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File: 1619627949878.jpg (46.16 KB, 708x404, 16591714.jpg)

No. 793965

Just like google! If google repeatedly called you a retard.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/784920

No. 793969

How can I move on from a broken heart?

No. 793972

I love the thread pic, what is it from?

No. 793975

Thanks nonnie. I've actually had it saved in my meme folder for years so I have no idea, sorry!

No. 793981

It is from an anime called Æon Flux

No. 793983

Distraction, friends, and productive hobby. It will pass.

No. 793988

Ah thank you!!

No. 793990

can i use a throwaway phone number to verify discord? whats a good temp number site to use?

No. 793996

Anyone recommend any interior decorator/design youtubers they like? I’ve watched all the big ones (Sorry Girls, Lone Fox, MaCenna), just wanna find smaller more chill channels that don’t shill furniture sponsors and do thrifty stuff like shop around their own home, give diy tips, etc.

No. 793998

You can get temporary phone apps like google voice and use those. If you’re required to use 2 step verification then using the google security app with your email is a better option, or logging in on desktop so you don’t need a phone number.

No. 794001

why not try tv?

No. 794009

You’re asking an HGTV obsessive kek. Everything on TV is about huge projects like home renovation, I just like moving shit around my apartment to keep it fresh and would like to watch other people doing the same and being creative.

No. 794020

if you spoke spanish I would recommend you to watch a channel called Mas Chic. My favorite show is one called El toque de Chus, what a nice sweet lady.

No. 794029

Nyart but is there any place to watch this online? Idk how to spanish but I think my mom would love this shiw

No. 794046

First of all I'm aware I'm the biggest retard on earth for this… so I signed up for a gym membership briefly but forgot to cancel it and then was out of the state for a while. And I never got around to canceling it because I have this dumb extreme anxiety over anything to do with money (yes I know it's stupid)… eventually they stopped charging my account, but sent me emails telling me they were unable to my payment information and that I needed to update it. They sent me those emails once a month, but they stopped in September. I kinda just assumed my membership got cancelled on its own but now I'm thinking what if it's not and what if they're gonna charge me some ridiculous amount for all the months I haven't paid for even though I haven't stepped foot in there in well over a year… I'm too afraid to tell anybody in my life this because I know it's the stupidest problem ever and I should've just cancelled it like a normal person ages ago. Am I totally screwed…?

No. 794050

Search the Mas Chic website maybe??

No. 794052

Get your membership cancelled asap, the failed payments might have been handed over to one of those companies that collects debt don't know what they're called in english

No. 794055

File: 1619634118429.jpeg (39.58 KB, 720x622, C00DF82B-973A-40D2-96EE-603851…)

I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful? her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit.

No. 794057

You need to cancel it. Do you not have an account you can log into to see if the membership's still running? If not, suck it up and call them to figure it out. I have anxiety around things like this too, I know how it feels but you really need to take charge!

No. 794064

You need to cancel it. Do you not have an account you can log into to see if the membership's still running? If not, suck it up and call them to figure it out. I have anxiety around things like this too, I know how it feels but you really need to take charge!

No. 794066

I'm in love with an average to ugly looking moid and hes a bastard but whenever I see other moids I feel absolutely nothing lol like I see people here calling other men attractive and I just do not get it. I like many types of women though. Am I 80% of female attracted bisexual or whatever?

No. 794067

What the fuck?

No. 794069

Yeah I was reading about how debt collectors will go after people for this, but after all this time I haven't had anybody contact me about paying anything, so I assumed that it was fine. Idk how that stuff works, though.

I tried to log into their website but it needs your membership number which I don't have since I lost the card ages ago, so I think I have to call…ugh.
Don't be like me, anons.

No. 794073

File: 1619634821384.png (104.28 KB, 1230x271, 1.PNG)

Is someone reposting other anons posts or something? I wonder if thats what happened with pic lmao

No. 794075

yeah someone is being a dumb troll

No. 794077

What the fuck? Stop skinwalking me newfag

No. 794078

It must be that scrote that was spamming in meta and snow cause the v-tuber thread got nuked or something

No. 794110

paige wassel comments on home tours and actually worked on some AD shoots if that's up your alley.

No. 794115

I have a pimple that's buried pretty deep under my skin, so much I can't pop it with just finger pressure, is there any other way I can do it?
>inb4 don't pop your pimples
I know I shouldn't do it, but it's on my chin and it hurts even when I just talk, and if I don't pop it it's going to stay for God knows how long, I prefer it to hurt once and have a scar for a few days.

No. 794124

warm compresses to encourage it to either drain or come to a head

No. 794128

That means it's not ready. Just wait a day or two and put something warm on it. Don't try to lance it.

No. 794136

Girls I don't know if this is the right thread to ask in.
Recently I have been experiencing pain in my breasts, and there are green veins appearing on my one of them and today my period started and it's not on time. This is the first time it's happening and I want to know if someone experienced this before or should I see a doctor.

No. 794141

I had never heard the warm trick before and I tend to be impatient with my pimples, thanks a lot for your answers. Should I put the warm compress for long time on it?

No. 794159

I know the pimple patches for more ready to pop pimples are effective, but they also make patches for earlier stage pimples. I've never tried one, but my mom likes them. Perhaps that would help?

No. 794168

what is the pain like? are they tender or swollen, like how they can be while ovulating or PMSing? that can be quite painful too, it's not a dismissive question on my part
many women can have different types of breast pain for hormonal reasons, it's not a one size fits all type of thing. if you have larger breasts or denser tissue in your breasts (regardless of size, someone with smaller breasts can have denser tissue than someone else with maybe larger breasts) the pain can be more pronounced, no matter what the cause is.
is the tissue inside of them sore or painful? like, painful to put on tight clothes or undergarments, or painful to lie down on your belly, an ambient pain or soreness as you go about your day, that type of thing
you don't have to answer, especially with males lurking the various boards here, but there are a number of different types of breast pain that can be attributed to hormonal issues or where you are at in your cycle.

if the pain is quite severe or sharp, or persists unchanged throughout other parts of your cycle or after your period, a type of pain that isn't normal for hormonal fluctuations, i would maybe arrange to see a female doctor about it
you can ask her to examine them and she may arrange for some tests if she sees a cause for concern
i do experience this at various points in my cycle, and it has never been a serious problem, even when it's very sore or painful. veins can become more prominent or visible too. i just don't wear compressing clothes and take hot showers or baths to help the soreness. a stretchy wireless sports bra or comfy bralette can help if they feel heavy, or if it's painful to go braless.
not sure if that's the case with you, but mine feel very heavy and the weight of them being pulled down and kind of moving around through the day can be painful when they are sore
your period doesn't have to begin on the same exact day to be considered regular. there can be fluctuations despite your predicted start date and it's still considered a perfectly regular cycle. fluctuations between start date and length of your period are actually the norm for most women. getting your period on the dot for the exact same amount of days each cycle is not super common
"average cycle" is kind of an averaged number based on the data of many women, and not so accurate when it comes down to an individual cycle and the fluctuations there.
have some hot fluids like tea and broth to stay comfortable and hydrated, and take care of yourself

No. 794175

Artfags, when sketching, are you supposed to focus on the general shapes of the thing you're trying to draw, or should you concentrate on the outlines? t. complete beginner

No. 794183

not sure if you're drawing people, but start with gesture drawing then learn how to build up forms from shapes like spheres and boxes. proko vids are a good resource for beginners.

No. 794189

wait, i thought gesture drawing came after you got the basics on how to build and shade boxes, circles etc?

No. 794240

Haven't been on LC as much recently, when did the application for new admin come up?

No. 794241

What the fuck is with straight guys suddenly wanting a "tomboy gf"? Didnt they use to make fun of them as kids for not being femme enough? Is it some sort of new fetish?

No. 794244

>is this some sort of fetish?

the answer is always yes when men are involved. tom boy gf is just rebranded "cool girl" act for men lol

No. 794268

I was about to post about this yesterday because I randomly saw this video and got disguted by it as well as the comments talking about how they do not want a strong independant women but they do want a tomboy. I'm so happy that most tomboy are lesbian kek

No. 794269

Yup, they look at tomboys as basically bros they can have sex with. They assume that tomboys are low maintenance (don't have to take them out on dates or court them in any way), are more likely to put up with their pornsick and/or crude behavior because they're just one of the guys!!, and will be easily wooed by cheap male attention because she's a tomboy, after all! Just calling her cute or beautiful and fucking her after will be enough to validate her femininity because what she needed was a scrote all along!

No. 794273

sounds like my ex also into tomboys. He did that to me.

No. 794282

If you can't spot reduce when you lose weight, does that mean that my big nasty fat arms will get thinner too?

No. 794283

File: 1619658711454.jpeg (163.88 KB, 817x701, F6BC2D47-3A2C-4050-AC17-609FB9…)

I’m cringing so hard

No. 794287

how can scrotes get even more pathetic and miserable?

No. 794290

Moids are so embarrassing.

No. 794314

Gesture drawing is to practice form (flow of body, poses, angles) without worrying about details like shading. It's an entirely different school of thought from cubes and circles

No. 794316

You'll lose weight all over, some parts of your body will show more than others. I'd focus on losing weight, then building muscle (which you can target) on the spots that seem too thin

No. 794328

What about the spots that still seem too big? what should I do about those?

No. 794329

Wrap them in cling film.

No. 794332

Stretch, lose more weight, or just deal with it

No. 794336

Believe it or not, my aunt once told me to do that to lose weight

No. 794339

Idk where I got the idea probably off TV, but I wrapped my stomach in cling film when I was young thinking it would get rid of my portruding womb.

No. 794341

My aunt told me that since cling film makes you sweat, it means you're losing weight, so she would just wrap herself all around with it like a christmas present under her clothes

No. 794349

Did she lose weight?

No. 794363

If I keep hearing the same noise over and over in my head am I in trouble?

No. 794367

no. get some sleep

No. 794393

File: 1619670862801.png (263.96 KB, 556x441, ugh.png)

What do you get out of this nonnas? It's a message send to me from a scrote of course

No. 794396

>sorry if I stop talking to you again, I’m emotionally unstable and you’re not exactly the kind of emotional support I want, but it’s cool talking with you about whatever else is there, so let’s keep on talking, you’re my friend btw.
He wants to be your friend, nothing too deep though, like, hanging out and having some drinks from time to time type of friend.

No. 794397

I hate to sound "men type like this and women type like this" but the way this read just seemed so like a man wrote it lmao. Anyway, from what I can glean, it just seems like he used a lot of words to say he likes having space away from you. Which isn't unheard of with friends. He sounds weird, but this is probably his way of trying to sound positive and tell you he wants to pick up where you left off.

No. 794398

What's the context?

No. 794404

File: 1619672094213.png (110.18 KB, 273x350, 1.png)

he broke up with me

No. 794405

File: 1619672224418.png (58.38 KB, 230x257, 1.png)

I'm super confused. Like. What the fuck does he want. Just a frienship? I feel manipulated if I'm honest

No. 794408

Looks like you dodged a bullet, if you want to stay as friends, that’s okay, but don’t trip with that rock again. Some people do change, but that takes lots of time and dedication. If you really want to be there for him, good luck and be careful, but that really drains your energy.

No. 794415

And what do you want?

No. 794416

Oh, now I agree with what the other anon said. At first I thought you guys were just friends the whole time, but this makes me feel a bit differently. It sounds like this guy read up on everything he could about therapy without actually going to therapy. This is something I'd expect a therapist to prompt someone to send after they've burnt bridges with someone close to them. This type of person is usually not in the right mind frame to be in a romantic relationship. You probably shouldn't get back together with him if the opportunity presents itself. He has a lot more needed growth ahead of him. He sounds like he's going to make for a better distant friend. Sorry you're going through this.

No. 794417

ayrt, drop his ass ugh I hate when men dump a woman and then are like "but omg i love to hangout with you!" like nah wtf

No. 794421

File: 1619673722388.png (145.59 KB, 368x408, imangry.png)

I don't even know

lol then I have one last screencap for you

No. 794422

No. 794431

Take some time to think about and decide what you want, that's more important than deciphering what he wants.

Personally I'm wary of men who try to use their exes as an emotional support lifeline or practice grounds for the next gf. Not saying that is or isn't the case here but that's something to watch out for imo.

No. 794446

File: 1619680313078.jpg (37.94 KB, 700x854, 1575444251393.jpg)

the uwu at the end killed all hope I had, you dodged a bullet anon, good for you !

No. 794449

Just completely ditch him or spend a long time apart. Good for both of us for breaking up, because couple that consists two people with issues such as depression, etc. Always end up getting doomed.

But honestly His last part of the message sounds fishy to me, >>794405
makes it seem like he wanted to call it quits a long time ago. In the end what happened already happened. I honestly wouldn't even want to talk to him, let alone letting him use me as a emotional support machine (which looks like what he wants from you - wah, lissen to me whining! be my mommy). But if you like him that much, I'd still suggest drifting apart for maybe 3 months at best, so you could clear out your head and figure it all yourself. Just because he dated you doesn't mean he is your last choice when it comes to men, there's billions of fishes in the sea.

No. 794454

Why do so many people with Tourette's scream out obscenities? Why does it seem to compel people to say FUCK CHINKS or whatever, instead of yelling ABBA ZABBA WHEW or positive affirmations?

No. 794459

Does iron supplement pills give anyone else horrible gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting and super painful stomach cramps? Literally why does this happen

No. 794468

It’s been associated with damage to the area of the brain that controls aggression.

Which supplements are you taking? There are gentler forms you can try if your symptoms don’t improve, they are usually marketed as ‘gentle iron’ in pharmacies or can be requested through your doctor.

No. 794473

I'm nta so sorry to butt in, but have you ever done this?
>drifting apart for maybe 3 months at best
I broke up with my ex a couple months back and I'm now at the point where I truly know I don't want to get back together with him (was wavering and in my feels before). That being said, I do still care about him and enjoy his company, so in your experience has the whole being friends with exes things ever worked out? I'm uncertain if he still has feelings, but I think he might, so I'm thinking it would be sort of selfish for me to push for that before he'd moved on as well.

No. 794474

Is there any way to see protected tweets if you don't follow someone?

No. 794481

Somewhat related, why do people who hallucinate voices always have those voices say and make them do bad shit like "kill yourself" or "stab that guy" and not nice things like "you rule" or "go bake a cake for grandma"?

No. 794493

if they have their timeline embedded anywhere, i.e. twitch, a blog, etc. it will continue to show (maybe all, maybe just some) tweets. I remember seeing tweets from an account I shouldn't have been able to see because their timeline was embedded on their twitch before going private

No. 794495

I read somewhere once that what the voices say to you differ by culture

No. 794496

How would one go about creating a simple memory game for browser and what programming language should be used?

No. 794501

Can dry skin be a PMS? I get period acne mostly on my chin and it's the only zone where it gets dry.

No. 794506

I just asked for the cheapest one at the pharmacy. Not doing that again. I took one in the morning on empty stomach, then about 25 minutes later I became super nauseous, started shitting and vomiting my guts out and my face became hot and flushed. My stomach also hurt worse than when I have my period…I legit thought I was gonna die

No. 794510

Is there a general art thread somewhere? One where we can discuss supplies to use, techniques, etc?

No. 794512

yes, check the /m/ catalog

No. 794514

Yeah the cheapest tend to be the roughest. If you look at the product information the type of iron will be listed (ferrous something, probably sulphate or fumarate) so you know to avoid products with that. Ferrous gluconate is gentler as it’s a lower strength, will probably be fine if you’re not incredibly deficient. Vitamin C helps absorption so wash it down with a glass of orange juice. Hope you feel better soon.

No. 794517

File: 1619696744176.jpeg (20.15 KB, 628x488, F058C2F1-714A-4C8A-B262-26CEE3…)

Do people really be out there sleeping under duvets without a cover?

Do they know it’s weird and grotty or do they think that it’s just a fancy white blanket? You see so many naked duvets on beds in selfies and stuff online, they can’t all be doing selfies halfway though stripping the bed, right?

No. 794520

You're never supposed to take iron on empty stomach, expensive or cheap. I wouldn't blame the supplement there.

No. 794522

That's literally what it says on the packaging. That it should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorbtion

No. 794523

Anon that did the clingfilm thing. Idk how your aunt walked around with it under her clothes because its very restrictive and I couldn't lean or bend when it was around my stomach and took it off. I think I fit the idea from watching people get wrapped at saunas. Theoretically it makes you sweat and that happens when we burn calories however I don't think it actually made me lose any inches and instead just hurt like fuck.

No. 794524

Aren't you supposed to take most supplements during a meal because they're fat or water soluble or something like that?

No. 794525

File: 1619698125323.jpg (32.26 KB, 1183x143, Screenshot_1.jpg)

No. 794527

When I was a kid and had anemia, my GP told me to drink orange juice with it to maximize absorption (because of the vitamin C). It also coated my stomach so I didn't get sick. Maybe try that and if it doesn't work, eat something light before?

No. 794531

Does diatomaceous earth actually work against bedbugs?

No. 794538

Wow just from the caps he seems annoying af. He managed to never get to the point within several paragraphs. What a skill!

No. 794544

My last relationship ended after 3 years living together. He dumped me suddenly with seemingly no reason and then he went on holiday the next day, with a woman who he immediately started dating. I only found that out when he returned from the trip.

Now seeing as he booked the holiday with that woman in advance with that intent.. I've always considered that cheating. I feel like it's quite possible they were also sleeping together already but sticking to his version of events he said he waited till one day post break up to get jiggy and make the relationship official. He insisted his hands were therefore clean.

So I've never weighed in with anyone in this. Honestly felt too humiliated to ask others. Would you feel cheated on either way?

No. 794545

If I get my arm hair waxed, will it grow back to be as long as it currently is? It's dark, thin and very long, that wasn't the case before puberty. I'm asking because after waxing my leg hair several times over the years there are some places where it's not growing back at all or it's thinner and shorter than it used to be.

No. 794547

What's the best free app for making photo collages on Android? I've tried Collage Maker but the formating is so limited, I can never put two full images side by side.

No. 794554

If you have enough storage on your phone, PicsArt is very good.

No. 794559

You got cheated on. He was with you but lined up a holiday with a girl the day after he dumps you. Some people date for weeks/months without getting intimate and they still consider themselves in relationships so if your ex was planning a trip with another woman that's pretty telling that you got cheated on.

No. 794560

Duh, there was romantic and/or sexual intent between the two before they made it ~~official~~, that makes it cheating.

No. 794584

Same thing happened to me in my first serious relationship. The guy dumped me unexpectedly after years of being together, citing incompatibility. Turns out he immediately went and started dating a new girl he'd been chatting up for weeks prior. I was young and dumb back then so I thought it was fair he at least didn't cheat. Now I know it's not all black and white and he just wanted clear conscience before he actually did something physical with her.

I mean it depends. But in your case, when he did all of that literally the next day… yea I'd say he's definitely the asshole.

No. 794592

I've always waxed my armpits, and they always grow back like they normally do. I've never noticed a change.

No. 794618

How to become emotionally unavailable so no one ever hurts my heart ever again and I don't have to open my heart to anyone or fall in love but live a fulfilling life?

No. 794629

File: 1619712601348.png (130.37 KB, 1200x909, 1200px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_N…)

I get where you're coming from but I don't think that's possible. Emotional connection is supposedly a basic human need. What you should want to become instead is emotionally resilient

No. 794632

File: 1619712740066.png (206.01 KB, 500x451, goshdarnit.png)

Do normies (aka not terminally-online) use dating apps? Dating app virgin here, I've resisted them for years but present times have kind of necessitated them. Would I be able to find a person who likes outdoor activities and doesn't base their opinions off their internet friends', or is everyone on there also on twitter, if you know what I mean?

No. 794635

It's mostly people who just want to have a one night stand…

No. 794639

Yes they do. I know several people who met on dating apps and either are already married or planning to get married. None of them are incels or femcels, they just turned to dating apps out of desperation because they couldn't find a bf/gf irl

No. 794640

I want to stop being so needy for love and falling in love with people who abandon me and give me anxiety. I have no idea how to do this

No. 794648

People who create situations where they are abandoned either doing this because a. they need to relive the trauma of an earlier abandonment (Have you ever felt like you were abandoned by any of your parental figures when you really needed them?) or b. it reaffirms their belief that they are not worthy of love. Therapy can be useful

No. 794650

Yes I've always felt like my parents abandoned me as a child.

No. 794652

Are they the vast majority? I’ve read you can specify what it is you’re seeking

Thanks anon, that’s reassuring to hear!

No. 794654

You need to raise your self-esteem and cultivate the belief that you are whole the way you are

No. 794719

do other traumatised anons struggle with mundane change? i was misdiagnosed with autism when really i suffer from c-ptsd. however, i can't fully place the strong reaction to minor changes, such as an abrupt change of plans and unclear communication about change. i.e. a family member was to do something with me at 10:00 but they were sleeping and when i woke them up for appointments previous times they were mad at me so i let them sleep and accepted we would not do the thing anymore, seeing as we have a joint appointment with someone else at 11:30. at 11:00 i went towards the living room to get ready to leave when suddenly the family member said we were going to do what we had planned for 10:00. this really disheveled me and i started wailing like a baby and completely balled up and ran to my room. i agree its childish and im not proud of it, i suffer from it. it takes so much energy and i am completely exhausted now. my brain feels like it just ran 400 laps whilst on fire. anyway, is this also a normal response when traumatised? i only find results online for big changes like moving or a new job, but not something small like this.

No. 794728

Nta but there's probably something very wrong with me as it's not something I feel I need, I even get uncomfortable when I get too close to somebody. Should I go to the psychiatrist to get myself diagnosed?

No. 794730

Can you really buy pre-diced onions in the us?

No. 794732

Nta but no. Maslow (and his hierarchy of needs) is just one of many pioneering psychologists who take an approach to how one should live their life. The humanistic perspective isn't for everyone. Although, coming from someone who feels the same way, questioning why you feel uncomfortable when in close emotional proximity to other people could be a good idea.

No. 794739

I kinda relate to this but maybe not the crying in front of others, if this would have happened distant over texts I would possibly reacted the same way. It's an odd shutdown of "okay i guess we're not doing this but i am still gonna do it, i am hurt but more than that confused and kinda feel stupid and childish for ever thinking anyone would remember this thing i had prepared for" if that makes any sense? Hope you feel better, anon

No. 794741

I’m a burger and I’ve definitely seen these at various markets, along with pre-peeled garlic.

No. 794744

I am all for laughing at burgers but you can find in European countries too. Aren't all frozen onions pre-diced?

No. 794745

Not a burger but I'd buy the hell out of pre-diced onions if that was a thing here, no more burning eyes! Diced tomato is also a thing so why not onions?

No. 794746

File: 1619723150508.png (323.83 KB, 400x497, black girl with chainsaw.png)

please recommend me twitch or picarto streamers who are cute guys and have a small following

No. 794747

???????? frozen onions ????????

No. 794749

Eurofag here and never in my life have I seen a prediced onion… can't recall seeing a frozen onion in any form really.

No. 794753

Another Eurofag here, same

No. 794754

eurofag here

No. 794756

Hi eurofag how are you.

No. 794765

File: 1619724540364.jpg (117.13 KB, 1290x1600, 125379569.jpg)

hello fellow eurofags, love u and our unsliced and unchopped onions

No. 794769

Same. I also find it weird when they mince garlic in all plates, instead of putting maybe two or three entire cloves to flavor it and then take it out, but I'm realizing this is not the norm maybe?

No. 794770

File: 1619724785606.png (201.22 KB, 1018x1000, OIGNC-Oignon-en-semoule-Cook-1…)

euro here I can only see this that is close enough

No. 794774

is this from belgium?

No. 794776

Eurofag here, it's a very common sight where I'm from. So is powder, even those weird smelly fried bits you get in bags.

No. 794781

File: 1619725319085.jpg (73.43 KB, 651x612, thonkphos.jpg)

Would it be a dumb idea to try to learn to play an instrument as an adult? I wanted to learn when I was a child, but there was simply no money for it back then. Then it wasn't something I really considered pursuing on my own until now. I'd love to learn to play something like the flute or harp. But part of me just feels like maybe It's a foolish dream to pursue

No. 794783

Eurofag here and holy shit pre-peeled garlic???

No. 794787

Of course not, do it! Learning to play an instrument is not at all exlusive to kids and it's a great new skill and hobby to pick up. Have fun making music!

No. 794788

why? why would it be a bad idea to learn anything as an adult? just do it m8

No. 794794

My friend learned how to play the flute this year, go for it

No. 794795

File: 1619725999380.jpeg (38.21 KB, 900x900, efa8b4a8-7689-4ab4-acc1-6c5e8d…)

Also American, wdym pre-peeled garlic? Like, just the cloves? I've only ever seen minced and dried garlic
Yes. My grandma likes to buy them reposting because I mis-read the question

No. 794801

I’m learning the piano right now! It legit makes me feel like I have brain damage sometimes but it’s so damn rewarding whenever I clear a section. I can practice for hours because it’s so fun.

No. 794805

Bitch, no. Even if you sucked at playing, I would still cheer you on!

No. 794831

It would be a bad idea to not pick up an instrument. It's a fulfilling hobby, and like learning a new language it gives you a new way to relate to the world and to other people. Plus it's good exercise for your brain.

No. 794869

File: 1619731041268.png (176.76 KB, 578x319, CutieswithSlices.png)

Purely hypothetical question, would there be any negative effects of eating a whole bag of cuties in one sitting?

No. 794873

You'd probably get diarrhoea

No. 794874

Diarrhea and heartburn

No. 794883

I would say that you'd turn into a cutie, but you already are one ♥

No. 794886

I'm blushing ♥

No. 794888

Trisha paytas says she hears voices and has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Is there a personal video where she addresses this at length? I'm very curious to see her explanation

No. 794890

BPD is one thing but paranoid schizophrenic is another?

No. 794894

nta but I wouldn't be surprised if it was both, mental disorders are often co-morbid and she's super fucked up

No. 794897

Google isn’t helping me out - how does botox improve wrinkles that are already there? I understand that it freezes the muscles so the eyes don’t crease when the person smiles, meaning people won’t see the wrinkles at their deepest and further ageing is delayed. However, it claims to reduce fine lines that are already visible and this can be seen in before/after photos of people with relaxed faces. Are the muscles under the wrinkles permanently tense? For some reason I was under the impression that wrinkles could only be smoothed out by replumping the area with filler.

No. 794901

The amount of drugs she takes I wouldn't be surprised if she had a mental break and now has schizophrenia.

No. 794902

File: 1619733740172.jpeg (177.92 KB, 901x1200, A244A5B0-54AA-4B81-B9A3-17C1EF…)

Does anybody have h3/keemstar catboy edits? Uh… don’t ask why…

No. 794903

I think you have to smile when you get botox so it smooths out the lines.

No. 794904

Please spoiler, his emotionless, bovine stare viscerally terrifies me.

No. 794905

Why do so many British people have this lecturing, autistic and emotionally retarded type of personality where they overreact to everything and accuse you of having a victim complex while having one themselves?

No. 794907

File: 1619734321809.jpeg (265.29 KB, 750x1334, 1F3C5A51-6235-4D76-84EF-39FC03…)

I, for one, completely agree, but Kitty Keemstar edits seem fucking hilarious. Seconding nonna’s request.
>British “people”

No. 794908

File: 1619734399575.jpg (425.74 KB, 901x1200, PicsArt_04-29-07.12.43.jpg)

Made in 30 seconds and a lot of hate on picsart. You should use it next time

No. 794910

Does that cow have flies all over his face?? I know it's just nature, but poor baby. Must be annoying.

No. 794918

File: 1619735288685.jpg (569.76 KB, 2048x2048, 1619721560295.jpg)

How can I learn to forgive?

No. 794921

File: 1619735366524.jpeg (123.75 KB, 1002x828, AA10B575-50B5-4788-9119-B95236…)

I know how I’m spending my afternoon. Why a lot of hate though???
Cows are so nice, I love walking up to farm fences and petting them. Too bad farmers are dicks and keep them confined in their own waste most of the time.

No. 794922

Kill yourself

No. 794926

Where did your guys hear about us getting a new admin? I've scoured the meta threads and couldn't find any post the current one leaving. Did she give a reason?

No. 794927

Look at the top of the page, anon lol

No. 794928

Samefag, but no, she didn't give a reason. The current admin doesn't really communicate at all

No. 794930

File: 1619735775917.png (875.05 KB, 750x1334, 4D1663FF-0FED-4F12-A62B-C83D0F…)

Why am I attracted to this.

No. 794931

Acknowledge the hurt and anger. Let it go.

No. 794933

Based anon

No. 794936

File: 1619736109102.jpeg (97.07 KB, 662x750, 93A8A68A-27D0-4C72-9F7F-51D6C1…)

Oops, tagged the wrong thread. What do you mean hate?
thx, boo

No. 794938

Wow I'm stupid. I usually go straight to the threads when I come here. Thanks for the response. Felt like I missed some milk. Strange that shes quiet considering how she acted when she first became admin.

Here's to hoping the next one unbans certain topics

No. 794952

File: 1619737397215.png (664.48 KB, 1680x944, 1606224505051.png)

>A girl I just met randomly asks me if I have a boyfriend
W-hat did she mean by that?

No. 794954

She wants you obviously

No. 794955

Do you feel a sense of community here on lolcow or is it just me?

No. 794956

means you become lesbian or live your life to regret it

No. 794957

I've seen a lot of anons compare it to a sisterhood, but I personally see us as the Muppets if they were all humans.

No. 794958

Yeah, nonis fill the roles as mothers, sisters, and friends in my life. When I feel like crap, I come here to laugh.

No. 794960

I like it but theres a lot of obvious raiders and trolls, also this site does make me feel more misanthrophic

No. 794961

File: 1619737795830.png (4.73 MB, 2099x2025, descargar.png)

Cool, can I be Peggy?

No. 794962

>this site does make me feel more misanthrophic
Baby that's just normal everyday life

No. 794964

yes, but it's more like having imaginary friends than actual ones.

No. 794966

lmfao true

No. 794969

I don’t, everyone here is genuinely awful and stacy larping to the max. No sight of humility or self-awareness whatsoever, must be the autism from lolcow subjects seeping into anons brains, birthing a fresh new driverfag everyday.

No. 794972

File: 1619738264994.png (220.71 KB, 300x627, 3030439F-1C13-4860-B0D7-7046DE…)

As long as I get to be Beaker!

No. 794981

File: 1619739083032.jpg (88.24 KB, 735x640, 1615873160502.jpg)

How do you know if you're like, manifesting something or self sabotaging it? Please help

No. 794982

here you are either a disgusting autistic piggu or you are the hottest stacy in your zip code. there are no exceptions. outliers must be shot

No. 794984

>birthing a fresh new driverfag everyday
if only

No. 794990

Imagine not hating keemstar as a tard catboy. Couldn't be me

>stacy larping to the max
You must not be here very often. Guess you're the ultimate stacy, congrats

No. 794999

>not being Stacy
And yet here you are lmao ew

No. 795001

She likes you!!! …Or she’s looking for couple friends

No. 795013

File: 1619741750718.jpg (112.94 KB, 700x696, 1619442727870.jpg)

Why do so many nonnies have a fetish for virgins? I read numerous times in the Fetishes You're Ashamed Of Thread how farmers want to fuck virgins or incels. Like you really want cheetos hands touching your body?

No. 795017

I think a lot of the anons are also virgins. Tbh I've slept with one virgin and it was great but also I was a teenager, I think anons forget that (especially male virginity) after a certain age it has implications. When women are virgins I have no issues with it but when guys are I assume its not for lack of trying and that they're just porn obsessed freaks instead, but I think anons like to think it means the guy is untouched, pure, and will just be very gentle and willing.

No. 795018

How do you stop caring about what other people think? People always tell you to do that but they never tell you how to do it, you can’t do it on a whim wtf

No. 795021

File: 1619742455554.jpeg (84.04 KB, 1334x911, 48549E4F-CC29-4572-B479-DE3F8E…)

yes there is a sense of strange camaraderie here

No. 795025

The only thing I know that works is age, maturation. Older people are cringey because they've stopped caring what you think. Once you've lived life and gotten some experience, seen some shit, you get a sense that you're competent enough to trust your own judgment over outsiders. Rightly or wrongly.

It's a normal stage of being a young person, even through your 20s, to care a lot about your social standing and what your peers think. You kind of just have to suffer through the self consciousness until life beats it out of you. The upshot is that it might stop you doing dumb impulsive shit.

No. 795027

It's because you get honesty here. No one sugar coats anything.

No. 795039

Not on a whim but practice. It can be hard but I've learnt to stop cringing at my embarrassing thoughts about past moments and just laugh. Like when I think about the people I like to be around the most they all have in common the ability to laugh at themselves. They've all made mistakes but they don't let it make them skip a beat (I mean they might to themselves idk), but they push past it in public it seems.

No. 795041

someone reply please

No. 795044

The stacyism annoys me sometimes but honestly, why should people be worrying about being humble and self aware all the time on an anonymous platform?

When you're ready, try journaling a bit about things you disliked about the person or aspects of the relationship that were bad.

Yeah people do this because duvet covers are kinda expensive but if you're buying a duvet it's retarded not to get a cover, it's like not having a phone case.

For most people, regular hair removal on an area will gradually make the hair more sparse. Like the meme of women with thin 2000s eyebrows struggling to grow them back. But it takes a long time, I doubt one removal would change anything.

Normies love dating apps. Even on Tinder there are people trying to date (not just hookup) and there are other apps with different vibes like Bumble or Hinge.

No. 795045

You have manifested a reply.

No. 795051

Is having an OnlyFans normal now?

No. 795057

No. 795073

he's an ugly annoying rape apologist
not at all. i'm not sure why i'm still even here tbh. after all these years I still can't relate to the majority of posters, certain experiences and lifestyles, have wildly unpopular taste, and I have this feeling most of you would probably hate me irl. only common ground is having a pusy and disliking troons i guess.

No. 795084

File: 1619747456326.jpeg (111.68 KB, 750x750, AA6CC554-D348-4616-8405-53236C…)

I only want his shell, the spirit and mind will be purged

No. 795087

Keemstar looks like a suicide bomber to me. I would not be surprised if he's a terrorist.

No. 795091

File: 1619748587979.jpeg (124.27 KB, 750x938, 6511F956-BE40-495A-B6AD-E79535…)

Honestly, waiting for his behind to get killed by someone he crosses

No. 795095

Why do you sometimes see the best and most wonderful things in someone, like, you feel they're amazing, but then they disappoint you?

No. 795097

To Twitter hoes and girls in the social media sphere maybe yeah

No. 795098

Any time you see someone as perfect and wonderful you're not seeing them as human. You're setting them up to be a disappointment because everyone has flaws and no one can live up to that standard.

No. 795099

File: 1619749775648.png (1.6 MB, 1340x1304, 0DDE4A30-D428-4A38-A609-3F5DFC…)

>Apart from chris pratt

No. 795100

Please I beg you stop posting his glassy fucking dolls eyes I can’t stand it. They literally suck the life out of me.

No. 795103

No. 795104

File: 1619750524174.jpeg (532.8 KB, 901x1200, F43E33EC-0BF1-4931-BCF3-8C414A…)

Kitty Keemstar says uwu

No. 795105

File: 1619750750071.png (1.34 MB, 1386x668, 7CAAC7BD-8F5C-404C-978B-731921…)

No. 795111

Don't be mean to literally perfect dolls like that, resin and urethane don't deserve this slander.

No. 795193

File: 1619766172534.png (Spoiler Image, 301.32 KB, 422x525, spoilered-for-butt.png)

Guys, what are some good fitness inspo profiles on instagram? I though I would find generic before-and-after type of stuff but all I found was overly buff dudes (which does not inspire me) and photoshopped women in porny positions. See picrel-it was found under a profile name fitgirlmotivation or something like that. I even saw one that was a woman in spread eagle position but with clothes on.

No. 795216

What are you exactly looking for because "fitness" on ig ranges from bodybuilder to basically porn.

Personally I like:
kenziefitness_, missemmatroupe and ladyfit (if you're not into the buff look)
megsquats (love her)
amandasykesfit (form posts)

No. 795253

File: 1619776540183.jpg (218.18 KB, 1080x1080, fl.jpg)

I have a shit ton of stuff from 3+ years of subsribing to FL and Owlcrate. What's the best way to sell when sorting by fandom isn't an option and not being able to list everything seperately?

I've considered doing stuff like lucky bags or themed bundles like "stationary/desk stuff". Something like "pick a thing from each pile" would also good, but I don't want to deal with all the "IS THIS ITEM STILL AVAILABLE??". For anyone who doesn't know, it's just a bunch of book themed junk.

No. 795257

Why can't you sort by fandoms?

No. 795259

Most of it is not easy to identify. I would have took look through the spoilercards and identify 250 ish items

No. 795260

File: 1619777379533.jpg (71.05 KB, 450x281, pic.jpg)

Basically short vids of workout exercises and women showing off their musculature in a non porny sort of way (see pic). You know, stuff that depicts realistic goals.

No. 795264

So if I want my arm hair to be less visible I should wax my arms regularly then, just like I do with my legs? I'll do that then, I don't know if I should do it at a beautician's or with an epilator, where I live beauticians are closed and I don't know when I'll be able to get an appointment yet.

No. 795270

Then check out the girls listend, most of them do daily workouts and are certified trainers

No. 795276

Thanks for the response about dating apps! Yeah, I'm still familiarizing myself with the vibes of each app, Bumble seems nice.

No. 795286

Anyone ever heard weird UFO humming outside?

No. 795303

Is it normal for a guy to have smooth and soft skin over 21? I keep hearing about how men are supposed to have rough skin and it's manly~

No. 795307

Depends on diet and genes. Guy I know has smooth skin, has a load of blemishes though but texture is smooth and he has a horrible lifestyle but eats a lot of fish.

No. 795317

Most men now work indoor jobs where there's no real reason why at 21 they should have rough skin. Sure estrogen makes our skin softer than theirs but a man who doesn't work out in the elements shouldn't be far behind a woman at that age. Unless his lifestyle is seriously bad.

My dad worked outdoors all his life and had skin problems from a young age, also worked with building materials and chemicals without enough protection. That stuff takes a toll. I think the rough skinned stereotype comes from the days where more men worked those jobs.

No. 795320

Ew nothing manly about a pimply scrote with sun damage who’s gonna wall at 25

No. 795325

why is Nigri hated so much? I'm not a fan of hers but I often watch her cosplay tutorials and she seems to be genuinely helpful and pretty good at what she does, obviously that doesn't excuse shitty actions if she's done them.

No. 795330

Because she's (probably) one of the OG people who started acting like putting on a bikini and a wig is "cosplay" (at least from what I remember)

No. 795331

I haven't heard anyone talking about her at all these days lol

No. 795338

yeah, I guess she's not hated enough to be brought up a lot, but in every other moo thread there'll be a back and forth about
"nigri did this cosplay"
"nigri sucks"
"well at least she's not fat like moo"
so I was always curious if it was just about her normalising bikini cosplays or if she had done a lot of bad shit in the past

No. 795349

Because she isn't genuinely helpful or good at what she does, it isn't her doing it. She has a bunch of uncredited slave-elf friends/bfs that make her shit.

No. 795352

>A bunch of uncredited bfs making her shit
Slay, Queen

No. 795354

File: 1619789133487.jpeg (196.11 KB, 901x1200, 005F930C-32E8-48B4-9A27-B33628…)

I don’t really know her, only from that time she met Pewdiepie. And took this pic years ago

No. 795358

Why are Americans so obsessed with being thin? I mean, most people from around the world don't like fatties but i think Americans do have a weird fixation on it. Also it is that hard to be healthy over there? I've seen too many americans angry at healthy/ thin people like they couldn't loss some weight themselves too, they act like it's literally impossible or something. Note: sorry if I sound generalizing, my English is shit.

No. 795361

is it possible being introduced to bad hormones as a kid from shitty processed SAD diet fucked up puberty development and caused metabolic disorders down the line?

No. 795363

Is this just covered America hate lol? Am not American and have not noticed Americans to be particularly more fixated on thinness than others.

No. 795377

File: 1619791542766.png (25.41 KB, 502x431, 54C8414C-6C7C-4AD6-9862-975752…)

American obesity rates are pretty shocking.

No. 795380

That's not "stupid questions"-tier, anon, that's a very complex scientific question.

No. 795386

I know there's a whole stereotype about lesbians being fat and dating other fat lesbians. Being all comfy and fat and body positive together (tho I haven't seen much of that in my gay circles) but I wonder why bisexual women are more prone to be overweight than anyone else? Wasn't expect that

No. 795394

Anyone remember which cow's thread it was where someone came in to whiteknight then made a freudian slip by saying "I don't deserve this?"

No. 795395

corpse husband but I'm 100% sure it was a troll

No. 795398

Because the industries keeping people fat and the industries that promise people they can lose it make a fuckton of money.

No. 795399

Really? The most rampant anachan autism I’ve seen is in Europe and Russia

No. 795402

That's the one! For some reason I kept thinking it was Erin or Phoebe, totally off the mark kek. Probably was a troll, yeah, or (I theorize) a fan who went into detail about how they didn't deserve seeing their husbando getting made fun of, then edited poorly. Thanks anon

No. 795408

Being anachan thin in America is not a great thing unlike the rattling twinks want to make you believe. It's been out of fashion since the 2000s. If you mean like a normal weight that has decent boobs, then yes America is obsessed with that. Anachan tier thin? That's >>795399 what anon said. America is fat, so are many other countries who conveniently like to pretend they are nowhere close. The reason? Cheap fattening food that's very accessible. Why is the question never why is Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, UK, all them Samoan Islands so godamn fat? The whole damn middle east is fat. They're just as obsessed with wanting to be thin as any country. To ask why a specific country is obsessed with wanting to be thin is strange because the majority of the world wants to be thin. The closer to Asia the are, the more anachan they want to be. Also, thin men are not ideal in America. Just randomly wanted to add that because thinness is a feminine trait here. So the answer is that: America is fat, so they want to be thin to not be as fat and undesirable.

No. 795423

What platforms do people use to post fanart nowadays? NSFW fanart too.

The last time I was into fandoms was in 2008 - 2013 when everything happened on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Photobucket and private blogs. I've recently got back into engaging with the Attack on Titan fandom after the manga finale but I'm finding myself confused as to where to look for fanart? Is everything on Twitter and Instagram now? I found two good artists on IG buy I see sketches and nsfw artworks of theirs on imageboards that are obviously not on their main platforms. I feel like such an old person or like I've time-travelled to my house into the future. Things are the same but also everything is different.

No. 795430

twitter, instagram and reddit in some fandoms seem to be the norm.

No. 795433

Kek nice add that thinness in America is considered feminine. I fucking hate how being slim in the US is seen as girly and unmanly for whatever reason

No. 795434

I see them on Twitter nowadays. God do I miss when Tumblr allowed NSFW stuff. It was really the perfect platform for porny artists for such a long time

No. 795435

Youtube is always randomly recommending vids to me where some tuber I've never heard of is crying in the thumbnail and the title is some shit like 'It's over'

What's over? your relationship? your youtube career? I don't know who you are. Why do these vague-sad vids get pushed so hard?

No. 795436

East asia and east europe needs to get on the fit wave as opposed to the scrawny ana chan mess of the 2000s. just ugly. West Europe is kinda already there but I swear fit and slim bodies are better than ugly scrawny ones

No. 795437

Probably because they get clicked on because people wanna know what it's about which in turn gets them promoted to more people

No. 795439

I would assume all the self loathing.

No. 795441

>all them Samoan Islands so godamn fat
I thought Pacific Islander people were known for being big, wide and strong, but not necessarily fat?

No. 795455

File: 1619798606488.png (414.03 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210430-110316.png)

Hey nonna I'll share with you the ones I personally follow, they're athletes from Mexico and appeared in a show called Exatlon (might be somewhere online, its pretty cool and gives me motivation to work out)
They're not sexual and full of good vibes

Tell me if you can find them and if you liked them!

No. 795467

how can i pinkpill a scrote? or should i just not bother at all?

No. 795469

castration and 24-hour marathon of barbie movies

No. 795472

Contrary to a popular belief here not all men are lost cases and it's always worth a try

No. 795483

what does pinkpill even mean anymore? too many colors to remember…

No. 795485

What is the appeal of having a twitter account? How does one use it for self-expression?

No. 795488

File: 1619801912274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.69 KB, 1758x1204, 8FADBDC3-5E0B-4A39-A8C3-0F938D…)

I use it for niche porn and art. Never really got over my sonic phase so it morphed into self-hating furry degeneracy.

(photo: @submarine_screw)

No. 795491

I mean, it's the same thing as using lolcow. You just throw your thoughts onto the internet and disseminate them to potentially like-minded people. You could also use it to share your work/art/etc. I also must admit, some of the stuff I see on there is the funniest shit I've ever seen.

No. 795492

Spoiler this shit

No. 795496

I dont get why so many Sonic fans feel degenerate for the characters when the characters dont look sexy and closely resemble old cartoons

No. 795499

I guess that’s the appeal, corruption of innocence. Or just lonely girls who want to have a consistent relationship with a male into a adulthood.

No. 795502

I would say it's sort of radfem lite. So being gender critical, acknowledging the oppressed history of womankind and how we've only recently (last century or so) started to get legal protections in some countries but we still face sexism socially and deal with domestic abuse/violence/child brides/sex trafficking, how women are oppressed worldwide, how prostitution and porn is innately damaging and devaluing to women, etc.

No. 795504

File: 1619802472885.jpg (158.85 KB, 1439x1800, E0JMMOHWEAYlny4.jpg)

I use it because I love seeing funny tweets and follow a lot of amazing artists. It keeps me motivated in my art, and my favorite nsfw artist is also on there. I also really like accounts that post fashion shit, like those "visual archives" accounts. I get why some anons here may not like twitter, but it's easy to avoid stuff you don't like imo.

No. 795506

Is he asking (to hear your/women's outlook on the world)? If he's actually making the effort to show interest then I think you can start slowly discussing some of the issues and sexism we deal with, because that's more than 99.9% of men ever do. Otherwise I wouldn't bother. Most scrotes are too self interested and benefit too much from sexism to care.

No. 795514

How do i dom someone when i'm 5'2

No. 795519

its not about the height queen its the attitude

No. 795521

Having sex appeal. That a power in itself

No. 795529

if its the height that bothers you, you can put them on their knees or blindfold them

No. 795542

I dont put any water in my bong i just smoke it. is that bad? am i dying/going to die? send help!

No. 795545

It's not about stature but your attitude. Know what you want and do it. It's not about making the other person feel submissive, but doing what makes you feel in control. Just do what YOU want within any limits you've both discussed and the rest will come naturally. If you're a sub who wants to become a dom to fulfill your partner's kinks or please random dudes on the internet, just stop.

No. 795546

Are there any anons here with fine, thin, and super straight hair? What shampoo/conditioner do you use for your hair? Have you ever tried the no poo method? My hair gets super greasy very easily and I have to shampoo it at minimum every other day to keep myself looking not disgusting. Is this just the cursed fate of having this hair type, or have anons managed to go several days without hair washing (not counting the use of dry shampoo)?

No. 795547

Pixiv is superior to all those other sites mentioned

No. 795556

Anon you're fine dw. But why don't you put water in it…?

No. 795557

>I mean, it's the same thing as using lolcow. You just throw your thoughts onto the internet and disseminate them to potentially like-minded people.
But how do you get anyone on twitter to read you? There are so many accounts to follow. Lolcow is tiny. Plus, twitter has tiny word count for posts. How are people dealing with that?

No. 795581

I know hoarding is a whole complicated mental health issue.. but I have the opposite problem. I get the urge to throw stuff out and 'minimize my belongings' and it's often too much. I'll sometimes re-buy things after losing them to a purge. It's frustrating and a cycle I'm stuck in.

Anyone know what underlying emotional issues that could indicate?

No. 795588

Well, it was easy for me because I started off by following my favorite creators and then ended up interacting with people through their replies. You could just search up keywords related to what you're interested in too and like random tweets. You create tweet threads there if you forgot to mention something or want to add on, like if you were to reply to yourself here in separate posts.

No. 795619

Thanks for answering. It is true than thin people are assumed to be well off? Also I've heard that they tend to be treated way better, I'm thin but people in my country aren't specially nice to me over it.

No. 795625

What’s your motivation for decluttering too much? Hoarding is strongly associated with OCD (even considered a symptom) so maybe looking in that direction will help you. Hoarding is complicated but learning about the complexities may help you to figure out your own issues. For example, a reason why some people hoard is because they are scared of forgetting but maybe you actually want to forget. Another reason is that it makes them feel like they’ve established a presence - maybe you don’t feel worthy of that, etcetera. As both hoarding and your issue are centred around the relationship with objects I’d think they were two sides of the same coin, more closely related than they appear.

No. 795630

File: 1619815037016.jpg (403.67 KB, 1346x2048, EzCN8CTWQAMIatk.jpg)

Farmers, is he hot or ugly? Twitter: directionbarbes

No. 795633

No. 795635

File: 1619815250987.png (50.58 KB, 296x627, bruh.png)

samefag, but kek, french and english twitter are jokingly calling him richard ramirez in the comments but of course an anglophone is going on about how ramirez is her favorite serial killer. why must americans be so deranged smh

No. 795636

ugly as shit, looks like richard ramirez with lip fillers

No. 795641

Why is it that some people can drink all the coffee and tea in the world without staining their teeth while some people drink one cup and their teeth becomes noticeably yellow after?

No. 795646

ugly, but interestingly ugly. He isn't repulsive to look at and his face is interesting, but it ain't good

No. 795647

anon please share the artist's name, I love that pic

No. 795648

It might not be from stains. Some people just have naturally more yellow tinted teeth.

No. 795651

File: 1619816068357.jpg (54.23 KB, 600x926, The-Rock-Legend-33-steven-tyle…)

He's like a tanned and unfriendlier version of Steven Tyler. Ugly

No. 795652

…Idk why I didn't think of this

No. 795668

Does anyone know of a clothing brand called "New Collection" or "New Collection Italy"? I saw this really cute skirt labeled with this brand on an app for selling used clothes but I can't find anything concrete about it. Is it one of those shady shitty wholesale brands?

No. 795669

ugly but not in a grotesque way

No. 795674

Probably not the most healthy way, but I take biotin to mask my massive part line and I also bleach my hair. I find that the bleach kills my scalp enough to not overproduce oil for a while and then when it starts again my hair is light enough for it to not be so noticeable. In a healthier method, I use oil-based shampoo and conditioner anda weekly deep hair mask when I want to prolong bleaching again

No. 795683

File: 1619820376880.png (263.47 KB, 720x398, 109A40DC-335A-44E6-8CD9-7E1FBF…)

I much prefer the ahs version of ramirez

No. 795692

>Richard Ramirez is smart
>Luka Magnotta is smarter

I'm begging these people to venture outside of Netflix's true crime documentaries

nta but @miles_art on Instagram!

No. 795714

is that filthy frank

No. 795715

I'm so tired of the romanticization of killers being sooper intelligent, more intelligent than the rest of us. Maybe some are but it doesn't matter because they are a harm and a burden on society. If anything their intelligence gets wasted.

No. 795716

Adding to this but plenty have really low IQs don't they? Like Ed Gein I thought.

No. 795730

Strange-looking. I wouldn't say ugly yet, though.

Now this is ugly. He looks like an ape.

No. 795732

He looks like one of those unconventional models. So ugly, but with some conventionally attractive features.

No. 795733

Samefag, but actually, I think all of his features are attractive but they look weird together

No. 795748

ugly but I can't look away

No. 795749

it has to do with the way you sip i think

No. 795790

File: 1619834829114.jpeg (63.48 KB, 1019x520, 67654874-580C-453A-B7A0-00CEF3…)

Should I get a book light that’s rechargeable but a little strong but the light is adjustable or a regular one with normal batteries that’s weak but weak is what I prefer

No. 795791

Idk didn't read and didn't care but omg I fucking love your picture thanks for sharing

No. 795816

How do I keep my iphone safe from a psychotic man hacking it and how can I catch him doing it

No. 795817

>what I prefer

I think you've answered your own question, anon.

No. 795821

the juxtaposition between the pic and the question Is beautiful

No. 795831

File: 1619838726858.jpeg (176.88 KB, 933x917, 5B241226-857C-4A35-9D7F-F3AF37…)

I mean yeah but rechargeable is supposed to be better for the planet and stuff. And it’s adjustable so the light doesn’t have to be too powerful all the time, but in the long run my eyes might get tired of strong light or it might have a shitty charge capacity. Battery can probably last long but the power isn’t adjustable. That’s why I asked farmers to help make the decision for me.
The reaction image thread in /m/ has very good posts.

No. 795862

Do some anons really think they can get rid of posters they don't like by yelling at them? I don't get that mentality.

No. 795863

Unless you're going to be using that book light all day every day, I don't think that whether the batteries are rechargeable or not is going to make that much of a difference. Sounds like you're trying too hard to make yourself want what you "should" get. Just get the one that uses normal batteries and enjoy your reading time.

No. 795869

I thought you were talking about wall posters for a full blown minute

No. 795871

anything is possible if you boolee hard enough

No. 795874

I don't know which answer made me laugh more

No. 795885

File: 1619848620592.jpg (39.92 KB, 480x480, lol.jpg)

Legit question, sometimes I feel like I can get super happy and hyper one hour, then 4 hours later I'm depressed again. What's wrong with me? Seriously, why?

No. 795893

bipolar but seriously though idk

No. 795909

File: 1619852833257.jpeg (66.94 KB, 522x462, 6887E088-9C9D-4C4C-8A37-7695EB…)

How do people who store pasta like picrel know how long it should cook?

No. 795910

File: 1619852977889.jpg (62.98 KB, 498x357, nerd.jpg)

imagine being bad at bullying

No. 795913

I bite into it to see if it's done. I never even look at the cooking time. It's pasta, it's impossible to fuck up.

No. 795923

File: 1619855413463.webm (7.65 MB, 320x184, 1619803645143.webm)

Idk anything about the anime vd related is about, but is it like the eltingville club, where they critique otaku culture?

No. 795938

I do have a trich diagnosis so that's a form of ocd and I feel like I might have more general ocd. That and I've low esteem where I push people away because of it. Like you said it could be a similar thing of 'I'm not worthy of having friends or nice things' Throwing people and objects away not because I don't value them but because I don't feel deserving.

No. 795941

It's more of an affectionate parosy of otaku culture, sadly. Welcome to NHK is more critical (but also not perfect)

No. 795955

Nonas, what anti virus do you use? I know, not clicking dubious links and the PC-own one are ought to be enough but I still feel unsafe.

No. 795956

Anti virus is snake oil

No. 795976

Are there any farmers that wear a niqab/hijab/other type of headcovering voluntarily? If so, WHY?

No. 795982

I use Kaspersky.

No. 795987

I use adblock and a script blocker on my five-year-old computer. Antivirus is indeed snake oil.

No. 796024

malwarebytes is pretty good if you need more peace of mind.

No. 796031

Can you explain how/why antivirus is snake oil? This is the first time I've heard of this ever.

No. 796035

I need your help!! I used to watch a youtube channel back in 2016/2017 and it was kinda popular. It had short, funny videos either from vine or twitter. The profile picture was a smug lana del rey and I can't remember the stupid ass name. I got deleted once so a few months later this person made another one and just added the 2. I think it started with a C.

Man I used to watch a video from said channel that had Maritess Trosper singing a song from Namie Amuro and it was so damn funny to me. I hope someone can help me. I think youtube deleted their account again…

No. 796036

samefag but omg I've found it. Why does this always happen to me?

No. 796048

Is it normal to be straight but find certain FTMs attractive?

No. 796050

it might be 'thatsideofutube'. Their channel got terminated, alongside a lot of their videos, but they've started reuploading their old videos on a new channel, 'thatsideofu2b'

No. 796055

I mean if they look like men yeah

No. 796057

does anyone have that twitter meme saying 'i am fucking shy i am sorry itzy'? i cant seem to find it

No. 796068

Does anyone know where this original audio of Doja Cat is from?
It was never a release song, but I'm curious if there was a Live or something with her singing it or where it came from

No. 796074

She probably released it on Soundcloud and then deleted it since she hates it so much. She's gone on record, I think, saying how much she dislikes the music she made during that era since she was so depressed. You can find a 2015 upload of it on Soundcloud from a third party.

No. 796075

File: 1619883215984.jpg (39.28 KB, 1200x641, EzV78JFUUAUkRMT.jpg)

i just looked up "i am fucking shy im sorry itzy". is that it?

No. 796090

yes!!! thank you! i literally couldnt find it on either twitter or google but thank you anon!

No. 796093

there's this meme of that komaeda(? the danganronpa character that's popular with autists on here with the white hair and green jacket) where it's an edit of some corny meme someone made and it's like 'i'm fine (i need to pee) everything is okay (i'm going to piss myself) i promise it's alright (i really need to pee)' but i CANNOT find it and i even searched 'danganronpa pee meme' on google. can someone please help me because so far i have very little dignity left and nothing to show for it

No. 796114

File: 1619886248986.jpg (62.27 KB, 750x681, 40abeeb2d5a2cdb153cfa24edf5e60…)

Do you mean this one?

No. 796122

I'm so irritable because of my period, what should I do anons?? Ugh I don't often get my period or PMS symptoms that much anymore but I don't want to feel like this or take it out on the people around me.

No. 796125

inb4 you have to be older than 18 to post here

I've just gone so long not dealing with it that I forgot how I used to deal with it (but honestly as a teen I probably didn't deal with it in a healthy way anyway lol)

No. 796132

File: 1619887507986.jpg (636.74 KB, 3300x4811, 6mem01omplv41.jpg)

Antiviruses do tons of shady shit. They hold you hostage to pay for their bullshit subscriptions, package bloatware with their installations, make it hard to uninstall themselves, detect themselves as viruses (lol), slow down your computer, etc. I swear my computers ran faster without any antivirus at all. Your computer's built in defense (like Window Defender) and adblock is all you really need, and if you have a laptop, just tape the webcam. Don't torrent shady shit, click on ads, or give your cc info to shady websites, ie don't be a dumb dumb and your computer is as safe as possible

No. 796145

Nta but the last bit reminds me of how my dad has basically rendered any computer he's allowed on basically useless because it gets infected with crazy viruses. Honestly have no idea what the fuck this stupid man does but he's completely ruined one laptop and a PC. The only way to salvage them is factory reset the entire god damn thing. Only his iPad is works but that's slow because it's old as fuck.

No. 796148

Exercise is good, especially if it exhausts you. Then you don't have energy to focus on your mood

No. 796157

What's the most expansive audio book provider? I know audible is popular, but what else is there?

No. 796159


No. 796162

File: 1619890768635.png (701.6 KB, 674x491, 1618516753591.png)

Why is it that life is a constant cycle of things going well, then things going awfully bad? When the fuck do we have a rest? Why are we in a constant loop of learning, fucking up, healing, and learning again? Why are we thrown into this earth just to have this anxiety? Like I get it, life is beautiful etc. But then why do we have to suffer, why can't things simply work out, why do people have to go and things have to change constantly??? Why do we go and believe in people/a divine power/the universe/life/fate/etc w/e just to have things destroyed and in exchange we just get painful disillusionment? Please nonnas, give me your personal insights.

No. 796171

You can't appreciate the sun without the rain. I've become a glass half full kind of person and I know some people think of me as painfully annoying because I always want to see the good in things and be optimistic, but otherwise what's the point? Life is terrible and insufferable and everyday we are surrounded by misery, but we are here and we have the choice to wallow in that misery or make the conscious effort to enjoy our time on Earth. I know things are awful and I know they are hard, but I choose to accept that and work through it so I can experience moments of joy which make me feel fulfilled.

Maybe it feels like I'm just a dumb hamster on a wheel working hard and hard and hard to get through the bad shit for just a little nugget of a joyful moment. Does the pain and suffering make the good moments worth it? Sometimes it doesn't, but oh well. My options are to be grateful for the happy moments, regardless of whether they were worth the shit I got put through for it, or off myself because life is meaningless and I don't want to deal with it for another 60 years.

No. 796172

Who is the owner of this site?

No. 796179

No. 796181

>my options are being optimistic or fucking kill myself

Same, same all the way. Sometimes it is super fucking hard to keep myself optimistic though. All I want is the suffering to end. But sometimes, I even wonder if there's a possibility to just be happy always, it seems like everyone just agrees happiness is in the small joys of life and the small moments of true bliss. Like, I wonder, if my life was ultra perfect, would it even be happy? Let's say I'm fit and I have the partner of my dreams and the career I always wanted and things that bring me joy. Would I still be dissatisfied? Problems still come and nothing is permanent. I can only hope that in the future I enjoy the small happy blissful moments I get from time to time instead of focusing so much in my depression. Maybe I'll shut up all my intrusive thoughts once for all and stop grieving the maybes and the past. I wish I enjoyed the good moments more. And try to work on things instead of wanting to kill myself constantly because life is just overwhelming.

No. 796182

No. 796183

No. 796184

I just taste test it, but when you're using spaghetti you can throw it against the wall/cabinet to see if it's ready. If it sticks, that means it's done.

No. 796204

File: 1619894266294.png (1.11 MB, 1334x750, 95D66DA5-BC44-4AB7-912C-80D64F…)


No. 796206

Admin is in all of us.

No. 796208

No. 796209

I hate the way my face/forehead looks. I always cover up with a hoodie or scarf. People don’t question it because there’s actual muslim girls at my college and I don’t talk to anybody.

No. 796210

Chad and Stacy

No. 796222

File: 1619895252412.jpeg (83.55 KB, 1280x720, 70973266-2AA6-4A07-A03A-B5F134…)

Trisha’s clit

No. 796223

You will never be happy always, because you will always move that goalpost for yourself. I just shilled this book in the positivity thread, but it's something Mark Mason covers in 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck'. Rather than focus on what makes you happy, focus on what shit you're willing to tolerate in life, because you're less likely to be fickle about the day to day misery you're willing to suffer through.

The book didn't cure my depression, but it helped me rewire a lot of my thinking, and in turn I did things that make my life a lot more tolerable. There are days when I'm tired and crave death because I wonder if I will truly be able to live life like this for the next 60 years, but most days I am content, and when I return to feeling content after my little trip down misery lane, I'm glad to be back. I've found happiness now that I'm no longer looking or chasing after it.

Anon, I really hope that one day you'll be content with life despite how terribly god awful it is. As Jenna Marbles once said, life is short but also terribly and insufferably long. I hope you'll find your own form of happiness, or at least a path of life that is more tolerable.

No. 796229

joshua CONNER moon

No. 796231

What's that one fashion channel with a guy that uses his greenscreen in every video in the most chaotic way possible? I remember seeing it a while ago and it was funny but I forgot what the channel was called

No. 796232

I don't think that's publically known

No. 796240

You sure?

No. 796246

joooohn cenaaa

No. 796261

Me. All me. I'm the admin and all of the farmhands too. I'm most posters, going by she/they/cowself. You can call me the Lolcow System.

No. 796263

File: 1619899480525.jpg (29.65 KB, 500x500, 3r8o8TjRS1u5xls0_500.jpg)

Can someone know if you have supressed a message on discord ?

No. 796265

make a tiktok showing all the alters

No. 796266

Nope, if you send a message on discord there's no way to know if the other person has seen it or not. If you block them I think they just get a redtexted message that says they can't chat with you. One of the few good things about it tbh.

No. 796267

File: 1619899894709.gif (326.76 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Notice how cowself didn't mention being Sanic? Hm much to think about.

No. 796268

thank you nonnie

No. 796278

Does everyone's room smell bad after waking up?

No. 796279

No. 796280

You be farting in your sleep, anon?

No. 796281

I guess…? Also, breathing…? With my mouth open?

No. 796283

I mean that's why we open windows in the morning, no? So we can change air. Although I've only experienced it in some houses weirdly.

No. 796284

Yes for me. I'm pretty disgusting though, I sweat way too much, and should probably switch my sheets more often than I do, so try that.

No. 796285

Has anyone made a celebricow thread yet? Because I can’t find it

No. 796286

No. 796291

Thank you

No. 796299

>give your cc info to shady websites,

huh?? what's cc??

No. 796301


No. 796304

crystal cafe

No. 796305


No. 796306

Ayrt, I meant chimichanga info

No. 796307

kek you guys are meanies

No. 796308

My family didn't know why our computer kept crapping out when I was like 12-13. The answer was I just discovered porn

No. 796315

Thank you nonnie!

No. 796325

Honestly sounds like he downloads porn from shady places. My dad used to get our family PC infected and blame it on me, back in the good old times of P2P download software.

No. 796330

Am I supposed to get my mother in law something for Mother’s Day? It’s my first year being married and I literally just thought of it

No. 796367

How do you reform yourself from being self-centered and prideful

No. 796371

It would be nice to give her a small gift like a bouquet of flowers or candles.

No. 796380

Alright will do. Thank you!

No. 796382

Is your husband getting yours anything?

No. 796392

How to read the PT threads in order? it doesnt seem most are numbered or link new threads, is there like a masterpost somewhere

No. 796428

Men in the grunge scene are sometimes characterized as musty. Does the public feel the same way about women who dress with the kinderwhore style?

No. 796462

I do, but not a big deal gift. box of chocolate, flowers, wine… one of them, not all haha.

No. 796469

What does it mean when someone gifts you something on lipstick alley? Got a notification saying I was gifted a chanel bag? Like… Is that just a meme there? Is it an actual bag that they bought for me?
I don't get it.

No. 796480

File: 1619933601947.jpg (90.39 KB, 719x510, 1609541404228.jpg)

What happens when a simp meets a pickme?

No. 796482

a shitty relationship?

No. 796490

a pickme simps for the simp. he fucks her from time to time, but "isn't ready to commit yet". meanwhile he simps for some ethot 24/7.

No. 796497

The simp will be over-joyed at first and put up his best act to impress, the PM will be blind to his faults and overlook any flaws. As time goes on, the simp will slowly detract from doing what the PM loved, either becoming too boring/mean/abusive/neglectful in the process, and the PM will be willfully blind to what's going on, maybe even blame herself, and cling because of what they had before.

No. 796589

At what age would you like to realistically die? Please no meme replies. I would like to die at 35

No. 796590

Never ever ever

No. 796592

Long enough to retire but before I get any serious health issues, I guess I can't pinpoint that to a specific age.

No. 796596

It's still dark outside and the birds are chirping. What are they discussing?

No. 796600

"I want to die at 3X" sets off my BDD detector

No. 796601

damn anon I'm in my 30s, yowza! serious answer, I think around 70. Old enough that things have definitely begun to decline, but not so old that I'm decrepit. Peacefully in my sleep of course pls

No. 796604

Yep, it feels of someone who thinks there's no point to life unless you're being lavished with male attention and praise.

No. 796605

After I realized what I want from life and accomplish it. At my current pace, it should be around ~160 years.

No. 796606

Samefag, obviously I'd like aging to slow down too, since I doubt I could actually do shit if I'm braindead and unable to move my joints anymore.

No. 796623

or some people don't like having health issues

No. 796629

Ah, yes, I remember when the older people I knew became wheelchair bound at the ancient age of 35… You're talking about 30-40 like it's 55+.

No. 796636

whats the full story on onisions father being a pedophile?

anons always talk about this very casually and ive never really understood what its about. ive seen it being brought up randomly in the threads for years but never asked what they were talking about for fear of being banned. i know he has mommy issues and from what i gather he hates his father but ive never actually seen him mentioning him directly. i dont know, i always found it odd and no one really talked about it for longer than two replies so ive always wandered what thats about

No. 796639

Why do terrible people love quoting from Scripture?

No. 796640


could be many things like bpd id recommend checking therapy if its actually affecting your life negatively anon. some people are just spaz. this is just a fact. but if this is really fucking with youre way of living do look for help.


bipolar doesnt work like that. youre in mania a few days/weeks not hours. then youre normal for a while. then youre depressed for days/weeks. the cycle repeats till you take your damn meds. common misconception, nonnie.

No. 796641

I wouldn't mind living over a 100.

No. 796642

written at a time when slavery was the norm and in a war torn desert shithole so is full of great excuses to be a shithead

No. 796643

His dad was a minister for a church or something. Onion alleges misconduct there and that he molested a family member but he doesn't give specifics. Onion got felt up by a 15 year old at one of the Church camps. I think he's alludes to his ma being the one to accuse his dad and his sisters still do talk to the father and he's a grandparent to their kids. Onion curb stomped his dad in the face when he was staying with his dad and step mom. They wouldn't let him go fuck some teenager because they had family plans so Onion was being an emo and calling his step ma a bitch and onions dad put hands on him so Onion kicked him in the face and went to juvie lol

No. 796644

120+ just to piss off my parents and everyone else who told me to kill myself when I was a kid
it's the only reason I'm still alive really

No. 796658

I had depression from a weirdly young age and I always thought I'd be dead by 21, then 25, then 30. The goalposts kept moving as I hit each milestone still alive.

Now I'm 32 and I hope to live to be at least 65. I don't want a slow decline in my mobility. That puts me off living into say my 80s or beyond. I want to be active til the end. Quality of life matters to me after seeing a relative suffer for too long.

No. 796687

Is that a depression thing? I was completely blank on what to do when I became 20 years old, because all I knew was just to get through school and go to a decent college. Then I thought I could finally die or something, never clearly planning on suicide, but I was never thinking of living beyond that.

No. 796767

60 or when my body starts to break down, making me immobile or something. Whichever comes first.

No. 796770

I'm coming to accept that dairy doesn't agree with me. Bought some chocolate soy milk today but then I read that soy milk curdles in hot drinks? Anyone know which milk alternative is best for in coffee? Should I use the soy or just enjoy it cold?

No. 796787

I remember watching a video on ig where this woman was talking about how human beings can recognize someone else as a living thing and not an object. Something is clearly wrong with me though because when I walk down the street or I’m in public, I see other people as obstacles and not as living autonomous beings. I really can’t ever understand or know that other people have thoughts, wishes, and desires? Has anyone else felt like that? Is it the thought process of a sociopath/psychopath?

No. 796789

What is like dating or living with someone who has OCD? Is it even worth it?

No. 796791

Depends on the type of OCD and if they are getting counseling/treatment for it

No. 796794

ayrt and thats not the case at all. I could care less about beauty or male attention. It's just tiring to have to continue living until 40, 50, 60 etc. If I want to go, I want to go happy and healthy, thats why I chose 35.

No. 796801

I've OCD and sometimes i can be very disruptive unintentionally, specially with my "rituals", but I'm getting better, ocd is curable after all.

No. 796813

I think that’s normal especially in the modern world where we’re overloaded with information all the time. In large cities it’s especially true which is why residents are sometimes considered rude - they see you as an obstacle because they are busy and there’s thousands of other people about. People watching (looking at strangers and thinking about what they are like, their hobbies, jobs, life experiences) is a leisure activity, and wouldn’t be one if that behaviour was done all the time. When someone is in my way it’s the same as an inanimate object to me, except I expect them to move independently, and I’m pretty sure I’m not a socio- or psychopath lol.

No. 796874

File: 1619973846772.gif (648.89 KB, 359x200, 55ff5393ccf463a731b226.gif)

I've decided to attend university later in life.
>What are some worthwhile things to do or wish you've done in your 20s?
>How can I stay sharp?
>What are some ways I could support myself besides my part-time job?

No. 796944

Why was celeb cows moved back to ot??? I hate it here

No. 796949

Too many nitpicking trolls and not enough substance

No. 796968

Oat milk, anon. Creamy, sustainable, delicious. You'll never go back

No. 796978

File: 1619980086686.jpeg (53.12 KB, 415x415, Century_egg_sliced_open.jpeg)

Has anyone ever had century eggs? What do they taste like?

No. 796979

Congrats on the decision! I would travel. I know you can't really now though, kek. You can also take this time to explore what you want in a career, maybe get a full-time job. Explore investments, open up a business, improve your hobbies enough to earn some cash, etc
>How can I stay sharp?
Read a lot. Self-study something, be it a new language or history. Stay healthy with a good diet and exercise so you can actually have the energy to be sharp. Never overwork yourself, anon

No. 796987

those are my contact lenses

No. 796999

Your vision must be eggsellent anon.

No. 797009

The abyss beckons

No. 797021

Scrolled too quick and thought scrotes were still spamming gore at first glance

No. 797022

Thanks anon, you're so sweet for responding. I've been met with some negative reactions for my decision, so the congrats feels good kek. I'll explore some of your suggestions.

No. 797024

The outside tastes like hard jelly flavoured with soy sauce, and the yolk is creamy and bland.

No. 797025

Is it possible for a real woman to have autogynephilia or something like it? I've wanted implants for years and after questioning the psychology behind my motivations for them thoroughly, I have come to terms with the fact that the thought of looking at myself with giant titties and playing with them when I masturbate turns me on immensely. I feel like such a narcissistic freak. Is this common?

No. 797026

seek mental help, not joking

No. 797034

Why is it that the people who are always into me, aren't 100% my type?
Like, there's this girl who has always liked me, and she's cute, she's an afro latina and I find her hot. She has always been very romantic towards me and affectionate. Her personality can be weird but she treats me like I'm her treasure.

But then there's this other person, who I consider "my first love", the first person I fell in love with. He ticked all my boxes, he aroused and attracted me greatly, and honestly we had a pretty good time. But he's emotionally unavailable and immature, and doesn't know what he wants.

Honestly, why the fuck does this happen to me? Can't my brain just amicable settle for the best option (the girl)?

No. 797041

no women can not be AGP. female narcissism and pornsickness is not same as the phenomenon of AGP. Part of the theory is erotic target location error. Also, male fetishism is much more prevalent and different (men fetishizing periods, knitting with women, etc) I can't find it but I think one of Blanchard's or Anne Lawrence books refutes this.

No. 797075

I have a really stupid question for anons who garden and like to grow herbs and vegetables. Do you worry about birds crapping on your stuff? I mean, I know I should wash everything thoroughly anyway, but I'm just wondering. A friend gave me a basil plant. I put it outside yesterday and it already has crap on it. I have lots of trees in my yard, so I don't think there's a better place to put it.

No. 797083

That's weird. I keep a small (15 plants or less) backyard garden and I never notice bird shit on my plants. Basil grows like crazy, though, so you won't even care about those shit covered leaves when 9000 more sprout and you have a little bush

No. 797116

Do they sell pepper spray at airports? I'm going to be flying into a big city at night and I'll need to take an Uber to my house. I can't take my pepper spray on the plane and I don't want to be alone in a car with a stranger at night for 45 minutes with no means of self defense.

No. 797117

It's internalised misogyny, Queen

No. 797122

it's called being vain

No. 797127

Unfortunately that’s pretty common. Maybe in this case there’s also the fact that the guy was your first love which makes it harder, and that he’s emotionally unavailable. Maybe you need to work through some emotional issues if you think your mindset is unhealthy? At the end of the day though most people will have situations where they don’t fall in love with the “perfect” person and do fall in love with the “wrong” person. It doesn’t matter how ideal someone is for you - if the spark is not there, it’s just not there.

No. 797138

>Can't my brain just amicable settle for the best option (the girl)?
Nah, cause it'd still be "settling" as you say. Settling in a relationship is shitty, not only for you because you're not getting everything you want, but the other person because they're not getting as much love as they're giving. The girl isn't the "right" option just because she treats you well and likes you, that's just as stupid as thinking you have to be with a scrote because he's a "nice guy." According to you she's not 100% your type and has a weird personality while your ex "ticked all your boxes" but was an immature idiot. So neither of them were capable of giving you what you want. It happens, finding someone who is not only your type but who is confident and intelligent enough for a healthy relationship is rare for everyone in the world, and that's assuming you/whoever is looking for a relationship is healthy enough as well.

No. 797140

File: 1619988998894.png (448.88 KB, 522x554, Screenshot (74).png)

I struggle to read books because I often have trouble visualising what the heck is going on. This problem goes away when listening to audiobooks. How can I stop this? Do I just have to continue reading until it stops?

No. 797157

File: 1619989660419.png (507.54 KB, 594x593, much better.png)


Why is it so damn hard to let go of someone who wasn't even that good for me? I could list a long list of shit he did to me and things why I find him gross. Yet I am still attracted to him, I still want to take his virginity. The fuck is wrong with me? Please nonas, make some sense into me!!!

No. 797174

Can't say i have thi problem but you could start by reading your physical books with the audio on in the bg? Or reading outloud to yourself which I sometimes to out of boredom or to my cat because I am lame

No. 797180

File: 1619991218664.jpg (9.83 KB, 200x212, 117820204_3099764353454809_704…)

If you have reasons, don't ever let anyone shame you for it. They're probably jelly as fuck due to student debt and bad college boyfriends

No. 797200

Are hematite rings stupid? Is that a thing? I heard someone say that

No. 797216

where can i play run 3

No. 797228

Well, that's good to know at least. I still can't stop thinking about birds and other animals (we have squirrels, of course, and I've seen other critters like rabbits and various neighborhood cats) peeing or even just rolling around on something that I plan to eat. I may not be cut out for this.

No. 797242

How do I find the good stuff on Pixiv?

No. 797259

What are you looking for?

No. 797263

File: 1619998055159.png (1.9 MB, 1563x865, moar pls.png)

Bishies don't look like they have been drawn by a 12 year old

No. 797269

what are your hobbies and interests? i want to try something new but i don't have any ideas.

No. 797270

Someone please help me find this crime show. I was watching part of it on TV but didn't catch the name. The parts I saw featured three people trying to track this dude down who was always one step ahead of them. He calls the woman and they run a trace on his phone and it turns out he's inside the building, but when they try to corner him in the elevator, he disappears. He's tracking down a guy named Gregory, and it's later revealed that this guy wants Greg dead because he assaulted his daughter. Greg lives in a cabin and his dad brings him food. The criminal finds where he lives and breaks in (very calmly). The two agents also get there soon after but even though they try to sneak up on him, he says "Hello Michelle" knowing they're already there and in that moment, Greg snatches the gun from the criminal. The two agents try to get him to put the gun down, then the male agent realizes the criminal must have tampered with the gun because he's too calm/calculative (then it flashes back to a previous scene) and when Greg pulls the trigger, the gun backfires on him and kills him.

No. 797272

Sewing! I'm really into handsewing right now even though it's super tedious. I also like taking walks in my city and bouldering/rock climbing.

No. 797275

Do we have a pinkpill thread on lc?
I know there is a tranny thread on snow and that there is a pinkpill thread on cc.

No. 797278

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

No. 797279

it's banned, newfag

No. 797281

Oh fuck you're right, now I remember some weeks ago how a farmer vented about how it got banned.
Sorry Im retarded.

No. 797339

File: 1620006486793.jpg (206.53 KB, 1080x1080, 1617498356169.jpg)

Is there any way to stalk someone online with their first/last name (and city/number) that isn't through Google? I've tried google (including with quote marks to narrow down results) but I don't get anything.

No. 797353

File: 1620007884275.gif (1.11 MB, 300x226, whytho.gif)

No. 797396

reading this reminds me of playing a video game kek

No. 797398

Usually you gotta go deep digging (like look at the suggestions under a picture you like) or get pixiv premium to be able to view and get the good stuff recommended to you.

No. 797400

Try spokeo or whitepage.

No. 797401

Samefag but unless you get pixiv premium, mainly shitty art gets recommended.

No. 797403

Why do people make those…faces when they orgasm? Why do we moan during sex?

No. 797405

Facebook. LinkedIn. Bing.

No. 797426

iirc we moan because if we were in the wild, our monkey brains would want other monkey brains to know we are aroused, fertile, etc. it's like a mating call kind of.

No. 797434

Can confirm I did this

No. 797444

I hate to use the word performative because it can have a negative connotation, but it is. This can be bad, especially with women feeling they need to shriek like banshees and/or release noises with metronome-like regularity the entire time to reassure the man he's not shit (even though he probably is), BUT in a healthier dynamic think of it like how you emote around friends compared to when you're alone. If you're watching a funny movie alone, you might smile and chuckle to an extent, but usually not as much as you would when you're with other people due to the social dynamic. Everyone's happiness fuels the others around them and you laugh louder, smile more, look at each other to share in the moment, because you're having the experience together. It's the same with sex. When you masturbate you probably don't make many expressions or much noise, but with a partner, you moan to let them know you're feeling good and enjoying it, and you might let yourself make a more intense expression when you orgasm for the same reason. Ideally you aren't forcing yourself to do these things anymore than you feel you'd be forcing yourself to be more emotive around friends, it should just be something both people do to deepen the shared nature of sex.

No. 797507

I just noticed someone messaged me 2 weeks ago on Linkedin about a position. Is it still worth answering them? Or should I let it go?

No. 797512

Yes but say something like "thank you for your patience" and don't give a reason or excuse for replying so late. You got this anon!

No. 797518

Always try!

No. 797521

How difficult is it to make macarons if you don't have much baking experience?

No. 797525

Should I throw away my high school diary? It's cringy shit I wrote 10+ years ago, I would probably die of embarrassment if I tried reading it again, but I feel some kind of affection for it.

No. 797529

Ask her >>773405
In all seriousness though, from what I've heard, macarons are really finicky to make, so it truly might take a lot of trial and error if you're inexperienced in baking.

No. 797531

Save it. You'll treasure it in 40 years

No. 797534

I keep all my teenage journals, for me it's a testament to how I've grown (although I can barely stand to read them)

No. 797537

I'd just keep photos of the pages instead of the diary itself, that way it isn't taking up space but I can read it in future

No. 797540

I still have my year 9 diary from 1998, which I got my friends to decorate a double page spread each. It's mega cringe, but important to me with each passing year. One of my friends who decorated it is dead now. Never saw that coming.

I would keep it.

No. 797572

Yeah, that's what I thought, I guess I just wanted some affirmation. It's not really pretty, most artistic thing I did was using pens with different ink colors kek, and it's not deep either (lots of sperging about my then favorite manga and teenage angst), but it was still an important part of my life.

I'm not really a pic person, I think I would be frustrated with just pics. Not a bad idea though, but that would imply I need to open it again and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do that.

No. 797576

What are some examples of scrote films. So far, I've got:
>the hangover
>American Pie
>Perks of being a wallflower

No. 797577

> Perks of being a wallflower
really a scrote movie? It's more like your basic feels movie from teenagers (or tumblr before they went full sjw)

No. 797600

The garden state and any movie with Zooey Deschanel in it

No. 797638

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Matrix
Star Wars
Pirates of the Caribbean
American pie (all)
The Warriors
Lord of the Rings ((all)
Indiana Jones (all)
James Bond (all)
Saw (all)
Hostel (all)
X Men

No. 797647

>What are some examples of scrote films
I really wish we made a comprehensive list of films that only women get

No. 797652

I liked American Pie, I can't remember the characters names but I thought the lead girls in the film were good, there's obviously the insert Nadia European whore trope, but like teenagers do think about their virginity a lot and there were some cute romances.

Any movie with Vin Diesel is a lad movie. James Bond. These >>797638 (Omg not lotr lol). Anything with RDJ. The Fast and the Furious franchise. Fight Club. The A Team. Superhero shit.

No. 797658

Perks definitely isn’t a scrote movie kek it’s a tumblrina ~film~
Pls I love the Saw franchise for its schlocky trash but am not a scrote. Also Fight Club should be on here for sure.

I also remember some post where it said “if a woman tells me Tarantino is her favorite director it’s cool, but if a man tells me that I run for the hills” and that’s pretty accurate.

No. 797661

File: 1620050748300.jpeg (138.31 KB, 981x662, C344B439-1074-4DAA-BE30-A39190…)

Birds of Prey imo. Me and my friend loved it and our bf’s didn’t. Like I know it’s not a /good/ movie but it’s fun and for women, go suck Snyder’s dick for 4 hours again.
Also, Midsommar? I know a lot of horror people love it, scrotes included, but man, something really satisfying about watching that douchebag burn at the end after everything he put her through.

No. 797662

>the fast and the furious
>fight club
Yes, but I think a lot of women enjoy it, since it ridicules toxic masculinity and has a fucked up imperfect female love interest, rather than a cloyingly perfect idyllic female.
American Pie is my least favourite movie franchise ever. It pinkpilled me at a very young age.

No. 797666

I guess I should see Birds of Prey someday, even though I'm not a fan of comic book movies. Harley Quinn is an interesting character though and certainely deserved better than being the DDLG icon (as in Suicide Squad).
>Also, Midsommar? I know a lot of horror people love it, scrotes included, but man, something really satisfying about watching that douchebag burn at the end after everything he put her through
Careful, you will trigger the one anon who hates Midsommar lmfao

No. 797667

I might have nostalgia for it. I loved the soundtrack and got the VHS boxset for the first 2. America pie the wedding is terrible and the second one ramped up the sex more since they were in college and the lesbian dildo scene. Like we knew it was loser behaviour that's why Jim did that film with the other ones girlfriend.

No. 797669

I found that "37 Seconds" was unbelievably well written for mothers and daughters alike. When the mother's face emotes anything, it was so powerfully done you can't help but feel what maternal instincts are even if you're childless. I was blown away by it and showed it to a few of the women in my family who loved it similarly. Wish I had more to offer or to steal from here

No. 797670

If you’re not, it’s not necessarily worth seeing? I love DC but hate the DCEU, I’ve only liked BoP really bc it was fun and didn’t take itself seriously at all. Harley is extremely cute in it, and I feel like they respect her character much better than in the original SS. Fair warning that they fuck with the other characters, though, especially Cassandra Cain, but I’m sperging now so I’ll go kek
>anon that hates midsommar
I missed this but apologies in advance If she shows up

No. 797671

Is it trashy to go braless if you have bigger tits? Since lockdown I've discovered just how comfortable it is to not wear a bra, but I can't tell whether it looks ok or if people think it looks trashy to go without one in public. Mine are fairly big but they don't obviously hang lower on my chest or anything without a bra. The only difference a bra really makes for me is hiding nipples and making the shape more round/uniform.

No. 797674

I'm sorry if I come off as stupid but why the hell can't we have man-hate threads? Was there a rule put in placed that I missed?

No. 797676

Yea. Just use the vent thread or make your hatred applicable with another thread topic.

No. 797677

Imo I think it’s trashy if you show nips, but otherwise I think it’s no big deal. I sometimes go without a bra but only under flowy or textured clothing where my nipples won’t show, and under sweaters definitely no one notices. Congrats on ditching the bra, anon!

No. 797678

Honestly who cares? Maybe I’m not the one to ask bc I have small tits but I go braless all the time, if people see my nipples then whatever. They’re usually hidden under giant shirts/layers for me, but like, if you’re comfy then go for it. If you’re really worried, you could find a super duper comfy wireless bralette maybe? That’s my alternative

No. 797680

Nipples showing always attracts attention. I've b cups and I've stopped going braless if my top shows my nipples. I can't handle men looking makes me feel self conscious until I can cover up.

No. 797690

Add Animal House, Porky's, and literally any "wacky" sex comedy, especially American pie.
Wasn't there one posted in the last thread or the one before it?

No. 797702

So what is a pyretta blaze?

No. 797708


roller skating, cycling, swimming. Something like skating is really good to get into because on top of being fun there are lots of skills/moves to learn so you dont get bored, it counts as exercise, and its a cool/convenient way to get around.

No. 797733

it went nowhere, no consensus was reached and no meme image was created

No. 797852

What is a deductible? When it comes to pet or human insurance?

No. 797853

It’s the amount you pay before your insurance activates and you actually can use it for real. Yes, it’s as terrible as it sounds. Fuck American health care

No. 797857

File: 1620067151260.png (124.55 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210503-133205.png)

Just an update to show you all how scrotes ain't shit:
He went from "I'll go find a therapist" to "I'm still considering it" to "watching animal crossing videos on youtube is my therapy". Scrotes aint slick. I'm tired of doing his emotional support for himself. No more.

No. 797858

use the search feature, visit tags, once you find a good artist see if their bookmarks are visible and check those (warning you can find some weird stuff that way but same with browsing pixiv in general) and when you skim through all the options, develop an eye for what's likely to be good so you don't waste time clicking everything. also sometimes pixiv art gets posted on pinterest/tumblr/twitter, if you can find the source or if the artist has a pixiv link on those sites obviously go through and it will help your recommendations. sadly it won't be perfect, pixiv's algorithm is not as good as others imo.

regardless I find browsing pixiv very fun, you can find some hidden treasures that way and also really funny stuff. p.s. there is a setting to include R-18 and R-18G posts in your search if you want that specifically.

No. 797860

Just leave his retarded novels-for-messages writing ass on read anon, he will seethe for the rest of his life

No. 797864

Seconding this

No. 797871

Kek, holy shit. He sounds like an insufferable shmuck. I am happy you realise that too, anon. He would end up making the same excuses over and over again and make you sink with him. What kind of bullshittery is that? He romanticises the crap out of his depression. How old is he?

The #2deepForYou shit really makes me think that he will end up going into "Wash Your Penis And Room" rabbit hole aka Jordan Peterson.

No. 797874

I think he might want to get back together at some point and is trying to paint a picture of himself to you as having changed and being healthier, calmer, and enlightened. This really reads like he is trying to influence your image of him to be positive, for whatever reason that may or may not be hoping to be together again.

No. 797880

File: 1620069888903.jpg (189.22 KB, 478x528, B612_20210503_142135_966.jpg)

he'll be 29 in october kekkk
relationship? nah. Sex? well…

No. 797881

Samefagging, but that "we could work towards that" feels iffy to me. What do?

No. 797883

You were told. By this smart anon >>797860

No. 797893

I mean you were told days ago already when you first posted this that you have to ditch him. Not sure what you think you stand to gain from dragging it out? You're like this loser gonna be 29 soon kekkkkk slam dunk!! but you're still giving him time out of your day.

No. 797898

File: 1620071071236.jpg (1.08 MB, 2011x2000, 1619080439799.jpg)

No. 797899

True, true. I guess some days ago I was still super hurt but today I woke up better. Thank you though

No. 797930

hello, I am new here, I came here because got banned from crystal cafe for some reason

few questions : what is the male/female proportion in this website? where can I share cute boy pictures with fellow cishet women? what are things I need to know before I start posting?(newfaggotry)

No. 797936

Antisemitic bunny woman is that you? If yes, go away

No. 797937

no, got banned because I posted porn on the wrong board
I thought it was like r9k where you can use porn thumbnails to catch the eye

No. 797940

You are in the wrong place…

No. 797941

Ah, so you're male. Fuck off

No. 797943

no no I'm not male at all, I am female
I simply discovered r9k before discovering female oriented boards, and I want to know how different they are so I don't fuck up like I did on crystal cafe

No. 797946

>fellow cishet women
tips cervix

No. 797948

Is seeing a NP or PA as a primary care physician worth it? I’m a burgerfag on Medicaid and for some reason it’s impossible to find an actual medical doctor who I can see as a PCP.

No. 797951

If you're a woman, you have to read Andrea Dworkin and Margaret Atwood before posting. That's the rules

No. 797952


No. 797956

File: 1620075235304.png (57.11 KB, 276x255, 1618306005389.png)

Anon your post on Crystal Cafe really screamed "I am a man who wants to jerk off to answers to a question that you can spend a minute googling".you need to learn to write better…

No. 797958

File: 1620075421202.gif (1.56 MB, 480x480, 71739983529496.gif)

What movie should I watch right now? Like a ~good movie~ that's not too emotional because I am tired from work today.

No. 797960

sorry I literally just said whatever went through my mind
I guess I could've googled "does sucking a dick feel good" but I much prefer conversation over reading random articles, dunno why
I'll make sure my future posts are better quality

No. 797961

Legally Blonde comes to mind

No. 797962

File: 1620075522333.png (603.92 KB, 1160x546, mean girls.png)

No. 797963

I'll recommend three movies :

night is short walk on girl (japanimation romance comedy)

barry lyndon (history-ish drama very aesthetic)

trainspotting (drama-comedy druggie friendship story in the 90s)

No. 797965

How do i stop being so thin-skinned? I’m opinionated but also hate conflict so i’m basically secretly seething 24/7

No. 797966

File: 1620075815459.gif (932.56 KB, 400x224, 4e3451cce20df856291bf91e9260c3…)

Anons, what kind of food would you order on a celebration?

Me and my partner are having an anniversary but I am out of ideas. Any idea is appreciated, really.

No. 797967

They said “not too emotional” and you suggest trainspotting? Like yes it’s funny af in parts but when it’s not funny it’s really disturbing.

No. 797968

What is that MEE-HEE-HEE song that is getting memed on on Youtube?

No. 797972

Provide an example pls

No. 797976

No. 797978

File: 1620076107295.gif (8.88 MB, 480x270, E6057149-A8C2-43FA-B925-5CD2A3…)

I would do lasagna, a fancy pasta/spaghetti dish, or anything else that goes well with copious amounts of wine.

No. 797979

besides that certain part (we both know which but let's not spoil anon) it's pretty light
I wouldn't say it's perticularly heavy to watch, just the right amount of drama, there is far worse

No. 797981

or this

No. 797983

Don't watch trainspotting like the other anon suggested something something dead baby very sad and disturbing

No. 797985

Addison Rae - Obsessed and the other one is some Taylor Swift song

No. 797986

No. 797987

Samefag, it's "ME!"

No. 797989

Good plan! Really appreciated, anon-chan.

Nayrt, but I am in love with this songs music video. It's too good and magical.

No. 798002

If you enjoy watching dumb men do stupid shit, Harold and Kumar go to New Castle is a good stoner comedy that doesn't require any braincells. Idk your taste though. If you like musicals, Hairspray is one that will make you feel good and is also funny

No. 798006

File: 1620076996308.gif (304.7 KB, 500x375, 1A6BE547-FECB-41D6-9FC6-121B0E…)

demographics are 85% males from /g/ spreading their cancer to the other boards with the exception of the probable lurkers and 15% are bad bitches who love to whine, infight, and get fun shit taken down by the jannies. welcome to lc and enjoy your stay you moron

No. 798011

File: 1620077191565.jpeg (21.79 KB, 247x269, you.jpeg)

No. 798012

I will spit on you.

No. 798016

File: 1620077602097.jpg (2.01 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210503_222953.jpg)

Please someone know something about washing machines. I slammed my washing machine too hard and this bit broke off lol, I tried sellotaping it back on because I do not have superglue and the door will shut but the power won't engage. I have googled and know what an integrate lock is but since I don't think I damaged the lock and just the stupid little guiding piece of plastic what part do I replace because none of the damn washing machine doors seem to have this dumb little part on them. I'm buying superglue tomorrow to see if that solves everything. I'm too tired I just wanted to clean my clothes

No. 798020

File: 1620078000323.jpg (1.76 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210503_223821.jpg)

The thing I'm talking about is called an interlock not integrate lock. See in this photo. The two parts that connect but only the dumb plastic bit fell off and I am hoping the sellotape is too bulky as a fix and is stopping the machine turning on. Anyone else any idea? Seems like a pretty stupid design flaw.

No. 798029

Thin-skinned meaning you are sensitive to insults in debates or that you can’t deal with people having different opinions… ? Second option you just need to chill out and accept that people are allowed their stupid opinions. First option you should have discussions only in more civil places, idk where but not lc or youtube comment sections etc. Or just learn to laugh at the other person sperging. At the end of the day these people don’t know you so don’t give them unwarranted importance but taking their comments to heart.

No. 798032

samefag by* taking their comments to heart

No. 798090

how do farmers always notice tiny details on people's face? like the way someone's eyeliner is applied, how white someone's teeth is (when it already looks white?) differences in lip fillers, any lip detail in general, etc etc there's too many examples. i look at the photos they're referring to for several minutes and still can't see what they're talking about, it's like that on non-drama boards too. am I face blind? also cannot tell before and after surgery differences unless it's extremely drastic like bognoff-tier. i'm mainly bad at telling lips apart in general

No. 798092

Are you a man? Women are extremely perceptive especially about things they're inaudated with such as cosmetics and make up.

No. 798093

samefag meant how unwhite someone's teeth is

No. 798095

no. but i never used makeup, maybe i'm autistic

No. 798096

my friend has very sensitive ears. when i touch them he literally jumps, squeaks and tries to pull away from me? he told me that its a very tingly feeling that starts in the ears, traveling throughout his body like a 'shiver' and that he just instictively pulls away? he doesnt mind me doing it and i am the only person that knows about this but we are both very curious what this could be and how it occured?

No. 798097

I guess you just need to train to have a critical eye lol. Some make up looks I could just never replicate until watching a tutorial and when they go step by step they do something that you missed. Like where they placed the liner exactly or the angle etc.

In regards to lips. When Kylie Jenners lips were being discussed I followed beauty gurus and started noticing that KJ lip kits or lipsticks in general can have shite formulas but if a girls got smooth filler lips it looks nice. Like I couldn't understand why my lips never looked the same even when over lined. It's because my lips aren't stretched of all imperfections and lines.

Usually if you try to emulate impossible standards you figure it out.

No. 798100

this sounds normal
this sounds autistic

No. 798105

Is Netflix Yasuke /co/ or /a/ ?

No. 798106

You're a better person than them. Don't change.

No. 798107

No. 798109

Strong special interest in tiny details vs regular "yep, that's a lip"

No. 798110

Anon said they couldn't even see a different in before and after photos but yes women learning make up skills is autistic.

No. 798111

It’s both, you’re a bit face blind and anons are a bit hyperaware. Though I think it’s a good thing for a woman to be able to spot shoop and plastic surgery. I think zoomers are really bad at this skill and it’s affecting them negatively.

No. 798113

I don't either. It's a special interest.

No. 798114

Lol ok, noticing uncanny faces is a special interest. It's not like humans are programmes to recognise faces and features lol

No. 798119

Most humans aren't on lolcow, otherwise they'd tell you the same. It's not normal. There's normal detail we perceive as humans, and then there's autistic detail. what you're doing is the latter.

No. 798122

Maybe if we took it to the streets and got an even split of male and females the males would be more like yourself and not be as perceptive about before and afters of fillers and botox, or noticing how to line one's eyes just from a reference picture.

No. 798124

Some women notice details some don't. Big deal. Stop being autists.

No. 798125

Are artists autistic for being able to draw details and expressions? What the hell

No. 798140

You are oh so more womanly then me for autistically examining people's faces.
Here, have a "femalest" badge for nitpicking e thots on lolcow.

No. 798141

The post you're calling me autistic over was about how to assess cosmetic procedures to the face after emulating make up looks. It had fuck all about nitpicking thots in lolcow or do you think some women just wake up knowing how to do make up. You're mental.

No. 798142

It's your personal special interest, not the norm. You can't go around calling people autistic or male for not sharing it, both of which you did.

No. 798144

I don't think you know what autistic means.

No. 798145

Teach me senpai

No. 798161

I'm making a depop shop, should I use my home address as my shipping address?

No. 798195

i do, but if you are paranoid you could always get a PO box. i have over 2k sales over 3 different platforms (mercari, depop, poshmark) and have never had an issue with an insane buyer doing anything related to my address. most horror story buyers i have heard about are on ebay which i don't use.

No. 798199

i sell on depop and never put a return address on anything i send out. i pay a little bit extra for shipping insurance in case something gets lost but i've never had any problems

No. 798247

Is it bad to eat raw chia seeds ? Like, does the fact that they absorb liquid have a negative effect on digestion or anything?

No. 798250

Nah, just drink water

No. 798271

File: 1620098534277.png (407.04 KB, 387x592, chia pet.png)

pls dont do it anon ur going to end up like this

No. 798273

Are scones as hard and dry as they look? What is the texture like?

No. 798276

File: 1620098906127.jpg (123.66 KB, 1200x1500, 162009881204564934571835959778…)

Like a denser biscuit. The crust is sometimes hard, but the inside should be soft and flaky

No. 798277

100% sounds like he's having an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). ASMR videos kind of put it in peoples minds that it's only an auditory response thing but it can totally be triggered by light touch. ASMR It causes a pleasant shiver down the body, usually from the head. It can be an overwhelming euphoric feeling, kind of like getting tickled, so it makes sense he might pull away. It's a really fun thing to explore!

No. 798279

File: 1620099005741.png (425.01 KB, 1024x837, ASMR_Map.png)

No. 798282

I used to make scones all the time! Tbh they can easily come out very dry, the trick is to not overwork the dough and top them off with something buttery/creamy, like a bit of icing. It also helps if you warm it up just slightly before eating (just 5 seconds in the microwave or so) if you’re not eating them shortly after being made. My recipe probably wasn’t too authentic but they usually came out tasting great and not dry.

No. 798348

Who is better?

Someone who loves you, a lot, and they actively show it, but have limited topics of conversation?

Or someone who you can talk about anything with, and are pretty similar, but is emotionally unavailable?

No. 798361

Emotionally unavailable in what sense? As in they will never be romantic with you? If you can be comforted by them when you cry, and share your happier moments with them, then the second one is better as a friend. You will feel bored and constrained by the first option if you’re convinced your topics are limited. But if the first one is open to new things and can be swayed by your persuasion then the first is easily the best option as a partner.

No. 798362

I'd like for it to be the latter because I value a good and extensive conversation above all else, but realistically, it's probably the former. Appealing to one's sense of validation seems to always triumph, and that includes acts of love. On the other hand, chasing someone who is stimulating intellectually doesn't always fulfill the whole equation. Being emotionally unavailable puts two people on much more uneven footing than two people who are not on the same wavelength in terms of depth of conversation, but can come together for the sake of love. Personally, I believe compromising with the former is easier than the latter.

No. 798389

>tfw have the complete opposite response to ASMR and want to punch anyone who triggers it

No. 798400

What's your favorite problematic piece of media that you'll always enjoy? Mine is probably Tyler the Creator's first two albums.

No. 798405

Dave Chappelle’s standup, Ryan Adams’ 1989 cover album, and I’ll probably never voluntarily stream it again, but if I hear Remix to Ignition in public I’ll bob my head

No. 798407

Is he interested in me when he went out of his way to bring me a shirt from him so I can sleep in it? I asked for it and he didn't hesitate. Im sorry for being autismo im drunk and in love

No. 798409

All hip hop/grime. I love it but it’s sooo misogynist.

No. 798411

Same. Came here to say this.

No. 798414

Harry Potter

No. 798421

I also thought about that and after he listened to some ASMR he told me that its only a slight tingling feeling he gets from it but its not as strong as things I do in reallife. We only found about it through coindidence and since then he had those really sensitive ears that he really didnt have previously. Could it have something to do with people on the autism spectrum or something else? We both are really clueless but I enjoy teasing him with that!

No. 798441

Is it really "problematic" though in-text outside of the outside media attention and hate JK Rowling got?

Not favorite, but I like anime with ecchi elements and fan service, since I grew up watching trash anime and maybe I'm a bit gay for 2D. But I'd hate to talk to any man that enjoys them.

No. 798452

grand theft auto

No. 798456

Can't you just leave it in the hole?

No. 798457

First option. I can't deal with people who are about as emotional as a warm stone.

No. 798469

Why can’t I envision a future for me?

No. 798472

File: 1620124610358.jpg (18.82 KB, 248x382, help.jpg)

How do I help my 7y/o nephew not turn into an incel? his mom is fat and lazy and her bf is questionable, his dad is fat and lazy. He has gained enough weight that the school have reached out to his parents, he's constantly looking at screens(loves Sonic), messy, eat fatty foods at his moms place and constantly eating candy when with his dad, so his teeth are also fucked(cavities and diastemas). Just a lot of neglect all around. He is already starting to act like a weirdo. I only see him twice a month when he stays with his dad(my brother) because they stay over at our parents place, so I visit. Is it just a lost cause? It's painful to see it happening.
I started worrying a lot because last time I saw him he said "I'm fat teeheheheh" wtf

No. 798481

Is there any way you can convince his dad to provide a healthier lifestyle for him? Since he's your brother he may be more likely to take the input from you?

No. 798496

Highly doubt it. He's a low tempered schizo(sometimes doesn't take his meds) and has alcohol problems. Even if he wanted to, he is incapable of following through.

No. 798500

Find a way for him to get into sports, failing that try to make him read books. Only things that can somewhat mitigate bad parenting.

No. 798504

Seconding the sports >>798500, play if off to your brother/his mother as a great opportunity to dump the kid at a football club or whatever multiple times a week so they can have time to themselves. Picking up a sport would be good for the kid; he'll get to socialize, gain self-esteem and maybe lose some weight.

No. 798534

i just made a spinster.xyz account and honestly i can't figure out how to use it lol. like how do you find users you are interested in following? also are there any other zoomers on there?

No. 798582

you need therapy and better mentors, maybe some soul searching

No. 798595

So I have a new therapist appointment at a treatment center and when I applied, they asked for any previous treatment summaries (or Idk what those are called in English). I have been in therapy before so I had one but I couldn't find it at that time, so I said I didn't have any. Later on I found it in one of my folders. What should I write them? 'Here are the papers I lied about not having?' I know I'm massively overthinking it but Idk what to tell them

No. 798607

Just tell them what happened, you just managed to get a hold of them. They won't get mad or think you're dumb anon, i promise.

No. 798619

Can someone just be genetically fat, without eating too much? Or is that just a lie perpetuated by fat acceptance activists?

No. 798621

slow metabolism, sitting around all day.
Still no excuse.

No. 798624

The layout and interface (i thinkm that's the proper name for it? idk shit about IT) are similar to facebook - I think there's a section of the website where you see the most recent/popular posts. I used to follow people from there.
I used to use it, being a zoomer, but I got irritated by how everyone there was so smug and too old for me to relate to, so i deleted my account. I prefer ovarit much better.

No. 798628

I heard some gut bacteria can cause people to have a harder time losing weight and be fatter on average.

No. 798631

Genetically you can have the tendency to retain/gain weight easier, but that only really accounts for 2% of your weight loss at most, and almost never leads to you becoming obese, just maybe very slightly chubbier than average.
I used to have a friend with Hashimotos, all she ate was vegan, gluten free meals - living off of vegetables and broiled/boiled meat - yet she still gained weight. But you shouldn't have a problem with losing weight most of the time even if you do have an autoimmune diesease that makes it harder to lose weight.

No. 798634

Can someone please yell at me to study instead of wasting time on here? Take out your frustrations on me and be as mean as you want to thanks.

No. 798636

Go study, your brain will rot less

No. 798638

sends negative vibes across the astral plane to your aura that makes you feel uneasy browsing this site instead of studying

No. 798647

Why does my fringe get incredibly greasy easily while the rest of my hair doesn't? I swear I don't touch or mess around with it

No. 798654

It still touches your forehead

No. 798689

Electric scooter enthusiasts, do you have recommendations for commuter scooters that don't cost $700?

No. 798711

If I lose weight and I show him someone else is interested in me, will he come back and lament he lost me?
You know, because men love what they cant get.

No. 798716

File: 1620146837176.jpg (35.09 KB, 500x488, ff9.jpg)

Pull yourself together, life isn't a romcom. It's all just pathetic flailing around if you're trying to get the attention of someone who doesn't want you. Move on with your life.

No. 798724

File: 1620147446343.jpeg (181.84 KB, 750x1125, 60592F05-1965-4B23-AD1F-F3FFA5…)

Have you ever known anyone who bought a haute couture garment off a Fashion Week runway (or any show by an avant garde designer)? Is that done by normals? Or are these garments solely designed to be lent to celebs / to advertise the label?

No. 798727

I don't have an answer, but wow her legs

No. 798732

When you say "personal lolcow", does it mean somebody you know irl exhibits some cowish behavior, or is it some kind of minor internet celebrity that isn't known to lolcow circles but that you personally follow for their antics?

No. 798733

It can mean either!

No. 798736

Clothes worn by models or you mean haute couture in general? Haute couture is extremely expensive and sells to a small number of people (think Qatari princess basically) because all clothing is hand down and extremely costly to make. Ready to wear is where high fashion brands make money. This can be bought by rich normies.

Clothes worn by models is often lower quality and dirty AF after a show. But they can be sold at a lower price. Good lick fitting into it lol

No. 798739

Depends, the Haute Couture collections mainly function as a press kind of thing, fashion houses lose money on those collections. I don't know how true it is but I've heard before that nowadays there's less than 2000 Haute Couture buyers in the world. Then there are the pret-a-porter collections a.k.a. the ready-to-wear collections, those are the clothes that end up for sale in the stores and can be bought by regular people (if you have the money for it) For example Comme Des Garcons funds their outrageous Haute Couture collections which aren't profitable with their play-line (you probably know that line from the converse shoes with the read heart on it)

No. 798742

Thanks anons! I asked because I genuinely don’t quite know how the fashion industry works (and yes I meant haute couture, not the actual fabric on the models), so these pretty much answered my unspoken questions.

No. 798748

This woman looks happy. Good for her

No. 798750

Thanks, I've seen it used for both and I was always scared to use it the wrong way lol.

No. 798758

File: 1620149870180.jpg (2.05 MB, 2976x3968, IMG_20210504_183710.jpg)

Fuck a plumber those cunts. I just fixed my washing machine for 3 pounds 50. I might have glue all over my hands too but idgaf

No. 798761

good for you kek

No. 798763


No. 798764

No. 798766

Nice! Good job

No. 798769

I'm happy your washing machine is fixed anon! I think nail polish remover or acetone can help soak glue off.

No. 798775

Thanks girls, send your washing over if you want xx

No. 798800

50 pence! It’s half a pound.

No. 798808

Does anyone ANYONE have a dump of Caroline Calloways OnlyFans?
How does she make a shit ton of money every month and none of her content seems to have leaked?
I promise I'm not a scrote, just a lesbian(thirstposting)

No. 798809

>50 pence! It’s half a pound.
Thank you anon! I realized that she meant change as soon as I posted, so I deleted. I've definitely heard that before, so I'm not sure why I got so confused lol

No. 798811

I hate having anxiety so much, it makes me feel like dying and I can't do shit I need to do; feels like I have 0 stability. What can I do about this??

No. 798834

Occupy your mind with something else or go to sleep.

No. 798837

Adrenaline from anxiety can make it difficult to sleep.

No. 798843

I know but I'm sure your mind is racing right now about mundane stuff and you're freaking out about it.

No. 798849

Ayrt but I wasn't OP I just have a lot of anxiety, probably should have offered advice. When my doctor did my bloods and saw the level my adrenaline was he made a joke about me constantly feeling anxious and told me the best thing to do would be to tire myself out. I use to play a lot of sports then adulthood and work happened and I am not as active. Exercise seems like such a meme but it works lol

No. 798856

File: 1620156565768.jpg (365.49 KB, 600x600, Chupa Chups can 1.jpg)

Can some blind anon tell me what the Braille on top of my soda can says?

No. 798861

No. 798869

Seven days

No. 798870

a little to the left

No. 798872

No. 798907

It's to tell whether something is carbonated or alcoholic so they don't accidentally get drunk (as both beer cans and sodas tend to come in 6 pack cans). Or rather it prevents them from opening the wrong thing, since presumably they could smell the alcohol at that point but couldn't close it again to switch for a soda.

No. 798937

What's the definition of frumpy? What makes someone look frumpy?

No. 798970

General shabbiness I suppose, wearing ill-fitting clothes, messy hair, using styles that are too granny-ish for one's age, lack of personal care.

No. 798978

>tfw this is my ~aesthetic~
i look like my house stinks of cat piss

No. 798983

NTA but I think that's a lot cooler than wearing tight clothes and looking like an insta baddie

No. 798985

Is Gok Wan still working? Or did Ru Paul kill him?

No. 798986

I'd rather be a baddie than look like cat piss-anon

No. 798991

i think there are more styles to choose from than cat lady and instathot

No. 799004

My boyfriend's "love language" is receiving gifts. How do I do that for him?

Like I know it sounds obvious just "give gifts" but how do I utilize this in an everyday sort of context… not just giving gifts for a holiday or buying expensive things (I am not a sugar mother lol)

No. 799005

Does anyone else think relationships would be more straight forward if polyamory wasn't shamed/was normalized? I this pedestalization of monogamy is only harmful to monogamy. I feel many people get in monogamous relationships without realizing they're poly because they're or were brought up religious, have a tight-knit family and/or an ingrained idea of what a family should look like. I'm monogamous and the idea of marriage has never made sense to me, and I recently realized it's because the advent of marriage wasn't intended for people like me.

No. 799006

relationships require all 'love languages'. He may just be a gold-digger

No. 799009

Relationships would be more straight forward if people were more honest in relationships.

No. 799010

sage for samefag rant and nonconcontribution but i like to think of it as polyamorous in denial

No. 799015

He knows I'm not rich kek

No. 799018

Cook/bake for him maybe?

No. 799021

I was in a very transparent relationship and the whole time was spent with the other party having conflicting feelings.

We ended up splitting because they weren't "ready for a serious relationship" aka things were getting real and they didn't want to lose their freedom yet. Idk, personally monogamy has never been something I've felt conflicted about, and if someone is that hesitant early on then it probably means monogamy will never be for them

No. 799022

Love languages are pop pseudoscience and an excuse for scrotes to do 1/5th of the effort

>Giving scrotes gifts
>Fucking a scrote that expects gifts

He sounds feminine. Video possibly related.

No. 799023

I guess it doesn't have to be a material gift, It could be something more subtle, like making an effort to look nice for him? Maybe spritz a little perfume before bed, tidy up a little in the kitchen idk. My did's love language was gifts - he knew i wasn't a material person though, so he just got me my favorite snacks from the supermarket sometimes, paid for quality hospitals, booked me nice hairdressers when i needed them, stuff like that.
If all he wants is gifts from you so he 'can see that you're expressing love to him' though, he might be using you.

No. 799024

I think that's acts of service

No. 799025

femdom farmers will be thriving

No. 799026

I agree that giving scrotes material gifts is a bad move but fuck off with that Redpilled MRA bullshit.

No. 799028

You both were honest about your expectations and agreed to split because it didn't match up. I don't think if you're honest to a fault it means ever relationship will last forever, you guys weren't compatible, would you rather waste years to come to the same conclusion or move on.

No. 799031

No I just made him do that 5 languages test and he got the most percentage on the gifts. He's never once made any sort of indication about anything all these anons are inferring to… any chance to jump down a mans throat I guess lol. Fuck scrots am I right ladies

No. 799032

You saw the word hypergamy and started talking out your ass. MRAs and redpillers despise that channel

No. 799035

If you're sitting doing fucking quizzes with your man why don't you just ask him what type of gifts he would like

No. 799037

Because it's not a big deal and I wanted to hear the opinion of people that might be into this "5 love languages" stuff, I'm not sure if I really even believe in it and I think all of the "love languages" are necessary in a relationship to some extent. Why are you so mad?

No. 799038

I think the most logical step is asking what kinds of gifts he likes, like >>799035 said.

No. 799041

That was my first reply after seeing u get buttmad at other anons replies that did offer suggestions.

No. 799044

I didn't once get mad at any reply in the thread lol please evaporate

No. 799045

Anything to jump down my throat amirite anons

No. 799048

Did you really get this triggered over a harmless joke nonny

No. 799051

girl do you know where you are

No. 799055

I know but even if it wasn't years it shouldn't have been ANY amount of time imo. I value my time that much and think this sort of indecisiveness comes from a society that shits on polyamory when in reality most people might be polyamorous. If it weren't like this things would be crystal clear and everyone would just stick and sought out their own. It wouldn't solve a majority of the problems that come up in a relationship but it would make for a much much smoother ride.

No. 799059

What actually constitutes online stalking? How do you define it in the modern culture of publicly oversharing online and being able to find so much about someone just by a quick Google search? What level of interest in someone is ‘normal’?

I’m curious because it’s really different to stalking in person, like physically following someone and having to exert a lot of effort to obtain their personal information.

No. 799062

I don't understand so you would want to be poly with your ex that left you even when you both weren't compatible, it just would have been nice to have him as well as be with someone else? Don't men do this thing all the time with keeping girls on the back burner?

No. 799065

It apparently depends on the context. I apparently stalked this girl online because she was trying to create an Internet presence and kept making so many public fb pages and blogs and accounts that were all linked on the one profile and because I was like "get a load of this shite." I was a stalker but people that viewed the same content she put out as me and were nice about ate supportive.

No. 799066

Imo if you're using any search engine on the surface web (using info accessible to anyone) without paying for any information or contacting any person that knows them personally just to get more info about them, then you're not stalking.
For me it becomes stalking when I start to feel like a creep kek

No. 799067

???????? where did you get that from lol like what part of anything i said made you come to that conclusion. I'm saying there's shame/hate/ anything negative is associated with polyamory and this makes a ton of folk believe monogamy is what they want for themselves as well. It's unconscious

No. 799122

What are supposed to be the “benefits” of dating ugly, stupid men? Especially if he’s ~devoted~ to you, worships the ground you walk on, etc but it just reads like him being annoyingly clingy? What is the point if you have to pretend his breath doesn’t stink or he doesn’t need laser skin treatment whenever he tries to kiss you.

No. 799124

File: 1620173266173.gif (920.28 KB, 446x374, 1501191234190.gif)

Does anyone know if Facebook alerts your phone contacts when you confirm a fb account using your number? I made a new fb account because I want to have an account without people I know irl, but I had to confirm it using my number and now I'm scared of everyone on my contact list receiving some kind of notification about it. Btw I don't use fb on my phone, so this was all done on pc. Please help, the anxiety is killing me lol

No. 799127

Is it even worth making a depop if you have 0 pre existing social media or following? If so, how long does it typically take for a shop to gain traction?

No. 799271

why would social media even matter? i don't use any social media platforms and i sell tons of stuff, literally just have good items and they will sell. hard to answer because i have been selling for years, but once you have more than 10 sales and reviews buyers will tend trust you more and that helps.

No. 799304

How do I ask my friend if they even appreciate me? I don't want to just straight up admit I feel unappreciated, is there a subtler way to cue that without making things ugly?

No. 799309

You don't ask. What would be the point? To indirectly request better treatment? Don't play games, just do it directly.
Say "hey friend, I feel unappreciated and this is why ____" and see what they say.

No. 799313

>emotional stability
>shared personal beliefs stability
>financial stability
>good social network
>got knocked up by him and he is willing to be a good father inspite of his flaws
These are the main reasons I can think of.

No. 799314

Samefag, it's no "friend" if you can't be honest and open with them.

No. 799320

I finally bit the bullet and told my doctor about my anxiety and now I’m getting started on SSRIs for the first time. I told her I’m really scared of taking any that could possibly make me gain weight but she prescribed me Lexapro anyways. Should I just stop while I’m ahead? My roommate was telling me how she gained 40lbs on it and I’m so freaked out now.

No. 799321

The only reason why I'm holding back is because they also recently admitted to me that other people have already been very demanding of them this week. I can tell they need alone time, and they're taking that right now as we speak, even though they offered to watch a movie with me tonight, which I guess got canceled. Which I'm admittedly disappointed over.

I don't want to add to that stack of burden on them, but at the same time I wish they would give me a thank you or other words of appreciation after all I give and my patience, which has been tested more and more lately.

No. 799329

Deep down I know you're right, but maybe I'll wait just a bit longer for them to de-stress.

No. 799330

Theres nothing to be gained from not openly communicating.
You shouldn't put your own needs on the backburner automatically. Your friend can't pick and choose when to treat their friends right and when to withdraw, you're not jackets to be left on the hook and picked up at need.
You should acknowledge you see they're having a bad period and offer help, but say it's impacting your relationship negatively, that you feel unappreciated, and ask to think of a solution to both problems together.

No. 799342

it doesn't make you magically gain weight but can increase appetite. keep on top of that and you should be ok anon.

No. 799343

Mm, that's great advice. Shit, I.
Will definitely do that, I think. I love the way you've phrased this, it's made the situation a little clearer to me. Hate to say it, but this friend has definitely treated other friends like jackets before. Been told this by at least two of their friends privately, but at the same time the shit they're feeling right now is sort of from them reaping what they sowed for themselves. As a trusted friend, I tried to guide them into thinking about evaluating who they need to cut out, but I don't know if they took it to heart or not. Think they still need time I think after what they confessed.

I especially like that thinking of it as both problems and compromising together.

Thank you very much for your perspective.

No. 799363

I always understood this as simply picking up things like some snack or something on your way home for your partner for example, or buying stuff that reminds you of them (you're in a bookstore for example and see a book they might like, so you buy it for them). Just small everyday stuff (doesn't have to be actually everyday obv)

No. 799374

Yeah pretty much this. I would consider this my bf's "love language" and this is how he would sum it up.

No. 799376

>treated other friends like jackets
That's a sure way to lose them all eventually. Nobody will tolerate that for long. Reminds me of that anon who posted in the vent thread how she told her friends she'll take a year-long break from them to sort her issues out, and was pikachu-face surprised when none of them wanted to be friends with her again when she suddenly decided to pick them back up from the hook.

No. 799382

File: 1620198106049.jpg (111.51 KB, 500x474, 39489.jpg)

Any recommendations for a Chrome extension that can download videos from facebook? One that actually does what it promises? Istg all I wanted was to download this one video and it's turned into an hour-long hunt because the google results for "video downloader chrome" are so fucked

No. 799392

Idk but maybe youtube to mp3 could work if you have the link? I never tried it with fb tho

No. 799394

In my opinion, either of that would be very awkward for an adult to do. Friendships are different from romantic relationships and even then it usually doesn't work out if you have to tell people to show you affection.
If they don't appreciate you and show it, you're not close enough, you never do it either or it's not in their personality to do that.
The answer would be to try to get closer and hang out more AND do things you'd like them to do for you, maybe they'll follow. Or just deal with the fact you're not that close.
You don't force closeness. Of course some people might take it well but it can make them feel awkward, pressured or have them fake it.

No. 799397

I don't think it alerts them the very minute you do it, or that it's specifically you, but they're going to get suggested to add the new account on FB and Instagram as "people you may know". If the name and picture are totally unrelated to you, I doubt anyone is going to notice or care

No. 799401

I stg idk why people are so allergic to talking. You can do all that, AND let them know where you stand. It's much better when things are out in the open.

No. 799406

Late reply but both of my great grandparents lived over 90. Grandpa still ran outside working on his garden, smoking cigarettes, playing soccer with my brother until around 95. 95+ started having health issues but still loved reading magazines and newspaper, going on walks, being with family and singing. He even said he still doesn't want to go few months before he died at 104.
My greatgrandma fell, broke her hip and died at 94 but she was even healthier and busier than grandpa and I don't doubt she'd outlive him. She had absolutely healthy mind and amazing sense of humor.
Being old doesn't have to be miserable. That's why I wish I'll also have a long life.

No. 799420

Is there a way to make the Twitter timeline longer? I'm on mobile but I don't use the app, just on browser.

No. 799448

literally no one in my family has lived past their 80's, the ones that even made it that far were already in a vegetable-like state. one grandparent I never even got to meet cause they died when I was still an infant.

No. 799460

I guess genetics are really important in this. But wow, no one past 80 and being a vegetable in your 70s is quite rare imo. Does some illness run in your family? I work in a hospital and people in their 70s are usually pretty ok.

No. 799540

I wanted to post this in the ED thread but apparently it’s locked

I was wondering if you’re also noticing disordered behavior in others. I noticed some strange behaviors in my colleagues for example. One guy is very tall and skinny but he said often “ah gotta go on a diet i need to loose those pounds” but all he eats are carrots. Another lady is having every day around the same time the same food and I remember her saying (while chatting with others about food) she hates eating and doesn’t need it and when she stars to feel fait she drinks a glass of juice. Honestly it’s sometimes really triggering .I guess I just realized that more people have a strange relationship with food than one thinks.

No. 799545

How common is it for a woman to not know how to do any kind of makeup or have never worn it?

No. 799554

I think it's not as rare as you could be led to believe from the internet and other media but I can't say anything more concrete than that

No. 799556

A scrote from abroad wants to send me money. What's the best way to do this safely? I'm European and can't seem to find i.e. Venmo on the playstore. What do all of the SW (lol) use???

No. 799559

File: 1620224635640.gif (333.45 KB, 480x480, giphy (4).gif)

I answered to some Indian scam call (they started talking about me having a computer virus and shit), and ever since they keep calling me from different numbers (that start the same as their previous ones). What to do?

No. 799560

I noticed this. At my old internship I worked with slender women that drank Starbucks every day but their lunches were just little containers full of cut up veg and 99% the convo would be going over the food and they'd always have some comment about mine (which was usually just leftover pizza or a granola bar or some shit I'm not fancy like them and it embarrassed me). They reminded me of the what I eat in a day youtubers

No. 799563

I like to mess with them, ngl, I just make shit up and pretend to be incompetent and waste their time. You could just tell them to fuck off and be really mean about it so they dont call you back

No. 799565

Wow anon, this was pretty inspiring. I always assumed that 70 was my cut-off point and I'd go die fighting a bear or something, but Im going to reconsider now. I don't have any grandparents alive to compare to so I always assumed it would be miserable 24/7

No. 799567

Pick up and talk to them like a literal non-comprehensie retard or pretend to not speak any English to get yourself of their list.

No. 799568

Paypal? I receive euros from a survey site on there

No. 799573

I love hearing about this anon!! My grandmother is 90 and still drives and golfs and gardens and has a really active social life. Obviously it slowed down with covid but she’s started going back out to dinner with her friends but they would go on weekend trips and go to a lot of country music and orchestra concerts. Her sister lived to be 92 and was not as active but her mind was extremely sharp up until the end and they could down gin martinis like it was no ones business, iirc their mother lived to be in her 90s too so if I die of old age I know I have probably another 70 years left in me. I remember one time in high school a friend said something like “well when I’m 60 and I start slowing down” and I was like…. wut cause I was born when my grandmother was 70 and she helped raise me and my brother so she spent her early 70s chasing around little kids! I love hearing about old people with really active lives cause I’ve always had a ton of respect and love for old people probably because my grandmother was so lively!

No. 799591

It doesn't work for me… I'm not sure why

No. 799600

Euro anon hier aswell. Check out Moneygram that’s how I got money from out of EU

No. 799608

Never speak to spammers they sometimes reverse the charges on calls. I just don't answer numbers I don't recognise or of I'm not expecting a call. If its important enough they'll leave a voicemail or text

No. 799638

I never wear makeup except for very special occasions, and the only shit I can do is apply mascara and one layer of eyeshadow, I find lipstick tacky and anything for the skin is unnecessary. I think there's less pressure in my country for women to wear makeup constantly.

No. 799666

I live in the suburbs without my own car. What are some activities I can do to spend more time outside? I need to go outside more to help depression and my eyesight.

No. 799668

Want to buy something on droop, do I checkout or do I message the seller first? Help anons!!

No. 799669

i meant depop shit

No. 799676

wym do i contact the seller first. Do you have a question? Then yes, contact the seller first. If you know for certain you want the article you can just go ahead and purchase it, the app will notify the seller you've purchased it.

No. 799680

Okay thanks anon you’re very cool gonna buy these shoes now

No. 799681

Help me out anons. Should I make avocado toast for breakfast or buttered toast with jam?

No. 799682

Yw, enjoy your shoes when they come in!

No. 799685

Buttered toast with jam!

No. 799687

Butter and jaaaaaaaaaaam

No. 799715

File: 1620238921012.png (150.12 KB, 302x323, cronch.png)

Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies like pic related? I haven't been able to find a recipe for cookies that are that thick, dry and cracked. Pls halp, what if Aldi stops selling them and I can't get my sugar fix???

No. 799718

ugh the aldi ones are so good

No. 799726

I have never tried myself but maybe if you use a muffin tin, you get that desired level of thickness.
Else they will simply deflate while baking.

No. 799752

Anons who have heavy discharge - do you own light colored pants at all?

No. 799766

Is it true that if you eat after 8 pm you gain more weight than if you ate earlier?

No. 799770

Anons who use menstrual cups, how often do you need to empty them? They look so small to me, I feel like if I ever used one I'd have to empty it every 10 minutes or something

No. 799771

it's advised to empty the cup every 10-12h, in the heaviest flow days I'd empty it about 3 times during the day just to feel safe but it's never even close to full. There really is less blood than you think during period.

No. 799775

I don't have any irl female friends. You know how some dating apps have an option you can select of the kind of people you're looking for? would it be weird to go on there for friends? does anybody even do that?

No. 799779

calories don't magically double after 8pm

No. 799782

Bumble has a BFF version of their app specifically intended for making same sex friends. I used it with success.

No. 799792

NTA but how long did it take for you to actually properly connect with someone (who didn't just ghost the fuck out of you after they got bored)? i wanna try the bumble friends thing but i really don't have the energy it takes to spend a ton of time getting to know someone and then have them just stop replying.

No. 799796

omg anon thank you! I'm kind of nervous because I'm pretty awkward and boring, I feel getting rejected will take a toll on my self esteem but I feel it's long overdue and I need to get out of my comfort zone so idc. Can you make multiple friends on the app? I feel I don't need more than one but it'd be nice. What's your friend like if you don't mind me asking? are they the opposite of you? I think I would want an outgoing friend but then beggars can't be choosers and what not

No. 799798

also I forgot to ask, are they your age? I would want someone my age to be my friend

No. 799809

Haha you sound like you'll be randomly assigned a friend. I'm sure you can look at all the people and choose who you want to be friends with!

No. 799813

It's more to do with metabolism. Your metabolism slows down more towards the end of the day, so you burn more calories around the afternoon and early evening. That's why people with disordered eating can look bloated because their metabolism is a bit out of wack.

No. 799816

Yep you can make multiple friends! It’s basically just like the regular dating app where you swipe right or left on people to indicate interest (god I felt so guilty swiping left when I found out the other women had wanted to talk to me, I have zero guilt swiping away men by comparison lol) and then if you match you can talk to one another. In the same way I think it’s something of a numbers game, you might meet someone really cool but for whatever reason they drop off. Try not to take it personally, not everyone will be a perfect fit or end up having enough time to pursue deeper friendship and that’s okay. I spoke with probably like ten people for a while then narrowed it to two. It will be good experience either way, as you said.

The friends I made have a nice balance of interest crossover as well as differences so we can share new things. One is a pretty sporty so we do athletic stuff together like self defense classes and rock climbing where the other hits my nerdy side and we talk about anime, games and memes lol. I’ve also spent time with both casually for dinner and drinks just to chat about life. And I can’t remember if you can set the age range you’re looking for but I believe so. Pretty much all the women I saw were +-5 years of my own age.

No. 799827

Aside from gore, what are reasons a post gets deleted instead of redtexted by mods?

No. 799832

I've seen posts get deleted if a cow is habitually posting in their own thread (see: Canyon from Tesah's thread).

No. 799836

posts can be straight up deleted if a NSFW post is posted without a spoiler

No. 799843

Scrote posts get deleted

No. 799863

If the biblical story of Noah is correct does that mean he's a common ancestor for everyone and we should all be preaching one love one family?

No. 799868

Does the flood necesarily entail the entire world, or just the world of ancient Sumeria? Regardless, I think the point is less "we're all the same" more "we're all one in Christ".
Also, remember how we were scattered at Babel.

No. 799869

Isn't it to be regarded as metaphorical as the story of Adam and Eve being the literally only humans in the world?

No. 799878

Idk! But I always thought Noah's sons where the split of the nations and the ancestors for all the different races.

No. 799880

File: 1620252777019.jpg (205.94 KB, 1080x914, IMG_20210505_231239.jpg)

No. 799888

When having an orgasm, dae have this slightly painful feeling in their muscle down there on one side?

No. 799894

samefag, as if the muscle couldn't expand enough or something

No. 799972

I made a bumble BFF account and havent gotten any matches…. Most of the girls there have really pretty pictures because they go out and many already have friends lol. They're also stereotypically feminine. I dress kind of meh and have light makeup, because I'm bad at it. I feel I should go out and take cute pictures instead of putting up selfies. I do want to befriend a more outgoing girl because I want to learn how to be more feminine and be comfortable with it (I don't like attention and feel taking extensive care of your appearance draws it)…. It's still early though so maybe I just have to give it more time and I'll get matches

No. 799974

Late but take your regular cookie recipe and add like a half cup of cornstarch. I'd also freeze/chill your cookies before baking

No. 799975

On my heavy days I have to empty every four hours (so like if I work, I empty it on my lunch break). At night I'm good to leave it in from bedtime to waking up since the the flow kind of slows down. On regular days I empty every twelve hours

No. 799977

Has anyone else had tooth pain so bad that it spreads towards like half of your head/face? (like on and under your eye, near the nose, on ear, jaw, under jaw, on neck, side of the forehead)
Yes I'm going to the dentist anyway just curious if this is normal for a toothache or a sign of something else. I would've thought it was an infection but my face isn't swollen yet.

No. 799982

Yeah, that's your tooth nerve fucking you up, you most likely have a cavity touching it or something. Good luck at the dentist nonna!

No. 799985

Can someone explain gaslighting to me in the way anyone would understand?

No. 799989

try gardening, or even just walking around and noticing every different plant, every weed and wildflower and grass, and researching what they are. changed my whole life last year when I started doing that.

No. 799997

In a relationship it's when someone who's abusing or mistreating the other person denies everything and insists that the victim is only exaggerating, or crazy. Its use actually comes from the 1944 movie Gaslight in which a husband convinces his wife she is going insane by scaring her numerous ways yet insisting they aren't happening. The name comes from him messing with the house's gas lights to scare her. I really recommend that movie btw, stars Ingrid Bergman and she has some fantastic lines at the end about it.

No. 799998

When someone tries to manipulate you into believing something shitty they did it wasn't that bad/didn't happen
>You literally called my bitch in front of my family tf it's wrong with you
>Oh c'mon anon it's just a word, why are you so sensitive?

No. 800007

Sorry anon I missed your question earlier. I spoke with one of the women I met for about 2 weeks before we first went out and the other for longer, maybe a month before we did anything. I do think the sooner you can go do something in person the better, since that helps determine whether you'll actually get along or not and creates a basis for meeting more often. Honestly though if you're not in a place to handle ghosting I'd probably avoid, unfortunately that kind of defines digital interactions in general. If you keep at it you're more likely to find someone good but it's almost guaranteed there will be at least a few duds.

No. 800010

Just remember that everyone is trying to put their best foot forward. I spoke with a good amount of women who had pictures with lots of people, showed tons of outdoorsy activities, fantastic travel locations and so on, then they later admitted they'd gone out with like one person since COVID lol. Or they'd recently moved. In my experience there were a lot of people looking to make new friendships since they'd recently come to the area so the friends in their pictures were thousands of miles away. But it did take some time, stick with it for a while and see what happens!

No. 800012

Gaslight (the movie) was really fantastic. I definitely recommend it if any of you nonnies (I cannot believe my auto correct changed this to mommies) haven’t seen it, and it also has a young Angela Lansbury in one of her first film roles.

No. 800021

How do I clear gmail searches? I would email some stuff from my personal email to my work email so I could avoid logging into my personal email at work but now my personal email always shows up as a previous search in the gmail search bar. I tried to delete all gmail activity but my email still shows up. Half typing it in and then clicking on the X that pops up does nothing to delete it, it just clears the box.

No. 800030

File: 1620274597263.jpg (25.09 KB, 464x262, WQOr4qB.jpg)

Thank you nonnas!
>Tfw you've been gaslight by a friend before and didn't know

No. 800031

I kind of wish there was a spoonfeeding thread for people who don't have time to search, but stupid questions seems like a good place to ask.

I was reading a thread on kiwifarms about Kelly Ronahan (the girl who just had her legs amputated because she picks at them), and someone mentioned another cow losing their eyes and life recently. Any idea which cow they are referring to? Is it anyone who is posted here? I only go there to read the Kelly updates.

No. 800054

I'm hours late but thanks anons! I had a yummy breakfast with butter and jam. Maybe tomorrow I'll make avacado toast but butter and jam is just too fucking good.

No. 800066

What is a narc? I’m confused if it means a narcissist or someone that use narcotics.

No. 800068

narcissist lol

No. 800095

Dae's sleep cycle gets fucked up before their period?

No. 800097

No I just sweat buckets every night, wake up drenched and have to change my sheets everyday.

No. 800101

it can also mean narcotics agent

No. 800110

Late to the party but seriously bumble BFF has been amazing for me, I’ve made three solid female friends off it (we’re all 30+)

If you exchange a few good sentences with a match, and have initial interest you really have to meet within a week. People get bored with pen pals fast. If you meet up and don’t really hit it off, it’s no big deal, and it’s easier and safer to meet other women right away (in a public place of course) because even a failed BFF date is better than a first date with a nasty scrote. There’s no expectations, the best thing to do is pick a fun activity to do so the conversation doesn’t lull too much.

No. 800111

Nta, but does Bumble work in Europe too? t. another friendless anon

No. 800119

omg did not know about bumble BFF, gracias mis nonicitas am downloading and so nervous / excited

almost all my close friends have moved out of my city over the past few years

No. 800136

Ahhh that sounds so good. I'm weirdly worried to try because I dont know if my bf will believe me it's just for friends, I know I would be probably feeling suspicion myself if the situation was reversed…

No. 800150

I mean you can set it to women only so don’t really see why he’d get all freaked out unless you’re bi? Even so if he can’t be supportive of you making friends that’s shitty, he should want your happiness which includes having relationships outside of him

No. 800199

Remember when the "art hoe aesthetic" was super popular a few years ago? What is the 2021 version of that?

No. 800201

pick your poison y2k bimbo or dark academia

No. 800204

Yeah, I think it went art hoe -> dark academia -> e-girl -> cottagecore

What will be the next new thing?

No. 800207

File: 1620304803826.jpg (36.94 KB, 367x679, 71CucOwe xL._AC_SY679_.jpg)

Hm extrapolating from that order I'd say the next thing is dressing like a barbie fairy or something

No. 800210

What file extension does Office Word use by default? .dotx? or .docx? Can someone check real quick for me?

No. 800211

from handing in essays for uni, i’m pretty sure it’s .docx but i’m not 100% sure. sorry if i’m wrong!

No. 800213

File: 1620305562236.png (134.08 KB, 1200x1200, 3DDE46B9-23D1-48C0-B30A-6DEEFE…)

That would be neat tbh. This is a really cute outfit.

No. 800217

You're right, suddenly I want a shirt full of stars

No. 800225


No. 800240

Does anyone know why the gums on my bottom teeth may be receding? My gums felt kind of weird the last few days and when I looked in the mirror it looked they had receded a bit. I read online this is a sign of gingivitis but I brush my teeth twice a day and I don’t feel any sensitivity or discomfort just that my gums were a little swollen. Is it because of my retainer or something? Also how bad should it get before I see a dentist? It’s making me anxious because I looked up pictures to compare to my teeth and I saw some where people’s whole roots were exposed and I don’t want it to end up like that!

No. 800248

do you floss?
also yes retainers can cause gum recession if they don't fit properly

No. 800273


Brushing too hard on your gums can also cause them to recede.

No. 800278

Could be so many reasons, one of them could definitely be your retainer too. Maybe you are brushing too hard, maybe you are not brushing thoroughly enough so there is plaque building up, I think that it can also happen simply because of age, but it's been a while since I last read about this problem so don't quote me on the last one.

No. 800303

File: 1620313844475.jpg (32.54 KB, 244x634, man1.jpg)

I've heard of there being aphrodisiac candles. Which brands would you recommend?

No. 800308

File: 1620314620677.jpeg (8.01 KB, 240x240, unknown.jpeg)

Is chewing then spitting sugary or fatty foods bad?

I'm really craving cake these days but i'm not supposed to eat it, so i've been doing this. It seems like theres no downside?

No. 800318

Lol I used to think so too, but actually there is a downside:
>People who chew and spit out food can end up with dental problems, including cavities and gum disease. Chewing food also signals stomach acids to kick in, ready to do their job of digesting food. But without the actual food to digest, this may cause stomach problems.
>Some calories in the food you chew will be absorbed into your body — how many depends on the type of food, how long the food is in your mouth, and how much you might swallow. What's interesting is that many people who chew and spit food end up gaining, not losing, weight. Why? Experts don't know for sure, but it's likely that people who try too hard to restrict calories or certain foods end up compensating by overeating later. And, depending on how often you chew and spit, your body may not be getting the nutrients it needs.
I would mostly worry about ruining your teeth and the stomach acid issue.

No. 800340

File: 1620316732126.jpg (23.81 KB, 205x280, kitch.jpg)

What are some sugarfina treats would you recommend? I've been eyeing VICE COLLECTION: 3 PIECE CANDY BENTO BOX (NON-ALCOHOLIC)

No. 800351

Kek it’s a marketing gimmick anon, choose whatever seems like it would smell nice and “sultry” to you personally.

No. 800356

That would make sense. To me, seeing the big group of friends is a little intimidating. and I noticed that! A lot of people that just recently moved. I'm a local but don't even go out so don't know the sweet spots in my city/area so I feel i'd be letting them down and they wouldn't have a good time lol Also I matched with like three since last night! yay!

No. 800357

Besides tca crossing being great for icepick scars, would it work as good for flat dark spots do you think?

No. 800442

I know regular women wear them but is it weird I associate heels with prostitutes?

No. 800447

No. 800482

Kinda weird. Could it be maybe the first women you saw wearing heels as a child were prostitutes? I remember a first man with long hair I ever saw was some criminal in a movie and for the longest time I've associated long hair on men with being dangerous lol, even now it's kinda in the back of my head even though it's irrational, maybe it's similar case for you

No. 800584

what manga is this from?

No. 800592

Is it weird to cycle through the same random selfies as profile photos? One of my friends is always swapping between a handful of selfies from the past 5 years. Not even photos taken on vacation or with friends, just alone at home.

Am I too judgemental? Every time she does it I just think ah, there’s a photo of you alone in your house from three years ago…

No. 800594

Is it normal to still have crushes while you are in a relationship?

No. 800597

You are, maybe she hates how she looks in other photos and is too embarrassed to post them. Just let her use what she wants as her own profile photo, it's literally none of your business.

No. 800603

Wanna know tooooooo

No. 800612

Yes. As long as you're not indulging the crush and actively flirting/making advances toward them then it's harmless to recognize another person's attractiveness/nice personality.

No. 800627

Do you guys change your pjs every time you masturbate in it? I know it's a gross question btw, I'm sorry

No. 800628

I only change my underwear after I masturbate

No. 800630

No unless I’m sweaty or have got stuff on it. I don’t think it’s weird though.

No. 800632

I see. I personally don't wear underwear under my pjs, hence why I asked but it does seems like less hassle to change underwear than change pjs everytime I flick the bean
Yeah I did this too but after long masturbation sessions I would always feel really gross lol

No. 800634

Is there a place on the internet where we can just image dump pictures of hot men? I know there's a 4chan board for hot men but it's porn

No. 800646

No. 800660

What are the peak hours for /ot/ where you are?

No. 800666

American, and I feel like it's the morning and early afternoon in EST

No. 800670

Also in EST, and agree 110%. I'm normally up from 12 am to like 6 am, and it's pretty slow then. Then once I go to sleep and wake up at like 1 pm, there's a ton of activity to catch up on.

No. 800708

File: 1620341009218.jpg (14.49 KB, 317x281, me.jpg)

Does anyone have good jokes about males? There's so many cruel ones about women. Where are the ones about the inferior sex?

No. 800710

Just take any old offensive joke and replace it with males.
“Two males jump off a cliff. Who wins? Society”
“A scrote, a tranny and a fakeboi walk on to the farm. The farmer says “get the fuck out!”

No. 800735

File: 1620343302448.jpeg (328.62 KB, 1290x1720, 5ea910022b2ee.jpeg)

How long do YOU usually let nailpolish dry between layers? I haven't done traditional nailpolish in a while and it feels like it's taking forever, I always put a timer for 5-10 min depending on the color

No. 800742

File: 1620343689453.jpg (8.35 KB, 315x262, Duppy.jpg)

This is an incredibly specific question. Inb4 stupid dog name. I want to name my future puppy, "Duppy" (dog + puppy) and I'm really set on the name. I looked it up to make sure it doesn't mean anything horrible and found out Duppy is a common word for a haunting spirit or ghost in the Caribbean. The thing is, I happen to live in a specifically very west indian neighborhood. I'd guess the Caribbean population on my street is 80%. It's hard to understand through googling the intensity of the word Duppy itself. I don't want my dogs name to mean "Satan" or "Hellspawn" to my very religious Caribbean neighbors. I'm ok if it translates to something more benevolent like 'Boogieman" or "Ghost", though. Can some anon who knows Jamaican patois help me out? Pic rel is a Duppy, according to google.

No. 800745

That's a stupid dog name I'm sorry

No. 800753

Please name some female names that sound like bullies to you.

No. 800755

Sounds like guppy

No. 800756

Bianca even though i love the name and lots of local names that wouldn't really mean shit to most of my good sisters here

No. 800757

how do i cheat in a proctored exam ladies????????? i don't want to fail. it's for a core class completely unrelated to my major so i feel no remorse for doing so.

No. 800759

victoria/tori…i hate this one alot

No. 800761

alicia/alysia, madison, lindsay

No. 800762

Tiara, Tiana, Sierra, Rachelle, Cindy, Cynthia, Bianca, Kennedy, Imani, Jacklyn, Rachel, Patricia, Laurel, Hailey, Bree, Natasha, Desiree, Jasmine, Danielle, Melania, Ava

No. 800766

Alyssa, Alex, Regina (for obvious reasons), and Hailey

I'll also include "boy" names for consistency: Brad, Ryder, Blake, and Thomas

No. 800768

File: 1620346364295.jpeg (30.53 KB, 418x294, BF25BF97-5C50-4205-80F5-DE4E04…)

any nonnies also randomly get the sensation that they're drowning?

No. 800772

Girl, that's pneumonia.

No. 800845

File: 1620354346951.png (Spoiler Image, 54.22 KB, 234x275, 1620275931913.png)

After the image of this man was posted in the unconventional men thread a couple hours ago and the majority had the same reaction to it (including me) -that this man/picture just gives off major creepy vibes.
What do you guys think it is that makes this picture/ this man so incredibly eerie. I can't describe it. Personally it just makes me uncomfortable. I've also heard something about how everyone has dreamed of this man before? (Personally can't recall that but I also have to knock on some wood now because I don't want him to suddenly start appearing in my dreams)

No. 800848

Maybe because it's black and white, that's what gives the creepy vibes. Me personally, it doesn't look creepy - it just looks like a crappy passport pic from some thirdworld country and the guy looks like a foreign midget with a bushy unibrow. It's random, if anything.

No. 800849

it's creepy because it was created to be creepy since it is part of a creepypasta

No. 800850

Thank you so much for this Anon

This honestly makes a lot of sense and also made laugh so yeeyee for that!

No. 800851

Brb I'm getting snacks and have to look into this shit.
It's not like I gotta anything better to do at 4 am anyway

No. 800859

It’s from the have you seen this man dream thing if you need help with your search anon

No. 800891

I used that exact website that generated the face as a teen so it doesn't make me anxious

No. 800896

He literally looks like my uncle lmao

No. 800902

it’s because his irises are much larger in diameter than most people. most adults have around 11-13mm diameter irises but this illustration looks more around 15-18mm. plus the large eyebrows and blank expression and oddly compressed “short” face gives off a simultaneous old man AND baby face effect. its just the uncanny valley basically.

No. 800918

File: 1620364320003.jpg (171.34 KB, 1200x900, DDVRHinVwAAxCIx.jpg)

>According to this theory this man is the image of the Creator, that is to say one of the forms in which God manifests himself today. This is the reason why his indications and the words he utters during the dreams should be decidedly followed by the dreamers.
Imagine being a God and deciding to show yourself as this uggo. Couldn't be me

No. 800932

File: 1620365811309.png (60.35 KB, 900x755, AB0EA669-C8FE-42C4-AFB1-01B522…)

I was watching a documentary about Obey (the brand) many years ago and iirc this is some random German or Jewish or Italian or Greek guy from New Jersey who got his photo printed in his uncle’s factory for a news paper or something, and then one of the guys who made the brand took his photo and turned it into a sticker and then skaters started tagging with it everywhere and then the photo eventually got warped into what it is today.

No. 800965

How can someone with a round or wide face look "gaunt"?

No. 800967

if you still have sunken eyes and sunken cheeks I suppose, you see it on fat people with substance abuse problems

No. 800969

some people with rounder faces can still have sharp cheekbones and sharp faces, especially if they're skinny

>>800967 is right too, deeper set features = illusion that the face is more sunken

No. 800971

How come some couriers can give you a one hour time window on the day but others will still do the whole 'arriving by the end of the day' thing?

No. 800973

All I eat is eggs, avocados, salmon, and a little salt and lemon juice
I feel like shit, what vitamins am I missing?

No. 800974

File: 1620371466756.jpg (85.93 KB, 665x499, DSC00415.jpg)

>some random guy
if you're referring to the obey logo, that's andre the giant

No. 800990

That sounds like a really appealing diet ngl

No. 801004

File: 1620375482880.png (223.11 KB, 750x744, 3.png)

How many days in a row can I wear a hoodie if I'm wearing a shirt underneath? I'm getting out of a rut and went from wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks to changing every day and I'm not sure if my laundry is suppossed to pile up this fast.

No. 801005

All of them. Eat your fruits, veggies and get some sunlight

No. 801011

That is not even close to missing all of them, it's not even most of them

No. 801013

If I sweat a lot that day then one wear, if I don't then 2-3.

You can google washing charts that have listed how often you should wash what

No. 801063

do the armpits smell like sweat or it just feels dirty to wear?
yes? I wash it
no? it can go for another wear

For example jeans i work in I'm going to wash once a week because I wear them to work for lets say 20 hrs a week since it's part time
but I could wear those jeans for weeks if I only went to class in them and I only did some commuting and walking for two hours daily. It really depends. Shirts I generally wear only twice.

No. 801083

I just sniff test tbh. It's highly dependant on the day itself and level of activity.

I found myself changing my work shirt every day lately and thought 'well it's getting warmer, no biggie' Then I switched to a new deoderant and I'm suddeny getting an extra day out of tops.

No. 801087

When I'm asleep. t. Eurofag

No. 801109

I bought a virtual ticket to a show streaming live through LiveFrom SecureStream. I will get my unique link to the stream and I'm supposed to access it via browser. As a data hoarder at heart, I would love to record it (for my own use only, I do not plan to share it anywhere). Does anyone have experience with recording streams, especially on that platform? Really, don't want to get banned (though I doubt that it's possible if the streaming goes via browser and I use a computer program to record. Streaming via VLC, even if possible, seems dodgy).

No. 801116

What do you do to make yourself feel better when you’re in an awful depressive episode? Watching movies or whatever feels like too much, what can I do to zone out and go vegetable mode?

No. 801118

Maybe ASMR would help you? Maybe some comforting music, audiobook or a comfy podcast… Honestly, recently when I have one of my episodes, I cannot focus on anything so IDK how helpful any advice will be to you.

No. 801119

What name is "Gan" short for?

No. 801121


No. 801122

See, here I was thinking Gandalf or Ganfield

No. 801123

It’s *Garfield honey

No. 801126

File: 1620391730377.png (838.07 KB, 800x777, 1601203103040.png)

i can't tell if you're being serious but nonny pls

No. 801209

I had a dream I had very mild melanoma today. Should I get it checked out? Cancer doesn't run in my family but these dreams make me paranoid…

No. 801215

If small-time artists have commissions, small-time actors have ads or bit parts, writers have articles, and so forth, what do small-time musicians do? I mean singer-songwriter/producer types. I can’t imagine that they all do bar gigs, and Spotify doesn’t seem to pay very much?

No. 801220

I need to fake being ~10 pounds heavier for something, like a heavy garment that I can wear that's not too obvious. what do I do? I'm already planning to drink a ton of water

No. 801226

Ankle weights underneath loose fitting pants/bell bottom jeans?

No. 801227

File: 1620406287454.jpeg (106.06 KB, 800x1200, 741D9E1C-ACAA-4392-A79E-811798…)

Ankle training weights and frumpy or wide leg pants? Why tho.

No. 801229

They sing at parties and restaurants as well, depending on the type of music they can sing though.

No. 801237

You're probably helping someone with eating disorders, nonnies…

No. 801241

My thoughts exactly, sounds like OP needs to be weighted during a mandatory check-up by a doctor

No. 801242

my bets are on anachan bullshid

No. 801244

I really can't imagine any other situation where someone would fake to be heavier on a scale. Even in contact sports or lifting, you'd like to weight in lower, not higher.

No. 801258

A rowing coxswain could want to fake their weight I suppose

No. 801263

Wedding industry is full of musicians, both full time and making bonus money! I have a few singers in my family, they all do teaching full time and weddings on the side.

No. 801269

That sucks, i thought it was some acting stuff, like pretending to be fat or something.

No. 801275

Why the hell would it need to be basically unnoticeable then? Darn it, anon, you need to focus

No. 801282

File: 1620411110233.jpg (9.19 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

i never checked the artist salt threads cause i thought it was art anons giving each other advice. but ive started to and its all twitter artist drama? why isn't it in /snow/ instead?

it even makes more sense now considering theres now a sjw artist thread, a western animation thread, even the personal cows thread could be for shit artists. i don't know. i just find it odd to have a thread for art snowflakes in /ot/

No. 801283

How often and how much do non-alcoholic people drink on a weekly basis?

No. 801285

Not at all or socially, I’ll have 2-3 ciders through the night with friends.

No. 801287

May be just me, but I only drink at parties, never "casually" by myself, so in a normal non-covid timeline that would be about once a month, amount depending on the party lenght but never blackout drunk.

No. 801288

How do people get attached to others fast?

I know it can suck but I can't do it at all anymore.

No. 801292

yeah, you got me in my defense I'm on the edge of wannarexic, I still eat a meal a day but I'm naturally thin

No. 801293

Late answer and NTA but I think it's Chainsaw Man based on the art

No. 801296

Just keep talking to/hanging out with them. Out the effort in, and hopefully, they reciprocate it. If so long goes on and they don’t, move forward. It’s hard, but people don’t just click, it takes effort to find your person/people.

No. 801298

I might be wrong but it seemed like she was asking how it's possible when there are negative effects to this (codependency/love bombing)? Getting too attached before you really know someone. Hence the "I know it can suck"

No. 801300

>people don’t just click

Wait, shit, is this true? It would explain a lot as why I don't have friends. Guess I just didn't put in effort

No. 801305

I read it as asking how to form attachments quickly bc she’s been incapable of doing it lately which is why I answered the way I did! Just depends on what she meant.
*Put, not out btw
In my experience, yes. My best friend and I didn’t become best friends overnight or even the first two or three time we hung out, but we kept meeting up, and the more we learned about each other and time we spent together, the stronger our bond became. I’m becoming good friends with someone I’ve known around town for years, and we’re only now realizing how much we have in common/how well our personalities match because we spend time together and talk to each other despite “knowing” each other for years. I do think some people can just click, but for the most part, friendships have to be built and actively maintained, especially as adults.

No. 801307

which height is short for a male? is it really anything under 6'0 or is that just a meme?
t. short girl and never paid much attention to this

No. 801308

Where do you live? Big difference between China and Netherlands. Numbers without location mean nothing.

No. 801314

It’s relative, I think. I’m short and don’t care as long as the guy isn’t shorter than I am, but that’s only bc I’m 5ft tall and they’d have to be a literal midget. As far as I’m concerned a 5’6 dude is tall to me lol

No. 801317

I only drink on friends birthdays, maybe a glass or two (maybe it'd be a bit more if I didn't get dizzy at that already, but I don't think by a lot).

No. 801320

Imo, anything (a lot) shorter than your own height

No. 801324

same for me since i'm 5'2
but to clarify, i only want to know for writing purposes kek

No. 801325

File: 1620413567343.jpg (59.58 KB, 728x455, livHgss1JlN_Uq91S-g6K5iW1yb-yk…)


No. 801329

>tfw too womanlet to caress someone like this
Ah, for writing purposes, you could still think of it in terms of relativity—if you’re writing from the perspective of a certain character, describe them the way that character might perceive them. If you’re writing them as the narrator, I think burgerland tall is 5’10 or ‘11+, and am also burger.

No. 801342

Like other anons short is relative but I think as a general benchmark 5'6 or lower is considered noticeably short for a man.

No. 801348

you could always lie down or step on a step

No. 801349

To me anything of 1,75m (I think that's 5'9) or shorter is noticeably and uncharacteristically short for a man, but I don't live in the US.

No. 801351

No. 801385

To me,it's 5'6

No. 801387

No, people absolutely do click. It happened to me twice. The thing is, the chance is so small, you shouldn't count on it. Though tbh I'm socially retarded and cannot keep talking with boring people.

No. 801391

Fucking huh? Haven't you ever heard about the whole not everyone can be your friend stuff, some people just don't click/vibe/fit

No. 801394

Maybe once a month but not even that lately. When I do drink, it has been 1-2 beers or a wine bottle over the weekend.

No. 801402

File: 1620418227227.jpg (57.85 KB, 740x508, 243243432.jpg)

Is it retarded to be a STAHM?

My fiancé and I were having the kids talk and he said he wants me to me stay at home and the whole tradthot wazoo since we both don't like daycares, and to be quite honest i fucking hate working on an office setting, its just not for me and i put off joining the work force as long as I could, I know homesteading and raising kids isn't easy either but so far I've enjoyed doing housework fulltime way more.

No. 801403

Where are you from?
I cannot believe there is a place on earth where 1.75m is "uncharacteristically short".
That means that the average must be like 190cm or something, which I'm pretty sure is nowhere on earth, except in the households of NBA players.

No. 801409

Not at all, if you feel like it'd be fulfilling for you, why not

No. 801411

I support SAHMs but I feel like you should always have some kind of income on the side, just in case. It's not ever a good idea to only have one partner who is making money, for obvious reasons. I'm not exactly sure what kind of jobs SAHMs do other than opening an etsy shop or YT channel or something, but maybe you can check reddit or mom websites for ideas.

No. 801412

yes it's retarded

No. 801414


>your kids will turn out much better, and you can actually enjoy their childhood
>you are your own boss 100% of the time, you can plan the day however you like
>you don't have to entertain shitty coworkers
>having two paychecks is REALLY nice especially if you live in a HOL area
>you might get bored and have less opportunities to socialize with people
>you will be dependent on his income in case the marriage does not work out

There's probably more but this is what came to mind.

No. 801418

It's certainly more dangerous than to stay working. What are your plans for finances? As in, do you both have access to everything? Or will you have to ask for "pocket money"?

No. 801424

Why do I get almost roid rage/embarassment when someone interrupst my workout?

No. 801429

I don't think it is retarded. I understand that you want to see your kids grow up but you also need emergency funding in case something goes wrong or want to spoil yourself. Maybe you could compromise, like staying home the first few years and then slowly getting back & working part time? This way you will have your own money and can think about maybe changing your career field if you don't want to work in an office. Kids won't be small and needing their parents forever and after 20 years they will move out. Or maybe you could start a side thing like the anon >>801411 suggested.

No. 801430

Not retarded if it's something you want to do. It's only retarded if you do it because someone else pressures you into it, because you think it's a "woman's place" to be a sahm, or if your fiance doesn't let you spend money freely. If you aren't making your own money then you are reliant on his income completely not just for you and your kids' needs but also all of your entertainment and self-indulgence. If he is stingy or you have to get his approval for any of your purchases then you're working your ass off taking care of the home and kids for no pay, just necessities covered. And you'll most likely never get to have things just because you want them if you don't have equal budgeting and spending power. I suggest you guys have a serious talk about finances before committing to being a sahm. I have heard too many sahm horror stories where a woman has to beg her husband for money for necessities that he thinks the family doesn't need, and she doesn't get anything for self care, then gets berated for not taking care of her appearance or not being a fucking ray of sunshine when she gets literally nothing for herself, while her husband spends extra money how he pleases because it's 'his' money, it's absolutely awful and I would never be willing to risk it. I definitely recommend having some kind of side gig if you do end up going that route because you need access to your own money and some work experience on your resume in case things go south.

No. 801437

being dependent on his income isn’t an issue if the marriage doesn’t work out. Child support is a given and potentially alimony if you can prove you were ‘forced’ not to work by marriage/children. Daycare isn’t good for children under 3, but after that it isn’t as big of a deal. If you can take 3 years off, do it for sure. Side jobs - just make sure not to get preyed on by any MLM, they target SAHMs. If you need two incomes to survive, either move or rebudget or wait on kids. That’s my advice. Its good to raise your own children if you want to, and you can. Its worth sacrificing new clothes or vacations or whatever, and go down to one income stream for a few years.

No. 801451

I know what WASP mom stands for, but is the implication that they are a less aggressive Karen? Not saying I agree with the stereotypes, just trying to understand the characters as a non-burger.

No. 801452

File: 1620422123435.png (20.33 KB, 1354x173, scrotepost.PNG)

So this "IM NOT A SCROTE" was posted next to literal child sexual abuse media uploaded by the poster.
Are men actually retarded? What else makes you think a woman would spam a female image board with child porn? Jesus Christ.

No. 801455

Also anons is there a way to report these pedo scroteposters to the authorities without getting LC taken down?

No. 801460

He was just copying random posts to post that cp picture, though. He copied a lot of thread openers as well.

No. 801461

>I don't like your world view so you should BE SILENCED
So enlightened

No. 801465

File: 1620422822810.png (499.01 KB, 572x413, 1615819613350.png)

No. 801468

The implication is that they are aggressive because wasps are aggressive insects. I think it's safe to assume there is some overlap with WASP and Karen.

No. 801472

since my mom is at work I'll ask you guys. i just threw up what do

No. 801473

flush, wash your teeth, drink a lot of water

No. 801475

File: 1620423452239.jpg (94.67 KB, 837x656, oh-EuMJCjmlkX6vvsyhSJP0kaPVCI-…)

My skin is caramel toned, so not anywhere near as dark as first picture but also not as light as second picture, yet my spots look red with a purpleish undertone. Should I let them fade on their own or should I treat them as if they were pih? I have no idea whether its pih or pie, it wouldn't make sense I have pie

No. 801477

I can't believe 10 years old use this site now

No. 801480

Gives me troon vibes honestly, I heavily doubt that anyone on here would be that autistic about their “conservative” views. It’s just the incessant whining and sperging about not being included that rings alarm bells, hope they were banned

No. 801481

File: 1620424033862.jpg (155.63 KB, 1392x780, pih_vs_pie.jpg)

samefag, does it simply mean pie is uncommon on darker skinned individuals but can still appear on some? I feel maybe if this is the case this is why my skin hasn't seen improvement then, because i've been too harsh and treating them as you would pih.

No. 801484

Also anon unfortunately these scum bypass getting tracked by the authorities by using strong vpns and Tor. I hope the admin and jannies figure out an efficient way to get rid of them for good

No. 801495

Call her and tell what happened

No. 801496

Mento illness fitluv

No. 801500

Thanks! I hoped it would be a one time thing but the way it's going I think I'm gonna be sick all night ugh
Aw, I'm only going to bother her since she can't really answer the phone readily
Mentally I am there

No. 801522

Nta but is that the implication? I never thought the acronym was more than a coincidence with wasps

No. 801524

Why do people vape. It's just as unhealthy as smoking but 1000% more cringe.

No. 801529

File: 1620431244783.jpeg (210.03 KB, 789x614, 33D0E494-E65B-466C-A92A-7CDBD4…)

If cockroaches can survive a nuclear war, why do they die with bug spray and other poisons?

No. 801534

Their cells resist radiation better than human cells but they're not immune to poison

No. 801536

They don't die by the bug spray btw, they are just immobilized and they die of hunger or when ants eat them.

No. 801537

That’s horrifying, does that mean that even if you throw them out, they could come back unless some animal eats them?

No. 801545

I doubt they'd come back because their nervous system is basically fucked from the spray.

No. 801548

when a farmer replies to you do you reply back? I don't most of the time, I just read and only reply back if i feel like i have to. Is that rude?

No. 801551

Does melatonin work? What are the best ways to fall asleep for a very long time? Believe me I don’t want to be awake everyday for very long and sleeping seems to be my only escape but give me some really good sleeping tips and tricks anons?

No. 801554


No. 801556

> have a sleeping schedule set (going to sleep and waking up at similar time everyday)
> don't use screens for 1-2 hours before going to sleep
> have a light dinner
> use your bed only for sleeping (no studying, chilling, using your phone on bed during the day) -this is the most important tip imo, your brain will recognize laying down in the bed as the signal to relax and fall asleep -
> don't nap for too long (+30 mins) and after 2 pm
> stay active during the day (go outside, exercise - but not too late in the evening)
> relax before going to bed (reading, meditating, yoga positions)
> don't lie awake in bed, if you can't sleep, do something calming like the activities from above, walking a little bit, listening to soft music
all of this works for a healthy sleeping time, but what is a "long time" for you anon? I've found that ever since I got my sleeping together, it's impossible for me to sleep more than 9 hours. And regarding melatonin, I've friends taking it and it works for them!

No. 801557

Melatonin sorta works. It’s not like a sleeping pill, but if I take it and go to bed in an hour, I definitely get drowsy and fall asleep easier. It won’t knock you out like a traditional sleeping pill though.

No. 801558

It depends on the reply. I wish there was some way to acknowledge the reply without responding but I guess that would a "like" system which is inherently not very image-boardy and kind of stupid. Sometimes I feel bad because someone will give really great advice or sympathies but I don't want to shit up a thread with 'thanks anon!" even if it's saged. I wish anons could just feel my appreciation and love for them.

No. 801567

I want to sleep for at least 9-10 hours if possible, the more sleeping the better. I can’t stand waking life

No. 801569

I'll usually say thank you in the stupid questions thread, but in other threads, especially cow ones, I don't tend to respond to those who respond to me. My rule of thumb is if I feel some good banter going on though, I'll have some fun with other anons.

No. 801584

I know this isn't what you want to hear but regularly forcing yourself to sleep longer than your body's natural sleep cycle isn't good for you. You'll just be more tired, or you won't be able to fall asleep at a reasonable time later. I've heard most adults need between 7-9hrs depending on their personal makeup.

t. someone with a permafucked sleep schedule who wishes I hadn't done this to myself

No. 801599

I just googled it, and it looks like there's no negative side effects to masturbation? I've been listening to LC and thinking "oh no, if I fap and watch porn I'm gonna become an auto-coomer, just like a moid!!" but IDK it just doesn't seem legit. Why can't I read dumb hentai and sniggle the wiggle?

No. 801601

You know you can masturbate without watching porn, right?

No. 801612

File: 1620446386083.png (54.38 KB, 300x100, 4688AA5E-FB27-498B-8F8F-BD4226…)

What’s this guy’s name? I vaguely remember who he was every time I see this banner but my google skills can’t find his name or nickname.

No. 801613

tron guy

No. 801614

Yesss thank you. For some reason I thought his deal was Star Trek or Star Wars.

No. 801615

np, to be fair, star wars kid was around that same time

No. 801616

…I really miss the old days of the internet.

No. 801618

god same dude, it was better, even if only because we didn't know what was to come

No. 801619

I have said it before and I'll say it again, anons who bait and argue with multiple posters

>at once

>and always quote them with greentext

are 100% scrotes every time

No. 801620

File: 1620448764159.jpg (51.25 KB, 612x612, big egg.jpg)

an ostrich egg costs $75 for a good big one; you think I could do a mukbang video eating one of those and make the $75 back?
I have spent my entire life craving an ostrich egg, but it's hard to justify dropping $75 for one when I could buy an equivalent amount in chicken eggs for $3

No. 801621

you probably could make back the money and honestly if it's something you've been really wanting to try you might as well pursue it. i have heard that they taste kind of funky but hey, give it a go. $75 is a lot but trying new things is fun.

No. 801623

File: 1620449957146.jpg (26.89 KB, 1000x500, DeviledOstrichEgg.jpg)

man you're right, thank you nona

No. 801624

File: 1620450028426.jpg (116.45 KB, 750x733, E0TqDsRXIAMgROO.jpg)

Anyone know how KT achieved this font on twitter?

No. 801626

Try downloading one of those font apps, or searching up font generators. It looks like a mix of a bunch of different fonts/characters though

No. 801627

>I have spent my entire life craving an ostrich egg
Lmao. From where did this deep yearning come from anon? Are you just a big egg fan?

No. 801630

File: 1620450431107.jpg (96 KB, 1200x899, sizzlin.jpg)

>Are you just a big egg fan?

No. 801633

File: 1620450933048.gif (114.66 KB, 352x278, 754093750437534.gif)

Then I hope when you're not broke you can get that yoke! Good luck sis

No. 801639

It's not a font, it's just different Unicode characters (there are thousands of them). The Twitter app still displays all tweets in the same font. Like >>801626 said she most likely used an app or website to generate it.

No. 801640

what are some places/websites where I can get a dirt cheap laptop? I want to be able to get into coding and maybe web designing (not as something to make a job out of just seems like it could be a fun new hobby). All I have on me is a chromebook and I feel like it won't be enough. Especially since I want to mess around with linux too.

No. 801642

File: 1620452501022.png (229.19 KB, 383x396, t530.png)

Look into getting a refurbished ThinkPad, I have a T530 that I found with this guide: https://yttrium-tyclief.github.io/guides/Thinkpads/index.html (I think the prices they list are out of date, I got mine cheaper).
They're known for being easy to upgrade so you can buy a cheaper refurb one and upgrade it yourself for less money (be sure to research and make sure the model you buy is compatible with the specs you want).

They're also aesthetic as fuck, I love the chunky plastic case and the keyboard is great to use.

No. 801643

Thanks anon, I'll look into it.

No. 801651

Good pick. I have a T series that's so old it has IBM badging and hasn't died yet. T series is their top line.

T530 is probably one of the ones that still had hot-swappable batteries and if anon wants to take it off-road, the best thing to do would be to find an unused compatible battery to put in it that may have better capacity than what the refurb has.

No. 801652

Melatonin does help, as the other anons say it isn't a sleeping pill per se but it does help me to feel drowsier, and helps me to stay asleep a little bit more than if I took nothing at all. If you want to sleep longer, I also recommend a white noise machine and blackout blinds. The consistent noise helps. I work night shift so I know about sleeping badly, as in going to bed when the sun is coming up.

No. 801654

how much egg salad do you reckon somebody could make with one of those?

No. 801657

Hey anyone here that can tell me about working at Holland and Barrett? I have a manager I think I disappointed. She yells a lot. And at me. Even if I fix other people’s mistakes too silently but get caught. I am not a good worker but…it’s just my third day. Never had any other job before. I overwork to compensate. Like if I have to stop working at 1 pm I work til 6 pm. If I have to stop working at 5 pm I work til 6 pm. I have little hours in my contract because I have a cognitive deficiency too so I am trying to get a degree (high school one and trade school).
Maybe should have told more in details what I do wrong, I’m depressed however and it’s painful because the things I do wrong just roots to disabled people stuff.
I have hearing loss. I have adhd. Stuff like that. Kinda painful. Wish I were dead.

No. 801659

>Working in retail
anon pls.. Don't """secretly""" fix other peoples mistakes and don't work over hours.
Are you on any medication?

No. 801660

Have you done other videos before? Maybe it’s worth trying to see how much you could make back from cheaper food. Or you could look at the views and suspected earnings of other ostrich egg videos.

That price is shocking though. I’ve never heard of one being eaten in my country but I found a local store selling them for under 30 USD. I worked at a petting zoo as a teenager and the manager gifted me one when I left - if there’s something similar near you, maybe you could get it cheaper?

No. 801664

I was over at my uncle's when he bought and scrambled an ostrich egg. The texture was pretty nasty, honestly and we all agreed it was a mistake

No. 801671

nta, but what was the texture like? From this video, it looks like just a regular egg, just bigger

No. 801672


Your manager shouldn't be yelling at you at all. It's your third day - you're still in training, it's completely normal to make mistakes. Is she like that with other employees?
Also don't stay later than your set shift, especially when they're not even appreciating it. Wait a week or maybe two and see if you've settled in a bit better - the first few days of a new job are always confusing and stressful.

No. 801677

If you have a following I guess you could?

75 usd is shockingly expensive though, are you sure you can't get them for less from some private ostrich keeper or whatever? They sell for 25 euro (~30 usd) here.

No. 801680

My neighbour is a manager at a Holland and Barrett and she'd never yell at her employees, that's not normal. It's not your fault, even if your manager is dissatisfied with your work to the point she thinks your unsuitable for it, that still doesn't warrant yelling. Also don't overwork, you're not getting paid enough for that shit.

No. 801681

Maybe bc it’s so big the scrambling caused it to cook unevenly? Versus just letting it sit like in the other anon’s video

No. 801684

Aww you guys are right. Never am gonna do that ever again. Fucking ever. She makes me too scared to fully take my 30 mins break so I only do 20 mins or 15 mins ones.

Yeah adhd meds but i think too low of a dose (something around the 30 mg I’m right now really too depressed to even check that out). Plus some basic Supplements like vitamin d3 not from fucking shit&barrell.

She’s not like that with other employers.

I am not overqualified ofc that’s some bollocks of course coz I don’t even have a degree, but in april she used to let me work secretly unofficially which made me think she was a chill boss (lol manager) that does not go by the rules…except she let me stay in some storage room to pack in some pick & order boxes. i never snitched and I never broke that rule to stand in the store. I know not a thing about the store because I was locked up in the storage room. Not sure if I even will get paid for that pre-hired work. But It was so much better than being in the store….with her….

On my first official day ever she said to not use the cashier for today. And then 30 mins later she let me use it after all…

She let me buy a snack and a non effective energy drink from their shit store, I told her I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and if I could quickly consume it (the rest drink water and tea constantly so why can’t I?…it takes less time than drinking a cup of warm tea……..). I assumed that she said yes (?).
So anyways I was in the storage room for 3 seconds and opened the can. She yells at me and says “you never worked for a company?!”
It’s a small ass store and nobody was there….everyone is hydrated except for me?….She said it herself that I don’t need to like tea or coffee..

I think I stay away from her to protect myself and just do my job in peace. And I will most definitely pray every day she gets a temper and scolds me for my retardation so someone else will file a complaint against her and get her fired. Too bad this manipulative woman knows when to do it (when nobody’s in the store)

No. 801685

Yeah i agree that most holland & barrett managers aren’t rude. Some old hags (idk what the male equivalent is of a hag ) however are control freaks. I think some managers are the equivalent of jannies. They’re losers and I am thankful that her ass gets paid just as much as I do.

No. 801691

the problem lies with porn, not with masturbation lmao

No. 801715

what using only LC does to a mf, you gotta develop some critical thinking skills if you're to stay sane on the internet.

No. 801742

you're adorable anonita I hope you are feeling better

No. 801744

ayrt yea it looks like the mistake we made was scrambing it instead of frying. We were attempting to feed 10+ people so a large fried egg would have made an odd choice. As for the texture, it was just rather gooey and didn't mix together well. A lot of strange white clumps idk

No. 801775

Is it dumb to get the covid vaccine on your period

No. 801776

Holland and Barrett is truly the worst job I ever had. There is so much sexual harrasment that goes on in it, I had a manager frequently make lewd jokes towards me and get needlessly close, another manager at another store was grooming a 17 year old girl buying her apple watches and over paying her, supervisors that would make jokes about me being raped and having casts of my vagina made to sell to customers.

Upper management? Also terrible, they don't give a shit about you and only promote their close friends. Our store needed another manager once ours quit so the area manager fucked around so she could keep it open for her friend for the higher pay bracket and then moved her to an easier place - then moved another manager to ours. That manager didn't want to move so they got offered higher pay as well. Only, once they got there the pay didn't change so they went to payroll and the area manager denied everything. Area manager got in trouble because her emails were used as proof as she was lying so she made it her mission to get our manager fired until he quit after 5 years with the company. In the time I was at the company we went through 7 managers.

I have many many other horror stories of both customers and colleagues.

No. 801785

Are all men cheaters. Do loyal men exist.

No. 801789

They do, but as far as I know there is no way to know for certain that you have one. Also if you have one, you might still fall out of love with them yourself because your whole life is a long, long time

No. 801790

Is it socially acceptable to drink wine while studying and by studying I mean procrastinating and sometimes writing shit about property law

And if it's acceptable… any other nonnies having a drink?

No. 801793

There's no way to know for sure, but there must be some. A think there are a lot of opportunistic men that cheat occasionally if they are very confident they won't be found out. You only really hear about the ones that are careless or absolutely do not care about losing their relationship.

No. 801796

>Taking smaller breaks than you're meant to
>Working for free
Don't do that anon. Only work when you're getting payed or it becomes something other people have to do too and that will lead people to resent you.
I also hate to say it but in real life nobody is going to file a report about the way the manager treats you except yourself. You're going to have to learn to stand up for yourself. At the end of the day this is just one job, if it doesn't work out you'll find another.

No. 801800

Does eating only soup for days count as crash dieting?

No. 801802

I'd say yes.

No. 801828

With all the Y2K nostalgia, do you think tecktonik will eventually make a comeback?

No. 801830

i have this fucking laptop for work and hate it because the ctrl key is not at the lower left corner but next to that and eeeverytime i want to copy and paste or whatever it doesn't because i hit the wrong key.
aside from that it's a great computer.

No. 801836

I have a carton of full fat milk that is going to expire in 2 days.
What do I cook with it?
So far I have:
>mashed potatoes
>bechamel sauce

No. 801841

Put it in an icecube bag and save it for sauces

No. 801862


No. 801985

File: 1620508678012.jpg (12.26 KB, 300x283, ba duh buh buh buh.jpg)

Should I drop my insecurity about my "lunch lady" arms and just wear a sleeveless dress without a cover?
I have a photoshoot in a couple of weeks and have always been embarrassed about my fat arms. One of my friends made a pretty harsh comment to me a few years ago when I was a bridesmaid for her wedding: She allowed us to wear a covering with our dresses until she told me last minute that I had to take it off in front of the entire ceremony, mortified I hesitated, and then she said "It doesn't make a difference anyway!" Implying I looked fat either way and hiding it wasn't gonna do any good.
So here I have this sleeveless dress for the photoshoot, wondering if I should cover up even though the temperature has been sunny and warm. I wore my dress outside to get the mail and two women rolling past in their car complimented my dress. I feel like nobody except myself cares about my ugly arms, so trying to cover them will just make me look more insecure. It is what it is so maybe I should just embrace it?

No. 801987

I know it's more about how you see yourself but no one cares about people's arms. Do what makes you comfortable but truly, no one sane gives a fuck about other women's arms, I would say go for it sleeveless.