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No. 560920

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread:

No. 560924

My cat is crack-head level addicted to tempation treats and It's honestly kind of scary.

No. 560925

Can we leave the radfem/tranny fight in the other thread? Much appreciated thx(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560926

I feel like it'll take approximately 30 years for k-pop to lose its international popularity.
I hope it'll be earlier, though.

No. 560928

Not only you had to bring it up once again, you also had to call people who aren't radfems -trannies-.

No. 560929

Mine pops a Dreamie to forget. At about 4am last night I saw her out in the dark and couldn't let her in but threw treats down to her. She's a good girl who deserves it for her hard work.

No. 560930

You're getting baited to a seriously tragic level

No. 560931

Hard agree. I really do hope they just make their own space after all, it's tired.

No. 560933

File: 1590784360302.jpg (397.1 KB, 1920x1080, 1487859875820.jpg)

>your mind

No. 560935

It's always bait, never actual radfems

No. 560941

no one said anything about radfems until you. thank you for your unnecessary input and go back to your male-owned imageboard

No. 560942

I do believe there are certain peple who bait and then reply (or wait for other people to reply) "oooh you're pretending it's bait now?". The only exception was the spergout from the stupid questions thread, but the others are… hm…

No. 560943

File: 1590784827208.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 560945

I thought the other anon was baiting, now I'm the bait? Make up your mind.

No. 560947

I'm the one who made this thread, I don't even go on that board lmao. I said it so that people wouldn't start again because you know damn well anons are never satisfied until they get either redtexted or have the last word in a pointless online argument

No. 560950

i genuinely think radfems come here to get off on being humiliated. most of them are lesbians anyway so it makes sense. it's their special way to cope with their repressed sexual desires

No. 560952

File: 1590785271268.gif (3.83 MB, 640x640, New york smokingk.gif)

Bringing it up ongoing infights is going to derail the thread. If you did it in good faith, which I'd like to think you did, it was a mistake.

No. 560953

I'm very sorry

No. 560964

Random but your pic reminded me of I Love New York. It's trash but I should rewatch that show. Love that catty bitch.

No. 560965

Waited all day for this lady to message me back about the knitting machine she was giving away. Has all the parts, manual, everything, and it was close. Just got a message that it's gone. Fuck. Once in a life time chance missed. Back to saving up money for one..

No. 561000

hopefully there will be be a new trend or enough scandal in the industry that the stans find something else to sperg about.

No. 561003

Imo it was never about the men and their dancing. Some people really need an intense, cultish group for an identity and a sense of belonging

No. 561041

I keep making thinly sliced roasted potatoes and eating them like little chips dipped in spicy bbq

No. 561198

I always get jealous deep down of girls who get to live in Japan, most recently of this one girl who gets to be a cute housewife and dresses super cute. It’s so stupid and it’s the weeb in me, and I know there’s no point in trying to achieve that dream anymore, but damn, a bitch is still jealous. I studied in Japan twice, once in Tokyo and once in basically bumfuck, and it was… nice?? For a student, at least. But there are things I got to enjoy as a carefree international student that I wouldn’t get as an actual worker. Hell, I’ve been working for Japanese companies here in the west since graduating, and even if they’re a bit westernized, there’s still that unspoken expectation of workers and a bit of Japanese work culture seeped in. Western companies aren’t better, I know, but god I’m sick of my romanticization of living and working in Japan when I know it’s no better or worse than just staying where I am and working for a regular company. My old boss transferred to the Japan branch and we talked a little while ago and she was complaining about how none of her coworkers have a life and how she can’t enjoy her favorite hobbies as much as she did before moving over there.

I also am just jealous of this girl because I like the idea of being a cute little housewife, but in reality, I know it’s dumb as fuck and I’d be driven crazy up the wall if I was stuck being a fucking tradwife. Being financially dependent on my spouse also scares me in case things take a turn for the worse.

No. 561205

I just want to spend the rest of my life in Okinawa tbh. Nothing else appeals to me.

No. 561208

It's so scary being an American right now, and that's coming from someone who usually doesn't get really phased by external events. I literally feel like I live in a dictator country that is bound to shoot me dead or put me in a concentration camp any day now. That or throw me and my family on the streets now that we're in a great depression.

No. 561210

Can't wait to hear about the FEMA camps in the vent thread

No. 561241

Same anon, I want to study abroad in Tokyo and some other japanese cities before I graduate but I’m broke and have shit grades

No. 561254

One of my close friends started a sock fetish account and idk how to react.

No. 561256

File: 1590827495326.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, tenor (5).gif)

I'm reading >>>/g/95052 and moids come in to bait about being dicklets midway through the thread and it's so fucking funny. The bait is high-effort and surprisingly well-written and they are so on the edge of complete meme but also serious that i cannot stop laughing

No. 561309

I sometimes wish this place was more like a chatroom, or somehow gave me the option to let people know that they made me laugh, or to thank them for telling me about something I didn't know or was wrong about. I wish there was a better way to appreciate you guys as it happens without derailing or being really OT but I'm also glad there isn't.
You ladies are the cream of the crop

No. 561349

can the riots please come to the Target I work at so I can have some time off…

No. 561351

still haven't seen one real person with coronavirus.

No. 561354

Same til my boyfriend just tested positive yesterday

No. 561359


No. 561382

for any koppies lurking, what do you all think if someone made a forum?

I'm bored as fuck and you all are annoying, but some of your takes in the thread are interesting as I don't see it on other kpop forums and twitter?

No. 561384

it throws me off when "too much makeup" is used as an insult (even when it's well applied) in the current year. especially when women try to use it as a jab against other women

No. 561387

A lot of self-declared "radical feminists" (I'm personally unsure about the using that term to describe them) are equally as guilty of doing this, and do it as often, as sexist men.

No. 561405

Imagine how many people will catch corona in the riots going on rn

No. 561417

It would be nice, but I only lurk these threads anyway.
But by someone you mean who? Let's be honest, if you won't make one, then no one will make it lol.

No. 561425

Reading the cow yourself thread is helping me realize I'm pretty damn normal even if I'm a shut in

No. 561447

I was able to visit for a week with friends and miss it immensely! Okinawa is insanely beautiful. Animal Crossing NH has a whale shark tank and it’s definitely modeled after the one in Churaumi Aquarium and makes me want to visit again. I always enjoyed the thought of retiring in the bumfuck city I studied in. Absolutely love how peaceful things are outside of Tokyo.

Funnily enough, studying abroad actually helped costs for me. I only paid my home university’s tuition, and room and board were really cheap in Japan and it saved me a couple thousand (and was miles better than the dorms back home lol). I hope you might at least to try and apply! There are a lot of scholarship opportunities out there, and maybe you can have someone help you write a persuasive enough argument to justify your grades! I had decent grades but my school didn’t have many applicants to the Japan programs to begin with and I always figured that as long as you aren’t actively about to flunk out, the Japanese schools might take you for that sweet, sweet international student statistic. My graduating GPA is definitely inflated because my classes in Japan weren’t that hard lol (wasn’t allowed to take any regular classes in Japnese and classes in English were dumbed down for Japanese students wanting to take them).

No. 561494

The second wave will be upon us.

No. 561504


As a non-american I was thinking the same thing when I heard about the riots. Idk this shit won't stop in that moment and all those people being around each other is just perfect to infect god knows how many people. Let's the see how everything will look like in two weeks.

No. 561509

Whoever started the dress up games thread on /m/
I love u. That thread is my favorite thread.

No. 561530

I am kind of miffed that Jay Alexander from ANTM left the "ANTM Untucked" live chat he had going on with Mr. Jay. It was sooooo good and it isn't the same without him. Sounds like he either got paid off or Tyra sucked up to him so that he wouldn't spill too much tea.

No. 561532

File: 1590869641070.jpeg (112.09 KB, 744x404, 9A5462E5-579D-46DE-B975-E8203B…)

The juxtaposition of the photo vs the headline. Damn.

No. 561540

I KNOW the green haired kid from kagerou project is a girl. I know it, I (vaguely) watched the anime and (vaguely) listened to the songs when I was 14. But I still manage to forget everytime.

No. 561543

Maidir leis an post seo, rinne mé snáth blianta ó shin a thósaigh as Gaeilge má tá suim ag éinne é a léamh. Seo é: lolcow.farm/int/res/22.html

No. 561576

File: 1590873287866.png (259.44 KB, 499x480, tmmm.png)

No. 561588

File: 1590876092480.png (365.83 KB, 640x404, woman-offering-heart.png)

I'm really into history specifically the Middle Ages and tried searching for women's ideal type at the time but nothing comes up.
All I found was men's ideal type as expected but I was really curious. I know women weren't allowed to choose but I bet they had some standards.

No. 561617

i wanna get jiggy with a handsome young man.

No. 561618

File: 1590878670929.png (1.18 MB, 794x814, Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 17.26…)

If you read the romances and look at the art drawn for said romances, they tended to be fairly regular looking dudes, more soft looking maybe. Tended to have quite unthreatening traits, good listeners, willing to fight for their love, good at arts. I suggest you read some romance tales or look up some manuscript images.
Pictured is from the Romance of the Rose, where "The Lover" pledges himself to the God of Love. Although there are some better written by women, The romance of the rose wasn't and the second part of it is imao, sexist asf

No. 561632

File: 1590880258449.gif (22.64 KB, 220x165, tenor (4).gif)

I can't help but feel like a dumb fangirl every time I think about my bf. I love him so much and just thinking about him feels me with disgusting love confetti. I have never been like this and used to be cynical about love, what is happening to me?

No. 561633

>we're closing two hours early
thank u god

No. 561642


the middles ages was 1000 years long, you should be more specific

No. 561665

Not to be we live in a society^tm but growing up I always saw that arrogance was discouraged, at least where I lived, and seen as the worst thing, but when I look around this is the default personality trait most people have and it's celebrated. I'm not even the most down to earth person but some people are soo narcisstic it almost disgusts me.

No. 561681

just found out kinderwhore is a thing and i am disturbed

No. 561685

I’m not ugly but my unarguably good taste in clothing is wasted on an average looking bitch like me . I wish I had a job as a personal designer/fashion assistant.

No. 561703

kinderwhore is a beautiful fashion and aesthrtic

No. 561707

nobody asked you, xanax-chan

No. 561722

who r u talking to?

No. 561725

100% same. It’s hard to make it in fashion though, unfortunately. That’s why I just consider it a pipe dream at this point.

No. 561728

sometimes i think this is the stupid questions thread because of the op pic being a confused anime girl

No. 561729

I'm conventionally attractive but I have shit taste in fashion so I look like shit most of the time.

No. 561733

I'm bored. What city has the craziest protest footage?

No. 561735

xanax-chan? kdk thats a new one(ban evasion)

No. 561737

I get that you enjoy baiting everyday and larping with a new storyline but we're at the point of posting your compiled post histories, and you know damn well it's alot so take your ban and fuck off.

No. 561738

File: 1590891010208.jpeg (16.82 KB, 1012x569, 1C988F06-C9B3-4873-BD5F-5911C8…)

I really wanna learn more stuff about space, but it fucking horrifies me. It fills me with such a primal, existential type dread for some reason. And when I do try to learn stuff about it all that shit goes right over my head.

No. 561739

>we're at the point of posting your compiled post histories
I'm looking forward to it. Was it hamchan or a different sperg?(ban evading :^))

No. 561740

secretly hoping that the banned anon comes back which leads to their entire post history getting revealed because i am a drama thirsty bitch

No. 561749

No. 561773

File: 1590894481433.png (8.87 KB, 749x100, tJdbmLt.png)

Reading old threads is fun

No. 561776

they can't even tell when i'm samefagging with my shitty vpn kek

No. 561782

Do not respond to trolls, do not encourage trolls. There are multiple anons who constantly come here to instigate arguments. It's not being entertained, if you're caught ban evading for the 20th time you're going to have your posts deleted. You can cope and blame browsers or VPNs but you're not as slick as you think. Even other anons can clearly catch the differences and habits.

No. 561784

wtf is going on

No. 561786

Anyone have a recommendations for funny tv shows (Similar to always sunny

Need to get my mind off of the shit going on around me /in my life

No. 561787

i just came here when that anon posted the KF greentext and then witnessed their posts getting deleted so it's pretty confusing. basically a bunch of people ban evading and trolling for fun i guess

No. 561790

did you take any ss

No. 561792

broad city? I heard the later seasons suck tho

No. 561793

File: 1590896295490.jpeg (77.37 KB, 750x203, 161D2625-DAE8-4DCC-B1AF-B88D3F…)

only have this unfortunately lol

No. 561794

The funny thing is that most of the anons who say stuff like that don't even follow the high standards that they preach on themself.
I'm not completely opposite on nitpicking, i think some digs if not too harsh are funny, but other ones just come from bitterness, self-hate and projection and it's not fun to read, imho

No. 561796

Remember that time hamchan claimed farmhands were retarded accusing her of samefagging and falseflagging until they posted her history and then it became "it was muh plan all along muwahaha"
sped4 was pretty funny but got annoying and creepy with the pedo nephew stuff

No. 561797

Nathan For You is very funny. The first three season of Shameless US are really good, the fourth one as well but it takes more of a depressing turn. Trailer Park Boys is ok.

No. 561798

are you aware of who you are talking to

No. 561800

nathan for you, the haunted real estate episode gets me every single time

No. 561816

Lurkerfag here but what happened to the kpop thread???

No. 561824

I ate it

No. 561835

Its not that great, japanese men are mediocre and dont eat pussy

No. 561838

I really wanted to study one year in Japan to improve my Japanese but I couldn't because I was too poor for the exchange program. I'm in Tokyo right now thanks to a working holiday visa and I love living in Japan but because of the pandemic almost all of my plans for my year abroad got derailed (I had problems finding a job because of companies closing for 2/3 months, I couldn't meet a lot of people because of the emergency state, flights to go back to my country aren't guaranteed anymore and plane tickets are 5 times more expensive than before, I got very sick twice in the middle of the pandemic, etc.) so I'm kinda jealous of everyone who managed to live in Japan for work or to study in normal circumstances. At this rate I'm pretty sure I'm cursed because instead of staying for 10 to 12 months I'll go back home after 5 months. But I would never want to become a housewife just to stay for longer, this sounds like it would only be fun for the first month at most.

I really wanted to visit Okinawa during the summer but I won't be able to, how is it?

No. 561841

I hate Japan and it's culture and people disgust me; I can't imagine why anyone would want to live there unless they're an idiot lowlife.(racebait)

No. 561843

that and the fact that the stupid questions thread doesn't have an appropriate pic either

No. 561844

the culture is nice except for the rampant sexual harassment, blatant pedophilia, sexism, homophobia and racism. hopefully things will change there. btw you are going to get angry replies bc this imageboard has weeby origins

No. 561846

I only dislike them because they're racist, but if I were at least white I wouldn't really mind? Lmao it sounds horrible.

No. 561851

Funnily enough I feel like I'm finally treated like a person since I'm in Japan compared to where I come from, meanwhile my SJW white "friends" from university who went to Japan during an exchange program thought being compared in a positive way to Brad Pitt or other American celebrities was racist. From what I've seen and read it seems like racism in Japan is mostly against other Asians but since these cases don't involve Westerners they're oblivious.

No. 561852

i caught my parents having sex for the first time and im trying so hard not to laugh at their reactions

No. 561855

How’d they react? Luckily I’ve never had to see my parents bumping uglies, so that’s one cool thing in my life

No. 561859

File: 1590904206885.gif (1.59 MB, 400x225, Nb2Dopr.gif)

ive never seen someone jump so fucking high by being startled. i had to hold my laughter and pretend i saw nothing. now theyre sleeping.

No. 561864

naruto is japan's johnny test

No. 561866

kek I believe it

No. 561867


No. 561869

basically unrelated but remember kappa mikey? why don't i see talk of it, does everyone want to forget

No. 561870

Kappa mikey is unironically a hidden gem, I loved that show. I don't know why nickelodeon shipped it off to the nicktoons network and let it die.

No. 561877

Cut ties with a lot of people today. Can't say I feel remorse. Fuck a career, fuck a friendship. I'll sleep easy.

No. 561883

Seeing niggers chimping out in the us and spreading violence under the excuse of doing it for that floyd guy, makes me happy that I don't live there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 561884

You couldn't keep your racebait in the rock stars thread huh

No. 561888

Just report it and don't give him the time of day. I'm tired of these people shitting up the threads.

No. 561897

I feel like making a blog about things I like, hobbies like traveling, video games, etc. but I know nobody's going to read it. Social media is trash so I thought if I want to talk to the void I might as well get a proper blog but… I don't know. I'd feel stupid not getting replies and not actually interacting with people that way since it's not a very popular format anymore.

No. 561902

Go for it anyway and do it for yourself. Writing down your feelings, experiences and passions can be very freeing and even motivating. And who knows, maybe someone stumbles upon your blog regardless.

No. 561909

>Writing down your feelings, experiences and passions can be very freeing and even motivating.
Yeah, it really is, I remember when I used to write random shit on tumblr back then. It's just that I find the internet more "lonely" in a way? Back in the 2000s it was easy to find blogs and communities and strike conversations with strangers, but now with social media it can be hard to find like-minded people with all the weird tagging systems and the sheer number of people posting everywhere. By the way what platforms are there nowadays besides wordpress and maybe tumblr?

No. 561919

Tumblr is still pretty active. You can give it a shot

No. 561956

Not sure why my iPhone keeps flipping the fuck out. I could barely browse lc because it kept crashing, reloading, or giving me that “a problem repeatedly occurred ed” message. I thought maybe it was lc, but I can browse just fine on my ipad. If I open up a webpage via twitter, it flips out and keeps reloading over and over again. And now it won’t stop overheating too! I turned it off and let it cool off for a few minutes, then when I turned it back on (had closed all apps beforehand) and opened up message, it started overheating immediately!! What the fuck!! I have an iPhone 7 and aside from this recent issue, it’s pretty good for an almost two year phone and never gave me any other problems. I’d get a new phone but can’t really afford dropping money on one right now, especially when this phone still works. Any iphone anons have similar issues??

No. 561963

That's it? There are so many more reasons to dislike them as this anon pointed out >>561844.

No. 561965

This entire comment section is just so utterly vile. grown adult men in their 20's and 30's sperging about "fortnite kids" and wishing death upon children no more then 8 years old, even male hating radfems aren't this bad

No. 561971

Agreed that this is fucked up but
>using male hating radfems as the benchmark of most hateful communities
>not incels who post mass shooting rapemurder plans literally everywhere
>not racists who use the n word on Twitter whenever they see a black celebrity trend
>not the infamous community of violent monkey haters on YouTube
Anon I

No. 561976

I was specifically comparing hatred of children with these neckbeards

No. 561977

File: 1590934737619.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)


No. 561981

I forgot I flipped the photo I sent in for my graduation profile and the logo on my glasses is backwards.
I’m a graphic design major so this is pretty damn embarrassing

No. 562051

File: 1590947491242.jpg (52.1 KB, 480x476, 101547880_2692021884242794_708…)

Am I crazy or there isn't any number at all in this image? Is this a prank?

No. 562052

I see a 4

No. 562055

No. 562056

571 actually

No. 562058

I see 571

No. 562059

Oh God, what does this mean? What's wrong with my vision???

No. 562061

you're colorblind

No. 562064

But I wasn't before? Can one become color blind?
I literally see only read in that picture, what color am I missing?

No. 562066

*only red

No. 562067

there's no other color. i think you're just not looking hard enough at the pic. i have shitty vision but i can still see 571

No. 562069

Can you 'red line' the number? I'm going crazy looking at this thing

No. 562070

File: 1590948101486.jpg (97.1 KB, 480x476, 101547880_2692021884242794_708…)

only bc im bored af

No. 562071

Shit, I can see it very faintly now, but I've been taking some color blindness tests and notice I have a hard time with the red/pink ones.
RIP, my eye cones are breaking anons.

No. 562090

it's literally red on red, you can hardly see it. How does this prove colorblindness? I remember those colorblindness tests I had to take annually at school as a child had contrasting colors, like green on purple or something like that.

No. 562103

Not being able to differentiate specific shades of red is a minor kind of colorblindness. Then again it's an image you're looking on a phone/computer/laptop/tablet screen so it's more likely your devices color settings are just slightly different.

No. 562143

it's okay anon, there's no shmae keep positng a lot of those complationas are cringe because other people use the same ips wo often on the site so as long as you're vpn oppning your (((post histoRY)) will be willdly deleted and farmhands would stop tring to be LE EPIC TROLE!??!?! when you can barely moderate the site half the time(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 562145

They banned me for reporting you (retarded 15 yr old pullfag spammer) so godspeed to you ma'am

No. 562151

>retard 14 year old pullfag spammer?
I'm 22 i'm trying to type but especailly easlier i was incoherent because i was fucked up on xanax

No. 562152

I think I might know you. Is your name Oliver?

No. 562156

File: 1590956621817.jpeg (90.6 KB, 528x499, 1583195229080.jpeg)

i'm bored and made a list of all the kokichi kinnies i found on tumblr and currently we are on 26

- 6 of them said they kin for fun and "doubles" are ok
- 8 of them said they're the real kokichi ouma
- 9 of them didn't say anything like that
- 3 of them didn't list him on their kin page but you can find him under #me, #id or #self

also working on my list of yoonbum and komaeda kinnies
…wondering if i will hit 100 people

No. 562157

Answer my question >>562152

No. 562159

This is legit though, and people should take it to heart and be weary of these fuckers in fandom.

No. 562165

They always love to constantly consume media but never actually think about what they're watching lol.

No. 562168

Akechi stand are on another level on insane

No. 562170


No. 562179

i don't really know about them but i'm well informed about the psychopathic kokichi or komaeda fans/kins. there was this one fakeboi once who gave herself the same scar that komaeda has (or she tried to literally amputee her arm off because that also apparently happened to him or something like that? idek about that game) to prove how she's the ACTUAL REAL IRL KOMAEDA!!

or another one with a fakeboi turning her piss into jello and eating that but i don't know if that was kin related kek

the biggest flag is always when you see danganronpa or persona kinnies

No. 562197

File: 1590959774315.jpg (87.81 KB, 500x500, artworks-000058231971-28jzyo-t…)

So untrue i am junko kinnie

No. 562209

I really miss when it was like this

No. 562226

this is the most autistic thing that im obsessed with. keep being you anon

No. 562275

The Twitterfags are out of control rn, every thread in ot is full of so much infighting… no place is safe kek

No. 562311

Just say you're transphobic and go

No. 562312

Out of the characters I recognize on this (most of them) I understand, but why Shuichi? He is a pretty standard protagonist.

No. 562313

I need to see a fortune teller or astrologer or fucking psychic medium or some shit because I am absolutely not okay with uncertainties.

Anons how do I predict the future

No. 562316

he's a nazi, anon.

you can't unless you're born with that ability, like me.

No. 562321

kek Don't you mean racist?
Seriously though, why are all these race bait-y posts left up? It's a mess.

No. 562322

Are you a capricorn or a virgo by any chance?

No. 562326

They're sperging out about TERFS rn all over the board

you know what, fuck this shit

No. 562333

You’re breaking my heart, honestly

I’m entirely earth deficient (Uranus and Neptune don’t count imo.) Keep guessing, this is always fun

No. 562337

You know it would be kinda fun to have a thread to post our natal charts and have farmers into neck deep in astrologymake assumptions about our lives and tell them whether theyre correct or not.

No. 562340

Samfag, but I really need to slow down when I type and proof read

No. 562345

Sounds great, are you willing to make it?

No. 562346

Nothing wrong with that

No. 562366

Nah. Someone else is free to though if they really like the idea.

No. 562386

i feel like i'm the only one posting in /ot/ so imma take a quick break

No. 562397

We need another hell week

No. 562414

Is there still a place online to write long meta about fictional characters and get into ship wars? Tumblr has been dead for years and Twitter doesn't have any actual good content regarding this, it's all just surface level bullshit.

No. 562419

The subreddit for your favorite show.

No. 562457

File: 1590976756236.jpg (287.77 KB, 1500x1500, you do not pass.jpg)


No. 562462


No. 562486

File: 1590977910349.png (120.3 KB, 310x394, Felix2.png)


No. 562489


No. 562515

sorry but this reminds me of the my strange addiction episode where a lady is addicted to contacting psychics, she does it multiple times a day

No. 562521

Get better bait.

No. 562574

learn how to do tarot! take that shit into your own hands.

No. 562584

I don’t have the money for that, unfortunately.

I have. I always find it more difficult to read for myself. It’s more…interesting when someone else does it. Also harder to give myself pep talks when I get shit cards.

No. 562587

then get a job, poorfag.

No. 562592

you sound rich enough, will you b my sugar mommy?

No. 562611

>get a job
Nta but I'm triggered. I can't even land a job interview and feel trapped in my part-time job that pays less than the minimum wage and too depressed about not being wanted by anyone, career wise, to apply myself more. Thinking the rest of my life will be always either expending by time working for some shitty enterprise or stressing out about money makes me want to off myself.

No. 562640

File: 1590985473259.png (476.75 KB, 766x889, D7CE9953-326A-452B-9637-4F1783…)

>tfw a psychic gave birth to me

No. 562649

I cooked steak for dinner and 6 hours later, it still smells like steak. I … did not think steak would linger for so long…

No. 562702

Why does my 27 years old friend constantly talk about TikTok videos and gets assblasted whenever I tell her that Tiktok is for zoomers?

No. 562720

If I see one more fucking scrote complain about how they made Mikasa “ugly” in the new season i’m going to combust. I literally wish all men would burn.

No. 562755

I am literally the only one asking question in our university friends chat group (we're 4 in it) and I feel pathetic due to it. I feel I would have asked those question irl if classes had stayed so, but since now everything is written it seems like I'm always bothering people.

No. 562777

nta but implying capricorns believe in astrology other than for shits and giggles

No. 562803

I like when my rats nibble on my fingers.

No. 562807

i wanna do doll repaints and make dollhouses and tiny furniture/clothes SO BAD. but like most of the world i'm broke so i can only watch videos and wish

No. 562813

The capricorn i know is heavy into the shit. Its kinda annoying tbh cuz they try to force people into boxes because of it.

No. 562861

Me toooooo I tried practicing on my old dolls but 2 turned out like shit and one is decent but sloppy, I guess I have to practice more but what's the point in wasting so much time to get such a mediocre end product.
I saw a video where they made a monster high doll into a dragon girl with wings, animal legs and tail it was sooooo cute

No. 562886

File: 1591018019532.jpg (30.92 KB, 500x328, jc2amv4.jpg)

God. Not the pedo incel in the Venus thread reappearing right when a new Venus nude appears.
I don't want to bitch in the thread itself because it's derailing, but I can't stand how much that thread seems to attract a very "untoward" crowd.

No. 562893

that thread is literally just PULLfags, perverts and people baiting the PULLfags rthere is no milk to be seen

No. 562908

I thought the milk would pick up with the OF thing, but since her nudes keep getting posted for milk, all it's done is attract porn addicts and old-ass, mentally insane pedos who not only sperg at people and scream that everyone's a "little bitch" for not accepting their creepy ideas about child sexuality, but blog all over the place with anecdotes of their youth that nobody even asked for.
The excessive A-loggers/PULLfags have largely stayed the same, but at least they're tolerable, if a bit annoying. The perverts just give the thread an element of grossness it really doesn't need.

No. 562915

go tell /meta/

No. 562917

I am so afraid of having social media but constantly feel like I'm missing out by not being online. The only thing I have is an email address that I've never given out to anyone, lmao. As soon as people start "following" or "adding" me I freak the fuck out and start getting incredibly paranoid that any small detail could lead someone to where I live, and I'm totally the problem. I wish I had somewhere to share artwork without going into psychosis

No. 562921

when I see a post with reddit spacing or typing style I don't even read it

No. 562925

Whenever I see a post that didn't capitalize or punctuate, I don't bother to read it.

No. 562927

ok reddit

No. 562931

i am very sorry mrs. english teacher i am so so sorrry please ,,forgive me f`or forgemtting to typ all perefctly pplease

No. 562939

This made me laugh like an idiot, so thank you

No. 562957

Why is sealant so expensive? I bought a couple of cheap doll heads to practice on with what I have but I can't make pastels stick to the surface

No. 562964

brush-on sealant is more affordable I believe but it's less popular. Nicholles Dreams on yt has a video on it

No. 562971

I have the exact same thing but it's not because I'm worried they'll find out where I live, social media just makes me feel weird for other reasons especially when people start interacting with me like you said. I constantly feel like I'm missing out but whenever I try and start using it I hate it and can't force myself to find it enjoyable, I always end up deactivating again after a couple of weeks.

No. 562976

Thank you anon I will look that up

No. 563019

I can't feel anything other than pity for venus

No. 563051

Her spiral is turning her into a sadcow. I had to unfollow her.

No. 563085

social media is really conflicting rn, I keep seeing posts saying that you're bad person if you don't post politically but a lot of people unfollowed me when I did. If I posted any art then people would call me uncaring, but if I made art about the situation then I'd be capitalizing from it
I want to take some time away from it but that's also something you can be canceled for too

No. 563088

Bring me to the horizon has the most headache inducing vocals I've ever heard, the fact people like them astounds me

No. 563092

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t but I would go with staying away from politics right now if you’re an artist and not a political one. I’m the same and I unfollowed accounts who were suddenly political. It’s ok to not be political right now or even apolitical if you want. Your real fans will still be with you no matter what you choose.

No. 563131

Man, you weren’t kidding.
I had to go check her out, since I really haven’t followed up with her drama since she parted ways with Margo. Yikes. She should get a real job and make some friends or something…

No. 563133


which era of Bring me the horizon are we talking about? The old one or the new one?

No. 563134

File: 1591036448843.jpeg (72.24 KB, 480x352, E42FC298-F0F4-4DA0-98F4-E3FB5D…)

No. 563153

Did the farm hands and admin die?

No. 563154

They're all at protests

No. 563156

they're still here but too afraid to speak up/too busy fingering themselves over oppa

No. 563170

Overall I'm glad LC doesn't have any stupid reaction buttons but there have been so many times where I can't tell an anon how much I laughed at their post because it would just shit up the thread.

No. 563181

File: 1591042314478.jpeg (29.58 KB, 331x236, E19ABB8D-75B4-4E19-9406-728BDA…)

No. 563189

just aprreciate how funny it was outside "kek anon" and contrbute something elsecatthe sane time

No. 563221

File: 1591045269449.jpg (17.14 KB, 249x326, дед.jpg)

I feel stupid, slightly annoyed and immensely bored when I see someone arguing about Serious Topics on the internet. Like what this or that philosopher really meant, is individualism dumb or not, ble ble I'm too lazy to think of other examples. Such a huge waste of time. Completely useless. Also looks like masturbation.

No. 563240

File: 1591046834708.jpg (92.19 KB, 1500x999, MV5BMTk5.jpg)

T his is two different people

No. 563243

Lil melon ham

No. 563244

I kind of miss the kpop thread what other sites are people having messy and mean discussions about kpop on now?(emoji)

No. 563249

It's all dumb. Everyone is dumb. I've given up and am just ride out the rest of my life in anonymous mediocrity

No. 563250

Is anyone worried that their married friends are going to change their minds about not having kids? I don't have a lot of friends and we already don't see each other enough. I can't compete with a baby

No. 563255

nowhere when I get the time and money i'll make the site for you, don't worry bby

it'll probably make eveything easier for the mods anyway so you and all the twitterfags don't shit up the place

No. 563261

Are you me, anon?

No. 563267

you could have kept the kpop thread if toy adhered to simple rules like no emojis

No. 563273

Can't believe I've been working from home for 2 months and only just thought to move my sofa in front of my desk. It's peak comfy, I just lie around and read while occasionally checking my email and taking calls

No. 563274

I mean, statistically they most likely will.

No. 563279

File: 1591051259235.gif (998.9 KB, 470x353, SfeFByX.jpg.gif)

I've never been able to burp and it's so annoying. I always feel full and my throat makes these weird, embarrassing frog noises all the time. I'd give anything to be able to burp.

No. 563281

This certain girl whose father is a criminal that robbed some van gogh paintings and made millions of it is bragging that her father is getting a show on netflix. Idc about it but this ratchet girl would be so weird and be rude to autistic girls irl and online (dox). I’ve always just lurked because she’s got a lot of followers yet was able to get away with a lot of cow-like behavior. I hate her and her entire family just because of the way they are. I don’t know her irl no worries, but her behavior is just so vile.

I don’t wish her foul things for the way she’s hurt some girls but I do hope the netflix show is not gonna happen.

No. 563282

She's just a nobody milking her family's 15 minutes for all they're worth cause she'll never do shit. She sounds petty as hell.

No. 563287

Apologies I didn't mean to come off as dismissive cause you're right, it's just that I'm so used to seeing shitty people get ahead through shitty means and a bunch of other shitty people clapping for it that I'm pretty much desensitized. The absolute state.

No. 563289

Been going on for years actually, on and off. But yeah she’s made a shitty song 5 years ago and I pray she’s still never gonna be a somebody despite the many internet followers (though they’re very unengaging LOL).
Even if she’s a literal criminal daughter (who probs did the same shady stuff), had she been some kind girl who’s giving and loving I’d have been more forgiving of course. She’s a rude cunt with 59k instagram followers! It fucking hurts because it reminds me how evil people always relatively have the most success.
Samefag, for some reason my draft was getting posted…
I guess you’re right, shitheads like her are everywhere. Praying they’ll lose everything won’t help I guess. I need to get desensitized. I’m glad I didn’t link her stupid ig account.

No. 563297

You're jealous cuz they have more money than you ever will so you're acting like a moralfag. He played his cards right and now he is successful.

No. 563302

Not jealous though I’m not surprised if you know which girl I’m talking about. I’m upset how she can for example brag about making a girl cry and run away from class without having a backlash and just dox random girls. I didn’t even know that her father is a criminal until today and I hated the shit she did already.

Can you go back to twitter btw?

No. 563309

>how she can for example brag about making a girl cry and run away from class without having a backlash and just dox random girls
She obviously has power, which you are also jealous of if it upsets you.

No. 563316

I’m jealous of your autism

No. 563317

lame bait, kys faggot.

No. 563415

>depressed person: Everything is so terrible I must kill myself!
>mental health professionals: No

>anachan: I'm so fat, I must stop eating!

>mental health professionals: No

>schizophrenic: These people are out to get me!

>mental health professionals: No

>man in a dress: I'm a lesbian!

>mental health professionals: Yes

No. 563444

You're getting shit for posting pretty much anything so you might as well post whatever you want.

No. 563451

I didn’t burp til like age 22, coincidentally when I started drinking beer. I don’t like beer that much but Jesus, burping feels amazing.

No. 563454

File: 1591069544618.jpeg (30.68 KB, 350x233, Group-praying-outdoors-1024x68…)

I wish there was some decent Luna milk soon. I don't want the last time when the thread's bumped be for when she ODs.

No. 563455

A fleck of soap got flung into my eye in the shower and that shit still stings!!!!!! Fuck!!!!

No. 563459

I'm 30 and about half of my friends have kids now. Some said they never would. Some of the people who really wanted kids changed their mind and decided to stay child-free. It can really go either way. I don't hang out with my friends who don't have kids any more than the ones who do have kids though. IME people drift apart as you get older regardless of children.

No. 563460

It's funny that you say this because my best friend had a baby and never speaks to me anymore.

No. 563464

File: 1591070635501.jpeg (7.49 KB, 228x221, 1589041109180.jpeg)

This bitch (who's obviously faking her race herself) is now shocked that her friend of 6 years who looks absolutely white (but pretended to be black/brown) turned out to be 100% white… Who would've thought!

>pure brainrot

No. 563470

Same anon , same.
The Luna milk was the best when she was fucked up on H and crack, now she’s just barred out all of the time (and possibly on methadone, idk..haven’t checked her threads in a min).

It’s too depressing and all we have left is her caked up , dead eyed selfies and photos of her pills scattered atop her grimy plushies.

Peak Luna was her facebooking sperging /e-begging and when lurch was on Facebook.

She’s so far gone now..her brain is absolutely fried beyond repair

No. 563475

I’m about to drink alone rn (I never drink alcohol , usually only smoke weed).

I’m just…depressed about things going on in my life and want to get shitfaced.
I have nothing to chase my vodka with except a crystal light packet and some water (would that be dumb to mix it with?..I hate the taste of vodka)

Anyway I feel pathetic. I’m reaching a quarter life crisis and I’m only in my early 20s. All of my friends are graduating from college who are a year or two older than me and I still haven’t gone because I’m broke.
I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life or if I’m too inept to attempt community college at some point. I feel like I’m destined for below mediocrity, I want to find something I’m passionate about and do it for a living but I’m not good at anything. I’m inadequate And unremarkable in ever y regard. I don’t know why this is hitting me all at once. I moved back home recently with my family and it’s been getting to me.

No. 563477

Any anons know where to start when you have no idea what you want to do with your life and what is attainable

No. 563480

File: 1591074279967.jpg (82.73 KB, 960x960, he.jpg)

i know its unhealthy for them but god fat cats are so fucking cute
i love them

No. 563501

I have a skin tag that I’ve tried to passively pull off for years on my bikini line like..right where your underwear would sit between your leg and where it’s covering. I tied a string around it tonight…I’m excited to watch it fall off. I’m too big of a pussy just to snip it but this way I can watch it waste away.

No. 563505

File: 1591081103518.jpg (48.82 KB, 750x422, E72FA59411C955A561E2FDBC0215C0…)

a group of my stuffed animals have developed a dialect and lingo when speaking, and given that i am an autist who speaks to stuffed animals during quarantine it has affected my own

it's not actually an issue, i can talk like a normal person it just slips out in comfy settings. i really should write kids books or something, the lore runs deep

No. 563511

I had one at the exact same spot too and I literally just went to the doctors and asked them to remove it. It took like two seconds for them to surgically remove it. Why are you diy-ing that shit anon jfc.

No. 563520

Anon do you know the name or brand of those? They're super cute I love them

No. 563526

I don't have any advice for you but please know you're not alone in feeling this way. Also, I can guarantee those university grad friends will mostly hate their careers and a good chunk of them won't even be able to manage their income enough to pay their loans off.

Careers suck for the most part. None of it is what it looks like from the outside.

I guess I do have one piece of advice, be flexible and don't box yourself in. Ever. You can decide to do things a different way.

No. 563528

Please, can anyone convince me NOT to post nudes on fucking Reddit?
I am having the most fucking awful day and going back into my old habits and comfort zone from when I was a minor and used to post porn of myself for validation. I fucking know I'll regret it but the lonliness is too strong. Anons, please? I'll love you forever

No. 563529

NO. Love yourself. I used to do similar things and it just makes you feel gross and empty again afterwards. Find something more fulfilling to do with your time that you can look back at and be ok with. Besides Reddit coomers are the lowest men you can pander to. Please love yourself and make me proud. You need to stop these habits if you want to improve yourself.

No. 563543

I… I wanna make you proud, anon. Thank you.

No. 563550

File: 1591089570025.jpg (50.59 KB, 884x507, Screen_Shot_2019-03-06_at_2.55…)

I believe in you!

No. 563586

I'm a bit curious as to how you find it validating knowing what kinds of men browse porn subreddits? Like how can you feel special posting yourself knowing these guys say the same shit about the other women who post there and collect porn like trading cards? Then discard you as quickly if they deem you're not fappable anymore or if you don't tick all the coolgirl boxes? How can you feel good knowing these guys only egg you on because they see you as an object to collect and don't really care about what's going on with you as a person to be doing what you're doing in the first place? These guys give you nothing tangible in return except for copypaste praise that doesn't really serve you in the long run.

No. 563606

It really seems stupid when you put it like that. I know they don't see me as anything other than a pair of tits and if they praise me it is only to get more out of me. And then I'm forgotten just as soon as their dicks are soft again. It's just the only kind of validation and praise I've gotten and it is just more familiar. I used to do it since I was like 12 and very lonely. I have completely stopped just as soon as I turned 18 and it has been beneficial, I am starting to be more comfortable in my body and developing a sense of self outside meaningless praises by men who don't give a shit about me.
You're right. It's not a good idea at all, not even in a short run because I feel like shit minutes after doing it. Thanks anon, I think pondering over it has kind of rekindled the oath I took to never do it again. Wrote an entry in my diary just on my 18th bday, read it today and honestly? I'm not gonna do it. I need to just distract myself with good things if a similiar feeling arises.
I really appreciate the time you took for me anon, I hope you are greeted with happiness often.

No. 563614

I really hate when tall people who possibly have someone shorter in their party still sit in front of someone else who's short. I was gifted assigned seats at a fancy ballet in the first section but had a 6'2 or taller dad in front of me for half until the break when I switched with a guy who could actually see over the guy. Also people who annoy guests who got to an event early for seats or a table are unbearable. Kicking seats, talking a lot, joking with someone a lot, taking pictures etc in a theater is just rude. I really don't get doing that if the theater or venue isn't busy there's usually enough room to space everyone out.

No. 563618

I was that fleck.
Hell yeah. Big fucking boy. Meaty boy. Fat boy.

No. 563619

you have no idea how glad i am that you didn't call it a chonker

No. 563620

>used to do it since I was like 12
That's CP…

No. 563632

Taking a good shit is one of the most satisfying parts of the human experience

No. 563647

I know anon, wish I could slap some sense into 12-17 year old me ;-;
I hate myself so much, lord

It do b a chonker doe(emoticon)

No. 563652

File: 1591101646478.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 608.jpg)

No. 563666

Any Americows hear of the EARN IT act? Its goal is to prevent and reduce child exploitation on the internet but some people are also saying that it will be used to censor innocent people.

No. 563669

What's the gist? I was waiting for something like this to happen in the US.

No. 563670

How come the unpopular opinions thread didn’t get bumped?

No. 563684

Samefag, i posted in the wrong one. Im retarded

No. 563898

it’s a very common at home way and I don’t usually take my pants off at the doctor.

anyway the string worked it’s way off as I slept twice so I don’t even get the satisfaction I hope you’re happy anon I personally blame you.

No. 563917

are they a push to speak plushie? or do you just give them voices? they’re cute asf

No. 563942

Being on lolcow makes me feel stressed out about every part of my life. It makes me feel ugly and unproductive and like I'm never doing enough to become a better version of myself. But I can't stop going on this fucking imageboard, it's like an addiction.

No. 563943

Use a website blocker

No. 563947

Cover the string with a bandaid. The real challenge is keeping the sting on a tied off hemorrhoid!

No. 563948

Some people should understand that when somebody vents or whatever they don't expect advice or a solution

No. 563949

Sorry about your skin tags :(

No. 563951

No. 563957

I was recently thinking if I should tie my hemorrhoid. tbh I don't know if this is hemorrhoid or skin tag.
Maybe if I'm gonna be drunk enough I will do that lol.

No. 563960

The older I get the more I get deja vu from watching or reading the news. Feels like everything just repeats itself every few years and people freak out like they're seeing it for the first time

No. 563961

All I had today was the other half of a king sized Kit Kat and now I want to throw up. Not Ana just sad that I can’t eat giant chocolate bars without feeling sick now. I hate getting old

No. 563993

i have the messiest family tree

im 22
parents are both 42
16yo half brother from mom's marriage
23yo step brother (son of stepdad)
10yo & 2yo half brothers from dad's marriage
grandad married 3 times so:
44yo step-grandma
56yo aunt
24yo uncle
22yo uncle
18yo aunt

so my aunt is 12 years older than her stepmom and 38 years older than her half sister. and im 20 years older than my youngest brother.

No. 563995

Lady GaGa's new profile pic on Spotify looks a lot like Clare Buley and it's bugging me. I don't really even follow Clare but still.

No. 564027

File: 1591129933633.jpeg (169.92 KB, 1106x356, 680FC037-F83E-4EC5-B40A-B9A7BE…)

Is racebait not against the rules any more? There seems to be endless racebait posts currently plus the fact that we have an LSA thread and a thread about the riots that the mods haven’t closed which seem to consist pretty much exclusively of racebaiters.

No. 564041

What's wrong, anon? Are you black or something?

No. 564044

I just feel like there's been a change of tone on the board recently and a lot of posts/threads that usually wouldn't be allowed are? But I guess it could just be because of the general atmosphere of what's going on rn people will naturally be talking about that kind of thing more

No. 564051

There has just been a shitton of baiting and mods either banning the wrong people or banning nobody, it's just kind of a mess right now but a political board being open is really giving the place a 4chan feel

No. 564061

Agreed. The protest/riot thread's gone to absolute shit

No. 564064

The early days of the corona thread were pretty similar, people shitting on other countries just cos that's guaranteed to get lots of responses.

No. 564068

I'll put my hands up and say I "shat on" other countries in the corona thread because you literally could not talk about your experiences with lifting of restrictions/things you're allowed to do in your country without REEEEEEEE DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE from ameritards who assumed everyone was under the same restrictions as they are

No. 564095

I remember I had a US poster tell me to shut up with any concerns I had over having both Lupus and Corona because as an anon somewhere in the eu I "probably have free healthcare so shut up, you have nothing to complain about" lol. Crazy posts which I assume were coming from a place of fear. Was annoying as shit though.

No. 564096

Oh my god I'm so sleepy but I don't want to fall asleep because as soon as I wake up in the morning I will have to study.
AAAAAAA i just want to have some free timeeeeeee

No. 564120

Being an ugly kid actually fucks you up so hard from the jump lol. No adults want to pay attention to you and other kids won't gravitate towards you. I wasn't necessarily ugly but I wasn't really cute, despite being attractive now. I was shy so the combination of not getting attention and being able to grab people's attention fucked me up mentally. This isn't a vent it's more of an epiphany.

No. 564121

I agree but I also feel like it builds character and pressured me to develop a personality

No. 564123

Only prohibited when it suits admin's agenda, eg scapegoat to ban 2X
The racebaiting in LSA and protest thread is fine but black anon complaining about black men in her life is gasp racist

No. 564124

see that's usually the brightside people mention, except I literally came out being extremely insecure lol. Like I said though, I was also really shy. Bad genes bad genes

No. 564126

Lmao I get you, honestly maybe I just look at it that way to cope and it really doesn't make that much difference in how someone's personality turns out. I'm sure you're more interesting than you think though, you can still have an engaging personality and also be shy!

No. 564129

People who had luck from the beginning don't give two shits about you developing character, and it's not about growing up as a no-attention kid but in general, it's a "you chose how you've been born" mentality.

No. 564142

File: 1591141636625.jpg (46.37 KB, 640x483, cat smokin a durry.jpg)

Anons i need to get up to roll a smoke but i'm too lazy

No. 564153

Laziness won't bring you anywhere you bitch go get up and roll that god damn smoke or you will be unsatisfied and I don't want you to be unsatisfied because I care about you

No. 564155

rolled smoke, thank you anon, tasted of cancer and the city

No. 564165

File: 1591144172737.jpeg (683.99 KB, 3298x4122, BCCCD6D1-9E07-4A15-AAEF-199BAF…)

No. 564170

I never had an emo phase but for some reason I can’t stop listening to Tokio hotel right now (I was a little too young to listen to them in their heyday). I’m trying to find a full version of the durch den monsoon music video and I can’t rip

No. 564216

i keep side-eyeing the anons in the meet the farmer thread who ask other anons to marry them and you check out the said anon's post and it's just.. massive garbage

No. 564222

i side-eye anyone who uses that. anyone who wants to revoke anonymity on here is weird, case in point the freak show that is the discord

No. 564238

Anyone who shamelessly announces they go here past the age of 19 is going to be a freak and weird af

Also anyone who denies the vast majority of lolcow is minors is dumb and in denial about their own maturity. Grown ups don't care about cheap drama like shay saying her ass is big even "she's totally flat though!" Or camgirls not being makeup artists or Anisa getting breast implants

No. 564242

>Grown ups don't care about cheap drama
i wish i could agree with this

No. 564250

How so? I've heard from a lot of farmers here who are over 25. It's not freaky or weird af, there are oldfags on here who have been around since /cgl/ and the original Stamina Rose. Your usage of "Grown ups" is very telling. Lolcow skews early 20s imo, but there's no age limit for an anonymous imageboard. Once you're in, you're in and as they say, you never leave. Are they going to take it to fucking LinkedIn or something? Most oldfags don't even browse /snow/, they care about legacy cows like PT and use mostly /ot/. Grow up, your newfag is showing.

No. 564258

Lmfao have you seen elderly women? But honestly all adults have a thing for drama and gossip, all ages.

No. 564264

Kek exactly, elderly women inviting each other around for tea and peeping through the blinds is the original lolcow.farm. Anon is just at the age where she's insecure about being taken seriously in the adult world. Nobody gives a fuck, anon

No. 564268

Tbh that thread is filled with shit taste in general

No. 564294

File: 1591151749709.jpg (57.96 KB, 750x732, 43242.jpg)

No. 564295

Kekkk that anon in particular has my taste as a 11 years old I’m not even exaggerating…endearing kind of cringe I guess

No. 564311

My birthday is in just a few days but I don't know what to do lol. I want to buy myself a present but I'm working from home for a temp job that's ending at the end of July, so it's stupid to spend money on unnecessary things right now in case I'll need that money in the future because god knows how long it'll be until I can find another job.

No. 564317

how do you greet someone you added on snapchat? I know him but he doesn't know me and idk how to make a casual introduction

No. 564318

half of your face, hey smile emoji

No. 564329

File: 1591155596948.jpg (13.94 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

>I'm going to fuck you like a pornstar
What did he mean by this? Why did he ever see me so genuinely sexily? I am just me with my strange stick and pokes and my fluffy bathroom-mirror haircut but it's so strange how sexual attraction warps how people look to you

No. 564338

I am so fucking weak when women call me pet names. My former boss (only a few years older than me lol) calls me baby girl over text and that shit really riles me up. I don’t think she’s interested in me at all outside of being friends and just does it as a mentor/protective figure (always protected me at work because I was one of her favorites) but FUCKKKK. When my ex called me babe I felt like I was gonna lose it. Even in platonic settings, my best friends will call me babe or baby or some really silly iteration or it and I love that shit so much.

God I hope I can date a nice, older woman one day who will call me all the sweetest pet names under the sun.

No. 564339

some people should understand that if they don't want someone to respond to their post, they can write it in a diary instead

No. 564340

nnnh i had a south african gf years ago and she used to call me bokkie/liefie which is like sweetie/lovie for a younger person and i lost it because she'd do it in such a mommy dommy way and i hate the bitch now but i can't hear afrikaans without remembering how she made me feel

No. 564346

What names do you find sexy (or completely unsexy)? Thinking about love interests and man, Fitzwilliam is not great, it's long but shortening it to Fitz or Will does nothing for me. Sorry Darcy!

No. 564353

ffuckkk that sounds so cute but im sorry that you hate her now lol

No. 564360

I'm really jealous of women who are outgoing/confident enough to casually use pet names, just in a platonic way. I would feel so awkward trying it myself but I always think it makes women sound so cool and friendly.

No. 564403

this is the norm in southern US in my experience and it makes me feel some kinda way. honey, sugar, babydoll, sweetpea, all par for the course and i love it

some women see it as demeaning even when coming from other women but like… it really is just the friendly thing to do over here

No. 564406

Yeah anons here also all claim to be supermodel billionaires with big dick husband's whom they have ten kids with, you can't openly say you're underage

Old women only care about gossip within their friends and family, nobody cares about people they'll probably ever meet doing shit like not washing their feet once for a picture or getting implants or wearing a shirt that doesn't fit well

No. 564409

Right, but you can't deny the fact that there are oldfags here who literally can't be underage. I think a lot of the userbase lurked/posted underage but are now over 18.

No. 564413

Tiger king is the perfect example of sexism tbh
Joe drugs up men and grooms them into sex and other things
Spoke pervertly and groosly at Travis's funeral
Abuses and kills tigers
Obsesses over and tried to kill Carole Baskin
Pays his workers shitty and makes them work in horrible conditions
Made tons of racist and sexist comments
Carol Baskin allegedly killed her husband with no evidence who was a predator on teens yet Carol Baskin is the center of hate in all this

No. 564418

File: 1591162485756.jpeg (71.3 KB, 600x918, EZSVWTiUwAA_UdA.jpeg)

Leaving the 2020 Riot thread for awhile so I don't take anymore bait lol.

No. 564431

Female service staff my age tend to call me "darling" or "love" or "hun" and I kinda hate it, kinda seems like they think I am younger than I am, we're the same age group!! Male staff never do it. This has happened both in NorCal and Canada. I'm polite and friendly to them but pet names are too intimate for me, idk.

100%. Also I think Carole's husband was prob laundering money or some such sketch thing for a cartel and got executed when things went south. She let it get buried bc he was a gross groomer… that's my tinfoil anyway.

No. 564440

It got locked just in time, kek. I'm surprised it survived as long as it did, it seems to have been on a bad trajectory.

No. 564442

File: 1591164379432.jpg (86.98 KB, 640x867, tumblr_d63f71db4c55cff57c15076…)

Part of that was my fault oopsies.

No. 564445

lmao anon i can't decide if i hate or love this

No. 564446

Most definitely, everyone affiliated with tiger king is shady af

No. 564494

i am not a counter-revolutionary
i am not part of antifa
i am not a communist
i am not a socialist
i do not encourage destruction of property
i support capitalism
capitalism is good
communism is bad
the US did not commit any war crimes, nor crimes against humanity

Everything I said is fact. Everything I post on this website and the internet at large, that appears counter to that, is satire and a joke.

No. 564497

blink twice if you're okay

No. 564502

Is this CommunismKills?

No. 564505

>riot thread locked
Fucking finally

No. 564506

File: 1591173410517.jpeg (32.28 KB, 426x324, E2DD5F0B-BE56-43C9-B8FA-6B379A…)

No. 564510

I'm taking the day off work. Yesterday was the absolute worst. I'm drained psychically and mentally. I'll get 48 hours this week so I'll have over time money still. But I feel guilty about it. Guilty my boyfriend acted like it wasn't a big deal and that I should "go in and see how your check looks" from working 116 hours for a two week pay. Guilty because I think it'll reflect badly on me next review my supervisor gets. Idk I just want a nap and to not hate my life over a stupid job…

No. 564528

So I heard the everyone's like an amalgamation of the 5 people closest to them. I'm going to list mine and reflect, and maybe readers of this comment can do the same!

1. He's emotionally closed off, effeminate but straight, cries at disney films, loves birdwatching, loves witchcraft and the aesthetic related to it. Mildly conservative. Sent me a birthday card by post. Bad emo taste in media. Can act in a very agreeable way different to his normal self.

2. He's very pragmatic and a narcissistic, friend 1 and I have had to explain the concept of understanding and respecting other peoples feelings in the past. Extremely dramatic and comes up with entertaining and creative activities for us, but is the main source of our friendship tension because he does the bad thing then doesn't address it. Also effeminate but straight, absolute simp for his gf, will not stop buying flowers, baking things and booking holidays for her, we've 75% lost him as a friend since he got her. Also his personality completely changes depending on the group.

3. He's obese, can't/won't tell a lie and very good at heart, really empathetic, imaginative, fascinating in conversation and happy to explore nature or sit in a car park all day. Exquisite taste in music and can talk at length with anyone about their favorite band. Doesn't want to be employed but interested in directing. Recently became an alcoholic and smokes a lot. Is bisexual. Doesn't change any facet of himself no matter who he's with.

4. She's a sensitive sweetheart who used to cosplay a lot, we bake tasty things. She has bad social anxiety and her room is filled with plants and fairy lights. She dresses very cute and decorates her bike with flowers. She crochets and always seems so happy and surprised when I indicate she's a good friend to me. Once came over to give me dessert then promptly left. We came up with a planned dialogue with codewords to politely leave any social situation.

—gap here in intimacy because I don't have many friends

5. She's very extroverted but likes to eat. We mainly thrive when we cook a delicious dinner together then go a quiet walk around town afterwards. A lot of her friendships are surface level so we often talk more in depth about thoughts and feelings. She's eastern european and has very different ideological perspectives, but we're both easygoing enough that it never causes tension, I appreciate the different viewpoint.

I'll be honest idk what to take from this. I think I attract sensitive people who enjoy eating, because they all do. I just enjoyed talking about my friends, I love them all so much.

No. 564534

how do people even have friends

No. 564537

kek, forgot about her, one of my first cows

My parents think I'm on drugs again because I got up late and necked 2 pints of juice. Drinking juice is junkie behavior.

No. 564543

>The first three
How do you meet men who don't suck? Not even memeing.

No. 564544

even though I just skipped to the end of your post because I can't be bothered to read about someone elses' friends
>I just enjoyed talking about my friends, I love them all so much
Is still the cutest thing. Congrats on friends

I'm kind of curious about how people would sum me up in a sentence like that if they were being honest.

No. 564549

You sound like a pickme with terrible taste in people

No. 564551

NTA but I can't wait until 'hi pickme' is banned. Contributes absolutely nothing and is so annoying to read

No. 564553

Idk I just skimmed and she mentioned they were stubborn, narcissistic, do bad things and won't address them, etc

Unless you mean doesn't rape or hit anyone because that's where the bar is

No. 564554

>I just skimmed
and there you have it. Sometimes we don't have to share every thought we have, especially when we're not even thinking

No. 564556

This really wasn't justified. Anon just loves her friends. You don't have to be bitter about it.

No. 564558

Samefag, I think anon is just a master at burying bad information amongst good, like after some compliments there will be stuff like this
>Doesn't want to be employed but interested in directing. Recently became an alcoholic

No. 564559

Nothing wrong with taking a drink. And another. And another.

No. 564562

Skimmed to me means read but didn't absorb into my memory in a manner which leads to a useful conclusion or progression, since it's just a list of traits of strangers it doesn't deserve more attention than that. However it's clear there's a mix of both good and bad traits in those people, which she is cheerily optimistic about, despite them generally not being good things (like unemployed alcoholic)

No. 564564

Are we not all unemployed alcoholics here? Shit

No. 564565

Some of us are employed alcoholics.

No. 564566

Isn't that how you feel about your loved ones though? You eventually have to acknowledge their faults because everyone is human, but it's not the first thing you think of about them and there are enough good things that make you want to keep them around?
I can't really imagine describing someone I care about in a way that doesn't follow anons same formula
If you pay my rent and buy me booze, sure

No. 564567

Fuck off scrote(hi scrote)

No. 564570

Why do you even bother to hi scrote? We get it, you ban evade, but you're shitposting.

No. 564571

Don't reply to bait.

No. 564572

Why would you even stay friends with 2 and even consider him as one of the closest to you? Just because he comes up with nice activities to do? You listed no other good qualities of him.

No. 564573

To be fair, the post does kind of have an "they're not like other guys!" vibe to it.

No. 564577

Paul Simon came out with a song a few years back and the lyrics are very.. Paul Simon. I love it and can't get enough

"The riots started slowly
With the homeless and the lowly
Then they spread to the heartland
Towns that never get a wristband
Kids that can't afford the cool brand
Whose anger is the shorthand
For "You never get a wristband"
And if you don't have a wristband, my man
You don't get through the door
You don't get through the door.."


No. 564578

I'll do what i like, thanks, minimod. I'm just asking why they're bothering to hi scrote when it's such a meme at this point

No. 564579

I'm unemployed but I'm not an alcoholic. Close enough though.

No. 564580

Some posts are a lot funnier when nobody replies to them.

No. 564581

t. my dumptruck joke didn't land in the momokun thread

No. 564582

What kind of posts?

No. 564584

Some of you guys have such a strange view of relationships and I thought it was a meme for a while but I think it's serious? You can totally have trainwreck friends, wildly different friends, friends going in completely different directions to you like they're not life partners where you have to pick someone with the same goals or whatever you can literally just vibe with people you guys know that right

No. 564587

This. You can be friends with people who aren't perfect, holy shit.

No. 564592

I was showing oomf a photo of my relative last night and they said we had the same chin and I hate my chin and didn't realise who I got it from lol but my chin obviously is noticeable like I've been trying to deny all my life lol. This person also took a few candids of me and I just saw them and I'm having an existential crisis over my chin and lower face area now. I kind of look like matt Smith from doctor who and want dace surgery now!!!!!

No. 564593

Yeah I bet the bitter anon isn't so perfect either. It's almost as if people are actually multi dimensional if you interact in the real world.

No. 564596

kek, you're right. I wonder if those anons are under age. It's a very highschool vision of friendship where you can only have one clique of 2 to 5 friends and that's it.
Maybe it takes some maturity to sort out that you can have your superficial work friends, some hobby friends, some friend-of-yout-so-friends and that they dont all have to be exact fitting for "the group".

No. 564599

I always feel like there's a learning curve that usually happens when you mix friend groups. I had a joint birthday party with a coworker who was a good friend and invited people from like 3 different groups and it was awful. My childhood friend never hounded me about leaving her out when I would socialise with work people again lol

No. 564602

There's a difference between having friends who aren't perfect (no one is, duh) and not being able to name more than one remotely positive feature of said friend but a bunch of negative ones otherwise.

You are talking to at least 3 different anons.

No. 564608

>>564596 Yep, it seems a lot of people here overinvolve themselves with friends and seem to hold them to the standards of romantic partners. You'll burn through people very quickly if you keep seeing them in that high school manner Anyway, no1curr but i'll share some people who've been involved in my life to trigger the "friends must be perfect" anons:
>Pothead homeless man who had been thrown out from 3 seperate families and now squats in houses in my city. Smoked many a joint with this guy and learnt his life story and how he got to where he is. Told me all about what it's like to be homeless here (huge homeless crisis and population here), sleeping in the same facilities as heroin addicts, interaction with heroin addicts, his experience in court, prison and the psych ward of the men's prison here. Had to let him go but he gave me great memories, I remember skipping a test back in high school to go to the other side of town to score a huge bag of weed for him that he got on loan because he was in hospital after ripping his testicle hopping over the wall to get into the squat
>Older woman from a very looked down upon area which is basically the centre of gangland crime here, had been working as a volunteer for years, great sense of humor and the demeanour of a grandmother but the wit of any young woman.
>Young girl from that same area who was unemployed so was working with a scheme to get into employment, hard-working just didn't really have any skills and it's easier to stay on welfare sometimes. Told me obviously fake stories about the man fitting her for a wedding dress hitting on her. Her niece who was homeless and happened to attend the service she was assigned to work with told me she cheated on her husband several times but I bumped into her not long ago and they're still getting married. She's pregnant and had been out drinking during lockdown. The niece is about 21, has a child in care and a new guy every week. One of her guys told me his probation officer was selling him weed, not sure if that was true or not.
>Guy who attempted to have sex with a drunk girl at a party, recently took advantage of me (nothing major, just via sending images) while I was drugged to fuck. Lonely guy, autistic and suffers from anxiety, sweet but there are so many sides to him. Very interesting guy
>Socially anxious girl who people tend to look past. I hate to be condescending but I "took her under my wing", listened to her problems that nobody else would listen to, heard details about her brother's drug use and family problems that nobody else knew. It seemed people took her as stupid or just uninteresting but she definitely wasn't. She asked me to teach her how to smoke and so we did and we'd always go out for a smoke (I'd provide) as she told me how it felt to be seen as invisible and what was really going on inside her head

I'd love to hear from anons with similar views and what unusual people you've had the pleasure of meeting

No. 564609

they're acquaintances, not friends

No. 564610

You're awful smug for someone who hangs out with losers and a literal autistic rapist. There's a difference between having eccentric and quirky friends who don't quite fit the mold, and the rabble you've chosen to befriend and pretend they're more interesting than they are.

No. 564611

>to trigger the "friends must be perfect" anons
Literally no one itt said this except for OP when they instantly got aggressive about simple questions why they're friends with their second friend.

No. 564612

Sorry if i came across as smug. They're definitely not good people to hang around with, i was just interested in seeing who else hangs around with riff raff as opposed to the other extreme of vetting friends.

No. 564613

I'm friends with a convicted sex offender. I don't condone his actions in any way but I just don't see the point of everyone avoiding him. He's just a person and I don't have any kids for him to molest so what do I care, you know? He's actually a great guy and I owe a lot to him, he taught me a shitton about coding in a way I could actually understand

No. 564614

You can't think of reasons why people wouldn't want to be friends with a sex offender…

No. 564615

My friend has got involved into heavy drugs and because of that I've spent many nights now in the company of gang members and actual killers. I hate it but I think it's easier for my life to just get along with them. It's strange cracking jokes with people that I'm scared of.

No. 564617

I'm just the opposite of a moralfag at this point, there's no edge to it, i'm not particularly close to him these days but we message each other quite a bit. I just look past it all, but I don't even need to look past it. Nobody cares, he's cool.

No. 564619

Honest question: How do you even become friends with men without them wanting to fuck you?

No. 564620

Oh, I fuck them.

No. 564622

I'll remember these posts the next time I see a scrote whinging about how being accused of rape or marked as a sex offender ruins lives, kek. They get away with anything.

No. 564625

I was actually falsely accused of rape by a guy whose virginity I took. He didn't call the cops or anything, but he told his friends, they said it was assault (two spoke up and said it absolutely wasn't and he needed to shut the fuck up) but he took the narrative and ran with it so he could look better because he fucked me on Valentine's day a week after he broke up with his long-term gf who was too Christian to have sex with him kek

No. 564628

I suspect scrote bait.

No. 564629

The way I do it is to not talk about my relationship or sex with them.
Thy can talk about it but I don't reveal details about partners or preferences. I respond very coldly if pressed. They get the sense that I won't talk about it and I'm not interested without the awkwardness of spelling it out.
It seems to work. I know some might have an "interest" but they don't pursue me.
You have to be firm and you have to be prepared to be ghosted/be told your a cold bitch, tho.

No. 564631

Here we go again. Do you not see how hypocritical it is when you act like every woman who doesn't moralfag is male? Part of gender equality is that both men and women can act shit and saying every woman who acts shit is actually a man is beyond delusional.

No. 564632

NTA, but I think there's a line between moralfagging and "I make friends with actual child molestors. Idc because I don't have any kids to rape lol", anon.

No. 564634

Right, but it's not scrote bait. I'm the same person laughing at Shayna and comforting you in the vent thread. I love the way you're twisting my words, too. It doesn't affect me and he's cool and deserves to have someone to shoot the shit with, it doesn't mean I think he should be able or allowed to molest kids but there's no point in me being concerned because it doesn't affect me

No. 564636

I knew a guy that was out of prison on bail on the condition that he'd go to school.
Told me about it the first time we met but very vaguely about the actual crime.
I continued interacting with him normally. I mean, sure, I'd be cautious about not getting myself into some shit but it's not helping society to shun ex-felons anyway.
People are actually less likely to reoffend if they reintegrate society.
You'd rather that sex offender had nothing to lose and go into a rape spree or that he go back to society and learn that there's consequences and he'd better not do it again to keep a nice life?

No. 564637

>twisting my words
Huh? Those are literally your words. You posted >>564613.
>I don't have any kids for him to molest so what do I care, you know?

No. 564639

Exactly. If someone commits one crime and they're fucked for life, they're gonna go out screaming. You literally cannot tell someone 24/7 that they're a worthless piece of shit just for a sex offense and expect them to say yes ma'am yes ma'am the rest of their life. They need to be away from kids and monitored but if their lives are going to be that badly restricted they might as well be in jail. Let's not even take into account the black men who have been falsely accused and convicted of these crimes

No. 564641

>or that he go back to society and learn that there's consequences and he'd better not do it again to keep a nice life?
Did he not know before?

No. 564645

Honestly anons I have committed an offense and so have others walking among you and they will never tell anyone and nobody else will ever know, it's the uncomfortable truth. You're living in a blissful make believe land if you think this isn't true

No. 564647

Well, obviously, he thought what he wanted was worth risking the consequences.

Now, he has lived the consequences (prison, being surveiled, whatever) and maybe got some help.
All we can do is hope is that the conseuqences were bad enough and the help good enough to keep that want vs consequences in check.

No. 564650

Is that why you're friends with a sex offender, birds of a feather? That makes sense.
Anyway, if people find out about you, they're not wrong to ostracize you (unless your offense was just pissing in public or something), and you shouldn't try to guilt-trip or pretend they're moralfagging. No one owes rapists/child molesters anything.

No. 564651

But anon the consequences will never be the same

No. 564654

I did not mean to reply to that comment, I meant to reply generally to the thread. I am not friends with any offender of any kind

No. 564656

It's that same anon that was all wide-eyed about men frenquenting protitute, kek.

We love you naïve anon but you gotta get some life experience.

No. 564659

Are you talking of me? Anon I think you have confused me with somebody else, as for 'life experience' I have been through a court system and prison,

No. 564662

I was talking about the other hypotetical anon (naïve anon), not an actual anon, just all anons who seem to be living very sheltered lives. It was a joke.

No. 564663

Who are you calling naive? Your posts aren't making any sense, anon

No. 564668

Well, the first 2 were shunned in school due to rumors of being gay, we liked the same games so played together. They were a bit uneducated regarding women because of having very religious and conservative families but are now the first to point out injustices and double standards, including within their family, particularly friend 2. Also note that for those 2 good male friends I had a shit ton others who would try befriend me just to ask me out and cut me off/do that passive aggressive shit when I said no. The third one reads feminist literature extensively and tbh is probably more woke than me regarding equality. He just has this aura of goodness around him, and I've never seen or felt him be prejudiced or mean towards anyone. He might have poor self control regarding alcohol but he's the nicest person I've known.

Actually, one common thing between the three is that they loved one or more of the following programmes when younger: charmed, xena or buffy lol.

I think the fact he's a simp is nice, the woman he's with deserves to be treated like that. With the nice activities, I mean he's also great company. More than half of my best memories as a teen have been thanks to ideas he's had. He's got terrible coping mechanisms for conflict, but the point is that he values us as friends enough to still try communicate, though it's clearly hard for him. He has always always been there for me when I'm any less than OK. I value that and I value him, regardless of how much I disagree with him and how he deals with things.

No. 564670

Who's "naive anon"? I just think it's silly to coddle people. If you take advantage of someone, you deserve to face the consequences, both legally and socially.
We all know it's illegal to hurt children, we all know what it does, and if your "slippage" means doing so, as far as I'm concerned, the electric chair or suicide is just fine as an option.

No. 564674

Well, ok. But then you have to kill any person sexual offending? That's A LOT of people and you're going to kill innocent people (because people are made in justice).
Your way of thinking is not pratical anon. You're not taking reality into account.

People will do shitty things, they get punished and some (we hope most) won't do it again. You're aware that the world is actually safer now the way it works than it has ever been, right?

No. 564678

Okay. Anyway, I don't respect pedophiles or rapists, and most of the population doesn't, either. Everyone kind of puts up with them, but if it was pronounced legal to do away with them, it would probably be a different story. It's unrealistic to expect otherwise, or try to moralfag on others about it.
People's lives (especially children) are typically considered more important than rapist's feelings, except in the eyes of other sex offenders and would-be offenders, I guess.

No. 564679

(mistakes are made in justice, not people*)

No. 564686

Kek, you're accusing me of moralfagging when you're talking about basocally witchhunting and killing any sex offender? That's rich.

I'd love to live in your fantasy world. Your way would actually solve the overpopulation problem!

No. 564688

You're really pissy about this for some reason. I don't feel bad for the poor sex offenders, sorry. Maybe you should try having this discussion on a forum specifically for that demographic, no one here cares, kek.

No. 564690

>tracking transcontinental package
>have to manually go to post office’s website and input tracking number to find out what’s up, where it is, whether I’ll have to pay customs

>tracking domestic package

>email from post office: “A package for you has been registered!”
>email from post office: “The package has been sent!”
>email from post office: “Your package will be delivered tomorrow!”
>email from post office: “Your package is on its way!”
>email from post office: “Your package will be delivered in this time slot!”
>email from post office: “Your package has been delivered!”
it’s just some yarn guys chill out

No. 564691

>People are actually less likely to reoffend if they reintegrate society.

This has nothing to do with being chums with a rapist. The rapist is free to find employment and reasonable living, it doesn't mean you should be his friend. And if he reoffends because women won't be his friend, then he was never going to reintegrate deep down, he would have been looking for another excuse to act out and reoffend because these people don't really change deep down.

Thank you.

No. 564692

Not pissy, I'm actually having fun arguing. It's the dumbass shit thread, why not talk about this?

No. 564693

What is there to argue, though? You want people to feel pity and care for sex offenders, but they don't. That's just life.

No. 564697

I see what you're saying but I mean, realistically only finding employment and reasonable living is not going enough bonds to stop someone to reoffend (actually, they now will have the means and nothing to stop them).
I'm not saying "YOU HAVE TO BE FRIEND WITH RAPISTS, IT'S MANADATORY". I'm saying welp, it's just not helping to shun them all their lives.

No. 564698

It sure does help children when their parents, teachers, and other adults keep nonces out of their lives.

No. 564701

Ok, I'll give you that. But that's talking about pedos in particular when we were talking about sexual offender in general.

No. 564706

It helps all vulnerable people when those who are established as predatory are blocked from opportunities to predate.
Removing that element just leaves us with people who were caught urinating in public, I guess. They can blame the public masturbation/flasher degenerates for making their lives hard.

No. 564708

>realistically only finding employment and reasonable living is not going enough bonds to stop someone to reoffend
>I'm not saying it's mandatory to be their friend
Okay, but let them go make friends with other rapists or people who have nothing to lose like other men. It's a very bad idea to do this as a woman.


No. 564713

I agree with you on that but again, we can't have these millions of people in prison or just killed. You end up with overful prisons systems like in the us (with high reoffending degree) or just pile of dead felons.
I'm not that anon, but I actually have my eye on a discord server on a guy who have offended (caught with kiddy porn). He now post about borderline shit (like disguting porn with very petite women).
I interact with him even if I'm disgusted. And you bet I'll be the first in line to go to the police if I ever see him crossing the line.
Better me being there and knowing than nobody and him raping kids unwatched.

No. 564721

NTA but how do you know that he's not doing it again? Just because he's not sharing actual CP on Discord doesn't mean that he's not secretly watching or consuming it again.

No. 564724

I don't. But it's not like I can go to the police with fucking nothing just pointing at him. (I mean, I could and probably will when I get enough of the borderline shit to look like a pattern but in the mean time…)

No. 564725

This. If he's posting borderline shit (which, there's probably no sure way of truly knowing if it is just borderline and not actual illegal content), chances are he's still getting involved with other kinds of content.

No. 564728

>He now post about borderline shit (like disguting porn with very petite women).
Does he have to be raping kids himself to be secretly supporting the continuation of child exploitation by consuming and supporting child porn content?
I assume you're a bit of a fuckhead yourself, as you somehow come across these freaks and justify keeping them around.

No. 564729

You're aware I just told I'm not that anon with the friend from before? Jesus, you guys are trigered.
>>wah wah I want my fantasy land where nothing bad ever happen and if it does I'll just close my eyes to make it go away

No. 564730

Did I say I thought you were? Answer the question, triggerina.

No. 564731

>Maybe if I deflect and make up shit about your comprehension, I won't have to admit I'm wrong and retarded so la, la, la, la, you're triggered, la, la, la~~~~

No. 564743

The fact military men think male oppression is not freely being able to beat their wives tells us a lot about what most male issues are

No. 564752

Wait, what? Thats a thing they believe??

No. 564775

I’m sad because I posted one drawing and it got a lot of attention yet none of my other art gets even a quarter of the attention that one drawing got and I feel like a one hit wonder

No. 564777

Usually it comes in the form of 'Well if women want quality then I should be able to hit them back'. It's such a fucking cope and I've heard so many men say this as the automatic response when I talk about anything to do with equality. All of those men fucking suck.

No. 564780

Never get dicked down by a jarhead or a pig ladies.

No. 564848

I wish himbos were real
Most IRL men are a joke

No. 564851

What about jocks?

No. 564859

I love himbos, same anon. Same. Have you seen dirk gently on netflix? Hugo is himbo supreme.

No. 564865

I want, no, NEED a himbo. I'd suck him dry, fuck, I'd treat him so good. The fire in my loins you've ignited rn anon….

No. 564869

File: 1591216014141.jpg (13.14 KB, 377x182, Himbo_law.jpg)

I think they only fit two of the categories
Here's a guide

No. 564881

I haven’t but wow is he cute!!

Oh my god anon
I’m sorry for unleashing the horny

No. 564887

I don't know where the "kind" part of himbo came from. Do people really consider "bimbos" kind?
Bimbo has always been used as an insult.

No. 564899

Ditzy rather than dumb kinda implies nice imo… I'm thinking Shelly from the House Bunny as an example of kind bimbo.

They definitely can't be mean though. That's why it's a necessary part of a himbo fantasy and why they don't actually exist irl, because stupidity makes men malicious. Dunning kruger affect, socialized arrogance and entitlement and all that.

No. 564919

File: 1591221324975.jpg (63.4 KB, 612x1068, 74818ef5534a45c7c69b9c0ae8f797…)

Either he's too busy to text me or he lost interest in talking to me, either way I'm pissed off.

No. 564921

I want to top a Kronk PLEASE

No. 564936

yall saw that bolsonaro and some brazillian millionaires credit cards got leaked? i wanna use them but im too coward for that…

No. 564964

im too much of a sperg to even talk on anonymous image boards. what is wrong with me?

No. 564965

Are you a newfriend? What stops you from voicing your opinion when you see something you feel strongly about

No. 564966

You’re talking just fine
Say newfriend again I’ll fucking cap you

No. 564967

I'm just trying to help anon come out of her shell a little, it's getting boring having nothing but a-loggers active on /ot/. I wish there were more people like you, oldfag-sama

No. 564974

ive been on lolcow for half a year now but i never talk because i am terrible at forming coherent sentences, especially because english isnt my first language. also because im a massive fucking spazz.

No. 564975

Everyone here is a spaz. Just make your post if you feel the need to make it and don't mention being an ESLfag because nobody cares.

No. 564981

Every anon's posted something and then just gotten absolutely dogpiled. Just learn to embrace it now.

No. 564982

Kek, I remember once posting something so retarded that I got dogpiled and just joined in and samefagged to dogpile on myself. It's all pretty funny

No. 564986

Big dick

No. 564996

When my dog is being picky about her food I always chastise her by telling her how there are puppies out on the street without a home or they're in a shelter eating shitty kibble and she should be grateful that I pay out the ass for her expensive fucking food.

I just think it’s funny to talk to her like a person lol. She’s been picky her whole life and I do this every so often but fuck. $200 every month and a half to feed this 6 pound little demon.

No. 564998

May I ask you who is the girl?

No. 565001

runemidgarts on instagram. Originally followed her during her days of running weeaboostories on tumblr, recently found her again on ig.

No. 565003

You are doing it right anon. Back in my day that used to be the natural reaction to imageboards. They used to- and supposed to be intimidating until you 100% lurked long enough to feel integrated.

No. 565006

You have to make a few shots in the dark. I'll never forget my fucking pride when I finally made a significant post that wasn't called out for newfaggotry. It's a rite of passage

No. 565026

Hey anon, I’m a felon too. I bet there are more of us on these threads than we think. I actually have been thinking about starting a thread about institutional (jail, rehab, various ward) experiences but idk how.

No. 565035

File: 1591242764014.gif (4.47 MB, 478x480, ddddddddddddddd.gif)

I said maybe I'd create a blog a few days ago to vent and talk about random things and I actually did it as soon as one of my rl friend said it was a really good idea and she also wants to stop using social media so it's a fun way to stay in touch online. I'm going to post so much stupid shit.

No. 565036

super private tumblrs are great, i have one rn and i can easily reblog a picture i like and nobody has to see it but me and i can put a password on it if i need to. it's nice and cosy these days

No. 565037

I hesitated between tumblr and wordpress because I'm already used to tumblr and it's easy to customize your blog, but I'd fall in that nasty habit of looking up things I hate in tags out of morbid curiosity and scrolling down my dashboard all day long. So I picked wordpress this time.

No. 565051

is it also password protected from mobile?

No. 565054

NTA and have never even been arrested before but I'd love to hear about you guys' experiences if you do end up making a thread. It might be easily derailed by race spergs though, not sure if farmhands would let it exist.

No. 565055

You can't password protect a main blog but if you go on desktop, you can password protect a sideblog. It won't be accessible from the app, someone really will have to manually go to their browser and type in your url but if you get the password once it lets you in every time unless it changes. It's good for really keeping yourself to yourself but letting very close friends in or if you want the experience of reblogging and cataloguing posts that interest you but you want absolutely no attention.

No. 565057

i actually did not know this, thank you a lot anon! i also have a vent account but now i am contemplating switching to tumblr.. hmm

No. 565060

>nobody has to see it but me
The botnet sees everything.

No. 565061

it's nice to keep a largely private diary and yet be able to choose to share it with someone very close. there's an intimacy and candidness that you can't get with a blog that you in your head see as "public". this is getting very spergy and i read space emails and letters between lovers for fun so ymmv kek

No. 565079


gay ass /kpg/ temp general till we figure out what to do next, mods will not bring it back, stop crying

No. 565081

File: 1591249315551.png (4.16 MB, 1125x2436, 70385079-5202-4448-9516-C2931C…)

Seeing Onion’s dick pics must’ve really traumatized me…

No. 565116

I actually laughed out loud looking at them. I didn't realize someone could do worse than Anisa.

No. 565188

I love when I make a reply and i get shit like "anon this will follow me to my grave", or i get it greentexted back to me with a laughing reaction image or shit like that. It's more meaningful than a like and i love just saying something humorous into the void and sometimes the void laughs and it feels nice.

No. 565207

i always forget how good working out makes me feel. i just feel more comfortable in my body and i like feeling somewhat healthy or fit after being a lazy idiot my whole life.
i was always shit at sports and never had any endurance, so completing workouts feels good.
can't wait for november to roll around so i can forget and feel like shit until april when i pick up working out again. goddammit

No. 565213

File: 1591267664154.jpg (35.4 KB, 680x442, EZn9VrBWAAUmMye.jpg)

Been laughing at this for a good minute now. Side profiles really add to the story of a face man

No. 565217

alpha from the front, slug from the side. lmfao piece of shit

No. 565226

Major unchecked autism in the lillee jean thread right now. They're tinfoiling and running with the idea that she had a secret pregnancy in middle school

No. 565227

No surprise that a teenager who speak a la reddit was nearly groomed into posting on r/gonewild..

No. 565230

I remember seeing a post in the tens of thousands of notes on tumblr about showing yourself while quite underage on omegle. I did it too. I don't think it's grooming, i think a lot of girls sought out attention in an online space where that kind of socialisation cannot safely take place due to predators and came away from it damaged.

No. 565231

my cat is such a sad little man, a big single man with no job and the only thing that brings him happiness is collecting his little consumer toys and eating his government mandated kibbles. He'll never have the capacity to read a clock but can tell when you're ten minutes late to feeding, and he will make an informal, two-step complaint. I want to knit him a stretchy business suit because he is so retarded, I can imagine him running a CashNow! store or something equally seedy, and then coming home to snort catnip

No. 565232

Your cat sounds like tom nook and definitely needs a lady friend but what would he bring to the table? Does he even have balls?

No. 565234

File: 1591273296874.jpeg (69.54 KB, 680x648, 8DD2D06F-ECC7-48C3-BCCF-8775AA…)

I’ve heard girls say things like “wearing no bra is great” and it provides temporary relief but I have DDD massive floppy tits and it’s a hell I cannot escape, I’m always slouching so feeling the bottom of my boobs unstick from my stomach was gross, and my nipples were changing against my shirt, why did I have to be born with big boobs. They’re not even a trend because I constantly see posts like this

No. 565235

Maybe I've just been brainwashed by our meat cage overlords, but I find bras pretty comfortable compared to without. Like you, I have big floppy tiddies so when I don't wear a bra they're fucking uncontrollable and wobbling all over the place. I know they're just tits but it makes me feel gross knowing other people would be noticing too.

No. 565237

>i have big floppy tiddies

No. 565238

This is the best thing I've read. Ever. Bless your mind, anon.

No. 565240

File: 1591274064303.jpeg (94.39 KB, 848x480, OK6W_koKDTOqqqLDbIoPAogXdsqZL2…)

>playing stupid head games with trash, low-tier men in your inbox, gaslighting them and playing moid to see how it feels
AMA chuuni Nika Petrova

No. 565242

File: 1591274450360.jpeg (242.57 KB, 828x436, B6041C92-957B-47BF-90D0-16E94C…)


No. 565257

File: 1591275963457.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1972, 4491F9D3-AAF4-43E9-9EE0-DD9AAE…)

this will forever be too much for my brain please help me

No. 565259

wasn't he always a piece of shit?

No. 565260

Big floppy tiddy commitee, i swear to god the boob sweat alone makes me wanna wear a sports bra 247 (i won't tho because my skin hates that shit)

No. 565269

he's too much. my old gmail used to be imobsessedwithronnieradke@gmail.com. mail me, girls

No. 565286

Ah, that brings back some memories anon. A simpler time.

No. 565288

This was a good song and was a throwback without being embarrassing and coming off as an old star looking back on his heyday. I liked it.

No. 565315

Imagine if everyone started their reply to a post they didn't like with "Disagreed"

No. 565319

Every time I see the unpopular opinions thread bumped I keep thing it's the celebricows one

No. 565328

Same anon, I've decided to give up and wear one of those elasticated bralettes over any other bra I wear just to give that extra support. I genuinely think it'll be worth it to get breast reduction surgery, just need the finances first. Especially sucks when you wear insdustrial bras and need to try coordinate with summer clothes. Flat chested girls don't know how good they have it. They look less dumpy, are objectified less (obviously all are, just less than those with massive tits), don't need to worry about how much a neckline plunges, and obviously can go without a bra without feeling disgusted by their nips rubbing against the fabric.

No. 565330

Prison was the best thing that ever happened to him, it doesn't even matter how corny their lyrics or videos get because the rest of the lead men from that scene all look like shit now
I never expected this timeline

No. 565350

Massive spergout regardless (I've tried).

No. 565353

Can someone provide the tea on how Dolls Kill is racist? Caps if so, I'm just now seeing complaints about them and I had no idea such drama existed.

No. 565358

I bought a spindisc exercise thingy, and all I've been doing is twist-dancing to music. I don't even give a fuck about getting fit anymore, I just feel like a kid who got an entire swingset or jungle gym! I'M SPUN, BIIIIITCH

No. 565405

File: 1591298852381.jpg (110.47 KB, 662x1024, awwyee.jpg)

chillin listening to the twilight audiobook, remembering the good old days getting pumped for Midnight Sun

No. 565407

Girls with actual flat chests need to worry a lot about neckline plunges. There's nothing to hold the shirt in place so if you lean over just slightly, everyone sees everything.
I'm sorry about your situation though anon. When I see these kinds of posts I always think about that meme about how it would be so nice if women could just venmo each other some titty.

No. 565441

I feel like a lot of online subcultures like all the pua, lookism, mgtow, /fit/, blackpill etc. groups should be officially recognised as cults.

No. 565444

My roommate started freaking out on me because I wanted to have a small gathering of like a dozen people over. It's probably because she has no friends. kek

No. 565448

It's probably because there's a pandemic lmao are you retarded

No. 565450

File: 1591301849751.jpg (31.73 KB, 330x499, 51PhksBrlKL._SX328_BO1,204,203…)

is this from the japanese light novel editions? I used to get such a kick out of them. I haven't thought about them for a long time. Don't know if I'm going to read midnight sun because i really do not care about edward enough to get through 600 pages of his whining.

>small gathering
>like a dozen people
>during a pandemic
please be bait, i don't want to believe you're that stupid.

No. 565455

They shouldn’t be officially recognized as anything but clinically stupid

No. 565456

File: 1591302112635.png (376.35 KB, 716x717, bratop.png)

These bra tops from Uniqlo are amazing if you want some support without wearing a bra. They're light, but still keep everything in place without feeling restricting. I always wear them to sleep and it's so much more comfy than going braless in my floppy DDs.

No. 565518

I have a cut near my nostril and it stings uff

No. 565576

File: 1591313321185.jpeg (107.95 KB, 1122x815, 050E16AF-FD73-4FA8-95F0-16ECC1…)

ate hot domg and fries I’m feeling nice

No. 565594

I got a “happy birthday” email from a gay dating website, but have never received one before from them and don’t remember signing up for the account. I had my email hacked recently and was signed up for stuff so I was spooked that it had happened again, but when I went to go delete the account it said that the account was made in 2009… when I was a freshman in highschool lol. Honestly not sure what the fuck I was thinking, also I still don’t know why the website decided to send me a birthday email after ignoring sending me one for 10 years in a row. Oh well. At least I got to delete it.

No. 565673

same, tbh I hate that my lizard brain is like what shit did fridge bitch get into now

No. 565675

A lot of old memories and dreams I had as a little girl have been coming back to me. I feel like I am remembering the person I was when I was young before I had put this wall up on myself.

And the thing is…I miss me. I had forgotten so much of who I was, what I loved, what moved me. Being in this damn quarantine has forced me to spend time with myself in a way I haven’t really been able to do so in years.

So my advice to y’all is don’t let people or life change you or make you into something you aren’t, like how I did. Because it’s like losing a best friend and finding her again…

No. 565695

cannot wait to find out who or what will be the 666666th post number here

No. 565696

If it's not the ultimate retarded /w/ nitpick I'll end it all

No. 565702

Two weeks ago I had a dream that Jotaro Kujo was my half gay brother who got kicked out his house for being gay and had to come live with my mom and I. I normally forget dreams but this one has really stuck with me and it honestly haunts me and I don’t know why.

No. 565710

I know this is not the dream thread but wtf was the dream I had just before my birthday (today) like, I dreamed I was close to a nasty swamp and every time something emerged from there like a truck for example there'd be a fucking giant rat coming to where I was. I'm used to having crazy dreams but that something else.

No. 565735

Water people are trying to communicate with you telepathically.

No. 565739

File: 1591333500021.jpeg (90.22 KB, 955x525, 1572419473511.jpeg)

>mfw watching people drag jontron on twitter

No. 565742

Jontron? in this day and age? Is there anything or anyone that won't get dragged now. Can't wait for Frank fucking Sinatra to get humiliated on twitter next week. Bing crosby outsold!

No. 565744

wow I wish jotaro was my gay half brother.

i get what you mean though, I hate having really vivid, realistic dreams about fictional characters, it's so fucking jarring. I had a really detailed dream one time that Vaan from ff12 got transferred to the store I work at and I had to train him. He had a uniform and nametag and everything. I hadn't even played ff12 in nearly a decade.

No. 565749

It’s my birthday! My best friend sent me presents in the mail (and a letter that hasn’t come yet) and I’m going to open them on video call with her later today. Maybe I’ll take a morning walk if the weather is good, and maybe I’ll buy myself a couple slices of cake from the bakery. Lockdown sucks but I’ve spent most of my adult birthdays trying to do really small things that I like. I was really hoping to go out and sit in central park to do some plein air for my birthday this year, but maybe next year.

Also I saw a comic on twitter last year about someone who turned 25 and their friends/family said “happy ___ brain year” or something because something happens to your brain when you reach 25? Full development or maturity or something about the wrinkles or surface? The word started with a P, does anyone know what I’m talking about? lol

No. 565754

Probably piss?

No. 565764

I'm hyper at 2am so I decided to use my energy and craft something new to wear. Instead, I took apart a top I've been working on for months and masturbated. Feeling like maybe I should have remained in bed

No. 565767

I haven't experienced a will to sleep in 2 days. It usually kicks in, I'm very sleepy/dozy as a person. I usually fall asleep to blue light so I don't think technology is causing it and it's getting to the stage I'm so pissed off that i can't sleep that i can't just lie there and go back online. Drugfags, could this be a side effect of a 2-3 day xanax/valium binge earlier this week? I know they're downers so they shouldn't keep you awake and they're out of my system, I sound retarded but this is the only notable change in my routine that would cause this but I don't understand why sleep hormones wouldn't kick in if i hadn't fucked it up earlier and it's coming back to bite me. I've used xans day to day before but never had to taper off and never binged before, we're talking 20 tablets taken in about 24-36? hours that took fucking ages to wear off. I'm sperging but I'm trapped in internet hell right now and I literally cannot sleep

No. 565769

Did the act of taking apart the top perhaps evoke a Freudian sentiment in the psyche symbolising your own 'deflowerment'? Was this what made you do it directly after dissecting your good top?

No. 565780

It's a side effect of being unemployed and not needing energy to work because you don't have shit to do.

No. 565781

File: 1591340014982.jpeg (34.34 KB, 225x225, 66B7E715-FE1C-4D0E-B877-EE38A2…)

Happy birthday!

No. 565788

But why now, when i've been basically doing fuck-all for years at this point kek. I looked it up and apparently xanax hangovers are a thing and i'm not really sure when I last slept or when i took my last pill because uhh benzos but i'm pretty sure the window lines up. This is kind of retarded, i've drank heavy on benzos before and turned out okay but now i get xanax hangovers? am i oldfag or something?

No. 565801

I see people saying that using sage in /ot/ is useless because it still bumps the thread, but it doesn't. This board functions like /pt/ and /snow/, so I'm sure the others do as well. I wonder where people are getting that from. Is it different on a computer?

No. 565803

>people saying that using sage in /ot/ is useless because it still bumps the thread
Well that's just untrue. You just don't have to sage in /ot/ because nobody cares. Sage is used in drama boards because it's incredibly annoying when threads get bumped but no new milk. In /ot/ every post is technically contribution. I think most sage in /ot/ out of habit and or just don't feel like their post is significant enough. I personally sage my shitposts and pointless arguing but bump when I want someone to see my reply.

No. 565813

But anon, if you don't sage in /ot/ it's proof you're newfag, because an oldfag would have saging so ingrained in her reflex system that she wouldn't have to think before she typed the familiar four letter romanisation and abbreviation of her favorite Japanese word, 下げる - Sageru, to lower. Only a newfag would use the term "saging" or "sage your shit" because it's literally a Japanese word that you can't bastardise because muh image board culture, actually Japanese culture takes precendence over that, yes even in 2020 year of the milkless kooter

No. 565842

fuckin 新参 ruining my booru

No. 565860

Welp, drink some booze and calm the fuck down. I haven't slept too and I die want to fucking die.

No. 565861

On my period and craving fresh warm blood. Kinda gross but I guess it makes sense

No. 565865

When I was little I had a spot in my nose that would give out at the most ridiculous amount of force.
I basically had nosebleed all the time. I would my pinch my nose and there it was. Blood on tap.

I did some fucking weird shit with it. Like see the most I could get out in a bath. Or like have it pour in an empty shampoo bottle. It always was very funny how it would separate from the yellow stuff.
I'm glad my parents never caught me doing this shit.

No. 565867

The smell of McDonalds brings me back to my early childhood lol.

No. 565871

File: 1591356302705.png (74.05 KB, 720x218, Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 7.23…)

I swear Australia is the most cucked country on this planet. No freedom of speech, get arrested for defending yourself against burglars and now they're making protesting illegal. Watch the sheeple just accept it.

No. 565872

Yeah, politically I don't think there is any other developed nation that confuses me as much as Australia tbh.

No. 565875

And the people are the most complacent, compliant, lazy, medicated, delusionals I have ever seen. Lliteral nation of sheeple and NPC's. I hate this country sometimes. Anyone who believes in anything at all is only met with scorn and mocking.

No. 565878

Australia does confuse me a lot. But! There are still hundreds of people still planning to attend tomorrow. If you’re a NSW anon, you should go! 3-5 PM

No. 565881

File: 1591358170641.jpeg (980.78 KB, 750x4132, C0B79CAB-B849-4111-AFA6-0A442B…)

Hoooly shit I hate this brand of retard slacktivism so fucking much. Wow look at that I posted some pics in my ig story to my 300 followers, that MEANT SO MUCH to black people. My fucking retweets are definitely educating those stinky oppressors who lurk my profile. Did you even go to the protest if you didn’t post pics??? Twitterfags are god damn disgrace to student activism throughout all of world history.

No. 565890

GobaldforBlM is trending on Twitter and it's actually kind of funny. Most /pol/tards can't pretend to be normal people for 2 seconds so it's just full of shitty meme profile pictures and K-pop stans being K-pop stans. Evil 4chan hackers at it again!!!

Though if a sizeable amount of people actually shave their heads, I will be committed to an hero.

No. 565923

Telegram is the best messaging app ever created. Afaik it's the only app where you can delete messages from both sides of the conversation at any point in time, without alerting the other person. You best believe I've been deleting the cringy shit I've said in the past to lame guys for fear they'd one day use it against me, and honestly it's such a huge relief to have that much freedom to backtrack. One day I'll learn to curb my fucking sperging, but at least Telegram can save my dumbass until I do.

No. 565928


It's encouraging you to sperg because you think you magically cleanse the cringe away. It won't disappear from the reader's brain until they're dead, and not from the NSA servers until the revolution.

No. 565945

As a gay person I cringe physically at heterosexual "allies" posting virtue signaling aggressive spergouts during Pride month before it became all about trannies, I wonder how black people feel about all these self-flagellating whites doing this shit.

No. 565946

You do realize there's a fucking pandemic going on right now and huge gatherings are banned or at least not encouraged at all? I was shocked to see my city allow a protest with a headcount of thousands go on for a full hour before the police broke it up, many of them weren't even wearing masks.

No. 565950

>cucked country
>muh freedom of speech
>the sheeple
Go back.

No. 565958

Nah I was a sperg way before, Telegram is blessed

No. 565970

Celebrities are doing it. I can't believe that after #anaforavril and #baldforbieber people are falling for the exact same shit.

No. 565972

I screencap and save copies of everything, so don't be too secure in your deleting freedom. Though I completely understand and relate.

No. 565973

Mass stupidity should give you more faith in your future; these are the dumbasses you are competing with for resources

No. 565989

My boyfriend keeps playing with my nipples while I sleep and they're super chaffed when I wakeup

No. 565999

This could belong in the vent thread but I'm not looking to have my asshole torn open for having bad taste in men because I KNOW, DAMN.
My boyfriend does not want ANYONE messaging me, regardless of how long I knew them or how innocently we talk about art or whatever. He'll rip them apart in front of me and claim that I "deserve better friends", but he's never known these people and I don't speak ill of them or anything. In the four years I've dated him, he's isolated me so badly. He goes through my phone. So I made a gmail account to talk to all of my friends, but I have to hide it and I know there's going to be a day where he finds it and then reads it all. It started over a year ago so he'd be reading forever. How has it become where I FEEL GUILTY for hiding my friendships as if I'm cheating? It feels the same as if I was outback sucking cock or something, and I know that's outright brain washing.
Every time I've left him, he's physically brought me back.
Also by "friends" I mean the girls who made a positive impact on my life in high school and are now pursuing their own careers and interests. It's not like I'm hitting up some old drug dealer that has seedy choices in words, or talking to groups of men or something. But holy shit, sometimes how much I've changed/how little of me remains inside is eye opening to how far I've lost myself. Eventually I'll leave but I'll have to have a few things lined up for this to happen, like a place for my pets while I transition.
But holy fuck, sending emails gives me the same guilt as if I had someone else's cum all over my face when I kiss him once he's done work. Morbid but honestly. Sometimes if I check my phone and I have an email, the stress makes me vomit.
I'm going to get out of this one day. Jealousy is disgusting.

No. 566000

Thank you anon!!!

No. 566003

Wishing you luck in your escape plans Anon. I know you understand how unhealthy and wrong this is, but your safety is the priority so planning it all out makes sense. Also I'm glad your friends have stuck by you, even when restricted to secret emails.

No. 566027

I hope you'll make it out one day anon. You deserve happiness and a fulfilling life surrounded by people who will let you flourish. I know you can do it anon.

No. 566039

get him some nipple cream kek

No. 566049

I always wish how I had studied different things in college, maybe gone to a different school, and had taken different jobs after graduating. I wish I was in a position where I didn’t have to worry about my next job, especially right now because of the pandemic. But at the same time, I think if I could magically have the chance to go back and change things, I probably wouldn’t. I‘ve met so many of my closest friends because of the choices I made of where to go to school and where to work. I don’t even know if I had done things differently if I would have a stable career right now. It’s something I’m working on now, but meeting such incredible people felt more like luck than something I could continuously work at. I think I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve been able to meet all of my friends. Never in my life have I been surrounded by people who pour as much love and effort into me as I do into them. I always felt like I was easily replaceable in peoples lives, and I think that was true to some extent until I met my current friends. Man, I just really love them.

No. 566060

Why is the good and bad in life so consistently balanced? Obligatory bpdfag but it's really nice when time and time again, the thread of life loops back around and it goes from being "all bad" to being good again, someone reaching out becomes a reality check. This happens daily and has happened for years. Every single time, I think the world is over and it'll be terrible from here on out, but it never is. It's weird to be able to pick this out but still genuinely feel the world is ending.

No. 566065

Someone just called me looking for their grandma, which on any given day would be a big lol for me. But, this is actually like, the 3rd time now someone has called me on my phone over the years. either looking for my actual grandma or their own, always on the day of or around the time she died (June 6th). It’s one of those weird things that happens to me sometimes.

I also dreamed once my old dog came to see me again, also around the time he died (July). It makes me sad because I’ve lost a lot of my family over the years, I am not close to anyone else (estrangement), and it’s like everyone I loved keeps coming back to me in their own way.

No. 566078

i wish my life's good and bad could be equally balanced. i'm telling you, for every couple of days of pure good fortune and happiness, it all gets torn away and then takes weeks or even months to heal and get genuinely really good again. but that's just me lol.

No. 566082

That's not insignificant and quite haunting tbh, it being around the time she died is very… not chilling, that's the wrong word because it's not 'scary', but one of those feelings you get where it's like shit, there's something deeper going on here. Spiritual shit, i don't know and people will always laugh at you if you start pointing out patterns but anyone that believes there's no connection to those who have died are fooling themselves. Dreams and coincidences always get me too, walking home feeling hollow and seeing a truck drive by with the name of someone important to you. It's all very strange.

No. 566119


Right, anon? I try not to think about it too much, I don’t have a good relationship with religion, but on top of the dead family shit, I’ve had other weird things happen to me recently. It sounds stupid but there are days when I think there must be something going on out there, I just wish I had the capacity to understand it better.

No. 566203

File: 1591412671673.png (147.13 KB, 284x315, A3214913-13A8-4E69-9D64-F5A9A9…)

I'm a bitch I'm a boss I'm a bitch I'm a boss imma boss

No. 566204

See a psychiatrist

No. 566205

There's nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of woo-woo angels and talking about the possibility of a bigger picture, live a little

No. 566211

stop saying 'lip chap' STOP SAYING LIP CHAP

No. 566213

Lip chap

No. 566215


No. 566216

I want a pet chicken, or I at least want to hold a chicken so bad they're so damn soft.

No. 566219


Please read The Gift of Fear. You can even find it free online. Stay safe, anon.

No. 566220

Any other bilingual anon read auto translated posts in a complete monotone voice, despite the number of exclamations points that are used? Just read some group I am's post that got auto translated to French. I guess it's because I assume it's some sort of robot who speaks in that matter.

No. 566221


You feel this way because he's conditioned you to do so. You need to get intimately familiar with the signs of abusive relationships and more importantly, the indicators of violent escalation.

This far exceeds "jealousy" and I don't know exactly what you mean by "he's physically brought me back", but that is alarming and points to you being in more danger than you are recognizing.

The risk to your safety is significantly higher because of the pandemic (wherever you are).

If you're able to, consider calling a women's shelter (making sure he can't see in your phone that you've done this) and they will help you.

This goes far beyond "having bad taste in men" and I'm sorry this has become your reality. You deserve better.

Wishing you and your pets a safe escape and a bright future.

No. 566229

I read English monotone too (way more than French) but I don't translate it. It has a meaning if it own.

No. 566234

i know you are trying to help, but please don't suggest anyone go to a woman's shelter unless it is an absolute last resort. i would never wish it on anyone.

No. 566235

This. Woman's shelter is only when there are absolutely NO solutions left.

This is advice to anyone (can be dependant to your location but it's true for most women's shelter) : they are not safe places. People there are druggies, will still your stuff and there's a risk you'll get physically or sexually abuse (guess where perverts like to chase when they want compliant victims?).

Sleep on a friend's couch, go back to your moms, list all the solutions before the women's shelter.

Women's shelter is when he has beaten you bad and you have absolutely NO support or money left.

No. 566236

I think anon should be getting her ducks in a row, tho. Start squirelling escape money in a cash enveloppe if he has access to your bank accounts and get anything you love out before you break up.
Jealous type make for ugly break ups.

No. 566238

File: 1591428161541.png (368.45 KB, 1428x1679, 2020-06-06 12.18.16.png)

Saw this on Bumble of all fucking places. How tf you're gonna score women like this?

No. 566240

Based bumble men refusing to pander to trans ideology

No. 566241

Ayrt this is so fucking funny i cant stop laughing

No. 566248

File: 1591431180413.jpeg (309.54 KB, 1242x989, 087300C9-A9E7-46CC-B509-E184F1…)

No. 566251

Eh, self awareness is sexy, I'd fuck him.

No. 566252

This is so embarrassing? Literally a humble brag

No. 566255

I don't know, mentioning shit other people have complained about to you with regards to your behavior and laughing at it is not automatically self-awareness. it's just parroting what others say so he can fall back on it when he proceeds to act like a fucking weirdo and say "well, i told you from the get-go!" there's no genuine self-awareness or reflection here, he's just being a dick and not even in a sexy way
>i'm a mess
Who's going to tell him that this worked for 2012 tumblr weheartit teenage girls but not necessarily him

No. 566261

This mf types like he’s on the set of Riverdale or some shit, his description and rambling paragraph sound like someone I’d be repulsed by, what a fucking loser.
I’m kind of a mess” Jughead ass grown man, I hope he scores 0 women

No. 566262

And yet he's gotten pussy. We've definitely gone wrong somewhere here girls

No. 566264

This is embarrassing, he sounds unhinged.
If a woman typed this shit, everyone would be talking about BPD, lmao.

No. 566266

>everyone would be talking about BPD
Definitely, and she'd be considered an absolute lowlife. There's being candid and honest in a humorous way and then there's this. There's no charm to it.

No. 566282

I vividly remember crying about the 2012 End-Of-The-World thing to my dad when i was 10 after doing ""research"" on these clickbait websites. I legit thought we needed to build a bunker. He laughed in my face and said everything will be alright and I remembered that I felt so insulted by that LMAO. It's one of those cringey things that flashes in front of my cortex at 3 A.M.
Fuck was I a dumb kid. Still, it kind of makes me worry about young kids these days - Im sure they're feeling something 5x worse than what I experienced.

No. 566286

Kek, this is some cute shit anon.

No. 566299

Muslim on a dating app kek what would mama and baba say?

No. 566301

And a scorpio none the less

No. 566302

hey, why do we just take monster shits when stressed?
sometimes it's diarrhea but most of the time i just shit twice the amount i normally would on a good bowel movement day. is my body turning my own organs into poop or something?
anyway, i hope that doesn't happen to me when i can't go to the bathroom…i'm glad i'm home rn

No. 566325

As long as I can remember, my biggest dream has been to have a nice boyfriend and have a loving relationship. Talking about being like 4 years old and having a boyfriend as my biggest wish and aspiration. Other kids dreamt about being a firefighter or a singer and I just wanted to be a wife. My biggest need and want in life is still to have a loving husband.

Might be because my parents had such a loveless relationship and it disturbed me a lot(still does), and I didn't want that. I don't think it was a patriarchal "women should aspire to be a good housewife" shit, because I have always been a feminist from a young age as well. I just wanted love since I grew up without it.

No. 566331

Lmao I live in a like 95% muslim majority country so it's expected. Also him drinking socially too, kek.
Expected of scrotes to be sexist while trying to score pussy though.

No. 566333

people thirsting over young bjorn makes me so uncomfortable because he was only 15 in those "infamous" pictures of his

No. 566336

File: 1591445960607.jpg (2.42 MB, 1998x4118, Lucifer_Liege_Luc_Viatour_new.…)

Why did they make Satan so hot in this statue

No. 566338

File: 1591446076653.jpeg (55.98 KB, 427x303, 1745B31D-6BC4-45CD-8F02-96FD87…)

No. 566342

Catholic art is… kinda horny…

No. 566349

Is this true? I'm on mobile, I can't check. Please tell me it's not true, I feel like throwing up in my mouth and I hate it.

No. 566353

not on here (even though sometimes i get eerie vibes from anons who post pictures of him) but it's all over tumblr/twitter

No. 566358

File: 1591448452547.jpg (60.48 KB, 276x545, ngOQIjCBIjSsnDUM8mTnJWGHWKo.jp…)

White marbles statues is old timey porn.
This one is my rape kink favorite.

No. 566364

>Stops in the middle of sex
>"This is good pussy"
Anons, what the fuck did he mean by this?

No. 566366

I think the story behind this one is that a church commissioned a sculptor to make a statue of Lucifer, he made him look like a bishonen, the church asked him to create another statue instead because thatwas too sexy so he made the new statue of Lucifer, the one you posted, make a slutty pose, probably to piss them off.

No. 566370

They view you as a fleshlight

No. 566372

he sounds like me when I’m in the middle of eating a McChicken sandwich

No. 566375

kek it was his first time and this was valentine's night, i honestly did it so i wouldn't have to arrange a lift/taxi home so fair fucks

No. 566376

I enjoy very much when anon Varg post and have the hots for some legal Varg. Don't do me like this.

No. 566377

File: 1591449423830.jpg (242.38 KB, 820x1200, Bernini_Apollo_Dafne-820x1200.…)

Legends only!

No. 566382

File: 1591449856499.jpeg (30.99 KB, 630x354, MjAxMzA5ZDUyY2UzOTRkZGQ2YjE2Nj…)

Fuck me, I never had looked up what he looked like aging. I'm shattered.
My fantasies about him will never recover. This is not a happy day.

No. 566389

could you post the others ?

No. 566398

File: 1591451091197.jpg (33.07 KB, 535x324, the slutty catholic statue.jpg)

I tried.

No. 566402

He looks like Jack Stauber on the right.

No. 566405

you can ignore my opinion but imo imprisoned early 2000s varg is best varg

No. 566410

You gotta Varg post if you're going to make claims like that anon.

No. 566417

Because he's a fallen angel and probably was the prettiest one between them

No. 566421

File: 1591454936760.jpg (88.21 KB, 1080x1080, 19e9eca7a8cccc3d4b50bdba590500…)

sometimes I forget that ugly boys have feelings too

No. 566424

i hate that men are instantly more attractive to me if i know they smoke cigs i hate it i hate it

No. 566429

Ew girl cigarettes are fucking nasty. My boyfriend smokes and I completely hate it, it actually makes me so mad. I will throw hands over a disgusting fucking cigarette kek I’m the worst tho

No. 566435

File: 1591459704880.jpg (26.22 KB, 399x594, varg.jpg)

nta but will always support vargposting, some egirl level filter shit going on here though

Not sure how to feel about this, but when I was an edgy bläck metal kid in 2006 or so, we went on a family trip to Northern Norway. In Tromsø my bro and I snuck out to see the prison Varg was in at the time, just from the outside, just to be able to say we did it. I had such a crush because of his church burnings + viking braids, and I totally bought the self-defense story too, he was so cute I couldn't believe he had actually wanted to hurt anyone.

It took ages to walk there, and our mom was a bit worried when we came back, but we couldn't just say where we had been of course so we had no explanation. Once our family was together we all went for pizza, my bro and I quietly reflecting on our secret trip and the dry prison meal our friend Varg was probably eating.

No. 566437

File: 1591460373277.jpg (139.62 KB, 1200x820, lucifer2.jpg)

Satan/Lucifer is the OG bad boy crush

No. 566438

I really really really really really want a six quart Dutch oven because they're so versatile, but I don't have enough $$ in my account yet. Next paycheque I guess!

No. 566441

File: 1591461640482.jpg (78.59 KB, 1300x909, unsure-shrug-business-22749603…)

Thanks for the Varg and the story anon.
Was your brother also a fan? Did he also have the hots for Varg?

I kinda like goaty, mid-long hair Varg, he's reasonnably hot. He's no match for younger rosy cheeked long haired Varg, tho. I don't enjoy feeling like a pedo but it's the truth.

No. 566447


OP here,thanks for providing more context about that - I didn't know.

I should have been more clear as well in that I was thinking they could provide advice/ support and refer her to services in her area that might help her.

It does sound like she has good friends that would likely be a safer place for her in the mean time but it kind of freaks me out that he seems to know where these people are and is "physically" bringing her back to him. There was a woman that was just murdered by her husband a few days ago. She finally "escaped" him and fled to her brother's, he showed up and shot her and killed himself. Scary shit.

I've recommended women's shelters before but with those two replies I'm feeling like there's a gap in my understanding of them. I'll do some research but if there's any info you think is relevant please let me know. I'd never want to put a woman in harm's way. I'm also not sure where you're responding from because I'm Canadian and haven't heard of shelter's/transition houses having a bad rep and I've stayed in one once and it was fine but obviously can't speak to the larger scope of things.

No. 566450

File: 1591462842431.jpg (10.71 KB, 230x230, csm_varg-anti-everything-strea…)

>>read up on some Varg history to contribute more
>>French press says he had a French wife and three kids not in school in 2013
>>mtq j'aurais pu vivre la vie tradi française avec Varg pendant tout ce temps

No. 566452

if anon means Death in Venice Bjorn, that movie came out in 71 and he was born in 55 so the math adds up.

No. 566459

File: 1591464070091.jpg (56.01 KB, 630x1200, MV5BM2IzODkwNWYtNmZhNi00ZjZkLT…)

Thanks for the hot tip. This Varg is pretty af but way too young. I feel better about myself.

No. 566472

File: 1591465521408.jpg (12.59 KB, 250x338, 350e09e27d69c1cd4ee6106f071b2b…)

Yes he was also very black metal back then, we both were very into Nordic paganism and church burnings and all that good shit. Sperging about that stuff made for a great if somewhat retarded adolescence, I honestly have so many comfy memories of those times. I would say my bro had reasonably strong though mostly platonic hots for Varg.

Looking at old photos of my brother, he actually used to look a lot young Varg (esp pic related), and could pull off the braid look really well. That's probably why I liked Varg's dreamy goat look more, he didn't resemble my bro too much.

No. 566475

File: 1591465989024.jpg (37.81 KB, 500x604, 84514541_201381207919743_24758…)

Kek, what's that incest shit in my Varg? I'm loving your story but you should be fucking ashamed.

No. 566481

File: 1591467234059.jpg (152.94 KB, 840x1193, burzm.jpg)

Oh no anon lol, like I said Varg looked cutest to me in pics where he didn't look like my brother, probably exactly because I didn't find those features attractive. I think that's what a healthy brain does.

No. 566485

Oh, so you just got a bro with peak Varg like quality laying around and you didn't even want it? So picky.
I'd fuck your bro.

No. 566486

File: 1591467823715.jpg (189.7 KB, 600x900, 1428090833988.jpg)

No. 566487

File: 1591468210260.jpg (128.38 KB, 800x1000, E1531.jpg)

No. 566488

File: 1591468382476.jpeg (128.49 KB, 500x522, 1588143420334.jpeg)

I have no idea who varg is

No. 566489

File: 1591468586598.png (483.08 KB, 728x433, beardyvarg.PNG)

Don't miss out on the Varg, anon, get in.

No. 566490

No. 566491

File: 1591469009645.jpg (38.79 KB, 606x480, photo10.jpg)

Holy shit lmfao

I'm glad no one has confessed to liking combed hair + suspenders Varg, this proud boy bs is hands down the worst look imaginable

No. 566495

File: 1591469446841.png (558.9 KB, 606x815, medvargcotedemaille.PNG)

Yeah, you're right, that's worst Varg.
I'll counter with a med Varg everybody wants.

No. 566501

File: 1591470112594.gif (670.41 KB, 500x243, corn flakes.gif)

No. 566502

I don’t have the caps anyone but does anyone remember any of his spergings about his hair being “artificially” colored to look darker in paparazzi and newspaper photos as a conspiracy against whites? He is so desperate and paranoid about being a sandy/dirty blonde and also clearly doesn’t understand how luminance distributes in b&w and high contrast photos

No. 566503

File: 1591470259584.png (1.41 MB, 1068x916, fuckingVarg.PNG)

Found the twitter of the smug bitch who got herself some Varg : https://twitter.com/CachetMarie

I'm not even mad, the kids they have are fucking georgous.

No. 566504

> judging women on the basis of the length of their hair
they truly deserve each other and I say that as someone that listens to black metal. I can't stand Varg and the constant double digit iq shit he keeps spewing.
He doesn't even create decent music anymore.

No. 566505

File: 1591470664707.jpg (8.66 KB, 253x199, bz8866.jpg)

ahaha pls someone poast this, though ultimately I don't even need caps because deep in my heart I already know this must be true

>stable and faithful personality
I'm sure these rifle hoarding trad autists are experts on identifying and embodying stable personality traits ghhhhff

No. 566506

File: 1591470738684.gif (973.64 KB, 245x245, tumblr_ba2181f8249ac02178182f9…)

Put it away, no one wants it.

No. 566508

File: 1591471117704.png (574.28 KB, 366x677, EZko2BbUwAEAFhm.png)

Thanks for this, somehow I didn't think they used social media but this is hilarious. I don't know how to psychologically deal with aging Varg but pls friends check these pajama pants

No. 566509

File: 1591471158330.png (2.12 MB, 1178x854, Vargsperm.PNG)

Dunno, those kids are so blonde. You think they bleach the kid so they fit into that's blond ideal viking life?

No. 566511

I don't think they do, scandi kids that young often have this super light bleached-looking hair even if the shade gets a bit dirtier later on. Varg prob looked like that as a kid, and the wife is also really blonde + doesn't seem to use even subtle makeup or other modern look enhancements kek.

No. 566512

File: 1591471737257.jpg (24.79 KB, 505x636, tumblr_nhrotawmXC1r7y8blo1_540…)

I'll Varg post myself into a ban, idc, I just want anon to look at some profesionnal shots old Varg holding a sword, it's even tastier with some tumblr epic music : https://a-b-o-m-i-n-a-v-e-l.tumblr.com/post/108026411940/varg-vikernes-burzum

No. 566514


can we have a thread where we post cute metal boys? I know we have a metal thread in /m/ but it's dead.

No. 566515

Scandi kids are usually that blonde, t. Dane

No. 566516

I fully support this someone please

No. 566517

Varg should only be looked at. Never listened to. Remember that anon.

No. 566519

File: 1591473249530.jpg (20.13 KB, 370x402, 343be9c4c42699563a9535f6bb7c82…)

Ok, I'll drop one last pointy kid Varg (also some conspiration shit about illegitimate children from reddit lmao : https://www.reddit.com/r/ThuleanPerspective/comments/bl1wwq/vargs_imperfections_his_treatment_of_his/) and I'm done.
I'm fucking delighted that anon is as much into the Varg as I am.

No. 566524


I made one >>>m/94950

No. 566536

File: 1591475759696.jpg (53.29 KB, 391x640, IvPWdMTl.jpg)

Here, have some dumbass shit about cat being austistic (https://imgur.com/a/6SnwWgd#IvPWdMT)

No. 566559

File: 1591478360244.png (412.83 KB, 591x690, varg.png)

this sounds like something Grimes would sperg about lmao

No. 566564

File: 1591479165495.gif (996.99 KB, 200x200, 0dbc119a67874fe64e10257036c9c6…)

I personally like braid varg the best

No. 566566

File: 1591479631504.jpeg (24.42 KB, 192x218, E94181FD-2C2E-430B-A8ED-679618…)

No. 566567

File: 1591479651859.jpg (72.22 KB, 540x788, 5ad2a61000d524393019329796f6e8…)

Braid Varg is out of this world. I want to feel them so bad it hurts.
Why is it so hard to get men to bread their long hair? Do they have obligatory to be into burning churches for it to happen?
Also they rarely get blessed with the volume of hair Varg had. Those are two substancial breads for a man.

No. 566575

kek when I was at my most self destructive and emotionally unstable my hair was the longest it had ever been. I went four years without cutting it. I looked even crazier than I felt.

No. 566591

Learning to do bead work and sucking at it makes me wish we had a crafting thread

No. 566596

Make it anon, I can't craft for shit but I sure af will cheer you on.

No. 566603

File: 1591484516053.png (225.35 KB, 338x488, sa.png)

Almost certainly yes to the church burning requirement, but I don't know why. In general men must think it's girly, failing to see that this contrast is actually the appeal. And they seem confused about the process of braiding in itself, I have talked to many a long-haired guy and they frankly don't know how it happens even after having it explained or looking it up. Therefore having braids signals superior spatial processing ability compared to other men.

No. 566605

I think this baby is average cuteness at best

No. 566606

File: 1591484735318.jpg (4.75 KB, 250x250, 1568521077003.jpg)

I've never made a thread before, I can't even bead how am I gonna make a thread

No. 566607


She literally dyes her hair tho you can see her brown roots poking out half the time. Both of them are literally trad cosplayers 100% dependent on French welfare, the internet and modern technology to sustain themselves and their horde of autistic kids who sit around all day playing with plastic swords instead of doing farm labor like they would in an actual trad farm

No. 566608

>trad cosplayers 100% dependent on French welfare
anon my sides, you brought les reçus

No. 566609

Those look like plaits rather than braids, there's nothing confusing or difficult about a plait. No excuses!

Anyway I love long hair on guys but I prefer ponytails and half up/half down looks. I love tv/movies set in ancient china because they all have such pretty hair.

No. 566621

File: 1591486028868.png (753.39 KB, 766x560, Darkthrone_crop.png)

i also fully support this thread idea, also wow..finally found where i belong…all this vargposting. did anyone else have a weird thing for the two guys in darkthrone? fenris and nocturno culto… i think fenris was cutest in his isengard era.

No. 566631

You really gonna shit on a fucking Baby’s apperance? Kys

No. 566633

kek, anons nitpicking a baby

No. 566636

No one is safe. Not even babies.

No. 566638

I live in employee housing and so far
>This old bat who lives in a trailer behind the house started rumors about different roommates because one of the guys didn't sleep with her, same one walks in on me showering and continues to go in knowing I'm showering several times and stares creepily, when told about it she said "she doesn't care", took down my clothes line because she didn't like the view for a single night until the dryer came in the next day, yells at people because the owner tells people to put three towels in guest bathroom but "she just needs four"
>One of the roommates can't handle the fact he gets treated how he treats people, claims to be a Playboy even though all the girls he takes here get uncomfortable and creeped out until he demands things for driving them here and cries when they ghost him
>Bunch of stoners who smoke weed and party every night when most people have work at 8 am the next day
>A feminist who protested for BLM yelled at someone who was upset about being called ugly for being of a certain race because "it doesn't harm their family", then excused creep dudes actions because people should "mind their own business"
>Everyone in the house is messy
>A few people go straight to the manager over petty shit instead of communicating like an adult

No. 566657

AG posters are crazy, they're trying really hard to put stereotypically "female" traits in a good light even if what they say is not always backed up by reality. Ex. they're arguing that low empathy=low IQ and high empathy=high IQ. I wonder why.

No. 566661

Recently I keep thinking about how I could never see myself in any relationship. I’ve never felt the desire to be with someone else, and I like romance stories and i think couple stuff is cute, but it doesn’t feel like a reality for me. What I wrote sounds like real femcel shit, but I’m not upset or angry. I’m just wondering if other people feel this way, if it’s just a case of finally meeting the right person.

No. 566662

i'm sure people wish they could be like you to be honest. maybe you will, maybe you won't. it sounds nice to just be in your own sphere instead of needing to keep latching on. you could change over time. it sounds cosy now though

No. 566663

I can't believe my sister named her son Frank

No. 566665

I was almost face-blind until I began using this website a couple of years ago.
The nitpicking helped me recognize certain facial features/"flaws" that I'd never been able to pick out before. It aggravated my body image issues too, but I literally see the world differently now.

No. 566668

What is the deal with vets huh??? Actual thieves I swear to god they just make up shit to charge you. I don’t even dare to go to the hospital but this past year my vet visits have been like
>So what’s wrong with him doc?
>Dunno. I mean maybe something or nothing. We gonna need a full blood test, xray, CT scan and idk a fucking canine colonoscopy
>Oh god that seems overwhelming…
>What? Are ya gonna say no like some kinda psychopath. It’s only $2000. Anyway here’s the prescription for Mr.Peanutbutter’s $100 baby benedryls
Fucking imagine charging $500 just to kill my dog. I wanna set their fucking cars on fire.

No. 566669

Low empathy isn't a good thing. That's not a crazy thing to think, lmao.

No. 566670

Oops meant to post this in vent but fuck it I’m too upset to fix

No. 566671

Don’t engage with bait pls

No. 566672

Anon you know you're baiting in here when you minimod other users over how they choose to respond to bait? At this stage hitting New Reply is bait and should be a bannable offense

No. 566673

Yeah, you're right. I've just been seeing too many stupid posts in /ot/ lately.

No. 566674

I know but by relating it to low IQ they're stating that all men are stupid, which is just ???

No. 566676

File: 1591498402571.jpeg (208.78 KB, 771x1079, 22F8372B-D085-4835-9191-C32210…)

I’m excited to see what the /ot/ 666666th post will be! It be better be cursed of legendary proportion.

No. 566677

Like clockwork kek
Seems true to me fag

No. 566679

Go back to your containment site

No. 566680

the bait is honestly boring in here tonight like not even using this as a way to point out bait because containment site is a meme but i mean it's usually actually funny and gets a few genuine anons sperging every time like they're giving us nothing

No. 566681

File: 1591498725464.jpg (44.39 KB, 500x476, Tope-Alabi-Yes-And-Amen-mp3-im…)

>they're stating that all men are stupid
Didn't realize that, based

No. 566682

File: 1591498755546.jpg (23.15 KB, 400x400, 1591058297767.jpg)

No. 566683

anon the fact it's an original file and you thought of this as a reaction image just know you're a legend

No. 566684

No. 566685

which is just true

No. 566691

File: 1591500188023.jpeg (20.25 KB, 720x242, A4EE4DCA-2FD2-4AEF-9A4F-616901…)

He rises.
Lmao reminds me of pic related.

No. 566692

that's so cruel

No. 566695

Long hair isn’t necessarily a good thing. It can get super fucking ratty if you don’t maintain it, and it’s hard to do so. Idk what this chick is on about.

No. 566700

long hair can totally drag your features down and i really think most girls look better with it cropped to like the shoulders or up

No. 566707

File: 1591502635596.png (594.45 KB, 600x1220, bk8o.png)

Why is she obsessed with Egyptians (and also Native Americans, scrolling down) now? That doesn't seem very trad pagan euro viking norse.

No. 566718

I normally dress very masculine because i have self confidence and body issues but i wore a skirt today and i felt fucking powerful

No. 566723

File: 1591505565677.png (89.09 KB, 796x478, 9jtow1.png)

Holy shit, kek. Not Varg turning into a fat bitch with age, and then talking about how high body fat is actually the peak aesthetic.
>Real (European) men have CURVES

No. 566734

It's 1:43am and I'm debating going for a long drive, but I'm wearing a fuzzy housecoat and in this scenario I would not change or wear anything under it. I'll drive and this will be the night I crash or have to step out for a sobriety test. This robe has no belt. I feel powerful, and like somebody should stop me. I always think, how bad can my decisions truly be if nobody is using a time machine to travel back to stop me?

No. 566742

Can't believe I'm from the same city as this guy and he's now living a trad-lifestyle or whatever in fucking France of all places. He's been a cow all his life.

No. 566743

I can't stop listening to this it's fire ngl
>mfw it's quinton flynn

No. 566769

Ok, I'll spoonfeed you with some french culture.
Before weeboos took over in late 2000, we mostly had egyptaboos in France. They would love egyptian mythology and go into useless career path (I'm now know many an un-employed egyptologue).
Dunno if other countries had their egyptaboos, but yeah. She's the right age for it and it look like she never outgrown it.

No. 566771

Also he managed to keep all of his kids out of school. I feel like it's no small feat.
French schools will straight up send the popo to grab your kids and put them in front of those tiny desks.

I wonder how they did it. Maybe they used the fact that he was a felon and other parents were too worried to have their own kids shoot the shit with ultra tradi kids?

No. 566774

Pop your cherry anon, you've lurked enough.

No. 566790

Barbs are a very interesting bunch. It's weird how everyone lets them off the hook despite being just as deranged as many kpop fans.

No. 566799

how do you look at a baby and name them Frank, what goes

No. 566800

today i will be a moody bitch because i want to be

No. 566801

File: 1591525006893.jpeg (77.5 KB, 566x385, 24A00FEE-B853-46C1-B9F5-794620…)

I would like to see a bunch of Barbs, Beyhive, and K-pop stans under the same roof.
He will be the Boss Baby.

No. 566802

sometimes i think about that one post on /m/ where an anon called utena a glorified fakeboi and trigger myself

whoever you are anon, fuck you

No. 566806

I am finally at a point where I don't feel bad about being a hairy person. I have a whole field on my legs and I don't mind. I don't wear revealing clothes because of the culture of my country so I realized I don't need to shave/wax and I feel comfortable. I wax my armpits and my moustache but that is it.
It's freeing. I don't even mind showing my hairy legs to my friends, we laugh about it and it's fun.

No. 566811

lmao I like it too. The animation bothers me though

No. 566816

all the others like them

Idk they come across so fucking SMUG. It's hard to understand how they can even breathe being that far up their own assholes.

No. 566817

It’s my birthday today anons. Went to a really fancy restaurant because I’ve never done that before, and ate vegan sushi. Was the greatest time of my life. I am a happy a anon.

No. 566819

for some reason, the thought of my bf working a manual job instead of pursuing higher education is so much more attractive to me.
higher education hasn't been working so well for him the past few years and he doesn't even know what he's gonna use his potential degree on. however he's not sure if he should just give up yet or nah.
he was motivated before corona hit but i almost want to start pushing him towards the workforce…

maybe it's because i'm ass deep into higher education rn and it has made me go back and forth between 3 different continents and i'm kind of tired of constantly moving, figuring out plane tickets etc…

No. 566821

Sega's biggest mistake wasn't Sonic 06, it was removing the chao garden in Sonic Heroes.

No. 566840

Higher education is honestly a meme at this point. I dropped out of university and did a bookkeeping course and I ended up earning more money than I would have if I got a degree and went into the career that I planned to go into. My husband joined an engineering company as an apprentice after finishing his A-levels and is now fully qualified with an engineering company of his own.

No. 566849

just saw someone call a fucking FANFICTION site a racist because they didn't speak up over BLM. bruh it's just a fucking fanfiction site why are you so pressed over this

No. 566857

My, we might've just found Gimpgirl's archnemesis lmao

No. 566859

Same but with dentists. Holy shit, they're on the same level of greed and making up stuff just to make you spend (and suffer) more as plastic surgeons. It's so difficult to find one you can trust.

No. 566860

We have lobsters in the fridge and one of them is awake and constantly moving about… I wish my parents would just cook and eat them. The fucker tried to escape yesterday by worming his way out of the plastic bag and fell to the bottom of the fridge, I was so taken aback when I opened up the fridge and it fell out.

No. 566864

Poor little guy.

No. 566865

this is too funny

No. 566866

I really love my friends so much and I just want the world for them. Sometimes I wish I could buy a mansion that we could all live in so they wouldn't have to worry about having a roof over their head.

No. 566870

for my specific goals require i keep doing higher education for a couple more years (my previous degree is virtually useless tho kek) but my bf should really just start working since he's tired of fucking around in school and failing classes because of circumstances.

No. 566873

I know they are usually cooked alive but holy shit I had no idea people keep them in the fridge alive too? It's like keeping a live chicken in a small box in the pantry or something, jesus

I'm a poorfag so I nwver even seen one alive or outside a restourant, had no idea, not judging anyone, just horrified

No. 566879

Do they plan to eat them tonight? What's the point of keeping lobsters live and squirming in the fridge if they're not gonna be eaten?
They could always dispatch them with a knife through their top abdomen to head and they'll keep in the freezer.

No. 566889

I fucking hope so. My dad was throwing another one of his man tantrums for god knows what reason so he mightve meant to cook it yesterday but just decided not to since he didn’t want to cook at all yesterday.
Our freezer doesn’t have the space for it but they could just cook it and save the meat in the fridge. Anything would be better than opening the fridge and seeing it in there.

I knew it would be alive but my parents usually cook stuff like crabs almost immediately, so I’ve never seen them alive in the fridge and it’s very uncomfortable to see. I wish they would just put it out of its misery. I think we got it from a family friend who was going to give it to us anyway, and because my birthday just happened to pass, she also slapped on that it was my birthday present lmao. I can’t even eat it because it’s gonna give me the shits.

No. 566892

free him

No. 566895

Lobster lives matter

No. 566896

It seems like animal cruelty to keep it in the fridge for days. Your discomfort is very valid.

No. 566907

Kek the ultimate showdown for male attention, bald vs longhaired

No. 566961

seconding free him

No. 566967

Out of boredom I decided to google "emocore radio" and found one on last.fm and tbh it's the highlight of my week.

No. 566978

This video made me realize how glad I am that the belle hype is gone. God, it was annoying to run into this girl's face all over the internet. Even more annoying than the bowsette garbage that happened before.

No. 566980

just by seeing her face in this thumbnail is quick to make me get annoyed with her again

No. 566981

Y'all are just mad you're not cute/rich/worshipped like her. I'm sorry but if you don't like her just keep scrolling? Nobody forced u to look at her and be mad.

No. 566985

File: 1591565685314.jpg (24.11 KB, 352x264, 1572408304139.jpg)

i knew this response was coming sooner or later, i could literally smell it from miles away kek

No. 566987

Yeah I'm so mad I didn't sell myself to be a lifelong laughingstock and have to constantly look over my shoulder for crazy neckbeards all for 90k.

State your age.

No. 566988

File: 1591565826851.jpg (15.39 KB, 480x360, 99024809389029480.jpg)

It's like clockwork, every time I see it I just keep telling mysel "anons, no, don't take the bait! Please!"


No. 567006

This is incredibly dumb and shallow, but I have a weird fear that one day I'll meet my "dream guy" but he'll have a disappointing physical flaw that I'll have to deal with it. Like perhaps I'll find a guy who's attractive and has a personality that matches mine but he ends up having the world's smallest penis, or a bad receding hairline (can't stand balding men!!), or he'll be a super short manlet.

I know it's silly and love shouldn't be all about looks, plus everyone has flaws (I certainly do) but I just have a feeling the universe is going to play a cruel joke on me. "Here's your almost perfect guy anon, now let's see if you can overcome your ridiculous superficial standards"!

No. 567008

Years ago I started watching the Orange anime and then stopped. Today I picked up the manga again and realized I just fucking hate it.
Who'd chose a fucking highschool crush over their own SON to exist? Get that boy emotional support and a therapist and check on him but holy shit, making so that your actual family doesn't exist in another universe is just cold. I like shoujo manga and its drama but some famous series are so for no fucking reason. There are many other manga that deserved an adaptation and additional content yet this one got them all because it's a tearjerker.
Alright, done sperging over drawings.

No. 567010

File: 1591568038483.jpg (34.79 KB, 750x735, 101833476_2602657966655716_217…)

this has me cackling i cant stop

No. 567011

i want a boyfriend but not one with sentience… maybe an android or something

No. 567013

>he'll be a super short manlet
If he's like 5'4 then yeah at that point i just pity the mf

No. 567028

Oh my god anon, I cannot tell you how much I fucking hated this anime/manga. The main girl is the most selfish piece of shit ever and she did not deserve either of the two guys specially Suwa. Everyone always talked about how it made them so sad but it literally just enraged me because i hated that stupid bitch so much.

No. 567071

I hyperfocused on organizing our bathroom closets but my own room's a fucking mess. kek

No. 567080

I am SHOCKED by how popular Oliver is. Its apparently the #1 name in the US in the last SEVEN years in my country, and still top 5 before that.

No. 567083

why do so many people hate her? not even baiting like >>566981, she's definitely weird but i do like her face, it's strange but cute and she's definitely not unintelligent

No. 567087

Agreed, her being smart makes her stand out from other e-girls

No. 567090

I like her tbh but biggest offense is being pickme pedobait and scamming neckbeards (based to me kek). Then you have PULLtier cosfag milk like shooping, being cringe, making more money than their OF ever could and their boyfriends jerk off to her.

No. 567092

ayrt, i think the pickme pickme pickme vitriol can definitely be applied to women who "live it" but as we see by her going dark, she doesn't absolutely live on attention like actual pickmes and a lot of it was monetary gain, however i've definitely heard about the bf taking some which was retarded of her. Cowlike definitely but i really do see the motivation as being monetary and not for sexual attention but a lot of women on here see onlyfans and go nuclear

No. 567096

I sometimes take for granted how amazing music is. I think if I had to chose one form of media, it would be music for sure.

No. 567097

She panders sexually for money, just that she was better at it than her competitors, that's pickme behavior even if she was smart enough to take the cash and dip out instead of getting hooked on the fame and attention like most.

No. 567100

i feel we both have two definitions of pickme, for me pickme is like.. a normal girl letting a man walk all over her, picking up and doing everything for him and shitting on other women for him, just constant reassurance he's right. whereas you seem to think it's just pandering sexually for money? shit, i'm gay and i liked her because she did the sex appeal but wasn't gross about it at all. Women should totally be able to market sex appeal, it goes too far when the appeal goes from lewds to actual videos of her getting f'ed you know?

No. 567103

>Women should totally be able to market sex appeal
Oh you're one of those. Lewds not nudes my dudes~
>she did the sex appeal but wasn't gross about it at all
Bruh I said I like her but bitch?? The bulk amount of her popularity is looking underaged while doing various hentai shit.

No. 567105

File: 1591581478958.jpg (91.22 KB, 800x800, 800px_COLOURBOX22078801.jpg)

I just realised that the meaning of farmcow.lol isn't "KEK WEBSITE DOESN'T WORK" but a reversal. It's a mirror because it's reflecting back at you. You are a cow looking at yourself in the mirror and they change the perspective to show that. Why did i literally only just get that

No. 567107

What's wrong with lewds? Not to jump to a personal attack but you don't seriously look for a topless pic of a guy you're into when you like him? Seeing them in that state of slightly revealed is hot but not trashy. Is the big issue for you that they monetise it? I agree she shouldn't have gone for the hentai trash and it looks gross but it is what it is.

No. 567109

File: 1591582017315.jpg (33.28 KB, 334x300, 9d1d5be403a6bdbc603792020b5459…)

If you really want one I suggest getting a broiler hen
They are fat,beautiful plump birds it's funny when you catch up to them when your running because they can't run fast also they don't live too long so they're not really high maintenance hens

No. 567114

File: 1591582534120.png (584.82 KB, 599x596, 1580812412052.png)

A topless pic of a guy is in no way comparable to women selling soft-core porn to incels… I don't have the energy to write an essay nor am I in the mood for inevitable infight. So maybe lurk old pink pill threads if you genuinely want some different perspectives.

No. 567115

>Lurk old pink pill
I regularly post in ag, women can have different opinions and see a different perspective and not be male-identified fucking kek

No. 567117

File: 1591582681675.jpeg (47.56 KB, 352x550, 07060224-C14E-4FBD-BDD2-887150…)

I posted in the last thread about how I started rewatching Inuyasha from the beginning because I never got to finish. I watched the first episode when I was 7, because a girl in my class had hots for Inuyasha and told me to watch it, and the first ep I ever saw was ep 23 lol.

Sesshomaru still fucks. He is absolutely the best character, and I’m also gay for his mom. I also cried at Miroku and Sango’s 3 kids. I was hesitant to rewatch because my ex loves the series too and we bonded over that fact since finding other Inuyasha fans is rare and I started to associate it with her, but man. Inuyasha is great and I still love it. I was going to flip between sub and dub but the dub is actually really good that I watched the entire thing dubbed lol. I’m so fucking excited for the sequel and if Rin isn’t the mother of Sesshomaru’s kids I’m gonna flip lmao there’s no way Takahashi would do us dirty and show Sesshomaru’s development through his travels with her and then have him fuck some rando inb4 thats pedo shit

No. 567119

Huh? Who said anything about "male-identified"

No. 567120

Sesshomaru is legit the only reason to watch Inuyasha. I think it would have been a better show overall if Kagome was less the focus.

No. 567121

Implications are a thing and telling me to lurk old pp was definitely an implication. "Huh?" on here is a meme, it always starts off a deliberately dishonest post

No. 567122

Sesshomaru is literally my blueprint of a perfect man

No. 567124

as far as your spoiler, why would that be a problem though, it's been long enough.

No. 567125

No you dumbfuck retard. Why would I suggest you read stuff and grow your field of view if I thought you were a scrote? I'd just tell you to kill yourself. But it's obvious I haven taken bait for assuming you were just a young twitterfag in the first place.

No. 567126

Anon, don't be a prude
Shake what ya mamma gave ya

No. 567127

Haahaha do you consider yourself a radfem and you don't know the term "male-identified" which you'd know if you had read ANY actual radfem theory outside of hehe old pinkpill? This is hilarious. Women who are not even versed in the theory always come in here to give their hot takes. Thanks for a hearty kek

No. 567128

Funny how your black and white thinking believes everyone who doesn't agree is ~radfem~ but being "male-identified" is real lol you tried all day, try again

No. 567129

Bpd-chan nobody outside of borderlines thinks of bpd this much stop telling on yourself

No. 567130

are you brain damaged, or…?

No. 567132

File: 1591584151308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 316.23 KB, 752x1062, 416486464.jpg)

Read for memes but then I enjoyed it

No. 567136

I remember just liking him because he was hot, but this rewatch really solidified that he’s the best lol. I appreciate his growth while also never outright becoming a “good guy”, the man’s got his own goals and fuck what Inuyasha and crew want, they just also happen to be there. His character really shaped the types of characters I like to this day lmao.

Never hurts to spoiler.

No. 567138

link pls

No. 567142

>she did the sex appeal but wasn't gross about it at all.
Pretending to be an anime loli and doing ahegao faces is gross.

No. 567144

I liked the ahegao faces kek. Like the reason it's hot is because (not to the extreme that she sometimes did it which just turned into porn fantasy and not irl) it's hot to see people you find attractive make faces they would during sex

No. 567148

File: 1591585907176.jpg (95.47 KB, 391x536, 61546488649.jpg)


w-women ahegao during sex…right? please tell me they do…please

No. 567158

yeah that's what i said

No. 567161

File: 1591589062726.jpg (52.75 KB, 260x200, that-girl-aint-right.jpg)

You can't just put up good shit without links anon

No. 567163

>she did the sex appeal but wasn't gross about it at all
Anon she dumped 100s of eggs on her body and fondled a dead octopus

Maybe it's not gross but it's sure some pandering perverted depravity right there

No. 567164

I liked the octopus video. I feel you're just invested into hating her which we all are fine to do but pretending to be rational about it is stupid.

No. 567171

No. 567201

My mom draws on her eyebrows but she's so bad at it and it looks so fucking stupid but I can't say anything.

No. 567202

Nta but your taste doesn't matter since you're obviously some freak

No. 567204

Where does this come from exactly? What exactly proved to you that she's smart? Just because she was weird and memey? There are and were a ton of girls who liked memes and did similar stuff, she just got lucky. There's nothing respectable about degrading yourself for money, let alone manipulating lonely and vulnerable people into paying you, it also doesn't take an abundance of intelligence to think ''I'll show off my ass for money'', it's basic prostitution that doesn't need skill or effort to impress a lonely neckbeard

No. 567205

>you're obviously some freak
>browsing /ot/
she just comes across as that way to me. an anon agreed with me and intelligence is so wishy washy i'm not going to derail any further with it but you can't argue she's not to a degree clued in

No. 567264

I drank a tiny sip of some nasty tasting expensive keto water and now I'm up later than I ever have been. Literally drank "brain full" juice.

No. 567266

I want to sell everything I own except the important stuff.

No. 567311

Go for it, you can’t imagine how freeing it is!

No. 567336

>it's hot to see people you find attractive make faces they would during sex

That's true but ahegao faces are just not cute and at times creepy, they seem like a fake exaggerated expression you'd make during sex so that also takes away the sex appeal from it

No. 567340

I took over a year trying to get diagnosed with adhd and now I will not take my meds
I don't know why, even when I set them out the night before and everything, I just will not

No. 567351

File: 1591620322788.jpg (30.79 KB, 750x685, vmj42w3444k21.jpg)

You should just do it.

No. 567352

It's a lot more freeing, provided anon isn't in a precarious financial position, to simply give it all (not junk obviously) to charity. You get rid of it a lot more immediately and it's a more freeing feeling then waiting for every little thing that you needed to pay a fee to put up to spark someone's interest enough to buy packaging to ship it out with. It's not the same at all, 5 bucks a piece for most shit, not worth it.

No. 567358

After Covid-19 is tamed I think I will.
Yeah I think I’m going to only sell my most valuable items and donate the rest.

No. 567362

Who said anything about her being """"respectable""""? They said she seemed intelligent? Also pretty much every job is degrading yourself for money but even ignoring that

>let alone manipulating lonely and vulnerable people into paying you

What is this literal incel logic? That the evil manipulative woman is manipulating the poor lonely men. Why is there no accountability or personal responsibility for these men? Why coddle them? Even if you accepted every man that gave her money was lonely or uwu vulnerable (they aren't) that's still a stupid argument because you could say this for literally anything being sold to you. Everything available commercially attempts to exploit some need you have that currently isn't being met and offer a 'solution'. It clearly just makes you seethe to see anyone say anything remotely positive about a sex worker.

No. 567364

agh i'm op and you're just getting so boringly reactionary and jumping on a literal word and sperging that it's not even fun. if you're being dishonest why reply and think you're doing something. you're not changing my wrongthink as a woman by completely changing what i said. i stand by it. she's hot, if a hot woman recognises that, uses sex appeal to lift her shirt and shit and capitalise off that, that's cool and i'll check it out. that's all.

No. 567365

sorry anon samefag not personally you but i meant "youse" like everyone who replied to my shit with escalating levels of YOU'RE A MAN! over me thinking it's kinda fun. i liked your blackpill of every job is degrading yourself for money. So true but anons CANNOT let go of letting yourself be seen sexually in any way and profiting off it is immoral

No. 567369

I agree with you though but I know, sorry to bring it up again, it's just like you said anons literally can not let go of it and it's annoying that whenever you mention someone like Belle you get 15 responses just seething about sex work, or porn or being a pick me or whatever like it's just non stop

No. 567383

>it's hot to see people you find attractive make faces they would during sex
but no one do ahegao during sex anon.
Idk in what world you live in but it's not like in your japanese cartoons.

Also idk what's so smart about her, she literally sell her body for incels. That's just sad.
Also cringe on that video that anon posted about her. "She's not like other girls" lol sureeee, literally another cosplay e-thot lol.

No. 567386

I plan on doing something like that. If I can't sell everything I'll donate some stuff. I already started doing this some months ago and since then I temporarily moved away so I still have things to get rid of.

No. 567398

I'm not seething about sex work. It bothers me in general when people believe someone at face value. Most people believe they're smarter than they are, no one wants to be dumb or plain old average. Just because she thinks or acts like she's so smart or her simps used to/say it because of the idolized version they liked to have of her, doesn't mean she is. What has she done, exactly, that proved her high intelligence?

No. 567420

Lmao sure… If that was really your problem why did you feel the need to go on an unrelated tangent sperging about ‘respectability’ and manipulating the poor vulnerable men? Anyway, people are going to have different definitions and interpretations of intelligence, to some people the way Belle capitalised on things is smart. Imo, managing to sell people a literal jar of perfumed tap water is a smart move business wise. I don’t think this is taking someone at face value (I don’t really think she said anything to indicate she herself thinks she is particularly smart), but that people will make evaluations of others based on their own individual perceptions, ideals, values etc. There’s usually not going to be a way to objectively ‘prove’ that, especially for things that have very subjective definitions like ‘intelligence’.

No. 567425

>It's not like in your japanese cartoons
Anon, people don't find it attractive if very weird for absolutely no reason. The i must be watching strange animations of approximations of women instead of just appreciating and finding appealing what i see in front of me in your everyday, effortlessly beautiful woman is not true.

No. 567444

I am incredibly depressed and my room is an absolute mess. I am going to clean my depression cave and feel good about it, before my class starts. Wish me luck anons.

No. 567455

I usually do the 10 minute depression thing where i tidy up for 10 minutes so its not too ovewhelming and usually theres an actual difference yet no pressure

No. 567457

File: 1591633037589.jpg (65.43 KB, 960x960, moodnootsoon.jpg)

Y E S dude I had these illustrations printed out and on my wall as a teenager. pardon my oldfag showing.
I'm pumped for midnight sun because the leaked chapters were so much more wild than the entirety of twilight. legit it's some good OG hectic trash and I will die on this hill
how nice were the japanese light novels though? it's like how I imagined them in my head but 500000% more weeb kek

No. 567459

Okay pendejo no one cares

No. 567486

My friends (who is my ex) gf wants us to have a threesome and while I am bi, I am terrified lmao

No. 567490

ANONS I’m PUMPED. This is the first time I’m hearing Midnight Sun is actually going to be published and my inner 12 year old is bursting at the seams. I have reread the twilight series to an embarrassing amount, I still read them to this day over and over. New Moon was always my personal favorite because I love that depressing shit. Ngl I’ve always wondered Edwards point of view and many times he disappears or shows up so it’ll be fun hearing what he was doing. If I could read his depressing ass inner monologue while he full disappeared for all of New Moon, FUCK. GET ME AN EDWARD NARRATED NEW MOON NEXT (I’m so sorry for this sperg I am still a huge twilight fan)

No. 567494

If you're not the jealous type, I'd say do it. I have always had fun!

No. 567500

Samefag but I just preordered it off amazon so thank you to Anons for bringing it to my attention that it’s being released!

No. 567519

This is a fucking mess, who tries to have a threesome with an ex?

No. 567533

I absolutely would, they're already your ex so it's less of a problem if it goes wrong and you know each other well enough that it should go right
Good luck anon, stay safe and just don't catch corona, feelings or an STD

No. 567539

File: 1591642063900.jpg (79.08 KB, 604x1023, impoompeduwu.jpg)

ayrt dude I am SO PUMPED too don't even trip, I've been waiting since the original leak for s.meyer to stöp being so butthurt and give us the fucken book already. I wish I still had the pdf. seconding a edward-narrated new moon ngl the whole series would have been way darker and cooler if it had've been told from his perspective, even when he's being melodramatic.
we're celebrating, here hold my hand bitch we're in this together

No. 567543

gua camole
gua a acamole

No. 567544

Don't do it, it will only end in drama and tears. Have some solidarity as a woman and don't ruin that poor girls mental health, no woman wants to fuck her bfs ex.

No. 567546

File: 1591642606103.jpg (25.84 KB, 256x256, download.jpeg-3.jpg)

I went through the process of brushing my teeth, flossing for almost half an hour bc braces and swishing with water and baking soda but now I want to eat as my hunger is insatiable the days before my period. pic unrelated.

No. 567548

Honestly I'm low key suspecting that she might be doing it just for him since a few months before that she was all "no contact with exes".
But idk, I never met her. If there was some chemistry I'd give it a try, otherwise I'm keeping my guard up.

No. 567550

gwa caw moe lay

No. 567552

File: 1591643917000.jpeg (49.02 KB, 480x360, BE67D618-C92E-44FB-9154-8571BB…)

Any Germans here? Or people who know the kelly family? I find that shit so weird, their kids are shoved on stage from birth

No. 567558

Drinking coffee makes piss smell AWFUL. I always wondered how people make the alleys smell so bad with just a bit of tinkle! DISCUSTANG

-tea & water only drinker, most regal urinator.

No. 567560

Germanon here, I also find it really weird. Some of the members cycle through german media and you hear about them every so often but others just dissapeared completely. And when some of the more well known people are interviewed they always get pushed back into the kelly family mold even though that was half a century ago

No. 567563

They’re all homeschooled too, they are absolutely trapped

No. 567565


As a germanfag and someone who was born in the early 90s, I can only say that I fucking hate the kelly family. I know that's it was a meme to hate them but my mum used to force me to listen to their music that it makes me twitch whenever I hear THIS song. One time I sat down and read the entire family story of them I still wonder why they were called "irish" when only one of them was born there iirc? Most of them are americans or from spain, since their dad used to fuck around the world like crazy. They have god knows how many siblings. Never understood the appeal. Whenever I see an old pic of them I think of Stefan Raab who called them a "driving clothing drive" lol.

No. 567567


samefag but damals

No. 567568

Like clockwork, he went through my phone and found it. He had been reading my texts and logged into the fake email to read my emails. Because there wasn't a single racy comment or topic, all he could be angry about was that I'm a liar. So I told him that I am leaving, and started packing my shit. He told me he'd drop me off at my mums, but now it's been two days and I'm still here and he's acting like it didn't happen- except for the lovebombing. If I posted screenshots of his texts, you'd think he was the Absolute Perfect Man and that I was a crazy cunt. But his words are empty and meaningless, backed by very little action.
Still working on my way out. Anyone in my family will take me but I want to have a job lined up before I use their favours, and I want a safe place for my cats.
The truck keeps truckin.
Also thank you guys for the encouragement, Lord knows I need it. Thank you again.

No. 567571

So I'm fully aware that I don't have bad juju or supernatural fucking powers to cause this, but lately it really seems like just as soon as I become interested in something or someone, a scandal breaks out about it/them and it becomes major news. I've really been into bon appetit this past month, and today it broke out that the head of the company is racist af and doesn't pay his minority employees. I started watching Colleen Ballingers vlogs, and a week later it turns out she was talking to a 13 yr old boy in the DM's about her divorce. I started rewatching lizzie mcguire 2 weeks ago, and then the hilary duff pedo shit came out. I have never been into joji and literally the week I begin listening to him and watching ff videos, Kpop twitter has him trending worldwide trying to cancel him. There are literally so many other coincidences that have happened recently that I just don't remember. It's starting to creep me out.

No. 567572

In addition, none of these people are spoken about ever in media and have literally no drama , yet as soon as I become interested in them shit goes downhill. I sound schizo rn.

No. 567573

Congrats, anon. Keep crazy men out of your life.

No. 567582

File: 1591651355237.png (216.84 KB, 604x621, 95365507_921519864972905_80031…)

I have a painful lymph node that could possibly be cancer and I'm kinda happy about it.

No. 567584

can you start stanning trump? maybe you can do some good with this power

No. 567585

Grats anon, please stay strong. It is perfectly normal and healthy that you want a job and to support yourself, but right now you need to prioritize your recovery from a long-term abusive relationship. I would highly suggest therapy and taking baby steps into full fledged independent living, especially since he may have stalker tendencies, it's safer/healthier for you to be around "normal" people for now.

No. 567587

For any anons who watch CW's Flash, does anyone know what the deal is with Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton? Twitter says she's been a racist bully to Candice but it's also "Twitter." I just want someone who isn't involved in stan/ship drama to tell me what's going on.

No. 567601

Valid fear. I'm engaged to my dream guy and he straight up has erectile dysfunction. Besides that I love him so much he's amazing. Well, that's what my hitachi is for >>upside down smiling emoji

No. 567607

My family was watching the goodbye Deutschland tv show of them and oh my god it irritated me so much, the way their kids are paraded around, the exaggerated Irish-ness. One of the smallest kids said they loved singing and performing, but I feel like they don’t really have a choice.

Some of these jokes are corny/dated af but I love seeing him go for their wholesome family schtick

No. 567614

Imagine carrying a living being inside of you for 9 months and enduring extreme pain and lethargy, only for it to end up running a twitter k pop account. In all seriousness, it makes me fucking cringe thinking about how much time these kids (or adults) spend infiltrating every thread with gifs and defending a literal drone of a human all day every day. I had an embarrassing fan account on tumblr back in high school for a celebrity I thought was cute, but I didn't spend anywhere near as much time on it as these kids seem to.

No. 567653

I had a coworker with IBS who would constantly and openly talk about how difficult her IBS is and how irregular her bowel movements are. Daily. I hope shitgirl can someday stop telling people about her feces business.

No. 567658

File: 1591674626303.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

rofl honestly coworkers who do this are the bane of my existence.

No. 567661

Employee housing anon again
Since my last post
>Old bat has watched me shower several times, when called out about it said "she didn't care" until the manager threatened to fire her for sexual harassment if she did it again
>When I spoke out the situation with the wannabe Playboy assaulting the 17 yr old girl, some super hippie sex posi girl claimed "I think it was the 17 yr old girl who actually made him uncomfortable", another feminist just said "who cares"
>When me and my boyfriend brought up them blatantly ignoring us and leaving us out of things instead of even acknowledging it she just claimed "let's all just get along and make peace"
>Old bat also accused random people of stealing her shit when no one cares about her

No. 567662

why's that, anon?

No. 567664

is it bad that I lost all interest in my work crush when I discovered he is a very vocal BLM supporter? he is always talking about the protests he goes to and how he "learns so much" from them, loudly, in the break room, while I'm trying to play my switch…for context I am not white (well, I'm half-white but visibly "ethnic"/brown which is what matters in Hellmerica). All my nonwhite (black, hispanic, etc.,) coworkers are so over it kek.

No. 567666

you sound pissed off that you don't look white despite being half-white lmao.

No. 567669

because i'm gonna die finally, that's why

No. 567671

There's a weird trend on tiktok where white teenagers record themselves arguing with their parents about the protests and showcasing how their parents are bigots. Most of the teenagers are literally putting on theatrics and crying or yelling and it's just…weird. Why are you making this about you? Why are you airing your family issues on the internet?

No. 567672

I think I finally met a dude who isn’t a total douchebag. Thanks for forcing some kind of old school courtship, Rona.

His texting skills are awful though and idk if it’s a deal breaker. He wants to meet up this weekend for a social distance picnic soon and I can’t tell if it’s an awful idea or not.

No. 567674

File: 1591676195058.jpeg (82.97 KB, 750x532, 389C2DD3-70E5-4817-9DB1-0D6EDF…)

>reading fanfic
>it's too good to be true
>feeling content
>enjoying it so much
>finish last chapter
>fic hasn't been updated in a fucking year
>checks authors twitter
>"guys i am no longer interested in this writing stuff"
>will never know the ending now
>dread is taking over
>die inside

No. 567675

File: 1591676285217.jpeg (208.94 KB, 644x841, 6C2D7F9E-C0D7-4C97-BF7A-FBA3C7…)

It just be like that

No. 567676

weird conclusion to come to. I don't mind my skin, hair, or eye color. The white side of my family are honestly kind of unfortunate looking (huge noses and wide jaws are a family trait). I'm just trying to play Deadly Premonition and I can hear him talking about how "omg the march was so emotional" OVER my earbuds! I thought he was just a cute docile nerd, guess I was wrong.

No. 567679

Sounds like he's virtue signaling but maybe he's actually growing as a person re:awareness and is a bit too eager to share it? If he seemed nice initially maybe he's not a douche.

No. 567681

Normalize communal child rearing! If I ever decide to enter motherhood, I only wanna raise kids with my spinster best friends.

No. 567683

you could be right; I think I'm just overeager to think of a reason to not like him anymore kek. We used to talk a lot and we have a lot in common, he never came off as a bad person to me.

No. 567684

JESUS I read this so wrong the first time.

No. 567686

That would be amazing. I'd have to get some spinster friends first tho

No. 567692

File: 1591679159584.jpg (112.34 KB, 640x853, tumblr_5d5f7918ba5c94fa0add965…)

I'm tired of people who look like some approximation of this thinking they're doing something by calling normal people "Karen" for not agreeing with them.
Like, shut the fuck up. Your name isn't "Kai" and you're not a non-binary pansexual baby smol yearning anime twink, it's Kailyn and you grew up in Wisconsin. You are Karen. Just shut the fuck up.

No. 567695

>You are Karen
they truly rival boomers in their intolerance, conformity and self-importance

No. 567696


got em

No. 567702

Kai and Karen can both exist at the same time. Stop being butthurt over a meme.

No. 567703

The Karen to Kai pipeline

No. 567704

Kai, Oliver, Dakota, Koda, Max, Jacob, kek.
They will do anything for a drop of clout.

No. 567705

Not if they act the same.

No. 567706

Hi Kai
God being zoomer sucks, they're pretty much born with social media addiction like lil internet crack babies

No. 567709

Hi Karen

No. 567710

can i be kyle in this roleplay

No. 567714

File: 1591682586186.jpg (86.32 KB, 512x500, damn-bro-you-got-the-whole-squ…)

No. 567716

I'm tired of the constant race posts on social media. I'm tempted to make a post encouraging white people to commit suicide or go back to Europe. I'm neither white nor black so I wonder if it would be received or I would face backlash. The main reason I wouldn't do this is because I'm afraid it would affect me professionally in the future.

No. 567717

File: 1591684615036.jpeg (49.11 KB, 610x525, E7A0375F-05F9-463A-B031-8F051A…)

>mfw I watched a conspiracy video and it all makes sense
Marty, I’m scared.

No. 567726

I'm neither black nor white as well, and what the fuck? Why would you want white people to do that? Also obviously don't do that

No. 567733

Bad feel. I found one a year or so ago that I really like and wanted to see where it went. The author hasn't updated in a year, and one of the last posts on their Tumblr is them saying "sorry for the lack of updates, I have health problems that limit my time at the computer". I legit wonder if they got sick and died.

Lord, responded to the wrong fucking post the first time.

No. 567742

I don't believe white people should die. But everyone is constantly compalining about white people. If they hate white people so much why isn't that the logical conclusion?

No. 567747

>logical conclusion
nothing you've said has been logical at all so far.

No. 567749

If white people make America a worse place then it would be better if there were fewer white people in America. White people can leave America either by dying or exiting the country. Thus America would be better off if white people died/killed themselves or left to another country.

No. 567750

I just ate the most delicious Ruben sandwich in the world, and I am the one who made it. I love myself.

No. 567759

I really feel like this site has been recently overrun with teens who aren't interested in actual discussion about any topic in the threads and come just for vendettas and aggressive black and white reeing and nitpicking. Am I getting old or did the lockdown followed with summer and the closing down of the kpop thread cause this?

I remember when last year some anon was bitching about Karen becoming a misogynist slur against women and I thought it was reaching but in all honesty people like these dropping "Karen" on all women they don't like to silence them and ignoring the original context kinda do verify that anon's point.

No. 567760

I think teens is a bit of a generalisation and giving these people too much leeway. There's just a group of people who are quite new to the site who are causing havoc because it's funny and they're lonely. Hellweek may solve this.

No. 567761

I agree. I think most of them are teens straight from twitter, so this must be a culture shock to them lol. I do hope they slowly lose interest and leave now that these threads are fading. I’m here because I don’t wanna have Twitter-tier discourses in the first place.
Also agree on the Karen thing. I’m not even white so it’s not that I’m too sensitive or privileged or whatever but they even made a fucking woman’s name an insult…men truly take every opportunity to portray us as hysterical irrational beings.

No. 567765

This place does seem even bitchier than usual lately. It gets a bit exhausting after a while, and I'll just go elsewhere. As for the Karen thing, I've always felt that annoying meme was misogynistic at its core. It's obviously not as vile as calling a woman a roastie or a cunt, but it is often used in that "I'm gonna tell this (usually white but not always) woman to shut up in an acceptable way". Lefty men love it, because it gives them the chance to be sexist without being called on it.

No. 567766

Sterotypical names have always been an insult. Think of people falling back on racial stereotype names that are also perfectly legitimate names for people of the community such as 'Ling ling' or 'Tyrone'

No. 567768

Karen might have started out as a fair call against white women who treat retail staff badly or call the cops on black people for no reason, but lbr when most guys use it, it's just misogyny. They dgaf about the white part, just the middle aged woman part. We all know how much men hate women who have the audacity to age, have short hair, be aggressive/assertive in any way etc, so they've jumped at the chance to be sexist in a woke way.

I work in customer service and get yelled at over the phone pretty often. It's mostly even between men and women in terms of frequency, but when it comes to swearing and threats, or face to face aggression, or thinking they know better than our staff, it's always men. No names for them though…

No. 567778

You'll know it's come full circle when female retail workers start getting called "Karen" for not satisfying some entitled, shitty customer.

No. 567779

This, and any blond or younger women on the internet who dares have an opinion is a Becky.
Why can't the perpetual outrage machine at Twitter recognise this for what it is?

No. 567782

There's always a certain context to them though, people often use Ling Ling to refer to the overachieving Asian kid and Tyrone for the black thug stereotype but Karen has been broadened to mean "whichever woman that disagrees with me" when it was used to refer to the uptight naggy middle-aged woman who wants to see your manager.
>Woman: I disagree with this point, here is my levelheaded opinion about this issue:
>Person: lmao ok karen, nobody cares
It really does now have a misogynist ring to it and used interchangeably with "roastie", a term that it's used to imply that a woman's opinion is just based on her being hateful and impudent enough to have a different view on something.

It always reminds me of that "I hate women people gasp I mean I hate white women *people applaud" tweet. It basically gives people a free pass to spew sexist shit as much as they want to because of their modified version of a narcissist's prayer, these women are just evil Karens who deserve it even if they're not white or middle aged or even doing anything warranting such hatred.

No. 567783

Ayrt racial stereotypes, you are right and I've noticed it too, of course. We need to stop pretending that Oh i hate when white women X is always acceptable when, when you simply take out the term white, the tweet/post comes across as plain woman hate. There's definitely misogyny here but with racial politics you CANNOT say anything said about a white person, even if it's clearly not actually to do with their whiteness, is unfair without twitter dogpiling you. It's shameful that current politics, between this and the gender thing, really is starting to fuck women over, and we can't even call it without being openly called misogynistic slurs in an 'acceptable' fashion which makes it even more insidious. I'd be honestly a lot happier with just plain woman hate than it coated in layers of deceit.

No. 567801

I rarely see Karen being used toward those that are non-white. Honestly it seems like yall are more so pissed there's now a widespread name for entitled white women.

No. 567802

I notice this word being used by people who sound very unintegrated a lot and usually accompanies race-related moralfagging. I wonder if we could get it redtexted?

No. 567805

It always triggers a mental image of a Twitterfag with a flowercrown Jimin avatar and a "19, she/her/they, pansexual, stan Loona, will block terfs and fujos on sight" profile description and a twitter feed full of discourse politics, fancams and faking being black/asian.

No. 567808

Yep. You can totally say y'all anywhere else, nobody cares, but anyone who can read the room on here knows that it's not really a word we use, so anyone using it is either making a point of not integrating for that post or not an actual farmer, in which case lurk more before you come in here moralfagging about women speaking about misogyny kek

No. 567815

petition to get yall redtexted

No. 567816

NTA, but I once literally got called "Karen" by some African-American girl (I'm African) because I was tired of her screeching about Africans. She defended it with "Africans sound like white women!!" lol.
"Karen" is dead now. Men, "not like the other girls" girls and Twitter freaks ruined it.

No. 567817

>"Karen" is dead now. Men, "not like the other girls" girls and Twitter freaks ruined it.
It's like when twitterfags discovered the "ok boomer" phrase and kept using it when arguing with everyone except actual baby boomers.

No. 567826

I kind of wish y'all wasn't taken over by the Twitter woke crowd. As a southerner I feel so cringy using y'all online, even though it's what I've used my whole life, and using a plural 'you' is really hard for me.
I always have to double check my post on here to make sure I didn't use it.

No. 567828

I had no idea it was even related to being "woke" because it sounds so Southern I assumed being an SJW and Southern was an oxymoron I was using "y'all" so much because in my region and dialect it's unheard of and really cringy, so it would make me laugh. This is shitty news.

No. 567832

I was born and raised in the south and TBH I’m angry that y’all is cool and socially acceptable now. Ironically all the people who are crazy about committing cultural appropriation have no problem saying y’all, even though most of them judged Southern people that said y’all as uneducated yokels a few years ago…

No. 567834

I get it, I'm Irish and not saying youse/yiz can be really clunky and sounds like i'm trying to be original but i have to go out of my way to say something else.

No. 567838

Just listened to "Grandma's Hands" by Bill Withers and let out a sob so loud I swear the cops are gonna show up any minute for a wellness check

No. 567852

Like southern blacks don't exist. What an autist who even cares about the use of y'all, being called Karen really hit too close to home for some of you huh

No. 567853

Ah yes, the old meme of 'everyone who disagrees with me is white'. We have plenty of anons of color here, they just learn to fucking integrate like anyone else does and they're of course fine.

No. 567862

Seconded. Surefire way of weeding out a large portion of the autism in circulation here.

Ntayrt but y'all is synonymous with Twitter moral fags of all races, predominantly white people described by this anon >>567805
I can't discern what crusty insults like "Karen" are supposed to achieve here but good job kek.

No. 567867

>anons of color
Shut the fuck up.

No. 567869

Now that I think about it, isn't it weird how there's no male equivalent to Karen?
No one can tell me annoying, entitled white men aren't a thing, lmao. Why do they go unnamed?

No. 567871

Deep down, you know why

No. 567872

nta but why sperg over "they" when anon was talking about multiple people

No. 567875

Because men (regardless of race) are responsible for fucking up the world and they want to pin the blame on women any way they can. It's just a rehash of the witch hunts in the middle ages. That's why so many men are eager to throw the term Karen around. They won a fucking jackpot, a term that degrades and silences women but makes them seem woke while allowing men to be as sexist as possible.
>Haha go fuck your dumb fucking ass I hope you get raped and killed you stupid b– I mean WHITE KAREN!
>21k RTs 290k Likes

No. 567876

We also pretend that men don't gossip, that men arent emotional (anger is an emotion) and that men aren't ever attention seeking, it's pure denial

No. 567878

nta but what even is the problem i am so confused.. did you really think we have no people of color here?

No. 567880

This, the karen meme is weirdly everywhere atm "look at this entitled white woman getting annoyed at customer service staff" ah yes white women are really at dangerous levels of entitlement right now.. not men. I can't think of any major events lately that came from men thinking they are above the lives of others..

No. 567883

Pretty sure that anon was baiting. Don't interact.

No. 567889

TBH I'm starting to think it's popular to attack women now. Everything is our fault (even when it's not), people go hunting for Karens, all this trans shit is literally telling women to "shut the fuck up" and "let the men talk", men can say ANY disgusting thing to a woman if they are unpersoned by the crowd.

Female celebrities get more hate for the smallest things, while make celebrities can have rape accusations or even cases & still have fans.

It just seems like everyone's attacking us.

No. 567893

can the fags in /meta/ go a second without having to mention their beloved kpop threads? it's getting so annoying

No. 567895

I love reading meta and it's always funny to me because i don't even know where that thread even is. I stay in /snow/ and /ot/

No. 567901

>male celebrities can have rape accusations or even cases & still have fans.
I dream of commissioning an academic case study that compares the amount of outrage that Cardi B and Melanie Martinez have received against literally any male musician who has been accused of rape or violence against women

Nobody would pay attention though they would just immediately focus on how Cardi B and Melanie M should be cancelled and ignore the rest of it. I don't want a world where anyone gets away with rape or sexual violence periodt

No. 567910

my back hurts like hell from bending a weird way to take ass pics yesterday

No. 567912

Shayna is this you? (Joking please don't ban me)

No. 567913

Men who don't give a fuck about rape sure love to suddenly care about it when it comes to Cardi b drugging someone, they're the same men who love to point out that rape isn't really rape unless you get a solid conviction for rape.. and even then there's always somehow room for doubt

No. 567923

I worked in retail for years and dealt with a ton of entitled customers, and they weren't just one demographic. Plenty of men get upset that their coupon expired. I had a customer throw a hot coffee in a barista's face because he "waited too long for it."

Karen memes are such an obvious attempt to silence women for speaking up about anything.

No. 567925

People will claim there are male equivalents, but those only ever come up when someone points out the misogyny. I’ve never seen e.g. Kyle actually being used.

No. 567929

sometimes i wonder if my personal information got stolen for identity theft or fraud that i worry so much over it, i start feeling anxious and it's all i can think about. i start wondering if anything i filled out that needed my ssn years ago was a scam and i start triple checking all my accounts and pray i wasn't that dumb.

No. 567970

As someone from the South, it irritates the piss out of me. Part of me wants to tell these morons to stop appropriating my culture.

No. 567980

>claims to care about sexual assault against women
>Ignores posts of an anon who vented about sexual assault going on in her household and being sexually assaulted herself

No. 567984

Therapy is such a fucking waste of time. I don't know how any of these clowns justify charging the amount of money that they do. I still believe PTSD is treatable, but I'm losing faith that the mental health industry can actually do anything substantial about it.

No. 567988

I'm literally skellyfat. I'm pretty sure my genetics are actually so bad that they invented a new body type–my face/hands/back/torso look atrociously bony cos my fat distribution pushed my flab to my mini bingo wings and thic legs. I'm built like a Chinese bootleg of a normal human and that's ok , at least it makes me laugh

No. 567993

Lol I like you

No. 567994

Shut up. I've had my posts ignored and didn't try to shame people for it.

No. 567996

Someone called me 3 times in a row. I rejected twice on purpose and was going to answer if they called again but accidentally rejected. They left a voicemail where I couldn’t hear anything, sounded like a TV in the background and then someone aggressively yelling NO that scared me. I tried to call back but I think they were calling me at the same time. They called back I picked up and it immediately hung up. Called again I picked up, call open for 10 seconds with the TV noise and then hung up.

I’m so freaked out. It’s from an area code where I used to live. I wondered if they butt dialed me, but that only happens to people in your contacts…. I hope they aren’t in danger, and that it’s just some kind of weird ass spam call

No. 567997

U ever think about how an anon u interact with could potentially be someone u know..
Like I have many ex-friends who use this site sometimes I wonder if certain posts are by them

No. 567998

Where do you live? I got PTSD therapy in Spain and it was free done by a specialist and it worked, took a couple of months though

No. 568001

I live in the U.S. I also don't have the "type" of PTSD that is helped by one particular therapy, apparently. Then again, mental health in the U.S. is basically a fucking joke, from what I've seen and experienced. I don't know anyone who has been helped by it, even after years of trying. Glad you found something that worked for you.

No. 568002

last time that happened to me, it was my old neighbours trying to contact me about my dad's mail piling up and boom, dad's corpse in the bedroom.

No. 568003

Nah…no one I have EVER interacted with knew what an imageboard was, explaining lolcow was hard enough to my girl friends…and they always seem to forget about it the next time I bring it up. I would be surprised if I ever in a lifetime came across someone I knew irl

No. 568022

Just pointing out hypocrisy. Anons discuss wanting to help women who have been sexually assaulted by completely ignore women who come here to discuss a sexual assault that just happened to them

No. 568035

i find it really weird how my boobs are paler in color in comparison to the rest of my body. Like my stomach is tannish, my arms are tan and so is my face. but my boobs are just. pale. they're like 5 shades whiter. wtf. i guess it's the bra's fault or smth

No. 568038

I just had a weird dream and now I feel scared, but also like a dumbass because the dream didn't even make sense and there's no reason for me to even be scared of it.

I just had it right after having a dream about being a teenage girl running away from sex traffickers with another girl tho, so maybe I just need to stop napping and get a healthy sleep schedule.

No. 568057

Have you considered that maybe there is more than one person that posts on this website? Maybe sometimes people don't see some posts, but no it must be that people are fake feminists.

No. 568062

I'm not saying that, if a ton of anons come here openly supporting victims of sexual assault but can't even show support for someone who was recently sexually assaulted within arms distance then who are they really helping? Especially posts as serious as an anon coming straight here after being sexually assaulted and witnessing sexual assault

No. 568063

this is what happens to me when my tan from the holidays is mostly faded but is still kind of there. not pronounced enough to see the tan lines, but there's certainly a difference in shade

No. 568064

"A ton of anons" also come here expressing that they feel suicidal and that life isn't worth living, and a ton of them get zero responses. The reality is that people grow numb to reading this type of stuff, especially under an anonymous lens. Anyone who is genuinely seeking support or advice should get it in the appropriate thread on here or, even better, somewhere that is actually reputable and not an imageboard. Also, I don't know if you're referring to yourself or another anon's post, but I haven't seen it.

No. 568065

It's not even necessarily numbness, I read tonnes of completely depressing posts that affect me emotionally but I don't reply to just because idk what to say. I'm not a therapist, I might not relate or have any particular wisdom or advice. Meaningless platitudes in response to a stranger's trauma isn't my idea of a worthwhile post so I just don't.

Plus anons talk constantly about their experiences with abuse, rape, molestation etc, and usually do get plenty of replies. The relationship thread is full of it, the pinkpill thread was back when it was allowed, we have a whole thread on being groomed for people to discuss and empathize with each other, etc. It's ridiculous to say the entire feminist population of lolcow doesn't care about rape victims because one post out of many didn't happen to inspire a bunch of replies.

No. 568069

Fuck you you self righteous dickhead, im not your therapist nor your mommy, reply to it yourself instead of preaching if it hurts you so bad

No. 568070

Okay 12 yr old edgelord whatever you say
The point wasn't that it was the hypocrisy that anons were talking about how bad sexual assault was and how sexual assault victims need help when a few posts earlier an anon talked about how she witnessed sexual assault and people said it was the victim who was actually doing the assaulting as well as being sexually assaulted herself. It wouldn't bother me but I would say the same thing if anons were talking about how bad suicide was and how suicidal people need support while ignoring posts about anons feeling suicidal

No. 568071

Post link

No. 568078

When they say those people need help, they probably don't mean they should be the ones giving it? Suicidal people require professional help and support from actual loved ones, not some anons online.

At least as a suicidal person, I think this way.

No. 568079

Maybe but showing the tiniest support could mean so much to people, especially if you want to be the same ones who claim something like that, even if showing support and ending it with "seek professional help" would mean lots more than ignoring posts

No. 568095

Oh my god then go to fucking reddit or twitter or literally anywhere else on the internet so you can get your “so brave and strong” replies. People get ignored on imageboard boo fucking hoo no one is paying attention to depressed wittle babies
>showing support
Lmao shut the fuck up it’s not support if you’re guilt tripping people into replying, this ain’t twitter. I see suicide posts all the time and made a few myself I barely care.

No. 568106

have you maybe considered that not everyone here knows what to say all the time? people will ignore you and people will reply to you, just because a post with sexual assault had 15 anons replying to it at once and another one has none =/= we don't care for sexual assault victims

No. 568108

But no one owes anyone anything. And is it bad that a person doesn't want to have anything to do with mental-chan? People have boundaries too, along w/ better things to do.

Honestly, In the end therapy works if you also put things into it. I knew friends who would go to therapy but they would never change a thing about their own mind. But it also depends on if you got a good therapist, too, sometimes. I personally had a good PTSD treatment with my therapist because I knew that I am the only one who can do something about my mind. It took awhile but it was worth it.

No. 568124

File: 1591779883030.png (287.09 KB, 500x486, ohshit.png)

I would, but YouTube removed it. The last time I watched it it had 1.7 million views. Here's the channel link though:

No. 568139

Yeah irl I know no one that uses this but many online friends do specially the more normie threads like onision lol

No. 568156

Idk where this goes, does anyone know a good way to practice language speaking? Maybe a discord server or something dedicated to learning. I really need to practice so any ideas are welcome

No. 568159

File: 1591788903668.gif (7.97 MB, 360x200, 362.gif)

so i keep tabs on my narc drug dealer ex (admittedly because his inferiority makes me laugh after him gaslightin me for so long) and his rebound girl broke up with him

fuck yes girl, get away, just one more person who knows his antics. i was so worried about her (i know this is retarded but im convinced he tried to murder me and that beautiful girl deserves WAY BETTER). fuck yes eat dirt narc

No. 568208

I am knitting socks because they'll probably be done by Christmas!

No. 568218

I've heard italki is good to find tutors, although of course you do have to pay them. If you want to practice with other learners you might be able to find a group/link to a discord to meet people on the subreddit dedicated to your target language. Or maybe other, more specific forums, but I assume reddit would be the most active.

No. 568255

You know, I don't think I've ever noticed a difference during hellweek despite thoughtlessly shitposting and blogposting everywhere. Maybe i'm too enmeshed in imageboard culture at this point.

Wasn't the Karen thing coined by black women? I watched a video on it claiming it wasn't racist or sexist, because it's used to…label women with the privilege and who exercise that privilege to discriminate against minorities? Idk but it felt like bullshit considering the everyday use of it is when literally any middle aged white woman talks unless they're down and hip with the kids.

I saw a tiktok and all the comments were calling the female security guard a Karen because she wanted the skaters to leave. So…for doing her job.

No. 568258

>I saw a tiktok and all the comments were calling the female security guard a Karen because she wanted the skaters to leave. So…for doing her job.
I saw a similar one yesterday, this teenager was fucking with this woman working retail, trying to pay for something with a mystery box. The woman was fucking bewildered by him but she didn't do anything outlandish, she wasn't rude but literally every comment on it was either complaining about her or calling her a Karen.

Like if a middle aged woman came in to a store and started harassing the employees and trying to pay for something with a mystery box, the comments would be full of kids calling her a Karen, but because it was a teenage boy doing it, it was hilarious.

No. 568324

I just went through the trouble of finding a woman's social media pages because I thought her boyfriend was cute and now I feel like a creep. It's not like her pages were private and lowkey, and I found her through a fucking tiktok compilation but still wtf.

Tbh this guy seems like a hotep

No. 568333

The "radfem terf boogieman" shit on this site is stupid as hell. Every time I see an anon call someone a radfem or blame the "radfems", I immediately think they are tranny from r9k or some other incel board trying to infiltrate this site(which they admit to doing). Like, its a female site, that has a pretty radical feminist views even if they might not call themselves radical feminists. Why would that userbase use radfem as an insult? Makes no sense.

I also see more and more trannyposting which is sus as fuck

No. 568345

I went out of the house to do something other than an unavoidable errand today for the first time since March and it was fucking weird. I got an americano and I cried actual, real tears when I took the first sip.

No. 568348

How do you spot it?

No. 568355

the site clearly isn't mosty radical feminist views. radical feminists are really extreme in an uncomfortable way that clearly goes beyond wanting equality.

No. 568358

I went out finally thinking it would be enjoyable but instead felt ashamed and extremely anxious, since I didn’t have a mask but everyone else did. I think I’ll just stay inside for a few more months…

No. 568360

I think most women just want a place to say fuck men and not have to live with mens ideals every time they step out of the house, just like men do, but they dont get flack for being unsympathetic when they say awful things about women. Black pill feminists are probably what you're thinking as uncomfortable.

No. 568368

lmao we should swap places. I walked past probably a few hundred people and I only saw three wearing masks. I had one in a ziploc bag ready to go but I have social anxiety and couldn't bring myself to put it on.

No. 568369

Nah, actual radical feminists have all sorts of views that are unpalatable to people who want “equality” and even most ‘radfems’ who are actually just libfem light and hate the trans. I like radical feminism this way, let’s not dilute it. There’s some based anons here, but most aren’t rad

No. 568404

>really extreme in an uncomfortable way
Like what? I swear twitter has yall think they’re a group of assassins out to murder defenseless men in the night (can you imagiiine).
The radical part is they don’t want shitty so called “equality”, which is a thing that they believe can not be achieved from inside the system built to oppress. They don’t want to pander and beg the nice men to give them crumbs of “equality” every now and then, they want total liberation from the stupid games.

No. 568423

because most of it is just dissatisfaction at not being above men, not just wanting to be equal. i am by no means a tradthot or a liberal, but radfems don't seem to understand that oppressive dynamics are more than just "men r bad". and this is from studying a lot of radical feminists. they treat men as the cause not the symptom. men are at the root of the problem but they aren't the root of it.

No. 568430

You have to be joking. The most evil, controversial radical feminist idea is separatism. Nobody wants to be above men, they want to get the fuck away from them at absolute worst.

I'd love to know what you think the root cause of misogyny if it's not men. Maybe it's our fault? Is it our natural inferiority?

No. 568442

I love to see it, same with watching ego raptor scramble to keep giant fan base

No. 568480

I fucking love spinach.

No. 568482

Oh man me too. Cooked, raw, any way. Spinach is so good. Call me Popeye, that shit is delicious.

No. 568488

I laughed way too hard at this anon. The cognitive dissonance…

No. 568492

My mom is aware that KiwiFarms is a thing (and even went on there a few times)

I have no idea how to process that

No. 568493

>they treat men as the cause not the symptom
So what you're saying is, they're right?

No. 568494

What got her onto the farms? Does she have a favorite cow?

No. 568495

this is the correct opinion

No. 568497

i never knew how good it was until adulthood. I love spinach salads with some balsamic vinegarette and little grape tomatoes.

No. 568504

I think looking up Shauna (Gluten Free Girl) or another similar cow. She’s more of the GOMI/Blogsnark type. I don’t think I can ever tell her about the cows I follow lol.

No. 568508

So,, when r we gonna make Anisa a banned topic again

No. 568510

I've cried on my birthday every single birthday for the past 5 years. Talk about consistency.

No. 568532

I’m a little mad at myself for putting off reordering more of my shampoo and conditioner and now it’s no longer on sale lol. Oh well, it’s only like $11 for each bottle full price and $7 on sale so I guess I’ll just suck it up. Shit lasts me forever anyway.

No. 568534

Anon I wish I could take you out on a cute girl’s date for your birthday where we’d hit up some shops and grab some ice cream to eat in a park together, and then surprise you with homemade birthday cake at home. :( I love you anon, happy birthday. I hope one day you’ll have a lovely one where you don’t cry.

No. 568541

I'm kinda into RPDR now but the way they edit that show is so annoying. I wish it was more about the artistry than stupid TV shit.

No. 568543

I always liked HP as a kid and teenager, I always admired and respected JKR while growing up and I'm glad she's not a retard who thinks that men can suddenly become women just because they watched too much porn. I'm seriously considering boycotting the body shop now that they're trying to talk shit about her and women in general by extension.

No. 568561

File: 1591850496886.jpeg (59.59 KB, 680x639, 1DEF68FA-60F8-4467-B0AE-AAAB3E…)

I just want to say how grateful I am for this site and honestly even though we’re all anons it’s really nice to have a place to let off steam or just write what’s on your mind and also see how other people feel. I also love seeing people on here post about their interests and thanks to certain threads i’ve been introduced to some awesome new content that has helped keep me sane during these times.

No. 568579

File: 1591855640336.jpeg (113.07 KB, 640x640, D9B67C77-0EEB-47AF-BA71-02780B…)

Normally I can’t really tell the difference between anons, but there’s this particular one that I’ve been able to spot a mile away because of their formatting style and they’re getting on my nerves because they’re really dumb. They have barely any reading comprehension skills but keep getting into fights with other anons kek.

No. 568582

How is their formatting style? I'm curious lmao

No. 568595

I'm not against jkr cause she's a transphobe.
I'm against her cause she was immature about it and always trying to clapback at people on Twitter.

Anons we aren't the best people by mainstream standards but at least I know that most of us don't go attacking people publicly?

No. 568598

I know that feeling. Sometimes, it's just more than one dumb person on at the same time, both infighting with weird formatting.
Either way, though, they usually disappear (or at least learn to be less recognizable and post less bullshit) after getting called out about their previous posts.

No. 568613

File: 1591861026149.png (496.49 KB, 359x641, short cop.png)

I don't really like cops in a general sense, but the video of the woman making fun of the short cop makes me feel sad. His expression looks like he is going to cry.

No. 568626

I cannot stress enough how many women on lolcow would get off to this if this was posted in the kink thread.

No. 568627

I feel bad for the cops, seriously. Just because a select few of them are psychos imagine being someone who actually wants to make the world a better place and protect its citizens and then some emotionally stunted antifa twat films themselves making fun of you for Tiktok clout. Cops are already putting their lives on the line trying to help people, I'm pretty sure the people yelling ACAB are the first ones to demand the police to arrest anyone who they deem problematic and would be mad at them for not coming fast enough if their home was being burglarized.

Honestly people calling the police pigs just give me massive privileged underage white teen vibes who are mad that a cop confiscated their weed or something. Police brutality and corrupt police forces are the issue, not individual cops who are there to make people feel safe.

No. 568628

It's rather the opposite. Only a select few want to "make the world a better place" while the majority are psychos.

No. 568629

>"Men oppressing women aren't the cause of the problem!!!"


No. 568631

I wish the mtf thread was more active, sorta like the fakeboi threads. Troons make for some great cows.

No. 568633

I don't think she was ever immature about that. Unless you're talking about when she post her not!headcanons about the HP franchise, especially when she went from "stop harassing Hermione's actress in the fanfic sequel broadway show for being black" to "Hermione was DEFINITELY black!"

>I know that most of us don't go attacking people publicly?

People who are actually dangerous towards trans people are never blamed for being criminals, meanwhile women on the internet are getting insulted all the time for no good reason, so whatever.

No. 568642

Did anyone else put human characteristics to the letters of the alphabet when they were learning them as a kid? I just remembered how I used to do this, like A was a friendly teacher kind of woman, B was a big male builder, K was a funny little girl etc. Lol it sounds a bit silly but I thought of them as actual people with their own distinctive personalities

No. 568643

>People who are actually dangerous towards trans people are never blamed for being criminals, meanwhile women on the internet are getting insulted all the time for no good reason, so whatever.
They love to throw around that trans people murder statistic but actually having to address the fact that most murdered transwomen are black gay prostitutes who were more or less driven to the lifestyle due to their community's homophobia and macho ideals would go against their woke narrative about sex work being totally safe and empowering and black communities not having destructive pressure on their own peers.

And yeah because the movement is ruled by pampered white middle-class guys in their 30's of course they would attack feminist women and not the actually violent male nazis who want to eradicate everyone who's not white, straight and blonde.

No. 568644

I don't. The so called good cops aren't doing a good enough job of distancing themselves from the crazies. I feel like the biggest problem with the police is that they call more about protecting their friends (other police men) then they do about protecting the public. Many of them don't have the nerve to call out shit behaviour amongst themselves because they are probably scared for the backlash.

Then again, i feel like most people become police officers just for the power.

No. 568645

It's fucking sad that the moment Jk rowling makes an informed opinion that isn't done as virtue signalling. There's no room for conversation with the woke crowd, I'm glad she's putting her foot down and not sucking their dicks anymore. I've gained a ton of respect for her.

No. 568649

I did this with numbers! Incoming extreme autism but, 3 is a baby (like an actual baby).. 5 is kind of a douchy immature guy who thinks he’a funny… 7 is a sporty athletic guy with a friendly personality.. 8 is a meek, kind of insecure guy.. 9 is kind of a quiet, mysterious, cool girl.. don’t judge me anon

No. 568655

I only did that with STU for some reason. S is mean and wants to attack little U but T stands between them. I guess I did it because I had a hard time remembering the order.

No. 568656

It’s not an informed opinion and she’s the one who disabled comments on her deranged manifesto so it doesn’t seem like she was really looking for conversation

No. 568679

I got so high last night I have no idea how I made it to bed or anything that happened after I fed my cat, but I am so rested and woke up feeling wonderful. I'm gonna spend the day sewing new clothing and listening to true crime

No. 568689

Living the dream, anon!

No. 568700

Marry me anon

No. 568720

Agree but I imagine it’s not active because we don’t hate ourselves enough to follow them anywhere, seeing ugly hon mugs on my feed would ruin my day

No. 568758

>"deranged manifesto"
And what conversation? Retards can only screech TERF TERF TERF, it's not like anyone could ever hope to engage in a conversation with them

No. 568969

I know this is pathetic, but it made me want to cry for him.

No. 569019

I can't tell by video quality, but that could also be a woman with a short haircut that the recorder is mocking. Men metabolize testosterone better, have more it, and therefore have denser, more functional muscle because of it. You bet your ass he could at least take out most women. She needs to exercise more than two braincells.

No. 569022

I wonder if any bi girls have been a unicorn and what they thought of it all. A threesome in general sounds very stressful, idk

No. 569023

I get it, I hate seeing people look really sad because it triggers my sadness sense or something.

No. 569044

>deranged manifesto
TRAs need to be bullied harder. What she wrote was understanding of the many nuances to this conversation, but still recognizing that male violence is a serious concern. TRAs were literally telling people not to read it, make of that what you will.

I can't believe she brought up the fact a TRA used clownfish to argue humans aren't a dimorphic species. kek she really knows her shit

No. 569045