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File: 1633740420545.jpg (27.07 KB, 927x555, 123.jpg)

No. 934156

Previously… >>>/ot/915597

>>917299 Norm Macdonald died and anons argue about it
>>918966 sex and the city reboot will not include Samantha
>>920076 Nicki Minaj's SA victim speaks out
>>920701 lizzo on the toilet
>>921161 linda evangelista blames her weight gain on cool sculpting gone wrong
>>921425 Mario movie casting
>>922045 muskrat and Grimes break up
>>924165 Selena Gomez looks bloated
>>924422 lena Dunham got married
>>925793 demi lovato had an encounter with aliens
>>926924 mark hoppus from blink 182 beats cancer
>>927137 Shakira was attached by a pair of wild boars
>>927249 Lana looks horrible
>>927491 Chrissy teigen is an attention whore
>>927497 Britney is free of her conservatorship and posing half naked on her insta
>>929196 Emily ratajkowski alleges that robin thicke groped her
>>930985 adele teases her new song
>>933081 she looks gorgeous tho
>>933264 bhad baby looks different

No. 934159

A+ threadpic. my sides

No. 934169

new Lana video. they did a good job at hiding her weight gain kek

No. 934173

4 minutes of her waddling around a swing, impressive

No. 934175

File: 1633743901972.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

Holyfucking shit. That OP thread pic deserves an award

No. 934178

File: 1633744521687.jpeg (58.05 KB, 400x500, A2BCAEFA-E3F1-41FD-8ED4-42E36D…)

Was anyone else blindsided by the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis’ son trooned out? I was looking thru promo for Halloween Kills and found an article about how Jamie is going to marry him and his fiancé. Not totally surprised because he seems to have a touch of the tism, but Jamie deserves better. I’m still searching for photos of what he looks like now.

No. 934180

File: 1633744743569.jpeg (419.99 KB, 750x897, 8DBC1C06-26C6-43FB-B0F9-3164F9…)

Meghan Trainor shits with the guy from spy kids

No. 934182

File: 1633744780046.png (222.85 KB, 750x656, B418B338-493F-44DA-A12D-3AC2A8…)

No. 934184

He probably wants to sit on a different toilet because of her herpes kek

No. 934192

File: 1633746452208.jpg (469.74 KB, 1076x1036, nrtapoquigt41.jpg)

Colored me surprise another white man has come out as a troon.

Better be fucking dueling toilets

No. 934196

File: 1633747506732.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x1612, 89CCDB2B-8AA0-46C3-8B00-FF282F…)

Is Ashnikko a cow? I love her style and some of her music but dislike the oversexualized persona and lyrics.

No. 934205

She gives me cringey edgelord vibes, but I don't think she's actually done anything milky.

No. 934218

File: 1633751675913.jpeg (486.87 KB, 592x732, A6CAAEA9-974A-45FD-94A5-F7A4EC…)

Phew child, that horrendous photoshop, what the fuck is going? The proportions are horrible

No. 934219

Her music is trash and she’s disgusting. I get that being an edgelord appeals to stupid children on the internet but this woman’s gross hypersexual shtick is a carnival float of cringe. I feel like the only people who like her are the sort of people who like that Corpse faggot. That said, I don’t think she’s a cow, but there might be potential there

No. 934220

I usually think I have a good eye for uncanny photoshops, but this shoot looks overall pretty okay to me. Still airbrushed and shooped of course, but not egregious imo. I’m glad there are some lines and freckles on her skin and she’s not looking like a Sims character.

No. 934233

I probably wouldnt have noticed it if you didnt say anythinf but it does remind me of when I'm drawing and I draw the head too close to the neck (like not sticking out enough) if that makes sense

No. 934265

say what you want about lana she has pipes but her choice to release these shit vocal takes that sound like shes tone deaf makes me think she has brain rot

No. 934293

This OP is amazing.

No. 934324

New lana just dropped

No. 934416

I love Jamie Lee Curtis. She doesnt deserve this. Damn

No. 934489

File: 1633789005596.jpeg (157.44 KB, 826x835, 8941F0B0-F8A8-4DEA-BF21-9447C2…)

this makes me sad

No. 934527

Judy your time is over, and fuck you for not bringing back Byrd.

No. 934608

Stop fucking lying

No. 934611

imdb tv out of Amazon. she might not have wanted to insult him with the low budget shitwage offer.

No. 934742

File: 1633816421765.jpeg (247.13 KB, 827x1308, ED33CBA1-CF25-43D0-8846-ED8EB2…)

i love her but why does she only date ugly manlets

No. 934762

I'm gonna cry I didn't even realize Judge Judy was still getting new seasons

No. 934770

That's her pet.

No. 934808

As a bi woman j find her soooo sexy I love her vague autism stare(sage your nonmilk)

No. 934810

not sure how technically talented she is since her role in once upon a time in hw was reduced to foot fetishism but I think she's so pretty too, way prettier than a lot of the nepo kids

No. 934813

jack antonoff triggers my fight or flight response

No. 934821

I was under the impression she was usually a beard

No. 934849

File: 1633831828383.png (681.39 KB, 713x903, ag.png)

plastic fantastic

No. 934851

Her jaw scares me

No. 934856

that jaw is so fake it’s scary

No. 934883

Her face moves so unnaturally too it reminds me of some preset animatronic, why did she continue to do this to herself when her first surgeries were so successful? Must be mental illness, also going from looking black/mixed to Asian over the pandemic? Switching these races for you

No. 934896

she's an industry plant for this pseudo internet edgelord rebel persona when, a different flavor of the same old same old except her music sounds like diarrhea and she's insufferable.

No. 934941

My parents are fans of The Voice and my Mama always says Ariana reminds her of a chuck e cheese robot. Like really creepy & not entirely human, they always comment how she's fucked up her face.

No. 935093

File: 1633876256347.jpeg (141.57 KB, 412x434, 833BDA17-2257-4169-8E6B-C6A3CF…)

this is so shooped too…her fans edit her pictures too so its hard to tell what she truly looks like

No. 935094

The more and more I realize that they try really hard to make it look like celebrities aren’t ugly or average when they all are.

No. 935100

File: 1633876949030.jpg (43.8 KB, 708x791, Margaret-Qualley-Chanel_img_70…)

to me she's also somehow very pretty

No. 935102

No. 935166

She looks almost very plain, but there’s just enough of something that makes me stare at her for long periods of time

No. 935216

Curious to know what leads many farmers to believe she is a farmer herself

No. 935226

She’s far from ugly or average, anon. Plastic yes, but cute for now until she goes way too far with it.

No. 935253

I don't know who she is tbh but she's very pretty in a subtle and natural way.

No. 935293

who are the prettiest/most handsome and ugliest celebs in your opinion? for me it's

best looking
>as far as cows go i genuinely think azealia is very cute
>hoyeon jung
>lily collins
>kaya scodelario

worst looking
>anyone extremely plastic
>demi partly due to how bad her style is

No. 935306

File: 1633896860511.jpg (119.63 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20211007-202746_Chr…)

That Danielle girl tried to say her plastic surgery look was a joke? It looks like she's had a lot of plastic surgery. She's so young and didn't need it either. Sad what Hollywood does to young minds

No. 935311

I can’t not see Cardi B, I hope this wasn’t what she used the Onlyfans money for

No. 935319

demi did something really wrong to her face. it's like a puffy brick, that shits not just from drinking and getting high. i've never seen a junkie that has the face she has.
she also seems to straight up not bathe AT ALL.

No. 935387

She looks cute because of the obvious photoshop and filters on her ig. She looks so weird in motion

No. 935388

File: 1633906476748.jpeg (480.83 KB, 756x650, BDCB3744-BF23-4D07-8167-FEF9E8…)

clown makeup

No. 935389

She’s not aging great at all, that’s the problem, she’s not an “uwu small and beautiful” woman anymore she’s slowly looking more mature.

No. 935522

Lily Collins is a dollar-store-version of audrey hepburn

I think most beautiful celeb is Liv Tyler.

Can you post the pic that showed her "plastic surgery joke"?

I wonder if she will ever come out and say what Dan Schneider did to her and other girls? IMO i dont think she will because seems like she benefited the most from it

No. 935535

She reminds me of those short haired chihuahuas in this pic

No. 935536


-Game of thrones Emilia Clarke ( literally how I wish I’d looked) she looks haggard now unfortunately
- Scarlett
- anya
- jennie
- Nicki

- Noah Cyrus and cardi b

No. 935538

Also all the guys are ugly apart from that guy from twilight and superman imo

No. 935573

Flashback Mary but trying to sell a make up like wtf

No. 935587

lizzo has a nice face though

No. 935592

File: 1633933701692.jpg (38.83 KB, 485x796, NINTCHDBPICT000685120697-1.jpg)

Looks the same as when she let us in on the "joke"

No. 935603

did she get PS or did she just change her makeup to the standard BBL white girl look? her makeup's always been more or less natural and she used to never wear wigs so who the fuck knows what she looks like under all this

No. 935604

she has pretty awful lip filler but the reaction were all having is aided by the wigs and makeup changes. she still looks like her old self, just stung by a bee

No. 935698

File: 1633952324429.png (1.04 MB, 759x561, emilia.PNG)

Emilia is an anachan now huh? yikes.

No. 935742

File: 1633958047597.jpg (89.96 KB, 1124x1156, 71d3hlcvtqs71.jpg)

No. 935748

Shut up fatty she looks great

No. 935756

This bitch needs to shut the fuck up and disappear from the public eye.

No. 935760

File: 1633959316816.jpeg (189.58 KB, 1881x1392, FBads52VQAQ4xaX.jpeg)

I really think ariana's beauty line has a good concept (seems to be space-themed) but GOD the products look awful, at least in her own photoshoots, maybe you're not a good makeup if you can't lay down the photoshoop and filters huh
Someone help this nonnie find her collar bones, she's never seen them before that's why she gets alarmed when she see them on people

No. 935761

File: 1633959401348.png (5.28 MB, 828x1792, 1A3B037D-ABD4-484B-AA66-BC1D14…)

she looks like a tranny kek

No. 935771

Kek, so this is what drugs do to you

No. 935773

There's video of her talking and singing to aliens. Bitch legit thinks she's seeing aliens and they're her friends or something. Brain damage, big time.

No. 935775

celebs combination of plastic surgery addiction and love for drag queen make up makes everyone look so fucking haggard. i would never believe bella hadid is younger than me, she looks like a 40 year old cougar

No. 935780

That's Bella Hadid?? I couldn't even recognize her! Holy fucking shit

No. 935783

made me google bella hadid and see she's only one year older than me. damn, i definitely thought it was more.

No. 935793

This look is so dated. I hope early 2000s style doesn't seriously come back.

No. 935799

it's already here

No. 935804

I was just scrolling /ot/ past this thread but I snorted audibly at the thread pic, good job

No. 935806

She looks so dusty and powdered lately it’s not cute. I just wanna see her drop that shit finally so i can laugh

No. 935807

File: 1633965509403.jpeg (89.65 KB, 535x770, 1631343776590.jpeg)

45 year old smoker MILF in a cheap wig, always kind of drunk. Tells stories about being a lot lizard every once in a while.
Frenemies with 43 year old pic related. They used to run a psychic business together, but then Billie caught her stealing some of her crystals to sell on E-bay. There was also that time they fell out after one walked in on the other breaking wine glasses while screaming about how she got caught fucking someone in her husband's biker friend group and confessed that she screwed up the meth deal that would've bought them all tickets to Cancun. She argues on Facebook a lot

No. 935808

File: 1633965583260.jpeg (802.08 KB, 1500x800, 04BCFB05-C141-4507-8FF2-D51771…)

Yeah this is not a good look at all

No. 935810

I really wonder how bella is going to age in the long run. As other anons said, she looks waay older than she is and for model standards she is already on her way out because at this point you are considered old. Her nose looks bad.

No. 935811

Marge is flashing her new plastic ass again.

No. 935813

40? you're being generous with that

No. 935816

She is so tacky and embarrassing. Put her in a home already.

No. 935826

I usually think she looks good but she looks really old here….. horrible styling

No. 935840

File: 1633969994025.png (693.38 KB, 479x600, fuck.PNG)

Sofia Boutella uploaded a pic with her just a couple days ago and it's in the uncanny valley

No. 935843

Sadly for us, the Hadids aren't going anywhere because they're more of celebrities than models, there are way better and natural looking models out there but they never get the attention nepo kids get even if they retire from walking the runway they'll still be around on magazines and talk shows shoved down everyone's throat

No. 935844

What a bitch. #justiceforbyrd
Kek at the One Piece poster behind them

No. 935853

Why does she push her tits up so high so they spill out like that? It just makes her top look too tight. She's starting to look like a tranny.

No. 935854

File: 1633971194352.jpg (95.97 KB, 634x844, 46057141-9839957-image-a-185_1…)

not only that but he is a financial and spiritual simp for Low Tier God (video overview of ltg here" https://youtu.be/XautDocZvbM)

wearing his merch in pic related

No. 935856

She looks like Trisha paytas

No. 935858

god he doesnt even try to pretend he actually wants to be a woman

No. 935859

Kek I actually thought this was Trisha

No. 935860

I love JLC, she does deserve better

No. 935861

File: 1633972097110.jpeg (766.82 KB, 1178x1451, 9578A368-BDB4-414A-851F-92F9BB…)

His twitter is full of weeb shit. No lingerie dick pics yet…

No. 935865

she looks fine? I'm kinda chubby but my collar bone sticks out due to my bone structure, I assume for thinner women with large collar bones can be way more prominent. face and arms look fine though

No. 935868

When people post about what their family members or boyfriends think it’s always so stupid, but this was so funny lmfao. Your mom is cool, and 100% correct.

Those are some top notch fans tbh, too bad they’re probably unpaid children working as volunteer retouchers who will have to face the same beauty standards

No. 935869

I've heard of sausage fingers but billie has a whole ass sausage body

No. 935870

File: 1633973241969.jpg (321.72 KB, 1080x1488, emiliaclarke_womenshealth.jpg)

Could she be sick? I remember she revealed having brain issues during GOT filming. That pic has huge crunchy Freelee energy with the deep tan as well, so maybe 40 bananas a day anachan, maybe vegan and sunning perenium to try get her health back.

No. 935871

that's what she gets for being a spider bitch imho

No. 935874

The amount of filters and editing is horrendous. I wanna see what she REALLY looks like

No. 935878

Emilia looks aged because she had multiple brain aneurysms from the stress of game of thrones. For me she is the most likeable actress, her attitude, personality, poise, and presence are all so beautiful it wouldn’t matter what she looked like. If anyone else lost their youthful look for their work, they would have a bad attitude about it and be bitter. She’s still so bright and happy, she’s attitude goals for sure and is still both cute and beautiful.

No. 935879

Someone said it’s giving Beyoncé del Rey kek(learn2sage)

No. 935894

Poor woman, i hope she gets well.
Fucking nonnies can’t handle seeing a thin woman they have to label her anachan on a banana diet immediately to demonise her thin body when she’s clearly losing weight due to a physical illness. Go for a walk ffs yk it’s bad when i can hear your loud fatty breathing through a text

No. 935896

File: 1633975292574.jpeg (114.26 KB, 600x1094, 446C0675-FF4E-4710-BE5F-784BBB…)

(sa) I regret looking it up. pay for my therapy for making me see this

No. 935899

Me either! Was literally about to ask who it was until I saw your comment, holy hell

No. 935900

"y2k"/early 2000s styles are back in full force. Buckle up.

No. 935902

File: 1633976887689.jpeg (250.48 KB, 1820x1024, demi-moore-before-after.jpeg)

What causes that 'puppet mouth' that she has here? I know it's fillers of some sort, but it looks like the same thing that happened to poor Demi Moore's face when she was walking at the Fendi show. Is it from being overfilled or filler migration? They both have the cheekbones puffing out and then it meets at the corner of their lips, like picrel

No. 935913

File: 1633977992185.jpg (699.41 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20211011-144609_Ins…)

Buccal fat removal + fillers + really bad makeup artist. She seems to have fixed it now.

No. 935923

File: 1633978506917.jpeg (24.55 KB, 533x400, 590b5c21fcd8eb1f008b50e1.jpeg)

She has a Joan Rivers now look compared to how she looked here, even if she was to take the makeup off.

No. 935924

Seeing this solidifies my opinion that early 2000s fashion was objectively the worst

No. 935939

Walking around looking like the mummified corpse of Carrot Top kek

No. 935956

File: 1633980563002.jpg (320.87 KB, 1704x695, emiliaweightloss.jpg)

Such a weird seethe lol, Emilia Clarke has been steadily losing weight since last year, she even promoted her trainer's diet book. She announced a Marvel role in July so she's not dying. She's trying to keep up with Hollywood and looking haggard because losing 15kg+ in your thirties is going to age you.

No. 935963

I just finished scrolling through his twitter too and JFC. Typical greasy weeb, though I didn't expect any less from an mtf. I wonder if Jamie truly supports his transition deep down.
What a sad end to a legacy. Imagine: your grandmother is Janet Leigh, your mom is Jamie Lee Curtis, and you still end up a musty coomer troon.
At least Jamie has a real daughter who seems more well-adjusted.

No. 935966

no one said she’s dying, she had several brain aneurysm ofc she’s gonna lose weight and adjust her diet to accommodate her health needs.

No. 935972

File: 1633982340442.jpeg (228.05 KB, 1080x1350, FBa1k82WQAcsFu3.jpeg)

I sprinted here after seeing this on my twitter feed. Megan Fox… she looks like a tranny omfg I'm so sad she used to be so classically beautiful, wtf happened and she's fucking Lil Peep Lookalike?! She's no longer our lesbian goddess, queens. we have to let her go.

No. 935974

File: 1633982420240.jpeg (295.23 KB, 1600x900, FBa1TuOWYAEfh07.jpeg)

The wig, lipstick, weird cheekbone fillers, machine gun kelly…… seriously, is she okay?

No. 935976

File: 1633982576493.jpg (146.65 KB, 790x1222, megan-fox-introduces-machine-g…)

I realize this isn't new news…. but like, that photoset specifically is horrifying. This is her just last year, why does it seem like MGK ruined her?

No. 935978

Nonarella I'm sorry to break it to you but you should have let her go the minute she started dating MGK.

No. 935979

I had no idea, I guess that news just slipped by. Damn. Sorry for the autism, I don't usually get the chance to post new content on celebs so I sperged a bit kek

No. 935981

She was never a lesbian goddess. Ever. Despite claiming to be bisexual herself and passed around many men she stated “I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.”

No. 935982

I'd already given up on Megan sadly but what the fuck is with the slobbering on her neck? It's not even a sensual nibble he just outright looks like a hobo who wandered over from a dumpster and decided to turn cannibal. The hunch, the barely visible teeth, the stringy thin hair…

No. 935983

File: 1633982887928.jpeg (215.09 KB, 1080x1350, FBa1k9fXEAclPpP.jpeg)

idk but they both look so fucking retarded in this photoshoot

No. 935984

She looks like a Real Housewife who took a picture of Megan Fox to her hack surgeon.

No. 935985

It's ok Nonna it's hard when the woman you've fantasized about for so long does absolutely retarded shit… I'm going through that with Jamie Lee Curtis right now.

No. 935987

File: 1633983441880.jpg (36.55 KB, 423x571, DmgwWlQX4AAdNHr.jpg)

kek megan has terf bangs
and he looks like picrel

No. 935989

File: 1633983490064.gif (320.3 KB, 336x230, byrne-david-dancing.gif)

No. 935990

was it because of the weird book she wrote or her tranny son?

No. 935991

File: 1633983592138.png (9.58 MB, 3242x2048, billie.png)

God, what happened to her? Picrel on the left was Billie at the 007 premiere a few weeks ago and picrel on the right is from May 2018. How can a young woman dry out and age so quickly? Sun damage? Dehydration? Drugs?

No. 935993

she has cakey makeup and patchy brozer on the left which make her skin texture more prominent. Also why are you comparing her to when she was 16?? She's fat and cringe but anons like you are worse

No. 935995

You’d age too if your creepy family groomed you from birth to be a “star” and allowed men 3x your age sleaze around you while very underaged in order to advance your career.

No. 935996

Wait what book

No. 936003

Because most people don't age that drastically in such a small span of time, especially in their teens. Get off your high horse we're both on lolcow.

You're probably right.

No. 936005

File: 1633984490164.jpeg (418.27 KB, 1366x2048, 7590B735-02CD-41C9-AD0B-068CFC…)

timmy chlamydia will never be johnny depp!!

No. 936007

He looks like he smells like my grandma's couch, not in a nostalgic way but in a bad way.

No. 936008

File: 1633984604548.png (98.4 KB, 799x669, jlc book.PNG)

idk, some folks were complaining about the children's book she wrote, in which she portrays a little kid old having a crush on a male teacher.


No. 936009

true, reaching the level of druggyness and sexual diseases depp has is difficult

No. 936010

Idk I dig her bangs, she looks like a modern Bettie page

No. 936012

they no longer even look related. reminds me of when everybody joked about kylie looking like kendall's step mom.

something that really bothers me is, do these young celeb women never want to look just cute? their entire bodies and faces are modified to always look uber sexual

No. 936022

Is it her makeup that makes her eyes look so pulled back or did she have some kind of ps?

If it's a facelift shame on the surgeon who did the procedure. She just turned 18 so she didn't even have enough time to grow into her features.

No. 936028

He looks like a stripper version of Lurch (The OG one, not Luna's) and she looks like a bad rendered pin up drawing from the 2000's.

No. 936033

Is he skinwalking ghostemane now? got tired of peep?

No. 936055

She looks the same. It's called lighting and a new hair color.
Some of you guys are so insecure and fixated on this young woman it's unreal. Her skin is fine, sure she's overweight and everything but jeez

No. 936063

she already did that myspace bi photoshoot with Kourtney Kardashian, now this 00s vamp aesthetic shoot with this poser.
what's next, staring in a Queen of the Damned reboot? lol

No. 936079

What does it mean?

No. 936080

She’s 5 years older than she claims

No. 936095

File: 1633993942080.jpeg (122.52 KB, 1170x1075, FBcqo2dXIAUGFTh.jpeg)

No. 936104

haven't seen the name Sofia Boutella for a while, any news? she's really pretty imo

No. 936110

File: 1633996232390.jpeg (63.37 KB, 400x400, 0458B1FA-641D-4E45-A16A-EB434C…)

it looks they were going for vampire romance novel cover but failed to realize how corny romance novel covers are

No. 936112

Kek, are you the same anon that posted about Billie looking like someone who collects cheap dragon statues?

No. 936123

File: 1633997852378.jpeg (175.53 KB, 828x1792, 8F717DF2-E5F2-48A2-AF00-7D7244…)

Jesy Nelson from little mix went to make a song with Nicki Minaj. Of course past fans and Leigh Ann said something along the lines of the “blackfishing”. Nicki minaj later roasted Leigh Ann for “being jealous” and defended white woman Jesy. I loved little mix sad to see this outcome.

No. 936128

File: 1633998910963.jpeg (614.79 KB, 828x1130, 663BA2E3-0D31-4674-BF2A-4F4836…)

its all just a distraction for her rapist husband. an update on his case came out today. their song was already destined to flop, its fucking terrible & all they’ve been getting is hate anyways kek

No. 936129

File: 1633999172259.jpg (136.17 KB, 962x676, 42869824-9568537-Big_winners_L…)

Nicki did do a song with Little Mix though, so why would Leigh Anne be jealous? Has Jesy's solo career even been successful?
OT, but I did not know that two of them are pregnant

No. 936130

Not feeling this styling; he looks sleazier than Fagin from Oliver Twist.

No. 936135

File: 1633999596610.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1154x1434, FD9CA8A0-9B58-45A9-BBF2-8AA474…)

Is it black fishing or the British ultra tan trend? Idk

No. 936138

they both recently gave birth

No. 936139

Being tan has been a trend forever but everyone says it’s blackfishing now. It doesn’t help that a lot of trends are inspired by black culture and fashion but usually these blackfishers don’t look black at all so I don’t get the problem with it

No. 936143

Why tf do white chicks so heavily tan anyway? If you're not already dark you're just gonna end up looking like beef jerky when you're old bc you chose to tan so much.

No. 936146

File: 1634000587747.jpeg (846.07 KB, 1153x1156, F02A792A-B4B4-43EE-8AD9-1F50F7…)

Who’s the worst high school alt couple Kravis or Machine gun Megan?

No. 936147

shitty diet and not moisturizing. its nothing crazy but makes a huge difference

No. 936155

i guess it's due to the lip fillers combined with the tan? honestly couldn't figure out her race at a first glance

No. 936160

I don’t think most white people actually suntan nowadays, usually it’s a spray tan

I could literally tell you she’s from Essex without even a google search. They all tan heavily there so idk why people try to call it blackfishing now. My thoughts are Little Mix are butt hutt she left and Leigh-ann is now super “woke” with her theblackfund IG bio and will count anything as injustice towards blacks. I feel sorry for Jesy, if she stayed in the group, did or didn’t tan and get surgery she would have still been called the “ugly one from Little Mix”. Wouldn’t be surprised if she has body dysmorphia.

No. 936169

File: 1634001849641.jpeg (748.73 KB, 1134x1330, 7A5460F5-F204-4916-8BCE-F5AC47…)

So is Leigh-ann using blackfishing as a fake woke vendetta move?

No. 936178

so she thinks of herself as a dirty bisexual? make it make sense

No. 936182

her eyes are always so pinned, she's got an opioid problem for sure

No. 936186

Nicki always loves to get the controversies rolling. It’s a good distraction but still I hope her husband gets what he deserves.

No. 936188

-Charlize Theron
-Anya Taylor joy
-Christina Ricci in the 90s (massive childhood crush of mine)
-Henry cavill but only in the Witcher. I think he looks extremely plain and boring otherwise
-Michelle Rodriguez
-Rosario Dawson


-Timothee chablahblah looks like a rat
-Tom hiddleston, just an older version of Timmy the rat
-ruby rose, every other queer girl goes crazy for her but I just don’t see it. She’s not attractive and she’s also terrible at acting

No. 936189

I hate that they photoshopped her body so much, it really is beautiful the way it is and this makes a shoot that’s otherwise artistic look pornographic and cheap. It might not have been her decision though idk, her bestie kourtney has been posting way less edited pictures, looks gorgeous, and is being received so well because it’s realistic. This hair with the short texturized bangs looks crazy good on her. I want her to keep copying Angelina Jolie and age fearlessly.

No. 936194

File: 1634003582500.png (1.5 MB, 1242x2208, BE41AE57-C3D7-420D-A4C3-7AA6F1…)

Not really a fan but I thought this was funny

No. 936195

Sounds like something a rebellious teen girl would swoon about. kek, they might be the most cringe couple

No. 936198

Jesus. Imagine being such a huge pickme that you destroy your insanely successful career for a rapist nobody scrote. I know these threads like to say that Beyoncé is the queen of pickmes but Nicki is 10000x worse imo.

No. 936200

I learned about the multiple brain aneurysms because she was posted much earlier for her aging, and luckily someone posted about it. Even though I can see slight wrinkles, she is genuinely such a beautiful person it’s stupid to compare her to younger photos of herself. She was on a globally popular show in a lead role and is so graceful and likable despite the stress causing very serious health issues, i can’t think of another actress who comes off as well as her both online and off with the success that she has. Ariana grande could literally never. She could have had work done before dieting cleanly for a marvel role, or just access to the best skincare and treatments, but men in those roles have to take steroids. It’s really cool and brave of her to be so transparent about her training and not hiding the minor effects in can have on your skin. She doesn’t have the same percentage of body fat, which obviously will show in anyones face. It’s not ugly and it’s normal. But again, she could turn into an orc and she would still be beautiful if she had the same personality.

No. 936202

File: 1634004283923.png (229.77 KB, 591x583, what the fuck is this shit.PNG)

Don't forget this lol. What are they going to do when they breakup?

No. 936204

Troy Sivan
Jodie Turner Smith
Keanu Reeves(young&old)
Zoe Kravitz

Camilla Cabello
James Franco

No. 936211

It’s probably a cat eye thread lift, which is likely Ariana’s problem too. It always looks bad. Thread lifts are the new thing it’s very stupid and unnatural because it effects how your face moves in a very obvious way, but it’s cheap and like an injectable so it’s marketed to women who don’t know better. I hate it.

No. 936224

Quentin tarantino
Andy dick
Ariana grande
Alexa vega

greta von thumburger
dj Khaled
Timothy chlamydia

No. 936227

She's also British and UK actors generally aren't held to the insane standards in the US. Female British actors are allowed to age, no one expects them to remain frozen in time and get tons of PS like in the states

No. 936233

This is why I’ve never liked Megan Fox; she tries to make everything sound poetic and intelligent but it always comes out as absolute retardation. You’re a botched 35 year old divorced mother swooning over a flop 31 year old druggie baby daddy. Grow up.

No. 936245

File: 1634009823462.jpeg (20.35 KB, 320x320, 6124b23c8391ce13bada4fef_320_3…)

>Quentin tarantino

No. 936246

Straight out of the ghetto

No. 936247

so he turned into weed and left, and she sucked the air out of him and left. where did they go

No. 936251

dude weed lmao

No. 936274

this has to be a joke isn't greta underage

No. 936277

No Leigh spoke out before Jesy left. The fans have known for a long time Jesy was "blackfishing ".

No. 936282

i can’t tell what kind of bit they’re going for here like is this supposed to be a g eazy and halsey kind of thing or pamela and tommy lee?? it just comes across as try hard and sad. megan is a grown ass woman with kids. breathing into a guy’s mouth after he tells you “i aM wEeD” is some teenage shit. pathetic.

No. 936283

I remember seeing red carpet photos of her years ago and people would always comment stuff about how she’s looking chubby and her arms are fat. I’m glad she’s healthy and happy but I hope she didn’t do this because of pressure like that

No. 936298

File: 1634017942847.png (537.38 KB, 486x617, jn2.png)

Are you guys anti-white and think this doesn't reek of self-hatred or something? She literally made herself as dark as Nicki >>936169. That's not what any white person looks like naturally

No. 936299

Looking like a drug addict kek

No. 936300

Before I clicked the image larger and read what you said I thought it was Danielle Bregoli in the picture and I've been getting blackfishing vibes from her new look..

No. 936301

She just looks like a primary schooler she's 18

No. 936302

the self-hatred argument is valid but "blackfishing" is something only twitterfags are concerned with

No. 936303

How? What else do you call it when someone does their best to skinwalk as another race? No different than troondom honestly

No. 936309

have you ever been outside the us and or are you older than 23 because this tanning fad was never about being another race although it’s disgusting to me you have to understand fake tans are very embedded in some pockets of white people as way back as the 70s especially in the uk

No. 936310

oh god i just wrote a copypasta

No. 936317

i cant believe anons in the last thread are going on about how good she looks. you can look good too, if they put your head on a different body and photoshop it to hell and back. Her tits look like a joke.
it's so weird how you guys keep calling her haggard. I hope the cope is working. She looks fine.
not really. Jesy looks like a fucking idiot. She's from Essex and yeah the girls have always tanned heavy there, but they don't run around in grills and giant curly wigs. You're being dense as fuck to write this off as "essex girl" culture and that's coming from someone who lived there. Even people who don't give a shit about blackfishing can see this is a whitegirl making a fool of herself. She's running around curling her top lip and sticking her tongue out to try and look like the "baddie" she keeps insisting she is but then she needs Nicki Minaj to fight her battles lmao. This girl needs to go the fuck away.

No. 936333

Curly hair is NOT exclusive to black people. It’s not like she’s running around with no 4b wig on kek. Looking like an idiot white girl trying to be a baddie = yes perhaps. Wanting to pass as black = unlikely.

No. 936340

Nta but I think it's whatever she's doing with her makeup or surgery along with the tan, not just the tan alone. I didn't even know this was a white person until seeing the before pic. Something about the features are different.

No. 936341

File: 1634026074046.jpeg (4.38 MB, 2363x3150, CC6BA682-3FB4-436E-828B-22FF7D…)

I don’t even know where to begin with this one

No. 936343

How is he a cow?

No. 936344

Why is his face so asymmetrical

No. 936346

Bitch please. People post female celebs here who aren't cows all of the time just to nitpick. Also he gave chlamydia to half of NYU.

No. 936348

layla once tweeted this I want to know more about where this theory comes from, sure she looks mature but sometimes teens especially famous ones can pass for older than they really are

No. 936349

File: 1634026673218.jpg (241.21 KB, 533x678, download.jpg)

It's obviously not just the curly hair lmfao, she already had that back when she wasn't trying to hide herself >>936298. If you can't see the difference, idk you're blind or lying to yourself
This is not what a white person or an "Essex girl" looks like, sorry girlies

No. 936353

Something twitterfags don't understand is that the current trend isn't to look black specifically, it's to look mixed. Polfags love to say that it's because (((they))) want to breed out the white race kek but let's be real the easiest way to advertise to everyone is to just take the prettiest features from all races and combine them into one product. You can have black girl lips, asian girl eyes, white girl nose, tanned brown skin etc. Add to it the fact that the world is now smaller than ever and people will obviously mix because we're not so distant from each other anymore, not because poor whiteys have to go extinct or something.

And to that I agree, she does look mixed. White, latina, black, asian - all in one. That's the new trend.

No. 936354

File: 1634026770379.jpeg (92.72 KB, 747x500, 90BBA230-AC31-4CF2-9FC4-EC94F4…)

How is he not?

No. 936360

File: 1634027082885.jpeg (140.08 KB, 1280x853, 62FF6783-0622-407E-9781-BB0128…)

Men age like milk obviously but what the fuck else happened to Tom Cruise’s face? Chill with the filler dude.

No. 936363

File: 1634027225668.png (257.33 KB, 573x508, 1633561272349.png)

Isn't he like 60 by now. His face looks different on each relatively new picture I see of him lately

No. 936364

Mixed with black, in this case. I don't think the distinction really matters since most people treat mixed people as their non-white race regardless. Bottom line, she's trying to look blacker - more black than white, and it's sad bc she can never be that, it's a cope for her mental issues and feelings of being "ugly". Also funny because she was never supportive or nice to the actual mixed girl in Little Mix, Leigh Anne, before it was trendy to have black or mixed features and dark skin

No. 936372

lil kim vibes

No. 936377

File: 1634027928340.jpeg (180.06 KB, 903x1613, 4F0713CC-0F16-4014-BB5A-6DFD90…)

> she was never supportive or nice to the actual mixed girl in Little Mix, Leigh Anne
I always find it low-key racist to have to be nice or supportive to someone because of their skin colour. She could have been a shitty person, which is evident with her messaging social influencers to out and “spill the tea” on someone who has been known to be the victim or online bullying/suicidal especially on the day they drop their single. It was strategic jealousy and she didn’t want to get her own hands dirty until NOHUN dropped those screenshots. She seemed petty.

No. 936380

File: 1634028032599.jpeg (444.24 KB, 995x1858, CFC506B6-28E5-40B5-9F01-F4802C…)

Samefag but
>“blackfishing is only OK when my friends do it”

No. 936382

Not because of her skin color, but because she was obviously harassed and treated like shit for not fitting in the white look before her same features were considered cool/beautiful. And then the same girl who turned a blind eye goes and tries her hardest to look mixed. I'm not saying anyone was perfect in that group, it's just really hypocritical and sad to see

No. 936383

Idk this one just looks like an actual tan to me, calling it blackfishing is a bit of a stretch. She looks like a Kylie Jenner clone, Jesy isn't even in the same ballpark

No. 936387

they are both definitely the same color and have the same shitty overlined fake lips

idk blue eyes and strobe lights can do really unfortunate things

kravis is kinda sweet or at least sureal and funny cause travis is actually a famous musician that was in one of the biggest (pop)punk bands on the planet that was responsible for an innumerable amount of kids getting into music
mgk is trying to skinwalk emo rappers 10 years younger than him and a creep with a pick me trophy there's no competition

No. 936388

File: 1634028435403.png (1.36 MB, 1009x1400, idk.png)

If I were to google "black woman" I wouldn't see any woman that resembles her. If I were to google "black woman baddie influencer" I would. She's copying this mixed ghetto baddie look, not black women specifically. Of course ghetto shit stems from black people but it evolved into something global clearly, in this case an instagram aesthetic. Just like aave which is now used by white fags a lot.
She doesn't look like your random normal black woman which is why I don't like calling this blackfishing basically. When a certain look explodes in popularity you have to expect other races will be getting into it.
It's like calling non asian women into j-fashion and makeup asianfishers, which also happens on twitter but you get my point.

No. 936389

Bitch I asked because I genuinely don't know any milk of him, I was curious to know how he's fucking up or if he has any extensive cow history
>Also he gave chlamydia to half of NYU
He's desperately trying to escape his containment pool as personnel watches on lmao, that's all this tells me

No. 936390

You don't actually think this is real do you? Seems a sad tik tok clout chaser has made it up. Can't really see a celeb randomly coming out with this to a completely random person .

Never liked any of little mix. They are all arrogant but jesy is a joke wahhhhhh I was bullied online because I was fat. Yeah totally the same thing as having things thrown at you on stage. Or having bleach poured on you to make you white.

No. 936396

File: 1634029061691.png (1.66 MB, 1521x882, uhhh.png)

Anon, she's trying to look more black than white, point blank. Here are the results for "white woman" on Google. That "ghetto baddie look" comes from black people, and it necessitates black and biracial (with black) features, not white ones. If she had just stuck to the fashion, it'd be a different story, but she's trying to change everything about herself
Also, we know she has self-esteem issues. There's nothing wrong with being white, no one should hate themselves or try to change just because they're a white Britbong and that culture isn't "cool" right now. Girls who are into jfash don't get surgery for Asian eyes or thin lips or otherwise try to change their core features, because it's just fashion for them. With Jesy, it's not, she's even made herself darker than an actual black woman (Nicki Minaj). It's not healthy

No. 936398

The videos posted seemed pretty legit. Clout chasing or not. Leigh-ann hasn’t come out to say it’s false.

No. 936399

>white woman
*white girl but you know what I mean lol. When I Googled "white woman", there were a bunch of photos of black people for some reason

No. 936401

File: 1634029428395.jpg (149.39 KB, 736x918, f38e8c8d44b3188eb081695eeec177…)

Samefag to add that this is what a white girl who's just wearing the fashion style looks like. She's obviously not trying to change her features even though she's wearing that kind of clothing and makeup and has a tan. IMO it takes self hate to do what Jesy's doing now, it shouldn't be encouraged

No. 936422

Because this girl is conventionally pretty and already has plump lips (To me she looks more like an ari clone). Every white girl has huge injected DSLs now and that’s why I struggle to find anything that points to her blackfishing specifically. Even if it’s the tan, Arianna changed race too kek.

No. 936426

he's getting a handie nonnie kek he's a sex pest

No. 936438

Young Brendan Fraser (I could sorry about how beautiful he was for days that man is a Greek statue cherub angel come to life)
Fairuza Balk
Kat Dennings
Ezra Miller (before he became a they/them)
Young Johnny Depp
Mila Kunis
Alexandria Dadario

Worst looking
Michaela Choel (botched and scary)
Megan Fox ( too artificial looking and creepy)
Ariana Grande after 2018
John Mulaney
Tim other chamalet
John C Reilly

No. 936444

Her lips look normal to me, not even overlined the way Jesy's are and don't look like they were injected. The white women who do really extreme injections typically do try to look less white, though.
Jesy was technically conventionally pretty too tbf (at least by British standards, she fits in), she just weighs more than the other girls and never seemed to get over that. She's gone full Dolezal now, it can't even be compared to Ariana at this point. At least Ari manages to still look her race despite the tan (tho maybe Twitterfags won't agree)

No. 936464

Not trying to reduce her experience at all but if you have 2 aneurysms it's probably due to more than stress no?

No. 936473

>sex pest
sounds weird probably, but he has this weirdo slut energy
anyway I regret knowing what's actually happening in that pic because it's gross, but he still looks like an SCP trying to break out which is hilarious

No. 936518

File: 1634040282832.png (119.76 KB, 654x242, ok.png)

I’m rooting for Kravis, their relationship seems really genuine and while it of course is performative and over the top, it really seems like they love each other and get along well. Kourtney seems comfortable, too, and she is looking great, so idk if she is a "fake alt girl" or whatever. Who cares. Of course everything they do is heavily orchestrated, but I think they do it well because they seem more spontaneous and unbothered (even using pictures with only little editing, no makeup, etc.). I also like that they support each others kids and do family activities a lot (I hope the kids are not traumatized by the thirst traps they are constantly posting though). However, Travis Barker is a sex addict, so I wonder how it’ll play out.

Megan on the other hand seems desperate and Machine Gun Megan has already jumped the shark by being too try-hard. I would love to know how they live together and how their sex life is, though. It must be a lot of pressure with their huge focus on sexuality. I also think they fight a lot.

No. 936530

File: 1634041046743.jpeg (104.3 KB, 413x342, 38A2A9F8-2B01-4597-B2AB-0E51A9…)

she scares me, i’m serious

No. 936537

This is cute.

No. 936544

File: 1634042422494.jpg (82.31 KB, 1000x747, lana-del-rey-unreleased-songs-…)

It absolutely brings to mind the iconic Video Games mv glad Lana quickly dropped those duck lips kek, though they sure got people talking

No. 936545

I know she's pretending but she honestly she looks more healthier like this. rap culture is disgusting and the women who strive for that "girl" all end up looking MTF trannies
also any man whose into "rap girls" is porn sick and would probably wouldn't think for a second before fucking a tranny

No. 936548

>thinking MGK isn't porn sick regardless
Lol anyone who'd date a Kardashian is an obvious degenerate. Plus the blueprint for porn is skinny, blond, big tits

No. 936551

we've been discussing this already, but we've created this bizarre, ridiculous standard of these rap-girls
honestly they are disgusting to look at and you are right, only a complete degenerate would find that standard attractive

No. 936567

File: 1634045364401.jpeg (374.63 KB, 962x1443, B848ED27-91F0-4A09-8D5B-0FFDE5…)

Fat Lizzo assaulting my damn eyeballs yet again looking like a recaptured Shamu. Is she that desperate for attention, bodyposi or not, it doesn’t even look good.

No. 936571

the fucks going on with that hair. it’s like she stuck chunks of hair randomly on her head

No. 936576

Why isn't she wearing shoes? It looks like she's about to step into a stream of piss in rhe alley of a dive bar

No. 936586

Jesus Christ, anon. Spoiler that shit. I thought Lizzo was on a health kick? I'm probably way out of the loop but I remember her posting videos working out. I'm guessing that failed as she looks like she's pregnant with Ronald McDonald's baby.

No. 936604

lizzo never tried to lose weight. when she went on a juice detox cleanse or whatever, she had to stress to her landwhale fans that she wasn't trying to lose weight and just wanted to feel better. same with the workouts, she works out to prove she can stay morbidly obese while being healthy.

No. 936614

You see how this fat acceptance is weirdly normalized with black performers? Damn can she take some hints from Adele and Rebel Wilson that it’s absolutely fine to lose weight lmao

No. 936619

i don’t even have a word for the shape of her titties. basset hound jowls?…

No. 936622

File: 1634048822192.png (284.83 KB, 600x446, 019D9E32-8519-45D2-A29E-52F1F4…)

she used to be so cute. i’m sad now

No. 936625

Those dms are fake there’s no verified symbol.

No. 936626

That juice detox cleanse was all for nothing if she just went back to her shit eating habits which she no doubt did.

No. 936629


No. 936631

File: 1634049523243.jpeg (101.52 KB, 634x656, E271AAA4-A4E1-47B4-9783-366969…)

Just another black woman being black.

No. 936633

How I feel every time I see Lizzo fat ass, especially when she was salivating over Chris Evan’s forcing him to give her the equivalent of an online pity fuck

No. 936646

That doesn't look like a European woman

No. 936653

File: 1634051732491.jpeg (219.28 KB, 1908x1146, 04C09CC0-B5C3-416F-96BA-3BAD3B…)

trust me she is

No. 936669

I mean… she looks better with her lips done ngl

No. 936679

File: 1634053914467.jpg (238.68 KB, 1200x1200, D3aRENdWwAIeY4x.jpg)

Regardless of one's opinion of current johnny depp he was still an excellent actor and would morph into whatever roles he played
I remember when I was a little younger, how mind-blowing it was to learn that Jack sparrow and willy wonka were both played by the same actor
Timothee Chalamet is always gonna like Timothee Chalamet, a skinny semitic looking jewish boy

No. 936695

Go to any European country, no white woman styles herself like that. I live in a Mediterranean country where people tan heavily every summer and they'd think she's of mixed race because of her facial surgeries, hair and make up.

No. 936742

christ he plays pretend in front of a camera and we're calling him a world leader now? scrotes live life on easy mode

No. 936743

this pic = normal old man
>>936360 = shellfish allergy

No. 936752

she looks like a prostitute in that REALLY bad part of town where a homeless guy slaps you in the back of the head while you're reading on the bus

No. 936900

it makes her look like a tranny sex doll

No. 936944

Agreed, kek

No. 936946

She does look beautiful here, I wonder what caused such a massive weight gain? It would be far more vulnerable and interesting if she opened up about that rather than only showing her body now. She’s free to do whatever she wants with her body, I wish it was from a place of genuine enjoyment and security though. If she lost all that weight now she would have so much loose skin, which can be taken care of so I guess that’s not a big deal.

No. 936962

File: 1634067994753.jpg (65.29 KB, 589x540, mgk.JPG)

No. 936965

No. 936972

Maybe she’s a comfort eater. Also her old youtube videos look nothing like her, it’s crazy.

No. 936975

File: 1634068636181.jpeg (462.58 KB, 1170x1981, B1150E64-EE80-4A0B-BFB6-4F10E7…)

Samefag because can’t post both

No. 937012

What kind of person supports this guy?

No. 937032

how embarrasing

No. 937034

I want 2009 lizzo back

No. 937035

So, this is the way I discovered Lizzo is 33. I thought she was younger.

No. 937036

Thats’s sad. Definitely seems like she turned to food to cope. It’s a shame because imo she has a really cute face.

No. 937068

Can’t believe he keeps showing up to perform when he’s been pelted with so many things. You gotta give him credit for that surely? He’s like a medieval court jester.

No. 937072

File: 1634077727117.jpg (286 KB, 1966x1059, 156734_FM1_3415-scaled-e160610…)

i don't get either who in their right mind could support this idiot but every time he's mentioned in celebricows there's always plenty of anons sighing for this chicken-haired cringelord cause "uwu he reminds them of their pop punk phase". which is hilarious cause that's pretty much the people he makes cash on, pretending he's so "punk" and a "rock'n'roll saviour". This is a 30 year old guy dressing like a high schooler, writing high school lyrics and even making music videos/musical-films about high school life, with guest starring other 30 year old ex soundclout-turned pop punk washed out rappers like Mod Sun, eventually younger "punk" plants like Yungblood. tragic.

No. 937073

I still like Johnny Depp as an actor tbh. Also I don’t think he’s a bad person. Sue me.

No. 937076

I agree. Whenever someone brings up shit he's done it's just typical scrote behavior.

No. 937079

She has pasties on but does she have underwear on? I seriously do not see any. Every picture I've seen looks like her mound is just hanging out.

No. 937080

Give it up, Colson. You're a fucking joke and a bad one at that.

No. 937082

Oh noooo what is she doing. The way she lets her boobs just lay there like pancakes. Oh my god. She could have worn a bra top underneath that gives her lift.

No. 937083

LMAO his name is "Colson Baker"? What a hilariously basic suburban boy name

No. 937086

File: 1634078795913.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.77 KB, 480x777, gallery-1458232485-gettyimages…)

You're not 2014 Rihanna fatass

No. 937088

File: 1634078914721.jpeg (40.2 KB, 500x624, 2d28856f3f46f33ffb67f38a962e50…)

He's as white boy as one could get kek

No. 937091

god this sucks. she's not even wearing shoes. what the fuck

No. 937095

that's a white trash southern white boy name if I have ever heard one

her skinnier self kinda reminds me of a black actress but I can't think of the actresses name. Lizzo is actually pretty but her massive weight gain detracts from it

Theres men who've done worse but it's the way the court case with him and Amber has been dragged out for so long that makes him seem pathetic. That and the army of Deppheads acting like he's still 1990 Johnny and bots his team has recruited to defend him online. The fact that he can't concede and is still entangled in this years later is so glaringly a byproduct of his ego and that shit blots out the fucking sun

No. 937099

… ew

No. 937115

>he’s pathetic
>his ego blocks out the fucking sun
All the most talented scrote actors are the same kek. I don’t take them too seriously. They’re just dancing monkeys for my entertainment. I have no strong feelings toward him or amber. I’m not sure if she sliced his finger off or he did that in a drunken destructive rage.

No. 937116

She looks like she just snapped out of a fugue state

No. 937120

Ugh, Queen

She looks bad. And anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar.

No. 937143

i can't believe A7X gave him a guitar. guess they're stupid enough to fall for his shit too

No. 937150

>at least Ari manages to still look her race despite the tan (tho maybe Twitterfags won't agree)

idk from what i've seen a lot of twitterfags are weird grande stans and don't give a shit that she switches up what race she looks like every couple of years (referring to pics in the last few threads & there were some comments talking about how she seemed latina/then black/now asian) honestly when i first started seeing shit about her i didn't even realize she was italian

No. 937154

kek i can't believe 35yo megan is out here behaving like a lovesick teenager for a try hard fuckboi. this reads like something some weirdo teenager obsessed with weed would come up with if they wrote fanfiction, or some shit halsey would make up

No. 937157

never understood the hype around this scrote, it's like people keep forgetting he was a creep that wrote about 13-15 yr olds being hot

No. 937178

Personally I think she's gorgeous but I can't fucking stand this look. It looks like unhemmed fruit bag netting. Why the hell is she barefoot?

No. 937259

still more tolerable then 99% of fag-rappers

No. 937263

How? He acts just like them.

No. 937267

Wait so she was thinner at one point? She was so pretty, her features are really adorable

No. 937270

Johnny used to be my favorite actor and more so than his relationship issues and the deterioration of his appearance, I'm sad he sold out and stopped taking weird, quirky roles. Now it doesn't matter how great an actor he was/is because he just keeps doing stupid generic blockbusters with cardboard characters. To be fair though I haven't seen Minamata and that looks like it might be his first decent film in years

No. 937272

he'd act like them if her had multiple bastard children and had tranny looking girls twerking in his vidoes
but he doesn't, so that makes him morally better then 99% of rappers

No. 937274

>morally better
He's into underage girls anon..

No. 937279

I don’t get why people think he’s a bad person. Granted I haven’t done a ton of research besides watching the vids of Amber Heard completely lying and flipping out on him but I think he’s probably a good guy. It’s funny how Hollywood is trying to usher in the “new” Johnny Depp by shoving Timothee the Q-Tip down everyones throats. I feel like for anyone to actually replace a previously amazing actor it usually has to come about authentically without retarded marketing ploys.

No. 937280

>forgetting to sage for nonmilk
>conveniently skipping over the fact of him finding minors attractive
>low bar for scrote (mgk of all people) being morally better

anon… please don't make excuses for him he's still terrible

No. 937281

>telling people to sage in ot
Newfags man

No. 937282

Him and Tim Burton (along with a few others) excelled in projects with lower budgets (not to be confused with low profitability). Fantastic Beasts doesn’t hold a candle to Edward Scissorhands despite Johnny not even speaking 200 words in the latter and a $180,000,000 budget difference kek

No. 937288

File: 1634105021016.jpeg (149.37 KB, 750x634, 8D0678D4-50B9-4A7B-86E6-1EE2FE…)

No. 937291

Shut the fuck up Megan you’re almost 40

No. 937292

ayrt, idk i've seen mods here before redtexting for not saging nonmilk?

No. 937293

Megan ffs, you once had more dignity than this

MGK is still garbage

No. 937294

one tweet from 2012 and he's never ever had any history of abusing others sexually

No. 937295

File: 1634105727923.jpg (546.67 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20211013-071524_Twi…)

Sage because AKB48 + the non-famous scrote is the cow

Takahashi Minami, formely in AKB48, got married to an old guy in IT who is the typical autistic scrote with no hygiene. And she had the audacity to share this to the world as if anyone would empathize with her kek

No. 937296

File: 1634105791727.jpg (510.72 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20211013-071539_Twi…)

And he gave her cavities. She reportedly doesn't smell his disgusting body. This is what happens when sweaty old men approach you daily since you were a child

No. 937301

>cavities can be transmitted
Sorry for being dumb, but what?

No. 937302

>While this may come as a surprise, cavities are contagious. That’s right, just like catching a cold in the wintertime, you can also catch a cavity.

>Although sugar is usually to blame for cavities and tooth decay, studies have shown that cavities can be transmitted. This is because bacteria are the culprit in wearing away at enamel and causing tooth decay. Multiple studies have found that mothers can pass these cavity-causing bacteria onto their children and even their spouse.

guess the people in my life aren't disgusting enough for me to have known this

No. 937303

you never know, though at the same time he gives me the impression he'd be sloppy at covering up any wrongdoing. only assuming though

No. 937316

Huh, you learn something new everyday

No. 937355

>the kind of sex that would make Lucifer clutch his rosary
Just say MGK's pornsick. It's shorter and sounds less cringe.

No. 937363

You must be 18 to post here

No. 937377

He has a decades long record of being a violent drunk, and not only to his partners. He also started dating Winona Ryder when she was only seventeen and he was, iirc, in his late twenties. Additionally, he lost his case against amber, and not even because of the leaked texts from him describing how he wanted to set her on fire and fuck her corpse to ensure she was truly dead.
But beyond those issues, he's also a shit actor now who refuses to learn the script and has to be fed his lines through an earpiece, which isn't going to maintain your career when you're already known for being impossible to work with.

No. 937380

Found the triggered 40 year old kek

No. 937400

iirc all of his partners say he was never violent towards them?

No. 937409

reminder that both of these almost middle aged losers have children to raise while they’re doing this bullshit

No. 937415

File: 1634129309144.jpg (444.98 KB, 1100x1523, johnny-cover-14feb19.jpg)

To be fair, wasn't his alcohol/drug problem getting pretty bad when he got with Amber? In one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies from around that time he was drunk so often he was almost always late and had to be fed his lines. He's always had a problem with alcohol and coke but it seems like it's got worse as he's gotten older, it wouldn't be a surprise if that combined with his money problems have made him worse.
Dating Amber was already the sign of a mid-life crisis, it seems as though he's been in a downward spiral since his divorce. I checked an older thread because I couldn't find it by Googling but every time I remember this photo of him making out with a friend's daughter I cringe. I misremembered that she was a friend of his daughter but she just has the same name.

No. 937422

Let’s hope none of her “gender neutral” children becomes a hot 13/14/15 year old girl or else she may have to lock them away from MGK

No. 937429

It's OK, they're all boys. As a guy who wears dresses, I'm sure even mgk can tell the difference.

No. 937431

File: 1634132871170.jpg (94.8 KB, 620x930, 3f12fee770aabcd8b0abedd8410a49…)

oh yeah MGK has a 11 year old daughter and Megan fox has three sons(all of them below 10)
I usually side with women in most child custody battles but I really hope the biological father gets the kids, public celebrities always ruin their children or sell them out

No. 937460

That was not Lily-Rose's friend. She was a russian escort that sold pictures to the tabloids when her time with him was over. She got her insta verified thanks to these pics.

No. 937471

File: 1634136355955.gif (491.29 KB, 400x250, tumblr_mnvhfdOpz51rkezb4o1_400…)

Megan Fox: Going from looking awesome in an Eminem video to looking like a caricature of your former self in a MGK photo shoot. I just realized Megan is "the girl" in the love the way you lie video kek


No. 937488

Yea found the triggered underage i guess. Megan is 35 btw

No. 937493

Can this trend of painting your skin yellow die already, homegirl’s skin color is almost the same shade as her hair that’s not race fishing that’s inventing a new whole ethnicity

No. 937607

File: 1634149083075.jpeg (83.25 KB, 1024x600, 725752E3-A543-4396-A278-51BF6D…)

No. 937619

kek. That's a good one

No. 937623

Seems like MGK got hair transplants.

No. 937658

KEK, so funny to see that Mr. "I'm down with the kids and write about high school" is getting outed for having hair transplants. Also this video really shows how hideous this guy is. I've only seen posed, likely airbrushed pictures of him before where he's about average (for a moid) but in other photos? fugly as sin. I know Megan's cringe and often gets that tranny style makeup that's popular atm but damn, she's really dating down.

No. 937698

Ok we can all agree that Megan is having a mid-life crisis, right? She got with Brian Austin Green when she was 20 (who is 13 years older than her) and stayed with him for 15 years, so she's now going through a teenage Hot Topic FetLife Twilight "This isn't a phase" with this creep

No. 937700

Lel, maybe that's why MGK was so salty about Eminem

No. 937714

What a youthful thing to do, not like those old guys in masks, kek

No. 937721

File: 1634156971353.jpeg (999.96 KB, 1146x1252, 195055B3-0B4F-4F87-8B48-385A0B…)

Is it inherently wrong to think fat bodies are unattractive?(on men, women, whoever) I just don’t like the way the skin sits on fat bodies. Not in the sense that everyone needs to be ana barbie or ken, just not formless and obese.

No. 937733

No and it's only natural considering fatness is an indicator of poor health.

No. 937741

and like clockwork, here come MGK whiteknights who can't accept MGK is pathetic idiot poser behaving just like any other soundclouter, who got with Megan to make up for being bland whiteboy named Coulson and felt it's essential to let the internet know he finds 13-15 year olds hot
KEK botox shots when?

No. 937745

File: 1634157994651.jpg (62.52 KB, 633x375, spaceinvaders_CRx633.jpg)

Haha, that's what I thought, too. Living the dream.

>>Best looking
- Vanessa Kirby (young princess Margret in The Crown)
- Stromae (Belgian musician -> picrel. Dunno if he still counts as a celebrity, but he's the most beautiful and intense human being on earth, so…)
- Janelle Monae
– Park So-dam (Parasite actress)
– Elliot Villar (not conventionally attractive and not even my type, but his acting skills make him attractive to me)

>>Worst looking

I don't know where to begin… Every celeb with Instagram face plus Jared Leto and Russel Brand. Idk why, but I can't stand these men. They're the same person to me. I also hate how Leto is shilled as attractive.

Rami Malek and Timothy Chalamet are somewhere in the middle. Weirdly attractive and revolting at the same time. I guess it's because teenage me would have been all over them, but now I know that manlets are bad news.

No. 937749

>left: poopsie doll
>right: bronze statue

No. 937750

File: 1634158256657.png (3.84 MB, 828x1792, A9CA0D37-79DE-47DB-A277-DE4DDD…)

No. 937759

Anon her caption is cringe to any normal adult whether she’s 35 or 40. Only teenagers wouldn’t find it cringe.

No. 937789

The son of missionary parents born in 1990. Being performatively "woke" is a given with that group of millennial white men. In my experience, it makes them more dangerous because they still come with the same baggage, they just perfected the art of gaslighting.

No. 937849

lol I thought it's young Duff McKagan until I zoomed in and read post
I remember how in 2008-2009 Transformers years Megan was though of as pretty but chill and level-headed girl. Wonder how much of that "chill" look she gave in interviews was real and how much was a persona. You know, allegedly not doing drugs, allegedly cooking in the evening instead of going to parties, allegedly not being fame-thirsty.
She went all 180 degrees on that and having her middle age crisis. Guess she's just really desperate to be youthful and edgy to keep MGK interested in her. Feels like she's scared he'll go to other girl the moment he considers her boring/old/not sexed up enough.
Guess to hang out with mr. high schooler she must act like his prom queen and overshare their "puppylove".

No. 937853

He's not a scumbag rapist or annoying woke bro so yes he's still better then most degenerate wanna be tough guy rappers
Also your fucking delusion if you don't think other races of men aren't just as bad

Its not that MGK is better, its that 99.99% of rappers are significantly worse(racebait)

No. 937866

This is so ridiculous. Who the fuck would go this hard to defend Machine Gun Kelly, of all people? He's just as bad as any other rapper.

No. 937870

File: 1634163967871.png (1011.49 KB, 1000x831, 6778.png)

I don't normally share reddit screenshots, but this gave me a mild chuckle. Might wanna add that Eminem has a pretty impressive hairline for a 48 year old with a drug habit.


No. 937888

>still better then most degenerate wanna be tough guy rappers
degenerate - finds 13 year olds hot
>wannabe tough guy
listen to his lyrics and Eminem disses and look at his "punk" posing. real tough boy who has to criticize artists for being old, just to have any weekly clout!
>not a scumbag rapist
true, although one could only wonder if something comes out on him in the future.
As for your argument that he doesn't have chicks shaking butts in his videos, a lot of emo sadbois from soundclout didn't have them, so what. he doesn't have to, he has Megan Fox being his coomer hotgirl decoration 24/7.
>Also your fucking delusion if you don't think other races of men aren't just as bad
No, you have delusions that MGK is any different/better from them.
Kek imagine whining about Corey of Slipknot being old and wearing masks, or Eminem being old, having a beard and dressing bad while looking like that.

No. 937890

Not really about MGK, more that the entire rap genre and how he simply is better then most of the degenerates

No. 937893

Im not comparing to average people, im comparing him to rappers, compared to them he's a saint

No. 937896

Its a shill anon, they've doing this for a while now, I wonder if they're getting paid or anon is just that obsessed with this loser
MGK is not going to fuck you

No. 937898

Not a shill, just someone who hates rap culture

No. 937899

Girl stop this is getting embarrassing

No. 937902

Oh you're that anon who somehow missed every rap song about mental health, politics and class struggle in the past decade, and thinks the entire pop punk genre is deep and rebellious.

Here, look at all the bitches wiggling their ass in Residente's "Guerra" video.

This is either excellent bait or you need to stop (especially double posting).

No. 937903

Let's not forget that Amber Heard shit on Johnny Depp's bed. She's batshit insane and I don't think his spite comes out of nowhere.

No. 937907

I don't think she really cares about genres tbh, she only brings it up to defend MGK

No. 937911

>rap song about mental health, politics and class struggle in the past decade
nta but do you know any rappers that mostly have this type of content and good music? I want to like rap but what the other anon said disgusts me. You seem like the best person to ask about that. Thank you if you decide to indulge me

No. 937922

Ntayrt but Immortal Technique is my favorite conscience rapper. His music is more from the 2000-2010 era

No. 937939

Please stop posting this photo, I scream every time I see that tiny head in that large ass suit KEK

No. 937950

Yeah that was never proven

No. 937952

NTA but idk if there are rappers writing STRICTLY on depression/mental health and nothing more… i tried to google "Rappers who write about depression and mental illness" and there are random lists of songs and samples of lyrics.
I remember Bones had that kinda lo-fi depressive/tough subjects vibe, iirc he was more niche and not as snowflake like LilPeep
Definitely early Linkin Park, also Mike Shinoda had rap sideprojects like Front Minor
but i'm not a rap expert ofc, just curious as you

No. 937983

You gave yourself away by double posting again, but I'll indulge you anyway.

Here are some recent examples: Rapsody, Aesop-Rock (not to be confused with ASAP Rocky), Jay Electronica, M.I.A., Common (personally not a fan, but can’t omit him), Residente, Angel Haze, Kevin Abstract, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar (overrated imo), Young M.A., Joyner Lucas (who’s refreshingly "conservative" if you’re tired of wokeness.), Le1f, Juice Wrld (RIP)… and, maybe the most surprising recommendation I have to offer: Lil Wayne (-> Solange & Lil Wayne: Mad among many other songs)

Honorable mention: Outkast & DeLaSoul, even though they aren’t new. Any indie kid who listened to Blur, Damon Albarn & Gorillaz also listened to DeLaSoul which is one of the many reasons the whole „Hip Hop vs Rock“ beef doesn’t make sense to me.

I think it’s best if you go through all the entries under "conscious/political/progressive rap" yourself. There are several rappers I like but wouldn’t recommend because they’re "problematic" in some way or form (like Chance the Rapper or B.o.B. who’s a flat farther now kek. You might know him from his collab with Paramore: Airplanes).

Though I don't think it makes sense to approach the subject if you don't open your mind and educate yourself first. If you don't know the sociological function of violence and materialism in hip hop lyrics, and get triggered every time one of the aforementioned artists flexes just a little, there's no point in trying.

Ofc there are no rappers who only rap about serious stuff. Every political rock and punk band has songs that are about drinking, touring and drugs, too. Not every Nirvana song is about Cobain's mental health issues, but nobody would argue that it's not a main theme of their music.

No. 937991

>You gave yourself away by double posting again, but I'll indulge you anyway
What? I'm not the MGK anon (or whoever you think, as this was my first post). I reposted cause my autocorrect changed "nta" to "btw".
Thank you very much, I will give those a shot.

No. 937995

Ha, okay, sorry for being paranoid. Small addendum: If you're going to give Outkast a try it's important to start with the pre-2000s stuff. People only know them for Hey Ya and Roses, but their 90s Afro-futurism phase was incredible (also, they gave us Janelle Monáe.)

I'll stop sperging now before I get banned. So uhm… what's Billie Eilish up to these days?

No. 938003

Saroc, eyedea, jean grae, Jedi mind tricks

No. 938008

i know and agree anon, in fact i directed this part "not sure if you find raps about mental health strictly" (cause it's impossible for it to be only that) at the salty MGK fan who first wanted specific rap recs (forgot to paste her post number).
As for the rest thanks a lot for the recommendations!

No. 938012

did I miss the other anon also ask about this or are you also assuming I >>937911 was the MGK sperg? Please don't kek. I wasn't interested only in mental health rap anyway, I quoted the whole thing cause the class issues etc. also deeply interest me. Anything thought-provoking is good.
NGL my biggest issue with rap is misogyny, anything else I can understand even if I don't agree with it.
>Fort Minor
Loved Post-traumatic though felt really weird about the album suddenly going from mourning Chester and describing the trauma of living on without him to tons of braggadocio(s). Felt kind of unearned and jarring, speaking only from the narrative POV. The album could use some transition.

No. 938036

I didn’t want to open this can of worms, but I do think Eminem still has some of of the rawest, hard-hitting lyrics about mental health and socio-economic status. They also tend to be the ones where he owns up to being a misogynist prick.

>>It's fucked up ain't it, how we can come from practically nothing

>>To being able to have any fucking thing that we wanted
>>That's why we sing for these kids that don't have a thing
>>Except for a dream and a fucking rap magazine
>>Who post pinup pictures on their walls all day long
>>Idolize they favorite rappers and know all they songs
>>Or for anyone who's ever been through shit in they lives
>>Until they sit and they cry at night, wishing they die
>>Until they throw on a rap record, and they sit and they vibe
>>We're nothing to you, but we're the fucking shit in their eyes


>>I remember back one year when daddy had no money

>>Mommy wrapped the Christmas presents up
>>And stuck them under the tree
>>And said some of them were from me
>>Because daddy couldn't buy them
>>I'll never forget that Christmas
>>I sat up the whole night crying


>>I feel like I'm walkin' a tight rope without a circus net

>>Popping Percocet, I'm a nervous wreck
>>I deserve respect but I work a sweat for this worthless check
>>I'm about to burst this TEC at somebody to reverse this debt
>>Minimum wage got my adrenaline caged
>>Full of venom and rage, especially when I'm engaged
>>And my daughter's down to her last diaper, it's got my ass hyper
>>I pray that God answers, maybe I'll ask nicer

Do we have a "music general" thread? Should we start one?

No. 938037

stop sperging about yourself mgk, how did you even find this thread??(hi cow)

No. 938052

oops sorry, at first i noticed that you're a different anon and joined asking about recs/told about google lists but later after rap expert-chan anon confused anons i also confused/misremembered who said what!
I agree about FM, these unfitting themes should really be separated and thrown somewhere else, EP/online single etc. But i'm glad Mike continues making music (even produces songs live on yt), just hope they never reactivate Linkin Park with a new singer.
Yeah despite his, um, controversial opinions/lyrics (some of which are hard to ignore) Eminem's got a talent for those hitting hard lyrics, especially early/00's ones. i kind of missed his newer works though.
I think there was popular/modern music thread or something alike in /ot catalog?

No. 938053

this reads like a wattpad fanfic

No. 938055

He literally said on camera that Kylie Jenner was “so hot” and “if she was standing naked in front of you you wouldn’t not do something” and looked like he was in a trance of replaying fantasies of her in his head while he babbled on about this gross shit. She was like 16 it’s still on YouTube. You’d think Megan’s bestie Kourtney would have a problem with that idk

No. 938058

lol or tumblr games "tag yourself. i'm general mayhem"

No. 938065

Organic smoothies is before sex that is supposed to intimidate the devil, which would have to go beyond necrophilia and snuff film shit to begin to do that. Tell me you’re a cool mom and not like regular moms without telling me you’re a cool mom and not like regular moms. My money is on mgk having early erectile dysfunction, there is no other explanation.

Also, fucking sound baths????? Presumably to his diarrhea music?????????? Is that where the blood rituals come in, because it becomes a murder suicide???

No. 938069

Yuck. Here, maybe MGK stan can watch and see it wasn't "just one tweet in 2012" (and btw in 2012 he was 22 year old adult). Listen to that stupid reasoning.
Megan's "I came naked to the gala cause daddy told me to" was beyond cringe too and if their pickme DDLG shit is not degenerate to some then idk what is.

No. 938070

"Machine Gun Kelly reveals if rumors he slept with Kendall Jenner are true"

No. 938071

Oh holy shit I missed “therapy”, wow that shit is… wow. I am shamans because this would make me go off of my medication and embrace any other world but the one that this would exist in.

No. 938081

At least he turned himself in. Fuck him though, already obvious because he dated Kylie and fucked with her head as a minor. Hate these men.

No. 938121

Geez that was really bad. This clown is trash

No. 938128

is he wearing sexy thigh high hooker boots?

No. 938130

File: 1634183384470.jpg (2.84 MB, 2591x6130, demilovato.jpg)

No. 938137

He hasn’t lost a court case against amber, the defamation case is due to happen in April 2022. He lost a libel case against the sun newspaper bc the judge discounted all of the evidence of police officers/witnesses & instead supposedly believed amber heard’s story (which will be properly contested as fake in the trial next year - judge in UK wouldn’t allow experts bc of time & amber wasn’t the actual party in that libel case). There’s no case that amber has won against depp despite what her sad stans on twatter say. I don’t doubt that Depp has had alcohol & drug issues which he’s been open about & probably did make him an arse to be around (I personally can’t stand being around drunks) however he’s almost 60 and everyone else who has ever known him all say what a sweet kind & generous man he is. The only person ever to say he’s violent is amber & the fact that she said she donated $7million to charity & got praise in the press for years for it
but it’s since been revealed she kept the money to herself (whilst committing perjury in uk court saying she had donated it) should tell you who is the liar in this situation & if you can’t see that I really don’t know how to dumb it down any further for you.

Was deffo a bad move getting with her & didn’t make it look good for him dating someone much younger so that was disgusting & stupid but she targeted him. It’s believed she’s a lesbian but dates guys for the money then goes right back to women after the rich men break up with her. He was actually sober for over a year but after the abuse from her he broke his sobriety again when she cut his finger off in Australia. Alcoholics will always turn back to alcohol as a way of trying to cope with whatever bad shit is going on but she encouraged that & really tried her hardest to get him to fight her so she could be a victim but in the end the biggest complaint of hers was that he would ‘run away’ every fight once she hit him instead of ‘staying & being a man’.
I honestly don’t see how some people fall for her story but Simps gonna simp I guess.

I don’t think it’s spite, he was happy to leave the marriage & be done with it but she wanted to carry on using his name as that’s the only way to get anyone to talk about her, nobody knows who she is unless depp is mentioned. He just wants to clear his name & stop the constant defamation. If she’s telling the truth she’s got nothing to worry about in court when experts examine her ‘evidence’ but when both sides stories are so different it’s got to be fair to have the day (or weeks) in court & have it sorted out once & for all so everyone can stop going on about it (I realise the irony of the fact I’ve just been going on about it myself).
The fact she’s trying so hard to get the case thrown out instead of just presenting her evidence should also give a clue to who is lying.

No. 938139

File: 1634185091762.jpg (53.98 KB, 1080x397, Screenshot_20211013-211751_Chr…)

I'm dead

No. 938142

Idk if this was supposed to be a joke but it’s funny af. Proves why “they” is not a real pronoun and makes no sense. It sounds like you’re referring to both of them when it’s reall just Demi’s ugly ass

No. 938145

chubby michael jackson with an ugly mullet

No. 938149

I would be so mad if I were a fat celebrity and management was always having me go out half-naked to sell body-posi albums. they couldn't even let her have shoes??

No. 938151

File: 1634187526521.png (393.52 KB, 620x420, P6qrKev.png)

this embarrassing relationship has EVERYTHING:

No. 938164

what's the deal with that weird black line by her cheek and the white outline around the top of her head?

No. 938166

that's disgusting, i can't believe we really have someone like >>937853 here on lolcow defending mgk so hard out of all of the celebrities we trash.
>its not that mgk is better, it's that 99.99% of rappers are significantly worse
yeah ok he supposedly hasn't had any accusations of sexual assault and doesn't have people twerking in his videos? how does that alone make him a better rapper or person than the others, that's such a low bar tf. don't even like rap myself but there's plenty of content out there that doesn't just relate to sex or drugs or whatever it is you don't like, maybe look into the genre before throwing out fake statistics if you only know what's popular. you better hope nothing comes up about him in the future if you're going to stan this hard because this is just embarrassing

No. 938167

Looking at what I missed and everyone's already said what I wanted to say kek so I'll just reply to this
>I also think they fight a lot
I bet they do, couples who seem all obsessively lovey dovey on social media usually seem to have unstable relationships. I wouldn't be surprised kek

No. 938168

just the effects of an ig filter

No. 938169

I feel like that's exactly what's happening kek

No. 938170

i thought that might be the case, it's a terrible filter though lmao. i feel like she's trying to look like an instathot in this one but constantly just looks unwashed

No. 938177

the cutting his finger off thing has been disproven. you sound like you're straight from twitter. stfu dick apologist

No. 938179

“He didn’t rape anyone so he’s a saint”
Off yourself anon. why do you feel the need to defend this creep is beyond me. If a creepy man is getting shat on on an obscure forum you shut the fuck up because he deserves it. You sound like a kpop stan feeling the need to defend your daddy on every corner of the internet. FYI it’s not gonna hurt him so shut up.

No. 938185

should we even still call mgk a rapper now since he went fleeing to fuck w the pop punk genre after that eminem beef kek

No. 938187

I didn't even notice the caption mentioned therapy kek.

This is Megan and MGK with therapy??? Good lord

No. 938190

Blac Chyna rants at the airport

No. 938191

blac chyna is so trashy, she really takes after her psycho narc mother.

No. 938218

File: 1634201190453.jpeg (263.91 KB, 597x717, 2E9BEAEF-6158-4302-86E5-CA3CC1…)

Wait they were an item?! I fear for megan even more now, let’s see:
> both started wearing drag makeup
> proudly calling their bfs “daddy”
> saying dumb shit on social media
> using the LGBTQ for clout
> embarrassing relationships
I’m gonna headcanon gay gun skelly as the they/them troon maker idc, i give megan one more year

No. 938223

i don't like demi, like, at all, but she at least looked much healthier and tolerable here compared to now. idk how long ago this was though

i can't believe i didn't know they were rumored to be an item once but i can see it, they're both embarrassing kek

No. 938226


that's your opinion, you racist POS. Johnny Depp smells like piss and alcohol. go for it.

No. 938229

I was just talking about him as an actor,(I think current Johnny depp is just tragic to look at btw) also what about my post was racist(sage)

No. 938235

>also what about my post was racist
"skinny semitic looking jewish boy"

go fuck yourself

No. 938236


also SAGE YOUR SHIT racist(calm down)

No. 938238

File: 1634207083969.png (53.4 KB, 720x300, Screenshot_2021-10-14-11-20-15…)

Not the same anon but that was hilarious and apparently accurate kek half white half jew no wonder his face looks like it was sculpted by a 2021 calarts student

No. 938240

quit raging about people not sageing when you double post like a fucking retard, fuck off back to twitter

No. 938249

Nta but has it? What happened instead, he just sliced his own finger?

No. 938273

I totally read that tweet in Stefan's voice too kek


You've got some great tastes, nonny! Thanks for picrel, will give him a listen.

No comparison at all. Jesus. There's a difference between a Rubens paintings (glorifying a little chunk circa 1600s) and being a deathfat like Lizzo. So sick of "fat positivity" for people like her and Tess Munster.

No. 938279

Kek seeing the above argument and someone called a newfag for pointing out MGK stan’s dumbshit when there’s still redtext for not saging

No. 938440

Wasn’t Demi dating Noah Cyrus just recently? Imagine the sex.

No. 938445

File: 1634225224056.jpg (248.77 KB, 817x1222, demi-lovato-paris-hilton-dolls…)

She's genuinely transitioning into a deathfat wow

No. 938449

demi had way too many sugar free cookies because she can barely close those boots. They (the shoes) look like they are about to burst in any moment. Paris looks really fit tho.

No. 938454

Does this mean Demi spent a night in Paris?

No. 938494

I guess she got tired of everyone laughing at her occasional "I'm a latina you know!" posturing and decided to go full Mexi-dyke to own the haters. You sure showed us, you definitely don't look like an addict anymore. /s

No. 938539

I suspect it's something medical related, like chemo or prednisone. Although I did hear he was gaining weight for a new role. IDK looks like med-bloat to me, same puffy face as Norm Macdonald.

No. 938546

That's definitely a ''I fucked Paris Hilton'' grin.

No. 938548

One can very easily imagine Paris Hilton saying ''I love pussy'' with that fake voice she always uses. It just makes sense.

No. 938553

Oh my god that mullet

No. 938568

anons please, i refuse to believe themi is anything but a super straight woman who got dumped way too many times and decided to identify as a men-hating queer to justify her embarrassing relationships

No. 938584

Obvi Demi's straight, but Paris is a lesbian. And if Paris Hilton wants to fuck you, you let her no matter how straight you are.

No. 938597

File: 1634233956767.jpg (22.62 KB, 1170x356, 245825673_25294477344.jpg)

No. 938628

paris looks so good, i absolutely love her dress

No. 938654

File: 1634238100532.jpeg (748.83 KB, 1146x1453, 87C7786F-7E18-4EEA-B3BE-E6DCA3…)

Sage because this is hilarious to me kek

No. 938658

she is living my middle school dream, 50lbs overweight and all

No. 938663

File: 1634238482821.jpeg (166.47 KB, 1257x634, EC1427DF-4B32-4904-BFF8-582605…)

Nta but Pauline’s pretty cute, I prefer her jawline to timothee’s.

No. 938667

wait, paris is a lesbian? But she's had a string of bfs/fiances and not really once had even a fling with a girl? You'd think in this climate her being open about being a lesbian would be a pro…
Do you have any proof/hints or anything? First time I've heard this myself

No. 938678

I hate that expression she makes, what the fuck is it supposed to stand for exactly? Youre edgy? Mysterious? Apathetic? I’m not reading it, and even when she first popped up i was a dumb kid and i still didn’t get it then too. It irks me so much. She doesn’t have to smile or nothing. Just be normal damn it

No. 938679

I saw the trailer for the new show she's in, it looks awful

No. 938683

her fiance is literally a male and she’s talked about wanting kids with him

No. 938687

makeup and those colours on the left don't flatter her as opposed to the cooltoned muted grey that frames her face on the right. Bad styling but she doesn't look as terrible as you make it out to be

No. 938688

File: 1634240023947.jpg (2.07 MB, 1484x1800, yc2RPSN.jpg)

Rolling Stone paired Olivia up with Alanis. I guess she will be sticking to pop-punk for a while. She needs to get producers that don't rely on interpolation

No. 938690

no I know that, that's why I was confused why >>938584 said that paris is a lesbian. Where the hell did that come from?

No. 938691

File: 1634240154929.jpg (81.81 KB, 976x549, tc.jpg)

>Timmy Wonka
>Depp Wonka
>Gene Wonka

Pick one to fuck, one to marry and one to kill.

No. 938692

Marry Gene, fuck Depp and kill Tim Chameleon.

No. 938693

marry gene, fuck depp, kill timmy

No. 938694

Marry Depp
Fuck gene
Kill chamalet

No. 938696

Marry ProZD, fuck ProZD, kill chocolate flavour

No. 938698

Fuck Timmy(into skinny boys sue me(
Marry Depp(he's rich)
Kill Gene (cause he's already dead)

No. 938700

>kill Timmy
>bring Gene back to life and marry him
>fuck Johnny

No. 938705

you just need to see with your eyes and heart

No. 938721

what on earth… googling the pap photos just say they went shopping for halloween costumes

kek that's funny, can't believe this went unacknowledged

No. 938749

Looked it up out of curiosity and you were so right anon. First of all the title? "The Sex Lives of College Girls" kek and that's literally all it's about too. Just from the trailer it looks like a bunch of tropes that everyone has seen a million times before. Happy for Mindy Kaling though I guess

No. 938750

File: 1634244231130.png (564.2 KB, 1220x1304, Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 4.43…)

Jonah hill doesn't want you to comment on his body, nonettes

No. 938752

File: 1634244316924.jpg (105.97 KB, 1200x675, sure_jan.jpg)

what a stupid take.

No. 938754

do you nonas think demi is completely sober now or is she still using

No. 938756

I hadn't seen her in forever and I'm kinda surprised how well she's looking. Sure she probably got a bunch of stuff done but she must be the only celeb who knows a good surgeon

No. 938757

hey you fat fuck can you even see your scrote? lmao take that

No. 938760

That, but she also clearly works out look at that muscle tone just wow
Apparently themi and paris went to dolls kill. disappointed but not surprised.
Rich celebs don’t need to go shopping in these tacky places, they only do it after calling the paparazzi to makes a statement and the statement here is to repair dolls kill reputation after getting outed for their racism and sexism. Gross.

No. 938763

Cry harder, tubby.

As an ex-heroin addict I don't think she's back on smack but I wouldn't be surprised if she's drinking and popping pills given the weight gain and questionable decisions lately.

No. 938764

File: 1634245358646.jpeg (2.27 MB, 3227x3223, B8FDC8E0-586C-4580-B388-07E79E…)

Jonah Hill is a fat fucking bastard. He looks like he’s been dead in an irrigation ditch for 5 very hot summer days, both before AND after his weight loss. However I do not hate or dislike him. He accepts his position in life as the butt of the joke. The omega male. Perhaps that’s why he was more attractive (or less disgusting, should I say) as a fatty. He was comfortable in his own skin.
I always thought James Corden is basically a British Jonah Hill, and unlike Jonah Hill, I don’t regard him with indifference. In fact, I utterly despise him.
I also fucking hate Seth Rogan.
They are all irrelevant fatties.

No. 938767

ayrt, yeah that's why me and the other anon (anons?) above were confused about people trying to say that paris is a lesbian

No. 938769

Definitely feel like seth rogan only has a career cause he has a silly speaking voice.

No. 938771

same thoughts here… why do anon(s but could be just one) want to believe that paris hilton fucked unwashed themi of all people

No. 938779

last i heard she allegedly claimed was 'california sober' or something. who knows but she's been spouting a lot of dumb takes lately

No. 938781

I agree with you but please stop using inaccurate and disproven wolf sociological terminology for human beings

No. 938782

File: 1634246221389.jpg (34.1 KB, 300x300, seth-rogen-orange-jacket-emmy-…)

Seth Rogen looks like a sexy Dad lately. Please don't compare Jim to Jonah Hill

No. 938792

eww. if we're really going to say that paris has ever fucked a woman, nicole richie from back in simple life days would be more plausible than wacko 'aliens is offensive to extraterrestrials' themi

No. 938796

Is she dating Paris????
When did Paris turn gay??

No. 938797

refer to >>938721 and >>938760, they only went shopping

No. 938801

>marry gene
>fuck depp
>kill timmy

No. 938803

Yup, he was drunk and broke a bottle, it cut his finger, and then he blamed her for it

No. 938836

It’s was a joke, Paris is engaged to a man

No. 938845

Paris is a queen. She's the only celebrity I genuinely stan.

I love his body type. He's an attractive guy. Horrible person tho

No. 938852

>sexy Dad
Ew. And he's ugly, always has been.

No. 938874

i'm getting more angelina jolie and billy bob blood vial vibes from them. i can almost see them doing this unironically but it'd be even more tackier on them to use their idea.

they'll probably do something very similar though i assume

No. 938876

samefag, oops, i forgot to post sooner and didn't realise the comment was already deleted

No. 938892

stfu retard

No. 938900

seek help. gross.

No. 938920


Brody dalle from the distillers is very much a celebricow. her divorce from josh home is super messy, they're accusing each other of abuse.

>Homme, 48, has accused Dalle, 42, of violating their October 2020 custody agreement by not allowing him to see their kids since August 26th. He says her actions are “alienating” him from the children, and he wants her to face fines and either community service or jail time. For her part, Dalle has accused Homme of domestic violence, verbal harassment, and being a danger to all three of their kids

No. 938922

>built like a frog
>scrawny legs
>ugly big head
I wish I could go into more detail, being a man must be easy all you have to do is not be fat.

No. 938932

Anon i'm interested in this but maybe come talk about Brody in Indie Band thread? i know she's more mainstream now but she's not exactly celebrity so idk

No. 938942

This has already been mentioned in the Rock Star thread

No. 938956

Ok thanks, rock star cows thread is indeed most fitting
Brody anon, let's continue in rockstar thread and pls explain there why do you think Brody is a cow (besides divorce drama i guess)

No. 938965

i used to respect jonah hill because he's a good actor who managed to go from total joke to having an oscar, but now i don't because no woman as disgusting as he is would have been given any of the opportunities he had.(his gross sister doesn't count, she's had one job.) and now he's being that meme of the guy talking to bloody jesus, and bloody jesus is "every woman being judged for her body".

No. 938966

straight women have no standards. they'll rate anything biologically male as a 10/10 and show everyone pictures of an uncustomized avatar that apparently makes them super horny(red-pilled lesbian)

No. 938967

what about all that weird shit she said about black people? did she change or what

No. 938974

NTA but she also said LOTS of homophobic stuff in her prime days, so her being a secret lesbian sounds ridiculous, even if she shows off her sudden support for LGBT and people of color on instagram now. maybe she genuinely changed mind, don't know if she ever apologized for any of the ugly things she said though. remembering how stupid she was in 00's i still keep it there's nothing here to stan.

No. 938975

It probably was her fault, amber heard is a dumb bitch

mega based

No. 938988

>old money heiress
I stan her tbh. Love her youtube channel.

No. 938989

He says her actions are “alienating”… cancelled smh

No. 938999

Yeah, i know right.
5 years ago nobody remembered Paris and if anything, people thought she's washed out and absolutely cringey. now people say she's "iconic" just cause they're missing 00's.
i mean she seems chill now etc. guess she learned how to behave "well" and scrub her past off the internet. but really, she's just another two-faced rich ex-cow for all i know so idc.

No. 939023

Shut the fuck up and stop policing people’s language. I think of it as the final letter of the greek alphabet anyyways, like in brave new world. Not “disproven wolf terminology” you fucking retard.

No. 939025

Thanks for proving my point that he’s a fat ugly bastard. Only now he’s hit the wall and become a fat, old, ugly bastard with an ugly orange suit.

No. 939026

I’m so sick of the media shilling this chick

No. 939029

It actually looks like it's zoomers who don't actually know/remember what time was like that unironically stan her. She's a 3 IQ rich bitch with no redeeming qualities besides being very attractive at the end of the day.

No. 939030

(that deleted post was mine, thought it didn't go through, sorry)
Paris' past isn't really scrubbed, her 00s shenanigans were mostly documented on printed media (tabloids) and TV snippets that nobody cared storing. You can still find some of her old stuff on youtube. Her new stuff is alright if you feel like turning your brain off or seeing how rich people behave lol
Her sister marrying a Rotschild and her parents allegedly cutting her off their wealth in the late 00s/early 10s maybe got something to do with her "cleaning up" her act.

No. 939033

NTA but I think people forget that it was a lot more acceptable to be homophobic during the 00s, especially when edgy humor was in. Plus, you could make the argument that she said homophobic shit to deny/deflect that she’s gay. I do agree with you though. I’m still not really convinced that she’s a lesbian and she’s always been a shitty person. I don’t get this recent positive revisionist history regarding her.

No. 939041

>I don’t get this recent positive revisionist history regarding her.
I'd guess it's because of her documentary that came out last year.

No. 939042

File: 1634269163357.png (751.85 KB, 892x1348, paris.png)

I agree, though the lesbian thing was only brought up by one anon and not based on anything other than one shit photo with Themi, weird
Yes, some of them are still there but some receipts were posted on page called parisexposed and Paris fought to take it down and it disappeared long ago, some vids are unavailable. However there's enough saved ones on youtube that show her past racist, homophobic and overall insufferable, ignorant, cruel and stupid behaviour. Heck i was a child/teen at that time (i'm a millenial) but i still remember these times. Zoomers of course weren't there and what they know about Paris is what they see online (read: other zoomers saying she's "iconic" cause she dressed in pink, saying "that's hot" and acting like annoying rich white girl looking down on everyone).
That's old stuff but if anyone wants to read some about this, here's a list of these videos from Paris exposed (examples pic rel)
As well as long writing with old milk and all the dirt including photos that were stolen from Paris "secret stash" from her house and leaked online years ago if you want to read more:

No. 939048

Paris looks amazing, and I know 40 isn't old or anything but she definitely seems way younger than her age in both appearance and general vibe. Goals tbh (aside from all the homophobia anons are bringing up kek).

Demi on the other hand… I've said it before and I'll say it again, insecure women getting fat devolves into an absolute death spiral of poor stylistic choices.

No. 939050

despite my dislike for her i can admit she looks good here, i'm surprised though she only got lip fillers these days. she always had thin lips and could've easily botoxed them out years earlier. or could've left them now as they were either, her thinner lips were kind of her trademark.
Demi is… Demi. we know how she looks in this comparison pic.

No. 939056

Agreed. Don’t really like her either but she has aged amazingly.

No. 939060

File: 1634271361625.jpg (157.33 KB, 600x314, An_American_Pickle_Reviews-Rep…)

nta but I found him oddly attractive in his recent film

No. 939063

honestly it just looked like that anon was projecting some lesbian fantasy on paris but god, if someone's gonna do that, why pair her with demi of all people from a paparrazzi pic, that's so weird

anon please no

No. 939071

yeah, its wierd how certain "saphics" or whatever hyper fixate on "iconic" celberties and girl groups and imply their all lesbians dating each other

No. 939078

personally think that shipping real people especially, unless maybe they're like in a relationship or are confirmed romantic interests already, is just creepy almost. lesbian, gay or hetero

No. 939082

somehow the fujos, faghags and twitter saphics will justify this but "men do worse" and "its not harming anyone unless your a homophobe"

No. 939089

im 10 hours late but i died at this thank you nonny

No. 939095

File: 1634275757657.jpg (18.66 KB, 205x298, KutsWpf.jpg)


Woah that parisexposed archive was wild. I knew she was a party girl but damn. Stds, miscarriage, sex tapes. Her documentary really worked to humanize her but damn I had no idea.

She must have a pretty good lawyer and PR team to keep relevant.

No. 939101

I feel bad for Paris with the sex tape thing. It's now illegal to do that to people without their consent but nude content used to be used as a weapon against women, and still is. It is a huge breach of trust to trust someone you're with with your nudes and they betray you. And young girls are easy to target as they're still naive

No. 939109

thought this was jeffrey epstein kek

No. 939113

>Jonah Hill is a fat fucking bastard.

LMAOO BYE for some reason this brutal honesty out of nowhere sent me howling, I'm dead

No. 939119


No. 939158

adeles new song is out

No. 939162

this is nuts god gossip is so fucking boring nowadays

No. 939165

celebs just cover their tracks better nowadays.

No. 939171

File: 1634285847735.jpg (30.34 KB, 259x512, unnamed.jpg)


tbh there were some rumors about paris and lindsay either being a romantic thing or just hooking up for a while (i think the idea was that lindsay caught feelings, paris didnt take it seriously at all)

i remember reading some stuff about them having a big fight where paris called her a "dyke" ages ago and some low quality photos of them kissing exist on the web (picrel) but it could just be straight girl posing but tbh if it was that i'm surprised there's nothing in higher quality? there are some ancient ontd comments and blog posts and l chat threads detailing it all that i'll try to dig up lol. it feels plausible that she's bi but i don't think she'd ever publicly actually date a woman

No. 939174

She's probably on the bi spectrum, but only does it for the thrill. People like her just don't chose to date women. And it doesn't seem like she could be capable of fully loving another person either.

No. 939178

>NTA but she also said LOTS of homophobic stuff in her prime days, so her being a secret lesbian sounds ridiculous
She was probably repressing some attraction towards women most likely. Doesn't make it any better though
>there's nothing here to stan

No. 939179

File: 1634286263621.jpg (36.38 KB, 400x296, 011108_kateparis.jpg)

as a bonus, her in a black wig sandwiched between kate moennig and daniela sea from the L word, which she was allegedly obsessed with for a while? (and a super old german blog post with more pics lmao https://lesbianranting.wordpress.com/2008/01/09/das-gute-und-das-bose/)

No. 939181

please stop, she's not gay or bi
this is embarrassing

No. 939191

it's.. inoffensive

No. 939204

File: 1634292145332.jpg (1.08 MB, 1242x1619, 1634291783524.jpg)

unfunny fatty libfem Hannah Gadsby, best known for her Netflix special Nanette, has BLASTED the CEO of Netflix for airing known transphobe Dave Chappelle.

No. 939209

PARIS HILTON IS SO HOT. I thought she was a spoiled brat when I was a kid (during her prime) but when I watched This is Paris I could not believe how gorgeous she is. Because Paris had the image of a spoiled brat, I always associated her with the Paris in South Park. But holy shit Paris Hilton is one of the most beautiful, stylish women alive. Poot better step off.

No. 939220

File: 1634293860279.gif (1.31 MB, 320x320, um.gif)

Anon pls chill and read the curated milk on her, she's just another rich Hollyweird druggie/asshole

No. 939235

Fuck off, Gadsby. Real lesbians hate you for being a tranny stan and I've had suicidal ideations funnier than your "comedy".

No. 939237

We all ought to stop putting people up on pedestals. Paris isn't anything special she's just lucky being born into a rich family

No. 939243

After reading that blog exposing paris I'm even more surprised at her current looks. Honestly the racism, coke and sex tapes are exactly what i expect to see from famous, born rich brats but how in the hell does she keep looking amazing into her 40s when drug abusers start to show physical signs of substance use after few years if not months. Can a plastic surgery really combat those signs?

No. 939249

Hmm top notch plastic surgeons, a huge make up mask, maybe good genes? do we have her current photos without make up though?
I'm sorry but all these theories on Paris hating gays and lesbians only cause she uwu represses her attraction to women amuse me. not ruling it out 100% but still. These photos are just her being white girl on a party night, making out with her famous friends for fun/photo/keks/whatever else but any love feelings etc. if anything, Lindsay was in love like anon said.
Lol anon, looks like this damn documentary personality-bleaching works since it fooled you enough to think she's most precious soul ever. Read old milk and use your brains, she might've changed so people don't cancel her again but does she regret anything? press doubt. Paris won't fuck you, people like you are dirt to her.

No. 939251

yeah, it's weird that she has unironic fans

No. 939253

File: 1634299059639.png (263.59 KB, 579x303, tumblr_b593f328c7897c62a2fe6d6…)

>Hmm top notch plastic surgeons, a huge make up mask, maybe good genes?
Any celeb has access to the first two, Nicky also looks good so it's probably good genes. And maybe she really did stop partying young enough that it didn't impact her looks. Pic related was when she was mid 20s and she claimed her partying was 'years ago'.

No. 939264

I think good genes might be it. That message is from 2007 and nah can't believe she didn't party hard in 2007/2008… she had party pap pics from 2007. maybe at the very well least she wasn't partying hard enough to be a total trainwreck, but on the other hand you know how celebrities are. if anything i think she went through rehabs successfully and stopped doing drugs in 2009-2010-2011 when Paris stopped being number 1 celebrity. it's hard to say

No. 939269

>It just go's to show that I have people out there to get me for something I haven't done… & it's too bad that people treat me in such an unkind and cruel way, when I have done nothing to anyone :(
So fake lol

No. 939277

I really don't understand the trend of shilling the most vapid celebrities, movies and music under the guise of 'sO iCoNiC'. Literally cannot tell if it's amerifat, stan culture or zoomer brainrot.

No. 939279

File: 1634303295916.jpg (59.09 KB, 513x407, finger.JPG)

during the whole "the sun/wifebeater" case the court also got into the possession of an e-mail sent by depp.

"The texts were read in the London court as part of the proceedings of a libel battle against British newspaper The Sun over a 2018 article that described him as a “wife-beater”."

No. 939294

>They (the shoes)

No. 939295

This should be a meme

No. 939296

This might be the best explanation actually, her breed of rich is something different.

No. 939302

File: 1634305152695.gif (1012.12 KB, 390x254, tumblr_c52e13af9df009d2e8f4c43…)

No. 939313

kek we're not mad at her for being naked, we're mad at her for being ugly

No. 939314

yeah i don't think the gen z genderspecials understand how…angrily(?) conformist that period was. feminist was still a dirty word (most girls would say "i think women should get paid the same as men but i'm not a FEMINIST"). recycling, not eating fast food, caring about the whales at seaworld etc. was considered crazy fringe behaviour and people would be really annoyed that you couldn't just do what everyone else did/fit in/be normal.

No. 939325

this was already posted

No. 939329

Exactly, it was all about fitting in back then. If zoomers could time travel to the early 00s with their DID, tourettes and uwu twans rights they'd get bullied into oblivion by people like Paris.

No. 939342

Low-key, I think they do know. They miss it. It's trendy to act super political and feminist, but at the end of the day, they're still young people in a consumerist society. They want to be attractive and fit in, even if it's unhealthy. That's how you end up with all the libfem copes about how everything is empowering.
If you don't believe me, watch them worship k-pop when they know the idols are basically trained to extreme lengths from young ages to be perfect dancers, that they're pressured into eating disorders, and that they literally have plastic surgery clauses in their contracts. They're aware of how hyper-conformist and abusive the whole culture is, but they keep supporting it. They're not really mad that all these fucked up standards and prejudices exist, they're mad that they can't fit into them (or at least not without heavy sacrifice and guilt). They want the pretty end result without the ugly process

No. 939344

One part of zoomers don't even know these things about Paris and others, even if they know Paris was racist/homophobic etc. they say "she just said a couple of white girl things ok" and stan her for being "rude" lol. funny cause they cancel others after smallest slightest things they find as insult otherwise.
The more fucked up it is the more zoomer genderspecials love it. unfortunately i've seen accounts posting strictly coked out 00's celebrities and expressing they wish to be rude bitches/ nepotist kids on coke.

No. 939351

I personally don't think fat bodies are unattractive, but I still don't like this dress because it has nothing to do with body posi it's just Lizzo grabbing for attention again. Most of the backlash is because everyone is just sick of her shit. Fat bodies are the same as skinny bodies in that some people look good them and some people don't. Lizzo imo isn't that attractive and should stuck to the high fashion kinda style that heavy women weirdly seen to pull off better than thinner women

No. 939354

They actually really love being mean and bullying others lol. The problem is, they're all unattractive, poor, fat, troons and/or not white, so anyone can just throw it back in their face and bully them way harder. Pretending to be good people who believe in social justice is just a way to cover their own asses, it's literally their only defense
>i've seen accounts posting strictly coked out 00's celebrities and expressing they wish to be rude bitches/ nepotist kids on coke.
They all wish they were skinny, rich, white drug addicts who look hot but can't even spell "privilege" without help, who will never have to worry about a single thing in life, and can shit on other people freely with no consequences lol

No. 939376

File: 1634311796790.jpeg (671.95 KB, 828x818, FB4D31C5-8367-4B1C-9C5D-9E3650…)

What’s the actual name for this Dexter’s Lab Mom hip/ass surgery? I’ve seen it on Doja Cat, Nicki, porn stars like Riley Reid etc.

No. 939379

No idea but
> Dexter’s Lab Mom
I kek'd I knew that body shape was familiar

No. 939381

Iirc it's just called a hip augmentation, when they do bbls they usually transfer some fat into the hip area to get a smooth curve

No. 939385

is this shopped? if not then damn she has a killer bod

No. 939388

It’s called photoshop

No. 939390

Samefag, tbf if your surgeon isn't careful with this procedure you can end up looking like a wisdom tooth.

No. 939392

photoshop and surgery. she should’ve got some for her dog face too

No. 939398

I don’t think doja got surgery she has always had a thick figure and a big ass i think she has just lost a bit of weight + photoshopped her waist and thighs
This is so stupid there’s nothing wrong with her face why does lolcow love to tell any woman with non conventionally attractive features to get surgery i thought that was for incels websites

No. 939436

File: 1634315222391.jpeg (157.04 KB, 650x475, 00E8087E-BD1D-436F-AC78-6AA8F3…)

She and her sister bullied another heiress to suicide, the one that Tila tequila happened to be dating at the time and they tried to frame it on tila, but it had been going on long before. They even burned part of her head and laughed about it, and how Paris treated Lindsey Lohan is also extremely fucked up because Lindsey comes from nothing as was exploited by her parents into sexual abuse. Nicole Richie was also the funniest/best part of simple life and without her no one would care about Paris, and she did her dirty in the friend break up. How she treated Kim kardashian before she was famous was also racist. Paris shamelessly promoted anorexia and really fucked up early 00s body shaming for media coverage.

I think her work with exposing the child “rehabilitation ranches” or whatever is really cool and a solid use of her platform, but she could have done that any time and her documentary was so centered around her image and public perception of her being an “innocent girl” and kept saying she was “stuck at 15” or something. Which is fine, but without her addressing how seriously nasty she was to less privileged girls that caused humiliating media storms against them, i don’t want to be sold her “innocent victim forever fifteen I just want to party” narrative. I think she’s a very calculated businesswomen, which I can respect I guess, but she created the rich anorexic tan blonde slutty forever underage y2k image and it fucked up a generation of girls who were pressured by media and peers to mirror that to be cool. She was already rich and this idea of her being a casualty of sexism is bullshit, she was a willing participant and I would appreciate her at least crafting a narrative about addressing peer pressure and body image issues. She also looks great because she has access to the most skilled surgeons, aestheticians, and luxury medical products, and the time to do it. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars at work.

That said I love her style now, it’s more mature but very cute which people rarely see. Her playing hockey in high school is pretty cool. Thassit.

No. 939442

Men leak into the comments here and you can always tell so they are in fact just incels and should be ignored. On the 10% it is not a male baiting, it’s a probably lady who is refusing her meds.

No. 939448

Why do stans always so vehemently deny their faves had surgery?

No. 939450

I love your work

No. 939454

Damn, that's so bad. This kind of this is unforgiven, this cannot be excused "uwu but i was just regressign 15 year old! teacher touched me so i had to vent out bullying and burning girls i didn't like!"
Hate her new image of brave warrior who was just a victim of media portrayal like Britney while she did shit like this. good she called that man out but there are still miles of her shitty past always stringing after her.

No. 939456

Don’t label me as a stan just to dismiss my opinion that’s slightly different than yours. The only things i know about doja are from lolcow in fact.
It’s just that women with natural big asses exist and her ass is normal looking as far as i know but i didn’t dig deeper because idc that much. I have never seen proof of her before and after supposed surgery (i saw her weight loss pictures) so I’m not gonna label a woman with a normal looking ass as plastic immediately. I’m just not that insecure nonnie. So if you’re not just being bitter and have proof post it then we can all agree with you.

No. 939464

The full interview is really… something. She calls him “Buddha” as a frequent nickname, they bicker a lot, and in the beginning she uses “facts” to confirm something but it’s so unnatural I had to replay it multiple times to understand. Shes way too good for him but this is the most entertained I’ve been from media so I don’t even know. She’s like the mommy he can rebel against but also fuck. It’s weird but typical.

No. 939479

>they'd get bullied into oblivion
kek i wish.

No. 939485

just because i have a different opinion than you doesnt mean i’m a male, fuck off. she’s fucking ugly. if i was a scrote i wouldn’t even notice her busted ass face, just bobs and vagene.
i just dont get why she would get so much surgery and photoshop her body so much and do nothing about her absolute rat face?
she goes live on instagram without makeup i guess to be uwu quirky relatable but she really is haggard as fuck.

No. 939528

File: 1634321933452.jpg (296.88 KB, 772x1080, Tumblr_l_184477677809364.jpg)

I didn't know Doja got featured in EGG magazine. The gyaru aura suits her though.

No. 939531

She always wears the worst wigs smh

No. 939540

Am I still seeing wig lace? Why didn't they remove that in photoshop?

No. 939544

i guess they were too busy shooping the rest of her face. embarrassing.

No. 939593

File: 1634325728286.png (865.32 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2021-10-15-20-19-47…)

That anon gave you the benefit of the doubt for being a woman off her meds so it's all good and accurate
SA i had to look for a better picture of her face. She looks normal for her age but not for her hard drugs abuse background

No. 939603

What are you even trying to say?

No. 939617

I'm saying she's aging really good for someone who was deep in their hard drugs abuse

No. 939622

Are you talking about Casey Johnson? I can hardly tell because half of what you’re saying isn’t true. Casey had type 1 diabetes that she never properly managed and had fallen into comas numerous times before she eventually died. Casey and Paris were not close friends and at the time of her death she was living in squalor and distraught over her dad refusing to see her or some shit.

No. 939660

NTA but i'd like to know what really is true about this situation.
On the other hand i think it's fooling themselves if anyone believes Paris never bullied other girls. that's hard for me to believe she would never use the situation.

No. 939675

for real.in class last week i made fun of courtney stodden/femmes who use "they", and a 20 year old man threatened to beat me up if he caught me on campus because what i said was "discriminatory" and "transphobic".

No. 939685

she's a highly uneducated speaking-in-tongues pentecostal christian, anything those people say is gibberish.

No. 939698

lol but sooo open-minded and tolerant right? some of them just hate all straight people without a reason, even if they never said anything against genderspecials, which is even worse
I know there's no point in arguing with they/them people. what irritates me though is how fucking much of them crop up and adapt some stupid behaviours. girls that i used to know from the internet who were she/her 6 years ago now ofc are they/them, nonbinary, etc. this is just a fashion, and it feels like if you're not nonbinary you're committing a crime against your generation (zoomers, i rarely see it among millenials).
this is a bad cover overall, the only distinct piece of the photo is Doja's head in a bad wig while background is very weird. makes it look blurry.

No. 939701

Looking at Casey's biography, she seemed like the type of person who would absolutely be bullied, she had BPD lol.

No. 939714

Yeah, she looked very gyaru in the Say So video. They used a bad pic tho

No. 939750

File: 1634331825446.png (75.92 KB, 303x166, 086263CF-AC33-4BB8-B6CA-BAB1E3…)

No. 939776

File: 1634333178424.png (969.13 KB, 518x860, birthday.png)

Queen Azealia needs to teach her what's what as far as wig wearing goes. Pic unrel.

No. 939783

File: 1634333500497.png (479.68 KB, 577x574, rileyreid.png)

Why is surgery somehow less believable to you than her getting someone to expertly photoshop every pic? This body type is what cartoons and video game characters have, no real person has it without paying for it.

No. 939793

File: 1634334300752.jpg (413.89 KB, 1000x1342, Img-2-doja.jpg)

I guess the Japanese don't think to check for that.

I can't find any more pages.

No. 939794

This one isn't as bad, but damn why'd they have to get a crotch shot? Also, the text is kind of distracting, but maybe that's just Japanese magazines

No. 939796

She’s looks hideous, this is such an unflattering picture

No. 939800

Show this shit again or I will behead you anon, I don’t want to see this lame woman ever again on the front page

No. 939806

>She has not yet formally come out or made a definitive statement about her sexual orientation, but has stated that she "like[s] both. I like dicks and I also like, um, I like people that I can have sex with. You can kind of have sex with anybody, right?"

i'm bi and can't stand this retard

No. 939807

Why are her fingers crusty and yellow? Looking like mummified talons?

No. 939810

If I see this no-lipped playboi carti x nicki minaj rip off again I’m gonna go ballistic

No. 939840

File: 1634336829647.jpg (92.56 KB, 1080x413, Screenshot_20211015-152709_Chr…)

This says a Courtenay Semel set Casey Johnson's hair on fire, is this what you're referring to?

No. 939891

23 y/o MGK talking about his "crush" on Kendall who was 17 at the time of this interview. Him listing people who have messed with minors in order to justify statutory rape just makes me feel like he's actually researched his creeper position

No. 939902

Anons, one thing's true: Paris has good lawyer/internet team that removes all that scandalous content from the internet. the videos on YT are probably regularly removed too. maybe i searched wrong way but it's impossible to find any memories of people fucked over/bullied by her and other drama through google. and i doubt Kim Kardashian was the only girl she treated instrumentally (bossed her around if she let her tag along and used her to clean her closet and then said she owes her fame etc.).
Last time Paris was caught on going on an anti-gay rant calling gays "disgusting" etc. was back in 2012. (ironically she ranted to gay taxi driver.) who knows what she really thinks, she proved to be still ultra-sheltered and ignorant so i don't really believe her big sympathetic "change". so when she babbles how much she loves gay men as they always supported her singing career, it still feels like empty bullshit.
yeah that was posted already. disgusting guy

No. 939932

>she should’ve got some for her dog face too
What's wrong with Dojas face? I think she's pretty.

No. 939935

>Paris Hilton played hockey
I fucking told you. She's a LESBIAN. Understand this.

No. 939971

File: 1634348095948.jpg (29.38 KB, 371x500, d6c5ec00cc705cf80550adefa28612…)

Ah, so THAT's your criteria. Wow.
I introduce to you another hidden lesbian then.

No. 939973

>I introduce to you another hidden lesbian then.
Good for her.

No. 939998

there's some anon also posting paris hilton on the closeted celebrities thread, they really must want her to be a lesbian, jesus

No. 939999

doesn't this speculating belong better on like… a tinfoil thread instead of a celebrity thread where we're here for actual milk posted

No. 940033

please stop, the whole "sports girls are actually gay" is more offensive then you think, I assure you that as someone who did sports when I was younger that 99% of us were straight
Its interesting in a way, I suspect a lot of these "current" Sapphics or whatever started out as Fujos or faghags that simply grew to fetishize any sort of same sex relationship and view it as more "pure" and "natural" then icky straight stuff

No. 940035

i'm a butch lesbian, i just get so much shit from straight themi's who've never exprienced an actual life as an unconventional person in a straight people's world. i'm starting to think about joining the church of magdalen berns

No. 940044

Because that picture IS photoshopped to oblivion, retard

No. 940055

I'm embarrassed on her/their behalf. I hate people.

No. 940064

not either of the anons you're replying to but i believe >>939971 was sarcastic, seems like only one (or two) anons above were making the farfetched paris hilton lesbian assumptions out of nothing. started when that pap pic of paris and demi was posted of all things. i agree with you though bc where tf is that notion coming from. can't just get it from someone playing hockey

same here anon, same

No. 940067

depp fans are so retarded. I don't like Amber at all, but god damn you guys are so fucking devoid of any logical thought processes even if Johnny Depp was a saint, it would be impossible to be on his side because of his fans. Also learn to sage you desperate pickme.
I'm not even trying to be mean here but I cant believe she's fucked with her body so much and not touched her horse face. She has also NEVER had a wig laid correctly, see >>939528 and literally any other picture of her. This is what she gets for spending her time chasing virtual white dick

No. 940124

I don't care about Johnny depp the person or would even care if he died tomorrow, I just like him for his characters

No. 940147

I was sarcastic with posting Avril as "lesbian", my point is "lesbian Paris" anon speaks bullshit.

No. 940187

He looks like he’s about to pickpocket me

No. 940205

japanese magazine covers are so ugly. it’s like no one over there knows anything about graphic design.

No. 940328

>best looking
Jennifer Connelly. All I want in life is to be sandwiched between her and Paul Bettany.
Also, was sleeping on her for a while, but the met gala really awakened me to how stunning Anok Yai is.
Naomi Campbell's legs.
Linda Evangelista before chingate.

>worst looking

Nearly all celebs are just fine-looking. I actually wish there were more ugly people in the industry.

No. 940484

I do appreciate her separating just dicks as sexual objects without the male attached and those capable of actually having sex with

No. 940555

File: 1634417959976.jpeg (173.76 KB, 1144x526, 8553DFEC-EC6E-47F8-98BB-6642C7…)

Kek yes I took it as I ride dick and have actual reciprocal sex with others. Reminds me of this tweet. “I like pussy, but I hate women.” Its revolting but it makes sense since so many of these men/transbians are so hateful towards women. Or that group of men who repeatedly raped an Orangutan in red lipstick. All that’s needed is a warm hole.

No. 940576

Not this shit again (min 8:07)

No. 940645

File: 1634421527704.jpg (135.28 KB, 796x1200, lymphedema.jpg)

She's definitely had multiple rounds of liposuction to get this shape + editing the fuck out of herself, she used to look like she had lymphedema though it's such a shame she had a really nice natural shape, I hate these shitty instagram trends of being curvy as fuck but having no belly fat, rolls or lumps and having stick thin legs unless you win the genetic lottery that's just not how it works

No. 940701

I don't believe she's bi for even a second, everything aspect about her screams fake and is probably made to appeal to as many horny scrotes and twitter kweers as possible

No. 940703

This is so gross.

No. 940708

File: 1634444239325.jpg (288.78 KB, 1080x1407, Tumblr_l_195764187421361.jpg)

She barely raps in any of her songs though. And when she does her verses are weak af. Then again drake is hardly a rapper either. They're so scared to just admit they're pop stars.

No. 940711

>They're so scared to just admit they're pop stars.
I mean who wants to admit, that there genre is not really revolutionary or anti-authority, it never was in the first place
it was also always a shitty mass product, not a real music genre

No. 940712

Who cares? Fuck drake honestly. Good for her and I hope drake chokes for being a fucking pedo.

No. 940715

he looks like he smells of tide and apple juice

No. 940721

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Drake is the next r Kelly. One day they're gonna make documentaries with blurred women making testimonies about him. He's sus af

No. 940729

Well isn't rap the new pop anyway, and has been for a long time now? Pop just means popular after all, and rap is the most popular genre, so I don't see the problem.

No. 940795

People have horrible taste in music these days

No. 940818

File: 1634455851755.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1119x1945, 2580F87B-00EA-4A93-8A16-D4C153…)

Lil Kim looks like a hobgoblin


No. 940832

File: 1634458165736.gif (1.66 MB, 320x268, victim.gif)

I really didn't understand the nonnies here who jumped to her defense when her documentary came out that really transparently rebranded her as a victim to suit the times. She was made famous in the 2000s because pop culture championed crassly bitchy and superficial characters but now social capital is derided from victimhood so she had to aggressively re-market her whole character. If she didn't have an amazing team permanently scrubbing away all the behavior that she was actually known for from before she would be permanently cancelled.

This trajectory is like Kiki actually, if they were more intelligent they would just own their past because it was just a moment in history that is 10x more interesting than the fake ultra-pc victim culture now.

No. 940833

Lil Kim hasn't looked good in a long, long time. I get so sad looking at her and remembering how cute she looked in the early 2000s/90s. I know it was due to the type of man she was dating/married/whatever to but since then? She's just kept up the awful work and hasn't done a thing to improve herself

No. 940834

>social capital is derided from victimhood so she had to aggressively re-market her whole character.
Bingo. This is the case with every celeb out there now. Why do you think Demi is so desperate to be a victim too? I guess Paris' perfumes aren't selling enough.

No. 940839

don't most people consider them pop artists who rap though?
anyway, doja's songs are actually catchy and drake has never been all that

No. 940840

She doesn’t have the most beautiful of faces but she is still pretty. Far from a “dog face”
I think if she was a little less plastic and tackily made up more people would find her beautiful

No. 940841

more people would find her beautiful if she didn’t act like an absolute weirdo crackhead, and a pickme for incel racists

No. 940848

hard to real what's real with her, its pretty clear that her whole current persona is an act

No. 940877

Nah I don't think it's an act. I love her weird crackhead autist shit.

No. 940881

It is an act though, she knows the image of what's most popular
she's aware of the fact that she's a lightskinned black girl and all she has to do is shake her ass and not much else

No. 940882

I genuinely likes that shit though, not everything has to be a plot against society, she's just retarded and loves being dumb

No. 940883

I think she's smarter then you give her credit for, if she was dumb she'd be like Megan Stallion or Nicki, in a relationship with a abusive peace of shit and or a child rapist
but she's smart enough to not end up like that

No. 940932


Why are you falling for this bitches' bullshit? Stop.
She's so SMART for not associating with rapists, huh? Her producer is Dr. Luke ffs. She's a desperate for fame, dime a dozen industry plant, no different from the rest. Seriously, what is this sites' fascination with this woman?

No. 940935

The lesbians and bisexuals have escaped their containment thread. There is no such thing as a subjective opinion when it comes to her Doja is objectively shit and they rather be in complete denial that the only reason they support her is because they want to eat her pussy out. Never trust someone’s opinion when the sole factor is them finding them attractive, plus PULLfags who are celebrity obsessed never had standards to begin with. Doja will always be shit, so don’t listen to them you’re absolutely right.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 940936

I don't know what you weirdos are fighting about, but the les and bi threads were not for made for "containment" reasons.

No. 940938

Now this is just pathetic

No. 940945

>the only reason they support her is because they want to eat their pussy out
Ah yes, because things are black and white and there's no inbetween hating her and "wanting to eat her pussy out" kek

>lesbians and bisexuals have escaped their containment thread

anon just to clarify… those threads are not containment threads. They're for women to talk about their attraction to other women and connect to others. They were never containment threads, never will be. Are you perhaps new? Wanting to integrate this hard by mentioning all this lolcow lingo to seem legit is just sad.

No. 940949

I think she's genuinely funny. I love how she just made music for fun after dropping out of highschool and now she's famous. She doesn't come off as an industry plant because she did make very popular songs before moo and when moo hit it was very memetic. If you want to talk about industry plants, you could always say Billie Eilish or Olivia Rodrigo. Doja isn't the villian you think she is.

No. 940956

doja isn’t gonna fuck you

No. 940958

Again, she willingly works for a rapist for her own gain. It's villainous. She reeks of industry plant, anon. It's a manufactured image, looks and personality wise-
wake up.

No. 940960

Every other artist does this though

No. 940961

I mean, no, anon. Not every celeb works for a rapist. No

No. 940964

This is genuine curiousity: could you please tell me some of them?

No. 940971

Doja is worshipped on these threads, blows my mind every time. Of all the artists to worship, anons pick this one. Crazy to me because she comes off as a conniving cunt. Seems to have an agenda (I get vibes that she doesn't enjoy making music for a living, that's not why she's doing all this) and I would not blink an eye if a huge scandal came out about her honestly. Some anons are batshit and it shows

No. 940976

wtf is wrong with you lol

No. 940977

To clarify, I'm sure if we sat and thought about it we could connect every artist to some kind of rapist at the top. We can argue that they're all connected to rapists. But that's not what I'm getting at here, I'm talking about Doja Cat willingly working for this vile scrote fully knowing about his past. That's some evil shit, she hates women. Prove me wrong (not you, specifically, anon, but in general)

No. 940978

>Some anons are batshit and it shows
look into the mirror and thell me your tinfoil doesn't come off as batshit either

No. 940979

You're in the celebricow thread, you know this shit isn't tinfoil. Stop being dumb

No. 940980

>Seems to have an agenda (I get vibes that she doesn't enjoy making music for a living, that's not why she's doing all this)
Tell me how this isn't tinfoil though?

No. 940981

>I get vibes that she doesn't enjoy making music for a living, that's not why she's doing all this
actually, I'm curious. Explain this? I think she loves making music, even if her music is shitty oversexualized shit lol. Like I think she enjoys herself, doesn't seem to be like she does this out of spite. Her tiktok is also full of dumb shit and it's kind of on brand. And she also saw a Valfre print in her house so as someone who likes Valfre I just think, why else she would buy that print you know?

No. 940982

Artists who don't write their own music generally don't love it. It's an industry just like any other, some are passionate and some are in it for other reasons. They love money and being famous, and Doja's just a classic fame ho. Many Fame hoes have scandals. This is not tinfoil, all I said was I wouldn't be surprised if shit came out about her. She's well connected to a lot of vile humans

No. 940983

Just admit you want to fuck Doja and go, so tired of the /g/ lesbos stinking up their thread with their subtle horny fangirling like legit even the jannies are tired of y’all, even the bis have infinitely better standards. She’s untalented, went the pornified route because if you don’t want to be on stage and dance around like a pornstar for a sea of coked up young adults you’re going to be regarded as a indie artist, and is light-skinned which infinitely gave her more of an advantage of other artists. She is the living embodiment of a successful fad that will go away once Tiktok is gone and music continues to shift into an even more chaotic direction.

No. 940984

you're literally the only one here obsessed with fucking her, take your meds

No. 940985

The thing is, I just think the industry is too corrupt and full of rapist to just frame one more sheep of the herd as the culprit of everything that is wrong with it. Every single artist works for an industry full of exploitation in one way or another. I think separating the art from the artist is what keeps some of us sane, this is why I just try to enjoy any music and yes, even if it comes from Doja Cat. She isn't my favorite artist ever but from all the shit I've heard recenlty she's just okay.

No. 940988

I guess what I mean is, I think she's in this because she's a fame ho like I said above. I personally don't get the vibe she's always wanted to do music,but I do get the vibe she definitely clung onto the first opportunity possible to become famous. To me she reeks of "I'll do anything to be famous". I think made it sound more sinister than I really meant

No. 940989

ITT Doja Stans. You guys are so annoying go praise her on Twitter, why are you fond of some pickme who just parrots tweets or tiktok sim interviews, she’s got a balloon head and I hope she dies. Big legged monstrosity.(a-logging)

No. 940990

Anon don't you think pinning this quote on quote "fangirling" (I don't see it, but okay) on lesbian women is unnecesary? I doubt all lesbians here just collectively like doja cat, they must have better tastes than just doja cat you know. I agree she does dance around like a pornstar and I'm against pornified things in general, but don't you think other women, straight women for example, would also like doja? and defend her? Like for example, women who are indoctrinated into the "sexy is empowering" thing and want to look just like her for their moids. I think you can critizice doja cat all you want and you should, but saying it's the fault of lesbians is a bit too much

No. 940991

I don't think the sheep are to blame either, rapists like Dr Luke are to blame. But we need to start holding the sheep accountable nothing will ever change

No. 940993

>I do get the vibe she definitely clung onto the first opportunity possible to become famous. To me she reeks of "I'll do anything to be famous". I
ayrt and now that's something I really agree upon. Like I said her music is okay comparing to other shit made by rapists that you can hear anywhere else, I like some of her songs. But yeah, I do agree with this. Seems like dropping out of highschool made her desperate and music was the thing she stuck with.

No. 940994

Not only did she work with him, but she worked with a man who fucking assaulted and abused another pop star Ke$ha, something that was all over the news and she even made a song about him. She’s an unscrupulous piece of shit, I don’t care how much she shakes her muffin top and rips off Playboi Carti’s raping style she really is and will always be a fame whore desperate for attention because she’s a maladjusted human being. I also like how her fans magically forgot that she used to mingle with white supremacists in old-fashioned chatrooms honestly why do I have to explain biracial behavior? I know even the racist white anons know this is classic for a young biracial woman with a white mom I can’t do this it’s so true they always do shit like this and engaged with their tomfoolery. She will never be the sacred goddess that faghags have been pushing in this thread as a lovely psyop because she has palatable looks while darker-skinned women have been called ugly for how long? For years. Azealia banks will always be closer to a farmer than her, get used to it(racebait)

No. 940999

>I don’t care how much she shakes her muffin top
kek anon
>rips off Playboi Carti’s raping style
Is there a way to compare the two? please share it
>I also like how her fans magically forgot that she used to mingle with white supremacists in old-fashioned chatrooms
Thing is I heard that it was just 4channers and shit, not sure if it was like, 100% white supremacists. It's like saying all of lolcow girls are anachans. Is there a way to know this?

Sorry for the questions. I legit want to know more.

No. 941000

Flashbacks of seeing Doja on Tinychat, rolling around her bed, drunk, in a fluffy feathered top and moaning for a bunch of incels' amusement.

No. 941001

Okay, so that's where the seething comes from. You can sperg about it on LSA with the other racebaiters

No. 941003

Doja has been producing her own music since 2014, she used to post on souncloud. "Police" and "So High" were moderately popular and that's how she started her fanbase.
She has been writing and producing since then, she used to share her unreleased songs on instagram lives and you can find them, some of them were later added to her last album. I agree it's fucked up she's working with Dr Luke tho, just wanted to add

No. 941004

No. 941006

File: 1634476989188.jpg (37.64 KB, 634x748, 28850418-8358911-image-m-13_15…)

Come on anon, she was winning here!! She's a strong powerful woman who needs no male validation. She's got those incels in the palm of her hand, don't you see?

No. 941007

I think she writes her own music though

No. 941009

A lot of women on lolcow also used to do this kind of attention whoring stuff for incels and 4channers you know

No. 941011

>She will never be the sacred goddess that faghags have been pushing in this thread
Ok so
>ctrl+f sacred goddess doja cat
No one has said that in this thread though?

No. 941013

Not my point, even if it turns out she does actually write her horrible music and doesn't just use ghostwriters like 90% of pop. You realize that many pop artists pay to have their names on shit they don't write don't you? I feel like this should be well known and accepted at this point

No. 941017

it's fine to shit on Billie, Ariana, Lana, Nicki, Megan etc. but say one bad thing about Doja Cat and the stans are screeching. Your porny pick-me industry plant will not fuck you, give it a rest
you are naive if you believe that kek. Funny that farmers accuse every other supposedly songwriter popstars of having ghostwritten tracks yet we are supposed to believe that Saint Doja is somehow different

No. 941020

File: 1634477473317.jpeg (367.94 KB, 631x1134, 00E10CC7-A2C1-48F7-8C99-311309…)

The music industry never works like that kek Doja is not a legacy artist or a legend, she will probably never have that much creative control over her own brand and music especially since she does pop music, tl;dr they own her ass until she fucks up or stops getting insane music streams. Picrel is her recent song “Need to Know” and of course it was produced by Dr. Rapist and written by other no-names. It’s very common that a lot of artists don’t write their music, honestly for some of them it doesn’t matter because that’s not where their “”talent”” is designated, some of them are only good for singing, stage performance, producing, etc.

No. 941021

I actually think shitting on every artist is okay as long as it's good critizism and not just "it's all lesbian's fault", next time you should just state your opinion without immediately attacking lesbians as if they were the devil. Lesbians have standars too, do you think they would like to fuck doja cat?

No. 941022

I realize that. It's very sad. I'm trying to see where you're going with this… Are you saying that's why so many women seem to be sensitive about her on here?

No. 941024

>Crazy to me because she comes off as a conniving cunt. Seems to have an agenda (I get vibes that she doesn't enjoy making music for a living, that's not why she's doing all this) and I would not blink an eye if a huge scandal came out about her honestly. Some anons are batshit and it shows
I'm not a stan but the reason you listed is the only reason I somewhat like her, cause its so obvious she puts up a persona and is completely different person IRL

No. 941026

Where am I specifically attacking lesbians? X won't fuck you is a meme, not that serious.

No. 941027

File: 1634477879317.jpeg (473.94 KB, 1200x1200, 8E126347-E69F-490B-BB62-D9D2F6…)

That doesn’t make it right anon, she still has no self-respect. The cringey attempts at quirky humor fucking kills me and she desperately tried, people only noticed for 5 seconds, and then just never gave a shit. A true horrific flashback to this moment

No. 941028

>you either despise her and want her to die or are a stan
im begging all of you to seek help

No. 941029

>Are you saying that's why so many women seem to be sensitive about her on here?
Actually, yes anon. I think it's a sensitive topic, a lot of women get groomed and then get trauma out of this because they were too young and dumb to know better. I know it's no excuse for any of them, but reading what they have said has given me some simpathy for that. Like, I feel like Doja could had been another Bianca Devins for example. This is why although I dislike the fact she did do attention whoring stuff for 4chan retards, at least I'm happy she didn't end up dead. I would like to think in an optimistic way and believe she has recovered from that and is now just focusing on her career.

No. 941031

Imagine getting worked up over Doja Cat

Anyone who is ready to defend a famous person they never met is a bit delusional.
Doesn’t matter if you hate or love her, she’s not worth clogging up the thread. I like checking in on celebricows, but all the anons wanna do in this thread is fight over doja or Lana and let’s me honest, they are both past their primes, and it’s not that milky.

No. 941032

Yeah but dunking on spergs is funny

No. 941035

File: 1634478184105.png (83.22 KB, 1198x640, vvwdvw.png)

>I didn't criticize the lesbians

No. 941036

Please can we make a doja sperg thread for these idiots, it would clear our so much bullshit

No. 941038

It's all about industry branding. If you're branded as a pop performer/silly personality like Doja, you don't typically write your songs as it's pretty unimportant to your brand. If you're on the alternative charts and branded as more as a singer-songwriter, you probably write your own songs. Lana Del Rey for example is an industry plant who writes much of her own music. But as a performer? Lana is not a natural performer so industry played on her strengths as a songwriter. Just like the industry played on Doja's strength as a performer and an entertaining personality. It's all the same shit in different packaging.

No. 941039

>successful pop artist who is still alive and still has her head connected to her body is totally like a young girl who had her neck sliced like a pez dispenser

totally alike anon, totally alike and not distasteful at all

No. 941041

>I realize that. It's very sad. I'm trying to see where you're going with this… Are you saying that's why so many women seem to be sensitive about her on here?
Yes anon, it's a sensitive topic, I think this is why people feel bad for her. It's not that they want to defend her bullshit (no one here really comes off as a "stan" per se) but probably see themselves in her in some way

No. 941042

Do I really have to state NOT ANY ANON WHO EARLIER POSTED or you will assume I am some other sperg? Happens a lot in this thread. Stop constantly assuming there is one person disagreeing ffs

No. 941043

Anon she could had killed by an incel too from those cam forums you know, she acted like a complete retard

No. 941045

And how would anyone know that? Only jannies and farmhand can see your post history anon. It's fine though.

No. 941046

>successful pop artist
So like, do you think she's succesful or do you hate her? take a side, jeez

No. 941047

You damn well know she wouldn’t, she was never a regular person to begin with and was more shielded from these freaks than Bianca ever was.

No. 941050

>Picrel is her recent song “Need to Know” and of course it was produced by Dr. Rapist and written by other no-names.


>amala dlamini
Anon that's Doja Cat's real name…

No. 941052

Wait can you explain? Because I thought her being in the chats happened before she was big, but maybe I'm wrong.

No. 941054

>can you pwease censor these people so I no longer have to be confronted with the reality that she’s not an amazing mastermind

Fuck off not everything needs a thread, this entire conversation is going to be forgotten and jannies will ban and censor as they always do.

No. 941055

>grooming and then get trauma
Lurk moar. It's just free attention + soothing of their loneliness, it ain't that deep. Can't remember which thread on /ot/, but there were a few anons saying they were into 4chan scrotes, proudly saying that it was no big deal lol
Doja was probably one of those types. Lonely and bored.

No. 941057

>she was never a regular person to begin with
Then what's the problem if she visited those cam forums then? If she only did it a couple times like you said
>was more shielded from these freaks than Bianca ever was.
Is any woman ever shielded from racist 4chan incels, truly?
>Her song "So High" caught the attention of Kemosabe and RCA Records, with which she signed a joint record deal at the age of 17, subsequently releasing her debut EP Purrr! in 2014.
from wikipedia

>can you pwease censor these people so I no longer have to be confronted with the reality that she’s not an amazing mastermind
Anon I think she meant a containment thread for doja fans, not detractors, unless you want to call yourself a sperg like anon did

No. 941060

My point will always still stand, there’s more to these people’s music than just them because they’re only talented in one single thing. She’s not known for her masterful words and lyrics, anons have admitted that they only like her for her stage presence and crumb of a personality.

No. 941062

Don't assume when it makes zero sense. I said I didn't attack lesbians. IDK but I feel like in the past it was a norm not to think that everyone is same person even if there is no way of proving that.

No. 941063

There's also the early porn exposure thread and scary encounters on the internet thread saying how men from 4chan groomed them and traumatized them. One doesn't cancel the other, I think people who think scrotes from 4chan aren't a big deal are underestimating how crazy moid can get

No. 941064

It has the same writing style though, and weird obsession over lesbians and bisexual women, are you telling me that in a span of a couple minutes, eerily similar anons who write the same way reunited in this thread to say lesbians should shut up?

No. 941066

>Doja was probably one of those types. Lonely and bored.
Bianca was too. Bianca played with a lot of people from 4chan and had "orbiters", I bet Doja did too. She would post herself on 4chan constantly out of boredom. It's shitty what happened to her and I wouldn't see that happening to other women. Doja included. It has nothing to do with being her fan (or not), and I'm not her fan to be honest

No. 941067

Go back to tumblr already please, this was never a feminist or LGBT-acceptance imageboard in the first place kek(infighting)

No. 941070

So since you have no arguments left you just hit with the same old "go back to tumblr" huh?
Also, this imageboard not being conceived as a "lgb-acceptance" doesn't take back from the fact a lot of lesbian women and bisexual women come to this website. Like I said, why are you so insistent on them?

No. 941071

After you swore you didn't "attack lesbians", now you accept that you did?

No. 941073

And this thread isn't solely to attack doja cat. Post actual milk please, this discussion about doja cat is tiring on both ends.

No. 941079

Me and that other anon clearly aren’t the same person. I obviously made an “attack” on gay women, I’m not hiding that fact lol.(infighting)

No. 941083

>Me and that other anon clearly aren’t the same person. I obviously made an “attack” on gay women, I’m not hiding that fact lol.
Then why did you do it?

No. 941089

as I said before I’m tired of them cooming about their favorite beautiful female artist, it’s very obvious when it’s a lesbian, a heterosexual or a scrote and it’s always the lesbians

No. 941092

Azealia was right.

No. 941095

Denying her own homosexuality harder than Elaine? Alternatively, I headcanon she was the anon into Seth Rogan in ugly orange suit

No. 941097

Please post screenshots of that. I'm compiling her posts.

No. 941106

Lana’s album leaked again cause her management company hates her

No. 941110

can you show us some of these pro doja cat posts that are "obviously" written by lesbians?

No. 941118

Damn anon, which lesbian rejected you at the bar?

No. 941126

What? Are you insulting the designer? All she did was stand there and you’re shitting your pants? Lmao there’s no way this isn’t a troll, no one cares this much about her. I’m positive you don’t have the same energy for actual rapists or the men they work with, just successful(?) women they work with. Very low. Anyways someone commented that they like that she’s just a dumb bitch doing dumb bitch things and not everything has to be a plot against society~ and I fuck with that. I don’t listen to her but that just makes me like her. Literally who cares she’s having a good time being an idiot.

No. 941131

File: 1634483204482.png (108.29 KB, 1204x596, homophobechan3.png)

this is bait, you obviously write like this homophobe-chan. You can't hide the fact you are this same anon

No. 941134

Doja stans be like “yeah I may have brain damage but it’s all good!” you think everything is fantastic because you have brain damage(infighting)

No. 941138

this is funny but why are you replying to yourself

No. 941143

I'm hechrosexyal

No. 941148

Were was I seething about lesbians? I guess I shouldn't have used the meme even though it was used in the past toward other anons stanning female artists. My fault for being lazy kek. Believe whatever you want, I'm not the other anon though.
JFC that also wasn't me. I dislike obsessive Doja stanning, that's all. That anon is unhinged and has too much time seething over something that doesn't affect her.

No. 941151

Samefag but I really don't get Doja's phenomenon on the farms beyond the imageboard connection. Any other popstar would be torn to pieces for shamelessly pandering to moids, but somehow she is beyond criticism and it's been like this for a year or so. I don't think she's any better than Ariana Grande. Maybe cause her music is not my style at all.

No. 941166

i feel bad for her though. iirc she was badly abused by her boyfriends and management and part of why she started getting the bad-looking surgeries was because some scrote smashed her face.

No. 941175

she still looks like a monster though, her face is so fucked up and scary

No. 941215

File: 1634491990781.jpg (679.37 KB, 1242x1529, tumblr_ced7662b88ac57ae9de5e37…)

lil kim's story is sad, I think she still might some insecurity issues. didn't one of her shitty boyfriends cheat on her?

No. 941240

that fan or whatever has such a gorgeous smile

No. 941298

File: 1634496214121.jpg (132.3 KB, 1080x1350, 0cd6084853aa11be633d2b7a5ce450…)

People here shit on the really skinny "smol petite uwu" look, but if it had been a thing in the 90s (and accepted in the black community), it literally would've saved her
She's like 4'11, she has no business going for a massive instathot body. And she was so pretty and fresh-faced before all the stupid surgery. Fuck the moid who ruined her face, and fuck anyone who made her feel inadequate

No. 941326

Hollywood is a cesspool. Swimming in shit doesn't make you clean

No. 941349

Lukasz Gottwald is dr. Luke kek

No. 941367

I wanna know who's responsible for fucking up her self-esteem. I thought it was Biggie, but apparently he hyped up her looks and encouraged her style experiments? So, who was the bastard who put her on this crazy train? She was so cute and her styles were actually unironically iconic. Being petite and being a femme medium-toned black woman set her back in the black community and that's a fact. The same thing is still going on 30 years later and it's just an internal problem that'll never be fixed. The people around her fucking failed. (I know that it's no one person's fault, but seeing how she is now is just so upsetting to me, sorry)

No. 941474

If she was surrounded by men in the music industry/celebrities I'm sure any and all of them would've been rude to a woman who didn't meet their standards, which it seems she didn't even though she was cute. I don't know much about her life or the people around her specifically but I do remember Tupac calling her ugly in a song.

No. 941563

Lmao what? I commented that one comment because I think she’s just a stupid person having fun. I don’t care and don’t listen to her, I couldn’t pick her out of a line up. You guys are wild, didn’t know anyone cared this much about her can you and your multiples please take your goddamn risperidone

No. 941572

Fat Lizzo back at it again flashing the ‘haters” with her whole rice pudding looking ass screaming “kiss my ass hole” followed by “wait was my pussy out?”. What a stank ghetto ass mess.

No. 941574

File: 1634516834158.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.09 KB, 1170x1671, 11125AF7-220D-4633-877F-99956C…)

Trigger warning kek

No. 941578

File: 1634516866444.jpeg (131.89 KB, 640x795, 45AD6FBF-1F99-4F7B-8035-C74553…)

Just saw this, kek

No. 941582

Wtf? couldn't he give a better reply than his alien headcanon?

No. 941583

ew wtf? she needs to stop please, this atenttion whoring is insane
>calling extraterrestrials aliens is derogatory
wut? is this bitch for real? She needs to stop doing so much coke jesus christ. Fried brain

No. 941586

He could had said "shut the fuck up saggy bitch, you're a druggie with a falling career, do you think aliens need your fucking help? from a crackhead like you? piss off" but yeah he chose his politically correct headcanon instead.

No. 941587

weirdly looks better than I would have expected

two cows kek

No. 941588

Her butt is very smooth

No. 941595

i think it’s just low res video kek

No. 941599

File: 1634517952679.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 334.44 KB, 2137x1503, D898F713-790A-4D43-BF24-3AB88F…)

kek don’t be fooled it’s the potato live quality and the lighting…

No. 941605

they both look bad now, arguing with made-up facts like children. does he expect us to simply accept what he said as truth because of his reputation as an enlightened sciencebro? I can do the same thing. actually aliens do have feelings and most of it is hate for us all. but especially you neil degrasse tyson, while demi is a mere afterthought. if he wanted to be PC he could've laid out how aliens wouldn't speak english and that the term is harmless anyway. to maximum PC troll he could call her anglocentric and watch her explode

No. 941614

Kek I'm also tired of hearing about her weird druggie antics and shit takes. Remember when she told all of her fans to be sluts and have sex with everyone? And that cookie stunt? I wish she'd stop being given a platform to spout her nonsense because she's not even saying anything useful with it

No. 941619

>but especially you neil degrasse tyson
I have a degree in a completely unrelated field and can confirm this is correct
Maybe it is because I am not american but I don't even know anyone who cares about her as an artist, what kind of person does?

No. 941626

Like imagine thinking aliens care about what you call them just bc you went out to Joshua Tree and did a cocktail of drugs

No. 941627

I'm not american either but a lot of people grew up watching her on disney channel and feel bad for her because she was abused. But you can feel bad for someone and still critizice them for being stupid you know?
>the cookie stunt
God that was the cherry on top for me. I didn't even like her before but that just made me go "this woman is insane". Video related is my favorite take on it

No. 941628

Honestly demi reminds me so much of pixielocks. Hate them both.

No. 941629

Honestly idea who would but apparently no one's stopping her from spewing out word vomit. She really needs to take a break

No. 941637

god she was less crazy when she was on heroine.. she should just go back to taking drugs it'll help her get skinny again lol

No. 941638

If anything it feels like she uses her perpetual victimhood to say and do whatever she likes because she knows it'll keep her in the spotlight. It's grating almost.

No. 941810

File: 1634537360624.jpeg (599.16 KB, 1170x1987, 134001B7-BB6E-4F9A-B64C-D8CF9F…)

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are engaged

No. 941811

File: 1634537388820.jpeg (41.92 KB, 1170x316, 29682591-8814-4C04-B45E-03A9C4…)

No. 941817

honestly he's too good for her, all the Kardashians are only ever worth LVM rappers

No. 941823

Nah they are perfect for each other. Both fame whores. Posting a vid of Kourt sucking his thumb on Insta. He’s pretty milky with his ex Shanna. Also, no control and let’s his 15 year old daughter whore out on Instagram.

No. 941828

yeah he's not as awful as the average rapper but he's close

No. 941830

He’s the least troubled of the KJ men. Kanye with his constant mental meltdowns and humiliating his family. Tristan always cheating on Khloe. Khloe is one dumb bitch but she used to be the most loved for being not like the other girls now she’s uncanny

No. 941843

They also got in possession of the doctor's notes that says that they knew he was lying but didn't inquire further.
Amber also put out a cigarette on his face.
Seriously, her recollection of the whole 'three day hostage station' is something out of a bad erotica fan fiction.

>That night, Johnny shoved me into a ping pong table that collapsed underneath me. Johnny threw bottles through the window panels of a glass door, breaking two panes, and leaving glass everywhere. Johnny then grabbed me, gripping my body and nightgown. He tore the nightgown off, and at some point, I was naked and barefoot, covered in alcohol and glass.

Johnny grabbed me by my hair and choked me against the refrigerator in the kitchen. I tried to stand myself up but I was sliding around the glass-strewn floor and countertop. Johnny threw me away from him, and I tried to run away as Johnny continued to throw objects and alcohol at me.
In one of the most horrific and scariest moments of this three-day ordeal, Johnny grabbed me by the neck and collarbone and slammed me against the countertop. I struggled to stand up as he strangled me, but my arms and feet kept slipping and sliding on to the spilled alcohol and were dragged against the broken glass on the countertop and floor, which repeatedly slashed my feet and arms.
Scared for my life, I told Johnny, ‘You are hurting me and cutting me.’ Johnny ignored me, continuing to hit me with the back of one closed hand, and slamming a hard plastic phone against a wall with his other until it was smashed into smithereens. While he was smashing the phone, Johnny severely injured his finger, cutting off the tip of it. … Once I was able to get away, I barricaded myself in an upstairs bedroom.
On the third day of Johnny staying awake without sleeping, I came downstairs to find numerous messages Johnny had written to me around the house, on the walls and on my clothes, written in a combination of oil paint and the blood from his broken and severed finger. Johnny also urinated all over the house.” He was finally hospitalized.

No. 941845

that's what I mean, he's horrible by every standard but compared to the average LVM Kardashian male partner, Barker is a 10/10 and Mr. Perfect

No. 941847

So, two unstable liar addicts fighting and breaking shit?

No. 941879

I just don't understand why the fuck the kardashian jenners chose low value men. They set the standar not only for themselves but for their entire fanbase.

No. 941886

They are low value pickmes

No. 941887

Is it a choice though ? there was a lipstickalley thread that theorized that they likely can't attract any sable decent men, they can only get celebrity coomers with no standards

No. 941892

i hope johnny depp sees this. Go check on your kids.

No. 941908

having sexual preferences is never "wrong". just don't be an asshole about it unprompted to a person who you aren't attracted to. i won't date blonde guys or people with weak chins or obese people or trannies. they don't need to know that.

No. 941915

>people with weak chins
lol get off the internet

No. 941917

Am I the only anon who doesn't give two shits about these worthless Kardashians and who they choose to marry and then divorce 3 years later? Celebrity marriages are boring as fuck because we all know they are gonna get divorced, then repeat the stupid cycle. Not even entertaining (for us) at this point, but comical for all involved.

No. 941919

Why does it trigger you so much that anon doesn't date weak-chinned people? Kek

No. 941923

The only thing that interests me about them is to see how their kids grow up and become the next generation of famous Kardashians/related to the Kardashians. Or at least they seem to be setting it up that way

No. 941924

I mean yeah, no one expect any of them to date someone with class, its honestly kinda pathetic

No. 941930

File: 1634557056003.png (278.24 KB, 256x463, Untitled.png)

Of all the things he could've chose to wear that day he went with the Pugsley Addams 'fit. I hate this man.

No. 941931

how was that triggered? are you sure you're not triggered?

No. 941990

File: 1634565828065.jpg (137.56 KB, 1080x724, IMG_20211018_155916.jpg)

Listening to it now and I really enjoy it. Seems much better than the big pile of nothing COCC was. Also I enjoy Lana commenting on her weight gain in this lyric

No. 942004

I love the lyric before it and I hope that she embraces her weight gain more. There’s so many plus sized models that dress well or even sexy, she doesn’t need to do this forever21 shit. I still want her in some vintage replica shit made for her body type but she doesn’t want to do that shit with all of her money. Why would you go through that much just to wear broke shit

No. 942015

Lana's old money. Old money tend to not care as much about fashion and looking like crap. Plus, she's glamorized the poor lifestyle for most of her career. I think Lana views poverty as "exotic". Besides that point, I listened to the leaked album and holy crap it honestly deserves a Grammy. Critics will make themselves sound dumb by overly criticizing it, naturally.

No. 942020

is she really "old money" if her father became rich? I thought old money means like generations of wealth.
Fun fact, you can still find early 00's or maybe late 90's websites talking about his financial rise. Even an interview AFAIR

No. 942022

I dunno I thought so, don't really know about her father becoming rich just thought she was born into wealth.

No. 942023

I don't think she even was born into wealth, but her family became rich when she was a kid/teen… She did rack up an insane amount of debt on credit cards and had trouble paying it (apparently), so I wouldn't be surprised if she got cut off for some time.

No. 942026

Honestly good for her for this lyric, and for as much as people shit on her and say she panders to men all the time, her lyrics show a lot of strength as a woman and I respect that.

No. 942032

I don't think she panders to men at all nowadays, with her uhh, relaxed look and lyrics focusing on female bonds, literature (The Woman Running With The Wolves, Sylvia Plath etc.). She can be rather critical of her lovers as well in recent lyrics (I think it started on Honeymoon). People that say she panders to scrotes haven't checked her work since BTD or UV at best.

No. 942044

I agree, actually. Most people haven't heard the rage of Ultraviolence, and Honeymoon is beautiful and sad but it's pretty unpalatable for a lot of people. Lana will be performing this week on one of the late shows, too. I forget which

No. 942047

You are correct- old money is more along the lines of people who've been living off of investment money after a long-dead ancestor's initial accumulation of capital for generations. The culture and values of people who grew up like this vs. grew up on daddy or grandpa's money is completely different

No. 942051

File: 1634572260411.jpg (20.05 KB, 300x300, userimage-1855921.jpg)

ur ugly, anon

No. 942053

File: 1634572404749.jpg (70.29 KB, 480x605, hlh060121featravisbarker-006-1…)

travis barker is really, really not "too good for her". he's a 45 year old manchild. he's the one responsible for a good chunk of the most embarrassing and bad lyrics in blink 182 songs. dude is cringe

No. 942057

Black Bathing Suit sounds like Noir 2.0. Hell yes

No. 942059

Ahhh, the things her team couldn't scrub during her rise of fame as a mysterious enigma

No. 942062

There are so many songs on it that are obviously about Sean Larkin, her cop ex. I think she really went through it with him, she sounds truly hurt but my bitchy side wants to say what the fuck did you expect from dating a cop. I really think she took her glamorization of cops into real life and then regretted it. Sounds like there was a lot of internal struggle during their time together too. I'm not really one to believe she's a "Karen" as much as twitter paints her, though. I don't think she's racist and truly believe she probably went through a lot of struggle dating someone like him

No. 942063

File: 1634573352753.png (337.25 KB, 960x632, s8b1ViV.png)

God, do we get a second "Meet the Barkers"?? This show was such a hot mess kek

No. 942065

Kek I remember watching this all the time. All that bitch did was sleep!!! Literally. Like half the show.

No. 942071

Noir rocks. IMHO BBS doesn't sound angry and unhinged enough kek, though (only the bridge). Noir is an outlier in Lana's discography, it sounds more like Emilie Autumn than anything else by Lana.
Funny that her stans uncovered that. Lanaboards is godsend for LDR facts.
Haven't been following her boyfriend drama super closely, what points to the songs being about Sean? At least some songs have been written a long ago (CB, though it's obviously not about a boyfriend, LL, NOTG and IFYLWW are from 2013), though they are probably not the ones that could be about Sean. It explains how she was able to record that album so quickly.
Anyway my favorite Sean shade was 'it's different to be a good carpenter and play one on tv' from Violet Bent Backwards (wrote the line from memory since I cannot find in which poem it was)

No. 942073

that's the point, in any other metric travis barker would be the worst possible option for any woman but compared to the average Kardashian male partner he's a prize

No. 942085

Yep, The timeline of when she wrote most of the songs for BB works out (after Sean breakup and question for the culture). There's a lot of duality in her lyrics as always, writing about Sean but also The Critics. Chemtrails was written when she was actually dating Sean I believe. In the song Text Book she talks about falling hard for him, "standing blue with open arms" and "I was looking for the father I wanted back" and then sings about being at the BLM protest with someone, who seems like Sean, and says "maybe the way we're different can set me free". Violets for Roses is definitely about her finding herself after dating him, in my opinion anyway. And in Beautiful, she sings about her ability to make happiness out of sorrow which helped her in getting over him. Either she's just maturing or he really knocked her down hard because you can feel the emotion in the songs.

No. 942090

i loved her like this, natural balance is best

No. 942111

I forgot to add, in If You Lie Down With me she writes about being in a relationship with a liar who toys with her emotions and puts her on a rollercoaster, and I read something on these boards about Sean getting with her for fame and then cheating on her. Seems that song could be about him too, if the cheating rumors are true.
I think several newly written songs are about Sean, and then the other half of the album is older unreleased tracks

No. 942112

File: 1634577579026.jpg (341.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211018_190644_com…)

Apparently Lana yelled at a Target employee because they were stocking her album on shelves early. Saged because blind

No. 942118


I'm convinced all LDR stans are sheltered braindead white women, because literally who else would be falling all over themselves to compliment her and explain away her bullshit at this point?

No. 942123

File: 1634578412792.png (82.01 KB, 470x527, Screenshot 2021-10-18 19.29.03…)

I found something interesting on Lanawiki, pic related. Text book really must be about Sean. I missed the blue with open arms thing because she constantly mentions herself or her boyfriends being blue kek. The stars kind of seals it (don't policemans wear badges in shape of stars?). Can't wait for Lana stans at Lanaboards to uncover more references to relationships, kek.
That's shitty, I imagine she was super stressed about another leak. Doesn't justify the outburst, but I imagine why she acted so out of character (even according to that gossip).

No. 942145

There's a part of me that resents women who pander to scrotes when they are young but then do an about face when they get older and attempt to pander to us women. I feel like it's fake, Lana is now getting rejected and poked of from the scrotes so now she's trying to find anyone else who'll give her attention. Fake

No. 942151

except Bianca was a teenage girl and Doja is a grown ass woman. Come on now…

No. 942159

That’s a pigeon

No. 942163

He is filming for the new kardashians show on Hulu. Don’t know when it will air though

No. 942171

>don't policemans wear badges in shape of stars?
kek they aren't sheriffs anon

No. 942173

Or she could have matured/changed? As mentioned, she stopped the pandering when she was still young and attractive. She stopped with the sexy clothing in UV era (even though the lyrics were still pretty pick-me, altough in a very grim way). Honeymoon came out in 2015, when she was just 30 and I wouldn't say she was scrote pandering there (even if you think that the Freak video was too sexy, it's miles from BTD's content).
Of course I don't know what's in Lana's head, but I don't think it's a given she only stopped pandering to scrotes cause she doesn't have any other option. Look at Madonna lol. If pandering to men was Lana's priority (or her managment's), she could lose all that weight and continue with her sex siren image. Some people sure would be delighted. The process of abandoning the pick-me image has been gradual, so it also makes it more believable.
I also find it interesting that she doesn't even try to pander to gay scrotes, though I guess it can have various reasons.

No. 942187

Samefag. Thanks for pointing out my mistake anon, not an amerifag. If anyone the other lanafag, probably wants to chime in on the meaning of the line, I will be thankful.

No. 942307

>she could lose all that weight
That's quite an assumption, if she could just "lose weight" I would think she would for health, not for scrote pandering. Most people would if they simply "could". She's not terribly overweight but it is exhausting even to be just a little overweight. I hope she's genuine, I just have a difficult time believing it is, but perhaps you're right.

No. 942318

Thanks for a polite reply!
>if she could just "lose weight" I would think she would for health, not for scrote pandering.
I absolutely agree that health should be her first concern. Contrary to normies, she has all the money and time to focus on that (well, when she's not touring). I genuinely think that mental health issues stop her from going back to her past weight… or she really dgaf, which would be kind of based (ignoring the health issue).
I think that if she was a complete puppet, her management could more or less force her to lose weight. Forgot to mention it in the previous post, but she's known for making career moves that aren't the most commercially viable (I remember there being drama due to Honeymoon underperforming cause Lana did whatever she wanted without caring about selling records). She could have been riding on BTD's coattails, but she has entirely changed her music style even though she has plenty of (ex-)fans missing her pop songs. TBH each album is splintering the fandom more and more, kek. Lana's also messy as hell (as her instagram posts, scrapped music videos etc) show.
I will not say that there is nothing performative about her, because she's still a world-famous celebrity. I do think that she's genuine about her music and poetry (for better or worse).

No. 942392

do scrotes even listen to her music

No. 942394

Mostly some gay ones, as they are always clinging to feminine singers. I doubt that they are a large percent of Lana's audience (in comparison to women).

No. 942430

i'm guessing when they talk about her pandering to scrotes it doesn't necessarily mean they'd listen to her music but might be attracted to her appearance (esp since she was more skinny and more glamorous back then), and also meaning the fact that she was crying over men particularly during her born to die era, like "don't leave me i can't live without you" type of lyrics and the messages she sent out with that kind of behavior. ultraviolence iirc had some of it too but like another anon said it was a bit more grim. the pandering seems to have become less over time and now she's just doing her own thing and not giving a fuck despite criticism

No. 942433

i could be wrong but jack antonoff doesn't seem to be involved with producing this new album so who knows if that might be part of why kek

No. 942440

Mitski has similar lyrics but I hardly see anyone mention her.

No. 942450

Cause she's a bisexual lgb icon, probably.
Disclaimer: I don't listen to her

No. 942490

Getting jaw surgery isn’t new so yeah men should have the same expectation too. They can get chin and jaw implants, chin and neck lipo, etc. and can’t complain about who won’t fuck them. Who tf is protecting weak chinned males on this forum

No. 942552

it gives me forty keks to see her stans in this thread talking about her like she's carrie brownstein or ana popovic. at least rihanna's fans admit that they love her antics and fashion and don't think she's not a pop product/not about the music

No. 942565

File: 1634611318977.jpg (299.88 KB, 1080x959, Screenshot_20211018-203632.jpg)

billy porter mad that gender non-conformity isnt reserved only for gays and enbies

No. 942588

File: 1634612763183.gif (389.14 KB, 500x210, shut up shut up shut UP.gif)

Lmfao I hate this mediocre, whiny scrote. He's looking to racialize the issue and maybe he's correct about that part but I see his claim and I raise him:
>Porter only gets attention because he's doing shit women have been doing for years but as a man, just like every other qweer man colonizing women's hobbies.
Beady eye having, ugly outfit wearing, bitter old cunt can't take that Harry Styles , as ugly as he too happens to be, is getting attention because he is young and attractive to many people. I don't really think it has a damn thing to do with that kid being straight. Again the race angle I can't confirm or deny but it's clear he's mainly just seething that his entitlement lead to naught.

No. 942635

its very much "you cant do X for attention!! thats what I do for attention!" if being GNC is something anyone can do he cant make himself feel special for being a dude in a dress

No. 942694

100% agree. Needs to shut his old ass up. Especially when he played the "Godmother" in that terrible Netflix Cinderella movie. Surprised they didn't change it to "Godparent" instead which would have made more sense tbh. Don't give a shit if a dude wears a dress but let's not break our arms patting them on the back like it's revolutionary.

No. 942710

lmao this salty old queen. At least harry isn’t being a misogynistic piece of shit when he puts on a dress like most faggots/trannies are

No. 942731

File: 1634634631625.png (246.45 KB, 400x506, D2C87ABA-4C96-4195-AFB1-497113…)

No. 942732

>do scrotes even listen to her music
Doesn't matter, they run the whole music industry so if you want to get big you've got to pander

No. 942733

I swear I never see this old queen in the news for anything other than complaining. Seethe harder, misogynist.

No. 942740

>just 30
Only place on Lolcow you'll read that lol

No. 942750

go outside more if you think 30 is "old"

No. 942753

Who thinks like this? I'm not even 30, I just want to know why you're like this.

No. 942755

The majority of women on lolcow believe that 30 equates to a woman drying up and shriveling away. It's infuriating because I THOUGHT we figured out on the boards that the "men get hotter as they age" meme was created by men and in actuality, they age like old milk and women remain hot because they're genetically fucking better.

No. 942760

Why do you think the majority thinks that? I feel like every time some 20 years old writes that she's afraid of being 30, a lot of anons reply and call out her bullshit

No. 942791

This is most likely fake, it's believed she's been in NYC for her performance on Friday

No. 942795

nah it’s just the retards in the celebricow threads

No. 942825

Why would you nlog on lolcow of all places

No. 942859

She's been pretty based (musically) since her album Honeymoon. Lana doesn't give a fuck what her label wants or what anyone wants to hear. Explains why her management seems to hate her kek. Why else would her shit CONSTANTLY leak? It's insiders who want to screw her over

No. 942928

Do you have more info on the performance? I tried to google but prbably used the wrong search terms.
You can keep saying that and even provide examples, the Lana hater(s) will still sperg out how she's pandering to scrotes, a total puppet to the industry, probably not even involved in her music (that's from past thread) and that fans are only following her for drama (cause why would anyone listen to THAT??? Impossible!). It's exhausting since it's clear the person doesn't care about the music Lana's been putting out for many years. Not everybody has to love or even like her, but that particular sperging doesn't hold water. I.E Honeymoon was considered a flop because it didn't get ANY promotion. Why, if she's such a calculated product? Lana has been slacking on that aspect for years. It started to go downhill with Ultraviolence (though then she at least put up the billboards and had the slapdash UV music video, IDK about performances promoting the album) and only continued later on. Not to mention her music not exactly following the latest trends.
Anyway I remember fans joking how if it's Lana, the music will leak cause that's what always happens. They were mostly talking about unreleased songs and it was years ago, but it's incredible that not only it's still true, her whole albums leak.
I sometimes wish we had a Lanafag thread, but I know it would die like the Mitski one, so what's the point.

No. 942930

File: 1634655750473.jpg (111.62 KB, 1284x819, image (20).jpg)

Lana commented on the rumor on the closed account

No. 942933

File: 1634656177811.jpg (305.85 KB, 1125x1737, FCATDdXXEAEwCCU.jpg)

Kanye's new hair cut.

A lana thread would be cool tho.

No. 942941

>Lana doesn't give a fuck what her label wants or what anyone wants to hear.
Is that why she keeps riding tired trends and does/says the dumbest shit for attention in hopes it helps her not to fade into obscurity?

No. 942951

If more anons are interested, I will happily make it. I know I don't need permission to make a thread, but wouldn't want to make one that's DOA
I know I will not change your mind, but I disagree. What trends do you mean? You mean her clothes in that one video? I find it far-fetched tbh but I'm not following Y2K trends. I feel like her overly verbose music isn't trendy whatsoever, but I'm curious on your opinion on the topic.
On the topic of the instagram rants - I legit think she is an overly sensitive sperg when it comes to herself, probably due to the backlash she experienced at the beginning of her career. Deleting her public Instagram isn't the best way of attention whoring for the press. Even if stans will leak some stuff, it makes thing harder for everyone and the intention is the opposite of being accessible. Seems like she wants only her stans to follow her.
Also - not promoting her music isn't helping the supposed goal of being 'relevant' to anyone but stans.

No. 942956

File: 1634658690378.webm (710.12 KB, 508x270, 8Q_VaBe6cTiryVN0.webm)

Samefag. Doja Cat mentioned Lana on her stream. Reposting since it made me kek due to both of them being a topic of heated discussions on the farms. What a crossover kek

No. 942963

Who's his barber? Michael J. Fox?

No. 942966

Looks like he lost a fight with a weed wacker.
I wonder if celebs make these dumbshit choices occasionally to note which of their crew gasses them up instead of pulling him aside and giving him a beanie lol

No. 942984

I’d love a Lana thread but I know the same boring and dumb takes would get brought up by people not actively following her and just talking about her stuff from 10 years ago

No. 942995

and /w/

No. 943034

He did another vid on her kek

No. 943040

Eat it up, Chris Evans

No. 943088

Lol I immediately thought of him. This is the woman he was forced to humor.

No. 943224

File: 1634671657361.jpeg (155.54 KB, 828x1008, 0180BB35-E882-490E-B253-DD44D1…)

What is with the “body positive” people who are like this? I’m disgusted. Adele’s weight loss isn’t about her apparently.

No. 943229

good ol' uncle billy, making us all look bad. go mince around on the red carpet and confirm some more stereotypes, you woman-hater.

No. 943233

must have been hard to type all that with one hand

No. 943236

oh no anons on a gossip site don't stay up to date to the very second about your literally does not write music kweeen

No. 943244

This selfish, dehumanizing commercialization of someone else's body is so sickening and this fucking woke idiots can't even tell (or don't care) how much damage they're doing. Honestly I'm leaning more toward they don't care, because everything about being woke is based in selfishness. It's all about perceived virtue and fake empathy and attention whoring.

No. 943247

Lucky for him the lawnmower didn't take his whole scalp off

No. 943252

if you are overweight you have to stay that way and celebrate your excess fat for the media, everything else isn't body positive and you are lying to yourself. It's so damn annoying, let people decide what's healthy for their own bodies and don't feel threatened because they lost weight and you can't/won't. And, like those people always preach, don't comment on other people's body…

No. 943307

is she balding? wtf is up with her hairline

No. 943377

at the end of the day he is still an alcoholic, violent scrote. won't feel bad for him

No. 943441

A bitch really can't get a moment's peace in this world huh? You do something for your health and some flabby femcel you never met writes an article about how much you let her down. At least Adele seems to go through life truly unbothered.

No. 943457

it really is annoying. didn't people shit on lizzo when she implied trying to lose weight? i feel like i also remember rebel wilson's weight loss was talked about a lot too, almost changed as much as adele. jonah hill as well but he's a scrote. people get up in arms when a celebrity known for being heavy decides for themselves they want to lose weight and be healthier (especially if it's a woman because can't relate to muh fat idol anymore!) it's ridiculous. it's not like they're forcing these people to lose weight too. just shows how insecure these people actually are despite preaching "body positivity! don't comment on other people's bodies!" then when some famous person decides "i dont really wanna live like this for myself anymore" it's somehow a personal attack on them

No. 943462

Another anon here who'd love a Lana thread. There's a lot to talk about and I would hope it'd be active!

Responding to you late anon, I missed your post! The standing blue with open arms line in Textbook immediately made me think of Sean, cops wearing blue. In Blue Banisters she speaks about her female friends helping her heal and to paint her banisters with her, just like he promised to do but never did. "most men don't want a woman with a legacy". Can we also talk about how she's becoming more and more open about her severe mom issues

No. 943503

File: 1634687076266.png (74.9 KB, 461x1000, 8249_1000.png)

Travis Barker on Kim kardashian in his memoir kek

No. 943505

File: 1634687175619.png (79.84 KB, 461x1000, 8045_1000.png)

another mention of her

No. 943508

That's interesting if he was with Kim before Kourtney lol

No. 943533

people always say ex-fatties are mean and this is why. There's a neverending stream of fat retards passively-aggressively doing this shit (but at a lesser scale obviously) because they feel any weight loss is a slight on them personally, especially if you're someone in their real life.
lizzo didn't try to lose weight. She started doing juice cleanses or w/e. She should be shit on for that, as should anyone that endorses that shit. The fat bitch won't stop eating ubereats for her health but she's gonna drink insta smoothies after her maccy D's so it's ok. Lizzo will never lose weight because she'd have to accept the fact it's not her weight people are discriminating against, it's her dog ugly face and shitty bullying attitude. This woman's so addicted to food she doxxed an ubereats driver when the driver didn't put her tendies directly into Lizzo's fat paws after Lizzo was too lazy to walk down the fucking hotel stairs. She's not losing anything, ever.

No. 943535

Which celebrities do you nonnas think are secretly pretty conservative, either in general or in terms of being against movements like BLM and trans rights?

No. 943539

idk but I wouldn't be surprised if most of them voted republican for fiscal reasons, regardless of their personal views

No. 943542

File: 1634691376957.png (111.71 KB, 921x389, Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 3.55.…)


No. 943548

She's right, but why is Cardi always arguing with people on twitter? Every other time I hear about her it's because she's responding to hate comments.

No. 943556

Insecurity probs

No. 943564

When you are married to a serial cheater trash bag dusty who calls you "bruh", of course you are insecure.

No. 943566

Maybe Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift, Dita Von Teese, Jeanette McCurdy, Chris Pratt but that's probably obvious at this point lol

No. 943568

Some women just naturally have hairlines like that.

No. 943578

I fucking hate these people. Shut the entire fuck up. Fat women hate any woman not fat way more than skinny women ever do, because men humiliated them. Leave other women the fuck alone with this fat entitlement.

No. 943587

All of them

No. 943594

No. 943614

It really surprises me how consistently shitty their music and videos are, this one is literally just IWBYS. I get they're trying to be punk and shit but imo their attempts just come off as tryhard, and this video specifically is too gross, everyone looks dirty and unwashed.

No. 943631

I'm actually with this anon, I think the majority pretend to be lib

No. 943637

Interesting you mentioned Taylor, mind elaborating?

No. 943645

I remember before the 2016 she was very apolitical and never shared whether she was right or left, until people started pushing for her to disclose and then she started talking about left leaning political views. Her music appealed to conservatives back when she had that country girl aesthetic, and she was born and raised in a conservative family. I could be way off but she gives me conservative vibes, also wasn't she friends with the creator of 4chan or something?

No. 943651

why do I feel like this was made for tiktok meme shit?

No. 943652

Tinfoil: this will be in the new mario movie

No. 943653

also how many of the bitter still-fats are over 35? your body really changes after that and if you have 50 extra pounds your knees will fucking feel it. no one's saying fatties need to look like kate moss but you deserve to have legs that don't hurt when you go to bed every night.

No. 943655

i would be very surprised if taylor has any genuine opinions on politics either way tbh. i haven't kept up with her for years but she always seemed mostly interested in music and being creative, which was a refreshing change of pace compared to all of the celebrities who push their views down everyone's throats

No. 943656

skinny people don't even care who's fat or not because we all look fat to them. they're literally not mad because they see no difference between a 140lb woman and a 200lb one

No. 943660

kek love how he bashes her for her pronoun shit too

No. 943670

iirc, she kinda touched base about this in her documentary (if we take her word anyway), that she was always left leaning but being political in country music (which is usually conservative) is a death sentence like the dixie chicks who she specifically names in the doc. Apparently it scared her so much she decided to be apolitical until she felt safer about it and was open and honest.

Who's to say if it's true or not, but she's not wrong, the dixie chicks got FUCKED OVER when they were against bush back in the day and their career flopped. I kind of lean towards her being honest about that, especially considering she was pretty young around this time and her career just started (vs now where it's more established and she has less to lose about being political).

But I do get the feeling she's pretty fake about her wokeness/feminism and certain aspects, even if she leans left. If you're curious you should watch the doc, it's on netflix I think.

No. 943671

To be fair, the fact that media constantly baits and headlines about a celebrity's weight loss to get these types of antagonized reactions out of people doesn't make it shocking when it actually happens. They're doing exactly what these organizations want them to do which is spreading word around for clicks and views. If we truly ​lived in a "body positive" society, then weight loss wouldn't be news like this.
Why is it weird that fans are reacting to what's being shoved in their faces instead of it being weirder that certain personal health choices are slammed in our faces like this? I don't ever see as much hoopla about when a celeb quits a cigarette addiction for instance, and lord knows cigs take a toll on looks after a couple of decades.

Of course fat fans will be attracted to fat idols and will feel weird when their idols don't look like how they first saw them anymore. I don't think fans are saying these things to be petty and jealous, but of course it's being played up that way because women=catty jealous bitches and there's no way they can ever have a vulnerable dialogue about how these types of headlines just pay lipservice to looks pageantry and not true health. But hey, what the fuck do I know..

No. 943683

Yeah that's true, the artist often has to go along with what the majority of the fans want or they risk losing too much of their audience and income. I can imagine her not being that aligned with the "woke" politics because a lot those movements like 4th (or 5th?) wave feminism seem to despise her just for being skinny, white, rich, and attractive lol

No. 943706

>wasn't she friends with the creator of 4chan or something?
wat. isn't that just a meme?

No. 943719

Aw fuck really? Did I get bamboozled by a meme?

No. 943727

She definitely wasn't friends with moot. There was an old theory that she was a 4chan user because there was someone posting pics with similarly placed freckles, but that's the extent of the "evidence"

No. 943757

idk if this is a useful contribution or would make much sense, but i kind of agree with you. weight loss shouldn't really be making headlines. i don't think adele for example really wanted to make it some significant thing. but i'm guessing the media likes to capitalize on that kind of news anyway because it's what people start talking about at the time, especially from fans who probably see the photos of the weight loss directly from, say, this celebrity's instagram and they're like, "wow, this person lost a lot of weight" and i'm guessing some people would probably have feelings about that which they might decide to express on places like twitter, or casually bring it up with their friends or something like "holy shit this person looks different". others then start to pick up on what's happened and check it out for themselves, people write dumb articles and it just becomes an unnecessarily bigger thing than it should be (no pun intended). i'm only speculating though. idk if that's really how it goes

No. 943777


what is her "glamorization of cops"? I'm so confused

No. 943782


make the lana thread nonnie people here don't wanna hear us dissect her lyrics probably

No. 943843

The fake wokeness makes me think she isn't left leaning, bitch is not authentic at all.

No. 943878

This rubs me the wrong way how he thinks it's weird to just be friends with another woman just because she had a sex tape. Jfc

No. 943891

She has a few (well-known among her fandom anyway) unreleased songs about fucking cops. Playing Dangerous is one of them

No. 943894


Very much agree. She always struck me as conservative in every way, but won't say it and plays the "it'll effect my career!" card so she doesn't have to talk about her comfortable upbringing in Pennsylvania. And most people I know who listen to her are conservative, although I know that means nothing and it's anecdotal. Even her woke efforts are corny and fake - the You Should Calm Down vid for example

No. 943896

Another reason we need a Lana thread. There's so much unreleased and so much tea in the songs that must be discussed. Other anons will get annoyed if we do it in here like other anon said. Which is understandable

No. 943898


All I remember is her baking Biden cookies

No. 943967

What makes you think Dita is conservative? Generally her burlesque stuff wouldn't be acceptable by conservative standards

Lana dated a man who was an ex cop and (colour me shocked) a lot older than her. I'd be interested in a thread about her, actually. I'll admit I'm actually a fan but I do have some criticisms of her, and yes there is a hell of a lot of tea in her early unreleased music

No. 943970

yeah their shocking shtick is wearing off. the spitting and kissing and whatnot is boring now

No. 943988

I can make the thread later on, with a caveat that it will be a critical fan thread. As another anon mentioned, I don't want to deal with retarded takes applying BTD era to her entire career. Anyone who hates her can take it elsewhere, like the things we hate thread. Or better yet, make a "celebrities you hate" one. I'm more than fine with discussing her controversies, song lyrics, poor life decisions etc. if it's not just mindless hate

No. 943990

I mean, I can understand why they're mad. Imagine building a career off of rabid support from fat people with insecurities, then dropping the fat as soon as you no longer need it as a selling point. If you, as a public figure, decide you no longer want to be fat, you can't be used as evidence that it's okay to be fat anymore, and that just hurts the fat positivity movement as a whole
This is what happens when obesity is made into an identity. You've got to stay in the club, or you're a traitor who stole all those people's money, time and resources lol. Can't have it both ways
The whole fat positivity thing is a double-edged sword for any sort of public figure. Most of them know this too, so I can't really feel sorry for them

No. 944012

Done, enjoy lanafags

No. 944019

Beyonce and a lot of the twitter popular "yass queen slay" pop divas, especially the black ones
Its stupid not to pretend this isn't the case

No. 944036

They make me physically cringe. Happy for their Eurovision win, they're young and successful and all, but they make me cringe so hard. The fake bi shit for shock factor is so dated, too. The bassist always only dated men, but the moment they become successful worldwide she's suddenly assigned a PR girlfriend, kek.

No. 944082

what kind of idiots are into this

No. 944158

Hey look it's Macadamia Face

No. 944177

did adele ever make herself out to be some sort of champion or spokeswoman for obese people? it's obvious lizzo does but that's a different subject. i don't remember adele making her weight a big part of her identity even if that was what some people knew her for (though there are probably other overweight people out there with talent but people don't really pay attention to them) just seemed like she dropped the weight because she was going through changes in her personal life. if people want to make someone their idol just because they're overweight and then talk shit for them changing their lifestyle & dropping the weight, isn't that on the fans for being pissed off about something that's not even really to do with them

No. 944235

it actualy would be, more so than stripping (i think theyre the same but most people don't). she would just fuel their "conservative women are hotter" thing. just look at how she talks about anything–hates other women, mysteriously tightlipped/invisible about any political issue. rich famous wokies dont act like that.

No. 944237

discord users

No. 944238

Excuse me please address her properly. Her name is Fat Lizzo.

No. 944239

I think you should make a Lana thread. I’m kind of sick of hearing about her tbh.

No. 944285

the thread was already made

No. 944291

File: 1634764244731.jpg (193.71 KB, 1024x1024, billie-fragrance373_.jpg)

Billie Eilish announced her new perfume

No. 944294

File: 1634764313344.jpg (69.78 KB, 618x943, perfume.jpg)

Picrel is a closeup of the bottle

No. 944298

Nta. But years ago when Adele was first becoming famous my mom told me that Adele said she liked being fat and never wanted to be thin (or something along those lines). I don't know where she said that though.

No. 944300

I think she might be a bit hyperfixated with boobs. Just saying.

No. 944301

her team needs to stop trying to make billie eilish's tits a thing, it's not working

No. 944303

>Missing the point
There was an article I read about how her working out wasn't to do with a weight loss goal but to deal with anxiety. She was getting divorced and has a kid, so, makes sense

No. 944304

1. Her fans aren't really the type to spend $$$ on perfumes. She'd be better off with a line of vape paraphernalia and collabing with Spencer's

2. That bottle looks like shit. Niki Minaj, Kim k I can understand doing the nekkid woman as object theme. But Billie isn't exactly known for her sex appeal, even if she lost weight she doesn't have the charisma. Plus it just looks cheap

No. 944308

File: 1634764914617.jpeg (171.97 KB, 1242x644, 969E81FC-035E-434E-9327-352A4D…)

She’s never really talked about her body and has said the questions annoy her because men never get asked the same. She’s said she has insecurities. Picrel is the closest to what your mom said but it’s not being woo woo obesity advocate by any means.

No. 944309

Why would she even come out with a perfume? The era of every female celeb having a fragrance is over and that bottle has been done hundreds of times.

No. 944311

File: 1634765150472.jpeg (208.75 KB, 640x896, 05F3D9F7-0690-4A4F-A6D6-597E7A…)

I took a quick browse and haven't found any quotes like that but I did find this. Note that this was said back in 2012 and she could have changed her stance since then. Maybe decided to be healthier, and there was the anxiety as well? But she never came across as being overly concerned about her weight

No. 944314

No. 944319

>d-did YouU gUYs know that I have BIG TITTSSSS just look at these MASSIVE HONKERS don't be scared, and if you don't like me it's just because I have big tits
I literally can't billie sometimes. her/her family/her team literally reduced her tits. Tits she can't even show without shit tons of lifting, padding and corsets

at least other celebrities who make their tits a thing still hold a curvy figure once their bra comes off, even them celebrities like kim k, dolly parton, pamela anderson, etc can actually hold a conversation without talking about their tits

this, the whole "billie eilish is now sexy" thing is extremely creepy and forced. She just doesn't have the body, looks, attitude or any sort of style for it. Hell they can't even let her be seen in something remotely tight without using a corset, several bras and so on. What sexy woman with a nice body can't even do that? I swear god she's just like every other american fat girl who things them being fat = big tits and big tits = sexy, but then when it comes to walk the walk they're too fat and unattractive to be able to be seen or pictured without a fuck ton of helpful undergarmets

No. 944320

God the obsession with tits… especially Billie's obsession with them. It's too much. She at least seemed like a better person when she wasn't trying to revolve her entire personality around them

No. 944325

The sexualization of teen celebs and then the hyper-sexualization of them when they turn 18 isn’t new. They are focusing on her tits because unlike a lot of them before her, she actually has them. Is it weird? Yes completely. Is it new? No.

No. 944326

Kek you're not wrong, especially with point no 1. Who does she think she's trying to appeal to? She formed a legion of fans from the younger gen z crowd, and I don't really see them caring about perfumes in comparison to things like vape juice like you said

No. 944329

>They are focusing on her tits because unlike a lot of them before her, she actually has them.
lol. Miley cyrus, linsey lohan, etc all had boobs. Lohan had quite large ones IMO too. Are you one of those people that thinks being practically obese = "actually having boobs"??
when these women were sexualized they also didn't force it as much since these women were actually attractive with nice bodies, billie isn't which is why they need so many fake alternatives to make her waist look smaller and her proportions look unrealistic, but you'll never hear bodyposi folks talk about this because somehow fat girls get a pass to make their body look unrealistic with photoshop, corsets, etc

No. 944335

This reminds me of all the sex worker cows here who can never have any sex appeal even tho it's the entire point of their content

No. 944344

File: 1634766975031.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 167.02 KB, 933x1235, D943B17D-58FA-4AF1-A2E8-192857…)

Miley has nice tits but they’re small. I also didn’t say no one before her ever had tits. You hate her and her body, we get it, but what’s happening to her is exactly what happens to most teen stars and yes they were just as forced. She’s not special.

No. 944345

Why does her nose look like an arrowhead
Looks like they did that gold dip thing

No. 944346

She had big boobs before she gained weight. They just got even bigger when she did.

No. 944366

Fuck Gene
Marry Depp
Kill Timmy

No. 944370

>she actually has tits
this is what you said. You said billie has tits and other people don't. Mileys boobs aren't small she's just very skinny and they're uniform to her body. Don't you think other teen stars with large breasts like lohan would have had the whole boob thing forced like billie if your theory about how billie is a big tiddy goddess surrounded by those evil flat girls and thats why everything needs to be about her tits none stop is true?
there was one picture where she was obviously wearing a push up and that's it. Any girl with large boobs would know the shape difference between a girl with medium to large boobs wearing a push up bra in a tank top vs naturally large breasts in a normal bra in a tank top

No. 944377

>unlike a lot of them before her, she actually has them
If you’re going to sperg, at least know what you’re quoting lol Billie’s titties can’t hurt you.

No. 944384

>I meant most! not all! this somehow changes your entire argument
Oh? and what stars don't have breasts? or are they just not obese? or did having proportional breasts to ones body somehow = flat now?

I can tell you're american, unhealthy view on how womens bodies are supposed to look as well as telling healthy women they're literally missing a body part because they develop a normal and healthy size compared to your body. Effects of living in a porn sick culture where it's a running joke that little girls will stuff their bra I guess

No. 944386

Take your meds sped

No. 944389

I will when you go back to anatomy class

No. 944390

No one called anyone flat and you’re the one with the fucked up unhealthy views on women’s bodies freaking out over a teenagers weight and tits.

No. 944391

File: 1634768831184.png (Spoiler Image, 133.78 KB, 457x436, A7D419A9-E287-4BFE-B9A2-5FEB44…)

Lena Dunham is obese and has no tits kek now you can stfu

No. 944393

>teenagers weight and tits
I was pointing out anon said most stars don't have boobs unlike billie, this is obviously an unhealthy view on how female bodies should look. Billie is obviously overweight and does indeed use things like special bras or shapewear to make her proportions look unrealistic but that just brings up a whole bunch of points and questions.

beating around the bush and laughing off the obviously unhealthy views here and claiming "I'm freaking out about a teenagers weight and tits" aren't going to do any favors, especially since this discussion started with people wondering why tf is she always talking about her tits

find me a single mainstream media bit that has ever tried to paint lena as attractive and lena isn't a teen star either. what is your point?

No. 944395

You asked which star doesn’t have breasts and got an answer.

No. 944397

we were obviously about teen stars who are being sexualized, I didn't think I would have to repeat myself 5 times but I forgot I was on lolcow - the place where you can repeat yourself 20 times and people will still take it the wrong way

No. 944398

> discussion started with people wondering why tf is she always talking about her tits
And it was continued by stating the fact that teenage celebrities are sexualized and then hyper-sexualized the moment they turn 18. They fixated on Billie’s breasts because they are naturally large; doesn’t matter if you believe it’s because she’s overweight or not… she has large breasts currently and they are trying to capitalize on that. Why you took that so personal and started quoting everyone wrong and adding things that weren’t said is beyond me.

No. 944400

Says the anon who has taken every reply the wrong way

No. 944409

such as?
and then I added in about how other stars had large tits and they didn't try to force it as much as billie did. I also keep bringing about how she obviously uses artificial ways to make her body look disproportioned which you keep ignoring. I took one quote wrong which didn't even make a difference because it meant the same thing. I'm more worried as to why you see a teenager obviously using fake ways to make her boobs look bigger, than capitalizing it, and then use that as a chance to compare her boobs to others and body shame other celebrities who chose to not be overweight or use fake enhancing methods

you remind me of those scrotes who body shame women who are sexually assaulted by saying shit "he grabbed her ass?? she doesn't have an ass tho!!"

No. 944417

Anon you really gotta go touch some grass or something because we’re on the same side in regards to them having a teenager use her breasts as a personality trait. No one body shamed anyone and you’re the one who compared her to other women first. Not even going to acknowledge that last part because that’s completely out of line and context.

No. 944425

What did Billie Eilish‘s tits do to you to cause such autism?

No. 944427

let me quote it for you again
>They are focusing on her tits because unlike a lot of them before her, she actually has them

did an anon, you or not, say "billie actually has tits unlike a lot of other girls"?
please explain to me how this isn't comparing other women or not shaming other girls
>y-you're just stupid
that's how you know you lost

No. 944430

If you think stating the fact that women have different breast sizes is “shaming” any of them then good luck in life.

No. 944433

There’s nothing to lose here and no one called you stupid. All this over a 19 yo’s tits kek

No. 944435

they didn't state that other women have different breast sizes, they said other women are "missing" breasts because they're not as big as billies.

have you seen most teen stars? most of them have completely normal and healthy breast sizes. The idea that women with normal breast sizes are "flat" just encourages the idea that women need extreme proportions in order to "be normal". This is why so many teens get plastic surgery, stuff their bra and have body dysmorphia
oh how embarrassing obviously just crazy old me came in ranting about her tits existing, totally nothing else at all nobody ever did anything, why am I here again?

No. 944436

??? Take your meds seriously because no one in this thread said the other women are missing anything nor has anyone but you used the term flat. You are crazy.

No. 944438

>we didn't say that
holy shit. You're the one who needs to take your meds since your braincells apparently have no understand of what synonyms are. Either that or you have no other argument so you just dig at the bottom of the barrel

either way if you can't comprehend how saying someone doesn't have boobs is the same thing as saying someone is flat you are beyond stupid and embarrassing yourself

No. 944440

>>944436 NTA but this is the biggest strawman I've ever seen, being flat is the same thing not having boobs, just shut up and leave and stop baiting just for the sake infighting

No. 944444

>>944435 you're right, anons just want to keep infighting just for the sake of having the last word, muricans are just so use to breast implants, breast enhancement techniques and obesity from the minute they turn 12 that that they believe anything below a D cup is small or even flat

No. 944446

You don’t get to insert your own synonyms into other people’s comments in order to change the meaning to fit whatever agenda or argument you’re trying to make. The point was they are using Billie Eilish‘s breasts as a mean to sexualize and exploit her. Since you said smiley Cyrus specifically, well they just went hog wild and sexualized everything about her; their breasts are not the same size and saying so isn’t shaming either of them. The sexualization in general is the problem here.

No. 944450

Not a strawman, you’re both just too retarded to use context clues. Billie has large boobs get the fuck over it already.

No. 944451

Oh? so no one else, on the face of this planet, would ever agree, saying someone has no boobs = flat?

If sexualization was the issue you would focus on that, not take time to point out about how billie actually has boobs unlike other stars. Not only bodyshaming other women but also encouraging the unhealthy idea that women are supposed to have extremely large breasts in order to be normal.

No. 944453

>tell me you lost an argument without telling me you lost an argument

No. 944455

Oh my god stfu. Some women have big breasts and some have small breasts and they all get sexualized from the moment they develop.

No. 944457

not about how "other women don't have boobs" or promoting scrote level body standards that women need to have big boobs to be normal that. Quit ignoring the obvious problem and acting as if it is all about the damn boobs and nothing else.

No. 944459

You literally named other celebrities but okay. No one body shamed anyone in fact they were complimented. The first comment was about teen celebs being sexualized but you got beyond caught up on one word. You also referred to Billie as “practically obese” when she’s at most a few pounds overweight yet don’t think that is unhealthy? We’re on the same side but some of you retards just have to infight non-stop because someone used a word you don’t like.

No. 944461

I think it's unhealthy to ignore a teenager obviously having eating troubles and excusing it as "just a few pounds".
It's not about "using a word I don't like". OP obviously body shamed women by telling other women they are missing body parts because they are not big, on top of that it encourages unhealthy body standards which I repeated for the millionth time but you keep beating around the bush and focus on stupid made-up arguments

No. 944462

>>944459 serious backpedaling

No. 944467

Where did anyone except yourself saying anything about missing body parts?

No. 944468

Holy shit anon I applaud you for keeping your patience with the waves of blind tardation you're battling

No. 944470

It’s not backpedaling; it’s what I’ve been saying. The other anon just keeps adding other words and phrases in order to make herself feel like she “won” an argument when there wasn’t one to begin with.

No. 944471

You know exactly what I am talking about. Are you pretending to be stupid or are you actually like this?

No. 944472

I’m asking you to directly quote where anyone but yourself said women are “missing body parts”. You can’t because no one else did.

No. 944473

>>944470 you're the one who keeps denying thing and then nitpicking just because they aren't word by word, I assume just to avoid the good points she is making, typical retard defense mechanism for people that lost

No. 944474

I did, on several occasions, and everyone else sees it to. You're just stupid and everyone else agrees.

No. 944480

No you didn’t. You’re taking other words and saying they mean something else when I keep saying that is not what I meant. You can not tell people their words mean different. You can’t.

No. 944484

NTA but since we're apparently dealing with Helen Keller because this post has been tagged several times in the argument
>They are focusing on her tits because unlike a lot of them before her, she actually has them.
This post implies that Billie has breasts unlike a lot of other girls. No one cares Billie has big boobs but telling other girls they don't have boobs is quite shitty especially since a legitimate flat chest is rare in Hollywood
No, no they didn't, you wanted to claim being flat chested was not the same as saying someone has no breasts, which every dictionary disagrees with you. Now you're just hanging onto that for some reason

No. 944486

Okay, find a a single piece of evidence from literally anywhere that proves having a flat chest is not the same has not having boobs
also prove to me how saying other girls don't have boobs isn't saying other girls don't have boobs

or let me guess
>muh missing a body part isn't the same thing as not having a body part! stop lying and putting words in everyones mouth!!! fake news!!

No. 944490

Arguments like this are so dumb. If anon didn't mean to demean anyone for their boob size, or say that some women are "missing" boobs, then just say it was a misunderstanding. Why would you guys rather discuss this than women being sexualized like the original point

No. 944497

Because they’re insidious. Anons saw the original point and problem but want an excuse to beatdown on someone/something whether it be a celebrity or another anon. That’s unfortunately how this thread goes most of the time.

No. 944506

You're right. Anon on one hand shouldn't have said other girls don't have boobs simply because it does promote shitty body standards, on the other hand calling Billie fat and pointing out corset/double bras/etc isn't helping and just ignored the question which is why the fuck do we keep sexualizing teens? and it's an even more level of fucked up on both ends that both of these anons see this happen and instead of calling it out they just nitpick other girls bodies

No. 944514

If anon originally said something like “they sexualize Nicki Minaj‘s butt because she has a large one, unlike a lot of other celebrities” none of you would have said anything but because it was about Billie Eilish and her tits you all freaked out. She should be a banned topic because wow this thread is a wreck because of anons’ hate boner for her.

No. 944517

because there's a difference between saying she has a big butt and other people don't vs saying "she ACTUALLY has boobs unlike