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File: 1457313520404.png (842.35 KB, 2344x1780, cZJuI8F.png)

No. 77993

No. 77995

File: 1457313583515.png (227.79 KB, 2000x1200, RUF1uwW.png)

No. 77996

File: 1457313615103.png (392.49 KB, 1200x1000, 5qRz0K5.png)

No. 77997

File: 1457313651855.png (349.49 KB, 2000x1200, 142898638883.png)

No. 77998

File: 1457313668173.jpg (381.86 KB, 2000x1243, oPYvSdr.jpg)

No. 77999

File: 1457313681515.png (203.85 KB, 2844x1880, PLbRFFy.png)

No. 78000

File: 1457313720971.png (249.02 KB, 1400x680, nAuXjqa.png)

No. 78001

File: 1457313732074.png (503.18 KB, 2000x1200, sKMS8Qo.png)

No. 78003

File: 1457313748568.png (327.29 KB, 2000x1404, uzgvnsA.png)

No. 78004

File: 1457313763228.png (167.79 KB, 2000x1200, 8k61TUi.png)

No. 78005

File: 1457313772893.png (Spoiler Image, 420.56 KB, 1400x695, 9iv21ff.png)

No. 78006

File: 1457313795341.png (311.88 KB, 1500x1134, RMv51Dk.png)

No. 78125


No. 78200

File: 1457368920371.png (864.59 KB, 2000x1200, m6ZsHBS.png)

No. 78234

File: 1457374157327.png (718.31 KB, 2000x1200, 1429368291710.png)

No. 78244

please fucking delete yourself from your life

No. 78252

This one is great.

It's even more bizarre than the rest.

I would date all of these crazy fembots.

No. 78263

tf are princess points?

No. 78268

There used to be a joke on /r9k/ about good boy points given to manchildren by their mothers when they acted good, and they could exchange them for thing like chicken tendies. They made an equivalent for girls called pretty princess points and someone started making all these weirdass collages.

I'm honestly kind of sad this whole thing died so quickly because it was the funniest thing out of the board in a long time.

No. 78280


No. 78283

File: 1457377991642.png (188.08 KB, 2000x1125, ZT3poCh.png)

No. 78329

Princess points are a DD/LG thing too, "Daddy" makes rules for his little like "Go to bed at 8:00" or something like that, she can get something for her princess points. In the cringe thread there's a video of some girl and her twink bf talking about her point system.

No. 78394

I miss POO POO PEE PEE memes

No. 78397

File: 1457390082224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.71 KB, 370x535, 1435431906208.jpg)

No. 78398

File: 1457390100737.png (Spoiler Image, 118.13 KB, 1194x826, 1437503159914.png)

No. 78400

File: 1457390175986.png (Spoiler Image, 355.95 KB, 965x796, 1427158227810.png)

No. 78470

File: 1457395956749.png (Spoiler Image, 263.06 KB, 975x962, uob0dWC.png)

No. 78599

the amount of detail in a lot of this pictures has always amazed me

No. 78614

Are these based off of actual people?

No. 78631

These aren't funny.

No. 78723

File: 1457458842698.png (485.4 KB, 1646x826, 225yAEZ.png)

Thank you for your necessary and insightful comment.

No. 78724

File: 1457458855985.png (250.54 KB, 1148x631, 142898603833.png)

No. 78725

File: 1457458877144.png (184.54 KB, 2000x1200, 142898648359.png)

No. 78744

File: 1457462852790.png (839.47 KB, 1544x904, 1428594645263.png)

No. 79260

are these based on people? i can spot nyanners but no one else.

No. 79320

Which one is Nyanners?

No. 79490

Nyanners is >>78200

No. 80251

File: 1457827980228.png (493.02 KB, 1888x887, Toh Kay - They Broke him Down.…)

newest one

No. 80257

File: 1457828627153.png (430.11 KB, 2000x1200, avoidance.png)

No. 80262

hi is this the tumblr thread

No. 80269

This shit is obviously from /r9k/. Can mods merge this thread with the robot containment one?

No. 80299

Why did you type Anonymous in the namefield?

No. 80302

They were saging, newfag

No. 80581

…I'm pretty sure I know who makes these and they're a total faggot so

No. 80622

There was one based on Venus Angelic

No. 80640

I wanna see. Someone bost it.

No. 80704

Oh I don't know, I find these pretty amusing.

No. 80793

No. 80795

You guys got some shit taste. Lmfao.

No. 93296

holy fuck is that city of heroes

No. 93594

File: 1463894071259.png (951.1 KB, 2000x1200, stagnation.png)

No. 93610

This is too accurate and it's making me slightly uncomfortable.

No. 93613

I think it'd be cool do one of these based off your average farmer but I wouldn't know where to start. With a wojak face I guess? I mean I can draw a little but I'm worried about imitating the style. And I feel my experience is different than most farmers because I'm mostly here for /g/ and /b/

No. 93631

Seconded. Utterly disgusted to see this r9k shit has spread here, it just gets worse and worse

No. 93660

>no fun allowed

No. 93675

exactly how i felt about >>80251

No. 93678

never thought I'd see CoH on lolcow or /r9k/ type content
wonder who made that pic

No. 93811

File: 1464046798324.png (81.71 KB, 914x716, 1459708627369.png)


Doesn't always have to be a wojack face or a pale white girl as long as Pretty Princess Points are referenced or there's some allusion to the girl being a bit off . You start with a theme, a bedroom/scene idea, and some visual gags.

And of course some Facebook quote or some quote from the show Wilfred


No. 94366

File: 1464295145480.png (75.41 KB, 3072x2304, nsfwppp.png)


PPP has no rules other than girl in a weird setting. The other stuff is just a guide to make it seem like your image has a purpose. You can literally just trace over a real picture of a girl and put a PPP board behind her and all it PPP.

No. 94406

No Pink Guy, you may not.

No. 97000

Was it one person who created (almost) all of them?

if the author is here could you tell us about them a bit? I honestly think they're works of art

No. 97331

PPP is a way for girls to get guys to empathize with hem.

No. 97575

I'm interested too.

No. 97589

File: 1465906811384.gif (991.04 KB, 410x308, tumblr_o2ps4re9Zw1uqe8iio1_500…)

What is this, gaia in 2005 but with shitty /r9k/ memes?

No. 97604

lmfao! that gif is perfect

No. 97676


Pretty Princess Points are a way for girls to show that they aren't too different from guys.

No. 97691

alright thanks, I've heard that same statement in early r9k theads about them too.

No. 100508


I think those are just for provocation, shock and for easy laughs.

Though it does take a bit of imagination to come up with this. I mean the artist has to make sure that there is no potential lost in any of these.

No. 110907

File: 1474645215134.png (835.17 KB, 2000x1200, acceptance2.png)

4 months since last PPP

No. 110933

Dream Gf.

No. 110958

What's the ethos behind these? They're quite fascinating imo, never seen them before.

No. 110961

robot femanon

No. 110962

I'd befriend this one

No. 110964

Nice, that makes sense but I figured robots didn't have this type of creativity in them.

No. 110966

Same, vaporwave is beautiful.

No. 110967

she keeps chickens in her putrid bedroom and slashes her thighs guys she's not a fun person

No. 110968

>has interesting pets
>knows the struggle of mental illness
She just gets better and better

No. 110969

File: 1474706421051.jpg (42.18 KB, 300x399, tv-shows-ended-in-2004-lizzie-…)

fills up bottles with her piss and keeps them in her room. lovely gal

No. 111000

File: 1474730287090.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.11 KB, 396x640, 4dI66vJ.jpg)

A very pretty princess indeed ;3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111019


and why did you post this?
were you looking for >>110728?

I've always hated these pictures
it's the eyes that get me
it feels as if they're staring into my soul…

No. 111034

>she likes sunn o and vaporwave
>literally has no personality
into the trash she goes

No. 111586

I'm reaaaalllly uncomfortable with how accurate these are.

No. 111588

accurate for who

No. 111589

Just some people I know in real life that these things could totally be modeled off of

No. 111592

ill pray for you

No. 111594

>VA-11 HALL-A on the computer

No. 111654


No. 111662

File: 1475471213027.gif (108.46 KB, 900x463, hmmmm.gif)

What do I even add to make it entertaining or funny?

It's just going to be some girl in a room with piss bottles, a really nice computer desk, a body pillow of some character, and some anime posters/dolls/figurines. Then some Pretty Princess Points whiteboard , some rules?, and of course some inspirational quote.

So far I just made a girl and Dva.

No. 111664

What kind of person is she?

No. 111665


Cosplayer, into beauty (Lush, Sephora, etc), fashionable, streamer, anime fan(studio ghibli, Lovely Complex, Food Wars, Sailor Moon, etc), gamer (Fire Emblem, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, Animal Crossing, etc) . Cat lover.

I want the drawing to be more than just some girl with a bunch of anime posters. Some insides jokes or cultural references are ideal. Or some really strange furniture or things in her room. I'll add a bunch of clutter and clothes hanging at random places .

No. 111668

wtf, is your operating system like windows 98?

No. 111674


I like the simplicity of it. Windows has a bunch of fancy animations when opening windows/folders that it makes performance very slow unless you have a $900 computer.

No. 111675

No. 111678

add a giant dick statue like in clockwork orange

No. 111683

i better see a 3ds xl somewhere in the room with monty python playing on it

No. 111723

File: 1475565267329.png (178.5 KB, 2000x1200, 1473480537176.png)

Just spitballing here off of personal experience from having friends just like that, maybe something will stick:
That one Sailor Moon handbag, Biotin supplements and either a bunch of untouched Prozac prescription bottles or birth control boxes with Hindi on them, Bernstein bear books with mismatched titles, four or five healthy tamagotchis on the desk, a "Hang in there" kitten calender,an exercise ball with suction cup imprints on it, knotted infinity scarves, a Gameboy Pocket playing Mahjong, a Kero Kero Bonito CD, that "Get Out" frog plush in a huge stack of recognizable beanie babies or furbies, a G4 cube, stupid energy drink bottles (Battery, Bawls, Sakura Red Bull), an expired 240 case of Top Ramen.

I've noticed that a lot of the PP seem to have really exaggerated personality complexes which help develop the character the more you read into the items. Optimally there'd be some subtle symbolism or a simple moral in there, maybe include elements of strategically half-assed feng shui.

That's all I've got, tell us more about her.
Has she ever gone through any phases she regrets?
What are her opinions on hot-button political issues?
What does she think about woo woo like horoscopes or incense?
What's her education background and what did she do with her friends(?)?
Does she care about the opinions of other particular princesses and what are hers on them?

No. 111727

File: 1475568857454.jpg (65.13 KB, 640x397, Cpiw8sqWAAA9Jhu.jpg)

stop, this is really starting to scare me

No. 111728

File: 1475569032655.jpg (34.92 KB, 238x218, 1470691736056.jpg)

someone do PP PT

No. 111750

File: 1475585628013.jpg (8.98 KB, 300x222, 1474198450400.jpg)


>tfw no big titted femanon gf

No. 111810

File: 1475635193928.gif (171.9 KB, 1150x663, pppthing.gif)


Thanks for suggestions. Put in another mech.

I'll try to fit in as much of this >>111723 as possible

No. 111816


No. 111838


guys, i love all of these but i dont understand all the 'cryptic' sounding messages like "there cannot be progress without head on confrontation" or >>93594
"stagnation is death"

They seem so scary with the red font so are they supposed to mean what? they seem threatening in a way

No. 111840


Girl probably struggled with depression from her parents' divorce. On her white board "all because mom and dad don't love each other anymore, it doesn't mean we don't love you." She also is whellchair bound. To better her life she plots to improve herself and get herself a boyfriend. Once she CONFRONTS his HEAD with her breasts, she will achieve self-actualization.


Girl with low self-esteem and history substance abuse. Mini fridge with sign that reads "Don't bother opening me. No booze inside of me." There's cryptic lyrics hidden behind the poster, probably a sign of her moving on. "The world needs more spinach, not fuckers like me" written by window. Feelings of worthlessness. There's also self-depreciating messages near the mirror. On the white board it says she wants a tattoo that says "I'm living in the moment" which shows that she's now okay with herself, hence the blissful look on her face while playing guitar. She keeps "CIRCLE OF PROTECTION: BLACK" (magic the gathering) cards hanging from ceiling to protect her from the blackest bile seeping from the doorway, probably a way to save herself from her own negativity. Stagnation is death, if she didn't change her lifestyle she would have died.

No. 111843

yay my dick statue suggestion madde it. thank u based farmer

No. 111906

File: 1475734943065.gif (149.56 KB, 900x482, bedarea.gif)

a bit of progress today. Still have to decide on a quote.


No. 111916

File: 1475744540695.gif (1.97 MB, 284x119, TOOREAL.gif)

>"The world needs more spinach, not fuckers like me" written by window

Pat the Bunny?

No. 111921

File: 1475746311121.gif (453.51 KB, 238x238, Emilia-Clarke-Eye-Roll.gif)

I SWear these things take like an hour or two to make, just post the finished thing

No. 111933

damn that ds is xxxxl. perfect

No. 111945

File: 1475766208986.jpg (403.13 KB, 767x845, folder.jpg)


She is the typical folk punk fan

No. 111982

Thems good memmess

Mfw when le bump

No. 111987

PPP is hard to make when you're depressed and can't draw.

No. 112014

File: 1475870076261.png (470.46 KB, 775x719, 1428071004297.png)

ITT outsider art made by mentally ill people

No. 112015

File: 1475870796751.png (427.2 KB, 378x495, 2.png)

gonna make a PPP meme for the luls although some of the ones posted are eerily similar to what I had in mind

No. 112016

It doesn't count as PPP if you are not fucked in the head though

No. 112040

File: 1475904918955.gif (269.08 KB, 159x144, 62b4bf967a6f2f8700ccdb1c586d14…)

>on lolcow.farm
>not fucked in the head


No. 112090

how would you feel if someone made a PPP drawing of you and placed a PENIS SCULPTURE (Clockwork Orange) in the drawing?

No. 112095


I would find it amusing I guess…

No. 112108

That picture never gets old. Wish there was more shit like it.

No. 112170

Thinking about drawing a dakimakura based on Rem or Emilia from RE:Zero that's all destroyed from anger and drenched in piss.

Is there some humorous way it can appear destroyed that would reference the anime? Or some subtle phrase that can doodled on the pillow that would reference the anime?

I never read RE: Zero so I know nothing about the story or these characters other than these twin maids are really popular right now.

No. 112195

I would be glad because I like that movie.

No. 112199

Rem pillow stashed in corner of room covered in piss. Tampon blood smears on her face and center of chest.

"I love Emilia" written over her face.

No. 112246

>Ancient version of Windows.
>Low color depth.

Dear god.

No. 112303

File: 1476223589695.png (70.97 KB, 332x436, flaminglips.png)

Is this Flaming Lips reference too subtle?

No. 112343

Alright, almost done. Just need to draw a bunch of clutter (clothes, make up, accessories, electronics, etc) , add some stains , and some stuff from >>111723

should be done by tomorrow.

No. 112381

File: 1476315095548.png (2.53 MB, 3000x2000, uncertainty.png)

Will include the alt-right stuff and penis sculpture in a new PPP.

No. 112383

Keep it up, you're doing God's work.

No. 112389

i love you

No. 112402

Good job anon, the quality is fantastic.

No. 112407

File: 1476333527570.jpg (1.75 MB, 3000x2000, uncertainty.jpg)


Thank you. Thinking of making the next one goth themed or Halloween related and hopefully have it done by Halloween.

>JPG version more slow Internet friendly

No. 112428

It's glorious

No. 112432

Love it. It's really intricate.

No. 112475

This sucks somehow. Too annoyingly cluttered and her face should look more feel-sy.

No. 112476


Is this sachie?

No. 112929

File: 1476821900159.jpg (52.2 KB, 419x480, laugh.jpg)

>the fucking runescape monkey madness quest screen

No. 112933

lmfao! i didnt even notice that

No. 113143

hey i keep my hot glue sticks in my desks bottom drawer too!! SISTAHS

No. 113154

post pics of what you use the hot glue sticks for

No. 172786

there are no words to describe the dread some of these images make me feel. just the vague sense of consistency between them is enough to creep me the fuck out, aswell as the obscure cultural references they make and the weird level of detail put into every picture. evil energy is found within most of these.

No. 172791

they should be immortalized in an art gallery

No. 181158

File: 1486955796065.png (531.72 KB, 1366x768, eStzHvl.png)

No. 181217

truly bizarre

No. 183284

File: 1488978338383.png (126.57 KB, 1466x1006, 3.png)

No. 183506


who is this?!

No. 183520

nice murdoch murdoch ref ;)

No. 193032

File: 1496301754254.jpg (365 KB, 1204x1600, 1471651326703.jpg)

This is the finest meme ever to be crafted by women

No. 193233

First time reading this thread, it's truly amazing and creepy but hilarious. The only good thing made by robots.
Also, what the hell the constant thing with feces and piss? it's because every robot (female and male) have a poor sense of hygiene?

100% sure this is based in mystery.

No. 194196

File: 1496839719907.jpg (562.23 KB, 2048x2048, tfw.jpg)

I forgot about these for ages but seeing this thread again made me want to post sth I made awhile ago lol

No. 194209


Hahaha fuck me up anon, if I didn't know better I'd say this is based off of my cousin down to the self-harm cuts on the thighs.

No. 194213

How do you guys even make these? Is it just with a mouse and Paint?

No. 195262


This one was drawn with tablet. Other ones like the OP are drawn with mouse.

No. 195536

File: 1497824963841.png (1.31 MB, 1920x998, pretty princess.png)

some OC by me, took like 1 hour in paint

No. 195539

what does the text in the corner under the oblivion poster say

No. 195540

its intentionally unreadable, but if you really wanna know, the original text said
Helo my name is Magicka Septim my birthday is 1E 420 and I’m the daughter of Talos im also a werewolf and a vampire but im a nice person too and im really dark and mysterious nobody knows much about me and im part khajiit but i hide my tail

My dad Talos died (or so they say) and my mom got captured by Molag Bal so now im on a quest to rescue her so she can reveal that im the chosen one and show me how to save the world

Also i only wear black because its dark like my soul which is actually the soul of an archangel from another dimension

im the first person to understand the second part of CHIM that nobody ever noticed before but i don’t use it because its too powerful for this world

also my best friend is a dragon called Alduin but hes not the real Alduin he just likes to be called that and he likes to eat tomatoes because hes a vegetarian but he likes the look of blood stains on his teeth because hes edgy and tomatoes kind of do that

my mentor (the last of the Aylieds) died protecting me and i had to go on without him and then i went on a revenge driven quest to kill the one who ended his life but i lost because they had more CHIM than i did and my arm got chopped off and it was replaced with dwemertech so now i have a dwemer arm cannon and its a really quiet cannon that i can use to make stealthy explosions

thanks for reading

No. 195541

why so many bad games anon

No. 195543

thats the point

No. 195605


Cool. Just needs an inspirational quote.

No. 197020

What happened to the imgur that used to archive these?

No. 197173

No. 197174

File: 1499113841028.png (3.38 MB, 1920x1080, spazfinder.png)

Does this count? I made this for /v/ when Mass Effect came out.

No. 197175


If it's PPP inspired and makes an adult woman look like a manchild then sure. This is really well-done. Good work.

No. 197178

Great job anon!

No. 197250

File: 1499143577971.jpg (24.29 KB, 365x365, JBa-t9Iv.jpg)

>tfw when fem-ryder will never be your dead-eyed sweetheart from the ground up

No. 197577

Nicole dollanganger?

No. 197602

No. 231314

File: 1519681331056.png (1.45 MB, 3640x2140, pretty trans.png)

No. 232815

File: 1520553395743.jpg (60.24 KB, 392x550, xiu.jpg)

exo outsold ur favs

No. 232816

oops wrong thread sorry lol

No. 233422

this was based on my old apartment.

No. 233683


Oh Hey. It's that Twitch streamer that is usually on top of the page.

No. 450304

File: 1566181080548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.13 KB, 1200x729, ECTECbGXkAAlGh-.jpg)

this belongs here I think(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 450313

No, it does not.

No. 450327

why do most of these look like they were done by scrotes or troons pretending to be women

No. 450390

I’m really bad at this stuff and this is going to sound really dumb, but how are these things made?

No. 450395

Because they are

No. 450609

What is that little pink doll with the blue pigtails?

No. 450659

ms paint or some other pixel base art program

No. 450667

gross. nuke the thread

No. 450720

really feeling this

No. 455506

File: 1567111901888.png (184.14 KB, 1385x695, fembot4.png)

We need more gross furfag princess pictures.

No. 455507

File: 1567111939586.png (799.8 KB, 2395x1307, fembotbrit.png)

No. 455508

File: 1567111996886.png (385.06 KB, 1400x695, fembot.png)

No. 455510

File: 1567112132606.jpg (Spoiler Image, 797.3 KB, 2176x1676, 1556407129667.jpg)

Do transwomen count?

No. 455535

This is horrifyingly glorious.

No. 456863


No. 457208


No. 490790

File: 1575501572897.png (607.36 KB, 1345x478, Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 5.18…)

No. 490889

what the fuck

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