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No. 820866

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Reminder that any discussion or drama involving SJW artists like Succulentbud, DestinytoMoon and Loved111333 must be taken to the SJW e-Artist Thread on /snow/ to prevent the thread from being derailed which the link can be found here: >>>/snow/1220062

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!



Recent Art Milk:

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>Artist Mutatedeye makes an angry tutorial whining about people turning to them for advice and the comments section of said tutorial isn't any better >>794300

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>Twitter users complain about the skin color of Jimmy Olsen (the character from My Adventures with Superman) being too purple >>812465

>Ammatice is dogpiled for liking belly dancing outfits on men >>814890

>Angelmaws is getting more shit again for having an Arabic pedophile OC, then calling someone racist against her for having an issue with it >>818483

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon

Previous Thread: >>785290

No. 821262

Pride month is upon us get ready for all the ugly rainbow themed art and discourse.

No. 821291

File: 1622624467646.jpg (113.48 KB, 1080x1351, 194132649_778009869742654_4169…)

What do you guys think of samdoesarts? I think he's super talented and I used to be a huge fan like a year ago but now it looks to me like his art has gotten lazier and the sameface and same body keeps getting worse. My explore feed is full of his copycats though, we might have a new loish now

No. 821387

Artists like him are dime a dozen, and I personally don't really respect this kind of art (pretty painted girl based off some random instagram thot's selfie). He doesn't have a good handle of anatomy beyond copying photos (ie he doesn't know how muscles move and work) and he clearly doesn't know how clothes hang on the figure

No. 821389

are you kidding me, i can't browse tags on ig without looking at all that ugly art with flags everywhere

No. 821391

He's not really original and I don't care if he was first or whatever, when there are poeple who draw the exact same as he does and even better. Also i hate this fucking brush, it's not pretty

No. 821423

File: 1622645550426.jpg (516.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210602-155157_Gal…)

Not that milky but it looks like acatcie is trying to branch out into merch… the character looks so bland and unrecognisable, I can't imagine this'd sell well at all.

No. 821446

May whatever power above give us the strength to endure it LOL

No. 821452

I think I figured out why I don't like her art style. I think that she has this very bad problem of drawing eyes too close together. I know that she uses that tool in Clip Studio where whatever you draw automatically copies it on the other side and I think it makes it look awkward. Sorry, I don't have Clip Studio Paint so I'm not sure what the tool/feature is called but I notice she uses it a lot when drawing eyes and that's what sticks out to me that makes her work look so wonky.

I'll be very surprised if she manages to sell any of her original pieces at the con she'll be working, I see her Death Note fan art merch selling because it's a popular anime but the OG stuff? Yeah…

Also fashion nitpick, those green gloves she's wearing with her "witch dress", really doesn't go with black, yikes.

No. 821459

File: 1622651271173.png (637.61 KB, 462x802, 9a48753da2583edbd33dbb9b81747b…)

I saw she made a different design for that character and it looks a bit better? I think the problem isn't the merch, I feel like her art is just really soulless and boring in general. I'm definitely not buying anything from her.

No. 821460

Idk, for me it’s a mix between the colours, eye placement(you know, copying and pasting), and how the mouths are drawn.
To me her art looks like smug neon plumbs or just neon chickens

No. 821461

I don't know them so they might have an amazing personality but acatcie is like the personification of everything that I hate about instagram art. Just the same bland repetitive low-skill, no creativity anime stuff. So many feeds of artists I come across look exactly like hers and it bores me to death

No. 821478

File: 1622653077830.jpg (599.03 KB, 2160x3840, 20210602_185600.jpg)

Not surprised that these two are zionist, I hope they lose their buisness fuck them

No. 821545

File: 1622660081879.jpg (200.48 KB, 800x884, commission___trilanna_bust_by_…)

IT's weird because I know that her coloring is very odd but yet I actually do like it. It's just the style itself that looks so jarring and offputting. And yeah, I think you're right about the way she draws mouths. Like she's clearly going for a cartoony style. She says she's inspired by things like Disney and Steven Universe but yet her art just looks so off.

I just wish she'd focus more on refining her style more. O think the problem is that she tries to make her art look cute but because she lacks fundamental skill, it comes out looking much more wonky and less "cute" like she's hoping it will be.

Her friend EmpressKaiju does a similar kinda style going for something cute but striking (image attached) and I know that her style may be off putting to others here in the thread but I honestly think she has a really nice style and she's come a long way developing her style and she's younger than TD. EmpressKaiju is what Michie's style should've evolved into. Like not exactly like hers but I mean, more refined and fine-tuned.

No. 821591

How do you cope with imposter syndrome? I feel like my art is mediocre but objectively better than low effort artists like the ytac guys, but I can't seem to grow a decent following even though I've been posting for years. It feels demoralizing to see low effort artists grow their accounts and be more successful with getting commissions and having successful store launches and having an active fanbase.

No. 821597

You've been posting but have you been interacting with people? Not just responding but being active in some communities, making friends, collaborations, all that?

No. 821602

What does that have to do with imposter syndrome? Sounds like you have a realistic outlook on your skills and need to work on social media tactics more. It's definitely possible to get social media clout with less than mediocre skills or to fly under the radar as a highly skilled artist, as evidenced by instagram

No. 821609

I'm having trouble with this too. A mutual I follow managed to get to around 10k followers in a few weeks even though he opened the account about half a year ago; style-wise our art is similar, only that he sticks to drawing semi-realistic anime portraits and I draw fantasy characters I create. I kind of know that people prefer fanart over random shit I came up with, but stil… lmfao

No. 821630

Not talking about any anon here but it's the funniest thing when I see mediocre artists with huge followings complain about imposter syndrome. Like of course you couldn't possibly just actually be overrated, it has got to be something else

No. 821649


I agree completely though it's not much I started drawing anime for a month and gained 100 followers, but I don't want to draw that. I've moved on from being a weebo. And I even drew cute animals and nsfw furry accounts started following me. I hope by posting consistently and paying for ads I can find my market. Social media and every random person trying to become famous has really made social media so saturated and hard to break though. It's so depressing.

No. 821737

She must learn some fundies, she is the biggest example of refusing to learn fundamentals then too lazy to improve (just like me in the past and i regretted it). Ah i remembered one of my mutual reshared her art by ig story but at the same time they told me to improve on shading. Lol i disliked that mutual for supporting ugly ass acatcie.


That looks good actually. Full offense that her design still looks soulless, bland, and boring yet straight to the dispose bin. Not recommended unless you are her ass kisser fan.

No. 821746

That’s interesting, I think the opposite and TD might benefit from leaning more towards cutesy and cartoony than what you pictured above. To me I don’t wanna be too rude but legit her art, especially the faces reminds me of that inbred Charles II of Spain guy. Same weird narrow and long head, cross-eyed, bloated people. She made death note merch but honestly the bargain- bucket con anime style DN merch is way more appealing than her bloated chibis.

No. 821890

Tin-foil hat here but popular Insta artists turning off the visible number of likes on their art feels like they're trying to manipulate their audience into thinking they don't have a lot of traction on their posts, especially those who always cry about being underrated and not getting enough “love” on their art. It just feels icky.

No. 821931

i think i just don't like the way she draws the eyes. they always look kinda dead. If she made the eyes rounder or added light, it would be a lot better. Also, maybe it's a bit too symmetrical?

No. 821993

Can you give an example of artists who are doing this?

It could also be to conceal discrepancies in their stats, if they have bought followers.

No. 822021

That’s your problem. You have to give people a reason to follow you.
Would you just follow a random person who draws fantasy OCs you have no attachment to unless their style REALLY appeals to you?

No. 822103

File: 1622736367349.png (1.05 MB, 1358x2048, Screenshot_20210603-100605.png)

Bitch Hartman's Oaxis streaming service is out. I literally forgot until I saw it on twitter.

No. 822172


Nah actually number of likes still can be viewed on your own posts but not anyone else's

No. 822175

Have any of you tried both basic pen displays graphic tablets (that basic ass one) and lcd/screen graphic tablets?
Are screen tablets much better and easier to use and draw on?
I've been using a basic pen display for years and wonder if the screen would be better.

No. 822193

File: 1622744178122.jpg (182.25 KB, 800x1015, 800px-Juan_de_Miranda_Carreno_…)

Oh if TD wants to go the cartoony & cutesy route, she totally should because it can work. The only reason I made the comparison to her friend EmpressKaiju was because I remembered that Michie is writing a novel series and I was just picturing what the cover of the book would look like with her current art style and I mean… Would you be tempted to buy a book with cover art of her work? I wouldn't be enticed but thinking about it, she probably will either hire someone to design a cover or do a cover that doesn't have the characters on it.

> the faces reminds me of that inbred Charles II of Spain guy. Same weird narrow and long head, cross-eyed, bloated people.

KEK Oh my gosh, you're right It kinda does look like that only more cartoony lol.

Anyway yeah, cutesy & cartoony can work but she just needs to fine-tune it more because where it's at currently, it doesn't look all that good at all in my opinion. And I agree, her DND stickers as basic as they look do look somewhat appealing and could attract the DND players to buy them.

No. 822195

I made the jump from a bamboo tablet to a cintiq and now I'm using a basic huion tablet with the cintiq collecting dust on the side.

I personally have no problems line quality or work quality wise using either one but my main issue with the cintiq is that it literally broke my back with me hunched over the tilted screen. With huion I can lean back on my chair and have the tablet on my lap and draw comfortably.
If you're gonna get a screen tablet I honestly can't recommend Wacom cuz of their godawful customer support, awful awful color calibrated screens, and honestly they're still overpriced considering the solid competition they have around. Also look into those um… arm things that hold up a screen. I was told it helps with comfort and back issues but I wasn't about to drop more money on a device that I absolutely loathed.

Oh I also have an iPad and it's.. ok. Maybe it's the learning curve for me idk but I've had it for a year now and my lines are still not as confident as they are on paper/pc. Everyone I know absolutely loves it and it is a solid device it's just me I guess.

No. 822199

Not sure if this is the right place for this question but how the fuck do you find artists to commission these days? Looking at "commission" or similar tags on twitter is just a fucking cesspool. Do you just hope that you happen across an artist you like offering commissions? Am I doing it wrong?

No. 822214

a screen is 10x better, no matter which screen tablet you choose. you can get used to a regular tablet but there'll always be a disconnect. i have a cintiq22 and love the etched? screen, the texture feels really nice to draw on. the tablets that feel like you're drawing on glass don't feel as natural, but i am spoiled by the textured screen.

No. 822217

off the top of my head:
you can find specialised “shops” on various platforms that repost people’s commissions/adoptable/etc. they usually have actual quality control and the artists have work ethic.

option 2 is go on toyhouse and look for characters with lots of nice commissioned artwork (you might find someone with decent taste eventually). check the sources for the pictures you like. the artists might take commissions.

option 3 try exploring foreign art communities if you want a break from your average twitterfags.

No. 822227


I have a wacom intuos M, a wacom cintiq 16 and an iPad air lol so tried almost everything. It took me a while to be fully comfortable with the screenless tablet but now that's the one I use the most because I draw for long hours and need to me mindful of my posture and wrist.

I'd say the cintiq is really nice too, the size is pretty good although I will probably get a 20 or even 24 size when I upgrade. Don't like drawing on the iPad much, screen is too small and I don't like procreate at all.

No. 822236

>you can find specialised “shops” on various platforms

No. 822238

idk, usagishop? im a stingy bitch lol i dunno much about these things.

No. 822242

Either artists I already follow will signal boost commission posts and I find people through that, or I look on places like skeb if it's a Japanese artist I want to commission (although I'm picky as hell about art styles and shit these days so I mostly commission my friends who already know my characters well enough lol)

No. 822246


I have terrible hand eye coordination, so slab tablets were completely useless for me. My Intous collected dust for 2 years before I bought an Xp pen display tablet. It's worth its weight in gold. But that's just me, if you can draw on a slab and are comfortable, there's no reason to pay for a display tablet.

No. 822413

Screen tablets are by far superior if you can afford it. Though like >>822195 said be mindful of your posture when using a screen tablet. I developed mild cubital tunnel syndrome from hunching my back and leaning my arm on my cintiq for hours, fortunately it went away after resting and doing stretches but you don't want to risk permanent nerve damage.

No. 822530

Nayrt but I keep going back and fourth between XP Pen and Cintiq.

I really trust Wacom as a brand personally because I am having great experience with their non screen tablets, but the posture part scares me. I wanted to invest in the smallest Cintiq, but will getting "a stand" for it make things better?

I am worried about Huion because I've seen a lot of people having troubles with this tablet, saying it doesn't live too long and stuff.

Barely heard about XP Pen, though my friends professor recommends it.

At this point I just wouldn't mind playing it safe and getting a big version of nonscreen Wacom, but I've always wanted a screen

No. 822773

Omg I think I had cubital tunnel syndrome too but I didn't know it had a name or why it was happening lol.

Depends on what kind of stand maybe?
Idk where you're from but if you can buy and then return it if you dislike it then maybe try that?

And yea I'll admit to having a personal grudge against wacom at this point. Mostly because I've owned multiple of their products, the bamboo, cintiq 13, and then the 22. The last two I had multiple issues with BUT I'm an international user so 1) warranty means nothing 2) customer support is awful and often doesn't respond 3) and this was my biggest issue is that I had to get a proper monitor to check colors because of how off they were on the citiq because of the etched screen or whatever it's called or the film they put on top. At least with the film I was able to eventually remove it but the etched one was the bane of my existence. They actually recommended a 150-300$ color calibrator thing that my studio fortunately had and did absolutely nothing lol. 4) back issues that I mentioned before and this took a while to show it's effect so this was the last straw for me personally.

Yes I use huion now but it was an impulse purchase, it was cheap and reviews were good enough for me to blindly throw money at and test it. It's worked great so far but idk about the longevity or how good the screen versions are.

Not sure about xp pen either.

No. 822807

the colors on my cintiq22 are very different from my monitor, but they match the colors on my cellphone more accurately, so i've given up on what "correct colors" are. now i color and check to see if the drawing looks good in both color settings. idk how professionals deal with it, but i'm not going to shell out money for an expensive monitor when most people are viewing the internet on their phone, and my printed drawings look accurate enough to my eye so shrug… it's one of the biggest cons of digital art, never truly knowing the colors you're using (unless you're working in pantones)

No. 822844

Hearing people talk about these screen tablets gets me so ironically depressed haha. I shelled out some money years ago to buy myself an XP Pen 15.6 screen tablet and I hardly use it. I'm very weird with how I draw where while most people draw on a desk, I actually sit on my bed and draw/ink. It's been a habit of mine since I was in high school where I'd always sit on my bed and draw and when I finally got a Wacom tablet, I would still use it on my bed lol.

By the time I got the XP Pen, it felt so weird using a screen tablet for the first time and how I now had the power to draw digitally instead of doing my tried and true traditional sketching and I just never got used to it, I'm too set in my ways with the traditional pencil and paper followed by inking in Sai method kek.

No. 822896

For the most part you're right but that's just for the stuff I post online but if it's proper work like something I know will be printed or will be used in animation (I used to do BGs) then I need to know what it colors look like.
I didn't have to buy one of the super expensive monitors I settled for a decent ips monitor that's held up pretty great so far and it matches my iphone/ipad better than the cintiq.

Process doesn't matter as long as you get results you like. I've known a few artists that bought into the hype of cintiqs just to sell them a few months later because they never got used to them.

No. 823025

>Process doesn't matter as long as you get results you like. I've known a few artists that bought into the hype of cintiqs just to sell them a few months later because they never got used to them.

Oh I understand, it's not the tools you have (necessarily), it's all how you use them and for myself, sketching with pencil and paper and then inking them in Sai with my Wacom Intuous 4 tablet really does get the job done for me. I think the only awkward time I had about my method was when I was in art school and my teacher mentioned that it would be beneficial to learn how to sketch digitally if I wanted to get into the industry. Keep in mind this was 2009 and I know attitudes have changed about this for the better but aside from that, I'm content.

I just feel that it would be good to eventually force myself to get used to the screen tablet because it could save me money on paper and pencils as well as paper space since I have a habit of keeping all my drawings haha.

No. 823034

he guy can draw, but took shortcut and regressed after he has found a comfortzone. The one trick pony type of artist that could do better.
But further than that he's a better business man than an artist, he knows what his consumer want.

No. 823035

I'm pretty sure he draw over photos a lot for his patreon art. I think he has drawn with lose reference but he would usually pick the easiest composition.

No. 823045

Have you considered an iPad? I draw in bed a lot too, there's screen protectors that make drawing with an iPad feel closer to pencil and paper. I use the pro model but the most recent models for the regular and air line are said to be decent as well. Tho I understand if you're hesitant to shell out more money when your current method works for you.

No. 823235

File: 1622879078980.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1956, 9AFE818D-DF9F-4221-A321-8ACB16…)

Disabled wheelchair artist puccanoodles dancing up a storm lmao


No. 823270

File: 1622888172904.jpg (255.42 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20210505-215543_Ins…)

>Mediocre Japanese artist
>random girls doodle with wonky anatomy

That shit pisses me off

No. 823272

File: 1622888556653.jpeg (323.16 KB, 1536x2048, 9ED13BA3-539B-4710-8BC3-57E3E6…)

I’m pretty sure she has her wheelchair because she was in a bad car accident that did major damage to her legs? She apparently can walk and move around but I don’t think she can use her legs for extended periods of time or something.

No. 823274

theres a lot of mediocre artists in this thread who get their bread and butter from drawing this kind of shit so theyll collectively wk for the artist you just posted

No. 823291

I'd much rather Instagram be saturated with this type of mediocrity over whatever ~a e s t h e t i c~ bullshit is going on with Pinterest fashion pretty girl/boy OC artists.

No. 823300

Sure, maybe they ''don't deserve'' it in your eyes but at least it's cute. I rather look at it than at ugly ''tumblr'' art (there's a lot of it on ig)

No. 823316

There it is.

No. 823354

I wonder how much she actually uses her wheelchair, because I assume it’s almost obsolete except for when she’s drawing herself

No. 823397

Seeing YT artists like Chloe Rose being relatively popular despite having kinda mediocre work makes me feel like I could be successful too, but that my work just has no marketability and I need to work on production quality since I have to use natural/indoor lighting which looks ugly as hell.

No. 823430

A different opinion than yours? Damn

No. 823434

The irony of this comment like a hoard of people dont jump on any anon who dares say they dont like generic art

No. 823438

I have kinda trouble understanidng what you wrote, but as one of those anons; i didn't say it's not generic, just better than nothing. Anons in this thread have habit to complain that other people are more succesful in doing boring shit than they are. Just focus on yourself, it's not worth being pissed off

No. 823446

Imagine the disgust when you see boring instashit ~aestethic~ got more praise and likes than your hard worked masterpiece

No. 823456

That instashit person probably did something right to gain a following, even if their art isnt good. Your art isnt getting traction not because it's worse than theirs, but because you may suck at social media. Get better at it.

No. 823479

Kek, i've seen worse

No. 823482

I've seen far better artists on ig but they didn't get attention they deserve. It's all because of bad luck, not underdeveloped skills

No. 823492

It's nothing about art or technical skills, it's about networking. You have to wriggle your way into communities (significantly easier for new series) and get straight to dick sucking. Complement the big names in the fandom and try to befriend them/become mutuals, join their group chats and discords, and use them + their existing followers to get your name spread around. It's a bunch of fake bullshit.

No. 823496

personally speaking, i learned to not give a fuck and it helps a lot. my friends have a problem with it too, they're getting angry and sad looking at other people's art and likes and it's getting boring

No. 823533

the cutesy art is popular because it's easy on the eyes and inoffensive. it's why pop music is popular. every art style has their audience, but maybe your art style is niche. and you'll never be as popular as the people doing the cute stuff. I don't know why people care so much about followers. if it's not translating to $$$ who cares. an insta artist with less followers could be making a living off their art through conventions and selling locally, numbers on the internet don't matter

No. 823576

Kek. It doesn’t take skill to ride the hype train and to be a consistent poster- ppl should get flamed for their lazy consistent work when it’s obvi that they’re in it for only the likes and views

No. 823578


I wouldn't say bad luck, but rather lack of or bad networking, them not knowing how to market themselves or maybe their art just isn't "commercial" enough or too niche and they haven't found the right people yet.

No. 823591

how the fuck is wolfychu still relevant, also is it just me or is her lip movements while talking super weird? Can't tell if it's to help keep the uwu loli voice, or to look like a kawaii japanesu irl anime girl or something? Also holy shit girl you must make enough to afford it, fix your fucking teeth

No. 823594

I grew to stop believing those tweets of people (mainly artists) saying "please donate to me i only have 3 dollars on my bank account and i'm homeless please donate" because aside from it being clear e-begging i just wonder. If your financial situation is that shit and you're that desperate without anyone's support then how do you still have energy? Internet? I hate those e-beggers with a passion.

No. 823595


energy as in electricity, my bad.

No. 823623

Holy shit, I have never been this enraged by only hearing the first three seconds of a video before. How do people like this even exist?

No. 823635


I saw this and my jaw dropped. I was suspicious when it came to the tiktok video but that? She's either extremely careless or she's fucking lying/exaggerating.

I am someone with the same chronic pain condition she claims to have. Dancing and jumping around like that can trigger a flare up which is immense wide spread pain and extreme fatigue. You are bed bound and need help getting up and going to the bathroom when you're in that state. And that isn't even touching on the carnival of bullshit that is brain fog.

She works at Disney which is notorious for strict deadlines and tons of overtime and work. So she's either gotten really lucky through nepotism and 'muh disability' when it comes to staying in the animation industry or she's lying her ass off. I'm going to assume the latter.

Anyone who has been through a flare up and isn't on hiatus would NEVER do this shit.

Flare ups are SO dangerous for your career. It doesn't matter how much a studio is forced by TAG to accommodate you, they can't take your deadlines away. It's precisely why myself and a few others I know just can't work full-time, at all. Let alone be fucking story artists, at Disney no less?? Holy shit, hell no. How did she get and keep her first job?

Does anyone here actually know anyone who worked with her? Literally just one anecdote from an ex co-worker or something would let us know whether or not she's actually a munchie.

No. 823636

First thing I noticed was how pursed her mouth is, but I guess that’s how some ppl (especially weebs from tiktok) talk,

No. 823659

is the pursed mouth supposed to make her look more animu or hide her teeth? it looks so uncanny and weird

No. 823671

File: 1622943883121.jpg (449.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210605-194741_Ins…)

Anyone have any milk on this? Apparently a metal pin designer on instagram named 9tails_pins has been sending out cardboard that's been pissed on to customers he thought were bots.

No. 823672

File: 1622943922760.jpg (527.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210605-194742_Ins…)


No. 823709

I actually hadn't to be honest. But dang if you say that drawing on it does feel closer to pencil and paper, I'll have to definitely look into it! I don't have the money to drop on one at this time but I'll consider it for the future, thanks for the tip off!

No. 823773

I saw a user on DeviantArt that's popular within the adopt (and closed species, kinda) community asking for money for her cat's vet bills and then splurging a hundred dollars on a design and bidding on many others a few weeks later. Yeah, don't believe e-begging, most of the time they're lying or what they mean to say is that they don't want to pay for things with their own money.

No. 823790

Same. I might sound like an asshole that i hate those kinds of people as money is their only way to life, e-begging from tiny situations to severe for example dying relatives especially without any proof/photos. If it comes from a friend or a mutual i would gladly to help them but a total stranger that replying with their tweet of their dying younger brother then asking random people to donate to them. I never believed them in the first place, it was all revealed that they used photos from google to capture people's attention and someone has made a callout thread. They were suspended twice after that.
Serves them right though.

No. 823808

What do you guys think about starting a tiktok account for your art? I've been thinking about it but it's just a pain in the ass to film videos, and it's the only format of posting on tiktok but I've heard it's good for widening your reach but I'm not that knowledgeable. Do any of you have art tiktok accs? How hard/easy is it to run?

No. 823828

File: 1622970260301.png (378.82 KB, 597x534, 648456648456.PNG)

Anons, what do you think of the recent "Stonehouse Anatomy book" drama? I think the book has some dodgy content in it but the cancellation of the cortical homunculus in picrel made me chuckle.

Link to thread and archived copy because it is too long:



No. 823838

idk about how qualified he is about teaching anatomy because idk shit but the excerpts are pretty enjoyable and interesting in the way that questionable/popular etymologies sometimes are, i guess the little drawings serve as lighthearted mnemotechnics. he's getting ripped to shreds though, i hope he speaks no english and gives no fucks about westerners cancelling him. fuck the internet.

No. 823839

I always saw this book being passed around and sold out so I thought it was just loomis anime but uhhh yeah what the fuck the writing is no different than a how to draw manga thing

No. 823840

the book is filled with stupid senseless jokes, like the book tries too hard to have a 'personality'. I don't get why and artist would get a medical anatomy book neither, unless you plan to be an anatomy artist, who are not as requested as nature/animal realism artists anyway. Anatomy books for artists shouldn't really bother explaining what's inside the body much, just how the shape changes depending on the actions/pose; many pages go on and on over bone details you don't need at all (I'm not referring to the page in the image specifically, more others I saw on /ic/)

No. 823841

It's full of cringy coomer shit and weird racist caricatures.
Good for a laugh, but not much else.

No. 823844

File: 1622971866869.jpg (565.03 KB, 2048x1484, E3D4H9EXoAc8hdE.jpg)

I cant help but to think this is some 4chan/internet influenced pathology on race realism being treated as a fact

No. 823845

Like there are Asians with wide eyes and Westerners with narrow eyes. I dont get it

No. 823846

The tweet is deleted now lol, furthers the whole crazy munchie story

No wonder her boyfriend left her after she scammed 30k for a trained service dog she didn’t need

No. 823850

the upper images are bizarre, but the western/asian comparison one I don't get the big deal. We should abandon the idea we still carry that small eyes and warm toned skin (common in meds too btw) are ugly just because some anglos said so 100 years ago. A lot of race discussion nowadays, especially in art, focuses on the surface instead of the root of the cultural issue

No. 823854

The humor is kind of immature and horny but that twitter thread mostly seems to be getting upset about racial and sexual characteristics existing. You need some huge levels of delusion to demand "gender neutral" anatomy books. And it clearly states why the cortical homunculus is included, it's to stress the importance of hands within the human consciousness which has implications for drawing (like, pay attention to them.)

No. 823856

File: 1622973055648.png (548.77 KB, 594x818, anatomy is twansphobic.PNG)

I can't take this person seriously because she's honest to god making remarks about educating the reader regarding female and male anatomical differences as bigoted. Sorry biology exists I guess?

No. 823889

I was disappointed how many people I follow are going on about it. I suppose the Twitter thread makes it look like it's all silly little cartoons, but most of it is diagrams. It's no worse than the dumb sketches by Proko.

No. 823903


Oh for fucks sake? Really? How the fuck did she even get popular? I guess it's because she's in the industry and 'aww disabled woobie uwu' when actual disabled people who are in real pain get shafted by the internet and industry as a whole.

I don't know literally any artist or content creator who could get 140k followers and be a complete retard when it comes to handling their social media. Apart from maybe Glip but they groom children sooo.

Like if you're going to lie don't literally upload proof that you are lying for 140k people to see. I've seen literal children fake being sick better than her.

Are we ever going to make a thread about this bitch? Some people think she's not milky enough but I disagree if she posts stupid shit like this all of the time.

No. 823928

Kek I agree with you anon.
People are so quick to jump on drawings of Asians with monolids just because they think it's a racist caricature to have anything other than Eurocentric features.

No. 823946

Where's the "4chan influenced race realism" in pointing out that Asians and Caucasians have different shaped eyelids? Sure there are caucasians with monolids and Asians with double lids and whatever but it's based in the generalization of race-typical features. I don't get it. Should he just ignore the facts and claim that all people look like the standard eurocentric white person? The cartoon eye shapes above the portraits are just based on anime tropes and using eyes as a method of expression, not raceshit.

I swear twitterfags complaining when artists don't draw a black character "black enough" and tell them to study ethnic features for more realism but freak the fuck out whenever someone does so. And that's like one page of a thick ass book that's mostly about proportions and how muscles, tendons and joints work in the human body to help a beginner artist create more natural poses and movement in a comprehensive language.

No. 823959

File: 1622985991304.jpg (515.47 KB, 1979x1911, E3Abbz9WUAUWgWc.jpg large.jpg)

NTA, but I'd feel really weird trying to defend this, kek.

No. 823974

That's just exaggerated insensitive caricatures, he's not even trying to pass them off as "real anatomy".

No. 823983

>exaggerated insensitive caricatures
Yeah, textbook racist caricatures, lmao. Call a spade a spade. They don't even have a place in an anatomy book, neither do the weird coomer poses he puts women in. The scrote behind it is an embarrassment.

No. 824005

Lmao right, sometimes ppl try to hard to be contrary to toxic art twitter. They're right this time and it's embarrassing that so many artists promoted this book as the anatomy standard when it's full of inaccurate racist and sexist stuff like this

No. 824032

Anons in this thread love defending coomer scrotes and bullshit as long as mainstream Twitter hates it on some anti sjw shit. Most of them are as autistic and hive minded as the people they swear they're epic owning

No. 824077

we were not talking about these caricatures though. We were talking about the semi-realistic image that said asians generally have smaller eyes.

No. 824124

Does doing graphic design work for companies pay well? What program would one use to do that kind of work?

No. 824234

Most company designers I know use stuff from adobe such as Illustrator or Indesign.

No. 824235

I think the industry standard heavily depends on where you live anon. Generally Adobe programs are a must. I'd suggest going on a carrier website like Linkedin or whatever you use in your country, then looking for the requirements for graphic designers. And about pay again, it depends on your networking, talent but mostly your luck.

No. 824238

it's not the easiest industry to step into as far as i know. if you want a good job at a good design/ad company usually you gotta have some connections or good networking, or just be good enough for someone to notice you in the crowd.

No. 824252

Depending on where you live graphic design isn’t just making drawings or logos in software, it can be a mix of having experience in photography, filming, editing, printing, web design etc

No. 824261


I thought the same for tiktok too but since no one really uses tags and the tiktok algorithm is supposed to magically show your videos to people that want to see them. I've posted 19 videos and all of them are 0 views 100 views and one 1k views. I keep getting 0 views and people online say that happens when you use a editing software because tiktok thinks you're a reposter. But it's been like that way now for several months. I get about 1k views on instagram reel so I'm just going to stick to that. Plus Tiktok just changed their terms of service and people are saying it's crazier than before. But if you want to try it out definitely recommend posting to both reels and Tiktok.

No. 824284

>Does doing graphic design work for companies pay well?
For my country it's average pay in smaller cities and above average in the capital; theres pretty big range of companies that are in need of hiring a graphic designer, options being marketing / advertising agencies and working directly for a specific client; I'd say if you live in a big city with many of the former you'll have no problem finding / changing the job at all. Photoshop and Illustrator are a must; InDesign and AfterEffects are very common good-to-know. Basically, Adobe products are industry standards everywhere so don't really waste time to learn other programs, especially in the beginning.

No. 824363

The point of that is to show two different extremes for adaptions to the climate. Not necessary and the artist really should've considered how it looked, but there is a point to it.

No. 824381

Funny and true

No. 824478

I'll just say this. I was flipping through my Masters of Anatomy book, and damn near every example provided was just the artist own personal take on the muscular male and curvy hourglass figure lady. For $50+ dollars(I backed the original campaign) I remember being disappointed because I was honestly expecting more variety in the body types in the book. It does get old seeing the same 2 body types over and over again in numerous anatomy/drawing books(with maybe a page or corner set aside for showcasing something that deviates from the norm).

I get that the default is easier to explain to beginner/intermediate artist, but this book doesn't seem to be for the beginner/intermediate artist. And for more advance artist, probably a lot of this stuff is just going to just be things they already know, or are use to drawing/seeing. I don't know it's complicated.

No. 824495

I mean, if you look at the author’s work, you’re kinda getting what you asked for

I can’t stand this person’s commentary, “WhY aRe tHeRe nO nOnbiNaRiEs???” “Omg, SeXiSm!!” “Gross”
Like, assholes like this make me scared for the future of the medical field because they like to plug their ears and deny that there are actual biological differences between male and females- and SUPRISINGLY, that’s not as bad as these guys are making it out to be
But I just don’t get why this book, There are millions of other anatomy books out there with the EXACT same content, so why rip into this one?

No. 824532

not a lot of anatomy books include the author's personal tone of voice, jokes, and unecessary le funny cartoons similar to those educational korean comics you find in bookstores. the sjw approach to the critique is silly and i agree but the book itself shouldn't be exempt from any kind of criticism lmao

No. 824550

Thank you so much for the replies anons!

No. 824626


I'm a full-time designer. Graphic design doesn't pay very well when you're just starting out, but when you have +5 years of good experience and a solid portfolio you can thinking about moving to art director positions and those do pay quite well. It's overall a fun job and I really enjoy it.

If you're concerned about money and interested in design in general, UI design is a great way to go. The market is booming and starting salary is quite good.

No. 824646

honestly the 'where are the different body types??' argument is kind of stupid to me because the focus of the book is about individual parts of the body and how they function. it's not a book on figure drawing it's to learn about bone structure, muscle groups and even some general points on human biology. like, you don't complain in health class that the diagrams aren't diverse enough lmao. even the classics like bridgeman, hogarth, loomis and hampton RARELY ever stray from one body type in their popular anatomy books and that body type is usually fit for a model almost.

just seems like most of the people who make a big deal about this coincidentally also complain about 'muh beauty standards' and roll their eyes every time a man draws 'sEkSEE WaMan'

No. 824650

Not completely related but what the fuck does 'not feel safe interacting with police' even mean in this case? It's not even like a random traffic stop or anything. What terrible imaginary scenario do they expect will happen if they go to a police station to report this?

No. 824707

Ntsa, but , yes, a Majority of anatomy books/drawing books (that are not straight biology books or one shot how-to-draw) has this commentary, personal experiences or jokes written, it’s made to be personable to help the person further understand the subject. Like, even that animation survival kit by Richard Williams (basically the animation bible) came with its own informal entourage of jokes and side dialogue

No. 824730

Could you sound more like a retarded scrote?

No. 824732

my guess is that they're one of those peeps that have never touched grass in their lives before and think all policemen are out to murder them because of twitter.

No. 824788

they aren't wrong though.

when you are learning from how one person does something, it shouldn't be an expectation they go over the multitude of different body types that exist. No matter the body type, the underlying structure and how it's drawn will be the same, it's just a matter of how it is adjusted between fat and muscle.

there has to be some legwork done yourself if you want to learn different body types.

No. 824823

the book only fault is trying to be cheeky and get promote too much by everyone

No. 824832

No. 824838

I don't know if it's just me (and I know this was a hot debate for a WHILE) but the pursing of her lips and the way she speaks through her nose suggests that she's faking her voice, I agree.

There was so much drama over if her voice was real and honestly? She should've just kept herself hidden behind a character avatar because now it's pretty much confirmed that she fakes her voice.

Ugh. I despise when people put on a "lol uwu kawaii loli" voice, it's grating and it drives me nuts.

No. 824874

File: 1623093164163.jpg (177.76 KB, 1080x759, hetero peaches.jpg)

Hot take, aces are not oppressed and are often just loveshy straight people looking to include themselves into LGBT spaces. Demisexuality is snowflakey as hell.

No. 824881

The fact that people ever thought babyshit cooing was a ""natural"" voice tone is remarkable and says a lot about how mentally unwell weebs actually are.

Also she has that awful "I think it's okay to still wear 2010's scene hair a decade later" look. Yeugh.

No. 824883

I personally don't really see demisexual/demiromantic as part of LGBT+ because it's more of a "how your mind interacts with the idea of love/sex" thing rather than an actual sexuality. wanting to have a deep bond before dating or fucking someone whouldn't be that much of a deal, Jesus. People going mad and desperate to label themselves nowadays is just pathetic.

Hopeless Peaches trying for some pity/brownie points to recover some face from the massive drama she just got out of?

No. 824894

looks like i struck a nerve lmfao

exactly my point. then again, i'm really not surprised that most of the new 'artist' crowd seems to just want a bunch of copy material instead of putting in the effort to actually learn how to construct forms in 3d space and how the human body is built.

No. 824898

File: 1623094363000.png (12.81 KB, 518x124, lol.png)

Yea, sure.

No. 824912


maybe i'm just not as jaded as the more seasoned farmers on here, but jfc you guys really let your inner mean girl out on here holy hell.

i get talking shit about art cows or other milky e-thots, but afaik wolfychu is like one of the most inoffensive uwutubers on yt regardless of if her voice is fake or not.

No. 824921

Omg thank you for saying this.
I never understood the hype around whether or not her voice is fake- maybe it’s because I’ve met ppl before, like older women, with this condition- but whenever I hear drama about her, it’s only about her voice. It gets kinda stale, but at least she’s not like other fuckers who invade spaces because they lie/exaggerate about a disability

No. 824925

If she didn't make such a big stink around proving her voice was real I honestly wouldn't care. The more you try to prove something, the more you look like you're lying.

I just don't like that type of voice in general though. You're right it's not too milky, it's just annoying.

No. 824926

Honestly classyfying demisexuality as part of LGBT is so weird because it's not a sexuality, I wouldn't necessarily call ace sexuality either. It's like a sub category of sexuality and way you interact with with the idea of sex. I do think the term itself serves some purpose, since it help people or yourself to understand how you deal with sex. It can be hard to explain to most people why you're unable to have casual sex with other people so the term might be useful there to make it seem more "legit" rather than just "oh you just haven't had good casual sex so you say that" kind of thing. I would never consider it as part of queer identity though, it's literally just about how much you're able to separate love from sex if at all.

No. 824955

File: 1623099280545.jpg (67.49 KB, 719x719, 7a58b3c0-b613-48c4-a2ad-1eab9a…)


>Capcom Stung With $12 Million Lawsuit Over “Stolen” Photos In Its Games

>Juracek (artist) published a volume of over a thousand photographs of "outstanding, vibrantly colorful visual images of surface textures–wood, stone, marble, brick, plaster, stucco, aggregates, metal, tile, and glass"
>Naturally, these photographs are available to whoever wants to use them for their projects, but they require a license
>For example, the lawsuit relays that a metal texture was titled "ME009" on the book's CD-ROM and it just so happens to be titled "ME009" in Capcom's breached folders.
>The artist is requesting the court to award her up to $12 million in damages as a result of copyright infringement, plus $2,500 to $25,000

Personally I think its really cringe this artist is suing them for 12-13 million dollars "in damages" when no one noticed for over 15 years these textures were even being used until their database was breached, and only confirmed it because of the filename. It is likely they'll be able to prove the pictures are stolen, but will they really be compensated that much?

No. 824957

The artist would have to pay that much if it was the other way around, and they're a big company that can handle it just fine.
Bleed em dry sis.

No. 824958


The suing is completely valid, but I find 12 million to be a bit too much.

No. 824959

I hope he wins, I don't know how is that cringe to demand compensation from someone who profited off your work, no matter how long ago. High quality, good texture images are not easy to find and the ones that are out there are being constantly stolen. I would excuse some tiny creator taking them for a personal or incredibly small project but Capcom, which if wanted, could've prepared their own textures instead being lazy, chose to not only to be lazy but also to steal somebodys valuable work. There are commercial-use free textures out there too, but much worse; if they're so cheap they could've gone for these.
He will most likely not be compensated this much but you gotta start high to negotiate. And you don't sue huge company like this for a few dollars, that would be a joke.

No. 824971

File: 1623100327806.jpg (112.21 KB, 1200x791, goat.jpg)

samefag and sage

I do agree that the artist has every right to sue and should be compensated, I just think the amount is overblown.
After looking at the texture comparisons (You can see them all if you google "Juracek textures") I can't believe no one noticed, because some of them are more like photos than texture scans , and these ones got turned into almost 3d objects.
However, I think the same argument could be said against Juracek, these are photos of Italian statues. Could we say Juracek has no right to claim this or make money of off it when she wasn't the artist to sculpt the statue? How can you claim a photo of an object like this when anyone could have taken this photo of the statue? Where does it end, where does it begin. The way the know it is Juracek's is because of the specific textures which have much more of a fingerprint than the photos of the statues.
I do wonder how much money Resident Evil 4 made in profits (I'm sure a ton), and I would start there to find fair compensation, maybe 12 million is an underestimation considering it was probably their best selling game.

No. 824978

No. 824985

Stuff like these statues is public domain.
For work like video games, to create for example fake 3d asset they've needed a photo taken from the spot where the sculpture will be perfectly in the center of camera view, straight lines kept straight, no foreshortenings from even the slightest angle. To prepare photographs like this it requires some effort and deliberate planning; to have them in high quality you need good quality equipment, be it just camera, but more often also a tripod, lights etc.
You're right that anyone could've still gone there and do all that, since the sculptures are just in that spot for everyone to see and photograph. Why didn't Capcom have anyone do that then? For that they owe Juracek.
sorry, it sounded kinda like a common male name in my language and my brain rolled with he on autopilot lol

No. 824986

Are you a Capcom employee or something? Anyway, these photos are presumably of public property in a public space, in which case they are perfectly legal. Would you also sue anyone who sells keychains of the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

No. 824993

I don't know, that's fair, I'm just being Capcom's bitch. After thinking about how much work it takes to do these high quality photos and how they could have easily just paid for the licensing to begin with, I guess they really did fuck up.
I wonder how many employees looked this over and signed off on it in full knowledge they didn't have the licensing rights and how they just brushed it aside. Its disappointing knowing this because those textures played a huge role in the castle design, and the castle design was beautiful.

No. 824994

File: 1623101611342.jpg (310.18 KB, 750x340, MzZiZjIzODliN2MyNzQ1MTZmYTc2ZW…)

For anyone else curious.

No. 825024

NTA but I think it's a cool discussion to have tbh, without you necessary being a capcom bitch in it so thanks to bringing it to the art salt table

No. 825057

It's pretty common to aim high in lawsuits because there's usually a guarantee that you're definitely not going to get that amount. It's like haggling, one party ask for a high price and then the second party replies with a much lower settlement amount and then the two parties argue until they reach somewhere in-between the two amounts.

No. 825170

>but afaik wolfychu is like one of the most inoffensive uwutubers on yt regardless of if her voice is fake or not
The voice debates have been a longstanding drama for her and her whiteknighting simps, and that fact that she still wants to die on this hill is laughable.

I disagree, this milk has just been refreshed. Probably because it still keeps her relevant at all outside of trendhopping and reusing animation memes.

No. 825186

File: 1623122969521.jpg (64.55 KB, 1035x273, ''used to'' she says.jpg)

*dropped my pic

No. 825191


I think the label demisexuality is dumb, in my experience a lot of people need to have a bond before having or enjoying sex. That's just a normal way to feel about sex, just as it's normal for others to like casual sex.

But she's also a young woman and there's a lot of pressure to be promiscuous and SeXpOsITiVe or you'll be called a prude so I understand why you would want a label to make your boundaries seem more valid.

No. 825201

Fair enough, if it was her real voice, I don’t think she would market it so much and quite the opposite and get annoyed by the comments

No. 825270

There are two sides to everything, I guess. I know a handful of aces who are adverse to relationships due to trauma and/or past CSA. I also know some people who identify as ace because they "don't look at random people on the street and want to fuck them", kek.

No. 825288

You just described two groups of people with the same not-horny mindset, only one is of CSA survivors. Honestly this is retarded. “Aces” and “demos” sound like hardware. Peaches is already a known idiot, but it takes a special kind of autism to make a 10+ minute video about how momentarily not wanting sex means you’re a special minority. A bunch of other artists are going to also hop on this “I’m a queer!” train throughout the rest of the month so they can get internet points. Probably in hopes of covering up their severely mediocre artistic ability.

No. 825316

So exactly how many followers do you need to have to make people stop playing the follow for follow-game with you? I have almost 20k on instagram and regularly notice account names that start following me for the second or third time or people that unfollow after a day or so. And all of them with significantly smaller followings than mine.
Not saying all of them were expecting me to follow back but I'm certain some do and I find that so weird because I never think that when following someone? It's nbd I guess but I'm petty and this annoys me

No. 825374

This happens to me on artstation. There's a dude who follows me everytime I post something, just to unfollow me some days later. And judging by the pfp he is a grown ass man of about 40 years old. Sad as fuck

No. 825376

you sound pressed, is everything okay?

No. 825393

I've had this happen on Twitter. I just end up blocking them if I start recognizing their names. Usually I'm not bothered enough to notice.

No. 825402

You shouldn’t need a label or enter the queer community to say that you don’t want to fuck or that your libido is low

No. 825438

I agree with your hot take anon. I don't want to say that there is no such thing as Asexual, I'm sure there are a very rare few people who aren't sexually attracted to anyone but most of the time I see self-proclaimed Asexuals, it's usually high school weeaboo/nerdy/Art girls who are still grasping to their childhood innocence and usually what happens is when they get into their early 20s, their hormones kick into overdrive and they start wanting to have intercourse. Again, just my own observations but that's usually how it goes.

And "Demixsexuality" is bullshit. This whole "I can only have sex with someone if I have feelings for them" bullshit. It's bullshit because nothing says that Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual people can't develop actual feelings for each other. It's just stupid pretentious Tumblr diarrhea.

As for Peaches, it's clear she's one of these straight people you were mentioning. Want to feel UWU special by playing along with this fake ass term when she's just an ordinary straight woman. Like girl stop.

No. 825443

Honestly aside from these stupid terms "Aces" and "Demis" came from Tumblr of all places, I feel like part of the reason this came about was because of how much of a hookup culture we are living in in the modern times. I'm not against sex, go for it. But as someone who is in the early 30s and took noticeh ow younger kids are being exposed to social media since like 2011, I can't help but notice how a bunch of kids were starting to call themselves these terms when they aren't even 18-21 years old yet lol.

No. 825567

>self-proclaimed Asexuals, it's usually high school weeaboo/nerdy/Art girls who are still grasping to their childhood innocence and usually what happens is when they get into their early 20s, their hormones kick into overdrive and they start wanting to have intercourse.

yeah, people confuse late blooming with asexuality. also not being attracted to your husband anymore as asexuality lmao (seen married women with kids identify as on the ace spectrum) i used to id as ace before i realized i was a lesbian. not wanting to have sex as a teenager is so normal and i hate how it's been drilled into everyone's head that teens are people with raging sex drives. i didn't start to feel real sexual urges to be with another person until i was in my mid 20s, and that's normal.

No. 825570

Exactly anon. It's normal to not want to have sex in high school. I think that some kids get caught up in the stereotype which I'm sure also plays into the "demisexual" thing as well.

I didn't know that married women were claiming to be "Asexual", wth? lol Are these young women in their 20s or are we talking older women?

No. 825583


This is a good take. Demisexuality, specifically, feels like a response to hook-up culture in the queer community that was been going on for nearly 60 years. DXemisexuality feels kind of like 'bambi lesbians' from way back when. It is a subculture within a subculture.

As far as Peaches goes, I'm more convinced she read a 'List of sexualities!!' on Tumblr and saw that one and is like 'woop queer now, time to milk June for clicks and internet clout!'

No. 825636

>married women with kids claiming to be asexual
That’s all kinds of fucked up.

Also, thank god I wasn’t the only one who grew up with a lack of libido in highschool. I had friends call me asexual for it, and I guess I kinda accepted it until getting out of highschool and I kinda just grew out of it

No. 825801

She’s been discussed on other threads before, but thoughts on Cyarin? I was trying to see if people were talking about her defending one of her NFT sellout friends or the fact people found out she said the N word, but there seems to be nothing.

Her work is so mundane and repetitive now, and I know a lot of companies and other artists have her blacklisted for being a Karen during brand deals

No. 825821

File: 1623200584537.jpg (Spoiler Image,820.97 KB, 1166x1275, 1623199946231.jpg)

I've been wanting to say this awhile, but I HATE feminist art. Absolutely loathe it. I dont think its empowering. I think its insulting and degrading. I hate scrolling through Instagram, and seeing coochie sculptures, and nipple brooches, jewelry dishes of big hairy ladies with bright red vulvas popping out between their legs. Bloody pad earrings, sculptures of abdomens with blood stained underwear and the word juicy on the ass. It's so embarrassing to see. Like I get were ladies, we have coochies and all. We get shitty periods, but do i fucking want a plaster cast of my ugly ass vulva? NO. I dont understand how anyone doesn't see that as anything other than degrading. I'm more than just my pussy and breasts. That art is not #empowering its #embarrasing&disgusting

No. 825830

Kek thank god I felt like I was the only one. I'm a pretty unapologetic feminist verging on radfem (I still fuck scrotes so I don't know if they'd have me) but even so I think art like this is so tacky. Can I just have cool depictions of Amazon women or what the lesbians did with the labrys flag and other tough lady stuff in general? I don't really need any sort of genitals strewn around my house and while I'm not ashamed of my period I also don't want to hang up bloody panties or shit. It reminds me of what scrotes do having dick drawings everywhere. Damn.

No. 825833


To be honest I think the only people who like this shit are the delusional feminists who think that girl power = boob, pussy, pubes and period. I wouldn't even call those ppl feminists because to me (who's female) this type of art feels more objectifying than freeing. It's one thing to be proud of your body but it's another to literally put up paintings of vulvas up the walls because "I AM EMPOWERED".

It just feels crude. Like >>825830 said it reminds me of stupid teen boys drawing cocks everywhere. C'mon, there are much better and cooler ways to express empowered femininity.

No. 825836

Lowkey equivalent to a lady’s leg lamp, nude photos on walls.

No. 825839

wtf is that weirdo going on about how touching her period blood felt "intimate and sacred"

No. 825840

I'm happy there's other people who feel this way and I'm not just in a vacuum of my own thoughts. I guess I've just been brainwashed by Instagram to think this is what all chicks think. And yeah, I have the same feeling about all this genitalia artwork. It's no different than when dudes would draw dicks in high/middle school.
I especially hate the bloody period artwork.
I had a whole rant I was gonna do about that but honestly it's not worth it. I'm glad to see I'm not alone on this front.

No. 825841

I support art like this just because it makes troons seethe uncontrollably

No. 825842

Yea, I found a post of a girl who paints with her period blood a la buzzfeed

No. 825844


No. 825848

I thought they love shit like this? They're always delusionally talking about how they too get period symptoms (as if any sane human would want that)

No. 825851

It's the male troons who hate feminist art that revolves around the female body, because "wamen can have dicks too!!1!" I remember several very popular posts on tumblr complaining about uterus imagery in feminist art bc it was apparently misrepresenting womanhood and excluding transwomen.

No. 825853

Ikr? When I read that I wanted to gag- the person Does Not sound sane, almost cult-like

No. 825857

File: 1623205433956.jpg (Spoiler Image,14.97 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2793591248_lfmx.jpg)

Just say vagina ffs. This is completely OT I hate that this word will probably be imported to my country via American television, it sounds gross, and personally reminds of of the equally American word cooties. I also don't understand the use of cookie for genitals, fucking weird and overly childlike.

Anyway, vagina art is lame but it at least serves some kind of purpose. As long as this stuff is being rehashed and showing up on explore pages, girls will see that vulvas aren't all porno perfect, they will know periods can be messy for all of us, they know hair is normal. This kind of art is boring and cringe because we've seen it all before but there is always a fresh generation of girls that need to discover it for the first time.
Stuff like pic related is funnier though

No. 825858

Fuck transwomen. The only real women are the ones biologically born that way. No amount of surgery or hormones are going to change that.(unrelated autism, newfag)

No. 825859


Completely agree it's really nice that others in here feel the same way. Seeing everyone on instagram have/make those naked women's torso candles with no head, arms or legs is just so sad. Same with those tiny torso glass sculptures with that Japanese bondage shit on them.

No. 825863

Exactly, I feel like it can be done tastefully though or there may be a few exceptions. But I really hate this disembodied vulva or uterus art. At least show the whole woman then I can appreciate it actually. I've seen beautiful pieces where they depict the uterus on top of her body (over where it would be located inside). Disembodying it is not only creepy but also makes it kinda annoying and ugly, same as drawing any body part from anyone on its own like that. just weird

No. 825883

The local community in the netherlands dislikes her for a reason. She got lucky to build such a big following on being an overrated loish clone and that has absolutely gotten to her head. She's always so defensive about everything

No. 825939

To no one’s surprise Creepshow has posted on lolcow, and thus her anonymity has been revoked, does anyone know where I can read some of her posts?

No. 825970

Samefagging, but found it. By this point, I don’t even think this is a hot take, but I’m pretty sure most drama/art yt creators have used Lolcow at least once, and many of them are now scared or are scrambling around because now their IP is attached to this website

No. 826012

Anons do you feel bad when art forms/art styles you used to enjoy just lose their spark to you? For me recently I've really been disliking how doll repaints look even when done by talented artists- they just look flat which I understand its from the restraints of painting and drawing on a plastic dolls small face but I used to think repaints look incredible.

Also this is just my bitching but lol surprise dolls and the more drag queen looking faceups recently are ugly as fuck. Many artists still do faceups of dolls like mh but damnit those ugly bratz dolls may just be what's driving me away.

No. 826018

I think, culturally, the kind of art that is a precursor for this (like Sheela-na-Gig) is usually celebrating fecundity or it has an apotropaic or downright threatening meaning (think "I birthed you with this and I can take that back"). So basically you're saying either "fuck me" or "fuck off" to others, displaying this, which a bit much in most contexts either way.

No. 826026

I don't necessarily love it on the aesthetic level but patriarchal society made everything feminine such taboo I appreciate someone is creating a counter-movement to it. The only time we see anything related to women is highly polished and smoothed out to appeal to coomers; blood is censored and shown as blue in all the hygienic products commercial, all vaginas are perfectly shaven innies; women NEED to have an alternative to a fake marketing image, and this is where feminist art comes in. It's not super appealing but I believe it's important. And to think it's degrading is just a result of your brain being brainwashed by that forementioned perfect female image we are subjected to in the every day world.

No. 826052

Care to share how you found it/can read it? I am inept on lolcow, since I only hang in artist salt threads.

No. 826162

you don't need to be "brainwashed by patriarchism" to feel uncomfortable that an art movement is reducing your body, your identity, to nothing but nipples and vaginas. yeah many things related to the feminine body got screwed up on a conceptual level by patriarchy but to imply that "if you find this gross then you're brainwashed" is not a good mindset to have either. it's not so black and white.

you can be feminist, proud of your body and embracing its aspects considered gross by society and reject patriarchy while finding this type of art degrading. like some anons in here said before there are many other ways to embrace your body without having to reduce it to disembodied genitalia.

No. 826249

Is it normal practice to shower praise on a mutual's art even if they are not that good? I mean, I'm seeing people bootlicking each other on every single drawing recently. I feel like an asshole now because I just realised that people normally say your art is nice too when getting praised even when they don't really mean it..

No. 826250

People mostly do it for the sake of being nice or to potentially build a friendship/network.

Plus most internet artists nowadays can't handle critique or anything less than praise, so.

No. 826254

“Demisexuality” was made up by a roleplayer who wanted her character to be special and for some reason fucking adopted by tumblr. Its not a real “identity” and is not a response to anything. Its just another symptom of people collecting navelgazing identities because they consider it a fandom in itself. Usually straight people desperate to be considered anything but.

No. 826260

Do artists really feel happy when getting praised on something they know is bad? Or maybe they don't think it's bad..

No. 826262


really depends on the artist. some will accept it as comfort, others will get angry. and others will love it because it's validation and that the public is ignoring their failure.

No. 826267

A lot of that sucks but really doesn't have to do with conveying this perfect image.

Blood is shown as blue because it would make the rating higher… I can't think of any commercial that shows blood as red. Even urine is represented with water or a blue liquid. Most people in commercials are already shaved because they're actors and you can't do repeated takes on shaving because the hair doesn't grow back immediately.

This kind of art really doesn't do anything for the fake marketing image. Who actually likes having blood-stained panties or blood between their legs? Not only does it feel gross but it is unsanitary as hell. You don't empower people by encouraging them to just piss their pants or have pee running down their leg because going to the bathroom is some coomer brainwashing.

OT but not everything has to be because coomers and scrotes. Commercials are meant to push a product. The "perfect female image" generally comes from other women who degrade others for having a different body type whether it be because they're too fat or too thin, too short or too tall, have big tits or small tits, etc. Even if you remove men from the equation, you still have conservative women who think showing your ankles means your a slut, mothers that body shame their daughters, god awful diet culture, among other things. It'll be the same shit different chapter. You can't use ""brainwashing"" for everything because it otherwise implies women have no choice other than the ones that you have, in an ironic twist of fate, chosen/approved for them.

No. 826279

Link to her messages: https://lolcow.farm/creepshow.html

Link to based admin’s post/Response:

No. 826306

Nayrt and hard disagree, anons speak up all the time that they thought they had an ugly vagina because they had been brainwashed by male-oriented content. It's not just about tampon adverts it's also about heavily photoshopped underwear modelling photos and the constant prevalence of porn itself, this stuff all plays a part in forming an idea of what breasts or vaginas are meant to look like.

I will gladly put up with all the fimo clay vagina brooches, crosstich and candles that esty throws at me if at least one girl sees something that lets her know her vagina is normal.

No. 826314

>Seeing everyone on instagram have/make those naked women's torso candles with no head, arms or legs is just so sad. Same with those tiny torso glass sculptures with that Japanese bondage shit on them.
that sounds like male gaze objects, not feminist art. so something else than what op is complaining about

No. 826319

This is probably in another thread but good lord, can we talk about how terrifying and horrible Dream's new music video is?

From an art standpoint, the models look so greasy and everything is so janky.

No. 826390


Yeah, gotta admit even as someone who likes dream, a lot of things were off. Like the texture of the paper was so fabric-y, and the main model of him as a kid was just kinda terrifying. Everything moved a little too quickly and the physics were off. Lighting was nice though, ig.

No. 826394

idk this musician and whether he can't afford something better but wow this looks really amateurish

No. 826397


Her local community doesn’t like her? I honestly just don’t get how she has that fanbase by drawing herself for literal years. I guess she built herself with all that self promo “I’ll draw you if you share my post” shit everyone used to do on instagram.

No. 826402


He’s a millionnaire apparently, but I’m guessing he hired a fan or something.

No. 826417

Agreed on the lighting. Also, the shirt keeps going haywire every time the model moves. I had no idea you could do animation boil in CGI, astounding.

Also, the lyrics are VERY uh…Disney channel-esque? I guess? There's not many metaphors and it sounds like a paint-by-numbers kind of song where it's incredibly literal and there's barely any thought put into painting a story. He's a Minecraft influencer so he has to appease children, the lowest common denominator, but I wish there was a little more substance cuz he's not exactly terrible at singing - his voice is a pretty nice pitch though it does have some Blink-182 lack of tonal differentiation - though I'm betting there's a lot of editing and possible autotune in there).

No. 826430

it's sucks, but it's dream's fault he gave this task to bunch of newbies with no time. and now he's silent about this. sure, he doesn't have to defend them or anything, but he published it knowing it's shit and now they're shitted on (by his fans, too)

No. 826483

why are there so many "artists" on instagram with traced art that has over 10k followers?? I can't believe nobody is noticing anything

No. 826523

The nature of social media being full of normies who don’t know any better. Traced art of lips dripping in gloss biting fruit or whatever is peak illustration for a lot of people.

No. 826618

Question for artist anons:-
Does anyone else get terrified of the prospect of being popular or having notoriety?

I see how much children look up to people like Dream and how INTENSE their admiration is. To the point where the person they idolize can do absolutely no wrong. They'll just fight to destroy whoever has a differing opinion. Sometimes the creator gets TOO big and can't always be there to tell their audience to knock it off for fear of their image being tainted or something.

I dunno. I just get terrified when it comes to the thought of someone looking up to me like some kind of ultimate rolemodel.

No. 826653

me too. but to avoid this you have to build a sense of maturity and professionalism around you. I believe that way people will admire you but in a more adult way, I hope what i wrote made sence lmao

No. 826661

This but I'm also scared of obsessive stalkers, vendettas, people shitting on me just because they're tired of hearing my name a lot, scrotes making an effort to sexualise everything I do and hacking my accounts for potential nudes, people being nosey and trying to find dirt on me from the past and then making random stuff up for drama… no thanks I'd never want to be famous. Maybe famous in a specific scientific field and a literally who to everyone else, but any other kind of fame sounds miserable for a woman.

No. 826666

OP here and I was JUST thinking about all of this too.

There'd be those who hate you just to be cool and different–as much as I don't give a shit about any rando's opinions, when it becomes a mob of people the fear of them just coming after you and the people you know gets worse. And yea! Holy shit. I've seen so many "cancellation" movements happening to artists who may have said the 'N' slur or had done some small shit once. But that was cause enough to start up a movement to not only ruin their career but their fucking life.

Also, yea, fuck I hate disgusting scrotes that suck up to you because you're a girl. Gross. I've had run-ins with those who just want to get with you so you'll draw them free shit.

No. 826676

Ayrt, probably just some woke fucks being perpetual victims as always.

No. 826692

Becoming half as popular as for example Dream is not something that happens by accident, especially to artists; you'd have to work really hard toward this specific goal of fame and fan adoration. I know a lot of really incredible artists with good following that remains normal and not unhinged, and even when people look up to them it's never like children putting their favorite streamer on pedestal or whatnot. So yeah, unless you really mean for it to happen, there's pretty much zero risk it will.

No. 826766

I'm surprised there isn't a thread for this dude. He seems milky as hell

No. 826812


He really is. Twitter was reee-ing at him a few days ago because he suggested that his very underage fans/simps get sugardaddies to pay for his over priced, garbage merch. Like yikes that's not dangerous at all. In terms of laziness - his content and merch puts someone like Baylee to shame and that's saying something.

No. 826858

Between getting canceled weekly and recently being outed as fat and ugly, he's so milky. Can't believe he doesn't have a thread

No. 826869

I used to be semi-known in my country (not internationally) but intentionally killed off my internet presence due to this. I went viral accidentally and gained a big following so I wasn't even actively looking to have a followerbase, it just happened. I experienced an insane stalker, couple of really dedicated vendettas and of course these kids who had intense admiration. Parasocial relationships were the worst part of the deal, like you said their admiration is so intense and scary they outright do not perceive you as a normal human being with flaws and emotions. Which sounds fairly harmless at first but when they muster up the courage to send you a message or hit you up at a convention or something and you're not the best buddy they built yourself up to be in their heads (because they're a stranger to you) they do a complete 180 immediately. In their humiliation they turn from an intense fan to an intense hater.

A lot of anons on Lolcow exhibit these same traits when discussing cows to be honest. They obviously hold a personal grudge against someone or, like >>826661 mentioned, are just tired of hearing some popular artist's name and want to lash out at them for that. The latter seems to be the case for a lot of obsessive people complaining about Meyoco's work and popularity for example. And we always hear those vague "She was rude to me at her Artist Alley table" stories that leave people to fill in the gaps as they please. Sakimichan is a prime example of how to handle internet fame as in never interact with people, only tweet art stuff, never take part in political discourse, pander to coomers who will whiteknight you when needed. Yet even she gets people obsessively stalking her Twitter likes and rake through her tweets from 10 years ago to dig up dirt on her because they're desperate to get her cancelled solely due to petty jealousy. When your social media popularity has peaked it's just a countdown to cancelation at that point. Someone will find that one DeviantArt journal entry from 2010 in which you used a slur and which you completely forgot about.

No. 826888

I feel like we don't need one since kf has one, and they're doing good job destroying him there

No. 826903

Anons, how to do a good networking as an artist on the internet? I know the answer will be around "be more active","share/rt other artist's post", or "draw something trending" but i already know all of those answers are guaranteed 99.9% told by every artist and kinda repetitive to hear. There are a lot of amazing artists out there but me being too chicken don't have any idea how to interact… What are your thoughts?

No. 826905

Advice that I don't see brought up a lot and can do wonders would be to participate in zines! It's great for visibility, raises your value on a job market and allows you to interact with many other artists that will be also part of the project.

No. 826915

the crab cope itt is hilarious

No. 826942

I wouldn't want to be as popular or well known as dream for sure. I think 50k-200k followers seems to be a sweet spot where you can monetize your following but not be so notorious to attract a ton of haters and weirdos.

No. 827002


Their personal grudge is either jealous of popular artist's success or dislike their personality. Take cyarin for example, despite being popular by having over 1 million folls on IG, the Netherlands community itself dislikes her but she had fame on her mid so she can walk away.
Like anon said in >>826942, i understand that being popular is every artist's desire especially for their career but expect the worse to come. At this point I'm too afraid to attract weirdos/haters

No. 827294

i was never that popular, but surprisingly the majority of my friends are, and an absurd amount of them get into crazy bullshit. one of them is relatively popular amongst the teens for her “y2k aesthetic”. most of them straight up trace her work and put them in their pinterest boards, which is frustrating, but harmless to her, but a few of them started to have a vendetta towards her because she didn’t make tshirts in bigger sizes despite the fact that she handmade all of them in limited numbers and doesn’t really have the means to mass produce them on her own. it’s petty as fucking hell and these people just want to find something to be mad because of some weird fucking standard they made up in their heads.

No. 827310

No. 827473

Is there any social media that doesn't penalize you for taking breaks? I have large followings on instagram and twitter but with mental health issues flaring up I realized that I'm really burnt out. I'm addicted to both apps and constantly checking my phone and overworking myself to make something new to post for the algorithm after working client work all day.
I sorta want to start from a clean slate. Numbers aren't that important but it shouldn't be completely dead either. Idk, is artstation good or behance or something else? I just want to post 1-2 finished fully rendered illustrations a month, no stories, no selfies, no funny personal tweets, no filming stupid reels so I can keep my screentime low. Ik I could technically use ig or twitter that way but everything on there seems so quick, fleeting and pointless unless you keep shoveling new, fresh art into the furnace.

No. 827510

File: 1623373330758.png (170.05 KB, 596x665, deadline.png)

Samefagging to say after perusing the KF thread on Dream (because I'm a drama whore and need my fix) it turns out this bastard only gave an incredibly amateurish 3D modeling team who've only done Minecraft styled animations before this–a whopping MONTH to produce it. And I guess he thought that was okay???

So with all this in mind, I don't necessarily blame the production team for this shoddy work. Dream is just another normie asshole who doesn't know how art works and doesn't care as long as he gets more money.

No. 827517

so many art commentary channels art is so ugly. you can tell it's really beginner level. they dont add any shading and have that "tumblr esc artstyle" which i understand some people may like but i don't think that sort of style requires much talent or effort. most of the time i watch just to hear the latest update on some drama because the art style is really not cutting it.

No. 827520

white women feminism is so stupid. no one cares about your period blood paintings nor does anyone care about your nipples being shown. focus on real issues. this is why people don't take feminism seriously. there are so much women, especially woc who deal with such horrible misogyny and issues but everyones to focused on their boobs being free.(Newfag)

No. 827523

No. 827532

do you need your pills nonny?

No. 827568

Their art is complex and/or relatable to the preschool demographic that they attract. That’s why they get attention in the first place

> because I'm a drama whore and need my fix
Anon, ain’t we all?
Also, thanks for the find, that’s pretty nasty that dream would have a team to produce an animation under a month. I know the vid is 3 mins, but the work that goes into a single movement. And as you mentioned he hired a crew who is use to making Minecraft vids, shame on him

No. 827610

I mean if I were to do it
>make content that appeals to kids (minecraft, fortnite, whatever)
>rake in as much cash as I can
>gtfo in 6 months or less to avoid any manufactured drama
But making that kind of shit feels so degrading to me. if you were to try get appeal to that sort of fanbase, you'll be heavily censoring yourself or be forced to act like a cartoon character than an actual human being. And there's just something uncanny about it; adults working with kids isn't a bad thing, neither is working on entertainment toddler show for them- but something about youtubers being the next Seasame's street rubs me the wrong way. I wonder if anyone else feels the same.

No. 827660

that feminism just comes from anglo countries, who are cancerous and obnoxious in general. not a white woman thing

No. 827686

>"They think that I need glasses."
>Doctor's note: You are NOT normal.
Why is this optometrist so mean, though? lol

No. 827689

Must be jealous of his fame and quirkiness.

No. 827690

Anons, if you want to stream your art but you also want to have a little mascot/avatar that represents you as you draw so it'll retain attention better–is that cringe?

I know VTubing is basically people going under the guise of being whatever character they've made to play and pretend to be them throughout the whole thing–is it the same if you just want to have an avatar represent you but you still act as yourself in the moment?

I don't feel comfortable being on cam and I fucking HATE VTubers, but whenever I bring up the idea to other people they respond with "Oh so like a VTuber?" which…isn't what I want to do.

No. 827695

Anon, it's okay to have a cutesy mascot-avatar without being a '''vtuber'''. People's been doing that long before it became a thing in west. Just don't call yourself a vtuber and you are fine. If someone manages to ask, u can always say no, you just like your avatar and whatever. Not everyone with avatars or mascots automatically become vtubers.

And good for you, this shit is the same as old utauloid community, only ten times worse.

No. 827704

No. I have an 68k twitter and a patreon with 820+ current subscribers (don't try to find me on graphtreon, my subs are private). I trace other artists every now and then, especially one artist in particular, and was once caught and called out by a very angry and relentless person who tried to out me by showing the comparison pics they made under all of my comments. I have severe anxiety and overreacted to it, like fast heart beat, shaking, heavy breathing, nearly crying and all. But when i got the bravery to look at the replies, i found my followers were actually going off on this girl. most of them were blindly denying i did it (i didn't trace 1:1 i did change some things). i did have a few that believed it and were expressing disappointment, but the other followers would reply to them pointing out the differences and they seemed to cast doubt. the girl tried to fight her position very aggressively, but they outnumbered her in the replies and were being completely obtuse to anything she said to convince them, so she stopped responding after some back and forth. i just quietly deleted it after a few days and never mentioned it. so no, art simps that think you can do no wrong or place you on a pedestal that you don't feel you deserve don't bother me. i wouldn't have cared if they sent her hate either.

No. 827707

why do you trace? because you got no ideas?

No. 827708

File: 1623399822708.jpg (35.15 KB, 554x342, Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 4.22…)

because this

No. 827709

Is it cause youre pressed for time or? Im assuming you have a screen tablet and youre not very creative anyways so its easy to just come up with the same rehashed shit on the spot no?

No. 827711

Damn, you're awful. I suspect you already know but don't care. I'm not saying this because you're making money from tracing, but for that last line you sent.
>Inb4 "no rules only tools" "I didn't trace 1:1!!!" "You're just jealous" copes
Why would someone with "severe anxiety" out themselves like this on lolcow though? Some way to relieve repressed guilt? Maybe you should stop tracing, anon.

No. 827713

>Some way to relieve repressed guilt?

No. 827720

I can instantly tell you draw porn or ""pin-up"" which is just soft porn. The rotten coomer brain sees no difference in gender

No. 827721

Maybe try out tumblr? It's not completely dead, especially for certain fandoms that are based on books (those people also leave the longest comments/tags, they are very sweet) and the tag system actually works for the most part, so your art will get noticed even weeks later.

No. 827722

Mix up your tracing references in the future anon. Imho as long as it stays on your patreon, go get your bucks. In the art industry tracing and photobashing is an important part of the job, if as a freelancer you work as hard as a industry pro, use the same techniques, why not. As long as you dont have to crunch.

No. 827723

got that right. but only money matters in life, anon. i could read about coomer hate all day while i wipe my tears with my money

No. 827725

This is actually pretty entertaining. What are you going to do if you end up getting a mass call out post like kaneblob did that one time?

No. 827726

Not gonna say it cause telling the truth about a posters gender gets you banned.

No. 827730

i'm a girl, if you're insinuating otherwise?
i don't think that'll happen. i'm more careful now and this experience showed me normies will give me the benefit of the doubt even in my most obvious blunder (that incident). also i'm not as stupid as Shexyo who just dug himself a bigger hole when he got caught. i really believe i would be smart with how i deny it and that's all you need to sway most people.

No. 827732

idk about how long you'll wip tears with that money anon, I used to draw porn too but it's not a good finance plan in the long run. I buried that shit and rebranded. Porn notoriety makes it a lot more difficult if you want to work in any art industry long-term, you have to think about it in decades. I mean look at slugbox, he's been doing it for a good decade and now he's broke as fuck, can't even pay rent on his own. Even shadman has been leaving porn for quite some time to do another job out of his brand.

No. 827734

You're scum for stealing someone's creation and your weird flex about your patreon income sounds like a cope for a guilty conscience. I hope you get lots more anxiety attacks in the future, coomers are morally bankrupt in every way.

No. 827735

snap them claws, crab

No. 827738

double post sorry, but shad is a pedo. don't compare me to him or what happens to his "career". me and my coomer mutuals having been climbing up since we started years ago so you can miss me with your fear mongering, coomer hating crab mentality. i bet you're beg tier

No. 827739

damn you went rage mode instantly. You really aren't that better than shadman

No. 827740

>y-you're a beg crab d-don't threaten me and my fans!! CRAAAABBB
Kek shad is a pedo coomer but at least he doesn't have to steal shit like a loser and have an uwu anxiety attack uwu over being called out. At some point you'll be cancelled and/or completely forgotten and abandoned when fresh competition enters the scene and you know it. Tell me, do you draw furshit because only furries tend to be this autistic.

No. 827760

no i'm not a furry. and the rest of what you said is still more fear mongering BS that is just deadass not real. i've been in this a long time and know a lot of cooms. you can't make shit up like "you'll replaced by fresh competitors" that just doesn't happen lmao. people (crabs) have been saying that about sashimi since 2014 and it's never happened, even as her art deteriorates (aka she gets lazier), she still gets richer as time passes. there will always be a higher demand for coom than there are coom artists, so everyone can have their share as long as they 1. appeal to people 2. have a high follower count and 3. post consistently. i know you holier-than-thou artists hate to believe that, which is why you're pushing this cope, but it's not true and life is unfair.

>tracers are no better than pedos
my feelings are so hurt by your morally confused ass

No. 827764

>I scam people by making them pay for traced shit and that makes me so nervous!! Crying and shaking rn
Good, I hope you have a breakdown and become unable to do what you're doing now. You talk about how money's the only thing that matters but you're stealing ideas from people who are more talented than you and may even earn less because you're shit and can't be bothered to be an actual artist. You brag so much because you know you're just shit.

No. 827765


Lol, it's funny you call someone "morally confused" when you came in here to unnecessarily divulge details about your anxiety attack over tracing, brag about your following count on an anonymous imageboard, and then taunt anons about not finding you just to reply to every criticism of your attention whore behavior with forced arrogance. I already knew coomer artist act like personality disordered fags but this is just sad.

No. 827768

This reads like that Navy Seal copypasta lol, keep seething anxious tracer-chan

No. 827770

nice to know who is constantly getting personally offended at peoples criticisms of generic (usually coomer) artists ITT with deflections of "at least they making money!!!"

No. 827771

Tracing isn't an important part of the job, referencing is. Photobashing is used in concept art and it still involves a paintover, it's discouraged in illustration. Anon should just learn how to draw, especially if it's not that difficult to draw some deformed coomer shit.

No. 827773

>but muh photobashing
Photobashing is a speedrun method used in concept art to pitch an idea quickly, not in the finished product you idiot. And even for photobashing they use free for use materials or ones produced by themeselves, not straight out tracing over someone else's drawing.

No. 827778

you sure know a lot about how real work is like, please continue calling other people idiots

No. 827783

lol you really showed them

No. 827794

Have you not seen the Nier environment artworks

No. 827795

that's a whole lot of dramatic finger-jabbing accusations. i'm not doing any of that. i just replied to a comment like others did, and answered questions, calm your milk sacks.

not a deflection. it's the truth. soulful art will get you my income (which is patreon+gumroad+commissions) only once you have 15 years experience and work for a big shot company. soulful art will get you sakimi's income in exactly Never years.

No. 827796

> “I’m smart!!!11!!”
>posts on lolcow
>flexes on admitted traced work
>calls own fans morons
>im not mad, youre mad
>just this:
>”I don't think that'll happen. i'm more careful now and this experience showed me normies will give me the benefit of the doubt even in my most obvious blunder”

Can’t wait for the call out post anon, you sound like you just pulled the greatest heist

No. 827798

You're becoming more of a cow the more you post. Just stop.

No. 827813

That still doesnt explain why you keep shilling this kind of distasteful crap down peoples throats when they say they dont like it just because you built a personal career off of it. Getting angry at people for not liking something you make money off of because it gets you income is narcissistic and unhinged behavior. You think people not liking the way you and your mutuals draw is gonna make coomers stop wasting their money on you?

No. 827814

Kek. Your patreon earnings don't make you any less retarded, coomer-chan.

No. 827818

as long as you make enough money to live the life you want who gives a fuck about not making as much money as sakimichan, there's more to life than making excess money. so keep tracing art because you suck at drawing and continue being disingenuous to your patrons, no one here cares

No. 827821

The callout post is going to be delicious.

No. 827824

post your work since you're so great

No. 827833

Where do these anons that love to flex their art careers even come from? There was that anon shilling NFTs last thread, and now this.

No. 827838

Well, then.
Post something you’ve done. Something old so we can’t recognize your style. Or something you haven’t posted anywhere even.

No. 827851


A ton of retarted artists love to lurk on lolcow constantly and since it's anonymous they'll use the chance to play the narcissistic arrogant role and boast about their follows and numbers and how much money they make even though if you met them IRL they'd cry and have an anXIeTY aTtAcK at the first critique.

Just look at what happened to Creepshow art. Same shit. These artists' ego is much bigger than their sense of self preservation it seems.

No. 827854

> anons are unironically trying to bring justice and argue with some random anon on imageboard

Even if this anon is not baiting, trying to throw shit at her is stupid because it will not bring anyone anything. Makes both of the sides look petty as fuck. Calm down? Why should you care?

No. 827860

they know their crap is irrelevant to most people except the mentally ill losers who have unhealthy attachments to fictional media which is why they always break down at any criticism of their "art"

No. 827873

why? she came her to say stupid shit and she's getting shit for it. it's lolcow, not a debating society.

No. 827881

Ever notice how a lot of the anons in this have twitter fag like arguments?

No. 827927

Vtubers is just a general term used to describe video makers who use cartoon avatars to 'represent' themselves while doing games or whatever. It's not exclusive to uguu kawaii anime waifus, from what I know those are categorized into groups like hololive.

Also there's artists out there that represent themselves with mascots etc. like Deep Bilzzard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUdosBxVdbE
There's probably more out there too.

But you don't have to call yourself a v-tuber if you don't want to. Just don't sperg out when some kid asks if you are a v-tuber, politely correct them.

No. 827932

>slugbox broke

Since when? The only thing he's mentioned is Otakon not being financially or mentally viable for him to go to. other than that, he seems like he's doing okay. He probably lost a good chunk of money after leaving patreon but after the bs they pulled I would expect any artist to just take the paycut and tell patreon to shove it

No. 827962

Where's a good place to get casual art friends in current year?
Twitter seems like a risky hellhole. Instagram is okay and all. I use right now, but it feels hard to bond with others.

I'm not a pro and have no intention of making money, I just want to have fun like the old deviantart days. Even tumblr had fun shitposting and cozy corners.

Are art discords any good?

No. 827966

OP here.
Jfc you're disgusting. People can do what they want with their money, sure, but it's your fucking responsibility to tell them you're profiting off of other artists' works.

I'm sorry but people like you are absolutely atrocious and your advice and shit holds no water. I can't believe you allowed your fans to attack someone when you did something wrong!

You should've come clean to them and the fact that you have no remorse is actually quite sickening. I don't give a shit if you changed some things, a trace is a trace and you're presenting it as your own damn work. Karma will find you soon. Go the fuck away.

No. 827970

Someone photobashing a building in the background off a stock photo isn't really comparable to tracing someone else's character illustration, keep coping.

kek exactly, tracer-chan here acting all big brained master hustler and bragging about patreon bucks gained by tracing while admitting to having a mental breakdown over a justified callout. Sad and pathetic, and incredibly shortsighted as well. They might've survived the previous accusations but even as we speak someone might be gathering a fullblown google doc outing their bullshit. Who knows, maybe someone monitoring this thread realizes who it is.

No. 827990

Honestly anon, I've been wondering the same thing ever since DeviantART became on the brink of death from a social perspective compared to how it was in the early 2000s. Really I think that Twitter as horrible as it can be is our best avenue to try to find art friends.

I feel the same way about Instagram, it can be hard to bond with people there because of the way it's set up. It feels very follower oriented. Twitter seems to be more open-ended but like you said, it can be a hellhole but I'm more than confident that there are people like you there who just want to socialize and make friends while sharing art and it's not all about commissions.

I've tried a few Art/Fandom discords as well and they can help too but I don't really hang on Discord all that much compared to Twitter or even DeviantART.

No. 827997


Tumblr can be a good place, surprisingly. Most of the shitty people left for Twitter so nowadays Tumblr isn't so bad.

Twitter can work too but you have to be careful to not step into whiny woke 'pls donate11!!' territory.

No. 828032

you decided to out what you did, got mad when anons didn't tell you 'get that coin sis' like you were probably hoping for and most likely your art is fucked up because coomer consumers have no standards. and you don't even know how to fucking draw. instead of of just leaving you decided to argue with anons and push your moral grand standing because your ego got hurt and yet you think you're smart enough to keep getting away with it fucking kek man please sleep with the anxiety and growing dread of one day eventually being called out. it probably won't end your career because fans will defend to the last breath but its gonna be embarrassing like it already is now

to the anons who can actually draw without crying about it being too hard and stealing another artist's work to trace, what makes you actually like an artist enough to commission them or subscribe to their patreon. style? attitude?

No. 828050

Style, attitude, and content they draw. I haven't commissioned an artist or subscribed to any patreons QUITE yet because I'm a poor ass bitch–but the ones I have in a list to commission in the future I usually look for those things.

If I know the artist will draw my bastard characters with a canonical character or something, I usually jump on the chance.
If the style is something I've admired for a long while and look up to or it's a style so unique and opposite of my own (something I can't just do myself) then I keep them in mind.
A friendly disposition and honest communication is a definite plus! I'm socially awkward so having someone keep me updated on things, showing me progress and asking if I want anything changed throughout, is really helpful!

I usually steer clear of artists whose artwork is something I could draw better at my current skill level. It takes the rare few for me personally to want to commission someone because of the whole "Well if I want it, I could just draw it. Why pay someone for something I can do myself???" thing.

No. 828083

I commission artists that have a sense of characterization. Personally, if I see an artist portraying out of character in fanarts, it's an instant turn off.

Also I'd recommend to be clear with how long it is going to take. Don't promise a 2 week deadline and take 3 weeks. I rather know the queue is 1 month and for the commission to be ready in that time frame.

Dunno if it'll help but those are my main pet peeves.

No. 828148

So, what do you think anons, drawing soft lewd coomer shit is worth it? Would you do it?

Maybe I would give it a chance, but I don't want to be associated with this kind of art in the future if people would dox me.
Also, I would't trace art of course, it would especially retarded to do that when coomer art is easy to draw.

No. 828155

I'd say go for it, get yourself some cash. Let the coomers bleed out money for their disgusting shit. It comes at the price of your sanity though, and the possible coomer obsession once they find out you're a girl drawing lewd shit.

Personally, I wouldn't do it. As easy as it is to draw massive thighs, boobs, etc. I'd be afraid of incels coming into my DMs or email or whatever contact in order to send me creepy shit. It's just not worth it.

No. 828176


Coomers want crass porn, not tasteful nudity or softcore. They want that giga boob and giga ass with realistic rendering with a cute animu face with pouty lips. I don't have the sanity to draw such deformed bodies for the sake of fapping money.

I personally don't find it worth it because I'd rather work my ass off and have a half decent fanbase than to be surrounded by nothing but perverts. Plus if I were to do that type of art I'd create a completely separate pseydonym/persona to reduce the risk of it sticking to my image in the future. Too much stress. But if you really need or want the money then go for it I guess.

No. 828183

You deserve the anxiety and panic. We artists who work hard on our art, ideas, and plans fucking hate being traced. You deserve to have even more panic attacks because you’re a fucking idiot and shit artist. Absolute retard you are

No. 828188

I'm a dumbass and tried posting 3 threads back my bad but, Does anyone know any Hobbyartists to follow on insta? Or maybe hashtags? It's easy to find them on youtube ( the mixed media /art journal /journal community are great to follow ) but I want to try joining that community on insta(emoji)

No. 828230

>You should've come clean to them
Why would I do that? How would that benefit me? That’s not how real life works, sweaty. that's nothing but counterproductive to ME.

>you'll be cancelled

>your time is coming
>karma will get you
>god will deal with you
yeah, yeah ok lol.(unsaged autistic infighting)

No. 828234

>And the possible coomer obsession once they find out you're a girl drawing lewd shit.
>I'd be afraid of incels coming into my DMs or email or whatever contact in order to send me creepy shit.
Yeah, this is shit I'm afraid of. I would probably lie about my gender because of that.

>Coomers want crass porn, not tasteful nudity or softcore.
You're right, but still, they will fap to everything that's even slightly lewd.

I wouldn't mind drawing nudity but drawing full tentacle loli shit porn would break me.

Yeah, the more I think about it, it really isn't worth it. Perhaps I would have done it if I had been in a really bad financial situation.

No. 828242


you sound like a teenager who thinks that they're invincible and the master of getting away with everything. yet you came here to expose everything you've done for what exactly? attention? from anons on lolcow? doesn't that sound a bit pathetic?

but sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 828257

I don't know if you meant to say sweety or if you're trying to insult me, either way thank you for the light chuckle.
You would do that if you were a decent human being, and it would benefit your psyche–but if you see it as counterproductive go off I guess.

Listen, I don't know why you decided to reply to my post and what you thought you'd get out of it. You just sound like a child who told a lie that your parents believed and so you think you can do it forever and never receive any backlash for it.

If you want to argue benefits, what does replying to the post with your own little blogpost do to benefit you? What did you hope to gain? What did you ACTUALLY gain from it? Because as I see it, you're getting whatever it is you deserve.

But whatever. You provided a little laugh but your blatant narcissism and overall childishness is boring now.

Good luck with whatever the hell it is you're doing, cuz it's not art.

No. 828261

it's only worth it if you actually want to do it. If you hate doing it, or think it would break you or taint your image then don't do it ffs.

there is no type of art that'll save you from obsessive weirdos or possibly getting doxxed. I do sfw and NSFW and trust me there are obsessive weird fucks on both sides especially if you do fanart.

so just draw whatever art you want to fucking draw. or don't. There is plenty of NSFW shit you can draw other than tentacle loli porn which is so fucking niche idk where the hell you anons get this idea that it's what every NSFW artist is drawing. Even if you dont get obsessive weirdos if you draw art that you hate doing for dollar signs you're going to want to fucking kill yourself either way.

No. 828282

Americans have such annoying personalities on the internet lmao

No. 828293

File: 1623447423757.png (166.65 KB, 591x580, callout.png)

Sofia Samara? The patrons seem to have dropped since this thread was made, but the twitter followers were almost the same. Notice how she says "I have an 68k"… like a typo on "had."

No. 828300

Anon said her patreons and monthly earnings were private, but link to the thread

No. 828301

No. 828305

Could've been lying to throw anons off in case she gets found.

No. 828308

googled and found two links but they were deleted.

alternatively this tinfoil

No. 828309

Apparently she actually does. I posted that before I read the Twitter thread, but it mentions her drawing NSFW

No. 828326

LavenderTowne made another attempt at realism. I think she's actually done a lot better I'm glad to see she's improving.

No. 828327

It's so funny how people are mad at this person, but mostly not for drawing porn (which is indeed bad), but rather for "making money off other people's work". If thats your first instinct, its telling that youre more jealpus of the money than you care about the porn. $5k a month isnt even much, yall are going crazy over her $60k a year? damn go be a teacher or nurse or smth then, they make more than that after a couple years. They paying rns $100 an hour right now. in america anyway.

Youre really going to start some callout shit based on this reddit tier sleuthing? People complain about twitterfaggots going bananas on no evidence but look what we have right here. If youre wrong youre starting a fucking nightmare for some random artist so maybe do a little more before posting "Uuhhh THIS MIGHT BE HER GUYS the numbers are kinda close???". Brain rot behavior. I dont give a shit about you or her this shit is just cringe. Tracing art, thats the scandal of the fucking day?? God damn. And i have never had a twitter so dont accuse me of being involved here. Just want you all to shut up(calm down)

No. 828331

>youre starting a fucking nightmare for some random artist
Nta, but how? A call out thread has already been made on her, and it's not like any farmers are gonna go harass her. If she actually has milk then she would still fit here in this thread

No. 828340

If you insist on bitching so much, leave. You don't have to post here or read anything.


No. 828341

>traceanon on VPN be like

No. 828344

I've always liked her art, to be honest. It's cute.

No. 828382

What do anons think about tracing from photos? I often loosely trace pictures for the first draft sketch and by the end of it it looks different enough when you overlay them that you could plausibly say I just referenced. Personally I mostly do it just for the pose and change clothing and other details. I don't feel bad about this since if I'm gonna copy an image's pose to a T i might as well just use the perks of being a digital artist and draw over it, I just don't know how it would go over with the general art community if i got caught doing something like this

No. 828383

i dont think the art community cares but the photography community does. its better to use stock photos or free to use photos if you worry about it. im not sure about the intellectual protections/ plagarism of photos but i know you cant just paint a photo 1/1 without creditting the source in some form.

No. 828391

File: 1623452565576.jpg (99.65 KB, 1242x1246, EybkgaDUcAAB2MR.jpg)

Her art looks traced as fuck and if it's the anon who keeps on going about photobashing (i.e. tracing over shit) being totes legit then it would fit. The rendering is fine but all the facial features and limbs are super off which is immediately explained by tracing over real life photos. Kek at her saying shit like this out loud though, did she think people wouldn't leak it?


The callout post mentions that she draws NSFW on her Patreon, the numbers are also private like original Tracer-chan said. I think we have a match, nonnas.

No. 828399

File: 1623453732160.png (502.05 KB, 641x680, Eyb561RUcAIWA83.png)

Not sure if that anon is Sofia or not, but her art makes me so uncomfortable. It's so creepy.

No. 828402

jesus christ he has the skin of a bacon strip

those lips remind me of those cheep cheep fishes from mario

No. 828453

Nah, Sofia got harassed off Twitter.

No. 828459

she doesn't need a twitter account to be stupid on lolcow, anon.

plus, "harassed"? lol she's the one who decided to be a bitch and trace art thinking nobody would notice. she deserved it.

No. 828460

She said she had 68k followers and the way she talks shows she’s still active on Twitter. Her followers defended her to the point the callout was deleted. Everyone was against Sofiawhatshername. I also tried to find traceanon.

No. 828471

File: 1623462320250.jpg (43.29 KB, 800x468, IMG_20210611_214615.jpg)

No. 828489

No, trace anon said she deleted the picture that was the cause of the controversy. Get your story straight.
>i just quietly deleted it after a few days and never mentioned it.

No. 828490

Still active on insta, and sage your shit sofia

No. 828494

>>828399 James Charles but generic kpop boy face

No. 828526

File: 1623470604146.jpg (90.87 KB, 828x740, Eyc92YjWUAEDakG.jpg)

I guess she just keeps to her discord, patreon and ig, I don't think she's trying to hide the fact that she traces or eyedrops her references pixel by pixel since some of that process is in her youtube, the discord twt thread is really a good read though apparently her own mods can't stand her
ok this is hilarious

No. 828575

You missed the entire fucking point.

Someone should tell her that anime faces don't work well with real life proportions.

No. 828669

File: 1623499731863.jpeg (287.92 KB, 1449x2048, E3d9ZPiVIAEDzlB.jpeg)

So did anyone saw that megat0nraid/kristia suarez has been profitting off of tracing persona art again.

Why do they never learn

No. 828674

> They

No. 828675

What about the part where she says she traces art from ARTISTS not photographs?

No. 828761

File: 1623511928564.gif (301.77 KB, 220x166, how many times are we gonna ha…)

She is getting ridiculous now jfc. Does she just like pain? Does she like going through this routine of callout and cancellation? What a fucking masochist.

No. 828825

I remember a video about tracing and saw this interview with a retired tracer that the rush of attention/praise they get is exhilarating for them. So yeah, masochist most likely and money from the unsuspecting of course.

No. 828985

Anons, how do you all design characters? I do art as a hobby and I had kept some characters from when I was younger out of comfort, but I'd like to give them a set design because I'm lazy and I don't want to keep changing their designs over and over again kek, how do you design characters? Any tips?

No. 828987


I usually make a little story with minimal worldbuilding and clump them all there. If it ends up making sense I may develop it into something more but if not I just use it was an excuse for these characters to exist.

No. 828998

File: 1623541814572.jpg (406.34 KB, 1080x1380, 20210613_041803.jpg)

Have any of you watched this yet? It just got recommended to me so I have yet to watch it but it sounds really bad.

No. 829008

I honestly don't understand all the anons who talk about how hot Emily is, she's ugly and I can see why it's low hanging fruit to say she looks trans. Like, Shannon is ugly ASF too, but Emily is a different kind of ugly that I'd equally be ashamed to be.

Apparently this woman was abused by Shannon's husband (this woman's ex) and both Shannon and her husband stalked and harassed her extensively.

No. 829087

the only reason the whole creepshowart drama hasn't blown up here because we already have her own thread

No. 829094

I love how all the newbies are like:
“everyone was tricked, even those on lolcow were swayed by her!!”

Like, fuck no. Every single person called her out each time she posted here, the only reason why she was never talked about here is because everyone got annoyed by her self promotion/her getting off on every single mention of herself.

Hell, most of her earlier content was ripped from here, word for word

No. 829144

Artist here- I like IG over Twitter personally. I could honestly do without bonding with others, and the nonsenses that come with it. I care more about simply sharing my work, and being mass market it, and browse pretty art, than seeing some idiot wokescolds I'll informed opinion on the daily political topic. Less communication means less ability to harass.

No. 829323

I know this is has probably been beaten to death. Is there any REALLY good alternitives to Photoshop?

I have been enjoying Paint tool SAI but I still wish I had some of the other tools it is missing. I am also taking some courses (Schoolism) and the instructor has all his documents in Photoshop files.

Any advice on pirating? I had one installed by a friend but some how it got threw my firewall and alerted Adobe.

No. 829327


Storytelling through design. As the other anon said, think about your character's backstory, who are they, what do they do for a living, what political views do they have, what kind of environment do they live in, etc. A medieval butcher looks different to a contemporary one but compared to an engineer they're both clearly coded as butchers. Although you have to be careful to have your characters not look like a cliché, e.g. the skinny and shy nerd with big glasses who's always a loser.

No. 829331


Affinity photo/ design. Gets better with every update and is affordable.

No. 829344

Seconding Affinity, but on the other hand anon Adobe offers you full license of Photoshop and Lightroom for 10 dollars a month, is that really going to break your wallet? It's less than you would pay for the standard Netflix subscription.

No. 829347

IMO a good character design means you can look at a character and immediately discern something about their personality or lifestyle. If they care about their appearance they’ll probably wear fashionable clothes and have their hair styled, if they’re shy they won’t wear something that draws attention to themselves, if they’re athletic they’ll wear clothes they can move in and keep their hair short or tied back, etc. But you could also do the opposite for comedic effect or if your character wants to keep their real personality hidden. Obviously not everyone does this in real life but art is a visual language, the less words you have to use the better, and interesting character designs are often unrealistic anyway.

No. 829350

ok, Adobe

I'm seeing $21 a month. $240 in a single year is a lot for a program. Especially when I can't make money off my art yet and I plan to use it for many years. Plus its the principle I will die on.


But yeah, I never heard of Affinity. Thanks a bunch!

No. 829355

I use Krita for drawing. It's free, updates fairly regularly, and has some animation and vector tools (though I haven't messed around with the vector tools too much)

I'm super burned out on adobe tbh. I was getting good student prices for the monthly plan until they went up to like 50 bucks a month. Yeah it gave you all the programs but I was only really using like 3 for my classes. The only program I've used that doesn't have a good cheap alternative is after effects. I won't be using adobe again unless I get a job that pays for it.

No. 829357

I use Clip. It's $20 for life and it's basically everything an illustrator needs. It also runs much better on weaker computers. My graphic desugn friends still need certain font tools in Photoshop.

No. 829374

I personally like Krita for a free drawing program is really complete unless you want to use it for photo editing

No. 829392


No. 829404

File: 1623605526580.png (816.02 KB, 1073x703, dejw06o-5db065dc-6025-4302-a88…)

What do you guys think about adoptables ? I like some of them but would never buy one. I really like this artist (Yukibuns/Yukihomu), her auctions bids gets so crazy (over $1000). I remember seeing the purple one was sold for over $2000. Someone has bid $1800 on her latest auction. Wish I was more creative with characters designs.

No. 829410

Those are professional quality designs and paying a graphic designer to create one for, say, a brand mascot would cost multiple times more. I congratulate people who are creative enough to be able to sell character designs because it seems like a dream job that pays well. It's comparable to selling any other design be it a character or an object, I don't know why people seem to seethe over artists selling adoptables.

No. 829464

There's nothing wrong with selling adoptables. If anything I admire people who manage to get successful in doing those because it takes a lot to actually put togeher a design that someone will be willing to pay 1K~2K dollars for.

What I tend to find bullshit though is the whole closed species thing, like the protogens/primagens. I get liking a design enough to want to buy it, but not being able to design a character with specific characteristics yourself because said traits are """""" rare """"" in the species and therefore you'd have to buy a """"rare"""" design just for that? Bullshit.

No. 829489

File: 1623613136924.jpg (743.74 KB, 2048x1536, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Not sure if I ever heard either of these two ever mentioned on here. Thoughts on YT art critics?

No. 829493

File: 1623613274501.png (278.5 KB, 900x531, 167c4be0744c2f9ba323f75c42597e…)

adoptables are fine I guess, what I would never understand is how people pay so much for shit looking closed species. Picrel sold for 545usd

No. 829495

Closed species are more about the community, roleplay and using them as a status symbol. People who buy say, a Dainty, do it because they can use it in group events and roleplay with everyone owning one because they share rules and lore. By participating in them you also become known faster within the adoptables community. Someone who's not interested in all that will just make a regular satyr character and that's it. And yeah, people into closed species often have problems with spending money.

No. 829501


>Someone who's not interested in all that will just make a regular satyr character and that's it.

I'm not sure if this still happens since this was a thing back when DeviantART was still big, but I remember people would get seriously flamed if they made a design that looked like it belonged to a closed species even if they stated said character was just a random design.

I think the problem is that those closed species people were (or still are, again idk how the community is nowadays) too overprotective of some design traits and stuff.

No. 829507

solar sands has stopped being a critic, as he ended his Deviantart cringe series, and has moved on to making better quality content by focusing on more general art-related topics, though he often branches out to more broader topics that aren't related to art, like liminal spaces, that 'the best painting' study. I enjoy his more recent videos, though idk about his older videos

No. 829520

kind of useless. Datfpina used to be a shitty artist who traced, which is probably why he's so obsessed with tracers himself. His voice is very annoying. I don't understand the backlash against him and bernie for making videos about johnbob though? Everyone makes videos alarming the public about predators in the community like cosmodore and get a pass, but you can't talk about johnbob because his ex-friends and victims want the situation to go away.
Solar sands as moved on to bigger topics so good for him, but his approach remains very surface-level, and his research is bare-minimum.

No. 829544

Yeah that used to be a problem when the community was filled with whiny autistic kids and closed species were at the top of their popularity so everyone kept making copycats to piss off the creators. It doesn't happen anymore though, most communities now are mostly drama-free and people understood that they can't really do anything about people using similar concepts.

No. 829677

Artfight is next month. Has anyone here ever participated in it? Is it worth it? I always thought about giving it a try but never really came to do it.

No. 829687


Participating in these communities is also amazing way to build your brand in general. Even if you're not making adopts for them or owning them, if you advertise and cater to these people, they'll shower you in cash. People who are willing to spend hundreds on closed species designs are just as willing to shill out tons of money on art for them.

No. 829711

no is not, it was fun for some time but sometimes people don't even want to draw your character but the ones belonging to famous twitter artists that and the page sometimes bugs for traffic

No. 829712

I've participated in it and in my humble opinion I find it fun. If you enjoy art trading or drawing other people's characters, it's really enjoyable. Plus, you can technically pick which designs you want to draw or if you'd like to draw the character of someone who's drawn something for you.

Also, it's enjoyable to draw someone's character who may be a little younger or less experienced than most of the other user's on the site purely for their reaction!

All in all, it depends on what you enjoy doing and if you like to have a competition aspect tied to things in order to keep you motivated. Though be warned, sometimes the site can get incredibly laggy or just not work.

No. 829730


From my experience I’ve never found a software more user friendly than Sai. If you bought a license than you can upgrade to the 2021 version of Sai2 where with a bit of tweaking you can put .abr brushes into sai. It’s tedious but it’s really worth it. Also Sai is able to not only open photoshop files but also save in that format as well.

I found that Procreate kind of comes close to sai’s simple UI and usability but it’s missing the stabiliser and seamless buttery blending that sai gives me. Same thing with clip studio, although clip is a really good alternative, especially if you’re into comics.

Sorry I’m not much help anon.

No. 829899

File: 1623667249026.jpg (613.32 KB, 1080x1290, IMG_20210614_113907.jpg)

The "improvement"

No. 829902

The hat is fucking identical so you know they did nothing to improve basic shapes.

No. 829903


No. 829919

The allstars lips

No. 829955

so they turned her into a goldfish and called it improvement? alright

No. 830133

does the artist called it improvement tho? because it just looks like a comparison after time thing. it's ugly tho, and nothing really changed.

No. 830225

Shit this is sad. The before one is pretty cute. Then she got fillers and microblading. I guess that’s realistic tho

Anons what series are popular right now? Jujutsu kaisen? Is BNHA still a juggernaut? Do people still go for sailor moon? I’ve been out of the loop this year and I want to get a sense of where the high economic activity is occuring

No. 830228

Genshin Impact seems to be still on the high, Uma Musume too.

No idea about anime though, I haven't watched any this year yet.

No. 830248

File: 1623703148228.jpg (488.65 KB, 2308x2660, 20210614_221524.jpg)

I like this artist (although I'm tired of seing GI) and they have a big following. I wonder why they never finish their drawing. The face is always a little bland cause they never shade. I like their composition through. It might be kinda nitpicky but they always draw tiny feet. It look sometime weird with the body.

No. 830264

>21 decently drawn shoes in the image
>the character's feet look like that

No. 830275


some of the shoes in the bg look traced or at the very least heavily referenced ngl.

have you tried checking if they have another account? maybe they post finished drawings in another social media.

No. 830279

When you’re feet are tiny and you can never find the right shoe size

No. 830281


How come they can draw shoes so well yet the feet are so disproportionately small? The shoes even have proper, realistic sizes (most of them at least).

No. 830285

Oh yeah in the Japanese art community the horse girl game is pretty popular rn. I can't scroll down my timeline without seeing someone post or retweet art of those characters. There's no English version of uma musume, so if you have many Western followers, maybe just stick to genshin impact.

No. 830292

I want more molcar art

No. 830318

Take a closer look, the sneakers on the wall were drawn once and then copy/pasted. Then each copy was painted differently.

JJK is in right now, it's getting a movie this year and Megumi, Gojo and Sukuna are good characters to draw for fan artist.

BNHA is still going strong but it is heavily populated by the woke crowd so proceed with caution.

Hype around Chainsaw Man is beginning to build and MAPPA has a PV planned for the 27th so you may be able to jump ahead of the curve and establish yourself in that fandom.

No. 830321

File: 1623708551247.jpg (214.83 KB, 1499x1727, 20210614_235629.jpg)

Well no other account is linked in their bio so I'm assuming it's their only account and with the speed they're posting, I don't think they have time do do other drawings. They are posting almost everyday 4 drawings like these. The art is nice but I just wonder what a more polished version would be but these kind of drawing get a lot of likes (around 30k-60k).

No. 830342

You can always tell the true skill of an artist by looking at how they draw feet

No. 830343

who else here is tired of seeing GI everywhere? I know it's the current hot thing and a bunch of people are jumping into it to cash in but god, for some reason seeing every artist on earth jumping into GI feels more tiring than any other series. the money is good but…idk man…at this point it's nearly impossible to run from it.

No. 830361

I'm one of those small accounts who started dabbing into genshin art some time ago (because I started playing as well). I can't deny the attention it brings and would never dream of this engagement coming from OCs and niche fanart. That said, likes and shares are fast but people quickly forget it after a day then they'll move on to the next shiny art they'll see. I decided to sell small stickers for snack money and they're the only reason I'm even getting sales. Six months later, found my art was already bootlegged on aliexpress with 50-300 sales from different sellers. Now I just feel so empty inside.

ngl I'll usually notice first thing the way shoes and feet are drawn/angled and I'll often remember good artists that way. Though meticulously drawn toes are pretty sus and the artist is likely a footfag.

No. 830437

the way this artist stylizes feet is so ugly. he can draw shoes just fine, but his bare feet drawings look like weird long hands with tiny fingers. feet are very difficult to draw well, even harder than hands

No. 830438

I started drawing genshin impact fanart after seeing pretty much all of my art friends and a handful of followers jump into it. No lie, it did get me a handful of followers.

But just like >>830361 said genshin impact fanart is treated like fast food almost. That and new characters pop out all the time in the game and because of that people's preferences for certain characters keeps changing super fast. It's hellish if you want to keep up because then you have to be always in the news to know which characters are the current loved ones in the fanbase (and will give you numbers and potentially money) and which ones have fallen from glory. I do get your vibe though, it does get tedious as fuck to see nothing but genshin on my tl all day even when I follow people with other interests.

No. 830440

The feet look like monkey feet or hands almost…ugh.

No. 830548

to be honest I wouldn't mind with a more simple style, but it looks weird here.

No. 830551

Twisted Disaster made a video on the Creepshow Art chaos going on on YouTube but also talks a little bit on how she knows she was talked about on this site, at least back in 2018.

I'll give her some props that she finally acknowledges that she blew her "homelessness" out of proportion and that she really wasn't homeless at all like she was saying she was up until now.

However I have to raise my eyebrow at her alleged stalking. Call me an asshole and I really don't like questioning when it comes to accusations like this but I honestly sometimes can't help but feel like TD is one of those people who over exaggerates things. I'm trying to think why any one would want to stalk her and I just feel like something is fishy about this. At least she had the sense to not say it was on the level that Emily received.

Also when she talked about the situation where her in-laws kicked them out, I could've sworn that they actually had more time than just 3 days, like at least a month. I could be remembering wrong though.

Sage'd because it's not really art related.

No. 830579

Not particularly art but how do I dig up an artist's Twitch VODs if they wiped them?
/vt/ has some weird people when it comes to having clips on hand.

No. 830607

File: 1623743651077.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1405, 23100444-F903-4FE3-AA6B-65DE87…)

i thought cyarin was a professional but this looks…not great.

No. 830633

why in your opinion it doesn't look great? It's very good on a technical level.

No. 830656

Is she even a professional artist? I don't know if she's ever done professional work, always thought she was just someone who got lucky with social media and now does merch and twitch.

No. 830768

nayrt but i can kind of see what they mean… i couldn't pinpoint exactly what it is either, something about the paint strokes/brush seems very dated and paint tool sai-y to me, and the person in the image doesn't resemble himself very much. I think it's the proportions, you know who it is because of the clothes and design, but the drawing itself is not very strong or recognisable. I think the colours are nicely done though

No. 830805

Ayrt (sorry I was asleep). Technically I guess it’s not the worst piece but as another anon said, it just seems messy. The colors are nice but if it weren’t for the clothes and the fact that he’s the current trend, I wouldn’t have known it was Bo. I think my main issue with it is that Cyarin is one of THE digital artists out there and this is just really lackluster.

No. 830826

Sage for non-milk and super ot, but this artist I follow started putting the pronouns of his OC in every new art post. Maybe it's because people misgendered his character before, but it weirds me out when the character has a vagina and is labeled as a he/him, although having a male face. I just don't get why trans artist themselves do that thing of putting pronouns in a character who hasn't "transition", maybe as some sort of coping mechanism?

No. 830832

Capcom has likely made much more than that off of her resources. She's being kind to ask for $12m. They'll make that amount back in a week, if not less.

No. 830859

What do anons here think of drawabox?

No. 830865

I love Genshin Impact and I love seeing well done and/or imaginative fanart of it but first of all I'm fucking sick of clout chasing artists hopping on the trend just to get a few followers out of it when they don't even play the game and secondly I hate seeing people chimping at anyone not coloring in the tanned character's skin black or drawing fanart of the wrong ship and so forth. Can't wait until the hype is over and all the most retarded zoomers hop on to a new trend to ruin another franchise's reputation.

No. 830880

Perfect place to start for beginners; and the first lessons' lines exercises are amazing warmup for anyone no matter skill level.

No. 830951

it's already expected of twitter, but genshin impact and jujutsu kaisen, though popular, have toxic fanbases filled with bored teens who will call you racist and fake screenshots just to get you cancelled. if you're going to draw for those, then be careful because even innocently using the word "shackles," will get you called racist.

No. 830989

work lately, imo, seems sort of rushed and slightly tacky.
But also it may be some style choice for things to look sort of incomplete? Idk. Some anons here made good points

No. 830997

Late but what is the artist's twitter? Saucenao brought nothing up

No. 831012

It just looks unfinished and low effort. Looks pretty uncanny to me, maybe because she gave up on rendering. Even she said she didn't really like it, but maybe she's just trying to milk compliments. Wouldn't surprise me.

No. 831027

File: 1623779173793.jpg (126.86 KB, 1080x810, Jennygin.jpg)

Jennygin2 on twitter

No. 831062

anon who posted this–i figured it out, it's the eyes. they look so uncanny and soulless.

No. 831097

Tbh I'm glad it's a popular game since it's the first time something I like has a huge fandom, so there's variety of content. On the other hand, I'm sick of the fucking pointless drama because muh whitewashing and racism that is simply not thee, plus all the morality wasted in fictional characters. I just stay away from that shit and enjoy the good stuff.

No. 831104


i find genshin painfully average at best, cliche normie pandering at worst. the character designs are what annoy me the most, because they're just so overcomplicated for no reason and so cheesy that i had to hold back a groan each time i tried to draw fanart back when i still played it. the drama from the fans and them constantly monitoring the characters' skintones is grueling too.

No. 831153


I actually like this one.

Anons saying it is messy, 1) Where? and 2) maybe that was on purpose if you see it that way? The special was messy on purpose, so art being messy to embody it makes sense. It is fanart, so I guess recognizability is low if you haven't seen Inside yet, but I knew it was Bo. Maybe adding those circular sunglasses would push it even further into recognizability?…

No. 831156


samfag, I would take away the orange shadow in the back, it is throwing off the balance of the piece as a whole, and could help it a lot by keeping everything centered.

No. 831286

the faces are really well rendered but why did she give up on rendering the clothes and hands, they look awful. i guess when you get on her level of followers you give up after awhile because you know whatever you post will be popular

No. 831328

File: 1623816362663.jpg (212.66 KB, 1440x1080, barbie-doll-lot-flat-big-feet-…)

They look like barbie doll feet.

No. 831391

Never played it because I find the designs very boring and cookie cutter, and since it's basically baby's first gacha game it has attractedd a bunch of normies and weirdos, to the point where the fandom is more (in)famous than the game itself.

No. 831660

File: 1623858966326.png (953.84 KB, 1644x1763, Screenshot_20210616-175555~2.p…)

I- I don't know what to say anymore…

No. 831666

So what, stutter-chan… It should go to bad art if you don't like it that much. Looks too basic to pay attention to to me.

No. 831694

I personally hate the fanbase more than the game quite frankly but the fact that a good majority of them are underage and probably unemployed brings out the concerned mon in me.

No. 831703

clip studio is absolutely the best for comics and pretty good for anything else as well, but afaik it has no real liquify tool yet so if that‘s super important to your workflow maybe procreate is more to your liking. But you can make your own auto actions in csp which is a great feature and saves a shitload of work if you know how to use it.

seconding this advice, Sai is very good. Krita ain’t bad either although it doesn’t run as smooth as the others in my experience.

No. 831885

Anyone have an idea who istebrak is talking about? Apparently it's a bigger art Youtuber she has streamed together in the past, but she explicitly doesn't mention his name.

No. 832159

Do you guys allow people to use ur art as dp? Do you allow people to repost? What do you do when you find people blatantly stealing it?

No. 832227

File: 1623921104852.jpg (87.61 KB, 708x960, 1623906331647.jpg)

(posting it here since ic is an awful place) I want to start a family and have children, so i know that being an artist isn't a good choice for my family's future. Instead of pursuing an art career, i decided to study STEM (especially the computer science part) since I'm quite good at maths and informatics on a general matter.

However I still feel bitter about letting aside my artistic dream for well, a less selfish dream. Of course I'll still draw for fun and as a hobby but telling myself I'll never be able to pay my bills for a household feels bad. And I'm not even mentioning all my art friends that see me as a traitor for not pursuing my childhood dream.

How to cope when you know you're NGMI on an industrial level?

(also not posting in vent thread since even if i put my grain of salt I wanted to start this topic for hobbyists and hear them out

No. 832229

You're silly to listen to others and not pursue art. I'm in the art industry, fully capable to financially support all my needs, and I know a lot of other people who do too. If this is a dream so important to you that you think you'll regret not giving yourself a chance, it's never too late for a career change as long as you're willing to work hard.

No. 832231

>>832229 thank you very much anon, may I ask if you are a mother of children or if you live alone/with your lover? Because financially support children is tough.

No. 832236

I live alone, with how much I save on a monthly basis I believe I would have no problem supporting a child (I'm saving about 50% of my monthly pay); in general I imagine if you planned for single motherhood and dreamt of being a freelancer, that could be too much stress to have; with a regular industry job though it really is doable; athough programming jobs which I guess you could pursue with what you're already good at will have much higher starting pay than art related jobs. It all comes down to you weighting out whether you prefer to choose slightly more stable and better paid job you may not love and later regret never pursuing the career you dream of vs accepting a little more steep career ladder but actually doing what you've always wanted.
Ultimately, you can always go for computer science related job and continue learning art on the side, and only try to change careers in the future once you feel more confident about your family's future.

No. 832239

Oh it's all good i plan on carrying children with my future fiancé. So we will be both on this train. Thank you very much for your advices, nonette

No. 832265

Do you mind me asking what you are doing exactly? I'm struggling with making big steps to be a fulltime artist rn

No. 832323

I'm a graphic designer by a job name but majority of my duties have more to do with illustrating. If you're good at digital drawing and painting, look for jobs in animation / production / post production studios -even if you don't know animation! - or indie devs job offers (especially these doing mobile and gatcha games). To increase your "job market value" it's good to learn basics of animation (just go through a few after effects tutorials to know the ropes really). I'll be happy to help if you have more questions; because I see so much worry in young artists that it's borderline impossible to make it, or that oldschool thinking that there's no money in art, but that's just not true from my experience.

No. 832329

maybe I'm naive anons but why do graphic design jobs usually ask 3 jobs in one, not only you need to do art you also need to know some sort of frontend stuff then maybe work as a social media manager

is this job really seen as "too easy" that employers ask for more tasks to make the already little pay worth it

No. 832361

Where are you from? No respectful employer asks graphic designer for that; only small companies that try to rip off employess by saving on hiring actual specialist for everything. Definitely not the norm.

No. 832381


if it is important to you you'll always have a bitter feeling about not pursuing it because you'll always be wondering about what if. Some pros don't get their first industry job until they're in their 50s. My suggestion if you want a compromise between following your dreams and persuing art is to have programming as your day job and then do art on YouTube, Twitter, etc. and basically build up your following and portfolio and when you feel you've landed a solid art job that can support you, leave programming.

How did you manage to get your job? I just graduated not too long ago and wanted to focus on character art, character illustration, etc. and basically pre-production stuff. I've been looking on art station and I feel with my current art skills I wouldn't be able to land a job at a place like Riot or Blizzard so indie evs doing mobile and gatcha games could be up my ally since I play a lot of mobile games anyways. I'm just having a hard time finding job openings.

What is something that you do in a production/post production job? Is it primarily animation?

No. 832438

It seems you know a lot about the industry, if I may ask? You mentioned if you're good at drawing digitally i.e I'm guessing sketching digitally as well? Is not being good at drawing digitally that much of a hindrance if trying to get into these kinds of jobs? Like personally, I suck at Digital Sketching so I usually just draw traditionally, then scan my work with a scanner and ink and color digitally. Would doing this kind of method really be a hindrance if I wanted to get into at the very least, indie illustration & design?

No. 832446

Lowkey, you sound like you’re on the younger side. Art isn’t a predictable source of income, but Who says that you can’t do art on the side? Practice your skills do small commissions here and there, then have a “normal job” as your primary unless/or until you know you can make your living on money

No. 832458

I’m in a weirdly similar situation, except I’m not planning on having kids. Getting into the art industry was my dream as a teenager but idk if I could survive in an unstable career path. I’m currently trying to learn programming to see if it’s a viable career option for me because it seems more lucrative and stable, and I don’t hate the idea of coding. It also seems beneficial to keep art as a hobby because it puts less pressure on me to be an amazing artist who can constantly pump out soulless content. I’ll be able to draw whatever I want at my own pace in my free time. Plus I’ve wanted to learn how to make games for a while, so I could definitely use my art skills for that instead of hiring someone or using premade assets.

I am a little worried about regretting this in the future, but I’d rather do a job I’m not super passionate about and enjoy myself in my free time instead of go broke for my passions and possibly start hating art. And I guess I could always change my mind later.

No. 832543

>I just graduated not too long ago and wanted to focus on character art, character illustration, etc.
I'd broaden the search to include animation / preproduction studios here, not just gamedev. Don't feel discouraged if you don't see an opening on a studio careers page; send them your portfolio, ask if they plan to look for someone with your skillset anytime soon and what advice they'd have for you if you were to be hired by them. You will not always have an answer, but you may and even if it's not going to be a job offer, it will be valuable. Another thing, don't be afraid to apply multiple times to the same place, of course not immediately one after another but as long as every time you send a new application they can see some upgrade in your portfolio, it will be considered a plus, because they'll see both that you continue improving and that you're dedicated. If possible, participate in industry related events, like game jams - you will meet a lot of industry insiders that can advice you and maybe in the future remember you which will give your application a boost. I don't know where you are from exactly, but in my country theres a dedicated specific site only for gamedev job openings, and several big facebook groups, so maybe try looking for these, as you may find openings that were not posted anywhere else.
If your endgoal is triple A studios like Riot or Blizzard, learn 3D; gamedev rarely ever hires people that do only 2d art anymore, no matter how good they are.
>What is something that you do in a production/post production job? Is it primarily animation?
Post production will be mainly animation or any further marketing of a finished product; preproduction will be concept art, storyboards or animatics, and I feel like pre-/production may really fit what you're looking for; don't discount studios doing very corporate stuff like explainer videos too, they could be excellent places to learn. I don't know where you're from; to show you studios from my country I know for a fact that always look for 2d artists and you can take this as a reference where you could look for a job too, look up Studio Pidgeon or DashDot Creations.

>Is not being good at drawing digitally that much of a hindrance if trying to get into these kinds of jobs?
I think that unfortunately to some extent yes, because time is the essence and going with traditional, scanning and only then getting to the digital part will most likely slow you down. It's very important to be versatile with what you create and often times you may be asked to redraw your art in a way that would be very similar but different enough for you to be forced to start from scratch; and that could be harder to do in traditional medium than straigh up digital. Personally I don't know anyone that would need to scan their work, and to be completely honest, I have no idea how a potential employer would react to it; probably be worried about the main issues I've mentioned. I do know a lot of people though who sketch out their ideas on paper first and then just recreate a polished version of it in digital, so that would be a norm. I'm sure with enough practice you can get good enough at digital only and use sketchbook only in the primary rough concept phase; someone mentioned drawabox earlier in the thread, line exercises there would be excellent to get you to feel more comfortable with a drawing tablet.
All that said, there are always outliers, and it's not impossible that you'll meet someone that will actually look for an artist that is most comfortable with traditional mediums, but I don't think it's a good idea to limit yourself in hope for that.

No. 832713

thanks. if not for an anon board I'd email you to ask a few more questions such as where you live. I'm in the US, though nowhere near cali where it seems a lot of studios are located.

I'll def expand to looking into pre-production studios and trying to find some. It'd be nice if there was a job board for gamedev, animation, preproduction, etc. that was relatively used and good for catching openings.

pre-production does fit what I'm looking for so I'll try to look for more studios like that.

No. 832767

nta, for the US most companies use linkedin and glassdoor to post their job openings now. Gamasutra's been kinda dead but that used to be the place to look. It's actually worth getting familiar with glassdoor because a lot of salary estimates get posted there if you look for specific titles, and it gives you a better idea of what you're likely to make going into a given company if it's big enough. Another one that's getting a lot of traction for indie/startup gamedev is workwithindies.com. I just recommend looking up the company site when you see job postings there because it's easier to apply through those than trying to do it directly through the bigger sites.

As the other anons have mentioned, you can always change careers later once you're more financially stable. I just switched back to an art related job recently after doing some time in more writing/systems related work that helped to raise my salary level, but I did keep up with doing digital art on the side with classes and artist alley throughout so switching wasn't nearly as rough as I had imagined it'd be.

No. 832768

No problem! I'm from Poland, so I'm definitely benefiting for a relatively high big European cities density close by; if you have the means, don't hesitate to move to a city that have more job opportunities, even if you can land something okay-ish closer sometimes it's much better to have a lot of choice in one spot; not to mention more networking possibilities.

No. 832803

File: 1623978041413.jpeg (21.46 KB, 626x417, 99998.jpeg)

nta but I'm from Poland too! I'm learning how to draw and maybe I will continue my career on this path, but I think I choose this corporate crap art (pic rel) as a future profession. It's easy, fast and stress free to draw.

Btw, is it a competitive field in Poland?

No. 832810

It's rude to give critiques to people who didn't ask for it, but what do you guys think about those who ask for it but don't actually want any critiques? I know some people are just looking for praise but some aren't that obvious.. Got shit once just because I gave critiques to someone who asked for it.

No. 832815

true though i'm also living with my boyfriend now so it's a bit difficult to relocate just for me to find a place to work while maintaining one for him as well.

I have a LinkedIn but honestly, I really hate using it. I've always been super private online and I've always been careful about crossposting anything from my online life that could be linked back to my personal one including art. It's why for a long time I didn't really want to make an art station because I didn't want to put my actual name where people could just find it and tie it back to my online pseudonym. Weird but it's just how I am.

That said i am going to make an attempt using linkedin more often

No. 832935

re: linkedin, just go to the site and add /jobs after the address, you don't need an account to search job listings. And I hear you on all of that, I actually deleted my linkedin account last year after I never updated it beyond 2013, nobody ever questioned me about it. It might matter for non-art jobs but most of my artist friends in games and animation don't bother with it. And yeah I absolutely don't use my real name on any of my sm accounts, plus I've got private whois for my sites. It's not bulletproof, but I'm not about to make it easy for would-be creeps or stalkers either.

No. 832974

Anons, which programs do you recommend for ipad? I tried procreate like everyone else but I didn't quite like it, I love CSP (on desktop) but I cannot afford the subscription based model. Do you suggest any other programs that are one-time-buy?

Some people are def looking for praise instead of critique. If they ask for critique and the critique isn't filled with praise people may just give backhanded replies or straight up be rude. It really depends on the person asking.

No. 833034

>Btw, is it a competitive field in Poland?
It is, I think as everywhere nowadays, especially on so called "higher tier" so all the sought out best companies; but at the same time there's a looot of work available to do in general so just to get a job in the industry and climb your way up is totally doable with some dedication. Big cities (especially Warszawa, to a bit lesser extent Kraków and Wrocław) are best to choose because you'll have it easy to switch between different companies especially in the beginning, which is the best way to get your salary to a comfortable level.
>I think I choose this corporate crap art (pic rel) as a future profession. It's easy, fast and stress free to draw.
You'll be surprised lol

No. 833153

try Artstudio Pro, it's also a one time purchase and far better than procreate.

No. 833270

I'll probably freelance for now and see how things turn out. Honestly, I don't have big ambitions, I'm willing to draw anything (but not porn) and get some money. I'm not really into working for big companies, but thanks for the tips!

>You'll be surprised lol

Why? I mean, drawing this corporate crap is easy and fast in itself. But satisfying your boss or customers can be stressful lol.

No. 833281

Nta but even if those things are easy to draw, they always want you to draw them the same day that it needs to be delivered (happened to me more than once)

No. 833345

Yes yes, I meant meeting the expectations; if it was about just doing what you like and animating it - easy job; but from my experience I have yet to witness anything in this simplified corporate style that was not either, as other anon just said, done in a tormentous crunch because deadline is ASAP, or didn't went through insane amount of iterations; sometimes both of these two at once.
Good luck with your freelance work! Look into polish zine scene, or the biggest illustration / poster contests, they provide a nice visibility and all of my succesful freelancer friends have participated in both. Maybe you can also look into tattooing if that's your thing?

No. 833413

>done in a tormentous crunch because deadline is ASAP, or didn't went through insane amount of iterations
>they always want you to draw them the same day that it needs to be delivered
Oh yeah, that's problem. But like with any other job, there will always be some pressure sigh …

>Look into polish zine scene, or the biggest illustration / poster contests, they provide a nice visibility and all of my succesful freelancer friends have participated in both

Good idea! I'll keep an eye on it!
I guess for freelancer visibility and popularity are as important as skills.

>Maybe you can also look into tattooing if that's your thing?

Oh fuck no, I wouldn't have been able to properly draw under pressure and leave an ugly caricature on someone body.

Besides, learning adobe is a must in your field? Is affinity enough?
Is it more profitable to learn 3D modeling than just drawing?
What do you mean by animation? Do you animate your drawings?
Sorry if I'm asking too much. You anonette seems like you have quite exprience in this area, it feels intimidating lol.

No. 833464

>But like with any other job, there will always be some pressure sigh …
Honestly, depends, there are some more demanding than the others, I personally prefer some ocassional outside pressure than stress of freelancing but it's a matter of how you like to work really
>I guess for freelancer visibility and popularity are as important as skills.
Popularity actually maybe less than you'd think! You just have to make sure to be visible to the right people that may want to hire you, establish professional relationship with a few customers and you'll be ok. None of my freelancing friends have more than 1-1,5k followers on social channels and things work out for them just fine; then again that depends on what kind of customer you'll be looking for.
>learning adobe is a must in your field?
If you freelance I suppose no one will care what you use, otherwise knowing Adobe is a must to get a job. I've never been expected to know anything else and last time I've used anything other than that was in college, so yeah, if you want to work for someone in the future you must know your way around at least Photoshop and Illustrator, ideally also After Effects and InDesign but then again, depends on a job!
>Is it more profitable to learn 3D modeling than just drawing?
Again, depends, but then knowing 3d is worth it even if you stick to 2d illustration; creating rough block out of a composition and setting up the light which you than can render and use as a base from any angle you want can really improve both your workflow and quality of the end result. With Blender resources being very easily accesible to use and learn everywhere online it's just silly to not try it out at the very least. As for actually getting a job in 3d modeling vs 2d illustration, the level of competition is similar. If you know both you'll often have an upper hand over candidates that don't; and if you want to pursue bigger gamedev, it's a requirement.
>What do you mean by animation?
Ah sorry, in that case I referred to animating these simplistic corporate illustrations, because they're rarely ever NOT animated, so I did that mental shortcut in my head that if you want to pursue this aesthetic you'll have to know how to make it move as well. I know a little bit how to animate but in my job I was never required to do anything more to my illustration than some small floaty or glitchy effects that you'd be able to just learn on the go really.
For some reason dislike calling myself "an artist" somehow, but I guess I can say I've been working in an art industry for 7 years; it's kinda crazy to see people still have the outdated idea that art and creation is just a pastime and somehow less valuable career choice than idk, science, or medicine, or law. Everyone I was studying in art university with is working in the art industry now and I don't think it's that common for people majoring in something different to say that all of them stayed within their own pursued industry. So yeah, I'm really happy to help with any questions you may have as a beginner and maybe give you a small confidence boost, as it's totally doable to make a good living with it, there are just SO many ways to go.

No. 833504

Weak, numbers are empty when you remember that TikTok is a thing. Go file false DMCAs if you're actually that mad.

No. 833522

I know Columbo has previously been discussed, and while I like her art, I feel like she has a perpetual victim complex and I'm sick of seeing her frequent twitter sperging.

I always see her bitching about ships she doesn’t like, and she always get so triggered every time someone doesn't like the same ships as her. Her beef with that one LeviHan shipper was incredibly pathetic. I also remember Columbo orchestrating a brigade against someone I believe was a minor for over a Twitter thread they created on her for being problematic ( though the thread was pretty weak, can't lie). Every time Columbo has been called out she deflects by stating that she “grew up in a war-torn country” and insinuates that people don’t have it as hard as her. For fuck’s sake these things don’t make you any better or more mature than anyone else. You're 21 Columbo, it's time to grow up.

While this applies to more artists than just Columbo, but what is up with a lot of these fanartists being fucking retards that are mentally stuck as teenagers? Comes with the territory I guess.

No. 833604

If you didn't know, affinity designer and the other programs and clip studio paint are currently on sale.

No. 833650

Why do I keep seeing artists thanking the reposter whenever a reposter asks if they could repost their art.. The one gaining exposure isn't the artist, but the reposter. They would be the one to get followers..

No. 833656

might be just me but i’ve found some of my favourite artists through art reposting pages. it’s much more confusing to me seeing so many of them get assblasted over it.

No. 833690

Are you baiting or genuinely dumb? Repost pages piss people off because they rarely credit the original artists and post their art without the artist's consent. And because repost pages don't have to create content themselves they can just spam art created by various artists they stole the art from they can get all the exposure for themselves and make money through ads, sponsorships or whatever monetization is offered for their social media page. Meanwhile the original artist gets nothing. Exposure is important because a lot of the artists are struggling to grow and reach a bigger audience for a larger clientele. Unless it's a repost page that asks for the artist's consent and credits them accordingly with links to their chosen source it's ripping someone off.

No. 833707

excuse me? literally no one was talking about pages that don’t give credit.

No. 833801

I keep seeing more and more of these types of fanartist anon. Usually in popular fandoms like AOT or Genshin. They predominantly make ship art but does other stuff too sometimes. Everyone worships them and make memes of worshipping their cool art. Then the toxicity of the fandom catches up to them,their fanbase makes it the biggest fucking deal in the world like making ship art is supposed to be the frontline of culture war or something. Then they either succumb to the twitter overlords (by apologizing & going on a hiatus) or they double down on it (by constantly talking about how they're soooo unbothered by the silly american sjws). Every american / white fan of them will bend over backwards apologizing on behalf of the westerners. Every non-american / ESL fan will sperg about how twitter discourse is literally neocolonialism. Then in 1-2 weeks either nobody will talk about it anymore or they come back and post stuff as usual. Sorry for sperging but its so fucking stupid i fucking hate it so much

No. 833893

>Every non-american / ESL fan will sperg about how twitter discourse is literally neocolonialism.
That's because it is.

No. 833916

Generally thanking them for asking and respecting whatever decision the artist makes over it?

Basically this. Repost pages that ask for the artist's consent (and respect if they get a "no" in response) and credit them accordingly via whatever links the artist provide is different than one that just reposts it and says "credit to the original artist".

With the former, if someone really wants to see more of someone's artwork they have a direct link to it. Not to mention, if they share it they also share the link to it, it can be helpful for artists who don't maintain multiple social media to have more people see their art and follow it back to their main page.

With the latter, whoever looks at it has to do the work of trying to find the original artist if they want it… and most people are less inclined to do that especially since a lot of people don't know how to use something like saucenao.

No. 834025

File: 1624132515642.jpg (82.88 KB, 600x771, 1101287.jpg)

>it's totally doable to make a good living with it, there are just SO many ways to go
Yes, that makes me optimistic!
Thanks anonette for ALL these answers! I really appreciate taking your time to write it all down for some random anon!
I will continue to develop my drawing skills!

No. 834471

The ValiDate game is just really ugly, the art styles are incoherent and the way the arms and hands are drawn on some of the characters look really boxy, awkward or rushed

No. 834532

"Neocolonialism" is international megacorporations exploiting developing country resources or predominantly taking foreigner workforce rather than locals leaving people scrambling for work in their own country. Equating it to a bunch of online bullying about problematic depictions of anorectal violence is pretty fucking stupid. That's just microagression bullshit.

No. 834544

I don't mean to go "america bad" but how the internet got gentrified so only a few american sites could dominate is still important. I don't know if that anon was thinking of that, but american mindset and culture is pushed into our throats constantly.

No. 834570

Also the fact outside of SJW, theres even conservative non Americans who argue with American political talking points and larp like their race/gender relations are the same as it is in America kek its a disease

No. 834579

Likewise the same happens in leftist circles, treating gender/race/economical relations and relevant talkpoints are the same as in the USA when they’re not. Like trying to introduce the concept of slurs into languages/cultures where that’s not a thing that exists. It flattens out a lot of cultural nuance by enforcing the american worldview.

A good example is orquidiaarte who put stuff like “white passing afro-native-latina” in her profile which ,while it might mean something in the usa, in latam it just means you’re white. You’re not an oppressed minority since almost everyone here has close black/native descent, your grandpa being black is inconsequential to your privilege and experience, you’re in the privileged majority. But by using languge that is representative of the different race relations in the usa, you present your experience (in this non usa place) as something it’s not.

No. 834601

>It flattens out a lot of cultural nuance by enforcing the american worldview.
Exactly, and it's textbook cultural colonialism plain and simple. Out of online pressure the people in my country have picked up American terms so strongly tied to American identity politics and discourse that they don't even have a translation in my language so you'll have to read blubbering posts littered with ridiculous anglicisms that don't translate language- or cultural wise.
>Blahblah ableistic blahblah person of colour blahlblah gender identity blahblah fascist white supremacy blah
And it's not just some marginal twitter group at this point anymore, journalists working for mainstream news outlets have started using these terms and always have to add a whole ass paragraph explaining what it means and it's usually related to American cultural history. The people on Twitter don't even have the courtesy to do this, they expect you to know all the nuances of American cultural history and cultural relations and conform to those instead of preserving the rich, unique history of my own country.

No. 834628

Reposters are so annoying, it's so hard to fight them when they have a huge stash of content to post and game algorithm. Sending DMCAs are a joke too.

Filipino art Twitter is like this and sometimes I wish I can't read.

No. 834655

thoughtless copy-pasted american concepts are beginning to show in my country as well, soon the whole of europe will be woke america lite

No. 834697

You're so right anon. I'm a non-white person living in europe and last year I was really happy at first to see discussions about racism come up because we sure have our own issues with racism to deal with. But people were just applying american viewpoints onto our countries where it just didn't work, and it made the discourse largely pointless due to that and also due to racists being able to refute everything with saying "yeah but that's only in america, not here". Like people were using the term BIPOC which makes sense in the USA due to its history, but certainly not in central europe where the native people are… White europeans.

It's annoying when americans demand everyone else to bend to their standards but to be fair a LOT of people in my country love everything american and engaging with americans online, so it goes both ways.

No. 835089

File: 1624237550991.jpg (215.71 KB, 717x716, 20210621_004406.jpg)

Since some anons here are talking about american mentality taking over non american spaces, one thing that has been peeving me lately is spanish speaking people making "meet the artist" posts half in spanish half in english.
To be fair, the part of random phrases in english is just a personal pet peeve of mine and I know it's for humour so it's not that bad, but the one thing that really gets me is Spanish speaking people putting specifically their pronouns in english.
Why the heck not write "Ella"?
At least if she were a "she/they" I would understand the reasoning ("they" as singular just isn't a thing in spanish grammatically, so writing it in spanish would stop her from getting that themlet attention check), but this one is just pointless.

Idk if I'm tinfoiling but whenever I see this it makes me smell Americanised brainrot
I only notice this with spanish speaking people, do other anons see this in other languages?

No. 835101

Anon, you have issues.

No. 835111

I kind of get making your posts in English because we all know that Spanish speaking consoomers are scarce, specially when it comes to art.
But this really reeks of permanently online loser, she’s either trying to virtue signal or she’s genuinely retarded, like anyone who spends way too much time hanging out in english speaking online spaces.

No. 835143

>The one thing that really gets me is Spanish speaking people putting specifically their pronouns in english.
I'm sad. I thought that this kind of shit was going to stay only in the Anglo community side, but I went to twitter days ago and saw several bios (mostly of minors) completely in Spanish but with ~uwu she/her~.

No. 835147

Yeah i didn't mean to say they should only ever speak spanish or anything. Obviously if you want to build an audience it's technically easier if you speak in english, so if someone chooses to speak more english I don't fault them. Just that how many people put only specifically the pronouns in english is kinda suspicious to me.

No. 835155

It's been happening more in country's community too anon, it's somewhere in southeast asia. Everyone just seems to put english pronouns on their bio these days even if they don't always write in English. Kinda weird to me.

No. 835166


Because it's an American trend and fellow people from LATAM are just American wannabe bootlickers.

We mysteriously never had any needs for neutral pronouns until now on the recent years. I wonder why.

No. 835175

Kek this just looks like a cringey teenager trying to fit in to me.

No. 835227

>I only notice this with spanish speaking people, do other anons see this in other languages?
It's common, especially for the younger people, to mix my (euro) language with english, I think it's natural consequence of existing in global, english speaking internet space. Some boomers constantly whine about it but imho being a language purist is kinda backwards nowadays.

No. 835525

I think it’s honestly just the
>Look! I’m inclusive!
Mating call kids do nowadays to get attention and make friends, but I also kind of feel like they do it to avoid getting cancelled in the future like
>I-I put my pronouns, pls don’t hate me

No. 835657

Not from Germany but according to my German professor, there's been a push for neutral pronoun. Any German anon can confirm?

No. 835711

Anona what do you think makes an art style look dated and out of place?

No. 835981

I've been using deviant art as my main platform for the past couple of years, but between eclipse and the site's horrible reputation, it's pretty dead there. I want to move somewhere else, but I'm not sure where since I don't like my options as they're all either a pain in the ass to use, incompatible with my laziness (algorithm), or too shameful. I'll have to compromise on something I guess, so what's my best option? If it's worth the effort, I kind of like artfol

No. 836018

Out of place in what sense?

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I was looking at Speechie's channel and her speed paint videos have a sprite that imo looks weird because she kinda tried to render it slightly and tried painting the nose to have actual nose shape/volume but that pink color she used just makes it look like a tumblr nose, and because it's not a cartoony style it comes out as kinda uncanny valley to me. it's actually worse in the thumbnail than on the video because for some reason she decided to use some weird overlay that makes the shading look super saturated

I occasionally see artists that have an overly rendered style but draw their characters with certain cartoonish characteristics that unless very well executed can easily come of a jarring mix or as uncanny valley.

I can't really think of a dated style tho

No. 836049

File: 1624376356671.jpeg (229.75 KB, 897x1200, 6FA226C7-CBAB-4F76-B6DA-F41CF2…)

When I think of outdated art styles my mind immediately goes to early 2000s anime art. It has a nostalgic charm but does seem a little out of place compared to current anime art. That and the early Tumblr art style when most of the artists on there were going for semirealism and somewhat sensical anatomy, before the Steven Universe plague (although this is where “tumblr nose” originated).

No. 836063

Why do people watch ergojosh? The pure whiplash of seeing his mediocre art at 4:59

No. 836070

90% of the people who watch him and say that he's the best do so either because he's black or because of his voice's "asmr" qualities. I wouldn't be surprised if most of his followers were mediocre artists or easily impressed normies. No actual good artists would genuinely enjoy his videos.

No. 836075

I really love the 2000s anime style despite it being generic, and look, she actually has a nose.

No. 836091


It‘s true. People try different neutral pronouns from different languages (hen, they) or make up new ones (sier, xier, sif, em, nin, etc.).

No. 836144


I think his tech reviews might be decent? Plus his production quality for his YouTube videos is excellent and his voice is pleasant to listen to.

His art sucks though. No idea why this guy is out there giving art advice and then has people praising him for it.

No. 836163

I've often gotten the advice to join discords for smaller, more forum-like communities. I joined a few half-public ones from disboard or bigger artists who run their own discords. And idk, so far it seems to be 90% beginner anime artists who spam their socials and drawings and then leave. I'm in my late twenties, a fairly experienced artist and really driven to take my craft seriously and improve. Are all or most art discords like this? Any hope for someone like me to find like-minded people?

No. 836176

I watch him interested in his development
he know that he is still an intermediated artist and practice a lot
It is fun to draw along and heard his though
there is a ton of already pro it is more interesting to see a student improve along with you
he barely teach anyway

No. 836321

Most of them suck. The trick for me has been finding ones run by bigger artists who are either still present in the discord (in my experience most leave it after a few months to run itself) or who designated a bunch of other good artists as mods before they split. The ones that are being modded by crappy fans or nobody at all aren't worth your time, even if they have a few good artists in them they'll fall apart eventually. And the ones that are really, really huge or are aimed at pros in a wildly different area than what you want to do are also not a great option.
I wish I knew how most people find good discord servers, it took me a really long time to find just two that I like and are genuinely helpful and places where I'm not the only serious artist. I don't recommend sticking around the ones full of babies and beginners. Just leave them as soon as you realize that's all there is and move on to look for another. One thing that can help is if you find cool people that you're talking to often in one that you're thinking about leaving, DM them and ask what other servers they'd recommend or ask on somewhere like twitter.

No. 836374

Man I haven’t heard of speggi in forever. Glad she dumped how she use to make vids, yet sucks that her art hasn’t gotten any better

No. 836451

I know couple of discords that might interest you, they're very vc heavy as in that's where the main communication is but they focus on improvement and have a lot of events and classes etc, I'm just not sure about sending a public invite 'cause this is lolcow and they're kinda semi public themselves but if you know some way to contact privately, I could invite you even if just to check out.

No. 836457

Pls post a link

No. 836462

Ooh, I’m also interested, but yeah, I don’t think it’s good to send a link in a lolcow thread. Are most of the groups available only through invite?

No. 836480

Sorry but I don't want to post a public link for safety.

yea the couple I'm in are invite only atm, We've had issues with trolls in some of these so that's why I don't want to post public invite. I wouldn't mind sending it privately to people but I'm not sure what would be a good way to contact anon's here, without outing breaking the rules.

No. 836486

Samefagging but I'm on zeronis' discord and that's public, so if you google his discord and join, I can holla at you in general chat.

No. 836508

Coldburgers discord is pretty good. Lots of intermediate to advanced digital artist, good critiques, paintovers ect.

No. 836549

Not OP but same dilemma. Bless you guys, I'll check them out discreetly at an unknown time in the future.

No. 836790

we have a neutral pronoun ("es") but yeah, since that is no suitable for humans, the queer activists are trying to make some up when they're not just speaking english

No. 836797

File: 1624466410475.jpg (170.14 KB, 540x487, 20210623_113050.jpg)

I was scrolling through amino(yes I use amino) and found this. I know that Twitter can be a huge shitshow, and this person has a ton of red flags. It just made me wonder, would it be worth it to follow this person? I honestly dont really want to, but it just made me wonder if I found a person who's art I liked, but I knew they were like this. Should I do it?
Also I hate people who play that whole, "follow me and I'll follow you, let's support eachother!" Bc to me it seems like they're going to have a lot of baggage and I'm going to be forced to deal with all of that when following them. And if I dont support them when they want it I'd be a bad friend, eventhough I have a life I live and it's not through social media.

No. 836806

> Bipolar and a tranny
The worst combo

No. 836808

i always found it weird how some people just go "let's be moots!" because to me it sounds like someone just going around saying "BE MY FRIEND!" without any previous bonding.

sounds more like they want a guaranteed fanbase or just a way to build a bigger following faster.

No. 836810

Why even shorten it to "moots" when they need a whole sentence to clarify what they meant?

No. 836811

to seem cutesy. lol

No. 836812


Amino is full of stupid kids, some most likely have no idea what 'moots' mean.

No. 836815

You didnt read what I said, it's not about following them as a person, its about following their art. If I like someone's art I genuinely want to follow them, and like their posts. But I dont want to follow someone that has tons of emotional baggage at the same time.

No. 836816

Probably but they chose a terrible place to do it, amino is dead as hell

No. 836839

Recently I decided to go on a search for concept artists and just artists involved with the big industry or the art world in general because I wanted to see how their art was like and how I could change or improve my own style to become something closer to the "industry standard", and one thing I noticed in many of them (on Twt) is how a bunch of these established artists often add descriptions to their art that sound…a bit pretentious? Idk how to describe, but a lot of them speak about their own art as if it were something much more than what it is, with some elusive mysterious bullshit and pretty words with hidden meanings as if that would add anything to their craft. They almost sound like those NFT artists that try to write some failed philosophical paragraph to go with their drops. Is this some kind of weird trend in the industry?

No. 836855

I fell for one of those before.. Commissioned up to $150 and they just ghosted me. They’re usually either lying or playing their problems up.

No. 836879

>would it be worth it to follow this person? I honestly dont really want to
Then don’t

> I hate people who play that whole, "follow me and I'll follow you, let's support eachother!" Bc to me it seems like they're going to have a lot of baggage and I'm going to be forced to deal with all of that when following them

..??? can’t you follow a rando without interacting with them? If they’re being obnoxious, unfollow?
Is there any actual milk with this creator?

No. 836934


I'm in the industry and I have not seen a trend like the thing you described… Like a little blurb to go along with the art?

Most artists I know just come up with whatever pops up in their heads first just to fill the description, don't read into it too much lol

No. 837232

i have added pretentious bullshit descriptions to my art literally thought of in the 5 min it took to post online lol thinking of a description or title is actually the most annoying part of posting so why not go a little ham on it

No. 837259

Wait… It's tha supposed to be Homelander and Butcher?

No. 837293


No. 839365

File: 1624778377643.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x2054, 20210627_101246.jpg)

I hate when artists with same face syndrome get popular. And I hate how this same big lips, same big eyes, same narrow noses and jawlines is the status quo with most character art nowadays. Absolutely hate this trend and it's boring as shit to search for new artists to follow and wade through hundreds of accounts full of art that are carbon copies of each other.

This person uses real life models sometimes and even then he/she changes their features to fit that same old boring mold.

No. 839441

ngl sometimes the front page of Artstation looks like this

No. 839515

Same, it's super petty but it bugs me. Sometimes they'll even put the reference picture next to it and the person looks nothing alike because all they do is the same exact face. Totally see how normies like this kind of realistic pinterest girl portraits but since they are so popular the algorithm constantly shoves it into my face although I'm decidedly not interested in this type of art.

No. 839672

Fishlip looking ass.

No. 839767


Tbh nowadays Artstation is 80% stuff like this or just generic semi realistic hot anime girl with skimpy fantasy clothing. It's sad and mildly annoying.

No. 840198

isn't it that artist who just photoshops photos? that's the lowest you can go

No. 840310

Tbh can’t tell, most realism artists look the same unfortunately

No. 840580

I'm pretty sure I've seen some of the original photos on pinterest while searching for reference photos. I don't think these are 100% actual digital paintings

No. 840980

liking disgusting shit its not good

No. 841111

>thinking vagina/vulva are disgusting
ok scrote

No. 841520

i saw some of the process vids it is painted but take quite sometime with heavy ref

No. 841524

We'll get a wave of newfags again. Ethan Becker quit youtube or some shit because of mean lolcow comments kek

No. 841527

literal who…

No. 841530

I love how he cropped out most of the discussion about his art that happened in the Hideous Art thread and showed his wk's comment. My tinfoil is that that whiteknight was him selfposting in that thread. I'm not gonna say I believe it 100% but someone was really into defending his art in that thread.

No. 841531

the redneck guy that does popular art critique videos. I'm not gonna spoonfeed you more than that

No. 841535

hope this isnt a sub-bait and he actually leaves! bye bitch.

No. 841545

imagine making an entire video crying about mean comments from an obscure anonymous image board. is this dude's ego really that fragile?

No. 841556

Couldn't be me

No. 841567

i refuse to watch this but i hope his dumbass sees the stuff in the hideous art thread or whatever that points out how creepy his drawings of black and nonwhite women are. that man is 100% a freak.

No. 841725

For people who don't want to watch the video. Here's a short summary, first few mins is him explaining how some people don't get sarcasm or are kids. Then he talks about the mean comments in the lolcow thread and showed the one defending him, afterwards it's ic being retarded and also him trying to explain his fetish of black and nonwhite women. Lastly, he showcases comments that are sucking his dick.

No. 841734

I’m fucking levitating anon. I’m amazed that these kinds of people do he lurk here unless it was cow-tipping. He’s literally so hot to me, but I fucking hate his fetishistic art.

No. 841738

Cube ass

No. 841742

File: 1624999516686.jpeg (141.84 KB, 750x661, D4457592-2890-4121-A205-48AF43…)

KEK they think this place is 4chan

No. 841746

Didn't he show some 4chan screenshots around the middle of the video?

No. 841748

Do you really think that chronic YouTube watchers would be able to tell the difference anon?

No. 841755

>mean anonymous ladies are the same as mentally disturbed violent incels take 2938402934234

No. 841847

I'm fine with them thinking we're 4chan, that way it's less likely they'll come here

No. 841886

good it's better for us that way

No. 841994

what a little bitch i'm howling. this guy came off as an edgy holier than thou funnyman from the few videos i watched from him but here he is crying about people thinking his art sucks (which people are allowed to do, grow up ethan) i guess the comments about him fetishizing black and brown bodies hit a nerve.

the anon defending him on the bad art thread was probably him self posting, so he could've been lurking there and maybe even posted about people's bad art. dishes it but can't handle it

No. 842059

Shit like this makes me wonder exactly how many artists with a decent following actually post/lurk here. Obvs creepshow got caught and Baylee Jae is known to lurk on her threads.

No. 842141

This is so weird. I was actually defending his stuff here once because I do like his videos, the tips are good and very specific, that helps; and as a person in an art industry who seen negative comments about my own art on some chans too I know it's not nice but then… we're adults. Let it go. Why make a whole petty video about some anons opinions? It's so immature.

No. 842286

File: 1625063959806.jpg (422.91 KB, 1080x714, 20210630_163423.jpg)

Maybe so. Though i've seen video from an anon on /ic/ who took an original photo and after 5 minutes in photoshop their creation looked almost the same as Iraklinadar's, just without filters. I don't trust artist who need full photo "references" to draw anything

No. 842497

Ugh i hate "art" like this, ruining the diversity of female beauty by making them look like the same generic cartoon bitches

No. 842563

>quit youtube or some shit because of mean lolcow comments kek
Have you watched the video? Because that's not what it's about at all. He is changing his video style because his videos are misunderstood by kids or people who don't understand sarcasm. Does some digs at Creepshowart too so I'm sure that's how he found lolcow. Pretty sure the only reason he uses lolcow in this video is all is because it is a popular topic in the art community after the whole CSA ordeal. Clickbait, basically. Because the video isn't really much about lolcow and more about critique in general. But he does literally send his viewers to lolcow so that sucks.

No. 842910

Okay mobile so it sucks

But as a response to the post about twisteddisaster and creepshow

Racist uncle made a video 2 years ago on Holly Brown, who is a friend of TD. Holly ended up making a video and tweets a few months back on how racist uncle was still keeping tabs about her and how Holly would either come out as trans or kill herself.

Since the exposing of creepshow it came out the creepshow herself was the one who started the thread on racist uncle and was also in a discord with her which is how some of the stuff she would say about Holly came out

No. 843096

File: 1625144288508.png (38.27 KB, 579x283, 5346537345.png)

Hello my fellow depressed, pathetic and disgusting single cell organisms.

No. 843107

all i want to do is talk about anime boys and they're doing me like that

No. 843112

god I wish I had only one cell.

No. 843251

I wish I was a single cell organism. Living my best life without having to pay taxes.

No. 843468

This site is literally build like 4chan but with retarded petty women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843476

The culture is obviously different, very few of us are actually interested in inflicting noncon abuse and violence on men lol.

No. 843959

I am unironically close to adopting this style. It's not even for the sake of going against current trends (some I like, many I despise). It's just so kitschy at this point, and I love kitsch.

No. 844010

"Ew! How dare they talk shit in a talk shit website" -she exclaimed while talking shit in another talk shit website, this time for clout.

No. 844164

File: 1625232724984.jpg (143.02 KB, 1080x1080, 4c4ca71c8d561012ab2cda8b1810fa…)

NTA but, do it! Early 2000s anime style is actually still very well received (picrel is by unxi, whose popularity skyrocketed when they shifted to this style) and I think it's cute as hell.

No. 844196

Unashamed to say that I kinda miss this style. It’s old as hell, wonky, but damn it’s hold over my nostalgia is strong af

No. 844210

Video about an artist playing around with Artbreeder, I knew it exists but had no idea it's this good. It's kinda disheartening, while I don't think AI will ever replace actual artists it feels a bit stupid that with many years of practice and hours of work one may not be able to generate something good and versatile enough for this AI will spit out in seconds.

No. 844227

I mean this AI can only replicate variations of models based on human works, it technically can't create anything original and my hope is that one day this technology can successfully be implemented to help in the animation Industry, making it less time consuming and labor intensive

No. 844229


I find artbreeder quite useful for getting the look of a character down, used to have a subscription because you're incredibly limited unless you pay

also to add one of my friends sister recently claimed she was taking commissions in a discord server out of nowhere plus her not showing any intrest in art beforehand at all, turns out she was trying to scam people by using portraits she'd made in artbreeder, so I messaged the mods and they quietly deleted her messages about it, but i've seen multiple accounts pop up on instagram/twitter claiming to be real artists but just scamming people by charging £40 for something they've made in 5mins using an AI

No. 844261

File: 1625245906749.jpg (101.62 KB, 800x600, 8397084301_973fc503b3_c.jpg)

This reminded me of the time I had picrel as my desktop wallpaper. Loved this style so much

No. 844265

Why are people here so obsessed over literal who eceleb drama?
Are all of you guys women or something?(shit bait)

No. 844277

It’s a genuine question
I honestly don’t get it, you’ll never see these people irl, it’s just a waste of time.
I honestly don’t get the obsession over celebs

No. 844296

I don't think Artbreeder could replace anyone in the art industry. At max it could be a valuable asset for concept artists or animators, but just that since it can't create original work.

No. 844305

File: 1625249996610.jpeg (330.17 KB, 893x631, F4E2C18D-FF1B-4D94-A64F-A6AF8C…)

I hope it's this deformed anatomy we should avoid at all costs

No. 844313

You could argue that humans don't really create anything truly original either and that we're also just combining our various influences.

Right now it's way too bad to actually replace someone of course. Through sometimes I do wonder how popular an instagram artist could become who just posts pretty artbreeder faces, while pretending that they painted them.

No. 844335

File: 1625252473510.jpg (204.12 KB, 1065x751, emperpep.jpg)

what artists can i find on deviantart that draw like that ? i remember seeing the style but i can't remember any besides emperpep who has a watercolour spin on the style (which is more modern).

No. 844336

i'm not disheartened by artbreeder personally, I'd recommend watching BoroDrawing's video on it cause he makes some good points. if anything, it should be companies/clients who fear artbreeder and hiring "artists" who take advantage of them by just convincingly using AI. artists will continue to thrive, don't let the capitalist boogeyman of automation dishearten you further.

marc brunet is so hilariously bad and it makes me cringe seeing his comments filled with anime tiddy dudebro artists circlejerking his "pro skills". he posts regularly in Level Up on fb and constantly gets praised for this wonky ass anime girl anatomy that defies of the basics of perspective.

No. 844359

Ocean-tan if she is still posting. She used to be quite a cow back in the day but has the art style you are looking for.

No. 844364

File: 1625256438762.jpg (57.78 KB, 564x517, oceantan.jpg)

she scrubbed her DA but thank you, that's a lead !

No. 844373

File: 1625257207174.jpg (379.81 KB, 1200x849, dei9gbt-8eff3418-bf17-4704-8f6…)

I'm totally gonna do it, anon! Thanks for the encouragement!

I think I appreciate it more at this point because of the level of technicality that goes into it, too. Lots of detail to the point where it just hits the line at over-the-top, but still very coherent like your pic and >>844261

Haven't found anyone who does it full on like 00s style on dA, but there's people who embrace it in spirit like tactoki and starlipop.
I also came across skunkyfly, who seemed like a kawanocy clone, but their art has more of the 2000s spirit in terms of layout.

It also made me notice how much of a strain the current online art scene has put on this style. It isn't a super-slow style, but part of the fun and the appeal is taking your time with it as an artist, and digesting all the details as a viewer.

I remember being so jarred by how nice this style was, but how so many of the artists were lolcows. Now I know it has nothing to do with the style itself; it just made the contrast even more startling.

No. 844374

I'm so tired of this type of artstyle that you see all over artstation. The semi-realistic anime girl with exaggerated and broken body and long ass legs usually with either some slutty fantasy outfit or some equally slutty steam/cyberpunk outfit with some """"""badass"""" pouty expression to feign that the character has a silver of personality other than blowup sexdoll. Usually the background is also nonexistent because these people seem to be only able to draw the same pouty anime girl.

it's really popular in the industry nowadays too, i hate it.

No. 844389

File: 1625258452965.jpg (494.37 KB, 711x1000, luleiya.jpg)

thank you ! i also just remembered Kaoru-chan / luleiya, had it on the tip of my tongue !

No. 844393

It's bound to happen eventually with any art uploading site. Especially with games and comics, it's not anything particularly new to the industry to render pretty girls pretty well and get steady work. It's all surface, front pg popularity, though. You really have to put in the work to dig for the good stuff.

No. 844501

you might like this artist https://www.deviantart.com/nemurou/gallery she's been posting online since the early 2000s and her style hasn't changed much

No. 844504

File: 1625268156432.png (2.82 MB, 1978x1200, mb.png)

Surprised to see so much Marc Brunet hate, his stylization is not everyone cup of tea and with it the anatomy gets a bit wonky sometimes and I get why it could be disliked for that reason, but he really is good at teaching technical details and rendering, especially understanding the 3d form of painted object and relationships between color-composition-light. No surprise his stuff is liked regardless of anatomy, because it's just well finished. I sound like a shill now and i know it but it legit is one of the most educational digital art channels on yt so if anyone is interested in it I really recommend to look past the style and check him out.

No. 844506

Do you think posting art to reddit is a good idea? I don't really like reddit and never use it, but I've seen even some lower level artist get more attention than on other sites

No. 844520

I think it's an ok idea, reddit is a very normie tier website as of now; so it's not like posting your art on a chan or something. The attention span there though is much more fleeting there than anywhere else as people rarely go outside reddit to follow you anywhere else, so any "spotlight" you'd get is kinda self contained within the site itself if you're ok with this. I've seen artists being really liked in places like /redditgetsdrawn with their personal portfolios, even if linked, getting significantly less engagement if any at all, and - maybe anectodal- one of my friend's art went viral (more than 50k upvotes) and it didn't change anything about her other social stats, and even her other art posted on reddit, just as good quality-wise, it never broke past few hundred upvotes and a few comments, which shows that people don't really follow artists there so much. So I'd say the attention you'll get there might be a bit different than what you'd get on other sites and maybe not as worth it ?(as fleeting one-post-at-the-time popularity doesnt feel as good as having a nice but small twitter account people actually interact with for example). But it's not harmful in any way or bad for reputation.

No. 844574

She still posts on Twitter / Instagram as OceaninSpace

No. 844576

She is quite big on tiktok as well, I see her on my fyp constantly.

No. 844585

It's mostly because his anatomy is wonky.

I find that here people tend to heavily shit on artists if they have wonky anatomy, no matter if it is hugely wonky or just sometimes vaguely. Really i don't think there is a single artist who has 100% perfect and accurate anatomy for every single piece of artwork they make.

fwiw, he is a good teacher and good at rendering and most other skills. I find that his videos are a lot more helpful than others for changing how I study art as well as some just general portfolio tips.

No. 844600


I think what bores me the most isn't the wonky anatomy (this specific artist isn't even that bad compared to some atrocities i've seen before) but the themes. The character designs, the outfits, it's always the sameish "sexy" vibe that you can find on pretty much any average japanese rpg or gacha game. The artist can have an amazing skillset and be an excellent teacher, but if all or most of their work looks like the same "sexy anime/game girl" then it just gets boring to look at the same pair of boob windows, panties, leggins and etc time and time again. It's uncreative.

No. 844708

This. It would be amazing if CGI could be used to generate detailed in-between frames for 2D animation and offer various shortcuts to allow intricate designs yet detailed movement. AI will never replace artists because like the name implies, they're artificial and unable to be experimenting like a human mind.

Are you whiteknighting that quality? It's not horrible but it's just mediocre overrendered coomer scrote art. Butch space marine power fantasies and beautiful skimpily clad neotenous women in photobashed fantasy settings. It's weird how his studies look okay but the actual art pieces never seem to correspond to them.

No. 844723

It's funny because he posted a video with a male character as the thumbnail and it barely got any views until he switched it to a female. He knows what sells, and his channel is mostly for advertising his art school.

No. 844784

File: 1625308202550.png (783.83 KB, 836x792, E389E566-6C98-44EC-95E7-DAF2CB…)

Fiyunae has an art style reminiscent of old anime. Not quite the style you are looking for but you might still find it nostalgic.

No. 844787


No. 844794

ahem samdoesarts always drawing women as cute asians kek

No. 844941

File: 1625326037121.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.76 KB, 1920x1396, 7FB44C7E-162B-4ACF-8B94-74DA1A…)

You’ll have to pander to coomers with waifu fan art if you post on Reddit. Skill doesn’t matter as long as there’s something for coomers to make disgusting comments about. Pic rel got 1.1k upvotes (a decent amount for the sub it was posted in).

No. 844954

File: 1625327560436.jpeg (2.67 MB, 3024x4030, 7892223C-59DC-4C80-8147-FD721B…)

Does anyone know of artists with a style similar to @janrheeee’s? I really like the romantic feeling of their art but they’ve been inactive since 2019.
>pic rel is their art

If you’re not specifically looking for active artists, Kenneos’ (on DA) style resembles early 2000s anime. She passed in 2016 so obviously she hasn’t posted since then.

No. 844961

Looking through their art, Amei Zhao comes to mind instantly https://twitter.com/ameizhao
Maybe also https://twitter.com/vonnabeee for the way the character are stylized? It's always upsetting to see the artist we like disappear, hope these fill the void at least a bit.

No. 844967

Chariko and mazamuno have art styles and use themes inspired by 2000 animes like Higurashi and Death Note, but they also do a lot of cutesy stuff.

No. 844984

isn't maza a fakeboi?

No. 844995

File: 1625331978263.jpg (176.91 KB, 960x500, puchi hound.jpg)

the mangaka who wrote puchi hound is a good example of this art style. they shifted their style a bit, but their designs are still cute. their twitter is inactive though.
@Diesel2b or @sayhanawork has a slightly similar vibe i think

No. 844996

File: 1625332005305.jpg (1.03 MB, 842x874, 64322116_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 844999

I love this coloring but her legs look weird

No. 845001

those bbl proportions

No. 845008

remember to sage, anon.

No. 845056

File: 1625338451349.png (1.86 MB, 1641x909, AX.png)

How cucked are the AX2021 artists gonna be now that it's a remote event? Lord knows the staff is gonna deem the ecelebs as more worthy of the time.

No. 845550

Thanks for the recommendations, anons. Followed all 4 artists!

No. 845743

So is Shunao back?

No. 845748

in the end no one gives a fuck and spends 5$ off tickets just to stare at JoJo and VTubers

No. 845769

Yeah, she's a bit of a cow too but the art is still pretty good.

No. 845895

Reddit seems like the perfect spot to post fanart of different series. Just post in the designated sub-reddit.

No. 846399

how about this, what art trends do you actually want to see more that isn't just basic rendered anime girl in a sexy costume? I get this is a salty art thread but sometimes it just gets depressing singling out the negative in everything.

No. 846406

Nta but I guess the idea of art in general is that everyone tries to get out of their comfort zone, once something is over saturated, why not move on to something new? Maybe using those rendering skills to create something different would be nice. An artist doesn’t even need to change how they dress the sexy anime girl of the week, but at least they could make her do something instead of having her standing here or posing there.
I don’t know, maybe they could make the sexy anime girls smoking from a cool looking device to practice drawing smoke or jumping on a puddle of water, something that makes the design less forgettable and gives it a bit more of a personality.

No. 846418

I hate that I don't have enough time between my day job and university to learn art. Everyone seems to be having so much fun and I'm sitting here burnt out from life on a Friday night too tired to practice. It doesn't help that I'm broke and I see all these shit tier artists making bank with their wonky ass anatomy and uninspired shit.
Artanons, how do you manage? How hard do you work? Give me hope that I can fit art into my nights.

No. 846422

Doesn’t AX grandfather popular artists in? Shunao’s art is crap but she’s pretty popular so I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s one of the grandfathered artists.

Not a trend but I love seeing artists who draw whole scenes with characters interacting with the setting and each other. I haven’t seen a lot of artists draw those since drawing a ton of characters and a complex bg is time consuming, and they could slap the same characters standing facing 3/4 on a solid background.

No. 846429

okay so i use clip studio paint and i wanna practice my art more my main issue is layers like how do all these artists use 100+ layers and have everything blended out and shaded? i usually just make a new layer shade then merge it down then blend and paint over it but im not sure if thats even good? i really like styles like the game legends of runeterra uses and i cant really find tutorials from them so im just confused with their art process

No. 846441

If you're too tired to then just don't practice? Just draw when you feel like it, it's supposed to just be a fun hobby if your skills are not at a point where you can make money from it. Sometimes when life gets busy or I'm in a slump, I won't draw for weeks because I just don't have the energy, but I know I can always get back to it. You can just mindlessly doodle while watching a show or try to fit in 5-30 minutes per day for some quick gestures/studies. I know that some artists wake up an hour or two before their job starts so they have a specific time for drawing every day, which might be hard to do if you're also in uni but it's a possibility.
I don't think you have to work too hard to get better at art though, it takes a long time to develop your ability to see mistakes anyway, you can just take your time and draw what you enjoy! If you ever get the opportunity, you might want to try out some in-person classes or live figure drawing. Having a good teacher that can point out flaws in your drawing and how to fix them will help develop your skills a lot quicker than going at it on your own.

No. 846467

File: 1625503295865.jpg (638.15 KB, 1483x837, adel-khanov-marketv2.jpg)

how complex are we talking though? especially with so many 3d tools making the process less daunting than before. a simple coffee shop scene goes a long way compared having to draw an entire market plaza and all it's current inhabitants.

No. 846499

NTA but I don’t expect every artist to learn how to draw super complex backgrounds like this unless they’re trying to be an industry pro illustrator or something. If we’re talking about more casual artists then even a simple background can give so much life to a character sketch.

No. 846502

nta but there's more to art than sexy anime girls standing in a grey void, you know. how about give them different clothes? draw them doing something (sleeping, eating, hell even shooting some monster), draw them under different lightning or sitting in a grassy field? or how about stop drawing sexy anime girls and draw an animal instead for a change, or a centaur? these artists surely have the skills to pull that off. the thing is that they just never try anything new and never leave their comfort zone at all, it's jarring. i don't wan them to become a professional creature artist like RJ Palmer or something overnight, i'd just like to see them drawing something else than the same hot girls with armor bikini.

No. 846527

when I was working FT and Uni FT I was so burnt out on life that I only drew when I had a moment to do so – it was all offline, because I would keep a journal in my bag or just draw on what was available, I was probably at my lowest point art-wise during that time since I can't multitask worth a damn and needed to focus on studies

Now that I'm only working FT, my nights are freed up and that's what I use to draw with, it was actually the pandemic that made me consider making it into a nightly detox from work, and eventually it turned into a rhythm

best decision I've made, my skill had absolutely TANKED and was rusting away kek

but >>846441 is right, this should be a fun hobby meant for you, don't force yourself to draw, you won't like the results
studies though, studies are always good

>Not a trend but I love seeing artists who draw whole scenes with characters interacting with the setting and each other.
augh SAME, I just love worldbuilding in general, sell me a story

No. 846538

File: 1625508898804.png (338.67 KB, 600x755, 1157121.png)

Kind of, turns out people don't care about store updates or attempts to sneak her alt account's art onto her store if her answer to being a rape accuser is to pretend to bail.
And before you ask her alts BaelCypher and Furuya Mari have abysmal numbers too.

No. 846557

Tried to find her art, but it's wiped clean… this sucks.

No. 846664

Bit of shade, but I have never heard/seen a actual good artist that uses 100 layers.

Personally, as a person who primarily only uses 2-3, idk how ppl can use 100 layers, like, wtf are they doing with all those layers??? I’m genuinely curious

No. 846668

I think using 100 layers is a bit of an overkill. I myself usually merge them after a while or at the very least organize my layers in folders and name them accordingly.

No. 846719

That false rape thing turned the fgc, which was her entire fanbase, on her. She became popular only because she pandered to them, so the chance of her finding any audience again with art that shitty is impossible.

No. 846723

you rarely see art like this posted on social media, maybe tumblr. the lifespan of art on social media is a day and a half, if you're not making money off your art or have a real passion for drawing backgrounds, it makes sense why most won't even bother sinking hours into drawings this complex. the speed of social media really shaped the type of art people post online

No. 846752

File: 1625531721826.jpg (42.98 KB, 387x293, 5432523.jpg)

daftpina made a vid about sofia samara, she was brought up a while ago in this thread and was apparently self posting so I found it funny

No. 846757

She doesn't seem to even understand that and continues to shit out Guilty Gear keychains

No. 846760

It depends entirely on your workflow and general requirements. I'm not an artist myself but I've worked with a lot of pro industry illustrations delivered to me in layered PSDs (for stuff like preparing marketing assets, or print), many of them easily above 100+ layers, with every little element and adjustment made separately; that's usually how things are when you go through feedback and iterations and have to be ready to adjust every single element at any time. I'm sure there are many freelancers that work the same way; and in these cases it would be very amateurish to stick to only few layers that won't allow this much versatility.

No. 846786

File: 1625534186134.png (871.31 KB, 1095x895, _Untitled.png)

I don't see any new GG here besides the doujin. Though
>7 years into being a convention artist
>No meta awareness to at least have one Vivy and one Mushoku Tensei to sell
>These picks are expected to put food on the table

No. 846830

Check her @shunaostore twitter, she even put out a new Strive doujin last April

No. 847052

File: 1625563477328.png (185.53 KB, 767x458, D5hrxe6WwAE0w5B.png)

Anons, do you remember the drama that involved w_enniedesu and kuno? When they both shit talked about some random artist on stream, who ended up blowing up because of it.

What do you think about these people now? The streamer probably is still an asshole, broke up with his gf (blaming it all on her). But he is not as relevant as w_enniedesu anyway, and is at least open about being an asshole compared to w_enniedesu. I will not be surprised if she is a farmer or ex-PULLtard.

But on the other hand, I can't help but not stand w_enniedesu ever since. She kept trying to appear as a 'soft victim' and still wears this image through this day, seeming fragile and terrified of everything, while going 'uwu m-my mental health'. Ever since she's been striking to me as 'that bitch who pretend to be soft and cute while talking shit behind everyones back'.

No. 847265

Literally nothing happened to kun0. He returned to twitch like 2 months later and tabled at twitchcon the same year. I remember because people were trying to circulate petitions on twitter to get him permabanned on twitch and kicked from twitchcon.

No. 847266


These people were not relevant before and they're not relevant now. Literally have never seen or read anything about either of them besides the drama.

No. 847330

Kuno is still drawing albeit you might hear some Discord / Twitter fags say "I'll never forgive him" ​if someone links his art?
Honestly though, fuck YouTube and the literal thousands of people for deeming this worthy enough for the coverage when some of the artists mentioned here do far worse things.

No. 847341

Has anyone tried Class101? What were your experiences ?

No. 847356

Does anyone know if there’s a calendar or something that lists all of the Japanese art hashtags like #ビキニの日? I try to remember all of these trends but it would be so much easier if there was a calendar that I could just look at and see what tags are coming up.

No. 847427

I still have no idea what she thought would happen if she posted and bragged here.

I know kuno's still thriving, he makes persona commissions and makes bank of it as well as classes to teach people from what I remember.

Is there something similar to western art hastags?

No. 847442

anyone else salty and sick of not being able to fully dive into art as an hobby and or side job couse of fulltime work?
i'm so sick of seeing all these twitter wierdo tranny fucks begging for money just for being alive. like yelling they are black and trans and what 1.000 other brain damages they have. (most whitys too)

why do people even donate to those? imagine spending even one copper on a mentally ill human that wants to destroy their body till they kill themselves lel, fucking awful.

i wish the day had more hours and i had more energy left, i wanna draw commission work and personal art so damn bad. life fucks over.

tranny lgbt+braindead shit destroyed the whole media.

the world is awful, fuck morals.
just wanna go apeshit make coomer money, become artist that could support a living of off it.

all these lame ass baylee jae and other anatomy fail coomer sluts can do it too.

No. 847494

File: 1625601182915.gif (590.74 KB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

Recently met a twitter/youtube animator, Teleporte. Honestly I didn't know what I was expecting. Overly horny but nice enough. Most of the conversation was about sex. But can I be mad? No, I knew what I was walking into based on his content.

No. 847501

How did you meet him? Did you talk to him first?

No. 847635

don't wanna say too much but I said hi to him and he was super nice. It was a long conversation. Can't even complain about his art either. He improved so fast, tries to improve his anatomy.
Imma yeet myself out however because this is the artist salt thread

No. 847707

On your topic, anon, lot of these insta/Twitter artists makes me want to make a separate account that follows the trends, uses the most common artstyle/clout to see how fast those accounts grow/to have some revenue.
What scares me tho is that I could be called out for being “fake”, and it could destroy my actual art account

No. 848029

I know what you mean, my full time job is killing me.

Try to develop another art style and make sure you don't interact too much with the same people. Don't even say too much either, just post art.

No. 848124

>tfw it suddenly clicks that an artist you follow with a decent chunk of followers lurks here

Third time in a row said artist has pushed and promoted a video within hours of it being posted in this thread when she doesn’t follow them. I feel like there were other coincidences with their signal boost posts that made me wonder but this video made it all make sense. Sage for no actual content, makes me wonder what % in these threads are artists who have a k after their follower number, heh.

No. 848424

>>847707 I second >>848029

Practice another art style and make it as different from your original art style as possible. Draw LGBT fanart of whatever couple is being shipped at the moment and maybe draw some furry stuff too.

My furry alt account has been going pretty strong and no one (to my knowledge) has attached it my main account.

No. 848425

> just wanna go apeshit make coomer money,
You literally can. Cooker money is the easiest type of art money. Stop complaining and go draw.

No. 848490

File: 1625710469658.png (1.5 MB, 1024x1017, 0EB67B02-AED1-4E19-99B8-7EB9E1…)

ok for the ladies who use the ipad to make art - which stylus do you use? i recently got an ipad from a friend and i’m interested in using it for art but i don’t want to bust my wallet out for that stupid apple pencil because im a cheap bitch

No. 848522

Bad news Anon, the apple pencil is the only one that works seamlessly lol. All the others are jank as fuck

No. 848597

if you're lucky enough to get a free ipad you might as well invest in it a bit. Get an apple pencil

No. 848657

there's seriously no point in using an ipad without the apple pencil

No. 848882

>Male animator
>Draws a lot of coomer shit
>Talks a lot about sex and doesn't mind appearing overly horny to a literal stranger
That's three red flags right there anon.

No. 848887

agreed with the other anons. this is one thing you don't wanna be a cheap bitch about. just cough up the money for the apple pencil considering you got the ipad for little to nothing. seriously, it pays off.

No. 848936

*forgot to sage before
I've heard furry art makes good money, do you get commissions often? How does it work for you?

No. 848975

File: 1625766538513.png (632.85 KB, 668x501, tumblr_56b0268283253a3632f751c…)

nothing to bitch about, I just want to express happiness at finally buying a color printer! I can't wait to make stickers and little notebooks and zines without the hefty cost of a middleman. The printer's on the cheaper side ($200) but fingers crossed it holds up. How do anons feel about at home printing? Is it a worthy investment if you do conventions?

No. 849075

My furry account is under a year old but so far I've managed to earn around $4000 off of 14 commissions. 12 of those commissions were just re-drawing people's OC and the other two were $1100 total for actual NSFW illustrations. Furaffinity, furry based subreddits and Twitter are good places to post on for exposure.

No. 849240

How did you promote your furry account on Twitter (e.g. what tags do you use)? Help a poor artist out, anon.

Which printer did you get? Some cheaper printers have jank print quality so just make sure the print quality is good. Having your own printer is a good investment and I like being able to print/cut products on demand instead of sitting on loads of backstock.

No. 849243

So Ang politepuppet got into more Twitter drama and this time shes getting shit for defending user siblingbonds (https://archive.is/ueeRc) and supporting IRL incest. She's trying to backpedal by saying she thought it was all roleplay but I'm not buying it, especially since she told people to mind their business about "consenting adults" and other family fuckers came out out of the wood works to defend them thinking it was the real deal. Archives for context. https://archive.is/ua3sR

No. 849247

I’m sorry but who is this?
I don’t want to defend the person, but are ppl really getting riled up by a person who retweets Lowkey fetish/porn of a toy story character?

No. 849261

Not really sure about specific hashtags for exposure as I mainly resort to using nsfw fanart of Pokemon, Zootopia and Aggretsuko, and their related hashtags. Most of my traffic comes from nsfw subreddits anyway. Thematic work is the easiest to get into until you find which community of furries you best fit into.

No. 849269

Should have dated him and drained him dry for her money, these men are only walking wallets.

No. 849396

I remember them, politepuppet is a fanartist who was mentioned in the previous thread >>815642

No. 849552

This is what she gets for drawing weird underaged incest porn in public

No. 849632

siblingbonds (SB) is a part of the proship community like Ang, a crowd doesn't give a shit about weird cartoon porn. SB got backlash for allegedly dating/fucking their actual sister and openly supporting real incest, which they downplay as a consensual relationship between two adults. This caused controversy among the proship community because it goes against the whole "fiction and fiction only" thing they preach. After Ang got criticized by other proshippers for associating with them she made a statement claiming it was all roleplay, how she was forced to keep it a secret and cut them off. Some still believe it's too detailed & suspicious to be just RP. In the archive I linked you can see multiple curiouscat asks and tweets of SB encouraging and supporting people sharing real incestuous fantasies and confessions. They deactivated but searching SB's handle on Twitter shows many posts on the situation if you're still curious.

No. 849685

man what a mess. On one side you got annoying teens calling artists pedos for drawing anime boys with their shirt off, on the other end you got this.

No. 849784

I've heard mess after mess about Honey+Absinthe before, so this is nowhere near milk compared to their other offenses/dumb shit, but I only just now noticed when reading the comments on this video how annoying they edit their videos. Literally every 3-5 seconds there is a cut. How do you do YouTube, Streams, and more for however many years as they have and still be so shit at jumpcuts and basic video editing? No wonder they barely get views compared to their subscriber base, they completely fuck the pacing of their entire video with these annoying cuts

No. 849828

Previous anon, thanks for answering.

No. 849878

Everything the book said was correct. Idk what you're talking about

No. 850142

I found it interesting how quickly the whole NFT thing changed in the art community. Nowadays I barely see artists doing NFTs, the ones who used to do them don't even mention it anymore as if trying to sweep everything under the rug. Meanwhile it seems that the people more active with NFTs are photography artists and the typical 3D modelers.

Sage for no milk, just an observation.

No. 850363

It’s exactly what I expected to be honest, a lot of them will sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened, even if they defended how “revolutionary” it was back in april. It’s pretty embarassing to fight tooth and nail to defend nfts on twitter only to have the market implode into irrelevance in a couple of months.

No. 850462

Yea, not at least surprised by that. It was basically a bump and dump sceme and a very obvious one at that too, how people feel for it, I don’t know.

No. 850508

File: 1625931107531.png (176.56 KB, 720x867, Screenshot_20210710-112317.png)

this one! it has a tank system instead of cartridges so hopefully the ink lasts longer?

even the $500-1000 range printers i looked at had negative reviews, printers in general always have mixed reviews. so i decided to spend less for my first printer instead of risking so much on a more expensive one, i know shit about printers, there's so many different brands and options

No. 850845

The cuts wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t move the camera too?? There’s no reason for that wtf

No. 850887

How do you like the black print quality? I only saw one review but the colors looked neon as fuck. How do you like the print quality? thanks!

No. 850901

nta but i used to own an earlier generation of this printer and now I own almost the same one (just slightly different number and iirc it's just a country/region-specific numbering system?)

It's okay-ish to decent for entry level con merch like stickers and prints just get good paper and a fixative spray/laminate because the prints aren't water resistant

No. 850921


Thanks for the reply. I was on the fence about that one and the Epson XP-15000. I don't sell con merch and I think people are more picky about print quality when it's original work? So I'll probably go with the latter. Thank you.

No. 850964

Inkjet printers are for chumps, get a laser printer.

No. 851057

talking of printers, can anyone suggest a black-ink only one that doesn't have planned cartridge obsolence? I want to print my digital sketches to color them traditionally, I've been looking for a printer in tech shops but all of them use a cartridge that regardless of how much ink they have, they're planned to stop at a certain date (and they always try to sign you for a ""subscription"")

No. 851439

egirls quote RTing your art with the comment "me" or tagging their friends/favourite influencer and saying "this looks like you" is the new "wow your oc looks like __popular anime character__". Who would've thought.

No. 851569

It's mostly simps tagging thots to get some attention. I get it a lot but it's not as annoying as trannies QRTing hot anime girls with "Goals" while looking like a dumpster fire.

No. 851590

if I started blocking these types of users would they know, or would I get in trouble/cancelled? Can I claim they were included on a blockchain if I got called out? I look forward to those responses the least and they make me feel annoyed even when I’m not the artist.

No. 851595

They'll know they're blocked but won't know if you mute them

No. 851612

Reposting from confessions thread

I was once mutuals with some tumblr artist who was kinda popular. She followed me on deviantart and I liked her art. I had a very rough adolescence for many motives more than one but one of the biggest things that affected me greatly was the fact that my dad was very ill and had to get dialysis every single day. I think me being very young and not being able to cope that well with my emotions I just kept it all to myself and would get jealous of people with normal parents.

At one point I posted a deviantart journal saying somehting like "I hate teens because they always complain about anything and everything, even the not so serious stuff", mirroring that I was having a rough time and couldn't do anything but stay silent and not let anyone see my weakness. Well this tumblr artist that I'm talking about took it as a personal offence and went to her blog to bitch about me about how I'm basically the devil for saying that teenagers shouldn't complain if they have it easy. Then I remember everyone on the notes flocking to her and saying how bad of a person I must be if I have 0 empathy and that I should get bullied or something idk.

Anyways she still followed me after that, but I eventually just deleted those accounts.

No. 851752

File: 1626064888070.jpg (894.69 KB, 780x1300, aaa.jpg)

am i missing something or is this person trying to sell a character design for $80 that they ripped off from the lackadaisy webcomic?

No. 851766

that's certainly what it looks like. also why would you make it worse by having the cat be the same color as the dress, it's unreadable and muddy.

No. 852135

who cares they're a literal nobody with 26 retweets. Is this person a personal vendetta?

No. 852226


No. 852670

definitely penporo, its a shame too since her art was really cute around 2016-2018 hopefully the tranny phase ends soon because she has a lot of potential

No. 852676

I actually follow this artist (but only because they’re mutuals with someone close). They mainly only sell adopts that are extremely sloppy and frankly, uninspired. Like the pic you posted. I saw it come up in my feed and thought it was fanart as well. They charge a ridiculous amount more for other adopts as well that look like they were slapped together in 5 minutes.

They have an 18k+ following on twitter…

No. 852857


nta but nothing annoys me more than accusations of vendettaposting from anons who clearly don't know how tf twitter works and are just looking to infight. even if this wasn't someone with 18k+ following, its still possible a random could just pop up on your feed purely from retweets or looking thru art tags.

No. 852867

File: 1626184597954.png (1.63 MB, 964x6056, uploader.png)

Not sure what thread to put this in, but is anyone else following the drama with YD (Lezhin artist who works on Blind Play) and one of the fan translator/illegal uploaders?

No. 852868

File: 1626184644934.png (3.03 MB, 1242x7300, tweet1.png)

expanded images from the first tweet

No. 852869

File: 1626184695338.png (2.59 MB, 1242x5846, others.png)

Other expanded images. I'm trying to compile tweets from YD's twitter but there's a lot and they're all in Korean so it'll take a bit.

No. 852874

I'm interested in seeing how this plays out
Obviously the author is barking up the wrong tree but I don't think the uploader should get to beg for sympathy online about this

People have been saying for years that the webtoon and animation industry needs to take a look at the modern streaming models, people don't pirate tv or films half as much now.

No. 852889

File: 1626186165688.png (2.22 MB, 1820x5276, yd.png)

A small fraction of tweets from YD. There's a lot more I didn't include. There's supposedly a story floating around about how YD DM'd someone who made a fan edit video, asking that person if they were a legal reader and to send proof. Supposedly the person who got the DM was suspicious (YD's official IG doesn't have many followers, and doesn't have any Blind Play art on it, icon is just of a cat) and took a while to respond. After she responded, YD accused her of lying.

There's surprisingly a lot of support for the uploader too lol.

No. 852899

File: 1626187668831.png (2.43 MB, 2144x6336, fan edit1.png)

Found more tweets about it.

No. 852900

File: 1626187703825.png (987.27 KB, 900x4696, fan edit2.png)

I didn't go through all the tweets for YD's replies so there's probably more but I'm starting to get a little lazy

No. 852902

File: 1626187735218.png (1.49 MB, 778x3960, fan edit3.png)

Expanded images from the tweet from gwihxn

No. 852904

File: 1626187768684.png (906.43 KB, 1068x4020, fan edit4.png)

aaaaaand the photos posted by YD

No. 852967

Damn, what a situation. Like, I feel bad for YD because it’s their work that is getting reposted, and they’re loosing money for it. But then again, they sound unhinged, saying shit like:
>“let’s sue each other”,
>“I’ve won countless cases”
>“I know the law better than you do”
>“I will pay anyone 1,000 to find their home address”
> “I’m an executive of Korean webtoons union”(this one made me chuckle a bit)
Like, ok, I get it, you can’t move from your position or give ppl who repost/uploaders leverage when you want your work taken down, because they’ll take advantage of that and simply not take down the post


No. 853120

It looks like YD has privated her twitter now.

No. 853208

kekk the translator/editor got caught and instead of apologizing and ceasing all activity, tried to avoid blame and frame the person they stole from. This isn’t how to go about making fan translations in the slightest, the artist is fully in the right to be angry and appear “unreasonable”.

No. 853225

File: 1626208538697.png (186 KB, 548x1860, cinnamelx.png)

I finally checked out her IG page and found this apology about it. I wonder why YD DMed her in the first place? Did someone tip her off that she was an illegal reader, does YD ask everyone who makes fanedits, or did YD just happen to randomly ask? Oh well, bad luck I guess lol.

No. 853229

File: 1626208747969.png (319.58 KB, 1228x930, cinnamelx2.png)

She also uploaded this as proof but it looks like none of the DMs they posted ever show the date so I don't know if these were purchased immediately after being asked by YD for proof or not (or they could be screenshots she got from someone else).

No. 853232

The translator didn't do anything wrong. The creator needs to calm down and realize this is what happens with all comics published online.
"You're killing me" - How fucking overdramatic can you get? And doxxing? Targeting fans and accusing them of being "illegal readers" was very shitty, too. This person would be cow-tier if they posted in English.

No. 853239

Going on the third image in >>852902, why does she use two accounts anyway? It looks like the Haemi Jung (I believe the handle is lofty_cat1314) account doesn't have anything that pertains to webtoons or anything so I'd also be suspicious if that person was really YD or not. The first message is fine but then the second one being super accusatory makes me laugh.

Webtoon artists are entitled to their pay and I see a few that I follow occasionally tweet about how much they hate pirating sites/fan translators which they can definitely be mad about, but YD's playing a losing game and seems off her rocker.

No. 853243

File: 1626209485794.png (237.58 KB, 1392x721, cinnamelx3.png)

WAIT I missed a post. What the fuck, a video call?? Lol

No. 853383

>wah they found a pic i posted of myself, let me just post it again for more people to see.
i have no sympathy for translators who get mad when authors find out. they are just attention whores who are trying to profit off of other people's work anyway. i do have sympathy for the one that was accused of being an illegal reader though as author seems unhinged.

No. 853519

>I demand to see your parents.
Holy shit, this just keeps getting funnier and funnier.

Hey OP, got a link to the thread ?

No. 853552

I'm glad to see Pen brought up here. Like Anon said, her art peaked in 2016-2018. However, it went downhill really fast when she officially trooned out. I hope she at least moves away from all the shitty porn

No. 853781

same here. I even put her shit up in the personal cow thread and got some responses and i'm glad other people are upset too. The way she draws vags is like legit balls

No. 853988

Oh wow I didn't know she started making porn, I unfollowed when she first came out as a fakeboi. She completely threw away her other characters in favour of the very unrealistic trans man who is clearly her self insert. On her porn account she sounds incredibly hypersexual, misogynistic and cringy. And yeah, the porn is pretty bad.

No. 854059

This is the artist with the bunny boy oc they milked for a while right? I always thought his design was cute but the art featuring him nosedived to coomerville pretty fast.

No. 854078

wow same. penporo was one of my main inspo artists around 2018, i really loved how they used colors. for me it went downhill when suddently they got horny for a specific oc of theirs and started to draw nothing but that one oc in more and more lewd situations (talking about said ocs tits nonstop) until they flat out began to draw shitty porn of him.

No. 854146

File: 1626300293072.png (16.32 KB, 577x98, Screenshot 2021-07-15 000354.p…)

She even confirmed it kek, she wants to be him so bad.

No. 854327

File: 1626316551379.jpg (133.94 KB, 986x1114, E3uGSIkXoAQMZF3.jpg)

I stumbled across this twitter artist I used to follow a couple years back and decided to take a glance at their new art. I honestly thought this was a joke at first like what the fuck am I looking at

No. 854333

File: 1626317134868.jpg (63.73 KB, 725x1200, EgIihSrXsAUAKrU.jpg)

same energy

No. 854336

Isn't this the artist who has a comic named Sol Invictus (or something along these lines)? I used to follow them but ended up getting a bit tired of them constantly promoting their webcomic.

No. 854388

I went to go look for your post and it made me really depressed how much worse her art has gotten. Like, I didn't realize it had regressed that much. A while back, I was wondering how the hell I ever thought her art was good, but I guess it wasn't a change of taste on my end. I really miss old Orion and Karo. They were actually pretty cool concepts

No. 854669

File: 1626350129080.jpg (103.8 KB, 762x593, received_531710124617944.jpg)

absolute degeneracy. putting this here for any other anons interested

No. 854715

holy shit anon that's hilarious
yeah this is them. like the constant promoting of their webcomic got annoying when they have well over 30k followers. i liked their style but at this point the huge chests are like borderline fetish shit at this point.

No. 854720

don't know them, but it looks the same to me. colors are cuter now tho. or maybe you just picked bad examples

No. 854730

I found her in 2019 because of her Promare art but stayed because I thought her art style was cute. I still think it's cute right now, it's just too bad that she's absolutely insufferable. I don't mind artists posting more of their personal life than art since it's their twitter, but god is she fucking insufferable with the troon shit.

No. 854792

If you really wanted to show the degeneracy you should have posted the porn lol

No. 854815

i'm looking for some good procreate painting brushes can someone help? one of the defaults, spectra, has been my go to for a while now but i feel like it's been missing something. don't mind if the brush has textures.

No. 854826

File: 1626367614510.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, trannyfag.png)

didnt she turn into a tranny in 2019?
her art used to be good until she 'came out' and started turning her twitter into nothing but her crying for pity and arguing with people. Looking at her art now you can obviously tell that she is a fujo who fetishists the shit out of men.

Why do everytime an artist troons out their art becomes much worse?

No. 854831

Mental health deteriorates.
Looks like she is focusing more on coomerism too

No. 854835

File: 1626369158108.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.46 KB, 762x593, 111.jpg)

dont open unless you want to see pens coomer troon art

No. 854837

File: 1626369350483.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1125x1080, trannyfag.png)

In both pictures, you can literally tell that her 'boy' OC got woman's anatomy.
And wtf
> chest and vagina
> is convincing people that this OC is a man
Such an obvious fujo self-insert. This woman really needs help in some porn-related rehab.

No. 854840

What is the point of claiming the character is a man and also identify as a man if you're OK with drawing a vagina on your selfinsert. No dysphoria whatsoever.

No. 854843

File: 1626370575258.png (1.1 MB, 720x900, _E3G9cPqUUAIipvx.png)

Newfound love for Namie? Shame left is gone though.

No. 854847

I don't think her art "deteriorated" but that it's not as interesting as it used to be. Her old stuff had better compositions and designs. Heer new shit is just sjw version of coomerism and apparent self hate. Her color choice did get better though

No. 854854

Their characters' designs were pretty interesting but yeah like you said the big chests were starting to look like some obvious fetish shit. I also got some giantess fetish vibes from their webcomic.

No. 854959

Do you guys ever look at a person’s oc and think, “ wow, that poor character” not because of their background but who they made by?

No. 854994

for more accurate colours and better looking prints, inkjet is better. if you don't really care and are more concerned with saving costs, then go with laser.
I use a Brother laser printer (mfc-l2700dw). the print quality isn't really crisp but it works fine for me. Laser cartridges last much longer than ink. I like Brother, but maybe look into a higher quality printer, since mine is intended for printing text mostly. I'd be concerned with colouring over top ink print because the ink can run and smudge.

No. 855147

I never followed her/him on IG or Twitter, but i recognized Penporo back in 2017 when an ex mutual a fan of Pen's art which eventually pen followed back my ex mutual. Although sadly i found her old art has more charm and fresh although the coloring on her new art looks more interesting but it was too "pretty-boy"ish that is not really my thing. Admit it, i used to be jealous of her popularity on ig/twit but seeing her new art and personality on twitter changes my mind to not give any shit, why care abt popularity if you can do your art better

At least Namie's art keeps more interesting and fresh rather than Pen's

No. 855185

Sage for ot, any anons here have an idea on how to find an art community that leads to good networking? I've jumped over a FB group to discord channels, what frustrates me is 80% of FB group are amateur artists. Discord channels are the same, joining on fanzines is tricky matter yet. Improving art is useless, it doesn't matter if you reset or only active in a short period of time, you may lose followers on IG. I'm really really tired at this point, i really have no idea why kids can become popular bc of their cute/edgy basic art style. Sorry for the vent

No. 855191

she's a southeast asian(i forgot which country) australian girl

No. 855193

Art discord servers are mostly useless, even the ones run by actual big good artists because most of the time they're only there to drop a link to their next art stream or patreon or whatever, and leave the rest to a mod team. The rest of the server is mostly comprised of amateurs ranging from good to mediocre and bad.

What I found to be the most effective way so far to get some networking is fanzines. Usually everyone in the zine will have around the same skill level or better, some may even have huge followings, even more with the bigger and more popular zines. The problem though is getting accepted into them because the bigger the zine is the pickier the mods tend to be. My suggestion is starting with smaller zines and then slowly going up the ladder while improving your art to match the level of the best ones until eventually you make the cut.

No. 855194

Is it Penporo, Namie, or both?

No. 855197

Same anon, that's i'm doing right now. I'm trying to improve while i'm breathening away from public social media like IG or Twit since both of them made my mental health detoriate each second while seeing mediocre instashit popular artists. I've been thinking that my art isn't good enough yet the algorithm always does it crappily, i would rather keep to myself i dont wanna get jinxed although i have the dream of becoming an illustrator…

No. 855209

File: 1626408030449.jpg (247.05 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20210715-215007_Pho…)

Am I the only one who thinks Omnia, (The art drama Youtuber) traces all their drawings? Their ugly art style is always changing, they've defended tracing in a video and they've never record themself sketching.

All I know for sure is one of their older drawings is 100% traced, (The Nike drawing).

IDK what do you guys think? (Plus I just don't like them in general. They call anybody they don't like racist, they act like they fact-check when they don't and they've milked the Creepshow art drama dry, (Even though they were barely even a part of it).)

No. 855210

Same anon as >>855193

I mainly use Twitter as my platform, Insta is fresh ass for artists unless you're willing to become a posting machine. The best you can do on Twitter is have a separate account for your art and don't follow anyone there. Just post your art, use the hashtags etc, maybe only follow friends or smth. Just avoid following other artists as weird as that sound until you get yourself in a good group (either because of a zine or smth else).

Also try to find the best times for posting and don't add too many tags. Twitter's tagging system is shit so if you use too many tags or add a link to the tweet the algorithm will tank your post thinking it's a bot. Posting some fanart for big fandoms can be nice not only for a following but also engagement (from ppl posting comments and such).

Sorry for the long sperg, but those are some of the tips i know for posting art on Twitter.

No. 855223

That shading is so bad omg

No. 855224


They traced the photo but didn’t copy the lighting? Jesus.

No. 855225

I would like to ask you, how about some tips to post on insta? I know the algorithm is shittier than twitter since IG has a lot of new feature what i have heard that Insta's algorithm hasn't changed since 2016, which save feature wasn't added yet far from save first to engage the post. Do art style matters? Popular insta artists have either cute, wonky anatomy but decent coloring yet they can surpass 90k and above, its all back to good networking if you have the luck

No. 855230

Same anon as >>855210

I don't use Insta that much because I hate using apps, but as far as I know Insta prioritizes speed posting. So shit like posting once per day, making as many stories as possible, those will get the algorithm to smile at you because it'll see you as an active user. It's grueling though, because you need to constantly have content to post. WIPs on stories, finished pieces or sketches or studies, you need to keep posting. Insta also likes if you engage with other accounts a lot too, so give people likes and add comments even if it's just a "nice!".

As for the style thing yeah, it's easier to get noticed if you have a style that's more cutesy, pastel anime stuff or that's "aesthetic". Anything that looks immediately pleasing to the eye.

Again tho I'm not the biggest Insta user, dropped it months ago because I just couldn't keep up. Anons who are more active with it might have better tips.

No. 855236

Its true though… I kinda miss the old IG algorithm (2011-2014) nowadays, hopefully ig fix the algorithm than focusing on new features to compete with tiktok or youtube smh. Back in 2014, gaining followers was easier after looking to my friend who posted sketches of popular anime fanart then gained 100 within a week after she started.

In conclusion, facebook ruins everything they handled.

Anyways, thank you for your tips!

No. 855239

idk about namie i was talking about pen

No. 855245

So far i knew, Namie once stated that she is Chinese-Indonesian on her deactivated DA page. Idk abt penporo though. Thought youre talking abt Namie lol

No. 855260

wait, that's what her art looks like? She always uses cute art for icons etc, guess it's from fans. The tracing is so blatant and the coloring so amateurish

No. 855282

You’re right she’s indo-Chinese living in Australia. I didn’t know she deleted her deviantart though, I wonder why…

Maybe she’s been selected for hololive soon? She recently upgraded her stream setup and started lives on twitch. Ina her friend got in, so it’s definitely possible!

No. 855292

Instagram still seems to be the main networking place if we're not talking about personal networks from actual meetings. I'm not hugely into discord but I'd imagine that anything more useful won't be public (I'm in some media/learning/artist related groups but these usually have the purpose bring the founding artists clout and income from hobbyists with disposable income, they're not meant for networking). In general professional or high level amateur artists or organizers will network with you if you have good work out there, signal being active and they see you as a possible collaborator. Like, they'll need to be aware of what you'll bring to their zine and how it will increase its success.

No. 855294

File: 1626421156112.jpg (66.37 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg-30.jpg)

Her DA has been deactivated since 2018/2019ish, most of her old art on tumblr got mass privated/deleted, both IG and Pixiv are inactive. Maybe she's afraid her art to get reposted/reuploaded somewhere else?

Her only handle rn is twitter, which she mainly work as an official illustrator at various well-known mobile games (FGO, Arknights, Azur Lane), an illustrator for an upcoming rpg on steam, latest she worked for a vtuber model not sure if she streamed as her vtuber model. (Picrel is her official illust for Azur Lane)

Namie is one of my inspo from her pokemon fanarts in the past, i love the way she colors but sadly i've never get the chance to get her pokemon fan artbook…

No. 855300

Networking as in building the engagement and connection throughout artist communities to increase followers/engagement throughout IG. I know the algorithm is bad, f4f there isn't worth to follow, instashit art always wins, definitely what cost if you have good art but bad network

No. 855360

File: 1626431559729.png (865.29 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20210716-112550~2.p…)

Is anyone else keeping up with the Stami Studios drama?
She made this everyday ita bag Kickstarter and got $120,000 funding on June 5th 2020. There's a huge backlash against her because many backers still don't have their bags. Not only that, but the ones that do have their bag received a cheaper looking bag than in the photos, the handles rip off as soon as you use the bag, and the "windows" you put on the bag don't have their poppers lined up with the bag so they don't fit properly. It was a bait and switch situation. Someone described the windows as "looking like they were cut with a hot knife"

The comments are hilariously bad

Stami Studios is downright refusing to give people refunds for their cheap broken bags, and never posts anything about the bags. She made a new Boba ita bag Kickstarter while this one hadn't even been completed and refuses to publicly acknowledge anything about them.

Recently there was more outrage because a cow (addychansenpai) created a stink on Instagram saying she wanted Stami Studios to refund her order, she did eventually get a refund. This caused the community to get even more mad because "you only get refunds of you have 90k followers!!"

No. 855361

File: 1626431593288.png (268.51 KB, 1080x2121, Screenshot_20210716-112405~2.p…)

Comment screenshots. There's new angry comments every day

No. 855362

File: 1626431622238.png (333.41 KB, 1080x2111, Screenshot_20210716-112347~2.p…)

No. 855480

Artist wanna draw porn but also won't bother learning how to draw dicks & pussies

No. 855510

NGL I’m not trans but I think it’s kind of weird how every time some lgbt artist draws trans dude porn, it’s to draw them getting penetrated in their vaginas. Same with people who draw trans lesbian porn that’s just trans women with huge dicks creampie-ing cis women. Like do you actually care about them or just their genitalia?

No. 855533

it reminds me a lot of the whole genderbend trend where ppl pretty much only did it to turn a male character into a hot gal with skimpy clothing and huge boobs. if someone wants to change a character's gender 99% of the time it's because of porn and not because it would be a nice addition to the character. "trans headcanon" is only a way ppl found to justify drawing a guy with a bulging pussy.

No. 855544

I feel like trans stuff basically ruined genderswap – like when I read fanfic before that shit blew up there used to be pretty interesting and good ones exploring what being the other sex meant for a particular character in that given universe (as well as porn ofc lol) and now you have these SJW demands of "make it about how that character is trans or your genderbend isn't woke enough" – and I just have zero interest in mental illness issue works or extreme body modification.

No. 855551

The mental illness shit is real, they just like to dunk list after list of mental disorders and illnesses and shit into the character like. Is this really necessary? Most of the time it just feels forced too.

No. 855705

OT but I really like the advice on here. I know I'm being dumb but I've seen a couple posts on how some of you have separate accounts to draw furry and other coomer art even though I think you are against that shit but like the money is worth it. How do you do it? How do you separate your personal beliefs and just do it?

I used to be into anime a lot but realizing how pedo and sexist anime is I kind of look at it with disgust. But I know all anime isn't like that but the like majority is and I feel like it's tainted anime as a whole personally. But I want to grow my audience and I feel like I should add anime style along with the surreal realism art I do. Especially since it seems like most in the art community appreciate and dabble in anime style.

I feel like Belle Delphine like a traitor to other women just to make some coin. I know I'm being dumb please help thanks lol.

No. 855716

there has been plenty of anime-inspired content with barley any of the bullshit you see in East Asian anime. There’s nothing wrong with having an anime influenced as long así it’s unique and your own take on it. I’ll take interesting, non-generic eastern inspired art over basic moe blob any day of the week.

No. 855754

i was in the same situation, but you just have to force yourself to see it. it sounds so lame, but i was so scared when i played my first porn game to see what the coomers were in to lmao. i got desensitized to it eventually.

No. 855791

I feel the same way. Sometimes I consider drawing porn or even just pinups to get money, but I’m afraid of people I know irl finding out and thinking less of me, plus the whole “traitor to women” thing (though I’d probably draw men too). I guess it all depends on whether your need/want for the money outweighs your hangups. Just remember that if something happens to your account and it’s your sole income then you might be in trouble.

No. 855885

Holy shit, I hadn't watched the old art. I like the current style, but it's clearly a downgrade.

No. 855929

Yeah, it's so weird to me. Sometimes I'll be going through fanfiction and I'll see both a trans tag and a vaginal sex tag and I'm thinking, wouldn't a trans guy not want anything to do with that? I think fujoshis got called out on being fake woke for shipping men so now they have to resort to something else even though it's still blatantly fetishizing people instead of being activism.

No. 855941

Drop the collectivist bullshit. Even if Belle didn’t pander to coomers none of us would be lining up to support whatever her alternative was. Same for Sakimichan or any other woman that is a “traitor” for doing porn. If she just dropped nsfw entirely most anons here still wouldn’t sub to her on patron and would jus find another reason to not support her.

What matters more to you, your money or your morals? It sounds like you have hang ups that you need to work out. If you think drawing porn or anime is that vile or degrading, then don’t do it. Find another niche or market to put your art into. Anime, coomer and furry aren’t the only art markets that exist. If you are worried about people thinking lesser of you if they find out, you can either drop those people from your life if they think less of you because you drew some porn or just don’t do it and maintain whatever image you have going for you.

Me personally idc. I keep my nsfw and sfw separate because professionalism, but for people I’m trying to maintain in my life if I have to worry about what they’ll think if I do something they don’t approve of, it means I probably don’t really need them in my life to start with.

No. 856012

>But I want to grow my audience and I feel like I should add anime style along with the surreal realism art I do
Yeah, but what's the point if you don't enjoy it? I know this thread frequently gets a LOT of social media tips posts but I genuinely think for the amount of time you'd have to put in to grow your social medias by pandering, you'd get arguably more value out of your time by grinding your art and getting better. I know lots of anons like to say oh but what about the good artists who are shitty at advertising themselves but honestly if you're really that good, eventually one or two of your posts will do numbers and you'll be able to get 1-2k new followers from that post alone. Pandering to curate an 20k audience of 14 year old genshin addicts is also not ideal in my opinion. If you need money that bad, get a non art job on the side. You don't have to lower your own standards to draw furry or coomer art if you're that bothered by it, and chances are you won't make anything appealing to coomers and furries if you don't "get" the appeal. There are so many other ways to make money from your art: regular commissions, merch, adopts, doing "niche" commissions like drawing people's ff14 characters, etc. I really don't think furry and coomer money is as easy as everyone thinks it is unless you're really willing to go off the deep end and do disgusting moid fetish tier shit that no one else is willing to draw.

No. 856165

File: 1626515600891.jpg (30.3 KB, 960x960, 75246657_3543111315699801_5310…)

Idk if this is the right thread to vent on but here goes.
Does anyone ever feel like they lost their passion for art? My art journey has not always been the best, but there are some good times as well, come to think of it. Art used to be something very important in my life, being an artist and pursuing art as a career seems to be the only thing that keeps me going all these years and I held onto it so much so that I forget all of the other things that made me happy. It's not like I hate art now, but it seems like I found other passions while doing so, it's a little heartbreaking for me to wake up every day and art isn't the first thing that's on my mind like it used to.
I'm sad that it didn't work out the way that I wanted, I'm sad that I cannot make my younger self's dream came true and I feel so guilty about it even though I haven't done anything wrong. It seems like I cannot let go of the past and move on. I want to create, I truly do but for some reason, the guilt and the emptiness really keep me away from pursuing any kind of artistic endeavors. My future is looking bleak anons, I'm about to graduate in a year or so, and honestly, I feel so lost…because of covid work has been scarce, I just hope I don't hit neet-dom in the future.

No. 856171

To be honest, it doesn't sound like you've lost your passion for art, even if other interests pushed it maybe a little further down priority list, otherwise you woulnd't mourn it like this. Would you be able to point out when you started drifting away from enjoying it as much as you did in the past? If it's just last year, that would be pretty reasonable to blame pandemic year that's been tough on many people, depending how they've experienced it.
Other thing would be to ask yourself, do you really miss being passionate about art or is it just the feeling of disappointing your past self, as you've mentioned? It's ok to change your interest and goals in life, and destroying your present self for the sake of pleasing a child you no longer are would be pointless.
If you actually do miss art, go easy on yourself, watch other artists, find out what inspires them, maybe find some connection between your current interests and artistic development, and in time the desire to create will come.
I go through burnout phases regularly, more than once I've thought that I'll just abandon doing art forever but ultimately the desire is so deeply rooted in me by now I know I'll always come back to it sooner or later. Maybe it's the same in your case.

No. 856184

>I really don't think furry and coomer money is as easy as everyone thinks it is unless you're really willing to go off the deep end and do disgusting moid fetish tier shit that no one else is willing to draw.
This is the truth ime, and now that there are so many memes about drawing degenerate shit even on normie places like tiktok there are only more people trying to get into it. Unless you're a NEET with endless time you're better off trying to create what you actually love than putting in the time pandering to an audience you hate by creating work you can't show to your family and friends.
Imo most of the people who think drawing furry or coomer art is a goldmine have never done it themselves, it's the same as people who see how much sakimichan makes and assume that everyone can do the same

No. 856185

File: 1626519737268.png (553.21 KB, 805x702, EenoPVyXsAAvlDW.png)

Thank you for your reply kind anon, I feel like i start drifting away from art when i started uni, i didn't go to art school btw, long story short the art school scene here didn't have a bunch of options and tend to be very underfunded. I thought I can balance the workload between uni and art but no lmao, the uni assignment was tew much, so it really either burn or callous me out.
To answer your question it's definitely me miss being passionate about art, disappointing my past self is really just a minor thing. I can totally understand the desire is deeply rooted anon, art is like a drug in one way or another. You can't live without it when you start.
I will try to combine the things that I like or maybe find a different and creative approach in my art journey. I still miss the spark in my eyes when I see pretty art, and I'm trying my best to light it up again after all this time. I hope we can be colleges in the future anon, I wish you well.

No. 856286

OP for drawing anime question. Thank you so much for all your replies they were very thoughtful and eye opening. I will just stick to what I like to draw even if it is really niche. I've been on the fence for awhile now but your guys input really solidified what I want/needed to do. And good luck to the other anons on the fence figure out what they want to do too.

>20k audience of 14 year old genshin addicts is also not ideal in my opinion

That is so true I drew some cute animals in cowboy boots and a handful of 12-14yo furries started following me. It was very shocking for me lol.

No. 856419

I agree with you. Social media has levelled the playing field so it has opened up a way for everyone to monetize your art, but somehow that has lead to people thinking it's the ONLY way to do art as a job when that's far from reality.
Nothing wrong with working on your social media and trying to cultivate a following. But there's so many artists who put so much time into it, intentionally limit their art to a tiny niche to please their followers and algorithms, and it's getting harder and harder to be actually successful because everyone is doing it.
90% of people trying to "make it" on instagram would be better of if they explored different subjects and styles and put 10 hrs into a solid portfolio piece instead of churning out five 2 hr anime busts to feed the algorithm. What the actual art industry wants is often very different from what people on instagram want.

No. 856457

Agreed. Doing nsfw and furry isn’t as easy as everyone says it is… especially if you don’t already have a grasp on anatomy or drawing furries. You can’t just decide “I’m gonna do furry and nsfw and rack in a bunch of money.” And then get followed by the dozens flooding in unless you just have god tier art and marketing skills… and if you have those, why do something you hate anyways?

It’s better to just grind doing shit you actually enjoy rather than trying to make a quick buck off of a community of people you obviously look down on and hate. There is no faster way to burn yourself out on doing something than making art you hate to try to get some cash.

Like anon said, people who think it’s easy have never done it. They see others doing it and decide it has to be easy because they’re on the outside looking in.

No. 856595

File: 1626561369347.jpg (316.67 KB, 1080x1243, Screenshot_20210717-173014_Twi…)

looks like one of their friends browses lc. The way you draw men is weird ass fuck kou, other than that your comic is ok

No. 856675

File: 1626568647007.png (13.66 KB, 535x164, Screenshot_2021-07-18 MSZ-006 …)


>changing the story to "discord screenshot" because you really want to epicly OWN random anons on some shitpost/gossip board but you also don't want to get cancelled for going on le mean TERF site


They also retweeted picrel (the tweet this is commenting on is on a locked account so can't see the original tweet), so that's another indication to suspect they/"their friend" lurk here and this is them being overly butthurt at anons saying the excessive comic promoting was getting annoying.

No. 856698

by the way is there any confirmation if kou is a woman? she doesn't give blackcel vibes but she likes typical scrote fighting games and has scrote tendencies

No. 857201

it's impossible to sound more passive-aggressivec than that. they should have just leave it alone

No. 857269

Wow. The fetish stuff and excessive promotion of the webcomic weirded me out, but even after unfollowing them i still thought they were a cool artist. That reaction though makes them seem flat out unlikeable to me now. Sad.

No. 857383

Sage-ing because it's not actual milk, but a genuine question. (And honestly this thread hasn't had milk since Discussion #30), just trash talking. How many of you are, in fact, jealous of the artists you post here? Not talking about the ones you post for cringe of course.
I admit that I am.

No. 857480

if i was asked that perhaps a year or more ago i'd say that i was jealous of some, but now not anymore. my art is at a skill level i feel pleased with, my follower count is encouraging but not high enough to form an echo chamber or attract rabid wokes or weird fans, and art became just a hobby for me so i don't think too much about it anymore.

a few years ago i cared a lot more about internet clout and followers, so i admit i used to be pretty jealous and salty af of a bunch of people (mainly those artists that draw jackshit and with a following of like +50K). i even tried to draw like them, draw shit i don't care about or just flat out dislike (such as generic hot anime girls) and it was just draining. no amount of followers could aid that.

now i managed to find a balance where i feel content with myself, so my jealousy has mostly vanished.

No. 857523

Sort of? I don't envy their skill because a lot of them aren't particularly good. But I'm definitely bitter when I see that someone with barely passable skills is able to cultivate an audience and made a living off their work.
And I'm definitely jealous of the artists that can draw whatever they want and make a patreon video a week or so because their partner is paying for expenses. Because I'm lazy as fuck and don't want to work.

No. 857525

damn never thought posting kyou's funky art would actually get them to respond

kyou didn't just start posting their comic and worked hard to promote the shit out of it, they already had a preestablished fanbase. also idk no one on here said promoting your artwork is bad we just thought it was annoying when they post the same update like 3 times in a row.

i'm honestly not surprised that they're acting like this because every twitter artist that either lurks here or "learns" that they get talked on here HAS to respond to it in a passive-aggressive way so they can write about how they're harassed or whatever. should have just talked shit in your discord and not even bring more attention to the situation. but kyou has a history of always being a victim so once again not surprised

No. 857529

I understand that how frustrating it must be to have people upload your stuff illegally but what a immature and mentally deranged response. Honestly I’ll go out of my way now to read their shit illegally even though I’m not interested in it. The correct solution for them would have just been to contact the website it was on and ask to have it taken down Jesus

No. 857531

The Marie milk is fun for me because I knew her personally and it's interesting to see how apparent her manipulation tactics are. I envy nothing about her.

No. 857546

Fwiw I don't even know who most of the furry anime patreon artists that get posted in this thread or /ic/ are but I read it all anyway because I like to bitch about art, I wish there was an anonymous board online somewhere dedicated to mainstream illustration and art

No. 857662

File: 1626670164629.jpg (1.93 MB, 1316x2129, lotusbubble.jpg)

Sorry for old milk, but I was skimming past threads and was surprised no one here ever put two and two together regarding the person Loish called out for copying her last year. I'm 90% sure the copycat is Lotusbubble. Loish specifically mentioned details like idea, style, and font, and said she was annoyed that the copycat posted their version before Loish was able to post hers publicly.

On June 5th, Lotusbubble made a post featuring some plants. Five days later, Loish made her callout post, and then finally posted her own plant paintings on June 15th. That alone isn't very damning, or even compelling, but take a look at the font used for the Patreon watermark in both posts. Prior to June 10th, all of Lotusbubble's posts used the same font as Loish, but immediately after the callout tweet she starts using a different one. She obviously saw Loish's tweet, knew she was the person being called out, and changed the font she uses because of it. Either that, or Loish reached out to her privately and asked her to change it.

As an isolated incident, it isn't much, but if you scroll through Lotusbubble's instagram, you can see the exact moment she started copying Loish, even down to using the same style and color choices for her Inktober pieces.

No. 857864

I remember coming across this artist’s work for the first time and getting really confused because I thought she was Loish. Similar style? Fine, okay. Having similar subject matter? Sure, maybe there’s some leeway. But even copying the font and watermark? Just why? What, is she trying to become Loish?

Sometimes I do come across an artist and think “wow, I wish my art was just like theirs” but that never actually comes true because I have other styles I’m inspired by. And I always end up having different ideas because we have different interests. I can’t imagine what it’s like to just completely copy everything about one artist.

No. 857872

a lot of people join in the art community trying to chase a market rather than come up with their own ideas. It's just like with youtubers.
In academic art it's a valid specialization to know how to mimic an artist's style and painting technique perfectly, because people do buy imitations (I knew a girl in my class who became an imitator of a cubist russian, forgot the name of) but in digital art, it's perceived much differently

No. 857874

It's honestly weird to me seeing artists copy Sakimi or Robutts exactly. They have the skill to imitate but not an ounce of soul.

No. 857892

Not sure if this is the right thread but could someone recommend me good resources for gesture/figure drawing? I'm a beginner

No. 857898

Read the bottom of this post, it literally has resources for learning. Good luck.

No. 857918

Never liked Lotusbubble, she lacks knowledge on what she’s painting and it shows, especially in comparison to Loish (the person she’s mimicking)
But on your topic anon, I 100% believe that it’s lotusbubble in that situation. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but last year the same exact thing happened but loish stated clearly that it was a background piece someone ripped off her patreon. I’m trying to find the receipts rn but I’m pretty sure Lotus was the person who Loish “called out” in this case as well

No. 857926

ah I didn't see it, thank you!!!

No. 857957

I hadn't heard anything about the incident you're describing, anon, but I'd love to see receipts. I found that Twitter thread while I was looking around to see if anyone was talking about Lotusbubble (even vaguely) because her copying of Loish is reaching the levels of Lulles from back in the day. On that note, the Lulles situation is probably why Loish cares more about people copying other aspects of her brand/personality than she does people ripping off her art style.

No. 857959

Oops, that's not who I meant to reply to. Meant to quote >>857918

No. 858014

Ot do any of you use calibrators for your monitor?

No. 858043

File: 1626717678502.png (794.84 KB, 1111x576, tick.png)

@tickyicky (former account was @taekoyuchi with 100k follorwers before she nuked it because of teh algurwithm) stealing the character nanami nishijou from chaos head

No. 858049


this looks more like an AU unless Im missing her specifically saying it's her character

No. 858053

nta but

also idk it's just a basic haircut to me

No. 858058

they have the same outfit afaict

No. 858063

I don't see it.
Other than the basic anime uniform and hair, I wouldn't call it stealing.

No. 858122

File: 1626721492273.jpg (352.07 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoCollage_1626719973305~2.j…)

In 2019-2020 an account called cotswoldblonde on eBay was selling fake designer handbags and clothing. My friend saw a listing for a Chanel purse last year and suspected it was fake. She went to a forum to confirm it. The fake purse ended up selling for over 1,000£ to some unsuspecting person.

Fast forward to now, my friend and I are in a group chat of artists and I sent a link to the bird itabag to them. My friend couldn't see it because she'd blocked the eBay user last year… and then it clicked.

TLDR; ohayouclothing regularly sold fake designer goods on eBay and thought no-one would notice. I just thought this was funny lol

No. 858123

I would def say stealing concerning everything going on with the hair and headband and very similar outfit right down to the blue plaid bowtie.

I know some may say the hair is generic looking but it's the way they hair goes over the headband and the two strands. Call me autistic but if anything this is heavily inspired by that chaos head chara

No. 858158

I think the design is generic enough for this to be a coincidence, to be honest. The oc feels much more kogal.

No. 858221

related topic, I wanna talk about the animations of the Youtuber/Musician Worthikids
while he did do exceptional traditional 2d animations(still does), he's now doing this technique in Blender for his new series
See Blender has this thing called grease pencil that allows for drawing. Kinda like those VR paintings you see done with Quill or Tiltbrush. So the characters he makes heads and bodies are 3D with outline effects while faces and other bits are grease pencil.
The Results are pretty good, his production time for an Episode has been reduced dramatically as well, honestly I hope more developments can be made that can improve these methods

No. 858236

Wow it looks amazing I love it

No. 858240

This was his traditional 2d animation for comparison
he also did the "Tinder Witches" Short

No. 858248

Blender doesn't get nearly enough praise, and I love where it's going.

No. 858309

File: 1626732400513.jpg (457.39 KB, 591x683, wtf.jpg)

False rape accuser Shunao/Furuya Mari is back to IRL conventions even though she promised she'd quit the con scene in her goodbye note. She's not even hiding her art from her other alterego @baelcypher

No. 858389

He also did this absolutely on-point old school claymation in Blender.

No. 858458

File: 1626744744717.jpg (463.52 KB, 2324x672, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7Egm…)

Honestly this is kinda depressing in a way, cause while Worthikids puts in genuine effort, humorous writing and excellent sound editing he still gets less then a million views per vid and doesn't even have a Million subscribers yet, while asshats like MeatCanyon get millions of views per video with his badly stilted "animation", he even earned over a 150'000$ to kickstart his shitty original series

No. 858478

This reminds me of claymation from Coraline or an obscure show like Glen Martin DDSit looks really smooth oh my god I want more of this

No. 858486

NTA but yeah! He's said before his inspo is those old Rankin/Bass cartoons. Makes me feel nostalgic and man I hope one day we can get an in debt tutorial on this because I would love to recreate my own things like he started out doing

No. 858519

These are all such basic and common anime character traits I bet I could find plenty more characters from different series that look just like this. There are only so many variants you cna do on "girl in anime schoolgirl uniform" before they start looking similar

No. 858529

File: 1626753934470.png (484.1 KB, 900x797, happy_birthday_sids_by_lioness…)

Does anyone remember the fanime community and WINGE? they made an animation to the /jp/ theme song
I wonder what happened to lionessjenna

No. 858586

if you check in this old thread, there's a few updates about her (sorry don't feel like scrolling through to find exactly which post)
IIRC she's still alive and kicking and just does NSFW commissions now

No. 858629

I found that but sadly her Twitter hasn't been updated in around a year it seems like and the NSFW is gone.
I have no idea about Sids or anyone else. I used to idolize Jenna a lot. Hope she's alright

No. 858638

I remember drawing this bitch.
Are there any youtubers who do similar animations to jenna these days?

No. 858685

Animation reminds of jet set radio, it's also more appealing to look at then traditional CGI

No. 858936

People in this thread are either retarded or tickyicky herself. This character is the exact fucking same, just a beige cardigan instead of a beige blazer.

No. 858939

She draws NSFW these days. Abandoned her Jenna persona and now is now going as dogscribss/sniffsniffimdog but seems to have not touched dogscribss and the 2nd account is gone. From searching around, she left Twitter and uses Baragg which is a site where you can post NSFW content of any kind without getting banned. (NSFW) https://baraag.net/@funny_soccer_pics

Also has a Carrd https://tsurufund.carrd.co/

Shame because i used to love her art and her coloring style years ago when was going as lionessjenna. Her art has improved last i checked, even though she continues to draw shota porn of a character from Inazuma Eleven.

No. 858946

Also forgot to mention, she no longer draws other characters anymore. Just Tsurugi Kyousuke and takes commissions of this one character whether it's animations or drawings.

She was showing obsessions of this character years ago but was very minimal. But now it's a giant obsession, almost gives me shotacon vibes from this one character alone. It makes you think when you read her profile on her Baraag account which states below

"I just like one fictional character.
I don’t wanna draw anyone else.
I don't wanna talk about random femboy/shota
I mute things I don't like to see.

No commissions but if you want to commission something with Tsurugi I will hear you out, no promises."

She also has a Pixiv account and last i saw, she WIPED all of her non-Tsurugi art and left those pictures up.

No. 858996

File: 1626805017522.jpeg (639.44 KB, 2048x2048, B26EE95C-3922-4FD4-B2B0-351308…)

(Im not sure if this is the right thread for this but I thought you guys might enjoy it)

this guy Lucas_rays has gone viral for the painting in top left of picrel, which to me seems to very clearly be a photo/ digital drawing badly photoshopped to look like a canvas. I checked out his portfolio and from what I can tell all of his “pieces” are like this; digital art photoshopped into real spaces to look like canvases. They’re also (imho) not very good and give the vibe of being heavily traced, but he’s built up a huge following because he largely posts selfies (although looking at them I suspect they are also very shooped) and generic “relatable tweets” as in the bottom left screencap.
He kinda gives of an Alythuh vibe to me in that he seems like he’s more interested in being seen as an “artist” rather than actually building his skills, hence all the photoshop and not wanting to admit that his work is all digital. As well as all the Facetuned selfies and generic content to cover up for his bad art, which is something Alyssa is also very guilty of.

No. 858997

some people love to give the benefit of the doubt but in this case it's so fucking obvious that the character design is copied that it's hard to even consider it coincidence.

No. 858998

File: 1626805091675.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 293E1063-DD4D-4D3F-A63C-56D1AE…)

heres a bigger version of the first image so you guys can really enjoy the terrible shooping

No. 859024

Oof that portrait says it all. His skills are very basic.

No. 859033

Man, I like to follow some photography artists on twitter because their stuff gives me mad inspo (I genuinely like their stuff's composition, colors etc), but a ton of them do nfts and are lowkey bitbros and it's so annoying. Many of them only post their stuff on twitter too so there's nowhere to run.

Sage because not milk, just a rant.

No. 859046

I'm trying to build social media presence so I can do commissions. I'm debating whether I should go down coomer furry artist route or sfw cutesy furry art route. Coomer art would make more money than sfw art, but if I build my online presence as a coomer artist, my account would have to be strictly 18+ hence missing out on a good chunk of audience. However I'm not sure if sfw art account would make enough money, as I don't think minors are the ones that are commissioning.

Right now I'm leaning towards finding a middle ground between those two choices, build social media presence with sfw & ecchi furry art and making a separate nsfw account afterwards.

What do you guys think? My main focus is commissions, I'm not too concerned about having a big following as long as I have enough customers.

No. 859050

I'd say to start with sfw art and gradually do some ecchi, that way it won't alienate your sfw followers but it can attract some coomers. Then eventually make a nsfw only account.

It's not really a good idea to start with nsfw coomer shit because even if it makes more money I'd say it's much better to have a wider audience willing to pay you little by little with the occasional coomer than a couple few horny guys and just that. Plus people pay a lot for shit like full sfw reference sheets of their furry OCs.

No. 859067


He's doing that thing that scrotes constantly accuse women of doing by making sure he's the main focus in the picture of his "artwork"

No. 859130

Whoa.. I've always loved her art but both her Twitter accounts have been inactive for like a year now. It's bizarre to see this, feels surreal. She really is only drawing one character from inazuma eleven and nothing else now. Huh

What about Sids and the others?

No. 859133

so she's just an obsessive coomer now? That's kinda sad I wonder how she ended up having tunnel vision for just him

No. 859143

I'm the one who asked about her but I'm kind of shocked. I remember her making art of him years ago but she still drew other things. She also did a lot of coomer stuff. It seems like know literally all she draws is shotacon. Bizarre. I wonder if her old animations are archived anywhere.

No. 859298

File: 1626833322307.png (740.94 KB, 1287x901, Man.png)


Scrolling through her Baraag, here's some choice posts i found from her. Sadly, she only draws this character cause it's who she loves the most. It is a shame cause she had some nice animations on her dogscribss account and was pretty interactive on Twitter with some people and iirc, was open for commissions.

No. 859357

I wonder if it's some sort of self sabotage or just pure stubbornness. She had an alright following too and her last tweets were about opening live2D commissions. What causes someone to go down a shotacon only one character rabbit hole?

No. 859406

She was gonna make a visual novel with dog furries in it, including her fursona at one point iirc. I remember seeing her post idle animations she created for the game unless i'm getting them confused for idle animation commissions she worked on. I have a feeling that won't be finished, her non Tsurugi animations were funny and cute.

No. 859452

use the mute word function on twitter, anon. It lets you mute keywords and they won't show up in your notifs or tl. I do it for both nfts and political sperging

No. 859709

Farmers who work on traditional art, I've got a question about watercolours. I'm used working on cellulose paper and I know what to do to get desired results. Recently I've bought 100% cotton paper and was surprised by how many layers it needs for the colours to stay as vibrant as I want. I know it's personal preference, but how many watercolour layers are you usually putting on the cotton paper to achieve the perfect vibrancy for you?

No. 859755

If you're in the Jojo community and do art trade, I suggest not doing any with twitter users i_love_josuke and corvoattanopng, they're both scammers.

No. 859793

I'm really into paper, actually anon! The kinds of paper you need are thin in nature, have a fine grain but not too fine, not too coarse. Thennyou need to wipe that paper right cross your asshole nonna lmao sorry I just can't stop being retarded

No. 859798

No. 859921

Hey anon, I understand you're probably posted this to bring awareness but do you have source? How are they scammers? Most anons at least bring some receipts. Or is this a nothingburger lol

No. 859932

I'm remembering when I was a kid watching this series and making "friends" with adults who liked it too. Turns out most of them were actual groomers oof.

If you're an adult fan of a children series, please conduct yourself maturely I beg of you lmao.

No. 859953

Not milk but is there a reason for there being 10 different books about the human figure while Gurney is seemingly the only one about shading? Is there something I'm missing here?

No. 859968

there's other books about shading and that sort but I'd guess it's kind of a more specialized skill and lots of art today isn't done in that sort of realistic style - like even discounting western -isms from last century a lot of Asian art has traditionally not been focused on modeling forms via fixed light sources. Same goes for art styles that are more decorative and focused on pleasing designs. Drawing humans is pretty universal though and artists that don't do humans at all are fairly niche-y.

No. 860333

some people from that community still do things. I was a tiny part of it, and I don't even draw anymore but it's cool to see who improved or didn't. It's kinda upsetting thinking back on it now though, I was only a minor and there would be raids on the forums where people from /b/ would spam pornography? I'm a firm believer that minors should stay off the internet because of that. Not even just me, but most 'fanimators' were around 13 years old?

Mewdoubled (Mewtripled now) used to be pretty popular and she animates professionally now. That's the only person I can think of who actually did something with their art.

No. 860362

cotton papers work very differently depending on which kind you bought. Did you get the cold pressed/fine grain by chance? Which brand?

No. 860369

Saging but questions for farmers making bank off furry art:

Is the Disneyfied style I keep seeing the industry standard? Is there scope for anything else, eg. semirealism, psychedelic or early anime style?

Is there scope for traditional furry commissions in more unconventional media (watercolours, coloured pencils rather than pen and Copics)?

I'm thinking this might be a good way to trial life as a 'working artist' and I don't actually mind drawing depraved sex acts when it comes down to it. I'm just wondering whether a divergence from the standard style would help me or make me entirely unmarketable lol.

No. 860414

nta, my question is in a similar vein kek but is there a line of erotic art that sells well but doesn't include animals or antropomorphic creatures? gonna shamelessly bump

No. 860542

File: 1626964721230.jpg (149.99 KB, 719x935, 202107222802011155232652984.jp…)

Here's one. Got blocked after reminding this cow of the trade.
I_love_josuke removed me on discord and doesn't answer twitter dms. Don't trust these people

No. 860544

Forgot to add I finished my part on both trades last year lol

No. 860550

Been dabbling in furry commissions for several years so hopefully I can help.

For styles you'll find that there's certain 'cliques' such as the Disney style, the toony fursuit style, the kemono style (basically how a lot of Eastern furries draw), and there's a lot of more niche styles too. For example drawing soft pastel furry girls with big eyelashes and some kind of e-girl aesthetic is super big atm because of artists like bratblush. Earthy toned furries that are kind of cottagecore (mushrooms, little bugs, plants all over them) are also popular. I know people tend to think you can just draw a furry and immediately get a billion commissions but you're going to need to network and get your art out there a bit. Find the people who draw in a way that appeals to you and follow them, maybe draw some fanart so they can RT it and bring in some of their followers who are also interested in that aesthetic. Basically you have to be a little invested/engaged in the fandom if you want to make money off of it.

Traditional commissions are very popular, people still love having something they can hold in their hands and it stands out among all of the digital artists. I'd say the best bet here is making convention badges - those headshots you see w/the fursona's name on it that people will wear to furry cons. These are really popular especially if you offer ones with some kind of theme or gimmick, like making them mixed media with ribbons/scrapbook paper as decoration.

Honestly there are plenty of furries with less conventional styles and if you draw good enough then you will get a following over time.

No. 860596

NTA but have been thinking about doing this as well. May I ask if you change your style significantly from whatever you post on main? Or if you find that it's enough to change just one element (color palette, brush choice, etc). I'm a little paranoid about irl friends who are very familiar with my art stumbling across my (as of now hypothetical) nsfw account.

No. 860602

Tbh I only draw SFW on main so I can't be much help, I do have a locked NSFW account but I only let friends and mutuals/followers I trust into it so it isn't part of my public brand at all.

I think if you're looking to basically make an entirely new persona for your NSFW work then it might be worth changing some things up, but maybe another anon has more experience with this and has better advice.

No. 860633

i'm jealous of artists like HamletMachine because they draw nsfw on main but aren't seen as a degenerate and have respect from fellow comic artists. i wonder how to get that, it seems just to be luck. the worst thing about being an exclusive nsfw artist is that you can't really interact with sfw artists anymore, and a lot of nsfw artists are weirdos

No. 860645

It's because their art is porn but in a beautiful/refined way, not really your average nsfw artist. It's all about the aesthetic of the account, as long as it isnt trashy, you don't have to decide who to interact with (as long as they arent minors yadda yadda). SFW artists interact with NSFW artists all the time.

No. 860687

Damn I'm sorry to hear that anon, that sucks. Thanks for clarifying and notifying people tho. What a cunt to block you after you remind them of an art trade

No. 860696

File: 1626976871653.jpg (195.68 KB, 2269x654, god have mercy.jpg)

Coomer Steven universe fanartist Mahmapuu posted this to 'own the haters' and all hell broke loose on western art twitter
To note she complains about people finding cartoon porn revolting all the time, even on her callout for actual confirmed pedo omelettecounty she had to defend lolicon/shota for not reason at all

No. 860704

Is porn involving video game characters popular? I'm contemplating stepping on the path of degeneracy but there's something deeply repulsive about furry art and I wonder if there are other types of popular erotic art out there

No. 860712

Doesn't ntr mean cheating - why is it on the same level as gore?

No. 860713

It depends on the franchise and company. Drawing porn of Nintendo characters for example is a complete no go unless you know a thing or two about gaming the system. Sega and capcom allegedly don’t seem to care about fan content unless stated otherwise.

Also, about the furry art thing, I somewhat agree with you despite being a occasional consumer of anthropomorphic content. I always found the juxtaposition of seemingly Disney styled animal characters involving themselves in the most degenerate garbage this side of e621 to be downright depraved.

No. 860715

I'm glad because she's annoying as fuck. being a coomer artist is so fucking exhausting

No. 860719

Ugly bastards tend be common in that genre especially ethnic ones who look like racist caricatures of black men. Really, any wrongthink kink is bound to rustle someone’s jimmies.

No. 860721

rape is also used a lot in NTR

No. 860907

>callout for actual confirmed pedo omelettecounty she had to defend lolicon/shota for not reason at all
what? why are nsfw artis like this

No. 860913

File: 1626994276589.png (456.73 KB, 825x1309, Screenshot_20210722-184904.png)

What's with this subgenre of artists that purposely type horrendously?

No. 860933

They are probably retarded.

No. 860951

mental illness sells

No. 860978

File: 1627001756687.png (1.01 MB, 1611x534, hmmm.png)

I know this was 2 days ago but ty for posting this Anon, this is hilarious. A male Alythuh! He even poses with the one dirty paintbrush (with the finished "painting"??) like she does. Also his website has some gems. Look at that stoned horse, what a guy.

No. 861011

I'm not really surprised, she was "apparently" on 4chan shilling her art and bragging how she wasn't like other 'blacks' not too long ago. I really don't expect much from most coom artist nowadays.

No. 861014

NTR usually means one character being cucked not just cheating, and most NTR involve the girl being manipulated into cheating and/or mindbroken. And yeah there’s usually a heavy humiliation kink to it since the girl is usually fucked into being a slut by an ugly old man or a douchebag.

No. 861037

File: 1627010824075.png (960.02 KB, 1017x617, pain ting.png)

Found this comment lol
Doing an acrylic underpainting or sketch for an oil painting is a common thing, but you can tell by the way he said it he genuinely has no idea which type of painting this "portrait" looks like, so he went with "both" as the safest answer lmao
Real answer is a mixture of photoshop and faceapp

No. 861045

Never trust an artist that has to pose with their own work.

No. 861050

omg the fucking hands. The size difference and the potato shape… Truly a visionary. ia the eyes look right out of faceapp.

No. 861063

even if this was a genuine painting it looks like garbage this boy is popular because he has above average looks, not for his art

No. 861201

Men literally doing the bare minimum once again. This is beyond bad. Audrey doesn't deserve this disrespect.

No. 861320

Kek looks like melania trump

No. 861326

I did my regular hatewatching of Jackie's latest videos and looks like she's spreading her ignorance to a new medium and is learning how to tattoo with equipment she bought from Amazon. The commenters who are understandably trying to call her out on promoting unsafe amateur tattoos, are being dogpiled by her fans and called Karens.

No. 861328

Jackie's second tattoo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1qaQ-N6Ojc

No. 861329

Jackie's second tattoo video

No. 861368

I've bought the cold-pressed paper from Arteza and Baohong. And yes, the one I was complaining about was fine-grained! Is it better to go for hot pressed with no grain in this case?

No. 861370

>you should wear gloves because the fake skin is going to get hurt
>I’m not promoting Amazon bought tattoo kits, the children don’t even have credit cards
Holy crap, the density of this person is the reason why I don’t watch art youtubers- it’s like, if you seen one, you’ve seen them all

No. 861391

ditch arteza completely, it's a mediocre brand (unless you meant arches? In which case I get you cause I get the names confused all the time!). If you want more vibrant colors, yes you should go for hot pressed, but consider it's hard to lift/move colors once you lay them on. I use baohong too, and I think their medium grain is a perfect balance. Cold pressed is made for multiple layers of paint, it's excellent for realism, landscapes or gouache, so you can find a good use for it anyway. What brand of paints do you use?

No. 861462

changing people's eye color to light blue is so rude to me idek

No. 861469

I do ink and wash so I normally do only 1 or 2 with some minor lifting. I'm still learning and worried about making my colors too muddy.

I've seen some pure watercolor painters with gorgeous vibrant work who do as many as 50 glazes. They work very thin.