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File: 1611939671167.jpg (555.9 KB, 1080x1613, 1611871182972.jpg)

No. 725338

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave. Don't feed the trolls that visit, for fucks sake.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom Discourse



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread: >>691728

No. 725341

File: 1611939924630.jpg (379.39 KB, 1080x1601, 2920naajja7wjjwjq2781823662whw…)

For the anon that asked her age in previous thread. She is on her 20s

No. 725344

For someone in her 20's she does act like a 13 year old, holy shit

Previous anon brought up the stalking thing, I think she's accusing the person who made the callout on her old account of stalking because people who follow her are blocked by them?

No. 725345

nta but wow, she's 20 and she acts like that. Looks like some people shouldn't be allowed on the internet to begin with lol

No. 725346

File: 1611940187987.png (1.67 MB, 1320x2048, Screenshot_20210129-083313.png)

>be shae
>screencaps and shit talk artists they hate
>talks about how they deserve more followers than said artists
>always starting discourse on main

But this artist really thinks some apology post caused the backlash against her?

No. 725347

Isn't that artist in question asian? Those "white people" are meant to be japanese I think.

No. 725356

File: 1611941027456.jpg (73.46 KB, 1000x1300, IMG_20210129_122113.jpg)

How do you have art like this but still decide to shit on other artists round the clock?

No. 725358

I realize that as a lolcow user I don't have room to talk but it must be exhausting being this negative all the time. Maybe you wouldn't be going mental all the time if you used twitter make friends instead of antagonizing strangers 24/7

No. 725359

File: 1611941536372.jpg (161.19 KB, 1152x2048, Pschosluurrr.jpg)

This is why never rely your lives on social Media.

Not sure anyone in this thread know about Doddle Dan. That weirdo guy that make a ginjika based on usa state. Here are some con with Lovely and Doddledan.
Deleted btw

No. 725361

I want to break the fingers of anyone that uses the passive aggressive '<3' when demanding something

No. 725374

she deleted that tweet fast as fuck. She's been monitoring this site she found out about it.

No. 725376

File: 1611943745088.png (66.92 KB, 594x333, FuckingStalkerlolwtf.png)

And she calls other people stalkers lol wtf is wrong with her?

No. 725377

File: 1611943815586.png (26.33 KB, 594x204, creepy.png)

No. 725397

File: 1611945172216.jpg (184.61 KB, 1080x847, Animalcrossing.jpg)

The artist is japanese anon.

No. 725400

File: 1611945340370.jpg (136.89 KB, 1080x966, Eeeeeeecyberbully.jpg)

Imagine labeling yourself as cyberbully but getting blank out by the corner of internet.

No. 725401

File: 1611945397131.jpeg (171.41 KB, 750x856, 9AEF8045-99A3-4C92-BCE9-800052…)

Why would you self own this hard?

No. 725406

File: 1611945772734.png (20.62 KB, 578x121, unknown-24.png)

Why would she say shit like this then go bully more people…

No. 725408

File: 1611946246977.jpg (192.46 KB, 1834x2048, IMG_20210129_135100.jpg)

What the fuck is thisss

No. 725411

lmao fucking sociopath

No. 725421

File: 1611947166738.png (540.72 KB, 1271x1261, image0-273.png)

yeah you're not in your 20s

No. 725425

what a creepy disgusting sack of shit, jesus

No. 725435

I just gotta say, this is the most entertaining cow to grace the art salt thread in a long while. amazing find, whoever did it.

No. 725440

love how it's always the people who tweet every 10 minutes and have over 10k tweets under their name the quickests to pull the "log off go touch some grass <3" sassy comeback. They don't even try to be self-aware.

This person keeps preaching about how much they hate twitter and that they don't give a shit about followers bla bla yet was suspended a little while ago and ban evaded because they just can't stay off it.

No. 725447

File: 1611949478034.png (38.48 KB, 716x327, cap.png)

this is the one that shows such an obvious parasocial hate. "big artists have no feelings, only I suffer".
Big artists have to keep a robotic, unaffected face because people like you salivate over their emotional pain

No. 725450

bro this looks like ms paint. look at the hair strands, is that not that one brush tool?

also girl got a nose fetish, is the only thing on the whole drawing that is full rendered.

No. 725456

File: 1611950150478.jpg (322.66 KB, 620x981, 1608041447688.jpg)

Consider checking out alterego on twitter, this is one of shae's mutuals. Alterego also insists that shes asian/latine/black but refuses to post any selfies. Both artists apparently suffers from DID

No. 725468

these people can't admit to themselves that the reason people don't follow them is because their art style is unappealing. kiana mai is a black artist that racebends characters and they look good, therefore she has the numbers to back it up (and she isn't incredibly arrogant about her art, either)

No. 725469

It's a whole circle of wannabe artists with mediocre skills who care more about what others are doing than polishing their own craft

No. 725471

File: 1611951133203.jpg (23.97 KB, 360x345, Eq2xkvHVQAEJOIK.jpg)

No. 725472

Lol this is just more proof that twitter is becoming tumblr. you say you don't like one random thing and you immedeatly have a bunch of literally mentally ill people with a grudge triying to ruin you
I feel a bit bad for them, cuz obviously DID must be very hard to live with, but these people really need to take a step back a evaluate how ridiculous they look being petty like that.
It absolutely cannot be healthy for literally mentally ill people to take internet shit this serious (it already is unhealthy for regular people)

No. 725479

File: 1611951491452.jpeg (198.75 KB, 750x541, 7B9C14A5-2ED4-42DA-927B-9528FD…)


No. 725480

why does she have four fingers… is she a ninja turtle, also why are they broken

No. 725485

They brag about being great at drawing curls yet the hair looks like a child's attempt at drawing a dust cloud.

Ironic how the straight hairs framing the face look more detailed and well done than the afro puffs.

No. 725486

Badly rendered, looks like Victoria from corpse bride got the Instagram hoe plastic surgery package.

A lot of these people never gave a shit about art in the first place and are now probably discovering how lucrative social media art accounts can be so they’ll rush out pieces like this and then expect quick and instant praise and e-fortune.

No. 725489

File: 1611951923960.png (60.59 KB, 600x478, NewCanvas1W.png)

Another incredibly mediocre artist in there circle of friends who harrases idolomantis (another bigger artist) for clout

No. 725490


the face looks like it was done with the shitty iphone emojis

No. 725494

Awww the pussy who bases their social media presence on shit-talking and starting fights is crying about being shit-talked on the internet, boohoo cry me a fucking river.

No. 725495

Teachiko really takes the cake.
You will never see a twitter drama on weebtwitter she hasn't started or at least been a main actor.
I will try to find screenshots but she has been harassing mixed asian people for not looking asian enough.

No. 725496

Oh my god I can't unsee it now!

No. 725497

File: 1611952291534.png (21.79 KB, 99x138, SHNIFFFFFFF.PNG)

You consider this fully rendered??

No. 725499

i keep seeing americans like this who are so self-centered and aggressively self-pitying and i just don’t get it. it must be so miserable living a life with this pitiful, self-obsessed attitude that everything is about MEMEME and people in other countries who dare focus on their own country’s issues are all EBUL BIGOTS

No. 725501

Maybe if alterego and LOVE(insert number here) cared about making their art better as much as they care about what other people think… But nope. Hell if coments are anoying them, just disable them, move platforms, fuck! Are the likes and validation that satisfying when put next to those ''mental breakdowns'' and ''harassment''?!

No. 725503

Does she realize that she's complaining and screaming racist left and right because an artist that's japanese draws characters that are very stylized and are not meant to be realistic portraits with colorful skin colors (they use literal white, literal black but not mammy caricature, grey, reddish, green as well as natural skin colors) and then she draws what's supposed to be a black woman with fucking blue skin and bright pink lips. It's fine when she does it, right? Fuck off, her art comes off as more disrespectful since they're all ugly as sin.

Anon, she doesn't have DID. Twitter DID means they have a lot of ocs they roleplay with. It's not difficult to live with because it's made up. If she doesn't post selfies, she could even be saying she's black because one of her alters is, you never know.

No. 725504

>>725479 What is up with those ugly emojis? They use them in almost every other tweet. Are we supposed to think they're that pathetic?

No. 725506

What did idolmantis do? The worse she's done to my knowledge is draw porn of children's cartoons (mlp) but then turn around and say people who draw anime teens in their underwear are creeps

No. 725508

Wasn't she posted before? Damn, it's like bad art twt cinematic universe

No. 725511

i hate people who get mad that someone with a larger following than them qrts them

talk shit get hit

No. 725512

absolutely fucking deserved it. Idolo is a total cunt. Leaked art and chats from private accounts she was given access to OUT OF FRIENDSHIP. Still makes sure no one forgets the entire blacklist of tmnt animators whos sin is to draw fucking tmnt porn, the oldest rule34 on the internet. I sure hope no animation studio ever accepts her work, they'd put her other interns at risk. No respect for artists who trive on destroying other artists

No. 725513

her whole personality is hating the whites and she's a goldmine of drama. Cishet yet doesn't mind calling lgbt people she doesn't like "freaks". Also not that important but her carrd saying "dni if satanist" makes me laugh a bit.

No. 725518

>Anon, she doesn't have DID. Twitter DID means they have a lot of ocs they roleplay with. It's not difficult to live with because it's made up. If she doesn't post selfies, she could even be saying she's black because one of her alters is, you never know.

Fuck I didn't know that. Now I feel like my trust was betrayed. Are you sure it is like that? At least LOVED(number) mentioned going to a therapist so I assume it's actually diagnosed. Man I try to sympathise with twitter people one time and…
It actually feels scary to think people would be such petty sociopaths for literally no reason

No. 725521

She may have a therapist for her PTSD.

No. 725522

File: 1611954353268.jpg (5.09 KB, 300x168, download (1).jpg)

>shit talking about Lovely = terf


No. 725524

File: 1611954414168.jpg (428.02 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210129-180325_Twi…)

Went to see her tweets and the fuck? All this for someone writing, may god break your hands. Isn't this just exaggerating?? As if twittfags don't write dumb shit while discussing

No. 725527

…are witches supposed to tell people this kind of stuff? She talks like some tiktok kid that just discovered rituals

No. 725531


Ppl who do these rituals and stuff for real and genuinely believe in them don't talk about it so casually. This is just like those vsco girls who try to pull the 'uHM aCTuALly i Am A wICcA' just because it sounds cool.

No. 725533

File: 1611954737913.png (27.98 KB, 598x413, Screenshot_2021-01-29 prince …)

They started cancelling Fatma because supposedly saying "may God break your hands" was her wishing harm against african americans according to them. Pretty hypocritical tho
(This is LOVED(number)'s supposed bother/sister btw)

No. 725536

>Just because I'm white
>minorities share a lot of common problems
Wait so is the quoted person a minority or is she white? Sorry I can't keep track of all these people.

No. 725537

File: 1611955087197.png (90.86 KB, 749x813, 1611954418076.png)

I don't know how many of you anons are interested in cartoon twitter (absolute goldmine of autistic drama) but people brought up the amphibia drama back after 2 years, and insane rumors are spreading

No. 725538

That person is white "minorities sharing problems" I think refers to that person being queer

No. 725540

File: 1611955212832.jpg (60.4 KB, 500x465, boodlebrain amphibia.jpg)

and the shipping drama for context. Hannah got called a pedo for shipping a teenage girl and a frog. Matt Braly is the creator of Amphibia

No. 725543

Saying "may God break your hand" is actually very common shit us Arabs say, it's just a shit talking thing you say when you're mad and doesn't mean physical harm on anyone. When you tell someone to "suck on it" you don't really mean it LETTERLY
She is just mad someone write horrible thing to her friends, it's not a big deal.
Maybe it's the language barrier, but my God I laughed so hard when they tried to make it like she wished harm on all black people 😂

No. 725553

>you don't really mean it LETTERLY

No. 725554

That's how they deflect any legitimate criticism towards them. They're completely unable to look at themselves critically and accept they're being garbage so they pull out bullshit to victimize themselves. Typical textbook manipulative behavior.

No. 725561

>pointing that out but ignoring the laughing crying emoji
Anon… pls

No. 725562

neurotic dumbass stop acting dumb, obviously people referring to Americans whenever we do something stupid is jabbing at our shitty mindset as a nation and it’s very general

No. 725565

I'm gonna be honest, I really miss "no fuck given" mentality of 2012 internet, there's zero harm done with this image, let people draw ships, whatever stop being so damn offended with every innocent drawing.

This said, showrunners gotta start acting professionally too, high time animation studios started holding some courses on internet conduct because they clearly keep forgetting they're no longer some obscure artist making stuff just for themselves and things they write online can damage the brand.

No. 725599

Damn, I already knew she didn't actually mean it literally, but there was an Arab girl that quote retweeted her with basically "OMG THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT SHE SAID OMG THIS IS NOT OK". What you said makes the qrt girl seem even worse.
Imagine getting thrown under the bus by your own kin like that, damn

No. 725604

I don’t understand this. I’m black myself and it makes me cringe how so many of these black Twitter artists have the ugliest fucking art. The actually talented black artists keep to themselves and just post their work while the trash ones are loud and attack people for clout and use them being black as a way to guilt people into following them.>>725347

No. 725608

are people naturally born with pink hair and eyelashes now????

No. 725609

It's a drawing anon

No. 725615

It's because their art cannot generate enough followers as an income. They have to find alternative routes to stay relevant such as "clapbacking the racists" because they are activists. It is unfortunate that you cant call this behavior out or else you are labeled antiblack or as a pedophile.

No. 725621

Talented artists who give a shit about their art gain legitimate followers who support their talent, while these clowns have to act like dancing dogs on social media to gain attention because art is hard and trying to get better at it would take too much effort, PLUS their obvious twitter drama addiction… it's really pathetic.

No. 725630

damn 12 hours and no tweet, this is probably the most she hasnt seeked external validation

No. 725631

I know anon, but the eyelashs though

No. 725632

Exactly, no matter what you will do, they will find a way to criticize you. If you do not draw enough brown/black characters, you are racist. If you draw too many brown/black characters, you are blackfishing.

If you block these types of people because they cause drama nonstop, you are racist for targetting them. You will never win in this fight, especially since their behavior is socially acceptable on twitter/tumblr because its in the name of allyship/activism.

No. 725650

File: 1611963669671.png (303.57 KB, 1221x839, image0-58.png)

One of Shae's moots, wow

No. 725659

File: 1611964459265.jpg (179.93 KB, 1310x1358, IMG_20210129_184726.jpg)

This is from the old callout thread for her old account, I can't find the tweet after because suspended accounts but this is the person she made the native/biracial comments against. We can add defended/encouraged harassment of minors with her mutual to her bucket list according to the thread lmao

No. 725666

what does jump mean?

No. 725672

It sounds like she's telling her to jump of a bridge, but I'm also confused by her phrasing. There's a small chance she meant something else and just phrased it in a very retarded way

No. 725675

I remember seeing that. Shae, a grown ass 20-something adult, and their group of equally excellent individuals started shit talking this 15yo's art, commenting under it and quote-retweeting their tweets viciously like the horde of mentally unstable weirdos they are.

No. 725679

It definitely means jumping off a cliff, a bridge or whatever. As in, telling them to kill themselves.

No. 725683

File: 1611965453127.jpg (168.51 KB, 1079x1347, IMG_20210129_191032.jpg)

They stalked and released the private account of a 15 year old, that's fucking creepy yet they're trying to call this person a stalker

No. 725685

>don't interact just block and report
LMAO they sure didn't follow their own words. fucking stalker. gross.

No. 725691

I can't believe this person gets away with acting like this, when did twitter decide sending death threats and harassing minors was a moral grey area

No. 725693

These people do not have any self-awareness. And these are adults pulling crap like this…Twitter is such a crapshoot.

No. 725699

that cherryosoda or whatever person was on it too, harrassing a child for their supposed 'antiblackness' and pulling anti-biracial jokes and shit. Wish i had screenshots but unfortunately it happened rly fast and shae's account got suspended overnight. At least i'm glad twitter did something about that.

No. 725717

File: 1611967591624.jpg (219.74 KB, 1076x1502, IMG_20210129_194415.jpg)

To add they found this person's new account and go on about them, to be honest the whole stalker accusation seems like self deflection at this point

i wonder what the lesbophobe and groomer stuff is about though

No. 725724

These are the same people who called javi draws a white british artist when she is a pakistani. I wouldnt hold much faith in any of their accusations

No. 725728

how the fuck did they found their new account tho….

No. 725738

Ok if this is dat azurefangs then if you go to her account it says "DEACTIVATING! MOOTS DM FOR NEW @" so angel face probably had someone that didn't look suspicious dm azurefangs for the new account to pass the info back to her and then leaked it

No. 725739

The amount of time and energy these people have to put into this. Imagine if they put it into their own art, how good they would be?

No. 725740

File: 1611969960375.jpg (162.38 KB, 1080x881, 9e92738wksj368woashje3usjw.jpg)

No. 725743

File: 1611970405555.jpg (41.08 KB, 640x647, EgPktQIVAAE1z6z.jpg)

What the fuck?! that's creepy psycho shit… If I was that kid i would be fucking terrified

No. 725748

What really annoys me is that these kinds of Twitter users see attention for their art as something they deserve for being activists rather than, you know, good artists. If you want to be an activist then be an activist, don’t just use activism to get people to look at your shitty art. Otherwise you don’t actually care about the cause, you’re just an untalented narcissist desperate for followers.

No. 725749

Don't get it… if she wants clout she should work for it (and maybe not complain about other races this much?)

No. 725750

wtf is this cringe """"""witch"""""" shit

No. 725751

Probably a dumb question, but does anybody here know how's the art community in VK? I was thinking about that a while ago and I was curious kk.
Are Russian artists/art kids as cringey as the American/Americanised ones?

No. 725754

you worded it wonderfully

No. 725756

God its just a game… anyone can do whatever they want

No. 725760

She seems like she could be active on her private account because she's had a recent reply (30 minutes) but it could be a reply to an older message

No. 725761

I get why it would be offensive, Native Americans hasve strict rules about using imagery, and who gets to participate in the culture. Sure technically everyone can do whatever they want but still..
What bothers me more is that this person was openly racist against an indigenous person and then has the guts to call out other people for being racists.

No. 725762

I think they fail to consider that the average twitter user doesn't want to have to see 600 posts about ""activism"" in between every mediocre art post these people make, and that's another thing holding them back. Their nastiness is keeping them from growing in several ways

No. 725764

File: 1611972102135.png (1.08 MB, 2048x1335, Screenshot_20210129-180043.png)

Ironic considering shae is also 20, yet she spends 40 hours a week harassing people on twitter

No. 725765

>tell us who you REALLY mean, be specific, say it with your chest.
First worlder. Whiny, bitchy and spoiled rotten first worlder.
I see the new trend is bitter "artists" with no personality attacking nonblack non-americans for no reason. Wrap it up gringo
Twitter could NOT roll out that country blocking feature sooner.

No. 725767

File: 1611972276762.png (35.75 KB, 579x251, unknown-33.png)

Imagine being their sibling and finding this, that's gotta be awkward lol

No. 725769

They both sound crazy and fucked up

No. 725770

The whole situation with the sister confuses me. shae said that her sister was the one who said anti native stuff, but it was from shae's old account that got suspended. She seems to be on not great terms with her sister so why would she let her use her account?

No. 725771

>shae said that her sister was the one who said anti native stuff
No, I think her sister is the one who is native and shae is polish

No. 725773

File: 1611972673741.jpg (105.24 KB, 1295x1095, IMG_20210129_054903.jpg)

This is Shae's old account so I don't know about whatever else but this comes off as racist to me,and this certainly isn't her sibling

No. 725774

File: 1611972749733.jpg (134.43 KB, 980x1337, IMG_20210129_210927.jpg)

She's got a hashtag for people to draw her stuff for free. Pretty narc looking

No. 725776

File: 1611972875512.jpg (140.52 KB, 1080x795, 29.jpg)

what is she on? this is literally the only thing she does

No. 725777

She likes to point at other poc and be racist then when they do anything back cries about how everyone is anti black and how they should send her money it's pathetic

No. 725778

Literally how much of an empty, sick person do you have to be for 99% of what you talk about is race

No. 725779

Do you know what she was quote retweeting? I'm curious

>Wrap it up gringo. Twitter could NOT roll out that country blocking feature sooner.

Well, I absolutely agree with that lmao buuut a thing that I see is that most people (except for maybe some hispanics and some arabs) will feel the need to atract as wide of an audience as possible wich means they almost always speak english all the time and will conciusly or unconciously make themselves more westernised or americanised… wich often means you end up inevitably attracting mostly american fans. We non americans really need to learn to cater as little as possible to american kids if we want to avoid them while we still can't block whole countries.

Yes her "sister" confuses me a lot too because she said that it was her sister who made the anti native tweets but them a person tweeted claiming to have been the one to have made the tweets but that person had he/they on profile. Also on some tweets it was her friends telling her that it was defenitely her sister and I relly don't know how other people would know that better than herself.
I'm honestly still not completely convinced that her "sister"/"brother" isn't some sort of DID thing.

She specifically mentioned Native americans being anti blck in her answer to that curios cat question

No. 725782

It's what brings them attention because their art absolutely doesn't.

No. 725783

File: 1611973376171.jpg (299.22 KB, 1080x1919, 28whe8w8iwkqjwjw2.jpg)

What really funny is that TEACHNIKO try to cancel sakimichan but failed miserably.

Does this people have thing to do rather obsessing successful big artist ?

No. 725785

File: 1611973480047.png (169.82 KB, 1238x627, image2-10.png)

Maybe because y'all are annoying and narcissistic as fuck

No. 725786

I'm not buying anything she says. Zero self-awareness, creepy stalker and narcissistic as shit.

No. 725787

How are you guys even on twitter and do you have any advice to keep safe on there. I don't want to post on a platform where I consta
ntly have to be scared of being doxxed and harrassed.

No. 725789

tbh it's a mix of a. blocking the ppl you know will cause problems and b. avoid interacting with these communities if you can.

No. 725792

Except if people think you have a suspicious number of black people blocked like what they did to meyoco.

No. 725793

Find blocklists of this community, mute certain words and don't get involved in race/anti shipper discourse. And don't get involved in cartoon twt in general they overlap a lot with and jack off the salty mediocre black artist community

No. 725794

sure meyoco might have started blocking people under javi's tweet, and if there really were dozens of people that seems likely, but if someone's randomly blocks people that make them uncomfortable and some of them happen to be black, people migth get upset about that.

No. 725795

I really so want to support black artists though and I like seeing a lot of diverse art instead of the same boring white pretty pinterest girls. Just have to curate the perfect following list.

No. 725797

Even if you avoid the community, people will imply youre racist if you dont tweet or retweet political activism (i.e people who tweeted nothing during june 2020)

No. 725798

You can block them i guess, but keep in mind that these people are the types to post screenshots and ask "who this?" to make their moots and followers look into your account and see if they can catch something "sus" about you, because they're so incredibly narcissistic they believe anyone who doesn't like them must be a racist pedophile. I suggest muting them instead.

Try to evade discourse and drama as much as possible and don't engage with people who give you bad vibes.

No. 725799

File: 1611974558405.jpg (339.94 KB, 1080x1919, 282jwhw82kqn172eunw28wnh28wjwn…)

>harrass/ acuse people with no solid reason
>Victim complex they're stalking me reee

No. 725800

so far my formula has been
>keep identity vague
>don't interact with people other than saying "thank you!" or answering questions about art process, but still attempt to appear friendly
>don't post opinions
>retweet poc art posts
>act vaguely lgbt
>draw characters of all races
>block troublemakers
>if someone confronts you, feign ignorance

No. 725805

My Startegy
>When post art always turn off the reply or only reply only people who you follow
>Tweets in another language than english(Keep the english language minimun as possible)
>Attract eastern fandom and industry folks instend
>focus only posting only art never social interaction

No. 725806

File: 1611975055151.png (1.87 MB, 1651x2048, Screenshot_20210129-184958.png)

This javi draws discourse has been going on for days, I wish people took breaks off twitter.

No. 725812

"racial gaslighting" you mean what you and your friends do to all nonblacks for simply existing?

No. 725814

All of this bullshit just for some shitty tweet some bored person made, that very well could've been discussed on DM's or whatever like fucking NORMAL ADULTS. wish these people would stop living on fucking twitter 24/7

No. 725816

>. We non americans really need to learn to cater as little as possible to american kids if we want to avoid them while we still can't block whole countries.

Sadly as you say, we cant just stop using english unless we want to stay on niche markets.

About her sister…wouldn't be surprised if shes fake and that's just her roleplaying lmao

I already had her blocked even though Ive never seen her before, I do use blockchains so probably most of these black artist that where blocked by meyoco were just shit stirrers

How do you attack eastern fandom? I've interacting with Russian artists and they are mostly chill it seems those that interact mostly with Americans are the most aggressive ones

No. 725817

File: 1611975627194.png (1.62 MB, 1433x2048, Screenshot_20210129-185941.png)

Yeesh, not even black people are safe for speaking against this behavior

No. 725818

I can respect well enough that but you really gotta be careful. You gotta try to get a really good feel for the vibes of the people you're thinking of following. Do not interact with people that seem childish, and I'd personally advise you to really avoid people that seem to be way too into IdPol (maybe you also want to support other types of minorities, but imo you should be careful with way to many minority labels in bio being a warning sign).
If you want to get more variety in your following list try to go for the professional people at first, like people that have worked for disney or dream works or etc… those people have an actual job that expects them to act professional so they can't be walking around publicly acting like children
>>725805 's list is also pretty good. Turning of the replies may make some people think you're suspicious but the other stuff sounds legit. If you're not american try not attracting american followers. I have never heard of this type of drama between other nations. I'd advise you to keep a mindset of "few good followers are better than a lot of potentially bad followers"
A lot of the other advice is also good. Be nice, don't be political, don't be toooo opinionated, maybe avoid certain types of edginess that may bite you in the butt later, steer as far away as possible from people you already know like to cause drama

Last thing, for the love of the Lord do not post stuff that could get you doxxed.

No. 725819

File: 1611975682842.jpg (138.03 KB, 1064x948, IMG_20210129_220055.jpg)

Do these wackos ever call it quits my god

No. 725824

File: 1611976840849.png (33.17 KB, 598x344, Screenshot_2021-01-29 ♡Thugs B…)

That girl is defenitely a nutjob. Look at her here.
"WTF you are defending your friends instead of throwing them under the bus to side with a bunch of sperg ass childish people on twitter dot com? those people are black so you are being racist!"

In places like instagram I think you can be more lenient cuz it's more chill, but on twitter I think it really might be worth it to purposefully atract less followers in order to have a more peaceful following base. Art is a visual medium anyway, so I think so long as you actually use twitter to post mostly art instead of hot takes you will atract people that are there for the art and not for random drama.

And to atract the eastern fandoms I think you should just interact more with them. Don't do the thread that are popular with the US, do the ones that are popular with Easterners. I have no experience with this but this sounds like something you could think of triying.


Could you say where you got that screenshot from?

No. 725825

The obsession with black artists is so weird on here(bait)

No. 725826

This is the same person who just a few weeks ago threatened to draw porn of people's family members, including younger siblings, because of anime character porn.

No. 725828

Maybe the ones we're talking about should stop being narcs lol

No. 725831

File: 1611977586936.png (1.64 MB, 1316x2048, Screenshot_20210129-193151.png)

Heybiji is now being called out for being critical of the discourse (she posted this in december but just rted it.)

No. 725832

File: 1611977610980.png (1.69 MB, 1293x2048, Screenshot_20210129-193214.png)

These tweets got deleted

No. 725833

File: 1611977672199.png (1.16 MB, 1177x2048, Screenshot_20210129-193238.png)


No. 725834

File: 1611977713825.png (1.64 MB, 1256x2048, Screenshot_20210129-193022.png)

One of the artists that called out javi draws has posted this


No. 725835

File: 1611977749905.jpg (86.13 KB, 1060x508, IMG_20210129_223522.jpg)

Blockscripts can't be biased lmao it can't tell the difference between a black and white person, dumbass

No. 725836

the absolute state of twitter, being called out just for saying "hey, this is getting out of hand maybe chill a bit" lol

No. 725838

But narcissists DO manipulate and lack empathy lmfao

No. 725839

But Biji made those tweets last year and she was talking to multiple people so it could have been about any of them, not just this person

No. 725840

I'm glad people didn't let that pass unnoticed because it was funny as shit, what a fucking pathetic weirdo

No. 725841

Yes but she retweeted those post recently, that's why they're talking about it again

No. 725842

File: 1611978351439.jpg (256.5 KB, 1078x1437, Keeeponbarking.jpg)

Mtf their only weapon is the race card

No. 725843

I know she retweeted it, but my point is that those tweets still weren't written for greatgalatyka and they weren't specifically retweeted for her cause Biji went back and forth with multiple people about the issue.

No. 725844

File: 1611978448028.jpeg (558.86 KB, 1242x1413, FF00035E-FB20-4451-9583-BCC28C…)

I’m just now following this mess and… wow.

No. 725847

File: 1611978689137.jpg (62.53 KB, 750x910, Esbl5I9XAAELAFS.jpg)

It's some legitimately unhinged behaviour. I don't know how this person got a job at an actual studio when they've been causing drama and fighting with other artists on twitter before, which led to them getting banned on their previous account.

No. 725848

Of course
narc narc

No. 725851

File: 1611978963114.png (38.1 KB, 598x404, Screenshot_2021-01-30.png)

No. 725853

What studio hired this freak? Like damn who wants someone who threatens that kinda shit working for them

No. 725855

>if you don't hop in the dogpiling you're shit, get that nuanced civil discussion outta here!

No. 725856

this bitch admits she has NPD and gets offended that biji said to be cautious of manipulative narcs lmfao these idiots have zero self awareness. getting likes and rts for being perpetually offended is much easier than trying to get likes on your shitty art so i can see why these untalented mfs spend their free time crying on twitter instead of drawing

No. 725859

Samefag here. Some people on the comments of another tweet from the same person calling Heybiji a coon


No. 725862

File: 1611979699313.png (1.8 MB, 1285x2048, Screenshot_20210129-200758.png)

Oh wow, even kiana commented on the discourse.

No. 725863

File: 1611979718734.jpg (2.84 MB, 3413x1920, 939wwnqh2owhr62vwqjqw26.jpg)

No. 725867

File: 1611980703253.png (31.73 KB, 582x214, f.png)

context: ivy(destinytomoon) dates a fakeboi and whines when her woke fans point out the obvious clout chasing going on. whines to her followers about this at least 100 times a day b4 drawing her usual chalk scribbles

No. 725871

File: 1611981540387.png (1.7 MB, 1445x2048, Screenshot_20210129-203849.png)

Ivy is one of my favorite cows because she, a white latine, shit on other white people constantly.

No. 725874

File: 1611981847018.jpg (295.69 KB, 1080x1823, 2be2jwb18b17ha.jpg)

There are cookies, like they have no race

No. 725878

File: 1611983838788.png (66.44 KB, 580x568, unknown-38.png)

Turns out Shae is hiding on their private account, something they've bullied others for doing lmao (the privated account is their priv, @plsdontswordpls) they responded recently so they have to be active. The hypocrisy

No. 725879

File: 1611984218002.jpg (67.82 KB, 1068x480, IMG_20210130_002338.jpg)

These people are so transparently disgusting holy shit how does this person have a job

No. 725880

Isn't this that person that got busted faking being a MtF trans woman? also saying constantly that she had vitiligo and was ugly and fat but looking pale as shit and conventionally pretty in her selfies?

No. 725881

Ofc they're being coddled by their garbage enablers.

No. 725882

File: 1611984390939.jpg (235.33 KB, 1080x1552, 2j2hei2wnnq21.jpg)

Still same narc

No. 725883

I wanna hurl

No. 725885

Knowing that biji is a nice and normal artist who has received flack for saying rational stuff like "artists with big followings are people too, they make mistakes and have the right to defend themselves from heavy accusations". This person is truly vile and pathetic.

No. 725890

File: 1611985537870.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.5 KB, 1810x2000, IMG_20210130_004540.jpg)

where are the nipples where did they go

No. 725892

Bitch is so fucking addicted to twitter they literally can't stay off it LMAO

No. 725893

File: 1611985792846.png (1.81 MB, 1367x2048, Screenshot_20210129-214958.png)

Biji is a saint, holy shit

No. 725894

Lmao Ilasja has been a personal lolcow of mine for years I'm so glad she's finally ended up on here

No. 725895

They're being WAYYYYYYYYYYY TOO NICE with this disgusting motherfucker, but as long as they get free of the bullshit

No. 725926

File: 1611989069716.jpg (340.86 KB, 1080x1933, Yuck.jpg)

A closted Xenophobic. (Dark Skinned Asian exist sweetie sorry).Honestly they only draw GI chracters as black for a clout. Totally a performative "activism"

No. 725927

File: 1611989105993.jpg (192.54 KB, 1080x1137, Yuck 2.jpg)

No. 725939

File: 1611990991832.jpg (43.27 KB, 978x330, IMG_20210130_021625.jpg)


No. 725942

to American twitter artists realize they're not the only opressed group on the planet?
and saying that doesn't make you racist right? nvm they need to feel personally victimized by literally everything and everyone

No. 725963

I was going to look into Prince but their account is locked lol they're probably watching the thread

No. 725970

File: 1611995191536.jpg (59.16 KB, 628x628, IMG_20210130_032554.jpg)

The lack of self awareness is real

No. 725973

bitch playing dumb

No. 725985

what a nasty and jealous person. if she would take the time she shits on better artist to improve her art maybe she could draw well too.

No. 726038

I tweeted nothing about it and the worst you get is like, losing 10 followers when you're at 10k. I even saw people with "If an artist doesn't support blm vocally then unfollow!" viral tweets still following and interacting with me, lol. It's all so blatantly performative. It can depend on the art you draw, though; if you're in fandoms popular with woke teens, like Steven Universe and My Hero Academia, you can get extra scrutiny.

No. 726085

File: 1612014137722.jpg (328.18 KB, 1080x1801, 19wj281jwj182jsjw.jpg)

No. 726089

It's not really a apology tho. She talk about her situation and mental health like they are her excuses. She wrote "apologies for everything" but didn't adressed anything. I tthink it'd be better if she disappeared for a while because this is going nowhere.

No. 726090

"it wasn't me who was a bitch, it was me roleplaying who was a bitch" also lmao at the caffeine addiction part. At least they are aware enough to know that their behavior warranted an apology. I wonder if they expect normies to get in on the discourse now that people are attacking biji and this is an attempt to preemptively save face

No. 726093

File: 1612015500614.jpg (39.1 KB, 720x409, EHf5QekWoAAuEsY.jpg)

'my alters are fronting more than i-'

No. 726102

Wow. So she can just tweet racist and homophobic shit and start fights and use "it wasn't meeee it was my alter ego who's racist, homophobic and starts fights with people" when things get too hard.

No. 726110

File: 1612018419921.jpg (865.94 KB, 2222x1200, Esn2Kn4XYAA8LWI.jpg)

Gee I know I'm cherry picking but his artstyle really became shit after he decided to emulate that 90's style, his coloring technique greatly improved (not pictured) but his sketches are unaesthetic

No. 726120

Of fucking course it was her alter kek. First her sister, now her ocs but never herself.

No. 726158

It's obviously not actually an apology, she's just explaining to her friends/followers why she's gonna stop using that account so much. I'm not even exactly sure who the "apology" is geared towards to. Javi? Fatma? Azurefangs? Her followers?
Tbh I kinda wanna believe she does actually have DID. Mentally healthy people being like that just cuz is more scary to me (and the way how she talks with her friends about her sister is still weird to me + it's also kinda weird to go from tought guy attitude to victim atitude in less than a day)
Either way I'm actually glad she had at least more than two braincells to realise that it's not a good idea to be acting tought on the internet if you're actually super sensitive. This probably was just her signaling that she got tired of backlash/drama, and hopefully it means she won't be causing anymore trouble (at least for a bit)

Who's that? At least give us the name so we can google more examples, anon
The anatomy on that sketch is just yikes. One of his legs looks so much ticker than the other

No. 726160

I miss the time when twitter wasn't tumblr 2.0

No. 726169


Absolutely fucking yes. I wanna see this witch burn.

No. 726170

>The person?
>Her circle and friends

No. 726185

>Her circle and friends
They're a whole farm. All of them.

No. 726198

Sorry I forgot, his handle is @kirariinn. I find his art the past few years very hit and miss

No. 726204

File: 1612029206158.jpg (289.26 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210130-144743_Twi…)

Cant wait for these early 20s "animators" go into job hunting and realize they are already blacklisted from workplaces thanks to the toxicity they love to show while proudly showing info that can easily be identifiable

Ugh I hate when they delete posts

No. 726210

The deleted is about Shae should reciving a thread or not. Personally I think Shae's milk is already dry.
I think her circle and friends deserve a thread probably best to go with /snow/

No. 726213

I just searched him up, and I don't think his art is toooo bad, just way to weeb for my taste, and at least from a first glance the majority of his artwork has a bit of a slighly sketchy/not fully polished look to it that also isn't exactly my cup of tea
I always find it a bit of a negative for artists to focus so much in style/stylistical homogeinity because of this type of thing

However, tbh the second artwork in your example looks a bit generic imo (albeit still technically skilled)

No. 726240

Hey folks, I got a wacom intuos recently (first drawing tablet) and I'm very happy with it but I've been having a small problem, specifically with clip studio paint.
Sometimes I open up csp and the tablet suddenly stops working, even if I turn it off and on again and it still has a blue light. When that happens I just reboot the computer and turn the tablet on again and it starts working.
My computer is kinda potato tier (I just tried playing friday night funkin and it crashed the browser) and csp itself almost-crashes sometimes and becomes a bit laggy ocasionally.

Do any anons have similar experiences? Maybe other tips?

I think in my case it may also be because I use way too many layers and because this time I was triying out the timelapse feature (the project that this is happening most too is more complex than the others I've done before).

I was planning to eventually try to get an actually good computer (cuz I also would like to game a bit) but for now I still don't have enough money for that.

No. 726244

Wtf is this garbage ass """apology""" they love parroting about taking accountability and LOVE bullying people for writing "shitty notepad apologies" yet they write a shitty thread like this and it's fine???????? fuck outta here what a piece of shit

No. 726246

It's worse than tumblr at this point.

No. 726247

It's twitter LMAO what do you expect? being cancelled is absolutely inevitable.these second rate animators/artists in the industry should already know this especially when they have been there for so long.

No. 726250


tumblr at least had some funny delusional bullshit such as the gold that was dashcon, twitter is just the successful lovechild of a psych ward and a garbage truck.

i don't remember tumblr users being so fucking entitled and fame hungry as these current twt artists are either.

i'd take up a fandom tumblr sjw over a sjw twitter artist any day honestly.

No. 726258

I gotta say I'm glad that this LOVED927948448498 person is now aware that whatever you post on the internet doesn't go unnoticed. I am also very amused at how incredibly fast they seem to crumble at being bit back considering how much time they spend on being hostile and creepy.


No. 726266

Is the driver updated? If so, try downloading a previous version and seeing if it fixes the issue.

I use paint tool SAI on my potato laptop, seems lighter than other softwares and runs smoothly. You should at least try to figure out if it's a csp issue or the tablet's.

No. 726273

You can believe she has DID, but her behaviour is just that of a narcissist.

No. 726319

Am I the only one incredibly annoyed at the way she types?
>yeah accountability bla bla
>I don't realllllly wanna say this but…
God shut the hell up, drop the sassy babble already you sound insincere and childish as shit… is this person really an adult?

No. 726325

It's been said before on this thread that the best interaction/friends you can make are asin/east asian art twitter, if you can't speak the langauge or really know the trends how do you get to be a part of that community. Any follow recomendations.

No. 726331

I'd say shared fandoms is one good way of meeting those artists. My main fandom is pretty small/niche and usually they'll follow me back if I follow them first. A lot speak a little english or use google translate to interact with western followers.

No. 726346

Look up your interests in different languages and you'll find artists and people eventually. Keep in mind tho that some artists from eastern fandom are wary of english speaking communities for obvious reasons so don't take it personally if someone puts distance. Overall, just don't be rude to people.

No. 726348

are most eastern artists wary if the person does not speak the language that well? is it better to not speak at all or

No. 726352

Not really. When there's a language barrier, most people appreciate the other party taking the effort to communicate even if they aren't fluid on it. I'd say is way better to try to speak another language (eve if they're just basic words or phrases) than just resorting to english.

No. 726353


No. 726355

Lol most east asian artists aren't gonna bother with you if you don't speak the langauge. Maybe they'll respond to comments but they aren't gonna go out and try to befriend you. Just find some artist mutuals you like, comment on their stuff and DM them to make friends, and then set up a Discord with them or something.

No. 726375

>Lol most east asian artists aren't gonna bother with you if you don't speak the langauge
Unfortunately this… You should at least try learning their language before befriending them. Also, try to have common interests (what interests you in them vs what interests them in you) and don't come off as creepy. Put effort into the friendship and the language barrier can be overcome.
t. trilingual retard searching for a language learning partner

No. 726379

the worst thing that could happen on tumblr is getting hate anons and you could turn off anon. twitter kids want to destroy your reputation and career if you step out of line and there's no way to stop interactions except going private. you'll eventually piss off some sensitive baby if you post any of your opinions. even the nicest artists like biji aren't safe

No. 726381

Anyone else have mixed feelings about becoming "popular" on social media? I have a around 10k followers rn which isn't that much in the bigger picture but I get a lot of notifications and comments daily which didn't use to be the case. I hosted my first drawthisinyourstyle thing when I was smaller and was so genuinely happy about everyone who drew my character and replied to and shared every single entry. Now it's getting harder to reply to every comment and if I were to do another dtiys idk if I'd be able to share everyone's drawing in my story. I don't know, it feels like I'm growing distant from my followers with time? It's cool to gain recognition but I also feel nostalgic for the times where I was a small artist and interacted with other small artists and posting felt a lot more easygoing. Total first world problem I know.

No. 726382

File: 1612043520234.jpg (134.09 KB, 688x1209, C3QyCda.jpg)

It does't even matter that Biji is a black artist that agrees that this situation was blown way of of proportion. Her opinion went against what they say so they dismiss her.

No. 726384

having more followers on social media makes you lonelier yes. people see your follower count and already have preconceptions about you, people start interacting hoping to get something out of you, or assume you're stuck up if you don't reply to every comment etc. it's harder to make genuine connections. there's also more pressure when it comes to posting bc of how many people will see it. i hate that follower counts are visible on social media

No. 726387

twitter autists will also screenshor and mass report your account,and if you don't want to give twitter your phone number you essentially lose it

No. 726388

That was what was nice about tumblr. Not being able to see people’s followers counts made it easier

No. 726389

Who said this? Japanese/ Chinese fandom is full of so much drama and little rules it’s just as bad as american woke Twitter, just passive aggressive instead of outwardly aggressive. You’ll be ostracized and driven out if you misstep and no one will inform you of what’s happening. You can’t even make memes or jokes using anime or game screenshots in asian Twitter because people think it’s disrespecting the company. Most westerners will be completely unable to learn and internalize all the little rules in the Japanese fandom, even if you speak the language

No. 726390

File: 1612044789113.png (1.8 MB, 1275x2048, Screenshot_20210130-141119.png)

This thread is killing me. She's taking a break from twitter to focus on her caffeine addiction? And sorry if she bullied you, she didnt know? What about all the mentally ill people who you harassed and accused of being racist or a pedo. Do their mental health and dissociations not matter because they need to be held accountable? I hate twitter artists

No. 726392

Boo fucking hoo, artists with large followings should stop acting like celebrities then. Shut the fuck up please

No. 726400

Someone mentioned that east asian art twitter was chiller. Do you have any examples of this kind of stuff happening?

No. 726403

I follow mostly korean artists and there is discourse that happens weekly over tracing or an artist acting out, but to be honest? Since I dont understand korean, it is not an issue for me. Though if you are hoping for interactive followers, do not expect much.

No. 726407

This is so garbage. Maybe people would be willing to accept the DID excuse if she didn't act like a narc while typing this and dropped the fucking attitude. This is just her trying to save face as her friends get exposed for the scumbags they are.

No. 726408

What does acting out entail? As long as you don't trace or copy other artists what could get you in trouble? How do they feel about foreigners in the fandom space in general.

No. 726411

Korean netizens are heavily into gossip and politics, so theres always a lot of commentary on korean news. I know many still think the word/concept of feminism is offensive, while others are a bit radicalized. So there is discourse about that. People who make jokes about sexual assault /the burning sun incident, etc. It sort of is similar to western fandoms, but again I don't really speak korean so I don't care.

I think most foreigners are fine with westerners, but there is an obvious culture clash in fandom spaces. Especially if the westerner is some idiot 20 year old stan who would write 'omg ur killing me!!' Or 'takE THIS DOWN FKAJFJAHFHSJAJ' Because foreigners will take that literally.

As long as you're respectful and sensitive in your replies, there shouldnt be an issue.

OT, I do know of a japanese artist who got harassed by foreigners on deviantart. Theyre pretty popular on twitter and if they see an english speaker follow them, the artist would block them.

No. 726415

I don't know about about Japanese and Korean artists and I also don't have twitter but do you know how the Indonesians are?
At least on instagram they seem to be super chill, although I'm not sure if the ones I follow may be just a pretty large group of friends or if it is because they're more into military art and into the polandball community than into the muh Original Character stuff. I'm curious if it's just the ones I follow or if it is somehow a general Indonesian thing
(I don't think this is a SEA thing because Philipinos give me completely different vibes)

No. 726416

OK so as long as youre nice and polite people wont really go out of their way to drag you. If you don't get involved with politics either. That's at least nice to hear.

No. 726417

I used to run in the SEA/malay/singaporean/indo deviantart/insta community and there was constant drama from accusations of style theft to shit talking. Maybe it was worse for me because I could understand the language. Consider yourself lucky!

No. 726422

Last year this FGC artist Shunao was outed for false accusing someone of rape. They refused to apologize and declared they would leave the internet forever.

Recently I noticed vtubers I watch were retweeting this girl. She released a music video today and the art style is undeniably Shunao. She's pretending to be a Japanese girl and trying to start a new brand. In her tweets she says she was bullied off the internet in 2020, so it's clear she still doesn't feel bad about accusing someone of rape.

Should someone be allowed to run away and start new after potentially ruining someone's entire life?

No. 726423

She makes me sick. Stalks, lashes out, slanders, is fucking racist, yet no accountability, no responsability, nothing. She did fucking nothing apparently.

No. 726427


Right so no matter where on the internet you are there's always going to be toxic communities. I think it would just be better to find ways to avoid drama and how to maange drama than escape to other communitites. Or build a following so large that you can afford to avoid bullshit and only address legitimate accusations.

No. 726431

>Right so no matter where on the internet you are there's always going to be toxic communities.
I'm surprised it took you guys this long to come up with this conclusion.

No. 726435

just stop going on the internet or trying to be on communities when theres so many insane people. wtf is the point? its not like in real life where you can see the other person being an ass and you can still possibly get the chance to engage with them unlike faceless anonymous people from any part of the world..

No. 726437

I hate attention whores who can't stay logged off for shit. Reminds me of Ivy and how it only took her one month of absence from twitter to rebrand like nothing happened. I hope social media keeps rotting their brains.

No. 726478

When it stops working, is it just the pen pressure that stops and you can still move the cursor around and stuff via the tablet? If that's the case (and all your drivers are updated) then I get the same issue now and again, usually after saving. You can either restart CSP or go to File>Preferences>Tablet and change the setting from WinTab to TabletPC, confirm, then go back into that menu and change it back to WinTab.

If the tablet itself just stops working altogether then that could be more of a driver issue - I use a wacom and now and then it still does that "driver not found" bs and forces a restart to fix it.

As you mentioned it's your first tablet, I'd doublecheck that you installed the drivers correctly; iirc if you plug the tablet in before installing the drivers, windows will install its own tablet software automatically first. I'd also look up how to disable "Windows Ink" if you haven't already, it assigns some gestures to the tablet which can be inconvenient (like a "press and hold" input which can lag your strokes).

No. 726480

File: 1612052500285.jpeg (701.2 KB, 1125x1791, E669A73F-25CE-41D1-A55B-35FD16…)

Imagine talking about yourself in 3rd person and also pretending to speak broken English to affirm you are totally a “Japanese little girl”

Weebs are brain damaged

No. 726486

I lost it at the hand in the floor, it's shaped like a paw.

No. 726500

Doesnt she comprehend that her artstyle is like an artist's fingerprint??

Unless you stop drawing altogether or ACTUALLY leave the internet, people are going to find you eventually.

No. 726512

File: 1612055187558.png (2.61 MB, 1500x1981, 655EF00D-B5C9-4BD1-AAC3-47300F…)

She tried to change her coloring but it’s the same fucking style lol

No. 726518

It IS possible to improve and change your style, but it takes a lot of time (we're talking many years) and effort and dedication. These people don't seem to have any of that nor the will to accomplish something so difficult.

It's so funny how they can just go away for a year and come back with the same bland ass weeb style and assume people will not identify them right away. It's like they assume people are morons.

No. 726524

File: 1612055960891.jpg (1.33 MB, 1564x1564, 1604304737808.jpg)

Honestly anon? It doesn't take that long to re-vamp your style, imo. I know when you draw a lot of stuff becomes a habit after a while, but if you decide you want to change your style you can do that after a couple months. Just look at how milkywaes changed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this style change was done in a year or less

No. 726529

Personally, I am not convinced this is Shunao. It looks like literally any other generic weeb artstyle, and doesn't seem to have the signature look Shunao's art has (rushed proportions, slightly misplaced elements hidden by bold lines and bright coloring,, more focus on geometric shapes, slightly misplaced facial features, eye style). I'm not saying this isn't Shunao but it could be anyone else. It's the sort of artstyle anyone could mimic, including myself. It definitely looks like an English speaker pretending to be Japanese though, because of their lack of Japanese interaction compared to their English (like getting commissions from English vtubers).

No. 726533

Perhaps a little random but is anyone here really annoyed with and or offput by creepshow art? I find her personality really annoying and I cringe whenever YouTube recommends her channel. I don't have anything against her personally I just can't stand her

No. 726556

File: 1612060194929.jpg (352.81 KB, 719x785, furuya mari shunao 1 (1).jpg)

I'm convinced Fuyura Mari is Shunao because:
-using obvious voice changer
-speaks chinese(something she would advertise on her twitch)
-plays the same games (mahjong soul, gundam)
-obsession with gundam(she used to stream gundam with her bf @betadood)

@solaria_aa is also Shunao because:
-constantly RTs gundam fanart
-bad google translate japanese
-her locked @_shunao account shares a lot of mutual followers with this account

I'll post more possible receipts in the following posts

No. 726559

File: 1612060268744.jpg (484.09 KB, 591x658, furuya mari shunao 1 (2).jpg)

Furuya Mari talks about "unfortunate incidents" in 2020

"Saying 2020 was stressful is definitely undermining how much crap I went through this year"

A guy almost had his life ruined by false rape accusations but you are still the victim. okay.

No. 726561

File: 1612060347644.png (959.11 KB, 1001x800, furuya mari shunao 3.png)

A quick art comparison, @solaria_aa has a more refined style but the same hair and color style of the purple OC are a dead giveaway

No. 726584

Different anon, but one recent example(I think in the art salt thread 25) Rei_17 was in some race/history drama between Korean and Chinese artists over another Asian artist making an innocent post. They all relentlessly attacked him for it.

No. 726590

did rei really? after she called korean and japanese artists some rude shit on weibo? the hypocrisy

No. 726658

If I remember correctly rei was defending old xian. Xian drew some characters in some traditional clothing. There was some argument about where the clothes were originally from and it led to some discussions about Korea and China.

No. 726670

nta but some time ago there was drama where a japanese artist (DSP/funamusea) was pretty much harassed by korean and chinese fans because she used the rising sun flag, and she ended up blocking korean ip adresses. turns out there's always people who get angry at petty things, regardless of nationality, who would've though

No. 726676

File: 1612068693794.jpg (348.1 KB, 1080x1533, E8ejbe383hvw27.jpg)

No. 726688

File: 1612070230493.png (9.63 KB, 246x205, download.png)

shes so dramatic lmfao

No. 726707

File: 1612071729145.jpg (604.76 KB, 2230x1250, Illustration5.jpg)

The other information makes it seem likely.
I still don't think the art styles are very similar but I tried to list anything I noticed that seemed distinctive. Another thing I noticed is that Solaria_aa's art fluctuates between looking very skilled and kinda nooby. It looks like they're experimenting or copying different approaches.

No. 726710

Lol it must suck trying to cancel someone from a community for 4 days straight and that person is still at 178k followers, sad. I hope javi doesn't apologize though I don't think they would be happy even if she did.

No. 726763

Is it possible for anyone to make a thread on these types of artists? I feel like a lot can be said about them and what they have been doing for the past few years, but i dont know if theres enough milk? Especially because I dont want to flood the art salt thread about them

No. 726773

There’s an art thread in snow, you’ll have to dig for it though it hasn’t been used in a while

No. 726805

File: 1612084418776.png (220.68 KB, 1079x992, Screenshot_2021_0131_165512.pn…)

who wants to bet this cow tagged all these artists to get attention bc looking at their follower count they otherwise wouldn't get any clout

No. 726809

Thanks, I bumped the thread if anyone wants to talk about these particular artists over in /snow/

No. 726819


Bruh the rising sun flag would be the equivalent of posting the confederate flag or even the swastika (and I'm NOT saying that lightly as a german). Bit more than just petty to be upset by that especially seeing how japanese refuse to acknowledge the atrocities they committed under that flag.

No. 726825

the javi situation is like the 4th time in the past 4 months artist twitter tried to capitalize on drama for followers, which is why i cant take any of this shit seriously.

No. 726840

Those same people that are upset probably cream themselves over demon slayer even though there’s a design with the rising sun flag too.

I agree with you that the flag shouldn’t be promoted, but online policing of anime art with the facade of “social justice” is so stupid

No. 726845

There was an outcry in most parts of Asia about Tanjiro's earrings. They changed the design to just a red dot like the current japanese flag.

No. 726848

File: 1612091542635.jpeg (394.98 KB, 828x1268, B3D0E947-B2DE-4323-9B71-8988D0…)

annoying shitbabies still trying to cancel a huge artist over muh fictional aged-up pedophilia, wish these asswipes would get sued it’s so annoying

No. 726849

pinoy art twitter is awful as it's almost like english speaking twitter but worse

lots of stolen kpop art drama and cringe woke weeb shit but i guess they can understand english

sa mga nagbabasa nito tamaan ay wag magalit

No. 726855

>>726849 damn okay then so i guess nobody is safe huh

Would it be wise to be secretive/private about your identity and not give any hints to your nationality on art twitter? Genuine question

No. 726857

I dont like any kink art made of real people,but let's pretend this isn't the issue for this:
If someone draws nsfw of Tom Holland's spider man, who is underage as character but was in his 20s when the movie was made, would it be considered bad by those people? Also I mean art that really resembles the actor.
It's a legit question because I can't fully understand how they think. They seem fine with weird crap, but weirded out by the most abstract shit.

Also I don't want this to turn into the pedophile art discussion, I don't mean 1000 yrs old dragon characters that look 10 years old, realistic drawings of kids disguised as adults or extreme gore pictures made of random characters.

No. 726859

what else do you expect from literal children and schizos into kpop

No. 726862

The context of the screenshot is that people are giving shit to an artist for drawing nsfw of fictional anime characters behind a paywall, wtf are you talking about anon

No. 726867

I didn't mean to directly refer to that post, I meant to ask a general question about these people but I guess it looked weird since I replied to that post lol my bad.

No. 726870


Personally, I‘d stay away from underaged characters/ underaged looking characters like that 1k years old dragon you mentioned. Doesn‘t matter how old the actor is. As an adult I’m just not interested in younger people and like to look at people my age. Feels weird to me to have sexual fantasies of inexperienced characters. Also besides, painting p0rn of real life people is also pretty cringe to me too. But then again, I keep my nsfw stuff to myself.

No. 726871

Yeah, it's getting quite strange. Makes me wonder how these art communities will look like in 5-6 years.

No. 726874

samefag; since there seems to be some confusion regarding this screenshot and my caption may not have helped: the anime characters this artist is drawing are aged up in canon; her nsfw art of them (judging by what she’s said, i’m not a subscriber) takes place after a canonical timeskip where the characters are all in their 20s. it’s not a matter of “pedophilia” no matter how you spin it.

frankly seeing these morons downplaying and watering down pedophilia so hard is pissing me off, it’s extremely harmful.

No. 726876

The Twitter tirade of labeling artists pedos diminished real victims BUT what did this artist expect participating in a fandom that is known to police shit like this? This didn’t happen over night, rapid HQ fans were a thing for YEARS

You can’t pander art to a group and not expect them to freak out when you also do things they dislike. She can continue to draw smut but she can’t expect to retain the majority of her fans. She needs to grow a thick skin and ignore the audience she doesn’t want

No. 726880

I may be talking out of my ass but wasn't the korean government itself using the rising sun at some point and then stopped? I thought that was why some people get pissed off about it. And to be honest, even if it wasn't like that, sometimes koreans get angry at everything that may even resemble a rising sun.

No. 726881

samefag, but those earrings are really just hanafuda cards. They're similar to a rising sun sure, but it's not the actual flag.

No. 726892

loved111333 either got suspended or deleted their account, not the first time they've been suspended so I'm sure they'll be back soon

No. 726908

Nowadays when I hear someone being called a pedophile or an abuser, I genuinely can't tell if they are actually those things or just looked at porn of ahed up anime characters that dont even resemble teens or they shipped a "problematic" ship.

There was a youtuber that got cancelled for "supporting abuse" even though it was just him JOKING about a ship (a ship that is a running gag in the source material as well)

No. 726915

it's getting wild now—an artist has said she'll commit suicide bc of the amount of hate she's gotten from the black community of the whole Javi shit

No. 726916


I can't see any updates from her acct anymore bc she locked it but she stated that she's been getting nonstop mentions from black ppl all weekend and having anxiety attacks

No. 726917

File: 1612104437562.png (19.4 KB, 598x232, Screenshot_2021-01-31 hal no T…)

Her private account still exists

Her still being obssessed with Meyocco is just pathetic cuz they actually have literally no proof against Meyocco. They're literally just obssessed with cancelling her and just won't drop it. How empty must their lives be?

Look at this other girl. Doesn't this sound like some serial killer shit?
Extra context: this one isn't even black. She's legit just some cracka triying to be woke

Is it one of the main names that were being thrown around or is it legit just some rando that dared to defend Javi? I remember a girl had a tweet just to name a bunch of people that defended Javi

No. 726922

I'm getting Zamii070 flashbacks

No. 726924

Do you have any caps? Not because I feel like her name should be out but it'd be better if there's evidence of them going that far.

No. 726927

File: 1612105796483.jpg (245.66 KB, 810x1379, 0747.jpg)

take this how you will, but this artist made 2k overnight in donations because they were being harrassed for drawing black miku. idk if this person was one of the people harassing javi. but they are who the person in >>726805 was referencing

No. 726930


Is black art twt this retarded? Why didn't they just donate the money to people who actually need it? What does this prove except that they don't know their own priorities in their 'activism'?

No. 726953

haven't you seen the unironical "I'm black pay me whities" posts?
Black Twitter community is weird and every 4-5 months has a fight with yet another non english bipoc group, weirdly never white artists tho

No. 726954

You know those "I'm a 18 year old autistic gender fluid trans girl my parents just kicked me out of home pls donate to me I will literally starv" scams?
We should just start doing that except instead we just pretend to be black and draw black versions of characters, make sure they're hideous so some people will criticise us, and then fake we're being bullied so the twitter tard will pay us.
2000 bucks easy peasy

No. 726955


holy fuck that's actually genius imma try that

No. 726956

File: 1612109005180.jpg (2.35 MB, 1920x1920, 39ej3j328wnmee2.jpg)

Unpopular take about the hatsune miku controversy
Idc about racebending miku tbh, but you can see from the drawings which one artist that really care about miku character and the one doing it for clout

No. 726957

the one on the right was drawn by a white person too

No. 726959

jesus that one on the right hurts to look at. And what's even the point if you're not just racebending, but physically altering the character to the point that it genuinely looks like you've drawn your own OC? So because she's black, she's now fat?? Pretty sus if you ask me.

No. 726960

Left Miku is so cute, I honestly like racebended characters when they don’t look like caricatures.

No. 726962


I've seen darker-skinned, fat Mikus that don't look like this joke of a design.

tbh it's the toothgap that sends me

No. 726981

the transbian bracelets on the right are the final nail in the coffin i think

No. 726985

samefag apparently i didnt notice the pins, christ.

No. 726994

Can anyone link the thread here

No. 726998

File: 1612113162228.png (860.8 KB, 1076x1674, Screenshot_20210131-121053.png)

I saw this pop up on my tl and I thought it was supposed to be ironic until I realized it wasn't

No. 727004

she can be everything except drawn well apparently.

No. 727011

Just look in the catalog

No. 727012

Why is she literally all of them. And what does "autistic" look like

No. 727014

Can someone explain why they always draw black Miku as morbidly obese? Do the two feel synonymous in their minds or something? It's actually pretty racist, IMO.

No. 727029

I would love to stir shit by saying how racist is it that the white and brown “Mikus” are on opposite sides and not mixed in the crowd.

No. 727031

Kek, for a second I thought that the one with the hijab was like a green worm creature. The artist is just bad at drawing folds.

No. 727034

She does. Not to blame the victim against these shitstains, but I think a lot of these artists need to tune out these idiots and report them for harassment and the inevitable ban evasions as quickly as possible. There's no need to entertain these people. If you do NSFW art, that goes doubly so.

May as well reap the benefits of this shithole. I'd do it myself if I had the time.


The segregation is hilarious. I also love how one just says GAY.

No. 727036

I actually tried looking for it too and I can't find it.
Is it the "personal cow" thread?

No. 727037

green worm creature miku is the one and only true miku

No. 727040

No. 727046

See, the one on the left is really good. Racebends can be really nice when they don't look like literal racist caricatures, but if you're a shitty artist looking for clout and brownie points you either purposely ignore that fact or are just painfully ignorant.
Two birds one stone I guess. More brownie points and medals.

No. 727079


No. 727096


Personally I don't care about race bending either way but it's funny that artists always pick japanese characters to racebend in the name of "more POC representation" when they are replacing asian with black characters. But race politics in america is always black and white.

No. 727108

Wouldn't jewish Miku just look like original miku?… do jewish people look different

No. 727109


Saw a pretty black girl cosplay as Flora when the CW Winx Club drama started, and someone commented with "I always knew Flora was black"

> Flora is a Latina, whose race was blatantly erased in the new adaptation

Are we surprised that blacks only care about their own representation and nobody else's?

No. 727113

Do you really think one comment on social media represents all black people? Also,

No. 727117


enough blacks have harassed innocent artists this weekend for me to come to this conclusion

srsly fuck them(racebait)

No. 727121

Again, imagine thinking a few black twitter artists acting dumb over petty internet drama represents all black people. Your use of "blacks" is still cringe

No. 727122

Those woke twitter artists only care about representation that's not black if the character looks the least white possible. If the character is latin@ then they better look like a stereotypical racist caricature of a hispanic otherwise "it's not representation bc they look white af".

I wouldn't blame only the black artists tho, that's a woke twitter problem in general.

No. 727132

Sage for nitpick but has anyone else noticed Dollightful has been really phoning in her face ups lately? They used to be so perfectly blended and hyper detailed and make the doll look out of this world, but the last few dolls have just been plain acrylic eyes, some blushing and done. Seems like backward progress.

Also not really a criticism but the way she introduced the latest doll's "special accessory" (a wheelchair) was super weird in this video… Usually she talks through why she chooses certain things but she just sprung it up at the end and sounded embarrassed about it. Like maybe she thought anything she'd say would be picked apart so she opted to say nothing.

I noticed she flashed a "babe with a mobility aid" on the doll's backpack and I kekked since that tag is used 99% of the time by munchies. Wonder if that's "problematic appropriation" yet.

I think it's nice to include a doll in a wheelchair to her collection but coming so close on the Wendigo drama I wonder if she's trying to win back Twitter brownie points. Maybe a coincidence idk.

I still mostly like her and she put a lot more effort into the sewing this time which was nice because her messy seams and glue hacks bugged the hell out of me lol

No. 727150

Wow, I didn't know some random comment on twitter being wrong about something was the reason Netflix changed Flora into some random fat white lady. You learn something new everyday.

No. 727151

yeah all black people in the world are sjw left wing people obsessed with cartoons despite most black people, including american ones, tend to be more socially conservative than not. its retarded how you think a group of of nerdy black americans perpetually online is somehow all black people.

its funny cause white american people are more likely to be the left wing redditor type than anything IRL, but lol

No. 727153

Hatsune Miku getting racebended is literally whatever when people typically alter her design anyway.

No. 727156


Japanese characters dont even look Japanese, rather they look like very race neutral, possibly eurasian if you had to draw it close to a human ethnic group, cartoon drawings. Theres a reason why Japanese anime characters who tend to look more visibly East Asian get less race bent in the first place. Japanese and Europeans dont look anything alike tbh to be so confused with each other in anime which is probably why most people read anime characters as white

No. 727170

Actually, I'm pretty sure anime characters are race-less unless stated or implied otherwise. I actually remember it being discussed in these threads when anons were talking about black representation in anime like 2 months ago, which is very interesting to me.

I do personally feel like it's hard to make a character race neutral unless you literally make their skin color paper white. There's no "race neutral" skin color, imo. I don't think one skin tone should be the default, but it's just anime so who really cares.

No. 727173

sorry if this isn't the right thread for this question but I'm itching to improve. Obviously we know to draw from life etc etc but what resources have you guys learned from to get better? for me personally I like the youtube channel BaM Animation even though I'm not into the super cartoony style for myself, they still give good advice

No. 727177


Pinoys are most likely more aware of western identity politics and drama out of all SEA countries

<spoiler>penge ph art twt recs yun hindi masyadong reklamador</spoiler>

No. 727181

Use brackets [ instead of > anon

No. 727187


I agree that anime characters are usually so stylized that they read as race-neutral or eurasian. However you'll see that like in death note for example they draw the caucasian people quite differently with large noses and deep-set eyes and prominent brow bones.
Japanese people don't think of themselves as having yellow skin and slit eyes (because they don't, but that's what would make them read east asian to a western audience) so they can project the characters as japanese. Kind of how you could show people a stick figure or similarly simplified cartoon dude and an american would assume they are white whereas a japanese person would think they are asian.

Besides I think when an anime character is portrayed as living in japan with a japanese name and speaking japanese it would be a stretch to assume they are white.

No. 727198

Is that part of art twitter still pretending that american and westerner are slurs?

No. 727211

anon they pretended gringo was a slur

No. 727214

I wonder what would happen if the creator of miku (the design not the voice) reacted to this. After all, miku is used to joke about Notch and JK Rowling being problematic creators, so what if it turns out Miku’s own creator were problematic

No. 727215

Wouldn’t that be like a white person telling a black person not to say the n word?

No. 727216


double standards, anon.

No. 727236

Kinda both. At one point the Arabs where saying that americans were annoying and Fatma wrote americans as "amr/cans" or something like that and a bunch those people were saying "oh wtf is an amr/can, is that a new dog whistle for black people? Is it? Is it?"

Yeah the thing is that some of the artists that do that do that on "purpose" because they're supposed to be "not conventionally pretty" (cuz that's more browny points)

No. 727240

File: 1612128155026.jpg (52.77 KB, 680x511, ElsMD-pWMAMC7Gt.jpg)

Their art is so fucking ugly


No. 727241

>bunch those people were saying "oh wtf is an amr/can, is that a new dog whistle for black people? Is it? Is it?"
>ameritards making a completely unrelated topic about their race again
God damn it

No. 727245

So Tajmerk threatened to draw incest of real people as a punishment and got no repercussion for their action???

I took the time to scroll and you cherry-picked their worst stuff anon. Their artstyle isn't my thing either but their art isn't bad.

No. 727248

Tbh imo it's ok, there's way worse stuff out there. It's just it's so weird seeing them changed like that that it's a bit jarring (+ Mabel's position looks kinda awkward to me). His other art is decent enought

No. 727258

File: 1612129081655.jpg (22.17 KB, 360x267, EBuWjakXUAEIzwm.jpg)

not you picking that when this exists

No. 727262

Oh good lord I somewhat recognized Gwen but who is that on the right?

No. 727265

The gravity falls one was on my timeline from a rt.

No. 727267

File: 1612129690074.png (8.57 KB, 118x400, download.png)

That's Heather lol. Tbf, the total drama art style is kinda ugly, but it has a unique charm to it

No. 727269

I had a lesbian crush on her

No. 727281

sad that you have to look at the decent editing and lighting and then at their borderline racially offensive faces that look like cartoon caricature styles lmao

desperately trying very hard to have a distinct style instead of focusing on making it pleasing to eye

No. 727292

Twitter would shit itself and break its own spine with the mental gymnastics, it would be magnificent. Just imagine the milk.

No. 727300

>So Tajmerk threatened to draw incest of real people as a punishment and got no repercussion for their action???
Well, they deleted the tweet fast and locked their account for a bit if i recall correctly, so they definitely know they fucked up lol. Still, don't expect them to acknowledge it, they think they're justified or something.

No. 727301

was it because of the topless scene, anon?

No. 727307

Love the left one. It's super cute. Good design and great style. The right one literally looks like a parody drawing that racists from /pol/ would make.

No. 727310

No. 727316

Yeah, doubt they think it was wrong to say. She immediately had tons of the same idiots we're seeing here stamping their feet in anger going "we aren't going to let you guys ruin another black artist's career!" while whining that she was being attacked.

No. 727319

It would be sus to react to a certain kind of redesign of the character, but not any of the other redesigns of the character.

No. 727321

I was going to say this is the first decent faceup I've seen her do in a long time, I've been getting sick of blocky acrylic eyebrows and eyelashes, it looks well blended and clean.

But I'm with you on the wheelchair, it made. the video seem kind of odd like a huge part was missing. I get wanting a separate video for the tutorial for the chair but not even a "I'm going to make a cute lolita character with a mobility aid!" in the beginning would have added some context.

No. 727333

Nitpicky but I can already tell she rushed this video to capitalize on how netflix utterly fucked the 3edgy5me pandering winx adaptation. every art/cartoon commentary yt channel claiming that their nostalgic beloved old tv show has been destroyed is clearly doing this for ebucks

Also her designs really tells me she’s never even watched the show in the first place, especially Bloom’s design which is so muted and boring compared to her iconic outfits that usually glittery and vibrant with blue and pink. Plus, Riverdale and Sabrina is a very loose adaptation from the Archie comic series, something old 60s boomers were very fond of and tbh not really targeted towards young children like Winx

is she really doing this for her younger audience lol?

No. 727413

yeah, I've been feeling like she rushes a lot of her videos lately, and I notice that mostly in terms of quality. The lineart in the edgy sailor moon to me looked not very good (to say the least), and in the Bloom design her shoes completely stick out from the rest of the drawing because she completely half assed their colouring and the blue t-shirt's bottom feels like how I would draw a t-shirt on primary school. I would had liked the Bloom drawing a lot more if it weren't for the t-shirt and shoes cuz those things stuck out to me like a sore thumb fr
Also this part may be nitpicking, but why the heck would you put such strong shadow on top of the hair bangs? Where's the light supposed to be coming from?
The new design being way more muted is because she's a pastel artist, and pastel artists always make everything more muted to fit their aesthetic. Imo would be interesting if she made a "forcing myself to use strong colours" challenge vid (tbh most likely would just be like the realism vids and it would take her 2 years for her to realise what "saturated" actually means, but it would still be progress)

Funniest part of it to me tho was how she mentioned netflix making her powers come out of her hands instead of staffs as them erasing the magical girl influence but then she did the same herself lol

No. 727437

Latina isn’t a race. You can be white black indigenous Latina. That’s like saying american is a race so idk what this means

No. 727441

This person’s friends encouraged other people to harass me so fuck that entire group. I’m black trans and mentally ill myself but idk how to capitalize whenever these trends happen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 727442

Holy shit this girl! Had to unfollow her self hating ass. I remember she was claiming that her post are too controversial and she'll get blacklisted from the animation because she's black. She needs to read Foucault because she hits every single insane woke animator check box.

No. 727443

We don't want trannies here though

No. 727470

File: 1612148387267.jpg (166.91 KB, 720x851, 20210126_162726.jpg)

Sage because I know "artist makes a redraw of their own work but actually gets worse" is old stuff but the one thing that pisses me off beyond anything is when artists do redraws except the original one looks like it's supposed to be a polished finished drawing/painting but then the redraw looks squetchy af.
Cuz the thing is, you may have improved technically, but how the heck am I supposed to judge it properly like that?
It's like you purposefully want people to think you got worse

No. 727474

what the fuck? no words.

No. 727512

File: 1612152851575.jpeg (330.31 KB, 750x891, F4D64997-4816-4EE5-953C-C5623C…)

they’re trying to be a samdoesarts knockoff lmao


No. 727515

Tbf, sketchy styles exist

No. 727631

The mouth I'm screaming

No. 727641

OK I usually manage to find something better in these before after redraws even when most of the people claim it's regression but here really…. it looks like the artist suffered some kind of brain damage inbetween, literally everything about the newer one is worse

No. 727661


Man I get that art style theft doesn't exist and that it's dumb to come after people for copying someone's art style… But if I was an artist who has spent years if not decades honing my craft, experimenting and slowly developing my own unique style and someone else came along and just copied the end result without going through all of the work and profiting of MY work I'd be kinda pissed. But I'm also super petty so…

At least those copycats usually have no skill. Some do but because they just copied the style they are stuck with extreme sameface syndrome, see all of the loish copycats like lotusbubble and joyblivion whereas loish is actually able to draw different faces and likenesses when she chooses to. But to be fair samdoesarts always draws the same face as well. he is super talented though and seems like a chill guy.

No. 727696

File: 1612178889239.jpeg (561.88 KB, 828x1354, D126B366-CC24-40F0-92E4-33E215…)

the lovednumbers specimen was clearly a horrifying person but seeing the support they received makes me wonder: why do people offer support to artists like this? what can be gained? she displayed no redeeming qualities whatsoever, i don’t understand why people would support someone with such an unabashedly rancid personality with art like >>725408 that’s below shite

with someone whose art is so terrible and personality arguably even worse, why would anyone support them? it should be some ulterior motive but i can’t figure out what exactly, is it because the followers themselves feel better by comparison?

No. 727705

Tbh it's because it can get you a lot of followers. I saw a personal cow go from <20 followers to over 400 in the space of a few months because she'd suck up to these types and they'd retweet her hot takes a lot, and she'd get a lot more attention for that compared to her art.

I don't think they realise these new followers + mutuals will turn on them in an instant if they step out of line though because they inevitably start cannibalizing themselves when they run out of other people to attack.

No. 727724

Just don't give a fuck, imagine living scared of internet schizos

No. 727733

I deleted my twitter and stay away from that shit site.

No. 727737

In animes where they basically take place in fantasy land yeah

but a lot of them have japanese names… live in towns with japanese names… it's safe to assume that they're japanese.

No. 727740

its exactly why i don't suck up to these types. i'd rather have followers that aren't going to cannibalize me

No. 727741

some of them like this girl are genuinely psycho though, stalking and calling her friends to harass people and they might actually dox you for some bullshit. it's not like they stay seething in their little corner

No. 727847

Yeah like I get the sentiment but these people will already call you out if you have them preemptively blocked, like what they tried to do with meyoco

No. 727855

it's just the woke cult, art quality doesn't matter as long as it gives the right woke signals

No. 728020

Things have gotten really bad with these types crawling everywhere nowadays, you're not wrong. Anyone who thinks they're not a problem would cave as soon as a harassment campaign started on them because they don't understand they tend to be ongoing and can last months if not longer. It took me a long time to understand how out of hand it's gotten so I get why it doesn't seem like a big deal.

My advice is this;
>Never join discords
>Keep talking to an absolute minimum in public
>If you have any old accounts, contact archive.org to delete any archives of sensitive info that could be found on you (if they exist), then purge everything once it's removed
>Never use real information
>If you can keep what languages you speak vague, this is a good thing. These creeps don't tend to come after people who speak things like chinese, japanese, russian etc. So limiting the amount of english you post is a plus.
>Do not use the same email and password for your internet stuff as your real life stuff. I know it's a hassle but you have to keep everything separate incase anyone ever got in. I'd imagine most popular artists have regular attempts to access and compromise their accounts. Start using randomly generated passwords and a password manager like Keepass.
>Don't bother blocking people, it won't really help you because people like this will harass you further if they find out and they tend to have multiple alts anyway. Instead, mute them and turn off notifications from anyone who you don't follow. Turn off DMs too.
>If a harassment campaign starts, immediately deactivate and wait it out. If you're not around then people won't care about hassling you because that's boring and they won't get attention. In a few weeks they will have moved on to their next target so it will be ok to reactivate, just keep a low profile.
>If you can help it, avoid following back randos you don't know. Back in the day following artists was generally fine but nowadays you have to be careful, in my experience a ton of them tend to gravitate towards drama and you don't know if they'll ever have a perceived slight towards you for unfollowing them, not retweeting their posts etc. Only follow people you know are ok and be selective.
>Don't talk about anything that isn't art and even at that, avoid giving any real opinions on anything. I saw one artist get dragged last year for a several year old tumblr post they had made about Lilo and Stitch, I think, saying that they didn't like Lilo because they thought she was a brat and it spiraled in to that they were a racist. It still hasn't let up to this day. People like this will search for things you say to take out of context and put spin on it so it's better to just not give them ammunition.

No. 728035

some of this is really good advice even if you aren't an artist and/or a public figure. people can get too obsessed/weird over anybody or anything nowadays so keeping check on certain things is good. nta but thank you, anon.

No. 728086

You don't really need to go full paranoid. Just don't insert yourself into political discussion if you don't need to and don't do what most of these types do where they actively pander these kind of audiences and are surprised when they get bit. I've been an active artist online for years in various communities and have never had an issue.

Also that Lilo and Stitch discourse person got called a racist because they had actively racist shit on their tumblr that got found and was a Trump supporter. It wasn't "several years ago" it was like last year when it happened and they linked to their posts about the discourse on their twitter.

No. 728105

File: 1612210884537.jpg (663.94 KB, 1242x1254, image0.jpg)

I think people could benefit from some awareness lest the rug be pulled from under them. Glad it helped you.

It's not going full paranoid. That's common sense and even at that it doesn't always work. I've seen people mass report japanese artists and get them banned in these kinds of attacks when they don't even speak the same language. The culture is very different nowadays to how it was even just a few years ago.

Reading comprehension, anon. I said it happened last year and that their tumblr post was from years beforehand, 2017 I believe. That's also not true either because I saw it firsthand, it started when people started dogpiling them as a racist because saying Lilo as a brat was apparently a micro aggression of other cultures as Lilo's behaviors have to do with the fact there are tourists/expats invading her town (like the girls in the dance studio) and she was a white woman "bullying" (lol) a brown girl according to the masses. After that obviously the digging in to the tumblr started and what you're describing followed but she was being called a racist for that specifically and there was multiple tweets about it with thousands of likes.
Here is a tweet that got 30k likes and it was made about that event specifically.

No. 728110

decent advice but i saw the lilo and stitch one if it is the one im thinking about… I remember it being because they called lilo an abuser towards Nani and said that she was rewarded and didn't learn her lesson for being a brat which was just an ice cold take away from the movie

No. 728117

To be honest it was a really stupid "critique" piece she wrote so don't get me wrong. I remember reading it and I thought it was ridiculous too, for what it's worth, so I'm not trying to say people couldn't disagree or anything like that.
It's just that people couldn't have simply left it at "hey your opinion is shit actually", they had to dramaticise it to absurd levels to make it seem it was much more serious than it was.
As well, I was using it as an example (pretty much just the first one that came to mind), something like this set her up for people to harass her with in the future (and opened herself up to people digging for dirt on her) so it's better to just avoid setting yourself up for these kinds of scenarios to begin with.

No. 728126

What japanese artists has this happened to?

No. 728130

First one to come to mind was that Etrian Odyssey artist who's account was mass reported and perma suspended. I remember people doing it to some Japanese artists when the Nessa discourse was happening too.

No. 728217

File: 1612221142678.png (313.86 KB, 704x950, ahhhhh.png)

Looks like some twitterfags are looking to tan the hide of that artist who drew that minstrel-looking Miku. Thoughts? I wonder if this will develop.

No. 728229

anon, trust me, none of this is paranoid for twitter. i know it seems tinfoily but there's actual, real people who make "blacklists" for ""problematic"" artists ("problematic" meaning: anything they want it to mean) and go on witch hunts after people for doing the most trivial shit, people get harassed and get on blocklists just for following back someone a community deems "problematic" or "creepy". this >>728020 anon's advice is spot on.

No. 728230

I'm shocked this wasn't said sooner. When I saw all the support I figured it was a black artist that drew it, I guess most people did the same. I was so surprised when I saw "white artist" in the bio, why tf would you draw that

No. 728240

Unloved (numbers) either had their account suspended or they deleted it lol, does anyone know which it was? Good riddance and hopefully they don't come back. The first time they had their cow ass suspended Puppychan tweeted about them complaining that a "wonderful black artist was targeted by racist Twitter" so I wonder what bullshit is going to come out this time

No. 728246

KEK I seriously can't handle how much this drawing resembles a semi-famous homeless man that pees himself at bus stops in my city. I don't want to post his face here because he doesn't deserve that, but I mean it when I say it's an uncanny resemblance. He makes this same expression and everything. My fucking sides.

No. 728249

File: 1612224199669.jpg (428.94 KB, 1600x1400, IMG_20210201_175650.jpg)

I thought we were past the point of romantizicing mental illnesses.
I wouldn't mind this if it wasn't used in the drawing as nothing but a quirky trait

No. 728251

I don't understand those twitter fag artists' obsession with Miku so much. They seem to latch on her harder than people latched on to that cat guy from animal crossing

No. 728257


I agree with you both about her face-ups, but she said at the end of the video that the wheelchair is really complex and that she's devoting a separate video tutorial for how to make it. I actually like that she didn't try to shill her special disabled doll in the thumbnail or during the video, I think it was done on purpose so that it didn't look like she was trying to win brownie points. She handled the wendigo drama very quickly and intelligently (imo) by making that short quick video and then saying nothing else, which makes me think she understands the beast of the online art community well. I think she's just being smart and playing it safe.

No. 728261

File: 1612224798330.png (224.68 KB, 488x861, BlackMiku.PNG)


the design was originally made by a black artist but the white artist's fanart of her design is what got called out for being racist tho. Kinda funny when trying to be an ally gets you attacked by the very crowd you were trying to please.

No. 728262

Honestly, im tired of people crying racist over ugly characters. Is drawing ugly black people a sin? I assume that person just draws really ugly and ironically referring to it as racist enforces negative stereotypes and reveals peoples disdain for distinct African features.

No. 728270

Miku has been a symbol of weeb culture for a very long time now. It's very easy low-effort clout and a guarantee for weirdos to follow you.

No. 728272

>Is drawing ugly black people a sin?
Who really wants to see that except other ugly people and racists, though? Like, who is it for? What is the purpose?
People should absolutely be shaming ugly SJW art styles and shitty character designs of all races, it serves no purpose.
>referring to it as racist enforces negative stereotypes and reveals peoples disdain for distinct African features.
What does this person's art style have to do with distinct African features?

No. 728276

File: 1612226219665.jpg (1.1 MB, 2364x2800, EtFy8iNXEAEcyBm.jpg)

Obviously it's not meant to be racist but it's not really disdain for african features, it's just the art is ugly. The lesbian and trans accessories clash so much with the rest of the design, and her left hand is posed or coloured weird (it looks like she's doing the spock hand thing but with her fist closed).
Also, it's not just african features, she's also fat, wich is slighly hard to not look bad, and she has a tooth gap, wich just makes her look like a (basically unsalvageable)

This Miku here is based on the same design and (at least imo, I don't know if you consider this to be watered down or not) still has african features but comes of as way easier on the eyes

No. 728279

File: 1612226378760.jpg (451.97 KB, 2500x2500, EtLPxR5XcAMGhxk.jpg)

This is another Miku that also has a tooth gap and looks kinda ugly (she's supposed to be latine btw)

No. 728287

File: 1612226736721.png (577.95 KB, 881x1920, 4cd5cd528b8b1368b44d9913c44912…)

I don't even see how African features would enter the conversation. These monstrous caricatures don't look like any race, and they'd be just as fucked up with white skin as with dark skin. I feel like anyone who thinks they have "African features" is just exposing their own racism.
That drawing isn't as bad, but the skin color is off IMO, looks ashy and almost greenish.
They should've followed a guide like this or another for coloring.

No. 728294

samefag, I'm a retard and accidentally forgot to mention it was in answer to >>728262

No. 728297

Tbh, I don't think anyone is saying those drawings are actually racist, but the features they use in combination with the skin color makes them look like racist caricatures.

No. 728301

File: 1612227305118.jpg (116.09 KB, 1095x923, 20210201_165430.jpg)

Honestly this miku design is good in the right hands but we are assuming that these types of artists are skilled in the first place.

Picrel is fanart of said design by another artist

No. 728314

File: 1612228796648.jpg (989.2 KB, 900x1200, miku.jpg)

nta but yeah, I wouldn't mind racebend fanart as much if it weren't for like, 95% of them being ugly as sin. (pic is of some cute ones I found)

No. 728316

It just looks like an OC, not Miku, if you gave me this picture without context I would assume it’s just some OCs looking cute.
Why do people just don’t create new shit instead of regurgitating popular designs? Is clout really what keeps people breathing?

No. 728319

Who are the artists for the right side photos? Idk what the style is for the top right is called, but it's super cute and familiar. Reminds me of the intro for The Nanny for some reason

No. 728322

These are pretty cute because they're not drawn to be aggressively ugly and they still resemble the character. The tag and attaching this kind of bullshit to Miku is stupid as fuck regardless, just make it a fucking fanloid like everyone else who did recolours back in 2008-9. Though I guess knowing that would be a result of actually knowing anything about vocaloid beyond just seeing Miku as a meme character thanks to twitter.

Going through it is just random looking girls in pigtails that share none of the actual Miku design elements at all, why then attach her name to it?

No. 728331

these are cute drawings but like, it's not miku?? what makes a character a character…their outfit and body and race. if you change all three then it's not the same character.

it's like the sailor moon redraws where people changed her race and outfit. that's not fanart of sailor moon, that's a drawing of a girl using the original screencap as a reference. at most you could say it was a drawing of a girl cosplaying as sailor moon. that's what these miku drawings look like

No. 728335

File: 1612231245010.jpg (59.57 KB, 960x959, b8527341d04ae2c9bd0ac7f19cc5a8…)

Anon, people change characters outfits in fanart all the time? Like, pic rel is still Usagi, it's just a modern Usagi. The most important part of making fanart where you change the outfit or race is keeping the signature aspects of the design. These drawings >>728314 and even the ugly one above all have Miku's teal pigtails, which is a pretty important part of her design. Do you also feel these way when people make fan art of characters in different time periods and shit? It's still the same character, and tbh it would be boring if artists were all drawing one thing the exact same way with no creative interpretations.

No. 728343

Samefag, but sometimes race doesn't make a character btw. I think most characters created by Japanese people are supposed to be race-neutral, but Miku might have one, idk.

No. 728344

File: 1612231753758.jpg (101.43 KB, 936x1215, EVWbkQUUMAAbT-t.jpg)

Since we are talking about Mikus, anybody else thinks hijabi mikus look kinda weird? Not talking about art quality, just design wise
I know it's not supposed to be realistic, it's just for the aesthetic and so that it still has a similar silloette to Miku's, obv, but I simply can't stop myself from finding those two humongous cloth excesses just silly looking.
This could be just because I'm not a muslim so it's weirder to me but I dunno
Any thoughts?

No. 728349

I think it's just cause these artists don't know how to draw cloth and folds. I can't find a good example right now, but I've seen muslim girls do hijab pigtails before and it was cute to me.

No. 728352

There's no such thing as "race neutral", characters who have japanese names and speak and live in Japan are meant to be japanese. Why would japanese creators not be creating content for themselves first and foremost?

No. 728357

I agree that it's hard to have a race-neutral characters but there was a whole discussion about them in a previous thread, and like I said idk if Miku is meant to be Japanese or not. I just brought up that point to say that race is not always a factor in a characters design.

No. 728362

Ehh, nah not really. I mean I'd normally agree if it were some random anime character but it's Miku. She's had like 1923201 different outfits/designs and people give her whatever story/personality they want in songs and no one cares. There's even one design in Project DIVA that if you showed me without context, would take a while for me to even register as Miku (the spacey nurse one).

No. 728364

File: 1612233679061.png (1.71 MB, 2448x1248, 8272bw27818.png)

Personally I think it's still miku.Even there is some pda module that doesn't give the miku vibes.
I don't think Miku don't have any race baceause the creator itself doesn't even state it or give fuck about it. I understand that some people interpt it as japanese. But then again, I hate how Miku became the woke mainstream now and some people doesn't understand her character after all.

No. 728368

long-term Wacom user here (10+ years), that's been an issue with Wacom tablets for at least half the years I owned Wacom. at one point they updated their drivers that started causing that issue. it actually used to be worse, much worse. I also owned an Intuos FYI, one of the older medium size models from the early 2010s.

I'm not sure of a solution, however, one thing I always would do is open up the Wacom tablet management utility (you should have it downloaded already, it comes with your drivers) and make a save of my current tablet settings. then, I'd reload the tablet's drivers by uploading "new" settings by providing it that saved settings file. worked like a charm, and stops you from having to reboot. I'm really glad I moved on from Wacom, the problems were endless just with the software alone… hardware was fine for me!

No. 728376

File: 1612237205632.jpg (44.19 KB, 800x1000, 511x1v zF1L.jpg)

You may as well ask why people create fanart of anything. This is also Miku, but her hair is pink instead of the usual cyan, people change her design up all the time.

No. 728377

Instead of restarting your computer all together have you tried just restarting your tablet.

Go to your search bar in windows, type in Run. Type services.msc into the Open prompt and when a new window pops up scroll down until you find your tablet. Usually it'll be under Wacom Professional Service, click on it(or left click) and hit Restart. It should restart your tablet driver without you needing to restart the computer itself.

No. 728379

In all honesty I don't care about people drawing objectively ugly characters. It makes them happy and other people happy, draw whatever the fuck you want n all that. Its when these people act like they've done something worthy of endless praise and when they clout chase by drawing the most ugly shit imaginable, and guilt trip those who don't like it because "but (insert minority)!". They're usually annoying as fuck as well and always in drama

No. 728380

File: 1612238323099.jpeg (87.25 KB, 768x1024, FAAFFB3E-A22B-4111-970A-55F1FF…)

Anon, Sakura Miku and black trans lives matters ACAB transbian Hatsune Miku are completely different making black trans lives matters ACAB transbian Hatsune Miku an OC, like Yamine Aku, for example, who is basically a fanart of Hatsune Miku with different palette and outfit.
Sakura Miku and the models posted upthread can be related directly to Hatsune Miku because at least the face And body type looks like hers, but black trans lives matters ACAB transbian Hatsune Miku doesn’t even have the same body shape of any recolor or normal fanart of Hatsune Miku.
I just think it could have been a better idea to just say that black trans lives matter ACAB transbian Hatsune Miku is just an OC rather than Hatsune Miku herself, but it’s the girl’s account and she won’t come here to agree with everyone and follow everyone’s ideas one by one.

No. 728419

File: 1612251313359.png (307.28 KB, 1381x874, info_nendoloid.png)

I think official Miku can look however the official sources want to and it still is recognizable as Miku, which is a good thing. What woke artists do is shitty and the drawings they make look like people cosplaying miku at best. I wouldn't call them miku myself, I think they're too ugly for that. It's the whole real life undertale shit again, forcing everything to be woke and political is fucking tiring. There's a difference between racial variety (which is good) and whatever these artists are doing. Everyone just wants to feel like a special snowflake and because they're weebs they take their self masturbatory frustration on Miku.

No. 728422

I'm probably autistic as hell for thinking this but I find this sort of endearing and the art is cute kek. A lot more creative than "here's a black ACAB transbian Miku to own all the bigots" for one thing.

NTA but I distinctively remember a Japanese artist recently getting harassed by some spergy westerner for "only drawing white people", I wish I could recall the artist name so I could find the screenshots.

Every time you don't draw them aggressively ugly you'll be accused of whitewashing and adding "only white features". It's already a retarded take because anime faces are so simplistic they could represent whatever race you want them to be.

No. 728423

I'm so glad I got out of Vocaloid long before the genderspecials started using Miku as propoganda.

No. 728426

File: 1612252051625.png (2.53 MB, 3176x3368, 1.png)

Top, you can see how Miku still remains recognizable through changes to her color scheme, race and clothing design. for me they're all mikus.

Bottom, this drawing drives away from the features that make Miku who she is too much, plus it's fucking ugly. There's such a big difference. People who draw this ugly use woke shit to make their art relevant, it's sad.

No. 728428

File: 1612252370451.png (337.69 KB, 669x955, Japanese-Artist-Edarow-Accused…)

did anyone talk about this?

No. 728429

File: 1612252391543.png (76.38 KB, 671x602, Japanese-Artist-Edarow-Accused…)

No. 728431

File: 1612252484008.png (140.33 KB, 665x1072, Japanese-Artist-Edarow-Accused…)

No. 728432

That looks dope as fuck

No. 728433

File: 1612252595847.png (85.24 KB, 676x821, Japanese-Artist-Edarow-Accused…)

No. 728435

>she's supposed to be latina
God this is so bad, so all latinas are obese and have buck teeth like melanie martinez? holy shit this is so ugly

No. 728436

It was mentioned at some point during the angel1122 persons mess. I don't think anyone already posted caps though

No. 728437

god these are so fucking ugly

No. 728439

Not gonna lie when I see this kind of artists flaunting how woke they are I wish I could just hit them in the face

No. 728450

It was on previous thread anon

No. 728451

File: 1612255726368.png (476.74 KB, 837x475, capture.png)

>She handled the wendigo drama very quickly and intelligently (imo) by making that short quick video and then saying nothing else
I don't disagree considering this was the least cringy way she could take it down, but I find it stupid that she took it down or apologized at all.

The worst offender for me was her earth dragon. Horrible troll looking face. I get she puts a lot of effort in sculpting and stuff but the faceup was the main draw in her earlier videos and it still is the main draw for most doll channels.

No. 728464

What makes Miku miku is her signature hairstyle regardless of color and her eyes matching her hair color. Alongside being a slim body and having her hair color somewhere in her outfit as well.

No. 728469

based sarah, that mimi chick would probably lose her shit if she saw Shaman King which is also anime inspired by natives

No. 728479

File: 1612261196868.png (410.18 KB, 595x514, miku.png)

the pain never ends

No. 728480

File: 1612261360606.jpeg (141.29 KB, 828x458, C3A53890-2DA2-4B8D-BF63-0F912A…)

apparently mookie was sent to the hospital thanks to the retarded minors who somehow got through her r18 paywall

No. 728481

This is so cute, why do they have to attach the name Miku to them all? They came up with the design and all so why even call it miku, you did all the hard work in designing a character, why not give it a name to show it's your own? Is it because they want more clicks from people who search for "miku"

No. 728485

File: 1612261901095.jpeg (350.85 KB, 828x1197, CE8ECE24-B522-42E1-B468-48CF05…)

samefag, they get triggered when you mention the word “hospital” but couldn’t give less of a shit it was their fault someone was sent there

No. 728487

this outfit is so tacky it's like they asked a white person to come up with an "urban" miku design. kek.

No. 728493

uhhhhhhhhh… so drawing native people is racist and fetishization now?

It's no fucking wonder Asian artists have started blocking everyone who's from the west and deleted their accounts to move to Pixiv or something. These woke fucks are cancerous beyond belief, you just know they're one of those one drop "my great great great great grandmother was half cherokee" people.

No. 728495

File: 1612263959021.png (74.98 KB, 273x271, tumblr_m8olowDnow1qknhfso1_400…)

she looks like a gopher or picrel imo. the width between her eyes and then her top lip merging with her nose? rofl

No. 728496


Do we know why exactly she had to go to the hospital? That's rough though :/

No. 728515

Why the fucking cleft lip/gap tooth aesthetic? What does that have to do with being black? The morbidly obese tranny/lesbian drawing had it, too.

No. 728526


She stop eating and drinking from the stress caused by everything lately. It's worse considering today is her birthday.

No. 728552

>What does this person's art style have to do with distinct African features?
Big nose, 4C hair, very dark skin, for some reason y'all sperg out and call those feautres "racist" but see a light skinned mulatto featured character and do "OH THIS IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE DONE" ie: it seems most people have biased towards pianta's miku

No. 728559

There's nothing wrong with any of that, but adding fat trans autistic gap-tooth and heterochromia or whatever combination in the mix makes it look like a caricature rather than a real person.

No. 728575

File: 1612277598168.jpg (205 KB, 1080x1460, 20210202_065245.jpg)

Can I please enjoy twitter for one hour without the 5th racism in art discourse for the week?

No. 728577

They’re motherfucking cookies.

No. 728580

Lmfao I was waiting for someone to say something about this as soon as I saw it

No. 728581

What's with the tooth gap? I genuinely don't get why it's in so many redraws

No. 728587

File: 1612278490377.png (367.96 KB, 373x549, yoruba-woman-art.png)

The deformed-looking nose in the person's art style is nothing like anyone's nose (unless you're like…actually racist and see them that way, kek). Plus, big noses aren't exactly unique to African people, and tons of Africans have "distinctly" thin noses (as in, distinct shapes, but not bigger). Very dark skin also isn't really distinct to African people (see: Dravidians, Australian aboriginal people, etc). So, that leaves 4C hair, but the drawing in >>728217 looks to have more 4A or even 3A hair. 4C hair is more tightly coiled and poofy.
>mulatto featured
This sounds very weird and arbitrary. There's no such thing as "mulatto features", because that's just a term for the child of two different individuals, both of which can have any set of genetics/features from their classified black/white races (each of which have wide ranges and pools/ethnicities, contrary to American belief). It's not a distinct group. It's not like medium brown skin is a mixed-people only feature.
Also, what >>728559 said. Even if that's how that person interprets a certain subset of African people's features, they're deliberately making those features look hideous, and it wouldn't be wrong to deem that racist, even if it's "unintentional". It's just ugly. There's no excuse. There are a million ways to go about it, tons of actual African artists who paint African women to reference (like pic related), but they chose to draw…that.

No. 728589

but that's literally his character. He's a barbarian

No. 728597

File: 1612279161423.png (44.63 KB, 591x296, 92119067-9CF4-499F-A109-ABF915…)

here are some of the deranged cunts attacking the hq artist, my bet is these people are aggressively projecting and will end up on a list one day (1/2)

No. 728599

File: 1612279182326.png (32.67 KB, 590x235, 730F64C4-C69B-48E9-BB95-70A628…)

No. 728602


People write dozens of tweets supporting mental health awareness and being kind to each other. But I guess harassing an artist for weeks on twitter until they get hospitalized does not count. What would these people say if Mookie attempted suicide like Zami?

No. 728603

File: 1612279399700.jpeg (466.04 KB, 828x906, A25E9F96-9F60-4D55-BAB2-AEFA7F…)

this person already looks like a pedo imo, greasy and disgusting

No. 728607

If the shoe were on the other foot, they definitely wouldn't hesitate to play victim, and that's the funny part. They'd definitely be attacking people and calling them heartless for posting "Ok but we didn't send you to the hospital" in response.
It's kind of autistic to give so much of a shit about angry Twitter spergs that you get hospitalized, though, I have to admit.

No. 728610

a bit hard to 'just close your pc' when then et is how you make a living

No. 728613

that art is beautiful, these morons are probably just bitter. thankfully east asian artists rarely give a single shit about screeching western idiots

>It's kind of autistic to give so much of a shit about angry Twitter spergs that you get hospitalized, though, I have to admit.
having a low threshold for stress and getting spammed suicide dares and pedo accusations by thousands of schizos, it’s understandable if you snap imo.

No. 728615

holy shit I hate twitterfags so much

No. 728618

> It's kind of autistic to give so much of a shit about angry Twitter spergs that you get hospitalized, though, I have to admit.

you can say that bc you haven't gone thru it lmao shut up anon

No. 728623

File: 1612280881331.png (98.26 KB, 645x594, EnWsafeXIAA8run-654x1024 (2).p…)

hey it's the same guy that got pissy over someone wearing a virtual hairstyle back in November last year lol

No. 728626

>just don't check out the children's ward
What an unnecessary and disgusting comment to make. So sick of twitter idiots' obsession with pedophilia and freely claiming everyone and their mother is a pedo without any consequences whatsoever, I'm so over it.

No. 728628

I've had people (mostly moids) sperg at me and either doubled down to piss them off if it was a few, or just ignored/blocked and shit-talked them with those close to me if it was a lot, lmao. If you can't handle it, it's up to you to take a break. You ultimately need to take responsibility for yourself, strangers on the internet can't always (or even usually) be trusted to be decent.

No. 728631

Claiming everyone's a pedo and then constantly making jokes about pedophilia is so weird to me, it's all they do.

No. 728643

It really is weird as hell, I muted the words pedo/pedophilia/cp because I can't stand seeing them thrown around incessantly over stupid animu shit anymore.

No. 728649

i feel like this can definitely be an issue, black people are often stereotyped as being aggressive (black men especially) which sucks and shouldn't be the case, but if it's part of his character, then there shouldn't be an issue with the artist, maybe with the original portrayal of the cookie lol. I know nothing about this game tho, but I do like the picture. maybe the artist just isn't really aware of the negative/racial implications but I hardly think they drew the pic with the intention of making a racially charged statement.

I hate children.

No. 728656

File: 1612283649840.png (23.53 KB, 210x217, 58382ibe27w8jw.png)

According to cookie run ovebreak this is his description:

Purple Yam Cookie was baked in extreme temperatures again and again until the heat finally got to his head. Ever since, Purple Yam Cookie has been in an angered state (to say the least!) that's why we advise being extremely cautious around him. When the wrath kicks in, this Cookie begins to crush and smash the surroundings in a dangerous tornado of rage. And as if that wasn't enough, Purple Yam Cookie is always eager to fight someone! The Cookie claims that no one has suffered in the "flames of hell" more than him, but little does he know that - in fact - other Cookies went through the Witch's oven too…
Also hus design is based from beserker class.
But In serious note do people on twitter , think
Dark Skinned Character = Black Character . Holy hell.

No. 728688

It mostly feels like they’re trying to hide their pedo tendencies by accusing everyone else of being a pedo.

No. 728698

File: 1612287065832.jpg (275.72 KB, 1080x1880, Lulllll.jpg)

No. 728722


lmao deserved and good riddance

No. 728727

she's incredibly slappable I don't blame the people who reported her

No. 728734

lol she looks like todokaras. all these shipper twitters look identical: bad eyeliner, chubby fingers with chipped nail polish, and GREASE

No. 728753

thanks for giving me the info, the character is actually really cute! also in regards to your other comment, the artist did depict the character with hair that looks like "locs", which is a hairstyle usually associated with black people because of our hair type, but it's probably just because the character art has a similar design, again, i don't think it was meant to be incendiary at all.

No. 728822

File: 1612296061727.jpg (53.16 KB, 640x305, ucyf6zs3u5851.jpg)

In cookie run there are other characters that are interpreted as black when drawn in human form and they are not aggressive, violent or scary looking. That cookie is afair the only one that's always angry and they're dark because they're called Yam Cookie and yams are dark (purple). In the game most of the "legendary cookies" (which are the most powerful ones, let's say) can be interpreted as poc and they all have different and cute/cool personalities. So it's really not a problem.

No. 728823

why do these people think that calling someone a "pedo" is the equivalent of calling them idk a stink head and that being called a pedo is just a "walk away from the screen" kind of name?

No. 728825

File: 1612296233062.jpeg (652.26 KB, 1196x1166, B2C570B9-0C06-4BA1-8716-41D34C…)

I meant to post that but I was too lazy, why is every big person on black artist twitter such a jackass?
this is off topic but there was a huge shitshow over milk & yam cookies’ designs in the CR fandom when they came out due to them being racist + antisemitic or whatever, it was so fucking funny lol

No. 728827

omg how are these people even real
I am gonna die of laughter

No. 728830


they're so fucking funny

i'm not even mad that they have a stupid amount of followers, i'm gonna bet that a good chunk of them are just there to watch the drama these accounts stir up

it's a whole fucking circus

No. 728842

File: 1612298050803.jpg (175.58 KB, 638x1443, fceeda95cdecb31078fb59faaeef15…)

What I don't get is like, Japanese people stylize their own culture like this and the results look very cool. But if they try and do it with another culture it's wrong? Idk, this is stupid, as long as the drawing looks well done and cool and amazing there's no problem? woke people just like slam dunking on better artists because their art looks like complete shit

Do artists now have to just draw their race or white people so they don't get cancelled? the fuck

No. 728845

File: 1612298499465.jpg (747.23 KB, 3000x2000, grossbitch.jpg)

I'm still butthurt that I saw a bunch of native people (including myself) loving the interpretations but all the loud retards and 23andme/ancestry.com natives were the only ones that the twitterfags listened to
It still does not stop certain individuals from speaking over Japanese people, unfortunately.

No. 728849

The people cancelling artists for making cool drawings of various cultures are just jealous that someone who isn't black is getting praise and followers for doing a good job while they're not because they're mediocre. They can't stand that, so they play the race card to tear down whoever they can. It's all about being jealous.
These people want white, white passing and asian artists to "know their place" and draw only their own cultures and features, while black artists can draw everyone however the fuck they want and you can't say a thing because then you're fucking racist.

I doubt you were at mookie's level and that you were accused of pedophilia and just doubled down or ignored them. False pedophilia accusations can ruin someone's life.

No. 728852

Did they know her name, her workplace/uni, or any other real life information?

No. 728853

Context of this picture?? I don't understand what's going on

No. 728860

It's been a while, so I don't remember all of the details.
I believe this photo was taken in the The Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2015(?), they were displaying kimonos and Japanese(Japanese-related?) paintings. Some people (including asian americans) showed up to "protest" against the cultural appropriation and fetishization of asian culture. Several japanese people showed up too to counter-protest and it obviously resulted in arguments, and that's the context of the photo.

No. 728862

Who knows? Maybe they did, these people are stalkers. They can dig up personal accounts and take name and workplace/uni from there even if they were mentioned once. And even if they didn't, what if her friends and other people she knew saw that she was being accused of being a pedo? How would you even explain to someone you know that what all these people are saying isn't true? Could you handle the humiliation? Knowing that many people who followed you now genuinely think you're a pedophile? Ignoring that is not as easy as one might think.

No. 728869

the hq artist has a romanticization of hospitals and mental health though, a munchie possibly

if you go through her old tweets she brags about not taking her meds, take pictures of her iv drips, and not listening to her therapists.

No. 728872

And? lol That justifies the shit she got for some pixels?

No. 728874

File: 1612301354461.jpeg (532.38 KB, 750x1098, 40DB2C85-92D2-47F4-971F-449940…)

Not sure if she really belongs in this thread but I’ve seen her mentioned here once or twice, but does anyone know what happened to her partner? I thought she was engaged.

No. 728882

File: 1612302051514.jpg (547.79 KB, 810x1775, 64011.jpg)

this post will probably be the best context for you, I remembered reading it and dug it up. I don't think she's said much else

No. 728886

no but she pulls the hospital shit a lot and lives for this kind of drama.

iirc for every fandom she draws characters terminally ill at least once

No. 728891

I thought the same? In the end she started seeming lolcowy too me after some "copying" drama jn which she immediately locked herself and started screaming over how sensitive she is and ~ muh mental illness ~. I feel like every woman who makes "uwu kawaiiiii" as her personality and brand has issues at this point. At least recent ones. She also was a pan before lol, now a lesbian?

No. 728892

File: 1612302768490.png (664.64 KB, 2000x1000, 1613D5D5-B8C0-4E5E-A3E7-0A6E73…)

okay so now im just confused about the mikusonamonday hashtag

No. 728899

I guess creating a Mikusona is some sort of BLM side quest.

No. 728907

File: 1612304096789.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, no fun allowed.png)

No. 728908


I don't want to be mean or victim blaming but I'm starting to think that these artists who always get these massive overblown shitstorms are often weird themselves? In this case the artist seems overdramatic although I can see how being attacked by a mob on twitter must be stressful.

Like I know so many artists with big followings who interact with their followers a lot and are nice and they do completely fine without any backlash. Maybe that's partly because of fandom/twitter culture though, it attracts weird and too young people

No. 728911

Thanks anon! Reading this makes me feel like I probably read this at some point, but then completely forgot about it lol.

I really did like her in the beginning, but I started seeing the same things after a while. I remember at one point she said she was going to keep non-business tweets off that twitter, but then continued to post as normal, and then after she made a personal she finally did stop tweeting personal things. Too bad I don't care about a lot of the stuff she sells now. Her citrus berets will always be my favorite, and I'm happy to have snagged a lemon one back when they were just ~$30, but a lot of the stuff she sells now just looks so tacky to me (especially the cardigans). Not really a fan of super busy prints, but to each their own.

No. 728914

I can't find it through twitter search now because of the call out posts, but there were tweets where mookie would talk to antis even if they didn't tag her. It seems likely she searches her name constantly to see what people are saying.

of course I don't think she's a pedo and deserves a teenage hate mob.

No. 728917

Man you're slow

No. 728936

aw, those are cute. thank you for giving me more info on this!

No. 728941

Yeah, I think her friends/stans are in this thread, but she seems like a flake herself.

No. 728958

File: 1612310352897.jpeg (186.83 KB, 1080x820, 6880B957-5B65-4580-B990-F7AE41…)

No. 728984

who is even that bitch who got harassed? who cares. Post more lesbian mikus to make em mad

No. 728985

No. 728986

This is so stupid. I'm bisexual and I love girls too but this just screams "I got tired of my serious relationship so now I'm gonna say I'm SUPER QUEER for woke points". Poor dude. And I usually give more credit to this type of "soul searching" kinda deal but she sounds like another k8, purely unhinged.

No. 728994

"how dare you make me think about the consequences of my actions. im triggered"

No. 728996

Idk anon. I've heard of lesbian women going through a time where they believed they were bi. It's not like we can look into her mind and tell if she's really gay or not and imo there's nothing suspicious in that post, so what's even the point. Maybe this is just my own personal feelings coming through cause I hate to see people questioning other's sexuality, but I just don't think it's fair to say she's lying cause of those tweets.

No. 729025

File: 1612316172913.jpg (60.69 KB, 720x310, 20210203_003228.jpg)

This one fan of hers still hasn't overcome Javi yet.
Lmaoing at him thinking Javi should do anything for that girl
Ye dude defenitely shoulda bother taking time out of her day to go defend one of the people that were shitting and starting drama on her just days ago.
Don't expect the hand you just bit to be feeding you bud. Good riddance to her

Either way it's actually a bit funny to me, I think Javi drama is sorta on the way to be dead now, simply because those people lost interest and went on to the black Mikus and then to retweeting every "is black history month I'm black gimme money" tweet. You only occasionally find these tweets saying Javi should be speaking up for whatever they want her to now, like this weirdo.

No. 729033

thats her fakboi online "boyfriend" kek

No. 729035

Jays notorious in the cookie run and splatoon fandom because they would edit fanart to darken skintones on tumblr. No surprise that theyre dating diversity "woc" destinytomoon

No. 729041

this confuses me so much because hq characters had entire arcs after a timeskip. does this mean sexualizing anyone is wrong because they were once a teen in canon? i get being slightly uncomfortable if you were around a character like hinata's age while the story was pre-timeskip and grew up with that character while he was still younger, but just mute the account. nothing wrong being done there

No. 729048

I just found out that this is a thing, so I was wondering what you ladies thought of it. Apparently some artists make you buy their approval to get their art tattooed. I've seen these "permission passes" go from $10~$70. A part of me thinks "yeah get that coin" but really nothing is stopping the person from just not buying the rights lol

No. 729057

show a pic?

No. 729059

People freaked out because the character was in his senior year in high school being fucked by a college freshman while saying “you love this highschool bussy” or some shit lmao

This is normal banter in porn but why would you do this shit when the majority of HQ fans are batshit SJW teens? I feel bad for no one in this situation lol

No. 729065

I mean that's fair to me? Afaik, tattoo copying and art theft is common in the tattoo industry. I don't see an issue with the og artists wanting to still be paid for their original work before it gets ripped off. Even if they say "Please don't copy my work/tattoos", someone will still probably copy it, so might as well make some money.
They were both 18 (or 18 and 19) and the dialogue was something like
>"Haha your such a pervert for fucking a highschool student"
>"Would you stop saying that, we're the same age!"
Ngl, I thought it was weird. I imagine the people who masturbate to it like to self-insert in the art, so who in their right mind thinks it's sexy to hear anime characters talk about how they are in highschool. Again, I imagine it's a self-insert kind of thing and I personally would feel grossed out if my partner said something like that even if we were both the same age lmao. It looked like some kind of weird "Hey this character is in highschool, but they are barely legal so it's technically ok to jackoff to this!" thing, imo. It's not the artists fault a bunch of kids who shouldn't have been looking at that in the first place saw it though.

No. 729067

File: 1612322956812.jpg (42.49 KB, 550x426, EstPRBtXEAMQHEC.jpg)

Samefag, here's the actual photo. I don't think it was actually ever shared in these threads, sorry if it was though.

No. 729068

File: 1612323457757.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 757.48 KB, 929x1351, A2E7BD1E-F8BF-4936-9514-0568DE…)

> It's not the artists fault a bunch of kids who shouldn't have been looking at that in the first place saw it though.

Right, this is true for everything else besides shonen anime fandoms. The artist and their friends have dealt with antis like this before, they should have known what kind of shit this invites. I’m surprised pic related, which has been punlicnfor YEARS, hasn’t been used

Idc because these are fucking cartoons

No. 729090

File: 1612329200388.png (168.59 KB, 381x264, Screenshot from 2021-02-02 21-…)

saw this thumbnail on youtube and i cant make heads or tails as to what is which character's body part

No. 729091


If you have a legit CSP license, then you should have full access to a fuckton of pretty great tutorials and guides from the Clip Studio page already. This video is embarrassingly useless.

No. 729092

Can somebody pray for me please I can't find my Wacom pen for a few days now and I really don't have the money to buy a new one.

No. 729093

File: 1612329889865.jpeg (182.14 KB, 1500x1346, 641D5EBA-05B0-4831-9441-8DB3C9…)

prayer circle right now lc lets go. May she find her pen asap and produce much art

No. 729097

File: 1612331120058.jpg (16.3 KB, 253x199, 1537165460035.jpg)

No. 729102

I found it you guys!!!! Thank you for your well wishes.

No. 729106

Yay congrats!! what a great feeling have fun making art.

No. 729163

Good. That's exactly how it should work.

No. 729178

So what's the problem with this? You're using a design someone else created to be tattoeed on your body, I think it's only fair that you pay the creator for their work. It's going to be on display on your skin forever after all.

No. 729201

So Helluva Boss Episode 3 Just got released, better then EP#2 imo

No. 729215

Everyone seems to like it but to me it was just boring, color-wise and plot-wise. The constant swearing is getting a little boring too after three episodes full of them. And I can't stand the human designs.

No. 729233

File: 1612354631587.jpg (141.78 KB, 720x720, 20210203_054919.jpg)

Acatcie feckin kills me

No. 729234


jay and their posse are absolutely fucking retarded

they're been at it for days begging javi's "supporters" to defend black artists but all of those artists and their bootlickers are blocking said supporters

No. 729235

What's so wrong about this?

No. 729236


if anything, they're just exposing how shit they are at trad art

No. 729240

Still It seems better overall then Hazbin Botel and everyone seems to agreee on it, I feel the premise of HB allows for more interesting character interactions and plot points then Hazbin Hotel, I also think the character designs of HB to be more appealing then Hezbin Hotel(with the exception of the wolf girl)

No. 729243

This isn't a "bad" thing tbh. Yeah the trad version is super sloppy and I can see some stuff that she shouldn't have messed up on regardless of whether or not she's a digital artist, but skill does not transcend medium. Even someone who is a trad artist is gonna be crappy at digital if it's not something they do often. Trad artists can also suck at other trad mediums they're not used to. Like, someone who does charcoal drawings is probably not gonna be great at painting. I honestly think acatcie rushed the paper drawing though, just cause it's so messy.

No. 729250

The weird part to me is that post was sponsored by the markers she used on the trad drawing and it doesn't make the markers look very good. I really want to know what her goal is, is it just to have a lot of followers? idgi

No. 729256


The premise of Hazbin is just cringe. As if those demons are misunderstood goth teenagers. lol In HB the characters at least are acting like demons and embrace it. Although the animation was worse in this one then the other two.

No. 729266

i'm 100% sure that's actually an aiden

No. 729267

Ok so I have a cracked version of csp and can use almost all of the functions but the store(so I cant download brushes and ect or the timelapse thing). Is it still worth learning it and using it when it seems the store front is a huge part of the program?

I was actually hoping to buy the full program but it never went on sale last year.

No. 729268

> was actually hoping to buy the full program but it never went on sale last year.

It was on sale at least 4 times…

No. 729272

I never saw anyone post about it so I missed out then. Fuck me, when does it normally go on sale so I can keep an eye out for it.

No. 729278

It’s 50 dollars….I realize not everyone is made of money, but can you not just save that up? It’s well worth the asking price

No. 729279

File: 1612364213990.jpg (231.37 KB, 720x1054, 20210203_095629.jpg)

No that's reasonable, I guess it's the csp ex version I'm waiting to go on sale if it does.

No. 729283

Yeah that’s fair. Been waiting for EX to go on sale myself.

No. 729284

I can forgive the weird colouring cuz you can't really get the colouring perfectly right with pens, and I can forgive the colour bleeding cuz she's probably not very experienced, but it just looks so bad to me. There's so many intersecting lines, you can barely tell the difference between her thumb and her pinky, and when you compare it to the tablet version this one looks way more "brutish" to the point I'm not even sure she did a sketch before the lineart.
It's basically what >>729243 said except I'm less understanding because I simply cannot relate to "traditional art is literally like the 12 tasks of Hercules" art memes, so everytime I see artists act like that I seethe (probably more than I should)
Also what >>729250 said (why would a marker company ask for a sponsor of a digital artist anyway tho?).

Note: that image is actually not the best comparison, because the tablet version is her old style. I have no idea why she insists on using the old style for this type of comparisons when it's just two completely different things and automatically makes it look like the tablet is way better and whatever else way worse.

No. 729288

if you check her instagram, she posts a lot of reels where you see her draw traditionally, and she goes straight in with a pen and no sketching. it seems like she's going pretty fast too, although the vid is sped up some

No. 729330

You can get a Pro license on sale ($25) and then get the Ex upgrade later on, also on sale ($85).

No. 729356

What's the difference between pro and ex? I've only seen that with ex it's way easier to make comics because it has some cool functions, but is it worth it for someone who just makes illustrations?

No. 729380


As an illustrator who's been using PRO since 2017, it's more than enough if your thing is just illusts and concept art. Comics, especially in vertical format (i.e. Webtoons), are better made in EX but aren't required. Also, be prepared with a monster of a processor for EX.

No. 729399

They look like cavemen wtf.

No. 729512


EX is better for comics/manga but it demands a lot more from your computer's processor.

PRO can do the job just fine if your aim is regular illustrations though, and it's not as heavy as EX is.

No. 729515

This is as it should be.

They've been releasing more tutorials from what I guess who you could call 'non-threatening' artists like this. I think they only do it to throw a bone and not alienate newbies and beginners who gravitate towards artists like this. Fortunately, for every ugly thing like this, they have more useful tools and videos that make up for it.

Holy shit, that actually worked. You guys are amazing.

No. 729519

I know this question has been asked to literal death, but what reasonably priced screen tablet is worth it? I get all of the art elitists in here love to claim that flat non-display tablets are the best but that depends on someone else’s workflow and the way they draw. I’ve been practicing with a non-display and it’s very weird for me because of that disconnection between my hand and eyes.

Is cintiq the way the go?

No. 729520

>I get all of the art elitists in here love to claim that flat non-display tablets are the best
lol whatever get a cinqiq

No. 729523


>it’s very weird for me because of that disconnection between my hand and eyes.

then get a cintiq. it's really not that hard.

No. 729537

xp-pen 15.6 pro is good

No. 729539

If you can find a cheap one, a samsung galaxy tab s7 plus. I got mine for 600 $.

No. 729546

I bought a 21 inch huion couple years ago and it's the best investment I've made. Get one with express keys, though.

No. 729552

I personally find this cringey and I don’t know why. I loved the other show by Vivzie pop, why havnt they been finishing episodes for that one?? It was clearly better

No. 729555

Definitely get the cintiq if you feel you're having difficulties with a non-display.
For a long time I thought I was just shitty at art but then I switched from non-display to display and drawing digitally became heaps easier.

No. 729577

I didn't know it could be so hard on your processor, thank you! I'll stick with pro for the time being then.

No. 729668

File: 1612394523231.jpg (86.95 KB, 720x810, 20210203_230321.jpg)

Am I just being dumb or are there like 5 or 6 people with this almost exact style (all hispanic).
I don't really care about it being generic or copying or whatever but it makes feel like a crazymman when I look at two different artists and it's so hard for me to tell whether they are the same person or not

No. 729679


tbh Samsung and Apple's efforts cash in on the drawing tablet market are so fucking toxic and they've basically tricked every newbie (and even veteran) artists into thinking the best way to go forward with your art is to switch to an iPad or Samsung tablet when those devices are only the better choice if you don't have a good laptop/pc to use your drawing tablet and run your art programs on

and even then you STILL have to make a big investment to get a decent iPad/Samsung tablet that can perform as well as a bare minimum laptop/pc with brands as big as Wacom

tldr; don't force yourself to buy shit out of your budget, these days it's more affordable than ever to dive into digital art with non-screen display tablets fetching for as low as $100

No. 729681


mine is a Huion Kamvas 16in that I got for $500, it has express keys and comes with a stand so it's great if you wanna move on from non-screen display tablets but don't wanna get the big screen displays just yet

P.S. the 12.5in version of this is also great!

No. 729682

Just to add what everyone has already said, I've been researching it a lot recently, when it comes to technical specs there's pretty much no real difference between Cintiqs, Xp-pens and Huions; only thing being that Cintiq seem a bit more solidly build but you can ask yourself if this is worth paying twice-or-more more.

No. 729687

I've been researching a lot too. Cintiqs having the desk arm attachment pretty much sold me on getting one. Almost halfway there in savings too.

I'm the bent ipad anon from the last thread and to give an update I actually gave it to my mom and she can't even tell it's bent, I'm just autistic.

No. 729708

youre right

No. 729817

File: 1612410723320.png (355.34 KB, 496x780, Screenshot_20210203-203428.png)

No. 729819

My advice as someone who has a Cintiq (it's a 22hd) is to get one because they're sturdy and last a long time. However, get the smallest model (16" iirc.) The big ones are overpriced and a pain in the ass to transport.

No. 729881

File: 1612418707789.jpg (190.55 KB, 1261x1401, IMG_20210204_010448.jpg)

So unloved came back and it seems their bait worked judging by the number of dumbass support comments

No. 729892

Crazy how meek she is acting considering she spent 4-5 days harassing anyone who sympathized with javi draws, then 3-4 days harassing eda_log, then a week harassing doodledan11, all between december-january.

No. 729911

She can dish shit out but she can't take it, it's wild. What a pussy

No. 729913

LMFAO she went private

No. 729928

I thought she was a fun cow but it's so pathetic now

No. 729934

can attest to how sturdy and well built wacoms are, my graphire tablet from 2005 is still working. i am thinking of upgrading my 12in cintiq because the screen is much darker than my monitor as screens are all HD now, and it's starting to get annoying color correcting. It's still working fine 11 years without any problems, I wonder if these other screen tablets will last a decade so i'm hesitant to try anything other than wacom

agree with ipad/samsung tablets. it's good for hobby artists but i have no clue why a professional artist would limit themselves with one, these tablets aren't exactly cheap either. they end up being very expensive sketchbooks to the people i know who have one

No. 729940


True… these tablets are a nice to have when you want a new shiny thing and to be able to draw digitally on the go. I'm a professional illustrator and character designer and I like to sketch up drafts on my iPad that I can move to PS later. It cannot replace a wacom + PC combo though, it's just a fun luxury for me. Even the largest iPad screen is small, the software options are limited and while procreate is a snappy program with a nice UI it's overrated imo.

I think it's just trendy right now, just like everyone thought you NEEDED 200 copic markers to be a good artist now they think all they "need" is to buy a super expensive tablet. It's a way for these companies to make a lot of money and for mediocre artists to make excuses why their huion tablet is what's holding them back from improving.

No. 729981

This is tangenial to the screen tablet topic, but don't knock out 2-in-1 laptops if you need both a drawing device and app flexiblity. /ic/ will out right say to avoid Microsoft because of their N-Trig/MPP tech, but I love my Surface Pro 7; this may be because it's a newer model, but unless lineart is your absolute lifeblood, it should be fine. I paint, so I never notice line wobble or palm rejection issues.

The Samsung Galaxy Flex has Wacom technology, but the price is seriously inflated compared to both mobile screen tablets and it's 2-in-1 competitors in terms of specs. Also, you'll want a seperate compatible Wacom pen because the one it comes with is dingy.

HP offer several good options. The XP Spectre X360 also has MPP but in videos it again should be fine unless you work slowly or do a lot of lineart. It's the option if you want to game aswell, as older games like Overwatch will run if you're willing to play on a 13.5" or 15" screen. It's a flex tablet, not a true 2-in-1 so you'll have to consider your comfort with the keyboard and bevels. Avoid the OLED if you can.

In conclusion: Drawing laptops are viable if you A) can afford it and B) benefit from a single device. I don't recommend them unless you need desktop OS exclusive stuff; I needed Adobe After Effects for uni now the edit suites are closed and could afford to upgrade my art setup at the same time. The cheapest MS Surface Pro 7 I found was £1300 brand new but I got it second hand for around £1000 with pen and keyboard as seperate costs. It's near identical to the Pro 6, so unless you have to garentee power like I did, that's another cost to consider.

I recommend MobileTechReview. Great channel where they show the painting capiblities better than some.

tl;dr: Drawing laptops are good now, but expensive, judy don't ignore them if you really need desktop app. Also, ignore my spelling. /ic/ are crabs.

No. 730240

File: 1612464137122.jpg (57.39 KB, 680x513, EtYJ2FEXIAEu6tr.jpg)

why does she draw herself like this


No. 730246

File: 1612464539742.png (Spoiler Image, 201.64 KB, 582x653, why.png)

op here, she recently retweeted someone animating a cumshot on her persona

No. 730270

>Dick and thumb positioning shows scrote is in front of character
>Scrote is also somehow behind character
Is he cucking himself in his own drawing or what I'm confused

No. 730271

I think it's a threesome

No. 730286

NTA but as someone who had been looking at 2-in-1 laptops, this is extremely helpful. Thanks!

No. 730343

That artist is female? Huh.

No. 730371

How do you guys feel about commission pricing in general? especially in the online - digital art sphere.

I have "only" 3k followers on IG and have been approached for commission before. My skill is pretty good if I say so myself (but not like exceptional) and more realistic than most other art out there. But I see all these people on IG who have 50k followers and take like $30 for a fully colored commission? Granted their art styles are more cartoony and maybe speak to a different audience than mine, but I feel like art prices especially for digital art are so low online. I see professional illustrators who have prices as low as that. I know I'd want at least $ 100 for doing a fully rendered realistic portrait but I'm afraid people will judge me as a small artist asking for prices that are higher than most of the ig famous artists.

No. 730377


It will be tough to up your prices later once people will be used to sellout prices. Charge whatever you think your art is worth it. I personally think it doesn't matter how many followers you have but how good your skills are.

No. 730379

Doubt it. It has to be a male larper or a tranny. The most telling part is how all vaginas are drawn way too up like where a dick would be, something that male coomers usually do.

No. 730382

Fuck people judging you, it’s literally the stupidest thing to shit on artists for asking anything close to a living wage or even minimum wage.
It probably takes you a fair bit of time to do a realistic portrait and tbere a tbe huge headache of dealing with the client so even at a starting price I’d say go no lower than 150- and that’s ONLY because you’re inexperienced with commissions, you should keep raising it after each commission until you’re at a comfortable fair level, it has nothing to do with your follower count. Go by experience and skill level.

No. 730395

Charge what you want to earn. That's all that matters. If you charge, say, 100$ and you get only 1/3rd as many commissions as you would at 30$, you've still made more money - and spent less time doing commissions. That's a win/win. Don't get fooled by people who are doing nonstop commissions for like 5$ that they claim are "for rent." Those people dont make enough to live on, they are just selling an image of themselves as someone who is more of a "real artist" and better than wageslaves working at a day job. If anything, they're constantly broke and ruining their chances at a career in art by giving themselves debilitating repetitive strain injuries by 24.

Don't listen to anyone who says people need to be willing to start with low prices or makes any "big/small" arguments, because most of those people are either just upset that they were conned into that same mistake and push others into it, or they're jealous that they can't earn enough money to support themselves via art.

No. 730397

sorry to burst your puritan bubbles but she's a girl. not every horny poster you don't like is a male or tranny.

No. 730398

Oh like a pickme is such an upgrade

No. 730403

If she spent as much time drawing as she does throwing shitfits on Twitter, she'd be Rembrandt by now.

I won't believe that until I see a face pic. We're not being puritanical you tard, we're saying it's odd that a supposed woman would be so terrible at drawing vaginas.

No. 730408

I mean just because you have something doesnt mean you can draw it well. There's a reason why so many people cant draw hands. Also, it's really hard to bend down and look at your vagina for reference

No. 730409

> can take an easy reference picture
> can finds of millions photos and even videos

No. 730411

I've seen this a lot with female artists as well, mostly self taught, mainly drawing anime shit and never using real life references.

No. 730416

File: 1612477386654.jpg (46.15 KB, 740x412, ntipykqjpyl227boqdr5-740x412.j…)

You do know there are thousands upon thousands of resources out there for reference…right?

By this logic, it means single men shouldn't be able to draw vaginas at all because they don't have one.

Porn videos, nude models??????? Are you daft????

No. 730428

>Also, it's really hard to bend down and look at your vagina for reference
Lmao. Is this a LARP?

No. 730483

as if most women spend time looking at their own vaginas come on man

No. 730502

Even with all the reference in the world artist can still be too lazy and not care

No. 730538

sage for unrelated but I wish there was more demand for artist salt in the contemporary/ fine arts world. I dgaf about furry twitter artists making ugly digital paintings, I wanna dunk on overrated performative bitches and see what other anons think about like, chloe wise or brad troemel or saltz. I have a BFA and nothing to show for it except contempt, burnout and no desire to everrrr enter that type of art scene and i hope the pandemic does away with bad tryhard gallery shows. just throwing it out there to see if there's any interest lol

No. 730550

I'd be interested in reading more! I'm not too familiar with it myself but I'm always fascinated by art school drama as well, Soeymilk and Kent come to mind.

No. 730556

all anon is saying is that not every woman is good at drawing a vagina. just because you have a part doesn't mean you'll be good at drawing it even with all the references in the world. plenty of people have eyes but can't draw an eye properly.

they can't draw good vaginas. it's not that deep that you have to question whether they're a pickme or tranny.

No. 730568

girl spill that shit and lets bag on them, its an all art thread.

No. 730587


funny that you mention soeymilk, I was thinking about her as well. do any of you remember the big messy art center mass callout scandal during last summer when everyone was on their fake woke shit? I have a friend who goes to that school so I got sucked into following along with all the anon callouts on the blackataccd instagram. I can't find the specific post but her ex was an alumni and was talking, I think, about how kent fetishizes asian girls, lures and grooms his young students and life models, basically groomed soey into their partnership and was just generally an elitist jerk. i think he also talked about the racism he felt being black at that school. then soey herself hopped on to address and dispute pretty much all his claims. I'm actually a big fan of her art style personally but she worded her defense terribly and got away with it because all her followers are ass kissers. nothing was ever done about all the rampant art center allegations, that IG hasn't posted anything since july so it was kind of a letdown and i guess you could say the milk is dry but it def changed my opinion on her, she just came off weird during that time

No. 730590

Do you have any caps? I never heard about this at all. It tracks with what I’ve heard about Kent though—didn’t he have a track record of asking Asian students to “model” for him?

No. 730592

Unf I need this in my life. Please do anon.
I went to my liberal arts college to be a commercial artist but it was really centralized around gallery and contemporary artistry. I probably have some stories to share.

No. 730596

I think she deleted her post unfortunately, and the art center account has an overwhelming amount of text wall accusations about tons of faculty so I haven't found her ex's story yet. I might have it bookmarked somewhere tho so I'll poke around for caps when I finish up with work.

No. 730646

God, I fucking hope so, too. Sick of those trust fund artists, money laundering collectors, and all the wannabes in between. The fine arts world is the Wagyu of art lolcows. Let their sunset days be the most drama-filled.

No. 730696

Idk how to feel about this narc cunt

No. 730705

>No selfies
>No IRL photos at all showing their room or other daily activities
>Very male looking coomer art right down to the traditional vagina placement
>Absolutely no proof of the artist being a woman
I mean sure you can believe whatever you want but it's not like a ton of male cumbrain artists fake being a woman for popularity points.

No. 730707

his first few videos I can buy his satire clown humour, but after that it rubbed me off annoyingly. I stopped watching his video for a long time now, but seeing that he's still wearing the clown ego get up, pretty much tell you that it has already eat into his persona.

No. 730751

This is straight up the ugliest art style I've ever seen lmfao

No. 730762

How do y'all be mutuals with other artists with same interest online? Are there any tips or what's your story?

No. 730802

Interact with their postings on social media; I guess being active on discord servers too but it never worked for me

No. 730809

Posting consistent art of the same interests and interacting with theirs. However if they are well-known/very talented don't overdo it. They can tell who's sucking up because it happens a lot

No. 730832

File: 1612527631056.png (3.42 MB, 1920x2234, Untitled311_20210205201644.png)

This artist really gets on my nerves. The screenshot on the right was when she replied to a criticism on the zodiac sign acatcie post. On her 2020 vs 2021 one she eat up all the praises on her "improvement" and gives a cold shoulder to those who like the 2020 one

No. 730833


This guy is such a dudebro it's honestly annoying even listening to him for a few moments. His artwork is also the same thing over and over and quite frankly not good enough to compensate for his act.

No. 730839


Lmao I got this suggested on IG too and with 80% of these improvement posts I'm just like… What's the point of posting this? Are these people genuinely this proud of their "improvement" and are all of their followers genuinely impressed or just sucking up to them?

Granted I think it's dumb to go to that post and comment something negative when the person is proud of it. But I guess they kind of asked although it's obviously just an engagement grab and they just want praise

No. 730845


Also idk who this person is but I'm assuming they are pretty young still with a large following, just like acatcie and many other aesthetic ig famous artists. To me it seems like getting all that ig fame when you are still young and should be in a learning and experimenting phase really stunts any improvement. They find one thing that gets many likes on ig and start drawing nothing but that thing. They probably have much more potential than that.

Honestly since my online following grew I'm also struggling with this. I know that likes don't really matter in the end but it feels like ig followers want to see exactly the same thing from you all the time and with a large following it's almost like you are disappointing so many people when you try something different. It's dumb tbh, unless you can make a lot of money off it ig fame isn't worth it

No. 730855


Indonesianfag here, from my experience on twitter, dramas do exist mainly on a fess twitter,"zonakaryaid". Where the most case i remember is when an anon complained (not the exact sentence):"Have you ever seen an artwork consisting of only lines that got much appreciation/likes? It really upsets me that i spent many hours drawing yet nobody appreciates it! Isn't it upsetting?" Of course, it baited lots of angry replies from the indo art community. Not only once, the anon continued their fess,"Why y'all so offended/angry?" Followed by the last,"Thanks to your anger, I hate drawing bc of my anxiety" before getting blocked by the admin.

Tbh, most indo artists have amateur-ish artstyle (wonky anatomy, poor grasp of coloring+rendering) but they often do kpop fanarts, cute but mainstream doodles that made them "popular". A big hit or miss i'd say

No. 730856

Isn't there a different thread for art advice? This is a salt thread

No. 730858

Read the thread description anon, please
>And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

No. 730865

File: 1612533580103.png (1.58 MB, 1121x2048, Screenshot_20210205-055334.png)

This girl is in the same circle as loved111333/tajmerk/teachlko who starts drama every week. Does anyone know what this is a reference to?

No. 730866

File: 1612533817231.png (1.53 MB, 1260x2048, Screenshot_20210205-060238.png)

Same anon as before. Nvm, turns out succulentbud/jay/ destinytomoons fakeboi gf was sending people to attack some teenager

No. 730868

Yup it's better to have little chit chats now and then than trying to make a connection right away, the current twitter climate isnt really good so most artist are going to be wary

Yikes, they really don't stop…

No. 730870

File: 1612534278414.png (1.62 MB, 1100x2048, Screenshot_20210205-060933.png)

Some lesbian kid sub tweeted ivy/orquidiart and jay decided to start harassing them. Of course no one is apologizing to them

No. 730872

Why do these people always link cashapps and venmos and whatever on their tweets? Especially in situations like these?
Do they really think money solves everything?

>"whoops i fucked up and almost ruined someones life anyway give them money"

No. 730874

you missed the “artist discussion” part lol

No. 730882

File: 1612534852458.jpg (362.7 KB, 1080x1036, 0701.jpg)

found this while searching, no self awareness from that group at all

No. 730947

She made her characters deformed

No. 731028

I might be wrong but ain't that sr.pelos gf?

No. 731063

File: 1612553380477.png (1.53 MB, 2048x1970, Screenshot_20210205-112920.png)

Javi draws is still locked but someone leaked her apology here

No. 731066

The first panel looks a lot like Ogeretsu Tanaka's style

No. 731067

I was just gonna post a link to the apology lol.
She deadass wrote an entire essay and it's still "not enough" good god.

No. 731071

these spergs have no life jesus fuck

No. 731074

>>730882 These fucking people…

No. 731080

>>731063 Maybe if they actually did something with their lives, they would understand that five freaking pages is more than enough of an apology.

No. 731089

This is exactly why you never apologize to these types, not only will it not be enough but it's essentially like throwing blood in the water. These people are sharks and will keep coming as long as they see red.

No. 731090

Does anyone have any art school drama? If you do can you share them pls and thank you!
I'll start with a story I knew, a while back there was an incident that happened in the oil painting section of an art uni that my friend was in. People were preparing for their graduation pieces, they left their paintings outside of the grading room because they are pretty huge and heavy so they just left them there so they don't have to carry them back and forth ya know? After one night they found out that most of the pieces were brutally cut and slashed by sth sharp. One person who took the biggest hit had 4/5 of their painting damaged, it seems like no one was responsible and I once asked a senior about this he told me that it was someone who was mentally ill, snuck into the campus and did it but i felt like there was more to the picture.

No. 731095

>>731090 I always hear that art schools are a pit for drama. But really the most exciting things that happend in mine while I was there were when the guy modeling for life drawing class fell asleep on his chair and fell on the floor (to be fair, it was kinda late and the heaters were turned on. He was fine at least) and the existence of a mentally ill janitor who liked to wander around and would also model for our classes (not the nude ones) because he had such an interesting face.

No. 731101

Oh wow I think i'd lose it if my graduation work was damaged. crazy stuff.
I think most insane thing that happened during my artistic education was one of the colleagues who anonymously bullied some girl online to turn it into an art project at the end of the semester. A bit unhinged.

No. 731102

>>731090 not really art related
This happened to my friend who went to art school, but she and another girl in the major liked the same guy. In response to this, the girl bullied my friend and often accused my friend of plagiarizing art for years until an upperclassman found out and told everyone in the major about it.
My friend is working on studio positions now, but the original girl still has no gigs. I think its wild how she blew up her career over some boy.

No. 731109

I think she shouldn't had done this. Those people were already starting to forget about it (because they have the attention span of a baby looking a jiggling keys) and it was very obvious at this point they aren't going to accept anything. She already had apologysed and it didn't work before.
Only explanation I can find is if this was actually only targeted at the people that followed her but then someone leaked. I can actually understand making this for any followers that are still worried but actually want to give her a chance, but even then I think I would had given it just some more days.

>I fully acknowledge that I was not aware of 2000s fashion roots and that it was pioneered by Black women before being gentrified. I was also not aware that it is currently in the process of being reclaimed by Black women. But that is no excuse. I understand that it is very common for trends pioneered by Black women to receive backlash until they are gentrified by white women, and I’m genuinely sorry about the ignorance of this remark and that I contributed to that pain and erasure. I have since taken the time to research it, and will be more careful in the future tweeting about topics I’m not fully knowledgeable about.

Jesus this sounds like she wrote it at gun point. I think we gotta call a SWAT/BOPE/something team to check if she's ok lmao

No. 731124

I will never get why some black youth think they own everything. Its just fucking clothes.

No. 731125

what an amusing waste these people are. I hope they keep wasting their lives away, being miserable and rotting themselves in their caves crying at non-issues on twitter all day.

No. 731129

oh shit LMAO dis gon be gud

No. 731137

Why is almost everything in pink?
Also the character designs are still utter crap.I literally thought the pink demoness was related to the imps,even though she's supposed to be a succubus she still looks like an imp with extra details.this is trying so hard to be humourous that it's not only painfully unamusing but banal as well.how is everybody eating this shit up?it's just Drawn Together + South Park except it's worst and forgettable.

No. 731142

I wish i had good art school drama but for the most part all I have are memories of classmates who bordered on cryptids/ personal lolcows (and with the way i was constantly running late/ procrastinating/ bullshitting critiques i bet i was someone else's personal cow tbf) all the juicy stuff seemed to happen at the more respected art schools my friends from hs ended up going to

although there was some mystery vulture student that would constantly find a way to steal random art supplies like turp, brushes, other students' blank canvases, one time my life drawing board i used to hold newsprint went missing and those aren't cheap so i was pretty annoyed. never found out who it was or whether it was just one person doing it

No. 731147

Not drama as such but I know someone who made a project that was encasing roadkill in resin. Except she didn't seal it right somehow and the roadkill, uh, juices started leaking out when it was being displayed.

No. 731154

performance art at it's finest. nothing can stop death.

No. 731164

Haha okay

One I affectionately call Hagrid. She was nice and cool but pretty flaky and kind of dirty judging by the smell. Once I babysat her pets and she had left a large shit covered dildo stuck to the side of her bathtub. Another time Hagrid hugged my housemate and left a patch of sweat on her top, which left a stubborn BO smell. Apart from her personal hygiene issues, Hagrid was unfortunate looking and quite overweight. Fortunately, this had zero effect on her confidence, however. She would slack off all semester, then whip out some rushed photos of herself naked because something something Laura Mulvey something, every time. We came to expect this of Hagrid, and were unsurprised when she hadn't shown up with work during our graduation show installation. On the last day she strode in with several rolls under her arms and some wallpaper paste. She installed some billboard sized photographs of herself starkers with a Brazilian (surprising and strangely hilarious), bare fanny on our seminar room seats, with what initially looked like red lines criss-crossing around the picture. On closer inspection, it turned out Hagrid had pierced holes in her body, left the canula in and threaded red wool through the holes - then attached them to hooks etc. in the roof. All hell broke loose: the technicians started shitting themselves about health and safety, students started yelling about how gross it was that they had been unknowingly sat on chairs that Hagrid had rubbed her fetid genitals all over. The lecturers started scrambling to find some sort of curtain to seal off the room she was exhibiting in because of how explicit these pictures were and there were families coming for the opening night. Hilarious. Hagrid gave not one shit.

No. 731169

>>731164 The stuff of nightmares, but at least memorable. I mean, someone must be still passing down the story in that school.

No. 731187

holy shit anon. have you kept up with what Hagrid is doing post graduation?

No. 731194

I remember one guy had one of his painting finals on display in a hallway- his painting was of himself lying on his back with his legs up and his hands spreading apart his ass to reveal his butthole and the painting ended up getting stolen which was kind of disturbing given the content of the image. I didn't know enough about it to know if they ever found out who did it or not.

No. 731205

Yeah, she really is a character. After graduation we kept in touch and she told me that she was going to open up her relationship of ten years. I said "Oh cool, did you or Mr. Hagrid suggest that?" (Mr. Hagrid was off-putting in his own way but was at least charismatic and quite kind)
She said it was her idea, that she was too good looking to stay with one man, that she was a very sexual woman, that they had had conversations about taking turns using their bed etc. In a double feature, she came out as pan and asked if I was interested. I politely declined and asked her to keep me posted on how she was doing. I felt really bad for Mr. Hagrid, because he was a nice guy and if anything, Hagrid was the one punching above her weight.
Fast forward a few weeks, we meet up again. Hagrid is deflated. She tells me that she hasn't managed to hook up with anybody, despite her best efforts. Mr. Hagrid, however, had been an unexpected hit with the ladies and was bringing new women home every weekend. This had very clearly not worked out the way Hagrid had envisioned.
I heard they broke up shortly after, living in the same house together, but Mr. Hagrid had taken the master bedroom and become part of a polycule. Hagrid was living in the computer room, and I felt quite sorry for her. She has been trying hard since to bag a man but has extremely high standards and doesn't understand why they're not interested in her.

No. 731273

This also happened on my campus?

Is your college in Pennsylvania?
I can’t remember the nature of it if it was slashing or if someone painted all over other peoples paintings and stole a bunch of paintbrushes which are expensive af

No. 731279

Someone at my school put live beta fish or gold fish (can’t remember) into condoms and pinned them to the gallery wall as part of their deep gallery show. A bunch of students were pissed and reported them within a day or two of it being up. I don’t give a shit about fish to watching them swim around in condom lube was pretty sad..

No. 731302

holy shit she's one of the best personal cows ever

No. 731346

Not particularly anything salt at all, mobile and don’t feel like seeing if there’s an actual artist help sort of thread but I thoroughly enjoyed this video

No. 731372

Acatcie is the worst IG artist ever, I swear. Her art doesn't deserve that much fame

No. 731391


I used to study at a design + art only college (recentry transfered to a much better one bc of multiple reasons) and on my 4th or so semester there our class was divided in groups for a graded project in which each group had to create a brand complete with a website, service and a brandbook.

One of the groups had a girl that was actually from 6th semester in it (i'm p sure she failed the class) and they made a vegan fashion brand thing and their work was pretty complete, plus it was a teacher favourite as well to the point some of my classmates even got a bit annoyed.

Well, on the night BEFORE our groups' final presentation, turns out that the 6th semester girl stole her group's entire project and used it for one of her assignments, claiming it was her own. It was found out because one of our teachers was also grading that other class and recognized the project.

Needless to say, the girl got a 0 on both projects and i'm preeeetty sure she left shortly after.

No. 731402

Do you have pics of the art piece? I’m having trouble understanding what the red lines were. We’re they blood or the yarn?
More importantly, what was her c o n c e p t or her explanation for the piece? We always had to have some BS like concept or something when I went to art school

No. 731422

File: 1612586099127.jpeg (486.6 KB, 640x968, D2CC5C73-F573-4865-A23D-327345…)

Okay this is a little too personal al but I need to get it off my chest because I’ve never said it:
There was a girl in my school who was a little too interested in me because I was a teen mom (as a teenager, not in school).and treated me like I was poverty porn. it got to the point that the semester after I left she painted this picture of herself on the toilet having an unplanned pregnancy (taking the test).
I tried not to talk about the fact that I was a mom very much or at all unless I got to know someone as my friend, and it’s always surprised people because I don’t look the type. I didn’t want to talk about it because I know going to art school in hopes of doing it as a profession is controversial enough, and I hated now once people found out it was the only thing they could think of me as.
Thanks to a mutual extremely gossipy extremely catty gay friend of ours she found out. She immediately typed me as a pathetic poor loser and tried to have a sentimental one on one talk with me about all the trials and tribulations about being a parent when she caught me alone one night in the studio (though she wasn’t a parent herself). She made a grand assumption that it took me forever to get through college and when I was graduating she said “don’t feel bad, our teacher took 8 years to graduate!” To which I replied “I’ve only taken one extra semester, it’s only taking me 4 1/2”.
During my final semester in college I was having a terrible time for personal reasons. I was doing extremely well the year before, and a lot of people took notice and I think some of my teachers and peers thought I would succeed, but it came crashing down that final semester and that’s when she became really obsessed and mean. She would talk behind my back and imply that is was really loose/slutty and lazy to my closest friend, and god knows what she said to my teachers because after that my favorite teacher started talking to me differently too, which totally crushed my confidence.

I think she was obsessed with me because neither of us fit in, but for opposite reasons. We went to a contemporary art college in a university, but I wanted to be an illustrator and she wanted to be an art teacher, and both things were stigmatized for different reasons in our school. She was a real tradthot, a Republican when trump was getting elected and felt out of place and shat on by our liberal peers. She didn’t want to do anything but get married and have kids, I wish she would have just fucking quit and done so. All she ever talked about was how she was buying a house and getting married. She came from money.

Following up with her after I graduated:: that’s when she painted this fucking picture of herself, when we all know she never had an unplanned pregnancy. She followed it up with another pic of her and her redneck boyfriend trying to “figure out the bills”, which was retarded because her fiances starting salary was 60k a year. She was always fantasizing about being poor and struggling and literally 75% of her paintings were self portraits in situations like these.
The icing on the cake was that she went to art school first to be an art teacher, but changed her mind to be a gallery artist because everyone thought Art Ed was for people who suck at art. About a year after she graduated with her changed Studio Art degree she went back for Art Ed because lo and behold: she really did suck.

Cropping this and taking a screenshot so as not to dox this girl, but she is my personal Lolcow, though I’m sure I was a cow to her.

No. 731424

Lmao ew I hate her already

No. 731430

I don't think you were a cow to her. You see this with some who come from above-average stable homes, they invent drama and scenarios because they have none and want sympathy or whatever, especially if most others in their community have legit problems of varying degrees.

Anyway her art sucks and looks like the crap tier that tends to be in brochures and posters at planned parenthood lol. Probably not the vibe she was going for

No. 731432

Goddamn, she sounds turgid. I'm sorry you had to deal with her BS, anon.

No. 731446

I cant believe this person actually believes this kid's danganronpa roleplay discord server is actually a cult. This is what happens when people just automatically assume anything they see on the internet to be true

No. 731474

Anon: I don't think you're a cow. Having a kid at a young age doesn't make you a cow. Things happen and you were only a teen so there's nothing to blame you on. I hope you and your kid are happy and safe.
With that out of the way though…

>treated me like I was poverty porn. it got to the point that the semester after I left she painted this picture of herself on the toilet having an unplanned pregnancy (taking the test).

Hoooooly shit. fuck. Fuck her, this is legiiiiit fucking disgusting. Like, this is narcissist behaivor. Making everything about herself, being so self centered and victimizing herself over your situation. God you have no idea how disgusted at this bitch I am right now. Ughhh.

>Thanks to a mutual extremely gossipy extremely catty gay friend of ours she found out.

God, of fucking course, faggots like this are the fucking worst. You might think "oh let's excuse them because they're gay" but scrotes are still scrotes. I'm not homophobic, I just hate this kind of faggots that think they're hot shit and talk about girls and their personal issues like they're nothing. Fuck them.

>She immediately typed me as a pathetic poor loser and tried to have a sentimental one on one talk with me about all the trials and tribulations about being a parent when she caught me alone one night in the studio (though she wasn’t a parent herself).

Holy fuck. Imagine thinking you have the last say in someone's situation when she DOESN'T know. Shit. I feel so fucking angry because you aren't a pathetic loser. This condencending shit is the worst, like… imagine being so invested in your life. This ties in with making the painting too. The fuck? I'm angry.

SHE IS the pathetic loser. She used you to feel better about herself and use your life for personal masturbatory purposes. God, what the fuck.

> She would talk behind my back and imply that is was really loose/slutty

What the fuck. So she knew you were normal and succesful and in order to make herself feel better she did this to you. UGH jesus christ. I feel so fucking angry anon. I want to slap her super hard. Imagine thinking having a baby turns you into a slut. God… brainrot.

>She was always fantasizing about being poor and struggling and literally 75% of her paintings were self portraits in situations like these.

What the actual fuuuuuuck.

>she really did suck.

I hope she rots. Do you do art anon? I'm an illustrator myself.

No. 731479

Holy fuck anon I'm so fucking angry you have no idea… everyone can decide when to have a baby and having a baby is wonderful -and difficult- why the fuck did she do this to you. God. All to make herself feel better… fuck. I hope she suffers. And if she ever has kids I hope they're retarded furry trannies into scat porn, nothing would make me so happy as to see how much her life gets in shambles.

No. 731646

Reading these things makes me glad that I never went to art school. How come so many creeps always go for art or art-related fields?

No. 731648

What a cunt, i hope u are at a better place now anon. Best wishes to you.

No. 731708

was the picture with 4/5th missing one of the better ones? Sounds like it could just be some student sabotaging competition or something.

No. 731760

Sorry anon, unfortunately we dont live in the Us.
Nah, it was not missing nor better than the rest iirc. The 5th painting was pretty damanged too but it was salvagable, so far there was no definite answer to this but its a little sus when they can slash through thick and i mean THICK layers of paint+canvases with out making too much sound.

No. 731802

Art school is fun, wouldn't blame all art schools tbh

No. 731808

>>731646 There are creeps everywhere (the things they say about law students). Art school was amazing experience for me, at least.

No. 731819

I didn't go to art school but I had art classes in highschool. My school was a Catholic school with a reputation for it's drama program. A lot of the drama kids were insufferable and of course some were in my art class. One in particular would always come up to me and ask me what I thought of her art. I never had the heart to say people's art was shit but that's probably why her ego got big. After a while she'd brag about how I'd say her art was good and how she's in summer programs that her parents paid for lol. I have no idea what happened but after a while she started getting annoyed by me. Got to the point where she'd scream at me to shut up when I'd be cackling with my friends about dank memes before class started and the teacher would be like "H, you're not the instructor" Last I heard she went to art school and now does crochet to make money.

No. 731836

File: 1612638431310.png (8.83 MB, 7500x2405, 01612309366174.png)

>6 months later and Shunao's words are still insincere and drawn out towards people who know she doesn't actually talk like this.
Also does anyone here have more red lines of her art? I find those interesting.

No. 732002

File: 1612652775109.jpg (560.71 KB, 1200x876, 0001.jpg)

Thanks for being so supportive anons, its been really hard for me to talk about this. It kind of feels like being gaslit because I don't exactly have that much proof and its a pretty weird situation.

I wanted to show the other picture I mentioned of her and her fiance "figuring out the bills" or whatever, apparently both of these paintings were called "It Takes Two" which really pisses me off because its some kind of direct allusion to the types of things people would say to me when I was pregnant.
The picture of her on the toilet was what she considered her magnum opus, its the only picture on her website landing and the one in the front of the gallery, along with being the painting she and all of her family took her graduation photos in front of. Its sick to me to see these upper middle class people go to her gallery show and see images like these and not question her or her motives of why she would be fantasizing about such a thing. They'd never do that because all they ever do is talk about how perfect she is.
>also just for fun had to include that super cringey portrait of her and her mother at her wedding kek

I think she was very obsessed because she wanted to be shallow friends with everyone, but not to really build true friendships. This genuinely confused me because when she reached out to me I thought she was being nice but she was really just being nosy and trying to get some kind of affirmation that I, a lowly working class citizen, could even like her. At first I tried to be nice but after that confrontation she tried to have with me and with the stress I was having I stopped humoring her. I couldn't figure out how to make time for my painting class, so my canvases were often really unfinished, she came up to me one day and said "Hey anon! Do you want some advice on how to paint?" and I just replied "Noooo" and she looked pretty scorned.

This morning I realized that this might be tinfoiling, because apparently her Marine cousin is stationed in Japan, but one other thing she did that was bizarre was to have her Artist's Residency in rural Japan. You could have your artists residency almost anywhere, no ones saying you have to leave the country or even your state and out of the entire globe she picks Japan. I can't help but think this is some kind of reach to be friends, to be thought of as cool by her peers, or -whats most likely in my mind- some kind of spiteful ownership of Japanese culture. I say this because we went to school with a lot of people who were weebs or just generally liked anime, and she didn't exactly see eye to eye or understand their fixation on it. One of my best friends, the one who told me about what she said behind my back, cut her off and basically confronted her about being a bitch, he happened to be a huge weeb so I can't help but think this is some personal stab or reach at him. I can see her acting like she's some kind of cultured goddess now, and that weebs are just perverse cultural appropriators (she thought my friend was sick and perverted because he had a crush on her best friend), when if you search through her facebook you just see her family talking about the weird food they had (because ho ho they got to go visit too) and her getting mcdonalds after going to a "sushi conveyor belt restaurant" because she didn't like anything there.
This was only a year after she got to go to Italy on her mom's dime. While I was in school with her she was like "the class president" or whatever you call it in art school, and she tried to organize a class trip to Italy. Of course no one signed up and she basically threw herself a pity party so her mom took her herself.

>I hope you and your kid are happy and safe.
>I hope she rots. Do you do art anon? I'm an illustrator myself.

Thank you for the well wishes, we are good. I have been keeping up with the illustration stuff. I get most of my jobs through Upwork and am up to over 100 contracts for it on there, but, its all really small potatoes stuff for now. At times freelancing has felt catastrophically challenging, and at others its been a godsend. I wanted to be a freelance illustrator because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my kid and wouldn't need a babysitter, and because drawing was something I could learn and practice anywhere at anytime, I had been working at it for years by that point. And to do it professionally all I needed was a screen tablet and photoshop.

>I'm an illustrator myself

I'm genuinely thrilled and surprised that there are so many artists on here. I actually feel real solidarity with you guys that I couldn't find on the art board on 4chan. I almost never get to talk to anyone pursuing illustration, even though I went to art school honestly most people gave it up.

No. 732019


if it's any condolences her scrote is fucking ugly as sin. Imagine that hard of a settle.

No. 732021

samefag but the mom wedding one is going to channel the nasolabial fold sperg anons

No. 732050

Okay, I haven't even started reading yet and I can tell her art is fucking disgusting lol. God I want to smack her, she doesn't even paint that good to begin with, I've seen classmates better than her in my own middle of the nowhere art school, her scrote is also fucking ugly lol
GOD I hate her, why the fuck did she do this to you. Just using you as misery porn, what the hell. You don't deserve that. You're not misery porn for having a baby what the fuck. She's such a disgusting self centered narc I ughhh can someone please smack her? Ok im gonna read now.

No. 732053

> It kind of feels like being gaslit because I don't exactly have that much proof and its a pretty weird situation.
Don't worry, we believe you and the art pieces are proof enough. I wonder if you can do anything about this. Like, is there a way to get revenge or whatever?

>really pisses me off because its some kind of direct allusion to the types of things people would say to me when I was pregnant.

Dude of course. God, those comments are so uncalled for, I'm sorry.

>The picture of her on the toilet was what she considered her magnum opus, its the only picture on her website landing and the one in the front of the gallery, along with being the painting she and all of her family took her graduation photos in front of.

Dude what the actual fuck lol

>Its sick to me to see these upper middle class people go to her gallery show and see images like these and not question her or her motives of why she would be fantasizing about such a thing. They'd never do that because all they ever do is talk about how perfect she is.

ugh I hate her so much god this is so painful and cringe, she's like a comical teen movie villian irl
also kek at that wedding portrait

>This genuinely confused me because when she reached out to me I thought she was being nice but she was really just being nosy and trying to get some kind of affirmation that I, a lowly working class citizen, could even like her.

my god what the fuck. I have no words. I hope she falls into a manhole or something.

> some kind of spiteful ownership of Japanese culture. I say this because we went to school with a lot of people who were weebs or just generally liked anime, and she didn't exactly see eye to eye or understand their fixation on it.

Duuudeeee, what the fuck this seems pausible! like, she wants to prove everyone that she's the best. Typical narc behaivor
>I can see her acting like she's some kind of cultured goddess now, and that weebs are just perverse cultural appropriators
this gives me new insight on the people who act like this kek

>Thank you for the well wishes, we are good. I have been keeping up with the illustration stuff. I get most of my jobs through Upwork and am up to over 100 contracts for it on there, but, its all really small potatoes stuff for now. At times freelancing has felt catastrophically challenging, and at others its been a godsend. I wanted to be a freelance illustrator because I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my kid and wouldn't need a babysitter, and because drawing was something I could learn and practice anywhere at anytime, I had been working at it for years by that point. And to do it professionally all I needed was a screen tablet and photoshop.

I'm happy to see you and your kid doing well!!!
I'm illustrator anon and I hope you the best. I'll search up Upwork, thanks for mentioning it cause I need a job lol. I've been thinking of going freelance. Thanks for everything nonny I'll send prayers to your side.

No. 732071

>Don't worry, we believe you and the art pieces are proof enough. I wonder if you can do anything about this. Like, is there a way to get revenge or whatever?
All OP has to do is paint herself using the Narc's life experiences. She could draw herself in front of Tokyo MCdonalds or something haha.

No. 732075

Or paint the abuse that the narc did towards her

No. 732078

Like paint the narc girl surrounded by jewels/money painting the "pregnancy" picture?

No. 732149

I'm afraid if this question may sound very retarded or bad to ask, but I have a character design question.
Do you think it is ok to copy outfits from images/people you see? Not as in tracing them, just in design.
Sometimes I see cool outfits and I think it would be cool to make a character with that exact outfit but I'm afraid people will consider I'm stealing.

My fashion sense is unexistant, so this is something that worries me about triying to get inspired by things, cuz I'm not very experienced in watching for the line between inspiration and copying

No. 732160

I don't think it's stealing at all. If you get the outfits from an insta page, maybe you can ask whoever you're copying the outfit from if you can draw it? Or just tag them for outfit credit/inspo if you post the drawing.
>I'm not very experienced in watching for the line between inspiration and copying
The difference is: Inspiration is when you have an overall different design but still take some elements from the original outfit. Copying is when you draw the outfit with no noticeable changes in the design. I hope that makes sense lmao

No. 732279

I can't speak for everyone but copying existing outfits is how I started designing characters. I think the more you do it, and the more different fashions you explore, the more of a visual library you'll build up. Eventually you'll be able to mix and match the elements you like and feel confident to design outfits that are more unique. Remember that professionals will still create moodboards when designing characters and use elements for reference/inspiration, it's just developing how you use those references that will eventually make your designs more unique.

No. 732309

yeah even I after listening to it and do no research at all can tell there is something wrong with the video

No. 732346

are there any anons who own a cintiq 22? I'm 5ft and I'm wondering if it would be too big? I am comfortable drawing on a small screen, is a bigger screen an advantage when you're short? do you have to use your arm more to draw on a bigger screen? any input from fellow short anons would be a big help

No. 732348

Any thoughts?

No. 732357

why do weebs always sing like that? i have no musical talent or knowledge but it’s super grating, do people like that?

No. 732507

File: 1612698941918.jpg (656.96 KB, 1080x3822, Screenshot_2021_0207_195108.jp…)

the OBSESSION lmao

> Sorry to my Black friends and followers, I don't mean to keep bringing up race-related trauma

then uhhh fucking STOP? istg they only make things worse for themselves

the fact that this is a full grown adult with an industry job probably means all she does on Twitter with her spare time is play oppression olympics and ~own~ the whites

No. 732511

File: 1612699020452.png (903.15 KB, 1079x1079, Screenshot_2021_0207_195152.pn…)


also can we talk abt this profile pic

No. 732527

The teeth… Someone forgot to turn off some layers

No. 732549

Those are supposedly braces

No. 732591

File: 1612708220861.jpg (44.72 KB, 600x900, little-puzzled-child-color-pen…)

Could anyone recommend me some coloring pens?

I was looking for some of decent quality but I've spent the last three hours looking at all the many different types that I'm just overwhelmed…

I'm just looking for something good that can be used for adult coloring books and sketchbooks. How many colors do I need to begin with? 12 maybe?

My budget is somewhere around 20-50 dollars. I'd like to get pens because I'm really bad at keeping my pencils sharp.

(Sorry if this has been asked before!)

No. 732599

she's a blacknat larper without the swag and the based takes of one, sad.

No. 732604

I still cant get over this. She was mad about fucking humanized cookies. Fuck lol.

No. 732617

>the fact that this is a full grown adult with an industry job

>check their website

>frankesntein portfolio
>no published listed projects


No. 732684


The thing with pencils is that you can easily layer them so you would get away with fewer colours.
What stuff do you want to colour in? Nature, humans, fantasy creatures? Like there are sets with limited colour palettes (like green and browns for nature) which could be better if you, say, don't need neon pink bc all you do is painting cacti (unless you want neon pink cacti).

I personally like Stabilo Pen 68. They have a good 30 piece set and also have smaller themed sets like Pastel or Narwhal (different blue shades). Keep in mind that they're felt tip pens which means they're streaky but they're also a bit water-soluble right after application so you may be able to fade them a bit with a water brush pen.

Or you look up Arteza Real Brush Pens. The 48 set has a nice variety and they seem to be around 30 dollars. There are probably a shit ton of videos on youtube about them since Arteza sponsors everyone and their cat.

No. 732773

It almost sounds like tweeny girly vocals you'd hear in a Disney movie or something, it sounds really out of place when they try and apply it to Jpop or anime songs

No. 732774

Hey anon! Thank you so much for the recommendations.

You've introduced me to two new brands!

Pencils really seem cool but I want something that I can just pick and up color with. Home office is taking a toll on my concentration skills and I've realized that I concentrate better in meetings when I'm doodling (compared to mindless browsing on Reddit etc). I've had a history of losing my pencil sharpeners throughout my school career so that's one reason why I prefer pens (I've thrown away all of my basic pencils and replaced them with mechanical pencils lol).

I think I'd like to start with a variety of colors. I was looking a bit at Tombow but they're a bit more expensive so the two alternatives you've mentioned seem like a better start. I see that you mentioned them being water-soluble - is it "normal" to use water when coloring with pens? Does that mean I should always have another brush or something at hand?

Also, is the Stabilo series of better quality than the Arteza series? (since they're spending so much money on promotion).

One more thing, any recommendations for paper (I'm looking for something like a nice looking A5 sketchbook)?

No. 732783

I'd recommend Stillman&Birn zeta series, they're great sketchbooks with thick paper if you want to beat them up a bit with watercolours or markers

No. 732811

Nayrt but I would like to add that it's easy to make sure you keep a wooden pencil sharpener near your pencils. Pencils don't dry out when you leave the cap off, they don't leak, they don't get muddy.
Pens are plastic and stay in the earth forever.

No. 732924

So deforestation and mining for pigments are waaaay better right?

No. 732932

kek what a weird thing to get defensive over. Booobooboo stop plastic shaming me!

No. 732937

trees grow back, plastic stays.

No. 732942

I was just going to ask about that. Yeah the weeb singing is bad and really cringy. Idk it's not for me but I hope it goes well for her. I don't think I'll be watching it personally. I really like how ginjaninjaowo sketches and her art style is cute sometimes her art can look sorta grody though if you know what I mean? It's hard to describe.

No. 732993

Is there anyway to figure out why both my digital and traditional sketches look shittier than the later or final product? It outstands me because I see other artists who are considerably less skilled than me have the intelligence to figure out how to render and color their art appropriately, but for some reason I can’t do that. Any tips to improve this?

No. 733002

how does the portfolio look like?

No. 733005

I actually take more inspiration from pinterest (/ocasionally google images)
I understand the definition of the words but it's more that I don't have the "feel" for it, if that makes sense. Like if I take only the pants, am I copiying the pants but taking inspiration from the outfit? Is that bad?
I'm probably over-stressing, but seeing people sometimes point out artists for directly directly referencing stock pictures makes me feel unsure if I maybe don't consider certain things stealing when they are.

I actually hadn't used many moodboards before (except twice in I think 2019 when some people made challenges with them on insta) and I think that actually sounds like good advice (I had almost forgotten moodboards were even a thing haha)
That part about building up a visual library I know it's true, it's just I spent many years drawing very generic stuff so I'm basically starting from 0, and I just don't want people to think I'm stealing if I accidentally reference something too much.

No. 733010


Not sure what anon ment by frankenstein portefolio tho

The one thing that stresses me on her portefolio is the detective Hank lineup, cuz half the lines don't even actually line up. Dude has an arm longer than the other

No. 733046

File: 1612754407227.png (490.9 KB, 536x714, open.png)

Her more realistic work is nice, but that doesn't make up for her shit attitude.

No. 733047

File: 1612754433541.png (208.31 KB, 421x493, rico.PNG)

He (she?) is actually not a bad artist at all imo. I definitely see some flaws, but not as bad as I thought it would be. For example Pic is nice, but he gave Rico a weird neck. His character designs are boring imo. I also don't get the "Ye or Nay?" thing? I guess it's supposed to be a "black people look the same" joke (not racebait, that's an actual joke) but idk. He is good at portraits though.

No. 733048

File: 1612754488327.png (465.94 KB, 453x496, snow.PNG)

Samefag, these children's storybook-esque illustrations are charming imo. This person is actually talented, don't get what all the twitter drama is for

No. 733049

File: 1612754500276.jpg (623.17 KB, 1699x577, 32424.jpg)

PLEASE enlighten me to where this person works or anyone notable project they've had published if they're really working in the "industry". Anyone can buy a website, anon.
Just look at this screenshot I've taken, 4 different pictures, all different styles. I meant "frankenstein portfolio" because their portfolio doesn't have any real strong direction or theme without any really well fleshed out projects. Its just an amalgamation of a bunch of basic ideas, like portraits with a few actual illustrations sprinkled in when they're really supposed to be the bulk of the portfolio.
Not to mention, its not all even in the same style, some of it is colored line art, some of it is painterly (bad painterly). There's even a BUNCH of godawful super obvious fanart. That's why its called a franksentein portfolio, and its a dead give away of an amateur in the industry. Imagine how frankenstein is pieced together with with pieces of different bodies, just like their portfolio is pieced together with different art styles and genres. This person isn't experienced enough to actually have finished enough pieces (literally you only need 12) to make a full portfolio so they have to prop it up with a bunch of random garbage. Like, they literally haven't even drawn enough finished pieces they can't even meet the QUANTITY of pieces needed, regardless of quality.
They're unmarketable. They're even more unmarketable by mouthing off so much on twitter. No one wants to work with someone they're afraid they may offend and be put on blast on twitter for.

No. 733054


Samefag, I hate to be such a bitch but literally she can't even come up with any interesting ideas and has to do not only portraits, not only fanart, but fanart portraits. If any of you want to be a working artist don't be caught dead portraits of celebrities in your portfolios. Fanart is fine on occasion as long as its fanart in YOUR style and YOUR take on the character, not the stupid study of Baby Yoda from a commercialized screenshot, thats not only basic and poorly done but it shows a clear violation of copyright laws, even how minor doesn't make you look good.

No. 733063

Okay, so we already know you’re clearly blind and on a resentful vendetta against some twitter nobody who’s barking at other poor artists to listen to them lmao

Fan art is extremely popular in the art community, a lot of artists love to make fan art because right now it is very “marketable” and garners people with similar niche and interests to their brand or material (if they have a social media).

No one should draw in one style because again retard-chan, that defeats the purpose. Pretty sure companies are looking for versatile and flexible artists, especially those who want to do character design or animation. The rest of your critique is valued by your own personal taste.

No. 733072

File: 1612755611629.png (652.9 KB, 978x453, dc.PNG)

Samefag, these are her character designs. It's like she took the original outfits and added one or two things to them. Like, wow, you took Catwoman's suit and cut the midsection out, and gave Poison Ivy's outfit some lace and strings. How creative. Very art.

Idk, I think this person should definitely work on being more creative in their designs. I think that's something painters usually struggle with.
Idk anon, I'm definitely not an art industry professional, but I don't think her portfolio is that bad. I don't see why employers wouldn't like portraits of celebrities or drawing in different styles. Obviously you want to show what styles you're strongest at first and foremost (and I'm pretty sure her strongest is her painting), but people want to see what other styles you can do. And doing portraits of celebrities could show that you can accurately capture/copy a persons features. Like, it's one thing to do a portrait of a random person you saw on the street, it's another thing to do a painting of Obama.

No. 733078

File: 1612755965055.jpg (99.95 KB, 800x1200, i-am-not-starfire-800x1200.jpg)

Lol, you're cute. I wonder if you're the artist I'm shitting on. I am an industry artist and I really hesitate on saying that because I know how many rungs on the ladder there is to climb. This person has begun the climb but is still pretty far on the bottom. Once again, I'd really love to know what work they've actually done.
I have no personal vendetta on this person, otherwise I wouldn't have been asking who they were or where they worked, I cant even tell what gender they are. I DO have a problem with people race baiting like she does and taking over an industry and a past time I've loved since I was a little kid. People like her are responsible for the total overtaking of the Western comic world and making it abhorrently full of leftist propaganda. Western comics never could catch up the creativity and variety in Eastern and now its full of a bunch of new rules about what you can and can't show, what your characters can and can't look like. And before you think Im right winged I'm not, theses people just ruin everything by shoving their politics and agendas down everyones throats until they can't stand it anymore. Pic related, I used to love this writer until she had some kind of episode and decided to channel all her hatred into her work and DC just ate it up.

And I'm sorry but you just have no idea what you're talking about.
The art community =/= the industry.
You need a wake up call. Real professionals don't spend all day on twitter, they genuinely don't have time for that shit. There's no way they could ever keep up with all this ridiculous drama and they're all too old for it anyway.
I'm sure you have some forerunners in your mind you're thinking of, like Babbs Tarr but even she is older than you think and she's been placed there purposefully, to make DC seem young and relatable. She represents about .01% of the people who actually work for that company. She's a token along with all of these other twitter warriors.

No. 733079

File: 1612756099015.jpg (929.87 KB, 2934x1654, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-yn0S…)

Samefagging for the last time, just wanted to say I know Catwoman and Poison Ivy's outfits are nothing super creative in the first place, but there's so many ways to remix them. Pic is just the results from google. They're still sexy but breathe a new life into her design.

No. 733080

I like her art a lot, thanks for showing more anon! Mashallah!

No. 733082

Please skip to 38 seconds, mistake number 1.

No. 733083

Isn't Babbs Tarr that artist that got called out for drawing herself with dark skin

No. 733084


Anon that linked the portfolio in >>733010 here.
I didn't claim that she had actually worked an industry job, I just linked the portefolio. Only mention I've seen of said industry job were one or two anons here, wich obviously isn't an actual source. I think if she actually had had an industry job she would had obv wanted to put it in the portfolio to prove experience.
I think some anom must've misread or misunderstood something

No. 733089

That's because she literally just made them black anon. The bar is that low.

No. 733165

Why do so many people like Mariko Tamakis work what she writes is so yuppy trying to be oppressed/ creepy that I really don't get her hype at all.

And what is with all these older artists trying to stay relevant and act like teenagers.

No. 733173

File: 1612763870809.jpg (263.9 KB, 1800x1417, IceSkatersSM.jpg)

no offense but this looks like garbage. look at published children's book illustrators like Will Terry. this image is lacking interesting composition, has boring unappealing characters, and is painted so blandly. this looks like work from a high schooler. she's only 21 so she has plenty of years to get good, but these twitter kids have massive egos and think they're at a professional level already. they'll continue making money by playing the victim and crying for reparations so I guess it doesn't matter if they never improve

No. 733191

You should read This One Sunmer. It’s so subtle and beautifully done and really should be the anthem for lolcow, it’s really a great female centered graphic novel.
I picked up her Harley Quinn novel and it was horrible. Completely ham fisted, the subtleties were all gone. Something bad to have happened to her between then and now because her entire writing style and attitude changed.

No. 733218

Nobody can top Poison Ivy's design from the Tim Burton movies.

No. 733251

You mean Joel Schumacher. Tim only directed Batman and Batman Returns. I agree nonetheless, it was a campy design but I ate it up lol

No. 733272

Looks like shit

No. 733273


Thanks I'll look for it at my library. I read the lesbian one Laura dean keeps breaking up with me and I think the whole friend side story being brushed off and like kind of accepted was like planting a seed in teenagers minds that that type of relationship is ok. And then the main character acting like she knows hardship because her two best guy friends are Hispanic/poor while she's well to do and has nothing to worry about except laura dean. It was just really annoying, like I remember how condoning manga was/is of toxic abusive relationships you'd think writers would have a moral obligation to try to teach kids something instead of trying to be edgy.

And then when I read the plot of Skim I started thinking it was intentional that she has these plots of young teenager getting with older person.

No. 733431

What platforms do you guys post your art on?

I only use instagram so far, lowkey hate the platform but I've gathered around 15k followers so far, most of whom probably don't use other platforms. I have started monetizing my work through prints and commissions and you always hear the advice that you shouldn't rely on just one platform that could delete or block your account any second which makes sense to me. Idk where else to post my art though. It's decent but not artstation-level, don't want to do video content so that leaves out tik tok. It seems like most artists are either on instagram or twitter but people on twitter scare me lmao. Also considered making my own website but that's probably going to be a portfolio more than anything.

No. 733459

Is she mass blocking people on twitter?

No. 733529

This One Summer might actually be at your library too, it was at mine though it’s sometimes hard to find graphic novels.
I havnt read those other two you mentioned but I’ll look out for them hoping their worth a read since they’re from her past days. I really only have read This One Summer and that wretched Harley Quinn book so I don’t have a great understanding of her.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right about the younger-older dating dynamic because in This One Summer a pretty significant part of the book is a 12 year old having a crush on probably a 16-20 year old .

No. 733533

>selling merch

Hnggg I wish I was you. I gave up the social media thing before I even started it.
Why not try tumblr? I actually think it’s great for artists even if it’s “dead”. People there actually appreciate art and don’t just Go “haha cool” and scroll past it.

No. 733547

File: 1612796662366.png (127.86 KB, 640x1136, 3CEC5DA0-B6AE-4CAE-B395-CC3D63…)

I went to check and it looks like somethings going on. I have a suspicion that she was third person-ing here earlier, someone cow tipped or she’s just that much of a dramatic being that she’s constantly getting in fights. Apparently you can send her anonymous messages on twitter via this curiouscat website and I have the feeling one anon from here did https://curiouscat.qa/tajmerk/post/1181572280

No. 733549

File: 1612796758616.png (104.9 KB, 640x1136, DCC471A4-41B0-45C8-BC34-0CA613…)

Samefag but she’s lying in that tweet. There are screenshots of that tweet floating around

No. 733553

File: 1612796960337.png (102.94 KB, 536x382, 4DC11EA0-0792-46C8-A453-299862…)

No. 733562

Oh god, I can't believe you clowns are ganging up on a 21-years-old's online portfolio. I've seen people working in the industry with less technical skill. Vendetta getting out of hands this time.

No. 733568

People have talked shit about underaged artists for less itt what do you expect

No. 733570


lmao honestly I don't get a lot of print sales, most of what I make from my art is commissions and I got these with much less followers too… I think you need to be way bigger to get a lot of print sales but I might be wrong.

I didn't think about tumblr, I always associate that site with fanart and a specific art style, both which I don't have but I'll take a look, thank you

No. 733576

I’m bored

No. 733581

sad but honestly…? fair enough

No. 733582

I also only post on insta (I'm not even at 400 followers and don't do comissions tho).
Pretty much the only options I think you have are deviantart, tumblr, waiting for artfol, or just going for foreign sites like pixiv (or even stuff like VK if you wanna be squizo).
All of those would have waaaay lower engagement tho

(I'm assuming you are not a furry and are not interested in ink bunny or furafinity)

No. 733598


You honestly sound too pressed to take seriously lmao for such a busy industry artist who has nooo time to spend all day on twitter you sure have a lot of time and energy to go on a rant against an internet rando. Chill.

No. 733603


> is it „normal“ to use water when coloring with pens

Hm, it seems that all those people who do a lot of colouring books love to do gradients. Gradients are a bit easier with water based media/ water-soluble media in my experience. (But I mainly work in water colours, soooo …)

Stabilo is more of an office supply, and they‘re produced where I live. So I like to go for them for doodling because they’re easy to buy for me and their ink is really bright and colourful.
Arteza is a relatively young brand, I think. They started sponsoring a lot of bigger and smaller youTube artist‘s, I’d say, between two to three years ago. They like to call themselves professionell art supplies but they more like a better student quality. Which means they‘re perfect for doodling because you can get a decent quality for a decent price so using them for mindless/ fun stuff/ experiments doesn‘t feel like wasting them.

Maybe this review is helpful to you: https://youtu.be/Vp2yBglNQJs

She mentions feathering and bleed through in the video which is probably because of the paper. So it can be that there‘s paper out there that can handle them better – which I sadly don‘t know because I don‘t have them, only thought of buying them myself. If this doesn‘t bother you at all, the Arteza sketchbook might fit you well, too?

Paper to recommend: Maybe Daler & Rowney Mixed Media, it‘s what I use for watercolor sketching.
Or you can use other mixed media papers like Canson XL. (I recommend Mixed Media so you can use water on it without buying specific pricey water color paper. Usual sketching doesn‘t hand water well.)
Stillman & Birn seem to be good too like the other anon said.

Tombow markers: I was curios hand have one or two too. They‘re not worth it. They‘re a bit of a hype product for handlettering because they have this big, bendable brush tip. But their ink isn‘t something special. It‘s a bit like Copics and Manga art. They are both good quality but you don‘t need them to make good art, let alone for doodling.

No. 733622

I’m depressed. I have loads more experience than this chick with actual clients, not internet randos, and only make like 12k a year because I’m retarded.

No. 733643

Maybe she should be more focused on networking and connecting to people for work instead of being an aggressive clown

No. 733710

Lol she has anon disabled even though most of her ask are supportive, again those people that love drama cant handle it when they receive it

No. 733714

ganging up?? this is an anon board dumbass, no one is going after her. unlike this 21 year old who spends all day on twitter harassing others. it's not a vendetta either her art is butt ugly, and her attitude is even worse

No. 733727

are you her friend or something? like agree anon went retard on that rant but shes right, her art is trash and her personality is disgusting, people have been dragged for less in here and the more she acts as this no fucks given tough girl the more shes gonna get that back if its any comfor to you this is gonna die here just like her carrer will never take off

No. 733739

Not sure if this has been asked before, but how is Newgrounds as an art platform? I know it mostly from the gamesI don't actually know how's the art community there.
Was curious since it's interesting a platform that host like four different types of media.

No. 733760

I post on Twitter (primarily) and Instagram (when I remember, which is rarely). I hear that tumblr is back to being a pretty decent platform again, and a lot of people suggest tiktok (though, I believe tiktok is easier to build a following and a “brand” when you show your face and can be recognizable since most people just surf their for you page).

I can barely remember to post on Instagram so thinking about branching off to a bunch of different websites seems unmanageable to me. But I have decent success on Twitter so far, and about 10k followers on Instagram which isn’t bad considering how rarely I post there.

I do decent with selling prints, commissions, and patreon. Not living like alythuh, but it pays the bills in the pandemic. Almost all of the revenue comes from Twitter, so I would suggest at least branching off to that platform. It’s not so bad if you keep out of discourse, and just basically keep your mouth shut. Good luck anon! Your art sounds good!

No. 733788


LMAO do you realize how butthurt and pathetic you sound? Hon the world moved on without you get over it.(infighting)

No. 733824

I'm gonna play devil's advocate here, I don't think this is really a threath, more like a tought experiment.
Basically "Oh you say it's just a drawing, but if (hipothetically) it was your mom or sibling would you still say it's just a drawing?"
If she were quote retweeting someone it would come of as a threath (or at least it would be way passing the mark), but if she is just speaking generally then I think I can reasonably believe this is just for the sake of arguing. Obviously her having that "I must permanently act as an agressive oh so cool and cold sassy bossgirl at all times" schtick that half of her gang has just makes her sound bitchy and not very agreeable.

I don't actually know the exact context, so if this was actually targeted at someone then I can see this being in very poor taste and no good.
I do know this is related with shipping tho, and I'm not defending that angle. I assume she's comparing fictional drawn characters to real people and that part is actualy dumb

No. 733832

>>If any of you want to be a working artist don't be caught dead portraits of celebrities in your portfolios.
I'll only disagree with this bc people can make celebrity portraits into a career if you want to pursue editorial work.
Other than that I agree that the portfolio lacks direction and doesn't show what kind of interest they want to pursue as a career other than trying to make money off of fanart

No. 733846

lmao anon. Alythuh's art does not pay for her life style, her family is stupid rich.

Also, I'd say bite the bullet and make an art station, so you can start a following, while editing your portfolio over time. Or, just make your own website/blog. No need to worry about that ever shutting down unless you didnt pay the domain/hosting fee or something.

No. 733919

the alythuh thing has been beaten to death and she has her own thread, but she+her family are not "rich".Her condo looks nice but it's in a real shitty part of town, her extravagant vacations are in 3rd world countries where the $ is worth more.

No. 734001

Seconding this, the portfolio still has that "immediately post-college, hasn't rubbed the shine off yet, hasn't gotten much work yet that is worth showing" vibe. Celeb portraits are a normal part of editorial work, but they're not there because "I like this person's face" they're there to show the artist can bring in the nuance for resemblance and also bring something appealing in the style that you can't get with a photo. It's ok to have a portfolio with different styles if they are all relevant to work you're good at and that people will hire for, but this isn't a portfolio that looks like that - there's a lot of stuff in there dragging it down and a lot of it looks like school projects. It's not organized well, and it looks like it's not a well-rounded, multi-skilled artist as much as it is an artist who hasn't yet figured out what they're good at or what niches they want to work in.

On twitter it's really hard to tell which of us "illustrators" are actually making a living and which are subsiding on parent's money or a job in a totally different industry, but this person doesn't come off like the sort that's making it on their own yet - if they are they haven't updated their portfolio. Established names can get away with forgetting to do that but while breaking in and establishing a relationship with clients the website should be up-to-date and full of only the strongest work. It's normal and healthy to fake it till you make it, but if this person is parading themselves around as someone who is getting SO MUCH PRO WORK and SUCH A REPRESENTATION OF WHAT THE INDUSTRY IS then they're even worse than they look. It's ok to take some time to figure it out especially if you're breaking in and to pretend you're doing better than you are, but the kids who just take animu commissions are going to start thinking this shit is what successful looks like.

No. 734051

Yeah, I agree this is just a poorly worded joke/comment. It is ironic considering how taj lost her shit to the "may god break your hands / get off the Internet" idiom.

No. 734063


No. 734154

No fuckin idea if someone had talked about this before but damn anons how is it that you hear about these artists only sleeping like 4 hours a night and being super productive when theyre awake? Do they have super human motivation? Are they lying? Is it just as simple as not sleeping and just sitting your ass down? What about hand cramps? How do you consistently work smart and hard during the day? I don't get it and I wanna get there. I keep trying but it's always like there are too few hours in the day and its killing me
Anons, advice?

No. 734155

Im one of these artists. I feel like this is only possible because I am being funded by scholarships/my parents, and that I a student. So I dont need to worry about working or have a consistent schedule as long as I can show up to exams.

Im sure this habit will die after school / I age.

No. 734157

a few of them are freaks, some people are super-sleepers or whatever and can do that. the rest are either still young enough they can do it or are going to hurt themselves later. whenever pros have threads talking about what they wish they knew when they were starting out a few mention how much they wish they'd known when to stop doing that shit

if your body tells you to take a break, take a break. if youre just getting distracted by non-art stuff, figure out how to switch between it better, but physical breaks and sleep are only optional when you're young

No. 734160


Honestly, the only cases I've seen where an artist is megaproductive the way you describe are artists who either:

1. Seem to be able to draw moderately fast (such as revolocities)
2. Most likely have a team that works for them (sakimichan)
3. Are young or not in college

Having a simpler artstyle may also help? But either way, it's not a good idea to put yourself through that work schedule. It's unhealthy as hell. It's better to take longer to put out artworks than to constantly suffer with exhaustion and hand cramps/possible carpal tunnel.

No. 734166

That’s stupid, your brain needs sleep to draw.
My art teacher was like this. I used to think he was amazing and genuinely he was a cool guy and a good teacher but recently I looked at his drawings and they kind of looked like squiggly dogshit.

No. 734167

most pro artists depending upon your field have scheduled. Animators basically have it down to an art of quick ways to draw. theres a scrote on yt who explains hands as just triangles who is a pro animator and shows tricks from the trade. He's not super good he's stylized but he's a pro and his advice is solid.

Mangakas subject themselves to nonstop hell and there are still mangaka who hand draw and hand g pen everything. Even with a team they are still working round the clock editing drawing etc. Comic artists it depends honestly.

I don't know much about other fields I've been featured in gallery for sculpture so I'm in a completely different medium than ya'll

No. 734190

For me, it’s adderall

No. 734296

he's not racist because he blocked her or whatever she's going on about but he is a pretty irritating dude considering he's a white man whose entire schtick lately is participating in and starting attacks on white people and men on behalf of those that he thinks they've offended. Seems like he's taken it past pickme shit at this point and is it in it for the power of trying to call out his peers

No. 734297

There should really be a fgc cow thread. Then I can spill all the milk from my fgc days kek.

No. 734405

You sound retarded and you should grow up if you have an emotional lifelong attachment to doodles just because you grew up on it. Why are you proud of being a perpetual five year old?

No. 734422

File: 1612864030609.jpg (109.05 KB, 750x917, tumblr_pn1dfy0Kg71r6br3oo1_128…)

DisneyTVA hired this artist? Good grief, the absolute state of Disney these days. No wonder that dragon design looked like shit if this is the caliber of artist they hire (yes I know TVA and film animation are two separate divisions, but this issue seems to span across the whole company.) Just goes to show you– skill is only 40% of what matters. The rest is all about marketing, self-promotion, and networking. Also sorry if I sound like a scrote but this woman being conventionally attractive probably helped her a little bit, too.

That said, her advice here isn't bad, although I would expand on it by saying that you should have different portfolios for different purposes, that way you can have several different styles you can specialize in while also appearing "cohesive."

No. 734424

File: 1612864504694.png (1.29 MB, 1196x620, Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 09.54…)


She's a background artist LMAO her character drawings are just for fun. Do some research before you embarrass yourself.

No. 734425

I think it's safe to say she's already embarrassed herself kek

No. 734430

File: 1612865915233.jpg (243.43 KB, 1050x787, tumblr_34f800c7922563566a7cc5a…)

Cranky 'cause some rando on an image board isn't impressed by your Youtube-senpai?

It's generic Instagram-level landscape painting that relies way too heavily on PS textures. Frankly, the color she used for the sky in that Tangled background is vomit-inducing. I'd be curious what she can do with traditional paint, where she doesn't have the luxury of a jillion textures and shape tools.

God, I was just trying to make a point about self-promotion. I didn't even give a shit about this woman's art, but now I want to hate it out of spite just because you guys are caping for her so hard.

No. 734431


You sound so bitter oh man can only image the detailed masterpieces you must be making with your vintage oil paints and speciality brushes (only the best for real artists. Digital tools? Pre-made textures? Disgusting). Got a gallery showing next? Amazing.

No. 734432

File: 1612866951201.jpg (109.5 KB, 1334x750, Spiderverse.jpg)

>Cranky 'cause some rando on an image board isn't impressed by your Youtube-senpai?
Do you even the read context of the original post? This mostly an autistic sperging with some random non drama artist who work has exprience in industry and give a solid advice in her youtube.
>It's generic Instagram-level landscape painting that relies way too heavily on PS textures
Detected , this anon not familiar with art industry after all.

No. 734435

Sage-ing because it’s not worth bumping a thread but the fact that you’re a industry artist is seriously worrying.
Also industry artists have no time to spend all day on twitter but you’re still here with the rest of us, talking about art drama.
However I agree that her art, minus the realistic ones, is dogshit.

No. 734442

Tinfoil but this art industry anon reminds me of another art industry anon that was giving out advice and talking about twit artists in this thread >>>/ot/731198 and I believe they also appeared in another thread. If it is the same anon, I wonder why they are jumping from thread to thread to flex their art career and (lack of) knowledge,

No. 734445

this defensive retort just says you were in fact embarrassed kek it's okay, it happens to all of us, calm down now

No. 734446

>Detected , this anon not familiar with art industry after all.
No one in this thread is. Most of the anons here are salty art students. People with actual jobs in art have better shit to do. You're not an ~industry expert uwu~ because you watched some Youtube videos.

There are more than three people in this thread, you know. >>733078 and >>734422 are not the same person.

No. 734448

Will you faggots stop. I'm not even sure what the fuck you're trying to argue about. Why are we sperging about people being "embarrassed" for anonymous posts?

No. 734450

>No one in this thread is. Most of the anons here are salty art students.
This also including you anon. Congratulations anon you played yourself

No. 734452

calm down

No. 734454

Only when you stop shitting up the thread.

No. 734456

deep breaths anon, deep breaths.

No. 734459

Nta, but if that one anon comes into the thread to criticize other artists and makes stupid points then she's gonna be called out. People are allowed to respond

No. 734460

It's not just one anon. When are you going to realize that a quarter of the people who post in this thread are salty nitpickers and stop taking the bait. Also, fuck out of here with that "call-out" shit. This isn't Twitter.

No. 734463

Well then the anonS who are in here making stupid points will get called out. Again, people are allowed to respond and disagree or agree. If you get butthurt by someone disagreeing with another post then oh well. This is a discussion thread.
>Also, fuck out of here with that "call-out" shit. This isn't Twitter.
Do you understand what that "called out" means? Do certain phrases not exist until twitter uses them, and then they are off limits or something?

No. 734464

The only things that worthy to look out about is the twitter artists with shit attidue. The rest of thems are autistic nitpicking

No. 734467

>Are they off-limits
No, those phrases just make it obvious that you're a Twitterfag. The word you're looking for is "replied," or more appropriately, "infight with."

No. 734468

so…OP shat on an industry artist for her poor character design work, was told that her industry work is in fact her background concept art, had a light joke made at her expense for the mistake…and then you've taken this personally and starts blaming others for responding to the OP in the first place? This is what you're angry about?

No. 734471

Samefag here
If you look the past threads. There are a lot of autistic nitpiciking and none of thems are getting called out. I glad now some farmers are realizing and started to slap some posters here.

No. 734472

We get it anon. Everyone who uses phrases you've never heard of 'til you started using social media is a twitterfag, even if they've been around for years. Are you gonna stop being a sperg over anons disagreeing with a couple posters now?

No. 734473

I'm the OP you're talking about. Idk what that anons problem is.

I'm a stupid piece of shit and you guys won this retarded argument, okay? Lets just move on for fuck's sake. Screeching at me is not going to make me like that persons artwork.

No. 734496

>The art community =/= the industry.
>You need a wake up call. Real professionals don't spend all day on twitter, they genuinely don't have time for that shit. There's no way they could ever keep up with all this ridiculous drama and they're all too old for it anyway.

This anon is so right, I love her

No. 734533

File: 1612877225872.jpg (72.77 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.u2.jpg)

Everytime I see this used as a background a bit of my soul dies

No. 734548

>>734167 Hey anon, tell us who the scrote is. I'm curious to see that advice

No. 734565

could it be this? Even if not, it's a very good advice on it's own.

No. 734574

As Edgy and bad as this is I still I want it to be successful, I want online animated content creators to have the opportunity to become mainstream and I'd rather have this then Hazbin Hotel, I want edgy dark shit to become part of the general mainstream again

No. 734597

You know how background paint works in tv right? Those colours have to be approved by a higher up.

No. 734677

not a fan of vaporwave I presume? I was the same and then realized that it was more so how artist were using it. Seerlight makes some pretty great vaporwave anime backgrounds

No. 734707

Yes anon exactly thank you. I miss over-the-top edgy in the mainstream so much. I loved how dramatic it was, and my inner 12 year old emo loves all the blacks and reds and chains and yes.
I think theres a slight uptick in edgy shit again, I'm hoping it'll come back to some degree

No. 734730

Hello, not sure if my following points have been discussed before but i need to vent. Just want to get these things out of my system. Maybe you can relate. Sorry for cussing. My Writing might be bad also. (Yes newfag, if i ever feel to vent again let me know what to improve) i warned you, doesn't make it better but yeah.

Twitter is total trash, but i love it sadly. (very general i know, just post and run. that's the best for not going insane)

I hate the fucking hate under Miles-Df's posts, it annoys me. I hate how twitter just calls everyone a pedo (if it's researched and stuff i don't mind). Do they think they get extra life points for being a broken cassette all the time? Let people make their money for fuck sake.

One person was literally like: oh yeah miles blocked me. like wtf? are you proud of harrassing artists??? Want a golden Badge now??

another thing on artists:
adoptables… oh you know. all the drama that goes with it.
theres that one artist, who still after all this years of being on the internet can't write english well. and i hate her so much. she does well money wise drawing this orca nsfw things. but girl can't write english for fucks sake. i kind of like smh, expecially when she posts on other artists threads and does just the wierdest writing errors. Sorry nitpicky, but what can i do, just letting it all out.

Same goes for stupid comments about slugbox. that dudes just tries to get by and pay bills. people don't give shit about nsfw artists anyway, they kind of have to do double the work to get seen and not be reliable of stupid fanart shit.

Fucking e-beggars. No, don't mean artists or emergency commissions with this. I mean these regular normal people, clogging up their home then asking for trandom peoples money to pay their shit to clean up wtf?? lying people, wierd stupid ones like james saroka in other forms. i fucking hate them. i hate that that shit comes up to my feed and twitter eats the tweets of people i actually follow! You know you just wanna check up on your art buddies and then bam full feed of politics stuid shit and e-beggar assholes. Apparently they also life behind the sun, cuz they don't understand that there's still a fucking pandemic and people better pay their shit then spend their money on those loosers.

Some artists crying about how shitty instagram is. kind of giving instagram the fault that they don't succeed. Just delete your account. use other sites regulary. stop the fucking whining. take your business elsewhere. easy. just try at least to be a proper artist.

Artists with small following acting like they can gatekeep their art just for patreons. treat the people that they get support from like shit. ungrateful for monetary support. then whine about everything that they can't get commissions and stuff. being ungrateful shitterz.

and my fav:

nonstop artshare posts. doesn't do shit for you. big artists whine about that their numbers don't give them money. still they destroyed the whole artshares and other movements since they still steal all the clout from the small arists. whatever they preach, the shit doesn't work out. also these wierd peeps will unfollow you anyway. stop fucking clogging your pages with this artshare shit. like sorry i wish it would work for them, but use the important time for something else please. twitter is broken. and then the honeys get upset about this i'm like sorry hun. you could just do so much better if ya would do something else.

meanwhile furries shout out who is a bad apple (fursuit makers). people still support bad apple after all, like just nothing happened. people still upset. guess you just can be an asshole without any morals huh?

oh and baylee jae drives me nuts. don't get me started on that bitch. and the only reason i get so fed up with this shit is that the pandemic just gives us so much extra time. and sometimes it's just like drama time, watching yt drama, onision drama.. you know the drill. but you know, when you just want to scroll trough twitter quick and it's just full with politics shitposts and other wierd stuff. it's a downer.

as an artist you can't really speak out of your heart what you feel. not even on your own page. people will hate you, use things against you. best is to just stay shut. twitter isn't a good site for art and i know that. but i ain't got time and love enough to go back to sites like dA and deal with the creeps daily, no thank you. The internet has many fucked up things, best is to limit the input of the stupid shit. But it really annoys me, i have some honest people followed that really work hard, have no beef. and what happens: i don't even get their tweets on my timeline.. man Thank for reading and sorry!

No. 734737

fuck i knew i forgot something:

whenever i see megan rose ruiz i want to punch her in the face. it's not even about her issue with the artschool what ever the fuck idc. i hate seeing her face on twitter.

No. 734771

are you a furry by chance?

No. 734837

Nimona movie canceled, thank fuck

No. 734838

>>734422 I honestly don't think it's fair to use her personal art against her like this. I mean this is pretty obviously fuckin anime fanart not her professional work. She has a video going through her portfolio if we're gonna criticize use her professional work.

No. 734843

Yeah I'm not really a huge fan of her or anything but I think she's a nice background artist.
I do think her character drawings are super basic, but what do you expect, most people's are lol. Background artist can be a pretty niche and specialized skill, too.

No. 734856

So does anyone else have any more art school stories??

I have a super small one, not that great but let's get the fire started.

>Figure Drawing Class

>Teacher can only get one guy to go full nudey booty when modeling, so we have him for every class
>not bad, he's lean and slightly muscly, good for learning anatomy
>he bald tho, which is weird because he looks really young, not even shaved bald like he has hair on the sides
>be little over achiever sperg me, so many days after class I sit and draw the skeleton in the classroom for homework and my own benefit
>baldy mcArtmodel also stays after class for a few minutes so he can get re-clothed
>stops to tell me he liked my drawing or something
>say aww thank u
>procees to ask me out FOR COFFEE
>I'VE ALREADY SEEN YOUR PEEN I DONT WANT TO DATE YOU, ive been drawing your naked ass for weeks don't hit on me that's weird
>hear stories about him hitting on other chicks and being an all around weirdo
like he really came here to sit around naked and hit on chicks like he could just skip first and second base
I have her mortifyingly worse stories about art models coming during a session on /ic/, which I had some screenshots…

No. 734861

I agree her character designs are really generic. I did like her background work on tangled though. I've been trying to learn backgrounds and failing lol,so I admire and skill when it comes to backgrounds.

No. 734897

Lmao you think studios have standards? Do you not remember the many mpreg inflation artists hired? Stop being elitist lol

No. 734905

>> 734856 Maybe I'm just weird but I don't think going out with some guy who you've been drawing in an strictly academic or professional context is weird. It's just a naked person, damn it. Also some people go bald early, why are you weirded out by that?

No. 734909

same they never know how to use it

No. 734942

You clearly don't follow this part of the industry so it's ok you don't know but those photoshop textures, the streamlined style of this, that's all very trendy right now. Check out Angela Sung and Patrick O'Keefe for an idea of what it looks like in the hands of someone who actually works that way normally - it's gotten popular in animation visdev because people want to do work that looks like what's in the portfolios of their peers and idols.

Very few people in animation are going to be as good traditionally as digitally, and that's normal. It doesn't make someone less of an artist to have specialized in the kind of work they do every day to the point where they're better at it than stuff they don't do. I'd expect she's hot garbage at 3d modeling and realistic people, too, because just like traditional painting - those aren't her fucking job.

No. 734951

No. 734976

same. Even though I myself am more interested in Hazbin Hotel over Helluva Boss, it's actually nice seeing adult media that isn't just a family guy or the simpsons knock off.

It's nice seeing adult animation, even if it is edgy, have its own style and flare. It's edgy but it's 12 year old inner emo edgy that still as an aesthetic to it rather than family guy edgy where it's a gross edgy that's there just for the sake of shock value.

No. 734997

File: 1612915110046.jpeg (233.57 KB, 750x1025, 38584A75-6D90-47D8-878A-A89FD5…)

It’s possible to sleep very few hours and work all the time but it will kill you physically, emotionally.

No. 734999

What’s this from??
Yeah literally everything from your head to your toes will get fucked up.
Problems I’ve experienced:
The obvious ones- carpal tunnel in both hands but wasn’t extreme, sore back etc
The unexpected-
Sciatica after a nasty week of overworking for a deadline. A pinched nerve underneath my shoulder blade from holding up my right arm which causes a river of radiating pain from that point all the way over the top of my head to my eye ball.
I don’t even draw more than 6 hours a day probably

No. 735014

different anon here but it IS weird for the life model to go around asking girls out in class. i would also feel uncomfortable drawing him naked knowing he was attracted to me on some level. it's not morally wrong, but the dude clearly doesn't understand boundaries. real life figure drawing isn't like Titanic

No. 735066


Also, I like that Shigeru Mizuki made a comment about how many manga artists he outlived because they took so much pride in overworking. He made sure to draw for his own enjoyment and get enough sleep.

No. 735121

I want to stop using English online, or offering it for business only? I think I have enough other languages to use instead of English, if you know enough other languages then I think you stand a chance and you can avoid a lot of bullshit that is confusing if you aren’t American. I want to make sharing art online less troubling. Twitter seems to have the most people but I’m too scared to use it, I don’t know what is right or wrong on the website. I like drawing art for lego ninjago but the people who like the show have sent me hate for drawing all of the characters Asian, with no black characters or latinos. I am Latina and I just want to draw and be left alone by English speakers now. I love art and I love drawing the little lego men but fuck, getting asked why I didn’t make a character’s man bun info dreadlocks kills me

No. 735150

Oh my, thank you for the delivery anon

No. 735281

Vaporwave can be alright.
What I meant was people that use that pattern with no alterations (ie they basically just draw their characters and then slap that pattern behind them so they can pass it as aesthetic with the minimum effort)

The artist you showed doesn't just do a white grid over one flat colour so the grid actually looks more incorporated in the composition (hopefully I'm not phrasing it retardedly).
Basically what >>734909 said. Obviously pretty much anything can look good if you know what you're doing.

No. 735457

Am I the only person who's tired of artists constantly complaining about how hard it is to draw hands? It's always the mediocre ones too. It almost gives me the feeling that they don't want to actually improve and learn, just complain or wait for someone to teach them some shortcut.

If drawing hands is so hard then sit your ass down and learn instead of drawing the same OC in 3/4 view over and over, gdi.

No. 735459

Hands are seriously the easiest to draw, you always have one spare to use for reference. Erm, most people do. But seriously there's no excuse when it's right there, just copy it.

No. 735472

Not everyone spends their entire life on the internet. Maybe she speaks English on twitter but speaks her native language anywhere else and doesn’t take classes because basic English is good enough for her . You obviously don’t know how language learning works anon.

No. 735486


I think people are trying to be funny and relatable. That's why 90% of art memes are "lol DAE suck at drawing hands/the other eye/anything but 3/4 view"? because most people who see this are pretty mediocre and don't bother going out of their comfort zone to practice.

No. 735505

I always think these memes show how little these artists actually learn. Hands are really easy to draw because you can get reference everywhere, including irl.

I personally struggle with drawing detailed hair.

No. 735508

But couldn't you apply that same argument to drawing hair?

No. 735513


Hair at least has a valid excuse because maybe the hair you want to draw is nothing like your natural hair- or it's some crazy hairstyle that's hard to find proper refs for. Hair is highly customizeable which can make things slightly harder.

But hands? Most hands look generally the same. It's much easier to look at your own hand for ref than to get a specific selfie of your own hair which sometimes don't even match the reference you need.

No. 735520

Samefagging but yeah I enjoy drawing hands because I mess them up a lot so when I finally get the hand perfect I feel very satisfied and happy, like I’ve accomplished something. I think a lot of artists genuinely don’t want to take the time to draw hands and would rather cycle through the same animu poses and call it a time.

No. 735536

I am convinced NerdECrafter's husband has a huge dong. She makes way too many dick size jokes way too often. It would be pretty awkward if he wasn't well endowed.

No. 735574

Like what kind of dick jokes? Cause my ex-friend joked about pencil dicks and small sized jokes and he genuinely had a small pencil dick

No. 735667


are you friends with that person or why do you defend them? if you knew how they write you wouldn't say this. Where she comes from english is being thought very very early in school. And the person fucks up even the most basic english.

you don't have to spend a long time on the internet to see these problems in the art community.

also funny coming from you being on lolcow so chill.

No. 735671

Same for me. They're not exactly the easiest thing for me, I always need references and I need to put some minimal effort, but I can make them look good, and man, looking at the result and actually being happy and proud with it is such a nice feeling. I can't even explain it, it just fills me with joy.
Use references anons, you wont regret it

And just to add another thing, I can't tell if it is the same people doing it, but between the most common art memes there's both "lol DAE suck at drawing hands/the other eye/anything but 3/4 view", as >>735486 said, and also "ugh my stupid boomer parents say I can't make money of of art", wich comes of a contradictory to me (imo).
I'm not agreeing with not being able to make money from art, but just sayan. Good luck making a living out nothing but mediocre cutesy character 3/4 busts.

No. 735701

You're better off financially doing art and having full time job in a different field.

I know someone who finally moved out at 30 being able to make money from just her art. Now she's losing followers on instagram and doesn't have as many commissions coming in anymore.

No. 735731

That's actually a thing that bothers me about it.
They're so caught up in being smug to people that say you can't make a living from art, and they're so busy just asserting "yes I can make a living from art, you're just a stupid dumb retard that doesn't want to show support for my dreams" that they completely forget to ever consider that art is actually not the safest job (especially not if you're planning to live from internet comissions).
I also get the feel some people are way too quick to put all their eggs in one basquet, and with no real plan B. That's why you get so many artist e-beggars.

No. 735766

Yup there's a reason why the term "starving artist" is thrown around.

I've noticed a lot of the artists I know don't ever want to work lol. Worked with one at a grocery store and she hardly showed up to her shifts and would e-beg online. Kek

No. 735790

NTA but it's not necessarly whiteknighting to say speaking bad english is not that cow worthy.

No. 735816

Can you go into detail about this persons situation?
I’m not looking to shit on them, it’s just my genuine nightmare this would happen.
I’m 28 and am just barely making enough on commissions to survive and was really hoping to start making passive income from patreon eventually, but the thought of losing followers and becoming irrelevant would toss everything I would have worked for by that point.

No. 735820

expand to as many socials and sites you can. I got big on tumblr, moved to twitter before tumblr died, got big on twitter, and I'm now slowly moving to instagram and youtube. Old school sites like deviantart or newgrounds are good for backup, too. Try to keep the same name everywhere as well. I never get down on work thanks to multi roots

No. 735831

>english is being thought very very early in school
taught. the word is taught. from the verb "teach". maybe review some basic english before you start sperging about it kek

No. 735836


Oh definitely. I used to romanticize the freelance life a lot because I was watching instagram stories from artists who weren't even that skilled but seemed to have so much free time and they'd just draw for a few hours every day, film some patreon stuff and be on social media. But then I realized that most of them were heavily relying on financial support from their family or spouse or they weren't doing that well after all. Of course some do, but it's not as common as I used to think.

The internet has made it easier for anyone to become a full-time artist/freelancer, but at the same time the massive amount of competition has made it much harder at the same time, especially in the above average but not super good skill range.

It's different when you are actually employed to work for a company but you would need actual skill for that and put in lots of work to get there. The kids who complain about art not being taken seriously as a career path don't want to study and practice, they want to be internet famous and draw busts of anime girls in 3/4 view every day.

No. 735844

What kind of art do you make anon? I know some artists who started to make quick adoptables on DeviantArt as kind of a plan B and rake in quite a bit of money. Some go for more than a hundred each while being almost doodles, so if you have a cute or rococo like style the market's good on da (or furaffinity if you want to get into furries). Even Jaltoid animations did that (and Patreon).

No. 735863

Color isn't as important as value, so do a ton of greyscale before going back to color. Other things like line weight, edges and perspective can have a huge impact on your work, too.
Once you've got the values down, you can play around with colour and chances are you'll get a decent result regardless of the colors you use.

No. 735909

Fuckkng QFT, this anon is stating straight facts.

No. 735982

She's living off of government tugboat and like other anons she has also moved to other sites for the past decade.

No. 735987

You guys have been sleeping on Honey and Absinthe. Please just skip to :50 seconds in where Janet's attention whore boyfriend walks into frame fully nude to show off his chubby fat body.

These two are so milky. I used to think Janet was bitchy but honestly she's just really driven and Vincent is the one who is completely insufferable.
Janet please dump him.

No. 735999

File: 1613000720951.jpeg (198.84 KB, 750x396, 511B1A82-26C8-4561-8C98-DD7880…)

Knew she looked familiar and it was that same bitch that creepy redneck guy Ethan Becker made a video about where she quit Disney because tl;dr has serious entitlement issues.
Why wasn’t this cut out and why did she think her followers wanted to see a flubby dumpling walking along the screen?? lmfao and then they really wonder why they can’t fit into the fucking culture of the animation industry

No. 736005

Judging by the fact that HE'S the one who did this, along with a lot of his other narcissisitc endeavors, I wouldn't be surprised if he requested it be put in or if he's the one editing the videos himself. In all their other vlogs they put random cuts of Vincent all throughout the video that are incredibly jarring called the "The Vincent Show" where he plays music and it sounds fucking terrible. I mean if you watched that whole video there you'd see this but its in every one of them.

No. 736010

File: 1613001319728.jpg (7.9 KB, 266x275, Leather jacket no hat.jpg)

samefag but
I can't unsee it.

No. 736017

File: 1613001937510.jpg (203.81 KB, 1569x1080, Wisijwnsu8ssujxnssn1.jpg)

"You think of me naked"
Dear god just stop, you are not adam driver or something.

No. 736031

Their YouTube video views are remarkably low, like literally only getting 100-300 views per video at times, despite her very first viral video.
As soon as they start getting more views Vincent will become a fullblown snow cow, I guarantee it. I can smell the milk from a mile away.

No. 736042

File: 1613004045310.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.19 KB, 1080x1247, God left.jpg)

I see anon

No. 736046

This pic alone isn't too bad composition wise. But I can imagine the rest of the set.

No. 736052

That's because I cropped it lel

No. 736054


Oh so the full thing is Passion Of The Neckbeard

No. 736059

You got it!

No. 736069

>posted 21hr ago

What the fuck is up with this man?
Calm down your thirst dude, every time I see your videos I have to re-format my brain to understand that you are in fact, not a little Filipino girl

No. 736071

Holy fuck.
Okay I understand now why everyone was freaking out. Oh my god that is vomitous, I wish we could see the rest so bad kek.

No. 736151

File: 1613013668373.jpg (86.11 KB, 600x864, IMG_20210210_221840.jpg)

So loved (numbers) baited all her followers and is now having people post their Kofi and beg for donations instead of posting it over discourse… I never thought I'd see someone get even lazier than twitter discourse artists but here it is folks.

No. 736157

someone should infiltrate her account and screenshot, I'd love to see what that cow is bitching about behind closed doors

No. 736166

If people are planning to infiltrate these discourse artists, dont forget to follow teachlko and company because theyre known to private a lot as well.

Also what happen to quitting twitter/taking a break fron twitter, shae? They only made it through 4 days before coming back.

No. 736189

This might be too general of a question but do you anons have any tips for an artist wanting to get into the art YouTube scene?

I enjoy video editing and hope to expand my audience with Youtube. My main problem is I just am unsure what to talk about. Do you guys really enjoy videos where the artist doesn't talk and it's just chill music? Or would you prefer the artist to chat about something?

No. 736191

File: 1613018965992.jpg (118.87 KB, 600x828, IMG_20210210_234929.jpg)


No. 736228


No. 736232

these people have such low fukcing self esteem they just see a bully and have to start sucking up as hard as they can so they can finally be in with the people who do the harassing for once in their lives but even the little wannabe twitter bullies aren't going to bother with every kid that looks up to them and you almost feel bad for them for a brief moment

No. 736279

File: 1613027570267.png (688.88 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_20210211-020818~2.p…)

https://acoupleoflittlethings.tumblr.com/ they have a comic about their relationship…

No. 736507

File: 1613057713933.png (356.53 KB, 573x873, werwrwer.png)

h-holy fuck…
non-capitalized comic sans, really??

Its drawn nice but he needs to look fatter and more upside down triangle shaped, why is he drawn like a little boy??

No. 736525

File: 1613058875756.jpg (566.36 KB, 1242x1920, calmtheyhorny.jpg)

Lol gross these two need to really calm down.

No. 736527

sage for this info but because he is mentally a young child, most scrotes are

it’s miraculous that this grown ass woman has to deal with someone who acts like a shlubby dumbass younger brother archetype from a disney channel movie

No. 736529

Why is everything so red? her skin looks burned and the whole picture looks like it's on fire kek

No. 736597

So I guess her whole identity is just going to be "ex Disney artist". It'd sound less pathetic if she had a longer career with them under her belt but she doesn't because she didn't last. She needs to figure herself out.

No. 736636

janet gives off "not like the other girls" vibes but she looks to be hardworking and mature. her boyfriend is fucking insufferable. not to be Racist, but as someone who grew up in asian culture, asian men are usually babied by their mothers, this bf looks to be that type i doubt he washes his own laundry or cooks his own meals. his guitar music is earrape too, i have no clue how she puts up with him. he also comes across as a sex pest too. never date an anime boy ladies

No. 736665

This isn’t the MtF thread

No. 736687

>younger brother archetype from a disney channel movie
Those were the words I was looking for, yeah he's exactly like that.
I'm so thankful I got that shit bullied out of me when I was young.

He's definitely an ENFP but the kind that give all the rest that "annoying attention whore childlike idiot narc" vibe.
coming from another enfp

No. 736798

It's not bad. I know people are weird about it, but it's one of the better "casual" options. (Considering the talent that's come from NG, I say that lightly. I mean "casual" compared to Artstation.) The rating system actually helps keep out the worst shit by crowd curation.

Depending on the kind of work you make, I think it's a good middle ground for casuals who want to share their work and for serious creators looking for an audience. I like it because they have both robust interactive media and illustration support, both of which I make. It's also a community that doesn't put stock on spammy fast art like what people post to Twitter and IG just to keep up. You have a crowd that's already accustomed to enjoying projects that take more time to create.

The only "downside" is that it's a kind of scrotey site that has the mindset from the 00s art scene. This is still the community that gave birth to Shadman and Zone. But I think that some aspects of that might be a boon since most of the visitors there are for the art, not to witch-hunt.

No. 736802

Well this is haunting.

No. 736805

Even the name is cringey. "Life After Disney Art Studio" girl it was a job, not a prison.

Also lol at her talking about the channel growing very quickly when it averages about 300 views per video.

Personality aside, I find her voice really hard to listen to. I know she can't do anything about her speech issues and don't fault her for it, but her voice is genuinely just really hard to listen to for long periods of time. I remember I once saw someone say that you can have the best camera of all times but if the audio is shitty, no one will watch your content and damn if it's not true.

No. 737168

I don't know how to phrase this without sounding kinda squizo, but do any of you feel like art feels different when you see it for example on instagram surrounded by a bunch of other art or when you are actually searching online for art compared to when you see it by chance on "regular" contexts where you don't always see art or on random non art focused sites?

I know this sounds weird and I don't really know how to explain why it feels like this to me.

No. 737413

File: 1613137804716.jpeg (432.52 KB, 640x987, 2931140F-A565-4FB7-BACA-E19B04…)

How can someone be both so ugly, and yet so openly horny.

No. 737415

He's a fucking creep. So many red flags.

No. 737416

>I get aroused when you cry

Lord have mercy someone needs to put a chain on their dog

No. 737417

>I get aroused when you cry
Where's banana cutting anon when we need her

No. 737429

No. 737440

how to spot a pornsick coomer

No. 737461

i hate that this is drawn as a cutesy comic and seeing their behavior irl i think he's open about all his perversions. i feel bad for her i guess this was her first and only relationship, every pornsick man dreams of the docile asian gf

No. 737480

It really makes you wonder what your favorite relateable comic or aniamtion creators are like in real life.

I also hate how its cutesy. It feels incredibly misleading, like they're some kind of wholesome caring couple when in reality their both pretty bloodthirsty.
Furthermore, I just feel like they didn't draw themselves accurately at all.

No. 737499

File: 1613146260868.jpg (63.66 KB, 632x400, YehudaDevir.jpg)

It's like a knock off version of Yehuda Devir's work.

No. 737502

>autistically detailed funko pops
you can't make this up

No. 737519

I fucking truly hate this one too.
Ugh, disgusting normies with their thinly veiled coomer narcissism. At least the other two are genuine socially retarded shut-ins.

No. 737524


God I hate this type of art so much. When artists draw cartoony "funny" "relatable" coomer art of themselves and their girl/boyfriend. I don't know, it usually strikes me as so fucking weird. Most of the time the art looks bad too.

No. 737525

that's cause most likely it's not a funko pop at all, anon.

No. 737528

top shelf, homie

No. 737529

Women like her are always unexpectedly cruel and harsh to their female friends but always keep absolutely boorish manchildren around. I don't get it

No. 737533


They always make themselves look much much better than irl too, that's the only funny part for me

No. 737559

>>Me and my wife fuck!! We're horny and we have to let everyone know about this very obvious thing to prove that it's true!! Our couple life is perfect and better than anyone else's!!!
To me these always reek of insecurity.

No. 737561

Its in the same vein as that Alythuh girl. Its not art to appreciate art its just "oo look at me Im hot but I'm not a basic normie because Im also ~slightly alternative~ since I can draw"

No. 737564

What is up with this? Like what is the attraction???

No. 737565

I mean tbh, I don't like these relatable comics either cause they're corny as shit, but not all art has to be "art to appreciate".

No. 737569

God forbid someone expect a visual medium to look at least somewhat decent. Strange how you are always bashed into accepting no standards for music, art, or any humanities based medium but video game and technology derived stuff is srs business

No. 737570

this is the type of artwork MRAs would put as their crusty pfps kek

No. 737572

I hate when people draw blushes like this they look so fucking sweaty and greasy lmao

No. 737573

I guess I can agree that not all art has to be done out of appreciation.
I feel like art is used best when its either a tool to appreciate beauty or a tool to communicate and tell a story.
These comics do literally nothing but say "look at me I'm a hottie with a body".

No. 737578