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No. 541259

Because there are dumb questions.

Previous thread: >>521051

No. 541273

File: 1586954626329.jpeg (198.68 KB, 2501x1563, comrades.jpeg)

Why does he skip bronzing his eyes so that they look whiter than the rest of his face?

No. 541276

Because he's a stupid piece of shit.

No. 541289

orange man bad
yeah I wonder this as well, doesn't he have makeup artists etc ??

No. 541295

He is a bloated, ugly, narcissistic nutcase. He probably got used to how it looks and won't let his team fix it. Just like is nonsensical hairdo.

No. 541300

Maybe i phrased the op badly, but I just find that i find a lot of people with that certain ethnicity attractive, by coincidence. Obviously I date outside of that preference. I try to be careful about this, I live in an Eastern euro country where people fetishise women from here a lot, so i certainly know the feeling. That's why when I noticed the pattern in myself, i freaked. Plus, its only the physical features of the type i find attractive, not the ""idea"" behind it (as with asian women being subservient or korean men being shy/femmy/nice). As >>541116 put it, I just find that an ethnicity has a lot of my type.
Idg the logic behind this

Guys can't into makeup or basic self-care. No idea about what looks decent. Plus, he might just be going straight senile.

No. 541304

>orange man bad
unironically true
I always thought smth was wrong with his face pigmentation, like when some people get red faces, but his turned orange

No. 541309

surely he has make up artists and stuff…maybe his eye area is actually so white it's glowing and this is genuinely the best they can do

No. 541312

He might fire his makeup artists if they dare go against what he wants lol.
I think he's just an idiot who uses bad logic. He must think dark circles=tired/old/unhealthy, so if he leaves his undereye area white=energetic/youthful/healthy. That's the only reason why I can think he would keep that look. It's probably the same logic he uses for that overblown toupee.

No. 541318

He is actually bad and if you think otherwise, you're probably a stupid piece of shit too.

No. 541327

NTA but I never understood the point of this meme as weird gacha for people who are anti-Trump (as in people with the reasonable take on him)? Yes, indeed the orange man is bad.

No. 541334

Why do spray tans make you appear orange instead of.. tan? I know it's already a dumb question, but my even dumber question is why they can't balance the colour out with green, let's say?

Also, is there a bikini line or do they straight up tan EVERYWHERE? I've never seen how the set-up looks

No. 541337

I've seen these "darker" supposedly not orange spray tans they are just murky green, it must be hard because everyone is such differently toned. Someone could use this time to come up with a new formula and cash out.

No. 541361

Is Karen actually a sexist term? I guess it depends on the context but I've never thought of it that way. Everyone calling random people Karens just for the hell of it has always been really annoying and unoriginal though

No. 541365

Not straight up sexist but it's another example of women being shamed for every single "unlikable" thing they do and men getting away with a lot.

No. 541368

I never thought so (I work in retail and the stereotype exists for a reason) until I browsed reddit recently and saw idiot men referring to women as Karens in any context for doing anything they didn't like.

No. 541370

I think it's iffy to use a real name like that. How many male names are used to describe a shitty person? I can't think of any.

No. 541373

french people have Kevin for idiots

No. 541377

This. Karen in its original for is not sexist at all, but a lot of men are ruining it by overusing it against omen to the point where it's losing all meaning.

No. 541393

I've been hearing Kyle recently but yeah not too many male names to describe middle-aged bastards micromanaging everyone and trying to make everything about themselves, no. Although they certainly exist, especially in customer service.

No. 541396

File: 1586974532039.jpeg (89.96 KB, 1109x632, EVCw9NvWkAEfqVe.jpeg)

Same thing with Becky which is just an offshoot of Karen, or vice versa. When white men use the terms like this it is definitely sexist.

Tanner and Preston sound like entitled college white guy names though. Those are golf short wearing, "my father's a lawyer" names.

No. 541397

becky is meant for "basic white girls" it was used first by black women

No. 541406

File: 1586975312374.png (53.37 KB, 599x268, 3262356257.png)

Yes, but I mean it was overused in the same way. This leftist coomer dudebro has a history of going after white women and also he's just plainly sexist.

No. 541413

File: 1586976719706.jpg (53.97 KB, 750x643, tvu1jaiqv8b31.jpg)

this tweet sums it up, a lot of male leftists are generally sexist, but feel more comfortable aiming sexist attacks against women by bringing up any position of supposed "privilege" they have, and by comparing them against those with lower privilege

No. 541417

Banned Instagram the viewing of posts? I don't have an account, just like to check stuff on my laptop and this noon it was still possible but right now it tells me that I have to sign up to even be allowed see one post?

No. 541419

>I don't care how many times Joe Biden sexually assaulted women
What an absolute piece of shit. I could understand saying "it's awful that Joe Biden committed sexual assault, but Trump is a serial rapist and a fascist, so sadly we must choose the lesser of two evils", but to say he doesn't care is so foul and disgusting. God, I fucking hate men.

No. 541435


Winning hearts and minds, anon

No. 541440

I think it's random. For some accounts I can't scroll past 2 rows while on others I can view almost the whole profile.

No. 541453


I see, but for me I can't even view a post because the "Sign up on Instagram" pop-up when I click on a post to read the caption or have a better view on a picture. And for some profiles I can't really scroll down because I have to click on "View more posts of this person". What the fuck???

No. 541473

wow so you're telling me that when you use different words in a sentence the sentence takes on a different meaning and therefore different response?!!

obviously the first one puts the basis of the insult on her gender implying baseless sexism and the second puts it on something else implying moreso frustration at the mass success mediocre women of certain demographics are able to amass

No. 541474

mediocre bait because there's no way you missed the point so badly

No. 541477

not bait. I see the point you're trying to make and think it's stupid and tries desperately to uphold the perma victim narrative for some women and to frame anyone criticising these women as aggressors

No. 541511

i'm not that anon but still happy that your thread got booted lol

No. 541512

Am I an asshole if I can't stand a friend who brags about her grades? I don't mean in a "wow, I did very well!" once once she gets to know the result, I mean talking constantly about how her professor told her homework was very well done at any chance she gets. We are in college but it doesn't feel like we've gone past highschool grades pissing contests, or at least she hasn't.
I realize this is very childish in itself and I should just shrug it off but it's so annoying.

No. 541532

i mean mby she is just happy? i know i stress about my grades a lot so when i get good feedback i too get very giddy and want to scream it from the rooftops. another thing if she tries to rub it in like "heh i CANNOT believe you got 70 omg i got 90??? so weird, you're so smart anon haha" type of shit.

No. 541547

File: 1586996805377.jpeg (52.48 KB, 350x522, AA570858-797D-4F2E-8C78-D16F5F…)

I’ve never fallen in love and I’m starting to think I never will. Has anyone experienced a complete and total lack of romantic feelings ever? Like, legitimately being faced with perfectly good guys and feeling nothing year after year. Am I insane?

No. 541549

yup same. im a lesbian too which makes it even worse cause i have like one and a half people to choose from. idek what being in love feels like…

No. 541554

I'm the same boat anon, I get a feeling in my chest when I like someone and my hearts starts beating faster but it ends so quickly.
I don't think I've ever loved anyone because of that and only had light crushes

No. 541562

Lmao the fuck is that image

No. 541607

what does it mean when a reply to a thread is just a link to another reply? is it in agreement or an accidental noob thing

No. 541609

now that you mention this and that i've read other anons replies, i've come to the conclusion that i'm actually not in love with my boyfriend. i had that butterfly and fast heartbeat feeling at the beginning of the time we met and came together but now i just see him as a normal friend.

No. 541669

Is anyone else experiencing ear sores from their AirPods? I have been wearing them all day lately vs only a few hours per day and my ears are in PAINNNN

No. 541725

Have a weird question: Let's say a dude went out on a date with some girl that seemed pretty normal. It was just one date. He lives alone. She needed a ride to work the next day so he allowed her to sleep on his couch for the night while he was in bed. If he woke up to her entering his bedroom with a condom and nearing his bed and asking him repeatedly if you "want to" and he doesn't, if fact he keeps scooting off the bed until this person has him near the wall…
And he didn't say yes. This experience brings up a time in the past when he was in fact raped by a girl back in high school and he keeps thinking "is this really happening again" through the action… he enters her a few times as she wants, then her alarm goes off, and its now time for her to go to work…its over.
What is that?
He didn't say yes to the act and that person kept pressuring. He was molested as a child and raped as a young adult and suddenly this person decides to corner him.
What is that?

No. 541732

Attempted fucking assault, anon. That sounds fucking awful.

No. 541734

Who are you in this situation, and what possessed you to ask here?

No. 541736


I'm not the girl. It happened to my bf in the past. I've never been through an experience like that and I have no idea how traumatizing all this has been for him. I don't want to talk to him about it for sake of hurting him. I just wanted insight as to what it even was.

No. 541742

What >>541732 said is the truth. Therapy is probably the best option.

No. 541746

>> 541725

Its confusing for me because I haven't been through what he has, so I don't understand how it happened. Why not just tell her "no"? Why not push her away? I know it probably has to do with his past trauma. I feel awful, but those questions cross my mind

No. 541748

Does anyone else get horny when drinking too much coffee?

No. 541750

Why is every video I see on Tiktok filmed in some multimillion dollar home…I didn’t realise that many people were that rich. I think it’s weird that people who become the most successful from it also all just happen to come from super wealthy backgrounds, it was the same back when it was musical.ly too

No. 541760

Tik Tok literally filters out broke, disabled and/or "ugly" people from recommendations.
>TikTok’s moderators were instructed to exclude videos from the For You feed if they failed on any one of a number of categories, the documents show. Users with an “abnormal body shape (not limited to: dwarf, acromegaly),” who are “chubby … obese or too thin” or who have “ugly facial looks or facial deformities” should be removed, one document says, since “if the character’s appearance is not good, the video will be much less attractive, not worthing [sic] to be recommended to new users.”

>Similarly, the documents show, videos were to be removed from the feed if “the shooting environment is shabby and dilapidated”, since “this kind of environment is … less fancy and appealing”.

No. 541770

Do you realise how you sound right now? He had gone through a damn rape before, he thought it might happen again, you might idk tense up in that situation? Yes he might be physically stronger than the girl (i assume) but lets not act as if it's that easy when you already have the previous trauma. You sound immature.

No. 541773

Oh wow… I didn’t know that, but it makes a lot of sense. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more criticism of Tiktok over it, it seems like something that would attract a lot of criticism and controversy?

No. 541784


Yes, I know how ignorant it sounds. I genuinely don't understand how he must have felt and I feel bad that questions like that even come into my mind. Even when he was actually raped back in high school and the girl kept him from leaving her house to get to his car until she "got what she wanted" as she said. It was horrifying to hear but a small part of my brain asked, "why didn't you just run away?" I would never ask him that and feel bad for that question even crossing my mind. It's like it's difficult for me to believe men can be assaulted in that manner because of their physical strength. If he wasn't drugged or incapacitated in some way, what's stopping him from escape?
It's awful, and I know that it's ignorant and immature. Just not sure how to shake the idea.

No. 541808

Well if it came to her basically cornering him and forcing herself on him his only choice would probably be hit her ou push her away, I don't think a disgusting girl like that'd stand being rejected. So he probably would be the one going to jail since he can't hit a girl even when she's trying to rape him. Not everything revolves around brute force, you know. I think having an older brother made me more empathetic to men than most anons in this site so if a bitch tried to do something like that to him I'd fucking stab her.

No. 541832

Are you saying this guy was molested as a child and then raped twice by two seperate women as an adult? What are the chances of that?

No. 541836

Pretty high sadly. Victims of child molestation generally have a higher risk of revictimisation, or being in abusive relationships in adulthood

No. 541837

People who were molested as children often have very bad boundaries which attracts abusers.

No. 541843

I've had this issue after CSA, my inability to communicate 'no' as an adult has left me feeling as though I've been assaulted by quite a few men but it's my own issue of being too passive. I haven't put myself in any potentially sexual scenario in the last couple of years because I still don't trust myself to be assertive.

No. 541851

Yeah, it was a bit mind-boggling for me to grasp that too. If you're an adult, how could this happen again after it happened to you once in high school. Also, unfortunately it wasn't just once incidence of childhood sexual abuse. It was 2 or 3 baby sitters/older males. I'm confused as shit because I know that it's influenced his life and these other incidences he's had. He's also been used and deceived by several people throughout his life.
I just don't know what to think or do. It all sounds so horrible but he seems fine most days. I guess i'm just honestly confused.

No. 541854

So he's been sexually assaulted by 5 people so far? I'm confused too tbh.

> He's also been used and deceived by several people throughout his life.

He needs therapy to figure out what's actually going on there

No. 541855

Sorry for double post but I think the thing that confuses me most is how he deals with things. I had to speak to him about that one particular encounter with the girl because he said there was a possible tear in the condom so I wanted to know if he could have gotten her pregnant or got an STD test done. He answered all of that calmly saying made sure nothing resulted from that and made it not sound like a big deal at all, but it sounded concerning. So I asked him a few days later about what he thought that situation even was because it sounded awful and I was confused why he didn't see that. He freaked out after that and said he didn't want that to happen and how it reminded him of the time he was raped in highschool and how he kept scootching away from this girl that kept asking and asking. He says he hates to think about it and that I made him dig it up by asking questions.
I feel bad, but I just needed to know.

No. 541864

Who is this guy in relation to you?

No. 541873

The only way I can imagine a man going through life being victimised this much and this often is if he has a serious intellectual disability and no carer. That or he's bullshitting you. Child rape, teen rape, adult rape, several men, oh and some women too, like wtf.

No. 541874

My boyfriend.
I'm trying to understand the degree that this stuff has affected him but it's just so much that I can't really grasp it.
I didn't realize the extent of his trauma and at times I'm just
confused about what to think

No. 541876

I believe him like 99% but the 1% of doubt is really eating at me. But no anon, this was his timeline:
-As a child <7 yrs old, was molested by 2 or 3 babysitters which were older men
-In high school he went on a date with a girl. said he wasn't attracted to her once he met her in person. it was badly snowing outside so he was invited into her house. Once inside, when he was ready to leave, she told him he could not leave, made him feel trapped by locking the door, and told him he needed to give her what she wanted before he could leave. He explained the situation to friends in more detail which outright called it rape except for a few guy friends who either said men can't be raped or congrats on getting laid.
Then about 2 years ago, the situation i described above happened.

I really care about this guy but I'm trying to figure out why there is this unsettled feeling I'm having about everything.

No. 541878

I'm equally confused, I'd be questioning anyone with quite so many incidents with seperate offenders in their life, and you say he's often been victimised by people in non-sexual ways too. Are his perceptions ok? Is he prone to making up stories? Is he getting therapy for these events? The two seperate female offenders is what's really rare here.

>but I'm trying to figure out why there is this unsettled feeling I'm having about everything.

I'd feel unsettled too.

No. 541879

I don't know what's so hard to understand. I've been molested by two girls begore and they can be really pushy sometimes even more so when they feel rejected or you don't show any interest. And anon's bf seems pretty spineless due to all that happened before

No. 541880

I just think it's BS, the five different rapists story all sounds like bull to me.

No. 541895

Took a lil break from visiting here after a bunch of 'women raping men' posts kept popping up on here last week amongst a few other bait posts.. come back today to more tales of women raping men. Damn when did the whole world turn into opposite land?

No. 541899

Are you saying that there is a serial baiter who writes about this?

No. 541904

There were a bunch of "my bf got raped by a woman" posts roughly a week ago, they got called out for it when details weren't adding up.

No. 541931

Where do people read fanfic these days? I haven't read fic since I was a fujoshit high schooler, but recently I've gotten into a certain piece of media that is making me want to get into it again

No. 541933

Is the guy I'm dating gay or just shy?
Ok so hes 20 and hes never had sex or kissed. He lost his virginity to me two days ago. I always have to start kissing him and hes just bashful and nervous the whole time. His dick gets hard though from the kissing. When I put his hand on my boobs he will keep it there for a bit then move it. He didnt even know what missionary is, usually guys by his age are degenerates who have seen all kinds of porn…which leads me to believe he just isnt interested in seeing women naked.

Everytime we have sex he cums within 2 minutes so he doesn't have an issue getting off.

I cant tell if hes like this because hes just shy or if hes gay.

No. 541934

>Everytime we have sex he cums within 2 minutes

Is he getting you off? Eating you out etc

No. 541936

No. He doesn't even know how to put a condom on. He barely knows how to do missionary. Throwing oral sex at him might be too much right now lol

No. 541939

Why waste your time on shitty sex and trying to train someone to even get half-good at it or think about your orgasm

No. 541946

Archive Of Our Own. Or some people use Wattpad, but that's some real "middle school girl writing 1D fanfic" shit

No. 541948

I'm not. He has a really small dick too it's not even worth it lol

No. 541949

My bf is kind of like that, except 24 and he had 2 previous partners before me so he wasn't a virgin. Have you talked to him about it? I decided to just talk to mine directly because both of us have been accused of being gay for having low interest in sex. I just asked him casual questions about sexuality or his past exposure to porn, etc. and it's slowly made both of us more comfortable/better with sex and intimacy

No. 541958

Does anyone else acts like a clown and makes jokes just to see people laugh? I love the feeling and have been doing it since forever

No. 541964

Yeah, my personality is kinda bad and I am ugly so it feels like being funny is my main thing so I try really hard. Feels nice to make someone laugh and also feels nice to be told I am funny. Win win!

No. 541967

archive of our own has a lot of good stuff, i still have my account of 5 years and it's filled with all kinds of bookmarks. sometimes i am even surprised that i am reading those things for free and not paying because some of the fics are just so well written. i highly recommend that site, as an ex wattpad user lol.

No. 541972

Honestly, love making bitches laugh. I tend to convert my rants into weird fkn bits so at least people don't get sick of me. Now i just need to remind myself not to get stuck on being a clown everytime i open up, that's lame.

No. 541974

Tbh anon thats pretty cute of you

No. 541980

Has anyone ever dealt with postponed concerts with tickets bought through Ticketmaster? Were your old seats honored?

I bought tickets to my favorite artist months ago, but the concert was postponed. Ticketmaster changed their ToS to not allow refunds but I’ve seen stuff of people advocating for buyers to file a claim with our banks anyway (something about the ToS at point of sale and any changes after that need not apply, something something, banks hopefully won’t be shitheads about it). I’m wondering if I should contact my bank to attempt getting a refund. I’m certainly not hurting financially at the moment, but an extra $200 saved away for food or other necessities certainly doesn’t hurt to have right now. I’m just a bit on the fence because, well, this is one of my favorite artists and the tickets were difficult to get and I scored pretty decent seats. Should I trust Ticketmaster/the artist to follow through on their word or should I just say fuck it and try to get a refund and suck it up if they do hold a concert later on that I probably won’t be able to get good tickets for?

No. 541987

You do realize that's the entire point of the tweet, right?

No. 541995

I have a weird problem, my friends always talk about how a big dick is very satisfying and blah blah but even an average sized one hurts me, It makes the entrance of my vagina feel like it’s burning and that my cervix is being stabbed so I avoid dating or sex, my ex had a very big dick and I only enjoyed sex with him despite it hurting because I loved him so much tho my screams would be of pain and he’d think it was because of pleasure (it was enjoyable tho but only because of the connection with the person I have loved the most ) the most enjoyable sex I’ve had has been with guys who have a 4 inch and I am frustrated because I feel broken that I can’t really enjoy sex. I’m not even being like omg my vagina is so tight !!! It always hurts, no. but I’m really concerned, even at gyn visit the speculum feels like a torture machin and that my insides are being torn apart but there’s no anatomical problem or illness otherwise. I also don’t think it’s vaginismus because I don’t clench my muscles. I just think my vagina has a short cavity length. I can touch my cervix with my ring finger even when ovulating (it’s supposed to be higher when ovulating, more difficult to reach). To be honest tho in all of my sex life I’ve probably had sex maybe a 60 times (not 60 people) in the length of 6 years, I go through long times without sex (usually a year or more). I have to ask does anyone else have a problem like this or had it when inexperienced? I want to know if this will go away by having sex regularly often.

No. 541997

phrasing is important

No. 542001


Maybe different positions could help a bit?

I have a friend with a seemingly similar story and she said she found certain positions more pleasurable.

It doesn't hurt me so much depending on the size, but I definitely prefer more average sizes too.

Please try not to get too frustrated though. All bodies are different. The best sexual partners are the considerate ones. Best wishes anon.

No. 542006

>>541980 if they dont honor seats, i'd imagine theyd be a fucking uproar.

No. 542011

Feel you on this anon, for the longest time I thought I had vaginismus or some shit but it's really just my shit being kinda tight. I don't really do piv and dicks are kinda a turn off so not that big of deal for me but some people are just build differently? I am kinda worried that you mentioned your ex and him not even knowing you were in pain, you need to be able to communicate about this stuff, it might even help in the future with other dicks. Hope you'll find pussy peace, anon!

No. 542013

Big dicks feel the best. The burning makes me think you need more lube? I can understand not owning lube if you don't have sex often but it hurts without it.

No. 542029

There is a huge spectrum of vaginismus though, some people can’t even insert a q-tip and for some people it’s just a pain/burning during sex. You also wouldn’t necessarily know if you’re clenching your muscles with vaginismus. I think that’s probably most likely what you’re experiencing?

No. 542033


No. 542047

File: 1587086762144.png (429.75 KB, 1012x1222, IMG_6897.PNG)

Do South Asian women have higher amounts of testosterone compared to other races?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 542098

You need lube for regular piv sex??? How dry are you

No. 542101

Nta but lube is definitely useful for long sex sessions, huge dicks, sex with condoms, etc. etc.
What do you have against lube anyway? Is there a reason for your aversion?

No. 542102

How to lose stomach fat?I weigh 110 and I'm tin but I really want a flat stomach

No. 542103

No. 542110

Does anyone else go through waves of "I'm really attractive and cute" to "I am pretty sure I am the ugliest woman alive and that no one could ever love this face including a mother"

No. 542126

Do you know a site where you can find playlists based on songs? For example, I pick a song and it finds playlists that contain the song.
Streaming services only let you search by title/username.

No. 542128

I don't think that anon has anything against lube, calm down. It's just most women don't use it and it's more associated to gay sex

No. 542129

I go from "You know, I'm pretty okay with myself and even though I'll never be a model, I've got other things to offer," to "Holy shit everyone else thinks I'm fucking hideous and many people will inherently treat me with less value or make unfair assumptions because of it, now I hate myself too!"

No. 542130

I don't really go back and forth but instead somehow consistently think I'm simultaneously extremely beautiful and also the most ugly woman alive.. it's hard to explain

No. 542140

it's not EXACTLY what you're looking for but this is pretty much how Spotify's song radio works - basically you open individual menu on the song, select radio and get list of music people would often listen to if they like this particular song.
If you search by song name + artist in the playlist section you'll also get playlists people started with that song and just didnt care enough to change name to something custom.

No. 542143

Well that's stupid (and a teeny bit homophobic tbh), everyone should at least try lube, it's awesome.

No. 542146


That being said lube is good for fisting, penetrating yourself with a fire extinguishers and sexual problems

No. 542147

I think it's an American thing since circumiced dick don't work right and causes extra friction.

No. 542151

No. 542154

What is the standard of beauty in the Middle East? I find it interesting what different parts of the world consider beautiful, and I feel like there's a lot of information online about different parts of North & South America, Europe and Asia but I was just curious what features are considered beautiful in the Middle East? If you're from there, are there any celebrities or models that you would say encompass that standard?

No. 542156

Why do American men have circumiced dicks? Is it that common?

I've only heard about men getting their dicks circumiced for religious reasons before and I honestly find it mutilation. I didn't know/think there's Western men in 2020 getting their dicks circumiced.

No. 542157

Long hair. The lighter the skin the better, the skinner but still with tits and an ass the better. Basically picture kylie jenner if kylie jenner didn't look so plastic . However because most arabs are brunettes with brown eyes, the blondes with blue eyes are worshipped.

No. 542159

well it varies I don't know much about Arabs but In Iran for e.g most people marry with in their specific tribe or clan, its a very big thing, same for Pakistan and Afghanistan
People are divided in to dozens of ethno-linguistic groups and then tribes/clans(necessaryspeed4)

No. 542161

Is there a general 'standard of beauty' in Iran or does it vary a lot within individual ethno groups?

No. 542168

Kellog the cereal man said it would stop men from sinning, a generation or two later fathers want their sons penises to look like theirs
That or facial cream conglomerates harvesting babby-foreskin for their products and doctors padding procedures after birth for extra vacation time

No. 542219

File: 1587123624913.jpg (22.13 KB, 740x418, 5e65d08066a97cd2de03f4e1.jpg)

in turkey it's:
- long hair on women is seen as beautiful
if you have short hair (shorter than shoulder length) then people are most likely to think that you're lesbian or assume you're some sort of satanist (speaking from my own experience here rip)
- also most men seem to melt when they see blonde women. it's so weird but they immediately think a woman with blonde hair is someone who's willing to fuck any guy
- to be "balık etli" which basically translates to "fish meat" but it means curvy/chubby figure. if you're skinny then a lot of the elders will most likely comment on your body and tell you to eat and "get fat" because they think being curvy/chubby means you're wealthy and "can afford food to feed yourself" and it's the "ideal figure any mother should have"
- no make up at all
- being light skin but with a bit of tan, i guess
if you're dark skinned then people are most likely to assume you're one of the gypsies who live here and they are seen as "trashy" and "ghetto"

pic attached is a turkish actress who is "balık etli"

No. 542221

And thank all stars in the sky for that. IMO uncircumsized weiners look terrible and I've heard many stories of women complaining about guys not cleaning their foreskin and stinking.

If I had a boy I would def get him circumsized.

You cannot just lose fat in one location, you have to lose fat all over.

No. 542225

File: 1587125237826.jpg (413.21 KB, 1440x1228, 20200417_050303.jpg)

I have so many questions about this shit. Why is head so small, why is the art so ugly, why is this targeted to Christians?

No. 542228

Barf. Imagine having to use lube because your man got a broken dick

I feel sorry for you kek. Uncircumcised dick looks natural and feels a lot better no matter what you say to try to cope

No. 542229

stupidest logic for genital mutilation ever, and just teach your kid how to wash himself ffs

No. 542231

>lets just cirumsize men instead of expecting proper basic hygiene


No. 542244

I'm in a country where pretty much nobody is circumsized and I've had some experiences with that lack of hygiene.. weirdly it always happened with otherwise clean men? It's a smell I can't stand. Wouldn't mind trying out a cut one just to see if oral is more pleasant.

No. 542258

Idgf whether a man is circumcised or not but it feels better? For who? Is my vagina just numb?

No. 542260

>feels a lot better no matter what you say

Nta but I really can't feel the difference during PIV

No. 542272

>he enters her a few times
That's sex anon. She wasn't holding a knife or threatening her. Your boyfriend had sex he regreted.

Lolno, the dude went along and had sex with her, are you high? There was no threat of violence or anything, he willingly engaged in sex.

No. 542274

>Your boyfriend had sex he regreted.
>Lolno, the dude went along and had sex with her, are you high? There was no threat of violence or anything, he willingly engaged in sex.

tfw you don't understand rape
that's like saying a woman had sex and wasn't raped because she got wet during the rape

No. 542280

>If I had a boy I would def get him circumsized.

>I would mutilate my child

You don't deserve to breed.

No. 542281

Anon… Women are weaker than men, it's not like we can do much against rapists. Men claiming to be raped while conscious is laughable. He could literally stand up and walk away, but he didn't. It's obvious he is lying for pity points.

No. 542282

Nta but I'm pretty sure you guys are arguing over a bait story that has been reposted here muliple times in the last few weeks.

No. 542284

Yeah, all of this sounds really sketchy to me. My apologies if I am wrong

No. 542287

Referring to it as 'mutilation' is a bit extreme, are guys who get it done later for medical reasons now mutilated too? Talk about giving them a complex with that over the top wording

No. 542289

>Is cutting off a part of someone's body mutilation
Yes, that's what mutilation means.

Also as far as I know, when doctors cut the foreskin for health reasons they don't remove the whole thing like they do at infants, they just cut the tip so it can slide, so it's nowhere near as intrusive.

No. 542291

I hate tumblr so fucking much, i made a blog and my posts wont show, bc its "new", but it's almost been a week, and i reblogged a shit ton of stuff, and it doesn't work. So i found an old blog of mine, i changed url and now my posts dont show up in the tag again! its retarded, what do i do

No. 542296

My friend had it done when he was eleven, it's rare where we live but he needed for medical reasons. He never shuts up about it. Every female friend has been asked about whether we all have some preference, reality is he cares way more about dicks and foreskins than any woman ever will.

No. 542298

>a bait story
What sort of responses do you think the baiter want from this? What's the purpose`

No. 542299

>reality is he cares way more about dicks and foreskins than any woman ever will.
Sure, he's the one who had the operation, when did I suggest otherwise? Not sure how it's related to the original point either.

No. 542302

Purpose is killing time in quarantine of course

No. 542303

Yeah, but I'm wondering if it's someone's fetish or a scrote looking to see what evil bitches farmers are who don't believe in male victims or something.

No. 542304

It's a womens board, point is women rarely care all that much about circumcision. So it's weird when posters care so greatly about it and get all extreme like 'it's mutilation, you shouldn't be allowed to breed!' etc

No. 542305

Both have crossed my mind, having read a few of them now I think it's the latter

No. 542308

>point is women rarely care all that much about circumcision
Em, I don't care that much in relation to having sex or anything. I care about human rights in general, especially when it relates to children. I am against circumcision because I consider it a direct breach of the child's right to bodily autonomy. I am pretty sure most women that are not Americans agree with me.

No. 542314

a lot of us do, even in america. we aren't the ones who are making decisions for our sons most of the time. ffs, our anatomy book doesn't even have foreskin in it. most american women i know who understand it just want their husbands to be educated. i personally think it's disgusting and just for $$ making (which is why hospitals ask the MOTHER about it right after childbirth basically)

No. 542323

How did it become such a tradition in america? I'm in europe in a country where all sorts of religious tradition is forced on kids but outside of religion it's hard to understand how things like that catch on in the first place.

No. 542325

I heard it was because of Kellogg, the cornflakes man, although /pol/ says it's because of the Jews. But I wouldn't trust /pol/ in general.

No. 542329

is there any way to convince someone of the importance of feminism - especially intersectional feminism? I get really anxious and flustered during any sort of debate because it always feels like the person who is extremely critical of feminism doesn't even believe a feminist could ever make any valid or thought provoking points to convince them. It feels like a lost cause and it's making me really question the validity of my own beliefs

No. 542330

It depends on the political beliefs of the person you are debating. What do they believe in and what is their issue with feminism?

No. 542331

here's a two hour lecture about it if you can stand the guy talking

No. 542333

>Two hours
I might check it out when I go to bed, tldw?

No. 542337


They always say that they value facts over feelings. They also really like Ben Shapiro. They don't seem to define themselves as a conservative or a liberal. And they constantly try and push my buttons just to get a rise out of me by jokingly saying blatantly sexist stuff. I don't consider myself a tumblrina by any means, but they seem to view me as one. And I won't lie, over the years, it's finally starting to genuinely hurt. I always try to avoid giving into my feelings but they kind of steamroll over me a lot. They speak so quickly and change debate topics so rapidly that most of the time, I don't even have the opportunity to think of a response to the points they make. At the same time, it feels like I take this much more seriously and personally than I should be. They seem to almost enjoy casually shitting on my beliefs whenever they see me.

No. 542339


Sorry for the double post, I just forgot to add that they don't seem to view western feminism, in particular, as being needed.

No. 542340

Shitty people that play with your feelings can't be reasoned with, tbh save your energy and skip the debates. Their opinion doesn't make or break the world.

No. 542341

>They also really like Ben Shapiro
Pretty questionable

>And they constantly try and push my buttons just to get a rise out of me by jokingly saying blatantly sexist stuff.

Is he trying to flirt with you by being an asshole? Or does he actually believe the sexist stuff he is saying?

As for the rest of your post, some people are simply better at debating than others, ask him to stop changing the subject and stick to some center of conversation, it's the best way to actually make some progress. Also, why does he affect you so much, are there feelings on your side?

Does he think gender roles are gone or sth? That's just deluded, where does he base this opinion?

No. 542344

if this is a man i wouldn't bother, there are plenty of misogynists out there, and edgy autistic ones are a dime a dozen. if it's a woman… that's sad and i'm not sure what tactics would be best.

if it's a man, do yourself a favor and ghost. if you can't, match his energy. he doesn't want a debate in good faith and likes pissing you off. i agree with the notion men usually debate to win, not actually change minds. so either start making fun of his shit beliefs and be condescending. make sure to laugh at him. hating women is actually very common so why would he think he's special? lol

No. 542349


Thanks for the advice, anons, I really do appreciate it. I will make sure to try and ask them to slow down and focus on one thing at a time the next time it happens.

And responding to the question,, I actually find them pretty unattractive. They are my boyfriend's good friend, and while my boyfriend holds many feminist beliefs himself, he always just shrugs off whatever shit they say as a joke. Even when they stuff like, "it's good that you're the pretty one in the relationship" to me and other comments about my appearance. It's all a joke to them.

I generally like them as a person and know that they have a good heart and perhaps that is what I should continue focusing on. Someone else's beliefs does not make or break the world, you guys are totally right.

No. 542350


LOL thanks, anon. Your response made my day. I will also make sure to keep that in mind. They are a man, btw, you guessed correctly. They definitely care more about winning the debate than actually productively discussing stuff.

No. 542354

File: 1587142516199.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.6 KB, 1360x725, Screenshot_2.jpg)

basically there was and still is a lot of orthodox jewish people that hold high positions in the medical field and argue for it to be done so they can be part of their "covenant of circumcision", so you end up with people like >>542221 who are brainwashed into doing it for aesthetic reasons

No. 542359

i'm glad i could help! reading this response, your boyfriend might not care much about feminism/politics (which is fine), but if his friend is pissing you off your bf should tell him to knock it off. there are people you can maturely discuss these topics with, and this man isn't one of them.

No. 542372

I feel sorry for those who have cut boyfriends. The sex must be so bad.

No. 542377

I'd like a cut bf but I'm unlikely to find one where I live.

No. 542385

I am the only one who didn't eat at work until i arrive home? work place food is garbage,I eat my breakfast at home too

No. 542408

yes, most of us bring lunch or buy out.

No. 542419

>I would rather mutilate my son than teach him how to clean himself

Please never have children. Who knows which other ways you might think up to cut corners in educating them…

No. 542425

Nta but I'm so sick of seeing 'you should never have kids' thrown around on here all the time. They already got that reply from other anons. Stop parroting the same lines.

No. 542434

repetition helps with learning though

No. 542439

I don't care either way about whatever they're currently arguing about. That line just gets overused.

Half the anons on here talk about not even wanting kids and yet we're always worrying about the hypothetical future kids of other anons lol

No. 542447

intermittent fasting helps me (specifically 16 hour fasts, with an 8 hour feeding window). You can't lose weight from just one area but it helps with bloating. I more or less have been eating the same thing as before but I'm less bloated and my stomach doesn't stick out as much.

No. 542451

Imagine if a guy said he prefers mutilated vaginas like they do in African countries. It's monstrous to do that to a child.

No. 542454

Lots of men wanting women to get things implanted into their ass and tits tho

No. 542455

i'm against cutting dicks but that's not the same thing at all lmao.

No. 542458

I've seen the word mutilated pop up so many times in this thread today lol

No. 542465

Do they get these implants as children?

It's genital mutilation of children that can't consent to it.

No. 542467

how is it not? after all, foreskins are just mutated clitoral hoods

No. 542470

That's cool but why has this same convo been repeating all day?

No. 542475

it's not the same thing. men with circumcised dicks can still pee and have sex without it being painful. you sound like a MGTOW lol

deleted my post to add that they don't die from it either, unlike many girls from "african countries"

No. 542479

i finally stopped biting my nails due to covid lmao but now i've moved full-force into biting my lips…

>get chapped lips

>bite the skin off to "even it out" >lip splits/bleeds
>leave it alone so it can heal a bit
>get chapped lips

and so on… how do i stop?

No. 542486

This thread today

> foreskins!

> mutilation!

No. 542488

can you stop? also if you look it up there are instances of men not being able to pee because of it and having to get their urethras surgically widened. it's not the same as culturally systemic genital mutilation, but it is still genital mutilation all the same.

No. 542491

>can you stop?
why? if you guys stopped sperging about the same thing over and over again, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
>there are instances of men not being able to pee because of it
give me stats.
> it is still genital mutilation all the same.
yeah i know, wasn't saying the opposite.

btw why can't you guys talk about how much you love uncut penises in the penis thread?

No. 542496

Are you drinking enough? Doesn't seem like the time of year where weather causes dry lips so dehydration?

No. 542497

>why are multiple people telling someone who said they'd rather mutilate their child than educate them not to have kids?

No. 542506

>give me stats.
Among circumcised males, reported incidence of meatal stricture varies. Griffiths et al. (1985) reported an incidence of 2.8 percent.[8] Sörensen & Sörensen (1988) reported 0 percent.[9] Cathcart et al. (2006) reported an incidence of 0.55 percent.[10] Yegane et al. (2006) reported an incidence of 0.9 percent.[11] Van Howe (2006) reported an incidence of 7.29 percent.[2] In Van Howe's study, all cases of meatal stenosis were among circumcised boys. Simforoosh et al. (2010) reported an incidence of 0.55 percent.[12] According to Emedicine (2016), the incidence of meatal stenosis runs from 9 to 20 percent.[6] Frisch & Simonsen (2016) placed the incidence at 5 to 20 percent of circumcised boys.[1]

No. 542508

So just a minority.

>Seventy-three percent of women reported the presence of LUTS. Twenty-seven percent voided at least 9 times per day, and 60% had nocturia at least 2 times. Bothersome voiding symptoms were commonly reported: urinary hesitancy (40%), strained urine flow (30%), and intermittent urine stream (47%). Fifty-three percent reported urgency urinary incontinence and 43% reported stress urinary incontinence. Symptom prevalence and bother were correlated for all 12 items (ρ = 0.51-0.90, P < 0.001). Median Pelvic Floor Impact Questionnaire-7 score was 102 (8-144), with 63% reporting urinary symptoms having "moderate" or "quite a bit of" impact on their activities, relationships, or feelings.

No. 542514

you're comparing something that happens naturally to something that happens because of a barbaric medical procedure because?

No. 542515

Those statistics are women who have gone through female genital mutilation. How is that something that happens naturally?

No. 542516

My bad because it didn't say anything about fgm in your quote

No. 542520

Try wearing lip gloss or something that tastes bad, I don't want to bite my lips when I have it on.

No. 542535


If you have worked in retail, you understand Karen is vaild an not sexist. Especially working in retail as someone not-white.

No. 542539

Why do I get more relaxed the deeper I get into some weird nihilism/existental coma? First I feel panic, then it turns into this "lmao nothing matters, and that's chill". All of my friends just get anxious and fucking triggered whenever I start talking about this shit and while I feel bad for them and myself for not being able to talk about this, I feel like if they just chilled, they'd calm down too. Not even in some 3deep4u but it's like first being sober, then awful sloppy drunk to mellow buzz.

No. 542540

I wanna add that it's not like I am this 247 and try to talk them into it like some creep, I just sometimes have these weird mellow nights where I just get to thinking shit, I think it even helps with the covid stress.

No. 542544

can't believe i found this old thread but anons here reminded of this discussion about circumcision in america. i wouldn't be surprised if it's the same anons. if you criticize cut dicks they think like we're shitting on their countrymen and get very defensive about it

No. 542550

When your stomach grumble, is it normal if the sound comes from your heart?

No. 542562

I strongly relate to this, and have had the same experience when I try and explain it to someone! It’s like my anxiety just reaches a peak where I can’t feel anxious anymore, and then it just turns into total detachment because nothing matters, nothing is real etc. It makes it so I’ll be extremely anxious over a pretty low consequence and mundane thing where I’ll feel physically ill but with things that are genuinely a huge deal and could have a significant consequence I’ll have that detachment/nihilism thing and just not process it I guess. I think it’s been useful because sometimes I’ve managed to avoid crippling anxiety in genuinely stressful situations but bad because sometimes it’s lead me to take things too lightly and I’ve misjudged the severity and probably would have benefited from being more worried.

No. 542574

Probably just gas traveling up your esophagus.

No. 542578

Is it possible to have an irregular period for years and there be nothing wrong with you or is it usually the sign of some underlying problem? Also when people say regular/irregular what is the criteria like if it’s only a few days off would it be irregular, are most people’s cycles the exact same amount of days each month?

No. 542582

Is it worth it to buy a dress mannequin if I want to sell a large number of clothes for better pictures? I'd like to believe I'd use it afterwards to display my favorite dresses or something.

Does the seller having clothes on a mannequin influence your decision to buy from them, or do you not care when people lay clothes on a clean flat surface? I personally like quality photos with the mannequin, but I would start out -$200 pretty much for buying it. I think I could recover that cost but I'd barely break even.

No. 542584

Personally I do find it helpful to see them on a mannequin and think it makes me more likely to click on the listing

No. 542587

How do I stop giving relationship advise to my friends who have massive problems with their partners? I can't just stand by and watch them being ignored, abused verbally and treated like pieces of shit. They say to me that they understand my opinion, but they don't want it. I generally tell them that they deserve better and should separate, and they agree, but don't do it still. I see why, I also see why their partners do what they do, and I know that if they don't break up, it's their choice. If the break up, it will be their decision, not mine, and I get it.
But again, what am I supposed to do when my friend just told me that her boyfriend ignored her on social media and everywhere else for two weeks because of some minor shit, and she begs him for support while she has to deal with her family that tries to illegally evict her? What do I tell my other friend, who cries and tells me that she already knows that her gf doesn't respect her and stays with her for her own comfort? When I had a similar situation in my life nobody knew about it, but if I did tell anyone, I'd probably ask for advice. In these situations I see that my opinion is unwelcome, but if I say "oof girl, that sucks" it seems that it's not enough? How do you talk with people in shitty relationship?

No. 542588

What are the main ideological differences between liberal & radical feminism?

And why is liberal feminism so prevalent in pop culture but radical feminism seems to be so obscure?

No. 542591

You should've asked this question before the radfems left lol.

No. 542593

Why does Ariana Grande have such a disproportionate amount of skinwalkers compared to every other female celebrity?

No. 542596

They've left? I thought this website was radfem

No. 542598

her features/general look/style/mannerisms are common and easy for others to emulate

No. 542619

How should I approach my job about possibly extending my contract for a few more months? Should I even bother? I'm a temp front desk employee for my company (the only front desk employee, really) and was hired for 10 months, with the possibility of extending it an extra two months for a full year, but nothing more after that (don't want to give me benefits). That was all fine and dandy and I knew these terms when I agreed to take this position, but of course no one knew covid was going to screw all of us over. I don't really want to stay here long term, nor do I want their health insurance, but I do need the pay right now. Several of my coworkers have tried to nudge the HR director about it but none have really gotten a response (one of them offered to talk to one of the execs about it, who happens to be close to the president).

Should I email the HR department (only two people) and say something like "Hey, my contact is ending, I know it was agreed that I could only stay for a year max but is there a possibility of extending it for a few months?" I did hear the HR girl say that they did once keep a temp employee that they really liked for a long term (in a different department) by hiring her as a freelancer so they could get away with not giving her benefits. This person wasn't in the admin department and was in a department that frequently hires freelancers anyway. Would it be weird of me to propose this to them?

No. 542627

radical feminism has a systemic analysis of women's issues while liberal feminism an individualist aproach, so the latter gels better with a neo-liberal consumerist society that is fine with women working, getting divorced, getting an abortion, doing porn, prostitution, make-up, accepting trannies, ect, since that all means more profit$ but doesn't want to hear anything about how its this current system itself oppresssing women rather than just not being able to fully participate in it

No. 542632

It's mainly a gossip imageboard, and I doubt they enjoy that kind of thing.

No. 542638

is RVing considered trashy? i've wanted to do it for years but it seems like a stupid idea at times and like an impossible dream at other times.

No. 542642

I'm sorry your friends are so blind. My own friend said she'll probably get back with the dude who cheated on her and I'm so sad. I try telling myself "I'm sure he's not that bad" but god my friend deserves so much better. I'm just throwing stuff out there, hope it can help. I know you're already doing what you can and I hope they realize their worth.

I don't know if you would consider these straight up abusive relationships, but if they keep ignoring you, giving direct advice to leave won't help and might push them away. Only they can decide they want to accept and are ready to leave.

If it hurts that much, you might just have to tell them not to bring up their relationship issues. If they keep using you as an outlet to vent, they might not realize how bad it is. Maybe you could ask if they'd want their friend or a daughter to be in the same relationship. Not wanting to hear about their relationship issues because they won't change it is understandable, but will hurt their feelings. Make sure they know you care and have their back, and continue to do your best to boost their self-esteem and help them in other ways.

No. 542726

Finally someone who kinda gets it! Yea it just goes so far that it turns into a soft hum of lmao okay, big deal and I can think about it without freaking out. I don't tend to push stuff that worries me out of the way but sometimes smaller things I could easily just get up and change quickly, I waste time by thinking what's the worst scenario if for some reason this shit too fails. Guess we need to be mindful of not stressing out others.

No. 542732

Radfems don't like trannies or sexworkers. that's more or less the main difference.

No. 542736

Radfems don't like pimps. There are radfems who are or were in the sex industry.

No. 542741

Who cares if it’s trashy, it seems like a lot of fun. I’d love to do that for a summer.

No. 542743

The radfems here definitely shit on sex workers pretty hard for the most part.

No. 542748

Radical feminism is, understandably, against the sex industry as it's harmful to women and children. Radfems put the blame on men who buy or pimp out women, but they will also criticize female pimps and shills.
Farmers are farmers though, they hate everything and are rarely actual radical feminist.

No. 542755

This is very fucking stupid, but has the Sonic Totem actually gave any of you fated answers or luck?? I don't believe in supernatural bullcrap, but I wonder if you guys had any "meaningful experience" with that shit or with any other spiritual hoo-has.

No. 542773

I'm from the uk and recently moved to east asian. I have been feeling really lonely and i keep on running into other foreigners but i'm too shy to say anything.
Can anyone give me some conversation starters ?

No. 542775

Is Joji attractive? I've never looked at someone and wondered if I wanted to jump their bones or hold my breath and avoid them at all costs.

No. 542779

I think out of 4 asks I've done over a few months all of them were spot on looking back. I'm not someone who actually believes in that stuff but that is pretty weird. Was also a pretty hilarious read through other anons posts would recommend.

No. 542780

I'd fuck him into next week but he definitely falls into what I'd consider my 'type'

No. 542781

Personally I find him extremely unattractive in every way

No. 542784

There you have it, he's average on average

Jokes aside, I really do consider him to be completely average

No. 542786

Would jump him. I really don't crush on men very often but there's something about him that does it for me.

No. 542799

Is there a guide anywhere for doing mail trades? I know someone made a post on /cgl/ a long time ago about using paypal to exchange money but I can’t find it.

I know someone who does it once a year, they like it but there’s a lot of work involved when it comes to RV maintenance. But theirs is old so I don’t know if it would be easier with a more up to date vehicle.

No. 542816

Honestly being a foreigner and meeting other foreigners is a great way to immediately relate to a stranger. I also was living in a different country for a bit and I'd always start conversations with other foreigners by asking people where they were from, what their home country was like, why they came to this country, what they're studying or what their job is, etc. and more conversation will inevitably flow from that. And you can discuss the country you're in right now, relate to each other about things you like or dislike about it, discuss good restaurants/shops/clubs to visit, etc.

No. 542874

I’d fuck him, though he does kind of look like a pop-eyed goldfish. I’m a whore though, so idk what the consensus is

No. 542880

Why is it that we never hear of a successful vigilante (especially with all the capeshit in the medias rn)

No. 542922

according to comic writer Alan Moore, someone going around in the den of the night beating criminals up is not a mentally well, that type of person is a delusional vigilante nutcase

No. 542923

When online dating, how do you filter out guys into ones you think you would have a fun time meeting? I feel like I've met all kinds of guys irl that could be a good match for me. My main criteria for someone I'd like to date is someone who I could have a good conversation with, but I'm not sure if there's any way of telling that online.

btw, I'm not planning on breaking quarantine. Just bored right now and looking for guys to meet afterwards.

No. 542925

I mean…you could always talk on the phone.

No. 542933

Have you heard about Diana the Hunter of bus drivers?

No. 542936

I want it to be true, but the more realistic explanation is that the "Diana Murders" are separate events(likely revenge killing) and that the email the newss publication that wrote about the Diana Murders was either fabricated by the company or a troll

No. 542962

you may be right but I want to believe.

No. 542996

File: 1587251563762.png (1.82 MB, 1284x1224, 2pqJKsm.png)

Does Shallon Lester have her own thread or has she been discussed on LC before? I was disturbed by her the moment I heard her speak for the first time, she is just dripping with pathological narcissism. Lately thumbnails keep popping up on YT about her being exposed and whatnot but I haven't lurked.

No. 543022

haven't seen her discussed much tbh, i think she had a thread in guru gossip? i enjoy watching her because im that dumb bitch who loves to watch messes/drama from the sidelines and not get involved. her openly hating on selena gomez and calling her a whisper goose cracks me up, but you're spot on. shes totally into herself and thinks shes gods gift to green earth for sure

No. 543026

She’s also a predator who tweeted that she had a sex dream about Justin Bieber when he was 15.

In addition to that she’s a pathological liar, my favorite boldfaced lie she told was when she said (with such confidence and aggrandizement) that Harry Styles pushed her up against a wall and made out with her.
She also claimed to have dated a k-pop idol.

No. 543032

You have to believe in the power of Sonic and watch his movie 15 times. THEN, pray to him anon.

No. 543036

I actually really like her except for when she basically said if you're suicidal that you're a selfish bitch. She also talks about disorders like she's qualified to and I don't trust her "sources" at all.

No. 543048

She's all over my recommends and the shit she says just confuses me. She was on some new Iliza something something's sketch show and I was so ???

No. 543148

I posted a several photos in one post on instagram long ago after going on holidays, but I remember soon after posting them the first ones weren't visible anymore. That's still the case but when I download my instagram archive they'll show up in my archive. Instead I have a message that goes like "couldn't load image. tap to retry" but taping doesn't do shit no matter what. Did it ever happen to some of you? And did any of you manage to make your pictures show up again? I'm only using instagram to post pictures when I travel or go to restaurants I really like but it pisses me off so much.

No. 543175

What does someone saying they ‘hooked up’ with someone actually mean?

No. 543177

I binged her stuff when she was on my recommends because I was watching any and all love is blind analyses. Moving on to other stuff she was weird af. She wwas talking about wanting to marry a past fuckboy and then idolising him because she wanted to BE him? Sis wtf. I feel she's a bit in line with female dating strategy stuff which I can enjoy, but the more I watched her the more I clocked her as vapid and narcissistic, and even though she had a strong start I can't not roll my eyes at her now.

No. 543178

One of her videos recommended to me ages ago and I've been watching on and off. Mostly when I'm bored. It's just fun to listen to insane gossip sometimes. A lot of these "exposed" videos on her I think are a bit of an overreaction. If you're that triggered over someone roasting a crackhead celebrity, then you need help. They don't know you. They don't care about you. And I thought we were moving past the fake outrage/PC bullshit.

No. 543179

hooking up refers to anything sexual (making out or having full on sex) with someone who isn't your significant other.

No. 543208

File: 1587300468856.png (521.52 KB, 700x632, 1585562383143.png)

>Radfems are whores
That makes waaaaay too much sense.

No. 543215

Why that pic

No. 543222

Do orgasms get stronger/better with age? Not because of experience but because of our anatomy? I swear I'm doing the same shit to myself now that I was when I was 13 but it feels 10x better

No. 543237

My orgasms are better (and much easier to achieve) since entering my thirties. No change in my technique

No. 543264

I think it's fun. The totem answers would eventually be true just by the odds.
It's like if you prayed to a jug of milk for things and some of the things came true. You wouldn't start worshiping a milk god. Or would you?

No. 543299

This. I really hope there isn't going to being a trend of hateful/assmad anons tainting cute "wholesome" pictures with passive-aggressive BS.

No. 543305

i asked sonic if i was going to have a good year or something like that for 2020 and he said "suffering awaits." selfishly i figured it just applied to my life so i was a little worried about me and my loved ones. i asked him a slightly different version of the question and got the same thing. well, look what happened!

No. 543308

does Phoenix Jones count? I know people who were saved outside nightclubs by him.

No. 543311

of course not anon lol, it's just luck. Perhaps some part of you wants it to be real so you have something to hang onto

No. 543364

Should I go get weed and weed accessories for 420 or should I keep steady and take a break to reset? t. daily smoker for months now

No. 543387

>can't reply to any threads on fireden
Either I'm a goddamn idiot or my browser is doing weird stuff

No. 543408

nvm i am a fucking idiot after all

No. 543487

So I just read a 2019 study that has "mental retardation" in the title. Does retardation remain as a valid term in psychology/science?

No. 543522

I'd go for it for the day, I'm partaking tomorrow and resuming a break after.

No. 543530

Anyone here have parents that are first cousins. Do you feel like it's affected you genetically in any way? (Mentally/physically)

No. 543533

Not my parents but my paternal grandparents, which might explain why I'm such a fucking retard.

No. 543542

Mine too. But unless theirs for several generations back were, the consanguinity likely had no affect.

In other words, you're a fuck up all on your own. Love you.

No. 543549

Is there any way I could send a DM to someone on IG without having an account/without them finding my IF? or like is there some "open account" that anyone can use for such a purpose?

No. 543553

no but also wtf…

No. 543557

Nothing bad, I want to tell an ex friend to be careful with the guy she's hanging out with but I don't want her to have my IG.

No. 543560

Obviously I know it’s somewhat exaggerated but do a lot of girls in England actually do their makeup like the ‘British Girl’ meme?

No. 543566

What sources would be good to learn about Hinduism and Buddhism? I want to learn about the religions' origins, main tenets, and how misogynistic they are.

No. 543591

What does it mean to ‘look Russian’? I get told this a lot even though I’m not and something about it makes me feel off

No. 543608


i think this depends on context. what race are you? who is telling you this?

for example, if you're half asian and a gross guy is approaching you trying to play the "what are you" game, i could see them guessing russian since some russians can look racially ambiguous like a half asian person might.

for example, if it's your paranoid alt-right neighbour, he might be trying to suggest that you look like a communist and/or not trustworthy.

are you just a pretty blonde haired/blue eyed person? then this is probably nothing to worry about…

No. 543609

I'm Finnish and over here it basically means "looking gaudy and overdressed in a trashy way such as heavy makeup, overly bleached hair, high heels and a fur coat". Depends on the context and culture though, ours is probably influenced by all the nouveau riche Russian tourists.

No. 543613

I feel like people are most likely to ask you that if you have a big nose and blue eyes. (If that sounds offensive then I am sorry lol.) My cousin is the same and people tend to ask him if he's from a Slavic origin and most of the time people tend to guess he is either Serbian or Russian. Dude is just American.

No. 543614

Like previous anons have said, I'm gonna guess you look ethnically ambiguous. I do too and I've been asked if I'm Russian a couple times.

No. 543616

For a woman being asked if she's Russian (or Ukrainian) usually means she is very pretty, at least it's a stereotype in my country.

No. 543620

to look like a mousy white girl.

No. 543633

Finnish 2 anon here,for me that would mean fried, overly dyed perhaps bigger hair, unseasonal clothing like heels and furs and general smug yet trashy vibes. Also big nose and small mouth lmao

No. 543635

File: 1587392511856.jpeg (189.63 KB, 914x1000, 420EACC3-91D7-45BF-84D5-AC6CA7…)


Wow these are all interesting and kind of conflicting responses, I kind of feel more confused over it now - next time someone says it I’m just going to ask them explicitly what that means

No. 543670

would you tell people that you've been in relationship when the only relationship you had was a LDR that you didn't even end up meeting the other person in?
and most importantly, should you tell your future partners about that?

No. 543672

I wouldn't even call that a relationship

No. 543678

In Korea it's a way to ask if you're a prostitute. I'm sure you're just pretty, anon

No. 543717

why the child

No. 543790

is it physically possible to fix an accent to the point where people can't tell which part of the world i'm from at an older age?

i get irrationally irritated when i'm asked about my nationality every time i meet someone new, which does happen a lot. i don't care if i sound completely native, i just don't want it to be so.. telling. the stereotypes associated with my country are pretty annoying and not something i feel like dealing with.

No. 543791

online relationships aren't real.

No. 543806

The song is supposed to be about the sun and the moon, not sex. At least that's what they say.

No. 543809

One of the band members also said he imagined the sounds in the song being made by a gross fat monster. It's so funny how ever since a string of 80s movies popularized it as a lusty sounding song the "original meaning" as defined by the artists is moot

No. 543854

What's the name of the guy who thought he was being spied on by the american government and everyone thought he was delusional, including his wife, until it was proven true after his death? I think he wrote a book too

No. 543856

Pretty sure you're thinking of Hemingway.

No. 543904

I would say possibly, but the person who comes to mind who has “fixed” their accent is Nikkitutorials. You can hear how heavily accented her english was in her first videos, and overtime she just sounds straight up American. I don’t think she purposely tried to fix her accent, but it is possible.

No. 543919

No he does not sound american you stan. He still sounds like a filthy German

No. 543987

Is craving spicy food a sign of something? I can't get enough of Tabasco, I've been putting it on everything lately

No. 544059

I didn't know where else to put this, but here goes

I know a girl who used to have a reputation for being a bit two faced, but mostly alright. She seems nice enough. Her friend tags her in a lockdown selfie thing where you post yourself without makeup vs in makeup.

She responds saying she's so mad at the friend for doing this but here we go….and she posts a "no makeup" selfie of her…..in less makeup than the one in makeup. She's still clearly got mascara, kohl eyeliner, foundation and a ton of filters slapped on. Everyone else involved in the tag posts genuine no makeup ones and she digs a bit for compliments.

Why do some girls do this? is it insecurity? it wasn't even a selfie she took during lockdown but one from a long time before. It got me thinking in general why there seems to be a trend for #nomakeup. I don't know why but I think it annoyed me at how put on it sounded that she was annoyed with the friend for tagging her but she goes and posts the same photo that she's posted before very happily. Why do people lie to themselves and others like that? there's nothing wrong with not wearing makeup and I just don't understand why she didn't just not post if she was really too nervous to take an actual no makeup picture.

No. 544065

Because you're all busybodies who've gotta cook up drama over imaginary problems, like facebook selfies. One side is not more wrong than the other, you're all insufferable twats caught up in your own special brand of self-importance.

No. 544067

How old are these people? Fucking hell. People who act this crazy over being seen with no make up on are extremely juvenile and annoying. Get over it. I really hope these people are not grown women.

No. 544072

How in the fuck when's she's dutch?

No. 544074


I don't understand it. We should embrace our natural beauty. Makeup doesn't make up for shitty personalities anyway.

No. 544097

I'm guessing it's a trend because ppl want to flex their "natural beauty" and make it seem like they are beautiful without makeup. Which they are, of course, but then you get the people who think they look better with makeup struggling to "keep up." The whole thing is so stupid.

No. 544102

As a suspected BPD (lol jk but I have most symptoms so running with it). How can I start to sort myself out mentally? Absolutely not in a place to afford therapy atm. Recently out of a relationship where I was crazy jealous and anxious when I'm A-OK when single. I'm feeling that calm and I know that if I want a healthy relationship with someone else at some point in my life I need to start tackling this.

No. 544111

There's the 'Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills workbook' if you can't afford the therapy in person.

No. 544116


I can’t leave my house without filling in my eyebrows and some light mascara. I personally break down and cry sometimes at how ugly I look and feel. Let ugly people be ugly in peace without judging them for not wanting to be seen in their worst state.

No. 544135

Diff anon, I don't wear (or even own) any make up but I don't get why anyone would shit on someone else for feeling like they need it.

All my insecurities are based around my abilities instead of my looks, we all have something we feel shit about.

No. 544149


I'm not >>544067 but I think the point was why was someone taking a positivity tag and posting something misleading and saying it was no makeup, however I am heavily against people beating other people up for wearing it. It makes people feel good.

However, to post something with makeup and insist to people that it is #nomakeup on a trend going round where you're delibrately embracing a bare face, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

No. 544152

That book is iffy but better than nothing. Another BPD anon here and that book can encourage some not-so-good behaviors (like online shopping when you feel bad). Some parts of that book really helped me with stopping self-harm though.

No. 544153

You should start by not getting attached to the BPD diagnosis even if you suspect it because only a professional can make that diagnosis and it usually takes a lot of time.

No. 544160

It's a good few years since I used the book but yeah I remember there were one or two parts that didn't resonate with me so I just used what worked.

No. 544163

What does being a difficult person mean? Personality wise, not on purpose.

My ex let that one slip years ago and it still haunts me since I'm doing my best to improve myself but feel like I'm not getting anywhere because I'm so "difficult". Could that somehow be related to my shitty depression?

No. 544167

I'd interpret it as not being easy going, being unwilling to compromise or see things from others point of view, being highly specific/unflexible about how they wan't things, making things unnecessarily harder than they need to be etc but i think the context of them saying it matters a lot, like it also could just be a total throwaway comment said in anger relating to how you were being in that specific moment that you shouldn't internalise to this extent or attribute your entire place in life to

No. 544176

I don't want to be transphobic or anything, but why do transmen annoy me so much? I was searching for fanart of a thing I like and most artists are people that 10 years ago would be just normal fujos. Nothing wrong with being a fujo, that's just a powerlevel thing. They keep drawing male characters as trans like them, with top surgery scars… I don't feel like this towards transwomen. Why would a woman, attracted to men, would like to be a "gay boy" irl? I don't get it.

No. 544178

i don't understand why ppl are bothered by fake bois, they're just self hating teenage girls. MTFs always have been worse.

No. 544180

>Why would a woman, attracted to men, would like to be a "gay boy" irl? I don't get it.

Half of them have experienced rape or sexual violence, it's a way of escaping the female body they were in while assaulted. Then they become uber sexual as 'men' cos they feel somehow safer in that role.

No. 544193

>it's a way of escaping the female body they were in while assaulted
That's very enlightening. Thanks.

No. 544197

Last night I was trying to go to sleep at around 3am. Usually I sleep at 12, but I was calling someone and wanted to stay up a bit later than usual. Anyway, by the time I get to bed and I'm laying down, I'm exhausted and my eyes feel sore and hurt to keep open; I can't stress how absolutely bone tired I felt, like I couldn't move an inch after I laid down. I'm about to pass out when all of a sudden my brain randomly makes me feel like I'm wide awake. I can't explain it, it was like an actual switch was flipped and it turned me back into 'day' mode. I sat up and didn't feel any drowsiness at all, it was the strangest thing I've ever felt (first time I felt it too) and I felt so disturbed by it I tried to force myself to sleep and it took me maybe half an hour to because I just wasn't tired. What was that?

No. 544200

Probably just becoming over tired? Like when you would pull an all nighter usually the tiredness would peak and people get a random burst of energy at around 3/4 AM

No. 544209

as someone who actually has had experiences with fakebois let me tell you that the '''all were victims'' is bullshit.
Yeah some of them were, but the majority of them are either fujos who took their yaoi fantasy too far and now want to be their fav yaoi boy or they are nlog girls or self-hating dykes.

No. 544215

>the majority of them are either fujos who took their yaoi fantasy too far and now want to be their fav yaoi boy or they are nlog girls
That's also very likely and along the lines of most MTF narratives. I just think it's really weird that people abandon the most basic sense of pride/decency (also in real fucking life) just to "be" ~special~.

No. 544246

Does Ireland have a good public transport system or is it one of those places where you need a car to get anywhere?

No. 544255

What's a good yt downloader again?

No. 544271

it's german but works very well for me

No. 544273

yes. obviously.

No. 544274

Is it manipulative of someone to post stuff like "when you feel like a burden to your favorite person" on their accounts despite knowing damn well their favorite person (in this case: me) can see it? i don't even feel bad for them tbh i just get irritated because it's annoying and seems very very bpd behavior imo

No. 544276

I mean idk if there's more context to this than what you posted but if this is just out of the blue then yes it is

No. 544278

Trademark BPD behavior. Cut them off.

No. 544279

deleted it first because i made a typo but nice

It was completely out of the blue. i was sleeping and woke up to a bunch of sad stories on their account and they were acting like i make them feel like a burden despite them not even replying back to me wtf i hate men so much

No. 544284

More context? Did you """fail""" them recently? If yes then yeah it's manipulation. If not it could just be bored boohooing.

No. 544288

This is just me but that wouldn't guilt or manipulate me to do anything. I'd just feel bad for them that they feel that way about their relationship with me even though I don't think that way about them. If I've already tried to reassure them then I'd just let them have their feelings tbh.

But take it with a grain of salt because I've dealt with mentally unwell people all my life so things like passive aggressive social media statuses are nbd to me. Most healthy people who didn't grow up around toxicity would rather not handle it at all and cut the person out like a tumor, and that's what works for them.
What works for you?

No. 544294

File: 1587508757966.png (108.95 KB, 297x297, 365686486.png)

So basically this guy my friend introduced me to was really getting along with me and he seemed like an OK guy so we exchanged our instagrams and continued talking for a few weeks until i had my "oopsie" aka told him one of my interests (which is kpop don't behead me pls) all casually without even getting into it (literally only said that i listen to their songs that's it) and he suddenly had this weird mental breakdown in my dms and started telling me how his ex gf also was into that and that she cheated on him and now he's broken and so i was like Wtf i am sorry i guess? and ended up apologizing like a doormat and then he stopped replying and started posting shit like that on his story like a teenager

Honestly yeah i do see your point and i agree with what you said but in this case he is behaving like some teenager (which is really embarrassing) and if he's already acting like this because of one small (barely) argument then i don't even want to imagine how he will act in the future so i am just gonna ghost him

No. 544297

No offence but how and why can you even be friends with people like this, obviously this is an extremely unhinged reaction? In the future I'd just in general stay away from anyone who uses the term 'favourite person' especially in regard to someone they've only known a short time

No. 544316

Lol bitch the fuck. I thought you were talking about a longtime friend. Imagine acting this psychotic to someone you only know for a few weeks. Drop the poop anon, make it clear he can't just go around forcing people to be "fp" aka designated emotional punching bag.

No. 544320

thats literally a bpd term like it's not seems very bpd this person is a legit bpdfag. you need to swipe up and tell them to cut this shit out, don't be passive

No. 544322

You sound retarded and like an attention whore and an emotional toddler. Full offense. Get over yourself and cut people out that are obviously acting stupid instead of fishing for validation on here.

No. 544324

File: 1587511153776.png (66.32 KB, 627x419, 00.png)

>bpd term

No. 544327

>a few weeks
Thirding other anons, I thought you were talking about a long time pal lmao. What's three weeks? Ditch him, he's crazy. Plus it sounds like he was sizing you up as a potential date considering he was attempting to guilt you over something his ex did as if you should care about pleasing him like a romantic partner.

No. 544342

Suck my dick

No. 544351

Yep, that's him! Ty.

No. 544375

Who actually buys stuff from Dollskill?

No. 544380

Lmao I just did and my order came a day ago.

No. 544396

only retards as you can see, anon.

No. 544397

You don't even capitalize the first letter in your sentences gtfo.

No. 544398

yep, an idiot just like i said.

No. 544401

File: 1587525178185.gif (296.05 KB, 220x293, tenor (3).gif)

Hm, but you didn't say unfashionable.

No. 544404

I got in the passenger side of my car and realized that I tip off the sensor for the airbag. Does this mean when I drive my driver side airbags also won't deploy? I'm sorry if this is real stupid, I just never noticed until today

No. 544417

Is there anything wrong with using 20 packets of Sweet N Low a day?

No. 544420

Nope! Only if it senses a passenger in it. I think it’s also meant to protect if there’s a child in the front seat, if they don’t tip off the weight they probably aren’t tall enough for the airbag to do any good.

No. 544424

is that a bpd term too

No. 544429

Dam so I fucked if I get in a bad accident then.

No. 544447

Is it social anxiety to feel like you have nothing to say? I don't feel anxious around people and do great with public speaking, but I really struggle to make conversation even with close friends. My mind just goes blank. I end up avoiding a lot of social gatherings and see them as chores because I'm scared of going and not being able to say shit.

No. 544451

File: 1587543734526.gif (929.96 KB, 500x308, 362CD15C-5ED6-4AC4-9E04-BE28BD…)

I don’t think so? Very annoying that people feel pressured to be a non-stop chatter box in order to “socialize”. This makes otherwise fun interactions so god damn draining when it doesn’t need to be. Like, some of us are just natural listeners? I’ll say something when I have something to say damn. Just let there be silence for once.

No. 544472

Dont take my word as a guarantee for a diagnoses but i have social anxiety and i felt that too. I'm naturally extroverted but when the anxiety hits oh damn i clam the hell up and end up withdrawing for everyone else.

Speaking of social anxiety, do you also got random bouts of cringe flashbacks and you wonder if its the anxiety or you are just autistic as fuck?

No. 544478

I feel like people aren't going to believe me but about an hour ago I heard heavy breathing coming from my airpods while I was on my laptop. I didn't have any tabs open besides the one I was on, I wasn't facetiming anyone, nothing. I checked to make sure nothing was connected or on and there wasn't anything; so I freaked out and held the power button down until my laptop turned off. I'm not using that laptop right now but I'm genuinely wondering what that could have been. Could it really be that someone had access to my audio?

No. 544480

I have no answers but that's fucking freaky anon and i believe you

No. 544482

>Could it really be that someone had access to my audio?
Yes. In case you haven't heard, there's been a warning that now, more than ever, is the time to block your webcam and microphone because with everyone stuck at home and on the net, scammers/hackers are having a field day and they can disable the light function that lets you know your webcam is on.

No. 544521

Do lesbian prostitutes serving women exist? This thought suddenly popped to my head but I've never heard about them.

No. 544535

They do exist.

No. 544542

It's like male prostitutes who service women, yes they exist and would prefer that clientel, but they mostly service men and just lie about it to the women if they can get away with it.

No. 544624

I'm other anon.
I'm dumb when it comes to computers, but what steps I need to take to be extra safe?
I don't want a situation like that ever happen to me.
Also, if someone gets access to my webcam/microphone, how much access they have to my computer overall? They see files on my computer? They see what I'm doing rn on my computer?
Shit like that make me paranoid.

No. 544732

File: 1587587967200.jpg (57.33 KB, 315x445, 81RxIFunabL._SY445_.jpg)

Does anyone know where i can watch the full series of "Rakudai nintama rantarou'' online? I really want to catch up but i most websites i know dont always have them.

No. 544741

Do you actually care about people who die and are often displayed in the news? I mean I do care if my favorite artist kicks the bucket since no new music for me but I have always taken that as grandstanding when it's a literal who.

No. 544744

I do, unless they were rich. Fuck the rich.

No. 544750

Do you actually actually feel something or just acknowledge it?

No. 544751

It makes me sadder when it's a literal who because it could be my or anyone else's ass who I know. It's sad to me knowing there wasn't a damn thing more the world could have done for that person, and if it were me the world would just keep chugging along regardless of how painful, unjust, and/or cruel the situation may have been. Likely to be forgotten in a short amount of time at that. A clean and prepared death is a gift, and it hurts to know that so many people are robbed of that when they die tragically.

Celebrity deaths actually get less sympathy from me because of the fact that they likely had the best chances before death than any normal person, and that they won't be forgotten anytime soon like a normal person would. Maybe it's empathy fatigue, but it's like my brain assumes someone else has got the sympathy covered for a well known celeb so mine is better put towards someone else.

No. 544756

OOOH good shit! Can you understand nips? I have a source but it's subtitled in vietnamese

No. 544758

George michael dying on xmas day a few years back was a little sad, that's about it for me.

No. 544767

File: 1587591197748.jpg (17.11 KB, 720x648, 79646791_1028535604151330_2678…)

I can understand very tiny nips, but i can fully understand Vietnamese though. May I have the source please? Much appreciated and thank u in advance.

No. 544790

File: 1587593976028.jpg (76.47 KB, 1200x900, 3e1be63aa59a47c.jpg)

does anyone else feel really disgusted when they've shared a lot about themselves to others? every time i talk a lot about myself to a group of friends or even just one friend, i feel so gross and wish i could un-say it all

No. 544791

I'm guessing this isn't short for "nipples"?

No. 544794

every single fucking time. someone needs to cut my vocal chords

No. 544800

It means you are not being a pushover and don't let people walk all over you and you know your worth.

People who say you are "difficult" are trying to tear you down. Don't let them.

No. 544807

maybe adopted kids can shed some light on this, but why do some people want to go out of their way to find their biological parents? i understand from a medical perspective, but all the stories ive heard its never for that reason. if you've literally grown up since you were a baby with one set of parents why bother? you're a stranger to this person and you are to them, do you assume some miraculous connection will be made?

No. 544809

so glad you posted this. i feel less alone

No. 544819

File: 1587598695700.jpg (86.44 KB, 540x538, tumblr_ptf2e9atTR1t05nue_540.j…)

yes, the word that comes to mind is embarrassed. i always feel embarrassed, even after a positive interaction. i wish i could say we just need to be confident and be ourselves, but i no longer think it's that simple.
growing up i was really private and wouldn't reveal anything about myself lest i be made fun of or feel too vulnerable, then i couldn't take it and snapped and just started oversharing all my secrets and saying whatever i was thinking to my friends. sometimes it was great and it really felt like me and my friends were having real, raw conversations, but other times i would just say extremely cringe cow-like shit that i still regret to this day. especially since we CAN sometimes make people uncomfortable with what we share, it's not 100% in our heads. so it took trial and error of going between embarrassing myself and holding back for me to figure out how much i really want to reveal to people and the line between what felt honest and what just felt wrong. everyone has a slightly different line and i don't think you can find what yours is without testing it, and testing it means probably being mortified from time to time.

No. 544828

Not adopted specifically but in a similar situation. for me, it was just curiosity about who they are, but i was never really interested in meeting them because of the reasons you gave. my possible siblings are a lot more interesting to me than my parents, i'm not really sure why

No. 544857

Every single day anon. I fucking snapped a few months ago and let WAY too much out and it's still haunting me because usually I keep it together and not say a peep about my inner self. I think the biggest worry that comes from this is that the people who know these things have the ability to tell other people.

No. 544865

For me it was learning more about my medical and genetic background. I already tried to have partial custody relationship with my biological father but I noped when I was a preteen because he was scum through and through. What upsets me isn't the dead relationship, it's that I'll never know about a part of myself (ex. I couldn't even do a paternal haplogroup test for geneology on his side because women lack a Y chromosome). I wouldn't want to contact that bastard for questions even if I could, and I can't rely on what's now the 25+ year recount from my unstable mother. It sucks, makes me feel like a mutt sometimes, not in a derogatory way but like a "Oh what am I? Who half knows!" kind of way. Seriously if your family bothered to make sure you knew where you came from and answered your questions don't take that for granted.

No. 544887

Would you say that GBA and PS1 games fall under the "retro games" category? I had a male friend who doesn't know jack shit about video games and parts of its industry yet pretending he does (he only really knows about LoL and a few Western games I'm not very familiar with, he started playing games kinda recently) saying that these games are old enough to be retro games and that they've been considered retro for a while now. Since I grew up playing video games as soon as I started learning how to read I remember these consoles and games being promoted as being "modern" and "brand new" but it's been a while since then so I'm not too sure anymore. I'd say if they're retro then they only became retro kinda recently but now I curious and I want more opinions.

No. 544911

Is there a forum or site that is productive when talking about depression and anxiety? R/Depression is terrifying to click on because there will always be one person who is saying their goodbye or pretending to, and there are way too many undiagnosed teens that fill the thread up.

No. 544924

PS1 maybe, GBA not really. GBA is part the Game Cube/Playstation 2/Xbox era nobody would consider retro in at least another 8-10 years. Gaming technology sort of peaked during that time and since then it's been mostly improved graphics but no big leaps like the PS1 to PS2 or GB to GBA was. I believe we're still living in the evening hours of that era while everything preceding 2000 has achieved retro status.

No. 544926

The suicideproject if you want to genuinely not feel alone but its grim.

No. 544942

>R/Depression is terrifying to click on because there will always be one person who is saying their goodbye or pretending to
>recommends the suicideproject
That sounds like the opposite of what OP wants. Anyway I'm sorry that you know about the website, hope you are doing better now (or will very soon).

Comment threads under depressioncomix may be helpful, but it's probably also not exactly what OP wants…

No. 545016

Has anyone tried listening to subliminals/manifesting videos? Have they worked for you? I recently learned about them and I'm curious.

No. 545024

This is going to sound like bait but anyway, why do Americans have such a huge capacity for being raging morons? Like protesting corona, and historically being extremely ignorant and prone to just ignoring reality and being unable to be level headed? I mean they generally have money, education and access to medicine and a lot of the hallmarks of a developed society but they act with the ignorance of a third world country. Even people who support progressive politics turn it into a team game that they support everything that party does 100% and the other team are just dumb dumb losers.

I'm obviously not talking about every American, but even the more normal ones I've gotten to know, eventually they reveal some kind of pants on head retarded opinion like being pro life. I really don't get it. They have all the resources, so why are they so backwards?

No. 545025

do u wanna become a sissy

No. 545028

Please reply soon anon, my live hood depends on this wahh

No. 545029

i saw the anon reply and delete their post lol

No. 545031

Thats sad ;; do you remember what they say though if you dont mind me asking?

No. 545069

How do coprophiles not get sick? Wouldn't you get really sick from that?

Also how the fuck do people develop fetishes that disgusting and bizarre?

No. 545118

This maybe should go to the advice thread, but really I just want to work through this thought

I'm obsessed with someone. I can't stop thinking about them day in and day out and it really fucking sucks.

There's this gorgeous woman who is basically everything I want in life (except her profession) and I just love her
Uh, I guess this is an issue because I want to get over her, but I thought that distancing myself from her would help
It doesn't
So would reaching out to her help?

My thought is if I continue on the path I'm on, nothing will change because there's nothing forcing it to change
She won't reach out to me because she doesn't care enough about me
I won't reach out to her because I care too much

If I reach out and she doesn't respond, then that sucks, but maybe I can internalize that and then push whatever obligation our relationship might have onto her instead of me (having low self esteem and believing I am the sole reason she doesn't like me)
If she does respond then maybe I can get some closure


No. 545146

I've wondered this before too, like we're all told to wash our hands after shitting or we'll get sick.. meanwhile there are people out there eating whole turds

No. 545157


Well hell anon, you might as well be me. This definitely sounds like it should be in the advice thread but, fuck it lol

First thing's first: you gotta work on yourself. Whether you contact this woman again or not, you need to get your own shit together. Take the time to focus on bettering yourself and gain some insight into what you will and won't put up with from her anymore. Otherwise you're just going to end up in this situation again

After that, I guess reaching out depends on how you left off with her. If she never actually said she didn't like you, friend or otherwise, then it might be an okay idea to reach out. If you didn't have some big fight or anything that is lol
If she did flat-out say she doesn't like you though, then you just gotta take the hit and move on. Sucks, but that's just how it is.

Good luck anon. It's been 6 months since I tried to reach out to my old friend and never heard anything back so I'm rooting for you lmao

No. 545164

That's the thing, the only reason we stopped talking was because I felt I was just getting too obsessed with her

She never told me she didn't like me, in fact I'm probably in this situation because she didn't tell me she didn't like me. More often than not she told me she liked be but never really explained any further

I want to take the hit and move on, I just feel like for some reason I haven't done that–I know she probably won't be super into starting the kind of relationship I want, but I haven't internalized that despite thinking about it every day for the past 2ish years.

No. 545166

America's physically isolated from rest of West/Asia and ordinary people don't need to tune much into international politics, imo.

I try to came up with list of basic reasons. America has blatant income inequality, the education system is shit and so Americans are ignorant about nation's history and rest of the world. Political lobbyist money controls a lot in the government, and there's not a lot of organized workers so people are at mercy of their jobs. There's also history of racism, etc. as well as the two-party system making change hard. It's a diverse nation with lots of different people and so problems as well.

No. 545167

America's physically isolated from rest of West/Asia and ordinary people don't need to tune much into international politics, imo.

I try to came up with list of basic reasons. America has blatant income inequality, the education system is shit and so Americans are ignorant about nation's history and rest of the world. Political lobbyist money controls a lot in the government, and there's not a lot of organized workers so people are at mercy of their jobs. There's also history of racism, etc. as well as the two-party system making change hard. It's a diverse nation with lots of different people and so problems as well.

No. 545175

Sorry if this isn't the answer you want to hear but personally I don't think you should reach out. Being obsessed with someone and thinking about them 'day in day out' is inherently unhealthy and unfair on the other person. Especially if as you're saying you've had a lot of distance from this person, if they are still this much of a hyper-fixation for you there is likely a lot internally you are neglecting and need to work on, maybe in some form of therapy, to form more stable and healthy attachments with people. I don't think you're being malicious but I do honestly think it would be selfish to reach out to her, this probably has little to actually do with her and a lot to do with you and your headspace. Even if you 'resolve' this obsession, you will probably just become 'obsessed' with someone else until you resolve whatever the underlying condition causing it is, I feel like usually in these situations the 'obsession' people have is in reality just them creating a highly idealised (essentially personified coping mechanism) of people as some kind of escapist fantasy and it's unfair to project that on her, she will not live up to your obsession, and even though it seems harmless obsession over people and idealising them in this way is dehumanising to them

No. 545183

I definitely came here to bounce ideas off of people so it's not the worst to hear you say I shouldn't

But I guess I have to ask, what's wrong with being a little selfish? I do want to be selfish and satisfy my own needs because quite frankly I haven't focused on my own needs enough. If this is something that will help me get over this person then I should go for it–not at that person's expense, but I feel I know her enough to say that she wouldn't be bothered with me talking to her–I've mulled over this and I am getting therapy, I have no reason to believe I'd upset her by reaching out, accidentally or on purpose.

The underlying cause, and again therapy, is that I haven't felt the type of love that I truly desire and have lacked through out my entire life.
Do I think I will get it from her if I reach out–no, she never actually gave me enough love, though I fixated on her because she was the closest I ever got to that. She was super accepting of me even when I did freak out mentally and there are dozens of reasons to actually love her and I know that I'm not actually putting her on any sort of pedestal because that's just who she is–It's not out of the ordinary for someone to be great in a bunch of different ways that attracts a specific type of person.

She's great and there are dozens of reasons to like her, but there's no specific reason I should be obsessed with her in the way that I am. So I feel like if I confront this it will help.
If I am some how putting her on a pedestal, then wouldn't it be better to confront myself with how she actually is rather than my idea of her? How can I get rid of an idea of someone if I don't actually interact with them.

Sure, it's not the answer I want to hear, but I do want to hear more about what you think.

No. 545195

I think that it’s possible that she wouldn’t be upset that you reach out, and I don’t think being selfish is always wrong but I do think ultimately this decision would be upsetting and harmful to you, and I think being selfish is wrong in this instance because I believe an obsession with someone is inherently unhealthy and inherently dehumanising, so I don’t think that there is a way to engage with it that would be beneficial to you. I feel if anything initiating contact will further prevent you from focusing on your own needs because it will just feed into your obsession. I think that the only way to move on from this will be from within and no interaction with her will help, because I’m of the belief that the obsession is born solely out of internal conditions rather than anything external or actually to do with her (like you said, she can have lots of great qualities but there is nothing specifically to warrant an obsession).

If she is the closest you ever got to the love you have never experienced, I can totally see from your perspective why you would have formed this fixation, but I think even though you say you know you won’t get the love you need from her, you are to some degree using this as a unhealthy coping mechanism to get as close to it as possible (again, understandably) or as a distraction by focusing on the possibility of getting more out of this relationship than confronting the reality, which is that if she really cared she would reach out. This relationship is too imbalanced and can only harm you, and you seem to be in a vulnerable place.

I don’t feel like ‘seeing how she really is’ will help you deconstruct the idealised version of her you have because I feel like what will happen is you will become too involved in the interactions due to your obsession and ultimately just end up worsening it (you will put too much time into thinking about your communication, you will read into things she says too much, you will take things too personally because it means so much to you), I think you could get rid of an idea of someone many ways other than interacting with them, like by examining the conditions of which lead you to form that idea (which you are already doing by going to therapy), I think it will dissipate over time, have you asked about this in therapy? What did your therapist recommend?

I understand your perspective better now you explained the background a little more, I’m glad you’re able to get therapy and sincerely hope it is able to help you in the way you need. Even though I don’t think reaching out to this particular person is something you should do, I do think you will be able to form healthy connections and experience love the way you have always wanted in the future, I wish you all the best!

No. 545200

was diana ross really homophobic?

No. 545247

I've been letting myself go crazy thinking about how shit humans are toward earth and the animals.
What should one do that can actually make a difference?

No. 545250

You're not going to solve the entire crisis yourself, but getting rid of your carbon footprint helps–even if it's just a little bit

Think about how much life there is in a square foot of dirt, not just the fuzzy animals but all of the ones that contribute to the health of the soil and all of the plants that grow from it

Plant flowers for pollinators, try thinking about eating less meat and more local foods, donate to animal shelters and conservation efforts

You can make a difference, even if it's not the game changing impact you want. If you want to make a big difference and have everyone pat you on the back, you can just buy trophies online if you want.

No. 545302

how do i choose a name that i/others won't cringe at?

i'm from an immigrant family and right now stuck with a new english name that i chose in my fakeboi phase (unisex so it's whatever), not yet realizing it sounds quite strange for my region.

is it worth changing it again to something easier for britfags to remember or should i stop giving a shit? is choosing a plain english name disingenuous as an immigrant? i def shouldn't care so much but hey that's the point of the thread

No. 545303

same anon in the dumbass thread, right? is your name that bad? as an immigrant, i understand how annoying it is to have an unusual name but i'd hate to change it for that reason. i think you shouldn't care, unless it really causes you problems, like making it harder for you to get a job

No. 545309

it sounds like a spy name so pretty bad. but now that i think about it changing my name will make me seem even more suspicious oh shit

No. 545310

Immigrantfag here, can you use a nickname somewhat related to your name, but easy for natives to pronunciate it? That way it wouldn't sound strange to you when someone says it.

No. 545312

thank you, anon that's decent advice. i've tested out some nicknames already but nothing sounds normal enough. eh, i'll think of something, it's just a name.

No. 545318

>it sounds like a spy name so pretty bad
this made me laugh anon, you're probably overthinking it.

No. 545382

I ordered fabric from Mood's online store, and I know that because of Covid that they're running behind and processing will take longer than usual, but it's already been a little over a week… Should I just continue to wait, or should I shoot them an email to make sure that my order didn't just get lost or looked over?

No. 545384

I would probably wait if you have had an order confirmation email.

Would imagine mood might be getting a lot of orders due to people making face masks for covid and because they are based in new york which has been pretty badly hit by covid. A lot of company

No. 545389

What board should I make a vlog squad gossip thread, I want to talk about these cunts!!! Jeff and Todd are quite clearly GAY! Corinna is quite clearly a famous beard in the youtube community!!! Scott clearly dumped Kristen because she takes health seriously so he's moved in a female alcoholic even tho I also think Scott is a queer but he might be in denial!! Jason clearly fancies children and they've all connections to Dan Schneider. David Dobrik is a fucking QUEER BOY! And Natalie is fat.

No. 545429

Is it me or is there a sudden influx of teens on lolcow? In the friend finder thread the last posts are an 18-year-old after an 18-year-old after 18-year-olds… Also, people posting about still being in high school…?

No. 545430

I think its because of an influx of new users from twitter bc of the K-pop thread

No. 545441

The irish poster today who claimed to be in secondary school studying for exams but also be an adult.. they had to be underage.

No. 545442

i blame nothing but twitter kpop stans who come here to act like hot shit

No. 545447

How do I get that tampon that lost its string out of my puss?

No. 545449


a friend had to go to the gyno to get it out.

No. 545453

Try squatting and if that doesn’t help go to a gyno

No. 545454

Squat and try to grab onto it with your fingers. If that doesn't work then hospital is the last resort.

No. 545456

Go digging for it, it should still be reachable, pushing down and squatting helps.

No. 545457

Try not to tense up when digging it out

No. 545458

Has anyone else started getting extremely bad headaches the past few days who doesn't usually get them?

No. 545459

Boy what a mess. But I got it. Thanks

No. 545460


lol glad it worked out, anon.

No. 545487

Can I apply for unemployment even if I haven't been fired? My temp position ended and the company didn't want to extend my contract any longer and work has been very difficult to come by (for obvious reasons).

No. 545506

File: 1587749923398.jpeg (505.73 KB, 1193x1234, EWYnnB-VAAAo_mu.jpeg)

No. 545507

Sorry, posting from mobile. Is… Is this Ember?

No. 545508

Why are these people turned on by talking like pedophiles on twitter?

No. 545509

lol all the videos coming out recently calling her out are making her hemorrhage followers and she went out of her way to post on reddit of all places her defense. she pulls blatant lies out of her ass. https://www.reddit.com/r/Shallontourage/comments/g4khvb/a_message_from_shallon/
at this point i think she might deserve her own thread on here for the constant lying she does

No. 545512

Past few days have been headache central. I have a headache rn lol

No. 545521

At times of the year where the temperature is shifting I get like that

No. 545528

I think the way I'm obsessed with her doesn't dehumanize her–maybe that's a bit contrary to your idea that inherently you cannot be obsessed with someone without dehumanizing.

I do think this is something I need for my subconscious to sort of deal with–rather than an active need, I feel my body attached to her in my subconscious and that's why I'm constantly thinking about her. More as a reflex rather than me actively thinking she's perfect.

So yeah, it is a coping mechanism, but something I'm trying to actively work with. I'm not going to find anyone like her, but that doesn't mean I won't find love.
Basically my only two choices are find love and teach my soul that it exists everywhere or confront her and teach my soul that love isn't coming from her–because doing nothing doesn't help and as much as I've moved on actively and consciously, there's still something I cannot control. So it's not about trying to lean into the coping mechanism, but sort of confronting it.
If I'm scared of water, then learning to swim will help in a sense.
I don't think the relationship being imbalanced, in that I care for her more than she cares for me is unhealthy in the sense that it would damage me to re-evaluate it. So talking with her won't be some sort of trigger or anything.

This third paragraph is kinda why I didn't respond at first. It's taking a lot of liberties about who I am and how I act, especially with this person I'm thinking of. I don't mean to be that girl and say "You don't know me" but it does take an awful lot of assumption to say that I will become too involved in the interactions and it will worsen this obsession. To be fair, you don't know me that well and your idea of all of this is based on your own personal experiences and assumptions. I don't mind that, I just feel like something more concrete than an assumption, you know something more than "I feel like this will happen", is something that I need to hear.

I did talk to my therapist, which is why I'm responding to this post, and he's all for it. Relying on time to heal my wounds isn't really the best fix–that's not really how trauma works on any level. People don't just get over things, they have to accept and move on. I've done so consciously but there's still part of me that always reflexes back to her, so I need to do something that will allow my subconscious to move on.

If I'm constantly thinking about her and loving her, then how does that help my subconscious over time? Anyway, that's how I feel. I'll probably post in a different thread about how it goes if anything goes.

No. 545529

In this sorta area
How do I find people near me who make custom clothes?

I'm sure I could spend hours online googling, but if theres some sort of formula I'd love to get it

No. 545531

Obviously I can only respond based off my interpretation of the limited amount of information you can give in a post on lolcow, there's not really any possible way I could give you anything more concrete than 'I feel like this will happen' given the context. If you've spoken to your therapist then he definitely knows more about the situation then me and I would follow his guidance, good luck & I wish you the best

No. 545534

why was that giant baby steaming

No. 545536

Diaper powder
it only comes out with the baby bounces

No. 545582

Ok, this is fucking embarrassing and gross nsfl, I pierced my nipples two years ago, today I have a lump on my nipple. I’m a lil freaked out. My boyfriend sucked on it last night. Should I take my nipple piercing out? I want to go to the doctor but there’s no way I can get an appointment with covid

No. 545584

File: 1587757872998.gif (989.81 KB, 500x398, jupitereatspizza.gif)

Why are so many fujos lesbians?

No. 545589

it's okay, it's just irritated from being moved about. nipple piercings are terrible for never properly healing and mine did the same. you're fine

No. 545591

You can't top men in a straight relationship, I think

No. 545606

Theres a pandemic going on and anons letting men chomp on their nips and making them go lumpy. I am sorry this is somehow funny as shit, hope you have some salt water or disinfect? If it gets worse, maybe e-doctor would suffice?

No. 545617

Thanks anon! I actually got my shipping notification just now! Haha, good thing I held off on contacting them. I would've felt like a mega asshole lol

No. 545621

Lmao thanks you Guys, I know it’s pretty funny. I’m soaking it in hot water and salt using a shot glass. It freaked me out when I first posted this but looking into it it’s probably a cyst. Shoulnt have let my mans suck on it. Thanks guys

No. 545646

Why are people afraid of 5G or think it's a bad thing?

No. 545654

Because it's apparently giving everyone corana. Idk what Alex Jones is having these loonies belive.

No. 545678

(accidentally posted this in the dumbass shit thread like a dumbass and didn't even realize it until now lmao fuck)

What can I do for upper back pain? Slouching over on my desk chair (I unironically sit like L from Death Note and always have because it's very comfortable for me lol) for over a week straight and not moving for hours is finally starting to really take a toll on my body. I've improved my sitting posture (and the pain in my back is a constant reminder to not slouch) and started doing upper back stretches or laying on the floor, but is there anything else I can do? It's like a constant dull ache, but sometimes gets really bad and nothing I do seems to relieve it.

No. 545685

What I do as someone with spinal problems is an exercise ball, you just stretch your back over it and go with the ball, I would also suggest replacing your chair with an exercise ball. Also any at home pilates does some really good stuff.

However, I've only gotten rid of dull back pain by lying in my bed (not useful if you're busy) or taking pain killers, hope this helps.

No. 545686

What the hell does Zaddy mean?

No. 545707

Basically just another way to refer to an attractive man

No. 545708

that doesnt really make sense since they don't want to "top men" at all. i am assuming that lesbians who like fujoshit arent like, getting off to the dicks or whatever, theyre getting off to the sexual situations and dynamics, and the parallels and similarities between male and female same-sex relationships make it easier for them to relate. and tons of dudes in BL are written really girly anyway

No. 545725

also does it have anything to do with race? because I have seen the term mainly used by black women on twittter referencing white men

No. 545729

I've seen gay dudes use it a lot for white dudes but I don't think it's race, I think it's just usually used for like fashionable andro types, styled like harry styles but more built, which is a white dude style typically

No. 545736

Did Asherah's Garden get taken down?

No. 545739

no, it's still up for me

No. 545754

Are there any nice sales going on during corona virus? Have you guys bought from any. I want to hear about any kind of sales, but especially interested in craft stuff or idk nonfiction/skill books.

No. 545768

They switched domains iirc

No. 545773

The new domain is asherahsgarden.net

No. 545775

Why can't I see more results from my youtube search? WHY does it only show the top 12 results for my specific search and then it force feeds me "related to your search" results, which doesn't help at all? I know for a fact that there are more than 12 videos relevant to what I searched. Is there a way to get around this?

No. 545797

I had caffeine poisoning several days ago by having a nice cup of coffee and a big can of monster after that, I felt like I was dying, so now I'm detoxing a bit.
Now I'm completely caffeine-free for like four days, I'm finally starting to get enough sleep and feeling good in general, but I can't function at all. I used either very dark tea, or a huge mug of coffee to start my day, and it helped me to get to work. Now that I'm caffeine-free I just sit and watch cooking videos for hours. I absolutely can't do shit. Should I start getting caffeinated again? Maybe a little?

No. 545800

It's porn written by women, for women, with feminine-looking characters. Most lesbian fiction is written by gross pervert men, so I think a lot of lesbians just read yaoi because it's a (sadly rare) female perspective on sex and relationships.

No. 545807

>caffeine poisoning
>nice cup of coffee and a big can of monster

Go see a doctor instead of quack medicine.

No. 545809

> caffeine poisoning
What you drank that day sounds pretty normal for a lot of people?

No. 545811

I thought so too, but my liver decided it was not. I spent the other half of the day shaking heavily, vomiting and almost having an upset stomach, it all started to let go only after I ate adsorbent medicine, so yeah, I consider it poisoning. It lasted for hours, I literally thought I would die. I planned to avoid caffeine for at least two weeks. But now I want a little boost, because I can't do shit. Idk, maybe I still shouldn't.

No. 545813

I tried to overdose years ago and for some reason I thought to mix high-caffeine tablets in with other pills. Took 48 of those tablets and each was the equivalent to a srtrong cup of coffee, had a similar effect to what you describe. I can't imagine two caffeinated drinks causing that unless there's an underlying issue.

No. 545815

Samefag but a youtuber I watch with lyme disease has that level of sensitivity

No. 545820

I was on an irregular sleep schedule before that and also drank heavily. That's not what I'm asking about.

No. 545822

>caffeine poisoning
>I can't function
>Should I start getting caffeinated again
>also drank heavily
You sound like a mess

No. 545826

People replied to you posting about this days ago and you were dismissive of answers then too. You're not really asking for advice here, you just like talking about yourself.

No. 545828

I'm actually a different anon, but I guess being inside too much make us do stupid shit to ourselves.

No. 545832

Having two caffeinated drinks and talking about being a fucked up for hours afterwards and feeling like you're going to die.. I'd be surprised if that's two separate tards.

No. 545844

I'm not surprised at all tbh. A lot of people are stuck at home now, waking up is more difficult, being at home 24/7 makes you bored as fuck.
Can yall chill now?

No. 545845

Why do people push the "no such thing as bad food" narrative" And why is it always obese cows that push it instead of actual in recovery ana-chans?

No. 545863

I keep seeing posts like this on LC but have yet to meet one, and I'm in many lesbian communities.

No. 545867

Why wasn't david duchovny more of a star

No. 545869

He is a nympho and not that good looking

No. 545876

What? He was extremely good looking.

No. 545878

I have this too but I'm not really a listener either. I only like talking about activities I'm currently doing. I don't care and usually kind of phase out and just don't listen when people start talking about themselves.

No. 545887

File: 1587828769090.png (270.3 KB, 500x486, Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 10.3…)

Does this type of makeup not look weird and cakey in real life? I have asian friends here in America and none of them wear their makeup like this so I don't know. I just feel like it looks like a lot? Especially when the foundation shade is too light.

No. 545898

It's really all about the technique and type of products you use to achieve said look. I do have to say, though, that I find a lot of the time overdrawing eyebrows like that does look a bit strange up close.

No. 545916

Most "full face" makeup looks kinda cakey in real life. That picture is so heavily filtered that her hair looks CGI.

Like >>545898 said, it depends on the technique and products, but it's never going to look like the ultra filtered/facetuned pictures on instagram.

No. 545918

To me it just looks like a mask or a face layered on top of another face. It's kind of scary lmao.

No. 545930

Is it possible for someone with a fairly normal childhood (no major abuse/trauma) and normal parents to just be born a narcissist?

No. 545933

I can always tell when someone's wearing makeup irl (not to say it's cakey per se), it's just not distracting where it's an issue. But remember, most people are retarded and don't notice details. People have told me all my life that I have nice skin because I wear foundation when really my face is an acne ridden pock-marked hyperpigmented mess.

No. 545937

Why do all raggaeton songs have the same backing instrumental

No. 545972

Why do I fucking feel exhausted all the time if I eat regularly and drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day??

No. 545977

you built up a tolerance

No. 545985

I prob drink twice that much coffee (bad I know) and it doesn't perk me anymore. Like other anon said, tolerance

No. 545998

stop drinking coffee, live healthy and sleep enough on a consistent schedule. That should fix things if you don't have an underlying medical condition.

No. 546007

How common are nutrient deficiencies? Like if the average person had a blood test would they have a bunch of deficiencies? Whenever I have a blood test I always have numerous deficiencies and always start taking supplements but then stop after a while because it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Is it genuinely something to worry about?

No. 546008

I think I have a shit diet and got all my bloods done but never showed up deficient so if it does show up it must mean something? I take a lot of supplements cause I'm aware I don't eat a lot of vegetables so maybe it has actually been helping?

No. 546012

Hmmm okay thankyou, my diet is okay I think but this has been a lifelong thing so maybe I’m just not able to absorb certain things for whatever reason? I’ll try and be more consistent with supplements

No. 546029

Actually it could be an absorption issue! My friend went thru loads of tests and was found to be coeliac disease.

No. 546063

Is deangelo Wallace trans? Not trying to be a bitch but he looks effeminate and has feminine speech patterns. This is so specific but I’ve been curious for awhile now

No. 546067

don't know who that is but in pics he looks pretty much like a regular guy, his hands are very masculine too

No. 546069

Yeah I’m probably being stupid as hell hes probably just a twink

No. 546078

so i've needed therapy/medication for most of my life but i've avoided it due to fear. now, it's gotten so bad and is interfering so much that i want to give anxiety medication a try. my question is, where do i start? i have a primary doctor, do i just contact her and ask? what do i ask for? i have no idea how to start taking this path.

No. 546079

never gotten that vibe from him at all. especially with how young he is, you could easily tell if he was trans. he's got an adam's apple, dude shoulders and man hands, he's just on the soft side.

No. 546080

lmao this is a mood. i've gotten compliments about how nice and flawless my skin looked and had to be like thank you but that's makeup. i'm at least flattered i can achieve a sort of natural look without going cakeface but i hate what i see when i take it off.

No. 546083

Watching more videos from him you’re probably right. He looks twinky imo but definitely has male characteristics

No. 546165

@ those who have really good social skills… how? My brain really struggles to produce new talking points. For me, It stems from anxiety and insecurity I think .

No. 546167

Talk to your doctor, but be sure you're aware of the side effects of benzodiazepines and maybe talk to the doctor about it. They are extremely effective against anxiety but if you start taking them regularly.. and then stop.. the withdrawal can be very serious. Even life threatening. Just be careful anon!

Good luck, anxiety is fucking terrible. Your doctor should be understanding, just describe your symptoms and how it negatively effects your day to day life. That's the key is mentioning specially how anxiety impedes your ability to work, study, etc. If you are specifically looking for medication, be sure to mention you've already tried breathing exercises, meditation, etc.

No. 546173

Is there a word for when you only get sexual feelings after something has happened?
Usually, when I find myself in sexual situations, I don't really feel much. It's very difficult to get me in the mood.
The weird thing is that later on, when I run into things that remind me of what happened, I actually start to get turned on. I don't really understand it.

No. 546181


No. 546184

One cheap trick to keep a conversation going is to just ask the other person a question about themselves or a follow up question to what they were talking abut. Most people love talking about themselves to someone who's paying attention or at least being given prompts to fill a silence. Even if you do nothing but ask questions of them and say nothing of substance yourself they'll come away thinking that was a great conversation and they get along good with you. Just try and make it relevant to what they're talking about or you know they're currently involved with or care about rather than just asking what their favorite color or movie is out of the blue or whatever generic questions some socially inept people sometimes fall into, then it can feel more like a weird interview.

No. 546192

SAME ive nothing to add but literally i can cum to the memory of it but it actually happening isnt that good

No. 546256

whats with all the tv shows showing alternate history where the nazis win or just having nazis in general?

No. 546257

I haven't seen any that i remember, which ones you talking about?

No. 546269

Nta but I can only think of Man in the High Castle

If there are more alt history shows like that I'm interested lol. I liked the aesthetic of Germany in season two, both the Nazi architecture and the retro-20s hippie counterculture

No. 546300

I've noticed a pattern where whenever a conservative is in the white house all the liberal writers vent their political frustrations by making anti-right wing media, so every 8 years we have a cycle of alternate realities with facist society books and shows.

No. 546341

Just like with most personality disorders, a turbulent childhood is typically the start. I'm sure there's a genetic factor too. Man, the cycle of abuse.

No. 546360

Is there anyway I can avoid people seeing my real name on Paypal? Or at least, is there a safe way of setting up a "dummy" account with a fake name and transferring money people sent to it to my real paypal?

No. 546363

you want to take up that one lolcow anon on sending you free paypal money, huh

No. 546370

AYRT, I have no clue what you're talking about. I just want to start doing art commissions, lol.

No. 546376


i wouldn't recommend the dummy account since Paypal is already super ban-heavy, but you have the option of setting up a business Paypal account which allows you to set up any display name for your business name. that's what I used to do.

No. 546378

I used to use a dummy account all the time, it would fuck up sometimes when I tried to send money from it so no promises it stil works

No. 546403

i've had a fake paypal name for years now and have never had any issues with it

No. 546417

Only if you set up a business account, then there'll just be your business name on the bill. Otherwise that's a great way to get your funds frozen.

Literally how? I couldn't even receive more than 2-digit payments in a week without having them ask for my ID and bank statements.

No. 546518

File: 1587955250657.png (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 750x1334, 00D37571-1D0F-4EE5-8D8C-567A90…)

Does anyone know what’s going on with the cactus?? (spoilered just in case)

No. 546523

No. 546525

it got horny

No. 546527

They are its flowers. Those only come out once a year though.

No. 546532

Cactus nipples. Can you milk a cactus anon?

No. 546535

wow you made me google cactus milk and it is an actual thing

No. 546539

Does anyone know where to make those like, y2k bimbo memes? Like the ones with the pixel dolls and the glittery text and like butterflies and stuff. Just thought of a really oddly specific thing to put on one of them and the idea of sending it to my friends has me in stitches and I need to execute it

No. 546541

blingee might work

No. 546542

File: 1587960563083.png (16.21 KB, 208x161, Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 9.08…)


this is the only blinkie maker i found that kinda works. the rest that i remember are all 404s now or the dollmaker itself doesn't work. sad!

No. 546550

There's a new age shop in my town that has decided to stay open during coronavirus. They posted on their website that they will be misting bleach from their humidifier to keep the store clean and to "clean the air". When I told them that sounded dangerous to inhale they said it's just a capful or two mixed into the water. My stupid question is, is this actually safe? I thought breathing in bleach fumes could damage your lungs and hurt people who have asthma etc, it doesn't seem like it would be smart to do on a regular day let alone when a virus is going around attacking the lungs. Am I wrong? I didn't look into it too much before telling them it was a bad idea and now I'm starting to feel like an idiot.

No. 546553

You are not wrong. They are crazy and uneducated hippies.

No. 546555

Thank you, I thought as much. People in the comments are praising them for being so careful and trying to keep their patrons safe. I was starting to feel like I was going crazy for a minute.

No. 546564

Holy shit that sounds hilarious. I can't wait until they find out how damaging that is to every surface of their shop, since money obviously matters to them more than their lung health. Too good

No. 546571

I would've reported them to the police honestly, they're endandering the health of any unsuspecting storevisitor.

No. 546608

My friend insists it is completely fine to flush tampons in places with modern pipes and sewage systems because they are supposedly made out of some super degradable cotton and everyone who says otherwise is just fearmongering. Is she right?

No. 546624

No. Do not flush tampons or wipes unless you're a careless asshole.

No. 546631

My email keeps getting log in attempts from Vietnam. About 6 times in the past few months. I've changed my password but it's irritating and kinda scary to know they keep trying. Is there anything I can do to stop it?

No. 546633

How can I stay awake?? My sleep schedule has been absolutely destroyed because I didn't go to sleep until 12 PM (Yes , PM) a few days back and I can't stay awake long enough to go to sleep at a normal time. Around the 1 pm mark I start crying from exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy, and go to sleep and wake up at 8 pm and start the whole thing over again.

No. 546634

I don't think so, you can only try to keep your account as protected as possible. Maybe set up two factor authentication?

No. 546652

Let's just say that compared to the amount of 'flushable' wipes, diapers, and medications that people flush, her tampon probably isn't much in the grand scheme of it no. Should she still do it? Probably not.

No. 546664

File: 1587993334836.jpeg (38.72 KB, 640x782, titty-cat-5aa38b1c29209.jpeg)

How do I get back into social media?

I used to really like posting and putting in work (before Instagram was a thing/got big) but now I really lack the time and my life isn't really eventful. I'm aware that I don't have to post but I also have no one to follow, as in I have no friends or even acquaintances. Following influencers or shops seems dumb, which is why I don't have social media in the first place.

I'm trying to be more social and shit and always get asked if I have instagram and people seem to seebit as a bit of a red flag or something if you don't. I'd also feel embarrassed to tell someone my handle and the account not having any followers.

No. 546682

You can follow hashtags now so if you’re interested in specific little communities / fandoms / other things you can utilize that quite well.
Also makes for a great place to meet new people even if they are just online.
If you like dogs for example, you can start following related accounts and it sort of snowballs. People will follow you back either out of kindness, or if you post even mildly interesting things

No. 546695

Thanks anon, I'll give it a try and see how it goes

No. 546721

Any other muslim girls out there feeling a shit ton of cultural pressure to get married despite being in your early 20's?

No. 546742

that's so unfair. if i were muslim i'd fucked cuz i'm 21 and never even dated lol

No. 546755

same lmao they want me to marry without dating

No. 546790

i'm from a muslim country and fam ,but i quit the religion decades ago but i know what u mean,i'm 27 and everyone is telling me i'm running out of time and the most stupid question from cousins is "did something wrong happen to you(down there) that's why you refuse marriage? "
i'm dating and not ready to marry ,anon just don't let them win .whenever they talk just say yes and then do whatever the fuck you want lmao

No. 546791

samefag just to tell you that if they try to force you into it you can use the islam card against them because it's totally haram to force a girl to marry anyone if she doesn't like him.also culture differ from a country to another even if we're all from muslim countries but i think they won"t force you to marry ,i guess the pressure is still there ,just learn to brush it off .hang in there

No. 546796

my own mother wants to pick out my spouse for me and i have no saying in it lol cannot wait for her to find out that i'm actually not interested in men at all

No. 546871

I'm from a muslim family and while my family abroad thinks it's weird me and none of my sisters are married or dating (my little sister is dating someone but it's a secret) but they only tease us about it, and my family in my country either kinda gave up or thinks it's great we're prioritizing university, traveling or our careers, or who think it's ok if we take our time to find a bf/potential husband. Then I do have my mother and one of my aunt who always go "men are trash, don't depend on one."

Then again my family is strict in some aspects and don't give a fuck about others. When I asked my grandmother and my mother why they never wear the hijab when I was a kid they laughed at me and said they'll only wear one when they'll lose their hair. Which isn't even true because my grandma still isn't wearing one. They also don't care if we don't pray or fast during ramadan as long as we don't tell them we don't believe in god lol. Are you from a middle eastern country or another country where the majority is muslim? I think how strict people can be with Islam often depends on the local culture.

Same at first, I grew up being told this shit and now that it backfired and I never dated anyone and I'm nearly 26 they actually don't care anymore as long.

No. 546873

Not to detail your post, but why does that cat have literal boobs?

No. 546874

it's a mammal

No. 546875

Anyone else have ribs that stick out as if theyre an extra pair of boobs or some shit, even though you're not super skinny? Like why do my ribs go forward so much? When I take nudes I like to put my arm infront of them

No. 546895

File: 1588044756946.jpg (154.72 KB, 610x400, 14201353.jpg)

where did the dorito chin beauty trend came from?

No. 546896


No. 546897

anime mby

No. 546900

Yaoi manga

No. 546932

File: 1588054774320.png (1.28 MB, 828x815, 69A924C3-9B99-41E0-9797-6E39E3…)

How to set boundaries when you have an overprotective parent?

No. 546944

How to bring up euthanasia to your old dogs vet? She has been having bad health complications for two years, not enjoying old age.

No. 546962

Because I'm a paranoid person and I'm afraid everyone around is judging.

Is the age gap of me and my bf bad/gross? I'll be turning 22, and he'll be turning 28 soon. I bet him briefly when I was a few years younger but then never again till I was 20, so there's no like, predatory shit? I have a long history of abuse so I know the red flags of that stuff. I feel really sick that people around me especially friends might be equating it to the types of things I went through before…

No. 546966

it's a little older than what I personally consider ideal, but there's nothing wrong with it either. 5-6ish years difference when you're both in your twenties is fine.

No. 546967

For christ's sake you're both adults and over 20, you're not a little child unable to make your own fucking decisions. You're both in the same age group, it's not like there's a 20 year gap with some slimy 40+ skirt chaser. As long as you're not worlds apart with your life situation there shouldn't be anything holding you back if you get along and like each other.

No. 546976

I’m not judging you anon. Me and my bf have an 8yr age gap so I resonate with this feeling, lol. You are both adults. Don’t let anyone try to infantilize you. People who judge are either 1) people who probably don’t know you or your bf, or 2) people who know nothing about your relationship except for the age gap, and lazily fall back onto negative stereotypes. Don’t let judgment affect how you feel about a healthy, wholesome, and loving relationship anon.

No. 546977

Is it normal that the person I think of myself is the complete opposite of what people perceive me as?

No. 546979

Is there a way to gain weight only to the face?

No. 546982

Is it a bad idea to date an autogynephilic man?

I am into mild femdom and somewhat feminine men but they are men, I am not interested in MTF transgenders. I'd fuck a man who cross dresses and acts stereotypically feminine during sex but is still manly during daily life.

To be honest I'd rather just fuck a pretty guy who is submissive but I have this cross dresser guy who is really into me and he's openly said he seems himself as autogynephilic. He said being in women's clothes and imagining himself as the woman during sex turns him on

The issue is I know AGP is almost always a red flag and I don't want to deal with him being crazy if we get too close

No. 546983

anon get help, these types of men brains are fucked up from porn and have horrid ideas about women and femininity, just find a nice twinky straight vanilla guy

No. 546985

He said he identifies as a straight cross dresser. What rubbed me the wrong way was him saying "I am not gay, I think of men only when I masturbate. It is just part of autogynephilia while you imagine being a girl"

I wouldn't care if he just said he's bisexual but his way of thinking sounds like a weird cope to me.

I don't want to get too attached to him and then dealing with the hardship of him trooning out later in the relationship after getting too much validation from me.

No. 546989

Guys who have to crossdress or 'be a sissy' in order to be submissive to a woman are a walking contradiction

No. 546990

No you would need to either get fillers or a fat transfer.

No. 546994

Anon I think you need to go read some posts on r/itsafetish/ these guys are pretty warped and it's better you just keep looking for a twig normie bf or actual gf who I guess could be the dom.

No. 547016

4 Chinese Beauties

No. 547045

You can do better, anon. Femdoms are in very high demand, you don't have to settle for some AGP creep.

No. 547049

what >>546897 said.
lol no. have you looked at traditional chinese paintings? they have either round or huge jaws.

No. 547060

Should I get discord? I've only heard bad things about it.

No. 547061

is 50 CAD a lot or too little for a portrait drawn by an artist whose work is very detailed, clean and pretty? i really want to commission her to draw my oc but i don't know if i should go for the portrait or the full body option (which is 100 CAD)

No. 547063

Because their culture is obsessed with not being perceived as fat, so in their heads pointy plastic chin=pretty and rounded chin with a rounded face (like the majority of them have) = fat. That's why it's mostly women maiming themselves like this.

No. 547065

its actually really simple, call them up and discuss with them. ask any and all questions you might have with the nurse on the line. tbh most vets would rather see a dog not suffer than people bringing them in last minute when they clearly havent had quality of life in a long time. usually what happens is they will talk to you over the phone about everything you ask (prices, appointment days and times for the euthanasia) and the day of will do a final check up to determine the dogs health.
when I had to put my dog down in 2018 (old age and he was rapidly declining his last year of life with doggie dementia and probably a stroke) i called up every vet in the area to asses prices and even called up the ones who do euthanasia at your home. the one i went with was the sweetest lady who was sad for us but glad to see us take him from his suffering because he was in bad shape. the euthanasia was quick and painless for him and to be honest i hadnt seen him that happy or relaxed in a long time because he usually hated the vet to the point of having to be muzzled every single time. i wish you the best for the tough call you have to make.

No. 547077

What is the proper way to position your lower back when you sit up straight? Are you supposed to arch it forward or no?

No. 547078

File: 1588091008181.jpg (53.76 KB, 310x277, Aaaaaaaa.jpg)

Is this a long philtrum?

No. 547082

Those are really, really pretty lips. But to actually answer, no…? It might look longer or shorter depending on how the rest of your face is balanced, didn't think anything of it until I read the question

No. 547083

as >>547082 said, it's more about the total balance. for me it was more noticeable that the chin is rather short which might make the philtrum look longer

No. 547084

is this joanna kuchta kek. i mean it looks bit long bc of how small the chin is but like it isnt a death sentence or anything (re: aforementioned joanna kuchta)

No. 547087

>>547082 thank you!

I have a overbite,thats why my chin is non existence. Consindered getting a lift lip. No moneys to fix my crooked jaw

No. 547095

Don't do it, if your face looks like pic related it is perfectly fine. It is such a tiny lil thing only autistic nitpickers would spot, it rly isn't worth it.

No. 547123

how much of a jackass would i be if i drove a few hours to self isolate in a fucking cabin in the mountain woods for like a week?? id be by myself the whole time and would just stay in the cabin, besides air bnb hosts have dropped rates significantly… im basically looking for someone to talk me out of this. i graduate college in a week and my life plans have gone to shit bc of this virus, nothing sounds better than just being alone in a cabin for a week.

No. 547125

I mean if you can afford it I don't see why not? Bring some cleaning/disinfecting stuff if you have it as a courtesy to the airbnb owner but if they're still offering the location I don't see why not. That sounds really comfy tbh.

No. 547127

this sounds great anon, go for it!!

No. 547150

Oooo that sounds so lovely! Do it anon!

No. 547175

does anyone else pause through videos/films/shows/articles…etc to process information? it seems I finish something in twice the time it was supposed to be finished in due to that.

No. 547189

I do this too, especially if a paragraph was incredibly moving. I have to stop to drink it all in

No. 547194

Everytime I get up to go do something I am close to passing out from how dizzy I get. Anyone know what that's about?

No. 547196

It’s just a chat program anon. Not very different from something like Skype. I use it every day. Most of the bad things you hear about it are just about crazy or degen people on discord servers.

No. 547197

Iron deficiency, low blood pressure, poor circulation. Make sure you’re eating a lot of nutritious food and doing cardio in the meantime. If it persists, in the future when things in the world are somewhat back to normal again, get a physical and some bloodwork done. You may need a vitamin supplement but it’s better to see what exactly you need before adding high levels of something through supplementation.

No. 547242

Do you believe on spells for love? I’m latín and it’s not unheard of to hear people who says such shit works, it scares me tbh. I wonder what perception from first worlders is like

No. 547245

Nah, spells just sound like fantasy to me anon.
t. american

No. 547247

no, i would say most people in first world countries wouldn't believe in love spells. maybe people who are into witchcraft or something would believe that. but you never hear people talking about things like that

No. 547252

This is the worst thing Ive ever fucking typed but Can you delete a fucking reply on kiwi farms. I’m drunk as hell. Revealed too much personal information I feel. Maybe I’m so wasted and retarded I can’t find the delete button. Pls help I’m a retard

No. 547259

I believe you may be able to edit the post.

No. 547267

Late but YES my ribs stick out and I’ve always been slightly chubby. My body is dumb as hell

No. 547269

Thanks for the suggestion seriously. I had an edit war with some mod for like an hour until they let me change my comment to something about something gross.stupid they have no delete button tbh

No. 547273

@ all art majors out there, what are you planning to do with your degree? I don't mean that in a snarky way at all, I'm just genuinely wondering what a person can do with an art degree besides become a struggling artist who sells on etsy. You can't even be an art teacher with an art degree so I'm just curious.

No. 547288

Is there a reason why Japan seems to attract the dumbest people, besides the anime/weeb dream land fantasy? I sometimes browse japancirclejerk but outside of that even just "regular" people I meet who want to live in Japan say really dumb shit and have unrealistic expectations. My own brother has now become a weeb and wants me to hook him up with my Japanese friends. I also hate the elitist attitude posters on japancirclejerk or other expats have, especially if they are self-proclaimed N2. Lol They're almost as bad as the weebs themselves. I like Japan but know it's like any other 1st world country, and pray I don't come across like any of these dumbasses.

No. 547315

How do I stop watching and listening to youtube all the time? I have it on the background every day whole day for years now. My computer is becoming too old for multitasking and I have to either watch it on another device or stop watching it. But silence feels so unnatural and eery. Even my bf who is used to background mumbling said it feels like something is wrong. Should I continue sitting in silence? Is it normal to feel weird in silence? I don't like music so it's not an option.

No. 547316


No. 547319

How do I become less serious?
I want to be a fun person that people love hanging out with and I feel like I am the opposite of that

No. 547320

nothing afaik, art schools are only for developing skills, building a portfolio and networking.
the degree is basically worthless.
nobody wants to employ you for your degree, they want to employ you for your skills and stuff you show in your portfolio so they know what you are actually capable of.

No. 547325

I'm too nice to people, and that leads me to be boring and a people-pleaser because I'm lonely (so maybe I'm not genuinely nice at all?). How can I stop that?

No. 547327

did I write this? lmao

No. 547332

>Is there a reason why Japan seems to attract the dumbest people?
No offense anon but only people with less than half a brain would be interested in a country like japan.

No. 547333

Over the past year, there have been several instances of someone ringing my apartment door from 3-5am. Most recently tonight. Unlike the other instances, when I got up to check the peep hole I heard my upstairs neighbors moving around and talking. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it lead me to wonder maybe they’re the ones ringing my door bell? Like maybe they think I’m being too loud (although I’m asleep) sometimes I run the dishwasher before I go to bed and ringing my door bell is there way of telling me to be quiet ?
I would really like to ask, in a non passive aggressive or confrontational way, because I need to know if it’s not them, since the alternative is a little terrifying and I want to alert property security.

How would I go about asking my neighbors if there the ones systemically robing my door bell between 3-5am? Should I even ask?

No. 547353

>Is it normal to feel weird in silence?
no and you're weird

No. 547414

There will be music you like you just haven't found the right thing. Maybe try chill mixes on YouTube?
There are loads of online backgrounds sound generators where you can combine things like rain, birdsong, ambient cafe sounds too. You can also pick up a cheap radio and tune it to a mostly talking station, depending on where you live, to take the strain away from your laptop.
You can't have noise all the time forever though, you might need to learn to get a little bit more used to the sound of your own thoughts.

No. 547416

I don't understand how people can keep 100~ threads for a cow. Are some of them really THAT interesting?

No. 547421

Wtf? not okay. Contact your landlord first and inform them. If they don't do anything, leave a sign outside your door saying the lanlord has been maid aware of the situation and that preemptive measures will be taken to avoid this from escalating or continuing any longer. Idk why I sounded like a Karen writing that but that's actually annoying af to deal with

No. 547422

spelled Made wrong , I really am a karen, illiterate but passionate.

No. 547497

How do I get to asherahsgarden??

No. 547507

Why dont males leave girls they dont really like that much alone?
I met this guy for a date once then afterward he would text me like once every 5 days and not really engage so I just removed him from snap chat, I assumed he just wasnt into me. Then I go on tinder and i see a message from him saying "where did you go? :(. The reason I've been slow with messaging is because my grandma's sister died from corona." So i was like ok i get it I'll add him back. and hes back doing the same thing again even tho he said the funeral is done with and he wasnt close to this woman anyway. I dont get it…if he doesnt like me why doesnt he just fuck off. This isnt the first time this has happened with a guy.

Inb4 you get pissed I met him on tinder before the corona thing and he was ghosting me to I just removed his contact on snap

No. 547508

die first and at the gate of hell they will recruit you

No. 547509

why is there so many ppl asking this question lately

No. 547513

It used to redirect from asherahs.garden, but that doesn't seem to work anymore (at least for me), so some might still be confused.

See >>545773

No. 547515

Not pissed, but realize that he's keeping you on the hook for a source of attention to feed his ego. You are 100% spot on that he doesn't care about you, and he's done nothing to prove otherwise. Demanding you pay attention to him is a one way street solely for his benefit, while he ignores and discards you when and how he sees fit. Why do they do it? I think in some part it's egotism, they just feel like if they have a circle of women interacting with them that it makes them seem desirable. He could be stringing you along as a backup option if right now he's courting other women and wants you in case it doesn't work out for them.

A man who is extremely attracted to you and wants to have you will not ignore you like that. Don't believe low value men who act like it's a huge hassle to ask you how you are over a text or give you a call, that's bullshit and they're just trying to make you feel bad for their lazy and bad behavior.

No. 547517

anyone else's second to last toe (the one next to your pinky toe) like curled and curved? mine doesn't even have "knuckles" like my first three toes do, its just like smooth and curved like a C. or is this normal

No. 547522

toes are ugly af no matter what. don't pay attention to your feet

No. 547525

are ppl who play the stock market considered bourgeois

No. 547551

Same and I assumed it is bc of my fucked back kek. tldr my S curve is more exaggerated than normal so I assume that's whats making them protrude like that. If i wear tight tops legit looks like I have 2 pairs of tits. Maybe that's why yours are like that too?

No. 547624

File: 1588198702449.jpg (35.64 KB, 400x400, sdYuqw2m_400x400.jpg)

What happened in Gabbie Hanna's past?

I only watch her when she's involved in controversy and she constantly goes on and on about her "fucked up childhood" and muh trauma. So what happened to her?

No. 547629

someone probably punched her potato nose and broke their hand on it

No. 547634

If you have short legs and a long torso through genetics is there any way to fix it or balance it out? What kind of body weight looks better? I keep my body weight low (49kg) so my legs look longer with less weight but I always wanted to be really fit and strong. I'd probs look like a man tho.

No. 547636

how tall are you?

No. 547642

is it weird that i can tickle myself? I just love tickling myself it's not even fetish

No. 547665

My ligth bulb fucking burned out and I need to use my computer, is there a way I can use my computer without hurting my eyes?

No. 547689

File: 1588210515300.jpg (40.79 KB, 500x751, original.jpg)

How do I get a cute boyfriend with long hair. I want a sweet soft boy I can cuddle with.

No. 547690

What the fuck is a potato nose? What qualities make a nose potato-y?

No. 547691

gabbie hana

No. 547694

What about it makes it a potato nose? Is it that it's large? Round? Downturned?

My nose doesn't look like hers, but it is round. Do I have a potato nose?

No. 547696

It used to mean bulbous but nowadays it's just any bitch u don't like with nose that isn't gangnam tier

No. 547697

take a pic and draw x's on your eyes so we can tell you

No. 547698

NTA but it's really not that deep
some people will call every nose that doesn't look like a tiny button nose a "potato"

gabbie's nose just looks like she will slice me open with it if i try to hug her

No. 547703

Why attack someone for their nose? It's not something they can control without expensive risky surgery. I mean if this lady is a cunt she's a cunt.

Plus it seems like people born with button noses are only common in a certain demographic, if you catch my drift. Like maybe this hatred of big/round noses has a really problematic origin.

No. 547705

Idk but dudes who are into button noses watch tiny teen porn exclusively

No. 547713

why are men ugly? what's wrong with them?

No. 547714


No. 547720

Anons with high or dominant estrogen howd you find out? My obgyn said I probably have it 2 years ago and it feels like my fatigue has been getting worse in that time on top of my strength being shit. I went back twice for exams due to bleeding between periods the past few months and she said I was probably fine since I'm a virgin. Is there anything I can even do if it is estrogen dominance? Tired of feeling like I'm running on 5 hours of sleep every day.

No. 547723

the fact that they are men

No. 547732

I have EXTREME paranoia (mostly fueled by disorders, I think, but still…) My biggest paranoia is that my friends (and people around me but mostly friends,) are talking shit about me, or even just.. a little? Anything but positive. I thought I was slowly getting over it, that they wouldn't do that, except I overheard them kinda shittalking someone in our group, and then did it again today, when all he did was mess up one fight in the game we play, and is not the best at what he does b ut… clearly tries? and I think it's really rude to all casually talk about how disappointing he is and how irritating it is to play with him; It makes me entirely think my fears are true, I'm not the best and make stupid mistakes mostly because I have severe ADHD and my focus gets switched, so like, I understand… if they're talking shit about it, but it's just upsetting..

So, is it understandable that I'm upset? Or are they in the right? I'm legitimately torn and it's upsetting me even more.

No. 547734

your friends sound like assholes tbh.

No. 547735

Doesn't everyone talk shit about each other? It happens in friend groups, families, but they get over it quickly and they still get along. It's not like they say "I hate you" to the person's face.

No. 547736

So the toxic gaymers meme is true

No. 547738

That's not normal, no.

No. 547741

164 cm

No. 547779

she literally never says. I used to be a regular watcher of her. I think she just makes that shit up for attention

No. 547790

I know this is late but [spoiler] I remember being with this circumcised dude his peen was so desensitized I had to beat tf out of it and it was dry as shit, uncircumcised dicks are the more refined choice [spoiler{

No. 547791

Oops spoilt it wrong won’t let me delete it

No. 547792

Your most likely to find all the dudes in long hair in metal head circles.

No. 547824

>rock afficionados
>fashionable guys (models)

or you could date someone and ask them to let it grow

No. 547832

too bad most guys with long hair look gross and unkempt, not cute like pic

No. 547835

Is it normal to have sudden boosts of inspiration that make you feel really happy only to crash a few hours later and feel severely depressed? I ask this as someone with depression (Dysthymia specifically)

No. 547845

where are reputable places online that you can buy body jewelry from? things that sell stuff like septum, earring, lip, etc. i had a list of favorites to look at but deleted it and i hear places like body candy are not worth it

No. 547858


No. 547866

That's why I like long hair on men, anon. It's really easy to tell which guys have bad hygiene when they grow their hair. If a guy has good, clean looking long hair, it means he has good hygiene. I dated a guy with really soft, well cared for long hair and he had amazing hygiene. My best friend has dated a couple guys with healthy, neat long hair and they were also really clean.

No. 547867

Nta but that's a really good point actually

No. 547879

I am that anon you replied to- and I agree that's actually a really good point lol. I hope you'll get your hygienic long hair pretty boy anon

No. 547926

Do I just suck at cleaning myself down there or what?? I have long inner labia lips and smegma obviously gets in and around the folds. I feel like I haven’t seen it really build up until recently, so I’ve been taking extra care to gently wash and rub it off on really hard to get areas that would normally be missed. Like, I’ll look and make sure all of it is off. But then when I step out of the shower and dry myself, there’s still remnants of smegma around my labia?! The first time I thought “ok, maybe I just haven’t done a good enough job” but no matter how long or painstakingly careful I try to be to make sure it’s clean, there’s always remnants of it. Is it possible to exist more than a few minutes without smegma just building up?? lol

No. 547929

Sis that may be yeast infection, or a bad ph balance, don't clean your pussy with soap, use lactacyd soap (or whatever it's called in english speaking countires) instead, it should improve

No. 547933

are people who have delusions as a result of a mental disorder such as schizophrenia aware that certain beliefs they hold are delusions? If so how do they distinguish it from reality?

No. 547934

ok i have a really hard time expressing myself bc i'm esl and retarded but in my case, i am aware of some of my delusions when i snap back into reality. idk what triggers my self awareness and my hallucinations but i can feel when something is changing my mind state. like i see something innocuous and my brain fixates on it for some reason, and i get chills, a feeling that something is wrong. then the thoughts come in and the delusion sets in. some delusions are so silly that i know they're just delusions, like i'm the only real human being and everyone else is a robot or some shit. some of them are hard to get rid off, like the thought of being dead and currently reliving my life again and again in limbo. sometimes i move on and forget about it for a while, but something happens, maybe an hallucination, and i start doubting everything again lol

No. 547936

Where could i ask anons about ovary cysts/ovary removal stuff because i am freaking tf out

No. 547939

Mainly the vagina thread, but I'm sure they can respond here too.

No. 547940

Oh fuck i feel stupid now, thank you so much

No. 547941

The only place I've ever found that white stuff is under my clitoral hood and cleaning there once a day is enough to keep it clean.. like the other anon said it sounds like you could be describing yeast overgrowth. As in the 'cottage cheese' discharge that creates

No. 547943

You expressed it really well! Thankyou that's really interesting to me

No. 547981

what can i say instead of get a life now that people are stuck at home

No. 547982

Am I weird for wanting to take pepperoni slices and roast them in the oven as a snack? I don't really like pizza but the baked pepperoni is the best.

No. 547983

"do something useful with your time"

No. 547996

ahh, I can't remember the name of that one lady who is an actress and may or may not have cuckolded her husband with Obi Wan(scottish cocksucker?) and he was punished

anyone know who that is?

No. 547997

Why so many anons here sound like predators lol they're always talking about shy meek guys that they can control and manipulate

No. 547998

that's probably necessarysped

No. 548000

Hell no. even cold pepperonis are delicious. Thtcould be just be me though, because my dad worked at some pizza places when I was little and I’d go in and everyone would feed me the cold toppings.

No. 548006

b-but anon!! men did it f-first!!!1!!!!1!1!!

No. 548016

Do it anon! Other anon is right that cold pepperoni is really yummy too. My cousin and I used to get microwaved pepperoni slices as an afterschool snack some days and shit was delicious lol

No. 548018

File: 1588303379865.png (58.11 KB, 1200x1117, Poland_map_flag.svg.png)

How stupid would it be to move from a major city in the US to a major city in Poland? I hold dual citizenship, and can speak Polish decently, but not extremely well. Fluent in English. I have family there, but we're not really connected, so it's mostly a non-factor. I work in tech, and I feel like I'd possibly be a more competitive candidate there than I am here.

I'm mid-twenties, and I think it might be interesting to live abroad for some time. I've considered other places but the visa/immigration issues seems like a hassle to navigate. NZ, GB and NL would probably top my list, but they have country-specific barriers.

I haven't visited as an adult, so I'd definitely do so again before making any decisions. Homophobia is a concern for me because I'm a bi woman predominantly interested in dating women, but I'm used to navigating traditional Polish views.


No. 548034

nvm it was mary elizabeth winstead

No. 548081

Every time I walk to the bus stop this big ugly smelly dog runs up to me, licks my ass and legs, makes me almost trip. Needless to say it makes me feel very uncomfortable and awful. When I can see one of the trailer trash owners I ask them if they can call back their dog as confident as possible. I find random animals and humans very unclean to the touch…maybe I’m exaggerating but it feels very disrespectful from the owner to not respect my clearly anxiety and disgust I have for dogs. I don’t want that dog to ever touch or approach me again, but I have never had a pet before, so how should I deal with it next time I’ll see the dog again? Asking the dog whisperers here.

No. 548084

Idk especially with corona. Who knows what the situation here will be like by the time you can fly over. What city are you thinking about?

No. 548087

Is anyone else's childhood bully a nurse now? Every mean girl I've ever gone to school with works in healthcare…..

No. 548088

The worst people are in healthcare actually. Every time you see an anon that’s in healthcare bragging cringily about their great width of compassion, you know that they’re a scumbag.

No. 548099

Face yoga is bullshit that gives you wrinkles, right?

No. 548124

Not a nurse, but the girl who bullied me into an eating disorder and would introduce me to people as her "socially retarded" friend is now a child psychologist.

No. 548142

Does anyone else feel like they become more and more insecure with age. I always hear that it's the opposite, but I'm in my 20's now and I feel so inferior.

No. 548150

Yeah, I'm in my early 20s and even someone 2 years younger intimidates me. Like, am I a good example for them? I used to think that I will become confident in time because my "old" age will be kind of a shield, but now it's socially accepted for younger people to judge older people and the specific way in which it happens now seems like a recent thing.
However. I did stop caring in a different way in the sense that I learned be more pragmatic and see the bigger picture instead of like… assigning too much value to things that don't have much influence in a practical way. Less in my head and out in the real world.

No. 548153

When you get braces, how does the payment work? I know the total price is around 6k on average. Do you pay all of it upfront?

No. 548156

Is it just me or do a lot of people in those Snapchat question things seem to send questions to themselves?

No. 548164

Most places have payment plans, tbh.
My friend pays for her once a month, some people do it biweekly (same week as pay) some people it's upfront if they can afford it. Just ask your orthodontist for the available payment plans, and if they refuse, just go elsewhere.

No. 548249

I genuinely suck at singing and want to become average!

Are there any free singing/ vocal training courses that are good? Or any good and cheap online vocal coach?
I'm learning guitar and everyone swears by justinguitar.com which is a great resource but are there any for singing?

No. 548372

Have you ever gotten a friend or a relative to lie about being a supervisor at your last job on your resume? How'd it go?

No. 548374

Why do skinny people work out? I get lifting weights and other exercises that will build muscle and tone, but very often I will see stick thin people running on the treadmill or going running.

No. 548375

yeah, no one even attempted to contact them so it was all good. And now i don't need to lie about having experience anymore yayy

No. 548376

They could insanely out of shape, and doing cardio helps with their stamina.

No. 548377

Probably because they don't want to stop being skinny

No. 548383

They have an insanely low calorie budget to remain at their weight, so the extra calories burned by exercise gives them more leeway. Like I'm pretty sure short women who wanna stay in the 100-120 pound ranges can't eat much over 1200 calories a day without gaining weight. That's their BMR, to most average height and average weight people that's a deficit diet.

No. 548384

Why wont trannies wear flared skirts but will tape their dick to their asshole, that still shows through their skin tight skirts and pants, along with their narrow hips?

No. 548388

OP. You're right, I'm 5'5 and weigh about 125 and have to workout in order to be able to eat more than 1200, I was talking about really skinny people but you're right, that still applies

No. 548445

What age is considered middle aged? I always thought it started at around 40 but I've seen 30 somethings being called middle aged.

Am I wrong?

No. 548496

am i autistic for feeling uncomfortable when i'm wearing pants?

No. 548498

AHHHHH NO kek, that’s completely normal. You’re autistic for thinking it’s autistic

No. 548502

Why do commentary channels "primarily" seem to have female audiences, while there are some male fans most of the audience seems to be young women and teenage girls

No. 548504

when you say commentary channels, do you mean those tea drama channels talking about jeffree charles and shit or youtubers like cody ko

No. 548505

channels like cody ko, Strange Aeons and Kurtis Conner

No. 548521

File: 1588393354932.png (154.63 KB, 256x400, IMG_7140.PNG)

Could somebody explain/give a theory as to what separates ugly-hot people from regular ugly people? II can tell the difference between cute and ugly-cute and why it occurs (Despite the ugliness they have neotenous features that make them cute), but I don't really understand ugly-hot-ness

No. 548524

i mean someone could have an ugly face and hot body or vice versa

No. 548528

Isn't that called butterface, rather than ugly-hot?

No. 548545

I’d consider it as overall “hot” features with one maybe two “ugly” features. Like overall cute af but maybe he or she has a big nose, bad teeth, or acne on their face/another part of their body. But idk

No. 548568

I think it's someone with unconventional features but conventional proportions? Idk how to explain, you get it

No. 548614

How do i learn how to dress properly and look nice? All this time I've been a t-shirt/jeans person and it definitely doesn't suit me. I'd like to look better even a bit older to match my age (early 20s), but I don't have any knowledge about fashion and what would look good on me.

If it helps anyone, I have a pear body shape.

No. 548625

File: 1588414764499.jpg (24.05 KB, 656x369, img_psola_20190802-083806_imag…)

This. I find big nosed people super attractive but I can see why other people think they're ugly.
Pic related is my latest celebrity crush and she's definitely not conventionally attractive.

No. 548626

If you have a lot of jeans you could buy some blouses, I think they look nice with jeans and also look better than tshirts. They don't have to be expensive, I shop a lot at second hand shops and I found quite a few nice ones

No. 548627

Is being in an ldr with someone who lives in another city at 19 yo a bad idea?
Asking for a friend.

No. 548630

I think the way a person carries themself contributes greatly. I agree >>548625 is super hot, and it's not about her features, she's charismatic and the character she plays has that wolfish energy. If I imagine her as a timid awkward woman in bootcut jeans she's suddenly not that hot anymore.

No. 548638

>who lives in another city
It’s hard to say without knowing how far away the city is. My boyfriend is in a whole other country but I love him and wouldn’t trade him for anyone closer even though him being so far is hard. It just depends what you look for in a relationship; if proximity is a huge deal for you, then maybe it would be better to opt for someone closer.

No. 548640

An LDR is a waste of time unless you're already married/have kids or it's temporary and under 6 months. Find someone nice and attractive to bone nearby - people aren't that unique (especially moids kek) you'll find someone to click with.

No. 548641

I think a T-shirt and jeans can look nice if you choose cuts that are flattering to your body! My first thought when you said you have a pear shaped body is that high waisted jeans w/ a beltand a tight T-shirt/tank top would look really cute on that body type. That can translate into a lot of different clothes as well, if you look for clothes with a defined waist and wearing tighter tops to balance out being “bottom heavy” (I hate to say that cause I think pear shaped bodies are really cute) and not looking like a box. Come over to the fashion thread on /g/ and post some stuff you like and anons will have a field day finding outfit ideas for you.

No. 548654

Does anyone here have unshaved legs and still feel comfortable wearing summer clothes? I stopped shaving a while ago and now I have a bunch of three quarter length leggings that I just don't wear anymore.

What's the likelihood that strangers will actually say shit to me or bother me over it?

No. 548657

I haven't shaved in over 5-6 years. and I feel fine. No one has ever come up to me and told me shit. It's very unnoticeable. After a while, you don't even realise that you're "hairy"

No. 548658

I haven't shaved any part of myself in 4+ years and still dress for the temperature. I've never had anyone say anything, even at jobs where I'd kinda expect someone to be disgusted. I don't think people actually notice, and if they do they're too polite to say something, even if their judgement is neutral

No. 548669

Ot, but I stopped shaving above my knees cause I saw people on tiktok comments saying they never did and its been two months and the hair just lays flat and smooth and not dark at all. I'm still to self conscious not to shave below the knee to wear clothes though.

No. 548677

Are you blond or asian?

No. 548681

Neither, italian-hungarian.

No. 548683

But like, how dark and thick is your hair?

No. 548685

Some patches are very dark and other patches are lighter, and it's thicker but never got very long compared to men's leg hair. It's noticeable in low-quality photos though if that helps answer the visibility part.

No. 548690

I'm kind of jealous, I would never have the courage to go out in a dress or shorts without shaving first.

No. 548721

>don't think people actually notice, and if they do they're too polite to say something
Hoping I'll be met with similar politeness. I have tattoos on my legs and people tend to ask me about them so between that and having dark hair I think it'll be noticed.. but I do live in a fairly polite country

No. 548753

Am I the only person who has contemplated having a prepper/ homestead lifestyle during this worldwide lockdown? I would love to have less screen time because I have to feed the chickens or build a fence.

No. 548754

Why do black people name their kids stupid shit like Samkisha and Shaniqua? They're already black, why make their lives more miserable?(racebait)

No. 548756

Names like that are a portmanteau of African (bc they're black) and French (American South) origins

No. 548759

File: 1588436729061.jpg (323.5 KB, 1600x1125, 015.JPG)


No. 548761

they were years an years ago, but we have shit like angelnique and crap now.

No. 548765

Why do people from the south of the US like so much to end names with 'lee', 'lyn', 'klyn'?
I don't get it.

No. 548769

The only people who call 30's middle aged are kids under 15. 45+ is middle aged.

No. 548850

Why do people who never help out around the house always demand they do? You'd think they'd realize they don't when others complained yet never do.

No. 548853

Has anyone found CBD all that useful for either anxiety or pain conditions or is the whole CBD thing overhyped?

No. 548857

File: 1588447060769.jpg (38.59 KB, 500x311, 51-ys CpbsL.jpg)

Because they have no taste

No. 548871

This would make a classy tattoo

No. 548879

No. 548885

oh that would be cute anon, especially inside an infinity symbol <3

No. 548886

don't forget to add dandelions and "live, laugh, love" too <3

No. 548891

YOU ASSHOLES ARE STEALING MY TATTOO, I already have it done so I KNOW you didn't come up with it! Try to be original, please sweeties..

No. 548894

Why do so many insta-models/thots have such plain or masculine faces? For sure you’re skinny and your underwear is cute. But their features are usually harsh or they don’t know how to use makeup or photoshop to soften it.

No. 548896

Ummm all of this negativity is really bad for you, okay stress is a killer…. maybe you should get a "just breathe" tattoo on your wrist like i have as a reminder to yourself to live each day to the fullest <3

No. 548897

Why does Stan Twitter call other twitter users locals?

No. 548901

It's similar to why weebs or lolita's call non weebs normies, everyone else is different to them. Locals is used for music because they listen to 'local' music (western music) rather than stuff like kpop. I'm pretty sure it started on kpop stan twt, but bled into regular stan twt (I think at least, I don't have a source on the history of stan twitter, just my own experiences)

No. 548912

Why does it have to be called "shipping" if i just enjoy seeing an on screen friendship?

No. 548951

I just spent ~$60 on take out in one night
I can't keep doing this
Yesterday I bought "extra" so I didn't have to worry about lunch while I got started on prepping food–I ended up eating all of it
Tonight, I plan on eating a lot of food but I don't know if I will eat all of it

I have a problem, right?

No. 548959

I'm in the first ep of Into the Night on Netflix, and someone who's seen the show or read the book needs to explain to me how it's night in Brussels but the sun just went up in New York. Is this set on winter solstice? If so it seems like they should have more time before the sun rises again.

No. 548966

File: 1588467974493.jpg (27.25 KB, 778x428, bhGFjoIkMSCunPt-800x450-noPad.…)

are there girl coomers?

No. 548973

have ya seen the kink thread in /g/

No. 548975

coomer just means porn sick, its someone who inserts porn into every aspect of their life

so yeah

No. 548985

File: 1588469175742.jpg (136.35 KB, 1242x862, 1588097254470.jpg)

I think every woman with a fetish is a coomer by default. Especially if it's stuff like bdsm or ddlg. Anybody that puts their pussy on the internet free of charge is a coomer to me too.

No. 548986

Do these sound like actual delusions or am I just weird? I really refuse to believe that they're actually fake too, hear me out.

Sometimes I feel like I can slow the time down by thinking about it extra hard. When I do that, it immediately feels like everything around me has slowed down and it used to weird me out so incredibly much but now I enjoy it. When I look at still pictures, I can sometimes see them moving in front of me. Last time it happened, I was looking at this olive oil brand and the olive started swinging left and right in front of my eyes lol.

Also kinda believe that the current life I am living isn't my real one and the real me is actually asleep right now, dreaming all of this so I'm free to do what I want in this life. It's kinda like playing Sims, the real me is controlling the current me. I cannot wait until I wake up and live my actual life.

No. 548987

I'm 14 and this is deep

No. 548989

That sounds like a lot of dissociation type stuff, and it does sound incredibly delusional. You need mental help, it’s probably not healthy to be so disconnected from reality. At least right now, you can kind of tell you’re doing it I guess? That’s probably good.
You have to be 18 years old to post here.

No. 548994

"i'm 14 and this is deep" is a common joke on the internet………..

No. 548995

Nta but It's a shitty subreddit reference. Unless you're making a joke too and I'm oblivious.

No. 548996

Thank you for your answer.
I can tell sometimes that I'm dreaming it up but the other times I feel myself going back into this headspace and I feel at ease because everything just feels made up and my real life is waiting for me on the other side. It's like this is my first chance in life and if I fuck it up then things are still ok because my other life (aka the one where I'm sleeping right now) is waiting for me and I can always start again. Living alone doesn't really help at all I think. I also told my sister about this yesterday on the phone and she was weirded out and told me to get help too. Normal reaction I guess. This is probably something to feel weird over for other people. I think I will take the help thing into more consideration after the entire virus thing is over.

I appreciate your reply a lot, thanks again.

I know this is a reddit slang type of thing but I'm serious.

It wasn't funny.

No. 548997

Obviously not that popular than, don’t state that you’re 14 even if it’s a “joke” it’s not verifiable and kind of incredibly uncomfortable, especially since this is an 18+ site. There’s been an influx of minor anons coming in so I just assumed you were another one, I don’t think that funny at all. I get the point now you say it’s a joke, but out of context seems super weird.

No. 548998

This sounds like depersonalization or dissociation to me. I go through this a lot and it feels like you're a robot or watching yourself through a mirror.

It's always weird when I see myself or am aware of what I look like because I don't feel like I should be in my body.

It helps to have some grounding techniques but it's a pretty manageable thing with therapy and self awareness.

No. 549001

File: 1588470693658.gif (767.05 KB, 298x298, tenor.gif)

No. 549002

It is interesting and I don’t think you, yourself are inherently weird, but what your brain is doing is a lil funky. Definitely sounds dissociative and I’ve done that a lot before. Good for you being honest with yourself, I just wouldn’t want you to get stuck there. I hope you find the right help and solution for yourself anon.

No. 549003

This post and few others about delusions and super powers lately have obviously been made by minors.

No. 549004

thank you lmao. Which is why I used that joke.. bc it seemed evident that this person was a minor.

No. 549007

No, I am not a minor. The only thing I'll admit is that seeing the supernatural power thread made me wanna talk about this on here for some confirmation, because my talk with my sister on the phone had me a bit confused and I wanted a bit more (which I ended up getting). Was actually gonna post it on there but I decided against it and came here. I get why you'd think that way because this place has indeed been run over by minors lately but I'm really not one.

Thank you! You're very sweet!
When the time comes I'll try my best.

No. 549008

File: 1588471563602.jpg (6.71 KB, 213x236, hiu.jpg)

As a guy am I allowed to post on this site?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 549009

it's an imageboard, chill bitch

No. 549015

I’d rather not have children participating in the down right degenerate and vile things anons say sometimes, bitch, not chill lmao

No. 549017

Do you dream in colour or black and white? Do you dream through your eyes or can you see yourself in your dreams?

No. 549021

i am 12 and wat is this

No. 549028

Got some take out
Wasn't super impressed
Not super interested in finishing all of it

Would it be unethical to give a homeless person leftovers during this pandemic?

No. 549029

yes. it would be unethical any time to give someone your partially eaten leftovers.

No. 549030

I'm not super sure that is the case, but okay, I guess I'll throw this food away

No. 549034

i always dream in a third perspective and in color. sometimes in words

No. 549035

I think that anon was being sarcastic, but I don't know. Food is food. As long as you know you're not sick, I don't see a problem.
Giving it away wouldn't be wrong, people need to eat.

No. 549037

I don't know if I've got the virus and I wouldn't want to unknowingly spread it to someone who is ultra vulnerable and most likely doesn't have healthcare
I don't really track sarcasm online super well

No. 549041

I agree honestly I get what they're saying about wasting food but I think it's probably better to stick to unopened food you won't be able to eat that could go to waste

No. 549042

Every thread people say the cow should, must, certainly, get therapy/commit to therapy. Can someone (I guess from America) explain what is meany by "therapy"? It's not seriously psyhchotherapy the Freud thing is it? srsly? On American tv shows that seems to be what it means

No. 549045

That's effectively what is meant unless it's physical therapy

Freud is a little outdated, but if you want a more typical example, watch this

No. 549047

ok so it is the couch thing. Not a psychologist, CBT or any of that it's literally 'tell me about your mother' 'and how does that make you feel, why' neuroticism-reinforcing ego indulgence. Thanks I can now laugh at the anons pushing this ameriquack woody allen shit

No. 549050

That's just an aspect of it–I mean, therapy can be all of those things

But yeah, when someone says "get therapy" on the internet, they usually mean it as a joke on websites like this

No. 549051

anons in venus and holly's threads are quite serious that this will FIX the cow. I assume they tried it and got some benefit, of course there's some benefit, because talking to someone or even just having someone being calmly attentive to you for any time is theraputic. You can get your nails done though and get the same thing. Won't stop a cow being a cow though

No. 549052

It definitely could–a lot of therapy does look into why certain behaviors exist
Pinpointing a reason why people act a certain way can help them change that behavior

Therapy isn't a 100% cure, but it usually helps in the way you're referring to

No. 549053

Personality disorders aren't gonna get solved through talking to your nail tech, though.

No. 549054

that's what i said. that's all couch therapy is. they're not psychiatrists

No. 549055

Psychiatrists typically just give out meds and diagnose stuff, they don't typically help you work things out unless it's completely serious
Therapists and counselors typically do all of that stuff

No. 549057

yeah a little bit sure and so would reading a free article about it or trying some meditation. it can't change the core problem cows have which is simply that they are stupid.
I don't really rate psychiatrists either i just put that because you said personality disorders which I mixed up with mood disorders. I think psychology stuff like CBT and stuff might be a start for the cows.
But Oh well i won't clog this thread more, the main thing i wanted to sort out was whether anons were overreaching by claiming to have The Answer, which i think we can agree on

No. 549058

Also, not to be rude, but CBT is a type of therapy, which would be conducted by therapists–you know that, right?

No. 549059

that was my whole fucking question: whether the anons saying therapy meant general psychological counselling including stuff like that, or the couch talking bullshit. and the answer i got was that the word therapy generally means the couch meme

No. 549060

They are all pretty much the same–sorry for the confusion.
The psychiatrist medical, therapist talking thing is accurate

No. 549061

More specifically, a lot of CBT happens on a couch

Unless you're wearing heels

No. 549085

File: 1588485787205.jpg (266.42 KB, 905x881, 1581307327315.jpg)

Do yall have any tips for fixing a short attention span?

No. 549097

Assuming this is for studying or working on something, I use a timer and the Pomodoro Technique. Having the watch next to you really help keeping focus, or at least refraining from drifting on unrelated tasks. It's pretty minimalist but works well for me

No. 549121

It's tied to grit. Look it up and learn how to make yours stronger.

No. 549258

File: 1588494577995.jpeg (52.68 KB, 600x212, 0CE32A57-5288-4E13-85F2-4622F7…)

Wtf is going on in the PULL thread? I can’t tell if it’s some sort of bot or an actual person.

No. 549289

I posted one because I thought it would be funny. Don't know if any other anons did the same or if it's a person or a bot. Looks like a person.

No. 549290

there have been a lot of disturbing posts recently idk if people are going mad because of quarantine or if it's just people who are bored trolling

No. 549294

File: 1588498623552.jpg (8.18 KB, 229x220, penis-envy-1.jpg)

Alright, so, kind of just a weird question over a 'stupid one', I guess, but… (warning to readers in /OT/ with SFW interests: sexual nature)

Lately I've been having this weird sexual fixation/penis envy desire to feel what it's like to have a penis and have sex with a woman. I would consider myself fully straight (I've had lesbian experiences in the past during more 'experimental' years and tried regular strap-ons and did not enjoy them), but lately whenever I view pornographic material or anything vaguely arousing, I get stuck imagining how good it must feel to be the dude and the sensation of cock-entering-vagina. Other than this I'm happy with being a female and the concept doesn't enter my life in any other aspect, so I'm gonna chalk it up to momentary fetish.

That decided, any anons here have any experience with sex toys like the feeldoe or whatever it is? like one of those double ended strap-ons that you insert into yourself? good ones/bad ones?

I feel like reviews of sex toys online are super overrated, hence wanting to ask here. I find most sex toys/dildos/whatever underwhelming (honestly, for what must be such a high $$$ industry, sex toys are so underdeveloped and overpriced, what the hell), while even 'neutral' reviewers will make them sound like gods orgasm-inducing gift to woman-kind. So… I'm not asking for a sexual experience play-by-play from anyone, but if you could give some more detail on 'what' they feel like if you did like yours, that'd be appreciated. (what I mean: is it similar sensation to using a dildo? a vibrator? is there significant sensation from thrusting, or does the 'pleasurable feeling' of the item come purely from having it inserted, whether you're using it as intended or not?

Kinda considering getting one and a 'pocket pussy' or something just to live out the weird fetish. Don't really wanna involve an actual woman as, like I said, I don't feel I'm a lesbian or a person who wants to have real sex with another woman. But if the sensation is akin to just having a prone dildo or vibrator inside of myself, then, well… can't say it's worth the money for my situation, lol.

No. 549295

I missed it. What was there? I just see a response about cats or something.

No. 549296

Some sperg had a psychotic meltdown after her hair dyeing went wrong and started spamming the thread about her hair being ruined and how she should die.

No. 549297

I didn't see whatever it was, but I've been suspecting lolcow got cross-linked somewhere high traffic recently. that and usual summer-fagisms amplified by quarantine. 'cause there's been a huge amount of non-saged, extra moralfag, mildly off-culture and cowtipping posts all over lately.

anyone else also feeling there's a larger influx of the weird 'this cow deserves to written about because they're a bad person and so we're justified in making fun of them!' mentality, or am I just nitpicking? like, legit anons going on tirades about how they're posting to protect people/spread the word about how scammy/shitty/whatever ___ cow is, and are super defensive when anyone tries to say something that's not in favor of the cow being a dangerous psycho criminal? (even if its not WKing)?

I mean, that mentality seems to be more common place over time, but it's been in real high abundance lately in the threads I read. like shit, why we all gotta be virtue signaling super heros all the sudden, i just wanna read/gossip/speculate because they're fucking lulsy train wrecks and it's entertaining… you'd think some of these anons are rehearsing their speech for when they meet heavens gates and have to justify getting in lmao

No. 549298

You're probably experiencing this when you watch porn because porn is made for men. All porn, even girl-on-girl, is created with a male viewer in mind, so that will come through psychologically when you consume it. Becoming fixated on a certain male-oriented aspect of it (having a penis and inserting it into a vagina) is normal for the experience.
To answer your question about toys: I hate to tell you this, but there will never be a way to recreate the experience with female genitals. Clit-sucking toys are probably the closest you're going to get, but even that mostly just feels like receiving (robotic) oral sex on female genitals. Double-ended vibrators feel exactly like it sounds - a vibrator stimulating you inside your vagina and against your clit. It feels more intense when you push in, but in the same way it would if you were using a vibe solo and pushed it more firmly against yourself.
Basically, there isn't a good way to simulate having a functional penis yet, so I wouldn't waste your money. Sorry, anon.

No. 549302

File: 1588501543070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.73 KB, 1000x1000, media_9f737f05-752e-4a0f-b318-…)

Thanks anon! I appreciate the insight (and I think you're absolutely correct in it). Sadly when it comes to the toys, I had a feeling that'd be the case. I mean, I knew there wasn't going to be some magical device that'd make it the same sensation, but I was hoping there might be something a little better than 'lol we tied two bullet vibrators together, have fun'.

Off-reply tangent:
I know it's a male-dominated industry, but dear God is it really so much to ask for someone to develop something for women that isn't a Chinese knock off of a Mcdonalds action figure with built-in buzzing?!

About to start a blog based around DIY fitness-sex toys. Aka sex toys that motivate you to work out/work via you working out; two birds one stone, y'know? The fact that pic related (What a joke - spoilered more for the sadness of its existence vs nsfw nature) and ben-wa balls are the only thing that come up in relation to it kills me. We're really not utilizing the potential of female sexual enjoyment. I don't even understand why, since I'd always figured women would still be pretty large buyer demographic of toys, even if men consume more media etc…(I mean, it'd even be logical straight women would be buying more toys if the vast majority of men are getting their idea of a good sexual experience from porn, lol?).

Even the 'long distance/couple experience' items make me sad, the woman's version of the pair always makes it seem like even the people designing sex toys intended for women's pleasure are the same ones who think we orgasm each time we use tampons or something…

That or I'm some vaginally numb super-mutant resistant to the mind-blowing, world-shattering sensations of 'it's-reminiscent-of sitting-on-the-edge-of-a-rattling-dryer 3000 turbo max (now on sale for $769!)'. And somehow I doubt that, considering ((TMI-apologies to anyone still reading)) I'm one of those lucky ladys capable of continued multiple/stacked orgasms.


No. 549305

its a meme you autist

No. 549326

Are incels and robots the same thing?

No. 549329

Not technically. Robots classically refer to /r9k/ users. Incels aren't always robots but robots are highly likely to be incels.

No. 549330

Ty, so does robot just mean /r9k/ user or does it have an actual meaning?

No. 549334

/r9k/ is abbreviation of the script "robot9000" so it came from that, but as u can see the title robot has taken on the double meaning of being a little socially retarded faggot autist who fail to function in human society

No. 549361

Is it a bad idea to start a new life in another country alone, in your late twenties?

I hate my country, it's slowly but surely becoming a dictatorship, I see no future here and really crave change. But I feel like I'm already late, it would be hard to form lasting friends and relationships, and adapt to a new place at this age

No. 549364

It's not the best time like right now, but your late twenties is as good a time as any

No. 549389

Is da club real? I’ve never known anyone who goes clubbing. Why would you?? It sounds awful and disgusting and boring. I’m starting to think it’s just a meme.

No. 549451

i came across a video named "i pretended to be gay to see my friend naked" and i wondered is this a real thing?

i don't have a lot of gay male friends and they're not really close but do girls actually undress in front of gay friends?

No. 549464

File: 1588536028078.png (80.67 KB, 340x286, 1587046214910.png)

Wtf is the confessions thread pic, pic related.

No. 549468

Could any med anon help me?
I had my blood tested for Coenzyme Q10, my result is 3,26 µg/ml.
It seems like this is higher level than it should be? I'm not sure… is that ok?
I can't find information about healthy levels in blood online.

No. 549472

Who else missed out on their high school years?I was in juvy

No. 549480

I don't know why I laughed so hard at this. Clubs are very much real. I've been to quite a few of them. Everyone is dumb, ugly, sweaty and desperately trying to get laid. Pretty much a completely unpleasant experience unless you're shit-faced. I don't recommend it.

No. 549481

How did you end up in juvy?
I dropped out at 16 because my life was a mess and I was mentally ill. I was a neet until I was 20 when I went to my country's equivalent of community college. I have kind of mixed feelings about the whole thing.

No. 549482

hot demon summer

No. 549483

Why do I hide threads, open them again when they appear in the frontpage and then have the gall to be upset when past me tried to warn me

No. 549486

I missed out on high school too. I dropped out in 9th grade from mental illness issues and shitty home situation, went back in 10th to a nice alternative school, and than in 12th grade I had to drop out again because we lost our house and my mom wouldn’t house me anymore so I had to get a job and find somewhere to live. I had to move what I could and leave the rest of my stuff to be demolished with my house. (City bought our house from our landlord because it was too ugly.) Now I’ve been working ever since, I haven’t gotten my GED yet because I’m so busy with work.

No. 549487

I tased a bully in the 7th grade
Middle school was living hell for me too,no one should ever experience such torment not even for a 13/14 year old,I'm a neet too but I'm close to moving out at 19 years old

No. 549488

Why does it seem like so many people claim to have some sort of mental illness now? This isn't even strictly youtubers/online personalities, so many people I know irl claim they have ~anxiety~ or ~depression~ too when they act completely normal

No. 549493

Wait till you hear about high functioning depression mate

No. 549494

That's a real diagnosis though. It's called Dysthymia. No one in my life knows I've been diagnosed with it, but I honestly experience it on a day to day basis. With that being said I don't understand people who talk about having it or anxiety who haven't seen a doctor.

No. 549497

The juvie question got me thinking: Did you ever get revenge on your bully/fight back? I once broke some bone in one of my bullies face after he tried to stab me in the 2nd grade and strangled a dude in 7th grade after he had bullied me for 2 years with his friends.

No. 549500

Those of who you are shy, introverted, or have poor social skills, do you think it's due to the way you were raised?

No. 549504

That's not what I'm talking about though. They talk about having a serious mental illness like it's a quirky personality trait or trend and it's so transparent.

They're in prison now because they're just as much of a sociopath now as when we were kids, so kind of

No. 549510

I've always been a quiet kid and tbh my parents also play a huge part in who I am today because they never had any motivation or pride in me and would bully me endlessly and growing up it really fucked with me so now I don't even bother to talk to people because I feel like no matter what I say it'll bore them endlessly and make them annoyed with me

No. 549515

I've never really been big on fandom but my bff has. She asked me if I wanted to do some rp with her on this new series we watched together. She stopped replying altogether once I started. I don't feel like I wrote anything different from what others do… was something wrong with my delivery?

No. 549526

Hey anon, this is an interesting question. I do think I am introverted because of how I was “allowed” to socialise in my teen years.
I was an outgoing and sociable child, but my family moved to UK and were living in a housing situation were basically no kids were allowed to be, so for 5 out of 7 days of the week my sister and I had to pretend we didn’t exist.
Then coming back to my home country, my parents wouldn’t give me money to see friends outside of school, and wouldn’t allow them to come to my house, and since that I guess I have become used to spending all my free time alone and this has now carried on into my adult life.
TL;DR I would say that I am introverted largely because of my upbringing.

No. 549531

i kinda misiterpeted your post before anon, i took it as "how could these people have mental illnesses they sometimes mention even though I haven't noticed it before". I agree, it's fucking disturbing how some people make anxiety/depression/what have you into a personality, mention it in their bios and like as their goddamn hobbies

No. 549534

It definitely is the case for me. My parents aren't the most extroverted party people either but they're still normal. My sister is a lot younger than I and my parents were a lot more lax with her, so while also a bit introverted she's a perfectly normal girl too.
When I was a child they raised me to be uber polite, they didn't praise me for meaningless little stuff like other parents did and they also scolded me for small things (sometimes even in advance before I even did something). As a result I'm very timid and scared of basically anything. As a kid I always though I'm not a mommy's child but now as an adult I totally depend on them. I can't do anything on my own, I'm always worried about making mistakes. At work too, I always ask or double check with an older coworker because I can't make decisions on my own. I'm just so scared of possible consequences or backlash.
My parents also made sure to always tell me that I need to stay quiet when adults are talking, as in never interrupting anybody, so I just grew into a person who doesn't speak much. Starting from when I was a teen everybody around me including my parents suddenly expected me to be bubbly, outgoing, fun, talkative,… which I just wasn't used to. I was supposed to be the perfect obedient child who magically turns into a super popular young woman. My biggest flaw is not being good at talking (I simply have no idea what to say) but that is essential for school or work settings so I always fail.

No. 549536

This is really similar to my experience. Also, my parents have poor social skills themselves. Neither of them have friends. The only adults their own age they interact with are their coworkers and siblings. I didn't have a model for what good social skills looked like in adults.

No. 549551

Why it's my wife enjoying a mimosa

No. 549559

what app or video sharing program do you use for watching movies with friends?

No. 549561

since rabbit is down i use rave
it's not as good as rabbit but it still works

No. 549563

how can i make those randomly generated faces too? do i need a program or something?

No. 549564


No. 549565

there's a website for it just google it but if you start posting this shit on here too like lolcow is your personal barbie dreamhouse i will find out where you live and give you a wedgie in person

No. 549566

f5 to make as many people as you want, but there's websites where you can decide the features your fake person will have

No. 549567

Are people really making $600 a week on unemployment right now? At this point, should i just leave my job? they're paying us to stay home but it's only 30 hours worth a week, which is less than $400 a week.. So i'm actually baffled if i'd make more being unemployed at the moment rather than putting myself at risk going out to work.

No. 549570

I understand how you feel and that sucks, but increased welfare payments have all been touted as temporary measures - if they weren't, literally which low paid worker would stick to their job? But it's not going to last forever and trying to get another job after restrictions let up and people are trying to get back to work is not going to be a fun ride.

No. 549571


You don’t get raised by an actual autist and a passive aggressive, emotionally void asshole and come out normal.

Like >>549536, my parents didn’t really have friends either. And like >>549534, I never got any praise of any kind. It’s like I was expected to just know things. I was never asked how I felt, I was never soothed, I was never encouraged. In fact, I was often discouraged, either directly or indirectly. I’ve never had a proper conversation with either of my parents. I don’t feel they ever really took an interest in me as a person. Or even saw me as one. When I wasn’t being ignored, I was being belittled. They fed me and clothed me but they checked out with everything else.

I think if I had parents who engaged with me, and life in general, I would have been alright. Probably still an anxious mess because some of that is just genetic but otherwise fine.
Instead I’ve just been a NEET for 10 years.
I don’t have any older people in my life to guide me in anything. I wish I did.
I think I grew up without love.

No. 549578

It's an edit of a character from the manga 'Made in Abyss'

No. 549587

Man I feel you anon, this is pretty similar to my experience as well.

My mom had absolutely no friends. She was "friendly" with a few people, but would constantly berate/shittalk them to me. She was so highly critical of everyone, even the few friends I had as a kid. Any little misstep they did would have her saying they're bad kids, their parents are terrible people, they're probably child abusers, etc. Example being I scraped my knee playing with a friend when I was like 4, so my mom freaked out on the kid saying it was her fault and that she was "using" me. It was really hard to stay friends with anyone because she hated everyone.

I feel guilty even talking about it, like I should just get over my weird family issues and stop crying, parents don't define me, etc., but it's impossible to believe it didn't impact me and how I handle relationships. It's made it so hard to relate to people.

No. 549596

is it worth starting sailor moon? I'm not into anime but it being from the 90s and a part of a lot of my friends' childhoods makes me want to watch it. Like is it actually good or is it pure nostalgia that fuels everyone's obsession with it? Is there somewhere I can watch it for free?

No. 549598

Absolutely. Every thing I did as a child was heavily downplayed by my parents. If I got the best grades in my class it was just my job. If I wasn't the best I was punished.
My parents were also part of a weird doomsday cult and I wasn't allowed to play with children outside the cult. At first I did it anyway and got beaten everytime so I just learned to stay inside and read/watch TV. Now that they got outside of that they ask me why I don't have many friends lol.
On top of that when I was 12 my parents decided to send me to a prestigious school in the city because they thought I was a child genius. My classmates bullied the shit out of me for being a poor country bumpkin and I lived with a creepy old lady who wouldn't let me turn on the heating in winter. I ended getting lots of health issues and spent most of my teenage years in hospitals which definitely didn't help me being more social.

No. 549599

There's a lot of nostalgia to it but I recently rewatch it. It s a cute anime that's about friendship and magic. Overall wholesome with some heart strings. It's also not that long. Watch the first season and then decide if you want to continue.

No. 549600

honestly i just thought it's a dark white picture of edited miku

No. 549603

Ultimately it's a kids show so it's cheesy, and it's a bit too monster-of-the-week for me to enjoy outside of nostalgia and the aesthetics, but it's still worth a try. I can see adults enjoying it if they want something comfy and wholesome.

No. 549611

Goddamn, anon. That's awful. I hope you're in a better place now. What was the cult, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 549641

what do you do when your mentally ill friend loses his shit over dumb stuff? i thought the guy was fucking joking at first and i laughed. things are so bad rn

No. 549642

They were adventists. I think onion boy was caught in that bullshit as well but I don't really follow his drama.
Aside from some chronical minor health issues I'm alright now but I still have trust issues and I always think people will judge me so social situations drain me. My relationship with my parents got a bit better since they left the cult but I can't see them as normal people anymore.

No. 549669

File: 1588560388483.jpg (16.47 KB, 275x229, 1542131646593.jpg)

I'm glad you're doing better, anon.

No. 549689

more context?

No. 549692

Is it possible that there are more gay people percentage wise in certain countries than others? I don't mean out I mean just, like, gay. Like I feel society can kinda play a part in it? I got in a conversation about dl dudes and my brain is fried bc it's 3am so I can't stop thinking about it

No. 549694

well, yeah, it is possible. do you think the ratio of gay people is the same everywhere? i'm so confused.

No. 549702

being homosexual isn't like a culture bound syndrome or something, but acting like "gay" might be.

No. 549703

How do you answer to being yelled at from the manager when you make a mistake at work without sounding like you don't care but also not sounding like a pushover? I have terrible untreated social anxiety. I have no idea how to react or what to say back. I also feel my eyes tearing up and its so embarrassing because I'm 20+ years old.

No. 549712

Being homosexual is pretty rare in society, we're over represented in western media, I'm not complaining about it but maybe that's why it might seem that way. You also need to account for countries where being gay is illegal or frowned upon.

No. 549721

Why is everyone so angry and sensitive on here lately?! You can't say shit on here anymore even as a joke.

No. 549722

File: 1588566253389.jpg (112.88 KB, 1200x600, 6fc9d5efdd7fc3fc3f12a83395df3c…)

Why does South Park have a suddenly large fujo audience ? like seriously go to a youtube clip of the characters and you'll find teen girls with kpop profile pictures gushing about how cute the boys are

No. 549725

The series has been popular with fujos for years, it’s not really a recent trend. They’ve made fun of it a bunch of times

No. 549727

Why South Park of all shows? the characters aren't typical Japanese shotas

No. 549729

what are fujos. I still don't know what they actually are and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

No. 549732

Girls who like Yaoi, BL, Shounen Ai.. gay fiction basically. Fujoshi translates literally to "rotten girl" and it was first used as a derogatory term for girls who enjoyed reading BL manga but the Japanese community ended up reclaiming it.

No. 549736

>the Japanese community ended up reclaiming it.

i got some bad news for you…the western community """reclaimed""" it, as in they use it the same way they use otaku, in a positive context despite the japanese one. it hasn't been reclaimed in japan in the slightest.

No. 549739

Oh? I've always read that they did reclaim it over there but makes sense if they haven't. My bad. Not really in touch with that community in general lol

No. 549740

For the same reason they like Osomatsu-san, it doesn't matter if the characters look like muppet blobs as long as they have relationship dynamics worth shipping and designs that can be beautified in fanart.

No. 549742

wtf is this sjw-esque nonsense about 'reclaiming' anything. It's not a slur and it's not that serious, at worst it's mildly self deprecating but universally used because it's convenient and nobody is offended to begin with.

No. 549743

It's just a convenient word to use about jokingly taking back a term that's meant to be insulting. No "SJW" thought behind my post.

No. 549744

nah don't worry, i just hate western misinformation. the word is more like the word "fag" or something now, in that people use it to refer to eachother in a self-deprecating way, but it's still used as an insult by and large. (personally i'm not a huge fan of western fujoshi, because they are either fakebois, or like the ones on the site where the ree cause "muh pure romance by a woman!!!", but japanese fujoshi are a bit more tolerable because they're less moralfaggy and not closeted lesbians)

No. 549746


No. 549751

Honestly fujos need better taste if they actually spend time and effort shipping South Park Characters

No. 549752

Do you have to understand something to memorise it? I was talking to my friend who said this and I was surprised because I don't have this at all. I can remember like 60 pages of text almost word for word (literally i can remember the exact layout of the page, any little jokes the author put in the text book, additional 'did you know' information boxes on the page outside the main text etc.) and could rewrite it out to maybe 90-95% word for word accuracy without any concept of what it actually means. I can only remember it for about 6-10 hours though, it doesn't give me any long term memory or understanding. Does anyone else have this or is there something wrong with me?

No. 549754

>I can remember like 60 pages of text almost word for word
>for about 6-10 hours
Wtf. I wouldn’t say something is wrong with you but that is certainly not something that most people would be able to do. I’d love to have that ability.
This isn’t meant as an insult, but do you have autism? Your post just made me think of that autistic savant who can memorize songs on the piano after listening to the song one time.

No. 549755

I'm not particularly shy and my social skills are alright at this point but I'm pretty introverted and very reserved. My mother would not allow me to socialize growing up – walking down to a nearby shop after school with friends was out of the question, going to multiple school events in a row wasn't allowed (i.e., if a dance was one day and a football game was the next, I could choose one or the other, not both). I distinctly remember her telling me I was "not allowed to have too much fun". As a result, despite never being bullied and people finding me generally likable, I was extremely awkward and hesitant to try new things or leave my comfort zone until pretty recently. I'm pretty normal now but I definitely feel "behind" other people my age.

No. 549758

Do you think the average person would eventually be able to memorise 60 pages word for word maybe if they studied it for a while or that the average person can literally never remember that much? I sometimes suspect I probably have some kind of 'high functioning' autism? but it's never been diagnosed, I think because I can still function well in society and people don't seem to pick up on it with girls as much so it never got brought up in school or anything, there are somethings that really make me think so but there are also somethings that make me think I don't fit the criteria for having it so idk… maybe I should see a therapist or something after the lockdown ends because I'm curious now

No. 549759

It helps but no. A professor once told me "you don't need to understand how a transmission works to drive a car". That got me through undergrad.

No. 549763

Not it isn't but it makes the karens mad so they cry about it kek

No. 549773

>Do you think the average person would eventually be able to memorise 60 pages word for word maybe if they studied it for a while or that the average person can literally never remember that much?
It’s probably possible, but most people would have trouble with it and would really need to dedicate themselves to it. How long does it take for you to memorize the ~60 pages? From your post it sounds like you just automatically remember them after reading them just once(?).
Even if you aren’t autistic, you definitely have some sort of cognitive gift and I am jealous.
t. autist with no special talents

No. 549775

You could have a special talent you just havent discovered yet! It depends a little on the book or if I'm in a high pressure situation (the adrenaline rush before an exam makes it easier, like in highschool sometimes I would put off studying if the test didn't matter but just in the 15 minute break before class I would be able to memorise like 30-40 pages of something), I would say in normal conditions I can memorise 60 pages of a textbook word for word in about 2 hours?

No. 549795

Person with a bad memory here, I can memorize 0 pages of a book, it's definitely a gift to be able to do that.

No. 549832

Your post is so funny out of context.

No. 549842

How do I have more energy without taking stimulants?

No. 549852

Anything with a lot of male characters is likely to attract fujoshis. Pay it no mind. Although it is kind of odd that the show acknowledges and leans into the whole shipping thing.

No. 549908

Everytime I scratch at the base of my cat's tail he collapses and rolls over to expose his belly. What does this mean??

No. 549916

is it real love or a twisted fetish?

No. 549924

bruh, most cats get kinda horny when you scratch them there

No. 549930

A lot of people can do that to an extent, but I think you're probably particularly good at it from the sounds of things. High school language teachers where I live will encourage their students to write generic essays and memorise them for exams without really understanding the grammar or vocab in them. I envy you a little bit, my memory is pretty bad.

No. 549933

No. 549944

Why might one feel disgusted at themselves after looking at someone (extremely) attractive? Not anyone, just this person. I am straight (so no "gay stigma in a christian community" thing), don't have trauma and pretty sure they're not a bad person at all. It's been bugging me for a few days and i sometimes think about them and feel something in between sexual desire and severe disgust at myself. It's a bad mix.

No. 549960

encourage your friend get the help he needs but don't offer to become his go-to therapist or it'll never end

No. 549965

>using they/them to refer to someone
is that person non-binary? complete turnoff even if they're attractive

No. 549966

people use they/them when they don't want to say someone's gender, anon.

No. 549967

Lmao, no. It's a man. It feels less personal when i refer to him as 'them'.

No. 550057

Can those photo filters that morph you into an old version of yourself like FaceApp really predict how you'll look?

I've tried it a few times on different photos and it always makes me look like the most decrepit of old hags even though everyone in my family ages really well. I put one on a picture of my granny when she was young and it made her look like a corpse, and irl she looks nothing like that. For my brothers the results are always so much better.

No. 550062

How do I stop getting into internet arguments? I want to stop but I keep falling for calling out things I think are shitty.

Do I need to delete social media out of my life all together to reach peak fulfillment?

No. 550064

take 30 seconds to think about what you're posting before you post it. most likely you're just screaming into the void and getting way more worked up about it than just leaving it be. whatever you're trying to say, the person has heard it before.
besides, are there ever any true winners to an internet argument?

No. 550152

Why do criminals make the headlines? Why are they in the news at all? What's the point?

No. 550160

It brings in views because people find it interesting. For example, a lot of people like true crime shows. Sometimes, the news does it when the criminal is still at-large to warn the community.

No. 550167

Does anyone know better sites to read manga than MangaRock? I can't stand that website and its lack of a decent zoom function, but I don't know of any alternatives that haven't already been shut down or copyright claimed.

No. 550169

Kissmanga you gotta jump through a hoop or two to block ads but they do have a big library

No. 550170

Early influx of summerfags because of quarantine.

No. 550172

Since the anon above asked about criminals, why is it that every time I visit true crime Youtube videos 90% of the commenters are women?

No. 550209

File: 1588652605199.jpg (115.06 KB, 1200x796, artsearch.jpg)

It's 5 am and I can't sleep. Should I just complete any online work that I have and sleep whenever my body wants to sleep?

No. 550212

Is there anywhere where people talk about shitty youtubers or tiktok "stars"? I want to read up on the snowflakey shit they do and the drama they get into but nowhere seems to have a good discussion about them except maaaaaybe SOME discussions on PULL and the thread here.

No. 550213

Can a pornsick man who is into trannies change? Is he secretly gay or is it like he is memed into liking trannies because he spent too much time online? Could a man like that ever be happy with a woman?

No. 550214

you should. get what you need to do done so it doesnt pile up. but sleep when you need. but dont force it. let yourself sleep

No. 550218

Breakup with him. He's probably self hating homophobe or a chaser, it won't get better.

No. 550240

Break up with ArmoredSeptic already, Sh0e!

No. 550249

Do you people never want to talk about literally anything else

No. 550298

Mangarock is great on a tablet but I use Mangapark on my laptop.

No. 550313

Does getting a pap smear actually hurt? I've never had one before and am really nervous

No. 550317

Are there any cows with COVID right now? Obviously don't check every thread on the site so just curious. Not wishing it on anyone ofc.

No. 550318


I don't have a high pain tolerance and I think at worst it's mildly uncomfortable but goes quick

No. 550320

I've had a whole bunch of pap smears because at my first appointment they found something and needed to monitor it often, felt no pain at any of my appointments. Can be slightly uncomfortable if you are tense but it's quick

No. 550324

I have a high pain tolerance and for me it just felt like a little burning twitch in the opening of my cervix, allthough i did have slight cramping for 2 days but nothing worse than a period. The speculum is worse imo and that's only bc it's cold and hard.

No. 550325


thanks I keep putting it off because even the thought makes me feel like I'm going to pass out but I think it's probably not as bad as I'm imagining

No. 550328

I can 100% tell you that it is not uncomfortable enough to put off, I didn't even bleed. It feels kibda like when you have a tiny little tiinie tiny period cramp but it's over in seconds unless you get kinda sore afterwards. I am sure you will be okay and not pass out, take care of your insides dear anon!

No. 550343

It depends if he likes trannies that actually look like a woman and have a dick, a lot of guys are into futanari

No. 550376

That's not what futanari means and literally how does that make anything better

No. 550382

Can a mother with kids post here? Would she have any free time left? These are questions I beg to have an answer for. Are they some kinda superhuman functional beings? Most moms on image boards are nuts.

No. 550388

Why couldn't they? Contrary to popular belief moms aren't busy all the time. It's just as easy to put Finster down for a nap or pop in a Disney movie. That's at least 2 hours of downtime right there. Parents have tons of little tricks to keep the kiddos occupied, which is why some parents get so fucking angry when the kids don't comply lol.

No. 550391

And with those few hours that they have they shitpost on r9k, soc, adv, here and whatnot? I’d just go to the gym or do other stuff instead. Imagine if one of their kids see them posting on an imageboard….

No. 550393

And yet you're here. Bitch, are you just virtue signaling?

No. 550394

>I'd go to the gym or do something else!
Lmao, no you wouldn't.

No. 550396

lol who are you kidding, you'd be right here like we are all now

No. 550399

I don’t have kids. I’m not trying to insult but moms on imageboard are the biggest cows. It’s embarrassing.

No. 550400

Also, definitely no. I barely post on imageboards anymore like I used to. You grow out of things. I feel going on imageboards is a young people thing to do, I feel out of place. And I go to the gym btw very often.

No. 550402

You don't have kids and you still aren't at the gym so I highly doubt you would if you did so pretty sure you're more cow than pregnancy weight moms. Move it fatty.

No. 550404

Meh I agree I should leave forever but it’s hard. If I were richer and more stable (by that time I’ll fully quit imageboards hopefully) I’d get kids. In fact I’m still trying to detox myself from them fully. It’s not always going so perfect. And I was more referring to their behavior. who the hell tripfags on /pol/ so much when you have 3 kids?

This is the stupid question thread and I got angry moms coming for me instead of admitting it’s bullshit to shitpost on imageboard.

No. 550405

tramadol for depression yay or nay

No. 550406

Being on /pol/ is cow behavior period but I can name at least 10 other tripfags that are higher on the embarrassment scale. Not a mom, you just give off BULLY ME stank.

No. 550408

No what the fuck

No. 550409

Ok but all tripfags that are moms regardless of the board are still cows no
How old are you btw? (It’s a stupid question thread)
And you can bully me I’ll just hope real life bullies you more h-haha

No. 550410

uh, no? It's a pretty strong painkiller. Isn't it outlawed in most european countries, and where it isnt, it's by prescription? I'm really not an expert, but tramadol can have hallucinogenic side-effects and was used in psychiatric facilities to literally torture people. Also, I remember my grandma being on tramdol and she was out of it, had hallucinations of cockroaches being all over her. Don't, anon, jesus christ.

No. 550412

please fucking help me my boyfriend left me and i found out him and his ex constantly mocked me in their messages

No. 550414

Just laugh how your boyfriend and his whore make fun about you. And break up with him and tell him it’s because you didn’t like his face and then you should block. Be stoic (it’s a gay philosophy ik) about those kinda shit.

No. 550415

do NOT think we're on about the same drug. im in uk and tramadol is not hallucinogenic its used ti treat severe pain

No. 550416

That's not a reason to resort to opiates, anon. Your boyfriend was a piece of shit, not worth doing this to yourself over a cumrag.

No. 550417

I think we might be, but the UK and Russia (where I'm from) might use a slightly different version, i guess (idfk anything, i dont go to med school). Anyways, It is a pretty severe drug in general, and obviously shouldn't be used recreationally. It is used to treat severe pain in hospitals/hospices, for example, but in my experience, it did also have some hallucinogenic side-effects, though.

No. 550425

im not using it recreationally, im using it because what was done to me was unbelievably fucked up and im in extreme, debilitating pain. im crying constantly and i dont want anything else except him.

No. 550431

get help

No. 550432

i hate underage anons.

No. 550437

im 18. please help me

No. 550439

Go to a Dr if you need an antidepressant. Nearly everyone experiences heartache anon

No. 550444

his ex girlfriend was obsessed with me and constantly talked disparagingly about me/tried to hit on him throughout our relationship, and when it ended for reasons unrelated, she made a callout post (shes a radlib btw) and he even joined in and started leaking the most intimate details about our relationship, even mentioning the fact we hadnt had sex in months. it was utterly humiliating.

No. 550445

Grow tf up and help yourself BPDfag. You're one google search away from professionals who are paid to deal with you.

No. 550449

bro he published all the details about our relationship including about sex life

No. 550454

No. 550455

AND? You still wanna be with him you fucking loser

No. 550457

he is the only thing that has ever bought me joy in my miserable fucking life i would put up with anything for him

No. 550464

So what the fuck are you bitching about. Just continue being miserable instead of attention whoring on anonymous imageboard? Don't you have something to do like suicide baiting your shitty bf with your tramadol or something.

No. 550465

what would suicide baiting my ex even do for me? even i know that's just manipulative.

i just want to be heard, i guess.

No. 550468

you don't need men to be happy, holy shit. get a hobby. seriously, heartbreak is best to deal with by putting all of your effort and resources into learning something creative. write or draw or even knit if you have to, just…don't make excuses for people who've hurt you like this…

No. 550469

i actually am knitting a massive blanket, but i started it while i was living at his house/dating him, and i was so happy. i cant bring myself to finish it now.

No. 550474

Some women do need men in order to be happy tho. I've seen over and over again

No. 550475

You lived with your boyfriend when you were 18? Take it from someone who’s just a year older than you— men aren’t shit, don’t get attached this quick this young. You should be out having fun, meeting different people. You’ll realize when you start meeting different people that they’ll have qualities your ex didn’t have, and will treat you so much better. I’m guessing this was your first relationship?

No. 550476

Going againt the grain here, but just take a damn tramadol, just dont overuse them. You aren't going to turn into a junkie lol from a couple painkillers during heartbreak. It doesn't sound like you are going to abuse them either.

A few opiates is better than frying your brain with antidepressants.

Then forget about him, cuddle up into a blanket and watch something to distract you, text a friend.

No. 550477

They need love, not men. Anon’s guy doesn’t sound like he cares anymore, he’s probably banging that chick as we type. Anon should make some tea and continue knitting her blanket.

No. 550478

she lives 3500 miles away in a different continent, so fat chance.

another reason why i didnt understand why she pursued him so aggressivley, he literally moved across the world to be with another woman and none of her mates had the good sense to tell her that she's being delusional by chasing him? that they have their own separate lives?


No. 550479

I've been talking to this guy I met on tinder. We went on a few dates but in the day but I noticed he only texts me once a day. He never calls. Never asks me how I'm doing. Shows no interest in my life or hobbies. I get ppl are busy but still…so today I just blocked him with out even saying anything
Right move or am I being clingy?

No. 550480

the other woman = me, btw

he relocated to be with me and still she thot she had a chance lol

No. 550481

you made the right move anon. also delete tinder, let your romances come naturally

No. 550482

I’m confused. Why are anons here so bipolar. I’ve been bullied all my life so I’m trying to understand. Why are y’all so mean to the cucked nonnie?

No. 550484

Right move anon

No. 550485

I don’t wanna text with my non existing bf every single day. Is it bad? I never used tinder either btw. I hate constant clinginess. i’m ok with irl chilling doe.
Like one message? What does he message you?

No. 550491

"I'm sorry hun I passed out or I was busy"

He doesn't have a job, hes 19 and plays video games all day. Theres no excuse for me having to wait 12 hours+ for a text message reply lol

No. 550492

I'd like to add since we arent seeing each other in person the only way we can get to know each other is through talk and text. So I really dont see the point now.

No. 550493

sounds like a real catch anon

No. 550494

literally my exbf who just ruined my life lol

No. 550495

>> 550492
Wtf so there were no dates? Screw him then. I mean fuck smartphones and texting and social media but I will definitely try to make it worth on dates and I certainly won’t send texts like this to a potential bf.

(imo) Delete tinder and don’t meet someone from online unless they’re in your irl network.

No. 550502

I love how it's always the unemployed ones that live with their mom and don't even clean or cook their own food that say "oh sorry I passed out" Bitch from what?

Right choice anon

No. 550504

Shut the fuck up and die.

No. 550507

right like can you for one day just shut up and give it a rest. This obviously isn't a genuine question just bait to get people to reply because they're so fucking desperate for any chance to sperg about trannys/whores/pornsick males blah blah blah they have a containment board and still shit up every thread

No. 550523

Should I order a burger from this takeout place? Haven't eaten red meat in about two years. Will my stomach hurt?

No. 550524

It might hurt, but when I ate red meat after 2 months of not eating it, i just felt really full, like there was something heavy in my stomach. Order if the place is good, and you don't have anything else to do, right? So i would say try it out unless you really don't want to risk it and have something to do tomorrow.

No. 550525

How did you guys discover lolcow.farm? Just curious.

I found PULL while looking up kandajin because she's insane and immediately came here when they mentioned lolcow. Never went back.

No. 550527

Searched for Dakota Rose on google

No. 550528

That's very oldfag of you, Dakota's threads are boring as hell now.

No. 550529

as embarrassing as it is to say - crystal.cafe

No. 550532

Encyclopedia dramatica->livejournal->tumblr->pull->lolcow

No. 550534

No. 550535

Someone mentioned it on /cgl/ around 5-6 years ago shortly after it was opened. I'm an oldfag.

No. 550536

I don't even remember, maybe a link from the old 8chan board when it was still online, then found the Cancer Crew threads that I read eagerly, and mostly stayed for the boards unrelated to farming

No. 550539

Someone I followed on tumblr got a thread made about her, mentioned the board by name, accused you all of smoking mids, and then I looked it up and have stayed since.

No. 550540

I have a dumb question. Can you actually throw yourself into a hormonal imbalance from masturbating too much?

No. 550546

No. 550547

That’s not their blog now but yep that was the url then! I will never get over how funny the “they probably smoke mids” was. Now they’re a super religious sex worker, to no ones surprised

No. 550549

I think it was on 4chan but I don't really remember anymore. I don't browse it anymore except from /blog/ occasionally

No. 550552

how would that even work?? you don't create more hormones from masturbating.

No. 550555

I found this place from Tumblr aka someone made a post about why Nicole Dollanganger is a horrible person and why you shouldn't listen to her songs and they put a PULL thread about her in the links. I think the PULL thread also had her lolcow thread linked on it and I thought the thread here seemed more legit than the PULL one because most of the users on there seemed like underage petty kids, so that's how.

No. 550556

Is it normal to see a vertical light streak(don't know how else to describe it) when directly blinking at ceiling lamps? I never thought about it but since my ocd has kicked in i've become aware of it…

No. 550564

It's not bait, I'm trying to make it work with someone who had a porn addiction and he allegedly quit porn and says he doesn't like trans porn anymore. I think he's just saying that to make me feel better and I wanted to know if anyone thinks it's possible for someone to change. I'm sorry it offended you so much, I feel desperate and I recognized it as a stupid question so I posted it here so I wouldn't shit up the relationship threads.

No. 550565

File: 1588706873569.jpg (353.55 KB, 1077x1674, Screenshot_20200505-212803_Fir…)

Something like this?

No. 550568

Googled shuwu. I also remember when /cgl/ was called /drama/ and moved to SR when 4chin banned drama.

No. 550572

Sorta. But it's bigger, straight and goes only downwards. It only happens when i blink while looking at the light source.

No. 550575

I first found crystal cafe through 4chan it was /r9k/ and I’m ashamed and then somehow got here from cc because people couldn’t stop talking about it.

No. 550576

I'm not sure then because pic related is what astigmatism looks like. If it gets any worse please get it check out

No. 550585

Felice Fawn dramu at its peak. I stayed but I followed similar cows like chris chan for years.

No. 550587

Thank you. Will do that.

No. 550595

Why do some of you go on r9k? I don’t mean this in a judgey way, but I see some posters reference going on it and often it’s like the radfem type of posters and I honestly don’t get what the appeal would be? The handful of times I’ve gone on there I found it extremely depressing and frustrating

No. 550597

i used to go on there when i was a shutin virgin because it made me feel okay about genuinely not having a life at all. i used to pop in every so often and the woman hate is genuinely annoying and nearly every single thread. it's not even reeeee women dont pay attention to me it's just bizarre sperging about female genitalia and they're all so clearly retarded that i can't relate anymore.

No. 550601

See when I was a shut in virgin it made my feel worse because the outlook is always so bleak and self pitying but I can understand that perspective

No. 550603

For me I discovered r9k a lot earlier than lolcow or even (radical) feminism. I was the edgy pick-me type that used to get angry at women for speaking out against men. I also was quite the loner so I felt more or less understood by the posts there. They just spoke to me in some way but at some point I realised that the whole thing is just toxic to the max and now I only go because I used to go so often in the past. Tbh lolcow really helped me get out of the robot mind space and find acceptance for myself and others.

No. 550605

I never got it either but they always tend to be pathetic either way, wanting validation and blaming everyone but themselves for their actions and pitiful choices.

No. 550616

Hello people can someone explain this website to me I know this is dumb I'm new lol. Why does it ask for "YouTube" and "file" I'm in unknown territory but I'm curious please help x(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550617

Post your credit card info first, I am an agent from LC tech support I'll gladly help you afterwards

No. 550621

Go read the rules. Don't put your email in ffs. And don't namefag.

No. 550623

glad you're here with us now anon, I hope one day you stop visiting that cesspool altogether

No. 550624

Here's a probably stupid question: why does this place even have the option to put in a name if it's a bannable offense? Just to leave the option for cows to expose themselves?

No. 550626

For OP titles
Standard image board format

No. 550627

Because feminism is a whore’s club and a whore’s club involves slutshaming, being 20-faced, and just being a dumb slut who shitposts on r9k and seeks validation from men when their fellow fat whores aren’t looking.
This is the truth and I won’t fucking reply to y’all butthurts fembots under the disguise of radical feminism.

No. 550628

i don't get what you're saying

No. 550630

I wasn’t supposed to reply but whenever a radfem speaks out against men, 10 minutes later she’s literally attention whoring on r9k. They’re the biggest bunch of hypocrites and they cannot ever complain about libfems.

No. 550631

yeah ok i agree with this

No. 550632

It’s completely bizarre though like how do you get to the level of cognitive dissonance as a grown woman where you’re a radfem and simultaneously an r9k pick me that is so genuinely embarrassing and pathetic. How do these people function in life or have any friends at all.

No. 550634

>it's society's fault i'm a dumbass whore

No. 550637

This is such a reach lmao. Denouncing men entirely is a pretty big jump from maybe just not engaging in such a pathetic, male-coddling, woman hating space

No. 550638

samefag, i'm not a dumbass nor a whore. i just don't know where this strange caricature of a jekyll-and-hyde radfem who is the biggest pickme and yet the most bold and outspoken radfem at the same time. this woman doesn't exist. some women interested in rad politics have a husband. they shave their legs, they have one night stands. this doesn't make them hypocrites, it makes them human. radical feminism is an ideal we should strive towards, not some strange caricature

No. 550639

not sure how you made this conclusion when most feminist posters were saying they used to browse r9k, and then later radicalized and stopped browsing after seeing incelism first hand. because a few posters said they still browse it?

No. 550640

Which thread is most autistic?

I'm leaning towards the fictional characters who would post on lolcow.

No. 550641

nah it's all those kpop threads

No. 550642

the entirety of /m/

No. 550645

We are not talking about any of those things, and being an r9k attention seeking fembot isn’t comparable to any of them

No. 550648

The kpop threads in /m/ really bring out the worst and attract the worst

No. 550649

The worst thread I've ever came across here was about fictional characters that anons pretended to be real. That shit was crazy

No. 550652

Are we being raided?
I hated berrytsukasa

No. 550653

Omg I forgot about her. Is she still on social media?

No. 550654

Sorry you hate fun. Several dramu threads are peak retardation full of mentally ill vendettas.

No. 550677

pixielocks on PULL, all the users said lolcow was whack so I had to see what it was about. Ended up liking ot, snow, and w so I stayed to watch the shit shows of those cows. Wish jil was still milky but she isn't.

No. 550697

Get enough sleep, exercise if sedentary, avoid sugar/coffee crashes, don't forget to eat, get fresh air.

No. 550698

What's so great about being a furwanker(furry)anyway?I see a growing number of people becoming one of them(especially children)

No. 550700

Yelling is an effective form of communication when in loud places. Don't yell anything back until they stop yelling, that will give them the impression that you were listening. Try to take yourself out of the equation when contemplating critique, this is not about you, this is about work, but if you're getting the feeling that you are being yelled at for work unrelated reasons, be sure to establish your dominance by yelling even louder.

No. 550702

Nothing anon said indicates she's in a loud environment, management is obviously just yelling out of anger/to intimidate her.

I disagree with everything you said, if management ever yelled at me I would go straight to HR. It's fucking crazy that a company would allow bullying in the workplace, especially from higher ups. Managers are supposed to MANAGE people, not scare and embarrass them. It's completely out of line and inappropriate in the workplace.

No. 550703

Artist salt thread

No. 550763

Who is this angry anon jumping to conclusions in every thread? Is it a troll? Is it mental illness?

No. 550764

it's corona-chan

No. 550767

is it common for graduating college to feel surreal? it's like my mind never considered I'd be able to do it, even though I certainly will be doing it

No. 550768

File: 1588735098542.gif (949.23 KB, 500x281, it-was-me-sorry.gif)

No. 550769

dio best girl

No. 550772

Isn't he the most hatable character? I've only seen the first 6 episodes though.

No. 550774

I only watch Jojo with my buds while drunk but it seems like a gigantic shitpost to me. I don't get what's happening but Giorno's theme is very catchy.

No. 550788

Since anons are talking about Jojo, is it fun? I don't get why characters look the same and if I should watch it

No. 550789

It gets fun after the first part. I'm very glad I toughed it out.