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No. 928754

You have the right to be stupid.

Previous thread >>>/ot/916183

No. 928757

Why is this picture so cute?

No. 928762

File: 1633216739370.jpeg (50.82 KB, 461x499, D1EB2273-302F-4A84-A818-B759A7…)

At what time of the day does casual texting (so not work/emergency related) with a guy automatically count as flirting? I never knew this was a thing, but some of my friends said that texting after 10PM is automatically flirting, and others said that it’s nit flirting until after midnight. Is this a real thing? Should you only text a guy/reply to a guy after midnight if you really like him?

No. 928765

File: 1633216832549.jpg (11.79 KB, 296x337, Sarah_barnes.jpg)

UK anons, look at the pics in that link (too many to post, none are clear, could not decide which one to post). That's "Sarah Barnes" picrel (real name Loui Batley) from Hollyoaks right? Her wiki says she sings in a band but it's not Lulabells. I am so bad with faces. What do you think?

No. 928779

File: 1633218259781.png (6.64 KB, 761x59, 1.png)

Which thread is this anon referring to?

No. 928781

I don't really see it that way.
If I'd receive a message at 4:30am from someone I just met, and it read something like "Hey, you awake, I'm bored, wanna chat?", I wouldn't find that abnormal at all. At most it tells me something about their sleeping habits.

I also honestly couldn't care less if my bf texted a girl after midnight.
If he were to flirt with another girl, he could do that literally any time of day.
Doesn't really make sense to me to be more suspicious after midnight.

No. 928784

I don’t know but I don’t text or reply to anyone after 10pm because I don’t want them to think I’m available to listen to their dumb bullshit at all hours.

No. 928788

Any anons tried SimpleHealth or similar online services for birth control?

No. 928804

I have sleep problems so I just be texting ppl at 3 and I’ll take whoever replies lmao

No. 928810

why is elaine’s thread pinned?

No. 928815

I'm reading everywhere bamboo stalks are toxic to rabbits but nothing about leaves. My rabbit ate one leaf, is she gonna get sick?

No. 928820

I searched a bit on Google and the first thing it depends on, is if it actually is real bamboo or just one of those plants that look like bamboo and are colloquially called bamboo but actually aren't, well, that.

I think some places also have emergency services for animals, maybe something like that exists in your area and you could call there and ask?

No. 928866

does anyone have any books or guides for doing shadow work?

No. 928892

she has beef with the admin and also keeps attention whoring in her own thread and on /meta/

No. 928895

File: 1633234758196.jpg (7.85 KB, 300x171, 013.jpg)

why don't fast food places (or at least the ones in my part of burgerland idk) sell chicken wraps anymore?

No. 928910

Food has trends just like fashion, and the cocksuckers in charge think no one wants them anymore

No. 928914

Am I a bitch if I keep reminding my roommate to stop eating in our dorm? I don’t want roaches or ants, but his big behind keeps smacking his cocksucking lips on crisps all night long.

No. 928919

File: 1633238755330.webm (290.92 KB, 720x772, mozart.webm)

what song is this?

No. 928955

>male roommate
why would you ever allow this

No. 928956

Are personality disorders treatable?

No. 928963

if you mean can you cure them no they're not curable

like all mental illnesses there really is no cure just therapy. lots of cluster b's don't respond to meds well unless they've got another disorder that contributes to their misery that will respond to meds though.

No. 928965

But does that mean they cannot be changed?

No. 928972

Nta, they can't be cured but therapy can help those who suffer of personality disorders to handle their disorder better and function better than they would without. But the disorder can't be removed, so to speak.

No. 928973

"Remission is the stage where you no longer meet the specified criteria for a BPD diagnosis. Recovery is less well-defined, but suggests that you are able to function in all aspects of your life for an extended period of time. This includes holding down a job and maintaining meaningful relationships."


No. 928977

But isn't a personality disorder an array of bad habits based on incorrect thinking patterns? So in theory you just have to change the belief and then the behavior
Thanks for the link but the specific pd I'm particularly interested in is dependent personality disorder. But I guess what counts as recovery is similar for all personality disorders

No. 928985

The brain is plastic you can get better in many ways. You can lessen the symptoms greatly and live a normal life. Changing your behaivors, understanding your emotions, changing your beliefs and the way you think + good therapy can help you out. I recommend searching for books that tackle your disorder in a workbook skillset way. Avoid books that perpetuate stigma.


No. 928996

Does it disturb anyone else that the most popular brand of condom is called Trojan?

No. 928997

>How have they managed to be so self-reliant? It's a tiny island..
They have a large, dense population who actually pay for music thanks to strong copyright laws and citizens who like to follow rules. They've kept their physical market alive and kicking, they took much longer to catch onto smart phones and streaming than other places so it's normal to buy CDs/DVDs, and they use gimmicks and tricks to inflate sales (eg buying multiple albums to get votes for your fav idol, or buying special versions with extra songs, etc). And they have facilities for huge tours, their domes are massive and they have 5 main ones - a few nights at each dome, and an artist can make as much as a world tour would. Since they only have to travel within the country, it keeps travel/production costs down and fans will go to multiple concerts at different venues. They also sell an excessive amount of merch, at the concerts I've been too you'll see old ladies with suitcases filled with it lmao. Basically the cliche 'big in Japan' exists for a reason. If you're big in Japan, you don't really need to be big outside of it because the industry makes enough money on it's own.

Anyway that was a bit of a sperg sorry, I used to hardcore stan a group that was popular there and unpopular in their own country so I was constantly defending their earning capacity lmao. Cringe af but at least I learned something.

No. 928999

I've thought of that too. Like, it's a really poor choice to name a condom that if you think about it.

No. 929002

It would be weirder if they were called Trojan Horses or something but the horse itself was actually built by and full of Greeks – "Trojan" refers more to the impenetrable wall of Troy, which is a suitable descriptor for a condom. Or it would be if "Trojan" didn't make people think of the horse lol.

No. 929041

proana scumbags

No. 929045

yes. if he's that messy and you hate it complain to resident services or if not get a vacuum.

No. 929056

is there a test that determines what colors suit your complexion without asking about makeup? i don't wear makeup, never have, never will, so that test that categorizes people into seasons never works for me because i have no fucking clue what kind of lipstick or blush i would wear.

No. 929063

In case you're interested, the rabbit is fine. I was panicking over nothing. Seems like the one leaf she ate is not enough to do anything.
Anyway, I'll be buying hay tomorrow so she'll stop eating random leaves. Her last owner didn't know how to properly feed her, only gave her pellets and some greens and left her locked in the chicken coop, so she is a bit stressed but not sick.

No. 929071

Most mental illnesses don’t respond very well to meds unless you’re a normie with a lil “sadness” who needs a quick little picker upper to go right back to being a productive dehumanized machine for their shitty career and life.

No. 929072

The seasons thing is more clothes-oriented or at least not specifically about makeup, you should be able to do it even if you don't wear makeup. Just skip the tests and try to understand the underlying theory and apply it to your complexion. This is a pretty good guide that doesn't use makeup: https://theconceptwardrobe.com/colour-analysis-comprehensive-guides/which-colour-season-are-you

No. 929078

does anyone else not really get the hype around beyoncé ? like she’s talented and great but idk .. i’ve never really found her interesting

No. 929095

I'm staying over somewhere tonight and have some appointments tomorrow. I'm wearing my jeans with a pink top today and will bring a floral top for tomorrow, with my pink cardigan too. I'd like to wear my white trainers but the weather is too dirty for this and I haven't cleaned them yet. Good idea? If I do this I have to wear a skirt on Tuesday though, but I already wore the nice outfit I made with this last Tuesday when meeting the same person… I could go for a dress but I already wore that the last and only other time I met the person I'm meeting after the other appointment on Tuesday..!! What do you guys think? Yes I have a very small wardrobe, I still have to buy autumn clothes and only have a few summer pieces for now.

No. 929104

Same. To me she doesn't really stand out among so many other female artists who're also really skilled and good at what they do, I'm not sure why she specifically gets so hyped

No. 929105

sorry but the way you describe your clothes and how you think about them makes you look like a tranny

No. 929106

Who are you meeting? If you're meeting a man they won't even notice you're wearing the same thing twice. If you're meeting a woman they may notice you're wearing the clothes you worked hard for and that they're clean so there's no harm in wearing the same outfit twice. Clothes are meant to be worn and get use out of, this idea that you need to present yourself in a different set everything you meet someone needs to stop.

No. 929125

Do gynecologist physical exams normally hurt? They usually just use a long q-tip on me but today they used this weird metal thing that looks like a bottle or wine opener and it really hurt why do they do that

No. 929128

it's called a speculum, yes it's uncomfortable and they use it to get to your cervix to check for things like HPV or cancer cells

No. 929133

File: 1633275544539.jpg (24.75 KB, 700x394, 39777249_303.jpg)

How do I get an icelandic spouse so I can live in a comfy country where I can soak in hot springs?

No. 929138

thank you for the link! it's a lot to take in but i think i'm starting to get the basics.

No. 929145

Kek korea is not seeking western validation.
What they're after is globalization.

No. 929147

Would you date with an /pol/ user?

No. 929150

>I used to hardcore stan a group that was popular there and unpopular in their own country so I was constantly defending their earning capacity lmao.
Lol which kpop group was it?

No. 929158

Why do I never hear about adults getting head lice

No. 929159

could i buy a dog with a credit card? or would i need cash/debit?

No. 929160

I want the same but I want to go so I can go to black metal shows

No. 929161

fuck no

No. 929169

File: 1633278269007.jpg (39.8 KB, 565x655, original (7).jpg)

UK nonnas please help.

A creepy old scrote colleague of mine mentioned today that he's prohibited from owning a smartphone, I'm guessing because of some law he's broken? What crimes can result in such a sentence? Is it most likely a sexual offence or an offence against children? He's always given off really noncey vibes.

I'm annoyed that none of my other colleagues thought to mention it to me. I'm worried for myself, but especially worried for the younger girls I work with. They're not even 18! Surely we have a right to know if he's a criminal??

I've googled around but can't find any definitive answers. Can anybody versed in the laws here give me an explanation?

No. 929172

Not in the UK but if you Google his name can't you find out if he's on a register?

No. 929179

Are there really alt-right people who move to Sweden just because they think it's some sort of white Christian conservative paradise?

No. 929180

yes, finland too. there’s also people who think finland is a third world country (lmfao)

No. 929183

People who think finland is a third world country must be from a country with third world county-tier education kek

No. 929186

how are natural births even possible without the mother dying? The baby is so big like a freaking watermelon and the vagina opening is so small just whyyyyy it terrifies me and i never want to be pregnant

No. 929187

Can a parent accidently abuse their children emotionally?

No. 929188

Yes. Happened to me. My mom thought she was doing the best but she just treated me like shit all the time. She loves me but she isn't free of faults.

No. 929190

yeah, sometimes they can just be so stupid that they don't consider anyone's feelings. not really in a narcissistic way but just hur dur type shit. think Lenny from of mice and men

No. 929191

He's probably a rapist, or a pedo. Pedos arent' allowed near the internet.

No. 929212

Does a relationship with a guy with a body count of 30-40 make sense? I'm a virgin and I expect my first partner to be my last

No. 929215

File: 1633283555097.jpg (381.78 KB, 666x984, IMG_0588.JPG)

>make a YT account like half a decade ago
>forget password
>have no way to verify that it's my account

I don't want to lose my extensive library of liked videos and 'watch later' list. Should I give up?

No. 929218

>body count of 30-40
>expect my first partner to be my last
Not gonna happen with him

No. 929221

I've got a sore throat and am due to fly over and see my family for the first time in 2 years tomorrow. I got tested and it's not COVID. It'll be my last opportunity for a while. I should just double up on the masks right? The airlines say don't travel if you have cold-like symptoms. A sore throat should be OK, no?

IMO it's the most common form of child abuse. Parents with trauma externalise their issues and project to their children. My mom is/was bulimic and I swear is trying her hardest to give my brother an eating disorder by constantly trying to force food on him and guilting him on how little he eats, which I'd say is a healthy amount anyway. I'd say she's a dumbass but I mean, it's a mental disorder so she's probably all fucked up in that department and thinks she's doing the right thing.

No. 929231

No. I think it's very naive to think you have a good chance that your first relationship is going to be your last in the first place, very very few people manage this unless there's religious obligation involved maybe. If you're really set on your first partner being your last, you're significantly further reducing your chances with a guy who's used to fooling around with lots of different women and alway keep in mind that the relationship with the first person you're going to have sex with may not work out, even if both of you have the best intensions of making it work.

No. 929245

You can always try to find said videos again

No. 929250

Isn't there a backup emailaddress linked to it you can use to request your password? That's usually the case with google accounts right?

No. 929268

I just realized that my new girl friend has been taking advantage of my self-deprecation and that it's common for her put me down in conversation. For example, even if she's the one who starts complaining about something, once I chime in she turns it around on me saying " I think it's just a you problem". Also when I said that I screwed up with giving job hours she was like "I literally just asked for those hours and they gave them to me?" which idk if she meant it but it made me feel like a dumbass because obviously I could have done the same but I'm a people pleaser and that was my initial point that I gave my work too wide of a range of hours because I didn't want to come off difficult.
Nowadays I can't talk to her without feeling like I'm inadequate in some way which is dumb because I'm definitely not and was definitely the more socially forward person to begin with. Idk if she's trying to put me down because she's intimidated or what…..can someone give some perspective from the outside of how this sounds and what I should do?

No. 929272

Same OP sorry just wanna add that idk if it's because I'm intimidating because she just befriended an older woman who is by all means more successful and better than her and she wants to get to know her. In that case does it sound like she actually thinks lesser of me? Or maybe she does see me as being "in the way" since we're both in the same uni program unlike that older woman who's not even at our uni.

No. 929280

>Also when I said that I screwed up with giving job hours she was like "I literally just asked for those hours and they gave them to me?"
Idk anon, of course I wasn't there to hear her tone and see her expressions or whatever but if someone said that to me I'd take it as an encouraging "I just asked for those hours and got it without a problem so you can just do the same"

>she just befriended an older woman who is by all means more successful and better than her and she wants to get to know her. In that case does it sound like she actually thinks lesser of me?

I truly can't follow your logic here lmao

No. 929282

File: 1633287659871.jpg (4.96 KB, 221x228, 34349.jpg)

a girl i'm friends with is very clingy and kinda weird. today she sent me a message on whatsapp asking about my new years eve plans, i didn't open the message because i'm hungover and am gonna respond tomorrow when i feel better. 1-2 hours after the whatsapp message she texts me saying she messaged me on whatsapp. and now she just tried to call me.

i usually reply to messages quickly, but i'm like wtf chill??? i hate how ppl expect other to be available at all times, like maybe there's a reason for me not responding to ur message asap…

this is not normal behaviour, right?

No. 929283

Nope, unless it's super urgent but I doubt that

No. 929286

that seems too pushy yeah

also this just made me realize that new years is in less than 3 months what the fuck

No. 929288


thank you for your replies, anonitas! i'm still very unsure about my nye plans so i wouldn't be able to provide her w a proper answer anyway.

No. 929290

Do any of you anons find short guys attractive or cute or is it a deal breaker? I keep thinking about this short guy I used to talk to who was fairly cute and he was 5’9

No. 929292

I prefer my partner to be at least 7-8 centimeters taller than me. I don't mind shorter guys too, but I have to REALLY like him. And if he's shorter than me (I'm only 165 cm) then it's hard to take him seriously, let alone as a partner

No. 929294

As long as he's not a midget.

Seriously tho at this point it's just a stupid meme men parrot around. Besides, wtf would you do with a guy that's 190 and you're like 160

No. 929297

I wouldn't date a guy shorter than me by even a centimeter but a guy my height or just a bit taller despite not being ideal wouldn't be a dealbreaker if he's a really good catch in other aspects. I'm 1,75 (5'9) and would date just that if he has a handsome face, good body besides height, good personality, life in order, not a porn addict and we have a strong connection etc. I don't think "fairly cute" is cute enough to justify 5'9 though lol

No. 929299

No it was more condescending than you're suggesting because she knows I can't change the hours but just wanted to reinstate how 'easy' it was. By saying that it makes it seem like I made it a big deal and screwed myself over when I could have just been like [friend] who simply asked them for the hours she wanted. Which yes I obviously did but I don't need it rubbed in my face.

And also the older woman is like a case of her wanting to befriend someone intimidating. So if she actually has no problem with intimidation then is it possible she just talks down to me because she thinks I'm dumb/a pushover? Or maybe I'm intimidating because it's another context?

No. 929306

I like manlets so yeah

No. 929308

No, there isn’t

No. 929309

Honestly idgaf (I'm short myself) but short men ime have big height complexes that won't be solved even with ego stroking by their female partners. Even my ex who seemed really chill about his height used to make himself an inch taller because he was insecure about being 5'8 although he has no problem with women.
Short men usually have some thorn in their side that you'll never pluck out of them. There's also some research finding that they're angrier than tall men idk. I haven't tried dating but for now I think I'm gonna stick to tall men because I'd rather date a guy with less problems and complexes.
My dad is short but never thought anything of it because he was a popular dude throughout life. Nowadays short men develop a victim complex by their teenage years thanks to the opinions of men on the internet and they think the world is truly over for them. It could be that Gen Z men are fucked up bc of this partially.

No. 929320

People generally aren't condescending directly to their face to people they're intimidated by. I'd say it's more likely she thinks of you as a pushover. You may want to stop the self-deprication around her just to be safe.

Try passwords you frequently used when you were younger if you haven't already. If that doesn't work, idk what you could realistically do to get access again.

No. 929328

I think those insecure guys take comments women make about men too personally. Just because I prefer taller guys doesn't mean I go all "oh no, you're only 5'8, how embarrassing, I would never date you" on men. It just means that I am more likely to get attracted to a taller guy in the first place. But that isn't some sort of huge dealbreaker and I don't go around measuring guys' heights lol.

Plus women are way more likely to compromise in terms of looks compared to men so idk why they're even complaining. I know a short few men who don't browse the internet much and some of them weren't even aware of the "women prefer tall men" meme. Meaning that none of the girls they dated bothered them about that. So unless you're a literal Hobbit there's a small chance your height is going to be a dealbreaker.

No. 929338

Thanks I'll take your advice then.

No. 929364

I want to start uploading youtube videos. I wont be using my real voice, the audience will certainly be majority female and it'll only be extremely casual uploading schedule, but I still want to protect myself on the internet.

What are some safety tips? I want to avoid being doxxed or linked to other socials on the internet. Since youtube and google are linked, I assume I need to make a separate google account?

No. 929370

Hell fucking no, stay away from that garbage scrote

No. 929394

Ewww how do people even do this? Ig that scrotes are disgusting but wb the women?
I have a "body count" of 1 because I'm timid af but even if I was more extroverted I'd probably only have like 15 max? I'm 23 btw.

No. 929418

I have a high body count because I'm chadette but that's neither here nor there

No. 929425

same. i have a high body count because i dont fuck the same mistake twice kek

No. 929434

Why? It’s a 99% chance that the sex is gonna be bad and you want to commit to that forever? You won’t be his last btw, not even if you marry a virgin mormon male.

No. 929451

How many cookies are appropriate with a tea? I usually take 3 and I feel like a pig every time

No. 929463

As many as it takes to soak up the entire cup of tea

jk but tea and cookies are delicious so imo 3 is showing restraint. If you're not trying to lose weight who cares and if you are just keep an eye on the calories, idky you're worried.

No. 929465

How are you not scared of scrotes hurting you? Even if you 'vet' them I don't feel like sex is worth the effort of having to vet them. Plus they get an ego boost of having 'conquered' you, how do you not feel bad about that?

No. 929503

Am I just in the tik tok bubble or is every young woman having an altered nose? I’m used to this being a common thing because of my ethnic background but I feel like even in the west literally every girl has done her nose.

No. 929505

Make them eat your ass first so no matter what happens or what kind of bullshit he puts you through, he knows he's a bottom feeder ass eater.

No. 929576

It’s a homeless shelter, unisex housing. Beggars can’t be whatever the fuck it is.

No. 929579

It's just tik tok and influencers in general. Not sure what your pandemic situation is but look out a fucking window or something so you don't lose touch with reality like this. The narcissists who produce social media content aren't representative of the majority of the population.

No. 929593

File: 1633313705737.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.17 KB, 500x625, FC6CB7C1-981D-4876-9596-7F82D9…)

Do eyes make you feel uncomfortable? Specially in art? Why? I have a friend who is always uncomfortable with my drawings because I like to put eyes everywhere, she doesn’t know why but it’s something that makes her feel queasy, so I want to know why some farmers would feel that way.

No. 929595

To prevent their heads from ripping open the mother, babies get born "prematurely," ie four months before the optimal birth age. (This is why babies seem to just exist until they start to develop personalities at around four months.) Also, deaths from infection and blood loss were pretty common but now we have modern medicine

No. 929606

I fucked like 25 guys in one year. Then I stopped almost altogether and now I don't have sex with guys unless we're in a relationship or exes (I know, I know, once in a while we have hate sex with my ex but he's one of the only guys that can make me orgasm so). I used to do it in order to feel like an independent bitch who changes guys anytime she wants. But in the end, casual hookups only work in the favor of men. Even if you don't get attached. Sex with randos is just less enjoyable as a woman, it's always either a hit or a miss and you have to put in a lot of work in order to fully enjoy it while a guy can just cum and forget about you the next day.

No. 929633

This is going to sound horrible but does anyone else ever wonder or think that you’re so ugly that you would never be sexually assaulted or sexually taken advantage of? Rape and sexual assault is fucking disgusting and people who do it should have their asses hand to them on a silver platter, deserve the bullet and need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but my mind can’t help thinking about this and I don’t know how to explain it

No. 929636

i see "poop in the pool" jokes on a lot of tv shows but is that an actual thing? is there really a phenomenon of people shitting in pools? why?

No. 929639

no, stop being retarded

yes, usually children.

No. 929642

No, stop. Old ladies get raped, disabled people with deformities get raped, women in burkas get raped, babies get raped. It's not about looks at all

No. 929643

how am I being retarded?

No. 929644

I know that anon, but my brain can’t help but regurgitate that irrational idea

No. 929652

how do people who live in religious communes without technology like the amish access health care?

No. 929666

What kind of bread is good with soup? Specifically pumpkin soup.

No. 929674

I like rye bread and butter with squash soup

No. 929685

Does anyone use a clothes steamer? Is it worth it? Do you use it instead of an iron or are there clothes you still iron?

No. 929707

I have both and I use the steamer for long coats or dresses to quickly (5-15 minutes) dewrinkle on a hanger. If I'm being honest though the one I have or in general will sputter water and slightly get the garment damp. Actually ironing an item is the best way to make it look nice and some fabrics are assholes that just refuse to go straight without the weighted heat.

No. 929708

Other than here and CC, are there any other female image boards?

No. 929725

Maybe choachan but English speaking wise, they are basically nonexistent because female imageboards can only begin to exist under very certain conditions. I suspect they don’t fare better in other languages either. When new imageboards are made, it’s usually just one guy autistic enough to upkeep one for fun to shitpost with his other discord scrotes. Women don’t try to populate new obscure boards because they’re slow, at high risk of gore/cp, occupied by men by default and you don’t know who the site owner is or what they’re doing with your info. It requires a lot of trust and demand and some degree of unifying motivation for female spaces to be born.

No. 929773

I'm planning to revive mewch, but for females only.

No. 929779

File: 1633343257025.jpeg (8.96 KB, 275x183, images (56).jpeg)

Speaking of pedos
Why Uk loves child abusers so fucking much?
>robert thompson and Jon Venables released at 18 even though they tortured and killed a 2 year old

So how long would it take doxers to find these two child killers?. No one knows what they look like and the last pictures of them are from 93. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOAuMATiRA0

No. 929780

He’s a paedophile. Google his name and you will find out why.
He’s not merely a rapist, they don’t tend to have bans on owning smartphones. He is 100% a paedophile and could have done anything from child rape, to upskirting schoolgirls on a bus, to looking at cp, to being caught by an undercover talking to someone he thinks is a child.
At best, he’s been looking at beastiality porn.

No. 929781

I’m from the uk and it hurts to see these scum. Literally here if you try to dox them or mention them you can get prison time. It’s absolutely disgusting. Especially since Jon Venables reoffended multiple times. My blood boils.

Here in the uk it’s mainly the Indian/Asian immigrants that end up being the rapists and pedos. So many stories about them and their corner shop rape dens of young English girls.

No. 929782

File: 1633343527314.jpg (38.44 KB, 612x608, gettyimages-135860236-612x612.…)

The English have a long tradition of protecting child abusers

No. 929784

You gotta do some more reading on them because they both have been found multiple times under different aliases and Vendables has been arrested since being released - one for child sex crimes again.

No. 929785

Don’t post him here. You will get saville anon all excited

No. 929786

Yeah because the rulers are paedos themselves

No. 929787

File: 1633343715780.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, B36FDC6D-645C-43B9-99E3-62D493…)

No. 929789

File: 1633343786496.jpeg (105.54 KB, 600x800, 0C7E92ED-232C-42D3-BE5E-4A3A9C…)

No. 929790

Isn't there also an anon who's attracted to Epstein?

No. 929791

In relation to the last replies. Why are so many catholic priests pedos? Why are there so many instances of religious schools and churches covering up and housing pedos?

No. 929792

You're going to get this site banned in the UK anon, lmao.

No. 929793

anon, everyone in uk already knows that’s him. Don’t worry you won’t get prison time for posting a collage of pics of him on an image board

No. 929795

File: 1633344008630.jpeg (32.99 KB, 452x279, 28A3F612-9072-4445-850E-A897DC…)

They can fucking well try kek. The Bobby’s are more likely to shut us down and lock us up for “transphobia”. His pics are all over the internet it’s easy AF to find them. Can’t find Robert Thompson because he had the sense to not reoffend.

No. 929796

Yes. The earlier unconventional attraction threads are hilarious

No. 929797

I've seen "sexual supression" as a very lousy excuse cause, you know, the holy can't fuck ever /s . My guess is it's millennia of power hungry men who just keep a vicious cycle going; the victim becomes the predator.

No. 929798

Stop posting his revolting face. I feel sick. It is such a prolific and upsetting case here

No. 929801

One detail that stuck with me about this case is that Jamie's uncle who publicly said something along the lines of wanting to hunt the killers down was known as the "computer assassin" at his local PC World because so many of his computers broke. He said he'd be looking up articles on the killers on google and stuff like that and they'd just brick and die. Eventually someone at PC World asked him if he's been on any sites he shouldn't have, because it looks like someone is purposefully killing his computers. I believe the father was worried about phone taps too. And that's the perfect scenario to explain the UK police really: more concerned with stopping two relatives of a murdered boy getting justice then stopping the murderous nonces from reoffending.

No. 929802

Robert Thompson an evil twisted fuck. Even the cops interviewing as a kid knew that much. Probably a psycho that eats peoples face at the weekend though his neighbours would probably say "He is such a nice, quiet man". Or he has moved up the ranks of the Satanic cabal that is running Europe. He is their messiah. Look around for group photographs of upper class elites and you might find him.

No. 929803

Look at the hundreds of historic sexual abuse cases of Catholic Church pedophiles in Ireland. They are everywhere.

No. 929806

Shut the fuck up. Everyone in our country should know what they look like so that they get murdered on the street.

No. 929808

What's funny about them attempting to suppress it is had they not, it would not have been officially confirmed that's him. Shot themselves right in the foot.

No. 929809

Supposedly one or both have skipped the country. Everyone should be aware of these monsters.

No. 929810

I know they should. And most do. I just mean at this moment I don’t want to see his face. And yes posting his face on a women’s gossip/milk image board is definitely going to spread awareness. You shut the fuck up. Save him to your camera roll instead

No. 929811

Add Richard Huckle, Ian Watkins, Matthew Falder too

No. 929812

That must be a troll.

No. 929814

They’re scarily dedicated if it is

No. 929816

I don’t care what you want to see. Why don’t you fuck off outside and bury your head in the sand? People can post whatever they want here. Fuck off ans go get a real hobby if you don’t like it. Absolute joke.

No. 929818

You absolute retard. What are you a schoolteacher? “I don’t want to see it! Waaa this is a woman’s gossip site!” Well I’m gossiping about Jon venables you fucking mong.

No. 929819

File: 1633345350015.jpeg (113.81 KB, 1200x900, 8B55D43D-FF17-4DC1-AE36-0D6443…)

Have another one cunt(stop spamming)

No. 929820

>Well I'm gossiping about Jon Venables you fucking mong.
KEK, ily anon ♥

No. 929823

I sometimes think this too even though I know it's definitely not true. I also used to think when I was a chubby 12 year old that since I had curves and a period I was too old to ever be targeted by a pedo, in hindsight it's scary how easily manipulated I could have been if the wrong person had gotten hold of me

No. 929824

Richard huckle was seriously, brutally murdered by a man named Paul Fitzgerald in prison (himself a violent rapist of innocents so don’t call him a legend) . I recommend you look it up it’s quite funny.
> During the trial further details of Huckle's violent murder were revealed with it being made public that Huckle had his hands and feet bound before being gagged, strangled using electrical cable,[53] raped, having his jaw broken,[54] having a kitchen utensil inserted into his anus,[55] and then having a pen with a blade attached inserted into his brain via the nose.[56]

No. 929828

No. 929832

If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, don't have a relationship with them. Why the fuck is that such a hard concept for people, women especially. If you don't give a fuck about yourself why would anyone else? Drop her and work on you, anon.

No. 929833

How could anyone be friends with him and eat with him? The fact that he did all this, reoffended and is just…walking free.
I just checked his Wikipedia page and what the fuck, he never stopped reoffending. Since 2010 he's been doing this shit, and they want to send him to NZ, Australia or Canada to protect his anonymity because they already funneled £65,000 just to keep him unknown. Why would someone like this be protected?
>2017 imprisonment

>On 23 November 2017, it was reported that Venables had again been recalled to prison for possession of child sexual abuse imagery. The Ministry of Justice declined to comment on the reports.[126] On 5 January 2018, Venables was charged with unspecified offences relating to indecent images of children.[127]

>On 7 February 2018, Venables pleaded guilty to possession of indecent images of children for a second time. He pleaded guilty via video link to three charges of making indecent images of children and one of possessing a "paedophile manual" that included advice for would-be child molesters, including instructions on child grooming and evading detection.[128] He admitted being in possession of 392 category A, 148 category B, and 630 category C child pornography images, and was sentenced to three years and four months in prison. In September 2020, he was denied parole.[129]

No. 929834

Oh don’t worry, I already knew that. Dude that killed him was INSANE. Wanted to fucking eat him too kek He definitely got what he deserved. Only thing was dude could have held off a little longer so they could get Huckle squeal about his locked files.

No. 929835

He himself is a rapist piece of shit and deserves the same. Not because he raped huckle, that doesn’t matter, but he raped
Someone else in order to get himself in prison. He’s not based, he’s also a pedo piece of shit.
They have him 34 years for it though which is more than they give to people who do the same to little kids. Uk courts are scum.

No. 929836

Yeah this is why society publicly offs nonces. Most reoffend and it’s fucking shit that we have to pay to keep them safe.

No. 929839

Whoops. Meant *should off nonces

No. 929843

File: 1633347026449.jpeg (152.09 KB, 1200x900, 645265.jpeg)

That guy had some weird occult shit

No. 929845

Just wait 'til his pal Cliff "Kitty" Richard dies. The allegations will come in then just like after Saville popped his clogs.

No. 929850

Why did the they killed james? What was their motive?

No. 929853

I didn't even know prohibiting people from using smartphones was a thing law enforcement di

No. 929866

Anons why are you seething so hard? You might burst a blood vessel. The topic is disgusting and upsetting. I said that I don’t want to see his scummy face that’s all. Calm down.

No. 929867

Do you anons think MJ is guilty?

No. 929868

how does that even get enforced?

No. 929871

not funny anon?

No. 929885

No, he was framed repeatedly because certain people didn't like the idea that one of the most wealthy and influential musicians in our history wasn't on their team. They used things that made him an easy target against him e.g his extreme discomfort with sexuality, body dysmorphia, his love for children. There has never been anything proven about it and he won several court cases where the "evidence" was dismissed each time.

No. 929891

Sounds like a cope. I wish MJ wasn't a pedo, but it was fucked up how he was obsessing over little boys, taking them with him, sleeping in his bed etc. He also had the pedo photography book

No. 929893

File: 1633352782805.jpeg (8.58 KB, 268x188, indir (80).jpeg)

And nambla was celebrating sexual abuse allegations agaisn't jackson. WTF?

No. 929894

> pedo photography book
What the hell is that? As I don’t want to Google it

No. 929906

There are numerous documentaries on youtube that documents his fucked up relationships with boys through the years.
It's disturbing how the rest of the world choose to look the other way because he was rich and famous.

No. 929925

File: 1633354859881.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 43.66 KB, 481x638, barf.jpeg)

Nta but it is a "artistic" photography book with boys. It has a lot of suggestive shit, even if the boys are clothed. Pedos love it cause it's basically legal CP and it's always sold out

No. 929942

so this is what that one nonnie in the dream thread was having a nightmare about

No. 929964

lmao anon that was literally me and you made me chuckle, thanks

No. 929969

here's 45 minutes of footage filmed by teens staying with him around the time of the first accusations, one of them having stayed with him since a child and is considered a sibling by his children

No. 929980

Can anyone give me tldr of 3 guys 1 hammer. I'm too scared to look.

No. 929984

ESL-chan here, I need help with an expression. "You go ahead in spite of man, God, and the devil, let the chips fall where they may–and like as not they fall right back on you, to your great confusion." Googling says let the chips fall where they may means to accept a situation as it is. How am I supposed to interpret the part afterwards though?

No. 929993

It is those two Russian guys that went on a killing spree. Warning for detailed description: The video is of them hitting and stabbing guy repeatedly in the face with a hammer and a screw driver to death. It is filmed on a phone so it is kinda blurry but you can see enough and even hear the sounds of the man gurgling, trying to gasp and stuff. They also stab a screw driver in his exposed brain.

No. 929994

File: 1633357998847.jpeg (255.42 KB, 850x833, 2E59E634-2B92-4863-B13D-08FD55…)

Why is Lolita fashion called like that and not literally anything else like, idk, neo rococo or doll fashion? I’ve tried looking for answers but nothing makes sense anymore.

No. 930000

Why the fuck does my eye hurt and why the fuck do I keep getting styes constantly?

No. 930007

Because japanese women in the late 80s thought it was edgy to do so
It's a mess. I really wish it had another name, but it's kinda too late

No. 930008

It's saying that the "chips you let fall" (when you're going your own way, contrary to god and custom) are probably going to end up figuratively crushing you as a consequence to your contrary behavior. The original meaning is the one Google tells you. The quote you're trying to understand is based on the phrase, not the origin.

No. 930013

The only thing I can find is that it actually even used to be called doll fashion, until Mana-sama popularized the term goth loli with his fashion line. I can't seem to find where he got his loli from though.

No. 930019

Can a good diet prevent menstrual cramps?

No. 930026

My little brother can't make friends bc he doesn't know how to socialize. Would a sports club actually help or no?

No. 930028

Yes and no (maybe). You can't remove menstrual cramps with your diet but I've heard being a healthy eater can make the ride smoother. That applies to your whole reproductive cycle and not just the cramps

No. 930046

i think it would if he likes sports! if hes not into sports and just joining to make friends it might not be as effective. however, in the end obviously he would have to be motivated to join/want to join otherwise it might not be useful.

No. 930060

Nobody can really say for sure, but my guess is bad timing with the lolicon boom in the 80s. Likely someone picked up on the term "lolita" to mean an elegant, innocent young girl and used it to describe the fashion without knowing the sexual connotations behind it (and honestly around then I can understand the mistake, girls who were described as lolita as seen in mainstream media were not heavily sexualized). Basically, the idea was that lolita is supposed to invoke the image of the words shoujo/otome but even more ornate. I wish they called it something different now because lolita came to be associated with porn.

No. 930067

I think getting more magnesium helps look into that

No. 930117

What makes a normie a normie?

No. 930119


No. 930120

Being boring as hell and having either no hobbies or their hobby is like…watching netflix and going to work/school. Or their hobby is taking care of their own kids

No. 930121

why is everyone talking about cookie run all of sudden when the last time i saw someone mention it was in 2015?

No. 930131

The new game cookie run: Kingdom is actually really nice and it’s kind of replacing the original game because a bunch of people prefer the story of that game.
So lots of people are talking about the new game.

No. 930133

Someone who maintains the veneer of contributing member of society, for better or worse, only subcribes to popular culture and popular viewpoints

No. 930138

Pretty sure it's a normalfag thing to hate work/school, having "quirky" lil "hobbies" is also standard normie behavior

No. 930149

Everybody is a normie. Normie/mundane/NPC/normalfag/NORP/vanilla/etc are bullshit terms that boring people use to make themselves feel like they're special for being into a different form of shallow time-wasting nonsense than everyone else.

No. 930153

Why are some nonnerellas so triggered by sonic? i don't mean the sonic spam but just sonic himself. it's just a cartoon. to me it's like getting mad over spongebob or barney. I guess it's due to the fans but everything has autistic fans, i don't see anyone getting upset when the pony cartoon is posted

No. 930161

I would love to see some barney spam, for a change.

No. 930164

I never saw pony cartoon posted so I had no chance to get mad at that.
I'm just tired of seeing sonic everywhere. I can't even tell the threads apart anymore just by looking at the pics.

No. 930179

Should I not meet with guy friend irl for the first time until i get some cosmetic procedures done and i'm confident about my looks? do i tell him this is the reason? make something up? wall of text incoming soz lol

i met this guy online, and he loves my personality, but i can tell he's not very physically attracted to me at the very least. it's an awful feeling bc i'm attracted to him both physically and as a person in general. he definitely makes me tingle and i don't even tickle his pickle. I think i know the feature he dislikes the most on my face, but it's one that i will never change because I don't want to. i just refuse to because i think there's other stuff that while not as unattractive, if i fixed, my worst feature will not look bad at all or at least not as bad as it would otherwise look. plus i've come to tolerate it, and don't want to risk getting botched to look generic and not like myself. anyways, right now i am a neet, and when i start working i'll need to chip in with expenses bc i live at home, plus resume my classes, which will probably extend when i start (fillers are cheaper for what i want but i want to go the natural route so i need to save alot more $). I got in a car crash for the first time right at the start of the covid lockdowns and have an injury lawyer negotiating monetary compensation and i planned on getting a car when i finally got my hands on it but now i think i'll spend it on my face. I know me changing my face reeks of desperation but i've disliked these things about my face ever since noticing them, just had talked myself out of fixing them because ~nobody's perfect~. He's more of the motivation that got me over my hesitancy. I know I would go up a notch if i fixed them and nobody will be able to put their finger on why i look better because my "unattractive" feature will still be there. He's a catch all around so i'm not willing to let him just slip past my fingers only because I refuse to put in effort into my appearance. I can see how this situation in the long run is perfect to have him emotionally cheat on his wife and i don't want to. And i'm also not willing to count on the off-chance of letting him become attracted to how i look rn and/or compromise because then if some other girl with my personality and better looks comes around, then he may leave me. and even if it ends up not being enough to put me in the attractive category for him and bagging him, i'll still be happier with myself and confident that if i meet another guy like him (i mean really, this man is an unicorn) then i'll be attractive all around enough for them to like me more than just platonicallly.

Another fear of mine is that it isn't my face at all, but my flat chest that will never make me attractive to him, gulp. that i'm never changing though.

No. 930181

i love barney and i think it would be very refreshing to see him appear on this website

No. 930187

Wait is this man married? You mentioned emotionally cheating on a wife.

No. 930188

hypothetical future wife lol
he's single

No. 930191

Get the surgery because it's something you've wanted, but don't bet that his mind will change for it.
Guys typically know within the first interactions if you're someone they wanna be in a relationship with and it sounds like he isn't treating you like a woman on his radar which is a bad sign. If a guy isn't half attracted to you on the basis of your personality and other features then he isn't the catch for you, imo.

No. 930199

>because I refuse to put in effort into my appearance.
putting effort in your appearance =/= getting ps to permanently change it, are you thoroughly stupid?

No. 930203

Ideally just kys, you sound pathetic

No. 930207

He's not into you. It hurts but it'll pass. It's weirdly disrespectful to him to think you can just change his mind and make him want you.. and then it's a whole other level of disrespect to think you have to do that to yourself too. Stop trying to force something that's not meant to be. Nothing good comes from acting on these thoughts. Move on.

No. 930209

the thing is that he seemed attracted to me until we cammed, and then since then it's like he is struggling on deciding whether he finds me attractive or not. what makes me think he was attracted to me is that he acted like we were in a long-distance relationship. He still does, but a lot less. i want to help him make up his mind and decide, but i know if i take him up on his invitation to meet up, he'll decide that he's definitely not attracted to me.
no need to be fucking rude. I'm not getting plastic surgery, i'll be getting rid of some acne scars and getting some stuff done that isn't really permanent, because it'll disappear with age.
jesus christ if you're not going to give a well thought out answer don't reply at all, don't be a bitter cunt.
I've always been unsatisfied with my looks though

No. 930210

You're making up all these excuses to justify getting plastic surgery in an attempt to win a man's heart and expect farmers to comfort you with this decision because deep down you know it's wrong. Gross. Time to self reflect.

No. 930212

i forgot, also getting braces
the thing is i know i already have his heart, but if i get in a relationship with him, i know he'll struggle with not cheating on me. i'm barely average in looks

No. 930216

>he is struggling on deciding whether he finds me attractive or not
Don't put yourself through this. You have low self esteem already and dealing with this shit will destroy what's left of it. He is not feeling you clearly. That's fine, someone out there will enthusiastically want you from the start and make you feel gorgeous in how they talk about you. Hold out til you find that in someone.

No. 930218

You’re retarded. May your life be long and miserable. Next.

No. 930220

Is there some way to block coomer anime shit on steam but without it somehow blocking "normal" asian games eg such as final fantasy?

No. 930221

Go speak to your ilk on /g/

No. 930222

>final fantasy
>not anime coomershit

No. 930224

>struggling on deciding
If he's not attracted to you, he's not still deciding, he isn't attracted to you. And he won't be after some minor "fixing". I'm not against getting surgery (especially for acne scars, I know how much they suck) but don't delude yourself into thinking this is how you're going to get him to stay. You're going to be very disappointed.

You need to ask yourself if it's even worth going after a man who'd be "struggling not to cheat on you" in any scenario.

No. 930232

Thank you anon!

No. 930234

>the thing is that he seemed attracted to me until we cammed, and then since then it's like he is struggling on deciding whether he finds me attractive or not.
Toss him anon, at best he only sees you as a means to get a temporary relationship for validation or sex or both.
Something similar happened to me once with a mutual. My bestie was encouraging me to pursue this guy and he seemed to be really into me as we chatted and talked on video more than a dozen times. I was at a dark place at that time so it felt good to try to change myself to please him because I thought he was cute. There was another woman on his radar so it felt like he was weighing his options, and maybe I should have seen it as a red flag. He was planning to come to a party I was hosting, but one day after a vid call he just didn't seem into me anymore and he backed out of coming to visit. I thought at the time maybe it's cause he peeped a shot of my entire body and didn't like that I was fatter than the other woman. Tbh he was pretty manipulative and I'm glad he pulled away, he definitely had the markings of being toxic. I lashed out at him and proceeded to burn the entire bridge for wasting my fucking time and getting my hopes up. A guy who really wanted me wouldn't have done that to me.

Fast forward to the present with my husband, he told me he knew from the first moment that he wanted to be with me. During one of our first video call interactions, I ate this overripe, juicy peach that one of my roommates left out. He told me it was one of the most disgusting and vulgar things he'd ever seen a woman do, but he loved me for it. Why? Because he was attracted to me and knew he wanted me. Men don't give a fuck what you do when they want to be with you. They accept you for you at face value.

No. 930242

File: 1633371043857.jpg (96.66 KB, 1080x1320, Tumblr_l_497557920375143.jpg)

You're mentally ill, love. And also sound underage

Also fuck your scrote

No. 930243

Thanks for the help anon

No. 930248

her lip thing is so infuriating

No. 930249

every time someone wishes me negative shit i end up having a lot of good things coming my way lol
all men will struggle not cheating on you if you're not attractive. don't be naive.
he's the type to only get with someone if he knows he won't leave them. which is why i sense his hesitancy and want to make sure i looks as best as i can. if i'm wrong then i will probably cry a lot be depressed for a little while and then feel better surely? what do you think i would do?
he doesn't not like me because of how i act, just how i look, which is worse
i'm 22
also you don't even know what he's like. If you were in my position i 100% guarantee you would be at least considering the same as i am.

No. 930250

what is it? did she draw a half circle on top of her cupid bow? what for?

No. 930255

Looks like cleft lip tbh

No. 930256

File: 1633371395720.png (688.11 KB, 937x507, screenshot.png)


No. 930257

he's not attracted to you because you're psychologically broken

No. 930264

>he doesn't not like me because of how i act, just how i look, which is worse

The point is that it wouldn't matter for either, anon. A guy likes you or he doesn't. Anyway you've gotten plenty of replies, I think you know what you have to do.

No. 930265

>i’m 22
Yeah, you sound like it…

No. 930266

How old is he?

No. 930268

I don't know why you bothered asking farmers' opinions because clearly you've already made up your mind. Watch my word, you'll only hurt your self-confidence and possible your mental state further if you go through with this. It will not work out as you hope it will.

No. 930270

I'm a game dev looking for female-only groups that aren't full of men in programmer socks. Any suggestions on where to find these? Or at least that don't allow political discourse, porn and selfies to be posted?
Move the fuck on anon and find someone who is attracted to you. You sound completely unhinged trying to mold your appearance to fit this dime a dozen scrote.

No. 930272

What is the address of the tumblr that Elaine shills?

No. 930273

>all men will struggle not cheating on you if you're not attractive. don't be naive.
If you truly believe this, that makes this whole thing just plain sad. Dropping $$$ on a new face to impress a guy who's gonna cheat as soon as someone with a better face comes along? What are you going to do, keep buying new features every time a more attractive girl enters his vicinity?

>i 100% guarantee you would be at least considering the same as i am.

This is untrue. It's not healthy or normal behaviour.

No. 930278

Lots of female programmers do mods for sims and stardew valley and stuff.

No. 930282

Would making lots of next threads with halloween centered pics count as avatar fagging?

No. 930285

my question was if i should tell him hey lets not meet until i get braces (not telling him the rest), or hey i'm not confident about my looks and will be getting some stuff done so dont want anyone to see me until then, not including u, or not tell him at all.
why has no one suggested i meet him pre getting everything done, that maybe he likes me? and that if i still want to get them done then do it after? no one even answered my question
anonnnnnn, your reading comprehension skills, please. i'm not objectively attractive rn. not even unconventionally tbh. it's not about a tier of attractive faces, but about whether your face alone is pleasing to look at. mine isnt. all faces are attractive in a different way, no such thing as a better face. i just want to get mine to attractive is all.
it's realistic behavior anon. if you met a guy who farmers would label a nigel when you talk about him, you would totally be fixing that insecurity of yours you coped your way out of fixing

No. 930294

I think most anons aren't bothering with those questions because they're addressing the elephant in the room, which is that the guy isn't behaving like someone who's into you to begin with so it's not worth pursuing at all.

You should only get plastic surgery because it's something you want. I mean, meet up with the guy and find out? The worst that happens is that he thinks you're hideous and he continues to treat you as he has been–disinterested.

No. 930302

I guess it depends on who does the threads, if it’s the same person, I guess it could be considered avatarfagging, but if it’s multiple people, it shouldn’t.

No. 930312

He doesn't want you. Let it go.

No. 930316

>getting surgery to make a moid fall for me, should I do it before or after meeting him farmerzzzzz?
I applaud you for this elaborate and highly effective bait kek

No. 930320

I want this to be true because I want to believe there are women out there being more retarded than I was with men kek.

No. 930321

i never mentioned what our "friendship" is like at all. youre getting my interpretations of said friendship, which may very well be wrong.
moids with potential to be a nigel will not be a nigel if they somehow end up in a relationship where theyre struggling not to cheat.

No. 930322

I thought it was just a tist

No. 930327

Why is sanic handing out so many maybe answers today? Is he on strike?

No. 930331

No. 930335

>i'm not objectively attractive rn
That explains this non-stacey behavior. Sorry none of us hotties need surgery for a nigel.

No. 930342

wait, what surgeries or procedures can fix acne scarring? help a nonnie out

No. 930347

Flat scars or indented scars?

No. 930352

Not a surgery, but maybe a chemical peel? I'm not sure if you mean hyperpigmentation though

No. 930357

i have a bunch of flat, red/pink scars spread on my face, not in clusters luckily. is that hyperpigmentation?

No. 930364

not surgery but microneedling generally helps.

No. 930374

Could be! A serum with tranexamic acid, glycolic acid or vitamin A will help - just make sure you use SPF.

I used the inky list night treatment once every two days and nip+fab glycolic bubble mask once a week to get rid of a long line of flat redness from a healed cut on my cheek and you can't even tell anymore.

No. 930401

At what point should I worry about my period being severe? I don’t want to go to the obgyn if this is just normal pain but it’s getting pretty unbearable

No. 930415

just go, it's not worth fucking around with if you're in pain. obgyn sucks. take a bunch of ibuprofen 30 minutes before you go, get your snatch looked at, and go from there. good luck anon.

No. 930420

No. 930424

tysm anons! appreciate it!

No. 930512

Do you guys think a man having a loud laugh is a bad trait?

I'm talking about one of those laughs that's got to let the whole area KNOW you're laughing. Every male I've known that has had one of these laughs has been known to be almost comically self-centred and obnoxious. I know that's the majority of them anyway but it's cranked up even more with these faggots.

No. 930516

I feel like it's one of those traits that would get worse and worse over time even if you did tolerate it at first. Imagine being married to a man for years and everytime you make a funny he laughs like he's a retarded giant. It would also mean you couldn't make private jokes or snide remarks without him giving you away.

No. 930533

I never thought about that. My boyfriend has a funny high pitched cry-laugh when he finds something super funny and I always liked it.
Now that I think about it more, the men I've met tend to have pretty quiet laughs unless they're in a group having fun. Never crossed my mind people would laugh to get attention so now I feel naive? Or like I never noticed something important.

No. 930536

Loud sneezers and loud laughers are bad company and probably bad for you physically. Constantly being in an aroused state of fight or flight by sudden loud noises that jumpstart your nerves and heart can't be healthy. Plus it's embarrassing and inappropriate. I don't care if they can't control it they just won't be friends or lovers of mine

No. 930542

I second loud sneezers, anybody who does that (typically it's always a fucking man) is just a massive attention whore.

No. 930560

File: 1633384855480.jpg (40.81 KB, 564x564, f23cda5fe1362ae6a9fd1a9cad9ed8…)

Is highlighter still a thing or did it fall out of fashion? I don't wear makeup but I don't notice it on people anymore

No. 930577

I was in love with a guy with an insanely obnoxious laugh. He was honestly really chill and quiet so I don't think it was intentional, just unfortunate. Still hated it though.

No. 930588

I think it's still a thing, people just wear less of it. Before having "blinding" highlighter was the trend.

No. 930699

What is non tranny/ drag looking makeup? I am pretty new to the concept of makeup, but whenever I look online for tutorials or inspiration I just see the same kind of style. Does anyone have any visual examples?

No. 930704

I think it’s any makeup that doesn’t have heavy contour or super bold blocky thick brows

No. 930706

It’s honestly difficult, I even tried looking for “budget makeup” and it’s all drag queen shit that makes you use 300 products.
I would go for the basics like usual, a bb cream, powder, some eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick, maybe eyeliner if you got enough time to make it look nice.

No. 930711

Lisa Eldridge has a good channel for that

No. 930714

how the hell do you focus on anything? my stupid monkey brain is constantly craving dumb little dopamine hits.

No. 930715

It’s not an instant solution but you have to quit social media/looking at your phone cold turkey

No. 930844

File: 1633429086905.jpeg (86.26 KB, 382x467, kjkhhkjhk.jpeg)

Is this type of keychain a common weeb thing, with how it's printed onto plastic? I'm getting stalked and someone is leaving weird letters and keychains outside of my house for me to find and it's quite grotesque.

No. 930849

I think so, yes. you can get a lot of anime merch keyrings that are pictures printed on to plastic but I've never seen any keyrings of the same type in just a normal store.

No. 930851

Yes, it is pretty common to collect these things, mostly they have Anime art printed on them, that specific one in the photo is from the series "Made in Abyss", by the way. They're called "Acrylic keychains", you can find a lot in Weeb stores or on Aliexpress. You should definitely contact police or authorities if they're stalking you.

No. 930855

um holy shit?? anon are you ok???

No. 930857

thanks nonnies, I tried searching for the specific character and couldn't find it, I don't watch anime. Was wondering so I had an idea of what type of person to watch out for.
Kind of creeped out, they leave poetic notes about my appearance and leave weird shit like that, knitted crafted stuff that smells foul too. I live alone so I ordered some security cameras. I'm a shutin that works from home with no friends and only go to the store so idk.

No. 930862

Anon, just so you know, that character is from a weird anime called Made in Abyss that is full of lolicon and pretty violent abuse against the child characters. That character is called Mitty and she's basically had her body destroyed by a psychopath. Who do you know that has such niche weeb tastes?

No. 930866

nta but I thought that was a penis with eyes and a mouth

No. 930867

Oh that makes it alot more terrifying, I googled it and that's disgusting. I wasn't going to contact the authorities because I thought they wouldnt take weeb love notes seriously but that's concerning and I'd like to have a record of it
I thought it was a crude vagina monster

No. 930869

That’s insane, nonnie, call the police, that faggot or insane woman could be trying to harm you, specially if he/she is into anime personalities’ archetypes, you could get seriously hurt if not murdered.
Please lock your doors and windows properly and maybe contact a neighbor so they can help you in case that fucking retard even tries to approach you.

No. 930879

I am quite sure that manga has a scene where a living toilet inserts something into the little girl's… Yeah.

No. 930880

Nta, and I’m sorry, but fuck you for reminding me of that filth.

No. 930885

I think I got it now, thanks!

No. 930911

That's absolutely horrifying nonna. Please be safe. Tell the police and make sure your friends, family or at least someone near you knows that this is happening. If its legal, look into buying a gun or another item for personal defence, and keep it near you as much as possible. Well done for being so brave, because if I was in your situation I would've sold my house and fled the country.

No. 930950

Is it weird to never have had a crush at 25+?

No. 930952

No. 930961

Help me find this please nonnies, do you remember that quiz where you put in your birthday and it tells you which planet relates to your “personality” or whatever?

No. 930964

Is it weird to use a beauty filter on work calls?
My work has a new cameras on for ALL meetings policy and I'm going through the worst breakout. The idea of putting makeup on makes me want to cry

No. 930965

is last fm literally not moderated at all? why is there people with porn gifs as a profile photo… not to mention the super messy tags.. i dont understand

No. 930989

If a dark triad bitch would do it then I do it. So go ahead and use those filters and maybe neg your boss a bit too

No. 930998


No. 931000

No it’s not that, don’t be a smartass kek

No. 931001

Do people still use Last.fm as much as 10 years ago? If not, I guess that's why it's not super well moderated.

No. 931015

How can i become a lolcow

No. 931022

get diagnosed with bpd

No. 931030

Sneaking a quick glance at my phone as I demurely lock and unlock it at lunch do you think the warehouse men will assume that bryson dechambeau is my bf because he is my screensaver?

No. 931034

Overshare online and have an unwarranted sense of self-importance about it to a narcissistic degree.

No. 931035

Why aren't sonicfags being bullied?

No. 931036

why are you hating sis

No. 931042

Not even that. She needs to shoop some pics and be a bit annoying. Most cows don't qualify as one if you look up the rules. Most threads are milkless and full of bitchy nitpicking comments on cows nose shape.

No. 931060

I literally can't stop thinking about trannies. My every waking moment is consumed by hatred for these walking aberrations. I no longer leave the house. I can no longer function. I just sit here, day after day, consumed by rage. I know you guys think this is bait..but it's not. What should i do? How can i help myself?

No. 931064

Why would obsessing over trannies stop you from going outside? Learn to multitask. Jog and seethe.

No. 931075

they've been through enough

No. 931080

>Learn to multitask. Jog and seethe
Kek, excellent advice.

No. 931081

>Jog and seethe
NTA but yeah that's my fucking life

No. 931085

File: 1633451137739.jpeg (66.03 KB, 500x504, A43DD065-1390-45EA-ABB2-44E3A6…)

try doing this for a while

No. 931089

That moid has really nasty arms

No. 931090

is 23 too late to teach myself how to draw

No. 931091

File: 1633452428175.jpg (264.2 KB, 899x619, lolitaout2.jpg)

why don't so-called 'introverts' not feel drained from online conversations even though the whole point of introversion is that they feel drained from social interactions? Is it because, if their feed/friends were replaced by AI chatbots, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference?

No. 931092

No. Drawing isn't a skill that you need to be young to learn, unlike athleticism, since you can continue to draw until your old age

No. 931096

I do get drained from social media interactions too. Not near as much as regular face to face ones, but I still do. At least for me irl interactions are more tiring because I have to force myself to be more enthusiastic and engaging constantly, wether as online if I just don't feel like responding, I just don't. Can't do that in person.

No. 931098

Anyone else get extremely suicidal after sex? I hadn't had sex in basically a year, so I had forgotten about that till now. I forgot how suicidal I can get, I can't be the only one, right?

No. 931102

It's never too late, anon. Pick up that pencil and go for it.

No. 931104

Anon that sounds really awful maybe you should just stick to masturbating and stop putting yourself through hell for someone else. Idk why you keep doing it if it makes you feel so bad but no one is entitled to your body.

My dumb question is do grandmas and grandpas in japan actually wear robes like traditional dress at home? I feel like I've seen a good amount of shows where that's the case but with all those layers I highly doubt they're waking in the morning to put it on

No. 931107

I get drained from online conversations too, like sometimes I have to close a group chat and go do something else because I just don't have the energy to "talk" to that many people, or if I get private messages (that aren't about anything urgent or important) I sometimes take some time to respond, even if I'm not particularly busy or anything. But online conversations are less draining though, with irl conversations there are so many things going on at once, like body language, tone of voice, eye contact, you have to respond almost immediately and don't get as much time to think about what you're going to say, also you can't just get up and leave mid convo, go take a 20 minute break and then come back to continue the conversation like nothing happened.

Not at all. There is no fixed timeframe or age for when you "should" learn to draw, because it's something you can keep doing for the rest of your life, all you need is to just be able to hold a pen and not be completely blind.

No. 931112

absolutely. that’s why i haven’t done it in 2 years. before i have sex i’ll feel hopeful, like maybe this will feel good, maybe i’ll feel more confident with myself after, but it almost never feels good and just destroys my confidence and makes me wanna kill myself. makes me feel so disgusting i just stop thinking about it and try to forget that i did it

No. 931115

Is a BMI of 14.8 bad? I was told 15 was no big deal.

No. 931117

Are you a starving african child?

No. 931119

I went through this last year anon, first you've got to accept that the obsession is unhealthy and even though this thing feels like a global emergency only you can deal with, the truth is that the topic doesn't matter. It could be anything, and if you go cold turkey on tranny hate content you'll just replace the obsession with something else. Your brain is fixating on this for a reason, and you've got to dig deep and face the truth or it'll never get better.
I don't know you, maybe you have OCD or something you need professional help with. For me, I realized that I started obsessing over GC shit and posting on radblr every day when I lost my job, and it became a way to distract myself from my spiraling into NEETdom.
>inb4 reddit screenshots this as proof that terfs are all broken losers, I've got a job and I'm making more than ever, genuinely loving my life, still think troon ideology is a crock of shit
I saved myself by blocking all my radfem haunts from my browser, and focusing my attention on things I could control like applying for new jobs. It didn't happen overnight but I stopped thinking about it eventually. Now when I see GC talking points (mostly on here) I find it so boring because it's repetitive, I know all the arguments,and the whole culture war thing seems so static and pointless when you see it from a detached perspective.
You can get better anon, but you've got to put the work in, by yourself or with a therapist.

No. 931126

File: 1633456594294.jpg (59.57 KB, 794x794, lavender.jpg)

If I get dried lavender, do I need to do anything to it to maintain it? I like the looks of plants but hate taking care of plants

No. 931130

i dont think so, but once it gets really dry the little lavender bits will start falling off and it can get messy. i had some in my room for over a year and it still smelled nice

No. 931143

He looks like a complete 08/15 normie that you'd see on the street, my bet is on yes if they'll bother to look at your phone.

No. 931146

That's severely underweight

No. 931178

how are you even alive unless you're like 4 feet tall

No. 931197

File: 1633462429072.jpg (56.63 KB, 750x738, angry-cat3.jpg)

nonnie I'm really scared for you, you really need to file a report asap, those keychains are a real warning. Please, keep us informed and stay safe.
Also, what other keychains did he left? maybe we can identify the characters too.

No. 931199

If the warehouse men looked like Bryson Dechambeau I'd make them my screensaver. There is one I fancy though, I think he's married tho RIP

No. 931208

I think accepting furry-adjacent behavior like the knuckles chan writing love letters to a cartoon echidna is passively encouraging that person's mental health decline. Bullying can snap you back to reality and remind you that maladaptive daydreaming is wrong because it trains your brain to get turned on/attached to things you can't access in healthy ways IRL.

No. 931209

File: 1633463469488.jpg (67.69 KB, 750x1334, 0ffvm2t5yr231.jpg)

>maladaptive daydreaming is wrong because it trains your brain to get turned on/attached to things you can't access

No. 931215

I deleted Line from my phone long ago and was in a chat group with friends. I downloaded it on my new phone, logged in with my email address + phone number and I can't have access to any of my previous conversations. Even after I created a backup of my chats with friends none of the messages we posted before I deleted the apps years ago are visible. Can my friends who still have the app do something to allow me to show the messages like on the Messenger app when someone joins a group after it's created?

No. 931218

The normal polo shirt is killing me

No. 931268

bullying has the complete opposite effect ime

No. 931277

I know it's going to be stupid, but i think i'm just insecure and envious because how trans woman gets treated better than biological woman and… I need to heal, and to find someone who can love me enough to fix me.

No. 931286

File: 1633468419230.jpg (97.37 KB, 1024x682, 05-T170254-D682.jpg)

tech anons what would you recommend using to clean up your computer's system in order to speed it up, without it deleting any important files or installed programs? I know there's sites for this but idk which one to trust I'm tech illiterate. I'm on windows 10 if that matters

No. 931297

File: 1633469097910.jpg (21.38 KB, 1280x720, cc.jpg)

No. 931300

is it normal i want to squish that rabbit? its so fucking adorable

No. 931303

Who told you that? It's general knowledge being that underweight is very damaging and dangerous. It's not slightly underweight that can be excused.

No. 931305

kek, saw that picture and thought you wanted to cclean the cows here
that being said, I use that one, too, for years now >>931286

No. 931314

No it's not bad, no it's not a big deal. You can simply subsist on attention.

No. 931349

File: 1633471741103.png (140.66 KB, 400x357, tumblr_pyc4teFfUP1s20q7xo1_400…)

Why am I not satisfied with being with being loved 'normally' and having a healthy relationship? I would do anything in the world to have a man be so obsessed with me that he doesn't look or even talk to other woman beause his attention is fully focused on me and that he will be forever by my side. I just want to feel this toxic obsession and jealousy someone has over me as I experience it with other people. The thought makes me feel very comfortable and very loved and I can't stop thinking about it. Why is it so appealing and also can you make someone obessed with you?

No. 931350

File: 1633471757058.gif (3.45 MB, 498x368, 341832154700.gif)

Low self-esteem high self-loathing. You'll grow of it. Yandere bf is only hot in 2D. No scrote irl is attractive and mentally competent enough to pull that off without abusing you kek

No. 931352

Same anon

No. 931359

File: 1633472188764.jpg (30.34 KB, 600x240, Dream.SMP.600.3203217.jpg)

Why would you choose that? instead of unhealthy obsession and yandere syndrome. I would be sweet and energetic, unafraid to show my love to the boy, being openly flirty and caring.

No. 931362

Based. Maturity is choosing the genki route.

No. 931365

We are the same type of mentally ill

No. 931366

do you have family or life issues? are you traumatized in any way? I love the idea of someone being obsessed with me but I also have severe trauma that seems to serve as the root of it

No. 931373

>obsessed with me…his attention is fully focused on me and that he will be forever by my side
I like the idea of this, but it's usually accompanied with controlling/abusive behavior. That ruins it completely for me. If I had a bf like this but who would also respect my boundaries and would rather kill himself than make me feel unsafe/threatened, then I would marry him.

No. 931377

File: 1633473162219.jpeg (26.46 KB, 720x433, trht.jpeg)

Yup. instead of wanting him to obsessed with me. I would cook him a meal everyday and even feed him (that would be cute af).

Sometimes I imagine a cute blonde bf holding me while we listen to the sound of the rain outside

No. 931379

he looks like he's fucking 12

No. 931382

No. 931383

I'm like this but it's because I've been the obsessive one before and it hurts so much to have it unrequited that I want to "help" someone else by returning their feelings. In my fantasy, it soothes them and they stop being so crazy lol. In reality, a yandere would probably end up committing a murder-suicide so no thanks.

I just want someone to explore my haunted house and like me anyway, and vice versa

No. 931393

I think i'm deredere than…i just give everything to my crush and always be kind and gentle to gim

No. 931394

I don't mean in it in a yandere 'I will kill every man I see that has laid his eyes upon you'- type of guy but rather in a obessed way where he wants to know every single detail and thing about me, is clingy, overprotective, wants the best for me and only wants me for himself, doesn't care for other woman, admires me for everything and showers me with compliments and affection constantly and shows me off to show that I am only his'- type of guy. I know it sounds really retarded but that's literally the only way I would feel truly loved and cared for. I am currently in a relationship and I really love showering him with love and making gifts or baking him stuff but if I don't receive his full attention I get super jealous and angry for not being his first choice and him rather talking or interacting with other people instead of me who is in front of him.

I was pretty badly (phyiscally, mentally, emotionally) abused by my parents and never had a stable relationship with either of them. We would always fight and I would always get beaten up by them but at the end of the day they would apologize and promise me 'they would never do it again!!! since they love me so much!!!. I always wanted to be loved by someone but it never happened and I think its one of the main reasons for my obessive relationship desire. Especially since I was trying my best to keep them satisfied and tried almost everything to make them love or atleast not beat me but it never worked out.

I also obsess over people because I almost have no one in my life and try holding onto them as lang as possible because it's one of the ways that makes me not feel so lonely and depressed.

No. 931410

>I also obsess over people because I almost have no one in my life and try holding onto them as lang as possible because it's one of the ways that makes me not feel so lonely and depressed

Same shit

No. 931430

File: 1633477054574.jpg (68.12 KB, 1080x1008, titanic.jpg)

What's the difference between race sperging and discussing a less than palatable aspect (female perspective) of either dealing with or being a part of any ethnic group, including european? The brief non-white inceloid entitlement topic in the Reddit Hate thread seemed ok to me, and nobody seems to have gotten banned for that, but I was wondering when does it become bannable? Like when is the absolute most just too much

No. 931432

ayrt I have a similarly messed up dynamic with my parents being emotionally abusive so I understand you, sorry to have asked you to reopen the wound. Definitely feel part of my obsessive tendencies stem from my experiences with abuse. My father is more neglectful and my mother was the directly abusive one, but they are both emotional vampires who've spent years draining the life out of me. When my father is around he's also overly critical, but not in a cruel and demanding and directly demeaning way like my mother is. I'm not sure what's worse, the kind of emotional abuse that's subtle and shits on your existence covertly, or the kind that directly states you would been better off dead. They both cut like a knife.

>I also obsess over people because I almost have no one in my life and try holding onto them as lang as possible because it's one of the ways that makes me not feel so lonely and depressed.

I would say I do this as well. Certain people more targeted than others. For example theres this one person in my life who's annoying the shit out of me and a bunch of people are ghosting me, so I attach myself to ideas in lieu of being mistreated I guess. Right now it's like nobody really understands how much I need them so I'm just attaching myself to shit parasocially to avoid accessing my fullest level of insanity. I feel so weak.

No. 931438

>maladaptive daydreaming is wrong because it trains your brain to get turned on/attached to things you can't access
>can’t access

wdym can’t access? just drive to your fav 3D husbandos home and surprise him!

No. 931447

Do less for men and do more DBT a worksheets bitch

No. 931468

hard disagree, unless you mean that the guy should be genki and doing those things

No. 931470

Is there such a thing as a motherfucking Netflix’s series that doesn’t have sex, nudity or people moaning while trying to “artistically” show sex stuff? I want to be able to watch something interesting without people fucking, thanks.

No. 931518

try the crown lol

No. 931532

Good question, sex scenes are very extra nowadays and my mum is an old fashioned lady who is easily mortified.

No. 931536

Why do I have a soft spot for guys that are coomers?

No. 931546

File: 1633490200640.jpeg (91.56 KB, 500x495, EA97F55D-814C-4774-A3F8-591D3E…)

No. 931548

You're probably one too.

No. 931551

Can you tell me what the word 'coomer' means to you?

No. 931557

kek anon
can you be a coomer if you’ve never had sex?
coomer means sex pest or whore of any sex to me, they’re so preoccupied with sex that they lose any sensibility in their mind

No. 931558

Recommend me movies to watch, please and thank you nonnas. I'll watch mostly anything except scary movies (think overly gory for no reason, jump scares, no real plot, etc.).

No. 931560

> can you be a coomer if you’ve never had sex?
Yes, cooming is defined by porn and masturbation, not real sex.

No. 931562

File: 1633491303513.jpeg (1.74 MB, 3030x4364, F4E65EA3-F667-47A9-99CC-4996F9…)

I’ve said it on lolcow before, but watch Three Idiots.

No. 931563

am I not allowed to masturbate anymore? i don’t even watch porn

No. 931564

>can you be a coomer if you’ve never had sex?
most coomers are virgins

No. 931566

File: 1633491401896.jpg (198.52 KB, 1080x944, 83736278284838.jpg)

A coomer is a porn and masturbation addict.

No. 931573

File: 1633492125286.jpeg (225 KB, 960x1440, images (1).jpeg)

The Sunset Limited, not really a relaxing movie but watching two really good actors at their A game is such a treat.

No. 931576

pretty in pink
the breakfast club
neverending story
bram stoker's dracula (technically "horror" because of the dark gothic aesthetic and it's about vampires, but it's more of a romance/drama and not scary at all)

No. 931590

Empire Records
Less Than Zero
Fish Tank
Or maybe something with Audrey Hepburn in it, like Sabrina or Breakfast at Tiffany’s

No. 931602


No. 931605


No. 931613

I am taking antibiotics every 12 hours. I usually take them at 11:30 but i have to go into work tomorrow at 11. Can I take them a half hour earlier at 11 or will that make them less effective?

No. 931616

File: 1633496737261.jpeg (395.96 KB, 1280x1294, 3784C773-E860-4523-A97C-907733…)

why does night have to be so much better than day when I'm supposed to sleep at night

why is it only then that I feel motivated and inspired to do art and things

No. 931698

Yeah this is cluster B shit, you're only going to get another cluster B to want to do that. A cluster B scrote is going to inevitably end up abusive. I get obsessive in short bursts when someone interests me and tickles my brain, so to speak. Then I have to have everyone fuck off from me for a while to recharge. I know only other cluster B's would put up with me, but I also know I would trigger another woman's abandonment anxiety with my behavior, even though it's temporary and a predictable pattern. I only want to date other women and abusing women doesn't fit in my code. Harming women is disgusting and pathetic and the last thing I would want to be is like a scrote. I have noticed that when I'm in a relationship with a favored person, not a favorite (don't have those), I have more a drive to be prosocial. I will listen to her counsel and she can dissuade me from some of my stupid impulsive ideas. I will even apologize to other people for her, even though usually I would rather jump off a bridge than do that. I even let my ex go when I realized I couldn't give her what she needed and I think letting her go was love? Also I don't know what's wrong with me to also have a higher likelihood of getting obsessed about other cluster B women, when single.

No. 931719

Do wet dreams tell you about your inner subconscious desires? I will unironically harm myself if so.

No. 931720

no, only freud would say so.

No. 931722

Masturbation is normal and healthy anon. But just like anything else, it can become addictive and harmful. Men especially fall prey to it easily, and get addicted to porn which messes up their relationship with sex and women. That's what makes a coomer.

No. 931724

Is the 4chan advice board any helpful?
I really, really want some advice with things I can't tell my friends or family and I have talked about it here over the course of more than a year a few times so I don't want farmers to get annoyed with me.

No. 931725

Fuck no. I would say ask here anyway and deal with farmers' attitudes since they still usually give decent advice or else go to Reddit. It can be a cesspit too but still not at the level of channer scum. Some subs are okay at least.

No. 931726

i don’t think anyone here will recognise you as the same person or be mad that you have recurring issues. if you want to post on 4chan, though, just remember that the majority of users on that site are males, so that’s who you’ll be receiving your advice from. other than that, i don’t really see anything else that could be a problem

No. 931727

>other than that, i don’t really see anything else that could be a problem
If she wants serious responses on just about any topic 4chan is not the place. She's going to get 80% troll responses, 10% perverts and 10% people meaning well but being either children or inept adults they'll have no idea what they're talking about and give shit advice

No. 931734

can people on spotify see who liked their playlists? is it creepy to look someone up (on spotify) who i haven’t talked to in years, because they have great playlists?

No. 931736

Understood. I will try the advice thread on /g/ then, it's usually pretty good if a bit slow. Thank you guys, it's just, this issue seems to get worse and worse, haha.

No. 931737

well yeah, that’s what i was implying when i said only moids would be responding kek. if she’s that desperate that she’s willing to do it anyway then at least she won’t have to worry about her anonymity being revealed or something on top of that

No. 931753

Does gender nonconforming only mean the person is just more androgynous looking/dressing or is it also related somehow to behaviour/attitude?

No. 931758

pretty sure it can be both

No. 931762

Like >>931758 said it can be both. I call myself GNC because I'm butch but also because most of my hobbies would be deemed "male". I think appearance is the main thing though because even if you have the most stereotypically "girly" hobbies you'll still get treated like shit for how you dress and how your hair is cut.

No. 931770

i mean basically everyone is gender nonconforming to some extent, but this label is usually applied to people who are to the extent that they actually stand out because of it, so to most people it means appearance most of all.

No. 931773

Both, it just means breaking any (current) stereotype or norm for your gender.

Some things that are considered nonconforming are: long hair on men, women being interested in oily cars, men wearing dresses, women being bossy and loud, men being shy, men being into flowers, girls not liking dolls etc

Many subcultures are pretty much excluded since they are nonconforming to society to begin with, for example it's standard for metalhead men to have long hair so it's not seen as a nonconforming gender stereotype, it's instead expected of these men to have long hair.

What's nonconforming obviously change over time, for example no one bats an eyelid over a woman wearing pants, and short hair hasn't been synonymous with being a boy in over 100 years (despite people acting like it is, just look up trendy female hairstyles from the 1920, they're all short), and men wearing long dress-like garments used to be the norm too but now isn't.

No. 931789

How do I get my puffy eyelid to go down? Putting cold stuff does nothing to it, should I try a warm cloth instead?

No. 931793

Would it be possible to give someone BPD meds without them knowing?

No. 931794

Probably, but I'm pretty sure that's illegal in most countries.

No. 931810

Meds won’t do much for bpd

No. 931819

My friend told me to use teabags, after you brew tea with them. I've yet to try it but she seemed really confident with her advice

No. 931896

File: 1633528739125.png (605.26 KB, 533x678, jesy nelson.png)

How do women (esp celebrity women) who do this not feel embarrassed? Are they mentally ill? Racebending lol

No. 931897

File: 1633528789987.png (537.38 KB, 486x617, jn2.png)

Samefagging, before pic

No. 931900

she's just british, anon

No. 931904

oh my god, I finally know the name of the girl in that demonic jamaican accent video

No. 931905

File: 1633529305990.png (256.72 KB, 500x511, ohwell.png)

> think "it would be so cool to play guitar!"
>buy guitar
>pay for lessons
>go to lessons and practice a bit
>get angry at how slow i am at it
>procrastinate practice until class
>struggle in class, embarrassed
>stop going because of excuses
>maybe it's better to go at my own pace!
>never touch guitar again
why learn if it sucks to learn?

No. 931913

Don't feel bad. Not everyone is meant for everything, lots of things look cool but even if it seems cool when someone else is doing it it might not be fun when you tried it. It's good that you tried, everyone should try everything that interests them to see if they really enjoy it. You reminded me of this cartoon

No. 931993

What are considered typical 'British' features? Some anons always point out if someone looks British, but I'm not sure what they mean

No. 932005

No. 932008

What stand out to me in British people are their wide set bulgy eyes, weak chins, and sometimes very red cheeks.

No. 932012

Pale, pudgy nose, blue eyes, kinda like the queen

No. 932017

bad teeth

No. 932019

File: 1633536322631.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 3860x1440, 8vD8U0B.jpg)

No. 932027

I don't understand why british have such shitty teeth when the rest of europe doesn't? Do they not have dental care?

No. 932031

jesus christ this is an image of unfathomable horrors

No. 932049

afaik, the NHS provides free dental treatment but not orthodontistry or anything else cosmetic. I feel like they just genetically have more crooked teeth, possibly due to having small/weak jaws in general.

They're obviously really sore about it lol. If you mention anything having to do with teeth whitening or cosmetic straightening in any context, you immediately get some british anon charging at you.

No. 932054

Amerifag here but you will see Americans with similar lack of teeth/shitty teeth due to the cost of dental care here.

No. 932061

>teeth whitening
isn't that potential harmful to your teeth in the long run though?

No. 932066

I work in retail and I get some international calls, and it’s so hard to understand some of the accents and what they are saying.
I feel terrible they have to slow down or repeat.
Is there any way to get better at understanding accents? With captions I really struggle and I feel so white and dumb trying to have these phone convos.

No. 932067

I woke up with the left side of my face feeling tender and sore in a weird way, almost like how your scalp is sore after a tight ponytail.
This isn't the first time it's happened but the last few months I've also had a weird feeling in my right arm like it's a little numb, bloated and gets pins and needles really easily. So I'm paranoid about it being a blood clot. But I also have munchie tendencies so I'm embarrassed to go to my GP with something small like this. Should I ignore it?

No. 932070

You should not ignore it, go and take off all your doubts

No. 932076

I had a weird feeling in my stomach so I looked through my boyfriend's computer.
in his history
>amouranth tongue licking asmr
>fallout and resident evil lewd mods
>checking out twitch thots onlyfans
>in a discord server with a girl i told him i don't want him talking to anymore because she's a sus whore (long story)
>in his defense he never actually interacted with her but i don't care
I confronted him via text and he flipped the fuck out apologizing and calling himself an idiot saying he was just curious, begging for forgiveness and for me to answer the phone. While he was gone I installed a keylogger as well.
I think I will make him hurt before I break up with him. What a disgusting fucking scrote. Threw away 4 years for this?

No. 932077

File: 1633541011252.jpg (33.29 KB, 800x800, L0988444.JPG)

I'm broke but I want a sex toy. Has anyone used a lube bottle to get off? How is it? Is there something else that I can use that's similarly cheap?

No. 932083

they're always soooo sorry, but only when they get caught! Sorry anon, that fucking sucks.

No. 932085

Yup. He said he wanted to check it out because he was sooo curious when he was 15. Well you're not 15. You're fucking 25. I'm sending everything to his family right now anyways so they can know what a fucking degenerate loser he is.

No. 932087

this shit makes me want to cheat. beat them to it…

No. 932089

You might as well. Moids are trash, every single one of them. He was supposed to be a good one. Didn't watch porn, didn't drink, didn't smoke, close to his family, his family loves me. He spoiled me and supported me and still did all of this shit.

No. 932090

hairbrush handle

No. 932093

also i just realized i posted this in the wrong thread, sorry i thought this was the vent thread

No. 932095

Nta but my last ex cheated on me and I look back and feel stupid for not getting there first. I know it's a fucked way to look at it but he got to go on holiday with his parents for 3 fucking weeks safe in the knowledge that I was home all alone doing nothing. I watched movies and ordered take out and wasted the height of the summer that year while he vacationed.

Then he went well out of his way later on to find the time to cheat on me. Thanks

No. 932096

But last time I went to my doctor with random pain she acted so annoyed and said "okay what do you want me to do about it?"
I'm sure she has MUNCHIE written in red ink on the top of my file. I don't blame her because I had about a year when I was there every month with something new, I felt at the time like I really was suffering but looking back I should have just gotten over myself and I was using the tiniest sicknesses as an excuse to not try in life. But maybe she gaslit me into thinking there's nothing wrong because she's a lazy bitch

No. 932098

>Didn't watch porn
The most common lie they tell

No. 932099


No. 932102

can sonic anons have a containment thread in /m/?

No. 932104

You're savage, serves him right.

No. 932107

But why install a key logger? Just dum him and move on. Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time on him.

No. 932120

Question for single anons. Do you ever look at some of the batshit or grossout cows on here that have bfs and maybe even maintain relationships for years and.. almost feel insulted?

I'm a hermit so I know that's why I'm single but still lol

No. 932130

Fuck yes nona! I've wanted to out my retarded ex so many times for his gross coomerism and abuse but didn't at the time because of the "be the bigger person" bullshit forced on us. Since it's been a while if I did it now I'd just look petty. Love that you outed him, they are very sensitive to their image and public shaming and will often put on a tough act until you actually go through with it

No. 932131

No because their bfs are shit and/or ugly

No. 932133

Pretty sure it’s just one anon and she’s avatarfagging.

No. 932145

"Be the bigger person" is so trash and lets shit men get away with everything. Revenge is underrated. I never bought into that bullshit
It's never too late to out an abusive coomer

No. 932158

Basically all it does is stimulate circulation and give you a massage so it’s not a bad thing but it won’t make wrinkles disappear or sculpt your face.

No. 932160

They do! just not in the way you think.

No. 932164

I will consider it anon, not only for revenge but partly because I don't want him to go on to damage any other women. (His red flags were/are obvious but I had too little self esteem to care early on.) It's something I've struggled with before. I don't live too far away from him right now and so I'm somewhat worried about retribution, but I'm moving in a couple months so I will revisit the idea then.

No. 932224

I was using a ghua sha stone for a while and I loved it (I stopped cause I have acne tho), like the other anon said it is just a massage, I tense my muscles a lot, especially around my jaw and it helped so much

No. 932308

Is Japanese wikipedia inaccessible for anyone else for the past few days? It's not down according to isup.me, but whenever I try to click on an article the page won't even start loading, and if I open it up in another tab it's just a blank white page. No such problems with other versions of wikipedia that I've tried.

No. 932310

Turbo virgin here. So when you guys have sex, do you ALWAYS shower before AND after? How long after do you wait? Do you sleep all sweaty and sticky or shower and then sleep?

No. 932314

Ew why would I even want to be sweaty and sticky? I don't want to be sweaty and sticky. My sex is clean and the perfect temperature. Just take a piss after, you have to take a piss after.

No. 932320

i definitely shower after but not immediately

No. 932323

No, sometimes it just happens so I'm not showering everytime before it lol I've washed just my vulva/legs when my bf asked to eat me out though, because sometimes I can get a bit self conscious about it, but it's not every single time.
Sometimes I shower afterwards, but even if I don't shower I'll at least clean my vulva and legs again. Very rarely I'm just tired and I sleep, but it's been a while since I was so tired I couldn't get up and clean, so yeah

No. 932327

Depends on who I'm with I guess. With one guy we didn't shower before or after, but we also didn't go down on each other. He didn't smell gross, mostly of his cologne, so I didn't mind it at all. A different guy I had a bath with afterwards. Last dude I had sex with we showered before and I made him clean his dick.

Also, please please please yes piss after you have sex. UTIs are the worst possible thing anyone has to deal with. Showers are negotiable, pissing after sex is NOT.

No. 932340

You already asked this in the dumbass shit thread, stop

No. 932367

Who the fuck is the Samantha chick in snow right now and what's her story? I think I found her original thread but it reads like a crazy jumbled mess. I don't know what the fuck's happening

No. 932371

You had to have been there during the first thread to really understand tbh

No. 932372

i think she's a schizo

No. 932378

She's our favorite schizo meme girl

No. 932383

Do lesbians get turned on by their own bodies?

No. 932384

Do I want to look up what The Zodiac Killer did or is it the usual vile misogynistic crimes that the internet is numb to and has turned into their popcorn fuel?

No. 932385

I hate my own body but honestly if I dated someone with the exact same body I'd probably adore it. I just hate it because it's mine and I'm nitpicky.

No. 932388

Not unless they have some weird narcissist self sexualizing or bimboish fetish I guess

No. 932389

No. I know I look damn good but it doesn't turn me on. I don't think any lesbian is turned on by her own body, that's a tranny AGP meme.

No. 932427

you're thinking of autogynephiles

No. 932461

Not really, he targeted couples and there wasn't anything especially sexual about it - like, he would just shoot or stab them. I think he's more famous for the letters and mystery than gruesome fetishy murders.

No. 932533

Do you think we’ll ever get to a point with skyscrapers where buildings will start reaching the stratosphere?

No. 932545

God will strike us down for trying to reach the heavens before that

No. 932556

File: 1633569448391.png (1.02 MB, 1000x748, lolllllll.png)

I finished my college degree in graphic design but I figured I just want to be a masseuse.

Did I waste my time and money? Am I stupid and a retard? What do I do now? Will it be a useless degree now?

No. 932560

File: 1633569727692.png (145.15 KB, 270x382, imagen_2021-10-06_202226.png)

Who is Isabella Loretta Janke?

No. 932563

Can you try another doctor? Go munchienona or do you prefer to be stressed, worried and anxious about it?

No. 932564

She’s a Chris-Chan side character and bona fide cow of her own.

No. 932566

No. 932567

has anybody here every used cuddleup or a similar service? i only just discovered it a few minutes ago and it seems too good to be true almost?? i will be paid to cuddle or go shopping or on a coffee date? how is this real? really curious how it pans out but would like to hear experience of others too lol

No. 932569

I don't know but I have always always wanted to be a cuddle therapist! it's just kinda nice, being able to listen to people and sharing a moment. I just am afraid that this service would not work in the 3rd world country I live in.

No. 932571

Maybe you can try this website and see, then? Just be careful and safe, haha. I have no experience with it either so maybe it is terrible and I don't want to give you bad advice

No. 932574

That sounds like an app that could go horribly wrong pretty quickly

No. 932584

>your clients will be mid-40s males
>all of them will get boners during the cuddling
>you will have to "redirect" them because they will all try to have sex with you
>they will be in their underwear
>many clients have a fetish for sexual teasing/denial
>several clients will sneak kisses in without your permission even though that's not allowed
Sounds like a blast

No. 932585

there was a news story in my country about a similar site, that was just a front for prostitution. and on another one, they had to shut it down because too many girls were getting raped, sexually assaulted, stalked, and harrassed

i would post a link but i can't find anything in english about it, sorry

No. 932591

File: 1633574045489.jpeg (47.61 KB, 500x456, 50EDE1E3-4D14-423F-A313-1F8BB1…)

Nothing is sacred, how shitty, everything has to be about sex.

No. 932610

How do I open myself up to the possibility of being romantically and/or sexually involved with women? The thought repulses me. I think it may be due to the fact that I have major trauma about receiving oral sex and that is a large part of what I associate with lesbian sexual activity. Everyone says sexuality is a spectrum but is it possible that I am strictly straight? Ugh

No. 932615

I browsed the section in my local area and one thing I noticed is that most of the users are like 27+. Nothing wrong with that but I assumed it would mostly be people 18-24 doing these types of things.

No. 932616

What are some good horror movies that are really scary but not gorey?

No. 932618

First thing that comes to mind is alien. Ive watched it a ton of times and it never fails me. Sorry I don’t know any obscure choices though nonna.

No. 932624

File: 1633579126795.gif (248.44 KB, 161x161, pointyeye.gif)

the original japanese Ring from 1998 is scary as shit. Noroi (2005) too.
>>>/m/154724 probably has some more recs if you look

No. 932669

The Exorcist is the one movie that I cannot be desensitized to, it horrifies me every time I watch it. I don't remember it having any gore

No. 932671

also seconding Alien

No. 932672

File: 1633587221667.jpg (32.62 KB, 709x355, ahsghghdh.jpg)

The Innocents. Profoundly creepy, thought provoking, and literally no gore since it's from 1961.

No. 932675

Nta but gosh this reminded me how much I loved the Henry James novel it was based on. The film was also great, loved the final scene

No. 932713

What counts as True Crime? I don't really like reading about stories concerning random killings/kidnappings. But I am interested in learning about stories such as scams like Theranos/Fyre Fest or things like MLMs/Ponzi Schemes. Isn't that technically true crime? What about reading about 9/11?

Some people are really critical of those who are interested in True Crime because it's trashy and turns people suffering into entertainment. But are we not supposed to learn about bad things? What point does something cross from informative to sensaionalistic?

No. 932726

if you're not attracted to them why do you feel the need to open up to the possibility? it sounds like you're trying to force yourself into becoming non-straight lol

No. 932727

Makeup "storytime" videos on youtube about brutal murders that pay no mind to victim are crossing the line. It's one thing to want to learn about certain things but it's another to devour half-assed podcasts/videos to the point where you have a ~favorite murderer~.

No. 932770

File: 1633599717698.jpg (117.04 KB, 750x500, Plain-White-Walls.jpg)

Any cute ideas for decorating a plain wall?

No. 932794

what the fuck is the satanic panic and how is it similar to the current rise of gender nonsense/TRAs? i read about the satanic panic but i just can't make the connection, they seem like two completely different issues. i'm also european so i never heard of satanic panic until a few years ago. i just don't get it.

No. 932808

I'm paranoid about having abdominal aortic aneurysm since I always feel my heartbeat very prominently in my left side of my stomach and I had a heart echocardiogram for an unrelated issue and I saw that they put the transducer up my neck and down my stomach to my belly button. I also saw the line which looked to be like my abdominal aorta, but I'm not sure. My results came back as normal. Would they have been able to see a potential AAA on that?

No. 932809

When did love poems start sweet talking the breath of a person? I mean, it’s not like back then they could just grab toothpaste to brush their teeth.

No. 932810

Should I give fiverr a try? I've done a lot of freelancing but I'm not sure if it's too saturated currently or something. I just need some extra cash.

No. 932815

I got 68€ off commissions just to end up getting 36€ because of both Fiverr and PayPal cuts.

No. 932819

Why do you think the owners of the air bnb apartment below me always comes in after guests leave and drill? Do you think the guests are always trashing the furniture even tho when they stay below me I never hear furniture getting smashed etc or do you think they have spy cams? It's after every guest.

No. 932823

Anyone else feel like sex is a lie? Porn exists, but even that I don’t even think is real. It just doesn’t seem real to me, why would human beings ever do it?

No. 932824


No. 932827

Seriously wondering because I don't want to waste time by begging for another echocardiogram on my stomach. I feel so stupid. My only risk factor is that I used to smoke (I don't anymore) and my dad has a small, slow-growing one.

No. 932835

File: 1633610683894.jpg (35.51 KB, 800x400, angelash2-800x400.jpg)

Anons who have become asexual/sex repulsed due to trauma and recovered: how did you do it? What did help you? I want to believe that this is possible

No. 932842

Got small amount of counseling, cut all ties with abusive asshole, stopped watching any form of porn, cut all ties with any kind of orbiters and found medication that doesn't make me feel like a zombie. It's been about four years since I did all that and now I can't believe I ever thought I was asexual
Take it at your own speed, if you feel like you need to become sexual to validate a relationship then you're only going to traumatise yourself further. It's better to be single than feel pressure.

No. 932853

Do you think actors get offended when they're typecasted? Obviously not as the protagonist but I was thinking more along the lines of dumb dorky guy that gets made fun of or fat eating woman #12.

No. 932854

i think it can take a toll on them when they know they can be much more than a certain type of character. and then there's the actress who played cinderella's ugly stepsister three times and just made that her thing.

No. 932856

Depends on the actor I'd assume. Some of them might be happy to get any kind of work, some others might find it tiring, some of them might not even care

No. 932860

oh wow, thank you so much for sharing
i definitely felt like the idea was too good to be true. i wonder if there is any option to cuddle exclusively with women. i think there are a lot of women who would appreciate this.

No. 932861

200 for 2 hours of doing what i love most.. wow

No. 932878

File: 1633616287400.jpg (31.16 KB, 236x577, 697232d19832962a43eb2808390d1a…)

Maybe too boring of an answer, but art! I bought frames for art I've commissioned (of my dog kek) and I like to hang them like picrel. I don't like it when things are all lined up, it feels stiff as fuck. I also like collecting postcards and put them up the same way. You can also zigzag a long piece of twine and get some cute clothespins and hang up polaroids (or get photos printed out of you with friends and family, or pets, or scenic places you've been). Typing this out made me realize what basic bitch taste I have kek.

No. 932927

ESL here and one rule one teacher in middle school taught us is that you can't say "I'm liking", "I'm loving" etc., only "I love". Is it a real rule that everybody ignores nowadays or did she just make it up?

No. 932928

File: 1633622202945.jpg (4.6 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I'm ESL and was taught the same. McDonald's is obviously ignoring this rule kek

No. 932930

You can say it if it's something temporary, but it implies you're unfamiliar with something and don't run into it normally.

For example, a song you love.
"I love this song." (You already know the song)
"I'm loving this song." (Implies you are unfamiliar with the song but love it)

Idk if this makes sense at all. Maybe some grammarfag can explain it better than I did.

No. 932931

Ayrt and my teacher was losing her shit over this slogan kek. She's the only English teacher who I ever heard say that and basically everybody says "I'm loving something", it's been haunting me for a few years.

No. 932932

The english teacher fears the ESL McDonalds

No. 932941

I guess I'm in a bad place since I've tried and nothing helps.

No. 932951

Is there any reason why so many women feel so comfortable with male plastic surgeons?
I'm considering getting PS, but I'm looking strictly at female surgeons. I haven't met any other women with the same specific preference. I feel like letting a scrote who may or may not have his own mental issues and hang-ups about the female body hack away at my body is asking for trouble. Even before I had misandrist views, it just seemed like a crapshoot. Even if he acts professional, he's still a human and a male, not a cyborg that can turn its ape brain off for work.

No. 932952

>A scrote knows what other scrotes like and he is personally dedicated to making as many women as possible beautiful. A female plastic surgeon could fuck me up cuz she's a jealous hoe

No. 932953

As other anon said, "I love x" has a different meaning from "I'm loving x", but also, there are some cases where the -ing one is the only right thing. Like if someone called you while you were out jogging and asked what you were doing, you would say "I'm jogging", not "I jog." And if you had a track race coming up on Friday, you would say "I'm running in the race on Friday" not "I run in the race on Friday." I feel like actually there are more situations where -ing is the only right phrasing than the other way around.

No. 932954

Does that make you feel superior? You're still getting plastic surgery, clearly you have your own mental issues and hang-ups about how women should look as well. I don't get why going to get hacked up by a scrote is so bad when women get plastic surgery to appeal to scrotes and their preferences even if they're doing it unconsciously.

No. 932956

Is there a cure for people who are hypochondriacs? Like is there ever a point they’ll just get over it? My sister within the last year for no real reason has increasingly become one and its so fucking annoying.

No. 932957

See that's what this 90s article I read implied, but it's still odd to me how…normalized it is. There are so many cases of male surgeons ruining women's bodies and telling them it'll fix itself, to the point where it's clear the surgeon had malintent. But still, women keep going to them and trusting them. It's weird

Uh, why would I feel superior? It sounds like you took some kind of offense to this question, though it wasn't aimed at you. I just don't feel comfortable having men treat my body for something like cosmetic surgery, and I was wondering what makes other women so likely to trust them.
If you can't really answer, but you feel a certain way about the subject itself, that's probably a personal issue, maybe go to the vent thread. Won't even bother with the "It's all for scrotes anyway" lol, that sounds very personal, find peace please anon

No. 932974

Why am I so attracted to men who have autistic traits but really aren’t autistic? Like OCD or ADHD scrotes?

No. 933043

Thank you, that's what I had figured out anyway but I just wanted some confirmation from native speakers. I guess the notion was a bit complex for seventh graders but she shouldn't have said that we should never ever use it lol.

No. 933047

Why are African American and North African guys in France so autistically obsessed with shitty shonen manga and Captain Tsubasa, which is a shonen manga/anime but isn't shitty? It's like the opposite side of autism when you compare it to straight White weaboos who are obsessed with moeshit and hentai.

No. 933054

File: 1633631390914.jpg (91.94 KB, 900x1135, Mead_schaeffer045.jpg)

Is it possible to make digital art look like real art? Has anyone seen art where you couldn't decide whether it was made digitally or not?

No. 933060

File: 1633631771351.png (697.49 KB, 922x1336, eggnut_(1).png)

You can get very painterly brushes, but I feel like there will always be this flatness to digital art that is obvious.

No. 933064

Does Australian clothing tend to run smaller than American clothing? And if so, by how much? There's this sweater I'd really like but it's only available right now in a size large, I normally order a US small, could probably get away with it but I'd like it to be more form fitting than baggy. They'll probably restock it but it's so pretty and I'm impatient

No. 933070

File: 1633632143669.jpg (554.26 KB, 2048x1802, LFGJ5-1401904578619080708-2021…)

>Is it possible to make digital art look like real art?
yes, but it's very hard.
>art where you couldn't decide whether it was made digitally or not?
digital has a very distinct look, but just because you can tell it's digital doesn't take away from good brush work that makes traditional art soulful, picrel

No. 933075

I want to have a one night stand this weekend but I'm literally all alone without friends. How do I go about it? Should I go to a bar alone and hope someone notices me? Go to a club and dance alone?

No. 933082

You have no friends but you want to meet a strange person to go home with? Who is going to make sure you're safe? Who are you going to tell where you are or the name of the person you're with? That just sounds dangerous and stupid, not to be mean. I just want you to be safe.

No. 933086

You're kind but I feel like I could sense if someone's a creep and if they are I would find a way to brush them off

No. 933094

Okay, you can trust yourself to be safe and I suppose that's what matters. I hope you have a fun time anon

No. 933096

Thank you nona!

No. 933108

My phone is still on 3G network. Is that bad?

No. 933125

File: 1633634879453.jpg (14.47 KB, 207x212, homer.jpg)

One of the anons posted a cute looking anime boy in one of the hornyposting/husbando threads, but I can't seem to find it. I think it was posted either today or yesterday and the character's name was 'momo' or something?

No. 933127

What did he look like?

No. 933151

I'm a third worlder and i don't understand something… What's the weird creamy beige thing all of the snowflakes on the pro ana thread put candies and fruit on top? I don't understand it. What is it made of?

No. 933153

File: 1633636681325.jpeg (20.58 KB, 225x225, 92B6461B-B0C9-401B-93CE-A787A8…)

This? It’s basically a spread made of cookies, like Nutella but It’s cookies.

No. 933156

That's oatmeal/porridge anon, it's literally just oats and hot water. You can add stuff like brown sugar and milk to it.

No. 933207

I think she had red hair and was wearing a green shirt? All so remember clearly was that he was pulling his shirt up

No. 933224

I like how this sounds

No. 933230

Yes he caught my eye too, it was the "cuties with an ouchie" thread

No. 933242

Immigrant/foreigner anons, if your mom was raised in the west in our generation (anything before zoomer tiktok era), what type of person do you think she'd be like? Mine would definitely be a workaholic parent.

No. 933248

On the 13th day of my cycle i always ovulate, my stomach hurts and I get those fat cystic acne pimples on my chin that hurt like a bitch. Every 13th day. Is that normal?

No. 933256

likely a computer addict like me, but still more succesful

No. 933272

What is your favourite color? Mine is purple.

No. 933277

Sky blue, I feel like those girls who buy too much pink but instead I buy everything in white, black, or blue if possible.

No. 933280

Is it actually that common for people to travel all the time? At least from the posts on lc it sounds like it. It truly surprises me, how do people have the money to do that every year or every few months? Are most farmers actually richer than I thought? Also doesn't anyone care about how planes effect the environment?

No. 933284

Yellow, but I’m so autistic about it, that I can’t just buy anything that got a “yellow” label, like, it has to be the right yellow, a good yellow, it can’t be just any yellow.

No. 933292

>Is it actually that common for people to travel all the time?
Depends on the needs and desires of a person, I particularly love traveling.
>how do people have the money to do that every year
You can just not buy certain stuff and save some money for traveling, it isn’t that fun but then you get to relax somewhere else.
>or every few months?
That’s tougher because you would need a nice income and/or help from someone else, but it isn’t impossible. There’s also people that get their trips paid by their workplaces so they can do business stuff.
You can also cut some expenses by staying with a friend or family member who lives where you want to go.
>Are most farmers actually richer than I thought?
I guess, depends on what you consider “rich” traveling isn’t exactly as expensive as you might think, like, a maid that used to work for my family used to travel at least twice a year to meet her family, she would travel by bus, go to her family’s home and she knew how to move around her home country, so of course she ended up saving more money than you could expect.
>Also doesn't anyone care about how planes effect the environment?
I guess, but unless you got a new and efficient idea for me to visit my parents in Africa that won’t get me killed, I will appreciate it.

No. 933305

Is there an app that can translate Arabic writing from pictures? I just bought a CD from my favorite band and it has a bunch of Arabic writing in it (at least i think its Arabic)

No. 933312

I don't know anyone who isn't either a
>retired boomer
>career travel hippie/digital nomad
>just a straight up rich kid who doesn't have to work at all
who travels that frequently.

For normal well off people getting time off work can be an issue even when they have the money, I'd say it's common to have one overseas trip a year then maybe a domestic trip or two.

No. 933314

samsung phones have an in built camera feature for this, so do newer iPhones I think

No. 933330

File: 1633647361423.jpg (259.51 KB, 1300x1300, jpeg_31f16807-9d0c-422e-85b4-1…)

Is this jacket worth 74 of my Canadian dollars??? Should I get it?

No. 933333

It has cats on it, of course it's worth it anon.

No. 933335


Can I get one in the uk

No. 933336

No. 933338

No. 933341

if you think youll actually wear it more than once, its worth it.
if its one of those things where you think it looks cool but when you actually buy it you never end up wearing it because you dont feel like you can pull it off irl, dont do it.
(for the record i like it and id probably compliment someone irl if they wore this, its pretty cool)

No. 933345

It's totally my style, I'd probably wear it almost every day, it even matches the colors I like wearing the most.
It says cotton polyester

No. 933350

I'd be all over this if it didn't have that gigantic mattress tag on the front.

No. 933351

Right? That's my issue. I think I would remove it, I have the tool to do it properly

No. 933392

What do you guys think is the melody of the Birthday Bread song? I cannot imagine it

No. 933458

How do I get my new friends to shut the fuck up about my weight and stop treating me like a baby?

Some of them are normal weight and others just a bit chubby, but they all constantly bring up how skinny I am and it makes me so uncomfortable. I think they are all very cute and fine how they are. I never bring up looks in conversation, talk about diets, or anything. When they talk about my weight I just look at the floor awkwardly. It makes me not want to hang out with them because I feel like my existence makes them feel bad. I just want to have fun, not sperg over how people look.

As far as baby treatment, they are always fussing over me like
>oh anon you must be freezing here I brought a sweater just for you
>oh I can pay for your meal!
>I don’t want to leave you alone in public in broad daylight! Something bad might happen
they only act this way toward me

No. 933482

I don't have a good answer, but I know this struggle lol. They mean it as a compliment but it does get annoying

No. 933505

File: 1633663397823.jpeg (78.76 KB, 692x692, 0516A3E7-0F04-4949-931D-8F59AA…)

would being high on a cns depressant help you hold your breath underwater? like if you were accustomed to a certain dose, but prior to swimming had dosed right up to the threshold where your tolerance was. would that cause you to take/need less breaths overall therefore being able to hold your breath longer?

No. 933514

what is the basis for this?

No. 933585

are there non-high waisted leggings?? i’m not a fan of them because there’s always a baggy crotch area unless i pull them up to my fucking armpits

No. 933589

I've been here for a couple years, but I still don't know how the sonic totem thread works and at this point I'm kind of afraid to ask

No. 933590

nonna, you post your question, and the last number of your post is your answer from sonic. so if the last number is 9 you look at the sonic chart and thats your answer

No. 933593

You should slap a cute kitten applique over those ugly tags. Otherwise, absolutely.

You also need to share the brand and where to get one of these, nona. I need one, too.

No. 933594

which is worse, thotting for free or profiting off the thottery? (onlyfans)
i realize both are bad but i wanna hear your opinions. one of my friends from highschool posts t&a on instagram all the time for free and idk i feel like if she's gonna do that she should at least get some money for it?

No. 933602

I think thotting for free is pathetic but ultimately less harmful. When someone posts t&a for free, that's all they have to do and all they get in return is attention, pretty simple. When money is involved you're susceptible to escalating pressure to do things you aren't comfortable with, you might get legitimately dependent on it as a source of income (risky), men think you owe them something, they feel entitled to insult you and have higher expectations, and there's the additional inconvenience of dealing with cheap guys who waste your time. It's also less of an ethical grey area when you get paid, if a potential employer or partner for example sees you posted thirst traps on instagram they might give it a pass that they wouldn't if it was on onlyfans.

No. 933614

Nta but than you, I wanted to ask too but was afraid

No. 933616

What the hell is Squid Game and why is everybody losing their mind over it?

No. 933626

Normies are watching their first survival game story ever and think it's revolutionary.

No. 933659

Soo… does Toby Fox have some kind of lesbian fetish? I get that it's cute, but it's suspicious when literally all the "good" established romances in his games are lesbian ones and he's a man writing them.

No. 933664

Nah, I do believe that he might just think it looks cute. As far as I have seen of his games, nothing really feels particulary sexual or fetishy and more just trying to be cute or funny.

No. 933665

There's gay couples in there too anon, it's just lgb representation

No. 933689

Which ones?

No. 933692

File: 1633687115296.jpg (222.55 KB, 2048x1193, D75C32E3-99DB-407E-BD05-C6A895…)

Royal Guards

No. 933702

I'm extremely suspicious of any guy writing lesbian couples, webcomic writers first and foremost (worst offenders being Jeph-Jacques and the Dumbing of Age dude), but it's not as strong for Toby Fox given how ugly everybody looks in his games and it's not as in your face compared to other indie acts.

No. 933704

But that's clearly played as a silly dudebro no homo joke…

No. 933705

File: 1633690021317.png (3 KB, 204x203, Mettaton_EX_battle_hurt.png)

Yeh, there ain't a single thing sexy about Undertale. Except Mettaton, he very much wants to be sexy.

No. 933706

Nah, they literally confess their love for each other and go on an ice cream date.

No. 933708

Oh, I guess you're right.

No. 933718

File: 1633693235531.jpg (79.94 KB, 288x250, 1953791-18cd65fb93541935a6eeb7…)

I need to know why twitter defends pedos,zoophiles and animal abusers so much.

A furry,leftist,antifa member by the name of onebiggrumpyrat has been openlly advertising his status as a zoophile and created a zoophile podcast about how fucking animals is okay (zooier than thou"). I have links to his twitter and youtube. I like to warn you all though his twitter is littered with some disgusting as hell tweets about animals and sexual content.





No. 933724

I clicked to report the account, these people literally make me sick. I bet Twitter won't do anything though

No. 933756

Zoophilia is getting normalizied,this is fucking terrifying

Protect your pets from these freaks

No. 933795

I'm starting to travel all the time– Going to Las Vegas in January, then Maine in February, then NYC in March. I only make $15/hr, I can save ~1k USD every month. It's budgeting, finding good deals, and having a good PTO policy. I also have two consecutive days off, which makes short trips easy to plan.

No. 933836

How bad of an idea is getting a pixy cut when my hair is Kooter tier thin?

No. 933840

But isn't short hair a good way to make it look more volumous?

No. 933847

Could you rewire the brains of monkeys (or maybe other animals) to develop paraphilias through porn exposure? Like sissification or unrealistic standards or feet or something, but then the equivalent for monkeys.

No. 933848

At what point is a BMI low enough for it to be a big problem?

No. 933849

Lmfao their entire account is filled with rhetoric. It's good to be familiar with critical thinking skills and logical fallacies, but this obsession just makes him appear to be an insufferable sophist focused only on style or technicalities and not on content.

No. 933853

If you are a S anywhere and want form fitting clothes, Australian L will not give you that. I don't know how big American sizes run though.

No. 933874

I can't for the life of me remember the name of the monkey but in my anthropology class we read about someone who tried to raise a chimp like their daughter. She was supposedly was caught masturbating to images of humans (I can't remember if it was porn or not). So I guess yeah probably since you would assume she would in nature only be horny for chimps.

No. 933882

any of you guys have/had a navel piercing? do you wear high waisted pants at all, or does it rub on the piercing?
i’ve only had mine for about 2 years, but i don’t like wearing anything high waisted, which is pretty much most pants these days.
i’m kinda considering removing the piercing because of this, but i really like it and the way it looks! i’m just wondering if it would be okay to wear high waisted pants over it for working out and such.
do you think i could take out the piercing to work out and be able to put it back in after or would it close up?

No. 933885

I want one but put it off for the reason you're describing… It's really hard to find pants that won't irritate it. Not an answer to your question but maybe you could try one of those body-safe plastic piercing retainers if you're worried about it shrinking or closing? I would expect an hour or two of not wearing jewelry not to be an issue after 2 years of healing though.

No. 933893

when your period stops

No. 933913

>it would be okay to wear high waisted pants over it for working out and such.

Yes, some people have no issues with weaeing leggings etc over them. Just make sure the jewelery is not too long so it won't get snagged.

>do you think i could take out the piercing to work out and be able to put it back in after or would it close up?

This depends from person to person. But if you want to keep it then don't take it out.

No. 933918

If you've had it for two years there's no way it'll close within the span of just working out. I used to take mine out when I went to concerts so it didn't get accidentally caught in mosh pits and it went back in just fine the next morning.

No. 933919

>African American

No. 933971

Are you stupid or illiterate? I talked about the US and France separately.

No. 933973

Nta but the way you types it was kind of ambiguous and I thought the same thing.

No. 933974

I think anon read it as African American () guys in france.

No. 933991

I know that's what she thought but it's obvious I was talking about two different groups with similarities.

No. 933994

It wasn't obvious.

No. 934060

Dollskill is of really bad quality so it’ll probably last less than a year. You should spend that money on a better quality cat coat/sweater, or something else like vidya

No. 934061

File: 1633731417578.jpg (173.61 KB, 851x514, EmtwLF8XcAISsGK.jpg)

Why do so many zoomer girls say they're bi?

Is it all just one big larp to "enjoy their youth" because they think this somehow adds to their persona?
I can't even see myself with another woman emotionally, let alone have sex with her. A guy I dated recently was genuinely surprised I wasn't into girls at all, yes, really.(stop being retarded )

No. 934064

I honestly think a lot of them are just salty about jokes about straight people and want to identify out of the target group and feel like they can get away with it because they find women pretty lol.

No. 934065

Isn't that cowardly though? How are they any better than men who transition because they want better treatment?

No. 934071

there are a bunch of reasons. but as a straight millennial woman who thought I was bi/gay at one point, I liked the idea of being with a woman because it felt freer and more equal. society has been trying really hard to pigeonhole us into "feminine" and "masculine" roles, the "feminine" one usually being submissive to the masculine. they will try and say that "femininity is equal to masculinity just different" but then people will say most "feminine" traits are things like wearing makeup, cooking, cleaning, basically being submissive to/pandering to men. I thought a gay relationship would be more like a partnership and sex with a woman looks more loving and affectionate instead of some kind of weird powerplay where the woman is choked/slapped/degraded for the man to get off. eventually I had to come to terms with the fact that I'm only attracted to men though.

No. 934073

It’s honestly retarded and I can’t think of a good reason to pretend you’re attracted to something you just don’t like.
It has to be updoots and such, because like, you’re only attracting the kind of attention you don’t want.
It’s like saying you want to fuck old men but you actually find them repulsive.

No. 934081

Zoomers are young and it's not uncommon for someone to be sorting out their sexuality into their twenties. I mean as a zoomer in current year you're no older than your early twenties, so your (ex?)boyfriend dated those girls in their teens or early twenties. Most teens don't have a lot of sexual experience, and access and exposure to porn which is overwhelmingly catered to the male gaze can make it even more confusing ("am I horny because I want to be her, or because I want to fuck her?"). Nice that you figured out early you were straight but it's not that straightforward for everyone.

No. 934086

I got a question related to hairstyles but it's more for character design rather than actual real hair, would it be better to ask here or in the hair thread?

No. 934089

Do you want it to be realistic? Hair thread. Do you want to ask how a whacky character design hair would work irl? Artist salt thread. Anything else probably fits here.

No. 934094

Does this mean we'll have a generational wave where all of the previously self proclaimed bees will revert to saying they're straight again if (unlikely) people ask? Will we all turn into our moms and tell our little goobers the same stuff they did about growing more conservative with age?
I don't think there is much room for comparison because people people nowadays think being bi is the norm for cool girls so maybe they just want validation.
I mean I get it but why not say "Well, I'm still questioning" instead? Saying you're bi when not knowing is just conditioning yourself & scavenging for brownie points.

No. 934101

I'll put it here then.
How would you make a hairstyle look smooth/sleek and playful at the same time? when I try to google ideas it just shows regular straight hair.
If I make the entire thing straight cut, combined with the hair color I'm using it would give off too much of a 'serious' vibe, but I cant make the whole thing messy either because it won't go with the overall silhouette I'm doing. I'm thinking of having the general hair look smooth but making the bangs choppy or spiky, good idea or no?

No. 934103

We're living in a time where everyone has to have some sort of special identity to cling onto and slur word to reclaim. Fake bis are just too cowardly to take the tranny/they/them pill (thankfully).

Do you guys think this all started from Black burger politics or lgbt bugers? Imo it's the former.

No. 934104

Idk, blacks were very vocal and lgbts had wild ideas. My take is that they joined forces.

No. 934105

>am I horny because I want to be her, or because I want to fuck her?
My god I used to have this thought so many times back in the day. Messed me up.

No. 934106

I was gayporn pilled in middleschool so that's probably why I dodged that bullet. I still remember watching guys going at it when I was 15 from the comfort of my room on my 3DS XL.

No. 934120

I think it’s a combination of having no sense of self-identity and the weird tribalism that people treat sexualities with nowadays.

No. 934132

File: 1633737079166.jpeg (103.34 KB, 479x558, 8B8F18A5-717A-41B9-A28A-5AFC3B…)

Sometimes I feel like my bisexually is just a product of coomer brainrot. Even though logically I know I’m fully open to an emotional romantic relationship with a woman.
I feel guilty being turned on by women a lot. It’s like “Was I simply trained to sexualize her because I was extensively exposed to the male gaze??” It doesn’t help that I got porn/hentai addiction at like 15, recovering.
Even innocent situations like getting a crush on a streamer or finding myself admiring a woman’s physique makes me feel guilty. I get upset thinking about how by just liking a girl I don’t know and having sexual thoughts about her makes me the same as scrotes and makes me wish I was straight. I feel extremely guilty about liking yuri(bait) manga and anime.

No. 934134

Anon, a-are we the same person?

No. 934136

Anyone know a good major/field with the least amount of autistic men (specifically troons & TRAs)? I feel like I fucked up with going into STEM and my city has too many trannies around.

No. 934141

Accounting? I know more female accountants than male but I'm not sure about the industry as a whole, I feel like moids are more likely to go into investment banking

No. 934143

I wouldn’t base my education around avoiding men anon. I know it fucking sucks and I’m a hypocrite because I’m not in a male dominated field but it’s so important that there are bitches like you smart enough to be in STEM.

No. 934145

I feel very burnt out in uni right now due to group projects and I face tons of micro aggressions that can’t really be reported. I imagine the workplace to be worst unfortunately. I was money oriented when i initially started uni, but now I would be content entering a field with less men to deal with after I get my degree

No. 934148

Yeah if it’s detrimental to your health and not something you’re passionate about then by all means switch nonny. Gotta say, you’ll face bullshit from pickmes and queen bees in other fields too…

No. 934165

is it truly considered autist behavior to hate clothing tags? maybe it's me feeling like i've gained weight and my skin is dry due to possible anemia, but i've started to hate clothing tags lately, and it's a very new thing. could be my adhd kicking in, i dont want to define this behavior by a disorder but i know i'm not an autist

No. 934171

You are seriously overthinking this… of course a bit of fabric sticking into your skin is likely to be annoying??

No. 934185

doesn't everyone hate those

No. 934244

Why is board-tan not at the top of the page anymore?

No. 934259

How do I fix chronic dehydration? I'm a drunk who is also addicted to coffee so I piss maybe 4 times an hour every hour for probably the last 3 years. I'm mega dehydrated and I've started drinking 2-3 Pedialyte bottles a day for probably the past 2 months but I'm getting paranoid that I'm overdoing the salt/sugar. Dunno what I'm doing at this point.

No. 934270

I don't know if this is the right thread but does anyone know where I can buy circle lenses with prescription that ships to Germany and doesn't take a very long time?

No. 934275

Drink regular water?

No. 934283

Lol no? I do that too obviously but since I'm pissing so much it's counterintuitive without a pinch of salt/sugar otherwise the water will dehydrate me more. Thought this was the dumbass question thread, not the dumbass answer thread ..

No. 934295

drink chicken broth, it's cheap and great just heat it up and pour it in a coffee mug and sip on it. will help make hangovers less bad whether drank before or after. but ultimately, the answer is drink less. when they say that alcohol is poison, that isn't just a turn of phrase. it's fucking your body up bit by bit and will ultimately ruin your looks as the icing on top.

No. 934296

So stop drinking alcohol.

No. 934300

I've done that, but thanks. I'm 2 months sober and still pissing out every liquid ingested and surprise, surprise… still dehydrated.

No. 934305

ntayrt you need to make an appt with your doctor and get checked for diabetes/prediabetes because peeing all the time is a major symptom.

No. 934306

Thanks Nona. I'll do that. I think I'll try homemade broth because after checking I just found that the sodium in chikkie broth is crazy af. But this sounds solid and I'll plan on this going forward. Ty!!!

No. 934310

to consolidate myself here, I am both chicken broth anon and check for diabetes anon, I didn't understand you weren't still drinking when I said that, although the sodium is kind of the point, it makes you retain water. anyway my answer is fully changed to go to the doctor.

No. 934376

Politically correct sjw anons - I'm a white passing Arab, (pale skin, nose job both obviously arabic features otherwise) would it be appropriate for me to partake in "ghetto" things mostly used by Hispanics and blacks?(bait)

No. 934394

What would you say to him?

No. 934405

ma'am = Man Acting All Mad

No. 934414

I'm not politically correct but I do hang around such spaces sometimes. Nowadays online only black people are allowed to use "aave". Of course that's not the case anywhere irl, so if you live in america I don't think people will have a problem with it.

No. 934425

I would have taken off with one of those Pikachus while big boy was busy reeing.

No. 934444

I'd ask him to leave and then refuse to acknowledge him as I call mall police to escort him out.

No. 934451

why is my acne so much worse now than it was in highschool?
how the fuck is that possible!? i literally had mostly clear skin in highschool but now its never clear and i feel fucking disgusting

No. 934463

Your culture is already ghetto go ahead(taking bait)

No. 934476

No. 934485

there was a pinned locked thread with board rules/purpose (like in /g/ and /m/) and board-tan as threadpic

No. 934491

Is the new discord chill or sus

No. 934496

the matrix? no one is here so far lol

No. 934530

Anons with blogs (that isn't tumblr), what platform do you use? I wanna start a blog, just for fun nothing serious.

No. 934531

I joined (or tried?) about an hour or so ago but I have no idea how it works lmao.

No. 934540

File: 1633793795014.jpg (636.41 KB, 1920x2880, 100047482_1NN_alt3_1920x2880.j…)

sewing anons, is there any way to shorten the straps of a top that are like a cord like picrel?

No. 934548

File: 1633794425201.png (253.7 KB, 300x741, 5EF38326-87F5-4FD0-A6D1-A02513…)

if i dressed like pic related every day, would people think i'm insane? could i still find a boyfriend?

No. 934554

>would people think i'm insane?
Nah, It’s pretty a pretty tame style tbh, if you went out wearing a monokini with crocs and a feathery boa, that would make people believe you’re insane.
>Could I still find a boyfriend?
Yes you could, I think a nice boyfriend would think you look neat.

No. 934571

Any tech-anons who could help me? I hve a wireless mouse that works both through an usb dongle or through bluetooth. It works just fine through bluetooth but it doesn't work on the USB dongle anymore. My computer does recognize the USB dongle and it says it has the latest driver installed. What can I do?

No. 934581

Probably not the answer you wanted but I always cut the cords at the back and make a halter top. Cutting and resewing it back in for the same spaghetti strap style would be your best bet though.

No. 934583

File: 1633797447263.jpg (17.75 KB, 473x519, 07aa7d3cc1e997456f2bc95ec4e06e…)

Nonas please help me make a hard decision.

I have two sketchbooks and I need to pick which one to draw in first.

The first one is pretty on the outside, but is thinner (like a notebook) with not so good paper.
The second one is not pretty but it's thick as hell and has nicer paper.

No. 934585


do loose/practice sketches in the thinner one and then when you have a more fleshed out idea for something, do it on the good paper. no reason not to use both of them.

No. 934586

I guess undo the stiching in one end, cut, sew back. But there is a sewing thread in /g/ with people more knownledgable than me. If you want a quick fix you could tie a knot but thet is a shit solution

No. 934607

Might do that, tnx nona

No. 934645

Anons, what are your experiences with male therapists? I am having my first appointment in two days, is there anything I should remember or be on the lookout before going in? My other doctor recommended him to me so he should be safe, right?

No. 934646

What can I use as a replacement for primer? I can’t find mine rn, I’m in a rush, and my skins dry as fuck

No. 934651


No. 934653

hot glue

No. 934654

File: 1633806246845.png (197.28 KB, 438x543, Screenshot (140).png)

Has anyone had experience recording their study sessions with the Xbox games bar recorder? I often enter a state of flow, or just goof off on a different website for like 5 minutes and I honestly don't want to constantly note down how much I study, so I've considering screen recording my study sessions and then measuring how long I study vs goof off later on

No. 934657

Hey that sounds pretty cool

No. 934669

File: 1633807884143.jpg (563.05 KB, 1668x2500, neo-1.jpg)

Can a kind anon translate the pic-related comic?

No. 934684

Girl: [finally] the part time job is over~
Boy: yes, good work
B: stares
G: what?
B: since you're wearing little makeup, your mood/feel is completely different (you're always doing it black)
G: is it weird?
B: it's not weird, you can show it to me

No. 934685

domo arigatou anon!
Thank you so much!

No. 934688

And I really mean it, thank you!

No. 934689

I think maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, I mean click the option in device manager to roll back driver and then click update drivers again

No. 934711

File: 1633811793286.jpeg (96.31 KB, 612x612, 8f66a31a-247f-452b-9289-e298fc…)

This might be very stupid, but why are 2 bars 130 calories and not 140 calories? These are the Outshine lemon fruit bars if it matters.

No. 934714

They rounded the numbers, assuming the amount of calories of 6 bars is not rounded then one bar is about 66 calories and two are 133

No. 934734

Thank you anon! That seems so obvious now

No. 934736

File: 1633814819055.jpg (227.68 KB, 2880x1800, wp5905203.jpg)

fellow autist anons, how do i flirt with someone without accidentally saying/doing some goofy shit and making myself look like a complete retard?

No. 934740

I guess by giving compliments, I’m also autistic so my instinct tells me that I should block and ignore the person that I like until he tells me that he likes me after the Virgin Mary slaps his face with the holy grail.
But you could try giving compliments, sending pictures of stuff like
>haha these two cuddling doves got me thinking of us haha
And planning shit, like
>oh interest of mine, we should totally go to next year’s art exposition
To show that you see her/him with you in the future.
I think those tactics are not useful against dense people, but if nothing happens by the second year of talking every single day, go full retard and say that you two would look amazing with your tongues interwoven under the moonlight.

No. 934747

>haha these two cuddling doves got me thinking of us haha
LMAO this is autistic unless you already know they like you but I suppose the right person would find that cute

No. 934751

File: 1633817398503.jpeg (86.58 KB, 960x720, 1085027A-BD27-47AD-BBEF-F0E11B…)

Well, that’s true, in any case you could say
>haha these two cuddling doves are cute
And if they say
>haha they look like us
Then it’s a good sign.

No. 934764

What is a Poly girl? I read this term in Shayna's thread

No. 934790

Here's my stupid question, why would someone who clearly dislikes you go to so much effort to skinwalk and ostracize you for multiple years? I'm talking really hate you, but they're forced to be polite because everyone else in your friendship circles loves you. Isn't skinwalking and competing with another girl you hate a weird contradiction?

No. 934792

File: 1633822533995.jpg (38.89 KB, 360x360, 64c2d5d21b245b5354448643686ec0…)

I know Disney doesn't allow cosplaying after a certain age and only allows Disney bounding, and I read somewhere that this is to keep the image of their characters intact with trained staff because of the kids and such - so is genderbent cosplay also forbidden?

No. 934844

Anyone know any celebs/public figures with contagious smiles?

No. 934847

File: 1633831384892.gif (1.92 MB, 220x190, yz3q3.gif)

No. 934865

My theory about skinwalking after reading many threads with skinwalking cows, and bearing in mind men sometimes skinwalk their girlfriends, exes or crushes, is there is a psychosexual element to it which is why it can exist even when the person appears to hate you.

No. 934870

>Disney doesn't allow cosplaying after a certain age
What? adults cosplay Disney characters all the time

No. 934871

I'm assuming that anon meant at disney world, to prevent kids from walking up to random adults

No. 934881

What is Matrix and why is it replacing discord?

No. 934889

shitty ad that's smellable 10 miles away, kys

No. 934890

Nta, but are you retarded?

No. 934895

Yeah, I meant inside parks.

No. 934901

File: 1633844064287.png (2.63 MB, 2540x1610, ahamilk.png)

what's up with this??

No. 934914

aren't they a european band? nonsense english makes sense

No. 934917

"[It's a] nice [and] cold
Ice cold

No. 934954


As in, the person has a sexual obsession with you deep down? That actually explains a lot, the first time we met many moons ago she kept slapping my butt. Since then it's been almost a life decision to skinwalk me while trying to steal friends and copy my career and do some really shady things to the point she cannot stand me but I couldn't understand the contradiction there. Maybe it is a repressed sexual tension or she finds me attractive but wants to hatefuck. Interesting, though.

No. 935001

In this context, it probably means a girl who is in a poly relationship or a relationship with more than two partners.

No. 935003

File: 1633864053121.gif (1.03 MB, 300x100, 10A3F477-26BB-444D-BDE4-2A9FDF…)

Who/what is this banner from?

No. 935054

Picked up a cat from a parking lot. How screwed am I?

It was really hungry and quite thin, I didn’t feel like I could leave it there. Put the cat in a separate room to feed it and check it out and of course it has fleas. I washed the cat, which got rid of a ton but there are still living fleas, so I put a flea collar on the cat. Googling showed that flea collars can be quite risky, so I feel bad about it, but I don’t want my house to become infested. I vacuumed the room while the cat was locked in the bathroom, and will vacuum daily. Will the fleas spread to the rest of the house? I don’t want to deal with this shit fuuuuuck. And can you just walk into a vet to pick up some proper flea meds with no appointments or anything?

I also just do not really want to own a pet. It’s too much time, money, and hassle. I’m already losing sleep thinking about what I’m going to do if no one claims this cat. What are my options?

No. 935059

If you can, bathe her in coconut oil. You can Google how to get rid of fleas with coconut oil, I find it works very well and even keeps them away for a long time after.
I think you could take the cat to a no-kill shelter, if there are any around you. Whatever happens, don't put her up for free on any listing site or app or anything. It's 4chan, but the board /an/ could offer some help too, especially based on where you might live. Tons of people go there for help with stray animals they can't keep.
Also, thank you for helping the cat, anon, I'm sure she'll remember it. I hope everything goes well

No. 935081

This is a dumb question on lolcow because she is so infamous for sperging out on here, but I love you for it, anon.

The woman in that banner is Dakota Rose's sister, Kiki/Kaka/Kikikannibal/Kirsten Ostrenga. She went by Lilou Vos for a little while when she was trying to get into acting; the banner is from her being in a very low-budget (we're talking Z-tier) horror movie.

No. 935087

How do you comfort people on problems completely out of your depth

No. 935095

Make sure to communicate that their problem is not something you're capable to fully understand but you're ready to be there for them in any way they need you to be. Ask directly for what can you do for them or whether X would be something they want before jumping straight into action; it's usually the best approach.

No. 935135

Is there anything I can do with a tea flavor I ended up hating? I feel bad just tossing it because there's kind of a lot…

No. 935144

Add sugar/honey/milk/lemon to alter the taste. Or give it away. If you live in a large city you may be able to give it away through one of those apps for free food/stuff in general.

No. 935191

You can try frontline spot on flea treatment, if she let you Bathe her she would probably let you put that on her.

No. 935254

is it safe to buy cosmetics or skincare off of amazon anymore? every time i want to order something i always find a review stating that the product is fake and some even include pictures with store-bought versions of the same product to show that the one ordered from amazon isn't legit. is amazon actually letting vendors sell fake products?
the brands i buy aren't expensive either btw!!

No. 935255

Just make sure the vendor that's selling the product is the actual brand. Like, if you're gonna buy CeraVe then make sure it's from the CeraVe store.

No. 935298

Someone please explain this to me, idk if I'm being retarded, it's because I'm ESL or what but I don't get it.

Some obese woman posted on tiktok "if you don't find me hot af that's your problem" and the comments are people being offended by it and insulting her.

Why? Is the "your problem" part an insult? I understood it more as "I don't care if you don't find me hot"

No. 935312

what kind of grownup adult drinks a glass of milk?? should i be doing that? is my lack of milk drinks making me stupid??

No. 935313

kiss the kittycat

No. 935314

It comes across as entitled and presumptive, like if they don't find her hot there's something wrong with them.

Obviously the fact that she's fat and thinks she's hot is what's driving the outrage though, any other context might cause no offence at all.

No. 935317

people take all comments made online personally. if you say something like "i hate pink shoes" a girl will reply saying "i have pink skechers on right now. so you hate me? you want me to die? wow i guess i'll just hang myself since THE EMPEROR OF THE UNIVERSE says she wants me to die today"

No. 935318

Do bi women face oppression from lesbians for liking men?

No. 935322

adults only drink chocolate milk

No. 935335

I really hope this isnt bait but lesbians dont hold any structural power over bisexual women so no. Being mean to someone isnt oppressing them.

No. 935337

File: 1633900082297.jpg (267.59 KB, 1500x1382, 5d4c917f1739c451ddc8f965f0c714…)

I want to buy an analog camera but I am clueless about which one to get. Do anons have advice on which one is good for beginners? I thought about getting a praktica like pic related but I am still unsure

No. 935339

This is probably bait but. A lesbian not wanting to be your friend or be around you or be nice to you or sleep with you because you like dick isn't oppression, because no one is entitled to another person's body, attention or affection. I'm sure there are specific circumstances wherein any person could oppress any other person based on their sexual orientation, but I imagine if you were asking about that sort of thing you would have provided an example.

No. 935341

My ww2 generation grandpa was always drinking tall glasses of iced milk.

No. 935349

I'm of the opinion that it doesn't really matter as long as you get one that takes 35mm film (since that's the only type of film you realistically still can get developed). You can get them for so cheap, I say just pick up any from one of the bigger brands (Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus) for like 5 euros at a flee market or antiques store and play around it for a while. But if you want a specific model, Canon AE-1 is often recommended for beginners and was my personal first 35mm SLR.

No. 935357

I got a smena 8m bc it was cheap and I wanted to do double exposures. It's bit shit but so much fun and I have gotten quite a few nice pics out of it despite not being able to frame shots with it properly. Whatever you chose anon I hope you have fun!

No. 935361

In the evening after every social instance/encounter etc I ask myself questions like "Did I leave anything at x persons house? I probably left something embarrassing in the bathroom when I went there. My pants were probably still open and she just didn't tell me. I probably had lipstick on my teeth or forgot my deodorant at her house, right?" And then I go through every second of the encounter/situation and try to remember if it really happened and if it happened I now look like an idiot and x person probably doesn't like me anymore amd thinks that I am gross. Is that normal? How tf do I turn this off?!

No. 935367

it's not oppression. lesbians are justifiably suspicious of a woman who may leave them for a man. or do not want to get hurt by committing to a woman they love, then finding out they were just her "experiment". i am bi and can understand the animosity from goldstars towards us, and think it's unfounded but unfortunately there's no real way to prove to a woman that you aren't just prentending to like her.

No. 935368

ativan prescription.

No. 935375

No it’s not normal, but once you get in the habit of doing that you have to train your brain in order to stop. Make an effort to notice whenever you feel yourself going down that road, stop, and distract yourself with something else until the feeling passes. Even if you did have your fly down or lipstick on your face or whatever, noticing it and feeling bad about it has 0 benefit to you and makes you feel worse.

Speaking from experience here; I’m in a lot better shape socially once I learned not to engage in those thought patterns.

No. 935383

What societies did you guys join in college/university? I want to join the card society here but I only see guys in the promotional video.

No. 935385

*choccy milk

No. 935408

beekeeping club

No. 935444

No it's like a girl from California, supposedly competition or something. The context was that Shayna will look out of place amongst them when going out

No. 935448

Is it inappropriate to talk about sexual things with someone who is on a relationship break? A friend of mine from college is going through some stuff with his girlfriend, so they're on a break right now. We've been chatting because he's been trying to reach out to more friends and stuff (which his gf criticized him for, because he's a lot more introverted than her). I'm not flirting with him, have zero intention of flirting with him, and am a lesbian (and he knows this), and we mostly talk about mundane shit in our lives but sometimes he'll make comments like "ohhh this girl is so hot" while linking me a music video or other comments that are vaguely sexual/horny and relating to women. I usually ignore it or redirect the conversation, but is this even appropriate for someone who is on a relationship break? Actually, even if he wasn't on break, is this inappropriate?? I feel like it would be weird… I don't think I'd care if I was dating someone who made harmless comments about how hot someone was while talking with friends but it feels like he's crossing the line between harmless comments about appearance and venturing into horny territory. kek I'm a loser who's never been in a long term relationship so I don't know what the boundaries are supposed to be.

No. 935457

It is inappropriate. Not only because it seems like it's rubbing you the wrong way but it's also extremely disrespectful to being sexual towards other people immediately after breaking up with their long term partner (and even more so while with)

+ We all know most men think a "break" is just to be able to morally fuck around until they can benefit from their original partner financially or emotionally again. If I were you I'd try to step in and shut him down ASAP, I know way too many girls who were extremely emotionally damaged by that, and one who caught an STD while her and her boyfriend were on break and he was the only one messing around. Please shut him down before it gets messy, if he's talking to you like this chances are he's probably harassing or being creepy to other girls too

No. 935460

How to find a fellow neet girlfriend? It must be possible seen as even the cows on this site are in relationships. I think I need to get into a hobby to find people but I'm passionless.

No. 935475

Thanks anon! I do enjoy talking with this friend but next time I'll be sure to shut it down, good to know my gut was right. While I appreciate that he's trying to better himself while they're on break, it sucks he's just like any other man out there (but am I really surprised? not really).

I did tell him that I did feel jealous that his girlfriend and him love each other so much that they're taking time away from each other to work on themselves and things that were straining their relationship (to me, it felt like a conscious act of love and wanting to do right by each other), but he said he wasn't even sure if they were going to get back together since they aren't the people they needed for each like they were when they first got together, so that threw me in for a loop… Otherwise, shouldn't you just break up? I guess that's why he thinks it's okay to make the comments that he has.

No. 935491

I'll tell you as long as you don't have a penis.

No. 935526

I never have and never will have a penis anon, pls tell me.

No. 935660

why do my ribs hurt randomly? as far as i can remember i’ve never had any injuries to my ribs

No. 935673

I’m pretty sure my toe is broken and it hurts like hell but my dad said they can’t do anything at the er/Dr office except tape it which I can do at home. Is it worth going or just a waste of time?

No. 935676

Do they hurt all the time or just when you press on them? If you’re young it could be precordial catch syndrome which is harmless but annoying. Or it could be costochondritis which usually goes away after a couple weeks.

No. 935689

File: 1633951048865.gif (269.63 KB, 220x220, D7660523-FC5F-4297-81BD-1454DA…)

My husband in real life.

No. 935693

File: 1633951362037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.84 KB, 782x2048, 20211011_132039.jpg)

Why the fuck is this girl's ribcage so wide compared to her shoulders, photoshop to make her waist look more skinny?

Warning: mentally ill ana-chan pic

No. 935694

You 100% sure that’s female?

No. 935695

Yes, she was mentioned in the pro-ana thread and used to have her own thread on /w/. Now she larps as a vampire on twitter.

No. 935703

File: 1633953216467.png (707.48 KB, 834x484, FC7292DC-1E40-4B83-92DF-292505…)

How likely is it that type 1 diabetes caused my ex's erectile dysfunction? He was 21 and couldn't stay hard. I believed him at first but now I'm thinking it was because of porn addiction.

No. 935704

I honestly can not believe this is what that 4chan attention whore is up to now a days, I wonder if she's one of the many annoying nitpicking anachans on this site

No. 935711

File: 1633955344031.png (336.49 KB, 970x600, q3dlLwv.png)

Can we ship lolcow.farm and kiwifarms like this?

No. 935715

i'm absolutely begging you to kys

No. 935731

I kek'd heartily… And agree, please kys kfship anon

No. 935741

Getting my nails done in an hour what colour should I get?
Can’t chose between black, dark blue or dark red

No. 935743

there is something just so quintessentially male where you ship inanimate websites just so you can possibly make porn of it. fanart brain rot be like

No. 935744

I already do lowkey and no one can stop me. You're all lucky I can't draw

No. 935746

Why is everyone on LC so suicidal lately? Does the quality of the site tend to do this? Kek

No. 935767

Couldn't be me sis, I love being alive and getting eaten out.

No. 935769

Dark red

No. 935770

dark red sounds gorgeous, i love red nails!

No. 935796

How do I stop my phone from sending me old text messages? Every so often, I'll wake up and have dozens of new texts but they're all just old conversations or text alerts that I received from years ago. Not sure why this happens or how I can stop it from happening again!

No. 935922

I'm sorry to tell you this anon but your phone is haunted.

No. 935936

oh no… am i a ghost? is my phone just repeating my final moments?

No. 935950

File: 1633980299648.gif (3.77 KB, 650x220, iiam.gif)

No. 935968

Why do you think "spartan" like gender dynamics more common in world history ?
What I am referring to are societies where men were valued solely for their ability to do physical labor and fight, while women are regarded as the naturally more intellectual sex and were expected to be the scholars, administration and intelligencia of those societies
Other then the spartans, there have been a handful of tribes in the world that followed these gender dynamics but it seems to odd that this wasnt more common
For me this feels this should be the norm and a more ideal and fairer system

No. 936013

Today one of my friends told me that her boyfriend left her for her mom, and while she was crying I just started laughing. I laughed so hard. I feel bad for her but the whole scenario is just so ridiculous.
My friend is REALLY mad at me and now thinks I banged her bf too (didn’t happen). How do I apologize to her convincingly?

No. 936050

what's the difference between a bob cut (or any other hairstyle with straight bangs) and the "farquad" meme hair? it seems like people use it interchangeably. but before that meme a bob cut was just called a bob cut and considered fashionable at one point

No. 936053

A bob cut refers to the shape of the overall cut and has nothing to do with your bangs. You can have a bob with bangs of any shape or a bob without. Basically it's where the hair seems to end at the same vertical length. A cut is blunt when there's no variation in end lengths to soften the shape. The farquad look is straight blunt (usually baby-)bangs combined with a blunt bob haircut.

No. 936090

Why are ugly guys attracted to me all the time? I don’t understand

No. 936091

Just wait for her to come off her feelings, she’ll likely be able to laugh too someday

No. 936098

What exactly is a femcel? Does being a woman who gets no action automatically make you a femcel or is it an attitude?

No. 936118

Pretty sure it's more of an attitude since men will literally fuck anything

No. 936119

From what I’ve understood whenever an anon spergs about femcels, it’s basically a woman who won’t suck any man’s dick just because he’s a man.
If you don’t think all men are kings or some shit, you’re considered a femcel.

No. 936180

and people who complain about not having a government issued dick sucker tend to be the same individuals who feel neglected by modern society because we're just beginning to eschew patriarchy.

No. 936187

Is it weird to be unsettled by the concept of twinks? Sometimes it seems like a code word for "looks like a teenage boy" but then maybe not

No. 936196

I do feel unsettled as well, it’s weird, it’s like the equivalent of “loli” or barely legal or something like that.
What makes me feel annoyed is when retards will try to gatekeep “twink” characters or even people like
>omg But he’s a twink!
>what happened to the twink?!?!?1!?2
It’s so weird and kind of gross.
But then again, it’s probably just used for characters and famous people. Right?

No. 936203

It literally means young, slim and hairless so of course it includes teenagers. It doesn't exclude legal adults though so I don't see the problem with the word itself, it's just a description.

No. 936205

I find it gross too like in those uses you paraphrased. It has weirdly sexual undertones
I don't know it reminds me of ancient greek pederast dynamics

No. 936216

Sometimes it's just synonymous for any guy who's slim, which isn't exclusive to teenagers. Are we really gonna start calling people pedos for preferring non-beefy, non-cavemen looking men?

No. 936220

Fair point. I guess I see so many hairy fat adult guys that I forgot slim attractive ones can exist… maybe. Idk. The slim adult guys usually look unhealthy, unwashed and balding. It seems like men are supposed to grow a broader frame as adults and when I see "twinks" they look more like teenagers who work at the grocery store

No. 936221

Kek I should stop going off of average irl guys and accept that attractive 20 somethings do exist sometimes

No. 936254

File: 1634010880623.jpeg (655.82 KB, 1125x732, 1C88E978-C13C-432C-A712-1FEC26…)

What is this matrix thing that's replaced the discord?

No. 936264

Yeah it's not wrong to have tastes outside of burly geriatrics. Also men everywhere are like
>um akshually it's normal and natural for men to be most attracted to 14 yr old girls because that's when women are the most fertile and they have no eggs after they hit the wall at 20
then you've got anon like
>hey guys, doesn't this word that could potentially be a vague reference to attraction to a 17 year old boy seem fucked up to you??

No offence to anon, I know it's from the goodness of her heart, but the contrast is comedic and I don't think the poor suffering twinks really need a wk.

No. 936295

It's a similar chat software

No. 936296

File: 1634017454075.jpeg (62.11 KB, 827x641, 1627465627055.jpeg)

I'm reposting this from the vent thread because I need advice

I changed my phone number for the pettiest reason today, so no one of my old contacts talks to me every again. i dont care. The number is prettier and easier to recite too.

I just am not in the mood to keep in touch with some people from my college. I graduated this year, but haven't seen most people more than 2 years ago, thanks to covid on one side. But now I'm just, not feeling it. Which is dumb because old me always wanted to make a bunch of contacts and be nice and whatever. I feel much more like an hermit now and it makes me feel guilty. But sometimes you outgrow people… I wonder if I'm not just being paranoid though. Truth is I want new friends.

Please anons let me know what you think, idk anymore. How to stop feeling guilty about not wanting to keep in touch? feels wrong

No. 936307

It's gay shit for scrotes and trannies and I bet it's full of those by now.

No. 936342

Funny, I've done stuff like that and never even thought twice about it.
Realize that if these people were not close enough to you that you would tell them about your number change in person, they probably won't care much in the grand scheme of things. You're not obligated to keep in touch with everyone, and for them you'll just be another uni friend they were vaguely friendly with for a short period of time that now moved on to something else. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
I just now re-read your post and you haven't seen them for 2 years. It's really no biggie anon, no need to feel guilty about it at all. Covid made a lot of us grow apart, so I don't think anyone would ever resent you for it.

No. 936351

fried rice with veggies and egg or sunnyside up egg with hashbrowns and toast (also veggies too)

No. 936356

File: 1634026875243.png (776.66 KB, 1200x733, imagen_2021-10-12_032110.png)

Is it morally wrong to find him attractive? honestly one of the best looking links. I'm asking for real here

No. 936357

I like the second option better, but only if you add marmalade to your toast!

No. 936359

never played a loz game, why would it be? is he underage in this one?

No. 936371

File: 1634027480639.png (974.71 KB, 1024x768, imagen_2021-10-12_033141.png)

Whenever there's an "adult" link, it means he's only 17. I learnt this not too long ago. The only real "legal" link there is, is the one from BOTW because he's like, 117 years old (or… still 17 because he's literally in a coma chamber regenerating his body for 100 years, whatever)
Pic related is twilight princess link, also 17

No. 936373

what do you do to deal with executive dysfunction?

No. 936374

Samefag, but it's also weird because adult link is regarded as an adult by the fandom in every iteration ever where he's tall and clearly not a child. His official illustrations also depict him in a very mature way. People have been "lewding" link since forever and I see no one being upset at this or anything like that

But also, characters like the ones from Hero Academia that also look "adult-ish" but in a cartoonish way are seen as morally wrong to find hot. I don't really watch that so I don't care. In the same vein, I think the characters from Naruto Shippuden aren't 18 either but everyone was making porn fanarts of all of them when that thing was at its peak.

I just want to know what the moral implications are here and why does everyone seem to have a different standar for these things? What's problematic, and what isn't? Where is the line drawn?

No. 936376

Eat something that gives me enough energy, and tell myself "3, 2, 1… ok time to do stuff!!!" seems silly but it kinda helps

No. 936430

I think because recent/newer fandoms have more zoomer fans who spend too much time on social media, which eventually leads to that hangwringing mindset whereas fandoms that have already been around for a long time probably have more adult fans (or I guess they're adults as of now) plus social media wasn't as widespread compared to now when stuff like naruto was popular and general internet culture was more edgy at that time. I'm just rambling and theorizing here so idk if it's the direct cause.

No. 936441

>What the moral implications are here and why does everyone seem to have a different standar for these things?
Well, I think it’s a matter of context, while during the Zelda games, adult link is being teased for being “barely legal”, you kind of forget about him being underaged because he does lots of mature things and looks mature while doing so.
Sure, he shouts like any other anime character and such, but he still has a mature air around him.
Sounds like groomer shit, but he’s a fictional character, so it’s not the same as saying that an ugly ass real teen is mature.
>What’s problematic, and what isn't?
It’s problematic still, nowadays you have lots of people seething at those making porn of link because he’s l I t e r a l l y a minor, technically, most anime, cartoon and video game characters are minors and therefore, nobody should be creating porn of them.
But you do get a lot of people justifying stuff like Link with different ideas, like saying that since you grew up watching him, it’s okay; or that since the game was released, he would be an adult this one is popular, you basically celebrate the characters’ birthday and assume that your favorite character is now an adult or that because he looks mature he’s basically an adult but that the age the developers use is just for relatability issues.
>Where is the line drawn?
When the setting makes the characters feel childish.
Like on the first naruto series or my hero academia, they’re teens going to high school and they’re learning how to be productive members of society.
Anything within a school setting should technically not be considered fit for creating porn of because it’s clear that the characters are underage.
But if the characters are outside a childish setting, you can ignore context clues and consider them adults, like in Genshin impact and TLOZ, in which the characters are too busy saving the world to be worrying about growing up as teenagers.

No. 936449

nta but that still doesn't explain why naruto porn was given a pass or ignored by the majority of anime fans while other series aren't. and this was even before the timeskip happened.

No. 936462

Yeah, I think Naruto was given a pass because of the
>Well, I’m the age of the character, therefore it’s okay for me to look at porn of them
Kind of logic, which is kind of fucked when you think too much about it, but they’re drawings so eh.
Naruto has been so popular for so long, that people from the time before tumblr’s popularity would create porn of the characters for shock value, so you could even say that the Naruto porn has been normalized to the point that It’s expected to see it if you like the series.
I honestly don’t really get why it’s okay to somehow create naruto porn before the time skip because they’re actual minors with actual adult selves, you can’t pretend that they used to be adults because they weren’t.
I guess it’s because naruto is considered an “old” anime so nobody really cares about it anymore?
Maybe zoomies are too busy trying to shove many trans headcanons into newer stuff to care about naruto.

No. 936482

File: 1634037904785.png (916.93 KB, 1400x700, imagen_2021-10-12_062506.png)

>But if the characters are outside a childish setting, you can ignore context clues and consider them adults, like in Genshin impact and TLOZ, in which the characters are too busy saving the world to be worrying about growing up as teenagers.

But what about skyward sword then? Link goes to school with zelda in the prologue of the game
Also dunno, for me genshin impact looks too childish, and there's many girls there that look like the "loli" stereotype

I dunno. I'm not someone who watches cartoon porn to begin with, but I think Link is very attractive in many of his (adult) iterations. Is it bad to like him?

No. 936483

Meditate and try to get massages. Not even kidding. Also get herbal anxiety pills, they help me so much

No. 936494

nayrt but as someone who loves adult Link I don't like him in Skyward Sword because he's too childlike, going to school, having crushes and shit

No. 936506

I never played skyward sword tbh, so I don’t know just how much it would influence people into thinking that Link is a teen in that game.
Like, if you like a character and find it attractive, you won’t go to jail, specially when the character doesn’t look like a kid with child proportions who acts like a kid.
Saying that Link is hot as an adult isn’t the same as saying that young link is hot because they’re different, one is literally a kid and the other looks like an adult and acts like an adult.
Also, don’t forget that people will get mad at you for liking hot anime guys because some retards never got a good tard wrangler to keep them away from the internet to sperg about their cwoomfort chwaractwers being sexualized.
Yet you will see faggots creaming their crusty underwear for anime little girls who are going to school, but no one bats an eye at that at best, or will joke about it at worst. Ie: Maid dragon’s little girls.
If you want your social media to know about your undying love and lust for your favorite characters, just create an alternate Twitter handle with a random e-mail so nobody bothers you.

No. 936520

>Also get herbal anxiety pills
I wasn't the anon but are you willing to share a brand? "Herbal anxiety pills" encompass such a massive span of products, most of which are useless money sinks and a few of which may actually be helpful.

No. 936524

File: 1634040763822.png (1.23 MB, 1200x848, imagen_2021-10-12_070108.png)

>I never played skyward sword tbh, so I don’t know just how much it would influence people into thinking that Link is a teen in that game.
I don't really know honestly. I guess he's just like any other adult link there is. I didn't play the game either, honestly he looks kinda ugly and acts too much like a dumb anime character, so I never found him remotely attractive

>Like, if you like a character and find it attractive, you won’t go to jail, specially when the character doesn’t look like a kid with child proportions who acts like a kid.

I guess this is the case with link then. He is always acting mature and does combat stuff and doesn't look childlike at all. He's the only husbando I have really. Like I said my favorite one is the BOTW one and he's 117 so I think that might be okay??

>Saying that Link is hot as an adult isn’t the same as saying that young link is hot because they’re different, one is literally a kid and the other looks like an adult and acts like an adult.

Ewww god no. It's like saying the link from wind waker is attractive. It does not sit right with me.

>Yet you will see faggots creaming their crusty underwear for anime little girls who are going to school, but no one bats an eye at that at best, or will joke about it at worst. Ie: Maid dragon’s little girls.

God I hate that type of retard. They always get away scold free. It feels so disgusting that most anime fans are like this.

>If you want your social media to know about your undying love and lust for your favorite characters, just create an alternate Twitter handle with a random e-mail so nobody bothers you.

Tbh I don't have social media and I keep my love for link secret lol. I don't even look at porn of him or anything but he's just very cute and very handsome to me. So I wanted to know if it was morally okay. For example I used to think Deku from Hero Academia was very cute without having watching it but then I learnt he's still a teen and it ruined it for me. I assumed he was in college or something. But now I just don't find it morally good to do so. I also had a slight crush on Bakura from yugioh growing up, but he does progressively age as the anime goes on (I think he might be 19-ish in the last movie he was in and cannonically he was born in 1979). So yeah this kind of insight is important to me.

No. 936531


I personally use these because these are what I have available where I live, but I recommend to do your own research on amazon or at your local drugstore/supplement store.

No. 936533

Thanks anon, looks like it has valerian in it which I've actually been meaning to try so I will give it a go

No. 936534

How do you say you're a legitimate lesbian in wokespeak? I want to beat troons at their own game and describe myself as who's attracted only to cis women, AFAB nonbinaries and trans men. Pansexual doesn't work because it would include men too.

No. 936536

>Into: AFAB cis/non-binary and transmen.

No. 936539

Samefag, but I think that as long as you put a Trans identified person, you could be under the radar of trans militants.

No. 936540

"Sapphic queer lesbian into AFAB nonbinaries, cis women and trans men #LGBT".

No. 936542

gynophilia lol but if you use it they will still say you're transphobic. as you see it has philia in the name which means they just see you as someone with a fetish for vaginas.

No. 936543

Kek that's pretty good, I'm taking from >>936536 to remove the "cis women" and make it "AFAB cis/nonbinary" and come up with
>Polysexual queer sapphic lesbian with a preference for AFAB cis/nb and trans men

No. 936546

Kek, sounds perfect to me
Why in the fuck do trans shitheads police other's sexuality? it's supposed to be lgbt not tttt. I swear to got it's a cult

No. 936547

samefag but I just had an epiphany when re-reading my sentence.
why is it that having fetishes in the LGABCD is good.. and kinkshaming is bad.. but my FETISH FOR VAGINAS is bad?
its my fetish. don't kinkshame for it.

No. 936549

Because they hate women. They have to shoehorn their dick in every situation.
>Literal furry piss scat kink? = GOOD and VALID!!!!
>Wearing BDSM shit on the street near families?? = EMPOWERING!!!!
>Recolecting women's tampons and putting them inside their hairy assholes? = omg YASS queen. Love that gender euphoria!!

But the moment you say
>I like vaginas.
They're like

No. 936552

Because most TIMS are straight men with fetishes. They hate it when women have boundaries.

No. 936553

Isn't the correct response to that just "Ok if I have gynephilia, then you obviously have autogynephilia"?

No. 936644

anons how do I stop losing my glasses? it happens every couple of months and each time I buy a new pair i really try to keep better care of them but somehow i will always inevitably misplace them.
i am thinking this time i will try some of those neck cord things even though it's gonna look pretty silly. is there anything else that works for you guys?

No. 936648

try going for one session and seeing what the atmosphere is like. hopefully the people are friendly and welcoming, if they are it'll be a good chance to improve your language skills (ime people don't really seem to mind too much if you don't speak their language too well, as long as you can communicate basic things i think people tend to be fine.)
but if they ignore you or feel like they already have set groups then you know that it might not be for worth going another time. good luck anon i hope you have fun!

No. 936650

I started going cross eyed this year for some reason and it’s getting worse help what do I do. Can an optometrist help

No. 936699

Can you tell if someone's gay based on their voice alone (if they don't have the stereotypical lispy gay voice)? What are some clues?

No. 936732

File: 1634056754642.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1634056543352.png)

Is there some (love)story behind this pic?

No. 936735

What happens to a diabetic if they eat something sugary?

No. 936737

They pee candies and lose a foot.
t. Doc. Nonna

No. 936738

Their blood insulin rises a lot and this causes a lot of complications to the body, like taking longer to heal wounds, bad blood circulation, brain fog, blindness, pancreatic failure, etc
Source: dad has it

No. 936753

If I feel slightly sick right after eating something sugary, could I have diabetes? Or is it normal to feel your bloodsugar drop every time you eat something sweet?

No. 936843

My god. I wish all people were like "if I have gynephilia, then you have autogynephilia" to troons.

No. 936847

Nonny fell in love

No. 936974

am i being a brat for getting deeply angry when my mom baby-talks me? i'm talking straight up babbling and using babyish words in a high pitched voice, like you'd do to an actual baby or a puppy. i'm 24 and just ignore it at this point because it's clear she's not going to stop, even though she knows i dislike it.

No. 936999

What’s up with pet rehoming fees on Craigslist? You want meto pay you for your questionably trained baggage laden pet when you’re the one who’s desperate to be rid of it so you can move?

No. 937002

i always assumed it was to make sure the person actually wants to take care of the dog rather than just get a free dog for dog-fighting. at least that's how it was explained to me. i've never been in the situation, but if i absolutely HAD to give up a pet in order to move, and had no trusted friends or family to take them in, i would be very wary about giving them to a stranger. then again i wouldn't do this unless there was literally no other option so idk.

No. 937003

I recently saw pictures, both old and new, of the girl who used to bully me in like 9th grade and I was astounded by how dweeby she looked and especially how dweeby she looks nowadays. Suddenly it’s as if I’m looking back at my 14 year old days and see everything in 4D, with a strange omniscience that reveals how she didn’t have a lot of friends, got no attention from boys, and was just angry and insecure. All the dread I had whenever I remembered her has instantly disappeared. I don’t think she has a bf and I kind of want to meet up with her and give her a hug. Back then I thought she was some classic bitchy cool/popular girl archetype, but now I see she picked on me because she saw herself.

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself and am projecting too much. Does anyone recognize this? Should I reach out to her?

No. 937004

Your glucose levels should not be dropping if you eat sugary foods. The sugar should make your glucose levels spike. Also if you were an undiagnosed type one diabetic (which would be unlikely in adult age because it is typically diagnosed in childhood, which is why it is also called juvenile diabetes. Not impossible but pretty uncommon.) you would be experiencing unexplained weightloss because you presumably eat three meals a day and do not inject insulin (which leads to high blood sugar and subsequently weightloss). I am not very knowledgeable about type two diabetes but it is usually diagnosed in older people who are overweight. You can prevent type two but you cannot prevent type one. Sorry for diabetes sperging but I hope I quelled some of your worries anon!

No. 937009

I wouldnt. it just sounds like a weird basis for a relationship

No. 937013

I've never opened that thread but I bet it's home to all the unironic trancel kiwis who sometimes pop up and get btfod in the sideshows thread

No. 937014

File: 1634072878684.jpg (23.1 KB, 380x380, 8001841091587_PHOTOSITE_202107…)

Eurofags do you have an anti-dandruff shampoo that works (for a monthly use)

No. 937018

i use what you posted because it works tbh

No. 937020

Oh that makes sense! Although I just saw a fee of $250 kek

No. 937022

anyone else have those moments when you're like "I am just like my mom/dad" in daily occurences

No. 937023

yes, all the time

No. 937051

Agreed with >>937018 (well, the anti-dandruff variant).

No. 937096

yeah. whenever i see a recent pic of me i look a lot like my dad, but i didn't use to. and i've realised my literary tastes are almost the same as his

No. 937118

Do you feel make-up on your face? Also, is it safe to touch your face when you have make-up on? I know you can't rub your eyes when you have eyeliner/that lash thing because you'll turn into a panda, but other than that I mean.

No. 937124

>can you feel it
that's why I never learned, didn't like the feeling

No. 937135

is it still possible to "torrent" things? like music and stuff? can someone give me the dumbass's guide to torrenting music w/o your isp reaming you?

No. 937146

>download torrenting software
>go on the pirate bay or a proxy
>get ignored by your ISP because nobody cares anymore when streaming is so popular

No. 937149

i got a warning from my isp in maybe 2016 so i'm wondering if that' still an issue. i intend to dl lots of music…

No. 937156

File: 1634085900003.gif (360.41 KB, 300x198, 5871DA6B-9B5B-4ABC-9C05-60A398…)

Nta but whenever I want to download some music, I just:
>go to YouTube
>find music I want
>put on a VPN of a country that doesn’t have any annoying laws about pirating
>put on my pirate costume
>give poly a cracker
>search for YouTube to mp3 converter
>YouTube link of video in active YouTube to mp3 converter website
>insert in iTunes
>sing “you are a pirate”

No. 937176

anons i suddenly got a bunch of bright red bumps on my body within the span of several hours, what is going on? there's a medium sized one on the side of my thigh that appeared in the daytime, then around early evening 2 small ones appeared on my arm, then i felt another medium-ish bump on the back of my leg. i don't think it's an allergic reaction to anything, these all showed up when i wasn't even eating and i'm not taking any medication. they don't itch either (except the one behind the leg slightly) and i don't see any bugs around plus i haven't gone outside in 6 months. so what gives? and no i can't see a doctor right now. don't even have insurance

No. 937187

yup, I do all the time.

No. 937193

How do the big OF thots make close to seven figures a year? Is it just a matter of luck or what?

No. 937194

Occasionally and my mom is based so I welcome the transformation

No. 937201

I'm very much like my dad

No. 937205

me and my mom share the same kinds of immaturity and dissociation it’s honestly kind of endearing

No. 937206

Are you feeling stressed or anxious? Could be hives from that

No. 937207

Just today. My dad did something today that I do all the time and I was like, ah.

No. 937208

oh no you’re going to die anon you have cancer

No. 937211

yes, that might be it. i also didn't get that much sleep lately. google kept saying that only allergies resulted in hives

No. 937213

hmmm I don’t know about ISP because where I live piracy is the norm (I’ve been pirating ever since I was 9, pirated Sony Vegas Pro lmao and songs to put into my iPod) BUT if you’re looking for songs I’d suggest blogs, specifically blogspot, for music. Sophie’s Floorboards is great for emo bands. Also vk.com (go to the search docs link) and soulseek. I’m always too lazy to torrent so I just download whole albums from vk or blogpost. Invest in a VPN if you’re worried.

Can you tell me what are you looking for? Maybe I’ll help.

No. 937215

I got the helix piercing five days ago. I've been cleaning it three times a day with physiological solution and try to be very careful with it but it's still inflamed and it hurts when I move it just a little bit, it also stings when I clean it and I still can't sleep on that side because it hurts. Is it normal or should I be worried?

No. 937219

Nta, but just use this
The only instance where Reddit is useful tbh

No. 937221

Are your ears hot? Doesn't sound normal at all. Try putting in real gold in the hole instead, that fixed my infection real quick.

No. 937223

I’ve had my felix piercing for 10 months now. It’s had a big pump for the past five months, comes and goes. Helix piercings are hard to heal. If your ear isn’t hot to the touch and oozing green then you don’t need to worry. Contact your piercer to see if you could change your earring to a shorter bar that would move around less.

No. 937225

It's absolutely normal for it to be very tender in the first week. Don't overwash it or you will irritate it more. Spray it with sterile saline wound wash 1-2x a day and rinse it very well in a warm or hot shower. Don't touch it and if you have to touch it wash your hands first. Don't touch it while you clean it or use cotton swabs on it. Cartilage piercings heal very slowly, much slower than lobes. Helix can take 9 months or longer to heal. Mine took 1 year and I still don't sleep on that side.

No. 937230

Thanks anon. I’ve checked out this subreddit before. I don’t pirate as much these days, I even pay for Spotify because I like the algorithm. But I’m curious, does anyone pirate video games nowadays? Last time I did it I was a kid. Would love to pirate some games now. I’ve looked at the games section of the FAQ and I’m going to read it tomorrow, it’s 4 in the morning where I live and I have to get up early.

No. 937232

Thanks anons! I'm going to keep all your advices on mind and I'm going to be extra careful so it doesn't move at all

No. 937233

I pirate games frequently. You don't even need to torrent just go to igg-games

No. 937234

Good luck and keep your chin up! All the fuss and tenderness will be worth it when it's finally healed. Imo one of the cutest piercings you can get.

No. 937236

I'm not eurofag but I have severe dermatitis (it affects almost my entire face if I don't treat it constantly) and what works for me is a shampoo from the brand Glenmark, it looks like they have different names for the European market but I'll list the ingredients and you could search for similars or go to a chemist's shop: ciclopirox olamine 1,5%, zinc 1,0% salicylic acid 3,0%. 1-2 times a week is fine for most people.

No. 937243

How do you really cope with body dysmorphia? I know you're supposed to just not think about it or look at yourself, lah dee dah, or at least that's all I've heard. But what if you genuinely don't know what your body looks like? I know it shouldn't matter but I wanna have a realistic view. I guess that's where it all started because I'm obsessed with knowing the true appearance, because I'm scared I'm a horrible freak who shouldn't wear most types of clothes in public. Well, logically that can't be true (as much as it pains my dumb brain to admit typing this) so I wanna see myself normally, healthy. I want to see myself for how I am and that can't be so bad, I don't want to take the advice that's like "just don't perceive yourself at all" fuck off. Sorry this became an unhinged vent in the end but the question still stands what do

No. 937251

Can someone explain to me, why is it considered "cuckoldry" to ship yourself with your husbando? Isn't it the opposite?

No. 937255

Is there any kind of online community for blackpilled females? ie. generally radfem beliefs but you know you can't change anything

No. 937257

What do you mean? Maybe it could be considered cuckoldry if your husbando is already with someone in the canon? I don't know who would care that much to call you a cuck about it though kek.

No. 937258

samefag but I'm assuming when most people find someone sexually attractive, not just drawings anyone at all, surely they imagine having sex with them at some point right? which means picturing yourself and your body with them. So who's being cucked?
I feel like if I elaborate too much it may cause a massive shitstorm/infight, so I'll just say to those who do say that, if they're reading this I want to understand their point of view

No. 937306

There used to be a subreddit but it got banned. Sekhmet She-owl on YouTube does video essays on the topic, I found her from that sub while it was alive

No. 937313

How common it is for a person (man or woman) to realize their sexuality after the age of 30?

No. 937314

Are you refering to the fujo farmer trying to provoke others by calling them otomecucks? She is just some resident weirdo with a grudge against non-fujos.

No. 937323

Idk "how common" but it sure happens

No. 937352

I've been thinking how literally nobody has been calling dudes into harem anime or galge VNs cucks. Somehow everybody understands that protagonists of those things aren't proper characters, just hollow shells to project on.

No. 937358

Female_Antinatalism on Reddit.

No. 937376

Women are so often shamed for the media we like. We are shamed for liking harmless things like chick flicks and bishounen and boybands while men aren't shamed enough for outright degeneracy.

No. 937379

Context matters in everything. Take for example two series about magical girls, Sailor Moon and Madoka. In both series the girls are aged 14 but in Sailor Moon they could easily pass for adults due to their design, behavior, interactions, choices and how their character models barely differ from the actually adult characters in the series. Usagi looks almost exactly like her mother who is supposedly at least 20 years older than her. Even the canonical adult versions of the characters from the future look identical to how they do at 14. But in Madoka the girls look like 10-year olds tops and are much more naive to the world around them, Madoka is obviously very shorter and has a smaller, shapeless body compared to her mother who's also portrayed as being much more well-versed with the real world. So in my opinion finding Madoka sexually attractive would be much more of a red flag than it would be with Sailor Moon even if they're both canonically the same age. The same applies to Naruto, the characters are supposedly 12 but seeing how they interact with others, how they're treated as equals with adults including the viewers and how much fucking muscle and shape they're given the age makes no sense and doesn't have any actual value.

And let's be real unironically acting like finding a muscular 17-year old male vidya character sexy is exactly the same as a moid being obsessed with lolicon porn depicting child-bodied toddlers is being disingenuous and they know it.

>Yet you will see faggots creaming their crusty underwear for anime little girls who are going to school, but no one bats an eye at that at best, or will joke about it at worst. Ie: Maid dragon’s little girls.
Female sexual interests get policed for a single anomaly while scrotoids get to walk free being out and loud pedos and degenerates, how curious!

No. 937388

File: 1634120751736.png (219.64 KB, 1012x1557, 0002 - x2.png)

>a nuanced take on underaged anime characters
Bless you, I only ever see people argue that it's evil pedophilia without exception and can't be justified OR that it's totally ok to jerk off to loli because they're just drawings. It depends on the style but you can generally tell which underage characters actually look like children or adults. There is usually no meaningful difference in design between a 16 year old and a 30 year old, maybe they'll add a couple of wrinkles to middle aged characters but overall a generic anime face lacks detailed enough features to indicate age (or race, or gender). Bodies are a better indicator but are usually aged up if anything, like teen girls with huge boobs or ripped teen boys.

Posting my high school aged husbando to emphasize that last point.

No. 937395


No. 937403

not to mention that i've never seen male coomers with different tastes infighting over that, while anything women like is scorned and considered problematic in some way or another even by other women

No. 937405

Exactly, men want us to like generic anime guy #13948292 who is eternally stuck in high school, because he’s literally them. But the moment you like any well written character, it’s dumb or somehow wrong.
And I particularly despise when you get idiots being like
>muh you have to be better and show them you’re superior
Fuck off, it doesn’t work, it hasn’t worked, it will never work, might as well just like what you like as long as it isn’t utterly degenerate.

No. 937406

It's interesting that moids have too much solidarity about their gross coomerism but there is more infighting among women.
Perhaps it has to do with the sex-based discriminated we grow up with.
(It's okay to not like something and to be critical of things of course.)

No. 937407

It's because due to our socialization and indoctrination to conformity women are reactionary and much more likely to buckle down to crybully demands than men are. You can call a moid a pedo for liking toddler guro porn and he wont care and will even get his friends to whiteknight him and doxx you. But when you call a woman pedo for simping a 17-year old anime boy she'll panic, profusely apologize and delete her whole being because that's the stance she's most likely taught to take. Of course people will abuse the tactic. You constantly see salty, obviously jealous people in the artist salt thread pretzeling to call any female artist a pedo while never batting an eye at a degenerate scrote. They don't really give a shit besides trying to earn some imaginary internet clout points.

No. 937410

nta, but i just checked this out and thank you!!

No. 937416

Thanks for saying that. NTA but I've literally never could think that liking adult Links could be considered as wrong. Doesn't matter that he is 16 or 17 (almost adult age), he looks like a grown person and could be 18 just as well (that includes the Skyward Sword Link).

No. 937420

Have an interview later today, would wearing a dress shirt with a pattern they're basically circles/bubbles? be considered inappropriate? Should I even risk it or just play it safe and go for a plainer shirt?

No. 937424

Why is there such a noticeable clash (and mix of I guess) between bone rattlers and non-bone rattlers on this site? If you go in threads like celebcows there's always weight discussion going on and it's always either wildly speculating a thin celebrity is anorexic or someone claiming having a 15 BMI is normal.

No. 937425

One of my hobbies is popular with autists. I'm in a lil online community where people chat about the hobby and just make small talk in general. I've noticed that the people with autism quite often have chronic pain illnesses. They'll post about sickness, nausea, pain, insomnia day in and day out. Is there a high comorbidity rate between autism and chronic illness?

No. 937430

I think at least part of it is because autists have sensory issues and are super aware of all sensation.

No. 937436

File: 1634133614502.png (534.88 KB, 640x922, af8s7vrn99361.png)

Is it selfish to use the pronoun 'I' (or 'me' etc.) a lot when explaining something I'm going through, from my perspective, without divulging in too much info about the people who're possibly involved?

Does anyone else here feel self-conscious about how much they talk about or address themselves (online or offline)?

No. 937442

I get this too. Even when posting on here I'll notice how many times I said 'I' in a post and I'll feel like I come across as self absorbed? I overthink everything tho

No. 937464

I think because this is a gossip site for women, and women are raised to see our bodies as our worth, so almost every woman has strong negative feelings about her body and by extension other women's bodies. From there you get the anachan vs body positive dichotomy depending on your psychology. If you have an internal locus of control you tend to have anachan feelings because you think everyone is master of their destiny and a bad body is a personal failing. If you have more of an external locus of control, you see weight as more of a random fate that happened to you, and you gravitate towards body positivity because you think nobody is to blame for their bodies, it's more about genetics and circumstances. But what do I know I"m high.

Actually autism is co-morbid with digestion issues, which is why clean eating was touted as an early 2000s cure for the 'tism in kids. IBS is still poorly understood and linked to depression and autoimmune disorders (correlation not necessarily causation) I think it has to do with inflammation in the body. If you notice (actual) autistic people tend to have pouchy, fleshy faces, it's not always fat it's actually inflammation like water retention swelling that makes them look like that. Lupus suffers have the same thing but to the extreme. It's an interesting rabbit hole to go down if you're feeling like diagnosing yourself with some incurable shit.

No. 937474

never post this image again

No. 937491

Is it possible for someone to be forgetful, unfocused and constantly late without having ADHD?

No. 937495

Any recommendations for nice, quiet twitters that only post one kind of content? Example off the top of my head is PostcardfromthePast. I just want to make a timeline of cute photos/art/interesting facts, no news or politics or IRL stuff.

No. 937497

Should I force my ass to be social and go to an event or should I just stay home and masturbate?

No. 937498

yeah, if you don't have any routine you'll be constantly "oh yeah"ing remembering what you need to do or missed out on doing because nothing is planned out. your tasks blend into one another because there's no structure. at least that's how it was for me but I supposedly have ADHD so idk

No. 937500

Is getting sterling silver jewellery worth it if I wear 24/7?

I found a cute necklace that I've been looking for for years now and actually planned to get it custom made because it was impossible to find. But the tarnish worries me

No. 937503

You can just clean it once a month or so. There are special cloths and cleaning solutions you can use. I have a necklace I have been wearing everyday for years and i can still get it to be as shiny as new

No. 937514

At that point just use tumblr

No. 937517

my bmi is 14.0 and my therapist wants me to briefly go to hospital (for about a week) for refeeding. is this weight really low enough to warrant that kind of treatment or is it wasting a bed? i don't feel as bad as i could in terms of physical health except for when i go days without eating.

No. 937524

It's wasting a bed but so is all the other self inflicted disease taking up hospital space. Specifically fatasses. But I wouldn't do it if youre able to eat a burger rn without some mental hangups about it. Otherwise get yourself checked in, skelly

No. 937585

it does not tarnish when you constantly wear it, the oils of your skin keep it clean. (Why is tarnish even a concern? It's not like you can't clean it easily at home). I think a bigger concern should be scratching, considering sterling silver is relatively soft.

Don't use anons to try to get a justification to not go, we don't know better than your therapist does. You have a bmi of 14 ffs, plenty before you have died at that bmi, listen to your therapist.

No. 937587

Is shampoo really just for the scalp only? Are you not supposed to put it on the rest of your hair?

No. 937590

When does Seinfeld start getting funny? It seems really boring so far tbh.

No. 937591

US nonas, are class pets and having to take them home for a weekend in primary school or something like that really a thing or did sitcoms lie to me?

No. 937592

File: 1634147410872.jpg (110.17 KB, 1200x875, C4vdNDHUcAIQLVk.jpg)

Is there a manual for like…how to talk to people? How to talk about yourself, how to tell stories in an entertaining way, what not to say to people, how to say things etc. Genuine question by a social retard whose sarcasm is lost on people and who sometimes accidentally comes off as condescending

No. 937593

File: 1634147489739.gif (2 MB, 465x280, 999 (1).gif)

any funny female youtubers farmers can recommend? preferably someone who gives off 'chaotic retard' energy (but not in a "randum" way?idk) but i'm open to other suggestions too

No. 937598

Yes, unless you've gotten your midshaft and ends dirty or have just finished a chemical process, you don't need to put shampoo on them. Your hairs themselves don't produce oils, skin flakes, sebum or sweat that the surfactant in shampoo is meant to remove, All of that happens on your scalp, and your ends especially need your natural oils to stay soft and healthy. You will dry out your hair by pulling it through every time. The run off from rinsing is usually enough to remove any residuals from daily activity or styling. Conditioner helps your hair to feel soft when you've dried it out by stripping out all of the natural oils that get carried down by your brush, but you can use just conditioner on your ends like you would shampoo on your scalp to help remove styling products if shampoo run off isn't enough.
It's real. It was normal when I was a kid, not sure if it's still done today

No. 937605

micarah tewers!

No. 937606

This channel (Charisma on Command) has a lot of great videos on how to have successful conversations. He analyzes charismatic people and explains how you can mirror their behaviors

No. 937614

What is 30025 to 2 significant figures? 30000 or 30020?

No. 937620

No. 937627

It was when I was in elementary school. Not every class had one tho, it was only a thing in one class for me and it was a guinea pig. I'm 20 btw, idk how much of a thing it is now.

No. 937647

What makes someone emotionally immature? And how can an emotionally immature person become mature?

No. 937648

What's the worst you've ever seen of the 4chan or internet?

No. 937651

Why not both? Go to the event and masturbate there.

No. 937654

File: 1634152382363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 1920x8640, cum nuggets.jpg)

pic related (warning: not safe for life)

No. 937732

I didn't start gagging but I started coughing and could not finish reading after he licked it

No. 937737

File: 1634157609369.gif (127.39 KB, 275x275, 1631479304688.gif)

No. 937756

I wish I could tell my gf that No, I do not want to spend the rest of my life with her. But instead I have to lie and pretend that she's here to stay..
She's my first gf and absolutely thinks we're gonna be together forever lol. If I tell her the truth she will freak out.

My question is, how does it work in your relationships? Do you ever discuss for how long you want to be together? Or do you just silently agree to not speak of it? Or are you every single time convinced that its forever?

No. 937774

File: 1634159219295.jpg (218.8 KB, 1242x1539, 1612563668234.jpg)

There used to be an image-hosting site called imageshack that had a 'new uploads' page and my SO and I would play a game where we'd refresh and send each other all the weird shit that would pop up. Once I refreshed and found some CP featuring what looked like two 7-10yo brothers. Sent the link to the FBI and never played Imageshack Roulette again.

No. 937779

How much weekly walking is required to fit into the definition of "Light Exercise 1-3 times a week?"

No. 937782

8k-10k steps a day is the ideal

No. 937784

Is it normal to have higher waist/hip measurements if you're tall? or should you still be as thin as someone short

No. 937786

you shouldn't lie to her, don't let her waste her time and energy on you when you're a mismatch in long term desires. It's not fair to her.

No. 937788

pupinia stewart

No. 937791

Depends on your frame size, when you're taller you're more likely to have a larger frame size.

No. 937795

But do you get into relationships thinking they will last forever?? What if you're just looking for company for some time, do you tell the person? I feel like an autist asking this but I honest to god can't imagine being with the same person for my whole life, its so alien to me

No. 937803

How come in the 70s and 80s, people's hair looked "fluffy"?

No. 937807

I've always dated with not just the intent of aiming for forever… but the full on belief it'd be forever. Disaster lol. I think I'm at a point now where I'm more realistic but you have to live and learn sometimes. The vast majority of romantic relationships end but I feel like women in particular are taught to seek out permanent love as soon as possible, life rarely hands you that the first time.

No. 937815

Every time I've been in a relationship I've hoped it could potentially be forever and I've communicated that. A lot of monogamous people are looking for someone to settle down with for the long-term and potentially build a family with, so yeah, it's kind of shitty that your partner has made it very clear she's hoping things will last while you're well aware it won't. It's why people say they're "not looking for anything serious" when first going on dates so the other person's expectations are set rather than wasting years of their time when they could be out looking for another person who is also marriage-minded/looking for a forever partner. You're just being cruel and selfish, go find someone else who just wants to fuck around

No. 937817

Rollers and hairspray

No. 937826

Can cats be afraid of colors? I gave a cat an foam orange to play with but he was terrified of it kek. Gave him other toys and he played with them. Then I gave him an orange plastic egg and he was scared again! Never mind that the dork himself is orange

No. 937835

How do I get the courage to go upstairs and tell my neighbors to stop being so fucking loud?

No. 937875

internalized orangephobia, so sad

No. 937883

Will a broken toe heal on its own? Like swollen and dark purple tier

No. 937891

File: 1634164889499.png (93.76 KB, 500x253, tumblr_4852b99859d0c19edda6dab…)

No. 937955

what do i do if i wanna get into dnd (or something similar) but hate fantasy?

No. 937967

No. 937969

There's dnd campaings that don't involve dragons and dugeons believe it or not

No. 937975

Look into other tabletop RPGs. Not all of them have a fantasy setting.

No. 937999

Did you come here from the dumbass thread? If not, that's a big coincidence, cause I just posted there about disliking high fantasy stuff and talking about other titles that are not high fantasy at all.

Call of Cthulhu
Star Trek adventures
Star Wars Saga
Vampire: The mask
Cyberpunk 2020
Mutants and Masterminds/Villains and Vigilantes
Boot Hill
etc etc

No. 938029

what a delightful coincidence, thank you!

No. 938038

File: 1634173353875.png (724.37 KB, 1010x710, imagen_2021-10-13_200243.png)

Can someone please explain this joke to me? what's wrong with drinking water?

No. 938041

swell entreianment
emma chamberlain (I'm for real here)

No. 938043

It's not really funny but I think it's just a dunk on the twitterfag OP for seething about a white person drinking water as though that's not something all life on earth does to survive. I guess they were more triggered by the jug but I don't really get why, it's just a container but twitterfags can spin anything as racism.

No. 938050

Do you have to get your face deep cleaned for a surgery on your face? Would it be a bad thing to do?

No. 938056

hydration is only for white people now. Funnily enough i used to know a black boy in primary school who would bring a litre bottle of water to school and my teacher would always tease him for it.

No. 938057

I would assume they would use that solution they always use surgical procedures anyways, so it probably isn't necessary

No. 938059

are people actually fangirling and lusting over spamton?

No. 938062

i mean they did fangirl over sans

No. 938064

but sans is hot

No. 938066

Undyne is hot. She's my lesbian hero.

No. 938067

i mean i don't disagree

No. 938068

both are hot, obviously

No. 938074

Is it wierd that I have a bunch of old Japanese photos saved in my gallery?

No. 938075

Photos of what? Old Japanese people?

No. 938076

Nah, you do you

No. 938078

File: 1634177303392.jpg (501.5 KB, 970x1553, 4708610592_c8bde070b4_o.jpg)

Mainly black and white photos of geisha

No. 938082

Thanks anon, sometimes I feel that its wierd since I'm not even Japanese

No. 938084

Good taste nona. That is a nice photo. It's not weird to collect photos like that.

No. 938085

Thanks, I scoured the internet for them

No. 938101

The person who posted the tweet thought bringing such a large water bottle to school was obnoxious and blamed it on white people basically having too much unwarranted confidence. Keep in mind that tweet was made around the 2012-2015 rabid social justice era. The meme is making fun of OP for getting angry over such an inconsequential thing.

No. 938143

It's normal to have some facial hair between the jawline and lower cheeks, right? They're black (got black hair), peach-fuzzy, and only visible if you go super up close to a mirror with meh lighting. I can't tell if I have a hormonal imbalance or this is something I've always had but didn't notice until now.

No. 938146

Yes it's normal. Very common for women to have some thicker or darker facial hairs that may become a little more visible with age. If you don't have a full on beard your hormones are probably fine. You can shave, wax, or tweeze it if it bothers you, but I doubt anyone but you notices or cares.

No. 938147

Whew. Thanks anon for the sanity check!

No. 938175

File: 1634192055274.png (25.44 KB, 275x92, imagen_2021-10-14_011437.png)

what character is this?

No. 938203

I accidentally cut my nail a piece in the shower with a razor and a few days have past and that piece is hanging on by a thread. Do I just cut it off with nail cutters? Covering it with tape doesn't work (tape sucks) I don't have amy Band-Aids and I don't really want to use nail polish or glue

No. 938210

Yeah, just cut it off. It'll grow back fast.

No. 938256

What important lessons did you guys learn throughout your life?

No. 938267

>Sometimes stuff happens for a good reason.
>don’t suck anyone’s cock for social points because It’s worthless.
>better lose a friend than your insides.
>when you use cream dish soap, use a spoon to put a portion of it in another plate, instead of dipping the sponge directly in the container because that moistens the soap and it could make you get fungi nails.
>Avoid problematic people
>Keep a good image in your workplace/school so the problematic people from before can’t fuck with you

No. 938271

Lil B Is The Greatest Rapper Who Ever Lived

No. 938280

How do you deal with the fact that if anyone knew your beliefs and thoughts they would want to cancel you or remove you from the friend group you’re in. It’s something that has been making me paranoid I feel like I’m living a double life.

No. 938284

What age group are they? I think people forget that it's not uncommon for your beliefs to change over the years. Few people have such set in stone beliefs that'll never adjust over time. That's why I try not to get too invested in the beliefs of others. It's all subject to change

No. 938293

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 938297

Don't let a relationship become the be all and end all of your life, you'll only end up either trapped there when it turns sour or you'll try to top yourself when it ends. You have to have more going on in your life.

No. 938302

No one cares about your problems, they are just curious at best. Your secrets and troubles are entertainment. Keep your weak points to yourself and move in silence.

No. 938353

Looks like hanabi from scums wish/kuzu no honkai

No. 938392

is there a way to get youtube to stop playing specific songs? i’ve tried disliking them and they STILL play.
i tried googling and no luck. plz help i fucking hate 21 pilots and youtube keeps shoving them down my throat

No. 938395

If it shows up in your recommended, instead of clicking the video and clicking dislike, which counts as engagement, just click on the three little dots in a row next to the video thumbnail on your recommended theme and then click "Not Interested" and then you can tell them why by clicking "I don't like the video"

No. 938401

thank you anon ♥ honestly feel like i’ve done this a few times before but their songs keep showing up in the auto playlists

No. 938403

You can also straight up block their channel

No. 938405

You're welcome! Another thing that might work is maybe blocking the main channel and YouTube generated topic channel of the band. That may make them a lot less likely to appear.

No. 938411

that’s a great idea, thanks! just blocked their channel

No. 938416

That trying to avoid pain and discomfort actually brings more pain and discomfort than dealing with uncomfortable situations head-on

No. 938427

I recently started having a weird sensation in the lower right corner of my abdomen in the weeks before my period. It's not pain, just a kind of…hard to describe, itchiness almost? From the inside? Does anyone else have this?

No. 938428

ESL question: how does 'but of course' differ from 'of course'? Does the 'but' make it more reassuring?

No. 938431

I've had headaches for 2 says now, the type where scalp tingling accompanies it and painkillers don't do much. I had this a few weeks ago too and I don't know if it's ovulation related? My cycle and my pms have been doing new shit lately so ..?

No. 938489

Google says it's ovulation pain

No. 938509

File: 1634228197638.jpg (26.01 KB, 466x893, 61VqOj1GXML._AC_SX466_.jpg)

Is there a website where I can see a rundown on global world history from prehistoric times until now?

No. 938511

Is it weird to ask a coworker how a certain appointment went? Would that be seen as intrusive?

No. 938523

I didn’t watch American psycho but i know a few things about him: he’s JACKED, has a skin care routine better than mine, he gets laid and does a murder dance. I recently heard he’s popular among incels and I’m very confused because he’s the exact opposite of an incel no? Can anyone explain to me

No. 938545

What’s better for a sore back, acupuncture or massages? I went to a physiotherapist who was amazing, but she left the country and she will never come back, so I wonder if I should try something different.

No. 938550

it's who they aspire to be if they're fat fucks or who they think they are if they're skinny smart guys

No. 938557

It’s kind of how they love Tyler Durden even though they would probably piss their pants if they ever got punched in the face or tried to talk to girls.

No. 938561

Go into your watch history and remove all related videos. Otherwise YouTube will keep suggesting similar garbage and you'll have to block new channels daily.

No. 938592

Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracies so Obsessed With Pedophilia,child abuse and satanism? It's kinda weird.

No. 938599

Because murder woman

No. 938602

How come the AHA recommends a daily added sugar limit of about 24g but when I look at the nutrition facts of my chocolate bar that has 12g of added sugar it says it's only 24% DV? What is the truth…

No. 938605

locker room talk is probably more prevalent and the material is more questionable in conservative circles, tipping them off to the ~dangers around them~

No. 938606

What is one song that comes to your mind when you think of 'melancholy'?

No. 938610

I have no idea but I'm going to go out on a whim and say big chocolate has it out for us to lull us into a false sense of sugar security kek. But really, I think it's because nutrition facts are dictated by the FDA, not the AHA. According to this https://www.fda.gov/food/new-nutrition-facts-label/added-sugars-new-nutrition-facts-label, FDA says no more than 50g of added sugar, based on a 2,000 calorie diet, per day.

Meanwhile I found this for the AHA:
>The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting the amount of added sugars you consume to no more than half of your daily discretionary calories allowance. For most American women, that’s no more than 100 calories per day, or about 6 teaspoons of sugar.

No. 938616


No. 938621

File: 1634235390788.png (135.56 KB, 250x250, tumblr_bed7aba6707db6fde6f0bdb…)

Ah, that makes sense!! Thank you for such a detailed response, nonnie!!

No. 938630

No problem nonnie! It was an interesting question and fun to look up!

No. 938636

There’s two songs, actually, this one.

No. 938639

And samefag with this one.

No. 938662

No one will give a shit about you unless you're attractive

No. 938701

Writing things down is an insanely powerful way to make shit happen. I've achieved goals I was embarrassed to right down because they felt unrealistic, only to look back months later and realize they've come to life. Obviously you have to work towards them and get out of your comfort zone, but something about writing it down is magical, like it's first tip of the iceberg edging the idea into reality.

No. 938706

How do you write about them? Like describe your dream, or steps that you are taking, or how would your life would look like after you achieved the goal?

No. 938717

That's a good question, looking back the most effective method is just writing the thing I want as if it's a normal to-do item in my journal lol. I used to write long fantasy first person journal entries about the things I want but it didn't work as well, that creates some emotional distance because a part of you knows it's not real (yet). Simple yet detailed is better. Like recently I wrote down the salary I wanted, broken down into hourly, daily, weekly and monthly payments in different currencies. It was more than double what I'd earned before and i had a few other criteria like working from home that I wanted. So I just wrote it in my journal and then would refer back to that page while looking for jobs, to remind myself not to settle. No cap it took less than two months for me to make it reality.
Obviously I've always wanted to make more money! But I was never so specific about it like that before.it was like I sent the universe a nice detailed brief lol.

No. 938753

No. 938755

No. 938809

Why is the imagery of the tradwife almost always barefoot, especially in the kitchen? It's unhygienic as fuck, not particularly romantic imo.

No. 938811

Ok I'm just catching wind of the latest Chapelle controversy and why are the lgbt butthurt about it? Did he make trans jokes in his last netflix special too? I haven't watched the new one yet but is it more egregious than the last one or something? Lol

No. 938815

probably from the phrase 'barefoot and pregnant', which comes from the belief that women shouldn't need to wear shoes because they shouldn't be working since their role is to be pregnant all the time

No. 938829

No. 938832

What did he say that pissed troons off? I'm trying to look it up but seeing nothing

No. 938835

NTA but I had somehow never heard this phrase until about a month ago

No. 938860

He said JK Rowling was right and men deciding they are women is as offensive as blackface. Bless him.

No. 938861

My hair never used to get knotty but now almost every time I wake up the back is very knotty.
I haven't changed my bed or shampoo or anything.

No. 938867

Longer hair tends to get tangled more easily. If you haven't got a haircut recently that may be why? I know a lot of people have been putting haircuts off due to the pandemic.

No. 938886

Is 100mg of edible a lot?? I ate that and was feeling good but then my bf just yelled at me for "abusing drugs" and now I feel like utter shit

No. 938891

Have you considered your BF just wants to power trip/make himself feel superior by guilting and upsetting you? Not to be one of those "dump your bf" anons but literally yelling at you over edibles??

That said 100mg would be too much for me but I rarely do more than one marijuana.

No. 938894

Why are you all so boring and predictable lately?

No. 938895

Your bf is being a dick. It's just edibles and people have different levels they can tolerate anyway. I'm average weight and height and will go through about 80mg on the weekend. My roommate is heavier and more muscular than I am and can't take more than 5mg without falling asleep kek. We seem to get about the same level of high and we both only eat them on the weekend. Just because it's too much for him doesn't mean it's too much for you.

No. 938896

File: 1634255301690.jpeg (850.58 KB, 1125x1056, 100D3AE9-5441-4976-9EC5-EA9599…)

How do I politely tell my bf that I don’t want to hang out with his friends who has these loud dumb fucking kids that has never been told “no” their entire life

No. 938902

Next time you hang out with them give the kids a shitload of sugary treats and maybe some hard plastic toys. Let the kids torture him into a migraine and you can come out looking like a really sweet person and still get out of hanging with the annoying kids.

No. 938904