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File: 1558273179279.jpg (54.96 KB, 700x700, téléchargement.jpg)

No. 31983

I can't seem to find a thread on tv shows. There is a movie thread (and I think even a netflix thread and a GoT thread) but nothing relating generally tv shows (including netflix, HBO, etc).

What are you watching ? What do you reccomand watching ?

No. 32443

I finished Aggretsuko, Rilakkuma, Knightfall, Forged in Fire, and Roman Empire. I have no idea what to do with myself now TV wise. I watched a few episodes on On Children and KonMari, but I have that sense of "seen one, seen them all." Knightfall was the only show out of all of these I throughly enjoyed. I like historical based action/drama with some sort of emotional chemistry between characters, but also have the attention span of a gnat. I think I might start Marco Polo. I mostly watch nature and WWII documentaries.

No. 32445

I have a problem getting into tv shows. My attention span is good for like 1 episode of a reality show (usually some TLC bs) and then I go back to browsing on my phone or start up a video game.

No. 32447

I started watching the HBO Chernobyl series and it seems pretty good so far, especially with the sound editing and music.

No. 32528

Last time I tried to watch a TV show was Supernatural and I stopped in the middle of season 3 because of the lack of free time. I liked it a lot but I've been told that starting from season 5 or 6 it becomes very different because the story was supposed to be concluded with season 5. I plan on at least watching until season 5 because of this.

I don't find most TV shows very appealing nowadays because you have to be sort of committed because of the format. Once I graduate and have enough free time I'll start watching more movies but I'll only stick to series I've been interested in for a while. I want to catch up with Doctor who because I never watched the episodes in the correct order because of the channel it was on back then, and I want to watch the 3rd season of Sherlock BBC because I think I forgot enough spoilers now. I'm also sort of curious about Game of Thrones but I'm not sure I'll watch it. I also never finished the Mentalist and Misfits. I started the first season of How to get away with murder and I stopped halfway in because I couldn't stand the characters.

By the way some of my favorite series are Malcolm in the Middle and the Nanny.

No. 32530

My attention span for dramas is shit at the moment, although I've got a tonne of shows which are half watched or on my backlog.

I can rewatch my fav comedies endlessly though, one of these is almost always playing on my 2nd monitor when I'm messing around online
>30 Rock
>Always Sunny
>Arrested Development
>Parks & Rec
>Flight of the Conchords

No. 32531

have you seen The Office, or New Girl? if not you should add them to your list, shitloads of episodes and high rewatchability. really good dumb comedy. same as Brooklyn 99.
from what I remember The Mindy Project was a good watch as well.

agree withe attention span thing 100% I've had the office on repeat, my adhd wont tolerate much else.

No. 32532

File: 1558348028243.jpeg (82.7 KB, 640x420, 2EBB4AB8-1F69-4108-85C6-BD4602…)

Just binged watched The Society on netflix and it’s not a good show i tend to hate teen drama and those types of shows but it was actually very entertaining and the show actually made me feel for the characters? Which normally happens with really good shows like game of thrones and such, i would def recommend it. The second season of The Rain also just came out which is also a show i’d highly recommend.

No. 32560

I watched it too! I usually hate teen dramas (still hate-watch riverdale tho, while pulling my hair out of cringe at each episode) but I really enjoy post-apocalyptic and "kids on their own" type of shows.

Tried to watch The Rain but I found the acting so bad and that one main girl thats supposed to be a teenager looked like she was played by a 30 year old actress.

No. 32582

Does anyone have good recommendations for J-Dramas? I like watching K-Dramas because of the nice production and in particular, I enjoy historical dramas). I also want to expand to J-Dramas and see what they have for historical tv shows. Any good ones?

No. 32587

Breaking Bad is the best show on the fucking planet and there's nothing you can do to change this fact.

No. 32588

I'm a fan of irreverent tv comedies–y'know,
>The Office
>Always Sunny
>What We Do in the Shadows
>New Girl

But I'm also a huge fan of tv medical dramas…
>Chicago Med
>New Amsterdam
>The Resident

No. 32592

the only historical jdrama i have ever watched was ooku the inner chambers. it's based on a manga

the synopsis: The plot follows an alternate history of early modern Japan in which an unknown disease kills most of the male population, leading to a matriarchal society in which the Ōoku becomes a harem of men serving the now female shōgun.

there's also an earlier movie version that follows a different arc/main character and shogun.

No. 32608

Handmaid's Tale, The Good Place, The Harlots, 48 Hours, 24 Hours in A & E.
I do like alot of shows like Cold Case Files where it details old crimes etc.

No. 32615

Will black mirror be good again?

No. 32618

Nobunaga Concerto is a historical j-drama.

Synopsis: A boy from our modern day ends up in a time slip to feudal Japan. He swaps places with the real Nobunaga.

It’s good if you don’t know much about Japanese history. The protagonist has no clue either so you learn with him. Also Oguri Shun is an iconic actor so that’s a plus.

No. 32631

Probably not if Milley Cyrus is this season guest start.

No. 32639

Holy shit nobunaga made modern day dudes look like pussies.

No. 32643

just curious, did you enjoy Bandersnatch ?

also who here watched The OA and has similar stuff to reccomend ? I loved that shit.

No. 32646

File: 1558457488737.jpg (228.73 KB, 1360x765, cropped812851_4131710_3840x189…)

Thank you so much for mentioning this. I've just finished the first episode and I'm already going to binge on the second and third one.

It's so well done. From the people on the top trying to downplay the damage at the expense of innocent common folk, to the claustrophobic halls and pathways within the plant. The acting is great, the gloomy setting, the story.

Also, I'm sort of excited for the newest and last season of Mr. Robot. I know it's a meme by this point but I like it regardless.

Then there's also The Terror but I haven't got to watching it yet.

If anyone has some similar shows to recommend, please do.

No. 32674

File: 1558473399231.jpeg (48.34 KB, 550x400, 6F329450-7475-425C-8B18-DA36C0…)

Netflix monthly choices
Delhi crime
A girl is gang raped in a bus based in a real story it follows the police officers dealing with the case

Korean drama about the life of people before and after becoming police officers dealing with drugs prostitution and corruption

After life

BBC dark comedy about a man getting over his wife’s death 10/10 best comedy I’ve seen this year

Dead to me

A real estate agent investigates the murder of her husband

I can’t say much else about the plot but if you are on your mid twenties is a great watch

No. 32675

Oh forgot to add
Dogs of Berlin
Police drama that deals with racial and political issues in a corrupt Berlin after the misterious death of a football player

A bit on the smut side but that’s expected from the director despite the compelling story

No. 32819

watched the 3 episodes that are currently out just now, i really liked it, very harrowing but well done. nuclear power/things gone awry has really interested me since i was a child and this was very up my alley.

very unrelated but Good Girls is also a really good series (currently season 2 is airing, renewed for season 3), it's about 3 suburban soccer moms robbing a grocery store to help their various financial struggles but they end up getting tangled up with a gang.

other series i've recently seen and enjoyed not mentioned in this thread are Dark, Killing Eve (season 2 currently airing too) and Santa Clarita Diet.

No. 32825

Oh man i loved the OA, i honesty cant think of anything similar. But if you haven’t seen it i recommend Dark it’s confusing and interesting like the OA and the second season is coming out soon

Is anyone excited for Euphoria on HBO? it looks really good, i don’t like zendaya as an actress but the show seems interesting.

No. 32831

I watched the trailer of Euphoria because an anon posted it in another thread and it looked cringe-worthy. I don't get the appeal of teen dramas that take themselves so seriously and try to be 2deep4u

No. 32836

a touch of cloth (spoof of crime procedurals)

naked attraction (dating show where they pick a person by seeing them naked)

No. 32840

File: 1558610074825.jpeg (64.08 KB, 646x431, 194DAAE2-98E7-4A01-9D52-93AD53…)

Real love on Netflix it’s like lolcow but IRL it’s hilarious

No. 32854

is it a kdrama or jdrama ? or is it a good ol american reallity tv ?

No. 32876

I watched this. Big feels for the woman who had a kid and just wanted someone to settle down with.

No. 32893

I started watching Good Girls like today. This Rio (or whatever is his name) guy makes me nostalgic about the time I hooked up with a 19 yo brazilian guy who told me how he got his ribs broken by brazilian cops and he was also covered in tattoos.

Watching this show and the show Queen of the South really makes me crave some latino dicking, shame we dont have that here in Europe.

No. 32896

Watching Cougar Town atm, it's so underrated. Funny af from episode 1 and weirdly cute considering the subject matter.

No. 32898

I like it too. I wonder if Nemu is watching it.

No. 32899

he is kinda hot, yeah. may or may have not read like 4 fanfics out of sheer thirst. i understand you, fellow european sister.

No. 32934

I was looking forward to watching it but now this will be all I can think about, damn you anon!

No. 33001

>vomiting middle aged men and a guy that turns into a mushy human pizza
It was made for her.

No. 33063

File: 1558812792628.jpg (2.06 MB, 2000x1333, téléchargement.jpg)

I started watching WHAT/IF on netflix and… its painful to watch. Besides Anna, the characters are so poorly written and one-dimensional, the acting is bad and I get that they wanna summon that neo-noir feel but it just ends up corny.

Still gonna try to finnish it though because I wanna know what happens kek.

No. 33336

Only a few hours until Chernobyl ep4 is released on torrents. Who else is hyped af?

No. 33348

I wish I was at college to be able to torrent it because my internet at home is terrible. For some reason I’ve had trouble finding any streaming sites with Chernobyl episodes after the first one.

No. 33368

most streaming sites are shit.
sorry to hear about your internet connection, I wish I knew some decent sites.
I haven't used Popcorn Time in a long time but even with a shit internet connection, I had no problems watching a 2h movie on it, so maybe try that?

No. 33374


Go to r/piracys megathread there you have a list of streaming sites. I think yesmovies and fmovies have all the episodes. I use them to watch chernobyl.

No. 33382

File: 1558995450789.jpeg (568.38 KB, 1280x1280, 3ED2198C-97B7-4E47-ADDC-D5DBFA…)

Thanks anons, I was able to get one to work! I’m going to try to catch up for tonight’s episode.

No. 33386

File: 1558998237488.jpg (82.29 KB, 480x851, 1557964498140.jpg)

Get hype

No. 33510

>>33001 Halfway into the third episode I just had to pause it and explain who nemu was to the person I watched it with, because even though it's amazing the comment by >>32898 was rattling around in my head so much I could barely concentrate.
Curse you op

No. 33524

I can't be the only one who had to pause several times while watching ep4 of Chernobyl, right?

It's a great show but it was particularly difficult to watch this episode.

No. 33526

I watched The Society this week-end, it was pretty nice. I was told it was a modern Lord of The Flies, it isn't. But I've still enjoyed it, and I'm curious about where it will go.

I might start to watch Chernobyl, you are all making me interested.

No. 33665

what are your opinions on Campbell and Elle ? Im so sad they turned him into an abusive psycho, they could have been such a power couple.

No. 33673

All those dead puppers :(
I can handle the monster-looking radiation burn victims, but don't shoot the dogs.

No. 33807

File: 1559231355667.jpg (376.18 KB, 1075x945, dfb03e9b-8c83-46a8-af36-5f319c…)

for u, my fellow Chernobyl gals

No. 33811

kek, noice

Me too.
That scene with the cute doggo who was just happy to see the young soldier and he had to shoot him, the sound of the dog whimpering was too much. I had to take a long pause.

Apparently, I'm a filthy normie for feeling sorry during the ep4. There were lots of comments on how the story with those three soldiers dragged on for too long and the scene in the village was just a cheap emotional stunt, but I thought it was a nice reminder that the victims were not only human.

Also, those 90 seconds were so well done. It was a real cinematic experience.

I'm looking forward to the fifth episode but at the same time, I'm sad that it's going to be the last one.

No. 34197

File: 1559582688352.jpg (248.53 KB, 1280x720, onedayatatime.jpg)

I really liked One Day At A Time on Netflix until they started the whole non-binary shit with Elena's girlfriend. It got cancelled anyway. Is there anything similar with a 'female run household' kind of sitcom? I liked seeing the non-nuclear family.

No. 34209

File: 1559590533145.png (1.13 MB, 1197x663, ay.png)

I really like the new Spike Lee "She's Gotta Have it"! The constant sex-posi libfem bullshit was annoying and Nola Darling just seems to be a fantasy of the ideal girl Spike Lee would like to fuck but the directing was amazing!

No. 34248

Has anyone watched Good Omens? I was wondering if the plot and humor hold up compared to the book.

No. 34262

Can somebody please recommend a comedy show on netflix that doesn’t feel the need to make every other character ‘woke’ and make “orange man bad” jokes every episode

No. 34275

I don't like Campbell because it feels forced. Like "oh shit we don't have any villain, quick, take this boy and make him evil". However I like how his relationship with Elle is portrayed, I can't help but feel for her.

No. 34277

Have you watched unbreakable kimmy Schmidt? It can be a little cringe but I enjoyed it and overall it doesn’t pander to woke audiences

No. 34383

diff anon, but that show is shit. Every joke is anti white and there is one episode where the black 'fabulous' gay dude dressed up in yellow face + robe and told himself he was a geisha in the past life. It was a whole episode centered about the asians being 'rude' to him because they didnt understand his geisha OC. It's not great comedy and still pushes agendas, but the wrong ones tbh.

No. 34499

I haven't even finished the season premiere of Handmaid's Tale yet, but it's so fucking bad. It's like someone producing bad fanfiction.

No. 34518

I think the second series was much less cringe than the first.
It's ok junk television for when I want to turn my brain off, even if sometimes it smacks you in the face with heavy topics. I wish it would just stick to the lighter topics.

No. 34525

What do you think of current Brooklyn 9-9's state?

I keep noticing that since ~5th season they started trying to get some woke points, and I feel not that satisfied over 6th season (watched only 7 episodes for now, though) but I find the fact that they kicked out Gina really dissappointing, because she seems irreplacable to me, and her final episode was so sloppy and rushed. Plus, it feels like they are trying to make a big deal out of Rosa's sexuality, and keep baiting Jake on 'OWO GUYS. HES BI TOO! XD XD'. Also I feel like Holt is going to divorce Kevin at some point, and they keep trying to show him as some horny dong. Idk how to feel.

No. 34558

I haven't watched yet, how's it? Why is it bad? Did they change the writers or something?

No. 34591


But wasn't it the actress who wanted to bail? Legit asking. I remember reading it somewhere, but could be wrong

No. 34594

How on Earth does it even have a second season? The book ended ambiguously and the TV show should have stayed a miniseries.

Straying away from the source material never ends well, GoT season 8 is proof of that

No. 34597


Anyways, what i wanted to say is that all this woke-episode stuff feels really forced and awkward to me… Writers need to learn to do their stuff.

No. 34599

Is Black Mirror actually any good?

No. 34604

This new season is horrible, lol. I liked the first few seasons. There was always one-two episodes per season that I didn't like but it was bearable. This latest season was absolutely horrible and seemed like something entirely different that was inspired by BM. Might be worth watching the first seasons if you like sci-fi/alternative reality/tech futurism.

No. 34605

I like vaguely dystopian tech stuff. My favourite shows are probably Mr.Robot and Person of Interest.
I forgot Black Mirror even existed until I heard about Miley Cyrus covering a Nine Inch Nails song in one of the new episodes. As an avid NIN fan I got a hearty chuckle, thinking it would be utter shit, but I actually enjoyed the parody with the lyrical change. I thought about watching just that episode, but from what you've said seeing as it's a newer one, I might not enjoy it at all.
Well, I think I'll bite the bullet eventually.

No. 34606

That song was the best part of the entire episode. She does an actual cover of it at the end, too.

No. 34634

The Vipers episode can be resumed by "FELLAS….is it gay if…" and I really liked the Miley Cyrus one (if we're talking last season that just came out)

No. 34658

It's been on a decline since the first season ended. June should have been put on the wall by now, but then there would be no show and no more money.

Totally agree. That's why I stopped watching GoT in season 4 or something lmao

No. 34667

totally agree I enjoy the lighthearted comedy but whenever they talk about the heavier stuff, even jokingly, I get genuinely sad lol

No. 34693

It varies episode to episode since they've all standalone. At least watch the one titled "15 Million Merits" though. It's the best of the lot by far.

No. 35077

It can be hit and miss. The earlier seasons are definitely better. From the most recent season, I liked Smithereens because it was the most realistic and human. It actually brought me on an emotional rollercoaster and I cared about most of the characters. The others are so ridiculous it's laughable, maybe people like them because they're a little more light-hearted but I don't watch Black Mirror for that.

The ending to Striking Vipers was absolutely terrible. I expected the main guy to leave his wife but the ending was actually worse than that. Ashley Too was way too over the top. The only issue I had with Smithereens was the sub plot about the mother getting access to her deceased daughter's account. Imo that could have been an entire episode by itself and it felt shoe-horned into that episode. I also didn't enjoy seeing a selfish, nosy cow being rewarded.

No. 35111

Anyone else watch Veep? Legitimately the only show on tv that I love and actually laugh at. The series finale low key made me cry tbh I’m so sad that it’s over

No. 35163

Just started watching Mr Robot. I want a cute hacker bf so bad. Shame they're all mysoginists or trannies IRL

No. 35169

You can get cute programmer boys that are untouched by gross online culture, but they spend their time hidden away building plugins and devoting their spare time to some solitary hobby like model painting so you'll never find them unless you work with them or get to know them through another person. Learn to code.

No. 35170

I am actually learning to code! Started a week ago so like…its too early to say anything but I've been working/studying every single day for a couple hours (learning Python) and the summer's here so I'm hopefull!

Still don't know how that will make me find a cute introvert hacker boy untouched by chan culture but one can always dream…

No. 35171


Lol good luck with that. Established coder here with a software dev bf who sucks and I have yet to find any of these unicorn cute programmer boys.

No. 35179

Every man who codes is either a 4chan retard who needs mommying or is married. Source: I work with them. Don't bother.

No. 35183

Eh, that's what I expected tbh… It's pretty sad but tbh even if there magically was a decent hackerzboi out there I probably wouldnt be his type at all.
I wish these were the 90's. No trannies, no 4chan, porn culture wasnt so prevalent and I'd be more likely to be some hackerzboi's type. eh..

On the subject of women and hackers, I'm on episode 3 of Mr.Robot and while I love the show, all the female characters are so poorly written. They all need some kind of saving, they all "keep chosing aweful men", they're one-dimensional… Except that hacker chick who is supposed to be portrayed as batshit crazy and incredibly annoying.

No. 35209

4chan and trannies didn't invent the archetype those types of people have, anon. they were the same in the 90s (trust me)

No. 35216

I like Mr Brobot too, it's like a guilty pleasure of mine because some of the stuff is pure edgelord and cringy but enjoyable nonetheless. In my case, I'd like a programming gf, lesbian obviously, but they're so hard to find in any occupation.

No. 35237

>I'd like a programming gf, lesbian obviously
don't say that too loudly or you'll summon the troons

No. 35286


We exist. Not troon obviously, but yeah.

No. 35293

True. There's few of us, but we're definitely out there kek

No. 35297

I wish that one day I meet my programming gf so it's comforting to see that you exist.

A lot of times in the news, what was called a woman was in fact a troon who's a programmer. Women in tech exist but they're still rare to find, let alone (actual) lesbians.

No. 35302

off topic, do you think I could get a programming gf even if I'm a filthy code monkey?
I do robotics and messing with electronics is my hobby. In the end, I'm still a code monkey, a well paid one.(off topic)

No. 35394

File: 1560328046509.png (143.27 KB, 300x499, PQ2_Futaba_Sakura.png)


Omg filthy code gives me hives, maybe we could make a thread or even discord for woman coding, the type that wouldn't accept troons. I would really be interested in getting to know some more woman in coding.

No. 35404

Not the same anon but I would love a that wish somebody made it

No. 35421

Does anybody here watch Happy on Netflix? I don’t seem to know anyone IRL watching it and I have no one to talk to about it. It’s got Christopher Meloni as a mentally unstable, substance abusing sleaze and I love it.

No. 35441


My boyfriend watches it and loves it, so I watched a few episodes with him. I find it pretty cool and I want to watch the whole thing. It's pretty original, in my opinion, and I like how absurd the humor is.

No. 35501

Please please if anyone makes one let us know!

On another subject, I follow a blogger who posts a lot about reality tv and reality tv never appealed to me so I never watched any of it. However, the wild shit she mentions makes me curious because it just sounds so wild?
Anyways is Vanderpump Rules worth giving a look if you're usually not into that sort of stuff?

No. 35561

Yes, that show is wild. And they know that the viewer is there to laugh at them, so they play up the already over-exaggerated drama

No. 35562

It was one of those shows that is just so over the top and nasty but you just have to know how the plot is going to work out so I kept watching. Also Sax is just my dame oyaji type.
Quite the ride, too bad SyFy canceled it.

No. 35589

Ot but I kinda want to make the discord should I ?

No. 35609

No. 35610

I will give a shot in making it then later when im at home

Never done one so might not be perfect

No. 35670

ot made the server, its private so join and I will enable you


No. 35672

also first time doing it so might not be the best

No. 35977

I didn’t start watching it yet, but when I found out The Young Pope used a Belle & Sebastian song for its ending I started listening to its soundtrack on spotify. The rest of its music is really good. For some reason I thought it was a long series but it’s only ten episodes, so I’ll probably watch it soon.

No. 36197

File: 1560775314428.jpg (468.74 KB, 960x1440, p16805962_b_v8_ab.jpg)

This show is absolutely horrifying and triggering. The people praising only seemed to concerned with Zendaya, the composition, and how "realistic" everything is. Well, nope, nothing besides the aspect of anxiety is realistic. Everything else - drugs, sex, infidelity, transgenderism, porn, etc, etc - is just glorified.

Sam Levinson and Drake thought just bc they copped Zendaya that they did something with this. TLDR: I don't recommend watching this unless your tuning in for a good shock factor.

No. 36207

File: 1560781018145.png (123.92 KB, 314x286, 1560529743014.png)

Before it came out I heard people being hyped and saying "See Riverdale, this is how teen shows are done".
Now that it's out, I've heard it's way worse than Riverdale.

No. 36211

is it deppressing ? I could use some entretaining shock value bullshit but not if it's gonna make me feel sad

No. 36241

File: 1560791686610.jpeg (16.06 KB, 360x223, D8RJRNGXUAAk7c3.jpeg)

Yeah it's pretty depressing, depending on how you look at it. Zendaya's character, Rue, talks of how she became a druggie. There are situations of rape and the characters are all so…stupid. Just think of all the horrible shit you can think of crammed into one episode.

No. 36262

>shows advertised as having a lesbian couple
>one of the characters in said couple is a trans woman, so basically a guy
>this character looks like a parody of a woman but has a man's first name
I don't get it but I should probably not think too hard about an edgy trashy looking teen drama like this one.

No. 36275

I'm so excited for season 3 of Harlots.

No. 36292

Tbh it doesn’t seem like zenday's character is interested in the tranny in a sexual way. Nor does the tranny seem interested in girls in any way. They sorta seem to just see each other as kindred spirits. That's what i take from it anyway

No. 36293

File: 1560815988324.jpg (253.4 KB, 820x859, 1555243638839.png.jpg)

>barely 2 minutes in
psych diagnosing what looks to be a 5 year old with signs of ocd, adhd, generalised anxiety disorder, and bipolar

what the fuck lmao

No. 36316

I'm not going to watch Euphoria because it seems pretty bad but I've read the lipstick alley thread about the first episode and I've read about one scene in an upcoming episode with 30 dicks on screen, is this a meme or a dumb rumor?

lmfao does her parents have Munchhausen by proxy and went doctor shopping for her? That would make an interesting plot point tbh.

No. 36382

Started watching The Romanoffs on Amazon Prime and it's actually really entertaining. I got into it because the creators of Mad Men were involved with this one. Love the short story format (each episode is a self-contained story) personally! On episode 4 now.

No. 36547

It's basically Skins-Season 7 garbage tier quality meets Kids with model tier actors instead and I usually like trashy stuff like this but with like assassination nation (which is done by the same creator) it's really dull despite the edgecore factors going on. Sam Levison really wants to be like Harmony Korine so fucking bad and I think Zendaya is going to regret doing this shit it if the show gets canned later on. I know this is getting more blogshit tier and I am actually in the firm camp; that coming of age stories don't have to be relatable to everybody own experiences but I wish so many screenwriters and critics; would stop thinking edgy over the top; sex, drugs, drinking, etc's automatically means realism is finally being looks into teenager's lives and that's it.

No. 36620

I watched it the other day and at first it made me feel like i missed out on a lot but like. I honestly dont think any teenager acts like this? Maybe aspects of it but not literally all of this. Also, the only thing saving this show is Zendaya but honestly she's going to regret giving up her relatable young girl image for this in like a year

No. 36878

Just finished watching Better Call Saul, it's not as great as Breaking Bad, but I actually had more fun watching it because it doesn't make you tense or anticipate conflict all the time. The characters, the jokes, is just so well-written. All in all, it's a clever show that actually makes you care for the characters and question your beliefs and morals. Fuck, I can't wait for Season 5.

No. 36898

never gotten into Better Call Saul. Tried and failed. I watched all of BrBa and love it back then but looking back I'm annoyed at so many things. I'm annoyed at how his wife was potrayed (annoying, needy) when she 100% had the right to act that way and the fact He's presented as some super cool dude when in fact he put hiw whole family in danger just for the trill

No. 36920

The writer doesn't understand the hate for Skyler either. I think its the viewer's fault for sympathizing way too much with Walt.

Don't date a man who hates Skyler White, it's an obvious sign he's a sexist piece of shit.

No. 36922

I really loved BB when I first watched it, but after recently re-watching it I just couldn't enjoy it like I used to. The show is always trying to show Walter being cool and a bad ass when really he is an abusive loser going through a mid life crisis who would rather put his family's lives in danger than admit he needs help. It's such a male power fantasy show, that I just can't enjoy it anymore. BCS is better at making you sympathize with the characters but it's waay more boring.

No. 36923

>his wife was potrayed (annoying, needy)
Never came across like that to me. I think people who hate her are just too stupid/inattentive to comprehend the theme of the show.

>The show is always trying to show Walter being cool and a bad ass when really he is an abusive loser going through a mid life crisis who would rather put his family's lives in danger than admit he needs help.
I mean he did do some cool stuff every now and then but the show was pretty clear that he was the latter. Walt explicity said so in the finale.

I'm more annoyed at some of Jessie's story arcs and those episodes where half the runtime is just spent on him getting high and messing around in his house. His moral alignment also seems to adjust to whereever is convenient for the plot at the time.

No. 36924

Jesse Pinkman stressed the fucked out of me. From his choice of clothing, his consistent fuck-ups, his inability to learn and grow. I just wanted Walter to kill him ASAP. But as everything progresses, I find myself rooting for him and wanted him to kill Walter ASAP.

No. 36925

Any opinions on House of Cards? The second season really jumped the shark for me after Francis becomes VP. Does it get better later?

No. 36967

I'm both scared and relieved thinking of when Kim is finally going to stand up to Jimmy after giving so much to him and getting nothing in return. I just hope she didn't end up like Chuck. I know I'm going to be heartbroken no matter what happens though.

No. 36988

Anybody watch network TV?
I really like procedural shows with interesting characters. Though it's not that common.
I'm really enjoying this final season of Elementary.

No. 36990

Me too its one of the only show I watch now and enjoy. I wish it wouldn't end. Hope they do it justice in the finale.

No. 37022

I don't think Kim got nothing in return from Jimmy when Jimmy was the one who encouraged and got her to quit HHM which has been the best choice she has ever made in her professional life. But yeah, I hope she doesn't get a bad fate.

No. 38238

Anybody hyped for the final season of Orange is the New Black? I didn't really enjoy the last season but I've made it this far so might as well see it through.

No. 38292

I stopped watching it like the episode poussey died bc it made me so sad and I couldn't imagine watching it on without her. like lbr no one cared for piper lol. do tell us if it's good though, might pick it up then, really miss the early seasons!

anyone here watching the new season of Dark? I found it bit hard to follow at first bc of how long ago I watched the 1st season and how complicated keeping track of timelines is kek but I really liked it! I know people compare it to stranger things but imo it's better. can't wait for the 3rd season, really looking forward to the resolutions!

No. 38295

File: 1561794437133.jpg (68.48 KB, 930x574, 66296291.jpg)

Yes! I really enjoyed season 5 and thought the whole prison riot was very thrilling. Season 6 seemed more like a filler with its new characters and premise, but it was fun nevertheless. I think this final season will have lots of fan service and give us closure for all the characters we love. I am excited!

No. 38328

I'm watching Dark! I've already enjoyed the first season, and rn I'm at episode 2 of the second season. People keep saying it's gonna be good, so I'm hyped.

No. 38652

Euphoria decided to put an animated 1D Larry fanfic into the most recent episode because muh realism

I can’t imagine either of them signing off on this, because who the fuck would?

They also really can’t say shit about this publicly because they’ll be branded homophobes and that they hate teenage girls.

This show is fucking terrible lmao

No. 38709

File: 1562017596765.jpg (64.88 KB, 360x533, iphone360_893621.jpg)

Does anybody actually watch Lucifer?
I really liked the source material, but I read it a long time ago.
Judging by how many seasons it got, people must enjoy it, but looking at the screenshots it just seems kinda shitty to me? Maybe it's due to the fact that they picked such an ugly actor to play Lucifer. He looks nothing alike as well.

I tend to enjoy most DC/Vertigo content though so I would probably eventually get around to checking it out.
But I want to know your opinion. Is it even remotely good?

No. 38719

idk if it belongs in this thread but is the new evangelion dub/sub as bad as people say it is? I've started watching subbed with my friends but I don't want to keep watching if it actually worsens the series, I'll just find it somewhere else

No. 38721

I haven't seen it myself but my friends seem to view it as a guilty pleasure, so I'm guessing it isn't great quality. Also they think the main actor is attractive, which is probably a reason they keep watching, so I guess you don't have that going for you either.

No. 38726

File: 1562019758538.gif (626.02 KB, 500x281, unit02.gif)

second this, I'm hesitant to watch. I actually liked the original dub.

No. 38739

I've loved Eva for a long time and can honestly say that I like the new English dub, mostly because of new Shinji. He sounds pretty similar to the Japanese VA and his voice is less annoying to me. I like new Toji, Asuka, & Ritsuko a lot too. Much better than the old dub. New Misato, however… sounds like a Great Value version of the previous VA.

No. 38776

I'm kinda sure it's lasted this long bc of horny moms. source: unfortunately my own mother

No. 38802

It's nothing at all like the comics.
But it's fun if you like crime solving shows with interesting casts that interact well.

No. 38828

Lmao, my mom watches it as well.

No. 38837

File: 1562105567053.png (149.62 KB, 277x738, NRvwkI1.png)

you say this like the majority of lolcow won't turn out to be horny moms that watch shitty media to get their fix

No. 38840

My boyfriend keeps up with this show, should I be worried?

No. 38854

>muh anti-protagonist isn't morally superior enough for me poot
Imagine looking at breaking bad in this sort of light. It's not a male power fantasy show nor does the writing intend for you to look at it like that. You sound like a weirdo.

No. 38865

Lucifer the character is pretty witty and there's some interesting interactions between the characters. For a detective show it is decent, but some of the other plotlines can get a bit cheesy. Idk, definitely not the strongest show but entertaining for a casual watch if you like crime.

No. 38917

This show is just Skins for zoomers.

No. 38927

Is Skins worth watching? Tried a bit back in the day but it was p boring. Thinking bout giving it another go. I know everyone loves it

No. 38934

I personally only liked the first cast, which is the first two seasons iirc

No. 39051

I watched most of Skins as an edgy teen and even then the only character I enjoyed was Cassie. Don't recommend if you're older than 15.

No. 39118

How old are you? I loved it as a teenager back then but if you're over 19 and are easily bothered by things that have aged poorly (slang, clothes, ways of partying) then you wont like it at all. I can still rewatch an episode from time to time as an adult but the first time you watch it, you should be a teenager.

No. 39148

A considerable amount of the fandom's read was that Walter is badass despite his shittiness. Like how Don Draper is read at face value by many fans despite the show trying to paint him as a much worse person behind that facade. Some people really read characters like they're NPCs in the story, completely at the persona level.

No. 39476

Just watched ep 4, it's terrible, thought I think that I'll continue to watch, just because I kind of like the overweight chicks arc, just because I relate to her body image issues and because of that letting shitty guys treat her badly.

No. 39480

thoughts on stranger things season 3? found it to be very meh overall. really wish they would end the show, but pretty sure its been set up for another season

No. 39497

OML I just skipped through the entire episode, and watched important bits. Dunno why ppl are saying this show is groundbreaking. Sure, it's entertaining, but it really is corny as hell.

Anyways, I will no longer be watching bc Hunter Schafer confirmed that his character and Zendaya's are going to have a romantic arc, since his character doesn't know what a healthy relationship is. Z's character is a druggie, tf you mean y'all are gonna be healthy together??

Not only that, it's apparent that the other female characters seem to only care about men, appearances, and sex. This show was clearly written by a man.

No. 39498

I haven't finished it. So far, it's pretty boring compared to the last two seasons. I don't care for most of the characters as much as I used to. I love Hopper so far tho, and the new character, Robin, is amazing with Steve. I'd drop everything and date her in a heartbeat.

No. 39537

I'm liking it better than the previous two seasons, tbh. I'm really enjoying it, while I wasn't as thrilled about s1 and 2. Maybe it's just me

No. 39550

better than season 2 for sure. i actually laughed at some of the stupid jokes for a change

No. 39582

Hard disagree. I love Robin and Alexei (it was a crime that not only he got murdered, fucking Hopper didn't even let him watch his goddamn Looney Tunes in peace), but it doesn't change the fact that this season is unnecessary. The TV series should have ended after the first or second one. How many times monsters from the other side can attack Hawkins? It felt stale by the time I started watching the third season. The second one wrapped things up perfectly while leaving it up for the viewer's imaginations how will the future of everyone go.

Also the decision to make Hopper sacrifice himself (or rather go MIA as I don't believe he's dead - that's an obvious sequel bait) after a whole season of him acting like a total douchebag was an incredibly poor choice.
I liked Hopper in the previous seasons, but in this one he was constantly screaming at people and became a rather unpleasant character to spend time with

Don't get me wrong, it's not bad (like GoT season 8 kek), but unnecessary.

No. 39627

idk euphoria seemed edgy and weird the first episode but then i got attached to the characters. kinda just another tormented teen show

No. 39738

I'm sick of El and Mike kissing all the time. It's fucking yikes to me.

No. 39741

I'm really enjoying Blood & Treasure.
Sometimes you just want to watch a fun adventure story.

No. 39959

Currently watching the first episode of Euphoria and the tranny is so clockable it's unreal. And no one seems to clock him? And everyone is thirsting over him? and of course he's a weeb into ddlg.

No. 39961

>And no one seems to clock him? And everyone is thirsting over him?
I thought that was weird too, this show really is unrealistic af. Do old people think zoomers are a bunch of tranny chasing weirdos?

No. 39967

Finished season 3 of Stranger Things, I was already sad enough for Alexei dying alone, but losing Billy, whose actor did such a good job this season, AND Hopper?? This was the last season, right?

No. 39973

im so glad to see Billy and Alexei appreciation all over LC

No. 39976

I just started watching harlots and does it get better because right now it’s just kind of grossing me out. Especially the storyline with the mom selling her daughter’s virginity

I’m like 5 minutes in lol but I don’t wanna waste my time if it’s just going to be “prostitution is good” the whole time

No. 39979

Stan twitter idiots, always get the hots for any white boy walking so I'm not shocked they've chosen him as the next new "thing", except it's girls thirsting over a dude who's chode sticks out of his pink mini skirt.

No. 39981

he's disgusting. The whole show is a mess. I'm only a little sympathetic towards the fat chick, but like…in a pitying way. She's pathetic but she hasnt hurt anyone yet.

No. 39986

Unfortunately, it's been renewed
for a new season only bc Zendaya's audience is carrying it.

I feel bad for Lexi and Fez. The only people who make sense in this show. Fez is dealing drugs for his sick family member and doesn't support Rue's addiction, and Lexi who sees right through Rue's shit and just wants her friend back.

No. 39992

kek they girled him up SO much and he's still manly. him not having a horrible case of troon voice helps a little. that being said I'm kinda getting into the show in spite of myself.

No. 40018

Same, anons!
Also, about the season 3, I loved seeing Steve in that sailor costume the entire time. rofl Killing Hop was a bold move, but i didnt mind it. My issue is the scenes after the credits. it's obvious they are going for a season 4?? WHY? it's so played out already. i was really hoping it would end in season 3, but they are dragging it out and making me hate the show.

Alexei is so cute. Lucas' sister Erika was the worst addition to season 3. she was annoying in every single scene she was in

No. 40019

It was so uncomfortable. like, really, really uncomfortable. Should have ended after season 1. i hate this show now and the hype is the worst.

No. 40074

Same here for the sailor costume. When I saw it in the trailers I was like "Why is Steve wearing a weeb uniform?" lmao.
I didn't mind Erica, after she warmed up to the group.

No. 40215

>was never particularly attracted to Hopper
>become obsessed with men that look like him over the past year or so
>spent my time watching S3 while fawning over him like some kind of retarded fangirl
this keeps happening, anons. I see a chunky man with body hair and a beard and I suddenly go fucking nuts. same shit happened to me with Chris Pratt in Parks & Recreation, too. never particularly cared for him before I watched P&R, either.

anyways, Hopper's relationship with El is so sickeningly sweet. the ending of S2 stuck with me for a long time. I hope he comes back ;_; El needs her dad back.

No. 40557

I just got around to watching s3 (I still have one episode left) and I’m seriously emo that they killed off Alexei. I know it’s bad storytelling, but if Netflix and the producers see that Alexei was a fan favorite, maybe they’ll find away to bring him back. Also I’m sad to hear Billy dies, I haven’t seen it yet but I saw the spoilers on twitter lol. People are lying to themselves if they say they still don’t like Billy after this season.

No. 40596

Billy and Alexei are legit the most likeable characters of this season

No. 40853

Can anyone recommend series you got really invested in and emotionally attached to the characters? Preferably with a cute boy or two. It doesn't need to be good quality, usually the better written a series is the more grey their morality is and the less attached I get to them. I'd like some good people I can love.

No. 40858

This is Us. The father and son are cute when they’re adults and it’s about a semi-dysfunctional family who love each other despite a lot of difficulties like family secrets and the issue of being adopted. Each child has their own separate story as well as the parents. Makes you cry every time.

No. 40874

I'm comedy trash, so my list of must-watch shows is definitely on the funnier side. If they aren't strictly comedy, they're a drama-com type deal, or just medical/true crime shows.

All Time Favorites:
Malcolm in the Middle
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Absolutely Recommend:
Bojack Horseman
The End of the F*ing World
Last Man on Earth
The Good Place

Guilty Watcher (for the drama):
90 Day Fiancé (all versions)
RuPaul's Drag Race

No. 40920

Supernatural is maybe for you if you haven't already watched it.

No. 40921

I'm still not over their deaths. I'm not into the show so much, but it hurts anyway.

No. 40924

I just finished season 2 of Dark on Netflix and it sounds like this show might be up your alley?

No. 40984

I just finished season one of The Crown…I'm not quite sure how I feel about it? The acting and cinematography is great, the plot is interesting sometimes but I found myself having to fast forward or skip scenes at least once an episode. Never had a show that managed to be both fascinating yet semi-boring at the same time. Is season 2 worth a watch?

No. 40986

File: 1563647827414.jpg (65.9 KB, 928x523, perfume_series_still1.jpg)

If you enjoyed Dark (despite reeling from S2's finale, that show really took a nosedive into its own mythos this year) you might get on with other German or Scandi series, there's something about their culture that means there's a lot less focus on how attractive actors are in TV and more on strongly written characters and expressing emotions in a subdued, natural way. There was a third adaptation of the book Perfume (Parfum) into a miniseries that was really good from last year that fits this kinda mould. It's on Netflix.

No. 40988

File: 1563648618887.jpg (4.38 KB, 203x203, FB_IMG_1562022226551.jpg)

Sage for samefagging, but Casa del Papel is apparently back for a 3rd series for no legitimate reason and I can just tell it's going to be shit. They never needed a third season, everything was neatly wrapped up at the end of Part 2, and this is just a flagrant excuse by Netflix and whatever Spanish TV company to make more big bucks off flashing Ursula Corbero's admittedly impressive asscheeks. Reeeee

No. 40989

Anon, you watch the new season of Its Always Sunny?
Kinda… bad mostly imo. Just them getting older. But the season finale “Mac finds his pride” was actually incredibly beautiful and moving, which surprised the hell out of me. Worth it just for that.

No. 41002

I hated the last episode. The dance scene was beautiful and well-done in its own right but there was absolutely nothing Always Sunny about it. Having Mac genuinely come out of the closet in the lawyer episode was as serious as they needed to be imo. Doesn't help that there wasn't a single good joke in the entire episode.

No. 41003

also samefagging to clarify i'm ntayrt

No. 41042

Seconding the Parfum recommendation! It's so so good!

No. 41451

Currently watching Jessica Jones (always late to the party), can anyone tell me whether it goes downhill after the finale of S1? Or is it worth it to watch after?

No. 41453

My weeb ass was never bothered to watch shows until a few years ago so now I kinda skim Netflix and watch old shows like Star Trek. It's old and very very kitsch but it's fun nonetheless.

Aside from that, I'd like to discuss sex being overly pushed in TV series. I don't know if they're trying to pander to edgy tweens or porn addicted men, but my boyfriend was watching Vikings while I was playing on my phone and he complained about at least 3 freaking sex scenes per episode. He told me GoT was about the same. I get they're "adult" shows but it that really necessary? I'd rather stick to my childish shows then.

No. 41484

I agree with you. Sometimes the sex scenes convey specific emotions that arent linked to arousal and have an importance in the plot (like in the movie The Reader) but most of the times they're so gratutious. I hate it.

No. 41501

Season 2 is awful, season 3 is all right, but nowhere near as good as season 1

No. 41502

I’m rewatching the handmaids tale and honestly the role of offred was wasted on Elisabeth moss. Not only because of the irony that she’s a Scientologist but she has done nothing to bring this character alive, I get that she can’t be as expressive as offred but I feel like she takes that to such extremes she can’t even cry convincingly. It’s so frustrating watching her restrained face and sometimes smirk I find myself screaming internally every time the camera lingers on her doing the bare minimum.

No. 41801

File: 1564273383209.jpg (36.13 KB, 512x288, AAAABVrHYfIK6b4Z4ANdb-M2lYyV2N…)

Started to watch Designated survivor and am loving it. Any anon has similar recs?

I also planning to watch the alienist, brother said I should like it cause I enjoyed Hannibal and Sherlock? Any anons has any feedback on that?

No. 41925

I hate that about TV shows too, seems like it's especially historical shows. The Tudors and The Borgias were full of graphic sex scenes that didn't advance the plot.

No. 42045


He’s extremely clockable

No. 42046


Mike is gay so it is really cringey and they’re just too young it’s so offputting

No. 42101

You mean that the actor is gay or what?

No. 42246


Definitely lol

No. 42700

File: 1564862652373.jpeg (127 KB, 800x600, 4CB6C240-9D03-41FF-A000-FEB49B…)

I know i’m like over a decade late but i’ve been meaning to start Lost, has anyone seen it and is it good? I don’t feel like wasting my time if it’s not and i’ve heard mostly mixed messages. Is it worth watching the entire series

No. 42702


Everyone I know felt like they wasted their time when they finished watching it.

No. 42707

I watched it a while ago and I had to stop during season 2 because everything that was happening made no sense and the show wasn't giving any explanation as to what was going on. It just kept dragging on. The only reason to watch it is for Sawyer because he's super good looking.

No. 42732

File: 1564893974454.jpeg (127.96 KB, 800x450, 713CCB64-0AB7-4160-8506-5E7B56…)

I don’t think it’s been discussed here but Los Espookys is so visually stunning and a really fun watch, it’s also really short i definitely recommend it for people with odd senses of humor. I thought this show was really original in a lot of aspects, and the way they were combined.

No. 42828

Moss can actually decent actress if you see some of her lesser known work with Alex Ross Perry but I can’t help it either shit writing/direction or she’s just miscast as June. Alexis Bledel should have played June or they should just focus Emily already but the show doesn’t use her much. It’s because funny Alexis Bledel still can’t act for shit but she’s great on the THT for some reason.

No. 42891

I watched that show while it was being aired. The first seasons are really interesting and pull you in, but the plot gets weird & messy after a while. The end of the show was extremely disappointing for me, left a lot of questions unanswered and just all around wasn't satisfying. If I could get my time back that I spent watching it, I would.

But some people still like it and recommend it. So do what you will.

No. 42966

Just got around to finally watching the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror. I thought this was one of the saddest and creepiest episodes I've seen. I don't get the love for it at all. Is it just because 'muh lesbians'? The life Kelly lived with a husband and daughter sounded a lot nicer, and more romantic than her brief relationship with Yorkie in the simulated reality world. How was their relationship romantic? And all those lights at the end…just so fucking creepy.

No. 43137

Yeah unpopular opinion but it's one of my least favorite episodes. The idea itself was good but it was just not well-executed imo. I think a lot of people like it cause of the thematic, and lesbian representation is really rare.

No. 43337

the first season of 24 is great but dont binge watch. watch one hour every week.
rome the hbo show. brilliant. the show cost too much but they was able to tie up all the loose ends and it got a proper ending.
i loved nbc dracula but again it cost too much and jrmeyers had some troubles so the show ended. but it looked marvelous.
action with jay mohr. that show was awesome. it was too early and was cancelled but allowed to have a great wrap up season. a lot of other shows copied them.
hannibal was beauty but triggering. it was also a show that cost too much but the acting was divine. the last season was too much but the first one was scary and brilliant.

No. 43339

File: 1565120721796.gif (1.94 MB, 245x222, NCUx.gif)

I don't know how I feel about the ending of OITNB. Not a fan of Pipes with Alex, especially after they made moving on and life after prison such a huge deal. I also wanted to see more justice for the women but I guess the reality is that prison sucks so the writers went with the more realistic approach to the finale.

No. 43346

Yeah, 98% of the character endgames were devastating. I wasn't expecting a happy ending for everyone, but jeez, make it 50 and 50 at least. Or 60 and 40, or even 70 and 30.

No. 43348

Agree. It was kind of depressing that only Gloria got a good ending. The rest were lukewarm at best, heartbreaking at worse. They also did Doggett so wrong. She out of all people deserved a better ending after all that character development.

No. 43358

Agreed, her death was so out of the blue and weird. It feels like when a cast member has a fight with the director/writer and they decide to kill their character as punishment… and based on what Tiffany's actress said on her insta, it might actually be true

No. 43364

Didn't her actor, Taryn Manning, game a cryptic interview after the end of the show saying how she was left worse off she was before because she was the only one speaking out about the "harms" the show was making and how it was hurting a lot of people? Maybe the writers/director was done with her and killed her character on purpose.
Any thoughts on what she meant? My tinfoil is that it has to do with Cox.

No. 43381

The stuff with ICE felt so ham-fisted. I just didn't care about the new characters introduced. Like yeah, that shit IRL sucks, but this is a prison show, and I want to see what happens to the characters in the prison. Also Nicky having sex in the kitchen is just gross, and Red should have yelled at her but poor Red got completely screwed over

No. 43808

She said her Insta was hacked and it wasn’t her who posted this. But why would someone hack her account to post such specific messages? It must have been her. I wonder what happened behind the scenes, especially since in the credits and several farewell videos on YouTube, the cast and the work on set seems so wholesome. I agree that her death was out of the blue and a bad choice, though. Even if they did it because of the character’s growth ("This is a character with lots of potential and now she’s even graduating, but prison is so horrible, so she still has to die!", it just seemed so random. Other than that, I really enjoyed the final season.

No. 43843

I just finished watching Dark Shadows (free on Amazon if you have prime) and it was great background noise while I worked. It's very slowly paced but every once in a while, the story takes a turn out of left field that's crazy fun. It was shot live, so there are a ton of mistakes recorded for posterity which I'm sure the actors were totally thrilled about. It's also fun to look at the real fashions and hairstyles of the late sixties onward.

Because of that, I fell down a rabbit hole of old soap operas and found a channel that has all the episodes of a show called Port Charles. Like Dark Shadows, they were sort of bumbling along until they decided to add vampires. Needless to say, if you care about serious story, this is not the show for you.

It's either really good or really, really bad, but it's much more fun than Dark Shadows and so far I'm loving it. You can jump in at the first 'book' Tainted Love (they stole the idea of short arcs from telenovelas) which is where the craziness begins. Don't worry about characters or backstory, you'll pick it all up quickly.

If you like ghosts and vampire slayers (seriously) and magic candles and angels and all kinds of other loony in serial form, take a look, you might like it!

No. 44047

File: 1565542420676.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x2880, inCollage_20190811_095408914.j…)

I'm rewatching Bad Girls Club for the first time since it aired in like 2006. I'm about to start season 5.
Anyone else watch? I think I only ever saw up to the 4th season or so. I hear the new seasons suck bc it's just girls getting jumped constantly. It's way more entertaining when the girls can at least tolerate one another. Season 4 kinda sucked bc everyone was miserable the whole time.

I love watching this trash while I sew bc you don't need to pay any attention to the "plot" lol

No. 44048

File: 1565542445907.jpg (2.4 MB, 1920x2880, inCollage_20190811_094809887.j…)


It's crazy to see what the girls are up to now and how much PS they got. So many of them are busted as fuck now. Pic related Aimee from season 1 (top) and her currently (bottom).

No. 44056

File: 1565544789234.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2402, inCollage_20190811_103151463.j…)

Remember Cordelia?

No. 44182

Of course it was her, she was obvious as fuck with the old hacker excuse and even wrote it in her bio as damage control. In the comments no one's having it, lol. I wonder what happened…

No. 44603

Anyone itt finished watching Euphoria. Is the season worth finishing especially since it's been renewed? Saw some clips on twitter and the art direction of this show is really pretty, but the fact they keep pushing the mc and trans character as a lesbian couple makes me a bit uncomfy.

No. 44636

i mean even in the show, the trans character seems only attracted to men and is only with the lesbian zendaya girl for clout and out of pity

No. 44829

i don't know what episode you're up to but i'll just go ahead and spoil it. the relationship doesn't work out; jules is exposed to viewers as a toxic manipulator and ends up leaving town to be with her old friend's roommate.

No. 44832

Is anyone watching Harlots on Hulu? I am so fucking obsessed I think it's my most favourite show in a long time.

No. 44835

The first two seasons are so good, but for some reason, I really hate this most recent one. Even though I love Alfie Allen.

No. 44881

File: 1566010885290.jpeg (150.7 KB, 500x739, 4A156597-84A7-4FEB-B7A0-6D762D…)

Binged The Boys in three days flat. Pls talk to me about it farmers bc I feel like it’s all neckbeards and edgelords who like it lmao

No. 44897

I'm super enjoying it too! I'm not quite finished with the boys yet I'm only a bit through cause of work but I love the concept.

No. 44903

Edgy shit, I'm pissed Amazon canceled the Tick for this.
Can't have fun happy superheroes, it's gotta be dark and contrary.

No. 44926

This is more like a supervillian show anyway.

No. 44960

I caned it all in a day. I could feel my radfem side getting simultaneously annoyed and yet pleased that every character in it is universally an asshole, especially the men. Then again, considering the source was written by Ennis I'm not surprised. I wonder if this trend towards "gritty" comic book adaptations means one of the big streaming services will option some of the more subversive stuff, like The Filth or even Transmet. As long as they don't do to it what they did to Watchmen.

Except now that I think about it, they absolutely would, and I don't think I could cope with Ryan fucking Reynolds getting cast as Spider or something.

No. 45083

Anyone else finish the latest season of The Handmaid's Tale? I don't know why I keep torturing myself by watching that deeply disturbing show, but this season FINALLY had some good stuff happen. Much better finale than season 2.

No. 45101

I started Black Sails without any expectations and holy shit it's amazing, proper bi representation too

No. 45150

My complaint is that they tried to make the head-pusher sympathetic. His gill-rape and subsequent meltdown were delicious! Fuck that guy.

No. 45724

File: 1566637772013.jpg (20.21 KB, 239x211, images-1.jpg)

Anyone checked out Glow on Netflix? Season 3 dropped eariler this month, but I'm already hoping it doesn't fall victim to Netflix's 3 season cancellation.

It's based on GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). They heavily based the chacracters from the real-life show but it focuses more on the production rather than the wrestling.
There are a lot of characters but it does a good job of giving each of them a bit of development throughout the season. l also apercaite the interactions between the some of the characters you wouldn't expect to make connections. A lot of times shows with huge cast only focus on the same few characters interacting with the same groups together so I love when there's some unexpected kinship between them. the main character may be the worst one but I'm watching for everyone else

If you're a fan of 80's shit, training montages and majority female cast with some light drama, I'd recommend it. Also the documentary on the real-life show for context.

No. 45739

I really enjoyed Glow. There's something that comes up in the final episode which could go into so many different directions. They buy a TV station and wnat to do Glow there with new characters, but Ruth isn't feeling it

No. 45789

I'm so sick of super hero shit already. it's always male pandering

I miss the tick.

No. 45804

Almost done with season 3. I love the show, but kind of think Ruth is a little annoying.

No. 46118

I also liked Ruth less and less this season. I know that all of the major characters have their flaws but her role felt so indecisive and not evolving at all… And are we supposed to cheer for her because she still wants to make it as an actress? She is boring and uptight, and she should’ve taken the opportunity Debbie gave her. I also loved the story about Bash and his coming out! I mean, we all expected it but still, it was interesting and sad. Sheilas glow-up was cool, too. I like how they pick difficult topics and examine them very thoroughly from different perspectives. And I love Debbie’s outfits so much. I want to be her.

No. 46299

I love Glow! I didnt know it was based on a real thing. I think the character developments are really interesting and I really really appreciate the female cast.

I loved Ruth the previous two seasons but this season she's kinda insufferable. Ive come to like Debbie and I used to majorly dislike her before.

No. 46328

i really loved melrose this season for whatever reason. and yolanda and arthie's relationship development was nice. not sure if i really want more seasons tbh

No. 46372

I've watched the first three episodes and I'm really enjoying it. I started it with someone else so I have to wait until I meet up with them again to watch the rest. My only problem is the gratuitous sex and nudity. I thought the scene where The Deep drops his pants and starts masturbating was great because it shocked me and I thought that was the point. But after seeing just how much random sex and nudity is in it, I think it was just to be edgy now rather than to shock and make you feel for Starlight.

No. 46388

File: 1567014503296.jpg (75.2 KB, 646x431, glow-season-3.jpg)

So far my favorite season was the 2nd. I love Debbie, I find her character fascinating. Plus the actress reminds me a bit of Jodie Comer, and her body is pretty great.

No. 46407

I know 13 Reasons Why isn't the epitome of great writing and literary genius but I seriously expected better. What the fuck was that ending? Monty was a piece of shit but how the hell did they frame him and have him murdered and present that as the morally superior option. What a stupid ass show.

No. 46446

The first season of 13RW is almost a masterpiece compared to the newest one like were they seriously trying to redeem a serial rapist?? What a joke lmao

No. 46454

Debbie is perfect. I love her character so much.

No. 46475

I was worried about how season 3 of Harlots would go but the finale felt perfect to me. I want another season but that seems iffy so I'm happy the finale ended up topping things off so nicely.

No. 46484

Yes! I could criticize and nitpick Harlots for days, but I love the show and I was actually very pleased with the ending of S3. I'd be satisfied if there wasn't another season.

No. 46593

I don't know if anything is worse than the new character/narration, even the redemption arc attempt.

Also I have a feeling Monty isn't actually dead and that may come into play in the 4th and final season

No. 50222

File: 1568657543390.jpg (149.59 KB, 1000x600, undone.jpg)

Just binged all of the new Amazon show Undone. At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it. The animation style takes some time to get used to, and still looks odd and distracting in certain scenes. And the main character is really annoying, and unlikable, and a major SJW which was really off putting, but the story and other characters were interesting enough to keep me watching. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending though. I both liked it, and disliked it for being a cliff hanger. And I'm worried if the show gets more seasons, it's just going to go on and on, and never get a satisfactory conclusion, like most tv shows. But all in all, I recommend it.

No. 50380

I had to stop watching when they killed off charlotte
My precious waifu.
I may be convinced to pick it back up.
The third season was so bad holy shit.
Yes, honestly I think s2 and s3 are equally amazing!

No. 52149

Thoughts on the 100? I stopped watching it back in season 2 because I thought it had gotten pretty dumb but I've heard a bunch of times the rest of the series is actually pretty good? Is it worth picking back up?

No. 52333

It just gets dumhet and drives off the deep ned.
Bit its definitely a fun watch.

No. 52352

File: 1569499554667.jpg (16.59 KB, 360x360, EFXACSyXsAEuoZ6.jpg)

any big brother fans catch the season 21 finale tonight?

it's such a guilty pleasure of mine (ingrained in my defense, i was literally raised on every single season of bb and survivor) and it was simultaneously the cringiest and also most oddly satisfying ending. like the actual personification of losing the game and being loved versus winning and being hated was wild

No. 52377

Derry Girls is so funny. I wish there were more episodes, 6 for season is wayyy too little.

No. 52504


I was cheering for Nicole so I was sad she didn't win but it was so heart-warming to see her reaction to winning AFP. Like you said she ultimately came out a well liked player despite not winning. The line of questioning aimed towards Jackson, Jack, etc. was definitely awkward (did you see Jackson's face? He looked so upset even after winning) but I didn't care for them so there was a bit of schadenfreude at seeing them having to answer for their asshole-ishness

No. 53111

Yesss, I loved this show. And I actually liked the main character

No. 53628

File: 1570087699088.jpg (133.13 KB, 900x450, orla.jpg)

100%. Orla is my manic pixie derry girl

No. 54110

Has anyone else been watching The Politician on Netflix? Jessica Lange is a national treasure. It’s like Gossip Girl on steroids.

No. 54326

File: 1570306480757.jpg (55.17 KB, 500x543, C-NX10PXsAMLUtT.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me, I remember watching the trailer so I'll check it out.

I just realized it's by the guy who made Glee, which I coincidentally watched for the first time recently. I think everyone knows it's pretty shit but all I want to say is
>Sue is incongruously, disproportionately hilarious for such a mediocre show. The sheer unapologetic villainy of her lines kills me
>Rachel's style really glew up season 3 onwards and I want to know what brands she's been wearing

No. 54349

yeah it's basically glee crossed with american horror story minus the constant musical numbers

No. 54418

File: 1570350479946.jpg (156.75 KB, 830x1199, A_Korean_OdysseytvN2017-2.jpg)

Has anyone watched A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi? I want to know if the horror is intense, because I've just started the first episode without knowing there were scary scenes and I almost had a heart attack within the first minute. I can't stand Asian horror but I want to watch this, so please tell me it's just light-horror or smth.

No. 54427

I watched a couple of episodes and it didn't have any horror but its been a while since I watched.

No. 54463

No horror, it is super fun and wwll written. Just go on on watching anon!

No. 54542

not that anon, but that actually sounds amazing.

No. 54543

File: 1570397202597.png (428.06 KB, 480x479, politician-101-unit-04587-rc-1…)

Back and finished binging. It was pretty entertaining, though it got a bit silly towards the end.

The guy who played River is an absolute stunner, my god dimples are cute.

No. 54556

i just watched the movie what we do in the shadows and was wondering if anyone has watched the tv adaption and if it's worth it? is it any better or worse?

No. 54592

I would die for River

No. 54617

Watched the movie and the first five episodes of the tv adaption. I feel the tv adaption keeps in line with the original style of humour featured in the movie, and have been enjoying it so far. I recommend watching it unless you specifically wanted to follow the characters in the movie, since the tv adaption focuses on a new cast of vampires, but I like them as I liked the original housemates.

No. 54749

i love scream queens so much and i wish i was a chanel. what i wouldn't give to dress exactly like them.

No. 54994

File: 1570564660379.jpeg (49.28 KB, 568x416, mrobot.jpeg)

Anyone watching Mr Robot? What did you think of the first episode of the final season?

No. 55153

It was great, it's gonna be really hard watching the rest of it with commercials.
White Rose's machine better be explained by the end.

No. 55312

File: 1570618997441.jpg (41.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Yeah, I hope so too. Maybe she wasn't lying to angela and she really has some time machine being worked on to hack the time.
The first episode was so packed with tension. I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes.

also, I have the stupidest crush on Dom.

when that woman told dom how she would cut her mother, it made me sick. It was so well acted. also, do you think Price will seek vengeance? Because a lot of people seem to be thinking that.

No. 57429

on the subject of Mr.Robot, istg WhiteRose really does have the typical tranny voice!

I feel you, Dom x Darlene are my OTP

No. 57491

File: 1571079969186.jpg (46.22 KB, 767x431, peakycovertheory.jpg)

Anyone else adore Peaky Blinders? I finished the 5th season and I don't know how the hell I'll be able to wait for the next.

No. 57522

I haven't watched the 5th cause I finished the rest of the series recently and I was burned out at the end. But my god I fucking love the fashion and Tommy is ridiculously hot.

No. 57562

late to reply but river is so hot. I wish he had more screen time.

I found it really hard to believe the main guy had any interest in women whatsoever, I know he's depicted as bi I guess but he reads 100% gay

No. 58703

File: 1571696707141.jpg (39.15 KB, 512x640, po2ijfii881bw.jpg)

Have any of y'all been watching American Horror Story 1984, I'm actually surprised that I like it bc I haven't been crazy about AHS since Asylum (hated last season and cult so much I didn't even finish them) but I feel like the cheesy 80s horror movie vibe fits how ridiculous the show is. It's easier to get over how over the top they keep pushing the show every season when the theme of the season of the whole isn't made to be so serious, it seems more self aware - if that makes sense

Also, gus kenworthy and cody fern are nice to look at

No. 58753

fuck the media 80s. the real 80s was better

No. 58756

shut up, boomer.

No. 61209

File: 1572895493261.jpg (81.3 KB, 681x383, 19023114-high_res-his-dark-mat…)

Are any other farmers going to watch to the new TV adaptation of the His Dark Materials series? I absolutely adored the books as a kid and still love them as an adult and I'm so excited that the BBC seems to be doing the series justice since the 2007 movie was such a disappointment.

The first episode just aired the other day and I really liked it so far. I'm enjoying the casting, honestly I was a little skeptical when I first saw the cast list but I like James McAvoy as Asriel a lot and the actresses who play Lyra and Ms Coulter are also very fitting IMO.

Anybody else watch the first episode? What are your thoughts?

No. 61371


I want to watch it actually. I reread the books not too long ago and I’m intrigued with how the series will be handled now. I just have a feeling it’s not going to last that long, maybe one or two seasons.

No. 61441


I probably will end up watching it due to being a Hamilton fan cuz Lin Manuel Miranda is in it

No. 61459

I’ll watch it because HDM was my favorite series when I was a kid. I liked the casting for the movie but it really needs a full, accurate adaptation like this.

No. 61491

It's already been renewed for a second season so at least there's that. I'm really hoping they'll get to make it through all three books.

I was a little surprised to see LMM in the cast but after thinking about it, he has the potential to nail the role. I can't wait for him to make his first appearance. (Also, I heard he was basing his portrayal off his own family from Texas which is super cute and gives me more hope that he'll be fantastic as Lee.)

Yeah, the casting for the Golden Compass movie was one thing it actually did well. Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter was god tier.

No. 61687

File: 1573139405597.jpg (293.77 KB, 2048x1152, Dickinson-poster-art-001.jpg)

Anyone else watched Dickinson?

I really didnt expect lesbian part and also I think I fallen in love with Hailee Steinfeld

No. 61770

The commercials are really pissing me off with the 'oh so funny look anachronisms'. What is the intended audience for this? You'd think people who like the old books wouldn't be into all the stupid millennial shit.

No. 62326

Mine too lol, it seems super corny from what little I've seen.

No. 62347

I've not read the books so I have no expectations going in and I watched the first episode last night and really enjoyed it.

No. 62634

Has anyone watched Atypical here ? I'm watching season 1 right now and like… I understand he's autistic and that he can't read social cues and that's not his fault but like he's so rude? I'm not saying he should get bullied or anything but he's just straight up rude to that other weird girl who's into him and he assaulted that one girl like??

No. 62682

Ive watched season 1 and 2 and I really like it I'm not sure why. I just find it very comfy ? Which is weird considering what goes on. I started watching it because I found out it had 20 minutes episodes and I was sick of almost every show having 45+ min ep. It was a good surprise, I really didn't expect anything from it.
I don't remember everything from season 1 but yes he is rude and he's not going to change THAT much. It will get a little better though.

No. 62684

>>62634 i've watched all 3 seasons and all the characters get better as the episodes go on, in s1 sam and his mom were unbearable to me but i did like the plot so…here I am. 3rd season was more of a nice comfy chill show that wasn't as centered around sam and his disability. His sister also goes through shit and you get to learn about all of the characters, which i enjoyed a lot!

No. 63020

File: 1574107114083.jpeg (19.59 KB, 400x579, vera.jpeg)

Did anyone watch the latest Mr. Robot episode? What did you think?

No. 63028


i am on season 3 and i don´t even know why, s2 was already way too pretentious, heavy handed and going nowhere with the plot and every character is an unlikeable dick.

The editing is pretty much the only thing i still like about it. Its a well put together production, even when the story is garbage and fucking redundant"muh capitalism, muh mental illness".

No. 63032

Absolutely ridiculous reveal but it sort of makes sense.
Will see how it goes from here.
I'm really mostly interested in the music/cinematography and figuring out wth the machine is for.

No. 63035

I love the show The Undateables it's a Britsh TV series about people who have long term conditions like autism and disabilities who go on dates and fall in love. It's wholesome as fuck

No. 63037

> I'm really mostly interested in the music/cinematography and figuring out wth the machine is for.

Me too. I think it's such a waste. I just wish they had better writers.

> Its a well put together production, even when the story is garbage and fucking redundant"muh capitalism, muh mental illness".

I thought that the series did point out after 5/9 how the MC isn't a good guy and how his quest wasn't a good idea as it did more harm to regular people than it actually hurt the rich, the one percenters.

No. 63084

i meant its extremely redundant with the themes and subject matter, like right now i am on episode 4 of season 3 and they are STILL fucking establishing that yes, the dude is another person sometimes, like still is the dramatic cut to credits that the guy is mr robot too. Same with the story of him falling out a window, still hammering that one in. I keep waiting to see if there is a payoff but season 2 had none, it was very boring and plot advanced almost nothing, stakes are pretty dull too, no character is really that endearing, they are all pretty much self centered and terrible people.

No. 63714

File: 1574352238084.jpeg (71.36 KB, 1200x799, end-of-the-fing-world-ade4f42.…)

Has anybody watched the second season of "The End of The Fucking World"? I LOVED the first, but I don't know if I want to start the sequel because it doesn't follow the original story (the graphic novel suposedly ends like first season and that's it).

I do like the ending of the first. Should I give 2nd season the benefit of the doubt?

No. 63719

This show is so cute, I love it

No. 63721

Omg this made me laugh so hard but aww bless his heart

No. 63758

i didn't hate it, but i didn't love it like the first season. i'd say give it a shot but don't expect it to blow you out of the water. come back when you've finished it though, i'd love to hear about your reaction to a certain scene. (you'll know it when you see it)

No. 65604

I wanna start watching the X-Files but I heard the later seasons aren't really good and even the fans wouldn't recommend them, so could I possibly stop when I get up to season 5-6 and the story would still conclude well?

Way too teenagery for me lol, which was what I expected but I just watched it out of boredom. Tbh I don't even think I would've been too into it as a teen, the characters are way too edgy and some of the acting was poor. I remember thinking some characters especially the policewoman made really stupid choices. Not gonna bother with season 2. The soundtrack was really good though, I'll give it that

No. 65616

regarding x files, iirc if you stop before season 7 you literally don't miss out on anything. 7th season still had some good bits but the ending cliffhanger was retarded imo so proceed with caution. 5th and 6th seasons were the best. if you stop early, shit maybe won't be that conclusive but I have seen all episodes including the cursed recent ones and it won't get any more conclusive/could retroactively spoil some enjoyment (the fucking new season)

No. 66561

So I've started watching Mad men. I knew nothing about it except it was really good apparently. I'm at season 4 and I like it a lot but I fucking hate Don. Hated him since the first episode and I don't know if that's how the viewer is supposed to feel about him. He is awful but it's not really shown that way ? I'm still mad that he called Betty a whore. Speechless.
Anyways, since it's an "old" TV show I can't really find people talking about it without getting spoiled so if any anons have seen it what did you think ?

No. 66661

I've had it saved on my pc forever, planning to watch it because it's so highly praised but also not wanting to because it just reeks of glorifying 50s chauvinism, and is probably praised specifically because men love that shit. I watched a few episodes many years ago and am partially basing my assumptions on that, but I barely remember anything in particular so idk if I'm right or not

No. 66677

It's not glorifying it except when it comes to Don imo but maybe that will change (I think it's hinting at it in s4). It clearly shows the misoginy, how ingrained it was during that period and how women start to change. I really like all the main female characters.
I didn't enjoy the first few episodes that much either because I found it too depressing knowing how women were treated back then. But around the second half of the first season I was hooked so I'd say watch s1 and if you still don't like it you can drop it.

No. 66680

I've seen all of it and I'm pretty sure your reaction is what the writers intended, Mad Men is odd because all the marketing tries to portray Don as a cool guy but the show itself is completely unambiguous about the fact that he's a turd from episode 1.
A lot of people disliked Season 4 because it rubs that fact in your face but if you didn't like him from the start you should be fine.

No. 66706

Hah, I'm also watching Mad Men and I just got to the 4th season today. Such a solid cast. The female characters are great and I'm dying to see more of Peggy.

Also, when I first saw Kiernan Shipka in Sabrina (couldn't get past the first ep), I thought she was an annoying brat because that was the direction she was given. Now that I see her as Sally I know there's just something about the actress I can't stand.

No. 66729

Sounds promising, I will watch it. Eventually anyway, I've got so much shit on my backlog kek.

No. 66883

File: 1576002659949.jpg (608.58 KB, 1024x759, 1024.Hannibal.mh.031313.jpg)

only found a brief mention of hannibal in this thread so i figured i'd bring it up again to ask if anyone followed the show through the last season and enjoyed it?

re-watching the first season right now because i really loved it when it aired. i never saw the second or third season, so has anyone seen them and felt that they were as good as the first season? i just love the atmosphere, acting, and especially the wardrobe and costuming in this show. the story is great. will i be disappointed as i get further into the seasons?

No. 66886

Keep watching, the finale of season 2 is amazing. That said, sometimes the show is a little too "arty" for me. I got kinda bored during all the hallucination/dream scenes and there's a lot of conversations where I wish the characters would talk faster. Still a 9.9/10 show for me.

No. 66910

I am wondering if is it possible to watch Hannibal as a person that hates gore. I mean, can it be skipped without harm for the understanding of the plot? I am interested because of Mads and the plot but a bit scared because I can't stand gore…

No. 66913

to be honest, there is gore in about every episode of the show and it is pretty realistic at times. I don't like gore either, but I'm okay with it in this case because it's not gratuitous. you don't really see gore happening– usually it will just be a gory body after the violence has already taken place. the worst you usually see as it's happening is mild violence and blood.

I think you could still follow the plot without looking at the gore, but a lot of the show takes place at crime scenes so there are quite a lot of dead bodies you would be looking away from

No. 66950

Yes, the second and third seasons are just as good if not even better, I feel like the characters, their motivations and relationships get fleshed out so much more and around season 2 is where things get really interesting and intense. Oh and the finale is very well done and satisfying, thankfully as a lot of tv shows end badly. You definitely won't be disappointed anon, have fun!

No. 66980

Just finished watching it. I liked it a lot! I found it really engaging, the story, the relationships between the characters. Too bad I don't have anything to watch now to fill the void.

No. 67270

File: 1576169570557.jpg (122.66 KB, 1200x675, 1881.jpg)

Anybody watching this? thoughts?

No. 67419

Mando is some awesome gap moe, and the baby is ridiculously cute.
I love sci-fi.

No. 67502

Where can I watch if I don’t have Disney + ? Don’t mind illegal streaming sites

No. 67509


No. 67514

I love it so much. I never really cared about Star Wars in general, but this makes me really want to look into it more even though it doesn't make me feel like I need to. I really like western bounty hunter shit, this is basically a space western.
Baby is an absolute plus, he's so cute.

No. 67519

haven't watched it yet but clancy brown is going to be a part of the series (although idk if it has been broadcasted already that he is going to be a part of it) since I only saw his make-up on his instagram account, a while ago

No. 67628

I'm currently watching Fear the walking dead, I'm half way through season 2. I find the characters incredibly boring, like they have no personality and just don't seem to interect with each other well which makes it a bit painful to watch.

Does it get better in season 3?

No. 67814

I tried to start the Good Place and I watched about 5 episodes and while i like the idea and the concept it's just not for me, the dialogue is cheesy and too ham-fisted, it tries way too hard to pander and seem deep, and the overall show just seems kinda childish. When Michael said that it's possible to get 105% perfection and that's how we got Beyonce I verbally cringed and figured out exactly what audience this show panders to. I have this problem with a lot of modern shows honestly

No. 67823

I wasn’t a fan of the first season but really enjoyed the rest of it. The pandering tends to teeter off towards the end of the first season and those types of jokes die out. I would say maybe stick it through until the second season for when they get their footing. Michael Schurr (I think?) has this issue with most of his shows (Brooklyn 99, Parks and Rec, The Office…) where the first season is meh but it gets much better.

No. 67837

Broooklyn 9-9 had good seasons but its recent season is nothing but bad attempt to kill a character because they couldnt write it and terrible SJW pandering which no one liked.

No. 67887

>I verbally cringed and figured out exactly what audience this show panders to. I have this problem with a lot of modern shows honestly
Ugh, sameeeee. Particularly Netflix shows. Shitty pandering garbage.

No. 68591

Watching the Witcher episode 2 and (don't read if you don't want book and probably TV series spoilers)

it's super fucked up that they made Istredd teenage Yennefer's guardian figure taking into account he's her longtime lover according to a short story. He's second only to Geralt, as he provides her with a comfortable living and promises to look for a way for Yennefer to have a child. If they are not dropping this part of the plot, it feels really disturbing to me, like Istredd has groomed her when she was still an awkward, insecure teenager.

I am glad that at least Yennefer's ugliness has not been sugarcoated.
She's the best character in the whole Witcher universum tbh

No. 68646

This shit bothers me too.

Also,(book spoilers) how old is Renfri supposed to be? Iirc she says something along the lines of being Calanthe's age when she won her first battle, Ciri says the same, which would mean she's like 16-17? (I know they aged Ciri up) It bothers me that Geralt fucks her if that's true, same with Shani, she's also like 17 in the books and he's 30÷

No. 68649

Even the Polish Witcher wiki has no idea how old is Renfri lmfao. I don't think it was ever stated. Always thought she was in her twenties but might be wrong considering her character is inspired by Snow White.

I was so shocked when Istredd was called a boy, maybe there is something wrong with my eyes but he looks like at least a 19 years old dude while Yennefer acts and looks 13 or 14 years old…. what the fuck. Idk how am I supposed to reconcile their later relationship (if it happens) with that and each person spying on the other.

Agree with you on Shani,thought she was older and even then it annoyed me how Geralt fucked her (like he fucks anything female that moves and doesn't run away lmfao).
At least Yennefer keeps up his pace, really love how they are equal fucks up. I hate when fantasy protags pine for some virginal (or at least emotionally unavailable to them) damsel while they fuck every other women (like in the shit Rothfuss novels)

No. 68654

File: 1577021447072.jpg (113.03 KB, 726x408, rsz_dark2.jpg)

If you haven't watched it yet, please watch Dark, it's incredibly intriguing and I like the characters and gray morality. Best go blindly into it and watch the original German dub, the English is bad.

Can you tell me what you like about her? I like the way she's written, but I don't like her as a person, if that makes sense. I'm going to read the books now, but in the series her wish for power and attempts to achieve it didn't intrigue me though I like her story.

No. 68898

I was watching "The Casting of JonBenet" on netflix about the Ramsey girl case and it was awful, like a pretentious student project.

They know she had injuries of possible sex abuse and the actors talk for a while about the mom probably being an ultra bitch jealous of her daughter, and being close to her 40th birthday. But they don't explore the father and his previous failed marriage? They barely scratch the surface about the son and possible suspects.

Worst was when a random guy auditions for a police officer and says how he is a sex teacher as a night job and loves whipping/slapping/torturing bondaged tits, wtf was that mood whiplash.

No. 68919

Last episode next week. I'm already feeling down about it.
And why the hell do they keep dropping that baby?!

No. 69208

I just watched The Witcher but find it rather hard to follow here and there. Is the book a good read?

No. 69213

I'd say yes. If you're a Slavanon get ones that are translated to your language, they will be a whole lot better than the English translation, which is not to say that the English version is bad in itself, but a lot of the names and things like that just don't work that well in English.
The Serbian translation especially is amazing, it was one of the first languages the books were translated in and they put a lot of love into it.

No. 69217

Oh damn, I'm not that anon but I didn't know that about the Serbian translation. Is it written in cyrillic? I guess it's still better than me trying to read it in russian though, my other option was German and the books I saw in Croatian were only translated after the popularity surge so I'm doubting them.

No. 69223

Cool, I think I'll check the book out then. I thought some of the names sounded very Germanic (Geralt, de Vriess) but it was Polish, interesting.

I did a quick google search and the translation in my native language (not slav) seems to suck, so I'll probably end up reading the English translation after all.

I read the second season is planned for 2021, that's a fucking long time away after only 8 episodes, sucksss.

No. 69339

the tv series is retarded, I have noticed several times that popular witcher quotes are being thrown into the dialogue out of context just cause they sound cool. Like the part when Yennefer is compared to a scorpio, it makes no fucking sense in the tv series because the part of conversation preceding it got cut (Geralt said that he likes Yennefer more than all the other pompous mages).

Unfortunately the tv series completely butchers the witcher plot and characters. I had to double check if I'm not misremembering that Jaskier was supposed to be an annoying person, but a fucking talented bard because his output in the netflix witcher us horrendous

No. 69358

I agree with you. Netflix Witcher is overrated.

No. 69486

as another slavanon, I had to stop watching after the 4th episode. It was so bad and I'm not sure if it's worth watching any further since they've butchered so much in so little. I used to be a against casting, but the casting was nothing in comparison to all the other glaring issues this series has. I don't know why americans have to dumb down everything to such an extent but it's netflix so it's their money and their choices. I just wish they called it inspired by witcher though even that's a stretch instead of calling it adaptation.

No. 69817

as someone who didn't read the books I think that explains why I felt like pieces of informations were missing. It felt like the show made a bunch of "jumps" where things happened but didn't show on screen or something. Anyone else feel that way?

Still gonna keep watching though.

No. 70021

I love this show

So trash af!

No. 70283

Is anyone watching the second season of You?
I saw the first episode and I am not sure if I want to continue, feels boring. I have barely dragged myself through Hidden Bodies (the novel sequel of You) and it feels like the tv series is even less engaging. I might be judging too early though.

I fucking love the first season and especially the You novel. I wish there was more stuff like this.

No. 70335

I felt the same way for the first few episodes of the second season, but it definitely picks up.

No. 70510

I felt like this season was definitely a bit worse. It's entertaining though so stick in for the long haul.

No. 70511

Same. I read the book and was all excited to see the characters in the show but the first episode ended up being so different from the book that I stopped watching it.

No. 70579

I'm only on the first season but I have read the books.

I find the dialogue so so forced and very one dimensional? I even found the dialogue in the book to be lacking but the narration aided that a lot and this feels liek watching a wattpad fanfic come to life.

No. 70668

Nta but you're probably gonna hate season 2 cause I actually enjoyed the first one as the characters weren't as dumb and one-dimensional as this one (especially the main female character, love) and they turned the whole show into a pc-version of the book, unironically using things such as "pansexual".
I know it's in Hollywood and all but all the characters are turned into sjw type of people who would start fights with you on twitter, and that's annoying af. There's not one likeable person in that show so far.

No. 70822

I noticed the tumblresque characters in the second episode. What the fuck. IDK if I should continue watching this trainwreck or just spend my time on reading the original novel again.

No. 70887

Same anon. I'm on episode 5 now and i just skip through it cause i wanna know how things evolve in the show, and it's getting progressively worse, and the characters only get more pretentious and unbearable.

>I noticed the tumblresque characters in the second episode

they did that with the first season even, by having a trans actor. Was Blythe supposed to be trans in the book too? like, everyone in the show acted as if she was just a biological woman when in the second book Joe uses the word "tranny" iirc. In the show he's way "nicer" imo.

No. 70918

I sort of ended up enjoying Season 1 in the background. As for Season 2, it was entertaining for a bit and then it became really clear that I was basically watching a story repeat itself (I may be wrong, I'm on episode 6 I think?) while Joe is trying to say it's not. Even Joe's character has become really unlikable and in a way I felt like the whole point of him narrating is to somehow empathise and justify his actions. In the book I felt like there were some specific times that I felt like Joe was a horrible fucking person but for the majority of it I sort of glossed over it and he seemed almost normal. Candace felt useless and the plot outside of her seems sort of predictable?

Also yes on the sjw type of people. There's been some things said that really made me roll my eyes and the whole 'mansplaining' (?) thing they have going on is ugh.

No. 70957

Candace was definitely useless. They set her up to be this big bad and she ultimately did nothing of value. What was her character like in the books, btw?

No. 70971

In the book Joe drowned her, pretty sure it's revealed around the time Peach dies as a memory or a reflection and outside of that she really isn't that important.

I think that's why her character sucked so much because the writing seems to have stayed pretty close to the books, so taking a character that isn't even fully fleshed out and changing the story a bit to essentially force them in for added drama is unnecessary.

No. 71380

File: 1578402411383.jpeg (32.21 KB, 1000x563, 6949CD1E-857C-4B30-ADFC-05DD7A…)

This show is absolutely terrible yet I can’t look away. The acting is terrible, costumes and makeup suck and the contacts they put on the actor playing Johnathan are so bad for a show that i imagined had somewhat of a budget. I’m only a few episodes in but I hate it, but it’s also so addictive, I can’t stop watching. Also the plot makes 0 sense and they literally could’ve finished after episode 1.

No. 71388

Damn, I had no intention of watching it but now I wanna watch it for making fun of it. Is it so bad that it’s good or just plain old terrible?

No. 71545

It is just terrible, I don’t want to say it’s so bad that’s it’s good because it really isn’t, it’s just somehow addictive.

No. 72201

File: 1579031141471.png (279.82 KB, 760x405, 137454_w_760_405.png)

Y'all watched Messiah? It's intriguing af. It's obvious what the reveal will be, but I'm still hyped for season 2.

No. 72207

This dude is really attractive. What is the show about?

No. 72208

Any teen show to recommand? I already watched Skins Uk, Skam Norway, Baby, Euphoria, Misfits, Shameless, Glee and Gossip Girl.
I want charismatic caracters so no PLL/Riverdale…etc plz

Honestly that a good teen show, entertaining and well done. People trying to look for some deep message are obv dumbasses. It's 'realistic' but not normal. Euphoria is all the fucked up gossips/stories you heard about IRL in one highschool.
What annoys me is the extreme oversexualization of underage teens. Some scenes are too long and useless.

No. 72215

It's basically a what if? some guy showed up claiming to be Jesus and starts collecting an army of followers. Mix that with the refugee crisis, political issues, social media and the general modern world and it's really dope. The show keeps you guessing whether this guy is the real deal, a terrorist or something even worse.

The dude is very easy on the eyes and he's also great in his portrayal. His delivery is so charming, gentle and firm that you really understand why intelligent people would believe him. But underneath that there's also this uneasy layer which makes you wonder what he is.

No. 78192

File: 1583524187923.png (652.19 KB, 1004x475, i am not okay with this.png)

Anybody watch this new show on Netflix? The last episode really surprised me when the dude's head exploded, holy shit. Also happy to get a lesbian, GNC lead. She was very interesting to watch even if she was a little bratty. What do you think season 2 is going to be about??

No. 78195

this show reminded me so much of the video game life is strange. sydney is chloe with max's appearance lol

No. 78239

File: 1583552746608.jpg (120.71 KB, 1200x677, republic_of_doyle.jpg)

did anybody else watch republic of doyle? I kind of wanna rewatch it. it's a silly crime show, I almost feel embarrassed for liking it haha

No. 78300

Whats your favourite show on HULU?

No. 78303

Started watching Harlots after having ignored the suggestion for so long, wtf I didn't expect to get so hooked. I'm sorry for having ignored your rec until now, anons.

No. 78559

File: 1583871263509.png (1.33 MB, 1202x1124, Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 9.13…)

Please someone else tell me they watched Love Is Blind so I have someone to talk about my trashy reality tv show with

No. 79115

watched it!! Somehow Jessica was my favorite one , but I rly disliked Amber and the dude who told the woman he chose to fix her wig after he had come out as bi.

No. 79187

thank jaysus. honestly I kind of feel the same, jessica was a drunken drama icon, the dog wine incident was peak reality tv. amber went out of her way to be abrasive trying to say thats how she is teehee. barnett aka fuckboy is an idiot for choosing amber because she literally told him she wanted to be a stay at home mom and has a crap ton of student loan debt and credit card debt and said THEY need a bigger house when they visited his place.
carlton is trash and doesn't deserve diamond one bit, hes been openly trashing her since the show and his "apology" was so disingenuous and self absorbed i swear he was going to suck the whole room in with his black hole of a personality.

No. 79219

jessica made the show for me tbh. with her obvious pining over barnett and questioning her own choices(honestly mark was annoying too, he didn't rly try to understand her). I did agree with her when barnett asked her to marry him & took it back, she looked out for amber and told her right away to be careful with him, the way amber handled it was rly annoying.
yeah how the hell do you have a credit card just for makeup and still manage to rack up that much debt on it WHILE having student loans? peak irresponsibility, if I were barnett I'd get a prenup or smth to protect my assets.
as a black bi person, at first, i understood carlton being afraid to tell her because there is a lot of stigma. but i could not take his side when he didn't tell her before they got engaged, i mean, wouldn't you want your partner to know of every part of you? if you hide such a big part of yourself until AFTER you're engaged of course she's gonna have a reaction. Diamond was rly sweet about it tho, she had questions and asked them, she wasn't angry, just confused and tried to respectfully ask him questions cause she had obviously never been in that situation before. he had so much self hate that he just expected her to be mad and lashed out at her.

No. 80389

File: 1585061069372.jpg (26.73 KB, 250x352, 250px-WITCHposter.jpg)

Did anyone here ever watch W.I.T.C.H ?
I really like that show its a shame the way it was handled though because it has so much potential.
The show only had two seasons and after that the makers gave up and didnt want to continue even though so may people wanted there to be a third season.
After that i feel like alot of people forgot about the show.

No. 80390

Such a underrated amazing show.

No. 80391

they didnt even publish all the books in the US. There were multiple storylines beyond the Nerissa arc.
yen press is republishing the graphic novel tho

No. 80401

Do you mean the comics/magazines? I never knew there was a book….

When i was a kid it was really hard to find the comics for free on the int and even harder in english. I finally found them but the comics just disappointed me in many ways that i stooped.
But now i want to read the comics again.

Do you know any site where i can read them for free?

No. 80418

just finished the mentalist. it didn't age that well but it could have been MUCH worse and the story and conclusion were very cute.

No. 80427

No. 80439

in the united states they were published like japanese light novels, in which they had a handful of illustrated pages and the rest is text like a novel.
i had like 22 or 23 of the books.
they later sold graphic novels of the books which i also had collected too.
if i remember correctly the series originated from italy so the english translation was really silly.

No. 80442

I need some series with a soft and sunshine-y protagonist (preferably a girl), this quarantine boredom is making me crazy.

No. 80444

File: 1585080432938.gif (122.24 KB, 480x302, giphy.gif)

Ill look into those books too. Thnx

No. 80468

The TV show was bad tbh. Comics were superior.

No. 80478

The comic was my entire childhood, loved that shit. Still do.

No. 80639

File: 1585225994438.jpg (80.68 KB, 728x857, oR2qNusg.jpg)

Has anyone watched Tiger King yet? From a documentary POV, it's meh, but it's insanely entertaining. All these people could easily be cows and I sort of wish I'd watched it all unfold online instead of watching it now. I was shocked by how cheap it is to buy a tiger too - not much more than a purebred pet dog or cat from a breeder! I also need more about Doc so they can expose his creepy polygamist cult ass.

No. 80642

File: 1585227852154.jpg (514.44 KB, 900x1411, RCO013_1468806463.jpg)


Aaaah, this made me start reading the comics again. Haven't read them since I was 6-9 or whenever they first came out.

No. 80725

Elyon was my fave girl (secondary faves were Irma and Hay Lin) and she was done dirty due to original artists being fired by Disney

No. 80733

i love witch so much!! i collected all the comic books and i still have the dolls and some other stuff. i really wanna read them again

No. 80762

File: 1585303007594.jpg (63.04 KB, 360x450, Elyonmama.jpg)

ahhh this is the very first chapter, right?? Such nostalgia :D I was a big fan as a little kid, loved the art style of the comics so much. Still remember the day i went to internet cafe and found the art of Elyon and her mom, it was so incredibly beautiful to baby me at the time, haha

No. 80771

omg yes!! I don´t think they even aired the second season where I am, but I loved it. I remember a lot of kids my age weren´t allowed to watch it though because it was too dark.

No. 80805

File: 1585340259844.jpeg (11.72 KB, 253x199, Unknown.jpeg)

I've not seen RoL but I looooooved I love new york

No. 80831

File: 1585349541866.jpg (137.17 KB, 720x960, witch.jpg)

There were also books written by a Danish author. Not sure if they ever released them outside the Nordics.

I read them as a child. They were pretty decent and had a cohesive over-all story, although not cannon. (I think there were two series, the one depicted here and another one with character stories?)

Really loved WITCH as a kid. It was sad to see the quality get worse over the years. The TV series was crap. I wish they had invested more resources into making the TV series (and cartoons) better in order to keep the popularity going.

Apparently Italy really love their mahou shoujo genre. WINX club came after and has made a cultural impact, according to Wikipedia. I was too old for WINX when it came out so I never liked the series, even though I tried.


No. 80832

Holy shit anon, as a fellow danish person this hit me hard with the nostalgia. I really wish I could have kept all of my witch stuff.

No. 80843

tiger king on netflix is the weirdest shit i've ever seen, i'd recommend it

No. 80850

we had these in eastern europe, and some more that were focused on specific issues like friendships and bfs

No. 80888

Flavor of Love and I love New York were the best in trash television my lad. Very rachet, absolute delicious garbage, chefs kiss

No. 80903

Better Call Saul just gets fucking better every season. I swear, if Rhea Seehorn doesn't win an Emmy….

No. 80942

Hadn't heard anything about it when i started it and no lie, was just yelling at my tv every 10 minutes. What a fun trainwreck but poor cats.

No. 80948

I had the first season on dvd. We had regular magazines and some special editions (?) I remember there was one about the Olympics. And a comic book about a dance show/play or something like that.

Kinda sad I sold them at a flea market at some point.

No. 81467

File: 1585809974393.gif (2.64 MB, 447x250, FocusedRedAegeancat-size_restr…)

So I finally got around to downloading season 4 of Mr. Robot. Anyone else already seen it or have thoughts on the series?

No. 81997

I just finished watching last night and really enjoyed it too. I was shocked at how cheaply you could pick up a tiger cub too, insane. I really hope in the future that the law comes down on that creepy sob Doc, especially if he really is putting cubs in a gas chamber once they're too old for 'petting sessions' then he deserves jail time. the other guy who took the zoo from joe and essentially set him up in terms of the murder for hire idea deserves jail time too. lock them all up. btw, do you believe that carole murdered her husband?

No. 81998

about to start watching flavor of love. amazon prime took down I love new york s2 before I got chance to watch so I need to see FOL before it goes too

I fucking love how trashy it is

No. 82017

Damn I liked Elyon too, idk why tho
Her, and her bitch aesthetic brother
I think we also had those.. I remember one where Cornelia's bf got turned back into flower, and they had little comics on the front pages
witch were so good up until they tried to copy winx. I remember hunting for a kandrakar? heart pendant but i never got one

No. 82036

WHO is ready for Killing Eve season 3 in a few days?

No. 82045

Watched season 4 a few months ago and it was perfect. I'd say the beginning of the season is weaker but it picks up in the middle. Then we have in my opinion the best episode of the entire show and until the end it stays an incredible wild ride. I was really scared of how esmail was gonna end the series. To me it was a make it or break it type of situation. But he absolutely did not disappoint.

As a whole, I think Mr robot is a masterpiece. The visuals, acting, storytelling, music…. I could go on and on lmao.
If you liked the first 3 seasons you will also like this one, it's truly going to be An Experience. I hope you were not spoiled on anything !

No. 82055

NTA but I dropped it after a few episodes because I couldn't take the l33t hacker, we live in a society, everyone except me is a sheeple shit. But I heard the series is self aware about it's edginess? I hear a lot of praise for s4 so I wanna get into it.

No. 82647

I actually thought about talking about that in my reply but it was too long lmao
But yes exactly, it is self aware and the hacker part is not the main point of the series but it's integral to the plot. I'd say this becomes clearer at the end of season 1. I know a lot of people gave up after the first few episodes but if you can, try to complete s1.

No. 82650

NTA but I think he was involved in some dirty business in Costa Rica with drug dealing.

No. 82663

Me! I'm so ready, I really needed it.

No. 82674

I love Villanelle so much….such a great character. My body is ready anon

No. 82723

Awesome, I'm gonna keep watching. It helps that I find Rami super qt, bug eyes and all.

No. 82728

Has anyone watched season 3 of ozark all the way through? I love ozark but after waiting so long I'm finding it really hard to sit down and watch it bc my brain can barely recall what happened in season 2. Anyways, is it good/worth continuing?

No. 82824

Agreed. The murder theory is insane.

No. 82829

What's up with Netflix'all around shitty docu series?
Casting Jon Benet interviews a bunch of whos and a sadistic deviant and makes people think the mother did it, while the investigation points in an obvious direction, it's misleading.

Don't fuck with cats glorifies internet sleuths while Luka gave them every bit of info himself.

Now there's tiger king which was made by the guy who exploits turtles and seems to have a vendetta.

No. 82853

First one's quite obviously supposed to be a look into how publicized cases like Jon Benet's affect society at large and how willingly we make speculative entertainment out of it for ourselves but I guess that point flew over a lot of people's heads since I keep seeing complaints like yours

No. 82860

Why ARE they talking about all this old ass shit though (except tiger king).

I really don't want to watch a docu about that cannibal killing cats and a gay guy. Wtf

No. 82877

The way the docu is directed and structured isn't "oh these are just some people's opinions", yeah, I get what the message was but after that I saw multiple misled opinions about the case online saying how they're sure X did it without looking at official data.

It was just tasteless and disrespectful towards the death of a little girl, especially the part with the guy talking about how he loves to whip tits.

No. 83140

Anyone watching Terrace House Tokyo? I just finished part 3, unfortunately don't have access to the newest episodes. But I like it so far, lots of ups and downs

No. 83265

Binged the entire five seasons of Breaking Bad just so Walt could finally receive his comeuppance which imo wasn't harsh enough. What a loser character, I fucking hated him. This is one of those shows where all the characters are obviously written by male producers. I read online reviews where people actually thought his wife Skyler was the annoying nag character, but if you watch the series she's perhaps even a bit too permissive and gullible of Walt's shenanigans. She barely gave him the shit he deserved and for how things turned out not anywhere near enough. The sexual scenes were so gross, I know it's pretend but I wanted to vom whenever Walt's ugly, wrinkly, bald ass old man character was feeling up on Skyler. Barf.

>Don't fuck with cats glorifies internet sleuths
Lmao, they literally didn't do anything. There was nothing tying "don't fuck with cats" to the actual meat of the investigation. It was a huge contrivance because Netflix wanted an edgy title and some relatable loser characters for the internet detectives out there.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez was really good if that's still around.

No. 83268

The hatred for Skyler is 99% misogyny, men are mad that the nagging shrew is holding their power fantasy self insert back from being as evil as he wants. Recently I was reading some reddit thread on it and someone defended their hatred by bringing up the 'passionless' handjob she gave Walt at the start of the series. I fucking can't… what on earth had Walt done to make himself sexually attractive enough to even deserve that?

No. 83270

I never thought that Skyler was written as a bitch or felt she was one, the male watchers are retards though… I wish Walt's attempt at marital rape had more serious consequences
Anyway if you watch Better Call Saul you may end up hating Walter even more lmfao

No. 83272

I hated Skylar and Walt alike and am female so dunno what to tell you. She was a bitch through and through. Kim is a massive improvement in development as a female lead on Saul. I can believe Kim's woes. Skylar i just wanted to see gone and rarely felt for her.

No. 83277

Is anyone else watching Little Fires Everywhere?

No. 83330

I hated them both too. They were both selfish in different ways, at least with Walt I could relate in the beginning but Skylar has always been an annoying Karen.

No. 83345

How exactly was Skyler selfish? I remember her being a bit rude and maybe condescending to Walter in the beginning, but overall she was doing her best holding the family together through Walter's cancer and criminal career that she didn't ask for…

No. 83367

I don't understand why everyone acts like Skyler pissed in their cereal, it's so pathetic. She's a DV victim trying to take back control. Walter is a sociopath who pretends to have feelings, all he's ever done is drag people into his shit. Jesse and Skyler were so damaged thanks to him.

inb4 some smartass comments about it being fictional

No. 83380

I dropped breaking bad but I could sympathize with Walter's financial situation at the start and he didn't seem like a bad guy- until his extremely fragile ego is slowly revealed.

As for Skylar, I couldn't stand her because she was unemployed yet had such bad spending habits and smoked while pregnant. Then she moralfags at the office when she knows her boss is a sleazebag and she tries to get back at walt by… Sleeping with another ugly old guy?

That said, she's not nearly as bad as the rest of the cast, I just find people like her that are trying to be writers and not getting a real job annoying as fuck.

No. 83381

Exactly she was a fucking Karen and if she was a real person these same moral hags would be ripping her apart in her own thread. Skylar went as far as bitching at Jesse for at the time believing Walt was using weed to alleviate his symptoms. She was narcissistic more than half the show and cared far more about the public image of the family than what he was doing.

No. 83393

she smoked ONCE because she lost her shit due to what Walter has been doing with her life. And she was terribly ashamed of that.
She was also selling shit on ebay for a profit and had no problem getting a job when the situation called for it.
With Jesse she clearly did not like that Walter was meeting with a sketchy AF person behind her back and taking drugs. He was acting weird AF and she was right that something was wrong. Maybe it was not the best way of handling the issue, but Skyler was right to be concerned.
>Exactly she was a fucking Karen and if she was a real person these same moral hags would be ripping her apart in her own thread
We wouldn't cause she was a normal ass (BORING) mother and a wife who did not give a fuck about social media.
I have no idea where does your interpretation of the character come from. I don't love Skyler, but I don't think she deserves all the hate at all.

No. 83449

>had no problem getting a job when the situation called for it.
yeah i remember how she got the job kek

No. 83488

does anyone want to talk about Better Call Saul? cause i've been dying to talk about it for a hot fucking minute

No. 83493

You say it like she planned to fuck him straight away lmfao. It's normal she contacted an exboss that would hire ger for sure instead of going through job interview hell. She needed the job and money asap. You are nitpicking to justify your hateboner
Go ahead, sis. I have finally catched up

No. 83760

File: 1587012457465.jpeg (61.52 KB, 455x674, C5A9D25B-238E-4F68-8EBD-FE4DA0…)

God tier TV show

No. 83769

I posted this back when /2X/ was still around about women representations in media

The difficulty of feminist representations is that it can sometimes get a little idealistic, trying to offer many great role models of women that “can do it all”. which can be very high-pressure for some women. Sometimes people don’t want to be inspired to be amazing, I want to feel allowed to be mediocre and petty. So the main character being a mess up and a loser was kinda empowering in a way,

No. 83774

This tv show deals perfectly with all facets of femininity including this about aging

> Sometimes people don’t want to be inspired to be amazing, I want to feel allowed to be mediocre and petty.

Exactly! She recognised her cycle of addiction to human affection because she didn’t love herself

No. 83776

Fuck, Jimmy is in too deep, which is inevitable, but it worries me how it will affect Kim. He's such an ass for pulling that shit on Howard and telling Kim that she made a bad choice for quitting Schweikart's and Mesa Verda. Jimmy is so good at projecting his insecurities and short-comings on everyone.

No. 83786

yes but what I like most despite all her realizations her life doesn't change that much, she's still somewhat of a loser and that's fine, and I think that's the ultimate message of the show

No. 84164

File: 1587256784815.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.3 KB, 960x1440, p185545_b_v8_ac.jpg)

Started watching this show quiet some time ago and while I like it so far chuck kind of stops being endearing and starts genuinely becoming annoying. As far as manic pixies go shes not the worse I've seen but her personality starting to become abit grating

No. 84166

YES. Loving it so far and really looking forward to the finale.
Watching it makes me want to read the book too, even if I know what happens.

No. 85927

Whats your opinion on twilight, is it worth watching?
I feel like twilight came out in a era when men loved to shit on everything women liked and wanted to control everything they liked so most of twilight's criticism revolved around men and some nlog women sperging about how the characters look to weak and girly and that they dont represent vampires (how can you represent something that doesnt even exist)
So does anyone have any legit criticism of the show ?

No. 85932

I still watch it as a comfy nostalgia movie but it's not good imo. The acting is bad and the characters are boring and pretty dumb. The most interesting characters are shoved to the side in favor of Bella's dull love story (titillating when I was eleven but laughable now). It's only good for nostalgia and laughs.

No. 85933

It's sad how it's rarely brought up that Walt borderline rapes Skyler a few times throughout the show but her having an affair is used time and time again against her. Yes, it wasn't right, but it was understandable considering she was hurt and in anger and wanted some control after finding out her husband is a lying manipulative meth maker. I never hated her character when watching the show, I wasn't a big fan of her sometimes but usually I totally understood and sympathised with her situation. People make too many justifications for Walt (who sexually assaulted his wife, just gonna bring that up again) and she gets way too much hate, though thankfully it has toned down somewhat over the years imo

No. 85944

This should go to a movie thread, not this one… just saying…
Anyway just look up feminist critiques of Twilight, most of them are on point.
Also keep in mind that the novel author is a Mormon and it shows in the storyline. Plenty of weird shit in regards to sex.

No. 86017

I think Skylar was being selfish by letting Walt back into her home and life, buying a car wash with him, and using his drug money for anything at all. She jeopardized her kids safety multiple times by doing this, because we all know the cartel has no issues with killing a whole family to gain leverage or get back at someone. In BCS, Jimmy has done a lot to keep Kim out of his cartel business because he understands this. Walt and Skylar apparently don't.

At one point, I felt like maybe she was going along with it because she was scared of him, but when she fucked him later on, that just kind of made me dislike her. She got so mad at him for all the lies and the shit he pulled but she's a hypocrite because she not only helped him commit crimes but also helped Ted Beneke too. She should have told her divorce lawyer everything and got the hell away from him.

No. 86317

File: 1587994192158.png (417.86 KB, 1280x720, the-midnight-gospel-1587493636…)

Is anyone else really disappointed by Midnight Gospel? I didn't look up much before I went in but I think the story and animation behind the talking is sooo interesting but the conversations feel so boring and surface level deep. I feel tricked into listening to a bad podcast.

No. 86319

Exactly that, I was hoping for a mature adventure time esque trippy adventure and instead I got a very bland podcast with topics that were just every 20 yo in college having an after party drunk conversation

No. 86378

Duncan trussell is such a fucking faggot. I can't stand him, but the animation was fantastic

No. 86563

Have farmers seen The Expanse? I never
liked sci fi shit no matter how much my brothers try to force feed me it but one day I put on The Expanse on my own for some reason, just finished season 2 and I’m crying lol

Fuck I love Fleabag. I want that entire monologue tattooed on my forehead. I was in love with Belinda by the time she finished.

No. 86570

> but the conversations feel so boring and surface level deep
I think there’s the point, anon. Part of its narrative is how people who go on and talk about spirituality deep down are rotten, violent, superficial cunts who can’t see shit but their lies (the constant violence while the interviewee goes on rambling about how enlightened they are is key), which peaks with the “japanese” mentor, the one in the studio with all their adds etc. Only mom’s got the true light, once you listen and accept their love (which he didn’t at the start, he was obsessed over the podcast and didn’t listen until she was on the death bed. He desperately looks for a mentor, to the point he almost died of overdose, he didn’t manage to feel fulfilled by himself or confront that there is no mentor, only his legs. And mom’s love.

No. 86573

Does mr.robot get any better? I'm currently on episode 4 and I find the main plot (fsociety stuff) so boring.

No. 86808

File: 1588473260059.jpeg (30.09 KB, 400x600, 57048262-2ca5-41ee-9b57-53bb9b…)

Finished Normal People today. I could never get into the book but I loved the show, unsurprisingly. I've always been into opposites-attract/star-crossed lovers tropes so this was right up my alley.

No. 86835

The first season was fantastic imo, try to finish that out and see if you want to continue from there.

No. 86853

I guess that does give me a new perspective on the show. I like that idea. Though, it still doesn't make me want to sit through it.

No. 87141

Honestly, I don't think so.
The creator and main voice actor is the owner of the podcast they animated the show of, if its not about his stupid ass surface level deep podcast (which went on much much after his mother's death) how the heck would they do a second season?

No. 87777

File: 1588943643555.png (144.61 KB, 894x894, d8cb6b562684e14c0fe4289ff6ac77…)

Lets be honest here she was the only total drama character who left the biggest impression.
People always talked about her wherever they hated her or not.
im kinda gay for her.

No. 87807

I can't believe I genuinely enjoyed watching TDA when I was little and how inappropriate it was at that time lol,I honestly never hated Heather but she is the definition of a drama queen.i still can't believe all the characters are 16 I always thought they were adults

No. 87812

Google it,it's true

No. 87813

Did they planned a second season? Even if the podcast is the first source, they did a hell of a work on them. I listened to a couple of episodes and honestly it looks like Ward took what he liked and created a new work.

No. 87821

File: 1588976876802.png (66.39 KB, 860x1204, 188-1885308_transparent-drama-…)

Yeah i was surprised and a bit weirded out when i found out that the characters were 16.
But i guess to little children 16 could look grown up but it was inappropriate to make 16 year old characters so sexualised.
I mean just look at how they made Lindsey look like wtf.

No. 87822

Ive already watched the first season of Total Drama (island) so i will watch the second (action) and the third (world tour) and end the franchise.
Whenever i see people talking about total drama they say that only the first 3 seasons are good and the resit is shit so ill only watch the first three seasons.

No. 87980

im sick of this! shes not sexualised just because she has breasts and doesnt hide them!

No. 87984

>thinking 16 year olds should show off their boobs.
>thinking boobs aren't regarded as a sexual object.

I'm sick of this too. Fuck off.

No. 89139

File: 1589655468936.png (38.37 KB, 293x916, SierraGettheLook.png)

yeah i like heather even though she was such a bitch. My favorite character from the series is Sierra (even though she's a huge stalker for Cody)

No. 89164

File: 1589663594316.jpg (951.08 KB, 2970x2970, Broady-City-Season-4.jpg)

Rewatching Broad City, I love it so much. It's like Workaholics for and about girls
>tfw you will never have a friendship this based

No. 89379

>Watching "Libfem" the Show

No. 89534

I watched Normal People and it wrecked me honestly. I really liked it but shit. Also resisting the urge to cut bangs

Connell's scene at the therapist near the end in particular, I felt exactly the same way when I was at university. I related to him and Marianne both. Everyone said the end was soooo sad and I was waiting for one of them to fall into addiction and die at the end so I didn't think the end was that bad in comparison lol. I had a similar relationship that just didn't work out and also related to that, got me feeling sad this morning. Also I liked a portrayal of bdsm that isn't "oh she's such a feminist" tbh, ever since 50 shades it seems like something all men want and expect out of women

No. 89570


I've heard a lot of good things about this show! Are there any other good comedies about women that you'd reccomend?

No. 89608


NTA but def watch fleabag. very funny & well written female characters.

No. 89614

Heather was the best part of that show for sure. Didn’t she lose her top in an episode iirc?

Do you even know what that word means? kek

No. 89639

File: 1589829480480.jpeg (387.94 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2020_03_20_at_2.17…)

Just finished Little Fires Everywhere yesterday and it was good, but not memorable. I was bored watching Reese Witherspoon play her character from Big Little Lies again. The kids were all great, and I did tear up over Mia and Izzy's bond – I was incredibly similar to Izzy when I was younger, mommy issues, sexuality and all. Moody seems like a budding incel. The uneducated racist daughter had a good storyline. Bebe's was boring – she was never going to win the case. Both of the main mothers would absolutely be the subject of r/raisedbynarcissists and for that reason I disliked them both.

No. 89671

They are a bit libfemmy but like… it's made fun of constantly. It doesn't actually have a libfem message, there's no troons, they don't pander to men etc, I can't stand that sort of thing but there's nothing that annoyed me in the series.

No. 89833

File: 1589874336252.png (1.1 MB, 659x710, wwk.PNG)

I just finished Why Women Kill and it was pretty enjoyable! Nobody I know has seen it because it was on CBS but you can watch it for free on their streaming service with the free trial. It follows three women who all lived in the same house in different decades and is about someone cheating. It's only like 10 episodes and 80's Lucy Liu makes this worth watching alone.

No. 89834

I watched it last year n it was pretty awesome!

No. 90891

Any of you girls watching The 100 this season?

No. 91885

I saw my friend watching this once in an episode where the guy wants to be pegged and she accidently melts his special custom made dildo . I might pick this up.
I love Lucy Liu, I used to religiously watch elementary. Thanks for the rec, I know bigger networks dominate the scene but this looks promising.

Shit made me tear up though. I agree about the flaws in both women but it's what makes them great characters, even if you dislike them. I just wish Reese did more? I feel like she plays the same character all the time. Sansa Stark syndrome.

No. 92721

Anyone seen the Young Pope? I was mesmerized by it even though it's kinda strange and surreal, and totally different to what I was expecting. I thought it would be the young, progressive pope coming to fuck the conservative catholics up, but it was the total opposite. Can't say I hate an unpredictable character but I never really figured him out.

But man, the visuals were amazing, the soundtrack was this cool mix of classical and electro pop (I'm a sucker for incongruous modern music like video related kek), and Jude Law was ridiculously charismatic and compelling. I've never enjoyed his acting this much before, at some points he straight up intimidated me.

I think it got mixed reviews though so it might have just happened to suit my taste really well.

No. 92752

I enjoyed The Young Pope, Jude Law is great!

Have you seen the New Pope, anon? I expected much more from it after seeing the trailer, but was left with rather mixed feelings… I feel like all the good moments were already in the trailer tbh. Also the line of that woman who miraculously got pregnant in the first season rather upset me. I didn't really understand what creators were trying to say with it and it was disturbing to watch. There was too little of Jude Law and John Malkovich's character didn't captivate me as much, I expected him to be more interesting and eccentric, I guess.

No. 92763

File: 1590589461811.jpg (200.12 KB, 1280x720, 20200411_BKP504.jpg)

Anyone here watch Devs? It is a mini-series on Hulu. I thought it got a little too pseudoscientfic-y woo-like in some of the concepts, but otherwise interesting visuals, setting, and story.

No. 92764

Me! I don't know what to expect yet, last season was good, I hope this one will be too

No. 92925

Yeah, I'm not so sure about the New Pope, I didn't hate it but obviously replacing the main character for most of a season is going to be a step down, he just wasn't as interesting. I also thought there was a lot of gratuitous nudity. I did love Voiello in s2 though, and the opening song.

No. 94225

total drama island will still be the best season when it comes to character development and relationships.
Action and world tour basically made so many good characters hateable and ruined relationships that shouldn't have been ruined (Courtney and Duncan were loved by total drama fans and the producers made him cheat on her with Gwen)
I also hate how they used Heather as this person that everyone would take their anger out, yes she was a bitch on the island series but she was okay in action and world tour and I don't know why everyone took their anger out on her when Courtney was just like her.

I also think Heather and Alejandro had potential to be a actual couple.

No. 94337

I’m super late to the party with this one, but holy shit Peaky Blinders is so fucking good, I’ve been watching it with my brother which has been really nice, we don’t have a lot of shared interests.
Anyway, I highly recommend it, I’ve never been bored watching it.

No. 94339

It's fun and stylish as hell. Waiting for season 6 is hard. Savor it!

No. 94357

I’m watching the last episode of season 5 tonight and I don’t know what I’m gonna do after I finish it. Do you have a favorite character? I fucking love Polly, she’s everything I want to be.

No. 94379

File: 1591140940564.png (899.25 KB, 1280x706, LizzieAndThomas1.png)

That's so exciting but so sad, lol. Have fun, anon. You're so right about Polly. She's badass from the get-go. I even love Lizzie, honestly. Besides Thomas, I found Aberama and Alfie really cool. I could list them all. The show, impressively, only has a few shitty characters imo.

No. 94441

Thanks Anon! I thoroughly enjoyed the finale my heart was racing the entire time, I can’t believe things played out the way they did. Season 6 is going to be really exciting, can’t wait for it! I’m with you on the characters, it’s nice to see Lizzie develop over the course of the series. Polly and Arthur are my absolute favourites though. The show has blown me away, it’s going to be difficult to find a show that’s as good, if you have any recommendations fire away.

No. 94519

Anyone watching the Snowpiercer TV show at the moment?

I feel like they revealed who Mr.Wilford was waaay too early, I think that should have been a last episode or second from last episode reveal

No. 94551

File: 1591226831825.gif (4.99 MB, 500x400, c228b5fc1e789ef1ff4a4326e69e9f…)

Anyone finished the new Killing Eve season? Did you like it?
I feel like the next season will be full on Villaneve, I'm very okay with that.

No. 94580

I was hella hooked on Peaky Blinders, then I kinda fell off the horse around the Spooky Russians plotline. Can't really relate to anybody anymore. The characters are all comically traumatized imo, it's just so melodramatic. Polly seemed very cool (was my fav) and then she went batshit in a very stereotypical way. I get why she got that way but it's frustrating to see an older female character waste away like that. Idk.

I do like Lizzie a lot still. I will try to get back into the show because I loooove the aesthetic.

No. 94584

>I will try to get back into the show because I loooove the aesthetic.
Agreed, I think I lost interest around maybe season 3-4 but I love the fashion, the hair, the way they talk, it's all so stylish. Also Tommy alone is worth watching.

No. 94612

Yeah I totally get that, I think that was the worst season, there was too much going on to properly focus on anything. I didn’t fully get it until maybe like 3 episodes into that season which isn’t ideal for a show with 6 episode per season. If you can get past that season I promise it does pick up again.
I know what you mean about Polly, but she doesn’t stay in that weird state for the rest of the show.
The aesthetic is amazing, especially the scenes in London where they go to a club and there’s tons of flappers! It is a really worthwhile show though, Cillian Murphy does a great job playing Tommy.

No. 94642

File: 1591274337996.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 2436x3276, Scott MacArthur.jpg)

watching "The Mick" at the moment and am really enjoying it but…i find pic related so outputting and can't stand his scenes

No. 94658

I loved it, so upsetting it might be a while till' season 4. I can understand why a lot of the reaction to this season is good but still meh but I will be watching It on repeat until the new season.

No. 94665

Really? I found him to be a more refined Charlie Day

No. 94754

did anyone else watch the bbc show merlin? I watched it several years ago and hated it. the show was alright (aside from shitty special effects) but I HATED the ending. I was wondering if anyone hated it as much as I did.

No. 94781

I'm still mad as hell about it omg. It's such an insane waste that they saved Merlin's magic reveal to the very end. We got the bare minimum of time for Arthur to process it, it was so unsatisfying after 5 seasons of it being a massive source of conflict and a defining factor of their dynamic. It should have been revealed at the start of a season, so we get all that time for Arthur to react properly. There's so much potential for emotion and meaningful relationship development… anger, betrayal, being conflicted over his principles, really understanding and respecting Merlin, and eventually accepting magic. Also it would have been hilarious seeing him realize all the times Merlin saved his ass. I fucking love their relationship, it's so disappointing we never got to see it resolved with more depth.

And in retrospect, it's just like… what was the point of anything that happened if it ended like that? It's like Merlin's long game plan was to just… idk, hang around Arthur and continually protect him from magic, with no intention of ever actually changing his mind and have him grow to accept Merlin himself and magic in general. Instead he just let it get worse and worse with magic posing a constant threat, it's not like Arthur would have organically changed his mind with that happening. I guess the writers wanted to make the point that Merlin just straight up failed because he kept ignoring the dragon's advice and didn't kill a bunch of characters who weren't evil at the time, but that's so unfair.

Phew that was a rant. It's a mediocre show in terms of plot, writing and effects but it always made me laugh, and Arthur and Merlin are so endearing together that it's still special to me. At least it has a surprisingly active fandom with a tonne of ending rewrites to compensate.

No. 95313

fuck i loved this show so much. i thought i was gonna hate it. i am super hyped for the 2nd season. i thought it was gonna be some generic teen drama but im hooked.

No. 95325

Yes, I've seen the ending only recently despite rewatching the show a billion times because back in the day a friend warned me that it's stupid as hell and ruins the entire show.
She was 100% right, I can't watch that show again after seeing the ending. They made it out like old Merlin was some hobo giving roadside blow jobs to make ends meet. What a stupid fucking ending. Jesus Christ.

No. 95326

>They made it out like old Merlin was some hobo giving roadside blow jobs to make ends meet.
Huh, what gave you that impression? He's a super powerful wizard, he doesn't have to make ends meet. The implication is that he's hanging around avalon waiting for Arthur to be reborn/reincarnated.

No. 95623

I’m watching The Office (US version) for the first time. I like it so far but…

Am I the only one who doesn’t care for the Jim/Pam romance? Not that I dislike the characters but it comes off as super cliche and tiresome. Of course Jim is a good guy and of course Pam’s fiancée is an asshole with no redeeming qualities. Maybe it was different when it was first airing but knowing they’re gonna end up together anyway is just wasting my time honestly.

Also whoever styled them in the earlier seasons needs to be shot. I hate Jim’s stupid surfer boy haircut. And Pam looks like a Duggar girl.

No. 95630

I truly don’t get The Office. I get that his character is written like this on purpose but I physically find Michael to be so repulsive and grating that I cannot watch this show.

No. 95632

Michael’s pretty terrible. It doesn’t bother me so much because I watch a lot of shows with terrible main characters (It’s Always Sunny is my favorite show) but I went in thinking he was supposed to be a loveable doofus who can be insensitive at times but man, he’s really awful. I get told that he’s get better later on but I’m not so sure about that. I know it’s a comedy show but I’m wondering how everyone (aside from Dwight) at Dunder Mifflin puts up with his shit. I’m surprised nobody ends up rage quitting lol.

No. 95714

I couldn't stand watching the show because of Michael, but my brothers found him utterly hilarious and the best character of the bunch

Watched the whole show once and will not waste any more of my time on it ever again

Would get so much shit for not finding him likable so I'm glad to find others that feel the same

No. 95762

there was also a major plot hole in the series, can't remember what it was exactly but I know it had to do with the sidhe.. I'm beginning to rewatch it right now because I haven't seen it in 6 years and it gives me nostalgia, but I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it all the way because of how much the ending sucked

No. 95763

I don't like The Office that much but tbh I find Sunny even worse, the characters are all grating for me.

No. 95771

i think that's the point with it. you can't go into it thinking "i'm going to like these guys", you need to go into it thinking "i'm about to watch a surreal take on white trash"

No. 95903

Do you anons have any tv shows a bit dumb with drama to recommend? I was watching Dystasy on Netflix but it got too cringe i couldn't take it lol

No. 95942

Korean Odyssey is amusing

No. 97517

Binged Dark S3 yesterday and goddammit it went to shit. How could you take the first two seasons and turn the whole series into YA novel tier crap?
Fuck I'm mad.

No. 97519

I'm enjoying it even though its take on class warfare is rather clumsy.

No. 97843

Whaaaaat? I thought the ending was really good! I personally don't think they could've concluded it any other way. I'm curious as to what kind of ending you were hoping for.

No. 98004

The ending was good for the shitshow S3 has been. I kinda wished for a bitter fucked up ending.
Mikkel/Michael deserved better

No. 98646

File: 1594318343604.jpg (422.18 KB, 1500x2222, BADvMqu.jpg)

Has anyone here watched Outer Banks? I just finished watching it and surprisingly really enjoyed it from start to end.

No. 98648

Just watched Brooklyn nine-nine. Are there any other shows similar to it?

No. 98671

well it did crossover with New Girl but they aren't that similar but both are rewatchable and comfy.

No. 98672

B99 is made by the same people as Parks and Rec and the Good Place iirc. P&R is about as similar as it gets.

No. 98756

File: 1594393711844.jpg (56.22 KB, 284x398, AAAABU0QLxgkcKeGksBDExx2keIHHZ…)

I'm binging Dating Around: Brazil on Netflix rn, such a feel-good reality tv, it's so nice to see the little moments when two strangers connect! Anyone else watching this one?

No. 98883

Yes! I’m actually pretty embarrassed that I liked it so much because I’m definitely not in its prime demographic. I think they’re filming season 2 now.

No. 98993

anyone who likes zambie shows or spooky stuff watch the strain on hulu!!! its epic n about zombie-like vampires am enjoying it alot needed to sperg about it somewhere hehe

No. 104517

what's the last show you guys binge watched? i can't find anything on netflix/whatever that holds my attention past a couple episodes.

No. 104537

Locke and Key

No. 104550

Dark. Bit of a heavy binge but there's so much to keep track of it's probably better binged anyway.

No. 105270

File: 1597956382894.jpg (183.67 KB, 1200x900, 2835.jpg)

I love Derry Girls so much. It's the perfect storm of a teenage emotional rollercoaster, friendship, superficially despicable and still loveable original characters, realistic dysfunctional family dynamics that are portrayed hilariously, political incorrectness, feral meanness and hostility, a few wholesome moments sprinkled in there, a cool cultural setting, well-written, hilarious jokes and girl characters written for their unpolished over the top characters and not their attractiveness or superior coolness.
It just makes me so happy. I'm a Derry Girl in heart

No. 105272

YES! I've been rewatching it lately and it's so much fun. I like relating to the Catholic education plotpoints even if I'm from another country, the setting in general + their personalities are so so special

No. 105274

File: 1597957670491.png (166.09 KB, 1200x1200, EAo7qXEVUAAXcyY.png)

glad to find a fellow fan here

No. 105276

recently watched this on Netflix and it's such a good show with such great female characters, highly recommend it to anyone browsing this thread

No. 105280

Chiming in to recommend "What we do in the shadows", it's funny and the characters are adorable. I'm really enjoying it.

No. 105281

This show is such a treat.

No. 105283

I love the show and the characters so much! Can’t wait for season 3!

No. 105284

aaaaaaaaa it's been on my to watch list forever. need to get on that. thanks for the reminder

No. 105286

This is one of my absolute favorites. Put it at the top of your list ladies

No. 105338

OOOOOH, Derry Girls is great, I watched it with my boyfriend and we both loved it. The show kinda feels like I feel about lolcow on a good day.

No. 105347

I'm really into HBO shows similar to little fires, big little lies, GOT. Right now I'm watching Lovecraft Country it's amazing. I just finished attack on titan (perfect workout show)

No. 105357

have you seen sharp objects? it sounds right up your alley and is a favorite of mine.

No. 105369

I HATE that John Cho was cast as Spike. I mean what the FUCK were they thinking???? I fucking hate Hollywood

No. 105382

it's like they just choose random famous asian actors so twitter won't get mad at them for whitewashing. john cho seems too old to play spike and he isn't at all well suited for the role.
all the live action remakes coming out lately make me so mad lol. the casting is always god awful and they're never even close to the same level of quality as the original works they're based on. but they make money, and don't require any originality. easy for hollywood to farm them i guess.

No. 105504

probably gossip girl. i first watched it when i was in middle school so it's nostalgic for me. it starts going downhill after the 3rd season, but i still enjoy watching it even if the subject matter is kind of shallow

No. 106052

File: 1598591762438.jpg (75.36 KB, 1000x500, aggretsuko-season-3-trailer-fe…)

has anyone else finished the new season of aggretsuko? The unhinged fan turned attempted murderer legitimately scared me and made me feel so bad about idols and girls in general that go through that. His speech to retsuko about how she's a cocktease made me so mad holy shit. I loved to see haida form a friendship with tadano, it was really sweet!

No. 106062

Me! I agree with everything you said. This might be my new favourite season. I loved all the new characters and the relationships between the old ones developed really nicely imo. The characters are weirdly super realistic and believable despite being literal talking animals.

No. 106067

File: 1598606905943.jpg (2.76 MB, 1920x1280, the-alienist-angel-of-darkness…)

i binged the alienist throughout the past few days and although i personally didn't favour the ending of the first season, i'd def recommend it to anyone who digs a good period drama but doesn't mind some dark, dreary true crime-ish gore thrown in as well.

i ended up watching it on a whim after realising they've added it to hbo max.

the second season just aired recently i guess, and i just bought the first book too, so i'm looking forward to reading it and noting the differences between it and the show / eventually watching later eps when i can!!

No. 106095

Anons, can anyone recommend a good dark humor show like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? I've been wanting to watch something similar for a long time now, but it doesnt seem like as if that genre is popular.

No. 106101

Vice Principals maybe??

No. 106124

I haven’t watched it’s almost sunny but peep show is great

No. 106125

I've seen a lot of opinions about season 3 of Aggretsuko being the best and while I see why people would think that, because theres a lot of entertaining things happening, for me it's easily the worst. My favorite thing about it was that the show itself and Retsuko are relatable, but with the events of s3 it's not relatable at all anymore unfortunately.

Honestly I'm just really upset for Manaka, who is really driven and works hard to make her dream come true, even though it's believed she has no chance because of her age, and then Retsuko comes and has everything given to her on a silver plate.
Also at this point Haida is just a pathetic creep, being in love for five years with a coworker that barely talks to him on a daily basis - unless she needs something - and rejecting anyone that would actually be interested in him and have things in common. It really is not romantic or cute anymore.
small rant over

No. 106130

I literally just binged through it. It has to be one of my favourite Netflix shows now, it's so strangely down to earth.

I loved Manaka, I hope she becomes a returning character in the next season.

No. 106144

File: 1598660114878.png (535.43 KB, 602x599, hgX3qpf.png)

Friend had me as her binge buddy for Lucifer and while she's absolute shit and a blistering scab on the show as a character. I am starting to seriously worry for Lauren German, she's gone past 'clearly has had work done' and is full on 'looks like a porn star' level of plastic surgery.

No. 106202

I'll definitely check it out thanks! c:

No. 106234

Normal People.

No. 106251

File: 1598742197426.jpg (40.33 KB, 633x720, 17o9xnnxrvx01.jpg)

Cobra Kai is on netflix now, I 100% recommend it even if you weren't that into the Karate Kid movies. I wasn't a big fan but the series is legit funny and awesome, it surprised me how good of a sequel it is. The teen drama is a bit goofy at times but the whole thing is worth it for grown up Johnny and Daniel.

No. 106260

I have to agree with you, I still love Aggretsuko and enjoyed the season, but I found S3 to be too whimsical, rather than down-to-earth and realistic like the past seasons.

Also, does anyone else just really love seeing shows about cute young adult/middle aged women struggling with life? Any other recommendations? (Anime or TV)

No. 106289

Nta but to me it still seemed realistic probably because I know a lot about underground idol industry. I think this season is my favorite one so far tbh.

No. 106304

File: 1598799139615.jpg (71.15 KB, 1280x720, 1594754742754.jpg)

She took the call. Never take that call.

No. 106411

File: 1598890263973.jpg (53.83 KB, 612x715, tumblr_237e0834d6071fce733edc7…)

I didn't really like this season.

They ruined Haida for me I know indecisive soyboy is a legit stereotype for men in Japan but I don't find it endearing. Especially when Haida puts on a tough guy front but literally leads on a woman who practically spoonfed herself to him, which is more than what Retsuko ever did in the entire five year run, because uwu~so indecisive~uwu. He didn't deserve her. Inui handled it like a champ but I think more women ought to lose their shit over those games, it sends a bullshit message about the fuckery women are expected to endure imho. Haida was being a piece of shit and would've deserved a consequence. And ugh, the scene where Fenneko pressed Haida to say why he even likes Retsuko when he only knows anything about her from work: So he flashbacked to this lame scene where she was ~stealing water from work~ so he knew she was a more-than-meets-the-eye baddie deep down for being a "water thief" LOL FUCKING WAT. Don't even get me started with that bullshit final episode where their motivations are at odds and Haida is a dick in the song he sings to her, how tf do you call someone a "chicken" after they've been assaulted with a boxcutter? inb4 "He was trying to show her how being reclusive and indecisive is bad!" Well friendos, that's coming from a guy who couldn't even pick his romantic interest for 5 years, so. Also, I thought it was a bad sign when Haida started to hang out with Tadano because he was another dude who couldn't give Retsuko what she needed and wanted. They were trying to make him sound more insightful for Haida than he actually was imo. However I was hoping that Gori and Tadano were going to ship by the end of the season because they both seem career-ambitious and less children-oriented, and I feel he could help Gori out with her debt and give her the rich lifestyle she deserves and clearly wants. It was cute how they had a shared tech moment and I really hope that didn't just happen cause they're both orbiting plot devices for Retsuko.

Unpopular Opinion: The idol storyline was shit and was so out of character for Retsuko. Manaka was way too mentoring and nice towards Retsuko who basically swooped in and pulled the pecking order from under her feet after she worked so hard for years. She was somehow okay with being sidelined knowing she is an "older idol" with not many years left. It wasn't believable at all. Then I was supposed to believe that timid, shy Retsuko who had a problem with people knowing her karaoke secret and can barely deal with confrontation, who's never been actually trained for dancing or singing, would have what it takes to naturally go up on a public stage and be a frontlining idol right off the bat with no awkward slip ups and next to zero mistakes. Uh huh. And then the last episodes where she throws caution to the wind despite the creepy stalker skulking around her work and she just exists all naively…lmao, totally forced to progress the plot because her character is way more anxious and cautious than that. And then she just…leaves the group as if that will resolve her identity being exposed and public now riiight. Oh and the part where she was slated to make way more money following her passion. Nah, she'll take the downgrade to go back working for asshole Ton for less money to be with ball-less bassist coworker Haida again.
Butchered character development.

I think the producers just bit off more than they could chew with this season so the last two episodes felt really rushed and forced.

No. 106414

YES, I'm feeling so validated rn, all of these are my thoughts exactly. Seeing so many voices praising this as the best season and not a single criticism (until now) was pretty confusing.

No. 106449

I really felt ambivalent towards this season. Haida and Restuko have no chemistry imo, and I know Retsuko’s character is being naive and passive but she really was ridiculous that last episode. Isn’t she usually quite cautious? Why ignore a direct warning from someone? And on the other hand the concluding discussion between her and Haida was so confusing, since the scene just before practically said that she needs time and to not push her but the app said they’re soulmates so it’s obviously fine!. I think there was so much wasted potential there as it seemed like they just wanted to wrap it all up in a nice status-quo bow when that just won’t work.

In general to me the idol subplot felt like they opened a huge can of worms. I had thought she would at least go for a secret identity thing, which I guess she tried but it’s not really discussed.

Inu was done soo dirty. And I agree on your Gori ship, I really thought it was about to happen and it…didn’t?

I’m still holding out hope for the next season because I do still (mostly) like the characters. Sidenote, I feel like I’m going crazy, I can’t understand some of what Ton says (eng dub)

No. 106505

File: 1598945599904.png (106.69 KB, 782x771, 6aa71c9c-1499-4241-ad5f-3c9843…)

Is Retsuko engdub any good? Never tried but I heard that they mistranslate things and twist them around.

However, I am laughing at "sounds like chicken to me", because
In the original, Haida says, "ii gomibun dana" which can be translated as "what/that's a nice situation/life." Given the combination of "gomibun" (polite speech) and "da na" (informal, casual speech), the tone comes across as sarcastically respectful. Also idk if there would be a way for any of them to sing something "nice" because its a death metal genre. I am not WKing Haida (my fave char is a bird and Fenneko anyway) but to me it looked like that he tried provoking her so she would finally open up her true feelings, considering through midseason all her friends did were being concerned over her being secretive and talking about how she always bottles everything up.

I liked the Inu-chan but I thought that the way she tries to start dating him was way too quick but thats just me ig. Other than that she's nice.

So far I loved this season because of idol industry arc and many dynamics with different characters. Very cute.

No. 106565

File: 1598990602472.jpg (39.1 KB, 500x531, p7nyf9o6gh1v23ftio.jpg)

>Is Retsuko engdub any good?
No, it's hideous.

I'm glad to see someone not dumping on Haida. His shallow fixation on Retsuko is cringe, but I agree he's the only one that actually DID anything to help her rather than just letting her wallow and become a hikikomori. Yeah being assaulted is terrifying, but they mention it had been weeks since she even came out of her room and was on the verge of losing her job. She still ended up telling him off for seeing her as this idealized projection of herself, so in the end they both got to express themselves. Hopefully they actually get to know one another next season, regardless of whether they get together or just become friends.

I also don't see the fuss over Inui. She was… fine? Honestly kind of boring, she was "nice" and apparently liked the same music as Haida. Wow. Then she pushed him to admit his feelings for Retsuko as she was lying passed out in his arms after he got stabbed by a maniac. Then she's all, "Oh I guess this isn't the best time for this." Lol, no shit.

No. 106567

Seeing lots of discussion around Inui on here.

Imo, the problem with her was that she was not really meant to be a character, she was meant to be a plot device. She was just created to shake up the Retsuko/Haida ship and now we will probably never see her again since her job is done.

This happens in plenty of anime or other media, a character is created just to create a love triangle to cause tension between the "main" ship, and so we don't really know anything about them outside of their interest in 1/3 of the triangle. All we know is… she has similar interests to Haida? She's kind of pretty and dresses nice? It's hard to really care about her, just because of how she's used.

Anyways, she still deserves better, maybe if we are lucky we will catch a little snippet of her being happy with someone else next season.

No. 106569

guess i should watch the subbed version then, the dub really gave me a bad impression of him

No. 106574

File: 1599000638501.jpg (31.94 KB, 589x493, 6d4a2ba4f36a57541faa560f.jpg)

Fair enough. I can totally agree it's likely I'm not into her because I just don't know much about her, so she comes across as a somewhat shallow character.

It kind of reminds me of Resasuke actually. He seems like this total loser mute which is even funnier because it contrasts with Retsuko's bishounen image of him, but right at the end we see he's a sweet dude that loves plants. I don't believe plant people can be bad lol. I would've loved to see more of his quiet inner world, but he wasn't intended to be a main character.

It's funny because that ties back into Haida for me. Retsuko gets this pass on overidealizing someone, but Haida doesn't? Retsuko was turning Resasuke completely into someone else, whereas it was actually a very "real" thing that Retsuko did that first caught Haida's attention. I saw a lot of people bashing him for not being able to mention something specific about her personality and bringing up a seemingly inconsequential moment, but I think it's sort of cute that it was something so banal that intrigued him.

No. 106579

haida best boy

No. 106580

You should always watch the subs first. dubs are usually shit, and a lot gets lost in translation.

No. 106675

Dear god who did that used to be. Also it's scary how alike they look. Is it because of the surgeries or because make up crew trying their hardest to make them appear human and just caking make up on?

No. 106707

File: 1599108507146.jpg (119.66 KB, 980x980, 16088804-high-res-killing-eve-…)

killing eve is so good. thanks to all the anons that recommended it.

No. 106715

I tried watching it with my BF but he sorta ruined it for me, he's not at all a anti-feminist type, hell he's even more woke then me but he was in the Marines and he gets irked by anything "unrealistic" in media, "guns don't work like that" "she would have gone deaf at that range" and other shit over and over and now even when I watch it myself his voice is stuck in my head

No. 106718

that's hella stupid. the show has so much dry humor, it doesn't take itself seriously at all and shouldn't be taken too seriously. sorry your bf killed your immersion with facts and logic

No. 106719

I just don't get the hype around it, the characters act so irrational. Villanelles backstory was underwhelming and Eve is a run of the mill boring Mary Sue character.

No. 106720

He does it with every show that has something to do with guns or military stuff, it's tiresome and sometimes rates shit movies as being good just for being more "accurate"

No. 106776

Thank you so much to the anons who said I should watch Hannibal. It's su gud. I'm at the beginning of s2 and I love it. I could stomach the violence, it wasn't too gratitious.

No. 106780

My grandma loves watching this show!

No. 106904

It's really graphic but doesn't seem gratuitous for some reason. Presentation maybe.

Bryan Fuller began having problems with NBC executives during the production of season three. Some feel it's visible in the show by that point.

No. 106917

File: 1599270492985.jpg (94.66 KB, 1100x619, 200828171246-raised-by-wolves-…)

Did anyone watch Raised By Wolves yet? The first 3 episodes were released yesterday and while I liked the series a little less by the 3rd episode I am still really excited for it. That pilot was so good!

No. 106918

File: 1599271444349.jpg (91.24 KB, 620x413, the-boys-set-visit-interview-e…)

Anyone watching the Boys? It just came out yesterday. It's off to a slow start but I'm excited for next week. Haven't been this into watching a weekly tv series in years.

No. 106919

is the second season gonna be released weekly or released all at once? i fucking aadored the boys s1, despite having some critiques about dialogue and characters. love homelander, the absolute talent of the actor that plays him cannot be understated. as a comic reader they really expanded on most of the sevens personality in really good ways. the only issues i have are butchers almost one dimensional "reee i don't give a shit about anyone" and the way they call the only girl in the boys "the female" like can u not. obvi this is the comic writers fault (his writing reeked of maleness lmao) but god it rubs the wrong way in the show even if its tongue in cheek.

No. 106938

That's Ennis for you though.
I've watched 3 episodes of the second season now and it's pretty great. Kimiko gets a little fleck of story fleshed out.

No. 106941

i hate your partner and hope he gets beat up!

No. 106947

Yeah the writer said he regretted how Kimiko was portrayed in s1 in this article https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a33625772/the-boys-kimiko-karen-fukuhara-portrayal-regrets/ so i think that her character will be explored a lot more this season. Also what do you guys think of Stormfront? I hope they don’t make the whole racism/fascism thing too heavy handed, that would kind of ruin the show for me.

No. 107045

I thought about this not to refute it or anything. For me, it's the acting mostly and being taken off guard and surprised by the very well-acted craziness and character dynamics. And just the sheer chaotic power of Villanelle.

You're right that it's not great cinema where you can fully immerse yourself in a coherent plot with realistic characters. It's sheer over the top craziness, moral/rational chaos and upheaval of any order. I think there is a lot of comedy and satire going on. I can't say if the show does that well or if it that's a waste.

I don't think Eve is a Mary Sue at all though. She really comes across as a smart, funny, emotionally a bit shallow, awkward confused woman whose moral compass is spinning wildly because of her contained desires. Maybe Sandra Oh's acting helps that for me or it's just Sandra Oh I'm actually watching (lol). Maybe you mean self-insert?

For me, the irrationality and darkness of the show is mirroring reality and also personally cathartic somehow as I'm an anxious overthinker. Maybe it could be written more seriously but the show does well what it does that way.

Villanelle is just drop dead gorgeous, chaotically powerful, scarily loveable and entertaining and the crazy relationship dynamics are interesting and entertaining af.
I'm also glad for the good chemistry Eve/Villanelle have.

Just watching Villanelle going from being a terrifying killer freezing my blood to being an equally terrifying but somehow loveable, funny and playful goofball in the next scene gives me life. Or coming into a scene in a literally killer styling. She is a psycho without a moral compass and not a feminist rolemodel or anything at all but she is completely uninhibited by the neurotic worries your average woman is bound to have in this society. And that's just a relief and liberation.

Jodie Comer is a really great, versatile actress with a lot of depth matching Mads Mikkelsen easily. Men irl are a little scared of her haha

No. 107046

samefag/headsup: that vid contains spoilers

No. 107063

It's a bit jarring to see Jodie in interviews, her voice is so different from when she plays Villanelle. It kinda sounds like the Villanelle voice is her real one and she uses a softer pitch when talking in public kek

No. 108625

File: 1600714718966.jpg (70.75 KB, 750x422, guillermo.jpg)

Thanks to all the anons (the anon?) who recommended What We Do In The Shadows the series.
I prefer the movie for a lot of reasons but the show is very entertaining aswell.
Guillermo for one is hilarious.

No. 108628

File: 1600715170118.png (651.8 KB, 1280x720, mq8kw.png)

My highlight is Nadja. I was completely taken off-guard by that one scene where she stalks the man and casually crawls up to his window where he's jacking off furiously and she takes a vintage flashlight photo and just fucks off again. That was hysterical and surprised me. I was intrigued. I was sold when she later moaned at him and had a psychotic break about cutting off his head during sex. Love me a feral woman lmao

No. 108668

nta but I get what you're trying to say regarding Villanelle and the freedom and power she had and inspires but the fact is that I can't ever take ever it seriously, I have this problem with male action heroes as well, In real life assisains are not quirky and or have a chique dress sense, they are ugly plain men who kill people for money, sometimes they will have bullshit code about how they won't kill women or children but many do

I can't take Villanelle seriously, cause I will always know it's as fake as superheros, so there's no point

No. 108674

…of course it's fake, it's a tv show you autist

No. 108677

File: 1600784254470.jpg (25.09 KB, 678x452, ENehONzX0AEAF7L.jpg)

I can't choose, I love all the characters. Colin Robinson is the one that gives me the most keks probably, but the others are hilarious and adorable in their own way as well.

No. 108680

don't you know that suspension of desbelief is a thing and it doesn't work the same way for everyone?

No. 108682

it works the same for everyone except austists

No. 108689

File: 1600793533622.jpg (64.29 KB, 564x461, nofunallowed.jpg)

idk if it's meant to be taken seriously

No. 108701

File: 1600802117306.jpg (87.52 KB, 750x1334, cllm8n2aoco31.jpg)

ayrt and thanks for reading my schizo wall of text. I get what you're saying and feel you.
I also noticed for myself that my tolerance for tv violence and gore fluctuates. Sometimes it's thrilling but other days, it's just disturbing and puts a damper on the perks of a show.
Now that Jodie Comer made a name for herself, I look forward to seeing more of her acting in other roles, too.

No. 108702

Fucking love villanelle. Killing Eve is an exceptional show, deserving of a true chef's kiss.

No. 108995

>>68654 damn I tried to watch Dark but I'm on ep 7/10 and it feels like it's all build up and dramatic, intriguing hints with no substance.

It reminds me so much of True Detective S1 in a bad way.so much lush aesthetic creepy vibes, no payoff. You'd think 70% in SOMETHING interesting or juicy would be revealed.

Also kinda reminds me of cringy anime when the biggest tensions are that people who grew up together in a tiny town all want to fuck each other.

The casting between the timelines was great but I'm still struggling to remember who everyone is and how they're connected. All these middle aged Germans look the same to me lol

No. 108996

I needed to make notes during the first season but stopped caring so much during season two. The characters will click with you at some point, it's just a question of whether it's worth it to you.

No. 109139

if it helps Villanelle is actually based on real life hitwoman Idoia López Riaño who killed 23 people for a Spanish terror group, she'd seduce policemen she was hired to kill and once missed a target she was tailing because she was too busy checking her hair in a shop window reflection which is like something that'd happen on the show, she's free now after serving a year in prison for each victim

No. 109373

Can anons recommend me a comedy show similar to Brooklyn 99? I just want to laugh without having the need for subtitles

No. 109374

what does this mean, like non english ones?

No. 109376

unbreakable kimmy schmidt?

No. 109383

Have you watched What We Do In The Shadows?

No. 109418


No. 109426

Seconding this

No. 109447

File: 1601411481722.jpg (85.5 KB, 960x540, channel4.jpg)

I've been seeing this show called 'Adult material' advertised quite a bit. What are people's thoughts on it? It seems to be like another 'sex wurk is real wurk!!!' shows that ignore the sexual exploitation of the porn industry and ignores the poverty and child grooming that leads to women going into porn

No. 109449

sorry anon, i meant I prefered english ones cause the ones I kept watching were in a foreign language

Thanks I'll check these out! they look really interesting!

I finished all seasons of community…did they ever get a movie?

No. 109466

If you haven't seen Parks & Recs yet you're in for a MASSIVE treat

No. 109493


No. 109511

I literally thought this was Margo from The Magicians lol

No. 109514

NAYRT but same, and I'm literally watching The Magicians right now. I only stopped ITT bc I said out loud "is that Margo?"?

No. 110131

File: 1601944155672.jpg (1.26 MB, 2000x1667, 062817-glow-beauty-lead.jpg)

They cancelled the final season of GLOW after it had already been renewed. I'm so mad!!

No. 110244

Wtf? This show was so good with characters that felt like real women. Really disappointed to hear this.

No. 110247

This is so disappointing, one of my favorite Netflix shows. Like other anon said, a lot of amazing female characters, it was both fun and emotional, I'll miss it

No. 110262


No. 111289

I dunno what it is, but I'm really just…not digging The Haunting of Bly Manor as much as I'd hoped I would. I watched The Haunting of Hill House like five times over and I loved every second of it, but I find myself getting bored easily with Bly and struggling to get through each episode. None of the characters really grab me, nor do the relationships between them - hell, even the spooky shit just seems bland this time around.

Idk if any other anons here have watched it at all, but I'd be interested to know if anyone feels the same or if I'm just retarded and don't know how to enjoy things anymore lmao.

No. 111300

I haven't watched it yet (my friend and I are going to do it together once we're both free) but from what I've heard people find it kind of confusing and not scary at all. I don't think you're alone anon. I'm trying to stay positive, but I've already seen a lot of criticism so I have a feeling that I'll be disappointed.

No. 111319

Started watching Emily in Paris and I know it's supposed to be cheesy and unrealistic but still, so many people in France talking English, it's crossing the boundaries of reasonable suspense of disbelief.
Also she's a social media specialist and in the beginning she is shown to have only 50 followers on her own, come on, what boomer wrote this show.
All that whining but I'll probably binge it all tho

No. 111329

Bly Manor is lit

No. 111331

File: 1602437315050.jpg (33.16 KB, 366x345, Screenshot_20201011-122909.jpg)

I liked pen15 at first but the masturbating episode was tedious and gross. Oh great another minute long zoom in of this fucking face to wild safari music. Coomer bitch

No. 111335


I watched the first episode and thought it sucked on literally every level tbh. Does it just get off to a bad start? I liked Hill House though I thought it started off really strong and got worse as it progressed. Too many cringy monologues

No. 111337

I loved Broad City and audibly lol'd with every episode. The one where they talk about the moyel bothered me but then there was an episode where they were justifying seeing kids as attractive as long as you see them in the eyes of past kid self and that was the nail in the coffin.
I want to find something that I can laugh at like this show, but I can't deal with content like that.

No. 111338

File: 1602440962045.jpg (65.6 KB, 400x633, goodboys.jpg)

I haven't watched pen15, and have only watched the trailer, it looked like the female-equivalent of the good boys with it's 'omg they're barely pubescent girls and they're masturbating and doing sexual things!!! Look how edgy we are' low-quality, bottom of the barrel 'adult' humor. That paired with the fact I don't think I can really relate to the subject matter that much made me think it was going to be bad or not for me, but since a few anons here are saying that it's good, I might give it a chance- what about pen15 makes it good?

No. 111387

I actually really liked those episodes since they resonated with me. Actually, the entirety of PEN15 captures my middle school experience in such an authentic and funny (if lowbrow) way that I just can’t help but love the show. It helps, of course, that I’m only around 5 or 6 years younger than the writers/actresses, so we’re generationally very close.
I was a chronic masturbator as a preteen, and like many or even most women, I was raised in an environment where women’s bodies and sexualities were unspoken at best and weird and shameful at worst. I didn’t understand the lizard brain shit going in my skull directing me to endlessly masturbate upon the discovery of the feel good button between my legs, and absolutely no adult was going to educate me on what was happening in a nonjudgmental way. Jungle music may as well have been playing in my head because it was really such an animalistic urge, and I was probably just as unsexy and slack jawed as Maya when I did it.
I really liked the article posted on Bustle talking about the episode: https://www.bustle.com/p/the-pen15-masturbation-scenes-are-some-of-the-frankest-depictions-of-female-puberty-on-tv-15936526

No. 111401

The episode was relatable to me as well, even the grandpa watching her (it was jesus for me). maybe that's why I feel kinda dirty watching it at all. Perhaps I expected this to be a light comedy and it hit too close to home lol. I feel ashamed of how much of a monkey I was back then.

No. 111425

I liked Owen, Hannah, and Jamie a lot. The show was disappointing to me as well, even though I actually enjoy family drama a lot. I was expecting more spooks which I'm definitely underwhelmed by but even the family drama was lame. By the second half/last third of the season things just turned into endless exposition and backstory that was not revealed in an interesting way. What began as a fun, almost whodunnit-adjacent mystery (for instance, noticing Hannah doesn't eat starting from the first episode and keep noticing she does not, thinking is she anachan or dead or what) that eventually just turned into entire episodes completely spelling out every detail. I think they should have let Dani solve the mystery of the backstory instead of telling the audience all of it via so many flashbacks. Part of me thinks there is a version of the script that actually does this, but was deemed too subtle for a general audience, as execs often think audiences are stupid af.

That being said I was not completely enthralled by Hill House either. I liked it but I wasn't obsessed. I would rate the funeral episode 10/10, however.

Also enjoyed seeing lesbians on screen, I know it's naive of me to be so easily impressed by muh representation but Dani's sitaution with her ex hit close to home for me as a closetcase

No. 111427

I wish my tween experience was that wholesome tbh. When youngins first discover masturbation, we do get excessive lol
I wish I masturbated to Zac Efron or sand dunes. Getting groomed into coomerhood by the Internet sucked. >>111329
On episode 3, it’s …okay so far. Will report back.

No. 111429

i can't relate to this shit at all

No. 111583

So yeah Haunting of Bly Manor was very room temp and unsatisfying. It is like >>111425 said, not enough spooks, the ghosts are so goofy tbh lol, extremely “tell, don’t show“ .

No. 111597

I binged all of Unbelievable yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it. I think it was really good, one of the best Netflix shows i’ve ever seen. I loooooved the characters a lot (especially Marie) even if it was kind of distracting to see the autist from Nurse Jackie as a super serious detective lol.

No. 111601

File: 1602603980001.jpg (275.37 KB, 960x1440, images.jpg)

Has anyone been watching Lovecraft Country? I've been enjoying it but Episode 8 pissed me off. The fact everyone except for like Montrose basically ignored Dee. Like, a young girl goes kinda missing while racial tensions are especially high, and everyone gets sidetracked while looking for her. Atticus also acted like a huge asshole to Ji-ah. I don't get how he can be mad at her and tell her their love wasn't real after he called her twice. I just hope Hippolyta comes back rant over

No. 111613

Haven’t watched it yet, but my coworker keeps recommending this to me. Guess it’s time for me to use that HBO free trial

No. 111669

is it a sjw type of show or no? the trailer made me consider the possibility

No. 111681

It's a show set in the 1950s America with a mostly black cast, if that's what you consider a "SJW" show. One of the main characters is gay, but it doesn't feel pandery to me. I feel like it's just to show the homophobia during that time period. If you're not interested in shows that talk about race, then I wouldn't recommend this one.

No. 111690

I watched it. The answer is yes. It has heavy emphasis on the race issues (90% of the show). Lovecraft’s name is really only tangential, it being more witchcrafty then Lovecraftian. It comes of as unsubtle about its exploration of the racism in the 50s, and at points seems more revenge fantasy. There was also a rape scene that was sort of presented as revenge which grossed me out.

No. 111692

File: 1602686824105.jpeg (510.06 KB, 1400x1400, 98445E25-31A7-4935-8577-1CDA3B…)

is glow a good show? should i check it out?

No. 111693

>There was also a rape scene that was sort of presented as revenge which grossed me out.
Tbh the dude deserved it. He was trying to rape that lady at the club Ruby/Harriet was at. I wasn't revenge for being white, just revenge for trying to rape another black woman

No. 111695

it's amazing and you certainly should. fun, emotional, makes you invested easily; entire cast is great!

No. 111697

I loved this show, super engaging with realistic and well-rounded female characters, but just in case you weren’t aware the last season got cancelled before they were able to finish it due to COVID and costs. I do think it’s worth watching anyway, as the existing seasons are really fun and it still “ends” in a fairly satisfying place.

No. 111699

Does this show have a plot or nah

No. 111712

I'm interested in this show but I hate Alison Brie, how annoying is she in GLOW? How often does she bust out her tremulous eMoTiOnAl voice?

No. 111714

I haven't seen anything else she's in but she is one of the two main characters and lacks any self esteem at the start, so she is very emotional and sobs. A lot. Seems that might be her shtick? The most I can say is that it fits her character. She kind of remains a sadsack for a good part of the show but there is growth over time. If that's annoying for you then you may want to give it a skip. I can say though that the other lead, Betty Gilpin, is really cool and a nice contrast to her whining. She struggles with her own problems but in general is more competent, self aware and strong.

No. 111738

Yes but her character is supposed to be a pathetic woobie so it fits.

No. 112443

I'm really not feeling Bly Manor. I've made it to episode 5 and I already feel like each episode is a chore to watch

No. 112444

I liked it, but there wasn't enough spooky shit for me. Are you there for spook or?

No. 112447

I don't necessarily mind less spooks, I just find the characters boring. So far they've all just kind of sat around in the house eating dinner and telling each other about their boring past

No. 112533

Anyone have any recommendations for something along the lines of Modern Family? Something funny and sweet about family? I know the show isn't the greatest but it was a comfy time waster. Anything without a lot of drama or tragedy.

No. 112536

have you seen better things on fx?

No. 112537

No, but I do like Pamela Adlon. I'll check it out! Thank youuuuu anon.

No. 112539

it’s so good but i lowkey cried on multiple episodes because it tugs at the heartstrings sometimes

No. 112540

What are people watching for spooky season? I'm revisitng "I am not okay with this", but I'm so disappointed that there won't be a second season

No. 112578

Finished the haunting of bly manor and started the third day, first one was just mainly spooky sad, the latter a fever dreamy spooky. Imagine if midsommar was good, that's third day vibes.

No. 112705

What shows are you guys currently watching? And how would you rate them?

No. 112713

I just binged To The Lake on Netflix
it's in Russian but if you can look past that I think its worth a watch. It keeps you on your toes, and it was really interesting to see how another culture views a traditionally dysfunctional relationship (with a backdrop of a zombie-like pandemic). If you end up watching it, let me know what you think.

No. 112730

Right now I’m watching the classics!! x-files (I’ll finish it someday!), Gilmore girls (good if you want something lighthearted and woman-written), the sopranos (best drama hands down even if I feel like a dad when I watch it) and king of the hill (fave adult animation).

No. 112741

NTA but I just watched the first episode of this after I saw your post. I enjoyed it a lot! Characters first, zombies second is my fav type of zombie media. Plus I can't say I've watched a lot of Russian tv in my day so that's cool too.

No. 112766

I'm watching The Good Place for the first time. I'm somewhere in the middle of the 2nd season. I enjoy it, but don't love it yet. Seen people really tear up at the series finale so I hope that I will share those feelings.

No. 112826

Exactly anon! I hope you enjoy it, its pretty interesting

No. 113103

Any recommendations for cozy, autumn/halloween themed tv shows? I just rewatched over the garden wall, I need something seasonally relevant to watch for when I'm winding down

No. 113110

Just finished it, thanks again for the recommendation. So many complicated characters and relationships! The set up for season 2 looks like it could be interesting too.

No. 113113

Just started Queens Gambit last night and I can't believe how good it is, im only 3 episodes in but i'd give it 7-8/10

No. 113119

It's great til the end, I got hooked and binged it in one day.

I particularly loved the fashion in it.

No. 113144

Rewatching Buffy and Angel as we speak. No regrets

No. 113344

File: 1603904212971.jpg (56.38 KB, 1178x663, UcU9E.jpg)


Oh shit I came to post about The Queen's Gambit.
Literally watching episode 1 right now, everything about it so far appeals to me! maybe it's the dark academia thing kek
Can't wait to binge it.

No. 113381

So good! It felt like a long movie to me if that makes sense. The main actress is so striking that I enjoyed watching her do anything and the girl who played her younger self was so well cast.

No. 113382

This is the first I've heard of it and it sounds interesting as hell. In all of Netflix's increasingly shitty suggestions, Queen's Gambit never came up once.

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