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File: 1585406876637.jpeg (102 KB, 450x338, 7C83ACF6-9E54-47DB-8A3B-2174C3…)

No. 533270

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread
>> 512957

No. 533361

File: 1585416991850.jpg (108.81 KB, 564x1004, 57f9fe8d1d8f10a4339edf789e04fc…)

This meme speaks to me on a physical level

No. 533380

File: 1585420324295.png (474.82 KB, 668x668, 1584528471737.png)

I hate that anxious feeling you get when you message someone your opinion on something, then get scared you said the wrong thing and they're going to ghost you.

No. 533384

I live on the opposite side of the country to my dad, we were texting the other day and I mentioned that I'd been feeling anxious. A man approached me lately and was so insanely pushy about trying to get my number and refusing to let me walk away… I'm worried that I'll bump into him again as I walk the same route every day.

Well I explain that to my dad and he never fucking replied. Wish my mom were still alive cos she'd actually care.

No. 533412

I bought ACNH and opted for free shipping but was kicking myself since express shipping was only $10 more… it shipped out from Cali and I’m in NYC so I thought it would definitely take a while, but they gave it to the post office two days ago, and yesterday it departed the distribution center in Fresno, then arrived in NY this morning, and then my mailbox by noon!! I’m not complaining but I don’t think I’ve ever had something get to me from the other side of the country so fast?!?! And with standard shipping too!! It got here 2 days after what express shipping would’ve delivered it by, but not bad considering I got it 3 days earlier than expected!!! Time to see my friends again!

No. 533414

Same. I get that feeling a lot and it's one of the reasons i don't have friends

No. 533415

Fuck I hate that. You really think you know someone until politics, sexuality, culture, value stuff comes up.
I'd say give a fake number but if you see him on your walk that's dangerous…
Stay safe NYC anon

No. 533418

Thank you anon, I will!! I’m grateful I’m allowed to work from home since neither of my parents have a job right now, plus they’re in the high risk group so I’ve been trying my best to clean myself and everything that comes in from outside so they don’t get sick!! I also happen to live a few blocks away from the worst hit hospital in the entire city, so that’s also sucks. I hope you stay safe too anon!!

No. 533425

This guy owns

No. 533436

I got small breasts and I wouldn't want to change the size but godfuckingdammit are they wide set, almost literally under my armpits and shit's annoying.

No. 533459

This video is life goals, house goals and wife goals.

No. 533461

File: 1585434728167.jpg (3.85 MB, 4160x3120, 20200328_142913.jpg)

>be me
>crave chocolate pancakes for 2+ weeks
>finally make some that look like burger patties but taste decent
>immediately get sweeted out after like 1 tiny pancake
>family doesn't want them and they don't refrigerate well


No. 533473

File: 1585435386877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.17 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20200328-163453_Chr…)

Small tittie committee unite! I also have very small breast and they are far apart also. I adore them completely now, but as a teen it caused me to have low self esteem and question my "womanhood"

Anon I'm sure your breasts are gorgeous, I think all small chests are far apart in some form or another. I'm AA like pic related with absolutely no cleavage line or hang. Smaller breasts give you a much more elegant presentation imo. I'm bi and I like all boobs, most men like all boobs too. The media pushes the bimbo DD thing but you eventually learn that men are men and get hella excited by 99% of breasts that aren't attached to an 80 year old woman. And even then..

No. 533490

i also love the size of my boobs being on the smaller side but im probably going to get a nipple reduction because i have pepperoni nips and it fucking sucks how unsexy big nipples are

No. 533491

File: 1585438356459.jpg (76 KB, 640x865, b3izvd2g1ul01.jpg)

I want a pet pig
Not those mini teacup pigs but those large slightly pink ones

No. 533494

No way. Big nipples/areolas are hot af imo. Especially on a small boob. It looks cute.

No. 533496

I don't mind big nipples or areolas at all but might br just bc i have some lmao

No. 533512

File: 1585442130810.jpg (13.52 KB, 376x378, ed5ca8d108b1e76cdba840481fceb9…)

I can't fucking make an angry face. I can't post pics for obvious reasons, but whenever I try to make an angry face I just look disgusted or really awkward. The only way I can look somewhat angry is with a my mouth open. No wonder people don't take me seriously when I'm mad. the worst I can do is irritated-disgusted

No. 533513

anyone else notice their's been an increase of new artists singing in a pop-rock style(mostly based on music and films from the 90's and 2000's)

I think this is a good thing because literally everyone I know is just sick and tired of rap

No. 533516

thank god, I can't fucking stand trap music. this makes me hope for bands that play actual instruments to make a comeback instead of solo artists or boy bands

No. 533518

I think it's been around for a while as bedroom pop/shoegaze/ indie. I personally can't stand them and their bunch. It's all the same sad stuff, soft chords, and annoying fanbase. Iirc the genre has started stagnating years ago

No. 533520

>9.4 million views within 8 months
and yeah I understand why some people won't be into that, but if literally anything can break the forced popularity of rap(I think rap gets pushed as being more popular then it actually is) then I'm fine with that

No. 533522

I meant creatively stagnating not stagnating in growth.

No. 533533


oh fuck up until now i thought i could make an angry face but this post is really fucking with my head right now

No. 533535

Aw anon, I wish I could eat the rest of your pancakes for you

No. 533543

well I guess if you grew up on 2000's Disney movies, then there is something very nostalgic about this type of music, I personally hope this takes off so it can eventually lead to rock music coming back

No. 533800

Parasite reminded me a lot of shoplifters. Why didn't that movie get as much hype? Is it cause korea is more trendy rn lol

No. 533900

My grandma hilariously brings up how she could have been married to a billionaire once in a while. Her ex literally became extremely rich. She's happily married though

No. 533984

File: 1585532490105.jpg (61.1 KB, 997x268, Screenshot_20200320-192235_Chr…)

This made me cackle like a witch, dunno why because it's really dumb. Must have needed a laugh today.

No. 533987

File: 1585532665957.png (4.41 KB, 632x65, nips.PNG)

not a redtext but here's a good one imo
>very disrespectful

No. 533991

This is great also lol. I will pay the anon who can track down that "man can't appreciate women like a piece of art they have to indulge their primordial urge to ejaculate like a caveman, etc etc" sperg some anon posted around Christmas. This site is fucking gold.

No. 534007

File: 1585535327665.jpg (31.92 KB, 558x640, dN6N0rh.jpg)

No. 534026

I'm so tired of scrolling through celebrity tweets looking for amusing reactions and only seeing vigilantcitizen conspiracytard trash spewing "adrenochrome" over and over lmao

No. 534033

I get irrationally mad when someone replies to just the thread. Nothing else. Then doesn’t fucken sage

No. 534036

I always wonder how that even happens.

No. 534044

He actually noticed a mans lack of nipple etiquette? Very woke.

No. 534173

Gay pop stans really are the absolute worst

No. 534175

File: 1585578598354.jpg (67.8 KB, 640x640, tumblr_c3e80ff27425455ee3ab465…)

I love my friends so much and I feel very loved.

No. 534177

Does anyone else think that “fear of succeeding” is bullshit?

Lmao I thought the same. Can’t believe Trump said something I like

No. 534187

1000% agree. i honestly hate that gay man culture is suddenly popular now, because they take the most obnoxious parts like being LOUD and PROUD HUNTYYY and make it normalized. i like when the world around me is quiet and keeps to itself, now if i go out in public ill have to worry about some guy super proud to be a disturbance and if you tell him he needs to be quiet its OPPRESSION

No. 534195

Even a broken ass clock is right once a day. That photo is disgusting. If this were a woman, she'd be shamed to hell and called a whore or worse

No. 534196

Gay man culture is disgusting. Be gay and be happy, but this in your face shit is messed, especially the drag queen garbage which is sexist and really fucked up. I hate when anything toxic and sexist is trying to be normalized in society

No. 534197

But when are you gonna lose weight Donnie?

No. 534198

Everyone is speculating why Moo is suddenly going all in on nudes, but I don't think it's to do with her wanting to be validated. Farmers just love the narrative that she's very, very ugly. With the timing considered, it looks more like she had to up her ante online because of the influx of fresh girls doing cam work because of corona. She's just keeping up with the competition. Tbh I have a few friends who do online sex work and I've seen the same kind of tryhard advertising with them too, and doing things they weren't known for doing before. They're all trying to stand out to get the most betabux, which now is a limited pool as only low value men with non essential work paid for the majority of this shit to begin with.

No. 534217

File: 1585588624165.jpg (57.55 KB, 512x640, 7388829b9ef2b395029b59a9c6e8aa…)

I sometimes wish I lived in the 50s and 60s. But then I remember I’m black woman in a interracial relationship…. sigh

No. 534252

I wish men dressed the way they did in the 50s and 60s, that's all

No. 534270

I want to learn python, java and all the possible shit I can now that I'm stuck at home… except I can't decide which one of these I actually want to learn since I'm interested in fucking everything and probably won't have the time to "actually" learn it all. Being a jack of all trades isn't a good thing here.
I wish I could make up my damn mind.

No. 534280

You know, despite how things currently are, I'm so glad I'm born just in the right body and time out of 100 thousand years to experience the music and concerts I went to.

No. 534297

File: 1585599923612.gif (1.91 MB, 500x267, 1572192479688.gif)

On the bright side you'd have jazz and blues and well groomed black men.

No. 534298

If he lost weight at that age he would look like a raisin.

No. 534300

this looks depressing. i'll pass. even if i was a white man, i'd pass.

No. 534301

File: 1585600656763.jpg (45.5 KB, 625x415, 100-years-black-men-trends-2-8…)

What the hell happened?

No. 534389

File: 1585618960694.jpg (6.61 KB, 253x199, download.jpg)

it’s because I am, sadly a

No. 534412

Homestuck has such good music.

No. 534417

I think I'd enjoy being a janitor or working as one part time but if my family knew they'd freak out.

No. 534424

i'd rather die than watch neon genesis evangelion

No. 534449

What are trying to say?

No. 534452

that she's a white mans whore you autist

No. 534454

you keep saying this as if it's a normal term, why would any self respecting woc call themselves that

No. 534459

? i have no idea who you're referring to. i'm obviously not even that anon considering i used "she" to refer to them. check your tism already

No. 534461

File: 1585635260588.jpg (110.71 KB, 787x749, 1585634993831.jpg)

First time I see "woman-aligned" person, lmao

No. 534464

sad, this sounds like it almost could've been good

No. 534467

I've been trying to watch that show for like nine years…it's just so BORING

No. 534474

this is interesting to me because I put off watching nge until 2019 and it was the first time I straight up binged an anime in like 5 years.

No. 534488

File: 1585644392584.jpg (115.13 KB, 997x590, IMG_20200322_162523.jpg)

I picked up some mobile game with cute anime guys and when I saw the event ranking system my body had a physical reaction, recoiling in disgust. I think it's telling me "no".

No. 534494

I thought NGE was an overrated borefest when I was in my teens but fell in love with it when I gave it another go as I was nearing my 30's. I've heard that a lot of people had the same experience, the show didn't resonate with them until they got older and could understand the character motivations by mirroring their own troubled teenage life from an adult's point of view.

No. 534525

wide set breasts are beautiful

No. 534614

File: 1585668601418.jpg (97.68 KB, 750x750, 91783673_167695590972415_10598…)

Hey anons,
I'm manic and couldn't sleep so I baked a quarantine choco cake. It's rlly homely but I think I did good. Only it feels kinda lonely to have cake by myself. Will you join me anon? Here's a slice for you, I have tea too. …H-hope it tastes okay

No. 534617

This is weird, but kind of cute. The cake looks good, anon. Also, that's a really cute mug.

No. 534626

i love u anon!!! this is so cute when quarantine is over pls be my cute cake baking wife ;_;

No. 534636

i love seeing someone who acts like a hateful bitch get their comeuppance in the form of everyone realizing they're wretched and ostracizing them.

No. 534659

File: 1585675975098.png (310.61 KB, 394x394, 1483232519890.png)

I want to try to make homemade bread but there's no flour at the supermarket.

No. 534669

Lol where? Hateful narcissists are worshipped in society. As long as you appear confident in the shit you sling, you can get away with murder.

No. 534680

why do you say it looks homely anon? i think your cake looks lovely. it looks similar to how my mom used to make it.

No. 534686

Kinda unrelated but what app did you use to edit this? It looks like the menhera chan editing app, but I thought that was removed from the app store.

No. 534707

I feel you! I have 1kg of organic whole grain flour, perfect for a yummy and nourishing type of bread. But I'm reluctant to use it since I don't know if I'll be able to restock. Ugh hoarders are the worst.

No. 534861

Thank u! It’s my fave mug, it’s from brand called Decole concombre
Yes husband!
That’s so sweet~ I just thought it wasn’t “aesthetic” haha
Oh yeahhh it is the yamikawa app, I just never deleted it lol

No. 534869

thissssss anon thisssssss

No. 534926

Honestly it just depends who you try to produce. If it's any of the most popular boys like those from Undead or Knights, good luck lol, but otherwise the borders are ridiculously low (mostly for Ra*bits and Switch.) There's also revivals which you can score rank cards through points instead, but I've never done that myself. Sorry for the Enstars sperg.

No. 535034

It looks really good!

No. 535067

Very spooked because I got an email in my inbox from Disney saying there was a new login to the Marvel website. I thought that was weird, since I don’t ever remember making an account there (don’t care about comics). I changed the password and looked around the account and it was made just today!!! It had a bunch of points for creating the account, confirming my email (I didn’t confirm anything or get that email?!), adding my birthday, etc!! All of it was dated today too! It even had my proper name attached to the account!!! What the fuck!! I haven’t gotten any emails from gmail saying “hey looks like someone tried to login from a device we don’t recognize!” and the original Disney email I got said whoever logged into my account was located in the same city as me!! What do I even do?!?!

No. 535076

Change all passwords, enable two factor authentication and disconnect/check all the connected devices to your account.

No. 535079

Aaand I’ve changed my email password and finally set up two step auth. Someone first logged into it from a Mac (I only use windows for computer and other ios systems besides mac) like two weeks ago and I guess has just been sitting in there and looking at all of my emails… I think they must have deleted the Marvel confirmation email because I can’t find it even in my trash. I wake up early and sleep early, so they must have been doing this all overnight?!? I check my email frequently too (esp now because of boredom lol). I guess since they live relatively close to where I’m at, google didn’t bother to send me any emails. Just a little worried because I do get a lot of emails from my bank (mostly just alerts for any and all payment activities).

No. 535080

Thanks anon! Just did. So annoying to deal with but fuck I’m so spooked aaa.

No. 535090

why are true crime yters so narcissistic? there needs to be a purge of these people from the genre. why would you pair this love song that's specifically supposed to be, i guess, about the youtuber, with clips of you making coffee? no one even wants to see you flex your $650 coffee maker. it feels very narcissistic, especially when this series is supposed to be about the tragedies of others. something very 'off' about "coffee and crime time" when you're supposed to be telling a story about a real person that is missing

No. 535099

You 100% got hacked/phished and that not only in some data breach, since they seem to know your IP and device info. Did you download any tool recently or bought on a non-mainstream onlineshop?

No. 535109

The almighty algorythm rewards people with more "personal" styles, which is why you have cringy skits or weird friend simulator shit where they catch you up on their private life in every single video even if it's a like dry historical trivia info dump now adays.

No. 535141

I hate them too. Cayleigh was the only one I liked. They all give off narc vibes, especially Bella Fiori I who talks about murders as if they're lighthearted and fluffy

No. 535143

I like Stephanie's content, it’s super well researched and thorough in comparison to a lot of other Tc youtubers(she’s also pretty engaging to listen to), with all of that said..she has grown increasingly smug and condescending, this behavior rears it’s ugly head in her live-streams /when she’s faced with any criticism.
It has become increasingly more difficult to overlook her ego when watching her content.

No. 535149

File: 1585770412431.jpg (60.16 KB, 615x738, angela-lindvall-3954-gzdp.jpg)

Does anybody else think Taylor Swift looks like she could be the model Angela Lindvall's sister? She was one of my favorite models back in the 90s and sometimes I see photos of Taylor(usually its styled, editorial photos, not typically candids) and I have to look a second time because she resembles her a bit.

No. 535152

I haven’t! I stay off weird websites when I’m at work (only other place outside that I regularly log into my email), and since I’ve been in quarantine I’ve mostly just been on youtube and have only bought off two large retailers… I’m spooked since they live in the neighborhood next to mine or used a VPN to be near my location so google wouldn’t find it suspicious…

No. 535153

fuck dropped my sage

No. 535157

i have never liked her. always found her extremely grating and pretty stupid tbh, often not well researched either, imo. but yeah the narcissism is really getting to me. her video on brooke skylar richardson annoyed me to no end, literally made the case all about her and she knew absolutely fuckall about the case. the entire vid was misinformation spreading. then she made a whole video comparing james charles to andrew cunanan. she's an idiot. problem is that there are like, 0 crimetubers that don't follow this exact formatting. i can't listen to people without american or canadian accents either, so my pool is very limited.

No. 535161

I miss her so much, she really was one of the best. I think jim can't swim is probably the only one worth following now, but most of the content you have get pay $1 to see it. Worth it imo.

No. 535169

lmao I put it off for like 5 years so I get you, and I'd say it's only after the first 15 episodes that it kicks in, before that it looks like a cringy, directionless anime. But since then it's become my number 1 of all time, let me tell you I was SHOOK. Memes aside, it went deeper emotionally than definitely all animated movies and most films I've seen. I think it's because its Japanese, it's got that pragmatic language about emotional and mental issues which I rarely see.

No. 535187

every college aged girl is starting an onlyfans…

No. 535188

Any other tc channels you recommend? I watched some of her videos on serial killers, they seemed pretty well researched. Her video series on Andrew Cunanan was well done imo, comparing him to James Charles is fucking beyond idiotic and frankly disgusting. (however some of her content is hit-or-miss , probably not thaaat well researched, just more-so than Bella fiori, Kendall Rae etc..their content is rife with misinformation on certain cases).

No. 535241

Then it's likely your work pc is infected if you aren't the only one using it. Or did you choose to pick the formular-username/password saving some browsers have built in?
Even with the right location, google sends warnings for different devices. Whoever got your info knows your email, password, device, address and probably other data like birthday or phone number too, depending on how they got it. If you'd be comfortable with sharing the affected email address, I can check if it appears in any databases.

No. 535247

>advising an anon who has already had her logins stolen to post her email address on a public forum

It seems more likely someone who knows her guessed her password or logged in on her device even - maybe a friend or family member. It doesn't follow the usual pattern of random login attempts at weird times of day attributed to faraway countries. And why sign up for a Disney account of all things?

No. 535248

Also she can just look on haveibeenpwned.com in relevance to this.

No. 535253

Don't know what's worse, them doing that or dudes in the comments crying about how women live life on easy mode.

No. 535260

Hell no, I added my email for that. If they only guessed her password, google would have documented the failed attempts as unusual activity or even temporary close it down if there are too many.
Haveibeenpwned only shows about 40% of what actually exists.
>It doesn't follow the usual pattern of random login attempts at weird times of day attributed to faraway countries.
That's not how it works..
>And why sign up for a Disney account of all things?
There are people who sell disney accounts, but since they faked anons whole personal data, they could probably use it to buy giftcards with stolen payment methods. You'd be surprised how much dumb shit "hackers" pull.

No. 535263

Only my personal devices have my passwords saved! Only one other person uses my work laptop (browses on it when he sits at my desk to cover me on break (I work front desk)), and at work I only use incognito. I’ve logged into non-incognito once or twice but I immediately log out and delete whatever info I can find left behind. Funnily enough, I always get a “there’s been a new login” email every single time I login from my work computer. Can I ask what databases you’re using to check? >>535247 is right, I’m nervous to even email you from said hacked email since I use it for basically anything and I’m afraid you would also be able to easily piece out everything about me! I don’t think you’re malicious, but we’re all anon here! I’ve unfortunately been using this email for over 10 years and at this point, and there’s most definitely some dumb shit attached to it alongside with my now important adult things. I’m not even really sure where to start going about deleting old accounts associated with the email.

No. 535268

I feel mean saying this but god it's fucking annoying when my mom "sings". she plays the same like, 8 gospel songs that she's listened to on repeat since I was a kid and sings with them. her singing is so bad. there's no escape in our tiny fucking house and it's driving me insane. yes I can listen to my own music but I don't really feel like doing that. it's annoying since I don't force my music on them. ugh…

No. 535279

File: 1585798437916.jpg (14.38 KB, 400x332, vJhWZ1yryoxto1_400.jpg)

I can't stop thinking about this

No. 535284

File: 1585800713700.png (788.17 KB, 718x538, 7F7B00FC-DB5D-4946-A0DB-63793E…)

i love torturing my sims game with endless mods + shitty clothes and spending nearly 6 hours every day on it

No. 535285

attraction is such a meme sometimes, I've always been attracted to white, sometimes east asian guys with thick/long hair, yet the guy I'm currently head over heels for is black and balding. he's so cute though I'm drinking wine and waiting for him to message me and ask how my day was uwu

No. 535289

I’m so close to asking my bf to dress up and role play as vidya/animu in bed because I’m that much of an autist, help

No. 535291

accidentally let my pc do scheduled updates ,,, its taken like 30 mins to get to 17% ,,, i just wanna play vidya

No. 535302

Kekkk same tho
>tfw no aryan bf with hitler youth haircut to call Erwin danchou in bed

No. 535309

I don’t even watch Attack on Titan and you just gave me an idea…this is for you, fellow farmer

No. 535428

File: 1585837755806.png (745.81 KB, 710x523, E9F5C465-8DD0-4EE4-9EB2-2F4173…)

i love crying whenever i read this manga and hear the anime ending for it because i am pathetic

No. 535561

just realized my leg hair is longer than the hair on my head.

No. 535566

Which one? I'm open for recs.

No. 535591

>pay for apartment
>Cook and clean and work, basically all my bf does is have to live there
>Throws fit when I call him out for following ethots
>Throws fit when I told him he can't put his spiderman poster in our bedroom, living room or bathroom

No. 535592

Imagine shitting while looking dead in the eyes at spider man

No. 535594

Sorry about your son. Make him move out as soon as he turns 18.

No. 535600

dump him you complete doormat.

No. 535601

>Throws fit when I told him he can't put his spiderman poster in our bedroom, living room or bathroom
Lol, this hit me. My ex wanted to throw his tacky geek clutter all over the apartment, wasn't even nice stuff it was like shitty Pop figurines.

No. 535602

Why are you paying for the privilege of being this manchild's bangmaid?

No. 535628

I don't know how to chat casually with my friends so instead I post in a million threads all day. Sometimes I get paranoid that mods or people who read the same threads are watching me and laffin

No. 535638

Is this sarcasm?

No. 535640

I have like the opposite problem, one friend (out of the total of 3 kek) I only exchange retarded memes with and another one I used to be quite close with in school but the last 5ish years we have been sending each other near exclusively cat pictures. It feels like I can never bring anything serious up with them because we are just silly happy pals haha. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the dumb shit, but sometimes it feels like our friendships are very shallow though I'd give my life for them. It isn't as bad when me meet irl but that's kinda a rare occasion nowadays (not corona related).

No. 535652

sadly, no
no I get what you mean, I have a handful of online friends but I only interact with them to send hyper-specific memes, like memes in Spanish to Hispanic friends etc. And yet, any time I talk about these friends, I can gush for hours and explain every detail of their personality and life, their goals… I just cannot for the life of me start or keep a real conversation

No. 535710

If a 30-year old male virgin is a wizard, what does that make a 30-year old female virgin? A witch?

No. 535711

if you go by harry potter lore then yeah.

No. 535784

File: 1585890762194.jpg (70.71 KB, 712x949, bEqoFlr.jpg)

I really wished their was a self-improvement movement that promoted clean living, self-confidence, exercise and reading without bashing and dehumanizing members of the opposite sex and bodyshaming other people

No. 535799

"an old undesirable hag" or "cat lady" i believe.

No. 535800

i must be retarded but i'm not sure what reading has to do with those other things

but yeah i'd want something like this without gimmicky or cult crap attached to it

No. 535864

Pickle swapping is a dumbass move

No. 535957

Why does it seem so much less weird and red flaggy if a woman is older and a virgin? Is it the societal pressure for women to remain pure and virginal, or does male virginity imply rejection/inceldom? Hmm

No. 536013

Cancelled an Amazon order lately cos I ordered it at the worst time right as Corona was kicking off and delivery would've been massively delayed. Talking months. It took a lot of hassle but eventually I was told it was cancelled.. It was a dildo.

Last night I saw that trending clip of a man complaining that Amazon needs to prioritize necessities better and quote "dildos aren't necessary".. funny clip except I'm going nuts with hormones and sexual frustration. Well I just got an email saying that my order (despite being cancelled?) Is due to arrive by courier early next week. Don't know if my refund went through or if I'm still paying for it but I'm just glad I have something to look forward to now.

No. 536019

Sex toys are necessary for quarantine, that man had no idea what he’s saying lol I hope you get your dildo soon

No. 536029

I miss having a fwb. I don't want a relationship tbh, I just want sex and some cuddles. Being fwb with my ex was the best thing since we knew each other so well, but eh, it had to end eventually.

No. 536073

my boyfriend little sister is so fucking pinkpilled i have so much hope for this new generation of women!!!

No. 536097

The Atlas Shrugged movies are free on youtube. Wanted to see how bad they were but didn't want to pay so I'm mildly excited.

No. 536113

I have 3 emails for different purposes and the profile pics are my cat making different faces ( a "professional" one, a really cute snoozy one and one where he looks really horrified/disgusted) and it gives me little laugh every time I check my inboxes

No. 536134

File: 1585951344833.png (3.95 KB, 252x256, 1584557730243.png)

this picture is just so funny to me

No. 536167

lol what counts as a "professional" cat face?

No. 536206

This is the only thing that makes sense. I don't get why people use personal, real name emails for sketchy (or at least unprofessional) shit. Like why wouldn't you use a burner for that kind of thing?

No. 536239

To the people that always use cats as OP image on /ot/. Thank you, they are always very cute. They always make me happy when I see them and I always want to talk about it, but didn't until now. I love all those cute cats.

No. 536242

SAME. I'd be okay with it if all the OPs were cats, but someone is gonna poop all over that.

No. 536269

I finally understand CSS and it feels so weird, like all the puzzle pieces came together. Now it just works.

No. 536276

Why does my bunny never stop from jumping on the couch, even though she knows she has to get down immediately? What goes through her little bunny mind? Lol

No. 536318

Some people really do like to keep up appearances, huh? I know someone who is sharing pics of expensive liquor they're drinking (upwards of $300 a fucking bottle) while living in social housing, on disability, with their spouse complaining to me that their phone got shut off. I'm not telling anyone how to spend their money but damn.

No. 536319


No. 536332

Congrats! Those light bulb moments are great.

No. 536347

File: 1585997854001.jpg (20.81 KB, 564x497, c57c28d98b5f51178cf0b4d24d6926…)

tfw your birthday is next month and you feel relived because you will have an excuse why you didn't have a party of receive any gifts this year.

last time I got a birthday gift was in 2010.

No. 536348

do you live with your family or alone ?

No. 536376

Same here the last few years, I usually buy myself something small just to ease the shitty feeling.

No. 536552

it feels like tumblr has leaked into reality and now we live in this surreal world where nothing makes sense.

No. 536582

Awww anon, bless your little heart. I only receive gifts from my mom, so I feel I can relate.

No. 536620

omg anon !! she has the best house ever, it was so refreaching to see someone rich having personality and taste in decoration ( even if it might be a bit extra for some people )

No. 536651

I really got into her after seeing Michelle phans cringey & awkward interview with her. I got one of her bras when it was on sale and it's not very comfortable but the fabric is very pretty- iridescent.

No. 536652

I want to get biker shorts because tight/spandex shorts make my ass and legs look great, but I also don't know what the fuck I'd wear them with or when. I'd like to get some really short ones and embrace my sluttiness fully but don't know if getting ones closer to the knee would be more versatile. I would post in the fashion thread but this is just too stupid and not fashionable enough for me to ask a serious question over. I just want some comfy ass-loving shorts.

No. 536683

i know the majority of tweets are always something stolen or the same stupid jokes recycled over and over but i get weirdly angry whenever i see someone steal a tweet i already know and saw a few months ago, it blows up and they get all the clout and attention and everyone acts like the person is the funniest human ever despite them stealing it from someone else

maybe i just need to lay off social media

No. 536690

I can't believe I'm following a freaking PHP tutorial

No. 536699

File: 1586051989366.png (412.74 KB, 483x395, 433423.PNG)

I actually want to know the target audience for this. Adults who like the game don't give a shit about the movie and Children who like the movie don't give a shit about the book. Feels like they give anything an art book now a days

No. 536758

I can't believe some people are able to jack off everyday, where tf do people get the energy

No. 536766

don't worry, its all fake internet points

if you like how they look on you, just get both lenghts. The really short ones can be used under skirts/dresses if you find them way too short, and the long ones sound versatile.

sounds damn cute

not a movement per-se but I like visiting /r/NonZeroDay when I want motivation.

No. 536776

File: 1586067897889.jpg (34.11 KB, 455x569, 1586064081442.jpg)

now I was gonna post this on the pretty boy thread but its locked, I have a theory that the popularity of eboys compared to other feminine males is due tot them being as close to IRL anime boy characters you can get without ridiculous surgery , same with belle daphnie with scrotes

No. 536777

i can see why he's popular (don't know who that it is) but for some reason i don't find very attractive
maybe it's the styling or the boyish looks

No. 536780


No. 536788

i think its like >>536777 said, they're soft and feminine but also boyish plus unapologetic in some sort, they also do resemble anime boys because they watch lots of anime and take insipration from it, i think if i were younger i would definetly be into them, kinda same thing as emo/scene boys back in the day but a modren version of it.

No. 536792

they do seem to take inspiration from goth/emo fashion that they probably watched as kids

No. 536797

File: 1586073483245.jpg (28.31 KB, 347x477, 27af880aba13184e0efcc05d39e5e5…)

they do take inspiration from them, i believe the e stands for emo, and honestly, it mostly has to do with the novelty of it, its the whole rebel broken boy fashion, at some point, this was most teenage girls dream boy. soon enough no one will think of eboys as being anything but ridiculous. in fact most of them are unattractive but the fashion and the hair covers it.

No. 536801

They're pretty cheap so I may do that, if I really hate them I can always return them anyway! The short ones would be great for wearing under minis so that was part of my reasoning, the longer ones would be great for when I don't want to wear full leggings because it gets too fricking hot here.

No. 536809

It's so damn impossible to meet decent people these days anons. (obvioulsy talking about irl)

No. 536818

a good chunk of them are but some are just so beautiful that I feed grapes to them

No. 536832

wait is this a 2008 scene/emo picture from myspace or something recent from instagram? legit cant tell

No. 536833

File: 1586080929911.jpg (142.12 KB, 700x831, aVY5OWK_700b.jpg)

I think tanlines are gorgeous and sporty and I would love to have them but I'm a pasty white bitch and any fake tan looks bright orange on me.

No. 536841

File: 1586082739300.png (619.13 KB, 920x1026, anime-boy-manga-japan-art-fana…)

Yeah, that's my theory, too. Lots of people, even in the "mainstream", are into anime nowadays. The guy in your picture looks almost exactly like pic related.
Besides that, I think it's kind of interesting that in every (modern) generation, there seems to always be some appreciation for males with feminine beauty.
I guess in the earliest times, only men (gay or bisexual) were allowed to objectify men, but as time went on, girls and women started showing their fandom for male pop singers/boy bands, young film stars, models (especially internet "models" like those emo boys on MySpace), etc and most recently, tik-tokers.
I think even after the e-boy trend passes on, there'll be something similar that fits the bill. Androgyny/effeminacy is just an aesthetic principle that many girls and women like, the fashion and music tastes are the only things that really switch out. The locked thread had it right about old/ugly men seething eternally and calling them "faggots", but try as they might, they can't shame away attraction.

No. 536862

the e does NOT stand for emo lmao, it's 'e' as in 'electronic', like email

No. 536863

I think contrary to emos eboys are actually stereotypically attractive guys who would've been at the top of their class in terms of popularity no matter what but with added edgy "bad boy" styling they can literally make millions just via lipsyncing or "dancing". They claim that they're into a certain type of music, anime and that they're "not like those other normies" and immediately thousands of little girls flock to them. Plus many even act out scenes that seem to be straight out of Wattpad.
Belle Delphine however appeals to neckbeards because she's the closest to "animuh loli" porn they can legally get.
Both are totally different audiences, (pre)teen normie girls vs. creepy adult otakus.

Google says the "e" stands for "electronic" (as in on the internet I guess). That "rebel broken boy fashion" existed since ages, it's a trend that comes and goes. In the 80s you had glam rockers who looked more feminine than the models in their music videos upsetting the conservative, later you had emo bands with guyliner and black nail polish and now this. Girls and women always dig that and as a result older men hate it. I'm not defending any of these egirls and eboys because I find their amount of fame insane but the hate they get mainly by older male youtubers is also too much. You can tell that in a way many are simply jealous that somebody so young can get famous for basically nothing while they have to work much harder. For example this video is just that guy and all his followers making fun of a 17-year-old. He's clearly not the smartest but nevertheless deriding a kid to feel superior is low af (and there are so many other youtube "comedians" who basically live off "critiquing" tiktok teens…)
I also saw some takes of people who claim that egirls and eboys are stealing from kpop because they saw how popular bts got, which is ridiculously dumb because kpop is only a copy of 90s/00s american pop music and fashion.

No. 536867

e stands for electronic for thotty ones like belle delphine, e stands for emo for these alt kids.
kpop stole from literally everyone and that's beside the point, there is no wholly original style, every style is inspired by other preexisting style.

No. 536923

shitposting is the cleanest best pleasure and it's ruined my life

No. 536936

I'm so sad I missed out on the entire season of "outside" weather at college this year. I got to sit outside and do homework once before the school shut down for covid, and now I'm at my parents house and my dad wants to do yard work all day, and my whole family can watch me from the windows. I miss being able to do whatever I want whenever I wanted, aahhhhh. Also I never went out to parties before this, but next semester I want to live at the bars and go out every night, anything that's the polar opposite of how I'm feeling right now!!

No. 536950

File: 1586106348578.png (191.33 KB, 424x498, 3424355.PNG)

Apparently the Cats critic screening gave them this champagne cup along with temp tatoos and cat ears. It all feels so half assed

No. 536955

I have bad back pain and the only thing that helps are corsets but I don't want to seem fake or superficial

No. 536958

worst movie ever

No. 536987

you watching lindsay ellis' vid too?
miss her wish she'd make more videos

No. 537027

people shit on the movie, but i'm sure it was just as bad as the play. of course the movie was going to be shit, the source material was concentrated garbage. has anyone else seen the play irl, or at least the film of the play? it's horrendous and embarrassing. theaterfags have the worst taste. it's not that the play is any better than the movie, it's that CATS is dogshit, period. the cats movie hate is entirely performative and people are obsessed with hyping up the play because it has like some ridiculous, untouchable status and 35 years of nothing but acclaim despite it being complete shit. it's either nostalgia goggles or elitism responsible for the reactions to the CATS movie. i didn't see the movie, but i will guarantee it was an improvement on the play.

No. 537043

Man…Idk why, but my ex made me want European dick now. How tf am I supposed to get it again. I want it big and uncut

No. 537047

You guys are fuckin dorks.

No. 537084

never saw the play but from pics alone the makeup is on point and better than the all the cg crap in the movie

cut dicks seem disgusting tbh

No. 537159

They really do. It looks bad and seems weird playing with it without the foreskin. I'm a little upset I probably won't have a good chance of finding natural dick again. Sad girl hours

No. 537164

Old animations are such a trip. The only up side to this is the poster improved a lot since then

No. 537171

by chance are you american? i was shocked knowing most american men have cut dicks from an old thread and even SK men too like wtf

No. 537184

every time I visit the shoe thread to have a laugh I realize it's more depressing than funny

No. 537207

watched a tibit of that and then looked at their newest demo reel video and holy shit, good for them!! I feel like my shame of my bad beginner art stopped me from continuing, I’m jealous of people who kept at it and improved so much.

No. 537214

I literally don't get what this whole profile is trying to convey.

No. 537226

That just creeped me the fuck out and I had to turn the lights on. What the fuck?

The only thing that comes in my mind is that maybe a mentally ill mother is running that account and photoshopping pictures of her dead daughter all over random pictures because she wants to pretend that she's alive and make herself happy.

No. 537236

You just sent me down the rabbit hole of checking everyone who likes those posts, and apparently there's more accounts like that. Not sure if they're run by the same person.

No. 537242

thank god you explained what was in the link wtf anon i was about to sleep but the description creeped me out jesus christ protect me

No. 537249

Six more. This one is just doll photos.
This one is the same "style", random kid's face cut out and weird LARPing posts.
This one is multiple kids.
This one is a boy.
Two empty accounts, "twins".
Most of these accounts seem to have a strange focus on beauty pageants. Some of them also have photos of what look to be homemade paper dolls. What the fuck is going on?
I believed the dead daughter thing at first, but whoever's on these accounts is using multiple children essentially as weird dolls. This is bizarre.

No. 537250

what is this about? im in the dark and afraid of clicking this

No. 537258

I bought those rubber nail caps for my cats, and figured I'd get them in black so they'd be subtle and match their collars. It ended up making them look like soundcloud eboys and I giggle every time I look at their lil emo hands. Oh gosh

No. 537278

What the FUCK this is absolute nightmare fuel. The way they use the exact same photo in their shops over and over is the creepiest part. I could buy the mother/dead kid theory but surely they would have more than one photo of their kid??

No. 537290

Why would you put nail caps on your cats? Please don’t do that, it is cruel. My cats love using and sharpening their claws, it is a deep instinct and makes them happy. If they get too sharp, you can cut them a bit.

No. 537294

you sound like you don't know how cat claws work. claw caps aren't cruel in the slightest. cats can still scratch to mark territory and the claw caps pop off when the cat's old claws do. it just prevents the claws from doing any damage. cats don't need to be sharpening their claws in your house, anon.

No. 537306

I know that website and I know websites that say it is animal cruelty, too. I can also send you some websites that describe why collars are not okay; opinions on those things always differ. I personally think those nail caps are cruel and I can tell that my cats enjoy using their scratching pole a lot for stretching and playing. Not to sound like a crazy cat lady – I can understand a lot, but it is absolutely unnecessary to put those things on your cats claws, especially since >>537258 does it to dress her cats up. It is just dumb. Give your cats scratching materials like poles, toys and a cat tree if you are scared of damage.

No. 537309

> I can also send you some websites that describe why collars are not okay

nta, but the only reasoning I ever hear about why collars aren't okay is because they can get caught on tree branches, but you shouldn't be letting your fucking cat outside in the first place so it's a moot point.

No. 537319

Leave your cats out of your dumb obsession with eboys you’ve been posting about for days and don’t put nail caps on them.

No. 537339

Just what is a soundcloud eboy and why are you making your cats look like them?

No. 537344

Yes, I am American. At my old workplace, it somehow got around that two of the guys were uncut and I remember my coworker told me she thought their dicks were dirty. This was before my ex but even then I remember thinking foreskin was totally natural. I'm hoping I find that slim chance of an uncut man in the future lol. Pray for me, anon.

No. 537348

I think it's not even the picture of a real kid. If you look at the face, is completely unnatural and looks like one of those morphs made by the FBI. It might be a "kidfied" version of the owner's face, like the kid Snapchat filter.

No. 537352

What is it with people on youtube overanalyzing cheap forgettable media in an obnoxious monotone voice?

I clicked on this out of curiosity and it was the most stupid shit I've watched.

No. 537362

anon, you ignored everything i said. the caps won't stop your cats from doing that. they will still use scratching posts and scratch at furniture and all those other things, they just won't do the damage. do you even have a cat? cats aren't going to only scratch stuff you want them to, they do it to mark objects.

No. 537373

I'm in a country where pretty much all guys are uncut and tbh yeah they are dirty sometimes

No. 537383

Tiger King is just more proof that the USA is really a third world shithole. I kinda respect how lawless and crazy it is.

No. 537389

Proof that reality is stranger than fiction, only watched it last week but think I could happily sit through it again

No. 537395

I didn't watch it yet, but why all the hate on Carole Baskin? I stumble upon those wild cat rescue videos on YouTube from time to time and had no idea there was drama.

No. 537403

that one cow in the "buy my shit!" banner slightly looks like the overweight version of one of my friends (at least in that pic) and it freaks me out

No. 537406

She acts all holier than thou but her own history sounds dodgy as fuck.

No. 537416

Everyone involved is a horrible person. How anyone could wholeheartedly defend any one of them is beyond me.

No. 537417

Have been extra paranoid lately and I wanted to snoop a bit on my bf's computer while I was using it to move some files. The only bothersome thing I found is endless (and I mean ENDLESS) files from some cringey video game his ex was making. I know he doesn't talk to her but his phone also shows her as a suggested contact whenever I borrow it to make a call. Ugh why hasn't he just deleted all of it I don't want relationship help I'm just pissed off that the universe is taunting me for snooping

No. 537420

Yeah I've experienced that with my ex once. But I told his dumb ass to start cleaning it right and didn't have an issue after.

No. 537430

This is terrifying. If you scroll down far enough there are creepy ass videos and pictures of random kids in public:


No. 537434

She's a hypocritical narcissist. Her entire rallying call is that other people should not be able to privately own tigers because they're more likely to be neglected and exploited, and yet you'll notice Carole's tigers are among the thinnest, her enclosures are no different, and she has zero problems making a profit from privately owning them. She thinks because she doesn't allow cub petting (she used to) that she's more moral. I wouldn't care if she were more humble and recognized her role actually enables captive tiger keeping. While it's true that the other keepers are scumbags who only propagate tiger cubs because they're more profitable and exploitable, Carole has made herself an empire around the tigers herself so she can't claim she doesn't exploit tigers just because she doesn't allow cub exploitation any more. Tiger captivity is a problem that she knows won't go away, so she takes these adult tigers in to make the coin yet point fingers at others. She knows exactly what she's doing. Worst of all is that she gets the majority of people at her rescue to volunteer to upkeep her facility (she's a millionaire btw), so she's not even paying her people correctly despite her profit. While she LARPs as the tiger goddess on the moral high ground, the animals are still suffering. It's never explained why she doesn't donate the tigers to sanctuaries if she thinks no one should have them. Reminds me of PETA and Ingrid Newkirk. They both put on airs and act like their shit don't stink because they shout "Animal rights!" while doing little for the animals themselves.

While I don't buy all the shady rumors about her like she killed her husband, she did change his will and obviously that was entirely self serving. Carole strikes me as two faced and will throw anyone under the bus if it suits her.
The only thing I like about her is that she's ambitious and doesn't take male shit. I even like her new husband who's a complete simp and follows her orders. But that's the thing–she's a strong woman who surrounded herself with weak people instead of strong people. A lot of the male tiger keepers interviewed were seething that she's a woman doing better than them, which is why their tirades against her were so sexist-fueled. Wouldn't see someone like Carole being a pickme cult follower getting titty implants to showcase tiger cubs for that obese polygamist Bhagavan Antle, or kissing Joe Exotic's manic faggot ass.
They all want to be portrayed as heroes when in reality all of them are well-intentioned villains trying to hide the fact that everything they do is for them and NOT the tigers deep down.

No. 537438

there's a kiwifarms thread about these type of accounts i think

No. 537439

Wtf happened to the themes, i cant read this light on dark shit

No. 537454

anon if you don't mind tell us about her cringey video game lmfao.

No. 537533

>It's never explained why she doesn't donate the tigers to sanctuaries if she thinks no one should have them.
what the fuck are you talking about? big cat rescue IS a sanctuary. why would she donate the cats to another sanctuary? she's a millionaire from real estate investing, that's how don built his wealth, they built more together, and she has been working with real estate ever since. she doesn't profit off of the animals.

>her role actually enables captive tiger keeping.

no, it doesn't. she bred cats with her husband, he wanted to continue and he didn't care where they ended up, she ultimately saw an animal she bred back at an animal auction where she had been tring to save them, and realized ethical breeding wasn't preventing poaching and even the people she vetted weren't responsible for the animals and would toss them away. people change and see the results of their actions. she hasn't bred any cats since like 2000.

No. 537536

Being nice to anons and posting positively makes me feel happy. I try to exude when I'm happy for them or wish them well, and I've had some very nice exchanges on this website. Some advice people have shared with others was so well written, I've screenshot it to read again later.
But holy shit sometimes people are so fucking angry for no reason. I don't understand infighting because we're all here to enjoy the same damn things! I understand differing opinions, but when someone replied with "you're fat I hope you die" it's very confusing. And probably not in the intimidating way they intended. Just simply mentally unwell and annoying.

No. 537553

>big cat rescue IS a sanctuary
Ah yes, Tampa Florida, where wild tigers roam free range to take out as many geriatrics on the weekdays and then travel to Disney for kid snacks on the weekends.
You're being disingenuous with the argument. Tigers are not native to the United States and they shouldn't belong to ANY private glorified pet owners. Period.
>she doesn't profit off the animals
Looks pretty rich to me. What about her rescue channel on Youtube? Where does that revenue go?
>No, it doesn't.
Yes, it does. Because people see tigers in cages and confined territories and they think they can do it too, and hey if they can't? Well saintly Carole Baskin can just take all the unwanted tigers off their hands when they get to be too much! Show me receipts that her facility has done anything or made any meaningful impact on wildlife conservation.

No. 537559

can you post it? I'm intrigued.

No. 537563

>You're being disingenuous with the argument. Tigers are not native to the United States and they shouldn't belong to ANY private glorified pet owners. Period.
they're not glorified pet owners. she rescues captive raised animals that are abandoned, cannot be cared for, are rescued from exploitative situations. captive raised animals cannot be released. you can't possibly be this dumb. so carole is a hypocrite unless she releases captive raised rescue animals back to live in the asian wilderness? wtf are you on

>What about her rescue channel on Youtube? Where does that revenue go?

to the non-profit actual sanctuary she runs???? are you serious right now? she has 80 animals that need food, vet care, maintenance, overhead, rescuing more animals. it's a non-profit, the DONATIONS go to the non-profit organization. it's like donating to a cat shelter??? what is so complicated about this that people don't understand?

>Show me receipts that her facility has done anything or made any meaningful impact on wildlife conservation.

she's the only one trying to get legislation passed that ensures that people don't breed animals for profit. even if she didn't have a very highly rated and credible sanctuary despite retards spouting off about shit they have no clue about, the fact that she invests so much time in meaningful legislation is activism enough. she has employed countless people to track down and stop exploitative individuals like joe exotic and had them fully employed working on it.

No. 537567

You are free to have the opinion that she is not a glorified pet owner and she doesn't exploit these tigers. You seem set to cape for her and I'm not interested in trying to make you feel bad about someone you idolize anon, just pointing out that you're putting her on a pedestal and giving her way too much benefit of the doubt. Narcissistic manipulators like herself love fans like you.

No. 537571

not a fan, you just clearly have literally no clue what you're talking about. you're calling people hypocrites for not wanting to see tigers bred compulsively so cubs can be exploited and disposed of, because they're caring for animals that now need to be cared for, who are captive born and/or raised and cannot be released. they cannot be released. i wouldn't be surprised if there's some level of it being taken advantage of, like literally every non-profit, but you're denying any of the demonstrable good BCR has done and you don't understand the simplest things.

No. 537577

Where do you think adult tigers come from if not from tiger babies? Because without the breeding of tigers this woman would have no tigers. Why is that a hard concept for you to understand? She's just telling others they're not allowed to have tigers, but she is, because she makes money off them from the guise that it's a conservation effort when again, there's no proof that her facility does anything for wildlife conservation. Carole is always going to tiptoe and pussyfoot around setting hard specific penalties like fines and jail time for owning tigers (re supporting the illegal breeding of tigers) because she stands to reap the benefits from peoples' decisions.
You're free to have your opinion, I've got mine.

No. 537585

>Because without the breeding of tigers this woman would have no tigers. Why is that a hard concept for you to understand?
she doesn't want to have the tigers. the goal of these sanctuaries is to not have to care for them because they shouldn't have to rescue these animals from exploitative situations where their health is neglected, but while these animals need care, SOMEONE HAS TO. please tell me what the fuck is to be done with these almost 700 lb animals that are captive raised then? what do you suggest be done? should they be left to be neglected at another zoo, or left to have have what happened in zainsville where some psycho just lets them loose once they can't care for them anymore? do they need to be flown to india and dropped off in the wilderness after living in a suburban texan backyard or zoo where they were neglected of veterinary care and now have lifelong pancreatic problems? the animals are not touched, 20 people are only walked around the property. this is how they sustain their operations. this is completely normal for actual sanctuaries. she does not only keep tigers, she keeps animals that are comparatively abundant in the wild and still need rehabilitation or lifelong care.

No. 537592

>she doesn't want to have the tigers
LMAO, anon you're adorable, stay this sweet and unassuming pls.

No. 537605

you've still given no response as to what your solution would be, you just keep trying to excoriate sanctuaries for caring for these rescued animals that are a liability and have no other safe option, while you provide no other option. she's already independently wealthy and can much more easily make money through investments. it makes no sense to have this much of a labor intensive and risk intensive side venture, if that's what you're seriously thinking. it makes no sense. why would she invest this much time into pushing legislation that would make tiger breeding and trafficking illegal if income was a huge part of it? zoos that already have tigers and big cats could still have big cats. they just can't sell or breed them as they are, particularly breeding them literally compulsively because cubs age out so quickly. unlike how the documentary or salty animal exploiters frame it, zoos could still maintain their ownership, they just can't breed compulsively, and particularly, they can't let people interact with the cats. anyone approved by the usda would still be able to keep big cats.

No. 537607

File: 1586215489259.jpg (72.78 KB, 748x737, XENA.jpg)

Thinking about her

No. 537609

Okay Carole, calm down now.(hi cow!)

No. 537622

i always pronounce it as aynon in my head but i came to the realisation that it makes more sense as annon but i don't wanna change

No. 537624

was looking for reviews about this show and this christian dude reviewing it is just so funny to me. "i love lucifer, the show not the entity" KEK

No. 537631

Straight up conspiracy fag shit, but iirc pedo's use this as a way to advertise. They set up sites/accounts full of pictures odd enough to make a normal person scroll it over as 'schizo shit', but someone in the know to get it and PM them for the Onion site, set up a video, or meet up. The obsession with "my race is" and "i live here" is telling the pedos what they're buying and were they have to be to meet up IRL. They have these shopped on bodies because taking a picture of were you actually are gives a lot of info on were you are, background flora and animals only live ins certain places/asking around if any one knows the hotel. Also the fact 50% of them live in the philipines, sex trafficking central,while not being Asian rings bells

No. 537644

Just thought of this video for the first time in like five years, had to hunt it down.

No. 537668

You're probably right, the fact that it's the Philipines alone makes it plausible.

Fuck, I despise pedos. It's sickening to think about.

No. 537848

YALL I stumbled upon this show (on anime site for some reason even though it's really mixed media) called Gyaru to Kyouryuu and it's literally SOL about a gyaru and her dinosaur? AND I LOVE IT? The aesthetic is so cute and weirddd and the vibe is chill and comfy?? Makes me so nostalgic somehow. Reminds me of weird artsy children shows I used to watch on weekend mornings I guess.

No. 537855

No. 537923

god, when will you grant me a theatre boyfriend who'll serenade me and share my love for anastasia? i wanna sing once upon a december with a cute guy

No. 537988

File: 1586285415234.jpg (28.28 KB, 540x303, FB_IMG_1495535600108.jpg)

My dumb ass was worried about being doxxed over that asheras garden site, but I just read an article about a bunch of dark web pedophiles who wanted to join a pedo site and gave it their real emails and, I'm not kidding, let the site download and run a fucking exe "to make sure their computer was secure enough to stream CP". The site and exe were obviously a honey pots and the maker had enough info to doxx a bunch of pedos. Jesus if this what I'm competing against then I'm fucking Edward Snowden

No. 537989

>asheras garden
I'm just bothered by how dead it is, it feels like there it's just me and 2 other anons.

No. 538007

I've been thinking about this song today.

No. 538019

I honestly feel like what the mods do and don't ban is extremely precarious. Like there have been times when I blatantly broke the rules and didn't get banned and other times when I didnt break the rules at all and got banned.

No. 538045

I got one once where I couldn't (and still can't really) figure out what was up. Mentioned my ex being abusive, said I didn't want to bore people with the details but then someone asked what had happened.. I explained and..ban. I think the person who asked was setting me up. Maybe too much personal talk is frowned on in pink pill? Dunno but I think the ban said no1curr. It had passed before I even realised there had been one.

No. 538156

It's sad. That site had so much potential.

No. 538171

File: 1586303872767.png (484.47 KB, 1253x1280, 1585869952480.png)

I was trying to give up alcohol, or at least keep it to maybe one or two drinks a month if I go out for a nice dinner or something, but goddamnit box wine is getting me through this quarantine.

No. 538179

File: 1586305141507.gif (41.49 KB, 442x227, tumblr_pe34j4SAF61w4uhqv_540.g…)

The world is ending and I'm not even going to get to play the new animal crossing. I can't get a job because of the virus and even if I had one I can't get a switch cause they're sold out and price gouging. I'm crying over some dumb shit right now.

No. 538182

I scrutinize my friends who are attracted to men for thinking older guys are hot, but I myself am extremely into older women.

No. 538196

that's suspicious that you got banned for that. I thought talking about ex boyfriends was part of the point of pinkpill..

No. 538232

Honestly, I think it still does. It's just a matter of actually using it.
A board for women's politics is a good idea, but I don't know how they can advertise such a thing without it being overrun by scrotes.

No. 538498

This was supposed to be a good week, Ive been waiting for it a long time.
I was going to take vacations off work / school, go to a concert, spend time with my cat.
And now, due to COVID since I work on the medical field I cant take time off, school keeps piling up homework, the concert was cancelled and some asshole stole my cat off my yard. I feel beyond crushed and I dont even feel like eating.

No. 538514

garfield x Odie is canon in one game

No. 538547

I don't know why I find chola culture so endearing. Some of those girls look cute to me, especially the old school ones

No. 538561

File: 1586376582386.jpg (113.38 KB, 640x480, d1fc5617f51eff8fef0766377870ba…)

This was a joke but how I wish it was real. I just wanna woo my favorite Joestars (and Jobros) and go on cute dates with them. I want to take Jotaro to an aquarium, and go cherry picking with Kakyoin. I'd even do Dio's route out of curiosity.

It would be especially nice in this quarantine situation.

No. 538564

Does anyone else also keep up with the development of Paralives? I got bored with The Sims 4 after a week or two and this shit seems like a wayyyy better version. Fuck, I can't wait.

No. 538580

My dad’s filed for unemployment, my mom might soon too, and my temp job ends mid-May but thankfully I’m getting paid for working from home until then. I have 10k in savings that I’ve meticulously hoarded over the years (just got it back to 10k after spending a huge chunk on medical/pet things over the summer) because I have this huge fear of my family becoming homeless even though we have never come close to it. We aren’t poor by any means and live a relatively comfortable life, but my dad is a big spender with lots of credit card debt. He hasn’t worked since november, and my mom since february. I gave my mum $3k out of my savings and let her know that she can take my stimulus check if/when we receive it in order to pay for bills and stuff. On one hand I’m happy that my saving and money has paid off and I can easily part with 3k, because I’ve been saving for when moments like this would happen. On the other hand, I can’t help but feel like this is just the first step of many and my family and I will eventually be out on the streets if I can’t find a job after my current one and eventually burn through all my savings. I know it’s already the unfortunate reality for so many people already and I feel like shit for fearing like this while I know my life has always been secure but fuuuck aaaaa. We’ve always pulled through financial hardships in the past just fine, even before I was earning money, but aaaaaaaaa the fear in my brain won’t turn off!!

No. 538595

Not exactly what you are looking for, but if you play as a girl in the 7th Stand User you get some cute dialogue with the crusaders.

No. 538599

Uh, sounds so stressful :/ You say you and your family always managed though, I'm sure it seems tough as it's happening right now as we speak, but you will manage again for sure.(integrate better)

No. 538605

Just found out I'm a cunt… damn I suck

No. 538609

A girl on facebook keeps being a munchie and drags herself to the hospital every day thinking she's dying because of her speshul condishuns. Based on what she posts (because she blogs everything about it) the hospital staff seem pretty sick of her. The treatment she reports they give her just seem like "shut up" favors. She's very dramatic about nothing.
I have a theory that she wants to catch covid on purpose just to have a thing that bags her some attention. Her medical posting barely gets responses at all anymore and I think everyone is getting put off because the hospitals need to be focusing on people going through life threatening shit right now. Not tightness in the chest because she's having a panic attack and doesn't get that's what it is for the umpteenth time.

No. 538672

Does anyone else read stories/watch films that you know will make you cry when you’re sad? It’s like the media equivalent of listening to sad songs when you’re down.
I’ve noticed whenever I’m feeling down/stressed, I gravitate towards these tear jerking things. Just sitting there pure sobbing for like half an hour. Then afterwards, I feel lighter and better. I’ve been doing this a lot more often recently but it’s stressful times right now..

No. 538675

What kind of things do you usually say after a failed group pj? Recently our group pj was pretty bad because of how inexperience i am as a group leader and i really want to improve the situation. How can i apologize without being too much? because ive apologize before and it always sound whiny and insincere.

No. 538706

The internet seemed better when I was a kid. Pixel dress up games on DollzMania, reading (crappy) stories on Quizilla, playing on Gaiaonline. Exploring Myspace was my favorite. I grew up in the middle of no where, it blew my mind when I saw so many weird looking people and listened to types of music that never existed to me before. I remember people having separate pages for their shops of plushies or clothing they made, I'd spend hours looking through the friend lists to find more.

Now you need perfect, more professional pictures and art to be noticed and constantly posting in hopes the algorithm works for you to get an audience. It's about making money, not sharing your art and imperfect handmade things. Alternative fashion communities care more about brand hauls and sponsorships. I miss how it use to be…

No. 538745

File: 1586411634472.png (395.46 KB, 794x445, l_cDSQ.png)

Thanks for the recommendation, anon, I'll look into it.

There's the fan game "Joestar Struck", pic related. The art is not nearly as cute, but I'd be willing to give it a shot if it wasn't pc only. Unfortunately I only have my phone rn.

I still dream of an official one with all Jojos and Jobros from all parts. Like, around 20+ routes. Imagine that

No. 538751

Yes I have a playlist dedicated to things that will usually make me cry

No. 538775

File: 1586419163195.png (500.21 KB, 1072x1016, Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 3.59…)

is getting a switch lite, worth it? I need something to distract me from binge eating.

No. 538777

Yes! I love mine.

No. 538782

So the games are digital only? Is it better than the Original Nintendo DS? Because I was gonna spend money on trying to get mine repaired, because I love that DS.

No. 538788

You can buy them in store but I don't see why anyone does when buying digitally protects the game from getting damaged. It's way better than the DS because a lot of ds and 3ds games have been adapted for the switch.

No. 538791

The amount of times I see someone on here reply to a story another user posts and say that it's made up makes me wonder how many of these people themselves write fake stories because they weirdly gain something from lying on an anonymous forum and so they think everyone does it.. It's not like reddit where a liar gains karma points or gurugossip where accounts get rankings.

No. 538794

Cool. If I don't like it, I can always re-sell it.

No. 538836

No, get the original Switch because the controllers/joycons are likely to start drifting for both the original and the lite Switch but at least with the original one you can get them replaced instead of being forced to deal with it or replaced the whole console (for free iirc, I think Nintendo lost a lawsuit and had to admit they launched a product they knew was defective so they have to replace the fucked up parts of the console for free, unless I've misunderstood that case.)

No. 538859

Every time I come across someone who's overdramatic with explosive rage and an overall absolute human monster it turns out they have diagnosed BPD and wear it as some sort of a special badge to excuse everything they do.

No. 538860

Really? Because I find that type of person is the kind that rails against people with BPD and talks non-stop about how horrible they are.

No. 538861

Found the BPD

No. 538865

Not even close. You, ironically, sound unstable, with polarized thought patterns, to suggest that someone who makes an observation about these people and their ravenous hatred towards people with BPD, has to have BPD.

No. 538886

File: 1586443425186.png (295.75 KB, 500x604, B2Sk3oKIYAAI-Ru.png)

Damn, I'd date Jolyne and Hermes in a heartbeat.

No. 538959

File: 1586454105672.jpg (40.67 KB, 720x405, FB_IMG_1586408696066.jpg)


I am straight, but when it comes to games I am very bi lmao I also would wanna try courting her, it's clear that Jolyne is pretty romantic.

But it would feel kinda weird trying to date both her and her father kek

No. 538974

not if the plot is that you are reincarnating in order to date all the jojos (but maybe destiny fucks up your chances so you don't have to date all of them if you don't want to)

No. 538978


Hmm, I guess you have a point. If they released a game/expansion for each part and you were a different character they meet in each one of them, I believe it would work. Like, you are a random Morio person, then you just are an Italian girl, so on and so forth. Then Jotaro would be only a datable option for parts 3 and 4. although I love his stupid snake pants in part 6 lmao

They did girlfriend of steel for Eva, why can't we have this?

No. 538979

File: 1586456701100.jpg (65.8 KB, 750x500, Maureen-McCormick-1.jpg)

I always feel bad when I see these comparison photos of celebrities from when they were literal children to grandma-aged, with some unnecessary commentary about how they've gotten older. It must suck growing up in the limelight with people constantly talking about every change in your face.

No. 539062

who has once pavloved themselves into doing something they don't like?

No. 539066

snow is fucking full of scrotes tonight i am so fucking fed up with it, you can fucking always tell and i hate it aaaaaaaaaa

No. 539067

no thats just me, a very angry woman with mommy issues

No. 539075

If xenophobia is being scared of/hating foreigners, then xenophile should mean being attracted to foreigners like weeaboos and koreaboos instead of monster fuckers

No. 539182

Thinking about walking to the store tomorrow and buying some weed.

No. 539191

This has always bothered me, in the story of Jack and the beanstalk the "villain" has his house broken in to and burglarized. Then when he confronts the thief he is murdered and the thief is rewarded. I mean what the actual fuck.

No. 539220

But the giant did want to murder and eat him because he broke into his house, mostly because he's English? That's a little weird. Wanting to grind down his bones itno bread and eat him is weird regardless of whether or not he's a thief. The giants were wealthy. The giant sounds like a complete psychopath. It's not like he was pressed for food.

No. 539230

Yes Im re-reading my favorite visual novel Fata Morgana even though its gonna put me in a somber mood for a good few days. It hurts so good though

No. 539248

Tfw no magic mushrooms in a cruddy boring country where I'm trapped in

No. 539362

Someone tell me I'm a dumb bitch for feeling like I missed out on having a boyfriend in my teens.

No. 539369

teen love is a mega meme since in reality you break up after a month over the dumbest shit and think it's the end of the world for the rest of the year

No. 539376

There's a certain degree of innocent, hormone-fueled puppy love that happens. You can't really recapture as an adult in a mature relationship, but really that's nothing in the grand scheme. All of it is seen as childish and naive when you reach adulthood and expect greater things out of relationships.

No. 539377

Thats not true..atleast for me.
In the high school i used to go to most people used to long term date, like they would date for over a year and then break up.
And there was this obnoxious couple in my school who were together since they were freshmans and now they are in college and they are still dating each other…..

No. 539428

Tfw I have mushrooms but can’t take them cause I’m stuck at my parents house for quar and they’re working from home everyday, good luck anon I wish i could send you some caps haha

No. 539437

Shit like this makes me wish I was trapped in Australia,Mexico or somewhere in South America
I guess not.

No. 539442

whats the tea on dollskill? outside of not knowing how to pose or take pictures of their models

No. 539512

File: 1586563015097.jpg (57.71 KB, 370x505, stronk.jpg)

i fear that i'm going to end up being a femcel

No. 539523

just silently laughing at all the people that are going crazy over having to stay inside. i've seen countless little comics from people bemoaning the situation (and i am specifically referring to those bitching about isolation) and it's just. it's funny.

t. social recluse of ten years

No. 539577

why anon ?
and what do plan to do when the wifi goes out ?

No. 539583

I love Better Than Sex Mascara, it works really well for me but I hate the cringey name.

No. 539616

I think the L’Oréal one in the pink package is a good dupe

No. 539667

it's cool that despite being a mediocre engineering student, I can understand more tech related discussions online now. Looking into these things myself doesn't seem as intimidating. I mean I won't because because I'm a lazy piece of shit but it's nice to know!

No. 539673

File: 1586582649744.gif (354.64 KB, 500x300, doge.gif)

Same anon! It's really great seeing how far I've come in terms of my knowledge in the span of a year. I recently got my boyfriend into getting back into coding and now we can talk about certain topics together and he even asks me for advice and help.

No. 539688

This guy who I've vaguely known through family friends for most of my life is constantly making cringe content on youtube, soundcloud and tiktok. It's so fucking awful, but I can't stop watching. I wish someone would tell him to stop but I know it'll never happen if it's gotten this bad. I feel bad for him, but also amazed at the same time.

No. 539730

File: 1586600667367.jpeg (245.93 KB, 750x1020, A7BFA73B-5713-4770-A297-780169…)

The worst take of all time lol. The full read is at https://twitter.com/squigglydigg/status/1246984685567143942?s=21

No. 539738

File: 1586603766722.png (297.84 KB, 1280x1028, tumblr_oe03c8ybWk1rxkezdo1_128…)

that's a name I haven't heard in a long time now, she was super obsessed with the Ghost Rider comics and has been trying for the half past decade(about the entire late 2010's) to get studios to pick up her Ghost Rider show concept

No. 539739

My brother is currently watching stand up comedy and it's.not.funny.

The guy is just shitting on his wife, female kids and how his wife ruined him, gay people and his poor masculinity. Jesus fuck

No. 539749

When I thought it was over, when I assumed I'll never love again, you showed up.
You saw right through my tough girl act and taught me I can be myself and be loved.
Now you're sleeping right next to me, and I love your soft hair, your long eyelashes, your pretty lips, your perfect nose and how you hug me tight.
I said I don't want to get tied to anyone anymore but here I am yet I never felt more free in my life.
Dammit, I love you. I'm too much of a coward but if you ever ask me to marry you I'll say yes without a second thought.

No. 539751

Does this person not understand what children are like? The relationship between a parent and child is always going to be lopsided because parents have on obligation to nurture their kids.

Plus the movie makes it pretty obvious that Lilo's behavior is the result of the trauma of losing her parents. Nani chooses to let Lilo keep Stitch because she knows that Lilo is struggling to cope with the loss and needs companionship (that she obviously isn't getting from other kids.) The movie is about second chances. Everyone believes Stitch is irredeemable except Lilo, and it's because she gave him a chance that he became a better… person? Dog? Alien? Whatever. You get the idea.

I'm neutral about Lilo and Stitch. It's just an okay movie. But Jesus Christ, this lady missed the point.

No. 539761


Her reasoning sounds like some abusive parents I've encountered

No. 539767

File: 1586614180390.jpg (33.53 KB, 404x582, 9087867-089087.JPG)

I can't stop thinking about how Erratas looks exactly like Social Repose.

No. 539773

Holy shit I thought that was James Charles lmao

No. 539783

File: 1586620092277.jpg (24.22 KB, 540x553, x0ffq7yr1dn41.jpg)

im conventionally unattractive and idk, i dont go out much.
sometimes im pretty good at convincing myself that i dont even want a relationship, but in the end, i know im only telling myself that because i know no one would ever want me anyway.

or is it actually impossible for a woman to be an incel? men have pretty low standards, dont they?

No. 539795

well I mean you're current lifestyle is gonna come to end whether you like it or not, maybe you'll find a cute raider bf

No. 539870

I’m sad that The Ordinary doesn’t seem to sell their salicyclic acid solution anymore (its apparently being reformulated but some reviews seem to say it’s been gone for a while) and I’m kicking myself for not buying some months ago when I ran out. There’s a salycyclic masque but I try not to buy stuff like that because I always end up never having time for it (by the time I remember having it, it’s usually late and not worth putting it on). Well, I’m glad my skin has been able to even out and I rarely have breakouts anymore except when I’m on my period, but ugh I hope they bring it back eventually…

No. 539871

File: 1586640466161.jpg (328.79 KB, 1037x1500, chili oil.jpg)

Today I will be reviewing Lee Kum Kee brand chui chow chili oil! After seeing many youtube videos about chili oil lately, I have been curious about making it, but first I wanted to buy it so I would know what it ought to taste like! I was disappointed that this chili oil was not at all spicy. I would say I have an average spice tolerance for someone from a Latino home, and this did not register as spicy at all. It was however still delicious! A little bit salty, but savory and the taste of the chilis and the garlic came through.

I will rate this a 0/5 for spice, but a 5/5 for taste!

No. 539873

File: 1586640673510.jpg (91.3 KB, 1200x800, 61VmZ8tfq6L._SL1200_.jpg)

You should've tried the OG brand anon, Chilli oil isn't meant to be burning but just tasty with a little heat

No. 539874

I will try that one next, even though the guy on the logo has e-boy hair!

No. 539879

THe brand is called Lao Gan Ma or Old Godmother

The person on the front is an old lady anon, You crack me up
I hope you this one better!

No. 539880

I get this brand with the little peanuts and tofu squares in it. Good stuff! Seconded for recommendation.

No. 539946

i know that this is late but 100% THIS. Im tired of those annoying conspiracy retards

No. 539950

My mom bought me (using my card) an off-brand purple shampoo from Walmart because the beauty stores are closed, will it work same way like shimmer lights or not work at all?

No. 540002

I keep posting my posts meant for this thread into the stupid questions thread. This is like the 3rd time already wtf is wrong with me

No. 540026

My stomach hurts so bad!!! I just spent an hour on the toilet and my stomach still feels uneasy!!! I was hoping to get into bed at a decent hour but now I’m just sitting on my chair after taking some pepto bismol because I just KNOW this shit (lol) isn’t over. rip my insides

No. 540028

Want to grow plants but need new seeds cause those expire unfortunately

No. 540038

A few months ago an acquaintance at a party said they wanted to get an ACAB tattoo. My bf jokingly said they should get it tattooed on their knuckles and they seemed really into the idea. Fast forward to today I just found out they actually got that tattoo!! My bf feels like he should apologize for ever suggesting it lmao

No. 540042

some of their replies help put it in a better context (they understand that lilo is realistic and well-written in that sense, she's just not a good role model for children), but I was like five when that movie came out and never wanted to emulate Lilo – I just admired her edge and sympathized with her want for companionship.

No. 540050

please give us more food reviews nonny in these dark times

No. 540094

My Dad got a message from some rando on Messenger, turns out it's this dudes wife who found my wallet & was trying to get into contact with me but I dont use FB. Im such a dumbass this has been the second time drunk me has lost my wallet in the middle of the street. Thank my lucky stars someone honest has found it because BOTH times I've had more than 50$ cash in it. Fucking drunk me man, get it together. The people who have it sent a pic with all my money in it & I'm just wondering if it would be weird to offer them some money when I get it back as thanks? Last time I did that the woman who brought it to my house was adament about not taking any money I offered so idk. Moral of the story is I'm a lucky dumbass lol

No. 540099

Oh my fucking god that is a mood.

No. 540114

damn why do so many farmers here settle for such shit boyfriends. makes me kinda sad

No. 540117

I just don't get how people could feel so sorry for themselves when literally everyone is in the same boat? It's not like it's just their lives being fucked up and everyone else is out partying. Shouldn't they be able to go a few months at least? Some places have only had it for a few weeks.

What's funny is that these people are genuinely the same types who think they'd survive an apocalypse or survival situation. How do they figure? The things they're bitching about are petty. Like I get not being able to see friends and having a lack of tp is inconvenient, but people act like it's life-ending and not just an annoyance. It's completely endurable. I was expecting this pandemic shit to be way worse.

No. 540138

Do you ever think about the possibility of being perceived as more beautiful in another country? Aside from the general universal beauty standards, do you have any traits that are "ugly" in your culture but favored elsewhere?

For example, I have what would definitely be considered a big and unattractive (ie, doesn't point upwards) nose in the West, but when I lived in Korea people would always tell me I look like an actress because of my desirable "high nose bridge." I think about this a lot when I feel really ugly.

No. 540142

Yeah, it's clear to me that people find me ugly where I live and have grown up, but when I go abroad some places I look a lot more similar to people and their idea of beauty. In my opinion people in my country are ugly so it's all most definitely subjective.

No. 540225

File: 1586724254150.png (112.19 KB, 313x240, 259f24d06dfbedc4d4e477b3a25123…)

>have mild psoriasis
>get the odd patch every now and then
>can never tell if its just harmless psoriasis or skin cancer

No. 540228

I was genuinely shocked when internationally I was considered cute, but in my home country I'm 100% butterface kek. feels good man

No. 540241

looking into my sign's compatibility with cancer to see if karkat and i are compatible

No. 540245

well, are you?

No. 540246

anon. love yourself.

No. 540285

File: 1586736748024.gif (148.66 KB, 500x346, 6E39843A-252C-418D-B4C1-F07104…)

we're both water signs so it works out alright, not the best case though

No. 540331

For some reason French men, Asians and Afrikaners act incredibly thirsty around me but men from my own country don't even consider me female at this point. I've yet to figure out why.

No. 540335

Anon ilu

No. 540341

what's your sign, lemme check if we're compatible

No. 540345

Nta but are you a pisces by any chance

No. 540350

LMAO, I'm best girl terezi

No. 540362

In my own country I'm mostly ignored and the only times I've had guys flirting with me out of nowhere they were one guy from my ethnicity and a black guy. I'm pretty much seen as a loser virgin there I guess and I think it has to do with people assuming a lot of things about my personality and beliefs because of my looks/I'm nlt white. I used to live in Europe but now that I moved at the other side of the planet I'm more respected in general even if I'll always be seen as a foreigner and guys tend to come up to me and compliment me a lot. They're terrible at trying to guess where I'm from because I guess I look racially ambiguous but I mostly match with the local beauty standards thanks to my body type. But with the pandemic and how barely anyone is outside nowadays it has calmed down a bit.

No. 540363

Didn't this bitch bully actual minors in fandoms and told a 13 she was a manipulative cunt?

No. 540365

congrats boo you got it

girl, i'm so sorry. it's not written in the stars for us to be together. tl;dr we have good sex but everything else is probably off

No. 540369

are you me

No. 540429

File: 1586778121738.png (47.08 KB, 200x200, 92A6D9EB-53B4-45C4-AB78-A524E5…)

I decided to give it a read, and now I'm in love with Dinosaur.

No. 540431

holy shit source ?
I knew she was autistic and full of her self but did she really bully kids ?

No. 540432

Yup, sims 4 is shit and this is giving me hope, it’ll also have waaaaaaay more features like weather and animals without having to pay extra, plus it already looks way better than sims 4 playmobile aesthetic lol

No. 540466

i've done all the bullshit easy stuff now, god save me, i actually have to do the drawing part of my art homework. once again i did not leave myself enough time to do a good job.

No. 540467

unfortunately no

No. 540481

File: 1586795107412.jpg (71.02 KB, 680x706, 4a4.jpg)

My garbage ex that I haven't seen in 8 years messaged me out of "concern" because of the quarantine. Last time I talked to him, he asked if we could still have an online relationship and trade nudes because his new gf wasn't as hot. I'm hoping she dumped his ass.

No. 540486

I just finished the Dororo anime and I liked it a lot! I wanted to see what others thought of the show, and it seems like the only other people that like it are 14 year olds mad Dororo and Hyakkimaru aren't a couple.

No. 540493

it absolutely baffles me that those people failed to appreciate the beauty of the show and were too busy complaining over why dororo and hyakkimaru aren't a couple as if it will contribute anything to the story

tahomaru's death made me cry a lot because despite his tantrums he was my favorite character in the show

No. 540494

i left myself an hour to do each drawing god have mercy on me

No. 540507

I miss having the time and energy to put some effort into my posts and pictures on social media. Doing that always made me sort of happy, now I'm just tired and don't feel like saying anything or like I have anything to say. I suppose it doesn't even matter since I deleted all of my sm anyway.

No. 540514

Was just thinking about this as I have a few genuinely nice photos of myself for the first time in 2 years and I just am so out of the loop editing and easthetic wise, years ago I was so on top ig and shit. Now it just makes me sad to think I deleted it all and am just so out of it and kinda insecure, feeling like a boomer ass bitch.

No. 540527

File: 1586806643579.png (16.34 KB, 1326x127, what.png)

have no idea why this made me laugh

No. 540531

maybe try to focus on the positive? "i know this project didn't turn out exactly how we wanted it, but i'm really proud of the work we did on x, y, z!!!" if you're gonna work together again, "i really hope we can carry the best parts of this proj forward into the next one tysm for your hard work" ? idk just spitballin

No. 540532

yeah i think it's a nice and generally normal/common thing to offer money when people find your wallet, but not 100% necessary. also please get a wallet chain or a purse or better pockets or something lmao u can't lose ur wallet every time you get drunk hahaha

No. 540541

I am obsessed with this girl. I will never follow a tutorial and I don’t care about fashion let alone sewing, but she’s so pretty, funny, smart and creative I can’t believe she exists.

No. 540544

I also think she may have some sort of Aspergers?

No. 540554

she keeps being recommenced to me by you tube
I watched a few of her videos and at first was turned off by the ot personality and '~quirkiness~ but after watching her room rennovation video she grew on me

shes beautiful, so im surprised she isnt more popular and gets hella views but ive never heard anyone really mention her

No. 540609

Yeah, at first I couldn’t quite understand if she was quirky on purpose, but it just seems like she doesn’t give a fuck, seeing her family I can understand why.
The first video I saw was the one about Little Women and I couldn’t understand whether she was your classic bitchy hyperfemme blonde or not.

No. 540613

Holy shit I love her too. She’s so beautiful and I’ve always felt her humor comes off as very genuine.

No. 540620

Jesus Christ, I only watched the first 30 seconds but that editing is migraine inducing

No. 540624

While Nintendo Switch Lite's may be out of stock as of now. I still haven't bought mine even when they were in stock due to being indecisive about color. I might just go grey and get different colored cases?

No. 540630

Sometimes I have moments of time where I know my intelligence and capabilities are adequate, maybe even high. When I dig deeper, my insecurity surfaces and I have this sinking feeling that I'm secretly retarded and too unaware. I want to blame my family for verbally abusing me but what's the point. At this point it's up to me to fix myself and I struggle

No. 540644

jfc her editing is like emma chamberlains but way more spastic. I'll take your guys' word for it that she's cool.

No. 540696

i've decided to finally commit to "working out" during quarantine and am starting with wall push ups. I can barely do those god I'm so weak

No. 540709

start with yoga and everything else will slowly become easier.

No. 540726

Men only hate simps because simps force men into respecting their women. After all, why deal with an asshole who won't even lift a finger for you when there are men out there willing to do it all for you? Why degrade yourself when there are men who are willing to treat you like a princess? Why deal with a constant stream of insults and "haha girlfriend bad" as well as having your body never-endingly insulted when there are men out there who would feel more than lucky to even get a glimpse of you?

Men are just finally afraid of getting a taste of their own medicine

No. 540728

I hate the word simp but there is a certain type of male who legitimately does earn the title. White knights, orbiters, 'nice guys' who suck up to women, basically just the male version of a pickme. Treating a woman like a queen is great if there are mutual feelings/interest, it's creepy and pathetic if he's just desperately chasing a woman who doesn't want him.

No. 540733

I know this old callout post from 2016 mentions these incedents.

No. 540745

I cringe so much when someone mistakes a cow's obvious sarcastic joke for being 100% real and goes on a rant about it in the cow thread, often having people join them because nobody bothers to look into the context. Nice job revealing your autism.

No. 540747

This. The word simp is meant to apply to ~nice guys~ who are willing to lick any queen bee's boots clean if there's the slightest chance of getting laid. If anything, it's a great progress that men who think with their dicks are being shamed for it. They're not about respecting women, they're still about considering women to be sex ATMs that accept superficial kindness as currency.

No. 540749

Insecure gamers think any man who pays for dinner or licks pussy good is a simp

No. 540751

I wish I had the new animal crossing so
bad. My younger brother and sister have it and I'm not quarantined with them.

Also I miss my little sister so much, we have similar interests and she's really cool even though she's only 10. I'm quarantined with my boyfriend and although I miss my family I think I would miss him a lot more if I was away from him.

No. 540757

Currently on Kenna's PULL thread there is an uproar because Kenna hit a character in animal crossing and jokingly called them a psycho. There are 2 users who are sane and saying that the thread is sucking each other's sensitive dicks and that it's not a big deal while the rest of the thread insists that the term psycho is ableist and that hitting game characters is indicative of some form of mental health disorder.

No. 540758

Well gals, I think I finally hit rock bottom. Just found out that the Law & Order theme song makes me unbearably horny.

No. 540761

Unfortunately from the uses I've seen online it quickly turns to a term used when a man defends a woman in any way. Like someone says something sexist about a woman, dude replies "that's someone's daughter" or something and he's called a simp for it. I see that more often now than the original intention.

No. 540794

>Kenna's PULL thread
I used to go there just to laugh at all the posters because they were much more cow-like than Kenna ever was. They're such repetitive, overly obsessed skinwalkers that it's mindblowing how much they lack self-awareness. Drink up every time someone writes a blogpost about how much better they would fare in glorious Nippon.
>reee kenna ate a hamburger how dare you not eat only miso soup and authentic nipponese food what an uncultured swine
>reeee kenna ate sushi doesn't she realize nippon has other dishes what a fucking weeb
>reeee kenna ate a four-course washoku dinner what a show-off who's she trying to brag to anyway here's my fanart of her to show much I hate her
My favourite though was when she posted a photo of a decoration someone had hung on a cherry blossom tree and the posters were going insane with rage about how she's killing that fragile sacred tree and how all the authentic Japanese people must've thought she's a disgusting white pig disgracing their culture. Another good one was when people were calling her a racist for dating Asian guys instead of black guys… while living in Japan where most people are Asian.

No. 540828

Her editing sucks big time. I'm getting a headache, how can you guys even watch this?

No. 540836

I feel like I'm not improving with my art all that much. I decided to only practice doing poses/figure drawings to get a little better at anatomy but I don't think I've retained any of the information. I can draw copied poses really quickly with pretty good accuracy but when I try to draw a pose from the top of my head, it looks awful.

No. 540845

How and why?
I mean if you'd talk about Criminal Intent, I'd kind of get it because the character Robert Goren is weirdly charming sometimes, but the normal Law & Order?

No. 540849

I don't think she's dated anyone tho, since she's ~asexual~. Maybe you're thinking of Briana slaughter on that last part but idk. I agree that Kenna's thread kills my brain cells with how crazy some of the posters are. Someone was calling Kenna ableist for calling an Animal Crossing character a psycho and hitting them with a net. Pure retardation.

No. 540863

try drawing a pose from memory, and then draw from a reference or fix your mistakes in the original with a different color.

No. 540874

She's pretty and thin and all and I used to watch her but something about her rubs me the wrong way (aside from how annoying she is and how dirty her home looks). I feel like she's secretly racist or her family is in a cult or something. She's just so….trashy

No. 540904

Anti porn men, men who act like gentlemen's towards their girlfriends and wives and respectful men are called simps. Men just hate that their revenge fantasies about how if women don't do exactly what they want then they will be lonely.

Ladies, there's hoards of men out there willing to treat you amazingly, don't stay with an asshole, dump him

No. 540906

>there's hoards of men out there willing to treat you amazingly
And tbh even if there's not you'll still be better off alone. I wish I dropped my dead weight after the first year of living together, but instead I slogged on for 3 more years of bullshit just to say I was with someone.
I'm in my late 20s and set back from buying a house and paying off my debts because I dated a loser who I gave one too many chances to out of loneliness. Don't do it.

No. 540908

File: 1586885461969.jpeg (17.79 KB, 636x461, 70A9409A-A944-47C6-BA9D-61628B…)

I can’t fuckin deal with channels related to analyzing cartoons, specifically children’s animation. Not because they’re focused on media for children but because almost all of them have little to no comprehension skills in terms of plot structure, story, and especially humor. Every time I try and watch one of these channels try and break down an episode they almost always spend the entirety of the video babbling about jokes they didn’t understand into incomprehensible word salad as a way to prove their point. Especially if the humor is more surreal, then it’s just 10 minutes of “I don’t get this! It makes no sense!” Yeah, that’s the fucking JOKE. I understand that probably a majority of these people are probably not the best at detecting humor in the first place, but it’s annoying having someone who doesn’t really understand what’s going on try and explain why somethings bad to an audience. Obviously I’ve been watching more YouTube lately, and I’m realizing just how little a lot of content creators know in terms of actually setting up whatever they want to talk about in an interesting way. It’s either just a stream of consciousness way of speaking and they’re cons tangly repeating themselves, or the have little to no charisma and it’s impossible to really take in whatever they’re saying. Its funny that I’m sperging on about this but it’s not like I have anything better to do. I just want some good cartoon content.

No. 540910

what channels do you like? i don't have suggestions, i like these kind of videos for background noise myself.

No. 540916

You know there are different types of humour, right? Surreal humour is not the default.

No. 540921

That's the result when undereducated autists figure out they can monetize their opinions about a kid's cartoon on the internet. I don't even like getting into analysis of cartoons because the majority of the time viewers ascribe more meaning than the writers and artists ever intended. I mean good news for them, but annoying to anyone who sees that Spongebob Squarepants ain't that deep.

No. 540927

A few month ago I was a screaming psychotic mess. And now I pass as a normal human being. So please dont give up sis. love u

No. 541032

File: 1586903820428.jpg (123.33 KB, 962x642, 1584117459882.jpg)

idek if you guys heard but assassin's creed 2 is for free on the ubisoft website until april 17th

just downloaded it and the controls are a bit annoying because i'm on pc but it's not a big problem. i also heard that it's the best assassin's creed game so far lol

No. 541045

I’m really surprised that Amanda Baggs died

No. 541078

It IS the best game in the series!!! My fucking laptop won't let me allow cookies on the website so it hasn't allowed me to download it. :((

No. 541102

I can't find anything saying how she died, anyone know?

No. 541130

I was trying to find her cause of death cause I was really curious too. I don't think it's been officially posted, just a lot of speculation, anywhere but she was posting about having the flu and being hospitalized in late March. I'm not sure if it was COVID related or unfortunate timing with this pandemic.

No. 541141

Thinking about the time two homeless-looking women approached me on the street and one said
>God has a plan for you. I don't what you're going through but he wanted me to tell you that!
Okay thank you weird and possibly schizophrenic lady. That's slightly comforting.

No. 541147

I once knew this writer who worked on Sonic Boom, particularly the episode with the Chris-Chan like character. The guy used to be a /b/tard and the whole crew intended for the whole thing to be a a Chris-Chan parody. I was shown footage of his time at Sonic conventions where he and his dad went. Pure autism magnets for sure. The guy is on a shitton of psychiatric drugs last I heard although his family are probably multimillionaires.

No. 541637

Whoever does Ariana Grande's plastic surgery hates her lmao

No. 541638

some anons are so weird. you could rant over your relationship here and they'll immediately tell you to break up with him or they start pulling things out of their asses to make the boyfriend look like the worst person ever. i get that men aren't fancied around here and i don't like them either but man wtf

No. 541658

I don't comment in the relationship thread and mainly skim through but as someone who most definitely doesn't hate men, there are a lot of women in relationships on here who are in complete denial who will literally use the thread to get the answer they want to hear from everyone.

"My boyfriend never does his share of chores and I'm always left to do his part"

"Don't let him get away with it, he's pushing your limits"

"Ok but he's really sweet in every other way and I talked to him about it and he said sorry."

"Does that mean he's helping around now?"

"No not really"

Like what are we supposed to say at that point. Your boyfriend sounds like a shit head, do better or dig your own grave and stay with someone who from an outside perspective doesn't respect you.

No. 541703

Why are triangle, c, yellow, and Wednesday all like the same thing? Does anyone get what I mean? Like they have the same category it’s so hard to explain but why?

No. 541705

Same anon but the number 3 also! 3, C, triangle, Wednesday. What makes them all like the same.

No. 541707

Anybody 15+ should be held accountable for their actions. That's not to say all teens never make mistakes or anything, but people who overprotect teenagers from consequences or harsh judgement from their actions are doing more harm than good

No. 541710

They're all somewhat related to the number 3 I guess? Triangles have 3 sides, C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, yellow is the 3rd number in the rainbow (like ROYGBIV), Wednesday is the 3rd weekday. Though the 4th day of the week so idk.

No. 541712

Omg thankyou it was driving me crazy but I think this explanation makes sense. I didn’t even know yellow was the 3rd colour of the rainbow, it feels strange the way it just naturally relates so much with the other three things in my mind.

No. 541713

File: 1587035369393.png (563.04 KB, 574x581, 06D144AE-717E-432A-8BAD-84F54E…)

Everyone's like GNC, NCLOG, ACAB, AFAB etc and i am here like


No. 541715

I mean, only online. If you leave the house you will see its definitely not everyone like that it’s pretty much no one.

No. 541716

File: 1587035606040.jpg (147.44 KB, 737x623, farmergirl.jpg)

as soon as i see this girl i thought… what threads does she post in here

No. 541720

Looking at the onision thread and all the cows involved in that shitshow.

No. 541745

why are online classes so much more anxiety inducing than normal ones

No. 541757

I miss toontown.

No. 541777

I have stopped giving a fuck about anything that Onision does at this point. The whole thing has been completely robbed by clout chasing freak shows who would be absolutely nothings in their moms basement without the internet.
I can’t even read the thread anymore without being bored out of my mind.

No. 541778


thats a dude in a dress bro

No. 541859

My google skills failed me, sorry, but what does NCLOG mean?

No. 541888

File: 1587056404876.jpg (38.96 KB, 768x559, Screen-Shot-2020-02-20-at-6.19…)

I havent seen 90 day fiance, I just keep seeing clips of this guy I just-

No. 541954

File: 1587066250153.jpeg (720.55 KB, 640x1056, FE338C76-EAA2-4281-8B7A-23C6A1…)

this is really uncanny valley to me for some reason? i cant explain it…

No. 541962

why is disney still a thing

No. 541968

File: 1587067872450.jpg (23.2 KB, 634x323, 117_1574283578793.jpg)

The Call of the Wild also has this weird CGI dog that gives me the creeps. I'd much rather them do animated films than this uncanny valley horror shit. On a technical level, it's a cool idea, but I absolutely do not understand the appeal. The finished product looks horrendous.

No. 541971

I saw pics on Insta lately where the disney store came out with the oddest looking versions of both lady and the tramp in plushy form.. makes sense now.

No. 541988

File: 1587074148317.png (19.74 KB, 598x278, Screenshot_2020-04-16.png)

I read this post earlier today and now on twitter I saw this get posted a few hours ago. Is this a very strange coincidence or is this popular twitter user with like a million followers also a lurker on here who saw these posts, lmao?

No. 541990

what in the world is going on

No. 541996



No. 542000

Wednesday is only the 4th day of the week in the Americas, everywhere else it's the 3rd.

No. 542009

wednesday is blue and 3 is a greenish yellow, fools

No. 542035

tf are you smoking anon, Thursday is blue! though not sure what Wednesday is. you're wrong tho and we should fist fight.

No. 542052

jsyk you're annoying

No. 542058

I'm not conventionally attractive and I'm sure a lot of people would find me unattractive but I actually really like the way I look, yet I feel a sort of guilt about it? Like I'm delusional for being okay with myself? Should I get a grip and improve my looks or continue on with being content with being kinda uggo? I'm hygenic and have good skin and such, just not super cute.

No. 542063

File: 1587090639245.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, A20NI26BL8.png)

No. 542065

as long as you're hygienic and treat your body well, you should never feel bad about loving yourself, anon. not everybody is going to turn out looking like an instagram model and all that. i'm glad you can see past conventional attractiveness and love yourself for who you are!

No. 542073

Just realized a youtuber I used to watch hasn't posted in 7 months. Her voice was so relaxing and I always loved her videos, I went to check up on the channel and saw it was dead. It's safe to say that she's not coming back. All her other social media is dead too. Feels bad man.

No. 542075

File: 1587092383842.png (126.36 KB, 500x566, she-would-b-black-dont-try-it-…)

This is the dumbest tweet I've ever seen,why would shego ever be black???plus the girl looks Persian
And what about Kim's best friend Monique???sure let's latch on the sass queen herself instead of a supporting character with a few lines

No. 542080

That's a crusty ass pic from 2017, who cares

No. 542082

You're sperging over an old ass pic for no reason bro. And anyway if shego was human she would not look like that girl on the side.

No. 542089

File: 1587094918784.png (192.68 KB, 576x288, CherryPie.png)

I just ordered one hundred dollars worth of LARA bars online. I wish they were here now I want to eat them. It's making me hungry just thinking about them.

No. 542090

lol anon same. idk when it started but I went from obsessing over my appearance and constantly nitpicking my flaws, to just being okay with myself. I used to avoid mirrors – now when I see my reflection I'm like yeah that's me bitch!

No. 542092

Lmao I gotta know why anon? The only reason I buy those expensive bars is because all the other bars have gluten. I'll admit I bought a large box of 18 or something before the virus hit the fan though.

No. 542094

Sometimes I think about what would have happened and how different it might have been if foreverkailyn had of accepted Shane Dawson’s follow request on IG back in 2015. He clearly used to read the gurugossip threads on her, I feel like he would have gone on to make one of his stupid docuseries on her. She probably would have ended up being what Trisha ultimately became.

No. 542183

was looking at the female incels thread with the stacy bingo thing and why have so many of you done anal wtf

No. 542185

The question is why is it a criteria for a Stacey.
"Have you ever gotten oral from a guy without giving it back" would be a better alpha female criteria.

No. 542186

To please their bfs.

No. 542192

Maybe I have an elastic anus or something but it's always felt good to me.

No. 542196

Sometimes I read unpopular opinions threads from like a year or 2 ago and just cry because we didn’t know how fun going outside to complain about the dumbshit people do was and how much of a privilege outside is

No. 542215

I can't believe so few people know about basic nutrition and health! I used to judge self-hating fatties really hard for not just dieting and working out if they hate their weight so much, but I've realized these dumbasses literally don't realize that vegetables soaked in butter and covered with breadcrumbs aren't exactly as healthy as steamed vegetables. I'm still judging them for being so moronic though… is nutrition not covered in a mandatory health class at every high school? How have these people gone their whole lives not understanding anything about their bodies?

No. 542234

Its actually not. I mean I learn that eating veggies and fruit is good for you and I learned the pyramid good chart but it literally stopped there. Nothing about how determine if something actually healthy, or portion size or even how to read serving size.

No. 542235

me too, even my first time wasn't painful at all, i can't comprehend it hurting for some girls

No. 542242

It's not because of bad education, it's because of bad parenting. People pick up their eating habits from home, not from some class.

No. 542251

now that anons are talking about body hair in the artist thread, it made me think of me getting bullied in elementary and middle school for having a lot of arm hair and getting called names like "gorilla" which continued for so long that i couldn't even wear shirts in summer anymore out of fear lol

No. 542257

It brought back some memories here too, I had a totally normal amount of body hair but felt like a freak because everyone else in my class had started shaving their legs whereas my mom wouldn't let me. We had to wear shorts for sports classes so I missed about a quarter of the school year to either faked illness or sometimes panic attacks over it.

No. 542418

I watch the show but everytime he comes on I have to look away, so uncomfortable and gross

No. 542489

File: 1587157522479.jpg (57.71 KB, 575x575, eb804d51673955119d07e881088ad4…)

When I was in highschool, I went to a higher end marketplace at the end of a school trip and saw candied orange peels for sale. I didn't buy them, but I've always thought about them. For whatever reason, it seems hard to find candied orange peels (or they're usually expensive) so today I finally figured that I would make my own. My parents bought oranges yesterday, and god bless these oranges for being huge, juicy, yet mostly seedless (only found a tiny seed throughout one whole orange) and having only a small amount of pith.

I followed a youtube video and they came out so delicious! I did make my strips very thin so they're extra sweet because of the sugar to peel ratio, so maybe next time I'll leave them a bit wider. I was worried my sugar and water ratio would be off (put more than recommended because it looked like it was too little) but it came out just fine. My family really likes them, and I saved the little bit of leftover simple syrup to sweeten my tea with. I guess the only disappointing thing was that I thought they would be chewy… not the fault of the recipe or what I did, it's just a belief that I held in my head for over a decade since I first saw them lol.

This quarantine sucks, but having the time to do little things like this is really nice. I want to give bread making another go because my mom was able to get me another bag of flour from our local grocery store. Or maybe I'll make some homemade pasta!

No. 542492

sounds cool! me and my fiance are moving this weekend and my new kitchen is huge! our old place had a tiny kitchen with like 2 cupboards in it. can't wait to bake!

No. 542498

This was the wholesome adorable content I needed this evening; stoked for you!

No. 542503

Congrats, anon. It's always great when a recipe turns out well.
Good luck on the bread-making and/or pasta.

No. 542505

File: 1587160016497.png (43.66 KB, 281x215, 1533623280558.png)

Dalgona coffee is so good, I accidentally had over 1000mg of caffeine earlier, then I got diarrhea and my heart and head kept whirring.

No. 542549

>1000mg of caffeine
I was so shocked when I saw the ingredients that go into dalgona coffee. Two tablespoons of granules is 6 times more than what goes into a regular cup of instant coffee. I scaled it down to 2 teaspoons of each ingredient and it's still good.

No. 542565

File: 1587167798194.jpg (17.8 KB, 371x341, _20200417_185616.JPG)

Starting to get real sick of the pedo defenders that lurk in the art discussion thread until someone mentions lolicon being bad. Suddenly you're just a twitterfag if you think sexualizing children is wrong.

No. 542567

My mom makes these too. She's been buying lots of oranges lately to make candies out of the orange peels. She's also been making lots of orange preserves and jams.

No. 542568

I'm pretty sure they're teenagers in their anti-SJW phase

No. 542602

I'm pretty sure several anons of mysterious gender from 4chan's /ic/ post there, hence while the whole thread is so hostile. There is some crossover from the bad art thread on there and here.

No. 542607

I constantly read through and catch up on any missed posts on a couple threads here on ot, mostly just as a way to pass time. I read through like 20 of the vent threads from start to finish but I stopped visiting LC for like 2 weeks and now the newest thread is almost full and I wonder if I should read through the whole thread or not. It's dumb, but sometimes I see reoccurring anons post throughout multiple the multiple threads and it's nice to see them come back with some good news. This is dumb, it's just a bad habit that I picked up lol.

No. 542610

>This is dumb, it's just a bad habit that I picked up lol.
I disagree. That's actually pretty sweet and wholesome, anon. I kind of want to do the same now, but I'm too lazy, lmao.

No. 542614

I finally met someone who makes me feel compelled to bully them.

No. 542615

Like in a sexy way?

No. 542618

Lmao I wish anon

No. 542623

Good luck on your move and I hope all your baking endeavors are delicious!

Thanks anons! My dad is the main cook of the house and our fridge (and freezer) is PACKED with his stuff. Good for quarantine life, not so good for my own various cooking endeavors. We both aim for very different things when we cook.

Preserves and jams sound awesome! Not sure why I didn't think to try that too haha, maybe I will now! I've only had homemade jam once, when I was a student studying abroad. My host mom had made homemade strawberry jam and I remember being so wary of it because the strawberry chunks in it were kind of devoid of color/pale and it looked so off putting but I just remember it tasting like the best god damn jam I had ever had in my life. I love that homemade shit. Feels so accomplishing and full of love, and feels even better when it's a success!

No. 542634


No. 542636

Good Shit

No. 542656

I would smile all the time if it wasn't so physically tiring

No. 542683

is it fucking dumb that I don't think I'll ever want to date a guy with blonde hair? Like dirty blonde is okay, but I cannot remember a time where I've felt a great attraction to a genuinely blonde guy. I find that dark hair is most attractive for some reason.

No. 542684

Nah I get it, I'm usually into guys with dark hair lol. That's not to say guys with blonde hair can't be attractive, but dark hair is definitely my type.

No. 542692

good to know it's probably normal

No. 542693

All blonde haired men remind of gross little boys. I don't know where this started but yeah don't find them attractive.

No. 542704

File: 1587201745520.jpg (26.04 KB, 500x375, 8d31f6d2f0253146cd96152243f0c6…)

to me blonde haired men only seem attractive to me If their like super buff, I really don't know why other then that I'm mainly attracted to long dark haired skelly boys

No. 542709

Who is this cutie though?

No. 542721

File: 1587204900573.jpg (58.79 KB, 500x662, 3ce1569c107757f0f3a93a8cb081ea…)

Miles McMillan when he was young, he sports a much different style now but I still think he looks handsome

No. 542729

He reminds me when I was enamored with Vile Valo from H.I.M. Good taste, Anon.

No. 542769

Blonde people are so overhyped. I mean there are definitely some attractive blonde persons but not all of them.

No. 542782

Blond / blue eyed people's main attraction used to lie in the fact that they are rare (it's a rare recessive mutation in both cases), and therefore interesting. Since the media has been oversaturated with them, they've lost the majority of their appeal.

No. 542789

I hope this doesn't get flagged as racebait, I do think most non Blond/blue eyed white people are showing less interest overall in blondes, but blonde fetishization is still a huge present for POCs, though it varies by gender and race

No. 542835

Usually when I'm hanging out with people who make me laugh and smile a lot, at some point my cheeks start to get tired and I have to put on a neutral face even though I'm still happy and feel like smiling

No. 542855

I keep seeing an anon who types this … . everywhere

No. 542903

It's probably me

No. 542931

Fucking obviously. I’m blonde as hell and ugly as sin.
It’s not (natural) blondes who overhyped themselves, it’s everyone else. Any blonde who makes their hair colour part of their personality or whatever probably only does so because it’s the only compliment they’ve ever consistently gotten.
If I had a dollar for every cashier/grandma/hairstylist/server/random drunk at a bar etc that mentioned my hair, I’d be rich.

No. 542943

Cats are so cute!

No. 542985

sometimes i cannot bring myself to post some overly detailed incidents i've had with people on here because i feel like they lurk all thanks to my dumb ass showing them a thread when i was a newfag 3 years ago

even if i end up posting it, i just delete it out of anxiety and fear that they will recognize it and then message me about it

No. 543013

TW: Transphobia

Anyway now that the retards are out of the way, I just wanted to talk about the fact that in my head, every single gender special person on twitter or otherwise is the exact same person to me. I can't see them as individuals, it's just one huge hive mind of gender specialness. I can't see how there's an individual personality underneath all that delusion. How am I supposed to get to know you through your delusions? I've had severely delusional friends in the past and I'm over it. No matter how deep down you try to dig, the delusion remains. And it is the same each time. I just realized this and was wondering if anyone else relates? Also are we sure they're not a hive mind? I'm not sure. Any trans person better not be triggered by this because I gave you a fucking warning!!(>Trigger warning back to tumblr with you)

No. 543015

TIL that TW was filtered

No. 543018

it's weird that you put tranny delusion and delusion caused by legitimate mental illness in the same category

No. 543019

Why even put a TW there, we are not on tumblr or twt you faggot and we don't have any trannies here either (or most of the time they are hidden)

No. 543034

Trooners aren't welcomed here. Yknow the farm is full of newfags when…

No. 543043

Lolcow.farm, where everyone I disagree with is fat and has BPD

No. 543044

File: 1587258357773.png (121.37 KB, 489x487, 22.png)

youre a fat man tranny with bpd for writing this post

No. 543049

Aww fuck. You got me.

No. 543099

I’m surprised at how much worse I am at drawing women than men, it used to be the other way around

No. 543108

the phantom is a FUCKING INCEL

No. 543113

No. 543117

Why tv are feet a thing so fucking ugly if I didn't need them to aLk I'd cut then f2f tbh

No. 543123

fingies cold

No. 543147

Somebody is drunk

No. 543200

I was in choir during most of elementary school and all of middle school. In middle school, we’d learn a broadway soundtrack in preparation for an end of the year performance, and every year, for whatever reason, it was tradition to watch Phantom of the Opera at the end of the year to celebrate school ending (also after the last performance there was really nothing to do so it was movie and sing fun songs time lol). One year we learned all the songs to PotO and our teacher wanted to bring us to see it on Broadway, but unfortunately it never happened. A recording is up on YT now for the next few hours and I’m excited to watch!! It holds a special place in my heart, even if >>543108 is right lol

No. 543252

did anyone else play "slaps" as a kid/in secondary school, where you just slap the shit out of each others hands? it just randomly popped into my head lol, it was so fun but so painful, i always had TONS of burst capillaries in my hands after playing that

No. 543278

i used to love using that humanae project thing for art references (using humanae.tumblr.com/random), decided to check it today and the tumblr has been wiped. i'm very mildly bummed

No. 543281

I was reading through some random stories on twitter and I couldn't believe how many of the (young) women had onlyfans in their profiles, especially tied to their real names. Can't believe it's so prevalent.

No. 543312

Tbh it's hilarious. If a bitch doesn't behave you can just send her shitty porn to some of her family members

No. 543344

Both of my cats demand to be carried on their backs like human babies. One of them even lets me swaddle him in a blanket, and they purr and sleep. I am so in love

No. 543350

maybe i'm just fucking old, but is linking all of your internet activity to your real name a gen x thing? what happened to hiding your degeneracy under an animu username like ye olde times?

No. 543351

do you mean gen z? and yeah i dont get it either, bitches always be posting their real selfies all over twitter

No. 543359

i didn't wait long enough using nair so one armpit is fine, and the other is still hairy. kek

No. 543383

I was looking for the source of some pic and fell upon an imageboard for pedos with a cutesy theme, yikes.

No. 543391

having long, deep conversations with new friends invigorates me SO MUCH i have so much energy yayay

No. 543502

Not sure if I’m just becoming more of a prude as I get older just because I’m getting older, or if I’m so desensitized by what’s considered sexy nowadays that my brain just runs backwards. I know I sound like a piece of shit but it’s shit like seeing a little ankle peek out from under a long skirt as opposed to a mini skirt gets me fuckin hot and bothered lol. I was so hypersexual and obsessed with hooking up until I graduated college, and now I wouldn’t consider myself sex repulsed but I’ve really come to view it as a special thing that I want to share with someone important to me. Feels weird and feels like I’m going backwards lol don’t regret the sex I’ve had but man, I really want slow and loving sex full of soft kisses, running fingers through each other’s hair, and long embraces while we whisper sweet nothings to each other lol

No. 543505

im very high & i just ordered a journal from japan & now i feel extremely guilty about it because buying anything during this time feels selfish. maybe i should cancel my order

No. 543510

I wish I'd gotten acnh in march it feels like everyone is already burned out from grinding what they want or they already gave up after not knowing the game takes grinding/time in the long run. I just want to breed windflowers and Rose's god damnit but no one I know directly owns them so the people I do know wont give up the few that they got from someone else. This game sucks without active friends or multiple friends.

No. 543513

I usually just wear leggings/yoga pants and sports bras or bralettes instead of proper pants and proper bras because it's hard to find stuff that fits well and getting tailored seems like a big hassle. Any one else do the same?

No. 543514

i feel the same… we're getting fucking old

No. 543515


Ew wtf anon? Like real cp or Loli shit? Either way, gross

No. 543525

I can't stand these types of youtube video essays on video games and cartoons and sometimes for film as well. It's hard to explain but they always talk in this pretentious scripted voice that's annoying to listen to.

No. 543529

Idk what were exactly the intentions of the people who took the pictures but most of them seemed innocent, albeit weird. I scrolled down for a bit and saw pics of little girls sleeping (now that I think of it, the angles were very suspicious), in a bikini on a beach or taking a bath with a sibling. I hope that wasn't actual cp, just stolen content from, like, an over sharing parent's facebook

No. 543555

Wasn't sure to put this here or the vent thread. Nothing new but disturbing none the less.

No. 543599

I ordered moisturizer 10 days ago and the shit still hasn't arrived
I'm out of my current moisturizer and my face feels like it's burning. Jfc I want to peel my skin off

No. 543606

It feels like life is a Bart Simpson edit right now

No. 543654

>I'm not going to rush you
>Asks her to go upstairs 20 times
This shit gives me chills. They're so transparent and know to target children who are too young to realize.

No. 543656

There's a lot of triggered mras in the comments lol

No. 543663

>since Libby is 15, men might try to falsely justify their actions towards her because of their proximity to adulthood

Nitpick but what would help crackdown on sexual predation is getting rid of the social notion that someone's an adult once they turn 18. It doesn't mean they're mature enough to form healthy relationships or can't fall victim to grooming by older predators. Yeah it's disturbing that even aged down men still bit, but it should still be disturbing that it happens to 15 year olds or I guess those "middling" years between teenagehood and adulthood I suppose.

No. 543666

I binge watched a bunch of pedo-catcher vids a few months back where they use decoy adults acting as kids online. A lot of the time comments would imply that if the decoy was 14/15 that you can't blame a man for wanting that… Then the decoys became younger and younger, often 11 years old. You still got the exact same sick sexual shit being said to them. But then of course commenters would start giving out about entrapment instead. Any excuse to stick up for the predator.

No. 543667

I used to wear a headscarf thing back in elementary school and start of junior high and just fucking realised my school councelor thought i was doing it for religious reasons, bitch i just have a 5head.

No. 543680

I actually don't have any problem with trans people but I just found out a youtuber I used to watch for years who had been on hiatus for about a year has fully transitioned and it feels very jarring, I think I find it harder to wrap my head around people who leave it to kind of late in life and have no 'signs' I guess but I guess you never know what's going on in someone's head, but I really am shocked and feel kind of sad over it for some reason

No. 543684

>anything to stick up for a predator
Yep, but only specifically male predators. Female predators get called out all the time now when they do crop up because of the poor men crowd. It's crazy. You could take a 17 year old girl who was groomed by a 40 year old man and people will screech about how she should've known better before they point a finger at what the 40 year old should've known. The absolute state.

No. 543685

Are they a well known tuber?

No. 543691

File: 1587399814572.jpeg (71.68 KB, 500x500, 5A18ECF8-077C-4850-A456-1A37DA…)

No. 543701

this is so hideous and depressing

No. 543709

fitting name

No. 543739

I wonder if the plot of Hard Candy happens irl
If the female predator is hot, they’ll say “I wish that were me” and tell the victim to take pride in fucking a hot teacher or baby sitter. If the female predator is ugly, she’s literally the devil and proof that women are just as bad as men. Also fan fiction about how female pedos and murderers are still living life EZ mode in prison or some shit.

No. 543750

>If the female predator is hot, they’ll say “I wish that were me” and tell the victim to take pride in fucking a hot teacher or baby sitter.
To some extent, but taking a look at places like r/pussypassdenied is proof that men often encourage harsh penalties for the attractive women too. If not for the sole bitter reason that they want to see the hot ones punished because of the imaginary slight they feel of them having everything while poor men have nothing regardless if that's been the case. Men are angry at women.

No. 543752

Michael Cera?

No. 543755

Just heard an ice cream truck out in the distance and it made me feel such a weird mix of emotions. Part of me wonders why they’re even bothering, another part feels sorry for them because they probably need the business, and another final part feels mad because stop encouraging kids (and their dragged parents) outside to get ice cream!! Also feels weird because it’s warm today and hearing the ice cream jingle usually makes me feel like spring is finally here, time to enjoy the outdoors… but we’re stuck inside instead.

No. 543758

How the fuck can I get myself to wake the fuck up and get to work each day? Do I have cold showers? Slap myself in the face? Scream at myself? I cant bring myself to care about my final semester of college and I have a few weeks to get it all together. I want to die instead of not graduate. Wtf why cant I care about anything enough to work

No. 543760

>Slut is tired of being a slut
Shocking. And before you call me a moid I think the exact same of promiscuous men.

No. 543779

File: 1587417507403.png (202.5 KB, 394x379, 42375438.png)

omw to public park to use my government mandated walk to steal some soil for growing some herbs on the windowsill (I would have legitimately bought it had any local stores or amazon had quantities smaller than 5l available ok, I need like 2 small mugfuls). idk why doing small retarded shit like this is so satisfying.

No. 543784

Not to be all muh anti government but you aren't stealing from the park just because you're not partaking in fattening the soil capitalists! You TAKE that Gaia given dirt and grow your herbs anon.

No. 543788

So what if that's the case? When women aren't hypersexual out of hormones or low self-esteem anymore, yeah it is super tiring for not much payoff.
>I'd say the same for men
Except it's safer for men to be sluts which is why they slut it up into old age.

No. 543802

File: 1587420888647.jpg (201.42 KB, 3464x1980, aiz6qdfs51u41.jpg)

Have self respect ladies

No. 543808

Yeah men are disgusting and have gross opinions. More news at 11.

No. 543811

the park soil isn't going to grow your herbs properly…

No. 543812

i shaved my head and haven't regretted it one bit but i'm worried that i now look exactly like gimpgirl555.

i mean i do have a face similar to her younger photos and we are both pretty insane, just in different ways.

No. 543814

As long as you don't start acting like her it's fine anon kek

No. 543815

Unspoilering that image of Nikacados butthole may be one of my biggest regrets.
With that said, why does it look like that?

No. 543817

I've decided to take on the role of a robot possessing my body. I don't think, I just do. I think I've lost in but wahtever I'm doing shit now

No. 543917

Can I not be constipated? Is it too much to ask?

No. 544004

Why do men have absolutely no taste in female beauty

No. 544077

File: 1587478601005.jpg (86.42 KB, 1024x689, asXvPoJ.jpg)

No matter how hard I try I just can't get into Kdramas. They're extremely popular and I like that they always have great production quality and nice settings, but every time I try to watch one I end up dropping it right away. I think it's because so many things about them end up irritating me to the point where I can't find them enjoyable or entertaining (corny scenes, perfect looking/plastic whitewashed actors, bad acting, etc.) but I wish I did because I feel like I'm missing out.

No. 544080


No. 544085

I loved the first Kdrama I ever watched (My ID is Gangnam Beauty) but can’t make it past the first episode of any other. Even the classics that are supposed to be very good (Cheese in the Trap, Boys over Flowers, Secretary Kim) don’t do anything for me. If you really want to like one, maybe try the one I liked above, but don’t feel like you have to force yourself to watch any.

No. 544088

File: 1587480675761.jpg (9.61 KB, 336x329, e9f.jpg)

>picrew fad
>few people actually being creative with it despite cool props
>"They're meant to be profile pictures so we're trying to make them look like us."
Really? Because people walk around everyday with devil horns and multiple eye sockets because this dress up game was meant to represent reality? Don't worry, none of you look as cute or attractive as those avatars anyway.

No. 544090

Aw I wanted to hate this but it was kind of wholesome. The old people seemed so excited

No. 544093

The actors look straight up disgusting in my tv, the bg is always so HD but the actors all have plastic ass faces PLUS A BLURRING FILTER but only on the faces. I judge everyone who watches these and claims they are legitimately, critically good.

No. 544100

There is nothing wrong with saying Big Baby is repulsive!

No. 544120

I’m not like crazy “hide under the bed” level scared of thunder but damn, every time I hear really loud crashing thunder, my chest tightens and I’m in panic mode until it ends and then things are chill again lol. It’s probably an evolution thing right?

No. 544130

I had this lately, thunder is rare where I am so it brought back memories of how much terror I felt during a couple of thunderstorms as a kid.

>It’s probably an evolution thing right?

Makes sense

No. 544136

Yeah that was honestly the worst. He just came there, sat on the couch and started rushing to get her upstairs so nobody could see them. I hope that son of a bitch got sent in the slammer with a proper sentence because I very much doubt "Libby" was his first victim.

When someone who showed absolutely no signs and used to be a 100% heterosexual male transitions this late in life you just know they've always had some nasty sissy/bimbofication fetish or something. What a shame, he seemed like a funny and a quick-witted guy. Now he looks like the other wachowski tranny. Even has the same fucking name now. Tragic.

No. 544142

Hadn't heard of him before now but I binge watched some of his vids yesterday and he was funny but also pretty creepy with the women he interviewed, it's like he used his small stature and effeminate qualities to get close to women who didn't see him as intimidating. That shit is still creepy.

I guess now he gets to bug lesbians ..

No. 544146

Idk, I feel like if you're looking at it through the lens of what ultimately happened to him it may influence your opinion a little. Watching him years ago I never got the impression he would be genuinely creepy or try and make someone uncomfortable, anything like that usually just seemed very tongue in cheek and the tone would be initiated by the women he interviewed first

No. 544154

I don't think he overstepped any clear lines but used it to his advantage. Like a bigger guy wouldn't get away with some of it. He was funny though, I imagine youtube would demonetize the hell out of his content if he'd kept making it.

No. 544159

i don't think it's backwards. my unpopular opinion is that kink is for people with underdeveloped sexualities who need the extreme stimulation to compensate for their low sex drive. maybe you just actually like sex for its on sake for the first time.

No. 544165

Yeah I'd imagine so but I also feel like he would have been pretty successful on patreon as he had been doing it for so many years he amassed kind of a cult fan base, I feel like he at least definitely would have made more than he must make doing doing copy-writing now. I wonder if he'll ever make another video again or his 'hiatus' will be permanent

No. 544186

my college is offering yoga over zoom and hopefully today i try it out and it goes well!

No. 544213

God damn it there is a spider on my ceiling just moving his legs disgustingly, I feel sick, and I took my eyes off him for a moment and now he's gone. Actually nevermind I found him he's come down to my drawer please anons pray for me I don't know what to do.
I can't catch him because I'm too scared. I can't kill him because who am I to end another's life and also I don't want squashed spider remains in my room. I can't leave him be because I'm afraid he will touch me. My only option is to get over my fear but it's so hard. Why does he have so many legs? Since all beings are made of the same material I always just think of what if I had 8 legs and it makes me sick. Why? I can't even look at him for too long, or I feel like puking. As if me looking at him is going to stop him. I think I'm just gonna call mom over…

No. 544218

put a cup over the spider, slide a paper under and bring it outside.

No. 544222

That's what I usually do, I have a designated can for bugs but these ones with super long thin legs creep me out and I can't even put the can over them because I freeze. But it's ok because the spider went behind my drawer which is ok with me as long as he stays there and doesn't exit ever. Thank you for the tip anyway

No. 544252

I thought I was the only one that was reminded of shoplifters while watching parasite
>Why didn't that movie get as much hype? Is it cause korea is more trendy rn
Well yeah, but it's not like japanese films ever gain popularity overseas like korean films do. Also parasite was better anyway

No. 544332

I forgot about this video

No. 544363

person makes a documentary about 4chan & twitter incel subculture.

No. 544364

Anon are you drunk or something lmao?

No. 544366

A little sleep deprived, accidently posted ina few thread before getting it right lmao

No. 544374

My ex wrote a song about what a loser I am and the sad part is it's entirely true.

No. 544390

No. 544402

So many pickmes are taking mrs. America out of context and erasing the entire point of the show

No. 544407

can you spoon feed me what the show's about and the what controversy its created ?

No. 544412

The main character is a conservative housewife who thinks women should all just be stay at home moms who pop out babies, cook, and clean, It's supposed to be more of an antagonists POV but a lot of conservative pickmes are looking up to her as if a 50s trad style family was realistic, possible or even sustainable in this economy especially with over-population and womens part in the workforce

I also think a lot of women who are too sheltered to learn how to work or make themselves useful use muh traditionalism to fall down on, hence why so many outspoken traditional women are college flunks

No. 544434

the community has been overwhelmingly positive so far for me, I got real life friends playing and when they are not available I hit up /vg/acnh thread and go into random islands. Don't miss out on the fun

No. 544457

File: 1587545699293.jpg (63.02 KB, 640x496, e01de50e3edc8d47f418c8aa0708a1…)

I think there will be always be a significant part of the population (male and female) who enjoy doing tasks of labour over any sort of academics or office jobs, I'm sure If their were more factory jobs, that didn't require as much physical strength as the average man and had good pay then we'd be seeing a lot less of tard type women, also radfems and feminist activists are more commonly on the other side of the spectrum and do seem to prefer academia over any sort of labour, be it domestic or at a factory

No. 544464

Was watching an Amberlynn Reid video and she goes

"I'm eating this meal because I burn about 1000 calories in my sleep which will make up for it"

I…….. who takes into account how much they burn while asleep when dieting

No. 544485

Noticed a lot more people are making compilations of her bizarre quotes since quarantine started, which I'm enjoying

No. 544502

Whoever believes Amberlynn at this point is getting trolled, sorry. She's a fatass because she doesn't wanna stop eating. Aside from that, she says stupid shit like that and stirs up shock statements because they get her views = money. And it's making a few parasitic reaction channels profit too even.
Everyone pretends they hate her but they still tune in.

No. 544508

Oh never mind, I heard the lyrics wrong and I confronted him. It's about politics.

No. 544514

I see a lot of those reaction channels making more content on foodie beauty lately, she's easier to hate on so I feel like Amber is acutely aware that she needs to troll harder

No. 544520

One of my old friends from college just got accepted to both Columbia and Harvard for grad school on a full ride for both schools (and had gotten a prestigious fellowship that would’ve covered his masters anyway). I’m jealous but I just keep trying to tell myself that a career in politics (what we both did our undergrad in) wouldn’t make me happy, being in his position would actually make me fucking miserable. I’m glad for him and happy that he’s got his life figured out because we both are minorities who come from underprivileged backgrounds, but of course it feels bad to “settle” for a basic bitch office job while he’s trying to make an actual difference in the world. I‘m just not that ambitious. Politics fucking sucks already- but as a minority and especially as a woman? Man, fuck that shit. I don’t want to deal with the frustrations and how painfully slow and hopeless it can be/feel.

Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that I’m not a worthless sack of shit, but after working my first office job (after being in retail for a while straight out of college), I really do enjoy doing low stress support and admin work behind the scenes that lets me have a life outside of work to spend time with friends and family and also just indulge in my endless list of artistic hobbies.

No. 544526

This reeks of first world problems but I’m kinda sad that I’m probably not gonna do any traveling this year due to Corona. I know it’s for the best and I need to get my shit together and be an adult instead of fucking off to random places. I hope when I do travel again I’ll be a more happy and confident person.

No. 544554

File: 1587569265821.png (198.35 KB, 393x319, contractionfolds.png)

It took way too long to figure out what the fuck these lines are called in my eyes because I had to sort through a bunch of junk iridology pseudoscience to get to the actual facts because I can't just type "lines in my iris" in a google search and expect a real answer for it right away.

Turns out they're called contraction folds, which are bunched up pigments from the iris folding due to pupil dilation. Light-eyed people don't really get them so obviously because they have no dark pigment as the top layer of their iris so if they have lines they're much more muted.
It has nothing to do with "stress" or "nerves" or "mineral deficiency." Same goes for all the other bung shit stupid snowflakes online have got to peddle about their special ability to read eyes without medical training. Jfc I hate people.

No. 544560

I hate myself. I have little to no money and wasted it on face cleanser and cream which are too harsh on my face and now I have acne, it burns and it’s peeling. I will look for a new cream at least but it feels bad having wasted so much money on something that’s wrong for my face. It looks and feels awful now…

No. 544562

really interesting stuff. thanks for the info!

No. 544563

Because of anal sex, anon.

No. 544591

Aw anon, I’m sorry that happened to you! Is there any way that you can return those products? I feel like a lot of major retailers can be pretty lenient about returning opened/lightly used cleansers and creams since it’s not like you can control your skin’s reaction to them. I hope you’ll find stuff that works for your face and $20 on the ground!!

No. 544594

Since lockdown all I think about is food and sex

No. 544595

my sister didnt realise she leaked period blood on the floor in the bathroom and i stepped in it ahhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

No. 544632

Thank you kind anon, I already checked on the site but it seems I already passed the return time since I ordered online. I'm sending an email tomorrow and see what happens.

No. 544650

File: 1587581467031.gif (207.82 KB, 373x434, 1563182897807.gif)

Why do I have to exams I just want to start playing ACNH aaaaaaa
I told myself I won't touch it until exams are over because I know I'll get distracted but I can't even bring myself to care about actually studying so what's the point

No. 544703

was forming a good friendship with a guy online and i'm not sure if he caught feelings or something, but i mentioned in a group convo about relationships that i'm not interested in being with anyone. he's been way less talkative with me since. sad

No. 544709

>was forming a good friendship with a guy online and
I read this much and could predict the rest of the post.

No. 544719

I have to use vpn to access lolcow (is it banned in russia or something?)
So i connected to vpn server, went on lolcow, and it redirected me to farmcow.lol or something, and it looked like lolcow, but mirrored. I almost shat a brick. I thought I went crazy for a second…
What was that? Whats farmcow?

No. 544726

There was some shit a while back about russia blocking lolcow because of some old coldnessinmyheart gore pic iirc

No. 544730

WTF. How does that even happen? Does someone report it or does Russian Big Brother watch everything?
I'm surprised since so much gore comes out of Russia in the first place…
Anyway it's what you see when you are forever banned, I think

No. 544739

File: 1587588760120.png (298.44 KB, 749x538, Untitled.png)

Damn me too except I'm reading a manga but it's so exciting and I can't stop. It's an action manga and a bit gory, it's called Ajin. I saved this girl from it because she's so cute but all the characters are different and interesting and I never know what their motives are and who they're going to ally with next and also maybe I am overhyping it a bit but I really like it so far and also they have these ghosts like Stands which look soooo cool and I swear I'm not an autist even though i'm sounding like one I SWEAR
Interesting, I also learned something interesting about eyes, you can see the direction in which light is polarized, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haidinger%27s_brush Try looking at a white portion of your computer/phone screen and tilting your head to one side and then the other. I can see it, I showed it to my family, but they can't see it… Isn't it cool?

No. 544748

That’s what appears if you get banned. Last year I posted about taking care of a cat and a mod accidentally banned me. Whenever I open lolcow on the device I had used at that time it comes up as farmcow.

No. 544759

File: 1587590041141.jpeg (34.36 KB, 500x375, 0F7D50E2-74D1-4EB2-AE34-A305E0…)

I love my best friend so much, I honestly believe she is my platonic soul mate and the only non family member i’ve ever felt actual love for. We have plans to live together after we get careers and I can’t wait, shes the one person that makes me truly happy.

No. 544763

I haven't worked the past month and a half because of quarantine but I started a side gig that's been making me 2x what I normally make an hour.

No. 544764

File: 1587590848143.jpg (44.56 KB, 408x408, 2117116207_d31bcc971d.jpg)

I had too much caffeine today and now it feels like my chest is vibrating. Am I dying??
I feel like this is karma for incredulously asking an anon how she managed to drink some ridiculous amount of caffeine recently. She was probably exaggerating and my autistic ass took her seriously.

No. 544769

If you drink a lot every day your body can feel fairly unaffected. I drink coffee all day here and even right before bed, prob not good for me in the long run but I don't feel much from it.

Hope you feel less jittery soon

No. 544773

I used to hate how people on reddit would say 'check your reading comprehension' while arguing with each other but I've seen so many examples on here of anons misreading the most inoffensive posts and twisting words to rant about all sorts of unrelated shit in response.. and I kind of get it now.

No. 544775

This is so cute and sweet, I'm so happy you both found each other! I hope I meet someone I feel like that with one day, I've always wanted a best friend

No. 544781

Ugh yeah I can't stand that stupid blur! I'm also not very fond of how the language sounds or how the actors talk.

No. 544799

At the risk of sounding racist, same. Especially in dramas when every girl sounds so whiney, not vocally but tone wise?? Has to be a drama thing bc some Legit Films are okay with me

No. 544821

File: 1587599671015.png (198.03 KB, 269x270, 1579728571307.png)

Are any german farmers here? Fuck, I wish we could have a thread on Bastian Yotta right now. The absolute horror-milkfest that built up since his junglecamp entry and is now unfolding in all its glory.

No. 544823

wünsche mir gerade auch, der typ ist ein schatz

No. 544829

Lol I bet they can’t even make eye contact with people, let alone slap someone.

No. 544830

How did you find this tweet? Do you regularly search lolcow on twitter?

No. 544831

no, someone posted it in the kpop critical thread and i just found about it 5 minutes ago

No. 544834

>tweeting about lolcow on your public accounts
lol you're retarded. that aside, i'm pretty sure everyone can tell you were joking with that tweet it's just cringe as fuck and so is your whole twitter. please fuck off back to twitter and don't come back here

No. 544835

stop selfposting and get a life for god's sake

No. 544836

Also selfposted on /trash/ kek
Ur oppars are talentless uggos kill yourself

No. 544837

oh wow. that was actually them. embarrassing

No. 544838

you retards i just came here to talk about it because it's stupid i don't even know who that person is, literally told you fucks i found out about it 5 mins ago that's it

also deleted it because i should've known that the "stop selfpsostingQ!!!!" shit was about to come immediately

No. 544839

kinda weird that they became active on twitter when you posted it

No. 544840

girl, you won't get your own thread on pt, sorry

No. 544841

This has me dead.

No. 544842

you literally said "i was the person who tweeted this" in your deleted post lmao the fucking backpedaling afoot here right now!!! who are you trying to fool? anyways kys you embarrassing retard

No. 544843

i said "i am the one who said this" as in "i am the one who said their fave looks like washed up jhope" in the idol spam thread. calm yourself

>detective skills 100

No. 544844

you said, and i quote, i am the individual who posted this tweet

No. 544846

sure. too bad we can't check the truth of this statement now that you deleted it. convenient. you should kill yourself anyways for being a faggy koreaboo

No. 544847

NTA but they didn't, they said 'I said this' meaning the comment

No. 544849

they literally said that, after telling us how much they like drinking listerine

No. 544850

File: 1587601981259.gif (1.36 MB, 296x199, tumblr_0e736bb1c08f6729d1eacbc…)

you're just her fat twitter girlfriend here to whiteknight her you can't fool us

No. 544852

This just got me thinking, do you ever think about what it would be like if for some reason a thread was actually made about you bc I think about it a lot. Like I wonder what the cows posted here make of it? Most seem ambivalent or that they kind of enjoy it but I feel like it would be my worst nightmare, like the kind of thing I would maybe kill myself over

No. 544853

imagine craving attention that much. please seek a therapist.

No. 544854

Ironic how this whole argument happened under this post: >>544773

No. 544855

shut up dawn

No. 544858

shut up dawn

No. 544870

Thank you anon, I’m sure you’ll find a best friend soon enough!

No. 544871

i cant access to some stores online bc the servers crashed w/ all the people currently online shopping ughhhhhhg

No. 544874

i might be retarded

No. 544892

Ja aber echt. Ich denk jedes mal er kann nicht noch psychopathischer werden, aber dann folgt auch schon der nächste leak lmao. Und seine Reaktionen darauf sind auch jedes mal extrem milky. Schade, dass PuP nächste Woche schon vorbei ist.

No. 544920

How come every person I meet who is majoring in psychology turns out to be an absolute psychopath?

No. 544921

People tend to study psychology to figure out what's wrong with themselves.

No. 544928

I thought my hair was thinning at the front but turns out I am just greasier than usual due to quarantine.

No. 544937

Woke up in the middle of the night to intense… toe pain??? It’s like focused on my big toe and the one next to it and it feels sorta like it’s aching and burning and the same sort of pain as if sometimes when you press down on your nails and there’s a sore sort of pain, but when I touch or press my toes it doesn’t hurt? It’s weird to describe. wtf is going on lol

No. 544949

if it feels like you have something bitting you,I don't wanna blog post but yours started the same way mine did.. Yep it is painful but not something you should risk by going to a health professional/ hospital imo. Hope you get better soon Anon. Brufen and codeine helps, and you can take paracetamol with codeine, just be very careful you don't take too many paracetamol or Tynol I think it may be called in other countries. putting your foot in a bowl of hot water helps as well. Godspeed Anon.

No. 544950

same fag I forgot to say GOUT.

No. 544970

damn i really gotta congratulate sweden for how successfully they have managed to whitewash their history.

No. 544971

and by this i don't mean like fandom whitewashing turning black characters into white kind of thing but how they have this reputation of being the good neutral sensible ones even tho they used to be a damn colonizing empire

No. 544973

anon they only ever colonized other Europeans, so that makes it okay, but seriously the swedes were brutal not that long ago, I mean their persecution of Norway got so bad it created a refugee crisis

No. 544976

maybe it has to do with the fact that they weren't involved in the world wars, the only wars that are really remembered by the general public. it's probably different for people who live in northern europe, though

No. 544977

Lmao as a finnfag, agreed

No. 544981

Read up on how Swedes colonized Finland up until the 1900's. Practically destroyed their original culture and force-fed Christianity to everyone, took over the lands, considered Finns a lesser race and made education Swedish so that no Finnish-speaker could attend school. They also openly practiced eugenics up until the 1950's and even after Finland lost Carelia to Russia the Swedish landlords refused to take in the non-Swedish speaking Finnish refugees near their areas in fears of losing the status their language has and still continues to have today to some extent.

No. 544984

don't forget their treatment of the Norwegians was so bad it caused a mass migration of Norwegians to flee

No. 544985

The religious stuff just saddens me so fucking much, we had such beautiful own nature based beliefs and some goddamn jesus fanboy royals had to fuck it all up. Everytime someone even mentions about this stuff to my swedish friends, the eugenics just jumps out. The usual "yea but finns WERE savages, so it was GOOD in the end to educate them". It's old stuff and i know later on they took our kids to raise while we were having a go with russia but the goddamn smugness.

No. 544986

File: 1587645241060.jpg (79.38 KB, 640x640, 1587612865611.jpg)

the 2000's were the worst decade in men's fashion

No. 544987

It's weird to think that a lot of the things anons chat about in here and agree on would be considered canceling material if voiced on twitter or other normalfag social media network.
How do normies bare hidding their true opinions 24h even online? It's like everything needs to be so pasteurized. Maybe they are just boring people though.

No. 544990

I posted about bad news I had on my FB profile, 4 men were being oddly VERY nice to me. All though I was suspicious and kinda knew what was coming next. I replied to them in a polite manner, then BAM sexual messages dick pics and sexual demands came in. 2 of the men were married so I posted their messages back onto their profile and one of them was married with college age daughters, his kids now know that Daddy likes to post pics of his penis and makes demands for nudes of girls. As for the other 2 I think they were single but I reposted it back on their page and left ALL the messages I got of them on my profile. One man is going crazy saying his partner wants him gone and he has no job or family or friends that could take him in.

I give 0 fucks, those men clearly thought my current circumstances left me vulnerable and thought if they were nice to me, they could get nudes or get away with sending did pics and in one case a short vid of him wanking.

The odd thing is, deep down I KNEW they were not genuine and did not care, but they practically all started with the demands and sexual shit at the same time. None of these men knew each other.

I have stupid pickme girl saying how I went to far, are they fucking kidding me? They wanted me to send them nudes as they thought they could use my unfortunate situation to manipulate me. If I was dumb enough to give them nudes, my nudes would be posted several places on the internet or used to blackmail me. All I did is let their loved ones know the men need help as they are sending dick pics and inappropriate messages to women.

I am loving the fact, one man is practically crying as he is being kicked out.

They disgust me so much I really don't care what happens to them, and the girls that are saying I went to far are too fucking dumb for me to waste my time explaining WHY those men need to be taught a lesson. I am sure I am not the only girl they asked for nudes and I have seen several females on my profile who are clearly depressed or mentally ill etc. Those men are predators and I feel SO good for exposing four of them.
As mother Theresa said we can't help them all, but should do our best to help one.

No. 544991

File: 1587646209692.jpg (41.94 KB, 768x625, ba5.jpg)

>anon they only ever colonized other Europeans, so that makes it okay
Not really. It's the same thing with the Japanese colonizing the native Ainu people and being expansionist freaks in WWII, but we don't hear about that so often because…

No. 544993

no they did fuck with some country over seas too

No. 544995

no it does not make it okay weirdo lmao

No. 544996

Try the 70s.

No. 544998

Lmao I love this. Just be careful that none of these guys turn violent

No. 544999

do you understand sarcasm

No. 545003

hope you're doing okay anon & i fucking love you, i wanna be this powerful. good on you

No. 545005

I was joking

No. 545007

yeah you're right 70's were worse, every male dressed like some pervert

No. 545014

File: 1587652718392.jpg (47.79 KB, 750x648, 62guy9zcbut41.jpg)

In American culture, women
>Get shamed for taking care of themselves
>Get called narcissistic if they spend more than a few dollars on makeup and skin care
>Get glorified if they are low maintenance
>Are barely ever taught basic skincare outside of "wash your face"

And yet being compared to women who practically get full 13 step skin care routines, dermatologists, etc by the time they're 12??

You want women to be laid back and not high maintenance then you get upset at the consequences of not being high maintenance what do you want?

No. 545020

The first K-drama I watched to completion was The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop. Nice and easy story to follow with many likeable characters. I've watched it twice and might do it again in the future.

Now the next K-drama I'll mention… I don't think my heart will ever heal. My Golden Life. This one is so much different from "regular" K-dramas with their cartoon-style reactions and anime tropes.

My Golden Life does of course have a lot of humour in it, but the core of it is a heartbreaking story of family love and the pressure of status, dignity and self-sacrifice in South-Korean culture. The main character Seo Ji-An is one of my favorite characters in a TV show ever. Her story is impactful because her journey and development as a person feels so real.

I am not the kind of person who cries easily but this show had me shedding tears (and straight up ugly crying) several times.

Lead actress Shin Hye-Sun also starred in another drama I recently watched. "Still 17" is a more lighthearted story, though it too deals with some heavy subjects.

My Golden Life and Still 17 currently have ratings of 89 and 87 on Asianwiki. I am eagerly waiting for KBS to upload Shin Hye-Sun's latest drama (Angel's Last Mission: Love, current rating: 88) as apparently my taste in K-dramas are whatever this amazing actress stars in.

So yeah bottom line: try My Golden Life. If not even that appeals then K-dramas are not for you, my friend.

No. 545036

Sometimes i fantasise about killing 90% of youtube commenters

No. 545038

same tbh

No. 545039

I get it…but remembering a lot of them are probably very young helps

No. 545042

I hate to demonize people especially a local group of people but we had to help a single mom and her kids. But my area has the pro life mentality and everyone reproducing. Is it sour grapes or do I have a valid concern that innocent kids are getting caught up in this? We also have a lot of homeless people too

No. 545046

I work at a fast food chain so you know everyone who isn't corporate or higher gets paid shit but a girl I work with got pregnant at 18 with a 40+ yr old man who has a history of pumping and dumping women while straight up bragging about it at work. She's from a poor family too but was easily able to afford birth control but went off of it for some reason months before quarantine began. She also talks about being single and complaining about how someone needs to "wife her up" and leads guys on and claims they're creepy, gets mugs, phone cases and wallpapers of herself but only ever pictures of her with a Snapchat filter. I feel bad because she practically fucked her life over but has no plans or intentions of improving herself or any plans on how to take care of her child after it comes out. It seems people only care about the child when it's a fetus and it's so fucked to me

No. 545048

I've been told I look French a lot and…it's just a polite way to tell me I have an unconventional/masculine face, isn't it

No. 545055

America's beauty and healthcare is fucked
Nobody is ever told anything past "wash your face", even young girls with acne aren't ever told to do anything other than wash their face, very rarely you'll see good advice from Americans to teens and kids on skincare
Parents and insurance companies are willing to fork out thousands for shitty pieces of metal glued to your teeth even if their teeth aren't all that bad but when it comes to skincare nobody cares
They're willing to fork out hundreds of dollars every few months for the most blandest hairstyle possible, or even better when they get shitty hair colors and it looks good for two days, hair treatments are rare, their makeup is super cakey and unflattering or they don't wear enough makeup as they need, their clothes are painfully bland and unflattering, it was only until recently Americans started using proper skin care routines and hair care and finding flattering clothes, but you can still see it in 40 yr old white women with ugly Karen cuts, shitty jeans and graffic ts with sun damaged skin that you know their look costed hundreds of dollars to achieve

No. 545056

Idk anon French girls are cute imo. They usually have pretty features but not in a grown woman way, they look a bit more youthful. At least the ones I met were like that.

No. 545058

The reality is that those kids would suffer (maybe even die) and lead shitty lives without modern social welfare nets keeping them afloat. Even then their quality of living tends to be lowered by undereducated, underemployed, single parents.
We have every right to hate these adults. They don't care about the kids, they care about their own egos and how much money the welfare state will give for them. Responsible people go on birth control or get abortions before they're in good positions to consider having kids. I'm tired of these shitbags getting enabled and rewarded for their selfish behavior.

No. 545066

what does this mean. specifically the bracketed part

>reading eons old badfic from an obnoxiously popular freak creator of eons long past just…. there’s something correct about it. [the dialogue grafted exclusively from one-off instances of words being used because the author couldn’t make new sentences is like home]

No. 545072

it means that whoever wrote this has shit taste and is a bad writer.

No. 545078

Nayrt but thanks for the recommendation!

No. 545079

They're saying they like this shitty fanfic writer because instead of being original they borrowed liners from other material to graft into their own. Makes no sense without context because it sounds like they're praising lazy writing.

No. 545083

good on him for doing what he can, but you're right as a woman shit would be so much harder. you don't need to save the world anon to be a good person. it sounds like your life is pretty good and comfy; maybe you want to step out of your comfort zone a little, maybe volunteer or try getting involved in local politics.

you are a goddamn hero. i hope you're dealing well with the bad news you posted about.

I don't understand how you can care this much. Of course men are stupid, and companies/ health care industry only care about money with how it is here.

No. 545085

>Why do you care people are paying millions to be hideous

No. 545091

I hope you like it!

No. 545095

Thank you for your service

No. 545104

Do +20-year olds get hemorrhoids?

No. 545107

No. 545114

Was making sure, Wikipedia lies again

No. 545129

i keep getting deja vu so often now, like more times a day than i could count on my fingers. it's like my entire day is a string of "i've done/seen this before". why??? i usually never get it.

No. 545131

you're in a simulation, it's time for you to wake up.

No. 545172

You’re on the right path anon! All is well.

No. 545176

this reply is so creepy what does this mean

No. 545184

I've always heard that you get less deja vu as you get older, been true in my experience, also gets less intense when it does happen

No. 545202

Idk if it's because it's so personality based, but I feel like being an extremely famous youtuber seems so unhealthy, even more than being a regular celebrity. It makes people become like…cartoon characters. Like when I think of youtubers who end up achieving some level of mainstream fame like Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, Tana Mongeau, Lilly Singh, David Dobrick, it's like over the years they just get more and more pantomimey and self referential as the audience fixates on specific things about they and ultimately every small thing that made them 'special' or 'relatable' is exaggerated into the most pathological and unhealthy version of itself to feed the cartoonish stereotype the audience has come to expect and they are left an empty shell of an actual human being and attempting to 'preform' themselves. I find it genuinely distressing to watch certain youtubers career growth, like if you look back at their old videos vs where they are now its sad, and I don't think the money and fame would bring enough happiness to make it worth it

No. 545205

True but some people are made for it, that's their personality… they thrive on acting and exaggeration.

No. 545206

I think most youtubers start out "being themselves" but over time as they gain more viewership they develop a persona and character out of their real selves as a defense mechanism from the inevitable criticism and hostility of the anonymous base. So when someone shits on them for something they did they can safely distance themselves and say well people don't really know the true them anyway.

No. 545211

File: 1587685807850.jpeg (33.33 KB, 387x416, 1581669286952.jpeg)

I'd really like to hug my online friends, but they all live so far away. I actually fantasize about hugging them sometimes.
I like to show my affection like this with my irl friends, so it pains me when I can't.

No. 545214

File: 1587686844032.png (104.16 KB, 659x573, yes.png)

>tfw have a tumblr acc despite all the drama and the horrible image that entire website has
>mainly just run an aesthetic blog
>the drama is sometimes entertaining as fuck
>have this one mutual and they're ok
>have this another mutual who also seems ok
>they start dating after a few days immediately
>suddenly become edgy racist kinnies
>both of them are like 20
>they kin hetalia, make antisemitic jokes, tell everyone to stan pewdiepie
>basically edgy middle schooler behavior
>people think these two are being serious
>endless callouts
>all of that was months ago
>now one of them is crying on tumblr how she was joking and she has bpd and she didn't mean to do it
>other one is now trying to call her out in a pathetic attempt to save her own image by saying "she was abused by her"

i love drama

No. 545217

lmao tumblr drama really was superior to that of any other social media platform, every time any two people would get together it would end this way with multiple call out posts, the crazies on there are genuinely unhinged in a way you just don't see on Twitter or instagram.

No. 545224

don't be shy, link the blogs.

No. 545225

the one in the picture is:

her ex (who isn't completely innocent as she makes herself out to be) made a mock-account for her which is:

the ex:

No. 545256

NTA. clicked the links and got cancer. and they're WEEBS who would have guessed.

No. 545259

File: 1587697421969.jpeg (85.54 KB, 750x491, 91BBD74F-7C3B-41AA-AE38-CA9D6F…)

whoever snitched deserves to die

No. 545265

here we go again

No. 545273

File: 1587701579453.jpg (524.19 KB, 2160x1800, noface.jpg)

i feel like all the quirky art hoes who cling on to spirited away as their favorite movie is reminiscent to 2010's quirky girlz whose favorite movie is Nightmare before Christmas

No. 545280

Somehow managed to sleep for 20 hours straight and now I have no sense of time.

No. 545299

i hope my family won't get too mad at me if i change my last name but i fucking hate it so much

No. 545394

Will never date any man close to me because I know how predictable they are. The second a younger girl comes in that's slightly alternative and likes video games or whatever male thing is in claims "I'm sad and insecure" I'd be dead news to them. Why are men so easily manipulated and why can women be so desperate

No. 545395

man anon, it's really not that deep. spirited away was the first movie my older sister got me the official boxset dvd of. as a child it was the only thing i had that was truly mine and it was a movie with another little girl going through a tough time moving to a new place and going on an adventure, which was what i was going through.

No. 545432

File: 1587743387538.gif (241.06 KB, 220x155, Wellp.gif)

I wanted to make fried eggplant but the only breadcrumb option at the store was gluten free. It tastes like shittier panko, like a corn flake taste. Anyway.

No. 545434

I've been wfh with my boyfriend and it's nice to hear him on work meetings because he's so clearly adored and well-adjusted at work, it's like the opposite of a red flag. But it also makes me feel depressed because I'm a borderline femcel and he says my boss sounds scared of me when he calls. I feel like we're fundamentally different and will never truly understand one another but, alas, true love probably isn't real anyway.

No. 545444

I remember being in the middle of tumblr drama, I didnt really think they were crazy, just bored first worlders demonizing each others. Many of them were independent too and knew how to drive

No. 545445

Idk what them being able to drive has to do with anything but I'm talking about the sixpence child slave, sending people thumbs, callout posts for people being necrophiliac and digging up a corpse vein of tumblr drama. You just don't see that kind of thing on twitter.

No. 545452

i dont know why open doors bother me so much i want every door in the world to be closed

No. 545477

my cat hates this post.

No. 545570

lol I'm the opposite. Closed doors tend to freak me out, especially if the room on the other side is empty. I'm scared to open them and find some crazy or scary shit on the other side (I was scared shitless of everything up until I was like 13/14 and it still lingers lmao).

No. 545587

File: 1587758045825.jpg (59.38 KB, 564x564, 44f9143e29b6736922e2e0f16b3d7a…)

I just saw this on pinterst and I am just shocked and disgusted.

No. 545590

murica! fuck yea!

No. 545592

Imagine all the crumbs and dirt in bed and sleeping afterwards in all of that. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, delicioso.

No. 545593

Good ol anachan stash

No. 545598

I feel retarded browsing this site on an iPad kek

No. 545618

I'm glad young people today get to grow up with wlw characters. I knew from an early age that I was into women but actually seeing it on screen without it being subtle makes me really happy.

No. 545619

mmm, nothing better than warm coca-cola right before bed

No. 545631

I saw this on Instagram and it was captioned "Goals" lmao

No. 545648

How do jpop stans even exist knowing there's literally no good jpop song that exists (by a jpop artist) and the jpop trends are two decades outdated

No. 545650

Jpop isn’t just idol shit fam

No. 545652

Idk, how do k-pop fans live knowing that all the shit their faves do it just copying western pop trends from the early 2010's?

Not going to lie, I love stuff like capsule and perfume and basically almost everything Yasutaka Nakata has done, but the well has been so fucking dry for the past 2 years or I am horribly out of the loop.

Excusing my ramble, to say that no good j-pop song is completely factually incorrect and after the quarantine is done, i would like to fight you outside the local mcdonalds over this opinion. I have nothing to say about them being outdated, tbh i always viewed them as doing their own thing rather than trying to keep up with any kind of trend. Here's a song from 9 years ago.

No. 545653

Ramadan just started and I'm already tired.

No. 545667

File: 1587774138744.jpg (57.79 KB, 584x588, EDHGLsHXUAIyX6f.jpg)

just passing by but holy shit a brawl between j-pop fan and k-pop stan would make my fucking year

No. 545668

Tbh it would be quite cute if it was 1/10 of that size.

No. 545670

What can I do for upper back pain? Slouching over on my desk chair (I unironically sit like L from Death Note and always have because it's very comfortable for me lol) for over a week straight and not moving for hours is finally starting to really take a toll on my body. I've improved my sitting posture (and the pain in my back is a constant reminder to not slouch) and started doing upper back stretches or laying on the floor, but is there anything else I can do? It's like a constant dull ache, but sometimes gets really bad and nothing I do seems to relieve it.

No. 545677

I hope this isn't coming from a kpoop stan

No. 545679

i listen to both jpop and kpop but if i had to choose i'd pick jpop in a heartbeat because it's way better

for some reason their songs feel way more sincere compared to kpop

No. 545688

have met some jrock stans who listen to some jpop but mainly stay with rock, either way

No. 545691

everything else>jrock>kpop>jpop

No. 545693


No. 545697

there's great korean music outside kpop and great japanese music outside jpop.

No. 545700

these stans will still not listen unless you actively praise their faves and shit on others

No. 545702

Wym? Indie pop stays poppin
The bulk of good weeb music isn't on tv or gaijin side of youtube

No. 545741

does anyone have a pic of someone wearing sandals and knee high socks over combat/cargo pants? it is not a fetish thing

No. 545748

I will never understand Depop's aesthetic of sellers using their bodies with purposely sexy poses and ass cheeks to sell the clothes. It's teaching young girls that you need to show your nipples and pose a sexy ass photo to sell thrift store clothes. Ebay sellers have made a killing for years with flat lays or hangers but to be successful on Depop you basically have to be a skinny y2k girl willing to thot your clothes out bc "depop is just like Instagram!".

No. 545758

I live in a country with barely any muslims and I look racially ambiguous to almost anyone who doesn't come where I come from so nobody ever tried to ask me if I'm gonna celebrate ramadan by fasting and what not. I love my life. I'm also eating pretty much anything out in the open and often order food with pork and nobody can do anything to stop me. I don't even feel guilty about it anymore.

No. 545759

I tried to make friend with someone I think is cute by commenting on their tweet
We just got into an argument I have no clue what I'm doing
It was about Naruto what the fuck

No. 545760

damn im jealous

No. 545761

No. 545765

No. 545792

RIP anon, this is the sorta thing that would happen to me. as a fellow (legacy) narutofag, what did you get in a tiff about?

No. 545859

File: 1587820323264.gif (1.01 MB, 450x337, C3EEEB4B-7A2F-4E9C-8203-E3AEDB…)

>find this fic
>it's ww2 related
>my favorite ship is in it
>334k words long
>extremely well written
>fuck yeah

No. 545912

link pls?

No. 545938

I'm tired of people demonizing others for buying dogs from responsible breeders (NOT puppy mills)

I have two rescue cats and one dog I bought because I like the breed. I have been called an idiot so many times for having bought him when there are shelter puppies waiting to be adopted. I don't think it's immoral at all. First of it's not my personal fault those dogs are there. I plan on adopting only in the future but I fail to see what's so bad about buying dogs from responsible breeders.

No. 545940

No. 545943

File: 1587839762025.jpeg (484.5 KB, 750x1107, E115DC46-584D-424C-85B5-6FB4DB…)

I forgot where I first came across this artist but I’m so in love with his work. I’d love to own a piece one day. I love oil paintings so much. Paintings that are half finished with clear brush strokes and unblended colors are also my favorite. I’m not really that well versed in art and what is supposed to look “good” or not but man just staring at oil paintings feels like drinking hot tea on a cold day- that feeling of my soul being warmed up. I wish I could pick it up, but oil paints are too expensive for me to take up on a whim (plus I’ve always got a new flavor of the week hobby I want to try lol)

No. 545944

File: 1587840391624.jpg (17.64 KB, 858x566, 55875453_2670303716378122_6601…)

Anon I love this, thanks so much for introducing me!

No. 545946

People just want to be high and mighty. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying from responsible breeders. I’d love to adopt from a shelter too, but sometimes even trying to adopt from a shelter is so painfully slow and they’re reluctant to let you have the animal. My dad tried to get me a dog from a shelter when I was younger, we went to like 6 different shelters and all of them fell through. We went out of our way to drive hours to some of them, and they’d usually have given the dog to someone else. We weren’t on their priority because we never owned a dog before. I also read a horror story of someone who was vetted for a dog and had everything checked out (spacious home and backyard, owned dogs before, finances were in good order to provide for the dog, a bunch of other shit I don’t remember) and this shelter just did NOT want to let this person adopt this poor dog that had been kept in the shelter for months. I get it! You want to find them their forever home, a really good home, I really do get it! But for that person and for my own family, we were sick of traveling from shelter to shelter, sick of our applications getting rejected or ignored, so we got our dogs from a non-shelter. My dog came from a pet store (I know some will have dogs from responsible breeders, but this was also in early 2000s and I was like 8 and didn’t understand the existence or horrors of puppy mills and my dad wanted me to stfu about getting a dog lol) and I’m not sure if she came from a puppy mill or breeder (I have her breeders papers but can’t find any info on the internet of them) but my family loves and cares for her all the same. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

When she passes, of course I’d love to get a shelter dog. But I’d also like to consider getting another one of her breed from a responsible breeder! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to know what diseases your dog may be genetically predisposed to when you go to a breeder, or just really fucking wanting a specific breed!!

No. 545986

File: 1587845885133.png (564.33 KB, 835x605, paintt.PNG)

If you like portraits with a lot of visible loose brushstrokes you might like the impressionist style. Also pic related has some good brush-strokey art.

No. 545987

I wish I had friends who treasure me like this dude treasures his bee-friends.

No. 545990

YES!!! Holy shit thank you anon!!! That’s some good shit right there!!!

No. 545995

hard, hard agree.

No. 546000

File: 1587850102158.jpeg (822.11 KB, 750x1204, 04DF0D35-BE8A-4660-BD46-7B6A4C…)

sorry, same anon and am very bad at distinguishing a lot of art movements but would you also consider this artist’s work impressionism? I love her work too lol

No. 546146

I've recently noticed that I'm a lot more shy when I'm around people my own age than people older than me. One reason why I usually avoided any kind of interacting club or out of school activity was because I got way too shy and embarrassed thinking of being with people I've never met, but strangely I'm not like that with people who are like 10-20 years older than me? I'm not completely open but I find it easier and relaxing to talk to them. Is that weird lol

No. 546153

yeah, same. well, to a more extreme degree. I am painfully shy around anyone vaguely my age but with boomers i am a social butterfly. As a result i have like 2 friends my own age but also have been adopted by every single boomer coworker. i think its the fear of rejection forbidding me from like interacting normally with my peers vs idc about what boomers think about me as like, i never think we can be friends due to you know, age difference, so yeah i am much looser and social around them.

No. 546171

It's similar for me. I'm genuinely scared of anybody even remotely close to my age (like between the ages of 10 and 40/50), I don't know how to act around them at all and probably come across as rude. There's just always this fear that they'll judge me, make fun of me or bully me or if they're male I'm scared that showing kindness results in them thinking I'm hitting on them and then they'd be grossed out and get angry.
Very old people usually seem to like me, the traits that are seen as weird by youngers are appreciated by them (like me not talking, because they love having somebody who just listens to their stories again and again). Plus they don't care whether somebody is ugly.
I still wouldn't call that friendship tho, I'm simply more comfortable around my oldest coworker and my older costumers.

No. 546174

File: 1587891209335.png (243.02 KB, 436x375, Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 2.13…)

This girl is praised for her makeup skills and has over 2 million subs……

No. 546177

Based on my experience working in offices, the easiest demographic to get along with is middle aged mums. The internet can call them Karen all they like, but I never have trouble with them and they always bring in food to share. It takes a spectacularly extroverted middle aged woman for me to feel nervous talking to her, but the ones like that are usually hilarious which makes up for it.

No. 546182

I agree. I've gotten along so well with the so called Karens in a work setting. They just love to talk and I'm one not to try to get into drama, but they love to tell me little rumors every now and then, probably because I'm younger and more quiet. They're also funny as hell, a couple have reminded me of that Rosa character meme. Someone who's just a bit not all there, but they always got something funny to say.

No. 546186

Sometimes you just gotta listen to Hot Fuss by the Killers. Perfect album tbh.

No. 546188

different anon but HELL YEAH excellent taste

No. 546200

The only time people suddenly aren't public property is when a pro lifer refuses to take care of a fetus once its born. Like cut the bullshit. If babies belong to you and the pro life movement why won't you take it in? Changed their minds awfully quick as soon as its born it's not public property anymore

No. 546206

YES I remember getting that album when I was 13/14 and having it on repeat on my CD player

That shit fucking slaps

No. 546207

God I thought this was a continuation of the "impressionist art" "loose brush strokes" discussion from all the red and harsh cheek highlight

But… that do not be a painting

No. 546208

File: 1587904329503.jpeg (94.7 KB, 427x353, 14BA33EE-DEDF-4BCF-9EB6-6F1A82…)

Do Japanese people have good dentistry? ‘Cause I’ve seen videos or vlogs of them and they either have missing teeth or plaque in between like pic above

I thought Japan had en excellent healthcare system that its citizens benefited from?

No. 546209

File: 1587904393704.jpeg (71.34 KB, 445x234, 238E6B07-594E-4FE8-8859-84F642…)

No. 546222

Sorry for the late reply, buy nah I wouldn't. Impressionism is characterized by very visible, usually small, brushstrokes and an 'impression' of light. This person's work is too blended to be considered impressionism. Their work is really nice tho, I love their use of colors.

You probably already knew, but there's a good art thread at >>>/m/84226

No. 546235

Thanks for the reply anon!! I never paid attention in art classes because I always thought learning about art movements and stuff like that was boring but now I’m super interested lol

I rarely wander off ot so thank you for letting me know! Heading over there now

No. 546244

crooked teeth are seen as a charm point in japan iirc

No. 546283

i think most japanese ppl don't care about teeth hygiene and from what i heard the dentists are too expensive
also they drink a lot of green tea and don't brush their teeth often
my friend once entered a convenience store and the cashier's tooth looked like literal wood and he had bad breath

No. 546287

Eww that's so disgusting

No. 546298

File: 1587918276449.jpg (58.65 KB, 612x510, taishi-nakagawa.jpg)

i don't think it's considered a beauty trait anymore. when it comes to actors and actresses most of them have straight white teeth or at least they don't look as bad as >>546209

No. 546408

There seems to be so many twitter stans and redditfags posting suddenly? Or has it always been like this and I just didn’t notice?

No. 546410

welcome to imageboards where summerfags or in this case quarantinefags shit up the board every year for a period of time

No. 546411

don't know about the redditfags but i am sure all the twitterfags came from the kpop threads in /m/ and as soon as the threads got locked they decided to come on /ot/ and shit all over the place

No. 546446

i adore the tumblr whump community for being nearly male free but the disproportionate quantity of fakebois on there always saddens me. they are always so painfully obvious too! and clearly just quirky/probably autistic girls who are uncomfortable with their tastes.

No. 546469

One internet person who was obsessed with me allegedly is in jail, I'm deeply relieved because he posted about me online quite a few times and larped that he was a family friend of mine.

The evil is gone now

No. 546473

currently reading good BL mangas while being all bundled up in bed, favorite snacks and energy drinks next to me and i honestly feel very good right now. the best i've ever felt in weeks and i want to cry because i'm seriously very happy right now

No. 546511

Painted a lot with my watercolors today. I bought myself a set a couple of months ago because I suddenly wanted to paint on a whim and I like the look of watercolors. I did a piece every night for a while, but since quarantine started I haven’t painted at all. It felt good to finally spend a day doing something other than play animal crossing for 10 hours straight, and it felt good to paint with reckless abandon and appreciate the things I create instead of feeling instantly worthless that I’m not creating masterpieces. Now that I’m an adult who’s a little wiser about the world, I know monetizing my art or even just being a popular internet artist is something that won’t happen (especially with all the social media marketing and algorithms that go into it nowadays), so I might as well just… paint. It finally feels good to just paint and feel accomplished to see a piece to the end, no matter how rough and bad it actually is. I only want to get good enough to do plein air when the weather gets nice (and we are safe to go outside) so I can have another way to enjoy good weather on the weekends.

I painted 5 separate pieces today, and the more pieces I finished, the more of a blobby mess and mix of colors they became- but I think that’s just fine. I’m finally the version of myself that I wish I was growing up. I missed out on years of progress and joy that art could have brought me because I was so concerned with making masterful art, achieving internet fame, and monetizing this hobby that I was so deterred from making art all the time- now all of that is kind of meh to me. I know I don’t have the discipline for that artist hustle, nor am I really comfortable with being “known” in this day and age where callouts are stupidly abundant. Feels good to grow old and stop caring about all of that. I wish my younger self could’ve enjoyed this same sort of mental freedom.

Maybe tomorrow I will try to paint funny looking fish, just because.

No. 546512

File: 1587954616789.jpg (619.44 KB, 1200x1697, 9a6561f0ce74fcc0f7147df6ef5659…)

I haven't had friends for years (my own choice) and I suffer from severe loneliness. At the same time, I really don't want to commit to a friendship or deal with other people's problems. Is there something wrong with me? I commit to romantic relationships just fine.

No. 546517

Aw that sounds nice. Happy for you. What manga?

No. 546522

I feel the same. I tend to push people away. I’m naturally a loner/introvert and just prefer to spend time on my own. I find that having friendships stresses me out and gives me anxiety. I think a lot of this has to do with my abandonment/trust issues. I’ve been hurt a lot and I find that opening up to people and letting them get close to me feels really uncomfortable. I have zero desire for maintaining the relationships I currently have but that involves hurting people and I don’t want to do that so I feel stuck.

No. 546524

Thats really nice anon. You’ve inspired me.

No. 546529

i love the ability to get shit by crying

No. 546534

for example?

No. 546556

File: 1587964394739.jpg (27.62 KB, 236x400, 64fe98f9e0e5afb273e0af31361c6f…)

>tfw you love vintage psychedelic 60s art and aesthetic but hate hippies and hippie culture

No. 546625

File: 1587983162712.jpeg (90.3 KB, 1185x671, 06B52732-ABB2-402B-95D2-FFF2AE…)

I know it’s a dumb thing to care about but I’m a little upset that I can’t celebrate my birthday in a couple of days. It’s also a holiday in my country today (NL, King’s day) and it was my favourite holiday as a kid because it falls close to my bday. I can’t eat any of the holiday food due to allergies so I’m stuck at home wearing a dumb orange shirt and absolutely nothing to do to celebrate King’s day.

No. 546630

Haha. That style is very cool. Where can i find more pics like that?

No. 546644

Nta but thegroovyarchives on tumblr has a lot of cool 60s/70s art/ads/interior design

No. 546657

Feeling this, anon. Remember that it's 100% acceptable to be sad, disappointed and upset about every event you looked forward to being cancelled because there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's not your fault and you're allowed to feel the way you do.

No. 546674

Exercising during quarantine to keep fit? Nah. Exercising during quarantine because it’s the only thing that relieves my back pain? Yes.

Not exactly how I wanted to be motivated to exercise, but whatever works I guess lol

No. 546676

File: 1587995607449.jpeg (83.92 KB, 750x772, CC8584B6-9625-49EE-8C2B-4A47B1…)

happy early birthday anon

No. 546685


Damn, it's been a while since I saw a pic of the dutch royals and the oldest daughter had such a glow up! She looks so cute here and kek at the youngest one.

But I hope that you and all my dutch neighbours have a great fijn Koningsdag anyways. Sincerely, your germanfag with also nothing going on because we can't have big events here up the end of august and prob longer ….


you could like the artist peter max, anon.

No. 546693

Filthy Frank saying the N word was fine with me, but it pisses me off when Idubbbz uses it. I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

No. 546738

Anthony Fantano is a stupid, basic bitch.

No. 546751

Ian’s charm has really been wearing off in the last few months/weeks. I find the most things he does to be edgy now absolutely annoying, borderline retarded or cringe.

No. 546803

why does troons like to claim doomer girl while she clearly has XX stitched on her shirt???? this is pissing me off big time

No. 546806

No. 546808

What is going on in the confessions thread…

No. 546817

we got some lovely and mentally healthy people among us

No. 546827

File: 1588027068014.jpg (145.61 KB, 1024x1024, 23d61e581ce45ea681d5432fea11f7…)

I don't understand how some people can't recognize obvious photoshopping/filtering, especially younger people who presumably grew up with filters on Snapchat/IG. I still see people defending these alien shops saying shit like "it's a video, there can't be a filter!" How are people so gullible?

No. 546830

Who are you even talking about?

No. 546832

FINALLY I heard my father talk about his first marriage! When I was like 8 I was messing with the drawers and I found a wedding ring. I was obviously pretty ??? about it so I asked my older brother about it and he said "yeah that was a thing, dad was married before" and I was sooo confused cause I never heard of it before. Idk if I asked mom too but I also knew it only lasted like a year. Never actually talked with him about it.
So this evening casual conversation went towards ex gfs and my dad says "yeah I mean I married one when I lived in x so" and I could have, should have! been surprised but eh, I'd been waiting for this moment for more than 10 years so I wasn't caught off guard.
This is so stupid but also oddly satisfying.

No. 546837

I feel you anon, I love it when "family secrets" aren't dark as sin! How nice you have that kinda relationship with your dad, be sure to appreciate it anon.

No. 546838

File: 1588030382912.jpeg (136.72 KB, 991x957, 13BA6EA0-C00F-44E3-9392-FCC99A…)

I can’t stop laughing at this.

No. 546842

the lesbian rights took me out last night

No. 546846

File: 1588032699432.jpg (17.97 KB, 304x304, 154Aow_F59700.jpg)

you know how a smell can awaken memories? i just experienced this but it's audio.
saw a xxyyxx video came across my yt feed and clicked since it's nostalgia. the first second it plays teleported me straight back to laying in my bathtub tripping on home grown shrooms years ago. it's not just remembering the memory itself. for moment i vividly remembered the FEELING of the trip, i could even feel the coldness of the tub in my back and it took my breath away.
fascinating stuff.

No. 546847

I need to wash my ass sometime.

No. 546848

u mean everyday, nasty

No. 546850

Where was this, I need to laugh at shit shitshow

No. 546851

Don't police me on what I do with my body, fuck off.

No. 546852

File: 1588033888278.jpg (70.14 KB, 500x309, Low_cleancore.jpg)

Now would you look at that! Clean soapy water! Just perfect for that dirty ass! And only a few steps away! I believe in you anon! You can wash your ass!

No. 546854

No. 546996

File: 1588076327713.png (68.63 KB, 406x428, oh boy.png)

lmaooo (they're talking about sam smith btw)

i am so damn tempted to write how a white attention-seeking millionaire probably won't be upset that an obscure music rating website don't use his "pronouns" but i don't want to get banned

No. 547006

It strangely bothers me very much when people draw their characters who are POC with big potato noses or make their features look as ~ethnic~ as possible but when the character is white, then they get a small button nose and that's it

No. 547007

This is a site where people come to obsess over and stalk every small detail of people's lives, dont be surprised if they aren't mentally stable when they're that good at nitpicking

No. 547009

is that last.fm?

No. 547011

it's rate your music

No. 547017

File: 1588079477128.gif (1.54 MB, 230x230, 1531558314650.gif)

My boyfriend is genuinely jealous of my favorite anime boy and got offended when I joked about replacing him with my husbando because they look so much alike. He's ignored me for a whole day for that joke. Is this rock bottom?

No. 547019

last.fm is the best

No. 547021

TIL first argument for temporary insanity in European juridical system was made because defendant was a woman -_-(-_-)

No. 547024

that's even worse than rock bottom
that's just … absolute clownery

>tfw so insecure that you think a 2d character is an actual threat in your relationship

No. 547031

some people need to learn the difference between intrusive thoughts and revenge fantasy

No. 547042

it's not even a revenge fantasy. the OP didn't mention anyone specific they knew with BPD. anyway don't cause autism to flood into this thread too.

No. 547067

kurtis conner is starting to give off major woke douchebag vibes.

No. 547068

How? It's been a while since I watched him

No. 547073

Only watched a couple of his vids lately, he comes off as condescending

No. 547090

File: 1588094524220.webm (2.41 MB, 640x360, 1.webm)

Don't step on the snape

No. 547099

The snake's all "DAYUM SIS U SCARY AND RUDE!!!" Lmao

No. 547103

well fuck you anon, I looked him up and now I have a crush on him

No. 547119

Oneyplays and Supermega have what I have dubbed "Mental disability snowflake" They want people to react to them like they're invalid and are obsessed with autism because they got famous just because they talked about someone who behaved differently.

Not sure how to think of it, since mental disabilities are performative even if someone has them. Most people do the bare minimum of life

No. 547120

Do you have an easier time remembering something you heard or something you saw?

No. 547121

Anon this makes no sense whatsoever, what are you going on about?

No. 547132

What are you trying to say here? Genuinely would like to know

No. 547133

Samefag, are you talking biut daniel killing himself or

No. 547141

something I heard

No. 547147

huh? Matt and Ryan never talk about mental disability…..

No. 547163

i keep watching this dude play horror games and scream the living fuck out of his body and it's the most entertaining thing i've watched in a long time

his screams are most likely fake and exaggerated for views but idc i am enjoying myself and that's what matters

No. 547164

is that pewds v2?

No. 547166

no, it's @/yourrage on twitch
used to watch pewdiepie all the time when i was younger and tbh this dude's more entertaining

No. 547173

sorry but that video gave me a headache, this dude screams like a girl… pewdiepie didn't scream with a high pitched voice

No. 547177

Sorry for the late reply.
Evidence for this "slightly artistic" and Supermega's daily talk of (name redacted)

I assume this for views. They use mental disabilities for clickbait and to keep people talking about them

No. 547181

wtf are you talking about………..

No. 547182

nta but my best guess is chris chan?

No. 547183

why the fuck are you even talking about this if you're not gonna mention names? this is bizarre, i wanna hi cow you so bad.

No. 547184

nta but has oney talked about him too? why is this all so cryptic

No. 547186

Ye, I believe Chris and everyone talked about him on their podcast and their lets play channel. Matt also does a lot of Chris chan impressions in their lets plays as well.

Still anon doesn't make sense considering what this imageboard was built on lol. Also, if they do mean chris chan, autism isn't a mental disability dude.

No. 547188

all this ruckus out of them not even really making fun of that tard omfg. if i remember correctly, sm were going kinda soft with it in their podcast.

No. 547190

My grandparents were alcoholics for my entire life, but a while ago my grandma fell ill. She's recovering well and quit, but the doctors said she can never drink again. Now my grandma makes snide remarks about my grandpa's drinking and I find it amazing to watch. For so long it was always something I could never talk about, yet there she goes calling it out, daily.

No. 547195

I wish people would stop enabling Peaches' behavior on social media because she's clearly mentally ill to the core and absolutely fucked up. I feel like one day she's really going to do worse stuff than what she's doing now (aka threatening to pimp her newborn baby out, livestreaming how she's using a knife as a dildo, flashing her genitals to minors, etc). I don't think what she's doing is funny too and have absolutely no idea how others think it's the most hilarious shit ever

No. 547201

ntayrt but i just started watching my golden life bc of this rec and it's really good so far! the male lead annoys me to death though. i'm begging he won't end up with jian.

No. 547205

I think it’s mainly annoying white gays and young teens that think she’s still funny. At least that’s what I’ve seen on Twitter.

No. 547207

I’d have to say something I heard.

No. 547215

I've always thought he was a condescending "I'm not like the other straight white boys" type. He's occasionally funny and a total babe tho so I'm still watching him.

No. 547216

I feel the same way, and I think it has to do with the fact that idubbbz always came off as very sheltered, and no part of me believed he was friends with or even ever interacted with black people, whereas Filthy Frank did frequently and had his black friends in his videos a lot of the time. Whether or not "n-word passes" are a real thing is debatable but I at least didn't get the hint of underlying superiority from Franku as I did from idubbbz.

No. 547254


I don't exactly hate him, I just hate the fucking hysteria that surrounds him and his teen fanbase that can't form their own opinion. Like I just hate how his opinion on an album is somehow so important and influential and people can't just think for themselves, I hate how much power he has in that regard. It's also silly how angry people get over this ratings lol, like if he likes something I don't or he dislikes something I love it's no big deal because it's just one random opinion on the internet, but people have to hype it up soooo much and that's what's annoying, they treat this irrelevant music fan like someone whose tastes are so much more educated for some stupid reason. I'm fucking sick of checking out an album or discussing it online and seeing Fantano's score being brought up, I don't fucking give a shit and I listen to music for ME, not some unimportant reviewer. His fanbase is fucking annoying and embarrassing

No. 547256

Damn you're mad mad.

No. 547258

I'm going to have to give this rant a 6/10.

No. 547261

File: 1588137861360.jpeg (59.41 KB, 567x462, 36980F8B-F9D1-4BC8-870E-F1CF15…)

people go "(insert band) is offensive and problematic!!!!!1!!1!!!1! don't listen to them!1!!1!1!!!1" but then go listen to tyler the creator themselves

i am not talking about his songs where he uses fag, i am talking about the raping a pregnant woman one and all the other edgy shit he wrote

how can you say ____ is problematic when the very own thing you like is also problematic?

No. 547262

File: 1588138073569.jpg (68.93 KB, 1047x1572, simmerdownanon.jpg)

No. 547268

umm… did anyone else catch up on colleen ballingers (mirandasings) drama today? i'm confused about the part where she sent a 13 year old lingerie. Did she do this for a bit for a video or did she do it secretly??

No. 547272

Yeah it’s the same when people listen to songs produced by Dr. Luke. You want rapists to die yet you’re throwing cash at one. Interesting.

No. 547278

I just had real butter for the first time in like 2 years. I didn't eat it on a regular basis and was trying to cut back on animal products so I figured I'd start buying vegan margarine lol

It was so fucking good. How do I get those 2 butter free years back I messed up

No. 547279

dead malls videos are so strangely addictive, I don't even know why, its just something about them

No. 547280

I'm going to end up a homeless drug addicted weirdo like my dad.

No. 547285

File: 1588143420334.jpeg (128.49 KB, 500x522, 93B2DABA-6E6B-4008-B032-AF44AD…)

It's officially been 4 years since my router was banned here…oh how time flies. All for saying I would scissor Kadee konstantino. I was nice to her. Let it be known that I never once gave a fuck and you're never going to stop me. And yes, I'll keep posting this every year.

No. 547286

I'd had nothing but vegan margarine my whole life thanks to my vegan mum, the day I had normal butter I was just like …FUCK and couldn't stop eating it. I'm back on margarine now because it's easier to spread, but it was addictive for a while.

I also remember thinking 'I understand why Americans are so fat if this is what they get to eat all the time', for some reason I assumed that's the only place people eat butter instead of margarine? I have no actual reason to think that except that butter is mostly what I hear about on American tv and all I ever saw irl was margarine.

No. 547291

I know that vegan stuff doesn't compare, but that's because cow milk has happy chemicals in it, if I'm not mistaken

No. 547293

I love Rate Your Music for their album lists but their community is terrible. I've cringed so many times reading some of the reviews they write thinking they're intelligent. Definitely an underrated place to look for cows.

No. 547296

Dont feel bad! Butter is one of those "good" fats! Even lard can be healthier than margarine.

No. 547299

Casomorphin. It's in all dairy products which is why people get sooooo obsessed with cheese. It's literally programmed to be addictive lol break the cycle

No. 547307

That's a myth. Cheese is addictive because it's high-fat. There are other foods with opioids in them that aren't addictive in the least.

No. 547350


No. 547359

I fucking hate you lol

No. 547391

I cant stop you from making a smear campaign about me but it's your own fault if you get tired of hearing about me.

I censored his name I didn't want to be a part of the masses who obsess over Chr*s. Theres no reason to post him all over the internet so that's why I refused to use his "official name"

No. 547411

I looked up one of my middle school bullies a while back and saw that she’s in a pharmacy program at a good school. At first, I was mad that she wasn’t miserable in life, but then I remember reading a quote that said something about a past version of you that exists only in people’s mind and not real life anymore and how it sucks that people are stuck with that old image of you, and I’d like to think that the version of her in my head isn’t who she is anymore.

No. 547434

That or bullies are just more successful.

No. 547440

I agree with that sentiment anon. If I was the same person from middle school then I'd still be a friendless tomboy, socially tone deaf, and horridly tsun towards girls who like the color pink.
Besides, I think most people end up being a villain in some chapter of someone else's life. I thought I was being bullied in high school, so when I retaliated and took out my anger that's when the other kid felt I was being the bully.

No. 547495

That’s also possible, but I’ve spent so much of my life up until recently feeling so angry and wronged at the world and the people in it who treated me poorly. It helps me sleep better at night when I give hope to the idea that people can change for the better, instead of holding into and amplifying bitter feelings by thinking they don’t deserve good things in their lives because they were shitty at some point in the past. I’d also be in the same boat as >>547440 too. Middle school me is so ridiculously different from who I am today.

No. 547496

Also forgot to add that I definitely don’t feel this way towards people who are shitty adults lol. Kids and teenagers can change so much, but when you’re an adult who should know better?? Mm nah.

No. 547500

Eating pomegranates improves my mood significantly. So pretty and delicious.

No. 547501

It sucks seeing someone who spent years being sexually inappropriate and manipulating underage girls position himself as the martyr for this anti onision movement. These people only care about views they have no morals.

No. 547514

Who's this about?

No. 547516


No. 547520

Ah ok, I thought it might be about repzilla, both give me major fake-empathy vibes when they cover sexual abuse topics

No. 547549

why do people eat shrimps when they know they're filled with shit

No. 547553

you… clean them

No. 547554

how when it's 99% shit

No. 547559

Plants grow in 100% shit.

No. 547560

shit or not i will still eat it bc it's tasty

No. 547575

File: 1588193453014.jpg (91.31 KB, 1200x800, midsommar4.0.jpg)

It's very disturbing to me how many people see anything "positive" about the community in Midsommar, The entire movie shows you how fucked these people are and that they’re actually a cult, despite all that some people basically say that it's a movie about female empowerment and I'm like wtf I wish people would stop trying to make it one. It’s a great movie but it’s a morbid story as she was gaslit out of a bad relationship and into a cult.

No. 547581

I just had a priest message me on a chat/dating app. Not the strangest thing to happen but still

No. 547585

do it so you can brag about fucking a priest

No. 547588

Lol bitch I’d join this cult in a second.

No. 547589

Is he hot?

No. 547592

Same, suiciding at 80 via rock jumping sounds better than wasting away with health issues or inside a retirement home.
Also, the thing about other crying when you cry and you crying when they cry and behaving like this huge empathy hive mind sounds very enticing.

No. 547593

The MC basically gets groomed into this cult by a old dude that just has the hots for her. Her boyfriend, although shitty, is raped in a pretty traumatic way. By the end she goes through this huge trauma bonding then is giving absolute power over the guy that took all from her, how the hell do you even miss that

No. 547597


No. 547606

The only survivor of the protags at the start is the girl.
>spoling a movie that came out ages ago
Anon, pls

No. 547616


This movie sucks shit lmao. That chubby cry baby is fucking annoying and her bf should have broken up with her. also black guy dies first kek

No. 547617

File: 1588197246895.jpg (13.62 KB, 300x168, =<.jpg)


Florence Pugh in all her movies:


No. 547619

Pelle and Christian are the same age you dumb fuck they are all in the same college class.

No. 547621

May queen? Mai queeen
The dudes and their influence were necessary to the plot. Headcanon is there’s a reform and they only keep beautiful men for breeding lol

No. 547632

the person who just posted a bunch of links to actual CP on here, i genuinely hope you die

No. 547637

at least it wasn't pics this time

No. 547639

i think her expression in this scene is like a little sad kitty and its precious. like awwww inducing.

>Same, suiciding at 80 via rock jumping sounds better than wasting away with health issues or inside a retirement home.

seconded lol

i love this movie idc what anyone says.

No. 547641

I've seen so much gore/literal shit posts but I've always missed the CP and I'm incredibly thankful for that. I want to break every pedo's kneecaps.

No. 547646

how do those pedos/pedobots even find lolcow?

No. 547647

File: 1588201275388.jpg (19.88 KB, 260x400, 1728939328323289320.jpg)

I've followed some really cool artists recently and after checking their bios they're all 20-22 years old and have industry jobs, like Disney and Dreamworks shit. I'm 24 and barely have an art degree from a state school rip.

I've also been kinda down lately cause I can't bang Christian Slater circa 1993. (Preferably without the coke)

No. 547649

I don't get how some people think it's about female empowerment when they literally kill a woman who did absolutely nothing wrong (besides having a caring boyfriend and wanting to go home, I guess, and also not dating the guy who invited the two of them to the cult grounds).
In fact, her being killed for the sin of not dating that male is incel defense-tier shit.
Don't forget the racism that the film kind of alluded to, but didn't fully elaborate on. There was literally a deleted scene that implied the Harga were Nazis, if I remember correctly. That in itself makes me question whether the other woman even would've been allowed to join, since she was brown. It's even more insidious if the guy had full knowledge that she wouldn't have been accepted in his weird-ass cult, but had her sacrificed for rejecting him anyway.
I do still like Midsommar, mind. Hereditary was better, though.

No. 547650

What’s the fucking point trying to get lcw taken down?

No. 547651

Edgelord spammers, likely not even real~pedo
Probably heard about le epic female chan on some shitty board for the first time
Semi common occurrence really

No. 547653

I don’t like the new Jewtube layout

No. 547656


They probably have industry connections, parents who already work in the industry or went to calarts, or fucked someone important.

Don't let it get to you anon.

No. 547659

The comment section move was really bad

No. 547669


i'm with you on the artist sadness AND not being able to bang Heather's era Christian Slater.

No. 547674

My favorite recipe youtube, Anarchist Kitchen/Vegan But Lazy, stopped posting almost a year ago but I continue to look through their videos. I love cheap, easy recipies and listening to their stories. There's hundreds of other people who do easy plant based recipie videos but I don't care enough to subscribe or watch the full video without skipping over them talking about their day. I keep thinking about making my own recipes to post but I'm not creative enough and practically every recipe nowdays is a rip off another.

No. 547675

Anyone else have their parents ruin specific things (non trauma related stuff)

For instance, my dad was kind of a pig when it came to talking about how to deal with women.
He made a few "grab em by the pussy" esque comments that are prominent memories to this day.

I fucking hate saying the word pussy just because of the way my dad introduced that word to me.

No. 547677

I think most new recipes are created by making 50 different recipes that all have 1 thing tweaked slightly until it becomes a new product–and there's honestly nothing wrong with that

No. 547678

Why tf would your dad even tell you "how to deal with women" and use the word pussy in your presence?

No. 547679


Immature as fuck

No. 547680

I can't stand it either. There was no reason to change it.

No. 547681

It was more like a lewd comment made to his friends, not an actual "how to" when it comes to talking to "females" or whatever

I don't get this comment so I will ignore it

No. 547683

My question was more like why your dad would talk like this or "lewd pussy stuff" with you in the first place. That sounds awkward as hell.

No. 547684

It was, thanks for understanding

No. 547685


Same anon and can I fuck him too? He fine af

No. 547686

I don't understand at all.

No. 547687


I get it anon

My rapist now has a boyfriend and a baby. I hope she gets a bad heart in the future

No. 547692

Some anons sound so incredibly butthurt over this? When that one person in some thread said that anons will take the most inoffensive and normal post and still get mad about it, they weren't lying

Anyway, I know what you exactly mean lol whenever my older brother beat me up while we were growing up, my parents kept laughing about it and always said that dumb fucking phrase "boys will be boys" while thinking him hurting me was just "sibling love" and totally not him taking his anger out on me for whatever fucking reason

I was listening to a song a few months ago and it had the same phrase as a lyrics and as soon as I heard it, I just felt incredibly nauseous and had to stop it to calm down

No. 547695

the word rotund is funny and i love it

No. 547700

There is 0 butthurt or anger in the replies, just confusion.
If my dad would talk with me like that his openly seemingly shit attitude towards my gender would be my bigger peeve.

No. 547704

Really glad that there's other girls out there struggling with their identities and careers as artists and also incredibly horny for a version of a man that doesn't exist anymore. Warms my heart.

No. 547718

the fact articles like this exist really bugs me



>It comes as no surprise that Midsommar, the second feature film of director Ari Aster (Hereditary), is packed to the brim with explorations of internal horror and grounding realism blended with the bizarre and bloody. Upon viewing the film, some themes present themselves instantly: empathy, family, and an interesting meditation on toxic − as well as symbiotic − codependency. However, I would argue that the lifeblood of Midsommar exists in a less obvious element: the film is radically feminist and, beyond that, a celebration of the very base and primitive ideas of womanhood.

>In their pamphlet on female healers and the patriarchy (Witches, Midwives & Nurses), Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English discuss the historical role of women as healers and authorities of the people. Women, in particular the “wise woman,” occupied an interesting position of spiritual and physical authority through the uniquely female tradition of healing. It was not until the practice of medicine was seized by the logic and institution driven world of men that women were dethroned from this position of authority and connection their communities.

>In Midsommar, the Hårga women are returned to that position of authority. In the most obvious sense, a woman serves as the spiritual (perhaps even political and religious) leader of the community. A literal “wise woman” guides everything from the integration of newcomers to the religious and cultural ceremonies, and even the selection of mating couples. It’s not only interesting to see a woman helming such a violent community, but to notice that she rules from a place of nurturing. The wise woman is depicted as gentle and understanding, despite the horror that she is carrying out. Fitting for a soft hand, a feminine hand, to lead a community that is so defined by shared emotion and empathy.

>Beyond leadership in the traditional sense, women in the Hårga occupy a position of agency and even holiness. These women hold all sexual power; they choose their mates, they use ancient magic to sway outcomes, they’re leaders in the community, and, most glaringly, they share in a sexual ritual that is imbued with female power and highlights sexual pleasure. From within the Hårga, women are given final say over the use of their sexuality and, by further extension, entrusted with the survival of the cult in a ritualised celebration of sex and pregnancy. When you compare the pregnancy ritual in Midsommar to something like what we see in Rosemary’s Baby, for example, the celebration aspect and that feminine control is revolutionary. And, while frightening, it is truly empowering.

>Unapologetic feminism and the powerful womanhood of Midsommar.

>Thus, each of these men are sacrificed for the betterment of the tribe, the world, and the ritual. Mark, urinates on a sacred tree and is skinned. Josh, photographs the sacred texts, and is killed with a giant mallet. And lovely Christian, is sacrificed by Dani — who finally sees what a giant piece of man-child trash he is. This, I believe is where we see some of the most outright fury of unapologetic feminism. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

>In Midsommar, not only are Dani’s emotions valid — she begins to experience her emotions with a group of women who value her emotions, who understand her emotions, and who show appreciation for her emotions. Midsommar, is a wildly accurate depiction of what happens when women support women. We feel less alone, our feelings are validated, we are not called crazy or unstable, we are finally shown the respect and understanding that we deserve.(regarding a scene where the cult members are clearly bombing Dani)

>In an article by Juan Barquin, one of the most accurate depictions of Midsommar is stated. Midsommar is queer, it is feminist, it is equality depicted, it is camp.

>“Queerness is not something immediately grasped by most, but through traditions and a gradual progression into the fold is how we find a sense of community. The people of the commune share their pain and their joy, just as any minority community comes together to mourn and celebrate. When our world is invaded and disrespected, do we not navigate that pain as a whole?”

>At the end of the film, when Dani sacrifices Christian, she cries. The commune cries with her. We see Dani, trapped in her flower dress, moving slowly across the field, in front of the fire, where all of her physical and metaphysical pain burns away in. Dani gradually begins to smile, and the commune gradually begins to experience joy with her. Dani is not alone. Dani has swam through the gradual progression and into the fold. Dani finds her sense of community, her sense of belonging. Dani is finally home.

No. 547724

I know that a lot is wrong about this but there is literally nothing queer about this movie lol

No. 547726

well, queer can be anything nowadays

No. 547740

File: 1588221798124.jpeg (515.85 KB, 2048x2048, CF03B4EA-AD1C-4276-9EC6-589288…)

I literally made this post a day ago and look what got leaked now: absolutely unbelievable

Even if she's only "trolling", why the fuck would you even say that about your own child you psycho?

No. 547744


No. 547750

File: 1588224355371.jpg (75.64 KB, 680x680, .jpg)

Chris chan don't need you to be his white knight tard lmao this was so bizarre and fun though, you'll be happy to know they did mention him again

No. 547751

File: 1588224473734.png (122.58 KB, 400x265, F8E689F2-D38F-4842-9FEC-ED9F29…)


No. 547752

Sending good vibes, anon!!

No. 547768

The free Tinder passport made me painfully realize most men in my country are ugly mfs. Sucks to be swiping left all the time then finding an attractive guy and see he's actually 6k miles away.
All the guys in my city look like Scrat from Ice Age with a beard.

No. 547806

It's a troll. Blair is extremely retarded to fall for it too, since a million other youtubers already busted the lies and explained it better than blair could ever do.

No. 547811

>not being born in a time where I can replace my legs from the thigh down with cybernetic legs

why live

No. 547817

Give me robolegs instead of this constant pain yes

No. 547821


I just want to run fast and make "clonk" sounds when I walk also added bonus of not having to shave

No. 547822

Parting my hair in different styles almost feels like a personality change

No. 548036

I'd love to drop everything and live completely alone in the woods. I barely talk to anyone at work yet I feel drained every day. Living with my boyfriend in our house has become very draining too despite having my own space and him typically focused on video games and watching youtube. I want to be completely alone. No pretending to listen to my coworkers, no thinking about how much I hate everything, no stress of doing as much as I can in my spare time, no cars driving by, no neighbors, fucking nothing. A very quiet place I can be comfortable. Read books. Sleep and live without work dictating my schedule. Be mindful when I cook a meal without wanting to stress eat. Sit, breathe, relax, exist without anyone else and their bullshit.

No. 548044

I am the only person in the world who doesn't understand how to use discord. Like where do you find servers/people to talk to?

No. 548052

Join random servers and either contribute to the group, join the general chat, or voice chat. I think.

No. 548055

but what random servers? where are they? Am I just an idiot I honestly have no clue what I'm supposed to do

No. 548057


No. 548094

if you have any particular interests, you can also search for discord servers surrounding those online. plenty of film, anime, book and music servers and lots of niche ones. good luck finding cool servers anon! a lot are pretty trashy but there are some gems

No. 548110

I have a 10-page paper due in 10 hours, only done one page of introduction so far. Why do I do this to myself? It's a pass/fail class and I'm literally graduating next week and I just have to get a 45% on it to pass but I still have to write this meaningless paper.

No. 548141

How does doja cat suddenly have 40 million listeners on Spotify and over 300,000,000 plays on multiple songs? Damn. I swear anyone with a computer can make music and get famous these days. I won't deny she's more talented than most of the drivel out there but damn.

No. 548146

I'm glad you like it!

No. 548148

Tumblr is still fun as hell to use, I just use mine for saving or posting art but sometimes I’ll check the accounts that reblog/like my posts and it always turns into a rabbit hole of completely unrelated stuff the users like. It feels more genuine than social media sites.

No. 548154

I wish I could say the same but no matter which account I carefully pluck and put in my following list, they always end up as some genderspecial "PUNCH NAZIS BE GAY DO CRIMES" faggo

No. 548235

I found that tumblr's got a lot less of those than twitter, at the moment. I just revived my tumblr account and it's infinitely less cancerous than Twitter, there's a lot more fandom blogs than cancerous political or politically fixated blogs

No. 548247


I was just thinking how much I miss to use tumblr. There was so much cool stuff to see or just dump shit to laugh at it but at some point it was overwhelming with all those mentally unstable people with shit political opinions. I don't now how many words I had blacklisted at some point because I couldn't go through my dash without all those "if you don't share the same opinion like I do, then you deserve to die" garbage. It really killed it for me. I can't get used to twitter tho and Instagram isn't that personal. Tumblr was the perfect lovechild of both things but they had to ruin the fun for everybody because they didn't know how to run the side and pandered to the worst kind of people.

No. 548252

I haven't used tumblr in a long time and I've never used twitter but a lot must've changed if tumblr is no longer the most cancerous social medium

No. 548308

No. 548323

File: 1588364685220.jpg (16.56 KB, 360x291, spongebob-1.jpg)

Same anon. Also have a 10 page paper due at midnight. It's not really that difficult but as the last assignment of the school year I'm finding this really hard to get through.

Tumblr still has funny text posts and tons of interesting pictures with a few interesting sub-communities to explore. However bad it used to be in the mid 10s, Twitter is 10x as cancerous as that now. I think it started getting better around the time they banned NSFW content from the site. I'm gonna be sad when Tumblr shuts down.

No. 548353

Had a dream I was cancelled on twitter because I thought that two women were straight, when they were actually gay

Good thing I leave the most dicey SJW stuff on my alt

No. 548356

Sometimes, when apps have some sort of "share feature" I text the profiles to myself, that way when I have more swipes enabled, I can skip to the good stuff

No. 548389

I love suddenly liking foods I never did before. I'm the least picky eater ever but I never liked parfaits because greek yogurt seemed weird to eat with fruit and granola because in my culture we eat greek yogurt with rice, but I'm obsessed with it now!

No. 548395

Yogurt and rice is so fucking good together.

No. 548407

Any anons with thick coarse hair got tips on cutting it urself?!? Or any self cutting tips at all.

No. 548408

That sounds waaaay odder to me than a parfait(amerifag clearly) but I guess ima have to check it out

No. 548409

it's not plain greek yogurt that's used most of the time, it's a sour greek yogurt called laban. But you can imitate it by just using some lemon juice. It's sooooooooo gooooooood

No. 548413

Hell yes, thank you for the insider information.

No. 548451

File: 1588386053954.jpg (45.41 KB, 474x452, 955f306b04317f9b10661ca91ee06a…)

I really envy men's metabolism, I know not all men have the same level of metabolism but on average men have a much higher metabolism rate then women, for e.g my brother eats shit all day but engages in moderate exercise and running and he has an average built but I have to work thrice as hard as him to lose the same amount of weight

No. 548466

I had such a damn good productive day today lol. I woke up early and didn't let myself sleep in for the first time in a few days, ate a good breakfast and worked out, did a little painting that I ended up really liking, and started sewing fabric face masks for my family! Only about halfway done on the last bit there but I spent like 5 hours cutting it out and cursing myself for not just throwing down the money for a big self healing mat and rotary cutter (rip to my thumb joint lol) and it feels good to sew again for the first time in over a year or so… I really miss it even though I feel sort of conditioned to be stressed whenever I sew (used to cosplay a lot and 99% of my time spent sewing, I was usually stressed cos of concrunch lol). After quarantine is over, I'm going to finally buy the patterns I've been eyeing for a really long time, as well as some other ~*~*timeless*~*~ pieces so I can start just making my own damn clothes.

No. 548473

Also an amerifag. I used to love McDonald's parfait when they used Yoplait yogurt. Then they switch to chobani and it would taste spoil.
I recently learned how to make a a less sweeter version, using vanilla extra and a bit of honey or brown sugar. I also added oatmeal with the granola.

No. 548476

Am I alone or does there seems to be a growing trend online of praising NK? Even in the NK thread here. Idk if people think it's progressive or contrarian but it seems callous and dismissive of all the defectors stories? I get having a healthy amount of scepticism but some people seem like they're going out of their way to idealise it

No. 548537



Maybe try the stuff he does first, that sounds a tad delusional

No. 548542

he literally only does push ups, sit ups and running

No. 548548

Whenever anyone says le metabolism the reaity is they simply eat more than that person.

No. 548552

The far left get extra nuts every US presidential election year from failing at democracy. Plus denying mainstream beliefs in general is a current fad with things like corona/vaccines/flat earth/ect.

No. 548555

the thing is I feel like I and most people would probably consider myself to be far left but I still struggle to understand the motive behind doing this, but I think what you said about it denying mainstream beliefs being trendy is very true unfortunately

No. 548558

He eats far mnore then me

No. 548604

there´s no such thing as a higher or lower metabolism, that´s a fable.

Your brother can eat more/eat the amount he eats without gaining because a) he's a male. Men, on average, are taller and have more muscle than women therefore need more energy to sustain their body(weight) and b) he excersises so he burns off a bunch.

No. 548610

All that happened is the tumblr NSFW ban made the cancer migrate to twitter, and tumblr became pretty chill in the aftermath.

The best part is seeing all the ex-tumblr users complain about how awful twitter is now, not realizing that the awfulness was within them all along.

No. 548611

>metabolic rate isn’t real

No. 548613

tfw you will never be a kung fu nun with your best friends

No. 548615

This, I really like the regression, it's like it's slowly going back to OG tumblr before all the political/social justice stuff.

No. 548617

Any theories on why the NSFW ban made all the social justice types flee to twitter? Most of them don't even post NSFW but they all left anyway.

Not that I'm complaining since I also like the regression to art and fandom tumblr.

No. 548618

I think it was because a lot of their audience were leaving so it made sense for them to switch platform to retain their following

No. 548622

Oh right, I didn't even think of that! I'm a dumbass, I thought it was a principled stance against ~censorship~ or something.

No. 548624

lmao I feel like censorship would be the least likely issue any of those people would take a principled stance against, also I think most of them actually supported the ban if we're thinking about the same people. A lot of those people could have had threads…so much wasted milk.

No. 548635

We must have been around different types of crazy, the people I was thinking of were all the 'never ever shame any kink no matter how degenerate' types, going on about how the NSFW ban was discrimination against the legitimate business of sex workers. The same kind who would try to tell you off for blocking porn blogs because the innocent user just wants to see your arts, who cares if you don't want to be ambushed with hardcore porn when you mouseover your new follower to see who they are?

Pretty sure I know the types you're thinking of too though. Wasted milk on both sides.

No. 548672

some people are literally like:

why are you giving your unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread and now i shall attack you and argue why your opinion is wrong

why are you confessing in the confession thread with a dark secret or something you're only supposed to confess normal things like "i eat bugs" but seems like i have to attack you now

why are you venting in the vent thread with your childhood trauma/etc you're only supposed to talk about how much you hate yourself on here what you're saying is fake and exaggerated i don't believe you

No. 548676

I know right?
I don't get why some anons feel so threatened by people having different life experiences and opinions from them.

No. 548692

im scared to graduate, my school is doing a drive in graduation and I wouldve much preferred something like zoom..idk I dont want to be seen in public.

No. 548752

I started watching all youtube videos in 1.75x or 2x speed now. I can't stand the relevant information-to-time ratio otherwise

No. 548767

Me too, there's a handful of channels I watch at normal speed because I actually enjoy the content and everything else is 2x because I just want the information. If they had a transcript I'd just read that and be done with it.

No. 548771

kyary pamyu pamyu was only 18 when she made ponponpon. i find it creepy when teenage girls are big pop stars.

No. 548778

you missed the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 548852

File: 1588446001752.png (742.1 KB, 1080x1011, insh'allah.png)

I can't shake the feeling that anything and absolutely everything I post on this website is 10x more retarded than everyone else's already dumbass shit.

Also, would be nice if someone yelled at me to do my two due essays im procrastinating on.

No. 548859

My boyfriend has a secret twitter he accidentally mentioned one night while intoxicated. I spent two days searching for it and finally found it because he's pretty predictable.
Almost every single tweet about me was very sweet or downright flattering. I can't believe how many nice things he's said about me. He has no followers, so it's not for an audience and it's not written like for me to find, or something.
It made my day, I was expecting the opposite completely.

No. 548861

Finish your fucking essays, dumbass. How much money, time, and effort have you put into your schooling already? What you just want to waste it all so you can fuck around on a message board for a couple of hours? Is lolcow.farm really going to be the thing that causes you to get a lower grade? ARE YOU SURE THAT'S A WISE DECISION, ANON

No. 548863

Stop it anon, you're eroding my bitterness towards men and making me believe in wholesome love again.