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File: 1631996023493.jpg (15.27 KB, 400x400, viqZv1m9_400x400.jpg)

No. 916183

Because ignorance is not always bliss

previous thread >>>/ot/905650

No. 916188

Why is sonic so ugly

No. 916190

File: 1631996810301.gif (1.16 MB, 498x249, sonic-wink.gif)

idk, why are you blind?

No. 916195

Why are you trying to sanic the whole frontpage

No. 916199

File: 1631997507458.gif (1.67 MB, 204x210, 45dd01552f9a97aa6a9f56c0aacaa1…)

sonic can, should, must and will take over the farms

No. 916200

File: 1631997530964.jpeg (135.84 KB, 639x686, AB790AC2-4118-437C-B7AD-8BD4A2…)

How sexist are Bulgarian guys are usually, particularly younger ones? Are they just as bad as Russians and other eastern europeans (according to other anons)?

No. 916203

balkan men are generally less sexist in a boomer type of way than eastern euro men, there are a lot of seljaci in bulgaria though so…

No. 916240

File: 1632000128359.jpg (225.62 KB, 995x803, hugethink.jpg)

husbandofags can you give me some tips, how do you continue coming up with ideas on what to do with your husbando, or like short story/fantasy/daydream scenarios, and how can i visualize things better? sometimes i considered taking drugs but it'll probably make my mental illnesses worse tbh

No. 916243

Just read fanfics

No. 916246

yeah but i don't like most of the things other people write about him

No. 916251

In your day-to-day life, just imagine how he would react to certain things, what his opinion would be on certain people/topics, what he would like to eat/watch/read, ect. Get a dakimakura and spray it with a scent you think is fitting. I like to write my own fanfics too

No. 916254

File: 1632001046202.png (275.7 KB, 464x454, D5688F51-43C1-49EB-A5F9-04F458…)

I like to daydream about my husbandos traveling with me to places I’ve always wanted to see or that I’ve already traveled to.
I also like to daydream about my favorite of the day cuddling with me or just talking with me before going to sleep.
I also like to think about how would they react if I was in their worlds and how would I be able to survive. It’s kind of pathetic, but nobody has to know.

No. 916257

I only really "interact" with husbandos through OCs that I give a backstory and place in their source material to. If I get bored I just let it go for a while or wait for the next inspiring piece of media.

No. 916261

that schizo in the /meta/ mentioned movie nights but isn’t that a sure fire way to get your website copyright struck?

No. 916272

if ur supposed to sit up straight why does it make my back hurt more than hunching

No. 916273

Babe lets go pilates together

No. 916280

Same, at this point I’m going to the gym just to fix my back tbh.

No. 916281

Because your muscles are atrophied

No. 916284

The truth is there isn't a single correct posture to remain while sitting, it is normal and healthy to change postures but you aren't supposed to stay seated for long times without a break to stand up and walk around a bit, sitting straight for too long will still fuck your back. And you might have a shitty chair. Also, streghten your muscles

No. 916305

I’ve never had a bf before, but my brother set me up with a guy I REALLY like. Basically everything is perfect, except for one thing: I discovered that he used to go out with a gitl my brother also used to go out with. Now it feels like if I were to have sex with him it would be like I’d be indirectly fucking my brother.
Is this a weird train of thought?

No. 916352

File: 1632006586714.jpg (61.8 KB, 720x922, Tumblr_l_199145234544485.jpg)

Ok so I've been banned from tinder on my burner account because I was looking for a plug and some faggot reported me. Now I can't even get into my old account because as soon as I open the app the only thing on the screen is the ban message. I've tried logging into a different google account and reinstalling but the results are the same every time. Also I used my friend's phone number so that's not the issue either. Tried downloading it with a vpn turned on, still nothing. What the fuck do

No. 916363

I'm betting there might be some residual data from your old accounts still downloaded/installed on your phone somewhere that the app is reading. I would do a thorough cleaning on your phone, try again with a VPN that hopefully doesn't use IP's that are a dead giveaway that you're on a VPN because some websites have a list they look out for, and then try your luck again.

No. 916364

How did they remain friends if they went out with the same girl?
>Is this a weird train of thought?
Kind of yeah, not really a problem imo unless you look like a spitting image of the girl

No. 916390

how is peeing in the shower any worse than washing period blood and chunks down the drain?
…are we not supposed to do that?

No. 916433

You can controll your bladder

No. 916444

Bc you're using muscles you don't usually use, if you have a habit of slouching. Do posture and core/back exercises.

No. 916527

It doesn’t actually matter, people just find it icky

No. 916618

Can I use candle wax as like a solid perfume? Like rub a little off with my fingers then dab on my neck/wrist? It’s a soy candle I’m terrified of house fires but this candle smelled so fucking good I just planned to keep it unlit and sniff it whenever I want to if I can’t use it like a solid perfume too

No. 916619

File: 1632024768280.gif (1.73 MB, 498x390, girl-change-hair-color.gif)

What are some definitive guides for wigs (where to buy, type, quality, etc.)? I'm going to go get my hair shaved off soon but I don't want to do it without having a wig on hand since I have to interact with people at work and I don't want my baldness to attract too much attention of any kind, especially in this current political climate. I've got some beanies but they're not work appropriate

Also, anyone have any references for how 2" wavy hair looks? For some reason the search engines keep confusing 'length' with 'type'. Just want to have an idea as to how it will look when it grows out.

No. 916633

you guys please help i want to be FWB with this moid but I have no idea how to approach men. like at all. never dated one. with women it comes so naturally to me that i feel male sometimes. confidence, humour, buy her a drink, be her first lesbian experience. anyhow i have his number and idk what excuse to give for wanting to meet him again. we fucked in his car briefly after meeting in a bar last night but we were both shitfaced. hes pretty cute and pretty damaged just how i like em

No. 916637

treat him the same way you treat women except be meaner. that’s literally it.

No. 916639

It’s most likely a device ban. You’re gonna have to get a new phone.

No. 916666

Okay extremely stupid question but is there any career where I can utilize the same skills as the ones I use when I do social experiments with psyops/internet trolling? By trolling I don't mean harassing, I mean building a fake persona and then portraying it convincingly for a purpose; I have one troll that is regarded as legendary on the internet and the rest are kind of lowkey. Ik this sounds super edgy and I'm sorry kek, I'm not a 12 year old boy and I have legitimate skills as a worker (getting an MA right now) but I've always loved observing a group of people and then trying to blend in amongst them only to pull it off successfully.
Ik there's undercover feds, or what other people call 'glow niggers', but no thanks (fuck the government). I've thought about looking into a sociology PhDs but I've never taken a class in it. My current discipline is more mathy social science and while I love it, I feel like I really excel at investigative/larping skills moreso than what I'm currently doing.

No. 916678

what kind of question is this? is there a career where you can utilize acting like a psychotic troll online? no, mental illness is not a skill.

No. 916679

if you can pick up women you can pick up men. they're pathetically desperate and will say yes to anything sex related.

No. 916685

Maybe journalism? As a general skill, being able to blend in and get people from disparate walks of life to like you is very useful, and seems like it could have many applications in private sector/law work. In terms of academia, I’ve read some anthropology papers that were basically just a narrative documenting the researcher’s time spent living engrained within a specific group of people, so that might be an option.

More importantly though, I’m super curious about your history of trolling. What sort of stuff have you done?

No. 916687

Uh just say literally anything? Men have no standards.

No. 916689

You’re way too autistic to actually do undercover job lmaooo. Maybe you can be vice of some podunk town though, like pretending to be a child or pedophile online.

No. 916694

If you eat a huge surplus of calories when do you actually gain the fat? Like if you were to eat in one sitting enough food to make you gain 5 lbs, when would you actually see those 5 lbs put onto your body?

No. 916696

pretty sure it'd be harmless but it's not gonna last as long as an actual solid perfume

No. 916712

I'd also love to know this

No. 916722

depends on your metabolism and genetics. some people do that and literally nothing happens opposed to others that blow up.

No. 916724

You clearly didn't read my post because I said I don't harass people. I'm just really good at observing and LARPing; I have a good eye for detail
I think.
I don't want to give too much away but let's just say a large group of insane men would be mad at me if they figured out who I was. I used to do petty or silly LARPs as a kid but was able to develop morals and empathy later on as a woman which is why I don't harass people like a 'troll' does. My best was to psyop a character amongst the dredges of society, or a group of really bad people, to highlight all of their fuckery so that normies can see.
Moids over on 4chan, Kiwifarms, etc swear I'm a guy which is annoying because you know it stems from the belief that women are not smart enough to sound like men. I can't reveal that I'm a woman for the sake of my safety since the men I infiltrated and exposed are actually batshit crazy. I get a lot of support but even though I should be 'grateful' for the men who cheered me on, I get annoyed because they ALL assume I'm a guy. Like women aren't able to understand the oh-so-complex 'male-brain' KEK.
I'd love to teach some sort of course so more women could do what I did so that men get over themselves (yeah I know, like they ever would). Even the things that we think are absolutely disgusting like peak male sexual degeneracy is something a woman can emulate online (while cringing IRL) if she really pays close attention and learns the basics.
I don't want to do 'field' type of work where I have to socialize undercover or something, I meant undercover as in the ones who LARP online obviously (see the drug marketplaces on the Darkweb for an example). But fuck helping the government in any way. Also lol you don't have to be a dick about it saying that I'm "too autistic" either; I'm not diagnosed with autism (and probably never will be) but I made it pretty clear in the OP that I'm aware of how lame it is ultimately. I just wanted to know which skills could potentially transfer over to an actual career because I consider my investigative/LARP skills to be solid. So do other internet trolls and men (the latter of which claim me as their own, yikes).

No. 916745

Anon said 'enough to gain 5lb', meaning whatever amount is necessary for that individual and their metabolism, genetics.

Here's some info for you.

No. 916747

fat gain requires a consistent calorie surplus. you would be bloated and miserable for a while, but you wouldn't gain as long as you went back to eating a normal amount of calories from there on out

No. 916762

ESL here, is "tummy" a kid's word or is it generic? For some reason I get annoyed when adults say shit like "tummy doctor" or "tummy ache".

No. 916763

It's a kid's word and I cringe whenever grown ass women complain about having a tummy pooch.

No. 916764

What is it about Sonic that attracts the most autistic of autists? Most Sonics fans I’ve met were either literal kids or retarded man children.

No. 916768

he spins

No. 916786

How do people use licensed music on youtube? Do I have to ask the original artist for permission? I want to make a fanmade music video

No. 916787

retarded man children are that way because they can't let go stuff they enjoyed as a child and refuse to grow up, so it's likely that they were interested in Sonic as a child (because sonic was really good at appealing to kids, particularly through the comics, rather than the games)

No. 916789

Where is the drunk thread thx in advance

No. 916790

are you too drunk to use the catalog?

No. 916792

I think you can use it, you just can't monetize the video for your channel. They will claim their rights on the audio when they detect it. You can ask the original artist to be safe if they are a smaller artist, big artists usually have giant firms to represent them. I know some of them straight up remove the audio from fan videos because they're very rigid, which could be a pain in the ass, but you can find a million AMVs being made to this day.

No. 916798

Cool, thanks; I won't monetize the video and I will make the video and ask them beforehand, I think they will probably answer my message

No. 916804

you could maybe work for a private investigator who does things like track down and gather evidence on fugitives, people running out on debts, deadbeat dads avoiding child support, cheating spouses, suspected chomos, stalkers, hackers, trolls, ect? which now adays heavily features pretending to be someone else online to trick idiots into admitting the details of their transgressions and sharing their location to invite over a non-existent affair, child, prostitute, drug dealer, partner in crime or whatever the case is

No. 916814

How should you act on a date? I'm generally good at flirting and being playful, but I can also be incredibly shy and awkward. I'd like to just be myself, so maybe there are certain things I could keep in mind to prevent me from being super awkward whilst not larping as some super bold girl?

No. 916819

how do you flirt? i'm the opposite of you, generally I'm a charismatic person, smiling and and putting people at ease and make them talk during conversations but i have no idea how to flirt and be playful…

No. 916829

You can always LARP as a men’a self-help guru and take their money. One time I came across a guy who would paypal people money if they gave him live dating advice when he’d text his Tinder date. I changed my mind at the end and let him keep the 100$, which in hindsight was a noble but idiotic move seeing as I’m a broke thirdie and I need to pay for stuff.

No. 916831

it isn't any worse. I pee in the shower most times

No. 916832

Who usually initiates sex in your relationship?

No. 916833

tummy should be reserved for kids definitely. or talking about animals like 'look at his cute lil tummy', a grown adult should use the word stomach. belly is better

No. 916835

It was me because I'm a horndog

No. 916836

how do I get over my fear of being kissed? I hate someone getting close to my face because my skin is less than perfect. I don't feel comfortable with someone up in my face like that but I really want to get over this fear.

No. 916844

What a good instrument to learn for someone who’s never played an instrument in their life before?

No. 916850

Once you're with the right person who actually loves you and sees past these supposed "flaws" and kisses you because they want to be intimate with you, your fear will disappear. The right person should be able to make you feel comfortable and will show you that kissing, as well as other forms of physical affection, is simply done because you love the other so much you want to be close to them.
Ukulele or piano

No. 916852

English anons, what is Warwick known for? And is there a stereotype about the people living there?

No. 916855

I'm with someone at the minute who is really sweet and wants to kiss me, unfortunately everytime he initiates it I freeze up and make an excuse. I feel as though I'm pushing him away and he'll tire of my excuses. maybe I should've posted this in the relationship advice thread. sorry anons!

No. 916856

seconding keyboard or piano

No. 916859

I mean I don't want to be mean but whatever skin flaws you have he can already observe just from being in talking distance, and if he's leaning in for a kiss he obviously doesn't find them disgusting.

No. 916861

Keyboard/piano is technically/physically not as demanding as many other instruments, and if you play with a VST and a midi controller on your computer (or just a dedicated keyboard) and headphones you can get a great sound at a low cost and without annoying your neighbors/family members/roommates! However, for playing along to basic songs (steelstring acoustic) guitar might be more fun to start out with. Don't play ukulele, it's the fedora of instruments and aside from how small and easy it feels, it's ultimately just a really pathetic guitar.

A more important question is WHY you want to learn an instrument. What kind of music do you like? What inspires/inspired you? You're probably going to stick with what you like to do most. If you want to play heavy metal guitar, start with that and not a recorder, for example.

No. 916873

Professional scammer

No. 916874

that's true, but I just feel the closer he gets the more he'll see, like milimeters away the flaws will be RIGHT THERE in front of him. I'm sorry I know I sound retarded.

No. 916875

Unbased, women need to be just as greedy as men to make it nowadays

No. 916877

i mean… what can be so bad that he can't see from a normal distance but he can see within millimetres? if you've got pimples, they're visible from a normal distance, so don't worry about that. if you're worried about the size of your pores or something… girl get therapy

No. 916879

No. 916883

you're probably right and yes I mean pimples. pimples and dark undereyes. lmao I do worry about my pore size too but not so much, they're not too bad. I am actually currently on a waiting list for therapy though kek

No. 916898

i was joking about therapy but damn lol just relax. if he wants to kiss you then he's already made up his mind about kissing you and also he's NOT looking at the details on your face while you're kissing. if i look back to every guy i've kissed in my life i can't recall a single time i ever saw something on his face that close that i didn't see before. the only thing that can deter him while kissing you is bad breath kek so just pop a gum or brush your teeth before

No. 916905

you've made me feel a bit better about the situation so ty anon. it does bring me some comfort knowing once we do kiss our eyes will be closed too. I'm not concerened about bad breath thankfully, I have good oral hygeine so that's one less thing to worry about!

No. 916916

When will Sega port SA1 and 2 to the Switch so I can go to the chao garden anytime, anywhere?

No. 916919

what is SA1 and 2?

No. 916924

I am trying to find a podcast about history and I just can't find anything that doesn't smell of sexism and scrotism. In the first one that looked good, only 10 minutes passed and the sexist jokes began.
I wanna learn history but I don't want to support shitty men, are there any female historians doing podcasts? Or any history podcasts from men that are actually bearable?

No. 916926

Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

No. 916927

i think you'd get your answer asking this on /his/ but maybe word it a bit differently so as to not only attract angry replies

No. 916928

Don't apologise. Have you told him your insecurities and why you push him away? I had the bad habit of turning away and going silent when there was something I was insecure about. My boyfriend at the time encouraged me to open up, and he was extremely understanding and comforting. Btw, people usually have their eyes closed when they kiss.

No. 916929

Are there 0 podcasts about history by women?

No. 916938

So far I've searched on Spotify and didn't find any. There definitely are some somewhere but I'm asking in case anons have any favourite ones.

No. 916949

history extra is hosted by a woman but they normally have male guests on

No. 916958

File: 1632063855186.jpeg (81.32 KB, 1000x562, 0054508D-CDDB-46B9-BCCC-1DF17D…)

say you normally like to have your pubic hair shaved but you're having sex with a guy for the first time presumably someone you like a lot and want it to be serious is it better to go unshaved and see how he reacts or just shave it anyway

No. 916960

why not just have a conversation about it beforehand?

No. 916961

coochi shaving is a scam anyway, do trim tho

No. 916964

like ask him if he prefers hairy or shaved?

No. 916968

no, ask him if one or the other is a dealbreaker. if he says yes then you know not to try to get serious with him because he’s a shallow prick.

No. 916986

How much moisturizer should you put on your face? I don't wanna over moisturize and I've read a "nickel" sized amount of enough but I feel that's nowhere near enough to cover every inch of my face.

No. 916988

it 100% depends on the type of moisturizer and viscosity. there’s not necessarily a “right” amount to put on as long as you’re able to cover your whole face and rub it in so it absorbs.

No. 916990

I notice it does absorb but it leaves a bit of a sheen on the skin afterwards, skin does not feel greasy to the touch but slightly buttery. Is that normal?

No. 916992

yeah especially if it contains silicones or oils

No. 916995

Okay ty nonnie.

No. 917002

damn, is this not the stupid questions thread

No. 917016

nobody said it was the nice answers thread either tbf

No. 917023

How is it possible for Lizzo to lead a healthy lifestyle but still be so fat? She also performs wildly on stage so I don’t get it.

No. 917034

she eats more than she exercises. full stop.

No. 917039

>she eats more than she exercises
isn't that everyone?

No. 917051

it's calories in and calories out, don't try to make it about semantics. she's clearly taking in a shit ton of calories to maintain her deathfat figure.

No. 917059

is there a legal service to have someone kill you?

No. 917063

Depending on how you look at it, she doesn't live a healthy lifestyle. She has to massively overeat(/drink) to maintain that bodysize. Both overeating and maintaining a very high bodyweight are very unhealthy habits. Of course you don't have to be perfect 24/7 to lead a healthy lifestyle, but from how I look at it she doesn't lead a healthy lifestyle.

No. 917068

Thanks, this is a good idea. Also sounds like it might have part-time potential.
If I can scam men and particularly expose abusive or cheating ones that'd be great. I'd love to make some fake abusive PUA website and dox everyone who paid or subscribed to my email list hm…
I want to make a cult/movement for men that either leads manosphere moids to k* themselves or makes them more depressed into harming themselves as opposed to harming other people and thus if they off themselves they don't take others with them beforehand.

Thanks anons for the suggestions, I really appreciate it considering the typical responses to this question are very hostile and condescending. Again, I'm aware of how lame my 'talent' is, I just want to find a better way to use it kek.

No. 917072

File: 1632070231752.jpeg (104.41 KB, 275x231, 1557843710266.jpeg)

nice try cia-chan

No. 917076

this made me laugh maybe i shouldn't contemplate suicide ty anon

No. 917081

While I was sleeping in the arms of my boyfriend he suddenly fucking twitched in an extremely hectical way and tried to continue sleeping. I thought this mf was having a heartattack but he was saying that its normal for him to do this. He told me that he is physically responding to what is happening in his dreams (example: he was dreaming about skateboarding and falling which is what caused this sudden twitching in his whole body). He has it frequently and just wakes up after twitching only to go back to sleep and has it more often in daytime than at nighttime. Is that normal or could allude to somekind of sleeping disorder?

No. 917082

was it a hypnic jerk? it used to happen to me pretty violently when i would fall asleep in class in high school. embarrassing but harmless.

No. 917091

Can anyone who’s Polish or familiar with the following explain if East Prussia was culturally German? And if so, how much so?
My dad says that one side of my ancestry was said to be German but the actual records of residence all the way back to the 1500s are in the northeast of East Prussia which is northeast Poland today. I find it weird that they were apparently so German that this came as a shock to my family who knows a ton about Germany but never had any idea that one side of our lineage was from modern day Poland. Wouldn’t there be some obvious differences? (No nazi sperging or racebait /pol/ moids, thanks)

No. 917098

why is all these old threads on the first page of snow?

No. 917099

what is the deal with guys jerking off together? supposedly they are straight, but attracted to just dicks? how the hell would that even work??? how does that happen? some say it's because there's less pressure than when having sex with a woman, but if thats the case, why not just masturbate alone? or if it's really about companionship etc, why not do it with a woman? is it bc they dont know how the woman is feeling, cannot relate? is it denial that theyre gay or bi? or is there really such a thing as "mostly straight"?

No. 917106

someone is trying to push their thread to the back of the catalog

No. 917108

My mother has sleeping problems and she always throws herself around, she's impossible to sleep next to. If he actually wakes himself up multiple times a night, that's probably not a good sign.

No. 917109

It's easier to convince a coomer scrote to jerk you off then it is a woman, some men use "Jail gay" excuses as to why they have sexual contact with other men. I saw a bisexual male say he prefers women and wants to date, women but it's easier to get sex from men and men want it more.
I just see these men as bisexual tbh, I don't believe in anything but gay, straight and bisexual. If you are a male attracted to dicks that aren't your own you are bisexual or gay.
I feel troons have blurred some lines for people. People think it's not gay because the dick they like is attached to fake tits.

No. 917110

You could always swerve into larping as a PUA. Call yourself the Masculine Handbook and put some folky esoteric art pic, or pick a super LARPY name like Bjorn Barkva or something. Start with basic entry-level shit, and then sprinkle some esoteric reading here and there to distinguish your brand. After some months publish a book or a substack or whatever to get money.

I’ve been noticing that it’s been happening to women too. Lots of girls who grew up with abusive narcissistic mothers feel like they need a “feminine” guide or whatever. These types of grifts are usually aimed at realllly insecure women (it’s always one of the three: abusive mothers, druggie parents, or FTMs/MTFs parents), and it’s marketed as a “rediscover your femininity” type of thing.

No. 917113

If I tell you about the things I’ve heard, anon. You don’t want to know.

No. 917116

Which mean you can see who it is by noticing which threads are being pushed back. Pathetic.

No. 917117

Who is it? I’m too lazy to scroll all the way down.

No. 917118

what's your favorite / least favorite lc board? or is it so small that you just use all of them?

No. 917121

File: 1632072701054.jpg (21.06 KB, 421x421, 1541042253401.jpg)

ayrt, the idea of being attracted to a "woman" that has a dick actually makes more sense than men that present as men meeting up and jerking off together. I think it makes them gay, but at the same time it makes me think sexuality really is fluid? or is fluid for a lot of "straight" men. which honestly makes me not want to get involved with any one because it's disgusting
anonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I want to know!!!!!

No. 917123

/ot/ with /m/ a close second. Then /snow/. Least fav is /g/.

No. 917124

Most men are just wet hole sexual. That's it, it's not deep.

No. 917126

but the ones im referring to dont want to have bum sex, they want to limit their interactions with other men to jerking off only

No. 917127

Did you discover r/gooncaves? They always show off their dicks while trying to show their disgusting porn collection, and multiple of them film their buddy masturbating. I don't know if it bisexuality or it's some pseudo-heterosexual gay times, and I probably shouldn't be thinking too hard about it.

No. 917128

/ot/ and /m/ are my favorite. Least favorite is /w/

No. 917130

i discovered my ex was posting on jerk off buddy subs, meanwhile he was SO attracted to me. Is it some cuck thing? i'm sure he showed off my nudes, but idrc about that bc no face and idc about him anymore, i care more about wtf is going on in the minds of these men that claim to be so straight

No. 917137

I don't use /g/ but I lurk the other boards.

No. 917139

It's the same thing, they are just attracted to feminine men more then men who look like them. Thats the excuse I see scrotes using, "I don't like men who look like men, I like men who look like women"
The more honest ones will admit, the attraction to these "Women" with dicks, is they are males, with tits and with a dick. There's a reason why troons without penises aren't popular.

No. 917140

Wait, is this really a thing?

No. 917144

Yes, this has been a thing even before the internet, guys used to jerk off together over nudie mags.

No. 917145

Or just in a ditch together before mags existed.

No. 917149

yes I've told him I'm insecure/have low self esteem and he's been great about it, very patient and understanding. I want to advance our relationship and finally get over this hurdle though since we've been seeing each other a few months now. I'm going to give it a go when I see him in a few days, wish me luck!

No. 917150

i agree those types of men are gay, but i think what i'm talking about is different
it really sounds like a weird way of bonding over their attraction to women except it also seems more about the situation they're in (together, jerking off) than the actual women, maybe not at the same time the first time, but every time afterwards. Like some wire in their brain makes it so their aroused to being so overtaken with horniness they don't care if other men see? it's disgusting but so interesting to me. just wtf

sage for rambling

No. 917152

/ot/ is my favourite but I do like /g/, I rarely visit /m/ but I like some of the threads there. I don't follow any cows since when I found this site I wasn't looking for specific cow threads. I used to read pnp and shayna's threads but they're both depressing as fuck, especially shayna. I read the mtf and fakeboi threads in /snow/ most days

No. 917153

defnitely heard stories of guys meeting up in the woods to jerk it to nudie mags together kek

No. 917155

Men's sexuality seems to be pretty fluid honestly, it's just that plenty of them has extreme gay-shame. Like it's fine to lust over a 2D hunk with nonnies, but I wouldn't them in my room touching themselves, that doesn't seem erotic at all.

No. 917158

I'm not Polish but I have the same: German ancestry extending to modern day Poland but dating back to Prussia, which is overall simply German. I know you didn't want any answers relating to National Socialists but their expansion towards the East sheds light on this topic.

In contrast to the lands awarded to the restored Polish state by the Treaty of Versailles, the territories lost after World War II included areas which were either contained mixed Polish-German population with German majority (Posen-West Prussia Border March, Lauenburg and Bütow Land, the southern and western rim of East Prussia, Ermland, West Upper Silesia, and the part of Lower Silesia east of Oder), or were almost exclusively inhabited by Germans before 1945 (rest of East Prussia, the part of Lower Silesia west of Oder, Farther Pomerania, and the parts of Hither Pomerania, Lusatia and Neumark awarded to Poland). The German population of the territories that had not fled in 1945 was expropriated and expelled, forming the majority of the Germans expelled from Eastern Europe.

No. 917161

same anon, and if they happened to be in my room when looking at hunky guys i think them being in the room would be enough to NOT make me horny lol

gosh i really despise men's brains

No. 917163

No. 917165

how do couples meet on 4chan? do you exchange emails or discords on there?

No. 917166

There's a whole board for that, /soc/. I think they mostly leave discord tags

No. 917205

File: 1632079206665.gif (1.77 MB, 500x371, ani.gif)

what do you guys think of slowly converting the threads in cc into a series of generals, similar to what we have on lolcow? I dislike how so many threads are basic, and only have a small prompt for the OP, so the thread doesn't really have that's interesting to say

No. 917208

Who is pumping the threads in /snow/? And sperging in Arabic? What’s happening?

No. 917219

Would be good for them, for real. That place is awful. I tried posting there a few times but most of their threads are so boring. I don't understand how they have so many threads for the smallest things instead of doing just one for everyone to post related content

No. 917223

My guess is someone who's being talked about in one of the threads, who just found out and has a lot of free time on their hands

No. 917226

/soc/ is a shitshow. i've never met anyone decent on there, then again it's 4chan kek

No. 917244

I will most likely have to take my final oral exam in either art or politics. I am literally unable to come up with a theme/topic or a problem question that I will have to answer and write a conclusion for. What are some good topics you could talk about for a long time and have lots of ressources that I could use?

No. 917267

Good idea. We should start colonizing cc sooner or later.

No. 917270

/m/ best boards /ot/ has seen better days
I forget /w/ exists and that’s a good thing

No. 917292

With all this talk about meeting people through 4chan, I find myself checking /soc/ and the adopt a neet thread, it's shit but I am having a chuckle at the deluded idiots and the idiots calling them out

No. 917295

File: 1632086207767.jpg (66.25 KB, 640x406, d26a8fc715abf29fef1b9f3e1efa4c…)

I've checked out their "ideal partners" thread and they describe themselves so arrogantly, like "yeah, my interests are guns, politics and history (probably only war history)" "do have hobbies and interesting things to say when you contact me, don't be a whore", reminds me of this meme

No. 917298

Does negging work on men

No. 917304

I was reading a /soc/ discord sharing thread once and this guy wrote "no feminists" in his post, like there would ever be any "feminists" interested in the first place kek

No. 917314

does negging work on anyone

No. 917336

Moids are pretty easy to neg lmao

No. 917337

Yes and I encourage you to do it

No. 917340

The only thing I've heard is that it's filled with old, white, stuck-up people.

No. 917344

best /m/, i just wish it was more active
worst /g/, the rs advice thread alone makes me sick

No. 917353

Thanks anon! I just can’t believe my ancestors are truly German on that side if they’ve been there since the 1500s since the German rule was like 200+ years after that. Ik Germans probably came and went there before then but it’s odd that there’s no mention of them even being from this town or from East Prussia until I did some deep digging online and found paperwork. Do you know if it was a shameful thing to be from East Prussia compared to the German “mainland”? The great great grandfather I had who was East Prussian married a German and if that’s the case then it would make sense why he emphasized German heritage (if he really did “marry up” in that case).

No. 917358

Overlooking the totally sane and totes adorkable mention of guns, if a moid says that they’re interested in “politics or history” run in the opposite direction and do not look back, especially if you have a background in polisci, history, international affairs, or god forbid ECON like me. Non-econfag moids talking about econ actually make me wanna rip my hair out ever choosing this discipline. I swear if I didn’t have my education and wasn’t in grad school I would assume that these scrotes knew what they’re talking about because men are always so confident in what they say even if they have no evidence to support it or are just guessing. Moids in econ hate the average person’s “opinion” on the economy as well but it’s worse for female economists because non-econfag moids mansplain US extra hard despite whatever PhD you have from a R1 school. God forbid most people ever learn that most economists are sorta center-leaning and that a huge number of foreign professors come from communist countries with really tragic life stories that lend no support to communism. All of the communist-born economists seem to be center-left ime (not specifically like democrats, we just end up sorta in the middle because econ teaches you to see the pros and cons of all economic systems).
Sorry for econ sperg but hope this helps women who didn’t study econ and might feel intimidated by some loudly opinionated moid who most definitely has no idea what he’s talking about. I certainly felt that way before I started my studies.

No. 917361

/ot/, /g/, and /snow/
mostly /ot/, and /snow/ because of the mtf threads
I don't have a least favorite board

No. 917364

>the rs advice thread alone makes me sick


No. 917365

I don’t believe that this site will be deleted. I believe they will figure shit out and find a new admin. I’m very optimistic about it all.
How does everyone else feel?

No. 917369

i agree and i think everyone is jumping to conclusions for no reason

No. 917370

I read that gut health is strongly related to whether you get depression. So is there parasites that straight up cause depression?

No. 917380

nta but how do you neg men?

No. 917381

>nonnies my bf just called me a stupid useless whore because i forgot to wash the right underwear for his 12 hour gaming session and he struggles to get it up unless i act out a specific porn scenario with him. can you gib advice on how i can get him to like me again? oh i should mention that we met on 4chan lol (i know i know)

No. 917382

Theres quite a few dedicated anons on here, someone's going to step up to the plate. I refuse to believe this site will go down. Besides, didn't Admin say she was contacting a few interested people anyways

No. 917388

what's a good non-cringe bio for tinder if you're not interested in hookups and you're just there to see if there's any decent normal guys looking for a relationship

No. 917392

Nonny you just don't understand. Dumping him is easier said than done so she has no choice but to wash the skidmarks off his underwear every night. He's such a great, caring guy when he's not being a piece of shit uwu~

No. 917403

I agree with you, the admin said that she got some offers so I don't think it's a sure thing that this site will go down.

No. 917407

i'm not one of those dedicated anons because i'm not good at the stuff, i was thinking of just making a board using a board webring site, but i figured that would be a bad idea

Am I right? if not I'll go make it

No. 917418

Do people say stuff like "if you feel like this, imagine how I feel?" And "it's not easy for any of us" to comfort you or try to get you to mask your true emotions and pretend everything is okay for their own sake

No. 917425

I hate how many generals there are on /ot/ though. Most of the threads just bleed into each other to the point where I frequently forget which thread an interesting conversation happened so I have to look through all these stupid closely related threads to find it. It's too strict and every now and then the tranny jannies will ban an interesting OP just because it wasn't posted in one of the 3872734 general threads.

No. 917427

This. Oh my god, they’re like little kids who run to their mother after reading some fact in a book. Mom! Look what I learnt, this very basic dumb shit, please be impressed! Most of the time they’re not even interested in history/polsci itself, they’re interested fo portray the image of the kind of guy who is interested in polsci/history, which makes their opinions shallow and cute in a humoring a retarded child kind of way.

No. 917442

nta but i think splitting every little topic into it's own thread would make finding certain conversations even more difficult and make the threads/board even slower. and most of the banned OPs seemed like redundant topics to me.

No. 917446

No. Having separate threads instead of generals is what makes the atmosphere comfy, threads are more relaxed and not crowded.

No. 917448

I never suggested that every topic should be split into its own thread, just that there should be more flexibility. I miss how this board used to look like a few years ago. It was still organized but more relaxed.

No. 917453

favorite: /m/
least favorite: /w/ (i don't use it)

No. 917455

/m/ has so much potential, i don't understand why despite the amount of complaints it's pretty inactive.
/g/ is hell

No. 917458

File: 1632099620585.jpg (390.3 KB, 1339x753, 5q2WQpu.jpg)

Anons, which are some signs of an incoming 41%? Most specifically in TiFs? I am worried about someone and don't want to get banned in the /snow/ thread if this comes across as blogposty.

No. 917468

what's the name of the stand up comedian that would make fun of misogyny?

No. 917471

This won't be too helpful, but won't looking at general suicide awareness and tips be useful? Maybe see if there's specific stuff for women. Women attempt more often and use methods like drug overdosing which isn't as immediate. Gender identity stuff often masks general issues like depression, internalized misogyny or homophobia, etc. Keep tabs on her I guess and talk to other people in her life.

No. 917472

What makes you think she wants to 41%?

No. 917481

George Carlin?

No. 917499

I don't really understand why so many farmers feel we have to "colonise" CC and think that CC basically has to turn into LC 2.0
I think it's good that CC is different because that way it's own thing and it kinda has it's own separe "raison d'être", ya know? That's why each board has it's board culture.
>>917446 is an example. Just let miners have their own thing.

No. 917518

Do you have to use pasteurized eggs to make carbonara? I wanted to make it, but I'm not sure cause I'm pretty sure I got sick from raw eggs recently.

No. 917560

File: 1632104204344.jpeg (488.86 KB, 750x1237, 04FFE89E-0C27-43D1-93AE-9D9B6B…)

you don’t /have/ to but yeah you’re playing russian roulette with raw yolks if not

No. 917562

to be clear though — not all raw eggs are contaminated with salmonella, hence my russian roulette comment

No. 917565

gore again…

No. 917566


No. 917568

File: 1632104643407.jpeg (45.78 KB, 739x415, 9670C7D5-6F62-4715-8FE1-884AB6…)

Gore awaits you do not scroll!

No. 917569

File: 1632104683140.png (444.09 KB, 325x919, 67FF57F6-6556-43CA-8A36-1B72C8…)

Alice is here.

No. 917574

File: 1632104914130.gif (1.2 MB, 160x250, KXY8.gif)

It’s gone but everyone should look at Alice

No. 917575

we get it. shut up

No. 917577

File: 1632105004793.gif (892.96 KB, 500x246, 6KtL.gif)

No. 917595

I will try to look deeper into suicide awareness stuff, is just that I once tried to do it for her, and while she followed it for a while, it became pretty aparent that she stopped and began to fall deeper into her depression and dysphoria, while trying to hide it from me.

She disappeared from the Internet without a warning, all of her accounts got deleted but I do remember that her last posts before closing were about not feeling well and being scared of everything, the last one I saw had something among the lines of "I will not commit the same error again". I tried to contact her friends to see how is she doing, but they also deactivated their accounts not long after. The only ones who knew her and are still active are pretty passive-agressive people and almost impossible to talk to, so I couldn't get anything out of them.

I'm sorry if I am paranoic, but she is genuine worrying me, it's being months without any signal of her, and the way her friend group are avoiding anything related to her is making me think on the worst conclusions.

No. 917623

It is pretty weird that their friends won’t say anything to you about her.
Well, there was a moid I talked to for a while who’s girlfriend disappeared for months and he even went to look for her at her state, it ended up being that she was just studying a difficult career and didn’t feel like telling everyone about it.
Maybe she wanted to start again or something like that, and then she cut contact with her friends that are now salty about it and won’t talk about her, I’m being optimistic though, it’s better to show her that you care about her.

No. 917635

What do you think is an appropriate timeframe to answer or respond to an anons posts? Everytime I see an interesting post or a question I have an answer for its always been posted around 2 or 3 days ago and I'm pretty the anon won't see it anyway…

No. 917638

Just do it, unless it was infighting. Sometimes it brings my attention to hilarious posts I would have otherwise missed, and if they asked a question I’m sure they’d still like an answer

No. 917641

I am going to slam u on the table

No. 917645

dick makes me want to commit suicide

No. 917646

you haven't experienced daddy dick sugarplum(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917651

File: 1632110897900.jpeg (46.82 KB, 720x706, CD053075-3677-4259-9906-6C4050…)

now it’s a murder/suicide

No. 917652

Sugarplum makes you sound geriatric. More like senile old grandpa dick

No. 917655

you can really spot the scrotes that have zero female interaction irl

No. 917656

File: 1632111403996.jpg (157.25 KB, 886x1024, luxury.jpg)

Is it weird I don't get the appeal of luxury products? My family is really well off but my parents are still really frugal and just buy normal stuff. Like don't get me wrong, I guess if you're making six figures and are hitting your financial goals with money left over, do what makes you happy. But I feel fine having a more modest lifestyle with putting money towards travel/retirement/family goals.

Just seems like the push for a luxury lifestyle is really damaging towards women and encourages them to be consumers while not encouraging real wealth building. Maybe I'm just jealous because my income isn't the highest and my net worth is only like $10k in my late 20s.

No. 917658

for your sake I hope that's true

No. 917660

my sake? i will literally punch every man in the balls.

No. 917665

>underripe strawberry

No. 917666

just saying if you think "daddy dick sugarplum" is the "tell", I mean…

No. 917669

I don't understand the appeal of luxury products either. Most are just slightly above average quality marked up, but sold with known names or shilled by influencers. I find the current modernist aesthetic to be tasteless; blocky bags that look like plastic, beige body-con dresses.. bleh. It seems like a desperate attempt to feel socially savvy or above others to show off a certain lifestyle. Those who live true luxury don't post staged photos because the cost of what they buy is irrelevant. I was raised around a man who never asked the cost of things, simply bought when he liked it. He'd take his relatives on exotic vacations, fly to New York and back same day just to see a play. He regularly went to restaurants you had to pay to be a member of, one where the Rothschilds have ate. He knew many influential Hollywood types, he took my mom to meet Rhianna. That man is now in prison because he burglarized a house while high on a cocktail of drugs.

I have some pretty high end things that might be considered luxury to some who actually know what my shit is, but only because I'm selective about what I own so that it remains store of wealth or investment.

No. 917670

you're going to pull a muscle from this flex

No. 917671

Is it normal that my cellulite looks worse after a workout for some reason?

No. 917673

maybe dehydration or increased bloodflow has something to do with it?

No. 917674

yeah well i have a louis vuitton purse so

No. 917675

I reread my comment and I know how retarded I sound. I was raised around this man because he was my mother's childhood bestfriend. They both grew up dirt poor, and so did I. I grew up in a dirty barred-window apartment outside of LA. Whenever he was free, every few months he'd take us to Disneyland or something because the companies he was contracted under would take us. If my father was being an especially abusive ass, he'd let me stay with him or his family for a while and I got to see how he lived.

No. 917677

It might be. My legs also feel hot to the touch

No. 917680

why do people plug the sink in public bathrooms with ripped up brown paper towel and then fill the sink up?

No. 917682

>why do people
>in public bathrooms
it's like stomping on a bed of flowers when you know you'll get away with it

No. 917692

I don't get it either, I mean if I made a ton of money I'd buy expensive stuff but it'd be related to my hobbies or stuff I like to collect, I don't get buying expensive stuff purely to flex a certain lifestyle.

No. 917710

I grew up in a wealthy family, and yeah, your post is pretty much what it's like. You don't really need to flex, it's more that money isn't a problem. You can just get what you want without having to think much about it.
My lifestyle isn't really like that now, but I still can't relate to the whole luxury obsession (unless the person is partaking in a specific hobby or something). It's boring, kind of samey and seems pointless. Like, you're still a fucking animal who shits and pisses and rots. I just don't see the value.

No. 917731

Is it really necessary to moisturize? I've stopped doing it a few months ago and honestly I haven't noticed any difference, my skin feels and looks the same.

No. 917735

I also stopped and noticed no difference either. The only exception is when I use eyeshadow or eyeliner (which isn't often), the skin around my eyes feels more dry, maybe because make-up remover is probably more tough on the skin than regular cleanser is. As someone with normal, balanced skin I'm not convinced moisturizer is neccersary.

No. 917738

Anyone has experience with neurofeedback? I've been offered free sessions (in a respectable hospital) and I'm thinking of doing them because I'm depressed fuck.

For me it makes a big difference, my skin looks like shit if I put on makeup and didn't moisturise a day or two before. Very flaky. But when I lived overseas, it didn't make much difference. I think it depends on where you live, if the air is dry or moist.

No. 917746

>if you're actually wealthy you just buy what you want and not talk or flex about it (paraphrasing)

Lmao literally all the kids from wealthy families I know (and I know a lot because my uni is full of them) are luxury item obsessed, flex on their social media with expensive clothes and trips all the time. Even your posts sound like flexing to a bunch of anonymous people, you people are just totally not self-aware.

No. 917761

Seriously, it's so fucking cringy.

No. 917762

Honestly my skin has been so much better in general ever since I've stopped trying to fix it. Meaning I don't use any products except a quick wash with mild soap in the shower. To think that I was sinking an hour into this shit every day for nothing is baffeling. Not having an hour a day to obsess about my skin has also fixed my picking issue, so that's nice.

No. 917765

If there is no difference then you don't need it. A lot of skincare is a meme. I have dry skin so I need face cream - if you don't need it great, save money.

No. 917769

File: 1632137517768.png (346.1 KB, 445x442, 1631897850860.png)

is there another way to view deleted reddit comments other than removeddit and ceddit? those two are not working for me

No. 917787

No. 917804

the comment was made by a deleted user so i can't search it using camas

No. 917809

@anon who said she got a job at un.
if u heard any gossip about that bts kpop band that's supposed to be speaking, please spill

No. 917814

Is it normal to not have goals and ambitions at all? Or is it mental illness?

No. 917830

Is there nothing at all for you? Even a desire to leave a comfy life is a goal/ambition too. If you don't really want to do anything with your life at all, it's probably depression.

No. 917834

My skin only cleaned up when I gave up on products and just used miceller cleanser + argan oil. I think some ppl just do better with less.

No. 917836

How does my cat know I'm waking up so it comes to jump on my bed and start purring when I haven't even opened my eyes yet?

No. 917849

Maybe your breathing speed changes

No. 917851

maybe she knows what time you usually wake up, or she hears you stirring

No. 917880

>"oh thank fuck she finally stopped snoring" - my cat

I don't have a particularly regular sleep schedule, but it could be the second one

Follow up question, presuming that it's breathing changes or rustling, how come I don't have that superpower to detect someone's waking up? Or could I learn too if I started paying attention? Do you know of any humans who can?

No. 917885

Thank you for your replies, I've seen so many anons here lose their shit when people don't moisturize and that they consider it some kind of bare minimum, I'm glad to see I'm not doing anything wrong. I live in a country with a temperate climate, I only wear eye makeup and I moved two months ago, in my previous apartment my skin always hurt after showering so I was moisturizing, but it's not the case anymore, it must depend on the quality of the water too. We'll see how I'll fare this winter though.

No. 918010

Is it worth going to a chiropractor? My lower back has been starting to hurt again. It isn't debilitating like before but yoga isn't really helping like it used to. I do have scoliosis but it's been a long time since I've seen a doctor specifically for my back.

No. 918014

File: 1632154842631.png (1.7 MB, 1152x900, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 12.2…)

what brand headphones is he wearing

No. 918022

No. 918023

Sennheiser HD 599, I've got the previous model and it's great and the ears are extra

No. 918025

Sorry, I sent the wrong Amazon link.

These are the exact ones he's wearing:


No. 918027

god he's getting old and fat. he looks like my ex friends dad

No. 918028

nsamefag, I'm only like a few years younger thand this mfger

No. 918033

Thank you anon! I'll have to look out for pasteurized eggs next time I grocery shop.

No. 918039

Is it normal to have light bleeding after sex? My boyfriend and I were a little rough last night. I'm paranoid I might have cancer or something but I don't have insurance so I guess I'll just die if I have it.

No. 918044

ayrt, i have no clue who this is tbh. i found him through my recommended. i had to click on "1000-lb Sisters Is Not So Wholesome Anymore"

No. 918046

if it's light red blood you probably have a tear somewhere, especially if you were rough
it's fine though, maybe don't do any penetration for a few days and it should heal up, but if it continues bleeding for a long while I'd get concerned.

No. 918064

Anyone have any experience getting dizzy or light headed from normal cleaning solutions? I had longer than usual exposure to sanitizer solution (for dishes) at work today and started to feel like I was going to pass out, now I feel like someone drained me of all my energy and it’s been a few hours. Is this an allergy or something normal?? Nobody else seems to have issues with it.

No. 918081

that sanitizer solution is something that will go down in history books as an incredible, preventable workplace hazard. it's toxic

No. 918083

It's normal, breathing in most cleaners leads to lung damage in the long run. Or maybe someone mixed the wrong cleaners.

No. 918084

God why is that thing still living, way past it's expiration date.

No. 918088

Who is this guy? The fact that he is ugly like that while wearing this kind of headphones is activating my fight or flight response.

No. 918096

I think that's Cinnamontoast Ken

No. 918163

File: 1632163715328.png (488.03 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210920-204501.png)

So this dress
is neon yellow, right?

And it's the same color as these things Eugenia Cooney wears, right? Because she's keeps calling them green and I wonder if it's me that's mistaken or her.

No. 918165

Michaela's dress is neon yellow, but Eugenia's outfits are more green.

No. 918166

Samefag, I said outfits, but I really only mean the outfit that's at the top of your pic

No. 918169

She's got a bunch of things in the similar color but calls all of them green while I'd call all of them yellow. A bit different shades of yellow, but still definitely belonging into the yellow category in my mind.

No. 918171

Also, I'm OP of the question, if that wasn't clear. Would like to know if I'm missing some cones or if it's normal to think of it as yellow.

No. 918177

I mean, neon green and yellow are really similar so I think it's normal. Someone else might look at Eugenia's outfit and agree with you that it's yellow. Sometimes I think certain shades of purple and pink look really similar and I can't tell what color it is.

No. 918191

idk all her outfits look neon green to me, but i'm no expert.

No. 918193

Do you also think this >>918153 dress is green?

No. 918207

Michaela's dress is neon yellow, Eugenia's dress at the top is more in the direction of neon green, the ones at the bottom are more neon yellow, just a little bit paler.
That's what I would say, but monitor calibration isn't the same for everyone, so some colours appear different.

No. 918211

Thanks guys. I've just remembered I've always had trouble agreeing over the colour of tennis balls, which is basically the same dilemma, and one Google search gave me this
>The unmistakable shade of the tennis ball is officially called "optic yellow" by the ITF. But a Google search for "optic yellow color" leads to the online color encyclopedia ColorHexa. There, the shade is listed as #ccff00 and marked as "Fluorescent yellow or Electric lime."
>That slight, blurry line between analogous shades led to the great internet debate: Are tennis balls yellow or are they green?

Glad to know I'm not the only confused one.

No. 918212

just slightly but not as much

No. 918222

Rafael Nadal agrees with you. I myself am on Federer's side.

No. 918451

Please pardon my autism. Rehab specialists advise family members to be nonjudgmental towards the addicts in their lives. I want to be supportive, I'm patient and a good listener, but I don't understand what constitutes as judgement. Is it judgemental to talk about how their behaviour affects me? Am I allowed to say "please don't do that thing that you promised me you wouldn't do?" Am I allowed to express my anger and fear? obviously I never say stuff like "you're a bad person" or "you deserve this" or "you're hopeless" because I genuinely don't think those things. But I am actively terrified, feeling betrayed and lost, despairing, etc., and those worries are compounded by the fact that I don't know how much I should share. Please, what does it mean to be judgemental?

No. 918453

Why do I keep getting extremely depressed, nearly suicidal out of nowhere after being horny for a while? Thought it was period related but now it's happening even a week after it's over.

No. 918462

>Is it judgemental to talk about how their behaviour affects me?
>Am I allowed to say "please don't do that thing that you promised me you wouldn't do?"

Anon, was there ever a time in your life where you did something and you were embarrassed to tell someone about it, mostly because they’d see you completely in a different light? They would “pin you down” immediately, leaving no room for ambiguity. Say, you cheated on an ex, and you really want to confide in your friend, but you’re hesitant because your friend wouldn’t see all of the grey area (it’s always white and black thinking for her—never grey) and she’d just stuff you into the Evil Bitch box. You don’t feel safe admitting uncomfortable things to her because because of this. She’s really critical; she doesn’t try to give people a break or understand why they are the way they are. She also constantly makes it known because she has something to say about everything. Your friend is judgemental.

I would say it’s appropriate to share how you feel in good timing. It’s not judgemental to do so. Being judgemental would be calling them failures who brought this on themselves and who don’t know how to take responsibility of their own actions, or a lesser (and nicer) version of that.

No. 918463

thats just the serotonin dropping

No. 918477

Does it say anything negative about my attention span if I can't listen to music albums in one go, and instead have to choose each song individually because else I start to blend it out and can't really tell if I like the song or not since it all meshes into one giant 25-90min song, or is this normal?

No. 918501

Nah I think that's normal, especially if the album lacks variety/stand out songs. I find that lots of albums I listen to are just fine and I can listen to the whole thing and it'll be okay, but none of the individual songs are memorable enough to stick out. Plus music is kind of a background thing for me so I can't concentrate on it that easily, I'll usually multitask.

No. 918507

Thank you, this explanation really helps. I really appreciate that you took the time to write it all out for me.

No. 918533

There are so many cows that pedo pander and so many others that are not on this website. I just don't know what to think. Are they catering to a small but active subgroup or are all scrotes actually really and truly pedos? (I just don't want to live anymore if my male friends are all wanking it to women acting like babies.)

No. 918539

Is there a female equivalent of the name Junior in the English language?

No. 918543

I have always made playlists of hundreds of artists instead of listening to albums, there are only a handful of artists with interesting enough albums for me to listen to the actual album.

No. 918548

Directed towards an individual, Miss?

No. 918550

I don't think so. You can be a junior regardless of gender (Serena Williams daughter is junior, for example). I don't think there's any name for people who are named after their mother though.

No. 918559

File: 1632194234054.png (78.77 KB, 617x554, 5de.png)

Who is this referencing ? also where do I find a bf like this

No. 918561

Seconded, I also want a bf like that.

No. 918565

>dating a political lesbian
This was made by a retarded conservative who thinks radical means extremist and doesn't know what the different branches of feminism even are.

No. 918566

Is this ironic? Because besides the pic being retarded a guy like this sounds insufferable

No. 918570

I think this meme likely originated on radblr, its not directly about the male and more making fun of the type of males extreme man hating radfems end up with

No. 918575

That makes no fucking sense

No. 918578

what's there not to get ? manhating radfems sometimes end up with self hating skinny male bfs

No. 918581

>dating a political lesbian
>claims to be sex positive
>far left extremism

It’s like whoever made this meme doesn’t know what any of these words mean, or what a radical feminist is. It makes no sense for it to come from radblr

No. 918584

I don’t think that’s the case at all, most will be annoyed by his “not like the other guys” shtick. I think most radfems end up with barely online well-adjusted normie men.

No. 918586

File: 1632196286091.jpeg (271.51 KB, 1501x2048, 97806693-E7C6-4050-99C1-CA49E2…)

> manhating radfems sometimes end up with self hating skinny male bfs

i can’t wait to give this lamp post a nice shower because he looks like he needs it

No. 918588

I mean don't most libfems do the same, even the overly online hyper woke one's end up with males who don't know or don't care about the half the shit their talking about

No. 918600

why, he sounds obnoxious

No. 918606

whenever i see two people having this argument i always wonder why they never remember you can say "greenish yellow"

No. 918624

Dae's electric toothbrush ever switched on by itself?? Yesterday my Sonicare started buzzing in the bathroom after I went to sleep and it scared the shit out of me

No. 918652

I am not letting this go, what is the pigsty /sty/ board meant to be for?

No. 918653

How do I cancel a report on messenger? On google I can only find how to cancel reports of facebook but my messenger report is not there.

No. 918656

Cleaning up shitposts/low effort posts/incelposting from the main board. If unwanted content was posted on the main board, it was moved to /sty/ by mods.

No. 918657

Samefag, it was literally a dumpster for bad threads. Nobody went there to post, it was a collection of posts moved there because they were shit.

No. 918671

Why aren't emojis allowed on this site?

No. 918676

Makes you stand out if you use them regularly in a site that is supposed to be anonymous. At least that's why I get from the rule.

No. 918719

File: 1632216291570.png (603.91 KB, 530x538, 454545.png)

growing up I had a very decent relationship with my older brother and sister, I don't think anyone of us ever even fought but we each moved out of home separately at and have barely interacted with each other in almost a decade now. I sometimes think about contacting them every now and then but I wouldn't know what to say
is this weird ? not keeping in contact with your siblings even though you had healthy relationships without any sort of drama growing up

No. 918720

samefag I should mention that my siblings are considerably older then me, my sister is 4 years older then me and my brother is 12 years older

No. 918721

4 years isn't considerably older lol, most of my friends have that age gap with their siblings and neither looks or acts any different from one another

No. 918724

it actually is significant when your a kid, when I was 10 she was 14-15 and in a completely different world and when I was 13 she was almost verge of adulthood

No. 918727

You have to be 18 to post here, so I'm guessing it's either no longer significant or you're underage.

No. 918736

what accent is this? I legit can't tell, it sounds southern sometimes and brooklyn other times.

also she says she has a "sweet little girl voice" but she sounds deep and sultry and like she smokes, lmao.

No. 918739

File: 1632219557217.jpg (57.72 KB, 500x200, yellow.jpg)

People just call "in between" shades of colors differently depending on what they think of as the "standard". Some people think of yellow as a more warm/orange color like the sun, so this neon looks "green" to them

No. 918740

It's a regional BPD dialect. She apparently grew up in Harlem but she's trying to add Atlanta rapper inflections to her speech so she's not like the other girls

No. 918742

I'm about to be 23 next October

No. 918746

>regional BPD dialect
kek i gotta find out what the bpd bitches in my region sounds like

No. 918763

File: 1632222445705.jpg (88.38 KB, 500x667, Nokia_and_bf.jpg)

This is just sad, as much as I dislike Dojacat at least she's consistent with her persona, she knows what she has to say and what she has to do too appeal to her audience(male and female)

Nokia just tries to act out so many personas at the same time it ends up failing
>The Spicy Latina
>The no nonsense black girl from the Hood
>The Spiritual Indigenous woman
>The Bi-sexual feminist
Who she really is might be impossible to tell, I do feel bad for her cause she can't ever be anything close to her real self

No. 918780

Dae has the bad habit when talking to someone that you don't just look into their eyes but you sort of look all over their face, their lips, their nose, chin, etc.? And I don't just do this with people I'm attracted to but everyone

No. 918785

Isn't that normal? I focus on people's eyes or lips depending on what they're saying and how close we are standing to each other, how distracted I am by noises etc.

No. 918788

Looking into people’s eyes is something you can try practicing, I’m an autist who had to learn how to do so to intimidate people and seem assertive.
It takes time but it’s possible, the mirror will be your best friend, just try looking into your eyes more often.

No. 918810

I'm sick and my sinuses are clogged and my head hurts a lot because of it, even when I take painkillers. When I lie down it hurts worse so I can't rest well. Please if you have any tips that help you unclog your sinuses tell me it would help me a lot. I've put all sorts of herbal creams under my nose and I've used a face sauna thing but it helps only for a couple of minutes.

No. 918812

you need to boil water in a pot and then put sea salt in it and then place your head over the pot and inhale with a cloth over your head. You need to do this daily.

No. 918818


No. 918824

File: 1632227863179.png (140.39 KB, 850x637, 82711CFA-F908-4101-AD22-C36B5F…)

I went to a doctor and she told me that it’s okay to use pic related as much as necessary, like, once a day forever.

No. 918826

Do girls tend to want what other girls in their peer group have? (the guy/boyfriend, clothes, etc)(male)

No. 918828

I was saving for an iphone 12 pro, but apple stopped selling them (and presumably making them?) because the 13's came out. Does this mean the 12 pros will get cheaper with time or more expensive?

No. 918835

They should be getting cheaper because there’s a shiny new phone which supposedly should be better.

No. 918857

is that somehow related to tiger blood

No. 918905

Is it normal to have this type of reaction to hunger?

Because of poor timing and studying I had a small simple dinner and didn't eat until three pm today. I was really cold with a headache and no energy. I thought this was really over the top but does anyone else react this way?

No. 918914

Probably cheaper. I would also recommend looking out for refurbished ones listed on Apple's website. I got my current iPhone refurbished from them so it was already cheap as an older model, and even a bit cheaper on top of that because it was refurbished. Since it came from Apple directly it was still under their warranty if it fucked up somehow too.

No. 918916

I don't get cold, but I do get nauseous when I'm hungry on occasion.

No. 918920

It's normal. I'm not much of a breakfast person so sometimes I don't eat until late in the day and I end up getting really cold. Especially when the weather is already chilly. When I do eat I usually warm up pretty fast.

No. 918937

I'll get cold and listless if I eat too late or too much. Afaik it's because blood is directed away from other parts of the body and into the stomach to help with urgent digestion. Headaches are probably caused by the same blood redirection. It's normal, your body is prioritising digestion.

No. 918939

That's kind of weird and not normal ime

No. 918950

If I'm signed in my personal Google account on my work phone can they see what e-mails I'm receiving in my personal email account?
I've been working at this new place for 3 weeks and I just realized I'm still signed up on some job search sites and keep getting email alerts. I'm afraid people at the new company are thinking that I'm still searching for a job (even though I'm not)

No. 918958

Very clear explanation, thank you

No. 919031

…tech anons?

No. 919032

how old are some of the oldest anons here? any grandmas?

No. 919033

File: 1632246477678.jpeg (189.44 KB, 750x693, 2888D831-D6A3-44C2-8E4E-E02649…)

not a tech anon but if you google similar questions theoretically case is yes if using employer devices, but most probably are not specifically checking what emails you're getting. just don't do so on work devices if you're that paranoid. Unless you have some real freaks at your office I don't think anyone would be surprised you're still getting those emails when you just got a new job. https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/labor-employment-law/privacy-and-other-employee-rights/can-your-employer-read-your-emails.html

No. 919044

I remember an anon claiming to be middle-aged. It was in the "Farmers over 25" thread, but for some reason I can't find it now.

No. 919066

I think I've seen someone claim to be 60+, which really blew my mind. If it's true, I congratulate them for being able to integrate so well, I hope I can still converse with young people at that age.

No. 919077

I'm gen X

No. 919085

Are you a cougar?
How does one prepare for middle age? What subcultures were you into diring your teens/twenties?

No. 919093

where on the internet can i find information about lost places, especially ones that aren't completely overrun?
i'm looking for places in germany

No. 919095

What do you mean by lost places? Rundown/abandoned buildings? Urbex?

No. 919107

idk i just want to see some cool abandoned buildings, i've never done it before

No. 919117


No. 919120

If you decide to go, please take someone you trust and who is physically strong. I'm fascinated by abandoned places too, but the chances of running into a homeless rapists are too big to take any chances. Stay safe!

No. 919123

So if you’re spotting, but you never did so in your life until now, and google-chan says that it could be caused by your fatass. Would you go to your gynecologist or would you wait until you’re at a less horrible weight?

No. 919125


No. 919129

Do Eurovision winners stay famous in their country afterwards or is it just a one-time thing for them?

No. 919133

Last week I think I pulled a muscle in my back as I bent over but it felt 10x more painful than normal and there was a searing hot pain where I did it for like 15 minutes afterwards. I'm only just getting better from it. What did I do? Did I just pull a muscle real bad or is it something more serious?

No. 919161

Go to a doctor and find out? No one here can really tell

My father thought he had a pinched nerve in his lower back and it turned out it was cancer destroying his spine, so you never know.

No. 919165

From googling it I think it's just nerves and/or muscles but I'll bring it up with my GP next time I see her. Just thought I'd take a shot in the dark here in case anyone experienced something similar.

No. 919171

Interesting. What's your favorite cow?

No. 919175

it's usually a one-time thing

No. 919185

you animals have no respect for your elders!
cool. post some guys us youngins won't know in the unconventional male attractions thread please!!

No. 919197

I'd say that if they aren't already famous/well known in their own countries, it's more often than not a one-time thing. Duncan won for my country in 2019 but I haven't really heard much of him since, besides one or two songs from his debut album that got some play on radio/spotify.

No. 919201

That's cool, I didn't think we had a gen x anon here. Wish we had a more varied age palette in general. Glad to have you here nonnie!!

No. 919202

Ik heb prinsjesdag volledig genegeerd vandaag lol

No. 919213

File: 1632259081194.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 34343.png)

>Invalid username or password.

I can't access my Ovarit account, I'm using my exact passward that I have written for a hundred times and since I used a proxy email to make my account I can't talk to them
WTF do I do Nonnies please help me ?

No. 919215

Take it as a sign to quit wasting time there. It’s full of faux radfems

No. 919217

I still had some saved on account and the search engine is almost imposable to use without an account

No. 919218

File: 1632259521288.jpg (43.41 KB, 340x576, hair7.jpg)

Would you describe yourself as:
-agreeable taker
-agreeable helper
-disagreeable taker
-disagreeable helper

No. 919221

Try contacting admin@ovarit.com and explain what happened. They can be slow to reply sometimes but usually get around to it, maybe you can verify and get a password reset some other way.

No. 919226

I don't have an account though to contact her, how do I contact her if I can't even use the proxy email I used

No. 919240

Are there any active muslims on this site?

No. 919247

sh! you'll awake the ex-muslim anon(s)

No. 919250

I wouldn't describe myself in those terms

No. 919262

kek they've been awake and busy for the past 10 hours

No. 919268

File: 1632262430340.gif (2.76 MB, 360x360, B830D005-C8C5-49C7-8642-5C8C2F…)

you called?

No. 919276

Pakistani anon has been schizo rambling for a while already in one of the other threads

No. 919277

yes me

No. 919287

Aren't they posting a ton in the vent thread already

No. 919291

File: 1632263560599.jpg (42.21 KB, 500x1002, 2xoafc.jpg)

No. 919311

who is she? i guess i always miss her posts. is that one who posts the youtube video and racist caricatures?

No. 919316

she also complains a lot about western feminists , islam, radfems, and arabs, and brings up akot of specific paksitani linguistic/cultural topics (which would be intresting if she wasn't such an autist).
she's tiresome in the way she shits up threads and i wish she'd eat a ban

No. 919322

Where are you here though? The concept of this board goes against Islam’s teachings. Isn’t gossiping haram, nonny?

No. 919325

is the "rad fem" discord anon the pakistani one??? im genuinely interested in her linguistic tics

No. 919336

do any of you beautiful nonnies know what this song @4:59 is?


i have autistically been searching for months, shazam is no help

No. 919342

i think plan D uses royalty-free music in her videos (i think I've also heard that song before in animal crossing build videos i watch?) so hopefully that might help? there are also two songs mentioned in the description and both of those are free ones. i hope you find out soon!

No. 919347

holy fuck im blind i forgot youtube does that, thank you. i'm going to binge all the royalty free youtube songs now.

you're beautiful, your eyeliner is perfect, may you eat good cake

No. 919355

File: 1632268082787.jpg (57.25 KB, 730x595, grizealia.jpg)

I'd ask this in the celeb thread or on /snow/ but I don't want to be insulted so… how did the drama between Azealia and Grimes first start and how do they feel about each other now? Is it mostly just a publicity thing or do they really hate each other?

No. 919360

I thought they were friends? I know shit went down last year when grimes baby was born, something triggered banks to air out their(Elon/Grimes) dirty laundry. I guess it has something to do with that

Banks has always been fucking nutso, practices irl blood sacrifices and witch craft shit. It's unfortunate she's fucking whack cus some of her music is actually good.

No. 919361

thank you anon! enjoy!

it started because they both tried to fuck elongated muskrat. azealia hates grimes and regularly wishes death upon her, and it's assumed grimes feels the same (though not to such an insane extent, because this is AB we're talking about). i think there are some really good articles and posts and stuff online that'll explain it in depth with lots of receipts if you google something like 'grimes AB drama timeline'

No. 919379

File: 1632269386208.png (466.81 KB, 590x393, 1590949813702.png)

Does anyone know of any online stores that offer mooncakes on sale after the mid-autumn festival?

No. 919381

I don’t get it, why do first worlders get all the best things? You guys shit gold? Why can’t I have anything? We don’t even fucking have music camps in the woods. No niche communities, no nothing. I fucking hate this instrument, I’ve been trying to learn for a couple of weeks and I’m getting nowhere. There’s like two places here where I can learn this instrument and one I can’t get into and the other is shithole for women (the male instructors there harass the women and it’s got a shitty reputation for female players). What am I supposed to do? Kill myself? Why do you guys get all the good things? And I’m broke. At this rate I’ll really LARP as an online self-help guru so I can get firsties to pay a monthly subscription for my blog.

No. 919384

Most people don’t much progress in a couple weeks of learning a new instrument, no matter where you’re from.

No. 919385

i know chains like 85degrees sell it at a discount afterwards but you'd have to go in person lol. maybe 99ranch?

No. 919388

File: 1632269980740.png (62.95 KB, 795x566, 2021-09-21 20_18_31-Window.png)

picrel is basically the cliffs notes

No. 919391

Definitely going to raid the local 99ranch if all else fails, but their checkout lines are painfully long

No. 919397

well you're posting from the internet right now so just look up some websites/youtube videos about it? i taught myself keyboard and ukulele, instruments aren't rocket science or something you NEED a physical teacher to be there for.

No. 919404

File: 1632270799566.jpeg (39.82 KB, 884x548, F714856C-49A8-48B2-93CC-FEA030…)

If you’re in the US, I’ve seen yamibuy put mooncakes on sale after the festival. I highly recommend that site overall, it’s really cheap and has a huge selection of chinese/korean/japanese snacks and condiments.

No. 919440

File: 1632274494737.jpg (529.7 KB, 2048x1537, meatgiri.jpg)

Just got Discovery+ (free trial) is it worth watching the Onision doc?

No. 919441

No. Nothing there that isn't already in the threads. And the threads are far more amusing.

No. 919443

Thanks, anon. Do you think it's possible they lurked here for some info? lol

No. 919444

At this point why isnt Shatna just in pt? So many anons enjoy her thread what's setting her apart from Moo at this point?

No. 919447

the quality of the thread and posters has gotten worse as time has gone on honestly. i read it and don't even think it belongs in /pt/.

No. 919449

nta and i have no opinion on shayna being a /pt/ cow but you can't honestly think quality is what separates /pt/ from /snow/ threads. onision's threads are a dumpster fire

No. 919453

you can't compare shayna to onision whatsoever when it comes to what is considered "milk" though. she's just not interesting enough. onision had a fucking documentary done on him kek.
not saying that the /pt/ threads haven't devolved from what they were when the cows were first moved there, but shayna just isn't really doing anything different than what every other literal who degen sex worker is doing on twitter these days.

No. 919457

Are Taylor and Luna doing anything different than what every other junkie is doing?
Not saying you're wrong, it's just that "legacy cow" is a very very loose category.

No. 919458

is being a junkie as accepted as twitter sexwork now?

No. 919468

do normies generally think of self diagnosing mental disorders as good or bad? i'm against self diagnosing mental illnesses but a lot of my friends seem to support it despite not being that woke.

No. 919476

when i think of normies i just associate them with being completely avoidant of mental illness and not want to acknowledge/discuss it but idk

No. 919492

NTA but No I honestly think they just stole from other youtubers for their doc. The data was so surface level; or maybe I just know too much onision lore

No. 919510

What do you think of the things often said about islam and muslims on here?

No. 919527

Sweet, thanks nonnie I'll check it out!

No. 919600

Say you had a twitter account and you wanted to make a new one, would your new account be recommended to your old followers?

No. 919607

depends on whether you use the same email and enable the app to access your contacts or not

if you don't want to be found don't allow the app to access your contacts or phone number

No. 919628

why are home espresso machines so expensive yet drip coffee makers are so cheap? like don't they basically do the same thing (pass hot water through coffee grounds) I know there are some really cheap espresso machines but I've heard those aren't "real espresso machines"

No. 919636

A pricey espresso machine should be able to make frothy ass milk as well, and grind da beans

No. 919701

What could tightness in the chest and in the throat/neck area mean? My mom - who is in her 60s - called me yesterday saying that she was really scared because she felt this

No. 919704

The heart sadly, I'd visit a doctor fast as possible.

No. 919706

It could be a variety of things. Since she mentioned throat/neck as well as her chest, maybe acid reflux? She should definitely see a doctor instead of calling you though.

No. 919708

Definitely the Zelta variant of Covid

No. 919717

do ib count as social media? i think they have the same addictive quality, but idk

No. 919721

What is ib

No. 919723

imageboards, such as this one

No. 919726

How the fuck did i not get that

Anyway I dont know, I was actually going to ask the same question one tume but forgot to

No. 919728

don't worry anon, you're in the right thread

No. 919881

Not trying to fear monger but I have the narliest period cramps and I’ve been wearing a face mask a lot and all of a sudden when I’m standing I feel dizzy and sick like I’m about to faint. Does this mean I’m anemic or something because my flow for the first day of my cycle was pretty heavy? Anyone with PMS experience this symptoms?

No. 919900

What is a word that describes someone as handsome but cute? I need a word to describe a character that has a masculine face but its soft instead of hard

No. 919904

imo not really. i don't see any similarities beyond socializing. there's no identity attached, no like, updoot, or share options, etc.

No. 919911

boyish? charming?

No. 919923

I feel like the basic requirement for'social media' is to have some sort of identity and personal account that people can view. Anonymous imageboards are basically anti-social media.

No. 919927

Which American accent does this tranny have? And where can I hear more? From someone normal, preferably.

No. 919958

File: 1632332355672.gif (4.94 MB, 498x278, grade-stamp.gif)

Anons help. I need to give someone I work with in a group project for uni feedback. I need to name two things she did good but I literally can't think of anything lmao. She doesn't do shit, never has ideas, always waits for other people to take the lead and give her tasks and the few tasks she gets she does OK at best. Lmao what are some credible "positive points" I can name for someone like her?

No. 919967

Does anyone else’s vagina lips hurt during their period? I don’t know if its the pad or just a normal reaction

No. 919980

She is reliable at least it sounds like that she would get the work done…
Reliable, CONSISTENT! I mean, consistently sub-par but you can leave that part out. Maybe does she use proper grammar and punctuation? Idk that sucks tho lol

No. 919991

Pads used to rub mine, after switching to cloth it went away.

No. 919992

Yeah what the other anon said were good. Cooperative/teamplayer, consistent

No. 919999

Be honest and trash her. Group members who do nothing deserve to be shamed.

No. 920103

Is hypergamy real? Why and why not? I’m curious what nonnys think.

No. 920124

Go back to incels co

No. 920129

I didn't bother looking into what hypergamy means because I thought it was some polygamy branch. I was shocked (but not surprised) when I found out it's just men being pissed women manage to find a partner who's better off than them kek.

No. 920146

Thanks, that's actually a good idea!

Ugh I know you're right but I'm afraid of it being turned around against me, like I'm the overly strict, whiny bitch who should've said something earlier or something like that you know. I also know I won't be backed up if I speak up about it because almost everyone does nothing, it's just me and one another doing 80% of the work.

No. 920149

i want to dress like its 2014 this year should i get doc martens? i already have a jean jacket

No. 920150

yes, and don't forget the galaxy print

No. 920165

haven't doc martens been pretty trendy lately too

if I think 2014 I think denim shorts over black thighs

No. 920203

Yes get some docs. the platform ones are unironically really cute

No. 920206

get an american apparel tennis skirt, it goes with basically everything in the 2014-verse

No. 920262

How do I ask an ex-coworker with whom I had a neutral relationship and haven't talked to in a whole year to write a reference letter for me for my new workplace?
She's not gonna mind and I'm sure she might even be happy to hear about me but how do I lead it up?

No. 920273

Why do people stop suicidal people who, for instance, want to jump off a bridge? Why do they assume that the person who wants to jump didn't think things through and is not making the right decision? Don't they have the right to death the same way they have the right to live?

No. 920287

Because people that are killing themselves publicly like that are usually doing so as a cry for help.

No. 920290

Are you sending an email or talking over text/in person? Over email I'd probably send something like

"Hey ___! How have things been for you? (general life question about work/covid/etc).

I'm actually at a new job, ___, and I was wondering if you had the time to write a reference letter for me? I'd really appreciate it!"

Something along those lines. It always feels bad reaching out just to ask a favor but I'd lean into it directly and early on. I think if I was in her position I'd appreciate it more than mindless back and forth before you finally coming out and asking what you want. If it's in person/over text idk man

No. 920292

A healthy brain's first instinct is survival, not to commit suicide. Someone on a bridge has mental health issues and intervention needs to take place.

No. 920299

But why? Why is 'I have come to the conclusion that death would bring more contentment to me than life' is any different than 'I have come to conclusion that I do not want to die and I 'm going to live my life just like before'?

No. 920300

Yes, it's an e-mail, thank you!

No. 920310

Not alwaays. Those are some of the most accessible suicide methods that give a decent chance of success.

No. 920317

What do people mean when they talk about making X amount of money per year? like, are they usually talking about before or after taxes?

No. 920319

I think they’re mostly talking before taxes because that’s what you get offered as payment when you search jobs.

No. 920332

NTA and not always, no, but people who are actually serious about their death take precautions to avoid interruption.

i can't tell if you're autistic or so in the throes of despair that you can't think clearly. your question boils down to "what's the difference between choosing to eat an apple and choosing to eat a razor blade? you're still making a choice!"

in any case, you have every right to be suicidal. life is hard and sometimes it's impossible to find any reason to continue on. i'm glad that you have the energy to debate ethics on lolcow of all places. i hope you will stick around a while longer. always fun to see suicide discussion in /ot/

No. 920334

For one thing, it's just more pragmatic to prevent people from jumping. If a person successfully jumps, the city has to dispatch a bunch of emergency services to find the body, check if they're dead, and potentially handle cleanup.

There's also a fair number of people who, upon surviving their attempt, report that they immediately regretted their decision as soon as they were falling. Add to that the possibility that a jumper is on drugs/experiencing a psychotic spell, and intervening is just a safer bet. After all, if someone has really made up their mind and is dead set on killing themselves, they can just try again.

No. 920362

>people who are actually serious about their death take precautions to avoid interruption.
And what if you can't? Not many people have the resources or time to successfully kill themselves. Many methods are prone to failure. Jumping (even with people around) might be someone's best option. Falling from a great enough height guarantees death. Also suicidal people can be seriously minded but act impulsively because the opportunity presented itself or they found themselves in the "right" mood to do it.

No. 920364

I have a question for you nonnies. What’s your least favorite period of history that people glorify? For example, the 60s/hippie period that was rife with murder and drug abuse that people still try to emulate with fashion for some reason.

No. 920369

What are some good diary writing prompts? I write about weather, what I did that day, and then random ramblings.

No. 920371

The one right now. People act as if they're living in the best age ever, when you know in 300 years they'll look back at us and balk over how barbaric and uncivilized we were.

No. 920385

Might not count but the 2000s were complete shit, even compared to now.

No. 920389

The 90s and 2000s were absolutely class. Right on the cusp of too much computers and social media. I have to say the 2010s to 2020s is the worst decade I've lived through. The early 2010s tried to make the trends of the late millennium last that everything the entire decade looked dated. Then they ended up regressing back to the 90s. There wasn't anything innovative or cool about the 2010s. I don't even know what to call that fucking decade. The noughties was up until 2010. The decade of trannies is probably the most stand out thing. It was the decade of gender identifies and absolutely luancy.

No. 920402

I have a sudden urge to visit Paris on the weekend so what are some of your tips/recs for a brief trip there?

No. 920405

Absolutely the sixties. Such a trashy, degenerate time and terrible for almost everybody.

No. 920411

70s, 2000s and 2010s. right now sucks too but i don't see anyone glorifying it.

No. 920423

Probably the era tradthots glorify. The 50s and before were a complete shit time for women, at least in the 60s the civil rights movement started taking off as well as feminism, but beforehand being a woman or minority sounded like it was complete dog piss. Nothing about the fashion or styling of that era could redeem it, and I don't give a fuck about economics either.

No. 920445

-you can seriously never go wrong with the Louvre, but you gotta book in advance.
-Most museums ask for advance bookings now bc they have limited capacity to comply with Covid rules.
-the Marais historical district (around the Saint-Paul metro station) is really great to walk around in if you love old architecture. loads of gorgeous 17-18th century buildings.
-Avoid the Champs-Elysées, overrated tourist trap. Also avoid the Cité district (the island in the middle of ther river) bc Notre-Dame is closed and the Palace of Justice is locked down bc theres a terrorism trial going on.
-If you like gardens, the Luxembourg is really cool. the surrounding dsitrict is great for bookstores and lovely architecture.
-The Galeries Lafayette department store is full of tourists but the rooftop has an amazing view for free. Their food section is also pretty incredible.
-The Plais-Royal is worth a gawk. You can grab a bite to eat and a boba in the Asian shops behind it and then sit down in the gardens. For boba, try TeaYammi rue des Moulins.

lmk if you need restaurant recs lol

No. 920545

/ot/ for quicker answer - If I like the current Impeachment season of American Crime Story would I like the others? I really enjoy the acting and tone in this season and am hoping the others are similar.

No. 920555

Right now, linear progression is a bullshit myth everyone seems to believe in, when really we're still trying to recover from the "renaissance". That period is only "enlightening" to scrotes, for women it meant all our medical knowledge being lost by witch trial and it being replaced with scrote medicine and a revival of sexist Greco-Roman customs and law. Heck, people had more free time as serfs than now with our 9-5 office life. But I'm supposed to be guilt tripped into being grateful for the tiny crumbs we somewhat got back and the charade we call voting. Even on a small scale 1920's Berlin sounds more ~progressive~ than now somehow and we're probably due for another roll back to fascism to start all fucking over AGAIN. Get me off this carousel.

No. 920604

does cuddling with women feel the same as men?

No. 920605

Why would it?

No. 920607

I don't know, that's why I'm asking. I've never been with a woman before.

No. 920612

Women are softer and more tender. I'm bisexual but being with men and women both emotionally and physically is different on all levels.

No. 920615

That's what I thought. I want to find someone to cuddle with, trying to find a woman first would be better but I don't know if being with a woman is what I'd prefer.

No. 920656

Thank you so much! I've made note of your recommendations. The Marais historical district and Luxembourg sound very promising, and I'll be certain to avoid the unfavourable spots you mentioned. Please do share more on restaurants and anything else that comes to mind. I look forward to taking plenty of stylish pictures and making friends during my trip.

No. 920670

do even normal/healthy food in america like bread, meat, vegetables fruits butter etc have weird stuff added in them? i feel like a person could easily get fat eating normally in america and never get fat eating normally in europe

No. 920674

Yeah, preservatives and unnecessary sugars n shit. I wish people had the time and energy to make their own food but our fancy slavery system keeps everyone away from home for more than half of the day.

No. 920677

Can going on/off hormonal contraceptive make you start/stop being attracted to your bf? I started BC just before starting to be attracted to a friend of mine, we got together for a few months but the BC gave me awful side effects like being super anxious and insecure.I stopped it and now I have a hard time giving a shit about him. I like him and all, but I don’t really miss him or feel anything at the thought of us just being friends. Less sexual attraction too.

Is this normal

No. 920678

True for the physical part, onviously men and women have different bodies, but not really for the emotional part. Men and women have massive overlap on their emotional kind of connection in a relationship and it really depends on the individual.

No. 920682

File: 1632396365981.jpg (34.91 KB, 540x360, 360_F_220549907_yrrPghjGuKAhSj…)

Gore in /snow/ and /ot/

No. 920687

thank you nonnie

No. 920698

Don’t know about the emotional part but women are definitely much more squishy than men, even women with low body fat. Very soft and mellow. Men are much harder to the touch.

No. 920748

ive heard of many such cases.

hot take: men push hormonal contraception not only because they hate condoms, but also because the unnecessary extra hormones unbalance women's mental health and make them feel like they need a more stable-seeming partner. and then when you're yourself again, without the hormones, you realize you dgaf about the guy, and then they try to make you feel bad for having a low sex drive. like, no…that's natural. it's natural for men too, if they weren't being constantly overstimulated by porn.

No. 920825

how many of you guys use a VPN on here? i never do and maybe i should be more concerned about it but it's probably too late now kek

No. 920830

Meh, you'll be fine. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't

No. 920836

What are you concerned about?

No. 920843

File: 1632413093855.jpeg (270.09 KB, 1068x454, 65DB4A04-5DF4-4882-8FB6-216981…)

which one of you is the sonic schlicker

No. 920845

Pathetic pickme delusions, men can not actually love women. What men confuse for love is lust, their little pee pee telling them to have sex with that woman, then get bored of her and start looking for the next one. If you think men can actually love you are either too young or too stupid.

No. 920846

I'm boring and a lil bit retarded, I'm not juicy enough to warrant using a vpn

No. 920869

Same tbh

No. 920871

Yes, veg and fruit is gmo'd and sprayed with tons of shit (unless you buy super expensive organic stuff), there's sugar and palm oil added to basically all preserved stuff, lead contents are always higher than the restrictions, and the soil is depleated to shit so our bodies hold onto calories more since there's not much nutrition in the food. Eurofags can cope with "Americans are just fat lazy pigs kek" but I'd like them to come here and try not gaining weight.

No. 920872

Yes, your hormones change when you get pregnant (what pill mimics) and you attraction can change too.

No. 920876

Agree with this tinfoil, being pregnant (mimicking it w pills) makes women psychologically feel more vulnerable and accept any ugly scrote with money.

No. 920890

how do i become friends with this girl? she doesnt know i exist but we go to the same uni and shes one year older. she seems cool i want to be friends but how do i do it without creeping her out?

No. 920894

What an insane amount of cope. Even if produce is sprayed with pesticides, it doesn’t add calories. Minimally processed foods like dried rice, oats, and beans (the type of stuff that you should be eating anyway) almost never contain additives. Depletion of certain minerals in soil is a real concern, but it’s one that affects europeans and americans equally - if anything, most of europe has been intensively farmed for longer than the us has.

If americans are fat solely because of evil american food producers, why is the uk nearly as obese? Stop looking for new things to take the blame for what the disgusting anglo diet has caused.

No. 920897

The thing Americans (and Brits) call "bread" is nothing like real bread.
>but I'd like them to come here and try not gaining weight.
Years ago we had this conversation on lolcow and consensus was that moving to another country would be an effective weight-loss strategy for most obese Americans.

No. 920915

I mean I'm in europe but the bread most households buy here is pretty processed white sliced bread. I think in certain parts of europe bread is usually proper fresh bakery bread. Not all over though.

No. 920922

File: 1632418009309.png (4.06 KB, 290x270, disgust.png)

I have multiple questions:
1) Does what you use as a food container effect your food? If so, what bento box/food container would anons recommend. I have to pack my own lunches in containers, and have no time in the morning make lunches. My current cheap, plastic food containers always make my food taste cold, slimy and not very good, even if I put in foil

2) To what extent does what you make affect how good/bad your lunch tastes? Even when I had tuna sandwich lunches, the tuna would eventually taste off over the course of the day. What food would you guys recommend to make for lunchboxes?

No. 920926

anons, what are some cute styles of glasses? which color should i get? like which colors/styles of glasses look good and fashionable with most outfits?
i feel like i always pick ugly glasses, probably because i get cheap ones. the ones i have now are rose gold, oval, wire framed glasses, the kind your grandma wears.
i’ve had the same glasses for like 4 years now and i want new ones!

No. 920934

>tuna sandwich
I never put moist/slimy/liquid things like tuna (or cheese, honey etc.) directly onto the sandwich the night before. Wrap it seperately and don't put it together until you're actually going to eat it.

No. 920938

I only ever put my tuna into my sandwich on the day I was going to eat it, but it always ends up slimy regardless

No. 920957

Don't put it on there until you're actually going to eat it. Tuna is moist, it makes sense that it ends up slimy if you don't eat it fairly soon after putting it on there no?

No. 920959

File: 1632419759096.jpg (22.52 KB, 474x266, egg.jpg)

How many eggs are too many eggs? I'm at like four a day right now, which feels like a lot, but I've built up a tolerance.

No. 920962

Enjoy the heart problems

No. 920963

I think three a day is the recommended daily max but I don't see what one more could do. They is good for you. And tasty.

No. 920979

I was always told no more than 2 yolks a day but no limits on egg whites. Dunno if you want to go through the hassle.

No. 920982

File: 1632420301065.gif (486.16 KB, 400x211, mlep.gif)

I thought I heard that cholesterol studies had been mis-reported, like, too much cholesterol is REALLY bad for some people, but not so bad for most people. Could just be wishful thinking.

No. 921001

I was always told that we should eat eggs only once a week.

No. 921007

I thought you weren't supposed to eat more than 6 or so a week. 4 a day definitely sounds like too much, you don't build up a tolerance to things that are simply not good for you in excess.

No. 921014

does anyone know any sites that have ethnicity guessing tech that aren't gradient? gradient doesn't have the option anymore

No. 921055

also one for age please? microsoft pulled the plug on how-old.net

No. 921060

cholesterol in eggs doesn't have any correlation to heart disease kek. in most studies done there is other shit going on in the participants that puts them at risk for heart problems. not to tinfoil but most data surrounding cholesterols, saturated fats, etc. in our food has been taken over by sugar lobbying that would rather you eat their carby processed foods (like cheerios) instead of things like red meat, eggs, and whole dairy.

No. 921071

Has anyone ever experienced something similar to this? A long time ago (>10 years ago) I got sick and prescribed some medication to help with my vomiting. I went out with my family but my head kept wanting to turn on its own, like it would slowly drift to face the right. At some point in the day, my eyes kept drifting too, they would drift upward and I'd have difficulty controlling it. At it's peak, my eyes were stuck staring to the upper right of me, with my head turned to the right and locked in position. I could speak, see, listen, and hear just fine, but my eyes and neck were frozen.

We had to go to the hospital and a doctor helped my eyes stop floating off by having me focus on his finger as he moved it. Can't remember how my neck got unfrozen but it did. Does anyone know what the fuck this is called?? It took place over the span of like 12 hours or some shit and it's never happened again to me. Also no I don't know what medication I was first given, only that it was to help me not vomit (and after visiting the hospital I was prescribed different meds and told this time that one of the side effects was I might vomit, so I spent a lot of time dry heaving afterwards kek).

No. 921083

there are gym bros who eat like 10 a day. enjoy your eggs, nonna.

No. 921109

https://age.toolpie.com is the one I tend to use now but it's way less accurate than how-old imo

No. 921113

>Support face detection for men, women and foreigners.

No. 921117

Yes, the 3 genders

No. 921120

I'm pretty sure those guys suffer negative health consequences though, they always look like they're one sneeze away from a coronary lol

No. 921124

Super fucking funny

No. 921187

I'm tempted to cut off contact with a relative. They already live a few hours away which helps. Have any other anons cut off or attempted to cut off a parent? How did it go?

No. 921208

I've cut off contact with one of my parents but we already weren't talking to each other when I was still living at home. There's just no attempts from either of us to contact each other.

No. 921211

Is it normal if your feelings towards your goals constantly fluctuate and one day they seem desirable and achievable and the next day they seem ridiculous and undesirable?

No. 921216

Sure, if you're not a bot. Humans are complex. You still need to pick a lane if you ever intend on getting somewhere.

No. 921231

Burgernonas, do you worry about getting shot when you’re out and about?

No. 921235

I live in a dtate that loves guns and not really. I acknowledge it can happen at any time but there's no point in worrying about it constantly.

No. 921248

I cut off contact with my mom a few years ago, and as a result lost contact with the rest of my family as well. Things were pretty dramatic for about a year, but everything's settled down significantly since then. I don't regret the decision, but I do still worry about them at times.

From a practical standpoint, make sure that you're logistically clear before doing it. My parents still have my birth certificate and social security card, which has been a complete pain in the ass to replace.

No. 921260

When I eventually get a car I'd like to get a dashcam in case too… Do people with dashcams just leave their cameras there or do they remove them after driving each time? I live in burgerland if it matters.

No. 921261

My home state has a history of and reputation for mass shootings so yes

No. 921264

no lol. i have a gun, same as everyone else in my state.

No. 921270

Can someone's general body language and movement be an accurate indicator of ADHD?

No. 921275

They stay there ofc. I'd get one front and back if you drive a lot and with good resolution. My bro somehow made the cable run underneath the upholstery on the roof so it's not wires everywhere.

No. 921277

No I'm more worried about my neighbors shitbulls letting loose again. No one even goes to jail if those fuckers get me.

No. 921278

Thanks anon! Yeah I was thinking of getting one for the rear too. I was just worried if it was common for people to break into peoples car to steal their dashcams.

No. 921291

Can’t you shoot them? Idk how laws work over there but at worst you’ll get a fine

No. 921316

Sonic anon has unlocked some hidden memories within me. Does anyone remember the woman who ran a popular Sonic fansite a few decades ago and was really really obsessed with Sonic? All I remember is that she wrote this wall of text about how she would eat his vomit and would let him kill her if he was real and a bunch of crazy shit like that. I think she eventually lost interest in sonic when she realized the character was voiced by a real man? She was kind of considered a lolcow at the time, but looking back she obviously had some genuine problems and I hope she's doing better these days, but I still want to remember her name or the name of the website. I tried googling it but I can't find shit.

No. 921317

I don't know who the fuck this is but I need to know

No. 921318

She sounds like Komaedanon.

No. 921319

Go back to the dog hate thread nonas

No. 921325

>she wrote this wall of text about how she would eat his vomit and would let him kill her if he was real

jesus christ, what is it about sonic that brings out the autism in people

lol one of the posts you replied to is about dashcams, calm down

No. 921327

What isnt? Its a blue chinchilla running after rings. Everything about it is autistic

No. 921336

wait, he's a chinchilla? I thought he was a hedgehog

No. 921339

File: 1632435584607.gif (15.56 KB, 761x181, Untitled-04.gif)

Turns out I was thinking of Alix Henriol. I found the forum post I was thinking of, from what I can find online she's still fucking insane but has gone relatively quiet.

No. 921640

I feel like I’m lying on my resume even though I am not. I feel so anxious about it right now, does anyone else get this way?

No. 921641

How do I escape gangstalking?

No. 921642

he is. but now i wish so badly now that it was a chinchilla instead.

No. 921643

see a therapist and get on antipsychotics

No. 921644

I'm already sedated and it keeps happening.

No. 921654

stop using the internet if it happens in real life too call the cops

No. 921682

Why is the fatty Minecraft YouTuber Dream thing, a “trigger”? I’ve been fiddling with random picrews i know it’s autistic that sometimes got the mask as a “trigger warning” as if it was a bad thing.

No. 921692

File: 1632454129216.jpg (507.83 KB, 1600x900, cover2.jpg)

Because he takes DRUGS

No. 921793

Why do some anons find it fascinating and not boring to sperg negatively about little details in other women's (cows or celebrities)looks?

No. 921800

Why is there a space to put in a name and subject if you get banned for doing that? Yes, I've lurked, but this is the one thing I don't get.

No. 921803

anon you can’t really be this stupid

No. 921804

File: 1632469244599.png (126.22 KB, 518x447, RmjHbPwG73_G6RxM-EWUWO2HkrVgYI…)

i have naturally curly hair that i've been flat ironing for like 15 years. i wanna stop doing that because i think it's the reason why my hair won't grow past a certain point (i used to have really long and curly hair once but now it just doesn't grow past my shoulders) but… i also hate how hot my neck gets when i don't put my hair into a bun or a ponytail. should i even bother letting my hair recover when it's too hot for me to wear it open anyways??

No. 921805

samefag sorry anon I forgot this was the stupid questions thread

No. 921807

it's just default 4chan format, in 4chan you can tripcode which is a series of letters that can't be duplicated that prove you are the same person. These are called tripfags and nobody likes them

subject is used for creating new threads

No. 921808

let it recover but look into Japanese straight perm, it's longer lasting and less damaging to hair

No. 921813

Lmao it's okay. I knew it was stupid that's why I asked it here
Thank you!

No. 921826

Does anyone have a good "explaination" I can use for not putting trigger warnings on my posts without getting people on my throat about it? I'm not gonna tag every vaguely clown related thing or the mere mention of blood because I think it's dumb and doesn't actually help anyone, but I can't really say it like that without being cancelled by people around me

No. 921891

What are some good questions to ask a date so as to get to know their way of thinking/values/etc? I don't mind much but I do know my lifestyle and values aren't compatible with everyone, so I'd like to explore this topic in a light-hearted manner.

No. 921892

Fucking kek, the smiley mask was under a trigger warning?

No. 921893

just don't use them

No. 921902

Just say you often forget and you don't want anyone to be twiggered or offended so if your posts have made them uncomfortable in the past they can just proactively unfollow

No. 921905

File: 1632484211922.jpg (124.56 KB, 845x291, creep.jpg)

should I report this craigslist ad

No. 921910

yes, you don't have to have a reason to report men's bullshit. just report everything that seems weird

No. 921912

Idk how to "report" stuff so I just flagged it? I don't know what the difference is. but anyway it's been up for 27 days, he's basically implying he wants a roommate that he can have sex with which seems like it would violate some kind of rule. it has been up for 27 days so maybe I'm wrong Idk

No. 921916

Talking about his cheating ex to his potential future live-in prostitute roommate.. men are so cool and definitely not emotional and looking for free therapy from any woman who enters their life.

No. 921917

File: 1632485444627.jpeg (67.83 KB, 828x549, 7CE00A9A-7CF0-43DB-A228-E1632E…)

This sounds probably really dumb but do you ever get crazy just before you get your period? Im two days before and I’m so angry. I want to eat a ton and i literally cant make decisions. I feel the strong urge yo just buy something but I can decide what and when i think i found what i like i hate it the next second. I know it’s pms but idk how to handle it the fucking feelings man

No. 921918

the thing that gets me is he wants a roommate to pay $500 AND have sex with him. like if I'm fucking some nasty greasy old dude I better not be paying rent. there are other shared rooms around the same cost where I wouldn't have to fuck some scrote so why tf would I choose him.

No. 921920

Yeah! And I’ve seen that twiggew wahning like 2 times already, I can’t find the shitty picrews because they were just that forgettable, but it really stuck out for some reason.

No. 921922

I think I'm due tomorrow. I was stupid horny a couple days ago, was agitated with people yesterday, then wanted to die lastnight. I feel drained of energy today. All pms related, all right on cue.

No. 921924

I would so die if doxxing of corpse husband went viral on twt lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921925

Yes 3 days before I get aggressive, 2nd day horny, and day before depressed. Rip hormones can't wait to behead the shits who polluted the world enough that even womens hormones were affected.

No. 921937

File: 1632487553440.jpeg (277.76 KB, 741x738, 05A6EC70-3B98-4B6D-BC48-C58895…)

Lets suffer together Nonnys

No. 921959

What is a glowie, I keep seeing the word in /ot/ today.

No. 921961

No. 921966

I keep seeing it too, but like used incorrectly 80% of the time for some reason

No. 921974

File: 1632491440104.jpeg (48.86 KB, 390x280, 48F4F77B-1FB2-4A7A-9089-381F53…)

What should I say to a store employee that keeps making conversation with me and trying to get to know details about me and telling intimate things about themself? I am so uncomfortable with him yes it is a scrote of course it is, anyway I don't care what it is, it can be a nonsequitor. I just want this freak to stop so I can shop in peace.

No. 921982

That's why I wanted to know what it means in the context of LC.

No. 921984

maybe report him to his employer?

No. 921987

Talk about your "husband"

No. 921993

Shop at a different store? Or keep your headphones in while checking out, when he starts talking laugh and point at your ears like a crazy person

No. 922071

In the past I've waited for an oppurtunity and been like "oh yeah my ex gf was into that too" My hair is super short so that prob helps me play the part. But yeah the flow of conversation slows down dramatically after that gets dropped in.

>telling intimate things about themself?

How intimate are we talking?

No. 922073

he told me about how his ex boyfriend's mom came in the other day and that he was freaking out because his ex committed suicide by hanging if I'm remembering correctly and then he said the mom was so nice and I said that I was happy for him. I'm honestly just going to say "what business do you think you have talking to me:"

No. 922078

I thought he was just a guy flirting.. but maybe he's legit unwell. Still not your problem though.

No. 922094

Idk he sounds really miserable. When i have anxiety i always try to talk to people so if i faint they can help me? Maybe ask if he’s okey and he needs help and then give him a hotline number

No. 922101

how do I learn being more manipulative and acting in my own interest? I'm always very selfless.

No. 922102

Which sites do I use to look up marital records for a US person? I know the husband and he can be found on sites associated with property info, phone numbers, email addresses on some sites but the wife isn't listed.

No. 922105

seconding this

No. 922107

samefag. I should be clearer, I think I know who the wife is, I want to confirm they are married or at least linked via property info etc. Thanks.

No. 922109

Look up tips on how to be more assertive but tbh being manipulative is a maladaptive behaviour that screams personality disorder, don't go there.

No. 922113

Not sure but I think it depends on the state, so I'd just look up the specific state they're in and hopefully it has an online database you can search for free. Although if there's a chance they got married in a state other than the one they currently live in you might be screwed unless you have more information on the couple.

No. 922117

Sorry for doubleposting but this may be of use to you: https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/United_States_Marriage_Records

No. 922223

I remember one time I literally could not stop bawling and screaming and feeling frustrated for 2 entire days before my period. I literally felt on the verge of running into the streets just so I could get hit by a bus. Sometimes I also get ridiculously horny like non-stop masturbating.

No. 922228

File: 1632512108320.jpg (3.44 MB, 3290x2203, A_frightened_and_an_angry_face…)

Help my socially retarded ass guys. I vented about this before but I just want to know what this sounds like to you:
So there's a mentoring system at my company and I'm not sure what exactly my role is in it and how much should I harass my mentor. In the beginning I wrote to him for help once and he implied he was busy but can give me 10 minutes. (Btw the problem was that I couldn't run a program which enabled me to reach another application) I quickly realized that if I do this every time I need help, I'm gonna keep him up in his work. So I stopped. But every once in a while, he asks whether I and mentee #2 can run the program. The conversations ALWAYS go like this:

'So can you run X (the program)?'
'Brilliant. And [mentee #2]?'
'No, he still doesn't'

And he literally writes the same thing with slight variations. No hi or bye, no question about any other work or non related stuff if you scroll back on my chat window, it's the same thing like 3 times. Other than this we don't talk at all. I cannot comprehend this. Is this a passive aggressive way of trying to get me to initiate a conversation? Or is he just aggressively checking off the 'ask mentee if they need help' obligation he has as a mentor?
I would genuinely love to just…chit-chat with him since we've never talked but I can't see initiating any sort of non work related conversations at work and if he's just checking off items from a list I would just look like a fool if I asked him if he had time for chit-chat. We're not in the same office, so the only way to interact with him is through chat

No. 922239

Maybe he doesn't care to socialize in his workplace, specially if your only contact is through chat. But if he knows your other colleague has problems and has done nothing to help then he really doesn't give a fuck about being a mentor.

No. 922259

Is there a one website/app (preferably nicely aesthetic one) that I can use for making a gift list for myself? I want to collect all the shit that I want from different sites on a one place, because I never know what to say when someone wants to get me a gift or gives me money. This would be super useful

No. 922265

File: 1632513992587.jpg (29 KB, 357x500, 926eebb406b34bd454a68e717e1c57…)

What are good appetite suppressants? And it has to be appetite suppressants, not hunger, because I barely feel hungry anyway because my metabolism is so slow. I just want to stop craving delicious food

No. 922283

if i drink green tea on an empty stomach i get sick to the point of almost vomiting, but don't actually. so…it kind of works.

No. 922296


No. 922302

I find that when I eat oatmeal I don't crave sweets as much

No. 922322

File: 1632515583532.png (89.58 KB, 714x349, Screenshot (250).png)

men's wall is at 23

No. 922330

I wasn't accurate, sorry, chat and videochat is also available but just using the chat is just more convenient. And if he could, I'm pretty sure he would help mentee #2, he's just not authorized to do anything with that software

No. 922345

ntayrt but does anyone know why tea/green tea can make you feel sick? I used to drink a lot of teas without milk but had to stop because the nausea was too much

No. 922355

it’s because of the high amount of caffeine in some teas! i’ve thrown up a few times from drinking black tea so i avoid it now. even green tea has a good amount of caffeine

No. 922376

The tannins make you feel sick if you drink it on an empty stomach. Either don't let the tea steep for more than 2 minutes (that's when the tannins release) or don't drink it on an emoty stomach.

No. 922378

Are you anemic? Green tea always made me feel gross, recently found out it binds to iron in your digestive tract and literally makes anemia worse so your body feels nauseous to avoid you consuming it. Kinda like the smell of certain alcohol can gross you out for a while after a rough night.

No. 922399

Wait is dasha_cam on Instagram a cow?

No. 922407

i'm not really personally concerned - all i do is bitch about people and overshare about general things in random threads on /ot/ sometimes, but I've not really warranted anything that would doxx me, even if I've shared personal things I've never told anyone else. it's only because i remember really specifically that there was a thread that encouraged anons to share something like reasons why they might be a cow, and it died really suddenly because some killjoy anon came in and was like, 'i bet you stupid fucks aren't even using a VPN while you're oversharing all this stuff, you're inviting people to go through your post history and doxx you' or whatever. now randomly i just think about it kek. this time i was prompted by someone on kf bringing up that kf had a data leak and someone on there replying that vpns should always be used on imageboards.

No. 922412

There are decaffeinated green/black teas. No idea if it affects the flavor through.

No. 922446

DAE remember any sources for dickforgirls tumblr pics? It's been nuked as far as I can tell. Half of it was still up after the ban, but I can't seem to find it anymore, so I think it's been nuked. Whoever curated it shared my taste in men/porn.

No. 922447

You can’t really get doxxed with just an ip address unless they also have corroborated info tied to you irl. It’s like user#84106 is a heroin addict in Sometown, Arizona.
Kf leak might suck for faggots using personal emails and powerleveling constantly. If they did anything that warrants a target on their backs then they deserve it for not having opsec to begin with. But yeah get a vpn anyway and practice the usual precautions, don’t click sketchy links with your tits out.

No. 922453

oh look a ccc regular

No. 922455

File: 1632521543735.jpeg (40.2 KB, 800x549, D1E4552E-4D56-4223-93CA-CBF5D8…)

Should I get a mole removed? I think it has gotten smaller, it’s on my asscrack so it’s not like I can check on it often.
I also have one on my belly, I love it, but today it looks weird, it was itchy and It’s bleeding, it also looks dull? Like, it looked kind of like the mole on my face but today it’s like it has a layer of transparent skin that it wants to shed or something.
It would hurt me a bit to remove it because I like it a lot, but I’m kind of afraid of skin cancer.
I’m also kind of sure I’m just being paranoid to some extent because cancer is pretty common in my family, different types but like, it’s there.

No. 922460

That anon talking about bestiality in the advice thread is just baiting right? It's a scrote being disgusting on purpose…right?

No. 922461

I do sometimes but I also usually have some programs/websites running in the background which will ban me if I turn on the VPN. I can't decide if I prefer having the privacy of the VPN or the convenience of the stuff running in the background. And my VPN has no split tunnelling so I can't just do that.

No. 922464

This is probably a really stupid question, but could my employer see which websites I frequented after getting home and logging into my wifi if I was logged into my workplace wifi earlier that day and didn't delete my browsing history/cookies afterwards? Same question for visiting a website hosted by someone I know irl and browsing lolcow later that day.

No. 922479

However unlikely it is to be melanoma, what you described are early signs so why not get it checked out for the peace of mind? If your stomach mole changed literally over night you probably scratched it in your sleep or something.

No. 922497

It looked weird after I took a shower, i will make sure I go to a dermatologist this year so I can get all of my moles checked just in case.

No. 922592

if you work in healthcare, have just started a new job and are currently on probation could your employer reasonably terminate your contract because they're concerned about your health? my bmi is 15, i have bpd and i'm thinking about losing as much weight as i can so the friends who abandoned me because i was aggressive with them will get worried about me and start speaking to me again. i know from past experiences i could probably lose about 10 more pounds before my doctor sends me to hospital. i don't intend to take a single day off to go to hospital, i only want to lose as much weight as possible while still keeping my job and get my friends back. but eating has been hard for me for months now and i'm lonely and i want something to change so bad. could i reasonably pull this stunt off or am i being an idiot?

No. 922597

Don't be retarded

No. 922598

you are being an idiot. sorry anon

No. 922599

it doesn't seem that retarded to me, gonna need you to elaborate.

No. 922600

starving yourself is retarded, as you need food to live. hope that clears things up <3

No. 922602

Are you going to be interacting with or taking care of any patients? If so, you're being selfish and should reconsider either your plan to lose more weight or whether you're fit to work in the medical field altogether. You know full well that being at that low of a bmi compromises your ability to make good decisions, other people shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of your immature decision making.

No. 922603

you shouldn't work in healthcare

No. 922605

Just get therapy and tell your friends you are trying to improve yourself you retard

No. 922608

an anachan bpdfag who admits to aggression issues and emotional manipualtion probably shouldn't be in healthcare at all, let's be real.

No. 922616

Basically all nurses are bpd, narcs, or some other toxic mental health issue. She fits right in.

No. 922618

Kek I’m a knower, you know your friends would only act concerned out of obligation and moral performance right. They’ll distance from you again as soon as they “checked in” thus fulfilling their “duty”. They think you’re an emotional vampire and a burden, a black hole in truth. Chances are they’ll just pretend to not notice lmao Also your bmi isn’t even that bad. I hope you lose your job though.
Damn baby bpd-chans always have delusion about their manipulation skills, when are they gonna realize that they’re actually bad at it. Their victims are always willing hostages and equally ill. No one remotely well adjusted wouldn’t see right through this shit.

No. 922627

They should terminate your contract and your "friends" would be justified to skip the state to avoid you, BPD-chan. jesus christ get some help

No. 922639

my bmi is lower than yours though :)(:))

No. 922643

you're so goddamn boring. I can't believe regular narcs are genuinely larping as bpd-chans these days.

No. 922644

Nta and I really wouldn't know but I thought 15 was underweight and around 17-18 is considered normal.

No. 922664

Anachans are so weird. Yes, everyone is totally super jealous that you are physically unhealthy, have BPD and have to manipulate your friends to try and keep them. You really got 'em there.

No. 922676

im so glad i am no longer and anachan and just a bpdchan now

No. 922698

at least i'm not balding and aging like shit kek what's the point of being skinny if you're going bald and looking haggard

No. 922701

How did you get better?

No. 922709

as much as i hate being alive food is one of the things that reminded me i was alive so i thought of eating as being helpful of my dissociative symptoms. i enjoyed learning to eat again. still kinda hate my body and wish it were as skinny as it used to be but sometimes all that makes me happy in this wicked world on a bad day is the ability to eat a good meal, or eat a meal that is disgusting and greasy and horrific for my health. after years of depriving myself i unchained myself from those fucks i used to have, maybe i just got more narcissistic after having multiple shitty bf's and realizing i wasn't the ugliest thing in the world

No. 922717

wannabe model skellies always make me cackle, actually the weakest links of the female species. their thought process comes down to “must. look. like. stickbug muh bmi must be unhealthy as hell” meanwhile people are enjoying their delicious and healthy meals three times a day while the narcissist crumbles at the prospect that they’ll never look like a tall little boy like typical fashion supermodels. anorexia is a debilitating thing to have but looking at eugenia cooney the insane denial of reality, extreme self-interest and obsession with absolute perfection will always be worse and more destructive than an asshole bpdchan manipulating her asshole friends and

No. 922752

i realized quickly that being an anachan was not my natural stasis or body type. with the thicc trend it's now acceptable to be a white girl with an ass, but having grown up in the period where anorexic bodies were praised. alongside family members who were naturally built like anachans and an unforgiving climate that condemned me for going through puberty I got lulled into the ed craze for some years. I ended up getting severely sick when the ed degraded my immune system and that's when I opted to eat normally again

like don't get me wrong im still insanely insecure about and sometimes disgusted by my body, dysmorphia comes back in spurts, it never really goes away. I just cannot hinge on the idea of ruining myself more than I already have for the sake of maintaining a meager bmi. I've got other mental shit to deal with that affects my perception of reality. vanity is a lesser concern, I'm as pretty or ugly as I want to be based on the energy I project and I won't be any prettier if I lose twenty pounds and all my confidence goes out the window with it. it's about giving a fuck by not giving one

No. 922783

Reach out to your friends, apologize for your behaviour and explain your bpd-situation (but don't use it to justify your behaviour). That's your best and sanest chance at getting your friends back. Your plan to make them worried through weightloss is manipulative and your non-bpd friends will perceive it as such. Be smart and apologize.

No. 922785

Anons, wtf happened to me
I woke up and noticed that my hair on legs are black when they used to be white

No. 922809

I always reject as many cookies as possible while browsing but some websites make it so difficult. Is there some type of app or extension that helps automatically rejecting cookies?

No. 922811

I swear this isn't bait, it's just a weird question. Is it just me, or does men's attraction seem less sex based and more gender based than women's? I remember reading surveys and I saw that both straight men and straight women would rather date MTFs over FTMs, while both gay men and lesbians would rather date FTMs than MTFs. Why is that so? Is it just that much more men are bisexual than they identify?

No. 922834

Gay men would not prefer FTMs anon

No. 922840

I think it's partially that indeed more men are bisexual than they actually identify as. If they only date women, they just call themselves straight, if they mostly date men, they call themselves gay out of convenience. I think straight men do meme/wank themselves into having a Pavlovian response to hyper femininity.

No. 922859

I think an awful lot of men (way more than will ever openly admit it) would happily do the whole chick with a dick thing if every other part of that dickchick looked like a pornified version of a woman.

No. 922949

if pubic hair and head hair fall off every day how come everyone isn't bald or has short or uneven hair from all the new hair growing at its own pace?

No. 922955

the hair is constantly falling out and constantly regrowong…since you have millions of hairs, the hairs of different lengths all blend into each other smoothly… it doesn't fall out in chunks lol…

No. 922958

A lot of them are attracted to the pornified, performative version of women, but not actual women. If a man can perform and objectify themselves in a similar way it might as well be the same to them. It's almost like they're more turned on by a concept, than by an actual person.

No. 922963

I have a bad habit of playing with my hair and feeling the texture of individual strands… running my fingers along em like a weirdo when I'm alone at home watching tv. I do notice alot of hairs are new hairs because they have that thin end on them that shows they've never been cut before.

No. 922984

I don't understand part of your answer. Head hair, as in the scalp, does not add up to millions of hairs when added with pubes despite having millions of follicles on the body. You can notice when you have lesser hair or newer hairs in a region, too. They do not always blend together smoothly. But I understand the rest of your answer. Thank you.
I forgot newer hair has thinner ends and blends in easier regardless of length. Thank you.

No. 922986

Is it true that Japan has a long history of pornography created by women? Someone told me that, but I doubt that, and googling didn't prove shit. Any weebs willing to help me out?

No. 922988

File: 1632583235592.jpg (46.3 KB, 540x509, awful 'trad'.jpg)

have there been tradwives online that complain about/hate these men who claim that they want a trad lifestyle but just want a mother-substiute that'll accept all his shitty behavoir

No. 922992

No, they’re brainwashed thinking that if a man wants to be mommy’d, It’s because he “works so much!!1!1!1!” And is sooooooo stressed!1!2!1!2!1!2!2”
So even if she got divorced, she will think it’s just because men are just like that and not because they’re eternal children who need to keep their MommyWhoreCareerSubmissiveGirlBoss alongside or they will explode like ants under a magnifying glass.

No. 922993

does therapy work? My issues are: eating disorders (mainly bulimia), maybe adhd (or just lazy and retarded and addicted to the internet), and no motivation to live or do anything. I feel like these are issues I need to work on myself to solve. Would talking a therapist really help?

No. 922999

Can people tell if you're socially unexperienced? What I mean is, if they feel that something's 'off' about you, do they know that it's because you're not around people often?

No. 923000

Follow up question: how do you hide bad social skills effectively and pretend to be a normal well-adjusted human?

No. 923003

I wonder the same, but honestly, any women who could be called traditional for real probably has very limited interaction with this kind of men, they just don't run in the same circles because they themselves have nothing traditional about them. I wonder if they ever go to those christian dating websites hunting for their dream tradthot, only for the women to find out they are an obnoxious atheist

No. 923004

Do sharp or round facial features look better on camera?

No. 923012

I inherited fat face genes and I think I generally look way better in mirrors than I ever look in pics. Don't know how that works or if I'm just coping lol

No. 923013

File: 1632585327293.jpg (68.71 KB, 519x780, download.jpg)

Japan literally has a penis festival called Kanamara Matsuri where everything is dick shaped. But a Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi/Rokudenashiko made a kayak modelled after her vagina and had to go to court over it. And she was fined for distributing the plans for it, but it was ruled that it was ok as "art". Take from that what you will

No. 923014

Sharp, but depends on what kind. Round faces tend to look flabby because cameras flatten 3d shapes into 2d.

No. 923018

I have pretty similar issues and going to a psychologist/psychiatrist didn't do anything for me, outside of temporarily making me feel like I was taking control of my life (which is pretty nice, honestly). If you've never tried it before and have the spare money, I'd still give it a go - everyone's different, so it might be a good thing for you.

The only thing I'd be leery about is taking part in an ED specific program. I was in a 4x weekly ED outpatient program for a while, and it fucking blew. Nothing will make you want to kill yourself more than having to eat a big meal and then anxiously sit there while a bunch of highschoolers talk about their teen angst. One on one sessions are way nicer imo, and it's all the better if they don't hone in too hard on just the cbt aspect. The best experiences I've had were with a psychologist who mostly did psychoanalysis.

No. 923020

Do you mean yaoi/BL?

No. 923024

Kek, that's what I thought. Though that's expected from a coombrained libfem.
No, like historical pornography that would be considered art now. Someone I've argued online claimed that plenty of women created pornography in Japan, like shunga. I found zero information about female shunga painters.

No. 923026

I'm 18 and really want a boyfriend. Am I too young? I am occupied with my studies and my own hobbies and self-development, but sometimes I am not as disciplined or focused as I would like to, which makes me think I should not desire a boyfriend. I feel like a boyfriend is more like a reward or allowed if you have everything else in order. I have the impression that this is the wrong way to perceive the matter, but I am not sure and not used to thinking differently. I just wonder if it is healthy and normal that I feel guilty for wanting a boyfriend.

No. 923027

I have round features and it always makes me look moon-faced and overweight in photos despite being thin irl

No. 923046

What? Are you calling that artist a coombrain?

No. 923047

What does it mean when under google image search I set the license to Creative Commons license? Does that mean I can use the images I find for my own work (can I paint paintings of them)?

No. 923051

File: 1632589279922.jpg (168.48 KB, 740x1305, 86218103.jpg)

Can someone explain to me what is notable/funny about this picture?
Of course not. I'm calling a coomer libfem the person I've been arguing with, who pulled women being prominent pornographers for centures in Japan in order to defend shit essay about pedophile cartoon porn.

No. 923057

Maybe it’s because everyone seems to be lined up while looking at their phones, it’s not funny but I guess it’s notable.

No. 923059

everyone on phone
we live in a society

No. 923068

File: 1632589829079.jpg (97.11 KB, 1000x682, society.jpg)

every generation has something to complain about probably

No. 923094


It's kind of confusing because there are many different types of creative commons license that the google filter puts into the same category. Broadly speaking, cc licenses are used to grant the public the right to use a piece of media, but the strings that come attached (whether you'll need to credit the creator, whether you're allowed to use the content in something you're charging money for, whether you're allowed to remix/alter the image or if it can only be presented in its original form, etc) is going to come down to the specific license type.

If the image you're looking at is on wikimedia or the creative commons site, there's usually a little information box that will have some information about what you are and aren't allowed to do with the picture.

No. 923160

I always see a line of people on their phones at the train station, tbh any time I see someone not on their phone… sure enough they start talking to me when I'm really not in the mood to chat with some old random scrote.

I know a guy who recorded some lil rap song about people being slaves to their phones or some shit like that… he's on every social media site you can think of promoting himself and his music. He made a lil video to go with the song and he has a phone in each hand to play the role of 'phone sheeple person' but he owns those two phones already. The irony. Excuse the pun but.. the phoney fuck pretending he's not just as bad as the rest of us lol

No. 923175

File: 1632595172076.jpg (1.42 MB, 2988x5312, 089477d3b84d2addf85dd5b9f357b6…)

Thank you. You're right when I clicked on the little license box on the image, it took me to a site that said what the license was. But I found a great site while searching, with free photos to use so I don't have to worry looking for a license for each image. https://morguefile.com/photos/morguefile/3/pop

No. 923214

File: 1632598041976.jpeg (36.22 KB, 480x457, 46A1BC5A-260E-4C7B-9091-948B71…)

What does Onvre mean?

No. 923218

Scrote basically lmao, source, I'm latina and thats what we call "hombres"

No. 923228

There's been some weird posts in the "Future of LCF" thread recently. What's been going on with that? Is there some drama/context I'm missing?

No. 923236

what the fuck language is this?

No. 923237

Onvre means scrote in latin american spanish

No. 923240

brazilian portuguese on crack (cracudo)

No. 923241

AH no wonder. Thank u anon.

No. 923242

You mean mods doing a shit job at moderating? The last posts there are them accusing me of and banning me for being their pet teenage cow. Which of course I'm not.
I was severely disappointed with that. Made me doubt all their recent outings.

No. 923244

Semi related but I advice to everyone here to NOT do this at all, please don't look at your phone and don't use headphones while waiting for the train literally inches from the railway. A lot of crazy psychos like targeting people who do this and murder them without consequence (video related), those are called "train pushers" and they just kill for the thrill of it.

No. 923246

I've seen it a lot since yesterday. I honestly think it is scrotes and people trolling on the thread since admin put it on top of the page as a link. I just ignore it, it's a cesspool

No. 923248

Busty anons - what do you guys do for back pain? It seems like the only bra that reduces pain by a lot are high support sports bras but then the compression ends up making my boobs really tender. I also found corsets help a little and ibuprofen can only do so much

No. 923249

How can anyone just think “oh yeah, I will push this retard and murder him/her as a bunch of cameras watch me do so, that will make my life less miserable”? I hate people.

No. 923254

It's not scrotes, look up Elaine's thread. tl;dr some cow has a grudge against admin and claims she was gonna dox her or something because admin won't take her thread down, anons were making fun of the cow for shitting up the thread.

No. 923262

Both the mods and the anons have been triggered into acting stupidly by that chick.
It's one thing to laugh at someone for doing stupid shit, but they began doing stupid shit themselves in response.
If I were to guess, I'd say they crave the high exposing Creepshow gave them and let that get into their heads.

No. 923263

Just saw a comment saying Abgs tend to be pick me girls. Since i don't live in the us, can any us anon confirm?

No. 923265

I agree people should be more aware of their surroundings, but no one needs to be on high alert for platform murderers anon lol. It's not exactly common. Wearing headphones makes one more desirable to pickpockets though. And while unlikely, being distracted increases the likelihood of getting in an accident by misjudging distances and failing to notice oncoming traffic etc.

No. 923298

Any time I'm near a train, on a bridge or by a river I'm paranoid about shit like this because I've seen so many clips. I want to go back to a time where I didn't know this shit even happens.

No. 923302

I wanna get some nipple piercings, is it a bad idea? Is it a particularly painful area compared to some other piercings?

No. 923311

File: 1632603323505.jpg (1.25 MB, 900x1556, Subway-Tracks-1.jpg)

I think about stuff like this lots. Crazy drivers, faulty elevators, pitbulls, home invasions, etc. I have a plan for everything at least. Familiarize yourself with your local stations structure and maybe recognize where to hide if someone pushed you. It would be faster than asking for help to get back up, the way people are nowadays you don't even know if they would.

No. 923313

idk but in the Heian period, it was mostly women who made art and I think making pornographic art was common back in ancient japan, so maybe?

No. 923315

can't it cause your nipples to get stretched out and droop down?

No. 923317

>lie down and hope for the train to pass over you
Just the mere idea of this is completely horrifying, but those are nice tips.

No. 923325

There's a few videos on YouTube of people jumping down to hold down a suicidal crackhead as the train passes over them. But it's not always deep enough so that's why it's a last resort

No. 923326

>A lot of crazy psychos like targeting people who do this and murder them without consequence
I'm confused, why would they be able to get away with this?

No. 923329

Sounds like something a coomer might say because all the ancient art he knows is coomer shit. But like the other anon said, there was a period where noble women were the bigger demographic who published arts and poetry. read the pillow diary of Sei Shonagon, it's a delight

No. 923330

What ringsize should I get? The ring I want comes in 17-18 diameter and 18-19 diameter. I have a set of ringsizers and the best fit is US size 8 which has a diameter of 18.2, a size down (diameter 17.8) works too but a size up (diameter 18.4 feels a bit too loose). Should I get 17-18 or 18-19?

No. 923332

During rush hour there are so many people waiting for their train, you would basically be undistinguishable on a crowded platform, especially if you wear dark clothing and a hoodie. Pushing a guy on the tracks would cause a commotion, thus allowing you to make a swift escape while everybody is focused on the unlucky victim.

No. 923335

Why do I keep having sexual dreams about people I'm not attracted to, even repulsed by, and how do I make it stop?

No. 923357

What do you do at a cabin vacation? I'm going to look for foragable plants, canoe, and build a lil shelter, what else?

No. 923359

I don't think there's any way to make them stop, keep in mind that dreams do not reflect what you genuinely desire, I had way too many sex dreams about my brother and I always felt disgusting about it, but all I can do is go on on my day and hope it won't happen again.

No. 923362

Ooh I will, thanks for the rec! So far, I have found zero women painting pornography (shunga). I think if Japan indeed had a rich history of female-created pornography, I would have heard of that by now. Hokusai wasn't a wokam for sure.

No. 923368

If you're into it, I'd recommend hiking, It's my favorite way to connect to nature. I'm so envious anon, enjoy your cosy cabin vacation!

No. 923385

In a few weeks I'm going to see one of my favorite bands live at the opera, should I dress fancy for the occasion? While they are not classical music (they are some weird avantgarde rock jazz fusion project) they are still going to play at a fucking opera house, I wouldn't want to look too out of place whether it's at the place or among the crowd.

No. 923412

I would dress semi-formal, as in with a nice and classy casual dress, not too fancy but not too "sunday with the boys" if you get me

No. 923426

Black dress, bring change of fancier heels and jewlelry to change with if you see other ppl are more dressed up.

No. 923449

I have some dumb questions about tiktok and ptsd

So there's a girl in my extended friend group that has been giving off some major red flags to a lot of us. She claims she has 7 different mental illnesses, one being ptsd. She runs a tiktok where she talks a lot about her depression/anxiety/ptsd/other things I cant remember.

Anyway, I found out a few days ago she's a heavy meth user and something called a "little". I'm still not sure what the actual fuck a little is, but it seems to be something on tiktok that involves regressing in age to cope with ptsd? I'm getting BIG pedo vibes from this, like it's basically age play but for edgy retards. I want to check I'm right about this and not misunderstanding, and maybe find some sources before I share this with the rest of the group. The video is a song she had saved that seems to be linked to all this? I'm confused! thanks!

No. 923450

Little play/space is commonly associated with daddy dom shit, aka ageplay. It's a whole can of worms, I hope more anons shine light on this.

No. 923457

The whole “little” bullshit is a shit quality copium that pedophiles and autopedophiles use to show their degeneracy to the world while being like
>t-this is just to cope
Nah, fuck off, if you want to cope, you go to a therapist, if you want to stop thinking about your day to day life, meditate, there’s a bunch of actually helpful videos about it.
“Littles” often have “caretakers” what are the caretakers coping with? Tell me, do you really think a “caretaker” is trying to fulfill some sort of duty? no It’s all a grooming technique to keep mentally ill people and gullible idiots, pretending to be little kids for their own sexual gratification.
At first they just type like a wetawd uwu to cope, then they start talking about how they got an uwu caretaker, and then they start talking about how fucking in “little space” is totally used as a coping mechanism.
TL;DR: your friend either got memed into pretending to be a child for scrotes to jack off to her, or your friend is pedopandering.

No. 923467

she's pedo pandering for sure. She's been with several different guys and single for a while in the time I've known her, and looking at her social media this is something she's been into for years. Now I know why her tiktok likes are private I guess. Fuck this bitch. Thanks for the responses, anons.

No. 923479

Idk what to wear but I'm jealous tbh, I miss going to live events (which I didn't get to do that much even before the pandemic). Have fun anon

No. 923485

>acting like a toddler
>meth head
Toddlers don't do meth.

No. 923580

File: 1632636052333.gif (1.55 MB, 300x300, 1621701705859.gif)

Can you get a tattoo while having a Yeast infection? I'm about to take Monistat 3 and have a tattoo appointment tomorrow… I heard you can't take certain medications or antibiotics if you're getting a tattoo. Has anyone done it before/is it safe?

No. 923589

How do I keep my box of spring mix from getting wet and stale? I don't think the humidity drawer of my fridge does anything…

No. 923591

I always add a couple of clean paper towels to the package to absorb the moisture and it keeps for longer.

No. 923593

I can’t help you, but what kind of tattoo are you getting?

No. 923595

Just a small script one on my right arm. I just hope I don't die of a reaction to the meds or something lmao

No. 923615

What's the difference between hook and chorus in a song?

No. 923621

A hook is a particularly catchy/earworm part of a song. It's usually the chorus (or part of one) but not every chorus has a hook.

No. 923723

File: 1632661264608.jpg (395.72 KB, 2702x1080, 11.jpg)

what's this facial type called ? and why am I attracted to it

No. 923725


No. 923738

Where big man ass?

No. 923862

A question from the depths of my overthinking brain: How much does your everyday self differ from the way you behave at your workplace?

No. 923975

What are good normie shows on netflix that I can watch? I'm finally escaping neet hell but I don't want to be that tard who has nothing to talk about/only obscure hobbies. I really want to socialize properly.

No. 924005

Can I catch bpd by posting on lolcow.farm?

No. 924007

Yes. Get out while you can.

No. 924014

File: 1632677967874.png (40.23 KB, 1512x1152, 83961-original.png)

Anyone here is familiar with Domestika and if so what's your opinion about it?

No. 924019

It's awesome and I love it. I have used Udemy and Skillshare and Domestika is by far the best. The classes are super high quality and very detailed and made by people who are obviously very, very skilled. I've bought four classes for drawing, crochet and felting and all of them have either majorly improved my skillset or given me entirely new skills. I hiiiiighly recommend!

No. 924039

>on Netflix
Hmm that’s hard

No. 924069

File: 1632682352258.jpg (81.15 KB, 736x772, 258bf691d772c0a4c22fa756032033…)

what's a good first credit card to get? I'm very financially illiterate and easily confused but would like to start building my credit (whatever that fucking means). am a burger. I already have the super basic debit card from chase.

No. 924076

My first one that I still have is Discover. You get double cash back for the first year I think, then 1% in cashback after that. I mostly have this card as a backup now (will charge like one or two things a year to keep it active). Discover also doesn’t have a fee for international charges, but it can be kind of card to find places that accept it. My main card the Chase Freedom Unlimited. They have two freedoms, one is 1.5 points on everything, the other 2% max but is based on shopping categories. I can’t be assed to keep up with what qualifies and what doesn’t so the freedom unlimited is good for me. Neither have annual fees.

If you get the Chase Sapphire in the future, the points all pool into the same place (for travel, cashback, etc). Whatever card you get, don’t pick one without any sort of reward system. Be careful not to spend just to accumulate points, but it’s nice to get points/money back on things you already spend on like bills and groceries. Only Chase’s Sapphire cards have no international fee (but have annual fees), the others do, which sucks lol. I also have Chase as my main bank, so it’s convenient having everything in one place. TL;DR Chase Freedom Unlimited.

No. 924084

If I leave a charger plugged in an outlet but not in an appliance, does it still consume electricity?

No. 924085


No. 924101

I'm the same as >>924076. Discover was my first credit card. They have 5% cash back on certain purchase categories throughout the year, which can come in handy if you buy a lot from Amazon or go out to eat in the spring/summer a lot.
My second credit card is a Citi card where you get 2% cashback on everything. I don't spend a lot of money so this card is the most financially lucrative for me.
If you spend a lot of money, look into Amex. They have a $75 fee or something like that every year, but the rewards are great. I would have gotten this card if I spend more money.

No. 924172

File: 1632689998698.jpg (206.16 KB, 1280x1279, Catherine.jpg)

Any anons here that have sold their old phones (mainly smartphones)? Which selling platform worked for you the most?

No. 924204

File: 1632693274911.png (618 B, 373x84, Untitled78906543.png)

how dark/light is the skin color on the left by animu standards/compared to these other colors? or is it inbetween?

all I know is it has warmer undertones. the colors on the right I picked from screenshots of other characters. although if I put the left color next to a tan character it ends up looking lighter so idk. it gets even more confusing depending on how I angle the screen

No. 924206

It looks much more more saturated. Can't even tell the difference in light because of the difference in saturation.

No. 924240

I have the opportunity to hang out with a cow because we live close and like the same things. Please talk me out of it lol

No. 924241

At least give us a hint who the cow is

No. 924250

File: 1632697458194.png (705.25 KB, 1156x879, Screenshot .png)

Can someone help me find this phone case? I tried image reverse search and checking amazon/ebay but only super plain pink heart phone cases come up.

No. 924251

No. 924256

Oooh I think that's it anon! It kinda looked better in the video lol but thanks, that was super quick!

No. 924263

Nta, but if you don't like that design, there are tons of similar phone cases. Just search "Powerpuff heart phone case"

No. 924312

Do it you coward and show our secret hand sign

No. 924314

Now that you’ve told us, wouldn’t that be considered cowtipping?

No. 924319

Nta but we have a secret hand sign?

No. 924395

I starting working out three weeks ago and I pee a lot less, like even when I have to pee, I pee less. I drink more water, has this happened to anyone? Like peeing noticeably less or more after you make a diet/work out change? I went from not moving much at all to now working out a hour and some change a day.

No. 924431

I weight 69kg for 175cm and I look mostly lean, is it possible ? Am I delusionnal ?
it looks like I am loosing weight weeks by weeks but the numbers on my scale are also climbing bits by bits (all scales say the same, it's not broken.). Can it be that I am putting muscles on… ? It seems that's I'd start loosing weight before gaining. I can see two rows of my abs, thigh muscles and back muscles

No. 924472

I noticed that people often have a very specific reaction to me: they often assume that I'm a shy fragile little thing that needs to be protected OR they see some sort of hidden animosity and act in a passive aggressive way towards me. Why is this? And is this something I provoke?

No. 924473

They see you as weak and pathetic

No. 924475

you're sweating it out instead

No. 924478

how normal is it to feel ugly because of attractive people on the internet ?
i feel like i've barely ever experienced it, pondering over it i did remember feeling a tinge of jealousy once, but was more about clothing than appearance. I don't use social media a lot and i feel like the "ideals" of the internet don't match my own, and anyway those people seem so far removed from me. I do feel a bit ugly when i see women with delicate features or really striking green eyes or whatever when it's IRL, i also objectively am kind of ugly, and okay about it, but my confidence in my appearance decreases the most when I'm ashamed of myself or worry about aging.

No. 924486

I think it's normal for, well, normies, since they talk about it a lot. I don't experience it because, like you said, my own ideal image doesn't match the mainstream image. The people who look that way are quite rare.

No. 924499

Yes, I understand but my main point of confusion is that I don't think I'm doing anything to elicit these responses

No. 924513

NTA, that means you lack self-awareness. We don't know anything about you, though. It could be your looks, body language, social status?

No. 924514

How do I tell someone they’re pissing me off and making my life really hard lately without it turning into an argument?

No. 924516

>they often assume that I'm a shy fragile little thing that needs to be protected
sounds like men
>OR they see some sort of hidden animosity and act in a passive aggressive way towards me
sounds like women who are jealous that men respond to you in a protective way

No. 924532

If you're not actively trying to project an image, people will always end up assuming. And they'll assume whatever fits their own personal worldview and prior experience (including anons that replied to you). It tells you more about them than about yourself.

No. 924536

Reliable alternative to googledrive? Not dropbox.

No. 924544

No. 924549

for work or personal?

No. 924550

No. 924638

Are there any episode interactive coders here? Could you give me any suggestions on how to start a first story?

No. 924642


No. 924656

Does anyone go to the movies alone? My parents think I'll get harassed or raped if I go by myself.

No. 924658

Depends on how (un)safe it is where you live. I've been to the cinema by myself a couple of times and nothing happened of course, that doesn't happen in broad daylight here.

No. 924672

File: 1632753405772.jpg (49.79 KB, 1242x1182, AJFLCUWB.jpg)

how do i stop hanging out with people who still make me feel lonely when we hang out? but i hang with them because i am lonely

No. 924691

Ever since yesterday afternoon I've been experiencing this burning feeling at the top of my stomach. I don't have any other symptoms, I haven't eaten anything unusual to my diet or anything that would be difficult to digest. I probably didn't get enough calories yesterday because of this pain. What fucking gives? This never happens to me.

No. 924708

Nonnies i have no clue what to gift my boyfriend for his birthday. He doesn’t have any wishs basically it’s ridiculous. Is there a thread for this?

No. 924712

Fortnite V bucks card.

Extra points of he whines that he doesn't play that. Should have said what you wanted then faggot.

No. 924713

I used to. I'd go early in the day and it was fine.

No. 924716

getting mine a map of middle earth poster and a giant toblerone chocolate bar, if this helps

No. 924718

File: 1632758261698.jpeg (149.46 KB, 750x1000, 181F42E2-FCF6-47C7-BE1F-9E4AD3…)

Socks? Socks are nice, get him a pair of socks, bonus points if they’re socks with cakes.
Or get him a cake shaped like a sock with cake drawings.
But seriously, maybe a tie? The men I’ve talked to usually complain about not having enough ties to go to work with.

No. 924724

File: 1632758970077.jpg (67.24 KB, 683x1024, fudge.jpg)

what do americans mean when they say "fudge"? whenever I see fudge sauce or fudge cake it's always brown like chocolate, but fudge to me is pale like pic

No. 924727

no swearing in this christian imageboard

No. 924732

"Fusge sauce" is supposed to be like chocolate fudge, which is like the fudge you posted, but chocolate flavored. Chocolate fudge is the most common type in the us, so I guess people just started calling it fudge, and what you posted is now called butterscotch fudge or blonde fudge. Which is quite silly really, since it's actually the simplest one.

No. 924760

what can i do to make sure i don’t have a red mark or bruise on my head? i just hit my forehead on something, not very hard but hard enough that i have a knot on my head now

No. 924776

File: 1632764265049.jpg (37.54 KB, 634x539, 22313864-7797415-image-a-42_15…)

picrel is really the only option at this point unfortunately

No. 924777

File: 1632764486990.jpg (84.01 KB, 1023x682, kjhgfdcgvhb.jpg)

so i've recently realized i have a priest fetish, can anyone else relate? granted it's only the attractive younger ones, but typically i would see an attractive man and go, "yeah, he's nice to look at. anyways" but take the an average man and dress him in a robe and i am instantly insanely aroused. i'm not religious either so it's very wtf…. maybe because i consider them to be so pure

No. 924779

Dae feels like their eyeshape sort of…changes after spending a lot of time in front of the computer? Like mine are already deep set but they seem even more deep set after a day in work

No. 924781

*at work. What is English

No. 924789

I've moved now but in my last town there was a drop dead gorgeous Catholic priest .. going to waste because he can't even marry lol. I don't know why a man with his looks chose priesthood of all things. I would've jumped him in a heartbeat.

No. 924792

If he looks like Keanu Reeves sure but picrel looks like he doesn’t wash himself and has dickcheese and split end in his pubes

No. 924793

Same. I am also not relligious, but I did grow up in a very catholic place so that prolly influenced me.
Anyway my town used to have a 20 something priest who loved to work out outside in shorts. He was a sight for sore eyes and I blame him for acquiring this kink.

No. 924796

iirc Orthodox priests (NOT monks) have to be married

No. 924801

Catholic priests can't marry

No. 924804

then marry an Orthodox guy and convince him to become a priest

No. 924809

I don't have a priest fetish, I just saw a gorgeous guy who happened to be a priest. And I think it's a waste that nobody gets to ride him, essentially lol

No. 924818

ayrpt, yeah sometimes i get angry thinking about how selfish priests are. they could have made great husbands and fathers probably but NOOOOO
keanu reeves? lol seriously?
i was raised catholic, maybe my upbringing influenced me too, but i never felt this way when young, just now that i'm an adult and agnostic, ironically.

No. 924825

I don’t really have a fetish but I would love to do some sort of roleplay with a hot guy in which he’s dressed like a priest and I’m so beautiful that he leaves the monastery and marries me to have consensual missionary sex with the lights on as he tells me that I made his life worth living.

No. 924829

Is it possible to be completely alone but be normal? Like a happy hermit but not have any social awkwardness?

No. 924844

I'm a hermit and I feel awkward but I can't tell if the other person usually feels it too or if it's all in my head. I'm talking about mostly cashiers and cafe staff so most likely they don't care.

No. 924846

He looks like uncle Fester from The Addams Family with hair.

No. 924864

File: 1632770189333.jpg (36.29 KB, 564x564, what did you do.jpg)

Can somebody recommend me studytubers?

No. 924869

I have a job where I work on my feet and my feet hurt so much after my shifts. What can I do to relieve the pain when I get home? I already tried a few different brands of shoes and can't afford to spend more money trying new ones.

No. 924874

soak your feet in epsom salts maybe?

No. 924877

File: 1632771718472.jpeg (47.51 KB, 383x867, B4CEC478-C953-4F30-96BA-208447…)

> keanu reeves? lol seriously?
I mean if i saw a priest that would look like Keanu Reeves I’d be attracted to him not that the pic from the anon looks like him

No. 924900

Who is 'elaborate' anon?

No. 924904

There's no way a workplace can monitor the websites you use on your phone using their WiFi? I'm retarded anons plz tell me the truth

No. 924907

I’m sorry nonita I will never say f*dge again >>924732
Oh… I feel dumb for not thinking of that

No. 924915

Yes, they monitor your traffic. Use mobile data

No. 924930

Omg, but it doesn't work in the building, thank god I did not open the opera browser RIP does that mean that can read my WhatsApp uh oh

No. 924956

I've seen several anons ask in cow threads "where is her clit?". Eh? Isn't it normal that your clit is barely visible in most poses?

No. 924984

nta but if you work from home and both your work and home laptops are connected to the same WiFi, can they monitor what you do on your home laptop?

No. 925000

Can one overdose on melatonin?

No. 925015

Don't think so, how much did you take?

No. 925023

Your skin might get darker

No. 925032

I have the biggest question for millenial anons. Why do millennials always love to carry and drink out of mugs while talking, play the ukulele, make awkward “comedy” skits about politics and love to sing on social media? Is this like a reference to something? Is it a cultural thing? I need explanations because who told these idiots to look like fools.

No. 925043

Would I look too insane if I went to the hairdresser bringing a picture of my favorite character and asked for my hair cut like his? He just has too cute hair… He is from a fucking j-drama and I'm embarassed the hairdresser will judge my taste in shows.

No. 925045

Are helix piercings currently trendy?

No. 925052

It sounds like you are talking about white American middle/upper class millennials who spend far too much time on social media exclusively, so most of us can't answer that question.

No. 925054

Until you said drama I thought this was about komaeda

No. 925055

Does it matter that they are?

No. 925061

It is normal, some anons don't understand that vaginas aren't a monolith.

No. 925064

Ntayrt. Most of the people I've seen doing this are Asian-American.

No. 925067

I never understand anon nitpicking cow’s vaginas…

No. 925078

Not really, it's just that my sister recently got one and she tends to follow trends and not to be very original.

No. 925090

shaynus' clit is literally nonexistent. show me ONE pic of it. it's like Bigfoot or Loch Ness Nelly furtado

No. 925093

Ntayrt, Really? Is it like tanning?

No. 925102

idk, i just really dislike the way he wears his hair and just his facial hair
ok now you guys cmon lol

No. 925104

Should I watch squid game? Is it worth it?

No. 925123

File: 1632788187495.jpg (39.28 KB, 669x442, 49.jpg)

How do you come up with fantasies?

No. 925124

I'm binging rn


No. 925137

It was talked about in the tv shows thread:

No. 925156

You have to create a scene and pretend you’re the actress or director of the movie or play.
You can even start with just simple actions, like
>Going to the beach is fun
And then you try to imagine or remember a beach or
>I want to go to a party
And try to think of the music and the sounds of the people.
Listening to audios or movies, but not looking at any pictures, is a good way to develop an imagination, or at least I think that’s how it works.

No. 925174

it's been cool for a while to have a few "alternative" ear piercings but nothing excessive. i think they're nice.

No. 925176

I guess it depends on what kind of fantasies you're trying to conjure up? Usually when I fantasize about my husbandos or something I try to think of a cute scenario first that is somewhat related to him (can't be too off character or it breaks the immersion). Some things I've thought of were apple picking, hiking together, or even mundane shit like being roommates. Then I just imagine how I'd act in that situation and then project how I think my husbando would act, etc. The easiest way to get immersed is to listen to music that fits whatever vibe you're trying to think of and then just zone out.

No. 925178

Fuck, samefag but I forgot to ask my stupid question. What is lolcow.org? Was trying to look up more yanderedev dirt and found a thread for him on there, but I don't really understand its purpose since it just looks like kiwifarms.

No. 925180

Are resident evil games connected? I want to watch someone play the 3rd game but not sure if I should start from the old ass games instead

No. 925205

IMO it's just KF/lolcow but much more retarded. Going on there makes me cringe.

No. 925218

Just bought a notebook with 8GB ram, if I were to buy another ram to dual channel, would that make it something like 16 GB ram or just 8gb, but better? Sorry anons this is my actual first time getting into electronics

No. 925224

Has any witchy anon here ever tried to summon a demon? Tell me what happened pretty pls

No. 925225

There was that one anon who said she practiced demonolatry or whatever the fuck it's called. Can't quite remember the name of the thread though

No. 925227

No. 925228

Just get an external harddrive, like 1TB.

No. 925232

Thank you for this cool cat~

No. 925242

what happens if you go the US with a tourist visa but then just don't leave once it expires? do you get tracked down and kicked out?

No. 925273

Thanks but I just saw this and whew I’m so glad I didnt waste my time watching this show. So boring

No. 925281

If it's worth anything, I did this once as a fifteen-year old with Acchan from AKB48, and the hairdresser didn't say anything about it.

No. 925286

why is my asshole so itchy when i'm on my period?

No. 925289

bc your blood dries between your crack. just wash your ass

No. 925295

No. 925303

This is why you don't have friends.

No. 925304

why do people put "gate" to mean a controversial situation

like watergate, pizzagate etc

No. 925306

Watergate refers to the Watergate scandal in the US, when then-president Nixon was found to be involved with wiretapping his opponent at the Watergate hotel, and he eventually resigned to avoid impeachment. Adding -gate to a term became shorthand for a big scandal afterward, especially when it involves politics.

No. 925307

thank u

No. 925322

My poop has been yellow and soft for a week, should I be worried? Also I have no appetite

No. 925325

Straight women in relationships- is it actually common to beg for communication?

Seems to me like so many relationship advice posts exist because men refuse to rub their braincells together for a conversation with their partners, just why?

And of course most men will be pissed if they find out their woman went somewhere else for relationship advice after dealing with their refusal to communicate because idk why

No. 925335

why are there so many cows named micky? I've never seen it anywhere else and there are at least 4 of them

No. 925342

Please, communication is almost never the issue even though it's the one and only advice women ever get. Women communicate constantly, men ignore what we say because they don't care. Women are told that getting basic respect and common decency from a man is as simple as 'just sit down and have a conversation!'. She thinks it's all about the perfect phrasing, the right timing, being firm without nagging, not hurting his feelings or starting a fight, but she's never gonna have the perfect words to CoMmUnIcAtE with because he dgaf no matter how or when she says it, and if he gaf he wouldn't have to be asked in the first place.

No. 925343

yes it is unfortunately. men are reserved and solipsistic, or as i like to call it, selfish and retarded.

No. 925348

Yep you beg for it but like >>925342 said the issue is not actually men having trouble comprehending your needs. They don't need things explained to them five different ways, they understand, they just don't care. My exes were amazingly coherent when they realized I was distancing myself and wanted to sucker me back into the relationship but ultimately they felt entitled to my physical/emotional/financial labor without putting in even a quarter of the effort themselves. They completely understood it was unfair and even explicitly said I deserved better on some occasions, but it didn't stop them from later abusing me and trying to keep me under their thumb.

No. 925373

I've been lucky to only have this one relationship, and he's extremely communicative and it's never been something I've had to work out of him. I feel like if you can't communicate to begin with, you're not actually compatible.

No. 925376

>communication is almost never the issue even though it's the one and only advice women ever get. Women communicate constantly, men ignore
More women need to realise this. Men don't operate verbally. Male brains don't even register women's speech the same way they register men's. Women need to stop telling other women to "communicate more and better", it's absurdly useless. Men say it themselves sometimes too; that women are all talk and no action.
Men only understand action. The only way to make a male's android ass understand what's up is doing something or not doing something. If women are unsatisfied and their men won't keep their ears open, all that remains to do is to do something about it.
Protips: Stop talking to him, stop the sex, stop cleaning and cooking, set his car on fire, hide his shit, spend his money, throw out his food, pack his shit and send it to his parents. Whatever it takes. Cut off is dopamine and break the routine. If everything stays the same, he thinks everything is really the same. Show him it's not. If he's disrespecting your boundaries and disregarding you after you try to have a conversation the only thing you say to him is "fuck you", "don't touch me" and "I fucking told your retard ass didn't I".

No. 925425

File: 1632835418038.png (780.91 KB, 750x461, E_b0kCkXoAEE6kB.png)

so my period came really early today (like 3 weeks early, it only finished a week ago) and I have no clue why, so I'm posting here just in case any anons can help me figure this out because I'm mildly upset (more like genuinely depressed I have to be on my period again). I have two theories - the first is that it's because I got vaccinated around the same time my period ended, but I also started getting treated for iron deficiency anemia, so maybe that would affect my cycle? I don't really know. I can't find much genuine information online for the whole "fucked up menstrual cycle" of getting vaccinated, and most anecdotal accounts are just minor early periods like 4-5 days, not 3 weeks. sorry if this is all over the place, I'm mildly freaking out lol. Ty in advance for any help

No. 925457

Is it true you can mess up your hormones by masturbating too much?

No. 925458

It's ok anon, like you said it's probably the vaccine, ppl got lots of weird fertility effects. If your period goes on for too long though then I think you should go to Dr bc your anemia could get worse.

No. 925460

do you really mean it ? Like, does withholding stuff really work ? I've never tried it, and the idea seems childish, but then again i never got a man to listen so

No. 925465

I read the first sentence and immediately thought vaccine. I think more late periods have been reported than early ones and yours is hella early but it's meant to just be an immune response. Mine came on queue afterwards but I'm 3 cycles in now and all my premenstrual symptoms seem to be exaggerated since getting it. I was on here laughing about having a weird massive spike in my sex drive right after getting it.. I'm not laughing anymore.

No. 925466

As with other animals, it should be connected as closely as possinle to the issue or they'll go all ztupidpissrage. For example in the common case of man never cooks, happily eats your food but will never make his own, and if asked to help will either make frozen food or buy a pizza or just eat straight steaks - stop cooking, ask him to cook, tell him what you want, do not cave, of he buys a pizza or some other manfood shit throw it out. This will start shit but you're so clearly in the right, because one can not eat pizza/manslop every day and he has heretofore only survived by other people making him real meals, and if he denies that he's just a fuck face.

This particular infantile disorder really pisses me off, especially in guys who are well out of college and way too fucking old to be living like that. It's a big part of why boomer men literally eat shit and straight up die if their wife leaves or dies.

No. 925469

NTA, why shouldn't it? It's saying I'll change which will make you feel as if you finally reached him this time around vs actually bearing consequences that are more annoying than just listening to you complaining for five minutes. May be childish, yes, but, as unpopular this is to say outside of specific places, I really don't think you can treat moids and women the same in social relationships because moids tend to do their best to be able to get away with as little as possible.

No. 925472

Not your hormones, but you can get addicted to it, or to porn, if you're excessive with it.

No. 925480

do you guys think i could stick my own earlobe? my earring in my right ear got yanked a long time ago so the piercing hole is kinda big. i think one or two stitches would do me.
if i can’t do it myself where should i go to get it stitched?

No. 925481

samefag, i meant *stitch, my bad

No. 925482

What's the difference between being kind to yourself and childish self indulgence?
I can only keep up with school and work if I bully myself and pump up my irrational fear of failure. Every time I've tried self care and kindness uwu I just melt into an unproductive blob and things fall apart until I start pushing and punishing myself for failing again. When I'm mean to myself I perform well and everyone praises me. Is be kind to yourself just a NEET cope or am I doing it wrong?

No. 925496

I think if you're aware that when you whip yourself into doing well, people praise ypu for it, you're already in a reasomably good place. When people say not to be hard on yourself it's more meant for people who are mean to themselves and also constantly worried that everyone secretly hates them or w/e. And also to recognize when you are overdoing it and take breaks for your health's sake - i wpuld just say ypu shpuldn't see being an unproductive blob on pccasion as so bad, that's your little vacation from being hardworking so you don't burn out or w/e. You can be on sometimes and off sometimes, it doesn't have to be all hard work all the time or all selfcareblob all the time.

Often, people who are insecure about their own work ethic will cope by telling you ypu're working too hard, even when it's well within healthy for you, because it's more tham they can work or like to work.

No. 925498

I wouldn't risk the infection, maybe an urgent care would do it for you?

No. 925499

sure why not? it's just sterile sewing upon your skin. anyone who knows how to sterilize and sew can do it. the question is whether or not you'll have the proper view with angles and mirrors and what not. update us though. maybe we should have a self surgery thread

No. 925507

it's a dificult thing to learn, and different people respond to different approaches.
Most of selfcare and kindness advice that i've found online (specially on social media) are not practical, very childish, and ime not good at making me feel better. While constantly pushing yourself with no respite, and hating and punishing yourself can burn someone out, constantly reassurance, rest and coodling can leave you like a child, which is really not an option if you are not stupid rich.
imo, being kind is recognising when you are dog tired and need to take a break, reward yourself for good work, and coping with failure without breaking down. To be kind and not coddling you have to recognise your limits, but also be honest about your effort.

You sound like you work well underpressure. Like, when you bully yourself do you hate ou punish/harm yourself? And how do you feel after performing well? Do you feel proud, relieved, or you do it for other's appraisal? Do you find meaning in your study/work? When you do selfcare, you do it because you're tired and need it, or do you just want to indulge?

No. 925512

Would it be stupid to take a well paying job, but you have only 3 hours before and after work free and work 6 days per week.

I'm breaking my mind over this because the work hours are 10am - 6pm and stores/gyms open close 7am-8/9pm and I don't have a car so my schedule would be incredibly tight.

No. 925518

i don’t think it would be stupid, but i do think it would be difficult to keep that job long term. it would probably get exhausting quickly, but you’d be able to save money up while you work there

No. 925519

use the additional money to afford grubhub + having groceries delivered. the night can be your gym

No. 925520

We don't have food/grocery delivery here and no 24/7 gym. Sadly my mental health really depends on the gym which is why I'm so conflicted about it.

No. 925537

I can’t help you with your initial question, but can you tell me something about your gym routine? What are your gym goals? I’ve only just started.

No. 925539

ayrt, thank you for your perspectives, definitely trying it out.

No. 925541

I'm currently bulking until January, following the PHUL program. I just want to be muscular lol

There is a fitness/diet thread in /g/ if you are looking for advice.

No. 925566

Is there a thread for talking about your own art, exchange tips and stuff?

No. 925568

Depends on how productive you are. That's all there is.

No. 925571

File: 1632849152010.jpeg (28.9 KB, 340x328, better nun.jpeg)

how come I can easily wake up at 8am and sleep at 11pm, but waking up at 7am and sleeping at 10pm to be brutal? I know sleep cycles are a thing, but I feel like sleeping at 10 pm feels so unnatural and awful (the reason why I want 9 hours of sleep is that it takes me like 30-40 minutes just to get to sleep)

No. 925578

off-topic but I love that fat shibe

No. 925598

There's a 'Rate My Art' thread if that's what you mean?

No. 925600

Has anyone ever had intermenstrual bleeding that turned out to be normal?

No. 925604

=spotting between periods

No. 925626

For years I've had this issue where any penentrative play within the week or so before my period… will kickstart some breakthrough bleeding that stops as soon as the play stops.

I still don't know if it's 'normal' but I've exhausted my options when it comes to what my doc will offer in terms of looking for causes. I had 2 scans years apart for the same issue and nothing was ever found.

No. 925652

If the US ever got a married female president, would her husband be the first lord or first gentleman or whatever the male counterpart to a lady is?

No. 925654

why is there two vent and dumbass shit threads that are both active? it seems that the second ones were made when the previous ones were still in use, considering that they still haven't hit the post limit? haven't been here in a while so i'm a bit out of loop

No. 925661

It's weird because Vent Thread #89 was filled before #88. I was wondering if someone lost count

No. 925664

Samefag, but to answer the question, there's two because someone made new threads before we need it, and anons keep bumping the old ones so they will get to 1200 posts

No. 925683

is bell bottoms a dated term? everytime i try to look up bell bottoms i barely get results but as soon as i put "boot cut" i get what im looking for. Bell bottoms sounds cuter!!

No. 925689

probably the First Gentleman since Kamala's husband is the Second Gentleman

Lord is too bri'ish

No. 925702

Boot cut and bell bottom are completely different. Maybe you just don’t know what you’re looking for.

No. 925704

no its not me its the websites! i know what im looking for its BELL BOTTOMS but they only populate when i type in boot cut!

No. 925707

Websites are dumb and just use whatever term they want, don't worry

No. 925708

File: 1632858497779.jpg (165.32 KB, 792x566, won.jpg)

I know that in America there's a general idea that cities tend to be filled with rude people, and those from the country tend to be nicer. This seems to be the opposite in England though, with people being kinder in London, whilst people outside of London are often rude. Does anyone else feel this way? what are you guy's experiences?

No. 925709

I'm a male, thoughts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925711

Are bell bottoms flares?

No. 925718

File: 1632859306218.jpeg (34.72 KB, 612x612, f6fc3437-ef84-4414-ba47-fb010e…)

bellbottomanon and i have no idea how many terms are there for jeans that the hotties in the 70s wore!? when i was a kid 70s fashion came back for like 2 seconds and then BOOM skinny jeans ruined my whole middle and highschool life lol. I just want to fulfill my 5 year old fantasy that was taken from me! I WANT MY MONARCH BUTTERFLY BELL BOTTOMS BACK!

No. 925720

aww, do you like the 70's? I wonder how your fashion style is, I think the 70's are underrated

No. 925721

Yeah I always called these flares. I wore some of these to a school disco when I was 13 and they were kind of in fashion again for a lil while. Mine had diamonte butterflies on em too. I was feeling it lol

No. 925735

I think it’s because I have a fro I always gravitated to 70s fashion also because it was just so daring and kooky how can you not love it!! But my style is pretty bland now due to feeling like I’m too old to try new things when I was like 22 eyeroll which is why I’m trying to horde all the bell bottoms before they go out of style again lol but flares sounds cute too I’ll use that as well

No. 925744

you sound so cute!! good luck with your search!

No. 925748

File: 1632862668288.jpeg (21.34 KB, 224x280, 1C39BCA4-5E61-430F-A86C-68B8B5…)

Do you think there is such a thing as ghosts? Do you think your dead relatives are looking at you?

No. 925758

Have any anons here ever been to jail or prison? If so, what was your experience like?

No. 925771

I don't think so. I slept in the same bed and room my sister died in until I moved out and I never noticed anything. Also someone died in the house I live in now and I never noticed anything. I used to be really open to it, I played with Ouija boards, I bought books on ghosthunting, but I don't think it's real. People that try and argue that energies are left behind or the existence of liminal places are just overemotional not spiritual

No. 925776

I don't know if this will answer your question but when I was a child, my grandma's friend told me that saints don't know who we are, thus we should pray to our loved ones who passed away. When my father died I understood what she meant and even today it brings me comfort to "pray" to him as if he was right there and could help me. Sometimes I think he does but idk it could be placebo effect. I can't say with certainty that God, angels, souls or ghosts exist but I believe it's something to hold onto when life gets hard.

No. 925798

I got small time press in my country for fucking a student but I never saw the inside of a jail. But who knows what the future holds.

No. 925802

Watch "a ghost story" and then tell me

No. 925804

I was held in a small town jail for a day when I was a minor. They took my bra and glasses and I sat in a room alone until someone came to pick me up.

No. 925813

No I don't believe ghosts are real and I get irrationally triggered when others think they've encountered one because it sounds so dumb to me
Not sure if my relatives are looking over me. Hopefully not because they'd be disappointed

No. 925819

All this hype and moralfagging got me thinking of critical/penguinz0. Did anyone every attempt to dox him before his reveal? Did anyone even care to? Maybe I'm wrong, but I assume less people gave a shit about what he looked like because he didn't thirst trap preteen girls and didn't present this edgy uwu boy image unlike corpse.

No. 925820

>All this hype and moralfagging…
*… over corpse husbands face dox
Sorry, I thought I typed that but I guess my brain's being retarded today.

No. 925826

Is using the laser pointer on my dog abusive? He's smart and seems upset he can't get the laser.

No. 925827

I once read that it's damaging to only play with your pet with the laser but it's fine if you give them something tactile they can catch and actually feel and only use the laser sometimes. Give him a reward or a squeaky toy afterwards or something

No. 925829

He's not smart if he doesn't go straight for the device in your hand.

No. 925832

I used to watch him back then and I'm not entirely sure but I think I remember comments saying that he showed his face on snapchat and at the time all he did was post his gameplays so I don't think people cared much. He's much better looking than Chonk Husband.

No. 925840

There's tons of YouTubers who don't show their face and nobody minds that or wants to expose them or anything.
It all comes down to content and audience.
I watch a lot of pop-sci channels, and relativly recently Atlas Pro did a face and name reveal, and everything is as chill now as it was before. Nobody asked for it or made a big deal out if it, dude just did it when he was comfortable with it.
People reacted positively on meeting the person behind the channel. We got to see his living space too. It gave a personal touch to the videos, but by no means anyone ever pressured him or even wondered about him because his content is what made us subscribe and we were there to learn something, not diddle our privates.

But he's also much better looking than Chonk Husband kek

No. 925864

File: 1632882167685.jpg (20.06 KB, 400x288, 1dbc70408d2625cdf123b0a0aaf58e…)

How do you know when you're truly trying your best?

No. 925869

File: 1632882379184.jpg (45.14 KB, 600x757, vkwwptx.jpg)

Are there any good Tumblr blogs left? I miss scrolling through nice aesthetic pics and cool art. I've been wanting to start one up again for funsies/inspo, but I'm not sure where to start, it's been so long. Any recommendations for blogs or even just tags you like would be nice.

No. 925873

God I hope not they'd cringe and cry

No. 925893

I accidentally dissed my friend's new love interest without knowing she likes him and I think it's kind of awkward between us when he's around because of what I said. Initially I just said that this moid in our class is ugly and she could do better (because I was saying that it's obvious he was interested in her and because she is WAY beyond his level) and now it turns out she's interested in him. So they're kind of seeing each other and I feel awk knowing that I flat out said he was ugly af and specifically that my "jaw dropped when his mask came off" and that "he should have kept that shit on".

I'm kind of wondering if they do get together, am I gonna lose her as a friend? And better yet I'm pretty autistic so HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT SHE WAS GONNA LIKE THIS FACIALLY CHALLENGED MFER? Should I apologize now? He is actually ugly and she's WAY too cute for him from a straight female perspective. As a straight woman who wasted my time with ugly men and as someone who has is vehemently against being fake to people that I like, I'm not gonna take back what I said and pretend he's cute. The most I'd do is say sorry but I don't think I should bring this up out of nowhere. Thoughts? Sorry I've had barely any friends all my life so I have no idea what's appropriate.

No. 925896

Lmao. If she stops being friends with you over that she is a pickme.

No. 925899

why would you want a friend with bad taste

No. 925909

Elaborate on this please. Details

No. 925918

File: 1632891806135.jpg (76.98 KB, 600x900, dsgdfsgfd.jpg)

what's having sex with a blind man like ?
I could see a blind man having a better appreciation of your body and wanting to touch and feel you as you are, It seems it could be really hot

No. 925925

I don't think you should apologize, you said it before knowing she liked him after all. If you want to, you could tell her that you stand by your words and don't want to lie to her but if they get together you'll respect it.

No. 925941

Anon give us the saucy details, those who have teacher-student romance fantasies would like to vicariously live through you

No. 925953

Well shit now I want to fuck a blind man

No. 925976

Why is The Vampire Diaries so popular? I’ve been feeling nostalgic for my teenage goth phase and wanting to indulge in some trashy vampire fiction and any time I type in ‘vampire’ anywhere I get flooded with TVD stuff. I gave it a chance but it’s honestly nothing special and kind of boring. The vampires aren’t even vampire-y but just superpowered pretty humans like in Twilight. Why does this have multiple podcasts and like two or three multi-season spin-off series? Even Buffy doesn’t have that big of an extended universe.

No. 925997

I got into a barfight with this moid who was racist and homophobic to me, brained him with a pint glass. I got arrested and spent a night in a holding cell at the police station. They tried scaring me at first saying I could get charged with ABH but eventually they told me that the guy I attacked was a known criminal (I think they mentioned something about him being a burglar) who was always getting into barfights because he can't keep his stupid views to himself. He wasn't pressing charges against me so they just held me overnight to sober me up and calm me down and I guess try and scare me into not doing something like that again. The food was awful and it's really hard to sleep in those cells but overall it wasn't that bad. It was a catalyst for getting my ass to anger management so it all worked out in the end.

No. 926011

Does anyone else's digestive system gets mercilessly fucked up by any kind of sweetener?

No. 926013

diet coke makes me have to instashit and gives me diarrhea, so yeah

No. 926017

The only time I drank some Dr.Pepper it came out just half an hour later, shit was so rancid my body didn't want to deal with that.

No. 926019

How do you know he was spying on you?

No. 926022

I have the chance to study computing if I want. I'm into math but only know bare minimum surface level about computing, pretty much nothing. Is it a worthwhile field to get into? What sorts of people do they look for?

No. 926028

Can a static IP address be changed?

No. 926031

My little sister has a flat stomach but she still has a bit of chin flab and that gives her body image issues. Can that be genetical?

If she uses her tongue muscle to push it against the roof of her mouth the flab disappears.

No. 926037

Yeah, I have a chin flab too, I think it's due to a slightly recessed lower jaw

No. 926040

Is there any way to view full text of published studies that are behind paywalls?

No. 926042

I'd love to know this also

No. 926043

Sci-hub, library genesis and similar resources!

No. 926044

Right? College already makes us broker everyday I can't spend money on a study when I'm not even sure if it's The One.
Thank you so much! I'll check those out.

No. 926047

Every woman on my mother’s side of the family has this, even when clinically underweight. We tend to have strong jaws too so that’s not necessarily the cause. It’s hereditary and it sucks, but there’s nothing you can do about it beyond the tongue thing and maybe cosmetic surgery but fuck that.

No. 926062

I can never find my required material on those sites….

No. 926088

In addition I've found stuff on academia.edu

No. 926107

If you got a life insurance and you kill yourself, does the insurance cover the costs of your death? The whole funeral and such?

No. 926109

I think there are stipulations written into some life insurance policies that there will be no pay out in cases of suicide.

No. 926110

Just kidding, I got curious and looked it up and according to https://www.coverage.com/insurance/life/the-truth-about-suicide-life-insurance/

>Most life insurance policies have a “suicide clause.” This means that if the policyholder commits suicide within the first two years of the policy, then the beneficiaries will not receive the pay out. This can vary by state, however

No. 926111

Does Google Drive have some kind of antipiracy measure in place? I torrented a TV series (mp4s) and uploaded it to my personal drive to send to my brother who lives in a country where they're strict about piracy. When he opened the folder on his end, he said it was empty. But I was looking right at it and could see the mp4s I'd uploaded. We thought maybe it just needed to process so left it alone. A day passed and he said it was still empty. I thought maybe the filenames were too obviously "torrenty" so I renamed them to innocuous random shit. Still doesn't show up for him when he refreshes. Is this just an mp4 thing or something else?

No. 926114

Can't say for certain but I've heard about google taking pirated stuff on shared drives down before.

No. 926150

Not sure, but there's always dropbox

No. 926185

Has it ever happened to anyone that a guy was interested in you, then became completely disinterest when he learned how old you are because you were older than what he expected?

No. 926193

Using winrar or 7zip, make a .rar or .7z of the folder with your files in it, and select the option to encrypt files & filenames and give it a password. Title it something unrelated like brother.7z. Then you can upload the .rar or .7z file to google drive and there's no way for anyone without the password to know anything about what's in the folder. Send your brother the password and he can download the 7z/rar file and open it on his end. If this doesn't work there's some other issue because if it's encrypted like this no one but you knows what's in it. I do this anyway for sharing pirated stuff because I'm paranoid.

No. 926212

>Google Drive matches the hash of copyrighted video content with files that are stored by users to identify pirated content. The company does this on a voluntary basis, according to media reportsGoogle Drive matches the hash of copyrighted video content with files that are stored by users to identify pirated content. The company does this on a voluntary basis, according to media reports
Weirdly enough, I remember information about Google becoming more strict about pirated content from a few months back, but now I cannot find anything

No. 926228

Is there anywhere a guide that explains what kind of lighting is the most flattering on specific face types?

No. 926276

A guy I almost dated invited me to his birthday party but I don't wanna go because I don't care about his friends, I don't know them and they are all older than me, plus I'm pretty sure one of them has trooned out by now. How can I refuse? Should I tell him point blank I'm not at ease with his friends or should I say I'm busy with something (which I'm actually not)?

No. 926277

File: 1632940071111.jpg (72.86 KB, 540x397, 23795492._SX540_.jpg)

I don't know if I should post this here or on the vent thread but:

Yesterday I called a friend to help me out with some work I have to turn up soon (design/illustration related) and told him I would pay him a sum that honestly doesn't ammount to the hours/stuff he helped me with.
He's a friend of mine that has been in my life for quite some time now, almost like family to me.

Thing is yesterday he was such a fucking asshole to me. He:
>said my dreams of becoming an artist are an utopia
>acted out a bit when I told him what to do
>was on his phone all the time
>didn't help me that much
>just had overall scrotoid behaivors, I think you know which ones I'm talking about. Kinda like mansplaining but, you know. You just know.

Does anyone else regret having male friends sometimes? even if you love them. Thats my question. This makes me want to impulsively get away from him tbh.

No. 926282

No that I can think of, it depends more of what effect you want to get on your photo. For example, for a dramatic effect use harsher lights that accentuate your bone structure etc

No. 926287

Just say you can’t go and ignore or shrug off any further inquiries. Why do you give a shit what this scrote thinks anyway?

No. 926292

don't explain anything. just say no

No. 926296

Just say no thanks but have a good party or smth like that, you don't owe him a reason. Politely refusing is enough.

No. 926371

File: 1632946567136.jpeg (172.19 KB, 1920x1920, A07F43E7-C6BA-46EC-93CB-BBE0E6…)

Would it be possible to develop some sort of automated painkiller dispenser for when periods get horribly painful? Kind of like pic related
I thought about it as I suffered because of a horrifyingly painful period i had some weeks ago, like, maybe it could be refilled laparoscopically.

No. 926372

Sounds good but actually too complicated to implement imo, is there some kind of automated painkiller thing for other organs or muscles? what if it runs out of the painkiller substance? would it affect our hormones? isn't painkillers something that is disolved by our organism or blood or something for it to work?

No. 926374

All I can think of is maybe some way to kill the nerves that make us get pain in that area, but since everyone's period pain is different I have no idea if that could work or how it works or if it is a thing in other areas of the body

No. 926376

File: 1632946835264.png (337.85 KB, 600x463, imagen_2021-09-29_152024.png)

Have you tried electricity therapy or some kind of deep tissue massage for that area?

No. 926389

why do so many men lead on women and then play the victim and make her out to be a female simp or something?

this has never happened to me but I use to have a male friend who would always make a big deal about how many girls were over him and even sent me screenshots of girls being over him, dude was a solid 5 mind you. Made up a story about how MILFs were forcefully sexting him and asking him to come over and made up stories to his GF about how his ex "came crawling back constantly" lol. Turns out most of these women he was leading onto relationships and sex and stuff, I was so confused as to why women are throwing themselves at mediocre broke men kek men are so pathetic and insecure

No. 926412

I've been led on by this type before (and saw him do it to another girl). He even took me on a couple dates that he later told me were just "pity dates" to "build my confidence" and he framed me like this desperate loser that was pining over him. Meanwhile we literally fooled around so how was I desperate? When I eventually blew up and blocked him of course he pitied me and wished me the best from up on his high horse. I think men that do this are either repressed homosexual or they have deep issues with women where they both put them on a pedestal and look down on them. They can only be comfortable in a "relationship" with one if they feel like they have the upper hand. Like creating a larp where they have tons of women pining over them and playing dumb like they don't know what flirtation is

No. 926413

How the fuck do i stop being underfoot when doing an internship where i can only watch?

No. 926426

> they can only feel comfortable in a relationship if they feel like they have the upper hand
Totally, to me, it's rooted on low self esteem and misogyny

No. 926452

Have any nonas bought from Taobao within the past year? Did you buy directly or use an agent? What service/agent? How long did it take for you to receive the item (and what country do you live in)? It's been so long since I've ordered from Taobao and I used to use an agent but I wanted to know if any anons had experience with directly ordering from Taobao from overseas since I've never done it before. I'm ordering something ceramic so I wonder if it might be better to order through an agent so that I could ask them to pack it extra secure since this will be a present…

No. 926471

File: 1632955274161.jpeg (40.07 KB, 354x350, 44F17901-3AB5-479C-B90A-703663…)

Aliexpress nail polish: Safe? Dangerous? I really want some translucent gel polishes but can't really find any other than on aliexpress so I'm wondering if I should take the risk for picrel

No. 926485

I bought from taobao a month or two ago, it was mainly a bunch of lace trim for diy purposes. I always use spreenow since i lived in europe, but now that i don't i might considering ordering directly from taobao to save some money on extra fees. From what I know, it's only worth ordering from stores that speak sufficient english, but i cannot say this is the case for all stores.

No. 926489

Y chromosome is a disability sadly. Also watching too much anime harem shit prbly.

No. 926490

Literal cancer in a bottle anon. Not worth.

No. 926496

those nails look like baked beans

No. 926498

It's just their fucked up way of getting an ego boost, a man's existence is defined by their ability to attract women and they'll do anything to feel that validation

No. 926500

I wouldn't recommend it, you have no idea what they could put in there. I remember seeing a video about what kind of bacteria is in knock-off makeup from shady places. If you really can't find jelly nail polish anywhere else, then maybe you can just buy a clear gel polish, and a colored gel polish and mix them to get that translucent color? It's not as convenient, but it should work. Also, even though I wouldn't buy stuff like nail polish from there, Aliexpress has a ton of cute nail decorations which would be less risky.

No. 926515

aaaah alright, I figured as much. thanks for the idea about making my own jelly polish. I'll try it out for sure
fucking kek

No. 926517

Thanks for the reply anon! I do have a family member who moved in with me recently and is fluent in Chinese so I'm most likely going to have him help me buy stuff from there lol. Mostly worried about making sure it's bubble wrapped enough but maybe I can just beg the seller to go ham packing it safely.

No. 926527

Why do I keep getting BV? I don’t have sex and I’m very hygienic yet I’ve had it about 5 times this year. I’m getting so tired of it and my dr keeps just saying “oh it just happens sometimes.”

No. 926539

people who do soap brows: what happens if it rains and your face gets wet??

No. 926547


do you wear tight underwear or a lot of spandex? air yourself out, cotton panties

No. 926568

this. Men are the biggest attention whores on earth, I also feel like most men will repeat lies to themselves until they believe them

No. 926573

Maybe it could be to do with the soap you use for your neither regions?

No. 926585

Eat more fermented stuff

No. 926586

Men will be celibate for years, cumming into socks and doing nothing but fermenting in a PewDiePie gaming chair but the moment a miracle happens and some poor woman returns his interest and gets even slightly invested in him he will imagine himself a king and she a clingy burden simpette to make fun of

No. 926615

i heard that in some countries underpants don't have to have a cotton gusset–do you live in one of those places? the USA is one of them. i've only lived in canada or europe so idk about anywhere else

No. 926618

Has anyone here ever taken supplements or nootropics to lift their mood and help focus? I don’t want to go back on meds, but I suspect my natural dopamine/serotonin levels are very low. I’ve heard Mucuna is good.

No. 926623

Plain ol fish oil helped turn all my Ds into to As and Bs and my B's into D's (wasn't trying to but extra benefit lol). Various from person to person but I've tried everything including those lionshead mushroom supplements. Fish oil just does it for me I guess but flaxseed doesn't work as good. It various from person to person I suppose

No. 926624

Why can someone young have a boyfriend but zero friends?
I understand it once you're married and settle down, since friendships drift apart and there's less time to meet people, but I don't get how some people get boyfriends at college but no friends.
Imo getting romantically with someone requires more effort and commitment, so making friends should be easier.

No. 926626

I had to google what a gusset is. If the thing you’re thinking of is the same thing described in this article, then yes the USA does have underwear gussets. Idk if it’s always cotton, but mine seem to be.

No. 926630

Making and keeping friends requires work and personality. Getting a bf only requires a vagina

No. 926643

Not even most of the time kek

No. 926858

Why do some people think that men can’t be raped?

No. 926860

I mostly hear that in the context of women as perp, not other men.
Probably the idea that men are horny 24/7 and would always want a woman.
Or the law in countries like the Uk were rape means penetration with a penis.

No. 926871

should i ditch my american accent? do you guys like the accent or do you judge people for speaking with american accents? i moved to a new country, i’m learning the language, but i feel embarrassed as hell speaking with my accent and feel like people judge me or think i’m a tourist. so i’m considering speaking with a british or australian accent instead. i have a midwestern standard accent.
imo being american is shameful

No. 926873

depends on the country you moved to I’d say most people cannot tell accents apart. Just don’t behave like a yank kek

No. 926881

I have an accent fetish so I always think it’s adorable when foreigners try to speak in the language I speak.

No. 926892

I’m from the UK and yup, rape here is penetration with a penis but if the perpetrator is female and the victim is male then it’s sexual assault.

They’re supposed to be treated equally in court but yknow… it’s the UK…

No. 926902

I think if you act normal/respectful you'll be fine with an american accent. People just think most americans are entitled because of rude tourists.

No. 926921

How do I make my brother pay me the money he owes me?

We split all the bills but the pos didn't pay his share for almost 4 months now and is living off of me and my mother. He does have a job. I just want to hurt this manchild so bad but the law and blah blah blah. Apart from locking him outside what can I do?

No. 926940

Hide all his chargers

Throw out any food he leaves in your fridge

Take his sheets & pillowcases and put them in the hamper/dirty laundry "because they smelled" (but don't let anyone do it for him. For extra points on this one hide the detergent that I'm sure he didn't pay for)

Hide anything he leaves around - phone, keys, wallet, papers, etc - by putting it in a normal drawer like you're "helping" him out

Turn all the parental controls on on his phone/tv/computer and pretend ypu know nothing about it

No. 926942

Also use parental controls/site filtering on ypur router to block websites he uses. Pretend you know nothing

No. 926951

Can you use pads with boxers?

No. 926952

Thanks, I love these!

No. 926957

Is his name on the lease? If not you can just change the locks and pack his shit. Tell him he can't come in until he gives you the money.

No. 926962

No lease, we own the house, so sadly no, otherwise I would've kicked him out years ago.

No. 926965

Nonnie's I'm at the dentist rn. Should I ask them about getting some botox in my glabella for my rbf? I wanna see if it helps me looks less angry at the world kek.

No. 926969

Wear 100% cotton underwear only (or at least 100% cotton where the crotch is)

Take probiotic supplements meant for women and with at least 30 billion CFUs daily

Wear chlorine-free and fragrance free pads or tampons during your period. Do not purchase the typical brand shit because they are bad for you.

Make sure your sex toys aren't cheap Amazon shit and that they're made from body-safe materials

If all else fails, tell your OBGYN. She may tell you to use a boric acid suppository or something

Signed, someone who has also struggled with chronic BV and yeast.

No. 926977

Never get botox from a DDS. Please, love yourself. Get it elsewhere if you feel so inclined, but not at the dentist.

No. 926996

Is pegging actually fun or is it just a fakeboi Twitter meme like eating ass

No. 926998

It’s a meme created by teens, like “piss fetish” which is just them screaming piss into the void.

No. 927005

A meme created by pornsick men.

No. 927015

all buttshit is nasty and only memed by men who need to teabag a bear trap to get off
too bad women believe the shit and brainwash themselves into "liking" it just like they gaslight themselves into liking the "good kind of pain"

No. 927030

I thought a DDS would be a good idea since they study the face muscles/ skull a decent amount for their careers in school. I'm going to listen to you and go to an actual plastic surgery office instead since my dentist was so busy I couldn't even bring it up with her anyways.

No. 927057

It does happen but it's usually by other men LOL. Female perpetrated rape of a male rarely happens and the few that happen are limited to few instances where women might actually have power over a male victim like pedophilia (age advantage, strength potentially if the victim's a child) and drugging the victim (physical disadvantage is gone). Not to mention how many men are straight up lying about being raped which personally I would never accuse a man of since that is actually traumatizing to experience as a legit rape victim. BUT we can't overlook how men collectively constantly accusing female rape victims of lying which women seldom do (aside from pickmes) because of how little men personally regard of rape's severity, as if rape is truly so easy to lie about when the trauma afterward can lead to suicide and even if you are to report it then you've got 2% of convictions here on your side in the US. Men go ON about false rape accusations simply because they would do it themselves if they had the chance (see trannies and how many MtFs are actually lying about being raped and making rape threats against women like the sick males that they are).
Men are by default crazy strong, even the most lanky 14 year old boy could subdue the average woman, which is why men literally have to be incapacitated (usually by drugs/drinking or major disabilities {disregarding that disabled men have raped non-disabled women}) and near passed out to not be able to fight the average woman with her average female strength successfully. Even if men are raped by drugging/drinking, they could likely hardly remember it except "we had sex" which they would see as a power move where the man gains what the woman loses. See how many women men will sleep with just to fuck a woman (but won't date her). It is highly likely that some guys who have been raped while passed out don't even regard it as such even though it was non-consensual. Biologically as well when you consider how traumatizing female rape is with male strength, penetration, and patriarchal institutions that basically guarantee your rapist to walk free, PIV rape for men is not as traumatizing as being forcefully penetrated as woman. Pentration is logistically worse and men seldom encounter it when raped by women. Rape for males is only truly as awful as ours when men are forcefully penetrated, preferably by another male so they can feel the inability to actually fight off an attacker like a woman would. That's why I don't regard female-perpetrated male rape the same as ours; it is not the same and never will be.
Anyway can't really say I care for the issue considering how the current distribution of rapes stands.
Just remember that adult men go through life subconsciously aware that they are more likely to be a rapist than be a rape victim. Men will only develop some empathy regarding how traumatizing rape actually when they start ass raping each other in droves. They need the humiliation, penetration, and the potential backlash of patriarchy to work against them. If any other based anons want to see that happen so men will have a chance of realizing how predatory they are then someone's gotta pitch the 'kink' to MindGeek and get the coomers all over "grown man with innocent virgin ass VIOLATED RAPED and UTTERLY DESTROYED by massive monster cock" so men will see the pure art and beauty of violating each other's asses! There's no bigger power move than actually holding strength over someone your own size–moids it's very weak for you to naturally go for the most oppressed groups.
If you think it's too "out there", remember that trans/sissy shit blew up via porn and that hetero men are by default man-loving so there's really no excuse as for degen limp-dicked coomers from getting into this porn category as well kek.

No. 927069

I love you anon

No. 927095

what's the point of fraternities or sororities? why do they have greek letter names? why do they always seem to attract assholes?

No. 927104

For rich kids to network

No. 927121

File: 1633024708918.webm (2.99 MB, 640x800, 1617617670027.webm)

okay, but why do they resemble cults? Also, additional question, have there been specific eras of what sororities looked like? I doubt sorority girls had bleach blonde hair and tans in the 1920s

No. 927124

Would going to a bar and drinking alone and start flirting with guys be an efficient way to have a one night stand? Or how does one have a one night stand without social media nowadays?

No. 927127

What is a "sigma" male? It sounds like more stupid scrote bullshit, so I don't want to hear one explain it.

No. 927128

just walk up to someone in a store and ask them to hang out. don't go to a place like that and expect not to get paired with some unstable drunk scrote whose judgement is impaired

No. 927129

like an "alpha" but "volcel"

No. 927130

Rich ppl love cults it makes them feel special and superior. Their aesthetic is just what's most popular at the time, rich kids just follow the trends.

No. 927131

No, bars are whiskey dick central. Nothing but disappointment.

No. 927132

Antisocial scrote with sour grapes. Bc they can't socialize they try to convince themselves that they don't want to anyways and that ppl are dumb.

No. 927135

But then where should I look if I don't have Tinder? A club?

No. 927209

File: 1633029577506.png (159.55 KB, 658x274, Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 3.18…)

this isn't shayna when she was skinny, right? i see this banner all the time.

No. 927248

File: 1633033774249.jpeg (224.01 KB, 958x1182, 7EF438F4-794B-4A6D-A7E2-3F04AD…)

Have you ever tried nice creams? Specially those made with avocado, I’m curious about how they would taste like but not curious enough to make some at home in case I don’t like them.
I know the other fruit based ones are just like regular fruit ice creams, but those avocado ones are intriguing.

No. 927256

I thought that was readytoglare for some reason

No. 927274

>someone's gotta pitch the 'kink' to MindGeek and get the coomers all over "grown man with innocent virgin ass VIOLATED RAPED and UTTERLY DESTROYED by massive monster cock"
Fuckers at MindGeek absolutely hate women though, good luck pitching this shit to them when they align with the goal of keeping women subjugated, trafficked and objectified. Plus, there aren't many male pornstars actually willing to commit through a heterosexually implied gangrape scene as a substitute for a female victim. They'd only be able to hire gay actors, acting out gay stuff and it'd devolve into kings asking each other whther they want this hawt cawk. I'm saying it's impossible to get the same energy into the scene where men rape a man, because we live in a society.
Other than that, yes, I think it'd serv porn-watching men right that they'd be regularly exposed to the idea of being violated, sodomized and injured. I agree with you but it's hard to see it happening in this society and climate.

No. 927298

Pretty cringe question but one I honestly wonder about and can’t really ask elsewhere. Should I consider changing my first name that originates from a native america word when I’m white?

No. 927301

You should change your name if it makes you feel better.

No. 927313

No, I never tried nice creams. I love avocado too, but I never thought of eating it frozen. Might be good though since it's very creamy.

No. 927317

I haven't tried avocado nice cream but I think it would taste pretty good? Especially with chocolate.
I always make banana nice cream but I hate the texture it gets when it starts melting, so next time I'm trying the avocado one.

No. 927345

what word? is it like Dakota? if so no one will care.

No. 927346

File: 1633043721620.jpg (57.54 KB, 940x625, FB_IMG_1632879125789.jpg)

Tips for essay writing when essay planning isn't enough? Even though I'm on a medication that helps me focus and I use organizational tools like the pomodoro technique and essay planning I find it takes me way too long to write down even just a few paragraphs. It's really frustrating and makes me wonder if I'm doing the planning part wrong.

No. 927380

Can someone explain the genetics of nose shapes? My dad and I have near identical noses from one angle but his profile is totally different from mine (rounded hook vs pointy dorsal hump). Dad is a near doppelganger of his father who is 100% jewish. My mom has a rounded small anglo ski sloped nose which is kinda irrelevant considering my nose looks nothing like hers. And my extended family all have small noses including the italians fml.
So tl;dr: I've got a nose that looks to be influenced by SOME of my dad's own nose from one angle but we have completely different profiles and it baffles me now looking into my ancestry and realizing no one else has my nose like wtf. Do we inherit a blend of nose characteristics to make the final nose shape, potentially resulting in a nose that no one (not even distant relatives) has in your family?