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File: 1619894186061.png (300.11 KB, 496x530, poot.png)

No. 1221142

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1208650

Previously on Celebricow farm:
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No. 1221143

Hi anons its my first thread so please don't rage too much, made it because the old one was locked for a while.

No. 1221166

kek love the thread pic, thanks for the new thread anon

No. 1221179

Thanks for the thread! Anons really managed to shit up the last one when there was few posts left

No. 1221183

KEK at thread pic, thanks anon, I laughed, I loved the poot meme era

No. 1221188

Do you guys think Ellidiot Page is going to de-transition or will she an hero?

No. 1221196

Definitely sudoku, the level of hatred she'd get if she de-transitioned would be truly unbearable so there's not really any other way out now. I wonder if realising this is one part of why she's so clearly depressed now.

No. 1221202

Probably sudoku. Sad because she was one of the few open lesbian actors in hollywood, but this is the path she chose

No. 1221223

Definitely going to play kingdom hearts in heaven very soon

No. 1221228

I think you mean seppuku. You almost certainly don't mean sudoku.

No. 1221230

How new are you to the internet my friend?

No. 1221235


No. 1221236

i might honestly pity you too much to laugh at you kek

No. 1221255

No. 1221275

Someone banner this

No. 1221276

I wanted to post this in the previous thread about another industry plant who just released a single as of yesterday.

>Brief history:

As some of the metalhead farmers may know; her dad was kicked out of Metallica for being a violent insufferable drunk and to this day he still talks (whines) about them. He then started his own band as an act of revenge against them and made millions from it.

Now, his daughter Electra is trying to pursue a music career for the second or third time and has moved to a commercial pop direction from her previous country roots. IMO its shit.

No. 1221300

just a random question: do you anons have any favorite celebs to discuss in terms of drama?

No. 1221309

Anon pls

No. 1221310

I miss the Ariana Grande shit from a few years ago, she’s such a cow

No. 1221312

File: 1619912959121.jpeg (193.66 KB, 408x587, 4F984A94-3BEC-46FC-8364-B2D05F…)

anons: omg doja has a beautiful stunning gorgeous body, it’s so natural and goddess-like

the doja in question:

No. 1221315

she looks good/healthy? imo she would look great with some muscle tone in her arms

No. 1221316

Am I missing something? I don’t like her or her music but there’s no denying her body is banging
I would literally stab someone to have a big wagon ass like she does

No. 1221318

Her body is banging tho don't be jealous

No. 1221319

she's annoying as shit

>"I like dicks and I also like, um, I like people that I can have sex with. You can kind of have sex with anybody, right?"

No. 1221320

epic fail anon. doja's body is unremarkable.

No. 1221322

Demi is that you?

No. 1221324

i've got nothing to say about her body but she is the ultimate pickme and I can't be convinced otherwise. Those cam recordings of her weren't offensive, they were downright pathetic.

No. 1221325

the only annoying thing about doja is her shitty "so quirky and silly" act

No. 1221327

File: 1619914351454.jpeg (273.69 KB, 381x571, EDBBFB1F-73A6-4B11-8666-9B84FA…)


don’t listen to her music, but there is something so creepy and uncanny when you see her naturally and then see the capitalist pop/rap doll persona she created for herself when she puts on her musical artist face, like picrel. i wonder if she’s alright honestly, there is no way this can healthy for any woman. plus the anons calling her body hot and smoking are entitled to their dumbass opinions but I pay no mind to it because it’s just their insecurities and coomer brains who can’t see the difference between corporate music doja and regular doja

No. 1221328

yes i am poot

No. 1221332

Nta, but what? Is her body supposed to look different depending on whether on not she has her artist persona on?

No. 1221333

respectfully are you fucking bonkers or what

No. 1221336

Thinking she has a good/healthy body is not being a coomer, what?? You want her to be fat like Lizzo?

No. 1221339

She could tone up.

No. 1221345

No. 1221349

I’m really wondering what kind of body does anon have to think Doja’s isn’t a great body.
Her face and hair on the other hand looks rough in that photo, which is why I find it strange you focus on her obviously great body when there’s so many other obvious flaws.

No. 1221354

Nta but she probably means the ass obsession.

No. 1221361

Dead eyes and slight open mouth a la Ariana grande

No. 1221364

it's disgusting when people leave the toilet seat up and let poo particles spray all over the room when they flush. her mirror is filthy. she looks like a crackhead here.

> she is the ultimate pickme
agreed. she slummed around with racist incels and her explanation was just plain idiotic. nas was right when he called her the opposite of unapologetically black.

No. 1221371

>nas was right when he called her the opposite of unapologetically black.
This guy? Friends with James Charles, too.
Also, Doja is a biracial woman. Why are people insisting she be "unapologetically black", lmao?
The seat is down in that picture, too (last time). Anon, wtf?

No. 1221372

File: 1619920308511.jpeg (44.92 KB, 1024x622, 1617089825649.jpeg)

Dropped my picture after messing this post up like twice already, FML.

No. 1221374

Cope harder

No. 1221376

Going straight to insulting her body instead of her cringy ass persona was definitely a choice kek

No. 1221379

Lmao, I love you anon

No. 1221381

no the og Nas, not Lil Nas X, the non gay legendary Nas.

No. 1221383

I just want to see more men outed as shitheads and not just in enty blind items that never turn out to be true or spiral out into anything, that's why I'm here

No. 1221384

she looks fine lol

No. 1221406

> thinking nas = lil nas x
kek. just when I thought a post couldn't be dumber than >>1221228. also I meant the lid, not the seat, as if that wasn't obvious.

cope with what? the fact that Doja is a pickme? sounds like you're the one who should cope harder, Doja-stan

No. 1221409

does doja cat exist outside of lolcow and twitter? i have never heard a song by her, heard any mention of her anywhere, ever, until i came to the farms, and don't even know how to pronounce her name kek. i watch tv all the time and have never seen her on it, is she real, please help

No. 1221411

This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day KEK. Thanks for the laugh newfag

No. 1221416

She got a lot of popularity from having a song get picked up by the younger crowd on tiktok, she had some fame on twitter before though.

No. 1221423

anon… she was nominated for 3 grammy's this year kek. that's pretty fucking mainstream.

No. 1221440

Well, this thread is off to a good start!

No. 1221444

you absolute autist

this thread is an absolute dumpster fire, christ

No. 1221457

the grammys ratings this year were the lowest of all time. not the best indication of popularity.

No. 1221458

you made this thread so much better with your comment. what an invaluable and unique perspective.

No. 1221461

just saying she’s not some underground artist kek move on

No. 1221465

Her body is ok but she has such an ugly plebeian face, when you look at >>1221327 the difference is amazing.

No. 1221477

i think doja’s body is fine, she’s slimmed down compared to 2019 but her unedited bare face…..i mean wow. it’s not a revelation that makeup changes your looks but she looks rough as hell and legitimately looks like a 40 year old without it. i guess i like her confidence in going live on instagram like that several times. the quirky persona is overbearing tho(derail)

No. 1221479

Her tits are saggy as fuck. How does it get this bad at only 22?(nitpick)

No. 1221485

I love hearing about Azealia's bullshit. She's crazy in a way I've never seen before with celebrities but I also can't hate her. The thing about Doja Cat being a total nerd and hanging out with white guys in chat rooms and making some random black guy jealous to the point of accusing her of being a racist incel was pretty funny too.

No. 1221490

Moved to >>>/ot/796519.

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