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File: 1631940971646.png (1.67 MB, 828x1483, EF44EB22-8ADA-4F70-AD8E-FB5FF3…)

No. 915597

Previously… >>>/ot/908623

>>908638 Madonna tries desperately to appear half her age
>>908776 Might we ask the rattle rattles to please stop weight sperging once again?

2021 VMAs
>>909389 Billie dons a black window curtain
>>909393 Olivia sports a tight fit
>>909435 the Ginger Dwarf looks like a different version of himself
>>909636 Doja dresses as a five star Michelin Man to present awards. Can she ever recapture her MOOO days or will her memes forever seem inorganic and forced?
>>909678 Madonna makes a reappearance, this time focusing on her BBL bidonkidonk
>>909681 Megan and MGK cosplay as McGowan and Manson… to mixed results. She calls him "daddy", eliciting a reaction of universal anon disgust >>909862
>additional discussion of Megan Fox's new face
>>909764 Kim K wears a BDSM inspired outfit that obscures her face. How to tell she's back with Kanye without her saying she's back with Kanye
>>910113 Olivia Rodrigo sings underwhelmingly
>>910221 Chloe Bailey's risqué performance exposes her tampon string
>>910481 Discussion of Madison Beer's PS
>>911530 Avril Lavigne wears pink checkered plaid… and suddenly 2007 is back

MET Gala 2021 Looks
>>910554 Billie sparks yet another debate with her Holiday Barbie inspired gala look. Like her or hate her, you can't deny, she gets anons talking
>>910577 Anons lament about the theme of the Gala. This year is Americana… which means a lot of things to a lot of different people. Cue lack of American designers and "American fashion", and lots of prom dress knockoffs. Anna Wintour is somewhere tearing her hair out
>>910613 Dan Levy cosplaying a gay version of the the Map from Dora the Explorer
>>910624 Kindred spirit Grimes somehow channels the most American look of all by bringing a huge honking weapon to a party venue
>>910634 Meg wears a Coach feather duster
>>910643 Elliot Ellen Shinji Ikari Page appears in an ill fitting prom tux
>>910644 Lil Nas is already prepared for next years Oscars with his campy gold armor
>>910654 Kim K continues her Burqa Chic phase
>>910666 Kaia Gerber is built like a hybrid between a gazelle and t-rex
>>910672 Naomi Osaka is a cyberpunk anime character
>>910673 Anok Yai stuns
>>910679 Kim Petras understood the assignment and comes riding in on a horse
>>910700 Addison Rae looking like a Bebe Rexha clone
>>910705 Pete Davison auditions for a live action role as the mad scientist in the Despicable Me trilogy
>>910714 Dear Evan Hansen guy is the missing Bee Gee brother
>>910715 Yara Shahidi tries her best Josephine Baker
>>910728 AOC all decked out in a Chick-fil-A bag. TAX! THE! RICH!
>>910729 Lorde the white girl in her indigenous inspired outfit
>>910743 Frank Ocean has fathered his very own Shrek baby
>>910749 speaking of shrek… Megan Farquad Natalia Kills Fox with the clip on bangs from Claire's
>>910754 Porcelain Boobah
>>910766 Iman is the most expensive feather duster of them all
>>911996 Kacey Musgraves killed a pheasant for her VMAs look, only for her to come face to face with her goth copycat at the Met
>>910770 Timmy Chalamet is suddenly indistinguishable from the wait staff
>>910799 Olivia reappears in a diapee and feather boa top bodysuit
>>910802 Simone Biles is a sparkly winter whirlwind
>>910816 J-Lo said "yee yee"
>>910819 Justin looks done, but Hailee looked doner. Apparently Jelena stans were witnessed shouting "Selena!" at the couple, causing Mrs. Bieber to burst into tears
>>910833 May-or-may-not-be-PR couple look like theater troupe rejects
>>910840 Cara wears White Feminism
>>910846 That one gay soccer player
>>910851 k-pop singer CL overshadows Blackpink's resident cancer ridden child Rosé >>911157 in a denim hanbok, though we could do without the diaper
>>910855 Hailee Steinfeld has unrecognizably transformed into a Suburban Wine Mom
>>910892 Bennifer showcase their PDA
>>910941 Troy Sivan flaunts his man tiddies
>>910984 Emo Oompa Loompa Rihanna arrives in tow with her Cap'n Crunch arm candy
>>911012 Taika Wacheaty and Rita Oral have a cracked out time with Jimmy Fallon >>912124
>>911027 Carey Mulligan as Prom Barbie
>>911116 Maise Williams? More like Wednesday Addams
>>911189 Quanna Chasinghorse debuts at her first met with an indigenous inspired outfit
>>911448 anons wonder why bug eyed chess bitch Anya Taylor Joy isnt at the met this year
>>911543 anons won't step off the Billie sperging
>>911625 Madge's daughter Lourdes Leon flicks her tongue at the camera >>911683 while showing off her ample armpit hair
>>912068 Unknown couple humorously dubbed Mama Cass and Charlie Chaplin by anon
>>912081 Random guy climbs over hedge, or is that Fallon? No, it's not Simu Liu, who seemingly parkoured over one of the venue's hedges, now Liu is trying to parkour away from the consequences of his own actions (his indiscretions are to be featured in this thread!)
>>912312 Zoe Kravitz leads around her Skinhead Dog Boy, Channing Tatum
>>912498 Keke Palmer drags the venue's poor food. 1/10 would not eat again

Other Milk
>>911761 Comedian Norm Macdonald dies after an undisclosed decade long battle with cancer
>anons sperging about and weight and fine lines until the cows come home and fall asleep, or perhaps until the anons fell asleep acting like cows in their own cow thread
>>912144 Nicki Minaj goes on antivax sperg after claiming her cousin's testicles were rendered infertile by the covid shot >>912207 then later gets featured on Fucker Carlson Tonight
>>912585 Ariana's fembot transformation is almost complete!
>>913306 Did Zooey D. get smack injected into her face as well?

No. 915600

thx for the new thread anon!!

No. 915601

File: 1631941444446.jpeg (772.09 KB, 828x1209, 1A79D4EA-05AD-4024-B3D9-D0D451…)

Simu Liu milk
Mainly covered here, but TL;DR

>marvel actor, stock photo model, and star of Shang Chi, Simu Liu, has his Reddit history exposed

>talks about sympathizing with pedophiles when doing research for role where he played a nonce
>compared pedophilia to homosexuality
>exposed for activities on boards with incel-like views populated by Asian men and is allegedly antiblack
>gets called out by asian women, including fellow cow and well known grifter Ros Talusan. What a twist
>responds to this by replying to and reposting his own tweet from 2019 which deflects and doesn't really apologize for or resolve anything nor admit to anything either
>something something false positivity
>now one question remains, will disney keep him or let him go?

No. 915609

dat ass tho, naughty boy needs a spanking

No. 915610

I truly don't understand the Internet's obsession with butts, its literally a flat man ass

No. 915621

You did it! Good job!

No. 915623

plus it's where people shit from.

No. 915628

File: 1631944523719.jpeg (396.35 KB, 1284x1052, 9D3A649E-E26F-4895-8F84-50ED43…)

Idk why but I had always got the impression she was anti trans. Guess not. Is she still “based queen,” ladies?

No. 915632

Billie says she always loved dresses and the only reason she hasn't wear them in years was body image.
She says "this is why I dressed that way" or something like that.

No. 915642

File: 1631946488676.jpeg (56.81 KB, 293x596, E_c3b5NWEAAjkxk.jpeg)

I'll just post what he said so no one has to be arsed searching like I did

No. 915643

File: 1631946537487.jpeg (122.65 KB, 529x1023, E_c3b5NXEAEVgoH.jpeg)

No. 915644

File: 1631946684187.jpeg (68.51 KB, 402x636, E_c3b5WXIAIE09Z.jpeg)

No. 915645

File: 1631946767568.jpeg (49.39 KB, 828x406, E_hGj6uWUAAfsQN.jpeg)

Didn't see this one at first, damn

No. 915650

why do scrotes do that thing where you take one class on a subject then lecture everyone like you have a doctorate in it, but for literally any topic
he clearly thinks he's the first guy to ever think of pedophilia as a disease and that his reddit post pitching a treatment for it is worth something

No. 915652

Anon she's a shitposter and she doesn't believe in anything

No. 915653

samefag but >>915645
"human morality is a construct, maaan. who's to say what is right or wrong? it's all subjective. i'm totally blowing everyone's mind with this right now because they're sheeple who NEVER would have thought of it"

No. 915656

imagine coming back home from work, your parents call you and you enthusiastically tell them "Yeah I'm a pedophile in this role, mum!"

No. 915657

I mean its technically not untrue, only in the western world did the idea of old men not being allowed to marry 12 year old take off,

No. 915668

Disney will keep him. He made them a lot of money, so they will assign him a wrangler and keep him quiet.

>it's weird how we've latched on to this narrative of morality and right vs. wrong
Yeah, nothing to do with figuring out human sexual development at all…
Incels with their smooth brain ephebo/pedophilia takes are so annoying.

No. 915698

Kekekek the heart of the "Western world", ancient Greece, had rampant paedophilia. What are you on?

No. 915705

File: 1631957738289.jpeg (244.26 KB, 640x756, 98B15F0F-0BB4-41EC-AB26-88D4F9…)

I saw this today made me kek

No. 915728

Anyone watch this? I found her statement about cara's outfit exactly what I was thinking about it

No. 915736

File: 1631961459180.jpg (2.7 MB, 3002x4216, 11.jpg)

This is why I don't wanna call myself a Liberal

No. 915758

>Is specifically a Transgirl anthem
>I wrote the song about my own personal metamorphosis
Azealia = Kikomi-chan confirmed
him thanking for the gold and saying that 'watching cp may seem innocent' (literally how it can seem innocent even to a pedo? they know how it was created) is the worst part of all the posts
oh and this. jesus fucking christ
>Yeah, nothing to do with figuring out human sexual development at all…
weird how in a different post he basically says that harming minors is bad (wow, what a shocking take!!!). so which one is it?

No. 915765

File: 1631964627725.jpeg (70.41 KB, 828x465, 1E8BDAD7-52A6-4B9F-A78F-F4BC61…)

Thanks for providing context nonny

No. 915829

File: 1631972784697.png (97.58 KB, 802x541, Kikomi approved.png)

Her eyes look way smaller than I remember.
>Elliot Ellen Shinji Ikari Page appears in an ill fitting prom tux
>AOC all decked out in a Chick-fil-A bag.
>speaking of shrek… Megan Farquad Natalia Kills Fox with the clip on bangs from Claire's
Ms. Farmer Banks

No. 915883

I wish people would stop posting the tax the rich dress, so I can forget something this cringey ever happened

No. 915916

File: 1631980293307.png (342.84 KB, 862x827, minaj.png)

Nicki Minaj has been posting media threats against her on Instagram
One of the journalists threatening her was from Guardian.

No. 915927

>The Gateway Pundit

No. 915941

A week ago she was in the news because she's been outed for harrassing the family of the girl who her hubby raped years ago.. and now she herself is being harrassed and rushing to tell people to distract from that. Cool.

I knew when I finally saw articles covering her harrassment of that woman and her fam, that she'd quickly rush to involve herself in some other controversy. And she did.

No. 915965

like i already said before i hope nicki suffers the worst karma imaginable. this cunt and her fanbase are so insufferable. like i hope she goes bankrupt, her rape bae goes to prison for life and her son is given to capable and caring parents….

No. 915972

>I knew when I finally saw articles covering her harrassment of that woman and her fam, that she'd quickly rush to involve herself in some other controversy. And she did.
Tbf, when is Nicki not in some kind of drama. I thought she would chill out after having her baby, but I think her fans hype her up too much for her to want to stay away from social media controversy.

No. 915975

She unironically did more for the public than most politicians

No. 915985

She is obnoxious and never has anything interesting to say. Her half baked libfem drivel is extremely tiresome to get through, she should drop the soapbox. She also larps as a ~sapphic~ it looks like. I do agree that Cara's outfit was shit and the sentiment was whatever but pegging as a message is gross.

I admit I have a fondness of her fandom's stupid memes and her weird persona but I can't bring myself to really like her because of that rape-apologist NLOG bullshit that women in her scene love to do. Anything to uplift mediocre men, even if they've straight up hurt people.

No. 915986

isn't the gateway pundit some right wing drivel site? this is the celebricows thread not the fucking tinfoil thread faggot

No. 915992

>She also larps as a ~sapphic~ it looks like
she has a boyfriend doesn't she? they look like a stereotypical WMAF couple

No. 915994

Her hair looks so messy and damaged. 1940s hairstyles are supposed to be sculptured and refined, not a single hair out of place. It looked even worse when her curls fell out a few hours later and she was left with small town evening newscaster hair lol. Interesting that the makeup artist said he wanted to create a "Marilyn Monroe if she was a rockstar" concept because that didn't come across at all. All in all I think like her look suffered from a lack of intentionality like most people at this years gala, which was a glaring reminder that this is a marketing opportunity more than it is a fashion event.

No. 916013

>She is obnoxious and never has anything interesting to say. Her half baked libfem drivel is extremely tiresome to get through, she should drop the soapbox.
This sums up it. It's clear that the little knowledge she has about fashion history is info she picked up from watching other youtubers and her social commentary is just as superficial.

It was cringe and it's an ugly dress, but it was kind of on theme lol. It was supposed to be a reference to Joy Vila's build the wall dress from a few years ago, and she was wearing it an event that's probably brimming with tax evaders.

No. 916051

Why would I bother when I have autists like you to do it for me?

No. 916086

i don't think cara's a libfem. she seems to stay out of politics and have a more "fuck all of my friends and get high" ideology. i don't know if that falls on the spectrum people are thinking of

No. 916089

>transgirl album despite being a biological woman
holy fuck, she needs some meds

No. 916094

look at that probablyunderpaid minority woman sewing up and adjusting her ugly as sin dress, i hate hollywood so much

No. 916109

File: 1631992408454.jpeg (472.62 KB, 767x1049, 1614781683071.jpeg)

So does anyone have any milk on Emily Ratajkowski, I know she's a libfem narc who posted erotic posed pictures of herself naked while she was pregnant and claimed its somehow feminist, she also does typical libfem sperging about white men while also only ever dating white guys and other forms of smooth brain internet "activism" but I haven't heard much about her since she had her baby(Who I'm 90% sure she's gonna trans later on)

No. 916110

she's been discussed in past threads

No. 916111

she has been discussed several times in the past threads.

No. 916116

File: 1631992820387.jpg (73.71 KB, 480x720, shawn-mendes-and-camilla-cabel…)

why the fuck are so many people obsessed with calling shawn mendes gay/closeted/not straight? just let him live ffs

No. 916118

She's just the average, "Showing my body off equals feminism, oh..and I hate white men" just Lazy sexy feminism. The same kind that a lot of female rappers do, show off their body, call people hoes and sluts (while claiming to reclaim the word) and then have EVERYTHING sexual they do, be framed as "feminism" when it's just…being naked and sexual.
It's empty, attractive woman feminism.

No. 916122

what's with you and constantly bringing this up

No. 916123

i see more people complaining about it than people saying he's actually closeted but lbr he acts fruity a lot

No. 916125

Go to faggot/stan twitter and you'll see it all the time
There are at least 3 of us

No. 916126

he’s such a sexy bisexual

No. 916129

>Go to faggot/stan twitter
that was your first mistake
the 2nd was assuming i ever would willingly venture into such a cesspool

No. 916131

he and his boyfriend look cute here

No. 916133

You hate Hollywood for employing minorities and giving them jobs as celebrity's dressmakers and assistants? Oh okay lmao fucking idiot

No. 916134

File: 1631993355611.jpg (33.15 KB, 700x300, 6033e631bed5c50011a2bd67.jpg)

AB is kind of a faghag, being nice to trannies isn't contradictory from her POV because she sees them as gay men. lol

No. 916137

Oh so she views them like most female rappers do and most people do, I honestly think most people still think all TIMS are the Drag Queen gay dude type. The ones doing their hair, make up etc.

No. 916138

It all started when he was 14 years old, see he started getting noticed on Gay Twitter, and they would make inappropriate comments about him so finally he made a short snapchat video where he clarified that he wasn't gay, stating "First of all, I'm not gay. Second of all, it shouldn't make a difference if I was or if I wasn't. The focus should be on the music and not my sexuality." this had opposite effect as now these men started insisting that he was gay, making more and more inappropriate comments about him with clips from porn across twitter
now Shawn's real fans were still majority teenage girls and they would get offended by these comments, but the males still kept piling and on and this "meme" eventually evolved into riling up his underage female audience, so you'd have a twitter thread of some teen girls talking about their crush on Shawn and one of these males would post a porn gif and say something along the lines of "oh sorry girls shawn is a bottom faggot and doesn't want you" you can see this whole scenario play out with in the comment section I linked
This has been going on since he was 14 and really fucked up
see these 2 >>916126 >>916131 faghag's here, its more about riling up his fans cause they are pathetic degenerateS

In Conclusion a lot of gay men are pedophiles and given way too much leeway by faghags

No. 916146

I always hated this scrote tranny cunt. That scrote cunt just told you it's not a biological woman, but azealia sperm bank is a bio Y-Chromosoid male that transed into a "woman" as a kid. Believe them when they tell you what they are. You really think this beat up looking ugly man faced tim tranny apologist and simp is a real woman? Lmao this one had you fooled

No. 916151

File: 1631994342698.jpg (39.51 KB, 700x347, mazel tov.jpg)

Exactly. She may be aware of some shit, but overall she has the normie opinion on trannies (that they're all just messed up gays).

lmao she was a poorfag from the Harlem, wtf anon
Trooning out children is a middle-upper class thing.

No. 916162

Apparently Britneys Instagram is gone

No. 916164

File: 1631995127283.png (27.83 KB, 592x356, britsp.png)

No. 916166

lolcow AI glitched again I guess

No. 916184

when you try for marilyn monroe and get myra hindley ahahaha

No. 916187

thanks anon love you

No. 916234

The comments on that video are fucking disgusting. Even outright stating he's not gay has people calling him a closet case, like… even if he is, that's nobody's business. It's just gross that his opinion about who he is doesn't seem to matter to these freaks.

No. 916247

why did he even feel the need to “speak out about it”? seems like a bad business decision. is his family really religious or something? i would’ve tried to cash in on the ambiguity.

No. 916288

File: 1632003909699.jpeg (341.46 KB, 1200x1200, 4BD70F64-BC64-486D-B3D9-CD6D5D…)

She’s quiet after being mocked by the internet for holding her baby like an accessory

No. 916293

Cause he was 15 and probably wasn't fond off gay men making pedophilic remarks about him, I can assume he thought this might lessen it somewhat

No. 916295

why the fuck is she holding it like that

No. 916311

Cuz fuck that baby, she wants you to look at her body teehee

No. 916326

>i just gave birth and i look like THIS

No. 916349

I couldn't think of a better way to look like a vapid bitch

No. 916418

On a scale of Blanket Jackson to Edward Furlong how fucked up do you think that kid will end up

No. 916419

Maybe she just wants to show off their matching clothes. This still doesn't look like a healthy way to hold a toddler though.

No. 916422

That baby’s head fucked up. Is she pregnant again or is this old? >>916109

No. 916435

she had the baby in march. both pics are old.

No. 916437

he's got a fat ugly girlfriend, that's why

No. 916451

You don't have to be a faghag to see how fruity that kid is

No. 916533

There's no way this stupid scrote isn't getting dragged or canceled for this. Also, method actors are always garbage. Look at Jared leto

No. 916593

File: 1632023706146.jpeg (404.77 KB, 1536x2048, 4E3E2F10-17AC-4C3F-A68F-D4FC52…)

billie today at a festival. this chubby brat aesthetic suits her so much more than the beige bimbo mess. hope her stylists got the memo & stop squeezing her into corsets

No. 916640

the met gala dress also didn't even have cups for her boobs? it looked like someone tied a string around her chest under them and they were just fried-egg flopping over. i thought it was insane and whoever sewed it should get fired

No. 916643

yeah this works so much better on her for so many reasons

No. 916680

File: 1632029125481.jpeg (61.04 KB, 640x716, parasyte.jpeg)


If they ever want to make a live action Parasyte movie, she already has Reiko's "holding baby the wrong way" part down

No. 916684

I guess faghag is a wrong term for this, I think brain rotted Fujo would be more accurate

No. 916701

anons are so funny and succinct

No. 916744

ngl i kinda like that shirt, does anybody know where it's from?

No. 916849

I couldn't agree more. this style is way better for her. she's a teenager for fucks sake, let her dress this way - it's fun and a far better example for her young fans!

No. 916854

File: 1632056487860.jpeg (297.83 KB, 828x936, 38BBC293-A3C7-4CF6-B73E-471F9E…)

This description of Perez Hilton reminded me so much of this thread, with love of course.

No. 916858

Perez was such a piece of shit, apparently he's changed now and is ashamed of the way he used to be. he was interviewed on a BBC documentary about Britney I saw recently.

No. 916881

File: 1632058356101.jpeg (206.1 KB, 828x417, 2D8B1C71-EDD5-486E-978C-142660…)

custom shirt

No. 916902

yeah, suuure. he’s the andy dick of his generation. he can claim to change all he wants but he’s still just a massive little bitch who only wants to spread toxicity.

No. 917229

File: 1632081598833.jpeg (93.78 KB, 1170x1169, 5D95B79B-50C2-4B16-A2C3-010E85…)

adele looks stunning, although i don’t think this makeup suits her

No. 917230

File: 1632081654672.jpeg (389.96 KB, 1656x2048, 5BCBA95B-8775-471C-AE34-02126C…)

No. 917240

She's so beautiful but the drag makeup brings the whole thing down.

No. 917277

No. 917299

File: 1632086408306.jpeg (29.91 KB, 220x318, C45D4088-ED74-4B72-BB49-44A6D8…)

can someone tell me why I’m supposed to be sad that this scrote died?

No. 917301

Who the fuck was that? I was about to say Christian bale is looking rough!

No. 917302

yet another celebrity that ends up looking like a tranny from this kardashian makeup they have no business wearing

No. 917303

Faggots hate women and want to destroy them what’s new?

No. 917305

he had cancer for nearly 10 years and didn't publicize his condition which in itself is rather sad

norm would probably laugh at this from beyond the grave tbh

No. 917309

She looks great. Her earrings are teeth.

No. 917329

It would be so out of character for Norm to bring up having any serious diagnosis whatsoever

Norm's based. His Bruce Jenner interview was topkek

No. 917338

some of Norm's guests make him seem like the normal one

t. norm dealing with mr. manic episode

No. 917343

Trannies and drag are the worst thing to happen to makeup.

No. 917393

I would not know this was Adele if you didn't say it.
I hope she doesn't fall for the lip filler meme.

No. 917477

Norm was great. Will forever miss his conan interviews

No. 917550

bleached blonde bangs look good on almost no one, you’re framing your face with hair so light that it washes you out while adding mass. because it’s chemically treated it also looks stringy and lifeless. if she dyed her hair literally any dumb pastel color or a darker natural blonde it would be fine, but this is so aging and can be fixed.

this outfit makes sense with her personality and what clothing she’s naturally comfortable in.

No. 917631

No. 917714

i adore the dress tho

No. 917734

she has to be nice to trannies now because arca swooped in and shut that shit down. sad

No. 917771

Are you gonna do this every time a male celebrity dies?

I’m not even a handmaiden but it just reeks of tryhard.

No. 917931

If she won't, I will. Who the hell cares about some old coomer dying?

No. 918003

all men are shit but you don't need to show how tough you are by posting that you don't care someone is dead. that means you do care.

No. 918153

File: 1632163269669.jpg (71.88 KB, 683x1024, michaela-coel-christopher-john…)

From the Emmys. Such a hideous woman.

No. 918154

when did they start calling r Kelly this

No. 918168

File: 1632164039731.png (734.9 KB, 642x671, B6CE053F-9475-4623-99BB-600072…)

I think she’s absolutely incredibly beautiful. Very unusual, elven features. Ever since I saw her on black mirror.

No. 918172

Looks like a fucking man. How can anyone think that's a woman?

No. 918175

File: 1632164470858.png (898.43 KB, 920x1020, Michaela_Coel_Peabody_Awards,_…)

Sinfully ugly. She looks genuinely retarded kek. I can't believe she's only 33 too.

You chose a picture of her in semi-darkness covered in make-up kek. There are millions of beautiful black women in the world and she is not one of them. No need to virtue signal.

No. 918176

>There are millions of beautiful black women in the world and she is not one of them. No need to virtue signal.
Nta, but they didn't even say anything about her race

No. 918178

I love the dress but that makeup is hideous. It makes her eyes look super close-set and fucks up her facial proportions.
I can't wait for this porn/drag makeup trend to die tbh.

No. 918185

What a shit scrote opinion. This bitch is an incredibly gifted person and worth so much more than being judged physically by a mediocre woman.

No. 918198

Idk who she is but I think she looks pretty cute here

No. 918201

>can't wait for this porn/drag makeup trend to die
Same. I find it ironic and pathetically hilarious that women have adopted makeup used by men to try to look like women when we naturally already have the features they are trying to grotesquely replicate

No. 918217

I'm so glad someone finally said it.

No. 918228

Lol i fucking hate this shit. Can’t compliment a black woman cos you get accused of “virtue signalling”. I really think she’s beautiful. I know her features are a bit full on and she has a low forehead which is unattractive but I really think she looks like an elf. I like elven features. I also think anya Taylor joy is gorgeous where was a lot of nonnies here say she looks like a sloth.

No. 918229

Samefag I think she’s still beautiful here. Only thing I don’t find beautiful is the low forehead, honestly.

No. 918234

same but it has been so many years already, when will it stop?

No. 918240

She seemed forced to say that and looks like she hated how she looks and I don't blame her.

No. 918247

She really does look like a fat drag tranny wearing an aliexpress wig, it’s tragic

No. 918251

When women stop letting gay men do their makeup/following what they do.

No. 918272

File: 1632172381914.jpeg (45.76 KB, 650x353, EB39C166-EAB4-4875-A755-95A106…)


No. 918280

was he actually a coomer? like known and confirmed? i know nothing about him

No. 918296

god I fucking hate this man. I remember when he got punched by the black eyed peas' manager and made a video wailing about it, it was hilarious

No. 918319

No, Norm wasn't a coomer. He would say things pissed people off because they didn't understand what he was doing. He was fired from SNL because he kept making jokes about OJ getting away with murder. Norm's comedy wasn't for everyone, but he was a comedian's comedian and afaik has no sex scandals or anything.

No. 918323

File: 1632177741646.png (61.65 KB, 662x631, 2021-09-20 18_41_13-Window.png)

eh he was still scummy. he got canceled as a tonight show guest in 2018 for picrel.

No. 918325

That's perfectly in line with all of the other jokes he's ever told honestly.

No. 918326

so remind me why we're supposed to care about this old edgelord scrote again?

No. 918329

Do you feel the need to comment on things you don't care about all the time? That must be exhausting.

No. 918353

We're allowed to find scrotes funny. Now fuck off.

No. 918359

I do recall seeing some tweets from female comics saying he sexually harassed them shortly after his death but who knows if those are true. Like I want to believe that it probably is because I have no faith in male comics not to be creepy but I've also never heard anything bad about him till then

Scrotes can be funny even if they're still scrotes. Can like someones acting or humor and still understand it's a scrote. Scrotes scare me but I don't have it in me to hate all of them and comedians, even though they're the scariest motherfuckers underneath the laughter, do make me hee hee ha ha on the surface so I falsely lead myself into at liking the masks they wear. Doesn't mean I think they're good people, I just like to laugh because I need some humor in my fucking disgusting life. You can be a mess, but you can be talented and still have a sense of humor simultaneously. Where do people think the humor comes from

No. 918389

Lol, Norm actually went on record saying he stopped masturbating because he thought it was pathetic and sad. I bet he's got a bit on sour grapes, too

No. 918404

I didn't care about the Norm Macdonald posts before, but why do you all feel so compelled to defend some scrote comedian

No. 918405

men lie all the time. why would you even believe him lol

No. 918406

Can't speak for the others, but for me it's because I just like the guy. He's my favorite comedian, and I find him to be pretty thought-provoking, as opposed to these "men R bad" copy paste responses. Saw him posted, followed the conversation, chimed in. Here we are

No. 918414

I watched his show growing up as a kid. Always thought he was funny but then forgot about him as I grew up

He was part of the dream team with David Spade and Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler. I remember them having cameos in each other's films and I'd lose my mind seeing them lol

But Rob is a also somewhat based scrote, I think he called out late night shows being propaganda bullshit instead of actual comedy anymore

No. 918421

File: 1632183991615.png (97.27 KB, 360x248, SepLnUp_Dunmer_b4&d4.png)

tbh I don't think she's attractive but I see what they mean by elven features. High cheekbones, smaller chin, slanty eyes, high ear placement. You can't tell me this bitch doesn't look like a TES elf a little bit.

No. 918423

>David Spade and Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler
out of these three spade was the only tolerable/somewhat funny one

No. 918459

obvious scroting. i love her features, she looks like a heavily stylized ink drawing but in real life. she's one of those people who looks like absoloutely no one else

No. 918461

this picture is the shitty one. it's taken on some kind of crap phone camera and barely looks like her

No. 918479

I agree she looks like no one else and is one of a kind. Not sure why this would be posted, probably an angry scrote.

No. 918491

Oh no nonnie, a woman became successful without meeting your personal fuckability standards. How cruel and unfair, how will you ever survive the injustice?

No. 918626

File: 1632200659284.jpeg (102.94 KB, 620x768, michaela-coel-516523.jpeg)

was the surgery worth it or nah?

No. 918648

I saw that lady's face on Twitter and I couldn't help but see a resemblance with this guy…

No. 918649

File: 1632203925298.jpeg (625.38 KB, 1088x634, 1576B4F1-2A3C-4078-8001-3B0CDB…)

Lord I don’t want to be an ass but not all…I had no clue until you pointed it out anon.

No. 918661

I mean he wasn’t wrong about Chris Hardwick at least…

No. 918670

I don't even care if she's beautiful or not I really enjoy looking at her and watching her perform.

No. 918675

her cheeks are so prominent that its disturbing
also she literally looks like a walking jim crow caricature goddamn

No. 918677

File: 1632209492704.png (196.77 KB, 338x382, Screenshot 2021-09-21 032608.p…)

I didn't think she was attractive either (and some pictures are still unflattering), but the anons who pointed out she looked elfen opened my eyes.
She actually looks sort of ethereal. The cat-like, sharp eyes and smirk.
I can't shake the feeling that if she had pale skin, people would be whiteknighting and waifufagging her like they do with Grimes and Anya Taylor Joy lol

No. 918684

File: 1632210747724.jpg (684.13 KB, 2439x3000, image.JPG)

I think the "offness" about her maybe due to the fact that most Americans aren't exposed to other people groups in the world that have their own very unique mix of features and phenotypes
I had a similar reaction when I saw what Sami people looked like, cause they almost looked like aliens to me when I saw my firs Finnish movie

Its not driven by racism imo sure the Romans had a similar reaction when they saw hordes of redhaired Scots for the first time

No. 918702

she looks the same in every picture.

No. 918709

I never imagined Tolkien-style elves like this, but if people do, explains why Peter Jackson cast Hugo Weaving as a supposedly beautiful man, why elves are ugly in western games etc.
I don't think this actress is ugly, she's looking great in Black Mirror. I just don't associate her looks with elves.

No. 918726

She's not ugly she's just very striking, this sounds bizarre but I want to see an x ray of her skull because the proportions of her face don't make sense on her head lol. Also Chewing Gum was great.
I can see how burgerfags can see her as ugly because as other anon said she looks very foreign and burgers are used to African features being diluted. I believe she's pure Ghanain. Living in Africa you see her type fairly often, she's just a "common" West African girl dialled up to 11.

No. 918784

File: 1632224306603.jpg (266.17 KB, 620x420, i-may-destroy-you-michaela-coe…)

She's repulsive.

No. 918787

File: 1632224353246.jpg (70.66 KB, 976x549, _112824341_20344306-low_res-i-…)

No. 918791

she would fit in a fantasy and/or african themed film modern just doesnt suit her
and somehow the wigs she wears just seem uncanny she should at least wear curly or afro like wigs

No. 918793

Yeah I don't get the sperging, she's very unconventional looking but not repulsive or anything imo. It's just like you said, her features look like they don't fit on her head, like her face is too big for her skull, so that's fascinating to me.

No. 918796

Damn, I think her before photos are way prettier. Cute button nose, round feminine face… a pretty girl-next-door kind of look, but she looked cute. The surgery made her look more harsh and masculine and the features look "foreign" on her

No. 918800

I thought she was styled well in Chewing Gum (which is a very underrated show btw)

No. 918802

I only knew her from this role in black mirrot and I thought she was very pretty when I watched it, I wouldn't have recognized her in the pictures anons are posting. She looked cute before ps >>918649

No. 918807

>dorito chin and nosejob erasing features that fit her before
I hate beauty standards.

No. 918815

yeah she's repulsive but literally who cares?
ps chewing gum is funny highly recommend

No. 918867

which part is the before and after? i don't see a difference.

No. 918875

i think the shitty wigs are cause she's british. girls there are often really unstylish or wear shit that's 5 years behind.

No. 918882

Isn't that the show with the weird sex scenes and incest shit? Hard pass

No. 918883

she was cuter before, wtf

No. 918890

I agree and as no one asked I should say I’m black as well, I always found her sort of off-putting or ugly. I’m a big fan of harsh or dramatic features but hers always scares me, she really does look like a walking racist caricature but is she so hideous compared to other celebrities around her age and different races who manage to look like fat gelatinous slobs? I don’t think so.

No. 918891

it really annoys me that so many people are calling her repulsive/hideous. she just has very strong features. it's hard not to feel like the strong negative wording towards her isn't racialized tbh

No. 918898

File: 1632235757769.png (1.15 MB, 1182x636, 3CD9494D-8728-4B4B-AB09-2A820B…)

Nose job and pointy ass chin implant. I just have a bias against black women who get nose jobs…it feels like a betrayal kek let me mind my business. If she’s happy that’s what matters. I don’t care if people find her ugly or not, she looks like a Clermont twin to me.

No. 918901

>it's hard not to feel like the strong negative wording towards her isn't racialized tbh
I mean this is the thread that can't exist without at least one derailing racist infight, the only reason the last thread didn't have one is because it only lasted like 2 days

No. 918924

File: 1632237847954.png (249.22 KB, 467x475, tumblr_a8f66bf8c7608c9cf8067f8…)

Okay, Vivian has to be a straight-up rip-off of this woman's face cause that's all I can see.

No. 918942

There are racist anons among us, don’t let the jannies fool you into thinking everything is anti-white. Despite the fat nitpicking and bullying of an 18 year old girl (age jealousy) Billie she gets treated a lot more nicely than this woman ever will be because she isn’t “fuckable” or nice to look at. She has a career in this industry and many of the retards here including me don’t, so I don’t know why we’re acting like we will ever have a major say on who’s attractive and who’s not or who’s Hollywood material.

No. 918944

If you tjink Billie isn't considered "fuckable" then why is she always surrounded by scrotes and why did she start popping her giant tits out in ugly beige corsets? Has she ever been friends with a female her own age?

No. 918966

File: 1632241704725.jpg (231.91 KB, 750x739, 1632240433587.jpg)

sex and the city reboot will not include samantha. they all look fucking terrible, especially charlotte.

No. 918971

But… Samantha was the best out of all of them, for what the show was.
No one like the kid reboot, no one is gonna want this one either.

No. 918972

Charlotte looks HORRIBLE but I think the others look pretty and like they've aged well….. I mean SJP has that huge nose, but… is there something I'm not seeing? Am I in the minority here with this opinion?

No. 918973

white hair can be really beautiful but it makes miranda look like a grandma.

No. 918975

only watched it in the background and without Samantha there is no reason to do that now. And what happend with Charlotte's face? Plastic surgery I guess. I liked Cynthia Nixon in Ratched and think she aged well.

No. 918976

When the camera is rolling the plastic surgery on SJP is jarring.
Idk man, I wish more women would approach aging in shows like Grace and Frankie have done. Don’t try to be younger to be sexy, be sexy because you are wise and mature.

No. 918990

Kristen Davis was so beautiful I cannot believe how puffy her surgeries look now yikes

No. 918995

As someone who's never seen sex and the city nor recognizes them.. they look fine to me. Well dressed too. Except for the one on the right, her face looks too puffy. But even then.

No. 918999

grandmas and the city

No. 919001

SJP looks photoshopped into this picture …

No. 919004

what's the arca and r.kelly connection? did they groom someone, please share with the class.

No. 919028

File: 1632245923188.jpg (259.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I mean she'd make a good Argonian.

No. 919039

they all look fine but their outfits are ugly. And Miranda needs to dye her hair a darker colour.

No. 919047

I shouldn't but I'm still going to watch. Samantha's actress not wanting to come back and the years passed make me think they're going to make up for it by making this a more mature run but the shitshow movies being a part of that same continuity is going to make that harder. Carrie's outfit is pretty cute though

No. 919065

File: 1632248624484.jpg (74.92 KB, 1280x720, viv.jpg)

nailed it, but it's vivienne

No. 919114

thank you, now I know what she reminds me of. Sadly I don't play Argonians so I can't name a character after he, kek

No. 919170

File: 1632256332692.jpeg (817.17 KB, 885x1161, ED2E8A88-6864-4AE4-A0C0-B22BE8…)

Mr.Minaj’s SA victim is finally getting to tell her story on daytime tv. So many of the comments were, “Did she say all that shit about the vaccine to distract us from this?”

No. 919188

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have both had a fuckton of ps, they just aren't cosplaying 30 year olds so it looks less jarring.

No. 919256

Her nose shrunk and her chin doubled in size, lost its cleft and gained a point but if you say so.

I don't believe in plastic surgery in general but I admire that hers was actually done to enhance her face in an unusual way and she didn't end up with instagram face. She worked with her more unique features and still looked like herself, not like she was hopping on a trend.

No. 919259

Nicki Minaj only appears in the news to hide her rapist husband's shit. I'm glad that the victim is being offered a platform.

No. 919265

way too much of coincidence that right after she and her rapist piece of shit scrote get exposed for non stop harassing the victim she starts having a massive sperg out about vaccines, 100% trying to take the attention off of her wannabe kiddie diddler husband, what a genuine piece of shit she is no wonder all her fans are toxic as fuck

No. 919479

File: 1632278022826.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1298x1775, 7D64D3E1-45C3-404B-B9EE-E7B191…)

I’ve even heard the actual reason she didn’t go to the met gala was because she was afraid of being served with the lawsuit there.
Allegedly, nicki had Kenneth’s ex assaulted.

No. 919482

File: 1632278756759.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1233x737, D89E32FF-F1BB-4CAA-BFA5-2D61F1…)

And it begins…the barbs are about to destroy that shows comments.

No. 919514

she did distract the media though… She said probably the most mildest shit ever and had everyone ready to lynch her. Just comes to prove how stupid extreme pro vaxxers are and how it's all about following and not actually caring

No. 919516

she looks like a fat trailer park grandma stole her 14 yr old 400 lbs grandsons clothes i fucking cant

No. 919526


these are all ghetto minors who need to stay in school

No. 919558

boo hoo, it's not that deep

No. 919570

File: 1632293239806.jpeg (366.29 KB, 828x1301, F5CCF3F8-E44F-4009-9C11-756FB7…)

Cassandra Peterson better known as Elvira just released a memoir and one of the things detailed inside is her now 19 year relationship with a woman named Teresa Wierson. My spooky lesbian heart is soaring.

No. 919573

File: 1632293588153.png (80.56 KB, 1533x531, E_1aqQWUYAE9SU6.png)

Good for her!

tfw no hot butch personal trainer gf

No. 919577

she’s living the ultimate fantasy Im so jelly and also proud

No. 919586

I love her

No. 919615

I mean good for her but who cares tbh

No. 919618

Does anyone know why this is true?

No. 919630

don't like her face much, but if people go crazy over benedict cumberbatch i guess they would like her also. i'm surprised she garners that many horrified responses as she's way less ugly than some other celebs.

No. 919648

Is she a natural redhead? It looks great on her.

No. 919650


Is it? I just watched the first series.

No. 919652

YES. She wants to appear well read/educated about these things but as analysis videos grow more and more popular more and more YTers get into it that just have a surface level of knowledge.

No. 919785

and some anons still wonder why everybody hates when they use "yall"…

No. 919790

Late but damn, the German 'Kentler Project' placed foster children in homes with pedophiles because they thought the two could mutually benefit from one another. It's absolutely fucked up and disturbing and was only recently called out and only stopped like 15 years ago.

How the hell is Germany doing it right?? Scrotes really need to shut up about pretty much everything.

No. 919830

File: 1632323724932.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

>Late but damn, the German 'Kentler Project' placed foster children in homes with pedophiles because they thought the two could mutually benefit from one another
What the Fuck, who thought this was a good Idea
GDR was the true Germany

No. 919857

Because she’s been in the closet for I dunno her whole 70 years of being on this planet out of fear of backlash?

No. 919885

File: 1632328452459.jpg (93.57 KB, 832x1024, E_5vEyvVIAQGEJK.jpg)

They really are milking the "VMA 2021 hype" or whatever you call it. Kourtney and Meg for SKIMS.

No. 919887

File: 1632328515037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.79 KB, 1024x671, E_5vEzBUYAIh9m4.jpg)

both look plastic af

No. 919888

File: 1632328560664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.79 KB, 1024x673, E_5vEy5VUAYrFJR.jpg)

No. 919894

They look like blow up doll

No. 919898

Those panties look like jock straps.

No. 919903

plastic surgery really makes every woman look the same. boring.

No. 919908

do you guys think anya taylor joy looks better brunette or blonde? the blonde looks off to me but i'm not really a fan of people dyeing their hair

No. 919909

brunette but I know blonde is her natural color. brunette just looks so right on anya though… it's like learning emma stone isn't a natural redhead

No. 919912

File: 1632330419139.jpg (63.92 KB, 700x933, anya-taylor-joy-snl-beauty-loo…)

Blonde, but I honestly think she looks the best with red hair.

No. 919914

she looks like a bottle blonde because she keeps dyeing her hair that yellowy platinum color, if you look at pics of her roots grown out it's more of an ashy medium blonde which suits her WAY more

No. 919920

File: 1632330724914.jpeg (1.24 MB, 4096x2304, 2271DDFC-BC21-4135-A191-49DAB3…)

pic related; the bleached hair ages her badly, the natural blonde suits her best, and the brown makes you look the most youthful

No. 919924


she looks so hideous it’s unbelievable. people are wondering what kind of monstrous fishes swim in the deepest of oceans but they can take a look at anya and see it for themselves

No. 919925

File: 1632330930241.jpg (300.15 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20210922_191145.jpg)

blonde, it really highlights her unique features imo (but i guess that isn't a good thing to the people who think she's ugly (fuck those people though)). she looks like an absolute goddess to me. i think both + red suits her though.

No. 919926

i want to live in the deep oceans then

No. 919931

Just curious, what celebs do you consider beautiful?

No. 919932

I think light brown would suit her best: she is absolutely bloody gorgeous. I was mesmerised by her in TQG. She also has a really beautiful body and figure.

No. 919933

she is the age of a grandma tbf

No. 919937

>anya-joy taylor an actress with bizarre looking facial features
> michaela coel an actress with bizarre looking facial features

racially motivated and you’re all a bunch of racist assholes, i don’t care that the biased jannies will ban me for this shit you’re all racist assholes who find this thread as a good opportunity to shit on women who look unconventional. there will always be wannabe /pol/fags defending each other and samefagging because they are racist and it’s right in front of your eyes stop being illiterate and read, goddamn. there are racist white woman and they will always be racist and exclusive to minority women, it exists and it’s right in front of your fucking faces but for some reason this thread literally makes you retarded and unable to understand what someone else is saying to you. this is racist, i don’t care i just had to say that this is so hypocritical

No. 919938

be quiet baboon

No. 919940

Right in front of your faces and you’re going to act like this is a psyop racebaiting troll? No, this is probably a regular oldfag who isn’t trying to stir the pot intentionally but are just racist. It’s right in front of your eyes and it is racially motivated. Look, look at the posts it’s there and not in my imagination so don’t fucking gaslight me.

No. 919941

i didn't even participate in the michaela coel discussion, but fyi i actually think she is beautiful as well. idk why you targeted my post, we aren't a hivemind, not to mention you have no idea who's saying what, so thinking that anons who likes anya are racist who calls all black women ugly, is a huge fucking reach. go touch some grass, please

No. 919943

File: 1632331862734.jpeg (1.02 MB, 4096x2731, BDF06A58-8550-4D0C-BC4B-B3677B…)

wow… anon… you are… so… right… it's like… looking… in… a mirror…. do you think…. they were separated… at birth?

No. 919944

Nta, but What makes you think it's all different anons? There are people here who can think both Michaela and Anya are beautiful. For the record, I'm black and I'm one of the anons who posted Anya. I didn't take part in the Michaela discussion (other than one post that didn't have to do with her looks) cause I don't know much about her except that Black Mirror episode, but I like unique faces in general.

No. 919946

>we aren’t a hivemind
If we all weren’t then we would stick out like a sore thumb, that’s why you’re told to integrate so you can conform. You and >>919944 are so oblivious to the patterns in this thread, people are more forgiving to unconventional looking light-skinned actresses and entertainers

No. 919949

They both look weird, don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m fucking talking about you heinous bitch.

No. 919951

no, anya is actually beautiful despite being unconventional and michaela is just ugly (and unconventional). it's not rocket science.

No. 919953

Sooo.. is Megan trying to be put back in the industry? After she said the very same industry exploited her.. Like what's going on with her

No. 919954

i don't know what you're talking about at all actually. the one on the left looks like she's missing a chromosome and the one on the right just has eyes that are far apart

No. 919956

I’ve been arguing that they’re both beautiful. I even compared them to one another, saying that they’re both elven and ethereal looking. I’m fed up of nonnies calling her a “Jim crow caricature brought to life”. It’s my fault that anya and michaela are being compared. I think they’re some of the most beautiful celebrity women alive because they both look like etherial elves in completely different ways, yet they both get called ugly repeatedly in this thread. Probably the same psychotic anachan doing it over and over.

No. 919963

two of the posts you quoted aren't even calling her ugly. Some anons are racist but you're overreacting to this. There are white celebrities like grimes, Ariana grande, lana del Rey etc who get borderline psychotic hate in these threads

No. 919965

I dislike how media keeps shilling for girls who look “different” but are still conventionally attractive otherwise. No offense to her, I know nothing about her but keep seeing her in media and magazines with people going wild over her beauty and unique look when the only difference is she has wide set eyes. As if one feature suddenly makes her more relatable and ~unique~ compared to every other actress?

No. 919970

Nonnies who think anya is hideous: please tell me who do you think is beautiful.

No. 919972

Because Anya is white and Michaela is black, type it outright and stop being a coward.

>both get called ugly

No, mostly just Michaela because she’s black. I just know it’s psychotic eurofags who are in denial of their own racist countries

No. 919977

just wtf kek i have never called any black women ugly in celebricows and i haven't even looked in here since the last thread. i have actually never seen anyone call michaela coel ugly before i entered this thread, yet almost everytime i see anya posted somewhere, there's someone calling her ugly and weird-looking. even in this thread someone just called anya hideous and i can see that several anons in here defended michaela and said she is beautiful.

but whatever fits your narrative, i guess.

No. 919978

i'm not in denial of my racist country, i don't like black "people" but that has no bearing on how ugly michaela is, her face is literally too big for her deformed skull. are you happy now?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919979

Anya seems 100% conventionally beautiful to me tbh. I've never thought she looked weird or even unique, she's just an attractive women with wide set eyes

No. 919981

File: 1632332940422.gif (628.56 KB, 220x165, EC3149BF-B96C-4F75-B4B7-AD6EB0…)

No. 919983

based queen

No. 919985

that tattoo is so hideous what the hell? is she a methhead?

No. 919986

File: 1632333075797.jpeg (3.12 MB, 1842x1280, 6E5E7232-99E3-4723-95ED-0CDE9F…)

REEEEEEEEEE Anya gets called ugly every fucking time she is brought up. Kill yourself. Stop detailing the fucking discussion and go sperg about gabby petito on Twitter you fucking annoying faggot

No. 919995

Black people can be ugly too anon, idek who this woman is but from the pictures posted here she is ugly as sin, i'm sure she's very talented and more accomplished than all the spergs here though.

No. 919996

They're both ugly but Michaela is uglier.

No. 920004

If actual unconventional women were shilled these threads wouldn't last a day kek

No. 920005


She was in the lead of the queens gambit right? I remember reading articles about how her ~beauty~ was too beautiful for the role or something. I don't see it personally. Both Anya and Michaela are weird looking if they aren't styled in a particular way. Michaela seems less concerned with her aesthetic, however and just wears shit she likes. Anya, I feel carefully picks styles that are flattering to her so that she can trick people into thinking her weird fish face is "ethereal" looking.

No. 920006

always with the race bait. just let this shithole die already.

No. 920007


Meg looks plastic as fuck but she's still ten times hotter than any Kardashian. I hate it when people mess with a perfectly hot face and body like she did.

No. 920011

No. 920012

I'm sorry Micahaela Cole looks like somebody stretching a Halloween mask over their knee. She's ugly, and she obviously agrees or she wouldn't have gotten so much plastic surgery

No. 920014

If you took Anya’s makeup, clout and hair coloring away, there would be no competition, both Anya and Michaela would look identical or the same. Anya’s eyes are not proportional to her nose or lips, that’s why she’s not conventionally pretty and she has a slight lazy eye. Michaela’s head is just too wide and compacted, everything else looks pretty good, people are just so childish when it comes to accepting the way Africans look. This is what we get for listening to euro and burgerfag misinformation for centuries

No. 920015

her big face is disproportionate to her small head. if she just chose a hairstyle that gave the top of her head some height/fullness I'd say she was on the same level as anya in terms of being gorgeous. It's the same issue everyone has, poor styling makes you look uglier than you are

No. 920016

I highly doubt black people like your ass either, please stay in your country so none of them have the misfortune of interacting with you.
It’s cause her features don’t fit her face, even on majority black sites like lipstickalley they parrot the same opinions mentioned here.(racebait, derailing)

No. 920017

I don’t like that woman’s face because I feel like that nose job makes her face look too small for the rest of her features. Black women who get nose jobs often make this mistake. I feel like it’s a sign from the universe not to fuck up your beautiful black face.

Why did you just prove her point though?(because you’re a lice ridden, backwoods hillbilly, from an incest infested bloodline) Kek BABOON was the best you could come up with? Go ahead and say what you really want to say, you know you want to pasty nonita.

No. 920019

i wouldve never guessed she got surgery but honestly i think she is beautiful but only because im a sucker for high cheekbones and small eyes. Also getting older ive learned to realize that no woman is truly "ugly" if you look at a woman long enough soon you will find something attractive about her face. The opposite effect happens in guys no matter how hot lol.

No. 920022

File: 1632334537283.jpg (197.01 KB, 457x650, michaela-coel-bafta-z.jpg)

ehh i think she is a cutie

No. 920023

Nta but your response is just tryhard and a massive cope. Baboon is more affective than all of the words you just typed out because white people have the privilege. You can sperg paragraphs about mayonnaise all you like but it will never be as affective as a certain 6 letter word that rhymes with bigger so give it up.
Plus it’s kind of low to bring incest into it, a lot of people have been sexually abused by family members, regardless of race, and it isn’t their fault.

No. 920024

why does everything have to be about race with you americans?

No. 920026

Samefag but this anon >>920016
Was spot on in her retort and didn’t come across as if she where filled with impotent rage.

No. 920027


Yeah. She looks decent when she's styled properly.


>Unironicly calling the bitch that played the creature in splice beautiful

She's not hideous but uh, that's a strong word.

No. 920028

its effective baboon

No. 920029

File: 1632334826826.jpeg (74.88 KB, 512x288, 092C4811-CB08-4350-B6D3-1A3BEF…)

>”why does everything have to be about race with you americans”

No. 920031

also i say give it a couple of years and white people will be treating the word mayonnaise like the n word lol.

No. 920032

File: 1632334886026.jpeg (219.91 KB, 1080x1440, BC257BCD-CC38-46D0-AB8C-B6EE53…)

It was Delphine Chanéac who played Dren in splice

No. 920036

File: 1632335010749.png (418.06 KB, 368x357, king.png)

No. 920039

they look like the same person

No. 920041

White people don’t actually care, they just want to maintain the upper hand. Trust me no white person is hurt by you calling them mayonnaise. They laugh at you for it. Especially if you yourself are white.

No. 920042

File: 1632335131872.jpeg (88.33 KB, 418x354, BFFA55AA-42F0-4204-A7FE-F78FAC…)

>”why, all of this was in the past! why does it matter now? we got over it, racism is over guys! it’s not like the policies and consequences of discrimination and racial hatred from the last century are going to influence the future! i don’t see skin color (stop racebaiting)

No. 920046

give it a couple of years a lot of you nonnies think Karen is a slur.

No. 920052

>let's end racism
>let's also bring up skin color in every goddamned discussion(racebait, derailing)

No. 920055

File: 1632335461494.jpeg (573.55 KB, 750x861, CEA32CED-D444-40BE-935A-A719A3…)

Damn we gotta make the percentage lower(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920076

anyway how is no one discussing that Jennifer Hough who is woman who was raped by nicki's ugly husband spoke out on the Real. She said after he assaulted her he turned to the mirror beat his chest and said "im the man" what a fucking loser

No. 920081

>looks like somebody stretching a Halloween mask over their knee

i don't think she is ugly, but kek. anyways, it gets a bit tiring that no one in here will accept that beauty is subjective, and sure, some people's idea of beauty will be warped by racism, but that does not mean that you're racist if you think anya is beautiful and michaela isn't. what a retarded take. i just can't grasp how some of you will call other anons liars etc if they think someone is beautiful that you don't. i'm sure you're all smarter than this(derailing)

No. 920082

Sounds like black make scrote behavior. I watched her interview live even though it was triggering. Hope she just shuts her phone off and deletes social media because Nicki has a rabid kiddie/retard fanbase that will harass her.(racebait )

No. 920085

american psycho behavior

No. 920094

Pickme's, man. They do it to themselves.

No. 920134

Nigger nigger nigger. Wow I’m so offended(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920141

I’m a try hard? No I genuinely feel if your people feel like we look like baboons, it’s a proven fact your people love meth and inbreeding.

No. 920154

You don’t care about incest victims, stop virtue signaling. It doesn’t make you a good person.

No. 920159

So if you think a black woman is ugly, that makes you racist? Stop talking out of your ass anon. Anya is beautiful and that other woman isn't, people aren't saying Anya is beautiful because she is white, but because of her facial structure and features are ethereal looking, stop constantly bring race into everything, it's exaushting(let it go)

No. 920161

You cape for “incest victims” while admitting the n-word is your trump card for the coping negroes. No matter how hard we cope with our lice and inbred jokes, the word nigger will always turn us to stone. Glad to know that’s all you’ve got in your white privilege arsenal.

No. 920163

she's an attractive black woman. The issue is her surgery messed up the proportions of her face but she's not unusual or strange-looking by default.
I live in a predominantly black country(not a west african country like her family is from) and black women here have a little more rounder and slightly broader features than her original face so she would stand out as being different-looking here too. basically I'm agreeing with >>918684

When a group is a minority in your country, it's usually hard to understand when someone is actually unusual looking and when they just look like their own race.

both fucked up their faces with work. Anna got botox in her jaw to slim it down and the sides of her eyes now droop even further than they used to. They now droop so much it looks painful in upclose photos where I can see the inside of her lower eyelid. fucks me up eveytime(derailing)

No. 920192

I'm sorry you're ugly anon. Please cope in a different thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920202

I love her so much! She was my childhood hero.

No. 920212

Baboon mod big mad(take a break)

No. 920219

Why does the rest of the world pretend that America is the only place where Idpol is a thing? Other countries may not have "race" but they have different ethnic groups that constantly sperg against each other. Cut the BS, you're not better than us.(racesperging, derailing)

No. 920263

someone else in this thread used the word "repulsive" and that is so mean. I find her very interesting to look at, in a good way. the kind of face where you want to keep looking at it.

No. 920288

>bi/lesbian baiting
It's official: the 00s are back.

t.A.T.u. would totally make a comeback if Yulia didn't lose her mind.

No. 920314

File: 1632347393023.jpg (86.54 KB, 984x1077, dakotalana.jpg)

Lana looks like a witch. and also like Dakota Rose??

No. 920318

File: 1632347433764.jpg (6.9 KB, 259x194, dr.jpg)

for reference.

Is this the inevitable fate for all lolitas?

No. 920320

I'm more concerned about her mac tonight chin. Has it always been like that?

No. 920324

Wait, I haven't kept up with t.A.T.u for ages, what has happened to Yulia?

No. 920363

> Also getting older ive learned to realize that no woman is truly "ugly"
Ngl Nonita this is pretty based

No. 920367

Samefag from >>920363 but
>The opposite effect happens in guys no matter how hot lol.
based as fuck Nona your wisdom is a diamond in a sea of racesperging an infighting kek

No. 920401

Lana has this kinda weird orange makeup thing going on at the moment and I gotta say she looked more like herself when she had pale skin, red lips, her ficking winged eyeliner, and stopped arseing around with her hair colour

No. 920410

File: 1632356236812.jpg (205.62 KB, 1024x1563, 55054_Yvonne_Catterfeld_336_12…)

I love ATJ, but she will never not remind me of Yvonne Catterfeld #a failed singer and actress on the German version of Days of our Lives#

No. 920414

File: 1632356953590.jpeg (135.01 KB, 740x982, 740full-kristine-froseth.jpeg)

Wow she looks like if Anya and Kristine Froseth had a baby.

No. 920419

I don't understand why current ps trends are obsessed with eyebrow lifts and then give women styled drag eyebrows on top of them. It looks fucking awful on a lot of actresses, both her and ATJ are striking in a weird way but neither of them needed surgery. ATJ also got a brow lift, which she of course didn't need.

No. 920431

File: 1632358198180.jpg (296.87 KB, 1390x1342, yuli00s.jpg)

Let's see…
>dated and had a kid with some married Russian guy
>divorced him
>converted to islam after marrying an Uzbek
>had a kid with said Uzbek
>career flopping
>weird controversy about hating the gays, loving the lesbians kek
>divorced the Uzbek, dropped islam and ran back to orthodox christianity (good for her, tbh)
>petty feud with Lena over ""t.A.T.u songs"" (more like ex-lovers feud)
>got married to some Georgian mafia guy
>somewhere in between all this shit she was battling thyroid cancer
>she decided to cheat on her mafia husband with some Turkish (?) guy (yes, great idea)
>mafia husband found out, beat her bloody on the street, shattered her jaw in several places
This is why she doesn't look like her 00s-10s self anymore, btw. It isn't just fillers, they had to redo her whole face.

This year, Yulia tried bringing back her relevance by running for a spot in the Russian parliament for an oblast that she doesn't even live in.

No. 920432

File: 1632358222579.jpg (160.57 KB, 443x665, KELLY-MITTENDORF.jpg)

I don't want to restart the the Anya Michaela sperg, but I will say it's funny that women like pic related will be on many people's "strange ethereal beauty" radars. Some anons will post that you're a pleb who doesn't understand fashion or art if you don't find this model's looks beautiful, or at least "aesthetic". Meanwhile, Michaela Coel or any other tall, thin woman who has dark skin and unconventional features is "repulsive".
This is a pattern. It's like there's a "weirdness" limit for you guys. Strange faces and gangly bodies have to come with light skin, and most preferably blue eyes with blond hair. In fact, those same features will be celebrated if they "have the colors right". A woman can't be brown and have unconventional features, or else she's just not even human.
Won't respond to any angry racist tards, just making an observation. FYI I think both Michaela Coel and Kelly Mittendorf have an unconventional beauty to them, I just think it's sad that many people won't see both because of something as stupid as color.

No. 920464

File: 1632361369890.jpg (139.21 KB, 1200x800, 543232050.0.jpg)

idk who that woman is but she looks way too square for my liking.

time for more janelle monae appreciation. I wouldn't consider her unconventionally attractive. she's conventionally pretty. however, her looks fluctuate a lot depending on her styling. I guess it might have something to do with her having relatively small features for what white people consider normal in black people (?) not saying she has thin lips or anything. small≠ thin.

No. 920465

anon it's a valid point worth discussing for sure but lolcow and specifically celebricows is not the best place for it. you saw the complete spergery upthread, shit gets so messy here as soon as people bring up a point about race its not worth it

No. 920471

Oh man, death can't come fast enough for him.

No. 920472

I know it's unlikely she'll get the justice she deserves but I sorely hope more barbz drop nicki over this. She's far beyond the threshold of disgusting at this point but if her fans have proven anything it's that their delusions will outlast them. Seeing barbz defend fucker carlson of all people

No. 920486

Shut up retard

No. 920489

It'd be great if the entertainment industry didn't shit all over Tolkien's works and all the research he did for his books by trying to make everything woke. His works are clearly grounded in Nordic and Anglo-Saxon mythologies and cultures.

No. 920490

Oh thanks, that's really sad tbh, what a mess. Yulia was a huge crush of mine when I was in my pre-teens.

No. 920494

I knew, I KNEW someone was gonna bring up Tucker in here, lol

No. 920508

this is all the representation i needed, i love her

No. 920510

File: 1632366012436.jpg (99.6 KB, 1080x1349, 227636354_1722345081288820_197…)

Same but I crushed on both of them.
Anyways, at least Lena is alright and thriving.

No. 920546

see i don't think the people that dislike >>918784 are the same that drool over the model you posted, so don't be upset after conflating the two and seeing a dissonance (don't be upset at all - strangers' opinions on the internet are worthless).

No. 920549

File: 1632375067761.png (642.77 KB, 558x568, 123089230597346.png)

Just want to post these because some anons freak me the hell out believing all the insane image editing that takes place is representative of real skin. Even with the botox, treatments and fancy products celebs still have normal skin (eye bags, wrinkles, acne, flaking, scarring) just like everyone else. Not saying they're hideous. Just human.

No. 920550

File: 1632375102861.png (427 KB, 497x565, 548937057340573367.png)

No. 920551

File: 1632375233592.png (532.77 KB, 473x570, 5890437504375347.png)

No. 920552

holy shit

No. 920650

They have the gross tight skin complexion of my step mother who has been getting the tox and other cosmetic procedures to the face. I hate when she talks close to my face and I have to see her skin up close. It makes my skin hurt. I really hate the look of work done to the face, it ruins the rest of the skin. Like, I'm a person in the real world and understand what fine lines and pores are, but honestly, fucking with the face makes you look worse in the long term in my humble opinion. Makes you look insecure too.

No. 920658

look at this bitches nasolabial folds

No. 920701

File: 1632398615009.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 392.08 KB, 660x1069, 7DCC57BF-3172-4DDB-BB06-D733E5…)

what the fuck is lizzo doing. she’s probably the most attention seeking celeb these days. twerking with her ass out on a playground, her recent single flopped, her usual crying for sympathy video backfired, she’s still obsessed with chris evans and now this

No. 920731

Lmaaao anon! I'm in ORBIT

No. 920734

go outside

No. 920735

Serving some Lovelypeaches realness

No. 920747

File: 1632404540481.jpg (382.24 KB, 1530x1719, c880f86e07.jpg)

>ben afflecks daughter rumored to be trooning out
i would too if my dad was in "bennifer"

No. 920753

File: 1632405032209.jpeg (215.26 KB, 1080x1440, images (15).jpeg)

I can't get over how ugly and botched Bella Poarch looks

No. 920754

The blue haired one? She looks so cute though it would be a shame

No. 920755

File: 1632405105790.jpeg (42.49 KB, 460x374, F04B425D-E563-4B14-8D8A-FF957D…)

Nta but how she WANTS to look kek i don’t think she’s a celeb though

No. 920757

>cheating on your mafia husband
Pretty much asking to get killed

No. 920758

Many teen girls looked and dressed like that in my time and nobody thought anything of it.
Sucks how clothing/haircut choice has become more gender restrictive with time, I would never have expected things to go this way.

No. 920762

no, the other one

No. 920772

Holy shit she looks totally different.
Side note I don't think Bella needs her own thread but she needs to be discussed more. Something about her is weird and screams industry plant.

No. 920775

Ariana looks disgusting, look at the difference between this and >>920550.

No. 920784

fr and she’s got that big nasty mole on her face. all that plastic surgery and she couldn’t get that shit scraped off?

No. 920792

Lizzo should have her account suspended for something like that. I just feel it's really inappropriate for someone who attracts young fans, and her tantrum would be kinda funny.

No. 920797

File: 1632408971568.jpeg (105.57 KB, 1440x1114, 470B9CCB-1319-460C-B901-383B68…)

new pics from ariana’s makeup line. i kinda like the concept

No. 920798

File: 1632409068527.jpeg (155.69 KB, 1440x1116, 10A46799-F198-451E-B142-2C1DCA…)

No. 920800

She looks so…. Over worked on. It’s not attractive. I wouldn’t but her makeup off these pics.

No. 920801

no matter how celebrities try and erase the inevitability of age and humanity, they cannot immortalize themselves as forever 20-30, and this is why I love detailed candids

don't delude yourself into falling for the ps meme. it will never forsake the mistress of gravity

No. 920804

You’re right nonnie, any one have any shots of her barefaced? I doubt she leaves the house without a pound of makeup, but I’m sure she did a pr move and showed what she looks like without it

No. 920805


No. 920807

File: 1632410030611.jpg (56.07 KB, 460x644, aMGjBvR_460s.jpg)

The cakeface foundation makeup is making this look way worse.
Years ago Katy Perry had picrel that made her look pretty rough too. That's just the double edge sword about heavy makeup, looks great in pictures but up close and in person not so much.

I get this is more about her cosmetic surgery but still. I don't think she looks particularly old here.

No. 920808

>erase the inevitability of age
i think we easily tend to forget that she's still only 28 years old…
looking at her razorsharp skin/jaw line really looks scary, her skin seems so thin, no matter how skinny a young woman is her face should never be this lacking of fat

if kendall didn't wore this much makeup and would look straight to the front she'd likely look a lot younger and less plastic

No. 920810

I'm so bummed about her surgery because it was completely unneccessary. She looks old and botched now and the middle part of her face is strangely elongated? This is irreversible and it's going to age like shit. You think Madonna looks bad now, just imagine Ariana at 40 trying to maintain this look.

No. 920817

File: 1632410891646.png (832.81 KB, 640x1136, 36240328-52D9-43BA-A26E-7CEE61…)

most recent “barefaced” pic. but its filtered to death, she probably has some concealer on, her lashes are still on too. her lips are so disturbing

No. 920820

she looks like that little plastic dome is pulling back on all her features & elongating them. i cant wait to see what she ends up looking like a year from now, 5 years from now etc

No. 920826

Wow, her makeup team are specialist. She looks below average without the effects.

No. 920863

wtf she looks like she's balding

No. 920878

still looking better than 19yo billie eilish

No. 920887

It's only gonna get worse, that's for sure. Iirc she started getting stuff done around 2013 when she was just 20 years old and sometimes I forget just how much she got done to her face at such a young age. She looks nothing like she did back then.

No. 920900

>i kinda like the concept
What concept? Wtf is she supposed to be

No. 920902


No. 920904

a beautiful alien, she’s been using that space concept for years now

No. 920908

ntayrt but please don't talk about beauty in terms of what's ''fuckable'' and certainly don't bring up Billie, they have nothing to do with each other. Talking about who's fuckable just makes it about what men want.

No. 920917

she is, the ponytails and extensions are giving her alopecia. it’s sad, i think she looks gorgeous with her hair down.
no idea why she always wears those tight ass mf ponytails that are making her go bald

No. 920939

It looks like she has a hairy arm grabbing the back of her neck. Took me a long time to realize it was her ponytail. I hate these photos.

No. 921097

her nosejob is just tragic the rest of her facial features are cute but I can focus on is the obvious nose implant

No. 921105

File: 1632423870162.jpeg (326.16 KB, 2560x1707, 1D9799F8-8608-4147-B3A6-C65FE9…)

that reminds me of how much cuter she was during her break free era where she introduced the alien concept

No. 921114

e-celebs aren't real celebrities otherwise anyone on /snow/ could be posted here. What has she done besides bobbing her head for 10 seconds?

No. 921115

Her face just reminds me of an animatronic, I don’t see a person in those eyes it’s so dull. Doesn’t help that everything about her screams she’s faking a persona and is uncomfortable with herself.

No. 921116

So this is what the other judges see on The Voice when they're face-to-face with her.

No. 921161

File: 1632426366578.jpg (180.53 KB, 1170x1316, 5XFWgh59SKSEHAH7Lr-nqwyISwvqzc…)

No. 921190

Good for her for bringing awareness to malpractice and exposing them.
Bad for her for tampering with a healthy body in the first place, and not bringing awareness to that as a bad thing in general.

No. 921200

File: 1632427650750.jpg (86.19 KB, 1200x675, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_ba…)

No. 921214

so the procedures made her fat? on the pic to the right she looks like a normal albeit chubby woman… not disfigured.

No. 921215

That really sucks, she deserves to sue, but she should also be advocating for people to embrace their personal beauty.

No. 921223

wtf she took the trannypill?

No. 921225

yikes that's awful

No. 921226

File: 1632428706802.jpg (190.04 KB, 1796x1011, linda-evangelista-2016-vs-2005…)

I was 'blessed' with genes that give me a fatty face and neck area no matter what my overall weight is. Kinda terrifying to see the treatment have such an opposite affect when it goes wrong. Like fuck.

I think alot of women with fatter faces or double chins look into this stuff and toy with the idea of whether to do it or not.

No. 921229

She was cursed with the small face/wide neck combo. f

No. 921230

File: 1632429149823.png (125.27 KB, 634x486, 2-Figure1-1 (1).png)

the photo is presumably from after the two corrective surgeries she mentioned. I was kind of doubtful at first too (a lot of cosmetic surgery obsessed people tend to also be hypochondriacs), but looking at photos of other people who had the same thing happen after coolsculpting, it really does seem like a real side effect of the procedure.

Picrel is someone who got PAH after getting coolsculpting on their stomach - the square shaped block of fat corresponds to where the machine was placed on the body. In evangelista's case, I'm relatively more inclined to believe her because the rest of her body looks pretty skinny relative to the amount of fat gained in her face and neck.

No. 921234

She obviously has severe body image issues when she opted for the procedure in the first place. No wonder she calls herself "disfigured" now.
She could have used this as an opportunity to dissuade others from having it. Instead she completely shifted blame from herself to that company.

No. 921241

goes to show how silly celebrities look shilling this expensive technology on social media when they could definitely afford to diet and exercise.

No. 921242

And don't get me wrong, I like she's suing them for not informing her of the risks.

No. 921246

File: 1632430059535.png (275.11 KB, 512x360, Bella.png)

Her nose used to be cute wtf

No. 921250


The thing she did is specifically for tighten Jowls caused by age and gravity, not general weight loss

No. 921251

Samefag I don’t understand the hostility towards her. She’s a model and relies on her appearance looking as good as possible to continue earning money. She isn’t even an actress or singer; her fave is literally her sole asset. In this case she made a poor decision.

No. 921252

this is the problem with plastic surgery, it's all so generic and homogenizing. where's the creativity?

No. 921254

mb I wasn't aware of her particular situation and zeroed on on the CoolSculpt/Emsculpt I've been seeing around

No. 921255

I don't really get the hostility either. The procedure she was getting done was very noninvasive, the type of thing they'll casually suggest at the spa or something. Would people be as critical if she was speaking out after something went wrong during microdermabrasion or teeth whitening?

No. 921256

I'm sure alot of women with actual jowls and looser necks feel frustration at seeing how toned that whole area was on her pre-coolsculpting but yeah it is understandable that a model will nitpick that stuff. She's holding herself to a whole other standard.

Looking up pics of when people had it done on face fat.. when it works it's impressive. Second and third chins just gone. PAH seems to be the bodys response though so I'm guessing that even over time and with improvements that it's still a risk that will always come with the procedure.

No. 921257

this is horrible and i feel bad for her, but at the same time i kinda love that this happened because it’s a great example of plastic surgery going horribly wrong. (one of many examples kek)
whenever i try to tell my friends not to fuck their faces up with plastic surgery they always spout some bullshit, like oh you’re jealous, let people do what they want, its self expression, blah blah. no girl it’s mental illness and it’s unnecessary for women to fuck with their natural beauty.

No. 921259

I have no idea what that first thing is, but yes, I equally deride people whitening their teeth. Any ethical dentist will tell you not to tamper with your teeth as long as they're healthy.

No. 921265

tf, where did her chin go

No. 921269

Samefag, look, I respect people's choices, but goddamn prioritising looks over health is a fucking stupid choice and I'm gonna say it.

No. 921313

File: 1632434276669.jpeg (219.91 KB, 800x1196, 4597EABF-BE08-4F57-854F-F6BCBC…)

And this girl is the love child of Ayyynya and Romy Schneider

No. 921347

these photos were actually edited to bring out and highlight allll the tiny details and bumps and textures, check out @ssstructures on instagram or google for proof

No. 921350

File: 1632436438879.png (234.51 KB, 850x707, yXBIPqi1p9.png)

surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet

No. 921356

He and Corey Taylor should be buddies. They can share their stupid "hot" "takes" amongst themselves instead of to media so I don't have to hear about it

No. 921361

That's something that's totally insignificant but I never understood. For someone who's job relies on creating an image of beauty and perfection, why wouldn't she either get the mole removed or make it more visible as a beauty mark? The mole is always concealed in a way that makes it look like a cyst.

No. 921365

nah slipknot's too old they don't care about a pop punk industry plant. MGK's been taking a lot of heat from rock/metal fans for this. people are saying he's going to go country next lol

No. 921376

Is Margaret Qualley a farmer? I assume she is what would happen if one of us became famous.

No. 921390

He had to just irk me once again with his retarded fake laughing and the slam of the hand on the table. My god, Jimmy, no one will crucify you if you don't laugh at something a guest says. Anyway, she's kind of a qt.

No. 921415

mgk is 31 and the slipknot people are late 40s - early 50s, i didn’t think mgk actually had fans it was just marketing and people not knowing what they like so they bought in out of stupidity. if anyone takes his insults seriously they’re dumb as hell, this man drank a charcoal slurpee and made it a red carpet trick at 31. the insults were probably supposed to rile up slipknot’s fans online so they hate watch or listen to him, and metal fans live to hate things. i think it’s funny because it’s hot topic drama and that’s real 00s revival.

No. 921422

She looks like she's trying to copy Nicki Minaj during her harajuku hoodrat phase. Same CGI blasian makeup.

No. 921425

File: 1632442363687.jpeg (675.54 KB, 828x1011, C6A5D5BC-73EC-4D53-98DF-3C2981…)

the new mario movies cast was announced. all celebrity voice actors.

can get behind jack black as bowser but what the fuck were they thinking casting crisp ratt as mario

No. 921429

I loved her plastic surgery, but it looks like she got the cat eye lift with threads or surgery and I really hate it. I have never, ever seen anyone who looks good with it. Her brows were most lifted in the center from the brow lift, they were uneven but cute, this looks so pulled back and bitchy.

No. 921430

I think it's funny you say that because my mental image of what anons here look like is also a pale awkward but friendly brunette

No. 921434

literally none of these choices make sense

No. 921457

Nose jobs are the plastic surgery that infuriate me the most, I'm fucking tired of seeing women getting pushed to get the same nose. It's annoying enough that wider noses on women get shat on to begin with (honestly they don't even look that bad, they can be cute like the picrel), but the fact that the only nose it seems female celebrities are allowed to have is that thin, pinched looking nose makes me wanna a-log. How about some fucking variety, not everyone has to look the same.

No. 921470


No. 921514

well nonny you're wrong. I'm a 6'9 hulking trans bimbo with DDDDD bolt ons and a shoe collection you would pull out your hair over. don't worry, you can believe what you want though. most people seem to cope by ignoring my presence.

No. 921581

OMFG this doesn't even look like her. Skin so stretched and weird mouth

No. 921595

what do you think of grimes' nose? (which constantly gets shat on in these threads for being wide/big)

No. 921624

PAH just seems like a potential side effect of Cool Sculpting. I’m not sure if there’s anything anyone can do to guarantee it won’t happen but I’m not an expert. Just seems like some people will get it and some won’t.

No. 921625

someone told me i look like her once so i accept this theory

No. 921658

File: 1632451348033.jpg (15.18 KB, 700x438, iju4jebrkms2o5hnm2ft.jpg)

Nta, but I thought it was cute before her bimboification saga. It fit her features.

No. 921668

File: 1632452122904.jpg (785.64 KB, 2880x1620, Download.jpg)

No. 921676

While I won't say I find it cute, it looks normal in this pic and now it looks odd, imo everything in her face looks odd now

No. 921679


choose one to fuck, one to marry and one to kill

No. 921683

fuck AB, marry grimes, kill elon

No. 921691

marry ab
fuck grimes
kill elon and take his money.

No. 921699

Fuck AB
Marry Grimes
Kill Musk

No. 921702

This is the way to go, honestly.
If Azealia weren't so bat shit crazy, I'd 100% marry her. The disgusting mfer Muskrat must die.

No. 921713

fuck ab, kill elon, marry grimes and then kill her for the $$$

No. 921727

File: 1632456885217.png (37.49 KB, 727x318, 04n2rLyqTq.png)

hot topic drama rofl yess. it's dumb as hell but fans were real mad. bad foot to start off on for a genre change. if he keeps burning bridges i bet there will be more milk at future shows

No. 921747

fuck ab
marry elon
kill grimes

sorry she’s useless

No. 921752

File: 1632460599105.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, F21AE279-C5E4-43B6-98A4-499F38…)

Who the hell casted any of these people.
Here's a clip of some of the character's voices: https://twitter.com/Charriii5/status/1441196952599744520

No. 921755

File: 1632461180448.jpg (376.98 KB, 978x600, 1632449514374.jpg)

can't believe they white washed mario

No. 921756

i highly doubt any Italian considers Mario to be a POC, hilarious how Americans love to create issues where there’s none

No. 921757

They're joking anon. The "Italians are POC" is a meme there, I forgot why though.

No. 921758

I would marry Elon if I didn't have to touch him and got a fat stack of cash. Probably fuck grimes cause she seems like a pillow princess and kill AB cause she'd be too jealous of my previous two choices. She probably can't die anyway, she sold her soul to papa legba.

No. 921760

marry grimes fuck az kill elon I don't care about the money that lizard man has and grimes will inherit it after I kill him first

No. 921772

imagine if makeup wasn't designed to ONLY look good from afar, jesus

No. 921774

I always expected farmers to be like her — pale, awkward, underweight brunette white girl with light eyes — but even though they’re really friendly IRL, when they’re on the farm all their anger and hate comes out. Maybe Margaret is like that.

No. 921776

u femcel?

No. 921777

meg still looks hotter than any Kardashian (Maybe except Kim pre botchery) the rest look like 5/10s trying their hardest to look max

No. 921789

MGK has a lot of nerve to complain about established musicians that paved the way for him. And it is funny that he uses "old" as an insult for Slipknot when Travis Barker is around Corey Taylor’s age, kek. And Barker pretty much carries MGK’s music.

No. 921790

ew don’t write shit like “”look max”” that’s incel shit and judging by the comment above it you’re just some incel who doesn’t understand this dumb ass place. go fuck yourself.

also they’re all gorgeous. kourtney kardashian is literally perfect at all ages and her sarcasm was the best part of their show. kim’s style pre surgery was obnoxious, she looks best now.

No. 921799

anon what on earth is going on inside your head to accuse an anon of “incel shit” for using the word “looksmaxx” but then say all the kardashians plastic botched faces are better than the natural ones they started with

No. 921801

MGK is literally an industry shill, his audience is made-up of exclusively of girls who thirst after him cause he's a tall white guy with an alt aesthetic
and I am one of them

No. 921802

i thought mgk was a plant? i didn’t think anyone ever anywhere took him seriously, but he’s getting shilled so hard i do want it to start drama within those genres because it’s so funny. didn’t the lame pop punk bands have shit fights with each other and insult older generation bands for fun? i can’t believe anyone gives a shit about what comes out of his mouth no matter what color it is or the sounds made, he’s a plant and will say anything to get people to listen to his brain damage regression baby music so he gets revenue. mf has a 2010 accent nail you can’t trust his communications

No. 921806

no they were all beautiful before and you ignored my giant lesbian crush on kourtney, i just said that i really love kim’s face currently. maybe she would have looked best with her natural face, she would still probably be beautiful, but i love what she did. i’ve only read that term accidentally and it is incel shit, that has nothing to do with women choosing to do what they want with their appearances. it doesn’t need a creepy gross term it’s just living and this is a gossip board so we all talk about dumb things like appearance.

No. 921810

i said kim’s style was better afterwards and didn’t say anything about “all the kardashians looking better after surgery”. can you fucking read instead of making up an argument

No. 921811

idk I'm a butch who listens to cringey white rappers and is into the cheesy poppunk shit too
Having Megan Fox in the bloody valentine video helps too

No. 921816

I think him shifting to pop-punk was probably to capitalize on his young female audience

No. 921833

Yes, because it went sooooo well for him after he called Eminem and his beard “old and weird”
>I’d rather be 80 year old me than 20 year old you

No. 921840

I loved his response overall but that line coming from Eminem was a bit lame, I remember him coming for Benzino's age just like that back in the day.
>I'm only bein real when I say nobody wants to hear their grandfather rap

Regardless, idk what the fuck MGK was thinking. I actually liked Rap Devil and it got him attention, sure, but he should've known he'd be embarrassed out of rap if he tried to diss Eminem. His pop punk is much better though so I guess it was a win overall.

No. 921854

I don’t find him hot, I’d rather have sex with one of the 2000s pop-punk guys that all look like my butch lesbian, 50 y/o aunt these days than with him. But I am really happy about the pop-punk comeback and some of his songs are awesome (because they sound pretty much exactly like old blink songs, kek).

No. 921855

tbf anything is better then rap, even the most mediocre pop-punk track is one the same level of the supposed greatest raps of all time(which is like being the top maggot in a pile of shit)

No. 921901

They definitely fucked her up and I feel bad for her, but what are the odds of winning that lawsuit? How do you prove THIS fat cell was caused by the treatment unlike THAT one which is from aging and weight gain. Unless her face originally looked like >>921230 and she was actually disfigured, not "I used to look like Linda Evangelista and now I look like a normie in her 50s" disfigured, I don't see her winning.
Imagine going to court about your face and lawyers saying "she's just ugly and fat because she's old your honor!" I'd kms

No. 921969

As an Alwayssunnyfag, I always thought that Glen Howerton was a lot more talented than Charlie Day and should’ve been the breakout star of the show.

Also Chris Pratt sucks but he does pretty well with comedic roles so who knows. I’ve seen worse casting imo.

No. 921973

glenn was second in line to play star lord after crisp rat, i can't decide if it would be better or worse if he was a disney boy

No. 921977

This has the most "I keep getting older, but the girls stay the same age" energy. Every male actor here has been around since the mid-2000's, while we've already gone through like 5 successive blonde it girls in that span of time.

No. 921980

I don't like Chris pratt as mario but people on twitter are losing their shits over this, other then being a moderate christian I don't what he's done to piss off the woke hoard

No. 921989

He was outspokenly anti-choice and that's pretty unusual for Hollywood.

No. 922000

well I've never heard about this and he seems to keep his views to himself and doesn't force his fans to follow his beliefs, so even though I disagree with him on this I don't really dislike him

No. 922005

Pratt is just so fucking punchable to me, he's one of those celebrities I just don't know what the appeal is supposed to be

No. 922006

He was on Parks and Rec and was the token big and stupid guy, then he got fit and was star lord and has been a blockbuster star since then

No. 922012

Agreed anon, it's not like he's an evangelist preacher I think he just said in an Instagram post that his religion means he can't stay silent about life being ended blah blah…
But as a Marvelfag it doesn't bother me, but then again I prefer to enjoy performers for their work and not get wrapped up in their personal beliefs. If I only enjoyed acting, art or music from people who aligned perfectly with my moral and political nuances I'd have a very small library indeed. I make exceptions for really heinous crimes like Manson and R Kelly, but Twitter acts like celebs having unpopular views is a hate crime

No. 922013

He’s a weird conservative Christian or something along those lines, also he hunts and defended killing an animal saying killing them is like turning a TV off. I’ve always disliked him and his divorce also made me feel like he’s shit.

No. 922014

Yeah, there's something wrong with anyone who'd care for that

No. 922020

I strongly disagree with his views, but he doesn't broadcast them and shove them down everyone's throat, I would rather deal with someone like Chris Evans then any of the jackasses who appeared in the metgala

No. 922036

Honestly since I found out Chris Evans has a mediocre dick things haven't been the same. If it turns out Sebastian Stan has a baby dick I'm quitting Marvel.

No. 922037

I'm suddenly very, very glad I don't wear makeup. Jesus christ.

No. 922038

And not one of them is a professional voice actor. This screams "We saw the Sonic movie and want to bank on that same retarded energy". It's like they're hoping the audience will be stupid enough to want to watch this.

No. 922045

File: 1632497429566.jpg (56.23 KB, 587x543, gameover.JPG)

No. 922046

the inevitable has finally happened

No. 922050

she got too old for him and probably didn't wanna bare him any more children, he'll find a new one and probably have 10 more sons cause of his narcissistic desire to pass off his genes

No. 922051

I meant Chris Pratt and honestly I don't care much about the size of Evans size, but the head looks too much like a mushroom for my taste

No. 922066

File: 1632499439293.jpg (48.73 KB, 290x407, it's a me.jpg)

nothing will ever beat the 1993 live action mario movie. it's a fucking fever dream

No. 922069

This shit right here. Nothing will top Mario’s full name being “Mario Mario”.

No. 922083


To this day, I'll never understand why that movie was hated by so many.

No. 922104

File: 1632504236003.jpeg (60.45 KB, 734x826, FABO0RwUcBARl6U.jpeg)

Don't hate Billie cuz of her boobs

No. 922106

MGK is older than Slipknot's current drummer kek

No. 922110

OMG she butchered her face. Why do people do this? A plastic looking face is so much worse looking than an aging face- as much as again sucks

No. 922118

cant be because she's not being original or cool…it HAS to be her boobs… bitch you sold out from the get go, why be mad fans are catching it to?
she's been treated so differently now she's an adult and i love it.

No. 922123

She's such a pickme lmao

No. 922130

is it fair to call her a pickme though ? most decisions she makes are probably pre-decided by some marketing team

No. 922131

I don't care about celebs or her but any time I see her mentioned she's always talking about her goddamn boobs. I thought her whole thing was trying to be herself regardless of people commenting on her body?

No. 922137

This bitch actually looks into the mirror and says to herself that she is losing fans because they can't handle tits. ah… yes, big boobs. Everyone's biggest fear.

No. 922149

File: 1632507261257.gif (479.61 KB, 480x356, When-I-See-Big-Boobs.gif)

>yes, big boobs. Everyone's biggest fear.

No. 922154

File: 1632507636214.jpeg (98.21 KB, 694x868, 6C708690-EC4A-41BD-8BA0-EED1E6…)

No. 922166

She’s releasing music now but a lot of people are turned off because she doesn’t look anything like she did on tiktok

No. 922167

too fucking bad she still has to keep the baby from the relationship. i know she's getting parental support from elon, but personally i wouldn't want his money for such a high cost. let's be honest, grimes isn't passionate about babies
kek, 'apartheid clyde' lmfao

No. 922177

They both look fine and cute, they’re literally just wearing a gen z version of grunge. Some of you go crazy anytime a girl isn’t 100% feminine. Girls can be tomboys without being trans. Girls can like masculine things without being trans

sidenote: my god look at how fucking veiny Ben’s hands are

No. 922179

File: 1632509407290.jpg (385.56 KB, 620x826, jennifer-lopez-emme-muniz-crop…)

The blue haired girl is Jennifer Lopez' daughter, Emme.

No. 922181

I doubt elon was the sole reason that colab fell through. When was the last time AB released actual music?

No. 922185

>no idea why she always wears those tight ass mf ponytails that are making her go bald
This topic has been discussed a bit in the Dan Schneider thread. Dan for some reason hated ponytails and never wanted the girls on his shows to wear them. Couple that with the likelihood that she was abused by Dan as a minor and it seems like there’s a connection there

No. 922196

File: 1632510158787.jpeg (165.56 KB, 1200x1200, 40118207-B66C-48D8-8BEF-0BD2D4…)

bella poarch

No. 922203

File: 1632510514770.jpeg (53.6 KB, 480x601, 1764C820-7C0B-4CB6-B3F9-CC72CF…)

nonnie does it really matter

No. 922205

Y'all, $50 bet AB just wanted to fuck Grimes the whole time, not even Elon. I hope they get together.

No. 922226

the good ending

No. 922234

I actually fear for the baby, Grimes would likely put him up for adoption or hire a 24/7 nanny for child support

No. 922240

Shes so cute! I hope she doesn't end up being an enby.

No. 922246

She's just insecure, "muh boobs" is the oldest fat girl cope in the book.

No. 922248

calm down, it's not us saying teen girls having short hair means they're trans, there have been tons of articles stating that about her

No. 922279

he's a member of an insane fundie/prosperity gospel/kill the gays megachurch cult. Hillsong

No. 922280

m'aam you are pushing 40. please stop.

No. 922282

anon, tomboy and butch doesn’t exist anymore, to these kids if you’re not feminine you’re not a girl and that’s it. I agree and it’s depressing but there’s so way a girl can dress like that anymore without being a they/them

No. 922284

he's a non-threatening white guy with a blandly cute face, so he appeals to hot women who like to date down&be worshipped, as well as fat ugly nerds who see him as more accessible than traditionally hot hollywood men.

No. 922290

i don't think she will–gen Z girls just dress like it's 1994, even if they're not butch or genderspecial.

No. 922294

She has this thickness about her

No. 922338

Holy mother of uncanny and botched.
Idgi seems like a poor attempt to crack a joke

No. 922340

She's 36 calm down. Anons here are so eager to over-exaggerate women's ages, it's emberassing.

No. 922348

Is she cosplaying that My Hero Academia character?

No. 922349

Anons, quit saying this, don't give me hopes for this ship to be real

No. 922372

Why even ship two such dusty pussies, neither of them have any sex appeal, try to imagine them fucking and its just a clattering plastic sound like knocking Barbies together

No. 922380

Cause it would be funny? And short lived

No. 922383

Nta but You’re the fuckin weirdo for basing lesbian ship on imagining how porny their sex will be. Male moment.

No. 922389

She's really saying this shit after bullying Grimes' crackhead ass for months? Please.

No. 922395

So this one doesn't care much about her younger female audience, does she?

No. 922396

ok and? makes no difference if a 36 year old is doing what she's doing or a 40 year old it's embarrassing either way

No. 922398

Adding to this all the times she made public statements about wanting to sleep with Elon, wanting Elon to break up with Claire and date her instead, and wishing death on their child just a couple weeks ago lol. No offence to her stans but Azealia doesn't seem dependable as a co-collaborator or source of info. That apartheid Clyde shit cracked me up though.

No. 922400

I want to watch Crimes get bullied in the recording booth, webtoon type beat

No. 922402

>wanting lesbian ships to be sexy is scrote behavior
Tell me you're straight without telling me you're straight

No. 922406

the unexpected 2020 dream 4some (self inserting fantasy nonnie time) is Azealia / Dasha / Grimes / yourname. freal though AB was projecting some psychosexual obsession grimes had for -her- in one of her manic ig stories

No. 922410

You're adding 4 whole years to her age lol. I'll see you later crying in the vent thread how you've hit the wall at 20.

No. 922413

She's only 28, that's still very young unless you're a meth head. If she didn't have so much work done she wouldn't look like a dry lizard.

No. 922414

I would actually go for this…

No. 922423

The Mario Movie cast feat
chris patt
jack black
seth rogan

No. 922426

A real Italian should do it. This is cultural appropriation.

No. 922431

Or like, the actual voice actor that has always voiced Mario

No. 922435

He's an honorary Italian.

No. 922443

File: 1632520685719.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-09-24-18-54-33…)

Don't forget to drink water and use creams nonnies, wouldn't want to look like this(bait)

No. 922452

can you shut the fuck up already

No. 922470

sage your seethe nonnie

No. 922475

"Her thing" was whatever her handlers told her to say.
yes, that's Deku Lopez

No. 922478

FOUR whole years kek
a near-unfathomable vastness of years

No. 922483

She looks normal. You're worse than scrotes

No. 922490

File: 1632525526963.jpg (92.61 KB, 750x1000, ssrco,lightweight_sweatshirt,w…)

every. fucking. time.

No. 922500

she really looks no worse than pre cake makeup candids of celebrities from the 90s or 00s and are we not going to pretend that the pics of Ariana and Kendall posted upthread exist and they also have lines

I know zoomers are brainwashed by filtering and Instagram but this is a whole new level of idiocy for me. Like the girl looks fine. Where are the anons nitpicking how haggard Timothee Chalamet or any scrote in the same age range is kek, but no it's always women. Skin doesn't look good up close and your snap camera lies to you, congrats

No. 922510

File: 1632527595350.jpg (60.54 KB, 610x1329, 1631509886735.jpg)

>and I am one of them
How, when he looks inbred and says shit like this:

No. 922523

Glad that someone else said it. That’s really the only thing that bothers me about the casting. Nothing against ATJ but she didn’t really become relevant until this year. Whereas the male actors are a lot older than her and been around a lot longer.

Should’ve went with a Kristen Wiig type with Peach imo.

No. 922528

There has been plenty of posts about how Chandelier has been repeatedly hitting the wall and looking worse, and how other moids looks like shit.
I agree with the rest of your post tho.

No. 922533

File: 1632530951079.jpg (86.93 KB, 449x449, hejmzwejbwt61.jpg)

>>Mario is literally POC

No. 922551

File: 1632533058145.jpeg (322.35 KB, 621x539, B8AB58A2-1C7C-463D-A794-34114D…)

arianka nguyen

No. 922558

No. 922565

I am begging them to make crisp rat do the shitty italian accent, I want to see if he gets cancelled for it or not

No. 922569

lol there are way worse ways to be raised then by a competent professional in a household with a shit-ton of money

No. 922576

Can't beat perfection.

No. 922611

What if Azealia and Grimes hooked up? There was some sexual tension between them, let's be honest.

No. 922626

Ariana is a transracial icon. Who else has been white, then Latina, then Black, and now Asian all within the span of the past 8 years? Gotta admire the way she literally reinvents herself every 2 years kek

No. 922641

Wasn't this just political theatre anyway? Muskrat needed some edgy young broodmare to birth another one of his spawns who'd trojan horse him to gullible lefties, who he could then sell more of his shitty cars and crypto to fund his rocketman saga.
Grimes grasped for relevancy and now has an anchor baby that parasites off a billionaire so she won't go from wokey to brokey anytime soon.
Everyone knew they weren't together because they love each other, rich narcissists marry to serve themselves and then end the farce when it doesn't pay to pretend anymore.
Anyway, let's have a moment of silence for their poor child, R2D2AshKetchum-3.14, who truly loses out in this scenario.

No. 922648

Oh whoops, pardon my retardation, I forgot Elon fuckboy'd her out of a ring at minimum too.

No. 922656

Her arm looks very hairy

No. 922658

She looks like a typical Italian American woman in this picture.

No. 922667

File: 1632544053722.jpeg (482.14 KB, 1170x871, 6D55E254-5B59-4DEF-B68C-5F36CB…)

at first I was gonna say “no way was Disney gonna let the guy who plays rape jokes: the character in an MCU movie” but I mean CD dropped the n word and still gets cast so I guess it’s just a matter of name recognition

I love Charlie though but Howerton is criminally underrated

No. 922671

It would be funny but he’s probably gonna speak in his normal voice. Besides, woketards don’t care about Italians.

No. 922673

File: 1632544665363.jpg (99.23 KB, 1382x879, chrispratt-1504046998.jpg)

wait what ? I don't think there's anything bland about Chris Pratt, he's generically attractive but he's definitely not "average" and I doubt any nerds see's him and thinks 'yep that's just like me"

No. 922685

He's got the soy wojack face. Any man can have a ripped body. his body is lacking too, besides the abs

No. 922687

Nta but nothing about him stands out (other than that he used to be fat)

No. 922688

he's not normally that jacked. they shot those closeups right when he finished his workout makeover, also with the dehydrating they do to make the muscles stand out. for the majority of movies you can see his naturally squishy body type. he's not obese but he's not muscular, athletic, or thin.

No. 922692

the marvel actors are all on roids to get those bodies in the first place

No. 922693

nta, i think he’s decently attractive especially compared to some of the other marvel scrotes, but he’s just average-cute imo

No. 922695

If you think >>922673 requires roids you are ridiculous. It's retarded how people think natural male bodies like that are unattainable, while women are held to ridiculous standards that are literally not possible without plastic surgery

No. 922697

File: 1632545905422.jpeg (99.92 KB, 600x1160, BF8F1F88-4D8B-4437-9CA0-D69FE2…)

only capeshit cutie is this one

No. 922699

File: 1632545932854.png (164.17 KB, 231x400, chris patt 2.png)

I don't wanna fucking defend chris pratt and so fuck you for making me do this, but he's very typical hollywood star attractive, I don't understand the autistic hate boner you have for him
maybe chris pratt but if you really think hemsworth and dwayne johnson are natural your insane, most hollywood stars these days are given performance enhancing drugs, its less obvious then plastic surgery but you can still see with the inhuman results they make

No. 922702

you sound like those scrotes on reddit that ree at the mere mention of their faves being on steroids. most male action movie actors are on something, even if it’s just subtle.

No. 922703

File: 1632546222439.jpeg (176.85 KB, 696x395, 7EAF7001-166D-4397-BAE7-8B7D71…)

>it’s all natural bro! just diet, exercise and sleep

No. 922705

oh no here comes the millionth fucking 5 hour nitpick debate about celebrity appearances, this is why most people hate this thread and all of you

No. 922710

they’re scrotes, literally who cares

No. 922712

him rdj and chris evans are the 3 i give a fuck about

crisp ratt isnt even ugly he's just not worth shit for his personality alone, for me he'd probably be the second best looking mcu chris because i dont find hemsworth hot at all, if you discount the personality flaws

No. 922724

That physique definitely can be achieved naturally but it takes time. Most male actors are probably roiding or taking other performance enhancing drugs to get that ripped in like the 2-3 months before filming starts. Unless they have like freak genetics or something the vast majority of men cannot make gains that quickly.

No. 922730

File: 1632550509295.jpg (247.86 KB, 1100x1478, wp-content.jpg)

No. 922731

File: 1632550624141.jpg (120.1 KB, 724x618, wp-content-1.jpg)

No. 922733

I’m reading up about Roman Polanski and I’m so disgusted with all the people in Hollywood who supported that child rapist.
Polanski was arrested in Switzerland under the request of the US so he could be exonerated but over 100 people in Hollywood signed a petition to free him.
Names include: Natalie Portman, Tilda Swinton, Isabelle Huppert, Penelope Cruz, Diane von Furstenberg, Wes Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, Martin Scorsese, Monica Bellucci, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Harmony Korine, Ethan Cohen, David Lynch, Harrison Ford, Guillermo del Toro
Johnny Depp being the creep he is also of course defended Polanski during his arrest and tried to say what a sweet old family man he is.
Cate Blanchette named one of her sons after him.
Martin Scorsese and Meryl Streep gave a standing ovation to him at the Oscars.
I do remember reading an article about how the director of Portrait of a Lady on Fire walked out of a French award show after Polankis name was read out.

No. 922750

Oh, Marge… why?
She looks like a grandma who accidentally time travelled from a 2000 New Years Eve party

No. 922758

Nonna don’t be too harsh on Johnny Depp. Yes, he’s a creepy wino, but the lawsuits and news against him are largely funded (and staged) by even creepier scrote Elon Musk so he could impress Amber Heard. It’s not a normal trial.

No. 922765

Sure you braindead fangirl. This article is from 2010. ElOn MuSk DiD tHiS. He PlaNtEd BaD StoRiEs AbOuT My DeAreSt JoHnnY.


No. 922766

Not the director, it was one of the actors of that film, Adèle Haenel (who'd talked about being sexually assaulted by a french director between the ages of 12 and 15).

This fixation Hollywood AND European cinema has with Polanski is a total mystery to me. All the "progressive" pandering some of these people do becomes worthless when they defend a rapist scrote. Is it really that hard to let him rot?

No. 922768


Anon got a point there tho. Didn't defend Johnny Depp either. Don't get too triggered every time somebody mention pedo Musky.

No. 922770

Mutual accountability. If Polanski goes down he may try to take people with him, ones people don't expect and don't want to see associated with pedophilia and human trafficking.

No. 922774

he probably has dirt on all of them, stuff they can't risk being revealed to the public

No. 922781

File: 1632559518354.jpg (91.48 KB, 637x585, pic.JPG)

The Fugees are back on tour and I'm honestly really surprised by this because the last thing I've hear was that the mental state of Lauryn Hill wasn't the best one.

>Dressed in a red frock that flounced as she performed, the rapper, singer and musician Lauryn Hill told the eager but weary crowd: “Respect the miracle. Respect the miracle of this union” three and a half hours later than billed.

>High above the shores of New York City at Pier 17’s rooftop venue, she and her Fugees group mates Wyclef Jean and Pras reunited on stage for the first time in 15 years, a “secret show” put on by Global Citizen. The performance, which took place during the 25th anniversary of their famed second and final album, The Score, seemed to be a preview of the group’s upcoming, just-announced 12-city international tour.


No. 922791

I don’t doubt Depp likes Polanski (as you pointed out it’s pretty much Hollywood’sdefault position), and I said that I think Depp is creepy and clearly is an addict. Ijust wanted to remind people that there is an active disinfo campaign going against him funded by a psycho who’s a straight up cow himself.

No. 922804

He literally has roid skin

No. 922805

Anorexic face in a fully big obese body. Tragic.

No. 922814

You’d be surprised by how low the natural limit is. Actors are all on roids btw. Even if they have attainable physiques they give them roids to speed up the process and for reliability.

No. 922818

men now take testosterone and hgh prescribed by their doctors and they have whatever to balance it out so they don't have the bad side effects. i know a few guys who do this. they basically all just get super strength and more endurance to work out. i wish we could do that shit.

No. 922819

He's a Hillsong church freak

No. 922821

I love him with my little heart

No. 922823

Damn I hate Pratt now.

No. 922828

as long as he's not blasting his views on twitter 24/7 I don't give a shit

No. 922830

File: 1632567906210.jpeg (6.28 KB, 275x161, 1559456882790.jpeg)

Yep, he does it for me more than any dude mentioned on this recent thread. Except Chris Evans, but I can't fucking help myself

No. 922849

File: 1632570771664.png (175.06 KB, 266x388, imagen_2021-09-25_065221.png)

keegan micheal key as toad

No. 922850

File: 1632570820420.png (797.14 KB, 750x963, imagen_2021-09-25_065335.png)

jack black as bowser

No. 922851

File: 1632570872944.png (499.78 KB, 700x525, imagen_2021-09-25_065439.png)

charlie day as luigi

No. 922853

File: 1632571012630.png (2.44 MB, 2000x1333, imagen_2021-09-25_065632.png)

anya taylor-joy as peach
(the girl from queen's gambit)

No. 922855

File: 1632571102617.png (937.12 KB, 800x1123, imagen_2021-09-25_065828.png)

seth rogen as donkey kong

No. 922856

File: 1632571188673.png (757.95 KB, 1048x462, uyfyf9ooy.png)

and these

No. 922860

Absolutely blows that voice actors are getting snubbed because they want Hollywood names to shill this shit show. Getting so tired of hearing seth rogaine talk normally in every role voice acts. What a waste

No. 922861

but what genuine to their craft artists is the mario movie supposed to be pullung? of course they're going to choose the most consumer friendly. can't even be a waste when no one else had a shot.

No. 922862

>Getting so tired of hearing seth rogaine talk normally in every role voice acts.
this is his chance to go apeshit

No. 922864

Lmao literally, he's voicing donkey kong

No. 922865

Charles Martinet voices both luigi and mario, I think it would had been too much for his vocal coords to dub an entire movie by his own

No. 922867

why are his abs uneven
good for him for doing drugs

No. 922874

Yeah, but we know he isn't actually going to. It's just going to be this flat fucking performance from everyone besides maybe Jack Black (and I personally don't really give a shit about that).

Tbh that made me wanna say 'good for her' bc grandma's deserve parties, but I almost forgot this is about …this woman. 'Trust no bitch' grow the fuck up.

Just as much as a mess here nonny.

No. 922875

Muscle insertions are purely caused by genetics. Some people just have uneven abs.

No. 922879

Mine are uneven too that's just how it is sometimes

No. 922915

File: 1632577516453.png (3.27 MB, 828x1792, 8DE8CD0D-A328-4FAE-BEEC-67BAAD…)

why is gigi still modelling? she looks horrible imo

No. 922916

File: 1632577518370.jpeg (126.07 KB, 683x1024, 53C170F3-4B3D-473C-A0F7-AD2686…)

The British are so weird looking, also Chris Pratt has a downsy face

No. 922927

Post actual milk not your opinion vendetta ana-chan.

No. 922936

family connections.

now go eat some bread.

No. 922938

I hate her face, she looks like a pig.

No. 922948

I remember lurking Tumblr modelling confessions and seeing her pop up randomly with next to no notes, saying she was "overrated". She was a literal WHO and hadn't booked anything legitimate at that point and was getting these "anonymous" confessions. Then I submitted one myself, something spergy along the lines of >>922938 and the suddenly there were anonymous confessions posts about how shes getting so much hate lately and must be a rising star.

I swear Yolanda must have been sitting in her mansion on a bedazzled laptop making anonymous Tumblr submissions.

No. 922950

Pregnancy lips is such a bullshit excuses for lip injections. Do celebrities think we are fucking stupid? Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, now Nilsa from Floribama shore. They are so fake, just admit that you got fillers and stop using pregnancy as an excuse for your vanity

No. 922951

it's just voice acting for a kids movie it doesn't matter

No. 922959

How is my post spergy you fat retard?

No. 922980

I don't think pregnant women can get lip fillers.

No. 922982

Officially you can’t get breast implants over 800cc either, but that doesn’t stop all the girls scrites obsess over from getting 1000cc+ implants.

No. 922985

File: 1632583053294.jpg (176.94 KB, 936x842, fillers.jpg)

They are using it as an excuse. The only "truth" in it is that fillers attract water, and water retention is a pregnancy symptom. Also, fillers aren't recommended while pregnant but that won't get in the way of braindead celebs.

No. 923076

It should've been him in Cielo Drive instead of Sharon. I said what I said.

No. 923077

File: 1632590219454.gif (693.22 KB, 500x380, 4.gif)

No. 923096

File: 1632590962520.jpg (103.49 KB, 706x698, Screenshot_20210925-202725.jpg)

nta but lmao love your gif reply

No. 923179

File: 1632595333188.jpg (269.54 KB, 1080x1080, 217146872-173403004825520-3619…)

It always makes me laugh when Billie or other news articles claim "people are scared of her big boobs". How narcissistic can you possibly Billie? Your music shit and you do everything in your power to make your proportions look unrealistic by wearing tight corsets and push up bras if not several push up bras, on top of that you make everything you possibly can about your boobs as if we all forgot that beige tank top pic where your boobs were obviously not even that big compared to your body even in a bra mind you. She reminds me of Mrs Midwest in this aspect. Always making everything about her boobs while trying to make them appear way larger than they already are

No. 923185

ayrt and honestly i don’t even think she looks that big, she just looks too bloated for high fashion. any other models would not be allowed to step on the catwalk looking like that but bc of her connections she can get away with it

No. 923188

The ps makes her look so lop-sided

No. 923212

Sorry for replying to a 2 day old post, but that is the cutest nose I've ever seen. Why would you get rid of it?! I'm about to a-log.

No. 923225

I think she looks good here. She's bigger that traditional runway models but that's a good thing imo. Being severely underweight should not be the standard

No. 923261

kek what his face looks like a ham and a pig at the same time

No. 923270

She actually played Romy Schneider in a biopic I think?

No. 923277

I dislike her. These dumbass stories of some privileged Hollywood star's children living only on a mattress. Ohh so relatable. She is the daughter of Andie MacDowell ffs.

No. 923312

I can't wait for her to be irrelevant already

No. 923331

She's not fat, she has the face of a bulldog

No. 923339

Calm down, she just gave birth to a daughter.

Hate shit like this. No one is "scared of boobs". People have turned on her because she's a annoying hypocrite who suddenly chose to pander to the male gaze. I still kinda think it was some scrote from her label who planted this idea into her head because she didn't need this sudden image change at all. It clearly backfired too.

No. 923345

Possibly which is why she's extremely manufactured. I didn't even mind that she was alternative or catered to the not like other girls crowd be she made literally everything about her boobs and she doesn't have the look to cater to sexual interests (not throwing shade or anything towards looks but catering to sexual things just isn't for her or her body type). That being said it feels like a weird distraction from her shitty music or down spiraling mental health. It's like she thinks if she talks about her boobs enough everyone forget she doesn't know how to sing and she's completely unhinged kek

No. 923365

>Natalie Portman
Disgusting hypocrite. I remember reading about how she was sexually harassed so much as teen in the industry, that as an adult, she carefully chose her roles to create a less sexual public image. She also railed pretty hard against the movie adaptations of the book Lolita, a fictional story about a pedophile, and yet here she is supporting a literal child rapist

No. 923399

I believe she later retracted her signature but I'm not sure why she gave it in the first place.

No. 923418

So what? Any other model that had a kid actually had to get their body and face back before even thinking about going back to runways. So many models never got their careers back afterwards and this plstic blow fish looking bitch doesn't even have to try just because she has family connections. Ugh.
And no I don't think it's fair that models or women in general have to give up their careers after becoming mothers, I just can't stand how unfair everything is.

No. 923421

>carefully chose her roles to create a less sexual public image
lmao so that 'pussy tastes like heaven' scene in Closer was just a fluke? she's so fake

No. 923424

Absolutely convinced there are actual MGK shills ITT, there's no way anyone likes his music unironically

No. 923432

File: 1632613363122.png (2.29 MB, 1436x900, elle.png)

Damn what a cringe. I'm glad she came back to her old style during live shows at least. Not a fan of Billie but a few years back she at least had some kind of aesthetic going on ("creepy visuals") and it revolved around music and her "relatable" teen persona, as cringy as it all was. Now every time she's mentioned in the news, you already know it somehow will relate to her tits. no wonder people are bored and unfollow. Idk if that was the whole "reason for unfollows" according to Billie but this is her recent shoot for Elle

No. 923480

not to nitpick but what is going on with her boob in the right pic? it's so hard looking and weird

you're definitely right though, I miss her "you should see me in a crown" phase. I don't know if it's the fact she always talks about her boobs now or if the media really wants to emphasize. Even worse is when they make everything about her boobs and claim it's body positivity

No. 923482

>not to nitpick but what is going on with her boob in the right pic? it's so hard looking and weird

Those are her shoulders. You can't really see her boobs here.

No. 923521

This is actually really sweet of her to do.

No. 923522

oh okay im blind lol

No. 923538

What, advertise a bunch of products she doesn't even use?

No. 923542

I hope you're only referring to Piddleston, Rose Byrne is a babe and not British.

No. 923543

advertise? they're a bunch of pretty generic items useful for singers and she doesn't even emphasize the brands kek are you implying this was sponsored or something? i don't really find it hard to believe she uses these items.

No. 923571

Some of us grew up with pop punk and Travis Barker produced his album, it's really not that crazy that someone who liked Blink and the like back in the day might like MGK now. Some of his songs are catchy, it's only his personality that's so offensive.

No. 923575

Nah both him and his music are insufferable, an actual parody to punk and rock. He should just change genres already because he keeps flopping.

No. 923594

dey hea

No. 923597

that's what they want you to think. she's so fake nice it's ridiculous

No. 923658

File: 1632654329861.jpeg (376.1 KB, 828x993, 5809CFCD-6720-4E81-870A-2F1C68…)

ik shes an adult but im always uncomfortable when olivia rodrigo’s stylists have her boobs out like this

No. 923660

File: 1632654425461.jpeg (538.48 KB, 828x1012, 44A6CFF5-F1A1-40E2-B771-2E0428…)

No. 923665

she looks very uncomfortable in this dress.

No. 923670

Agreed. Her nervous posture isn't showcasing the dress well, either

No. 923672

is it just me or is she going to crash Very Hard(like with addiction and controversies). plus her 27 year old boyfriend is waiting for the right moment to ruin her career with a pregnancy

No. 923675

I guess they used a good amount of tape to make it save but it still looks like her tits are about to fall out in any moment. I think this shape would be nice as back cut out for this dress but it is just way too much as a front piece, but I assume they have to broadcast the new tit job in a way. They really try to push this edgy pop punk image on her but it isn't working imo, super cringe.

I feel the same way. I do not see her last very long in the show biz.

No. 923682

Istg producers, agents and whatever are just waiting for the day someone turns 18/19 so they can talk them into getting their booobs out. Like with Brit, Billie and many others. I know that you're an adult at 18 but to me it's still too young for that age. Damn scrotes.

No. 923694

This was so unprofessional. Did she have to chew the entire fucking time? She always sounds so retarded when she talks kek

No. 923699

This dress is hideous and she looks awful because there's way too much chest showing. what were they thinking??

No. 923701

kek I would be nervous to, one step and your boobs would pop out of this poor excuse of a dress. do their stylists realize that you don’t have to dress like a porn star when they hit 18-19?

No. 923720

File: 1632660910921.jpg (149.36 KB, 1552x823, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Whenever I see her I think it's Eiza Gonzalez

No. 923726

This looks really uncomfortable to wear. I feel kinda bad for her.

No. 923728

But…don't celebrities have a say in what they wear to an event?

No. 923731

industry plants don't have a say in anything.

No. 923732

If I had bough big fake tits I’d show them off too. I have pathetic fantasies of buying a gigantic pornstar rack and just mogging every girl I meet. Go to the beach in an oversized shirt and then reveal them when the time is right.
I’m so fucking cringe. This is what notits does to a woman.

If any of you have big boobs and want to make them smaller, please give the excess fat to me.

No. 923733

Got so stupidly excited I forgot to sage. I’m beyond help.

No. 923752

I had to google what mogging is, being the alpha of a group or dominating people? Anon come back to reality already. You're clearly not currently living in it.

No. 923753

celebrities don’t make decisions or have free will, they have everything decided for them and given to them, they forfeited their freedom and soul for fame. everything they do is managed and manipulated in front of the public, if you see videos of celebrities like kim k getting dressed up she usually has a whole team of people putting clothes on her like she’s a child, these people aren’t like “normal” people who open their closet and put anything on for these events, how they’re presented is chosen very carefully and it surprises me that people don’t know this?

No. 923754


No. 923762

Nonnie; I went from b cup to DDD cup (or I guess that’s e or f technically?) It’s so hard to find clothes not too baggy but fitting.
I love my body, but if I could donate some tiddy, I would. I miss buying bras easily, or running long distance without the pain of them bouncin.
I feel your pain, just on the other side of it.

No. 923784

What's mogging, scrote-chan?

No. 923785

>This is what notits does to a woman.
Not me. Honestly don't get the tit obsession some anons have.

No. 923786

More like this is what hentai does to a woman

No. 923788

Also my bf just explained mogging, v embarrassed I replied to them in the first place, welp

No. 923790

I was really into him when he was rapping in the early 10s but I was a stupid edgy teenager, the pop punk shit is absolute cringe though

No. 923818

Stop watching porn.

I'm a F cup too and a reinforced sports bra does the trick for me.
I hope finding proper clothing becomes easier for you, anon.

No. 923824

You guys are turbo normies. Cute

No. 923846

Yeah, I don't hang out with insecure moids nearly as much as I should

No. 923896

This reads like a tranny fantasy

No. 923935

18 with a 27 year old boyfriend? Jesus christ, these pop star girls are being raised for slaughter! What the fuck is going on with this exact issue not being addressed like at all

No. 923936

I have DD boobs and they look like socks when I bend over

No. 923951

Because it is.

No. 923966

its bizarre to me that you know the word "moid" but not "mog"

No. 923971

NTA but it really isn't? I have literally never seen anyone here us the word mog before. You really do sound like a scrote.

No. 923981

Moid is used on Twitter, Ovarit, FDS. It's a normie word tbf

No. 923985

because this place is normie central. where the fuck are the femcels

No. 923986

They got chased off to CC, but that place is full of trannies and other scrotes LARPing, so pick your poison.

No. 923990

File: 1632675798144.png (24.79 KB, 607x251, ew.png)

okay, okay, I'll look it up myself… Is this really femcel vernacular?

No. 923994

that's not what mog means hahahahaha

No. 923995

File: 1632676484450.jpeg (122.69 KB, 828x516, 591A39C1-A251-4AC4-B3BD-2EA966…)

actual definition(derailing)

No. 923998

That definition somehow sounds more scrotey

No. 923999

Fewer cat adjectives I suppose

No. 924001

Any chance you can link one you prefer? I was looking at a few prices around 80 bucks
Also can someone tell me what turbo mods means

No. 924032

I have two from a local brand (Authen, it's Brazilian) and one from an UK brand (Shock Absorber). Big name brands, like Nike and Adidas, ain't shit.
I have a few cheap ones from no-name brands that are similar to ones from Sweaty Betty (the first black one in the list and the teal one) and from Marks & Spencer (the black one).
Whatever you choose, don't buy those with shoulder straps that are too thin. It's gonna be all worn off in less than 6 months and your boobs are gonna be jumping again.
Good luck, nonnie.(derailing)

No. 924048

Me n the girls thank you! I’ll start looking into these.

No. 924079

No. 924081

this fucking guy lol

No. 924096

hes actually 24 not that it makes it better

No. 924153

File: 1632688127606.jpg (115.11 KB, 828x1451, 20210926_222623.jpg)

omg she is just like me

No. 924159

This guy really waited until the security people got the guy whoo boo'd, so he could punch him. Pathetic.

No. 924164

sorry to ask for a spoonfeed but what site is CC? I'm trying to follow the femcels I miss them

No. 924165

File: 1632689652989.jpg (56.86 KB, 525x485, 565H4G6KI5THD6L5.jpg)

No. 924173

Is this Selena Gomez?? She looks dead

No. 924174


No. 924177

holy shit nooooo, her jowls

No. 924178

File: 1632690283481.png (348.82 KB, 1275x1089, CatCece.png)

No. 924179

What misinformation? Post evidence or stfu. All I see is Johnny fans crying that it's a smear campaign but where is the proof? It is just like: I'm the Kaiser of China and it's true because I said so. Who needs evidence?

No. 924180

CC is mostly low IQ fat girls and troons. The real femcels don’t want to be found amd have assimilated into communities for sexless women that are completely disconnected from imageboard and meme culture, sites where nobody knows terms like “femcel”, “scrote”, “NLOG”, etc.

Ignore the self identified femcels formerly from reddit. They’re a cringey bunch.

No. 924181

looking like a young Rosanne Barr, kek

No. 924190

what the fuck happened to her, who looks this jowly at 28?!

No. 924212

Drugs and being an annchan, that shit catches up with them.

No. 924243

Isn’t she also sick, like with lupus? Idk I remember it was serious

No. 924246

File: 1632697317330.jpeg (354.55 KB, 750x703, C1D93036-78B6-41EC-8349-88642E…)

Why are all these celebs doing really shitty collabs this year?

No. 924248

What the fuck is this, Billie? How the hell is this going to fit with my vulture culture room decor, Billie?

No. 924249

File: 1632697454634.jpeg (371.66 KB, 2174x1449, 5CF3CB42-FC03-42AF-87D6-5CC535…)

Forgot to add image out of anger

No. 924253

File: 1632697574654.jpeg (38.33 KB, 960x640, 5538304C-268B-49DB-B251-929265…)

Can’t forget her beige pussy shoes

No. 924264

This looks like a shitpost, is this a real product??

No. 924266

OT, but which drugs to avoid to not look like that? Weed, LSD/shrooms are fine right? and which BMI to not dip below

No. 924268

File: 1632698199226.jpeg (177.38 KB, 1320x743, 95135797-B095-44D2-90BA-84A533…)

This shit looks like a vandalized helium tank, shit better wipe that shit eating grin off her fucking face. Fuck you, Billie. You ruined my life.

No. 924271

I hate this, I hate thiiiiis

No. 924272

don't be a junkie

No. 924274

what is this thing supposed to be?

No. 924275

File: 1632698465467.jpeg (245.64 KB, 1920x1440, 595139FC-18C8-4B39-BFBF-1F6D29…)

It could at least have the cute kitchyness of a saint candle, BUT ITS SO BAD, JUST THE ALBUM COVER WARPED

No. 924276

What the fuck are these stock books they’re using. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it says PLANT in all caps.

No. 924277

File: 1632698609848.jpeg (232.7 KB, 749x504, 4022C68C-584D-4CB6-AF5A-DB1EB6…)

No. 924278

Amazon echo, the virtual assistant thing

No. 924280

She isn't anachan she's an alcoholic, got a kidney transplant and ghosted the friend who was the donor

No. 924283

You think men will be able to find the shoe tongue, lmao

No. 924288

File: 1632699249979.png (2.7 MB, 1440x1862, 20210927_003125.png)

>Saint candle
Anon, I just searched this up and… Saint Bob Mortimer is this month's best seller. I was terrified that he'd died, heavens me

No. 924290

Lmao, you don’t need to die to have a saint candle. I was actually thinking about buying a Trisha Paytas one, would be funny.

No. 924298

File: 1632701365775.jpeg (729.84 KB, 2048x2048, 2E481A51-8F79-49F5-B1E1-08EB09…)

billie isn’t nearly as huge as i thought she was

No. 924299


No. 924300

elfen lied is fucked up

No. 924303

I don't even think she watches anime, she just gets custom made shirts for the "aesthetic". Still gross tho

No. 924304

I'm more concerned about her disgusting apparel than her linebacker shoulders.

No. 924308

Bitch what the fuck. There are so many ways this could've been done better

No. 924313

not the size xxxxl aliexpress anime vest

No. 924316

are these real? why would anyone get a boob job aged 18?

No. 924320

they're real, anon, look at the way they kind of fold toward the top. fake boobs are perkier and unnaturally round. they're just being pushed up by the garment.

No. 924321

Those are 100% real, real boobs connect to the armpit whiles fakes stand on their on. Unless she got a breast lift those are real.

No. 924331

File: 1632704361074.jpeg (716.9 KB, 1241x2156, 0741B1FA-7A1D-463C-97BF-F602C4…)

Theyre fake anons. 6 month before and after. You can see the implant before it dropped (next pic)

No. 924332

File: 1632704404507.jpeg (614.78 KB, 1241x2043, 9DFC2E97-4ED6-4FAF-ADC4-9349A5…)

No. 924334

last I heard about this girl she was this little innocent teeny bopper getting hailed as a vision of "purity." her team just couldn't wait to hypersexualise her… the world makes me sad

No. 924338

what the fuck is happening in this thread

No. 924339

File: 1632705886963.jpg (43.25 KB, 443x531, YT79I8T79O8DUT.jpg)

No. 924340

why is it fucked up?

No. 924341

File: 1632706013710.png (1.13 MB, 1000x750, olivia-rod.png)

no they defy gravity

No. 924342


I don’t even know who she even is and they do it to all female celebs Anon

No. 924343

Who is this? What are we supposed to be looking at

No. 924344

File: 1632706101815.jpeg (398.84 KB, 2160x1971, s5y8t03o51671.jpeg)

you can also straight up see the outline of them in these pics

No. 924345

Megan Fox and T Swift

No. 924347

she looks alcoholic?? like a 28 year old manc skank whose only hobby is pints&chips

No. 924348

why is she too dumb to put some olive oil and plastic wrap on her head for an hour

No. 924349

nta but probably because of the piss/diaper fetish thing and cousin incest

No. 924350

she is a huge alcoholic

No. 924352

File: 1632707290679.png (1.5 MB, 1334x750, 9D628D74-3493-4EEC-BB41-59246A…)

I still ship it hard

No. 924355

File: 1632707812427.png (1.44 MB, 1334x750, E3170DD3-D0A7-4850-9233-6363D9…)


No. 924356

I thought this was Bobby Millie lol

No. 924361

>got a kidney transplant and ghosted the friend who was the donor
Holy shit are you serious? What a cunty thing to do

No. 924368

that and the copious allusions to child rape/molestation and the whole "sharp and dangerous woman gets brain-wiped into a sexy toddler" fuckery

No. 924372

who the hell is this? serious q

No. 924373

Alex Russo.

No. 924374

Looks like John Cena and the dude from Z nation. Nice

No. 924380

damn her hair is fried to fuck. The boob stuff is just a fat girl cope. Momokun does it too.

No. 924382

americans will say this shit about europe while having no teeth at 500bs and sitting on their brother-husbands lap without a hint of irony.

No. 924386

I think they only say that about the British

No. 924406

Sage goes in the email field

No. 924411

sage for unrelated rant but elfen lied would be the most based show ever if it didn’t have the bland male main character or anything alluding to sex. it honestly would’ve been better if it weren’t written by a creepy man and focused more on kaeda

No. 924414

Bc everyone in Hollywood has body dysmorphia

Indeed fake, they look like balloons

No. 924419

File: 1632715911019.png (357.82 KB, 750x743, imagen_2021-09-26_231155.png)


No. 924421

who cares twitterfag

No. 924422

File: 1632716091742.png (443.18 KB, 522x566, Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 00-14…)

Lena Dunham got married

No. 924430

how does she only keep ballooning in size

No. 924437

It's cringe, but in a cute way.
Thanks for the chuckle anon.

I'm a B cup and mine do too.
I guess sock-boob just doesn't discriminate by size.

No. 924446

Salty eurofag detected

No. 924450

feeling fatigued after undergoing hysterectomy and eating out of boredom, I guess.

No. 924452

That's Selena Gomez? Now I remember when you guys were calling people ana-chan for thinking she had a problem back when she posted that blonde selfie lol

No. 924453

Her weight isn't a problem - it's how haggard she looks with little care for her clothes/appearance. Doesn't look like she's in a good mental state.

No. 924466

Damn she looks like that blond junkie from /pt/

No. 924470

jesus christ did you just compare selena gomez to luna…

No. 924492

there are many more people who can do it who sound similar to Martinet, he wouldn't have to do the movie.

No. 924521

Please, if Lena fucking Dunham can find love so can I

No. 924570

Derail but as a lesbian that's basically just how natural boobs look and it's nothing to worry about unless you only hook up with the extremely pornsick.

No. 924582

I do. I think we should cancel him for, as some other anon stated earlier in this thread, looking like a ham and a pig at the same time.

No. 924599

Tell me you’re German without telling me you’re German

No. 924630

File: 1632748469026.jpeg (845.39 KB, 2048x2048, 99C0901A-BA74-4312-B48D-B70721…)

she should go outside more too

No. 924659

Ok good luck with your chris pratt callout post on twitter

No. 924749

where is the AB playlist with patd on it, 'cause i can't find it and disgusting if she put something not pre-vice&virtues era

No. 924843

No. 924849

She does have lupus and had her kidney removed, she's been through a lot but instead, anons on here believe that's a conspiracy and instead she is just a fat druggy ana chan. Idk why anons are unnecessarily cruel to her on here

No. 924852

Is it just because as an american you are used to fat people?

No. 924855

cerulean butterfly?

No. 925008

oh! that was me, i called him a ham and a pig! yesss recognition of my genius at last

No. 925095

File: 1632784134079.jpeg (235.67 KB, 828x467, 325B74EE-C74B-4F33-824A-004D8E…)

they always look like they’re wearing 700 layers of makeup

No. 925105

File: 1632784897790.jpeg (30.44 KB, 317x267, 1611658760368.jpeg)

No. 925106

>fat chaser

No. 925107

just because she's the size of two women doesn't mean you should refer to her as they, that's rude anon

No. 925110

she's so huge and her makeup is shit

No. 925111

File: 1632785951874.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, tumblr_a93576121184a278202f433…)

Grimes on Snapchat recently. The blinds are killing me.

No. 925114

this has already been posted in the grimes and elon thread

No. 925115

boy george looks great for his age

No. 925130

>aS A lEsBiAn
Not even as a woman? Lmao, no one cares about your sexual preferences.

No. 925167

Why did that make you so angry? wtf.

No. 925170

hettie rage combined with not being able to orgasm during sex

No. 925185

please go back

No. 925190

Nobody’s mad. You just sounded unnecessarily braggy about sucking tits when you could just relate to, idk, owning them?
Try again.

No. 925406

>braggy about sucking tits
Where did I say that? You sound jealous. I mentioned my sexuality because yes I've seen breasts of different shapes and sizes and I know a lot of straight women are insecure about their natural boobs not looking like they do in movies and porn and whether they're attractive or not.

No. 925417

that's awesome anon, they're still celebrities though.

No. 925470

the blinds constructed onto those clothes hangers is the most crackhead shit ever. literal crack head shit. and there are curtains right there to cover the window. i do fear for that chid. grimes is a fucking idiot.

No. 925474

The blinds are attention fishing. They're literally centred in the shot. She wanted everyone commenting on it.

No. 925501

she looks like when anons shop amberlynn thinner

No. 925511

I've used crack before and on behalf of all crackheads I take offense to any comparisons with Grimes

No. 925631

This has got to be fake. Nobody calls italians dagos in this century.

No. 925659

Shut up crackhead

No. 925752

File: 1632863069273.png (168.41 KB, 512x512, imagen_2021-09-28_160439.png)

has anyone seen the new billie eilish whatsapp stickers

No. 925754

File: 1632863095015.png (132.63 KB, 512x512, imagen_2021-09-28_160504.png)

No. 925755

File: 1632863218249.png (150.48 KB, 512x512, imagen_2021-09-28_160537.png)

No. 925757

File: 1632863317865.png (144.29 KB, 512x512, imagen_2021-09-28_160735.png)

No. 925759

How is this milk? It’s literally just dumb stickers, the art quality isn’t bad at all. Post actual milk or gtfo, PULLfag

No. 925763

File: 1632863500582.png (157.54 KB, 512x512, imagen_2021-09-28_161143.png)

here I have the perfect sticker for you

No. 925773

File: 1632864917322.gif (219.91 KB, 400x400, CD5649D7-511B-4F2E-A0AD-7693E3…)

I have one for you too anon

No. 925775

>the art quality isn’t bad at all
Hard disagree.

No. 925778

Lmfao I thought this was from the bad art thread when I saw it

No. 925781


This makes me feel way better about my art tbh. I see anyone can just pick up a tablet and get paid nowadays.

No. 925784


She barely looks human anymore. Another celebrity with a pretty face who ended up doing way too much to it. Sad.

No. 925793

File: 1632867654182.png (122.03 KB, 1518x638, Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 6.20…)

demi lovato had an encounter with aliens. at this point, her brain damage is so obvious, it's shameful for the media to even print these stories lmao

No. 925805

>in the desert
She did peyote or shrooms.

No. 925814

File: 1632871139855.png (127.15 KB, 500x522, 404b6b67219785f7d25ac8a859dfab…)

ahh wtf she looks like a drag queen/tranny here. It's sad. Didn't know she was launching a makeup line, I still remember the time when she was notorious for having bad makeup kek

No. 925965

Por qué no los dos?

No. 925973

>extraterrestial beings
>joshua tree

they were probably other meth junkies kek

I cannot see her name now and not think about her hooking up with Jim Carrey. bleh

No. 925983

I bet the lashes look like that because her life sucks and she cries a lot

No. 926071

the consensus here is that her lupus probably exists but is often a coverup for her rampant alcoholism + substance issues, evidence of which is usually quickly scrubbed out by pr but there's vids of her in these threads stumbling around awards shows clearly out of her mind. she's been inconsistent with the lupus thing which is why people question it, i think she called it leukemia at one point kek. she also smokes and tans which you're not supposed to do with lupus, but i give her the benefit of the doubt for that, just sounds like reckless medical noncompliance common to americans.
now for the kidney, lupus doesn't usually call for kidney removal in the first place, leading to popular tinfoil that selena drank it away. her close friend francia raisa was the one who donated. when raisa saw selena after the transplant, still smoking and drinking and not taking her health seriously, they got in an argument and selena dropped her. so no one really feels bad for her here

No. 926160

Wow thank you for the information… that is absolutely vile.

No. 926247

i bet he did that false ally shit to make sure he could still get this stupid role. i’m so ducking sick of him and that whole group of trash men.

No. 926271

not making excuses for her but they make it impossible for women to stand up against things like that in most industries but especially that one. any support for survivors is performative and what they have to do, it’s run by unashamed pedophiles just like him and so is every other industry. they have no problem killing children when they are done with them, so an aged out actress will get threatened relentlessly and in very subtle ways. i’m glad she retracted her signature, she probably owed someone to do it in the first place. this is a woman who experienced it first hand, and it would be very foolish to throw away her entire career, what she is gifted at, and future platform to be able to make changes. i wouldn’t be upset with her for not being able to take down the worlds elite, look at how it affected rose mcgowan and that was “only” a rapist who was likely protected by pedophiles. i know women signed but the issue is still the men who really enable this, not some actresses they coerced into doing it to look like they have any power at all.

No. 926453

derail but i hate how katherine heigl is universally hated for "shitting all over the movie that made her famous" aka saying knocked up was dumb.
it WAS dumb. at the time it was a slight improvement on the aggressively woman-hating movies of adam sandler or jim carrey, but it's still very judgemental of women and all the women in it are written to be horrible.

No. 926462

to build off your derail, when i, as a child, saw her in "wish upon a star" i didnt know if i wanted to kiss her or be her also how tf did that movie make it on 90s disney with that dominatrix cafeteria scene

No. 926466

The story was also that while they commonly only tell the possible donor of the match, so they can choose not to donate and the doctor can tell the family they're not a match, the doctors told Selena and her family first so they could guilt Francia into donating.

No. 926476

why do you femcels insist all comedy movies of that era were woman hating can I not like anything anymore

No. 926479

catching up with the thread and really OT but god I actually kind of want one of Bob lol

I'd put it in my office at work.

No. 926495

OK, i hear you, but what if… she’s just a bitch blog but she came to my town for a film festival back in the day and made enemies out of several service workers I know

No. 926529

Nta but because of how the female characters were written and sexist jokes? Even besides that most comedy films are just "peepee poopoo" "haha sex" "haha boobz!" lengthy shitting/vomiting scenes, it feels like they're for 13 old boys despite being aimed at adults.

No. 926535

you can like whatever you want. me bitching about movies isn't a personal attack on you.

No. 926554

>unironcaly liking Adam Sandler

No. 926607

File: 1632974347682.png (886.37 KB, 760x1377, Screenshot_20210929-215825.png)

Is Lindsey Lohan coming out as a furry?

No. 926635

where the fuck are her ears though

No. 926696

Would've been hot if she had ears.

No. 926924

File: 1633012329065.jpg (65.23 KB, 651x580, 182.JPG)

>BLINK-182 singer and bassist Mark Hoppus, who went public with his cancer diagnosis in June, has announced that he is cancer free.

>Two months ago, Hoppus confirmed that he was battling a blood disorder called stage 4-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, the same type of cancer his mother previously beat. Hoppus completed chemotherapy treatment earlier this month, and he took to his Instagram earlier today (Wednesday, September 29) to write: "Just saw my oncologist and I'm cancer free!!


No. 926935

I am so glad that he beat cancer. Now get Tom to rejoin the band and I will happily regress to my teenage self again. (Also, I don’t think he counts as a celebricow at all, I love him but he is really boring lol)

No. 926980

Did anyone see the Britney documentary on Netflix?
And why is nobody discussing Kylue getting knocked up again by Travis Scott without a ring or him moving in? If you see it in the best way you could say she used him as a sperm donor and wanted Stormy to be 100% related to her sibling? Otherwise i don’t even wanna think about it

No. 927038

he was posted a few threads ago when he revealed his cancer battle and many anons responded to it so I thought I do share this update here.

No. 927101

That’s good to hear. He seems like a pretty stand up dude.

No. 927107

Haven’t seen Knocked Up in like forever but I remember the male characters in it being portrayed as immature manchildren. None of the adults characters came off good until the end.

I do agree there is a lot of misogyny in older comedy movies. Sometimes it’s easy for me to accept it for what it is if the movie is still entertaining for me but other times it’s really jarring.

No. 927137

File: 1633025620396.jpeg (309.9 KB, 640x1026, E3DC5981-A582-44B8-97CC-C3BA3D…)

Pop superstar Shakira says she was the victim of a random attack by a pair of wild boars while walking in a park in Barcelona with her eight-year-old son.
The Colombian singer said the animals attacked her, before seizing her bag and retreating with it into the woods.
She shared her bizarre tale in a series of Instagram stories on Wednesday.
Holding the now recovered but torn bag towards the camera, she said: "Look at how two wild boar which attacked me in the park have left my bag."
"They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it," the singer continued. "They've destroyed everything."
She then turned to her son, whose father is the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, and said: "Milan tell the truth. Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar."
Shakira is the latest victim of the increasingly aggressive hogs which have invaded the Catalan capital in recent years.
In 2016, Spanish police received 1,187 phone calls about wild hogs attacking dogs, plundering cat-feeders, holding up traffic and running into cars in the city.
In 2013, one city police officer attempted to take charge of the problem himself and shot at a boar with his service revolver, but missed and hit his partner instead.
Boars, which can carry a wide variety of diseases, are listed among the world's most invasive species and can survive in almost any environment. But increasingly the animals are drawn to cities, where they live off rubbish discarded by humans.
Their numbers have exploded across Europe, with the latest estimates now surpassing around 10 million across the continent.
As they have become more aggressive and more of a nuisance, many cities have employed a variety of strategies to cull their numbers. In Berlin, urban hunters have killed thousands of the animals but the problem persists.
Last year police officers in Rome sparked outrage after they they shot a family of wild boar that had wandered into a children's playground with tranquiliser darts and gave them lethal injections.

No. 927155

They're avenging their enslaved relatives kek
On an even more off-topic note, I'm 2 on the Kinsey scale but fully gay for Shakira and only Shakira

No. 927159

I can’t believe they stole her fucking purse. That’s hilarious kek. I really want to see the Instagram footage. I know that getting mugged by wild boars isn’t cow behaviour, and she isn’t considered a “celebricow” but it’s just interesting to me…

No. 927163

this is one of the funniest fucking things ive ever seen

No. 927164

I once almost got attacked by a wild roar when I was younger and one of my uncles got mauled by one, there's an infestation of these monsters throughout the country

No. 927166

Wild animals just see whatever you're carrying as "bounty", it's typical of them to do that.

No. 927249

File: 1633033795679.png (1.06 MB, 674x841, 37752895395696569.PNG)

New Lana pic. Is it just me, or has she gained even more weight?

No. 927251

I feel so bad for laughing as this, it must have been terrifying. How the fuck did they steal her bag though?

No. 927252

Lindsay Lohan hasn't been ok in a while has she

No. 927253

Looks like she gained back the little she had lost. Back to where she was when AB made fun of her lol

No. 927255

Gained weight or not I think she actually looks cute here

No. 927261

Kek promoting NFTs is the new crypto for Z list celebrities to raise some cash. I heard she's gonna be in the flagship Netflix Christmas movie this year so maybe she's just doing dumb shit to get attention.

No. 927263

When I saw your comment at first I thought it was in response to >>927249
And it got me thinking… she kinda does resemble Lindsey Lohan now. Or maybe I’m just stupid.

No. 927271

she looks happy and pretty

No. 927278

Is it worth seeing? Seen Framing BS so I kind of doubt it adds more.
Still hoping for a day when Britney writes her autobiography with a help of a ghostwriter. She mentioned wanting to do this in For The Record. I know it's gonna happen, hope that it will be earlier than in 20 years lol
Cutie, I hope she's having a good time and being happy

No. 927283

Weight gain isn’t milk, stop alogging you fat mayonnaise bitch and let Lana eat whatever she wants

No. 927287

Who cares? She's not like, ballooning or morbidly obese or anything. She looks average at worst

No. 927289

but lana literally looks like the pillsbury dough boy in a green dress

No. 927316

File: 1633040002592.jpg (137.1 KB, 736x1078, d6c35b3234bbf4a15aefdfb2067ba3…)

I liked it. I think it was very clear and respectful of Britney, they didn't show anything that humilliated her. One of the reporters knew her personally and was personally involved at some point trying to help her, so that's also interesting

No. 927349

>How the fuck did they steal her bag though?
By taking it an runnning off with it. An omnivore stealing another omnivore's goods. What's so weird about it?

No. 927362

You act like if she ever wanted to lose weight that she could never, she’s rich anon stop being a dummy

No. 927367

holy shit you don't understand how enlightening this response is. i always can recognise germans the same way but thought i was the only one and couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was. (aside from their obvious linguistic slip up in this case)

No. 927370

How can you tell that anon was German?

No. 927373

Nta but "Kaiser"
I have no idea why that's enlightening though

No. 927386

Hell yeah! Good for him.

No. 927387

this was my biggest fear as a kid damn

No. 927388

Based Shakira, fighting off boars to protect her son.

No. 927449

Petition for Princess Mononoke live action spiritual sequel, but set in 2021 Europe.

No. 927464

File: 1633059399566.gif (1.31 MB, 220x165, 4327568678769.gif)

This is both hilarious and based

No. 927467

Anon it's OK you're fat like lana. But please stop sperging about it here.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 927484

i agree with other who say she looks cute and I think the dress is flattering. i don't think she looks as fat as she has in other photos

No. 927490

She looks horrible. It's actually so funny when Lana stans descend on this thread to cope, seethe and rage at people for thinking she looks bad, but you know they wouldn't be going so hard for anyone else on this site. Ever.
Go commit ultraviolence on yourselves you whiny-ass babies lol

No. 927491

File: 1633064821316.png (68.44 KB, 600x649, 1114334.png)


I know she's awful but I still expected better then this, milking the death of your own child for social media clout, I swear the modern world can be hell a times

No. 927493

File: 1633065150777.png (577.79 KB, 742x666, based shakira.png)

Much better headline.

No. 927495

thought that was lizzo

No. 927497

File: 1633066312317.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 150.6 KB, 640x896, 2590922F-50F5-4EC9-9100-25C9B0…)

Britney posted this today, quoted "pssss no photo edits … the tub curves" with the usual flood of emojis. Photos have been pointed out to be very obviously edited. Personally don't think it's cool that she/whoever it is posting on her account is trying to shop her body when it's probably fine, just encouraging unnecessary photoshopping. If she's joking about it, I can't tell. Opinions?
Other photos are of her awkwardly holding her tits, I'm not going to post the whole photo set, sorry, so it's linked (1/3)

No. 927498

File: 1633066372770.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.49 KB, 640x896, AF6E8935-06CD-4658-B9A8-08C7BB…)

No. 927499

File: 1633066437818.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 162.45 KB, 640x896, 495C862D-970C-4881-94F5-EEAE77…)

Didn't feel comfortable posting the whole set, so here's some of the more obvious photoshopping I think.

No. 927500

You don't have to be a stan to think she looks less bad than before, this current hair color suits her a lot more and she's not dressed like 16 year old this time. Also I personally think the majority of women discussed in these threads aren't as fat as anons make them out to be, not thin but not obese either. Weight sperging is annoying and non-milky regardless of who it's about.

No. 927501

kek yeah, facebook mom hours

No. 927502

I feel for someone who's miscarried but I agree that she's a clout chaser and that hasn't really changed. Who gets someone to take a photo of themselves crying especially in a highly emotional moment and then upload it without feeling somewhat weird or awkward about it. It always feels disingenuous when someone posts themselves crying

No. 927509

>pssss no photo edits … the tub curves [4 emojis]
The following pics (the ones where she's holding her breasts) shows she's not pencil thin.
She's joking, don't take it too seriously.

No. 927516

Makes me wonder why she even went to the effort to shop those ones. She looks fine unedited, it's really pointless

No. 927520

God, it's you again? Seems like you are the one who copes hard cause you hate Lana and other people don't. Always bitching about Lana stans this and that. You are reaching tsundere anon levels of predictability and seething. I don't care if people think Lana is an uggo, but your whining and a-logging of fans is exhausting

No. 927522

That's the only post I've ever made about Lana or her stans lol. I'm sorry you've been sperging so often that multiple people have called you out on this, but there's more than three people on this board. Please take your medication

No. 927524

Oh no, someone thinks that a comedy movie from the early 2000s was woman-hating. Your right to like art of mindnumbingly horrible quality are so being infringed upon. Fucking wokeism and femcels
NTA but if your first Lana post involves telling people to kill themselves for defending her, I'm pretty sure you're the one who needs meds.

No. 927525

>being mad about a suicide joke
Are you lost? Do you know what site you're on?

No. 927529

If it's more than one person, than even worse for you. Why the fuck are you haters always so angry and obsessed with her lmfao? It's not Lana fans who are sperging, it's the haters who are obsessive enough to share a one year old photo like it's news (happened in the past) just to dunk on her for being a fattie. Are you really acting like "she looks nice" is sperging compared to a litany of seething over not only her, but her fans existing as well? Please seek therapy for your Lana obsession, it's clearly eating your brain.(infighting)

No. 927533

File: 1633074280214.jpg (29.2 KB, 792x410, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.3…)

Embarrassing lol(infighting)

No. 927539

is there a thread on lc about lana del ray? i read some stuff about her in the tinfoil thread and i'm so interested now

No. 927547

these got to be the worst celebrity clothes I've seen this year,especially on a pickme that promoted the whole lolita nymphette image kek

No. 927560

Rompers make everyone look like a fatass baby wearing a diaper and that wide ass neckline doesn't help her at all. Horribly unflattering

No. 927562

File: 1633081505465.jpeg (66.37 KB, 583x616, 7E0FA6B2-AF37-40C3-88AD-46581A…)


this is wonderful news!

No. 927574

If I didn't know who it was and someone cropped out the head, I would've believed it if they said she was a fat troon based on that image alone. It's bad.

No. 927577

How did she gain weight but lose tits? That’s… different.

No. 927597

the sun damage on her chest…ew

No. 927648

File: 1633096367467.jpg (618.18 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20211001-094858_Ins…)

really? I'm kind of surprised especially given how she's been supporting the iatse strike, though maybe it's different when the service workers aren't film crews
I actively dislike lana but she looks really cute and happy in this pic. some people are coping but clearly you're not

No. 927649

File: 1633096417193.jpg (562.66 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20211001-094932_Ins…)

part 2 of this post

No. 927659

oooof that fat distribution. it's unfortunate but some women need to stay skinny to look decent

No. 927682

Sorry blogpost but she’s right; I’ve worked 20 hours straight on set before just to be treated like crap. The industry has to change. I appreciate her using her fame to speak on this

No. 927686

stuff like dumb and dumber or liar liar is unwatchable to me. they take place in a horrifyingly misogynist universe. look at how the men are portrayed as completely entitled to whatever woman they decide they like, no matter what, and how all the women characters (like theblonde defendant at the beginning of liar liar) are disgusting untrue stereotypes, or so stupid they wouldnt be able to survive in reality.
big daddy always pissed me off with the CONSTANT shitting on the woman doctor character for having worked at hooters. like men go there, and love it, but if she worked there to pay for med school she's worthless now?

No. 927687

boars are wild about backpacks and purses. no idea why

No. 927689

pigs are smart as hell

No. 927691

tbf the cancer he had is no big deal at all (i had the exact same one and they caught it at stage 4 after it got into my bones) and he's clearly an idiot because he's been misinforming everyone about it since he was diagnosed. i don't think he understood what the doctor told him or can read.
important to note is you don't say "cancer free" wrt hodgkin's lymphoma, EVER. you go into remission, and it can last indefinitely,but the dead cancer cells are still floating around in your blood forever, and could "wake up" somehow (i'm not a doctor, sry).

No. 927712

File: 1633102513259.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1852, 7CA8792A-1BE4-46BC-8692-0ED9DC…)

emrata couldn’t help her need for attention and gave in to showing the baby’s face

No. 927731

I haven’t seen neither of the movies that you mentioned so I’ll take your word for it. Billy Madison is another 90s example that had quite a bit of misogyny in it but I have still have a soft spot for it (mostly because I watched that movie a lot when I was a teenager lol). I guess it depends on the movie.

No. 927734

I'm the anon you replied to with >>924570 and that's how I understood it, thanks for the input!

No. 927753

you know the overused saying "every child deserves parents, but not all parents deserve children" this is what they mean, narcissists who use their own children for clout or fame
and with an attention whore mother like Emily, whose a aging barely relevant model she is going to use that kid as a tool to cling to any sort of relevancy

No. 927777

those movies aren't really supposed to focus on or represent reality but okay
side note the main women in ll and d&d aren't completely stupid, the blonde court defendant is a stereotype but his ex wife isn't (she's stupid for forgiving him in the end though ngl) and the main girl in d&d isn't interested in the main characters at all and rejects them in the end (because shes already married but also because they're idiot scrotes). those movies are constantly also making fun of the male characters expense and they're always fucking everything over for themselves. it's slapstick. it's retardation, it's pointless, and it's not super deep. is it somehow corrupting the mind of my youth that I watched shit like that as a kid? is it somehow devaluing me as a woman? no, I think anime did a thousand times worse to me than fucking liar liar did in allowing me to internalize misogyny.

why are you trying to expect deeper meaning from scrote comedies from nearly 30 years back is the question. sounds like you can't enjoy media at all and are constantly putting it under a lens for that reason. no piece of media is perfect especially from decades but you're over analyzing. what did comedians do to you sweetheart, what do you find funny or amusing? like what is your idea of comedy? not to sound like a condescending cunt but some of us have a childhood and don't care about your constant assertion. you've posted this shit in like two celebricow threads now, what is your point. regurgitating the same point isn't going to make you look like some sort of smart nlog, it just makes you look stale. if you're going to post the same bait twice, or thrice, make it funny

No. 927817

it's not deep or anything, it's just that those small details and how they only show up when women are on screen are indicative of the true beliefs of the people who made the movie.
it's like if every black person in someone's movies was a compton street kid with guns and crack. "jeez it's just a joke, that character is just supposed to be funny" yeah ok

No. 927828

you're quite literally the definition of "can't enjoy anything without me smearing my pseudophilosphy all over it". go back to watching your three hour murder documentaries or something designed to bore you. sounds like you can't enjoy anything else. you sound like you'd be a chore to have a conversation with, and you are

No. 927844

I’m not an expert in baby facial expressions but I think he kind of looks scared?? Idk

No. 927848

Her baby is cute, especially given the fact that her Coke dealer husband is fuck ugly.

No. 927850

They know there’s a chance that there’s food in there, I guess. Even if it’s just some tic tacs from an expensive handbag. She’s based af though and looks like she held her own very well. I assume she attacked it with her handbag in self defence and the boars didn’t want to fuck with the she-wolf, so decided to cut and run

No. 927857

File: 1633112055265.png (193.17 KB, 606x458, Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 1.12…)

sorry ma'am we are going to have to revoke your modeling license. our patented Ug-Mug detection software has detected a blip on our homely radar that can only be described as seismic activity

No. 927858

i like to watch cartoons

No. 927860

Lana be looking like a Slavic vodka mom got a blowout

No. 927862

kek is this the carrey-anon from the shameful attractions thread? you're on a radfem site, sorry we have standards for how our entire gender looks in the media.
i like that you're taking it personally that some other woman doens't like to watch epically fake, unreal, shitty portrayals of women alongside men that are considered to be people/humans/real.

No. 927874

Honestly doesn't deserve that cute of a baby

No. 927876

>and don't care about your constant assertion.
>writes paragraphs defending sub-par films and responds with "cAn i NoT liKe aNytHing??" anytime someone dislikes said films (even though no one said you couldn't like it)

No. 927878

fucking called it, I bet you fap to ugly ass 2d doritos

this isn't a radfem site retard, it's not anything specific, it's an outlier. people are allowed to have difference of opinion. it's fucking clear its the same anon whose continuously sperging the same argument thread after celeb thread, and it's tiresome. if you want to make a rhetoric thread that analyzes mUH SeXISM in fILM, then do it in /m/ or something faggots, it's not milk

No. 927879

File: 1633113955944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 521.38 KB, 828x938, 9C55FF45-EF20-4281-8A77-94771B…)

kinda worried about britney, she's free of her conservatorship but her posting nudes on Instagram is concerning, is anyone else suspicious of her boyfriend?

No. 927883

Oh her bf is 100% using her. It's sad that Britney can't see it but it's also understandable considering what she's been through. He was asked once what he wanted to do recently and he said he wanted to go into acting and it really came off like he was only with her to get a leg up in that. Just the entire situation with him is sketchy, it seems like he's just trying to marry her/baby her up and use her for fame and money a la kfed but less dumb.

No. 927887

You know you can still enjoy a type of media and acknowledge that it's flawed, right? What went wrong in your life that you feel like you need to defend b comedy movies this hard?

No. 927900

kek yeah i'm the not-liking-red-title-comedy-fils anon and i never insulted or attacked anyone here on a personal basis? i just said i can't watch anything where all the women are some LA srote's imaginary ideas instead of anything resembling a person

No. 927902

no no CARTOONS, not anime. i don't like anime

No. 927926

god look at thet cutie pie, its unfair a rat like her gets to have such a little angel and she'll probably exploit him for her own profit

No. 928026

not to mention her other nudes with the bathtub were blatantly photo shopped and her denying as referred to in >>927497. considering other posts and stuff going on I'm still worried for her too.

No. 928028

her baby is admittedly cute but god can she for once not use her baby as an prop to help her be a clout hungry rat

No. 928083

Maybe I'm being too cynical but I've got a feeling she facetuned the hell out of that baby.

No. 928115

File: 1633141102841.png (247.74 KB, 1108x508, 456476.png)

Kaiser of China is a German proverb. Also, the sentence structure.

I unironically love Shakira.

No. 928174

Lana loves lasagna now

No. 928210

Armpit stubble. Ew, wtf.

No. 928225

i can barely see it. how do anons always notice tiny details like that

No. 928227

Grow the fuck up.

No. 928279

How is John Legend not second guessing having such a cow for his wife and mother of his children. Like Chrissy, there are sites like this and many where you can talk about people you don't like without directly harassing them or telling them to commit sudoku daily or putting them on blast on your popular twitter and ig.

No. 928287

He's gay and doesn't care what she does.

No. 928307

idk but at least he doesn't seem to behave as much as a cow as she does? could be wrong though i don't really keep up with them

No. 928313

File: 1633174380744.jpeg (704.35 KB, 828x910, F309E7AC-2ADD-496B-8DEE-C7A32F…)

She just comes off fake in every way with the posts. I always get attention seeking vibes.

No. 928320

He seems like a raging faggot and she probably turns a blind eye to his copious male lovers. She gets to sponge off of him and be his broodmare, he gets to have a lifelong, loyal beard.

No. 928332

kek how much time did you spend staring at her seething to notice that?

No. 928333

Anybody here has seen the trailer to SPENCER in which you see Kstew as Diana?

No. 928342

File: 1633179721186.jpg (109.17 KB, 745x470, nene-745x470.jpg)

Did anyone see the new pic Nene posted? She's changed a lot

No. 928345

This has to be a filter, I mean look at those ridiculous eyebrows … This looks nothing like her.

No. 928347

Yes! And honestly I was surprised, she nailed Diana's cadence. Also hats off to the makeup artist

No. 928350

She's so beautiful

No. 928359

hell that doesn't even look like the same person … face in the second looks way too smoothed out. surely a filter. plus as other anon said the huge fucking eyebrows

No. 928374

Pleasantly surprised specially as to how much they made her look like Diana. Still remember when the jokes about KStew being emotionless and a bad actress were going around. Wonder if anyone still says that now.

No. 928378

I don’t give the slightest fuck about another dead privileged snow woman with memed ethereal beauty

No. 928379

Though tbf I'm assuming it was probably something to do with how her makeup was styled and how she carried herself back then. Idk if it's just my impression but she seems a lot more chill these days

No. 928382

File: 1633183586257.png (1.13 MB, 1047x693, pd.png)

>ethereal beauty
I know you're not praising her, but I'm not really seeing that? She looked kind of mannish, actually. I feel like it's her personality that made people like her more than anything. Plus, the BRF has always been unusually ugly, so she probably looked the closest to royalty that they could get.

No. 928386

NTAYRT, but I don't think she was praising her.
>memed ethereal beauty
She wasn't ugly, but her face isn't as beautiful as people say. If she were still alive people would probably be shitting on her looks. She had a great body and style, though, so that probably helps further her that ethereal beauty meme

No. 928387

for a brit, she’s gorgeous

No. 928392

God, why does everything need beauty for worth? She was a wonderful woman who died too soon.

No. 928394

Chill, no one said she wasn't a good person

No. 928395

nta but I think you missed the point anon was making

No. 928399

Miscarriages are sad, but i cant help but to feel nothing for this attention seeking bitch.

No. 928402

It's such a shitty meme. She did a a lot of good work but to see anons (probably younger anons too) tear her down for her looks is gross. A women's worth needs to stop being based on attractiveness.

No. 928441

there was nothing wonderful about diana lmao

No. 928472

No. 928496

it took her a year to do any kind of memorial for her miscarried baby? and she had to take posed photos of it? like she really planned this whole thing so we'd all be reminded of the one interesting thing that's ever happened to her that she'll never let anyone forget

No. 928514

ikr. it's like in the tess holliday thread on kiwi farms where everyone is ree-ing about details of the pictures that you can't notice unless you expand the image and stare at it for a few minutes. just scroll yo, don't waste time actually clicking the pictures.

No. 928515

aww. she used to be so cute with her short hair and little face. i thought she was so hot. both these pictures suck, go back to how you looked on the show nene

No. 928517

sounds like a lot of you weren't alive in the 90s. the mainstream makeup and hair trends were AWFUL on 90% of women. everything was so clunky and rudimentary, especially the makeup styles.

No. 928529

she looks like a fucking kpop star oh wow

No. 928559

File: 1633201882912.jpg (1.07 MB, 2321x3482, spencer.jpg)

Honestly idgi. Especially in motion she doesn't look like Diana in the slightest, her face is just completely different. Pic rel from a while back nailed it but it's so obviously because of well-chosen dramatic lighting and angles which you can only really do in a still photo, plus editing.

Odd time for this movie in general considering the Crown, but I guess the interest goes in cycles. There's only so many ways to revisit the same person's life history while telling an interesting story and not hamming it up. The only 21stC Diana for me is her spirit being channeled by Ryuho Okawa kek.

No. 928589

Diana looks like Kiki and that’s final. It’s funny. Still don’t get why they didn’t hire the actor from the Crown, she had the right look.

No. 928597

File: 1633204703719.jpg (108.38 KB, 744x536, maxresdefault.jpg)

The proportions on the right picture are so cartoonish, like a Sims 4 character.
I don't think it would look bad if it were actually a render, but this being a real person just makes it super uncanny.

No. 928600

File: 1633204805843.jpg (162.22 KB, 900x900, NeNe-Leakes-before-and-after-p…)

I feel kind of bad making fun of Nene considering her husband just passed, but this does not look good. I know the second pic is filtered to hell and back, but her PS changed her face a lot.

No. 928607

picrel still doesn't look like diana at all

No. 928620

I will never understand these teeth, before they looked nice, a little to white for my taste, but natural and healthy. Now they look like Halloween plastic teeth.

No. 928635

I don’t get it either, her teeth are pretty much perfect in the left pic. Why does everyone need glaringly white giant teeth? So unnecessary.

No. 928643

Same, some people would kill for teeth like the before pic. I see a lot of people make fun of her current teeth.
It's honestly hard to tell if the plastic surgery made her look better or worse. In some photos she looks like a mess, and in others she looks better. Those indents/lines that she has on her nose make it look really unnatural.

No. 928659

What the hell! I thought these were 2 old ladies

No. 928667

It looks like she has…more teeth in the after picture?
The heck, how??

No. 928685

Anon, it’s a movie. Not a real life simulator.

No. 928691

for whatever reason, Americans are obsessed with having overly white teeth that are all the same size and shape.

No. 928795

Ayrt, I think I'm mainly surprised how she looks in this compared to her usual look, eg. the eyeliner I normally see her wearing in pics. Although tbf she is an actress and has had her makeup done in a specific way for this one. I just like this look for her, it's nice

No. 928802

I think it’s like you said. She looked good in comparison to the inbred royals. Although her haircuts were hideous but I guess that was the 80s/90s.
She looks Indian in the right pic wtf

No. 928809

i think anon was joking, that’s not megan and taylor. i just did a reverse image search and apparently the one on the right is olivia rodrigo? never would have guessed, she looks 10 years older in that pic.
no idea who the woman on the right is.

No. 928818

>she looks indian
i thought the same exact thing but wasn't sure if i should say it kek. it's weird. i'm sure it's a filter though but filters that change your face completely that you don't look like you anymore are dumb imo

No. 928819

Every time I see Lena looking worse I think of my ex friend from high school who was a fat loud woke narcissist who was obsessed with Girls, literally thought the sun shone out of Dunham’s asshole, and I chuckle to myself because this is the future she has lined up for herself.

No. 928825

I don’t think she ever should have been famous. Not in a salty ‘she’s a cunt’ way but she seems too sensitive to be famous. I remember watching a clip from some IG live stream she did and she was just silently driving around LA fighting back tears. It was really depressing. She should really just retire from Hollywood. Ghosting her friend was a shitty thing to do though.

Most celebrities shouldn’t be famous because even they can’t seem to really handle stardom. I’d say an overwhelming majority of people really can’t handle having a platform in general.

No. 928858

She was a child star, and a disney kid, so fame was inevitable for her

No. 928872

File: 1633229517493.png (1.1 MB, 760x1372, Screenshot_20211002-215024.png)

Jameela Jamil looking crusty af

No. 928876

She looks like she knows how to handle a crackpipe

No. 928882

I can't believe she changed her hair

No. 928884

Nah just a cheap wig, not that it's much better. Got so much money but choose to look like that kek

No. 928886

does anybody remember ariana grande messaging that pop culture account, shit talking other celebrities, shit talking frankie grande and telling them to take down posts about her or was that someone else. kind of based if it was her.