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File: 1542497175648.png (10.08 MB, 4054x4128, Spechie Thread.png)

No. 733867

Spechie is a bad artist, tracer, YouTuber, and popular with edgelord 13 year olds for her "I'm not like other girls" schtick and bad anime art and muddy paintings

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTvL2iGT_R9Ld4M46xO3AQ
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/spechie_
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Spechie_
TUMBLR: http://spechie-heck.tumblr.com/
DEVIANTART: http://spechie.deviantart.com/

Fresh Milk:

> Lied about her PS4 being 'hacked'

> Got caught allowing racial slurs in a server she moderates
> Made a creepy shrine to her boyfriend
> Moved closer to said boyfriend after about half a year of being together
> Made a video about how nobody liked her because she was ugly, when really they didn't like her because she was a bully.
> Continues to trace images for her videos
> Changed her character sprite again, it's not any better
> Got two cats and a dog with Tim, again, despite being with him for less than a year

> Her bullying 'Mandy' to near suicide
> Lied about paying her rent twice to get them sweet subscriber bucks
> Said that her and Tim got a big ticket for going '5 over', which is most likely a lie.
> Spechie threatened to sue people who made videos on her
> Spechie harrassing any girl who even looks at Tim/Comments on his social media
> She lied about her high school classmates' appearances in her "Cringe Factor" vid (which is now private), calling all of them "fat, acne-covered greasy nerds" who had "moobs." When you look up past classes at the high school she went to, all her classmates were average size, and they all looked normal. Some were even cute.
> Claims her teacher was jealous of her art skillz

Previous Threads:


No. 733894

File: 1542499911984.png (34.44 KB, 394x344, karam cp1.PNG)

Guess I should start off this thread with some top-tier cringe. You know that Karam guy who's saying the racial slurs in the top post? Well he was a mod on Spatula's and Tim's shared server during Late July-Aug of this year. He only got the position because he was close friends with Tim. Immediately after becoming mod he started abusing his position by just being an unfunny edgelord and driving people away from the server. Some of his best material include making jokes about buying CP/child sex slaves:

No. 733896

File: 1542500201105.png (31.66 KB, 635x313, karam bestiality 1.PNG)

Bestiality jokes:

No. 733898

After more general degeneracy, people in the server eventually got sick and tired of Karam's shit, which you can read the glorious entirety of here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Nu3ETKFfh9YRW3aa9s-pzH3THnwbVAzb?usp=sharing

Which a couple of days later caused a nuclear meltdown on the server that you can read here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17EL2OtsdxNv5ycKQPQnjxUzI8A13teyP?usp=sharing
as people rightfully started taking their anger out on Spatula and Tim because they enabled the "hostility" they claimed they were trying to stop. But of course, neither of them can do anything wrong, so they played innocent.

tl;dr neither Spatula or Tim can take responsibility for their mistakes, more breaking news at 7.

No. 733899

File: 1542501535187.png (161.32 KB, 1240x1048, slander suit v2.png)

Threatening to sue people for telling/exposing the truth seems a like a running theme among Spoony and Co.

No. 733903

She is the perfect example of a toxic person. If I had the bravery and equipment to do it, I'd attempt to post a psychological analysis on her.

Spechie is no good.

No. 733916

KEK, Karam. If you're a 'kid' and it can fuck up your future life, you shouldn't have said it.

Also nobody knows who you are or fucking cares. No college is gonna see that some kid named Karam said slurs or talked about fucking dogs and think

"Oh that's 'whateverthefuckhisnameis' and we won't let him college.'

Don't be a fuckin pussy

sage 4 no contribute

No. 733917

kek, the morty edit is A1 OP.

No. 733935

Forgive the stupid question, but who's Spatula

No. 733937

I think they were calling Spech Spatula as a joke

No. 734086

How is this about spechie? Tim seems like an unfunny edgelord himself, I'm sure he says similar stuff himself.

No. 734208

I love how all these guys antagonize each other, like, they literally could not form a proper sentence to address the issue in the discord- and neither could the mods lol

No. 734400

Spechie is a mod in this server and just let this dude do this despite complaints about it from what I've heard?

No. 734417

She claimed that the reason why the mods were getting ban-happy was because the server was becoming hostile, but completely ignored the fact that Karam, a mod who she just let go rogue, played a big part in that hostility because he was making people uncomfortable.

No. 734947

Anyone see Spechie's new video? Gods, it wasn't any better.

No. 734959

This is just me being extra, but I wish the milk description on the top would include the fact that with the two cats is wrong. She had two cats, then on Twitter cried about having to get rid of one of her cats, only to then get a medium sized dog a few months later, and continues to say on Twitter that she wants another cat

No. 734962

This is was anon is talking about.
Not sure if we can milk it anymore besides list Spoon as a possible misogynist

No. 734995

Spechie, people don't dislike you because you're ugly outside. It's because you're ugly inside, right down to your core. You're a mean, vile person who oozes toxicity. Nobody wanted to date you because you were a bully and a shit person. Not because you're ugly.

No. 735067

The type of girl that whines about how ugly she is but just wants compliments. When you agree that they’re ugly, they attack you??? Bloody hell(read the rules & user info)

No. 735080

Last time I checked, not a lot of people on the last thread focused on her appearance. A lot of the milk was from her ugly personality and talentless ass, which makes it even more funny that the only thing that Spoon has ever defended/confronted was one comment on the overuse in filters- which was apparent that it was due to insecurities

No. 735082

So why was she depressed about being single in elementary and middle school? Then at high school she admitted she didn't like anyone. And she isn't ugly in high school. Full make up, hair nicely done. She does seem like the stereotypical pretty high school girl. This whole video is her being pissed about girls prettier than her. Then she blames her camera for making her ugly. The whole video is all over the place

No. 735258

File: 1542728488989.png (196.64 KB, 820x916, ISmTImE.png)

She claims she doesn't trace but pulls this shit.

No. 735299

oh no the long pointy anime fingers

No. 735305

File: 1542735093106.jpg (21.93 KB, 1200x800, a16516c9c9897b066e7eda6f87f46e…)

No. 735499

This is a little off topic, but I wonder what Spechie thinks about other 2D artists. We already know that she doesn’t really consider paper cutouts as a form of art(or at least one that should be regarded highly) and is a little in over head about her own works- considering she has to rely on tracing or ‘referencing’ to get the attention she wants.
I just wonder if she’s the type to say painterly/realistic styles is the only true art form, seeing how she attempts to draw that way.

No. 738161

Honestly? With how she acts, she probably thinks if you don't draw like her you are a moron/cant draw. She acts like her shit dont stink.

No. 738268

File: 1543198997980.png (427.85 KB, 640x1136, A4DE5410-90C6-4957-9B66-18DF4F…)

She ‘redrew’ a screenshot. Can someone do an overlay, because for her, redraw usually means tracing.

No. 738270

File: 1543199021780.jpeg (159.11 KB, 1920x1080, F9B322B1-D21C-4653-BD14-70057B…)

No. 738304

Im sure her leafy clone boyfriend isnt helping her toxic behaviors. Shed have a potential for growth if she dumped leafy and started to accept criticism, she doesnt seem like a bad person, just terribly insecure and immature. Maybe she'll grow out of it soon?

No. 738654

File: 1543267073679.png (110.62 KB, 815x317, spechie_cringe_factor_self_con…)

Idk man. Usually if someone is really a decent person underneath all the insecurity and immaturity you see the "nice person" peek through here and there but I don't see it with Spatula. She threatened to sue me and other people just because we got in contact with someone she bullied, not to mention that she shamelessly admitted in a vid she didn't hide her victim's identity, meaning that she intended for her to get publicly humiliated from the start. She didn't even seem to feel sorry for what she did in the vid where she addresses the original bullying video, and in the most recent of the 1000 vids she made about high school, she denies the fact she was ever mean to anyone. Like just because she made the original vid private and no one can see it anymore doesn't mean it never existed? Someone who was actually nice underneath it all would've apologized for her actions a long time ago.

No. 738669

File: 1543268103754.png (454.71 KB, 1128x622, Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 4.32…)

Yup it's traced. And no ones surprised. Only difference is the face which i believe is a tracing of another persons work. She didn't even include the markings on the arm.
Shit show btw, the art is so lazy compared to the original.

No. 738814

how can she basically 1:1 trace it and still have it looking all sorts of wonk?

No. 739292

because she cant trace coloring. so when she goes to render it she fucks up because she has no understanding of form or light.

No. 739392

God I want her to get called out on her tracing by someone big so badly. It's so obvious and so bad.

No. 739410

Has anybody seen any of her opening drawing streams?
I know that she doesn’t keep them publicly any more or seem to share it on any of her social media’s, but if her streams constantly begin with a sketched image, it’s even more proof that she traces rather than 100% rely on the half-assed after image

No. 739413

I heard she just unlisted them. But unless you can get a direct link then it's still out of reach.

No. 739417

Hey guys, I don’t think she’ll change unless that ‘big YouTuber’ or ‘big video’ comes out. From her past actions, she doesn’t see her behavior as morally unacceptable and won’t change unless she receives a lot of negative backlash- I mean, look at her depression video and even her most recent insecurity video that confirms her changing only for the social norm

No. 740573

File: 1543512924563.png (176.32 KB, 825x465, MrCK9UN.png)

The funny thing is we got proof of this. Love or hate Daft Pina she totally took some of his advice to try and seem liked she improved in the laziest way possible.

Grabbed some Lined paper background and pasted it on everything so she won't have a blank background anymore. Only she didn't realize it made her look more lazy specially when she still shits out things where she can't even color the mouth right.

No. 744607

She left some links to her unlisted speedpaints in her first tweets so I scoured through all her first tweets and found these:
https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=5y6tIQLk6zM (sketches pop in around the 0:22)
https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=7yijLS9gcT4 (This one you can literally see her tracing over an image)
https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=fzgBTvBu4GM (This one is weird because it looks like a traced base or smth is there for like one frame at the beginning, but disappears)

Getting all this took me like an hour. I hope you guys are fucking happy.

They all start off with a sketch. Granted, while there were definitely speedpaints where she didn't start off with anything, I noticed a pattern with them: they were all sketches of front-facing or 3/4 torsos. I think she's familiar drawing these, so she doesn't have to trace to draw them.

No. 744609

File: 1544080346862.png (97.7 KB, 1584x480, loluit proof 2.png)

Also, I know this prob cheese, but I wanted to post this anyway. Remember how Spoodles said she was threatened with a lawsuit? Yeah, no, homegirl full-on went to court. I looked up the alias she uses in the Washington State Court Records and found proof of an actual civil case involving her, in the same county that her high school is in. The records list her case as "closed," which means that the plaintiff pressed charges, the case went to court, and it either got dismissed, acquitted, or reached a verdict. If she was just threatened with a suit, it never would've gone to court.

No. 744927

Good work, anon. Although I hope you know hooktube has been useless for awhile now.

No. 745018

working fine for me?

thanks anon! the 6th one shows her name pretty clearly i'm wondering how she didn't notice that (users/brigid) its also interesting that she never cuts out her skype conversations or when she switches to chrome. One of her bookmarks also looks to be sans fan fiction maybe?

No. 745524


"I need to get my own life and my own goals, I need to be independent. Moving out was a good start but i need to distance myself farther."

>I need to distance myself farther

what did she mean by this? Is she referring to her family in general?

No. 745829

File: 1544294181970.jpeg (86.4 KB, 640x420, C4A9977B-BB15-4F9C-AE74-626979…)

Someone’s butthurt. I get the vibe this is about jeffree starr (bc she’s high key obsessed with him) like Brigid, he’s consistently said some racist shit what do u want.

No. 745830

File: 1544294295089.jpeg (86.47 KB, 640x381, 72002B14-C43F-4661-A611-1F41DD…)

A continuation. Brigid really doesn’t get it does she?

No. 745858

Nah, I think it’s more likely that she’s expressing her opinion on the Kevin Hart situation.
But she’s not slick, if she’s saying that anyone can get away from their past, I would kindly disagree. Spechie is infamous for running away from her actions, much of which took place only a few years ago compared to the Kevin Hart thing
(not that I would 100% let him go on what he’s said either).
I mean, I know that this is old news, but Brigid didn’t even apologize to the girl that almost committed suicide about the video and the mess that she has made. She literally told a person to apologize for her over messaging. I’m sorry Spoon, but you were in high school, take fucking responsibility- especially when you continue to behave the same way online

No. 745859

Ah, the famous ‘everyone who hates me is just jealous’ arguement. Before, your excuse was, ‘my family didn’t love me’(which, is very questionable since there has been evidence on them buying everything for her), now it’s ‘everybody that has an opinion is a twat who hates themselves’?

No. 745877

Spoon is proof that Jeffree fans are actually the worst.

That being said tho, anyone think this is actually about herself? Usually when she talks about Jeffree she'll actually @ him or mention him by name in the tweet, but here she doesn't which makes me believe it's about herself. I know for a fact she's been surfing the lolcow threads and the pull boards on her recently because I made a post in pull calling her insincere because she didn't delete "Cringe Factor" after her "apology," and a day later when I checked it was no longer private, but deleted. There's also the fact that I posted that massive wall of links linking to her old unlisted speedpaint videos. If this post is about herself, then she's being stupid because most of the shit she's done was 1-2 years ago, not 10, most of which she hasn't apologized for. People digging up 10 year old dirt on you is NOT the same as finding shit you've said 2 years ago that you haven't apologized for.

Don't forget that the ""apology"" didn't come until after she was shown receipts proving she was lying out her ass. She wasn't sorry for what she did, she was sorry she got caught.

No. 745970

can't draw, can't spell, can't even trace properly holy christ

No. 746290

Really no idea what this means, unless she still is depending on her family members for money and stuff

No. 746696

cue the rihanna track

no, but she's honestly so fake it's ridiculous. She has a video about 'snakes' when she herself is one. Asskissing and joking with bigger youtubers and then shit talking them behind their backs.

No. 747128

She doesn't even understand the what "snake" actually means. If you watch her "Snakes" vid she thinks it means someone who changes their personality depending on what social group they're in, not someone who's two faced, which is what it actually means.

No. 748852

It's funny and sad at the same time. She redefined it because she didn't want people to point out that she was a snake LMAOOOOO.

No. 749250

File: 1544822965234.png (655.38 KB, 1200x1200, JKpJ6nF.png)

Her latest art is a floating head.
Remember guys. Shes way better than her art teacher. /s

No. 749329

This is mediocre deviant art level, Jesus. How is she famous

No. 749344

Is this supposed to be her but with pink hair? jfc spechie.

No. 749347

File: 1544837429315.png (598.64 KB, 581x1199, mynamesblurryface.png)

imagine being so insecure that you blur your face in pictures until you legitimately have no features left.

No. 749348

>that filename

she actually almost looks like she has some sort of deformity with how she edits her pictures.the center part also is not doing her any favors…

No. 749739

What's the point of going through the trouble of putting on makeup for your pics if you're just going to blur the shit out of all your effort anyway???

No. 749994

Her artwork/ colouring technique has literally not change in 2 years. I don’t know if she has a job outside of YouTube, but if this girl says that you don’t need to go to art school to improve- I wouldn’t use her work to prove this thought process

No. 749995

File: 1544992065096.jpeg (117.88 KB, 750x784, 01A43125-4212-4C4B-AF2C-B0C93E…)

Translation: because I’m alone in a movie theatre, it makes me look sad

No. 749997

File: 1544992128604.jpeg (83.46 KB, 750x593, 3AB67BA2-F36E-47A4-851F-85F916…)

In addition…. wtf

No. 749998

I think that we already had this idea floating around, but imma say it, it’s as though she sees people(amount of friends, having a bf) as a status symbol.
I understand if she’s worried about something happening if she’s alone in a theatre, but how she words things and not acknowledging that makes her seem so awful

No. 750008

Did smth happen between her and Tim? Why doesn't she just go see the movie with her boy toy?

No. 750017

Distance obivously. What I dont get though is; how we know she no longer lives with her parents but she doesn’t live with her boyfriend. I know this because I recall in the last thread of her bringing up rent costs and suggesting that her bf and her share the costs but some other anon posted that she doesn’t live with boyfriend. I also remember her bringing up how she doesn’t know anyone in her new place.

Does Tim still live with his parents?

No. 750030

On her Twitter it says she’s still with Tim, and she has stated before that she is an hour away from him, though it does seem strange that she started to stop spamming pics of her and Tim- but that could be because many people told her to stop all the pics.
Perhaps he has a job or school outside of YouTube?

No. 750050

it's probably a good thing they don't live together because their inevitable break up is going to be fucking messy, but it is weird that they didn't choose to live together. maybe tim's parents don't want him moving in with his gf.

No. 750070

>but that could be because many people told her to stop all the pics.

no they didnt stop lying and thinking her fanbase is similar to lolcows demographics

No. 750093

File: 1545009763321.jpeg (139.19 KB, 750x877, F38C53DF-1114-4F09-9600-CAE712…)

A big assumption to say that they meant Spoon’s whole fanbase, but I mean, she did address people complaining about her posting too much about her relationship

No. 750456

File: 1545093211488.jpeg (41.48 KB, 750x283, 1AB29DE0-568F-497C-9425-AA6FE3…)

I can’t help but think about this post

No. 752728

File: 1545512575892.jpeg (436.96 KB, 750x1077, B632EE04-994F-4479-A0D3-1144B9…)

Now that’s a thicc neck.

No. 752763

I like it, actually looks like him compared to the side-view renditions she is used to (which looks nothing like him)

No. 752804

that's a really tiny hand LMAO

No. 752883

It looks like she literally looked at a picture of his face as reference (or poor tracing), then winged his whole body

No. 752886

Lmao, he has the dreamworks look going on

No. 753670

File: 1545690875250.png (138.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181224-123621.png)

Jesus Christ, there's enough gaslighting in her server to start a new communist/fascist regime.
"There never was bullying, comrade. Lolcow is just capitalist pig propaganda designed to shake faith in our great and glorious Mother."

No. 753939

I really don’t understand how a person, even a kid, could be that dull. I understand being weary of information given on sites like these, but when they provide information that can be backed up by other sources, you know that you shouldn’t play ignorant.
I mean, even if the story around her may be wrong, there’s evidence of Spoon lying over and over again to cover her ass from looking bad- that girl is still not right

No. 753989

File: 1545775093634.png (142.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181224-122531.png)

A lot of her mods seem to be in denial that the person they're friends with is a shit human being, either because they're really impressionable and don't wanna believe their idol is capable of doing anything wrong, or because they're shit human beings themselves, like that Sotalokki (who also mentions that he was "beaten to near death" when he was young, but I'm starting to think that happened because he's a massive cunt) guy who said he "doesn't care" if someone was bullied to the point of contemplating suicide. They justify her actions by saying "she was just a kid" when it happened, or that "we've all done something wrong, so who are we to judge." Maybe we should all just "Mature up," whatever that means lmao

No. 754297

File: 1545846198223.jpg (39.75 KB, 508x601, yeesh.JPG)

she looks like she's aged 10 years. i think its a combination of the horrible makeup and the hair

No. 754547

y i k e s

No. 754548

y i k e s

No. 755655

File: 1546058749611.jpeg (67.66 KB, 750x356, 518C559A-F0DE-46D7-B526-71FD67…)

No, you’re just really unpleasant.
I mean, what happened to them, if they were the greatest, they would keep in touch….right…?

No. 757178

File: 1546325372488.png (478.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181229-120428.png)

"My love for you is so deep I didn't wanna spend >$5 on you."

No. 757179

File: 1546325403462.png (282.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181231-224338.png)

No. 757203

How fucking pathetic do you have to be on NYE to fucking reverse search a jewelry ring design of a standard knockoff broke ass candy cane toy ring to spoil her happness? Of course timmy didn’t apend more than $100 american on this ring since he is barely undert 25 and lives with parents like most of his millential counterparts the important thing is the meaning and dedicateion for their company and the like.and I am sure spatula is overjoyed and thatis what matters above all in the isp

Leartn to sage and stop wasting your time on a “cow” your so much better than yet I am sure have less people caring for you if you are so rachet and bitter and jealous iver this simple IG post on nye

No. 757205

>tells another anon that they're pathetic for being on lolcow on new year's eve
>is on lolcow on new year's eve

lay off the crack next time. thanks for saging your asslicking at least!

No. 757206

Bitch theresz a difference brweyeen rcritizinng nitpickijg and wasting hours on a chinese sweat shop outlet trying to match the item listing for a IG post of some deadwood washe dup peaked yt animator storytimd down to the grit and drtjals of a ri g

No. 757207

don’t want to be like “hi cow” but sounds like someone’s a little drunk on that new years alcohol and decided it would be a good idea to lurk on their own thread.. sad kek

No. 757209

I want to seirously want to know how much time you spent on trying to match that ring to the chinese equivalent on alibaba. If you did it in less than a couple of hours than you have greta talent and i wish you a new happy uear but if you spent hohes onthis shit then tour sad and mean

No. 757211

anon go to sleep

No. 757222

Hi Spechie! I didn't even have to go to Aliexpress. Literally just searched "half heart rhinestone promise ring" on Google Images and it was a couple of rows down. Also, since you're only like 19, I wanna advise you to lay off the champagne. Alcohol isn't good for a developing brain.

Everyone else happy New Year's (if you actually give a shit about that kinda thing).

No. 757820

Spechie doesn't drink but goddamn someone definitely does lmfao (unless she was faking it but that's hella dumb)

No. 757831

And how do you know Spatula doesn’t drink? Because if it’s something she said in a video or tweet I'd take it with a grain of salt since y’know, she lies about everything.

I mean it’s either a really salty fan who got drunk, or as I suspect Spatula got drunk, got butthurt hate-reading the thread and thought replying was a smart thing to do in her drunken stupor

I’ll go wait the latter it’s funnier to think about

No. 757907

She made several tweets about how drinking isn’t cool and vaping and weed are way better and safer, but I bet she is just mad she isn’t old enough to legally drink.
Now that she lives close to her boyfriend, who is old enough to buy alcohol, she can easily get some off of him.

No. 757981

I think that everybody is giving Spoon too much credit and forgetting that she can’t type for shit. Spoon could’ve been sober, and have responded- the first and sadest response to online tea about her.

No. 757984

I think that everybody is forgetting that Spoon can’t type for shit. She could’ve been sober, and have responded- the first and sadest response to online tea about her.

No. 758263


>claims someone else is being pathetic about posting on NYE despite not everyone caring about such events or, you know, still being able to spend a couple minutes doing whatever they want

>proceeds to make an actual pathetic post that humiliates and practically mocks themselves after


I know this was a couple days ago, but god damn. Sweetie, be glad this is an anonymous site where you can't be tied to this and become an actual laughing stock for the rest of threads you dumbass hoe

No. 759246

new vid

No. 759692

i mean we all know its spechie

No. 759694

oh she definitely drinks. just not publically.

No. 759703

File: 1546721132743.jpeg (96.32 KB, 750x311, EBA7DF3D-8020-493E-A46B-EEB00E…)

I mean, I know that correlation doesn’t equal causation… BUT

No. 759709

Oh look who doesn’t drink
She’s definitely a lightweight if it takes two days to get over a hangover

No. 759719

this is such a shit vid lmao i feel bad for the people she rec'd bc now theyre forever associated with spechie now. All the recs say the same thing "good quality content check them out"

like okay sure i dont think you're the best judge of quality spechle.

Also calling PantlessPajamas Pant instead of PJ. Just. What the fuck, spechie. Like is calling everyone the wrong names supposed to be funny?

i dont get it. also if rushlight is the one helping her with art… yikes.

No. 759723

File: 1546723760057.jpeg (321.66 KB, 750x1214, C90D1E31-98DD-4B0B-A3D6-6E7685…)

A person on Spechie’s PULL page is claiming to be apart of the animation community and defending the legion by claiming how the community isn’t so horrible, that they don’t ‘fake liking each other’ when in the next line they state how much of the community avoids Spechie like the plague. Acting nice towards her but avoid her when possible.
Kek, they go onto stating how Spechie is the one with the problem (which I can agree to a certain extent) and how she’s not apart the community.
From this, it looks like Spoon may not be aware of it, but her YouTube “friends” literally blacklisted her

No. 759732

i can vouch for this, it really seems like everyone unofficially blacklisted her. The second server was made bc her original one was run like complete shit.

People don't just come out and say it for a few reasons

1) she's a huge channel with rabid edgy fans, nobody wants to deal with them targeting the channels we run

2) We're trying to be professional in handling it.

Everyone basically avoids her if they aren't in her 'clique' which seems to just be much smaller youtubers who are probably sufficiently 'starstruck' and nice to feed her ego.

most people are passively polite because that's common courtesy.

No. 759753

So your putting up with her so not to deal with her spergy 13 year old fans
I mean I understand, I’m polite to people I don’t particularly like either you just don’t want to deal with the drama

But at the same time, if nobody in the community even likes her why not point by point just explain why and explain how she can better herself? I mean she’s probably going to throw a hissy fit but you never know, if enough people speak out and tell her she’s a shitty person it might sink in

No. 759798

We have. We have tried multiple times. She just calls in timmykins and her other mods to defend her and acts catty then shit talks you later in private and thinks her 'friends' won't tell you.

(spoiler, they fucking do)

She doesn't learn. People have called her out in her server and I'm grateful for that, but they're always met by the mods being shitty or queen spergie herself shitting on them/mocking them/gaslighting them. She's done it in other servers she's in too
(like the one she's in with tim where she powertripped over rubbing her closeness with tim in a young teenage girls face.)

it's easier to just ignore it because even the nicest-phrased critique will send her into a tantrum like a 10 year old would have over not getting what they want. If it's not in her 'critique' channel on her discord fan server, she doesn't want it. She just wants to publicly seem like she's changed without fixing her shit.

Spooch, we know you read here, fix your shit. We're not all blindly hating you. You're legitimately a fucking annoying, draining person to be around.

No. 759822

so basically the ricegum of the animators? thats priceless

No. 760179

File: 1546810113187.jpeg (224.41 KB, 2000x2000, C78652BC-C5D9-4F5E-9499-5CD519…)

For once, the colours aren’t god awful, yet she manages to continue the same pose as her sprite because she doesn’t know what studies are or how to apply them to her work

No. 760192

thats not how boobs- or collars. or shoulders… thats not how ANY of that works. WHY DOES THE BIRD HAVE PPL THIGHS BUT NO ARMS….

spechie literally, what the fuck

No. 760240

there are artists out there trying to hustle and have real talent yet spatula shits this out in 20 minutes and gets her ass licked by hundreds of people

i have no faith anymore

No. 760254

Literally just looks like something a 12 year old shat out on ms paint and slapped on their deviant art page. Spechie has a lot of god damn nerve being a fat bitch to people when she draws like a middle schooler, and other people in the art community think the same way.

No. 760400

This is appart of Twitter tag, #twitterfur where you get a shit ton of anthropomorphic images of the bird. I know that she likes to call herself a furry, but Idk if it’s because she sees it as quirky or if its an excuse to draw anthropomorphic animals because she doesn’t actually know how to draw anything besides female front busts and half assed 3/4 faces

No. 760918

File: 1546951930056.jpg (504.39 KB, 1200x1200, DwYWxMnU8AAgRJH.jpg)

newest piece
pretty obvious it's one of her traced faces and holy shit the squish on this one is hilariously horrible. The face is super shaded and kinda detailed, but the ear is just a bunch of scribbles, and the face itself looks like someone with FAS

I tried reverse searching for the model this was most likey traced from but so many images are similar it's hard to narrow it down. Maybe she traced over her own face for this one, who knows.

No. 760973

The upper right corner of hair is a nice start but everything else is wonky and makes no sense anatomy wise and the depth/lighting is all off.

She should probably do more studies before jumping into full on paintings or she'll just create bad habits and learn nothing over all

No. 761192

Definitely looks like her face, it may be one of the hundereds of filtered images, hard to find the exact one considering they all look the same
Unfortunately she’s been doing the same thing over and over again with each ‘study’ that she does, including the ones in high school- so idk if she’s going to stop any time soon.

But anyway, what I find the most jarring about this piece is the fact that she uses a darker hue than the skin tone to imply definition, which is a big no no for beginners because it Acts as a handy cap (especially for me when I was younger) for lazy colouring, making the piece uninteresting and the facial features (mainly the mouth and eyes) pop out in an unflattering way, which screams amateur

No. 761206

File: 1546993366706.jpg (474.99 KB, 1498x843, abbey lee.jpg)

Looks very much like a squished Abbey Lee Kershaw and nothing like Spechie herself

No. 761222


… which came out forever ago and pretty sure was already in the old thread.

No. 761407

File: 1547020648988.jpg (518.46 KB, 1200x1200, 1546951930056.jpg)


literally 2 minutes in photoshop and the proportions are fixed. why does she squish the faces so much jesus christ

No. 761458

I agree

No. 761640

To try and hide the fact that she traces, and she does a pisspoor job of it
Maybe if she spent time actually learning how to draw properly she wouldn’t have to trace to fool people into thinking she’s a good artist

No. 762911

File: 1547243097287.png (31.8 KB, 720x308, 20190111_133257.png)

Someone on her Discord server called her out for tracing the elf image, and this is the response she gave. Let's hold her to her word then.

No. 762912

File: 1547243138019.png (388.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-10-20-45-57…)


No. 762931

Oh yeah, totally doesn’t line up
That’s why she squishes and skews shit to stupid proportions, so she can say that shit just like I guessed “I don’t trace! See it TOTES doesn’t line up see??”

Unfortunately it does. And you can see how much it will line up just eyeballing it
The eyes are almost the same, the eyebrows ARE the same and will line up perfectly, the ear comes off the same spot the jaw was lightly shaved in that one little spot
The nose is the same and lines up, the lips are the same and line up

Yeah, you only referenced for “bone structure”

It wouldn’t line up if it was just referenced Spatula, but thanks for barely trying

No. 762988

Hey anon, what’s the original pic?

No. 762994

She means ‘traced the image and fucked it up in the colouring’, right?
Spoon, when you draw like shit:
Without references, news flash it becomes apparent that you trace

No. 763010

File: 1547254866863.png (711.36 KB, 717x1175, 20190111_165550.png)

It's from a photo gallery of the same model. It looks like its an amateur photographer's portfolio or smth. She never traces shit from big name photographers though because that can get her in legal trouble, and she's already had a run-in with the law.

On her DeviantArt page she claims it's "referenced," but on top of tracing the bone structure it's pretty clear she used the dropper tool to color, shade, and countour. This shit goes beyond just referencing.

No. 763696

Did she ever give credit to the "references"?

No. 763749

Above anon, Spoon did, on her deviantart page, but she clearly did more than ‘reference’

No. 766708

Hey, I'm Karam, the mod in the server. Not gonna lie I'm 100 percent in the wrong here. I'll be honest I was trying to be funny by being edgy but obviously I shouldn't have… I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 766739

hahahha regretting your edge now that your words are immortalized and in the hands of someone you didn't want to have them? idiot.

you're scarily good at this, you should work for law enforcement

No. 766760

I mean as someone said above the chance of anyone actually finding this is slim. I'm just a dumb kid and I'm still learning what's acceptable, even before I knew about this thread I had already apologized for everything I've said on the server, Immortalized or not I still think what I said was shitty. These messages were sent quite a while ago so I kinda cringe at seeing the type of shit I used to say.

No. 766767

Also I wanted to clarify that I'm 15, cus the CP jokes kinda make me look like a pedo if I was an adult (not that the jokes are suddenly okay cus im a kid)(underage )

No. 766797

Guess we need to open a new thread to celebrate this lolcow.

Honey, you need to understand: On the internet you can't backpedal. Doubling down on the backpedal won't help. And everybody is entitled to laugh at the stupid edgy stuff you said for the rest of history.

Also: next time sage plox.

No. 766811

File: 1547631179581.jpeg (149.87 KB, 720x1280, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

"Quite a while ago?" Sweaty, those messages were sent last August. As in, not even a whole year ago. You don't magically become a brand new, changed person just because you had a birthday at some point in between then and now. Your sins aren't limited to just edgy jokes either. According to someone who used to be in that server, you regularly harassed a long-time trans fan of Tim's by calling her a trap despite her expressing that she was uncomfortable:

No. 766812

File: 1547631449092.jpeg (167.23 KB, 720x1280, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Furiously backpedal and use your age card (Huh, weird. It's almost like you haven't changed at all) when someone calls you out for your shitty behavior, then proceed to passive-aggressively subtweet about them rightfully dragging your ass in other channels:

No. 766813

File: 1547631841927.jpeg (149.65 KB, 720x1280, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

And finally,spew borderline white supremacist rhetoric about POC at people who were making pretty harmless "white people cant dance XD" jokes. Just like back then, you only care about your actions when you realized your chickens came home to roost. You don't give a shit about people's feelings or mental wellbeing, just your own online reputation. If you actually cared about how much you hurt people you'd apologize on the server you said all that stupid shit on, and not on an ANONYMOUS FUCKING IMAGEBOARD where your identity can't even be verified. Thank you, next.

No. 766860

I did apologize on the server, also this effects my reputation in no way. I genuinely feel bad about it. As for the trans person I interacted with them once when I made a traps are gay joke that wasn’t even directed at them. All the other times I had made any mean jokes I apologized. If I didn’t care about others feeling I would be writing this. I feel bad about it.

No. 766863

I saw it all as a joke, I constantly used the “it’s just a joke” excuse. I’m trying to become a better person and since all the server stuff went down I had stopped making offensive jokes and I tried to apologize to anyone I’ve hurt.

No. 766865

Not to add that I don’t really moderate that server anymore so there isn’t really a reputation to ruin. I just want to knowhow to be a better person.

No. 766868

I also wanted to add that I never called the trans person a “trap” the only time that was brought up was when I said “Traps are gay” and they said that was homophobic and i said it was “just a joke”. Obviously I need to learn to see things from others perspectives, all because it doesn’t effect me doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt someone else.

No. 766869

Sorry to post so much but as for the white supremisist stuff, it was stupid of me, as someone who’s literally had their race and religion made fun of I should know better, I don’t want this to come off as me victimizing myself tho, I’m not the victim in this situation.

No. 766872

I know it’s only been a few months since then but I’ve honestly learned a lot. I want to better myself that’s why I even decided to post here.

No. 766875


mate, posting on lolcow won't help you better yourself. Either say something interesting, spill milk on Spechie, or leave before you embarrass yourself further.

No. 766879

Alright, I just wanted to say I’m sorry and to clarify some things. I hope all of you have a nice day.

No. 766881

Dear Karam,
As anon already posted above me: this is lolcow, a gossip site and not a confession board for your sins. If you really want to better yourself, I recommend stop posting here and everywhere else for a while. Do some charitable work, especially for groups of people you harassed such as trans and refugees in order to get a different view in life. You're still young and you have the chance to change but you're going to work very hard on your flaws and this will take many years and not some months like you want us to believe.

No. 766882

Alright, thanks for your input. I contacted the trans person and I’ve begun to discuss how to improve. I wasn’t aware that this was a gossip site lol. I appreciate all of your guys replies. Thanks :)

No. 767455

what a boring-ass thread

please stop posting here

No. 767531

No. 767950

File: 1547857715657.png (486.15 KB, 587x523, why.png)

GTFO Spechie.

BTW why do people think she is cool?
Pic related

No. 769772

looking for clout probably

No. 769894

This thread is probably so boring because Spechie as a content creator barely makes any content.

No. 769952

File: 1548187437692.jpg (67.06 KB, 1043x1199, whiteDiamondpainting.jpg)

this is… eesh. The painting is muddy, there is no use of values or contrast, that diamond on her head is straight up embarrassing. Yikes.

No. 769975

She chooses the worst colors

No. 770158

It actually looks like she’s using a new technique. Either that or she’s applying what she knows to an image that she didn’t trace

No. 770161

So it takes her a day to make this but 2months to make her videos

No. 770967

not really. It looks like garbage

No. 771809

The ear, the nose, the lips… it's like non of those were ment to match with the face… and those shoulders are like a new low.
And the hand is just creeping me out.

Why does she continue at all at this point? Thanks to her BF she could be the new female leafy or something!

No. 772072

I wouldn’t necessarily blame Spoon’s bf for her own actions considering there hasn’t been that many accounts of him outside of his videos. For all we know, that could be his persona. Spoon on the other hand, her actions match her behavior and mannerisms outside of social media. She’s literally that unlike able

No. 773763

File: 1548899054343.jpeg (141.32 KB, 610x500, F46850E4-4486-458F-8C5E-3D3476…)

In all honesty, I believe Daft means well, but I don’t think that he has actually seen her recent content besides the icons. I mean, her content has been the stereotypical rant style and I don’t even think that the avatars are that different, one just has ‘shading’, if that makes sense

No. 773802

>her content has been the stereotypical rant style

you mean like 70% of the animated storytime tellers? I actually miss spechie's animated storytimes now they're not even animated and their just commentaries that drop once every 2 months.

I want more spechie content

No. 774144


I'm not sure if this is sarcasm but they were not animated to begin with.

However I have to admit that her older videos, when she was not being controversial, were a lot more interesting to at least listen to than now. Now it's like "here's a topic, here's some general shit from this topic, here's my monotone voice, thanks for the paycheck, end video"

I heard that the only reason she hasn't quit YouTube or did something else with it (like that one failed attempt at make up shit) is because she needs the money… no wonder she traces shit for videos and they are half-assed… I think if any and all youtuber has 0 interest in their youtube channel it's never gonna come out good.

No. 774184

It’s only time before she becomes another completely irrelevant and forgettable YouTuber

No. 774941

File: 1549264643696.png (86.13 KB, 554x730, boopboopnyan original post.png)

The poster who wrote that pull comment deleted the original and changed their username, but luckily someone quoted that comment so its preserved forever.

Anyway, in that post someone in Suckie's friend circle says she only makes video when she needs money to pay the bills. At this point I'm pretty sure she's only posting videos because she's stuck in her dead end "job" that she can't get out of because she has nothing else she can use on her resume. She got fired from both of the jobs she worked as a kid, and she can't put her Youtube channel on there because one Google search will pull up the lawsuit she was involved in and all the shitty things she's done. I'd feel bad if she wasn't a colossal cunt.

No. 775041

I thought the beauty videos she did were parody/joke/sarcastic ones because she didnt seem serious in them. Didnt know she planned to make that her pivot.

Oh well I guess I should donate to her patreon now if I want more content

No. 775042

File: 1549308569261.jpeg (85.35 KB, 649x229, C261F5FC-A556-4288-9888-B02175…)

Well, that explains her retweeting this

No. 775044

File: 1549308788124.jpeg (231 KB, 750x1036, ECEACC9D-A6FC-4608-B019-3D9DFF…)

Also, Speckle reblogged this, everybody knows that she has time on her hands, everybody knows that she can do better than what she posts on YouTube, so why?

No. 775066

not to wk but you know people retweet shit just because they find it funny and not necessarily because it has anything to with them? stop reaching

No. 775495

"She can do better than what she posts on YouTube?" Lol, no she can't. At least 45% of the art on her DeviantART (which she claims is where all her "good" art is) is straight up traced/heavily referenced from screenshots from shows, random Google images, or some random photographer's stuff on Pinterest. Don't call her out on it tho or she'll get triggered af and delete your comment or block you. I'm sorry to say it, but the stuff on YouTube IS her art.

Idk man, it would be funny if she could actually draw instead of just tracing other people's work and calling it a day.

No. 776402

That doesn't even look like WD at all

No. 776562

the gods have answered my prayers and the goddess herself has new content! I like it!


No. 776678

File: 1549801918052.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, D90B4C14-2685-43CC-91FD-2AFF28…)

You would think with all the free time she has she could I don’t know… maybe VACCUUM?(nitpicking)

No. 777864

File: 1550079778175.png (204.98 KB, 345x547, q9WGUJj.png)

Now that sprite is a downgrade. The neck is way too long. That hairline is way up her head and looks like she is balding. And the right arm is at such a weird angle.

No. 777919

Just looks like she traced Terra from Teen Titans

No. 778048

God that is ridiculously ugly. The left eye sliding off her face, her hair somehow going behind her jaw, and not to mention there's no shading again. this is just beyond lazy.

No. 778086

>Daft complimented her new stuff
>downgrades significantly like a week later

that'll show him

No. 778099

File: 1550137368612.png (137.64 KB, 346x550, howembarrassing.png)


No. 778147

File: 1550160674825.png (58.01 KB, 639x418, KNcgkEQ.png)

Surprised no one posted this.

No. 778176

File: 1550166185124.jpeg (77.12 KB, 894x894, 317EEF4D-63AF-4116-8FCA-4218BA…)

She did a redraw. It nice to see improvement, but honestly, her first image was probably from elementary. Her improvement is something I can see a middle schooler completing

No. 778177

I love the fact that she defends herself, saying ‘they deserve it’, instead of saying how her statement was an exaggeration, that she’s sorry because her ‘defense’ makes her sound serious in wanting her neighbors to be hurt. Like, jfc, knowing how she’s the queen of exaggeration, is the music even THAT loud??

No. 778178

Kek. She probably used an elementary image because she hasn’t actually improved since middle school

No. 778205

File: 1550174175290.jpeg (107.65 KB, 1024x419, EBA88B62-3594-44C0-A765-8FC10F…)

I know that this is from her old DA page, but why did she stop coloring the lines of the characters.?

No. 778215

File: 1550178583454.png (Spoiler Image, 20.09 KB, 747x562, what am I duwang.png)

The old image actually had normal perspective. Wtf is going on with the perspective in the new picture? Why is the dappled light coming from below? Why is the grass 1 metre tall? What is going on with her chest?
The only way I can understand this picture is she is crouching down and forwards in front of a lake or something.
sorry for… whatever this is

No. 778285


To me the first image looks like she just drew it in like 30 seconds with a mouse before drawing the more improved one.

No. 778712

File: 1550295496939.jpeg (367.67 KB, 750x1161, F381DF0E-E1F2-4FF0-A9EA-1D09C6…)

Why does Tim always look so uncomfortable around her?

No. 778725

I feel so mean for saying this, but those are some big chonky biceps…

No. 778758

That boy is the definition of whipped

No. 778886

Meh, her earlier sprites doesn't look that good even. I don't know what Daft was even thinking

No. 778887

I meant the earlier "improved" ones, not the present one

No. 778913

Yeah, I can agree. But personally, I think it's the fact that she doesn't bother colouring her lines, leaving them pure black. It's such an easy fix, and she knows how to do it, I just don't understand why she hasn't done it

No. 779000

File: 1550443286240.jpg (55.02 KB, 443x913, Gwenspech.jpg)


I feel like she took some art of either of these characters but I just can't find an exact match.

Characters are Gwen Tennyson and Sari Sumdac for anyone who wants to search.

No. 779029

its so weird how over the place her art is. how anyone thinks she /isnt/ tracing is beyond me

No. 780482

File: 1550864068527.jpeg (131.86 KB, 750x365, 725A4DA9-901B-4333-9929-5FBEC8…)

Easy. All Spoon needs to say is how Cancel culture can be toxic for those who haven’t shown CONSISTENT toxic behaviors or commited something that is borderline AGAINST the law.
Done. She doesn’t need a 10 minute video trying to defend people while also defending herself from her own mistakes like the comment she made 12 days ago about how her neighbors should be shot

No. 780982

File: 1551052433498.png (72.75 KB, 959x583, white supremacist spechie 1.pn…)

How does she think she has any right to talk about how toxic cancel culture is? For someone who claims to hate it, she regularly participates in communities that perpetuate it (all her former friends said she loved to talk shit about people or the drama they were involved in, and she's def subbed to drama subreddits/channels on YouTube since she knew a good amount of drama that went down in the beauty community last year), only defends her favs when they get cancelled, but laughs and participates in cancel culture when people like Laura Lee or Tana Mongeau when they get cancelled, and is arguably WORSE than the people she defends like Jeffree Star. Yeah, he's a massive racist douchebag who calls black people gorillas and threatened to sue another YouTuber over a trademark he didn't even file for yet, but he never bullied someone to the point of suicide or entertained white supremacists on his social media.

No. 781075

Is it just me or is it really terrifying to be like Suckie, a person who voices and acts out in the same mannerisms as things that she ‘doesn’t’ believe in?

No. 781879

File: 1551383570427.png (32.53 KB, 618x222, CE3oAIw.png)

Doesn't help much that she blames everyone else for her mistakes and tries to claim shes the victim.

No. 782005

File: 1551407677501.png (74.67 KB, 258x291, bad.png)

in yet another bid to be 'cool' and different she goes with blue hair.

it still looks bad w/ ur greasy hair suckie

No. 782015


You can see that she coloured over it in photoshop to make it look more blue. Shouldn’t she be better at not making it so obvious? She’s an ‘artist’ after all.

No. 782245

File: 1551467517253.jpeg (445.05 KB, 750x1055, 465E9CF1-F97F-4484-B75F-026F17…)

I bet he does feel stupid being there.
Also, I guess she got another cat, either that or it’s Tim’s

No. 782933

File: 1551631438928.jpeg (58.12 KB, 1024x683, 483668BD-F68A-4159-A7FC-D46E8A…)

Much of her characters always seem a little too beginner-like.
What I mean by that is that they tend to be bland and entirely based on another character, with one or two minor differences. Perhaps all they are, are self-inserts?

No. 782934

File: 1551631497229.jpeg (235.68 KB, 2000x2000, 7B683495-99BE-47E0-B3C5-AF7F5B…)

No. 782993

File: 1551640990307.png (167.24 KB, 383x431, ChX20nSWgAArtaU.png)

It looks like she stole the overall look (down to the glowing tattoos on her face) and color palette from Kida from Atlantis.

No. 783042

yuck, this reminds me of sparkledogs that used to be everywhere a few years ago, all trying to out-neon each other

the point of night furys is that you can't see them, why would you splatter them with fluorescent paint?

No. 783058

“Friendships are only there so that you have somebody to sit next to during lunch”
This is literally a quote from her newer video. I get that people loose commonality, but literally disregarding everyone you’ve met, they’re probably happy that spoon is out of their life if this is all spoon got out of the friendships she made.

No. 784388

File: 1552013846775.jpeg (298.32 KB, 750x1054, D8C45201-4AB7-42A1-B2CF-407A58…)

Does this also explain spoon’s current behaviors?
If so, I think we can mark competitive off the list.

No. 786205

File: 1552496588131.png (156.33 KB, 620x395, RL5pesT.png)

Her terrible half traced art strikes again.

No. 786245

The hair doesn’t look like the scribbles she normally does, but what is the image referencing?

No. 786248

File: 1552506016510.jpeg (231.93 KB, 750x534, 65FF07B5-6328-44A2-B147-F84225…)

I love that she literally attacks her ‘boss” (aka: YouTube) without considering the fact that there are sections to YouTube that she can ask for help without the dramatics.

Also, I wonder what the copy right claims are from, because, at times, it can’t be helped if someone reports you for tracing 80% of your images

No. 786249

File: 1552506148199.jpg (148.83 KB, 923x1200, regret.jpg)

nta but more bad art. it hurts.

No. 787105

New video, good as always. Wish she came out with more videos

No. 787135

"good as always" you ok ?

No. 787275

Does anyone have the tags for this one?

No. 787287

For someone who ‘does her research’, Spoon couldnt even check how to spell Pedophile.

No. 787293

‘People are too sensitive this day in age’
Few seconds later
‘Am Saying what he say is right, no’
This is from her segment on Dunn
She continues to phrase it as everyone who hates are just bored people.
And this is coming from a person who thrives in dramatics, and if you’ve been on this board long enough, you’ll know what I’m talking about
Despite how understanding and knowledgeable Spoon is trying to portray, she doesn’t count the idea that the demographic of the targeted audience is a factor to a person being canceled.
The higher you put yourself on a platform, the higher the expectations are, and because most of the users on YouTube are under 18, it kinda makes sense for some people to get pissed off when people screw up really bad.
(Just a nitpick, but Can I just say that she should’ve stuck to YouTube when mentioning cancel culture, because some of the arguements that she makes can be discounted when transferred to the rest of media?)
She uses a lot of authority figures to prove her point than rather than provide evidence.
Her claiming that most people are jealous of a youtuber’s power, then connecting it to news articles on pewdiepie who is taken out of context. Correlation does not equal causation!!!
‘It’s not youtube’s fault, they can’t ban all child predators’
Later: >>786248
She really doesn’t understand how massive YouTube is
‘People are suffering because of the guy’s inability to do research’
‘Why do you feel the need to be angry, it’s just not healthy’
‘Instead of getting mad, teach the person as to why they are wrong’
God the hypocrisy
‘Why are you calling out people for stuff that they’ve done 10 years ago when there’s people doing that stuff right now’
Does that mean we can mark Bill Cosby innocent?
Also, yes, it happens, people call each other out E v e r y d a y, but Spoon chose not to input it (ex: Peta tweet about Steve Irwin and public response)
Can I again input that that most of the people that she mentioned are POPULAR, they hold influence on their audience, who majority are children.

No. 787373

She really included Subscribe to Pewdiepie stuff in her video posted the day after the shooting where the shooter said the meme.

And she thinks shes defending pewds.

No. 787384

the shooter also played dumb meme songs. should nobody ever listen to those now that they’ve been perverted by a crazed gunman? sage this next time. it’s not milk to repeat a meme that’s been incredibly popular for like a year, regardless of whether or not some crazy shit happened to say it too.

No. 787387

File: 1552766033175.png (125.2 KB, 237x361, HWKX2DF.png)

How has no one posted her newest sprites though they're a mess

No. 787389

It's about tact and sensitivity anon. Are you a robot?

No. 787393

lmao no. i just don’t think it’s a big deal for her to repeat some braindead meme just bc some elliot rodger wannabe also said it

No. 787526

It's not the shitty meme itself that's bad, it's the fact she repeated said meme IN CONTEXT of the shooting where the shooter said the meme, not even one week after the shooting took place. It's the context that makes it shitty.

Plus, this is the same chick that bullied a girl to the point of attempting suicide, constantly lies and gaslights about said bullying, and never properly apologized to the girl OR the people that she threatened to sue just for making videos about that girl. I think we can all agree she has issues with empathy, so her pulling this kinda shit isn't surprising at all. I just don't understand how she's done and said all these shitty things and STILL has a career. She should've been cancelled years ago, but somehow she scrapes through every nuclear bombshell dropped on her and survives like a goddamn cockroach.

No. 787574

thought her shirt said "came".

No. 787743

I actually like the background trees in this one, the light green isn’t distracting the white wolf thing in the center.
But the lowered opacity water ruins it more than if she just drew a forest floor. Water is clear spechie, not Gatorade blue.

No. 787807

posts like this are why I donate to spechie's patreon

I liked the previous one dont understand why she keeps changing sprites every video she drops ever 2 months

No. 787833

File: 1552879162715.png (15 KB, 796x135, spechie tags.png)

No. 787928

File: 1552926550340.jpeg (292.64 KB, 750x718, DD355ACC-B5A5-4667-B20E-AD14C7…)

Instead of imply how it may be false. Her impulse was, “don’t cancel him for what he did last year, you’re no better”.
Kek, the girl who bullied a person to attempt suicide is s o right

No. 787934

File: 1552929426137.png (67.63 KB, 590x459, yn5VHDQ.png)

Lol she put onion in but didn't have the balls to name and shame him in video.
If you know what he does why not warn your fans Speckles? They're all like 12 aren't they?
Illusion of having done work. Also if you have patreon content spill please.
It's funnier considering an hour later shes off laughing at Shane's expense and it's totally okay if it's funny guys.

No. 787935

File: 1552929596413.jpg (218.19 KB, 1020x1200, rKvRM72.jpg)

You'd think an artist would know when the filters and make up clash.

No. 787950

File: 1552933145832.jpeg (606.22 KB, 1280x800, 1B136ABC-5B32-42CD-9963-A69C3B…)

I’m sorry, but this is the first thing I thought of while looking at the pic

No. 788369

File: 1553040100065.jpeg (191.08 KB, 750x541, 87399768-C50D-4EF0-87E8-7D8D21…)

No. 789816

Did anyone see her stream yesterday?
How long did it take her to make the 4 images?

No. 789982

holy shit this picture is fucking bad. The makeup and hair and everything is fucked

No. 790317

File: 1553544984845.png (109.47 KB, 709x392, bRFweDE.png)

Too long considering the quality.
But the whole stream she had paint tool Sai like this. Isn't that the way tracers hide they have something check marked?

No. 790446

>Isn't that the way tracers hide they have something check marked?

What a sad day for lolcow. Some troll comes up with a fantasy story about tracing and all the haters who will never own a drawing tablet upvote the detractors like mad. I never realized how pathetic this website is until this thread. Thank you OP.

No. 790456

They're talking about the Preserve Opacity option in Sai anon. Tracers like to use it to 'prove haters wrong' by coloring in lines they already drew. They offset sai to hide it.

No. 790478

except this is exactly what tracers do to avoid being noticed or caught.

Not only that, but I know for a fact that multiple people have pointed out in an old painting stream spechie had the image she traced visible in the layer dock, just with the layer turned off. I'm guessing it's also one of the reasons she privated/deleted a ton of her old streams.

Someone pointed it out and she started recording her screen like this. She's hiding her 'source' images when she traces things.

No. 790489

Immediately jumping to the "haters" and "troll" labels because someone said something you didn't like makes it sound like you're a fan of spechie lmao. Go back to reddit, where upvotes and downvotes are actually a thing.

No. 790498

File: 1553569279263.jpg (78.15 KB, 720x405, 20190324_071245.jpg)

No. 790499

File: 1553569304445.jpg (166.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190324-065711_You…)

No. 790575

>Anon assumes that other users don’t know how to make digital art and that everyone is just mad because they can’t keep up with Suckie’s mad killz
>Anon also comments on how negativity on this board is dumb… on a site that is made to shit talk people… while also being negative themselves

No. 790576

I like the face,,,, but it’s a shame that Spoon only knows how to draw one face without reference

No. 790617

File: 1553618160197.jpg (141.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190324-070407_You…)

No. 790618

File: 1553618191977.jpg (141.22 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190324-070823_You…)

This is supposed to be kylo ren

No. 790902

File: 1553703525117.jpeg (323.39 KB, 750x828, 7BDCEEC1-FD79-445F-9A4C-BD8F0D…)

Spoon, you’re sure that you have a sleeping disorder, one that’s uncontrollable, and not just a bad sleeping schedule..?

No. 791434

why did spechie delete her last drawing stream video?

It's people like you who bully her to cause her to destroy works she put time into

No. 791620

File: 1553882344131.jpeg (123.84 KB, 750x1110, F933FFCD-33AF-4DF8-8A26-A19484…)

Isn’t this Spoon’s dog, the one who she screamed ‘Shut the Hell Up’ to in a recent stream?
Oh yeah, I guess future audiences wouldn’t know that because she deleted the livestream because of her “haters” >>791434

No. 791621

File: 1553882461718.png (26.79 KB, 652x284, igDKehF.png)

Got to love how she retweets this when shes 'leaked' Mandy and her dms in videos.

No. 792186

No. 792192

Learn how to embed videos newfag

No. 792205

first time I saw her face without filters and in clear lighting

she seems cute and happy, I am happy that she makes contnet

No. 792283

For real, what the fuck is going on with the make-up lately? Is it shitty lighting or does she have white foundation on?
Her make-up was never the best, but it sure as fuck wasn't bad like this

No. 792492

“cute”? she literally looks like someone’s middle aged aunt going through an identity crisis but okay

No. 792673

I don’t understand why she goes onto saying ‘you don’t know me’ to saying ‘I’m pretty real’. Spoon acts like she’s changed, yet she continues these two contradictions.
Hell, in this video, it kinda shows this with her mannerisms. She acts all ‘chill’ and ‘calm’, yet in many of the other videos that had shown her face, she was loud and obnoxious

No. 792708

She's such a cunt lol. Gotta love the white knights here to defend their known bully queen that traces.

No. 792733

Or it’s the very Spoon herself, I mean, we know that she and her sheep lurk here, what’s stopping her from post here, other than that one time where she was ‘drunk’

No. 792753

File: 1554147355453.png (1.04 MB, 1334x750, 19226042-A56E-48BA-B7EC-F9571C…)

Hypocritical Spechie

No. 794805

Does anyone know what happened to her blobcast podcast project? I only see one episode on her channel

No. 795577


She is too lazy to make a podcast, probably no one would want to participate in it anymore anyway

No. 795985

Spoon uploaded a new video, watch it yourself on hook tube, but I’m 3 minutes in an she is scared of men because of the possibility of what they could do to her. Highlighting the fact that one of them was black.
Understand about the time she was harassed at a store… but acting like you’re traumatized by men (Uber drivers) who asked you for a ride… before that event happened… jc

No. 796038

here is video linked; great video as always. As a male I learned a-lot and have gained more sympathy for women(Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.)

No. 796067

i think she was referring to the UberBlack service and not highlighting the persons race

No. 796329

File: 1554849491608.png (134.42 KB, 446x500, 89a75Zp.png)

It's called 'Why I'm scared of Men" but over half of it is stuff stolen off reddit.

No. 796644

File: 1554925860224.jpeg (160.7 KB, 750x438, BADEC86A-3DE5-4C4F-93AB-2D1E4D…)

Not only lolcow, but she lurks on pull too.
Kek, I wouldn’t worry about the 10 mins honey, it’s what the content fills during that time. Which, 3 mins was dedicated to her super traumatizing moments with guys, the rest was from accurate reddit posts.

No. 796945

For someone who is scared of men, her experiences tie in with common fears rather than her own experience, which is strange to me.

No. 797704

In suckie’s new video, for someone who claims how easy her ‘friend’s ‘ style is, she half assed most of their art style
I also find it funny that she kept saying that she’s not throwing shade at her friend’s simplisticity,,, but this is the same girl who said she was far better at art then her teacher because she cuts paper. Hell, some of her friends are so much better at colouring than her neon muddy paints

No. 797711

File: 1555176454857.jpeg (230.37 KB, 1920x1300, B6FFE7FF-C3C1-4841-9FFA-642D04…)

Here, we don’t need the vid views

No. 797729

File: 1555182363657.png (161.46 KB, 894x505, FC2q7lW.png)

If anyone wants to see it you can use this to not give views. https://cadence.gq/cloudtube/video/BRsg4pA7LvU
Biggest thing is shes hiding her layers completely from the viewer. So she could easily just be tracing her 'friends' art.

No. 797930

Cool another sprite change, is this why her new vids take so long?

No. 798344

File: 1555447576134.jpeg (132.32 KB, 750x576, B031A22C-4103-4884-BE9F-46C9A9…)

Oh boy, can’t wait for her to share how complex her colouring is. Only the professional can master muddy colours like her

No. 798348

If she's tracing, then that's really sad, because she's doing an awful job of it.

These styles aren't exactly difficult to recreate, and she can't even manage to do it.

No. 798351

Maybe, if said enough times, by calling the styles ‘simple’ it’ll make her look better at art than the rest of her compatriots

No. 798538

Exactly what I was thinking. Notice how she purposely spends more time and detail on "her style". Spechie, just because other people's art is more simple doesn't make yours better than theirs. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 798593

File: 1555547396414.png (408.04 KB, 1600x828, E58AE226-80A6-484F-9C5F-8D6870…)

Perhaps a coincidence, but I started to see the resemblance between Spechie’s old avatar and current one’s body to match a Dressup game called Kisekae.
It’s an old game, but you can change everything about the character. From weight, eyes, hair, height, arms/legs position, expression. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used a program like this to ‘reference’, and halfassed anything not on the site, like the 3/4th expression

No. 798606

No style is easy to recreate if you don't know the basics of drawing. That's the issue most tracers have, their actual work just isn't as good as their traced stuff so they fall back on tracing. Actually learning how to draw is frustrating, takes time, and doesn't give instant gratification.

No. 798960

I really don’t understand what Spoon’s deal is with complexity = good art.
I mean, look at Waffle’s artwork, I like the artist, but the detail on the teeth (aka:complex/realistic look) doesn’t make her artwork fantastic, in fact, it deters it from what she is trying to communicate.
And hell, simplicity can actually communicate so much more than complexity, hence why many cartoons/anime focus on large eyes, to show more emotion.
specie can also pass me with her saying how often she trying to state that she works so hard on pieces that she only shits out once a month, and you can even tell how minimal she is at this work. It just makes me mad that most of the people who criticize her do praise her on her work… but most of the stuff she uses is traced or lazy.
I know it’s all in opinion, but how she draws now is how I use to draw in middle school, all I’m saying is that, assuming she stays depressed in her apartment all day, she should focus on her artwork, you know, stuff that makes her happy- no matter if she gets shit for it. Because no matter how much she tries to work on her public image, none of it will change who she really is, that is a lazy, bigoted, self-proclaimed complex artist.

No. 799369

I wonder if people shit on Spoon on this holiday, if she’ll come back, act drunk, and say how today is a sacred holiday, that anybody posting today is a sad person

No. 800292

File: 1556212506195.png (351.13 KB, 512x512, RBvbgw4.png)

She drew herself like a turtle

No. 800320

Uuh… this does not look like a seductive moe tsundere animu that she tried to pull off, just retarded.
I find her lack of taste in art (as evidenced by her work in topic pic) even more damning than her laziness and lack of skill.

No. 800321

File: 1556215673309.png (205.01 KB, 510x405, a31.png)

lol. ain't slick. found the pic she traced in literal minutes

No. 800326

She put the eye highlight on her eyelashes and her eyes are looking in two different directions. How did she think this was okay?

No. 800357

She referenced or traced such a simple anime drawing and still made it look like utter shit. Pathetic

No. 800364

It’s because she’s lazy af, and will put effort in being lazy instead of learning. I mean, she literally had to copy and paste the other eye.

No. 800365

Very beginner mistake to not know how to draw ‘the other eye’ for someone with a ‘complex style’

No. 800545

I popped in on Timmy’s discord and seen that someone posted the traced image that spoon recently did on the ‘feedback’ channel. Normally, I see people who do this act aggressive in their insertions, but the person who brought up the point that ‘tracing is bad, especially when you don’t credit and have stated that you’ll stop’ -not word-for-word, but they had to literally repeat their point while others were saying to give her a chance and how the lines don’t match up…. clearly most (the base) fit the guidelines.
Spoon also came in to say how she has progressed artistically…..

No. 800601

the picture was brought up in her discord as well. she made the same argument and and went wild trying to defend herself. the screencaps would be way too much, so i made a video of me scrolling through the conversation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800720

why does she always use default brushes? almost all of her art use the airbrush tool.

No. 800730

what’s the point of posting this in the third person when your video clearly outs who you are? you scrolled past an @mention of your discord name in the chat. cowtip central.

No. 800768

oh, I didn’t mean to imply it’s third person. That’s straight up me, lol, I’m not hiding it.

No. 800792

You do know that there are other lurkers from PT’s discord who post here too,
Like, outsider observers who don’t want to get involved in the dispute, right?

No. 800846

Speckles just uploaded a 5 minute crafts video dafuq

No. 801133

Her (probably) fake septum pisses me off so much. It hangs too low to be real.

No. 801215

Why, when specie shows her face in a video, does she look a little hunchbacked, like her neck is extended. Is it on purpose or did she actually develop that way?

No. 802303

I don't really get why this person was banned…

No. 802740

File: 1557179041250.jpeg (55.92 KB, 815x458, 3848680D-61E2-4F4A-ACB0-3E646E…)

Spoon made a new video, and it looks like someone changed her model. I hate it say but it looks like her art, actually something not traced for once.

No. 802741

No idea anon. I don’t know if whoever reported it thought that it was because the whole ‘3rd person thing’ or if it was because the person gave away their discord.
Both are pretty dumb because I wouldn’t think that whoever posted the video would use that discord for personal use

No. 803357

Why do her sprites always look so bad every time she updates them? I thought that she would have at least one good set by now but every time shes updated the sprites look just as bad as the last set but in a different shitty style

No. 807096

File: 1557880330050.png (85.93 KB, 1113x523, wWWfhBn.png)

Spechie drew these as a joke but the fact is they're just as bad or better than her normal character designs. 1/4

No. 807098

File: 1557880410978.png (67.95 KB, 951x516, dvKOnJj.png)


No. 807099

File: 1557880507985.png (62.06 KB, 948x523, k2FbhVX.png)


No. 807100

File: 1557880652058.png (87.28 KB, 1047x525, cnnrLEQ.png)

4/4 if she wants to make fun of people's ocs she should make some good ones first.

No. 807126

Are these suppose to be bad?
I can’t tell because her style generally looks like this.

No. 807176

File: 1557918238743.jpeg (108.86 KB, 640x334, CEC20C69-EBDD-482A-9CC7-428658…)

Spechie, around the time that you got in trouble you referred to yourself as a “grown woman” on Twitter in response to content made by the HaTerz.
So were you 17 or 18? And by this date, you’re 19 still, who still refuse to confront any of your actions and becoming aggressive to anyone who questions it.
Really honest for someone who’s not like all those other snakes

No. 807178

I know how she views herself as a victim to “cancel culture”, but spoon, there’s a difference between people saying a slang word, and directing targeting people in videos. Hell, you’re still doing it specie, in your RECENT VIDEO, and you, like the high school video, aren’t out of there yet. Wow how much you’ve learned

No. 807184

Does she really think that less than two years is enough time to completely improve herself to be considered a much different and mature person??

No. 807189


I thought that was supposed to be her as shrek bc of the shitty caked on makeup and read Shrekina as Shrekie

i feel like she draws more "joke" art than real art tho? Maybe bc her "real" art would require actual effort & probably wouldn't look that good in the end and she knows it. Spending ur time and effort on parody sketches is the #1 way to not improve.

No. 807606

Random question, but does spechie open up her discord anymore?

No. 810354

File: 1558442953483.png (471.15 KB, 833x959, A89EC6BB-DA22-4706-9476-9894EE…)

“Not to flex but My ‘art’ hasn’t deteriorated and has only gotten better over the years”
Also spechie: shits out

No. 810645

This girl has such an ego, I’m surprised that the one video that was taken down didn’t diagnose her with narcissism because she literally fills ALL of the symptoms.
I’m still convinced that the black diamond pic, the body at least was traced because this girl can’t do shit without reference

No. 810652

What the fuck is that crotch? Someone needs to tell her to actually start studying anatomy.

No. 811207

Whyyyy why is her art so ugly

No. 813126

thats not… how ANYTHING works. oh my god.

the crotch- the fucking boobs, the COLLARBONE….

im having a fucking stroke, how did spechie ever think her TEACHER was jealous of her

No. 813128

File: 1558889140815.png (311.59 KB, 586x609, eafa87fe9268a1e93fe321e1684d8e…)

the stars aligned to spare us from the end form of this shitty fanart.

No. 813147

I dunno what you're talking about anon, can't you see the mad skills that it takes to copy and paste a drawing, flip it and color it white? This is clearly a masterpiece in making and I don't know how anyone could see it as anything else.

No. 814737


For spechie’s new video, all I can say is sorry that your birthday sucked because all the places were closed because you went out after 5? and not because of a storm specifically targeted you and your holy birthday?

No. 814743

You see, this is what spechie doesn’t understand, in her videos, she phrases things in such a way that gives off a sense of entitlement and condescending.
How she goes back and ‘edits’ her videos (at least with the bare minimum) makes me wonder how she doesn’t catch onto that, especially when all she reports is negativity.

No. 814791

File: 1559143153046.png (411.89 KB, 775x501, asJMudf.png)

Imagine thinking this still image is going to look at all good.
>>810354 The funniest thing is according to her deviantart comment this is supposed to be sexy

No. 815020

File: 1559164803359.jpeg (268.88 KB, 1980x1080, 198C6924-F30E-44D8-8181-A0ED7E…)

I don’t know this girl’s commission process, so I don’t even know if the commissioner is able to see the rough sketches for tweeks, but holy shit, you can tell the Downdrop in quality in compared to the examples she gave

No. 815025

She didn’t even flip the grey lady to match the side it belongs to. Did she do that because it significantly looks worse when flipped?
Also, this is pretty crappy for a commission sheet, the pics aren’t where they should be for examples, the pics are literally taken from it’s source and shrinked to the right size.
Since she’s done commissions for almost all sets on the sheet, why doesn’t she use those as an example to show her clients what they’re really getting?

No. 815105

Is she allergic to drawing people looking to the right?

No. 815238

Seeing how spoon thinks depression is “uwu very sad child” , I wonder if panic attacks to her is “scared uwu”

No. 815785

This video is lazy

Normally I defend spechie in this thread against jealous haters but im done with this.

I cant wait for more spechie content yet all I get is some 5 min video after like 2 weeks. That “tea” drawing at 3:19 is the shoddiest work I ever seen

No. 817273

> 'Jealous haters'

Trust me, no one here is jealous of spechie and her shit art, maybe if she actually knew some sort of fundementals and could actually apply them then i could see some people here being jealous or at the very least being jealous that shes able to get so many followers… But rather than that… there really is nothing for people to envy about

No. 817468

Anon, you’re clearly missing out on spoon’s most brilliant personality and outlook on life, as well as her ability to tell things “how it is”.

No. 817901

I'm not too bothered by Spechie at the moment (her videos are just hella lazy, apparently she only has about 6 patreons and her content mostly speaks to very young teens showing she doesn't take Youtube seriosuly) but is everybody going to let the 'Depression' video and 'Mandy' issue go? If Spech apologized or something it'd be fine but she just kept pushing the subject away or called people 'triggered'. That's what really bothered me.(read the rules)

No. 818468

File: 1559763620648.jpg (81.87 KB, 1200x1080, Uy4H8dL.jpg)

No one is ever going to truely let her forget but there isn't any new milk.
Right now the art she has on her twitter is so bad.

No. 818473

File: 1559763770219.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1043x1199, CUHzqua.png)

She can't even draw an arm right

No. 818495

God, this is drawing with symbols at it's worst

No. 818524

God those stubby t-rex arms coupled with the tree trunk of a torso is stressful to look at

No. 818543

Forget the right arm, the whole body has a bad case of lean with a side of plastic because spoon continues to prove that she doesn’t know how to make anything look decent unless it’s foreword. Even then, the chic looks like a head, elongated torso, with glued on arms

No. 818663

Exact same body

No. 819049

File: 1559866816586.jpeg (206.39 KB, 750x540, 941D33CE-86A8-44D3-8BAC-8142DB…)

Spoon had never went on Twitter to cancel a whole website; but boy is the last bit a load of hypocrisy

No. 819052

File: 1559867046332.jpeg (394.55 KB, 750x929, 2C3516C3-7241-469B-B0AB-93547E…)

No. 819055

File: 1559867223096.jpeg (132.34 KB, 750x371, A4CC3C9E-3A5A-4CDF-97BF-B0EBE9…)

Samefag, but I just wanted to save this because Spoon constantly goes against her own “beliefs”

No. 819185

Uh, stupid question and not to sound mean but what was it she said that makes her statements on twitter contradicting? Haven't looked her up in a while.

No. 819281

Yeah, idk either anon, unless that was with her whole debate with Mandy and maybe a few people, like her sister and those she threatened to put down the video.
The last one would be a stretch tho, considering she only complained about the HaTeRz on there

No. 819284

I don’t think that we’ve ever seen a livestream where she draws this kind of body, maybe she is tracing it, I mean

No. 819484

File: 1559958239391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.84 KB, 564x846, ae8e3e787ac3da19ba236cfb28a443…)

traced from this maybe?

No. 819506

I wouldn’t say traced, anon. Although the pose is similar,

No. 820199

New video. She still can't draw.

No. 820205

File: 1560118015580.png (243.92 KB, 383x356, 1jPzQsJ.png)

I'm tired of her sprite shaking to imply animation. Just because your art is flat doesn't mean it should be moving like paper in the wind.

No. 820248

File: 1560124595761.png (727.82 KB, 854x479, qualityanimation.PNG)

can't even be bothered to actually draw 1 inbetweening frame

No. 820325

File: 1560134387933.png (1.28 MB, 1000x1000, cAqxFXm.png)

When your boobs and eyes change size constantly

No. 820346

It looks like six different people drew these jeez

No. 820456

What’s wrong with it’s back

No. 820458

I’m becoming more convinced that with these avatars she has to be referencing because the technique used on the main 4 poses are so different.
Also, can’t believe that after 2 years, her 3/4 faces are still lopsided, especially when someone a year ago when Spoon was on her ‘I-accept-criticism-phase’ shown her how to fix it

No. 820514

File: 1560192531690.png (341.87 KB, 617x526, wONc5K2.png)

Did Spechie forget what her boyfriend does? Or did someone criticize her terrible overpowered self inserts?

No. 820521

This is the most special snowflake shit I've ever seen

No. 820530

>Bashing on a person's favorite character is toxic and makes them scared to share their passions
I think reading that gave me autism.
She's nasty and bitter herself and doesn't hesitate to shit on things she deems stupid but now she's getting on her high horse about how we all need to hold hands and pat people on the back for their spergy self insert OCs?

No. 820545

Thats what i dont get about her retweeting it, cuz alot of ocs made by tweens and teens ARE cringy as fuck, like yeah its rude to bash on them, but that doesnt fix them from being super edgy and annoying characters

Spechie is provs just retweeting it cuz she makes cringy af characters

No. 820547

These look like the most punchable faces, god damn

No. 820559

She bashes people's shit all the time in videos and discord. She makes a video where she bashes the paper art her Art teacher did but that's not toxic at all. She bashed people for singing badly but told everyone you can't bash her for her bad singing. It's only toxic when shes on the receiving end.

No. 820654

File: 1560211185027.jpeg (206.4 KB, 750x783, 4FBA4DDF-E725-41EA-992C-4B63EC…)

Bruh, something doesn’t add up

No. 820655

This girl is so two faced. I really don’t think she stands on any opinions that are outside of her own self interest and makes her ‘look better’.
But what do I know, Spechie is a woke person, within a month her actions have changed sooo much

No. 820656

Even within the recent video, it seemed like she was victimizing herself, I mean, look at the pic for the video.

No. 821152

only person lazier than spechie in terms of releasing yt content is her boyfriend. Can't even be bothered to make more than 2 5-min reaction videos in a month.

No. 821381

File: 1560373729654.png (155.72 KB, 598x394, Kiurt8W.png)

It's almost like you shouldn't declare you're moving before you have a place to move to.

But she claimed in >>820199 at 5:10 that the apartment shes moving into only pays for trash.

Which is it do you have a place or not?

No. 821708

Her complete lack of understanding angles is so apparent in this, holy shit. The hair part is in no way centered to the character face, the hair looks like it was shifted too much and instead of the face looking down and to the side, it looks lopsided and elongated??? Even the pupils are fucked up, looking in the wrong direction. She needs to put the tablet down and practice her technical skills so fucking bad. No emotion, dimension, definition. Her art is nauseating to look at

No. 821735

Apartments here in Seattle are skyrocketing in price right now. In the last year rent raised by $300 in the outer suburbs. I’ll be surprised if spechie can FIND a place she can afford without a stable income.

No. 821772

Speche is in Texas/Midwest IIRC. Houses there cost like $20 for 5 beds.

+ dual income from BF = decent life

I am happy she is not rampant e-beggar, but its clear she doesn’t care about her YT career anymore. Now i’m no artist but I am certain her and most of the people here would vastly prefer making a living with art YT channels than with commissions especially with Spechie’s own infamy and anti-social tendencies. I am concerned for her future

No. 823219


>20 dollars for 5 rooms

… I think youre missing a digit or two anon… I highly doubt places are that cheap anywhere in america

No. 823476

File: 1560831384769.jpeg (400.34 KB, 750x1051, 3D28B1B7-76F7-4C5E-A961-42D31A…)

You would know this, wouldn’t you spoon, considering how you literally white-washed a guy, even to the extent of fitting your description of what white-washing is

No. 823479

File: 1560831518083.jpeg (179.77 KB, 750x1006, 191DB3E4-D6ED-46F1-BF1A-13BB07…)

No. 823480

File: 1560831647511.jpeg (213.76 KB, 750x977, 6EBBF01D-4B01-42D4-8596-65BB8E…)

No. 823481

File: 1560831849424.jpeg (127.67 KB, 750x287, 01466D67-8976-46FC-8DC7-A0E0B9…)

And as always, to anyone who has a different opinion and who wish to discuss it, Spoin must tell a person to piss off instead of simply ignoring them. Maybe you should do what you say Speech, afterall you do continuously comment on posts with touchy subjects, surely you would expect the same?

No. 823545

>If you're so concerned about colorism, Flint still needs fresh water
She is so dumb. Holy shit. In this world where Google is readily available, how are some people so unashamedly foolish?

No. 823592

I know that opinions differ on this subject, but I also hope that she does recognize that white-washing does exist outside of her definition… such as many shows having actors that appear more European (lighter skin, features appear more ‘white’, etc.) aNd those without such features aren’t casted as offen or is shown as the ‘other’ or ‘background diversity’

No. 823704

it’s just what america needed, you guys! a fat, doughy white bitch with absolutely zero formal education in sociology, economics, history or any of their intersections! flint no longer needs water, she’s solved the crisis!

No. 824081

File: 1560972149163.png (2.24 MB, 1707x2048, ZdBuCca.png)

In which Spechie has to be the edgiest bitch ever and thinks we wouldn't noticed the poorly traced shoes.

No. 824093

File: 1560973784900.png (113.76 KB, 726x217, jjXPrdt.png)

"My art teacher was totally jealous of me."

No. 824106

I bet she was struggling to draw the feet so she just did sneakers instead

No. 824139

I like how the rest of the artwork has bold, confident lines, and then you have..this.

No. 824173

File: 1560987465075.jpeg (90.24 KB, 1106x723, 84F64972-E72C-4E2C-A600-07E502…)

In her speed paint, I did like that spoon showed where she gained reference and the sketchiness/colouring for the Red panda’s head.. but that’s about it for the painting as I don’t know why she didn’t continue the technique that she had used for donkey or the body/clothes, perhaps he’s just lazy or didn’t know how to finish it?

No. 824265

at first, i thought this was supposed to be Aggretsuko fanart

No. 824266

it is??

No. 824289

God, her coloring is literally so ugly. It’s like the way everyone colored for a little while when they first got Paint tool Sai and only used the default brushes while trying to make it look painterly, but she never grew out of it.

No. 824291

I like how the boobs have an obvious cupping/ big definition kind of thing going on, but the image on top is completly flat and doesnt bend to the shape of the body at all, making the boobs look non existant

(Ps even spidergwen's boobs didnt have complete cupping definition like that, hers acted like a normal person's would if they were in a body suit with a sports bra on underneath, idk why speechi always draws boobs with a hard curv at the bottom when most shirts dont do that)

No. 824468

File: 1561066088637.png (1 MB, 1024x943, HFBc4lt.png)

She posted this on deviantart.

Apparently furry means giant neck and ass.

No. 824487

File: 1561068143696.png (783.62 KB, 950x1200, E0Ge81E.png)

It's because Spechie can't draw boobs despite owning a pair.

No. 824857

Jesus christ
Wtf is that colouring

Also this is so bad???

No. 824858

Tbh, aside from her Dvart or whatever else she has (I don't pay much attention on her art in general) Spechie doesn't care about her YT career and you can see it on her laziness and lack of effort in her videos. It's just to milk money and that's it.

No. 825219

File: 1561220374841.png (285.84 KB, 610x526, rmV74CN.png)

Considering she had to get a normal job on top of youtube and only recently has she started doing weekly stuff again apparently her attempts at milking money haven't been going well.
Also she follows furry porn artists.

No. 825251

Wtf is this pose? They're presenting like a bunch of cats in heat. And those colors, ew. These characters look like those ugly Lularoe leggings.

No. 826001

I kinda hoped that spoon would’ve kept the stream where she was making ‘ocs’, perhaps she would have given her opinion on these (>>824468) types of character designs.

No. 826485

File: 1561482510736.png (31.02 KB, 611x318, 3duZOmo.png)

Bold of her retweeting this when she constantly put people down.

No. 826495

Is she a furry now? Posting furry art and retweeting from furries

No. 826509

She has always been one.
It's laughable though because she made fun of furries with her boyfriend.

No. 827342

File: 1561569897815.png (261.31 KB, 445x383, pf7SVDm.png)

Pull is finding stuff I've never seen of her that makes it so obvious spechie is not one to talk

No. 827516

If anything, it kinda continues the idea that she was arguing, that the problem with colourism doesn’t matter as long as you can tell that the character is POC.
Which, I understand the thought process, but it ignores the issue that lighter colours poc characters are still favored over the darker skinned ones

No. 828055

Is no one going to mentioned she literally just stole the background from the movie and blurred it along with tracing or heavy referencing her but somehow still couldn't get the colors or earings right?

No. 828307

I have to agree with her on that point……. unfortunately. The drawing was totally a color choice and even her hair and stuff is lighter… anyway

Though, I admit

She's hypocritical af

No. 828626

I have no idea about anything that's related to 'white-washing' and I ususally don't mind when ppl change the skintone of fictional characters but I gotta say when I see Spechie's drawing of the girl (forgot her name) I don't see her. That's just not her. She's an native of that Island isn't she? That's part of her character and making her not a little lighter but straight out white kinda…ruins her character. I dunno it gives me a weird vibe.

No. 828703

Personally, I don’t care for a character’s skin when it isn’t hinted exactly, so it’s up to debate, or at times when it doesn’t affect the narrative as much.
But it bothers me when people interpret the artists with skin tones that actually affect the narrative or when the artists tries to push for a certain skin tone.
In spechie’s case, I don’t think she meant it intentionally, and I know that this is her older artwork, but she does prove to continue this

No. 829257

Really? I only know of her drawing of that one deceased rapper but that's it. What other things did she draw that were like the Chel drawing?

No. 829644

Perhaps it’s a stretch but Spoon generally only draws white people.

No. 829883

Its probs why shes so bad at shading other skin tones lol

No. 830409

File: 1562039927609.jpeg (80.38 KB, 638x1024, 73675E28-66F2-4339-969E-4A2973…)

More proof that speechie absolutely sucks at drawing black people (or anything besides her one default face for that matter). Guess who? I really thought this was some funny looking white guy until i read the tags.

No. 830426

Is that the original lighting? Hopefully not, it's a terrible idea. Speck seems to have a bit of Same-face-syndrom if it wasn't for the hair I also wouldn't be able to tell.

No. 830450

that’s how the picture was posted. strange filter choice i guess.

No. 831226

File: 1562159391544.jpeg (414.71 KB, 750x1050, C7892B79-01B1-43F9-A20C-48DE6F…)

I’m happy she’s confronting it, it’s about time (even though she was 18 when it happened according to the dates) I’m just wondering who finally scared her into doing this

No. 831247

File: 1562161719598.png (21.96 KB, 601x177, Fgrr3hS.png)

I don't know who scared her either but can she really say shes over mean videos when she did that one trashing her neighbors?

No. 831262

She’s right that she stopped being mean on the internet, now she’s just politely ignorant with a dash of arrogance
I mean:
Like, is she going to confront the tracing, the backpedaling and the lies/exaggeration, because as spoon said, just because you post some things doesn’t mean that you’re a good person

No. 831263

File: 1562163445268.jpeg (377.28 KB, 750x1061, E295EFA0-F34A-485A-96F3-317B45…)

No. 831264

File: 1562163779519.jpeg (318.59 KB, 750x896, 73FA85DF-D836-45F2-953D-736D78…)

Samefag, but Spoon listing ‘everything’ is going to disappoint some people and continue to drag her name in the dirt.
I mean, on her YouTube, assuming that little of her subscribers know of the ‘Mandy incident’, Spoon will probably not reveal it, if so, if may drag her name down, as well as her next channel, after all, saying that you internet-wise publically humiliated a fellow classmate, one that hardly even knew her- went to court for it and even continued to keep the video up to ‘stick it to authority’ is fucked up, even for a 17-18 year old

No. 831848

Wow that's a surprise. I'm wondering where that sudden change of heart comes from but hopefully Speck will actually confess to the things she did and APOLOGIZE. It doesn't matter if what you did was 2 or 10 years ago if you don't apologize you're still an a-hole.

No. 832072

Spechies old videos were funneh

Spechies new videos are lazy

Dumb jealous bitches bullied her with the “muh depression” jab into making her channel more family friendly and now it fucking sucks

Make more videos spechie plz im bored

No. 832277

Actually Speck got a lotta backlash because her depression video was filled with misinformation and lack of research. Not to the brim, some tips were nice but they were just simply overshadowed by the bad ones. Instead of listening to ppl who had mental illlnesses, Spechie ignored them and called them 't-riggered' even though there WERE people, mostly young teens who were indirectly and unintentionelly hurt by her video. Plus, which videos of her in the past weren't family friendly? I remember her making classic stuff in the past like high-school, video-games, relationships etc.

No. 832319

yes the fact a self righteous artuber traces makes absolutely no difference in perception to the audience. sure. people love it i bet. its everyone elses fault she makes shit content couldnt possibly be her own responsibility right? her art is garb and she cares more abt being a famoos eceleb than she could ever care about art.

No. 832982

Are you the same retard that actually thinks people are jelous of spechie? Cuz ifeel like you're that retard

No. 838446

File: 1563194972245.jpeg (393.24 KB, 1936x1936, 4AB974DD-EFDD-4385-80EC-D06A95…)

Not directly related to spechie, but at least we know that hypocrisy runs in the relationship

No. 838453

I got whiplash reading that

No. 838458

This is even funnier considering that the actor isn’t going to be James Bond but take on his 007 title, unlike the little mermaid who IS Ariel in the movie- now does he see why some are bothered by this?

No. 838464

anyone who is bothered that an actress isn’t the same color as a drawing is a fucking imbecile

No. 838601

Oh, so no one would care if Nessa is suddenly white? I don’t want to start this here, but shouldn’t white-washing or other race washing matter be reciprocated?
Also, the 007 is a title not an identity

No. 838820

File: 1563252536173.png (139.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181224-123321.png)

Her "being toxic when she was 17" is bullshit. Yeah, she was toxic when she was 17, but she's sure as hell horrible now too. She's denies that she ever bullied Mandy (granted in this ss it was someone else saying she didn't bully but Suckie didn't correct them) as early as late Dec last year, she kept up any videos associated with Mandy for YEARS after she "was 17," still traces other people's work to this day, lied about not having a lease to guilt money out of her fans and as one of the YouTubers she threatened (which happened in late Aug last year, literally not even a year since then) to sue, I've yet to hear any sort of apology from her. Her "apologies" always make it seem like lying to people to guilt money out of them, stealing other people's work, and bullying people to the point of suicide are just average things every teenager does but what she's done is far more fucked up than what the average teenager or even the average person does. She's full of shit guys.

No. 838821

File: 1563252713806.png (146.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181224-143743.png)

Not only does she not correct them, but she also claims that her bullying Mandy are just "made up lies" by her "obsessed haters." Again, this was as early as last year Dec, as you can tell by her pfp

No. 838983

Hey anon, assuming that this may possibly be the person who’s collecting a lot of this info, have you been in contact with the people that she threatened to sue? If so, maybe a video with them or how they received that info may be good to include in the video.
Because if these screenshots ARE recent, then it further proves that she hasn’t changed and it even more of a scum for denying the whole ordeal- you know, the videos that made her popular in the first place

No. 839071

File: 1563306731724.png (137.59 KB, 749x500, 0WQ0EQO.png)

That "server mom" is a flying monkey who doesn't seem to realize Spechie recently purposely unlisted her video where she claimed her high school sued her. Where she labeled one of her faceless friends a thot and claimed she was only telling the truth about Mandy.

Or that her views randomly went down. Did those view bots get caught screechie?

No. 839076

File: 1563307078139.png (1.26 MB, 1365x2048, WVsfwFl.png)

This is her final design for her "rebranding" btw.

Hi broken leg.

No. 839105

During the time that the views went down, were there videos that she deleted? (Depression or some shit? )

No. 839247

there's a lot wrong here but I've consistently noticed she should really study how the legs attach to the rest of the body, they look so weird and disconnected in that area

No. 839333

I'm here impatient for a new Spechie video I can enjoy with my whole family and she doing the 20th something avatar change for the year

No. 839483

File: 1563384563683.jpg (139.36 KB, 960x1200, RFtGck1.jpg)

"mafia nick wilde? why not right"

Wrong. It looks nothing like him

No. 839504

I wish Spechie would push herself to learn how to draw better. She's making a lot of mistakes that could be fixed with some serious studying. It's just disappointing to see her get worse at drawing.

No. 839508

I think that a lot of what Spechie’s supporters forget is that many of us here on lolcow do support the usage of references and expressing opinions, but what makes spoon different is that she uses the references and then claims to not use the reference, but as soon as many people see that she has, she then backtracks and claims that it was from a reference, ignoring her prior statement that she was original in her work. The same occurs with opinions, look at her depression video (which was perhaps last year when she wasn’t 17 but 18-19), people left comments telling specie that depression can happen at almost any age, and spoon referred the people as “triggered”, deleted the video, and never spoke about it again. What’s sad is that this behavior is reoccurring, I mean, Spechie is deleting a lot of things associating to lolcow(aka: many negative comments that she made) after she posted that she’s ‘changing’ and is going to make a video on the controversy

No. 839513

To me, I have the same response as the aggretsuko picture, nice fur/colouring for it, but that’s about it. Nick is placed in a street that doesn’t even appear to be a street just a background that I would see middle schoolers being able to compose, and the clothing, she’s getting better at it but it still appears that she doesn’t think of it as clothing or consider the type that it is

No. 839514

Anon, I think you’re expecting too much work for a tracer, to actually research clothes folding

No. 839535

File: 1563395254959.jpg (22.67 KB, 320x480, f55c031f0ff2d05cfa73186065d2c8…)

It's so obvious she doesn't use proper reference because everything is so wonky if you look at it for longer than two seconds, especially the suit… where's his belt? Why does it look like he's wearing leggings? What's up with the jacked up lapel? And the sleeves are fucked, if the suit jacket sleeves are rolled up the dress shirt also has to be rolled up (see pic related) but they're mysteriously not there and it looks weird. These are super amateur mistakes that wouldn't exist if she took 5 seconds out of her day to open up a photo of a man wearing a suit in Google Images.

No. 839571

Girl can use google to find a woman’s 3/4 face, flip the image and trace but she can’t look up different images that aren’t drawings and use as reference- god she is pathetic

No. 841669

File: 1563732749833.jpeg (209.57 KB, 750x507, DA31EB83-D0EE-4302-816C-65C982…)

Just a nitpick but, “yOuR DigGiNg uP oLd sHiT”

No. 841670

I wonder if the stuff that specie read up online about Natalie included a video shit talking another person that they don’t personally know

No. 842347

File: 1563820927437.png (74.57 KB, 613x494, jTmzsQU.png)

Spechie: Don't believe gossip about me!
Spechie: Instantly believes gossip about Nat

Also "Genderbend" requires for that to still be the same thor. Female Thor in the comics is literally just an ally of his who took up the mantle for a bit.

No. 842350

File: 1563821273231.png (563.15 KB, 1200x675, kXwb9Gy.png)

Spechie claimed she was finishing the video "today" 2 days ago. What is holding her up?

No. 842799

New video is up, and she disregards her consistency to trace and stuff that she did only months ago, saying that she was 17 when it all happened and gave a SOB story that it isn’t inate in her for being a bully, it was her “eNviRoMeNt”, despite her telling a story in one of her older videos about how she bullied a boy in elementary because she liked him

No. 843504

I don’t get why she says that her content will improve by the next video, it’s good that she SAYS that, but why hasn’t she done that already? Is she going to blame her 17 year old self for a video that she made recently, highlighting where she potentially lives and shitting on people when she’s still stuck in that situation?

No. 843509


Not only does she ignore her tracing it ignores all the shit she has done since high school.
I recommend using cloudtube or hooktube to watch.

No. 843519

File: 1563992204873.jpeg (159.88 KB, 750x387, E75AD7F9-F50B-4BF2-BCBF-897CE4…)

For someone who likes to appear “informed” (aka: learns from rumors)
Spoon loves to immediately forgive people who harm others.
For those unaware- hyojin, as well as a few other people were involved with the Slazo event, incriminating and spreading false information that the guy is sexually as well as physically abusive. As soon as it was revealed false, instead of apologizing, giving her side of the story hyojin threatens suicide
Very much agreed anon, although I believe that this girl loves to surround herself with trashy people

No. 843527

Of course spoon would know how horrible people are, considering that to this day she still hasn’t apologized to that one girl or the people that she threaten to sue.
She only talks about having a big ego because of her videos, only mentioning the depression one because it’s the most redeemable video because you know that she wanted to talk about it. So of course she ignored the two videos that got her famous in the first place (mentioning only that her teacher probably did hate her, not of her actions as To why they are bad or how she publicly humiliated a girl for two straight years during and after high school)

No. 843531

File: 1563993691334.png (555.03 KB, 1334x750, DF791DA4-503C-4A5A-9142-512190…)


Trash certainly does attract trash

No. 843696

File: 1564015462100.jpeg (145.09 KB, 750x427, 37DE1A83-6F28-48F1-A743-13B081…)

This is absolutely not what demonitizing is. Why does specie continue to lie, this time saying how she wants people to see the video, when really, she wants the profit and money from it? People will be able to see the video whether or not it is monetized, but what she won’t gain from it is the money.
It’s like she doesn’t care who she hurt, she knows that apology videos do well for profit, and she continues to want to gain from that

No. 843702

File: 1564015985312.png (51.67 KB, 610x514, LrhpVcO.png)

Someone on pull noticed too she did address the tracing thing. In the comments where she also talked about her bs reason to reupload.
She hasn't even started her re-branding but it's obvious she isn't going to improve.

No. 843711

Seeing how it was edited, and that there were posts/criticismon the day that the video was posted, I wonder if she is pandering to the pull/lolcow audience, because this appears to directly affirm the posts on said day. But perhaps I’m just looking too much into it, but then again, she and her possy do lurk here

No. 843728

>” demeon-tized”

how illiterate can she be

No. 843738

i mean hard kek, she claims she "knows better" yet spent the last year tracing, pretending everyone else is just stupid. im real sure that changes overnight. she just "knows better" now guys. it was that easy the whole time, she just didnt feel like being self aware i guess, makes much more sense. and she sure beefs up her confidence in her "effort and talent" for someone who couldnt muster up an original piece on her own for far too long.

inb4 "overhaul and new persona" is just spechie talk for "covering my tracks" but im sure we all already figured that out. its like everyone is miles ahead of her own train of thought and she thinks its an accomplishment to finally realize everyone isnt as stupid as her.

No. 843883

I don’t understand why a few others haven’t caught onto this, like, spoon said that she’ll be welcoming criticism, what a year ago, and on said discord server which welcomes criticism, she has persistantly ignored people who show her recent stuff as traces images, then she calls it referencing despite the lines matching up, and BOY do we know that she hasn’t progressed artistically because of that, but she has the audacity to claim that she “can draw almost anything because (she) just needs to put effort in it”….. excuse me?
Where have you proved this?? You have been tracing for years, your painting technique is still muddy as hell, you have NOT changed the process taken to- you know- draw faces better because you can easily look as the faces from her hs and today and say that she has easily made no progress.
She’s still just a lying snake who wants no hate owo because she can’t handle it- why? Because she’s a spoiled brat

No. 843885

I hate to say it anon but inability to take criticism, lying, able to hurt others and feel no sympathy.. just a few traits that matches
Narcissistism personality disorder
(Hey spoon or her followers, if you’re reading this, look it up, you’ll fine that it matches her mannerisms perfectly)

No. 843965

Just remember no arm chair speculating, but yeah she is a spoiled brat who puts all the blame on others rather than ever realizing that sbes the one at fault

No. 844572

I know we're not allowed to armchair speculate about specific mental illnesses, but I think we can all agree that this bih is crazy, right? Like no one bullies someone to the point of suicide, threatens to sue people who tried to interview her victims, makes people apologize for her for something she's done, or make a creepy shrine dedicated to her boyfriend unless they have more than one screw loose in their head.

No. 844790

File: 1564241535896.jpeg (67.96 KB, 1000x725, 15E7640C-EAF8-4B87-B096-0A033C…)

Low and behold, what our ever so wonderful queen has been talking about: this is pure evidence that Suckie, our ever so generous influencer has preached, that all she needs to do is put effort in her drawings, because she can already draw anything she wants, all it requires is motivation, and PROVES that she no longer traces
i swear to cuck, that if I’m reported for sarcasm again, imma mcfreakin loose it

No. 844817

This looks like three pokemon combined, salazzel, and houndoom

>>844572 also yeah shes definently crazy, or at least is able to easily detach herself from feeling remorse to those she doesnt care about cuz damn, how can you rest easy knowing you almost drove someone you knew to suicide and still feel angry towards them

No. 844856

File: 1564249847114.jpeg (139.71 KB, 2048x996, B4CA8106-5760-452F-B4F5-280494…)

On insta, the creature has the same exact back legs, as this one. Making this one look broken. Also, I haven’t seen many of her other sketches/process, so I don’t know if she breaks the body down before adding detail, but looks suspicious that the only pre-detail is the circle for the head and fore arm for the creature- I wonder if she took another pose and traced it, I mean, if so, it’s still not good

No. 848479

File: 1564925615443.jpeg (486.41 KB, 750x1055, 91771D33-C823-4A2B-957C-67E14B…)

I never did like it when she backtracks herself, like her original comment specified that no one should have guns, then whenever people state their own view on it, she does her normal ‘shut the fuck up’ and then agrees with those in her comments, of course in her own special way so that she can feel like she won the argument.
Like, spoon,, most agreed that there should be some control, and to not ban all guns- that mental illness is a major factor too (something that spoon claims to be a major issue in her apology)

No. 848481

File: 1564925950918.jpeg (200.95 KB, 1781x2048, 73429192-C968-47A5-AA2C-E6351F…)

“I’ve proven to myself that I have talent and when I put in the effort I can draw almost everything”
draws this

No. 848490

What is going on with the second pair of arms? It looks like she drew the whole thing while forgetting the character has four arms and had to hastily add in the lower two at the end.

No. 848568

Notice how the awkwardly attached limbs are lined boldly, like the rest of the body, but the hands are strangely unconfident… reminds me of:

No. 848570

File: 1564940317511.jpg (104.47 KB, 1024x1280, NYxgLHb.jpg)

Does spechie ever use her ocs outside of showing them being edgy female #1293?

No. 848651

Top right:


No. 848656

Oh my god I thought it said "Fear!" but that makes so much more sense

No. 849466

Pretty sure all other countries have mental illness and video games but somehow it's only America and third world that have mass shootings.

No. 849664

File: 1565123529850.png (3.2 MB, 2000x2000, AwkDodV.png)

"I know how to draw" she claims while ruining perspective on all parts of the armor and draws deformed pewds

No. 849665

File: 1565123684052.png (2.03 MB, 1278x2048, yyzkWAr.png)

I can't wait for the trainwreck videos if she can't draw the head the same way from drawing to drawing

No. 849742

drawing a completely different style for every "sketch" on a single page, but not bc shes stealing or anything im sure

No. 850247

I don’t understand why, In a piece like this, it registers as a “yep, this is the best that I could do”.
Like, for someone who traced images and can kinda make the images look like the reference, WHY doesn’t she use that knowledge of coloring here???

No. 850421

File: 1565285987861.jpeg (405.98 KB, 750x919, 5F1AF804-AE84-42B3-8F33-B2D423…)

I know that this isn’t the same, but didn’t spoon behave the same verbally with her dog on a stream and played the pity me card when she got rid of one of her cats, only to buy a dog a month (if that) later (especially when she could’ve bought them back) ?

No. 850910

good god this piece is ugly

the color are muddy and unpleasantly desaturated everywhere. The 'realistic' wolf but the square pig, the backgrounds, the anatomy. im in pain.

not to mention every time she draws pewds she giveds him like neon ice blue eyes. his eyes are the one thing tht SHOULD be desaturated, bc they're a greyish blue irl

No. 850912

10 bucks says that this was traced in one way or another for the heads (especially the feral one.)

No. 852851

File: 1565784135147.jpeg (69.88 KB, 600x900, 8C352095-2B13-4E76-931C-0AE35E…)

No. 852852

the way she draws boobs is. so unflattering oh my god. cant you look at your own anatomy spechie?? i also think the collar bone is way to high but that could just be me.

No. 852853

i thought this was nice until i looked at the body…

No. 852887

Slightly too high up, too small, and at too steep of an angle. The clavicle usually goes nearly straight across towards the top of the shoulder when at a resting position. This drawing seems to have them pointing towards the back of the neck.

No. 852958

There needs to be a photo out there with at least the same hand because oof
This girl can’t draw hands unless they’re traced

No. 853013

Her hands look weird even when she traces kek
Girl only knows how to trace and can't even do it right

No. 853078

(sorry, samefag as >>852887, meant to reply to >>852852)

No. 853283

Got to love how Spechie keeps trying to draw badass things while not knowing what makes things badass.

No. 854933

Huh,the video is suddenly unavailable and her "My art teacher hated me" has disappeared. She trying to hide things again? We all saw it.

No. 855139

She’s just doing a clean up of her channel rather than starting from scratch so that she can keep the subscribers and views.
The high school video can probably be found somewhere, I wonder if someone uploaded it and managed to keep it up, if spoon will threaten to sue

No. 855191

File: 1566221173018.jpeg (199.02 KB, 750x600, F913752A-C792-485B-A0BE-B391B0…)

To the person on pull, apparently other youtubers have been facing the sudden drop and gain of subscribers

No. 855259

I have it saved and there are many reuploads if you know where to look. I reuploaded it here.

I forgot how much she shit on gimp in this because it's free. Or how she claimed the school's digital art wasn't digital art because it wasn't the one she knew.

No. 855272

File: 1566243853801.png (783.42 KB, 1334x750, AB661DF1-B80D-4750-A5BF-FDE6E6…)

I know that this is an older piece of art(2016), but for spoon to say that she has grown artistically is a joke, she uses the same nasty ass technique now as then, making her bust heads and broken limbed people look like shiny pieces of shit

No. 855284

File: 1566246053744.jpeg (175.64 KB, 750x1188, 1A52269A-C974-452A-8D0B-1BAEB1…)

Can someone see if the base, overall, matches?

No. 855287

File: 1566246916511.jpeg (48.94 KB, 370x402, 5FEDEF7A-EEF1-4BBD-9392-1BE8AA…)

Say, I know that it’s too early to ask this, can we use this for the next thread? Because I still find it funny as hell

No. 855909

File: 1566348579390.png (2.65 MB, 2000x2000, hmm.png)

Her anatomy is wonky as hell, but it sort of matches.

No. 856054

When I did it anon, the torso matched perfectly, the leg also considerably fit just slightly cut off. The arm was the only one off, so idk if she manipulated it to “look better” or to not get caught, because the hand is overall positioned just like the other-

No. 856272

File: 1566424702211.jpg (297.46 KB, 2000x1367, queensushi.jpg)

i dont know where i can post this elsewhere but found another spechie in the making Queen_Sushi tracing all her art and causing e girl drama

No. 856307

File: 1566427911984.png (22.78 KB, 650x136, StYrwI0.png)

Put it in a thread that cares then. This is a spechie thread.

Unrelated but I love how spechie is pretending to care about the Amazon and retweeting things acting like she knew before everyone else instead of just learning it now like a lot of people.

No. 856341

File: 1566434799174.png (881.32 KB, 641x1200, jKeJPwe.png)

"i decided to let my cartoon-y artstyle out and this is what it made lmao"

It looks like all her other art the fuck is this bitch talking about 'cartoony style' for?

No. 856418

File: 1566442427028.jpg (123.29 KB, 1045x1200, KqagEMM.jpg)

Someone on PULL posted this and said it looked like an Ahegao face and now I can't unsee it.

No. 857845

File: 1566745754759.jpeg (262.56 KB, 750x823, C041BF4A-DB43-4E5D-9B9B-593A11…)

Putting on my tinfoil hat guys, because I have to ask if I’m the only one thinking that she’s purposefully pandering to this demographic, because within a few months she goes from ‘ I wish my neighbors were dead’ to ‘ man I deal with some crazy customers omg haha’
Like, I’m pretty sure that she receives a lot of positive feedback, you can look at her videos for comments or even she acknowledged this as she insisted it as a reason why she ‘was’ on her high horse so many years ago (even though videos made within a month ago kinda contradict that). Like, is she trying to vanquish any other opinion of her that is bad? After all, she did delete many of her comments that were posted here.. it’s kinda sad, and scary that she just doesn’t want to be seen in any other light than absolute

No. 857988

>>856272 try the artists that annoy you thread in i think /ot or /m

No. 859285

Spechie does what I used to do tbh. Used to only copy references but knew jackshit about art fundamentals. At least I was self aware I wasn’t good.
I think its called “symbol drawing”

No. 859654

I don’t understand why the comments repeat the same phrase over and over again about how “Spechie has grown a lot”,,, are we not going to wait until she shows it?
I mean, it’s one thing to say it, another to actually put your actions forward. Like, she may say “no shade” but then she’ll hope that her “neighbors get shot”(y’all shit about them- sounds familiar to the Mandy incident huh?), continue to pull the straw men argument on anything controversial, possible continue use of tracing.
I really don’t want to sound like I’m on my high horse, but I just don’t get why Spechie, despite having time to relook over her video, you know, for being an apology video, didn’t bother to include tracing in it(despite it being one of the major topics brought up about her) and left to the comments to say “I’ve proven to myself that I have talent…. I can draw almost anything. I know how to draw and I shouldn’t be tracing. I know better”… like are we going to ignore that only a few months ago, she whole heartedly defended herself to say that she doesn’t trace? (>>800601)
Like, I’m sorry, colour me as a skeptical being or a moron, but it just doesn’t seem right that this person, who embarrassed a person to think suicide was an option, and earned a career out of it just doesn’t seem right. Yes, I understand that she was a senior in high school when it happened, but she continued to be aggressive years after that- forgetting to include that because she wants to focus on 17 year old her, not the 18 or 19 who continued much of the problems.

No. 859663

Holy fuck, so sorry for the long response, but it just makes me mad that a person who just said ‘sorry guys on 17 year old me’s behalf, and let me tell you guys my tragic backstory on why I did it’ (it being that many kids are anxious, but it still gives no reason for her to literally hurt others emotionally) is given a “she has grown so much”

No. 860201

I think many anons here agree, and i wish more people who watched her videos get that too. She keeps talking about improvement yet we see no results.

Also that whole driving a fellow student to almost commiting suicide? Yeah, thats not a thing most people (even in their stupid teen years) do, the fact that people can know this fact about her and still stand by her side is fucked up.

Spechie is a fucking retarded piece of shit whos ego is somehow bigger than the fat ass she is despite drawing the most ugly art out there.

Spechie, for the love of god, do something better with your life and get an actual job you disgusting pathetic incel neet

No. 860351

Yeah, wasn’t all of this from just the beginning of last year and she pulled the, i was seventeen, when she was 18 for most of it?

No. 864718

What the absolute fuck is this video- I feel like I was given a report on the impact of loneliness, something given on a crash course except all with slideshow pics and little animation and significantly less cited sources

No. 864720

Advice to specie because I really don’t want her to just become a channel that just uses info from other sources (a basic report), please be yourself, there will always be people who just hate to hate. please don’t look at the appearances, aka: that idea that you now have to act a certain way to show improvement, because that ain’t it chief. If you know what you did wrong, then you shouldn’t be afraid of expressing yourself because you won’t do it again, sure, mishaps can happen, so maybe you’ll need someone else to read your script, no big deal. Just please, you know how scary it is to do it, or at the very least, imagine who you want to be, put on that face in your videos, and you may build confidence to really be the you that you want to be

No. 864840

“It sounds like I’m doing a lot of complaining, which for the record I’m not, I’m just spitting straight facts ”
Spoon, I can’t tell if this is a joke, yeah, you put a fax machine next to your character, but you’re wording….. if that was the only joke,, ehhh, sounds like we should trust someone who didn’t put up cited works and claimed that ‘post con “””depression”””’ exists (again, I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not). Yeah you can be sad that you’re not with your friends…… but in this case, it’s temporary,,,, unless you have actual depression, something that you claimed to know is a topic that you couldn’t handle well.. but now understand how serious it can be

No. 864842

File: 1567782552279.jpeg (281.39 KB, 750x1289, CD1A9BE6-07FE-4B1C-9559-59A72D…)

Like, I wanna know where she coined the term,,, because the only reliable source here only talks about depression, rather than the other type that these two groups are mentioning

No. 864846

Also, weird thing, she claims to have gone for college for a short time,,, but then in one of her earlier videos she states how she never went to college and never wants to because of debt. I- I mean, it’s not the first time she lied, but for someone as outspoken about her life, especially during that time,,, it seems like she would’ve mentioned it? Ok, I’ll take off my tin foil hat now

No. 864920

Youtube link to the newest video
cloudtube is here https://cadence.gq/cloudtube/video/2zILNv5CyxM
Love how she is so lazy she is using Adobe Character Animator like onision does.

No. 865437

File: 1567889475701.png (36.31 KB, 626x219, UkBwImY.png)

Spechie ended up going on a twitter rant when her video failed hard and claimed her dad would let her do youtube full time then back tracked. 1/?

No. 865439

File: 1567889523484.png (70.8 KB, 664x510, F99lBos.png)


No. 865443

File: 1567889708955.png (43.78 KB, 650x347, DCf2JRi.png)


No. 865449

File: 1567889905603.png (55.92 KB, 653x500, xFzyH7E.png)


No. 865486

She doesn’t consider how boring the video is? Blames it on not being controversial- spoon, your vids became more and more lecture-like, stuff you look at through google search, and with ppl knowing your history is hypocrisy and lying - no on wants to watch a slideshow with a creepy puppet lecturing them.
Also, never asks for help? Emergency commissions ring a bell?
This girl is a liability with her track record of meaningless spending-

No. 866009

File: 1567960911427.png (271.08 KB, 780x403, lazy.png)

I love that she cant even consider that no one wants to listen to her talk about 'Loneliness'. Especially her because people will probably go 'well you're always mean and bitchy so of course you're alone you put yourself there.' Also this is 100000% just a copy and retelling of a VERY popular video that everyone would have already watched and it's obvious as soon as she starts talking about how 'people with many friends can be just as lonely'


You cant just copy a video with almost 10mil views and get away with it

Also the character and the art for said character is ugly. I did a quick 10 min edit and there's too much to point out that's just ugly and wrong. Why if she's so lazy that she's gonna use a glitchy looking preset animator cant she put more time and effort into the base art?
The line where her shirt ends doesnt match up to the table line
The eat that should be closer looks further away. She copy and pasted the antlers (You can tell by the out of place line near the base that is identical. She just sized one down).
Obviously crooked monitor
Who sits at a table up to their boobs and just the monotone colors that could easily be fixed with just some slight saturation and color variation.

I wont be surprised if she traces this but I honest to got welcome her to cause yikes on bikes My anatomy is also garbage but hers is nonexistent

No. 866220

File: 1567979160895.png (598.12 KB, 943x1200, kcainfs.png)

She redesigned it

No. 866226

File: 1567979327221.png (716.94 KB, 675x1200, SRyLIO2.png)

She is using Adobe's Character animator now too.

No. 866278

I mean, hopefully the animation will be better (really like the dedication to her wanting a new image for herself), I just wish that she would keep her other fursona, its pretty cute.
OH, or maybe she could always have two fursonas/avatars for her channel. One for the lecture videos that she wants to produce, the other about herself, irl stories?

No. 866337

"dedication to her wanting a new image for herself" You mean her wanting to run away from her problems instead of actually facing them?

No. 866351


Sha made it worse how the fuck did she make it worse
The green in the ears was the only redeeming feature of the previous color palette.
This is SO monotone and the antennae are actually the ugliest thing I've ever seen on a character design and I used to frequent DA in the early 2000s

No. 866455

File: 1568035903298.png (255.21 KB, 693x392, XzvEyjN.png)


She really thinks this is the way to go when this furry she drew matches her channel more.

No. 866506

I’m wondering why spoon is dropping the furry thing so fast, if it’s because comments, didn’t she like this design? Why doesn’t she keep it if she likes it, I mean, spoon, pls don’t be shocked by people being surprised by you separating yourself from your initial design, it takes time

No. 866613

File: 1568060366306.jpeg (408.63 KB, 750x902, C82DE032-BBBB-4BEB-BD21-96CD8C…)

She changes the design with a green comeback (which I like) I just wish that she kept the furry idea

No. 866614

From a quick glance the colour scheme/art reminds me of wikihow

No. 866668

File: 1568066857752.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1200, gxnx0Vz.png)

That is basically her skill level.

Here is her new twitter icon complete with a nose too tiny to properly breathe out of.

No. 866883

File: 1568118371648.jpeg (198.31 KB, 1200x1200, AAA5295C-4E5B-491D-8597-91EDAC…)

Ignore the nose, look at the hand and how it contorts at a near upright angle, instead of resting near her chin at a 90. What image did he fucking reference and got this and thought it was ok
(Also, sorry for bringing this back up, but the but her image reminds me of squidward with a deflated nose, also, I know that she copied the eyes- one of the few ways to make copy pasted eyes look good is by lowering one to give an illusion, same with the brow- aka: she a lazy ass mf that should look into becoming a wikihow artist if she needs money)

No. 866920

File: 1568124678088.png (1.34 MB, 1200x1160, 7SfSSdu.png)

Small dump of Spechie's recently posted art

No. 866921

File: 1568124741656.png (910.03 KB, 1148x1200, atzu6K3.png)


No. 866923

File: 1568124873183.jpg (163.94 KB, 1017x1200, 0anVhZx.jpg)


No. 866926

File: 1568124987774.jpg (214.25 KB, 1125x1200, 99ZjfvX.jpg)

Yearly redraw

No. 866958

File: 1568131424306.gif (1002.24 KB, 240x249, CEDBDEA1-C641-4A13-8778-C1AF71…)

So spoon kept the image to “reference”?
Nah bitch, you’re tracing again

No. 866961

I want spoon to look people in the eye and say that she has grown artistically since 2017 (she added a texture layer to make it look in depth).
Adding extra colours can’t fix the shit proportions that are ongoing- especially when she only adds this level of detail to this piece to prove that she progressed
Are these the same head?

No. 867020


It's not that image specifically but it is the same guy she was "drawing" each time. Jeffery Star.

No. 867128

Yet each one looks just as bad as the last, just as a different style… What is she spending her time on all day if she can't even improve in 4 years

No. 867441

File: 1568227511959.jpeg (201.69 KB, 1444x1444, 58ECC8A1-36C0-4242-82E1-32C8A9…)

Somebody: pls do this better than I to confirm whether or not
Because some of these images that spoon is popping out, suddenly understanding hands/getting the proportion right is suspicious, especially when her images can actually be deciphered

No. 867449

File: 1568231298524.png (12.09 KB, 532x105, CwZ3R8m.png)


Proving herself wrong .

No. 867463

I really don’t want to say anything yet because this image may not be 100% accurate because I was using medibang and had to make the image bigger to fit (because I used the original image of Star on the last forum)a that’s why I want someone else to look over it.
But I have no doubts that she has been continuing to trace, because some of these poses, although not complex, looking at her gallery, of stuff not traced, its complex for her

No. 867555

You can pretty instantly tell that at least this image is fully traced from somewhere. You don't go from the shit tier face anatomy of the other images that were just posted, and then suddenly have a fair grasp of how noses/eyes and proportions work. That's not how doing art works at all, if she was just good at faces and nothing else it would at least be understandable, but not this. Not to mention the quality of the art goes from fair amount of detail to "I spent 10 minutes on this" hair and clothes. Definitely traced.

No. 867641

If she’s using old images that she saved to trace, I wonder how many other images she has and continues to retrace ((looks at her NEWEST pieces: >>852851
>>849664 ))

No. 867724

I think Speck doesn't know what she wants. She makes a new video which felt more like an heartless essay you'd have in school accompanied with a new persona. The vid wasn't so succesful as the other one's? It's not the content it's the furry! Let's change it, a persona someone else made for me because that'll make my channel better!
Where do you get such conclusions???

No. 868667

This is why I make the jokes that her personality is like her art, it never changes
Also, no one wants to deal with her ass which is why people started backpedaling.
I was wondering why it looked so good.

No. 868705

Wait.Spechie bullied a girl into committing suicide?

No. 868814

LAst thread anon: >>>/snow/556178

No. 868953

Yeah you missed out on spoons threats to anyone who tried to contact Mandy(the girl who spoon made a video on,calling her cringy for singing in class)
We found that Mandy barely even knew spoon before the video, and spoon didn’t want to take down the video, even after the girl was being humiliated by kids at school, even after going to court, and to this day has not apologized to the girl herself

No. 869386

File: 1568644325537.jpeg (492.08 KB, 750x1062, F229B5C7-CDB2-46F1-8F75-20C788…)

I’m so mad that this girl
She made a boo hoo I have to get rid of one of my cats move then bought a dog a few months later
Despite perhaps being able to buy back her cat
Then from i’m assuming to have spent all her high school money is and who is now living with her parents did not consider the fact that this would happen she spend money without even thinking about it and now her own dog is suffering the consequences
Like I don’t know obviously what will happen to that dog but the fact that this dog who she adopted and who she had for a few months is now being sent away again because this girl did not consider how to save money
I don’t know if she actually really does feel sympathy since the cat issue still causes me to be skeptical but this is just

No. 870089

Turns out Spochie deleted her video about her high school suing her. Reuploaded here: http://sendvid.com/p5s8eyay

Between this and the art teacher video she basically removed her highest view videos aka the ones that would actually give her money.

No. 870107

Or she put the videos on private so she can keep the views no I allow the public to see

No. 870980

File: 1569003799098.png (824.95 KB, 1125x1200, 5jjw2R8.png)

She doesn't know how horns work does she?

No. 870988

Or tiddies. Look at those things.

No. 871219


it's always the tits with this girl.. it's always the damn tits.

No. 871408

You think at some point she'd look down at her chest and realize tits don't go all over the place.

No. 872432

This forum, like the cow herself, is becoming repeatitive, and boring

No. 876130

File: 1570137265174.jpeg (289.23 KB, 750x773, 83EEB0DC-8318-4DE2-A9BC-71935D…)

Unless you do whatever you can to gain money from it, and your clients are disappointed from the results.
To me, there has been little indication that spoon does YT for fun, in fact she makes video-making appear as a chore for her.
So is YT still fun spoon?
Or Do you feel obligated to “clear your name” from some source of revenue that apparently causes you to stress and copy articles online ?

No. 876177

File: 1570148335754.png (240.43 KB, 617x564, yAF0xuU.png)

Anon how did you miss this mess?

No. 876180

>Digital art
The whole point of inktober is to use INK. kek

No. 876186

that's a dumb nitpick lol, inktober is just a challenge for artists to make one piece of art a day, nobody cares what medium you use

No. 876187

is was made to challen people to use other mediums that use ink

No. 876215

File: 1570164456674.png (54.47 KB, 848x560, inktober2019.png)

To be fair, the official inktober website says digital inking is allowed so… this is a very dumb nitpick.
Spechie's drawing looks like rushed shit, though, like why bother participating if you aren't going to take it seriously to improve.

No. 876550

File: 1570228594984.jpg (123.02 KB, 1066x1200, hK0JEWB.jpg)

Full image.
She seems to trace something for art every other image at least. Just look at the clock tail compared to the rest.

No. 876553

For someone as unskilled as Sprechie, doing the challenge at all will mean good practice, skill building, and a better mindset towards art.

but for the most part, it's pretty bullshit to do digital work for Inktober. The entire idea of Inktober is to challenge oneself with an unforgiving medium. Digital is the exact opposite. Go onto any art focused forum – most people get called out and criticized for going digital. i would know, i'm also doing Inktober.

No. 876596

I prefer digital and I think that it’s bullshit to use digital in INKtober
>>876553 claps AGREED, Anon!!

No. 876619

File: 1570241011912.png (96.46 KB, 234x461, ZlH7D7g.png)

She really has no idea how to do proper lines.

No. 876924

Either do something about it or move on you dumb fuck the speechie threads are always dry af, the only thing she does is have a shitty attitude and draw like horseshit and her retarded videos

No. 876925

Alot of people just use the inktober hashtags for publicity and art prompts, its a good way to get your stuff out there and potentially gain new followers why else would anyone use the hashtag if not to benefit off it

No. 879400

File: 1570896175432.png (1.24 MB, 800x1200, iFH4XnO.png)

Dropping off some of spechie's "art".
This is meant to be Jenna Marbles.

No. 879402

File: 1570896596240.png (1.11 MB, 899x1200, 8u2ZXIh.png)


No. 879403

File: 1570896682194.png (548.28 KB, 899x1199, HYtzHyw.png)

Why does she never properly crop things?

No. 890542

Anon you should just edit her videos

No. 892139

why did she delete her birthday video. I was looking forward too rewatching it

does anyone have it archived? I like watching spechies videos and I am disapointed you people bullied her into deleting this fine work. now spechie only has 6 whole videos for the entire final year of the decade; I don't have expectations that she will make another video before the year ends because you people make her change her avatar.

No. 898503

File: 1574867300420.jpeg (247.42 KB, 750x626, AED89F41-0DA0-4291-86BA-388B8B…)

No. 898506

File: 1574867515602.jpeg (273.38 KB, 750x903, 3A48150E-AB7D-4FB2-9197-79A059…)

No. 898510

“Guys, I’m diagnosed now!!! It explains so much for my tracing, defensive behavior, and me bullying a girl that I didn’t even know in class to the point of suicide!”

I’m still convinced that she has a narcissism disorder but the depression/social anxiety I can see.
But good luck to her and her endeavors, it’s good to see that after a year of not looking at this forum, she’s getting help for her nasty behavior

No. 898521

ah yes that one incredibly rare disease that causes you to lash out and steal the hard work of others, FUCKING DEPRESSION? she must be kidding. she cant even be honest with herself about why so many people hate her

No. 898532

Honestly, I know so many people with depression and ptsd, all behaving differently, but none of them use it as an excuse for this shit.
It’s like the girl takes shows like bojack horsemen or tuca and Bertie as a template of tragic characters that mean well but are absolute douches- spoon, even these characters didn’t go on crusades to threaten to sue people who wanted to talk to a victim of theirs.
Fuck you spechie, follow your own advice that you look up on google

No. 902044

I don’t think people really 100% doubted that specie had some form of depression, but I guess that specie still doesn’t realize that in her Depression video, she grouped depression together, telling people to “do this” and you’ll get better.

“I was sad and angry and I made YouTube videos expressing that”
Spechie, you were fucking deranged for exaggerating events to make yourself appear as the victim.

I know that she’ll never reveal her ‘childhood trauma’ online for obvious reasons, but I am curious in what it was because from her past twitter posts she and her sis appear spoiled.
She’s like a Pacifica Northwest character, except unfunny and lacks the redeemable traits from the show

No. 911614

Spechie has privated all but 2 videos. I feel like she is setting the stage and going to make a comeback next decade and laughbull.ranch will appreciate her

No. 912289

Ah yes, laughbull.ranch the brother site to twochin.net

Nah but seriously, i think Spechie might actually come out on top and is actually taking steps in the right direction. Ill probably still hate her and her new content when she comes back to the youtube scene, but as long as she learns from her mistakes and realizes how terrible she was then thats all i need as a resolution

No. 915499

File: 1578560639992.png (2.12 MB, 1076x1730, 5CBC3AAC-1B3C-409B-88B2-1A6FA0…)

2020 vs 2016.
I cant believe someone can post this and not realize how bad it is. Its so stiff, the expressions are so boring compared to the last one, the proportions are all wonky and theres no sense of depth AT ALL.
Honestly I just feel bad for her, she was taking criticism at some point and tried to improve but it just seems like a lost cause

No. 915503

So she spent all this time working on making her rendering "better" (more random lines and colors thrown around = better right?), instead of learning how to draw.

Shep has dwarf proportions, a giant scar dividing her torso and her boobs are attached to her collarbones. What the fuck girl hahahahha

No. 915512

It's so unappealing to look at, I don't know how to describe it but it just feels like I'm looking at a bunch of brightly colored scabs

No. 915516

Omfg I thought the older one was the top one and that she improved quite a lot. Jesus fucking Christ that is awful, and that stomach is a vagina, and it all looks like it was drawn by a fan art making 13 year old on windows paint

No. 915570

2016 girl’s abs look like a mutilated vagina.

No. 915572

I meant 2020 girl, holy shit. So bad I thought it must be an earlier version.

No. 915577

Why does her stomach look like she gave birth to quintuplets at one point

No. 915585

The older version at least had expressions, light sources, and an attempt at depth and focus. How could she see improvement?

No. 915586

File: 1578589735545.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x1938, B8540D75-7E49-4A71-A86E-C9FBE2…)

Did she delete that “art improvement “ post? I can’t seem to find it on her instagram anymore.

No. 915589

Abs or some kind of giger-esque cellulite chest monster?

No. 915592


Wow yep, maybe she's lurking but I remember seeing a lot of comments on her IG post confused about which was the 2020 one and saying they liked the old one better. That's gotta sting.

No. 915593

Lol I don’t follow this thread but I stopped and I didn’t pay close attention and 100% thought that 2016 was the newer one I didn’t see the dates until I scrolled through this 2nd time and looked at the pic again. That’s shit is rough I don’t even draw but goddamn even I know that anatomy is fucked 2020

No. 915595



Still up on her twitter though, probably because people didn't want to point it out.

No. 915620

Kek speg deleted it on twitter too, definitely lurking.

No. 915622

File: 1578597391741.jpeg (372.78 KB, 1195x1547, DECFBDD7-547D-4F86-8371-5CE978…)

She’s redrawing it, happy to see she’s trying to improve at least..

Any anons wanna try a paintover or point out what can be fixed since she’s definitely lurking here?

No. 915623

Spechie, here's some advice:
- start from scratch, this isn't salvageable.
- Measure body parts!! There's a ton of tutorials on proportions out there, use one. This woman is 2 heads tall, her arms are way too short even if you ignore the head
- just look at a real human being in this pose or a similar one. I'm sure you can find a good photo reference somewhere.

No. 915625

Imo the darker black looking shading doesn’t mesh with a very sunny island background. Looks really dirty and like shitty wood carving if the black shadows aren’t blended correctly. The rim light doesn’t make a whole lot of sense where it’s placed, I don’t understand how it’s on the her crotch where if it was 3D the light from the pool would not shine all the way through her leg.
Just blurring background objects doesn’t mean it’s truly in the background. The mountain shouldn’t be as green as the foreground trees unless it’s like toxic neon green and not a natural green. She should try to contrast the brighter foreground objects with a less saturated background mountain. Atmospheric lighting really helps determine what’s in the background and what isn’t not just making it look like I’m near sighted.
Also the clouds look like whipped cream sperms, add some volume to them please.

No. 915643

File: 1578600218503.jpeg (328.99 KB, 682x808, 2F7BDEB1-D922-4604-B064-15A14E…)

I mean

No. 915652

File: 1578601602021.png (8.29 MB, 3400x2000, 055FF813-31FA-4458-A852-BF1A9E…)

I did a rough paintover, didnt finish it because I couldnt be bothered but main things I tried to fix were the overly unnatural saturated colors, made the mountains look more like mountains, tried to add more depth by adding some palm trees to the background as well as making it a bit blurry and less saturated. Fixed the girl (mostly with liquify), made her more expressive and tried to fix the wonky body. Added some reflections on the water, composition is still not the best but thats all I had the patience for.

Of course this is subjective, to me this looks a little better although its unfinished

No. 915654


Wow the face alone makes a huge difference she actually looks cute instead of a degraded crackhead.

No. 915740

Wow, this is really good!
I would change a few minor things in this to add on top, as I would maybe move the sun to be in the middle of the piece with the mountain, so it feels more like the middle of a sunny day and doesn’t put too much “weight” on the right side of the drawing. . Then remove the extra sandy beach shore in the background on the right, as it gives a wonky perspective here.

No. 915841

File: 1578624116398.jpg (1.38 MB, 3400x2000, IMG_20200110_023821.jpg)

This is the final version according to her Twitter. I still prefer the 2016 drawing and a lot of the main issues are still present, but I guess she tried..?
It's nice she took some feedback and tried to make it better, definitely a step in the right direction though the art is still uncomfortable to look at.

No. 915874

File: 1578633052761.png (938.64 KB, 1187x685, Untitled-1.png)

are bans still being dished out for redlines? if so direct me to where we can post them. i can never resist with spechie. honestly the rendering is so bad on a fundamental level that it just needs to be re-done and would take ages to fix so a paint over wasn't on the cards for me today

also i am the culprit for the first hand hide, oopsie

No. 915901

No. 915941

Looks good but the other problem is that Garrus (the guy) does have weird proportions in a way, since he's an alien. His waist is really tiny and bony. She should have drawn it that way in the first place.

No. 932213

she's got a point fuck jeff bezos but WHO told her those eyelashes were a good idea

not only that but the lizard joke got stale like 2 seconds into the video. it seems like she's just mad because her rich dad cut her off.

No. 932214

oh nevermind, shes sucking other billionaire dicks

also i think she and tim broke up

No. 932319

Agreed anon with the whole break up.
For a second, it sounded like she agreed with communism.
Like, she does know that what makes up capitalism is the “unfairness” of it all. That’s how people are able to be ‘popular’- and I think she knows how envious she is on how she kinda flopped
Btw, Welcome back spechie :)

No. 932322

She’s surprised that she couldn’t afford having the apartment for a full year while she:
- only had support from YouTube
- spent her money/commissions on games/purchasing animals and feeding the two (so we can assume that she impulsively buys things)
- bought the essentials like food
(We don’t know if the apartment
room/electricity was bought by parents)
- barely graduated from highschool- doesn’t plan on going to college (you know with all of her research, she would find that getting at the bare minimum an associates may guarantee her an actual stable job that may pay her higher than a minimum wage job?) ((Also I’m pissed that she’s upset that her minimum wage job “only pays $15”, stfu))

And she blames these rich people for her inconveniences? sips tea

No. 932333


i agree, fuck rich people wtf, but her reasons other than the hoarding thing, is just "im poor so fuck them"

there are genuine reasons to hate billionaires, like the fact that its literally not possible to become one unless you're heavily exploting your workers, but does she mention that? no

No. 932617

No they didn't they still have pics on IG. If they did I would be first one to know and I would give spechie money on patreon

No. 933185


Wow this video was painful to watch, her attempts to be funny just fall flat. Spoon you're not funny, you got big for being dumb and edgy

No. 941674

File: 1583457632554.jpeg (229.75 KB, 1024x1449, 7987BA02-3209-484B-A524-9B7B66…)

Well, she was 18-19, got a free ride to Cali as a youtube animation panel- now, who’s to blame for their own downfall in a career that they stated that they didn’t even enjoy?

No. 942379

well the lady in the video was probably a wholesome and likeable person

No. 942488

I thought this was the same person (spech) in all 3 panels and a self-deprecating piece by spech showing her career through the years (like many other dead youtubers) but then I realized the person in the monitor was supposed to represent someone else.

I hope spechie gets better all this self-deprecating postings are making me concerned

No. 949300

The queen is back! Its sad to see is is disowning "spechie" but whatever content speggi puts forward now, I will support her!

No. 949398

I really cant believe most of this.

I can believe she could possibly have BPD but she spends half of the video blaming her stupid BS choices on her mental illness and then tries to claim she's not blaming it.

She's also obviously back to tracing as the art style shifts between at least 10 completely different styles and several points where she obviously traced the faces. There's one point where even how she draws lines completely changes into having super thick and actually appealing looking lineart

She just wants this to be her catch all for all the shitty stuff she's done without actually having to bring any specific thing up just that 'the past her was shitty uwu but she's all grown up now' so she can try and scrape by through youtube again.

No. 949651

Agreed with your points anon. I’m especially weirded out by her saying how she had so many issues- her tweets in the past just made her seem spoiled. Everyone faced shit, because your doc diagnosed you doesn’t mean that you’re some tortured soul.

But I’m interested in seeing what specie will do next.

No. 949652

Lmaoooo, she sounds like a person who just found out about Zodiacs.
OmG gUys, tHiS iS sO mE!!!!

I’m still sure that she has narcissism

No. 949962

I hope specie first went to a psychologist to be diagnosed…. because therapists cannot diagnose, they can see symptoms, but that’s not their area of expertise…

No. 955401

Her and Tim broke up if you check his Insta. It’s apparently a “sore topic” for her.

No. 955447

File: 1586267958221.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x2364, 8A8E21DA-2A4F-438C-BC0C-277968…)

actually it looks like they’ve been broken up since march.

No. 955448

File: 1586268114255.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1956, D9711E69-AC19-45F7-881F-017895…)

yea, probably around march bc this was the first photo him and his new gf posted. was on march 16

No. 955584

Hopefully this new girl is less toxic

No. 959797

Am I the only one who thinks she really looks like spechie?

No. 959838

lol i thought I was alone on that yeah she kinda does like a tanned darker skin spechie. Lol dumbass clout chasing Tim knows how to pick em! Hopefully she isnt as clingy nor as insane as spechie.

No. 960726

I don't think they really look the same. Maybe a similar kind of style but that's it

No. 961493

Well maybe he's not as clout chasing as we had thought lmao. That girl is pretty much spechie 2 : filter abuse boogaloo

No. 961535


Hi. I'm the girl in those pictures. Y'all are entitled to your own opinions but I can definitely post a picture without a filter if you'd like lol. I like the way I look with them but I'm not totally dependent on them. Haha. Also shout out to the person that covered my name on those pics. While it's not hard to find me, I'm not an influencer and that makes me feel super respected. Thank you!!

No. 961571

has psycho spechie tried to dm you to tell you to "you slut you stole Tim from me" or something along those lines, I would be careful if I were you, private your accounts and stuff because Spechie will probably try to hurt you or dox you, she can be very petty mean spirited and petty, she doxxed a classmate of hers and the girl had to basically change everything about her life in order to live a normal one. watch out.

No. 961600


Haha thanks but I'm not really worried about it. No she hasn't tried to contact me and hopefully it stays that way.

No. 961606

its weird because when she was with Tim she use to act all psycho when other girls would like or comment on his things, the girl was super clingy and saying shit how she was going to be Tim's last girlfriend and what not, hopefully she wont send her rabid fans to attack you or anything, because she has done that to a few commentators like justarobot and daftpina. Just as an advice dont take anything personal and if people start talking shit, dont respond.

No. 961629


Y'all are sweet! Again, I'm not worried about anything she might do. I can take a little hate haha.

No. 961730


I only posted here to kinda answer any questions you guys had about ME or to clear of any misconceptions about me I guess. Lol. Not really to trash talk Spechie. That's not my place. Just saw that I was on here and thought this could be kinda cool.

No. 962224

Imma be real with you chief, but nobody cares about you, you're only Tim's new gf and you kinda look like speechie. If you don't got any tea on speechie or Tim then be on your way. Also you should be glad you're not in the public eye, keep it that way.

No. 962248


Lmfao I'm dying. Sure I've got "tea" but again, it's not my place. So that's my cue to leave. See ya!

No. 965275

File: 1587857824520.jpeg (356.01 KB, 750x756, E20BD46B-FC0B-4113-81D9-900521…)


No. 966797

Is nobody going to talk about her recent tweet about men?

No. 966798

File: 1588191893306.png (93.02 KB, 1206x476, Spechietweet.png)

This is an imageboard, post it. Sage next time so you don't necro the thread about a benign tweet.

No. 966803

well guess its confirmed her bf broke up with her

No. 966828


That was confirmed a long time ago

No. 967388

File: 1588293917646.jpeg (471.22 KB, 750x902, 35270C47-93C4-413E-BCA1-1B8792…)

Spoon- you ok, or did you just want attention ?

No. 967443

Since she is congirmed single I will donate to her patreon when this is all over

No. 967508


Oh my god. How pathetic do you have to be to post something like that because your boyfriend broke up with you

No. 967601

I wonder what the story was behind it, maybe some cheating? At least he looks happier in the new pics with his new gf than in the old pictures and videos he was in with her.

No. 967621

Honestly- I feel kinda bad for both of them. Spoon probably seen him as a social latter, while also wanting another person to be around her.
But Tim never looked happy in pics/videos with her- so why did he stay with her if he never liked the relationship

No. 967627

Simp - lol jk

I don’t think that spoon would ever share relationship details directly (although she is pretty translucent) because she won’t be able to spin it in a way that makes her look good without bringing her BPD in the mix to save her ass from the consequences.

No. 967659


I seriously doubt there was any cheating going on from either party

No. 967753

I wouldn’t know, but she hasn’t posted stuff ragging against cheating, so there’s one possible indicator that neither cheated

No. 967829

I feel like she would've posted it as kind of a "feel bad for me" thing

No. 967840

nah spechie has more followers than tim ever did she was around 200k when he only had like 50 or 70k she was the famous one here, he was just another commentary youtuber trying to get famous, that guy is such a clout chaser I bet he was with her for the clout. haha she is such a mess, lol remember when she use to put shitty tweets like "is this what love is like?" adding a picture of a dumbass drawing and then saying shit like "im tim last girlfriend sorry i dont make the rules ladies" or some dumb shit like that, she is so insufferable, cant wait for a video of her shitting on tim and the new girlfriend, she will probably say shit like "she is a less hot version o me" "its obvious he still wants me" cant wait for that mess to unfold.

No. 967847

Not gonna lie…. same lmao

No. 968490

Yeah, but probably not on camera, maybe hint at it in her vids. I mean, she never gave out info about her other relationships, so I assume it’s because of the whole Mandy situation scaring her.

No. 971898

File: 1589135269503.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1489, 20200510_142404.png)

Anyone else thinks this was referenced from a picture of her and Tim? The resemblance is uncanny. This look s more like her than any other attempt of a self portrait she's done and her default "attractive" male style is just her ex boyfriend lol

No. 971924

I've seen you in comment sections of videos about spechie and on threads. Stop googling your boyfriend's ex you unstable freak

No. 972032

I don’t think it’s traced, like, at all. I just think she can’t draw more than 3 faces (male, angry girl, and happy girl)

No. 972063


Didn't say it was traced, it obviously isn't.

No. 972225

i thought it was weird as hell that she was stalking threads and videos about her bf’s ex too. like girl… how do you think your ugly ass bf would think about it? why are you so obsessed? and if you’re gonna be a creepy freak at least give us some milk lol

No. 972443

i’m 99% sure she’s still posting here as well. give us milk or fuck off, tubby

No. 972667

Then why are you suggesting that it’s a referenced pic of her and Tim when we all know that she can only draw one normal guy

No. 972837

File: 1589294098808.jpeg (1.47 MB, 750x936, E0F29436-5880-4B73-9159-9DE8BD…)

I always found it weird that she seemed to give up halfway into her drawings. It’s like she wants to 3d-ish (realistic?) like Miray but gives up. Still doesn’t know anything about clothes, but can’t really blame her
**the file for the pic was literally too large for this website, so sorry if it looks pixelated

No. 973579

This fat trailer trash freak is everywhere I look too, I don't look into spechie much but literally every thread or comment section I've browsed has some weird nice but psycho sounding comment from this piglet. Fuck off, why are you here? Stop doing a background check on your D list YouTuber boyfriend jfc

No. 974752

Leafyishere put out a video attacking pappatimmmy and he deserves it for wronging spechie and wasting her time

No. 975255

sage for talking about off-topic content, but kek at all the people in the comments not even knowing who he is. He truly is a literally who. I agree with the anons who said he was just clout-chasing by dating spoon, especially since she was fucking psycho and he didn't seem happy

No. 975388

>“Wronging Spechie”
Kek. Yes, imagine being so desperate for a bf and being hateful to others in a relationship, to the point of being compelled to make videos and posts about such a fixation

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