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File: 1592947103815.png (67.1 KB, 751x472, poor pepep.png)

No. 574186

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


No. 574187

Sorry if it's a shitty thread I didn't know what to put for the picture or the description.
Last thread >>557223

No. 574192

Lachri talked about how shady arteza was to her, and how she doesn't trust them. I don't mind yt having sponsors, but I never trusted arteza and can't believe how many yt promote them.

time stamp, 01:18:31

No. 574311

Isn't Tobi the same chick who lied about people from coming from YMS's video on Kimba the White Lion to hers' and telling her she should be raped and other things?

No. 574344

dont know if she lied, but something like that. anons talked about it in the previous thread with screenshots.

No. 574347

File: 1592971859711.jpg (555.04 KB, 880x863, reddit.jpg)

I just looked it up (it's one of the results that pop up when you google her kek)and this is what I found. I know you can delete comments on Youtube but, I wouldn't put it past her to lie about it for pity.

No. 574348

I gotta be frank, I wanna branch out into drawing more guys but i never have any good ideas For what to draw. It always defaults to another pretty girl.

Any solutions?

No. 574349

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to draw things for the sake of practice.
If you really can't think of anything, just go to Line of Action and force yourself to draw male poses in whatever style you have.

No. 574351

I don't think she's lying. She probably did get one comment saying she should be raped and killed or whatever. But then she probably exaggerated the problem.
I think what's more telling is going to videos that were featured in the YMS video. The ones that still have comments enabled do not have any kind of rape or kill yourself comments, aside from maybe one in a sea of hundreds. And those videos are the ones most fans will be commenting on. Not some random video with a handful of views from tiny tobi.

No. 574368

That's a really good point actually. She does seem like the type to get one negative comment and blow it WAY out of proportion. Her saying that she deleted the video but still stands by her point and YMS is into bestiality directly parallels how she's reacting the the Shane situation. She makes a video, deletes the post, says she still stands by her point and that Drama Channels/YMS Suck. Seems like she has an issue admitting when she might be wrong.

No. 574369

is there any evidence of her saying YMS is into bestiality? that was never mentioned in the last thread and im not sure where it comes from

No. 574377

File: 1592975787411.png (334.88 KB, 1210x863, tobi7890.png)

I looked to see if there was anything on Twitter. If she did make a Twitter video about the Kimba video or said YMS was into bestiality, then she deleted it.
All I found was a bunch of stupid Tweets. But her next video is on Sakimichan. Which if it gets backlash, she'll vehemently defend, then delete.
The cycle continues forever.

No. 574385

Lachrii is obviously good but the paintings always look like Lisa Frank tried to become real life. Sorry for the off topic, lol

No. 574399

maybe find some male models or cool photos of men you like online like on instagram and use those as inspiration, like those who wear streetwear or historical fashion.

No. 574403

File: 1592984627017.png (707.13 KB, 1210x2000, tobishane.png)

For someone with BPD who understands she shouldn't react to things so much because it's unhealthy, she sure does react to things a lot.
But stans just gotta stan, I guess.

No. 574409

Man, Sakimi's coomer fanboys are gonna dogpile on her ass if she makes a video on her.

Her channel revolves around reacting to shit so I don't know who she's trying convince she's not. Also her whole "UwU nya rawr =3" is really fucking annoying. She's in her 20's and acts like a 14 year old living in 2009.

No. 574432

Didn't she imply that the video would be about the petty ass cancel crowd trying to take Sakimichan down and not Sakimichan herself?

No. 574436

File: 1592993197091.png (279.48 KB, 592x960, 90929.png)

yeah, but she's gonna get backlash either way.
though it is tiring how she's hyper defendant of cam-whores and prosties. like some people don't like sex work. it's just life

No. 574458

dunno if she said that but YMS being a zoophilia defender is a known fact. He said so on a reddit post some years ago and said it again in a livestream last year. He believes animals can give consent. But then again he's a furry, so no suprise

No. 574463

oh wow. that's incredibly disappointing

No. 574494

what do you anons think of the drawing resource 'line of action?' i can't take a screenshot rn.

No. 574502

it's a nice resource full of stock photos of people, clothed and unclothed, to help people practice and improve their flow
not much more to say to it than that

No. 574538

It's pretty great considering that it's free. I always use the figure drawings on the site to warm-up. Though, I sometimes get duplicates on some of my other sessions.

No. 574559

Sorry for spoonfeed request but why is Sakimichan being canceled? I know her art is shit but did she do something cancelworthy beyond drawing extra fingers and targeting the coomer demographic?

No. 574570

she liked a few anti-blm tweets on her business twitter

No. 574626

Any channels or tips for 3D modeling? Picked up Zbrush to make my shitty OC's figs but making a mesh for the body is taking so long, maybe I'm fucking up somewhere.

No. 574630

File: 1593026840037.jpg (314.22 KB, 1280x986, tumblr_18acb7e749b4e138b508265…)

Am I severly undervaluing art, or are these prices just way to high, even if the buyer got a hard copy.

Even if the art was good, these prices just seem extreme for a soft copy simple lineart, color, and shading.

No. 574633

Personally, those seem really cheap prices compared to others I’ve seen. The art isn’t completely awful, just depends if anyone actually commissions them though.

No. 574634

why would you want them to go even lower, art in general disgustingly undervalued.

No. 574635

The full color prices are a rip off because there's barely any changes there compared to the flat color drawing, but generally it isn't that bad tbh. Artists selling their commissions for too cheap are usually more harmful than artists that overprice their commissions anyway

No. 574639

Not an artist myself but <$25 for what I'm assuming is 2-6 hours of labor? Seems fair or even low.

No. 574653


I don't know, I don't agree in general with artist selling their work according to time spent, because you could have two artist create the same painting, but one needs 3 days and another needs only 1.

Buyers shouldn't pay more just because an artist is a slow worker.The price should be based on the quality of the art itself and who the artist is.

I don't know but $15 dollars for a simple line art does seem like a lot, especially if you're
only getting a digital copy.

And ten extra dollars for a very simple coloring?

No. 574661

That seems reasonable tbh anon.
If it's any lower than that it would not even be worth their time drawing it

No. 574665

This. Stop harping on these artists for their prices. It costs more than just how long it takes because art is a skill and a luxury. If you're good enough then draw your own shit. I'm assuming the price differences are to encourage the buyer to get the $25 colored fullbody.

No. 574666

What social media do you guys recommend keeping for an artist?

I’ve kinda built up a following on Instagram, Twitter, and previously tumblr, but I noticed I really do not have a healthy relationship with social media in general. I’m constantly comparing myself to other artists that I follow, I become upset if my follower number goes down because I haven’t posted in a couple days, I feel like I always have to be on the grind uploading new art to keep my audience, then art feels like a chore..
I feel like it’s a shame to lose years of building up an audience on these apps to just delete my account, but it’s stupidly affecting how happy I am with my art and worth. I feel like you have to have an active online presence if you ever hope to ‘make it’ in the art world but ugh. Sorry for the vent.

No. 574676

If art is your hobby, then your relationship to social media doesn't sound healthy. I'd say take a hiatus and then think about if and how you want to continue, maybe build up some work you could post or try something new. How often do you want to post, what do you want on your account (sketches, jokes, only finished, etc.)? Maybe unfollow other artists so you stop comparing and just do your own thing. You want to build up a following of people who appreciate you and your work, so if some people get bored easily and unfollow that's fine.

No. 574684

While I don't disagree that the quality should be the main indicator of what art costs, I think time spent making it is still important. Some works just take longer, even between 2 equally skilled artist, one could spend more time on each piece due to their choice in style, should this person not take account the time spent in that work? As an artist you want to balance between what you think you deserve and what's the guality of your work worth, if people feel like the price doesn't reflect their standards; they just won't buy and that's ok. You should not lower your prices to the dirt just for the sake of getting few commissions that ultimately end up making you work for cents per hour.

And for this, while the quality is not the most impressive these prices are still dirt cheap, most kids could probably make that money by washing the dishes for 10 minutes.

No. 574685

As someone who has a toxic relationship with social media as well, I don’t follow anyone on my art socials. I just upload what I love and occasionally interact with bigger and smaller artists to build connections.

No. 574698


The reason some works take longer is because there's a lot of detail involed, or the medium is difficult or complex. That is another indicator of cost. If the artist personally just needs a lot of time, it's not fair to factor that into the cost. So you might spends weeks on a painting, but it might not be very good.

You shouldn't lower your prices to the dirt, and obviously everyone can charge what they want, I just think 15 bucks seems a lot, for a line art, that an average speed artist could knock out in an hour at most. Coloring doesn't take that long either especially digitally.

It's not like 25 bucks is a lot of money, I just think it's a lot for what you get. If the person was getting a print, the price would be more reasonable I guess.

No. 574701

Whoever made it must have been familiar with lovecastle, even if I search lovecastle this site comes up as a top result.

No. 574713

Your struggle is very common so don't feel alone or weird about this. Being constantly compared is part of being a part of artistic community unfortunately and best we can do is hope to get used to it. Try to make conscious effort to stop yourself from looking at followers count, will be hard in the beginning but eventually you can get rid of this habit alltogether - it's what you should do first and foremost.
As inspiring it can be to look at other great artists work, try to minimize it as much as you can. You can even put boundaries of yourself, something like - I'll not spend more than 15 minutes a day scrolling through other people's art. Ideally, cut it alltogether for some time, it was a great help to me when I realized i just spend way too much time looking at other people's stuff and hating my own instead of just focusing on my own development.
If you have a bit of active following already it definitely would be a loss to just abandon it. If your followers are not so engaged though, complete purge and hiatus could be helpful too. I used to have what I'd consider decent following on tumblr years ago (over 1k) but people followed me just for one fandom, never interacted on personal posts or anything that wasn't related to that fandom so it wasn't a loss to abandon that, just to give an example what could be an unvaluable following.

Overall, good luck with everything! you do need an active online presence to "make it" if you want to be a freelancer doing comissions, but it's not the only way - a loooot of professionals have zero online presence but make good money working on some bigger team projects, so that's a way for you to consider too.

No. 574716

This really is standard pricing. Artists really shouldn't go lower than this, because then there's pretty much no benefit to them to do commissions in the first place.
You're also assuming that any average artist can draw a picture in an hour or less, but that's actually pretty fast for any artist, regardless of their style.
You have to argue that, though, because if you understood that most art takes at least 2 hours, then you'd have to admit working for 12.5 dollars per hour is not ridiculous in the slightest.

No. 574724

File: 1593042134414.png (661.74 KB, 670x1377, y.png)


No. 574726

File: 1593042568851.png (74.27 KB, 191x275, 1536769042463.png)

why are they like this

No. 574727

i saw this post too love soey for being unbothered

No. 574729

File: 1593042902999.png (210.14 KB, 535x1000, SCN_0002_0_0.png)

I only have pencils and occasionally draw completely random pedestrians and people from photos (no idea if I need permission to draw people).

No. 574732


I already said I disagree with hourly pricing. Not to mention artists can absolutly lie and say their work took longer than it did. There's no effective way to prove how long someone spent on a piece unless it's fully recorded.

I also don't think a full body line art takes two hours for any experieced artist.

Maybe I'm overestimating how quickly people can work, but irrelevant of that, I just think it's priced too high, not only because of the simplicity of the work but also because the commisions are soft copy.

I just think spending 15 dollars for a soft copy simple drawing and coloring is excessive, when you could go to any number of art convensions and gets prints and stickers for the same price.

I didn't mention my own commisions, because no one cares, but mine are priced lower, for the simple ones and for the a little bit of detail I go up in price, and the really expensive ones are the very detailed ones. Depending on where the person lives I also offer a hard copy for a little extra.

No. 574735

>Am I severly undervaluing art,
Yes. This is cheap as hell. I've seen far worse art go for much higher. I do agree with the anon that the full color vs flat color part is kind of a rip-off, though.

No. 574752

A full body lineart, if it took one hour, would be 15 dollars per hour. Which is not an absurd wage to work at, especially for a skilled profession such as art.
But aside from that, you're also not taking in consideration supply and demand. There are many artists that we would consider to have terrible art, but they can price really high because people want their art so bad.
You may not think the art is worth it, but the mass majority of people think that the prices are fine.

No. 574754

this kind of comes off as, "I under-value my own art, so other artists should under-value theirs"

No. 574760

the reason the prices don't vary heavily is probably because the lineart is what takes the longest for the artist to do. from there, the artist just adds increments of 5 dollars, because adding color doesn't take as long as the lineart.
to have a lineart be 5 dollars, then the flat be 10 dollars, and the full body to be 15, would be to say that all parts of their drawing process take the same amount of effort and time.

No. 574762


It's not a matter of under valuing art, I reached out a lot to artist and to my followers and looked at prices in general.

I get way more commisions now with my prices lowered a bit and get more money because more people are buying my work.

That piece is fanart, I make original work, and it's not as simple as >>574630, and my line art usually goes for $20 - $60 depending on how detailed.

I also am signed up to monthly patreons, where 2 prints and stickers/keychains etc. are sent out monthly for approx. 30$ + videos etc.

Like I said, per hour is nonsense, and the final product isn't worth 25$. Four of these would be 100$, and I could buy a lot more for the same amount at an artist convention in my area. Those would be hard copy pieces.

Obviously the prices are going to be different for really popular artists because they only have so much time to do commisions since they have a full time art related career. There's also a difference between people who make art and have a seperate career, and people do make art full time.

No. 574766

File: 1593048547756.gif (208.57 KB, 220x220, clapgif.gif)

so you came to a shit-talking forum, to complain about some random person's prices. a person that hasn't done anything wrong, whose prices are extremely average, because you think you're better than them?

No. 574774


Show me where I said I was better than them? This person in particular isn't being targeted by me. I don't even know who they are. I could have used any number of dozens of examples I have seen on other social media platforms, this just seemed like the easiest picture to use to ask my question on the worth of art. There are so many artist with varying price ranges I wanted to get a second opinion, since I see artists that do similar work, but for lower prices and ones that have a slightly higher price but whose work is much more detailed.

I don't want any one to talk shit, about this person, just to identify whether or not pricing is appropriate or if I'm under valuing their art, nothing here has convinced me yet, since hourly still sounds like bs.

Our art is also completly different? They make fanart (nothing wrong with that) and it's full color, I make black and white inked pieces. Their art style is also quite simple, which again, nothing wrong with that.

Whether one piece of art is technically better than the other doesn't matter and is subjective anyway, and we can't be compared since we don't even make the same type of art.

Never have I said I was better as an artist, and I only responded with personal pricing information as comparison, once it was brought up by other people.

Nice try though, trying to twist my words. If you have nothing to add to the question don't bother contributing.

No. 574776

Is the one with a shell not supposed to represent trans person…
Or did they want then to draw a male

No. 574778

I think that’s an unshaven bush

No. 574779

No. 574786

You wanted a second opinion but you won't accept anything other than your own
>If you have nothing to add to the question don't bother contributing.
Please stop adding to the thread, you aren't contributing

No. 574792

File: 1593051128952.png (1.68 MB, 1280x1878, aa.png)


Disagreeing with another person isn't the same as not accepting their opinion? I'm not just disagreeing because I think I'm right, I'm saying why I have the opinion I have, and agree with some of the points people have made.

There's art in the same price range that I think has completly average price like this one. The above one was just questioning the value of this type of product.

No. 574795

File: 1593052085331.jpg (263.5 KB, 1240x1748, Xu60rwC.jpg)

speaking of prices. this costs 205$

No. 574796

this isn't r/delusionalartists.
everyone is annoyed by your self-important attitude.
fuck off

No. 574797

Gosh, these are so ugly.

No. 574800

Stop anon, you are embarrassing yourself.

No. 574801


different person but ok. i just went though the commisons tag looking for better pricing examples for op for whats expensive and found this, still looking for better examples can't find any tho

No. 574803

File: 1593053412511.png (308.13 KB, 591x960, pwhyRpA.png)


this here is dirt cheap and way below most prices. i guess it also depends on how popular the artist is and how many comisions they can take

No. 574811

Yeah but it's also way worse, just look at that anatomy.
I think you should take into account that artists that do comissions for cheap could also be minors, ie no expenses, or people from countries with a currency worth way less than the American dollar.

No. 574813


yeah, but to be fair, anatomy could be attributed to style, the only thing i can see immediatly is the arms are way to long and one is longer than the other. mabe an issue with the neck.

we really dont know where all of these people come from though.

No. 574827

It’s in euros so:
Line art - $84
Flats - $95
Full colour - $230

No. 574829

File: 1593058426011.png (203.46 KB, 640x640, tumblr_9ba7d97087a868b88248ece…)


would this count as expensive? if the og pic is average, trying to find a baseline.

No. 574840

I think this one is way under priced. I could easily see myself paying $50 for a full body from this one. Idc if its "ugly" I dig this style, it has nice form to it.

Just because good artists are asking for scraps doesn't mean beginners should ask for even less.

I might count that as expensive, but for two reasons that have nothing to do with the artist's "greed." 1) I'm not at all in the market for this style and 2)Artists are chronically undervalued, namely good artists, so comparing even one of them to this person makes this person look expensive solely because a single artist who's style I love a lot more than this one is asking for less.

All commission prices boil down to is:
>as a buyer, would YOU be willing to pay that much for this style?
>as an artist, how much money would be worth it to YOU to put your effort in to draw something you're completely uninterested in and possibly have no prior knowledge on?

It really doesn't have much to do with skill level or notoriety or anything. The art market is oversaturated, if you just want a nice looking chibi style, go to any of the artists who have desperately lowered their prices to rock bottom levels in hopes of anyone at all buying from them. If you want Mr. XWeebMasterX's art specifically, you'll have to just cough up what he requires. "But so-and-so does it for less" that's your problem, pay so-and-so instead then. He's not being greedy, he's not being expensive. He has a specific tolerance level. he wont put himself through the hoops you want him to jump through for less than he's asking. Its really not that complicated

"Baseline" is a myth, if you can sell your soul for $5 a pop, just do it, you'll get more customers. But most people just aren't willing to put in that effort for that little, even if their art sucks.

Example: You couldn't pay me enough to mail you a print of my art. I do not want to be bothered dealing with that. I could ask $100 to mail an 11x8 print, and get no takers, and be happy, because I wouldn't have to put up with doing a chore for less compensation than I'd require.

No. 574847

Lachri is obviously really skilled, and knows her shit when it’s comes to different mediums, but ngl I’ve never been all that enamored by people who basically just copy from photos

No. 574851


Same, it depends though, some artists add cool effects to their art. I'm impressed by all the Heather Rooney types, but I don't know if I'd buy a celeb fanart. It would have to be an original piece, and not just a boring photocopy.

No. 574855


I made OP, thanks for breaking it down, in general I agree, I just don't want customers to get ripped off.

I see a lot of people on Instagram and Twitter selling art, mostly fanart, and the people who buy from them and get patreon are younger and ask their parents for money. It's also that a person who isn't an artist might not be able to identify, whether or not they're paying a reasonable price.

There was a situation with an artist on Instagram, where they used bad paper or paints, or something, and sold a lot of pieces using those supplies and didn't even address it.

I just want customers to get a good value for what they’re paying, especially if it’s from teens or kids. I just wanted a discussion on here since people had a mixed opinions when I asked on my socials.

No. 574882

Artists using substandard materials for physical commissions is a real concern, but that doesn't apply to digital commissions unless the art is stolen or misrepresented. If someone sees a digital commission sheet and chooses to pay for it, and they receive original art that matches their agreement and the original commission reference sheet, you can't say they were "ripped off".
Art has no legal trade standard because it is a non-necessity and the value is completely up to the artist, as it should be, if people don't want to pay a high price then they don't have to because people don't need art to live. It's true that there is a average rate that commissioners might expect to pay but if an artist charges above the norm for their respective skill it doesn't mean they are ripping anyone off, it just means less people will want to buy their work but it's still a fair deal if someone wants to. This is such a non-problem and I don't understand why you don't get it, do you compile pricing of musician meet and greets too?

No. 574900

File: 1593084124468.png (101.6 KB, 771x417, b.png)

We get it Rae, you can't take criticism.

No. 574902

>Musicians meet and greets are also completly different from art since that is priced solely on popularity rather than talent and music. Not really a fair comparison.
except it isn't. we've already been over how artists can charge really high prices for low quality art, just because they're popular.
if there's demand, then that is what determines the price. period.
if an artist had high demand, and low prices, they will get too many commissions and won't be able to follow through. if their prices are too high, the demand will diminish to the point of it being nonexistent.
the artist finds commission prices that are just right for them, balancing supply and demand. that is why there is no standard price for commissions.

No. 574904

File: 1593084628803.png (26.25 KB, 1314x241, lol.PNG)


No. 574905

I delete my response, because I'm tired of a back and forth with no new info. ALso I actually charge more for my art than them, so? what's your point.

No. 574907


Okay so you made a screenshot?

No. 574909

Stop being a salty bitch, why are you so fixated on something stupid like other people’s prices(especially art of some random nobody). Clearly your ego is extremely fragile, do something more productive with your time and Go draw or something

No. 574910


Just asking questions. Glad to see we have a psychiatrist in our midst though, continue on with your noble work of asuming people's personality, what would mey ego be fragile for?

No. 574915

if you realize it's easier to let it go anon, maybe you should? just price your art higher if that's what you think the issue is.
ultimately if people are willing to pay their own cash on stuff you don't feel they should be buying, you can't stop them.

No. 574916

Dude the value of art is literally what you assign for it. If a kid sees a (digital) artwork they really like and want to commission the artist regarless of price then the value of that work is literally of the value that the kid is willing to pay (excluding ofc the case where the end result is of lower quality than the example). You gotta also remember that art is custom work, it's made to you by someone and every piece is different, it's not mass produced factory work so regardless how shitty the art itself may be, the fact that it's "one of the kind" should always be factored into the price.

Also wtf is with your logic, at first it was all about "omg I charge less than them thus these are overpriced" to "omg think of the children", Sorry but I ain't buying this.

No. 574917


I don't think my art is priced too low, it was priced too high before. This has nothing to do with my art at all, I only brought it up after it was brought up.

I'm also not trying to stop them, they can decide their own price. I'm not at all arguing that, people just continue to take words out of context and ignore the other replies. I was just wondering if despite the subjective nature of commissions there was a point of excessive cost?

Seriously if you read all of my posts in the thread, you'll see I never said, my art is better, or their art is bad or any shit like that.

I was already done with the conversation and agreed with >>574851 but someone responded again, with more of the same info as already stated before.

I agree with you completly.

No. 574918

you never said "my art is better", but you did say that you don't think their art is worth 25 dollars, which is a price people consider average. so you're saying their art is worth less than average
you also said you charge more than them for commissions, meaning you think your art is worth more than what is considered average
just because you don't directly say the words "my art is better" doesn't mean it isn't implied

No. 574920


I never said their art is bad, I said the price wasn't justified by the product. I like their art, it's not my favorite style, but I do think it's cute. I wouldn't pay 15 dollars for a simple line art. ME, PERSONALLY. If there were more details, then the price would be justified, or if they knocked off,
3-5 dollars. I posted an example of a commision where the price was similar but way more justified for ME.

The reason I charge more commisions, which you would know if you read the thread, is because our art is completly different, and therefore prices can't be compared. I do traditional inking, which are usually very complex and charge 20 -60 dollars.
I'm not saying my art is worth more, because they can't even be compared. I brought this up because people said I undervalued my art, should put my prices up, or I thought my art was better, which I never said. Read my replies.

Like I said people talk shit and take things out of context to try and make you seem like you're saying something <ou're not. All I ever questioned whether there was any sort of metric for commision cost. Nothing more nothing less. Everything else, is people shit stirring.

No. 574921

15 an hour is what a completely unskilled high schooler can make waitressing. No clue why you think that’s an unreasonable hourly rate for an artist.

No. 574922


I am letting it go, no point since I already agreed with a previous reply, and everyone under is ignoring previous responses, and adding nothing new. Won't respond to any one else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574924

should've done that, like, 14 replies ago, anon.

No. 574951

this girl is full of such shit. she constantly claims that she's going to stop reacting to things. she made 20+ tweets yesterday alone, 90% of which were her arguing with random people.
if she really wanted to do what was best for her BPD, she would leave the cesspool that is twitter entirely

No. 574976

I find this rather funny cause it’s not actually that impressive at all. Most of her audience is either young or beginners so ofc they would much rather watch someone who’s skill level is ”attainable” than someone who’s actually good because to an aspiring artist, a good art is usually more discouraging than it is inspiring. If you post a lot, be ”relatable” and have appealing skill level for beginner, the people will flock to you in masses. This isn’t any rocket science, youtube art community is massively kid centric and youtube itself os trying to be more and more family friendly. Appealing to kids is the lowest kind of achievement as they’re easily impressed by fucking everything.

No. 574989

>If you post a lot, be ”relatable” and have appealing skill level for beginner, the people will flock to you in masses. This isn’t any rocket science
Easy in words, amazingly hard in reality. I don't know why some people with shit art manage this when they can't manage to learn the fundies but we all know at least one amazing artist that never breaks a couple of likes. I find anyone who can stick to an upload schedule and overall feed aesthetic to be very impressive in their own way, looking down on people who achieve so much with so little is kind of a cope imo

No. 574991

I mean yea obviously there is something to praise for, for being able to consistently upload and I do find that it often comes with the cost of quality. I honestly don't know almost any artubers who upload often and are able to keep the quality of the work up, it pretty much always takes a dip. I would also remind that not every artist is even so deeply interested in youtube, a lot of artists got other social media that they use as their "main" while youtube is usually just an extra dumping ground, that ofc comes with the low engagement. That's why I don't ultimately consider rea's achievement to be that impressive, as well as I have never really seen her try to improve her content or art for that matter. Though I must admit I don't really watch her either, just kinda what I've seen on the surface.

No. 575004

Does anyone else feel paranoid on Twitter or is that just me
I never know the motives of anyone talking to me
I never know if other artists follow me and interact out of genuine interest or just to boost their own following
I don’t know who likes me for me or just wants free art
Sometimes I dread logging in

No. 575031

I share your feelings. I had never had a twitter until some months ago. I tried to start using it but whenever i posted fanart I would get anxious and not log in until like 4 days later and avoid the app because for whatever reason I got anxiety.

Eventually I decided to stick to just using instagram and tumblr. If twitter starts draining the motivation or joy you have for something, maybe you can use another app. All in all just try to not let other people discourage you. It is hard but can be done. Good luck!

No. 575198

I’m starting to see this with a lot of people, especially streamers, who just don’t want to participate in twitter, but keep it because they don’t want someone else to take the name and act like them

No. 575201

Tobi is a loudmouth dumbass that tries to act all uwu soft girl but, it really just a catty mean girl that tries not to be Creepshow 2.0 and fails miserably.

No. 575237

I think it's natural to be worried if other people's feelings towards you are genuine, especially when you're an artist on Twitter. There are many who will try to drag you through the mud, or take advantage of you.
However, I think it's best not to worry about it. It helps me mentally to assume that everyone has benign intentions, until proven otherwise. Any new people that interact with me, I interact politely, as with a business acquaintance. I keep my distance for a while and maintain politeness until we become friends or I understand their motives for talking to me.
There's no need for you to stress yourself about it. Just try to focus on your craft and the kindness of others.

No. 575243

So I came from the homestuck thread and was reminded the undertale fandom was a thing. I wasn't really into both but heard there was a lot of drama in the UT one. Does anyone know? Or do you have to be balls deep in that community to know wtf happened in it?

No. 575246

asking for a specific drama without any details on what the reaction to the drama was is impossible. the UT fandom is full of many, many different squabbles and controversies because that's the kind of people the game attracts. most arguments are fans vs other fans

No. 575334

I cringed so hard. Why does she swatch the paint like that. Why doesn't she do research BEFORE wasting her time. Also lol at her not knowing the difference between acrylic, watercolor and gouache.

No. 575343

it's the painter's version of an amateur pencil artist's chicken scratch lineart

No. 575345


Sorry in advance I'm about to sperg.

She tried to use the white of the eggs… Just end me.

"Toxic Chamicals." typo.

The cherry on top is her clarification comment (pinned): "It really blows my mind Da Vinci used this paint to create the last supper. Nuts. Gave me a new perspective."

Ironically Leonardo pulled a Rae back then. It was a rushed work and for who knows what reason he decided to mix oils and tempera instead of just doing a fresco (tempera & watercolor).

It deteriorated so fast some experts argue it might as well not be considered his work since it had to be restored so much.

What's left of Leonardo's paint is flaky and poor quality.

"BA in visual arts with an emphasis in painting and drawing" uwu my ass. She can't even bother to read a wiki page.

No. 575346

it just shows you how much art degrees are worth

No. 575361

I legit know more about art materials by actually reading one (1) standard book on the subject than all of my art professors. orz

No. 575367

What is everyone's thoughts on DrawWithJazza doing giveaways all of the sudden? I used to watch loads of his videos, and he never did any giveaway. I know he probably sees it as a win-win. He gets watchtime and subs, and the subscribers get a giftcard or something else. But it comes off so tacky and disingenuous.
"Search around my video for the secret Amazon giftcard code, guys!" "Subscribe and leave a comment to enter for a giftcard."
It just feels so weird coming from him, because it usually comes from Youtubers with subpar content who can't get many views on their own. But Jazza has lots of subscribers and views, so I just don't get it.

No. 575397

File: 1593174919889.jpeg (454.73 KB, 2211x2512, ERgfTzLXUAAqdUK.jpeg)

Buttoniris/tsunderemaids on twitter was selling a two character (minimal shading and no background) for 500$, their stuff is good but wow that's a lot for someone who doesn't do backgrounds and does solid color fill.

No. 575399


He still has subpar content most of the time. Take away his big ass studio and extreme behavior and you're left with uninspired content every other youtuber does. On the other hand as he has so much subscribers and views, the things he is giving away are peanuts to him. I think he is making the same amount if money in one day he is giving away.

I'm actually more concerned about his health. He has a fucking high output and superb qualitiy, and yet he looks more tired than ever in his videos. (Well yes, could also be his age that's getting to him, but I think it's more the hamster wheel he's created for himself.)

No. 575400

i've been seeing a few other artists (i didn't save caps but i could look them up) charging a few hundreds for simple flat color illos, complete with the caption "only 2 slots" like no shit dude

i know that other anon was sperging about this a bit much but DANG, they make complete sense if their arguments are applied to this particular example…

No. 575404

excuse me what the fuck, and that's the depressed artist that gained a huge following with her little fun comics about "ahah depression funni" I mean good for her if someone actually bought that
It reminds me of the artist who charged $100 for riping off the Persona artstyle, and when someone commented about the insane price she made a $10 commission joke with paint drawing with a mouse because she got salty "art takes time that what u get if you want a low price" and actually received money from her pals

No. 575408

There's a big difference between $15 lineart sperg anons arguments and charging $200 for two mediocre drawings

No. 575417

honestly you guys should just calm down and accept that if there's enough demand for something they can raise their prices up however much works for them. if you weren't only thinking in terms of commissions for little pocket money you'd realize that in some places that won't even be enough to pay rent, let alone other living expenses.

No. 575418

Why are you defending idiots who buy that stuff in the first place though lmao

If you could get 500 for shitty art, wouldn’t you do it too? Less work more money. Yeah their art isn’t great but why are you so focused on the money aspect of it, why not their technical skills? It just makes you come off as jealous js

No. 575423

I personally find her oc content to be cringy and edgy but everyone eats it up.

No. 575424

Uh, I think there's a misunderstanding here lol. What I'm trying to say is that the sperg from yesterday was ridiculous because she was throwing a fit over an artist charging barely anything for their art, but meanwhile this person is obviously overcharging their art. They can charge whatever they want and art is usually very undervalued so I don't even mind higher prices, but 200 bucks is just too objectively too expensive for the effort and quality that you'd be paying for in this instance. 60 dollars max for one drawing of this quality would've been more fair imo. If someone is dumb enough to pay 200 dollars for this then GG to the artist though

No. 575425

60$ is nothing in the professional art world, it's more stupid to say that people who properly value art are stupid.

No. 575428

sounds like a dream. I wonder what makes people so attracted to their art that they'd be willing to pay that much.

No. 575430

How do you objectively overprice art? Like I said before the value of work is the value you assign to it. This is fucking tiring when people rage over prices, shouldn't you guys be happy that people are actually willing to pay 200$ for this kind of stuff as it means that there are still clients out there who actually value art. Also 200$ for art is not that much at all if you think what it actually takes to make art. A lot of people who do commissions put a lot more work into them than what you see on surface, anything from setting up the composition and perspective, lighting and mood of the image and possible design aspects. It's not factory work where you repeat the same pattern, even the most unoriginal instagram portraits take at least some planning as you know you don't want every work to have exact copy cat pose. When you account that all to few hours it takes to actually draw the work 200$ is more than fair.

No. 575432

$60 for a drawing of a character that most likely takes around 2 hours to make really isn't "nothing". That's 30 dollars an hour.
Also just realized that the drawing we are talking about is 500 dollars for a 2 character piece. For some reason I thought it was 200 bucks for 2 individual drawings, my bad.
If you guys are ok with paying 500 dollars for a 2 character drawing then good for you I guess. It just sounds ridiculous to me and I'd never pay that much for a commission of this quality

No. 575433

I know this is the salt thread but you guys sure get mad when an artist is able to make a livable wage from art huh. If anything they'd be stupid not to find out the highest they can consistently charge.

No. 575435

her videos are so damn lazy. She doesn't research properly, and she doesn't even do nice drawings with the medium. Yes she can blame that the supply was bad but even in the videos when she uses supplies bought from a store she makes shitty art.

I used to like Rae but that art youuber clique with her and her friends really screams : i got popular and started making no effort now.

No. 575441

It makes me suspicious this thread is actually half filled with coomer commissioners that are mad nobody will draw their waifu for free, and that the other half is beginner artists that are so submerged in Dunning Kruger that they become jealous whenever they see another artist get praise or paid for art.

It's great when people are paying any level of artist, why doesn't it make this thread happy knowing that there is the opportunity to get out there and actually be paid? It's a good thing!

No. 575444

lot of minorfags are coming on the thread now since the lock down, and it's also summer vacation for the kiddies. there has been so much vendetta posting and retarded sperging lately, i wish they'd just fuck off already.

No. 575450

You cannot compare making art to a freaking mc donalds employee. Art is a gig based job it takes more than "do A and then B and then repeat" to make art, even shitty art. Do you whine about wedding photographers making several thousand in one gig despite it being just "clicking a button"? The answer is no because people who're willing to pay for art understand that they're paying for years of expertise and not just the labor itself. If anyone could do art just like that, no one would pay for artists, yet artists are essential in every field for design and marketing and that's what you're paying for. when you pay couple hundred for 2h work, you pay for their vision and not just the time work. This all applies even for less impressive artists, even mediocre art takes some effort to create and it's good that art is being valued.

No. 575457

File: 1593186690245.jpg (46 KB, 640x718, 9xjhj4db6a551.jpg)

You're totally right and I agree with what you're saying when it comes to things like concept art or more elaborate pieces. In those cases ridiculously high price tags are justified. Everyone's free to pay however much they want for art commissions, I'm just saying that I would never pay 500 dollars for generic, unpolished anime art.
Delusional artists are a thing and it's not a crime to make fun of or disagree with them and their prices lol

No. 575466

I'm not sure if there are other Goths in this thread i.e. some other artists here who like Goth music and drawing but if there, does anyone else just cringe whenever Twisted Disaster calls herself a Goth when she clearly isn't? It's pretty clear that she thinks that dressing in black and being into witch craft is what makes her a Goth when Goth is not about that and I just cringe whenever she brings that up in her video.

Anyway just a little nitpick. I also really can't stand when bisexual people like her act like because they date someone of the opposite sex and some gays will outright say that this coupling is not oppressed, it is a form of oppression or ahem, "Bisexual erasure". It's like no it isn't, they're just being honest that the relationship dynamic of a man and woman is seen as "normal" and you won't face some potential backlash unlike two men and two women dating.

No. 575467

We understand anon but so long as there is someone out there who will buy it, it really doesn't matter a whole lot except for maybe a good laugh among other artists. Non-Artists don't really think about that, they just think about getting something that they can't do themselves.

No. 575468

Neither would I but I'm still happy that someone is willing to. It's the same with some shitty modern art, I would never pay for it and most of it for my eyes look horrible and unappealing but yet some see immense value in them. Delusional artists are just kinda their own group, often being total beginners without any fundamentals or trying to sell shitty photo copies for hundred.

No. 575483

yeah they seem to not get that yes, while they are bi, if they in fact date the opposite sex, other people wont discriminate them how they would a same sex couple.

All I know about twisted disaster is that I hate her art. I dont like BNHA, but lmfao that drawing she did of Deku was hideous. How she has sold art at cons is beyond me.

Has anyone in this thread gone to a con? How do you go about selling your art? I am interested in going in the future after the pandemic is over but Besides getting a table I am blind

No. 575512

I wonder how many anons here have artwork that is stylized like this

No. 575514

ot and late but I love this style, I think there's too much anger towards artists who draw "ugly" subject matter. As long as you're competent, I think it looks cool.

No. 575516

What do you mean?

No. 575518

Just a general question

No. 575520

I don't but it's a pretty common style. When I was in art school I knew loads of people with this kind of style, just with minor differences

No. 575527

Same, I see it all over Twitter/tumblr/insta. To me, it’s ugly af and unfortunately the artists never progress past mentioned style or >>572786

No. 575530

It doesn't help that people with this kind of style almost always exclusively draw 3/4th angle faces and that's it

No. 575543

File: 1593198658746.png (70.42 KB, 608x350, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 3.08…)

this artist got popular for drawing the "plague doctor/nurse girlfriends" which, admittedly, i really enjoyed! however, every single post they make is like this.

if you want your character to be seen as a female, why mention that they're trans at all?

No. 575548

Honestly what would you even do in this situation? You tried to make a piece to celebrate the varying female bodies and then some cunt marches in saying "WHAT ABOUT GIRLDICKS, HMMMM?". If you don't answer they'll call you out for being a ~bigot~ and ruin your reputation and business. What a nightmarish and kafkaesque scenario.

Regarding the pricing debate, this thread is so fucking obviously filled with salty teenage amateur artists who can't stand someone they're jealous of making money selling "overpriced" art. I don't see anything wrong with selling character designs at $500, people fucking sell customized dolls and shit for the same amount and up and nobody minds. Art and design are ridiculously underpriced to begin with, I'd feel bad paying someone only $30 for a full colour portrait if they put like 15 hours into making it. If you can finish a drawing like that in 2 hours so you can justify a $30 price tag then good for you, it either looks like unappealing diarrhea you're completely underpricing your work. Technical skills don't equal consumer appreciation and people here need to learn that if they ever want to become a commercial artist.

No. 575568

I sell at cons regularly (had to take a year off this year unfortunately). You have to decide what products you're going to sell (prints, charms, buttons, etc.), the size of the con to determine the amount of product to get, the equipment needed to display items and package them, what you're exactly going to be selling (fanart, original art, etc.) You'll have to be more specific on what you want advice on exactly.

No. 575592

File: 1593211807774.png (25.86 KB, 598x356, 1.png)

checked their twitter. yikes

No. 575597

Why are ALL pro LGBT artists like this??? Why can't I just enjoy lgbt characters in peace???? they're no different from straight characters and it's so annoying to have lgbt characters treated so differently. Straight characters are bland and boring and gay relationships are either straight ones in disguise or just as bland and boring.
Are there ANY decent pro lgbt creators??

No. 575598

I've never sold art at a con so I can't help there but I'm sure someone may give some pointers. As for Twisted Disaster's style, yeah her art was brought up in the last thread and the common opinion is that her style is not appealing to look at and she overdoes it with the coloring which doesn't really compliment the wonky art style she has right now. If she studied anatomy more, she could improve but she's "too busy" to study don't you know? Backed up with commissions and all that.

No. 575601

>Are there ANY decent pro lgbt creators??
There are but their work doesn't revolve around identity politics and outwoking each other so they're harder to spot and don't get much exposure.

No. 575641

does anyone else eyeroll or get salty when any art youtuber asks for input about what content to make, or how to improve at x medium, and gets a lot of feedback but never applies it? I was watching an old waffles video and she asked for watercolor tips. There are many good ones in her comments but the video is old and the last time she used watercolor, she still made a lot of the same old mistakes and her technique is still bad. Another example is rae, when she asked what videos people would like, only to then make the same ones they didn't like

No. 575658

i guess they just do it for good pr. or they dont read any comments after day 1 of uploading

No. 575659

I don’t really care for artubers because most suck but the reason why they want a response for “how to improve on X” is because all they want is engagement for their videos. The more engagements in likes/dislikes/comments the more likely it’ll show up in people’s feed and the more money they’ll get for the video because of said views/engagement.

No. 575690

For someone trying not to reply to people because of her BPD; Tobi sure is bitching at people on twitter on a daily basis kek.

No. 575710

>it really doesn't matter a whole lot except for maybe a good laugh among other artists

Is that not exactly what we’re here to do?

No. 575712

File: 1593232437771.jpg (242.71 KB, 833x1141, 20200627_063036.jpg)

sage for no milk, but hell, Happy finally really improved her facial anatomy!

No. 575714

you could literally post tweets of hers every single day with some new stupid argument she's gotten herself into on twitter

No. 575729

I think the issue is the OP posted art that wasn't laughably bad and continually tried to justify that they didn't deserve the low amount of $20(???) it came off as a nitpick/vendetta

No. 575730

>"I also need to take my own advice and control my BPD when I'm online and not respond to everything."
>Responds to people on Twitter on a daily basis.

How's that working out for you?

No. 575731

File: 1593238299215.png (191.19 KB, 1000x707, EbdT9Y9UcAAdxXp.png)

Enormous skull + thick stumpy neck. Never change, meyoco.

No. 575733

Wait, I’m confused anon, are you annoyed that TD is acting “oppressed” because that whole stereotype of “then why aren’t you with the opposite sex”-thing?

It’s kinda basic snowflake behavior out of TD. I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t even bisexual and thought that “well I recognize that girl is cute, therefore I must be bisexual and be apart of a minority”- but that’s neither here nor there for that kind of discussion

No. 575741

File: 1593239923307.jpg (543.07 KB, 1026x509, tobi.jpg)

To be fair, I'm fine with Pewdiepie and Jenna but, Gabbie is being currently dragged because she bitched at Youtube that she was shadow banned when it more than likely was people not being interested in her shitty music. And Shane is being held accountable for pushing the narrative that James Charles was a predator and then saying afterwards he needed to be humbled.

>You hold other creators accountable and that puts you on some moral high ground?? But it's different when it's you?

Pot calling the kettle much? You held people like Onision and Shannon accountable but, that somehow exempt Shane, Gabbie, and even you from it? Dumbfuck.

No. 575745

She's lumping in Shane with people like Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie had his controversy a long time ago, has never done anything like it again, and did a respectful apology. Shane responded by saying that James Charles deserved it and then bounced off Twitter (or at least pretended to). Shane will continue to support, be friends with, and defend Jeffery Star.
Their controversies aren't even comparable. She's just lumping them together to make Shane seem more reasonable and make her dissenters appear more unreasonable.

No. 575746

Thank you, Jesus fucking christ. Pewdiepie and Jenna actually took responsibility for their past mistakes and got better. Shane and Gabbie have consistently gotten worse over the years and Shane especially started going downhill when he started associating with Jeffree. You can't lump all of them together just because you like all of them.

No. 575747

i hate how she's so dumb as to believe every youtuber when they give an "apology". she's the kind of person to believe a half-assed apology from a youtuber who is deflecting all criticism, just because "they apologized"

No. 575748

Gotta love that self pitying "And I'm one of them" at the end. Yes you are. Atleast you're somewhat self aware.

No. 575771

Tsu is genuinely probably one of my favourite artists, but I still couldn't fucking imagine paying that much for her art. Her anatomy can be wonky, her shading/colouring is muddy, and her lineart never feels finished. I remember I was excited when she said she was opening her commissions, but her cheapest slot was near 100 for iirc what was pretty much a sketchy bust/halfbody. Makes me wonder how many coms she got considering even someone as far up her asshole as me wouldn't touch prices like that

No. 575774


This might surprise you but no one gives a shit whether or not you, personally, would pay for an expensive commission. The world doesn't revolve around you, buddy.

No. 575786

Why are people so butthurt about this commission thing? We are on lolcow, nobody gives a shit about what any of us are saying because we are all anonymous autists. If you get upset about people sharing their opinions in an artist salt thread then maybe spend your time somewhere else

No. 575788

File: 1593257515097.jpeg (38.32 KB, 501x612, images (5).jpeg)

>gay relationships are either straight ones in disguise or just as bland and boring.
These ocs are the 1st thing that come to mind

No. 575789

This ISN'T a straight couple???

No. 575790

can you guys stop vendetta posting, no one knows these ocs, nor does anyone care about them. this was definitely drawn by a 14 year old who doesn't understand character writing yet, it's just really bland.

No. 575793

Yeah, its not
>no one knows these ocs
Except that the person who made these ocs has over a 800k subs on youtube and is one of the first gay couple ocs that pop up when you google it

No. 575806

I'll be real anon, I think trans is a bunch of BS but I have to ask, if someone really doesn't include "Girl dick" in their line of characters and they may even be vocal that they don't think transwomen are women, can their art business really take that much of a hit? I would like to think that if the person is still decent despite not believing in trans and they have a genuine good or unique art style, they can still prevail and make it.

But I'm not active on Twitter and I know this is where that bullshit tends to happen so I can't say that I know just how it is for an artist who doesn't believe in the ideology and what can happen to their art business if it's found out.

No. 575808

File: 1593262853656.png (2.4 MB, 3855x1360, gay couple oc.png)

No. 575811

Oh wow, that actually looks really nice!

Yeah anon, it's exactly that. As a lesbian, I just get really annoyed when some bisexual people who are dating the opposite sex act like they face oppression because to the outside world, they are viewed as a heterosexual couple and they're like all "But it's Bisexual erasure when Gays/Lesbians don't acknowledge the struggles of bisexual people" and I'm just like bitch, you're not gonna face any discrimination being a heterosexual couple, chill out.

And yeah, I'm not even sure if TD is actually bisexual and not doing exactly what you said where she thinks that if she thinks a girl is attractive, that makes her bisexual. I think she did share in an old video that she dated another girl before but she was like a freshman in high school when she did but that was high school, people are still developing at that time n their life.

No. 575813

Iirc the person drawing this is a "gay male" aka a fujo escaping the stigma of it by claiming to be a he. It's always obvious if gay couples are drawn by women or men. Looking at her work I'm almost one hundred percent certain this is one of those girls who claims them wearing dresses while identifying as male is breaking gender norms and projects that onto her oc. Don't buy them being a gay dude for a second

Sage for sperg, but the amount of people like this really annoys me

No. 575835

Honestly, if no one gave a shit, then why do people engage in delusional artist forums? It’s funny as hell that some people expect so much for a piece of shit work, even funnier when some dumbass pays for it.
Damn, now I’m wondering how many artfags here overprice kek

No. 575837

A little off topic, but isn’t the characters from that one Gay soccer anime?

No. 575838

Thanks for clarifying anon, And yeah, I get pretty annoyed with that that stuff too, and I see an overwhelming amount of people like that in gay pride parades/for many other artists but there really isn’t much to do about it unfortunately

No. 575846

Oh anon! I used to follow the animation memes this person put up on YouTube a little and I recall that the first times the character in the dress showed up in her works used to look like a guy, although still feminine. Then she started drawing him in dresses and basically now it's a girl which wouldn't be bad if she didn't insist this wasn't a self insert gay uwu couple for some reason.

No. 575890

File: 1593282091671.png (736.76 KB, 703x841, s.png)

soeymilk cracked and added a dick person kek. i hate 2020

No. 575895

I must be very stupid but where's the tranny? The clam one?

No. 575896

Where is the trans-person? It looks the same as before.

Anyway, not to start a gender discussion in an art thread but, I hate this whole 'womxn' shit. If mtf trans people transition, then whats the issue with just saying women? And if "Non-binary" people don't have a gender then there is no need to call them women. Women/Woman isn't some ghastly, horrific word.

The clam is just a cute way to draw a bush I think.

No. 575898

I think she added a little penis shape to the one on the left of the amputee. It looks like it wasn't there in the original picture

No. 575899

the 3rd from the left. got a lil wiener poking out from the thigh. the funny thing is people were still attacking soey in the comments and she was just like look at the picture. either way she is stupid for submitting to useless demands.

No. 575904

Ah, I see it now. Gross.

Damn, they made her add a fucking dick to a picture of women lmao, could've just said one of the people is a tranny that got srs or something. But that might've risked her getting cancelled or something.

No. 575932

I don’t understand why people are saying “add a dick, because TRANSwomen”. Isn’t the whole part of transGender is having disphoria? You know, the Aspect of The disorder that makes said person bothered by parts on them that are of the opposite gender than they see themselves as??

Why would someone being trans want to see a penis on the “trans representation” when they’re actively disgusted by it?

No. 575954

it's so weird when people lump nb people together with women, it's almost like they don't even consider it to be a separate thing. some nb people also love to call themselves lesbians, they really need to stop with this shit.

people who want shit like that added to everything are really disgusting, and honestly just trying to pass up their weird fetish as representation. i'm not even a transphobe like lot of people on this website, but even I find it disgusting that these people are trying to shove dicks on women every chance they get.

No. 575965

File: 1593291907689.jpeg (158.39 KB, 750x552, C23B31B8-6F95-4DB7-9A45-C6BC9D…)

It’s crazy the amount of Destiny art that this person saved.. even if it’s from people who saved her work and send it to this Twitter…

It’s also weird how this page reads like a eulogy, it’s creepy af how much they’re trying to prove Destiny as a saint

No. 575966

File: 1593292020643.jpeg (180.79 KB, 750x326, 839BF1EB-0353-4F13-BCD5-E27E79…)

No. 575995

this is a real self own

No. 575998

Oh Yeah this is DareGare or something like that. Her animations are cute but, the characters are the typical yaoi tropes so it's pretty disappointing.

No. 576061

Agreed. It's really appealing and can see it working well in any media.

The people who attempt the 'ugly' style and lack a grip on certain concepts tend to have the most hideous shit. This is a far cry from any of that.

>It makes me suspicious this thread is actually half filled with coomer commissioners that are mad nobody will draw their waifu for free, and that the other half is beginner artists that are so submerged in Dunning Kruger that they become jealous whenever they see another artist get praise or paid for art.
Don't forget the potential overlap to where they feel obliged to these artist's time and want a cut of their userbase. The combination of DK Syndrome with Crabs in a Bucket leads to this.

I'm noticing that anyone in that situation is really better off saying nothing. Being assumed that you're a quiet transphobe fades away faster than responding positively or negatively. Especially since, if you reply with pandering, they'll expect more out of you. If people assume you're a bigot because you didn't respond to their question, they're setting themselves up to be flagged for harassment if they're persistent.

Why don't they bother trans artists for this stuff?

I don't get this either. NBs are always policing women's language but wanting to be included in things that are specifically by and for women. I don't think people on this site are transphobic, they just think as you do but more vocal about it. No one beats around the bushes here with girldick bullshit here.

No. 576107

thats becase destiny control that and the orquidia art twitter

No. 576135

File: 1593312530094.jpeg (392.94 KB, 750x858, F9AE69E4-57F6-46DD-A710-3A0DB8…)

Yeah, I think you’re right, or it’s one of her friends, either way, they ain’t slick- like, this is shamefully obvious

No. 576251

> the other half is beginner artists that are so submerged in Dunning Kruger that they become jealous whenever they see another artist get praise or paid for art.
This thread seems to be dominated by these types even more than usual now. The constant whining about someone having expensive supplies or "overcharging" (i.e. asking the price consumers are willing to pay) is so obviously deep rooted in jealousy and bitterness over someone else's success. People keep bringing up how someone like Sakimichan doesn't "deserve" the ridiculous amount of money she receives each month just because of their favourite "her anatomy sucks" cope. I'm sorry to tell you all this but you're not entitled to fame and money no matter how much technical skill you have because art is not a meritocracy.

>Why don't they bother trans artists for this stuff?
They don't have to, they're already drawing tons of girldicks to slap on everyone's faces. The point is to colonize female creations and keep those dumb cis staceys at check so they know their places.
>they're setting themselves up to be flagged for harassment if they're persistent.
Only if it were so easy. If you don't reply they just keep pulling out bigger guns to bully a reaction out of you. If you keep calm and never address the drama, they'll start harassing everyone who likes and shares your art with "Hey you know this artist is a transphobe right??? would be sad if we had to cancel you too you know…..". The tranny cultists are fucking insane and go above and beyond to punish an artist who doesn't pander to their mentally ill asses. Especially because the artist circles are so woke and an artist's income depends much on their social reputation it's particularly depressing.

No. 576292

God I can’t wait to be a popular artist and make a women sticker. I’d like to see them bitches try. The art community is full of them too. Self righteous ppl who don’t mind their business tf.

No. 576304

> This thread seems to be dominated by these types even more than usual now. The constant whining about someone having expensive supplies or "overcharging"

I can’t believe you posted that whole paragraph without thinking that this is an ART FORUM dedicated to ripping on YouTube artists and anything inbetween. Jc, get off your high horse and Go back to the initial posts and you’ll find the same shit there as in here,

No. 576348

>art is not a meritocracy
anything that you make a business out of, becomes a meritocracy. i'll take my thirty dollar loish prints over >>575397 anyday, thanks

No. 576349

File: 1593362961232.png (16.21 KB, 590x112, tobitwitter.PNG)

it doesn't even matter what she's talking about. the manner in which she talks about it is so childish and obnoxious

No. 576351

You're comparing apples to oranges though. This person is selling 2 characters which I would assume give you the licence to use them however you please (or close to at least), where as prints are just that, a copy of an existing work that people can purchase over and over. They're not unique and doesn't grant you any special privileges.

No. 576354

Nayrt but complaining about literal nobodies pricing their work "too high" or how someone doesn't "deserve" their success isn't milk, it's just pathetic
Like you said we're here to rip on stupid stuff artists do. We're not here to whine about how much literal nobodies are charging, or how our own OC donut steel art should be so much more successful than Sakimichan's and how it's not fair boohoo

No. 576371

it's a matter of opinion at that point. i'd have something custom made for 500$, yes, but i'd personally prefer buying something i can probably hang up without wanting to rip it off my wall everyday.
continuing on that analogy, i'm actually curious about loish's commission charges (if she's ever free lol). i do remember seeing artgerm's prices and i can definitely buy an original artwork from him for around 500. it is what it is.

fair enough. it IS artist salt thread after all

No. 576385

Makes sense that she would defend that Strawberrymilk person since she talks just like her in the cringey ass baby talk. You're in your 20's bitch, act like it.

No. 576389

File: 1593369986715.jpg (300.77 KB, 743x586, twitterss.jpg)

What exactly is she trying to argue here???? That as you get older your stupidity still shouldn't be held accountable?

No. 576403

Do you guys have any advice on studying anatomy off photo references?
I have a good grasp on it and have done my fair share of studying (mostly specific parts rather than the entire body though). I've been trying to draw what I see from Pinterest photos but it ends up looking a mess, proportions not right etc etc.
I feel like there's something I'm not doing right but can't quite figure it out, so any advice?

No. 576416

If the proportions aren't right, you should study that first over anatomy. Instead of getting bogged down in the details, you should practice getting a simple mannequin in the same pose/proportion/perspective as the photo first, then add the fat and muscles ontop. Its recommended to exaggerate the gesture a bit so that the end result doesn't look stiff - but maybe for now just focus on accuracy.

No. 576435

Personally I use websites like line of action to help out with movement/anatomy in my poses. I started using it 2 years ago, and have seen significant progress. The website is a literally gift from the gods because it allows different practices (Figure/hands/faces) that isn’t just human

No. 576481

Jojo doesn't live in the same world as we do. She's been in business since she was a child. She's had a few controversies already. She has loads of adults around her that help her make decisions.
Jojo deserves criticism, not just because she's probably mentally older than a typical 18 year old, but because she's also surrounded by waaayyyyy older adults helping make her decisions. Criticizing her is in a way criticizing them.

No. 576533

File: 1593397824464.jpg (642.83 KB, 915x1075, 313a46.jpg)

No. 576543

God, I never liked this kind of character shipping. It’s the type were the ocs were made on the intent to represent a relationship, which isn’t bad in of itself, but most, including this one, is just so heavily rooted on being some weird fetish.
Like, stop spreading that shit around like HIV, claiming that it’s made for representation, when really it’s There to fulfill the person’s own fetish

No. 576556

sjws like this are just too woke to realise they like traps lol

No. 576629


Lol. The literal point of this forum is to be salty and bitch about stupid shit artist do. don't act like you're some sort of intellectual on this site talking about real, just problems in the art community. you're here to bitch and whine and complain just like the rest of us.

I'm suspicious that a lot of anons are artistsfags themselves and are getting insecure and annoyed when people talk about money.

The original art sperg anon posted was a dumb example but they have a point. There are ways to determine the average price of art, and those criteria are pretty fullproof although there are exceptions.

Saying art has whatever value you assign to it is fucking stupid, because I could sell a Gucci plain white shirt for 600 dollars and that would be a rip off as well, even though there are people who pay that price.

It's actually possible to make fun of delusional artists and the people stupid enough to pay their ridiculous prices at the same time.
It's also funny to see people whine about the value of art. Art is a product just like anything else, it doesnt have inherently more value than any other product.

No. 576641

The concept of artists ripping off people because they charge $100 for a commission or whatever makes no sense because the customers determine the value of someone's art, not the artist. Like gucci can sell their shit for $600, because $600 is a reasonable price for millionaires who want to buy gucci. Gucci is not for poor people. Art is a luxury item in the same way, it is a non-essential product, so it has no monetary value until it is given one by someone who's willing to pay for it

No. 576661

File: 1593434184170.jpg (89.93 KB, 1200x901, DXtbhb7XkAEelYZ.jpg)

Japanese highschool setting huh? very feminine gay boys are part of anime/manga history so it's not like it's someting new, but is it unwoke? only twitter can decide. the author is just a weeb fujo

No. 576740

There's a fucking spectrum of topics to discuss besides "intellectual high art" and seething over someone's $100 character commissions. I'm not in high school anymore, being jealous over someone making money fair and square isn't interesting. The thread keeps being derailed back into the "how dare this bitch earn her living doing drawings I don't like" territory and it attracts an equally boring and cringy userbase.

>Saying art has whatever value you assign to it is fucking stupid, because I could sell a Gucci plain white shirt for 600 dollars and that would be a rip off as well, even though there are people who pay that price.

No, a ripoff would be someone charging you $10 for the same brand of coffee you could get for $5 across the street. If a Gucci plain white shirt became a huge viral meme and every rich brat wanted one for the brand, the price tag would be justified. All in all most designs are just plain clothes and the price comes from the privilege of getting to wear a luxurious logo. Art isn't absolute and the price is set by demand and prestige, nothing else. Like it or not.

Anyone can learn perfect anatomy if they study and practice hard enough but even if your stuff was fit for the biology books you can't slap a price tag of $500 per commission on it if you're a no name artist with no following. Or, you can do that, but nobody will be paying for it. I've seen subpar artists have their commission slots filled in seconds and them dragging their feet working on what they were paid for and constantly being hateful towards their customers. Yet these artists keep getting business simply because they have a brand and a style everyone wants a piece of. I'm sure someone thinks your favourite artists are overrated garbage who don't deserve the recognition they're getting on a constant basis as well.

And as for your "y-you're just insecure!!" strawman, I do art as a side business and earn good money from my day job because I couldn't give less shits about constantly networking and building my brand like one has to do in order to actually make a coin with art. At least I realized this early on and got an actual fucking degree instead so I can afford a roof over my head.

No. 576756

File: 1593449707420.jpeg (332.94 KB, 844x1200, 479684CA-9924-4894-B8B5-F8F2B8…)

Who is this artist trying to fool by calling themselves a guy, compare that to pic related by a male mangaka. Guys don’t care about flowery high school romance feefees, they think about sex just like the cumbrained straight guys.

No. 576766

i agree there are some stylistic differences you can pick up on between men and women's art styles, but c'mon now. interact with a real life member of the opposite sex if you really think none of them create subject matter or art around the topic of emotional connection. men have feelings and if anything express them through their work/art more than anything else.

i'm lost. i know what you mean but i'm missing out on the weird fetish going on here you're referring to? the fact the artist is into fujoshit/shipping?

No. 576790

>I'm Skaroy! i'm a guy that likes drawing guys liking guys :) he/him!!

so a heterosexual girl that likes yaoi ok

No. 576791

>the most bland uke/seme shit except the artist is in denial
do people really? also i hope skaroy is just an internet name and not something she uses in real life hooooly shit

No. 576793

maybe is the guy in feminine clothing?, a lot of fujoshis love the idea of "ukes" in femine aesthetics/ bee like a women but they are cis males

No. 576889

>there are some stylistic differences you can pick up on between men and women's art styles

Now this is a topic I'm always interested in. Especially when it comes to erotic art. Sometimes the lines do blur though.

No. 576900

>interact with a real life member of the opposite sex if you really think none of them create subject matter or art around the topic of emotional connection. men have feelings and if anything express them through their work/art more than anything else.
I know they do but I think you over exaggerated what I was saying in my post.

No. 576906

are there actually any cis males who draw this kinda softboi fujoshi art? the only artists i've ever seen who draw this shit were women or, at most, obvious ftm transtrenders

No. 576923


I've seen a lot in DJ circles with the softboy, trap aesthetic. When the artists don't focus on H, there's a bucket load of crossdressing with a focus on the relationship. It's a bit odd to see

No. 576924

Fat agree. It’s a really interesting topic because it makes me wonder how some of my viewers think I’m a guy based on my art.
I wonder if there is some baseline sexism because when I tell my own viewers my actual gender, I get quite a few Comments changing from “wow you’re art is good” to “you’re art is good, I would have never suspected you being a female”.
It’s all innocent, but it rubs me the wrong way.

No. 577078

Like what artists though?

Since I only followed one of his blogs I thought Ryo Suzuri was a woman, until I found out his real name and that he worked for Capcom. Also, after seeing him draw stuff like a guy fucking a monster’s throat wound/vagina I thought yeah this has to be a guy

And then a lot of people are surprised when they find out that women draw hardcore stuff as well

No. 577109

Fuck the retards saying there needs to be a cock in the picture, and fuck her for giving in. If these commenters like dick so much, they should draw it themselves.

Because they're posers who want to keep their dick while also earning woke points for being twans wimmin.

This made me laugh. What manga is this, anyway?

I met one cis fudanshi in college that drew a lot of Kiribaku stuff. That said, though, he probably did look at/draw porn, but had the social tact not to talk about it. Male yaoi writers/fans tend to be more drawn to bara or comedies.

No. 577111

To be completely fair, gender reassignment surgery is the worst possible thing you can do if you're a trans woman. 99.9% of the time it goes wrong and most trans women regret it.

No. 577116

Right, but that doesn't mean they need to worship and show off their cocks. At least tuck, ffs.

No. 577141

that's true
cartoon men drawn/written by women> men

No. 577203

Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven

No. 577298

Yes, they're all shotacon

No. 577304

Sorry to derail a little, but is Ryo Suzuri really a man? On one of his early accounts he is listed as a woman. And it wouldn't be odd for a woman to draw hardcore gory stuff.
Though if he is a man, he's probably not a straight one.

No. 577319

Oh god i remember watching this…i was tricked this was a straight couple. The trap even looks like he has cleavage god i hate this

No. 577519

Never heard of him/her but looking at the art just now I'd definitely guess it's a woman. Looks like dark and edgy fujo stuff.

No. 577553

Do any of you have the XP pen 12? I really want to get a screen tablet because I’ve found I draw way better on my phone than my regular wacom tablet, and I think the screen helps that. Was also looking at the Wacom One, but’s more expensive

No. 577564

I post on a weekly schedule but I've when I missed my post day someone messaged me and asked how I was I just replied I was fine and working on my post and they were like :) Kay so now it's a month later I missed my post last week and the same person messaged me like they are acting like we are friends but also like their my boss or something and idk what to do. I don't wanna be rude but I am def annoyed. Any other anons deal with this?

No. 577566

What? You completely lost me there anon.

No. 577567

Just tell them that your irl life gets busy or whatever so your schedule might get messed up sometimes. I don't think it's fair of you to feel annoyed, this person simply seems to care about how you're doing

No. 577577

>it makes me wonder how some of my viewers think I’m a guy based on my art.
I used to have a small following for NSFW art on tumblr and 4chan, I mostly drew solo pin-ups of popular anime girls or whatever "draw your character wearing this" trends. I never shared photos or personal details other than my age and gender, but many users decided I was a guy who was just pretending to be a girl to get more attention/commissions. They wouldn't believe that the only reason I wouldn't share photos was because I wanted to keep my privacy, they said if I wanted to be successful for my art then I would get more attention anyway for sharing selfies like other successful girls who do it, and so to them the only reason that I wasn't sharing photos was that I must be a man. After that sometimes people would point to certain bits of my style as proof that I was a man like if I drew clothing that only men like etc. My following didn't change but it really frustrated me to see the dumb things that they decided were proof

I don't think you can ever know for sure whether than artist is male or female but imo with western hetero art there is usually a sense of personal wish fulfillment in art drawn by men of what they would like to see whereas women are usually just trying to create an image of a beautiful character that others will like or they can imagine themselves as.

No. 577585

That's…terrible anon what the actual fuck? The nerve of some fucking men.

No. 577590

I wouldn't say that women usually draw images without the intent of wish fulfillment. I know plenty of female artists that are flat chested, that wish that had big breasts, that draw every character with big breasts. I have large breasts, and I prefer to draw characters with small breasts or flat chested. (just one example of a wish fulfillment trait out of many)

No. 577612

As someone who is Western and making ero art, there's a weird thing where they expect female artists to be way more transparent or meet certain tropes. They get excited over the idea of you being female, but also blame you for "having it easy" (which isn't true).
It doesn't help that I'm female and like draw more het and yuri. But the way I draw my het should be a giveaway.

No. 577623

I do! I use it on the regularly but if you can afford the updated 13 model, which is around 100 bucks more it's much better. The artist 12 has that low price because it's an outdated model, and the cable often gives me trouble

No. 577624

honestly anon that's probably for the best. Being a female nsfw artist gets you tons of creeps

No. 577658

>and so to them the only reason that I wasn't sharing photos was that I must be a man.
This happened to me and a lot of other people I know. Call me a tranny or a man, If I don't want to show my face that's that. What the hell? Some people get so pushy over it too, some feel like they're entitled to see your face after you've seen theirs. In general, people are so obsessed with getting pictures of you if you're a girl that I often just pretend to be a guy most of the time.

>certain bits of my style as proof that I was a man like if I drew clothing that only men like etc.

This is the worst one. I draw anime girls being sexy because I'm sexually attracted to the female form. That and I also dabble in hetshit and yuri lol. I don't get how that makes me seem "male" to people.

No. 577668

I mean if your main audience is 4chan coomers, of course they're going to be invasive, entitled creeps. That unfortunately comes with the territory when you mainly make nsfw anime art.

No. 577823

Are there any good Youtubers who make speedpaints while they talk about something? I enjoyed some of Tobi's stuff until I discovered she's rather obnoxious, but I'm having trouble finding others.
Doesn't need to be about drama, I just find the speedpaint and voice combo really nice to draw to myself.

No. 577852

There are tons of them, but none have really stuck with me. The genre seems to be filled with small channels with annoying voices (which defeats the purpose for me). Also, they often have crappy personalities. It's also hard to find them, because a lot of the channels do, like, one video where they talk and draw, and that's it.
Creators I could find that consistently talk and draw:
Hopeless Peaches, TwistedDisaster, Yukibunns, Spo0ksi, ChaoticToons, Mute Chan, MadLibbs, HilariouslyScary, McKay & Gray, Oliver's Antics, LemiaCrescent, LeslieLu Marie, akai storm, Piper Sweeney, Katzun, LittleSatyr
Creators that talk and draw inconsistently/or did one video: Shasti_x, ArtCrumbs, dweeblet, rebelInksArt, Nezziemonster, TheZodiacLord, Mako Makes, SnickerDoodlez Angel, vaporcore, AruvaChan, pixele, Plushie Deer Productions, Apselene, Emily Loves Cookies, Opellie, Cabbage
It goes on forever. It’s kind of a shit show

No. 577855

well i guess when you put it like that, the answer is no

No. 577901

Just wait until they about how 80% of hentai artists in Japan are female.

No. 577904

Going to end up sounding like a jealous small time artist but yueko's attitude is so high and mighty.

No. 577912

could you talk about a specific instance or show caps? never heard of this artist.

No. 577959

There's a channel called Adam Duff LUCIDPIXUL and he talks over speedpaintings (usually about art-related things and in a calm voice that makes me very sleepy lol). You could also check out Challa, vonnart or maybe BoroCG. These are the only ones that come to mind though, it seems like a kinda niche thing. I think that if artists talk, it's generally during livestreams or in podcasts

No. 578009

I tried watching one of his videos titled why artists think they’re bad or something like that—and he put me to sleep because of his voice

No. 578036

Honestly when did it become the norm to share photos of yourself online. Especially when you're drawing nsfw I don't know why you would. Men online will always try to push your boundaries best to never give them an inch

No. 578039


It definitely didn't used to be this way. It used to be about protecting your identity, your info, etc. Internet safety was like a huge thing in the 90s. That rather quickly changed with sites like MySpace and Facebook. Along with cameras on phones. We all sort of dove right in. I remember not being all the way on board with it but then my friends started tagging me in pictures without asking. Now most everyone is a part of a huge database whether they want to be or not. Society is very voyeuristic like that. We give our information away way too easily, and I hate it.

No. 578077

You're right. So many people reveal themselves online and I'm kinda surprised. You draw piss and diaper shit, show off your ugly face and name and except to get hired (in whatever industry) - shit, I'd be horrified if my employer found my cringy husbando fanart.

No. 578164

File: 1593641851752.png (17.83 KB, 942x796, 6AD05A68-A8D4-482D-812B-DA1D6E…)

A 14 year old drew this

How does that make you feel

No. 578166

File: 1593642095844.png (214.65 KB, 1000x798, Eb2ythBVcAAYJaq.png)

No. 578167

File: 1593642265484.jpeg (877.29 KB, 1638x2048, D0724897-78A0-483F-811D-EBE1D4…)

Anyone remember Oceanchan? I used to love her art when I was 12 but when she started drawing with thicker outlines/more saturated colors I lost interest.
For reference, this is new art -

No. 578168

File: 1593642299696.jpeg (457.68 KB, 600x776, 0264BADB-6C87-4EA2-98E8-343914…)

And this is old art

No. 578171

File: 1593642756577.png (486.81 KB, 1276x1076, Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 18.3…)

This is so petty but found their reddit account and this is something they appear to have drawn 6 months ago.

No. 578173

Well at least they're not drawing banal anime or furry shit (I assume)

No. 578178

good for them!

No. 578179

I really love her coloring style, but the lineart is 17 year old weeb on Deviant Art tier.

No. 578180

are you expecting people to start despairing over this, all that makes me think is that they shouldn't talk about their age/personal life on the internet being so young.

this is a lot more charming, i don't know why you would want her to get stuck on that nicely detailed but very 14 year old deviantart user style.

No. 578182

I don't get this style at all. It's like it looks bad on purpose.

No. 578184

This is cute, reminds me of early 2000s anime fan-art. It's charming.

No. 578185

Both styles are okay. I do agree that the first one's colors are a bit too harsh, though.

No. 578205

Never heard of this artist, but I agree her older art looks better.
Doesn't mean she regressed, both images look like different styles to me.
I've always been more into the softer shadows so I prefer the older one, but I can see the appeal in the newer one.

No. 578224

I’ve been seeing lately that a lot of artists will trace from 3d models or reference pictures specially for comics/manga. I just wanted to ask how do you anons feel about this? Is this okay to do as long as you’re not technically tracing other people’s work?

No. 578226

imo tracing is never good. 3D models are often stiff and goofy looking so if you're going to trace anything you should probably trace from something more lifelike.

No. 578229

File: 1593654447713.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 42.14 KB, 435x328, F1F87DBC-648B-4811-AFC2-EBC689…)

There’s nothing wrong with tracing your own photography or using tools like design doll that are specifically for artists to use. It’s not uncommon for manga artists take their own photos or have their assistants get them because they have deadlines and the tracing saves time. Also, if you don’t already know how to draw using a model will be a crutch and it’ll probably be obvious that something 3D is being traced over.

It becomes a problem when artists trace images that are copyrighted or used without the permission of the person who made it. For example, this mangaka’s career got trashed for a while because she blatantly copied a photo from a modeling shoot someone else took. But some other ones have been able to get away with it because their art looks more like a homage, like Hirohiko Araki and Takehiko Inoue.

No. 578230

they do that to speed up comic
nothing wrong with that as in nothing wrong with cheap mass produce products
but ofc they are usually not a great artist from begin with so I doubt they can do better than 3D model

No. 578231

File: 1593654544561.jpeg (102.12 KB, 692x472, 2CB43F0E-3F35-4506-993C-A54894…)

And here’s one with Inoue, because he copied a lot of basketball game photos while making Slam Dunk but changed them to look like the characters.

No. 578232

File: 1593654720781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.9 KB, 1839x3000, Ebx-mzAXYAE-xVt.jpg)

>looking for MHA fanart on twitter
>this is the first thing I see
fuck coomers

No. 578234

>drawn by a person born in an era where technology has become more accessible

your point?

No. 578239

it looks great and he's obviously very skilled.

No. 578243

It's a necessary evil of the industry that only amateurs and famous veterans have the luxury to bitch about. Most comic backgrounds - be it manga or western - are heavily referenced if not outright traced from photos taken by the artist. 3D is the new kid on the block but very convenient for mechanical objects and interiors. Unless you're famous, its not economically feasible to do otherwise on an element the reader is going to look at for less than a second.

No. 578248

I'll give them a look, thanks!

No. 578257

I feel like this should be an example of why you shouldn't trace/reference without understanding anatomy, though. The proportions are fucked, look at their enormously long forearms and tiny heads. It doesn't look good at all.

No. 578269

>doesn’t look good at all
Didn’t stop it from selling 125 million books

No. 578320

>Inoue doesn't understand anatomy

No. 578346

okay, but are you trying to tell me that you are able to look at the posted image and say that the figures are visually pleasing or accurate to the human form? dude in the front's head attaches directly to his torso. I understand assistants rushing to meet a deadline and making mistakes. But as a single composition, it looks shitty and isn't a good example of closely using reference images to create a better artwork, no matter the big name attached to it.

No. 578359

Do you analyse the language used by weather reporter to see if they use the full spectrum of the spoken word to it's fullest potential, striking a balance between efficiency and poetry and standing on a millennium of words before it?
You're looking at a single frame of a basketball manga, it's not created as an example of using reference images to create a better artwork, it's just meant to show a bunch of guys jumping with a ball.

No. 578362

Rae made a new video. She's using one of the best and most luxurious oil paints (Old Holland) in the world, and still is comparing them to cheap crap. There's nothing wrong with just saying "Hey these are good, and also super expensive, maybe don't invest if you're not super serious".

She complains that the packaging isn't good enough for the price point (that's not why they're expensive Rey) and that one color from the set looks just as good as its counterpart in the $7 oil paint set. She also compares them to the $60 sennelier oil paints, and says that they are practically the same.

Does she really not understand why the price is so high? Not only is everything handmade/clamped/painted, the ingrediants are of the highest quality and there's no filler or crap in the paint. It's lightfast and the paint won't crack or age badly, or be prone to discoloration. Not to mention the formula of the paint, and their mixing/glazing properties and all the years of research that went into creating it. Considering how famous the brand is and their immpecable standards, that price point is still really cheap. This is just seems so ungrateful and lazy.

No. 578376


Fucking clickbait. Just shows that she knows that 200 bucks for oil paints are unsurprising.

I think Jazza is the only one from those entertaining youtubers who is able to understand the pricepoint of supplies and does not roast them all the time as if cheap stuff is da best.

No. 578404

File: 1593701802273.jpeg (204.02 KB, 750x515, 4A0C7185-0E52-4714-B65C-D08EB8…)

Yeah the video really bothered me. Her implication, despite understanding all the work put into the paints (and oof, how she laid them down to show the camera), basically implies to the company “all your handmade items are not worth past this $90 factory made paint, so lower your price”.
Rae, sweetheart, you do know that with some paints, you need the skill to show how good they are, right? God, the literal ego from this amateur artists is unbelievable, its like she’s in denial how bad at art she really is

No. 578405


This is why I can't stand any of Rae's "review" videos. She doesn't know what the fuck she talking about but she drones on as if she's an authority on art.

The Gucci pen review is the most obnoxious. Yeah, of course it's a dumb Gucci pen, but she's constantly harping about how shitty it is because it exploded, as if it happened out of the blue. No. It exploded because dumbass Rae held it over an open flame. ANY pen would explode. Rae is so fucking stupid it's infuriating.

No. 578406

The more I think about it, the more I realize that she reminds me of those “art girls” in middle school/high school who would only draw an eye, bad realistic portrait in their spiral notebook/art projects and claim to know a lot about art

No. 578407

Did she just mixed water with oils?

No. 578409

It irritates me, just like when I saw her complain about the price of the Carand'ache Luminance. She does know that an artist with a solid fanbase and talent can make that money back with a couple pieces + all the prints you could sell aside from that.

If you actually know what you're doing, the profit margin is so high, so of course the materials are going to be expensive. Not only are you paying for all the work and materials that go into making them, you're also paying for the decades of research and development, the fact that it's a famous brand, and the fact that you could make that money back with one single piece, depending on the artist.

No. 578412


This idiot says that "gold lake" is not opaque enough….its a transparent pigment! Its not suposed to be opaque!

Also, Old Holland is more expensive in the us because of taxes and duty. Here in europe its very reasonable priced and absolutely worth the money. Since you get the best selction of pigments and oils in there

No. 578416


You have to use paintthinner to dilute oil paints, unless they arent watersoluble oil paints (which Old Holland are not)

No. 578420

Jazza does a better job explaining his work with oil paint, with next to no experience. Rae has a freaking degree in oil painting. I'll never shit on anyone for being a bad artist because everybody can improve, but god it makes me mad to see people refuse to learn or self critique their work or at last do the bare minimum to research before making a video.

No. 578423

other anons mentioned it but 3d models can be quite stiff so i don't think even when comic/manga artists use them they trace them 1:1, more like use it as an example. and reference pictures taken by the artist or in the public domain are 100% okay.

anon no one cares about this low hanging fruit. post it in the shitty art thread, this thread is for actually discussion and not just spamming bad pictures.

No. 578448

This anime style is really outdated , reminds me of artists that were popular in the mid and late 00's like joodlez, kurot, kaze-hime who have faded away since then.

The styles that are popular now will also go out of style and i wonder if current popular artists will adapt or fade away. Artist styles that used to be hot in 2017 like vicki sigh have become boring because so many have adopted a similar style. The only internet artist who i can think of who has managed to retain their popularity over the years and have their style still look fresh is loish, but I'm sure there are others

No. 578459

Actually I like this way more. She took Arina Tanemura's style and ran with it so it is outdated, but I still find it pretty cute and the colors are appealing to me (except for the yellow skin…)

No. 578465

Kind of a pity she got canceled, that looks neat. The colors are lovely.

No. 578486


kek @ her berating the packaging and comparing it to chanel. it's not expensive for the same reasons that chanel is expensive. when you buy chanel you're paying for the brand, not the product. this paint is not "designer," it's just very high quality. who gives a fuck about the packaging? it's probably not even sold at that high of a markup, considering how much labor goes into every single tube of paint.

also, of COURSE colored pencils have a bunch of padding, they can break. a tube of paint isn't going to snap in half like a pencil might, so the padding would be superfluous.

No. 578502

I wonder how much Rae makes off of her YouTube because I find it incredible that she’s able to use canvases and simply throw them out or Be able to purchase $100+ material and then never use them again/breaks them easily,

No. 578509

File: 1593722272307.png (73.14 KB, 1231x342, 2020-07-02 (3).png)

TwistedDisaster always talks about being an author and the book shes writing, but has anyone actually seen how she writes? Her captions, tweets and journals are practically unreadable….simple spelling errors and random cut off sentences everywhere. I want to see her book if its all like this

No. 578514


kek I'd expect something from a non-native speaker.

No. 578530

Why does she specifies that the 18 year old’s cup size?

No. 578541

File: 1593726232859.png (132.28 KB, 709x442, Untitled.png)

idk, but these are her socialblade stats.

No. 578549

File: 1593727252140.jpg (93.1 KB, 1125x583, f10q0n82ch851.jpg)

Ariel Versace (rightfully) got Creepshow/Shannon's channel demonetized.

No. 578552

good, fuck that cunt. If you're going to accuse someone of distributing child porn you better be bringing that shit to the police and not twitter/youtube for temporary clout.

No. 578554

File: 1593727859083.jpeg (208.03 KB, 1434x2048, E5C3C61C-B9C3-49AC-BF01-365E10…)

I don’t understand the appeal of merryweather’s art. It’s just meme turned into UwU animu girl for coomers.

No. 578561

What’s sad is that Shannon still prob wont change, she’ll pull the whole “everyone just hates me because I’m the worst :)”
Such a disgusting deflection from her actions

No. 578562

File: 1593729008811.jpeg (472.77 KB, 750x1053, 07D62748-8DF2-4EBF-B1EF-C91277…)

She’s such a scary Karen

No. 578566

I find it weird that she looks like this. Her videos are edgy, so you'd think she looks edgy, but she looks like an old housewife.

No. 578571


She reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor. What a waste.

No. 578572

Creepshowart said Tobi was 100% right in their video on her.
10:30 - Doesn’t understand the criticism that she’s overemotional and overreacts
30:05 - Thinks the reason people think she’s changed and has an ego is because her Youtube numbers are doing well
I'm sure you can find more in there, but I don't want to sit through more.
How can you think someone is completely right in their criticism against you, when you don’t understand it?

No. 578578

that Karuna Satori tweet is still her twitter banner, btw.
did she even watch tobi's video? kek

No. 578579

It’s a really creepy story premise. Something about vampires being kept as pets/slaves on a “compound”? Maybe it’s a reach but sounds like a plantation to me

No. 578593

I think that’s the idea, kinda like the movie Daybreakers, I believe the plot has the world overrun by vampires, and they, particularly the vamp protag’s family runs a plantation of humans. The relationship between the protag and her “pet” (who is human) is weird, but hopefully it’ll be interesting

No. 578616

He doesn’t draw he writes the comics anon

No. 578673

File: 1593746525894.jpeg (174.38 KB, 482x481, A9A216BC-D241-489E-B808-216F60…)

Kek, Shannon does the only thing she knows, complains online to send a wave of her brainless followers- please don’t let her win this

No. 578675

Maybe now she can get a real fucking job

No. 578682

She got what she deserved imho, she accused 3 known drag queens of leaking an underage youtuber's nudes, the drag queen lawyerd up and this is what she gets for divulging false information.

No. 578696

Ngl this is pretty satisfying to see. Hopefully YT sticks to their decision to demonetize.

No. 578700

Ik now but I don’t see how his content is funny. It’s just formulaic.

No. 578719

File: 1593758368002.jpg (98.41 KB, 720x1280, 8989.jpg)

it's more apparent in this picture, but the images looked manipulated in some way. i'm not sure if she used a filter, but in this image, her eyes look abnormally large. the skin gives me that "skin smoother filter" vibe. this could be a result of a low res cam and a lot of makeup, so i'm not sure.
what i am sure of, is that the deadass expression she keeps giving the camera looks lifeless and dead, as if i'm looking at a lifelike blowup doll.
also shannon's eyes are blue in this pic, but not in that pic. do her eyes change color?

No. 578734

it looks like face tune or a snap chat filter or something. its like enough for it to change her face shape and make her eyes bigger/more defined but not enough to immediately tell its a filter.

No. 578741

Thinking of putting NSFW versions of my art behind a patreon paywall. Any advice of how much it should cost? I was thinking no more than $10.

No. 578780


depends how good your shit is and if it appeals to any certain demographics/fetish groups. maybe 5$ for vanilla stuff, 10$ if it gets really fetishy.

No. 578781

File: 1593771311183.png (49.02 KB, 479x611, nope.PNG)

No. 578782

Damn. For once, I wanted her to face real consequences for her actions. Especially since those actions were false pedo allegations.

No. 578785

if you were active in /a/ drawthreads I think I remember this shit(or something similar). anyway, my condolences for witnessing sexist neckbeards trying to analyse your art, must be frustrating. and then they wonder why we won‘t be open about being female, lol.
I used to drawfag there back in the day, and only did the cute requests I liked or the ones which actually depicted the character doing something which makes sense (and sometimes just silly stuff).
my deliveries were always of pretty high quality for these threads and some especially persistens fuckers (maybe samefag) made snarky passive agressive remarks complaining that their degenerated requests were mostly ignored, like we owe them something.
If the people already behave like this for anonymous drawfags on some imageboard, it is no wonder that so many artist/mangaka are very secretive about their personal stuff

No. 578788

How do you all feel about True Crime stuff on youtube. I saw on twitter that Rae is making a true crime series starting in October.

No. 578793

thats definitive a smooth filter. just look at the visible skin at her neck and cleavage for comparison.

No. 578794

File: 1593776647254.jpeg (343.06 KB, 750x1077, FC220A30-C64B-4DA9-BD6B-BC2C6B…)

Cute artt but WHY is it so important to note they’re both trans? Feels like these “woke” artists are almost fetishising transgenders

No. 578795

Why should any of us care? Like wow some rando artist wants to have trans characters, big deal.

No. 578810

Someone is being petty on lolcow? In a thread named artist salt?! Say it ain't so!

No. 578812

she posts these to boost her self confidence, but when you make alterations to the photos, that seems like it would defeat the purpose. fans are going to hoard over you, no matter what, so by posting altered photos, it just sets it in your mind that the fans love the fake version of you, and the you you isn't good enough.
also, if you're that insecure, don't post pics till you have actual confidence in yourself. relying on other people to give you confidence instead of having it in yourself will only lead to toxic attention seeking behavior and unhealthy mental statuses.

No. 578813


Being petty =/= being transphobic lol

No. 578815

Imo It’s fun to see people kinda scramble to try and clock what kind of person you are, just by going off you’re art.

Very good observation anon. Looking back I now realize that a lot of those artists were kinda samey too. At least now I think people try to get away from that kinda basic animu style and are more experimental.

>drawfag on /a/
You’re brave anon. The autism on there can wear anybody out. Especially when they’re deadest on getting you to draw they’re shitty coomer requests. I feel that /ic/ is kinda similar but you’d expect that behavior from a bunch of art crabs. I do love the “your style,my style” type meme that people sometimes post on there. Some of them might be fishing for free OC art for sure, but it does make me feel happy when they react so positively to their character being drawn in a different style/by a more skilled artist. It’s a very wholesome experience.

No. 578817

She didn’t say anything transphobic you retard, she criticised the artist lazy use of the label because it comes across as disingenuous and done only for ‘woke’ points. You want something to be pissed about? Here: get the fuck out of this thread and go continue sucking dirty tranny dick elsewhere.

No. 578818

Are you new here? Harping on trannies isn't a recent thing.

This is also that plague doctor artist - tbh I wouldn't have noticed these two are supposed to be trans - with her it genuinely feels like she puts it in the description for clout.

No. 578826

silent tranniefag

No. 578827

This is like the cheapest imaginable pandering. You could draw a fucking pet rock and say "btw its trans uwu" and the clout just comes rolling in. You don't even have to be creative anymore about it. At least before people slapped on vitiligo and scars or whatever was the stupid aesthetic trend at the time.

>m-muh twansphobia!!!
get your ass back to twitter

No. 578829

While I do enjoy some true crime channels, drawing while telling the story seems just gimmicky. Also a true crime channel named gabulosis already did the drawing thing so I wonder if Rae is copying her. And I don't trust Rae to do her research

No. 578832


yes this is why I stopped doing it there. nowadays, if I feel the need to drawfag I do it at /tg/, sure it has it‘s own share of autism spergs reposting their overly complicated characters all the time, but that’s not too bad imo since it‘s more of a challenge.
>my style your style
yeah I like that meme, it‘s always fun and interesting to see all the different stylizations.

>I feel that /ic/ is kinda similar

lol that reminds me of that anon who was extremely obsessed with ruan jia some years ago, he tirelessly sperged about learning to emulate his artstyle and being able to render like him- when some other anon did a rework of one of his attempts which actually looked more like rj could have done it, he went super hostile and tried to shittalk other anons skills since everyone was laughing at him

No. 578855

I'm so confused because they just look like cartoony versions of a regular man and woman (in anthro insect form lmao) but then the wasp-woman who I'd assume is supposed to be the "transwoman" is wearing the binder so she's probably supposed to be the "transman"? The dude doesn't have any mastectomy scars either so is he supposed to be the kind of "transwoman" who doesn't even try a mimicking women? Idek, this is just dumb.

No. 578882

What’s funny is that in a lot of these photos, she puts the tag/description “no filter”

No. 578887

Yea but this ain't milk. Like woke artists are everywhere I don't see this person being anyway different from all the others. If someone got outed as fake woke, now that would be milk but this ain't it chief.

No. 578894

File: 1593793735589.jpg (97.19 KB, 1080x819, SNCIw9I.jpg)


Yeah, op anon chose a dumb example. There are instances of fake woke people, who just do lgbt art for mainstream praise, but this artist actually thought these drawings through. Only female wasps have stingers and this drawing shows a fake stinger being attached and painted. So it's not like they just said "uwu they're trans give me praise".

No. 578902

thank you for this context, now the OP looks disingenuous or like they were purposefully trying to misrepresent this just bc it's trans related

this is an actual exception to what was just discussed

No. 578905


There are transgender animals that change their sex as part of their life cycle, eg. clownfish. Or drag like the other sex, eg. spotted hyena. It‘s a bit too woke for me to use wasps when they could have chosen a species where its natural.

No. 578910

I get what you're saying, but that's not transgenderism. That's hermaphroditism and it's part of those animals' reproductive cycles. Those physiological changes have utility to animals– they don't just do it because they arbitrarily feel like it the way humans do. Plus if humans were meant to switch sexes like clown fish, it would happen naturally and they wouldn't need dangerous, expensive surgery to do it lol.

No. 578915

This reminds me of trans people using the existance of intersex people to say 'look me choosing to be non-binary is the same as an intersex person existing' Now intersex people have an extra reason to not feel comfortable telling people what they are, because people are confused and think intersex is another word for trans or NB now

No. 578919

nah, trans anthro insects are 100% woke art.

No. 578920

NTA but yeah shit is super uncomfy. Thought I just had pcos but it turns out I was intersex and of course since i was like 17 I went to tumblr about it - instantly got a wave of flase info and opinions saying intersex people are trans at birth and it's like?? That's literally not true lmfao why else would they give us AFAB like it takes 5 seconds to THINK and use words you already know

Honestly tho this art is cute I dig it

No. 578935

honestly this is an interesting idea, and a lot better than just slapping the trans label on anything and everything they draw.


agreed, especially on the dark skinned characters with european features thing. they change the skin color slightly to get woke points, but won't take a few minutes to reference poc people and change their face slightly. of course it can be argued that some poc people have facial features that lean towards european, but in my opinion incorporating that only works well in realistic styles, most of these artists work in cartoony or anime styles so they should make the distinctions between the races they draw more apparent.

No. 578939

Op here, Huh I never knew that about wasps/bees. Gonna have to give credit to the artist then

No. 578940

Rewriting cause my grammar was shit.

The art is cute and it's nice to see an artist put thought into their work and not just pander to sjw audiences, and expect a mountain of praise.

Artists paint for woke points, but not to actually represent people. It's not at all thoughtful in the same way some artists will paint characters with eurocentric facial features, like little noses, but then just give them a darker skin tone and act as if they really did something.

It also doesn't help that "ethnic" features like big lips, are so popular right now a la Kylie Jenner. Every single oc I see drawn has big lips, but then they can't even bother to draw poc correctly.

No. 578941

Go to tumblr, there are plenty of people there drawing for woke points. Especially cringey are the white, straight people who makes jokes at their own expense and are pandering to minorities as if that makes them any less priviledged.

I don't mind putting in minorities just for the sake of representation, but it's clear that so many people don't actually care beyond that.

No. 579062

Why is everyone here to triggersble jfc we get it Karen

No. 579126

File: 1593826735724.jpg (114.24 KB, 1280x1296, __reebok_kamikaze___by_ineeka1…)

i usually quite enjoy the trend of fashion girl with big shoes but like.. this aint it chief. i see so many people jump on trends without understanding what makes them popular in the first place.. you have to be able to draw the shoe detail well and not just make them giant on an ugly ass drawing

No. 579130

I mean I don't personally like how big the shoes are here, but I feel like they added a pretty good amount of detail for this persons style. What else could they have added?

No. 579131

File: 1593828331143.jpeg (553.72 KB, 1242x1380, BD6ECEC1-5A0F-42ED-B2B7-A3CEF8…)

This is just a crisalys clone, like the meyoco clones. Copied her general aesthetic and stylistic decisions to a T. It’s also the same pose from this recent post from her but drawn shittier, what’s happening to her knees?

No. 579157

I follow a few trans women and 0% of them have any dick dysphoria, in fact they encourage acceptance of visible dicks and such, as well as general acceptance of other more male traits or things women would have a crisis over if we had 'em

So I can see why they would wish to be included in art of women even while presenting male traits and or dick

It makes sense if you follow trans people, it's a perspective. Dysphoria is not considered to be a requirement of transness anymore, though cis people tend to speak on behalf of trans people and spread inaccurate info in regard to dysphoria and whether you can just wake up and decide you are a girl/boy (trans concensus is this is fine, but cis people tend to argue against this while supporting/representing trans folk)

No. 579169

Are you fucking serious right now?

No. 579174

This literally makes zero sense, there’s a reason why people transition to another gender, some out of trauma others from dysphoria with their current gender.
I know that this isn’t the right place to talk about this - so imma sage
But holy fuck, you don’t just change genders because you’re bored. It’s an unfortunate mental disorder to have, the literal definition is to not see yourself as the proper sex that you were born as, NOT “well, I align well with this specific gender role, so let me just say that I’m this sex”

No. 579186

The "trans" people you follow aren't trans then.

No. 579187

File: 1593845777537.jpg (38.03 KB, 526x522, 1328178165001.jpg)

>Dysphoria is not considered to be a requirement of transness

No. 579195

I swear to god, are you the same retard who's been caping non stop for trannies the past week or so?? It's embarrassing, this isn't tumblr

No. 579204

File: 1593849107682.jpg (13.87 KB, 248x297, 1234723987.jpg)

>I swear to god there's only one person on this entire board that doesn't hate-sperg about trannies!!

No. 579206

What the fuck am I reading? Get out, clearly you don't belong here with your girldick fetish.

No. 579209

lol yeah trans males are just as into their dick as regular males (at least the the kind that don't know how to function in society) the way they constantly post pictures of their cocks, try to bully women into giving them head or threaten "TERFs" with choking on their ladydick. They most ridiculous part is when they complain about tranny chasers afterwards.

No. 579210

This is some of the most retarded shit I've ever read please go suck tranny cock somewhere else

No. 579211

lmaoooo it is you isn't it? You keep referring to our completely normal dislike of trannies as 'sperging' while you write tone deaf defenses that absolutely nobody will ever agree with, because you're brand new and think everyone is on your side.

No. 579213

Wrong person fam. I just think it's funny that you assume everyone on this board passionately hates trannies just as much as the next person. The women here aren't a monolith. Some of us actually don't care.

No. 579215

NTA but
>Some of us just don't care lmao!!!
>Proceeds to write a wall of text and/or multiple replies caping for trannies in an artist salt thread

No. 579218

I posted one reply in this entire thread aside from the post you're responding to, and it was actually making fun of >>579157, ironically enough. Calm down lmao.

No. 579219

wtf is all this retarded shit. i came here to read hearsay and shit on people, not read autists sperg out about girldicks

No. 579223

Thanks, you just bolstered the point that dicks don't belong in women's body positive drawings.
Imagine being male, breaking your brain with trap hentai, and going on to demand women bend over backwards to "represent" you in their art based on women's bodies.
You really thought you were doing something with this post, lmao.

No. 579225

This is a fucking troll post. God bless you I'm wheezing.

No. 579243

File: 1593859806677.jpg (121.52 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_2020-07-04-12-47-37…)

The pose is identical because they most likely used the very same reference, or one of them is a huge copycat

No. 579258

can ya'll go to another thread to sperg about trans people, it's not even relevant anymore to the specific picture discussed. also i've got to agree with the anon saying that not everyone on this thread has the same opinion and only one person is going against the grain, but anyone with a few brain cells would notice that.

No. 579271


fuck, you weren't kidding. i think the yellow background one is a copy of crisalys though. its the same thing but with less skill.

not making the skin have those weird flushed rash patches, dont make the face so tiny, make the skirt follow some kind of physics, not have huge gross ears, make the pose actual crouching instead of just floating..

No. 579285

i'm tired of seeing people use the same damn three pinterest reference images. there's so many free stock images websites with much better references like pexels and unsplash

No. 579287

same. i swear to god if i see one more shitty insta-thot smudge painting of the black girl with the blue line eyeshadow and the bun hairstyle from Pinterest, I'm going to shit myself out of spite.

No. 579290

looking at the controversial section of r/hungryartists is entertaining

No. 579292

She still keeps using pastels like they're markers

No. 579351


Kasey's video for the same box was posted about the same time and I usually dislike Kasey's shit art but this time it was so much better than Waffles. I really am sick of Waffles always doing a girl for her art she's stagnating and that god damn awful nose!

No. 579354


And it just proofs that ArtSnacks suckz. Why put watercolour paper in the box when it doesn‘t come with watercolour. Every other black paper could‘ve worked. Jeez, those Art Boxes make me cringe all the time.

No. 579356

File: 1593886444358.png (472.74 KB, 679x465, waff.png)

I don't understand why she always needs to make a "character"? Why not a landscape, since she keeps harping on about being unable to do lineart and "details" with the pastels? or an animal? Or a chunky robot or a car or jewelry or something?

Pic is her end result of choosing to do a "yoga instructor character" There's all sorts of interesting yoga poses she could have picked but she did this because ????? Sometimes it's like she's not into art at all anymore.

No. 579361

For a while now waffles seems to only post to get money. Wtf was that nose she drew

No. 579408

Yeah, she went from two videos a week to one. Old milk, but she also took a long-ass time to finish her last sketchbook. Maybe it's burnout and her illness flaring up.

No. 579411


Doesn‘t she study at university? Maybe she has a rough time there.

No. 579416

Damn, I haven't watched a video of hers in so long, I missed that info - you're probably right.
Regardless, I can't imagine how taxing a schedule like Kasey's or Waffle's is over the span of years.

No. 579467

Now that you mention it, yeah her sketchbooks take longer to fill even though it is mainly where she brainstorms for videos.

Before she uploaded a lot but her content was the same, ugly girls with whatever art supplies the subscription boxes have.

No. 579472

When did she mention that?

No. 579533

She's alluded to the fact that one of her parents is ill a few times, and she mentioned having to move rooms in one of her videos. I think she's just having a rough year

No. 579557

And then you look at Twisted and Shannon who cry and scream online, asking people for money because ThEy aRe “HoMeLeSs”

No. 579660

File: 1593954586163.png (848.46 KB, 1354x649, q.png)

I don't know if Creepshow changed her mind about Shane, but she did retweet this post.

No. 579678

off topic but the makeup pallet is so cringe. like imagine wearing that and someone asks you what colour eyeshadow you're wearing (or whatever this is) and
you say "oh, I'm wearing paedohpile!" like that's normal

No. 579680

It's a meme referencing Shane's latest scandals, the shades are not really named that lol.
Notice that's not the real Shane Dawson account, someone on twitter is just goofing on him.

No. 579715

Are there any good sources for coming up with good character designs? I'm kind of having a hard time drawing any actually intricate designs and usually just fall back into my comfort zone of "dude in a sweater, girl in a tanktop"

No. 579716

Not sure if this will exactly answer your question but I heavily use pinterest for my character designs specially since I enjoy drawing weird outfits and such. I highly recommend it, specially since it’ll recommend similar stuff. Or do you maybe mean like sources to learn how to come up with ideas on your own?

No. 579719

Sorry, I should've been more specific. I'd like to learn about specific things that show the characters personality more. Right now I just know about standard rules like "blue is calm, red is passionate, triangles are energetic" and that kinda crap. I sometimes use Pinterest as a crutch but coming up with cohesive, unique designs that fit the character I'm drawing is difficult for me.

No. 579726

I use this moodboard generator when I'm feeling uncreative https://perchance.org/moodboard-generator. It's kind of a challenge, like finding ways to incorporate the photos into a character design. Also sims and pinterest.

For the genrator, you can check the boxes on the left side to get different color schemes. If you only have warm checked, it will only produce warm colors. Underneath the box that says "Enter nothing" is two boxes that say topic suggestion and weight. If you want something specific then put it in topic suggestion, and type the number of photos you want in "weight", eg. putting "cat" in topic suggestion, and 3 in weight will give you 3 photos of cats.

Idk if this website will be helpful for you at all, just thought I'd add that.

No. 579728

Recently discovered https://characterdesignreferences.com/ and it's great. I know you just said that you already use pinterest but they have really well-organized pinterest boards that I've found very helpful. Their artists of the week are nice for studying as well

No. 579745

Thank you anons! This is both actually really helpful!

No. 579785

Do you anons notice a difference in your art depending on the time of day? I’ve noticed during the day my art is shit but at night I always draw my “best” work. Is there a reason for this?

No. 579793

I draw the best at night as well but I think it's only cause I live with my family, and my house is a lot more quiet at night. I think it's just about being more relaxed. I can draw the same when it's daytime, but only if i'm listening to loud music, or ambient/white noise audio.

No. 579800

This is a slight sperg on pinterest, but I can't be the only one who hates it as a tool for finding reference. The site itself is so invasive if you don't have an account. You can't really delete it all the way and every time you want to Google a reference you have to be careful not to click a pinterest link or its jumping on your ass begging for you to sign up. I type in "-pinterest" to avoid all of it, but it doesn't always work, or I don't always remember. I get the use for it as an organization tool for reference but as a picture aggregate site it's just really annoying to navigate and easy to waste time in. Usually when someone gives me their pinterest board to look at, I skip it because it's usually a hot mess I dont want to slog through. Once they have your email, it's game over. They never fully erase it. So you slip up and click a pinterest link they're up your ass in your inbox wanting you to sign back up.

No. 579842

agree. i thank my past self for using an alt email account. everytime i sign in i get like 30 mails from them

No. 579865

>>579842 You know you can just unsubscribe from the mailing list right? The link is at the bottom of their emails

No. 579878

You can't unsubscribe from the emails that have to do with your account, though.

No. 580034


Yeah you can? I use Pinterest often and receive literally no emails from them. The other day I made a new account for work, started getting emails and just turned them all off. Easy peasy.

No. 580051

Who's your favorite online artist?

I'm completely out of the loop regarding the online art community. I wanna start following talented people to get inspired and motivated.

No. 580081

Add to your google search
-site:pinterest.* To avoid getting it in your results

No. 580082

Milesart or sineater, they're really fantastic.
Roberto ferri is great too

No. 580103

Don’t just follow random big names, use insta or art related websites and look for artstyles that actually interest you

No. 580253

I'm curious to see if most of the anons on here can agree on a super popular tons of followers artist is popular. I feel like the bigger the social media following the more nitpicky anons get.

No. 580265

Isn’t that the whole point of this forum, to complain about bigger artists, otherwise you’ll be known as the “vendetta anon” or the “self poster”?

No. 580295

If she ever ends up actually doing this, it's going to be a shitshow of misinformation, but I doubt she'll even do it. I think she'll probably sit down to research her first case and get overwhelmed by how much information there is to sift through and how much work it is to lay it all out in a way that viewers can understand.

Either that or she'll just read some wikipedia articles and writeups from r/unresolvedmysteries and try to summarize a summary. I KNOW she's too lazy to look through police documents and court transcripts.

No. 580304

I feel iffy about True Crime stuff when it comes to recent crimes like murders and missing persons. That's why I don't watch a lot of True Crime youtubers, because it feels exploitive. The amount of people I see talking about JonBenét Ramsey makes me sick.

It's different when it's coming from an individual rather than journalists. If it's more like Buzzfeed unsolved, that would be better. Or maybe she'll stick to talking about urban legends and mysteries.

I agree though, rae can't even do her research on art supplies and techniques, I don't trust her when it comes to this either.

No. 580349

Since this board has evolved I want to ask anons a question. How do you hide insincerity from your followers without feeling like shit? My following has grown alot recently and they're interested in buying prints and other things with my art on them. The thing is I think merch is dumb, never bought them except for art books. I don't get blowing money on pins, stickers or whatever. Now I feel really conflicted, it's an awesome opportunity to finally earn money with my art but I feel like a lying piece of crap. How do you guys deal with doing things you disagree with on a fundamental level?

No. 580358

Are you an idiot? People want to buy your art, and you think it would immoral for you to sell to them? What, are you tracing or some shit? Because it's either that or you're actually retarded.

No. 580363

If they really like your art and want to buy it there's really no issue with insincerity. Maybe just make a poll or something and ask them what kind of mech they want, and try to find ideas you like. It's a good opportunity to make money so I really don't see a reason to feel guilty. Just make sure you price it well so it's affordable but also you make a good profit.

No. 580364

Agreed. I understand not wanting to do something you morally dont agree with but its literally just selling shitty merch to a 12 year old. Its what most online artists do just to scrape by, there is literally no reason for you to be morally upset by the selling of merch. If you dont want to do it just dont, but dont come onto a forum and brag about how you could sell art but dont want to.

No. 580368

You must be a total joy to be around anon. If you think it’s so stupid, then don’t do it. Don’t come here to brag and proclaim that what many artists do for a living is “dumb”, it kinda makes you come off like an ass.

No. 580370

Calm down.
Some people just don't like the thought of merchandizing their artwork.

No. 580372

then just don't do it instead of coming to an artist thread to complain about people loving your art so much they wanna buy it kek

No. 580373


I'm sorry if I sounded rude or offended anyone, I didn't mean it to come out like that. And no I don't trace, I just started drawing normie shit. And since I have never bought merch I didn't think it was ok sell them but you guys are right. I guess I needed a reality check.

No. 580394


> And since I have never bought merch I didn't think it was ok sell them

You’re right anon, you do need a reality check.

No. 580400

In all honesty, recent anons are starting to sound like this one where they think this forum has all of the answers, when really they’re just being lazy af.
Like, “who do I follow to be inspired?”, “I’m not original, so how do I make original character designs”- normally I’m not bothered by beginner artists, but I feel like this really isn’t the place to take short cuts into becoming a better artists

No. 580401

You don't want pins of your art because you're the artist and can just draw or make something yourself. Your fans can't do it hence wanting merch. There's nothing insincere about people wanting copies of your work that you don't personally want due to being the person who made it. Like how actors don't watch their own movies. You are the thing so you can't be expected to want…yourself if that makes sense?

No. 580407

Used to have a big following of young kids and teenagers, so it felt immoral to charge money for my art even though there was demand. So I can understand you if your situation is similar.

No. 580410

It depends on the art really. There's idots out there like Jake Paul and Tana whatever her last name is, that make bank off of young kids, but are complete assholes. This is obviously not that similar, and as long as you're giving good quality merch at a good price, it's not that big a deal to want to seel work. Even if it's art you're not really proud of.

No. 580416

Agreed. I was a beginner artist long ago lol but I didn’t need to be spoonfed the most basic shit. Though, back when I started, there wasn’t a plethora of resources available to me like younger artists have now so there really isn’t any excuse to not do a google search for what you need.

In all fairness, there is some good advice from well meaning artists here (as far as traditional/digital tools are concerned).

No. 580432

I don’t understand… just don’t make merch and be grateful that people are actively requesting your work, leading to a potential form of minor income..?

No. 580462

this is literally a forum for gossip about popular artists on youtube,twitter,insta,etc. Its not an advice thread for novice artists. The critiques given on this thread are meant for artists who dont give a rats ass about learning anything about art but remain popular despite that.

No. 580468

I’m really not understanding your wording anon, I had to read your posts a few times to understand if you’re feeling like it’s hypocritical to sell mercy despite not buying it yourself or if you’re concerned over some kind of legal trouble that may come with selling “normie shit”

No. 580476


Hard agree, I especially hate when True Crime content related to recent murders or missing persons cases is presented with a funny/silly tone. I was turned off Buzzfeed Unsolved when they did an Eliza Lam 'investigation' and drank the water at the hotel as a joke. Like, you're talking about a young woman who died alone and terrified under mysterious circumstances, have some respect.

There's no way Rae will do enough research on whatever she's talking about. She studied oil painting and she still sucks at it, so what chance does she have to make a good TC series?

No. 580572

That was one of the early true crime videos on buzzfeed and I’m also real iffy about TC stuff, especially cuz yeah it’s real people and usually the people who get away with shit are white people, but the supernatural series is better since it’s more removed from like actual people and is more about yelling at ghosts or mothman

No. 580574

I kinda wish she'll go through with it, because she will just half ass her research and with luck the true crime angle will attract people who won't worship her talentless lazy ass.

No. 580699

File: 1594136009592.jpg (349.28 KB, 974x909, copycat.jpg)

@ariimaw on instagram was probably talked about before but this whole 'art theft' thing boggles my mind, her style is a copy of kawaii artists like Yamio Rose at her prime, how do you try to copyright a style that you copied yourself??

No. 580704

I think this was said before, but imma say it again, it seems as though people who are consciously aware that their work mimics another artist are more likely to be insecure in their art and post the infamous “do not copy/trace style”

No. 580716

there's thousands on pixiv

No. 580756

Does not attending art school a bad thing? I recently had a close artist friend confide to me that they feel bad for not actually going to art school even though their art are super pretty. Any artist anons feel the same way? or this is just something personal?

No. 580764

definitely not, art school is expensive as fuck and unless you're planning on becoming an art teacher, the degree means virtually nothing.

No. 580803

I haven’t been to an art school, but I really want to experience it, at least for one semester. The possibility of being in an environment dedicated to art improvement Is really exciting to me, especially when you can see the results from people’s work (even if they’re really amateur you can see change and exploration through their work compared to prior art school)

No. 580872

Imo it can be useful for networking but I find it actively detrimental for creativity because you have to appeal to professor tastes in the end. For just learning the craft I'd say you're probably faster out of school unless you want to do something you need special resource-intensive workshops for that you can't access otherwise.

No. 580874

It depends anon, on what type of art school.

>art school for fine arts/Visual arts

If you want to teach fine arts and paint and most likely becoming an art school dropout

or do you want to be an illustrator?

No. 580890

I'm entering into my sophomore year as an illustration student. It honestly all depends on the profs you get tbh. Of course your first semester/freshman year you wont be doing heavy major related work, most of it is based off of foundations such as life drawing and 3D sculpture as well as learning programs like photoshop and illustrator. From my experience if you already have a good following and can make a decent amount off of your art already theres no reason for you to go to school but if you feel like you need that extra push in your art then maybe go for a semester or two. Another anon mentioned connections and those are extremely important too, because one of my illustration profs has connections to places like nickelodeon and cartoon network ive been offered story board projects for a couple of independent projects that pay pretty well. In my experience art school has been worth it (especially because i want to work as an industry artist and not freelance artist) but if you're already good and set theres no real reason too.

No. 580898

(this is the same person) I also forgot to mention that being in school helps with opportunities such as internships and having a mentor. In my experience having a professional illustrator help mentor me through school and the summer has helped me stay on track with my goals and set up a time table for myself.

Another thing is is that it depends on your school. I have friends in schools across the country (in schools like SCAD, CCA, MassArt, etc.) and theyve all done pretty different things from what ive seen. My school wont hire a prof unless theyre still a fully working artist, so none of my profs are retired and just doing it for the money. Because of my profs and theyre connections from jobs theyve had ive had opportunities to do editorial illustrations for TIME, storyboards for independent projects, local art for the city the school is in, etc. Most big name schools look nice for a diploma but its all about what the school offers you and what you get out of it.

No. 580942


I really like these answers anon. I’ve never personally seen an art diploma as the end goal, especially when you can get those basically everywhere. What really matters is the exposure/experience that will help students

No. 580976

That entirely depends on what you want to do. If your goal is to work in design, or as an art director a degree can be useful.

No. 581065

I'm not sure if i should ask this here or on career advice but

18 and I'm graduating this year and I was wondering what art career path I should follow
should I go to college and get a useful major and get a 9-5 job while doing commission work part time
and eventually do it full time? im ok with drawing porn and pandering to fandoms.

or go to an art school for animation or illustration, get connections and try to break into the
animation or game art industry. Money is not a problem though my parents want me to stay in Canada for post-secondary
and i heard most work is in California and the states in general.

i really want to do art as a career and I've been doing a lot research but I've been hearing a bunch of different advice
and i find myself lost.

No. 581069

Same questions different day.
Sorry but these kinds of things have been discussed before and if you really want advice from here, just read the old threads.
Kind of sick of kids coming in here with basic art questions. There are no right answers. A lot of it comes down to what you decide at the end of the day. A lot of these questions just come with experience you don't have yet. Not your fault. Just make a decision for yourself.

No. 581074

It really depends on what you think you can feasibly do with the resources you have and how easily you think you can do it. You mention art as a career but do you know WHAT aspects of art, like you mention animation and illustration but those are broad terms. You HAVE to be specific with yourself, what part of animation do you want to do and what research have you done into it?

Or are u satisfied with doing art just as a hobby and a hustle on the side? Like would artists in your area make enough money to live independently (and no, just being able to pander to fandoms doesn’t make a living since there’s tons of artists already out there). Do you have the money and resources to afford schooling or do you need to take out loans? Can you look into doing online classes and workshops instead, like CG master academy or schoolism, or do you really want to go to an immersive school? Did you look into other careers that are art adjacent, like merchandising or coding or production or business?

We’re a dang milk forum that exists to make fun of cows on the internet so why like are u not turning to actual people with career experience and advice on other dang websites? You’re obviously still indecisive and we’re not an advice forum

No. 581091

To be honest, if you don't make art your full career, art will not be any part of your income. You might draw for fun once in a while, but anyone working a non-art, full time job is not going to have the time nor energy to maintain a side hustle as an artist.
You really just have to decide. The illustration and animation industries require a lot of discipline and willingness to do what your client/boss wants. Art school is good for learning how to work around other people's desires and also to try new things with the benefit of knowledgeable outside input.
Basically, if you're doing an art degree, you have to be sure you're willing to stick with it and carve out a practice for yourself. Otherwise, you're left with a useless degree and four wasted years. I was in your position, I chose art school, and I don't regret it. Just make sure that illustration/animation/concept art is absolutely what you can picture yourself doing for the best part of the rest of your life, or there's no point.

No. 581179

wait so is an art degree not required for industry jobs? i was always under the inpression that it was.

No. 581194

Kek, god no, but it looks good because it means that you have “experience”, or if you want to become an art teacher of sorts.
Also, learn to type ‘sage’ in the email/subject box

No. 581269

a degree is preferred if you're international trying to work in the US. Otherwise it makes it difficult for a company to get a visa for you.

No. 581345

I seriously think there are absolutely no opportunities to be an industry artist if you're not in the US. There are no known art schools, and even if you go to one in your country you'll end up being a shitty art teacher in a middle or elementary school at best. If you're freelance there's no market, if you go into animation, illistration or concept art the industry is nonexistent. You're doomed if you're unable to move.

No. 581378

no one needs to move to the us to be an artist, i have no idea where you live but this is a bunch of bullshit if you are trying to speak about the entire world outside of the us. do you seriously think there's no art industry in other countries?

No. 581395

Don't you know all anime is made in the US, anon? As well as every single animated TV show in every country, all made in the US of A.

No. 581446

File: 1594249775760.jpg (120.66 KB, 2048x898, EcH3hmZUcAA6osM.jpg)

why doesn't anyone wanna play ValiDate??

No. 581453

These are appalling. Like the human embodiment of cat piss-soaked carpet.

No. 581454

they all look like the same person in different outfits

No. 581456

wtf is this even from??

No. 581463

can you give more context anon, i have no idea what this is.

No. 581466

is a progresive dating sim, it have trans, and nb people in it, "poc" and is made by a grupe of white peole

No. 581468

nothing even comes up when i google it and this just looks like bad concept art. if it's not even finished i can't judge it based on one picture.

No. 581470

I think they ARE the same person. The outfits are horrendous though- maybe not the last one, if it was better fitted for the body (aka: not for that body type)

No. 581471

Why does a dating sim need so many devs

No. 581496

My guess each person only works on one character, instead of one person just hiring them for art. With the number of people involved, it may just be a group of kids that all went to the same art school, took the same Unity engine class, and were like 'let's totally make a game, but for those people that only play Gone Home and Undertale!'

No. 581499

File: 1594257783337.jpg (330.25 KB, 2048x864, My eyes burn they are all so u…)

Yeahhh, gonna skip this one. No, thank you.

No. 581503

if those were my only dating options i would rather be alone

No. 581504

Do the people who made this game know that just making things diverse to be diverse doesnt make it good?

No. 581510

This MUST be a joke, I mean, it’s literally named Validate. If it was taking itself seriously, Isn’t that borderline offensive using minorities and POC, all I can think of is that meme of “validate me and my multiple disorders/gender” that came straight from tumblr?

No. 581511

The different art styles together are so jarring. Most of these characters do not look appealing. I like the art for Malik but for a dating sim… eh.

No. 581516

That was my first thought too, like surely calling it Validate is self aware and mocking, it must be a parody. But you never know with these types, it could have been a play on 'valid' (their fav word for what we are obligated to do for men in dresses) rather than validate.

No. 581518

I mean Rocky, Yolanda and Arihi have cute designs, but the others are so boring and pandery. You can't tell what personality's most of the characters have from their
designs, and there is nothing interesting about most of them.

I thought one of the appeals of dating sims is that the characters all have different and distinct looks, so why are some of them literally wearing plain t-shirts and pants?

No. 581544

emhari is cute and best girl. but i bet the devs made her non binary otherkin or some shit and not just a gnc lesbian. i hate it here

No. 581545

Lol qq more

No. 581547

I like her too, never gonna play this ugly ass game tough

No. 581548

Non binary otherkin detected

No. 581553

I heard that they are redoing most of the sprites (someone I met in college turned out to be an artist on this game, small world)

No. 581554

Never change anon lol

No. 581555

Why is this thread such a hug box

No. 581556

This whole ass site is a hug box lol

No. 581558

i don't have any more tears left

No. 581572

So I guess everyone in Europe has been sitting on their hands, staring at blank walls for hundreds of years lol ok

No. 581576

Go on YT and look up lulusketches/Laura price, she’s an animation industry youtuber and she’s covered this before because her degree was Studio Art and French at the university of Virginia so she’s self taught and has worked for Disney and Cartoon Network as a background painter. If you’re US based applying to US companies then yeah it’s really about showing you have the things you say you can do in your portfolio and having that portfolio cater to the company you’re applying for as well as knowing other professionals that can refer you and what they also are looking for in their industries. It only does get hard for international people because of visa reasons but it’s not impossible, in the US you have to be sponsored by your company usually through the immigration process and I know for Canada you have to prove you need to hire this person over a Canadian

No. 581592

We all know only the usa has an internal market demand for art, everywhere else we just barter items on the street like in the bronze age, have no national production of tv/movies/books/comics or any semblance of a cultural scene. Our overlords, the usa, graciously offers us non murican artists career opportunities (if you pay 400.000 dollars in tuition) because the founding fathers created the art/design industry in the 1800s and decided to share it with us.

This is the most dumbass gringo take I have ever seen, on god. I guarantee you most creative jobs are actually not in the usa, and they pay the bills just as fine. Even inside the us, most artists don’t live on hollywood/videogame/NYT paychecks either. Take a look outside your mom’s basement for 5 seconds.

No. 581635

You really gotta leave twitter or whatever place you get your knowledge from and look at actual job market. I'd be even inclined to say USA is worse than Europe but I have no data on that. Even in my not-best-european-country I have a few american coworkers in the creative field, why would they move if there are no opportunities in Europe?

No. 581644

No I actually think this is somewhat correct. Sure you got some countries in europe with art industry, france and uk probably being one but to say that parts of europe don’t scrape by would be a fucking lie. Look at like northern europe and the art industry is as plentiful as water in the sahara. If you want to be an artist us allows you for privaledges no other countries can really offer, not just education and jobs but connections. In my country there’s no chance you’d ever run to some big name artist at a con, befriend them and boom you’re hired in the industry. Europe has it’s artists but even those are centered in few selected countries.

No. 581646

I know plenty of people who work internationally (including for US companies) while being in "northern europe". media related art fields operate digitally these days so all you need is a speedy internet connection. sure, if you don't want to freelance you've got to relocate like with other highly specialized fields but that doesn't mean you have to study in the US which I find to be a very terrible suggestion for everbody that isn't rich.

No. 581648

The way you put stuff works in the usa is incredibly reductive, Networking and getting jobs in the usa professional art market is actually fairly tricky. If it were that simple, a big chunk of professional artists wouldn’t have to have dayjobs, alas that’s the actual status quo. Becoming a part of the “inner circle” that gets jobs through references requires much more than casual meetings at cons. Even being really good isn’t enough sometimes.

Unless you’re talking specifically about AAA videogame visdev or mainstream animation, there is not a radical downside to not being physically in the usa. My bet is you’re an aspiring artist who is overly romanticizing the opportunities the usa has to give you, and sorry to break it to you, it’s not all that it’s made out to be unless you study in big networking universities like calarts.

What I’m saying is that looking down upon the opportunities your country has to give is gonna do your career no favors, it’s okay to want to go to the foreign market, but its easier to get started out with jobs in your country and build a portfolio as you seek opportunities abroad. You never know which networking with people in your country’s creative industry might land you with a job abroad either, it’s a globalized world and a lot of creatives work remotely now, someone who lives and works in your country might actually be prolific freelancing foreign jobs. Keep an open mind and dont pin all your hopes in the usa because it’s far more fucked than you’d believe at a cursory glance.

No. 581649

>In my country there’s no chance you’d ever run to some big name artist at a con, befriend them and boom you’re hired in the industry.

Lmao as if this is how it work. If you attend art related events (like Pictoplasma or Promised Land) you'll meet artists from all over the Europe, that's your opportunity to network if you really live in some tiny country like Estonia or Iceland or so. But to say jobs are only in France and UK… sure if you do zero search it may seem like that.

No. 581650

curse me being more terfy after a few years away from social media because holy shit all of these artist mutuals i've made over the past few days are so annoying. fuck cancel culture fuck trans people i just want to draw a character i love without people getting offended wah this character is too light skin/not fat enough like bitch shut the fuck up if i wanna draw my faves i'm not making them a big black behemoth JUST to appease you. isn't that the opposite of what you advocate? and god are some of the arts ugly. i understand representing different body types but honest to god these people are borderline fetishists with how they depict them, with their combo ugly designs and ugly art style. i'd fuck off from twitter but i need to stick around and build a following if i want to sell merch. most people have been okay but honest to god i have muted so many words and accounts just so i don't have to see all this weird shit.

No. 581652

Just don’t follow these accounts back then you coward

No. 581654

the twitter art scene is a hellscape, it's like putting fucking pronouns in your bio is a requirement. i've lost so much respect for people whose art i liked and just feel too old for all the delusional bullshit and magical thinking.

No. 581664

I agree with >>581652 if these people that you’re communicating with are that bothersome, just leave them. If they’re bigger than you, get your exposure/reblogs from them and leave, unless they’re really that bad, don’t deal with them.
But yeah, I don’t think it’s essentially trans ppl or those who are actually in the LGBT community, instead I think it’s the people who are borderline fetishistic/there for woke points, and this was brought up before, but most people do recognize how toxic twitter has become (especially since the anti-porn rule on tumblr), but they find that they need to keep Twitter for branding. It’s really sick, so don’t feel like you’re alone when you say fuck Twitter

No. 581702

exactly, i don't even understand how it this is "diverse", making everyone black is not diverse.

No. 581731

Why are they so obsessed with exaggerated ugliness? Why does almost everyone have to be fat?
Do they think if they keep insisting long enough, everyone will actually believe this is attractive? It's actually bordering on offensive that this is the "progress" they imagine.
Arihi would be cute if it wasn't for the instant noodle hair, though. Yolanda's design is kind of cute, too.

No. 581742

Because most of the "developers" are there just to hang around doing nothing. If you check what these people are actually responsible for with the game they're "editors", "writers" and "designers". They basically create a big bundle of wish-fulfilling garbage, then get one schmuck to write the code and all that boring work while they keep on adding more self insert characters. That's apparently the case with this one as well, like 20 fucking artists/writers and one person attempting to program it. Even if it was your run of the mill renpy engine visual novel it still takes a ton of work. so I doubt this is going to get past the initial hype and get released. I'm placing $5 on the "after 6 months of radio silence it turns out they had a falling out due to internal drama and 'artistic disagreements'" bet.

For a game celebrating diversity they all look identical. They all have similar fashion senses, hairstyles, body language, skin colours and apparently no other ethnicities exist than "black" and "ambiguously brown".

Yeah I'm fearing the day someone realizes that I haven't put my pronouns on my bio or retweet political stuff sans some feel-good gay things and starts calling me out for being bigoted. When I saw that one artist being bullied into including a trans woman into her female body celebration artwork I felt chills go down my spine, I'm never going to go unprotected with my art twitter account again.

No. 581746

File: 1594313392370.png (126.68 KB, 680x483, 6efbc85d24586c517e87695a679b5b…)

I just realized they made the only Arab character (Inaya) a visibly hairy woman with a unibrow. I wonder why they didn't include an Asian guy with buck teeth and a rice hat saying "me so soly", that's about as stereotypical. Highly recommending people to check out the character bios in general, some prime cringe material right there. Did they just throw darts at a globe with the nationalities they settled upon? The only two Asian natives are both black with western names.

Also what the fuck is that 42.9% merchandising budget they're describing on the Kickstarter page? Are they planning to erect a golden statue or something?

No. 581753

Yeah, if I was them, I would have waited on the merchandizing, work more on marketing- since that is how people with find your game. I’m pretty shocked that it’s so low.
But you guys, this is a dating sims game, they are relatively easy to make coding-wise. If there is really only one person working on the code, however, I can understand them being a bit bothered by it. Who knows if they’re even good at it or if they pull a yandere-dev

No. 581757

Dude you’re way overanalyzing me here. No I am not ”an aspiring freelancer who wants to work in the industry”, not even close but even a blind can see that the opportunities in europe aren’t equal to that of usa. Doesn’t mean there are no opportunities at all, but europe also has plenty of countries and a lot of smaller ones that if you honestly want to work in the industry in your country, then your options are limited to being a graphic designer for some print magazine at most. In europe you got few countries with plentiful art industry and then the rest just got nothing.

No. 581759

It's amazing how zero of these people look like somebody I'd date except maybe Ashlie (tho she looks so suspiciously normal without any gradient hair, childish accessories or piercings that it's probably a dude lol). I still find the whole lingo on dating in the queer community rapey as fuck, with the constant undercurrent of guilting people into pity-fucking them. If you need others to validate you by going on a date with you I don't wanna date you.

No. 581765

Not a question directly tied to you, but wouldn’t animation opportunities be greater in Korea/Canada because that’s where most of the “animation” work happens because it’s cheaper in other countries?
Then in places like the USA, it’s easier to get a story boarding job

No. 581766

idk if Canada is a good example for low wages but afaik animation work does get outsourced a lot

No. 581767

Tbh, when looking at the devs info page (which is filled with “tired tm” and “mom friend” ) a majority wasn’t in the LGBT community

No. 581768

I just meant that Canadian animation costs less than US animation

No. 581771

So Twitter is the new boogey man Tumblr for reactionaries to strawman now huh

No. 581773

oh ok I wasn't aware of that! i kinda assumed canada must have higher wages because the usa have no minimum wage and no social security system but i never actually saw any numbers

No. 581775

Just go to a supermarket and start screaming about your opinions no one currs about like the rest of you do

No. 581785

>she doesn’t know about self containing comms of asian fujo and otaku with hella disposable income
>anime production is getting outsourced to third world countries en masse
Time to learn a SEA language homie

No. 581794

Lol are you basing this on their Twitter bios not mentioning their pronouns or sexualities because these jokes are starting to write themselves

No. 581801

Has anyone else been blocked by artists on instagram for no reason? I've been blocked by meyoco and vinne.art and random other artists and I have no idea why, i don't even insult people or anything but I'm just blocked for no reason is it just me?

No. 581843

I'm the anon that said there are no job opportunities outside the US and I thank you because you worded it way better than I did. You said exactly what I wanted to say I was also kind of salty and didn't want to write a lenghty message.

I said what I said because I tried to get into the industry and found nothing like in the US. Obviously I know that the US isn't the only country that has a developed art industry, I know Japan, Korea, China and Canada (and others, probably) have a business in creating and outsourcing shows and comics, but I live in Europe. Can you name me some big things created in Europe? Shows, comics, videogames? If you do chances are they were made in France or the UK or northern countries.
There are local schools no one knows the names of, if you graduate you can become a teacher or you can go on making art as a freelancer but good luck selling a piece a year at "conventions" only very few people go to. Oh, and no Digital Art and stylized artwork of course, nobody wants to see that shit here, unless you want to make some silly illustration for a school book or a magazine. Comic conventions? In my country there are two and everyone goes there to buy figurines and cosplay, I don't think there is something like an artist alley. I know people in the videogame industry (which, again, is VERY small, and all I can see from them are mediocre works, visual novels with bad artwork that will never have a future as a proper game and desperate artists who don't know what they're going to do after spending time and money in a school that trains them to be in an industry that basically doesn't exist in our country.
Not to mention that without a professional education you're nothing.
I only speak from experience. You don't know what you're talking about if you seriously think that the art industry and opportunities in the US/Canada/Japan are the same as in Europe.

No. 581846

i also live in a small non western/northern european country so that's why i'm saying all of this is bullshit. no idea what shithole you live in again, but you don't even need to move to take part in the industry, lot of work can be done over the internet.

No. 581858

File: 1594330388133.jpg (96.42 KB, 757x1056, girls_know_best_by_picolo_kun_…)

I hate how much clout and an actual industry job Gabriel Picolo got with his shitty uninspired art, he's just an uber-privileged asshole who was supported by mommy and daddy well into his twenties until he started copying shit from tumblr.

No. 581859

Can you guys stop with the "uwu no one deserves success, everyone is an untalented hack" shit? Who the absolutely fuck is able to start their art career in their twenties, would you be happier if he was on the streets? His art is kinda repetitive but it's not even bad, and he obviously has networking skills if he went up in the industry.

No. 581862

File: 1594330889590.png (558.76 KB, 1280x1571, 6bbeab5c3894147fa26220f14c6c31…)

He's working for DC comics, not just an somewhat sucessful instagram artist, that's underdeserving when he's a hack.
Did you miss the part were I said he got famous by copying concepts and styles from tumblr artists but no one batted an eye in Brazil because they didn't know.
Also "networking", his family is rich, call it what it is.

No. 581863

This is entirely my subjective opinion but god I hate this trend of drawing cartoon characters wearing the most obnoxious e-girl tumblr teenage zoomer fashion ever. I know I'm being autistic over this but something about this certain kind of aesthetic just makes it look pander-y and unimaginative.

No. 581868


Let me guess
They’re lesbians and the dark haired one is a total Tom boy and non binary and the brown girl is super fem and fluffy yet educated


Adventure time 2.0

No. 581872

Wow he used the same aesthetic, that sure is stealing. You also call people wearing clothing in a similar style copying? Being privileged in itself doesn't mean anything, you can't go up in the artist world on your parents alone, they have the artistic skill to back up what they are networking.

You do realize those are teen titans characters? What kind of race bait it is to call the "brown girl" "yet educated"? Also sage your shit.

No. 581876


I don’t watch kids cartoons. So how am I supposed to know?

And she looks brown?

Fuck off

No. 581877

What sort of bait is this? Obviously the "yet educated" was in contrast to "super fem and fluffy" and you don't need sage in ot

No. 581878


I don’t care as long as they stay on twitter and keep the fuck away from everything else. Tumblr is dead now.

No. 581879

File: 1594332367884.png (1.03 MB, 1118x814, midnightchannelpicolokun.png)

Are you kidding? The facial features and concept is literally the same that punziella did for years, he just added thick black lines.
All of his art is basically style copies of first page deviantart or what was popular on tumblr.
Don't even get me on trying to pass digital art as traditional like he used to do back in 2015, look at that atrocious hand crop.

No. 581883

are you the projared nude anon, you type the same kek

No. 581891

it's really not that similar anon, they just choose the same style. trying to pass digital as traditional is pretty weird, but just seems like you're trying to pull up anything to call them a hack.

No. 581912

>Not to mention that without a professional education you're nothing.

This makes me believe you're just stirring the pot just for the laughs here but I'll assume you're not in case of maybe showing you that you can be a bit more hopeful about your future in Europe.

1st of all, there is handful of art schools in the world that yes, are enough to have you hired because of their reputation / connections. But it's only a few. It's impossible to be a bad creator if you manage to finish Calarts or Gobelins because you'd just not be able to graduate in that case, so obviously you'll have a job after these but outside these extremely rare cases, no one EVER cares about your education in the artistic field. Only thing that matters is your portfolio, ALWAYS.

Hardly anyone ever can make a living selling art at conventions even if they have massive conventions like USA does, so if this is what you want, you need to start being realistic. I know many talented illustrators, they keep up their presence online, they attend local events, they do storyboards, they illustrate magazines, they sell posters, they get commisioned by clothing brands to create prints, they do collaborations; so anyting you could do in USA as a freelancer you can do here because thanks to the internet the borders are nonexistent. And local clients are paying too so you don't even need to look for USA clients.

Videogames industry is REALLY strong in central / eastern europe. My country ALONE has a lot of development studios shipping succesful products, 11bit studios, Techland, Huuuge Games, Reikon Games, Artifex Mundi, CD Projekt Red and this is not even a 1/10 of places that are known world-wide and hire artist ALL THE TIME. You can have a very good and very secure job creating online / mobile gambling games which are made by COUNTLESS studios across europe that are just not in the spotlight like, idk Ubisoft in France that probably pays their artists less.
There are videogame companies like Wooga in germany that are always looking for talented digital painters for their products; there are studios like Platige Image or Dash Dot Creations that create their own thing as well as outsource for other big projects from anywhere in the world and are always open for 3d artists, concept artists, animators, designers etc.
Thing with videogames, theres no good school anywhere to learn how to make these, it's just with the experience. You just gotta go and start working, and stop relying on some fantasy there's a place that will just magically put you at some well known studio. Go to job fairs, send your portfolio, do gamejams - this is how you build your connection and learn enough to earn a job.

If you maybe reveal what country you are from and what career exactly you want to pursue in arts I would be able to help you a little better.

No. 581921

File: 1594339743481.jpeg (231.79 KB, 750x793, 21A1FD21-4CC6-4CE2-B833-FE5760…)

That symmetry tool……

No. 581928

And this is why you don’t use it lmao.
Also rip TD saying that nothing bad will happen this july, just gives her another excuse to not do commissions

No. 581983

At this point, on the off chance you’re not a troll trying to start shit, maybe the reason you can’t get a job in your area is this self defeating attitude. You talked a lot but all I can see is shallow justifications for why you can’t succeed which would magically be fixed if you were in the usa or calarts or whatever, which tells me that you’re likely overlooking opportunities because you don’t bother to look because “no big things are made outside of england and france”.

Honestly if you’re as whiny and grating about your field as you are in this thread no wonder you’re not being able to properly network, no one wants to work with someone with that mindset.

No. 582006

> His art is kinda repetitive but it's not even bad

Anon, please…

No. 582032

This is why she needs to stop being lazy and cutting corners. I feel like if you just you draw it out instead of relying on copy/pasting/symmetry tricks, it'll look a lot better but maybe I'm wrong? I don't know everything and maybe I'm just too used to drawing it out and not using that symmetry method because every time I tried, it always looked wonky but jeebers… That sketch is horrifying and it looks like the eyes are too close together.

>another excuse to not do commissions

Hold up are you serious? Does she not even work on her commission queue or is she just painfully slow with them?

No. 582034

File: 1594360693723.jpeg (60.23 KB, 600x511, 6892A34F-9092-417A-B4DC-478EE6…)

He’s also a secret adherent to rectionary brazilian right wing politics, people have receipts of him liking such pages on facebook, and talking in common dogwhistles like “brazil is going to become Venezuela”. His friends on twitter swear he’s not a bolsonaro supporter, but he also never spoke outwardly against him when every other non far right brazilian artist under the sun has (which passes the image that he’s staying quiet to keep getting profit from both sides, great for business but terrible for your reputation with your peers). Keep it in mind, this info has been rolling around for years in the brazilian art community as a lot of professional illustrators and twitter artists alike hate his guts, but he never really made an effort to dispel those rumors openly, however whenever that discussion gained more traction on twitter a couple of his close friends, some of who are also successful illustrators themselves, went around trying to white knight him. He also spoke at a panel on an LGBT centered art con about lgbt brazilian illustrators…. when his “lgbt claim” is that he is asexual (still dates girls though!). Man is cringe, There’s a lot more, some of the info I have is privately shared from people close to him and would be identifiable to me so I can’t say it, just know that his behavior sometimes is on par with the anime con artists at the weeb artists and musicians thread.

On the merit of his art: it’s bland and his linework is messy, even in professional illustrations. He does basic colouring and shading, then throws a noise filter on and that’s that. He’s been doing the teen titans as egirls schtick for years and people still lap it up, hence why he got the DC contract, they have recently hired a lot of people that are twitter popular, rather than properly trained comic book artists. I’d be lying if I said most people aren’t jealous of him getting this much money and high profile jobs over such lackluster skills, but the illustration industry is not based on merit, but mostly privilege and luck.

Pictured is one of the illustrations he was comissioned by coca cola to do which were run as digital ads. It has the care and polish of something slapped together in an afternoon. He was probably paid a ton of money for it too, coca cola usually never partners with illustrators in Brazil, can’t say I expected anything different though.

No. 582037

Canada has lower wages for animation because the Animation Guild/ the Animation & VFX Union isn’t in Canada and so doesn’t have the power there to regulate the wages between studios like it does in the US (but there are branches in other countries like in the UK). This was also a lulusketches video a while back, she explains the common wages in animation but in the US you have the union as protection as a worker

No. 582046

I have to agree. While I do like his portrayal of Raven (not so much the other Titans), I can see why his style would appeal to people and how some comic studios would be interested in his work. Compared to some of the other stuff I've seen in these threads, it's nowhere near the worst I've seen, boring and repetitive sure, but not ugly.

E-Girl? I feel like he made Raven look more hipster-ish but still having some oodle of occult undertone. I mean sure it's an overdone style but what could you see picture Raven wearing if she had an every day wardrobe? lol

You may not watch Kids Cartoons but Teen Titans, at least the show is a fairly older one, like early 2000s and se. I'm gonna assume that maybe you're younger but the show was quite popular for those of us who were in middle school to high school during the years of 2003-2006 when the show was relevant. And seeing that the artist is in his mid 20s if I'm not mistaken, he probably grew up watching it.

That's quite a lot about him. The asexual thing is cringe I will agree but I dunno man, I think I'm pretty indifferent to his art because when it comes to media studios, they don't really care how good it looks, just if it can attract attention from the average watcher. I mean look at the Total Drama Island franchise, the art is shit but yet it still was successful lol.

No. 582050

So I'm watching Twisted Disaster's video about her relationship and around 3:20 of the video she talks about how she had her wedding on a Monday and how her family was beyond annoyed with that.

I only bring this up because I remember in a previous video she mentioned how she was upset with her family about how not all of them showed up for the Wedding day but she didn't add the context of it being held on a Monday in that older video. All I can say is what the fuck did she expect? Who the fuck has a wedding on a Monday? I get she wanted it to be fall on a special date number but fuck, you can't get upset if you picked it on a day that most people have to work on and may not be able to call off. Eugh anyway, sage for irrelevant shit, it was just another case of lack of self awareness on her part of a video that should have been inoffensive lol.

No. 582055

What the fuck is that thumbnail

No. 582074

He has a huge following with young people, and with DC making an effort to draw in new younger audiences it makes sense to hire a person who became wildly popular for making fanart of their characters with gen Z aesthetics. As far as I know the raven comic was competently done, but nothing special (but let’s be honest most of DC isn’t high art either). Anons here hate it, but the truth is that you’re often hired based on aspects unrelated to your sheer technical skill (connections, self marketing, money, social media following, identity politics, optics, the place you live, etc), and the mainstream part of the industry prefers the more mild and palatable aesthetics. They also just tend to hire people based on their reliability as a worker, so even if you’re a genius you don’t get very far without work ethics.

By the way, the info I posted is widely known in the artist circles as he is one our most popular social media artists, but this is mostly kept in contained private discussions, and when it happens openly its small scale and in portuguese. For context on the bolsonaro thing, brazil is a much more politically charged country than the us, in the usa until recently you could stay neutral and say “I’m not voting” and people wouldn’t care much, but as the entirety of latinamerica has a heavy and violent political past with democracy struggles, everyone is constantly stressed out about parties and voting, and the “potential dictatorship” card is played heavily by both sides of the political spectrum. So for one of our most prominent social media artists with a huge platform with international contracts with dc and coca cola and what have you to stay basically quiet for (assumed) the sake of profit when everyone and their mom had manifested about the antidemocratic homophobic president (remember the asexual lgbt panel?) and then release a 3 year late milquetoast apology when the situation turned truly dire with COVID19… let’s say a lot of people, particularly artists, were airing things out openly on the timeline that day.

Do not get me wrong though everyone wants to get paid in sweet sweet dollars so that just aggravates their dislike of him, but with culture and national art industry context in mind I think not all, but a lot of it is warranted. He doesn’t need to worry however, he made it international so the way he’s been playing the reputation game is probably the safest one with long term career achievements in mind. Big corporations don’t care if some illustrators in brazil secretly dislike you or if you’re not politically immaculate, as long as you’re not a liability and they have something to gain from you that’s all they need.

No. 582128

I hope P5cezaria gives more shitty takes on the HK protesters. All this time I thought she was a native Hong Konger when it turns out she's a mainlander larping as an HK and calls the protestors "terrorists" and that the Chinese HK police haven't killed anyone. She was always a privileged cunt but now she has milky potential.

No. 582173

No. 582177

All I can say is that thank god someone else properly explained the trauma side of this whole event. Is the work disgusting? Yes, I would never want to see it on my dash. But Shannon’s handling of it, denouncing that trauma would lead to people drawing their experiences is pretty gross.
I pray one day that she’ll be sued by a multitude of sources, because she isn’t like South Park which (mostly) pokes fun at things, she takes it to a personal level of exposing people to an audience, and withholding them in a negative light.

No. 582181

I think stwawbwewymilk is just into pedo and bestiality porn and the trauma is made up so he can draw it without getting lynched by twitter lol

No. 582185

I mean, to be fair, people’s trauma can turn in an obsession or kink- which is really unfortunate

No. 582190

If it’s really just trauma art you can easily just not put it online where it can hurt others or be (understandably) misconstrued.

No. 582200

fuck stawbewymiwk and fuck his twaumatic past he apparently can only get over by making kawaii child porn

No. 582206

what lingo are you referring to? Most gay lingo I've heard is obnoxious, but not rapey

No. 582216


No. 582231

File: 1594404316026.jpeg (183.44 KB, 1200x675, A842D44F-12CF-4FC2-8769-2FEF62…)

when i saw him in the top hat i immediately thought of inner circle members kek

No. 582240

i just mean like the lingo the validate pun is based on, that you need to tell everybody everything is valid all the time. i've seen the idea that you're a bigot or need to "unlearn" your preferences if you don't want to date somebody propagated a lot. on the far end of this you have the "suck my girldick assholes" but i just find this whole idea that you need to constantly question who you're attracted to and to basically ignore your instincts to be gaslight-y as fuck. like if you know you're not attractive maybe work on that instead of guilting and threatening people into liking you.

No. 582243

Lmao, Google doc full of bullshit.
I was already skeptical when it tried using random Tumblr posts with absolutely no sources as "evidence", but then it went on to cite Psychology Today and David Ley, the same "sources" that run the retarded, psuedoscientific cycle of "Porn is healthy!! No such thing as sex or masturbation addiction!!" articles and ignore the effects on the human brain, as well as the human trafficking in the porn industry.
One of them (the researcher interviewed in the PT article) literally claims "kinky people" are a "minority" the same way LGBT people are. It's complete garbage. I was gathering articles to debunk this whole mess at first, but then I realized this isn't even about facts, it's just degenerates coping hard and trying to guilt people. Plus, more people will end up reading the doc and taking it at face value anyway.
I'm so tired of cumbrained "kinksters" latching onto CSA victims and LGBT people to try and force the world to encourage their disgusting sexual tastes. If you're truly "not hurting anyone", how difficult is it to shut the fuck up and keep it to yourself? Why does everyone have to participate in your exhibitionist-tier BS?
Fuck Aggy, fuck 4Lung, fuck anyone who puts "PEAR" in their bio, fuck "MAPs", fuck dd/lgfags, and fuck any "woke" brainlets who defend this bullshit.

No. 582248

File: 1594405635992.png (134.27 KB, 1310x885, Untitled.png)

lmao, so i checked up on this vid and the top comments are all calling her out for clickbaiting and being uptight about the price. DIdn't she complain a while back that her analytics weren't good? This is why, her audience is getting annoyed.

No. 582256

What is PEAR?

Yeah, I’ve seen people put elements of their trauma in art before but it’s usually either sad themes or something abstract. Straight up drawing that CP type of shit all the time wouldn’t be healthy, it would be wallowing.

And even if it was really trauma related and not a sick fuck pedo it’s still not ok to put it on the internet. You don’t get to whine about people side eyeing your nasty ass drawings that you put out there

No. 582257

I love you anon

No. 582272

"PEAR" is "pro expression, anti regression", an acronym/sort of movement created by 4Lung regarding any and all kink. It's typically used by self-proclaimed "MAPs".
>Yeah, I’ve seen people put elements of their trauma in art before but it’s usually either sad themes or something abstract. Straight up drawing that CP type of shit all the time wouldn’t be healthy, it would be wallowing.
Exactly. Trauma-based art isn't the same as the shit these people draw, but they're banking on no one calling them out on their bullshit and it's nauseating.

You too anon

No. 582281

late but minorities who want a dating game representing their ethnicities deserve better than that

No. 582401

Drawfags get in here! I wanna see more dope MS Paint >>>/m/98544

No. 582404

>friendly anon wants us to all enjoy art together
>Cunning anon wants to recognize the style of artists that lurk here to call us all out for being meanies

No. 582417

Kek definitely the former anon. I doubt we can decipher your identity from MS Paint scribbles. You can always claim copycat.
I just think it’s a neat accessible idea to boost creativity and original content in lolcow.

No. 582422

Lowkey looks like only one person did all these…

No. 582472

>Join /ic/'s draw art daily thing
>It's been less than a week and an admin is already having a colossal meltdown
And I'm not even in the Discord! For fuck's sake, why is it so hard to find artists that are both actively drawing and not mentally ill? I just want a good art community.

No. 582480


>good art community

Someday, anon, someday, not today, not tomorrow, not in a few decades…. but someday. Just keep dreaming anon, never let that dream go away.

No. 582485

nta but it's at least two people, since all I know is some drawings are mine and some are not mine, lol.
I actually was the one who started the thread to share my current hobby (doing one no-pressure drawing a day) and to help people find something fun to do in quarantine. I post around once a day, since it is my hobby. It's awesome to see other people participating and enjoying themselves too, however many there are.

No. 582658

Anon did you really think /ic/ was gonna have a good art community? Come on now. Also good luck finding anyone without a mental illness on a chan board.

No. 582727

File: 1594492280583.png (2.35 MB, 1421x2229, 2020-07-11 23.20.14.png)

Can anyone well-versed in digital art tell me if this person is drawing every individual pore or is this a brush of some sort? Because the pores disappear at the hands etc. I only work with traditional so I'm really confused. Must've taken a long time if it's not a brush.

No. 582728

it looks like the op just put a cute fliter over a kpop photo

No. 582733

They might've just photobashed it

No. 582736

with the amount of people passing off shit as art when they are just slapping filters and other such shit i'm not even sure if it's drawn, but if someone was drawing something very realistic like this they would definitely use a brush or use a pore texture over the skin, doing all that individually is stupid.

No. 582740

a k-pop photo wouldn't have as many pores and details, so i'm assuming it's actually drawn, but they used a brush/filter for the pores to make it look more realistic.

No. 582744

Thanks anons, those points make good sense. I've never seen skin texture brushes this realistic so I was taken aback.

No. 582784

get photo
filter > noise > median (the ear is a dead giveaway)
then paint the details back in
pores are just a scatter brush

No. 582799

I think Bluesatan has brushes for skin texture and pores available for sale, so it might be that.

No. 582818

File: 1594504863961.jpg (112.63 KB, 1080x1350, xF4oSso.jpg)

I follow Mary, she has all these brushes for sale as part of a set, and if you're a patreon she gives you lessons and shoutouts. She also does livestreams drawing and I'm pretty confident it's not just a photo edit.

There are plenty of digital artists who create specific brushes for pores and skin textures, although, imo, it's sometimes too much, and more deatail sometimes make it look less realistic.

No. 582826


It's wild y'all actually think this is an edit when you can see the lil details are all slightly off once you zoom in. Like the eyelashes are too thin, the hair too painterly, the pores wouldnt be found on an actual photo of a Kpop star and are all kinda uncanny valley-esk. Also lmao at the person who mentioned the noise layer. They're pores, not different colored pixels!

Just because some of you are too lazy to ever paint something this realistic (which looks kinda ugly IMO too much detail in weird places) doesn't mean everyone is. Portrait realism is so common too lol

No. 582830

> eyelashes are too thin, the hair too painterly

Because they painted ontop of the filtered photo.

No. 582836

get off your high horse faggot, there are a shit ton of people doing shitty photo edits and passing it off as art, and why the absolute fuck would i zoom in to tell whether or not it's a painting? also of course you can use a texture layer for pores, no idea why you are calling it a noise layer. you yourself don't seem to have any knowledge of this, maybe you are too lazy to paint realistically.

No. 582837


What is it with these artists painting beaten up people in tears and smeared make up. It‘s a weird trend for some time now. (And it‘s not emo kids with their uwu sadness imho. Bc they usually don’t look like someone hit them in the face.)

No. 582839

I'm super late to this but jesus fucking christ this video made me cringe. I haven't heard of her before and have no idea of her background (please don't tell me she has a real art degree because I refuse to believe it) but she seems to have made literally no research on this subject and only offers a test run of "let's see how this single stroke works on my canvas, lol" that basically shows nothing, complete with "lmao i think this cheap one that's completely different shade for comparison is a prettier shade!!!!". How about testing how they blend together compared to the cheaper ones? Introducing what technical, professional benefits they have over more affordable options? Their longevity? Talking about how they are made other than "handmade"? She basically bought a $200 set just to say "lmao don't get this it's not worth it!!!" like some beginner painter was going to spend that amount of money on their gear to begin with. I actually clicked on the video because it was in my youtube recommendations and I wanted to hear the educated details on what makes this paint so expensive and what functionality quality oil paint has in general and all I got was a shitty middle school doodle level painting in the end. I'm personally offended by this. It's insulting to the work that went into creating these high quality paints.

And why does she keep on bitching about the lack of black paint? Professional artists don't need fucking black pigment, you're supposed to get dark shades by mixing others together, this is fucking color theory 101. Also fuck those annoying lolsorandum cutaways. Jesus they got annoying.

No. 582842

File: 1594508459033.png (260.13 KB, 469x469, kshit.png)

>Also lmao at the person who mentioned the noise layer

this person? >>582784
salty cause I called out your tricks, or just dumb?
median reduces noise, not adds it.

No. 582844

and before anyone starts saying it doesn't look like a painting, no shit. it's the base, you paint the details on top.

No. 582846

This was based on a performance look that this dude did. Make up and weird eye feather and all. I actually really like the bruises and smeared makeup stuff. It's just an aesthetic. Although sometimes it can veer off into a Harley quinn suicide squad look, which isn't that great.

No. 582849

Rae has a degree in oil painting, says she's the queen of colored pencils (as a joke?..). Go look at her channel she has a video calling out "the haters" and looking at her old art. She has her own thread in snow too.

No. 582855

For once waffles draws girls that don't look so ugly. It is sad cuz her videos are somehow not fun for me since she now just sketches and doesn't even color anything these days…. Apparently sitting poses are the most difficult? lmfao

No. 582858

>degree in oil painting
You're fucking kidding me anon, what college did she graduate from? Podunk University for the artistically impaired? I took only a few classes on oil painting in high school and even I was tearing my face at this dumbass fucking video, I physically can't understand how she's completely oblivious to so many standard practices. The overall tone in the video was bratty and annoying in general but this just made it a whole lot worse.

I also checked her art and woof, this is quite literally every freshman year art chick drawing "artistic" uncanny portraits from bust up and eyes. I guess she's not doing anything nasty or awful but uneducated videos like this just drive people off from improving and teaches them not to appreciate the humongous amount of work that goes into creating quality art supplies and what benefits they have and when you should be using them. Gonna go check out her thread though, this should be a good read.

No. 582867

I don't understand how it took another 11 hours to go from pic 2 to pic 4. I wonder if this artist charges per hour and is lying about duration; surely a texture brush could take it from 1-2 hours to final much faster than that. And they literally sell a brush set.

No. 582869

Sorry I can't read, there's 13 hours in between pic 2 and 4.

No. 582873

There's definitely a branch of "I spent so long on this thing that looks like a filtered overpainting $500 please" so there's obviously a vested interest in pretending it was all from scratch and took so long uwu

No. 582881

She doesn't do commisions to my knowledge, she does sell prints though. She's also currently living with her family, so she says that it's hard for her to work and concentrate so that may be it. Not to simp, but she also is actually nice, I've seen people be pretty rude to her in live streams and she never gets mad or pissy about it. That's one of the reasons I unfollow a lot of artists, their attitude is grating after a while.

No. 582882

With the black colour paints, I think she half-way acknowledges that it isn’t necessary, but doesn’t recognize or explain To the audience that black paint isn’t essential and that she’s just being lazy for not making her own(especially when she has the tools to make her own)

No. 582896

File: 1594514761202.png (896.12 KB, 594x592, drawwaffles.PNG)

Why is it so hard for some anons here to believe that some people work hard to make their art look how they want it to and are really good at it as a result.

Not even defending Marys_artwork, but it's not unbelievable that someone could be that good at photo-realism without cheating.

I know waffles must be going through some shit right now with her parents and the whole corona shit (considering she's has some kind of auto-immune disease), but all of her videos feel so boring. I hope she's able to make more interesting stuff once all of this is over. Even if it's just some studies like the stuff she posted on her insta, pic-related.

No. 582898

why is it so unbelievable for you that there are so many people, specifically on instagram at that faking shit that it's normal to be suspicious?

No. 582902

It's not. In fact, I remember an artist getting exposed in a past thread for just putting filters over photos and passing it off as art. But, there are definitely tons of artists out there who are talented enough to do photo-realistic art. It's just kinda stupid to me to assume an artist is cheating and scamming people because of the kind of art they do. That's just my opinion though.

No. 582920

File: 1594519425912.png (64.55 KB, 1425x752, Capture.PNG)

No kidding, lesson learned. Even the girls there are fucking messes. Look at this anon's insane requirements list to join their secret special Discord and tell me this isn't insane.

No. 582937

Says the person who makes wonky ass art lmao

No. 582966

File: 1594528699383.jpeg (387.54 KB, 1242x1171, F135954F-1FCD-41E7-831F-FA1194…)

fucking furries man

No. 582972

Not to beat a dead horse and bring up the fucking price arguement again. But this is… If someone buys this, then good for the artist I guess.

No. 582983

>Who the fuck has a wedding on a Monday?
People who don't want to pay the exorbitant weekend rental space fees. (No idea who this person is btw, not defending them, I've just known people who've done something similar)

If it had to do with a specific date I would've just like, gone to the courthouse and gotten married on that day and then thrown a fun reception party some other weekend. The anniversary would still be that date, people are weird about wedding traditions though. sage for ot

No. 582984

What fucking losers holy shit

No. 582985

They have to have their own safe space because everyone fucking hates fujos. They really are the female neck beard. I wonder if Tobi will join lol

No. 582987

I forgot the best part about this. You see how the poster's name is "Va" and not "Anonymous"? It stands for Virtual Anon. This loser had a fucking virtual boyfriend, like some rando probably in Brazil or India was getting paid to pretend to be this girl's boyfriend and they'd text all the time. If that wasn't bad enough, she had the name and photo in her contacts as her anime husbando.

No. 582989

Dont hate the player, hate the game.

No. 582990

are y'all like missing a zero reading this?? these prices are fucking outrageous. blah blah everything is subjective, if people pay it good for the artist, whatever - that's literally insane. sage for being absolutely flabbergasted.

No. 582993

Agreed, i understand that furries spend ludicrous amounts on art and shit but 2 of those options are literally double what most fursuits cost.

No. 582994

Clearly they don't want furries asking for commissions, unless they're willing to shell out their entire asshole or the super rich whales. Fair to me. The artist has 1k patrons as a furry artist, they can have their fuck-you prices.

No. 583004

Yeah, that's what this reads as to me, too. The artist is being asked to do commissions, they don't want to offer commissions, we all know that won't stop furries from asking anyway, so they just have ridiculous prices instead. Now the people who REALLY want a commission can have one.

No. 583013

Spontaneous cow nickname appreciation post.

Lazy Jae
Didn't Holly and Kacey have one too??

Anons add more if you can remember

No. 583023

What parts of these are "insane" requirements? ID/Voice verification for female only discords is standard practice today because so many trannies and undercover men have infiltrated and ruined them from the inside. Purges for the inactive members are reasonable because some people join just to lurk and leak shit forward. Overall this seems to have strict measures to keep out the retarded woke content police Aidens who love picking up a fight and pick up the canceling pitchforks if someone draws something they don't personally like. Ngl I'd join this discord right away, too many have been ruined by nonexistent moderation and ineffective measures of keeping troons, scrotes and twitterfags out.

This is what cancel culture literally made communities into, you have to jump through so many hoops just to meet likeminded people you can trust.

No. 583031

First, the fact that all users who are interested in joining are required to provide all of this information, yet we don't know anything about the person running this thing. They could be a scrote or troon for all we know. Especially on fucking 4chan.

Additionally, you have this Discord being created inside of an already existing community. If you want a girls only art Discord, cool! Make a separate thread for that, don't just take over another community's general and start advertising.

I get the desire for all of the verification steps, but it turns people off from applying (that's a lot of shit to do just to get into a 4chan Discord), so that Discord is going to be dead on arrival (which it already seems to be).

No. 583032

Yeah lately her content feels very boring. I end up skimming most if not all of the video….Like at this point she probably only posts to keep the engagement needed for getting money. I feel no passion in her videos from this year, Even those painting studies you show look better that the finished stuff for her videos

No. 583037

>don't just take over another community's general and start advertising.
Reading the thread in which this was originally posted to had literally mostly scrotes and trannies being legitimately asspained that there would be a female-only discord so I have high doubts of people being sincerely ~concewned uwu~ about it being a phishing attempt. And I think it's appropriate to announce a DaD discord in the general thread because some women in there voiced their annoyance at being singled out at a male-dominated mixed-sex server and it's the best way to reach them. They even allowed you to blur out your face and personal details on the ID so what would they do with a blurred out ID with no personal details other than your gender? You'd only be providing your gender and voice to join. That's a pretty low bar to hop over for the people who really want to join and does the difference of keeping the unnecessary garbage out. If you just sent an invite link to anyone requesting you'd soon have 80% lurkers fishing for free drama and/or suffocating the discussion with their hurt feelings. I say this as someone who owns a moderately sized discord and I wish I did this exact shit right in the beginning.

No. 583059

Reading your reply makes me see it from the other side. Thank you for taking the time to explain your thought process. I guess that does make a lot of sense. I wish you good luck in running that Discord. It’s like a full time babysitting job once you get over 100 members, I swear.

No. 583075

god stop posting your commission prices sperges you actual 14 year old retards. these are prices for people with income, not you guys who only have pocket money for snacks. this is why i hate the commission market and never will seriously consider it as a job, there are just so many whiny bitches who don't understand supply and demand, and that some people have bills to pay.

No. 583082

>No MTFs
Based. The rest of this is far too much work all for some cartoon gay porn, though, lmao.

No. 583083

You autists really can't read the tone huh?
And so what if this was unironic? No one is forcing anyone to pay. Art is a luxury.

No. 583089

Some of the replies suggested that the creator of the discord server is male

No. 583132

>”my name is ____ and I love my husband”
People really think this isn’t some guy larping?

No. 583155

Lmao all of his replies are Twitter teens and college students who have never taken an economics class before in their lives. I’ve never had to see supply and demand be so agonizingly explained to people in any community other than the online art commission market. All the socialists and commies not understanding what a free market is and that it allows you to laugh at this furry and commission an artist who sells their time for less than minimum wage. I think it’s because they are projecting a superiority complex onto him, that he thinks he’s better than everyone else because he charges so high, when in reality he draws degenerate furry art and most likely doesn’t want to sift through the kinds of depraved requests if it didn’t pay him handsomely too. I mean, I really don’t want to sound pretentious but some of the people in the replies really should take an art history class while they’re at it. One said they would only pay for a Picasso at these prices? As if his work doesn’t go for millions, lmao. Or the people discussing gallery artists as if it’s the same market with the same audience. All in all, an entertaining shit show that exposed his account and work to thousands of people. It’s everyone’s right to think his prices are ridiculous and take their business elsewhere, but the lengths people go to oppress themselves over art is truly something. Calling it classist gatekeeping, acting as if all of his fans are entitled to having their own personal commission fulfilled because art is charity work now. We live in a society

No. 583158

Samefagging just to truly drive in the message that the average consumer on Twitter has absolutely no idea on how to value art. They have no concept on what art is or should be worth, they barely understand the value of service based jobs in general (such as the comparisons to plumbers and lawyers with no basis for how those careers are trained or function, and the exonerate this lack of understanding exceedingly well). This is why so many artists sell their art for less than $10, or why people come into this thread to cry and complain about someone charging $25 for a full body commission. Sure, I and many others wouldn’t pay this man thousands for his art, but there clearly are people who are willing to pay it and that’s what gives him the gumption to price it the way he does. Value for art is about the supply (which is why many dead artists work are so highly valued and sought, they will never produce new works again), the notoriety (known artists will always be able to charge more), the style (most people admire a specific artists style and pay for their vision, otherwise they can outsource their work to anyone), the skill, expertise, vision, and so on. Art is so hard to price because of all the factors that are considered, and the different markets. The online commission market is an absolute joke, but so is the gallery market. Value isn’t inherent and is subjective, but none of the replies are aware of that notion. They see a big price tag and assume everyone will think the same as them, probably from being too used to underpriced artists advertising their $3 kofi emergency commissions. It’s ouroboros eating itself, people become acclimated to these prices, then artists set these prices because they’re scared they won’t get work otherwise, and then the cycle endlessly continues because people neglect educating themselves on art and economics. This isn’t even about this furry in particular at this point because his prices are cartoonishly high for this particular market, but I’m just appalled by the attitudes most people have in regards to art. It’s as if art is valueless to the majority, while still being highly desired to the point of people entitling themselves to it and whining over it. Fucking bonkers

No. 583159

There’s also something about commissioners that deem artists unworthy of their living or their prices if they aren’t scraping to get by. Artists can apparently only charge enough for rent and utilities in a shut apartment, and if they ask for more then they’re greedy bastards preying on their poor audience who are all obviously held at gunpoint to purchase commissions. They have this complex that they are saving artists from poverty or something lol

No. 583220

File: 1594574971188.png (506.78 KB, 762x549, Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 1.26.…)

i'm so late on posting this bc i forgot about it but this NEEEDS to go here. this has to be the worst sailor moon redraw i've seen yet. literally all of the rest of this girls instagram @krisssstyp is shitty pinterest instathot matte paintings/paint overs on procreate (same shit like heymaryjean, bluesssatan, every other shitty instagramthot artist), this is the only thing she's ever posted that isn't that procreate hyper realism style.

not surprised if this is how she actually draws when not tracing a reference photo for photo realism. shit is uncanny valley as fuck

No. 583223

holy shit girl calm down

No. 583224

File: 1594575864479.png (2.04 MB, 3512x3272, Oh youre one of THOSE.png)

So I've been following the development of Lovesick (which is supposedly supposed to be better than YandereSimulator EVENTUALLY) and this is the design of the protagonist drawn by I guess their lead artist? I'm not sure if I can find their social media but…

No. 583228

this just reads like the next upcoming yanderedev, except female and somehow even more of a delusional artist. kek at the 13 year old deviantart level "it's mah style!" excuse. wtf does that have to do with boob size? moron

No. 583229

Those tiny ass feet her style too?

No. 583232

File: 1594576598296.png (27.72 KB, 723x267, Screenshot_10.png)

No. 583243

I can't believe people are still making "uwu anime schoolgirl holding a knife but smiling because she's crazy xD" after all these years

No. 583246

File: 1594578308273.jpg (394.33 KB, 1079x1031, Screenshot_20200713-042900_Dis…)

No. 583249

The way she's holding the knife looks incredibly painful. Hands don't bend that way naturally.

No. 583253

Despite how ugly this is, at least it's more unique and interesting than the original Ayano of Yandere Sim, which is literally a stock anime girl "placeholder" who will all know will be kept permanently. This one has some personality at the very least.

No. 583261

Artist can't settle on a style, anime done realistically is always horrifying.

No. 583262

Preach. Professional artists sell their work for thousands a piece, even complete no-names go for $500-1500. You could never walk into an art gallery and buy a commissioned portrait for $35 like you could online, and you could never buy graphics from a web designer for $15. I legitimately feel bad for some talented artist who only charge $60 for a 20-hour work and most of the time the client attempts to haggle the price even lower or straight out scam the artist out of free commissions.

It doesn't even look like anime, it looks like an aborted calarts fetus that watched one anime series in 2007 and tried to draw the influences from memory.

This image is simply funny because it's true. A lot of furries work in highly paid tech positions and have a ton of disposable income to blow on luxuries like art. Dropping $500 on an illustration of their perverted wolf OC getting a blow job from a deer while wearing diapers is like buying a coffee or a nice shirt to someone who earns 80-120k a year and has a side hustle with bitcoins. If you want to make real money with art your best bet is to target furries because they're always willing to pay up, but remember there's a reason why so many artists list "no furries/anthro" on their commission rules. But if you have no problem with the sickest fetishes and obsession they'll develop over you then go for it I guess.

No. 583274

Why don't these people ever just commission good artists to draw sprites for them?

No. 583276

Because art is like…subjective

No. 583278

File: 1594582099358.jpeg (139.79 KB, 720x686, 21E734AE-C562-411F-9363-DAAE3C…)

This thread is hilarious

No. 583281

Oh my gosh, sorry, I came back to this thread after awhile and I realized I didn't have to write an entire essay on this lol
Exactly. And then artists lowball themselves for an audience who doesn't value art, and then blame themselves. Regardless of skill level or follower count, $35 or $15 is way too cheap for personalized work. But, all of this is relative to the market, and the market value for a lot of the communities these artists find themselves in (where the consumer can't fathom finding value in art), so there's very little anyone can actually do. I just wish the artists underselling themselves knew that it wasn't their fault. Online spaces are filled with idiots yelling about how digital art isn't worth $10 because they grew up learning about art on deviantart and neopets.

No. 583286

File: 1594583040293.png (85.59 KB, 600x723, Capture.PNG)

people still acting like having a low follower count is oppression because jen bartel or whoever the fuck wont rt their shit art


No. 583287

Damn, the amount of randos popping into these forums saying their favorite word is kinda repetitive. I’m starting to wonder if anyone has actually taken them seriously

No. 583296

It's literally not about follower count, though. 20K followers won't do shit for you if they're all broke high school kids, but 5K followers when a good amount of them are working professionals with disposable income will do you just fine.

I don't want to get bloggy, but I have significantly less followers than one of my art friends with great social media numbers. Our art appeals to different groups. They do lots of fanart, I do more normie-friendly watercolor stuff. I have no issues getting freelance gigs, they struggle to fill up their commission slots. It has nothing to do with their skill level. They're great, but it just wouldn't make sense for them to drop their commission prices to double digits just to get some kids who need a payment plan for a $50 commission, you know? Pinterest Jessica on the other hand will easily shell out the money for a me to paint her baby's birth flower and do some pretty gold brushwork on the name. Plus even if you do get these bigger artists retweeting (I almost said reblogging, kill me) your stuff, their followers are probably just as fucking broke as yours are if you're both drawing MHA and Haikyuu all day. I sympathize with this artist. They're probably not making a lot to begin with, the pandemic definitely hasn't helped, but this anger is misplaced. You need to fix your target audience.

No. 583301

you said it perfectly, they're all too obsessed with status to see it

i've watched some youtube videos where pros talk about how work didn't just come to them and that they did research and emailed a bunch of potential clients and companies with a proposition and portfolio. you get rejected a lot this way but it's how the pros do it

No. 583302

holy fucking run ons batman, sorry im tired as fuck

No. 583305

Exactly! I hate how there’s people just sitting there, expecting to get a crowd of clients that are somehow willing to spend their money on their art stuff. They have to go the extra mile and contact their possible clients or they might as well just rot in a corner.

No. 583307

I think this is a good part of the reason why it's so difficult for me to connect with other artists. Literally EVERY career path is going to involve you reaching out a bunch and getting rejected a bunch, it's how it works. No biggie. A lot of artists expect the world to recognize their greatness or whatever and will have an anxiety attack/mental breakdown/whatever if they don't succeed on the first try. For fuck's sake, if you're so desperate for money that you don't have the time to fail, consider getting a day job at Target or something in the meantime.

No. 583309

>For fuck's sake, if you're so desperate for money that you don't have the time to fail, consider getting a day job at Target or something in the meantime.
for real, this. some of the comments were even saying that they know they arent good enough for commissions yet and thats why they price so low…..like if you know you arent good enough for commissions, why are you doing them? go practice and get a part time job somewhere?

No. 583310

I used to have no social media following at all, not even any accounts on the big sites like Twitter and Insta. But I lived off of commissions from Pinterest and Facebook moms. It's all about fulfilling a niche, which is what every popular and/or professional artist does.

No. 583314

File: 1594586148010.png (29.2 KB, 580x262, Alexandria Neonakis on Twitter…)

No. 583316

i love what this furry fuck has unleashed onto art twitter! the girls are fiiiiighting!

No. 583321

she's a character concept artist for fucking naughty dog and these little twittershits with jojo pfps and deviantart base tier art are really trying to bitch at her for dare telling them to check their ego? fucking waaaa

No. 583322

I agree 100% with what she's said, especially as a fellow artist that has had to walk entitled art babies through everything holding their hands but she's coming off as super condescending and whiny with this rant and the replies. It's just going to evoke the opposite reaction of what she probably was looking for. She could've been a bit more adult with her wording and explaining how the industry works. Getting recognition is like 40% your hard talent and skill, 40% connections and networking and 20% sheer luck. Now this just reads more like as an entitled "git gud t. pro who has it made" bitchfit.

No. 583324

the amount of people sending her hate is actually pathetic. she didnt make the rules lmao idk why these bitches are so defensive.

No. 583326

I’m living for it. 100% of the people who I’ve seen whine about muh algorithm have shit content, not just artists but any content creators. It’s annoying and they sound entitled

No. 583327

they really want to be oppressed so bad…the reason why they don't get work or attention COULDN'T POSSIBLY be because there's something at fault with them! it MUST be everyone else that's the problem! part of being an artist is realizing your art isn't shit and then taking the steps to fix that, by studying and improving. if they aren't self aware enough for even that, then i don't need to see their artwork to understand why they aren't being hired.
i couldn't care less who this is or her as a person, i'm just glad that someone said that. a lot of these people really need harsh reality, and her thread was obviously not directed at great-but-undervalued artists. the majority of the small artists crying about having no followers are as the other anon said, deviantart base tier artists. and this is the least of what they would hear if they did have any attention lol. hearing you aren't good enough and rejection is daily feedback for professionals

No. 583333

This is not even true though. I have seen people with shit art have massive following for other reasons and people with really good art not even pass 500 followers.
That's like arguing that people like Trisha Paytas or Nick Avocado making a circus on camera have top quality content because people throw their money at them on onlyfans and they get loaded.

Take a stroll through IG and you will find many 12 year olds with huge followings compared to skilled artists because they draw easily digestible things, popular topics, art trends, jump into bandwagons or they make "relatable content" or virtue signal which is super popular right now.

A lot of the artists with massive followings I see in these comment chains I have never heard of before outside of their art discourse takes being shoved in my timeline for going viral… (not their art).
I think in a way this is a self serving cycle, to keep coming up with art discourse so all these people can gain followers over hot takes then act like it's solely due to their masterpiece art skill. Very ironic.

No. 583336

What you’re missing is that when you bring your art to social media, it’s less about the art than the marketing. I see great artists with tiny followings…. because they post once every 3 months and only have one sm account.

There’s art jobs where you don’t need to do all the marketing, the normal maybe less glamorous jobs that all these egotistical ‘artists’ don’t want or want to put the work into.

On social media, you are a content creator first, artist second. You have to have personality and marketing skills.

No. 583338

yeah but do they make money? are they being commissioned?

No. 583341

While I do think a lot of people whining about muh algorithm and not getting a decent coin from commissions being simply bad artists with a low skill level she's painting with a brush way too wide. Learning how to work the algorithm feeds and search engine optimization is crucial to gaining an online following. There's a reason why so many people put "What's your favourite x/experience with y?" style questions in their posts, it's meant to be the call to action mechanism to encourage the viewer to engage with the post for a bit longer whether it's staying focused on it or interact with it by commenting or liking. The algorithm is optimized to push the post with the most engagement to the top of everyone's feed.

If you want to get technical, this twitter thread she posted is a prime example of how to play the algorithms - say something controversial to make people engage with your post more be it retweets with comments or angry replies. It's going to be pushed to everyone's feeds for the next two days. The content matters as well, for example you need to avoid using certain words and overuse some others to trigger the algorithm. These are just a few basic examples of how they work and how much they affect a person's exposure. It's not as simple as just "be a good artist and put your work out there uwu". Social media algorithms are constantly criticized for favoring companies and names that already had a big following leaving others to fish for pennies. It's not just a bitter cope.

In addition to this a lot of people fail to see that the way most individual people become popular is through some of their work going viral by a stroke of luck and them being smart enough to continue striking the iron while it's hot. You could be a nobody who just posted a single art piece out of boredom or someone who has been trying to make a career for 10 years. It doesn't work so that you just keep drawing and improving and at the finishing line the universe grants you a great deal as a compensation for your effort.

>On social media, you are a content creator first, artist second. You have to have personality and marketing skills.
Exactly. And this is exactly what she's tip-toeing around in her rant. She keeps going on about how you just have to "improve and work hard" without ever mentioning how much it is based on your marketability except a small tidbit about "diligent self-promotion".

No. 583342

Not every online artist does commisions. Some just sell prints and merch + doing sponsorships. There's more ways to make money than just take commisions.
Not always. There are some artists who built up a pretty respectable following who are artists first, and simply use youtube and instagram as a platform, instead of it being their job. I'm not that active in the community, but someone like Lachri comes to mind.

No. 583343

If an artist does all their marketing right (and researches it), posts consistently, seeks work out by finding and emailing clients/companies, tries the routes of art that aren't twittertier style such as Etsy listings or Facebook mom groups or craigslist, even tries furry or NSFW art (which are the easiest art markets to find work for), price themselves as dirt cheap, and STILL can't find a single person to commission them? I think it's fair to say that they need a great deal of improvement.

And if they're good at art but not doing any number of the things I mentioned, or other methods that I didn't, then they need to work on those areas. If you want to be an online artist, you have to also improve your marketing skills, consistency, range, etc.

Also, a lot of industry professionals for movies, TV, and video games hire off of ArtStation, of which, none of these people could make it on if they want an industry job.

No. 583346

>The content matters as well, for example you need to avoid using certain words and overuse some others to trigger the algorithm.
I'm genuinely curious here so don't read snark into my post, but what words trigger the algorithm and which ones are to be avoided?

No. 583347

I wish she would tell the art subjectivists in the thread to have fun catering to the two people who pity-like their art

No. 583351

Swear words for a very elementary example. Dropping f bombs and such isn't allowed on a good christian social media site, Youtube removed monetization from videos overusing swear words altogether. So you have to be mindful of how the platform ranks you as a marketable brand. As for what words are favorable it sort of depends on the subject matter, usually they have to be popular search terms and keywords related to what you post and what your followers are looking up outside of your content. This is why companies have dedicated SEO teams researching their demographics and mapping how to attract their attention better, it's an actual science if you want to succeed.

No. 583352

That's the thing, we're at the center of a culture which insists upon monetizing everything. No one draws for themselves, but for the attention of it. So many teenage hobbyists open commissions without being prepared for it, because they think that's what an artist is supposed to do. If we aren't making money or gaining notoriety for our skill/hobbies/talents, then what good are they? We are only how we benefit the society, even the online one.

I understand the frustration with not finding work when you genuinely are trying to make art into a career, and all of the nepotism in the industry is exhausting, but there has to be a force outside of monetary gain or likes driving you to continue doing art. Otherwise, what's the point? If you want money, study STEM or finance. And if you want attention, become an instathot or facebook normie.

Why is it not enough to want to improve and be good at a skill for yourself? Even within the pursuit of a career in the field? Why must there be a reward for it all, and why are we entitled to it?

No. 583354

>That's the thing, we're at the center of a culture which insists upon monetizing everything.

There are hundreds of people writing, and painting, who are only doing it for themselves, they are probably just not posting on social media or trying to make a career out or it.

People need to eat, ya know. Of course people are going to try to make money off of things they're passionate about. The idea that monetizing your art strips it of it's inherant worth is nonsense.

No. 583358

>The idea that monetizing your art strips it of it's inherant worth is nonsense.
That's absolutely not what I was saying. I'm saying that people need something that's not attention or money to motivate them in continuing art and continuing the pursuit of an art career, because these careers aren't known for their ease or richness. Often, art careers ARE thankless. It seems as though a lot of people on twitter are very young and do art as a means to farm likes, or have unrealistic art goals of being the next millionaire patreon content creator. Why would someone go into a field that they have been told isn't very lucrative, that's known to overwork their staff, and is constantly undervalued if they need to eat? Because, hopefully, they love it. And if they love it, they can be happy with just creating even if nothing comes out of it.

No. 583360

Sorry, I want to clarify my last statement. I mean that even if you don't find success in the field, that all the time spent on honing your art should still feel worth it to someone who loves it.

No. 583362

All of this. Art as an industry is known for abusing its workers and underpaying everyone except the 1% cream of the crop who licked the right boots. You barely get rewarded and compensated for your effort and hard work. You absolutely need to have a drive other than money or fame to keep going because the chances of you making even a decent salary are as sure as a dice throw. If you're only in it for the money you might as well just ditch all your artistic integrity and start tracing or stealing ideas, drawing fetish porn, buying fake followers and pull other dubious tricks to make a quick buck.

No. 583372

lol she deleted all the tweets

No. 583376

File: 1594593726225.png (410.62 KB, 750x1334, 1594591909708.png)

>people with over 8k followers pretending to be smol artists

No. 583384

File: 1594595396885.jpeg (172.67 KB, 750x341, 95AC5447-478C-4B89-A0D8-07031A…)

This was kinda funny. Especially when you get the people who are like, “what about my oppression????”
Like, jfc that wasn’t at all what she was talking about

No. 583388

Ah ok, I misunderstood you. There are plenty of people that act like if you can't truly put a price on art, and if you do, you're selling out or something. Although I disagree that people can still be happy with only creating.
If you make art and no one really cares about it, it's normal to get demotivated. If you never planned to make a carrer out of it, you're less likely to get bummed when you don't have a lot of followers, but if it's something you love doing and are sharing with people, and people don't interact, it can be demotivating since external validation and love is really important for people, especially in regard to their passions.

Obviously you can still be proud of yourself, but chances are the fact that no one notices you is still really depressing. That's the reason there's so much tragedy porn about artists like van gogh, who weren't succesfull during their lifetime.

No. 583397

Lol I thought exactly this, how is 8k not a lot?

No. 583398

this is why i don't use that website. twitter is just(emoji)

No. 583415

Assuming their profile picture is something they have drawn then they must be delusional to think if the only reason they have not made it yet is because they are "oppressed"

No. 583418

Anyone know of SuperRaeDizzle on youtube? I came across one of her videos and … her art is really really bad. She has a shit load of followers and no skills to match. I'm not even an avid artist and have dropped it for years, but even my art is better.

No. 583419

I remember her being discussed before, yea.

No. 583421

she has a thread in snow


No. 583424

File: 1594601548001.jpg (36 KB, 647x659, 87f.jpg)

No. 583427

File: 1594602600441.png (259.29 KB, 537x626, 506ADCD1-7A2F-425A-B57E-1F9D11…)

Kek 1/2

No. 583429

File: 1594602692323.png (82.73 KB, 542x649, 66DE7F22-5662-4283-98D1-FCD0AE…)

Kek 2/2

No. 583431

What the fuck is that response please … don’t…… please..

No. 583434

That’s retarded, you got a new function which lets you almost block anyone you want and you can just… block people.

No. 583438

It’s amazing how many artists Who are using this tag, while having a massive following- I kinda hope they get called out because it’s really disingenuous

No. 583482

Literally only one person questioned her.


No. 583492

Farmers, are you fans of Daria Cohen's music vids? I'm excited to see the 6th one coming out, the trailer is fun!

No. 583536

I saw multiple popular artists posting under that #NobodyArtistClub tag and god it was frustrating. You're NOT a nobody if you're a professional artist with like 8-15k followers and consistently getting 200+ likes and RTs on your work, that's a sizable fanbase.

Holy SHIT what a dense dumbass.

No. 583544


she is crying now how she is getting harassed, pointing out that she does not belong in the tag is harassment?

No. 583550

File: 1594629473876.jpg (31.72 KB, 589x143, neonakis-apology.jpg)

aaaand it's gone. Fucking mind-boggling.

No. 583551

what a coward

No. 583561

this is so pathetic, it's like artists can't take criticism anymore or they take it way too personally. It shouldn't be bad to say SOME artists are BAD and need to improve if they want to do well.

No. 583576

File: 1594634885654.png (197.38 KB, 1244x900, Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 11.05…)

Feels pretty weird seeing this anger from a 33k account.

No. 583578

I personally think its to take them closer to the sweet sweet 10k mark and that's why they're using it.

No. 583580

i'm not saying that everyone is entitled to a big following, but it's honestly a gigantic dick move to put yourself in a hashtag about promoting smaller artists on a website that makes it really hard to get a following on unless you go viral or are an offensive little shit, when you already have thousands of followers.

No. 583593

I believe most people misunderstood the purpose of the tag. The creator said it was made for artists who are stuck under 10k followers, so I'm pretty sure what they had in mind are artist who do have a following but are struggling to reach that milestone. It's not really for small SMALL artists imo.

No. 583595

what an asshole

No. 583611

This person is pretty entitled themselves if they don't have to rely on good engagement to make a living. Some of these artists do this for a career.

No. 583702

I would off-handedly watch the shorts, when they show up in my recommendation, but wow, looks like her animating style is getting a lot better, good for her. I guess hazbin hotel isn’t an entire waste for the people working on it

No. 583715

Did anyone get screenshots of this thread? I think she came off very blunt in her initial tweet but it's the truth, if you're not good you won't make money doing art. Even mediocre artists like baylee jae have a technical grasp enough to create appealing pins and prints for her fanbase. It's not about being the best artist on artstation and having a million followers, it's about getting good enough to grab an audience (whoever that might be) that's willing to give you money to make art enough to live off of

No. 583722

who cares. it doesn’t even need to be said either as if she’s preaching to some choir. She knew the negative attention it was gonna bring and any attention is good attention amirite.

No. 583726

File: 1594659203960.jpg (119.4 KB, 880x880, 5bd2cfd562c95-10-Hilariously-I…)

I mean I agreed with her initial tweet too but also I've seen several creators who have a shitton of Patreon supporters despite looking like shit. Sometimes it also matters about who you market yourself to, and normies who don't care about technical skills will eat anything up as long as it's "relatable".

No. 583729

File: 1594659876180.jpg (317.09 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20200714-025939_Twi…)

Max Ulichney was sort of commentating on this shit earlier and I think this tweet sums it up the best. Social media and art are two different skills. Unskilled artists can enjoy popularity as long as they get real good at making the same mediocre algorithm bait daily. The whiny shitters on twitter can beat their fists all they want but no matter which way they look at it they have to improve at least ONE of those skills if they want to feed their narcissistic that badly.

No. 583773

File: 1594664825025.jpg (388.36 KB, 563x1171, ye48Yx1.jpg)

I unfollowed this artist on insta after seeing this story. I don't mind artist marketing themselves, or wanting more engagement, but throwing a fit and complaining that they aren't getting enough retweets and likes?

Sometimes it doesn't matter how talented you are, or how good of a person, you just won't ever make it big, that's just how it is. Seeing artists whine about shit like this is an immediate unfollow for me. Your not entitled to success, and even if you think you deserve it it might not ever come.

No. 583775


Looks like their face is wrapped in cellophane.

No. 583779

Ugh, ikr. I hate this trend where the artist just misplaces white highlights everywhere. Every person looks slimey.

No. 583783

Yikes. This isn't even that good, why the hell would it deserve 10k likes? I swear the people who just draw portraits copying from photographs are the most entitled fuckers in the scene, those gigantic watermarks she's using speak for themselves.

No. 583796

I agree, and I’m not trying to say it’s not natural to feel disappointed or upset by a lack of motivation. It some people are taking it to the extremes and think it isn’t worth it at all to go through the motions of improvement u less they get a lot of success or money from it, and if they don’t achieve that then they feel like there wasn’t a point in drawing or painting at all.

No. 583865

File: 1594674368607.jpeg (285.67 KB, 1083x1356, BD6B0949-A950-44A9-8949-9C89F2…)


Someone posted receipts on twitter of the thread.

No. 583867

File: 1594674428133.jpeg (337.86 KB, 993x1664, D8BBA5AC-B0CE-46C5-9D92-16369F…)

No. 583870

File: 1594674617873.jpeg (282.43 KB, 1127x1357, DB36A954-4C27-401F-9D5D-0815C9…)

No. 583884


She’s right tho

No. 583896

File: 1594677395037.png (66.19 KB, 480x388, IMG_20200713_165412.png)

Thank god somebody called it out

No. 583903

The whole thing was disingenuous anyway. It was started with someone with 4k followers who called themself a 'nobody' despite having a popular webtoon and everything. Hence why the weird 10k margin.

No. 583905

She's totally right, and got a lot of shit for it; but at the same time author of the hashtag didnt mean anything bad with it and got bullied also. Goddamn twitter HAS to chill, I'm sick of everything being ruined by holier-than-thou crusaders ready to ruin every discourse and every little initiative.

No. 583908

She's hit or miss. The scene she animated of Alastor in HH where he is singing/dancing is super floaty. He just doesn't feel like he has any weight or is connecting with the ground. You can see this in some of her other animated works, as well.
However, she can also put out a lot of really quality animation. So I'm excited for the finale.

No. 583916

Again, no. I guess the name is misleading but the hashtag WAS made for artists whose follower count is stuck under 10k so those with 6k-9k followers didn't hijack anything. There are other tags exclusively for smaller artists.

No. 583923

Lmao the people who call her snobbish and who say that her art is bad, never sat back and thought that maybe there IS a reason why she has a job in the industry, and why they don’t? (I’ve only seen small artists/those not in the industry respond to her comment, which makes it all the more ironic)

No. 583930

New video from Rae. Am I the only one whose a little put off by videos like these. She didn't do anything wrong or be nasty, but these videos just seem so lazy to me. She does one video a week, and in a whole week she couldn't test out more than 4 hacks from tiktok.

Not even things she came up with on her own. Whether she's crediting or shouting out the creator doesn't matter that much, when she's gonna get maybe a million views off a video filled with other people's ideas while they might on get a couple thousand more. It would make more sense for her to try these out on her own tiktok and promo the other videos, or give them shout outs on twitter. Imo, this isn't youtube video material, this is something more suited to twitter or insta.

No. 583932

File: 1594687226874.jpeg (242.39 KB, 1800x675, F2EA55DF-E342-41C8-86AA-C5CC94…)

From what my industry friend tells me, she’s married to the art director of Naughty Dog, John Sweeney. I’m not saying her art is bad or anything but she is speaking as someone who benefits from privilege. I don’t think she even addressed having connections in her tweets.

I think I’m just annoyed with industry people trolling the threads and blacklisting people who don’t agree with them. Like the person in the middle tweet probably isn’t even an artist but this attitude is pretty gross coming from so-called “professionals”.

No. 583939


She has connections because she prob. spent years cultivating them. If you can't take it don't dish it out. The middle person isn't gonna get hired anywhere if people in the industry see stuff like this on their socialy, established artists can afford to be snarky, they've cemented their place.

No. 583940

Question; this idea of artist priviledge, is it really that big a thing in the art community. Obviously it is if your planning on going in the industry and getting hired by companies, but freelance artists and social media artists don't really have anything to complain about. If your type of art isn't super popular, there's just not enough demand for your supply, right.

No. 583941

I have never even heard of "artist privilege". Last time I checked, being an artist isn't easy. If you don't sell out at least a little bit, and/or if you only care about making art for yourself, it will lead to you being a starving artist. If you get a job in the professional industry, it's no different from a 9 to 5 desk job.
All the while, everyone on Twitter is up your ass about if you're progressive enough or if you draw enough variety or if you draw certain races correctly.

No. 583944

There were a couple people above saying poc and lgbt artists had it rougher, and that cishet white artists had it easier, which i guess is true in an industry proffession, but not on social media exclusively.

No. 583946

no one can tell which artist is lgbt or not unless they check their bio for it or it's in their username.
as for industry, diversity hires are really, really big. that doesn't mean there isn't also discrimination or hardship in certain places, but from what i've seen, no one is more privileged in the art world

No. 583953


I agree that this is lazy. she's not really funny or interesting enough for videos like this to be entertaining. might as well just watch a compilation of tiktok art hacks and save yourself from having to listen to her "yas queen" bullshit

I remember a few years ago she used to make drawing tutorials and I felt like they were actually pretty useful for beginners. the low effort content is making her art stagnate

No. 583955

To be honest, it really should have been reserved to sub 5k artists, though. 5k+ can be considered a lot to a lot of people, and those kinds of artists usually get plenty of engagement as it is. 10k is merely a status symbol, and no one from 5k to 10k should complain about getting no attention or commissions since plenty of them do. The truly small artists are being drowned out for people who already have enough engagement to get them by (and most of them had already been growing quite steadily and were just getting impatient on their road to 10k+)

No. 583956

Industry-wise, yeah, there is more opportunities for the cis white Stereotype, but I’m not so sure about the privilege on an online presence as an artist, unless, as said before, not being chosen for projects or being dismissed when your race is identified. But then again, I think this time is better than any decade before to be a minority Artist

No. 583958

He sums it up well. The whiners don't want to hear it and can truly thrash around crying about how they're tired of big artists saying it, but it's true. No one should put all of their worth and eggs into the social media basket, it's incredibly hard to control even for seasoned marketers.

No. 583960

holy shit the entitlement here, to blatantly say that you DESERVE 10k likes is insane

it reminds me of all the people who would qrt or reply to their art and say "dont let this flop" it just comes off as begging for likes and attention

No. 583962

I think it's been even worse and neverending the last couple months because of corona and how many people are bored all fucking day and need something going on

No. 583964

Nepotism is the only privilege in the field that I can really think of, but it's prevalent in any single field. Having the privilege to connections or being able to afford to go to a good school known for building connections is a privilege. Or the rich people who can do art as a full time career right off the bat because they have the money to cover them until they can make it in the art world (this is especially true for gallery artists).

So most artistic privilege is directed at rich people, who have the money and connections to progress and ladder climb at an accelerated rate compared to normal people who have to work hard for connections or work a job do art after work or have to go to university for a more lucrative degree.

People having a large social media following is NOT privilege, no matter how many kids on twitter whine that it is. Most of those people had to work or play the social media game to earn those followers, it's not something given to them just by merit of being born.

No. 583965

reminds me of yuumei and saki or someone else saying in the comments that they both deserved front page on DA for their submissions on that day. totally turned me off them back then.

No. 583967

File: 1594692970339.png (1012.56 KB, 1410x687, Screenshot_4.png)

Any of you farmers doing Artfight this year?
the whole site is a shit show and one of their mods is bordering on cow, but hey, free art.

No. 583968


I am curious to know what’s going on, I haven’t seen anything?

No. 583973

>Full of furries and weebs,mostly furries

Yeah no

No. 583976

i try to but the site is always down on my end , i have no idea how can still be this shit when they get so much money of donations?

No. 583978

Participated a couple times, but the site is so fucking laggy and keeps going down every so often that I just got annoyed.

Plus, it's only really good if you're attacking your friends or you want to use it as a drawing warmup.

It's tedious to use for sure, I get why you need to fill in a shit ton of boxes for points but…eh.

No. 583986

The site is down all the time because 1 person coded the entire site, then they pissed him off so he quit + nobody knows what the fuck he was doing with his code. no amount of donation money can fix that

No. 584009

Opinions vary, but I think the biggest privilege is living/going to school in the same area as there's an industry. Trying to move from bum fuck nowhere to a city where there are proper galleries or studios is a challenge in and of itself.

No. 584044

they kinda right tho lmao

No. 584045

File: 1594711642230.png (495.01 KB, 1355x719, herohei.png)

has anyone here heard of hero hei? i used to be subscribed to him and agreed with his points but then eventually it became so obvious that he simps on the entire nation of japan that i unsubscribed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584047

She's right in this case but she also posts obnoxious shit constantly.

No. 584049

Really the only people I've seen enjoy this guy's stuff unironically up until now is a completely serious anti-sjw Deviantart group.

No. 584057

The name is misleading, "nobodyartistclub" at least to me implies that you're a literal nobody without a fanbase, i.e. someone with way less than 1000 followers and getting minimal engagement on their posts, like 30 likes 0 RTs tops. I have a hard time imagining someone with 8000 followers being a "nobody".

This. I swear the people benefiting from some sort of a lucky privilege, in this case their husband being an art director at the company, are always the smuggest fucking people about their success and always try to play it off like everyone else isn't just trying hard enough. Reminds me a lot about this another artist I know who got a position via her boyfriend and she's exactly like her. And by far not the only one either.

I mean there's nothing wrong with pulling strings because that's what you gotta do in this world but being dishonest about how you got where you are right now. Sperging about muh hard work when you got an industry insider rubbing your back is an all around bad look to have. Once more - she wasn't talking about hard work regarding bootlicking and networking, she was just implying that people who hadn't "made it" like she had were just incompetent artists who should spend more time practicing.

No. 584066

First of all you're not meant to write anything into the name box, leave it empty.

To answer to your question I don't like him too much. I do think that crunchyroll pushing an sjw dialogue in their dubs is cringe and people flipping their shit over anime tiddies is equally so, but this dude is basically an anti-sjw reactionary and I find him to be as biased as the group he claims to criticize, making a big deal out of things that really aren't. For example the dude makes videos on some rando twitter sjw getting offended over whatever as if it was actually someone influential or mattered for that case. A lot of stuff is blown out of proportions just for the sake of pushing a video out and I don't like it.

I wish there were more youtubers over in the gaming and anime circles that would not play favors to either side. Anime youtubers are doing pretty well but I wish there was more anime/gaming news youtubers especially who had that down.

No. 584086

File: 1594719416331.png (61.87 KB, 1428x267, artdirectorbf.png)

/ic/ has a post about it
pretty sure that might be the reason she deleted her tweet. perhaps someone already called her out on it

No. 584090

The fucking hypocrite. What she said may have been right, but it shouldn't have come from her. I'm sure everyone would be able to "make it" with an art director of a major company as husband.

No. 584091

I don't think cis/white/straight privileges apply in art because the field loves token minorities but money speaks the loudest and it can buy you a ticket to enjoy the spoils of nepotism. For example where I live there is one prestigious art school that is basically the only way to genuinely enter the industry, but it requires you (in addition to affording to go to school) to have the funds to live in the most expensive city of the country and the privilege of having attended serious art prep classes only arranged in this same city. A lot of the most recognized artists of our history have been the offspring of wealthy parents and the "tortured, poor artist" stereotype was born from their romanticized view of poverty.

All in all, art has always been for the privileged because to be able to spend all your time on something so luxurious and self-indulging is a big ass privilege in itself. Graphic design and similar commercial busywork is the blue-collar version of art, it doesn't give you the freedom of doing whatever you want because you're always creating someone else's vision.

Pretty sure this is why she deleted the tweet so abruptly, people were confronting her about her "hard work uwu" being just utilizing her fiancee's connections. Her art is subpar and she knows it, she was trying to cover up her tracks with the spergout when she's fully aware she's in no place to brag about her skill and effort. I'm honestly so sick of industry people trying to bullshit their followers into thinking that it's all "hard work" and not just rubbing shoulders with the right people.

No. 584137

From my personal experience ofc she had a leverage of having closer personal connections and easier networking but big companies like Naughty Dog wouldn't hire a person that is just not good enough for the job. She has her own job experience in gamedev starting in 2008 and I'm sure she has plenty of connections built thanks to her own networking, not only through her husband. If you're already in gamedev it's easy to get into personal relationships with other gamedev people so it sucks people would automatically assume she got it all thanks to her husband. I'm sure if she was a man married to a woman art dir no one would even bring up this topic.

No. 584167

how can we know if her bf recommended her or she started to work for ND and date her coworker?
it is 6 years after all

No. 584169

File: 1594739586974.png (8.45 KB, 798x89, instagram.png)

No. 584174

Nobody's saying that she was completely incompetent as an artist, but you're really naive if you don't think it being close to key people at the company gives you a massive head start. Someone else who could've been more suitable for the position or had better talent could've been canned because an authority figure wanted to secure their partner's position. Her abrupt deletion of the tweets just after people were discovering this connection also made it look like it struck a nerve.

No. 584177

No, like i've said in my original comment, of course it helps. A LOT of people in AAA tier companies get hired because of inside recommendation, it's a safe bet for HR because they already know that person will be a good fit for the team and will get along well, which is both understandable and unfortunate for people that have less networking opportunities. But it's not that persons fault and I think it's unfair people bring it as an argument against her, since she is a competent artist who spent a lot of years beforehand gaining experience which played a major role in her gaining that position.

No. 584178

yeah, because liking the posts of somebody in the same industry as you means that you are a simp

No. 584180

It's not her "fault" that she took advantage of the connections she had. That's what any smart person would do and it happens all the time. The problem, which has been stated multiple times already, is that she was bragging about her "hard work" and acting as if people who aren't as successful as she is are just untalented artists who need to put more effort to improve their skills while it's glaringly obvious that she herself got a shortcut to the top instead of busting her ass in the same fashion someone without an industry insider husband to boost their career would have to.

No. 584187

She was directly referring to freelance rates and popularity in that post which has NOTHING to do with what is she doing professionally at Naughty Dog. Her husband didn't buy her followers and doesn't dictate her freelance rates so she has every right to say she worked for what she has as an artist with online presence tbh.

No. 584216

I agree with both of these comments, but I just thought that it was funny that people are insinuating that it’s her fault for having people skills- if she didn’t have enough social skills or competent art, then I don’t think she would’ve lasted 6 years. But then again, the quickest way to have your art skills grow is by being in an environment (art school or Industry) which supports it

No. 584222


Which mod? I've been participating and hanging out in the Discord every so often, but the general chats are filled with teenagers who have fights over whether to trigger warn for BUGS or not kek

No. 584237

>But then again, the quickest way to have your art skills grow is by being in an environment (art school or Industry) which supports it
Really good point, I gotta admit I didn't think of it but you're 100% right, it's incredibly hard for a self-taught person can compete with that.

No. 584246

>people in this thread thinking you can become famous/get jobs just by working hard

Oh you sweet summer child lmao. To get jobs in storyboarding/animation is to have connections, nepotism is rampant

No. 584267

Isn’t that what “working Hard in the art industry” essentially is?
You work on your art skills, but you also learn to work with others, how to build solid/profitable relationships. After all, people do get noticed for their skill/art style/process, but then it’s what people do with that attention which matters

No. 584295

Totally is. Modern success is born out of - roughly - 70% practice / skill and 30% networking. It's not "nepotism" though. You can be a complete stranger to everyone but socialize well and interact with industry - which you would do anyway if you care about getting better- and that's how you get in.

No. 584297

Do anons think think that self-taught artists can improve just as well as those in some sort of school environment? I’m trying to improve enough to use it as a bit of a side hustle but I’m wondering if I need to be looking into actual lessons? Google just keeps throwing ads at me.

No. 584304

Nah, with enough practice you can get to a prof. level. I've never had art classes other than in school, and I wouldn't really call those a real art education.

It depends on what you want to improve in. The fundamentals are really important, and the quickest way to improve is to master the elements of art and the principles of design (there are tons of books about them out there). After that you can pick up any medium and learn the specific techniques and rules needed to master it. The reason so many prof. artists can pick up any new medium and master it quickly, is that they have the basic skills needed to master any medium.

If youre just looking into specific classes on oil painting or watercolor etc. then those classes won't do much that you can't find for free on youtube. At most it can help because you'll get critique on your work, and have someone looking over your shoulder, although that's not always a good thing.

No. 584306

Well, yeah, I mean, look at sinix design or kiwi.byrd( her art before going SCAD), being in an art environment has that little “boost” that puts people in the mindset to improve or to think in different ways.

No. 584313

File: 1594755420955.png (36.63 KB, 623x333, neonakis.png)

Jesus christ you anons are dense motherfuckers.
>Person who most likely got her position through nepotism makes an aggressive twitter thread flaunting how she had to work hard to get where she is now
>She's implying that other people who don't have a career as successful as she does should just work hard "like her" to become an artist inadequate enough to be paid for commissions because now they clearly just "aren't good"
>People tell her she's being condescending and rude painting everyone who's not as popular and social media savvy as being unskilled artists, she replies calling them just a "small minority"
>Someone makes the point about her being married to an art director at Naughty Dogs and the timeline of her being hired and then moving up in the company lines up with her going out with the said art director
>She immediately deletes the twitter thread with a hurried apology despite actively arguing people not agreeing with her just a moment ago
>"B-but it's not her fault she's used her network to further her career!!"
>"That's not the problem, the problem is that she's outright stretching the truth about success in the industry correlating with your skill level when it's more about meeting and pleasing the right people, thus taking a dump on every skilled artist who's scraping for money instead of enjoying prestigious positions"
>repeat the same argument about how we're talking about what she said in her twitter thread reflecting her lack of self awareness
>"B-but doesn't hard work mean exactly that?? like taking advantage of your network??"
for the last time that wasn't what she was telling people to do, she was literally telling people to just get good with their art. Which is ironic for someone who presumably got ahead with connections in an industry already notorious for extreme nepotism and back-patting. Get it through your heads. Fuck.

No. 584316

I keep forgetting her original post was about having skill to do commissions and get noticed. You're actually right. She most likely got connections through her fiance, she has no room to comment.

No. 584317

But do you think that’s because of the environment itself or because she was put into a position to focus on art and treat it with the intention to improve/practice/learn? I’d be curious to see artists who went from doing the usual with their art to a heavy focus on improvement and seeing if they saw similar results or not?

No. 584331

What are you on about anon?
Did you just want us to confirm that she’s a bad person.. and that nepotism is bad?
I believe that most anons here recognize that, but are Talking about something else.

No. 584333

you are the only one talking about something else
the problem was her talking bullshit that you just gotta git gud and that is it while she herself is married to the art director… come on

No. 584345

Honestly you two, learn how to read. You really think her husband forced 70k people to follow her? There's plenty of people with amazing connections and even better skills from the industry who don't have even 1/10 of that following, she did it herself. She has been working in the gamedev industry since 2008 whereas Sweeney has been a freelancer until 2012, when he joined Naughty Dog.
But sure, you two go off, get into relationships with highly positioned gamedev people, see how far you can go without the skill. Spoiler: not so far.

No. 584409

File: 1594766630754.png (71.36 KB, 564x262, ss~2.png)

>painting everyone who's not as popular and social media savvy as being unskilled artists
You know her original thread starts with "some of you" right? Not "literally every single artist who is less successful than me needs to git gud lmao." She even clarified further in the thread prior to its deletion seen here >>583867 she isn't talking about good artists who need boosts or just suck at social media, but artists who are mediocre yet feel entitled to attention and money regardless. We know for a fact they exist because they get posted in this thread all the damn time. You're taking this shit way too personally. Condescending or not, she's right.

No. 584411

File: 1594766829947.jpg (465.97 KB, 1079x1907, Screenshot_20200715-084935_Twi…)

She addressed her "connections." 1/2

No. 584414

File: 1594766875786.jpg (438.13 KB, 1079x1460, Screenshot_20200715-085001_Twi…)

No. 584425

>intentionally tweet controversial and condescending tweets and snap at people questioning you

No. 584426

maybe other animation companies work like this, but those in burbank/LA general are just knowing the right person

No. 584429

People want to believe that the only reason they can't "make it" is because of "nepotism" in the industry but - even though Neonakis could have worded her intent in a less condescending way - she was still correct about it coming down to more realistic asessment of one's current skill level. It's easier to blame others than your own shortcomings, but the sooner one gets out of that place the sooner they can improve and get where they want to get.

No. 584483

why cant people ever stand by their opinions these days

No. 584491

She probably does, but wouldn’t want a post that could hurt her online presence or continue to get notes on it months/years afterwards

No. 584562

Rainy, she had a public breakdown on their twitter and tried to ban the "f to pay respects" meme + insulted a bunch of underage users on AF's official twitter account among other things
their mod Biscuts also yelled at a child for 11 minutes straight in a voice channel (her friend had been banned for mentioning suicide and she was asking if her friend could be unbanned) in front of 9 other users, its why they dont have voice channels in the discord server anymore

No. 584593

I genuinely believe she didn't realize how much controversy her thread would stir up, hence why it was so snotty in the first place. I think she only expected a little bit of salt that would be quickly drowned out by the vast majority of people agreeing. Because really, saying "the first step to being successful at art is to not suck at art" shouldn't actually be controversial, but here we are.

I know people keep trying to derail about how condescending she was but like, that's really the worst thing you can say. She was kinda mean on the internet. Her statements were still true.

No. 584595

Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you should say it. This is onision kind of level of argument. Nothing is really controversial to this other than her acting all high and mighty. Nothing is interesting either. Just utter garbage.

No. 584599

“Get gud at art” isn’t a new statement. Like really people have been saying it for ages but tbh she really only gets flack for saying so cuz she’s actually a GOOD artist with a lot of followers so a lot of art babies got butthurt that like, they wanted to work for poverty wages doing commissions instead of like, taking themselves seriously and actually getting good enough to sustain themselves.

No. 584608

You must be naive. You can go very far without the skills and with connections, and she is a very good example of that. No matter what she says it's obvious she got where she is now with her connections rather than her art skills, and as soon as someone mentions that she has a fucking breakdown on Twitter.
Her husband didn't give her 70k followers , the position she gained by having connections with him did.

No. 584612

You're naive as shit if you think mediocre people don't get hired through referrals. Companies will prefer a referred candidate who has been vouched for as "a good team player" over a more skilled stranger, every time. Once you join a professional team your skills tend to level up so companies generally don't mind training a new hire a little until their work catches up, as long as they can bet on their personality being a good fit. That referral is extremely crucial in getting hired.

The game industry is not a meritocracy, you work with people that got lucky through their connections and you work under people that got hired 20 years ago when the bar was so low you could draw like a high schooler and get hired.

No. 584621

>You're naive as shit if you think mediocre people don't get hired through referrals.
This is for the most part correct, referrals are the only thing that will get you hired if you're mediocre / have to beat different candidates on the same level as you. But no, you can't go "very far without the skills and with connections" in the artistic field, sorry >>584608. In the more vague areas of expertise that require so called "soft skills" that are impossible to measure, yes. But art is hard skill and if you don't have it, it's not gonna work. So if someone has zero connections and great skill only they'll definitely make it, it just may take them a slightly longer time.
I'm in the industry, I know how it works, but you don't have to take my word for it, once you get in yourself you'll see.

No. 584622

I swear the people repeating "but what she's saying is right!!!" are just looking to be edgy and trying to wash the beginner stench off their skin. I guess that's why people like Rae and Holly got popular to begin with, they have a bad attitude and patronizing hot takes all the time and their audience thinks by blindly agreeing they're "one of the pros" too. I sure as hell lose my mind over zero skill babies whining about not being popular enough too but I'm adult enough not to throw patronizing public tantrums about it, especially seeing how this topic strikes a nerve with people who are actually talented but stuck at menial jobs because they don't have the connections to climb the corporation ladder.

This. Inadequate people get hired all the time in the gaming industry through their connections. That's why Zoe Quinn got all her positions.

No. 584659

>> >>584622
>I guess that’s why Rae and Holly got popular
nice use of a different industry. You know, YouTube, a platform aiming at a younger Demographic and is focused on the user’s personality. Kinda a shock that speed paints don’t do as well as videos with a background voice, huh?

Also, kek “beginning to smell like beginner artists”, it’s beginning to get sad that people just use the corporate latter as an excuse to why they can’t grow as an artist.

No. 584660

>I guess that’s why Rae and Holly got popular

That's yt, a completely different platform with different requirements. Funny how you mention Rae too, since her engagement started to decrease and her popularity declined with her art. She did a whole video about it. Some artist just need to be told, and who better to tell them, than someone who earned thousands of followers and works in the industry. Artists are just prissy because "art is subjective" blah blah blah.

No. 584661

Imagine thinking that being in the industry doesn’t give advantages.

No. 584664

Artists can be hired through friends or family, but it's their skills that secure them their job. Social media doesn't give a shit whether you make art for marvel or overwatch, only if they like your art. If they do, they'll stick around, if not they'll unfollow. The only think being in the industry gives you is exposure, and that exposure won't last or make for a viable career, is you don't have the talent to back it up, and have art people enjoy. She made a good point and she's been on social media long enough. This bs about how all art is good is a lie that mediocre artists use in order to feel good about not putting in the work to improve. Maybe you are talented, or maybe you are a talented jerk off who thinks they deserve the world for making a decent piece.

No. 584676

whoa whoa, i never looked into art fights cus it always seemed like a thing where only children participated, and it has this much drama behind it? also i'm so sorry for that child getting blasted in vc, i'm guessing they were pretty young if they just didn't leave the channel though.

No. 584692

File: 1594816338609.png (184.29 KB, 680x383, Ecqhyg8UEAAuPkW.png)

https://twitter.com/vannicecream/ megat0nraid/raiko is back, it seems.

No. 584693

File: 1594816400314.png (164.15 KB, 476x802, f4ef73169452fc1148b6c296acbd7c…)

in case you doubt its her, heres her sperg about 'referencing' from her tumblr (1/2)

No. 584694

File: 1594816427688.png (72.52 KB, 469x559, d1387a3ea23b451bc44261097dea4c…)

No. 584697

File: 1594816654858.png (295.93 KB, 488x790, 6a0d9768f967ea9e254c4bb3080ad9…)

head looks very traced, hand is fucking backwards.

No. 584698

File: 1594816874885.png (807.34 KB, 914x887, 3g34g.png)

comparisons of her new chibi art (josuke and above) to her stuff from soullaire, which was confirmed to be her.

No. 584701

This is where tracing gets you to. Her untraced art looks so wobbly and badly proportioned… but at least it seems she's starting to draw by herself.

No. 584702

File: 1594817666678.jpg (21.72 KB, 360x360, EcxkOtCUYAA4Hnz.jpg)

while it seems like she's actually improving, its still really shitty of her to just run away from any responsibility by pretending to be someone else yet again. she does show sketches in her youtube videos, at least.

it's also interesting that she went so far as to switch drawing programs. i guess she'll try anything at this point to escape criticism.


twitter: https://archive.vn/rlU4z
linktree: https://archive.vn/oNCH6
youtube: https://archive.vn/DoSRO
tumblr: https://somevanillaicethings.tumblr.com/ (requires login)
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/somevanillaicethings

No. 584703

File: 1594817739805.png (127.59 KB, 500x500, tumblr_2dc4392fdb64c8757de8064…)

well, when i say improving.. i mean sometimes. this doppio is not one of those times.

sorry about the spam also, guys. just wanted to share info.

No. 584704

That face still looks traced, m8.
What a rotten cunt to escape her criticism. This is, what, her 5th time larping as another?

No. 584707

previous known aliases online are the name on her deviantart which escapes me, edgy_asketchy, l0ki, megat0nraid, soullaire, atticren, and now vannicecream. and likely more before it.

No. 584709

Wait, so how do we know it’s the same user and not just some rando who also traces?
Mega had a very simplistic colouring practice, and I know people can develop their skills, But she, at her level, as a tracer, in 3 months?
I mean, I’m not surprised if it is her, Instead I’m shocked that she has the capability and desire to just use different aliases/“art styles” everytime she is found tracing- with that type of motivation, she should’ve learned how to draw years ago

No. 584717

>>584709 Pretty sure it's been proven she's a "master" at copying other people's art styles. Also followers prove its her.

No. 584720


I seriously dont wanna be mean spirited, but that pizza is fucking killing me sorry, it just looks so plain and flat. And that hand isn't even looking like it belongs onto the body? i swear to god the whole drawing just looks traced imo.

No. 584721

She uses a different fandom for every new "style." As l0ki she copied Nomura, as megat0n she's a Soejima virtuoso, and now she's doing Araki with vannicecream.

No. 584747

I'm so sick of hearing about this bitch, she skin walks other artists poorly, we get it. I guess she wasn't getting enough attention so now her bs is shitting up the thread again. Same shit different day with her.

No. 584757

Okay Miyanoai. Let's talk more about commission drama.

No. 584776

Lmao she has a twitch now, and always has one hidden layer kek

No. 584785

>companies will prefer a referred candidate who has been vouched for as "a good team player"
>companies generally don't mind training a new hire a little until their work catches up, as long as they can bet on their personality being a good fit

damn bad luck for all the fragile medicre artists on twitter then

No. 584798

Ok but there is also a basic principle of selling which is price to sell/price to keep

If an artist charges over 1k for personal commissions, you can be pretty sure they don't want to do them.

No. 584807

I don't think big artists owe small ones RTs, however this person is right on the absurdity of suggesting no-name artists hike up their prices (for reference pretty sure they're talking about one artist who charges 1-2k for client work and suggested other artists follow suit. Delusional.)

No. 584830

Anon you said the forbidden word, now we have Anons crawling out of the depths:


No. 584840

Just make a thread dedicated vannicecream or her other aliases

No. 584846

In all this time she spent tracing, what stopped her from simply improving her art?

No. 584863

That right arm has all the anatomy of a plastic bendy figurine. All those years of tracing and yet she still doesn’t get how basic anatomy works is fucking sad lol

No. 584917

I feel like this could be said here and I want opinions on this.

I can't stand people who steal art, Not only tracing, but color picking, using the same ideas in the same exact way. No I don't mean generic red demon girls, I mean blatant copied stuff. I see so many people just straight out stealing. I would post examples but I don't want to focus on individuals, but you guys know what I mean, all those meyoco copycats, people who blatantly color pick rei_17 art.

I know inspiration is part of the creative process, but at some point it's just stealing. It kinda infuriates me how people even defend them, megat0nraid being one of many examples on this.

Am I being too extreme on this? maybe too idealistic? Isn't art supposed to be hard fucking work? yeah anatomy is hard, study it, yes color theory is hard, study it.

No. 584926

You may want to provide some examples because you threw me for a loop with the colour pickers.
To me I’m iffy about the need to colour pick. Like, I don’t do this, but I understand if an artist does this for character consistency Or they just like the pallet, but I feel like it’s a lot more fun when you have to randomly choose the colours, see what fits, see what you like, because at the end of the day, sometimes when people apply these colours they just make the work look funky because the person doesn’t know how to make the form mold together

No. 584931

File: 1594855923134.png (290.17 KB, 789x335, motiondesignschool.PNG)

not the person who started the topic but it's a very interesting thing. I remember when some reddit user made an animated illustration of Link which - in my opinion - is way too similar to the tutorial that person used, at least too similar to be just signed with artist name and not credit the author of the tutorial. But then, a lot of people disagreed and argued it's different enough - and yes, it's not untrue that the fanartist created every individual part of his illustration all by himself, but it's also undeniable it's directly taking the aesthetic of tutorial's illustration. Attaching both side by side, how do you feel about case like this?

No. 584940

Just shows how un-creative they are.

No. 584941

File: 1594857446698.jpg (1.13 MB, 1200x1405, example_1.jpg)

I'll give one person as an example I found today, I've seen more that do stuff like this, but I don't follow them so I don't remember atm.
btw, I don't mean to shade this person I just feel they fit my point, but there are more out there.

Left is the person I believe steals and right are some examples of rei's work. To me it's a bit beyond the "influence" zone. You are welcome to see more o rei's work and have your conclusions. The first example is the most obvious imo, but the second you can color pick some tones and see they are waaay too similar, and there are some elements that resemble each other.

Third one is an example that fits a bit more in the influence zone, but the way she shaded the skin and used the shadows and over saturated tones in some lines. You are welcome to color pick and see how the whole shading works in both examples and take your conclusions.

My point is that the third example is acceptable at some form of inspiration to me, but first and second feel like stealing. I want anon's opinions on this, because I wonder if I am seeing things. Am I being too extreme? I understand there a gray area, but this feels like it crosses the line.

No. 584943

btw sorry to doublepost, but these are just some examples, take a look at the rest of their stuff and get you own conclusions. I'ts hard to pinpoint the color thing as it's not as easy to show like tracing, but I hope my point got through with the ones I posted.

No. 584950

easy money and fame, i assume. she has improved her coloring/painting but somehow has very basic anatomy mistakes.. it's obvious what she was using tracing as a crutch for.

No. 584952

It's not stealing. You can't steal a color pallette. We can judge artists that clearly borrow heavily from an aesthetic or artist, but at the end of the day, unless a portion of the original is literally copied, it's just inspiration. It's definitely annoying and unoriginal to just copy your faves style without ever developing, but it isn't stealing.

No. 584954

File: 1594858502418.jpg (110.98 KB, 600x297, ex2.jpg)

I completely agree a color palette isn't stealing, but when you color and shade things so closely (ex hair), would it still be inspiration in your opinion?

Idk, color picking wasn't an option before digital, so I guess it wasnt seen as stealing before.

But I do understand your point, using combinations of colors isn't an exclusive thing to anybody.

No. 584958

It's cheap and a cop out to developing a more individual style, but it's not stealing. If we transfer this to a traditional medium, would it be considered stealing to paint hair with the same techniques. Not really.
It leads to pieces that look very similar, but then again, you can look at any number of artists in the past, who have very similar looking work because that was just a popular style. Nowadays, because of the internet, there isn't a specific style that is popularized in america or in europe. Trends come and go, and these clusters of artists who have identical looking work, are just a microcosm of the way an art style used to dominate culture.

No. 584968

I see your point, like when people all started drawing anime and we had a bunch on knock-offs of the famous anime at the time.

No. 584972

Yeah, exactly. Obviously there are extreme examples of artists copying an artists ideas on top of shading and coloring exactly like they would, but most of these copies aren't just between two artists, but if you look there will be dozens with the same techniques for coloring and composition. This >>584931 in particular is really striking. But a lot of the times, there will be differences in texture and color etc. It sucks and it's unoriginal, but most of the time, it really isn't stealing.

No. 585027

>>584941 Oh man I'm mutuals with this person and the few interactions we've had they always seemed really nice, I don't think they're doing it out of malicious intent or anything but you can definitely see the inspiration

No. 585032

oh ffs using pastel hues to make white more interesting has been around for centuries. weebs are so fucking delusional.

No. 585039

Like I said, I don't mean to throw any hate at this person, it was just to bring up the subject and have a discussion on it. I don't know or follow them, I didn't mean to imply they have bad intentions.

That's really not what was being discussed at all. I wasn't implying referenced artist created something incredibly innovative, I was questioning the line between stealing and inspiration.

No. 585076

That style of rendering is super popular in the art sphere lately. Rainby highlights are all the rage, I don't see the problem with utilizing a fad.

No. 585081

>It's cheap and a cop out to developing a more individual style
>artists copying an artists ideas on top of shading and coloring exactly like they would,
I don't necessarily agree with posting the art that an artist does this kind of thing with, but this is often how artists learn to develop their own style and develop techniques of rendering certain things. A lot of younger or newer artists don't understand the concept of studying an art style/rendering technique, so they will completely copy different things from artists they admire into their original art and post them to social media instead of keeping them as a private study and then applying similar techniques/what they've learned to a different piece. Just wanted to chime in with this, because many professionals and expert artists recommend doing this to advance your own skills, style, and workflow. Even Proko and Marshall Vandruff talk about finding your "art parents." (And to be fair, they suggest finding multiple people to study from and mash together, instead of consistently ripping off one artist)

No. 585104

Ironically enough rei_17 was outed copying multiple times during last summer's big drama blowout despite being a huge bitch accusing others of stealing but anyway, imitating your idols has always been a part of an artist's journey. You can't help it. You experiment with styles that inspire you to find a mish-mash of different influences that you can settle with. I really can't be too mad at all the counterfeit meyocos because most of them are pretty young and a year from now their style will be completely reworked. It's annoying and feels cheap, yes, but it's also something every artist is more or less guilty of, either consciously or subconsciously.

How is something like this "stealing"? Triad palettes and using complementary colors for shading have always been a thing, even before rei_17. She just brought it up in her tutorials so many times that a new generation of artists learned of it that way and then credited it to her.

This. I was just visiting an art museum and thought about how trends have always steered the way people paint and draw. Even more so because art schools back then hated experimental new wave material AND styles considered "old-fashioned" so everyone was stuck repeating the same themes and techniques. It's like a force of nature that will never go away.

No. 585123

I think the first 2 examples in >>584941 go a bit beyond triad palettes and using complementary colors for shading. But anyway, I didn't know all that stuff about Rei, that sucks, I thought her art was ok but it leaves a bad taste if she is such a bitch like you said.

Like >>585081 said, yeah they are kids trying thinha out and it's completely natural to every artist to do so. I personally don't agree with posting or not crediting when it's so close to the source, but I understand many do this as experiments.

No. 585135

You’re up for a very grude awakening if you look at art through this kind of puritist lens. People have already said everything there is to be said about this but I hope you see how what you consider a ”color theft” is equilevant to someone in real life flipping their gears because someone wore a same shirt as them. It’s mundane small thing and you didn’t even make the shirt yourself, it was already mass produces, lot of these colors combinations are the same, they were fads that were already there.

No. 585138

I don't really though? I accepted and understood people's arguments. I don't see it as stealing anymore, I raised the question exactly cause I wasn't sure if I was being too strict in my point of view, though never I meant to imply that colors or colors schemes were invented by rei or whoever does that. I agree people said what had to be said about it.

No. 585156

definitely being too strict, and the two colors that were lifted out in the example aren't even the same, one is lighter.

No. 585183

They’re talking about the the process and how similar each image is because of the colouring technique

No. 585266

consider using gumroad . you can put up digital files they can download and print into a poster if they want to themselves, or a fulfillment site like inprint

No. 585282

So is anyone going to let the public know she's running away and on her scamming bullshit again?

No. 585314

File: 1594927346543.jpg (527.16 KB, 810x2553, Screenshot_20200716-142149_Chr…)

Speak of the devil who refuses to accept her sins.
More in here

No. 585335

This fucking bitch acting like she doesn't know the difference between tracing and rEfErEnCinG. She still won't admit she traces art.
And if you're good at mimicking styles, you won't need to trace official art to make your drawing look right. She's just spouting a load of bullshit and she can't draw.

No. 585364


No. 585372

Omfg, she goes on to protect her ass with the dumbest shit:
>“ There seems to be what you call the "same face syndrome". But it's really nothing more but "consistency".

Dude, fuck her. I’m not sure if megat0ntrace will show this bs excuse, but the ‘“”artist”” herself confirms that she doesn’t give two shits of what she does, and now will “ keep doing art the same way” Because everyone targeted this uwu one person instead of supporting her bs

No. 585378

File: 1594940205070.jpeg (570.75 KB, 750x786, F871873B-8209-4ABA-965F-95D7A7…)

Wtf is this comparison, was this art piece even presented as one of her traces? Did she just call herself out while trying to claim that her “harassers” are dumb?

No. 585379

Congrats megat0nraid.
By putting the actual reference you used to trace, you've outed yourself you dumb bitch.

No. 585388

So what do you guys think of Katzun's new video?
A young adult (19-20) who was never on hormones or out very long decided to cut their boobs off. Do you think the choice was just impulse?(offtopic)

No. 585393

Literally don't know who this is.

No. 585398

No. 585402

I really like both artists. Left is like that typical tumblr artist leveled up. But 1000 percent like the right more. But both are good

No. 585404

It’s their body. If they mutilated it because of a trend, that’s fine. If they did it because they’re dysphoric, that’s fine. At the end of the day, this literally does not impact people.
Also video was unnecessary if all you wanted to talk about is transgenderism

No. 585407

If you wanna just discuss trans issues why don't you take it to the actual post dedicated to that instead of derailing this thread yet again by baiting anons into sperging about this shit

No. 585410

File: 1594947143891.jpg (464.46 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20200716-174314_Chr…)

I pretty much ignore Chloe Rose, she's as mediocre and boring as the rest of her YouTube friends, so I had no idea her stuff sells for such a high price.
I mean relatively high considering it's middle school level artwork.
And I have no doubt that it'll sell. Everything else she puts up sells fairly quickly.
Still seeing THIS for $600 was a small shock.

The power of popularity.

No. 585420

I might be wrong but i don't think 600 is a lot for an original painting, I've seen ones with less effort than this sell for double the price.

No. 585424

well of course theres others that sell for more. Thats true for anything. Even for an original I wouldnt guess that it was worth that much though, and Ive purchased my fair share of originals

Im surprised to see that her shit goes for that much but also not surprised at all because she has a big enough fan base. I wouldnt pay that much for that but people arent buying her work because shes a great artist they're buying because they're her fans.

No. 585425

This falls under the conversation earlier about the pricing of commissions. Like commission work, original "sold as is" pieces like these are meant to be made once and sold to an individual. As a result the pricing for these is obviously going to end up much higher than other art pieces like prints. Pricing for pieces individual pieces has to account for things like amount and cost of materials used and amount of time spent working on it

No. 585432

This thread isn't about transgenderism. nobody wants to talk about a tranny furry cutting off their boobs.

No. 585433

I don't see anyone is disputing that. I don't see anyone even questioning why it's priced high. We all get it. It's just the fact that it's Chloe Rose and she's beyond amateur and it's funny that people pay that much for her doodles.

No. 585445


Lol you're really explaining what an original is? Uhmm nobody is confused about that or why they're more expensive. Anons are only saying they didn't realize that a chloe rose piece was that valuable, and they also pointed out exactly why it's that valuable Lol

It's because she's a popular YouTuber.

Pretty cut and dry.

No lesson necessary.

No. 585451

I honestly forgot she existed. I just peaked at her channel and I wasn't at all surprised to see that it's the same boring stuff she always does. But hey if it works it works.

No. 585454


Her fans will eat it up. It's exactly how people like Baylee Jae and RaeDizzle are successful. The exact same formula. She could probably go even higher and still sell as long as she has her viewers in her pocket.

No. 585586

came here to whinge about this. the thing that really got me about that video was her going 'go buy a print before they all sell out'. Like, I know they'll sell out because as everyone says, it doesn't matter how dogshit the art is if the youtuber is popular. but the arrogance, fucking hell.
this is very mean spirited of me but I really wish she'd apply to Disney so they could tell her just how remedial her skills actually are. that fucking castle on the wall behind her. fuck

No. 585706

I don't know much about this person, saw like maybe one video of hers last year but I'll be honest. I don't buy into trans stuff and I think she's gonna regret it when she gets to like 25. 19-20 is still fairly young but then again, I'm in my very late 20s so anyone under the age of 21 feels young to me lol. Either way, with how these teens calling themselves trans and seeing how a lot have been de-transitioning in a good number in the last 3 years, I just feel she's gonna be another one of those statistics and I hope she has the mental fortitude to live with her rash decision.

But at the end of the day, >>585404 it's her life, not ours and >>585407 is right that this isn't the thread for trans talk, take it to the gender critical thread.

No. 585738

I think what bothers me about this is the simplicity of it. There isn't any texture to the lily pads. They look almost plastic. From a distance, I thought the brown things in the middle were supposed to be ducks, but I think they're supposed to be dirt? It's not really clear.
What typically drives up the price of an artist's original works is originality. Most famous artists we're taught - Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, etc. had a style that was clearly their own, started a movement, or had paintings that were incredibly impressive.
This painting has none of those things.

No. 585744

please go to the gender critical thread or whatever ya'll call your terf central, we are just trying to laugh at bad artist and not see some retard sperging about how sex can't be real because our eyes aren't real. please kindly fuck off.

No. 585749

That's a bear lmao. But yeah I agree, it's generic, but if people like it then good for chloe.

No. 585772


Homie it's a bear.

No. 585775

File: 1595018683222.png (689.99 KB, 1097x2039, 1594933780994.png)

that drawing isn't as bad as her other drawing…

No. 585809


I guess she can sell it for that price since she's that popular, but she's literally one of the least interesting and mediocre artist on youtube. Sometimes her art is decent, most of the time is awfully boring and mediocre and sometimes it dips into straight up horrible territory.

The problem with all of these artists on youtube is that they don't realize their audience is kids because they keep doing challenges like "I PAINT WITH MUD??", and they think people are actually watching them for their incredible skills. So their ego inflates way quicker than their art can follow.

But tbf, that painting is not that bad.

No. 585829

It’s prob ego or denial. Everyone knows that YouTube is inflated with kids, but not many people on the site want to recognize that because it may mean that their “talents” are subpar. I mean, these people work on a site where reaction vids/unpackaging grabs the most attention

No. 585936

File: 1595041878710.jpg (79.09 KB, 768x960, 58376327_2273185226253345_9025…)

Is anyone else sick of the Persona art style? At first I liked it but now it feels like everyone is trying to imitate this art style to the point where it's become basic and overdone.

Same thing for Ilya Kuvshinov and all Ilya-lite knockoffs. Ilya is good at drawing exactly one (1) attractive anime girl face. Why are they hiring Ilya to do designs for whole ass movies now? And do I just not have an eye for a design or are these designs very boring looking?

No. 585937

600 is a piss small price for gallery art like this

No. 585949

Supposedly his role with the crew of that movie was drawing over the characters faces to make sure they had the sameface in every frame

No. 585980

has anyone seen princey7798’s art on insta? seems like a copy of pizza bacon but way worse.

No. 585989

I personally like Soejima's style, especially his works in the recent years, but I dislike all the copycats that you see around because they never manage to imitate the style correctly and end up looking wonky as hell.

No. 586005

I don't see too much similarity between their art and pizzabacon. If anything, it's the generic instathot nostalgia aesthetic that's been milked into oblivion by artists like moonvika, staypeachyy, cupspoodles and etc.

No. 586013

File: 1595064428659.png (3.56 MB, 828x1792, CE610B1B-9887-46D6-A041-A61B18…)

it’s more these posts that i’m referring to

No. 586014

File: 1595064500521.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, 68751311-65DE-40E8-AE1B-D28809…)

No. 586015

This only furthers >>586005 point. The latter seems cleaner but they're both the same instathot aesthetic.

No. 586016

Personifying objects like fruits, colors, star signs, etc has always been popular and I've seen tons of artists do this since it's a pretty basic concept to get inspired by. Yes, their art is similar, but they also look similar to dozens of other artists and I personally immediately thought of tasia's art when I saw your post. These artists are all inspired by that instagram fashion aesthetic and it's really obvious when you look through their posts, so I'd say their art looking similar is also probably because they all reference from the types of girls who wear this fashion and the clothes and general poses they use are reminiscent of that.

No. 586017

File: 1595065841999.jpg (944.93 KB, 1079x1858, Screenshot_20200718-195314_Ins…)

Breaking: JDL drew a girl that didn't have purple hair and tattoos.

No. 586044


Don't be fooled, it's the same girl. Look at that bored expression on her face.

No. 586046

File: 1595078510515.jpeg (685.22 KB, 1800x1666, D86F2A88-020D-46A6-8025-A39C8D…)

I did this to humor you anon. Idk these artists, but while looking on pizza’s account I noticed how all the poses are generally the same, but much less stiff. So maybe the other guy takes this as inspiration, maybe not. Idk they all look the same to me

No. 586049

I didn’t even have to look into his insta, You can tell that all he draws are busts.

No. 586071

Maybe I'm just dumb, but artists calling these "personifications" feels like a stretch. Maybe 'fashion inspired by'. But I guess I'm expecting less Forever 21 and more storytelling effort.

No. 586074

Sage since irrelevant, but Creepshow is a narcissist, who won't ever listen to any sort of criticism. Tbh though, Tobi and Creepshow have similar personalities. Both go out of their way to try bo be quirky and relatable. The main difference is that Tobi desperately tries to make videos look fancy and "unique" (and fails miserably), while Shannon mass produces lazy rants about current drama (that has nothing to do with her).

Also, surprisingly the Faceapp filter-obsessed whale Shannon has enough self-awareness not to say anything too controversial. Tobi is an autistic bitch, who lucked out on one hot take, but is too retarded to release a streak of multiple reasonable videos.

No. 586079

God I wish it were me. Mid twenties lesbian, not trans at all, just have terrible back pain and every woman in my family has had breast cancer I just can't afford to get then chopped off and no doctor would let me without actually getting cancer first. Honestly hate my boobs with a passion.

No. 586080

I've always fucking hated it. Then it ruined Fire Emblem smh. So fucking ugly.

No. 586081

Yeah I agree with all of this lol

No. 586086

I can only draw one comic page a week in black and white and it drives me crazy how do I get faster I wanted to do three a week..

No. 586114

Most people can only do one page a week. You'd have to have some very simple art (or be a really fast artist) to do three a week.
Advice: either don't worry about not being able to draw so many pages (being able to draw one a week is good), practice speed drawing, or simplify your art so it's faster to draw.

No. 586142

File: 1595103449654.png (536.85 KB, 1164x653, flee.PNG)

Tobi spews out "hot takes" left and right, not realizing how retarded her opinion is until she's told consistently by many people. Creepshowart is the same way, but usually picks a "hot take" that goes with the mass majority's opinion, so she's seen as less stupid.
Meanwhile, Tobi is on her Twitter talking about how she totally doesn't fetishize gay men for being obsessed with yoai. She criticizes people like Tati and defends Shane, while simultaneously saying she's "stopped caring about that side of the Internet." She constantly talks about stepping away and not reacting to things, while always being involved and reacting to everything.
Also, this is wholly irrelevant, but who in their right mind would have something like this on their car (pic)? Much less DATE someone with it on their car?

No. 586236


personally, i tend to lean towards smaller eyed anime styles over the more moe blob looking crap cuz half the time it looks more creepy than actually cute. games like fire emblem and persona atleast make them look like human beings.

No. 586240

>those comments

No. 586253

is it just the perspective or is that just one long legged cat girl?

No. 586273

unpopular opinion time but… I kinda liked this? I really liked this. It looks like the characters are actually on model and the animators did an amazing job. I'm hella impressed.
Maybe because Vivzie didn't touch it as much as the other projects but yeah. Damn man
They get better with every animation. I hope they keep improving, this might be an excellent adult show. Better than waiting for the next season of "Big mouth"

No. 586281

yeah, I thought the quality and model consistency has improved a lot since the pilot, and the animation seems a lot smoother. Maybe because there aren't 5+ characters in every frame of every scene this time?
the music sounds incredibly outdated though, like an early 10s Kesha ripoff.

No. 586282


Srsly, good for you.
For me, it's just not my jam. Too much Autotune and their voices are kinda annoying. Also I'm bored by that trope of the emotionally abused stripper. And the style.

But yes, the animation looks way better than that first episode.

No. 586318

Same. I really tried to like this- hell I watched it 2 times-, but it just made me cringe because it just reminded me too much of what me and my friends would make as middle schoolers/highschoolers Except this is made professionally…As a group project…. by near 30 year olds..

Idk, at the end of the day, it’s like an animated version of 13 reasons why, but doesn’t portray suicide as a main subject

Also, >>586273
anon, stfu, you can literally see the warping the animation has NOT gotten better(I’d argue worse because now they’re using puppeting) only the consistency because they finally realized that they do need to minimize the designs

No. 586324

Twitter animator batshaped is currently being called out for talking openly for over a year about wanting to be a cannibal

No. 586326

Honestly the character designs in HH aren't that bad. Theyre very overcrowded and all have the same general shapes and color pallets, sure, but when put into a comic they arent that bad. Vivzie is good at comics and thats where her character design stands out the most because your eyes actually have time to look over and consume everything thats happening. One problem ive always had with vivzies animations is that they are extremely fast paced and you cant even see whats fully happening half the time because she uses excessively bright colors with similar hues and its a nightmare to watch.

Not saying vivzie is by any means a great character designer either, i actually hate angel dusts design and the stick figure bodies they all have, but i wouldn't necessarily say theyre awful either.

No. 586327

Caps pls