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No. 945538

Previous thread >>>/ot/934156
Thread pic credit >>938654

>>934169 Lana Del Rey releases a new music video
>>934178 Jamie Lee Curtis' son troons out
>>934180 Megan Trainor makes headlines for shitting with the guy from Spy Kids (on two separate toilets) but she says it was only once. She also feels the need to tell the world they pee together though.
>>934218 Adele's recent Vogue photos, which made an appearance before is once again posted, this time with anons discussing photoshop
>>934489 Judge Judy's longtime bailiff said to not be joining her on her new show
>>934742 Margaret Qualley is spotted out with manlet Jack Antonoff, who looks absolutely thrilled to be with her
>>934849 AG pics of her on The Voice are shared, anons agree she looks unnatural. Compared to a Chuck E Cheese robot, which is not far off. Stans said to edit her photos because even they hold her to a higher standard than how she actually looks.
>>935306 Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) claims her plastic surgery look was just a joke - looks very much like she had plastic surgery done. Original pic for reference >>935592
>>935698 Emilia Clarke is described to be an anachan. Other anons disagree and say she's fine.
>>935742 Themi Lovato back with another hot take - apparently "aliens" is an offensive and derogatory term for extraterrestrials, because clearly she's an uber woke expert on these things.
>>935761 Celeb spotted out looking like a tranny paired with a 00s style outfit. Supposedly it's Bella Hadid
>>935811 Madonna is still at this age trying to maintain her youth. It's uncanny looking at this point
>>935861 Jamie Lee Curtis' son's Twitter full of weeb shit
>>935870 Anon brings up point that Emilia Clarke could be ill due to previous brain issues
>>935972 Overly dramatic pics start to surface of the tryhard couple of the year: Megan Fox and MGK.
>>935991 Billie Eilish's aging looks are discussed once again
>>936005 The sickly looking lanky boy currently in style is pictured as young Willy Wonka
>>936008 Allegedly Jamie Lee Curtis? once wrote a weird book involving a little kid having a crush on a male teacher, but this goes unnoticed
>>936095 Megan's relationship brought back into the discussion via a meme with the winning quote "I am weed" introduced to the world by aspiring edgelord MGK
>>936123 Jesy Nelson (from Little Mix) makes a song with Nicki Minaj. Leigh Ann criticizes. Minaj fires back at her for "being jealous". Blackfishing is mentioned and talk on it and tanning ensues.
>>936128 Nicki Minaj and her scrote failed to respond to his court case
>>936146 Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker show up to compete with Machine Gun Megan to be the "worst high school alt couple". Described by anon perfectly.
>>936194 In case no one noticed, MGK says he's weed and supposedly "disappeared like a ninja in a smoke bomb", doubling down on the cringe
>>936202 Machine Gun Megan's first kiss wasn't even really a kiss, Megan disappears shortly after
>>936341 Timmy boy Chlamydia shows up on the cover of Time
>>936360 Tom Cruise has aged like shit, looks weirdly puffy
>>936363 But looks a little different in this image
>>936377 More talk about Little Mix, screenshot provided but honestly I don't follow.
>>936518 Screenshot posted of MGK sperging about how a life without Megan is worse than death, wishing to meet in heaven to fuck like demons etc etc - a ridiculous display that I'm sure their kids would be embarrassed of
>>936567 Lizzo emerges looking unfortunate in a mesh dress with, get this, no shoes.
>>936622 Anon shows the class how Lizzo used to look. Others lament the loss.
>>936962 MGK once again trying to be an edgelord at Aftershock. Crowd rightfully responds by pelting him specifically with bottles and tree branches
>>936975 More old Lizzo pics
>>937259 Non saging anon who claims to hate rap culture decides to whiteknight for MGK of all people. Proceeds to get shit on.
>>937288 Megan Fox shows she's just as bad of a tryhard as her fellow "outcast" and "star crossed lover", caught in the throes of some nonsense involving what sounds to be a very unhealthy relationship, guns, therapy (supposedly), and organic smoothies.
>>937295 Takagashi Minami is married to a scrote who has no idea how to maintain hygiene and gave her cavities. Anons learn that one can actually catch cavities.
>>937623 MGK said to have hair transplants
>>937750 Tyga arrested due to domestic abuse
>>937853 Rap hating stan still goes hard for MGK, claims he's above "99.99% of rappers". Other anons counter with 1) there is decent rap out there >>937902 >>937983 and 2) he's actually gross >>938055 >>938069
>>938130 Themi tries to look like an instathot with a horrible filter that puts weird lines around her face, while reality shows her to be, as >>938145 puts it, "chubby Michael Jackson with an ugly mullet"
>>938190 Blac Chyna at an airport ranting
>>938218 Anon reveals Themi and MGK were once speculated to be an item and points out similarities of Themi and Megan's behaviors while with him
>>938445 Another picture of Themi from the same time as >>938130 is shared, one anon taking note of Paris Hilton in the background this time and for some reason fantasizing about her fucking unwashed Themi from a pap pic of them going shopping for Halloween. Other anons are confused about the lesbian claims out of nowhere.
>>938688 This year's fresh new industry plant Olivia Rodrigo shows up with Alanis Morissette on Rolling Stone
>>938750 Jonah Hill asks for people to not comment on his body
>>938782 Anon posts Seth Rogen looking like a "sexy dad". Just about all commenters disagree, except maybe one further down the thread
>>939042 Very milky old Paris content shared, some of which has seemingly been wiped from any corner of the internet that her management can find.
>>939158 Adele releases new song
>>939204 Someone named Hannah Gadsby tears into the CEO of Netflix because of Dave Chappelle
>>939253 Screenshot shared of something Paris posted on MySpace, claiming she no longer parties as of 2007, as conversation about her persists. Anons deem Paris a liar, while some have continued to stan.
>>939376 Pic of Doja Cat is posted that sets off debate - is it plastic surgery, photoshop, both, or neither? Anons share their thoughts.
>>939436 Paris Hilton and her sister said to have done some pretty horrid shit to people, a photo of her on a hockey team is also shared. Situation is further clarified by >>939622 and >>939840
>>939464 Machine Gun Megan again being a vomit-inducing couple in an interview. Megan keeps calling him "Buddha" for some inexplicable reason.
>>939528 Doja Cat featured on the cover of Japanese magazine Egg. It's pointed out her wig isn't even laid right and still shows the lace front
>>939935 Referring back to >>939436 - one anon's only takeaway from that whole post is that… she's lesbian. Because she played hockey. Then gets criticized and is nowhere to be heard from for the rest of the thread.
>>940576 Lizzo doing… something on live (I didn't really watch it, do so at your own discretion)
>>940708 Doja Cat overtakes Drake to become rapper with most monthly listens on Spotify
>>940818 Lil Kim looks unfortunate now, which is sad because she was very cute in the 90s
>>941106 After much Doja sperging, it's revealed Lana Del Rey has yet another new album leaked again
>>941572 Another Lizzo live vid, or is it the same one? Again I'm sorry, only saw the thumbnail. Anon does say she flashed her ass though, as a warning
>>941578 Someone decides to speak out against Themi's "aliens is a derogatory term" claim - and it's Neil deGrasse Tyson telling her bluntly that aliens have no feelings
>>941810 Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker get married, with >>941930 pointing out ol' Trav takes his outfit inspo from Pugsley Addams
>>941990 Lanafags start analyzing lyrics and theories surrounding Lana
>>942443 Jack Antonoff allegedly isn't involved with this latest Lana album. May actually be okay
>>942565 Billy Porter mad about Harry Styles being "white and straight"
>>942933 Kanye got a haircut. As >>942966 puts it - "looks like he lost a fight with a weed wacker."
>>942956 Doja Cat mentions Lana
>>943034 Someone does a video on Demi Lovato x Aliens
>>943224 An article showing that people are unreasonably happy about Adele losing weight, criticisms of the body/fat positivity movement and their hypocrisy ensues
>>943503 Screenshots of Travis Barker's memoir, with some interesting mentions of Kim Kardashian
>>943614 Maneskin's music video, anons aren't impressed as their appeal quickly wears off
>>943645 Taylor Swift speculated to actually be conservative rather than left-leaning as she tries to imply
>>944012 Anon creates a Lana thread after much interest
>>944291 Billie Eilish creates a perfume, the bottle of course features a pair of boobs. Which leads to unnecessarily long infighting about Billie's boobs mainly
>>944303 Meanwhile anons are still discussing Adele's weight loss, said to do with reducing anxiety rather than a desire to lose weight
>>944643 Lizzo supposedly takes a shit on live - again? Really, again?
>>944664 Fiona Apple quits cocaine after having done coke with Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson in a private movie theatre, described as excruciating
>>944683 Lily Allen seemingly closes down her social media accounts after slamming a pizza place
>>944786 Chet Hank in his Instagram stories has offered himself up to Lizzo in case "it don't work out with Captain America". This is a fucking weird timeline
>>944789 Billie Eilish starts up a whole separate Instagram page for her new perfume
>>944976 Penn Badgley turns out to be a huge Cardi B fan, involving a cringeworthy exchange and changing his profile pic on Twitter to an image of her
>>945083 Jamie Lee Curtis in an article shows support for her son trooning out, the latter's outfit complete with fishnets, spikes, and a harness. It is too much.
>>945237 Kendall Jenner apparently being cringe, idk if it counts as news but a vid for anons is offered
>>944379 Gwyneth Paltrow decides to reveal to Ellen Degeneres (who still has a career?) that her teenage son is proud of her selling vibrators.

No. 945541

OP - This is my first time making a thread on here. I hope the description is okay. I might have missed a few things because there was a lot in the last thread

No. 945612

Thanks OP, the summary is a bit long winded but taking into account how much of a shit storm the last thread was and this being your first time as OP I think it's good.

No. 945615

good thread op

No. 945941

Inb4 tiddie eilish spergs

No. 946106

File: 1634866770956.png (533.68 KB, 636x382, EA03379F-D97F-4903-805A-16B6BA…)

This was posted in the last thread, this was the pizza she criticized and got mobbed for. It takes decades to get people to care about violence and rape, but a female singer saying this fucking joke is “not so great” or whatever is instantly dealt with in extreme measures.

No. 946232

File: 1634872302790.png (420.09 KB, 593x609, baldwin.png)

Alec Baldwin just killed a cinematographer holy shit

Link to article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/21/us/alec-baldwin-shooting-rust-movie.html (I think Variety has an article too if you reached limit for NYT)

No. 946234

holy fuck how does this even happen

No. 946235

File: 1634872599450.jpg (584.6 KB, 1080x2185, Screenshot_20211021-221347_Sam…)

Just about to post this myself.

Did Hollywood learn nothing after Brandon Lee's death?

No. 946236

It's interesting to see how different papers are spinning the story, eg the NYT screenshot directly says Baldwin fired the gun while Deadline says he was just holding a gun that misfired

No. 946239

Sorry to be dumb, but if this was a prop firearm how the fuck did this happen?

No. 946240

no one wastes time building "prop firearms" when you can use a real gun and fire blanks. theyre just injecting BS to cover his ass

No. 946243

File: 1634873919631.jpg (26.96 KB, 380x228, 8966379-large.jpg)

"Lemon, I'm only going to tell you this once. There are very few shortcuts in life. And if you want to kill a man make sure it's on camera so that every one sees it was an accident."

No. 946256

Oh my god kek

No. 946259

lmaooo anon

ok since we're being irreverent I have to admit when I saw the news my first thought was 'thank fuck Jensen Ackles wasn't involved' cause all I know about that production is he's in it and he is a favourite of mine.

No. 946265

Kek, life imitates art. It’s like pottery.

No. 946266

Thank you, was a bit worried about the length because I realized like halfway through that there was so much posted in the last thread.

Wtf is that pizza? I can understand why she was so pissed off now.

Holy fuck. Thanks for the link anon

No. 946268

don't take this the wrong way, but you're either a tumblr-chan or a tradthot-chan kek, but either way I agree with you on Jensen

No. 946277

What do you think Ariana’s BMI is? I think it’s 17

No. 946299

holy fuck it's not often i feel much of anything for these celebs but i can't even start to fathom how we must feel right now

No. 946314

Right? I can't even imagining continuing an acting career after this. Not for years at least

No. 946319

i hope this is the end for Alec Baldwin, i’m sick of his bs

No. 946334

Same. He’s a horrible person.

No. 946340

Why are you reposting shit someone else did? We've seen it. Its also super weird to relate this to violence against women. There's sexism at play here but no one dealt with her in extreme measures. Calm down.

No. 946343

He's a man. On top of that he's white and rich. Nothing will happen to him.

No. 946362

didnt jensen get cancelled or something

No. 946372

You mean the stuff from Supernatural days where he was uncomfortable about fangirls harassing him about Dean being gay or something? The one that some YA author wrote a book based on it (Ship It by Britta Lundin)?

No. 946378

File: 1634886452375.png (354.29 KB, 1080x494, tvab.png)

I know it's all over twitter already but apparently someone leaked the story on /tv/ hours before it hit the news

No. 946387

>if you can’t call out a shit pizza on here we’re all doomed

No. 946395

OP, your recap is Herculean in its effort.

No. 946397

I looked up this book because of your post and it seems unintentionally hilarious. Where can I pirate it?

No. 946400

Wow, looks like another Sariah Wilson kek

No. 946420

No. 946423

Zara Larsson’s very graphic nudes have leaked and scrotes are losing their minds spreading it around on Reddit.

No. 946427

File: 1634896255113.jpg (141.36 KB, 1920x900, ce7.jpg)

I think there was a bit of a resurgence in discourse about him being possibly homophobic when the series ended, mostly in an ironic meme way because of the confession scene though.

No. 946435

Thank you queen.

No. 946457

Is this any different than what they do every time a celeb leak happens? Just curious. Their monkey brains can't handle the excitement of finding out famous woman have tits and a vagina under there.

No. 946462

she really enjoys taking nudes, huh

but in all seriousness she looks good in all of them idt there’s anything to be embarrassed about, hope she doesn’t let it affect her too much

No. 946463

Any celeb who keeps nudes on their devices and/or the cloud are retarded and just asking for them to leak. They're all narcissists who can't control themselves and for some reason have to have nudes on hand. Just keep hardcopies if you gotta coom over yourself that much geez

No. 946466

There's a lot of them, geez. I don't remember any other celebs having leaks this "compromising", sucks for her.
This is dumb. Do you think people take nudes to masturbate to themselves?

No. 946467

It's a fucking joke anon, it's another way of saying celebs are self obsessed. Anyway how do you even find these? I find it impossible to find anything on reddit

No. 946468

Hard to believe this happened, considering it happened with Brandon Lee, the Crow, over… maybe 20 years now?
Anyone who handles set weapons is trained, and they do not not take their eyes off the props. They are never loaded with real bullets, because there has been documented accidents and fatalities on sets before. Since The Crow, sets are hyper vigilant about set safety . It’s even more less likely when the production is bigger and the cast are famous. The safety on set would have an even bigger budget to work with.
(As someone working on productions in LA And east coast)

No. 946469

File: 1634901185928.png (557.93 KB, 828x1792, BCCB946A-1C16-477B-B2E3-59AC3B…)

Samefag, was going to pull up an article on the Crow, but turns out it did happen again…. How? Fuck I hate how this shit slips through the cracks. Like yes, let’s all be fucking morons and keep a loaded REAL gun on set.

No. 946470

I still don't think having nudes makes someone self-obsessed though.
It's not on reddit, I saw them on [[REDACTED]]

No. 946476

Yeah, seems weird to me as well. What are the chances that Baldwin wanted to shoot live rounds in controlled environment to "better understand his role" or sth and fucked that up?

No. 946477

Anon stop. I'm not talking about anyone with nudes, calm yourself. I'm talking about idiot celebs, you realize you're on celebricows? Stop it and just laugh at these dumb cows. Zara's not coming back from this because instead of taking tit shots and mirror nudes, this dumbass took like 10 photos of her gaping asshole, didn't secure them, and now it's all over the internet.

No. 946480

It was one sentence, I don't think I need to "calm myself" lmao. We're allowed to disagree with posts in any thread, this is still /ot/.

No. 946483

Hey pal, so on set there are prop people, and that is their sole purpose, managing, maintaining and organizing props needed for the day. Gun safety is overseen by someone in the Union, meaning they have the education, expertise and hours on previous sets before they handle guns on their own.

From what I know from my experience working with these guys (prop ppl) , they will not load the gun with real bullets; won’t even bring real ammo to set. Maybe it wasn’t the prop People who loaded the gun.
Absolute tinfoil, maybe the gun used wasn’t the actual prop, it was brought to set by the actor’s assistants and people?
I’m not sure how this happened, and it is heartbreaking there is more death on set that is, once again, 100% avoidable.
I rig lights and shades on set (grip /electric), and safety is paramount to success. If I’m rigging a 2k over head and it’s not secure, it could literally end someone’s life on impact. You bet your ass when I’m 10 feet in the air rigging I am triple checking my setups. Sometimes I get anxious after and will check again, just to be sure.
I can’t imagine the grief of the crew, the family, and friends of the DP shot. My heart aches for them.

No. 946487

No. 946488

Sorry, just get annoyed when people don't actually read what I'm writing. Comprehension, nonnies! Please.

No. 946494

File: 1634903512129.png (Spoiler Image, 242.25 KB, 320x568, 3D19ADF8-BE49-4413-A9FB-CE91C2…)


No. 946496

Thanks for the informative post anon. I don't doubt that people on films sets are crazy about safety and preventing accidents like this one from happening, so someone must've fucked up big time.
My tinfoil is similar to yours: Baldwin being the absolute primadonna that he is insisted that he needs to know how it's like to fire live rounds so he can fully get into character, so his people found a way to sneak a real gun on set, shitting all over safety precautions, because you don't say no to a "star". Regardless if that's what happened or not, there has been a series of momumentally stupid decisions on that set and a woman had to die because of it. Horrific.

No. 946499

No. 946501

literal who and she has some cheap and damaged bleached hair jesus

No. 946509

No problem, any time!!
Extra blogpost, I was filming in Wilmington fresh out of film school. where Brandon Lee died on set years ago . We were shooting at Screen Gems (that studio is where Dawson’s Creek was shot), and the set I was working on had guns involved.
From what I remember, it was a series pilot for a crime show, and in the pilot there was a mentally ill dude shooting up a movie theater. The scene when the shoot out occurs is very difficult to hear, take after take.
They kept resetting and going through the screams, fake blood, all of it. I stepped out of the theatre between rolling, and I saw a table of prop guns for the shooter, the cops, etc. I picked one up just to look at it - like the dumb rookie I was- and gun prop man slapped my hand and then lectured me on gun safety, his responsibilities to safety, etc.
We ended up bondingon that set, and I learned a lot from that wise old man. He even showed me the alley downtown that the Crow was filmed, and where Brandon Lee died. I remember the seriousness of it all.
But if I was able to understand gun safety as a rookie getting paid jack shit, there is absolutely NO excuse for any sets with a big enough budget to cast well known actors to have gun safety mishandled.

Thank you all for letting me rant about gun safety on set!
Have a good day everyone!

No. 946521

Ok but why did she have so many pictures of her asshole

No. 946523

Good luck building your empire on those dime-a-dozen asshole shots that look like screenshots ripped from redtube, you go girl.

Also, am I an idiot or…do celebs get a "heads up" before their nudes leak? Very confused.

No. 946525

File: 1634907147519.jpg (91.83 KB, 768x1365, Zara-Larsson-Nude-Leaked-13-th…)

Her email or something got hacked, that's how she knew

No. 946527

This absolutely screams publicity stunt lol. Who knows but…she does not seem truly upset. This is the reaction? Aw, shucks! The world's gonna see my gaping ass now, should have done more than rely on Google security and autosaved passwords!! No idea who this is, she seems irrelevant but I guess she's big in Sweden or whatever.

No. 946529

These screenshots make it very difficult to feel at all bad, it's very attention grabby. If she was seriously distraught you'd think she'd write out a post explaining what happened, like a normal person. But no instead she puts her crackhead looking ass on insta stories with some text blurb explaining how moronic she is, naturally.

No. 946533

when i heard about that baldwin thing on the radio my first thought was that i wouldn't trust anything he says…

dude is shady af. remember is alcoholic/narc screaming fit at his little daughter? and now his young trad wife and dozen children? for an actor of his level it would be incredibly easy to get a gun and he apparently shot in the direction of the director…

No. 946540

Reminded me of Brandon Lee and how he died

No. 946547

But you can’t permanently delete for like 60 days or some shit so just bring back your Facebook page? What’s the issue there?

No. 946552

Zero braincells

No. 946554

is anyone else kekking at the fact that she advertised her upcoming nudes before they even leaked? what a transparent bitch, someone please bring the milk on her she's gotta have it.

No. 946555

This was done on purpose. She's lost a lot of fame the past year or two.

No. 946559

File: 1634911612336.jpg (66.38 KB, 976x549, _121184602_171a2884-e6fd-442b-…)

ahahaha. I Am Laughing

No. 946619

I get why he especially is uncomfortable, psycho fujo shippers harassed his wife(who played Ruby in the show) and made a number of wild and offensive theories about her, how she was apparently manipulating the show and poor Jared and a was preventing gay content in the show
it was ugly seeing play out IRL and its one of the reasons why I don't have much sympathy for current Fujos when they whine

No. 946625

You are so edgy anon, such cool humour, how I wish I was more like you

No. 946627

Weren't the characters they shipped brothers too?

No. 946631

yes they were, but around the end of season 5-6 they started being shipped with Cass(an angle) their own father, a young version of their father possessed by the Archangel Michael and the Devil
again it was pretty weird to see as it was happening

No. 946640

File: 1634918415063.gif (663.06 KB, 245x138, giphy.gif)

>their own father

No. 946658

reading a review of the book

>The main problem with Ship It is Claire, her attitude, and her behavior. I’m a fangirl. I’m a shipper. I’m still pretty into fandom, though not as much as I was a decade ago, when I wrote fics and made graphics and fanvids. Most of my ships are slash ships. So I get the frustration that Claire feels. But she goes about it in entirely the wrong way, and not only is she never really criticized for this attitude and behavior, she is rewarded for it.

>There is a lot of debate in fandom about the “appropriateness” of slash ships, which is ridiculous and dehumanizing and I won’t get into that here. There are fans who believe that questions about slash ships should not be allowed at panels, and there are some of us who – while completely respecting the right of a person to ask it – cringe when it comes up, simply because we know how it’s going to go. Very rarely do fans get the answers that they want. I’m not sure how it is for others, but for me, I’m not holding my breath waiting for my slash ships to go canon, but really, they should have just as much chance as any other ship. This is 20-gay-teen and it would be nice if just for once it was considered as a possibility. There are a lot of het ships out there where the only development was “he’s a guy and she’s a girl”. Love interests can be same sex nowadays, you know. I’d like it if, for one moment, that was a thought that went through someone’s head. Representation is important, and LGBTQ+ fans deserve to see themselves represented on screen, too. (More ace characters, please and thank you.)

WTF, I thought fujos like this would have grown out of it at some point, Jesus Christ how can you be in your 20's and still whining that there aren't homosexual relationships in media just cause you have some developmental issues

No. 946671

because nonnies keep posting in the old thread without checking even though almost everyone migrated here

No. 946676

Gun sperg here. It's reported the victims got hit by an actual bullet and it's a western so it looks like the same thing happened that happened to Bradon Lee. On a previous take a gunpowderless dummy round managed to still be fired an inch along the barrel from not having it's primer removed, then they switch to a blank round that when fired sends the previously lodged bullet down the rest of the barrel. A mistake that can happen when filming with revolvers, like with Brandon, because for close-ups you want to see the bullet tips in the cylinder you can't get with bullet-less blank rounds.
I know they have solid metal dummy rounds for loading scenes now adays, you're not meant to just make your own out of real ones, not after The Crow, so someone on that set is in BIG trouble. Alec too if he was doing something retarded like firing at people as a "joke" between takes (the photos taken right after show him out of costume) since even a normal blank round can still kill someone from the concussive force and wadding like what happened to Jon-Erik Hexum.

No. 946677

shippers are… something else

No. 946686

i'm astounded this still happened after the crow. movie sets supposedly cracked down on gun safety after that, actors getting lectured on properly handling the guns, heard of even smaller movie sets with lower budgets taking this stuff seriously. but then again there hadn't been an incident for 20 or so years. just saddening that this happened

No. 946688

samefag i could be wrong though, i just remembered reading there might have been other gun incidents but memory's not clear on that

No. 946689

this is so retarded i could believe he did it on purpose. so many precautions, so much shit about gun safety, and someone brought ammo to a fucking studio? and he manages to kill one person? shit is so retarded it sounds malicious

No. 946691

Hey! other Gun-Set anon from earlier. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier; On set we get safety meetings the day of the shoot involving the guns. This on top, I guarantee you, Alec shot off the gun fucking around and did not respect the rules on set.
I hate him, officially.

No. 946699

not only killed one person but injured someone else

No. 946718

At the end of the day though, assuming they had an armour specialist on set they were the ones who truly fucked up here? Alec couldn't know the gun was fucked as far as I understand. He shot in good faith, I would assume in a POV-shot meant to aim towards the camera/audience for dramatic effect. I'm assuming more information will be known eventually.

No. 946724

He must've been fucking around on set if he shot the director and DP. This isn't a Brandon Lee type situation where a co-star got shot while filming a scene. Even if it wasn't Baldwin's fault they were using wrong ammo he deserves part of the blame for being irresponsible as fuck.

No. 946732

Yeah, he did own the production company I saw someone say so he's not completely blameless here. However he had no idea of knowing anything was wrong with the gun. A lot of people in comment sections seem to miss that blanks are used in movies and not actual bullets. If something goes wrong with a blank it could still kill or seriously injure if the distance is close enough.

No. 946742

This ugly old scrote doesn’t deserve pity.

No. 946757

the only way i could think of baldwin being truly without blame is if maybe there was supposed to be a shot of him aiming at the camera, and the dp and director both being behind the camera. is that a possibility? but it was reported the director got hit in the shoulder and the dp in the stomach. i feel like in any other case it's either being irresponsible with the gun or if he was meant to aim somewhere specific, somehow the director and dp were both in the line of fire? it's fucked though, i would have thought after the crow the guns would be checked and made sure there was nothing inside that could fatally injure someone

No. 946768

i also thought to kill somebody and injure somebody else (in 2021 definitely with medics nearby) he must have fired at least twice

No. 946773

Checking the gun before should've definitely caused an expert to see something was wrong from my understanding. Based on the injuries as you and I both said a POV shot where he was supposed to fire numerous blanks seems to be the most likely scenario. He might not have registered he injured the cinematographer before he "shot" again.

No. 946781

>(an angle)

No. 946791

File: 1634929631564.jpeg (86.97 KB, 640x640, 72F1E53A-FF4C-4F72-BBC4-E9B096…)

I saw it too nonna

No. 946803

No. 946805

Wouldn't it have been clear that someone got hurt after the first shot? I'm not sure how it works on film sets, or how far away he would have been so I'm asking genuinely. But especially since I assume the director was close by, the director could have been yelling for help?

No. 946806

You have a bad idea of BMI then

No. 946813

Gonna add to that kek, Supernatural shippers are something else (sorry, SPN fans. I've seen too much weird shit on Tumblr and wasn't even immersed in the fandom)

Or I could double down and mention the whole 2012/2013 Superwholock trend. Fans went hard back then. Don't know about know.

No. 946820

Well, it's no lower than 15.

No. 946823

yow know its a specific type of shipper, the Fujos

No. 946827

If he was meant to fire shots in quick succession, two shots before he could tell something was wrong is believeable imo.
Depending on how bad the blank went wrong it could even be the one shot if the cinematographer and director stood close enough together but sounds like a less likely scenario. This was an old western style movie after all it should be noted. A lot more can go wrong with an older type of gun. Which something obviously did here. It's hard to say without anymore details but this is from what I know and what I've seen people in the field say so far.

No. 946924

the destiel and wincest shippers are furry-tier degenerates I stg. they made everything about the alphabet community and then the writers started pandering to the whims of tumblr and the whole show was done. I watched this with my parents during covid and had to explain to my mom why she was seeing weird cartoons of Sam and Dean passionately making love when she tried to look for funny gifs of the show online to send to her friend, she literally could not comprehend why hundreds of thousands of teenage girls wanted to see two fictional brothers fucking lol also misha himself is pretty cowish sometimes

No. 946938

File: 1634933052459.jpg (148.47 KB, 747x695, kate.jpg)

I love her.

No. 946950

It’s crazy to me that with how dangerous these are and how Hollywood loves doing everything digitally nowadays, that the one thing they won’t do digitally is one of the most dangerous things to be around.

I also have a question for the movie industry anons. There’s a lot of emphasis on safety with gun use in movies, so why don’t they have a safety team checking the guns after each use? I know that could be time consuming and time is money, but when lives are at stake shouldn’t that be a priority no matter what?

No. 946951

File: 1634933648710.jpeg (32.03 KB, 410x410, 4iLZ_iOr.jpeg)

No. 946999

File: 1634935379175.jpg (15.58 KB, 408x406, a1b81740b36374e7a9a690e683e3e4…)

No. 947002

They invented omegaverse so fuck them.

No. 947013

Why are Supernatural fans so particularly insane? I was never into the show, is it something about it?

No. 947014

iirc it was supernatural cast real person shippers who came up with that, so even worse

No. 947020

It was posted at the very end. And you read that wrong, I didn’t say she was being dealt with violently although getting run off was probably from threats. I said that men who are violent don’t get dear with as appropriately, that kind of energy could be saved for actually dangerous people, not someone saying that horrendous pizza was “not great”

No. 947031

I'm not in the industry but yes, they do have safety teams for guns used on sets that check the guns before and after and make sure everything is as it should be. I would assume this movie production did as well otherwise this will be an even bigger scandal. Someone really fucked up.

The reason why blank shots are still overwhelmingly used in most productions is because it's still more realistic than they can make it in CGI. And if the proper experts are on set the risk is very low. Considering the last accident of this kind was in the early 90's.

No. 947035

File: 1634937464396.jpg (205.96 KB, 828x828, 246916736_211747227657246_4238…)

Jesy Nelson's sister posted this, lol

No. 947036

Men love assholes are you serious

No. 947044

An email from the prop master union said it was "a single live round" that went through her chest and into the directors shoulder. Maybe just an odd ricochet angle or he was bending down but maybe implies she was sitting up on the camera seat with him standing behind her.

Some gun scenes are done digitally now adays (CGI muzzle flash, smoke, ejecting shellcasings, sometimes even recoil action). Still cheaper to use real ones though. It's an under $6M budget movie, so maybe they had a younger prop person that's not as experienced with real guns on-set as they would have been ten years ago.

Apparently the camera crew walked off set in protest only six hours beforehand because there were already TWO accidental misfires but the producers just threatened to get security and replaced them with nonunion staff. Baldwin is a producer, so it's on him.


>The cinematographer who was accidentally killed, Halyna Hutchins, had been advocating for safer conditions for her team, said one crew member who was on the set.

Gonna be a field day for prosecutors if Alec "jokingly" fired the gun at her over this dispute or something like that. Could have just been filming a POV shot though.

No. 947045

File: 1634938217969.jpg (377.75 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20211022-172047_Chr…)

there actually was crew responsible for gun safety on set, but they walked off when they were told they'd have to drive 100 miles round trip every workday instead of being put in reasonable accommodations by the production, aka the producers, AKA Alec Baldwin. those people were replaced by film students and non-union labor, and now somebody is dead because of those cut corners. the San Diego Tribune and LA Times both wrote on the disputes, but there's facebook screenshots floating around talking about how production complained that they were getting charged more than the homeless people living in the hotel crew was put in. it's all so fucking evil and proof that IATSEs acquiescence to management is unsustainable, but also shows that Baldwin is ultimately responsible for this crime. I hope he rots and spends the rest of his life paying for it.

No. 947046

Can someone post the nudes that leaked? I went looking for them on 4chan but instead saw the worst gore I've seen in a while and I'm internet retarded and a huge pussy someone post her gape I'm curious and I wanna see what everyone's talking about(requesting revenge porn)

No. 947047

It isn't just a shipper or woke thing, it's the Supernatural fandom being unhinged. The show is over and they're still harassing some artist because of fanart. See: >>941571
Misha was the nº 1 enabler of fandom insanity.

No. 947064

Oh my god so it really WAS live ammo. This is fucked, I hope some heads will roll soon. If Baldwin gets out of this scot free I'm going to be so pissed. That poor woman.

No. 947072

I bet he will because that's usually how it works when you're rich and famous.

No. 947080

Omg, i've seen some news regarding Alec Baldwin pop up but I thought it's would be some nonsense actor drama and now coming here and seeing this… that's shocking ngl

No. 947092

I just checked an article that this source by live round is still talking about a blank shot in a prop gun. The material used for the blank is unknown at the moment.

I think the crew that left played the major role in this. There was nobody with the adequate amount of knowledge checking the blank properly left on set. They should've never shot these scenes but still went ahead and did so.

No. 947115

i considered getting into it when it was most popular but it ultimately isn't my cup of tea. don't understand what's the deal with it, and just steer clear of the fans. i'm not actually sure why spn was so popular even til it's end, at that point it just felt like they were beating a dead horse

No. 947121

I might get jumped for this. Supernatural isn't that great, the actors probably have their own milk. Why are they going so hard over a show that they'll harass someone for about a decade wtf?

No. 947138

She's literally 5'0 lmao

No. 947161

>I might get jumped for this completely reasonable opinion that has been expressed multiple times in this thread on a site which has no notable population of Supernatural fans

No. 947170

>Why are they going so hard over a show that they'll harass someone for about a decade wtf?
Those bitches think they own EVERYTHING pertaining to Supernatural, including other people's takes on it, going out of their way to harass anyone who threatens their delusions; and so they begged for more gay shit from producers, harassed random artists on tumblr and elsewhere and kept pestering the actors - e.g. Genevieve Cortese, she played Ruby on the show and got married to Jared Padalecki, which shattered the fandom's fantasies about him lol, so they made up a wild excuse that SHE was the one who was ruining the show's plot (which wasn't that deep nor perfect).
But yeah, it really isn't that great hahah I kept watching it out of high school nostalgia and getting my weekly dose of "light" horror/spooky shit, despite being fully aware that the show ran for 15 years because it was CW's cashcow. It was supposed to end on season 5.
And now a bunch of adult women are still obsessing over it. It's bizarre.

No. 947171

File: 1634944912004.png (1.36 MB, 1160x1020, Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 7.20…)

this is all very high school couple in their intro to punk phase

No. 947172

Kek sorry I wasn't sure, I find Supernatural fans almost everywhere and didn't have the energy to argue with some fan. There was someone who liked one of the actors up the thread. I wanted to be a bit more harsh tbh

No. 947176

File: 1634945096895.jpg (958.29 KB, 2448x3262, IMG_6127.JPG)

it's sad that she feels the need to change her style and personality for a man. left is from a year ago

No. 947177

go on [[REDACTED]], they are on the front page(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947180

no she isnt

No. 947181

Sid and Nancy cosplay

No. 947190

Kek I was thinking that too, these two grown-ass cringelords are cosplaying Sid and Nancy. I hope it's just their halloween costumes.

No. 947192

oh, thank you Nona I'm more retarded than I thought, and wow she really loves her butthole

No. 947205

obviously that’s what it is

No. 947228

useless post, contribute something or stfu.
this is prob the worst sid and nancy I've seen, two rich people should do better, kourtney looks like she's trying to look like doja cat and travis looks like he's wearing a prosthetic jaw. they're both going through a midlife crisis together.

No. 947232

This is so unbelievably cringe. Two grown ass adults in their 40s dressed as murder/suicide(?) victims. Sooo cooooool

No. 947234

She looks stupid with her nip hanging out and he's fucking ugly

No. 947237

File: 1634952227849.jpg (110.27 KB, 645x966, holding-happy-birthday-nancy-s…)

This is how Nancy Spungen wore her makeup, Kourtney's just an airbrushed disaster

No. 947258

i was thinking that too, never saw nancy wearing her makeup like that. just looks like drag makeup to me (i might be blind though kek) and the outfit just looks like what girls trying to be edgy are wearing now. if they're cosplaying, they both look minimal effort from rich people lmao

No. 947259

from what it looks to me people who cosplay as sid and nancy as a couple come off as trying to be edgy, almost akin to joker/harley quinn couple cosplays, just the punk/rock version of that

No. 947268

Anon, these are literally the same outfit in different colors

No. 947286


No. 947330

I watched the series to its end and I agree with you, the show was supposed to end in season five, it would have been a perfect finale for the series but it dragged own for an additional 10 fucking seasons and it had anime-problem of power creep cause they already defeated the devil, so then they had to fight a species that were even stronger then the devil, then fight other gods, then fight the biblical God's older sister, random Sci-fi plots cause they ran out of ideas and then the series got way too fucking meta for its own fate
now both the actors are in there early 40's but still want a further career in Hollywood, well Jenson(Dean) does anyway, Jared seems to be content with his life in the CW and right after supernatural is starring in another CW series, a CW reboot of Walker Texas Ranger
from what I've seen its very CW-ish

No. 947337

>the actors are in there early 40's but still want a further career in Hollywood
Supernatural kinda wasted their potential tbh. It was an exceptional steady job for them and they clearly enjoyed it, but if they wanted serious fame/success as big actors it should've ended earlier. They had big fanbases and it could've been a great jumping off point for them to join bigger, better projects. Now they're not as good looking and are way too well known as the Supernatural guys.

Unpopular opinion, I don't think the seasons after 5 were pointless (for the audience). The storyline got ridiculous and unwieldy but if you like the characters and their shenanigans, it had tonnes of fun and hilarious standalone episodes that made it worth watching.

No. 947342

File: 1634961325673.jpg (100.73 KB, 746x960, SoldierBoyComics.jpg)

well I mean Jared seems to be fine with his decision and is likely gonna do other CW Shows, but Jensen Ackles had a serious acting career before supernatural
he's trying to be in feature films and is even gonna appear on the boys next season, I know the character he's playing is going to be completely different from his previous works, a cowardly man-child who thinks he's a WW2 veteran and also gets raped by Homelander

No. 947349

I agree, it's like a funny and easily digestible show, although I had to quit around season 13 I think. It was so confusing and contrived I couldn't do it anymore, and they killed off every good character and replaced them with bland copies from another universe or some shit, it got so dumb towards the end

No. 947354

I mean watched to the end(with pauses every now and then) mostly cause I still loved the characters, I even enjoyed it but that said If the show had ended at season 5 it would been thematically better

No. 947361

This drawing screams piss fetish wtf

No. 947362

Freud was right

No. 947363

That's only an unpopular opinion (and dangerous kek) on tumblr and twitter, I think you're good over here. It was a fun Monster of The Week/Season show, even when it became a total mess, but like this >>947354 anon said, it would be better pulling the plug at season 5 (even though seasons 6, 7 and 8 are one of my favorites); neatly wrapped up, imo. Could be a 00s classic, but CW gotta CW…

No. 947365

This is the Twilight Zone Movie all over again

No. 947381

lmao imagine leaking your butthole to the world for some clout and still no one gives a fuck. just make an OF flop.

No. 947384

File: 1634967093142.jpg (840.78 KB, 1600x1237, RCO005_w.jpg)

welcome to the world of Garth Ennis comics

No. 947470

NTA, I know this guy's stuff and I'll judge the fuck out of anyone who's above the age of 16 and still into it.

No. 947479

Weird for Jesy to whine about being the ultimate boollying victim, wahh feel sorry for me, then her first solo release is about being a bad bitch who loves bad boys.

No. 947532

File: 1634987904405.jpg (44.77 KB, 500x357, destiel.jpg)

and that is the only good thing that supernatural fans have ever done.

No. 947545

SN got bad after season 3 or 4 for me. I cant believe they did over 10 seasons. For what?

No. 947620

Rumor has it John Mulaney & Olivia Munn broke up.

No. 947626

File: 1634999107686.jpg (153.84 KB, 1322x737, lol.JPG)

kek please let this be true.

>Break-Up Rumors

>According to the anonymous gossip account “DeuxMoi,” someone sent in a message with the subject “Baby Time.”

>The message read, “I’ve heard recently from a fairly reliable source that this B-C list celebrity and her baby daddy A list comedian have recently called it quits. Source is a friend who works in publicity, so make of that what you will, but she heard they’re not attempting to fake the relationship for the public, but won’t be announcing it either.”


No. 947679

good they both fucking suck

No. 947688

Too good to be true IMO. Some random guy on TikTok said it and everyone just ran with it cause they hate them. Kek. I hope it’s true though, after reading that excerpt from her book a few threads back. but I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

No. 947752

Fucking bitches stole my Halloween costume

No. 947770

File: 1635008743058.jpg (127.39 KB, 483x778, kj.jpg)

lots going on here

No. 947776

You’ve never seen his TikTok account @fifiisqueen?

No. 947781

everyone wants to profit out of drag queens now. Dumbasses, I wish drag queens were unpopular again and they all lost their profitable career

No. 947783

I hate when they confuse the term "feminine" with "slutty," lifting you're shirt and showing your nips is not feminine, you're a man whore

No. 947784

Riverdale writers need to include his dragsona in the show. I think it’s stupid enough to qualify.

No. 947805

not everyone here is a zoomer

No. 947875

File: 1635013144274.jpg (36.42 KB, 696x560, jodi-arias-picture.jpg)

Kourtney reminds a lot of jodi arias in this picture …

No. 947878

Jodi literally looks like an angel. Don't even try it.

No. 947901


No. 947911

uhhhh… what? we're worshipping pathetic pickme killers now?

No. 947916

people who like her suspect that jodi arias dead ex-boyfriend was abusing her or was a secret pedophile

No. 947958

I feel bad for his baby

No. 947971

Unrelated to celebcows but I'd love a thread to dissect that whole case. Very interesting

No. 947979

Travis Alexander liked Jodi to wear little boys underwear that had his name on them. Just a tidbit.

No. 947981

and yet she ran back to him multiple times and wore childrens underwear for him. a complete pickme.

No. 947997

post in the tcc thread

No. 948008

File: 1635022361814.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2688, 14A9BA66-F5A6-4FB5-AD1E-C5A6CD…)

Old milk but if anyone cared to know. Kim Cattrall is out of sex in the city cause apparently SJP is a huge bitch to work with.

No. 948038

More than old, this is downright ancient milk anon. But I will say, given that the rest of the cast seem to like SJP and get along with her, I'm not buying that she was the only problem. It's likely just a personal problem between the two of them

No. 948079


I mean she murdered him so the situation evolved past her wanting to be picked, can you really call her that she stabbed him 27 times and nearly decapitated him

It’s weird that celebrities can cosplay Sid who murdered Nancy who was only 19, and that’s fine, but Kourtney getting compared to Jodi Arias is taboo. Where are the iconic Jodi and Travis costumes

No. 948110

She rid the world of at least one scrote she’s paid her dues

No. 948112

>pickme killers
Sure, if killing is what pickmes do when pushed to their absolute limit. That scrote would still be alive if he didn't use her for sex and string her along for years like a good Mormon.

No. 948119

What was stopping her from telling him to fuck off and leaving like a normal person? Nice victim blaming.

No. 948122

only a scrote would string along a crazy bitch and be considered a victim when she inevitably kills him. I don't think it's his fault but I don't know what he expected to happen.

No. 948128

That's true I guess but even for a bpd-chan she's off the charts so I wouldn't exactly say the murder was to be expected. They don't typically kill people.

No. 948178

She broke into his home in numerous times, hiding in his closet and interrupted a date to threaten her. She snuck in through a doggy door. She used to hide in bushes and listen to his goings on, which I can’t imagine would be of any value to a remotely sane person. She moved across the country (from Northern California to Arizona so like downwards a lot) to literally down the street from him without telling him. She would slash his tires if he went on dates or spoke to other women. She used to break into his email and threaten the women he was speaking to saying that they were “whores who would burn in hell”. She sent him hundreds of pamphlets about pedophilia. When his friends secretly pulled him into a bathroom to warn him about her behavior, they joked she was so obsessed she was probably following him and outside listening, and she was. Every single one of his friends knew it was her. The text exchanges showed he was extremely verbally abusive to her and he did say on record that Jodi sounded “like a twelve year old girl having her first orgasm” after she convincingly, to him, faked an orgasm. Which is fucking disturbing. He called her a “three hole wonder”, and that he wanted to tie her to a tree and forcefully have anal sex with her. Travis was also sleeping with multiple women and would brag about it to all his friends. It was greatly downplayed. The new documentary “Jodi Arias Story” that came out this year shows a lot more proof of how unfairly it was reported and the case was, and also her history of abusive relationships. She left high school to move to Oregon to be with an older goth man she met at a carnival who wore velvet in the summer and was unemployed while she worked to pay for everything who was cheating on her and was physically abusive. Her defense lawyer who hated her and was sick of her always hitting on him and talking about her pubic hair grooming habits to charm him did say all of her behavior was consistent with sexual abuse, and that he did genuinely believe that. The other lawyer against her was a belligerent jackass who the entire court hated, and he tried to ridicule a woman who was an expert on abuse victims and had been working for decades when she was brought up after interviewing Jodi and confirmed the abuse. Fortunately that woman made a perfect cutting remark that made everyone laugh and see through him for a moment but that didn’t stop his coked out self from sleeping with two of the jury members and getting himself disbarred afterwards, and running his sweaty geriatric mouth to another sweaty geriatric, dr. Phil. I forgot where I was going with this

No. 948184

that they were both awful awful people? and sorry but the lawyers make really no difference here. if you watch her confession to the cops on youtube, it's clear that the reason jodi lost her case was because she's a habitual liar. first she claimed that she never went near his house that day. then she claimed that she did go there but travis was actually killed by home invaders. then she finally claimed that she killed him in self defense because he was abusive. when you change your story three times, it's hard for anyone to take you seriously. especially since she went out of her way to hide her tracks, like buying gallons of gas so she wouldn't be caught on camera on the way to kill him. is travis a stupid fucking scrote who honestly brought it on himself? definitely but let's not act like jodi wasn't a moron too who got herself convicted.

No. 948186

>I forgot where I was going with this

No. 948205

“Jodi Arias Indirectly Tells Travis He Has "Man Boobs" Just Before Their Last Argument”

No. 948228

nah i'm a 17 and look way fatter than her. or maybe her number's higher cause she's fit/muscular, idk.(underage )

No. 948241

File: 1635045812317.jpeg (530 KB, 828x1121, 18523D64-3C06-4CD5-AB8C-4E2E8F…)

Thomas Doherty has moved on from Dove Cameron. Does anyone know why he and Dove broke up?

No. 948242

Lmfaoooo I think they meant they’re a 17 in bmi, not age…….

No. 948243

…Anon was saying their BMI was a 17 not that they were 17…

No. 948268

File: 1635051441478.jpeg (56.26 KB, 589x617, FCblAi_UUAQX866.jpeg)

So, this is the armourer who was responsible for laying out the guns on the set of "Rust". Her tiktok is @cosmiccorpsehannah (yes, a corpse fan) and her twitter @corpsesomic but it looks like she privated/deactivated both today. Her name is Hannah Gutierrez Reed.

No. 948269

File: 1635051672584.jpeg (58.52 KB, 640x741, xzk73h11eav71.jpeg)

No. 948270

she dresses like a troon

No. 948275

>24 year old e-girl zoomer
tell me this isn't real

No. 948276

File: 1635052040260.png (23.11 KB, 567x412, 0.png)

Picrel are her comments from a recent podcast/interview. When nepotism and "fake it till you make it" goes wrong.

No. 948277

>The other lawyer against her was a belligerent jackass who the entire court hated,
YES he was a fucking asshole. I knew nothing in depth about this case, but I watched a few clips on YT and he was pissing me off. I could tell he was a douchebag.
Like I know Jodi killed her coomer ex and this was a serious case, but there was something truly grating about this man's personality and it confused me seeing people in the comments say shit like "Wow he really saw through that psychopath and didn't let her get out of anything, amazing lawyer!"

No. 948279

It’s only cute when elderly people say they’re however many years young. That entire outfit is from Amazon or a thrift store that is reselling Amazon, what the fuck are those shoes. That’s so fucking sad how much was lost due to her incompetence. Why was a nobody twitter wannabe domme handling real guns for an a list actor

No. 948280

Something tells me her dad won’t be in the industry much longer

No. 948283

The girl is also a corpse stan and will post tiktoks dancing to his music. kek

No. 948284

File: 1635053214240.jpeg (266.81 KB, 1388x983, E915717F-17F0-4BAC-B5DD-2D4D37…)

I guess her dad is a veteran firearms expert in Hollywood, his name is Thell Reed. They had repeatedly complained about the unsafe gun conditions, and even staged a walk out only hours before the shooting. She’s also listed as an “ex model/actress” but I don’t know who tf she could possibly be modeling for, and the bitch is still acting.

No. 948290

File: 1635053948511.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1431, 71BC8324-3E2C-46EC-B86E-999399…)

She hashtagged her father in this, he was like 72. She probably did get some gun wingnuts to give her money

No. 948297

based derail

No. 948298

Tagging your dad in your lewds so you can get 3 extra likes from a couple twitter bots, nice.

No. 948310

Jodi was fine with him being a pedophile when it was her he wanted to date. If she really was this feminist pedo slayer you guys want her to be she would've killed him the second she found out, but she didn't care. She would've been the next Karla Homolka and supplied him with kids if he asked her too. The only reason she pretended to care about him being a nonce is because of the trial, and you idiots ate up her defense like she actually cared. Lol, and now your favorite is probably face down biting a dirty pillow waiting for her celly to get off her, cope.

No. 948318

It doesn't matter what size she is. A BMI considers weight in comparison to size. She is certainly around or under 19 but not 15. I don't care about her, but y'all shouldn't throw around false information regarding stuff (BMI) that can easily be read up.

No. 948321

I don’t want to believe nonnies are this fucking stupid (and fat, probably) sighhh how are we gonna gaslight girlboss go slaughter scrote pedos when u can’t understand basic math

No. 948327

I don't think anyone with two braincells believes she killed him because of his pedo antics. He really riled her up the whole time. Play dumb games, win dumb prizes. That goes for both of them.
It's a typical case of two people that better had never met.

No. 948331

File: 1635065203344.png (2.64 MB, 1200x900, CC1477E2-8745-4E21-969C-251032…)

Took me a minute to understand what’s going on in this image

No. 948342

Wasn't the pedo-thing a competely fabricated story?

No. 948351

which thread is that?

No. 948431

I think it’s >>>/m/9088

No. 948434

Thank you anon

No. 948477

u really can't take a joke huh?

No. 948541

It’s a joke not a dick nonnie don’t take it so hard.
Anyway, Jodi did one thing right and there’s one less Mormon moid in the world now, so she’s based in my book

No. 948546

can you anachans shut the fuck up about her bmi

No. 948572


gatekeeping music is usually pretty silly. but this thot really just wearing a shirt that says "metal" just to use the metalgirls hashtag jfc. looks stupid. brb gotta put on my thot shirt that says folk to show how much i love the genre while not being a fan of a single band.

No. 948579

Imagine if she never fucked up and threw the camera in with the laundry. She may have gotten away with it too

No. 948611

Calm down i was just talking about nonnies lack of understanding of basic math (including the one who said she's BMI 15) i guess i should have put a TW for you since it triggers you that much. But i ultimately agree there's nothing to discuss about a healthy looking woman's body, some people here are obsessed with labeling her as anorexic for some reason (jk i know the reason is being fat and stupid)

No. 948675

Nonna, I read every celebthread summary while snacking on carrots. Thank you for your service, this is amazing.

No. 948677

this is so fucking sad holy shit

No. 948684

Not even real gossip or a real celeb but tf happened to this girl? YouTube suddenly recommended it to me and she's definetly singing about shooting up right?

No. 948819

File: 1635121286481.png (Spoiler Image, 853.39 KB, 613x619, megan.PNG)

I swear, whoever is doing Megan Thee Stallion's makeup hates her with a burning passion. I saw this on my feed and genuinely thought she was a drag-queen, but apparently this look actually is inspired by a drag queen. Just terrible.

No. 948820

File: 1635121341577.png (Spoiler Image, 458.79 KB, 477x625, pinhead.PNG)

No. 948828

Comments on that site are a brutal pinkpill

No. 948857

he deserved to die.

No. 948923

lmao funnily enough gottmik is a ftm. so she’s a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. i also fail to see the similarities besides the idea of doing pinhead.

No. 949005

ive seen a few “gottmik” tutorials or references to her look, its just the black heavy part of the drag makeup that shes known for in general

No. 949023

Here they are

No. 949028

File: 1635145300703.jpeg (173.24 KB, 640x737, E2D9048F-9644-42D7-A4DC-18C043…)

Oooh oooh ah ah ah! Me scrote! Me want asshuuuuu!

No. 949203

Why in the world did she actually announce her nudes about to be leaked? Does anyone on sm care after the heads up?

No. 949217

daily fail comments are just inbred with the same ilk who use crazy days and nights. misogynistic men, pickme women, and nihilistic conspiratards and qanon-lites who hate everyone

No. 949298

No. 949335

File: 1635182471864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.72 KB, 768x1197, ley-Cyrus-Nude-Sexy-Interview-…)

Miley's new Interview shoot is just fucking nasty. Also, what's up with her and pissing in public and let people record it? This is just fucking disgusting, bitch is nasty af.

No. 949379

Wow sad.

No. 949394

men point with one hand and jerk off with the other

No. 949396

She's always been a sloppy bitch but I really started to dislike her after her Rogan interview. Came across as a total narc incapable of abstract thought. I can imagine being around her as exhausting just from that, so I'm not surprised when it comes to her relationship struggles. Her and Demi, the hopeless narcissists.

No. 949408

I truly think Miley has a good voice and she's said some cool anti-pickme shit ("When it's over it's over and you're dead to me and I move on") but like so many female celebs she's fallen into the libfem attitude that says it's empowering to get naked for pervs and act as degenerate as possible. That interview pissed me off too, unsurprisingly. They're talking about Marilyn performing for the troops at one point
>I couldn’t stop thinking of that iconic image of her, bringing people hope in the form of sexuality and wit and beauty and joy. But at the same time, she was able to offer that because she was so insulated from the experience that the soldiers were living through. She was this breath of fresh air because she didn’t have the same darkness and pain and death taking over her aura
Fucking excuse me? Sure Marilyn wasn't a soldier but similar to them she was addicted to drugs and alcohol and suffered from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and insomnia to name a few. She was in and out of abusive foster homes as a child, didn't know her parents and was married off to a 20-year-old at 16 to avoid going back into foster care. The fact that her being in the limelight exacerbated her addictions and mental health issues is well known at this point. How dare Miley, privileged from the beginning by growing up in a stable home as the daughter to a celebrity, act like Marilyn was just a shallow doll who didn't live her entire life in her own darkness?

No. 949423

Not to mention… I cannot imagine what some of those soldiers would do to her if they had a chance. That aspect of her singing on them has always horrified me.

No. 949430

What did she say in the interview?

No. 949435

nta but I checked the interview that anon mentions above but holy fuck she is hard to listen to. Shit is two hours long.

No. 949437

wow what a fucking idiot. Marilyn Monroe never had a happy day in her life (except for maybe a few with arthur miller?). her entire life was controlled by men who gave no shits about her.

No. 949445

File: 1635192170194.jpg (37.39 KB, 739x415, image2.jpg)

I follow Dove very closely (too closely) and it's pretty obvious that Thomas was just using her for fame

As soon as he was cast in the new Gossip Girl, he blindsided her and dumped her and was pictured with Yasmin within 2 weeks. Dove was way too publicly heartbroken about it.

but it was always obvious she loved him way more than he loved her. she was just his stepping stone

thomas did the exact same thing to the girl before dove. he dumped that girl as soon as he was cast in the descendants, and swooped down on the main character. scrotes gonna scrote

No. 949452

She was one of the first few celebrities who admitted to being victims of CSA in one of the foster homes. While the Joyce Carol Oates book is a novel and therefore not factual (some stuff is made up so the themes or plot are stronger, Oates builds the plot on some rumors etc.), it will make you understand Marilyn more. It's also one of those "men could never understand" artworks that are about living as a woman. Highly recommended

No. 949456

She's a total shithead. I used to really like her but that interview made my brain lose a few folds.
The idea of Marilyn being a breath of fresh air through sexuality is repulsive, the poor woman had a terrible life.

Didn't she also support a rapist or sth recently?

No. 949457

Almost all child stars end up like this, because they all get molested.

No. 949471

File: 1635193762386.png (51.39 KB, 884x401, failedfather.png)

I wish I could say this didn't happen to Miley, because she always had her dad around when she was on set as a teen, but Billy Ray Cyrus strikes me as a fucking idiot who has no idea how to parent

Like when he tweeted this after Miley's salvia video was leaked. He should've taken a few pages from Joe Biden's book.

sage bc decades old milk kek

No. 949472

meant to reply to this

No. 949483

Her latest persona is uwu I'm such a crackhead, it fits well. They're warming her up for her 18th birthay and will probably give her a massive hit then, along with a sexual MV.

No. 949490

Oh shit. He’s acting like the literal character he plays in the gossip girl reboot. A man whore. “Art” mimics reality.

No. 949506

File: 1635196913768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.8 KB, 768x1197, ley-Cyrus-Nude-Sexy-Interview-…)

wtf is going on with her boobs here

No. 949509

theyre prop tits

No. 949512

she supported dababy who got in trouble for insulting people infected with hiv/aids. not a rapist as far as i know, i think he's just a homophobic moron.

No. 949525

god the mary jane shoes with those ridiculous breasts makes me wanna barf

No. 949575

Marilyn Monroe isn't gonna fuck you

No. 949671

Yes, he's a nasty scrote, but Dove isn't innocent either. Weren't both her and Thomas dating other people, and cheated on their respective partners with each other? She was stupid and should've known that if he did it to another woman, he would do it to her as well.

No. 949679

File: 1635216363212.jpeg (209 KB, 828x936, 8EED5EDF-C344-4AE2-8E72-7FF7E4…)

ariana is so fucking botched…that crimson chin is a nightmare. she must be thankful to instagram filters for the rest of her life since she catfishes 24/7

No. 949737

That hairstyle is so fug. She needs to go brunette again.

No. 949757

File: 1635224446904.png (715.19 KB, 510x510, neural.png)

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, you consider any of these from the art breeder thread for the new thread pic.

No. 949758

In order: billie eilish, ariana grande, nicki minaj, kim kardashian

No. 949763

please no. absolute nightmare fuel and not especially funny

No. 949783

This is fucking beautiful

No. 949826

this is horrifying, yet, enthralling

No. 949840


not really funny or interesting but thanks i i guess

No. 949928

similarly to zara larsson, selena gomez just experienced a nude leak. apparently one of her friends' phones were leaked and she happened to have all of these videos of selena in various states of undress. i only viewed screenshots of them though.

they include:
- selena on her phone while her shirt is pulled up
- selena naked in bed covered by blankets with an iv sticking in her arm
- selena peeing in a cup (lol)
- more of selena in bed, including one where her top is pulled up and she's grabbing her tit.
- selena naked in a bathtub covering her tits
- selena sitting in a limo with her legs up while wearing a dress (nothing is visible)
- selena staring in a bathroom mirror topless squeezing her tits.
- another video of selena grabbing her tits but clothed

do her friends just hate her or is selena retarded? i understand having a few nudes of yourself on your phone like ms. larsson but letting your friends film you in various compromising states is another level of retarded, especially if you happen to be a famous celebrity. selena must be really fucked up on drugs but luckily for her, none of the photos show that i guess.

No. 949933

I really didn't understand that video of her just sitting there with her boobs out. What could even be the context behind a friend having that on their phone?

No. 949943

I read this post about it recently https://www.exposingsmg.com/blog/selena-gomez-suffering-major-leaks-of-personal-videos-and-photos-heres-whats-going-on

Obviously take it with a shitload of salt but I find the writeups on that site super entertaining regardless. idc about Selena but they paint her out to be this incredibly manipulative femme fatale who ruins male celeb's lives and it's fun to read about.

No. 950019

>sticking anything up your asshole
can't imagine a more uncomfortable feeling. why do this?

No. 950088

god some of these pictures look like creepshots, I wonder if selena knew those were being taken? none of them are particularly sexual though

No. 950105

The one of her on her phone with her tits out is such a weird video. This whole situation is really creepy. Why would anyone's friends have any pics or videos of them like this?

No. 950152

What if its a creepy manager or something……

No. 950179

These are some of the leaked photos, apparently.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 950180


No. 950236

People are self-obsessed tho and love sending them to scrotes ugh. Can we stop pretending this and posting selfies every fucking day aren't for validation of other people??

No. 950244

File: 1635269034696.jpeg (46.83 KB, 500x555, dumb.jpeg)

literally everything went to absolute sh*t when he and his character arrived on the show. I don't know how people could watch this show after season 5. Brain dead maybe? Or because of their dumb shipping.

No. 950310

Stop posting and requesting revenge porn.

No. 950358

thanks, i really didn't want to see someone's nudes on this thread. even if they were spoilered i didn't think someone would actually post them here

No. 950361

probably both tbh

No. 950408

What the fuck is with her chin? I don’t understand how that’s supposed to add to her “beauty”, proportionately or otherwise

No. 950576

whoa they actually posted the nudes of selena? those people are so nuts!

that being said, i think the theory that someone close to her who hates her but knew about the photos on her friends phone leaked them makes more sense. if there are worse photos, i wonder if they'll be released. i feel like if it was somebody who was doing it solely for money, they would've just immediately contacted selena's team to get paid into silence.

i can't speak on selena's character but this is a pretty sad event. what kind of friend takes videos like this?

No. 950604

File: 1635291335888.png (365.34 KB, 580x963, cheaterhceater.PNG)

very true. dove cheated on her fiance Ryan with thomas, and then dumped him. pic related, it's evident that she cheated on her fiance for a month with Thomas.

Dove was definitely a sad pickme for Thomas. Even though she'd already been picked by someone else? Clearly doesn't realize her value cuz she doesn't value herself and has low morals

No. 950607

no, they all seem like she's aware they're being taken. I don't understand why Selena allows her friends to film her like this. I wouldn't allow it, and I'm a nobody. What is she thinking?

No. 950608

File: 1635291734072.jpg (241.08 KB, 1125x1981, FCoTVJUX0B0SPC0.jpg)

Azealia on Chappelle

No. 950610

Why do people still listen to this 2121 bitch

No. 950612

I disagree, she looks gorgeous with it. Not even a stan.

No. 950620

lil boosie is already a worthless felon, too bad her message won't get the same people who forget that he literally hired a hooker to molest his 12 year old sons. Also, clearly with how much the trannies and their handmaidens are seething, he got here right on time. Still love her though, can't wait for the grimes collab.

No. 950627


No. 950647

what did lil nas x do? or not do, I'm not following…

No. 950650

be gay and popular, boosie is one of those hyper masculine thugs who hate gay men.

No. 950653

Azealia loves HSTS but hates APGs

No. 950657

Thanks. Now it makes sense.
So this >>950608 whole screed is just AB being a faghag and trying to school the kids a little… despite her comments on trannies and the gay community being just as abrasive lol but ok.
I give her three months until she finds a reason to hate Lil Nas X.

No. 950680

what a fake bitch lmao
if there was "a lot of love" she wouldn't cheat and she wouldn't dump her fiance

No. 950723

this lil boosie n lil nas x shit getting bigger and potentially dangerous is literally because lil nas x doesnt know when to stop being so goddamn self obsessed and poking beehives over his bruised ego

there are always going to be homophobes, black or otherwise, that Especially hate linax for being a gay rapper. He has to, gots to, AND needs to accept that fact and learn to ignore their fucking comments. literally none of this shit would have blown up if linax just ignored boosboos comments. like who the fuck even is boosie badazz?? linax didnt have to fucking reply to him. now look what's happening! boosie IS the type to get physical and deadly, he's a fucking felon. boosie giving his original unnecessary ass opinion(that alot people agreed with) would not have escalated to threating x if x didnt fucking @ him, the dumb fuck. now linax dad's involved and fighting linax's fucking fights that linax fucking started, that narcissitic dumbass

on that note, i can also see this being some fake ass pr ploy so that linax gets sympathy/fans/"wow he's so real", depending on how this turns out tbh

No. 950733

File: 1635300385112.jpeg (209.38 KB, 1280x1706, 54ee702bf30a4_-_sev-miley-cyru…)

reject modernity, embrace tradition

No. 950739

File: 1635300692699.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x1333, Miley-Cyrus-Can-t-Be-Tamed-Pho…)

tbh she had better style back then

No. 950745

File: 1635301491851.webm (7.61 MB, 576x1024, Meghan-Trainor-2.webm)

Meghan Trainor dressed up as Dr. Phil

No. 950768

Absolutely retarded unsaged take. Boosie is a laughable trash clown and Lil Nas X (or anyone) has every right to respond if someone comes for them directly.

No. 950774

That audio is so fucking annoying

No. 950831

>you have to respond when people come for you

you HAVE got to be a kid cause this is such a childish ass take…

word of advice, mami; if someone seems like they'd beat your ass/kill you, even if they were the ones staring shit, best leave it be. Even if the shit is over the internet, you never know how unhinged a bitch might get, i.e. we are literally on lolcow

both you and linax need to learn to pick your battles. his ass needs to be more wary, cause he and boosie both in the industry - there's potential for them to be at same place at the same time, that's if lil boosie doesn't go full unhinged and stalks him out first

and that's if this isn't some bullshit pr move

No. 950854

>hating the gays
>naming yourself lil boosie (bussy)

Make it make sense.

No. 951157

in that screenshot she clearly breaks up with one guy on the 6th of October and says filming is over at the end of the month. that doesn't mean she cheated or am I missing something

No. 951160

shut up anon. let these people be killed if they want

No. 951357

Thought it was Lillee Jean for a second lol

No. 951371

>rich white girl getting cute sugary drinks in the ultimate tumblr outfit while carrying a cutesy bedazzled keychain
It's literally impossible to be comfier than she was in this era.

No. 951419

chrissy teigen is back

No. 951421

Billie obviously had work done, wears a corset to make her proportions look unrealistic but then wants to play the not like other girls card when other people get surgery? Is no one allowed to be fake but her apparently?

No. 951428

why? her husband makes enough money.

No. 951472

In the thumbnail, she looks more swollen than normal.

No. 951484

Jesus fuck. She used to be pretty cute. Now she looks terrible. Stay away from fillers, kids.

No. 951504

>obviously had work done
where? she's always looked like that

No. 951526

lip fillers

No. 951529

I'm not going to bother looking for it, but in one of the previous threads someone posted a pic of billie before she was famous, she almost looked like a different person.

No. 951537

File: 1635369768186.jpg (127.67 KB, 828x822, d255164c5617da45e4c70ee375de92…)

nevermind, I found it. but yeah she def had fillers.

No. 951540

She looked amazing in the right. How did it all go downhill so quickly

No. 951546

ayrt, I'm a fucking retard kek i've literally pointed out her lip fillers in multiple previous threads. thanks for reminding me

No. 951553

Definitely fillers and nose work, possibly chin work as well? Pretty likely she's had body work too but it's impossible to tell since she's always altering her figure with corsets or covering up everything. Sucks she didn't lipo her lard arms, stomach and back rolls with that money but being fake is okay in the fact apparently

No. 951555

She looks better in the before.

No. 951557

She was actually cute with thin lips. The filler really isn't working for her face.

No. 951573

You're right, she just looks like a full blown troon, IMO she should've just stuck with chin work and hired a personal trainer and dietitian instead of blowing thousands to look ridiculous

Maybe she's upset because other celebrities often look good with plastic surgery and she just ends up looking manly? Either way the "rules for thee not for me" thing is obnoxious since she's just as plastic as every other Hollywood celebrity

No. 951578

God I'm so sick of this bitch. I don't think I can even fault her though because her team obviously acts as her keepers/caretakers because she's legit retarded. I wonder how many people will start seeing through the hypocrisy once she falls out of popularity and start calling her out.

Anon where is picrel from? Also, apart from fillers I suspect she had a lip lift.

I'm curious to find out what you think she might have had done on her body. Like you said it's hard to tell because of the way she dresses. I've always wondered why her team hasn't put her under the knife more especially now that they're trying to shill her as sexy.

She had a cute girl next door thing going on. She looked like a slightly above-average WASP tbf, I grew up with a lot of girls who looked like her. Her team knew that she would be lost in a sea of lookalikes though so they had to make the most dramatic changes to her style they possibly could, which is where her alt style came from. I'm the samefag from celebricows #31 who wrote >>896931 if you want to hear my autistic take on who I suspect is behind her image entirely. It's a scrote named Justin Lube. I'm almost positive he's the one encouraging her to push her boobs so much too.

No. 951580

I just googled "billie eilish before" lol

No. 951581

Kek thanks Nona

No. 951588

The difference is that she's so backwards and hypocritical. "Stop lying about plastic surgery and setting ridiculous standards!" As she wears corsets 5 sizes too small and makes another appointment for lip fillers, "don't sexualize me" then makes everything about the boobs, "muh original music" as she copies everyone else

At least other celebrities like her weren't this hypocritical, the sad part is she has a lot of young girls who follow her who actively see this and think acting overly sexual as a teenager is fine as well as constant lying, talking about sex, and so on

No. 951593

As for her body goes, possible tummy tucks/liposuction. Breast lift/implants, cool sculpting, etc

Maybe she uses the loose clothing as an alibi to hide signs of surgery recovery or so it's hard to tell if she's had it? She had to be getting some kind of cosmetic procedure done before 18, if she constantly wears loose clothing before it's never as obvious and she can always pull the "I was always shaped like this" card. Like I said this is all just theory and she obviously uses clothing and undergarments to alter her appearance which explains the dramatic changes in waist and breast size constantly

No. 951612

she used to be ugly imo. plastic surgery helped a lot, especially the fillers.

No. 951616

Yeah that makes sense. I've tinfoiled for a while now too that she had something done with her boobs and they're not as "natural" as she pretends they are.
With that said, I do think she probably had large breasts before and that's probably why they don't look rock-hard like Olivia Rodrigo's do, but I think she had them augmented for sure.
Additional tinfoil: Before the boob spergfest, Billie was most obsessed with her lips. When she gets a procedure done it's almost like she's so infatuated by the results that she needs to draw as much attention to those areas as possible.

No. 951650

usually if a woman has lots of breast tissue she looks more natural with implants, which is why trisha paytas sag so much and bounce like a normal boob. It just sucks that we'll never know and people will have increasingly higher standards for what women are supposed to like like because "all THESE celebrities look like this naturally, why can't you?", and since billie is trying to sell herself as body posi and anti plastic surgery it becomes even more convincing to normies that her lips just magically blew up, nose dramatically changes, and tits randomly got several sizes larger after puberty, since every other celebrity like emrata has the same story

No. 951738

Meghan Trainor is one of my favorite pop artists. There is range and depth to her music that I don’t think people give her credit for but that’s not what this post is about. I love her music and she seems super sweet, but people hate her. I’m gonna dig into why I think that is.

I’m not gonna try and argue the tired old reasons that her haters are bringing up here (I could, and I have in the past but it’s clear that nobody wants to listen and would rather list mild shit from three years ago and act like she’s an irredeemably bad person because of it) but here’s my personal take on it:

On paper, we should all be Meghan stans. She makes upbeat maximalist bubblegum music you can dance and sing along to, she sings about boys, she has a fun heightened aesthetic… in concept she’s everything that pop fans ask for, especially these days when everyone is complaining about the lack of traditional pop in the charts.

However Meghan combined all of the least cool aspects of pop music. She’s girly, but in a more traditional, old fashioned way that people didn’t want to respect. She’s dorky, but not in a quirky ironic kind of way, she’s just an awkward young adult. She appeals to girls, but mostly adult women and little girls, groups which aren’t cool in the pop scene. She’s innocent to the point of seeming sexless at times. She’s kind of an airhead, but not in a cool party girl kind of way. She’s earnest to the point of seeming like she’s trying too hard. She’s pink, but like, little girl pink, not Paris Hilton pink. She unironically combines all of the things that society stereotypes pop music as being about but with none of the cool factor or edge that more discerning pop fans seem to love.

And on top of all that she’s (at least during her first two eras) genuinely successful, which people always hate.

So, the typical anti-pop person on the street rails against her because the typical reasons (misogyny and hatred of fun with a side of body shaming) and pop fans resent her for the reasons I listed above, so she had to deal with scrutiny from both sides. But of course, it’s not cool to admit that you don’t like her for those reasons so people had to make reasons to justify hating her, and, moreover, why it was important to hate her.

I’m not going to dig into the controversy around “DFH,” “AATB,” and her offhand comment about eating disorders because I’m typing this all up on my phone (because if I don’t defend Meghan apparently nobody will) but let’s assume for a moment that all of the criticisms are 100% valid. Why are we still clinging to them three years later, especially when Meghan has apologized for or explained her reasoning behind all of them and been more or less an upstanding citizen of the upper echelons of pop since then? We forgave Katy for “Ur So Gay,” Kesha for “Grow A Pear,” P!nk for “Stupid Girls,” the list goes on. Plenty of well loved artists have skeletons and controversies in their closets, but it seems like, for some reason, Meghan’s well intentioned transgressions against groups that she was a part of (women and plus size individuals) are for some reason unforgivable and we can’t have a conversation without them being brought up as some kind of trump card that instantly renders any achievement she’s ever made inconsequential.

It’s because y’all want to hate her. People hate young women and Meghan is that girl, so it’s honestly a miracle she’s been as successful as she has been. We’re conditioned by society to hate the feminine and a lot of us have worked to unlearn that and embrace it, but when Meghan shows up and flaunts in our faces that she wants boys to like her and is all “genuine not polished young woman” in our faces it’s just too much. And as long as people are holding onto this mindset they’re going to remain in the echo chamber of hate comments and never genuinely look at her as an artist or a person. She’s still that girl in pigtails and a cat dress to some people and it’s sad to see opinions of a major pop artist stagnate like this.

Not saying that there aren’t legitimate reasons to dislike her music, and I’m not even saying that everybody has to like her as a person, but it’s so obvious that she’s been singled out as an acceptable target and the hate I see launched against her for no reason is gross. Threads about her or where she’s mentioned invariably get a bunch of hate comments and 80% of them are explicitly about or make reference to things that are not her music. It’s so transparently trend chasing, just hating on the thing that everyone else hates, that it would honestly be funny if the comments weren’t so many and so mean.

So if you feel like “Dear Future Husband” promotes abuse (reaching) and that “All About That Bass” is skinny shaming (intentional misrepresentation) and that the one joke she made one time about her own experiences with eating disorders means she hates people with anorexia, fine. Sure. Live your life and do your thing. You’re entitled to your wrong opinion. /s But have some compassion people, for her and for her fans.

Don’t pretend like she’s the exact same teenager she was three years ago and don’t needlessly spread hate and promote the bashing of people’s favorite artists. Just because the majority on here agrees with you and will let you get away with being a dick, that doesn’t mean you should. People are genuinely getting excited for Meghan’s new album and it’s super disheartening to have half of every [FRESH] thread be lazy hate comments and it creates a hostile environment. We all know who Meghan is, we know if we like or dislike her, so let’s move on okay? Let’s leave this negativity in the past please.

Anyways, not hopeful that this won’t get taken down but I had to try.

No. 951739

As a Meghan Trainor fan, I feel judged by my musical taste. I'm impressed you people have the audacity to call this a "friendly sub"?? How is this sub friendly if you can't even like the artists you like??? You call her the antichrist, you call her hitler, you say she's offensive and talentless and whatever… Anyday this sub will end up quarantined mark my words!!!

Ur all so pretentious that there's not even a Meghan Trainor flair, even though she's one of the most important artists of this decade. In fact let's take a look at all the hacks you ppl love and compare them with Meghan. Let's see how many top 10 hits those pieces of shit had in the last 2 years or so:

Fetty Wap: 3

JT: 3

Sam Smith: 3

Katy Perry: 2

Lorde: 2

Pitbull: 2

Beyonce: 2

Ed Sheeran: 2

Nicky Minaj: 2

Sia: 2

Adele: 1

Kanye: 1 and it was that shit song with Rihanna and the old Beatles dude, unless you count that panda crap too

Walk the Moon: 1

MJ: 1 and all because of JT

Carly Gay Flopson: 0

Lady Gaga: still dealing with artflop

Old Hag: 0

John Mayer: 0

Britney Spears: 0

Grimes: lol


Tears For Fears: LOLOLOL

QT: quarantined lol

Halsey: you gotta be kidding me

All those talentless hacks got NOTHING on Meghan Trainor who has a whopping FOUR top 10 hits in the last two years, and just wait 4 when Me Too slays the charts and all of you Beyonce and Sia and Kanye fans are gonna cry at her success. The only ones who even have a chance to compete with her are Ariana (6), Rihanna (5), Taylor (5), Selena (4), The Weeknd (4), Bieber (4) and Drake (4). And it doesn't matter since the seven of them are all shitheads, not to mention Beibs is now edm, Drake is rap, Rihanna, Selena, The Weak-End and A-Wanna-Be-Rihanna are r&b, and Taylor Shit is country so MTrain is still the hottest pop star ever :3

You people are all jealous, it's just one of those cases where reddit tries to checkmate feminists, since AATB is empowering to fat women, DFH lectures men on how to properly treat their wives and gfs, No teaches men on how to behave with consent, all of her songs have an important message for society. If ur male you can't talk about her songs because they're not meant for you, they're for women, we don't need your mansplanations on why she's a "fat bitch" because that's all you have to say about her. And if you're a girl and you still don't like her, there must be something wrong with you, you're probably just privileged anyway. You all wanna be her, that's what she sings about in Me Too, we're TIRED of haters! LIGLY is a beautiful song and even if John Legend isn't that good he sounds good there!

Also, Marvin Gaye is a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Charlie Puth is a sweetie, stop hating on him too, you're just jealous cause he's cute plus he's the only male star this generation that has any talent as a singer. But fine go ahead and listen to your indie crap like Grimes or whatever.(samefagging autist)

No. 951741


Sorry nonna but I don't think a single farmer here gives a fuck one way or the other about her. You tried though…go take a bubble bath

No. 951753

File: 1635389378939.jpeg (29.2 KB, 792x410, 8766788.jpeg)

which copypasta is this

No. 951763

seek help

No. 951777

…..You know that this comes straight from Jodi herself right? And no one else was able to verify this? Not sure if bait but Jodi isn't the most reliable source nonnie

No. 951779

I think she looked cute in the before photo, but I also like the fillers on the right. Her lips are bigger but not overdone, I think it suits her. I think the biggest issue is her hair. She just doesn’t look that great with natural hair colors imo. The silver in the right photo looks so good on her and I liked her green phase too. Her current bottle blonde plus dowdy 50s housewife cut is so ugly. Also did she have work done on her jaw/chin? It looks smaller on the right, but the photo on the right is a different angle so I can’t quite tell for sure

No. 951795

honestly she's just ugly & boring

No. 951805

travis Alexander won't fuck you

No. 951817

>>951738 i'm drunk so i actually read this all in its entirety and im impressed with the autism levels congratulations anon

No. 951838

Definitely work on the chin. Was she supposed to be a 50s housewife? If I had to guess it definitely wasn't that, but you're right about it not fitting her at all, and it's not her hair being a natural color it's that she insists on going 90s stripper bleach blonde, doesn't tone it at all and then gets a mullet on top of all of that like wtf. Her face is long and gaunt and she keeps trying to dress like a romantic or gamine when she's the complete opposite

No. 951872

may be the funniest sperg i’ve ever seen on the site, right up there with blessed komaeda-anon. I had no idea a person like you existed in this world—of all the characters littering the billboard charts to stan, you picked her. I am tickled, delighted, fascinated. I wish you well but also recommend benzodiazepines.

No. 951883

The Meghan Trainor sperging is obvious reddit copypasta jfc

No. 951953

anon, I dislike her because she was a quirky try-hard that wore onesies to interviews, not because of her music.

No. 951965

aside from all that:
>still the hottest pop star ever :3
do you know where you are or what time period you're in? half the people you've listed that you claim we like we've already shit on kek

anyway, legitimate question: why do you stan meghan but dislike carly? they're about on the same level to me tbh

No. 952153

If she dropped the droopy eyelids shtick she would already look way better.

No. 952188

>she's one of the most important artists of this decade
Honestly the only thing i know about her is that she's fat and had one popular song about being fat

No. 952264

File: 1635433187778.jpg (247.27 KB, 825x1343, IMG_6176.jpg)

drake looks extra gay here

No. 952267

Honestly think the gay rumors is a purposeful psyop to hide the fact that he's sexually grooming/abusing his underage fangirls

No. 952274

the little heart on his head is disgusting. fucking posturing predator

No. 952288

I def think he's sucked/fucked execs and shit to get where he is but I agree with anon who said he's grooming underage girls. Gay dudes don't want any type of female grown or underage. There's videos of him kissing on underage fans at his concerts. He serenaded this girl and was touching and kissing on her then asked her age and when she said 17 he was like damn then went back to touching her (barf)

No. 952290

Samefag but also he is too obsessed with Rihanna to give me fully gay vibes I'm pretty sure he fought Chris brown over her at a club years back

No. 952301

he's not gay, he's a pedo
also he has "i make girls like my asshole" face

No. 952302

>I def think he's sucked/fucked execs and shit to get where he is
I suspect most popstars(especially rappers) have, mostly cause rappers tend to have the least amount of dignity and sense of shame

No. 952320

Anyone that complains about Dave Chapelle’s trans jokes didn’t listen to them. He questioned why it was “easier for Bruce Jenner to change his gender, than it was for Cassius Clay to change his name”, and that “black men started wearing heels just to feel safe” and not get shot at by police. He brought up issues about race, and makes jokes at his own expense all of the time, including his own racial stereotypes. His story about his trans friend Daphne who he was actually going to mentor in comedy killed herself because of the backlash she got trying to explain comedy to the online trans community who pushed her to kill herself. It’s fucked up and so gross Azalea switched up, I had the impression she always said what she thought independently regardless if it was remotely acceptable, which is cool but now she’s doing a 180 to falsely win over a demographic who probably hates her as a black woman. Maybe because she will get fans like this? I don’t know, it’s fake as fuck she is saying something so different and not understanding Dave’s comedy which is meant to make you laugh, disconnect, and think. He doesn’t give a fuck about their sex life lmao, you can be trans and your sexuality is separate from that. He does however bring up how trans people tell him they’re more discriminated against than him as an older black man, who has lived through far more racism. It’s weird how they don’t want to let him simply talk, like it’s so dangerous he’s pointing out that it’s safer to be trans than a black person. These aren’t people who understand comedy or nuance, Azalea is funny sometimes but she needs to fuck off.

No. 952323

Didn’t realize that was so long my bad, the Chapelle shit is so fucking dumb and disappointing.

No. 952335

File: 1635438098346.jpeg (90.14 KB, 1080x1080, 3793A5FC-6C47-4024-8619-4A17D9…)

i already hate him bc of shitty music but i hate him that much more because of his botched lipo

No. 952338

Anon Chapelle is a multimillionaire living in a mansion in Ohio, his life is so far removed from the average american that its unreal
also he's married to a South East Asian woman

No. 952373

Curiosity got the best of me so i checked this exposingsmg blog and holly shit they sound like a farmer + a lot of weird unsourced information i read on here were mentioned on the blog i could only assume the writer is a regular on here, the bashing of any woman who doesn’t like justin bieber is especially familiar. Shallon lester might be more unhinged than i could have imagined…

No. 952375

Bitch we heard on phone that he was into all that shit. Stop simping for Mormons it's 2021

No. 952416

I am willing to bet he's both bi and a pedo, tbh. Gives off those vibes for sure.

No. 952473

Fr I can't believe so many people are WKing this out of touch scrote just because he hates TRA shit. The very same special lolcow is so fond of also has a joke about beating the shit out of a gay woman.

No. 952499

I feel like drake probably doesn't like full blown children but likes mature looking teenagers even though he should know that it's fucking illegal and he has access to all the grown women he could possibly want. I hate that nobody is holding him accountable, but rappers in general get away with everything since their fans will cape for them no matter how disgusting they are.

No. 952518

Hes a typical moid who sees teens as easy to manipulate because most teens would be too starstruck and not see how small his dick is or how much he sucks in bed. I don't know why moids constantly and publicly simp for teens, you're basically just advertising to the world that there's something wrong with you or your penis that would repel a normal adult woman

No. 952631

wtf it looks like as if he has two belly buttons

No. 952679

Nobody fucking cares. Dave Chappelle makes jokes about everyone, even himself/black people. If youre offended cut the tv off. Theres a difference between advocating for hate crimes and commenting on whats going on now.
I completely agree, he seems like the type to have no boundary if it fits his “type”. This is technically speculation but I’ve read articles stating hes sent people to threaten the strippers he’s knocked up so no one really speaks out. He’s 100% this generations R Kelly.

No. 952692

>he's 100% this generation's r kelly
i don't think you're wrong, but i hope it doesn't take almost two decades for him to get the majority of the public turned on him too (guessing it took roughly two decades for r kelly but i'm not sure)

drake is still liked by many. people arguing over whether donda or drake's new album is better or whatever. people need to stop worshipping awful scrotes

No. 952693

File: 1635456151856.jpeg (39.85 KB, 622x335, CCDF9E74-C93C-46FF-A4BB-575461…)

The girl who recorded it was Anna Collins, Petra Collins’ sister. Petra is a photographer who shot some of SG’s music videos and somehow became part of her friend group. If any of the speculation on exposingSMG is true it seems like she took those videos while Selena was shitfaced and not fully aware what was going on which is fucked up

No. 952786

He probably would if he could

No. 952831

He could be bi

No. 952891

File: 1635468254711.jpg (689.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211029-023928_Chr…)

Uhm I don't know what to say

No. 952895

petra collins has like hardly two brain cells to rub together she continually impresses with her low IQ and inexplicably higher social clout

No. 952897

Gigi and Zayne have broken up. I believe he might have did it. Yolonda is still horrible though.

No. 952923

File: 1635469466961.png (925.14 KB, 698x864, Screenshot (3679).png)

Omg what is this lol, the rubber duckies on the wall while she straddles the dirty mattress with this emotionless, madonna-esque plastic face. I hate it all. She's only 4 years older than MGK, why are they acting like she's robbing the cradle?

No. 952925

maybe believable, theres that vid of zayn getting in a fight with a random guy cause the guy called him a faggot or something.

No. 952927

I know the mattress isn't actually dirty, but god this is gross

No. 952943

Megan Fox is 35 and shapes her entire identity around the talentless guy she's dating. She was just regular irrelevant before, now she's desperately irrelevant. Unpopular opinion - she's always been gross and looks greasy like she constantly needs a shower. As far back as I can remember she's looked greasy and smelly, like a lazy istathot who just covers her face with another layer of grease makeup instead of washing it. I always side eyed the people who idolized her.

No. 952951

Bless you, anon. I've always felt like the only one who thought she looked greasy and filthy yet for the last two years or so there's been all these posts and videos about how "we" failed her or some shit and how Hollywood did her dirty like some poor, innocent angel.

No. 952956

How did we as americas of the unlisted states let some clubbed thumb flinstone bitch be the hot babe of the 21st century

No. 952958

Billie eilish? who ya talking about?

No. 952960

I meant Megan fox

No. 952963

>t. femcel

No. 952966

File: 1635471822031.jpeg (69.54 KB, 461x680, FCzqk53XEA8G4MU.jpeg)


his statement.

that woman is a known crazy annoying cow and zayn is a scrote so he probably did it. team no one.

No. 952975

File: 1635472959305.jpeg (620.01 KB, 575x1301, 33614F9C-33AE-4143-9316-11FB49…)

No. 952994

Did you even watch the special? The way he tells the "joke" is as an IRL anecdote, as a thing that happened. He admits to have beaten up a woman at a club. It's not just social commentary or anything, there isn't even a message to that bit. Anyway Chappelle isn't gonna fuck you, especially since you didn't watch his special.

I wish I could forget those thumbs.

No. 953090

Where is this even from and what's the context behind this? I thought it was from Instagram but it doesn't seem to show this

No. 953098

>calls immature edgelord MGK her "daddy"
>does this shit

Is this supposed to look like a kid's old room or something? And trying to pose seductively? This feels off and weird to look at. Just gives me the vibe like there's a lot to unpack there.

No. 953123

The diss track for Grimes from azealia is trash. You wouldn't think this is the same person who did "no problems" another diss toward angel haze. This is milky because it's so bad. So is her new other song where she's putting on a silly British accent. I've noticed azealias songwriting has rapidly declined since she lost all support. Has she just run out of ideas or were there actually people helping her write? I never seen anyone else apart from a couple of people in her credits which is normal for all artists. Her old music also sounds so authentic and personal it's hard to imagine someone else writing it. But regardless lyrically, she has completely regressed. Can she even still write a proper song Anymore.

No. 953254

File: 1635486238799.gif (131.64 KB, 220x220, rihanna-eye.gif)

Every time I hear this fucking take. Can we talk about some famous women who've actually been failed by society? Megan Fox has literally been lifted up her entire career, exactly why she hasn't even had to learn how to act properly. She's literally coasted, bullSHIT. and if you're here to say "oh but Michael bay blah blah, I don't give a shit. Blacklisted or not, she'd have the same worthless career regardless because she's a hack.

No. 953257

She can't do anything properly. She's also boring and her drama isn't even amusing anymore

No. 953362

you know who has been failed by society?

meghan trainor

No. 953365

No. No. You can't just shamelessly flaunt your autism like this. Not on the internet. I also can't believe you're trying to compare Meghan Trainor, a fat, generic pop star who makes insanely boring pop music, with someone like Kanye West. It must be bait, because I honestly cannot live in a world where it isn't, and people like you actually exist. You have the musical taste of a morbidly obese, severely autistic 8 year-old girl.

No. 953386

You're the one autistically replying to copypasta nonnie.

No. 953391

Dont hate it

No. 953462

File: 1635506136581.jpg (59.57 KB, 601x575, 2.JPG)

can't find the dasha thread but she just called out her ex The Walking Dead actor Chandler Riggs for allegedly liking horse porn?

No. 953472

LMAO plz no

K but seriously, i feel like this whole meghan failed by society is some attempt at rewriting old events to make her out to be a victim, we can’t confirm for sure her career would be different if … euh .. we weren’t living in a society and we don’t know what went behind the scenes. This trend of victimising rich celebrities irks me, the fact that she’s still famous and rich tells me enough, she hasn’t lost anything she still has her connections in the industry so she’s not a victim in my book

No. 953478

Her thread is in /pt/, but I think this counts as celebricows as he is a D-list actor with cow tendencies. And kek, he definitely still has that kink. The way he frames it as "I went through a phase" is just to play it safe, he definitely wanted to find out how far he can go with her and if she will share his kink.

No. 953491

File: 1635507949803.jpeg (50.71 KB, 1023x719, Chandler-Riggs-NoisePRN.com_.j…)

He def looks like he's into horses

No. 953537

File: 1635511254833.jpeg (147.84 KB, 1125x421, CCB5426B-F471-410A-81B7-5444D7…)

Dasha you’re a miserable bitter sociopath because no matter how much you let z-list celebs fuck you they’ll never go public with you.

The irony of her whoring around degenerates like that tony dude and in the same breath berate someone about horse cum kink, I have to laugh.

No. 953556

zayn is a faggot

No. 953614

I looked him up because I couldn't recognize him. I didn't realize he was Rick's son on the Walking Dead. I'm not surprised to learn that a scrote is a complete degenerate but I definitely did not expect something like this to come from him kek

No. 953616

File: 1635518082161.jpg (213.94 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20211029-093337.jpg)

Idk i don't like either of them

No. 953617

> a fucking dutch shit

No. 953618

It was slut actually kek

No. 953619

Kek thank you I'm retarded

No. 953620

Allegedly it was verbal, not physical (allegedly) and in defense of his daughter, but this is info coming from potentially biased 1D fans

No. 953621

No it was a fair assumption, both are funny as fuck

No. 953623

I think it was about the baby, apparently Yolanda took pictures of the kid despite the parents' wish for privacy, and leaked it or was about to leak it.

No. 953644

She apparently entered the house unannounced when Gigi wasn't there and that set him off too.

No. 953682

Imagine actually taking fashion advice from a scrote

No. 953700

File: 1635524323390.jpeg (360.94 KB, 828x717, 08235BB8-71DF-4AA5-BB2A-F954E1…)

No. 953720

i also can't find the dasha thread in pt does anyone have any idea how to find it?? sorry to be annoying in advance

No. 953742

I can only find the one from a year ago and its maxed out. I guess it was deleted

No. 953753

you're 100% right, anon.

No. 953760

thank you nona ilysm

No. 953813

I thought she was apart of the lefthots ensemble thread on /snow/

No. 953819

Wrong Dasha. The lefthot is Dasha Nekrasova, they’re talking about Julia Stadler who went by Dasha.

No. 953826

Really? Everywhere I went to it was always women preaching the kibbe type, idk who it's made by. It just seems like a female dominated thing

No. 953838

They're called Kibbe types after the creator, David Kibbe

No. 953847

Well that scrote made some good points that's if you fit in his classification of women's body shapes.
But i agree with anon we need to gatekeep women's fashion and beauty from faggots unless y'all enjoyed watching shane, Voldemort and the orange pedo take the lead on YouTube

No. 953850

My bad guys, I had no idea

No. 953874

Sounds like Zayn doesn't support LGBT rights.

No. 953929

I found it on Anna Collin's Instagram page, the woman that accidentally leaked Selena's nudes. She takes cool photos but this Megan Fox shoot is awful lol

No. 954019

chandler has cow like tendencies? curious to know what else he's done, used to follow him when i went through a twd phase but not as much anymore. never really heard anything though and if i ever googled no issues came up.

No. 954051

File: 1635548500590.jpg (333.92 KB, 1080x1241, women are smarter.jpg)

What do you think the rest of One Direction think about Zayn hitting Yolanda? Harry really plays up the woke persona, he could probably afford to say something.

No. 954078

the weirdest thing about this is that he lives in pennsylvania

No. 954109

harry styles used to call himself a feminist waaay back in day, so I just know in my heart, in my very SOUL that he is a predator of some sort

No. 954125

I bet the universal response of celebs to each other's scandals is 'thank fuck it wasn't me, time to mind my business' and that's it. No doubt they all have dubious ethics and too many skeletons in their closet to be judgemental.

I still honestly kinda hope Harry is a nice boy behind the scenes though, pls no bully I have a soft spot for him.

No. 954131

I thought they lived in NY for some reason

No. 954148

his act nowadays is even more fake than that

No. 954278

isnt bukowski his fav author or something? Definitely a scrote

No. 954353

I’m a celebrity here to tell you guys to stop the hate. I’m personally good friends with a few of the celebs posted on here. I won’t tell you here but they know about this thread. One of them has hired a lawyer to stop this site. Lipstick Alley will also be taken down too. Stop the hate and spread the love.(autism )

No. 954356

Hi celebrity

No. 954357

Fake and gay.

No. 954358

Hello, is there any questions you’d like me to answer?

No. 954359

Find a better LARP. Nothing said here is any worse than anything said on Twitter or the CDAN comment section.

No. 954360

As I’ve said before stop the hate and spread the love. How adorable of you to be the first rude person to me! Love it!

No. 954362

LARP? I’m not sure what you’re saying. I’m in a craft, acting is a craft. Master one and you’ll spend less time being a hater.

No. 954364

File: 1635575808303.gif (1.68 MB, 245x255, lmaowot.gif)

i'm surprised there hasn't been one of these in 30+ threads yet kek

if you know any of my favs tell them 'hi' for me sista

No. 954365

to reiterate what other anon said:
>nothing said here is any worse than anything said on twitter or the cdan comment section

No. 954367

>cdan comments section
no, that's much worse than lc

No. 954369

Who is your fave? I’d be glad to give them a call on your behalf. Btw I’m real. If you want proof then ask.

No. 954370

They probably don’t even know what CDAN stands for.
Try trolling the scrotes at Datalounge since you’re too lazy to make an account to troll on Twitter or LipstickAlley.

No. 954371

Explain CAND to me then dear. I’ve already spoken to my attorneys about Twitter.

No. 954372

datalounge will eat them up too kek

for as ban happy as enty is in banning users who dont agree with his qanon agenda, that faggot will never ban count jerkula or the other moid always commenting vile, misogynistic shit under their blinds

No. 954391

Are your lawyers going to take down Twitter for you?

No. 954392

Of course not silly. My attorney has already taken down a few defamatory accounts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

No. 954394

hey totally real celebrity this is for u

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Julliard , and I’ve been involved in numerous famous film projects, and I have over 300 confirmed fans. I am trained in acting and I’m the top talent in the entire US celebrity club. You are nothing to me but just another fan. I will wipe you the fuck out with lawsuits the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of lawyers across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your site. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can sue you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my lawyer. Not only am I extensively trained in shutting down websites, but I have access to the entire server warehouse of twitter and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue, and just stop the hate and spread the love. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. Your website is fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 954396

You’re very passive aggressive. Don’t need to be jealous of someone who is rich and beautiful.

No. 954400

I am a celebrity and I talk shit about other celebrities here

No. 954401

Let me know who is in your circle. As a fellow celeb on here I’d like to know.

No. 954402

go away balled fist face ass bitch

No. 954403

First celebrity anon, you don’t need to be a bitch. If you only knew…(more autism )

No. 954404

Zayn is a faggot. A curryscented faggot. kek. I can't believe this scrote is the one who essentially ended Azealia's career. Also why do people keep caling Zayn a faggot? There must be some truth to this.

And this is pretty privilege. If Zayn wasn't so handsome, no one would be coddling him like they have for years. It's not just the average scrote coddling it's more than that just because he is attractive. I hope this scrote OD's.(racebait)

No. 954405

Don’t talk about my brother like that.

No. 954406

He also gets coddled because absolutely any criticism of him is taken as racism and who can blame his stans for thinking that when retards like you exist

No. 954411

Willow Pape be like

No. 954412

A font said he was turned out by some music industry folks, sparking his drug addiction in order to cope. Who knows? It's not as outlandish as it might sound, the casting couch has always existing for males and they are abused en masse too. Most men in the industry are bi or gay, minority are het but gay for pay. Sexual abuse is rife.

No. 954418

Ok faggot. lAwYeR gUnNa TaKe TeH bIg BaD lOlCoW.fArM dOwN!!! Yeah yeah you really got the farmers shaking in their little boots over that one. Go find a new special interest or hobby so something useful can come out of your autism because you’re wasting it here.

No. 954420

I’m sorry you feel that way. Keep posting on here because my lawyers are all on it. Don’t be spooked if you get no connection to lolcow anymore. PS: I’m rich and famous ur not

No. 954421

Can I have a few hundred bucks. Pls that's not even a lot.

No. 954423

Sent me your cashapp and I’ll see what I can do

No. 954434

he only dates older women he probably has a mommy kink ew

No. 954435

File: 1635582948106.jpeg (150.32 KB, 750x652, A30A3F9A-6C49-4601-A96D-8AF78F…)

Kek Nonnie you can’t even keep your story straight. First it was your friend’s lawyer now it’s your lawyer? What the fuck is a lawyer going to even do?
If you were really a “celebrity” you wouldn’t be sperging on lolcow of all places and wasting the legal fees.
It was fun humoring you but next time you want to troll for the lulz throw out better b8 cuz this is trash.
P.S. ur pure undistilled autism is cute

No. 954439

File: 1635583087290.jpeg (46.6 KB, 750x900, 397BB227-78C0-41AB-BEC4-8F6729…)

So celebrities can’t have internet now? I’m allowed to browse and sue whatever website I want. Give me your cash app because I like to give to charities every once in a while.

No. 954442

People can't take a joke on this site, god..

No. 954448

>one of the teeny tiny minority of male celebs/men in general who are into date older women instead of barely legal teens
>shit on him for it

Shut up anon, it's his best quality

No. 954452

File: 1635583937657.jpeg (666.48 KB, 1600x1999, D6E07E20-5606-44C3-AC6A-4308F0…)

Imho any moid that steals conventionally feminine aesthetics and integrates them into their fake-woke pandering fashion/style is hiding some predatory shit. Gay scrotes and troons do it all the time but it’s especially more disgusting when a “straight” man does it. It’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Side note, I’ve never looked at Harry this much until just now but he looks like Paddington Bear to me. Am I the only one who sees it?

$begone_retard while ur at it I would also like a Rolls Royce babe xoxo

No. 954454

Show us your bank statements or gtfo.

No. 954455

Harry styles used to be obsessed with this baby. People noticed and made milk fic of it on tumblr

No. 954457

File: 1635584204554.jpeg (53.02 KB, 422x750, 88C9117E-7656-49E0-8BA6-0344CD…)

Are you happy?

No. 954458

Lets be real though, it's best when moids just date in their own age bracket. When they go for teenagers it's gross for obvious reasons and when they go for older women 9/10 times it's kink related because moids are shallow and don't value personality/maturity over looks.

No. 954461

This pic is a fucking disaster, I've seen men wear dresses that fit them, so it's not like it's impossible for a guy to look decent in one, what is Harry Styles trying to do here?
Also does anybody have that disgusting pic where he's bare chested and wears a weird hat? Some anon here said he looked like some leprechaun Abraham Lincoln.

No. 954464

File: 1635584541457.png (1.03 MB, 828x1792, 0CDBD58B-0CE1-4CC0-9D8C-3A95A9…)

Kek it’s a fake screen cap from a website called appadvice.com
You can’t seriously be this lazy Nonita cmon

No. 954466

They paid me to take a screenshot of my bank account. After that they used it as advertising. If it wasn’t obvious but I’m a loyal customer there and have been for a very long time.

No. 954467

File: 1635584872033.jpeg (75.09 KB, 480x720, A969FAAF-83AF-4B23-B54A-A9701E…)

I’m searching for it. I don’t have it right now but in my pursuit of it I found this kek.

No. 954468

Bitch who are you kidding you know he has issues from that 30 y.o pedo lady who dated him when he was a teen

No. 954469

Men have the potential to look good in skirts and dressea, except this one threw on the first dress available and wanted to be applauded for it.

No. 954470

idk that much about his dating history but afaik his most serious relationship was with a model who's like, 4 years older than him? I'd say that's within his age bracket, nobody would bat an eye if a woman dated a man 4 years older, but it's still notable considering how rare it is for the woman to be older at all.

No. 954471

File: 1635585026564.jpg (108.98 KB, 736x779, 59afeb2c1c909b3dba55e0d25cc5ea…)

this one?

No. 954472

File: 1635585085717.jpg (89.72 KB, 1140x1424, yuck.jpg)

kek is this the picture you're referring to?

No. 954473

BARF. bring back masculinity

No. 954474

Girl I am having way too much fun feeding your troll ass
I know I shouldn’t but idgaf I’ll go full blown retard right now and keep it up so you’re not alone

No. 954475

File: 1635585131530.jpg (74.17 KB, 736x924, ad43540b9933769d74e700deac9e84…)

what the fuck is wrong with this man, disgusting.

No. 954476

shit aint cute. they think they doing something wit this ish. smh

No. 954477

spoiler this shit nigga

No. 954479

The blacks are up late tonight(racebait)

No. 954481

File: 1635585437313.jpeg (411.45 KB, 828x762, 9CF3861E-616C-4655-8603-B7DFD0…)

Billie Eilish from earlier tonight as the voice of Sally in “The Nightmare Before Christmas Live-To-Concert Experience”

No. 954482

File: 1635585472369.jpeg (456.8 KB, 828x1002, EC614087-B550-465F-8496-BC80BB…)

No. 954483

I mean sally was on the chunkier side..

No. 954484

bitch the way i just hollered. shut yo white ass vampire ass up. talking about up late bitch you whites never sleep with your demon asses dont need sleep aint no soul aint no sleep bitch i smaock your mama up betch keep tlaking(racebait)

No. 954487

That’s some tough talk for a cotton picker. Oh wait, it doesn’t take much work to pick up pieces of cotton. I’m not white. Showed your true colors with that Louisiana bayou talk. Love that chicken from Popeyes!(racebait)

No. 954488

This post definitely has right wing conservative vibes

No. 954490

She looks like this melt of a 60+ year old woman I know. How much drugs does Billie take? Girl needs to take care of herself.

No. 954491

what is going on in this thread

No. 954492

I came across a gossip site once that had “harry styles took a shower” as news and i haven’t been able to unsee how greesy he looks
He stylist loathes her wtf is this outfit she looks like a grandma

No. 954493

Racebaiting/sperging, trolls, Billie posts. What's new honestly.

No. 954495

I hate Harry Styles so much.

No. 954497

So this is just celeb anon trying out new bait and replying to herself.

No. 954498

File: 1635585890704.png (191.22 KB, 566x342, 09590w35.png)

Can you freaks trade e-mails or LSA or Stormfront accounts or whatever and leave

No. 954502

It's probably that same anon from yesterday that kept racebaiting across various threads, mods didn't stop the infighting so they never got banned.

No. 954503

He can't pull off the dresses he wears

No. 954504

File: 1635586091015.jpg (56.68 KB, 500x500, artworks-000515071536-pwrtb4-t…)

How the fuck did her team ruin her look so badly? What on earth are they thinking with that frumpy momsy hair and matronly outfits, the stylist needs to be blacklisted from the industry.

No. 954505

I feel like Billie doesn’t have the emotional depth in her voice to pull of Sally’s speaking lines or her singing. It sounds weird and unnatural. It sounds whispy in a bad way.
On top of that it looks like she’s wearing a corset under the dress, which was probably not the smartest choice since you need to, you know, breath enough when you sing.

No. 954506

File: 1635586318184.jpg (99.8 KB, 650x684, sally.jpg)

She's dressed as the character Sally, her dress just how her dress looks like

No. 954508

*that's just how her dress looks like
Sorry I had a stroke while writing that

No. 954510

Dressmaking sperg but that's not an excuse for how shit she looks, that dress is a shitty Halloween store recreation in stretchy fabric that hugs her gut. She's a literal millionaire she should have had something more flattering made to measure.

No. 954511

Sally isn't fat though and the dress looks like it's about to burst at the seams.

No. 954514

I heard it was custom so I think apart from her stylist hating her, her tailor must too

No. 954516

Yessss it's this one, thank you nonna! I don't think even his most hardcore fans could defend this shot, what the fuck was he trying to do here?

No. 954518

File: 1635587624447.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, A7068606-AE11-4E70-8EE1-39DDFB…)

I still think it was a retarded decision to ditch the neon roots. It would have been super cute during her for the Nightmare Before Christmas concert imo
If she wanted to go more natural and get away from the neon she should have stuck to a dark brown or black. The blonde looks like shit.

No. 954525

The details are weird

>According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Zayn was at Gigi and Zayn's Pennsylvania home on Sept. 29 and got into a nuclear argument. He allegedly called Yolanda a "fing Dutch slut," ordered her to "stay away from [my] fing daughter." He said this, although it's hard to know why, "the fing sperm that came out of [my] fing c*."

Gross, wtf

>He then allegedly "shoved her [Yolanda] into a dresser causing mental anguish and physical pain." Zayn denies any physical contact.

>As for the charge that he harassed Gigi, according to court docs, he screamed at her, "strap on some fing balls and defend your partner against your fing mother in my house." Sources with direct knowledge tell us Gigi was actually in Paris, but Zayn allegedly said this to her on a phone call during the incident.

>There was a security guard on hand, and according to the docs, Zayn screamed, "Get the f out of my fing house, copper." The docs say Zayn tried to fight the guard.

No. 954526

I wonder if her managers are stealing from her, probably got this on Etsy and charged thousands to her account for a "custom" dress

No. 954533

The source here is 100% yolanda kek she’s out to get him for real now i guess he doesn’t bring in enough clout anymore.
This is how i imagine things went down:
>Y: she’s not even your daughter you dense sandnigger I’m tired of you you’re not famous anymore

No. 954538

This made me kek hard. Also my first reaction when I read the article was, 'yeah I mean who wouldn't want to shove Yolanda in a closet'

No. 954542

File: 1635592376006.gif (1.09 MB, 244x212, austin-powers-dutch.gif)

>fucking Dutch slut

No. 954543

All I could think of too, nonny, catching up on the thread kek

No. 954556

No. 954558

That makes no sense. Even if he is bi, that doesn't mean that bi people want to fuck everyone in the world.
He is a fucking opportunist with a preference for young and insecure girls, because they give him a feel of superiority. A grown woman would give him anxiety due to his deep-rooted insecurities.
He knows that there is no reason for him to kiss and fondle his fans, no matter their age. But he decides to do it anyway. He goes as far as he can (in the open) without it being too obvious for the majority of people. Because we are all (still) used to males grabbing and fondling girls and women.

No. 954564

lol. Life imitates, idk, something.

No. 954566

He is a wannabe cow himself. He took work from women who already established the backbones of the types.
Someone on YT did a video about the history of body types/typing.
It's sad and annoying that it blow up under his name but not surprising. He nowadays seems to delete types randomly and whatnot. And his FB group is like a cult.

No. 954567

HAHAHAHA, this is peak comedy. Is that you, Dave Chapelle? How is the weather in Idaho?
The: I tell my lawyer!, is the new: I tell it my momma!
That's not very impressive.

No. 954573

You are not only rich and famous, you are also delusional and probably a narc and have too much time. Go take some acting classes to improve your art.
Or watch some horse porn? I mean, you can also keep blogging on here, it's quite enjoyable.
Never came that close to a true rich and famous celeb with so much influential friends. Makes me all exited. /s

No. 954609

Yeah, he's too short and boxy. If you don't want to dress traditionally masc, at least have the decency to coordinate your shit and dress for your body.

No. 954625

File: 1635604351241.jpeg (41.76 KB, 554x554, images (9).jpeg)

Idk he can't pull off existing he just likes to be gross picrel.
It's like he's testing his fans to see how far he can push them before they admit he's weird, tinfoil maybe this is a reaction to being over sexualized throughout his life yk how some people get fat or make themselves hideous after SA (which is sad, I'm not making fun of them) maybe that's what Justin Bieber was doing too

No. 954637

>Man posessively calls newborn daughter HIS fucking cock sperm
>Tells girlfriend to strap on some balls to fight her mother on his behalf
Anyone defending him is equally fucked in the head. If you can speak like this about your own daughter to her grandmother and get physical then it's nothing to do with actually caring about your "cock sperm". He's dangerous. Genuinely misogynistic psycho and Gigi is just another pickme getting hit by reality.

No. 954638

File: 1635605627919.png (622.61 KB, 1408x730, lolno.png)

She looks like Mama June, eugh. She was already unattractive, but holy crap.

Or, you're on lc, where women are tired of being both troon handmaidens or expected to praise men like Harry just because they threw on a dress and makeup. Seriously, fuck off with this twittershit.

Ayrt and yes, I agree. Just look at all the golden age hollywood starlets and the horrific treatment they went through, most of which ultimately led to them dying younger than they should have and usually at the hands of something drug or alcohol related. Picrel I usually enjoy the first channel's content, but this video wasn't it. I don't get why everyone's suddenly rushing to this woman's defense.

No. 954639

How have we failed Megan and why do we owe her an apology?

No. 954642

ayrt and I don't know kek
People stay acting like she wasn't also a massive diva on set. Egos clash, she and Michael both act like assholes, so I don't get why she's shocked people stopped wanting to work with her for a while. But, now everyone's on this shit about her being an injured flower that society failed.

No. 954645

I don’t think he looks gross

No. 954647

I believe it to be honest, I know the paul brothers are jackasses and I think logan wouldn't leave him alone but Zayn always gave off anger management issues to me.

No. 954652

yolanda hadid tried to hide ghislane maxwell at that same pennsyvania property sometime last year
zayn and gigi's baby is fucked

No. 954656

tinfoil; depending on how this goes, he may be "suicided"

No. 954661

Blacklisted by Michael because she stood up to him or something, can't remember

No. 954667

No. 954670

nah Yolanda is actually really crazy

No. 954672

>People stay acting like

lipstick alley faggot(infighting )

No. 954676

What is with anons bringing up LSA every 2 seconds recently?

No. 954678

Please go outside. This is unnecessary.

No. 954699

nta two things can be true at once, her crazy doesn't cancel out Zayn's crazy. Zayn pleaded guilty/no contest so now he is on probation and has to complete an anger management class and domestic violence program according to TMZ.

No. 954701

chapstick gutter

No. 954711

Man this is stupid, emotionless, and vapid. Her deeper voice lends itself to the darker techno vibe but the lyrics are weak and she can’t pull the listener into the story no matter how much they want to be there. She should have worked this out more.

No. 954713

Shea butter trenches

No. 954765

LSA has a paralleled unhealthy obsession with celebrities and pop culture because they’re all annoying hedonistic consumerists who don’t know how to spell for their lives (it’s pretty obvious why they can’t spell because they’re all ghetto trash kek)

No. 954769

Alan Cumming did it better

No. 954771

I take the article with a handful of salt since it's Yolanda telling news articles to write this shit. She definitely has a tight grip on her daughters public image and controlled what the media said for years. If she didn't want this out she could have shut her mouth or paid news outlets to stay silent about it like she usually does. But yes, a drug addict like Zayn definitely has anger management issues there's no question about it. It's about what he really said and if he really hit that demented old hag.
Your post has retarded harry stan vibes

No. 954773

Did what? Cumming?

No. 954779

didn’t she give gigi an eating disorder? lmao

No. 954781

File: 1635619166218.jpeg (39.41 KB, 295x493, lachapelle-bath2.jpeg)

The pseudo-femme thing. At least he's a stage actor and is fruity/avantgarde on the reg so it's not as jarring and makes sense for him. Harry needs to give it up and continue leaning in on the 70s disco male thing.

No. 954785

looks like he’s going to transition soon

No. 954788

File: 1635619445098.jpg (89.38 KB, 553x824, 1555704933068.jpg)

not really imo, I think certain feminine coded aesthetics might work on certain males such as eye liner, skirts and make up but the vast majority of female clothing and aesthetics don't work for males
I think both men and women clothes should stop focusing on weather something is subversive or not and rather based on what looked goods on them and not arbitrary standards of what a man/woman is supposed to wear
picrel is a young male from Wodaabe tribe where men wearing make up is not seen as subversive or anything, its just as seen as something that looks good on them and so they wear it

No. 954793

men and women should stop caring about weather I agree that’s a pretty strong statement rain isn’t real

No. 954794

Eyeliner or khôl works on everyone.

No. 954819

File: 1635621585066.jpeg (540.07 KB, 828x1217, 39046623-1785-4073-85C2-BFFD99…)

Creepiest fucking celebrity Halloween costume yet. Not cute on any level and I love baby yoda.

No. 954826

File: 1635622581714.jpeg (164.83 KB, 788x1000, AA40E767-F219-4F65-B17C-BD14FD…)

Honestly this looks cool
Throughout history men have always worn clothes that we would consider feminine today but harry styles was serving court jester vibes. Not weird for his time, just weird in general just point and laugh

No. 954827

File: 1635622683937.jpg (68.45 KB, 600x800, 85327954368854.jpg)

A lot of traditional male clothing from around the world is probably what we would consider "feminine" in our culture for basically being a dress/skirt, and it never looks wrong on them because it's tailored to their frame. The problem arises when they're shaped like Gumby and put on clothes that were made to accentuate women's natural curves. Celebrities scrotes could pay to have clothes custom made for them, but I guess it doesn't matter when you can just throw on any dress from the female clothing section and get ass pats for doing the bare minimum anyway.

Another thing I've noticed is that they always wear childish clothing styles like >>954475
I mean it's jarring enough when grown women dress like little girls to pedo pander, much less when it's some ugly man with linebacker shoulders and beard stubble. They don't know how to dress without looking like Buffalo Bill is their fashion icon.

No. 954833

with regards to East Asia, the traditional the male beauty standard is based on the Confucian Ideal of "scholar masculinity". The ideal man was expected to be well educated, groomed, cultured and intelligent.

No. 954836

yep. and probably gave bella body dysmorphia.

No. 954837

Wtf is the context behind this? Yuck indeed

No. 954841

No. 954842

>but the vast majority of female clothing and aesthetics don't work for males
Well because female clothing is made for women's bodies. Both men and women wear basic black coats but you can't put a basic black women's coat on a man because it'll look awkward around the shoulders (too small, too rounded). Draft a skirt or a dress to a male's frame and it can look good. High fashion has lots examples of skirts and dresses tailored specifically to the male body and it looks good.

No. 954846

File: 1635624925784.jpeg (237.83 KB, 507x551, B2D1CD5A-E0B1-409A-9016-5AE86A…)

This only tells me that you frequent that website.
Unpopular opinion but i still thought ariana was gorgeous like few months ago, she keeps getting closer to the uncanny valley and this is her worst picture idk what’s worse, the retarded floating eyeliner celebs won’t just drop or the michael jackson nose

No. 954862

File: 1635626300331.jpg (107.86 KB, 719x665, gwyneth.jpg)

holy based

No. 954865

she looks like a man sorry

No. 954866

Gwyneth "rose quartz pussy egg" Paltrow, will never be taken seriously as most people know her for her vagina steaming foolery. This only makes the noporn movement look weaker. Not to mention they're both libfems and Jada is a literal cuckette.

No. 954871

Is there any picture where she closes her agape fish glub glub mouth? She’s trying to sell her makeup and puts in no effort because all her millions of child stans will buy anything she tells them to

No. 954878

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 954882

>self-discovery of queer people
Like when ugly autistic white men discover how they're actually underage japanese lesbians (AGPs)by watching porn?

No. 954886

kek holy shit whatever you do, do not read the Daily Beast's take on this. Shit makes me want to a-log so hard.

No. 954910

She saw Fenty's success and is like "I'm a pop star too, this should be easy????"

But tbh I get the same vibe from her as the Kardashians and their makeup line. Celebrities who are obsessed with the cash and not quality, putting out shit that'll end up in clearance.

No. 954947

File: 1635633898848.png (933.7 KB, 958x786, h.png)

Which celebs do you think eat/have eaten pussy and enjoy it and which ones do you think definitely don't and hate it? Saging my retarded thoughts below

>Harry Styles is proud of himself for doing it at all but might not love it that much, but also loves it more than the other 1D boys including Zayn

>Kstew might be pretty good at eating it but currently prefers dick (no hate, I'm bi too)
>Themi Lovato tried (perhaps with Noah Cyrus or Selena) and didn't like it, so did Taylor Swift
>Ariana Grande could have a gun to her head and still not put her tongue on a vagina
>Justin Bieber isn't a fan and would probably get mad if you asked him about it
>Timmy Chalamet is French so he probably prefers rimming. insert Willy Wonka chocolate factory joke here

No. 954987

Kek I love thi post

No. 954991

Yes I know that their view of masculinity was different, my point was that it isn't uncommon for traditional male clothing to include some type of garment that is basically a dress/skirt depending on the culture and time period, which would be considered a feminine style today in the West. It was one example of how men can look good in them if styled correctly.

No. 954996

File: 1635643753278.jpeg (30.63 KB, 480x332, 3CC4E867-0D81-43F9-B543-EFC8F2…)

looks like kim has moved on to pete. there’s no way his dick is good enough to get passed around like this

No. 954999

Hot, not gonna lie.

No. 955001

Me on the bottom

No. 955010

File: 1635645760340.jpeg (1.99 MB, 3072x3072, 6E75C597-FF32-4972-AA02-B877B3…)

Harry Styles’ Halloween costume made me think of this thread, kek he looks retarded.

No. 955014

are you kidding niall definitely would love eating pussy more than any of the other guys

No. 955015

File: 1635646025380.jpeg (194.59 KB, 1198x622, 4D5C2830-928F-4DA4-B995-7218EC…)

okay this really makes me want to bring back manly men

No. 955018

He has so much to thank Ariana Grande for that it’s not even funny then it goes right back to being funny several times before settling on not because this really shouldn’t be happening. Hopefully he will make jokes about Kanye so his misogynistic humiliation of his ex wife and mother of his kids isn’t so one sided.

No. 955020

Isnt he like 24?! based and cougarpilled kim

No. 955043

Young cock rides harder. Young men are less jaded.
"I like older men" is a financial cope.

No. 955048

This shit is disgusting. There's no way this isn't a fetish.

No. 955059

His fetish is taking advantage of woke trends to rake in money and unearned praise from his audience of young women who think a man in a dress is dismantling the patriarchy

No. 955065

What the fuck? I’m team zayn. That dutch cunt was taking pics of the baby to sell her to Jews. Probably did the exact same to gigi and bella and thats why they’re so void of emotion now. People say nasty things when they’re angry, i would have pushed the bitch too. After the way she’s treated her daughters? I wouldnt let her anywhere near the child, not to mention someone else said its possible she snuck in(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 955068

at this point I'd rather fuck >>954996 than have harrys freaky crossdressing shit

so many men setting the bar in hell that pete big dick walmart skarsgard seems appealing by comparison? or even timmy. at least they dress like men. I'm tired

No. 955069

I have to agree with you, pretty hot.

No. 955080

File: 1635651925861.gif (975.22 KB, 220x182, BA351DF1-FF4D-4F34-96E6-4DCE27…)

>What the fuck? I’m team zayn. That dutch cunt was taking pics of the baby to sell her to Jews

Shit I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time

No. 955084

File: 1635652633619.jpg (356.47 KB, 750x1334, Tumblr_l_17672910759819.jpg)

Anya is all over ED internet as their "it" girl

Lookup at her old pics i think she's had buccal fat removal

No. 955086

who cares she’s ugly and looks like a rodent, move on anon and go and get you a really good juicy ass burger and get some meat on your bones

No. 955089

i hate this $5 junkie whore aesthetic, it's really a thing now huh

No. 955091

File: 1635653546961.jpeg (122.72 KB, 1080x1080, 0F5DE143-E1E1-44D1-BE29-A8193D…)

She's defs gotten a browlift. Not sure about the rest. Sick and tired of seeing women with straighter brows get weird arch browlifts.

No. 955092

File: 1635653609262.jpeg (100.39 KB, 1080x1080, 277423F9-1726-49E9-BB5B-0043EB…)

No. 955093

skellies aren’t really known for their refined taste or smell since they all either smell like really bad or like vomit and depend on a healthy diet of cigs and alcohol to get through their narcissistic day of trying to be better than everyone else and calling everyone normal looking person a fatty

No. 955098

lol young men are not less jaded they're just dopamine driven coomers looking for their next hit of instant gratification. whether it's porn, weed, food, sex, it's just an endless feedback loop of self serving desires.

No. 955103

Anon aren't you embarrassed to browse those ED spaces? I'd rather have it known that i post vile shit on lolcow than tell people i go on ED sites to learn how to stop being fat kek
KEK nonnie said it best

No. 955106

No wonder, she's got three fucking arms

No. 955131

I can’t believe it but this actually offended me, just feels like a sick caricature. Did it really have to be a skimpy dorothy look that looks like he stole it from a 5 year old? And yet everyone’s gonna be gargling his balls over it so sick of this scrote

No. 955133

lmfao anon

No. 955190

who finds this shit appealing

No. 955193

File: 1635664854326.jpg (236.6 KB, 800x647, HC.jpg)

It's called Heroin Chic you philistine
t.seething fatties, go back to stanning fat lizzo

No. 955194

Ana-chans are so embarrassing.

No. 955199

this pic is so ugly. almost looks male from the neck up.

No. 955207

you have bad taste and you have to be retarded to be proud of it

No. 955208

I would never stan that fat gorilla, go eat something retard

No. 955215

File: 1635667425066.jpg (130.13 KB, 806x798, atj.jpg)

Gosh I felt like she did something to her face but couldn't figure out what looked different about it. You're right about the brow lift, it's a subtle one. She looked better before though

No. 955231

not even anorexic, just hate disgusting "thic" fatties

No. 955233

go to therapy.

No. 955234

I used to think she was cute in her earlier movies and couldn't figure out why some anons found her ugly but now I know why. When will the unnecessary plastic surgery trend die? Who is pushing it on these women?

No. 955242

She looked better before but was still nothing remarkable. They can push her as an it girl all they want but she’s not very attractive and is a terrible actress. Her part in Peaky Blinders was unwatchable. Must be sleeping with someone right.

No. 955254

I don't have social media. Post some /celeb/ costumes that is not the spectrum of yoda lizzo and Dorothy Harry

You ladies did real good for the met gala, let's do it again!

No. 955261

He looks like like one of the freaks from the MTF thread. Who signed off on this? It looks terrible.

No. 955264

Samefag, all his "crossdressing" garb looks jarring. On a gnc guy or gay guy it works, but all his efforts at dressing up make it look like he's a straight guy getting dressed by some old man with a fetish, rather than selecting these items himself and thinking he looks good in them. Nothing fits or suits him, like he for sure has a rich scrote paying his bills who delivers these items to him. Same as Billie with her marilyn-fetish scrote. They make it too obvious.

No. 955265

She was cuter without the weird arch brow. Having lower brows really softened her face. I for one will again never understand why highly arched brows are considered more attractive to the point where women get browlifts to accommodate that trend. If you don't have naturally arched brows or dont style the ones you have you look so much worse and more ridiculous with a browlift.

No. 955266

So you decided to pick the most haggard-looking, no eyebrow having hyperosteoblastic caveman you could find to dunk on fatties?

No. 955282

File: 1635677197764.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1580, A94E7813-EFC9-4A39-92A6-55E807…)

kendall jenner as corpse bride… somehow

No. 955291

la creatura

No. 955295

no I just was using her an example of the Heroin Chic style that has existed since late 80's

No. 955296

we need to bring back toxic masculinity
based. i would love to see these two together

No. 955307

Huh, makes me wonder if heroin chic is officially on it's way back, maybe as a counter response to the slim thicc trend of the 10's.

No. 955308

File: 1635679505808.jpg (155.58 KB, 1080x1350, 249494365_2689551264683647_138…)

Ciara as Selena

>The Legendary Selena! I’ve been practicing learning Spanish and having the time of my life. So I wanted one of my costumes to reflect the LatinX culture. This was so much fun! #Halloween

here a few more but most of them just look boring and like a everyday outfit that has been inspired a bit by some other celeb or character …

No. 955311

File: 1635679638799.jpg (70.5 KB, 784x441, Hailey-Bieber-Recreates-Britne…)

to add to this: hailey bieber as brit looks like damn tranny oof

No. 955315

Straight, low eyebrows are generally much cuter. I don't get why pissed off eyebrows are considered more attractive either.

No. 955329

I think the far apart spacing of her eyes is off-putting to some people. She actually looks like she has eyes on the side of her head at certain angles. She's definitely not classic looking but I think she's pretty and unique with interesting features..she needs to gain weight, she'd look ten times better.

No. 955338

It's women with sagging and little eyelid space trying to fix their hooded eyes without the eyelid surgery which is far more invasive and risky.

No. 955339

she looks like what trannies want to look like after FFS kek

No. 955347

File: 1635683679853.webm (1.34 MB, 720x994, Gk7myUJJCvoY4aDX.webm)

I thought this was really cute, she also did a TLC costume. I saw people making fun of her Spanish because she said "Feliz Halloween" (vidrel), not sure how bad it is. She still looks pretty though.

No. 955394

File: 1635687729073.jpg (23.95 KB, 480x251, anyataylor2.jpg)

>Anon aren't you embarrassed to browse those ED spaces?

No bc I'm admiring tbh

No. 955459

Shut the fuck up forever, please.

No. 955469

she doesn’t even look ED she looks normal kek

No. 955472

This is giving Stefonknee

No. 955494

so you're fat?

No. 955501

straight eyebrows are a trend in korea so there's that

No. 955504

Girl, shut up, you're a damn sperg

No. 955516

File: 1635699875276.jpg (259.74 KB, 640x853, FaceApp_1632261868181.jpg)


No. 955523

Most of these celebs ED retards like to claim are normal weight but they can’t fathom the fact that people can be toned and skinny without shutting down their organs lol that’s why most of them are bmi 22 rotting in their rooms. They’re as retarded as HAES people in my book, they might say “at least we look good” but you know that’s a lie kek

No. 955538

File: 1635700851073.jpg (92.01 KB, 468x615, winehouse260507_468x615.jpg)

you'll never look as good as this

No. 955540

huh? 22 is healthy bmi. like, right in the middle of the green zone.

No. 955542

She looks so hot hgnnn.

No. 955547

File: 1635701896864.jpg (42.52 KB, 500x500, 500full-amy-winehouse.jpg)

i personally think she really was kinda sexy before the drugs took over

No. 955548

Exactly. So much for starving and throwing up. They’re too fucking loud and judgmental for people who can’t keep a normal weight without starving or throwing up. Anyways.
What halloween costume is this?

No. 955556

I can't believe you are still hanging around and posted the exact same thing 1 year later

No. 955557

>What halloween costume is this?

Lana del Fat

No. 955566

Fug, I genuinely assumed this was a tranny at first.

No. 955571

File: 1635703513903.gif (489.79 KB, 240x230, 9DD8B323-EBCD-4671-90F5-90191C…)

>They’re too fucking loud and judgmental for people who can’t keep a normal weight without starving or throwing up


No. 955577

> Kstew might be pretty good at eating it but currently prefers dick
Wtf are you talking about? She’s been dating a woman for the past two years now

No. 955591

the only justice here is that the movie is going to flop. alec baldwin fucking sucks

No. 955601

She just looks like bratz doll that some kid removed all the clothing from

No. 955621

File: 1635705369022.jpeg (716.58 KB, 750x1063, EC21F846-C1F1-47AC-827C-227826…)

the best celebrity Halloween costume

No. 955626

God she's the best what the fuck

No. 955638


This is the type of quality I'd expect to see from a rich fuck on Halloween. She wins

No. 955642

Looking dead in the eyes.

No. 955697

Janelle Monae always kills it on Halloween, she's awesome

No. 955753

File: 1635713230769.jpg (248.92 KB, 818x1025, FDDGkhjUUAAJTwT.jpg)

Ariana's costume is really good

No. 955755

File: 1635713272468.jpg (186.29 KB, 828x999, FDDGkiFUYAYG0Y2.jpg)

No. 955757

File: 1635713398240.jpg (68.67 KB, 812x978, FDDGkiDVkAccGPs.jpg)

No. 955761

File: 1635713510482.jpg (205.49 KB, 828x1016, FDDGkiBVkAg8MdI.jpg)

No. 955766

Wow excellent

No. 955767

I almost forgot she was married

No. 955774

very haggard looking, anachans will brag about their BMIs while having beat faces and thin or balding hair

No. 955783

Ew her husband makes that look like a cover for some trashy gay porno

No. 955790

dalton is so goddamn ugly but to be fair that’s her type ugly ass dudes she can be the ultimate pick me with.

No. 955794

But she is a woman…

No. 955797


and dalton’s a twink ur point is?

No. 955891

You can’t really tell under the costume, I’m aware they are a straight couple but the fact it’s some shirtless twinky dude with tattoos just gave me that vibe instantly

No. 955916

File: 1635724276138.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 245.95 KB, 828x1009, 6DC9EDFB-998C-4325-9518-4C1573…)

Corpse bride…I’m so sorry sweetie

No. 956045

yeah but when muricans bring back the sticc trend they'll also want to keep the extremely big tits and ass thing too while expecting women to maintain being skinny everywhere else

Anyas cute but I don't think she's too skinny, it's more about the amount of work done she has

No. 956083

File: 1635731059882.jpeg (856.07 KB, 1125x1345, F5254A80-AE5B-47AF-91E8-C0C6C7…)

You’d think she could’ve gotten a cuter/higher quality costume

No. 956086

Yeah it’s weird. There are some people who obviously don’t brag and suffer without saying anything and that’s sad, but anyone who brags about a disorder that destroys anything good about you is a malicious monster. You look hollow and grey, and get wrinkles so quickly. It’s something only misogynists find attractive because they like watching women suffering and harming themselves to be “desirable”.

No. 956094

does this even count as a costume if most of it is just photoshopped? like i wonder how much makeup if any at all she actually put on for this.

No. 956095

File: 1635733209156.jpeg (403.08 KB, 700x909, 065DC7C6-55B0-40AC-84C4-D1066D…)

I like Ariana’s other costume better (Little Shop of Horrors), though her tits look like a chest plate or bolt-ons

No. 956099

File: 1635733514326.jpeg (368.69 KB, 1638x2048, 346580AA-F58A-4675-9E12-94DBD2…)

Why does Steve Buscemi look kinda hot

No. 956103

She always looks off to the side or closes her eyes and has her mouth open,
I think it’s her signature “uwu sexy” pose. She’s too boring

No. 956114

This hair looks good on her

No. 956115

i think people have been asking that for 30 years, don't worry anon

No. 956118

adorable i stan

No. 956129

He doesn't, you're just mentally ill.

No. 956133

that's now how the term twink is even supposed to be used, just say skinny guy
just stop talking like faghags

No. 956152

i dont care for tswift but this is better than any thirst trap halloween costume you'll see on the majority of attractive women

No. 956189

the one thing this thread can agree on. janelle kills it every year

he was cuter when he was young, I'm surprised to see he's gone gray but I recently learned he was born in the late 1950s and not early 1960s which sent me for a loop for some reason kek. idk why I assumed he was younger than he is

No. 956258

I wanna shove her into a dresser right now. What a toxic person. And I agree with the nonna who said she gave Bella body dysmorphia.
I wish the girls would distance themselves from her, for their own health.

No. 956279

Meh I dunno, tswift was just lazy and thinks she's so cute but she's boring af and has zero personality. It's possible to do a high effort costume without being a thirst trap. Look at both of Ariana's costumes for example. Or Janelle of course

No. 956286

File: 1635764569086.jpeg (8.65 KB, 183x276, images.jpeg)

Britta did it better. Next.

No. 956287

File: 1635764707443.jpg (33.29 KB, 500x565, a0d1572d10a3beb42cb083fd618caa…)

The movie Ghost World gave me a weird crush on Buscemi when I was younger, his appeal is so strange it's funny how many women are into him and think they're the only one lol

No. 956307

I gotta check in on the transvestigations nutjobs who think Justin's a TIF and she's a TIM because this photoset is doing her absolutely no favours kek.

No. 956326

I love ghost world so much

No. 956334

I hope she puts this picture on her wall.

No. 956372

Idl why this commercial of him pretending to be Jan Brady made me think he was hot?

No. 956390

that 2012 instagram filter kek

No. 956395

File: 1635776510077.jpg (5.96 KB, 191x265, billskarsgard.jpg)

I never found Steve Buscemi hot, but I do really like Bill Skarsgard and someone pointed out the resemblance once now its all I think about when I see him. I do think Bill might age like Steve kek

No. 956529

a late reply but another important thing about Chapelle is that he nothing even close to the typical middle class black childhood
both this parents were respected academics and professors
>David Khari Webber Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973, in Washington, D.C.[12] His father, William David Chappelle III, was a professor of vocal performance and the dean of students at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.[13] His mother, Yvonne Seon (née Reed, formerly Chappelle),[14] worked for Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba,[15] is a Unitarian Universalist minister,[16] and has been a professor and university administrator at several institutions including Wright State University and Prince George's Community College.[17]

so technically he's always been out of touch

No. 956530

File: 1635788903207.jpg (803.17 KB, 828x1550, sallie.jpg)

Topkek her costume was confirmed to be custom made designed and made by JXJ Studios. I think she also wore it for Halloween yesterday. She was styled Amanda Merten aka @mandaknowsbutts on ig, her usual stylist. I wonder why her stylist seems to not know how to dress her in a flattering way or why Billie doesn't fire her.

No. 956559

I hope she’s not wearing a corset while performing, giiirl just build a gym, hire a personal trainer, take dancing classes, hire a personal chef and dietitian, idk binge on fruits if you can’t resist it. I just don’t get why doesn’t she take care of her body.. you think she has a drinking problem?

No. 956679

I thought she started dressing shit as a way to piss off the men sexualizing her?

No. 956680

Bloat face says yes

No. 956681

She could dress modestly instead of squeezing herself into ill fitted clothing.

No. 956712

Never understood why people would constantly bring Buscemi up as an example of an ugly man in Hollywood when there have always been way, way uglier men in Hollywood

No. 956722

She’s kinda funny looking

No. 956724

He's not perfect looking and has a unique face. People will always be more divisive about someone who's not conventional looking. Happens with women too. When Meryl Streep's daughter got married a few threads ago people were shitting on Meryl's looks but I'd rather have ten more unique looking actors or actresses than ten clones I can't tell apart

No. 956725

She already sexualizes herself.

No. 956768

Him dressing up as his own meme is, ironically, very 'how do you do fellow kids'.

He looks much younger and less haggard with a beard and glasses though, maybe he got work done too because the difference in those two pics is quite shocking. 30 Rock ended quite a few years ago too.

No. 956776

This is the funniest thing I have read on this site. Really anon

No. 956807

that michael jackson-esque face holy shit

No. 956833

wearing a corset makes her back fat look so prominent
also wtf is her body shape? her arms are bigger than her thighs yet she is all fat no muscle and this costume just emphasized that. She looks like a fat high school teacher who tries to be cool.

If she doesn't want to take care of herself it's one thing but she refuses to dress in flattering clothing for her body shape while trying to make her new brand be sexy

No. 956881

Her body shape is a busty apple/inverted triangle. I feel bad for her because people would dunk on her body shape even if she did lose a lot of weight because that particular shape is considered the least desirable at this moment in time. It's gotta be hard to find cute, trendy clothes that suit her body since most of what's popular right now is catered to the most desirable body type of the moment which is basically the complete opposite of her - thin exaggerated hourglass/pear shape with a bigger emphasis on having a nice/big butt rather than big boobs.

You can see even in videos and stuff when she was younger, she carries her weight more in her upper body - muscle and fat. She used to do aerial ropes which can make your arms quite muscular. Add the fact that she stores any excess fat primarily in her arms too, along with a somewhat broad ribcage, and people see her as a lot fatter than she actually is. She's not huge by any means, just not particularly toned which equates to being a fat pig apparently when you're famous

No. 956990

Come on anon, she's clearly overweight if not already obese as compared to girls who are her height and on the border of overweight and obese. Pear/hourglass is the most female dimorphic body type someone could have so it makes sense it's in right now as it's always been popular throughout history.

Inverted triangles or apples can look good and sexy if they actually put effort into their body and aren't necessarily toned. Think Bettie page, she's not toned but she looks good simply because she's not constantly scarfing food down her throat. I'm not saying all inverted triangles and apples need to workout and eat very little constantly but when you're constantly trying to make your sex appeal apart of your image you have to look the part or else you're a laughing stock

No. 957000

>that sally costume pic
you need to be at least 18 to post here

No. 957003

are you new here? billie wears corsets anytime she wears something figure forming, look at how her back is creasing. it only excuses her from obesity if you're underage or a moid who doesn't know how shapewear works

No. 957087

i have billies body shape and it makes me wanna die tbh. to be so universally hated by everyone cos of being born like this. it's tough.

No. 957095

lmao anon this was a joke (about chrissy teigen)

No. 957097

File: 1635844133026.jpg (91.57 KB, 634x925, 49828045-10147291-image-m-61_1…)

Madonna's son looks either like a waiter or a drug lord in any pictures of him lol. His father is much more hot and stylish and witty idk. Such a shame he hasn't passed his genes and boy is absolutely ordinary. There is not even milk on him to be found.

No. 957098

I'm betting he's messed to to some extent, I expect every public celeb kid to be messed up to some degree

No. 957127

He looks like Shane Dawson but skinny. He really needs some good skincare products or something because he looks rough as fuck, and a nosejob.

No. 957155

File: 1635851891606.jpeg (381.5 KB, 828x1114, 91EF6555-50AD-4B8F-B29C-52E13C…)

Barbies stylist should not only be fired but arrested. Maybe even shot. They have NO idea how to dress her for her body type. Between this and her shitty ass met gala get up I just can’t.

No. 957186

Damn she really let herself go. I will never understand why rich people let themselves get fat.

No. 957238

File: 1635862893694.jpeg (77.45 KB, 428x425, download (2).jpeg)

Billie is a little overweight. Look at her legs in any pic or her forearms. They're not big at all. Her upper arms/chest/midsection hold all of her fat, which is only viewed with such intense negativity because it's outside of the dominant beauty ideal and people like to knock celebrities down a peg (that's why we're all here). Calling her obese makes you look mentally ill. A corset won't make you appear to be a different BMI category entirely. The fat's gotta go somewhere.

Here's a pic of Bettie Page in her heyday. I'm sure a lot of farmers would call her fat, think her arms are flabby/too big like Billie's, and say her cinched in waist "doesn't count" because it's the result of corseting.

Apple shapes aren't inherently unattractive imo, just not in style at the moment. I think that's why Billie reaches for vintage inspired things or complete tents so much.

No. 957241

I think her voice worked for this.
Also, why is she wearing a corset under the dress?

No. 957245

>I'm sure a lot of farmers would call her fat

That's fucking sad

No. 957247

take your aspca commercial commentary tier take and wipe my ass with it nonnie, there are plenty of anons who check the anachans and nitpickers

No. 957305

She's just pointing out the truth you retard
also this thread is shit

No. 957308

Has anyone watched the Demi Lovato docu on aliens? She is completely off the rails and surrounded by enablers. It is kind of amazing how she manages to make everything about herself, and it is soooo cringy to see everyone hailing Demi as this spiritual prodigy. I doubt that the IQ of the entire group is above room temperature digits.

No. 957321

She’s such a burnout, and this is just another ploy to be uwu unique.
I wish she’d just stop performing 24/7 and figure out who she is without making a public statement on it every few months

No. 957328

If she hadn't gone the enby route everybody would be calling her crazy, but now that she's kweer you can't criticize her anymore.

No. 957376

That makes sense, sadly. If she was considered a "woman" she would be mocked.

No. 957464

I do feel the majority only plays along with the "genderless" shit for either woke points or to prevent discussions. So they definitely still consider her a woman.

No. 957469

Vintage clothes is easy to hide a corset under which is why she chooses then since she desperately uses the corset to look decent. Just because she holds her fat in a certain area doesn't make her not fat or overweight. People tend to underestimate how obesity actually is and if you look at pics of her without the corset such as the beige tank top pic she's definitely obese

As for Bettie page no one would call her fat considering the fact her ribs literally show in most pictures. Apple shapes have never and will never be in

No. 957471

Ariana somehow always looks like she's trying to pass herself off as sexy-but-trying-to-be-as-covert-as-possible-sexy, she's still using one of her usual poses in >>955757. Not sure if she's the greatest example of anti-thirst traps

No. 957475

Kek that's the only thing I can see now

No. 957484

God her look in the thumbnail's almost horrifying to look at wtf kek you think she even needed a costume for Halloween?
Anyway it feels like she needs to stop whatever she's doing, take some time off for herself or something without trying to be some weirdo attention grabber under the public eye because she and the people who enable her are getting unbearable

No. 957512

finally some common sense in this thread. billie is not obese, she's overweight. her arms and legs are skinny, her midsection is fat. her bmi is probably like 25-26. I see nothing wrong with her body other than horrific styling choices and makeup. she's look ok with a better team. but she's no where as obese as the anachans itt make her seem. no saving that music tho. /sage for billie rant

No. 957520

File: 1635886672943.png (1.11 MB, 700x875, imagen_2021-11-02_145802.png)


No. 957525

File: 1635886790272.png (342.13 KB, 554x434, fvsvsvsdvdsv.png)

are these people telling me I should take this shit seriously

No. 957533

I love this

No. 957543

One time I was in Joshua Tree national park at night and man I had a spooky ass situation happen but I’ll spare you my paranoia. I’m sure she was just on a lot of fucking drugs but I wouldn’t go at night, and I love stargazing.
The radio signals and cell signals drop and there’s no one for miles. I bet people get murdered all the time.

No. 957545

Also, many coyotes and spooky critters, my city ass was not prepared.

No. 957551

I think she should really lie down the drugs.

No. 957557

at this point i'm convinced that her styling team is trying to sabotage her on purpose so that it's easier to phase her out for a new teen pop industry plant

No. 957558

is he supposed to be the chef from Ratatouille kek

No. 957562

File: 1635888299260.png (1.01 MB, 1174x665, Screenshot (3748).png)

Demi and her friends are so gross looking for some reason, they look waxy and like their features have been painted on. The one in the middle has especially high uncanny valley vibes.

No. 957563

Olivia Rodrigo's already taking her place as the freshest new industry plant, not that I like her either. Billie is still well known but her stint is probably almost up and I'm guessing if she continues the way she does only her hardcore blind stans will be left. Some of her old fans have even turned on her since she's made herself out to be a hypocrite.

No. 957565

Shit lighting/color balance probably but I'm willing to bet they're just as unwashed as her kek

No. 957580

He looks like he has some genetic disorder, like that youtuber with a white streak that trooned out.

No. 957582

File: 1635889107522.jpeg (346.04 KB, 640x1003, 93F8F469-FA22-435C-89B9-586514…)

Came across one of Britney Spears' recent posts, couldn't even get the whole caption on my screen. Not sure what to make of any of that.

No. 957585

File: 1635889237564.jpg (138.24 KB, 900x570, romulans.jpg)

I feel bad for Demi. She's stuck on this unfamiliar planet. Not being able to return to Romulus must be so traumatizing for her

No. 957590


No. 957592

that's what i thought too! i was surprised that he (matthew scott montgomery) was an actor on the disney channel - he's kind of hard to look at.

stef was actually kind of unique looking before trooning out, this guy just makes me uncomfortable.

No. 957593

what do you mean everything about that looks pretty normal for britney

No. 957600

Whatever this style is it’s fucking hideous and I hate it

No. 957603

demi needs to grow her hair out, the short hair makes her face look so much more puffy and round, plus it really ages her. she looks like an uglier liza minnelli

No. 957613

Why the fuck does she have the takuache bangs? She looks like she's about to pick me up in her dad's Silverado and do doughnuts in an empty parking lot.

No. 957614

they look like they smell of sausage pizza and liv in a house where you can write "wash me" in the dust on the tables

No. 957615

I can't breathe

No. 957630

Idm that she's just being her but I wish I could make sense of what she's trying to express sometimes because she throws a lot of things in at once kek. Iirc even some people were confused in the comments

No. 957670

what a sperg

No. 957674

File: 1635893076026.png (355.61 KB, 607x841, 3.png)

congratulations kstew! try not to get caught cheating

No. 957681

demi looks like someone's mom who's always really mean to the other kids and who complains to the teacher that it's the teacher's fault that her kid got a bad grade.

No. 957757

Yet another victim of psychiatric drugs.

No. 957758

>stef was actually kind of unique looking before trooning out, this guy just makes me uncomfortable.
If by unique you mean he looks like a breed-out-the-ugly sim then yeah sure

No. 957760

KStew is one of the few celebs who I don't wanna punch in the face. So good for her

No. 957775

File: 1635899962852.jpeg (337.39 KB, 640x1048, 560864D9-4F7A-4B9F-AD1F-2A65B5…)

Heard about the People's Choice awards for this year and got curious so checked it out. Too many nominees and categories to list them all but kek at many of the choices. People like Addison Rae, Halsey, Bella Poarch, Chris Pratt have been listed, as well as Grey's Anatomy (that's still going?), The Walking Dead, and Lucifer included in the top picks for shows. Maybe it's because I don't even hear much positive feedback of any of those things but it's funny they're up there. Just providing a random screenshot from one of the categories.

No. 957784

She sounds schizo. Yikes

No. 957796

Britney's captions only sound half as insane if you just imagine she's your southern aunt leaving a voicemail once a month when she calls your family landline, referencing vague shit you weren't around for and just stream of consciousness musings and recollections. Considering her experience with social media, that's pretty much what it is.

No. 957852

File: 1635907964820.jpeg (87.88 KB, 513x469, B00A063F-EE16-4A81-93FB-759716…)

all billie has to do to take her industry plant queen crown back from olivia is lose weight, dump her fug 30 y/o clout chaser boyfriend and make more songs like happier than ever…there’s literally no downside to it, it would work like a charm. unfortunately everything went wrong for her this year starting with showing off her less than impressive matronly body on vogue. picrel is billie if she lost weight
btw nonnies i didn’t waste time photoshopping this. its just some other girl who looks like a skinny billie

No. 957864

I think she's afraid to lose weight since her sudden breast growth that she seems to be obsessed with is mostly due to her weight gain (and helpful push up bras/ possible work done but I don't feel like infighting over that)

if Billie loses weight the first thing that is going to go is most likely her breasts which are already saggy and she would also be covered in loose skin, and since she made her personality revolve around boobs then she will have nothing but to rely on her talent and she seems to be running out of material. She also wears corsets all the time yet her waist looks average compared to her body, corsets on average girls make your waist look ridiculously small meaning that billies natural waist/stomach is most like covered in fat if she has to wear a corset to look normal

her weight gain also made her already gaudy features look more gaudy and made her facial features look smaller. She has been losing collagen in her face since she was supposedly 18 so I imagine any sort of weight loss would turn her into a grandma

No. 957867

It’s fucked up that if Olivia is meant to replace Billie, she’s anorexic (based on her bmi) with implants so young. Nothing wrong with implants or being a lower weight, but if she’s being skilled as a pop star she should have a team keeping her looking more healthy. It’s sad, I know it’s not new but still. I also don’t see why it’s weird to hold Billie to any standard, she’s always put in the worst fitting clothing and does not have any muscle tone at all. Her legs look geriatric and she’s young, it wouldn’t take much effort to have a normal routine like everyone should.

Tbh if Billie had that hair color and style it would fix a lot of her problems. And if she had someone run her social media, I don’t know why celebrities subject themselves to that.

No. 957869

>I think she's afraid to lose weight since her sudden breast growth that she seems to be obsessed with is mostly due to her weight gain (and helpful push up bras/ possible work done but I don't feel like infighting over that)
Have you ever met a fat girl before? You've got it completely the wrong way around - they only brag about their big boobs to cope with their weight gain, it's the silver lining in something that is otherwise miserable. She could get a boob job if she lost weight, but losing weight is hard and takes time so in the meantime it's easier to just embrace her tits.

No. 957870

She does look a lot older health wise than what the media claims
I do believe she is lying about her age though or she has an autoimmune disease

No. 957871

Why we worry about Billie being a cow size. Fat bitches are always gonna win(don't use emojis)

No. 957872

File: 1635909257097.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, cdc.jpg)

No. 957873

it is cope but between the periods she loses weight and gets a boob job she will have a significantly reduced breast size which after body shaming fans and turning everything about her boobs, she knows she will lose even more fans than she already lost. She/her team/whatever just doomed her the minute they wanted to turn the cool alt girl pop star into someone who does nothing but talk about, think about, and post about boobs and it's going to be impossible for Billie to recover from that unless she comes up with a sob story about how she was abused by her team and forced into making herself a sex object which she can easily milk kesha style

No. 957874

Does no one on this site believe you can lose weight without having saggy skin? You do things other than cardio, women can’t really bulk up so you can tighten way more than you think with weights and a decent diet. It’s not hard at all. She’s young and also rich as fuck in LA, even if she did get some form of loose skin somehow at like 20 there are so many non surgical options, and surgery as a drastic measure that can still be done without looking too unnatural. She’s not obese, she has never lifted anything other than junk food, her body would be so grateful and she can hire any personal trainer she wanted. There are also exercises to tighten chest muscles and tissue but surprise they involve weights.

No. 957875

File: 1635909402363.png (800.04 KB, 772x743, olivia.png)

>It’s fucked up that if Olivia is meant to replace Billie, she’s anorexic (based on her bmi)

lol no she isn't? how do you even know how much she weighs? besides, she's put on weight recently, you can see it in her midsection in this recent pic. she probably was eating and exercising more when she was working but now things are calming down for her she's gaining some of it back. this ana-chan sperging is just as bad as the fat billie sperging.

No. 957878

She is one brain injury away from bringing back Heaven’s Gate.

No. 957879

Billie is very unhealthy looking telling from her eyes, legs, face, etc. She doesn't have good collagen so if she loses weight she WILL have a lot of loose skin. Her weight distribution is also a sign of other health issues and she wears corsets anytime she's ever shown on screen recently so idk why people keep trying to argue that she isn't obese/overweight when it's obviously she trying to hide a ton of fat

No. 957880

Give Demi credit she used to be anorexic

No. 957882

>It’s fucked up that if Olivia is meant to replace Billie
Is she, really? Olivia seems old news to me by now. Just another irrelevant girl.
Billie seems to have permeated pop culture at least a little, but she's also on her way out.

We need "it" girl now, probably by february 2021

No. 957883

You’re on my line so watch what you say about livia

No. 957884

My bad anon, I saw the pictures a thread or so ago that were showing her implants and the pictures of her in the plaid dress, both were extremely skinny. I didn’t mean to go off like that, just that if you can see her rib cage and edge of her implant it’s not a good look for her demographic of actual children. Being in that spotlight and not having an eating disorder seems impossible because of stress, so good for her if she’s trying to maintain anything healthy. Thank you for correcting my post

No. 957885

>between the periods she loses weight and gets a boob job she will have a significantly reduced breast size
She could just avoid the public eye or wear padded bras, it's not that difficult to hide a temporarily reduced bust as she gradually loses weight. The majority of her fanbase is from back when she wore massive baggy clothes that hid her body anyway, I don't think she's gained any significant fanbase from her new look - maybe some guys fapped to her, but that doesn't sell music.

But really, these details don't really matter. It's just obvious that anyone in her position (celebrity, constantly surrounded by stick thin women, always being photographed, always being judged by the public) would want to be thin. She's not going to value big boobs, something she can easily fake, over a conventionally attractive, slim body. It's 10000% cope.

No. 957888

File: 1635910084377.png (28.46 KB, 328x126, dcvwdcdf.png)

Well then, I'm voting

Tell me nonnas who your vote goes for

No. 957892

she already fakes having bigger boobs so it would be even more difficult to make them looks larger while they get smaller.

>She's not going to value big boobs, something she can easily fake, over a conventionally attractive, slim body. It's 10000% cope.

a lot of chubby and fat girls get extremely imbedded in this thought and will refuse to lose weight/gain even more weight for the sake of boobs and moids who fetishize freakishly large breasts will encourage this as well. I grew up around fat people obsessed with big tits and many fat girls think like this and will actively try to make themselves fatter for this reason. You're right she has more access to things like coolsculpting, skin tightening, etc but that doesn't mean she won't eat up the toxic culture built by the western XXXL breasts obsession

No. 957904

It's not a culture, it's a psychological defence mechanism. Weight loss is HARD. Pretending you like being fat because you enjoy the big boobs is easy, and getting attention for your boobs is instant gratification with zero effort. All those fat chicks you know were also coping.

Billie has absolutely nothing in common with those girls though, she's in Hollywood and the standards applied to her, the people she's surrounded with and the situations she's put in are totally different. She won't be 'eaten up' by this poor, white trash culture you're thinking of when she's already totally consumed by celebrity culture.

No. 957906

Y’all are getting deep At analyzing this far chuck! It’s sad because you can put this skill on something else!

No. 957913

She's the only one in the social star category I actually like even with her strange IG posts kek, and kind of makes sense with the movement/conservatorship talk surrounding her this year - the others I either don't really care about or not sure how they made it there

No. 957926

File: 1635911844657.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)

anon, you made my night.

No. 957928

I voted for A Quiet Place 2 and Emily Blunt in the movies section cause it was one of the only 2021 movies I've seen (I just watched it earlier today actually, it was great). I also voted for Britney, Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles and The Rock cause why not and some other people. A lot of the nominations weren't that good though.

No. 957929

Hopefully we can get an actual lesbian couple to replace Ellen Ikari.

No. 957933

I see what you're saying but people can have their views easily manipulated and billie isn't an exception to this rule. There is a side of celebrity culture that is biting into this like calling all plus sized models curvy and sexy even if they have poor fat distribution like Lizzo. Why is it so hard to understand people can have horrible mindsets that keep them overweight and obese? extremely large boob worship culture in the west is part of this

No. 957957

Extremely large boob worship is almost non existent compared to the simultaneously worship of thin women and hatred of fat women. Are you flat chested and insecure about it? I've got small boobs and don't feel bad about it because I see similar boobs on female celebs and models all the time.

Sorry anon, I know I'm nitpicking your arguments but I just think you're dying on a weird hill. It's nonsensical to think she's somehow susceptible to this barely there, niche beauty standard (fat + big tits being ideal) which has massive negative stigma, more than she is to being conventionally beautiful by celebrity standards - something she's no doubt pressured to fit into behind the scenes as well as by the public, regardless of her own preferences. And it's even more absurd to think being a slave to that niche beauty standard is the reason she's fat, rather than the more obvious reason - that eating massive amounts of hyper palatable food (and drinking alcohol presumably) is enjoyable, easy and hard to quit in favour of unpleasant restrictive diets.

No. 957980

If she worked out at all her diet would naturally change, her fat distribution would improve, and her body would look her actual age. It’s that simple. It’s really sad that the only health she cares about are her boobs, and people reinforce that in some way trolling or not.

No. 957983

I'm not insecure about my body and I don't have small boobs but I grew up in an area that valued large boobs a lot and a lot of people in my high school at the time encouraged women to be fat for the sake of big boobs. You're right thin is better in terms of society but that doesn't mean Billie isn't falling victim to this mindset and that's just what I'm predicting which is why she doesn't seem to be trying to lose weight but relies on corsetting and push up bras for a figure. This is just my own theory

As for her diet she said she's vegan and a lot of vegan substitutes are overly sugared, salted, and processed junk and she's probably also downing soy substitutes which encourages estrogen at first but unless your constantly drinking it your body will naturally stop producing estrogen as much which explains her masculine fat distribution, since people with high e naturally tend to gather fat in their bottom half. If she's vegan she's probably not getting a lot of protein or carbs either which is leading her to eat way more than she needs in order to feel full. As for drugs she looks strung out in a lot of photos so it wouldn't surprise me if she is following in Demi's footsteps which explains the premature again, extra fat, and very little vital health signs in the face, arms and legs

No. 958016

Olivia sucks.
There. Now what?

No. 958018

No. 958035

Learn to sage first

No. 958036

Imagine thinking that was a hot comeback. You’re delusional

No. 958052

>Ellen Ikari
i know i'm late but this had me cackling

No. 958084

Sage isn't required on /ot/ bitch

No. 958121

File: 1635932820420.jpg (119.24 KB, 658x1024, 1634988055332.jpg)

So apparently this is the girl who was in charge of keeping the guns safe. she wasn't even professionally trained, she got the job cause of nepotism as her father was also a Hollywood armorer, also apparently tied to another "accident" that happened with her friend


No. 958122

File: 1635932846711.png (28.19 KB, 666x480, 11.png)

>Gutierrez-Reed previously downplayed her inexperience as an armorer. Speaking on a recent “Voices of the West” podcast just a month before the “Rust” tragedy, Gutierrez-Reed said that while she had picked up some details of the job from her father, she described working on “The Old Way” as a “really badass way” to start her career, but said she learned on her own the process of loading blanks into firearms, calling it “the scariest thing.”

>“It was also my first time being head armorer as well. You know, I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but, doing it, like, it went really smoothly,” she said in September. “The best part about my job is just showing people who are normally kind of freaked out by guns how safe they can be and how they’re not really problematic unless put in the wrong hands.”

No. 958125

Aside from all the boob and weight sperging in here, there is no way this child is a vegan. Literally impossible to be fat as a vegan. Vegetarian who eats a lot of pizza, maybe, but getting any high fat into your diet as a vegan is near impossible unless you're sitting there deep-frying every vegetable and pulse.

No. 958137

Vegans can absolutely be fat. She has said before that because she's gluten free she eats fries and ketchup often. If that's not fattening then idk what is. And vegan junk food is more available than ever before and that garbage is nowhere near healthy.

No. 958140

Sugar makes you fat, and vegans can absolutely live off sugar. Just go on tik tok and check out all the lard asses living off a pure carb diet.

No. 958148

You must not know anything about what vegans can actually eat lol

No. 958150

If i recall correctly, Lizzo is vegan and has been vegan for years. How do you explain that?

No. 958151

the vegan/vegetarian aisle at most stores in my country are half junk food. trust me, vegans can eat a lot of shit and even shitty foods that are not outright marketed as vegan are often vegan and still edible. i know a vegan girl from uni and she wastes all her money on pasta, vegan pesto and vegan ben & jerry's. eating an entire pint of b&j's and a giant pot of pasta every day easily makes you fat.

No. 958153

People really think that vegan = healthy? The meat replacement foods and other vegan processed foods like cauliflower wings for example are more unhealthy than meat and animal products themselves.

No. 958156

See: onision

No. 958162

File: 1635937643656.gif (1.01 MB, 220x220, 17D2EDEB-4FD7-4BBC-A62B-BA2796…)

> Ellen Ikari

No. 958167

i'm >>958151 and yeah, the vegan girl i know is just stupid. she's also a 'picky eater' and feels proud of herself for eating one tomato a month. she mindlessly trusts companies like b&j's but also claims to be antifa and has acab plastered all over her social media, while coming from a privileged aka super wealthy background and calling the police on her neighbors if they are loud after 10 pm (law dictates that people have to be quiet/not make any loud noise between 10 pm and 6 am in my country). she's a typical consoomer who just does identity/label cosplay and right now it's being super anticapitalist, vegan and ecofriendly, while she also loves capitalism and buys the most useless shit to underline her dumbass identity. also ofc she's a themlet.

sorry for ot, i'll stop now.

No. 958208

lol keep up olivia's hype is long over

No. 958222

It's because it's trendy and because it's cruelty free. Health has nothing to do with their decision to be vegan.

No. 958225

Big tits are absolutely worshipped you coping fatty.

No. 958247

Holyshit this is so irresponsible. I would be horrified and angry if my friend or spouse died because of this stupid bitch. She should lose her license and be jailed for reckless endangerment. this was a gun accident waiting to happen

No. 958413

all the anons being the wheezing guy/OMG SO FUNNY meme at this romulan reference are worrying me. you guys are like small town cashier ladies absolutely losing it at the "funny" employee's non-joke.
>made my night
calm down

No. 958414

picky eaters with no shame about calling themselves such should be gassed
idgaf, jump of a cliff or go see some actual hungry people, stfu about "muh texturrre can u cook some chicken fingers for me at ur dinner party because i caaaan't eaaat anythingggg"

No. 958471

i said i would stop but i just can't- wait till you hear about how she threw a party and a guy brought a lasagna with vegetables (instead of meat because she was vegetarian at the time) and she looked him right in the eyes as she threw out her slice of lasagna because ewww eggplant ewww! i'm a pIcKy EaTeR! didn't we have a personal cow thread somewhere, i have so much more shit to talk about that weirdo.

No. 958482

I've heard the cheating story was actually Kstew fucking and sucking for a role but who knows

No. 958491

oreos are vegan kek

No. 958497

weight loss is hard when you're a normal person but if Billie really wanted to lose weight it could not be that hard to get an adderall prescription or hire a chef/trainer/etc. not saying she should lose weight, she can do whatever she wants, but for celebrities it cannot be that hard (at least compared to your average person trying to lose weight).

No. 958520

I knew tons of vegans who were fat because they snacked so much. Most people who go vegan don't know how to take care of themselves and believe what you believe which is that if they're vegan they won't get fat so they just down fries, sugary snacks, etc and wonder why they're fat

No. 958548

This was already mentioned further up the thread as well as the fact that she's a cringey Corpse stan

No. 958557

You're completely right and that's why my theory is that she's buying into the fat = big boobs = nothing else matters culture which is why she doesn't bother trying to lose weight, and if it was medication she could easily get switched to something that doesn't cause weight gain or even helps her lose

No. 958563

Billie has classic pre-diabetes body, she's pasty pale, top heavy with a big belly.
Eating (junk food) vegan is awful for insulin resistance because it's impossible to get dense protein and keep your carbs in check wwithout medicine

Didn't know this about Lizzo kek, why do DeathFats live to lie about being vegan?to try show people they have self control?

No. 958564

A high fat diet, like keto, would be healthier than the shit she and vegans eat. Fat isn't what turns most people into a lard ass, shovelling sugar and carbs into your face does that, and low fat diets aren't as effective for weight loss as low carb, lots of studies on that

No. 958684

She can eat vegan but she needs a lot of veggies and grains, especially since she needs the energy to work so she probably eats lots of sugar and carbs to compensate which ends up burning her out so she eats more. She can also easily afford a chef that knows how to make healthy and filling vegan meals but she just seems clueless when it comes to health which makes no sense to me since she can easily afford a cheat way to health. She probably is neglected by everyone around her such as her family and team so she uses food to cope and no one does anything as long as if she's making bucks

No. 958770

>Her weight distribution is also a sign of other health issues
Like what?

No. 958811

>She probably is neglected by everyone around her such as her family and team so she uses food to cope
This, some bit of her lyrics in one of her newer songs suggested so, "sitting at home, trying not to eat" or something alike. As for her family, she has her mother to thank for the whole vegan thing. her mother has a whole instagram dedicated to vegan diet though, weird that Billie doesn't use her vegan recipes.
I think Billie breaks her vegan diet sometimes though, she's been photographed with some kind of chips/snacks that weren't vegan (Cheetos?) and people pointed out
(sorry totally not an expert on chips)

No. 958858

she always can get implants like olivia. She even has gotten some cosmetic procedures done. And her current boobs really aren't even that nice lookin

No. 958862

counting calories and eating a well rounded diet, wheter vegan or nor should be fine. Her metabolism isn't that fast anymore after the initial growth spurts plus shes probs on birth control

No. 958867

let people have fun geez anon

No. 958894

PCOS, diabetes, heart issues, etc
People who gather fat in their midsection already have a lot of issues, and women start getting other diseases and facing the side effects of obesity if their waist goes past 30 inches, Billie's looks well past 34 and she corsets

No. 958895

Most women I've met on birth control are skinny or fit even past puberty. Why is it so hard to admit she's a glutton?

No. 958897

Hmm maybe she's already gotten implants?

No. 958911

can someone explain this joke to me, I don't get it

No. 958934

File: 1635984351353.png (348.25 KB, 641x490, shinji.png)

I must say Shinji has better hair though

No. 958951

I'll never get used to this. Everytime I see her face my heart breaks a bit more

No. 958982

Reminds me of my vegan friends in college who never actually cooked vegan recipes, and instead just snacked on chips and cookies all day because it was “vegan” and wondered why they weren’t skinny

No. 959054

Anyone who cares enough about Olivia Rodrigo to fight over her has already lost more than I could ever take

No. 959055

I watched inception recently and thought she was super cute there at the time and it just made me feel bad whenever she was on screen because of her state now. No celebrity is safe from mental illness

No. 959087

kek you're not wrong, somehow i keep finding olivia stans on the internet making braindead comments trashing others compared to her. i'm neutral towards her but she hasn't really revived pop punk or whatever they think she did, she's just another plant. not sure how else she gained so much traction in a short amount of time.

No. 959091

>chris pratt
all i remember hearing of him is the negative press surrounding him, how is he deemed one of the selections for people's choice kek

No. 959095

at this point i think it's either someone trolling or some lost soul who's probably an Machine Gun Kelly stan too. damn, imagine swallowing up that industry plant "rebellion" pop punk shit so willingly. don't get what's the appeal of Olivia Rodrigo, she's just your usual bland, boring, faceless template pretty girl who'd alternatively be a typical sweet pop star, a wigger, a mumble xanax female rapper, a trap/dubstep/club girl or another "oddly dressed" Gaga girl if she came out a few years earlier (read: she's be anything that was trending at any given time cause she's a plant. it's not even her own fucking decision that she's cosplaying pop punk now.)

No. 959100

Ironically most vegans eat less vegetables than non vegans unless it’s a cover for an ed. the same companies that make vegan garbage also sell animal products and work with factory farms so it just puts money back in their pockets. Just deciding not to eat animal products isn’t enough, but that’s a whole topic and they aren’t eating anything to allow for any attention span longer than a goldfish.

No. 959102

Maybe that’s what Courtney Love meant about “sending her flowers” or whatever, it wasn’t for the idea it was for the fake beef publicity Instagram post Olivia’s team probably paid for.

No. 959105

Possible theory, but Courtney Love was always jealous of various new celebs anyway. And kinda known for bitching about them online, especially when they copy her (for example, she bitched about Taylor Momsen back in the day). i don't get however that Courtney Love scoffed at Olivia who made just one album art reference iirc, but she was also licking Arrow De Wilde's ass (who ripped off Courtney way more often and more blatantly)

No. 959107

samefag, that being said, i'm not trying to make excuses for Olivia, i'm the anon who said Olivia is boring. and by the way that Live Through This inspired photo was very unoriginal reference anyway

No. 959136

i kinda liked taylor monsen and thought that incident between them was a bit weird. honestly any beef between courtney and anyone just always seemed weird and unnecessarily bitchy. taylor gives off weird boomer-ish vibes now when she posts though

No. 959138

probably, i wish i could say that for the other braindead stans i've come across shitting on other people for olivia

No. 959139

Taylor Momsen is ok now, she clearly tries to stay out of the spotlight and she's fine with playing in her band. she was one of those top teen stars in Gossip Girl days and she was a bit of an edgelord (she was 16 at the time though) but now she's pretty lowkey. i don't keep up with her though, hmm boomerish vibes?
ignore them anon, there's no talk with stans. they'll see in a year or so, just like people are realizing just now that Billie isn't some revolutionary "dark pop" rebel like they thought

No. 959159

ayrt, i don't really know how to explain in a way that's clear honestly but i'll try. i still like taylor and i enjoy listening to the music she creates with the band, but i feel like she as a person is lacking something that would appeal to the general public. i'll admit she's very chill now compared to her edgelord days, but from what i've seen on social media it feels somewhat out of touch if she wants to grow a bigger audience for her band. at the same time i appreciate the fact that she's being way more low key in comparison to many celebs and just doing her own thing, so it's not really a criticism, just an observation

No. 959341

File: 1636038658492.jpg (71.06 KB, 718x893, IMG_20211104_150651_399.jpg)

Ariana gets away with having a fridge waist because she had a pretty face

No. 959342

File: 1636038683094.jpg (105.21 KB, 720x891, IMG_20211104_150724_697.jpg)

No. 959349

Just saw Kristen Stewart on the Today show, she really grew on me. I think I was put off by her Twilight performance years ago but she actually seems like a cool person. Never in a million years would I think of her as Princess Diana but I'm surprised by how well she pulls it off.

No. 959351

Impressive how she’s a millionaire and couldn’t find a stylist worth shit, her clothes don’t even fit or make her any favor. Looks like she’s wearing clothes from SHEIN.

No. 959354

this is such a nitpick.

No. 959360

Her body looks good, not everyone needs a tiny cinched-in waist.

No. 959361

right? and she couldn’t get decent tattoos either despite having lots of money, she got those awful chicken-scratch methhead tattoos everywhere

No. 959362

if we cropped out the face and you didn't know who it was you yourself would say she has a blocky man waist.

No. 959363

Ok so youre actually retarded

No. 959364

She has a typical skinny girl body, on top of that usually cameras can make you appear a lot more boxy than you actually are which I assume is the reason why so many celebrities resort to having bucket lists of plastic surgery since the wrong angle can make girls with nice curvy bodies look like boxes

On top of that she's usually being compared to girls with surgery which is why she seems so boxy compared to them, it's nice she doesn't get extreme plastic surgery like most celebrities

No. 959366

she looks like a weird midget that stole clothes from a donation bin

No. 959369

her face is actually more the problem than her waist is. she looks twice her age in the second pic.

No. 959370

File: 1636040924474.jpg (78.58 KB, 615x920, 2016-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-Sh…)

she knows she has a boxy waist since she always wears super high rise clothes that hide half of her waist so it looks less boxy.

oh no i made the ariana f@goet stans mad.

No. 959376

>someone disagrees with me about Ariana’s waist, they must be a stan!!!
Get help

No. 959378

File: 1636041169200.jpg (10.05 KB, 184x289, IMG_20211104_165010_505.jpg)

>>it's nice she doesn't get extreme plastic surgery like most celebrities

She looks one plastic surgery away from being botched wdym.

No. 959379

ariana is a tranny.

No. 959380

Not you again…

No. 959381

>Caring this much about some random skinny girl not having an extra small waist
Sure anon let's have all women get surgery this moment to be shaped exactly like barbie

No. 959382

was there someone else who also called her a tranny lmao. Well she does have a man waist.

No. 959384

weird how you all pick and chose towards which female celebrity's you can be pody-positive about and which ones you can ruthlessly nitpick their appearance.

No. 959385

Not all anons are the same people

No. 959393

>it's nice she doesn't get extreme plastic surgery like most celebrities

No. 959394

I love ariana but even on her latest IG post I literally thought it was Blaire White.

No. 959399

File: 1636042215345.png (572.61 KB, 547x583, ariana.png)

jesus christ what the fuck is this

No. 959403

From the homepage I thought this was blair white for a sec kek

No. 959405

Look, she married her dealer and he's also a moth ok. He gets hungry.
The fact that they even tried to pass that guy off as a luxury real estate agent or whatever.

No. 959406

Wrong anon? I'm on your side
I sarcastically said all female celebrities should get surgery to be extreme hourglasses since nitpicking female celebrities for every little thing is going to to more harm than good for normie women. Normie women are already expected to be fit with boobs and butt and spend money on constant cosmetic services. Ariana is skinny, constantly polished with a nice butt and boobs (pls don't start infighting over this, I said she has them not that they're very big/small, they're just considered nice to most people since both her boobs and butt look quite perky and round/toned)

I also mentioned before cameras can make women look more boxy than they actually are which would explain why her waist looks quite defined in some pics and others not so much, and there's always bloating which is why in all the "gross boxy and manly"! Pics seem to be coming from off the stage since most people usually eat lots of junk at concerts

No. 959407

most celebs have fridge waists lbr. the ones who don't got it lipo'd or they use spandex. the second you see them in a swimsuit, it's box city.

this looks like a pretty common body shape today

No. 959408

Extreme plastic surgery =\= any surgery at all, minor nose job, fillers, and brow lift/chin work (?) Isn't that dramatic especially since you can still tell she's the same person as she was before, I mean extreme surgery like cardi b, Nicki, Iggy or any other female celebrity who just is completely plastic and looks almost nothing like they did before

No. 959413

Makes sense as most normie women don't have small waists, I don't think it's the thing of "today" since it's always been a thing after the 50s when corseting died completely

No. 959417

lol what the fuck. are you really here trying tp say she doesn't look like a literal plastic doll? she looks terrible. if all you can compare her favorably to is some other celebs with unashamedly massive surgeries & implants… you're not really complimenting her. she looks turgid

No. 959421

Her plastic doll look is just a combination of fillers and makeup/tan/fake hair. None of y'all would even say anything if she didn't wear makeup or tan her skin

No. 959424

File: 1636044302500.jpg (72.03 KB, 750x527, EdwYHuoXoAEqrdI.jpg)

Obviously you only consider body modifications extreme surgery's so you dont consider ariana making her face unrecognizable to be extreme surgerys.

Her 2014 already had surgical procedures like nose job, brow lift and filler and in 2021 it looks like she now even had more work done and her nose got even more smaller.

some of the anons here are obviously biased

No. 959426

she's starting to look like MJ now, that's definitely a massive difference

No. 959430

i think she was a kid when she was most famous, and ten years later maybe has other interests now. she probably just likes playing in her band as a job, and sees herself as "retired" from the fame game. like with any athlete/star who is most famous at age 17, their timeline is way different from normal people

No. 959431

Are you retarded? She doesn't look unrecognizable at all. Obviously she's had it, she's just not extreme nor has had body work. She still looks human and most of her face "completely changing" is due to makeup and style changes. I can assure you that you probably wouldn't even have noticed the surgery if she didn't wear makeup, eyelash extensions or get the fake tan

No. 959436

i think you mean spanx. spandex is weak as hell

No. 959437

In relation to the Ariana replies, I saw on instagram someone had edited her face onto Audrey Hepburn movie scenes using that face app. And all the comments were saying how similar they are.. it really annoyed me lol, they dont look similar at all. Audrey was a natural beauty, she aged gracefully

No. 959438

>Being this dramatic over a rando celebrity getting a nose job as if they were the head of the plastic surgery addict anonymous meeting

So she's wrong if she gets plastic surgery for something she was commonly bashed for before hand, and now she's wrong for not getting plastic surgery for whatever body type you like right now? What are you trying to say exactly? Are you just upset you can't control what plastic surgery Ariana grande chooses to get in the moment?

No. 959441

>are you retarded
Why do you keep on repeating that, did you hear that alot growing up.
You really think if someone didnt have body work then its not extreme lmao ok i see your projecting with the retard questions.
Africana granola looks even more botched in pics without makeup.

No. 959442

You really think anyone critiquing ariana here is the same anon huh.

No. 959443

That's the first time I used that in this thread. You sound unhinged

No. 959444

what the fuck is this schizo rambling, i just said she looks different damn. someone post the crimson chin pic i can't find it now

No. 959445

Where are these pics without make where she apparently looks super botched? I couldn't find any

No. 959447

>She looks like MJ now
>I-I just said she looks different!! You're just crazy
That's a lot of words for you have nothing

No. 959451

File: 1636045747964.jpeg (449.61 KB, 2000x1333, Kim-Pete-stars.jpeg)

I cannot wrap my mind around the idea of women being dickmatized by Pete Davidson. Kate Beckinsale, Ariana Grande, Margaret Qualley, and now Kim? I think Pete is just 'fine' as a comedian but good lord, the bar is SO low for men.

No. 959453

yes i was making a comparison. but what the hell was
>So she's wrong if she gets plastic surgery for something she was commonly bashed for before hand, and now she's wrong for not getting plastic surgery for whatever body type you like right now? What are you trying to say exactly? Are you just upset you can't control what plastic surgery Ariana grande chooses to get in the moment?
who said any of this?

No. 959454

plenty of women in other places have small waists without corsets or exterior help. I think the box shape is just common in western countries since that's where I see it the most. It's really usual for women to be so boxy tho, I think it's the diet and hormonal shit messing up things. the western diet is notoriously trash

my bad but yeah. That shaping underwear does wonders.

No. 959457

He's tall and charming in the neurotic, male BPD way. I'm sure he has a way with words and good dick to be getting passed around like that

No. 959470

samefag pic is here
but she's totally recognizable guys

No. 959487

File: 1636047410005.jpeg (56.93 KB, 912x1200, main-image.jpeg)

No? I've been to Europe and Asia before and plenty of women there have similar body types to Ariana Grande. Once you leave your house and go to beaches and stuff you start to realize how the female body actually looks. Your theory also doesn't explain the amount of art pieces focused on women's bodies from other cultures during ancient times and why they would be considered boxy and manly today

No. 959493

>>959487 is right, you need to go outside more. even the ideal WHR (a 10 inch difference) looks boxy compared to plastic surgery and photoshop abominations that are plastered all over the internet.

No. 959494

Audrey had work done too. When I saw her before pics, I was pretty shocked lmao

She was cute but she wasn't The Audrey Hepburn. I think most famous beauties had a few things tweaked.

No. 959495

bone rattler sperging please begone

hes tall, hes funny, and he has allegedly has a big dick I guess and women keep saying I can fix him. but it's not like he's the only comedian who has these traits so why he'd be the one who was singled out by women? probably arianas impact, she's the one who said he had a big dick in the first place

No. 959496

As an obsseive kuwtk fan, let me just state that Travis Barker is an ugly ugly fuck. Scott is much more attractive. Imo has a better personality (I've read Travis Barker's book) and is no where near as much as a druggie cheating cunt and that is saying something. I am utterly disgusted at whatever drugs Travis has pushed on to Kourtney so much so that they have arranged to be engaged to each other. Travis Barker is ugly with a mental ex wife and two kids, and no offence to Travis daughter but she looks like the worst type of teenager. Scott lost both of his parents while with Kourtney, how in the fuck did she end up the victim. Scott didn't even drink or take drugs that much in comparison to the rest of the kardashians. Just seems extra fucked up. I hope Mason gives Travis a load of shit and calls him a pussy and a faggot.

No. 959497

it's Kim Kardashian. she is doing it for the publicity.

No. 959499

File: 1636047986070.jpeg (226.9 KB, 1024x1534, Demi_Lovato_Crop.jpeg)

She and her friends should chill with the self tanner ugh

No. 959503

I live in Africa where the curves get crazy and my family comes from Asia and Europe so there's tons of diversity in my life. I've seen it all and your picrel, did you guys forget how often they used men to model female figures? lol

saying a box is normal is a cope. the female figure has always been noted for the waist being thinner bc estrogen makes the weight sit on the hips. menopausal women get boxy bc their hormones change.

you're def the one who needs to see some real women, not 'artistic interpretations' from homos and not boxes with fucked hormones from shitty abnormal diets lol

No. 959504

You mean Audrey Hepburn's before ps pics? Pls share I tried to find them and only came up with dumb clickbait shit

No. 959505

File: 1636048298676.jpg (27.83 KB, 480x360, 53d3522f3490d_-_celebrs-better…)

Virtually no one who is naturally pale look better with a tan.

No. 959506

Twitter speech

No. 959509

TIL that if you don't have a noticable waist you are a defect woman. You sound almost male

No. 959510

They were stocky because the models were young men. It was considered improper for women to pose naked for sculptures/paintings.

No. 959512

I miss her old face, she looks so masculine with her wide fucking jaw it just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Her lips are horrendous I can’t even recognize her. She’s not cute anymore.

No. 959514

How? She's hella annoying and in the most dumb pretentious movies like "personal shopper"…

No. 959517

File: 1636049194809.jpg (39.66 KB, 812x282, 10508_2013_166_Fig3_HTML.jpg)

Africa actually has a higher W:H ratio on average than American and European countries

Average in Africa was .87

Average w:h ratio in America is .79

Higher W:H ratio = less curvy, more boxy. Example if your waist/hip ratio is 0.8 then your waist takes up 80% of your hips, the lower it gets the more curvy you are. Pic rel

No. 959518

File: 1636049278096.jpg (40.48 KB, 662x270, DnHmcRbWwAExISI.jpg)

Africa is huge and WHR varies considerably by ethnicity. Contrary to stereotype, the majority of African women have narrow hips, short tubular stomachs, small breasts and long limbs. They have data, so I don't know why everyone keeps arguing about this. I'm surprised how few of you bother to look up research literature considering how obsessed you are about it.

No. 959521

Yes, thank you lol. Scandinavia, Western Europe and NW immigrant stock like US, Australia are curvier.

No. 959523

>Waist thinner because estrogen
Also no
African women have higher PCOS rates and black women in America on average tend to have higher testosterone. It actually became an issue in the Olympics since there was a rule against women with high testosterone and it would have disqualified a lot of black women


Again - not calling black women manly or anything, I'm just saying you're very very ignorant about statistics

No. 959535

wtf she looked so cute…?

No. 959546

File: 1636051210940.png (453.51 KB, 828x933, HUMAN.png)

>She still looks human

No. 959547

she's using a snapchat filter in this

No. 959581

Amy Lee did it better.

No. 959611

No. 959614

I can't get over that outfit, why does she always insist on waist trainers? It looks so out of place on her costume and just emphasizes how cheap the dress looks especially since the og dress was raggedy and loose. If she insisted on wearing a corset and wanted to be Sally why not just wear a wedding dress costume instead?

No. 959657

The "black women" discussed for having high testosterone in that story are literally intersex being passed off as women. One is a literal troon, not even a woman
Also, werent there like two studies that said black women actually have higher estrogen? They were posted in some MtF threads way back but I didn't bother saving. This is so off-topic but I'm sick of racebaiting and tranny shit in every thread lol

No. 959659

Don't you get tired of racebaiting? first you were shitposting at the Unpopular opinions thread now here?

No. 959663

you're right, amy did do it better. takes me back

late response, to the second part of your comment. i won't lie, it's annoying and hard to ignore since the weird olivia stans keep going after people i actually think are fine and do follow but i don't feel like dealing with an potential infight about them if they did their research on the other party involved they would see that what they're blaming them for isn't even really their fault, but their management was actually pushing the issue. i also don't think that the problem is even worth staunchly shitting on either party (aside from maybe management) and just wasn't fair to either olivia or the others.

No. 959665

Her tattoos are embarrassing

No. 959669

Any more info on this? I can't even count how many blinds I've read about Ariana having a cocaine addiction

No. 959671

Honestly….she should probably go back to the heavy eye makeup….

No. 959678

Unpopular opinion but I think this is the best she's looked in ages. Doesn't look plastic at all to me, very natural

No. 959683

Lmao that chin. But why are anons arguing about Ariana's surgery when she's obviously had work done particularly in her face, made especially clear by that major eyebrow botch we've seen in past threads. Maybe we won't know for certain if she's had other work done in other areas because she clearly won't say so maybe it's pointless to argue, but if she keeps going it will get more extreme eventually. And she likely will keep going in an attempt to stay looking youthful. Imagine if she gets to Madonna's age looking like the state Madonna's in now kek

No. 959685

Studies are mixed but plenty of studies say African American women have higher testosterone and some say otherwise. Of course it has a variety of other factors but race does not have a lot of correlation with hormones
This is my first racial discussion on lolcow, having high t doesn't mean those women are bad or even unattractive, but claiming all non black women are low-e bricks is ridiculous

No. 959687

>This is my first racial discussion on lolcow
yeah right, i already reported you

No. 959691

Quit obsessing over women's races and having weird debates about waist to hip ratio or whatever, it's dumb

No. 959695

Hopefully you reported the person who started racebaits too. Or does it only matter when it starts hurting your feelings?

No. 959696

I only posted one thing relating to hip to waist ratio and only because the previous anon was trying to claim something that was statistically impossible, I'm sorry statistics offend you and you can't just spread false information without being proven wrong I guess

No. 959699

>"Statistics offend you!!!"
You sound like a bitter scrote, no one cares about this incel ethno box waist argument, stfu

No. 959707

Like 3 other people were involved in the infight, calm down. You're literally upset because I debunked false claims a race-baiting anon was making and not even acknowledging who even started all this in the first place. Have some self awareness please

No. 959708

I don't think there's anything wrong with her wearing a corset - people will bitch regardless because she's not skinny. The dress isn't flattering though either way. I think a long red wig would've helped things somehow

No. 959710

Notice how they've all stopped the autism but you. Your "debunk!!" is worthless, this is a celebrity gossip thread

No. 959713

You're the one who kept replying long after the infighting stopped, what's wrong with you?

No. 959716

Offended anon is just unhinged and mad they can't just start fights and not have anyone say anything back to them, no one did anything wrong outside of the main poster who started all of this and offended anon who keeps trying to egg on the infight even though no1curr

No. 959717

The back folds look so much worse and constantly trying to put corsets in her outfit just looks trashy imo. She should wear a compression shirt over her corset to stop the backfat from spilling out. The corset is just badly placed on this specific outfit simply because it's so forced even though she could have easily found an outfit that requires a corset that goes with the theme of the show.

No. 959722

File: 1636060916135.jpg (288.03 KB, 1284x1710, FDUKLBWX0AIXfep.jpg)

Pretty messed up
>a shitty card, my new wife and my beautiful HEALTHY daughter are the greatest treasures in my life <3
I wouldn't be surprised if he starts acting like jack doesn't exist.

No. 959745

File: 1636062008299.jpeg (453.15 KB, 1124x1806, 984AEA30-5955-4D35-867C-928D73…)

To add onto that as well, here's something I came across, which is the deleted post that was addressed

No. 959749

Well madonna didnt start getting plastic surgery until her 40's
Meanwhile ariana is in her late 20's and she already has alot of sculpting fillers, brow lifts, two nose jobs and lip fillers.
So she will look worse than madonna when she reaches her age.

No. 959750

File: 1636062276175.jpeg (97.01 KB, 750x932, 744AEF96-7CFB-4097-BEEA-4F422A…)

It’s not the corset alone it’s the corset during a performance for me. How the fuck is she gonna sing while restricting her breath, just shows her priorities. And she doesn’t have to be skinny… just be normal is that a foreign concept nowadays?
I almost said no one is claiming Ariana didn’t have ps then i scrolled up and saw the comment WTF i didn’t know these delulu stans actually exist outside if twitter.
Anyways here’s a jumpscare
>>959745 man do i feel bad for her, seems like most people celebrated her fall because they hated her guts sm, just hoping she won’t turn out like madonna i can’t stand that hag

No. 959752

thats a faceapp edited photo though, i think she looks worse than that barefaced.

No. 959760

JEZUZ CHRIST I’m not talking about your fatass country standards I’m talking about health standards, I’m talking about normal BMI i can’t fucking believe we’re having this stupid conversation wtf ‘moorica

No. 959761

I feel like he's trying to pass himself off as a himbo but it's not working anymore. I get he's probably joking when he says

>"She helps me with everything. In return, periodically, I open a jar of pickles."

>"So if I don't get her anything, I'll tell her to look back on this post."

But it just sounds sad because you know he'll still get "aww"s on his post for writing some nice lines about his wife and how she does things for him and is as equally treasured as his dumb card, even though he's outing himself as doing the bare minimum. A 6 week old post for her birthday and nothing else? Romantic.

No. 959772

Kek I can't wait to see how her stans will react to that happening, many of them seem very superficial and looks/beauty-oriented. She attracts a certain audience I guess.

No. 959774

I know narc is thrown around a lot, but this really comes off as super narc-y to me. It’s supposed to be a post for his wife’s birthday and it’s mostly about him and how she worships him so much. The part about how she gave him a ~healthy~ daughter is gross considering his son has health issues, who tf would say that? Just gross.

No. 959783

File: 1636063614492.jpeg (585.1 KB, 750x874, 7E3EE4AC-29FF-4CCD-8384-B04AF8…)

Is anyone else tired of Lil Nas X’s whole “deal” or am I just an asshole

No. 959785

He is an annoying, pretentious attention whore that hates women. of all things, twitterfags fangirl over this instead of better people

No. 959788

I’m definitely getting there and unfollowed him when he kept posting that pregnancy belly on IG. My friend is already where you are though and I completely understand, I just still like his music and can sympathize with wanting to be out and flamboyant after muting yourself for the majority of your life.

No. 959789

His music is shit

No. 959795

It's probably worse than that because it's not even for her birthday. It's not her birthday until 6 weeks from now. Sure, make a nice random cute post about your wife (which he didn't even do a good job of), but it looks like he just threw that on as an afterthought and jokingly added something thinking like, "oh yeah this is sweet enough, if I don't get her anything for her birthday, this is enough! I can just tell her to look back on this post that's supposedly about her but is more about what she's done for me!"

No. 959798

Refer to my first comment asking if being a normal weight is a foreign concept. It seems like it is. Nowhere did anyone say she has to be skinny fuck that but why are you acting like bmi 20 doesn’t exist and people have to be either bmi >25 or <18. Reminds me of the Fat acceptance people when they try to demonise intentional WL.
I can’t wait for the day you nonnie tell us how bmi 30 is normal, keep eating kfc moorica

No. 959799

“find someone who looks at you like this!” buddy you had that with anna faris and you broke up with her for this new wife. what a piece of shit.

No. 959804

Idk anon former fatty fridge top heavy upside down triangle unfortunately shaped woman here. Some people just gain weight up there, do you think every chubby woman has an ass twice the size of their waist? Different body types exist and personally I hate the bbl lymphadema big giant ass pear trend.
might be biased tho

No. 959812

Twitterfags fangirl over him precisely because of that, they never like better people