7a7…)

I really enjoy being in the presence of others and hearing them talk about their life experiences. You learn so much from just taking a second to ask someone how their day is. Also very eccentric people, it just puts a smile on my face seeing others doing what they love without a care in the world. I just love people!

No. 679434

Anon you’re adorable

No. 679441

this post and the accompanying pic made me smile

No. 679444

i wish i was this anon

No. 680228

I really like it when women esp women in their 20s to 30s has an unusual hobby or interest that their really dedicated to or they know alot about an obscure topic.

No. 680278

Turning on a fan even when I'm cold and sleeping under five blankets.

No. 680319

Same. Makes me think about the bug anons that appear on here sometimes.
Like yes please tell me what you know. Enlighten me ma’am

No. 680557

File: 1606211118564.jpg (38 KB, 496x747, 9e7c0689605d40221d0f5a0a7a4433…)

When customers come into the store with their dogs, 99% of the time they are good doggos and I get to pet them. A guy came with his two black retrievers, two angels, they were lying on the floor almost sleeping despite it being only 11am. Another woman came with the tiniest dog in her purse, he wouldn't stop licking my fingers while I was working!

No. 680568

a woman came into my workplace today with her two very well behaved yorkies, they were the sweetest

No. 680713

Videos where people are just running their businesses. Vid is Hercules Candy, but I also love Royalty Soaps. Or even those videos of girls filling lipgloss tubes and stuff for their store.

No. 680891

i love royalty soaps too! it's weird cause im never gonna make soaps but i find katie really entertaining, even if she can be a bit too "happy" for my bitter bitch taste sometimes kek

No. 680987

Being left alone. Don't text me, don't call me, don't check in with me, don't come over, don't ask me to hang out, don't perceive me, don't acknowledge that I exist. Being left tf alone for a day is the best.

No. 681011

omg I love royalty soaps too lol

No. 681216


Part of me likes Royalty Soaps, part of me feels kind of… frustrated(?) watching the videos sometimes because the whole loaf might look nice, but then when she cuts the individual bars they often have the shape of a lumpy house which isn’t very aesthetically pleasing IMO. I also feel like there’s a lot more experimenting with new techniques (or improving old ones) that she could do but she doesn’t seem to really bother trying.

No. 681729

I like watching videos of people painting and I like when older people watching these videos comment on how beautiful the painting was and how they learnt a lot and then sign the youtube comment off with their name. It's cute!

No. 681735

Don't really like royalty soaps because of this and her personality just irks me sometimes (kinda reminds me of Holly Browns friend whose name I forgot lol). Soap artistry wise, my favourite is Share My Recipes channel, I Dream in Soap has nice cross-sections if you like middle aged British lady narrated content. Wish I knew any more entertaining soap youtubers.

No. 681832

im one of the anons that like royalty soaps and i also like british lady 'i dream in soap' kek ill check out the other channel you recommended too, although ill never make soap kek

No. 682303

When females are in metal bands and aren't sexualized.

No. 682948

When your popping a pimple and can hear when it bursts

No. 683026

Drain STH.

No. 684219


No. 685945

File: 1606880423646.jpg (48 KB, 414x600, 1606879865798 (1).jpg)

I stole this pic from the other thread but, I love when men wear interesting suits instead of a boring black, burgundy, navy blue, or dark green suit. I don't know why men are so scared to wear something that's not boring. Dude in the pic looks so good to me.

No. 685949

File: 1606880542052.jpg (1.68 MB, 2880x2880, 162594200_WireImage_Heavenly-B…)

Samefagging to add Chadwick's met gala look rip the woman in the back has a beautiful dress

No. 686188

Can’t help but agree anon. Biased because I thought he was handsome anyway, but Chadwick looks great in that. I wish men (particularly if you’re tanned) wore pink more, it looks good

No. 686217

Ugh I honestly loved all of the outfits on this particular MET gala…they were all over the top, but in a good way

No. 686403

File: 1606935110121.jpeg (53.32 KB, 792x787, flatten.jpeg)

I love cats who have their cute little fangs showing like pic rel

No. 686441

This is one of my favorite things too! I only really see it in black or predominantly black cats though

No. 686452

File: 1606939625800.jpeg (100.83 KB, 999x593, 60CCC7BE-D7F5-4DFF-A95A-41C26D…)

i fucking love wii sports island. i know it better than my neighborhood.

No. 686454

No. 686458

I know, right? I wonder why that is. I see greyish ones with fangs sometimes though. Nonetheless, I love them all equally for the sweet vampires they are ♥

No. 686572

When you randomly clean your whole apartment for the whole day and bask in the afterglow of clean

Bonus points if you have friends/guests pop in for a random visit and you can pretend your home always looks oh so pristine.

No. 686670

I get a larger hit of dopamine than is appropriate from collecting the scant positive (you)s my shitposting generates

No. 686671

Cold, gentle air coming in from an open window while you are super warm and cozy under a heavy blanket. Bonus points for light rain outside.

No. 686673

I post the same massively triggering threads on r9k and pol every few days because I like the anger and (you)s

No. 686674

my bf planning mundane shit into way too much detail, best part is when he starts planning his little outfits lol. it's cute.

No. 686714

Same. I get a rush from doing it.

No. 690321

File: 1607464752694.gif (2.31 MB, 480x270, 725F4BEF-B815-4B8F-99A7-B72347…)

Bump! I love unseasonably warm weather and the smell of baking bread wafting into my window from the bakery near my apartment.

No. 690332

I love persimmon cookies

No. 690354

Drinking tea with milk and listening to christmas jazz while reading /snow/ or magazines or scrolling pinterest is my personal heaven.

No. 690386

Sitting in a hot car in the middle of Summer without it turned on, and the sun feeling hot and bone warmingly delicious.

No. 690478

File: 1607472220447.jpg (311.99 KB, 640x486, shiburrito.jpg)

Lying in bed with just my head sticking out of the covers, listening to an episode of a podcast (lpotl for me), and drinking tea before going to sleep. One of the very few things right now that keeps me going.

No. 690484

I bought a really beautiful item for my husband on etsy, and the guy handwrote me a decent length letter to go along with it and some little extras. It was really sweet, and it warms my heart and makes me a little teary eyed when people put this kind of effort into things.

No. 690488

omg same
When I was a teenager, they were always bitching about women using the board, and when I started working (being angrier) I just decided, I'll fucking show you gotis

No. 690507

File: 1607474983373.jpeg (33.53 KB, 480x480, 274C23A1-D4D7-46E8-9832-81786A…)

Cute fictional men

No. 690525

I aspire to be you. I enjoy shitposting but my attempts obviously aren't as funny or clever as I think they are because anons either just miss the joke or ignore me

No. 690605

I like how expressive and funny my cat is without meaning to be.

No. 690619

Anon, you're my hero.

No. 690748

The way my cat lifts his head and props himself up on his hind legs to reach my hand halfway when I extend it to pet him ♥

No. 690782

I like that I work near a border town and am a 10 minute walk (through an old time wooden bridge over a massive river) from being in a completely different country with different foods in the supermarket for cheaper, and just a completely different vibe.

I grew up in the UK so just the idea of crossing a border always felt monumental, idk it makes me feel cool af.

No. 690829

I like how putting on glasses for a zoom meeting distracts from my makeup-less face

No. 691229

File: 1607569463959.jpeg (20.59 KB, 488x488, 4EFB8155-1E7E-4E8E-8371-760802…)

I fucking love this salad dressing. I had it at a friend’s house years ago and have been looking for it for years but could never find it. Turns out I was looking in the wrong aisle like a fucking dumbass this whole time (I didn’t know Target had a salad dressing section in the refrigerated section on top of their regular salad dressing section). I’ve been prepping myself salads for lunch almost everyday now just so I can have this dressing. I’m not big on drowning my shit in dressing so I usually have the recommended serving size with a big ass bowl of greens, but I’m also not gonna pretend like I’m being healthy. If I could find another food vehicle to cram this shit in my mouth like you can with ranch dressing and chicken wings, you can best your ass I would. Salad just happens to be the best thing it goes with so it’s what I eat. Here’s to pretend healthy living!

No. 691231

i bought a stupid alienware laptop and i love it so much finally playing monster hunter with my cooling pad felt so good

No. 691244

Damn that looks perfect, thanks for sharing! I used to put apple in my salads because I just think it makes a salad really nice. Thanks!

No. 691311

I like when I wake up with a flat stomach. Im always so bloated and the only way I can consistently wake up with a normal flat stomach is if I dont eat dinner whatsoever so fuck that. i love those super rare lucky mornings where i just get lucky and wake up skinny legend.

No. 691318

File: 1607579438069.jpg (30.9 KB, 655x656, 5ionecmsjkj51.jpg)

Morning skinny is seriously the best. Too bad I like to drink a massive coffee in the morning so it doesn't last long, I get bloated unfairly quickly.

No. 691445

I hope you like it anon! My dad used to bring home salads made by a friend who would put some apple slices in and I loved that shit so much.

No. 691446

I had a custom illustrated portrait made of my cat for my family for Christmas kek. It is absolutely wonderful. I sent a photo of him and the result is amazing, it is very minimal, with his name printed above his portrait and in a black frame to match rooms in the house. I can’t wait for Christmas just to see their reactions. I hope they like it anons!

No. 691447

anon, that sounds so cute! I would be so delighted if I were your family!

No. 691448

Why would your family want a drawing of YOUR pet?

No. 691451

Thank you anon! That is so sweet. He is so special to us.
He is the family cat (I should of said our) I live at home anon

No. 691455

Ooh I see, that makes more sense lol. I hope they like it! It's a very original idea for sure.

No. 691458

Me too! It’s from a company called west and willow. They’re great.

No. 691472

File: 1607614311234.jpeg (77.58 KB, 720x822, 3B472C58-4886-410E-98CC-D761F3…)

Back again but this time to talk about cats with mustaches. They're awesome!!!

No. 691487

I'm always looking for places to get portraits of my dog for the eventual shrine I'm going to build her once she passes, so thanks for this information.

No. 691561

This made my day, thank you anon.

No. 692400

File: 1607713914106.png (587.5 KB, 719x904, f393509a258db17b9edbf8243e1968…)

Archery. I recently discovered that's an actual, serious sport I never knew about. I wish I had known about this as a child or teen because I would've definitely picked this up. So cool.

No. 692467

File: 1607721885218.jpeg (114.57 KB, 481x356, BDA51C8A-2C81-4B64-A5F2-71383B…)

I love straightening my hair and looking at the difference between my regular hair and my straightened hair.

No. 693584

File: 1607865039254.png (1.72 MB, 800x1106, d28eajf-79e104d5-ccfe-479f-900…)

I genuinely, unironically love My Immortal, it's one of my favorite piece of media ever created, I must have read and listened to it dozens of times and it never fails to make me laugh, it even helped me through depressive episodes. My brother and I can't stop quoting it, it's our biggest source of private jokes.

No. 693840

I like the girl in this photo

No. 694326

Lol same anon, whenever I'm sad I listen to people doing readings of it and I'm instantly laughing hard every time.


No. 694340

same and honestly the sonichu audio books too

No. 694398

Same! My Immortal is probably the best piece of troll literature that still is the best example of Poe's law. The dramatic readings of them are usually pretty funny, too. It also helped me through a tough moment in my life as well. I was fucking elated when Internet Historian covered it.

No. 694625

chloe moretz 2.0

No. 694720

Ew nvm

No. 694806

I appreciate that my cat's been very close and cuddly with me lately. She's been on my lap regularly, following me around, and with how things are at the moment I'm glad to get the affection.

No. 694990

Before covid I really liked taking public transit. My schedule had me taking it during slower hours so I always had a seat to myself. Idk it was nice to just sit and relax knowing there was nothing I had to do for a bit besides listen to some music/podcast.

No. 694993

File: 1608093135987.gif (2.51 MB, 435x250, IllfatedIdealisticHadrosaurus-…)

Old-ish (2008-2012) Kpop.

No. 697126

When I was a child, sucking the water out of washcloths. That shit is nasty now, but I fondly look back at those times. Children really have no concept of germs.

No. 697142

Thank you for unlocking a memory I had long forgotten, good times.

No. 697164

wtf are you talking about, it was amazing

i'd do that shit now if i could. the dove soap flavor really accented it.

No. 697169

2005-2013 were really the last good years of kpop.

No. 697173

you're blinded by nostalgia and it's obstructing your ears too. the music was shit and the visuals were mostly cringe af.

No. 697179

Well, it was before BTS existed, so it was a better time overall.

No. 697192

I'm so old I remember when idols couldnt show belly buttons.

No. 698064

cleaning my room is so satisfying

No. 698072

When random dogs tug on their leashes because they want to come and sniff me

When their owners let then sniff me!

No. 698081

aww my dog would probably love you, anon

No. 698432

File: 1608505846402.jpeg (44.86 KB, 600x600, 3D86BEFA-75B7-42D9-B991-DC1846…)

I like sleeping with a body pillow. Not an anime one, just a plain banana-shaped one. I tuck it between my thighs and it feels so good, I don’t even know why (not pregnant or overweight). When I get a bigger bed I might invest in something like pic rel.

No. 698433

anime ones are better

No. 698457

Why the fuck can't you work out how to reply to posts? We can see u girl

No. 698476

newfag learn to sage

No. 698493

It's /ot/ homo only weirdos sage

No. 698496

lol i luv u

No. 698568

I love mandarins so fucking much & I'm stoked that we're getting into citrus season

No. 698880

File: 1608566990140.jpeg (675.07 KB, 2000x1333, D04EB5EA-6424-471D-8E2B-8931B0…)

coconut shrimp

No. 699134

File: 1608587515711.png (51.6 KB, 940x788, shades-of-pink-color-names.png)

every shade of pink that exists (or doesn't)

No. 699136

Why is lemonade pink? Isn't lemonade yellow like lemons?

No. 699139

There is pink lemonade, which matches that colour (raspberries/strawberries/colouring is added)

No. 699140

I didn't know that, thank you and sorry for the stupid question. I think I will try to make some next time I have lemons

No. 699145

No worries anon, it’s really tasty!

No. 699192

YES YES YES. I went through that phase were I scoffed at pink but now I am shameless about my love for pink and pink things. I cannot deny myself any longer!!!

No. 699214

The falling snow effect on here is so peaceful

No. 699235

File: 1608595916718.jpg (119.38 KB, 960x960, 28219177c7be4db368d815d7196a5a…)

do human beings count?

No. 699238

It makes even the saltiest rant seem more serene

No. 699265

Why do woc love britney spears so much? My old ass fat mom loves her, this random black fat neighbor of mine loves her, literally why?

No. 699266

Because we have good taste

No. 699268

I knew it that you’re not white anon. I just knew.

No. 699272

Yeah of course white people didnt like britney. They're the ones who destroyed her lol

No. 699426

I love my cat anons. He's the only part of my life I don't regularly hate. Today I picked him up and he tooted quietly and it made me lol

I wish all anons and their cats a very pleasant evening

No. 699481

cats are truly amazing creatures, theyre so cute. give your cat a pet for me anon

No. 699506

ty anon! he and I are sitting on the couch now… I gave him a pet on his neck (fave spot) for u and he responded with kind + tender eyes… he appreciated ur gesture

No. 699910

which jojo is this

No. 702556

biting off pieces of a styrofoam cup and chewing them while drinking from the cup

No. 702559

Do you have pica?

No. 702561

No lmao. I'm not eating the pieces. I just chew them and then spit them out. I do like to chew and put other things in my mouth though so idk

No. 702997

File: 1608985547246.png (15.38 KB, 786x492, What-Is-a-PDF-File-And-What-Ar…)

downloading pdfs of various books, mostly computer science and language learning resources. i need to bring myself to actually read those books though…

No. 703253

I like wearing clothes and accessories that I made myself. The best is when I am wearing head to toe me made. It makes me so happy I could break out into song.

No. 703806

This is so cute, anon. The whole world's a stage and you're your own costume designer

No. 707027

I really like the videos made by the guy who helped cracking the Zodiac's 340, he explains how cyphers work, what different combinations you can use and how to solve them, they are very well made especially for people like me who are not familiar with the cypher hobby at all.

No. 707111

File: 1609599552054.jpg (92.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Baby hippos! Literally the most precious and underrated baby animal, hands down.

Looking at my body in the mirror before every shower for at least 5-10 minutes. I just really love my body tbh.

No. 710641

I love shitty villain songs from Z-tier cartoons, I find them so fucking funny.

No. 710645

>rasputin leading the russian revolution
>the talking dog at the end


No. 710648

Omg anon you reminded me of one of my favourite villain songs in animation. Astérix is far from a Z-tier cartoon though (original french version cause english one isn't as good)

No. 710771

File: 1610150480952.jpg (31.57 KB, 497x364, cute guy with a cute kitty.jpg)

This pic, it gives me the fuzzy feeling.

No. 711463

here's him without the cat >>675813

No. 711564

File: 1610298704442.jpeg (1.62 MB, 4032x3024, 19CB07F0-1D40-4E0F-B2EA-02A659…)

For Christmas my friend gifted me an oyster mushroom growing kit and since then I’ve been hooked on watering them, reading about them, and just staring at them lovingly. They are so cute. This pic was just from this morning and already (it’s midnight now) they’re even bigger! And the best part is I get to eat em in a couple weeks. Yippee

No. 711705

omg he's a beluga whale? that's so cool!

No. 712103

Hot shower on a cold day. Cold shower on a hot day. Shower in the morning that wakes you up. Shower when you're tired that rejuvenated you. Shower that makes you smell good. Water gently caressing your whole body, droplets splashing around merrily calling you to sing from joy, and you sing, and your voice echoes from the ceramic tiles, and you are happy and clean.

No. 713873

i like all of you :)

No. 713874

File: 1610588164380.jpg (46.63 KB, 702x702, 1596893774562.jpg)

You mean it?

No. 713941

do they get you high or are they just tasty

No. 714024

emmymadeinjapan's videos, i'm having a little marathon of them rn and she's just a joy to watch

No. 714026

This is genuinely so cute

No. 714272

File: 1610651263790.jpg (146.97 KB, 1200x630, SpikeTV_Social_1487001959.jpg)

This show

No. 714328

Omg I used to watch it all the time

No. 714339

it was such a good time of my life. Everything was so simple.
MXC theme can be heard in the distance

No. 714755

File: 1610716967681.jpg (380.99 KB, 2424x1285, WP_20160401_15_38_30_Pro.jpg)

Children's drawings, especially when kids draw animals. It's so precious!

No. 714785

right you are, anon

No. 715181

File: 1610771274161.jpg (332.86 KB, 900x791, Ys.jpg)

i really love this album

No. 715182

this is so cool, i want to try this!

No. 715237

Best album I have ever and probably will ever listen to. Which is your favorite song?

No. 717041

File: 1610994883827.jpeg (Spoiler Image,300.17 KB, 700x1169, 72087C7D-672A-4524-B00A-5DCDE1…)

Agreed, have you seen those people who make plushies based off them? It makes me so warm inside. Kids' drawings are so cute, weird, and fascinating. Also there's this somewhat terrifying insta thingsihavedrawn where a dad photoshops real animals into the shapes of his kids' drawings. Picrel is one of them, warning they are… disturbing. I live for these things though it's hilarious

No. 717625

Whoops, sorry for replying late. These are just oyster mushrooms ie the kind you eat in soup or stir-fry, but it's definitely a thing to grow that kind of mushrooms at home, and it's just as easy, kek

Do it! It's really easy to order online, and they always come with detailed instructions

No. 718082

The feeling of normalcy after bad period cramps.

No. 718107

File: 1611117365967.png (2.5 MB, 1197x1081, teddies.png)

I love big, huge, fluffy stuffed animals

No. 718168

File: 1611126731086.jpg (196.83 KB, 1600x1200, VMOISHRYOS.jpg)

cat hugs

No. 718249

File: 1611139317796.jpg (45.13 KB, 1236x1500, Bichon-Frise-3.jpg)

These fluffy cuddly bitches!

No. 719162

Bitch I've just discovered the beauty of Pinterest. I didn't see the appeal of it all these years and now I'm obsessed with m own page. I'm up in here putting together boards for each room of my dream home and no one can STOP ME

No. 719175

The high of the relief I feel when my cramps stop is almost worth the cramps themselves

No. 719544

File: 1611268178078.jpg (487.07 KB, 1080x1434, WUyLlsq~2.jpg)

I like this piece of Luna art.

No. 719572

i like her artstyle too, anon! i wish she'd sober up and focus on creating more stuff, even if it's spergy junkie fantasy stuff. i find myself liking some cows' artstyles or bizarre art.

No. 719673

Making soup, just love it.

No. 719742

File: 1611289936287.jpg (113.42 KB, 640x640, rfhgf78wetf73y97rifvytwegrfvyt…)

snowflake or not, i like unnatural hair colors

No. 719789

File: 1611298274183.jpg (349.93 KB, 2048x1514, 20210110_152534.jpg)

Any drawing of Kirby.

No. 719791

you and me both. its so great

No. 720277

can we post about the things we do? I managed to fix my tv without asking anyone for help or looking things up on the internet, I know it seems trivial and probably anyone above double digit iq could figure that stuff out but I like the fact that I can make some things around the house despite always hearing it's a "man's job" as a kid. now I have to figure out how to fix my window lol

No. 720279

The chik fil a cobb salad.

No. 720281

File: 1611356689745.jpeg (79.6 KB, 600x900, 8B12DEA2-C1BD-4822-A8A6-743F41…)

Scandinavian folk art

No. 720775

File: 1611420889638.gif (157.08 KB, 352x300, 2eb88607fa6bd2112ee81b75f79f03…)

These kitty and bunny stickers on facebook

No. 720778

File: 1611421001577.gif (305.53 KB, 1024x1024, d6e707dbda1d69f1ff0f035073fa14…)

And these crazy bunnies, my aunt always sends them I love them

No. 720808

File: 1611426359541.jpeg (49.56 KB, 450x288, 157718B0-DAB3-45CB-B724-8E36E8…)

I love the international friends I have made over the years, and everything they have taught me about their cultures. Since traveling from here is so expensive, they are my window to other parts of the world!

Also, I always feel okay about things, bacause I know that there are kind people anywhere you go.

No. 722204

File: 1611572031071.png (184.89 KB, 540x360, 8e7bd2d110a229c233_7378c704_54…)

guinea pigs, specifically this picture

No. 722312

Commas, what a noble creation

No. 722315

smh at this colon erasure. Don't send a comma to do a colon's job!

No. 723189

Jrr Tolkien! I haven't read any of his books in so long, so I've reordered a copy of lotr cause I lost mine; I've spent the afternoon listening to the lotr soundtrack and rereading the similarillion. I've ordered two other Tolkien books I've never owned or read before and I'm so excited. I need to make a point to read for pleasure more. And not just lc

No. 723209

File: 1611691672359.jpg (397.9 KB, 1200x630, fuzzberta-.jpg)

No. 723266

File: 1611695541529.jpg (468.67 KB, 1024x768, bird.jpg)

i really love birds anons, i really do

especially water birds with long legs and weird long feet and birds that catch fish

birds are so good they give me hope

No. 723293

I got into birdwatching before covid started and it was extremely fun. Not only did I find a nice group of people to travel around and watch birds but we also had a bunch of seminars on birds that were extremely educational. Then covid hit and I'm back to being glued to my screen most of my free time. But I agree, birds are beautiful creatures, they're so smart and adorable.

No. 723400

Oh anon you've made me feel nostalgic for Tolkien's stories. I've left my LOTR books at my parents house, havent had an opportunity to re-read them for 5 years now, and it used to be a tradition to go back to them at least once a year. Theres something about the world he created that really makes you want to come back, more than any other fantasy book. What are the books you've ordered now?

No. 723578

i saw the bird pic related twice in my life and it filled my whole day with excitement. they are rare to see anymore. the ones i saw looked a little icier. so so cuuute!

No. 723592

File: 1611730443581.jpg (84.3 KB, 820x615, EONIBFE.jpg)

Cinnamon. Smells good. Tastes good. I want it in everything.

No. 723601

based and cosigned

No. 723602

File: 1611731503419.jpg (796.27 KB, 1000x664, 2020Snow-report-cover-image_10…)


No. 723670

File: 1611738776135.gif (117 KB, 245x184, 36B12F51-D870-4D6E-8330-E7E077…)

The futurama episode where fry drinks 100 cups of coffee

No. 723672

File: 1611738995816.jpeg (117.84 KB, 1300x380, C9D2FFF0-12E1-4B1A-A2FB-2EB149…)

Nonnies we should start a birdwatching/bird lovers thread! I love birdwatching and have put up lots of nesting boxes in the garden over the pandemic. Will be interesting because we will all be from different counties discussing our favourite birdies.

No. 723778

i aggree!

Also, how many nesting boxes have you put up? make sure that they are not too close to each other! birds like their private space.

also. nice blue tits hehe

No. 723780


Kingfishers are pretty rare in my area too. I live in Eastern Europe and they look incredibly exotic for us because of their colors.

No. 723785

File: 1611746014654.jpeg (499.27 KB, 1432x1204, 66791E47-F3A9-4E31-99AD-FD3930…)

Thanks! I love tits. Have a coal tit!
I’m living with my parents at the moment and they have a large garden with a lot of trees. Which country are you in? I’m in the uk and I just follow rspb guidelines.

No. 723788

File: 1611746180339.jpeg (54.11 KB, 453x680, 35DBF000-E70E-405E-ADE9-B74117…)

I’ve seen a kingfisher 3x different times by various lakes, and also a flooded ditch in the countryside kek. They are so sweet.

No. 723814

File: 1611747484419.jpg (58.71 KB, 550x367, crested.jpg)

I am in Lithuania! I saw like 4 different species of tits here, there are more. I really want to see a crested tit! pic related

No. 723829

That type of house music that's stereotypically associated with dudes wearing Adidas tracksuits. I don't even know what it's actually called. Honestly just boiler room house music in general gets me hype tbh.

No. 723830

I think that specific genre is called hardbass

No. 723838

Yes! That's what I meant. Thank you ♥

No. 723849

I really like hardbass too. Which are some of your fave songs anon?

No. 723850

do you like this? reggae drum n bass

No. 723894

same anon, gabber is awesome too, I think they're kinda similar

No. 723925

File: 1611759656645.jpg (74.09 KB, 1200x630, underworld-og-share.jpg)

Gabber's great. With all this electronic music talk, I also wanna say that I love Underworld so fucking much. I'm a very mood-music person, I cant listen to certain genres if im in a bad mood, but I never skip Underworld on my playlist because their tracks have a sort of storyline with an underlying theme. They fit every mood and feel fuller than most edm acts. Pretentious way to describe what is essentially sophisticated 90s action movie music, but they just hit a certain spot, scratch that one itch.

No. 724136

Ayrt and I don't really have any favorites. Whenever I'm in a mood to listen to the genre, I usually just type in "Slavic Adidas tracksuit guy music" on Youtube kek. The video you embedded goes hard though. Definitely music I could fist pump to.

Nta but this is also the type of stuff I like. I think the mixture of lyrics superimposed onto fast-paced music is what gives it the most appeal for me.

Anon…this was an experience. I cannot confirm whether it was a good or bad experience. I just know that it was one. Thank you for sharing though!

No. 725231

I've just started listening to Underworld. They're super great! I've been meaning to get into 90s house and techno for a while

No. 725254

I ordered tales from thee perilous realm and the fall of gondolin! I've only ever read the hobbit, lotr, similarillion, unfinished tales and the children of hurin. I've always wanted to read more about Tom bombadil so excited to finally read his tale. I love reading about the other ages in middle earth. Tolkien is a genius. There's just something so cosy about his literature.

No. 725260

Is that weezer

No. 728023

File: 1612205256236.jpeg (40.94 KB, 643x354, 1 9_G4W9fYti9nx0EG0YZpUw.jpeg)

i find palindromes so satisfying, as well as alliterations and rhymes

No. 728027

File: 1612205619365.gif (15.98 KB, 534x463, georgian.gif)

samefag, i also like the look of non-latin scripts. the georgian one is so pretty

No. 728777

I sort of think I look like 60s era Ozzy Osbourne and today I got a black sabbath jumper and I'm so fucking hype. Who tf am I? I'm rock n roll bitch fuck off

No. 728782

I'm also thankful for Birmingham whence Ozzy Osbourne and JRR Tolkien are from.

No. 728789

File: 1612292695316.gif (592.17 KB, 640x498, bdc8c01f7abc1db3340c1cb7ab41c8…)

I have found out about existence of those 'aura' crystals and I am so in love!!! Especially with those pink/blue ones. Gimme

No. 728791

File: 1612292749069.jpg (313.29 KB, 1920x1920, Love_and_Tranquility_Pink_and_…)

No. 729117

You must be so fucking hot anon, young Ozzy was such a cutie, too bad he had to ruin it all.

No. 729326

File: 1612368360731.jpg (160.97 KB, 500x500, 0b55cd04bc891a96030d75bb46ce68…)

I love fairy lights! I know having them as decor is frowned upon the older you get but I can't care, I have them in every window of my apartment. They're so pretty and they make me feel warm and happy.

No. 729352

File: 1612369890413.jpg (83.64 KB, 960x669, B9723080416Z.1_20200330133822_…)

My comfort food

No. 729366

I agree, I have some behind my curtains and they glow so nicely. The stupid idea that "omg litrally every girl has fairy lights therefore they suck" is just pickmeism and misogyny, of course every girl has them it's because they're pretty and make your room look like a fairy tale

No. 729392

File: 1612373397699.jpg (203.2 KB, 1200x900, DybFvKoX0AcqrMC.jpg)

Dominos cookies
Greasy, gooey, sickly sweet goodness

No. 729403

I'm gonna nut

No. 729418

It's been literally years since I ate at burger king, now you're making me want to order something from them.

No. 729423

Same. Why can I not stop eating junkfood

No. 729455

i’m moist

No. 738472

I love dubious voice acting in anime and video games, DBZ in particular is a treasure mine of terrible international dubs because the 90s were the Wild West in anime localisation. I don't speak a single word of portuguese but this is the funniest shit to me for some reasons.

No. 738511

This made me smile super big! Thank you for sharing anon.

No. 738544

those r my turn ons

No. 745977

File: 1614023154214.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.79 KB, 570x760, 59F4D7B9-05EB-4B2C-8ABB-4A5B5E…)

Taxidermy mice doing activities! Spoilered for people who don't want to see that type of thing.

No. 745989

File: 1614024146053.png (5.96 MB, 2008x1512, flowerss.png)

My favorite flowers are crazy daisies, I should buy more

No. 745997


No. 746013

Isn't it funny how we have 3 threads of things we hate but we haven't even finished this one up?

No. 746077

File: 1614029357503.jpg (38.35 KB, 550x413, Betterthansex.jpg)

Coffee. All different types of coffee. Strong black coffee with no sugar, a sweet milky latte, mocha, iced cappuccino, some hazelnut syrup in there.

I own some PJs that say 'coffee is life' on em and y'know what…. it is.

No. 746138

File: 1614034696629.jpg (148.95 KB, 680x887, lemon-ginger-tea-4.jpg)

ginger and lemon infusion be saving my life right now. every now and again I go through a rough patch where I get cravings for it and salads

No. 746153

File: 1614035532213.jpg (162.58 KB, 1200x1200, l_00125457d140384aa39_600x600@…)

Oh and bedtime teas and relaxation teas actually help with insomnia.
Valerian root, passion flower and hop are great.
If anyone wants to try them, I highly recommend them.
They didn't do anything for me until this nurse recommended them to me instead of sleeping pills and I gave them a chance again. I was pretty unimpressed by herbal teas before. She'd always put a sleeping tea and a relaxation tea together and I tried it and got a little high off of that, no lie, even if I was too stubborn to really go to bed.
I drink a couple throughout the day now and I'm way cozier and happier now going to bed than I used to be and I used to loathe sleeping

No. 746161

We are not a boastful bunch.

No. 746184

/ot/ is like
>vent thread
>get it off your chest thread
>things you hate thread
>annoying thread
>reddit hate thread
>twitter hate thread
>what the fuck is wrong with you thread
>lowest point of your life thread
>being groomed online thread
>childhood trauma thread
>cow yourself thread
>horrifying news stories thread
>france thread
>mental disorders you can't tolerate thread
>borderline personality disorder thread
>alcoholic thread
>disgusting fetishes thread
>ugly men with beautiful wives thread
I'm not complaining, though, lmao. Maybe it's good to have a space where we can be as negative as we want.

No. 746196

>france thread in the middle of all of these

No. 746198

LC is full of complainers, what else is new?

No. 746201

I can't read French but I'd bet money they're mostly bitching too lol

No. 746291

I just really really love city pop so much.
I'm kinda emotionally dead and unreactive af to most things but a lot of citypop music actually really clicks with me.
Also, I almost never get to say "I really like this specific singer" because I never hear more than 2 or 3 songs from the same artists (or sometimes it has happened that I'll only like 2 or 3 songs and all the other ones I find will be just meh to me) but thanks to city pop I've actually found at least one (maybe two) singer that I can actually say that.
I really love Meiko Nakahara. She's not very well known (even in Japan apperently) and she basically disappeared of of the earth (public eye that is) in the mid 90's, but that's ok, I just really like being able to apreciate the art she made.
The people I know don't really find citypop or Meiko Nakahara that special so not sure if me liking them so much is kinda spergy (sorry), but it just makes me so happy to activelly like something (specially since I've liked them for a couple years when almost nothing manages to keep my attention for more than a couple months tops).
Akira Terao is also pretty dope, even if he has a completely different vibe, but Meiko Nakahara is the queen for me.

No. 746327

Man it sucks daft punk split but shit they been around for almost 30 years. I'm glad I just know about them and enjoyed it while it last. I fucking loved there music since I found YouTube and watch that girl write the lyrics on her hand. Coolest shit b4.

No. 746350

I wish they split up before they made Around the World. That "song" is pure torture, irritating repetitive sounds looping, it drove me fucking insane, I'd rather listen to nails on chalkboard.

No. 746354

Well fuck me, didn't see what thread it is. Sorry for being a debbie downer, disregard me and enjoy your ear torture ♥

No. 746370

It's not spergy imo! I also agree with you, I get filled with some misplaced nostalgia and timelessness mixed with just happy feelings when listening to random citypop. I have some faves as well but can't remember any names right now, hope you have checked out the playlists on spotify!

No. 746627

I'm grateful to have somewhere to dump all my daily negative ruminations. To be able to do that while being heard, maybe getting feedback but also not stressing anyone out (we've no personal connections here) It's kind of a beautiful thing to have this mass whingefest only ever a click away

I like it

No. 746673

I agree with you and I find it interesting to think about how the people that first heard those songs in the 80's are at least in their 60's now. It's as if I'm looking at a time capsule. Very interesting to think about how art can be timeless like that.
I actually hadn't heard of the spotify playlist (I don't have spotify) I kinda just let the youtube algorith take me wherever haha (I originally found Nakahara because when Plastic Love became famous Fantasy and Dancing in the Sweet Memories also did a bit). When a lot of Nakahara's songs got taken down on yt I just looked her name up on soundcloud.
Extra funny thing to share, I've noticed citypop has quite a considerable hispanohablante fanbase wich is good for me because there's many spanish lyric vids haha (as a portuguese speaker that's close enough)

No. 750662

File: 1614457373673.jpg (730.55 KB, 1121x1414, 1597609080559 (1).jpg)

this thread pic, makes me smile every time I see it

No. 772709

File: 1617112746320.jpg (107.53 KB, 564x674, cc766638cdcb8cb7718a857964f6e5…)

I love "decorating" new social media accounts. Choosing a cute username, icon, bio, background (for when it applies), etc. and coming together with a really cohesive "look". Just that part, not the actually using the social media account, kek.

No. 772756

File: 1617117803456.png (135.75 KB, 525x491, SeekPng.com_classic-sonic-png_…)

sanic makes me so happy. i want to kiss his hedgehog head

No. 772761

rp 1
"hello anon" sanic moans "i love you too" he kisses anon on the cheek
rp over

No. 772781

File: 1617118877516.gif (1.67 MB, 204x210, 45dd01552f9a97aa6a9f56c0aacaa1…)

No. 772898

It's going to sound super autistic but I love puzzles, they are super relaxing, I recently found a website filled with those and I basically spend all my days doing some. I think I've even managed to finally induce lucid dreaming thanks to them kek.

No. 772910

File: 1617131083389.jpg (62.48 KB, 700x658, 4b29eaf4b39e863b858dc835709c9e…)

I love it when people draw cute and wholesome stuff like this.Especially if it's from a spooky horror series.

No. 772913

why is his shirt like that wtf happened

No. 772923

Oh, this reminds me of a scene in Mother 3! An injured enemy soldier gets taken in by a magical gay crossdresser, even though they are on the opposite sides of the conflict. When the kind gay gives up his life to save the planet (TLDR it's his destiny), the enemy soldier decides to stay and take care of his savior's rabbits. Tears were shed.

No. 773171

File: 1617157728756.jpeg (196.85 KB, 1536x2048, 57187547-3DF9-40EC-8B72-487E0D…)

When video games have hot men in them.

You’ve never played DOOM anon? He goes around fighting demons. Can’t blame them for ripping his shirt just to peak the abs.

No. 773184

It’s called fashion

No. 773231

Same! I just made a new social media account and I forgot how nice it feels to make everything look aesthetically pleasing. Having a new account does feel weird though, because for those first couple of posts you're basically talking to yourself

No. 777180

Man just look at these that is fucking brilliant beautiful photo wow just look at em

No. 777718

I like talking to my sister. We're not super close so it's rare that we talk/message each other so the times that we do feels special and nice. I'm usually nervous when I'm on the phone, but with her its calming. Sometimes I wish we were closer, but I think right now it's good enough.

No. 777740

File: 1617769621126.jpeg (90.49 KB, 1242x506, 98602065-5EDC-4010-8EA5-3A4F0C…)

Ladies and gentlemen….. Her.

The new Raggedy Annie appreciation I’ve seen on the Internet deadass had me shedding a lil tear.

No. 778520

File: 1617873234983.png (289.06 KB, 600x535, df7.png)

I finally ditched my iPhone and got myself a pixel 5 with GrapheneOS to maximize my privacy. I also deleted my social media accounts and forced my close friends to get Signal and matrix element. I still have discord on my PC. (web browser using my friends account) for a handful of online friends. It just feels so good anons, I feel like a weight is off my shoulders and I can embrace privacy and security more.

No. 778543

My rescue kitty finally got on my lap and was purring for a few minutes. oh, so precious

No. 781139

File: 1618160464832.jpg (119.65 KB, 1280x853, 9f0c67c94a8d7b24b63ae28e855924…)

Shibas, I love their yappy, energetic and even nippy nature kek

No. 781153

what about the photos you posted of yourself? did u have facebook?

No. 781155

File: 1618162746501.jpg (37.45 KB, 492x444, 1611562163364.jpg)

I miss cheezeborger

No. 781201

Never had fb. I used twitter, but it was more for friend. Got no pics on social media since I deleted everything.

No. 783509

File: 1618413864566.gif (10.61 KB, 114x147, FairySnowflake.gif)

Been enjoying visiting the gifcities archive. Makes me nostalgic for the chaotic websites my friends and I made in the 00's. On a sidenote I think farmers should use transparent gifs/pngs more often. It'd be cute

No. 783524

I've never had a sleep aid that actually worked before

No. 798153

File: 1620086005289.jpg (119.27 KB, 1080x1080, d5773f5e11016ab12567ec20488da4…)

I feel so bad for this cause I hate that animals like this have to suffer health issues, but baby english bulldogs are so fucking cute. They just look so sweet, especially the grey ones. they're not that cute when they are adults though

No. 798162

I take it back, this shit fucked me up so bad I still can't sleep even though I'm off it, constipated me, and made it impossible to breathe through my nose

No. 798164

File: 1620087308432.gif (194.64 KB, 370x418, GLITTERANGEL.gif)

cute site

No. 798167

All I can think of whenever I think of deformed dog breeds is this video anon linked awhile back. Although I wish he covered more breeds

I love some of the "deformed" breeds like pugs and grew up with chihuahuas but it is true that most chihuahuas are the spawn of satan and their shit might as well be nuclear waste

No. 798171

Fuck trazodone. If I wanted to sleep for 14 hours and feel like shit for the whole day afterwards I'd just eat Benadryl

No. 799236

When people (especially if they're British) say H like "haych"

No. 799242

Samefag, vitamin is also nice. "Vihtahmehn"

No. 799255

i like watching people play with their hair it relaxes me

No. 799273

File: 1620186727462.jpeg (1.78 MB, 4032x3024, buckwheatclose.jpeg)

i like this cat

No. 799274

File: 1620186748978.jpg (88.73 KB, 503x582, caaat.jpg)

No. 799284

i don't like this cat. i love this cat

No. 799303

File: 1620189547812.jpg (263.58 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 2021-04-27 at 1.58 PM…)

No. 799305

File: 1620189966534.jpg (188.21 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 2021-04-30 at 4.12 PM…)

No. 799388

So cute, she reminds me of my childhood cat.

No. 799515

Looking at this picture makes me very happy

No. 799592

File: 1620227557276.jpg (133.61 KB, 752x719, arm.jpg)

No. 800802

File: 1620349800326.jpg (236.46 KB, 1080x720, 3octroll.jpg)

i still like this cat

No. 800803

File: 1620349823972.jpg (190.32 KB, 1074x592, crazyroll.jpg)

No. 800818

File: 1620351372195.jpg (183.09 KB, 1080x720, aightthen.jpg)

No. 803402

When I see deer while I'm driving. If you've hit a deer, fuck you and your mom

No. 803422

Eh, who the fuck aims to hit a deer? They can fucking kill you

No. 803488

File: 1620662775711.jpeg (96.87 KB, 325x465, 06AB00CB-AF2F-438E-8FEC-BE53B8…)

I love schnauzers, with their cute eyes, cute beards and adorable tails. I want to pet all of the schnauzers in the whole world, and I want my house to have schnauzers everywhere. I can’t wait to be able to train my schnauzer so I can go everywhere with him, he will be my emotional support pet someday.

No. 803570


Hi schnau-anon this is the content I have been waiting for (I have two minis and they’re incredible, obviously). Seeing them with cropped ears and tails makes me so sad though.

No. 803606

File: 1620670024232.jpg (235.74 KB, 833x714, Black-Russian-Terrier-15.jpg)

You might also like Black Russian Terriers. They're huge in person, and actually the largest breed of terrier (actually taller than a few large breeds). Very similar eyebrows and beard to a schnauzer

No. 803629

File: 1620671170593.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3264x2448, 66091DDF-48F3-437A-A6FC-BE9A56…)

Utterly based. I have two of the little devils. The only dog me and my partner agreed on. When we were looking at puppies. Now we buy anything we see with schnauzers on it, go to schnauzerfest meets (a yearly U.K. wide fund raiser of schnauzer walks) and we both scream schnauzer whenever we spot one when we’re out and about in the car.

No. 803647

File: 1620672343619.jpeg (80.76 KB, 414x600, D959EAF2-1AE3-40F4-B72C-774691…)

collies, and it's a sin that picrel is the thread pic for things we hate. pls no bully, I have been around collies for most of my life and they are such cute sweet weirdos. I love dogs in general because they're so weird and earnest. my dog will often walk into a room and just stand there front-facing, staring at us, mouth open in a poo-brained smile. it's endearing how awkward dogs can behave. collies are extremely awkward if you ask me but I love to wrap my arms around and hang on in a hug, it's like hugging a friendly loving lion.

No. 803663

Tbf Op was a bit if a dumbass and got a borzoi confused with a collie lol

No. 803664

I remember, I thought that's actually kinda cute she could be so scatterbrained, but it is still a shame that it's the face of that thread

No. 803670

Australian accent. It just sounds so friendly

No. 804567

File: 1620786358060.gif (551.88 KB, 648x368, wZx1eHf.gif)

I love cloudy/foggy/rainy days.
Not to sound like an edgy bitch but I could live somewhere where it was cloudy and grey all the time. For some reason it just depresses me when the sun is out all day. I love the sound rain makes hitting the metal roof.

No. 805183

Same! I have a folder full of different rain sounds on my computer and MP3 player. Rain hitting metal roofs, thunderstorms, etc. Rain pouring down while someone drives a car is one of my favourites, I can't explain why it's just a very relaxing combination of sounds to me and helps me sleep. I thought it was just a weird autist thing I liked but there's loads of youtube channels putting up vids of different rainy scenarios which is where I rip the MP3 files from.

No. 805752

Bullet journalling. There is nothing that makes me happier than crossing off my retarded little bullet points off my retarded little to do list in my retarded little notebook like an autist.

No. 805757

I was claimed by the bullet journal cult recently and can confirm this is pretty satisfying

No. 805760

File: 1620917254650.jpg (51.29 KB, 600x600, lucky-cat-black_600x600.jpg)

hoooolllllyyyy shittttt anon. i forgot about this video. i remember writing the lyrics on my hand and imitating her. wtf, what a blast from the past.

anyways, i really love cutesy maneki neko. they make me so happy

No. 805810

File: 1620923342225.jpg (72.79 KB, 920x434, tumblr_oniy9eT4hj1uvh81do2_128…)

Blackpool's G1 MLP illumination. I wish I could see it IRL, or at least own one of those ponies for myself. I hope that current owners are taking good care of them some photos on the net make me doubt that tho, cause they are a priceless treasure. If I ever win a lottery, I will either buy one of them from someone or commission a copy.

No. 805812

File: 1620923382853.jpg (58.29 KB, 800x600, Buttons.jpg)

No. 805872

So cute, I also love that you are knitting ( I think). This looks so comfy

extremely beautiful dogs, I love them!

No. 806524

File: 1621001913144.jpeg (83.18 KB, 736x1308, 3B50CB8E-4C9A-49A4-B61B-1520C5…)

I love bull terriers, they’re so ugly in an adorable way. One of my reasons for staying alive is the hope of one day owning one and getting to pet it’s big ‘ol head every day

No. 806526

I think they are so cool too, it makes me angry when people say eww they are so ugly, why are they so rude?

No. 806528

I guess they are ugly but it’s in the same way pugs are cute. I guess some of the white ones are prone to skin cancers/moles so maybe that’s why idk

But yeah I love them so much. They have character

No. 806534

egg head. egg looking ass head, still cute though

No. 806536

Exactly, I could name it something stupid like omlette or scrambles

No. 806542

File: 1621003457630.png (532.51 KB, 799x450, AC2D0744-BB89-44F9-BD35-CB765F…)

Ever since I found out about the "Walter" meme, I've never been the same. What a creature.

No. 810268

How newborn babies smell. I'm not a mother, so I'm not sure why I like it so much

No. 810312

I pet a puppy bull terrier at a dog park once and he was really soft and cute. I hope you can experience something similar soon.

No. 835609

File: 1624318023856.jpeg (89.44 KB, 669x647, 3AB8FFC6-482D-44DA-93B4-5E9845…)

zuck edits and memes make me giggle horrifyingly, the stupider the better.

No. 835611

File: 1624318233469.jpeg (108.47 KB, 680x907, FFE7C1D7-3263-41F3-9CC9-49638B…)

also they make me think for some reason that if humans historically had the technologies to make similar memes about public figures like napoleon etc, they would have done the exact same. it has me warm inside.

No. 835615

My long legs. I got fitted for trousers properly and I'm over 34 just by a bit. It's so nice when I'm sitting and my socks dont become visible and make me look like an old man or a nerd. I always thought I was average in everything and now I've above average legs lol I feel like Taylor Swift or something

No. 835626

File: 1624319961354.jpeg (12.68 KB, 236x307, images (6).jpeg)

well yeah, at the time they made cartoons

No. 835639

Please post more of these, it's hilarious

No. 835645

You're going to upset the Napoleon thirst posters, or maybe turn on the femdom Napoleon thirst posters, I don't know

No. 835669

File: 1624325108143.jpeg (99.97 KB, 742x762, 59B33197-6786-4B6A-AAB5-9E95DF…)

your wish is my command, but I will only do this one because I don't want to spam

No. 835808


They scare me tbh lmao, they look so alien, almost like an experiment gone wrong. Even just looking at that picture makes me uncomfortable. But in a weird bizarre way I can see how some people would find them cute

No. 835812

File: 1624346838892.jpg (76.16 KB, 750x737, IMG_20200424_154715.jpg)

this ultra-90s pic of James Marsden

No. 835818

File: 1624347490341.jpg (25.27 KB, 800x451, blow-dryer.jpg)

The sound of hair dryers. I've always found it so calming, when I can't sleep I put on ASMR videos of people drying their hairs and I fall asleep immediately kek
During cold months I use them to warm myself up and get relaxed, it just feels so nice! Most of the times I use mine I ddon't veven use it on my hair, I just turn it on for background noise/warming purposes. My cousin also finds it relaxing, but he's the only person I've met that does.

No. 835840

I do it too and it's the first time I'm hearing of somebody doing the same! I remember from my childhood I'd sometimes get woken up by my mom getting ready to work while i still had some time before leaving to school and I'd always fall back asleep listening to the hairdryer sound.

No. 835858

Yes! I would also stand next to her and wait for the air to blow on me, I'm pretty sure this is the reason why I love hairdryer sounds so much now

No. 836050

I wish I could be like you anon! I have to use earplugs if I use a hair dryer. Is there anyway to teach yourself to like the sound or is it just something you either do or dont like?

No. 836758

File: 1624463545059.jpg (28.7 KB, 389x384, 7349c6f873cee79237f81fd0fef57b…)

I fvcking love these babies sm, little water dogs that never grow up. I want an army of them

No. 840208

File: 1624878204035.jpg (36.33 KB, 519x450, aWmqRRn_700b.jpg)

The smell of WD40.

No. 846371

I love listening to a CD on my stereo and right after the last song is over there's a small quiet whirling sound from the disc for a few seconds before it goes silent. It's those little moments that make the listening experience even better for me, idk why but it makes me happy

No. 846376

Same!!! And if I choose to have it on repeat, the whirr when it starts over

No. 846905

File: 1625552080153.png (122 KB, 492x440, imagen_2021-07-06_011445.png)

I love Wind Waker. My favorite childhood Zelda game!

No. 846910

I like the Zelda anon kek

No. 846913

me too

No. 846914

I don't

No. 846924

I don't. Fucking summerfags

No. 846932

File: 1625553821349.png (207.52 KB, 680x628, imagen_2021-07-06_014333.png)

anon I've always been here eternally for 7+ years. I was just bored and I have zelda opinions kek

No. 851985

File: 1626095985807.jpg (74.88 KB, 488x488, GUEST_06103746-6963-4da1-8e8a-…)

No. 851989

File: 1626096498477.jpeg (81.07 KB, 1000x1000, 3709A4FF-1BF1-4BBE-8C5E-532C3B…)

crunchy, springy, chewy, perfect

No. 851990

File: 1626096633710.jpeg (203.3 KB, 1000x1000, 3F21768B-83D9-4F31-8390-06845D…)

impossibly smooth, fruity, chewy, filling is tart with a slight granular texture, amazing

No. 852299

File: 1626125380921.jpeg (55.92 KB, 750x689, 16B8AC56-0C51-4CB3-B27B-324408…)


I love IKEA Rambo crunchy strawberry candy. It’s the perfect blend of stretchy and soft and chewy sprinkled with crunch. But my local IKEA removed the bulk candy section for covid and it hasn’t come back yet, rip.

No. 861429

File: 1627067018303.png (1.39 MB, 2000x1235, imagen_2021-07-23_140310.png)

I love her, I'm so proud of her for doing the olimpic flame stuff, just knowing she exists makes me happy

No. 861443

i saw her docuseries on netflix and i'm obsessed with her now

No. 861494

File: 1627072321909.jpg (216.71 KB, 1126x1500, 81dlD7h-7wL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

My fav British sweets. Picrel Black Jacks, an aniseed chewy sweet and Fruit Salads which are raspberry and pineapple chews, can buy separately or in packs together.

No. 861495

File: 1627072400876.jpg (81.74 KB, 500x498, Pear-drops.jpg)

Next up is Pear drops. Pear-flavoured boiled sweets.

No. 861497

File: 1627072607715.jpeg (52.64 KB, 720x540, C9BC30BC-9AFE-4AA0-B8E6-B56096…)

Omg anon, the colours remind Rhubarb and Custards I used to buy them from the little sweet shop in my town!

No. 861499

File: 1627072770662.jpg (88.27 KB, 1200x1200, peach ring light1200.jpg)

they're also the color of peach rings in the US

No. 861502

British sweets are superior

No. 861503

File: 1627072911001.jpg (121.25 KB, 1300x1065, an-open-pack-of-refreshers-swe…)

Refreshers Rolls. Fizzy fruity tablets.

Love them too!

Old school British sweets and chocolates are the best imo. I had Kendall's Mint Cake for the first time recently, any nonnies tried it?

No. 861504

File: 1627073004793.jpg (465.82 KB, 1200x1206, a68-tool-users-1.jpg)

Kendal's Mint Cake. Shackleton ate it on an expedition and it was subsequently marketed as an energy bar.

No. 861505

File: 1627073213705.jpeg (283.45 KB, 1000x667, CBF8D88D-E079-49DD-9968-140970…)

I am reminded of going into a sweet shop like picrel and asking for 50p’s worth of rhubarb and custards, and being given a little white paper bag of them!! So wholesome

No. 861510

Isn’t rhubarb quite bitter? What do these taste like?

No. 861517

File: 1627073757391.jpg (72.63 KB, 600x450, f48ae1863a1108ced9dee56b65e6ba…)

Yes nonny! Me too, traditional shop and stripey paper bag! lol. When I was little, Friday was sweety day and I had 50p to spend, £1 on special occasions. It definitely made sweets more exciting this way lol. I only ever had Rock when we went to the Beach too, I used to lose my mind lol.

No. 861537

Places like this exist?!??

No. 861549

yeah they're all over England still.

No. 861558

File: 1627078539000.jpeg (89.51 KB, 800x533, 65D48AFE-249C-4D57-8D15-E576C8…)

In Berlin on holiday for the first time and Im autistically obsessed with the metro stations and public transport in general. Why is the UK so shit

No. 861584

File: 1627081574386.jpg (145.33 KB, 824x660, Untitled.jpg)

Seeing men get the same treatment kek

No. 861592

Anon, read "Axolotl" by Julio Cortazar, hope you'll see it

I love it!

No. 861602

It's the only example I've ever seen. I wonder what he did to piss off the editors of the Daily Mail? kek.

No. 861621

File: 1627083755058.png (316.88 KB, 590x676, iydzgxmfn9cz.png)

if there's one good tweet Trump has written, it's this one

No. 861625

Idk who this guy is, but who the heck wears a t-shirt before Congress??

No. 861640

A disrespectful bitch.

No. 861884

Why the fuck does this guy look like that, he looks like that music video with the dudes in bulky square costumes.

No. 862978

File: 1627246568831.jpg (46.63 KB, 615x409, 0_Royal-Mint-2021-coin-designs…)

interesting coins

No. 863004

the hg wells coin is so cool, damn

No. 863055

File: 1627253519810.jpg (228.78 KB, 800x596, 18466_01_med.jpg)

Puzzles of urban landscapes

No. 863059

File: 1627253729766.png (3.78 MB, 1490x1490, screen-shot-2020-07-15-at-8.21…)

No. 863060

I like collecting manga and doing art again. I don’t remember why I stopped but after getting some antidepressants, I feel like myself again.

No. 863427

I love puzzles so much, it stimulates my autism in a good way.

No. 863430

File: 1627256440593.jpg (241.24 KB, 1000x1500, photo-1486915309851-b0cc1f8a00…)

I love staring at the fire, love its crackling, and especially love the SMELL. It makes me so happy!

No. 863460

File: 1627262359043.jpeg (135.99 KB, 1081x1500, EEB46E07-4900-4D29-93C9-FD00B8…)

I really like this granola from Costco. It’s not too sweet like most granola is, and it’s got a lot of nuts which I love. Kind of expensive, but I only use a bit at a time to mix into my yogurt so it’s worth it to me.

No. 864314

I love the smell of gasoline. No other smell is as euphoric to me.

No. 864514

Lmao same. When I was a kid I loved smelling it from the back carseat while my mum was at the gas station.

No. 864523

that explains a lot of things about this website

No. 864557

File: 1627375951550.png (845.65 KB, 1000x1000, YOGMIRTILLOHIPROGR160-80016300…)

I love this yogurt. It's a little pricy, so I don't buy it too often, but it's probably my favorite yogurt ever. It's low lactose and kind of fluffy in texture.

No. 895959

File: 1630372999774.jpeg (177.79 KB, 900x1200, 9EB47A81-3ECC-46CD-95DA-E50610…)

I love seeing animals wrapped in cozy blankets looking like little bundles of love, peace and happiness. They make my life nicer and less sad.

No. 895985

File: 1630375251882.png (430.01 KB, 2302x668, 89D8BA31-193F-4DFC-B3E2-305B41…)

This post. There’s something I really like about it. It completely rejects helplessness and powerlessness, especially for those who keep whining about how online spaces tarnished their lives, ruined their mental health, and killed their puppies—like they’re passive little cockroaches being acted upon en masse by an online monster amalgamation of retards and BPD chans. It’s quite powerful, how it immediately assumes agency: it’s a darkhorse you give legs to, and you—and only you—can ride. You learn to train it or you don’t, whining is mental faggotry.

A good post to energize you when life become murky. Blessings to this retard.

No. 897674

File: 1630521478626.jpeg (310.1 KB, 1242x1323, E8665B5A-7F66-40A9-A517-EDB295…)

I love Arizona teas, they’re amazing, I wish I could have a can next to me every single day.

No. 907277

I love ABBA. It is truly tragic that they're mistaken for a cute little disco pop group by brainlets. ABBA isn’t a pop group, and if they are, then other pop groups should look away in shame because they’ll never shape up. Even if that is true, ABBA isn’t merely a pop group; they’re an embodied exercise of love and loss—more specifically, the loss that the passage of time brings. This loss isn’t strictly rooted in the realm of the interpersonal, either. There can be a different kind of loss, a loss of innocence and a loss of self, a loss of previous convictions and a loss of a certain “inner” landscape, or mood. Their whole work, from their first album to the second album, is about all of these different kinds of losses: from them pairing up, getting married, rising to stardom, breaking up—romantically, and then professionally. Just take a look at their first music videos, wholesome couples laughing together and having fun, energetic and lively. And then look at them as time takes its toll, and the worlds grows changing and dark around them, and Agnetha and Björn break up, then Frida and Benny.

I still do believe that Frida and Benny’s break up song is the most brilliant break up song ever. What other song described the weary feeling of trudging away from a long term relationship?

>In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks

>Slightly worn but dignified and not too old for sex
We're still striving for the sky
>No taste for humble pie
>Thanks for all your generous love and thanks for all the fun
>Neither you nor I'm to blame when all is said and done


> One of us is crying, one of us is lying

In a lonely bed
>Staring at the ceiling
Wishing she was somewhere else instead
>One of us is lonely, one of us is only
Waiting for a call
>Sorry for herself, feeling stupid, feeling small
>Wishing she had never left at all

Or Like An Angel Passing Through My Room, one of Frida’s best songs. A meditation of love and loss at the end of a stunning career:

>Half awake and half in dreams

>Seeing long forgotten scenes
>So the present runs into the past
>Now and then become entwined
>Playing games within my mind
>Like the embers as they die
>Love was one prolonged goodbye
>And it all comes back to me tonight
In the gloom
>Like an angel passing through my room

My favorite, though, has to be Cassandra. It’s a grand, tragic song about a Trojan prophetess. After being given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, she rejects him, and he curses her so that she would never be believed. When she warns the people of Troy of the Trojan Horse, they ignore her, and she has to suffer quietly knowing what’s to come:

>Down in the street they're all singing and shouting

>Staying alive though the city is dead
>Hiding their shame behind hollow laughter
>While you are crying alone in your bed

She suffers quietly, deemed a hysterical crazy bitch spouting nonsense, while foreseeing death and destruction—worse, she knows that she will be taken by Agamemnon, and that she will die. But this song isn’t just a retelling, it’s an apology. A hand extended from Frida, whose voice never sounded so beautiful:

>Sorry Cassandra I didn't believe

>You really had the power
>I only saw it as dreams you would weave
>Until the final hour
>I’m sorry, Cassandra
>I’m sorry, Cassandra

If you want a song where Frida’s voice sounds exceptionally amazing, though, check out Andante, Andante. Never has a song about boning sounded so lovely, so velvety:

>I'm your music, I'm your song

>Play me time and time again and make me strong
>Make me sing, make me sound
>Andante, Andante
>Tread lightly on my ground
>Andante, Andante
>Oh please, don't let me down

My party favorite, though, and the one I would recommend to everybody is this masterpiece: Does Your Mother Know? Guess about the best song of all time is about. That’s right, condemning statutory rape. Björn and Benny are such men of culture that they wrote their best song about staying away from underage girls.

>I can see what you want, but you seem pretty young to be searching for that kind of fun

>So maybe I'm not the one
>Now you're so cute, I like your style
>And I know what you mean when you give me a flash of that smile
>But girl, you're only a child

Björn, being a man of culture, doesn’t outright reject or slut-shame the girl. He even compliments her (“You’re so cool, I like your style”), and tries to gently rebuff her. Hell, he’d dance with her, flirt a little, but no more than that—after all, does this girl’s mother know she’s out?

>Well, I can dance with you honey

>If you think it's funny
>Does your mother know that you're out?
>And I can chat with you baby
>Flirt a little maybe
>Does your mother know that you're out?

No. 907381

I was about to agree with this old post but I realized this WAS me holy hell I can’t believe we have 8 things we hate thread but only 1 things we like lol

No. 907639

she should be a motivational speaker

No. 908864

File: 1631471221327.jpg (99.2 KB, 800x576, 89f84f73e23d1de25887419709d469…)

No. 908871

omg this is so wholesome!! She's my hero

No. 908932

I love you for this post, anon. I didn't know much about Abba, but now I do. I would love to read your thoughts on other topics. You are cool as fuck!!! I hate when quality posts like this one get zero replies. I guess everyone reads, nods and doesn't say anything because they have nothing worthwhile to add. I know I do from time to time.

No. 909236

File: 1631485203988.jpg (565.38 KB, 1080x1700, 8x382mwiytc71.jpg)

This shit was so good, I read through all of it in one sitting. I want more chapters.

No. 909775

File: 1631507593265.jpg (81.05 KB, 564x752, cat33.jpg)

what is it called nonnie ?

No. 909806

Beware of the Villainess! There is a webtoon and novel! Definitely recommend it.


It isn't her anon!

No. 909808

File: 1631509277241.jpg (220.09 KB, 521x321, 438290483205673.jpg)

Aside from being a fun troll and making some solid bops, I love that Lil Nas has gone as big and flamboyantly gay as possible, complete with the frequent sexualization and objectification of men. Can't really think of any gay musician that has come out and successfully remained very popular and mainstream (Ricky Martin was huge then sort of disappeared after his reveal). Since I know women aren't going to stop being objectified any time soon, the least the media can too is drag men into this dumpster fire too.

No. 909810


I actually really enjoy his music. People give him shit, but he obviously cares about his music.

No. 909814

File: 1631509524501.png (1.25 MB, 1440x908, 4E05125F-3799-439E-B506-7ABBDD…)

I like screenshotting dumb ass scenes from movies. Surprised this isn’t a meme

No. 909833

it’s so forced that it almost feels like a parody of itself though

No. 910000

God I love elderly women so much lol

No. 910040

I love my garden and smelling my plants. I prune and arrange and replant and harvest ingredients. I love putting on my gardening gloves, baseball cap and backyard shoes and I just go to town and I get it looking so good back there. And when I'm all done I plop down in the lawn chair and admire my work

No. 911171

>some solid bops

literally where? or is the bar really that low for current pop music?

No. 911947

Is that Johnny depp and Helena bonham carter from Sweeney Todd?

No. 912293

File: 1631671082377.jpeg (216.25 KB, 1242x1242, A59A9647-09F7-45C1-9686-A55F3C…)

I like sending and receiving good night messages to/from my best friend, it makes me feel cozy and happy.

No. 912299

That's so sweet

No. 912837

i LOVE halloween season, halloween the day itself not so much bc I always have such high expectations that I end up disappointed, but everything leading up to it ahhhhh. I've already started planning my halloween costume. I'm waiting until October 1 to break out my decorations. Can't wait to buy halloween candy, go to the halloween store, go to a haunted house, bake halloween cookies, watch scary movies …. I just love it

No. 912851

Love hearing people with a Northern Irish accent use faggot as a slur lol

No. 912853

That's weirdly specific lol

No. 912857

My tiktok has been tuned to Northern Irish tiktok lol

No. 912876

I love friendship, I love making friends, and I love being at a point in my life where I am finally making healthy friends and not letting myself fall into the claws of horrid people. I am so grateful to finally be interacting with so many sublime individuals. I am so grateful to be alive still and to outgrow my trauma and the pain my family provided me. I am so so so so so so so so grateful for friendship and love and other humans and grateful for myself and my ability to make friends and to be a friend. I love being a friend, a coworker, a sister…. i cannot express to you sufficiently how grateful I am for this, and oh how grateful it is women! this pure, sisterly love that I lacked in my life and grew weary of. I am so happy I now am able to see past these immature convictions that simply came from a place of hurt. i am so happy and grateful for love and friends and other girls

No. 912893

Me too nonita, I love the macabre atmosphere, watching horror movies and seeing people dress up. I think this year I'm going to throw a little halloween party for the first time, I already made a playlist to set the tone. Still undecided for my costume though. What are you dressing up as this year?

No. 912900

File: 1631724293023.jpg (21.14 KB, 480x368, bunny_ears_velcrow_hat_for_bun…)

I like animals wearing hats of themselves. My favourite is rabbits in rabbit ear hats

No. 912933

File: 1631726434272.jpg (53.09 KB, 564x698, 5485423bc0d77ebe8f69f9ee9bc188…)

you should definitely throw a halloween party, I wish I had enough friends to have one lol! I'm not 100% decided on my costume but i'm wanting to do a retro 1940s style witch, vampire, cowgirl, or devil (I love them all and cant decide!). I have a ton of inspiration pics but i'll save you all from dumping them all haha, but picrel is the sort of retro aesthetic I love

No. 912942

File: 1631727393181.jpeg (99.47 KB, 481x600, 59EE8ACB-D78C-4AD9-A773-E4C14E…)

Nta but I really don’t know what to do for this Halloween, last year I was hanging out with my best friend at her house while I had some shitty clown makeup, but this year we will meet up with some colleagues of her and I don’t know what to wear, i want to look decent.
Also, kek, this picture is so wrong.

No. 912949

whenever i don't know what to do i always just wear normal clothes and then do some kind of fx gashes/bloody scratches on my face. kind of a lot of effort if you don't already know what you're doing but it usually ends up looking cool.

No. 912978

There's a podcast I really like titled "kowabana" which is a woman reading japanese scary stories that she translated herself, usually from 2chan. It's really cosy, the stories aren't really scary, so I can listen to it before bed.

No. 913027

File: 1631732372191.jpg (108.08 KB, 1168x756, rg.JPG)

I like that the little suburb I moved to for uni still has orange/yellow lights installed on most streets. I hope they never change them out, in my home village they changed them all to white LEDs, it looks so sad and eerie at night and in the evening. The white light turns everything almost grayscale and and you feel like you're lost in a parking lot, it's sad somehow. I can handle minimalist buildings and such but why do the streetlights have to be white? It's harsh and almost clinical, it feels unnatural. I guess there could be legitimate reasons for it but it's so joyless.
The yellow lights amplify the blue in the shadows and the sky and make everything look so magical. It makes me feel like I'm walking through a painting. When the streets are wet and cars drive by, their red tail lights turn purple and pink on the street, it's all so pretty. On wet and rough asphalt sidewalks the reflected light looks almost like fireworks. When it snows you can see all sorts of pretty colors and shades. It's all so beautiful, I love autumn and winter for this reason. It feels comforting in a way, like life is worth living

No. 913229

File: 1631742852493.jpg (5.49 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Ambient music. My favorite is Hiroshi Yoshimura- have been listening to his music for about 6 years and it never seems to get boring or old. Nowadays I especially enjoy reading while I listen to it

No. 913329

File: 1631746900043.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpeg)

Seeing this picture of this pup, I feel I see it once a day and it's so cute.

No. 913332

i love wrinkle faced puppies. my golden retriever was like that when she was a little one.

No. 913350

Kek, I was about to post the same thing. I love that little puppy.

No. 913552

File: 1631769782800.jpg (51.65 KB, 481x591, halloween.jpg)

I love Halloween and it's my favorite holiday/time of the year. I've always had fond memories of it ever since I was a kid.

No. 913605

File: 1631777780518.jpg (32.41 KB, 736x736, 5845399e50c3db405bc3a43b5fa337…)

me too, I adore halloween season

No. 913614

File: 1631778913090.jpeg (366.4 KB, 694x893, 134795F5-B55C-41B8-8BE9-B44CBC…)

Need a Halloween thread in /m/.

No. 913926

Should I make one?

No. 913933

File: 1631814920839.png (507.16 KB, 760x655, basedoctopus.png)

No. 913938

Yea I read about this a few months ago and apparently throwing stuff is almost exclusively seen in females. The males rarely do it.

No. 913945

Make it Halloween/autumn, so I can also share the pretty leaves

No. 913948

Please please!

No. 913959

Just made one, hope it's ok!

No. 914140

I love finding old, crappy and random videos on Youtube with <20 views. +points if it's endearing bad boomer or internet illiterate videos. I amaze my friends with the bullshit I manage to find. Their reactions make my day

very late reply, but congrats nonita!can relate. I've never been on antidepressants, but after over 6 years depressed and without making art I'm rediscovering my passions and I feel like myself again. What manga have you been reading?

No. 915819

I'm >>913614 thank you, anon! It's lovely.

No. 917683

File: 1632114543520.jpg (184.51 KB, 1275x1527, A42T911C.jpg)

I love beak-nosed men.

No. 917688

Boy do I have the thread for you

No. 917689

Kek I just finished watching this the other day

No. 917699

File: 1632119154797.jpg (112.54 KB, 564x827, b14291e9da874d5169354e8e9095ff…)

I love full moons!!!!

No. 917829

this has convinced me to go for a nice walk this evening to look at the moon during sunset. thanks nonnie!

No. 917860

tag yourself im worm moon

No. 917864

File: 1632145103256.jpeg (96.46 KB, 621x390, 5EE7B116-A78D-4050-A09D-930DA8…)

i’m the harvest moon

No. 917865

File: 1632145152709.jpeg (43.4 KB, 768x772, A409E9E6-19FA-4AB9-B9A0-572C23…)

i'm sturgeon moon

No. 917869

File: 1632145348347.jpeg (154.81 KB, 1242x696, 98F184FF-9100-4B27-92EC-B7C14F…)

I’m Strawberry moon because bees hate me and I love berries.

No. 918400

File: 1632182333158.png (4.03 MB, 1334x750, 2B83E61B-4618-4667-AC51-09D934…)

they always think i’m someone else when i post in response to something but they’re never right and it entertains me greatly

No. 922585

File: 1632537166224.gif (621.62 KB, 498x261, 3AE7205D-70AE-4E9A-AE48-FA61C7…)

eliza dushku in bring it on

No. 922640

File: 1632541889586.jpg (365.74 KB, 1075x550, shutterstock_515873173.jpg)

Flower Moon!

No. 922649

File: 1632542306244.jpg (92.26 KB, 500x484, tumblr_7917136eac94b3ffd1187fd…)

No. 922650


No. 922657

File: 1632543034270.jpg (180.59 KB, 1536x864, townscaper.jpg)

Really been loving this little game Townscaper the past few months. So relaxing and cute.

No. 922945

File: 1632579808059.jpg (37 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

Thanks for the rec

I counter with my own, wattam

No. 922952

File: 1632580648516.webm (517.58 KB, 360x360, videoplayback.webm)

I want to vibe with him… AND I WILL

No. 922965

File: 1632581603562.jpeg (99.15 KB, 1200x1200, imageService.jpeg)

No. 922966

The_carebears_wearing_the_skins_of their_defeated_enemies.jpg

No. 922969

I love when I am changing my sims clothes and she goes "Oooo… Ahhaha" or "Ahaaa, aaahaaaa"

No. 922987

That shit is like ASMR to me.

No. 923015

Indian summer. Always the best time of the year. The weather is perfect, and life is good.

No. 924643

File: 1632750235734.jpeg (975.08 KB, 1279x813, A74B5D19-D8E4-453D-8989-CBF55F…)

I like giving and receiving flowers. They brighten up a space, but they’re not something you’d usually buy for yourself because it seems a bit frivolous (or at least that’s how I’ve felt). As a gift giver, there’s less worry that you’re giving something unwanted/burdensome, since it has a shelf life anyway.

No. 924954

My beautiful, gorgeous cat. She has the most angelic beautiful pretty face in the whole fucking world and every morning when I come down into the kitchen she prrrrps at my feet, inquiring about her morning treats, and I stare down into this bright, beaming and round little beautiful face. Her huge green sparkling eyes are full of innocence with a lurking ferocity beneath the surface. She’s absolutely fucking beautiful, tortoiseshell, but white underneath, a beautiful white chest and paws, a dark pattern on her back that looks like an angels wings, ginger and brown. God she’s beautiful. People tell me she should have an Instagram, people exclaim “she’s gorgeous!” when they see her. I’m so lucky that I get to look at her pretty little face every day and that she showers me in love and affection. She purrs so loudly when she sits on me. She “makes biscuits” with her paws. She greets me when I come home like a dog. She comes when I call her but not when anyone else calls her. Only me. She so clearly loves me more than anyone else in the family. I don’t know why, but she absolutely loves me and wants to be around me all the time. At the same time she has her own shit going on and plays in the garden by herself. She’s not dependant on ne, she doesn’t feel needy, she just really loves to be around me and sit on my lap and purr very loudly.

No. 928403

PDF books, especially when they have bookmarks!!

No. 928406

Have you tried epub/mobi tho? Though PDFs are the best for albums and other highly illustrated books

No. 928414

what epub reader do you recommend for Windows PC or Android phone?

No. 928554

I liked when I was younger and I stayed in a small apartment with my family.

It felt like everyone was closer, even though sharing a room with all my siblings meant there was only a tiny space to walk in our room. However, there was less privacy, and we had to be quiet when our dad was in a meeting or our older sister was twitch streaming as this all happened in the same room. But it felt like a high up castle and life was simpler there. Also, when I went to sleep, I could hear romanian people partying downstairs, and occasionally people with gardens in their garden. So I didn't feel alone as I was falling asleep, but had reminders of other people being there, instead of facing that nighttime loneliness, I could drift off to the sounds of other people. I liked that apartment and I think I like apartments now. Sorry for going a little off topic.

No. 928739

File: 1633215418379.jpg (162.09 KB, 1000x1089, 71rKlCDVNgL._SL1089_.jpg)

Love the smell of Murrays. It's kind of nostalgic.

No. 928746

Nta, but Readera is great for Android!

No. 928776

I feel this a lot. The best nap of my life was drifting off listening to my family chatting and laughing down the hall on Christmas Day night. It’s nice to be a part of something bigger than yourself. If you like that sort of thing, anyway.

No. 928821

I liked reading your post nonnie

No. 929177

I love it when my boyfriend pulls me onto his lap whenever he is working at his desk. He continues to work on whatever he was doing whilst kissing my neck or simply smelling my hair and holding me with one arm as he works with the other. I love being so close to him and knowing he feels comfortable around me and wants to be near me. I love him with all of my heart.

No. 929182

File: 1633279660611.png (102.52 KB, 316x432, rvvfff.png)


No. 929184

I love it also when he lets me lay my head on his lap and he plays with my hair. Or when we lay in bed together and he kisses me more and I ask him to tell me a bedtime story. I love it also when we go to museums together and he pulls me into a corner nobody frequents and kisses me passionately and leaves me flustered for the remainder of the visit, trying not to blush and rejecting any other attempts out of embarrassment, even though I really like it and he still succeeds. Or when the people whom we shared an elevator with leave and he grabs me and kisses me and does it all with such power and surprise I am again left disheveled but filled with love. Or when we were at a restaurant and he asked for the bill, and I quickly gave him a kiss on his cheek which left a mark he was unaware of, and then for the woman to return and for him to pay, completely ignorant of why the woman gave us a cheeky look, only for me to reveal it to him afterwards and to have him flattered but playfully disapproving of the stunt. I love him… (Samefagging to avoid having this thread at an unholy number)

No. 931982


No. 931990

I like chamomile

No. 931996

File: 1633535338930.png (2.26 MB, 1242x2208, B6F58327-9E82-4360-9710-147B6D…)

No. 932002

me, too, it smells and tastes so nice

that sounds delicious

No. 932013

Next time you go to a coffee stand ask for a "Cereal Milk" London Fog. Its when you put lucky charms on top of the steaming milk of a earl grey mmmm

No. 932046

File: 1633538136598.jpeg (256.08 KB, 1242x1508, B689039A-A0B4-4110-814C-F5AEF5…)

There’s also this syrup, it seems really nice, specially for pancakes.

No. 934641

File: 1633804111671.jpg (127.82 KB, 736x736, 1609476661149.jpg)

The social media thread pic is really fucking cute

No. 934660

Agreed, it screams:
"I have a studyblr and my favorite pastime is checking pinterest every 10 minutes while drinking hot matcha latte and listening to pretentious (but not underground) indie music"

No. 934665

Wait sorry I thought this was the "things we hate" thread lmao I hate that picture

No. 934666

>"I have a studyblr and my favorite pastime is checking pinterest every 10 minutes while drinking hot matcha latte and listening to pretentious (but not underground) indie music"
Hey, I dated that girl! kek

No. 934677

lmao, I get what you mean but I really love drawing that are kinda cluttered and you notice more things the longer you look

No. 934778

lmaooo I thought that was an oddly aggressive way to describe a picture you like

I like the art because mundane daily life drawings are cute to me, but I get your disdain for studyblr vibes. If they spent less time on being aesthetic and more time studying maybe they wouldn't have to make it their whole personality.

No. 934876

File: 1633838291524.jpeg (168.74 KB, 1080x1094, 717313AD-52FA-4914-9E44-3B664B…)

this image

No. 934882

Unironically kys

No. 934915

Had a random thought about a video game I really liked as a kid and then went down a rabbit hole of gameplay videos from my childhood that I all but forgot about. To name a few- Lego Tomb Raiders, Spy Fox, Putt Putt Saves the Zoo, Scooby Doo Mystery, Zoo Tycoon, Frogger:Swampy's Revenge, Airstrike Eagles……feelsgoodman. After revisiting gameplay I realize i still like these things. They're comfortable. It was nice to remember.

No. 935080

File: 1633874073280.jpeg (23.94 KB, 275x183, BACB53A6-FCE4-49FC-90C6-8D061B…)

I like these pictures of dogs being friends with cats.

No. 935145

womackposters need to banish themselves. no one thinks you're funny.

No. 935234

File: 1633889483060.jpg (351.42 KB, 1920x1200, 481072-puppies-and-kittens-wal…)

Same here, anon. Both are adorable, and I'm happy they exist. Glad I don't have the brain problem that makes some people resent and sperg over either one or both or whatever

No. 940166

Dead malls. I love Dan Bells dead mall series. Some spergs love airports, I love malls. It's like a city but closed in like a blanket. Comforble. When I travel abroad my favorite thing to do is check out the malls. 80s mall interior is so beautiful. I want to be proposed to next to a pretty fountain in a dying mall.

No. 940177

File: 1634385990983.jpg (820.38 KB, 1774x2049, C6ZHlOZXQAACuYO.jpg)

This pugilistic belle

No. 940183

Hell yeah. The series on Owing Mills Mall breaks my heart a little, but in a way I am totally into.

No. 940186

File: 1634388384038.jpeg (722.5 KB, 828x1018, 52777730-FA1F-4105-9520-EBFC6F…)

I’m currently ill in bed with food poisoning or a stomach bug, and I just read a wonderful article on a man helping to conserve rare cranes who had a bird accidentally fall in love and mate with him for life. she would always kill the other cranes they tried to have her mate with until she met the man who takes care of her now. he artificially inseminates her each year, helping to conserve her species, and even dances and sings for her. it was a really lovely article to read! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/style/wp/2018/07/23/feature/the-crane-who-fell-in-love-with-a-human/

No. 940278

File: 1634397314172.jpg (106.69 KB, 940x529, groundhog-day-canada-20170202.…)

I love that Groundhog Day is a thing and that every province/state has their own special little groundhog with a cute name that they look to for answers about Springtime. So fucking cute. Painfully cute. The most wholesome holiday ever. My favorite groundhog is Shubenacadie "Shubie" Sam, because of the time zones he makes the first prediction in Canada. Check out his bitchin' house.

No. 940310

Oh my god I've been waiting forever to tell this story. My grandfather used to be a part of the committee that does the groundhog day ceremony in Wiarton, the groundhog's name is Wiarton Willie. when they were getting ready for the ceremony in the late 90's they got him out and realized he was fucking dead. They couldn't get a new groundhog in time so they used a stuffed groundhog dressed in a tuxedo in a tiny coffin instead. A sad day in Willie history, but at least now they have a backup Willie in case that happens again

No. 940319

wait there are multiple groundhogs? this is amazing i had no idea.

No. 940458

I don't know whether to laugh or cry so I guess I'll do both

No. 942472

I really like the :3 emoji. I just think it’s so cute and I love using it even if it makes me look like a cringey weeb.

No. 942483

I'm there with you sister

No. 942504

>Wiarton Willie
Lolcow is the last place I thought I would hear that. Damn anon!

No. 942742

File: 1634637197045.gif (299.29 KB, 500x288, tumblr_nqantu68Dw1qze3hdo1_r1_…)

Same here. Saved a lot of beautiful pixel art and gifs like picrel. Also Undertale is a great game though there's always gonna be a bad side in most fanbases.

No. 945176

File: 1634828220231.jpeg (201 KB, 1000x1379, 4B955FF7-6D54-4A0A-879C-3E3F02…)

I love root beer in all forms. It's botanical and sweet, a taste that is both refreshing and refined.

No. 945272

the baby is drinking from a wine glass

No. 946934

I like when I look at my cat and he's making the :3 face at me.

No. 948886

When my cat begs to smell stuff when I'm cooking dinner and then comically launches himself away when it's something he doesn't like

No. 963178

40 minute long hot showers.

No. 963183

my cat does this. she doesn't like mustard and I started to tell her it's mustard and she won't like it and she just looks disappointed after smelling it when she knows it's mustard because she doesn't like it

No. 963565

I just discovered breakcore and it actually helps me focus

No. 963579

I produced two whole ass songs after listening to this, very effective

No. 963586

what if I have to study

No. 963588

I actually love breakcore too (and dnb) but for me it just puts me in a moody mood

No. 967147

File: 1636784584463.jpg (530.32 KB, 1080x2257, g4nh4iey6zk51.jpg)

I love this app, I downloaded it in 2015 and it's one of the few apps I've never deleted from my phone. It's relaxing to listen to some chill vapor wave by small artists, seeing the listener count rise and drop or the likes appear. Something cozy about knowing I'm listening with other people, probably doing their homework for college or maybe chilling in bed with some snacks. I like that most of the backgrounds are gifs from old anime, very aesthetic heh.

No. 967198

is this satans playlist, wtf nonas thats evil shit, terrible.
now my head hurts, fuck you.

No. 967202

Oh wow thank you anon, this looks really neat

No. 967246

Whoa nice. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be listening w you ♥

No. 967656

File: 1636847318577.jpg (550.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211113-113017_Gal…)

I really like (love) my angel cat, Gracie

idk if this is allowed but idc, I'm desperate. my cat needs emergency surgery for a blocked urinary tract. it's going to cost $2k and I'm broke as of today after paying for the initial vet visit. I live solely off of govt assistance (I'm in a wheelchair) so my income is already limited as hell as is. please help me, lolcow. her blood toxicity levels are high and she is miserable. the goal is to get her into the 24hr ER vet for surgery tonight (nearly 7pm here currently in burgerland). I put my info on picrel if any kind nonnies can help her out.

No. 967838

Post this on reddit/social media

No. 973114

File: 1637378553372.jpg (62.7 KB, 808x454, Fun-Peanut-Butter-Teddy-Bear-T…)

Holy sweet fuck I love peanut butter toast, sweet Jesus fucking shitting christ in a handbag do I love me some melty peanut butter on a lightly toasted crispy warm ass piece of mother fucking white bread

No. 973183

File: 1637383380167.jpg (293.63 KB, 1500x1500, jammers.jpg)

No. 973247

File: 1637388502443.jpg (220.7 KB, 1200x900, 6734.jpg)

Normalize gingerbread dinos

No. 980344

My boyfriend. He's the only person who cares about me.

Best taste!

Yes I miss gifs like this! Saw someone here call them boomer gifs and I cringed.

No. 981827

Debussy. I found out about him because someone here posted about how they'd fuck him. I thought his name was stupid and hilarious but it turns out his music is beautiful. I don't really care all that much for classical music but god I love listening to Debussy so much. I'd like to get married one day and have them play Debussy as I walk down the aisle.

No. 981832

Also I love listening to cello pieces! Especially that one stereotypical one that they always play.

please forgive me for reposting this like 3 times because I'm retarded as fuck

No. 981836

hehe de bussy

No. 981873

hopping on your post as an excuse to post this music, it's INCREDIBLE

No. 982071

I just listened to it, thank you for posting nonna! I love it!

No. 983400

File: 1638432217776.jpg (14.63 KB, 437x101, asoidsdsi.JPG)

I love finding sentences on the internet that would be completely incomprehensible to the anyone not terminally online

No. 983462

I like classical music a lot, but it always sends me on a rollercoaster of emotions and speeds up my train of thought to the maximum, so I don’t listen to it often. Like, the feeling is uncomfortable and I’d rather listen to music with words to distract me instead.

No. 991449

File: 1639221027449.jpg (591.18 KB, 750x750, lovethese.jpg)

Jacquline Wilson books. Comforting and nostalgic.

No. 991476

The goat rodeo sessions are the best soundtrack for morning walks!

No. 992510

File: 1639321344021.png (495.61 KB, 700x700, yummy yum.png)


No. 992513

The Lindt marketing team sure have been active here lately.

No. 992517

Memories. My childhood best friend was dyslexic, hated reading, hated school and wanted nothing to do with books but got real into these. She then got me into them by lending me them and tbh I never liked them quite as much as she did but I would hype them up too just to be supportive. I think she likely had more than dyslexia going on tbh and needed more support than the school ever offered. These books were such a huge deal to her.

No. 992556

truly the 00s british girl's shakespeare. i was obsessed with these books and still have a bunch, my favourite was little darlings

No. 992569

are you seriously thinking that ANY marketing team would even spend a fraction of their time considering advertising on a tiny gossip imageboard? lmao

No. 992586

You would think that LC is too small to bother with but then why is their one poster that attempts to shill the vaccine in the covid and tinfoil threads.

No. 992671

I'm sure she's doing it for free too

No. 1005128

File: 1640502857108.png (197.19 KB, 800x677, book_note_empty.png)

I like lists. I keep list of all media I own, like books, manga, DVDs, CDs etc, I love websites like mydramalist to keep track of everything I ever watched, and one of my favorite parts of my job is doing inventory. And after I post this I'll make my shopping list for when I next go into the bookstore.

No. 1005162

Me too. I wonder which job would be good for living out this passion.

No. 1005168

Inventory manager.

No. 1015781

File: 1641338789740.jpeg (314.08 KB, 640x1060, 6CF16A04-D55D-4735-B400-3A1352…)


No. 1016034

No. 1016040

File: 1641349499822.jpg (524.06 KB, 819x1000, scorn.jpg)


No. 1016976

Love this! What's her insta?

No. 1016993

She said she's replacing it with a tattoo art account so it's gone, but there was only five posts on the original excluding the one I just posted and I can dump them here if you're interested!

No. 1017010

be careful anon, someone could maybe trace you back from those pictures maybe ? The drawing is super cute though!

No. 1017026

Seconding this, it might be kind of inconsiderate to your friend to post her art here OP especially with the stuff that was said in the post lol

No. 1017033

I doubt it since they don't exist online anymore. The original account had only me and close friends following and I doubt any of them use LC. I also just don't have an online presence. Her usual work is so different from these too. I appreciate the concern though, and what >>1017026 said so I'm just gonna delete it.

No. 1017425

I like classical art, and anime art, and classical anime art.

No. 1034496

I love dark chocolate. Almost too much. It's so fucking good.
Hell yeah nonnie me too.

No. 1034576

File: 1642711580702.jpg (93.49 KB, 627x737, portraet_der_kaiserin_maria_fj…)

jewelry in paintings!
makes me want jewelry

No. 1034588

yes anon!! I've bought from a small business who make replica jewellery based on paintings of noble ladies. got the sweetest freshwater pearl earrings and I love them

No. 1034754

Spraying perfume in my hair

No. 1034984

File: 1642731580842.jpg (8.43 MB, 6000x3694, The_Roses_of_Heliogabalus.jpg)

Someone say classical art?

No. 1035441

File: 1642770924466.jpeg (11.22 KB, 189x189, 066DDAFD-BCB4-474B-BE11-5A44D0…)

I like the anon reading this hehehehhehe

No. 1035480

needs more flower petals tbh

No. 1035486

File: 1642774881340.jpg (6.78 KB, 211x168, hehe.jpg)

i like the anon who wrote this heheheheheheheee

No. 1035489

who can i discover with more art like this. its not dreary at all

No. 1035510

That's what the Romans thought too until they suffocated and died of the petals.

No. 1035536

Amazing! Beautiful!

No. 1035538

Rococo art
> Rococo painting, which originated in early 18th century Paris, is characterized by soft colors and curvy lines, and depicts scenes of love, nature, amorous encounters, light-hearted entertainment, and youth.

No. 1035587

No. 1036439

I like the new Pokémon Snap, and hate how it's better than all the new mainline Pokémon games

No. 1036460

It really is very good and it’s way better to replay than most Pokémon games. Excited to see what Arceus has to offer though!

No. 1036487

Soon, nonnie, soon! I'm keeping an eye out for it too

No. 1037175

I like this website
I will NOT post a picture, despite this being an imageboard, because I want you all to have the fun of seeing it for yourself

No. 1037577

absolutely incredible. thank you for this gift

No. 1047494

File: 1643604850741.jpeg (175.54 KB, 750x931, 66D74B31-ECA6-4B03-B3B9-B6F481…)

As a kid my mom hated pets of all sorts and would never let me get any pet, not even sea monkeys. “Sea monkeys are stinky”, she said. Well now I went and bought MY OWN sea monkeys. They are about 5 days old right now and I love those little specks so much. Nobody can keep me away from these monke ever again.

No. 1047516

Bless your little family of crustaceans. Have you ever heard of triops? You can hatch them similarly and they actually get to be pretty sizable (well like a small fish but still)

No. 1047518

File: 1643607448677.jpeg (175.64 KB, 800x1062, 95D5BD5B-D7E1-47A7-8F66-43C1CA…)

If I was only around men I would lose my goddamn mind

No. 1047525

These Chinese/Taiwanese animated news segments always crack me up. They look like they were made in Sims 3 and are fucking insane. I would watch the news everyday if they made it like this

No. 1047528

File: 1643608422032.jpeg (149.31 KB, 509x339, A180473C-CE9B-49CE-ACC7-B48108…)

they're so freakishly cute nona I want a colony of them now but I've killed every fish I ever had

No. 1047539

But I live somewhere cold with very little heating do they would never survive

No. 1047541

NTA but I tried triops and they didn't work for days and I was sad, and my family went on vacation for a week. I came back and there was a triop the size of a fat tadpole swimming around by himself. It lived for a long time too afterwards. They are worth the money to try, I might hatch some myself again

No. 1047667

This is wild

No. 1047765

Oh shit, I scrolled past and thought this was a sick guitar

No. 1047786

He was simply built different

No. 1049514

Meringue. It's like hard marshmallows.

No. 1049597

File: 1643777143985.jpg (36.22 KB, 750x648, yellow-sanrio-plushies-Favim.c…)

>posting funny things that make farmers genuinely laugh

No. 1049710

File: 1643796194958.jpg (65.86 KB, 1000x667, meringues.jpg)

I love meringues! Perfect flavor and texture, now you made me want to make some later today

No. 1049995

File: 1643821331593.jpg (2.22 MB, 3643x3643, Tuna-Taste-Test-25022018.jpg)

I was probably a cat in my past life, considering how much tuna I eat in a week.

No. 1050007

Based, i love tuna so. fucking. much, is so delicious. Meat and chicken don't even compare to its taste. I could eat cans and cans of tuna

No. 1050043

I always imagined the texture to be fluffy and prickly? I have never tried it and I am a vegetarian. I hate the smell, my mum and cat love it lol

No. 1050098

Yes nothing better than dark chocolate.


No. 1050584

I love lolcow. I know a lot of people hate how it worsened their lives, but personally, my life already wasn't pristine. The last two years are a haze of nothingness and sadness. I was wasting away, but lolcow made me laugh, helped me build coalitions with other nonnies across continents, and introduced me to so many things. I've learnt so much from the nonnies here, especially when arguing. A lot of you are insane, but a lot of you are also intelligent, creative, and laugh-out-loud funny. The amount of times I wheezed because of a nonny's post is unparalleled.

I picked up my habit of reading again, and I read a pretty large book. Due to lolcow. I read and wrote obsessively as a teen, up until things got murky and depressed, and I stopped. I wanted to be a writer really bad and was open about it, talked to people and was encouraged, and even though I no longer relate to that younger part of me, or that voice, it's so nice to discover that little joy again. I still find trouble performing tasks, especially with my fried brain, but to think that my progress would be straightforward is ridiculous. I'm behind on a lot of aspects in my life, but I don't think punishing myself for past mistakes is useless. I do understand the nonnies who say the website has helped lull them into a stagnant, passive rut, and they got too comfortable with the state of their lives to change. But honestly, I don't think this website stops you from doing anything. People can sleepwalk for most of their lives without the usage of lolcow. I think it's what you make it to be, but I understand nonnies are deeply uncomfortable with passiveness. I'm thankful to the thoughtful nonnies, the unhinged nonnies, the aggressive nonnies, the lifter nonnies, the dollmaker nonnies, the /m/ nonnies (love ya gals!), and the /ot/ nonnies. I can't tell if my effort to change my ways work, or if things distangles the way I'd like to them to, or if anything works out. But I hope it works out for you.

No. 1050593

File: 1643846634239.jpg (45.25 KB, 567x560, love reaction image.jpg)

No. 1050601

I love you nonny, I hope you can get back into writing as well, just from this post alone I can tell you have a way with words. You deserve the world!!

No. 1050782

I fucking LOVE back and shoulder kisses. I don't even like normal kisses that much but back and shoulder gimme

No. 1051742

File: 1643952695487.jpeg (408.99 KB, 3304x3304, F808066F-B9D0-40BE-B003-BA3907…)

I love Carmex chapstick. I have tic tendencies and live in a dry place, and if my lips ever get a little dry I subconsciously lick them until they become awful and painful. Carmex is the longest lasting of any chapstick I’ve ever tried and I always keep a container on me. I actually have probably 10 in my life, but they come and go as I move them around. Usually I don’t know the location of more than 2 or 3 at once, but sometimes they converge and suddenly they’re everywhere. Like a herd of yellow cylindrical sheep. My yellow children.

Only picrel is good, the long tubes and squeeze tubes must use different formulas or something because they’re barely better than other brands.

No. 1051744

agree with you, carmex is underrated

No. 1051745

do sea monkeys smell? i would not expect them to smell?

No. 1051753

I like them too, but I've heard that they actually dry out lips after time.

No. 1051760

I’ve heard that too but have never had better luck with other chapsticks.

No. 1051761

even though it's /ot/ my reply is bad enough to warrant saging, anyway my uncle had an expensive looking (and ugly) bowl of tiny tiny shrimp things that I presume are sea monkeys or at least close enough to them to warrant this answer, but yes, there was a tiny smell when they were in the environment (the water) but that could be associated microflora releasing gas or their own excrement or anything really so its hard to say, and you'd only notice it if you were a kid spending ages up-close staring at it wishing you could shrink and say "hi" with a little foot dance

No. 1051765

samefag, but can the seamonkey anon recall if hers have/had a scent? I think what I'm talking about could have had seawater in and been actual tiny shrimp-like creatures. Regardless, I really liked them and looked forward to seeing them

No. 1051790

nta but
>you'd only notice it if you were a kid spending ages up-close staring at it wishing you could shrink and say "hi" with a little foot dance
kek thats cute

No. 1052022

They have no smell right now. The only thing that would cause them to smell is if there’s a buildup of ammonia/waste in the container, but I’m an aquariumfag too so I know how to keep that from happening.

No. 1056026

File: 1644266824660.jpeg (302.47 KB, 2048x1361, A9DF8075-9CEF-4E9C-AEF9-B91811…)

I really like this one account on Twitter who owns these little nendoroid dolls and takes photos of them. She even makes them their own clothes. It's very cute and sweet, not to mention talented and creative! They're like her little daughters.

No. 1056034

I want this to be me, I am just waiting for a nendo of my husbando to come out. I'd make him such a cute house.

No. 1056044

Who's your husbando nonnie? I hope it comes out soon ♥
I want a nendo but only one so I have no idea who to get. My husbando is far too obscure to ever get one and my waifu's company is shit with merch for some reason.

No. 1056063

Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy. I actually owns Ogata already
Who's yours? I am waiting for WonderFest to see if there are any new interesting nendoroid announcements. Not only of him, but in general!

No. 1056067

Golden Kamuy is on my backlog. When I watch it I'll keep an eye out for him and think it myself "hey, that's anon's husband!"
My husbando is Vishnal from Rune Factory 4 ♥ His series is pretty unpopular and he is pretty unpopular too, so I don't see him ever getting a nendo tbh. If I was creative enough I'd try to make my own of him. Maybe one day…

No. 1056072

I love when nonas talk about their husbandos, I need to spend more time in /m/

No. 1056075

congrats on owning the nendo ogata, it's so cute

No. 1056080

NTA but Nonnie making a custom nendo is quite easy i’ve done it myself and i’m not the most careful or artistically inclined person, i hope you can give your husbando the nendo he deserves one day heart emoji

No. 1056082

File: 1644269005595.jpg (153.92 KB, 660x660, 6f0c10bc76a236d64db85a7216c3e9…)

Aww nonnie, that's so cute! Thanks! If you don't mind me giving you a suggestion, I'd recommend the manga over the anime (if you like reading manga, of course), cause the anime skips a lot of stuff, even though it's been trying to "patch it up" with OVAs. Either way, I hope you like it!
Coincidentally, I was just recommended a video about Rune Factory on youtube! I guess I'll watch it after I do some work and keep you in my mind as well in case they mention your husbando.
Maybe you could comission a custom nendo? You just need the head and the hair, and then you could use an obitsu or nendo doll body and sew the clothes yourself. I've seen this a lot!

Thanks, anon! He sure is cute. I wish I could give him and Sugimoto if he ever comes out a lavish life like picrel

No. 1056087

I also like it, but I hate it when some people start shitting on other anons because their husbandos are "ugly", "unconventional", or too cartoony.

No. 1056107

thought u were being racist against filipinos for. a sec

No. 1056192

I really love vocaloid. It's been one of my main passions for over a decade now, I think I'll always love it. I'm amazed at how some producers are able to make the voicebanks sound. It's such a cool, creative and beautiful thing.

No. 1056240

Damn girl same!!! Soft tender neck and ear kisses are my shit. This man I've been seeing recently kissed my back and I liked that a lot too. My ex barely ever kissed my body so it was different!

No. 1056549

File: 1644291244921.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2272x1704, 04FB8066-FF70-4200-A699-DF8BB3…)

I love the smell of sagebrush. It reminds me of road trips and field work and exploring old mines and ghost towns.

No. 1056574

I like everything, infact I LOVE everything and that includes you nonner

No. 1056584

File: 1644293864713.png (666.4 KB, 640x841, 6BE5331B-B876-4792-89AE-B2C5F2…)

i like my gf so much
i hope i improve her quality of life

No. 1056593

File: 1644294158061.jpg (238.02 KB, 1809x2100, Binggrae-Banana-Flavored-Milk-…)

I believe in banana milk supremacy

No. 1056594

File: 1644294234918.jpg (345.49 KB, 1536x2048, 4XLStiletto_1024x1024@2x.jpg)

I know some anons here are weird about false nails, but I love when I'm doing my nails and use tips like picrel. It's fun to have on these dramatically long, super pointy nails for a few minutes before I lop them down to a more manageable length. Makes me feel like a witch or werewolf.

No. 1056654

No. 1056907

File: 1644324724099.jpeg (725.96 KB, 1530x1536, 8B6C19E5-FE34-4530-AF79-1A1A3E…)

These wraps from Starbucks, they’re so good and I can’t stop eating them.

No. 1058267

I love when I'm boiling food really high and I can see everything just rolling around and mixing itself

No. 1058278

File: 1644387173333.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.24 KB, 640x733, Ls6lchUncfw-rxT7uLMt62_90aZQKn…)

I absolutely adore Jacob's ladder piercings, they're just so attractive and hot in a completely degenerate way. I will never be ashamed.
TW penis

No. 1058284

what if these get like stuck inside of you or something? i can only imagine the many horrors

No. 1058286

nonny his job is to look sexy and provocative, no moid is deserving of the pleasure a vagina can provide.

No. 1058288

Scrotes do not wash their dicks enough for this to be sexy.

No. 1058291

File: 1644388414682.jpg (12.57 KB, 420x236, picard-meme-facepalm.jpg)

This thread was so pure and good, and then you had to post a fucking dick

No. 1058306

I unspoilered this shit before I read the entire post because I didn't expect to see a penis on our holiest of boards. Why can't you faggots just stay in /g/

No. 1058455

I really like penises

No. 1058564

>holiest of boards

No. 1058574

No. 1058578

Thank you for kindly ruining the wholesomeness of this thread. I hope this is a troll because that is gross and retarded

No. 1058602

/ot is literally one of the shittiest, only /m has to right to be called the holiest board

No. 1058607

File: 1644415150488.jpeg (14.95 KB, 264x191, FFCEB74A-0967-4090-8ADA-3528D4…)

I like drinking water, it’s so refreshing, I can’t believe there’s people out there actively avoiding it, I used to be like that, but then I discovered the wonders of just drinking water, it’s amazing, it won’t make you feel like your mouth is dry and you feel your insides sighing with relief because water keeps them doing their thing.

No. 1058610

This can’t feel good, it’s better to just get a custom dildo with a bunch bumps.

No. 1058621

It's a joke.

No. 1058812

Hells yeah I fucking love water, cold filtered water is my JAM

No. 1059029

What if I love you more!!??!?

No. 1059037

Water’s amazing. I always laugh inside at the suckers paying to drink soda at restaurants when I get to have a much more refreshing beverage with my meal for free.

No. 1059042

Samefag, I’m on a hike rn and it’s warmer than I thought it would be so I didn’t bring water, I’m so excited to head down and chug the biggest frostiest glass I can find.

No. 1059060

godspeed nona, it was lack of water that stopped my watery journey last summer. it was upstream a treacherous river that I found myself under a 94 degree sun. I could have continued but I chose the safe option to head back. I went back a few weeks later but the rain made it nearly impossible to even get to my private cove. this year is the year I'll make it all the way. I WILL have enough water!!!

No. 1059065

please post cove pics anon!! that's so exciting

No. 1059076

Yes, cove pics or it didn’t happen!

No. 1059225

My boyfriend. I love him

No. 1059476

Bacon. Nothing like a crispy sizzling piece of juicy bacon

No. 1059657

File: 1644478656767.gif (387.71 KB, 600x400, B83891DC-D405-43EC-86CE-C1D224…)

I love the Valentine's Day thread!

No. 1059844

File: 1644498847685.png (247.88 KB, 1280x1266, B4A6493F-98F2-4864-AAF4-7B9E0B…)

Eggs are fucking great. They're so useful, easy to cook, versatile and healthy. Give me allll that protein. Fuckin love eggs.
Fried, hard-boiled, scrambled, all DELICIOUS

No. 1060381

File: 1644520403402.jpg (9.41 KB, 109x132, swimfly.jpg)

it looks like a fairy lol

No. 1060386

thats a cool looking chao

No. 1065848

I like when people reply quickly (including here)

No. 1065853

No. 1065857

I love eggs too anon. I love a mid or soft boiled egg to take with me in the car on the go. I love making omelettes stuffed w cheese and veggies!!! Mmm mushrooms and onions. I LOVE EGGS.

No. 1066116

I like the richanon who paid for an entire year of lolcow so we can use it. I think about her often when I post. How nice of her.

No. 1066491

File: 1645638900316.png (24.95 KB, 633x346, g,klj.png)

I miss these kinda YouTube descriptions. They were cringy ten years ago, but nowadays they're like wine, just getting more endearing with age.

No. 1066547

Same, big appreciation to that anon
If you search in the right places, some videos still have them!

No. 1071748

I love Diary Of a Wimpy Kids books, it perfectly describes a shitty asshole young scrote. It's also a big part of my childhood and my love for reading. I remember when we had to go on those educational game sites, and I wouldn't play games. I'd just read DOAWK online sections. Then when I found the books, I love covers. Goosebumps, the OG Baby Sitter Club covers are my favorite. So I loved the covers of the books and the pictures. Greg is such a slick asshole. I also love the Ramona books, I just wanna go back.

No. 1072980

File: 1645977168357.jpg (108.4 KB, 1200x675, z56kef13gni6hfowz8lz.jpg)

I usually have a hard time eating eggs, but I will scarf down eggs with ketchup and 4-5 drops of hotsauce
I don't like the ketchup in this pic though. It should be drizzled across the eggs. It's also too close to the orange slices.

No. 1072994


No. 1073701

My right boob that is a little saggier than my left boob. Might sound like a cope to some people, but I'm learning to love her.

No. 1073716

I've never seen an orange slice plated up with a cooked breakfast.

No. 1073721

It's garnish at breakfast joints

No. 1073754

File: 1645992932943.jpg (46.99 KB, 700x686, no.jpg)

Ketchup touching oranges

No. 1073759

It's not actually touching the orange. The angle just makes it look that way.

No. 1073990

I think it's only people who can't stand to see other people live happily with themselves and their imperfections that say it's a cope. Love your boob nonnie.

No. 1074094

File: 1646003228969.jpeg (661.76 KB, 1920x936, FMTusRpXwA0zCuv.jpeg)

Look at him, BEAUTY.

No. 1074096

File: 1646003353648.jpg (29.91 KB, 580x696, Tumblr_l_273110301736024.jpg)

No. 1076147

File: 1646081872309.jpg (61.67 KB, 461x374, terrier.jpg)

I like Jack Russell Terriers and the equally delightful Plummer terrier.

most owners of these terriers are usually garbage raising them but if they have a great owner they're simply delightful and a joy to be around.

No. 1077161

I love Jack Russells. They're so funny and one of the very few types of small dog I actually like because they're quite athletic and not just a lap dog.

No. 1078349

agreed! theyre absolute athletes sometimes and its astounding. like when they just randomly decide to leap several metres or run like a bullet.
all the cool stuff of a bigger dog in a compact body. also they have super cute ears i think.

No. 1079613

My long-term relationship. Going to be 10 years coming up soon and it's so nice and cozy.

No. 1079622

Very sweet!

No. 1079634

File: 1646235202954.png (407.33 KB, 600x358, 2B9C077F-90B8-4ECB-8124-549ABB…)

this fat seal

No. 1079707

File: 1646237077544.gif (1.37 MB, 498x498, family-guy-peter-griffin.gif)

I've not read any of the thread so not if it's been posted, but I think the term "nona" is very cute and I need to use it more.

No. 1088555

I like how comfy lolcow is in little ways. Like for example, instead of having a whole board dedicated to advice we just have it as one thread and then carry on that thread. There are definitely pros to 4chan's more fast paced and busy posting and how everything gets archived/deleted after a while, but I prefer how it is here on lolcow. I like that most posts stay here forever. It pleases my tism and is just much comfier to me.

No. 1088587

I wish I knew what was my first post

No. 1090002

File: 1646718353632.jpg (93.83 KB, 828x953, 3po461m5zt941.jpg)

I love cheese. It's one of the only things that would really hold me back from being vegan. I must be a rat inside because I can't stop eating cheese, I'd rather have than sweets tbh. My favorite cheese cost 14 dollars and wedge but I don't care I buy it pretty regularly when they have it in stock

No. 1090091

File: 1646722359626.gif (61.15 KB, 1081x67, 3216226fcf139ca7.gif)

No. 1090103

My dog is a Jack Russel mix and he’s so delightful. He’s sweet and affectionate and super playful and loves to run around with me. I don’t usually like pure bred dogs but if I ever got one I’d want a Jack Russel, the ones with wiry coats are my favorite.

No. 1091205

File: 1646779041710.jpeg (47.4 KB, 739x415, 24C98463-94B3-408E-82F9-B62EC2…)

I fucking love pikachus a little too much. Whenever I see one (especially Ash's Pikachu) it just feels like my heart is squeezing and u can't handle the sheer cuteness. I just love them. They make me so happy. Such a cute design, such a precious creature. So fucking huggable I love all pikachus

No. 1091212

fat Pikachu is best Pikachu, hands down

No. 1091251

File: 1646780601137.jpeg (597.52 KB, 750x809, ADE306C1-57E3-42FD-935B-9CF580…)

I feel this in my soul. I fucking love pikachu. For christmas my best friend got me a pikachu head passcase because my old one broke. She also bought me picrel and it was meant to be a joke but I genuinely cherish it so much. Since it’s old merch he’s fat too. I love it.

I feel like a basic bitch because pikachu is my favorite pokemon but I don’t care. Pikachu merch is everywhere and it’s a blessing (and curse kek).

No. 1091254

I have one just like that but it's mewtwo. I put it on my keys

No. 1091295

File: 1646782830259.gif (377.54 KB, 500x274, 3C7BCB20-58C0-4DDA-8357-1660B7…)

I like boohbahs

No. 1091298

File: 1646783204508.gif (2.13 MB, 498x345, boobah-hi.gif)

That's it I'm boobah-posting

No. 1091299

File: 1646783245440.gif (1.63 MB, 320x240, YBjqPK.gif)

No. 1091311

Pls don't accidentally post boobah dicks again kek

No. 1091401


No. 1091592

Oh my god I didn’t even know these were real things kek. Sometimes I call my dog boobah

No. 1091594

No. 1091595

Here's a video too since the website will barely run on my computer kek

No. 1091775

File: 1646832546350.jpg (312.4 KB, 960x1271, tumblr_3e7fc96cc2c7e9868e59be9…)

I love handwashing clothes, especially if I bought them second hand in awful condition. So satisfying.

No. 1093548

This youtube channel, it's about a lady and her cute dogs. Her house and care for them is so cute. I found the channel thinking the smaller on pongki was a puppy, turns out she's like 6 or 7 years old and just tiny. I don't know much about dogs if you can't tell, but I love these dogs

No. 1093570

File: 1646960560051.jpg (165.47 KB, 1500x1198, 6000204643735.jpg)


No. 1093574


No. 1093579

File: 1646960915639.gif (163.96 KB, 498x421, ezgif-5-4ce6005c1c.gif)

No. 1093587

beboo, best living thing on this moldy space rock

No. 1095080

File: 1647076491072.jpg (43.79 KB, 735x717, 9cccfcf317f1391e8f5753aba91af3…)

When my cat looks at me and I return the eye contact and he starts purring in response and slowy blinking soothingly. I love you too you precious creature, my dear!!!

No. 1095087

YES! That little slow blink they do! It's their smile! Adorable

No. 1095269

File: 1647096344375.png (45.05 KB, 608x339, jktweet.png)

JK "not giving a fuck anymore" Rowling. (The moid called her a bitch.)

No. 1095270

fucking mogged lol

No. 1095272

She's brutal KEK cheers!

No. 1095273

i didn’t care for her before even being a harry potter fan but my god i love her now

No. 1095365

AAHHH I looooove this channel!!! Pongki is soooo funny and cute hehe.

Have you ever watched Girl's Planet? I love them! The owner is currently fostering a dog who recently gave birth, and her 7 puppies heh (vid is before the foster came)

No. 1095553

I love the doodle room and boards we have here, I can't draw at all but I still love seeing all the amazing drawings talented nonnies make

No. 1095562

I love drawing with nonnies but damn I feel shit when someone starts making an amazing full illustration with color and everything while my sketches look ms paint tier. I feel like I can do better with other programs and it's also kinda stressful other people can watch you draw in real time

No. 1095570

I get that, but I think having both full effort put in drawings and cute little sketches adds more charm and personality to the boards. Both are great.

No. 1096358

your dog sounds very lovely and a joy to be around.

i agree with the wiry JRT! theyre so unique. surprisingly, their wiry coat is soft and plush underneath if well taken care of.

No. 1097944

File: 1647293494250.gif (733.01 KB, 500x611, raining-money-35.gif)

Money. It's the best.

No. 1098401

File: 1647330888602.jpeg (30.99 KB, 400x300, 711D8EEA-9846-481F-B446-8EDDA2…)

I LOVE SLEEPING! It’s the best, I could sleep for days on end, sleeping is so fucking amazing I love dreaming and I love just being cozy in bed between a bunch of blankets, I love getting in bed and making up scenarios in my head to fall asleep to, I love when i’m really sleepy and fall into a comatose state of sleep and wake up feeling like a new woman, I love waking up after a way too long nap and feeling all disoriented, everything surrounding sleep is just amazing. I wish I never had to leave my bed, I don’t want to be productive or a functioning adult or a member of society I want to sleep forever occasionally waking up to pee and drink water or reading books and fanfic inbetween naps, maybe sometimes taking a nice shower and jumping right back into bed, this is all I want out of life. Sometimes I panic because I feel like i’m wasting so much time by sleeping like that I could be using to be productive but at the end of the day sleeping is more fun than being productive.

No. 1098436

File: 1647335211346.jpg (19.09 KB, 419x120, cat.jpg)

Both my cat and I agree.

No. 1098762

File: 1647367676313.gif (91.9 KB, 220x188, tenor.gif)

I actually like doing laundry, I love the feel and smell of fresh clean clothes. Only my own though, fuck doing other people's and sorting through their shit

No. 1107375

File: 1647993859447.jpg (13.87 KB, 236x314, ddbc135b68dde7ada77d9db3b41a28…)

Bearded dragons are so funny and cute. I want one but don't have the space atm rip dreams

No. 1107398

Oh god anon tell me more. I'll get under my weighted blanket in cool weather in freshly washed sheets and a shave…mmmmmm

No. 1107520

wizard lizard

No. 1112515

I really appreciate it when people put jumpscare timestamps in the comments of youtube videos. I like horror shit, especially horror games, but I'm also a massive pussy. At least if I have the timestamps I can enjoy watching the video instead of camping down in the comments and only listening to the audio, and then I can be prepared when the jumpscares happen.

No. 1112595

File: 1648344205134.jpeg (101.23 KB, 750x484, C563BAEC-3F24-49F5-9926-047681…)

I like this pic. The cat has very good taste

No. 1112599

I genuinely think it's really funny when a white person's face turns entirely red. Not trying to racebait, it's just really amusing.

No. 1112603

wawa's pasta dishes are actually so good i was expecting them to be shit but its actually decent

No. 1112699

Cookies that are a little underbaked

No. 1114511

File: 1648471866137.jpeg (33.83 KB, 460x207, E69CE41C-38BF-461D-8C44-39B1EC…)

I love schnauzers.

No. 1114528

File: 1648472937988.jpg (3.38 MB, 5184x3456, 140921_SD_Dinosaur_Park-0366.j…)

I like plastic dinosaurs

No. 1114560

I love my house spider. It’s a domestic house spider. It lives under the stairs but goes into the kitchen at night. I see it when i go get a snack. It’s probably getting its snack on too. Im always very careful not to step on it, it would break my heart.

No. 1114564

cute, you’re flatmates

No. 1114571

I love Hilary Duff

No. 1119361

File: 1648808860958.jpeg (316.59 KB, 659x1024, 5E4CCF8C-6789-487E-9C04-137D28…)

old illustrations

No. 1121822

All my gal pals from lolcow

No. 1121841

I like that we all work together during the moid raids to get their shit out of sight

No. 1121845

File: 1648965500847.jpg (15.47 KB, 474x332, OIP.jpg)

this image

No. 1121862

File: 1648965737598.jpeg (38.91 KB, 640x637, D80967ED-AB04-4183-BB1A-40817F…)

women, also don’t scroll

No. 1123028

Bump for gore!
But also same these dogs are so cute

No. 1123049

File: 1649048013618.jpeg (67.5 KB, 933x602, B8115E89-68C0-4DCD-9E9C-9945D1…)

Would put this in the career thread but no way I’m scrolling that far kek
Anyway I like the job offer I just got which is $15k-$18k up from my current role cha-ching

No. 1123067

Congrats anon! Really hope it goes well

No. 1125780

I really love the little beeps that home appliances make. I love when the washing machine beeps when it's finished, or the electrical cookers, or when I turn on the aircon, and I'll love when I have a bathtub that also beeps. I don't know why, it just feels comforting as in "the sound of being home and finally unwinding", but also makes me feel blessed to have all this technology to make my life more comfortable.
i swear i'm not autistic kek

No. 1126166

File: 1649322391396.jpg (24.03 KB, 918x506, 189039-rabbit.jpg)

Rabbits. Never thought they would bring me such a joy but here we are several rabbits later. I will never get tired of finding hay and poop even outside their living space as long as I'm able to enjoy of their binkies of happiness. Something in these little creatures just has me hooked.

No. 1136055

File: 1650033531886.gif (244.9 KB, 56x56, cat-sob-cry-catto-cate-catjam-…)

I fucking love hiphop so much

No. 1136180

Replying to an old post, but I completely get you anon. I also love things like cute sounding electronic door chimes when you enter a store, part of why I love going to Japan is that everything has a pleasant sound like this.

No. 1138041

This little penguin hero.

No. 1138316

File: 1650225836123.gif (8.67 KB, 75x114, lbAJZOG.gif)

I love neocities so much. God bless that website.

No. 1138470

File: 1650234851970.jpeg (49.94 KB, 480x482, Bunny.jpeg)

I like xqc

No. 1138605

I give this video a 10/10

No. 1139728

File: 1650348356652.png (330.41 KB, 770x963, ezgif.com-gif-maker.png)

I love love love Kristin Hayter. She has been my rock and my anchor since I first discovered her. The strength and energy she and her music give me is indescribable. I hope one day I can see her live. She deserves only good things and a fuck ton of money.

No. 1145772

File: 1650798366384.jpg (111.48 KB, 564x705, fa0624a6adae6d6c995a9956f29e50…)

I have a Pinterest full of boards with nature related pics and it makes me feel so happy whenever I scroll through it. I just wish I had the money and time to travel to those places.

No. 1146458

I love watching older ladies having fun with their friends when im out and about. There's something so graceful about women over 40. They have such charm and wisdom! I'm only 25 now but I can't wait until I'm middle aged and above, they know what they want out of life and have a pretty clear idea of who they are. There's so much to admire, if there are any ladies on here 40 and above lurking I envy you and look up to you.

No. 1146476

Oh fuck off I can barely tie my shoelaces
Go idealize someone else

No. 1146484

Well damn olga

No. 1170782

I love every anon who has ever offered me comfort or advice in the vent thread. As silly as it may sound, it really does help me feel less alone at times.

No. 1170815

No. 1170855

Actual sincerity in a sea of ironic shitposting is nice and hearing that it positively affected people is even better.

No. 1171596

I like actual funny shitposts as much as the next anon, but I wish the internet as a whole had more sincerity. I actually think anonymity allows for the most sincerity.

No. 1201528

File: 1653842597476.jpg (83.03 KB, 1155x648, dog_sleeping-in-bed-with-his-h…)

I love napping with my dog. She knows when it's nap time on the couch when I pull up the blankets and she jumps on me. She likes to curl up in the crevice of my legs. I'm so happy I have a dog as lazy as me kek

No. 1232484

File: 1655699090571.jpg (140.49 KB, 580x580, m_5b3570d12beb79bf2253f894.jpg)

Used to love Coastal Scents

No. 1232485

I love the library of congress

No. 1232492

File: 1655702169782.gif (1.26 MB, 498x376, d637be48e450b580df4c921c685980…)

I love rain, no matter the season. It makes me sad that we're having less and less rainy days.

No. 1232494

I love the smell of rain when it first starts. I also like the noise it makes, calms my nerves.

No. 1232496

Same! There's also such a calm atmosphere when it's raining. Like it dulls any noise.

No. 1232590

I would also love rain if I didn't have curly hair. With heatwaves getting worse and worse every summer I'm always looking forward to the next time it will rain.

No. 1232836

File: 1655739051047.gif (1.2 MB, 636x343, 8JZm.gif)

I love hearing rain at night, especially thunderstorms in the distance. We get a lot more rainy days the end of May to June here.

No. 1233223

Specific, the smell of rain on hot concrete is my favorite.

No. 1233378

File: 1655770632898.jpg (241.8 KB, 1080x1080, a1c731a75f42b4fc2b3c7cf31bc94e…)

I don't believe in life after death, but sometimes, for comfort, I imagine what my own personal heaven would be like. A small cabin in a rainy forest with big windows, a soft bed by those windows and an endless stream of calm rain and distant thunder outside. No more stress, worries or anxiety. Just my cabin in a rainy place, where everything is peaceful and quiet.

No. 1235251

File: 1655922828745.jpeg (56.43 KB, 500x729, Beautiful Mother Nature.jpeg)

I love barn owls! They can be creepy but also so cute.
Please have this eye bleach for the gross shit being posted rn

No. 1235263

File: 1655923125452.jpg (995.46 KB, 3024x4032, dqx7hluirfm31.jpg)

I like friendship bracelets

No. 1235533

File: 1655931939596.jpg (284.63 KB, 1803x2048, the best pic ever.jpg)

This image

No. 1235710

The picture and first part of your reply strongly reminded me of the Hirokazu Kore-eda film After Life

and because that's ot from the thread I'll say I LIKE this film a lot god I wanna rewatch it again

No. 1274717

File: 1658613975023.png (908.11 KB, 1024x1288, kek.png)

I have a soft spot in my heart for fangirls. I love the fact that they've existed throughout history. I'm not blind to some of the downsides of female fanaticism either, but as a whole I think the idea of it and the fact it has lasted for centuries is somewhat wholesome. I love talking to someone and having them sheepishly admit to me that they have a huge crush on a kpop idol or an anime character or some musician or Youtuber and then seeing their eyes light up when I tell them that I totally understand how it feels and they can gush to me whenever they want. I've been reading Kuragehime and I love the author's notes when she talks about how all of her assistants don't have boyfriends, but are all obsessed with random guys from sports teams or idols from theatre troupes. I watched a video about a reunion concert for a kpop band in the 90s and I thought it was so cute how all those older women got so excited and happy to talk with complete strangers because they shared a love for this band.

I think it's a type of comradery that only women can share and men only think it's cringe and hate on it because they don't like the idea of women fixating on men that they'll never be like. I wish I had a time machine so I could talk to an 1840s lady about her crush on Franz Liszt or an ancient Roman girl about her favorite gladiator kek. I learned from a friend that some women even staged a riot in the 1890s because their favorite hot baseball player wasn't able to pitch on Ladies' Day. Based stacies.

No. 1274745

This was really wholesome to me nonna. I’ve been a cringe fangirl since I was a kid and learned to suppress it around normies, but when I find another woman who is as autistic as me about shit it makes me really happy and has always led to friendships that I really treasure.

No. 1274824

File: 1658618809135.jpg (57.97 KB, 635x900, 20220723_195844.jpg)

Guinea pigs. Especially guinea pig illustrations. I've found some japanese guinea pig illustrators that are awesome and they warm my heart with their creations!
I want to do a guinea pig thread but I don't know if anyone is interested.

No. 1274826

saved, heartwarming as fuck

No. 1274840

I worry it's a bit too niche but I love guinea pigs too, maybe just share the art you like in images thread on /m/ at the very least? This one is so cute

No. 1274874

Well said nonna. It’s not about what they like, it’s that you can like it together. Go feral together. Yes.

No. 1274880

File: 1658623952261.jpeg (86.68 KB, 1125x970, fucking cute dinosaur.jpeg)

This vintage dino plush.

No. 1274892

File: 1658625362852.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, FFF1B473-22A4-4185-855C-707C15…)

munkies, i would die for them.

No. 1274916

File: 1658626808641.gif (7.46 MB, 348x640, 1F01E447-3317-40B5-B1C8-C78149…)


so true

No. 1274950

same, sometimes i watch monkey videos and cry because theyre so much like us and they deserve more. i love them so much

No. 1274961

She is beautiful

No. 1275184

This channel is great! They do humane wildlife removal but my faves are racoon jobs. They always ensure the mother has access to her babies. Also, this is a dad and daughter team which is so nice to see imo.

No. 1275221

For me it's got to be a tie between spiders and centipedes. Not posting any pics to be polite to the arachnophobic/formicophobic etc. Spiders are so creative, so patient, will always religiously remake their webs all the time, then there's so many ways they hunt it's unreal. Currently I'm obsessed with the ogre spider (please do not google images if you are arachnophobic they look like a jumpscare), they grow temporary irises every night that burn off again during the day, enabling them to see better. Then they hold out a net of web and stretch it out and wait very still for prey to be in range, then they very quickly snatch up their prey in the webbing net. Very metal!
Now the centipede will always run forward attacking prey many times larger than themselves, never stop attacking, attacking, attacking. They also can have potent neurotoxins so are dangerous to humans in humid countries like Japan.
I like to think that spider on centipede combat is like a throw-up between the two, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Not that I watch like, gross animal snuff videos, that shits for tards. I just like to think a lot about apex predators of nature.

No. 1275526

Oh my goodness I

No. 1275561

File: 1658684964465.gif (2.59 MB, 298x400, 0E49E71F-091E-467C-A319-00C43D…)

This gif and the video it is from https://youtu.be/tRLLSY6w9iI

No. 1275872

I can't get over how good this song is, I love it so much. Easily in the top best of all time imo

No. 1275895

This reminds me of rugrats when angelica is afraid a new baby will replace her and dreams about it. That is the babiest baby that will ever baby

No. 1275942

Things I like- this anon's love for Billy Idol if you aren't the same anon who has been posting about Billy Idol in the other threads then please ignore this

No. 1275956

File: 1658704800471.gif (1.7 MB, 240x180, ezgif-5-e02499f1a1.gif)

well yea it's me thank you anon ily

No. 1275976

He’s been stuck in my head for the last 48 hours, taste

No. 1276038

File: 1658709078681.png (158.82 KB, 500x531, tumblr_inline_nwmoh2gl9q1qlspy…)

I love romance media like you have no idea and I have 0 standards for it. I eat 100+ ch manhwas and mangas in half a day and currently follow close to 70 different titles, I read Jean Austen over and over again to the point I can puke quotes of most of her books, Outlander is my favorite isekai, I own a shit ton of otome games or any RPG with any semblance of romance in it, my gallery consists of mostly romance oriented images and I still feel butterflies in my stomach and get dizzy with glee every time the characters kiss or share a romantic moment. It's been god knows how many years and I still squeal with joy at Darcy declaring his love to Elizabeth. I love fantasizing about having a passionate romance like that and a cute little family even though I know it's impossible because the best romance characters are written by woman and real life scrotes could never compare, but it brightens my day just imagining it.

So yeah, nothing fills me with more joy than coming back from a horrible day at work and just snuggle in my reading corner with a good romance book/manga/game.

No. 1276066

I feel you but for me it manifests in reading excessive amounts of fanfiction. Published romance is well and good but fanfic is the fast food of the genre, so self indulgent and easy to consume… reading it takes zero braincells, there's endless amounts so you can usually find stories written to your preferences, it's all tropey and predictable and usually tagged so you always know what you're gonna get, it's the comfiest, most relaxing hobby I've ever had.

No. 1276457

File: 1658745871616.jpg (152.3 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20220725-034417_Chr…)

No. 1276505

Good. I hope it was excruciatingly painful.

No. 1276548

please post some of your faves nona!!! i'd love some recommendations from a true connoisseur

No. 1282813

File: 1659145373804.png (26.75 KB, 942x400, donnasummersheworkshardforthem…)

This comment chain

No. 1282820

based mom and daughter. love this for her. what a cool mom

No. 1289041

That nonna that randomly posts Leon S Kennedy everywhere. My favorite character is Chris but I love when she is around.

No. 1289094

File: 1659629959093.jpg (62.66 KB, 530x838, 1d29a9577ea216dcaaaf6587a62be5…)

I love when my dog decides to sleep in my room especially when he jumps on my bed in the night. I just love lap dogs and big lazy cats in general.

No. 1291618

File: 1659765341905.jpg (64.36 KB, 563x584, bc0581aee3e8515710b08e2a206aa9…)

I unironically love these reverse memes

No. 1291637

I like that picture, very adorable, I would love to make something like that for a pet