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No. 784920

Go ahead, ask your question. We won't laugh. OK, we will, but only a little.

previous thread >>>/ot/775406

No. 784925

Guys, how long is frozen meat edible? I got some meat from my mom that I just dethawed but it says it expired last year December. If it was frozen before that, is it still okay to eat?

No. 784927

Most definitely okay to eat.

No. 784928

Thank you!!

No. 784950

Everyone organizes their apps by color right?

No. 784954

Is it just me or there's more goreposting nowadays?

No. 784955

kek I was just thinking about putting all my blue icon apps on the same page

No. 784957

I have custom icons now but before that, yes. They're color coded on my computer as well.

No. 784958

Is it weird to not like any women on television? I like dudes on the telly, but not girls. But irl, every girl is so damn beauiful???

No. 784959

I order and list mine by categories/type

No. 784960

No…but you just peer pressured me into doing it. Do you put the multicolored ones like google apps into their own group or?

No. 784962

Maybe it's because they have to wear lots of makeup on tv

No. 784963

No, they're ordered by funcionality or type, i.e. social media with social media, games with games, photo-stuff with photo-stuff

No. 784972

No, mine have zero organisation, I just remember where to look for commonly used apps

No. 784981

What is Lite mode?

No. 784985

How do I stop fidgeting and picking at my body. I must look like a spaz or a drug addict. Occasionally my bf will have to tell me to chill out in public (he doesn't bother me at home about it)

No. 784999

Just a version of the website with some things disabled to make the website load faster if you have problems with that

No. 785004

What could be some reasons for someone avoiding relationships?

No. 785015

You consume less calories when browsing this site. It was strictly made for anachans. It does give you terrible side effects though. Wouldn't recommend.

No. 785024

avoidant attachment style? some people just don't want relationships for no particular reason too.

No. 785050

Is it possible to drink a lot (like 4 days/week), but eat healthy and workout, and still lose weight? I need to lose a lot of weight, but I can't totally give up drinking because no coping skills.

No. 785053

File: 1618610063406.png (32.18 KB, 465x355, india.PNG)

Are there any anons from India, or someone knowledgeable who could confirm whether what I've read it's true? I apologize for being ignorant on the topic.
While reading about some mystery disappearance of an tourist in India, I've encountered and account of an european woman who's claimed to have lived in India with her husband for many months because of his work contract. She's said that India is INSANELY dangerous anywhere outside Delhi and popular tourist attractions, to the point of it being impossible to safely move around without hiring bodyguards, even claimed to have almost been stoned at one point when she travelled somewhere (with both husband and bodyguard) without covering her hair/face. I've thought of visiting India before and of course I knew it's not like, idk, walking around in Switzerland, but at the same time I've never heard of it being such an extreme danger. Is it even true?

No. 785086

would not recommend visiting India alone anon especially if you're a woman. dark stuff happens there.

No. 785087

Nayrt but I’m curious now. Please tell more

No. 785089

The only thing I ever heard about India was that a random guy kept telling me that men get sexually assaulted by women 55% times more than women get assaulted there. I still wonder if that's actually true, because he started screaming about it when I tried speaking about the times I was sexually assaulted as a teenager.

No. 785091

Lots of young female tourists are raped and murdered. Scarlett Keeling's case comes to mind off the top of my head.

No. 785097

Why don't you come over Valarie?

No. 785099

Nah, but I did get a good lawyer

No. 785100

File: 1618613363041.png (81.81 KB, 694x801, 1412626224514.png)

If I'm going into a STEM degree/field how do I deal with general scrotery?

No. 785101

Put your house out up for sale?

No. 785107

I am still in college but in my experience there are many scrotes but not much scrotery. But maybe that's because I don't really talk to anyone

No. 785115

I've figured it would definitely not be good for alone travels but I found it surprising a woman with a man that is not local would still need a local bodyguard, allegedly, that's a whole new level of danger I guess I haven't associated India with.
I haven't heard of Scarlett Keeling, read up on her now, she was just there on vacation with her family, so tragic. I thought Goa coast is highly turistic, would expect it to be relatively safe, but a quick google search suggests there were more than a few tourists murders there… so scary you don't even know these things until you search for them specifically.

No. 785123

No. 785126

Oh my God! I searched it now and there was a picture of her dead body! This is sickening, nobody deserves this!!!! I hope that the motherfucker who did this to her is tortured to death

No. 785170

india's a very, very bad place for women, even foreigners. it's actually considered one of the most unsafe place for women in the world, andf the fact that the governement is super religous means patriarchy and rape culture are entrenched at every level of society

this is the kinda level they're at:



(both of these articles deal woth graphic rape stories so be warned)

No. 785178

nta, but my mother's friend is obsessed with India, went there several times alone and it always surprised me how she never got hurt. She's in her 50s tho

No. 785220

File: 1618629846877.jpg (40.73 KB, 600x480, 1231251561.jpg)

Hello, nonnies. Today I'm conducting a survey on infighting. Have you ever infighted on lolcow.farm? Any long drawn out 10+ reply chain accusing someone of being a scrote or a tranny? Perhaps you settled with calling them a "retard newfag" instead in hopes of not getting banned. Tell me all about it, what made you so upset and why?

No. 785224

File: 1618630430780.jpeg (92.73 KB, 236x275, 1557877681526.jpeg)

Most of the "infighting" I've done has been jokey jokes. I've never had any actual malice when replying to someone here. I'm a stickler for rules too, so I wasn't about to break more rules by accusing someone of being a scrote or trans. I usually engage when I want to share a one-off thought toward someone I disagree with. I tend to have a "le devil's advocate" approach to most issues so I don't find myself getting genuinely heated about anything, and if I do, I just keep scrolling because it's not worth arguing with you guys. It won't resolve anything.

No. 785232

File: 1618632150352.jpeg (70.23 KB, 556x409, A4011995-C578-4986-9830-E74EA3…)

I’ve only gotten into 1 long infight, it was retarded. And short ones because some anons are really bitter and fucking annoying.

No. 785236

What do you do if you have a bad experience dining out? Do you complain and ask to not pay for your food or do you just pay and never come back?

No. 785237

I've never had my nails done or got a manicure. Is there a chance it would hurt????

No. 785244

If your nail tech is shit, yeah it could if they cut your cuticle or something. Usually if I get acrylics it feels weird and hurty for like an hour since my nails aren't used to it but its fine after. If it does hurt let them know immediately but it shouldn't at all. It's pretty relaxing but the only con is your can't use your phone. I highly recommend gel anon since it lasts way longer than regular polish and it'd be dry instantly compared to regular polish!

No. 785245

If they aren't careful when they push back your cuticles, at least for me that's been the worst.

No. 785247

>devil's advocate
god I hate this shit

No. 785248

The latter. I still want to pay them for their labor, even if it was lackluster. And if I'm with someone else during the experience, we might clown on the place for the rest of our lives as an inside joke.

No. 785250

Unless we're talking downright discrimination and prejudice, I'm willing to hear people out, even if I disagree with them wholeheartedly. It happens all the time on here. I respect that none of us have had the exact same set of events nor circumstances happen to us, so how can I expect everyone to originally be on my page on every topic? If you meant the phrase itself, then yeah, I don't ever say that in conversation. I'm not trying to sound like a Reddit archetype.

No. 785251

File: 1618634573391.jpeg (32.13 KB, 421x421, C31ECD4E-381B-4973-8067-4C41D0…)

doomer posts bother me the most because I don't want to leave them unchecked in case a sad anon stumbles on that, when they're wrong that is. so I think that is when I committed the sin of infighting most recently. of course it was idiotic to. afterwards I want to hug the anon I fought with every time. god I'm female socialization the musical

No. 785254

Most of the time (not here specifically but online in general) I've seen people do the devil's advocate approach to groups that don't deserve to be heard (pedos, scrotes, and other degenerates) so I don't trust it.

No. 785256

bitch i just ate a fuckin raw egg
am I gonna die?

No. 785259

File: 1618635680418.jpeg (340.36 KB, 750x741, FCE70936-6334-4ED6-9D04-D2F48A…)

Oh, nah. Those groups can kick rocks too. If you're potentially putting anyone in danger (directly or indirectly), you don't deserve to have a seat at the table. I can see what you mean now.

No. 785261

No, some people eat raw eggs daily because they’re a really nice source of protein and vitamins, I wouldn’t do that again though, be careful next time.

No. 785263

File: 1618636126196.gif (917.04 KB, 360x270, owls.gif)

When it's about personal opinions or just obvious BS regarding politics or gender or cartoons or whatever, I try to ignore it, but then I sometimes start to think that the person's retarded opinion might spread somehow, which means I'll have to see it again and get irritated a second time. The logic is that I might as well just blow off the steam then and there.
Sometimes it's just that an anon insults me for whatever reason, so I decide to give them one back, and it goes on like that. I try to avoid calling people trannies or scrotes unless they're just too obvious, though. Lately, I think LC has actually been more chill and laid-back than usual, at least in my experience.

No. 785269

Is it even possible to have bangs and have a skincare routine? Since I started putting more stuff on my skin my bangs just get greasy so fast.

No. 785281

you can tie back the rest of your hair and wash your bangs with a little dot of shampoo over the sink in no time if they look bad. and takes like 20 second to dry them with the blow dryer. I used to do that when I had bangs but it was because I really needed to wash all my hair and didn't have time so I also pulled some face framing pieces forward to wash too then put it up in a ponytail

No. 785283

Those owls are menacing af

No. 785288

phew, thank you

No. 785301

Does anyone ever get disgusted that they visit this website to gossip? I have been feeling like this lately. Like why does it matter what people do while they’re alive, we all did anyway. Some people definitely deserve to have their nonsense documented but other times it just gets to a level a pettiness that makes me want to vomit. Am I alone in this?

No. 785302

no you're not alone. I want to quit but the fun side like /ot/ and hearing people's honest opinions keeps me addicted. but it feels bad man

No. 785303

I will have autistic slapfights with anons for fun sometimes. Like, I had this huge infight calling everyone sugar addicts, it's not my fault that so many of you got triggered and I couldn't resist it. Or, I called landlord-hating anons junkies and went with them back and forth, again not entirely on me, if you're gonna be an opinionated autist some bigger autist is gonna try out-do you.

No. 785304

I can appreciate lighthearted fun but when anons start saying "let's see if we can find out where this cow lives" by comparing their surroundings to places around the world, I really pick up on how detached from reality this site can be sometimes. That's why I stick to lurking on the drama boards for the most part. I never want to come back and know I potentially contributed to those discussions. Call me a moral anon, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 785306


I’m glad I’m not alone. People who deserve their lives to be ruined aside, when the whole doxxing stuff happens or people start looking for family members for more “milk”, it’s so nauseating. I love honest opinions and I like seeing information but only if it was already public… I don’t know. Maybe I’m just becoming more aware of how toxic anons can be when they don’t like someone.

No. 785308

>Does anyone ever get disgusted that they visit this website to gossip?
lol never

No. 785310

I remember immediately picking up on your sugar unpopular opinion being bait/a joke, so I replied with a silly joke back. Tbh, I was surprised that it went on for so long. The landlord one was the same way. If I see another infight where someone repeats the same insult, I'll just remember it's you, nonny

And you can't say anything without sounding like a wk. Even if you have no personal stake in the cow! At least majority of the time, our anons don't go to the lengths of you know who's users do. Don't feel bad for retaining your sense of self-awareness. That's one natural instinct that really comes in handy for posting here, in my opinion.

No. 785337

Was speed dating ever a real thing or is it something they only showed in shit like CSI to say "omg look at how degenerate young people are."

No. 785351

What does it mean if I look hentai of solo anime girls sometimes but don't masturbate over it or get turned on and have a sexually fulfilling straight relationship? Is it coomer? Coomer adjacent?

No. 785381

I went to some anime conventions and there was some speed dating things there

No. 785382

that's even worse

No. 785383

Do we have different definitions of speed dating? From what I know it's a set up meeting of a group of single people where they sit and talk one on one for like 5 minutes, and then switch with another person, to get to know everyone attending the meeting; and later choose (or not) who they'd like to go for a real date with. IDK why would anyone consider it degenerate tho….

No. 785385

I've never ever ever heard of speeddating outside the context of fictional media

No. 785388

So weird. I've never attended but seen events like this being organized in every city I lived in.

No. 785389

Is gurugossip gone for good?

No. 785390

It was often shown in boomer medias as some weird thing, like young people are not able to meet each other "traditionally".

No. 785403

It's a real thing, I went a few times, but most of the men were either incels or old men looking for a young trophy wife

No. 785435

File: 1618665831618.jpg (203.11 KB, 600x829, simurgh-web-copy.jpg)

Nonnies please help me
I feel like pic related (with so many thoughts in my head)

I think I might be bipolar. Before I was misdiagnosed with BPD but I'm clearly not BPD because I don't do risky things like risky sex or drugs. I've discussed it with therapists and no I'm not BPD.

But I've been seeing that sometimes I have manic episodes. Times when I feel super energetic, super happy, I'm the queen of the world and I can do anything. Then there's times like right now when I'm in a funk, I feel like I'm the worst of human beings, that I don't deserve anything.

I'm tired of this shit. What should I do now??

No. 785437

Definitely go to a therapist and work out your feelings and emotions as there could be a lot more underlying problems as well. Gently avoid or be very wary the ones who on the first day suggest medication, because that might not be for everyone. Not everyone needs medication, only the one who are very severely affected by it (schizophrenics/schizotypal). It depends on how lengthy these episodes are, are you more manic and energetic or more morose/depressed?

No. 785439

I'm usually more depressed. I have OCD and ADHD and I take citalopram. idk. I often go from "I want to make the best of my life, make my relationship happy, I can do this" to now that I'm like… doubting everything, anxious, I want to die.

No. 785440

File: 1618666704118.jpg (19.96 KB, 87x150, 2m.jpg)

How much should I actually trust tarot vs keeping myself optimistic and believing in people?

No. 785443

This sounds like bipolar disorder/manic depression.

No. 785446

Can we have a frequently made stupid questions post? Like:
>am i too old to: wear something, get into a hobby, make friends, go out, find a partner, get a hairstyle/haircut?
And such? Because the answer for those is always no, you’re not old, you’re in an age range of 18 to 50 something and you’re only too old to do those things if you’re 99 years old and connected to a machine that won’t let you move around.

No. 785448

I mean, we could make a pastebin, but anons sometimes like asking it because they want the comfirmation, not the "yes" itself. They want a kind person to be kind to them and give them words of affirmation. I support them asking if they need help. No stupid questions in the stupid questions thread

No. 785449

This. Anon wants interaction with other humans

No. 785450

the problem is nobody would read it anyway

No. 785462

File: 1618669157776.png (47.66 KB, 224x212, AAAAAAAAAAA.png)

See now I feel more happy now. I'm listening to "Alive" by Sia and feeling super energized. I'm like "I'M AALIIIIVEEEEEEE" lol. God if I could only feel like this all the time!

No. 785465

What's an alternative to google drive for saving some files for free? I want to back up some files but I don't think I can use google drive because it's copyrighted material and from what I heard google can take that down.

No. 785467

This should probably go in the employment thread but here goes: how bad would I look if I got offered (and accepted) a position in a company, but asked if I could apply to a different position within the same department?

Some background: I saw an advertisement for the job right after I accepted the one I originally applied for, and HR has already sent me the onboarding documentation to fill out. Would I seem like a jackass if I asked if I could interview for the new job? It's so much more in line with my career plan and I only accepted the previous position so I might stand a chance of transferring to it later on. Why couldn't I just have waited a while longer fml I have the WORST timing…wwyd, /ot/?

No. 785471

Dropbox gives you 2 GB of free storage, and pCloud gives 10. Only ever used these two, hope they help

No. 785491


No. 785500

MEGA gives you 50GB.

No. 785510

File: 1618674252150.png (199.49 KB, 626x417, 0_3jXgUaJyDOKJgD8e.png)

Any recs for active tumblrs with no discussions, just pretty images? I'm not picky, really anything with art or photography

No. 785516

Why do I get upset when someone talks about something I really like that isn’t too popular but then it gets popular because the person talked about it? I hate that.

No. 785518

It's no fun when people used to bully you because of said hobby suddenly start to like it and pretend it never happened

No. 785536

It makes me really salty as well, I used to get bullied for wearing huge bows and twin tails, guess what got in after a while? I also remember getting told at 18 that I was too old to style my hair with twin tails and space buns, guess what got popular?
It’s really annoying but I guess it can’t be helped.

No. 785547

Same nonners. We’re just ahead of our time. I was into goth, grunge and 90s before it became popular and now I’ve moved on to 80s fashion which will probably be the next big thing

No. 785559

Where can I buy a cute duvet cover

No. 785563

Ugh this exactly. That’s why I love having no friends

No. 785569

Google for manufacturers local for your country, places like ikea have nice stuff but generic, nothing cute.

No. 785583

Same here, I was an aiden before tumblr was even a thing and I got bullied for it for years. Grew out of it, now I'm a stinky cishet and everyone else is trooning out. Wore mom jeans back when skinny jeans and Instagram eyebrows were still all the rage and got called frumpy. Guess what came into fashion?

No. 785584

File: 1618683822795.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

How do you stop focusing on follower/likes/retweet counts? Also has anyone tried artfol?

No. 785588

Personally I just woke up and decided fuck social media. It's a bad habit you need to work to break. The way twitter conditioned artists to pump out work after work to engage with the algorithm is unhealthy. Instead of scrolling on twitter or when I stress about it i try doing extra studies or experimental pieces. Draw like your kid self is watching you in awe as you show her how good you are now. Focus on what you're drawing and not who you're drawing for. Then eventually you'll condition yourself out of even caring. And consider, unless you're making the fast food art for large consumption that your work may never reach a huge audience and that is okay! No one ever says this but it's TRUE. If even 5 people resonate with my work then I'm satisfied. Anyways I know it's hard though so good luck

No. 785594

Make a conscious effort on not looking at your social media numbers. Every time you feel like doing so, do your best to stop yourself. With time it will become easier and you'll feel less and less need to see it, until you will just stop caring. It's actually hard work when you are obsessed with it, but you can do it, I've managed.

No. 785600

File: 1618685661185.gif (934.13 KB, 275x220, 1DE62D41-D8AF-4397-A273-CCE7EF…)

You can view such things in different ways:
>receiving likes doesn’t mean someone cares about what you’re posting
Some people will just like random stuff, sometimes because someone else liked it, because it seems interesting when overlooked or because it follows some way of thinking that lets them be the woquest of the woquest or because it makes them seem edgy.
>huge follower count doesn’t mean they can see what is being posted
I follow a bunch of high end brands but I barely see anything they post on my feed/timeline/whatever, they have a bunch of followers, but not all of them can actually see the things they post right at the moment unless they catch it at the right time. Which is why it’s recommended to have an uploading schedule, which is a fucking chore unless you’re paying someone to do that.
>going viral is probably the worst thing that could happen to a normal person
If you have a tiny, single little thing that could be used against you the moment you go viral, bitter bitches will try to doxx you, harass you and probably find a way to ruin your offline life. But what if you don’t have such a thing? They will try to find a way to make you fall because of envy.
>having a huge number of followers doesn’t mean they’re buying shit
Just like you and I, people will follow someone because they live their dreams through them, whatever it is, they’re just looking at the pretty pictures and daydreaming about random things. You could be posting the best quality shirts in the market, but maybe 200 of your 100k followers will buy them, which sounds like a lot, but not when you have an actual business in which you’ve invested to be able to sell to 100k people.
I know it’s doomer and retarded shit but It’s honestly what made me stop giving a fuck.
If you want to have a business, just talk with other people in your branch or related to what you’re trying to sell and do alliances with them, maybe you will gain a bunch of followers, maybe you won’t, but there’s a big possibility that you might have a stable number of clients, which is what matters.
If you’re doing it for clout, it lasts just the same amount of time that a cube of ice will last in a cup at the beach.
pic related is how I feel posting this essay

No. 785610

I want to order some tea tree oil from an online pharmacy in my country but the product page has this big warning 'proof of delivery required for this item'

What does that mean? I've bought adult items from the same place before and there's no warning on them. I bought acidic shit that burns off veruccas, no warning on that. Fucking tea tree oil? lol

No. 785613

How much can you trust tarot?

No. 785614

Trust sanic instead

No. 785635

File: 1618688032205.png (435.51 KB, 494x449, bubblepoptoy.png)

If you're a naturally fidgety person it's probably going to do more harm than good to try and force yourself to stop entirely. You could try to redirect fidgets that you don't want to do in public into different, more discrete ones.

Idk how you feel about fidget toys but there's many different kinds. My friend and I are both obsessed with picrel and it's pretty discrete to hold in your hand (I found the pic searching "bubble pop keychain toy" but they're sold under different names). If you struggle with body picking maybe get something you could run your fingers on with a nice texture? I'm thinking about putting an astroturf sample on my phone case to redirect myself from picking at my eyebrows.

gimpgirl is that you

jk it sounds like you have an appreciation for the art/aesthetic if you like to look at it without being turned on? I don't think there's anything wrong with that, I think a lot of hentai is aesthetic and technically skilled.

No. 785636

File: 1618688101820.jpeg (109.52 KB, 730x960, A6C152E1-C926-41A0-A1C7-688CEF…)

Is it grooming if I met my bf when he was 13. And I was 16. (He was turning 14 that year) He’s underage now I’ve been an adult for two years and he’ll be one this year sometimes I feel like I groomed him

No. 785637

as much as astrology

No. 785645

how old were you guys when you got together?

No. 785663

He was 13 (almost 14) and I had just turned 16

No. 785667

File: 1618689571973.jpg (13.57 KB, 420x255, hansen.jpg)

>almost 14

No. 785669

Anon I don't want to judge but I am

No. 785671

that's…weird, anon.

No. 785678

I gossip only about cows that I find to be morally questionable such as scamming or bullying undeserving people and generally being shit human beings because I want them to stop causing harm to others. Also the egoistical cows that need to be knocked down a peg, and some of them have chilled out after being called out for their attitude. I'd actually feel bad talking shit about people who are mostly just minding their own business while being eccentric or destructive only to themselves but this site has a lot of insecure anons who thrive on nitpicking camgirl vaginas.

No. 785679

I am not a pedophile I am based and cougarpilled

No. 785680

cope harder i'm calling the police

No. 785681

Why did you even ask in the first place if you were gonna backtrack and cope this hard

No. 785687

No, anon, being cougarpilled is when you’re 40 and you’re dating a 30 year old that you met when he was 30 years old, not when he was 10 and you were 20.
Being 16 and dating a kid in his 13’s or 14’s is quite fucking retarded, what are you even going to talk about? Paw patrol? Dora the explorer?

No. 785689

Why would you even want to date a child instead of a Chad? You're gross btw.

No. 785692

What happened to that one vintage cow Ashley who was severely anorexic? Did she die?

No. 785693


No. 785696

If you have to round it up by saying 'he was almost this age' then you know you've fucked up.

No. 785710

Does anyone else absolutely hate being in male majority communities or liking interests men mostly graviate to discussion wise? I really despise scrote aggression and their overall unproductiveness

No. 785713

I can't remember how I compared at 16 to 13/14 year olds, or how I saw them, so I'm trying to give anon benefit of the doubt as it is only a 3 year age difference and both would've been minors… But if it is creepy then I think anon still has hope to cut it off and likely I don't think she's a pedo, maybe it's confusing in that period of puberty where everyone's awkward and in-between together? Like I wouldn't call the boys in my high school pedos when they dated girls a few years younger, but it's still a bit creepy of them and not a good balance since they have an advantage. But I don't really remember and I don't understand much how pedos work or female ones especially

No. 785725

It’s a bit weird, but not that bad anon. 3/4 years. People in this thread are virtue signalling alot. You were literally still a teen and so was he ffs, it’s not like you were his 33 year old teacher or something. Girls especially can mature more slowly, depending on life circumstances and family.
Because of trauma and isolation growing up, when I was 18, I was basically the same as when I was 15/16, both physically/mentally (pretty sure I literally looked younger bc I lost weight too lmao). I think it’s funny that the literal pedo scrote who groomed my dumb ass and unironically told me I “obviously wasn’t 18” was following the law.
When it’s guys and dating, unless he was like 8 and literally didn’t know what anything was, I just don’t see it as grooming, sorry. Especially if he pursued you. It’s just not the same as the other way around, and IMO it never will be, except in extreme cases. Males are like a different breed, ask anyone who’s faced COCSA.

No. 785728

i thought we're all here because of that exact reason

No. 785729

I was not prepared for that google search

No. 785731

Tarot can be taken in an optimistic way in itself, even arcanas like the tower can have some positive meaning

No. 785733

anon i remember being 15-16 and i would not in any circumstance have dated a 13 year old….. 3 year age gap isnt necessarily bad that's why i asked how old they were when they started dating, 19/16 is one thing but 16/13 is weird as hell, a 13 year old boy is basically still a child

No. 785736

It depends on how mature she was at 15/16 I think. I think if you’d even give a 13 year old a chance at that age, you’re not really at the normal threshold.
And the fact that anon questions herself if it’s grooming is also a sign that she wasn’t IMO. Grooming is an intentional thing, I don’t think you can accidentally groom someone.

Sorry, I should've been more clear (it's child on child sexual abuse, in case anyone doesn't know)

No. 785737

>It depends on how mature she was at 15/16
I think anon is referring to physical appearances. A 13 year old boy is a child compared to 16 year olds.
It's creepy, even if she didn't groom him, you can't blame anons for being put off.

No. 785739

>People in this thread are virtue signalling alot
>unless he was like 8 and literally didn’t know what anything was, I just don’t see it as grooming
You got groomed at 18 but you set the bar at age 8 for males to be groomed, ok lol

No. 785744

He was probably too busy playing minecraft while she was worrying how to pass her driver’s test lmfao anon you’re being completely delusional, it’s just creepy and kind of disgusting because there are clear differences between 13 year olds and 16 year olds in attitude, temperament, behavior. 16 year olds aren’t nose-picking fuckers, they are usually brooding impulsive narcissists. 13 year olds are way more immature

No. 785757

grooming or not it's weird and creepy as fuck anon idk what to tell you, 13 year old boys may already be horny and creepy to girls but they're still kids compared to a 16 year old

No. 785765

Idk, you can keep pretending that the sexes are the same if it makes you feel better, I guess. It 100% depends on the people involved, two immature kids just isn’t grooming IMHO.
I’m a little glad you don’t seem to get what I mean because I’m actually starting to think you need to have personally witnessed, treated (medically) or been through some shit to fully understand why I say male and female experiences on this just aren’t interchangeable. It’s not really PC to say right now but idc, lol.

Appearance is still kind of subjective (though less so), but I get what you mean. It’s not “normal” for sure, I just wouldn’t categorise it as pedo either

No. 785770

My boyfriend's secure folder (hidden, locked folder) takes up .93MB of space. I have my own secure folder and it only takes up 300KB. I have the passcode.

Should I check it?

No. 785773

you should really dump him before people catch on and it ruins your life

No. 785775

Yes and report back

No. 785777

>you can keep pretending
Anon I never said any of the stuff you're responding to here. You're being weird.

No. 785779

I wont sway your decision but if you do go do the snoopy snoop.. tell us the juicy details

No. 785780

bitch I'm scared…

No. 785782

I don’t really know what else you’d be trying to say with “You got groomed at 18 but you set the bar at age 8 for males to be groomed, ok lol” besides “How grooming works is actually the same between genders” tbh

No. 785784

It probably won't be that bad but I'll be here to talk shit about him if he's a degenerate

No. 785792

anon we wanna know

No. 785800

I hope you're okay anonski

No. 785802

Give her a minute to process all the shemale porn

No. 785803

Lmaooooooo anooon

No. 785808

Knowing scrotes it’s probably screenshots of onlyfans girls/porn, CP, or some too-secret company documents that expose embezzlement/fraud.

No. 785821

I haven't checked yet. He has the phone now but when he gets in the shower, I'll check and update! probably in vent if it's something awful… I promise I will update.

No. 785870

Her twitter "Likes" are active, most recent was April 11. https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus/likes

It wouldn't look "bad" at all to just ask, nonny! It would be shitty if you refused to work that actual job because you didn't want to, but there's nothing wrong with simply asking or gauging their interest.
Better yet (sorry to bold, i swear i'm not bold-chan from meta), you could always join the team and then if they actually care about you, you can let them know what your career goals are and how that other job might align better. See what they have to say!

her twitter is active.

It's possible but you need to change up what you drink. Do you drink to get drunk or drink just to drink a large amount of alcohol? Liquor carries the most calories (seriously, one 90-proof shot of vodka is 110 calories). Truly is 100 calories but its filling, imo. Try and find low calorie cocktails if you can! Consider switching to lacroix or some shit. Cutting alcohol really helps.
Remember nonny. Weight loss is as simple as calories in, calories out. Will exercising be hard if you continue to drink? Yeah, actually. It's not good or healthy for your blood. However, you can definitely lose weight.

No. 785877

File: 1618708491431.jpeg (50.1 KB, 640x640, 02233445-B47A-4EB4-8E41-942D2D…)

Do you watch gore? Why?

No. 785880

They're weirdos, friend. Don't mind them.

No. 785886

What is gore?

No. 785891

My follow-up question as a bystander is, what is the best before date on meat for, if it's not for frozen condition? I thought freezing is the only safe way to store meat lmao

No. 785892

best before date is for when you keep it in the refrigerator where it doesn't freeze.

No. 785897

I used to. But mentally, I became extremely fucked up. I would obsess over death and worry about all the people around me dying. Didn't help with being sleep deprived. Now I refuse to let my partner drive anywhere without me, I refuse to let him do things like take trash out at night, etc etc. I am extremely fucked mentally from consuming gore in my teenage years.

No. 785901

>Now I refuse to let my partner drive anywhere without me
So you can at least die together if something goes wrong?

No. 785904


No. 785913

I knew it cause I'm same in that regard. I'm sorry about the way you've been affected by gore. Never watched it cause just hearing about some of that fucked up shit made me horrified of going out of my house.

No. 785917

I used to browse 4chan /b/ when I was a teenager and I would always go into gore threads. I didn't really enjoy it or think it was funny, it was more morbid curiosity. I've never actively searched for it by myself.

No. 785922

Why is it so hard to make online friends nowadays? I feel like people are so fickle or bad at conversation. It's weird…10 years ago I could login to any social media platform and find some niche community and befriend someone instantly.

No. 785923

Does anyone know of any successful poly relationships? I'm curious if it's all a gigantic meme or not.

No. 785932

polyamory seems to work really well for gay men but for everyone else, not so much. it's definitely a meme most of the time

No. 785938

I only hope this anon didn't look it up if she wasn't trolling
how did that affect you psychologically, if at all?
does polyamory really work as a relationship for them or is it just for group sex? actually even those who aren't gay men seem to be poly to have a lot of weird sex

No. 785945

So you can keep meat in the fridge??? Anyways, thanks!

No. 785950

Can someone give more info or a link about Apple's ban on Discord NSFW? I think it is based so I don't want to sit through the mainstream articles I'm sure are screeching over it. I wish it didn't have to come to this but coomers and predators pushed me to the edge so I don't care.

No. 785951

Science ladies I need your big brain help. My boss annoys the shit out of me. We make concentrate for ice coffee, by putting 2lbs of grounds in a big bag, and steeping it in water. It steeps in a container that holds like 20 litres of water or something. Then after it steeps long enough, the bag of grinds is removed and the container is topped up with water & VOILA its cold coffee… So she is always bitching that I don't put in enough water initially.. But like, its heavy as shit to move and would it not matter at all how much water it steeps in, if more water is always added after to create the full 20 liters? Like for example when I steep it in only half water - THAT is strong, but when it is topped up after, that should be the same final concentration as if I steeped it in 3/4 of the water, or full water, no? I would love to have the proper terms to tell this biotch I am right and she is wrong, but I doubt she would understand what I'm trying to say here.

No. 785956

>how did that affect you psychologically, if at all?
The only thing that used to really creep me out was when some /b/tard would dump images of deformed dead babies that were born near nuclear test sites. While I did find it unpleasant I also found it interesting and I would do my own research into it. It lead me down a rabbit hole of learning how much we've fucked up the planet and why global warming is nothing but a distraction from the real issue.

No. 785957

>global warming is nothing but a distraction from the real issue
now I want to know even more about this but I understand if you don't want to type anymore. and wow that's fucked up.

No. 785964

I'm probably not smart enough to answer this but my friend was trying to infuse weed into alcohol and explained something like this to me.

A given volume of water has a maximum concentration of coffee that it can hold. Same thing as how you can only dissolve a certain amount of salt or sugar in a glass of water before it just stops and remains solid. So maybe your manager is worried that you're not putting in enough water initially to dissolve all the potential coffee from the grounds? I don't know if this is really a thing though, just a theory.

No. 785966

Apple doesn't want NSFW chat software on its App store. It did the same thing to Tumblr. So Discord is saving its own ass (to prevent being removed from the App store) and removing NSFW server options for iOS users.

No. 785967


Oh this is interesting! I was thinking about it like there is a finite amount of caffeine/coffee flavor that would come off the grounds, but I didn't consider that the water could only take on so much….

No. 785969


So are they banning naughty Imessages next? like maybe I don't understand what discord is exactly, but what Apple is trying to do here seems like some weird moral grandstanding nonsense… I mean you can access all sorts of degeneracy via the safari app so whats the deal?

No. 785978

I think it's to prevent CP sources and grooming being in their app store for legal reasons? safari and imessage are a different matter

No. 785979

based apple, hopefully they're nuking kik and telegram too

No. 785981

The difference is that Discord lets shit people interact with others that just want a fun community to talk about videogames, which was supposed to be the main purpose of the app, a gaming chat to connect with people into the same games you like to play.
But then it turned into some Sodom and Gomorrah in which people could create servers explicitly for porn and grooming.
Because unless it got reported, it wouldn’t get banned.
I hope discord gets nuked and renewed or some shit.
The thing is, that even if you can use safari to find fucked up shit, it doesn’t mean you have an already formed community of vulnerable people right there for you to coerce with shiny pictures and retarded ideals.

No. 785986


ok ok I think I was thinking of whatsapp.. Discord is more like a collection of forums? Like I could go on discord and browse through all the differnt servers and join the ones I want?

No. 785989

Basically, and the idea is that the forums are moderated by the people that created them, not by the app itself.
So if you’re in a server and someone posts something retarded, the admins which are just some regular joes, will have to decide wether they should ban that person or not.
The app itself, as far as I know, didn’t seem to be responsible of whatever was posted nor of whoever got exposed to insane content.
Because each server, supposedly, has rules that should be followed, but since a bunch of average joes are either retarded, depraved or both, they might not give a fuck or they might also just enjoy the micropower trip.

No. 785991

File: 1618721014118.jpg (198.67 KB, 897x891, barrels.jpg)

Basically the real danger to the environment isn't global warming, it's contamination from man made chemicals. If you don't want to read articles with images of deformed dead babies in formaldehyde, look up what happened in Love Canal. Love Canal was a low income housing development in Niagara Falls that was built on top of a former chemical waste dump. A decade later residents were dying of cancer and their children were being born deformed. Eventually this lead to the creation of the Superfund and thousands of similar sites were found all over America.

No. 786001

Anons join my server n we can be friends
Discord is based IMO. I love it. It all really depends on who you surround yourself with.
https://discord.gg/y454b3ZG(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786011

Reading about that and other similar stuff in old National Geographics when I was a kid really contributed to my nihilistic view of the world I think. Everything's already fucked.

No. 786074

Has the anon with a password to her boyfriend's sus folder on a phone came through with what she found?

No. 786078

File: 1618742754727.jpg (140.37 KB, 1200x800, my-queen.jpg)

And you're just going to sit there crying about it instead of going full unabomber pirate queen and trying to make things right with your ragtag band of eco-fascists, hippies, thieves and crooks?

This is why everyone hates doomers. You're sooo boring.

No. 786081

real life isn't final fantasy vii

No. 786085

Not yet, we're still waiting

No. 786086

Tell that to the Unabomber

No. 786088

Not with that attitude it isn't

No. 786089

He ended up rotting in prison, instead of saving the world like Cloud and his friends. That proves my point lol

No. 786098

You must be autistic taking that seriously, the point is that you'll have more fun and be less of a boring sad sack doing something about it even if it doesn't bear fruit.

No. 786103

>You must be autistic
Ma'am, this is Autismo Farms™.
Anyway personally I'm focused on living my life rather than worrying about what's beyond my power. Kinda retarded to expect people to throw away their lives for a change that won't happen (as I understood your first post)

No. 786104

Real shit. The powers that be are dependent upon your despair and complacency. Become a JRPG protagonist even if it gets you killed.

No. 786107

Your post is genuinely inspiring even though I still don't think that I can do that

No. 786137

Sometimes being a JRPG protagonist just means recognising that the world is an extremely complicated place where misinformation and nonsense rule. Find what makes sense to you. Keep looking even after you've found it. For me, right now it's boycotting imports, refusing to vote, and growing my own vegetables. Also being an unapologetic misandrist lesbian. Sure, I'm too weak to lift the default weapon but with love and care and just the right amount of autism, at least I can take down a couple entry level monsters with me.

No. 786159

>Sometimes being a JRPG protagonist just means recognising that the world is an extremely complicated place where misinformation and nonsense rule.
what if you already do that then what?

No. 786171

File: 1618755037703.gif (481.52 KB, 220x165, 089552CE-14AD-4C2E-9239-BFC59D…)

No. 786176

How can I get a nice belgian or netherlands guy that actually loves me? the last one turned out to be a pussy

No. 786181

File: 1618756564245.jpg (99.18 KB, 720x960, tumblr_2c7d7470fe7303ed2d16fd2…)

Any recommendations for a cute desk plant that isn't tiny? I'd like something as tall as my monitor (about 13-15 inches tall). I am an absolute beginner but I'm willing to take on anything as long as there are clear instructions for it online.

No. 786183

What about a lucky bamboo or bonsai tree? I got both a couple months ago, and I'm really bad at taking care of plants that aren't succulents, but my bamboo is thriving and my bonsai is doing ok (I think). A bonsai tree might take up a good chunk of space, though.

No. 786192

only the dumbest bitches on the planet don't vote. just gonna let pigshit men walk all over you huh? Just gonna let other people make society's rules for you? It's like bragging about not going to jury duty lmao.

You don't vote because you're scared of political hipsters calling you lame, and you're scared of political wokesters calling you an imperialist or whatever the fuck. You don't vote because there's no "cool" candidate and you'll feel "icky" having to vote for someone normal. Voting for someone doesnt mean you're wholeheartedly endorsing them, it just means they're the better of two, and running from having to make that decision to keep yourself "pure" is letting more retarded people than you decide it for you. It's being a fucking pussy ass woke broke coward. Dont come back with any "bbbbut the ssyzstem is broooken" either, nobody has time for that juvenile piss shit.

No. 786196

I'm a little daunted by bonsai tree care kek, but lucky bamboo looks and sounds pretty fun. Thanks anon!

No. 786208

What’s the point when both sides shit on women? The left let the trannies and Muslims rape us en masee, the right want to force us to give birth to rape babies and other horrible things. Who fucking cares. It ain’t worth the walk to the polling station .

No. 786224

File: 1618760452973.jpg (32.22 KB, 500x375, nosey-puppy.jpg)

sooo any updates?

No. 786227

There's always a candidate that will have similar or even identical worldview as you, if you do your research. Maybe they will never get votes and will never have any influence to make any change because their potential voters are all like you. I understand being disillusioned, but complete apathy is immature.

No. 786230

how do furries have so much money to spend on fursuits and art commissions?

No. 786232

I know some that use their welfare money

No. 786240

The few furries I know irl are all in tech or engineering, where I'm sure you can find some pretty cushy jobs easy

No. 786246

File: 1618761903757.jpeg (31.69 KB, 500x625, pexels-photo-2811089.jpeg)

Why do some women who know they're attractive mock unattractive women for being ugly and/or getting cosmetic surgery? I understand why an ugly woman would do that, e.g. insecurities, but what motive do pretty and confident women have?

No. 786247

Should I have a cider?

No. 786248

If anon posts what she found, someone please link it here. I'm afraid I will miss it!

No. 786250

It's usually if they have female orbiters that thrive off gossiping about them, so they make indirect digs at them every so often to put them in their place.

No. 786252

No. 786267

do yall put the pills in your mouth first then water, or vice versa

No. 786268

pills first

No. 786271

Water first, then pills, I hate the taste of pills in my mouth.

No. 786283

Who said anything about complete apathy? Voting is not the only political action available to us.

No. 786284

So what are you doing instead of voting? Though honestly I don't think that anything will cancel out not voting

No. 786287

Are you supposed to moisturize the soles of your feet too or just the top?

No. 786289

Mailing anthrax to people I don't like.

No. 786290

Soles too, make sure to put on some comfy socks after

No. 786301

There’s no point in voting after brexit. We are all completely fucked and everyone knows it.

No. 786304

Brexit happened because the wrong people got inspired to vote. The amount of people that didn't vote that state they wish we stayed is so fucking retarded. Voting works if people vote.

No. 786314

Shorter attention spans and lower engagement in discussion outside of memes. I noticed the same thing that its much harder to connect to people

No. 786318

Live by your own principles. If you think something is wrong don't partake in it or encourage it.

No. 786321

I voted against it twice. I tried to persuade as many people as I could to vote remain as well.
The reason brexit happened is because it’s what the billionaires wanted. That’s it.

No. 786327

>voting is good except when the wrong people vote

No. 786328

why are posts hidden in the prayer thread?

No. 786331

What do you mean?

No. 786332

Can someone recommend documentaries like the Fyre Festival or WeWork one? I love documentaries that cover hilarious trash fires like these things.

No. 786333

You’re not faithful enough.
you probably got the saged posts hidden

No. 786340

Look up internet historian!

No. 786346

You might have clicked "Hide saged posts for this thread"

No. 786350

I didn't even consider that, thanks

No. 786355

No. 786399

>The reason brexit happened is because it’s what the billionaires wanted
Brexit happened due to rising populist and nationalist sentiment in Europe. The majority of people who voted for brexit are either urban working class or rural Tory voters. This is also why we currently have a Tory government. Labour's continued support for brexit lost them votes in their traditional working class strongholds in the north.

No. 786420

Are there any benefits of going nofap as a woman? Serious question.

No. 786424

I guess, I mean, if masturbation isn’t letting you have a normal life, sure, you can get some benefits like not being addicted to porn.
And I thought masturbation dehydrates people? But in any case, unless you spend the whole ass day masturbating, maybe just drink more water.

No. 786431

take a sip, put the pill in my mouth, flush it down

No. 786456

If you’re a coomer then yeah

No. 786458

Did you get arrested anon?

No. 786470

What would you guys do if someone made a thread on lolcow about you?

No. 786475

Do people really change after spending time in jail?

No. 786477

Delete all social media and become asocial.

No. 786482

Yeah. Whether that change is good or bad just depends on how much your country's justice system focuses on reform.

No. 786491

File: 1618781340279.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 3832221D-0C90-4BDF-A23B-92AD5D…)

I think I have hemorrhoids. But why? I don’t engage in anorectal violence, I don’t have the shits, I don’t know. My butt hurts a lot when I wipe it and somewhen I’m walking around as if I’m wearing the most itchy lace thong I’ve ever wore in my life.
Is it because I spend the day cleaning and cooking? Or because I only rest playing with my computer or studying? I have some cream for the hemorrhoids but I don’t even know what to do.

No. 786494

It's probably just worms

No. 786508

How do I corrupt a word document so it can't be opened? I need to buy myself some time for an assignment

No. 786514

Their microscopic serrated teeth really make your butthole itch.

No. 786517

>type into word document
>open word document with notepad
>delete a chunk of gibberish

No. 786520

File: 1618783212535.jpeg (436.83 KB, 1200x628, BBEA271D-D2BF-46DB-AD8A-D648E2…)

on a scale of 1-10 how stupid would it be to buy these and wear them in public?

No. 786521

Depends on a price, i'm pretty sure majority of people wouldnt even notice if you dont point them out

No. 786523

You might have gotten away with it if they weren't that texture

No. 786524

Thank you anon. Now I can sleep tonight

No. 786535

There's this whole meme about Wattpad being filled with rich dominant men so where are all the Wattpad stories with beta simps? Please give some recs, a girl deserves to dream.

No. 786539

Do spend any time longer than needed on the loo?

No. 786543


No. 786544

What is that affliction Gregory Fluhrer/Armored Skeptic suffers from that makes him look so deformed and ogre-like?

No. 786545

Being a man.

No. 786548

Sometimes I do, tbh.

No. 786550

Pretty sure it's Klinefelter's syndrome or XXY Syndrome

No. 786552

There you have it. Leave the minute you're done and don't take a book or your phone or anything to pass the time with you.

No. 786553

Okay! Thank you, nonnie.

No. 786554

Then don't be a doomer on main

No. 786557

Have you ever had something infect your mind? Something that won't go away no matter how much you pretend and try to forget? No matter how much you distract yourself or delude yourself? Something always on the back of your mind? Is there anyway to completely forget something?

No. 786563

I tend to get very obsessive with certain things, most often stupid worries, sometime it takes years for some of these to be completely gone. I hate it.

No. 786565

Glad to help!

No. 786566

I wasn't doomer OP tho

No. 786567

Yes I did forget things on demand! I forced myself to change my thoughts when I recall them. Like literally said shut up to my brain and by time I slowly thought of them less then forgot them! So yeah

No. 786569

Yeah I've experienced this constantly my entire life with various topics. Sometimes I refer to it as my default thought (just to myself I've never tried to tell someone else about this). It's not necessarily something bad though, but I feel kind of subhuman for how much time I spend thinking about the same shit.

No. 786575

I say this as an ex coomer but: clear head(no brain fog), more energy to do stuff, better imagination, less brain rot, and personally, a higher sex drive than when I was watching porn. Oh and better self esteem.

No. 786580

Thoughts on house dates?
For me it’s the best example of a man who won’t do shit for me or doesn’t take me seriously. I will stop talking to guys if they suggest one in the first couple dates.

No. 786582

What if I already don't watch porn? Is there still any benefit?

No. 786595

Then no. Maybe better energy levels if you feel tired when you do

No. 786599

nofap gave me the complete opposite of this

No. 786609

Does manifestation really work?

No. 786611

Why do some people necro old ass threads when the new one is currently at the top of the catalog? Like on /m/ somebody replied to the very first husbando thread while the third one has been active for a while now.

No. 786617


idk about as a date but seeing inside a man's house tells you A LOT about them, way more than dozens of dates, e.g. if he respects anyone that also lives there and if they respect him, if he's a slob with no discipline cus there's mess everywhere, poor hygiene with barely any supplies in filthy bathroom, pet he neglects because he's selfish, manchild with thousands of video games and manga, coomer with sexy girl posters, some brand of political crazy with nothing but their edgy books, tiny shithole because he's broke, nothing but fast food boxes because he can't look after himself, no photos of his family because he's got a messed up family life, ect

it's basically the red flag browsing catalog

No. 786633

You can only try it for yourself and see if it helps or brings you comfort. You're basically asking "does God really exist?"

No. 786673

Does somebody have a good reading list for baby's first steps into radical feminism?

No. 786686

why am i still getting pain in my mouth and gums a whole year or two after getting my wisdom teeth removed? there weren't any problems during the year it got removed, no dry sockets, nothing, it healed fine and when the dentist checked it a week after it was removed he didn't see any problems. all this pain just started coming back again last year and this year.

what else can i do to fix this? i can't keep taking ibuprofen cause it's starting to give me chest pain. is it possible nearby teeth could cause pain on other sides of the gums?

No. 786689

Go to the dentist for a check up

No. 786712

File: 1618804821909.png (287.94 KB, 436x628, 04D69600-C026-426D-9EDA-72563D…)

Do you wonder if you ever crossed paths with another lolcow user, irl or online without knowing? I have a feeling our userbase is pretty diverse and it wouldn't be easy to tell who browses here. I know I give a very different impression in real life.

No. 786719

I used to work with a girl that was a farmer, but she was "the type". I do believe we have a very diverse userbase, however (muslims and christians, even)

No. 786746

There's someone I know irl who I've strongly begun to suspect is a farmer (gay, outwardly terfy, weeb) but I've never built up the courage to ask lmao

No. 786748

There's someone I follow on social media who I've suspected is a farmer. Whenever a topic comes up here, they talk about it on their platform soon after. Plus they give off the vibes of someone who browses imageboards.

No. 786802

My mother recently told me that I never let my father change my diapers as a baby. Apparently I’d always hold my legs together tightly and not allow him to proceed.
Is this weird? I don’t think it’s normal..

No. 786803

He just made that up so he didn’t have to do it

No. 786804

It didn't happen. Babies have frogs legs and still haven't learned to wilfully coordinate their extremities. Total bullshit.

No. 786809

Babies can turn away when someone tries to change them, but I've never heard of a baby locking their legs together lmao. I agree that he probably just wanted an excuse to not change you

No. 786811

She didn’t believe him either at first but then she saw it happen when she told him to change me in front of her. It might be the baby frog leg thing the other anon was talking about though

No. 786812

so has the anon not checked or is she already dead or traumatised? I'm concerned

No. 786816

It didn't happen. Look at babies, use your common sense. Don't stupify yourself just to believe an unbelievable lie no matter who it comes from.

No. 786819

File: 1618826768431.png (812.07 KB, 2289x2289, 323338691429211.png)

Oh no… what if she really found sth she shouldnt have

No. 786821

What does it mean when cats make sounds like this?

No. 786822

That the cat is an attention whore.

No. 786824

So this is normal?? I immediately thought that it might be some sort of neurological disorder or a stroke or something, it sounds scary to me

No. 786826

Nta but I had a cat growing up who yowled for attention. Loved him but he was annoying as shit lol

No. 786828

lol he looks like vladimir putin

No. 786829

Anon you seem smart, do you have advice for trusting your own judgement and common sense? I’m trying to unlearn a few deep long brainwashings.

No. 786832

If I seem smart to you, your judgement is irreparably bad, sorry, you'll have to live like that

No. 786833

Take what anons say as constructive criticism and try to better myself, unless there's some ridiculously nitpicky posts then I'd namefag and tell them they're being ridiculous and then upload a very pwetty photo to whichever social media they got milk from

No. 786834

0. You'll be the coolest gal on the block.

No. 786835

I don't mind. If I enjoy the person I'll enjoy our time wherever we are, but if he straight up refuses to ever leave his house for me he either has serious agoraphobia or is boring.

No. 786836


No. 786837

I meant smart along the lines of decisive, but I will remain naive regardless, it keeps me kind. What makes you not smart? You’re a woman, aren’t you? That’s already a leg up on a little less than half the population.

No. 786839

Are house dates a thing? Today I learned

No. 786844

Eh, it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, I wasn't feeling like writing a serious reply. I'm not an advice giver in general, I don't know your situation, and it's kind of a drag to pay serious attention to some stranger when they suddenly desire it.

No. 786846

put a “do not interact” warning next time you post something profound kek, godspeed

No. 786848

Do men get baby fever too? Like, the same way a lot of women seem to have it in their twenties where everything inside goes "dawwwwwWWHHH i want one too" when they see a child, not the "I'm 55 and finally half-way through my Peter Pan syndrome".

No. 786850

lol, no, it's 100% normal. Cat's don't do it between each other but some realize being noisy AF will get them human attention and so they yell. This cat is very clearly desperate to get in so it's doing its best to be annoying and noticed.

No. 786855

Anon pls it’s been two days. At least just tell us if you decided not to snoop

No. 786860

I think so? My ex talked a lot about wanting children, rasisng them and taking care of them etc

No. 786865

Maybe not in the exact same way but I do think it's a thing. My bf doesn't have straight up baby fever but lately he gets noticeably endeared (not in a creepy way) when he sees toddlers in the park or grocery store. I can tell there's some fatherly instincts starting to rear their heads. He talks about raising kids more often too, and things that weren't great about his own parents that he'd want to do differently.
I think for men it's often different from the more overwhelming baby fever women get, instead it's more of a gradual getting acquainted with and growing to like the idea of fatherhood and having kids. I'm just guessing here, but I feel like it might have something to do with how women are confronted with the 'do you want children' question much earlier in life and often think about it more consciously even before baby fever starts. From what I can tell most men don't give it that much thought at earlier ages.

No. 786872

What happens during a tantric massage? Is it basically fingering?

No. 786878

How do I become a Stacy?

No. 786881

Act with impunity I reckon and look good while doing it lol.

No. 786896

>be extraverted
>have high self esteem
>be socially skilled
>be conventionally attractive
>dress trendy and flattering
>like partying
>don't overthink what you're doing and what's happening, live in the moment
It's that last one and the self esteem one that are the biggest hurdles for me.

No. 786898

>Improve yourself by doing things that makes you happy but that won’t harm you nor other people around you
>ignore what other people would say about you
>enjoy life to the fullest by also giving something back to your community
>don’t be too negative
>accept your flaws
>eat healthy-ish
>exercise properly
>make friends but because you like them, not to fill a void
>be friendly and polite
I mean, just don’t be a shitty person, if someone attractive is shitty, she’s not a Stacy.

No. 786900

Yes she is

No. 786902

That’s just a cow, nonnie.

No. 786906

Cows can be stacy?

No. 786917

how long are kcups good for once they're in the keurig. like if i put one in for tea yesterday, can i use it today or is it nasty now

No. 786919

lol what
stacy just means attractive and popular

No. 786923

Yea but what that anon lists is basically what you need to do to be attractive and popular.

No. 786934

They could be Porto-Staceys or failed Staceys, but most of the times they’re just cows.

No. 786962

Thank you sweet anons, this is valuable information. I’m trying to improve myself

No. 786996

File: 1618851248664.jpg (9.02 KB, 325x237, 1605231443108.jpg)

Is paying 10USD for AI dungeon worth it? My writing is too shit to RP with anyone and I'm too intimidated by everyone else on the lolcow rp and /tg/ discord

No. 786998

Would it be somehow trashy to wear a sports bra without the padding?

No. 786999

Aidungeon is free

No. 787000

I know, but will I be missing out on a lot if I don't pay?

No. 787005

I don't think so. I play without premium and it's good. I've heard the regular AI is better than the Dragon AI for rping. I'd say try out the free trial and see if you like it

No. 787008

i mean I'm paying for it and it's worth it to me tbf

No. 787051

No? I think wearing a padded sports bra is weirder than an unpadded one.

No. 787085

If a girl doesn’t sit next to me in class but after school we walk together and grab a bite is she my friend or not? I feel really ignored. Explain this to me?

No. 787093

Why would you not be friends? You can sit next to a maximum of 2 people if there's one left to you and one right of you, does that mean you can only have 2 friends? And if she is sitting alone, don't worry I like to sit alone too, it doesn't mean I don't like my friends I just like to sit alone

No. 787097

Real friends drag extra chairs to the table

No. 787106

Fuck. Someone posted one of Xiaorishu's recent video talking about her break up but I can't remember what thread it's in. Does anyone know what thread it's in?

No. 787115

Is there a way to avoid getting premenstrual pimples?

No. 787117

Tbh I have them really badly and I stop using moisturiser throughout my period and it kind of helps?!
I’m also on the p*ll

No. 787120

Cows we miss or ghosts, something like that

No. 787142

File: 1618863779588.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, 135.png)

What do you do in situations where people around you are misinformed about something you are knowledgeable about? I feel like such a smartass; recently in a group convo I corrected people several times in a row and though they didn't seem to mind I felt like a cringelord in retrospect. I'm not one of those people who says, "oh, actually they're lagomorphs", when someone calls a rabbit a rodent nor do I correct peoples grammar in real time lol, but when it's potentially harmful or just painfully wrong I have a strong urge to correct. I personally appreciate being corrected on something wrong but I know a lot of people could feel embarrassed or think I'm trying to make them look bad. Do I bite my tongue or be pic rel?

No. 787149

This. Take it as an opportunity to inspect his lifestyle. If the house is dirty on a planned date, imagine it 2 years into the comfort and complacency of being his girlfriend. Yikes. I personally think house dates can be really nice if the guy actually has a plan for the night, ie: he makes a nice dinner you eat on his roof or balcony, you go for a nice walk around his neighborhood, listen to music and ask each other questions, watch a movie or play a co-op game. I don't know, it gives a bit of insight into what domestic life would be like further down the line anyway. Since covid 90% of me and my boyfriends dates have been inside and they're quite fun. We put our phones away and choose a recipe to cook together. Comfy.

No. 787160

I'm the same way anon, but sometimes I just really can't help it, stupidity angers me

No. 787169

i don’t get people who have kids. why would you spend heroin money on diapers

No. 787179

why did you censor p*ll

No. 787209

Just as a joke because I sort of hate how I’m on the pill purely because I’m a moody, psycho bitch on my period and not bc I’m getting laid. I have PMDD and it really, really sucks.

No. 787214

Because after the kids grow up and get a job, you will have extra heroin money coming from two pockets or more depending on how many children you want to invest on.
So, before having children, you only had heroin for say, a month, then you could have heroin for 3 months! And if they have children, those children will get jobs, that’s 4 extra months of heroin! Isn’t parenting amazing?

No. 787222

Why the fuck do I seem to attract compulsive liars? Even since childhood and up until now, the people who want to be my friends are the kind who make shit up constantly and it's OBVIOUS that they're lying.

No. 787226

Same here, I'm a bit naive and can't understand why people would lie about shit all day so I tend to take them for their word

No. 787247

i wouldn't be doing heroin if i understood delayed gratification.

No. 787250

File: 1618875771154.png (13.62 KB, 453x398, Untitled.png)

can anyone identify a cow for me… or well, less a cow than a weird person. it was some white girl who was autistically obsessed with some blue-haired anime girl and possibly kinned her. she had an office desk full of merchandise of this blue-haired anime girl. anyone know who i'm talking about?

drew a pic from vague memory

No. 787264

Oh my god I know the picture you're talking about and I hope someone answers you because this is gonna bug me now too lol

No. 787266

Is the kwai app legit? I don't know if it's them same in your countries anons, but in Latam is getting massively popular because it pays you for watching short videos (like Tiktoks) and if many people enter the app through your code. It's chinese btw and I'm genuinely wondering if its a scam

No. 787269


im sorry i dont know who that is, but the arms in that drawing made me chuckle. love it.

No. 787270

since when are stacies known for being nice

No. 787274

I agree with your definition of a Stacy

No. 787276

should i ask my ex if he wants me to delete a picture of us off my insta? we broke up a few days ago and it's kinda messy.
>be bpdchan
>act like a fucking bpdchan
>realize i'm probably going to hurt him emotionally because i'm not in a place to handle a healthy relationship
>he still cares about me and i still care about him and neither of us want to break up but also i need to fix my shit brain

i'm already in therapy just tell me if i should delete the picture or ask please

No. 787277

I would leave it unless he asks you or take it down of your own accord if having it up stresses you out.

No. 787279

Leave it. I guarantee you he does not care about it as much as you think he does. Don't use it as an excuse to contact him - I see what you're trying to do anon

No. 787287

Fuck, I know what you're talking about, i think the girl had pink or purple in her hair too? And I think she might've been from an idol or magical girl show. This is bothering me now

No. 787297

Do you think wokeness is a thing that will only continue to get bigger until something huge happens, or will it soon die down? 10 years ago it wasn't something I personally saw outside of sites like tumblr.

No. 787298

File: 1618884783396.png (13.25 KB, 453x398, Untitled.png)

yeah come to think of it, there MIGHT have been deep purple in the back of the hair?
i'm so glad other people know what i'm talking about, it was some fairly obscure anime i think, but this girl had a twitter and i was just fascinated with her

No. 787311

I think it would make sense if it culminated in something. Better that than another decade of passive-aggression.

No. 787312

so my bf accidentally lumped my weed muffins in with our compost

would that makes us get high off our garden veg? …should I fish them out??

No. 787313

another stupid question to follow up: do you have any guesses as to what it might be?

No. 787315

Power changing hands in some theatrical way is my guess.

No. 787329

No, they aren't going to create space broccoli. Idk how many muffins there were but I guess fish them out if they're worth enough to you, but you're probably best off getting some new ones.

No. 787330

No and no. My condolences.

No. 787376

My “friend” sits next to somebody else. She also keeps calling me weird and I have a feeling she’s gossiping about me next to that girl she always sits with.

No. 787396

File: 1618903827456.png (85.21 KB, 250x350, Stockingb.png)

>autistically obsessed with some blue-haired anime girl
This is probably of no help, but your colorscheme is making me thinks the anime girl is the lolita one from Panty & Stocking

No. 787399

Does anyone whiten their teeth with those teeth whitening kits? Which one do you use? How do you ensure that your teeth won't become sensitive?

No. 787402

I use Opalescence, it works, but takes time and commitment for a nice result ie. only eat white food for 2 weeks while whitening

No. 787432

What's the best way to bullshit your way through an exam?(chemistry and biology to be exact). I haven't learned shit because we've had to do everything through a Teams call. Right now my plan is to just read through the books a few days before and hope some of the information sticks

No. 787439

it was a tranny I think, I will try to find the picture. I think it was posted in one of the MTF threads

No. 787455

Bro just go study. Make flashcards using quizlet and do mock exams or previous, available exams to test you knowledge.

No. 787456

I have failed, I cannot find the picture. Pretty sure the anime girl in question was either from an idol franchise or Precure. I think she was the one with blue hair and pink, heart shaped hairclip? Possibly Umi Sonoda. I may be remembering wrong, though. I'm kinda mad I cannot find it.

No. 787484

Did LDR and online dating have their definitions changed to "We met each other online and only ever talked online but we're still gonna say we're in a serious relationship?" I always thought about it as in "We're studying/working in different cities but after that period is over we'll move back together//We got to know each other on some online dating site, met up in real life and are dating now" but now I only hear it used the same as in the first example.

No. 787487

All three are correct definitions.

No. 787488

Can't answer for everyone but from personal experience it seems the first one is used more. My friend has been in a 3 year relationship with someone in a different country (they met from video games) and they have no plans or means of meeting up. He's unemployed and not doing anything with his life and she's also unemployed with no qualifications. I don't get why they just remain close friends and they both try to find someone who's actually IRL.

The plan with LDR should be to have an end goal of being with each other IRL as soon as possible, based on the specific situations.
Otherwise, it's just pointless to be with them.

No. 787499

Does epson salt actually do anything? Like people who put it in their bath to relax.

No. 787511

i am pretty sure she was a real girl and this was why it made me even more fascinated

def wasn't umi sonoda or >>787396, i think she was a magical girl. very pigmented blue hair, possibly with purple in it

also i am now trying to look up this character on animu databases lol, she's obscure enough that i think if you searched "girl obsessed with (x)" you'd find her. she was posted on kiwifarms as well as here

No. 787513

File: 1618922755027.png (85.27 KB, 160x456, Ibuki_Mioda_Fullbody_Sprite_(5…)

Ibuki maybe?

No. 787514

nope, she was from an anime. a fairly modern one

No. 787515

Okay, so I'm 90% sure it was some Precure character. There are so many, I wish anons into that series chiped in and told us which onethat could be. lol

No. 787516

Do you know when the pic you're looking for is from? might help narrow down what was popular

No. 787517

i wish i knew… it had to have been within the past 5 years. the pic that got attention on here and kiwifarms was her with her office cubicle decked out in merch while in costume and people were speculating she was some kind of diversity hire, like she might have extreme autism or something.

No. 787518

File: 1618923262307.png (813.85 KB, 954x1508, Sora_dream_final.png)

Is this the character??

No. 787519

File: 1618923443382.png (210.57 KB, 543x548, Untitled.png)

POSSIBLY. looks really close to what i remember. i also grabbed these two since they were similar to the character i remembered, both in appearance and art style, but weren't quite it.

i have to go to work now myself but i will continue looking around when i get back if no one's found it since this is bugging tf out of me now lol

No. 787520

File: 1618923509609.jpg (521.96 KB, 1280x1520, 1560107426617.jpg)

Is it this anon?

No. 787521

I hope anon see this before they go to work

No. 787522


No. 787523

Same anon here but I found this in the anti-anime thread from 1 year ago >>420025 if you want to go look.

No. 787525

literally googled lolcow anime office shrine and it was the 2nd result for me! Glad I could help

No. 787526

that's so funny, i was googling kiwifarms stuff since i thought i saw her on there first, but god. thank you. i am as obsessed with this photo as this autist is obsessed with her waifu.

No. 787527

I hope this girl is having a good day wherever she is

No. 787529

File: 1618924416972.jpg (1.22 MB, 2896x2896, 20210420_151211.jpg)

Are their chins/jaws real or is this edited?

No. 787531

Oh my god, you found her! I tried looking up any combination of relevant words and failed.
The anime is Aikatsu friends and the character Mio Minato.
Interestingly, google only finds this photo on funnyjunk, kiwifarms and lolcow. Does it mean the original upload has been deleted?

No. 787533

Idk but they literally look like rats

No. 787534

File: 1618924670337.png (276.12 KB, 629x532, mio chan.PNG)

I'm doing some digging because I'm intrigued now and I think I found the girl's art twitter. If this is her, then her first name might be Laura

No. 787535

If you find her twitter account for sure, please post it!

No. 787536

Why do so many people with Aspergers' or Autism feel drawn to Japanese pop culture?

No. 787537

https://miominato.tumblr.com/ this is her too

she seems like an extremely lonely girl. she talks about wanting to rewrite mio's story as her having no friends and making friends online. i hope she's doing okay too.

No. 787540

Wish she had a photo tag
Many articles were written about it, here's one
My vote goes toward escapism and easy to read emotions since anime characters are usually retarded

No. 787541

No. 787543

No. 787545

File: 1618925941683.jpg (271.58 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_peoveu8ctw1xc5gdmo3_128…)

I think the wig looks better ngl

No. 787546

I was in an Aikatsu discord with her. I think we both left because the men kept being gross coomers over a children's anime.

No. 787593

thank you, anons. I'll leave them in there bc they're covered in coffee grounds and other scraps. Luckily it was only two, so a mere $20, just worried about space broccoli

No. 787667

File: 1618940109623.gif (13.81 MB, 520x293, CHAI_-_愛そうぜ!__Lets_Love_-_Offi…)

How does smoking salvia feel like?

No. 787710

but what if my children end up being jobless heroin addicts and i have to support all of our addictions with one job or my pension

No. 787713

You just create a gofundme saying your kids are trans and then you will get enough money to have lots of heroin for the rest of your lives!

No. 787728

Is it weird I've never met someone I'm confident had a personality disorder? Seems like anons here are constantly running into people with PDs. I feel like it's a sign that I must have one lol.

No. 787729

Don't really know if this is the right place to ask but can anyone give me book recommendations, preferably books that aren't depressing. Even self help goods would be nice if they are actually good.

No. 787730

nah, i think it's the opposite
people with pds are the ones who like to point their finger at those around them

No. 787733

I don't think it's weird. I only know one person who I think has a personality disorder. I'm only certain about it because they're a family member. Otherwise, I would probably think someone is just an asshole before I assume they have a PD

No. 787737

I mean, I'm definitely not perfect. And I've thought before "This person is soooo weird/annoying, it would be great if they had a PD so my emotions would be justified." I definitely love ranting about people I hate. But I wouldn't feel comfortable posting that so-and-so had a PD. How would you know unless that person told you they had a diagnosis?

No. 787744

A Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins. Still my favourite, absolutely uplifting and nice.

No. 787785

how many shootings have there been in the US in the past two weeks? i can't keep up, they keep overlapping each other

No. 787786

nature is healing

No. 787787

Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers
this is unrelated but my friends bf was murdered, and one of the murderers made a gofundme that was like 'Black Revolutionary In Need for Survival'

No. 787799

Why do so many men start out by messaging something insulting on dating apps?

No. 787801

trying to see if you're manipulable

No. 787807

Thanks for the recommendations!

No. 787820

They flirt with each other by being intellectually competitive, they think it will work on women too. If you can stand to lose a few IQ points, watch them with their bros. They will argue about absolutely nothing and that's how they bond.
>Side note, I once had a guy tell me that he and his friends argued for six hours over whether people born blind or deaf could learn anything, nobody thought to Google it, he was amazed when I told him about Helen Keller.
Or, they're negging you. Or they're bitter about their dating app experiences and they are randomly taking it out on you. Whatever the case, it's not worth it to respond, they need to be trained out of chatting like that.

No. 787825

Am I overreacting or is this a normal response? I hate this question so much, haha. When have I healed from trauma etc sufficiently to know it's a normal reaction to be hurt by something, and not an overreaction I have to personally deal with?

No. 787829

I've always felt like it's more that the bullshit radar is set on high. Damaged women attract the most fucked up humans

No. 787889

How long does it take for almond milk to go bad once it's opened? I have some in my fridge that I opened like 2 weeks ago

No. 787894

it goes bad when there's chunk at the bottom

No. 787895

Is there a way to get a little bit more color on my skin without sunbathing and tanning creams? I've read that foods with betacarotene give you a slight orange tone but don't know how legit it is kek

No. 787897

38 if this list is real and I didn't skip any, starting on the 3rd of april

No. 787900

Do cats always attack their owners? I've never owned a cat before and all the people I know that own cats get scratched. I've been clawed by a few cats before but I think that was my fault (coming into their personal space, etc). I love cats in theory but in practice I'm worried they'll randomly attack me. Do all cats do that or is it just a few?

No. 787901

it goes bad when it smells bad. I've had almond milk stay good for two months, lol. Put it in the back of your fridge and you'll be good for a while

usually it happens because the cats don't know better. My little retard tries to play with me with claws out, despite how many "ow"s I say. There's a reason toys on long sticks are popular with cats lol

No. 787904

Where can I share a gofundme when I don’t have followers?

No. 787909

My gorgeous cat RIP never once attacked me. If I annoyed her by rubbing her belly she exposed to me she would lunge and then lick my hand. She was a queen and God help anyone who got in her way.

No. 787912

File: 1618964547821.jpg (27.97 KB, 794x794, lauku.jpg)

super stupid but

Is it bad if I mention to any friend that I use this site? Like no, I don't post about this on other social media, I'm not that much of a dumbass, but maybe I'm stupid enough to talk about lolcow to a person who doesn't go here? Is this bad/cringe/wrong?

rough non-specific example: friend starts talking about any given lolcow that they came across and then I say that I know xyz about said cow and cite this site specifically

did I done fucked up?

No. 787913

I just say I read about whatever cow they told me about at some forum, but I don’t specify which forum. Sometimes I just say “oh yeah, I heard about it somewhere” and that’s about it.

No. 787917

How do people even find lolcow?

No. 787918

i guess it depends for different people i found it because of taylor nicole dean, and then found it again because of yaniv

No. 787920

I don't quite remember how I found this site, but I wish I hadn't

No. 787921

I honestly looked for “sites like 4chan” because I got permabanned from there a few years ago, kek, I was also bored of it already, it was starting to get as unbearable as it seems to be nowadays.

No. 787924

I found it when I wanted to get into Onion drama again around cuddlegate.

No. 787926

Linked here when /cgl/ banned drama

No. 787929

fakeboi told me abt it

No. 787932

Same, I went to staminarose from /cgl/ then I forgot about it for a while, came back and saw it was dead/gone. A little research directed me here

No. 787933

Found it by looking up a cow on google.

No. 787934

It's your friends, if you know them enough and suspect they may be into stuff like that, why not mention? It's just an imageboard in the end, not some deep web depravity. No worries, it's not worst cringe of all.

No. 787935

No. 787936

I came first to the kpop critical threads, seriously don't remember what I searched or clicked to end up here

No. 787937

My friend in high school years ago told me about Luna, we read her thread together and I lurked other cows' threads as well. I would literally come to this website and lurk during study hall like every day in my senior year. Then like 6 months ago I started actually posting. I have not lead a very respectable life

No. 787938

It's only wrong if they're male friends.

No. 787940

I came across it looking for info on Onision just before all the Billie drama went down

No. 787941

pixielocks, pull demonized lc but still used it for their milk and lc users seemed more fun so i just stayed
why would a fakeboi tell you? wouldnt they want to stay away due to fakebois having their own tread?

No. 787943

I found it while trying to find out what happened between Kelly Eden and her rainbow pals. Been hooked ever since.

No. 787951

Wanted more info on jrcach

No. 787953

>>787917 some girl made an "expose" thread on one of my good friends on here? everyone on here told her to go die and it got me attached to the site

No. 787977

I was looking for info on a particular cow a couple years ago on google and it popped up in the results

No. 787987

>my little retard
Made me laugh out loud, also noted about the long toys thing

RIP to your cat anon, I'm sure she was great. I've just been thinking about cats recently because I had this memory come up. My grandparent's cat Hamish always hated kids (I was a kid at the time) and I learned to avoid him because he'd hiss and scratch. One day I was sitting next to him on the bed and keeping my distance, I wanted to pet him really bad but I knew if I did he's get pissed. Then he walked over and started rubbing against me and let me pet him!! his fur was so soft. I love cats but I don't think I could ever own one

No. 787997

I just love cats and how they can be detached at times. They just know they're worth it. I love their self esteem. Shout out to Hamish, I like the sound of him.

No. 788008

Hamish was very particular about his water, he only drank from the tap and it had to be very low pressure. If you took too long getting the water just right he'd start hissing and smacking you. He did that to me once so I just turned off the tap and left the room, he started meowing cutely and following me because he still wanted a drink, kek. Weird cat

No. 788016

Did this guy I was talking to lie to me or what? I feel like he wasn’t telling me the truth but maybe it’s just a white like, idk

This guy told me that he dropped out of high school because he had to make money for his family. Not really what I’d like in a partner but he’s making good money now and not everyone is so lucky in life. He also told me his dad had some sort of HVAC business but I didn’t think much of it.

But today I tried to ask more about his dad. Turns out he is making good money and never asked his son to drop out of school, which makes sense because most parents don’t want that. His family is totally middle class which is very different from the first impression I first got. There’s no way his family desperately needed the money even if business wasn’t so good.

Idk why couldn’t he just have been honest and said he didn’t like school or whatever the reason is that most people drop out? I feel like he wasn’t being honest because I think he said some other lies like claiming to work full time as a chef for the last four years and also working on the game Risk of Rain 2 (which came out in 2020) and then dropping out of the game programming industry.!

No. 788021

For the first one, I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. Just because his dad is making money now doesn’t mean it was always that way. A lot of parents strangely don’t give a shit about their child’s education.

The other things are weird. If he’s really lying about his job and lying about working on a video game, that’s too many lies. Time to dip.

No. 788049

I wanted to know what does lolcow think of The Daughter of Albion kek

No. 788069

DAE never check the trending pages on youTube or twitter? I live in my bubble of curated content, I really don't why anyone would use those pages.

No. 788077

Same. The trending stuff on yt is usually clickbait bs or "compilations" of old af videos/vines etc

Having your own feed really makes a positive difference

No. 788084

I found out about lc and pull back when the drama ban on /cgl/ happened, during glorious PT and kooter days

No. 788088

why do some americans say that white people smell different? is that really a thing? i come from eastern yurop so i can't really test it kek

No. 788090

File: 1618997611003.gif (1.09 MB, 828x828, Tumblr_l_101397735605128.gif)

Why does chrome on my phone keep giving me grid layout wtfff i dont want it

No. 788091

I saw a reddit post complain about it being full of transphobes so I rushed right over

No. 788093

Yes, it's really a thing, and when they say "different", they mean "unpleasant".
t. White Slav who lived in Africa

No. 788094

Did they describe the smell?

No. 788095

Did the black people also smell like cocoa butter where you lived?

No. 788096

No, they too smelled "different" to me.

No. 788097

File: 1618997975712.jpg (220.75 KB, 1200x900, da share zone.jpg)

would it look totally desperate or impatient to send a follow up email to this employer when the interview was 8 days ago, and they told me I would know at the end of last week? It's been a month since they first contacted me. The last person I interviews with is freelance and has sent emails at all hours of the day before I just dont know whats TAKING SO LOOOONG!

No. 788101

I don't know how to reply to this without sounding like I'm racebaiting. But every white person I've been in close quarters with has had smelly feet. This might just be Americans though.

No. 788102

How do I talk to guys at the gym without asking for help? Or make them talk to me?

No. 788108

Take this with a grain of salt but I think that may simply be because of diet (and not because of race)? If the typical American diet causes people to smell a certain way then it makes sense that people claim that white people/white Americans, the people who consume that diet, smell different. Food can definitely have an effect on ones body odor.

No. 788109

>White Americans
They also reek of shit from not washing their asses

No. 788110

Compliment them maybe? "Great job with that bicep!" and go on with your thing, this should show the guy you're approachable and nice so if he'd want to continue making friends he'd try to talk to you.

No. 788111

which pale person hurt you? i'll beat them up

No. 788112

Body odour comes from bacterial colonies on you, and will be different because of multiple factors like diet, where you were born, hormones, overall health etc. These factors overlap with race, but race is not the cause of it.

No. 788157

The only thing I heard relating to race and smells is that according to mainland Japanese, white people have a milky or cheesey smell

No. 788166

File: 1619007072298.jpg (524.19 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20210421-140843_Fir…)

Is traveling "worth" it?

I grew up poor, am still poor and I have a real hard time justifying paying for a single day trip via an agency, not to mention something with overnight/multi day stay.

I DO want to travel but I'm constantly scared I won't have enough money once there, possible unplanned costs or have a depressive episode and just not enjoy it. I also have no friends so it's not like I could split the cost.

At this point it just feels like a social media flex but I know it's not however I just, idk, can't do it while really wanting to.

No. 788168

I've already mentioned that on LC once, but mom of my half-white bf says white people smell bad - I guess not bad enough to not marry one tho. I'm from a predominantly white country myself so I have no idea if there's any difference.

No. 788172

In my opinion it's worth it, much more than non-essential physical possessions. My best memories are almost all linked to travels I did and places I've seen, even as small as just one-day ones. I always do some planning and budgeting and never ran into any unexpected expenses so it's totally doable; though I can totally understand why you'd be worried about depression ruining things. I have my issues and happened to have very bad days while "trapped" abroad, thankfully it was never too long lasting because there's a lot of distractions around which could help, depends on what's your way of coping with depressive episodes.
Ultimately, if it's social pressure that makes you think like you should want it while you don't, it's perfectly fine to just not travel. Not everything is for everyone, there's no shame in having different priorities too.

No. 788173

Well the thing about that is that it is 100% personal and you're not gonna know how you're gonna feel about it until you do it.
>I'm constantly scared I won't have enough money once there
You could sit down and research the potential costs of travel and cost of food in the place you're planning to go. For example there are websites like this: https://www.numbeo.com where you can see how the cost of food, clothes, transportation etc. compare to your home country. But you could also just make sandwiches and maybe pack some fruits or something beforehand if you go for a short trip. It's also useful to print out and study a map of your destination.
I personally made overnight trips to other countries and really enjoyed them. I looked up a particular exhibition I was interested in, purchased the ticket beforehand and bought a 48 hour transportation ticket that enabled me to use the tram/subway/whatever I wanted to use for 48 hours. Often there are parks/exhibitions/programs that are completely free but still fun.
>have a depressive episode and just not enjoy it
If you decide to go, it's important to remind yourself to be 100% in the present and not in your head. You could even think of it as a trip for your mental health, travelling can shift your perspective about things so much!!

No. 788174

Dif anon but I would just like to add that exploring the area you live in is a good start

No. 788178

samefag, I love those art deco/minimalist style travel posters like the one you posted btw

No. 788180

Yeah definitely, just a 2 days trip with overnight stay to see if that feels fun, going for a week somewhere would most likely be an overkill and too much stress to enjoy

No. 788181

least-hurtful things to say to someone you're dumping because they want to spend more time together than you're ready to commit to?

No. 788183

Going to give a hot take but traveling is only worth it when you’re rich. Taking 2 weeks to travel to a place and only getting to see like 2-3 places, staying in a bougie airbnb, eating tourist meals is such a waste of time. Celebrities, politicians, business people can afford to buy property in different areas of the world, so they can stay there for as long as they want, mostly for months. Unless you live near the country/continent you want to travel to, then it’s a stupid millenial meme.

No. 788185

>Taking 2 weeks to travel to a place and only getting to see like 2-3 places, staying in a bougie airbnb, eating tourist meals is such a waste of time.
But you know it's not obligatory to only see 2 places and eat tourist food and stay in bougie airbnb, right…?

No. 788207

File: 1619012032921.jpg (14.94 KB, 480x411, 052.jpg)

About to crawl out from under a rock here, but is Jenny Nicholson really all that great? I've never watched a video of hers. I mostly avoid YT pop culture commentators because they're either one thing (vapid) or the other (overly woke), but I read a few people praising her for mostly not touching on politics/ideology. Would you guys recommend her to someone (me) who just wants to watch someone be funny without performatively working in a discussion of US politics, troon rights, etc?

No. 788214

Is it disordered thinking wanting to eat all of a certain type of food (or get rid of it) in order to not get tempted by it 2 hours later or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

No. 788217

I don't remember her ever getting political in videos even though she has a troon brother she streams with. But her youtube videos are completely separate from her twitter hottakes (if she has any).

No. 788219

She doesn't put out that many videos and her subjects aren't to everyone's tastes. I like Jenny because she's just doing her thing, she could cash in on her audience by making quick commentary videos on nothing, or indulging her fan base with fanservice, but instead she just makes videos on whatever he dumb fixation is and she doesn't hold back too much. Her videos don't have amazing editing or anything but they're comfy to have on when I'm doing something simple on a lazy day
She's not for everyone but I like her, I recommend looking at her videos to see if there are any topics you are interested enough in learning about but not already completely informed about

No. 788229

Thanks anons, good to hear that. I just like stress-free watches. I started watching her Christmas Prince video just now and it's pretty funny.

No. 788230

I love her videos, and like other anon, can't really recall her getting political, she's just a geek talking about her favorite geeky stuff. The Last Bronycon is amazing even if you're not necessarily into MLP because she has insider perspective and a lot of genuine love for the franchise. Spiderquest video is so bizarre and makes me want to be her friend honestly. I think one of the first ones I saw was Avatar theme park review and it's amazing too, so i'll link it here.

No. 788236

It depends on whether you like travelling and are interested in seeing something in person, or just want to go to Paris because it's Paris and it'll look good on your insta feed.
It's not worth getting into debt over, but there's ways to travel that aren't that expensive.
It's absolutely a social media flex for an overwhelming amount of people, but at the end of the day it's your time and money, you choose what to do with it.

No. 788239

I actually prefer her minimal editing style, it reminds me of old YouTube when nobody cared about production quality or algorithms. She doesn't use clickbait thumbnails (aside from her most recent video I guess). So overall she seems to make plenty of money from her Patreon but isn't greedy for it.

No. 788264

i'm probably the only one on this site that think she's boring lol

No. 788274

Anonitas who take/have taken xanax for anxiety and/or OCD tendencies. How was the experience like?
Any recs?
What are the side effects?
Does the medication causes any weight gain?
Xanax has such a bad rep it makes me nervous to start it.

No. 788277

Anyone know what thread had ms paint drawings of tranny bedrooms and how detailed and disgusting they were? there was a compilation image thread of them a few months ago.

No. 788293

For the lesbian anons, how do you "perceive" men if you aren't attracted to them? Idk if I'm explaining myself correctly

No. 788300

What kind of difference does it make to receive or not going through a chemotherapy when you have terminal and very aggressive cancer?

asking for my grandma …

No. 788301

How do you break up with someone you still love? I just can't do it, anons. I know he's not the one and we have horrible fights all the time, but when I think about life without him I just want to die.

No. 788307


No. 788317

I had to do the same and honestly the heartbreak wasn’t much worse than remaining in the situation. Also everyone’s different but in a way it helped to kind of embrace being heartbroken for a while. It sucked but dwelling on it meant I processed that shit and wasn’t bringing it into my future. It’s going to hurt for a while anon, but your future self will thank you. You can do it!

No. 788320

What's the name of the other meme frog? The one that looks like Pepe but more cute/sad

No. 788321

No. 788327

I guess like NPCs? They’re there, and you can interact with them, but they’re not significant to your quest kek. Guys who are my friends though, they have like a warm aura to me, like I can lean an elbow on them or hug them hello/goodbye.

Naked male torsos in general kind of disgust me lol. I guess the same way gay guys are like “vaginas are gross, I would never”

No. 788328

I'm sorry about your grandma anon

But I think the difference is that existing symptoms get worse fast. Chemo gives a person a bit more time but there are also negative symptoms to it. The real answer really depends from situation to situation.

No. 788329

Apu apustaja

No. 788336

File: 1619025692943.jpg (163.53 KB, 881x1295, 186.jpg)

Thank you! I forgot completely. He is so cute! I prefer him to Pepe

No. 788358

Is it a dumb idea to call my local Aerie and see if they're doing an underwear sale? I know they almost always have one going on but I would hate to drive out on the one day they're not.

No. 788361

call the store and ask what their current panty promotion is. so many people come in for panties they won't know who you are, if you're worried about looking like a bother

No. 788364

Thanks for the reassurance nonnie, they're doing a 5 for $25 sale right now.

No. 788502

Can someone please shill me their favorite cute boy twitch streamer I'm bored and want to watch a qt

No. 788504

Is there a reason why an innocuous website wouldn’t get saved to your browsing history? It is my local library’s online catalogue so nothing weird. Every other website appears.

No. 788518

Why does my ex want to talk over the webcam? What could possibly be the reason?

No. 788520

maybe he wants to see what you look like, to get validation about your appearance, so he can add it to his mental inventory of successes. Neurosis makes this a greater likelihood.

No. 788521

Like, to see if I still look good? What the fuck for?

No. 788522

Nta but so he can mentally tell himself "Yeah I still got it" because he fucked you/was with you, and you giving him the time of day signals that you still think about him and he likes the validation.

You're right, how could a cam session with him possibly benefit you.

No. 788523

Just fuck with him. Never go back to an ex. I bet he was a douche. Be nice and gorgeous but also be scathing and calculating.

No. 788525

Could it really be that cynical? Maybe he wants to get back with me

No. 788532

>Maybe he wants to get back with me

Why would this be a good thing, and can you be sure that would be the outcome?

No. 788534

File: 1619051124534.jpg (69.38 KB, 320x320, luna.jpg)

how the fuck can luna be an ebegger to this day? ive followed her threads for a long time. yes, she was sort of popular on tumblr at one point. not even shayna tumblr popular though. how can she still have people throwing pennies and random shit at her? everyone at this point who knows who she is knows she is a drugaddict and the money you give is a waste. shes also very aware that farmers exist and that they follow her, so i assume she must block a lot of people and not add strangers on facebook. so who the fuck is giving her shit??? like fuck i dont wanna give shayna any credit but when she ebeggs and gets stuff it makes sense cause she has like two coomers left. who the fuck is following luna that isnt a farmer? how can she still be an ebegger, whooo is giving her shit still?????? im so confused.

she is one of the ugliest cow and she legitimately contributes nothing to society. she cant stick to porn, painting, anything, she doesnt do jackshit ever. WHOOO is she ebegging for???? whooo are these people willing to throw money at an ugly addict with not a single thing going for her?? is it all her family feeling bad for her??? i am so confused, its been years without any change in her, who the fuck would give money to this bitch. theres no orbiters no type of popularity nothing i dont get how shes still doing it

No. 788537

You know why this would be a good thing. I'm not sure that would be the outcome. That's why I'm asking what could be the reason for this webcam talk.

No. 788543

>You know why this would be a good thing.

No I don't, that's why I'm asking. Exes are exes for a good reason and it rarely works. Did he dump you or something? Even more reason why you don't take him back.

No. 788547

He's hot. We agreed to break up, more or less.

No. 788576

I’m cracking up at your pic & related rant, anon

No. 788577

why don't i tickle when i touch myself but it does when someone else does?

No. 788578

How did friday night funkin suddenly blow up? I get some of the songs are catchy, i listen to some of them on repeat myself, but its kinda bizarre how it blew up. Personally I like listening to Fresh and Pico. Haven't heard all the songs yet tho.

No. 788580

I get ticklish when I tickle my feet so idk. Also isn't it related to how you're sensing both the doing and receiving so your body has different signals coming through where as if someone else was tickling you, you'd only feel getting tickled.

No. 788583

at first i thought you were talking about the yakuza 0 song friday night kek

No. 788587

I have this theory that tickling is an anxiety response. I can’t tickle myself because I know exactly what I’m doing/where I’m going to go but with other people not knowing what they’ll do my body freaks out. I’m extremely ticklish because I don’t like being touched but I can “turn it off” so to speak with people I trust (and like being touched by kek)

No. 788604

Do any anons own a kindle? Which one do you own and do you recommend it? I don't really want it for tablet purposes since I have an iPad that I use at home, I just want it to read books when I'm outside. I usually read stuff on my phone but I'd like to not drain my battery mostly on reading lol

No. 788606

Why do many men look so nondescript and similar? I couldn't recognize anyone I know if he got posted here because I see a resemblance every time there is a pic of a man. I would genuinely not be able to tell if it was him or a carbon copy I'd pass irl and think "was that so and so? meh, it's too hard to tell." Honestly I get this with some women too but not as much. Men are very similar looking. I don't mean it as an insult despite being on this site, but it's like they have less range

No. 788607

File: 1619064925143.jpeg (999.9 KB, 1125x1360, 09F05B4E-9D1D-4600-869D-ABF3B2…)

>>788606 like for example, it's not even about styling, from /snow/ this could be a guy I knew if he had a hair and outfit makeover. He has the exact same face and I have experiences like this all the time here.

No. 788609

Have any of you tried doing this with your ex?

No. 788610

No but if you're the op I say fuck it, go ahead if you want to get back with him. It may not be for that but since you seem open to it then it can't hurt even if it is only to boost his ego, I mean it's boosting yours too sounds like

No. 788611

I wouldn't be ok if he said mean things to me.

No. 788612

Why would he waste his time to do a video call to insult you? unless he has bpd or something making him obsessively vengeful

No. 788614

I used to be a very mean person.

No. 788617

In that case maybe best to stay away from people who experienced that side of you, it's hard to change yourself when you can fall into old habits. But idk trust your gut really and weigh whether your curiosity/hope is worth that risk

No. 788618

What malicious things can someone do if they have your ssn and general info?

No. 788619

Open a credit card or take out loans and ruin your credit score.

No. 788623

I miss him a lot and I can't stop thinking about him. Maybe I should not be doing this.

No. 788631

Damn it. Anything else?

No. 788633

They could technically get medical treatment if the place they go to only asks for your ssn in writing and not for the physical card. Essentially leaving you with the bill.

No. 788654

Ty. And just one last question open to anyone. Would you rather have an account hacked that had your nude photos and pics of your face or would you rather have an account with documents with sensitive information hacked? And would you rather it be from someone you know or someone you don't?

No. 788656

Nude photos hacked from someone I know would be the ideal scenario out of these. You could drag the person like crazy in your social group and come out on top. And even press charges if you wanted to

No. 788672

I own the cheapest one (I think it’s just called Kindle?) in the range and it’s good. The feel of it is nice, long battery life, easy to use (though the screen can be a little strange at first as it’s slightly different to smartphones/tablets), strains your eyes less, very light and easy to hold with one hand, backlight so you can read in different lights. Can hold thousands of books, you can also delete purchased books and redownload them again later. I was a reluctant convert to ereaders but after reading the first couple books on the kindle, it doesn’t feel that much different from print books. I got the version with ads because it was less expensive but the ads are just when the kindle is locked and aren’t obtrusive at all - I’d only get the ad-free one if you were obsessed with aesthetics. The black and white screen can make book covers look ugly so shopping is less appealing, but this is good imo as I’m a book shopping addict. The big downside for me is that you can only read books from the kindle store, whereas with the tablet-style kindles you can download your library app etc. However, I wouldn’t get one of those because of the eye strain and distractions. I think the same one as me sounds perfect for you.

No. 788674

Okay, so I had an indian flatmate move into my home recently and he had a sperg when I touched his shoes (I was helping carry his things inside). He was trying his hardest to be polite about it, but I could tell it did offended him. I googled it and apparently it's offensive to indians.

Are there any other weird cultural things I have to look out for?

No. 788675

Unless you're doing eccentric fetish stuff, does anyone really care about nudes anymore?

No. 788677

sadly yes

No. 788687

I have a Kindle Paperwhite (not sure what version exactly). I've had it for a couple of years now and I'm still happy with my purchase. I mostly bought it because I don't want the clutter of physical books in my livingspace and reading from my phone isn't that comfortable. I really enjoy how transportable it is, it hardly takes up any space or weight so I can just pop it in my bag and read whenever I have some time in my day. Or I can read in my bed at night without the eyestrain. Not sure what else to say about it, it's not the most necessary purchase in the world but if you have the money to spend on it you'll definitely get a lot of use and and comfortable reading out of it.

No. 788688

May I ask where do you live? Genuinely asking, because leaked nudes not mattering seems like such a weird impossible concept to me lmfao

No. 788692

I got a Kindle Fire which works as a regular tablet too. The most amazing thing about it is that it's still whole and working after many years, even though I'm a total clutz that broke several phones in that time. I'm very satisfied with the purchase, I like it and use it much more than I thought I would.

No. 788708

why would doctors/nurses not tell you what someone put in your drink???

a few years ago i ended up in the hospital bc my drink was drugged but the doctors just kept asking me over and over again “what did you take?” anons, i was having full on hallucinations and i can’t even type out the full details of what i saw, and it fucks with my head to this day that they wouldn’t tell me what the fuck happened to me and instead essentially accused me of doing that to myself. it was legitimately terrifying, i thought i was going to die.

No. 788727

If they kept asking you what you took, wouldn't that mean they just didn't know what the drug was regardless of whether you took it voluntarily or not?

No. 788734

Anyone else notice stupid people calling women "men" when they arent fat/thicc and have sharper features? I only saw it for extremely athletic and big women but now I see thin women or women with good bone structure like high cheekbones being called "men" ffs

No. 788736

File: 1619091721934.gif (89.66 KB, 360x360, 2b0h.gif)

Should I get a burger with fries, soup and a can of a drink from a restaurant or 3 Big Kings from Burger King with 12 nuggets…

Yes, food choices seem questionable, but both of these things cost the same amount of money, because Burger King is having 40% off the menu.

No. 788739

Men can only wish they looked half as beautiful

No. 788740

The first option, it has more variety, two types of solid and two types of liquid nourishment.

No. 788764

Yep, even anons on this site say that
First one. BK sucks.

No. 788786

Do any anons have experience wearing a chest binder? I'm thinking of ordering one from Aliexpress.

No. 788789

File: 1619097399862.jpeg (194.62 KB, 570x834, 550048A1-92D2-4830-9CE6-76C5A2…)

I don’t remember when during my /cgl/ days I read this, but now I got the doubt for no reason: Do wigs count as a hat when you have to use a religious covering? Do you have to use a hijab even if you’re already covering your hair with fake hair and a headpiece?

No. 788792

I ordered something from eBay but my profile still had my old address set and I've already payed. Should I cancel the order and redo it or just message the seller an ask them to ship it to a new address?

No. 788794

Talking out of my ass, but I bet that wigs still count as hair that can ~tempt man~ and that is ~unmodest~ so probably you should wear a hijab over your wig. lol

No. 788795

The ones from Aliexpress don't flatten you out at all, but they do crush your ribs and hinder your breathing. Try the brand gc2b for a safe and decent bind. Why do you want one anyway? I hope you're not trooning out.

No. 788798

File: 1619098337209.jpg (107.57 KB, 1200x800, hijab.jpg)

I'm not really sure on the logistics of your original question, but on a semi-related note, I know quite a few Muslim cosplayers who style their hijabs to look like wigs instead and I think that's so cool.

No. 788801

if the seller hasn't send the order yet then you should send them your new address now.

No. 788802

> I hope you're not trooning out.
I'll be honest, I'm fighting the desire not to. But for now, a chest binder will do. I really can't stand the way my body looks right now. I'm even underweight yet by disgusting chest still looks too big.
> gc2b
Also thanks. They were my first choice but sadly a lot of their things are sold out so I have to wait.

No. 788805

What is it with young teenage cows coming in pairs? Nika & Jaelle, Maddie & Ashley, and now that weird pair of tik tokers that just got a thread in /snow/. Shit's freaky.

No. 788806

Why are you disgusted with your chest?

No. 788807

File: 1619098947315.jpeg (64.67 KB, 650x452, 6BE0CAD7-DEF4-4332-987D-494897…)

I love that as well, it’s amazing!

No. 788808

Because the cup size I have right now is too big. It should be entirely flat. I want it gone.

No. 788811

Sure, get the binder, but maybe go to a therapist as well or get a reduction, don’t cut them off completely.

No. 788814

Ok but why do you want your boobs to be gone? I'm genuinely trying to understand.

No. 788820

>hair that can ~tempt man~
that's funny to me because heavy makeup which is totally eye catching is okay but hair is too sexy

No. 788822

I'll see about that. If the binder makes it easier to cope with this then I won't have to go under the knife.
I don't know. I never wanted them and they never felt right. I'm digusted by them but only on myself.

No. 788824

>as hair that can ~tempt man~
I'm not muslim but I've always wondered why it isn't seen as pathetic and weak if a man is uncontrollaby tempted by hair

No. 788829

They feed off each other.
Follow >>788811 advice however be aware that a binder does have health risks along the line of pain in chest, back and shoulder. Shortness of breath and in extreme case rib fractures.

I highly recommend going to a therapist just so that you can maybe find out on the reason why your breasts disgusts you and so that it ultimately help you come to a decision on what to do.

No. 788830


lol thanks anon, this is something ive been had in my head for a while. i am very surprised she has money to buy food at this point. the mystery continues.

No. 788833

How can I forget someone who isnt that handsome, never loved me, hurt me deeply, yet I did love to hell and back even if he was a manchild?

No. 788836

assuming you don’t have to cut through the bone, what common objects could you use to cut off a limb? (if you don’t have a knife)

i swear it’s for my story, not trying to diy torture or anything.

No. 788838

Real cute men aren't real. Watch male vtubers instead.

No. 788839

File: 1619101037979.jpg (34.35 KB, 818x450, f5d3ee8a4bff3ef9b0e546b81b5ba8…)

A wire…? Although I'm not sure if it counts as a common object

No. 788844

Keep focusing on the negatives until you kill the good feelings.

No. 788846

Gross no

No. 788848

How can I stop falling in love?
I'm not someone who dates much or wants to fall in love. But loving someone means they will go away sometime. All I wanted was physical touch.

No. 788850

3dpd and that includes vtubers

No. 788872

What do you make of a guy who cant drive, cant do shit by himself, but you at some point thought he was cute? hes 29.

No. 788877

File: 1619103580629.png (167.74 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20210422-095753.png)

Got these reads. What would you nonnas do about this guy? Pls be honest.

No. 788888

at least you picked the right thread for this post

No. 788907

This is so abstract and vague. Don't make decisions based on a tarot reading from 4chan, be wiser than that. Even if you believe in tarot it's still a reading from an anonymous stranger who frequents 4chan of all places.

No. 788912

no she should've gone on /g/

No. 788921

There's nothing wrong or abnormal about not driving, depends what other "shit" is.

No. 788924

>not driving at 29 is not abnormal
it is though

No. 788926

>man can't drive at 29
Red flag. You can date him after he gets the car. Anon there's nothing cute or sexy about having to taxi your man to his job, his appointments, your dates, and every outing you ever take with him. It's like having a teenager who believes he's on equal footing as you.

No. 788935

A red flag as I’m guessing you live somewhere where that is very limiting. If he’s otherwise okay (though presumably he’s not) I’d be more empathetic.

No. 788937

i read tarot and i read it similarly

No. 788939

Thanks for the replies anons! I did a little more research last night and settled on finding a used Paperwhite from the 7th or 10th generation of kindles. A seller got back to me this morning about a 7th generation one and gave me an offer (after shipping and taxes it came out to $45- which was under my maximum of $50 and seems to be the average price of used ones being sold via amazon anyway) so things worked out! I was afraid I was gonna be lowballing him by making the offer but he came out with it first so works for me lol. I also really don’t like having physical books take up space and told myself to only borrow from my library as a happy alternative to use my tax dollars, support libraries, and cut down on clutter! So excited to get it in the mail!

No. 788945

should i have cereal with granola and almonds or eggs and toast for breakfast

No. 788947

Eggs and toast!

No. 788958

Excellent choice, anon, thanks! I put some green onions on it and it's very yummy.

No. 788959

I just feel really dumb in regards to everything to do with banking, investment, savings and pensions etc

I understand the basic idea and bank accounts but all the little details and nuance flies over my head.

No. 788963

Did the anon find out what was in her bf's secret files?

No. 788968

asking the real question

No. 788971

File: 1619112242424.jpg (81.86 KB, 447x750, 14da0c32642745b6d35b5cb75349d8…)

That sounds like a great deal! Enjoy your kindle!

No. 788986

when that happened to me I listened to kpop until I developed an crush on RM from BTS instead kek

No. 788988

File: 1619113437821.jpg (244.68 KB, 1062x889, 159893723200373956565237719553…)

Does anyone have any cheap laptop recommendations? I've always wanted to hook my drawing tablet up so I can draw away from my desktop, and now that I have an actual vacation coming up I want to work on a few pieces while relaxing too

No. 789011

How can I stop feeling things for someone who hurt me?

No. 789012

what do you work as anon?

No. 789016

How can I get a quick and deadly cancer? Just pray for it?
Should I get out now and get covid now that I am not afraid to die?

No. 789021

so you developed a crush on another person who isn't handsome and never loved you

No. 789023

Don’t be retarded, anon, get therapy.

No. 789033

What is the best way to save hentai where nobody will find it but I can still access it easily?
(nobody else uses my computer or phone, I'm just paranoid)

No. 789037

No. I want to die.

No. 789038

File: 1619117634402.jpg (43.61 KB, 500x500, 1134341817.jpg)

I was browsing random Japanese products on eBay when I found this eyedrop that has several vitamins in it and it made me wonder - can those vitamins be even absorbed through the eye? Or is it just bullshit?

No. 789039

Then do it like how that girl does in 13 Reason Why, that looked really upsetting and difficult to clean up. It made me wince

No. 789044

File: 1619118260606.png (564.4 KB, 840x592, tumblr_p62gfyGUvX1ruze1fo4_128…)

Does anyone else have a list of "top 10 thoughts that mean you should probably go outside"?
I was sitting here thinking what movie best fits my pet's "vibe", and I thought to myself that if she was human and her life was a movie, it'd be like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. It just suits her, somehow.

No. 789049

Just make the folder that you save them to password-protected and give it an inconspicuous name (e.g: Work files/Study notes/Audio files/etc)

No. 789050

File: 1619118527475.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.36 KB, 400x480, 8CB420DA-D028-4DC4-A9F1-339D50…)

A flash drive that you can keep hidden from everyone, maybe something like pic related so no one can figure out what could be inside.

No. 789065

Unrelated someone I follow on tumblr who sometimes posts radfem things just reblogged this pic… anon… do you think… maybe…?

No. 789070

You can set certain files or folders on your computer to be hidden, at least on windows idk about mac. Add a password and you're golden, no one's going to find this ever but you can still easily access it on your computer. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-show-hidden-files-windows-10?international=true&r=US&IR=T

No. 789071

Also, if it's on your phone: download one of those calculator vault apps. On the surface they acts as a regular calculator app, but if you type in a certain code it reveals a hidden vault you can hide files in.

No. 789072

Yeah, this is along the lines of what I've been doing, I just started to think maybe there was some other solution I was just too dumb to know about.
I haven't even had the courage to save anything especially lewd, but I'd still die if anyone saw my vanilla husbando folder

I laughed

No. 789073

File: 1619121363152.png (404.42 KB, 500x579, tumblr_pnugl3gG3w1y0ns5so1_500…)

…Send ask?

No. 789075

nta but oh my god

No. 789076

Anyone making a pro ana scumbags 56 thread?

No. 789078

Is tumblr still fun?

No. 789083

I hope you really ran into each other this is so cute

No. 789099

Interesting, idk but hoping its true

No. 789101

Naaahhh, I've tried killing myself before and everyone gets sad and it gets stupid. At least with cancer, everyone gets the accepting death part in the end. Hoping I develop cancer before 30 so I can die by 35!!

No. 789103

bumping this

No. 789105

Nah you don't, shit hurts

No. 789107

File: 1619124271361.png (122.1 KB, 500x293, tumblr_inline_nhtcaezLZX1qinl7…)

I work at the visitors' desk at a small museum, unrelated to my art lol. We often have insane downtime so a laptop would be cool. I'm getting into lewd art (sfw at work only obviously) and I think I'm starting to get quite good at it enough for commission work soon

No. 789109

Why tho, 35 is young.

No. 789112

exactly but at least it isn't a scrote in my close vicinity that I can throw myself at. k-pop boys can be admired and easily acknowledged as fantasy crushes

No. 789116

File: 1619124691537.png (45.84 KB, 275x151, disgustang.png)

when men oogle/stare at you, do they know they are doing it? for years i wore oversized clothes because ~the male gaze~ was so upsetting, but i recently started wearing clothes my size. as a result so many guys at uni stare at my body in the most disgusting way ever. do these men realize how gross they are when they blatantly stare at women they deem attractive? or is it a subconscious thing?

No. 789119

Hmmm, not sure what laptop would be the best cause I don't know how much you want to spend, but I would recommend anything with an intel core i5, core i7 or better; that way you can run multiple software at the same time
If you search for used or repaired laptops maybe the cost will be halved, that's what I did with my current desktop

No. 789124

File: 1619125025239.jpeg (129.98 KB, 750x724, 9E36B3D5-1DC8-4A6C-8E70-83DE41…)

Is it weird to sign gift art? Art you made for a friend?

No. 789128

Shit hurts but at least I would die, I would never get chemo just let it run wild
Simply because it's been long 25 years in this world for me and I wouldn't like to live past that. It's not a "beauty" or "young" thing, it's just because it's tiring to keep on living, it's tiring to have to close cicles in your life only to get into other cicles with their own problems. I wish I died but I'm not going to do it by my own hands, but also, jesus christ I just want to do a few fun things with my life and die at the peak of the fun.

No. 789130

It's not weird, I do it too, specially irl stuff, lots of artists do this

No. 789133

I'm manifesting this for me omg look for a bitch posting borzois

No. 789134

Okay thanks, I suddenly got self conscious about it after finishing the piece but I am gonna sign it now

No. 789135

In june I ordered from a retailer that never sent me my package, I was in contact with them for months trying to figure out a solution. We agreed on a refund but they never returned my money, then they re-branded, and weeks later, deactivated the email and accounts attached to the old brand. I ordered from their shopify store with paypal but I can't file a claim with them because it's been more than 180 days (their policy). Is there any way to get the seller flagged for fraud under their rebranded store? They're in the EU and I'm in North America. I spent $120 and I don't think there's anyway to get it back now.

No. 789136

Because it's a fraud there might be a small chance your bank can do a drawback

No. 789147

Can people get their surgeries undone, reversed or removed? Like if you got so much filler on your lips that it makes you look weird, can you get that removed?

No. 789149

You can get fillers dissolved and implants removed. I think if you get something like a nosejob, then you can put an implant in to fix whatever went wrong.

No. 789151

Samefag, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but fillers will also go away on their own. That's why you have to repeatedly get them done. Idk about botox, but I assume that also goes away after some time

No. 789155

Your card holder might be able to help you. I had an account hacked once and they bought digital point shit for their account which was $114 worth. The actual site refused to acknowledge it so I took it to my card holder, the bank, and they refunded all my money. Lost my account on that site because the company is a money grubbing POS but at least my grocery money wasnt gone.

No. 789188

Yeah I need to look into this, from what I've read my bank doesn't do chargebacks if it's been more than 4 months since the transaction but I should try calling them. I feel like a retard because I was in contact with the seller throughout the window of time where I could have disputed the charge through paypal or my bank but I didn't look into this option and basically gave them the benefit of the doubt like a dummy.

No. 789224

Most people have a phase where they get kinda chubby right? I lost like 15 pounds over quarantine and am afraid of going back, but most people’s weight fluctuates a little right?

No. 789239

Secondhand ThinkPad or if you want to buy new look at a laptop with an AMD Ryzen processor. They're cheaper and better than what Intel is currently offering.

No. 789262

thank you so much, anons! I'm pretty new at owning a laptop in general so these are helpful

No. 789264

How long have you been with your bank? I’d pull the “I’ve been a customer for XYZ years and I’d really hate to close my account over this, I know (competing bank) has consumer protection for up to (X amount of time that’s hopefully longer- idk just do basic googling to find your answer) and it’d be great if you could match that for me” or something if they aren’t willing to be helpful. Customer retention is important. Did you pay through a credit card or debit card?

No. 789265

yes. unless it actually affects your health negatively weight fluctuation happens. especially the older you get. welcome to adulthood. as long as you dont go anachan or amberlynn you should be fine. of course ill add in the speak you your dr if it gets troublesome. but its common and even more so during a cheeky quarantine.

No. 789271

You can try but actually customer retention is not as important as getting new customers; old ones that left may eventually be back to if the offer for new customers will be attractive enough. People often dont want to change even if they get worse offer as long term customers out of sheer laziness, losing a few that would be willing to go through the process is no biggie.

No. 789322

Not racebaiting nor am I asking for a racebaited answer:
why do people think that a mixed couple will have more attractive children? Of course there are beautiful people who are mixed, just as there are weird/ugly mixed people. I supposed mixed people might be more striking, but there are many nonmixed striking people too…

No. 789337

Anons who restarted college after dropping out, how did you do it?

No. 789358

Why did they make Scorpion an old man in the new Mortal Kombat movie?

No. 789364

tbh I think people who say that are overly conscious of race and they have a knee jerk reaction to be overtly positive. I don't think they're being disingenuous or fake or anything because of course many mixed kids are cute, but not all are and it's a bit of a weird, fetishy thing to say unless there's something over compensatory about it.

No. 789365

File: 1619159104646.jpg (259.3 KB, 1020x680, Pic-CastaSystem.jpg)

I swear I don't wanna come across as an SJW, but ironically tied into colonialism and white supremacy
The Half White Children be they the off-spring of White Masters and their bedwences in the American South, Conquistadores and native women or British Officers and Indian women
their Children, these mixed children were always given a "higher" social standing in the colonial hierarchy though never given full blooded white status with the exception of Anglo-Indians who were given White Status

No. 789377

No. 789381

Maybe it's an instinctive thing, because it's actually probably better from an evolutionary perspective to diversify the gene pool. I'm not some loser who thinks evolution should dictate morality or anything dumb like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's an evolutionary explanation for why people fetishise mixed babies.

No. 789384

Why do so many men have obsessions with Sailor Mercury? ProJared is probably the most well-known one but tons of other men are obsessed with her in particular.

No. 789385

Probably because she’s the most shy, intellectual and “pure” yet still womanly? She seems like she’d be above men and so of course they all fixate on her.

No. 789386

File: 1619163776351.jpeg (651.75 KB, 1000x1125, 261C4F70-480C-4954-8BA1-AF0453…)

If the person you were thinking about/currently seriously dating is a divorcée, but because it was an arranged marriage and the families didn’t need the symbolic bond anymore and they never loved the person, would you still be with them?

No. 789390

If they checked all the other boxes I was looking for, sure.

No. 789391

Should I be wary if a used manga series on amazon has no pic attached and no product details except for the ASIN? The seller has a 96% rating with a few comments in 2018 and 2019 saying they never got the package (though one said after they brought it up to the seller, they were sent a replacement immediately) with no comments like that after 2019.

No. 789394

unironically please don't try and kill yourself, I'm saying this in a sense like lolplznodon't.

but your mind when you are in that state is not running on logic you will think and do things and convince yourself it is logical and right to kill yourself, I've been in a mix of depression and anxiety since my late teens and the way I handled it was just doing things to help others I was close with.

I made a promise to myself I would try and make even the most smallest changes or improvements and struggle though that suffering.

I won't say its easy or rewarding but you can do better for yourself, I think accepting these feelings as part of you and not something to be ignored or controlled by can help.

so try and struggle a little for now, no ones asking for miracles but just do a small tiny thing even a day or so.

you're stronger than your mind wants to think you are.

No. 789400

File: 1619167206386.gif (463.33 KB, 260x208, girl-waving-hairbrush.gif)

How do I free up space on the C drive?

I already ran the cleanup tool. The drive is full of fucking updates and I had to postpone even more updates. It doesn't even allow me to change in which directory I want them to dowload nor does it let me increase the drive size, probably because I have an outer hard. I have a whole TB sitting there unused. Fuck

No. 789410

Anyone making a pro ana scumbags 56 thread?

No. 789411

Why don’t you just make one? If you get banned for shit thread then who cares.
Just go through the thread with the sage posts hidden and recap all the milk in chronological order. If you like, you can even c+p the reply link number to post next to it, so that people can click on it and be taken straight to the milk you’re referring to. Then just c+p all of their social media links. Put whatever thread pic you like as long as it’s related, not every thread needs a humorous collage of all the cows.

No. 789424

Nta, but making a new thread is such a big and thankless chore, I never do it and I'm very grateful to anons that do. You need to scour the old thread for milk through all the irrelevant banter, link it all up properly, write up (preferably witty) descriptions, update old data like ages and social media profiles, and after all that you're happy if you don't get redtexted or shat upon by users.

No. 789427

Kek I spend aaaages making a thread, put so much effort in, and then as I had never made one before I wrote the title in “name” instead of subject, and got banned for tripfagging. So sad.

No. 789428

Oh shit, it was probably me who reported you. The irony. See, this is why I'll never make a thread.

No. 789437

Does nail polish chip away faster the older the bottle gets?

No. 789443

File: 1619175279024.jpeg (28.88 KB, 547x561, 9AA9EA2D-D862-449A-9326-043330…)

I know which thread you made, anon. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten

No. 789450

File: 1619175968141.png (390.91 KB, 623x999, 87503ca56861c60c7a1ed812002917…)

Why do I only got obsessive about my earnings when I've reached above average pay tier? Would make more sense if I felt insecure / stressed when I was below, yet somehow only now I've developed anxiety of not saving enough and being much worse than some of my colleagues. Is this what capitalism is like, you're never happy because every time you think you've "made it" enough to feel safe, you enter higher tier full of richer people that makes you insecure and crave more?

No. 789452

Can I use a bleach solution to clean hardwood floor?

No. 789459

I read all the nice things nonnies said in the caps thread, it actually warmed my cold heart kek. Love u for that. At least now I know how to properly title threads!

No. 789479

Should I pursue a career which I studied for is contributing to society and culture but pay is shit or should I become a codemonkey and earn shitload of money?

No. 789505

Earn shitload of money so you can later go after the other job and be more secure?

Idk how realistic that is but as a poorfag I have to say go after the money lol

No. 789514

Factory Reset Anon

No. 789527

How can I improve my sense of proportions when drawing? I always mess up estimating the distances between elements which makes me redraw everything 15 times. I also have the same problem in real life, I often misjudge the distance between objects and things like that. I have no spatial awareness

No. 789532

File: 1619184690758.jpeg (218.58 KB, 539x458, 888CA7B0-7C52-434A-AF99-56235F…)

What do you guys think about Aileen Wuornos? Honestly think she’s based but the scrotes wouldn’t be too happy when we empathize with a potentially traumatized woman instead of the millionth psycho scrote that mutilates women and their dead corpses because they were misunderstood from society or dumb shit like that.

No. 789537

she did nothing wrong

No. 789543

Nothing against her. She only killed garbage men and she didn't do it for sexual kicks like men killers do.

No. 789551

Well I'm 2-3 years older than everyone else in my classes, but all things considered it could've been worse. I'm on track to graduate this semester and I already found a job in my field.

No. 789554

Anyone else here horrified of driving? My boyfriend is visiting me for the first time and I volunteered to pick him up from the airport and drive us around. He's planned our days around what I like and is paying for everything, so I didn't want to feel like I wasn't contributing… But honestly I know I'm going to be so stressed out going to the airport and driving us places. To make matters worse I live near a tourist area, so it's awfully busy most of the time.

How the fuck do I get over it? I've driven for 10 years, driven through multiple states, but I still freak out and panic every time I drive (even to the grocery store) despite never having an accident.

No. 789571

Yep, same here. I've had my license for about 5 or 6 years now and I still get anxious whenever I have to drive. It has worsened since I hit a car last summer while trying to park, the "I won't get into an accident" thought of reassurance doesn't work anymore. I'm not sure if there's any way to get over it, I have an anxious personality in general and this is part of it.

No. 789573

Driving is so stressful I literally can not do it. I'm just lucky I live somewhere that I don't have to. It was so bad when I tried it made me wonder if I have some kind of anxiety condition.

No. 789585

Are african americans, in general, interested and connected with their ancestry?

No. 789594

A lot of us aren't connected to African culture/history (unless you have immigrant family members, obviously) if that's what you mean. Imo, we're more interested in/connected to our American ancestry than our African ancestry.

No. 789603

Thanks for answering!

No. 789615

As far as I've noticed, no. It just gets thicker and thus harder to apply and takes longer to dry. Still stays on. Might depend on the brand though?

No. 789645

Would anyone like a vegan/vegetarian thread? Would that be more /g/ or /ot/?

No. 789647

I think that would be a /g/ thread since we have other threads about diets and food there. I would like it, but idk if I would have much to contribute

No. 789664

I've had my license for close to 10 years but since I live in a city with good public transportation I never drive, I've never even driven alone, always with at least one parent, and I think the last time I've done it was something like 5 or 6 years ago. I don't think I'll ever need a car, but if I have to I'm supremely fucked lol.

No. 789684

File: 1619197638634.png (627.37 KB, 640x640, 20180706112331-4b29.png)

I really need some money asap, so I have something limited edition on sale (pic rel). I'm a little wary cuz I really don't know how it would go tbh, a guy try to low-ball me but I've tempted cuz I need the cash and can make it up selling 3ds games or I can sell it w/ the exact price that I needed but I still don't know how much time do I have to wait for pp to see, buy and test it out, the whole process ya know and I'm on a time crunch. What would you choose cuz I'm a little indecisive between 2 options…

No. 789712

If you have the time don’t sell it until more potential buyers can see, or counter-offer him a higher price. Don’t go for a lowball.

Did you put “or best offer” in the desc.? Sometimes it acts as a deterrence for buyers giving second offers. How much are you selling it for?

No. 789721

I havent sold it yet anon, im just testing the waters. I dont live in the us so the price is different here (10$ might be isnt much for you guys but it is a lot for us), i originally bought it for 160$ but im selling it for 130$, it was used after all, the guy who lowball me tried to buy it with 110$. I thought it was a good deal but if i wound up not selling the console within a week i guess i have to give it to him.

No. 789746

Any euro anons know where to get amphetamine or similar drugs for being more focused and productive? Please I really need it.

No. 789750

What do babies think?

No. 789751

Goo goo and gaga

No. 789752

drink milk, shit, scream and be ugly

No. 789781

Is there a point in doing a blood test if I think I have hormonal problems? I experience menopausal symptoms before my period (joint pain, hot flashes, insomnia, also suicidal thoughts) and it drives me insane but I'm not sure if anything can be done about it

No. 789782

samefag, needless to say, but I'm in my 20s

No. 789783

Recently my bras aren’t fitting comfortably and I can’t tell whether it means I should size up or not? The center wire part that separates the two cups keeps pressing into my chest regardless of how loose I make the straps or the band. Other than that, everything still fits fine it’s just that center part that keeps bugging me and digging into my skin. I’m not sure if this means I need to size up or if I just need a new bra? Most of my bras are pretty old and also I’ve been hand washing them recently (don’t have a laundry machine) so I’m not sure if I just fucked them up somehow.

No. 789786

You just need new ones, that's a common problem with old bras when the fabric wears out

No. 789787

Weird question, if you want to check if your hormones are actually off through blood test, and have it adressed by the doctor, you will need a test done because no one will do anything based just on "I think I have this".
If it's a blood test to check for something else, your hormone level doesn't have much influence on it.
Whatever it would be, it's good to have a test done just to be sure what is up.

No. 789791

Yeah, I worded it weirdly. What I wanted to say was whether there's a point in testing my hormone levels if I'm experiencing those symptoms

No. 789803

Absolutely then. Like I've said, if you're to be treated the doctor will need the specifics that could be more precisely estimated only through testing. It's rare but you could happen to have all the symptoms to hormones and it actually being caused by something else too. It's better to know for sure even for yourself too.

No. 789808

concepts and images

No. 789810

they think in impulses, not thoughts. They feel, rather than think

No. 789830

Should I make alfredo with broccoli, or a beyond burger? I honestly just want to eat kiwis, but I should probably eat an actual meal

No. 789835


No. 789851

Am I the one with the problem for feeling like most of the women in the niche gaming community I'm in are attention whores? It seems like a mortal sin to point out and I feel bad on some level because the males are the ones enabling it. I would love to have female friends who share my interests, just not ones that are social parasites. Do I need to just get over myself?

No. 789856

Is it normal to sometimes have skidmarks in my underwear?

No. 789857

NO. Are you sure it's poop?

No. 789862

Yes. But isn't it normal if you wear thongs or brazilian panties?? I mean those are impossible not to rub against your ass

No. 789865

>Do I need to just get over myself?
Most likely

No. 789868

I don't think so, anon. Make sure you're washing and wiping (or spraying if you use a bidet) well.

No. 789871

Is it normal to sometimes think about how dope it would be to have a dick?

Like I'm a woman and I love that for me but damn … I'd love to have a dick sometimes just so I could jerk off easily whenever I'm bored.
Like I know I can still easily do it but like sometimes it's just so exhausting like I gotta get in the right mindset. And also I need my vibrator because my arms are to short. Oh to have a dick for a day just to mindlessly jerk off.

Or is it just me?

No. 789874

I'm really trying to be fair, ugh. It's just hard to take them seriously when they're more or less failed titty streamers. I also don't want to force myself to be friends with insufferable women just because they are women either. I don't really know what to do or how to judge if I'm being fair.

No. 789884

No, I don’t think you’re wrong for feeling this way. If other women act that way there isn’t much you can do outside of ignoring or avoiding them when it’s like you said, males are enabling it. But focusing on how the women are desperate instead of the scrotes driving them to do it will only tire you out in the long run. I’d say try to ignore when they’re being annoying and try to build a community with them still, if it’s better than playing alone or with the scrotes.

No. 789887

>I also don't want to force myself to be friends with insufferable women just because they are women either.
been there, dont do it. idk your age anon but i would seek out 25+ aged women in your interests as i find they dont care for social media numbers, attention, and drama in a long run. there's no guarantee but definitely the older women ive found talk more sensible and can connect on a better level.

No. 789892

There was one girl I was friends with who sort of fell into that category and was actively trying to fuck everyone but she did it in private instead of broadcasting everything. She was deranged and hilarious but disappeared one day. So I guess it's not a complete deal breaker.

No. 789895

File: 1619209932619.png (Spoiler Image, 43.17 KB, 500x325, 1B033057-BA0D-4765-B56D-B8B65C…)

No. 789926

I find myself randomly craving the highs and lows of a toxic relationship. Has any of you anons been in such a situation and found a way of getting rid of those irrational feelings? I think that finding a healthy way to feel excitement in a relationship may be helpful, but IDK how to do that. I wish I could romanticize stability and everyday happiness instead.
I'm already in therapy

No. 789927

Does anyone here NOT feel like their childhood was magical? Don’t get me wrong, I have great parents and I wasn’t even bullied. But I don’t really look back at my childhood and miss it a ton. I think it had to do a lot with how my parents were immigrants and kind of strict (they’re way less strict now). I also was really introverted and had a hard time relating to others around me and understanding what was going on. Like my parents would take me and my sisters on vacations abroad and they never would explain to us about where we were going or why. I also never felt like I had friends I was super close with in elementary school and almost no one had the same interests as me.

No. 789939

The "I wasn't traumatized nor do I have any nostalgia for childhood" outlook? Yep, I relate. I had a comfortable middle class upbringing, parents divorced but it wasn't messy. I liked learning but loathed school due to the way we were drilled to remember facts rather than actually engage with the material, plus I had to learn a bunch of useless bullshit I've literally never put to use again. Had friends but didn't/don't feel deep attachment to any of them. I basically spent all my childhood excited for the moment I could finally stop being boxed into other people's plans for me and go my own way, and now that I'm an adult I absolutely don't miss it in the least.

No. 789940

Dick anon here, I can't argue with this.
My Clit is dope af

No. 789950

Yeah mine wasn't magical at all. I had amazing parents, nothing bad or traumatizing happened, I just remember always being vaguely stressed. About schoolwork, dance classes, friends, etc. It was worse when I was a tween but I don't remember much before that. It's why I don't want kids, because if I was so stressed dealing with all that shit I know my parents had it 100x worse because they had to organise everything, drive me everywhere, help me with projects, costumes etc AND deal with my tantrums.

Being an adult with money and a basic job and no other responsibilities is the best.

No. 789956

>a basic job and no other responsibilities
God this was something that killed me regarding school too. You spend all day in class then you get out and have to spend the rest of your evening on homework. You barely had time to exist outside of your responsibilities. I know some jobs are like this and require overtime/take-home work but in my case when I clock out, I'm fucking done and my time is my own. I hated having that constant feeling of yet more obligations hanging over my head.

No. 789961

I don't miss the lows at all, but I do find myself romanticizing the struggle as if it somehow made us stronger. Like I'd think about how we went through a bunch of shit together, but it was shit he manufactured out of thin air to control me. Not exactly a great show of loyalty. I sometimes feel like no one else is going to fight for me like that, but I just remember that a good partner should fight to protect you from negative external influences, not fight against their own desires to use you as a scapegoat and emotional punching bag. It takes a lot of time though, and finding things that make you happy on your own so you can tell if another person is adding to that contentment or taking away from it.

No. 789986

Honestly nowadays I recognize those feelings as intrusive thoughts that happen when I'm bored. When I was in a toxic relationship I had like no hobbies or places to go. Nothing except my relationship.

same but it was mostly spent worrying about money. I remember going on day trips, but never vacations. We were on food stamps for a while.

No. 790008

If I do everything in my power to develop cancer, is it sucide?

No. 790010

Do you have a significant other nonny?

No. 790012

Yeah, because it’s something you’re doing consciously with the purpose of dying, in a long run, but the final result is still death.
That’s why smoking, drinking and taking too many pills could be considered self harm.

No. 790013

I think living past 35 is hell on earth, I want god to come for me already but even smoking everyday doesn't mean I'll get cancer
I feel so ready to die yet I don't want to kill myself this time

No. 790015

You've been posting about this all day. I think it's time to step away from the screen Anonita.

No. 790019

If you're on a "break," is the person you're on a break from/with considered your boy/girlfriend or an ex?

No. 790023

File: 1619221561723.jpg (53.73 KB, 436x336, 161457141978262857924671999122…)

they're an ex because "breaks" and just drawn-out breakups with extra steps

No. 790026

They're an ex unless you two have a clear set of rules (are you allowed to see other people during this time, how will you be working on yourselves, are you operating with the hope of reuniting) and timeline (when are you planning to discuss getting back together). Lack of definition means neither side has any hopes or plans regarding how to fix things and there's no point in drawing out the inevitable.

No. 790034

true. things got a little complicated towards the end of our relationship but the gist of it was, i wanted to take a break because i was feeling depressed and they didn't seem to want to, so i acted childishly and they reacted to my childishness by seemingly falling off the face of the earth for about 5 days. It made me really upset and i wanted out definitely. Previously i wanted a break so i could figure myself out and get my head right, but that reaction made me want to break up with no intention of getting back together ofc. Then THEY asked for a break in response to me telling them i was done with them. It made me really happy, so much so i forgot to ask when we planned on reuniting, i just wanted to stop thinking about them and start thinking about myself. I remember saying let's talk in a year if you want or something but don't remember their reply.

Anyways I was asking because I want to send my ex or whatever a nude lol… I don't know how acceptable it'd be in these circumstances, specially unsolicited?

No. 790042

Unsolicited nude is always unacceptable, even when you are in relationship. Nothing stops you from asking whether he wants to receive it or not though!

No. 790043

>she believes in the break meme
It’s over, dump him

No. 790048

A little while ago (couple months maybe) anons were talking about “medias that men won’t understand”. I want to find that post and look at some recommendations. Can anyone remember and point me that way? Fuck I knew I should have saved it it but I’m too retarded to find it now.

Also, what media do you think men don’t get?

No. 790050

anooooon! lol I believe in it because i know what i at least meant by it when i requested it. I need therapy.
I'm scared he's just not going to answer my calls or texts like he did those 5 days. I'm still a little traumatized(? from it, I don't take rejection well. I don't want to talk to him rn anyways, just want him to see some nudes i took

No. 790052

File: 1619224531547.jpg (1.08 MB, 2011x2000, 1597815174944.jpg)

I saved the pic but can't remember where it was posted

No. 790055

Is it wrong if I don't care if my boyfriend doesn't make me cum because I can just cum by myself later and think of him as I'm doing it?

No. 790062

Wow I’ve never seen any of these films kek. Thanks for the recommendations.

No. 790066

When did the west start becoming all about being a manly man and thinking appealing to girls is gay when even as far back in the fifties there were male singers who were explicitly made to target young girls with their looks and serenading voices? Basically I'm asking when did female gaze and the pretty boy archetype become unacceptable and why does this happen when being a coomer is more mainstream than ever ?

No. 790068

I've heard good things about a lot of these films but what the fuck is Point Break and American Psycho doing there?
Anyway I would like a version of these for every media format and to know where this came from kek

No. 790069

At my job I hear a lot of women under 21 talk endlessly about Harry Styles, I don't think the market is ever fully dead

No. 790071

I suppose there was push back of men being more 'metrosexual' when the tranny movement decided to label everything as binary male and female activities to fight gender conformity. So now it's gay or queer to be anything other than rigidly masculine or feminine.

No. 790078

This was asked in a Stupid question thread too >>>/ot/613260
A bunch of them are written by dudes and interpreted perversely by other dudes

No. 790081

just a bit sad, is all

No. 790087

A whole year of undefined contact, with no request from the other person for more specificity or to eventually get back together? Yeah, it's over. I'm not sure why you'd want to send him a nude at this point. He doesn't even want to speak with you, and you want to share your body with him intimately? Anon, you really need to focus on yourself and figure out what you even want at this point, because you're all over the place. Whatever you really need to be happy right now, this guy can't give you. Start thinking about yourself as you intended.

No. 790093

Thanks for reminding me that Virgin Suicides exists. I read that book years and years ago as a teenager and forgot about it completely.

No. 790131

Yep. Capitalism is one hell of a drug.

No. 790145

I keep getting stock and shareholding info in the mail from the retail store I work for, even though I am not a shareholder and havent opened an account or bought stocks or anything so now im panicking that they may have opened an account without telling me? What the fuck is going on?

No. 790146

Falling in to the echo chamber effect is unavoidable on the internet, but being cognizant of it allows you to take steps to analyze your thinking and decide if its well informed and authentic or just reverberation.

A stupid question for all anons: what views in the lolcow echo chamber do you think are inaccurate, exaggerated or mindlessly adopted? What would you encourage fellow users to look in to on their own, or apply more critical thought to?

No. 790153


No. 790171

you know, there's google for quicker results…

No. 790195

If I don't get an internship lined up by graduation how much will that effect my future employment after I graduate?

No. 790196

farmers recommend me some cute alarm clocks so I rely less on my phone!

No. 790197

File: 1619244216048.jpg (122.98 KB, 1500x1125, e9dc9fbee5445f8557d006ab820093…)

I've used this one for years

No. 790200

good taste. hello kitty is not my taste but I will see if I can find other cute character clocks.

No. 790201

i had this one when i was a kid, can you still buy it somewhere?

No. 790206

Do people wash their wedding rings on a regular basis? I've seen friends and family make meatloaf plenty but I've never seen them wash their rings????

No. 790212

Why are some people really functional like able to have a job, go to school, have an s/o, live on their own, etc and some people can barely make it?

No. 790215

>pretty much all physical nitpicks like what's considered fat or a big nose and such
>the world being overrun with autogynephilic transbians any second now
>scrotes are always evil

No. 790219

Is there a way to see what someone's listening to on Spotify without importing your contacts through Facebook?

No. 790224

What clothing styles scream 'lesbian'?

No. 790237

You have to follow them and their settings can’t be set to private listening. Otherwise if their profile is completely public it will show on their profile what they’ve listened to recently.

No. 790276

am i retarded for still not having my driver's licence at 23?

No. 790287

I'm 28 and I don't drive and don't plan on ever learning it. I feel sorry for burgerfags that are too dependent on cars, wish their public transportation system was better.

No. 790308

How do I make a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich taste delicious when I have to use philadelphia light?

No. 790309

Not if you don't need it. I've had it for years now and only drive for to avoid unlearning it, not because I actually need it and don't own a car. If you can get by by using public transporation or other means of transportation where you live then it's fine imo.

No. 790310

File: 1619258626901.jpg (80.07 KB, 621x941, 1b278b2ab7974e4cd21e9a10b71c25…)

Plaid, it's a stereotype but honestly why not. I don't really wear plaid usually but have one shirt just in case I want to go out and attract attention of other lesbians lol

No. 790330

Only in Urban areas, if ever been to the midwest or the upper west coast, like 70% women dress like pic you posted

No. 790331

Yes go get your drivers license. Don't bieve all the enlightened public transportation people who say you dont need one and act like people who drive are Neanderthals. Never met a one of them who could actually afford a car and was actively choosing not to have one. Regardless it's a simple life skill just like knowing how to swim. Could save your life one day.

No. 790334

NTA, i'm just very curious, where are you from? I live in an euro country where it's very normal to not have a car even when you can afford one and getting a license is not at all considered an obvious thing to do since you can reach every place easily with public transport and most often it makes more sense to use it than to bother with car given lack of parking spaces.

No. 790336

This. If you live in one of the big cities in Europe it's retarded to own a car.

No. 790338

Nta but depends on where you live doesn't it? The country I live in isn't by far dependent on cars to the extent that America is (I'm assuming that's where you're from because it's usually the Americans that assume the situation is the same for everyone as it is for them) and our public transportation is excellent. I know plenty of people who voluntarily don't own a car because they live in big cities and can get around easily by public transportation, bike and walking and owning a car is actually often less efficient for getting around and considered a waste of money.

No. 790339

File: 1619262735354.gif (374.6 KB, 220x162, tenor (3).gif)

>(I'm assuming that's where you're from because it's usually the Americans that assume the situation is the same for everyone as it is for them)

No. 790342

And those standing electric scooters, they're very popular

No. 790344

Most places also have electric car rentals(those where you use an app) if you really need one

No. 790350

Why do I get bullied everywhere I go? I don’t wear a hijab but I fast and this stupid hijabi ask me if I do and I said yeah. She’s chewing gum and Idc for it but keeps being sceptic. I use this as an example because by all stupid groups I get disrespected. There’s not a single category that treats me as equal. I get slutshamed by everybody, I get called mentally ill by everybody, I get called ugly by everybody and I get called mean by everybody. Nobody respects me and everybody finds me weird. It’s never gonna change, I will get bullied by everybody til I’m a grandma (childless because I will not want to continue my shitty bloodline).

No. 790353

Even counselors hate me
Even psychologists hate me
Even your mom hates me
That’s not an anon mocking me it’s just me

No. 790359

ngl anon, even I dislike you just from reading that. You sound so off putting

No. 790361

Do you just not fit in because you're not as strictly religious as the people around you?

No. 790365

Salt and pepper. Maybe some cayenne too

No. 790367

Do your parents snoop around your room and parcels? I see a lot of anons on /g/ threads saying they can't own a sex toy because they still live at home, which I find depressing as fuck, not being able to have your own stuff.

No. 790377

I had zero privacy when I lived with my parents, despite having my own room, can imagine other people having it similar. I remember being angry at it a lot but at the same time feeling like it's normal, only later my therapist made me realize how fucked up that was. Feeling so bad for every anon that has or had to go through the same thing, I'm pretty sure it may be common.

No. 790384

Or any spice you have. I'll put oregano or basil or thyme or marjoram on buttered toast to make it tastier.

No. 790387

I know cats meow as a way of basically saying 'hey, pay attention to me!', but do cats view humans as trying to get their attention when they meow back?

No. 790390

My mom snooped in my stuff but I snooped in her room and even stole stuff. She basically taught me that boundaries were something you pretended to respect while actually doing whatever you wanted. I had my diary used against me, sex toys found, skype messages read, so I just went in her room and drawers and purse whenever I wanted to

No. 790396

No. Cat meowing is residual infantile behaviour, they meow to get attention of their mother, which role you now fill. Their mother never meows at them, and they look at you as if you've gone insane if you do.

No. 790397

Fucking same. Once my mom actuay went through my bathroom trash and pulled out a used condom. I confronted her and she said it was so my dad didnt see it. But my dad never went in my room. Why are moms fucked up?

No. 790401

I'm sure they think it's to "protect" you or whatever, definitely was my mom's motivation.

No. 790409

My mom isn't concerned she's just a no-life gossip (like mother like daughter KEK)

No. 790411

I didn't think my mom went through my stuff until she started using something I had thrown out which meant she went through my trashbags I had tied up and put in the shed for trash pickup day.. Fortunately I was a goody-goody teen with nothing to hide but ever since I've always wondered if she snooped around in my room too and potentionally read my journals and just kept it a secret.

No. 790421

Interesting! I wonder if dogs have this kind of leftover behaviors. Studies shown that they also see us as their parents.

No. 790423

It's gone much farther with dogs, they're a completely neotenous species, most of their looks and behaviour is infantile.

No. 790424

They look and behave like juvenile wolves, that is. Sorry for samefag

No. 790433

How would you define a ‘radfem’, sorry for my lack of knowledge, I feel you anons are more trustworthy than long dumb articles on Google.

No. 790434

I remember the first time I had a diary. I was 7, and it didn't even last a week before my mom "nicely" asked to look through it. I didn't think it would harm me at the time because I was just writing Britney Spears lyrics in it lol.
But even before that I remember writing a song/poem when I was 5, the lyrics were "I love (male friend) and I love (female friend)," covering up an entire piece of paper. My dad went and scribbled out every instance of my male friend's name and took me upstairs to hit me with the belt.

No. 790436

that's super interesting! Can you recommend any quality sources on the topic (books, articles, etc)? I will google myself but just asking in case you know about something good

No. 790438

It's suppose to be radical feminist and the contextual use of radical these days seems to be anything considered terfy. It's radical to want the feminist movement to be about women and not transwomen. S

No. 790445

Tbh I don't remember, it's not like I bookmark all I read, but I guess the wiki article on neoteny would be a good start.

No. 790447

No. 790454

Yes. I'm 30 and my mum still opens any of my letters that go to her house. You were never allowed privacy growing up. When I go visit/stay her new thing is that doors are only allowed to be shut at night. I didn't know this new rule and shut the door watching the TV because her husband was screaming at football. It caused an argument between them because I was acting rude and hostile. They always find excuses to ask for my car keys to look in my car. I smoke weed and can't even admit to just smoking tobacco to them because of the headache it would cause. The last time I stayed over I had to wait until 3am to sneak out to my car to have a smoke and was freaking out the neighbours might tell them lol. Situating yourself from one room to another requires a conversation and request for permission it's fucking mental lol

No. 790468

I want to do witchcraft but I don't know where to start.

No. 790481

What happens to your soul when you kill yourself? do you become a ghost? or can I safely assume I'll be dead for real?

No. 790485

Imagine getting a definitive answer on what happens after death on lolcow of all places haha

No. 790489

at least I want to know what people's opinions are here
I feel very close to tying up the knot, that's why

No. 790490

I don't think anyone knows for sure

No. 790494

Samefag but do we even have a soul? Like is that a scientific proveable thing?

No. 790500

Of course not, it's a philosophical concept.

No. 790501

Well what do you believe that's what matters the most since you're talking about taking life and death into your hands. Maybe explore life more. If you're willing to throw your life away why not do it in the real world sense. Go for broke anon join the circus lol

No. 790504

it's just hard to continue living if everything hurts so much

No. 790516

Eh idk if I should take you seriously but explain your thoughts at least lmfao
I don’t think that’s it because they do believe the people that fast instantly even though they are way less religious looking than me. I don’t fit in ANYWHERE.

No. 790520

I really wanna know

No. 790527

Do you girls still believe the right one will come?

No. 790529

Mister right miss right or what do you mean actually?
No for me, but maybe for you or others they will come.

No. 790541

Come where? I haven't dated in like 6 years. Will he break down my door?

No. 790543

Why Instagram is not working?!?!

No. 790544

Yed, but I hate being in a relationship

No. 790546

It's working fine for me. It might just be something or your end

No. 790549

is it just me, or you can't look at any instagram account anymore without being logged in?

No. 790550

You need to be logged in to see them nonny

No. 790566

Haven't seen the other one but a lot of men don't understand that the protagonist of American psycho is completely unhinged and not someone to look up to.

No. 790582

I use a tampermonkey extension to lurk instagram (I don't have an account), it only works on my laptop though, I don't know if there's a way to lurk on your phone.

No. 790674

If a job posting says "send resumes to XYZ email" would it be too much to also send a cover letter file too? Or should I make my cover letter the body of the email?

No. 790694

Don't send a cover letter if they don't ask for cover letter. It will make you seem like you haven't read the job offer description.

No. 790715

What is an "actress vibe"? Like what does that mean

No. 790725

that you're a fake ass bipch

No. 790729

Why are deadlines even a thing? Why do I have hand my essay in 2 days?!

Time is just a construct made up by the clock industry to sell more clocks.

No. 790730

I guess depends on a context but most of the times I've seen this used it meant someone is either charismatic or memorable looking but not modelesque. Or both.

No. 790759

Does my cat then see me as the motherest person in our household since I never mew at her and she never mews at me?

No. 790771

File: 1619295073698.jpeg (27.38 KB, 828x821, jsaDSVCddhD.jpeg)

Is it possible to have (or stay sane with) two jobs at once? I'm taking a gap year and have decided to focus on just working to save up as I have to pay for all my education/car/living expenses myself. I'm thinking of getting a job at target or walmart and then applying for an ice cream or pet store job. I've never had more than one job at once so I'm scared to ask my possible second job if I could work around a schedule, especially if it wouldn't make me seem like a good candidate with more hours. Would any jobs, especially something like ice cream, accept my first job's schedule without me sounding unprofessional (esp if I'm 18?)

No. 790785

you can use smihub.com or greatfon.com to lurk without an account on mobile. They're kinda slow tho

No. 790788

It’s possible, just try talking to the manager/boss and find a schedule that will be reasonable. They don’t really care if you have 10 side jobs as long as you can be on time for your accorded schedule.

No. 790797

Sometimes I think I'm autistic. Poor social skills, introverted to an almost unbelievable degree, sensitive to noise and light. But… I don't like cartoons, like at all.

I feel like nearly every autist loves cartoons with a passion?

No. 790799

This is a question for gay people. How come there is a good chunk of the gay population who dress really masculine/butch and super feminine/flamboyant? Where does the culture of doing that specifically come from? Especially when it comes to mimicking men's behavior and women's behavior.

No. 790800

I'm a closet gay and on top of that I'm not far from being a hermit. I'm still butch though and it just feels natural to me. I don't know where it comes from because socially I don't win any prizes for it.

No. 790810

Just feels natural to one day be very butch, some days kinda butch, some days very femme, even just by myself at home. For me, I think it's that more straight women would be more butch if they didn't "try" to cater to men, even if it was subconscious. Not that there aren't butch straight women, there absolutely are but I would say less than gays or bi. I also prefer butch/futch to full femme so maybe it's like you attract what you…are? Idk sis

No. 790813

File: 1619297790974.jpeg (72.34 KB, 754x721, 9B408B3E-31A2-43C3-8B11-FA901E…)

Theres this guy from uni who I have a big time crush on asked to take some pics of my feet. We did some shoots yesterday during lunch, didnt bother me that much but today he asked for my used socks so I'm like wtf. What do? I really like him but I'd feel really embarrassed if I gave him my dirty socks. And why dirty? Why not clean proper socks?

No. 790817

sell them to him

No. 790822

gross that'd kill my crush instantly.

No. 790823

What if he’s running a foot fetish website for money? Defo sell them to him. They like em dirty because they’re dirty pigs that like the smell of feet KEK.

No. 790834

Why won't that one dumbass anon stop hitting space bar 17566972 times before writing her post?

Shit ends up looking like this

No. 790840

Ask to get a cut from the money he is making off your feet pics. He is selling them and have a buyer who also want socks

No. 790846

Don't indulge a guys fetishes if you're not getting something real good in return. Wish I had been told that when I was younger

And don't take pics, they can and will end up anywhere. You'll never know who jerked off to them or if he shared your details with others

No. 790857

because she went to college or something like that iirc
just report it

No. 790863

No, I don't mean the "i think one sentence is a paragraph" but an anon who has at least 2 lines pf empty before her text

No. 790870

Is it "meming" or "memeing"?

No. 790924

you have a crush, he has a fetish
you are not the same

No. 790927

I've been texting this guy for only a week. Now I'm wondering if texting him twice a day is too much? I mean, we have fun talking, and he replies right away. But he is also the first to leave. Am I thinking too much about it? Is he just busy and doesn't think about saying good bye?

No. 790930

File: 1619307722676.gif (2.26 MB, 360x270, 1.gif)

he was a footfag boy
she said see ya later boy

No. 790931

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one thinking that lmao

No. 790935

fetishes can be harmless but asking for weird tokens is warning sign behavior. Like, why does he want to have your socks to himself, rather than to be with you while you wear them? It's controlling in the sense that he wants to have what he likes (the socks) to himself. He wants to be able to do whatever he wants to them, instead of liking you and finding socks cute secondarily, which would be a fetish but not harmful in and of itself. He wants pics so he can go and jack off in private without you there to distract him. It shows he doesnt care about you or spending time with you, he's only a squirrel (just looking out for his nut).

No. 790943

It's been only a week, don't overthink it, if you have fun, text twice, nothing to lose everything to gain!

No. 790946

simple as

No. 790973

How do you distract, delude, and decieve yourself from the empty dark sickness inside of you?

No. 790974

booze, cute men, and the tiniest dose of nostalgia. idk keeps things feeling alive enough.

No. 790984


No. 790990

Alcohol, or working out so hard until all you feel is pain

No. 790992

File: 1619316203210.png (273.98 KB, 840x1137, 1552.png)

Noticing that lolcow has a lot of drawfags and artist on here, talented ones too. As someone who knows nothing about art or the artist community, why are you all here?

No. 790995

empty inside

No. 790997

twitter sucks

No. 790998

File: 1619317141707.gif (1.06 KB, 43x40, tired.gif)


No. 791002

Artists are as prone to being drawn (heh) to drama as anyone else.
Having a skill doesn't remove one's humanity.

No. 791011

Compulsive shopping and husbandos

No. 791014

Petting cats, exercise, reading books and playing games, walking around in nature, making things.

No. 791027

File: 1619327193069.png (230.55 KB, 362x642, F50C0BC4-9932-4338-8628-BFE614…)

Is it crazy to drive to the house of where your package was mistakenly delivered? Is it unreasonable? They fucking signed for my package so they must be aware I know they have it, right?

No. 791028

are you from the vent thread? i think it is, but i'll support you in whatever decision you make (partly because i'm kinda scared)

No. 791029

File: 1619328753851.jpeg (99.97 KB, 436x1030, DBD8A78F-1A29-441E-BFDB-B8481F…)

kek yes I cried a good cry and upon further inspection figured out that I know where my book is. I’m going to go get it. I don’t want my book to be returned to sender, I paid way too much money for that to happen (it’s a rare book shipped from another country via proxy service bidding war) and for some random in town to know who I am. I’m only scared that they’re a psychopath who will hunt me down if I show up because we live in the same city. I hope they’re nice because I’d really like my package unopened and picked up from a covid-free home.

Did you mean you think it’s unreasonable, or that you think it’s crazy? I can tolerate crazy.

No. 791035

I get horrible anxiety over having amassed a following on social media, should I just delete everything? I never tried to gain followers, it just kinda happens. I enjoy posting shit and I like having a catalogue of pics to look back on on my ig but I don't want this level of attention. Once the follower count went past a certain amount I immidiately stopped enjoying using the account. Delete everything? Block half of my followers (maybe all of the scrotes kek) and go private? Just not have any social media accounts ever because this is the third time this has happened?

No. 791038

the yes was for crazy, but depending on how far apart you live i'm starting to think it actually not really might be. it's not like you hunted their address down, you probably got it with the notification, right? faster than waiting for the delivery again. praying for you to have it got sent to a cute cat grandma!

No. 791073

File: 1619340039343.jpg (813.74 KB, 1920x2560, 5d76b121-77be-4731-b1b2-6a0aad…)

Is it common for immigrant families (or just families from minorities in general) to watch movies because they involve that minority? I know my mom wanting to watch a movie because it involved a second-generation immigrant from a specific country and the time period in which she grew up in (which I don't want to disclose, as to not reveal too much information). I also remember seeing some orthodox jews when we went out to see JoJo rabbit in cinemas. Has anyone else experienced this sorta thing? mods, I'm not trying to race-bait, just asking a genuine question

No. 791075

Ime coming from an immigrant/minority community it’s not a thing we do. In fact a lot of the time people will avoid those sorts of movies because it’s hollywood cringe that no actual person from that group can relate to or enjoy.

No. 791076

For me and my friends it was, though only those of us who are born here or came here before we had any memories of our parents country. Those, who moved here when they were older don't seem to be like that. A lot of us also went through a phase of weird patriotism, but got over it after some time lmao.

No. 791080

I have an honest question for the BPD-chans: do you know what you’re doing during a manic episode? Do you just wake up and think “yeah, I will ruin my life today”? Or do you just do whatever and then you find out what you did after shit comes bite you back?

No. 791083

I know I’m fucking things up, it’s hard to explain but it feels like it’s the only option and nothing else will do. It sort of takes over you and you don’t care about anything except making yourself feel alright.

No. 791086

When did you learn that you can easily write backwards if you use your left hand?

No. 791088

I've been stable for a few years but back when I was bad I would be aware of what I was doing, I felt such strong compulsions at times and that part was hard to understand. I knew what I was doing but didn't know why I was doing it.

No. 791090

I'm not a bpd chan but sometimes I'm very unhinged when arguing with my bf about stupid things
I know he's going to get angry at me but I keep poking him and annoying him because I'm autistic and even though I know he's going to get angry I do it anyway because of my retarded sense of fairness

No. 791099


Same as this anon >>791090. I used to think I was bpdchan but turns out I'm just autistic and love to take things to the edge, specifically to ruin my life, because I have a sick sense of justice and self punishment.

No. 791102

how many times can you post your husbando in the husbando thread before it's considered spam or avatarfagging?

No. 791103

avatarfagging is really only when you use their pics but it's not picrel OR when you rp as that person. Spam is spam though. Since it's the husbando thread, maybe you get a pass

No. 791104

I'd say if it's in regular intervals and not all at once it shouldn't be too bad.
Live your dream. Share your husbando.
If the Epstein Anons can do it so can you

No. 791109

Such an accurate description of how it feels, damn.

No. 791111

Tbh that sounds just like unbridled egoism.

No. 791112

I guess it is in a way, no one is saying BPDchans are good or whatever

No. 791116

She asked for bpders to answer, not autists

No. 791139

Not a scrote but I think 100% of all women are impulsive and just like autism is a m*n’s disease I think borderline is a woman’s disease.
Anyways I’m a hysterical woman and not officially bpd , I say I have both aspects. If I am suicidal I think I’ll fuck up my life, if I’m not it’s an accident.

No. 791141

Not being mean on purpose but this is like you saying you’re le innocent and sooo not bpd. Lots of bpds in the closet use this coping mechanism, I feel people who admit that they’re bpd (and don’t see personality disorders as glamorous obv) are less dangerous.

No. 791145

I think I'm slightly dairy intolerant. If I have a latte instead of my usual black coffee I tend to bloat up and (gross) but there's a type of smell my farts take on. I don't get diarrhea but my poop the next day can be just a little off too.

My question is.. If I have the odd latte anyway because the symptoms aren't severe.. am I risking other health shit like inflammation or worse side effects down the line?

No. 791147

Maybe you should stick to speaking for yourself.

No. 791149

Nope, I won’t. Each gender has its own perks and quirks.

No. 791152

She's admitted to be a mentalist anon, let her suffer.

No. 791154

Nonnys how do I get over this. At least once a year I’m getting back into reading about witchcraft. It not that I believe in it it’s just so romantic and mysterious to me and gives me strong nostalgia to me being 14 and discovering Scott Cunningham.

No. 791155

I can do what now?

No. 791157

>Let her suffer
Why would you want me to suffer though so non-mentalist?
This is just crazy.

No. 791158

It's stupid to compare autism which is something you're born with and is down to genetics to BPD which is something you can develop. You're basically gendering mental illnesses. That's not even scrote behaviour that's just stupid behaviour.

Are women more prone to BPD? Maybe? But like mental health diagnoses for scrotes besides getting diagnosed with autism or adhd at a young age aren't nearly as common as women getting diagnosed with personality disorders or mental illness in general. Men showing symptoms of shit like BPD will often be explained by "hurdurhur it's normal for a man blabla just because I haven't cried in 10 years and punch walls because I never learned to express muh feelings doesn't mean I have mental health problems blabla"

And the other way around with autism or ADHD in women. Women are taught from such a young age how to adapt to society and how to "properly act" that a shit ton of them never get diagnosed with autism or adhd until much later, if at all, simply because they had to learn how to cope in order not to stand out. Because that's what "good girls should do"

Like damn I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, but one of the doctors thought naaaa the brain scan is probably wrong, after all I'm a girl! I'm not aggressive I'm just really smart and quirky uwu that can't be ADHD! That's for people with dicks!


No. 791159

Because you're being obtuse with bpd and autism and sound annoying af.

No. 791160

Forgot to add >>791139

No. 791161

Great argument, totez.

No. 791162

Women with autism are often diagnosed with bpd instead of autism so does it really make a difference?

No. 791163

You generalise all females as impulsive and bpd being a hallmark of our sex. Sorry you are unintelligent. Must hurt coming from a female with autism.(ban evasion)

No. 791164

I think it's completely reasonabla. They have something that's yours after all

No. 791174

I realize it sounds more serious than it is but it's really not a big deal, it only occurred when discussing unimportant things like video games and I stopped doing it when I got my life back in order and when I exited out of a pretty long bout of depression.
I was irritable and miserable which probably resulted with me lashing out in dumb ways like that. I'm not diagnosed with bpd and I my psych never even considered me having it.

I wanted to give the anon insight into why someone does things when they know they're going to result in a negative outcome. This anon >>791099 said it well.
People with bpd aren't the only ones that do dumb self destructive stuff so I figured why not chime in. Besides bpd-chan is kind of a meme and tends to be used as a blanket term for any crazy woman online anyway

No. 791181

>doesn't get any schoolwork done
>does 2 months worth of assignments in 24 hours so I don't get kicked out
How do I fix this? It's stressing me out

No. 791183

Self-discipline. Some people do the pomelo method shit or have a minimum of time assigned to schoolwork per day/week. I'm the same as you, I'll do everything "just-in-time" because I don't actually feel motivated until I'm literally risking punishment. It doesn't help that I keep getting away with it with decent grades.

No. 791193

File: 1619355704466.jpeg (9.87 KB, 225x225, images_1619271101523.jpeg)

>the pomelo method shit

No. 791196

What I do is have someone reminding me to do my shit as if it’s the end of the world. So maybe have an alarm that has the deadline too soon so you get the same kick of adrenaline that makes you do the work?

No. 791197

i've googled pomelo method and feeling like retard now

No. 791198

don't nonnie, that was so funny! Made my day.

No. 791216

can you overdose on vitamin c?

No. 791217

yes,you can overdose on everything

No. 791218

what happens if you overdose on vitamin c? is that preferable to scurvy?

No. 791219

Some people take massive amounts of vit c to bring on a miscarriage or make their period come quicker. Whether that works is debated but you might get an early period and upset stomach.

No. 791227

File: 1619359773156.gif (360.86 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_ospyjl5stC1rad07…)

Any recommendations for nice, not-tinny speakers for my laptop? I'm willing to save up for a few months for some good quality ones, but I think $150 is the very top of what I'll spend. t. a lifelong headphones user

No. 791235

Anything Logitech

No. 791243

File: 1619361424186.jpg (159.79 KB, 1280x1081, ebc48f64-ca41-5d94-9101-0aaeb1…)

Do people like this actually exist ?

No. 791247

Probably not all of those captions at once, but "people like that", yes, absolutely. I personally know a dude dating a girl whom he calls his "boyfriend" who tweets shit like this constantly.

No. 791249

A decade ago, me and my friends used to dress like this and we never talked about gender or sexual identity and kinks, we just liked the aesthetic and I still like the aesthetic (I pray for a day wear men wear more alt clothing)

I hate the fact that this aesthetic is now associated with "kweer" people and kinksters, like wtf happened

No. 791262

Any know a site that's going to stream the Oscars?

No. 791266

have you ever visited twitter

No. 791279

I would say to keep an eye on 4chan’s /tv/ board around the time it starts in case anyone posts links to a stream

No. 791318

Not on anything close to realistic doses.

You can go 1000 times recommended dosage and you will have no ill effects.

No. 791335

Should i drink this redbull that expired last month? Would you drink something like that

No. 791338

yeah, i don't think a month is much with a canned drink

No. 791381

I bought an expired sugar free Red bull lately.. Expired by a few days and it tasted like shit. I can't remember if the sugar free one always tastes shit tho?

No. 791390

yes and yes

No. 791421

I'm just starting to think that teenagers are just very stupid in a lot of ways and then the 20/30 something year olds have some mental illness.

No. 791433

Can bitcoin transactions truly be anonymous? I don't really get bitcoin but when I found out that your wallets transactions are public info, couldn't you technically still follow a trail of money no matter how many wallets it gets passed around to? How do people believe they're safe by using bitcoin to buy/sell? Doesn't the info have to be put in to eventually convert that money into cash or something (like bank information)?

No. 791482

>i'm hysterical so everyone else is
how can someone know they have it if they're not even diagnosed?

No. 791485

How much would breast implants cost for someone looking to go from a AAA to a b or low c cup

No. 791486

It depends on the doctor, doesn't it?

No. 791492

It does but I've never had any cosmetic surgery and don't know what a decent price range even is for this sort of thing. 10-15k?

No. 791494

Depends on where you live/where you're getting your ps done

No. 791498

We're gonna need a country. Where I'm from it's $6000 at a nice place with reputable surgeons with a 5 year insurance and all the good stuff

No. 791501

There’s a thread for this. And literally use fucking google??? There are websites extensively dedicated to this info.

No. 791510

No dumbass. Bpd men are just an average man. They literally check the 5/9 criteria by default. But when a woman does it, it’s a personality disorder.

No. 791511

I remember reading some sort of collection of stories about a guy who used to attend cons (maybe in the early 2000's) and would stay still/not say anything. Maybe in a green man suit? Idk. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 791523

Whatever happened to that redditor who spammed the LC GC threads. They would post and the mods redtexed them with "go away sonic69", forgot their real name.

No. 791526

Is it spastic to only play games on original hardware? Emulation just doesn't feel right and I find myself cheating when I do emulate

No. 791533

Everybody has their own quirks about specific things, it's okay anon, don't fret on it. As long as you don't ruin yourself buying copies of rare games you'll be fine.

No. 791536

No. 791540

>And literally use fucking google?
The same could be said for every post here. Its the stupid questions thread you silly bitch.

No. 791542

Do people really care about this?

No. 791552

This was my line of thought as well, it's a completely okay looking can that was in the fridge all this time, so i will just take a sip to see!
Thank u anons, also every sugar free energy drink i have tried tasted kinda like sweet hairspray so maybe it was that?

No. 791600

They’re making thanos and eugenics hot as fuck right now

No. 791609

Does anyone remember if that one anon that asked if she should doxx an incel law student redditor (who made a vegan dinner for his date that stood him up) ended up doing so?

No. 791623

What exactly are the rules of what can and cant be posted here? I saw people being banned for posting emojis, or mentioning Adam Driver, despite not seeing any mention of it in /rules/. Also, is posting NSFW images allowed?

No. 791642

6k on tits? Christ, I feel like that money would be better spent on therapy so you don't have to feel like you need to change yourself

No. 791643

The rules page hasn't been updated in a while tbh. You can't post emojis or emoticons. Posting about Adam Driver (whether negative or positive) outside of the Driver thread is a bannable offense. NSFW content is allowed (it was banned in /m/, but I don't think they enforce that rule)

No. 791645

Samefag, you can post NSFW content, but make sure to spoiler it. I don't think you will get banned if you don't but mods will spoiler it for you.

No. 791654

Nta but I've seen anons banned and have their images deleted instead of spoilered for posting 2D dicks in the nsfw games thread and last year an anon got in trouble for porn in the fujo thread.

No. 791657

Oh, you're right. Idk how much that rule is enforced then. I posted nsfw pics once and had it spoilered for me without getting banned, but that might just be because they were just emoji nudes

No. 791680

Have you both not heard of the info page? Every time I get banned, they share that link.
Integration is one of the RULES but on the info over they explain what exactly constitutes as integration. Including emojis, emoticons. And im pretty sure constantly spamming Adam driver is a form of avatarfagging, especially if it has nothing to do with him. Porn is not allowed, nsfw is however you probably don't want to post gross pornographic stuff like full nude for no goddamn reason, even under spoiler that's porn.

No. 791685

>And im pretty sure constantly spamming Adam driver is a form of avatarfagging, especially if it has nothing to do with him
anon people have been banned for simply saying his name or just hinting about him even without any images. even just to shit on him

No. 791695

Think I finally finished my 'ugly duckling' transformation. What do I do now that I'm hot?

No. 791697

Additional interest and harassment from unworthy scrotes. But hopefully more self confidence and contentment as well.

No. 791705

Congrats nonny!! I'm so proud of you

No. 791706

Eh, I don't think spamming Adam Driver is avatar fagging, a lot of women here like him so how do you know it's just one poster? I don't think so

No. 791709

I know that emojis are in the rules/info. I just meant the rules haven't been updated recently (info was updated in 2017, rules was updated in 2019), so some stuff that's bannable now may not be on that page. The pinkpill thread is even mentioned there. You pretty much just re-stated what I said.

No. 791724

Samefag, but avatarfagging only counts if it's one anon.

No. 791764

There have been times when it WAS only one anon and they were redtexted as such. Anyways, regardless of me "restating" what you said, I added an additional link which goes into more details on rules that AREN'T listed on the rules page. And I wasn't talking to only you.

No. 791765

That's driverfagging, not avatarfagging.

No. 791768

there weren't any times when there was only one person posting driver, but retards assumed so and screeched about it. Also reported as such. Farmhands don't have enough time to check everything so they give bullshit bans from time to time

No. 791769

samefag but when I say "spamming his pics" I mean when the posts are not related to him.
>adam Driver pic omg guys I went to the store today and got something cool for my desk at work
>Another Adam driver pic samefag but I hope I don't get in trouble for it
That's avatarfagging.

No. 791772

You don't think mods check someone's post history before they ban someone for avatarfagging?

No. 791783

>There have been times when it WAS only one anon
But it's not anymore. Whether or not you attach a photo of him, I always see the redtext as driverfagging

No. 791784

That's what I know happens (from time to time at least). Wasn't banned for avatarfagging but someone misunderstood my comment, reported and mod banned me for being the anorectal violence scrote kek (which I am not, if it's not clear). The mods only checked my post history when I sent an appeal.

No. 791788

Wasn't an anon banned for posting the "there is more than just one komaeda kin in the farms" copypasta with an komaeda pic for avatarfagging? That was beyond stupid, it was clear that that nonny was just using the appropriate komaeda pic for the pasta. So I am guessing they don't check it always.

No. 791790

File: 1619394441884.jpg (22.59 KB, 500x281, descargar.jpg)

When will people stop bitching about Adam Driver? just let it go

No. 791791

No. 791801

He ugly.

No. 791805

File: 1619396085603.jpg (868.81 KB, 1080x1709, 28383838838383828282828282.jpg)

Literally the best way to explain this. Saying his name is like saying Lord Voldemort name.

No. 791817

File: 1619396546303.gif (194.03 KB, 499x276, Levitando.gif)

adam driver, adam driver, ADAM DRIVER, ADAM DRIVERRRR(driverfag containment zone escapee)

No. 791822

you must be at least 18 to use this website

No. 791827

Cue to everyone ITT getting banned

No. 791830

I got banned (warned?) for posting an ahegao face lol. No clue that I had to spoiler it ffs

No. 791837

File: 1619398394507.png (29.6 KB, 809x253, whatdoesitmean.PNG)

Stupid e-begging aside: why do the words urgent, share, donate, pay, and link have symbols in them? My guess is that it's to bypass and get on the timelines of people who might have those words on a blacklist but I'm not sure.

No. 791838

Because some people really against the App(something like fuck capitalism).

No. 791845

That, and I believe Twitter sometimes flags tweets with those words because they usually also contain links to phishing scams and the like

No. 791848

Has anyone bought a catnip plant for their cat before and did their cat just like try to eat it all at once or were you able to moderate their use??

No. 791850

Twitter can weed out users whenever they spam scammy sounding stuff like this, you usually see tons of them under viral tweets.

No. 791858

>male character cries/is sad/disappointed
>attraction increases
Wtf is wrong with me

No. 791877

File: 1619403997768.jpeg (29.62 KB, 342x440, FB58936A-B627-41F3-8D23-67DBEF…)

what are the best choco dusted almonds? I don't want really sweet shit

No. 791893

It's the only acceptable state for scrotes

No. 791942

How does your cat normally react with catnip? I've had cats who would probably OD on it if they could and others who would have their fill and move on.

No. 791951


Also, do NOT eat half a bag of these in one or two sittings, you will be constipated with diarrhea.

No. 791954

>Constipated with diarrhea

No. 791971

It's the worst feeling in the world when you HAVE TO SHIT SO BADLY but your asshole is super tight from constipation so tiny slivers come out but it's not enough. Or juices come out.

Just trust me, nonny.

No. 791973

I apologize for my ignorance

No. 792004

File: 1619421520862.jpg (66.01 KB, 1000x563, neck1.jpg)

what are these neck brooches called?

No. 792006

A brooch.. you place it where ever you want

No. 792011

What is the process of creating and publishing a boardgame? Is it like publishing a book? You create the prototype and then you pitch it to publishers?

No. 792022

Yes, iirc it's a bit like publishing a book.

No. 792209

File: 1619449765875.gif (327.65 KB, 500x500, 1441198597.gif)

What is it called when a body bad has been asleep and it feels like picrel?

No. 792220

pins and needles

No. 792227

it fell asleep

No. 792262

present day present time hahaha

No. 792280


No. 792295

Should I make a new tumblr blog exclusively for my new kin? she makes me happy and hopeful for the future

No. 792323

>new kin

No. 792355

File: 1619458443486.png (2.93 MB, 1920x1080, Tumblr_l_3051958287259871.png)

No. 792362

Homura anon? Sure, whatever makes you happy.

No. 792363

File: 1619458754938.jpeg (30.31 KB, 480x479, 753D9C92-4732-444A-BFD1-7C0204…)

Are period panties any good? I have a kind of heavy flow sometimes, so I tend to change my pads a lot and I’m starting to get fed up with that. Would getting a few pairs save me some money?

No. 792370

I thought peried panties were suppossed to be a protective layer?

No. 792385

If you want to save money then maybe reusable cloth pads or a cup is something for you?

No. 792406

I'm allergic to most animals but I want something alive to keep me company, and no I don't want plants and I don't have money to keep a water based animal. What should I do? get a tortoise???

No. 792409

Tortoises can be very cute anon, but what animals are you allergic to? Are birds or reptiles no good?

No. 792410

There's hypoallergenic catbreeds

No. 792423

I'm against keeping birds and reptiles captive
even if they're hypoallergenic their fluff still gives me allergy

No. 792431

Anon, technically every pet is "captive"… and there's not much you can do if you can't keep waterbased animals, you don't want to keep birds and reptiles and you're allergic to fluff (I assume bunnies are also a no). Maybe insects??

No. 792432

Would mice or rats be ok? They can be very affectionate. I think there are hypoallergenic ones too.

No. 792434

What about an ant terrarium?

No. 792437

I’m also allergic to most animals, but my Schnauzer doesn’t give me any terrible allergies as long as I vacuum everything after I brush him at home.

No. 792440

File: 1619461996900.png (926.79 KB, 1100x850, 02_Jiffy-Graphic.-Made-by-DOS-…)

so jiff and jiffy are different foods? mandela effect be wack

No. 792449

I'm confused. Jiff has always been Jiff. Jiffy as well.

You might be combining "Jiff" and "Skippy" peanut butter to make "Jiffy"

No. 792504

File: 1619466409622.jpeg (304.11 KB, 750x734, E0D65FD7-CB41-4045-B73E-727191…)

If I wanted a necklace like this, but instead of a tarot card, the design is an image I want then what should I look up?

No. 792507

Thingsremembered or etsy

No. 792543

That's really helpful. I want to put a manga panel on one. Thank you from the bottom of my weeb heart!

No. 792544

Some breeds of cats and dogs are good for people with allergies! Schnauzers are one of them because they don't shed much. Of course that depends a lot on a type of allergy too because they're not all the same.
My mom for example has a very strong allergic reaction to dogs but was 100% fine with neighbours dog that was some kind of terrier mix so these are fine too.

No. 792558

Why did Sailor Moon have so much emphasis on boobs and nipples??? I was rewatching clips of the 90s anime and remembered how when I’d watch it on VCR, sometimes I’d fast forward the fights because the lower tier villains often had their chests overexposed or wore generally scantily clad costumes.

No. 792563

File: 1619471480903.jpg (133 KB, 800x1200, ikuhara.jpg)

men working on it

No. 792568

The action scenes were mid as fuck too. This show is overrated and only gets clout because of its aesthetics tbh

No. 792586

It's a shoujo anime, and not only "a" shoujo anime but one of the first to really establish the magical girl genre and get big in the west. It influenced countless other creators not only for its look but its focus on young girls' friendships and personal struggles and how they possessed strength outside of beating the shit out of villains. It never intended to have the most intense, violent or realistic action scenes. It might feel reductive to you now, decades after it first came out, but it is not overrated and has a lot of historical import in the industry.

No. 792589

ya, though the coomer scrote pandering with the panty shots and nude scenes sort of ruins that effect, and the fact that at the end the senshi have to give up all of their hopes and dreams to guard neo queen serenity for the rest of eternity.

No. 792686

File: 1619483608089.gif (549.66 KB, 480x270, P0PITDq.gif)

why aren't there any otome games that lets you bully cute boys?

No. 792708

I can think of two games, one is
It’s mobile because I’m too much of a casual to get into pc games, that one is kind of coomerish at times even if it has some nice moments. It’s short and easy to grasp.
>Obey me
There’s some moments in the game in which you can bully them, but sometimes the game can get a bit slow because you need to level up your cards to win the dance battles.

No. 792714

does anyone else not remember the dc blackouts of june 2020? i'm seeing a lot of tiktoks and tweets from it and literally i must have slept through that shit

No. 792715

I’ve seen people say that rimming men is more disgusting than rimming women. Why would it be?

No. 792717

Men are bad at hygiene

No. 792719

They have dirty unwashed stinky bussies

No. 792725

Just play Klap, you can beat the shit out of yokai boys

No. 792726

is it worth it? To cry for a scrote?

No. 792741

This sounds like a quote from a movie lol

No. 792743

if i click on someone who i'm not friends with's story on facebook will they be able to see?

asking for a friend

No. 792753

pretty sure yeah

No. 792763

no dumbass. punch a wall instead

No. 792848

File: 1619502157472.jpeg (85.79 KB, 1200x1200, CCA82316-D668-40B6-B9F5-CEDB99…)

Is a gua sha worth investing in? Does it make a difference to buy a stainless steel one from independent seller who may have tried to ethically source or whatever her product, vs random jade seller on etsy? The only benefit of the stainless steel is it’s less likely to be dirty but they can both be rinsed in boiling water before use, can’t they?

No. 792887

Nope, they don't actually have any benefits, you could use a spoon and rub it on your face, it's the same thing

No. 792892

What is the appeal of RuPauls drag race and why do some women love it so much?

I never watched it, but I do not like the idea of men (being gay is not an excuse) turning themselves into women's stereotypes.

No. 792893

Is it difficult to learn to use a drawing tablet?

No. 792894

No. 792897

The only benefit is that it's hella relaxing if someone else does it for you

No. 792898

I guess popculture references, and playing various kinds of dress-up? Makeover / fashion related shows are popular among women and it's pretty much what it is.

No. 792899

Diff anon but are those jade/quartz face rollers the same? I have days where my face is puffy in the morning but I feel like they're bs

No. 792900

File: 1619513632345.jpeg (147.63 KB, 921x768, 5C6F8138-C2C0-4726-B52B-FCED60…)

Personally, I like the fashion/runways and lip sync performances. Some of the contestants come up with really conceptual looks that I enjoy like pic rel. Any time there's an acting or singing challenge though, I tend to like those less. Mainly bc most of the contestants can't act or carry a tune.

No. 792902

All I see is a bunch of men mocking femininity and performing caricatures of women. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, I don't like it at all.

No. 792906

I mean the ones where you have to look at your computer/laptop screen to see the lines that you're drawing? It looks like it requires some hand eye coordination. How much time did it take you to get used to it?

No. 792908

I am another anon and I was used to drawing with a mouse so learning to use a tablet wasn't too hard, but I'm not super proficient at it anyway. The hardest thing is using it the first time and realizing it doesn't work like a trackpad, I lent it to my friend the other day and she kept swiping the pen across the tablet trying to move it up like on a trackpad but it just went up and down. It was pretty funny

No. 792909

NTA but while obviously that depends, I remember being pretty comfortable with my first tablet within idk, a week of using it? Just a matter of daily practice really. What's worth mentioning maybe, even though work in art and use tablet very often for many years now, drawing on paper is still easier; this might be a personal preference though.