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File: 1556824942040.png (1.33 MB, 1004x750, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.2…)

No. 405637

Dan Schneider is a 52-year old Nickelodeon Producer who produced the shows All That, The Amanda Show, Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, among others. Allegations of Dan's abusive behavior, ranging from verbal outbursts on set to the grooming and sexual abuse of Nick stars have been accumulating for years. Original conversation started here >>>/ot/404534 but there was a demand for Dan's own thread. This thread is to track Dan's sketchy history, plausible rumors, and anyone else who is suspect and is related to Nickelodeon.
>It is rumored that the dad to Jamie Lynn Spear's baby is Dan Schneider. In 2009, Jamie Lynn's family and friends said they believe that a much older producer who worked on Zoey 101 is the true father.
>Behind the scenes footage of The Amanda Show surfaces. Dan is seen with a young Amanda Bynes in a pool. She is half-naked. It is rumored that Dan abused Amanda, and that he forced her to get an abortion.
>Jennette McCurdy from iCarly opens up about how she was forced into an Eating Disorder because of Nickelodeon's culture.
>Noah Munck from iCarly gives interview where he doesn't deny allegations about Dan, just says he would be devastated if they were true. Confirms Dan has a foot fetish.
>Multiple clips of Dan's blatant foot fetish surface.
>Ariana Grande's family is close to Dan Schneider. It is speculated that she had a lot of sex and did drugs on the set of Victorious, and that her mom told her to sleep with Schneider.
>Every actress but Ariana Grande boycotted Dan receiving Nickelodeon's most prestigious award at the Kid's Choice Awards.
>Nickelodeon fired Dan last year. Dan sells his home, becomes inactive on twitter after accusations of him circulate.
>Actresses such as Alexa Nikolas and Erin Sanders from Zoey 101 are leaving easter eggs about Dan's abuses on their social media, as well as an actor from Henry Danger. Other actors are slowly beginning to step forward. Dan keeps getting away with it is because he blackmailed the head of Viacom. Viacom owns Nickelodeon. It is believed that Dan will be brought down very soon.

No. 405641

In case anyone wants to learn.

No. 405642

File: 1556825580388.jpg (637.75 KB, 1782x1295, 1556588555910.jpg)

Alexa Nikolas, Nicole on Zoey 101, speaks out.

No. 405643

File: 1556825623308.jpg (405.1 KB, 1800x1175, 1556668805851.jpg)

No. 405645

File: 1556825716544.jpg (122.27 KB, 1171x497, 1556668973776.jpg)

No. 405647

Obscure Vine from Jennette McCurdy.

No. 405650

>It is believed that Dan will be brought down very soon
Don't hold your breath. /tv/ has been trying to bring down Dan "don't slouch on the casting couch" Schneider, for a decade or so now. They managed to meme a plane out of the sky in half that time. He's as slippery as an oiled up fat boy in marble floored sauna.

No. 405651

Behind the scenes footage of Victorious. Here are Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies. Ariana says everyone can see her intimate areas at the beginning. The girls become noticeably uncomfortable when they notice Dan is filming them.

No. 405655

They both look like they want to kill themselves honestly

No. 405658

File: 1556827064058.jpeg (383.47 KB, 2929x2929, 450430FD-B671-4CF9-AA3A-AF905C…)

I never know if I should consider this a reach, but it’s unnerving regardless. Also a blind item from Crazy Days & Nights talked about Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy even before she went public about it. It said “they’re lining up boyfriends for her as we speak” to deflect from Dan being the father of the baby. Supposedly Casey is her baby daddy, but her family said Casey and Jamie weren’t even together anymore, and that he had actually cheated on Jamie and knocked up a different girl.

No. 405659

File: 1556827242846.png (475.84 KB, 1162x724, djvgfhdfiueh.png)

No. 405663

Even their nose is identical.

No. 405665

Since people usually talk about the same foot fetish clips like the one where Victoria Justice’s feet are dipped in ketchup, here’s one that isn’t really mentioned where Liz shows feet at the end. It’s just always so weird how forced the feet jokes are. I never found them funny, and others feel the same way. It’s really sad that I have to even say that this is one of the lesser talked about ones because that’s just how many there are.

No. 405666

File: 1556827981799.jpeg (173.77 KB, 1242x823, 3ADEC37C-82BF-49EF-AECD-0BCB11…)

The first fucking comment. This is Dan’s impact.

No. 405667

File: 1556828218938.jpeg (44.19 KB, 280x210, 41FD066C-B87F-42AD-A77D-200016…)

Another lesser talked about one, the “diva” from Drake & Josh who got a lengthy foot massage. Again, just one of the many, many feet scenes.

No. 405668

The first clip with Miranda in the tub..

No. 405669

File: 1556828399194.jpg (1.11 MB, 2322x2547, 1425250606142[1].jpg)

He gives no fucks.

No. 405671

File: 1556828523945.png (661.27 KB, 750x1334, 3C6DC332-ADA6-4221-8520-1832DA…)

The capital letters spell DAN DID IT

No. 405672

File: 1556828815066.jpeg (318.76 KB, 581x903, 7348FC63-1C55-4FEF-A3F1-BE4AFD…)

Posting these from the other thread, a blind item written by the anonymous entertainment lawyer who runs the website Crazy Days & Nights. Whether you believe him or not, this was published two months prior to Nick firing Dan. “The Protector” is Sumner Redstone, head of Viacom. He’s almost 96 years old.. “The Producer” is Dan. They are looking out for one another.

No. 405673

File: 1556828872047.jpeg (283.78 KB, 582x785, B1CCA798-046F-4431-A7D2-7456C0…)

No. 405675

File: 1556828984217.jpeg (211.47 KB, 586x798, 47F999B3-9C6B-47ED-9658-E4D9E9…)

No. 405676

File: 1556829118222.jpeg (467.28 KB, 1080x1847, 788FA39E-7ACC-4009-ABC1-BB6A85…)

Also from the other thread—Jennette starts a YouTube channel, posts video about her eating disorder (which was induced by working with Dan, who encouraged her behavior a long with other Nick employees according to a separate essay she wrote). She hearted this comment.

No. 405677

File: 1556829184569.png (1019.19 KB, 1276x714, gameshakers.png)

I haven't watched Nickelodeon since I was in elementary school so I googled the new shows Dan was working on and he has this one called Game Shakers and decided to google and see if any weird shit was going down on that one as well and not even within 20 seconds I found this one clip where one of the younger male actors in the show peels an orange with his feet and the other kid… smells it? So Dan is still going strong with this whole weird ass foot thing.


No. 405678

No. 405681

File: 1556829688070.jpeg (390.54 KB, 1073x1281, 5BF1749F-A227-42B0-8A9C-2D8844…)

Wtf!? See that’s another thing. Many anons will have a difficult time tracking disturbing clips from his newer shows since we don’t watch them anymore, but they’re still there. You’d think after the warnings he was given by Viacom that Dan would simmer down, especially now that there’s social media and these things can pop up at any time. No fucks given, truly. I don’t know a thing about his new shows but someone said this in a YouTube comment. The actor, Ben, appears to be in his mid 30s so I guess it’s easier for him to try exposing Dan since he’s an older male.

No. 405684

File: 1556829969615.jpeg (464.1 KB, 1800x1235, D54B3DC5-7536-413F-8249-F05685…)

From Henry Danger, Dan is definitely still doing this. The actress massaging feet is a literal child. The replies are all underage kids who don’t know better.

No. 405685

Why is it always shows for girls that get infected with this shit? He even put some ugly fat fuck avatar in there.

No. 405686

It's still possible. It took about 15 years before people collectively called out an open secret industry creep like Vic Mcnognog

No. 405688

To think all this time we’ve been focusing on the old shows, but the new ones are just as creepy.

No. 405689

File: 1556830343810.jpg (3.44 MB, 2000x4795, 937[1].jpg)

No. 405691

thank you for this thread. A few of the videos on youtube that talked about him have actually been removed, so having it all here is great

No. 405692

File: 1556830854173.jpeg (447.58 KB, 1242x524, 90F81BA5-4F41-4F87-8EF8-CD2C63…)

Ah yes, a totally appropriate thing to say!

No. 405695

File: 1556831411287.jpeg (844.46 KB, 1242x1316, 43194437-A0F7-47A4-A3B5-AD31D9…)

Appears to be he same actor, too. He peels the orange with his feet and someone else eats said orange yet again. Even uses his feet to wave hello.

No. 405703

File: 1556831887815.jpeg (326.4 KB, 1800x1060, AB5F49FA-87AD-4587-9C80-88E84F…)

Something that caught me off guard when watching iCarly was hearing them talk about boobs. For me, that was the first time I’d heard a child actor say the word “boobs” so leniently on TV.
These are just a few innuendos from Game Shakers, Dan’s most recent show. They thought it was a good idea to make puns out of “sexual harassment.”

No. 405705

>It's a foot fetishist
Every time!

No. 405716


To be fair, Josh Peck slimmed down as he got taller. He was pretty young here.

No. 405720

Miranda Cosgrove also says "boob" or "boobs" a lot in Drake and Josh.
One thing I remember from my childhood was when in the movie she said something like [about Drake and Josh] "They're a couple of boobs…but they're my boobs". I couldn't find a video of that particular scene, but this one is just an example, and it shows they knew exactly what they were doing.
I'm guessing Cosgrove was groomed for a long time. It's insane how much they let him get away with.

No. 405724

File: 1556832781898.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1530, 6BAB4D5E-19DD-4566-BD9E-CA0019…)

Let me get this straight. He made two “quirky polls!” using the same show asking children if they want to give feet massages to old men? Same shit, different actress.

No. 405728

File: 1556833217262.jpg (157.04 KB, 1078x861, Jfkkfe.jpg)

Not to mention, I feel like the second option is a sly way of asking prepubescent girls if they want to comb and wash a man's junk

No. 405729

I mean there's a whole bunch of jokes like that in Victorious from what I remember, I can't find a clip of it but there was this joke about 'grades' in one episode that goes like

>Someone: How does someone go from an A to a D?

>Jade: Happened to me in the 8th grade.

Here's a list on the Victorious wiki of the innuendos listed by episode

No. 405731

File: 1556833420584.jpg (337 KB, 1068x1283, Wtf.jpg)

Wow so this character "Gooch" literally has a store referencing balls also. Crazy how this was allowed to slide in a children's show

No. 405732

>He's great at keeping secrets, which is good, because there's more to his store than meets the eye
They're not even subtle about it…

No. 405733

Dear god I always felt that Victorious was the worst offender. So hyped-sexualizad, and Schneider made the characters say all these odd compliments to Victoria Justice about her cheek bones every other episode. Also there’s that episode where Ke$ha came out. Poor Ke$ha, this was during her peak where her own producer, Dr. Luke, was raping her. Wouldn’t be surprised if her old producer and Dan are good pals. Also that episode where the cast got high off of eating tacos.

No. 405739

Ngl I posted this without watching the clip. Now that I watched it, well there it is, Kesha complimenting Tori’s cheeks and stroking them. There was always some random character doing that to her, it could be its own compilation. I wonder if “cheeks” was also meant to be an innuendo.

No. 405745

File: 1556834691403.png (840.44 KB, 1384x1396, dan.png)

No. 405751

Yall need glasses lol they don't look alike at all

He is a creep though. Anyways I'ma step back this is for the tinfoilhat chans to decide not me

No. 405753

File: 1556836028468.png (1.88 MB, 2708x894, 24D0DD4A-220B-45C6-AF8E-C538C4…)

This is a better comparison. They weirdly do have like the exact same nose

No. 405754

Uh.. skip past to 1:10 and watch the rest from there. “I can put them into any horrible situation I wish!”

No. 405755

File: 1556836226728.jpeg (50.95 KB, 740x418, 71C9B7BA-5B69-4A32-A6ED-F4DE83…)

same I know he’s a creep but I’m always 50/50 on the baby thing. Here’s a more recent picture of her daughter and I don’t see it as much

No. 405760

File: 1556837126852.jpg (115.03 KB, 572x480, BCSEJ94CEAAjbSy.jpg)

Yeah I don't really buy the whole Baby Schneider theory, kids change a lot in terms of physical features when they're young and in that recent picture she just looks like a regular mix of Jamie Lynn and the baby daddy Casey Aldridge.

Pic attached is Maddie (their kid) and Casey.

No. 405761

this video changed my perspective on amanda bynes. her story is so tragic…and the media played it off as though it was her fault for being 'crazy' and 'out-of-control'

No. 405763

skip to 7:20 for the part focused on Amanda

No. 405770

Is anyone backing up these videos just in case they get deleted?

No. 405775

File: 1556839474281.jpeg (350.29 KB, 1344x416, B3505DD9-542A-42CD-AA01-A15F2D…)

I’m combing through some old 4chan threads, I’ll drop anything interesting or that we haven’t seen in awhile. here’s an old blind

No. 405784

Is there any evidence this is actually legit?

No. 405788

it’s a blind item from CD&N so take it like you take all blind items from him

No. 405794

This is so sad. I feel bad for Amanda, it's obvious all the abuse caught up with her and destroyed her mental health and she couldn't reach out for help for all that time. The audio of her telling her friend she wants to kill her parents may sound horrible to people who don't get it, but she's obviously occupied with thoughts of revenge which is very normal for children who were victims of sexual abuse.

No. 405800

When do you all first remember hearing these rumors? I'm realizing reading this thread that the first time I heard shit about Schneider it was probably…..the late 2000s? I never followed any of these stars super closely but I remember hearing it discussed on ONTD and other then-current discussion places. I believe it for a lot of reasons, but honestly most of all because every time there's been THIS much shit for THIS long it's been true and horrifically huge in scope, i.e. Weinstein, Cosby, etc

No. 405801

File: 1556843603648.png (104.82 KB, 631x684, 1qck.png)

I fucking hate how people reduce their trauma to just them having outbursts for attention. It's evident a lot of them are suffering, as Alexa Nikolas has also uploaded random videos of her crying. This is the narrative that Schneider and the groomers push, that these stars just suddenly become unhinged. That they have fights with each other, which is why they boycott big events. No, it never has to do with him!1! As another anon said in the other thread, they make the women out to be hysterical and it's always "why should we believe Amanda when she's so crazy?" and never "why is Amanda crazy?" Take this with a grain of salt, but there's screenshots of Amanda creating a side twitter for her unhinged ranting. Mind you, we don't know if it is her, but there was a period of time where she just tweeted out random dumb things. Who knows. But these did gain traction and people were telling her to spill the tea.

No. 405802

File: 1556843697158.jpg (50.08 KB, 597x485, DfaIuPVV4AAgYrg.jpg)

obviously these were deleted. However, these are confirmed to be her.

No. 405803

File: 1556843733291.jpg (42.42 KB, 799x544, DjjrwHTXsAI2xoi.jpg)

and if dad was already abusive, why wouldn't he sell his daughter to Schneider?

No. 405805

I don't doubt this is real, Victoria's career really flopped after Victorious and she was just on another show, "Eye Candy" or whatever on MTV. Which is also owned by Viacom, so she it wasn't like she had to do much to get the role because it's a sister channel and the show flopped heavily anyway. She was probably black listed, just like the other stars you don't hear about.
I know in the Celebricow threads, anons have speculated that Ariana is into age play. Someone posted a picture (which I can't find) of what her first album cover was supposed to look like, and it was really unsettling. Everyone called it pedobait because she genuinely looked under age.

No. 405809

File: 1556844761695.jpg (238.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

For me, I always had off vibes from his shows. As a child, I was envious that the actresses were able to get away being scantily clad like in pic related. It's like I'd forget it was fiction and wonder why I couldn't dress up like that. It was in 2012 when I started Googling this, and there was all this discourse about the abuse he specifically put Amanda through. There used to be even more videos on YouTube trying to expose him, or other behind the scenes clips that were disturbing which have gone missing. In the other thread, we were talking about a video of Ariana singing Disney songs. This was before she became truly famous. I thought I was the only one who remembered it, but someone else recalls it too. She was nervously looking at her phone, and she said Dan is texting her gross things. The video has been removed since. Videos go missing when this man is involved. That's why each year at around this same time of year people will talk about him. Then it's all forgotten about again because of how often anything about him is suddenly removed.

No. 405810

File: 1556844916004.jpg (48.58 KB, 557x551, 1530569298990.jpg)

This one?

No. 405811

File: 1556845134811.jpeg (232.57 KB, 1080x1842, A3353F92-03B2-4157-B96D-DB845D…)

Found on twitter.

No. 405812

File: 1556845180818.jpeg (294.22 KB, 1080x1840, C8B8C87A-53AA-47AE-81FD-F2CFE4…)

Idk if someone just manufactured this but this is the way Dan types, smiley faces included. He isn’t even subtle about his fetishes so who knows

No. 405817

File: 1556846029215.jpeg (83.46 KB, 732x612, CDA70827-611C-4799-B9D7-6C6032…)

Yes! Ffs he even called her ~little~

No. 405818

File: 1556846141484.png (1.21 MB, 2208x1242, FA3FC454-D6FD-4FB8-986D-07D384…)

Aha, he’s got plenty of pics to go around! Also, iBalls??

No. 405823

File: 1556846873275.png (291.29 KB, 480x361, 899947FA-F95B-4B3A-94CF-9456D5…)

Also a scene people usually forget to mention when talking about the foot fetish—this one. I’m sure Dan got some sweet foot shots from this episode of Drake & Josh, where Drake has to dip his feet in “lizard pee” to cure his skin disease.

No. 405825

Speaking of Amanda Bynes.. people also forget about this whole segment. Full of feet. Disgusting.

No. 405826

ariana acts as a ditzy kid with a lisp in this one. at the start, she says "I only got three likes on insta, one of them was from my dad" (the reaction being the "catch phrase", "ew!"), and at 4:06, she calls Richard Dreyfuss, a then 67-year old man, "cute".
i wouldn't even think twice about this if it wasn't for all the other shit we're seeing. No way this wasn't on purpose.

No. 405828

File: 1556847640447.png (547.58 KB, 409x1022, F09B755B-0D94-4EEF-8338-7CEFF8…)

This was obligatory.

No. 405829


Jesus Christ, if this is him, the like, pseudo cool teacher/youth pastor/coach "totally innocent friendly motivation" is so fucking sinister, and I bet I'm not the only farmer who it brings back memories of creepy older men who did a great job of making you think your wariness was allll in your head

No. 405830

Another clip that is swept under the rug because of all the other foot fetish clips. The “my beautiful big toe” one >>405825
Will now be the scariest one to me. The girls are giggling, the camera work. I hate it.

No. 405831

pretty sure the persianla account was confirmed to be some rando not amanda like 2 years ago or so

No. 405832

Also another more hidden one. I think iCarly is his main foot fetish gold mine. This was probably at his height of his foot fetish..

No. 405833

it wasn't, now fuck off

The camera work makes it worse, and of course there's a grown ass man involved

No. 405834

File: 1556848009731.jpeg (862.96 KB, 1242x1317, 1A4D44F6-3274-4938-A4D7-38DE6A…)

Because wtf is this??

No. 405835

I know! I can’t believe it lmao, a whole grown man getting his feet played with by 5 young girls

No. 405838

File: 1556848239787.jpeg (165.3 KB, 1722x877, 7C3AB172-FDB1-42CB-A1E0-60B524…)

If this is how he tweeted to his teenage followers, imagine how he talked to his actors?? It lines up with the “Are you ticklish? I can make you ticklish” story of the extra that was on the Amanda Show who he took to his office to tickle her feet. These “rhetorical” questions and situations are so pathethic.

No. 405840


God I didn’t even realize how fucking bad that is, that he made the little girls play with the adult man. I was too creeped out by their laughter and close-up shots of their feet. Amanda was 13 here.. this clip alone is enough to do him in.

No. 405843

File: 1556848698485.jpeg (352.27 KB, 1242x1441, DBF7C958-11B1-4154-9291-CE6415…)

Typing “@danwarp” followed by the words “toe” or “foot” is its own newsfeed.

No. 405847

Here’s the song about Robbie’s big toe. This shit really isn’t necessary.. this is really fucking cringy and pointless. I wonder if Dan gets turned on hearing people say “toe” or “feet.” Robbie even says “we should rename the show to Robbie’s big toe!!!” at the end of the song.

No. 405849

File: 1556849004730.jpeg (144.49 KB, 1242x708, 65DCD9B9-DDD7-4559-971A-AA88CB…)

They literally fight over his foot? Interesting how Dan made some of these clips be on theslap.com instead of the actual show. That’s also where the clip of Ariana rubbing a potato and screaming “give me the juice!!!” and the video of her sucking her toe was on. Theslap is full of Dan’s even more NSFW smut.

No. 405850

Aww u mad bruh? Suck my dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 405851

I’m starting to think we’re going to honestly have to try and find episodes of his shows WITHOUT any foot/toe references in them. they’re everywhere. he’s always surrounded by feet. I thought I couldn’t unsee tarintinos foot fetish but jeez

No. 405852

>Andre's toe is bitten by a rare spider, and then his foot swells to TEN TIMES its normal size.
That literally sounds like it could be the plot summary of one of those weirdly sexual spiderman and elsa youtube videos aimed at kids.

No. 405853

nta but truly the nicknames are just as much a part of dan threads as the feet. someone had to do it.

No. 405855

The humor on Victorious was so fucking weird and it always weirded me out. None of the disney channel shows had freaky jokes like that. It's obviously a fetish.

No. 405856

NTA but you sound 12
>hurhur suck my dick, u mad bruhh?? xD

No. 405857

File: 1556849381798.jpeg (123.18 KB, 1025x832, 316BEEF3-385A-4658-A5B7-5AA752…)

The way he goes on about these things is always so pornographic. So oddly sexual and unnecessary. Always sounds like the beginning of a low budget porno.

And of course he’d know what “unusual toes” look like.

No. 405858

File: 1556849450817.jpeg (130.55 KB, 1443x652, 21B94879-E810-4709-915A-AF1919…)

This is so sad. Really, really sad. People are this shit up.

No. 405859


theslap videos are even weirder and more fetishy tbh, does dan have a thing with food as well? I know kids always want to “play with their food” but video related is literally making a sandwich on her stomach? bonus she says “no condiments!! no condiments!!!” before they squirt them all over her

No. 405860

kek looks like I hit a nerve

This thread honestly makes me wonder just how many other Nick employees new about this and/or were involved with the freak show. Like, who was watching shit like this >>405645 and thought ah yes kids are going to love this, let's air it!!

No. 405865

File: 1556850047769.jpeg (517.48 KB, 1242x648, 03E22740-4CAE-47A8-8090-8F70D2…)

They really did not have to start off this video with Ariana screaming/moaning (?) whatever those sounds are and her being carried like this. This gives camgirl vibes, the whole “I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” “But you said you’d do whatever people ask you to do;/“

No. 405867

File: 1556850736999.jpeg (324.75 KB, 1800x1070, 1B3BE999-AC3E-49FD-BAB5-067C93…)

Everything about his shows is so suggestive and gross. Here’s another interesting one of Nicole and Zoey. Nicole is trying to open this tube of goo with her mouth, and she’s moaning as she tries. She’s pulling the weirdest faces and looks up. Of course the goo squirts all over Zoey’s face. We could sit here all day and dissect his shows like this. This was only fresh in my mind because I recently rewatched this episode. Imagine all the other creepy scenes we’ve forgotten about, or haven’t seen such as ones from his newer shows.

No. 405871

Dan does have a few videos where he's like 'Which cast member would you eat?"

Could honestly just be a stupid question he thinks will entertain teenagers if we wanna play devil's advocate but almost all of them find a way to avoid actually naming a cast member except Leon because he 'offered' himself up first and seems like an easy out for them to give an answer and I'm pretty sure Victoria only said Avan because they were actually good friends irl if I remember correctly, its so weird and they all seem uncomfortable.

No. 405872

I wonder if someone like Shane Dawson would be willing to investigate/expose him. He is the only person with a large audience I could think of that would be willing to do this sort of thing.

No. 405881

I just clicked on one random The Slap video, and it’s this really pornographic sounding one of Jade “grounding” Tori. And of course half of the video focuses on Tori’s ass, and Jade yells into it.

No. 405884

This other one of the creepy characters. He even mentions a specific age range he’s looking for in women. And Dan is recording, obviously. You can hear him interject.

No. 405887

Holy fuck the first 20 seconds are so bad, the way Ariana shakes and yells on her bed. The recurring “joke” in this one is her brother “wagging his pickle at her.”

No. 405888

File: 1556853258849.png (3.02 MB, 2208x1242, 3AC46216-31ED-474D-872A-E37843…)

No. 405889

No. 405891

File: 1556853376832.png (3.94 MB, 2208x1242, 713AAF8C-86AC-4537-A411-3D1242…)

No. 405892

File: 1556853459968.png (4.02 MB, 2208x1242, 7874CE8B-19D1-442F-A9AA-A6C327…)

Nice one Dan

No. 405894

Can't validate any of this obviously but her story seems too complex and detailed to be fake. Beginning of the video starts off with him reading something said by the person they go on to interview
>Back in 2007, Dan Schneider held an audition event for child actors where you had to show up barefoot and film your audition putting your feet to the camera talking about how much you love being without shoes

In the audition they were also apparently told to come dressed in stuff like spaghetti straps and shorts and skirts too.

No. 405896

So Tori gets a request telling her to play tennis in a bikini.. wow. The joke is that Robbie is the one who wears a bikini, but you know Dan is the one who thought about all of this, and probably wanted Tori to do it but chose Robbie to make it more subtle.

No. 405897

Ugh I hate it so much. He has seriously bastardized so many childhoods with this foot fetish degeneracy.

No. 405898

File: 1556854460076.png (3.05 MB, 2208x1242, DF496DDE-A7F3-4248-AAE6-A0E10E…)

No. 405899

File: 1556854688587.jpeg (658.22 KB, 1242x928, 91BF676D-D986-4572-A899-363971…)

No. 405904

There are multiple iCarly episodes where both her and Jennette McCurdy are in either bikinis or one pieces so he's definitely no stranger to putting his female stars into bathing suits and stuff like that. The video was actually posted on Dan Schneider's Youtube channel.

No. 405905

Speaking of the slap.. why the fuck does this have 8 million views? I get such weird implied rapiness from this scene

No. 405906

it pisses me off that #kickvic got way more traction than schneider, who has damaged an entire generation of young actresses and continues to get away with it, especially given that he's left a trail of wreckage in his fat wake.

No. 405908

File: 1556856073569.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.44 MB, 320x240, icarly.gif)

Samefag but someone made a gif out of this, of course, don't remember what episode this was but I grew up watching iCarly and vaguely remember this at the beginning of one episode. I feel like a creep even posting this so I'm spoiling it.

No. 405909

File: 1556856343032.gif (Spoiler Image, 941.85 KB, 500x281, 3E7FE886-A85E-4F73-AD20-F480B0…)


Let’s not forget this one,

No. 405915

I know they’re probably trying to miss her hair and face for obvious reasons but at the same time it’s a little low focus topped with the shimmy

No. 405917

File: 1556856529760.jpeg (140.78 KB, 1242x438, 4CC851F9-30D0-4A64-8A38-70ACB6…)

Schneider and Sumner have employees from the network lined up, ready to throw under the bus. They’ll betray their own kind just to keep their own names in the clear.

No. 405925

this has been an interesting albeit depressing thread

No. 405926

ive known about him being a pile of shit for awhile but it never gets any less disgusting to see it spelled out like this..

No. 405927

It's because Vic is just a lowly little anime voice actor. He doesn't have any kind of Hollywood presence protecting him.

No. 405928

I can't even finish watching this shit, holy fuck. This gives his young audience the impression that shit like this is okay. I'm furious, even the language Dan wrote in the dialogue is disgusting.
>"Psychowitz ambushes us…"
>Victoria whimpering as Robbie makes out with her.
>Robbie saying, "Stop right there!" as Tori tries pushing him off and whimpers more.

I bet Dan based Psychowitz's dialogue on things he's told the actors. Those words were way too uneasy sounding, and specific.

No. 405930

File: 1556858348578.png (1.17 MB, 1538x958, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 9.38…)

No. 405931

File: 1556858447810.png (335.16 KB, 2526x766, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 9.40…)

They make this sound like it's normal.

No. 405932

File: 1556858556764.png (159.39 KB, 1924x492, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 9.42…)

This is only episode 1.

No. 405934

sage for lack of milk but goddamn I hate capitalism, young girls are literally crushed by the corporate machine because "muh profits".

No. 405936

Here's a run-down on gross jokes made on Henry Danger, since I'm gonna guess none of us watch it. The woman called out Dan Schneider a few times, even said "STOP SEXUALIZING THIRD GRADERS DAN SCHNEIDER! YOU FUCKING PERV!!" People in the comments are only further proving her point. They think she's a triggered "feminazi," and they're telling her that the actors are being forced to say all of these things. Yeah, that's the point..
The premise of the show is a 13-year old kid working with a 34 year old man. They couldn't have made the kid older, or the man younger? Also, apparently there's a reference of this one guy owning a sex robot.

No. 405938

Interesting video, thanks for sharing. That clip where the older male characters jokes about getting engaged to the kid reminded me of Leaving Neverland. For the uninformed, it's the documentary in which Michael Jackson's sexual abuse victims tell their stories in-depth. One victim's story was of how MJ (who was a fully grown adult mind you) bought engagement rings and held a fake ceremony for the young boy as a grooming tactic. Very disturbing.

The fact that Dan Schneider is SO obvious in displaying his predatory nature and still gets away with it is gross.

No. 405943

She isn’t having any of Dan’s shit, she starts off with saying “Since it’s a Dan Schneider show, there are of course a lot of dirty jokes in it!” Here’s Game Shakers, since I’m certain no one watches this one.
Some key points:
>Some little boy says his mom went to a nude beach, and that she should’ve put on sunscreen everywhere.
>A much older man is telling these young kids that his nudes were leaked.
>A young girl talks about how her mom prefers her dad to have smooth, shaven balls.


No. 405944

File: 1556861949974.jpeg (234.59 KB, 1241x1271, 94313A28-591E-4451-808B-8CAEC2…)

The young girl’s name is literally “Babe.” That’s fucking creepy. Also, Kel Mitchell is part of it. It’s no wonder the men are also very loyal to Dan and showed up to see him be awarded at the Kids Choice Awards. The men are still landing roles (albeit they’re third-rate characters)

No. 405947

File: 1556862273634.png (227.4 KB, 500x281, 28DAD343-E8AB-4026-8019-DA2762…)

Now that I look back, not even Jerry Trainor was safe from Dan. His best friend was named “Socko,” as in socks.. because you know, feet are so random and funny!
Each time Spencer showed off a whacky pair of socks, he showed his feet.
In pretty much every other episode he showed off his crazy socks (and feet).

No. 405949

I remember there being some odd jokes about cat's brother on both victorious and sam and cat..

No. 405951

File: 1556862749614.jpeg (286.65 KB, 1533x1437, 0922DEB6-A69A-4FAE-AF43-9574F2…)

Who could forget the reason why the iCarly webshow within the actual show started was because Carly and Sam recorded a candid conversation of themselves where they’re insulting an older woman’s boobs. That first episode had a lot of jokes about her boobs. Idk, making young girls make jokes about a grown woman’s breasts is odd. They pretty much only used the Ms. Briggs character to trash talk her tits

No. 405952

I'm not sure if I remember correctly,but in one of the early eps of icarly where he was dating a girl,he said something like "she wants me for my socks" which,to me,felt like he wanted to put the innuendo where socks=sex

Idk if im reaching but I found it strange even when I had no idea about what dan was doing.I found the humour in his shows mostly weird,forced and uncomfortable even though I couldnt figure out why(even though the innuendos were obvious)

No. 405953

so does this guy just like feet of all ages and sexes?

No. 405954

Anyone remember that scene from iCarly where Sam is in a dressing room and she's completely topless and shaking around? I thought maybe it was just a mistake in editing but knowing all the shit I do now, fuck, it's so creepy. Not going to go look for the gif because I don't know if she was underage in the scene or not but I remember thinking, even when I was younger, how it seemed awfully risque for a kids show.

No. 405955

I remember the excessive amount of wedgies on iCarly, as well as the ointment jokes. I think all the Damn Schneider shows have some character who needs to use ointment for some undisclosed body part..

No. 405957

Didn't he, at some point, say he hated ponytails while talking about an episode of icarly?

The episode was something along the lines of Carly and Sam fighting, and he said he normally didn't like them, that is was a rule on set or something.

Not that it matters, im just curious if I'm actually remembering that right, and if so what the point of the rule was.

Sage because blog post.

No. 405958

if you talk about a gif where it seems like her boobs were obviously giggling,I think it was actually edited by someone and not actually anything risque

No. 405959

Ah, ok. I remember seeing it years ago online.

No. 405961

Yes! She was definitely underage. The whole entire episode where she does a beauty pageant too, not sure if it’s the same episode but that one got really risky. Also, all those jokes of the girls pulling out random things from their bras. I know a lot of us have probably has to use our bras as a last resort pocket, but Dan freely made the actresses stuff things into their bras for the sake of having a joke on his shows.
I guess that’s the kicker about Schneider shows—people just see them as Dan pushing the limits. That’s giving him too much credit, he’s just a predator.

No. 405962

in another the slap reoccurring segment cat gets dressed up and invites various boys to her room to “interview them” the interviews are obviously implying she wants to fuck them but you could switch out the bed for a black leather couch and it starts like many a porno. also out of all the segments they have this is one of the reoccurring ones?

No. 405963

This one features her wearing a low cut shirt with her face covered by her hair for the first 10 seconds of the video, she asks “you” if she should move her hair before she does it

No. 405965

No. 405966

File: 1556864600384.jpeg (148.29 KB, 1242x673, E5D4AD9F-BFD2-4B47-9810-A6ECFE…)

Dan really can’t produce anything without making it sound like a casting couch, can’t he? Why would anyone even find these interesting to watch? I really don’t see the appeal of this, and I’m sure younger kids don’t either. This might sound like a nitpick, but I also think Cat’s room looks like it’s for a toddler. There’s a difference between liking cutesy things versus having a literal children’s room. And so, I suppose the joke here is that Cat lies to these boys and tells them they’re invited to a party. In reality, she’s just flirting with them on camera and deceiving them. Really shows you where Dan’s mind is at.

The beginning of this one is really bad..

No. 405967

Wow I remember this as a young kid even. Never thought anything of it. Gross af

No. 405968

I also found the gif you are talking about, could there have been two takes? Or is one fake?

No. 405970

I just found something that i know is full of super creepy shit.


(This is dans blogspot, he talked about behind the scenes stuff here)

This is where i remember reading about the ponytail thing, posting screen grabs in a sec.

No. 405971

File: 1556865374528.jpeg (511.99 KB, 1241x1615, 306623CB-066B-44D8-9CCF-2EF153…)

Remember that Victorious episode where the underage teens had to sleepover at their elderly teacher’s house for an assignment? I always thought it was weird as hell.

No. 405973

File: 1556865553074.jpeg (41.33 KB, 340x255, A407FD31-BB78-48EC-8084-0BA469…)

Jade showed up to her elderly teacher’s house to spend the night wearing that. I don’t care if this is all fictional, this entire episode is so wrong.

No. 405974

File: 1556865606204.png (78.09 KB, 1080x336, 20190503_023859.png)

Sage because it's just the ponytail one.

No. 405975

File: 1556865649846.png (134.46 KB, 1080x530, 20190503_023840.png)

Just sounds weird.

No. 405976

File: 1556865707459.png (45.95 KB, 1080x260, 20190503_023817.png)

One of the many "ariana is cute"

No. 405977

File: 1556865747495.png (22.4 KB, 938x219, 20190503_023708.png)

No. 405978

File: 1556865792134.png (66.63 KB, 1080x282, 20190503_023615.png)

Dan, you're creepy, stop

No. 405979

File: 1556865834486.png (215.79 KB, 1080x861, 20190503_023544.png)

No. 405980

File: 1556865951198.jpeg (851.1 KB, 1242x1820, E831EDB1-3E1B-4BB5-98E0-DE4886…)

Notice how he calls Ariana “adorable.” That’s an odd adjective to go with compared to what he used with the other girls. The way he says “I had four brunette girls” is really creepy. As if he owns them. He could have said he casted four brunettes.

The typing is super similar to >>405811. Definitely uses “:)” a lot.

No. 405981

File: 1556865956271.png (111.4 KB, 1063x435, 20190503_023514.png)

I'll have to look up how old Victoria justice was when filming, but still creepy

Also, does anyone else remember a scene of tori pulling a shrimp out of her bra? I think it was also in the opening credits

No. 405982

File: 1556866035458.png (89.11 KB, 1080x321, 20190503_023436.png)

Oh yeah, that would be too far dan, wouldn't it?

No. 405983

Yup, he even signed off at the end.

It's so weird,it makes me wonder if the rumours are true (about ariana's mom), he seemed to have taken a liking to her.

No. 405985

I don’t get why he has to mention this. In all honesty who is going to say, “Hey Dan! I noticed your ~girls~ don’t use ponytails in your shoes! Why’s that?” These are details only he gives a fuck about. I hate how he calls them girls it’s so creepy. Call them actresses or something.

The fucking “Grrrrr!” He’s not 12. Also, he made Matt kiss Victoria, too. In the uncomfortable the slap video that’s rapey.

Reading these makes me think Ariana is the ideal girl/character he always wanted. A “kawaii” submissive girl who overdoes the cutesy act. Cat has probably been his most gullible, weak, submissive character.

No. 405986

File: 1556866498344.jpg (77.41 KB, 1165x329, f0VSvEP.jpg)

No. 405987

Especially with the added "air head" act

I can't even sit through the slap clips, it's so fucking gross.

No. 405988

>yeah, we're a weird family.

You don't say

I remember him tweeting at hear years ago, talking about a massage Like keep your personal business off the internet.

Going to look for it

No. 405989

File: 1556866809164.jpeg (654.25 KB, 1018x1960, F926ADF3-839E-4A76-850A-90653B…)

For any anons who weren’t on the other thread, there’s this blind item on Victorious.

No. 405990

File: 1556866850706.jpeg (100.89 KB, 962x473, B4D2BEAF-01CD-449E-BABC-6A67B3…)

On Ariana’s mom from the last thread.

No. 405991

File: 1556867068501.jpg (49.28 KB, 665x492, IMG_20190503_030156.jpg)

Sorry if this was posted already.

No. 405993

File: 1556867098426.jpg (198.71 KB, 1080x543, 20190503_030310.jpg)

No. 405994

File: 1556867428434.jpeg (172.49 KB, 1231x748, B7E54E36-EED3-404B-A06A-034EC9…)

>makes Jade sleep with Cat in her pedobait bedroom, of course.

They tell a bedtime story about this fictional character named Blotus. Jade says Blotus went on an online dating site and met someone. The person Blotus ended up meeting up with in person turned out to be a a 37-year old man who was on parole.

Totally normal to write shit like that in.

No. 405995

File: 1556867568947.jpg (100.63 KB, 1099x611, toe.jpg)

Holy shit @ this thread. This is all news to me, mostly because I grew out of Nickelodeon before any of these shows were around.
The only one I watched was The Amanda Show and have vague recollections of that toe ad. However I recall an entire multi-episode story about Moody's Point and the father cutting his big toe off and replacing it with a hotdog, as a kid I thought it was silly, but when up against all of this… it's too much.


No. 405996

File: 1556867571552.jpeg (172.32 KB, 1192x567, A63929C3-09C3-4B93-9C31-7B5B8A…)

A little girl and her 37-year old criminal boyfriend.

No. 405997

File: 1556867682477.jpg (53.72 KB, 639x523, text.jpg)

No. 406000

I believe it. This other blind item in this thread I believe said that Dan pitted the actresses against each other and lied to them so that they’d hate each other, if the actress wasn’t willing to do things his way of course. Just like he did with Victoria and Ariana when Victorious abruptly ended with no closure. The rumors of Victoria and Ariana hating each other took off, and they blamed Victoria for the show ending. Same with Sam and Cat. Ariana and Jennette ended up hating each other supposedly, and Jennette was the only one to blame.

No. 406003

File: 1556868510713.jpeg (861.2 KB, 750x1153, ED2A99C2-1F43-495E-ACBE-1A758B…)

you made me want to skim the blog and I read the FAQ WONDERING if for some reason anything would be mentioned…don’t worry guys…he finally addresses the elephant in the room….all the jokes about hobos on his shows

No. 406007

How can you do stuff like this, and not even feel a little shitty about it?

Especially seeing how a lot of the stars turned out.

It makes me wonder though, with all the adult actors in the show, do they also not care, or what? i couldn't go on working with someone like dan, fame isn't worth it at that price.

No. 406008

File: 1556870574594.jpeg (359.17 KB, 750x834, A8ADC529-8D87-486A-A7D0-E64CF1…)

birds of a feather. “great friends” gross.

No. 406010

A compilation of all the Cat scenes from the Slap YouTube, they start getting more and more uncomfortable after the 1st.

Some of the links to videos above aren’t working anymore, which is weird because it’s only been an hour since they were posted

No. 406011

I appreciate that this thread didn’t just divulge into jokes about Dan’s name like it happens in all the other forums run by scrotes. Leave it to us to actually have meaningful discussions and analysis, as well as a compilation of clips of Dan’s behavior. The reason why conversation of Dan dies off quickly is because they just meme him.

Oh fuck, I remember Moody’s Point! The whole hotdog foot thing is weird as fuck. Looks like Schneider tested out his fetish on an older actor first before he tried on the little girls.
There’s been a lot of talk about how his shows recycle the same jokes. This is true. Moody’s Point has a character that’s like Cat on Victorious. This character’s catch phrase is, “what’s that supposed to mean!” which was also Cat’s phrase. It’s like Dan produces the same show with the same formats over and over. Like these shows weren’t even supposed to be made, but hey it brings in millions and gives him more actors to abuse!

No. 406012

Thanks for this thread. I've always found this subject interesting although it's hard finding information about this online.

Wow, I don't remember anything this flagrantly suggestive being in any of the older shows. It's like he's not even trying to hide it anymore. Sad because I loved Drake and Josh growing up.

No. 406013

File: 1556871227922.jpeg (217.41 KB, 1242x522, 6F258FF8-806A-419C-9D26-107572…)

Yes, yes of course they are..

No. 406016

The unsupervised what??

No. 406017

once you start digging it’s ridiculous how well connected he and his wife (surprised tbh) are. she has her own ~diet empire and their list of famous friends seems endless. I didn’t really grasp how high up he was I guess.

No. 406020


This genuinely makes me feel ill. I don't wanna be all "conspiracy theory" but what if Schneider's a part of some actual pedo ring?

No. 406022

File: 1556872131222.jpeg (268.62 KB, 1232x1010, 67754D65-A2B3-4D21-A519-5DC391…)

No. 406024

Sorry for shit quality, this is from YouTube. These are more of Dan’s besties, especially Brian Peck. Brian is a convicted child rapist who actually raped someone on Nickelodeon. This is verified. Him and Dan ran an unsupervised children’s boot camp.

No. 406025

>Some of the links to videos above aren’t working anymore
Guys, this is scary. Please archive and/or screencap everything you post. There are tons of online YouTube downloader tools, and archive.is is always a friend.
I made sure to archive the first page of Dan Schneider's blogspot for future ref (https://archive.is/F23aK) but there's so much more in both links and pages, and my connection is crappy.

No. 406027

File: 1556872866712.jpeg (930.2 KB, 1242x1004, 3885E3EA-3E49-4459-B1FD-D10D68…)

No. 406028

Okay so call this a mega reach but:

You know how Ariana now only wears her hair almost exclusively in a high ponytail…..

Even as it's causing hair loss from the constant tension….

Really gets the ol thinker thinking

No. 406029

If I could add to my tinfoil a little:

According to >https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.thisisinsider.com/why-ariana-grande-wears-ponytail-2018-7

She stopped acting in vict. In 2013

Since 2014, she's been sporting the ponytail

….did Dan also prefer pale skin, by chance? Based on the girls he casts I wouldn't be too shocked there

Starting to wonder if arianas rebranding style choices had something more to them. Hmm

No. 406033

Ariana seems mentally and emotionally stunted beyond just her relationship fiascos.

Really wouldn't surprise me if she were one of the more severely abused girls under Schneider.

No. 406039

Honestly I think it's without a doubt she was abused by him. I'm sure her family coached her to do it to further her career. The reason she comes off as on his side is likely either show of just how groomed she was by the people around her growing up, or show of how necessary she was told this was to further and keep her career. I don't care for her at all but damn that's disgusting. No one deserves that

No. 406052

Do you think the way back machine could be useful for keeping the blog posts?

Just throwing it out there.

No. 406053

Also, save videos to google drive.

No. 406058

archive.fo as well as archive.is and wayback is also good too

it's always wise to save multiple mirrors in any case that one goes down, and keep a text version alongside screenshots to prove its real?

I'd be surprised if he starts backpedaling that hard now but considering numerous videos have already been taken down and I'm not assuming it's just the yt copyright detection system…

No. 406100

one of the deleted videos that was in my playlist specifically said it was deleted because of a copyright claim by Dan Schneider…

No. 406114

which ones aren't working?

No. 406118

I remember in a couple of victorious episodes there are a couple of shots of Ariana grandes underwear, when I was a kid I thought it was super weird they kept those shots in

No. 406119

Wow yeah this one is really fucking me up because I remember it specifically
Like you don’t think twice about it as a kid but it all turned out so disgusting

No. 406131

File: 1556895436727.jpg (34.36 KB, 300x300, mighty.jpg)

Looks like This Nee tries to get rid off of Nick for good

No. 406140

archive.li is another good backup tool for websites and https://youtube-dl.org/ is good for downloading youtube videos.

No. 406156

File: 1556899156200.jpeg (20.7 KB, 400x400, a1437250b0949a1ac7563cab062494…)

Is it just me or is it weird that the fact the most Dan's shows on Nick had girls as the main stars or were more geared towards a female audience? Thinking about it now weirds me out and makes him more predatory towards young girls.

>Amanda Show

>Zoey 101
>Sam & Cat
>Game Shakers: Counting this as the 2 female leads started the titular company and are pretty much the focus of the show despite most of the cast being male

>Kenan & Kel
>Drake & Josh
>Henry Danger

No. 406157

>nurses, feel these kids' feet!
uhh okay, dan

No. 406162

A lot of situations that Ariana is put in are people using brute force on her. Sam is man-handling her here, and Ariana is resisting if. And of course shoes come off.

No. 406163

Good find, I forgot this existed.
>Wow!! They’re REALLY soft!!
The fantasy world Dan lives in where people touch each ofher’s feet all the time and say shit like that.

No. 406166

File: 1556900281327.gif (Spoiler Image, 893.57 KB, 245x155, 2F3F9FE5-1A88-4AA8-B0C0-828DF8…)


No. 406169

yeah unfortunately that entire episode (S1E12) is about these kids getting those fish pedicures that used to be a thing and there is a bunch of foot touching and foot talk.

for good measure, the last tagline of the last episode of victorious is Andre yelling
his legacy is literally inserting kids into his foot fetish
that same episode also features cat (ariana) and robbie in their underwear for their final two scenes on the show after two grown men steal their clothes on the street. they don't show anything but it's really awkward to see now as an adult especially because the entire episode is centered around their adult male teacher telling them they have to SAY YES TO EVERYTHING everyone asks them to do that day (no matter how uncomfortable it makes them). great.

No. 406170

File: 1556900477823.gif (Spoiler Image, 835.8 KB, 500x225, 77938A05-D196-4894-8957-601378…)

According to >>406016 this took 115 different takes until the producers felt satisfied. This isn’t even the full clip, because they also made Cat lick her lips seductively.

No. 406172

File: 1556900674080.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 336x188, C3F9869D-BD27-4DF6-9C6F-0FE02C…)

I also remember this gif making its rounds..

No. 406174

Have you guys seen the Pepsi commercial Dan did (I'm guessing back in the 80s or early 90s)?

Not sure if he was a director or producer on this or if he had any say on what went on but it cannot be coincidental that even in the stuff he's starred in there's a focus on feet. Pretty much half the shots are focused on his own feet.

And at the 0:09 mark, to me at least, there seems to be innuendo about cum shots. Why else would someone include a shot of a tube of suncreen squirting out when the camera gets to an attractive woman laying down in a bikini? The fact that it landed on a guy fits in pretty well with Dan Schneider's inclusion of guys in so many of his weird innuendos, or maybe they felt it would be too much for it to land on another woman.

No. 406175

File: 1556901195896.jpeg (419.49 KB, 1242x1316, CFAC4BD8-F338-49C8-9298-C3C44F…)

Fucking Sikowitz is gross in retrospect. This is so sad because I really liked him back then. I feel like he is a self-insert of Dan. He’s considered a main cast member, and the teenage students are awfully close to him. Close enough to “consent” to every bizarre thing he makes them do. If I remember correctly, there’s also a lot of scenes of them being barefoot in his classroom? Like a “no shoes allowed!” type of deal in some activities they were doing. Hell, even Sikowitz himself was barefoot. Not saying Dan was into his feet in particular, but it’s a good way to deflect on his true fetish. “But you can’t accuse me of that!! Look I like make feet too1!1”
I also remember Andre talking about feet a lot, and complimenting others’ feet and saying that his own feel like butter. He also told Tori that her skin feels like a baby’s butt.. I always found it gross. It wasn’t even “smoother than a baby’s bottom” it was literally her being told she feels like a baby’s butt….
Pic related is also a giant wtf. Read the last line.

No. 406177

I can’t save the gif in the link, but this is really uncomfortable. Here is Andre taking a long sniff of Posey’s feet. I don’t even remember Posey. Dan literally wrote in a character whose focus is her smelly feet. And they shamed her for that, as if everyone’s feet smell like lavender. This Posey chick was an extra on the show. There’s a ton of rumors of Dan doing this shit to extras because he views them as disposable.


No. 406179

random video compilation of uncomfortable icarly and victorious moments

No. 406182

special features from an amanda show dvd someone posted on yt


what the actual fuck

No. 406190

File: 1556902780953.jpg (85.55 KB, 634x378, 29644A0700000578-0-image-m-10_…)

There is a subsect of the foot fetish community that prefers/worships smelly and sweaty feet, fyi.

Tinfoiling here but I almost wonder if he panders to other foot fetishists by including feet combined with another thing i.e. young feet, male feet, young girls around/touching male feet, feet with food, etc because of just how broad all the foot stuff is. All of those are subsects of 'vanilla' foot fetishism and its not like Dan Schneider is a stranger to working with perverts in the past, or maybe he really is just obsessed with feet in any context who knows

But he worked with Brian Peck, a convincted child molester, (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3115792/Pedophile-X-Men-actor-convicted-sexually-abusing-Nickelodeon-child-star-working-underage-kids.html and https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2002-jun-23-ca-lucas23-story.html) during a bootcamp for child actors which the second link provides the connection between the two of them. Brian Peck's court records for the conviction are also attached.

No. 406192

I remember this episode! The rest of the cast were trapped in a hot rv, and had to "tongue dip" a drop of water off the top of a water bottle.

No. 406198

Anyone notice he kept putting the camera on Amanda when drake was trying to show him something

No. 406210

Watching this reminds me of how the puppet Rex on Victorious was used to make lewd comments about the girls in each episode. He was used as like.. a pimp almost? He’d attract women, too. And would speak to them in a demanding way. There was this one scene where he told these women “Drink your juice.” and they did. It’s like this was done on purpose because it just sounds like a puppet being ~quirky~, and you know, you can’t read too much into it because he’s a puppet and not a person!
Victorious was full of creepy males who made the girls uncomfortable. Sikowitz, Rex, Sinjin.

No. 406211

Of course the practically naked women moan when Dan steps on their chairs, and a little baby girl slaps his leg. I’m betting he had a saying in how the production of this went.

No. 406213

File: 1556906753377.png (Spoiler Image, 540.62 KB, 1439x936, 2019-05-03 14_01_28-Dan Schnei…)

can someone please tell me why anyone would need to enter their age to view danschneider.com …?
spoilered because the main image on his site from one of these shows is repulsive

No. 406216

If you put that you're under 13 it takes you to a 'protected' version of the site. Presumably because the normal version of the site has social media on it and COPPA laws or something.

No. 406218

No. 406219

okay that makes more sense. i felt like i was entering a porn website or something

No. 406224

Uh gross. The social media component only makes it sketchier to me imo, it is Dan after all. Everything about him is pedo vibes. You’d think his site, as a children’s TV producer who is only followed by kids, would inherently be kid friendly. The image he chose for his website is gross as fuck. Of all the stills he could have chosen.

No. 406227

"scary moment" from dan's own yt channel where he lays on the ground next to a couch victoria justice is about to flop down on and grabs her and pulls her down??? what did i just watch?

No. 406235

Ariana will never speak out bc she knows the only reason she has her fame is from going along with all that creepy shit

No. 406236

She'll speak out against it when she's not as popular with her singer diva schtick any more. It's a topic that'll get her a lot of coverage when she's 40 or so and she's desperate for more fame.

No. 406238

I want to be more optimistic and say if dan actually gets me too'd and faces legal repercussions maybe ariana will speak out. I don't think she likes him enough to not throw him under the bus

No. 406239

File: 1556913912227.gif (366.33 KB, 300x240, download.gif)

He named his dog Lolly. I'm fucking done.

I feel really disturbed seeing this as an adult. Why didn't our parents save us from the scary foot obsessed pedo man? I want to think about the media I consumed as a kid without disgust and anguish.

Isn't that terrible? She knows that she wouldn't have this career if Dan hadn't raped her. Her parents are shit like most parents of child actors. She must be really screwed up in the head. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Riches and fame couldn't make up for it.

No. 406241

unrelated but I hope she's happy now, away from entertainment. I hope she doesn't end up like her poor sister.

No. 406244

i've actually seen it speculated that some the anxiety britney was experiencing that led to her breakdown in 2007 was due to learning about jamie lynn's abuse on her show and the consequential pregnancy. the timeline does kind of match up – Zoey101 aired in 2005, Brit's famous head shaving was February '07, JL announced her pregnancy December '07

No. 406250

Britney and JL also guest starred on All That so I'm sure they already went way back with Schneider well before Zoey101

No. 406251

The foot fetish is what bothers me the most about this, even if it's not the "objectively" worst. It's something that can be seen as completely innocent and this wanker manages to slip it into multiple shows.

No. 406266

I see a gif pop up on scrotechan from time to time of a video that I'm pretty sure Dan was recording himself? And he's hiding around a corner to scare one of his actresses (sorry - it's been a while since I've seen it, so I can't specifically remember who), and not only is she startled, but she has a weird neck-spasm-like tick in reaction. Does anyone have this gif saved? A lot of times, I see people reference it towards ~MKultra mind control~, but it's pretty obvious that she's involuntarily reacting and rapidly trying to cope with seeing Dan. It always makes me sick to my stomach because it's such a raw reaction to see a person having.

No. 406271

I feel like Dan is probably a frequent poster on foot fetish forums or subreddit or something. I think you're onto something about him pandering to different sects of foot fetishism.

Honestly, I think Ariana is too far gone. The only way she'd do something like that is if it directly benefit her, and yeah she could get victim points but judging by the fact that she got involved in the shady part of the industry so early, it's likely that she fucked other producers and whatnot. It'd be career suicide imho to come out about that kind of thing when you're so entrenched in it.

I know exactly what you're talking about Anon! I can't for the life of me remember which actress it was either but it's incredibly unsettling to see. She looks like she's having a small seizure.

No. 406277

>iCarly Rehearsal - iTackle Each Star :)

why tho

No. 406278

File: 1556920477259.gif (16.2 MB, 640x350, SmartSelect_20190503-185203_Wh…)

A year ago I was reminscing old shows and watched a few sam and cat episodes and lord they are creepy. This part was so weird they are supposedlt giving him cpr ????? And I didn't get it all but they each take turns in their positions. Just.. weird..

No. 406292

File: 1556923235989.jpg (35.78 KB, 618x470, all-that-jamie-lynn-spears-104…)

This is fucking disturbing. Why would he think anyone even wants to watch this?

Oh yeah, his dog is named Lolly.. can't be a coincidence there. Dan is into "nerd" culture, he definitely knows what he's doing. He's obviously part of some fringe movements with his foot fetish. I bet he likes hearing people call over his dog.

Jamie Lynn was a star of All That for season 8, and then she got her own show. Pic related is her on All That. Fucking Dan probably gave her Zoey 101 because he was already working on grooming her when he met her on All That.

No. 406295

and she was 12 on all that. ugh.

No. 406296

Scrotes defend Dan in comment sections because they think his foot fetish is not that bad. It's present literally everywhere. I honestly feel that (aside from money) he kept making these shows to get more "innocent" foot shots. It's like people forget that these actors work with him when they're underage and literally cannot consent. Not to mention, people in the comments of the videos of the actors showing their feet are un ironically saying that it's hot… Dan knows who he's pandering to.

I don't know which gif you're referring to, but I saw a video of Jennette McCurdy talking to this guy. I forgot what the video is called, but she has a noticeable twitch and distressed look when the guy leans in to talk to her. People in the comments were pointing it out. It's really sad to watch. She seemed scared whenever the guy would lean in, as if she's reliving trauma.

No. 406300


Holy shit he's so cringy. Any particular reason as to why he stays recording his "no sandals" or whatever sign in the beginning? He reminds me of an Incel or weaboo who "glomps" people. I bet he walked into the set like "Where's my hug?:(" every time. Nathan Kress wasn't fucking around, he had to beg Dan to not tackle him and he seemed bothered when Dan did. Miranda Cosgrove is fake laughing and she ran away from him.
>She's resisting! She's resisting! I'll have to get her later!

I fucking hate him.

No. 406302

File: 1556924280721.png (8.49 KB, 448x108, 2019-05-03 18_57_09-iCarly Reh…)

how i feel

No. 406304

i haven't compiled anything but i'm also noticing a weird trend of dan's "behind the scenes" videos including lots and lots of jerry trainor either shirtless or in tighty whities and i know there was plenty of it on icarly

No. 406305

File: 1556924470730.png (142.96 KB, 1906x486, Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 4.01…)

No. 406306

File: 1556924804055.png (2.06 MB, 1474x1178, Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 4.06…)

I'm guessing he also likes fungal feet.

No. 406307

File: 1556924973575.gif (4.76 MB, 800x640, eRw.gif)

I'm >>406266 and had a moment to try looking for the gif I was talking about and found this instead. There really is no end to Dan's perversion, is there?

No. 406310

Enty has always, always had Dan's number. Blinds about Schneider and the perverted bullshit that went on day-to-day at the Nick studios on CDAN are a time honored tradition, and they go waaaay back.

Kind of ot but also love that RDJ is often speculated to be one of the four guys who made up the Himmmm blinds.

CDAN is on top of the shit, even though the comments section is loaded with Q-Anon larping shit and Trumpist boomer delusions. That's the fault of the userbase though, not Enty.

No. 406318

RDJ is an interesting speculation considering he is one of the few that don't have any accusations against him as far as I know. So it kind of works in that way.

It's making more and more sense to me why this guy gets away with things. Men think its not that bad or probably actually get off to it themselves because the girls aren't literal toddlers or they think it's funny. At the very least it's 100% proven that he is pushing his fetish on underage girls. It is that bad and most likely worse.
I was one of the anons wanting a Dan thread so thank you OP! I didn't know about his threads on scrotechan but I'm disgusted to learn they don't take off and resort to calling him those nicknames instead. To be expected and a perfect example for exactly why he gets away with all this shit.

No. 406322

File: 1556927445743.gif (617.24 KB, 230x130, BE9797D1-620A-47E1-B4B7-E68A04…)

he’s so nasty.

No. 406342

You mean the interview with Eric Andre?

No. 406343

Nta but I’m pretty sure she knew the drill with Eric Andre and it honestly looked more like she was trying to stay serious and not laugh moreso than being actually uncomfortable but who knows

No. 406370

File: 1556939690401.jpeg (685.05 KB, 1936x1936, 2EB10CA2-934C-4763-A3B3-B0F162…)

Ariana used to tweet at him… like a lot…

No. 406372

File: 1556939743258.png (273.38 KB, 750x1334, 994327D3-E279-46C2-9483-9E9720…)

No. 406374

it makes me so angry that so many young girls and woman have to deal with predators like this.

No. 406375

jfc, that's not even subtle.

No. 406376

File: 1556940404391.png (34.21 KB, 865x63, Untitled.png)

Zoey 101 was targeted at an older demographic compared to some of his other shows. The excuse that "feet are just so randum and funny for kids xd" doesn't hold in a show like that.

No. 406377

File: 1556940430647.gif (904.38 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mkx2bxlJMC1rome1po1_500…)

No. 406378

File: 1556940543980.gif (1.46 MB, 478x272, Zoey-101-2-1448316013.gif)

No. 406380

tbh I think the tinfoiling could be a little right. if he had a presence in her life in 2010 the changing in herself/her career makes sense as she got away from him. I know every star from a kids show has the “I’m shedding my childhood image moment” but no wonder she still seems stunted…she’s still shedding off all these years of dan. obviously she’s less obligated to him than ever before (however all his famous friends are near by) but who knows if she still gets bugged.

Hollywood can be such a sticky web. As catchy as her songs are most of the time all of the bad things that have happened to her including things we probably don’t know seem like they’re just under the surface.

No. 406385

I mean she was still willing to mention him by name on Twitter in 2017. Who knows, he could still have his grubby paws involved with her somehow.

No. 406388

File: 1556941852648.jpg (147.42 KB, 621x705, producer.jpg)

No. 406399

File: 1556946275707.jpg (65.18 KB, 625x415, tmp-name-2-30037-1503610963-5_…)


Am I seeing things or is that a picture of Dan himself on the locker? "Dudelicious"?


Big ass tinfoil here, but what if Ariana can't let go of the ponytail that's balding her because it's a way of her to have the "upper hand" in the Dan situation? Like, that was her way of showing him that he doesn't control her, entirely.
A stretch, I know, but hey…

Holy shit, I just wrote that while reading the thread without reading >>406028
Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that, then?

A lot of these feet scenes really play as someone's deviantArt gallery, it's so gross.

I do believe Dan likes to prey more on girls but wouldn't refuse boys, either. I've seen documentaries about pedos that "developed" preferences for both genders after they realised both were easily manipulated. So I do believe he focus more on girls, but gets off of boys' feets as well.


3:00 ish is REALLY fucking weird as well. She's rubbing her boobs against Dan like it's nothing. I do that when I wanna playfully lure my boyfriend. How brainwashed was Amanda, god damn.

No. 406408

File: 1556948992773.jpg (22.52 KB, 634x128, 1412963728983_wps_2_amanda_byn…)

i've always had a theory that when amanda had a mental breakdown and accused her dad of all that stuff, there was so much to repress and it all came out, but she was so heavily groomed into not naming her abusers that her fucked up mind rerouted those memories into being about her family.

No. 406410

File: 1556949650847.png (228.01 KB, 1632x720, Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 4.31…)

Absolutely, Enty has had this on lock for over a decade now. Although blinds should always be taken with a grain of salt, Enty's are the most reliable. There's a reason why he has close to 80K followers on twitter, and a devout fanbase. He said only a handful of people know his true identity, and that these people are part of the industry. The chances of Robert Downey Jr. being one of his connections are high, especially because the Himmmm comment (pic related for those who don't know) was left before Robert Downey started landing roles again. Before Iron Man. RDJ was supposedly black listed during this time because of his alcohol addiction and other factors. I'm comfortable enough entertaining the tinfoils some anons have here too because anything is possible with this fucking creep.

No. 406411

File: 1556949748535.jpg (9.46 KB, 342x147, Unknown.jpg)

Interestingly, I can't even find the original post that Robert Downey Jr. made, so there's the summary of it.

Pic related is another comment from Himmmm/RDJ (if it is him).

No. 406412

Sorry if this was already posted, but Dan is still active on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danwarp/?hl=en

No. 406413

File: 1556950022916.png (124.63 KB, 1162x560, Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.0…)

These are public conversations, and they have flirtatious undertones. Imagine the private ones. There's also this. Half of them didn't reply.

No. 406414

File: 1556950091645.png (247.84 KB, 1170x792, Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.0…)

These two replied though. Liz's reply is so so short and she seems kind of meh about it. Reminds me of those replies you give to people just for the sake of replying, kind of like "k."

No. 406415

I remember this now eww. These were the Zoey 101 run-on jokes, where the let's say Quinn says she has an extra toe.. now she's forced to take off her shoe to prove to people she has an extra toe. Which means she's showing off her feet. The Dan Schneider being into different subsets of foot fetishes is really proving itself to be true.
On Moody's Point, that one dude had a hot dog toe. (Food and feet fetish?)
On iCarly, the girls have toe abnormalities.
He made references about smelly feet on Victorious.
Some character has a fungal infection on Game Shakers.

Yeah, he's on Instagram because he can filter out comments there. He had them turned off last year for the entire year because that's when he was fired from Nick. Now he heavily filters them to like, allowing one comment per post.
His posts have been ~randum humor~ mixed in with posts about Ariana Grande and Frankie Grande.

No. 406417

I meant *Zoey 101 not iCarly, sorry.

No. 406423

File: 1556951355320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.5 KB, 500x374, tumblr_lngoy4OmMg1qkp74po1_500…)

This makes me feel like the blind items about the sex and drugs on the Victorious set are sustainable claims.

Scooter Braun (Ariana's manager) and Dan are probably close. Seeing as how Dan considers Dr. Luke, Kesha's former producer and the producer of many other pop stars, a close friend.

No. 406424

File: 1556951429187.jpg (51.04 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lngrmjw37P1qjv89mo1_500…)

No. 406426

I'm fuming. You click on literally any Schneider video, and there's always something beyond disturbing. This is just a random clip I clicked. Skip to 1:15 WTF a CHILD rips off an older man's shirt who is supposed to be her teacher!

No. 406439

Like others have said, surely this is not just Dan. There were writers, camera people, and editors that all decided this shit would fly. Sincerely hoping none of the anons here allow their children to watch network tv. There's not a single show on these affiliated networks that isn't garbage.

No. 406440

Great job with collecting all the disgusting shit. Disney corp. will protect that monster but at least the internet knows. I think it’s good thing that there is memes like ’Dan hold her tighter she’s a fighter Schneider’. That will lead more people to search for the actual stuff.

Maybe she was abused by multiple people? First her dad and then by Dan Schneider. I mean, her parents must be god awful to let her work for that disgusting pedophile.

No. 406442

>I think it’s good thing that there is memes like ’Dan hold her tighter she’s a fighter Schneider’
exactly. some of you guys need to calm down, the memes are funny and they lead to awareness.

No. 406454


It’s unavailable to view…2 hours after your comment was posted.

No. 406459

video is up for me

No. 406460

idk, when i was in secondary school we would make fun of an old lady pointy boobs
it was her bra btw, she had pointy bras and it was rlly funny for all of us, girls and boys
we were 13 att

No. 406473

Dan is probably a creep but CDAN is 100% bullshit, lmao.

No. 406509

This thread is gross, I thought the kids were legal actors PLAYING teens like riverdale. did anyone else think it was odd how much avan was sexualized on victorious? beck was always called "hot" and fought over by jade and tori. there were also so many big titty jokes about jade and flat titty jokes at the other girls. I wouldnt say it was only dan but an entire production team went into these shows.

No. 406510

Jesus…As if fat and old men weren't already repulsive just by existing…

No. 406520

I've noticed some youtube videos can't be viewed on lolcow, you just have to open the link in a new tab if that's the case

No. 406523

File: 1556990480035.jpeg (118.2 KB, 365x570, C3974190-3164-47B6-A433-DF220B…)

Speaking of that tongue dip episode.. this is the title of it. And that’s the thumbnail image they chose for it

No. 406525

File: 1556991038193.jpeg (458.95 KB, 1800x1611, D90C4216-AE52-473B-B0A3-23F2DF…)

>Sikowitz asks “How would you children like to do something… for money?”

Fucking gross, considering this is the way Dan talks to actors.

No. 406528

Yeah I was watching one of those “dirty jokes from victorious you missed as a kid” videos on YouTube (unfortunately there are many of these) and it showed a clip of an adult woman EMT hitting on Avan’s character saying “so, are you in college yet?”

No. 406533

I was kind of thinking that maybe she was trying to make herself "unattractive" to him since he doesn't like pony tails or darker skin. I know that's something a lot of abuse victims do in hopes of scaring away the predator.

Regardless, it's fucking sad. I can't believe after all the evidence against him this isn't being reported more by the news like it's been with so many other predators.

No. 406540

don’t forget up ^^^ in his blogs where he said ~he wishes he had been as handsome and popular as beck is~

probably used him as his own sexy teenage insert character more than once with the girls

No. 406544

File: 1556998063847.jpg (176.24 KB, 815x1222, schneider 'who's hot'.jpg)


>Am I seeing things or is that a picture of Dan himself on the locker? "Dudelicious"?

yep, that's him.

No. 406547

That is creepy but that was just the Sikowitz character, he was gross and super weird with students which was usually pretty funny.
they used a lot of adult humor because it was a TEEN nick show. they allowed mild cussing and light sex scenes before the TV-PG rebrand in 2010.

No. 406563

That’s fine if it’s kid to kid, I don’t really care. But having characters just for the sake of making predatory jokes is idiotic.

No. 406568

>be Ariana
>do everything in your power to make yourself unpalatable to one of your main groomers
>still get preyed upon and ogled (just by different kinds of men)
>people complain about you being a culture vulture because they don't know why you're doing what you're doing
That's unfortunate, holy fuck. I also didn't realize Schnieder didn't like darker skin. That makes sense, I've never seen a black or brown girl in a Nickelodeon show. Disney has a monopoly on basically all the young black actresses.

No. 406573

where does anything say or imply that he doesn't like darker skin? some anon just made that up. the ponytail thing i can see but i'm pretty sure the tanning is unrelated. she shouldn't be let off the hook for that imo

No. 406605

I'm not sure I buy the amount of dirty jokes just because it's a teen show. Yeah there were some dirty jokes in the cartoons we used to watch but not every. single. episode. almost every. single. sketch. Not to mention the ones that don't make sense to even have like the obvious predator/pedophile vibe jokes.
Compare the "humor" of Dan's shows to other shows on nick or disney. Also these aren't cartoons that people just draw and adults voice act in. He made these young kids do this stuff.

No. 406608

There hasn't really been official evidence but if Ariana was indeed his groomed "favorite" then it almost makes sense that she'd distance herself from the redhead pale skinned Cat Valentine persona

and to refer to a previous anon
>I've never seen a black or brown girl in a Nickelodeon show
Unless you count mixed girls like Victoria Justice (half latina, till recently didn't even know she was mixed) most of his female actresses are white or mixed and most of the mixed girls can still pass as white

No. 406621

yeah. it is "kid to kid" in fiction but in reality there was still a crew of adults creating a running gag where the actual busty 16 year old liz is constantly being pointed out as sexy, which I find worse than a fake character.

But Teen Nick is a seperate channel from regular Nick. To compete against ABC family it allowed shows with sex, drugs, drinking, LGBT teens, and cussing like degrassi, dawsons creek, edgemont, etc.
Victorious was still considered to be a comparatively milder "baby" show but it was being made for the high school-college bracket.

No. 406624

No I fully agree with you that it’s disgusting. I disagreed with the anon suggesting it was just innocent “teen humor”

No. 406644

File: 1557020749294.jpg (649.95 KB, 1080x1466, SmartSelect_20190504-224546_Go…)

Cat valentine was tan lmfao

No. 406647

File: 1557020846075.jpg (666.86 KB, 900x1620, SmartSelect_20190504-224700_Go…)

I forgot to add, she hasnt distanced herself from the character to the point she shows she hates her

No. 406649

Some anons were talking about a video were she says dan schneider is texting her, I didn't find the one she was singing bit found this one. Timestamp 2:14

No. 406655

File: 1557022646029.jpg (81.61 KB, 998x672, goJf22N.jpg)

That show had a lot of weird sexual humor. In this scene, her sister stole her panties because "i have allergies and tissues make my nose hurt but these are sooo soft" and then she buries her nose in her sister's panties…

No. 406658

File: 1557023889991.jpeg (132.41 KB, 1242x241, 9F1036A0-0171-465F-BBBE-1F5803…)

nta anyone who believes Victorious was supposed to be for Teen Nick, but it actually aired on Nickelodeon. However, I could see why people think it’s a bit geared toward older teens. It doesn’t make Dan and anyone else involved in its production okay though. They’re all disgusting. Victorious does rerun on Teen Nick now, but so do other Nick classics. Dan’s humor is still uncalled for in any case.
I agree that he takes it too far. Sure other shows sprinkle in a few jokes for older people to appeal to them here and there, but the underaged people were constantly sexualized in Dan’s shows.

No. 406659

File: 1557024174804.jpg (85.27 KB, 997x703, a76McA4.jpg)

Then there was a lot of talk about playing pirates (aka playing doctor) while the panty-sniffing repeated itself

No. 406660

okay what…?

No. 406661

Teen nick is pretty much the dan channel now that I think about it. constant reruns of everything all the way up to gameshakers and Henry danger

No. 406662

File: 1557024252911.jpg (118.27 KB, 1303x737, 0HjPCEB.jpg)

No. 406664

Dan must’ve really been into the underage girl panty gags. Here’s one from iCarly

No. 406665

Another mention of a young girl’s underwear in a Zoey101 scene that was actually already giffed itt for a foot reference. Is there a Dan Schneider bingo card yet?

No. 406666

>I iron my underwear
Do kids really talk about underwear this much to say it’s just a “funny joke” like all the foot stuff?

No. 406669

see here’s where the difference lies:

there’s a joke in “I iron my underwear” it’s been used before, shows that the character is maybe up tight and likes things neat. maybe they’re even a bit of a nerd. it’s kind of in the same vein of “your mom writes your name in your underwear” or like captain underpants

BUT smelly underwear (unless it’s played in a girls vs boys thing because eww boys are stinky with gym socks and boxers) especially girl underwear is weird. girls watching these shows usually aren’t super comfortable with their bodies and the idea of being smelly or embarrassed in public is mortifying to a teen or tween girl

No. 406671

True. Unfortunately it seemed like there were tons more young girl panty/underwear references from Schneider shows but I felt like I was entering some kind of pedo wormhole clicking the links on YT

No. 406693

File: 1557038794192.png (464.46 KB, 1200x811, F6554486-2B54-4094-A9A2-60B1E1…)

Here’s what I don’t get—of literally all the clothing items, he goes with panties. Bunny panties in particular. Like, children’s panties. He could have gone with a goofy looking shirt or something if his intent was to portray Nicole as different.

There’s also this episode where Logan, the most sexualized male character, hides a camera into a big bear to spy on the girls. To literally monitor them from his computer.
A man who was in his 40s at the time wrote this. It’s like when Dan uncomfortably films the girls for his behind the scenes footage.

No. 406697

Personally I don't think it's the jokes or storylines of the shows themselves that are suspicious, it's the repetition of specific themes and how they paint of picture of who Schneider is as a person. You could easily see a lot of the weird stuff as just silly humor or adults failing to relate to kids, but it's the sheer NUMBER of these kinds of "jokes" in his shows that's off putting. It's very clear that he's got an obsession with feet, sexual or otherwise, and combined with the exchanges with his wife on Twitter it's safe to assume it's the former.

No. 406701

I didn't even know he had a wife till I started delving into the drama

is there any milk on her? she's the hungry girl lady but I don't know much about her beyond that

No. 406737

tbh I never liked these shows as a kid because I always got a creepy feeling from them and felt something was obviously not right

No. 406743

What's with pedos and hebes being bisexual? I swear it's a common thing with those people

No. 406769

Wasn't there an episode where tori was being stalked by one of the characters (i think robbie) i think the plot of it was that he wanted to learn how to ask a girl out, so he hid and watched her date.

Im currently a little busy, but I'll look for it and post a link when i can, unless someone does it before i get back.

There was also an episode where two guys were stalking tori and jade at the sushi bar, and showed up to the school.

No. 406770

To those sick fucks it's about "corrupting" and "ruining" the innocence of a child regardless what their gender is. It's about manipulation and control.

I wish they all die the most painful deaths.

No. 406771

From what i remember, there is always one black character in each of his shows, i don't watch any of the new shows, so i can't speak on those.

No. 406772

Don't forget she (the sister) also made fun of how big they were

No. 406773

I dont know if im misremembering but wasnt there an episode of icarly where the brother gets trapped in a storage room and a little boy shoots him in the face with some liquid out of a water gun (i strictly remember the kid saying it wasnt water)

No. 406797

File: 1557067229679.jpg (388.39 KB, 1078x767, Screenshot_20190505-153942_Chr…)

yeah, there was. I thought it was urine that he meant when I was little, didn't occur to me hoe fucked up that was as a kid.

No. 406802

Im going to go check dans behind the scenes blog for that episode, to see if he says anything about that scene.

No. 406808

File: 1557069985685.png (91.65 KB, 1055x514, 20190505_112258.png)


Okay, so i found the blog post, this is all he had to say about that part, but something else stands out to me, his comment about jennette.

No. 406809

File: 1557070079735.png (120.3 KB, 1075x492, 20190505_112331.png)

"A tiny little thing"
Something about that wording is.. ugh

No. 406811

especially since this was peak her ED

No. 406814

Something about the way he says his own comedy kills him is so pretentious. He clearly loves the sound of his own voice, as anything that he types is really lengthy and most of the details of his behind the scenes posts are unnecessary. Even the fact that he overrides a lot of the behind the scenes footage instead of letting the actors be organic. Which all ties back to him wanting control. Him wanting to be ~the man~.

Ew. He also called Ariana Grande “little.” It’s so fucked too because of Jennette’s eating disorders at the time, the way he highlights her weight and frame.

No. 406816

Guys who work for the porno companies writing up their descriptions/posting them type in a very similar writing style, if you notice, honestly.

No. 406818

The fact that some middle aged man with a confirmed foot fetish wrote this (and other similar incidents of face-to-panties bits in the show) leaves no doubt this was intended to have an undercurrent of fetishism as well. I can't imagine any normal well-adjusted adult scripting something like "and then the girl knowingly uses her sister's panties as tissues in the middle of school!" What a creep.

No. 406821


https://youtu.be/Q4OQI-xollw 12:24
This is the episode i was talking about. There's also a joke about guys peeing faster than girls around 11:11

15:32 is about when the creeps show up. 18:44, 22:40 (they show up to the school) i probably missed a lot, i skipped through it.

Unrelated, anyone notice the "pear phone" looks like the Nickelodeon foot logo? Reaching i know.

I forgot to link yhe blog post: http://danwarp.blogspot.com/2009/05/?m=1

No. 406824

I'll check for the behind the scenes of this episode to see what he says about it when i get back.
Sorry for blog post

No. 406827

Also, the lyrics to the song tori and jade sing in this episode are..

https://youtu.be/DoSnjS0Uj70 lyric video of the song

No. 406830

Sorry, forgot to paste the link, this is the first one

This is the episode i was talking about. There's also a joke about guys peeing faster than girls around 11:11

No. 406831

15:32 is about when the creeps show up. 18:44, 22:40 (they show up to the school) i probably missed a lot, i skipped through it.

No. 406833

No. 406874


… He truly loves himself and want those kids to do the same, huh?


This was towards the end of the series though.


Again, I don't think she hates the series, she probably has a weird relationship with it - like the boys from Leaving Neverland. They said they didn't hate Michael and even had fond memories of him and the place, the dancer one also said how much he was grateful for him helping with his dancing career. But they still were abused, and I do believe that Ariana can tan and have a ponytail as a form of trying to have control over Dan or making him not like her as much. It has to do with Dan the person, not Victorious or Sam and Cat.

Speaking of Michael Jackson - although he was a gross abuser, he was abused himself by his father, and in one of Michael's phone calls he implies to a friend how one of the reasons he started doing so much plastic surgery is because his biggest fear was that he would look like his father.

So it's not uncommon to want to change your appearance drastically to distance yourself from an abuser/abuse.


Probably asking for pictures of her feet, or worse.

>What's with pedos and hebes being bisexual?
>To those sick fucks it's about "corrupting" and "ruining" the innocence of a child regardless what their gender is. It's about manipulation and control.

Yup, this. It's not even about sexuality, it's about controling and corrupting kids. So they may "start out" to the gender they are actually atracted to (like, Dan probably would never be interested in an adult male) and they slowly "convert" because they realized that boys (or girls, depending on the person) are also easy targets.
Super gross stuff ahead: I've read once a pedo that happened to go after boys later in his life and he stated that his preference change was because he realised boys would fight more and he thought that was more fun.

No. 406894

holy shit i remember thinking this was funny as a kid. now, knowing how fucked dan is and his foot fetish, i'm freaked out thinking about if i had met him as a kid i'd have been happy to indulge in his degenerate fetish because i thought it was silly.

No. 406895

You’re absolutely correct about the progression of pedophilia. If started off with girls in Dan’s case, and now in his newer shows Henry Danger and Game Shakers, he’s made the underage boys show feet multiple times. It’s all about power and control.

No. 406897

It’s so sad because the child actresses probably felt the same way. Just an innocuous, silly game of showing toes! People in the YouTube comments of his videos, presumably kids, always go on about how hilarious the foot jokes are. They’re too young to get it. Then there’s the children on twitter who tweet about how they wish they could be on a Schneider show… and it’s disgusting because Dan promotes his @ twitter handle on his newer shows. He encourages kids to follow him online, where he’s requested feet pics from young followers (if the DMs are real), and has publicly done so too when Sam & Cat aired.

Speaking of social media, Dan was supposed to host a social media YouTube boot camp. Probably unsupervised like his other camps. I believe it was supposed to be last summer, before Nick fired him of course so idk if it still went down.

No. 406901

does this motherfucker have a toe amputation fetish too

No. 406977


I think this sicko just like every fetish under the "feet" section: Massages, sucking, amputation, smelly feet, soft feet, dirty feet, tickling, feet getting dirty with food… you name it.

No. 407032

i dont know if im overanalyzing but moments like when tori (in victorious) is held as a prisoner in a foreign country and gets her hair touched by a guard or when her sister is holding a pickle in her mouth and keeps eating it in her bathtub are pretty weird to me

No. 407137

File: 1557126875992.jpeg (14.44 KB, 259x195, 525ED1E6-76EE-4409-907C-7E9FBA…)

No. 407138

File: 1557126977854.jpeg (27.98 KB, 480x360, 73D42DE0-99CA-48AA-828A-6452A1…)

No. 407155

I remember thinking this was weirdly sexual even when I watched it when I was younger.

No. 407224

No. 407269

yeah that's what the archive.is / archive.fo mirrors are for
plus preexisting screencaps

would he or viacom really go through the effort to bury the archive pages? Are they that paranoid? if he were actually paranoid he would've deleted his creepy blog in its entirety

he doesn't really seem fazed by all the rumors surrounding him and that's probably what scares me about him the most, he feels comfortable as a sexual predator, and he proudly showcased his fetishes in his shows that many, many youths including myself watched as children, and I never even realized how fucked up it was for years and years. ugh.

of course John K and the Loud House guy were also sexual predators and a bunch of other former nick employees (butch hartman, not a sexual predator but an egotistical asshole) are shit people even if they aren't pedos, and so is a lot of the company Schneider keeps, he's surrounded by them.

No. 407393

So when is this fucker going to get arrested? WILL he even ever get arrested? This shit has been going on for years. Even last year his antics made it to mainstream yet he is still not in jail.

No. 407456

money + power + shielding from the industry + the poor treatment of victims and the fear of being harassed and threatened if they speak out

the reason Alexa is probably the most vocal of them all is that she's no longer an actress and therefore has nothing to lose, the others have to worry about being blacklisted even though most aren't that famous except for Ariana.

Schneider may have been fired from nick but he probably still holds a lot of money and industry power by name recognition alone. he is among the most famous producers in kids television in the past 20 years or so.

I'd like to believe if someone can out Weinstein they can out Schneider eventually, but it takes a lot of victims, and a lot of voices, and a lot of speaking about trauma that most of these child actors would rather bury. I feel so bad for them knowing that they have to hide it. I really hope one of the actresses he assaulted comes forward openly and outs him fully. in the very least it might get him blacklisted

No. 407486

For every 10 girls that see what happens in the industry and refuses to work, 1 will want the fame and money bad enough to say yes.

Then once they are millionaires with their own nice house in LA, they'll say, it was horrible, the things I had to do.

Why did you do it then? Why did't you get a regular job like a normal person? Why are you still doing it?

No. 407495


dude dont blame victims for being raped.

No. 407503

the entertainment world is kind of like an unhealthy relationship, if you're stuck in it long enough you begin to become desensitized even if you want out.

imagine being groomed to be a child actor and having all your autonomy yanked away from you at a young age, facing sexual abuse, and growing up to be a traumatized adult. a lot of the girls who dan assaulted aren't popular actresses anymore and barely advanced beyond their teenage fame, but they're still vaguely enough in the industry that they can't really come out against him? do you understand?

it's not their fault that they were groomed and assaulted, for gods sake, no matter how much money and favors they received, that doesn't excuse that they had their childhoods pillaged by people in power? so gtfo with the victim blaming

No. 407988

>1 will want the fame and money bad enough to say yes.
In the case of child disney/nick stars it's often the parents who push their children into doing whatever means necessary to achieve fame even though they should know better. If you grow up your entire life being surrounded by underage sex,drugs etc. being normalised and being told that's just what you have to do to make a living basically from childhood you don't know anything else.

These aren't consenting adults who came to hollywood after having a normal upbringing just sleeping around to get ahead, these are literal children being groomed from the start by everyone around them. Parents who just want to sell their kid out in order to live vicariously through them, and creeps like Schneider at every turn in positions of power that take advantage to get their sick, twisted selves off.

I don't care if you don't personally like Ariana, Jamie Lynn, Lindsay, Amanda or whoever. Bottom line is they were exploited as children and they are the victims of this, and it's understandable that they don't want to loose everything in career opportunities and legal proceedings if they were to come forward. Alexa has much less to lose than someone like Ariana does. She and many others probably won't come out and talk about Dan explicitly until he dies or there's really a movement against it like there was with Weinstein. Dan "get in the van" jokes are not enough although they do raise awareness.

No. 408026

I doubt they would ever come forward even if Dan died. The children who get abused in the industry more than likely don't get abused by just one person. There must be an enormous pressure from everywhere to keep your mouth shut.

No. 408185

File: 1557355846121.jpg (48.47 KB, 333x464, wait a second.jpg)


>Unrelated, anyone notice the "pear phone" looks like the Nickelodeon foot logo? Reaching i know.

seems intentional

No. 408230

lbr ariana would probably talk when her mother dies. after all she's the one that put her through it

No. 408453

Further tinfoiling (and massive armchairing) about the relationship between Ariana and Dan.

What if she’s developed Stockholm syndrome and that’s why she seems to be the only female actress that’s still on good terms with him? It’s actually not that uncommon amongst victims of grooming and (sexual) abuse. And the description fits rather perfectly

>A positive emotional bond between captor and captive is a "defense mechanism of the ego under stress". These sentimental feelings are not strictly for show, however. Since captives often fear that their affection will be perceived as fake, they eventually begin to believe that their positive sentiments are genuine.

Combine the stress of sexual abuse (plus: keep in mind that her parents got divorced when she was about 8 or 9) with the effects of drugs (i.a. depersonalization) and she might have started to believe what she was acting out the whole time. Plus, it seems like she was one of Dan’s ‘favorites’ therefore this might have added to her admiration. He made her feel special and loved.

But some underlying part of her does want to shake off that whole shit, therefore the change in her appearance. (However, this might just be genuine development of preferences, style-wise. This all happened during her puberty and I don’t prefer the same look I did when I was 14. So I’m still not 100% in on the ponytail theory.)

No. 408461

Children working in entertainment business should be illegal. How’s that not child labour? I’d rather send my kid to work in Chinese sweat shop.

No. 408481

File: 1557431694869.png (146.25 KB, 498x461, hair.png)

>ig ass tinfoil here, but what if Ariana can't let go of the ponytail that's balding her because it's a way of her to have the "upper hand"

That's a possibility.

Here's a blog-post she made about her hair.


[pic related]

No. 408485

File: 1557431978046.png (60.77 KB, 928x438, painful.png)

No. 408488

as long as parents are willing to whore their children out there will always be children in some kind of entertainment

No. 408490

>Ariana responded in the most Ariana way, writing, "well u actually have hair so that prolly makes it a lil more painful ….. nah jk i’m in constant pain always and don’t care at all."
>This isn't the first time that Ariana has spoken out about her ponytail pain. In August, a fan asked if her hairstyle ever hurt her head, to which she responded, "nah I can’t feel anymore the nerves in my head said f*ck u a good year or two ago we’re good."

No. 408559

Wow this is pretty sad. And she's going through all of this just because she was told to do some unhealthy shit for her job.

No. 408564

also why did they dye her hair so often for the show? aren't permanent dyes supposed to last longer than a week and a half? did anyone on the styling team think that dyeing it every week and a half was a little excessive and would probably fry her hair for life?

below the worse things, the drugs, possible stolkholm syndrome, on set
rivalry, and dan rape they also completely ruined ariana's scalp… nothing was unscathed

No. 408568

There would be more laws done about it if the majority of the entertainment industry werent run by pedo men already. it's horrible. I agree with you. Every child actor has had their lives ruined.

No. 408570

this is actually kinda sad. Ariana really doesn't seem to care anymore

No. 408631

I don’t know if my memory is just making shit up but back in 2014 when ‘the fappening’ happened, there were also nudes of Victoria Justice. I think some pictures completely disappeared off the surface web after it came out that she was underage in them. And I think there was some story about Dan being linked to them.

But again: I have no idea how much of that actually happened and was true and not just rumors, but I do remember his name being linked to those pictures. Just not sure if it was the usual jokes or an actual, legitimate connection.

No. 408746

>why did they dye her hair so often for the show? aren't permanent dyes supposed to last longer than a week and a half?
I'm guessing they were just doing root touch-ups every other week, but still, that does seem a bit excessive and idk why they wouldn't have just made her wear a wig from the beginning to spare her all that trouble

No. 408752

Because Dan wanted Ariana to be a redhead. Not Cat.

No. 408956

File: 1557601659717.jpg (23.67 KB, 460x259, ZW0229A006S0056305aebda8448.38…)

Can't even leave cartoons alone apparently.

No. 408957

File: 1557601820757.jpg (65.49 KB, 640x460, mort is dan.jpg)

No. 408963

Former (dyed) redhead here, the intense red shade Ariana's character sported needs a lot of upkeeping because red of all colors is the one that fades the most after each wash. Mine faded to orange after 3 weeks/a month. So they dyed it so often both for roots and to keep it vibrant.

No. 408966

not just roots, but probably redying the red to maintain vibrancy. I didn't watch this show, but I remember that every time a character had funky colored hair in a show, it never faded.

No. 409070

She was photo'd nude with a fat tub of lard in a mirror selfie, but if I remember correctly it was a different fatty than Dan. On the younger side. I don't think there were any outright links to him.

No. 409074

I heard that

The fappening site itself still has many of her nudes and a few of them were clearly not her, including one which appears to be another similar looking girl that isn't her and a fat guy (presumably supposed to be Schneider, but it's not him either?). Is that what you're referring to, or ones that have since been removed

No. 409101

Dan was involved in this show?

No. 409129

Found the pic. Does not look like it's even her in the pic, looking at the girl's face.


No. 409137


That’s not the picture I meant. (The guy looks a lot like SSSniperwolf‘s bf though)
Iirc Dan himself wasn’t in the picture. It was more of a ‘those were sent to him/taken by him’ sort of thing. And as I said, some were removed due to her being under age in them.

But again, might just be my memory making connections where there aren’t any.

No. 409230

Definitely not her but I wonder who it is? Such a gross looking guy haha

Your brain might be making connections but it's still sus she even had nudes leaked being underage. Did she even have a boyfriend back then?

No. 409287

Jeanette McCurdy did have underwear pics leaked during this time or at some other time in the past, her face visible and all. I'm not sure if she was underage or not but you used to see them on /b/ pretty often (havent been there in a long time tho). They were selfies.

That was kinda irrelevant but maybe you're thinking of McCurdy's instead of Victoria's.

No. 409350

File: 1557704509837.png (35.06 KB, 567x787, u r forgetting.PNG)

i had to add this one. remember when the evil kid from icarly called EVERYONE this??? im pretty sure a bunch of people googled it.

No. 409604

I'm pretty sure that being able to endure this type of shit and so much more and be able to perform exquisitely is one of the keys to becoming an a-list pop star. Ari's hair being utterly destroyed is a symptom of this, but I think it's clear it goes deeper than that.
How much fucked up shit has Ariana been through on the past 5 years yet she's able to focus on arbitrary bullshit like dancing and travelling, social media, etc? Shit, being a pop star in general would seem arbitrary af after going through the Manchester bombing incident.
The way they get people to endure all that shit and still willingly work even after the gleam of fame has worn off is the pressure that their shitty parents put on them to support their families. Imagine if your shitty mother and/or grandmother only showed you true affection was when you were making deals and making money, nevermind just how (aka fucking producers and maintaining relationships/texting them outside of work hours).
It all fits together sickeningly to create a very fucked up human life which is then capitalized upon for headlines and click bait articles.

The worst part about all that is that sick fucks like Dan Schneider know all of this and use it against victims so he can satiate his sick, rotten peepee. It makes my head spin. What a fucked up industry.

No. 411689

I randomly came across an old video of Ariana getting interviewed. The male interviewer keeps asking about her feet, and even asks if she wants to smell his feet. I wonder if he knows what happened to her, and was doing this shit on purpose to taunt her.
Knowing all the stuff about Dan Schnieder, she must've been uncomfortable on a whole other level. And she puts her arm around him at the end.

No. 411691

File: 1558158916723.png (209.92 KB, 1650x1228, feet.png)

Pic related, even the commenters are weirded out.
Sidenote, I didn't notice that he even looks predatory in the fucking thumbnail, lmao.

No. 412080

Are you seriously claiming that his shows have a sizeable crowd of adult male viewers?

No. 412323

i honestly feel so bad for Ariana. She was groomed and hit on by pedos and predatory men for years. Why is this shit allowed?

No. 414125

Men being perverts, no way!

No. 420335

took this from the celebricows thread. jenette mccurdy uploded this. could be something of interest….

No. 420427


No. 420447

>a clip from my loosely autobiographical short about a child actress raised in a dysfunctional mormon family

This explains a lot and it's not even out yet.

No. 420674

hmmm jennette also starred in a law and order svu episode when she was a child, so i think this part might be in regards to the role she played on the show tbh

No. 422136

So “All That” is getting a reboot that airs tomorrow. It looks cute tbh, and Dan is not involved in any way! Kenan and Kel, actors of the original, are helping produce it. They will also be acting in some skits, along with Lori Beth Denberg. Kenan and Kel are both good friends of Schneider, not sure about Lori.
I feel that if they really wanted to, they could even bring more of the OG cast into the show. It would help with views because it’d play on people’s nostalgia. Tinfoil but maybe they’re purposefully only bringing those three people back (so far at least) because others probably have dirt on Dan? Like the cast member from All That who went public about Dan’s odd behavior on set.

No. 422138

I loved all that back when I was kid. Roundhouse too.

I believe you may be referring to Amanda Bynes. Another soul ruined by Hollywood.

No. 422140

File: 1560544305185.jpeg (662.23 KB, 1242x1843, 61FE3BF6-2788-4D66-A84A-0BFE15…)


If you look at the online discourse surrounding the reboot, a lot of the older generation actually wants to watch it because they’re retaining classic skits, the old intro, and I guess the vibe of the original. Even the Jonas Brother will be tomorrow night’s performers. I’ve seen people ask if Amanda Byrnes will be coming out.
Look at this.

No. 422141

File: 1560544337827.png (80.64 KB, 581x521, 509DB711-E885-4109-B02F-44DD28…)

Take with a grain of salt as always

No. 422144

File: 1560544722934.jpeg (870.93 KB, 1242x1635, 5F5BADCA-9E32-4BFF-B408-6F58D0…)

No. 422147

Dan’s first tweet since being fired. Mostly everyone is calling him out in the replies.


No. 422148

File: 1560545340691.jpeg (769.9 KB, 1242x1709, BC4FA76F-C91B-4A4B-A198-930EAB…)

Classic Dan

No. 422149

File: 1560545528160.jpeg (434.3 KB, 1242x1758, 8E9A0B3A-AC90-4165-A81E-7CF612…)

No. 422191

Hm interesting. I thought I read Kel had a sort of breakdown at one point too. I'll have to google. I feel for Amanda Bynes, that's a brutal world.

No. 422578

File: 1560653728445.png (88.22 KB, 2582x222, Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 7.55…)

I forgot about the "Love ya, Dan!" gross

No. 422599

honestly she killed it on that episode of SVU, she's talented.

No. 425241

No. 425389

You have to log in to view .

No. 428669

Bella Thorne replying to an executive shill on live TV and blatently stating she was raped and abused as a child star from ages 6-14 while everyone aound her knew and did nothing,


Please ignore the whack intro.

No. 436099

File: 1563428515236.jpeg (260.93 KB, 1232x823, E8817D83-3F46-4E6F-9660-E8D045…)

From Jennette’s official website.

No. 436143

Who's a known sound guy working for Schneider? I always wonder how it is working on set. It sucks what these children endure.

No. 436195

File: 1563456604653.jpg (12.7 KB, 615x116, blind.jpg)

She was on Logan Paul's podcast recently and mentioned the abuse again and now she's receiving death threats apparently.

No. 436209

she was on disney, not nick

No. 436238

No she wasn't… Dan Schneider made iCarly and Kat and Sam, both shows Jeanette was in. Are you new?

No. 436248

ntayrt but the cdan blind is referring to Bella Thorne, not Jeanette, the former was a disney child actress who was mentioned upthread

No. 436326

Interesting… death threats from who, exactly? The same people who sent that guy in >>428669 to harass her? (This is rhetorical)

No. 439513

Jamie Lynn Spears is joking/hinting about a Zoey 101 reboot… Is the grooming really that strong? They can’t do that without Dan..

No. 441693

File: 1564523044791.png (731.23 KB, 1220x738, nphojk.png)

Alexa Nikolai, who also starred on Zoey 101, posted this on her Instagram today:

>What is this? I deleted this awhile back because I don’t want to trigger anything for others. Certain experiences can be extremely fragile. I know. But this is something that really upsets me. This is not okay. Is he apart of this reboot?

And then there's a post on Crazy Days and Nights from April:

>The dam is starting to show cracks. One of the victims of the should be disgraced Nick producer is finally speaking out about the things the producer made them do on set and off.

>Alexa Nikolas/Dan Schneider
>April 16, 2019


And yet another interesting Blind Item, also from today:

>If you think it is going to be just the original cast in the reboot, then you don't know this network very well. They will figure out a way to bring in dozens of tweens and teens. The best friend of the producer runs the place.


No. 441699

There's this special video series starring Ariana Grande as Cat, and the scenes honestly look like low-key cp. Especially with the bright colours, the potato "jerking" and the water drinking while upside down.


No. 441804

She posted on her stories too. Now deleted but you can view here: https://mobile.twitter.com/popcrave/status/1156301850993397760

No. 441805

File: 1564553232613.png (325.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190731-020214.png)

She doesn't really say much in the video so I'll post a couple crappy screenshots

No. 441806

File: 1564553294235.png (519.06 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190731-020316.png)

She reposted this v common picture

No. 442052

This whole thread is making me nauseous. I think it's the whole disney aesthetic and childishness, do you see how childish he acts? I mean, I guess that's just an effect of being around kids all of the time and adapting kid-like communication but it really makes me want to hurl.

No. 442266

No. 442280

I really hope she makes an actual video about this on Youtube or somewhere that it can be more easily condensed/shared/go viral. I want Ariana to have to comment on this shit.

No. 443807

File: 1564950327397.jpg (7.15 KB, 300x187, ricky_monique.jpg)

Holy shit, so I watched this weird old 80's movie last night and I realized the loser creep in the movie that kept forcing himself on the helpless small teenage female lead was Dan Schneider. I guess some things never change.

No. 443864

Oh my god, Better Off Dead has been one of my favorite movies ever since I was a kid, I never knew that was him. What a fucking surprise, a scumbag creep portrays a scumbag creep.

No. 444071

What the fuck. So she reposted the Ariana Grande screenshots of her sucking her toes on camera after she had deleted them. She seems more set to expose Dan this time around. I really hope she does make a full on video. About time those creeps get exposed. That tweet is making rounds, enough people have interacted with it. Please don’t let this lose momentum this time.

No. 444072

File: 1564989416448.png (374.51 KB, 401x334, F0AFCE9C-FB88-49AA-B4B7-88C1EB…)

No. 444074

File: 1564989649291.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1426, F7E15679-B531-44BD-9137-49EEC6…)

They really left out Alexa Nikolas, ouch. The result of speaking up back in april.

No. 444078

File: 1564990368537.jpeg (413.58 KB, 1112x1424, 3C868B5B-EDD3-4A04-99B3-BE115A…)

Tinfoil but what if Dan only did this as a PR stunt to humanize him again after his internet absence and allegations started to circulate? I don’t doubt he gave the cast a hefty paycheck to hang out with him, especially since they’re all has-beens. Might of also done it to spite Alexa.
This seems like he wants to trick people into thinking “see everything is okay!!” now that a lot of former fans have caught on.

No. 444081

File: 1564990591507.jpeg (120.28 KB, 750x887, 19D8B5F6-32CF-4D1C-A612-F70E81…)

No. 444083

File: 1564990753181.jpeg (124.16 KB, 750x900, C5A7A995-27D5-459A-8541-B80EFC…)

No. 444206

we need to keep this conversation going so hopefully Jennette or anyone else may feel comfortable enough to speak up as well.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 444294

I didn't even recognize Schneider at first, he really must be trying to shirk his image if he lost that much weight after being a fat fuck for years and years

No. 444332

I didn’t recognize him either. It just dawned on me that he probably changed up his looks so that people don’t approach him irl. He lost so much weight in the past few months. This checks out with the fact that he sold his house, went missing online, and religiously monitors replies left on twitter and Instagram, and blocks people who call him out.

No. 444508

File: 1565066616754.jpeg (268.85 KB, 1242x1740, 7A44BB89-354D-4612-BD30-CCC7DF…)

she also posted this. been a while since i watched this doc but it’s about all the men in the entertainment industry sexually abusing child stars. they also talk about how a cast member on all that was convicted of being a child molester (or something like that.) they said an anonymous child star outed him. i’d always figured it was amanda bynes. they did not mention dan schneider in the documentary but it really makes you wonder……. alexa advising people to watch this is a huge huge clue

No. 444513

cast member would mean one of the actors, crew member would be behind the scenes workers like producers, camera grips, etc.

No. 444610

30 minute livestream Alexa posted! She doesn’t fully expose Schneider, but she does reveal how the rest of the Zoey 101 cast hazed her. Even though it isn’t much about exposing Dan, you can tell she’s trying to be careful with what she says about him out of fear, but she does mention a “wardrobe incident” that happened and how she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about “what she’s seen Dan do, and what Dan is.” yet. She’s coming out with a documentary soon that will go into more detail, and calls Hollywood the biggest sex trafficking ring in the world.
I think it also shows how unprofessional Dan and all of the executives are. They definitely could have done more for her.
Cliff notes recap of the live stream:


No. 444618

File: 1565084729162.jpeg (59.9 KB, 750x439, D0E0694C-27CF-4A3D-9D69-27DD8F…)

People took to Instagram to comment on Kristen’s (girl who played Dana on Zoey 101) posts about Alexa. She is deleting comments and blocking anyone who mentions Alexa. Kristen put her account on private.

No. 445056

Him telling her that "the industry may not be for you" is very telling.
I bet every celebrity or child star that has grown up to be "successful" has made a point to not out anybody else, and be "okay" with it, brainwashed, or maybe even take part in some disgusting things (and if you're a child to bare it), and in return they get to be successful in Hollywood.

Like Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice, for example, probably have no problems with how they got to their positions. And Victoria now being in this "reboot". They're obviously fine with what these disgusting men are doing or getting over it to benefit themselves.

I really can't wait for her documentary. And for what Jeanette will come out with, too.

At this point I really think the more you enable it = the more money you make and higher up you get to be as a celebrity.

I hope there is progress towards these poor girls' cases soon. I know it's traumatizing for them but I don't know why they don't just speak up, I know Dan could be threatening them in some way but in reality how could he get away with that now that they don't have any kind of contract anymore and now that the one guy is dead? They need to help any children who are being abused right now, too.

No. 445062

File: 1565137173946.jpeg (77.53 KB, 750x515, 7FEB5B81-CD87-4CD9-8DD5-DB9E64…)

There isn’t one, or Dan paid you off?

No. 445064

File: 1565137360546.jpeg (141.5 KB, 750x777, 99FC6F5E-4333-4B5A-B347-8AF8F7…)

I honestly don’t believe Kristen. Her character was a mean girl, who was especially mean to Alexa’s character. I don’t think it was all scripted, I imagine that Kristen/“Dana” had a blast belittling Alexa in each episode. Not to mention Kristen was older than Jamie Lynn and Alexa. She probably thought she could bully around Alexa because she was younger, and kissed ass to Jamie Lynn.
Kristen, you actively recently hung out with a rapist and abuser.

No. 445072

I'm not sure if either of those women are fine with having to prostitute themselves for stardom, especially at such a young age. I could be wrong, but I have a really hard time believing that anyone is actually okay with having to prostitute themselves, regardless of their reasons.

Child stars are at the mercy of their parents, and it seems that a lot of parents around the Hollywood scene are willing to pimp their kids out for money and fame.
Their aloofness is most likely due to self preservation. People in the entertainment industry seem very unwilling to risk their career and reputations and I bet some are even being blackmailed to remain quiet. Indifference is probably the safest route, especially when your career and life are on the line.

I'm sure there's a lot of shame and guilt that comes along with having to sleep with some disgusting slimeball who's old enough to be your father, in order to secure a job. Not to mention the incredible amount of psychological trauma that comes from being raped as a child….
It takes a lot of courage to not only out a predator, (especially ones that operate in a highly organized networks with a lot of power), and to simultaneously expose yourself as a victim of child sex abuse.
People have been murdered for speaking out about elite crime networks; that factor alone is usually enough to scare someone into keeping quiet. Especially at a young age as young people are very impressionable and easy to scare.

The people who they're accusing have the ability to turn the public eye on their victims, and that alone has to be an insane amount of pressure. It's easy to forget that these people have the whole world watching them. It's incredibly difficult for people who aren't in the spotlight to talk about being molested as a child, let alone outing their rapist. Many of them never do. Now imagine how difficult that would be if the whole world was the audience for your very personal tragedy. It's not surprising that so many stars turn to drugs and drink in order to cope with the horrorshow.

Those who aren't afraid to speak up are truly brave.

No. 445077

They're probably just scared of losing their careers or no one taking them seriously and ending up like Amanda Bynes. What truly makes me angry is that Amanda Bynes had more talent in her pinky finger than most other nickelodean stars and now she's barely lucid.

No. 461551

Not Schneider but other Hollywood pedo:

Former Disney Channel star Ricky Garcia alleges manager sexually assaulted him ‘almost weekly’
Garcia’s attorneys allege Joby Harte not only raped and sexually assaulted the actor “dozens of times throughout his teenage years” but also “groomed” him into a “personal sexual play thing that could be passed around” among Harte’s colleagues.


No. 461557

Good for him for speaking up about this. It appears he was treated just like females are treated when these guys have any access to them. I wish him success in his case and career.

No. 461743

Sometimes stuff like this makes me wonder if kids should be involved in show business at all since it just ends fucking them up

No. 461792

This is sad I hope he's able to find peace and justice.

No. 470918

Dan Schneider just deleted like more than 4000 tweets. All the tweets that include the term “child” and “toes” .

No. 470925

oh shit, did someone hack his account or was it viacom ordering him to?

No. 471032

should've imploded his entire account if he wanted to rid himself of the evidence

also doesn't he not work for nick anymore? why would viacom order him to do anything if he cut ties w/nick, seems like him trying to cover his own ass to avoid scrutiny. too bad the evidence is already plastered all over the place

No. 471141

I've never been in this thread and had no idea who this guy was, so I know I'm late to the party, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

If I didn't know the context of this image, I would have assumed it was just a pic of one of those camgirls who cater to pedos similar to Belle Delphine. The fact this is an underage Ariana Grande on a set of her kids TV show is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. How the fuck was this allowed?

No. 471508

No. 471634

File: 1570829948306.png (908.71 KB, 1080x1167, Um.png)

Found out about the youtube channel of the actor that played "gibby", while going through some of the videos, I came across this comment that he liked.
Channel name: Sadworld

No. 471662

One of the most interesting and disturbing things that Dan did was create “behind the scene” blog posts of episodes for some of his shows. Some anon posted caps to just one of the behind the scene blogs for Victorious, and every paragraph contained something disgusting.

Imagine all the dirt we’d find if we dug through every blog post.

So he falls off the internet, changes his appearance entirely, and thinks deleting over 4,000 tweets (there’s at LEAST 4,000 tweets worth of children and toes, wtf) will make people forget. All of this started going down once #MeToo gained traction and Alexa Nikolas spoke up.

No. 471667

File: 1570839099672.jpeg (120.9 KB, 590x902, 9DCA05A8-3DD9-4243-A9D3-64CADD…)


No. 471670

File: 1570839152117.jpeg (339.84 KB, 750x1074, 760BFE1C-D1D2-485D-943C-A0BA81…)

No. 471671

File: 1570839397486.jpeg (252.3 KB, 750x1249, A51661D9-C5EE-4DB2-AF06-7DAC46…)

>Nobody condones that type of behavior there
>Network known for innuendos, shady producers and other production crew members, owned by the head of Viacom who is also a pig.

Nobody condones this behavior now because of the calling out, not because they’re sorry.

No. 471673

File: 1570839786348.jpeg (110.1 KB, 750x802, 588BA377-BEE0-4C72-894C-E80831…)

No. 471675

File: 1570839947286.jpeg (106.63 KB, 750x687, 741F4D7F-F09A-4237-A58D-8F28B5…)

First tweet in a long time. People are calling him out, so he’s hiding their replies.

Makes sense because he can turn off comments on all those other platforms, or severely moderate them. The best he can do on Twitter is hide some replies.

No. 471676

Does this feel weird to anyone else? Maybe I’m just seeing things, but I’m not comfortable with him recording girls shaking their hips like that for who knows how long he was filming her. Can’t you just have kids roll a snowball or something?


No. 471738

File: 1570862666853.jpeg (278.08 KB, 750x902, E819734E-0F56-4945-8759-36D88F…)

“ignore Jeff’s FEET”

No. 472043

All That Season 4 Episode 8
Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7 meets Hot Toe (Christy) a villain with a molten big toe. Coldfinger returns where he collaborates with Hot Toe, and the two plan to blow up the world by touching their elemental extremities together. However, the day is saved when their plot simply results in transforming Jimmy into a pig.

No. 472109

File: 1570970834110.jpeg (249.67 KB, 2208x1242, DA28D2E3-C5E4-4C4D-BF6E-FFDC56…)

Remember that Amanda Show sketch with the disgusting soups? One of them is called “Foot Fungus Chowder”.

No. 472112

File: 1570971187256.jpeg (279.79 KB, 1656x1242, 36054F16-0160-47D3-A4B0-CC2696…)

There’s also one where they sell footlongs made from actual feet

No. 475814

No. 479457

Can we use this as Hollywood pedo general?

”Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies in Midst of Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The massage therapist was allowed to proceed anonymously in the case. There are no details yet on the circumstances of death.

The lawsuit could continue by the heirs of "John Doe," though the issue of anonymity provides a complicating wrinkle. To show standing to sue, the heirs would likely have to identify the deceased accuser after getting a green light to administer his estate in probate court. A judge might also be less inclined to protect the privacy interests of the deceased. Even if the case moves forward, the loss of the most important witness to the alleged sexual assault would make it difficult to litigate.


No. 480275

i think hollywood pedo general is a good idea. there’s so much overlap and let’s be real, they’re all in it together. dan was super milky at first but it’s died down. however i am confident that soon nick stars like icarly and victorious and zoey101 will come forward soon…..

No. 481424

No. 481442

File: 1573189888909.jpg (174.19 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 9.09…)

here's another clip from victorious where the characters find a bag of fake feet in the back of their car. what the fuck?

No. 481443

File: 1573190116329.jpg (75.55 KB, 707x439, Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 11.1…)

here's a closeup of the aforementioned "dudealicious" poster of dan in tori's locker. fucked up.

No. 481444

File: 1573190231920.jpg (162.26 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 5.29…)

another unnecessary feet shot from victorious, this time featuring armpits and an ahegao face? i cant believe what is wrong with this dude

No. 481445

File: 1573190412401.jpg (219 KB, 1440x900, 1.jpg)

No. 481446

File: 1573190433034.jpg (223.11 KB, 1440x900, 2.jpg)

what the FUCK?

No. 481450

File: 1573190920151.jpg (68.27 KB, 1075x640, h.jpg)

this might be a reach but considering how often they interacted online just a couple years back, this is a little weird. im not sure about twitter tho.

No. 481585

File: 1573245926348.jpg (233.91 KB, 1440x900, cat.jpg)

I noticed that too, there's a weird amount of bra jokes around teenage girls. This is from an ep of victorious where ariana's character gives everyone candy she kept in her bra. :/

No. 481586

File: 1573246034345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.34 KB, 1440x900, why.jpg)

:( more victorious

No. 481588

File: 1573246256217.jpg (230.69 KB, 1440x900, foot 2.jpg)

one of the victorious kids rubbing the feet of a middle aged guy in an ep

No. 486195

File: 1574468871861.jpg (110.96 KB, 960x951, 97s9hzfwqa041.jpg)

I just found this one. No comment.

No. 486206

she is still following him.

No. 488301

My friend just told me that they knew a girl (let's call her X) who auditioned for some tv show a long time ago with Amanda Bynes. X went with her mother and it was apparent that Amanda's mother was trying to fuck the producers or whatever, so X's mother told her she probably wouldn't be getting the part and they left. Take with a boulder of salt obviously but we live in Southern California so it's not out of the realm of possibility.

No. 505411

My 14-year old sister is rewatching Victorious rn, should I tell her that most of the young cast was sexually abused by this creepy fat guy?

No. 505421

No. 505445

anon, you can't be serious. she's 14. i really hope you haven't told her; if she asks, that's a different story, but telling her out of the blue is creepy. just let her enjoy her bad tv show in peace.

No. 505465

I haven’t explicitly told her, just posted the lolcow link in our group chat and my other sister (21) broke it to her gently. All I told her is a lot of dark stuff goes behind the scenes and that’s it.

No. 505624

This thread read like a really fucked up thriller or some conspiracy theory. I am thoroughly disgusted although I remember feeling the cringe with all those foot scenes in Victorious and iCarly. Maybe thats why I have a foot fetish lol

No. 505631

Having read that fetishes are basically formed in childhood I do look back at all the humanoid-animal cartoon characters, fart/toilet humour and excessive foot jokes from kids tv shows so so differently now

No. 505635

So do I. It kinda destroys childhood memories a little.

No. 505654

It makes me angry because as a kid i used to get mildly turned on from seemingly nonsexual scenes in cartoons and feel really crazy and gross about it. like what was wrong with me for having that reaction to something so random? now looking back the implications and way they were animated were totally meant to be sexual. i'm just glad it didn't affect me enough to give me a full fledged fetish into adulthood but i feel bad for people who do.

No. 505659

What about falling for anime characters as a kid? Asking for a friend

No. 505679

I think it depends on how they're portrayed. if the character is cute/pretty and you happen to crush out on them for that reason, i don't think that's particularly disturbing. it's putting the character in a fetishy/hypersexualized situation that i find disturbing in a kids show

No. 506291

I thought this thread would be the perfect place to put this video of Dan Shneider's favorite "pet".
0:36, 1:20, 2:56, 3:06, 4:56, 5:22, all of these are time stamps of moments that raise red flags or are just very inappropriate joke to put in a kids live action show

No. 506499

was this deleted anon? not available for me

No. 517057

File: 1582385225782.png (6.77 MB, 1242x2208, 0022DBB9-33BE-41C4-9C4A-B8195B…)

ariana interacting with dan only a few days ago on instagram. reads “miss this”.

No. 517058

wtf does braincrush mean

No. 517060

Anon we can see your profile picture, delete your post if you can and crop it before resharing. If you see this too late, just change your profile picture

No. 517062

the way this post reads as protective/caring is cute, anon

No. 517092

It's the name of the episode the pic's from. It basically means sapiosexual attraction.

No. 517115

Farmers should have each others backs, like a bitchy family

No. 519766

No. 519955

>Baberaham Lincoln
>Wink emoji
>Ariana thinks this is normal and reacts positively towards it
>This is recent
>What the fuck

No. 526985

File: 1584498763453.png (411.79 KB, 720x991, Screenshot_20200317-193024(1).…)

Dunno if anyone still cares about this thread but Amanda Bynes is pregnant. Hopefully shes happy and able to move on from Dans abuse. Just saw that weird age regression baby talking video she posted a couple days ago

No. 526986

Didn't she announce and also end an engagement last week. The guy looked like an addict. Best wishes for the baby but I hope it's not real

No. 526999

this is a terrible idea

No. 527017

Can the supreme fuckups most likely to damage their would-be kids stop choosing to gestate right now and maybe realize a human deserves better than being born into a pandemic world? All these stupid asshole bitches getting pregnant right now and having the audacity to flaunt their selfishness. Fucking ignorance.

No. 527032

babies dont grow that fast you miserable bitch

No. 527039

nta but anon is right to be worried about corona's ability to negatively impact a corona patient's child… scientists don't know if it affects fetuses yet. what's for sure though is that high fever during pregnancy can cause neural tube defects and other shit.

No. 527201

Saw this first thing this morning and it's legitimately depressing

No. 532999

File: 1585355161346.jpg (324.75 KB, 794x1058, 20200327_172517.jpg)


No. 533024

Hyper sexualized, lifting her skirt with his leg, talking about parties and kissing each other, threesomes

No. 533246

File: 1585403177701.jpeg (197.02 KB, 750x818, 0CAD6F06-5D49-41E2-8B88-5B217A…)

Dan is trending on twitter right now. People in the mainstream are talking about his pedophilia! Sparked by this image of a video call that the Victorious cast shared. Lots of people questioning Ariana in the replies.

No. 533248


Samefag but Dan is holding Rex the puppet. A lot of people are finding that creepy, too. Did he really have to hold a children’s toy? Is everything he does bait at this point?

Looking back at Victorious, Rex made a lot of objectifying comments toward women.

No. 533349

What the fuck? Ariana looked so disgusted and annoyed in that 3rd clip…. Matt Bennet is a creep.

No. 533457

Am I the only one wondering if she posted these weirdly sexualized clips with purpose? She's bound by contracts not to peep as she's actively a huge popstar, I'm sure, so is this the most she can "say"? And isn't it creepy af for the adults at Nickelodeon to record and/or archive footage of teens and adolescents acting sexual with each other? (Not that Ariana herself owns the clips, but rather has access to them) Sorry for the tinfoil but that's the first thing I thought of when I saw those. She could have picked from a million other more endearing and joyful backstage clips, and she chose these? I guess it could be her way of flexing how hot she is/was? Idk… for that matter idk if she even makes her own IG posts/videos.

No. 533999

No. 534038

She's definitely doing her own socials part of the time, they're messy enough.

No. 534274

I agree this is bizarre as fuck. But how would she still be trapped in, what, some kind of contract or something? Wouldn't the time for that be up and she's free to talk and post whatever she wants without looking like she's licking Dan's asshole? Why would she still even be associating with Dan at all? We all know the extreme PR she gets when she fucks up and the media sucks up to her, why associate with someone like this and post about it?

No. 534475

File: 1585638959055.jpg (35.85 KB, 610x320, arina.jpg)

Good question, idk how she's bound by the contracts & deals she has. My best guess is that she can't upset the network of producers, execs, management, showbiz etc. that are involved with her & (probably more importantly) her management. Lest her career be compromised… She probably has drug addictions and/or other dirt that she'd like to keep hidden too. Blackmail is rampant in HW after all.
She also probably likes her job being being a rich and famous performer and her family probably rely on her income too so she can't/won't fuck that up by speaking out. At least not now.

No. 534481

Wtf was she “flashing” at the very beginning of the video?

No. 534724

File: 1585681785664.jpg (90.32 KB, 286x642, 20200331_120759.jpg)

Yeah she was. Good eye! I didn't notice that.

No. 542978

Hi a question
Did victoria justice bad sex with dan?
And if not, how she fest the role in victorious?

I wonder why ariana is not ging a breakdown

Im so sorry for that girls :( i always love to whatch victorious, zoey101 and so on
I can Not believe that ariana, liz, and all others raped by a fat gold guy :(

No. 542980

*had sex Not bad sex

No. 542992

Yeah that's not the only thing wrong in that post you dyslexic retard

No. 543001

Fucking Mobile phone >:(
Im from germany(>:( newfag)

No. 545060

File: 1587663105670.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 168x130, JTwCE.gif)


No. 545062

Holy shit, how old was she in there?

No. 545067


Here’s another vid of the same thing but she has a tube top on. Hopefully the one you posted was doctored.

No. 545068

……what the fuck? I have many questions now.

No. 545070


No. 545073

guys, this is fake, please. don't be stupid.

No. 545134

The real version is in this thread >>405965

No. 545243

Fucking Reddit. Disgustang.
My bad guys. I posted that from Reddit where apparently they shooped tits in.

No. 545266

This thread ruined the memories I had from watching his shows.

No. 550929

I don't know if this is reaching but Ariana recently came out criticizing her TikTok impersonators, specifically Paige Neimann who blends the Cat character dialogue with Ariana's current look. Ariana seems to get really pissed about the mixing of Cat and her current image. Retraumatized?

No. 550945

File: 1588778037762.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200506-161401.png)

Dan's getting some heat on tiktok finally too. I can't upload the file for some reason but it's a girl talking about how she took part in one of the fucked up foot photo drives he did during iCarly.
I'm so angry for all these kids waking up up the reality that they unknowingly gave him material for his spank bank.

No. 550950

Can you at least post the link?

No. 551071

No. 551367

File: 1588864656125.jpg (64.31 KB, 640x400, gkn30wv.jpg)

alexa nikolas (second from left) is pregnant, due in november.

No. 552918

File: 1589227330394.jpg (348.55 KB, 1024x684, gettyimages-109564046-1024x102…)

Hi just wanted to post that I love the research you guys are doing, I always was aware of the meme and the videos being odd. But I never knew how deep and disturbing this was, it really is hard to re-watch what was essentially my pre-teens watching the lot of teennick shows. Are Brian Peck and Josh Peck related? they joined nickelodeon around the same time (The Amanda show) 2000-2002

Anyways here's a pic ("Dan Schneider, Jamie Lynn Spears, Scott Fellows creator of "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide," star Devon Werkheiser, Sue Rose creator of "Unfabulous," and star Emma Roberts") that I came across when I was curious what his involvement was with Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. This man has no shame! He can't even contain his creepiness in a public setting such as an award show!

No. 554612

whoah. maybe that's why ariana wears her ponytails?

No. 554676

File: 1589661051495.jpg (42.38 KB, 418x640, phadtwk4o42qbwe.jpg)


Ariana wear ponytails because her hair is completely fried from bleaching and straightening it.

Look at those ends.

No. 554698

Forgot to sage >>554676
But did she shave all of her hair off? I feel like there's no point in keeping your hair when it's that bad.

No. 554702

She wears wigs or extentions or she alternates. The wig thing came from a promo scandal for a music video she had where she shilled the ponytail wig she wore.

No. 556755

Very much so. The Jimmy Bond sketches from All That definitely formed my fetishes & fantasies at a very young age. Thanks to Hot Toe, Mr. Big & Dr. Maybe, I developed a foot fetish & inflation/expansion fetish as well as a sexual fantasy of blowing up the world. Just writing this out turns me on and it’s all Dan’s fault.

No. 582129

I know it's fake but I hate that this was one of the first gifs I remember randomly seeing online as a kid, I'd deeply repressed this memory until now damn it.

No. 604185

File: 1597380923193.jpg (156.27 KB, 736x981, 9f78534951f7e894a9293db9085cf9…)

Goddamit nick

No. 604199

What?? He wasn't a pedo.

No. 604232

so summer redstone of viacom finally bit the dust. he was said to be protecting schneider. any bets that more accusations might come out in light of redstone's death?

No. 604240

File: 1597396467935.jpeg (64.15 KB, 301x696, 664E0FF0-5BF0-4407-B19B-5721AA…)


I don’t have anything to add apart from this photo of him.

No. 604498

Nah just a rapist you fucking idiot

No. 604580

Yeah, it's not like Nickelodeon had any idea about that shit in 2005 or whenever the show Little Bill came out, retard.

No. 604588

File: 1597433012759.png (518.77 KB, 640x638, okay.png)

sure anon

No. 604597

Oh, how naive you must be. Nickelodeon has Dan Schneider and John Kricfalusi, Nick Jr. is not off limits…

No. 604618

This aired around that time, so somebody knew for sure

No. 605694

File: 1597596207293.png (46.62 KB, 1234x209, Capture _2020-08-14-21-52-09(1…)

He truley was obsessed with Jeanette

No. 605698

File: 1597596344522.png (97.86 KB, 1011x467, Capture _2020-08-14-22-10-02(1…)

I mean on one of the blogs he was asking kids to send videos to him. Insane really, whats even more insane is that he didn't scrub this one from the way back machine. With his email on full display.

If only somone could get into it, god only knows what is in there.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 620287

File: 1598920232325.jpeg (129.86 KB, 640x724, 6EEC0D59-9B1A-4108-9ECE-B3E704…)

This might be a huge stretch, but I couldn’t help but notice when Grace references someone “between takes” taking pictures of her feet with a personal phone. I’m not sure if Grace Gillam (formerly Grace Phipps) had an interactions with Dan, but she was featured as a main character in both of Disney’s Teen Beach movies. The foot fetish seems to be a big thing for Dan.
Maybe just a really weird coincidence.(namefag)

No. 631767

Last night, Comments on an iCarly marathon livestreamed by nick was flooded with comments saying #FreeMiranda and #LockDanUp

No. 631778

Post caps or gtfo namefag

No. 631780

Okay lol

No. 631782

File: 1600284275374.png (2.51 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_8971.PNG)


No. 632024

File: 1600309493023.jpg (48.47 KB, 353x397, this generation's doug hutchis…)


>Singer and Dynasty actress Elizabeth “Liz” Gillies met producer and composer Michael Corcoran years ago—but it took a while before they started dating. “I always had a crush on him,” Liz says. “But I played it cool.”

>The 27-year-old actress wed Michael Corcoran, and many are wondering who he is!
>Michael is a 47-year-old musician, composer, songwriter, music producer, and sound designer, who has actually worked on many popular Nickelodeon shows.

"I always had a crush on him. Like when I was a teenager and he was almost 40. Very cool and normal."

No. 632053

Reminds me of Sasha Pieterse and her husband, she met him when she was 12. I hope she divorces him and takes all his money.

No. 632116

absolutely disgusting. men have no morals

No. 632799

File: 1600401978844.png (50.46 KB, 208x154, 1599100327499.png)

>musician, composer, songwriter, music producer, and sound designer, who has actually worked on many popular Nickelodeon shows

>(sound guys can be especially creepy!)

No. 634763

On the very first episode of Henry Danger (show that ran from 2014-2020), the main character, Henry, is looking for an after school job. He makes a joke saying, “I can be a foot model!” this happens within the first five minutes of the very first episode.

I tried finding a transcript of it, but no luck.

No. 634938

My heart really goes out to the things she went through. I find Liz and Ariana to be absolutely abhorrent because they’re both massive pick-mes who were given preferential treatment and encompassed that as a no fucks given acting experience. They turned a blind eye and pretend nothing was wrong because it’s the only reason they have careers. Neither care about other women or the wellbeing of young girls. In Hollywood, there is a pretty straightforward and organized way they carry out their abuse. More attractive girls with stable family figures are less likely to be picked or groomed because it’s considered ‘dangerous’ for the abusers. Like with many cases of grooming, they choose the less conventional girls and bonus if they have weak parental support ie Jeanette. It’s treated like a conspiracy or just a few bad apples when the entirety of entertainment involving children is swarming with these foul men.

No. 636380

They're also obvious elitists on Twitter and interviews while not caring that their young (likely middle class or below) fans can see their disgust for the average American
Still sad that Liz married her groomer though

No. 636387

I really wish people had screen caps of Jennette's mother calling out Paul Glaser(?) a middle aged Nick staff member creeping on a barely 18 Jennette
I tried to find her Twitter but I think it's been deleted
Jennette probably regrets the strain that was put on her relationship with her mother before she died :(

No. 644822

File: 1601682339681.png (148.37 KB, 890x818, Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 7.44…)

thank you for this thread, I wanted to drop this screenshot here from the Victorious wiki, cause I always thought Cat's brother was a very weird character reference. Dan's tweet makes the character all that more disturbing tbh

No. 644832

Yeah they’re not even subtle about their perversions. Awful people.

No. 646859

Incoming blogpost but thanks you guys for absolutely shattering my childhood and revealing my absolute naiveness. I loved all that, Zoey 101, drake and Josh as a kid. I read this thread before bed and got 0 sleep for my 12hr shift because I was so upset

I can't believe that fat fuck faced 0 repercussions and isnt in jail. And I cant believe so many of the victims seem to still be in contact with him. Does he still hold that much power over them? Are they desensitized to the abuse at this point and dont care? If I were ariana, I would tank my career just to expose the creeps and shitty parents. I feel bad they're all just silently suffering and no one protected them when they were young

No. 647150

File: 1601949009408.jpeg (192.38 KB, 1125x708, 946E392B-607B-406B-BD9E-1BF31C…)

Anyone wanna guess who? My money’s on Victoria Justice


No. 647161

This site is like a fucking early 2000s virus shithole

No. 647310

use an adblocker then

No. 648063

is yachting a euphemism for hooking/escorting?

No. 660063

File: 1603197763518.jpg (53.4 KB, 570x568, designed in california.jpg)


No. 660064

noooo anon!!! they'll nuke everything at this point!!! stop nonnie!!! stop!!!

No. 660065

/ot/ is "closed" but mods are asleep and forgot to lock every single thread here, so people are randomly bumping them. anyways go to /meta/ to complain

No. 668884

Any chance this could be moved to /snow/? The thread seems to get lost in /ot/ and there might be a revival.

No. 668922

you’d have to ask in /meta/

No. 669231

girls don’t start looking more like their fathers until i think early 20s. when she’s older i think it’ll be pretty obvious unless she gets plastic surgery.

does anyone really believe a Spears girl wouldn’t be handled by very, very strict rules? if dan was sleeping with her i highly doubt he would be sharing his object with boys her age.

what fucks me up is that these people truly do not care. at all. they destroyed the lives of children to get off, and can’t even fake caring or empathy to help the child they essentially murdered.

amanda hasn’t been dealing with any of this well obviously and i wish she could say something.

No. 669329

One of the blinds posted ITT from last year talks about Amanda having a long term plan and working with other people on it as well.

No. 672079

> 6:49 mark

saged for off topic but there was weird sexual shit in Disney shows like Shake It Up

I doubt the video will be taken down, but just in case, the clip is Zendaya's head being held back while a toothbrush is forced down her mouth and she gurgles white liquid down her face and on her shirt while the toothbrush is in her mouth (iirc this is from the first episode) … really makes you wonder how many Dan Schneiders fly under the radar

No. 672205


Came here from celebricows to read through… Holy shit did this comment age poorly

No. 675192

Rewatching the second half of iCarly and Victorious, Dirty Dan made his male cast also do stuff with their feet. It happened in Drake & Josh too of I recall correctly.

Hope this sick fuck rots.

No. 675338


𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠

No. 675414

File: 1605549163422.png (217.48 KB, 476x347, 011.png)

I always thought that boob expansion scene from zoey 101 was pretty bizarre and blatant for a kids' show, even a Nick one.

No. 675677

File: 1605572292757.jpg (35.22 KB, 493x493, EmwXF43XMAEWntb.jpg)

And Keenan and Kel. Apparently, he's now
Dan "I know you're a chap but boy, I'd like to see those feet clap" Schnieder

Was going to ask how the fuck is this shit passed the censors, though I'm sure that Nick was too busy with pumping the yellow sponge's and Timmy Turner's corpses to care.

No. 675712

Wasn’t there a scene in Drake and Josh where Drake has to keep his hands and feet in buckets of lizard pee for… some reason?

No. 676861


I think it's been said before, but paedophiles having a preference for both sexes is very common unfortunately. Pretty much all of the main *underaged cast from his shows were forced into Dan's disgusting fantasies and nobody said a word.

No. 677006

Yup! Does anyone else have a clue who could it be?

No. 677256

I'm confident that it's Justice or McCurdy.

This is so unbelievably cringeworthy, does this human hamburger have 0% self-awareness?

Back to discord, losers.

No. 677506

Yachting refers to working on a yacht usually as a steward or deck hand.

No. 678734

I just posted this in celebricows but this thread is still active so I'll repost here too

Has anyone actually listened to what they are all talking about in this video? Ariana literally is saying, "Everyone can see my pussy" as she stretches her body out and her skirt rises. Listen close. It's the very first thing she says. Wtf.

>Ariana (not aware yet she's on cam): "Everyone can see my pussy!"

>Notices camera and says: "Heheheh Cut that out!"
>Camera pans out to show 2 old men ogling her, who then also notice the personal camera and nervously turn away/bring hands to their mouths…
>One of the men says something intelligible about the camera, and the other says:
>"That was amazing! That was one of the better things I've ever heard."
>Ariana sits up & covers her mouth in shock bc her behavior was just caught on camera, looks super guilty at the camera.
>Cameraman(Dan Schneider): "Hi, what's going on here?"
>Ariana and her co-star look at each other awkwardly bursting into nervous laughter.
>Ariana to camerman: "Nothing! Cut out that part."
>Cameraman: "Why are we sitting on the floor of the set?"
>Ariana: "Because we are~~"
>Co-star barks when the camera pans away for a sec (lolsorandum) to take attention off of Ariana & what just happened.
>Meanwhile Ariana starts trying to engage co-star with a funny story (apparently about something that happened yesterday with Ariana sitting down in a manly/funny way) but her co-star ignores every attempt Ariana makes to save face/engage/relate with her.
>Finally co-star walks away seemingly disgusted or frustrated.

This video is revealing a glimpse into the everyday casual pedophilia that takes place on those sets. I've seen this video a few times & never realized how damning it is if you listen closely.

No. 678737

File: 1605974618310.jpg (65.88 KB, 895x740, agonset.JPG)

Creeps looming over AG

No. 678745

Last post… This is major speculation on my part but this video at :37-:46 really looks like Ariana acting sexual (for Dan) but feeling awkward either about doing it in front of her friends and/or it being obviously the reason that Ariana was getting preferential treatment among her peers.

No. 678775

The girl with the black hair, Liz Gillies, married Michael Corcoran a few months back. He's 20 years older than her and according to IMDB did music work for victorious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Corcoran_(musician)
You can't convince me she wasn't groomed.

I think the guy on the right here >>678737 is a co-star? I think it's Avan Jorgia.

>>678745 is definitely weird. Ariana always has to be center of attention so idk if it's just that or flirting. She says banana then says after it's actually strawberry which makes me think she was flirting otherwise why say that. The girl after her is really giving him the fuck me eyes though but idk who she is.

I find it weird how he was always filming the kids on set for no apparent reason.

No. 679736

It's always been so weird to me how Ariana had so much success after Victorious, but Victoria Justice got one shitty MTV show then disappeared.

Knowing all of this makes so much sense, especially how they were always pitted against each other. Victoria was obviously jealous that Ariana got preferential treatment, but wasn't willing to sleep with dan.

I think he tried to give Jenette McCurdy a career at one point, but she a) wasn't particularly good looking or talented and B) caused a whole scene with Ariana at the kids choice awards a few years back (and with all the crazy blog posts)

Obviously, Amanda Bynes was the OG-and we all know what happened to her.

imho Jamie Lynn should have just gotten an abortion, him being the dad seems like tinfoil but I guess it's possible. if that's the case then I'm not sure why she would sacrifice her career to have a creepy old rapists kid?

No. 682196

>caused a whole scene with Ariana at the kids choice awards a few years back
what happened?

No. 706356

This is horrifying. She even backs away from him into a corner.

No. 706365

i think you're reaching lmfao

No. 706441

reaching with a fucking selfie stick lol yea very much reaching

No. 707178


I was browsing this thread and when i came across this post in particular its like everything slid into place. fucking hell, no wonder she's so desperate to distance herself from her teenage image.

it also makes sense as when ariana hit peak levels of fame in 2014-15 she wore those baby/faux lolita dresses all the time.

dan you massive creep.

No. 707179


Jennette McCurdy and her publicly fell out as Jennette and Miranda Cosgrove boycotted the awards over pay discrepancies and ariana didn't.

No. 715029

I was just reading through all of this thread and what >>406241 said is interesting because I remember there was an episode of iCarly with a pop star that's meant to make fun of Britney and her VMA performance in 2007. If that's true and her knowledge of Dan's abuse of Jamie Lynn helped cause her 2007 breakdown then it's pretty fucking sinister that Dan made an episode mocking her for it..

No. 715732

File: 1610850389713.jpg (8.18 KB, 300x168, nickelodeon foot logo.jpg)

Dan and all of the abusers at Nick have been sinister and blatant, it's not uncommon behavior for abusers in general, it's thrilling to them
thank you for posting this, I had forgotten that one

No. 719588

I hate dan so much he is a prevent who knew he liked children and decided to work with children and I will never forgive him for running children life

No. 719595

did a child write this?

No. 719666

he prevented their life ok

No. 720093

Dan Schneider effed up amanda bynes big time. i listened to enty lawyer's podcast because he personally knows her and he was sharing his experiences with her (he got her permission to share everything on the podcast) and guess what amanda told enty? "Well…i was raped and forced to have an abortion and i continued to work with the guy who did it. how messed up is that?" when i listened to that my heart dropped and i starting to tear up a bit. Everyone failed Amanda and her parents let it all happen to her. i wish i could give her a hug and be there for her but it seems like it's too late…

No. 720105

File: 1611343399220.png (47.38 KB, 656x558, Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 2.23…)

did anyone save the video?

No. 720119

nope. i put the link in the wayback machine and it wont even show up there. an innocent man wouldn't try so hard to permanantly delete his youtube videos. he knows we know and all he can do is hope for the best, karma's a bitch

No. 720121

Oh my god. Amanda Bynes deserves so much better.

No. 720370

File: 1611366639198.jpg (119.64 KB, 600x937, jennette-mccurdy-mom-dies-canc…)

>Jennette McCurdy from iCarly opens up about how she was forced into an Eating Disorder because of Nickelodeon's culture
actually in her podcasts, she says it's because of her mother

No. 720741

Seems like you can find the video on DanWarps YouTube channel but he’s cut the bit at the beginning out about being able to see under her skirt

No. 738026

File: 1613196100116.jpg (67.69 KB, 683x1024, ariana-grande-high-ponytail-68…)

Not to PL but I see a lot of familiar desperate, insecure, terrified-of-aging, pick-me behavior in Ariana that I used to exhibit before lots of therapy

The thinking that the ponytail/skin color is a "Fuck you to Dan" is because she is hot and was probably groomed so you're all being generous. The actual reason she wears a super tight ponytail every single day is because it pulls up her whole gd face and makes her look younger. Bella Hadid, Zendaya and Selena Gomez do it too, just look at the tension on their temples and their stretched eyes. Some beauty blogger even tried it out for the day and noticed it pulled up her whole face/gave her cat eyes (The Cut) and how incredibly painful it was.

Other things I see through/notice:
-She most likely uses veganism as a cover for anorexia. That's to keep the "Lolita" look as long as possible for sure.

-Always tilts her head up in every photo, especially candid (it's getting to the point where she is always looking directly up). This is another way to look younger/"snatched"

-The filtered photos on her SM are worse than Kylie's imo (they both blackface so doubtful the skin tone has anything to do w. DS either). AG gets a lot less shit for it though because she uses those cat ear/doe ones meth heads and escorts use

-Pure Fuckboy dating history (tho RIP MM)

-Passive aggressive everything, she tweets and deletes her fans on people

-Seems genuinely contemptuous of average people and barely/doesn't hide it

No. 742410


I've always thought about this too… Ariana seemed to be acting overly "cute" on and off the show. Even when she was out of character she always kept her Cat act going a bit, especially around Dan.

Because i didn't wanna instantly come to conclusions, i asked a good friend of mine to look at some backstage video's, especially the ones that contain Ariana. He is a therapist so i figured why not.

The main thing he noticed was that it's pretty obvious she seeks approval, or is intimidated, by the "man behind the camera". I asked him if it was like a father figure thing, but he said that would be really odd because she acts very flirty towards him in most video's. Judging from the video's alone, he said there is definitely an odd vibe going on there. Especially the one where he films and uploads her laying on the floor saying "Everyone can see my puss".

I asked if it's possible she really was being used by the producer. "There's usually a person of influence who's been there from a young age in cases like that, like a parent" is what he told me. He's had cases like this before on a smaller scale, but obviously he can't go into details on that. So yes, stuff like this does happen unfortunately, and it almost always starts when they're younger. It's easy to make a child believe horrible things that they'll only realize are horrible when they are older. Not what i was hoping to hear from him…

If she does get a meltdown at some point, she'll likely blame it on something else to stay in denial. Even if Dan used her, she'll likely never say.

No. 742412

Is she bow-chested or something? I've never noticed it before, but her chest area looks so weird here.

No. 742413

What is bowchested? Her chest looks normal to me

No. 742457

File: 1613657359539.jpg (47.14 KB, 558x800, ariana-grande-backstage-at-her…)

All of this is very much true, but on top of the posing/hairstyling tricks she is relying heavily on fillers. Her surgery journey is very interesting and full of hits and misses, but from 2019 on the volumes on her face seem to shift constantly. I presume this is because of the fillers she is getting habitually and them getting pulled down with time. Attached is a photo of hers from 2019, which is probably somewhat filtered and affected by touring life but her facial features are distinctively rounded out for that fuller, childlike, collagen filled look. It's creepy to me.

No. 742478

Nah, she's just skinny.

No. 742523

File: 1613662608806.jpg (79.96 KB, 621x621, ag20.jpg)

>heavily on fillers
This. She also had Botox, if you watch recent videos with her, her eyebrows barely move. She has that rigid, plasticy, stretched look that women in the industry have when they are like 45 years old. It's disturbing

No. 742629

i feel like if these dude wasnt some obese ugly fatty no one would even look into it. ngl.

No. 742630

>obese ugly fatty
A fatty fat fat

No. 742636

Yeah maybe. Guess the lesson is don’t be fat and ugly. Specially considering all the consequences he’s faced.

No. 742771

I can’t believe this is a 27 year old

No. 743393

i think a lot of her behaviour can be explained by what she went through as a child. She's obviously a very disturbed person who does not lead a normal life; its like she's trapped by her need for external validation (namely from men) because that's the pattern she's witnessed and emulated from a young age.

No. 743414

Oh yeah, who even cares about children being groomed and raped? We only care about ugly dudes getting some, my dude.
Begone scrote.

No. 744121

Ugly men need to know their place

No. 754471


this vid has the vid dan warp tried to scrub from youtube. after that horrific upside down water bit which literally looks like cp. ari & liz couldnt look more uncomfy. its so creepy. schneider says "thats the best thing ive ever heard" in response to an underage ari saying "everyone can see my pussy".

No. 754510

Jennette quits acting and subtly blames her mother for making her be the breadwinner of the family at a young age, no mention of the fat man-turned-soy boy diddling her and her costars.


No. 788620

File: 1619066453372.jpg (330.06 KB, 1710x2270, b0b.jpg)

Is it just a coincidence or did Spongebob try to warn us?

No. 792926

File: 1619518932659.png (235.68 KB, 600x400, imagem_2021-04-27_072006.png)

Do you guys think Dan Schneider's wife also participated? She is a famous writer of diet books considering Jennette McCurdy had anorexia during Icarly, maybe she had a hand in it.

No. 792928

I think Jennette as an adult talked about how it was her mother that either put pressure on her about staying slim or had an ED herself and passed down tips iirc

No. 792933

Isn't writing diet books while having an obese husband an admission of failure?

No. 792934

Keeping yourself in shape and still having a fat hubby who gets off to childrens feet instead of you…like fuck. Their marriage boggles my mind. You could say he has money but she makes her own too. I don't get it.

No. 793159

Does anyone here watch SLO4N? He gives updates on the Nickelodean situation almost daily, sometimes twice a day. Hes great

No. 793173

Been watching him for a few months. I feel like he sometimes leans in too much to things that arent proven (and that don't sound likely) but overall I like him. He introduced me to topics I'd never delved into before.

I know he's had vids taken down before and been threatened with lawsuits. A family channel and then some celeb who groomed and dated a teen. Both hushed him up. Shows certain topics can be essentially erased from youtube if you have the lawyers to throw around threats like that

No. 794371

that's a woman with intense psychic damage, anons. that's a woman who has no self-esteem and has it further ruined by a piece of shit moid and his cheating on her. low-value males frequently neg their much-more-attractive female partners and sink their fucking claws in when they find a woman who actually takes it. they emotionally abuse them and make them believe they aren't good enough.
i feel fucking bad for her

No. 846617

Anybody heard about Dan's potential return to Hollywood? :(

No. 846636

File: 1625517513538.jpeg (500.67 KB, 1242x688, C6257446-3638-4C01-9068-B81392…)

i never saw this video but other than ariana's weird remark the look they give dan when he puts a camera in their face is so unbelievably off. liz actually looks scared? it's such an awkward moment & distinct switch from when they were all laughing seconds before

No. 847488

in one of the videos of this channel gibby (his little brother and his dad too) are washed up on an island that just happened to be right next to epstein's hell island. kinda funny

No. 894170

Kys, you still have some time to delete this unnecessary post you just made, you waste of resources.

No. 1279997

Sorry to necro but you can also hear one of the male actors warn them that Dan is coming at timestamp 6:33, says "he's coming". Vidrel is also a compilation of more creepy moments with him recording behind the scenes.

No. 1280024

File: 1658971470305.webm (929.04 KB, 408x208, pBCDXh0_y-Un8-HL.webm)

Tyisha Hampton, ex wife of Kel from 'Kenan and Kel' talking in a podcast about Nick producers talking about 'orgies' and showing pornography to the kids on set.

No. 1280027

File: 1658971837711.webm (2.42 MB, 750x414, v2rLSM3dusjfYPnI.webm)

She goes on to say that a child cast member would be giving producers blow jobs, clarifies that it was not Amanda Bynes.

No. 1280028

File: 1658971953248.webm (744.1 KB, 486x270, mQPRC_xjjOvKHdMg.webm)

She finally goes on to say that she would get sexually harassed so often she would spend most of the time in Kel's dressing room.

No. 1283913

Creepy Dan Schneider seems downright manic in this one. I remember one of the blinds up above saying drugs were rife on set, I wonder if he took something when recording this. He seems high af and thus being way more blatant about what a creep he is.

No. 1283925

It's so sad that the parents/kids were so desperate to be on some shitty kid's comedy show they accepted this abuse.
At least now with the internet kids/people can get famous (if they want to do that) in a safe way, still full of groomers and pedophiles and people trying to force them into sex work but at least not in the same damn room as them, they can just close the laptop and walk away.
These guys should rot in hell

No. 1283946

Anonymous have a video dated back to 2011 calling out Dan Schneider. No mention of his foot fetish, but mostly just talking about exploitation of girls by making them dress provocatively. I’m no fan of Anonymous, but it is eerie how they were talking about this so long ago.

No. 1283965

Correction, she said that Amanda Bynes wasn't the one who cleaned Dan Schneider's car with a bikini on. And that this unnamed underage girl wasn't the one who gave them bjs.

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