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File: 1588719746339.jpeg (73.48 KB, 500x359, 0E263BDA-E038-4566-9703-9FBC47…)

No. 550661

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread:

No. 550662

File: 1588719880596.jpeg (624.21 KB, 750x1250, 0B79A15C-C001-4E43-83F5-B54287…)


There’s some actual really good shit in the overall art exhibit, and then there’s just THIS DUDE’S FUCKIN FURRY PORN.

No. 550663

File: 1588719987165.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 430.23 KB, 750x1148, 7B9FF643-37CA-4430-A552-AE330C…)

sorry, should have explained that that screenshot was his statement or explanation of his portfolio. This is one of the pieces in it. Very tame, but I’m disgusted and dumbfounded about why this was allowed.

No. 550664

Lord help me anons I'm trying to lose weight but I just discovered nutella + peanut butter on seed/nut bread - fuck fuck fuck I'm ruined

No. 550666

the black top part of OP's pic not being cropped bothers me a lot

No. 550667

eat it while doing jumping jacks

No. 550668

im sorry anon… i will do better next time

No. 550671

it's ok i love you

No. 550679

God, I remember my peanut butter/nutella toast phase. And my chocolate ice cream/peanut butter phase. Absolute diet ruiners, there's no way around it but to never buy nutella or ice cream.

No. 550685

File: 1588722551607.png (227.39 KB, 1229x401, 268684486.png)

The state of /m/ is really a joke, wish they never brought back the kpop threads

No. 550707

I think people should make popular opinions threads instead of unpopular ones. It would work the exact same way as the unpopular opinion ones except people would flip their shit twice as hard because it would be both "reee stop liking what i don't like" and "i hate the fact that this opinion is popular".

It would be hell, and it would be glorious

No. 550721

File: 1588730717739.png (99.73 KB, 894x894, AAC51221-45C7-44D4-A597-99B62C…)

What’s the origin of this kind of drawing/meme? Is it an incel thing? I think I’m too old (29) to understand.

No. 550723

Samefag but I know it’s the “Doomer” and accompanying characters, etc but if somebody could spoonfeed the origin story.

No. 550724

it has nothing to do with incels, i think

No. 550760

The first one was Wojak/Feels Guy who was just a sad character that people attached to posts on 4chan where they expressed sad feelings. People started editing him with different emotions and in different situations like they did with Pepe the Frog. Then a few years later people started making jokes about things that "30 year old boomers" like and edited him into an accompanying boomer character. People took the "-oomer" thing further and edited him into different characters like doomer (depressed), zoomer (gen Z), bloomer (optimistic), etc. Now people just take the feels guy template and draw basically any character they want from it to make memes.

No. 550761

Wtf I finally took the eyebrow pill and I can't believe how much better my entire face looks. I always thought filled in brows would look trashy

No. 550775

File: 1588736603690.gif (2.52 MB, 374x200, two laughing supermodels.gif)

I used to follow a guy I knew from university on twitter and he had no idea that was me. Basically all he tweeted about was video games, American pop music, kpop, guys he finds hot, and American politics (we're not Americans for context.) I started following at the time because of morbid curiosity since he was being both an annoying SJW irl and a spoiled rich brat who would shit talk women who don't wear make up and "slay queen yaas", and at some point he followed me back and we replied to each other on some stuff.

I soft block him a few months after that and I'm about to delete my twitter but got curious because I noticed that some of his gay guy friends/mutuals followed me more and more at some point.

So I just went back on his profile and I'm checking on other recommended accounts and they're almost all gay guys from all over our countries posting normal things about university/their jobs, video games, singers, tv shows, etc. but then they won't stop posting super nsfw things super often, their nudes, etc. out of nowhere right after posting about being teachers in elementary school and bitching about their pupils' parents or some innocent shit. And almost all of them have seflies as their profile picture. This shit will never cease to weird me out because I'm so used to seeing people hide their identities online or be complete normies but not the unholy mix of both. And now I also understand why they won't stop joking about gay men all knowing each other too. I can't believe this dude used to brag about being hard to find online when I managed to find his twitter, instagram and tumblr accounts in one go in less than 10 minutes. Don't ask me the point of this post, there's none in particular, I'm just making an observation.

No. 550777

File: 1588736733649.jpeg (79.25 KB, 861x800, EA64E2A1-F634-4EDA-B6FB-B011F1…)

oh to be a kitty sitting on a shoulder right now


No. 550778

I saw a black man pulling out his teeth with pliers in my dream(it was Saw level crap)I think I even say Jigsaw too yet I haven't watched the movies in a while

No. 550782

what a clown lmao. at least he's honest about what a cumbrain he is so people can shun him.

No. 550801


Happy for you. I just took the no eyebrow pill and shaved mine off… I love how I look without them!!!

No. 550875

Anon pls post the rest and go on if you know anything else about him.

No. 550893

I can't stop dry coughing. Help.

No. 550912

File: 1588771466023.png (726.92 KB, 1200x630, 1588181291143.png)

I would let you sit on my shoulder, anon.

No. 550914

I'm finally in a relationship for the first time in my life and I'm very nervous.
I've had sex with really old men but never been with a boy my age.
He's 19 and I'm 18. I'm kinda excited, hehe. Obviously we can't meet right now due to covid stuff but it's nice to just talk.
He a virgin tho

No. 550922

File: 1588773554702.gif (1.58 MB, 400x300, 1501273162055.gif)

Every time I've vented to lolcow about a guy while having a bad feeling about him, lolcow has been right pretty much 98% of the time.

I'd listen, ladies. Sometimes it helps having a different set of eyes looking objectively at your situation as opposed to your own when you may be blinded by feelings, and female social conditioning to accept bullshit. I find that sometimes even my friends have coddled my ass against my better interests or truthtelling.

No. 550936

Virgins/inexperienced men are better because they are usually eager to please

No. 550940

File: 1588777896589.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.18 KB, 750x506, 883400ED-1612-4920-8AA0-832A1D…)

Unfortunately I don’t know anything else! I’ve graduated already but still have friends back there and one of them sent it to me. I tried looking for his social media but he’s got a very common name and is probably smart enough to hide all his furry art under a pseudonym lol. This is the photo on that shows on the exhibits main page before you click in to see his portfolio.

I’m so horrified but thankful that they were forced to put this shit online. They usually open up one of the studio buildings to showcase students capstone works and I’d be so fucking horrified to see this in person. I can’t imagine what it’d be like for parents to bring young children in and then they see this shit. It’s such an eyesore and I feel like it brings down the credibility of our school’s amazing art programs lol. There’s truly so many amazing works in the exhibit and then… THIS. Fucking coomer couldn’t even try to fake it as some “sex/nudity is beautiful in all forms” nope, just wanted to show what a fucking cumbrain degenerate he is.

No. 550941

File: 1588777929351.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.53 KB, 750x1057, 12C67599-2705-4E61-94B1-B61BF1…)

He only posted 3 photos total.

No. 550944

File: 1588778032760.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.54 KB, 750x1042, D7DBC33E-8197-4658-A440-67B3BF…)

No. 550951

File: 1588780319095.jpg (26.65 KB, 386x402, 1503628270298.jpg)

how can you send this in while not feeling an ounce of regret? ACTUAL furry porn?????? The execution is not even good…

No. 550954

Can i stop waking up at 6pm thanks

No. 550955

You're a legend, I plucked the outer parts of my eyebrows so only the inner part is left, I don't think it looks any better or worse than having normal eyebrows but I feel cooler lmao

No. 550985

I'm looking at this shit while my cat sits on my lap. These ppl are sick. I'd drop anyone who told me they like furry porn, friends, family, don't care, that shit is DISGUSTING.

No. 551049

One of my uncles passed away this morning from cancer. My mom came to tell me and I felt bad because I couldn’t remember him (we live overseas so I rarely see them, or I’ve seen them once when I was really young and they expect me to remember, and also she has A LOT of siblings). I asked her to show me a picture and faked it saying “OHH that uncle!” She was telling me that he got so skinny and stuff like that and then just broke down crying. I rarely see her cry. I felt so bad that I couldn’t remember my uncle. All I could do was hug her and rub her back while she cried.

No. 551076

I have little problem making friends irl, and am pretty extroverted naturally, but Im a fucking nervous mess when trying to interact with people online and have difficulty making friends with them. I really wish I could figure out why Im like this so I can get into fandoms with the rest of the cool kids.

No. 551081

can't stop stalking this guy's twitter when i've barely talked to him, he's just hilarious and i think he's very cool but he's not someone who'd get along well with me if we were to talk more

No. 551097

I live with my partner and recently landed a job that takes an hour and a half by bus to get to. I've been doing home office for now, but they're opening up the offices next week and I'm dreading the bus rides so much. Home office has been absolutely perfect for me.

Anyway, I've been looking at cute, little rental apartments nearby my office and found many within a decent price range. I've never lived by myself due to either having roommates and now my partner. He knows I dream of living by myself from time to time because I'm never able to relax fully unless he's not at home. I don't think he would take it well if I told him I've been tempted to rent a small apartment of my own. A perfect relationship for me would be one where we don't live together. I like being able to miss him a little and have the moments we share matter, while now he's just basically another roommate. He's on the other hand very attached to me and loves this comfortable, uneventful daily life we share.

I just want my own space with my own things. I want to do my weird, little me things in a place where it's just me. I feel seriously bsad thinking I might actually never get to experience what it's like to be just me for an extended period of time. Even the apartment we live in now was used by my partner before I moved in, so his stuff is everywhere. I can fit my entire life in a suitcase and a shoulder bag, secluded to my own corner of the apartment.

I just for once would like to feel like I'm not an intruder in someone else's space. Fuck, why did I have to start looking at cute apartment and living spaces in the middle of the night.

No. 551103

no!!! my experiences with virgin men have always been pretty bad. they seem to use you purely as practice and are probably not that into you but just want to Do It and it's the worst! inexperienced is okay i guess but definitely not virgins. And not as a hookup

No. 551107

first off, nobody active in a fandom is “cool”.

second, be prepared for more anxiety because 99% of them are social rejects who misinterpret text and will cause you headaches to interact with.

No. 551110

>I've had sex with really old men but never been with a boy my age, I'm 18
Not judging cos I've been there too but.. maybe opt out of sex for a while and get therapy

No. 551127

Seriously, anon. Move out. Life is too fucking short to feel like that. My bf and I live seperately, it works out so much better than when we lived together. There is nothing wrong with wanting your own space. Get your own space and get weird! Happy apartment hunting!

No. 551136

yeah, you're right. I would like that too, but therapy isn't an option for me at all. I live in a shit third-world country lmao.
I think not having a dad and csa played a part in me being kinda slutty but I'm trying to get better.
Tho ill consider ur advice anon, ur very kind

No. 551138

nta but you don’t NEED therapy. You know your “wrongdoings” and the repercussions of them. I’ve been there.. having a 30 yr old seduce u at 14. That’s not ur fault and not a “wrongdoing” but you know where the issues stem from and can help yourself to fix them with out paying for help as long as you put your mind to it.

No. 551158

No. 551210

I'm really starting to wonder what type of career or future I want. I'm not all "capitalism is bad and we should just eXiST" since I would be a huge hypocrite saying that, but I also think working 40 hours a week no matter what I'm doing sucks. I don't know what type of job would make me happy, I just try to view it as "at least I'm saving money for retirement and can pay bills to chill at home." Life isn't all bad but it's pretty bleak right now.

No. 551213

I will never truly be happy with a 40 hr work week, there's no proper job that could be worth that time commitment for me. The only light at the end of the tunnel is the idea of early retirement or at least lowering my hours to part time, but it's still many years away.

I'm generally a pretty happy, content person but thinking too hard about continuing to work full time for decades makes me severely angsty and pessimistic about life.

No. 551218

File: 1588824926555.jpeg (68.55 KB, 933x614, 43414FF7-2A75-4797-8183-43FCFD…)

Totally agree. I think it’s ridiculous I have to waste so much of my time at work just so I don’t starve. At my current job I work hard, got promoted within 6 months and it pays well for my area, but it just leaves me feeling empty everyday. The only thing that keeps me going is trying to build up enough of a portfolio in order to get a good art job. That’s the only full time work I can see actually being fulfilling while also paying enough. I really wish jobs that actually help people were more financially secure because I’d also like that.

And to do a 180 my dumbass is getting writer’s block with my smut fanfic now that the characters are actually starting to have sex. It’s been 50 pages of plot and writing the flirting was easy/fun but the actual inappropriate stuff is really awkward for me.

No. 551220

I wouldn't mind doing 40 hours a week if I could do it 10 hours work days.

No. 551247

I couldn't find an oral health thread anywhere on /g/ so I guess I'll just say it here. Has anyone else had this problem, know why I have so much excess phlegm build up? I keep waking up my room mates because I have to aggressively hock massive clumps of phlegm in the morning. It builds up during the day and I hock it up at work and when I get home. Makes my breath stink and have awful taste in my mouth all the time.

No. 551248

Im going through it now and its been an off and on issue with me for the past few months, along with tonsil stones. I don’t understand why its happening when I have good oral hygiene . Its really irritating and embarrassing.

No. 551249

tonsil stones, too. yeah. they are disgusting. I feel you anon. I gargle salt and warm water every morning as well but it doesn't help anything.

No. 551251

You should see a doctor anon. A lot of different things cause that so I can't tell you what it might be, but it's not normal to need to hork out a load of phlegm several times a day. If it tastes bad and is giving you bad breath it might be some sort of infection.

No. 551253

Can you please hock phlegm on my dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 551264

Do you have a dusty house and sleep with your mouth partly open? I used to wake up with lots of phlegm with some lingering in my lungs throughout the day and I kept thinking I got sick but I had no other symptoms. No amount of gargling would help it. The dust got so bad I started feeling fibers in my mouth when I breathed because of dust clumps flying in the air. Finally, I bought a purifier and I stopped waking up with it and now its gone. It could be dust accumulation in the air. Also go see a doctor too, just in case.

No. 551279

File: 1588844543751.jpeg (88.01 KB, 626x417, scared.jpeg)

You won't believe what happened to me, anons. I'm afraid to even write it down. Such unspeakable horror that few have witnessed yet even fewer are willing to talk about.

While I was in my deep slumber and the gibbous moon was providing a faint light through my window blinds, I have felt a needle like prick on my foot. It was so strong that despite having a rough week and getting hardly any sleep, my eyes opened when I started making the sense of my unfortunate situation.

I implore you, if you are of weak heart, stop reading now.

So, after experiencing the first series of stings first on one foot and then on the other, I thought to myself that it was just my body having a weird sensation. "Perhaps it was a matter of bad blood circulation. I shall schedule an appointment at my doctors tomorrow." Yet the pain was unlike I've ever felt before. I knew I was wrong but being desperate to get more sleep, I've tried to ease my mental state by telling lies to myself.

Just when I was about to have Hypnos cast his spell on me, another series of stings followed, now even stronger. I had to confront my fears.

I rushed out of my bed and for a few moments hesitated to turn on the lights. "Am I truly ready to face IT, to glance at the hideous front of an unruly beast?"

My curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know the truth. Having suspicions wouldn't grant me the peace of mind I was after. I'd rather lose my sanity to gain insight than forever roam the Earth like the rest of the petty mob.

So, with the lights turned on I've turned back to look at my bed. At the first sight, there's nothing out of the ordinary… but I knew. Oh, I knew all too well that there was something lurking beneath the sheets.

I've removed all linen cloth from my bed and there it was. A tall and dark snakelike creature with too many legs to count was resting at first not moving at all. With nowhere to hide, the thing got up on its hindlegs. It may have not been taller than the palm of my hands, but the horror, oh the horror I've felt in that very moment cannot be expressed with words. Rest assured, that thing was not of this world.

In a blink of an eye it vanished using its many legs to quickly find another hiding place until the veil of the night prompts it out again. I don't know what to do. After gaining this knowledge, I know I'm not safe anymore. It's going to come after me, I can feel it.

No. 551283

File: 1588844981511.jpg (110.33 KB, 1280x694, w1500_38199037.jpg)

Was reading a thread about Dan Schneider. There's a post about fetishes being formed in childhood and how cartoons can influence us in this regard, and another anon mentioned getting turned on from seemingly nonsexual scenes in the past.

I've instantly remembered All dogs go to heaven. I don't want to say that it's not for children or something because I really liked it as a child, and now I understand that it was one of the things that shaped my tastes in general (I'm not talking about fetishes right now lol). Like… it's kinda dark I'd say. And I was actually used to such things because no one barred me from watching thrillers and action movies. Also I feel like many cartoons of 80s were somewhat gloomy, The Brave Little Toaster, for example, or Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland, and I really liked those.

Anyway, even as a child I felt like some scenes from All Dogs Go to Heaven are strangely… sexual? Like the one from the attached picture. This girl made me uncomfortable even, because she touched Charlie too much. It seemed to me then that she wanted him, oh gosh. Also that pink dog from heaven was definitely in heat or something, she seemed horny af.

No. 551284

File: 1588845103028.jpeg (160.21 KB, 828x816, AED4D8BC-E80C-4625-8007-23905C…)

living in the deep south isn’t completely terrible cuz you get to see gems like this lol

No. 551286

nigga fuck you what the fuck is this lovecraft shit

No. 551288

1/10 would not read again, reads like a facebook post

No. 551290

meh, it was just a centipede but it was like really aggressive. I got a rash where it bit me and it hurt for an hour later.

No. 551291

deep south graffiti! i love it. moving out of it soon but ill sure miss it.

No. 551292

File: 1588846644165.jpg (89.43 KB, 728x600, cell.jpg)


yeah don bluth was wild, you're definitely not alone in thinking that this movie crossed a few lines.

No. 551294

Now that you bring it up yeah I agree. Even when I saw that movie as a kid Anne-Marie was a bit too affectionate with Charlie and her movements in general were pretty "sensual" if you could say so. She was also voiced by the 10-year old actress (Judith Barsi) Don Bluth had an obsession with. I don't wanna go full on schneider-style pedo accusations but it was a bit weird thinking back to it. Don Bluth was a perv for sure but affectionate little girls weren't really a concurring thing in his work so I'm just gonna go ahead and say that it's just his portrayal of women in general.

No. 551298

File: 1588848530764.jpeg (73.31 KB, 640x480, 7BA8A1C2-327B-4E88-A68A-672B60…)

I refuse to believe that this is a female. I am confused as to why everyone is calling him a “she.”

No. 551301

this is so beautiful, I want more

No. 551306

Damn it, not Don Bluth too.
I thought this was fanart from some furry fetish artist at first. That IS rather disturbing.

No. 551310

>Judith Barsi
I've just found out she and her mother were killed by her father who committed suicide right after that… The credits song of All Dogs Go to Heaven was dedicated in her memory. Fuck I didn't know that.

No. 551334

Back when I was a kid I had a "friend" I used to visit every now and then, she was a little cunt and wanted to bully me with her other friends. But her dad was the most amazing person ever, he was funny, cool, loved his kids and he actually got mad when they were bullying me. My own dad didn't give a shit about me and I basically grew up without him so at the same time I was confused but also admired that a dad can be that way. I ended up having a real bad fight with that girl and in a fit of rage said nasty stuff to her dad too. 20 years later it still bothers me and I hope he's doing well. Her mother was a bitch on par with the daughter though.

I wish I had a better and more attentive dad growing up, I'm pretty sure I would've ended up as a much more different person.

No. 551365

I actually really like Friends. At first I didn't like it because it seemed so generic but I'm on season 3 on Netflix and it's really just growing on me.

No. 551370

It's so weird you brought up this movie. I remember being obsessed with dog movies at almost an autistic level about them eg-101 dalmatians, Oliver and company, and all dogs go to heaven was on the list. I remember randomly asking my dad one day as a little kid if he liked all dogs go to heaven and he was so weirdly blunt and said 'Nah that movie gives me weird subliminal christian vibes, I don't like it'

No idea why he said that to a 7 year old but I always think about it when I think about that movie.
For reference my dad was into Buddhism and studied different religions and was very weird and 'woke' back then so I didn't understand. I'd have to watch it again as an adult to see if I pick up any sexual references though, perhaps that is one of the things he didn't like and just didn't tell me.

No. 551372

Oh man I found out she was murdered and couldn't watch the land before time the same way again. So disturbing. Especially because Ducky was my fave character as a kid.

No. 551375

I just realized that the reason why I stopped posting selfies or body shots (am a gymfag) is because I loath the idea of men jerking off to me since the majority of them use the internet as their personal fap folder. At least I'm not really losing anything by not using social media.

No. 551376

File: 1588865952863.jpg (28.16 KB, 480x360, fukudon.jpg)

ANON!! i'm so glad you said this. i feel disgusting saying this but All Dogs Go To Heaven was probably one of my first "sexual awakenings." i had a major crush on Charlie. thank the lord i didn't turn into a furry.

i also got similar vibes from Rock-a-Doodle, but not as strong. it was one of those movies i secretly enjoyed watching but was ashamed to admit it.

fuck you, don bluth.

No. 551379

I remember masturbating furiously to an episode of the Flintstones as a 6 year old child where Fred had to go to the doctors to give blood and he kept running away and the nurses and doctors restrained him and stabbed him with a needle.
I faint or throw up at blood tests now and I was sexually abused as a child by a sibling so I don't know if it all ties in together.
I just think now that it was an extremely weird thing to masturbate to.

No. 551380

File: 1588866434502.png (354.02 KB, 1178x1202, twitter screenshot.png)

I don't want to necro the erin painter threads but I just stumbled across this classic erin fanart on twitter (being used for cutesy uwu purposes, no less) and I'm losing it

No. 551381

I feel like this about a lot of things these days.
I used to really enjoy doing my makeup and wearing short things mostly because I enjoy summer and I like the feeling of light and small clothes with no shoes but as I have gotten older I feel almost disgusted with going out even to shopping centres uncovered.

It's not that I think I am so hot men can't help but stare at me, it's more the fact they will ogle ANYTHING. I have been to the shops and seen 12 to 14 year old girls get the up and down from dudes.

I kind of know what you mean about selfies too. I deleted Facebook and made my Insta private with the exception of only people I know compared to when I would just accept anyone when I was younger.
Even face selfies can be jerked over so I am wary of that too.

No. 551383

Sorry to sperg but I was obsessed with this movie as a kid. Questionable sexual tension in the movie wasn't the only skeevy thing in it. It's Scarface for kids (re: 'Carface'). Gambling, murder for personal gain, smoking, booze, guns The 'ray gun' Carface attempts to assassinate Charlie with on earth was only changed to a ray gun after they decided a tommy gun with real bullets was too graphic, drag alligator, demons, torture, manipulation, damnation, the Collie with all those abandoned puppies, etc. It's honestly a very intense movie for children and I myself wouldn't let my kid watch it the first time alone just in case.

No. 551405

File: 1588871045263.jpg (8.58 KB, 337x149, giveyourselfahand.jpg)

My parents had this Crash Test Dummies album when I was a kid and the cover used to scare the living shit out of me.

No. 551420

File: 1588873987138.png (Spoiler Image, 108.34 KB, 292x307, what.PNG)

As a french fag and artist I thought that it'd be nice to try and get more involved in the french art community online.

Found a few IGs, and joined a group on FB dedicated to sharing your own art. Big mistake.

Shit is basically full of Chris Hart-level of drawings. If it's not animu it's furry dicks. Oh, and pic related.

I started to keep tab on the chick that drew this horror because all of her stuff is as bad, complete with creepy captions that make her sound like a 80 yo male rapist. "A very good and beautiful young lady……………" What??

No. 551426

me too so i grew out the leg hair, don't let men hold you back, a visible sign they're not wanted will throw them off

No. 551433

Put on pants for the first time in over a month because I had to go out and I had such a big muffin top, it makes me feel bad. I’ve spent years trying to not equate my self worth to how my body looks (spent a lot of my teens doing that bc I chased stupid fuckboys who only cared about me when they were balls deep inside lol) but it’s a really hard mental block to get over.

No. 551439

File: 1588877832884.jpg (39.35 KB, 789x467, 1289674648.jpg)

>tfw you gain insight for the first time

No. 551440

anon I take back the eyeroll I gave your post that IS nightmarish and it probably IS going to come after you again. fuckin little hell creatures.

No. 551449

File: 1588879595366.jpg (151.61 KB, 642x848, Screenshot_20200507-142653.jpg)

I'd pick that fucker up and swallow him whole

No. 551451

File: 1588879813570.jpg (Spoiler Image, 114.12 KB, 613x750, ew.JPG)


was it one of those things? Did you google that thing??

No. 551455

tldr ?

No. 551458

File: 1588880327667.jpg (17.57 KB, 300x196, c7aaa246f6a3078efcf76509a703db…)

When I was a kid I always thought the digger twins from recess where twin brother and sister but now I'm realizing that they're both twin boys
My whole life is a lie

No. 551464

anon why you gotta play me like this

No. 551469

Oh wait they're not twins or related they're just extremely identical oops

No. 551470

no, it can't be a centipede otherwise anon would painful, maybe it was a meliipede.

No. 551474

I have a big assignment due tomorrow and knowing how last minute I am I was going to start on it tonight after work, but then I realized I already requested today off so I was never scheduled in the first place

No. 551486

File: 1588883261628.png (10.92 KB, 476x558, 1357716676001.png)

No. 551490

File: 1588884185519.jpg (15.1 KB, 400x400, 5613c8d6a6f352f8ae095bac79a021…)

No. 551491

Anon, I'm now in love with you.

No. 551492

I hate how I'm a grown (23 y/o) adult but when I pay for things with my own money I get scrutinized and belittled for it. I'm buying a car for the first time, and working on going through the title and registration stuff. The purchase price and insurance, etc. will all be paid by me. My dad acts so offended about it, and is judging everything about the car. It's old (20 years old so maybe, but it's known to be a reliable model) so it's just bound to break down, he doesn't know my friend I'm buying it off of so they're automatically shady and untrustworthy and I'll be ripped off, etc. I'm already stressed about getting it because I've never done so before and I have driving anxiety so getting this will help me practice and he is just compounding the stress I feel.

My dad also got irritated that I bought a new computer last year (my old one literally died and needed one for school) with my OWN money. I don't make a lot to begin with so it was a tough decision. And he gets annoyed when I won't lend him $100 for junk he doesn't need and will just enable his hoarder tendencies. I don't understand.

No. 551495

I apologize for all the run on sentences anons.

Another addition is that because he is a hoarder, our A/C broke several years ago and we haven't got it fixed because it requires someone to come inside to work on it. I broke down after one too many Texas summers and bought a room A/C unit. With my money. My dad, who makes way more money than me, complained and yelled at me for doing so. Acts like I'm an idiot and have no idea what I'm doing. Or I'm narcissistic and self centered for having A/C to myself. He makes enough money to, you know, buy his own but I guess that is just too much for him.

No. 551497

what pill anon I’m curious cause I have almost no eyebrows

No. 551501

I work for a food delivery service and so many people in rundown houses and trailers will order 50+$ worth of food daily, sometimes they'll even order some of the most expensive options at fast food places daily. This has been going on for the two years I have worked for this company. I just don't understand how someone can be so careless with money and spend hundreds a week on fast food alone but don't care about their poor living conditions for them or their children

No. 551510

File: 1588888708934.jpg (105.89 KB, 960x960, ZmdICJH.jpg)

why cant all men be like him

No. 551512

File: 1588888883123.png (136.5 KB, 275x275, B261F6A8-6CD9-4521-B51A-271182…)

The anon who posted this accidentally read me to filth.

No. 551516

nta but i think she meant as in "redpilled" "pinkpilled" you know. sry about your brows though.

No. 551519

File: 1588890148587.jpg (80.63 KB, 491x628, terry_crews_vittu.jpg)

i like him too but then i remember this sperging and just tap out

No. 551521

Idk the backstory to this but I agree with him, it’s important to have healthy role models of both sexes, especially for wellbeing in future relationships. Don’t know how that makes this a sperg.

No. 551522

huh, didn't know about this. i doubt he's actually homophobic tho, at least i hope not

No. 551527

Damn nowadays that I see this kind of stuff, I can't believe I went so long thinking that porn is totally normal and healthy and that I should never shame people for consuming it. I even got lightly bullied by schoolmates for admitting I didn't know about masturbation and had never seen porn. I didn't meet other people like me until my 20s, I'm glad it's a movement now or whatever. I hope future generations are less sex obsessed.

No. 551533

He do be kinda right though.

No. 551534

even if you don't agree with this you should be able to see that it's pretty fucking mild.

No. 551536

>no matter where you get it
uncles? cousins? grandfathers? etc?
gay couples can have children and raise them successfully as long as if the expose them to love and care from both genders. Don't be butthurt by psychology

No. 551551

What is the difference in "maternal" and "paternal" love that he is talking about? I know people like to say how men and women are so 'different' but I'm pretty sure both men and women can give a kid love, food, a safe place to live, and all the other things parents do.

No. 551559

I only vaguely remember this whole thing, but it seemed like he was riding the high of praise for being woke at the time, and thought he'd continue it by targeting deadbeat dads who abandon their kids. But he doubled down after getting backlash and made an idiot of himself.

No. 551572

I'm the anon who created the current confessions thread and I feel like I fucked up big time for saying that the thread is meant to confess your stuff and not get judged because the mods took it very serious …

But hey, not my fault that anons wanna fight 24/7

No. 551588

My opinion of him soured after he threw Gabrielle Union under the bus when she tried to speak out on American Idol execs being shitheads.
Kudos for the anti-porn activism, but everything else? Nah.

No. 551624


this is a stupid vent but idk where else to put this but is it just me or do most of these celebrities don't even have that small of breasts? most of them just look proportional or they just have pics of them wearing clothes or angles that make them look flat, which come on I've seen girls with G cups look flat chested in some clothes

No. 551629

nah you're right. these range from smalishl to medium. none of them look like an AA cup or flat or "itty bitty". if i had legit small boobs this list would probably make me feel bad, which is probably what it was designed to do.

No. 551679

That female bird made me feel things as a kid. Who would've guessed I turned out to be a lesbian. Thankfully not a furry though.

What the fuck is this shit, some of them are clearly a C-cup and this article is calling their tits "itty-bitty". The article in general is nasty as fuck talking about celebrity breasts to begin with but yeah what the hell. Is the writer cumbrained to the point anything less than porn star grade H-cup fake titties is "small"?

No. 551682

>Is the writer cumbrained to the point anything less than porn star grade H-cup fake titties is "small"?
from my experience is usually coomers or people from places that are known for obesity. I lived in the south most my life and was told throughout my life I was "practically flat", I live in a big city up north now and low and behold I'm considered curvy and busty here.Only take opinions from people who know what the natural and healthy female body looks like

No. 551686

File: 1588921879219.jpg (108.09 KB, 800x1400, 4691a52a940cdde6c91649555e7cb4…)

I guess it's slightly related, but I've had men and even women balk when I bring up that the letter of someone's bra size doesn't mean they're all the same size. As in, a person with a DD bra size doesn't automatically mean they have huge bazongas. The band size also plays into it. Plus, sister sizes and all that. I've worn B-cups for a few years and recently discovered that 32DDs fit me way better and people don't seem to believe me at all (I don't go and tell everyone obviously, but when it comes up).

Though with quarantine, I haven't worn a bra in two months so there's that.

No. 551694

it also has to do with what society tells women, I wear baggy clothes and thick layers but have been told I was flat and needed As and Bs, I go to a bra measuring shop and was a 30G/28H. ratio is a very real thing that everyone forgets exists. It also sucks for the fashion industry because fat is disguised as curvy and slim women who have curvy ratios are told they're skinny and need to wear x clothes and fat girls with no ratio are told they're curvy and that they should wear y clothes, women who have good amounts of breast fat are being told they're flat simply because they're skinny and people can't get the concept of ratio through their heads

No. 551721

Does anyone else say sage as "seij" in their head instead of "sahgeh"?

No. 551724

Lmao victim complex much.

No. 551725

i wish liking kpop would be a baneable offense lol the posting quality of this website would dramatically improve

No. 551728

Why do people seem so much more attractive at the airport

No. 551740

I swear it's the same crazy anon over and over again pretending that she gets bullied by fat girls for being flat chested when her boobs are actually so huge and she's just skinny and uwu the injustice of it all

Not that many people could have so little self awareness

No. 551741

I bought a big eyeshadow pallete because my old one is, well, really old (like 5 years?) and I can't help but feel guilty although I wear eyeshadow almost daily

No. 551745

They seem well traveled, important or rich

No. 551752

Something about when people use terms like ‘normie’, ‘local’, ‘NPC’ I find off-putting like I know it’s not usually that deep but I feel like a lot of people genuinely struggle to see other people as real and human in the same way they are

No. 551753

>lot of people genuinely struggle to see other people as real and human in the same way they are
That's just most people tbh. Theory of mind is a learned skill and a human struggle. Why have a complex about it at all, we are all literal NPCs in everyone else's stories.

No. 551755

File: 1588943357332.gif (20.69 KB, 320x240, chtulhu-love.gif)

I love you too.
Yeah, it was a regular house centipede. I've seen them before just never once was one that aggressive towards me.
While I was sleeping a centipede bit me multiple times on both of my feet. At first I thought I was just feeling some weird pain or body sensation but as I tried to go back to sleep, the bites grew stronger and more painful. I dashed out of my bed, turned on the lights and saw the centipede after removing my blankets. Then it raised itself, like a snake and it was staring right at me or in my direction as if it were taunting me and telling me, "You want more of that?"
I have no idea what I did to that centipede to bite me so much. I got small swollen lumps and redness where the centipede bit me. Thankfully it went away in an hour or so and there are only two barely visible dots where the bites happened.
nah it's okay. I see too many things that could be improved but it was supposed to be a shitpost anyway.

No. 551759

I was so scared for you anon! I'm glad you're okay but I'd burn down the whole mattress.

No. 551765

Thanks, anon. If the centipede didn't leave the bed on its own, I'd probably sleep on the couch for who knows how long. Now when I go to sleep I check my bed, the sheets, the blankets, pillows, everything. I know my encounter with the centipede is rather tame in comparison to what other people deal with daily in other parts of the world but still, it was pure horror to me.

No. 551768

Anon why did you talk about how it stood up like a snake i'm freaking the fuck out. I didn't even know these were a thing. Why did you do this to me

No. 551770

I cant believe people go to Hooters with their families, especially young kids or daughters - I always figured it was for guys who were too cheap for strip clubs.

No. 551775

I'm really sorry. I hope you never have an encounter of that kind.

No. 551780

lol me and I alway think of the herb too

No. 551782

Finals time, time to lock myself in for 12 hours

No. 551805

Same. I always found it weird that it's considered a family restaurant.
Also have even less respect for it when I have heard about the requirements to work there.

No. 551820

File: 1588954315739.jpg (54.07 KB, 474x811, 95463990_934454081088_51975774…)

This meme where you only get to have three kinds of potatoes for the rest of your life.
I expected to see consistent choices but wow actually turns out people are so different. Lmao. They're picking shit that I never thought was popular and I'm like "Wow really?" but just goes to show that maybe I'm the freak to someone else haha. Ain't that just the way?

No. 551821

1, 4, 9 easy peasy

No. 551824

Okay 5, 7, 12. I ain't sorry.

No. 551829

4, 9, 14

No. 551830

3, 11, 2

No. 551835

1, 14, 3.

If I can turn the potatoes into different recipes, then I would choose 1, 14, 15. You could make like au gratin potatoes, or roasted potatoes or something with 15.

No. 551841

this list sucks. where's the gratin? baked potatoes? kumpir?

No. 551842

3, 6, 12 I assume I can still eat these with ketchup

No. 551843

3 12 13

No. 551844

Pretending society doesn't have a twisted view on women's bodies isn't going to help you. If you don't care then just ignore it, however let other women vent about their experiences

No. 551845

Good luck on your exams, anon!

No. 551852


No. 551853

This list fucking sucks? Most are all the same thing in different cuts…standard, baked, and mashed, I win

No. 551857

File: 1588961001667.jpg (94.46 KB, 800x600, 800px-Ukrainian_potato_pancake…)

4, mashed, and deruny

No. 551859

I was such a miserable little cunt in high school. I hated anyone who came from money, anyone who was extremely extroverted and confident, and anyone that was considered really pretty. I wasn't even that poor but compared to them I was. I wasn't ugly but I had no money to dress the way I wanted and I was just overall really insecure with myself. The girls I hated didn't even do anything wrong to me I just hated how spoiled and entitled they were.

No. 551879


a lot of action on cam 2
you're welcome

No. 551880

File: 1588965446333.jpg (34.38 KB, 600x600, 39df29.jpg)

No. 551889

just two mole rats stealing a chip …

No. 551919

I get paranoid by the thought of someone accusing me of committing rape by deception by not telling someone Im dating my star sign. My mind goes to weird places.

No. 551921

why, are you a virgo?

No. 551925

farmers b like

No. 551926


No. 551933

I acted like this in middle school but straightened out in high school. I still feel embarrassed for acting like that and that a lot of people might remember me that way.

No. 551939

~TW~ gross mentally ill content inc uwu

There’s this girl on social media, she’s got an ED and self harms by bloodletting. Could be lying but she’d drain damn near a whole QUART of blood at a time. How can one do that without passing out immediately? Especially being a skelly, you’d think they’d get a heart attack and die. I get incapacitated giving the lab 3 puny vials.
Does giving yourself massive blood loss really help you lose weight, via self induce anemia or low blood pressure or something?

No. 551941

Why even put a trigger warning and not post this in the stupid questions thread you faggo

No. 551948

I went driving today for the first time in 70+ days because of quarantine and felt like I was going to die the entire time. I thought every car that passed by me was going to hit me, I thought I was going to hit someone else, any sudden noise even when I was parked scared the shit out of me. WTF

No. 551986

I always thought shipping meant wanting two non canon characters to get together. Can you ship canon couples too?

No. 551988

My professor requires this for the summer semester, this is some big brother shit yo

I was planning to use my phone to cheat since it’s not connected to the WiFi unlike my laptop

No. 551991

Sure you can

No. 551994

Chrissy Teigen is so fucking ugly why does everyone like her so much. She’s not funny. I just read that article where some cookbook lady said she thinks she sucks and can’t stop laughing. Someone rt’d her butThurt tweet onto my TL and that was just cherry on top.

No. 551995

File: 1588987682022.png (654.66 KB, 765x549, 5d76179d2e22af6b7e2a5bc4.png)

is that even a human

No. 552034

>Could be lying
Mentally ill pretentious edge Lord's lying on the internet? No way

No. 552040

File: 1589000426942.jpg (38.76 KB, 449x600, chrissie.jpg)

I think it's only because she's married to John Legend, even in her professional modeling photos when she was younger she looks so uncomfortable and unmarketable.

No. 552042

he's a dog… kids like to pet dog what's wrong with americans

No. 552045

going insane anons i cant stop thinking about a previous partner despite being in a much more satisfying relationship

i dont stalk any of his socials and i deleted all of his pictures, but i literally cannot get it out of my mind about how well we fit together. i have literally not seen him in a year.

it is making me crazy because i can get over relationships pretty good with enough time but with this one guy its FUCKING bad

No. 552047

File: 1589002342060.jpeg (17.79 KB, 636x461, 0214A083-A1F6-4F84-9986-3C2D24…)

I hate people whose only hobby is shopping so much. Brain dead consoomers are the worst, most entitled people ever.

No. 552048

I feel attacked >>546743

No. 552051

I'm drinking alcohol for the first time in the form of wine. I have like an ounce of it and am going to get more so I can feel buzzed for the first time.

No. 552057

20 something by SZA makes me ugly sob every time I listen to it.

No. 552077

Did you watch it though? I think you'd understand what I'm talking about. Also how dare you assume my nationality….

I feel you anon. Only we haven't talked for 3,5 years. I'm not even sure if I really wanted to get together again in case he'd be willing to change and work on our relationship, because the one I have right now is great. But it makes me very sad to think that I've lost my true soulmate and that he never wanted to fight for our relationship's viability.

No. 552082

I feel really motivated and for once it's not coming from a place of self hate.

No. 552107

Hoping I catch some of this energy to day anon

No. 552110

did i just see a grown ass man eat a boys ass on cartoon network? jew i did

No. 552127

I watched so many Disney movies with dogs when I was a child I became a zoophile

No. 552129

god help me i'm so horny i hate it i hate being horny like this why can't it end how do i stop being this horny i can't stop

No. 552131

U did what now, how

No. 552136

Considering giving up booze and masturbating for like 30 days. Not for any particular reason, just science. Want to see if I'll be more productive.

No. 552152

No. 552153

idk the name of the show but i swear on my head i saw it

No. 552157

Genuinely addicted to watching people play games like these
I also have a few on my phone but I'm too much of a noob to play it like they do so I always give up in frustration and watch these videos instead


No. 552178

I just spent a solid 10 minutes of my life writing a whole review on how terrible the mop I was using was. 10/10 definitely worth my time lol

No. 552179

i'm glad people like you exist, no sarcasm

No. 552201

I cant believe I've hit a point where I can't handle the amount of cringe someone exudes on the internet. I think it's because I know them in real life

No. 552207

Check out osu, deemo, sound vortex or sdvxii, and voez. One song that's usually nuts across all them is galaxy collapse. From there you can probably find more high level play videos.

No. 552244

im so horny for a celebrity that is old and gross now but i cant help it because there’s nothing better to focus on.

No. 552261

Update, I drank half a bottle of Moscato and did not feel different other than some slight warmth in my stomach.

I cannot stand the alcohol smell and taste. The sweetness only did so much to mask it.
Alcohol sux 0/10 would not recommend. (Would be down to try sangria however.)

No. 552265

i wish it was more acceptable to say you can't stand the feeling of drinking alcohol! maybe it's different for you guys but in ireland you get ripped into for admitting that you can't drink strong alcohol. it's because i was so bad i drank ethanol and even the smell of hand sanitiser brings me back and i hate it but even if it wasn't and i was just a normal person who just doesn't like the taste, why does it matter!

No. 552272

Alcohol is disgusting even the sugary cocktails, I had $5 whiskey I had $400 whiskey, just varying degrees of shit gurgling and unnecessary calories. People who unironically drink dry ass wine, liquor neat, IPA etc are all lying about how much they like the taste and muh mouthfeel.
I like being drunk tho, just hold my nose and get it tf over with.

No. 552276

100% agreed, being drunk is great but drinking is the worst. Tastes like shit, empty calories, expensive af, sugary mixers might make it tolerably weak but I still don't want to drink that much juice or soda, it's disgusting. As I get older my stomach gets weaker so it's not even worth it anymore, I'm too prone to getting sick. I miss it but these days if I try to get smashed I stop when I'm just tipsy because I physically cannot bring myself to drink more liquid no matter how it tastes.

No. 552278

apple juice, guava or mango nectar, or blueberry juice is super tasty to mix with a nice sweet rose/moscato (moscato wont get you pissed, got barely any standards in it). Lambrusco is a sweet red that goes down pretty nice by itself.
I did a cocktail course and fuckkkkkk drinking stuff that isn't delicious. if you're gonna drink don't suffer anon, experiment until you find something you like. even some cordial or some sodas can make a huge difference cutting the flavour down.
apple juice makes vodka way more tasteless but will fuck your stomach.
alcohol tastes like shit, anyone who says it doesn't is insane or lying haha.

No. 552290

She looks really good there but she’s definitely overdone it with ps these days

No. 552301

How can I help soothe my cat in heat? We were going to neuter her when she hit 6 months but she got in heat before expected. I have a neutered male cat and I noticed he seems agitated

Is there chance she will attract other cats even staying inside the house? I'm afraid because I have a big dog in my yard

No. 552309

i had this happen too, I would pet her a lot and scratch at the base of her tail on top to stop her from cat-screaming. my god the cries she did at night while rolling around we were worried the neighbors thought we beat her when she's just meowing for our guy cats attention. he didn't care because he was neutered.

No. 552325

I complained about procrastinating in the vent thread but my exam went really well so I'll now use that experience to continue procrastinating in the future

Also I ordered something but it's going to my old address because I was too much of an idiot to double check and I'm so annoyed aaaaaaa

No. 552332

File: 1589073909040.gif (90.93 KB, 200x200, 1587131371863.gif)

kek anon same
>study…er watch one video lecture from a month ago 3 hours before exam
>end up falling asleep
>friend calls me when it's exam time
>take exam
>get a passing grade but a passing grade nonetheless

No. 552362

Inuyasha was the anime that got me into anime, I fucking loved that shit. I went through a phase of hating it and making fun of it, like when girls hate the color pink despite liking it because everyone else was shitting on it, and then as an adult rediscovered my love for it because, well, despite some dumb shojo tropes, I just fucking love that shit. My ex-gf also really loves Inuyasha and we were very excited to find out that we both like it, but since we broke up, I’ve had a really hard time being able to pick it up and finally finish it (found it when I was young and online streaming (illegally or not) wasn’t as widespread/well known). We ended on good terms but are distant now and it’s not like she’s ruined it, but I just feel… weird about it. I’m nostalgic for it because it’s an important series to me, but I can’t shake the feeling of nostalgia for her too because she’s one of the only people I’ve ever met who unabashedly loves it.

I just wanna finish watching all iterations of the anime and read the manga and watch the new series because I’m excited for it!!! But fuck, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me miss my ex too!!!

No. 552386

i'm fighting the urge to go to bed because i have work tomorrow
someone save me

No. 552390

My course got cancelled and unemployment is literally at a record high, the shop i volunteer at closed and we're on lockdown so i'll be sitting doing nothing for 3 months until college starts

No. 552397

File: 1589105619518.jpeg (411.74 KB, 1242x861, 098DE6FE-1790-4BB5-8AA9-9FB94A…)

I’ll never understand grown adults who obsess over Harry Potter. This was on a post that said (something along the lines of) “you’re 30, it’s time to stop saying what HP house you’re in”.

no honey, it ISN’T like sororities or frat houses because…those are actually real.

No. 552399

I just need to vent so incoming.
Taking a retarded gender in Japanese art history class because I am an art history student who wants to specialize in Japanese art like a retard re:I’m American with this awful meninist professor who has spent most of our time not even looking at art but lamenting about men and virtue signaling about trannies in ancient japan. the only time we’ve looked at women in this class were graphic paintings of a woman’s corpse rotting (with zero dignity) and prostitutes. So when it came to our final paper we were supposed to have total control over our topic and I knew I didn’t want to waste anymore time and energy writing about men and having my only options of female representation be corpses and prostitutes I just veered off into what I knew and decided I wanted to write about magical girls and the sexualization of young women with the added element of violence against them. I presented this idea to my professor and he totally shot it down claiming that it strayed too far from art history when we spent a week in the class discussing the changelings and talking about hypothetical trannies like come on. I’ve already done research and found some pretty great sources on magical girls and feminist theory within anime so I want to fight him on that claim but I just am so annoyed I need to chill before I come off too bitchy. What’s worse is he not only completely missed the point of my proposal but suggested I write about performance artists who’s only relation to this class is the fact that they’re women and have some stale ass feminist reasoning behind their ‘work’ listen I know anime and manga is embarrassing and studying Japanese art history its hard enough trying to get away from the assumption that you’re doing it because of an interest in that but goddamnit if you can consider performance art something that falls within the category of art history then why not anime or manga he even suggested we watch your name for gods sake I’m just so frustrated I could scream lol I already hate this class as it is but fucking being denied talking about women and the sexualization of them in art in a GENDER class is killing me
I feel like such a retarded baby for ranting about not being able to write about magical girls but I swear it’s for good reason lmao

No. 552407

Re-read what you've just screenshoted. She talks about adults "in the Harry Potter universe" not real adults.

No. 552411

Do you know any Harry Potter fans? They spew what houses they're in whenever they get the chance.

No. 552419

I wouldn't expect a non-fan to get it, but for HP fans who grew up reading it, it really played a massive role in shaping our identities. I understand why it's annoying to people who don't get it, but it also falls into the category of "harmless shit that's dumb to actually care about".

Almost all my friends are HP fans over 25 and none of us do this.

No. 552432

i dream of finding a friend who sees faults in me and wants me to improve as a person because she cares about me.

i don't mean a personal therapist but just someone who isn't afraid to challenge me and someone i could try my best to do the same for, like "yes, she is a deeply flawed person but she has shown capacity for change and i want the best for her because we're besties". i hate that friends refuse to criticize each other. i know it's not others' job to fix me but it sure as fuck would be easier that way.

No. 552435

you must've avoided the annoying fans then somehow because every person i know who still claims that harry potter is "one of the most important book series to exist" and how it's the best book that they've read are some of the most annoying people.

i guess maybe my original post would have been better off in unpopular opinions.

No. 552449

File: 1589114475858.png (259.54 KB, 607x604, B25D7BFC-2B10-4E11-8BE9-7DC8E3…)

Happy mother’s day to my fellow farmers with mommy issues

No. 552450

You're just surrounded by Karens. HPfags, Didneyfags, StarWarsfags they're all like this, having pop culture so integral to your identity is cringe period. HP houses is akin to horoscope, no one cares, but I find that way less offensive than the fact that sororities/frats still exist and celebrated lol

No. 552461

The only thing that was appealing about low value men was that they were easy to please and they acted grateful towards women who were interested in them, lo and behold after several scrot movies about how the hot girl goes for the ugly nerd and tons of women with low self esteem fueling the egos of ugly broke males, they now think they're the shit and disregard women while priding themselves in it. Thanks pickmes

No. 552463

I feel you anon, most times I think "friends" secretly want me to not succeed-not fail per se-but it might make them uncomfortable if they thought I leveled up while they didn't. I get not wanting to hurt a friend's feelings or risking a bad reaction, but there is a charismatic and concerned way to go about addressing issues without necessarily making the other person cry or go on the defensive.

Usually the best I get is later after I've changed or corrected a behavior, I get the "Oh yeah anon I noticed you did that too." Uh gee? Thanks for playing I guess? Why didn't you say something when shit was going down and why do you think you're astute for "noticing" after the problem solved itself? Would you have let me keep on if I never improved myself until shit got worse and worse? It's like they don't say anything because they're two faced, or they do the same things so they wouldn't want to be seen as hypocrites.

No. 552466

I appreciate you, anon.

No. 552469

File: 1589120602846.jpg (17.8 KB, 371x341, 1587167798194.jpg)

I've been thinking about this post at least once a day over the last few days. >>551078
I'm puzzled and amused.

No. 552520

File: 1589135525287.png (233.23 KB, 600x600, 275146_VwJ5hYZ6.png)

Some dumb app rated me a 8.8/10, I know its vapid bullshit but I feel good about it since the app had a lot of negative reviews about giving people low ratings.

No. 552575

i haven't had any male friends or anything since i was a kid and i'm usually very okay with this. sometimes when i'm generally feeling low or anxious i get so paranoid that there's some specific reason i don't have many encounters with males that i'm just not aware of, like i might actually be terribly ugly and i just don't know it or they think i look intimidating or something. it sticks out to me so much and i can't get it out of my head for a while

No. 552592

Just finished Utena and I wish there was more. Also it has given me so much confidence in myself to be tomboyish and for a while I was forcing myself to wear dresses even though they kind of make me feel sad? Like not like myself? Like my personality doesn't match up with dresses. And I thought I just didn't like myself but it turns out forcing yourself to wear clothes you aren't comfortable in isn't a good thing lol. Not a fakeboi just a lesbian. I feel better in clothes that aren't very feminine. And Utena has given me that confidence to be comfortable with that.

No. 552594

it's really not common to have strangers strike up a conversation out of the blue and it's definitely nothing to worry about. trust that people are always just focused on themselves and whatever they're doing at that moment.
not to mention, it's like situational lol. are you out there actively trying to get encounters or just hoping one might happen during your average day?

No. 552635

File: 1589165242134.jpeg (428.72 KB, 1280x1923, 0B918B45-B8E5-4223-B126-82A318…)

There was a post on here I read probably over a year ago about this anon who knew this girl that was convinced Taylor swift was giving her subliminal messages. I wish I could find it.

No. 552702

File: 1589180538471.gif (27.72 KB, 300x202, 17-300x202.gif)

my airhead boss locked me inside the store today and left and all the lights turned off, and while I was waiting for her to come back and unlock the doors I swear to fucking god I heard footsteps walk right up to me and stop and when I turned around there was nobody there. then the inner door started making noise and moving subtly, as did the door handle – kind of like someone grabbing the door and trying to shake it open, but in slow motion??? idk I don't believe in the supernatural and I'm not scared of the dark at all but it was weird as shit.

No. 552733

When I come across someone who identifies as non-binary, the person is definitely a biological woman over half of the time. Is it like this for anyone else? I kinda wonder if it’s because society’s standards for “femininity” can be so dumb and harsh that many of us are trying to opt out

No. 552734

every once in a while I discover a female band (or a band with a female lead at least) and I get really excited to support them but when I listen to their music it's just meh, they can do so much better but it sounds so sloppy but to be fair they're all very small bands so maybe that's why.
I just wish we had more high-quality female bands that make it.

No. 552736

that's scary as hell

No. 552737

you gon die

No. 552738

If it helps, the ghost probably thought you were the ghost.

No. 552739

Same, not saying I blame them for wanting out but it's ridic how they rarely look like anything but femme as fuck. I don't have any hatred for people like these but makes you fucking wonder ay

No. 552750

I recomend Starcrawler if you like old-school rock but new. The lead is a spoop but pretty good nonetheless.

No. 552769

Hired a rubbish skip for tomorrow, finally getting rid of old furniture that has been filling my shed and spare room for ages. I have no clue how I'm going to move some of the really bulky items from upstairs. I have nobody that would help and I'm just crossing my fingers that I manage. I already have a back problem and now my period just kicked in.

No. 552770

reading chat logs from http://www.perverted-justice.com/ is so entertaining

No. 552772

Anybody know what's happening over in girl talk? Is there a shit-loving cow going on a rampage and spam posting or is it maybe a wk of another cow's?

No. 552774

No idea but it's probably someone who heard about the "all mighty girl board" and thinks by spamming like a retard then they're being so ~le epic le kek le troll le lolzor~

No. 552779

How is this kiwifaggot not banned yet.
Anyway, I heard the pervjustice site might be going down soon. My favorite chat is smileman74 because of his picture.

No. 552780

File: 1589202713684.jpg (17.54 KB, 494x375, lol.jpg)

I'm watching the report queue and board. Keep reporting.

No. 552782

do you know the reason why they might be going down soon? reading stuff on there is honestly one of my biggest guilty pleasures

No. 552784

Anyone else find it wierd that they vast majority of lesbians seem to have mainly male children

No. 552791

i love you based protector

No. 552794

Not to start a cat are evil sperg war, but I just saved a young sparrow that fell from the roof from our toothles cat and put it on top of our shed. I haven't seen a sparrow up close in years and it didn't seem to have any injuries since it started hopping and looking around after a while on the shed. I hope the lil guy will be alright and flies away.

No. 552796

My dumbass sister is making me correct her thesis, essay, whatever it's called in English and holy shit it's so bad. Like the content is ok to good imo but she writes like a primary school pupil. I want to beat her ass for making me look at this shit, it's straight up offensive.

No. 552797

>toothless cat

please tell me this isn't a weird american thing where you get your cats teeth surgically removed like how people get their cats declawed, or is it just super old or something

No. 552798

Not american and nooo lol, she's just really old, no worries

No. 552799

Isn’t she 6’3 or something? I’ve seen people mention she has Marfans. I’m curious because she seems cool but unhealthy.

No. 552804

NTA but I’ve been listening to Starcrawler for years and I just put together that it’s arrow de Wilde, she was a contributor on rookie and her famous mom used to put her in music videos and stuff. Why are all the bands these days products of nepotism and connections? Fidlar is related to TSOL, the paranoyds are related to dire straits, etc. I know the industry has always been that way but now it’s so much easier for it to be more subtle about it, especially in “indie” scenes.

No. 552820

I'm in a similar situation with a friend who wants me to correct his papers for college.
It's just really really bad. I can't believe how someone with this weak a grasp on language even managed to get this far into secondary education. Literally every sentence has multiple mistakes, not just typos but huge spelling and grammar errors that mean I have to completely rewrite the sentence. He asked me to just correct some sloppy errors or things that slipped through the cracks, so I think he genuinely doesn't know it's that bad.

No. 552846

Have started to resort to sprinkling cheese on my dog’s food to get her to eat it. Thankfully she doesn’t pick out the cheese bits because she’s unfortunately really good at picking out bits of her food lol. We buy her fresh food and it’s a set number of calories so that she can maintain her weight bc she’s at her ideal weight, but she’s also really old (16 years old) so I wonder why I should even care if she has some more calories than she should. Just how fat can my senior dog get before she kicks the bucket? She was already diagnosed with kidney failure last summer. We switched her food when we found out and she’s gotten better on it, but I can’t help but wonder what’s even the point of trying to maintain her calorie or nutrient intake anymore. I don’t want to exasperate the problem, but she’s so happy when she gets cheese or fruits…

No. 552877

15 year old kpop stans on twitter finally finding out that Joji used to be filthy frank is the funniest thing lmao

No. 552887

I have extremely thin limbs but a large waist and hips and a good amount of fat around my belly…i wish my body fat was distributed more evenly. I look borderline anorexic when dressed.

No. 552892

My mom had to borrow $6k from me to pay for last months and this months bills. I’ve lived rent free my whole life because my parents are extremely gracious enough to never ask me for money, so I don’t mind giving her the money. It breaks my heart when she says “mommy will pay you back when I earn it back okay?” because part of me really doesn’t want her to have to pay me back… but at the same time, the money I’m letting her take is savings that I’ve been building up so that I can eventually move out. I feel awful for wanting that money back (not all at once or even anytime soon ofc) considering how much money my parents have put into me (not even just the bare minimum needed to raise a child, but they’ve always indulged and supported me and given me so much money for my flavor of the week hobbies growing up).

Anyway, a recruiter contacted me today and I almost didn’t call back because it was a number I didn’t recognize, but I’m glad I did. It’s a customer service role which is less than ideal, but fuuuck I don’t care right now, just give me a full time position and even halfway decent pay so that I can continue to pay the bills!! Both my parents work in the restaurant biz and there’s no doubt that they’ll be struggling after lockdown is lifted.

No. 552900

I read the Nicole Eevee Davis thread over at /w/ just to laugh at the samefagging sperg who has a huge psychotic vendetta against her. She keeps bumping the thread with dry as balls non-milk and tinfoiling, then gets banned when she goes on a "HI COW" meltdown over at /meta/ and the thread sinks to page 10. After her ban wears off she returns to repeat the same shit until she gets hit with a ban again. The girl has literally no other milk than generic costhot e-begging and filter abuse but this anon is fucking obsessed with her.

No. 552903

If anyone was thinking of getting Botox in their masseter muscle (jawline) I strongly recommend you don’t

No. 552906

we need screenshots, that sounds hilarious

No. 552908

File: 1589226515768.jpg (64.09 KB, 903x678, r0_0_4939_3710_w1200_h678_fmax…)

She looks like she's cosplaying as Katie Jane Garside. Weird.

No. 552909

Don´t feel guilty anon, it`s perfectly reasonable to want to be paid that 6k back. It's a lot of money, and unlike your parents you're still going to have to make big life purchases like a house. Your parents put that money into you because (I assume) they comfortably could and had everything they need in life already already, you can't and don't.

No. 552935

File: 1589229531661.jpg (134.51 KB, 1080x2220, V8l7XZu.jpg)

No. 552938

File: 1589229654964.jpg (166.06 KB, 1080x2220, RocO1BR.jpg)

They tried to start a #jojiisoverparty

No. 552942

this makes me feel incredibly old. someone please make it stop

No. 552945

that album was far better than whatever sad boy shit he is putting out right now, this is amazing thanks anon

No. 552953

That's scary! Maybe a customer was hiding inside. At work the other night I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye in the garden center while I was working. Had the feeling someone was watching me the entire time, too. Later I found out that some guy was hiding in the store and they had to call the cops. You never know, maybe someone was in the store with you the whole time.

No. 552963

This shit made me go back and listen to old pink guys songs. That shit still slaps, I wish he'd put out more trashy rap songs again.

No. 552965

I'm so much on this board that whenever someone posts CP pictures/links or grotesque images as some attempt to "raid" or "troll", I always end up coming across it before it's deleted by the mods

I wish I wasn't on here 24/7 lol

No. 552983

No. 553071

i am 100% sure that a person i know surfs this site because a few weeks ago i made a post complaining about them and they replied it with basically "hey i do that exactly" and also attached a pic that only they would use while talking about that subject but now it's too awkward to ask them about it so i'll just keep this to myself and move on with my life

No. 553092

I went to Walmart and saw a girl blow vape in her babies face
Then I went to my cousin's house and saw her smoke while pregnant

I am literally going to slap the next person I see hurting children with smoke. Sick and tired of children being seen as second class citizen's

No. 553093

I am a baby and I approve this message

your cousin is a dumbass

No. 553094

gaga gugu?

No. 553095

File: 1589259258351.jpeg (19.86 KB, 246x302, 558F0F4F-6990-4EAE-8979-2C2002…)

Bought this dress that I’ve been eyeing for months because I could get it on sale for $33 and my birthday is next month. Will probably just spend it sitting in my room like a sad loser because of quarantine, but at least I’ll be a cute sad loser.

No. 553099

people who smoke in front of children are garbage yeah but children are not citizens, citizens are adults who can vote.

No. 553101

the word lentil is so ugly. white people are not living.

No. 553104

What's worse, "lentil" or "cohorts"? Both of those make me giggle.

No. 553105

nothing is as bad as the word "moist". change my fucking mind. there are few words that sound as gross as moist does out loud

No. 553115

soiled. ointment

No. 553117

Food is making me feel really ill. I've been eating small portions and stomaching them just fine but soon after I feel like throwing up. This has been happening for days.

No. 553124

"moist" doesn't bother me at all, it makes me think of cake.

"cluster" is the fucking devil though.

No. 553126


No. 553151

>it makes me very sad to think that I've lost my true soulmate and that he never wanted to fight for our relationship's viability.
that hurt, im in the same boat. for me, he was the one that ended it, which prompted me to just get rid of all of his things and pictures. i was doin' so well until recently.

i keep watching tiktoks and getting those witch tarot card recommendations. they all are so general but relate to the situation.
i cannot believe i am getting even a sliver of hope w them like they're real messages. god help me.

No. 553156

ok I don't really believe in soulmates to begin with but was he really your soulmate if he wasn't even willing to fight for your relationship?

No. 553174

does anyone know of any sex videos that are not disgusting, degrading, violent rape bullshit? I refuse to go on any mainstream porn site. Could be indie movies even, not classified as porn.

No. 553177

Try googling Four Chambers, I'm a bit squeamish about that stuff so I couldn't tell you what the videos are like cause I haven't watched them but from the website it seems not bad, and the director is a woman. It seems more art than pornography and my boy Augustus Muller made soundtracks for some of the videos

No. 553182

watch Love directed by gaspar noe. it's a really emotional movie about love and cheating and ultimately a pretty depressing movie, but they have several minutes-long graphic sex scenes.

No. 553186

here are some films w/ kinda lovely sex scenes
- on the occasion of remembering the turning gate (2002)
- vive l'amour (1994)
- spring, summer, fall, winter and spring (2003)
ill rec some more when i think of any

No. 553211

My drawing professor gave me the kindest email I have ever received. For the first time in my life I feel like I'm a good enough artist because he complimented my work and said I was one of the best students he's had throughout his teaching career. I wish I was confident to begin with, but right now I'm just really happy I guess.

No. 553221

I'm so happy for you, I'm sure you're a great artist since your professor went out of his way to say that so don't let your doubts ever stop you from d oing anything

No. 553258

Oh shit, why?

No. 553260

I love professors like that, and I’m sure his words are completely genuine and that you’re a great artist! He can see what you aren’t able to yet. I hope you’ll become more confident and go on to do great things! Sometimes even just one person believing in you and seeing how great you are is all you need!

No. 553282


No. 553284

Cute. What kind of dog?

No. 553286

Pekingese! She’s normally pretty aloof or will only tolerate a few minutes of cuddling. Moments when she willingly stays in my arms and lays her head on me are so far and few between…

No. 553299

File: 1589315787707.jpg (20.61 KB, 283x350, 80739dc7f040fe670c0659c77f18fc…)

I just adopted new pets and I'm completely in love. On one hand I'm happy since having them has reduced my screen time spent mindlessly scrolling and shitposting, but it's also killing my productivity because I don't want to do anything other than play with them and watch them because they're so fucking cute. I'm usually a really antsy, impatient person who can't focus on one thing for too long but when I'm with them hours pass without me even noticing. I love animals so damn much, I don't know where I'd be without having furry friends to brighten up life.

This is so adorable. Give your dog a little kiss on the head just for me.

No. 553358

Agreed. Moist and the word panties make me whinge. Not when they are used together, btw, I meant separately but I guess having them in the same sentence is extra ugh.

No. 553366

Ticketmaster sent me an email saying I can request a refund for the next 30 days for tickets I had bought months ago for a concert that has now been postponed because of covid. I really love this artist and the tickets were hard to get (got pretty decent seats considering how crazy ticket sales were), but I’m honestly terrified to even think about going to a concert until the healthcare system here in my state is significantly less overloaded or a vaccine is developed. I feel selfish because I love this artist, but I don’t know what I would do if I caught it from the concert and brought it home to my vulnerable parents. I know the obvious choice is to just suck it up and refund and hope I can get decent tickets (or any tickets at all) next time, but man, doesn’t make me less sad.

No. 553369

i despise the words knickers and tits

No. 553389

The concert is still happening? All have been banned in my area.

No. 553401

It hasn’t! It’s been postponed but they haven’t announced the new date yet and the refund period is only 30 days. I’m sure they’ll announce it before those 30 days are up, but I’m hesitant to attend even if they push it to the end of the year or something. I’d probably go if it was postponed for a year or two (since that’s the only timeframe I’m comfortable going out to any type of unnecessary big gatherings), but that’s just not a realistic expectation lol.

I’m just a little sad because the show was originally set for the day stay at home orders were put out in my state. The artist had like one or two shows at other cities earlier that week, and we only had two confirmed cases at the time (not saying it would have been safe either way, but damn I was so close to just seeing her and getting that crossed off my bucket list lol).

No. 553411

nah I never found moist to be that bad. the word molest, however, I really hate, both for the way it sounds and its meaning.

No. 553414

I hate moist but I feel like globule, gelatinous, clump, congeal, clot and ooze sound worse out loud

No. 553420

My crush posted a picture with their quarantine hair and they look cute. Yet here I am with my overgrown hair looking like Lord Farquad. Shits unfair.

No. 553428

Thanks anons, I appreciate the kindness. I can't even think of what to reply with but I'll figure it out soon

No. 553433

Why are mods banning people left and right in the kpop thread

No. 553451

I thank my grandparents and mother everyday that they didn’t choose America to immigrate to

No. 553606

if you were forced to get rid of a board on lolcow, which would it be?

No. 553607

Kpop threads 100%

No. 553613

Not boards but if the Dakota thread, Venus thread and all K-pop and generic e-thot camwhore threads were deleted the overall posting quality would skyrocket.

No. 553618

im backreading loads of luna's old threads and god blogposting used to be really bad here. i'm glad we also outgrew "sage for literally no contribution, substance or merit whatsoever" after literally every comment just make ur quip and go!! oml

No. 553619

My brother watches the office, what a faggot

No. 553620


/w/ since I don't give a fuck about weeb shit. Also every thread that has anything to do with k-pop.

No. 553621

But lolcow was founded by weebs

No. 553626


I thought that shit was funny in 2007 but I couldn't care less by now. Some of it is still entertaining but it's mostly the same old autistic drama on repeat.

No. 553628

All of /w/ tbh. Autosage the whole board please. /m/ close second.

No. 553638


I'd merge /snow/ and /w/ again. Still don't understand the fucking point.

No. 553656

I’d get rid of /m/ and merge /snow/ and /w/, and /ot/ and /g/ to back when it was just /b/

No. 553660

What's your beef with /m/, sans the kpop shit, it's literally the least cancerous part of this place

No. 553663

File: 1589405343727.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 608.jpg)

My parents are fucking right now and they're not even trying to be quiet I genuinely want to kill myself

No. 553664

well anon at least they still love each other

No. 553665

i kek'd at this, but also i am sorry.

No. 553669

I'm kinda impressed by any couple that still fucks after say a couple of decades together. I lose interest after a year with the same person.

No. 553675

that is genuinely disgusting, sending you strenght.

No. 553688

I hate this site, it makes me mad at times, especially now that there's all kind of people. But I still can't look away.
It's like it's my purgatory until I become a real adult and start to browse way less. Because right now I refresh every 5 minutes

No. 553692

Kpop fags have unfortunately ruined it. I really don't have anything wrong with /m/ but OP asked for it. If that's the price I gotta pay to get kpopfags out, then be it.

No. 553693

It's not like most of us even have much else to distract ourselves with the lockdown and all.

No. 553695

Yeah right now it's really bad, but even in normal times I hang out here too much. I don't think it's healthy.

No. 553705

My English cucumber was somewhat frozen… how? I bought two, one was fine, the other was half frozen. Nothing in the fridge changed.

No. 553718

sometimes get a random burst of energy and don't know what to do with it but i could throw fifty plates at a wall and backflip into space right now

No. 553721

Same I wish I could find a way to channel it into something productive

No. 553722

was that other one touching the back wall of the fridge? my cucumbers sometimes suffer from this if that happens, otherwise shit doesn't freeze, just when touching the back wall.

No. 553744

Is a 3.0 gpa good enough for getting into graduate school programs

No. 553746

File: 1589424465745.jpeg (626.06 KB, 1228x1228, ACE27F63-AF37-4A06-899A-3DFB96…)

If this woman can bag one of the richest men in the world then maybe I could too? I don’t actually want to, just want to know that I could. As a power thing.

No. 553747

No matter what position my bf goes to sleep in he ultimately ends up on his back with his hands behind his head and elbows jutting out. I recently found out that his mom sleeps in the exact same position and that's so cute? Also bonded with my bf's stepdad over elbows to the face while we sleep lol

No. 553752

Anon bagging a successful man has to do with luck rather then beauty, you're likely never gonna come across a man who makes more then 6 six figures in your life, and even rarer would be finding one that's single

No. 553755

That's a one in a million pairing, don't get your hopes up. Like, not only is he a gazillionaire he is actually better looking than her and that's saying a lot considering he's not good looking at all.

Idk, maybe he is really into the plastic pornstar look. She does have a good body but her face is botched.

No. 553762

I want A Dicking Down. My horniness is getting in the way of me functioning properly rip.

No. 553765

She has tranny surgery face. She either has a high tolerance of talking about Amazon.com 24-7 or a high tolerance of the string of hookers he brings in every day or both.

There's no way these millionaires/billionaires stick to just one partner at a time.

No. 553767

File: 1589428790486.jpeg (233.61 KB, 750x1185, 23CBC16C-4788-477E-B73B-D775E0…)

There’s someone badly impersonating Meyoco on twitter (using @mey0c0) and they’re (for some reason) targeting one specific artist for copying/tracing their (ie meyoco’s) art, but what makes it really confusing is that when you scroll down a bit, you can see their previous handle and that they had won a giveaway from this artist… I’m so confused as to what’s going on but it’s funny to watch lol

No. 553768

File: 1589428900851.jpeg (261.49 KB, 750x891, 7F363397-47CC-497C-B0FC-A46F8B…)

the plot thickens

No. 553775

File: 1589431254303.jpeg (36.14 KB, 468x468, smHKtmq.jpeg)

anyone else get turned off by stereotypically "masculine" physical traits, like a strong brownbone (neandertal brow) and excessive body hair are gross to me

No. 553779

i think half of this site likes twinks but i've noticed that when they get older they prefer more masculine men. in my teens i used to want a cute shy bf but now all i want is a tall muscular guy

No. 553781

I mean I prefer tall skelly goth guys, back when I was teen and even now, so its something bound to happen

No. 553783

this is reiner aot

No. 553784

This was me until I got an actual super buff masculineguy and boy how quick I converted.

No. 553785

I prefer if a guy is fit and has a masculine personality but its the hairy bodies that turn me off, it almost feels like beastly when I guy is covered in chest hair

No. 553788

I lost my airpods and I was so sad, my roomate found them in a weird place and I'm so thankful, they're like favourite possession

No. 553802

/g/ and /w/

only visit /g/ for the guy threads and find most of the other ones useless, some of the threads could be merged into /m/

/w/ could either be merged into /snow/ or completely fucking purged since it's just a bunch of weebs sperging, and most of the cows aren't milky enough to be there. i feel like all the venus thread seems to consist of is mockery, calling the girl haggard and making fun of her mental issues when she's not really that milky.

No. 553826

Is anyone else genuinely only attracted to people’s personalities. I’m not saying this to be a good person and am actually an extremely harsh critic of people’s appearance it just doesn’t factor into my attraction for them, I don’t view this as like ‘morally good’ in some way and it isn’t ethically motivated, I just have never found someone attractive before I got to know them and have become desperately physically attracted to people with even like genuine disfigurements after getting to know them

No. 553829

For the longest time I thought everyone was like this but apparently not

No. 553830

Sometimes I would have crushes on online people I talked to (without seeing their face), does it count? But appearance still matters.

No. 553840

I can objectively find someone attractive but I need to like their persona (not only personality, but also views etc) to be attracted personally. My friends say I have low standards but honestly when I like someone as a person, I start to like their appearance. There's something pretty about everyone.

No. 553841

Exactly this, you worded my experience well too! Not to fucking blogpost but i had a gf and people kept telling me how plain she looked, not getting why i found her the prettiest. Wild.

No. 553845

I’m probably going to get bullied for this but when Bernie dropped out of the democratic race since Biden was winning i felt so bad for him. Because of his age, this was probably his last chance to run. And he seemed like the only candidate who wasn’t repeating the same insincere platitudes to get elected. I actually felt genuine sadness for him.

No. 553861

File: 1589458424477.jpg (36.79 KB, 680x430, EX9buvMWAAA2_36.jpg)

i hate it's vagina nose

No. 553862

i feel this, when i am in love or close or whatever, i tend to gush about the person so much i guess people have felt vindicated to tell me that my boyfriend was plain or below standards. which affected not my feelings towards my boyfriend(s) but made me resistant to share photos and stories of them with friends. which in turn turned me off that person. i would never make an offhand comment about someone's partner that ultimately just sounds like "i think they're ugly". like who the fuck asked

No. 553863

Nah, he was a beacon of hope even beyond US borders, like maybe the West would finally see and acknowledge a different style of politic. My friend was due in the states for a scientific conference and had made plans to pit-stop in Bernie's home state since he idolizes the man so much, but then everything happened. Was a kick in the pants worldwide but especially for you lot.

No. 553865

My period is ridiculously regular while I’m on bc. I could literally set my watch to it because it always starts on Wednesday at noon. I thought it would be a while until it settled into a routine again after 18 months of pregnancy and breastfeeding but nope, we’re back to our regular programming already.

No. 553872

You must've been witness to some mighty festered gashes. Wtf.

No. 553873

Oh fuck anon, that's sad. Whenever people (mostly men) called my ex plain, I just felt like they were trying to be nasty and had weird expectations. Don't let it get to you anon!

No. 553879

what kind of rude ppl are you friends with they talk shit about your partner in your face

No. 553886

I’m sorry to derail you anon but god that just reminded me of something that’s been bothering me. I switched to a new BC just before the lockdown bc Im a smoker and my periods have been three weeks long with only one week in between without bleeding. I was freaking out for a while but found out that it can happen when you switch BCs. Still, it’s been nearly three months now and I’m still having troubles and need to refill the script. I haven’t been able to see my regular doctor bc I usually see the campus doctor and my university is shut down thru the entire summer. My PCP is swamped rn and it’s not life-threatening so it’d be silly to take an appointment now from someone who probably needs it. I was already anemic/iron deficient before this and my energy levels are starting to become a real problem because of the constant bleeding. I’ve been having problems with my period since I started taking birth control only a year ago but this has been freaky and a little bit scary.

No. 553887

so cute

No. 553902

Almost nonstop bleeding, especially for someone who’s already anemic, sounds serious enough to me anon. You don’t need to be in a life threatening situation to make an appointment and I’m sure most other people making appointments aren’t on the brink of death either. Would it be an option to just stop taking birth control for a while?

No. 553905

I'm in such a baby fever right now I hate myself. I've been obsessed with the idea of having a baby lately. Please kill me. I know how hard maternity is, I've read enough of r/breakingmom. I can't stop thinking about having a baby tho.

No. 553907

Stereotypical jock faces are scary, like in american highschool films where they only cast men with heavy brow bones, big chins and almost shark-like faces. Fortunately where I live it's not so normal to see those faces but it genuinely triggers something in my brain similar to seeing a dangerous animal in the wild

Twinks with muscles are cute though, and body hair is ok if they look cuddly and nonthreatening

No. 553913

You are right, anon. I’ve called my PCP on the other side of town and while I didn’t get an appointment, she assured me the office would call me back when an appointment was available with a different doctor (female health related). I’ve been so worried during this pandemic that I haven’t been taking the best care of myself, but that’s hardly a unique experience. Thank you for the response!

No. 553914

About to have a zoom interview and I don't even want the job anymore. Gonna have to take it if they offer it though.

No. 553925

I’d fear for what potential daughters could look like.

No. 553927

File: 1589481061749.gif (2.03 MB, 700x700, ef1f28b4-be04-4808-8d10-326aa2…)

I hate to admitit but I miss being in love. I just want to smush someones face, kiss and hug them. I also miss being happy to get a text from that one person and laugh while texting. I got so much love in me so I spoil my familys pets and sometimes buy my family stuff they want/need but its just not the same.

Sometimes I really wish I was one of those people that fall in love fast, but meanwhile I can't even get a crush or any sort of feeling towards people. I know it's better that way so I don't fall for some abusive or whatever stupid fuck but I just really miss it.

No. 553930

maybe consider doing something like fwb? You can find an outlet for those feelings without having a crush/committing.

No. 553939

I miss being in love, so that wouldn't really work

No. 553944

literally what made you think that bs like FWB is a solution to OP's problem? Especially when she's missing love and having connection, not just sex. Sounds like a recipe for a disaster (OP falling in love with a guy that just wants to fuck around)

No. 553945

Why is it that I'm most horny after a shower? I would rather masturbate before a shower. Lol, I hate myself.

No. 553948

Could it be the warmth? Read somewhere that lonely people subcon spend more time in a hot shower bc it simulates human contact or some shit

No. 553950

Maybe. I think my confidence rises from being really clean and naked at the same time. Lol

No. 553951

wish someone would make a music thread because sometimes I find great music and I wish I can share it with someone.

No. 553954

Literally go on /m/
There are like 3 different music threads

No. 553955

I wanted to confess that I shoop myself pretty and post it on IG. But then I got that everyones doing that, oh well…

No. 553956

I can't eat tomato soup because it smells like wet dog to me, and even smelling it makes me feel physically sick.

No. 553957

And i wish more people would post in the music thread. Just go do it anon and share whatever gems you find!

No. 553960

File: 1589491433118.jpg (69.83 KB, 540x960, 12717616_1707734339472216_2634…)

I miss 2007-2011 tacky DIY culture. I wish egirls and eboys would've adapted this part too.

No. 553964

It's so beautiful outside my window right now. I can't wait to leave my boyfriend to spend time with my mum baking bread. I can't wait to move on and feel like all of this was just a lesson on independence, of which I have none right now. Maybe today I'll stop being such a fucking lazy cow and sign up for online courses. It'll at least feel worth it to pump this useless energy into something beyond what I'm doing. I need a swift kick in the ass with steeltoe boots and a good leg. I needed to ramble.

No. 553983

File: 1589498838258.jpg (520.7 KB, 1080x1080, Eh.jpg)

Ain't it unfair how some people just get everything handed to them?

No. 553984

makes me want to beat them

No. 553993

>tfw someone you hate doesn't listen to your advice and gets fucked over
god is on my side

No. 554011

File: 1589502332528.jpg (247.31 KB, 854x1280, 8438948392.jpg)

>be me, model
>photoshoot tomorrow
>horrible acne flare up
>rubs medical grade antiseptic i had at home on face the whole week
>it works

im genuinely surprised

never eating anything with peanuts ever again tho

No. 554024

I ate take out for the first time in months today and I'm can't stop thinking that I'm going to get rona.

No. 554027

don't worry bb you can't get rona from foods so unless you licked the packaging you good.

No. 554038

i was just in the most obnoxious pain, like didn't drink at all but felt like a hangover had hit me all of the sudden, crazy sinus headache, grogginess, just awful. thought it was because of my period but then I realized I've gone the whole day without any food and very little water. it's been like an hour and I took my vitamins, downed a fuckton of water and made myself some veggies and lentils and holy shit I feel so much better. didn't even notice that I'd had nothing but coffee all day. how is my head this empty

No. 554039

Anyone else notice that young British kids and young southern American kids sound nearly identical

No. 554041

It reminds me of wet dog, too. I used tomato juice to clean my dog when she was skunked and after that the smell of spaghetti-Os makes me want to vomit.

No. 554051

I do it too, I try not to look unrecognizable but..

No. 554069

they're both watching peppa pig

No. 554073

actually the southern American dialects are more closer to the dialects in the British Isles then perhaps any major group in America, its easier for some English actors to fake a southern accent then a standard American English accent

No. 554076

File: 1589522442870.png (57.62 KB, 256x256, JUST.png)

>tfw getting flabby aunty gorilla arms

No. 554078

maybe this belongs in the rabbit hole thread. but I just discovered this doctor's channel, she makes vlogs about what it's like to be a doctor. I find it fascinating and now I'm addicted to watching her videos and videos about what it's like to be a doctor

No. 554084

lol is this marzia.

No. 554099

I tried literally 10+ times to spell mischievous correctly before giving into spell correct fuckkkk

No. 554129

File: 1589539040535.jpg (14.17 KB, 320x240, 0A23-0000-03E0-F189.jpg)

you saved me from a course in uni I desperately didn't want to do

thanks corona virus

No. 554140

Have a final exam in 17-15 hours or at 11:59 becausee we have a flexible due date. I'm aiming to take it at 8pm.

Wanted to get 8 hours of sleep but my insomnia is a bitch and I only got 3 hours of sleep. It's 5 am, I'm going to take a shower then try to get some more sleep so I wake up at 11 am. Then I'm going to haul ass and cram study until about 3 hours before, do some light review, take my practice exam see what I need to review and take my exam/hope for the best.

I did major studying last week so I'm confident in the 75% portion of the test.

I have 2 hours to do it and it's 55 questions so if I need I can push it to 9:30pm or 9 pm.

No. 554149

my procrastination and anxiety are wild. i stayed up until 7am telling myself i would work but never did anything. oops!

No. 554175

Why is American coverage on crime so tactless? In every news segment the overly made-up presenters are grinning as they reel off the gruesome details in their happy voices, they bring family members to the scenes of killings to interview them with the worst questions and they loop music on top. True Crime is my hobby and I still don't get it?

I was looking into the bleak murder of a 19 year old girl by her close friend and found the ABC "documentary" which opens like a tourist advertisement for the area and the stupid female presenter is grinning the whole way through it as if it's America's Got Talent, including during an interview with the girl's father where he shares the girl's artwork and the presenter just fakely repeats how brilliantly talented the generic teen drawings are, instead of at least saying something genuine about her creative potential or passion. Then they sprinkle it randomly with darker footage like the murderer confessing how he watched the victim lose control of her bladder as she dies, which seems so jarringly at odds with the shiny presentation. The contrast doesn't seem calculated in a way of building a deliberate effect, it just seems like the editors of these things don't know how to set a tone so they shoot everything like it's Real Housewives.

This isn't even a bad example either! ABC is relatively professional as far as I've seen from American "crime documentaries" which are usually full of excessive narration and recaps but somehow it's still this bad? The way the American police gives so much footage to media for these sorts of cases just makes it look even worse when they keep the more controversial cases sealed so tightly, too.

No. 554246

LMAO I love you

This is valid, my dad is russian Chad af and I am pretty much an ogre with tits

No. 554269

Starting to fall into old body check habits again since quarantine means I have no productive thoughts going through my head. I keep flip flopping between "you look fine, fuck beauty standards, you're not straight anyway and wouldn't judge another girl's appearance so harshly so why judge yourself so much" and "lol i want to cut myself open"

I feel like I never grew out of my insecure teenager phase. I wish I could just be happy with myself.

No. 554301

to be fair, older shows like Forensic Files weren't dressed up, but Americans have become accustomed to a high degree of narrative intensity and this affects how media like news and documentaries are presented.

to also be fair, pretty much the entire true crime genre is disrespectful and voyeuristic at best. At least Amerilard television is semi-open about it instead of pretending to be detailing gruesome crimes out of 'keeping the victim's memory alive' or w/e

No. 554315

jerma is 34???????

No. 554322

I am the only woman I know who has never experimented with or dated another woman. I can think of maybe two times in my life where the idea of being with another woman sexually was arousing to me, and both of these times I was high. I've never had any bicurious inclinations while sober. I'm almost starting to wonder if there's something wrong with me for being this straight.

No. 554325

??? you're just straight like the vast majority of people, making out with a girl for attention isn't 'experimenting'. Stop being a drama queen.

No. 554342

you poor thing! i think you might have discovered heterosexuality

No. 554360

I blame this on the rampant bi larping straight girls put on for male attention. The “all girls are a little gay” thing is psyop lubing women up to threesomes.

No. 554366

whenever i see anons saying stuff like "i wish i was korean/japanese/etc" i just need to laugh because it's very pathetic

No. 554375

I pity you tremendously if you seriously assume that the only reason a woman who isn't openly bi/gay would have any interest in experimenting with another woman is for male attention. Have you been burned by a lot of "straight" girls, or are you just jealous that nobody wants to fuck you, period?

No. 554377

I agree with you a lot, I wish people could experiment with and explore sexuality more freely, but I do understand why people are defensive in this way even though I think it is ultimately unproductive

No. 554380

Did I say all bicurious women are faking it? You’re free to feel attacked though.

No. 554382

same, I feel like they have to be underage

No. 554389

You'd have to be fucking blind to not notice the blatant encouragement and positive reinforcement directed at women to be/act bisexual for male enjoyment, while the reverse is rare. It's not surprising some women fall for it when they're just straight.

ofc I feel bad for women who are actually bi because they shouldn't be painted with the same brush but there is absolutely a concerted effort to convince girls to be gay for the sake of the threesomes, 'poly' relationships, 'unicorns', pornstar sex lives etc that men want.

No. 554393

I don't know how unpopular this opinion is, but I'm slowly getting tired of lesbians in my cartoons for children and (wo)manchildren. People are saying that friendship between a men and a woman is not possible because later or sooner one will want to fuck the other. Now, it sometimes feels like no matter what, if there's a pair of friends, they totally fuck. Maybe I'm just like in OP pic, can't keep up with the times and my only choice is to get ready for another gasp coming out of the closet.

No. 554397

Not super related, but it's kinda weird how people are so quick to assume others have multiple accounts

I disagreed with some pickme on twitter and she blocked me because I disagreed with her at the same time some other dude was trolling her

Like, why the fuck would I get on a second account to harass you when you haven't even blocked the first one?

No. 554403

I’ve seen a lot of people argue that Billie Eilish is only as popular and successful as she is because her parents are in the industry and have connections. If this is true, why isn’t her brother at the same level of fame as she is?

No. 554405

He's not a teenage girl

No. 554415

he literally writes and makes all her music w her lol. she's just the face/frontman of the music. he's absolutely as rich n successful as her

No. 554417

with some of her songs. its very obvious that a teenage girl didn't write them

No. 554449

I’ve heard substance abuse has gone up since quarantine but it’s the exact opposite for me. I don’t feel the need to drink as much as I used to. Probably because I’m not doing much or interacting with people as much as I used to but it’s still odd.

No. 554452

A lot of people got sober with groups (NA,AA etc) so not having those and the idea they push (Keep coming back) really backfired as now those people have no meeting to go to and relapse

No. 554454

Yeah I’m aware that people with substance abuse problems are having difficulty right now because of quarantine. I was just noting that it’s the opposite with me. I’m really not trying to sound smug and self congratulatory. I just think I have different triggers when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Maybe things will be worse for me when this is all over.

No. 554479

Wouldn't do it but I often think about how if I were to kill myself, it would probably take a few days before my parents were to walk into my room and find me despite living in the same small house.

No. 554605

I don't want kids but the topic of child psychology and child-rearing strategies fascinates me for some reason despite the fact that I'll never put any of this knowledge to use. Actually, it makes me breathe a sigh of relief that I'll never have to worry about that stuff.

No. 554626

I'm just falling more and more for someone and it's for the first time ever and I don't know how to deal.
He says he likes me but I want him to love me.
I wanna kiss him.

No. 554681

File: 1589661418916.gif (2.4 MB, 268x268, 96222714a1258066be9f626ca7ffa0…)

Does none of you sluts watch The Expanse around here?! This show has so many space waifus.

No. 554703

I've never heard of it

No. 554705

File: 1589666572115.jpg (97.66 KB, 947x947, a0b8t1wpe2w31.jpg)

The sun is shining, my plants are growing and close to being put outside in the garden, government is apperently giving another stimulus check and essential worker pay. Shit is good for once.

No. 554710

Are you not American by chance?
If you are apparently the GOP is saying that the current dem proposal would never pass, meaning they're going to fight heavily against it.

I am so desperate for that stimulus money, I've been saving to help someone get out of an abusive household but my job hours have been cut dramatically. I didn't get the first check because I'm still claimed as a dependent.

No. 554714

She is so hot. I love the expanse

No. 554726

Finally a woman of culture! I'm as thirsty for Camina as she is for a good drink. I love her and Klaes chemistry, they carried ss4 tbh! why he had to go like thaaaaat

No. 554741

i miss those times where people didn't use trauma for every single thing that happened to them

No. 554745

Went on tumblr out of boredom and realized how I missed some parts of it. I miss checking out my friends blogs and checking the tag that they specifically made for me to say “this reminds me of you!”. I looked at my best friends tag for me and the shit she tagged me in still makes me laugh (also some cute “i miss you” stuff thrown in there that was from when I was studying abroad). I miss browsing through tags and occasionally finding friends through it. I was never super big on interacting with people, but I did meet a girl in my city who liked the same band as me and we went out to karaoke with each other a few times. I mainly use twitter now, but then again I’ve had my twitter and been using it for like over a decade now, and everything I loathed about tumblr (antis, cancel culture, “lets play who can be the saddest princess”, and the like) has just moved onto it, with the added disappointment of not being able to block being able to see people’s shit (mostly people’s likes). I hope something new will come along and people will just migrate over there.

While I’m at it, my tumblr is like a standstill of my mind when I was in college lol. I went through some stupid shit and can’t believe I got as depressed and suicidal as I did because of a couple of fuck boys. At the same time, it’s uncomfortable to see myself repeat the same “why am I not good enough?” time and time again. I have way better self esteem now and it doesn’t bother me as much, but man. Old habits die hard.

No. 554747

Another check? can we afford that? I'm getting paid 2 dollars extra at my job per hour, which helps so much since we had to cut our hours back. We were open 6am-8pm and now we're only open 7am - 3pm. we're suffering bad. I want to make a garden though, haha

No. 554749

Sounds interesting. A quick run down?

No. 554751

Some time in the future, humans have successfully colonized the solar system. Humans are mostly divided into 3 factions: Earthlings, Martians and Belters. The tension between these factions are ever increasing.
An unlikely crew of humans from various backgrounds and factions literally can not stop getting caught in the struggles between governments, aliens, and space pirates. They make many friends as well as many enemies along the way.

Apparently it's like one of the most "scientific" sci-fi shows.

No. 554754

Samefag but yeah the premise doesn't sound original and groundbreaking by any means but I think the execution is really great! I think their strength is the character writing. Coming from me who's usually disdain toward this genre.

Shame! It got cancelled by Syfy and picked up as an Amazon exclusive so it's hidden away from most people.

No. 554757

File: 1589681701759.jpg (257.23 KB, 925x614, 3223.jpg)

Just started playing this one otome game and I'm sad because the absolutely rude, mean and biggest asshole character isn't a route and I cannot romanticize him so now my life is meaningless

No. 554759

drop his deets rn

No. 554782


why does syfy keep cancelling the best shows

No. 554786

i love when cows start bsing legal advice because i know they're fucking wrong

No. 554804

so weird to find someone so wholesome on youtube through this website of all places but thank you for sharing anon.

ive watched a few of her videos before bed the past couple nights and her attitude is so inspiring like how tf can someone stay so positive on no sleep and dealing with like flesh eating disease and covid i truly can't even imagine,
i faint at the THOUGHT of blood and get irritated if i didn't get like 10 hours of sleep how do people like this exist, is it because shes Canadian?????

No. 554838

Alcohol doesn't work for me anymore and I feel like I get an instant hangover as soon as I take a sip. What the fuck? I'm only 21, why is this happening?

No. 554908

Holy fuck, I don't mean to doxx her or anything but we used to work at the same hospital!! She works at one of the better maintained hospitals in the city, and sooo many of the doctors (at least in the ER) are incredibly young, intelligent and really funny. They all have these huge lives outside of their already huge careers and it blows me away. I don't work there anymore but I'm constantly through there and our orientations would be together so I'm gonna creepily keep an eye out for her.
It floored me watching the area go from looking familiar in the video to downright being able to point out where I live in some shots.

No. 554926

You might just have alcohol flush reaction/asian flush. I stopped drinking because alcohol makes me feel instantly nauseous and give me other really bad reactions (heart palpitations, uncontrollable shaking if I continue to drink, etc). Some people only turn red as a reaction, while others like myself will go through the seven stages of hell from a sip lmao.

No. 554927

Should also add that I did drink here and there before I was of legal age and I did used to get buzzed and drunk, but as time went on it didn’t happen anymore, I only started to feel sick.

No. 554931

Being friends with your ex is weird. I made an offhand joke with my friends about a kink being gross and my highschool ex just subtly disagreed, I forgot he knows I used to do that thing all the time so now I look like a hypocrite that can't own up to my true self. I can't out myself in a group by agreeing with him and it wouldn't be right to privately message him to joke about it to alleviate the awkwardness so I'm just stuck feeling this way with nobody to tell. We've been seeing other people for years now I don't know why I care what he thinks of me but I do

No. 554950

Every guy I've ever dated who treated me like shit had a bigger than average dick, and I'm seriously starting to wonder if there's an actual correlation between the way a man treats his partner and dick size.

No. 554953

the only guy i dated with a giant weiner was weirdly uncomfortable about it, and whenever i mentioned it he would get all embarrassed. he was utterly retarded though and impossible to talk to, i ended it because he was boring and even if his dick was big we weren't into the same things sexually

No. 554957

thank you for sharing this I actually feel a lot better now lmao.

I just really hate the idea that a guy derives any ego validation from their dick size. The fact that these guys were all seemingly very confident despite being controlling POS kind of suggested to me that it was a factor. It literally means nothing if you don't know how to use it, which in my case, none of these guys did and sex sometimes actually hurt more as a result. It means even less if you're incapable of treating your partner like a human being, because then sex in general just starts to suck.

No. 554959

I want to buy a bedjet so bad but on top of dealing with bedbugs right now (dad wont notify management until quarantine lightens up in our city), it’s also $400. I could afford it and still have a guaranteed job for up to a month after quarantine lifts, but I’m trying to keep as much money hoarded up in case my parents need it for bills and shit because they’ve asked me to cover the past two months worth of expenses. But holy FUCK I’m a fucking furnace in my bed and stupid management won’t stop turning the heat on overnight when the lowest it hits is like mid 50s now.

No. 554961

What game?

No. 554962

File: 1589746457803.jpeg (113.58 KB, 1280x720, 6ADD392B-7656-4A44-8749-03A19B…)

Woke up to a text from my mom saying she was mad at me for hiding my relationship from her and I was extremely confused. Followed up by a “you know i’ll support you no matter what and it hurts me that you’d think otherwise”. I was literally so confused because i’m single and have been for literally years. I called her and apparently she thought my friend who i’ve been staying several nights with during quarantine and I were having some sort of romantic relationship and I was hiding it from her in fear she was homophobic. Which is all wrong because i’m straight, and while my friend isn’t she’s not interested in me that way. I found this kind of hilarious, but also really dramatic. Why are parents always so over the top.

No. 554963

this is hysterical wtf? this reminds me of my friend's mom who was always paranoid that my friend was pregnant and hiding it from her. i guess it makes a little bit more sense than your situation because my friend is actually sexually active, but still. sometimes i think moms just use shit like this as an excuse to get you to talk to you because they won't just outright admit that they miss you/are worried about you because you guys don't talk enough anymore, etc.

No. 554977

lmao my best friend’s mom went up to her once and said “you know… it’s okay if you and anon are dating! you can tell me! i just want to know!” and she was like ??? wtf we’re just best friends lol. We’re very close and I often slept over at her house and we were roommates in college, but damn. It’s funny to think about.

No. 554988

Just out of curiosity, are you really okay sleeping with a friend that is gay?
I'm currently in the closet and I've had sleep overs with a friend. I'm not sexually attracted to her but I'm afraid if she and other friends I've had sleep overs find out, they'll hold it against me.

No. 555000

omg anon this is fucking hilarious i'm so sorry. parents seriously ARE over the top sometimes, I love my mom but every time she calls me she manages to turn it into a serious mental health check regardless of how well I'm actually doing. I try to convince her that I'm actually fine and not just lying about being fine but she still pulls the "you can be honest with me about anything" thing, I feel so bad but it's kind of funny how relentlessly dramatic she is about it.

also your story reminds me of when I was in middle school and my mom "confronted" me about my google search history (I was just trying to find out the definition of some sexual slang other kids had used but I guess the site that defined them was this like lesbian resource center lol) and was like "you know I'll love you no matter who you love, you don't have to hide anything from me" and I literally had to come out to her as straight

No. 555019

Ever since a friend of mine told me about how his friend will celebrate her birthday in the summer despite being born in January (because it’s cold and no fun to go out), my eyes have been opened. Time isn’t real and I can do whatever the fuck I want and no one can stop me. My birthday is in June and is basically cancelled because my city extended lockdown into mid-June, but I looove the winter anyway so I’m going to celebrate it in the wintertime and get hot pot with friends. Fuck yeah. Still gonna buy or make myself a cake though, because why not?

No. 555038

I am so happy for you, time is a wonky concept. Come by to get your celebratory tinfoil hat, sis.

No. 555045

I google the teacher I used to have a crush on from time to time and his family members. Even though I do it logged out of everything I'm still paranoid he or they will find out somehow. It would be especially awkward since its been years since I've seen him. I don't think there's a way unless my google history becomes public somehow, but I have viewed him on a few of those 'people finder' websites and I'm sometimes paranoid they're tracking me.

No. 555047

Wow anons I guess this is in universal thing, parents are just really funny sometimes. This isn’t the first time my mom has made some theory about my life that isn’t accurate so I shouldn’t even be surprised.
Of course I am anon, we’re like sisters and her sexuality doesn’t change that. Just because she’s gay doesn’t mean she’s attracted to me. And if your friend would think negatively of you for coming out or immediately assume you’re into her maybe you need a new friend. My friend came out to me in middle school and it never affected our relationship or how I viewed her and I never really once thought she had any sort of attraction towards me. I really hope you’re able to come out and be your true self soon.

No. 555054

I remember once, I was being driven to collage by my brother, he was quite for a while and said nothing, he then looked at me and said he wanted to talk, I said ok and he replied, "i will always love you no matter what, and I won't judge you for it", I wan unsure where this conversation was going and was honestly getting scared and he finally said " are you gay"

I almost died of embarrassment that day, he had assumed I was a lesbian for years

No. 555062

File: 1589772095977.jpeg (59.95 KB, 471x708, B591B864-3191-4D62-BAE6-45A9BE…)

Posted earlier about how I was hesitant to restart and finally finish watching Inuyasha because of my association of it with my ex. I restarted 3 days ago and I’m having a blast. No wonder this was the shit that got me hooked on anime. I know it’s partly nostalgia, but there’s stupid gag stuff that I feel like I didn’t laugh at when I was a kid but for some reason now is so funny to me. Also the dub is good so I can freely swap between sub and dub depending on what I’m doing.

No. 555068

Aw shit that sucks. I thought I had fucked myself up by being a lowkey alcoholic, stopping, (got access to weed, stopped drinking in favor of smoking) and then trying to drink again. Not sure how that logic works but yeah. Sucks if I have that though, drinking is fun.

No. 555074

Aw, anon! I'm glad to hear it. I'm currently watching it subbed for the first time and whew what a different experience.

No. 555079

LOL I'm rewatching it too… gotta get ready for the sequel!

No. 555081

File: 1589777991884.jpg (142.24 KB, 1200x1023, Yaoi anatomy comp_0df7d4_67326…)

Do you guys think a person's art style might actually betray certain aspects of their personality?
I was looking at some cows, and I noticed similarities between the art of that one FtM sneeze fetishist who claims to be a DID system, and a completely different, lesser known FtM with a laundry list of bizarre kinks who also claims to be a DID system. I noticed the art was kind of similar at first, but didn't think much of it until I found out that even their identities are alike.
They both draw in that typical early 2000s American fujoshi on deviantART way, with slightly more focus on noses than other artists I've seen like that. It could just be that they have/had the same media influencing them and their art, but then there's the argument that they gravitated to the same content because their personalities were so similar to begin with. It's confusing.

No. 555082

I don’t know why I like this channel but the content is so addictive.

“Yunecoco channel” is a Japanese baby channel I found by accident while reading more about the BCG Vaccine. It mostly documents the onee-chan’s life as her lil sis was just born two months ago.

The parents seem to be a happy couple and proud of their young daughters, besides making a quick buck (otou-san) and okaa-san seeming a bit irritated with their eldest daughter nowadays.

It’s just like anime too!

No. 555115

i feel like i'm finally starting to see my body objectively. it's never gotten bad enough to develop an eating disorder or actual body dysmorphia, but i just didn't see my body very objectively. to me, my body looked the same whether i lost or gained weight (nothing too drastic), the only difference was if i hated it or felt confident.
now i'm realizing i was pretty slim last year and i kinda still am? also realizing it's not a couple of days of eating moderate garbage that will turn me into a deformed blob.
i feel a bit free from body image issues. whew

No. 555164

I dream about bullying my abusive ex into killing himself. He is a weak, no-self esteem bitch, so it probably wouldn't be too hard.

No. 555167

How was he abusive ?

No. 555168

Porn addicted rapist

No. 555169

ah that makes sense, I mean if you're lucky the porn rot will kill him eventually

No. 555170

His pornsick dick will stop working someday and maybe that'll get him to off himself

No. 555209

Don't worry, all pornsick men end up living very sad and unfulfilling lives. Hopefully he'll kill himself and don't harm a lot of women in the way

No. 555212

File: 1589816867390.jpg (7.39 KB, 200x150, 7dfde1a62ad60f4bbc2222cbc9faaa…)

Do you think Chris-chan would've stayed the same harmless manchild he was or descended into the pits of kafkaesque hell like he did if the weens and trolls never interacted with him? I kept up with his shit up until the tomgirl saga and dropped out at around that point, but I decided to read up on his antics in the late 2010's. I feel bad for him, a lot of genuinely sociopathic people decided to ruin him completely or wanted to use him as means to boost their own popularity by fucking with the notorious internet celebrity.

He's no saint himself for sure and the way he treated Megan for example was unacceptable, but in the end he was generally harmless and would've done better with getting professional help and not being enabled by his crazy ass mother and tormented by a-logs online. His story is the prime reason I don't interact with cows and hate cowtipping, it's much better to observe someone's dumbassery from afar. Most of the people who were obsessed with him turned out to be cows themselves anyway.

No. 555214

chris chan would have been extremely different if he never got attention from trolls on the internet. bluespike is genuinely a sociopath - i wonder what he's up to now. i have a pet tinfoil that null was bluespike and that's why he treats chris the way he does, but it's not realistic lol. he'd be a normal autist if it wasn't for the internet. i don't think his parents would have ever gotten him real (non-church-related) help, but he still wouldn't be half as bad if it wasnt for all the internet stuff. it honestly makes me sad af.

he genuinely thought the only way he could get attention from anyone was by doing inane shit online. i would rather day than live five minutes in his shoes.

No. 555220

File: 1589818883212.png (125.84 KB, 774x1032, 1548996846240.png)

how do you think Tove Jansson will react to people using her characters as mouthpieces like "mommin says: trans rights are human rights/be gay do crime, etc" or snufkin been draw in a certain way, will she say something or let it be?

No. 555224

Don't know about Tove herself but at least her family who took over the property is extremely strict about their characters not being used in political context, not sure if it's according to her wishes or not. Tove was a bohemian and a contrarian of her time so it's hard to say if she'd approve of it or not. To be fair the original Moomin comics portrayed Moomins as somewhat anarchist, but then again the comic got canned by a leftist magazine as they thought the Moomin family was "too bourgeois".

No. 555226

I had a male autist friend years ago who reminded me of a slightly higher functioning version of chris. He had the same obsessions around sex though, first wanting to lose his virginity desperately and then crying about needing regular sex.

Obvs my friend didn't have the trolling problem but he ended up on the fucking sex offenders register for child porn. Only reason he didn't get prison time was because his autism was brought up in court. His parents paid a professional to write up a piece on how autism made him communicate with a pedo ring and collect hundreds of files.. based on that experience I struggle to see adult male autists as harmless. If they are at all pervy they're not harmless imo.

No. 555229

Most cows in general would never be that bad if trolls just left them alone tbh. I know no1curr about cows feefees but at the end of the day everyone is human and humans can get pushed to breaking points and people who go to the extremes when shitting on cows can often push them to hurt innocent people around them

No. 555249

Gonna go full armchair here but I believe Chris-chan's obsession with sex and getting a girlfriend to take his virginity had more to do with his rampant homophobia and constant fear of the homos straying him from the straight path as he put it. After all he did turn into a tranny and now is openly bisexual, his homosexuality being probably the only thing about his current state that wasn't only due to trolls frying his brain. He's not a pedo even though a-logs wanted to force that meme, he's never showed any tendencies of being one. He's also definitely not a rapist, even though he's touchy-feely he's not a sex offender.

Honestly I find it very hard to believe that he'd end up as a criminal or something. Even the hit&run event with Snyder was mostly due to his mother's influence and Chris panicking in a frenzy. The alternate endgame I'd imagine for him was that he'd just end up drawing his cope comics while being under his mother's thumb forever. And speaking of her, I always got the feeling that Barbs was intentionally isolating Chris from his peers while Bob was desperate to socialize him to the point he was paying the girls at his school to spend time with him, best displayed when Chris admitted that she was jealous of him liking another woman than her.

It most likely wouldn't be until Barb's death that he'd finally be free. She is a piece of shit herself and reading up on all the stuff Chris spilled about her was insane, such as Barbara wanting to spoon him in the bed and permitting him from sleeping in a separate room from her and then throwing a violent fit when he wanted to sleep elsewhere. I often doubt that he even has legitimate autism, it could just as well be his stunted emotional growth caused by the abuse from his mother.

No. 555262

Why does everyone hate Chris tho? I get laughing at his antics but some people have genuine hatred and no empathy

No. 555271

I'm curious about anons here straight up hating some of the more harmless cows as well and I can't quite figure it out. At least most don't actively try to sabotage them like Chris trolls did.

No. 555275

Yeah autism and overly religious parents are a bad mix. If trolls didnt feed him weird ideas it'd still be his own parents quoting bible verses and expecting his autistic mind to not take them quite literally. I def don't hate him but any grown man (in terms of size at least) who is that easily influenced by people stops being harmless in my mind. That's obviously not all on him though.
>It most likely wouldn't be until Barb's death that he'd finally be free
I wonder if any family members are in line to care for him when she passes, I can't see him living without some level of care

No. 555289

It’s just how men treat lolcows.

No. 555292

didn't he sexually harass a girl? and attack an employee?

No. 555300

File: 1589831963918.jpg (101.88 KB, 669x446, puebla.jpg)

I want to go live in Mexico for like 5 years. My parents are from Zacatecas and I just love the Mexican humidity as well as the architecture.

I would probably stay in the southern part of Mexico because the northern part is a bit of a hotbed and my parent's hometown has growing narco-violence.

Junior year of college I want to go study abroad for a year and in the meantime, I'll brush up on my Spanish and get my dual citizenship.

The only problem I run into is my boyfriend. I worry about how my relationship with my boyfriend will work if I live in Mexico for an extended amount of time unless he wants to come but I don't think he will. He is set on living in Canada and I would love to go to Canada as well but not until well in the future nor would I really want to live there for an extended amount of time. I plan to marry him one day so breaking up wouldn't really be an option.

No. 555303

File: 1589832315345.jpg (88.52 KB, 1200x802, cute-hedgehog-1jpg.jpg)

Earlier today I rescued a hedgehog, as it's a problem if they're outside during the day. At first we thought he was dehydrated, but it turns out he ate a slug that ate slug poison, so he slowly dying. I do not know why I got so attached to him, but it's sad to see
Rip (soon) mr.hedgehog, fuck pesticides

No. 555304

Used to bash songs from my native language because they're so ugly until I discovered their rock songs and now I love rock songs in my native language

No. 555316

I just wanted to say that this place has been really good for my mental health the past couple years. I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or not.

No. 555349

I want to learn computer stuff and how to use virtual machines and all that jazz but I’m so dumb. What’s the point in trying to maintain some privacy in this day and age, especially because my stupid younger self put so much shit out already onto the internet?

No. 555350

It's like that by design. Thankfully no one at any of these big companies knows about you specifically and won't track you down for it. The best thing you can do for privacy is just make a bunch of usernames that aren't connected to you and just don't interlink them between services.

No. 555351

I haven’t seen HSM3 I’ve been like passively avoiding it bc idk I feel like it’ll “break the magic” or something lol

No. 555355

If you want to play around with virtual machines do a search for virtualbox. It's a free and opensource. It will allow you to create a virtual machine for any OS that runs on x86 hardware.

No. 555360

any recs, anon?

No. 555391

File: 1589848129881.png (27.86 KB, 128x128, 1490019518983.png)

I just saw someone who is a girl (like 100% cis) call herself lesbian

And in this one post she said she needs someone to finger her and suck her dick

I'm so confused

No. 555394

I find mixed-race men (more specifically black and white) to be more handsome in general. I live in a very mixed country so it was never news for me to see biracial people around, this isn't a fetishizing thing

No. 555395


No. 555399

Why? I'm not saying white people or black people are ugly. I'm white myself. Can't someone have preferences anymore? lol

No. 555403

what's the point of posting your sexual preferences here? what kind of discussion do you think it will create? i don't want to listen to you neet bitches cream yourselves over korean dick and japanese pussy

No. 555420

I love fondling my small boobs… soft pillowy cushions. I wish I had a gf to fondle my boobs too lol

No. 555426

one of my favorites activities is to go on videos about american politics and try to guess which comments were made by russian bots

No. 555428

Anon, the only person shitting up this thread is you by being needlessly agressive. Plenty of anons have made similar statements without getting banned. Find a different battle to fight.

No. 555430

I mean I get it, I am personally not into white dudes. I wouldn't necessarily avoid dating white people but I just like darker skinned people (black, asian, native american).

No. 555433

this shit belongs in /g/

No. 555456

They are making an Inuyasha sequel? I was thinking about rewatching since it's listed on my tv, now I think I will for sure. Any details about the new show?

No. 555464

some retards hate him while some other retards think prodding and torturing him produces funny results while not hating him.
he's one of those guys that actually is funnier when pooptouched but the funniest moments were when it was harmless (liquid and asperchu).

No. 555467

I swear I'm autistic when it comes to my eating habits - I don't eat as much as I should but I know for sure i don't have an eating disorder, in fact I wanna be bigger than I am but I don't really put in the effort to eat properly. Sometimes I get restless and bored eating like I wanna do something else and I just stare into space not concentrating on chewing and it takes me a stupidly long time to finish a meal. Why am I like this lol, I should've grown out of these habits a long time ago

No. 555468

liquid is fucking based, where is he now

No. 555471

It centers around Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s kids. No idea who Sesshomaru fucked, but he has twin daughters. To no one’s surprise, he isn’t present in his kid’s lives. To my own surprise, Inuyasha and Kagome aren’t present in their daughter’s life either?!?! It’s about the three of them, one twin got sent to present (and I think she’s the one with the lost memory and is with Sota), one twin is still in the feudal era (I think she’s with Kohaku) and is trying to get her sister back, and then there’s Inuyasha’s kid. I probably fucked up the synopsis but it’s something like that lol. It’s called Yashahime Half Demon Princess.

I’ve been meaning to finally rewatch and finish since this is the anime that started it all for me and holds a special place in my heart. I got up to around 140ish I think (judging by when this one specific character appears), but I was watching bootleg Chinese DVDs at the time and had caught up to what was released and illegal anime streaming wasn’t even that good at the time lol. Had no will to bother finishing it until the sequel was announced, and bless Hulu for having all the seasons (though the licensing with Inuyasha is so weird? Netflix (and I think Crunchy too) only have seasons 1 and 2 but have all the movies, but Hulu has all seasons and only 2 of the movies as part of a higher sub tier. Hulu only has the subbed version with burned in subs too??? So weird.) 10/10 a fun and nostalgic series to watch, can’t blame my ex for rewatching the entire series on a yearly basis lol

No. 555473

File: 1589864703445.jpeg (572.38 KB, 1001x1373, F4CD6956-0CBA-46DD-BAA3-BA9E2A…)

also am not ayrt lol, oops dropped promo pic

No. 555480

I really want to ask for this guys number who works at my local supermarket but it goes against my beliefs and I know it will be hugely embarrassing and cringe when he'll lie and say he has a gf to get me away from him and then I won't ever be able to step foot in that shop again.

No. 555491

I believe twins played liquid Chris. One is a musician and the other is trying to cure cancer.

No. 555492

"sperm burper" is my new favorite insult

No. 555494

I hate the word ‘based’ so much. It has the same energy as when people kept referring to things as ‘woke’ but at least those people stopped doing that

No. 555496

Please just tell me how. Most people here are not in a good state of mind and it gets worse by staying

No. 555506

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It seems like the woke crowd couldn't stand to use lit or awesome so they had to move to based.

No. 555537

not sleeping for 2+ days straight makes me feel awakened in a weird way. it feels good

No. 555538

You know it’s been around before this woke shit and it’s some shit lil b made up

No. 555539

I don’t consider it a thing woke people use as much as edgy/alt-right types but it is extremely annoying to me either way

No. 555540

>t. unbased anon

No. 555543

strange how the image board is less active than before, despite the confinement

No. 555544

Wouldn’t that make sense? It seemed it had become that a huge portion of the user base were radfems, so the confinement would have hopefully removed some of them and therefore boards will be quieter because of it for a period of time

No. 555554

I wish I could get laid but I'm dumb, ugly, have high standards and I don't trust men because, and I'm a bit scared of them. I'm not even horny right now, I'm just super curious since I'm a kissless virgin.

No. 555561

back then, when u saw someone w an anime pic youd think it was a kid. now its just good ol troons everywhere

No. 555562

same. I'm sorry.

No. 555565

Find someone on tinder that is relatively ok, and just get it over with. I can assure you that it is not as magical, or special as the movies or books make it out to be unless you genuinely like the person and even then it can be subpar.

No. 555568

That was the plan, but the pandemic cockblocked me when I really had opportunities with cute guys for once in my life. I'll have to go back to my family's home in a few weeks, which wasn't planned at all, so I won't have any privacy at all until I find a new job and my own place.

>I can assure you that it is not as magical, or special as the movies or books make it out to be

I know that, but I still can't help but fantasize about eventually meeting mr.perfect who will love me and respect me from the bottom of his heart, and who's good at sex. Maybe once I'll get some experience I'll get over it, idk.

No. 555586


also i posted way too many times ITT

No. 555611

I've always been curious what English speakers sound like to people when we attempt to speak their languages.

No. 555612

Idk if it just seemed this way to me because I was a kid at the time or out of of nostalgia but I feel like the old myspace scene girls who would be online ‘famous’ were so much more talented (but that’s not really saying much), interesting and actually milky than the bpd e-girl femcel weirdos emerging now who all seem like complete losers and extremely boring. I really miss the old days of the internet, it feels like there are hardly any interesting people or places left online anymore

No. 555638

File: 1589910986755.jpg (85.02 KB, 800x600, romanticintent2.jpg)

I felt like doing something like that too, but i'm terrified from facing rejection and i don't want to bother someone at work so i thought i could give my own number on a slip of paper while saying "lets be friends" and then just run away. Could be cute. Alternatively i could fill out this form, but i think it would reveal my lack of soul too soon.

No. 555642

I don't think it's ever really appropriate to solicit someone while they're working unless they approach you. I worked at a grocery store and I used to have to write a fake number down on receipt paper just to get the creeps asking for it outta my aisle when they wouldn't take hints, or a polite no for an answer. Plus it's not like the majority of people like to see randos get their feelings hurt even if we don't owe them anything.
It's just a bad setup, I wouldn't do it personally.

No. 555643

Honestly I second this

No. 555649

File: 1589912467144.jpeg (130.11 KB, 750x467, C31AAC68-098F-451F-9677-BEA7FE…)

god I hate faggots like this so much.
"you can't make a joke in front of fatter people that you're fat, even if you've suffered from an ED!" fuck off, cunt, I ruined my digestive system, I'll say whatever I want

No. 555652

This is probably the same faggot who thinks eating disorders are "fatphobic"

No. 555653

Seems like all sides could do with some social awareness and not being completely tone deaf? None of my business tho.

No. 555654

Fatties should continue to eat their feelings instead of externalizing their self hatred and being speech police

No. 555656

Waiting until their shift ends would be even creepier imo.

No. 555657

good job, you just proved anon's point

No. 555658

No one said wait till their shift ends they said don’t do it

No. 555660

Like don't try to initiate relationships? Why?

No. 555661

i prefer fatties to retarded anachans with your sense of entitlement

No. 555666

Because it’s inappropriate to try and pursue someone at their place of work where they have to go everyday and wouldn’t be able to avoid you, it puts them in a weird situation as your the customer and they’re being paid to be nice to you

No. 555667

Are you suggesting i stalk them until a more appropriate moment arises?

No. 555669

IMO–I think the only way to try to get with someone who is working is to interact with them and be as friendly as possible
you don't want to put yourself in a situation where they are forced to interact with you, so put yourself in a situation where they want to interact with you

if they start recognizing you and calling out to you, then that's a good sign
if they don't, then just move on

approach them like you would anyone else working at the store and just hope they like you back

I don't think it's creepy to try going to a certain store because you like someone who works there

No. 555674

Ok, i'll try your stalker/telepathy strategy, sounds hella effective, i'll get back to you to report on how it went after 10 years!

No. 555676

lmao fucking autists

No. 555677

Maybe don't ask for an impossible solution that requires forcing someone into an awkward situation they may not want to be in.

Either don't expect immediate results or don't complain about being a stalker–you can't have it neither ways

Also, I wasn't the original anon you responded to

No. 555680

I already said i'll try your awkwardness free stalker approach for those immediate results, sheesh.

No. 555704

Well, shit, you’re mighty unpleasant.

No. 555725

Anyone else pick their nose?

No. 555728

Consantly tbh

I never liked the tv show the bachelor but this new gay bachelor tv show is really funny. Those het shows are too gay for me

No. 555740

yes, make it stop

No. 555745

I bought a ssd and was so excited to install it, until i remembered I forgot to buy a sata cable for the motherboard for it. I also bought a huge box and chocolates and regret it. Oh well.

No. 555763

Your advice makes no sense, that's dangerous, what is someone were to take you seriously.

No. 555764

hey smarty pants–more than one person is replying to you

No. 555771

So? If you are going to butt in and take the same stance, at least have the decency to not abandon the person you were defending.

No. 555772

I think you're just confused
Someone can think you're an awful person without agreeing with what is being argued

No. 555773

Yes, you thinking that your random subjective opinion regarding my character somehow contributes to conversation confused me.

No. 555774

If you're being an asshole online and someone calls you out for it, then the contribution is that you shouldn't be an asshole anymore
but you're just trying to fight with everyone aren't you
I'm not going to deal with you anymore

No. 555775

You're the asshole. There, you'we been called out. Feel free to have the last word, or don't.

No. 555784

File: 1589933771362.jpg (86.06 KB, 650x650, LdJ4Q1aWPv.jpg)

No. 555798

I keep getting followed by creepy men when I'm just taking a walk. Last week around midnight, I was taking the garbage bin to the back, smoking a joint when some guy on his bike kept tailing me and said something which I couldn't understand.
> hurr durr you were doing drugz and out at midnight
That is very true, but if I were a male, that wouldn't have happened. Plus, weed is legal here and I should be free to do whatever I want any time… ideally.

Today, I was coming back from a walk and see this guy follow me after I looked in his direction (ugh). To be safe, I crossed and waited with people to go to the other side and yep. He was following me. I walked fast enough and took the tram to get away but god, why can't I walk in peace? I intentionally dress in androgynous clothes to avoid shit like this, but I guess that doesn't help! Plus, there are less people at shelters and mental hospitals too which contributes to more creepy, unstable people in the streets… This didn't happen the last two months during winter.

What's the point of going on a walk if I don't feel safe going back in?

No. 555802

Just watched the half of it on netflix and honestly it did make me realize that I really am gay, more accurately bisexual.

I've always been kind of in denial about it but it was honestly a nice wholesome film. Kind of cheesy but that is expected of a coming of age film.

No. 555807

"the half of it" is a movie
But no, this woman realized that scary clowns, dudes, and gals make her horny

No. 555810

I just don't go outside after dark anymore since i'm freaked out by this type of stuff. But if you don't want to give in you're going to have to intimidate this guy.

Do you have men you trust and can walk with? You could potentially intimidate the person by walking with a few of them and pointing at the creep. Make sure that he knows you know and that you're not going to just let him stalk you without consequence. You don't know what fucked up fantasy he has playing in his head and if that doesn't deter him i don't know since i just avoid these situations all together.

No. 555815

give me those horny clown people. Was anon talking about terrifier?

No. 555837

I have one friend who lives 15 mins away but unfortunately, he's not super responsive to messages / is busy a lot, so I can't do too much about it. The guy who followed me seemed homeless though, so I can't exactly pin him down. Thanks for your thoughts, anon!

No. 555864

File: 1589956794165.jpg (90.71 KB, 927x554, tumblr_a40ca172fc87388149159aa…)


No. 555867

This is such a small demographic of people that you would actually have to go significantly out of your way to ever interact with in real life. This is only really something you see in men who live on /pol/ or /r9k/. I honestly wish fembots would stop posting here because I don't want this place to just become a response to r9k filled with reactionary posts, like how big of a problem can 'the 30 year old anti-coomer' really be in your life unless you are for some reason willingly wasting significant amounts of your time hanging around the places online specifically that would attract them

No. 555871

haven't slept in 34 hours

i feel weird but i'm ok

No. 555872

how come? do you have something you need to stay awake for?

No. 555873

File: 1589961149792.gif (4.2 MB, 638x360, 1588338529330.gif)

not really, at first i wanted to fix my sleep schedule but now i am doing a challenge and trying to see for how long i can stay awake

No. 555874

report back with how long you last, I wouldn't be able to stay awake 34 hours

No. 555875

i will bb
the power of autism runs in me

No. 555877

My limit was 42h but i am 100% at that point there had to be some micro sleep in there somewhere. Good luck anon!

No. 555878

42 hours is seriously very impressive what the fuck you deserve a medal

thank you i will try my hardest to not fall asleep

No. 555881

I really want kids but the idea of all the things they will be exposed to online and how easy it seems for people to get brainwashed into certain mindsets worried me a lot

No. 555884

My record is four and a half days, i didn't use any stimulants, but i drank a lot of sweet tea. Felt like having multiple sunsets and sunrises in a single day, sleepiness would come in waves, had minor hallucinations and cognitive functions were quite impaired, resting my eyes just for a moment made me fall asleep instantly.

No. 555888

File: 1589964046790.gif (246.76 KB, 220x313, alien.gif)

you have me inspired anon, I will not sleep as well in solidarity.

No. 555894

I have a phone job interview in half an hour and I feel so nervous, phonecalls in general make me so anxious I wish I could cancel it

No. 555895

Good luck anon! You got this.

No. 555896

that is also very impressive


good luck you will do absolutely amazing i believe in you

No. 555897


Thankyou so much! ♥

No. 555898

Try to smile a little while talking so it translates into your voice, you'll do good anon!

No. 555900

ty I will definitely try this hopefully it makes me sound less terrified

No. 555911

I've never enjoyed reading fiction because I can't visualize scenarios in my head, I can't conjure up a mental image of characters or visualize anything TBH. When I try to follow guided meditation that involves visualization I can't. Only heard of aphantasia last night and I'm like fuck.. I'm thirty and I'm only learning about this now?

No. 555912

that's so interesting, can you visualise memories? Is it like you can visualise things you've actually seen and it's just hypotheticals you can't envision?

No. 555917

Off topic but I used to work at a call center and we had multiple banners everywhere that said "Smile: They can hear it in your voice." It made sense work wise but felt so creepy.

No. 555923

I'm so glad I never found "fingers in his ass Sunday" and those Komaeda x Sans memes funny

No. 555950

I have the same thing but didn’t know there was a term for it. I still enjoy fiction and have an imagination of my own though, it just doesn’t involve any imagery.
This also explains why I’m the only person I know who doesn’t freak out about casting when a book I like gets adapted to film.

No. 555956

Nayrt but I remember the bathroom mirror in a call centre that was literally engraved with something like "the most important person in customer service" and a smiley face.
Some psychopath must have actually designed that, and another approved the budget for using those mirrors

No. 555969

This made me feel depressed honestly

No. 556008

update 1: i don't even know how but this sudden wave of sleepiness just hit me across the face an hour ago but i'm still going strong by playing sims 4 sex mods and forcibly drinking monster and i think i am either starting to hallucinate or i am making things up like a wanna be schizo because my vision is slowly starting to fuzz like television static

also started listening to speedcore (vid attached) as an attempt to help myself but it's… not… working …

i'll come back with an update later

No. 556014

stay strong, anon!
remember to drink water, monster and caffeine will dehydrate you.
dropping some veela for your consideration, based sleepless anon. ily stay safe and awake

No. 556016

My deadbeat soylent-uniqlocore-software-job-robot ex boyfriend is such a fucking idiot that it makes me retroactively mad for the 3 years of my time that he wasted and I'm addicted to googling his internet handle and laughing at him. He has a "blog" section on his /professional/ website and it's full of cringey shit about how women and dating suck. He's nearly 30!!!!!!

No. 556018

lol if you die

No. 556020

sending you my best positive sleepless vibes i hope you will do well too mwah

better make it quick then

No. 556023

anon this can't be healthy

please be careful

No. 556043

The only reason to post stuff in confession thread is so people can laugh at you. If there’s no commentary allowed then what’s the point?

No. 556051

>What's the point?
So people can post about how fucked up they are or have been and no one can do shit about it because it's their safe space to do so.

No. 556052

I'm watching a documentary and the subject matter is so dark and gruesome I have to keep pausing it every 5-10 minutes. It honestly takes like 6 hours to finish a 2 hour documentary if it makes me nervous or uncomfortable. I have no idea why I keep watching them.

No. 556053

I've still seen some harmless enough commentary being left. It's the holier than thou anons that I think were the problem, the ones that call everyone a degenerate

No. 556057

What's the subject matter? I watch all sorts of gory true crime stuff but when it comes to say CSA I tap out. No idea how people can sit through some of the several-hour long docs out there on institutional child sex abuse. It's alot.

No. 556058

that's why i added a new disclaimer lol

No. 556061

I'm watching Roll Red Roll, about the 2012 Ohio football team raping a young girl at a party. I honestly can't stop putting myself in place of the bystanders and feeling this neurotic guilt for not helping, which is ridiculous but I have to keep taking breathers, kek. I have no idea how people can digest it so quickly when they watch it, I simply can't.

No. 556100

outside of work and school, what do you do all day? literally all I do anymore is eat, read and watch youtube. I keep telling myself I should do something else, but I can't even think of anything. life is beginning to feel really empty

No. 556126

When not super depressed, I usually garden
I'm kinda into hydroponics

No. 556128

I draw & watch toons on YouTube
That's it,also I take care of these baby chicks

No. 556145

TIL about uterine ruptures durring pregnancy and I really wish I hadn't

No. 556161

And here i was thinking the gooch ripping is the worst

No. 556213

Sometimes I like to stand over my dog and pretend that I’m the claw in a claw machine and will bend over and grab her. I’ve been stretching daily and becoming more flexible so that I can lower myself closer to her while standing (she’s small).

No. 556216

In /snow/ there's a thread about a very non-milky 16 year old who just outed herself with a self post

Thought of replying "You have to be 18 to post here" - I'm cracking myself up.

No. 556219

I've taken up a few hobbies like painting, making small youtube videos and attempting to learn how to make video games.
I just try to give myself a challenge to try something new every weekend if i'm bored of those 3 things.
Stagnation is real and life is boring if you don't challenge yourself. Alternatively you become a mum and forget that you matter as well as you live through your child improving and developing.

No. 556227

File: 1590040206020.png (602.49 KB, 810x618, SailorMoon-Zoisiteheader.png)

Very unsexy of Crystal to take away kunzite/zoisite, I realize it's because they're trying to keep as close as possible to the original but still

No. 556234

Sometimes when I think back to the bullying I had to go through in middle school I feel like I deserved it for being such a weird, nerdy weeb but then again what teenager deserves to be beat up and constantly verbally abused just because they're a bit strange but completely harmless. Like what pleasure do people get from it and why don't they spend that energy in fighting someone who's actually being detrimental to the community. Like how pathetic and unstable are you if you get triggered by someone wearing different clothing and have this obsessive need to smack them. And why is this so normalized to begin with

No. 556239

I use social media, play video games and sometimes I watch movies or TV shows. I'm considering streaming games so I can show my close friends which games I playing while we're separated.

No. 556242

Ummm is it possible to delete posts on warosu.org? Or is there an admin email? I kind of realized that I fucked myself in a major way. . . .

No. 556244

At first it was because Chris was openly homophobic, sexist and racist (due to his shitty sheltered bible-thumping upbringing) with strange delusions about his plagiarized work being so great that it could be commercialized and admired, and people wanted to teach him a lesson. In the mid 00's people liked to prod at autistic buffoons but it was mostly laughing at them being objectively idiotic and when Chris reacted to their constant teasing they kept going. At first it was somewhat tame and just fucking with him for laughs, but then people who were equally autistic (or blatant psychopaths) started torturing him. It wasn't really to punish Chris for his actions but to one-up each other in how far they could take it. People try to justify the weens' actions due to Chris being resilient to improve his life even with the advice of the genuinely nice people who wanted to help him out but honestly what he needed was professional help and counseling to get on his feet, not some internet trolls giving him the time of their day.

I gotta admit Liquid Chris was a funny stunt but even the gal-pal of that time, Kacey, turned out to be a huge cow herself and later on people leaked details on how much she abused Liquid Chris during their relationship. Thinking back to all the sick trolls who took control of him at least Bluespike was a literal child but Idea Guy was an adult who was obsessed with burning him to the ground. The only good thing that idiot Null has ever done was him helping doxx the Idea Guys conclave.

No. 556248

people get addicted to the power they have over people, i don't know i guess there is also a primitive pleasure in getting away with something you know is wrong.

No. 556249

File: 1590047612175.png (209.13 KB, 488x468, tumblr_static_7uddqw5dy18o88ok…)

Definitely agree. They were cute and made sympathetic villains Crystal is a pile of trash imo

No. 556262

have gotten less than 6 hours sleep for the past week, can't sleep more for some reason, i look and feel like my soul is rotten

No. 556265

Unless it's CP, absolutely not lol.

No. 556283

File: 1590059004093.jpg (201.47 KB, 699x1395, 158454153466453.jpg)

Yeah.. those sleep deprivation experiments will give you chronic insomnia. Without getting enough sleep your IQ and memory will start to deteriorate, and you'll get depressed more easily, also you'll age faster.

No. 556303

give me tips on sleeping better anon, i'm not deliberately sleeping so little and don't want a raisin soul while i'm still young

No. 556304

You really aren't close to men in your life huh, I know at least like two twenty something year olds who admited while crying that they have a porn addiction.

No. 556305

NAYART but just wanted to add that sleeping too much is bad for your mental health and energy levels too, although how much is too much varies by person! Less sleep definitely feels worse though imo, I've read that too little sleep with too much stimulation can trigger psychosis and I absolutely believe it.

Sleep hygiene is really important to create stability for me, such as a regular bedtime and only using my bed for sleep/sex. Also the obvious stuff like blue light filters, exercise and avoiding caffeine after 8 even though I feel like I'm immune to it.

No. 556308

always thought people talking about their pepsi/coke preferences were being dumb but now that I'm actually drinking them (family doesnt really get other sodas) pepsi tastes so much shittier

still don't particularly like either of them though

No. 556312

File: 1590067014686.jpg (161.65 KB, 1851x773, 7f94273.jpg)

Not to enter a debate or stir shit up, but I'm sonfucking tired of people trying to change the lgbt flag. It's fine the way it is. In general we have too many fucking flags and lables.

No. 556313

File: 1590067576805.jpeg (211.27 KB, 750x526, B2C65D99-07D7-43F9-8404-8924E9…)

I don't even know why they felt like they gotta add brown and black to a rainbow flag as if the other colors represent white people

No. 556314

taking melatonin could help

No. 556322

This is why i just dont associate with gay communities anymore. it's such a mess. such a simple thing, like being gay ans trying to get basic human rights is turned into the oppression olympics. It's honestly very depressing.

No. 556324

I love using Bandcamp because the artists post messages sometimes and this one black metal qt writes such nice messages and starts them with "hi everyone", I feel so happy whenever he makes a new message. Is this what being an incel feels like

No. 556326

I just ate a sandwich and the bread was too hot and burned the roof of my mouth. Why is that such an irritating feeling?

No. 556327

It’s funny the tranny part looks like it’s invading the space of the gays, just like how they are in real life.

No. 556333

"b-but Crystal is closer to the manga!!"

No. 556334

why do we have flags for every label anyway, isn't a rainbow enough to represent the whole lgbt community?

No. 556338

one of my close friends whose had a dead bedroom relationship for about 1 year now, told me that during the lockdown her and husband "rekindled" their sex life, I assume being stuck in a room together with only one person and other then that no human contact for a long period of time has an effect on people

anyone here had similar experiences

No. 556340

attention seekers

here's a tip: go see your doctor.

No. 556344

File: 1590073244612.jpg (57.48 KB, 750x742, c4d702f01a6c795f240e87eef63d7c…)

I have nice natural nails. Yesterday night when I gave myself a manicure I fucked up my french tips. I wanted to paint tips with a metallic color but the polish was thin so it required multiple layers that did not dry well. After I took my brush to create the tips with acetone, there were a few places where I nudged the paint before it cured. Now there's spots of annoying little ripples of where I disturbed the polish because it's metallic. Then a brand new top coat I bought must've had bubbles in it because now there's bubbles on every single nail and they're super obvious over my tips.
My nails look okay from a distance but up close they're super ugly because of said indents and bubbles on the tips. I want to start over but it feels like such a waste of effort.

No. 556346

Because we live in an ultimately retarded time line where people think shit like demi sexual and sapiosexual are valid terms, when you can break it down to basically being gay, straight or bi and call it a day. The rainbow flag was always meant to be an umbrella for all non straight people, but politics and special snowflake syndrome has to ruin everything.

No. 556367

That's so annoying, I sympathize with you. Maybe it's best to just wipe it off right now or you'll be annoyed for longer

No. 556391

update 2: this is a very very late update but i got my period last night unfortunately and the pain was so overwhelming i just took some ibuprofen and went to sleep

seems like the party is over for me

thank you for your concern, i am well! i hope you are too

No. 556405

damn dude that sucks. really makes me greatful that my periods are always completely painless and light.

No. 556409

I think I may OCD because I have horrible intrusive thoughts. They've been a thing for awhile and are always the most intense when I'm anxious and stressed. I don't necessarily have compulsions, I do find myself making outward faces to make them go away.

I'm meeting a friend I haven't seen in like a solid year and they're out of control right now. They've made me suicidal before so I honestly don't know if it's OCD or if I'm sort of deviant who will harm someone else. They're not urges just really disgusting intrusive thoughts. I've kind of learned to separate them from my actual self but sometimes they really scare me.

No. 556410

damn anon you made it so far tho! hell yeah
rip your uterus tho hope you feel better sweet child

No. 556425

Why the fuck would anyone add that to their pro site thing? What a clown, glad you dumped him anon

No. 556428

Did you know Tommy Lee Jones is really popular in japanese commercials lmao

No. 556429

where have you been the last 15 years?

No. 556432

This is why that one movie w bill murray is funny to me, uhhhhhhh lost in translation? Reminds me of this. Has anyone tried these coffees, i wanna try some

No. 556451


i never understood the frustration of people who give a shit about there being "so many flags and labels". it's way easier to not give a shit about how many labels or flags there are, than it is to give a shit about it. if they don't apply for you, don't use them, but why does someone else having the freedom of specificity or clarify on what/who they are such a big deal? it's way easier to not care about things that don't effect you than to be a person who only ever talks about what pisses them off.

No. 556456

File: 1590085171589.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.48 KB, 540x908, bS0wSnY.jpg)

I don't know why, but for a while someone has been posting weird pictures on random threads just to delete them later, I took a screenshot of the Webtoon thread.

Is this an angry cow or an edgy 13 year old?

No. 556457

I saw one with a prolapsed anus and a lot of those emojis front page too

No. 556459

I think it’s just a troll and mods delete the posts when they’re reported.
I didn’t know they’ve been doing it a lot, the best thing you can do is report and ignore them

No. 556460

Just raids, they usually post weird porn or gore. The mods delete them pretty quickly

No. 556463

why the fuck are you reposting this bs and not even spoilering it?

No. 556465

they're retarded

No. 556489

Hope these children never have to feast their eyes on the monthly cp and gore posting, their naivete hurts

No. 556494

What children? You mean the OP of the stupid question?
I'm so glad I haven't run into gore and cp in many years, I remember seeing weird cp bot posts on main site about 3-4 years ago. Last gore that I run into were those fucked up beheading screencaps (luckily I closed the page before I could take a good look). I know gross spam has happened since then, I'm glad I have avoided it.

No. 556496

nta but there's been gore posted on here a few weeks ago. lucky you weren't on for it.

No. 556513

you must be retarded too because i've also seen a fuckton of CP and gore on the web unfortunately, also on here lol

what even is your point

No. 556518

>a prolapsed anus
it was truly a beautiful sight to see

No. 556534

Really? Then you should know better than capping and reposting said eye-rape like a creepy retard

No. 556545

do you genuinely lack some reading comprehension because it wasn't me who posted that LMFAO. the person aka >>556489 said

>Hope these children never have to feast their eyes on the monthly cp and gore posting

because i said OP is retarded for not spoilering that shit, so i just simply replied to them with my own experience

No. 556582

You're the one with reading retardation because that post was clearly in agreement with you

No. 556586

File: 1590100145536.jpeg (12.58 KB, 400x205, B6D02D4A-5EB1-457A-B7E0-BCCC4A…)

yeah you can also see that post from a positive point of view but it also reads itself like the person was mocking me and the other person for thinking that picture is disgusting and needs a spoilering because we haven't see the cp and gore yet and we are so naive uwu

please shut up already

No. 556587

I know it obviously doesn't need to be said, but god damn the animation is so so beyond awful. Why did they do this?

No. 556665

I kind of know what you mean, lately I noticed that my little sister responds to conflict with the same dopey punchable facial expression that I was bullied for and even though I know she can't help it, it's just our face, I wish she would listen to me when I try to tell her. I feel dumb for taking so long to learn basic people skills and I actually get angry at her because she's probably going to eventually get beat up for it and there's nothing I can do about it. I hope I'm wrong.

No. 556666

same anon there's something so funny about you have to be over 18 to post here sent to some kid who thinks they're anon it rustles their jimmies like no other

No. 556667

>you really aren't close to men in your life huh
nta but implying that's a bad thing

No. 556669

Oh my God, there's some girl I know who was never taught that and it's just terrible, she's okay-looking but her expressions and mannerisms make her pretty much universally hated apart from the nice girl/tard guards that take her in. It's terrible

No. 556670

i've never had long hair even as a kid and i've had it as a buzzcut for sooooo long and i have the sides shaved rn but it's growing out like to maybe midway my ears and holy hell i can't stop touching it and thinking about it, it's absolute sensory hell

No. 556692

god i'm so glad the internet/culture wasn't the way it is now when I was that age, my entire life would be cancelled. tbh I still live in fear that i'm going to get exposed by someone I went to middle school with for saying something is gay or some dumb shit. I went through all of my tweets from high school scrubbing anything questionable just in case. it's so dumb that people are willing to cancel 16 year olds, like ok yes let them know that they did something that's fine but don't try to ruin their whole life

No. 556711

how accurate would it be to say that the people who warp there personality into this community are the people that had the least supportive upbringing regarding their sexuality?

I don't know many people who you could consider 'butch' or 'flamyboyant' but all them had relatively accepting families and communities.

No. 556714

File: 1590120757588.jpg (26.94 KB, 540x518, 0cb318baf6f8750b819a563cb30f72…)

This pic confuses me. Isn't this how everyone responds to rejection?
I have anxiety, and I personally reply like that to try to sound normal/calm. Does it not sound that way?

No. 556716

lmao, twitter truly has become the new tumblr except with famous people.

No. 556726

i wonder how neetlita-chan with the roommate is doing…

No. 556742

I can't break the habit of sleeping on my side. Unfortunately it means when I wake up I have a wrinkle above my tit. Lately it's been lasting hours. Idk how to fall asleep on my back, guess I'll have to get used to tit crinkles.

No. 556746

I really dislike when people ask to do something then dont respond for more than an hour, or get held up with things that suddenly take 1-5 hours. Same goes with people who fall asleep in group project calls or games. It's fine if you want to go the store, do laundry, dishes, or sleep. Just send a quick message or leave the call instead of putting people on hold.

No. 556750

File: 1590134897909.png (204.41 KB, 496x420, Screenshot_20200522-020451.png)

Saw this ad on YouTube and I gotta say. What the absolute fuck.

No. 556754

I'm not particularly anxious and I respond to rejection similarly to some of these as well. I think people can feel snowflake-y about their anxiety and it leads them to think that "normal" people are more aggressive than they actually are, and would push the issue if rejected.

on top of that, those responses are pretty diverse – "aw ok" and "thanks for letting me know" all have totally different energies lol.

No. 556758

It's been years since I began digital painting and even though I'm breaking into freelancing now my favorite brush is still the basic hard round pressure opacity brush on Photoshop. I've tried a bunch of popular ones through the years, and I guess I'm either an autist or my technique is bad but no other brush can compare. It feels and blends the best to me. When I got an ipad to paint on the go and do studies outside I was excited to use Procreate because people went on about how amazing the brush engine is and was disappointed how the brushes still didn't wow me much. So I wound up just making an identical hard round brush.

I feel like I'm probably missing out but at the same time I don't get the hype anyway.

No. 556784

File: 1590143132532.jpeg (70.96 KB, 640x626, B7C5B081-CAE6-4B03-B01E-000782…)

I want to kill myself

No. 556787

File: 1590146341360.png (345.36 KB, 640x549, 1589810034947.png)

Honestly lurking some of the pt/snow threads for years has helped me improve both my personality and my appearance by anons criticising cows and other salty anons saying what the cows should be doing. I've learned to identify my own bad habits and behaviours and I've seen a lot of tips on how to look less like a deranged trainwreck. Thank you, nitpicking anons.

(I also like gossip and bitching so it's good entertainment as well.)

No. 556799

R u me? This site made me way more self aware and corrected my dumb behaviors too.

No. 556803

I was talking about Final Fantasy with friends because of the FF7R and now I can't stop listening Gackt's songs, either his solo songs or his songs with Malice Mizer, because of this.

No. 556808

No. 556813

Same. Ever since I started regularly lurking /snow/, /ot/ and /g/, I've started paying more attention to my appearance and taking care of myself, physically and mentally. I also feel like lolcow has had a pretty major role in curing my NLOG-complex.

No. 556823

If you're so keen on getting rid of your bad habits why can't you stop gossiping and bitching too?

No. 556862

wow men are so oblivious it's unreal

No. 556863

same! but only physically. I don't put much weight on the lifestyle advice from the weirdos who post here

No. 556865

I really miss Pheobe and Erin’s threads in snow…
They were my favorite cows for awhile

No. 556866

i miss erin so much, she was the perfect DDLG cow.

No. 556867

I miss Phoebe too.

No. 556869

A cow like Pheobe doesn’t come along very often. Looking at her threads made me genuinely angry a times but her antics were so entertaining. I wonder why she disappeared…maybe her bf broke up with her or she suddenly became aware of how embarrassing her online behavior was

No. 556870

honestly same
along PNP and luna, they were the only threads i was actually interested in reading and joining with milk

No. 556872

My shit came out orange today

No. 556874

The art-anons in her threads were amazing.

The only issue with her threads was the newfags who never bothered to integrate/read rules, unfortunately this lead to one of them cowtipping.

I have hope Erin will return eventually because of how attention seeking she is and always will be , she’s been a personal cow of mine for years ( along with Nika in snow).

No. 556883

I don't really post much in those threads unless I'm in a particularly bad mood, I just like reading it kind of like people enjoy reading trashy celeb magazines. If that's not your thing, good for you I guess.

No. 556887

A while ago I left my mother's house to live with my online bf because everyone told me she was abusing me because she kept restricting me (got me fired from my job took away my phone, computer etc for simply no reason) it's been 4 years now and I didn't know what freedom was like. I've never learned how to tie my shoes how to drive (I do now) and I'm finally accomplishing things as an adult. Every now and then when I call my mom because she's mentally ill and she is still my mother I try my best to be nice but she always makes me feel awful. My mom is obese, smokes a fuck ton and is all around kind of a bad person and on the verge of dying from being unhealthy. I feel really anxious and scared that she will die but Everytime I call her she says she doesn't love me and that I'm a whore and I'm going to live on the streets. Those words replay in my mind everyday and it makes me feel so shitty about everything I do. I'm considering getting therapy for feeling this way but I'm scared they'll lock me up because my mom used to threaten to lock me up for my depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I feel like an incomplete human. I feel like someone with broken pieces and nothing will ever fit in the open holes. I just want to live a good life I want to have a good mother but she will die pretty soon and I can't think of her being a good person. But she is my mom so what else do I have. I wish I had a mom I could truly love and hang out with. I don't have a father or any family besides her because my family is full of terrible people too. I wish I could be reborn into a good family.

No. 556888

Seek therapy anon, they can’t ‘pick you up’ unless you are a current threat to yourself or someone else.

No. 556890

what have you been eating?

No. 556891

Stop talking to her at all and you'll feel better.

No. 556895

you need to drop all contact with her. as someone in a similar situation with my mother she will never ever stop being toxic. i've tried with her many times but whatever "change" is only temporary.

No. 556896

Sweetie, they cannot lock you up for being depressed or traumatised. You're not a whore, you're now free to ditch your shit mother and it's normal to feel shit about it but it must be done so you can begin to heal from that bullshit. You'll do great anon, know your worth.

No. 556902

Exactly. You just need to accept and reconcile with the fact that she will never change, and you won’t ever gain anything positive from the limited relationship you still have with her OP.

It took me years to get my shit together, seek professional help and cease all remaining contact with my abusive mother. I moved out a few months prior to turning 18 but didn’t become a functional healthy person until I cut her out for good at 23.

I know you’ll always worry about her and subconsciously still hope that she will come around but at a certain point it becomes obvious when someone doesn’t have the mental capacity to change or take any accountability for their actions.

Seek professional help, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and a pivotal step in moving forward with your life. They can’t lock you up unless you are expressing present suicidal/homicidal thoughts. >>556887 You can do it and things do get easier to cope with once you’ve been in therapy for a bit

No. 556905

Your mom is a sorry fucking ingrate for not appreciating her kind, loving daughter who tries to reach out despite all the bullshit she's done and said to you.
Anon, I've stopped talking to my mom for less. Mine never outright said she didn't love me but she always berated me for my choices and stated that she preferred other people over me. She stymied my life at every turn and made me feel like what I did was never good enough, and every little thing she did I had to worship her over for forever or else. My biological father peaced out of my life when I was a preteen, and my stepfather-while we get along-turned out to be a complete scumbag and not who I thought he was.

I completely understand your pain but you're not an "incomplete" person because you were born to not nice people. You will find your own path and you can start a loving family of your own if you want. Get that therapy. You're not nuts, you're strong and brave.

No. 556913

Carrot and chicken stew for two days

No. 556917

I hope things will look up for you one day anon. Please know that I love you, and I’m rooting for your success and happiness.

No. 556929

>I moved out a few months prior to turning 18 but didn’t become a functional healthy person until I cut her out for good

No. 557016

Whenever I see certain media constantly on the internet and places I visit, I start growing this distaste towards them. This is probably why I'm not so fond of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Danganronpa, Persona and all the other stuff that's constantly everywhere in Anime spaces lol. I know they're famous for obvious reasons and people can like what they want but the more I hear about it, the more I'm starting to dislike it

No. 557046

i think its kinda funny my dad is incredibly racist and both my brother and i are in relationships with non-white people. my bf is 100% puerto rican and my brother is married to a half black/half indian jamaican woman. i dont speak to my dad however my brother still does and i have no idea why to be honest lol.

No. 557084

Same thing for me, but usually I discover and enjoy things until they become way more popular and talked about, THEN I grow to dislike hearing about these things when it comes to anime and games. As soon as I deleted my tumblr account and I unfollowed a bunch of accounts on twitter I stopped feeling like this though.

No. 557119


No. 557125

Same here. I can't get into BNHA, Kimetsu No Yaiba, Shingeki No Kyojin and other shit for the same reason. Oversaturation.

No. 557129

I hate Persona and Danganronpa but for slightly different reasons to you. The former has always been a mediocre RPG franchise only liked for its social sim elements. The stories are generally poor, Scooby Doo esque stuff to the point they make even the newer Final Fantasies look good by comparison. Everything that has grown up around Persona: the cosplay, the fanfics, the art is enjoyed even more than the game is precisely because the game isn't very good.

Danganronpa is exactly the same, except it's an even worse game and seems to attract people with cluster b mental disorders for some reason.

No. 557196

I don't care about cats but cat people annoy me. Their personalities always clash with mine even if not in an obvious way (and the opposite happens with dog people).

No. 557199

How did this get greenlit. wtf

No. 557205

I remember clicking one of those cringy "ooh master! pick your princess, dont let your wife see you playing this addictive 18+ game! you'll cum in one attosecond!" ad curious to see what ghastly virus website it took me to but it was fucking Raid: Shadow Legends lmao. I know false advertising is their whole shtick but just harvesting clicks from coomers is next level shameless.

No. 557208

KEK no way. That’s a next level rick roll

No. 557209

That's honestly fucking hilarious.

No. 557211

File: 1590239092012.png (Spoiler Image, 587.06 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20190527-132020~2.p…)

Yikes. I always get adverts that have rapey Naruto art, there's different versions but it's always a Naruto girl crying as she's getting grabbed. So messed up, I'm just trying to read some comfy SoL manga in peace


No. 557225

File: 1590241844364.jpg (84.31 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

for some reason I no longer like the look of nailpolish. It just looks like opaque stickers or plastic on the nails. I never thought I would ever no longer like nailpolish but it just looks stupid to me now. I think all the super long, super faux acrylic/gel nails have ruined it for me.

No. 557227

File: 1590242432106.jpeg (181.05 KB, 750x750, AA6863BC-7E5B-4274-A216-A76C28…)

I want to find a salon in my area that does more of a minimal, semi-transparent look. These kinds of opaque nails don’t appeal to me either

No. 557242

Are there any actual good Discord servers? Like, ones where people can make edgy, retarded jokes without being actual /pol/tards, and everyone is friendly and active?

No. 557244

I see them often and really hate these. I personally know how to ignore them so it's not a big deal for "me".

But all the kids just trying to watch their favorite mahou shoujo, one piece or whatever in peace, are exposed to normalization of sexual assault with these…

It's really gross. I know that it impacts their world view.

No. 557287

Most salons should be able to do this. Ask for a sheer pink with peach undertones (maybe just 1 coat, depending) with a light sheer glitter on top. There's always a ton of light pink shades because people still get French manicures for some ungodly reason.

No. 557300

ooooh I really like these! Are there any drugstore brands that sell these type of semi-transparant nailplish? Super cute.

No. 557303

I'm going to the hairdresser next week to have my hair cut off. I'm going to chop off as much of my damaged hair as I can without going short. I can't wait!!

No. 557316

Moralfagging is so annoying

No. 557347

I really miss the living doll trend

No. 557351

File: 1590257313231.jpeg (7.13 KB, 250x197, images.jpeg)

i love playing animal crossing wild world for a half hour or so every day. it's fun to log on and send letters and gifts, do the catching fish challenge with other villagers and them congratulating me when i get the fish. i like to check in on everyone in their house and welcome new villagers with a present. today freckles said my nickname should be cookie!! it makes me feel soft and happy and it's nice to be perceived as soft and gentle by the villagers because in real life i'm big and people tell me i can be scary :/

No. 557380

what’s ur beef with a French manicure? I like it, especially on toes but I’ve had multiple people be like nah those are stripper nails and idgi if anything I see middle aged white women wearing it the most

No. 557390

Why has male birth control not been invented yet

No. 557392


I swear there was/is a form of male birth control that's been touted as super effective and convenient but has been in the "almost finished" stage for like 10 years

No. 557393

lmao same I swear I've read that article every 18 months for the past 10 years

No. 557428

thorough testing and approval takes years, and because it gives scrotes depression and mild side effects that back when female birth control came out were unknown or people didn't give a shit about.

No. 557444

I love eating peanut butter sandwiches. I love the gooey, chewy mouthfeel. Peanut butter is great on toast too, but lately I’ve really liked it on untoasted bread (plus it means I don’t have to wait for it to toast lol).

No. 557446

Because male researchers and doctors don't think it's ethical the adverse effects that men would suffer and women already put up with.

No. 557482


I hate the world, depo ruined my life, most hormonal bc are actual poison

No. 557483

I've never been in a ltr so never taken bc and I so badly don't want to, I don't want to have to mess up my hormones or literally implant something into my body but idk what i'll do if I ever date someone

No. 557489

I've just came off bc after over a decade on it (mum put me on it at 16 cause my bf atm was 18). It's amazing the difference in my moods. My periods are a lot more uncomfortable now but after a decade of the pill and heading into my 30s I'm a bit worried about future fertility. None of which has been discussed with me at check ups. I've done my own research

No. 557501

I want to buy new patio furniture but I have no idea what I'll do with the ugly old set that was given to me. Craigslist, I guess?

No. 557507

I’ve been prone to UTIs my entire life and was plagued by UTI symptoms as a kid for a very, very long time but my mom refused to take me to the doctor for it. I had one really bad and painful bout after the first time I had sex, but usually a mild one occurs every once in a while out of nowhere. My doc always says the test comes out negative (besides like two other times) but is nice enough to prescribe me the antibiotics anyway. She wanted to send me to get other tests to figure out why I was so prone to them, but I lost my health insurance last year and wasn’t able to go. I think I have a UTI again, or I at least have that uncomfortably constantly feel like I need to pee sensation again. It usually disappears if I just sit still for a while but I got so fed up that I ran out to the drugstore to buy some Cystex lol. Sometimes it’ll the feeling will disappear and just not come back even if I stop taking Cystex, so I don’t really know what it is. Anyway, please pray for me that it isn’t a UTI lol. I wouldn’t even mind paying out of pocket because I’m so sick of this uncomfortable feeling after being plagued by it for years as a kid, but covid makes doing anything non emergency medical related pretty difficult (don’t really want to go to a doctor’s office if I can help it rn anyway).

No. 557511

What really kills me is that this is how they advertise Naruto Online, which is an official, licensed game that's not even remotely pornographic. Like how trash must this game be if they're resorting to lying that it's porn and stealing coomer fanart for ads?

No. 557515


No. 557519

I hate all the women I work with

No. 557538

UTI prone bitch here too, I swear to god no matter what I do, I just get them. I even suspected having a cyst that was somehow pressing on mu bladder due to being also cyst prone but nah, just shitty pipes I guess. Have you had your ultra taken, could it be something else?

No. 557542

I've heard taking D-mannose pills is a good remedy for chronic UTIs. A better alternative then taking antibiotics all the time, I assume.

No. 557577

Im going to try leaving this place for good. Obviously most of the farmers are toxic and mentally ill, their delusions are warping my perspective on life. Ive seen too many dumb posts today, I give up just like the mods did a long time ago

>inb4 who cares stfu and leave

No. 557578

who cares stfu and leave
>i-i'm gone for good this time!

No. 557579

lmfao please do

No. 557582

Thank you for proving my point. I hope you guys have a great time insulting people online for no apparent reason!

No. 557585

anon you're a cow yourself. are you seriously insulting us for insulting other women on a site where you've been insulting other women for a long time yourself? just delete your post. you got assblasted from the vent thread, just go to sleep and make sure to check lolcow in the morning like you always do

No. 557586

why are you still here

No. 557587

she'll always be here anon

No. 557588

lmao suddenly you are too good for us? honestly kill yourself at this point.

>go to sleep and make sure to check lolcow in the morning like you always do

No. 557589

I’ve had my ultra taken, but never with the intention of possibly looking for something related to my UTIs. Glad to know I’m not the only one though! Ugh it fucking sucks lol. At least I’m an adult and can just take myself to the doctors for it now instead of being brushed off by my parents over it.

Will look into that, thanks anon! I’ve been suggested cranberry pills too, but a friend told me something about it messing with her
that I can’t particularly remember, but it’s spooked me from them ever since lol.

No. 557592

It should be common sense that you don't insult people as long as they're anon and posting as part of the same userbase as you.

No. 557594

is this a joke

No. 557596

Lmfao this is why I can't have a serious discussion on this site.

No. 557605

Damn…. there is a lot of anger and projection in the replies. It is kinda sad as an oldfag to see anons treat each other like this.

No. 557607

Might be dumb but once you can go to the doctors, be sure to ask about it just in case! I got my kidney infected as a kid by this shit going too far so I feel you so much anon. I usually drink lots of water and sugar free cranberry juice from concentrate, also vitamin c is always good.

No. 557610

oldfag, tell us about the better times on this site i think we need it tonight

No. 557614

also an oldfag (2014) and anons have literally always treated eachother like this it isn't pull

No. 557619

yeah anonymity makes the best humour /shitposts but has its downfalls

No. 557670

I would have agreed but I feel like this is bait from someone who was losing their mind in the vent thread.

No. 557676

i'm just embracing life being shitty right now. there's no point in fighting it, you can only ride it out. i'm consuming nothing but instant noodles and monster energy drink and smoking my way through quarantine. fuck it!

No. 557677

Are you poor? Ew.

No. 557678

Thanks anon, will do!!

No. 557679

No. 557690

I thought Wild World was funny because a lot of villagers are pieces of shit with you at first, I can't see this game as wholesome, unlike New Leaf and the new game.

It exists but it's not available to the general population because of the mild side effects that are present in the pills.

No. 557693

>mild side effects
Heaven forbid

No. 557699

Wait I worded this in a weird way. I meant to say that the mild side effects in the male birth control are the ones expected and deemed "normal" for women's, I wasn't making a comparison with the more intense side effects that gynecologists tend to sweep under the rug and never tell you about.

No. 557714

File: 1590297642141.jpeg (623.92 KB, 828x1493, 2FD6A007-F51A-43CD-987E-6A97DE…)

I was just browsing Etsy and found this person who is charging up to $50,000 for beanie babies and I’m really confused

No. 557717

Maybe it's a very first model

No. 557718

20k seems steep for that one, since it's not really a "rare" beanie. Could fetch upwards of 5k if it has tag errors though. The older/rarer ones with misprints can sometimes be up in the 5-digit price range.

No. 557719

it's because he's so handsome

No. 557720

File: 1590298199446.jpg (131.98 KB, 904x524, lol.jpg)

No. 557725

I hate most forms of exercise, namely running/jogging (literally the worst and awful for your knees) and bodyweight exercises. What I do love and miss is lifting weights at the gym. The challenge and the burn is what I crave so much, but I don't have a home gym or weights. Until gyms open or kettlebells are on sale, no exercise for me other than walking.

Quel dommage!

No. 557728

File: 1590300123084.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 3109A76E-93B6-4138-A8AE-DFBAD8…)

Someone else posted about Hana Kimura’s (pro wrestler, was also in Terrace House) passing. It was already sad to hear about, but reading through the messages from other castmembers and friends is making me even more sad. There’s another post from a friend who went to the ocean (Hana’s favorite spot) with pink flowers (pink was her image color). And another post from one of the castmembers who rejected her feelings, saying “she left this world before we could fix our relationship.” This one is from one of the castmates who was there at the same time as her, it says “I’m glad to have met you on Terrace House” and the next post says “And it pains me that I’ll never be able to see you again” and now I’m crying. I didn’t know her, but god I’m so sad.

No. 557730

Omg I've never lifted but lately I've been thinking of investing in kettlebells, is it worth it? Running outdoors is destroying my ankles

No. 557731

i never grew out of my otherkin phase. i get a terrible unsettling feeling in my heart whenever i think about it too much. i guess it's a longing for acceptance in another world and a way of coping with being on my own

No. 557738

File: 1590300907416.jpeg (31.88 KB, 275x207, BD349706-8BF0-4065-9791-64E0BD…)

oh anons what i would do for a boyfriend right now

No. 557739

Me too honestly
I blame Tumblr because I grew up with it

No. 557742

File: 1590301249567.jpg (115.53 KB, 1200x1114, 1587277825090.jpg)

I'm autistic af (literally no social skills) and a virgin lesbian. How the fuck do I fuck girls without acting like a total sperg?

No. 557744

File: 1590301509500.png (845.78 KB, 1017x531, C219D999-F0F5-432A-8422-A4C654…)

I would love to give every creator on itch.io who put their games for free a big kiss on the lips

No. 557752

Anon i used to get really really painful UTIs as a teenager and antibiotics/cranberry didnt help at all. A few years ago I started taking probiotic supplements when i start feeing symptoms and they always go away really quickly. Nothing else has ever worked as well as the probiotics.

No. 557756

Which sped posted Tuna's art in the good art thread?

No. 557775

Find other autistic women to date? And theres always obese chicks

No. 557780

Thanks anon! Can I ask what probiotic supplements you take?

No. 557791

I keep getting text messages saying "your snapchat code is ____ don't share it with anyone!" I don't have a snapchat. what does this mean? is someone trying to sign up for snapchat with my phone number?

No. 557805

yes bitch

No. 557806

I'm mortified that I'm using a loud shop vac at 8:30 AM but I've been a really good quiet neighbor most other times and I'm just trying to move out. I have an social anxiety about the thought of upsetting / waking others.

No. 557811

Being good before doesn't give you free credits to be an ass vacuuming Sunday at 8am.
Just do it later near lunch time anon.

No. 557813

I wouldn't worry about it, 8am isn't unreasonable

No. 557815

File: 1590327483310.gif (1.5 MB, 363x255, reaction.gif)

it was me. i think it's good. die fucking mad about it and learn to seperate the art from the artist

No. 557818

do you speak russian anon

No. 557823

Yes, they're rare but I'm lucky enough to have found one. I can actually consider some of them my friends.

No. 557825

no anon

No. 557827

careful anon, people will make fun of you

No. 557828

File: 1590329501287.png (202.5 KB, 394x379, 1587417507403.png)

Why do people always have to clarify their gender/sexuality on here i don't get it

>guy here!!

>as a guy […]
>as a trans person […]

Like bruh just say what you want and go, no need to clarify who you are, especially on a board where men and trannies aren't really welcomed

No. 557829

File: 1590329598833.jpg (88.95 KB, 960x678, qbkadu9tv0t41.jpg)

all i do all day is smoke i wish i was born in the 50s or something when everyone did it and it wasn't so expensive. i lost my contact for black market cigs and i have to pay retail price and i can't even afford it but i'd go without eating as long as i could smooke

No. 557830

I mean "as a guy" you'll be guaranteed put out to pasture, it's kind of a nonissue.

No. 557833

oh no! fuck em

No. 557842

Stop smoking. I bet you smell like shit all day long.

No. 557843

i sure do bro

No. 557844

I celebrated my one year smoke free with a cigarette and have not been able to quit since then despite numerous attemps. Well at least it keeps me skinny…

No. 557852

I don’t think Im having fun with animal crossing anymore. Its taking way to long to make progress and get to the good shit.

No. 557853

is that for switch? acnl was the same for me for a good while. they take the progression thing too far definitely

No. 557854

File: 1590333055321.jpg (100.87 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pphk2jwXsY1teti5t_1280.…)

Just came across this again after a long while… im crying

No. 557857

i wish i could stop my need to contribute. if i want true anonymity, i shouldn't say anything and yet i have a need to sound off.

No. 557867

this is amazing, I'm looking for more of Laura Gilpin's poetry right now. Never heard about her before!

No. 557900

In a few facebook fabric destash sale groups. Mostly old women in these groups. You're suppose to pay with paypal but some people started using that facebook pay option. They usually end up getting scammed by the person blocking them right after they pay since facebook won't do anything for seller protection. The admin is constantly pinning announcement posts to only use paypal and to stop posting iso posts because that's what the scammers target. Like every week the admin is posting a new one because they continue to not read them then post all mad once they're scammed. It's hilariously ridiculous and kinda sad. There are endless posts and rules about how to buy and sell but they refuse to read any of it, old people really do this shit to themselves.

No. 557923

Today is my birthday. I never thought I was going to make it this far because I started getting suicidal urges so young but I haven't seriously thought about that in a year now. It's hard to say for sure, but I think I'm happy.

No. 557924

im so happy i could introduce u to her poetry, im not even that into poetry but laura is great
im still teary

No. 557925

Happy Birthday!! I'm happy that you're happy and glad you're still here ♥

No. 557927

Glad to see u here anon
Happy birthday

No. 557934

dieting is so hard after months of binging. at least im close to my pre-binge weight
happy birthday anon! hope you're having a great day

No. 557935

Happy birthday anon!!! May you have many more happy and peaceful moments in your life. Hope you get some cake or some of your favorite food today!

No. 557940

Love you anon, great to have you here, happy bday!!

No. 557944

i caught 4 shiny seedots in pokemon go today bitch wtf am i supposed to do with these fuckers?

No. 557947

i used an incense and just caught another one

No. 557951

Happy birthday. Eat well and grow strong.

No. 557992

boys boys boys boys boys

No. 557999

File: 1590353173676.jpg (83.79 KB, 1600x1049, woman-putting-ear-plugs-her-ea…)

No. 558007

File: 1590355190160.jpeg (7.1 KB, 279x181, download.jpeg)

my boyfriend looks like an absolute caricature of a slav male but it's somehow so cute and pretty on him, like a more feminine young Putin. I think it's hilarious but if I bring it up he gets so mad (especially the slav hairline)

No. 558015

When I was 10 years old I got a little block notepad as a party favor from a friend's birthday party and I still have it and haven't used all the paper up yet. And I use that notepad pretty liberally. Every single time I needed scrap paper for the past decade I would grab a sheet or two from the notepad. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do with myself when I finally finish all the paper. I mean, obviously I'll just buy a new one but it won't be the same.

No. 558024

File: 1590358062736.jpeg (8.53 KB, 216x233, 3001D531-EB8E-4F2D-8065-A29C36…)

I posted a dumb tweet about how ‘Karen’ is an unfunny meme and people should stop saying it and some rando who I’ve never interacted with responded with a ‘You need to speak to the manager, Karen?’ tweet which only really proved my point. ‘Karen’ and ‘Boomer’ are not offensive in the slightest they’re just extremely overused and almost always said in bad faith. Everyone thinks they’re some comeback god when they call some 65-year-old on Facebook complaining about the service at Panera a Boomer but really it just shows how bland you are. They’re just dumb buzzwords that shut down conversations and do nothing but build unwarranted egos.

Also I’m a complete nobody on there so idk how they found me lmfao.

No. 558028

my ex thinks that he's a living embodiment of the guy on the left and i still cackle about it to this day

No. 558033

my brain stops working as soon as i hear or see someone say uwu

No. 558034

No. 558036

File: 1590360460967.gif (1.77 MB, 200x200, NO.gif)

No. 558037

I really want Cristine from Simply Nailogical to cut her hair so bad. It's so dumb that this is bugging me right now lol. She could look much cuter.

No. 558041

Bitch looks like a deranged horse girl who smells like nailpolish and cheese

No. 558043

why is saying someone smells bad the new drag? it's so overdone it's on the level of karen/ok boomer and the you snapped! try your neck first unoriginal zoomer tiktok comments

No. 558045

Don't know about "new", it's very much what kids been saying since idk the goddamn 90s? Lemme just point out that the woman does look like she smells, whatchu gonna do about it anon, gonna cry huh

No. 558047

yes anon, i'm going to cry, you're absolutely right. are you underage or something?

No. 558048

Yes and maybe it would be less apparent with a flattering haircut

No. 558070

Brazilian Portuguese is sooo sexy. Holy hell. The accents when Brazilians speak English is hot and cute. I melt inside every time I hear either of those. Ah…

No. 558071

Careful not to cum now

No. 558072

File: 1590365210934.gif (306.53 KB, 500x285, 5bcc6120753d286d9c75337b58112c…)

I loved watching Azumanga Daioh, I can't believe how this shit still makes me laugh in 2020.

No. 558074

File: 1590365405852.gif (1.22 MB, 424x238, 1499089087_gachigasm.gif)

No. 558077

i really tell myself that i have nothing to do when i never finish any video games i own huh….

No. 558078

me with all the books I buy

No. 558084

Honestly, i have a backlog that will take years to finish. I'm off 4 days from my job next week because hours are badly cut for everyone. I should finish at least one game. I have a bad habit or quiting towards the end game. I'm on the last chapter of Death Stranding and stopped entirely. Then I have to remember all the controls all over again.

No. 558118

UTI anon again. I was hoping it was going to be a weird one off burning sensation but it isn’t going away after one dose of Cystex (which happens sometimes), and in my desperation, I signed up for an online healthcare clinic that prescribes stuff like BC and treatments for UTI. The cost is $45, not sure if that includes the antibiotics or not, but I don’t imagine going to my regular doctor would be much cheaper. They’ll decide whether or not I need meds based on my symptoms alone and not a test, which can be a bit sketchy, but all of my last UTI tests came up negative despite the symptoms anyway. FFUFUCUCKKKK I hate this. I’m so uncomfortable right now.

No. 558122

just took a gander at /snow/ for the first time in a while and…. wow. summer + qurantine has really done a number on that place huh

No. 558124

File: 1590376808844.jpeg (339.65 KB, 750x1053, 222CCC4C-C43E-44B9-AAA8-A89A28…)

Was gonna post this in the Celebrity thread but it reached its limit. Can someone hurry up and make the new thread please? I'm not skilled enough to create it instead lol

Doja just posted this

No. 558150

what do you mean? how so anon. i've noticed change in /ot/ but not really in /snow/ apart from spammers but idk if ur talking about that or actual content coming frm farmers

No. 558155

File: 1590381686771.jpg (94.21 KB, 1500x1500, 71Qpnxb8jEL._SL1500_.jpg)

You can get similar look with fake nails from ulta. Kiss "jelly" nails are semi transparent. Get nailene glue from amazon and it stays for weeks. Just have to apply glue all over the nailbed and apply the nail gently from cuticle to tip to make sure no bubbles appear underneath.

No. 558157

also wanted to add there's jumbo packs of clear nails you can get on amazon and just do a sheer coating of polish to make that look

No. 558158

luna baby how are you

No. 558159

bruhhh these are AMAZING I've been doing shit-tier press ons at home during quarantine and these are a godsend.
they also do pretty long wearing chip proof shorter french tips
also, ebay. ebay has shitloads of handmade decora/3d japanese style ones and UV/gel kits for cheap as fuck.
lmao anon

No. 558190

im plottin lately

No. 558193

these will look like shit.

No. 558206

I wish we could have regular outfit/coord threads here, like waywt threads on other sites. But I just know they'd all spiral out into petty infighting, accusing posters of being trans, and predictable maleposting. Oh well

No. 558210

"very strange, unusual, curious, perplexing and suspicious how you keep asking for outfits for 'women' with a taller, more masculine frame, anon"

No. 558218

My parents are getting divorced and I gotta sell my shit as fast as possible. Not a vent; I'm actually happy. This needed to happen. I just wish my brainlet ass didn't spend $2k on worthless shit over the past two years. I didn't realize basics like chapstick, shampoo, and occasional piece of jewelry would eventually add up to that. I'm really Scrooge-y with my $ too.

No. 558270

The sheer self control it takes not to reply to dumb ass takes. I look away.

No. 558272

Just reply lol

No. 558277

Noooo I unironically get anxious for an afternoon if I start a debate. I know it's just random people on the internet and not even irl but I'm unconfrontational to a stupid degree kek. So I don't bother.

No. 558322

Thank you anons! I ended up having a really good day. Originally I wanted to travel for my birthday but what can you do? I'll just have to save up for next time.

No. 558328

File: 1590422913965.png (191.88 KB, 840x600, centipede.png)

I was attacked while sleeping by a pesky centipede not so long ago, but today, I spotted a giant centipede in my kitchen like pic related. It was really long though, almost as long as a small snake, or the length of my elbow. Anyhow, since I'm having an ant invasion at the moment, I saw that the ants were attacking the centipede en masse. I found it fascinating and wanted to record it, but I couldn't but feel pity for the poor thing as it was trying to shake off the swarms of ants and so, I hurried to remove the centipede from them, and carried it to a safe part of garden with no (visible) ants in the area.
It's interesting that even though I know it feels no pain, I had to quickly react as I saw the centipede struggling and writhing. I'm glad though. I thought internet made me numb and dumb enough to stop caring about anything.

No. 558333

You are so brave anon, I think I'd feel too scared to help a sage centipede.

No. 558338

>>558328 Are you the same anon that posted this
>>551279 a while ago?

No. 558339

T-thanks. I don't know about being brave. Usually, I find any sort of centipedes disgusting but I guess the bit of humanity I have left luckily overcame that feeling. Since there was no time to think, I just quickly grabbed the dust tray and the brush and carried it outside.
I'm sure you're way more courageous than you give yourself credit for. I would have said the same for myself.
Yeah, lol. The centipede that attacked me was just a regular house centipede and a lot smaller than the one I encountered today.

No. 558392

No. 558438

god this is fucking cringy as fuck. you don't have any fucking "humanity" for not killing a dangerous, poisonous house pest that will just come back in your house.

No. 558439

did that make you feel any better anon? let me know

No. 558441

Lmao at least you tell it like it is, anon. I would've killed it too.

No. 558474

"white girls are so nasty, fat and manly, Asian women are so much more hot and feminine so I only like Asian girls"_every ugly white guy who dates fat white girls with colored hair

No. 558503

I used to watch the living shit out of this when I was a kid, ended up forgetting about it altogether for so many fucking years and now I'm back to suddenly remembering it again. Nice. Just watched an episode and I used to hardcore crush on the blue dude.

No. 558512

Lol and that anon who told the other anon who was insecure about her femininity that she was probably trans and that "real women" only ever feel insecure about their nose and forehead. We're not only gatekeeping womanhood but also insecurities apparently

No. 558515

>not rejecting femininity in all its forms

No. 558516

People don't have healthy views of femininity. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel feminine, femininity isn't bad or evil, however claiming people must only fit this strict standard of femininity is toxic. Farmers who are claiming insecure anons looking to be feminine must be trans are just as bad as neckbeards who claim all women without G tits, a 20 inch waist, and the hips and ass of Kim Kardashians with lips and eyes that take up 3/4th of their face aren't feminine enough

No. 558521

I hate gabbie hanna so much. she is such a narc. I don't get how she's not cancelled at this point.

No. 558523

she's as good as, nobody cares about her anymore like at all

No. 558527

Flew off my bike due to dumbass kid on bike path. Luckily, he wasn't hurt, but fuck my legs are out of commission.

No. 558531

I so badly wish I had a sister, I feel so jealous when I see other anons post about having a sister

No. 558533

File: 1590453961817.jpg (62.73 KB, 520x598, rSf6qRk.jpg)

Me too, anon. I'd be your sister.

No. 558571

File: 1590462440876.jpg (80.8 KB, 443x960, image.jpg)

Buckle up farmers because I've got some Grade-A drama for you! This is some primo shit, but I'm not sure where I could post it aside from ITT. Here's a quick rundown:

>Man loses fiancee in car accident, asks videographer for refund because he has to cancel wedding

>Videographer doesn't give refund, man takes it to the news https://krdo.com/news/2020/05/21/texas-based-wedding-photographer-denying-refund-after-bride-to-bes-death-in-crash-on-hwy-24/
>Videographer loses his shit, changes website to include a rant about the widower and later creates a website to smear him http://justinmontneywedding.com
>Videographer brings up the (alleged- if she even exists, she was posting as of 2019) two-year-old suicide of an employee to garner sympathy (see pic)
>Turns out that the videographer is allegedly a serial grifter https://www.telegram.com/article/20130316/news/103169921

Twitter synopsis: https://twitter.com/6Paths5Rings/status/1264910825409654785
Reddit thread with his name + a list of his companies: https://www.reddit.com/r/insanepeoplefacebook/comments/gpgqk3/actual_post_by_copper_stallion_media_a_wedding/frng9yf/

If you do some digging, you'll find tons of crazy shit, this guy is rotten to the core. Can't wait to watch things unfold.

No. 558585

update men are the worst fuck men fuck men fuck men


No. 558593

Is liposuction on the double chin worth it? I be skinny but can't get rid of the double chin. Shithouse genetics. Any anons wanna chime in on their results

No. 558602

You sure it's not a lack of chin? Skinny with double chin doesn't make sense.

No. 558604

nta but i've also seen it a couple of times before

No. 558633

tell me owo

No. 558635

People hold weight differently? I have a borderline obese friend with a skinny face/no double chin.

No. 558653

I realized the reason why I don't read and care as much about manga as I used to is because so many series I used to be into or wanted to read when I was a kid/teenager are in hiatus hell or slow as fuck. And nowadays anime are just long visual novel ads.

Fuck this shit, I can't believe it's been 11 years since the last volumes of Nana got published, we'll never know how X1999 is supposed to end, and between the moment when I watched the first HxH anime on TV and the moment my youngest sibling watched the more recent one enough time passed for her to learn how to walk, talk, read, write and she even entered high school.

No. 558670

File: 1590489386125.jpeg (76.82 KB, 749x575, 1F16E1CB-7126-4D60-9F22-CD3409…)

I think i’m genuinely losing my mind. So I have two life size cardboard cut outs and a human sized skeleton I got from an old lab in my bedroom and lately I can’t walk around naked in my room because I feel like they’re watching me. I know it sounds bat shit insane, I don’t want to take them down because then my room would be emptyish and they’ve been here for a long time. How long till i’m having full blown conversations with them? Quarantine is making me demented.

No. 558672

Turn them around or cover their eyes? Gotta know though, who are the two cutouts?

No. 558673

Alternatively give them a show lmao

No. 558674

shit anon, I fucking love this shit too. Recently rewatched it too, so fucking glad you can find the full thing on youtube lol

No. 558676

If you ever wanna become a neurotic paranoid mess for some reason, just watch the news everyday

No. 558677

Today is a day spent watching children abuse/murder documentaries while I create stuffed animals. I don't know why the contrast makes me feel so cozy

No. 558678

wish this shitty medical info app would fix itself and stop alerting me to "new" health info, i keep having heart palpilations over this shit STOP

No. 558688

This is part of why i dont read the news anymore. I basically learn about all current events indirectly.

Why not delete it anon?

No. 558700

Oh yes, I remember being subscribed to several local-ish feminist communities and there were lots of news about abusers, rapists and men who killed or mutilated their gfs/wifes, as well as just tons of screenshots of random jerks saying stupid insulting shit. My emotional state definitely was being deteriorated by reading all this shit daily. And yeah, also got paranoid.

No. 558717

I want to be dicked down!! When am I going to stop being a virgin with rage? I have a boyfriend but as of now we are long distance so it's out of the question for a solid year.

No. 558720

I've got an amazing idea for my job and my career but it makes no sense in pandemic times I can't scape misery

No. 558724

Wishing you the best of luck in your conquest to get dicked down!

No. 558736

Since covid I've noticed couriers are leaving parcels on doorsteps without even checking that it's the right address. I know signatures are a no-go right now but..?

I just had a woman from two streets away lug my heavy 200 quid kitchen appliance to my door after she made enquiries with lots of neighbours in order to find the real owner of the parcel. For some odd reason the parcel didn't even have my first name printed on it, If I were living a different town that parcel would be long gone.

No. 558745

A couple of months ago I made a post complaining about Jia Tolentino, and someone said I was jealous because I wasn't talented enough. Turns out she and other NY media personalities just get popular by sucking each other off. I thought there was something off about her and I love seeing her get dragged lol.

No. 558747

A year with no sex and no in person interaction with him, that doesn't sound like a relationship. Sounds like putting your life on hold.

No. 558803

Do people just leave the thread they commented in open and wait for replies? All of /g/ is such a mess right now from one troll that hit every thread and I'm curious about how it happened, didn't people see the same bait in other threads?

No. 558804


or if you have a different perspective, it's an investment into her future with someone she cares about. interaction doesn't solely need to be in person (especially right now) and plenty of relationships and bonds live through the test of time and distance. if putting things on hold for a bit was a concern i doubt she'd be in a long distance relationship

No. 558805

/g/ is a mess anyway, the only time i see updates from it is back and forth "you're fat" "well you're anachan" "back fat" "bone rattling" on and on ad nauseum

No. 558888

AYRT, this is so embarrassing but one is of Kars from jjba and the others is Mt Lady from mha.
I love how you think anon

No. 558919

I got my boyfriend into the original Sims game and now that's what we've been doing before/after his shifts. He made our crackhead neighbour perfectly and made his apartment look pretty identical to his actual apartment, and we made the Aqua Teen Hunger Force house because we're dumbass stoners and it's been so much fun! We made ourselves in another universe from reality so we aren't dating and our Sims have our exact opposite personalities, and didn't use any cheats. I never played the game properly as a child so it's nice to appreciate the music and subtle humour. I just need to talk about it, my family is very anti-screen time so I can't really talk about it.

No. 558920

i'm jealous of this

No. 558947

This is some cute shit anon

No. 558964

I genuinely think most incels aren't straight

No. 558967

yeah they have such a weird way of looking at women but i just think they're so pornsick that they have a sexuality of their own lol

No. 558968

possibly, but some even just the social things they talk about…like they so often sound more so like they want to BE 'Stacy' than sleep with her and/or fuck 'Chad' than be him lmao

No. 558978

I don't think they're just pornsick, they seem genuinely disgusted by the female body and praise 'chad' too much and in a very weird way

No. 558980

yeah it's weird they don't like any of the 'gross' parts of women it's almost childlike? maybe i'm just a dyke but it's all part of women and if it takes so much as hairy legs for you to be instantly turned off by a woman i seriously question your sexuality, it's like they have a woman fetish instead of being actually attracted to women

No. 558982

File: 1590529384948.jpg (22.45 KB, 435x443, 008407da2e6f3ec356c14a1f924500…)

Late reply, but I personally think the style isn't flattering and I associate it with middle aged women who all have the same blonde poofy haircut and wear girlie girl tshirts. I've seen so many of them with short/squared French manicures like this pic and it looks so hideous to me. The sharp contrast between the pink and white part makes fingers look stumpy.

It can look nice if your nails are longer/oval shaped and if the white tip is more blended.

No. 558983

NTA but a lot of the time it's not even the 'gross' parts it's like literally their vaginas which I feel like would be attractive to someone into women

No. 558984

that's so true, in my brief foray into /r9k/ before i discovered female imgboards i got into it with an anon who seriously told me that women's genitals "disgusted him and he didn't like it" but it was a biological urge that forced him to want it it was so psychologically insane it was like hearing about comp het

No. 558990

Yeah it's not biological urge, more like social pressure

No. 558991

I can't believe someone can feel that way and not think there's anything there for them to unpack, it's kind of sad actually

No. 559000

ugly as fuck nails and fingers, is this a guy?

No. 559003

Thick white tips are sooo ugly

No. 559004

give it up anon seriously

No. 559008

I’ve kept a handful of plushies given to me from my parents and they’re very dear to my heart. I have bedbugs and one Hello Kitty plush is kind if dirty anyway so I put her in the washer but didn’t notice some of the tears… I have to put her in the dryer since I want to make sure the filling is dried (plus, bedbugs in the apartment make me paranoid to air dry) but just watching my poor plushie’s sad, limp, and torn body get thrown around in the dryer makes me so sad… I’m going to sew her up with lots and love and care after this (then seal her in a plastic bag with the rest of my plushies lol).

No. 559014

wash her in a pillowcase/the sleeve of a sweater anon, i'm the same i used to sit for hours as a kid when my favourite plushie was washed and make sure he was okay

No. 559036

>MRW I found out that my mom thinks that it's okay to flush tampons
>She's almost sixty
>If she didn't know, there must be other ladies her age who don't either.
>RIP plumbing

Don't flush tampons, guys. It's common sense.

Also: I fucking hate women who hover while they pee. There's literally no reason to do it- Mythbusters proved that toilet seats are clean surfaces. All it does is get piss all over the seat and floor. If you're that much of a prissy princess whose thighs can't touch the seat, then put some paper down. Don't hover and get piss all over the place.

No. 559037

>pissy princess
anon my sides

No. 559064

why are anons begging for pussy pics in /meta/ is it one person!?

No. 559072

/meta/ is seriously so entertaining i love it

No. 559078

Me too! The best drama on this site has come from /meta/ lmao maybe we were the cows all along

No. 559080

"she" offered to post her pussy, we're just encouraging anon's stunning bravery.

No. 559081

Not to be autistic, but this is an exact copy+paste of a post I made here like a year ago. Like for a moment I thought that someone necro'd a thread and that's why I was seeing my old post.

Anon why did you copy paste an old post and post it again?

No. 559083

she said it obviously sarcastically and there's like 20 posts begging them to do it but I think it's funny either way so idc

No. 559084

wait what? That would creep me out if someone did that to a year old post of mine are you sure it's the same post?

No. 559085

NTA but kek can you link your old post?

No. 559093

I've been trying to find it. It's in either the vent or annoying threads. It's at least a year old.

No. 559096

i'll try finding it for you i have nothing better to do rn give me like 10 minutes i gotchu

No. 559100

Yoo this isn't the first time I've heard this happen. Some people must really thirst for interaction. Or maybe just the feeling of larping as woman.

No. 559103

>Or maybe just the feeling of larping as woman.

anon please don't start this…

No. 559112

How the fuck am I supposed to carry on living like nothing is wrong after seeing the oovoo javer twinks basically finger each other on twitter, I refuse to deal with this

No. 559114

*twink twins. My eyes.

No. 559115

File: 1590539769868.jpg (31.42 KB, 500x375, 2uotox.jpg)

No. 559117

i have PTSD just reading this

No. 559118

this made me laugh in real life so thanks anon

No. 559121

You too have the curse now anon.

No. 559128

Im slowly getting back into social media after like a 5 yr hiatus, and I feel so out of place.

No. 559131

I just tried after a 7 year hiatus!! I felt so weird I just redeactivated today because I just cant get into it. I havent used social media since I was like 13 I've never met anyone else who doesn't have it

No. 559135

File: 1590540640030.png (77.77 KB, 1851x281, 18256544.png)

I found it. It was in one of the old Dumbass Shit threads. I still don't understand why someone would copy+paste an old post like this.

Explain yourself.

No. 559138

damn it, came here to say that i couldn't find it after scrubbing the vent and annoying threads clean

anyway, that's seriously so fucking creepy

No. 559150

Kek what the fuck. Someone from the conspiracy thread pls explain.

No. 559155

File: 1590542530177.gif (2.72 MB, 359x202, tazGY5E.gif)

No. 559160

Yeah, I don’t know if getting back into was even a wise decision for me to make. After years of lurking and seeing what a fucking shit show the social media has become. Im just so fucking bored and I wanna sperg out about nerdy shit and life

No. 559167

My boyfriend will cum immediately if I say "I love you" during sex. What kind of power is this…

No. 559171

Watch dead to me on Netflix. Holy fuck it's as good as breaking bad

No. 559174

this is so cute anon. hopefully one day i get this

No. 559177

File: 1590545550073.jpg (24.46 KB, 1150x315, 4cc.jpg)

No. 559179

It's my absolute favorite! I wish there was more already. I didn't expect it to get a second season, shows about middle aged women being friends don't normally do well, but it got renewed! Maybe producers are finally looking at the huge community of female crime junkies and realizing that it's a big and ignored audience.

No. 559191

This used to be me with my ex. Fuck. Ow. Why date

No. 559192

right? dating is fun but i spend every waking moment single regretting ever dating. tfw he will never love me again

No. 559200

Whats happening in the /meta/ thread… are we having some kind of asheherasgarden raid lmao?

No. 559201

Ooo I'll check it out. I love good older women dynamics like Grace & Frankie.

No. 559202

i don't know what kind of asheras garden anons would ask for nudes

No. 559203

it's the 'prove you're a woman' thing and the 'hi pick me' thing. Idk if it's just one person samefagging though.

No. 559204


Are you guys autistic, it's literally just a meme.

No. 559205

i hope the bitch posts nudes lmao

No. 559206

they've been doing it for hours though

No. 559207

same tbh but you know that quarantine pussy is lookin wild 70s style aint nothing wrong w that but maybe sis stepped out to shave we can only hope

No. 559208

Shut the fuck up bait-chan. There have been multiple bans of scrote(s) in the past week.

No. 559210

damn itz lyk in the cartoons when theyre on a desert and theyre like OH MY GOD WATER but it's just sand but you're like OH MY GOD BAIT and mfs are just chillin

No. 559214

anon thats so cute…!!!

I’ll definitely keep that in mind next time!! The fabric is just so worn out and thin haha. I also have another plushie that’s pretty dirty and extremely delicate so I can only handwash his outer clothing him every once in a while, but I’m scared his filling will get super fucked up if I throw it in the wash so that part has never gone in the wash… I know I can just replace the filling if it gets fucked up, but even seeing the spilled fluff from my Hello Kitty plush made me so upset. Even the fluff is important to me lol I feel like such a loser but I swear I’m only sentimental to a very small handful of plush toys my parents gave me lolol

No. 559215

i don't mind some grass. pussy is pussy

No. 559216

i think most of them were joking with the "post it" and not that serious lol

No. 559219

File: 1590548245104.png (34.7 KB, 500x349, ijr-spivanrivera-but-i-didnt-s…)

amen sister

No. 559226

I HATE the word tummy.

No. 559235

Agreed, although I just hate infantilizing language, period. Especially when grown ass adults use words like this unironically. It literally makes me fucking shudder.

No. 559258

File: 1590551246899.png (423.88 KB, 640x480, aurora-borealis-57c84cb06f9f8.…)

The absolute state of the Celebricows thread…

No. 559260

I love when someone complains about a thread and I check it out and it's just an infight between two people one of whom never responded to the last reply like hmm I wonder who's trying to garner support

No. 559263

every fucking time it's literally
>why are u defending that celebrity lol are u mad cuz we are discussing your fave
>shut up newfag i have been here since _____
>ok i know u came from twitter/lsa lol
>no u
>no u

and it continues until someone either stops replying or gets banned

No. 559267

life is a lot slower now but i miss how fast-paced it all was, it was easier to distract myself from anxious thoughts about the future

No. 559268

Usually, actual farmers don't get pissy over celebrities being shit on, and the site was basically advertised on Twitter (and maybe LSA?), so it makes sense.
Some of the weird WKing and all-lowercase posts can only be from Twitter implants.

No. 559272

NTAs involved in the infighting. There's been a lot of it though. I think Doja being an imageboard/Tinychat user struck a chord in there.

No. 559292

I hate the word "uncomfy", especially when it's used like "seeing gore and animal abuse makes me uncomfy", yeah that's a bit of an understatement. Anyone who uses it sounds like a DDLG degenerate.

No. 559297

Whenever I hear of a popular celebrity’s suicide and the method is leaked by the media, if it’s relatively painless, I can’t help but just file it away in my brain. I haven’t been suicidal in over a year or so, but I’ve struggled with it for years and I guess it’s just a deeply ingrained habit, like keeping a backup plan in the back of my head. I wish I wasn’t like this. I’ve made a lot of changes that have improved my quality of life, but I also know how I can really fly off the rails and struggle at my worst moments.

No. 559308

I wish I wasn’t dumb as rocks so that I could work doing research in Antartica, because I hate summer that much.

No. 559358

I hate summer too. I hate being hot and sweaty. I would love to live somewhere always cold or generally low temp. Fuck living near the equator lmao.

No. 559374

File: 1590571694517.jpg (111.01 KB, 1024x1048, j9floyrpvl051.jpg)

I just want to play a MMORPG with a fully demon looking female character (similar like Rem from DN) and not have this type of shit

No. 559394

File: 1590577054604.jpg (52.86 KB, 340x395, D2UCzH3XQAAbATk.jpg)

Oh god me too. I just wanna be a big dragon woman. I like the dragon women in tera even though they're not as beastly as the men but I don't like tera. These are the same race in the pic by the way.

No. 559414

No. 559417

Is your name sam and do you love penguins?

No. 559419

Is your name sam and you work at a tech store

No. 559437

Is your name sam and do y

No. 559446

what is this joke referencing?

No. 559459


No. 559463

Adults saying the word mommy makes me feel sick, I feel like the word comes up all the time in American media and I can't get used to it, mom is fine though. I read something recently where a someone's big tits were referred to as "mommy breasts" and I'm never be ok again

No. 559467

i love my mom so much she's so beautiful and looks so young. she has a really good heart and she is an angel.

No. 559471

File: 1590597616716.jpeg (38.27 KB, 687x386, EQcLP0XXkAA_BuW.jpeg)

I feel this exact way about degenerates saying shit like "milkies/milkers," absolutely nauseating

Also, I wanted to puke when I kept seeing pic related being shared. Something about "irl baby crossing" makes me viscerally upset

No. 559473

"your birthing years" is definitely triggering. i literally CANNOT morally have children because i'm a mentally ill trainwreck but everyone in my life acts like it's a matter of time and it's just fucking scary i hope i'm infertile or something

No. 559497

Apart from the obvious grossness of this comment, why do men make out like we have such a short window of time to have kids? We have four fucking decades of periods, two of those decades being the really 'optimal' ones for pregnancy.

I know plenty of women with a mixture of both young kids and grown kids. Women who started a family young (with the wrong man) and then nearly twenty years later had kids with a better man.

No. 559507

What really confuses me about that mindset is that those same men are fully aware that male fertility is basically indefinite and most of them admit to not wanting kids until they're older. So like, what, do they plan to be 50 and have kids with a 21 year old??? Good luck

From what I've observed the best men are either 1) lifelong hoping and preparing to be a father, or 2) completely unaware that children exist and don't worry about it until you're ready to bring it up. My dad was the second type and he's clueless but great.

No. 559510

Sorry doublepost but by "preparing to be a father" I meant the ones that specifically look forward to their own role as a parent, not just impregnating the optimal baby vessel to pass along their oh so incredible genes.

No. 559517

Do you love weed, have an autistic best friend and fail to date women?

No. 559518

File: 1590603627632.png (40.66 KB, 473x486, 0xcb3392c0b41.png)

wtf anons. yesterday I weighed 137 pounds…now all three scales in my house (two digital, one analog) say I weigh ~128??? Did part of my immortal soul die wtf? did I lose a leg and my brain won't let me accept my new reality?

No. 559523

anon did you take a massive shit lol

No. 559531

You have three weighing scales in your house?

No. 559598

do anons here play gacha games? I want to talk about them somewhere but I don't know if making a thread is worth it lol

No. 559602

Could try the game thread?

No. 559624

I replaced the thermal pads and thermal paste on my GPU but I'm not sure why I bothered. By the time I'd paid for new paste, pads and shipping it would have been cheaper to by another low end graphics card.

No. 559638

just curious about your opinions

basically I've been learning Spanish for quite a few years, done a class each year alongside my degree at uni, I'm up to B2 level so I think there is room for improvement. I've got one year left, so I can do one more language class at uni; I'm not sure if I should try a new language or do the final Spanish class, even though the concept of that class doesn't appeal to me as much.

I was considering learning Portuguese, it would be an accelerated class. I have this itch to try and learn as many languages as I can because people always talk about how you "can't learn" any when you get older.

Other options are French, Italian (I hear the grammar is appalling) and then Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese (all of which seem too difficult to learn much of in a one-year class but idk)

No. 559639

Which GPU do you have?
I'm considering getting a rx 580 which is not a new graphics card but still decent. It's not as if there are that many games worth playing. I just want to run some graphics software without any hiccups.

No. 559647

You would still need to buy thermal paste for your new graphics card so it would be more expensive.

No. 559733

This is autistic but does anyone else get suspicious of anons who type in all lowercase? I associate all lowercase with Tumblr and Twitter for some reason.

No. 559737

No. 559738

My GPU is an old Radeon HD from 2012.

>rx 580

The RX 580 is still a good card. The best version to get would be the Sapphire Nitro+ with 8GB of VRAM.

New graphics cards come with thermal paste already applied.

No. 559739

anon we're just on a laptop and lazy

No. 559742

Where the hell were you seeing people share this? Also for some reason
made me laugh.

No. 559745

this was pretty popular on tumblr

No. 559760

Its so obviously the same anon samefagging and baiting. Wonder why they haven't been dealt with yet.

No. 559762

Yes anon. There is only one person writing in lowercases on LC.

No. 559763

>Every anon who types in lowercase is the same person
Take this to the tinfoil thread anon, this is getting ridiculous

No. 559772

Sorry anons I purposely switch between both so that my typing style doesn't become distinct. It's an autistic habit left over from when all my friends and brother were channers and would make fun of me because they could alway identify my posts.

I would personally recommend Portuguese, Italian, or Japanese if you have a good handle on Spanish, the pronunciation has some similarity. The most "useful" ones would probably be Russian or Arabic, and Japanese is probably the easiest one to learn to speak. Writing it can get tedious though, especially Kanji.

No. 559804

I also try to mix up my writing style and words I use. I don’t want anyone to realise how much I’ve been on these boards recently

No. 559805

Ah yes, the constant double/tripe posts seconds apart with the exact same typing style, sperging about the same topics, is not the same person. Clearly.

No. 559808

that was the ONLY good/entertaining thing about tempcow. you could see it

No. 559811

Anons I wasn't here for tempcow, it was a live "several people are typing" type board?

No. 559813

yup, the posting was live so you could see people typing and backspacing. I would hate it being out forever format but it was entertaining for a month to see how the traffic flows.