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File: 1629968693732.jpeg (76.89 KB, 827x995, grimeth.jpeg)

No. 892366

Previous thread: >>877139

>>877386 The Queen's son, Prince Andrew, sued for sexual assault, says he "doesn't remember meeting" alleged victim despite having photo taken together
>>877527 Jimmy Urine of MSI also sued for sexual battery of a minor, anons remember his blatant past pedo-esque behaviour >>877535 >>877537 >>877546 >>877562
>>877791 Lynz Way, MSI member and wife of Gerard Way is an unhinged compulsive liar
>>878293 Gerardposting ensues, anons speculate he has piss and vomit fetishes >>878686 >>878928
>>878347 Billie Eilish responds to stan dragging her over 'boring' waitress attire >>878373
>>878377 Random Mexican actress terrifies anons with her blown up face
>>879191 Tom Hanks' son, Chet Hanks, goes on anti-covid vax tirade
>>879755 Jamie Spears apparently 'steps down' as Britney's conservator
>>879938 Muskrat to launch a satellite that displays ads in space
>>879962 Bill Skarsgård is added to the stinky celeb list
>>879023 Conversation devolves into Ariana sperging again, can't go a celebricows thread without it >>880320
>>880382 Erykah Badu apologises for unintentionally exposing Obama's maskless birthday party >>880385
>>880402 Horatio Sanz, yet another celebrity scrote, accused of sexual assault and grooming of underage fan
>>880492 Vogue India do Salma Hayek no favours making her look top heavy with builder's hands
>>880782 Nicki Minaj tries to bribe her husband Kenneth Petty's past rape victim with $500k to recant allegations
>>881067 Kelly Osbourne no longer looks like Kelly Osbourne
>>881415 Barbz chimp out against woman for calling out Nicki and husband (see above) >>881416 >>881424 >>881423 >>881420
>>881576 Lizzo releases shit-tier song with Cardi B slamming haters, next minute cries on camera about said haters >>882327 later, anons are subjected to her bare cottage cheese ass shaking in front of a children's playground >>882379 >>882432
>>881584 Ellen Page appears again with totally real abs that are in no way implants, looks frail and despondent as ever
>>882562 Eminem's adopted daughter comes out as non-binary
>>883114 Ariana looks like a wax model on ad image for the Voice
>>882632 The rattling of bones echoes through the thread as Ari's weight is discussed
>>884253 Olivia Rodrigo gets bolt-ons
>>884255 Grimes goes on stream looking high as shit, is joined by Dorian Electra >>886240 >>886263 both look like unwashed weebs
>>886335 Zoë Kravitz and skinhead Channing Tatum apparently dating
>>886819 Britney investigated for alleged battery against housekeeper
>>887457 Grimes is continuously vapid and insufferable >>888138 TikTok user claims to have known her before fame, says she was the landlord of a crackhouse and 'cosplayed as homeless'
>>888739 Demi Lovato says she 'one day could identify as trans'
>>889507 Tyga starts his own adult's subscription content service to rival OnlyFans called 'myystar' >>889533
>>889861 Kanye beefs with Drake
>>891099 Taika Waititi already discussing marriage with 'wifey' Rita Ora after only 5 months of dating

No. 892368

thank you i have been waiting pal

No. 892372

Great choice for the thread pic

No. 892374

I don't even follow celebricows 99% of the time but whoever does the OP's deserves a cookie, it must be so much damn work linking everything like that

No. 892375

>stinky celeb list

No. 892381

File: 1629970471764.jpg (26.8 KB, 718x255, kanye.jpg)

Kanye has officially filed to legally change his full name to 'Ye'.

No. 892405

He should be legally obligated to take his meds.

No. 892457

File: 1629978962019.jpeg (49.23 KB, 1125x640, DE031172-2C1C-496D-93B0-54A4DE…)

stinky bill anon here
I found my answer to the post and what I posted has turned out to be very fake and gay
Very milky (especially for a hermit), but also fake and gay since it’s from an unreliable source, no one talks about it, and the link doesn’t even work (it just spells out bill-skars)
So Bill is not a stinky boy, he is just a normie who SHOWERS!!1!1

carry on nonnies and i hope to find ACTUAL milk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 892527

shut…. shut the fuck up…

No. 892631

File: 1629996362125.jpeg (607.86 KB, 828x907, 599422E7-9E7F-4A65-AA12-123309…)

he’s suing now and claiming he’s suffered “damages” but he has also recreated the picture several times as an adult and has “nevermind” tattooed on his chest kek. he reached out to nirvana for his art exhibit or some shit and they didn’t respond so i guess that’s his motive

No. 892636

Why yes, I rubbed it so many times to the baby when the album came out, he's got such a strong case… I'm sure it will go well for him

No. 892665

Wtf that's so wild. Tbh they shouldn't have used a naked baby eith full on exposure but this guy also sounds insufferable and clout chasing

No. 892679

I love how men are always so sceptical when women come out with sexual claims… they instantly make up their minds that women are 'just out for money' and playing the victim and here a man is doing that shit. He's on record saying nothing but positive things about how this brought him oppurtunities.

No. 892721

File: 1630002548607.jpeg (195.86 KB, 1170x862, BEF79651-7E3A-4D75-A53E-045CB9…)

It wasn’t the blood but the Satan symbolism and Nike’s reputation that got you in trouble, dumbass

No. 892726

File: 1630002917924.jpeg (56.74 KB, 719x720, nirvana-3-15.jpeg)

kek it looks like he's recreated it at least 5 times. what a grifter

No. 892729

>Tbh they shouldn't have used a naked baby eith full on exposure
Why? It wasn't sexual or gratuitous. As someone else mentioned, nobody would know who is the person on the cover if the dude wasn't sperging about it through the years (so you can't say it's humiliating for the entire world to see him)

No. 892741

Tony hawk is a skateboarder with a whole other audience, also who cares about Tony Hawk besides skate boarders?
Yeah it's hypocritcal, but I don't care. LNX is the male version of Lizzo but less talented. I feel for LNX because rappers (a lot of them probably closeted bisexual/gay/tranny fuckers anyway) coming at him for breathing, but he annoys the fuck out of me.
Tyler the Creator has said some disgusting shit, but at least that felt like it was him, LNX has always seemed like the type who'd say and do anything for attention.

No. 892768

still swimming after that dollar after all these years huh

No. 892774

it would be an epic troll if he won and everyone with the album now has cp.

No. 893078

They do that to protect their rapist friends and a rape culture that they can exploit when they want to take advantage of a women. And yeah I thought the same thing, this man is literally doing it for money but it’s still his body and he couldn’t consent to it then and continuing to being that person. Maybe he got sick of having that role decided for him, I wonder what damages he’s claiming. Putting a naked baby on the cover of an album is asking for legal issues though, I understand it from an artistic perspective but what did they expect.

No. 893138

No. 893139

satan isn't real

No. 893141

tony hawk should be getting it for "Olly the Magic Bum" i'm surprised he still hasn't gotten in trouble for it

No. 893147

Why does he do this shit for attention. He was lucky to be born with the name Kanye West which is memorable and meant he never needed to have a stage name. Ye doesn't hit as hard

No. 893152

File: 1630036504232.jpeg (100.88 KB, 886x1024, E9uXhqzVkBMFxtc.jpeg)

Bieber is facetiming Kacey Musgraves like an obsessed freak. I just know that man has bootycalls on speed dial. And his so called wife keeps bringing random people in their house to film her silly YouTube videos in their bathroom.

No. 893156

File: 1630036723273.jpeg (161.22 KB, 1125x1311, E9lm3dOWQAQJhMi.jpeg)

He's doing what Prince did, in hopes to take back control over his own music.

No. 893161

> Why does he do this shit for attention
You just answered your own question

No. 893173

File: 1630040756582.jpeg (177.89 KB, 1176x1566, image.jpeg)

Did anyone post Demi Lovato's absolutely retarded hand tattoo yet?
The font looks the handwriting of an autistic 8 yr old kek

No. 893179

She is so fucking corny

No. 893188

I think it's charming in a way. Maybe she's a bit too old to get something like this, but I think it's cute.

No. 893195

I think this could be charming, but the placement is absolutely awful, imo. This could've worked as a inner forearm tattoo or a small thigh tattoo, maybe. But it just doesn't work as a hand tattoo at all

No. 893201

>Maybe she's a bit too old to get something like this
They're permanent, so even if she were young she'd still end up 40 with a moist tattoo

No. 893214

Idk, it really looks like something I'd doodle in the corner of my math homework when I was like 12

No. 893273

For 5 seconds I thought it was a stick and poke tattoo.
Trashy, shocked it was done in a real studio.

No. 893298

Celebs get the worst tattoos

No. 893339

File: 1630068948769.png (559.84 KB, 1342x620, rj.png)

Porn scrote Ron Jeremy's ass is in jail
>US adult film star Ron Jeremy has been indicted on 34 counts of sexual crimes involving 21 women, spanning more than 20 years, Los Angeles prosecutors say.

>Prosecutors allege that Mr Jeremy assaulted the women, who ranged in age from 15 to 51, between 1996 and 2019. He faces over 300 years in jail.

>Mr Jeremy, 68, pleaded not guilty to the charges on Wednesday.

>He is one of the biggest names in the adult film industry and has featured in over 1,700 films since 1979.

>The 19 August indictment, which was unsealed Wednesday, accuses Mr Jeremy of 12 counts of rape, including that of a 17-year-old girl in 2008 and a 15-year-old girl in 2004.

>The most recent charge is from 1 January 2020, with a 21-year-old woman alleging she was raped and sodomised.

No. 893344

I mean, just look at that disgusting face.

No. 893348

File: 1630069816210.jpg (19.49 KB, 300x450, 112199-jhonen-vasquez.jpg)

can anyone pls confirm that jhonen vasquez isn't a giant predator by proxy of being friends with jimmy urine the pedo

i want to note that he also had this annoying copycat character named "jimmy" in JTHM who johnny kills, i now wonder if that was based on jimmy urine

No. 893349

File: 1630069821239.jpeg (218.51 KB, 1317x828, 55F4B753-961C-485D-AD24-B0FC20…)

Speaking of Themi, this haircut and recent styling is just awful.

No. 893355

File: 1630070378334.gif (489.05 KB, 420x315, 13cec72ff575eb8bf489da24f73e84…)

Oh boy, literally nothing makes me happier than watching porn scrotes go down. Can Rocco Siffredi be next?

I bet they thought they were safe because back then in the 70s and 80s they could get away with everything and blame it on the 'culture' or whatever. I hope more and more sex workers come forward and the whole porn empire collapses, but I might be too idealistic

No. 893359

They would look so good with long hair. Why don’t people understand that non-binary people can have actual style?

No. 893360

anon post this in the western animators /snow thread/ >>>/snow/1209930

No. 893362

I mean there's no evidence for or against him, but you know. Birds of a feather flock together

No. 893365

I'm sure Jimmy Urine had a lot of friends in the industry, doesn't make all of them weird pedos. Regardless, i watch still kinda young when the show was out so I wasn't super into it but I don't think Jhonen ever made an effort to be sexual or perverted in Invader Zim, (unlike Dan Feet Man's shows) and I've read JTHM Director's Cut once or twice. No jokes about hurting women (more than he would hurt anyone else) or perverted kids.

I say he's safe.

No. 893367

To he honest, rapists in the porn industry don't really face proper repercussions even if theure exposed. Too many people are going to think "well, they're porn whores, sex is just a job to them" and dismiss their pleas entirely. On top of that, a sex worker/porn star who makes public rape accusations is going to lose job opportunities really quickly because nobody in the sex industry wants to work with girls who speak up (rape happens all the time and most porn production companies can't afford to have every rape exposed to the media).

It's horrible but it's a hopeless situation. I fear Ron Jeremy may never fully face the punishment he deserves based purely on the fact that a lot of these girls were probably in the sex industry

No. 893375

you mean Themi

No. 893377

Come on Anon, do you where you are?

No. 893378

File: 1630074342853.jpg (105.79 KB, 1024x683, james-deen-feature.jpg)

> rapists in the porn industry don't really face proper repercussions
James Deen had all these women come out against him years ago, women he worked with and his long term partner who worked in the industry too. Those women all put their own livlihoods on the line and the guy is still working. Meanwhile one of his victims killed herself.

No. 893389

Jhonen seems relatively squeaky clean compared to the rest of the Western animators. Never read about any drama or anything gross, has quite a few normal female friendships and maintains a close healthy relationship with family. His early,work was pretty edgy but that's about it. This all belongs on the Western Animation thread in snow though.

No. 893406

File: 1630077206159.png (456.44 KB, 528x774, yikes.PNG)

No. 893412

This pyschward tier tatt is going to look so unhinged when she releases a photoshoot of them-hands holding them-titties for pre-attention before she goes for the trans card

No. 893424

and since when have enbies ever had style beyond hoboclown-core?

No. 893425

Kanye is a huge right wing misogynist so obviously this would happen. Amazing to use Marilyn Manson given the circumstances. Fuck the shock value.

No. 893434

It's giving Kris Jenner

No. 893437

honestly surprised it took this long. he gave me an unsettling feeling when i would see him on random things on tv even when i was kid.

No. 893440

It's fucking hideous.

No. 893442

File: 1630081303775.gif (982.23 KB, 400x275, themi.gif)

No. 893444

>non-binary people can have actual style
enbies literally never do besides a few select gay dudes that use the title for internet asspats/attention

No. 893451

File: 1630081902843.png (615.66 KB, 990x616, donda.png)

Kanye and Kim recreated their wedding to close the last listening party for Donda.
What are the chances they never planned to separate, and it was just to create buzz around the ending of the reality show and release of Donda?

No. 893456

could be, but i don’t think kim is good enough an actress to squeeze out all the tears she did on kuwtk when she was talking about separating. who knows though.

No. 893470

File: 1630083915234.jpg (81.09 KB, 677x450, E9dhx5NXMAM-SVw.jpg)

(>>>rockstar cows thread)

No. 893472

I doubt she even dressed herself

No. 893475

Damiano looks like he did his eyeliner in front of a wind turbine

No. 893476

are these new harry potter villains

No. 893481

it's maneskin

No. 893487

How's he so shit at recreating it though,it's not a difficult pose

No. 893488

nta but anon, that was clearly a joke

No. 893489

What is this

No. 893494

I love autist-chans come here cupcake gimme a hug

No. 893495

Hope all the pick me girls that defend porn get it through their thick fucking skulls that this is a typical make pornstar. Gay men get the hot men for their porn. women are degraded in all senses.

No. 893499

I really wonder for how long Maneskin can ride the hype around them and if they can built a career out of it that will last for a while or if they will fade away faster than Greta van Fleet.

No. 893503

No. 893510

Guy on the left looks like what Ellen Paige wishes she was

No. 893514

i like them but this is the worst they ever looked. looks like bad costumes.

No. 893527

File: 1630088658755.png (Spoiler Image, 476.28 KB, 383x574, 4.PNG)

Some new pictures from Azealia banks interview for some magazine, I don't know why I like these. I do think she looks pretty in some of them.

No. 893528

File: 1630088684062.png (Spoiler Image, 227.04 KB, 370x551, 2.PNG)

NSFW warning

No. 893531

File: 1630088756681.png (328.05 KB, 363x551, 3.PNG)

No. 893532

File: 1630088856808.png (152.65 KB, 375x557, 1.PNG)

No. 893539


No. 893540

No. 893562

ewwww not a fan of this shot at all

No. 893591

File: 1630095766287.jpg (69.5 KB, 648x365, James_VictoriaSutherland_Laure…)

They look like the antagonists from the first Twilight movie

No. 893597

i scrolled by and thought this was a pic of the black eyed peas

No. 893601

No offense but I don’t get why you would style yourself to look feminine and then still refuse female pronouns. All this theythem shit seems like nothing but a massive cope for endured trauma and self hate.

No. 893602


No. 893604

All non-binary ppl look like this

No. 893605

Because she chose they/them as a cop out for her icecream shop meltdown. She doesn't think shes they/them and doesn't make the effort to look less feminine, she knows shes a woman and looking feminine doesn't make her feel uncomfortable about her uwu gender identity

The truth is that she had a meltdown, couldn't face the backlash, so she took the easy route out and claimed queer status so people would defend her and give her a little pat on the bum

No. 893622

>All this theythem shit seems like nothing but a massive cope for endured trauma and self hate.
I mean yeah. All FtM enbies I know and am aware of have explicitly stated they've endured horrific sexual abuse at some point, so their transitioning is a way of attempting to avoid sexual harassment while still getting to express femininity safely as a "man." Would be nice if they just copped to that to draw more attention to the real problem (men's degeneracy) rather than acting like they just magically realized they were a male too all along.

No. 893630

Nah he looks like Michael Cera if he also decided to transition like Ellen, and then they star in a remake of Juno where the roles are flipped but things get awkward.

No. 893636

kek what the actual fuck

Brian Warner is the size of a blimp these days. what a hypocrite he is to make fat jokes about Lana del Rey.

I feel bad for their kids. they must be so confused about the state of their parents' relationship. they keep getting dragged to these listening parties to witness their father's insanity. they'll grow up thinking this shit is normal and will most likely recreate the dysfunction in their own relationships someday. very sad.

No. 893644

>I feel bad for their kids. they must be so confused about the state of their parents' relationship.
same. north is 8 now so she’s definitely old enough to notice and be affected by all this weird shit by now. who knows what they tell these kids about the situation behind closed doors though.

No. 893646

File: 1630101969263.png (89.22 KB, 949x551, bob.png)

might be tangentially related to the msi/mcr drama, but bob bryer (mcr ex-drummer) deleted all his instagram posts except this one

No. 893672

Given how brook shields lost her case for child expolitation (she was 10 when photographed for playboy, the shoot is fucked up and disturbing) I would be surprised if this guy wins. If he does then I dont wanna hear another scrot complain about how the courts favour women.

No. 893674

my sides anon

No. 893680

File: 1630107893479.jpg (8.38 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Rap/MCing is one of the four pillars of hip hop (MCing, DJing, dancing, graffiti). I know, I'm necroing posts from an old thread, but I can't deal with this level of ignorance. And I'm fucking German.

No. 893689

Kendall and Kylie were around that age (a bit older, 12 and 10 respectively) when Kim's sextape leaked and their reality show began.
Kim's kids are going to be just as messed up.

No. 893694

Kek I actually find this cute and funny. Azealia will always be much cuter than Grimes especially now Grimes has fucked up her face.

No. 893698

File: 1630110227288.jpeg (444.88 KB, 828x1091, 1BEE8074-6E95-4387-9B0F-D01A0F…)

she apparently didn’t actually say this but i’m tired of her stans acting like she doesn’t look almost completely white…i first thought she was a white hispanic and i’ve seen several people think she’s fully white too. they act like olivia is a brown skinned, wide nosed filipino when the reality is that if she was, she wouldn’t be pushed so fucking hard in the first place lol

No. 893699

File: 1630110317491.jpg (194.85 KB, 875x1225, Untitled.jpg)

either way the resemblance is uncanny. and i also think the "jimmy" character raped a girl… hmmmm

No. 893703

I literally need them to be together it’s too perfect of a pairing. I know it’s not real I just need them to continue the sham. There is no one more perfect for the other’s ego and I love what Kanye did for Kim’s sense of fashion.

No. 893705

I thought she was Hispanic too. Anyways is she actually considered a “popstar”? I thought she considered herself a singer/songwriter

No. 893707

It reminds me how a lot of Beyoncé fans are annoying SJW twittertards yet don’t even acknowledge that her being light skinned contributed greatly to her popularity to begin with.

No. 893709

she's been accused of and admitted to stealing song hooks lol

No. 893711

fact that he killed off the stand-in character indicates that he knew and hated him for it
so he's probably not a creep himself, but if you wanna stay in the industry, you gotta overlook a lot of disgusting shit and if you really wanna do anything without getting blacklisted, all you can do is needle a creep or two that you know personally, so they won't come after you if you're vague enough
which is all to say; I wouldn't call him a predator at all, but a person who ignores the holocaust happening around him to get by himself

No. 893734

I hope they stay together

No. 893748

This is 100% what happened to me, I hated how society treats women, I was abused and thought the only way to escape it was to stop being a woman. I wonder how many women ended up becoming ftms to escape misogyny and abuse, it's stupid how this isn't talked about because it's "transphobic"

No. 893765

File: 1630125249227.gif (3.95 MB, 300x222, kylie.gif)

I feel the worst for North out of all four kids. if she ever googles herself, she'll find footage of her dad bawling his eyes out at a rally for his presidential campaign, telling everyone that he convinced her mom not to abort her.

absolutely. when I saw a prepubescent Kylie Jenner spinning around on a stripper pole on the first episode of KUWTK, I knew she was doomed. according to the sources that I found, she was only 9 at the time, not even 10. now she's about to be an unwed mother of two at the age of 24, knocked up by mouth-breathing Travis Scott yet again. tragic.

No. 893770

She’s vaguely latina, anyways latinas always blend easily into “white” music anyways unless they try doing rap or r&b

No. 893812

Libfems obsession with Beyonce is one of the funniest things I have seen, its so pathetic to "stan" a cuckqueen whose clothing gets made by little girls in Indonesia

No. 893818

so fucking true anon. Gee, who would've thought a cute, slim brunette with delicate features could've ever been a pop star? I definitely assumed she was latina. I know its all just manufactured things they're saying but the idea that this very cute, very white passing Disney child star ever once thought she couldn't possibly be a popstar is just too retarded to believe.

No. 893821


No. 893829

Jay-Z cheated on her, that is what Lemonade was all about. The true joke is believing Jay-Z only cheated once though kek. The funniest reactions were people being like "YASSS queen Jay-Z shaking in his boots now!"

she's a cuckqueen because her only recourse to him cheating (probably thousands of times) was to release a hit album that brought more money to their shared household. Not divorce him, which is what any woman with any dignity (and that much cash) would do.

No. 893830

samefag but yes, they so breathlessly talk about her and her music like every single is a magnum opuses that require academic analysis. I don't dislike Beyonce and she definitely has some great songs, but the way she gets talked about is extremely weird to me. Like there are so many VERY talented black female musicians, and holding Beyonce up above them, as if she's the standard-bearer of black female excellence, is just off-putting. Not saying she is without talent, she just isn't as impressive as she's made out to be.

No. 893832

That aspect of Lemonade never sat right with me. I did like the album but it’s so fucking annoying. Why are women always supposed to be the ~forgiving angel~ when their man cheats? Beyoncé’s one of the richest women in the world, just leave him lmao.

No. 893839

>Like there are so many VERY talented black female musicians, and holding Beyonce up above them, as if she's the standard-bearer of black female excellence, is just off-putting.
that's my main issue with Beyonce, the fact she gets pushed so hard and it usually woke white women and gay men who seem to adore her more then anyone
she's not even trying to forgive him, she wants to pretend that she's empowered and above him but it just across as pathetic and cope
Actions speak louder then words and she's full of horseshit

No. 893840

File: 1630134125009.jpeg (632.18 KB, 1702x2560, E9zuh3JX0AQsU6X.jpeg)

I hope that's white wine and not her piss. Wouldn't be surprised.
She looks pretty though.

No. 893855

File: 1630136819316.jpeg (168.5 KB, 750x600, 90391CF3-51E7-48FC-8C54-2F9DFD…)

It’s been weird seeing the narrative around Beyoncé as being about how she’s the peak of empowered when she’s a talented artist who’s a huge handmaiden. Reminds me of how her supposedly feminist song quoting Chimamanda actually was just about pleasing her man in the end. I enjoyed Lemonade as a work, but her lyrics are so trad.

In the same vein it’s sad to me how much there’s so much talent as you say but the black women who get any kind of big mainstream push are always the most hypersexual and then we get told they’re empowering for women? Sza, Syd, Noname etc. are all really good and have unique perspectives.

No. 893867

I'm so confused by this comment. The dick (and 'cum') is cgi isnt it?

No. 893868

What dick?

No. 893872

>The dick
Huh? It's a wine glass.

No. 893877

Thank you, I was confused because I've always heard that rap is a part of hip-hop
Been there, done that except becoming a troon was much harder 10 years ago, so it never went anywhere. Thank god
>Not divorce him, which is what any woman with any dignity (and that much cash) would do.
But anon, don't you know that there is power in forgiveness, reconciliation and family? Kek
The only good 'lyrics' on Lemonade are Chimamanda's poems LMFAO

No. 893885

I don't think Chimamanda was on Lemonade?

No. 893900

I'm dying over here trying to think what lead you to writing that comment. A dire need for glasses? Having lovers with really strange anatomy? Thanks for making me laugh.

No. 893913

File: 1630144479264.png (92.5 KB, 500x362, tumblr_inline_nnt671G69j1s16og…)

wouldn't be surprised, he loves to talk shit for attention as soon as shit hits the fan. This was after the mikey cheating scandal.

No. 893954

Sorry, you are right. That was Warsan Shire. My point still stands kek

No. 893991

Nta but even though I think she’s probably the best current performer I wish she’d leave feminism alone. 9 out of 10 songs are about her body and how she’s desirable and makes a good wife. And that’s only the smaller non-feminist things about her.

No. 894080

black radfems get shit on so hard because moids see them as objects even more than other women
white pickmes stan hypersexual black women and call you racist for hating that shit because they want validation for their secret desire to be a ddlg housewife

No. 894083

kek her songs sound like the same robot that writes all pop music wrote them
"est-ce que tu aime le sex? heh. j'aime le sex" el. mao.

No. 894121

This guy seems like a massive cow, but after looking into things it seems like he has grounds for an actual suit. The thing that confuses me is why he’s going the cp route? Allegedly his parents were paid $200 by the photographer who was a family friend, but the parents never signed a release. If they truly didn’t sign a release and this photo went on to become one of the most recognizable album covers ever, then why isn’t he just suing in a normal way?

I agree completely. Being in the queer community, I got used to and stopped caring about other people’s gender identity. But my god I really can’t stop rolling my eyes at the style choices that 95% of them make. I only know 2 nb people who dress well

Mansons body really reminds me of pear chan at this point

Awful fucking look, but in this photo they’re all 16-18 so I wouldn’t hold it against them

>and then they star in a remake of Juno where the roles are flipped but things get awkward.
Kek I would 100% watch that disaster

No. 894138

She looks cute with her head shaved. Her wigs are always so bad that they make her look uglier than she actually is.

No. 894140

Most porn made in the west is of white women, most models are white women, the most sexually desired race is statistically white women, the standard for beauty is typically a white woman. Google images and Coomhub will prove this with one search. I dont understand this argument that black women are more objectified when white women are literally the universal standard for the majority of mass produced media as to what constitutes a sexually desirable woman, culturally and in all industries that sell sex appeal. Libfems literally complain that black women arent desired or represented in these areas ENOUGH because it's universally acknowledgedthat white women are the standard. White women are the most sexualized and sexually degraded by all races of men because they are pushed the most in the mainstream.

No. 894142

i think nonie meant that moids consider black women to be the least human, not that they get put on magazine covers the most

No. 894143

she's cool but never understood people who think she's hot. she's in good shape but her wigs look cheap and halloween-y and her torso is a weeeird looking tube. she just looks smelly to me, like that schizo chick in your drug crew who laughs too loud.

No. 894150

File: 1630177125924.jpeg (167.98 KB, 1434x965, 06CFB140-55DC-42FF-83EB-8F8DEC…)


I know we don’t have a manson thread anymore but I almost died when I saw him on there. He was clearly high as a kite on coke/meth/whatever and looked like a cross between lurch from the Addams family and Herman munster, awkwardly head bobbing like the new kid in class. On the other hand he looks like he lost a ton of weight, probably related to stress.

No. 894158

He has really let himself go. Almost unrecognizable if it wasn't for the makeup. He's like double the size he used to be.. But he's an asshole so it's fine. Gain more weight dickbag

No. 894159

File: 1630178741919.jpg (76.04 KB, 640x776, tfhh7jxfywj71.jpg)

i wondered about manson weight loss too. he looks abysmally fat standing sideways in that kanye church photo, but looks different here. but we're forgetting he paints his neck black to look thinner lol. ngl surprised that he left his cave. the loyal lindsey's here too, always by his side.

No. 894172

Is this from the donda event? He looks half the size he used to be lol

No. 894176

yes but i have no idea who originally posted this pic. i've seen this one on manson reddit and instagram. i thought lindsey and manson don't post anymore.
he'll be featured on donda apparently

No. 894204

kek i forgot how much lindsey freaks me out even in just a photo
she is a nutter for sure

No. 894205

Mikey cheating and Lynz being the one to expose him is what broke up mcr, I don't care what anyone says. Sage for mcr retardation

No. 894211

Found the source, lindsey/manson photo comes from colonel kurtz' instagram. that chick is like growing cow on her own, dedicates her life to making videos "proving" Manson is innocent. she recently tries hard to prove that Ryan Adams is innocent too and how 7 evil women tried to ruin his life lol. guess she won approval of Manson now cause either him or Lindsay sent her that photo to post.

No. 894224

She’s actually a deranged JD stan that spilled over to the manson issue. I watched some of her videos on and off and she gives me the creeps. That Irish porn star that sometimes comes on to talk about how he is an expert on sexual dynamics because he fucked a lot of rich old women is gross too.

No. 894295

Kek at you anon if you used to read MM threads which I miss tbh. Lindsay always leaks private photos to her sockpuppets as anon posted above. There's a lot of ps in the pic, which is again very typical of Lindsay, I bet he hasn't lost a pound.
Kanye is a psychopath if he wanted to promote his album by inviting Manson. Supposing he's fine with multiple rape accusations, I didn't expect him to be happy to have a known racist at his party. One day he calls Kim a white supremacist, next day he parties with Manson. Ok.

No. 894303

File: 1630194957971.jpg (161.15 KB, 960x956, ftr6ajlyw0k71.jpg)

lol i know this, i'm the anon who later said that lindsay leaked this through colonel chick. i remember they used Leslee before Colonel. Unfortunately seems like Manson is so loved in the industry and his psychofans that people desperately refuse to believe he's abuser. they explain this with "all these scorned women are irrelevant and hungry for fame so they got together under Phoenix Act and pay others to shit on Manson".
i miss those threads too but there was nothing to post about anymore for a long while. i lost track on who's sued Manson and who hasn't, but nothing will come out of this…
Btw guess you're right, that photo must be shooped. here's another one from same party

No. 894333

kek, she shooped him to look like he did decades ago

No. 894342

I'm watching the listening party, and tbh Manson doesn't even look like he wants to be there. The set of Kanye's mother's home is cool though.
She actually looks really good in these.

No. 894405

File: 1630208906108.png (13.81 KB, 758x124, wfdoibwfhnfw.png)

Does anyone remember "bjorkcoin"?

No. 894511

File: 1630218238807.jpg (89.13 KB, 864x1920, az.jpg)

welp. u guessed it.

No. 894513

No. 894519

I wonder if she's the pisser or the pissee

No. 894539

File: 1630220142473.png (390.42 KB, 790x752, Screenshot (109).png)

Imagine Azealia fighting grimes. Battle of the anachans. rattle rattle

No. 894543

they would probably both just start pissing on each other

No. 894551

The return of based skinny women, no more disgusting fat asses
lead the way Queen(bait)

No. 894553

Oh lord here we go.

No. 894555

lisa lopez was more of a feminist than beyonce when she burned down that football player's mansion for beating her.

No. 894557

Absolutely based

No. 894559

File: 1630223178067.png (71.87 KB, 500x425, MansonNuggies.png)

Wondered what this pic reminded me of.

No. 894659

Do you think it would be a proper punch-and-kick fight or a hair pulling roll around on the floor shrieking like a retard fight?

No. 894669

so like we can complain about grimes being into cryptocoin but not bjork?

No. 894692

File: 1630244698265.gif (5.17 MB, 498x378, b.gif)

Yes. Don't you dare talk shit about my wife.

No. 894693

File: 1630244705948.jpg (14.71 KB, 480x267, gate.jpg)

why do I react so immaturely

No. 894696

hi azealia how are you?(hi cow)

No. 894703

The dick/cum in this pic >>893528 that >>893840 said she hoped was wine and not piss. The piss and the dick are fake. So no, it's not piss or wine. I can't really see the pic clearly tho so I'm lookin for clarification lmao

No. 894707

Where do you see a dick?? All I see is the wine glass

No. 894710

Again, it's a wine glass that she is holding against her puss. It's not shooped in.
Here's the photo in higher res but I serious question nonny; have you been to an optometrist? Might be time.

No. 894712

Spoiler this. It’s gross and trashy.

No. 894715

File: 1630247217174.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.07 KB, 1702x2560, Interview_2021_Sept_Issue-538_…)

Soz my bad.

No. 894722

she looks like a starving african.

No. 894725

File: 1630247782272.jpg (65.81 KB, 940x616, 1280.jpg)

Anyway don't know if this belongs here but here's a recent Guardian article about the rise of Zoomer pop-punk, they try to make it seem organic and also woke when its actually just a cooperate decision


>A white man whining about high school, his mediocre hometown or a faceless girl: that is what most people picture when they think of pop punk. In the 90s and 00s, all-male bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, New Found Glory and Sum 41 ruled the charts, looking like Jackass extras in Dickies pants and wallet chains and sounding – albeit mildly – like rebellion. Now, though, a diverse group of women are emerging who have kept the genre’s sense of belligerence and fun, but are developing it to create something youthful that also has a quality those older bands eschewed – emotional maturity.

>Today’s pop punks go to therapy (I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist On You by Pinkshift) and sing self-reflectively about relationships. Their vocals recall the soprano gymnastics of the genre’s 00s matriarch, Paramore’s Hayley Williams more than her nasal male contemporaries. Pop punk has become a defining sound of 2021: Olivia Rodrigo’s splenetic Good 4 U recently spent five weeks at No 1 in the UK, the longest stretch for a rock song for 25 years, while Willow, the daughter of Will Smith, released a pop punk album last week that discusses her personal growth and confronts the fake people in her life.

>“I’m not really your regular white, male pop punk vocalist. I’m very girly; no one looks like me,” says a grinning Edith Johnson of Meet Me @ the Altar, a pop punk trio comprising women of colour. While Johnson embraces a feminine neo-punk aesthetic, with long, neon braids of changing colours, it is not a prerequisite for the new pop punk bands. “We can be feminine, masculine – there are really no rules now.”

>Johnson’s voice has a soulful dimension, while Ashrita Kumar of Pinkshift has a lilt and pouty quality that is not unlike that of Gwen Stefani. “Black and brown women have a different vocal range and abilities and take inspiration from different places,” says Yasmine Summan, an alternative culture journalist and the co-host of the lifestyle podcast On Wednesdays We Wear Black. “Pop punk isn’t just a guy who sounds like [former Blink-182 singer] Tom DeLonge, it’s a woman who sounds like Ashrita.”

>From the outside, it might seem as if these women have emerged from nowhere. For pop punk, the 2010s were a relative dead zone. Despite retaining and gaining fans, the legacy bands struggled to remain relevant while newer bands such as State Champs and Neck Deep, still majority white and male, largely trod the same water. As the writer Dan Ozzi asked of artists and fans in a 2013 article for Vice: “If pop punk is inherently this juvenile, is it meant to graduate into adulthood?”

>It seemed not. Adrian Choa, a 32-year-old pop punk fan, recalls returning to the UK at the start of the 2010s after a long stint in California, one of the genre’s spiritual homes, to find that pop punk was mocked and indie had taken over. “There’s something really at odds with British culture – and British male bravado especially – about squeaky voices singing about ‘going to the mall’ and skateboarding,” he says. “Pop punk is so easy to satirise.”

>During the pandemic, members of other bands affiliated with pop punk – Joey Armstrong of Swmrs and Simple Plan’s David Desrosiers – were accused of sexual misconduct, while the California-based label Burger Records shut down after allegations of sexual abuse were made against several musicians associated with it. In a statement, the label apologised “to anyone who has suffered irreparable harm from any experience that occurred in the Burger and indie/DIY music scene”. Interest among gen Z – those born between the mid-90s and early 2010s – in how abuse had affected the genre grew. “People actually started saying we shouldn’t support these bands any more,” says Kumar. “Maybe it’s not great that a bunch of straight white guys run this scene.”

>Meanwhile, a 20-year fashion cycle combined with gen Z’s predilection for nostalgia has pointed the dial back towards pop punk. The vast majority of these artists were too young to have been part of the 00s scene, but Olivia O’Brien, an R&B and pop artist who has dabbled recently in pop punk, echoes the other women when she tells me: “When I was a kid, I saw all these teenagers who were so cool. That’s everything I wanted to be: a teenager in the early 00s.”

>What makes this new era unique is that the young women involved are influenced by a corner of 00s pop culture that repelled most boys and men. Throughout the decade, Disney and Nickelodeon stars such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff released pop rock albums with guitars and abrasive – but cute – visuals. Daisy Rock guitars were coveted for their supposedly girl-friendly designs, while the film Freaky Friday, released a year after Avril Lavigne’s 2002 debut, starred Lindsay Lohan in an all-girl rock band (Lohan rode this wave of tween love with a Disney rock-style album the following year). “Someone complimented me the other day, like: ‘Your voice is so sweet, it’s almost Disney,’” says Johnson. “All of us are so collectively, kinda subconsciously, influenced by Disney rock.”

>Johnson’s search for female representation took her to Disney rock and Lavigne, a significant influence on this wave of bands; Willow Smith has collaborated with her. Bonnie Fraser of the pop punk band Stand Atlantic is old enough to remember Lavigne’s 2002 heyday and says it didn’t matter that she was a manufactured pop star: “As a kid, you don’t know about marketing; you take everything at face value. As manipulative as that sounds, the ends justify the means, because she was there as someone to look up to.”

>Younger artists came of age in the late 00s, by which time Lavigne had abandoned her tomboy image and started wearing more conventionally feminine pink and black attire. “People clowned on Avril for being a girly woman in pop punk and doing her own thing and now they’re so heavily praised for doing that,” says the pop singer Chloe Moriondo. “I always was kind of hoping for more bands with women. But I took what I could get.” This included Paramore’s Williams, lovingly name-checked on Moriondo’s track Favorite Band (“Hayley just gets me the way you never did”).

>Times have changed even within this girl-led sphere. The black female rocker Fefe Dobson emerged amid the Disney rock trend, but her impact was dampened by Lavigne’s ubiquity. When Dobson first saw Lavigne’s video for Complicated, she panicked. “I’m this black girl, my hair’s curly, I can’t get it as straight as hers, I have a booty, I didn’t fit into my Dickies like that. I knew in that moment it’s gonna be a tough road.” Her second album was shelved by her label, who dropped her shortly afterwards. “They thought it was ‘too dark’ and that I didn’t know who I was. They didn’t know who I was.” In the following years, songs co-written for that album appeared as singles on Disney rock albums by Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. “Why was it not too dark for them, then?”

>The male artist DeWayne, who is influenced by pop punk, says: “As POC [people of colour] artists in alternative music, you have to be 20 times as good-looking, 20 times as nice; you gotta walk the line, you can’t be too feisty or too straight-edged. You have to be perfect. I really hope we can break that soon.” Dobson is now cited by music journalists – and artists – as an influence on the new wave, from Willow to Rodrigo.

>The pop punk rebirth is happening in two strains: within alternative rock, and in the mainstream by non-rock artists. “Punk was the next thing to come around for pop to try on,” says Han Mee, the frontwoman of the Manchester pop punkers Hot Milk. “Olivia Rodrigo hasn’t been loading amps or playing empty rooms and selling merch. There’s a difference between Jxdn [a TikToker who has released pop punk with Blink-182’s Travis Barker] and a band like Hot Milk. He’s sat in a studio in LA and never played a show.”

>It is uncertain whether money or attention will trickle down to the DIY artists, but from Tramp Stamps being accused of being an “industry plant” to accusations of plagiarism being aimed at Rodrigo, the message is clear: nod to the genre if you will, but respect it.

>Rodrigo’s popularity notwithstanding, many still see pop punk as male-led, by figures including the rapper turned punk Machine Gun Kelly and the social media star Lil Huddy. Sophie K, a co-host of On Wednesdays We Wear Black, thinks that record labels did a “dick test” to check whether pop punk was sellable again. “When they experimented in this movement, they experimented with Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly, loads of white males, before they went to a light-skinned Filipina [Rodrigo] and now a light-skinned black woman, Willow.”

>Regardless, mainstream acts such as Rodrigo will inspire young women, just as Disney rock artists did a generation earlier. Meet Me @ the Altar have banned swear words from their songs to entice parents – something that would horrify male punks who write songs called Dirty Rotten Bastards and Dick Lips – but the band aren’t bothered by the old bro codes. “If a little girl wasn’t allowed to go to our show because her mum was like: ‘It’s a bit inappropriate for you,’ we just lost an important girl,” says Johnson. “We want our fans to be able to sing to our music. If swear words stop brown girls and little girls listening to our music, then we won’t do it.”

I don't know where the author is coming from, cause in the late 2000's and in the 2010's Pop-punk still had a sizable fanbase and it was more diverse and inclusive but didn't make a big deal about it, its only recently where pop-punk is being pushed into the mainstream where the diversity is apparently something new when it was the norm in the genre for the past decade now, also I don't know why they needlessly try to change history and try to argue that some random nobody "POC" artist actually invented and revolutionized pop-punk

the only rock genre that its overwhelmingly still white and male is hardcore Punkrock or thrash metal, the former attracting the same black racial counterparts of men who go to rap concerts, cause they're not there for the music rather the violence in the community
also kek at her trying to imply that Tramp Stamps weren't obvious corporate plants

No. 894727


ain't nobody reading all that

No. 894728

>corporate backed pop-punk is good actually and "POC" invented pop-punk and a genre having one target demographic is bad actually

No. 894729

She really doesn't.

No. 894730

Slight ot but I gotta rant. None of those 90s and 00s bands ever deserved the "punk" part of the label. There's nothing less punk than singing "why don't you get a job".

No. 894734

Non white person who also happens to be gen Z/millenial her, felt the need to post my own take on it.

I dislike the characterization of the old guard bands as being immature, whiny or juvenile. If it's not obvious enough, the article brushes over the vast amount of emotional content that "old" pop punk bands have put out in order to drive the point home that new ones are ones somehow better, the non-caucasian pop punkers embrace the same "immature" aesthetic and themes that the article criticizes.
it's still about self-expression; still whining about high school, our mediocre hometowns and faceless exes. Nothing wrong about that, whether it's 2001 or 2021.
Also I don't think pop punk has to be strictly juvenile or mature. Trying to cast gen Z pop punk as being more sophisticated than past works only devalues it because it makes them look pseudo intellectual. Gen-Z just like good music, that's it. Trying to assign some kind of intellectual weight to our work because we're relatively young won't do us favors in the long run.
Its clear the author doesn't know anything about this or the subculture. She probably writes about music generally, thought this would be an easy piece because so many people have already beaten this take to death. disparage the past era of pop punk bands on grounds of being white and male is stupid and ignorant, and especially so when rich industry kids like Olivia Rodrigo and fucking Will Smith's child are being heralded in comparison. This article sucks and is needlessly divisive and antagonistic to the bands that paved the way for these industry rich kids to capitalize on.

Overall I like the idea of more inclusion into mainstream pop punk because it gives talent from around our parts a chance but this article spends too much time trying to create an us vs them between new and old artists.

No. 894812

She’s a normal weight burgerfag

No. 894827

File: 1630258996047.jpg (244.54 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210829-185054_Sam…)

A lot of you already know that Till Lindemann is a pedophile (dated Sofia Thomilson before she was legal) and has a fucking wild history with domestic abuse, cheating, and being a huge creepy bastard in general. I actually thought for a moment that he was arrested for assault (again) but turns out he was detained for breaking COVID regulations in Russia

No. 894851

There's no factual anything behind it, it's all just a marketing ploy. Mainstream music is always picked out by the higher ups and never happens organically. Calling it more sophisticated is just what you do to market to a younger generation, makes them feel special and different. It's also only more inclusive because that's what's in. And to bring the point further back around, Gen Z has been told they are the most inclusive ever, so they have to play that point up because again, it holds them up as special and different. Not to say inclusion is bad, of course it's not at all, but within the industry, good or bad is a moot point because they just want money.

No. 894852

This, they tried the shaming tactic with millennials and it didn't work. Now they're giving away asspats and my peers are eating it up while writing self-congratulatory tweets about how much smarter and better they are.

No. 894854

this band looks ridiculous. however, the singer is very hot and i'm glad they are using him as eye candy

No. 894855

Is it for covid or breaking the rules of the contract with that museum / gallery he shot video in?

No. 894857

File: 1630261106837.jpg (55.56 KB, 468x440, 719ef71c610e6b9830b293871ac943…)

good joke but vampires suck did it first

No. 894860

except like if the author of this ever went to Warped Tour or any concerts of these bands they’re shitting on, they’d realize that pop punk never really had one target demographic and though most bands were indeed full of white guys, their songs were just universal and relatable. it’s not like it was patriarchy propaganda. my god. they make it seem so insidious when it was guys in skinny jeans and eyeliner complaining about their hometowns and growing up. anyone can do it, just no one did but them back then.

No. 894861

what's the context of this gif?

No. 894862

Social media makes it ten times worse I'm sure but when any generation is young they are marketed to as though they are the first to finally 'get' it. But I also think that music really did change around the late 90's/early 00's and before that, no name bands really could rise from nothing to the top. I'm a bit too young to really remember the 90's though, so I have no idea whether people were sceptical of all mainstream music then like people are more inclined to be now.

Saged because now I'm going off on a complete tangent, but I'm always annoyed to see established artists perpetuate the whole thing. Like Thom Yorke told Billie Eilish or her brother a couple years back that they were the only ones doing anything interesting these days. ?? Did Thom forget how the industry works, does he not care? Does a 50 something who had severe issues with fame when OK Computer took off not see how terrible it is to say that and put all that pressure on a teenager??

Sorry everyone, all celebs just suck I guess.

No. 894863

She attacked a reporter in the Bangkok airport. She felt harassed and was with her son and ya know, it had probably been a long flight.

No. 894879

and usually it was other "POC" who shamed me for enjoying "white people" music, I don't think I ever knew a white guy or girl who mocked me for my musical tastes but I know plenty of black boys and girls who bullied me near death for liking alternative rock
this has been the experience for most nonwhites into any sort of rock genre where we are shamed by our own communities rather then white people

No. 894887

Breaking COVID regulations by holding a festival, and also because his manager listed himself as a tourist or some dumb shit like that

No. 894889

Yep same here, except for me it was for liking 'foreign' (aka English language) music because I'm not American. It was a personal offense to them even that I liked something different because surely that means I think I'm better than them.

No. 894897

Could you share some of the abuse and cheating stuff? I only heard things like he beat up a guy because he commented on his girlfriend

No. 894901

File: 1630265310865.jpg (144.72 KB, 640x763, cfffe1cd88d9aea250d34816e557a6…)

Liking "white people music" and being behind on current artists caused way too many social problems back at school but now that I'm older I hate the ignorance more than anything. Sister Rosetta Thorpe was the mother of rock & roll and Screamin' Jay Hawkins was goth af. Anyone can like or thrive in anything.

No. 894943

It's mostly covered in the metal/rockstar thread. The summary is that Till Lindemann having affairs is very much public knowledge and has been since the late 90s. He has like 10+ kids because he impregnates literally everyone (and it annoys him so much that he wrote a poem about how miserable he is for the results of banging everything), he has been accused of abuse by past partners and also wrote a poem about an experience where he threw a woman into a radiator and got sad because she didn't understand he was horny, magically announced he was dating Sofia Thomilson on her 18th birthday (likely a long time before this), is known to bang underaged fans, and so much much more

No. 894949

next threadpic PLEASE

No. 894950

pop-punk was just pre-internet incels. angry greasy suburban skaters making music so they could fuck blonde paris hilton fans instead of the women from their own community

No. 894951

also he has that thick-necked leathery look of old eurofags who make everything they do feel sexual somehow

No. 894955

it's so true. i was one of 3 or 4 white kids at my high school and nothing was lamer than being into punk or goth shit. i just didn't talk if a music conversation broke out kek

No. 894956

Eh see I'm not fond of this either, doing this recent "black people/poc invented goth" is just recent woke bullshit, a lot of Goth culture came from England, there's nothing wrong with admitting that, that's my whole issue with this
claiming that certain music genre's belong to certain people cause they "invented it" or weren't doing it right
its just stupid, I do think that Most modern rock music(80's-2000's) especially any alternative genre became primarily a white people thing but other races can and do enjoy it

No. 894961

File: 1630269295430.jpg (276.49 KB, 1080x1639, Screenshot_20210829_223003.jpg)

I hate how these idiots single out "straight white men" like men of other sexual orientations or races aren't just as bad. Anyway idk about the 2000s but when I was a teenager listening to pop punk in the 2010s the listener base was mostly female and also full of kweers and genderspecials, surely that counts as diversity in this authors eyes

No. 894972

>Today’s pop punks go to therapy (I’m Gonna Tell My Therapist On You by Pinkshift)
cringe, I'll take Adam's song over whatever this shit is

No. 894988

THIS, alternative rock/indie is so oversaturated with white artists it’s fucking insane.

No. 894998

is this the celebricows thread or a lecture on cultural representation/significance of random shitty music genres?

No. 895007

>Sofia Thomilson
…do you mean Sophia Thomalla or is that another girl again?

No. 895008

Who would win in a fight between Azealia and Grimes? My money is still on Azealia.

No. 895009

are they both sober or are drugs involved

No. 895012

It would be a fight on a regular day for both of them.

No. 895013

i would have to put my money on grimes because she would probably whip out some kind of weeb sword and start flinging it around

No. 895016

i think nonette meant just to say that Jay Hawkins is an EXAMPLE of a black goth, aka it's not forbidden from you just because you're not white, and being black and goth isn't a contradiction or denial of your own culture

No. 895019

i doubt grimes has ever been in an actual fight. in my limited experience with hipsters if you get into fights at their bars it's a huge faux pas

No. 895029

You’re just racist and most white people would never like you.

No. 895037

i would bet money grimes has nunchucks and butterfly knives somewhere in her house

No. 895041

Janelle Monae might be the most underrated black female artist alive. I know, she's not "indie" or anything, but there's still such a huge mismatch between her talent and the rather muted mainstream reaction to her.

No. 895056

Hell yeah, girl. I am obsessed with ArchAndroid and the Metropolis Suite, I wish there was a whole Cindi Mayweather movie. She is so fucking talented and creative and probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen on top of that.

No. 895059

Isn't Janelle a themlet now though?

No. 895061

I couldn't give less of a fuck about it, tbh. It has no impact on the quality of her music, her songs about her sexuality and identity fucking slap and are written beautifully.

No. 895070

Imagine being both fat and racist. Choose one problem, kek

No. 895076

rock hasnt been inovating for about 16 years, new bands either sound all the same or are corny as fuck or corprate as fuck. doesn't help that it all sounds like a 2013 honda civic ad

No. 895080

File: 1630278319401.jpeg (105.14 KB, 1226x905, 87AAB13B-B4B5-44A7-ABFE-4304F7…)

Call me superficial, but I never got why celebrities don’t date ridiculously hot guys.
They could have ANY man they wanted, the hottest, smartest, kindest, funniest, whateverest guy in the world is just a fingerpoint away from them, and instead they will date violent dudes who look like potatoes.
Who DO date the absolutest hottest men on earth? Sugar mommies?

No. 895081

i actually see how it can look like a dick if you look at it in low res kek

No. 895082

OP here and yeah, I also have a huge crush on her.

I just watched the video for Venus Fly for the first time. Is it just me or did Grimes use 75% flattering footage of herself and 25% unflattering footage of Janelle? Janelle still looks so much more effortlessly cool than her kek.

No. 895086

Wrong thread anon

No. 895087

I see where you're coming from and I definitely could've worded it better because I feel the same as you. The recent pandering is insulting. What I mean is, non-white people have always been interested in "white people" shit and it's ignorant of people rn who think it's something new. I'll stop sperging though.

No. 895090

File: 1630279720093.png (5.18 MB, 2000x1500, image.png)

Shakira is doing everything right then. I love how weird she is for a rather conventional popstar. Her singing, her moves, her lyrics. Everything is so enticingly weird.

Maybe we need a celeb appreciation thread before someone gets mad about the lack of milk.

No. 895102

my guess would be that because there are a lot more beautiful celeb women than men. celeb men don't have to look good to get praised, in fact i think they have a better chance as celebrities if they aren't too hot and normie males find them relatable. in movies for example, the average guy getting a hot girl is such a normal trope, i guess to appeal to those kind of guys who wants to self insert and gain some confidence that they can have a hot girlfriend too. for women in the industry, the expectations are a lot higher. they have better chances if they look good.
so you end up with an industry with a lot of beautiful women and a lot of average/ugly guys and because celebrities tend to want to date other celebs, they have to pick an ugly man.
perhaps a retarded take kek, but just my theory. another theory is that even the most beautiful and famous women are scared of getting cheated on by men because men are shit and they know it, so they think if they date below their league, there is a lesser chance of that happening.

No. 895114

The anachan body will just make her head look bigger

No. 895119

Extremely hot men don't commit and cheat constantly, even beautiful female celebs want a loyal husband. Unfortunately uggos cheat too but clearly they think they have a better chance of fidelity if they date way way down.

No. 895120

I like her but her scrote is some ugly motherfucker, holy cow

No. 895131

File: 1630283447625.jpg (47.22 KB, 704x396, pique.jpg)

>>Gerard Piqué

All right, taste is subjective and he's not my type either, but many women would consider him attractive. He's also a famous soccer player and 10 years younger than her.

More female celebs should turn to (attractive & successful) soccer players, too many of them date extremely tacky women for some reason.

No. 895173

my dyke ass likes that suit. someone who lives in france brick him in the head and mail me his clothes.

No. 895182

Kek anon he's spanish and lives in barcelona

No. 895185

It's so hard finding good rocks songs made in recent years

No. 895237

oh sorry i only french or english and his name sounded french to me.

No. 895257


>Ten years younger than her

>Extremely accomplished
>Physically Excellent
>Equally if not more wealthy
>Been together ten years but not married because Shakira refuses to get married, saying that she prefers to be the girlfriend because it keeps him constantly on his toes and trying to impress her and keep her around. She likes him to think she could just walk out on him at any time if he stops trying.
>Sis is kinda based

No. 895272

he has big sparkly eyes like a gay man

No. 895277

File: 1630307291731.jpg (43.43 KB, 800x534, fc-barcelona-v-ca-osasuna-la-l…)

He's a hottie
What exactly are your standards anon?

No. 895349

File: 1630319735584.jpg (484.42 KB, 1080x1919, E9clJX-VoAoF34H.jpg)

kinda very weird

No. 895363

Last time i heard about him he said that he quit acting and was working in some coffee shop.
Looks like that acting money is better than working in a coffee shop.

also its amazing how hotter he looks after losing weight, way better than his rat looking brother Cole.

No. 895364

LOL I see the wine glass now. Thank you. I was wondering why more anons weren't talking about the dick and balls.

No. 895367

i read the last time he acted was already 6 years ago and he supposedly learned mandarin for that
i really wonder how it will be received in china, twitter calls it racist

No. 895368

Anon, please schedule an appointment at your nearest Eye Clinic ASAP.

No. 895371

Why can't I have a cute bf who dresses like an anime character

No. 895375

that doesn't mean shit, Vicky Shingles has a sAmUrAi SwOrD too kek. I bet my ass Grimes would flail around like a retard too

No. 895376

He played in a shitty YA movie last year 'After We Collided' (After 2), I think it was based off a fanfic about One Direction kek

No. 895387

File: 1630322623772.png (179.52 KB, 574x311, 44444.png)

People already are, even though its produced, directed and written by Chinese people
a lotta of History Cdramas do have random white people though, sometimes their blonde pretty boy princes such as Dylan but also foreign barbarians like the Tocharians or other random Indo-European peoples

No. 895400

The movie looks kinda dope tbh

No. 895415

i wanted to know whether people in china perceive it as racist too? or only twitterfags?

No. 895417

the female lead is a very famous former child actress, this is definitely not a cheap budget thing

No. 895431

Well women and girls are fangirling over this, so I don't think its much of an issue

No. 895444

I dont know why but he looks so out of place (atleast in the trailer) its funny.
they could have gotten someone mixed.

Most twitterfags dont care since they only call out and harass white women. Dylan is a male so he is safe.

No. 895460

Eh I could see plenty of non-white guys making a big deal about this, if you thought guys raging about race change was bad, you've never seen the seething non-white men can display

No. 895486

There's Sophie Marceau too and I'm pretty sure she's white as well. IDK what is her role tho

No. 895493

File: 1630334225998.png (Spoiler Image, 193.55 KB, 370x570, deezaelianutz.png)

I stand by the fact that it looks like a penis from a head-on (heh) perspective. But I should really wear my glasses more often, you're right nonnington.

No. 895508

what dick is white in color? especially on a black person?

No. 895518

no nonny, you’re literally just blind. i’m blind too but i wear my glasses. seriously get your eyes checked bc i’m worried about you

No. 895531

Have you ever actually seen a penis?

No. 895535

Maybe its meant to be a white dick going inside her

No. 895542

I think you're right, is she still engaged to that jewish guy?

No. 895546

anon, don't listen to the others, i totally see what you mean

No. 895547

yeah, it does. and i don't see how it is racist. the cast is maily chinese, it was made by chinese people, so how is casting one white dude a problem? are they saying that the chinese people who made this are racist? to themselves? wtf. it's the same people who get mad about lack of diversity in movies that only has white people in it

No. 895549

File: 1630340158911.jpg (71.6 KB, 1125x1021, 20210830_171526.jpg)

no way is this the actual cover for the upcoming drake album

No. 895550

samefag, but he and his brother looks so similar and yet i find cole repulsive and dylan really hot wtf

No. 895551

is he collabing with nick cannon?

No. 895573

nta but his facial hair makes him look like an unwashed caveman, and his eyes are kinda weird. it's mostly the beard that ruins everything tho.

No. 895624

they are South American, the standards of men are horrible over there
a conventionally attractive looking guy is a nice catch

No. 895630

Aren't these like Skype emojis or something?

No. 895632

they're just regular emojis, anon

No. 895635

File: 1630347196537.jpg (2.13 MB, 3000x2000, 6a00d8341bfc7553ef014e884802df…)

They stopped looking similar when they were teenagers, it was pretty noticeable, pic related is them over decade ago

No. 895649

underrated super clever post

No. 895663

File: 1630348593224.jpg (1.1 MB, 2364x3546, dylancole-tout.jpg)

anon, similar doesn't mean identical. they always looked similar and still do, but ofc they are going to look more different than usual in a photo where dylan was chubby

No. 895669

isnt gerard pique from spain though?

i read the story is basically a princess is cursed and they call upon foreign princes to helpl lift it so that explains why there's a white dude in the movie. i imagine there will be other foreign actors as well, idk.
people just love to get mad i guess.

No. 895681

the same with that matt damon movie. It had a chinese director and a mostly chinese cast with some white people in it to try and make the movie a crossover hit in both china and the west, but instead of shitting on the movie for being crassly capitalist twittertards went for the 'muh yt savior' instead

No. 895701

>Director Zhang said that Damon was not playing a role that was intended for a Chinese actor. He criticized detractors for not being "armed with the facts" and stated that "In many ways The Great Wall is the opposite of what is being suggested. For the first time, a film deeply rooted in Chinese culture, with one of the largest Chinese casts ever assembled, is being made at tentpole scale for a world audience. I believe that is a trend that should be embraced by our industry."[45]

I can see the director's logic, its just simple rationale, Chinese films don't tend to well in the international market so a big name Hollywood actor in the main cast would help, it seems anyone with a bit of common sense could see this as being a clever decision in promoting in your film

No. 895739

I assume most if not all men do have their hang ups and sexism built in so they like to punch down for a wife to feel superior unless they are 100% secure which I feel is almost statistically impossible for anyone.

No. 895744

> south american standards of men are horrible
> a conventionally attractive looking guy is a nice catch
I mean… yes? That's literally a catch everywhere in the world

No. 895752

I'm that anon and this guy looks like a common dude you might see crossing the street here where I live, also he smiles like he is holding a fart. He is just fit and well groomed, that's all.

No. 895784

agree. i’ve hooked up with guys on this level in college. it’s what like every third soccer player looks like kek.

No. 895804

They couldn’t get him a better wig?

No. 895809

That's his real hair.

No. 895812

omg what a queen

No. 895827

Am I insane or does his face look pasted on to the head? The angle of the hair line doesn't seem to match his face, I don't know what it is but it looks jarring.

No. 895868

r/hapas and r/aznmasculinity would have a field day with this

No. 895870

File: 1630364884501.jpg (82.55 KB, 1024x682, I mean have you seen the champ…)

>>isnt gerard pique from spain though?

Yes and now I'm wondering how much of this is Anglos arguing with mainland Euros and falsely blaming South Americans kek. All I can say is that like "every third soccer player" Piqué is considered attractive in the European wine growing zone.

No. 895871

File: 1630364960538.jpg (506.54 KB, 1142x1600, dragon blade.jpg)

They're both good looking. Surprised they're almost 30, most male actors their age already hit the wall hard.

I see what you mean but Chinese promo posters always make the actors faces a bit more prevalent, so the lighting in comparison with their bodies looks odd. Picrel.

No. 895976

yeah the people getting mad can't read chinese i'm thinking? first of all, it's a madeup fictional story, so they can cast whoever they want. it's based on an opera about an imaginary country so any of the characters could be any race, and this Sprouse guy is a great fit for YA heartthrob type in china.
it's like if hollywood made a fantasy history movie and had black or chinese knights and shit. it's fiction.
chinese and cantonese cinema isn't a new thing if these people care so much why does it sound like they never seen a chinese movie before.

No. 895977

you are all forgetting that heterosexual women have no standards so what you are arguing about is moot

No. 896030

It's actually the color of her skin because wine glasses are clear, right? The whitest part of the reflection on the wine glass looks like a reflection of the white floor on her glistening penis. Literally get on my level anons

No. 896366

File: 1630419485845.jpeg (575.4 KB, 828x955, 23E5AF34-67BB-4A4F-B275-990210…)

billie wearing a way better outfit than that corset mess last month

No. 896367

File: 1630419527170.jpeg (536.41 KB, 828x1013, F3F84D8E-F1E2-4451-BBE5-7797B8…)

but she’s always covering her stomach and said it was her “problem area”. once again i don’t get why she doesn’t just hire a personal trainer

No. 896403

Her hair looks far better and the styling. Still think she's cringe tho

No. 896409

it's not body positive to work on your 'problem areas' luv ~

No. 896422

File: 1630422948532.jpeg (65.53 KB, 613x640, 8B42A09A-0ECF-499F-B750-665992…)

Can’t believe this is what this scrote looks like now. The only thing that dude had was his looks and he unnecessarily tried to preserve them. Goofy serial killer lookin’ ass

No. 896424

Yeah but she's still serving Olive Garden waitress realness. At least she got rid of her fried ends and isn't wearing those awful ultra long acrylics. She looks cuter with her natural nails painted.

Or lipo, she's ultra rich and covers herself up normally, no one would even know.

No. 896426

Literally who ?

No. 896427

Think it's the fag from Maroon 5

No. 896429

kek, tried a google image search and that won't find him, but every other brown haired actor in his 40s or 50s

No. 896430

Nonita sincerely if you think he ever had looks you need to rethink everything, unless you're a gay scrote

No. 896432

File: 1630423588465.jpg (94.8 KB, 624x385, Adam.jpg)

He's always looked like a serial killer though

No. 896444

dylan has always had a wider neck, not so much that he was chubby, that's how i told them apart growing up. probably why he's cuter too kek >>895550
they do both look really good though, it's nice to see child stars thrive

No. 896460

its nice to see especially knowing that they acted out some fucked up scenes when they were kids cause its pedowood, that's Marilyn Manson as the redneck and Asia argento as the mother btw
additionally I watched this movie some time back, this scene came out of no where, it didn't add to the plot in any way and seemed to be there just for the viewing pleasure of Pedophiles

No. 896463

I seen this posted over in /snow/ and holy crap this is so fucked up. The movie whole movie seems pretty sad as a whole

No. 896471

File: 1630426205762.jpeg (495.18 KB, 960x1047, 03AC5573-2E78-48FD-B3C0-E7B8AA…)

Wait how was she able to drop an album without crediting her long list of “influences” kek

No. 896474

Again I have watched the film, I know its meant to be a fucked up sad movie, I have no issue with such a type of movie existing, my issue is that this scene added nothing to the story and was likely there for the benefit of pedo scrotes to jack off to

No. 896483

What movie are you talking about?

No. 896513

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things.

No. 896573

File: 1630432756956.jpg (27.52 KB, 360x360, vogue_73-questions-with-cole-s…)

This is a old photo though.
This is what Cole looks like now……

No. 896624

Looks like a slavic aunt, mustache and all

No. 896648

KEK this pic is hilarious. His face looks shooped

No. 896674

I like her hair shorter like this but fucking hate these bangs, they age everyone and look stupid. I think the longer styling of this was supposed to look like Courtney Love’s hair, but it’s a style that is made to have movement because she’s insane and always running her hand through it the wrong way or flinging it around. Billie doesn’t move and is the poster child for antidepressant side effects, so this hair flashes way too much with her complete lack of personality. She needs something way more static.

No. 896684

Thank you for putting into words Nonita, I couldn't figure out why I felt like the hair didn't work for her but now it's clear

No. 896685

He needs to grow a beard and cut his hair. He doesn’t look overweight but the sloppy overgrown hair and his weak soft jawline is such a bad combination. What tf is that dog groomers bandana

No. 896700

File: 1630438475250.png (43.79 KB, 692x536, 73-Questions-With-Cole-Sprouse…)

I looked up the video this is from and lmao the comments are spot on. Tbh he just needs to shave that pube stache, get fit and style his hair differently.

No. 896771

This picture is goofy as hell but I’d tap that

No. 896903

She actually looks like she's lost some weight here. As much as I don't care for Billie, she's still so young and I can see all the nitpicking about her weight leading to her having a super skinny phase which is sad enough but will only exacerbate her victim complex.

No. 896911

She already had that phase anon, it’s also mentioned in her recent album. She’s victimising herself without putting in the effort of losing weight

No. 896920

hoooly shit this man is 29. how do they all do this to themselves? is it drinking? he can't be eating bad food, not with his money? can he?

No. 896922

i don't think anyone even cares about her weight. her audience was and is underage teens or tweens (and a minority of perv scrotes) and those young girls do feel betrayed by her stereotypical flip to the slutty side.

No. 896927

It looks like alcoholic bloat to me

No. 896931

File: 1630453092696.jpg (119.46 KB, 783x783, lube.jpg)

Sage for no milk right now but instead of another dry conversation about how Billie looks, can we talk about her scrote exec/handler, Justin Lubliner?
I get creepy vibes from him. He's the CEO and founder of Dark Room, which is Billie's label, and seems to be close to her although it seems like he stays out of the spotlight for the most part.
People who believe that Billie is an industry plant suspect that he influenced or had a say in her previous over-sized hip-hop style when she signed to the label. Justin was involved in the hip-hop scene on the East Coast and even interned at Def Jam Records, and has referenced his love of the genre in multiple interviews so even though it's a tinfoil it doesn't seem like a stretch.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he was behind her old aesthetic, and the new one too. I feel like it is Billie's management pushing her to do this weird awkward "sexy" vintage lingerie thing, and sadly I have the lingering suspicion that the scrote exec (and let's face it, the other scrotes on her team) was counting down the days until he could put her in shitty bras and corsets.
Although I love talking shit about Billie, it is sad to see that it seems like she hasn't been able to make a single decision for herself her entire life. Her family lives vicariously through her. The decisions they've made for her all these years led her to becoming the victim of assault from older scrotes seeking to take advantage of a teenaged girl, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.
If she wasn't wealthy I would feel bad for her.

No. 896935

File: 1630453328359.jpg (114.78 KB, 1200x630, bee sting.jpg)

Top kek he looks like one of those dogs that got stung by bees

No. 897009

This is spot on

No. 897034

Gross nonnie!

No. 897067

File: 1630465256961.jpg (134.37 KB, 673x879, 20210831_235648.jpg)

No. 897069

>I live in the American Gardens building on West 81st street. My name is Patrick Bateman. I'm 27 years old. I believe in taking care of myself, and a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now. After I remove the ice pack, I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower, I use a water activated gel cleanser. Then a honey almond body scrub. And on the face, an exfoliating gel scrub. Then apply an herb mint facial mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an aftershave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion. There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me. Only an entity, something illusory. And though I can hide my cold gaze, and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our life styles are probably comparable, I simply am not there.

No. 897075

please God no, not another Camila is fat discussion for the billionth time

No. 897079

looks like a cannibal.

No. 897080


No. 897087

armin meiwes looking ass

No. 897097

i think her real problem is she is constantly making goofy-ass faces. there isn't one picture of her where she doesn't look like she's entertaining a 3-year old

No. 897114

quit trying to make "AB is trans" happen you dizzy troid.

No. 897257

File: 1630492987089.jpg (91.91 KB, 849x712, hayleykiyoko.JPG)

Not a major celeb or anything, but Hayley Kiyoko has really lost a lot of weight and gone in for the uber-femme influencer aesthetic

Props to her if she was unhappy with being thicc but her style was way more interesting compared to this. Either way I don't imagine she's feeling much more confident given all the surgery and cosmetic work she's always posting about getting.

No. 897284

How is this uber-femme

No. 897293

Oh no Camila baby what is you doin? Boxy crop top + mid-rise (men's?) long trackie shorts + loafers without socks. What a combo.

No. 897318

File: 1630501520901.png (31.35 KB, 600x256, tumblr_leetzrpkXt1qzuqk3o1_640…)

ntayrt and I'm late but it's so nice to see another person on here mention those records and Cindi Mayweather. I "discovered" her in 2008 and sent her a shitty colored pencil drawing I did of her in a cartoony style (over MySpace! kek) and she replied. I'm so happy for her success but she needs more recognition still

No. 897356

i remember kat blaque a youtuber did a whole video about how he sexually assaulted her and how it was a known thing in LA that he does that shit. Glad to see he got arrested.

No. 897365

uhh everyone knows this every time beyonce breathes someone mentions this same with Rihanna. LMAO.

No. 897367

wth is "uber-femme"

No. 897383

why would they asians in asia are oobsessed with white people to a weird point where it almost seems like they deify them. Its kinda fucked up if you ask me.

No. 898216

File: 1630538908119.png (26.44 KB, 596x264, tea.PNG)

This artist named Diamond White has accused Billie Eilish of stealing a song she allegedly wrote when she was 13 and using it for Ocean Eyes.
Tbh I'm not sure what to take out of the situation, on one hand I wouldn't put it past Billie and Phenis to have ripped off a smaller artist, but I also don't understand why Diamond would have waited so long to announce this seeing as Billie has been shoved down everyone's throats non-stop for the past 4 years. What are your thoughts ladies?

No. 898224

>I also don't understand why Diamond would have waited so long to announce this seeing as Billie has been shoved down everyone's throats non-stop for the past 4 years. What are your thoughts ladies?
It's possible she never really sat down to listen to Ocean Eyes before now. Billie's music isn't the most exciting or unique.
Googled the lyrics to Billie's song
>I've been walkin' through a world gone blind
>Can't stop thinkin' of your diamond mind
Unfortunate, lmao

No. 898225

this or she waited til the blind love around Billie fades a little. now that Billie fell out of favours it would be easier to call her out and be taken seriously.

No. 898226

Samefag. There's a better sounding clip on Diamond's twitter but this is the only youtube link I could find. Allegedly this was her performing the song in 2013 unless the screenshot at the beginning was doctored. I'm not sure, to me it does sound eerily similar.


It does sound possible but somewhat unlikely. The timing is odd too because this is coming between her album releasing and a mv drop. On the other hand, she is a musician so it's not entirely out of the blue but still. Weird timing.
I do have to admit though she seems leaps and bounds more interesting than Billie and I never heard of her until today. She seems like she actually has a personality or at least pretends to have a personality, unlike Billie.

No. 898230

>diamond mind
The irony kek

Good theory. Even now as Billie's support dwindles more and more I saw her little goblin pre-teen fans still slinging shit in the replies, I can't imagine how it would have been at the height of her popularity.

No. 898231

yeah, i can absolutely believe some parts are stolen. i think that girl totally has the right to call out. shame that she'll be chased by Billie stans though.
If we're speaking of Billie and Phenis stealing melodies, "Copycat" verses are taken fron "Medication" by Queens Of The Stone Age. the chorus is partly based on some vocal parts too.

No. 898236

I know she's talking like this to be topkek funny relatable UWU for zoomers but it just comes off as legitimate retardation. When she's not drooping her eyelids her eyes have that tell-tale 'tism hollowness.
Going back to what anons were saying in a previous thread, I think this clip is good evidence that she does have some of procedure to augment/enhance her breasts, either implants or a lift. I have natural F's and they run away to the side when I lay down. I've heard similar things from fellow big chested women. Billie's boobs seem to defy gravity despite their size.
And if she was wearing a bra supporting them, they would be less bouncy. The only plausible way for them to be real would be if she was wearing some kind of underbust corset under her shirt that was able to support them without taking away from the natural movement. But that would be weird as fuck.

No. 898239

I wasn't aware of this. That's lazy af but at least they can come fall back on the "iT's A tRiBuTe wE wErE jUsT iNsPiReD." The good thing about the Ocean Eyes situation is that they can't say that here, you can't pay tribute to someone who was unknown at the time and if they came out and said they were inspired by Diamond they would essentially be admitting that they stole it.

No. 898283

yes unfortunately. in QOTSA ripoff case, i don't think they'll get called out. people won't recognize the melody's source unless they know about Medication song, and i doubt Billie's audience does. wonder if her discography has more "inspirations"… in Diamon's case, Phenis will be denying everything. hmm maybe she could get a credit and percent of money of the single if she proved her point right
that boob looks as if it starts right under her chin (sliding back upwards instead of the sides) which would work with your theory but idk.
Ofc another ig story involving making her boob wiggling in the air. what a bore, her music is so bad that she literally must remind the world of herself all the time by showing how her boobs are Bigger Than Ever. they're not so special, eyelash.
Idk, it's not like she's obese but somebody just a) find her a good stylist b) put her on a healthier diet or c) send her to celebrity gym or something. she acts so hot and unbothered but it's apparent she's always covering her belly and talks about her boobs as a cope.

No. 898322

yeah what a stupid bitch. she should know exactly how to manage her body and mind and should never be insecure or flippant about her body while being thrust into hollyweird during her formative years.

No. 898369

File: 1630554178162.jpg (134.88 KB, 1548x1024, hayley-kiyoko-april-22-2018-bi…)

I think she lost weight because she has that unfortunate face shape where she looks like a fat middle aged auntie even when she's underweight. I don't think she's going for any hyperfemme look. I think she would be a lot more popular if she wasn't so butterfaced tbh.

No. 898395

I feel like all Billie has done to promote her new album is show off her tits. I'm small chested but I don't think this looks right. That thing jiggles like someone waving around a water balloon. Then again I'm stupid and don't understand physics so maybe this is normal

No. 898399

kanye didn't convince kim not to abort her? it's the complete opposite.

kanye was crying about "almost killing his daughter" because he tried to convince kim to abort and she refused

No. 898405

i've been reading lolcow for almost a year now and i think this is the first thing that ever made me laugh out loud

No. 898417

billie could play younger version of beth from good girls

No. 898432

File: 1630562842662.jpeg (620.76 KB, 828x1117, 177657EE-70A4-4DCC-84F7-F59C7B…)

idk how this works but that’s a lot of money for a new artist

No. 898434

it's a terrible shame that she's doing this because copyright law regarding sampling was already murky and fucked up due to the blurred lines case, but considering none of her songs actually sound like the songs she's giving royalties to, except the one that samples new years day off her album directly, these decisions are only gonna make sampling more of a headache for artists in the future

sorry for music sperg

No. 898438

Fuck sampling.

No. 898441

What’s wrong with sampling?

No. 898448

I find it incredibly lazy and gross and aside from the ethical aspects of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song that uses a musical. sample that I liked, and usually they’re badly looped.
“Classic funk/disco song with a random guy talking over the whole thing” is my least favorite musical genre.

No. 898449

I don't really think that "good 4 u" song sounds very much like misery business, I mean it kind of does but there are a lot of pop songs that sound VERY much like other pop songs (alicia keys' "no one" and black eyed peas "where is the love" for example) but no one ever cares.

No. 898454

all the good music is already taken what are they supposed to do

No. 898463

File: 1630566219115.jpeg (30.83 KB, 908x311, AB3E4FFE-B708-4D45-AA89-416275…)


No. 898514

File: 1630575199685.jpg (61.37 KB, 850x400, bowie steal.jpg)

all the greats steal, you just dont know it

green day ripped off the kinks.
strokes ripped off tom petty.
the offspring had the balls to rip off the beatles.

it goes on and on

No. 898526

>The Offspring
>one of the greats

No. 898591

File: 1630583180177.jpg (525.33 KB, 666x1000, E2KK-buXEAM3oE_.jpg)

I decided to look up Stoya and how she's doing because of this thread.
can't believe how rough she looks. seems to spend all day on her onlyfans too. hopefully she's happier now out of the porn industry though

No. 898594

Useless whore and now she's fat too kek. I hope she's miserable.

No. 898609

she keeps on posting pro SW propaganda like " sex work is empowering and we have control over men you're just jealous" bla bla bla

No. 898610

If we really had control over men women wouldn't have to degrade themselves like they do for the money..

No. 898622

post reads like copium for having miserable big tits

No. 898647

Okay trad ana-chan. Dial it back.

No. 898664

>we have control over men you're just jealous
Wasn't she raped and abused in the porn industry? Maybe this delusion is her way of coping. Otherwise hard to understand how she thinks sex work gives her control over men when it's ironically the industry that abuses its female workers, including her.

No. 898798

I think that’s a bit of a reach, I have F cups and mine move like Billie’s if I lay in that position. Like she’s not laying straight on her back. Larger breasts come in different perkiness and bouncyness.

No. 898836

it's only good if you do it in the OG electronic music style (1-2 beat loop of a single noise or word, so the editing/distorting you do is enough that you've made your own thing from it) or in the old school hiphop poetry collage way where it's like quoting several sources to create a mood.
kanye looping the entire chorus of 21st century schizoid man, or that shitty song that literally straight up plays the hook from kraftwerk's Spacelab, are the bad kind of "sampling" and are also what 90% of sampling is right now.
it's meant to be a tool, not a way for you to use someone else's work in its entirety.

No. 898840

if green day ripped off the kinks they did a pretty shitass job of it.
unless you're referring to the amphetamine and gay sex rampages Dave used to go on&billie joe armstrong just managed to keep it on the DL for this long

No. 898843

her writing was fucking criiiinge. "hay guise its me, sMaRt sToYa the cooool intellectual porn star who's not like the other girls"

No. 899003

holyshit. she is a chinlet. that's really sad genetics

No. 899155

Giga-chins can have heart defects or an embolism waiting to happen, eugenics-chan.

No. 899159

re: olivia rodrigo,
apparently she's ripped of misery business by paramore? listening seperately they sound similar but the mashup linkrel makes it sound insanely ripoffesque
personally I think olivia is a shill plant untalented copy and paster and I hate her voice but what anons think?

No. 899161

probably wasn't her own decision, the song was likely written by some 30 year old men who thought what would be most popular with the "kids"

No. 899163

huh, good point. how old is she, I'm assuming zoomer age? she probably hasn't listened to paramore in her life. bad form on the producer in that case, even worse if she did know.
she's pretty mayonnaise and she sings like shit so I guess we don't have high standards to hold her to to begin with.

No. 899171

She's 18

No. 899221

Paramore was still popular with edgelords in 2012 and 2013 so a lot of older zoomers know of the riot album. Plus they did the song decode for twilight, so its not too out of pocket for her to know them

No. 899236

File: 1630671459742.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210825-012302.png)

She looks so young and small in the behind the scenes of her videos which reminds me of toddlers and tiaras and the barely legal porn industry and makes me worry for her

Inb4 people imply I don't also worry about eilish and Millie Bobby brown even though they're in the same exploitative industry

No. 899248

Yeah, she's very oversexualized and barely 18. Her lyrics aren't sexual at least but it's disturbing, reminds me of the way they presented Britney when she was a teenager too

No. 899270

Oh wow she's tiny. And wtf is that costume with the blonde wig and fake boobs? Disturbing

No. 899294

She's signed to Interscope Records, the same label that Billie Eilish and Phenis are signed to. Industry plants that are made to appeal to the masses are their forte.

No. 899357

wow, I didn't realize it until I heard the mashup, I could see the influence but this is pretty neat. She did apparently give Haley Williams and Joshua Ferro song writing credits after it was pointed out ,and apparently taylor swift got credits for a song as well.

No. 899406

Does she actually write any of her music though? Fucked up for a teenager to have to take the brunt of the criticism for “stealing music” when she’s completely manufactured to begin with.

No. 899410

she claims she does and she got praised for writing her album + is going for the singer songwriter route like taylor so the criticism is appropriate

No. 899466


I really hope they don't try to push her off as the next Ariana grande or Britney spears. She's the most annoying zoomer singer I can think of. Her voice is nails on a chalk board, her songs make me physically upset with the whiney Tumblr aesthetic gif lyrics and she's not even a looker.

Mainstream Music nowadays is just shit.

No. 899474

File: 1630693110358.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1150x1500, E-THeGKUUAAekV6.jpeg)

Lil Nas X doing a pregnancy photoshoot because he's about to release his new album which is his "baby"

No. 899478


Yup. Mainstream Music nowadays is complete shit. Just drop your shitty rap album and go, why involve something as pure as pregnancy in your degenerate bullshit album?

No. 899479

i wonder if this is a dig at the fujoshis who got pissed at him for liking dick

No. 899484

I think its funny as hell and its insane just how many think pieces people come up with every time lil nas does some obvious troll shit. The amount of black men writing think pieces about how they are being emasculated (they arent) because gay black men exist and are in media not as the butt of jokes anymore. It warms my cold dead heart. They want to cancel lil nas but wanted to cry foul about fucking misogynistic homophobic dababy lol.

No. 899490


Both him and DaBaby are misogynistic scrotes, lmao

No. 899499

How is Lil Nas misogynistic?

No. 899504

i hope his album flops bc of this photoshoot alone

No. 899508

His Twitter account pre-fame was full of disgusting comments about Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Beyonce (and her baby, Blue Ivy for some reason?), etc. He even made fun of Rihanna being abused by Chris Brown and Nicki's abortion.
A scrote is a scrote, even when he's gay.

No. 899519

Doja cat announced she is dating a woman (some British female rapper) but it could be a meme. Would attach the announcement but I don't have Twitter. Lowkey feel like it's bait. Doja seems like she would pretend to fuck a woman or do it for scrotes ala wig0nhead, but never actually love a woman

No. 899520

Not trying to defend him but he's not unique, this was/is the general culture of gay stan twitter, where its all about irony and coming across as "iconic and ironic" he's not unique really among online gay scrotes

No. 899521

This was so digusting, zoomers could cancel (or at least try) everyone for stuff much less than this but he gets pass because ???Surprised Nicki's insane fanbase hasn't talked more about this, he's kissing her ass all the time nowadays

No. 899527

not wking her but I feel like I heard that she's dated girls even before she was 'famous'?

No. 899529

Thanks for sharing, that's too bad. Honestly some of those comments aren't any worse than what I hear anons slinging around here (not that they can't be misogynistic too), but the especially racist shit and stuff about Beyonce's baby is pretty trashy.

No. 899535

These live rent free in my mind since I saw them a couple years ago. And the tweet “joking” about wanting to SA his toddler aged cousin. Just casual gay edgelord stuff.

No. 899536

File: 1630696576417.jpg (57.72 KB, 808x618, 20210903_211426.jpg)

his tweets from the nasmaraj account sound like some anons itt kek

No. 899538

File: 1630696652776.jpeg (41.65 KB, 482x313, 6EC65CFD-102D-473E-A5D5-441D45…)

Forgot to attach pic

No. 899542


Honey, he's flamboyantly gay. Most of those types hate women more than scrotes because women are direct competition for the type of men they like. "Straight" read: "bicurious and confused"

And yeah also his old tweeter is filled with woman hate

No. 899559

she told us this like months ago lol. Her gf is bree runway she is gorgeous

No. 899571

I suspects she's Bi the same way Nicki claimed to be Bi a couple years ago, rap music is all fake and Doja cat has always been smart to trick dumb scrotes out
so yeah I think its fake

No. 899578

I hate men so much. Especially faggots. And this is such a nasty thing to do, considering america is trying to ban abortions… Texas already passed a bill against it.

No. 899587

No. 899593

You know this is all bullshit, right?

No. 899612

James Charles did something similar recently and "pretended to be pregnant" for 24 hours to prove he could handle it (lmao). He got a ton of backlash surprisingly. I wish the same thing would happen here.

No. 899614

Even so Bree runway and doja are hot and I like to imagine her and Doja smooching. Let me have this. As a black girl we rarely get same sex representation and if we do she’s usually with a white girl. LET ME BE DELUSIONAL

No. 899616

Holy fucking cringe. I hate shippingfags.

No. 899619

You want someone to get backlash for what? Not being serious 24/7 and not treating pregnancy as a holy off-limits topic?
You can't be for real.

No. 899625

thats just pathetic nonnie, you should support real lesbians instead of these morons who sell a porn fantasy for scrotes

No. 899626

Nta but I know I do, him and James Charles are weirdos for doing this

No. 899629

Ayrt, it's you that's weird.

No. 899632

Every time a woman does some kind of photoshoot while pregnant like Britney did she gets a ton od backlash. Why should scrotes be allowed to do it?

No. 899635

Because two wrongs don't make a right.

No. 899636

…… K.

No. 899639

What's up with this whiteknighting? He's not going to insult you or your baby on his twitter nonnie

No. 899643

Not either anon but they have points. When a man gay or not pretends to be pregnant it feels like they treat it like a novelty and joke. Pregnancy is an intense and sacred thing. I'm speaking as a childless woman who has no intention of having children.
When scrotes pretend to be pregnant either as a "24 hr challenge" or to promote his latest album, it feels like they're laughing in the faces of every woman. Especially gay scrotes who are more misogynistic than any straight scrote could dream of being.
Stop defending scrotes. They're not doing this to make pregnancy less of a taboo subject they're just making a mockery of it. Any self-respecting woman can see right through it.

No. 899644

Rattling the cage of pearlcluther's is his marketing shtick and he's very good at it. I find myself rooting for him and wanting to rattle the cages even more.

No. 899646

Grow up.

No. 899652

>Pregnancy is an intense and sacred thing.
I don't care.

No. 899657

You're either a violently mentally ill woman with an abysmally poor self esteem or a scrote. Shut up, stop wk ing and stop derailing.

No. 899662

Why, because I don't consider anything sacred or above making fun of? I do honestly think you're all weird if this pregnancy shit bothers you.

No. 899673

Are you a gay man? Are you one of those retarded, self-hating women who post all day about how being a biological woman is a curse and make hundreds of posts telling trannies "I WOULD GIVE YOU MY WOMB AND UTERUS QUEEN I DON'T EVEN WANT BABIES"? What is wrong with you? Go take some poppers and get off this woman's board lol. Defend your scrote on Twitter where you belong.

No. 899676

>haha he's owning the fujos!
…or maybe he's just a degenerate richfag being degenerate? what's new
he looks fucking disgusting

No. 899678

As a bisexual woman I'd like some representation that doesn't come from LARPing pickmes who make all their money off of being oversexualized degenerates who hang out in chatrooms full of horny males. Doja isn't representing shit except my existential disappointment.

No. 899679

Yes please, pop an artery in anger that some musician and some anon aren't taking things as seriously as you.

No. 899680

File: 1630704558419.jpg (167.11 KB, 750x1080, fashion-journal-silver-kanye-m…)

Even Rachel wood flipped off Kanye west and others for donda.

"For my fellow survivors who got slapped in the face this week. I love you. Don't give up." -


& Kim K and the Kardashian clan claim they had no clue MM would be @ the event & working with Kanye.


Chris Brown and SOJA boi are angry @ Kanye.


Jay-Z pulled out of the project.

"Kanye West fans outraged as singer 'cuts' Jay-Z for DaBaby on new album"


Jay Z is on donda

"Fans react as Kanye finally drops ‘DONDA’: “He left the Jay-Z verse in!”


Kanye claims that they released the album with out his permission.


Kanye VERY unfaithful to kim k.


"Kanye West shared ‘insane’ details about sex with groupies during 2016 tour, report says"


No. 899682

boomers have been warning us about mm since the 90s…

kanye too has been batshit insane since forever but the public just hates taylor swift and the female kardashian members too much to see him as anything but the victim.
same when kourtney and scott broke up, everybody was writing that they ruined his alcoholic ass - and then the poor broken man showed up dating an 18yo just a short while after

No. 899683

are trannies mad yet?

No. 899684

You're projecting because we dared to make fun of your dick-in-the-booty fav. Go vent about it to your fellow queers, love.

No. 899688

Nonita I want to fight with the gay scrote on here too but just ignore it. He's trying to bait us.

Damn Nona are you a Kanye historian

No. 899689

>Chris Brown
lmao pot calling the kettle etc.

No. 899691

Poor children. Didn't know they have four kids already damn


No. 899694

Yeah, Kanye's always been trash. I don't listen to his music, and I don't understand anyone who does unironically.
The Marilyn Manson and DaBaby shit cements it even further. Rapists and misogynists, lmao.

No. 899703

Kanye is Azealia Banks level of crazy and the only reason people haven't seen the full scale of his insanity yet is due to his team of handlers/wranglers.

No. 899709

File: 1630706073742.jpeg (102 KB, 1284x1284, E-Cm4x7XsAELfJv.jpeg)

Lmao AB called donda garbage!!!


>Lmao I love AB! Don't insult her by comparing our QUEEN to KW!!!

No. 899712

>gospel cockfest
sometimes she's so accurate

No. 899716

No. 899728

File: 1630706785539.jpg (111.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

scott dick-suck is seething over Travis Barker & kourtney Kardashian being in love!! LMAO!!!

"Kourtney Kardashian Posted About Moving On From Toxic Exes Who Caused “Mental Damage” After Scott Disick Was Exposed For Direct Messaging Her Ex-Boyfriend Calling Out Her PDA With Travis Barker."


No. 899739

File: 1630707062941.jpg (100.83 KB, 720x1141, 00176320s1.jpg)

>Taylor swift

"Soulja Boy Urges Kanye West to Apologize to Taylor Swift in Fiery Twitter Rant".


I never understood why kw has a problem with TS.

No. 899746

>this chick
that's the mother of your children…
>in middle of italy
insane. literally what did he expect him to reply?

No. 899764

She's right, it's garbage, but she insults literally anyone and then showers them with compliments… for the same reason she insulted them to begin with. lol

Vidrel. Hated FAT LIZZO for allegedly stealing Cupcakke's thunder…

No. 899765

File: 1630707635540.jpg (310.15 KB, 2000x1333, scott-disick-guyfieri.jpg)

Yeah. Scott is super duper mmmaaatttuuure!!!

No. 899770

File: 1630707724046.jpg (167.03 KB, 1152x2048, ab-lizzo-aug2021.jpg)

… then switched her tone and showered Lizzo with compliments.
Lizzo is still fat and annoying, she's just shoped.

Either way, AB is funny as fuck but you can't take her seriously. I bet in one year she's gonna say Donda is a masterpiece or whatever.

No. 899773

File: 1630707736162.jpg (27.98 KB, 374x374, img_1482-1.jpg)

That's AB for ya!!!

No. 899791

Azealia is based as fuck I know she has her sperg moments her mind is just chef's kiss top tier.

No. 899801

File: 1630708539320.jpg (131.59 KB, 1024x912, i82jYWGSpKpBHJwyiGvEb4BnIb6rJR…)

Scott just needs to finish his fashion look!

>W/pic related!

No. 899805

Kek Nona you should be a stylist

No. 899816

I dig that ngl

No. 899818

File: 1630708969844.jpeg (53.53 KB, 618x400, db8adfd9bca1e6e30efdd643f1a009…)

Oh! I am but a humbled pleb! The true master is GF & Guy Fieri needs to take Scott dick-suck to flavor town asap!!

No. 899856

File: 1630710932245.jpg (114.96 KB, 1200x800, kanye-west-peppa.jpg)

"F**KED UP' Kim Kardashian ‘begged’ Kanye West to remove cheating confession on Donda and is ‘fuming’ he ‘humiliated’ their family"


"The Peppa Pig account deleted a tweet calling out Kanye West's 'Donda' for receiving a lower Pitchfork rating than the cartoon character"


No. 899860

its not very radfem of you to shit on women who don't want babies.

No. 899862

kanye is epically pornsick and sex with him would be terrible, full stop. sad groupies, love yourselves more please

No. 899863

OT but lizzo literally never looks great. in this pic she's slathered in makeup, PS, and professional lighting and still looks worse than if one of The Weather Girls woke up hungover in a gutter and someone snapped a pic with a disposable camera.

No. 899866

I'm the anon who started the Janelle discussion and WOW she's the best. What's your favorite track from ArchAndroid?

No. 899867


No. 899877

Not wanting babies is different from being stupid enough to think the womb/uterus is only good for incubating children, and wanting to sacrifice your body parts to validate men.
You don't even need to be a radfem to think that shit is dumb.

No. 899881

File: 1630712249591.png (400.75 KB, 1344x572, Screenshot 2021-09-04 at 01.33…)

Your head is going to explode when you learn that even classical composers used sampling. Like any musical technique, sampling can be dumb and lazy or genius depending on the the way it's executed.

No. 899882

File: 1630712300055.jpg (130.53 KB, 1200x675, Kim.jpg)

"Twitter Spirals Over Kim Kardashian Listening To Kanye's Album 'Donda' On Mute"


"Kim Kardashian is NOT listening to Drake's album Certified Lover Boy amid fake viral post… after posting screenshots of listening to Kanye West's album Donda on MUTE"


No. 899887

File: 1630712383431.png (227.53 KB, 570x570, 163067627156652354.png)

"Kanye West Leaks Drake’s Home Address on Instagram."


"'BURNT OUT' Drake fans ‘vandalize Kanye West’s childhood Chicago home with signs’ as rappers’ nasty feud rages on."


"Jay-Z Ignites Memes After Appearing on Both Kanye West's 'Donda' & Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy'"




"Drake Responded With A Cryptic Instagram Video After Kanye West Shared The Address Of His $150M Home On Instagram And Escalated Their 12-Year-Long Feud"


No. 899946

File: 1630715715188.jpeg (457.25 KB, 750x906, BC0718FB-DC24-47A0-80FD-0B6D14…)


No. 899995

i can't even laugh about triggered troons right now because of how degenerate this fag is

No. 900001

nta but i love locked inside

No. 900007

File: 1630724059045.jpeg (64.69 KB, 640x480, 4e79efe53a5ae0e43fa61f07e1b145…)


This just gets worse and WORSE!!!

"Drake and Kanye West both credited people accused of abuse as songwriters on their new albums, benefiting men like R. Kelly and Marilyn Manson"


No. 900008

Kek, I'm even more glad to not listen to either one now.

No. 900020

omg ntayrt but archandroid came out right when i finished high school and Many Moons + the beautifully imaginative video are still my happy place late at night
war of the roses is fun to dance with girls. tfw when janelle monae is too good for me though

No. 900022

both those men look like they smell of pee and cigarettes

No. 900048

I both dislike and have respect for Dojacat, mostly cause how she games the system to get what she wants
she knows she has advantage over millions of other women in rap all cause she's like a lightskinned black women and all she has to do is just twerk and not much else and boom instant success, she's not like Megan Thee Stallion who actually seems to believe that she's doing is revolutionary somehow

No. 900053

I loved that album, it was so cinematic. I'd just sit and imagine scenes to BabopbyeYa and like 95% of the other songs. Janelle Monae is fucking based, I love every anon here who's into her.

No. 900074

>As a black girl we rarely get same sex representation
Anon, they're real people and not fictional character from some show or manga wtf.

No. 900090

Theere are the mad trannies. Idek who the pregnancy faking guy is but good for him for making the trannies mad kek

No. 900110

a celebrity is not people

No. 900123

File: 1630743654310.jpg (54.74 KB, 614x680, E-YLvEyXMAEI8JM.jpg)

the said tweet

No. 900142

File: 1630748230205.jpg (132.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Kanye is a gay fish.

No. 900143

One of her songs definitely samples this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrlhLaNClgw

No. 900147

This is so fucking funny.

No. 900151

>but the public just hates taylor swift and the female kardashian members too much to see him as anything but the victim
Taylor Swift is annoying but I don't know how annoying somehow became worse than creepy, rude or psycho. Yanking the mic was rude and then levelling that up to creating a to scale naked model of her is fucking insane.

No. 900152

File: 1630753510896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.87 KB, 980x490, landscape-1466882487-kanye-fam…)

"A Who's Who Guide To Kanye's 'Famous' Video"

1. George Bush
2. Anna Wintour
3. Donald Trump
4. Rihanna
5. Chris Brown
6. Taylor Swift
7. Kanye West
8. Kim Kardashian
9. Ray J
10. Amber Rose "

- https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/g28419/guide-to-celebrities-in-kanye-famous-video/

No. 900155

I don't know how anyone portrayed in this let this happen and/or moved on afterwards. What a scrote thing for him to do.

No. 900157

Something that really bugged me with this is how aggressively naked all the women are and the men maybe feature a lil cheeky cheek or like a little man clev. While Amber and Riri are featuring puss.

No. 900159

File: 1630755643946.png (210.62 KB, 1415x689, Wil.png)

I don't know if this counts as milk(its probably not) but Wil Wheaton is a redditor, he doesn't just do AMA's he's literally on reddit almost every other day
posts moistly related to Nerdshit, but also r/Hockey, the LA Subrddit and pet Subreddits


No. 900178

What is happening? Is this a Kanye bot or something?

No. 900190

File: 1630760163537.jpg (458.52 KB, 1690x820, image1.jpg)

No. 900194

that is absolutely not milk, sage if you're unsure.

No. 900195

Seriously, a lot of this shit is not recent or interesting news, the milk is curdled. I don't think most of us here give a fuck about Kanye that much to get a rundown of every controversial thing he's done.

No. 900202

File: 1630762207182.jpg (102.02 KB, 692x499, kim-k-uses-lolcow.farm.jpg)

No. 900217

I dont get it, are these real portraits or an illustration o something? …why?

No. 900220

rofl based Peppa

ew, spoiler this shit

No. 900234

Damn sis, sorry a scrote never knocked you up.

No. 900236

File: 1630765067787.jpeg (169.43 KB, 641x860, 9B35DD4F-8026-48F9-A3EB-183058…)

She is really pretty. God, am I gay for Kim K?

No. 900239

You had like a full day to come up with something to say, and that's the best you could manage? Kek, begone incel

No. 900252

File: 1630765767880.jpg (394.48 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20210902-220952_Ins…)

anyone else follow Dana Dentata ("metal singer turned shock rapper", cool af misandrist)? she posted this and a few other things a day or two ago and has since deleted. here's more context

No. 900254

Of course he put himself sandwiched in between Kim and Taylor. I swear his whole beef with her started because Taylor wouldn't fuck him and he's had a chip on his shoulder ever since.

No. 900264

>metal singer
awesome I'll check her out
>turned shock rapper
into the trash it goes

she should stick to a real genre of music instead of cRAP

No. 900289

kek, was thinking the very same thing when I checked her out. But I feel that these days people think being metal is to fulfill nothing but the visual aspects of that genre and not the musical part, because this is just soundcloud garbage or whatever you call it.

No. 900306

She could have the greatest message in the world but this shit sounds so fucking awful it made me want alog

No. 900311

File: 1630769145653.png (Spoiler Image, 449.43 KB, 809x1075, Screenshot (241).png)

saged for being off-topic, but she is cute, particularly when she styles herself in a more natural and casual way

No. 900312


No. 900316

in another timeline

No. 900320

No. 900322

File: 1630769882082.png (181.25 KB, 540x680, Screenshot (243).png)

This drama probably only concerns Britfags, but I'm posting about it anyway. Jeremy Kyle says that he feels that he has been 'cancelled' (despite the fact that he recently spoke on talkRADIO to advertise his own radio show) and claims to have been feeling depressed and anxious after his show was cancelled, which was due to the show being implicated in contributing to a suicide of a person who was on the show. His show, 'The Jeremy Kyle Show', was similar to Dr Phil, and arguably exploits working-class people. This classism may be due to Jermemy Kyle growing up rather rich, as his father was an accountant and personal secretary to the Queen Mother for forty years and attended a rich independent school (Reading Blue Coat School). Jeremy Kyle has also allegedly preyed on 16-year-old Becky Hayes


No. 900323

>births males

No. 900324

it's actually kind of sad when you say it like that, it's like the momokun version of emergence

No. 900331

Wtf Brad Pitt is a piece of shit

No. 900333

What a piece of shit, I'm glad Angelina is over that low value scrote.

No. 900341

File: 1630770948807.jpeg (236.14 KB, 662x608, B9A6C567-9515-4B53-A665-D17FB1…)

more botchedness

No. 900345

What an empathy deficient dickhead. Wow

No. 900347

This doesn't make any sense. Gwyneth Paltrow said Brad Pitt defended her from Weinstein once, almost getting into a fight I think. And then, years later, he does this.

No. 900349

File: 1630771271861.jpeg (476.03 KB, 551x478, 97A070F9-3AFF-4A8F-B8F4-431910…)

I was trying to think of what she reminds me of and she looks like an adorable anteater

No. 900350

File: 1630771332366.jpeg (99.58 KB, 1280x720, brian-shaw_93074.jpeg)

I hate men but I would still like to have a giant son(or two) that serves as my guardian and does whatever I say

No. 900352

I guess it’s not a surprise because even after he threatened Weinstein to stay away from Paltrow, he was in those two movies. I remember when everyone was praising him for protecting her back then when Paltrow spoke up about Weinstein, but it seems like he really didn’t care beyond that. I mean, at that point he must have known Weinstein was targeting other women, right? What a creep.

No. 900354

Yes, it's like he learned how show business works and he played along. Disgusting.

No. 900361

Did you look at the link? It must say they were wax models of famous people they used to film a music video for Kanye, the video panned over them one at a time to give the impression they were real. Figures of Caitlin Jenner and Bill Cosby were in it also.

No. 900389

File: 1630774614513.jpg (1.22 MB, 1200x800, MM-FOX.jpg)

"Megan Fox says Malibu home was “a nightmarish living hell”

- https://www.google.com/amp/s/therealdeal.com/la/2018/05/29/megan-fox-says-malibu-home-was-a-nightmarish-living-hell/amp/

"Brian Austin Green Still Lives In 'Moldy' Malibu Home With Kids Despite Ex Megan Fox's Failed Attempt At Suing Brad Pitt's Manager For $5 Million Over Property"
- https://radaronline.com/p/brian-austin-green-lives-moldy-malibu-home-megan-fox-lawsuit-brad-pitt/

"Megan Fox Takes Major Loss In War With Brad Pitt's Manager, Actress Walks Away With $100,000 Instead Of $5 Million Over 'Moldy' House"
- https://radaronline.com/p/megan-fox-settles-lawsuit-brad-pitt-manager-moldy-home/

"SICK AND STRESSED' Megan Fox says she suffered chronic health problems and stress after buying ‘mouldy’ house from Brad Pitt’s manager"
- https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/12836961/megan-fox-chronic-health-problems-stress-moldy-house/amp/

"Megan Fox 'Can't Imagine' Machine Gun Kelly Having a Problem with Her Angelina Jolie Crush"
- https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/movies/megan-fox-cant-imagine-machine-gun-kelly-having-a-problem-with-her-angelina-jolie-crush/%3famp=true

"Angelina Jolie Said She Feared for the Safety of Her "Whole Family" While Married to Brad Pitt"
- https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/lifestyle/angelina-jolie-said-she-feared-155946957.html

No. 900398

File: 1630775095035.png (109.79 KB, 241x515, Kanye-west.png)

"Drake just leaked Kanye West's 'Life of the Party' diss track and people are so confused"


Okay. At this point… I think that these people's PR teams and themselves are suffering from retardation and fatigue. Wtf.

No. 900402

Omg. Kanye and Drake… JUST COME OUT AS A GAY COUPLE!!!

This is some broke back mountain shit. Tf.

No. 900407

File: 1630775974034.jpg (66.53 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-210901035620-634-J…)

No. 900410

Calling use of traditional folk tunes “sampling” is a huge stretch and makes you sound retarded. They didn’t take someone else’s recording and insert it into their scores as that isn’t possible.

Using a traditional melody still requires you to harmonize and orchestrate the damn thing on your own. Tchaikovsky was a prolific user of Russian and Ukrainian folk tunes but literally no one would call that sampling unless they were trying to make a disingenuous argument like you are.

No. 900415

File: 1630776361804.jpg (158.54 KB, 800x806, D6nIyI7WAAA4ffR.jpg)

No. 900420

File: 1630776471531.jpg (131.38 KB, 828x1792, 9givq6hghu471.jpg)

No. 900464

Oh guurrl. Ppuullleeaaassee!!! Gaga did the whole mother monster giving birth shizz & she ain't the first artist to pull that SO DEEP U GGUUIIZZEEE I AM GIVING BIRTH MUH ART!! SO DDEEEPPP!!

No. 900488

File: 1630783650851.jpg (115.35 KB, 1200x797, jeffree-star-is-replying-to-al…)

No. 900491

File: 1630784028452.jpg (56.02 KB, 512x374, unnamed.jpg)

You know…

Kanye has a huge real doll collection of celebs.

I wonder how creepy the "Kanye museum" will be..

When he dies.

No. 900492

File: 1630784103166.jpg (52.2 KB, 470x317, 1630114283436.jpg)


>Pic related btw!!!

No. 900495

I’ve always hated this. So gross and tasteless

No. 900497

Kanye museum gonna look like some serial killer shit.

No. 900501

Queen Angelina was always too good for him. Brad pitt is trash. Men will never understand how painful and traumatizing assault can be for a woman.

No. 900509

Aniston was too good for him too. BP should have been taking the back lash for being a home wrecker, not Angie. Media loves to pit women against one, another.

No. 900564

File: 1630790582708.jpg (59.76 KB, 728x534, 408f6879ee6649da956198dfd790ba…)

No. 900575

She was very pretty before plastic surgery.

No. 900586

NTA but 100% this, she had beautiful Armenian features.

No. 900593

If you fuck a married guy you are only a little less to blame than he is. He's more to blame because he took the vows and you didn't. However if you know a guy is married and you shoose to hurt another woman and degrade yourself by sleeping with him, you're trash. They deserved each other imo. She "pit herself" against Aniston when she decided to participate in destroying her marriage. While yes Brad deserves the majority of the blame and the way the media ignored that was absolutely ridiculous, pretending like Jolie is an innocent party who got a bad rap for no reason and is a truly good person is bullshit. Women should stop hurting other women in pursuit of moids attention and then being surprised when other women are disgusted

No. 900597

what if you meet someone you prefer to your current partner? Why is it wrong to ditch them? seriously. no one owns anybody else. if your scrote likes another woman than that's just too bad

People shitting on others who fall in love outside their marriage/relationship are weirdos who watch too much tv and don't realize relationships ain't forever.

No. 900608

File: 1630797573105.jpg (61.06 KB, 512x342, unnamed (1).jpg)

Sit yo ass DOWN!!

No. 900610

File: 1630798369927.png (1.44 MB, 1090x1148, Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 7.32…)

mark ronson married Meryl Streep's daughter. she's ugly imo

No. 900613

I think she’s pretty, celeb kids who don’t have the full instagram-face surgery package are a rarity these days

No. 900616

File: 1630799138207.jpg (170.95 KB, 1500x1500, 81Lo1jckpZL._SL1500_.jpg)

It's Beyonce's B-day today!!!

No. 900618

Miserable cunts like you need to stop projecting your parents' loveless marriage and whatever mental disorder you have.

No. 900620

File: 1630799649607.gif (974.82 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)


No. 900626

So is he, inside and out.

No. 900627

It's not wrong to ditch them, it's wrong to cheat BEFORE you ditch them. If you don't like someone, break up. Don't cheat. It's not hard. End of story.

No. 900630

anon I don’t think you understand that what you replied to was a scrote

No. 900631

The degenerates swarming in to defend cheating or anyone who participates in it are hilarious. Do you think it's FemInIst to wk for women who fuck over other women for dick, male attention, and fame? Newsflash,CHEATING IS BAD. The Man is worse, the woman involved is a trashy cunt too. How is it defending men to point out that they are the bigger shitheads, yet acknowledging that doesn't absolve the woman? Take ur pills. These Hollywood scumsucker pickmes don't need your pity.

No. 900633

Fuck off loser you think I'm a man because I don't have a weird cynical view of relationships? Get a grip touch grass do whatever you need to do.

No. 900635

Everyone in this thread is a loser, you retards can’t stay on topic for one thread.

No. 900659

God what website did we absorb this time that brought this Google-link spam anon having an autistic fit about ancient Kanye news? The Famous music video was five years ago.

No. 900672

I think she’s pretty. He seems like a scrote though.

No. 900678

you can fall in love without hopping on the dick instantly, jesus. no need to project your sad relationships in this thread. imagine trash talking scrotes while crying about other women stealing them.

a man stolen is nothing of value lost. and we can see this with the shit Angie said about Brad. scrotes will scrote and dick has no value.

No. 900685

Jeff and Jim cosplaying as K&K, imagine it

>"she's ugly"
damn what do you consider pretty nona

this is why they were both in Wyoming awhile back

No. 900711

>a man stolen is nothing of value lost.

No. 900739

File: 1630815776618.jpg (65.92 KB, 730x456, PeppaYe.jpg)

No. 900741

File: 1630815953296.jpg (38.23 KB, 600x600, real-men1.jpg)


Not possible if ur partner is faithful tho. Tbh. Yep.

No. 900789

File: 1630820874582.jpg (110.93 KB, 800x998, 1629225313558.jpg)

While anons might make fun of celebs who make their pregnancies all about them as someone whose given birth I get, when you want the pregnancy being pregnant can make you feel like the most powerful being in existence, you are creating life its self, a human being that will one day be an adult is going to be made because of you
So while I think its cringy I get it

No. 900804

File: 1630822098497.jpg (148.99 KB, 736x952, fa7a80aceb6d84b52bfa470b93a022…)

>who make their pregnancies all about them

Ya mean all women, sis?

No. 900854



No. 900859

No. 900861

No. 900910

marriage IS for life though. It sounds like you're the one who watched too much TV if you think marriage is always perfect and when it's not you just walk away and find someone else like it's nothing

No. 901000

You're the kind of anon whose posts make people rip fat smelly farts while they pee on their poop in the toilet and feel like they're pulling a Street Fighter combo

No. 901040

File: 1630849478310.jpg (203.32 KB, 1242x1219, 1630818476214.jpg)



Are you doing OKAY?!

No. 901051

File: 1630851058210.jpg (312.13 KB, 719x1157, Screenshot_20210905-100813_Chr…)

Can we talk about how Olivia Munn was just seen with a huge baby bump?

No. 901080

File: 1630853484486.jpeg (162.09 KB, 750x722, D595959D-5087-4AA8-8E8B-75D231…)

Oh my god, I could have sworn she was super fat when she was doing Cats. Not very milky but what the fuck? How is this possible? This is real by the way, I’ve checked her social media and she looks skinnier than she was before.

No. 901082

Skinny Amy

No. 901083

I read she had gastric sleeve surgery.

No. 901086

wow she looks really sick. dehydrated at the very least. her lips look like she's been chewing the skin off

No. 901091

She looks fine, wtf are you on about fatty

No. 901106

It's so weird to see her skinny, I'm so used to the fat version of her. Good for her though

No. 901109

wow good for her

No. 901123

I said she LOOK SICK

No. 901125

No1curr, this isn’t a cow thread

No. 901127

I wonder if she'll still get acting roles now that she lost all her weight, since she is always and only cast as the shameless loud and obnoxious fat girl in comedy films because they think fat woman=peak comedy.

No. 901130

Even if she doesn't she still has a law degree so its kinda whatever imo.

No. 901138

and this samples elvis costello's pump it up


No. 901157

Nta but celebriCOW thread is the one you’re in. Retards like you are the only reason it’s stuck in OT.

No. 901161

So Meghan Fox is irrelevant and tries to bring up Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in every interview since 2008. Her PR wanted to sell her as the next Angelina Jolie but it obviously failed. She's so obsessed with them, it's embarrassing.

No. 901164

Hard to tell because of what she’s wearing, but if she really is pregnant, wow. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if she’s showing now, she’s probably in her second trimester, so probably got pregnant right when Mulaney was divorcing his wife? Didn’t he say he never wanted to have kids?

No. 901169

File: 1630861564718.png (101.26 KB, 420x277, 1630118123482.png)

Uh. BP sold her a toxic fucked up house and has fucked over lots of people. God forbid MF feels for Angie and wants to be friends. Holy shit though, every pic of AJ recently looks like she's on the brink of bursting into tears or just got done crying. Dudes have a sang..bros before hoes but honestly for us girls it's CHICKS BEFORE DICKS! Oh & the cats out of the bag, everyone knows brad is a dirt-bag!

No. 901190

my mom is always reading those gossip magazines for middle-aged women written by middle-aged women and it's fucking disgusting how nearly every week there's an article about how evil angelina jolie and amal clooney are to poor wittle uber hot brad pitt and george clooney…that or nitpicking HOT leo dicaprio's new barely legal gfs…

No. 901195


Not wanting to be a vessel so a scrote can continue "his legacy" doesn't make someone an incel radfem-chan. There's more to life than pregnancy for women.

No. 901198

Unlike you who reads a gossip website for young women with posts made by young women and every week there's posts how weird shayna's vagina is… that or nitpicking ethots' uneven make up.
Yeah, you're not the one to look down on her for that.

No. 901199

File: 1630863984056.png (770.01 KB, 930x657, backtothefuture-1.png)

Wtf? What year is it for you time-traveling, anon?

No. 901202

…the point is that they kiss those old cheating moid's asses and try to make their (ex)wives out to be horrible even tho they haven't really done anything, i posted that because see here >>900190

No. 901206

I see, I missed the context. Disregard me.

No. 901207

he's such a little wiener crybaby kek

No. 901211

she could have had a career despite having no talent because she was very beautiful, but she botched the fucking shit out of her face. she went from world's sexiest woman to Escape From LA surgical experiment

No. 901213

OT but jim carrey movies are 100% unwatchable to me. they take place in a universe that horrifically and violently hates women with every fibre of its being. they're SO fucking disgusting and just exhausting to deal with for even a minute.

No. 901214

it's still so bizarre to me that jeffree star is a thing again. like gen z are just…following him or buying his stuff? it's like a time warp, so trippy

No. 901215

in RL ak not famous-people-world, married guys don't tell you they're married when they cheat. i stopped believing men who said they were single when trying to hook up because so many of them are lying. it's at the point now that i wouldn't trust a male hookup because he has a 50/50 chance of having a gf or wife at home.

No. 901216

File: 1630865502220.jpeg (28.73 KB, 768x439, yoefwomnmlxfszp2_1591972694.jp…)

Pic related is (you).

No. 901217

i think she's cute. remember meryl streep was notttt hot in her youth. she looks good as an older woman.
the real victim here is streep's other daughter, who she named "Mamie Gummer"

No. 901218

No. 901219

he looks gay

No. 901221

nah she looks exhausted. not like she's dying, but she's definitely gone below her body's natural healthy size.
remember HAES was originally "adopt lifelong healthy habits and whatever size you are when doing that is ok! not everyone looks like kate moss"
but she's got crash diet/anachan expression in these pics

No. 901222

kek what. she caved to pressure and destroyed her face, i don't need a dick to see that.

No. 901227

File: 1630866565181.gif (3.44 MB, 498x371, brad-pitt-coffee.gif)

Trips confirm it's (you).

>Gif related.

No. 901244

she got her money from all of those movies, I doubt she would even want to be back in hollywood anymore after they used her to make fun of her weight

No. 901282

She's the host of an ABC show called Pooch Perfect so she's doing fine as far as making money and keeping relevant goes.

No. 901332

File: 1630872810596.jpg (58.75 KB, 480x600, e09acf3ac9252c5dcd566f492cd92f…)

>remember meryl streep was notttt hot in her youth.
Opinion discarded. I know taste is subjective and all, but to me she always looked like a painting, and very elegant and delicate.

No. 901340

File: 1630873507635.jpg (45.12 KB, 474x711, 1630872426138.jpg)


No. 901343

File: 1630873841497.jpeg (103.13 KB, 940x788, Rebel_Wilson_Weight_Loss.jpeg)

That's a normal woman's body in the after pic. It's not below healthy levels at all, she even still has a bit of excess fat. Stop this.

No. 901350

you’re only saying this because she looks like a heccin pure aryan whitey

No. 901351

You can literally see her remaining gut in the after kek

No. 901358

Imagine trying this hard to cope with someone calling meryl streep attractive lmao

No. 901359

Wouldn't say she looks "delicate", she has pretty hard/strong features. This isn't calling her ugly in any way btw

No. 901369

File: 1630875304979.jpg (104.11 KB, 640x940, 8672449f6cdacb73c20343740a97d7…)

No, I completely understand your point, she did have a strong jaw and cheekbones, but I don't know how to better describe it, because they look so feminine to me.

No. 901377

she is really pretty here, though having been raised on ig makeup I autistically want to reshape her brows here

No. 901383

she’s pretty but something about anon saying she looks delicate and pure is suspicious tbh

No. 901392

i agree with og anon. she looked bad before, is hot as an old lady

No. 901398

I didn't say pure, you fucking dolt. I said she looked elegant.

No. 901400

literally what besides her brows is not beautiful about her?

the duality between this and anons orgasming over shakira's "godlike" husband earlier this thread…

No. 901408

File: 1630877170070.jpeg (419.89 KB, 750x1159, 054E6369-E90D-4A79-AA34-52CDA1…)

Is anyone else super invested in the John Mulaney/Olivia Munn drama? Rundown:
>popular straight edge wife guy comedian John Mulaney goes to rehab for a drug relapse earlier this year
>gets out in May, one of the first things he does is divorce his wife of seven years
>she says she’s shocked and heartbroken that he decided to end their marriage
>weeks later he’s dating Olivia Munn, who was quoted all the way back in 2016 saying she was “obsessed with him”
>fans are mad because half of his shtick was talking about how much he loves his wife
And now there’s speculation that Munn is pregnant, after one of Mulaney’s most common bits was talking about how he and his wife never ever wanted children. Twitter has erupted into the usual battle of heartbroken fans vs wk’s who are mad because people are being mean to a recovered addict(?)
Anyway if the pregnancy news is true, this is gonna be a shitshow honey

No. 901423

So someone like doja cat or meghan the stallion isn’t delicate and elegant? What do you mean by that? Makes me think(racebait)

No. 901427

Nta but no one even mentioned them wtf

No. 901432

First of all nobody mentioned them, second they're fat? They look nothing like Meryl fucking Streep lmao shut up with your racebait.

No. 901440

>heartbroken fans
I know this is the celebricows thread, but you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment if you’re that invested in some random comedian’s life. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that celebs cultivate an “image.” Shit some standup comedian says in an act is not real life, it’s an act.

No. 901451

i don’t know why anyone would be an actual fan of a male comedian. they’re all fame hungry morons who think they’re contributing something to the world. mulaney is following the typical path of a male comedian.

No. 901474

>strait edge
He was sober and fell off the wagon like most addicts

No. 901476

No. 901480

File: 1630882666093.jpg (67.12 KB, 750x627, 20210905_155130.jpg)

Has Mulaney or his reps said anything about their relationship? I've been hesitant to believe anything about their relationship when Olivia has basically admitted she's obsessed with Mulaney and has been trying to get his attention for around 6 years at this point. Though if it's not true, I don't understand why Mulaney or his reps aren't shutting this down

No. 901486

just read up on this thread after being gone for a few days, why did it feel like a fever dream? absolute chaos. had some good laughs though

i'm invested in this too. it shouldn't surprise anyone that a scrote would do this, not even if he seems like one of the "good ones". in fact it's only more suspicious when a man goes out of his way to prove how good he is. like men who call themselves feminist so they can weasel themselves into communities of vulnerable women who will take down their barricades thinking that finally there is a good man. yet i can't say he didn't have me fooled. he was one of the only male comedians i could enjoy so it just pissed me off more than i normally would be when such news about celeb males come out. mostly just pissed at myself for being naive and i feel sorry for his ex. this crumbled facade he had has hurt her more than anyone. i hope she will thrive without him and that he will be miserable.

another thing that pisses me off is how he wants to just start from scratch. he deleted everything on his instagram and his new show is literally called "from scratch". i just find that incredibly weak. he used his wife and their relationship to create an image of a decent guy and when it all turned out to be a lie, he just wants to "start over" without taking responsibility. not showing any remorse, just showing up for staged paparazzi photos and whatever. i hate him

No. 901515

File: 1630885922118.jpg (84.51 KB, 564x752, 75fe5a50b06064c83b714f600249d8…)

I know this is fucking bait but I am the one that said Meryl was elegant and I think Meghan is fucking gorgeous and Doja is very pretty (less than Meghan imo), you gotta stop getting high on your rancid farts in order to concoct these conspiracionist racebaits

No. 901516

File: 1630886092455.jpeg (92.71 KB, 1080x1365, 9C5B4001-4219-4D48-B519-D8346A…)

oh no nona show me on the doll where jim touched you :'(

No. 901535

Stfu bitch this has nothing to do with race you started that shit. You the dumbass that said lil nas is only getting backlash cuz he’s black? You’re obsessed.

No. 901545

File: 1630887671616.jpg (607.79 KB, 2000x3000, NINTCHDBPICT000671785803 (1).j…)

"Trevor Moore, a Founder of ‘The Whitest Kids U’ Know,’ Dies at 41"


No. 901549

he died like two weeks ago dude(namefag)

No. 901550

You're an asshole.

No. 901557

Are you that psycho scrote from /pol/ who randomly obsesses over black women and bashes them? Fuck off with your shitty false-flag bait and go commit 1 in 3.

No. 901560

I truly believe Olivia Munn is an incompetent succubus. Never has a woman attached herself to so many famous men but failed to become famous herself as a result

No. 901567

her memoir, its NLOG title and the contents within it where she insults other women reek of internalized misogyny

No. 901587

I think for her she's just in too deep, if she realizes just how much she's been abused and hurt, it's probs her way of coping so she doesn't unravel

No. 901594

I'm not even a doja stan but she's genuinely talented and has been making music forever. She had a hit song before years ago but she hit it big with Moo and that was just a meme song. She's not really gaming the system

No. 901597

did yall forget the expose that came out on angelina jolie? where she literally made fake accounts to talk shit about aniston she was obsessed with her

No. 901609

it isn't that hard to be a pick-me, and yet she's so bad at it. "Incompetent Succubus." spot on. I'm stealing that, nongelina

No. 901612

True. All dirt from his myspace days are out there and he still managed gathering a huge following. He's still the same asshole from the 00s, only richer lol

No. 901615

Because the SJW shit they spout is fake and performative.

No. 901618

scrotes gonna scrote and pickmes gonna pickme.
if i see john's ex-wife i will offer to buy her a nice cup of ginger tea.

No. 901619

meghan's beautiful and elegant when she's not wearing that retarded instaclown makeup.

No. 901620

based and true.

No. 901622

yeah i was shocked when that happened. it's been weeks and they still won't elaborate on the cause of death beyond "Accident" in "a yard"
he's telling people it's illegal to say you want to kill the president in heaven now.

No. 901642

My thoughts exactly. If he was just another typical scrote comedian I don’t think anyone would care but the fact that 90% of his shtick was ~Mah Waife~ just makes him look like even more of a shit head.

You have such a way with words nonita

No. 901646

Jim is a confirmed asshole tbf

No. 901654

This made zero fucking sense (women obsessed with drawn gay sex not only caring about 3D pig, but also getting triggered about him fucking other men? WTF) until I realized you meant FTMs. Aidens are a very specific type of fujo.

No. 901657

can you anons even enjoy a little humor or are you so blinded by your hatred of scrotes that anything that isn't scrote bashing humor offends you. let people have their crappy childhood films jeez

No. 901660

>let people have their crappy childhood films jeez
Nobody said people couldn't have them or enjoy them? The other anon just said that she personally didn't like them. Humor is subjective.

No. 901664

True it's just kind of brazen to go out on an extreme limb and say all films with one actor objectify the actresses therein because that one actor is involved. He didn't even write, direct, or involve himself in the credits of most of his filmography. Confirmed asshole or not it's a retarded assumption

No. 901682

I loved WKUK, this was sad. He was really young. I thought the livestream the rest of the guys did recently was a really nice tribute. Sad Sack Saturday.

No. 901689

Agreed, RIP. Thanks for the vid anon

No. 901718

>dudes have a sang

No. 901753

Where is her pride lol it is so pathetic to grovel in public about a (married) man that rejected you. I guess she got what she wanted. But holy shit, I would be so embarrassed.

Also, I googled mulaney's wife and she is leagues above Olvia Munn.

No. 901756

>Where is her pride lol it is so pathetic to grovel in public about a (married) man that rejected you
This is exactly why a narcissist like Mulaney would be attached to her though - he's getting a constant ego supply he wasn't getting from his intelligent creative wife.

No. 901760

No. 901774

NTA, but wrong lol

No. 901776

File: 1630923138849.jpg (56.25 KB, 500x367, annamarie-tendler.jpg)

>I googled mulaney's wife and she is leagues above Olvia Munn.
Facts. She's very striking in an old Hollywood way and bc she's a makeup artist knows how to accentuate her natural features.

Thinking back on some of his work it really feels like he took any chance to shoot down on her. He called her a Jewish bitch at his 2018 show and has so much material about how she's so tough and mean and "aw geez I'm just an awkward lil guy and my wife does everything for me all the time." Can't believe I used to laugh at that.
Here's him airing out a private convo about how she wasn't there to watch him win an Emmy that they both thought he as gonna lose: https://youtu.be/b1IYtRu8MsU?t=109

No. 901777

looks like marzia

No. 901782

>She's very striking in an old Hollywood way
Anon, no kek

No. 901785

She’s an ugly bitch and he’s an ugly narcissist

No. 901787

Both built their careers on perpetrating an image complete opposite of delicate and elegant. It’s not wrong.

No. 901790

And Meryl Streep played Blue Mecha in A.I. Artificial Intelligence. They're both naturally delicate and elegant looking when stripped of the shitty drag queen makeup and sexualized personas (especially Megan).

No. 901797

File: 1630926748339.png (532.96 KB, 812x583, Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 7.11…)

The ex wife (Anna) is a bit of an anachan and she basically had a mental breakdown on insta after the divorce was announced. This was one of the many sad artsy things she posted.

No. 901799

I beg to differ on both. It’s not about race retard.

No. 901805

god i really wish she wore lighter makeup more often. i hate hate hate how heavy her eye makeup is, it makes her eyes look so long and thin and odd. she's so pretty without it imo

No. 901807

go back to 4chan please

No. 901828

Who said it was? You're just as pathetic and racebaiting as OP.
They're both beautiful, die mad.

No. 901839

sorry that i'm telling you the truth?

on one of the streams after his death, the other dude's from WKUK joked about how he died "performing a self-suck". obviously it isn't true but it's kind of nice. anon linked it here i believe >>901682

No. 901878

File: 1630939354347.jpg (51.85 KB, 330x500, 51PhmfepcfL.jpg)

>In this hilarious collection you'll find essays like "thought's About My First Agent's Girlfriend's Vagina," wherein Olivia skewers what it's like to live in Hollywood. In "Sex: What You Can Do to Help Yourself Have More of It," she frankly gets down to the business of getting it on, including advice on how to appropriately wrap it and bag it. In "What to Do When the Robots Invade (Yes, When!)," Olivia offers valuable information on . . . what to do when the robots invade! And just when you thought she couldn't get any more geeky, she can. This book also includes such handy treasures as a timeline of great moments in Geek history, a flip book, an unofficial FAQ section, and a nifty (read: smokin') foldout poster.

that sounds utterly terrible. sex advice, greek history and robots? what the fuck. who was she even trying to appeal to with such a random mix of themes? actual "geeks" are not going to pick a book written by some c-list celebrity actress if they want to read about greek history - especially not if they have to flip through pages of her talking about how to wear a condom. i hate when celebrities with no previous writing experience decide to write memoirs and autobiographies where they don't even know what the point of the book is. reeks of absolute narcissism and including a fucking poster of herself is just the cherry on top. idk how john is not embarressed to downgrade from a creative, pretty woman with good taste to.. this

No. 901880

Olivia Munn has been a pick me ass bitch for as long as i can remember. She used to do that weird video game talk show long before the popular spike of youtube and twitch streamers. She's insufferable. Literally the epitome of 'not like those other girls.'

No. 901882

>any woman who isn't fat must be an anachan

No. 901889

File: 1630940759990.jpg (2.69 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20210906_170059510.j…)

i like her instagram photos. she's an artist/photographer, so ofc she is going to document her ups and downs. seems to me like a healthy way to deal with loss and seems like things are getting better for her as seen in picrel

No. 902030

Any basis whatsoever for calling her an anachan or is it board culture to say that about any woman whose looks you're jealous of?

No. 902050

There were rumors she went to treatment for an ED around the time Mulaney was in rehab for addiction so it's not baseless

No. 902053

They think it’s an insult to call any slim woman anorexic when all it does is reveal that the commenter is fat and insecure. It’s become way more frequent in the last year or so and almost always makes the commenter sound like a seething fatty.

No. 902056

I don’t think it was a serious accusation lol. She’s a little bony and does things that are a bit melodromatic (like her post-divorce anguish pics with the self harm marks), so I think she just reminds people of the pro-ana cows that get posted here.

No. 902058

I read it when I was a little girl because I had an obsession with Wonder Woman and this was in one of those demonoid ebook torrent compilations.
She tried extremely hard to sound quirky and relatable throughout the book, she wouldn't shut up about how much she loves pie. It was the most frequent 'joke' (and I'm being generous) in the book.

No. 902066

OT but you have any of these ebook torrents still around

No. 902069

Sorry anon, I think the website is long since dead and I haven't downloaded anything since 2013.

No. 902100

File: 1630953834297.jpg (32.83 KB, 720x480, sarah.jpg)

Sarah Harding from girls aloud died from breast cancer. rip. I remember her from celebrity big brother, she was kind of a mess on there lmao but she seemed sweet

No. 902116

I remember she had addiction problems and the newspapers were cruel at the time. It was a time when males with addiction issues were babied and pitied and women with any sort of mental health crisis or drug or alcohol problem were just not. The difference was pretty jarring but typical back then.

Similar to how winehouse got it hard til she died and they all changed their tune pretty quick and pretended they loved her the whole time.. Sarah got cancer and they played cover up with cruel articles they made about her. The amount of women who've died an early death and articles were wiped off the net to try and cover tracks. The sun newspaper does it alot.

No. 902155

nta but try zlibrary or libgen?

No. 902182

File: 1630959130173.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1242x1893, 22D674F5-38B7-436A-83A8-29827A…)

Nev Schulman posts heartfelt love message for his wife’s bday, and then attaches sexualized photos of her faceless and pregnant body. Ass and nips hanging out.

Sorry but this is tasteless on many levels. Am I overthinking this?

No. 902188

What am I even looking at? Did she get implants? Why does her chest look so weird?

Also pregnancy sexualizing is so gross. I really wish women would stop trying to shove their tits in everyone's face the second they get pregnant

No. 902194

isn't she the one who was going to have a pregnancy onlyfans? they're both into sexualizing pregnancy, it's sick

No. 902207

File: 1630959966094.jpeg (85.83 KB, 500x385, 0A70248A-88C0-44A9-9B51-E8685E…)

>pregnancy onlyfans

Fucking excuse me??

No. 902215

File: 1630960638268.png (17.37 KB, 642x136, pregnancyonlyfans.PNG)

No. 902283

more of course

No. 902306

It's on zlib; I just started reading it to see if it was as bad as people claimed it was, and Olivia Munn is definitely, without a single doubt, the final boss of pick-mes. Some (most) parts have definitely been ghostwritten by a male writer who's pandering to horny, lonely nerds though.

Some excerpts:

"apart from trying to figure out why the hell some starlet's boobs hang so low, is there a bigger mystery in the universe?"

"To me, vaginas look like messy open-faced Reuben sandwiches: not mine, of course. But, this one looked like that."

"Nerd. Geek. Used to be if you self-identified that way, you'd get thrown into a locker and never have sex. Or worse, whatever that is (have you seen the size of those lockers???). But to me and more and more people I know, being a nerd or a geek means having passion, power, intelligence. Being a nerd just means there is something in the world that you care deeply about, be it twelve-sided dice, a favorite sports team, your new laptop or Knight Rider. And I've always found geeks sexy."

No. 902310

last one:

"I leave my boyfriend on the beach, pretty oblivious to how stupid I was being and how I put both of our lives at risk, and run up the stairs to the nearest room. I strip down and the maid of honor and I jump into the shower and warm up under the single showerhead. Now, I don't know who initiated what or how it started, but next thing I know, I'm kissing her in the shower with the water falling on top of us. I know! I had never, ever, ever kissed a girl or even come close to that. This was my first brush with a lesbian experience ever. Need a minute? Okay, I'll continue.
We're in the shower kissing and making out. At one point I put my hands on her chest to feel her breasts. She was a gorgeous girl with a great body, but she was really flat-chested. Which actually might have worked out in my favor. I started to feel her up and thought to myself as I touched her breasts,
"she's like a boy". Not in a bad way at all, because remember she was a gorgeous girl. Just that she had very small breasts. And since I'm not a lesbian (and I'm pretty sure she isn't either) in that moment it was kind of comforting to find something familiar in this very notfamiliar situation.

I'm sorry to have to tell you that my first lesbian foray ended quickly after we knocked over a
champagne bottle that was sitting on a shelf in the shower, brought in, I'm assuming, for Olivia's First Gay Night of Fun. After it shattered all over the shower floor, we had to leave. How we were able to do that without cutting our feet wide
open? I can only guess that it was the power of same-sex love that carried me over the broken shards of glass.
The last thing I remember is pulling out shorts and a T-shirt for her to wear and saying good night. I don't remember falling asleep or changing into pajamas or anything. My boyfriend said he came in the room right after our shower (oh too slow, sorry!) and helped me into bed. But for some reason, and maybe it was just a dream, I remember things a little
differently. But since I'll never know for sure, let me leave it for you all to decide.
What do you think happened after I made out with the maid of honor, broke a champagne bottle and gave her some dry clothes to wear?

Fell asleep
(x) Went to her room to finish what we started
(x) Had an orgy with her husband and my boyfriend
(x) Went back to the ocean and almost drowned again

Maybe one day I'll tell everyone what I think really happened. Maybe I'll put it in the next book. To be continued!"

No. 902312

i want to be a fly on the wall when john reads this book and realise what a mistake he made, kek.

No. 902332

File: 1630969897421.png (1.1 MB, 826x779, 79641322314.png)

hanging out with a rapist and his apologist… what the fuck rihanna.

No. 902342

File: 1630971200434.jpeg (63.03 KB, 1200x797, 2C4EC82D-36F2-4844-B346-659D45…)

Jeeeeesus Christ this is bad. I’ve never read such a sterile “sex scene” in my life

No. 902347

File: 1630971572503.png (1.64 MB, 1503x879, 991CDDED-B1CA-4D68-8C09-B3CE88…)

Iggy’s body pisses me off she should have never got a BBL. her torso is ridiculously long and the BBL makes her legs look short n stumpy.

No. 902350

that arse is a nightmare

No. 902353

That looks fucking awful, she shouldn't have gotten the boob job either. Her normal body was cute and unique (for a celeb), and it looked like she got it from hard work and exercise.

No. 902355

She looks like Jerma made her in the sims

No. 902356

this is beyond cringey kek. It’s crazy that she’s desperate enough for attention to put out this weird softcore fanservice shit. She must really need those obese-nerd-at-comic-con photo op bucks.

No. 902362

She looks like a tube of tooth paste when you squeeze it from the middle up and not the bottom up.

No. 902364

This makes me feel better about my ass, thanks I-G-G-Y

No. 902378

Everything about this screams male male male. She really is the ultimate pick me

No. 902388

Now I want to read this trainwreck, but I'm not sure I can get through it without retching in the grip of my own constant laughter

No. 902390

it's pretty funny. they were like hmm, who would do the best job ghostwriting a book for horny neckbeards….I know! a horny neckbeard!

No. 902393

he will never not give me "gay bestie" vibes with his own wife

No. 902395

I think Nev gives everyone gay vibes tbh.

No. 902427

Riri do fucking better and get in the studio.

No. 902499

The two of them have both been so cringe-y and overly sexualized on social media for years. Big yikes

No. 902512

File: 1630989856673.gif (2.65 MB, 480x270, rentfree.gif)


I agree.
The dance scenes from the "Work" music video live rent free in my head.

No. 902527

File: 1630992311608.jpeg (1 MB, 960x1510, C59FF2B1-3AB0-41A4-BCA9-9C3C8A…)

Natalia Kills finally got her redemption arc. I knew she was always innocent and the X-factor incident was staged.

No. 902530

it wasn't an accident. she's a cunt and will remain cancelled.

there have been many blinds about how rihanna can't sign anymore, that is why she isn't releasing anything new.

No. 902533

She's not "un-canceled" just because she said she is (tbh I don't even think she's cancelled anymore, just irrelevant). With that being said, her songs will always be bangers.

No. 902535

Looks like a big loaded diaper is inside of her body. Surgeons needs to be jailed for feeding into people's insecurities just like they do with troons. It shouldn't be allowed unless it's for health because what the fuck is that creature.

No. 902538

I literally went and rewatched the video right after my comment kek her stomach is amazing

No. 902542

X-factor is fake as fuck and like all reality TV shows they thrive off drama. It’s no brainer the execs asked her to be more “bitchy”. NDAs are a bitch and she’ll never be able to share her full story.

No. 902598

what exactly is olivia munn famous for?

No. 902600

could she ever sing?

No. 902611

She's the original fake geek girl.

No. 902626

File: 1631009650959.webm (2.66 MB, 540x960, 5be4a8c8-48f9-44e5-a2a8-7ac0ab…)

there's a podcast called 'celebrity memoir book club' and it's two female comedians going over celebrity books and making fun of them. they just did olivia's book. if you want a tl;dr instead of reading it yourself:

they have also been speculating that olivia might be pregnant since may/june this year because it was a rumor in the new york comedian circle.

No. 902627

nicki, rihanna, and asap rocky. The 2010 has been cokeheads all in one photo. All these people are desperately trying to stay relevant and it's cringe. Big boomer energy.

No. 902628

Who said they weren’t beautiful? Delicate =/= beautiful. One can be beautiful but not “delicate”. It’s not racebaiting when it’s about wordage idiot.

No. 902637

>comparing a woman with small boobs to a man because your brain is so rotted by pickme-isms
>‘notfamiliar’ instead of fucking ‘unfamiliar’
disgusting truly

No. 902654

Why are you still coping about this? They have naturally soft, delicate/rounded features both facially and bodily. Meryl Streep's features are harder and more angular, but she's still beautiful and considered delicate, so I'm not sure what your problem is, besides "muh image!! too much sex!!", which means nothing when we're talking about actual looks.
Also, it's racebaiting because you brought up race randomly when no one mentioned it. Shows where your head is at. Keep backpedaling, though, dumbass.

No. 902658

God their accents are insufferable.

No. 902690

That ass is fucking tragic.

She did this YouTube video recently and as much as I went into it wanting to hate her, I actually found her kind of adorable. There’s the usual out of touch celebrity stuff but she seems, idk, more playful I guess than most other female celebs. Not as far up her own ass. Plus I like that she was honest and they joked around about needing her makeup artist’s help because she couldn’t do it herself lol

No. 902691

didn't this chick try to fuck nick mullen?

No. 902741

File: 1631024383065.jpeg (442.14 KB, 750x737, 36B75D1B-51C9-4B0D-ABF3-C6371D…)

This is probably a new album cover for Azealia Banks.

No. 902755

what, really? how terrible. the concept is fine though but the execution is not

No. 902756

Ngl, it doesn't look great. Maybe it's not finished or something?

No. 902782

its just for the single

No. 902848

File: 1631029798878.png (318.7 KB, 932x1656, ab-spider.png)

She should hire someone to clean it up, even LDR's new album (?) cover was less shitty.
I liked the spider concept. It may be related to the recent threats to Toyota AE-86, because why would AB not milk the shit out of this fake beef?

No. 902853

nta but i don't see how their bodies are "delicate" even outside of sexual contexts. a delicate body is more weak/small/scrawny looking

No. 902938

An Amazon review from an actual Munn fan.
“As a nerdy half-Asian girl growing up, I could definitely sympathize with her childhood stories. Eventually, like her, I grew out of my awkwardness (sometime around college, yeah I was a late bloomer). I modeled in college and enjoyed the brief satisfaction of showing all the bullies I grew up with that I in fact had turned out well, but I didn't build my identity around it.

But something about the countless photos of her dressed in Comic-Con costumes, stories about being hit on by various men, and dating tips seemed like she was overcompensating. As if she were trying to prove that she's the cool, funny, hot girl who's low maintenance and who will dress up in a French maid costume and jump into a huge pie. But then she complains about it after, which is kind of annoying. It kind of seems like she parades around dressed as various spandex-clad superhedoes, but then balks when people treat her like a girl who dresses as scantily dressed superheroes…

The other strange thing about this book was that it was weirdly organized. There was a sad story about losing her grandmother and regretting not doing CPR that showed a lot of vulnerability to tell, but it was immediately followed by an essay that was a hollow attempt at comedy. This book really jumps around. It tries to be a memoir at times and a comedy at others, but never really finds its identity. I was disappointed.”

No. 902944

agreed nonettes. never liked her music but i thought she was beautiful before surgery. i liked her unique look and that long torso/flat stomach shape is really pretty and graceful imo

No. 902946

what kind of burger accent is that, it's like a knife to the earhole

No. 902966

As in feminine, soft, not muscular/hard-edged, etc. Like, I don't think "This looks strong and powerful and brawny, you know they can fight with this body" in any context when I see either of them, and I'd be kind of confused if others claimed they did.

No. 902989

She looks ashy

No. 902995

she is

No. 903018

Sage but yeah mulaney is an idiot for falling for this kind of desperate individual.

“She tells a story some sleazy "show biz guy" eating at a restaurant and how badly he is treating one of the girls at his table (which I feel I should point out Olivia is also sitting at.)
This girl/struggling actress (Stacy I'll call her) is implied to be sleeping with sleazy guy, in exchange for a part or something. Olivia eventually has had enough with the man's horrible insults to this poor girl and puts her foot down…by calling Stacy out on her submissive behavior.

"Why do you to let him talk to you like that?" to which sleazy guy smirks and responds with "Yea, why do you let me talk to you like that?"

The witless banter goes on until Stacy demands money from the sleazy guy to get her car from the vallet. She states that she doesn't have to take this kind of abuse as she went to an Ivy League school. Munn then describes the community college bumper sticker on Stacy's car while lamenting "Oh honey…"

Two things that stuck out at me from this story:

1. WTF? Olivia attacks this girl for her doormat behavior, when she should be attacking the douchebag guy on his douchebag behavior. Also why is she eating at the table of a man like this? Is it possible Olivia Munn could ALSO be fishing for a role?

2. Munn really shows how horrible of a human being she can be. She backs Stacy into a corner and gets her angry enough to leave the restaurant, effectively removing some of her competition so she can suck up to this guy (just like everyone else) and probably be first in line for his casting couch.
To be fair, I have no problems with anyone doing what they need to do to get ahead in show business. (So long as they aren't killing anyone). What bothers me is Munn's "holier than thou" act through the entire book. She's been on a few shows notably Attack of the Show and got a lot of nerd followers that has apparently gone to her head. She's not that good of an actress, she's cute but cute girls are a dime a dozen.

I honestly liked Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show only to find out that that Olivia is just a character she played. This book is the true Olivia Munn. A narcissistic, manipulative, and entitled self-proclaimed Queen of the Geeks . But then again Olivia would probably lump me in with "all the people who were mean to me" and diss me for not having a "sweet book deal" as she points out in her dedication page.

Pros: The book sits next to my fire-pit and the pages make excellent kindling.”

No. 903030

File: 1631037882065.jpg (44.17 KB, 500x620, 1582911447083.jpg)

>Toyota AE-86

No. 903135

File: 1631042913941.jpg (69.87 KB, 490x683, blogs-the-q-olivia1.jpg)

Olivia Munn has always been ugly, yet she's shilled as attractive

No. 903177

I disagree, but I will say she was repeatedly shilled to nerds as ~teh dorky hOt cHiCk~ at the start of her career. That notoriety is so overblown and I think she's overvalued as an actress. Did you mean to post this in a different thread, anon?

No. 903202

She's got that moon face, plastic, dead eye look but I suppose people love that kek
Also, how is she a geek. Or a nerd. She looks like an insta thot

No. 903213

Someone please post those pathetic sexts Olivia Munn sent Chris Pine. I remember that she made it into a collage with greasy pics of herself, it was pickmeism at it's finest and it got leaked. She's honestly a bottom dweller

No. 903234

File: 1631045728941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.24 KB, 800x450, c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_…)

No. 903247

she was pretty before the ps and now she looks like every other instathot

No. 903423

Ew that’s actually revolting. She’s such a pickme that she lets guys strangle her and fuck her asshole.

No. 903488

File: 1631054494741.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.92 KB, 557x457, D0426C75-E5EC-4470-AF55-F4AA85…)

No. 903490

File: 1631054706392.jpeg (156.82 KB, 828x612, 85DA6A58-0CA0-4EF2-B33C-5E41AB…)

She should’ve gone for Army Hammer or Marlyn Manson

No. 903502

File: 1631055134736.jpg (21.84 KB, 450x450, 132329897492.jpg)

No. 903518

As a man this doesn't arouse me at all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 903525

Kek my favorite part is
>striped just for you
What did she mean by this and why did she think it was sexy to point it out?

No. 903527

File: 1631056335432.gif (25.11 KB, 128x128, blamblam.gif)

>As a man

No. 903529

she has a weirdly poor understanding of what's sexy. Like she goes to cvs and reads all the flavor text on the lube bottles for inspiration.

No. 903571

The sheer visceral secondhand embarrassment I feel every time I'm reminded these pics exist, fucking hell. I physically cringe, my shoulders are up around my ears rn.

No. 903610

This is so embarrassing, i would just kermit if i was her

No. 903615

File: 1631061721102.jpeg (657.07 KB, 1242x970, B1C86847-F20C-4BE6-B617-70AAEA…)

She really needs to shut the fuck up already

No. 903623

File: 1631062553855.jpg (136.58 KB, 1200x1200, E-eq9ZiXIAEsJCb.jpg)

It's so weird, it felt like lana was artistically maturing in a good way until right after NFR, and then everything fell off a cliff. Now she's posting this I'm-feeling-so-attacked-right-now shit constantly and dressing/editing herself in this unflattering, overly young way. I'm generally so curious about what the hell happened in her life to make her make these regrettable choices.

No. 903624

she's shaped like a square

No. 903632

File: 1631062983833.webm (17.46 MB, 1152x648, 10000000_591585838862990_86892…)

Kylie announced her pregnancy with Tyga

No. 903635

Nothing happened in her life other than a need for attention; a need that she fulfilled by pedo-pandering to gross men. She's still trying to be a lolita figure even though she's pushing 40.

No. 903658

He is, no doubt but OP was straight up schizoposting in her post.

No. 903660

It's just weird because she dropped the pedo shit for a few albums and then suddenly went back to it, when she could have just stayed the course and been at approximately the right maturity level for her age. The frequent and abrupt style changes as of late and the rapid weight gain make me feel like something is going on behind the scenes.

No. 903663

You realize like three different people are replying to you, right kek? The point was delicate means something and neither women are delicate. They are beautiful, i didn’t say they weren’t, but delicate wouldn’t be a word to describe them.

No. 903670

what’s going on is her coping. she can no longer rely on and get away with the things she did that got her famous a decade ago. if she was smart she couldve turned into a cut-rate tori amos or even kate bush but instead wants to play uwu victim over her own dumb insta posts kek

No. 903674

File: 1631066365017.jpeg (103.13 KB, 849x1024, C9AD5DD9-7B14-430C-98D1-0DC26F…)

We did it nonnies!!!

No. 903675

>The frequent and abrupt style changes
That’s what happens when you build an entire image around something you self-admittedly based off of a scrote liking and not your personal interests

No. 903703

I'm so happy for her

No. 903706


No. 903714

I feel happy so far but something gives me a bad feeling. Like he just agreed to end it in order to not have anything further investigated so he can get away with whatever he's done.

No. 903716

Noooo! I fucking meant Travis Scott. This is what I get for posting when the edible hits.

No. 903727

Well, it’s good to know what Mulaney is probably into.

No. 903761

File: 1631079293958.jpeg (508.49 KB, 828x1337, CC389759-84A4-4BB0-8C95-92219B…)

wuh oh

No. 903767

File: 1631080052030.jpg (26.93 KB, 982x726, newFile-1.jpg)

It's the fucking unnecessary arrows that's killing me

No. 903770

Poor kid.

No. 903790

While married to Anna, a chunk of his comedy consisted of how much he didn't want kids. Amazing

No. 903791

I know it's a mistake to trust male comedians (or any famous male) but damn I can't believe he's done this

No. 903797

File: 1631083421260.gif (758.04 KB, 498x247, hercules-hades.gif)


No. 903800

she went to rehab bout 18 years ago. theres an aa reference in here that makes me think shes thanking them. but she started drinking again after NFR and i think that explains the artistic vision loss and maybe weight

No. 903805

It’s the same porn shit every man is into when they’re horny and brain dead lol, the graphic design is weird but it’s direct and on top of reference material so idk consider the audience

No. 903809

His new special is called "From Scratch". I'm putting money on him blaming Anna on his relapsing and believing that uprooting his entire life will change his way. Sort of like how some couples have babies to save their marriage.

The only part I feel really bad about is him going on national television to say 'this woman I met six months ago helped me so much more than my [ex]wife of 7+ years with my addiction." Really awful.

No. 903810

I wonder if he’s going to lose tons of followers and if his ex wife will gain them. That’s pretty fucking evil and I want to see how this plays out, he abused a lot of women’s trust. That kid is going to hate their dad lmao, Olivia has always been ugly and lame and there are actually beautiful and talented Asian/half Asian women that should have been given roles instead of her. It makes me think she was insulting that girl in the story because she had to sleep with men for roles. They deserve each other and I wonder if the kid was her way to trap him, why not abort

No. 903812

Frankly this is disgusting. Can we admit that uggo insecure softboys are the literal worst? Obviously an aging Olivia Munn wanted to bag the first idiot she could since she's old and needs her Hollywood baby, of course. It's hilariously transparent and their relationship is comical. But he's a man, he'll come back from this. But please….karma.

No. 903813

I wonder if he’s going to lose tons of followers and if his ex wife will gain them

Not in this clown world. Not a chance

No. 903820

This actually makes me feel really bad for his ex wife. I mean, I imagine she didn’t want kids either, but this is still humiliating, especially considering how much of a pick me Olivia Munn is. Really rubbing salt in the wound. I wonder how this whole relationship is gonna play out, I morbidly wanted to see it crash and burn but now there’s a kid involved. I thought it was just Mulaney being a horny scrote.

No. 903822

There's no way he won't relapse after that child is born. Jumping into a relationship straight outta rehab and knocking her up almost immediately is an insanely retarded.

No. 903825

Same. I feel bad for the kid for having a horny scrote and a pick me mother as parents and I doubt that their relationship is going to last long. Idk something about this just doesn't scream love to me lol.

No. 903827

Good job Olivia, you baby trapped a fresh out of rehab, freshly divorced scrote. And he must have knocked her up real soon after they met too, what a slap in the face for his ex. I bet it was an “accident” and since they met at church she used religion as an excuse to get him to keep the baby

No. 903829

Especially since he's made it brutally clear he doesn't want children. Yet no article mentions this of course. Why are men allowed to just do fucking anything??

No. 903830

I believe she did want kids, but Mulaney did not and she sacrificed that for him once they agreed to be cf. Classic scrote move on his part.

No. 903831

That's so fucked up but at least she's not with this idiot anymore. I hope she finds happiness with someone else.

No. 903833

What makes you think she wanted kids?

No. 903869

Bump for gore. DON'T SCROLL DOWN

No. 903874

really? where'd you get that?

No. 903879

where? i dont see any

No. 903881

honestly i feel so fuckin bad for his ex wife. i'd off myself

No. 903918

I feel the opposite, I think she dodged a bullet. she deserves better.

No. 903925

She said so a while ago, I don't think or care about either of them

No. 903973

File: 1631103327679.jpg (49.86 KB, 750x750, ryan.jpg)

Olivia is 41 and John has tainted sperm from years of addiction. That baby is almost guaranteed to be sped kek

No. 903974

File: 1631103634044.jpg (161.95 KB, 1125x892, tumblr_ba15bc39cb2e19514dd3e46…)

John's Tumblr fangirls chiming in. Funny how the points directed at Olivia are super pass-ag and judgemental but the points about him are "well you don't even know him so why are you speaking on his life???" (1/2)

No. 903975

File: 1631103660825.jpg (395.24 KB, 1125x1923, tumblr_26028ea7ace08779249baf9…)

No. 903977

>Feeling personally betrayed that a rich and famous man,…, is acting like a rich and famous man..

I hate scrote apologists. He's a shithead and no amount of money and fame negates that.

No. 903980

I mean, 6 is correct.

No. 903983

File: 1631104824634.png (436.38 KB, 739x487, anotherfatherlesschild.PNG)

Annnnd we can't forget stan twitter

No. 903986

i feel so sorry for his ex wife, i hope she's doing well with her vintage business.

No. 903989

File: 1631105306611.jpg (48.48 KB, 454x279, jm.jpg)

He'll never be a dilf. He's butt ugly and kinda reminds me a bit of Alfred E. Neumann, minus the missing tooth.

No. 903993

People are also saying she got her tubes tied for him. Holy shit. This is a level of betrayal I genuinely cannot comprehend. She better fucking get the dog in the divorce.

No. 904002

honestly how does he feel fine knocking her up after reading those embarrassing text messages to chris pine? i literally don't understand

No. 904003

Don't worry anon, reality's gonna kick in once he hears his baby's first cry. If they're still together by then.

No. 904006

I hope olivia cheated and that this kid is not his

No. 904012

still have no clue who these people are.

No. 904017

Let's not cope, he is atrractive and sucxessfull. But if you're wondering why he went off the rails, the answer is simple: gimme a C, gimme an O, give me the cocaine right now. And the alcohol. Lord knows even my light stonering & occasional drinking of more wine than I shpuld causes friction between me & my partner. It's natural when you're sloppy and they're not that it's an unpleasant experience for them.

I don't even leave the house to drink. Johnny is a party boy. Tbh I'd be in danger of getting strung out if I had the same access to the actual real parties & drugs that he has. And the way that soulless creatures like olivia munn will get somebody drunk, coked out, fluffing them constantly, stalking their media to find out exactly what kond of girl to be to get his attention.

You know in breaking bad when jesse goes to the narcotics anonympus meeting to find addicts to sell drugs to? It's like that. John Mulaney was open about his substance abuse issues, I have no doubt that vile worthless narcissist did everything she could for attention, with no limits of morals or decency. That's how narcissists are.

I'm not absolving him of his part in this, drug abuse is in part a failure of the self & of self-control. But like with Jesse's girlfriend in breaking bad that died, it's way harder for two codependent people to mutually quit, since one backsliding sucks down the other. And that's not even considering a genuine nutbar psychopath like Munn being in the mix and I don't doubt doing everything possible to fuck up his life because she wanted her piece of it.

No. 904018

File: 1631108031117.gif (880.95 KB, 500x260, 40FFB878-13E6-4DDE-AED1-80457A…)

Speaking of, I wonder what his thoughts are on this whole situation.

No. 904019

Try google

No. 904021

File: 1631108218717.jpg (741.85 KB, 1440x1763, Screenshot_20210908-213503_Chr…)

For real, how does this ugly scrote have fangirls? He looks like a mix between French Stewart and Sid from Ice Age.

No. 904022

>Let's not cope, he is atrractive

Anon please raise your standards.

No. 904027

If that's true, he's evil. He should get a fucking charge for that.

No. 904030

I kinda wish harm on him at this point.

No. 904032

He has the gayest phenotype I’ve ever seen. How the fuck did he manage to have sex with multiple women. Guy looks like every musical theater guy I knew in high school but gone all leathery with age.

No. 904035

Who else here wouldn't be entirely shocked if he's convinced his ex to get an abortion in the past? Wouldn't be shocked at all.

No. 904036

He looks like he just got off the boat after surviving the potato famine kek

No. 904037

File: 1631108948959.jpeg (372.8 KB, 2048x2048, 41BFB12E-3E92-4326-91DE-077F13…)

What is with celebrities and having the exact same nose job? Both have that little buttcrack on the tip of the nose. Is it to make it look more natural? And why are the doctors destroying their nose bridges? I wonder if they all go to the same doctor.

No. 904039

What annoys me more is the lack of a nose bridge when you look at it from the front. As if someone took a chunk out of it. I hate their nose jobs. I mean it's obvious but no natural nose looks like that and whoever did theirs should be fired.

No. 904041

stormiiii is so grown up oh my god, she's so cute

No. 904045

>Bella Hadid (b. 9th October 1996)
Why would you ever willingly do this to yourself. She looks like a rough 40.

No. 904054

That weird effect on the tip is called "pinched nose", it happens when the surgeon is a hack. Both their noses also feature an inverted V deformity which is causing the tip to droop lower and lower. Most "Beverly Hills surgeons" are overpriced hacks.

No. 904055

File: 1631109703057.jpg (48.63 KB, 540x534, 171b5e9792456f2a6bf48446d9af4e…)

Bella's first nose job was a lot more natural looking but she got a second one. It's like a nose can not get thin enough for these people. I also suspect that she gets fillers on her nose to remedy the collapsed bridge look now, the irony.

No. 904059

I don't think her hooked nose was bad at all but she should've just gotten the bridge straightened out instead of making it look like a ski slope. How can someone be born into wealth and still not be competent enough to find a proper surgeon?

No. 904066

nose jobs are always mental illness. always.

No. 904069

Happy for her but Kris looked like she was trying hard to pretend like she was surprised or excited, kek.

No. 904074

Girls with poor self esteem somehow project that an ugly man in Hollywood is more attainable. Its like how Niall from One Direction had fan girls. People are hedging their bets.

No. 904075

Tall and white. That’s literally all it takes.

No. 904076

He looks tall. Something about his proportions make him seem taller than he actually is. He's only 6'0/183cm.

No. 904077

I know they have met and had photos together but I feel like Carla Bruni must laugh to herself about Bella wanting to be her clone.
I wonder how many times Bella's plastic surgeon has been shown Carla's pictures, kek.

No. 904084

Nigel isn't phoning you back, nigger(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 904086

File: 1631111582730.jpg (23.46 KB, 620x310, 51b73617e4b0de6db975c1cf.jpg)

Carla Bruni is also made from plastic (We've even nicknamed her "Terminator" here in Baguette-land, when her manlet was still President) and looks like some kind of Wildenstein monster these days (picrel)

No. 904087

Agreed, any kind of plastic surgery that isn't medically necessary is mental illness.
I hate that so many women fall into that trap, especially with the nose jobs. I love unique shaped noses, everyone goes and gets the same damn nose

No. 904089

ot but would you truly say the same thing to people with really unconventional features? stuff like recessed chins or odd bone structure which is never seen in media or on most people really

No. 904091

Yes absolutely! I love chin dimples, "weak" jaws, anything unusual. I think thats what makes us human.

No. 904093

I bet this bitch >>904087 has sperged about cows here to get plastic surgery to fix their ugly features kek

No. 904098

if she got her tubes tied but he didn't get a vasectomy, how does it follow that she actually wanted kids the whole time but ~sacrificed~ for him?

No. 904101

NTA, but did your "tradthot radfem" Twitter get suspended, kek? Can you go back?
The scrote is ugly, and that is a fact.

No. 904110

i agree but i think its much harder for those people to accept themselves due to the unconventionality

No. 904112

I actually enjoy when she does vids with Trixie. She comes off as a normal person.

No. 904137

uh what??

No. 904141

Get over yourself weird ass fucking bitch.

No. 904144

File: 1631115914149.gif (927.87 KB, 498x312, 1977A44B-3B57-4E55-BFDF-2F21E9…)

Anon come on don’t bring Niall into this, he’s chill

No. 904170

File: 1631117497556.jpeg (116.02 KB, 750x551, FA68FC01-5BCE-4504-9061-9A3B5C…)

In a way I kind of agree with #2, but in a much more nihilistic sense that anyone who knows anything about the celebrity gossip trough should be aware that celebrity men ain't shit. the moment they gain a-list status they gain a sense of inflated untouchability.

fans can still like the guys work or (questionably) be attracted to him, they just need to have the understanding without delusion that he's a celeb scrote and that makes him a pos.

No. 904171

Ariana Grande's brother covering one of her songs. This is seriously so creepy

No. 904206

File: 1631120332187.jpeg (388.94 KB, 750x788, E6961B8B-BD39-4415-AD78-2491B1…)

speaking of irrelevant celebrity siblings named Frankie — Frankie Jonas apparently got a bunch of TikTokers (and Suni Lee) to pose with his church of scientology necklace and take pics. the original tiktok has since been deleted but people have saved and reposted it.



No. 904240

File: 1631122966761.png (1.78 MB, 1678x1086, healingcookietrauma.png)

>>904171 Her brother creeps me out so fucking much. Gives me major skinwalker vibes, kinda surprised he hasn't trooned out (that we know of).

Also sorry if picrel was posted already but I randomly found this one some weird instagram page for a TCM spa in LA and had a good chuckle. At least she's taking a bath, sort of. Themi still needs to be added to the stinky celeb list, though. I feel like you can smell every picture of her.

No. 904491

Seems like he went to a party and just asked for pictures. Stupid way to promote scientology tbh(namefagging)

No. 904517

File: 1631134798506.png (20.58 KB, 699x303, lol.png)

lmao the comments.

also his ears are unnaturally pointy, I wonder if he got them done surgically

No. 904549

I’m white, and you don’t think tall white guys get a pass for their ugly features and shit personalities?

No. 904553

File: 1631136574971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 628.26 KB, 2048x2048, 78821450-24B8-4C3C-9594-6CC766…)

Did you guys see Chloe’s album art for Have Mercy?

No. 904558

I know celebrities wear weird outfits all the time, but this doesn't look good.

No. 904567

Chloe, my beloved, this looks kinda cheap. Appreciate it doesn't seem photoshopped and you can see her stretch marks

No. 904580

The construction on that jacket is terrible. I have no idea what she’s trying to sell here but I’m not buying

No. 904584

Aside from Cookie Monster's hand crawling out of her ass, I really like this. It reminds me of the early 2000's era R&B album covers.
The outfit really doesn't match, but I appreciate the cut of the outfit and the jeans without the thong look - the belt on waist is cute though.

No. 904605

It sounds made up, there's no reason she'd have a tubal litigation for him, sounds like she very much did not want kids.

No. 904646

File: 1631141589152.jpeg (428.14 KB, 750x915, 4BFDD3C2-501B-4BEA-A620-F9B9F6…)

he’s such a scrote
>During a Tuesday appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Mulaney, 39, announced his exciting baby news and told host Seth Meyers he credits Munn, 41, and his unborn child for "saving him."

No. 904665

File: 1631142511668.jpeg (534.37 KB, 750x1059, F32D82D4-5C55-404F-9168-53265D…)

I remember her posting picrel on instagram not long after they broke up. It was discussed briefly in an earlier thread, but I can’t remember whether people decided if it seemed positive or negative. It always read very sad to me because of the empty bunk beds, but I guess it depends on your interpretation.

No. 904666

File: 1631142541808.jpg (26.92 KB, 425x470, bella2011.jpg)

Not sure if unpopular opinion, but to this day I think that Bella's original face had really pretty features and if only she left it alone, by now she would've grown into a beautiful woman. But I get that with a mother like Yolanda, she never really stood a chance.

No. 904671

what race is olivia munn? why does she look so racially ambiguous

No. 904676

what's ironic is that her old face aligns better with what's currently popular, while her unnatural plastic surgery cat face is starting to look pretty dated. It'll be pretty wild if she starts getting work done to look more like her original self, I wonder how widespread that's going to be among the filler abuse bunch.

No. 904677

>her old face aligns better with what's currently popular

No. 904678

she’s ethnically half white/half chinese but she’s had a lot of work done

No. 904679

Thicker lips and a more natural look.

No. 904681

just in the sense that the more babyfaced y2k look is back, while the overly hollowed out instathot style is dying fast

No. 904682

I think anon means that PS is so prevalent with celebs that it goes through trends and her current face is "going out of style"

No. 904685

File: 1631143626904.jpeg (54.44 KB, 749x319, C7DCC2B9-65E6-4A30-9D59-78723C…)

Based on her statement after the divorce, I’d say negative. It sounds like he blindsided her.

No. 904688

this is why you should never take any type of semi-permanent or permanent birth control for a man, whether it's pills, IUD, rod, tubes tied, whatever. he's going to say how much he doesn't want kids and you're going to make yourself unable to have them for him… and then as soon as he knocks up someone else it's a blessing kek

No. 904694

Whoops sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my post. I wasn’t talking about the divorce in general, I meant it was kind of up in the air wrt whether she viewed her “unconventional motherhood” as a positive or a negative.

No. 904698

Sad to see her hypersexualized.

No. 904758

If you want kids why would you date someone who doesn’t want them?

No. 904766

File: 1631150752082.jpeg (421.68 KB, 750x507, 5DCDE737-BF47-4DF8-AEEF-9AA05F…)

sage for incoming blog but this is from 2014. She looks so sweet and fresh faced and probably wouldn’t look much different today without the ps. But I have a similar face shape to her and knowing what thoughts I had about my appearance at 17 + the fact that her two major female role models (mom and big sister) are models, I can see why she went the ps route.

No. 904771

fuck off scrote. also mens definition of "not wanting kids" is slippery at best… they don't want them, until they suddenly do.

No. 904784

File: 1631153282052.png (1.1 MB, 1068x1038, Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 10.0…)

Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant too.. does anyone still care about her?

No. 904787

She burned out quick. She was huge in 2012-2017

No. 904791

she was assumed to be a Weinstein girl so her career dissolved after he was implicated I guess

No. 904794

Makes sense she did that horrible mother film and immediately stopped being Hollywood darling, I think she slept with Weinstein for that Oscar.

No. 904798

Video is absolute trash but song is not that bad. Chorus and outro sound nice.

No. 904805

I know everyone shits on her body but god if she stopped trying to dress like a 17 year old and wore clothes flattering to her age and body (and in the proper size) she'd look fine. Please lana just buy some reformation dresses and stop with whatever this look is

No. 904806

Why does she lip sync so bad? Has this always been a thing? Never been a Lana fan really

No. 904808

honestly she dresses like she shops off the forever21 clearance rack. she hasn’t seemed right since she dated that cop kek.

No. 904815

I feel like she threw out everything aesthetically that people loved her for

No. 904823

File: 1631161587349.jpeg (559.86 KB, 1280x1920, qNpGASTo (1).jpeg)

the styling on this is awful but feminine dresses with this type of silhouette suit her so much more than whatever the hell sort of 1996 cosplay she's attempting. it just seems like she's desperately trying to cling to her youth and it's sad

No. 904836

File: 1631163687259.jpeg (38.3 KB, 468x666, Web capture_9-9-2021_13140_www…)

I like Lana but this MV is cheap and cringey and not in the charming way.
Song is meh, kind of boring for me. I'm not keen on that country twang she's started to use. Spanish sounding brass on the outro sounded cool, not sure about the hip hop beat though.
I wish she would put down the bottle/junk fod and stop ballooning up. She doesn't look that happy or healthy. At least she has tits now though I guess, kek.

No. 904845

He said that? Wtf. It's not a womans fucking job to save a man. And if he's making it a woman's job, I bet he will blame Olivia once he relapses again

No. 904848

File: 1631165631479.gif (315.86 KB, 220x182, смех-дедсмеёться.gif)

underrated comment

No. 904855

>‘this woman I met six months ago’
Actually not the case anon. They met at a wedding back in 2015/16 (Anna was there with him) and Olivia did an interview sometime between then and now where she talked about how she was “obsessed with him” and spammed his personal email and never got a response. Begging a married man for attention - classy.
Tinfoil time: they were fucking for who knows how long before John went to rehab. She gives him all the adoration and ego stroking that his bitch wife doesn’t, because she’s not a pathetic pickme.
Anna finds out about the affair, flips her shit, and John blames it on the drugs, because he’s using again (if he ever actually stopped in the first place).
He swears he’ll get help and once he’s clean they’ll get marriage counselling. Anna agrees to stick around but doesn’t go soft on him.
He keeps talking to Olivia in rehab, who instead coddles him about how he’s a victim and Anna doesn’t understand him or some shit like that. Once he’s out and realises he has consequences and personal growth waiting for him at home, he drops Anna and shacks up with the desperate pickme who doesn’t care that he’s a useless coke addict.
But that’s just a theory.

No. 904856

good theory, anon.

No. 904858

sounds pretty spot-on for an addict scrote honestly

No. 904859

It's like she's cosplaying as her own fans circa 2015. It'd be better if she stopped trying to give "I'm a lost little girl nymphet and I'm waiting in the motel room my bad boy bf is hiding her in". It just doesn't look good.

No. 904872

File: 1631170059020.jpg (89.28 KB, 746x1062, iy8kidn1h6s31.jpg)

Lana isn't trying to be a nymphet, probably just following the Y2K revival trend. Which is a problem in itself because she had her own style (as a popstar). I agree it doesn't fit her though, she looks perfect in dresses so idk why is she doing this to herself

No. 904873

Lyrically and poetically this song is leagues above anything currently popular right now honestly, Lana always kills it with metaphors and lyrical tempo/timing
But would it kill her to put on an outfit worthy of a music vid??Something about this abrupt clothing style change HAS to be intentional. With the right team she can look so much better, this is a choice

No. 904874

She's massive, wtf. I'll never understand why celebs let themselves turn into hamplanets instead of hiring a personal trainer or chef. Lardy del Rey

No. 904882

File: 1631170886286.jpg (59.96 KB, 382x594, lanadelreylanadelreyoutfriends…)

She does look best in short, simple dresses

No. 904895

Lol, he participated in Big Brother and made a big deal about revealing his ~super big and crazy secret~ about how he was related to her. You could tell none of the other house guests really gave that much of a shit besides a closet homo who was up Frankie's butt the whole time, kek. Vid related. And what's most funny to me is that despite BB shilling Frankie hardcore with clip after clip after clip of him talking, when it came time for America to vote and reveal fan favorite you could see in his face how he thought he was a shoo-in and became visibly disappointed like the self-absorbed brat he is.

No. 904899

>disappointed like the self-absorbed brat he is…
… when he found out he lost. Sorry, long day lol. Here's another clip

No. 904915

It really isn’t abrupt, though. It’s been going on for years now. It’s only more noticeable now because she’s older and has gained weight. She actually needs a new stylist because Johnny Blueeyes just puts in her dated ass shit.

No. 904923

Blegh, there's no way this toad looking mf isn't saying this on purpose to hurt his ex-wife.

No. 904956

he really is one ugly looking man. those eyebags, yikes

No. 904982

File: 1631182308982.jpg (49.23 KB, 564x680, 8971085bd28b8ba9d342f4366fe439…)

Lardy del Rey MY SIDES ANON

No. 905007

This!! Why do drugged up scrotes think they should be making babies when they have degraded sperm?

No. 905061

File: 1631191170292.jpeg (66.19 KB, 1438x1447, 889D87E5-B323-42D9-91A1-4C1BDF…)

I didn't think I could like her more but here we are

No. 905067

LMAOOO she needs to elaborate… or not.. in the off chance she's scheming so we might be spared from any more of his scrotal spouting

No. 905070

what did he do?

No. 905160

Its fake look at the difference in fonts

No. 905181

No. 905200

File: 1631200402193.jpg (76.67 KB, 852x867, jajx4aw0nfm71.jpg)

No. 905203

officially over this junkie bitch

No. 905205

Not everyone wants to be a whore you junkie

No. 905206

We all need to understand she has brain damage.

No. 905207

Same, I felt bad for her after that documentary and the fact she’s fucked up after almost dying but you can’t just keep saying dumb shit, her career is obviously going under so she’s probably gonna start an onlyfans soon to keep her lifestyle

No. 905220

Lmao this dumb bitch triggered af 'cause she knows what I said is true. Seethe harder retard.

No. 905224

nah i don't feel bad for her at all, or any junkie. she especially is just another typical hollywood narcissist, ego inflated to the sky and wants to lower women down to her level… fucking prostitution? really? "do porn"? how pathetic

No. 905246

File: 1631202769616.jpeg (66.85 KB, 1024x1024, D5211A56-EB2F-42D9-AA1F-4E1D15…)

ariana looks more & more asian everyday.
this is her ad for her new beauty line

No. 905261

File: 1631203473414.jpeg (42.48 KB, 600x600, 11CDD162-3A7F-4A8B-B27F-44BCE9…)

She is sooo strange. I miss poot

No. 905268

celebs have all that money and still wear shein garbage

No. 905276

oh fuck off demi

No. 905309

Why does her face look so unusually tight? Wasn't she always a little soft on her face?

No. 905313

File: 1631205416513.jpeg (45.21 KB, 764x430, D5BD8B83-F9CB-4FC0-975B-6BDD58…)

she’s had an absurd amount of work done for her age. i saw a promo for the new season of the voice the other day (which she is apparently on) and she looked like absolute shit.

No. 905323

is it just me or is she doing that comb over thing with her hair to cover her receding hairline more often these days?

No. 905329

The traction alopecia is probably so bad these days that she has to. I've noticed it too.

No. 905347

File: 1631206687589.jpeg (44.22 KB, 409x724, 92EA72C3-EE55-4F68-BEA8-7F3E45…)

Ugh.. I miss her old face tbh. Her nose was cute.

No. 905348

Her face shape is so bizarre

No. 905360

File: 1631207471984.jpg (65.72 KB, 665x592, Screenshot_3.jpg)

I mean seriously, they went really overboard with her cheek fillers

No. 905362

or temple fillers or honestly not sure what it is

No. 905369

Last night aired a Robot chicken parody of Drake and Josh with the actual cast and it aged so poorly. Animation takes forever to make so I get it but holy fuck.

No. 905371

File: 1631208494435.jpeg (100.78 KB, 602x636, E81F65E5-E990-4AEF-A08D-73FB49…)

Holy shit. It’s him

No. 905372

Why would you even watch that shit show?

No. 905373

apologize to gavin rn

No. 905390

Unpopular opinion, but I think it’s going to work out in her favor oddly. Her husband was dead weight and a worthless liar without substance who was bleeding his wife for jokes, and in her photography alone it’s obvious she has real talent and a unique vision. If she’s able to heal and push forward to make space for her own art, she has more than enough trauma she can process through it and could make a very powerful statement. Olivia really has nothing on her. She was a name because nerds thought she was hot, but that is the most fickle pedestal and it’s based on superficiality like age and the shape of her body, both things that this comedian will accelerate through his bullshit and this pregnancy (sorry). Like all narcissistic relationships, Ana did way more for him than he could know and probably did drugs because he couldn’t measure up to her then used that to play victim. He won’t be able to stabilize and his fragile ego had to run to Olivia because of her name and reputation of being obsessed with him. It’s access to fuel and it’s so desperate and depraved that him having to immediately have a baby and put Olivia on a pedestal is so textbook and is to deflect away from his failure as a husband and recovering addict. He could never have kids with Ana because she’s so out of his league and he’s always known it.

I hope she recovers and keeps going with her work. I do think she has an eating disorder but I’m assuming he deflected his loss of control onto her, and I actually appreciate her including that and her self harm in her photography. She has a very unique perspective and experience and I hope she makes a bigger name for herself independently. Olivia is equally desperate going after John while he’s in rehab for facing his inferiority without drugs, she’s like walking drugs for him because of her cognitive dissonance and that’s a comedians fantasy. I don’t think he’s strong enough to make comedy out of that weakness, but him and Olivia are such cliches that the jokes don’t even need to be spoken. They’re only humiliating themselves, Ana is lucky she didn’t have to spend any more of her life on him and that’s the reality of too many men. Olivia’s dream has always been to do something like this, I can’t wait to see how she adapts everything about her to him or gets bored lol.

No. 905391

Sorry didn’t realize the length! I have been needing to say something about that shitshow for a while

No. 905397

this is probably the most empathetic and well-thought-out post a celebricows thread has ever been graced with, kek. i agree though, even big time john stans have expressed disappointment, and I've seen a ton of random 'girl power!' type normies shitting on olivia in the wild due to him rebounding with her, and due to her being such a pick-me. i hope the two of them get their just desserts

No. 905399

holy fuck anon, based

No. 905424

>some cunt gets married to a hollywood "comedian"
>gets exactly what she deserved for being in a marriage like that
>omg muh empathy! based!
jesus christ who cares. why do you pretend celebrities are people in the first place and why do you pretend people getting married to celebrities aren't vapid in one way or another and don't know what they're signing up for

No. 905486

This is a female only board and you still haven’t learned to sage your ignorant watery bullshit.

No. 905488

Is it confirmed that John Mulaney and Olivia Munn actively planned this pregnancy? A lot of the discussion I've seen online is treating it as such but I can't find a source saying that. I found out she froze some eggs a few years ago but she also said that at the time she did it she had a really high egg count so even though she's 41 it's not out of the question that it was unplanned. To me it seems like it was an accident, and her being older (as far as pregnancy goes) and him being a recovering addict they thought it was a good idea to just go with it

No. 905498

They also got together because of church, so obviously they kept the baby

No. 905516

I keep thinking about the juxtaposition of Olivia being a church person and Olivia being the one who made those fucking nude collage thingies

No. 905524

church people are weird ass degenerates. i guess being in a cult rots your brain

No. 905526

i know it's hard for raging autists like yourself to exercise the slightest bit of compassion, but you don't have to embarrass yourself publicly by announcing it to the world. also, sage and dilate

No. 905530

>everyone is a man or a troon but ME ME MEMEMEMEMEM
>only MYYYYYY version of being a compassionate woman is correct
stop being insufferable

No. 905532

>saging on /ot/

No. 905540

dumb newfag

No. 905596


No. 905607

you look stupid

No. 905621

>be kinky

Now I’m wondering what Demi’s kinks are

No. 905640

good take anon. and yeah, i've seen the disappointed mulaney stans too, but sadly also a lot who wants to "separate the art from the artist" (as if 90% of his "art" wasn't speaking about anna on stage, lol). there's also a lot of women leaving comments on anna's instagram, showing general support and interest in her art. i love that so many women are ready to support her work. john will stay famous and keep having fans but it will never be the same kind of fanbase that he worked so hard to gain. he always cared so much about the image he portrayed and now it has all crumbled and he's going to be just another shallow comedian

No. 905661

maybe alok brainwashed her into thinking little girls are kinky

No. 905676

Lol of course this bitch has to specifically state she has a high egg count. If you did, you wouldn't freeze your eggs you fucking parasite. She takes every chance to put herself above other women, she's a fucking misogynist. With her bloated face, shit plastic surgery and attitude she gives me huge Chrissy Teigen vibes….

No. 905682

File: 1631230508232.jpg (191.01 KB, 1280x720, olivia-munn.jpg)

She turned herself into a retarded horse. Although she was nothing special before, a generic bitch who thinks he shit don't stink

No. 905686


No. 905719

Those are two different people and wow one person called another anon compassionate and you make it about yourself yet you deflect that self centered delusion onto someone else because you’re jealous and can’t handle your emotions or let it go, who would think you were a male

No. 905743

File: 1631233374546.png (98.62 KB, 2413x349, Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 5.20…)


Well, this aged milkily.

No. 905784

She looks so much like sunmi now. But they both have botched fillers.

No. 905796


That was a half-lie, too! Technically, they met "AT" a church. At a mutual friends' wedding. As attendees, while he was there with his wife. And then of course Olivia spins it to make it sound like they had a random meet-cute while attending Sunday service together, kek

No. 905809

Wow she's delusional. Still can't get over the fact that all this obsession is for…..John Mulaney? I can't

No. 905871

I hate to be that person but I've only seen bits and pieces of his comedy, can someone fill me in on what makes this such a high level of awful? Am I calculating this right that it means he got her pregnant before him and his ex wife's divorce, or is it because he talked about never wanting kids while with her, or, both I guess?