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File: 1571950733379.png (351.55 KB, 1275x717, redditbrain.png)

No. 476533

~It's all made up stories for made up internet points~

Feel free to add your own milky subreddits and note this isn't just a man/trans hate thread, but more of a general reddit thread

No. 476540

I hate how often obviously fake things get posted on reddit and idiot redditors just slurp it up.

I also hate r/whooosh, not only is it not funny, but a lot of the screenshots posted there are people who are pretending to not get an obvious joke on purpose, so the people laughing at the person for not getting something are actually the ones not getting the joke.

No. 476541

All the revenge subreddits are pretty cringe, 90% of posts are fictional and the hate for women is unbearable. And the comments gobble it all up.

No. 476542

Samefag, but forgot to mention r/entitledparents and r/justnomil.
Especially ep is bad - they frame the mothers as monsters and pity the fathers who are often just as full of shit as the "Karen".
Also anybody notice how a female ep gets mentioned in the title as karen or mom, a male ep is just called a parent. Leddit at its finest.

No. 476547

Reddit deletes threads and comments about china

No. 476560

File: 1571958391405.png (212.13 KB, 801x876, download.png)


>Mentioning the hatred of women and not including /r/pussypassdenied

No. 476570

Ugh, don't remind me of that shithole. r/fatlogic can be vile too - full of pick-me fat women putting down mothers who have the audacity not to immediately bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Female reddit users are a special kind of cool girl.

No. 476575

No. 476584

Just goes to show how much of a disgusting shithole Reddit is because they haven't deleted it yet. The heads of Reddit are probably all women-haters (even if some are women themselves).

No. 476602

File: 1571968387128.jpg (104.16 KB, 700x650, woman-asks-get-roasted-guy-goe…)

/r/roastme is the unfunniest sub on the unfunniest site.

65k upvotes for this try hard bullshit.

No. 476603

File: 1571968610310.jpg (221.34 KB, 682x716, woman-asks-get-roasted-guy-goe…)

No. 476604

I couldn't finish reading. Who is behind the keyboard?

No. 476606

Roast me has a big projection problem. They try to roast people off a picture and a 'I'm X, roast me reddit'. It usually works OK if the person is <average looking or is somewhat known in the community, but once you get random attractive people you don't have much material. The only thing you have is projection and incel shit.
Roast me is bad in general because after browsing a few weeks you get the same 'ha ha big nose' stuff

No. 476608

what abour r/ToastMe

No. 476616

I was looking for a different reddit post but accidentally found these. Hang me and then shoot me please. (Leaving links because I'm too afraid to actually look)




No. 476617

99.9% of the unpopular opinions that make it to the front page are in fact very popular.

all of the actually unpopular opinions are downvoted to shit which defeats the purpose of the sub.

No. 476621

You don't even have to seek those out. I look at the front page of Reddit sometimes and I've definitely seen those. On the front page! I don't even have an account. It's there for all to see. Doesn't leave a great impression.

No. 476622

I used to like r/instagramreality before it got a bunch of traffic from what I suppose is h3h3s video. I'm so tired of hearing the "le no room for le organs" when a girl photoshops herself with a thin waist, no matter how realistic it is.

No. 476624

Reddit isn't reallt a community per-se,Its got Thousnads of diffrent subreddits all of whom have their diffrent lingos and diffrent cultures

No. 476626

I fucking hate "sanity sunday" and the word refreshing should be banned there

No. 476628

Isn’t it funny how much reddit loves the whole “men’s issues are always overlooked and men’s mental health is woefully inadequate, no one takes male depression seriously” narrative? It’s absolutely not the case on reddit or online in general.

Everyone takes men’s problems seriously whereas people always, ALWAYS assume women with mental health issues are either faking it, attention-seeking, histrionic, or irrational and hysterical

No. 476630

What the fuck are you talking about, any given day 50% of /all/ posts on reddit are anti-China in some way.

No. 476633

Yep, and this happens with all the "unpopular opinions" threads on any forum i come across, they become less about actual unpopular opinions and more about literally any opinion someone may have, or if they just want to rant. Checking that subreddit now and i see shit like "throwing cigarettes is as bad as throwing candy wrappers" and "the song Happy is annoying", are you kidding me? 90% of the population have established this already.

No. 476635

File: 1571974138223.png (120.4 KB, 533x630, gay.png)

Reddit has tons of little degenerate subs. Some examples.

/r/DyingToBeFat (now banned) - a subreddit that was dedicated to intentionally making yourself obese, giving yourself diabetes, etc as a fetish
/r/InsectsInSex - videos putting insects inside genitalia

Redditors are so lame.

No. 476639

>/r/InsectsInSex - videos putting insects inside genitalia
>putting insects inside genitalia
…Like live animals? Or just fake plastic toys? Isn't that shit straight up animal abuse. What the fuck.

No. 476640

I only ever use r/Supernatural,r/Bunnies and r/NeoVaginadisasters and I avoid every other subreddit like the plauge cause I know how toxic they are

No. 476648

File: 1571976755940.png (3.5 MB, 1892x6760, ahs.png)

Samefag but here was one of the most disappointing moments for me on reddit. For those unfamiliar reddit has (or now used to have) a lot of far right, nazi, and general hate subreddits. In response a subreddit called /r/AgainstHateSubreddits was created by other users to expose and document subs they considered hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or violent. It's suspected the admins might be aware of it since whenever a subreddit is featured on AgainstHateSubreddits it's common for it to get banned a little while later. This pissed off the users of those banned subs so they started calling for other terrible subreddits that reddit admins never touch to get banned as well in order to be fair. One of the biggest ones they consistently went after was /r/AgePlayPenPals which was a subreddit for people to get in contact with eachother in order to do "ageplay" (sexting while roleplaying that one or both partners are children). There were concerns by a lot of people that it was a place for sexualizing minors and that it could not be used just for a "harmless kink" but by actual children and actual pedophiles. For a while I kind of liked to browse AHS because I liked seeing people call out the shitty misogynist subs and seeing those subs get wiped by the admins. So when I saw reddit finally banned AgePlayPenPals I was shocked that the entire thread about it on AHS was completely defending the subreddit. I don't know if it's just because the right-wingers who they hate were constantly calling for it's ban or if reddit's pedophilia ("achkshually technically it's ephebophilia") problem never goes away even in these types of places.

No. 476650

flies and maggots i assume from what i've seen on museum of filth

me too. that sub just turned into a karma farming self projection shithole

No. 476668

File: 1571980716023.png (44.1 KB, 974x382, gimpgirl555-6.PNG)

can we talk about milky reddit users? theres someone who i've been keeping up with because their comments are fucking crazy

>posts to tradfem, redpill and swinger subreddits

>claims to be a housewife and mother of 4 children
>also claims to spoil her husband and supports him and pays for everything
>thinks if you don't do everything for men and act as their slave then you are going to be cheated on
>is a swinger and brags about taking her husband to brothels
>talks about how shes really pretty and skinny/fit and men love her for it, says shes all natural and never needs makeup
>is potentially an anachan who doesn't believe its possible to be underweight
>thinks only ugly women are feminists

her username is gimpgirl555, here's some particularly ridiculous comments of hers

>I've done all the "50s housewife" stuff for exactly 18 years this year. I make my own soap and detergent, I cloth diaper two babies, I cook for six people daily, I'm even sewing and embroidering my own trad clothes.

pic related even got backlash from the redpillwomen subreddit

No. 476669

File: 1571980852540.jpg (454.46 KB, 720x936, gimpgirl555-2.jpg)

pic related is what she looks like

she once posted to femcels commenting like she's a stacy with pretty privilege, but her post on r/rateme maxed out at 5 as her highest rating.

No. 476674

The clothes she's wearing are not traditional, and she has short hair. Her posts reak of larpyness honestly.

No. 476675

I think shes super frugal, so long hair would require upkeep. She's also mentioned dumpster diving and thrifting for clothes. Since all her money has to go to providing for her man.

No. 476677

File: 1571983064372.jpg (193.18 KB, 996x1402, qw4bddtmycu31.jpg)

She posted a few comics, but I don't really get what she's trying to say. Is she one of the gimp girl? Does she sees herself as just a thing, not even human?

No. 476678

File: 1571983170467.jpg (682.92 KB, 2490x3506, h6trkklr1du31.jpg)

This one is pretty disgusting…

>Hookers looks bored during sex not because they hate it, but because the women who are hookers are not meant for sex

No. 476680

File: 1571983623287.jpg (27.54 KB, 411x308, 411full.jpg)

Hey reddit, i am a Ninja assasin who worked for the CIA and also won Eurovision and can do really tasty cakes, ask me anything

Edit: thanks for the gold!!! omg! i loved the puns you came up with, you guys are hilarious!

Btw, i have a book about being a Ninja Assasin called "Euro vision ninja" you can buy it on amazon following this link.

No. 476683

File: 1571984207051.jpg (68.3 KB, 640x706, ,3030dd.jpg)

r/dontyouknowwhoiam is like the worst sub ever. aside from actual funny stuff like toni hawk it's mostly people nobody checks for tweeting shit like pic related as if it's something funny or cool when it just shows how petty and assholeish people with influence and money are.
then all the comments are applauding the guy for being a petty rich asshole as if they wouldn't have told this random to fuck off as well

No. 476695

File: 1571988779529.jpg (326.48 KB, 1565x1147, Screenshot_12.jpg)

Not only is reddit the top manufactured shilling hub and astroturf and strawman headquarters of the internet but youtube insists on recommending me this type of content like in pic related even when i haven't entered reddit in months.

theres dozens and dozens of those channels, they all have the exact same format and exact same content and they all have thousands, sometimes even millions of views despite being all the same to a t, and extremely low effort.

Its so insane, each of those random videos have like 1.3 million views and most of them are narrated by robotic voices, is not even a real person reading the captures, it leads me to tinfoiling, everything about reddit glows of cia/mossad/china/russia/corporation/ad industry.

No. 476696

I fucking hate those videos, it genuinely bothers me that people can make money off of something that lacks so much substance and is so low effort. I thought the ones where people read stuff from Reddit were bad enough, but the text to speech ones are even worse.

And if you watch one your feed will get flooded with them.

No. 476697

She financially supports her man? That's not very trad. Shes actaully a feminist.

No. 476700

Its kinda how Stefan Molyneux is a stay at home dad for his daughter and advocates that all forms of parental abuse (spanking,hitting,slapping) should be criminalized and all children should be beleived no matter what because he was abused by his parents

No. 476701

haha holy shit you’re joking, he’s a stay at home dad? he always talks about how women should be at home caring for the children. the trads on the right are all filthy hypocrites.

instagramreality used to be great until it was overrun by people being mad that someone dare pose in a flattering way. half the submissions now are repeats, low hanging fruit, or a nobody the OP went to school with and has a vendetta against.

No. 476702

File: 1571989825217.jpg (70.29 KB, 726x1290, ry8cdz0hc6k31.jpg)

r/chonkers is the only good subreddit.

No. 476704

File: 1571989905285.png (75.84 KB, 601x647, huh.png)

>he’s a stay at home dad?

No. 476718

No. 476724

well its nice to see the vast majortiy of people thier are against him

No. 476726

This is a joke right? That sub promotes animal abuse. I think it’s bizarre people see this as funny.

No. 476727

Its a subreddit where people post fat cats

No. 476728

He was popular because he made helpful programming tutorials not because he was a pedo.

No. 476730

File: 1571994638957.jpg (141.42 KB, 720x720, mnko5l96e7u11.jpg)


shut up with the moralfaging becky, a lot of those cats are rescues or have medical issues that are taken care off. No one is promoting fattening a cat or bragging about it, a lot are not even that overweight, they are just healthy chubby fluffy types.

No. 476732

File: 1571994691354.jpg (235.64 KB, 873x1200, DzrTvaPWsAAfUJ5.jpg)

No. 476733

Haha slow death is adorable. Chonkers is for assholes. Dechonkers is acceptable.

The pick-me Queen.

No. 476737

Haha animal abuse is so funny

No. 476740

The look in her eyes, the expression and the lines of her face make me feel like if anything, the following is true:
>mother of 4 children (5 if you count the husband she spoils)
>her husband cheating on her (herself being a swinger and taking him to brothels is dubious)
>I make my own soap and detergent, I cloth diaper two babies, I cook for six people daily, I'm even sewing and embroidering my own trad clothes. (probably has tons of unfinished, crappy "trad sewing projects" that are mostly oktoberfest-ish dresses and attempts at the first results when she Googled "50s womens sewing patterns", tried to make her own soap but it's a bit too watered down, secretly exacerbated whatever skin problems she has and gives her laundry an odd smell, cooks meals that none of her family really appreciate and always makes sure she eats the smallest portion of all, cloth diapers - no comment)
This is an exhausted, broken woman whose main fear is being abandoned and forgotten. About all she has left is bragging on Reddit about an idealized version of her stress-filled, painful life. It's all a coping mechanism, probably because she feels she's completely wasted any potential she has.
This is a position I'd never want to end up in.

No. 476741

File: 1571997396161.jpg (117.96 KB, 640x901, h6trkklr1du31.jpg)

Wew. She's started her own subreddit.
Going to dump a comic she made.

No. 476742

w-w-wait diy = tr*dwhore?

i-i thought making soap was fun but i guess i should reconsider everything i like

No. 476743

File: 1571997453863.jpg (124.27 KB, 640x901, gjr039732du31.jpg)

This is probably one of the most cancerous things I've read made by a woman.

No. 476748

File: 1571997729974.jpg (109.81 KB, 640x901, 1r3p9rdc2du31.jpg)

>If you don't like strange men sexually using your body, you're probably a peasant who was meant to do manual labor in farms haha don't be triggered that's just genetics babe xoxo gimp girl

Nah, only if you obsess over doing it for weird political/sexist reasons like she does. DIY is cool and good.

No. 476755

wouldn't women being unhappy with being prostitutes and only doing it because they're impovirished and have no other job opertunities… be an argument for why they're used and abused? wtf is she on about?

No. 476758

File: 1571998684259.png (116.84 KB, 2040x352, 98899.png)

And here, she advocates rape and pressuring your wife into sexual activity with other men.

No. 476764

This is hella disturbing. She looks like a feminist and she acts like a bdsm whore, I hope that she's aware of that. I feel for the kids. Does she have a degree?

No. 476770

my go-to butterfly effect example is Jeri Ryan's husband doing this exact shit to her is what cost him his senate seat and let Obama win it and go onto be president

No. 476773

I think her father leaving her mother for a 20 years younger woman really messed her up.

No. 476775

It's a 40yo fat femcel.
>At some point, it really is necessary to give up the hope for a partner. It’s not impossible that my society will change over time and maybe future generations of fat women will have a chance. But it’s very unlikely to happen in my lifetime, because boys and men need to be raised from birth with fat-positive representations of female desirability.
>I guess I was just lazy when I literally was bedridden and almost died from years of anorexia but was still considered too fat to date.

No. 476776

File: 1572001860970.png (477.27 KB, 2142x1408, 98809.png)

>Be realistic: men who have options don't get with post wall women. If you're over 30 you're done. Yes you can point to some woman that did okay, but that's the exception. And you can say that your new man is better than your last one, but if he's so good, how come he didn't get a 20 year old model?
>If the man has a job then he doesn't need your money. That's one of the reasons why I keep my man from working.
>Here's what I bring to the table: I support him financially, I have a very fit body, I buy him everything he wants, I'm very sexual, and I do as I'm told.
>Those are not real things. Respect and admiration is not going to keep him around when he gets an offer from a 25 year old. Not being able to pay his bills without you will. Or you having a way better body than said 25 year old.
Definitely sounds like now she feels like she needs to overdo things to keep a man.
Her husband must feel incredibly lucky to have found an extremely insecure, paranoid, hypersexual woman who will break her back for him. No sane woman would do this shit.

No. 476778

File: 1572002270514.png (338.86 KB, 2068x1164, 1-.png)

>You need a man, a man doesn't need you.
>A man's oldest son is his right hand, you're the creature that lives in the basement and is let out to do the cleaning.
>At least I've got my spot in the basement secured. A comfy cage, a blanket, sometimes I even get a pillow! What more can a girl ask for?
She literally hates herself.
I was more angry and amused by this at first. I thought she was some kind of delusional narcissist who didn't realize how pathetic she is, but now I'm mostly just sad and sickened. She knows very well how pathetic she is, and thinks this is just the natural state of being female. It's depressing. She even said she enjoys the idea of him cheating on her, and would keep giving him money even if she left him.

No. 476779

Wonder what she teaches her children?

No. 476788

She gets off to this sort of thing. It's a weird fetish.

No. 476792

Is it just me or does anyone feel this is one massive stealth radfem LARP

No. 476794

File: 1572004167959.png (55.69 KB, 2080x180, 42.png)

>Something about my hair, too.
What hair?

No. 476796

lol she posts all of the time about how she is fat and could never change that

No. 476799

File: 1572004262889.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 395.29 KB, 530x1148, c6fab1600906243.jpeg)

I'm not being snarky because of the pixie cut, either. At this point in time (2 months ago), her hair was really, really short.

It just might be. Fuck knows.

No. 476802

If she's truly a perfect tardwife why would she post naked pictures of herself online,this feels like a LARP to me

No. 476803

File: 1572004518714.png (346.65 KB, 2044x722, 0-1.png)

>6. "Cheating" just like abuse is a bogeyman that lives in your head.

No. 476809


thats what i thought, it just reads like internet bdsm roleplay.

No. 476811

File: 1572005067801.png (50.02 KB, 2068x188, 1-0.png)

>rape is not a thing

Because at the same time, she's a swinger who has other men fuck her, sets her husband up with other women, financially supports him in every way, etc.
What she claims to be living seems to be the exact opposite of a "tradwife" life. Her lifestyle is actually a living strawman of what a radfem would despise about extreme liberal feminism, just combined with the internalized misogyny of a tradthot.
I don't even understand it. If it's a LARP, why can't she stick to one story? Tradthots don't do this shit. Either you're a pick-me libfem or a traditional housewife who despises degeneracy and would never so much as look another man in the eye. Choose your character.
If this is real, why is she going against the typical tradwife narrative by being slutty, while still insisting on calling herself "traditional"? If she's so trad, like you said, wouldn't it make sense to stay chaste around everyone besides her husband (who she allows to sleep with whoever he wants)?
She also repeatedly stresses that "no one cares" about how many sexual partners you've had once you grow up, and encourages swinging to other women constantly.

No. 476812

She's not trying to be logical or to make sense. She's what happens when people think with their genitals. Her fetishes consumed her whole life.

No. 476814

File: 1572006016045.jpeg (435.38 KB, 550x1029, a7af7f1151228844.jpeg)

Why does she dress like a blind tranny?
>If you're pretty (and I mean legit pretty, not just a Stacy-lite) then you can't really work. Either you won't get hired or you won't keep the job. You will depend on either your family or a man for income.
>True story that happened to me: I applied for a job where I was the only person in the town who had the required qualifications. It was all going well, until HR saw my picture. The recruiter was pushing for them to hire me. But they just refused.
So, if she's so pretty, there's no way she has a job, by her own logic. How can she be financially supporting her husband? Is she using her family's money for this shitshow of a life?
I've been scrolling through all these posts and haven't found a post about a career.

>Then there was the job that only had a phone interview and they didn't hire me because of my voice.

This just sounds like an experience of sexism, not "anti-pretty discrimination".

>Have you tried competing for the man you want? Pretty girls don't just get men handed to us. We often make the first move and/or are quick to put out. I'm from Russia btw.

Last time I checked, men flock to pretty girls for obvious reasons, but okay.

>Modelling is extremely boring. Often you have to be cold, and it's very very boring. You might as well be a human statue on the town square, same thing. You're not missing out.

This is definitely her just fantasyposting, perhaps after being mercilessly roasted on r/truerateme. With all the actual models coming from Russia, I have trouble believing she is considered "pretty", or at least not to the life-crippling extent she claims.

No. 476815

File: 1572006089095.jpeg (282.3 KB, 659x600, 5e74fe551770997.jpeg)

She looks completely dead inside.

No. 476818

(Yes, it's a woman, I've seen the verification picture)
>You're a complete bitch and I hope you die of cancer and if you have shit beast pets I hope someone kills them with antifreeze.
>It's not what I want but I would rather share him then not have him at all.
>We agreed to polygamy after I had my son. He said that it's natural for a man to want many wives and children and that it's something he needs to do as a man. He explained to me that men either cheat, are serial monogamists and they break women's hearts or they have many wives and everyone gets some of what they want.
>She knows I have a child with my husband and keeps asking him to leave me, despite the fact that I have tried over and over to make friends with her and I have said we can share him.
>I went through 15 men and none of them wanted to commit. I ended up meeting a man who was currently incel and he committed reluctantly when I got pregnant. Now he constantly cheats on me with other ugly women and prostitutes.

No. 476819

She's a pretty well-known user of a big Swedish forum. I recognized her way of typing in lists, and sure enough, it's her.

No. 476820

So it seems like its a LARP

No. 476822

Any more details about her? Is she just as crazy and self-hating there as she is on Reddit?

No. 476825

File: 1572007831578.png (171.34 KB, 2076x644, 8989.png)

Jesus Christ.

No. 476826

Yes, it's the same stuff she posts.

No. 476828

So weird seeing married women adopting incel language.

No. 476833

File: 1572008411960.jpg (77.09 KB, 640x853, IMG-20190720-000112850.jpg)

>I know I'm a bit overweight but it wouldn't look so bad if it wasn't all over my upper body. I look like a brick on two toothpicks and I have a ridiculous, small head.

>Even when I have been slimmer I still look like this, just smaller and I still look equally ridiculous. My back and shoulders still look really ridiculous and my legs look really skinny and short at every weight.

>Whenever you feel down just remind yourself that you probably don't look like me.

>Disclaimer: please no advice telling me to work out.

She has nice legs. This makes me sad.

No. 476836

File: 1572008702901.png (75.98 KB, 2068x212, hjbvgbjh.png)

Unsurprisingly, it seems bad childhoods and unstable homes growing up are a common thread between them.

No. 476841

File: 1572009040442.png (1.5 MB, 1024x512, 4ac.png)

>My father was the most normal
>he was very abusive towards me

No. 476845

File: 1572009365302.png (245.72 KB, 2070x420, knjbnskb.png)

More about her family. This is just fucking depressing. It's no wonder she's like this.

No. 476847

File: 1572009494709.png (3.45 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot-20190624-161005.png)

Her body was honestly pretty good at 150lbs. It seems like all her complaining about still looking bad after weight loss is just cope.
She looks like a slight hourglass in this photo.

No. 476848

That looks like a pic before she got pregnant. 2015.

No. 476850

I just don't get it, why does she think that women need men while they don't need us when she's the one working in their relationship? A man also needs the opposite gender to have children - even moreso than women, they only need sperm once. And she could also just earn money, buy a car and travel the world?
Usually misogynists and tradwives use the argument that a woman needs a man because they need his money, but she makes zero sense…

I hope to god that she doesn't actually have children (or at least not girls). That would also explain why she acts so desperate, because she doesn't have anything but her money and her submission to bind that abusive asshole to her.

>from Russia
That was my first thought when I saw >>476669 she has the sad look of an extremely poor and desperate russian prostitute. Her 2000s clothes fit that too.

No. 476851

File: 1572009914616.png (445.84 KB, 2068x1334, 9009.png)

Looks like she's a /pol/tard, too. I never thought I'd see an actual genderbend of the typical manosphere stereotype (fat, unattractive/undesirable, verbally aggressive, depressed, only dates Asians, bitches about pitbulls, hates Jewish people, supports Trump, complains about "soyboys"), but here we go.

No. 476852

File: 1572009925698.jpg (46.27 KB, 640x640, PANYSji.jpg)

Middle age Red Pill creep.
>It’s not really effective without calling me creepy. I’m sorry I don’t have a better comeback but I’ve got to head out. A cute 29yo wants me to fuck her in the ass while I choke the shit out of her. Don’t want to disappoint. Tata
>Also, I heard “ewww, you’re old and gross”. Well, a hot young girl is sleeping with me so maybe I’m not that old and gross?
>How about we let the market decide? I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and when hot young women stop sleeping with me, I’ll agree that I’m old and gross.
>I date younger. For me personally, it’s about the sex. I’m super into the sex and it’s fairly easy to find a young woman who’s super into sex.
>I like being daddy, teaching them things and giving them new experiences is a lot of fun to me.

No. 476854

File: 1572009955246.png (437.1 KB, 2072x1272, 9824.png)

This woman is unhinged.

No. 476855

File: 1572010141283.png (100.99 KB, 2072x200, asp.png)

She's an antivaxxer, as well (and an aspie).
With such a fucked up family dynamic, it'll be a miracle if her son doesn't end up like one of those angry incels on r/hapas.

No. 476856

>former femcel (ascended)
Not sure about that.

No. 476865

She seems to have this idea in her head that women can't find true fulfillment or anything in anything besides having kids.
I don't know where it comes from, considering (if she even has kids) that she's clearly still miserable.
It does come off as questionable to me that she seems obsessed with reminding everyone she has 4 kids and financially supports her husband, but never explains what it's like raising her kids or what her job is. Meanwhile, she goes into all the detail in the world on swinging, group sex, sexual coercion, menstruation, her mother's relationships, you name it. With the weird "degraded wife" fetish and internalized misogyny, combined with the shaved head, lifting, and refusal to wear makeup (in spite of going on about being "traditional"), I also wonder if she might be struggling with some sort of gender dysphoria.
She never once even refers to herself as a "woman", just a "girl" (diminutive, and fits in with her degradation kink). She really, really seems to hate being female, and thinks negatively of womanhood.

No. 476870

Most users on reddit are from an american military base.


No. 476884

If you wanna see how Reddit always flips it shit when something is about black people, especially black women here it is


I swear I fucking hate that place.

No. 476886

>no waist
>large hip dips with flat ass
>straight legs
>linebacker shoulders


No. 476887


Confirmation on what everybody already thought. Whats hillarious to me is the implications of a bunch of military , intelligence and fbi reading through those "users of reddit, whats your deepest darkest secret" threads and taking notes and saving IPs

No. 476889

I rarely say this but she has a masculine face AND body. Why is she dressing like that?

No. 476890

Samefag, but it seems a lot of these types of women are absolutely deluded by themselves on the internet yet when I see them out in the public sphere they have no special aura and draw no special attention to themselves where they go unless they're going to some bumfuck place where the ratio of males to female is 3:1 and killing women is normal culture there. Where do they honestly live where they are beautiful, even above average in looks??

No. 476893

If she's not lying, she must live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by obvious village inbreds or something.

No. 476924

File: 1572021486979.png (258.31 KB, 882x1539, reddit logic.png)

Never thought Reddit would become an MTF haven.

No. 476927

File: 1572021659985.jpeg (533.97 KB, 1125x1384, 76EBC1D8-29DA-40AB-9E5D-76487E…)

fatlogic is the worst. half of their posts come from eating disorder recovery accounts like pic related, they sperg over anything that says “it’s ok to eat bad food sometimes and if you eat one bad thing it won’t ruin your diet!”. it’s full of self hating fat people or former fat people desperately seeking validation.

No. 476928

>I can't get hired and keep a job cause I'm pretty!
Yeah, pretty mental. She looks mental. Her post history confirms she is mentally ill.

Even not accounting for her clothing choices, she looks like she's got something off about her, and I'm sure at interviews she is entitled as fuck and goes off about her multiple children who no doubt need a lot of attention away from work (something employers hate). Surely when she opens her mouth she reveals the choppy, unstable liability that she is.

She became a trad broodmare because she wouldn't be able to support herself otherwise. She admits she can't get a job, so she's gotta kowtow to a man and slave at him for a living. She'll tell herself it ought to be the status quo for a woman to be a slave to a man so she doesn't have to feel bad about her desperate situation. It's similar cope when she says she "swings" and goes in on her husband's want for affairs to avoid the reality that her husband wants other women.

Looks like she has physical health problems too. Is that bulbous right knee arthritis, or gout?

I wish this were just a LARP but there's pathetic, disgusting women like this who actually exist.

No. 476929


i had never been there but after googling it i don`t see whats wrong. I'm sick of fat shilling too, most of the examples of fatsos in their post are legit retarded arguments and deserve to be mocked or called out.

No. 476931

File: 1572022683075.png (6.98 KB, 682x71, fat.PNG)

Reddit in general has this weird hatred of fat people. It's ok if dislike fat people personality, but the lengths redditors go to to do it (fat kids are child abuse, fat people don't deserve insulin because they gave themselves diabetes, and the idea that the world is some 'FAT POSITIVITY' nightmare). redditors feel like fat people attack them by simply existing

No. 476932

File: 1572022867313.png (76.76 KB, 792x450, cow.PNG)

No. 476933

I'm so glad there's a reddit hate thread. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite users.

Meet u/eternallybitter! She disowned her dad when she was 11 for divorcing her mom. Since then she's had a hate campaign against him and his entire side of the family for saying it's stupid to disown him for divorcing and moving on.

Keep in mind, there is NO abuse. Her dad always had her visit him and wanted to have a relationship with her. She intentionally antagonized him when she was 16 so she wouldn't have to go anymore.

Now, as you can see in the screenshot - she's getting married (or has been) at around 19. Now, since once I viewed it it removed it for me, her husband isn't the best either. Turns out he cheats on her often, but as long as he doesn't divorce her? He's great!

She's so against divorce that she claims if her mom had been the one to motion the divorce, she would hate her instead. Funny considering her mom and step dad tell her she NEEDS therapy.

She also refuses to see or bond with her half siblings and doesn't even refer to them as actual humans.

She's not the milkiest user by FAR but I share a nice chuckle whenever I see her pop up with a new post or comment about how divorce is the devil.

No. 476934

Because it doesn’t help anybody. How does karma farming on Reddit and saying “lol fatties just eat less” do anything to actually contribute to people being less fat? Positivity that if I eat one bad thing or have a bad day doesn’t mean I’m worthless has done more to help me lose weight then shame and extreme restriction.

And considering how often week long fasts or diets consisting of nothing but meat and Coke Zero get praised in /fasting/ subreddits, I don’t think they care about health at all. They’re just assholes.

No. 476935

File: 1572022963152.png (97.58 KB, 894x861, reddit.png)

sorry y'all, dropped the pic!

No. 476936

File: 1572022988593.png (54.83 KB, 771x514, heh.PNG)

Arm chair psychiatrist are something else

No. 476938

>There's no excuse for being fat outside of a medical disorder!

What is people's point with this?
Before an anachan jumps down my throat: I have never seen any fatty be "medically excused" by a thoughtful bully who remembered to probe for the reason why someone was fat before they laid into them.
Also would they accept outside factors beyond physical health like depression or being unable to cope with a stressful job? My point is that nobody does this. No one actually cares about a fat person's reason for why they are.
Besides even if the fatty were to confess their condition, people typically assume the condition was caused with their fatness anyway and therefore it doesn't count as a hindrance for whatever reason.

It's human nature to judge fat people and anyone who's different than your in group.
It's bullshit when people use weasel logic so they can think of themselves as the "good" guys for doing it.

No. 476940

Lolcow version when? Lmao

No. 476945

I think what pisses me off more than these is usually the fuckin YT who do nothing but this and pretend they're doing something special.

Like cuestar, fresh,voiceyhere, etc. Shit remember when fuckin illumanaughtii tried to say Rslash bought his followers because she couldn't accept that somehow people just earn more subs than other. Even insisted she was getting death threats and losing her shit on twitter talkin about her kid or whatever. Over readin fuckin REDDIT POSTS of all things.

No matter how many fuckin times i say 'not interested' YT still recommends me all their shit.

No. 476947

I bet if LC ever becomes popular, there will be videos like that.
>Most Bizarre Posts From Female Imageboards
>What is the "Pink Pill"?
>Femcels: A Community

No. 476952

>oink oink

i see now, its because you are fat.

>Femcels: A Community

its already a subreddit.

No. 476958

No I just want a dry robotic reading of the Shayna threads

No. 476959

File: 1572028474928.gif (1.43 MB, 360x238, 1550995200792.gif)

Based cunt in an abusive relationship where her boyfriend knocks her brain out her skull every weekend and suffers from chronic autism and limp back syndrome from browsing the internet all day

No. 476967

Such wit, how could any oinker ever compete with your squish brain?

No. 477000

File: 1572034055496.jpg (92.7 KB, 1265x673, mary.jpg)

Holy fuck I think I know who this is from an other forum I used to lurk several years ago.
If this is the same person, she used to post in biodiversityforum.com (a dumb "anthropology" forum that had some good content but was overfilled with race-obsessed people, attention-seekers, and whole bunch of crazies) under the name "Mary". She would also post in theapricity.com which is a "European preservation" forum that attracts a lot of the same crowd.

She was a Christian Russian woman who would wear a burqa/niqab to cover her face in public and was also extremely racist (I remember her making posts with racial ladders). She was always calling herself extremely hot and disparaging other women especially if they were not white or were feminists. I think her husband is Romanian and she would brag about being the best wife and how perfect she was and blah blah blah.

If you want a glimpse into insanity, here is a whole thread from her with a lot of pictures (including nudes several pages down if they're still up):

Sadly I couldn't access to her race ladder threads or burqa threads but you can find her in biodiversityforum here (not a milky thread though): http://www.forumbiodiversity.com/showthread.php?t=19264

And here she spends several pages calling Middle Eastern girls ugly, saying Asian girls are overrated, and saying everyone wants a White girl: https://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?273753-Why-middle-Eastern-girls-are-not-popular-among-mens

No. 477010

File: 1572034919656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.9 KB, 1295x936, ajhfg85.jpg)

Same mask.

No. 477013

File: 1572035152530.jpg (314.61 KB, 509x829, captionthis.jpg)

No. 477016

File: 1572035320797.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1836x1264, f65c59478897693.jpg)

>Becoming a skinny bitch

At what cost?
Her belly button looks like it has given up, her breasts would sag if not for the bra desperately trying to save em, and she looks masculine.

Idgaf, but if she's trying to peddle how "hot" she is and how every man wants her, this wasn't the way to have proven it.

What's also with the shaved head look? It makes her look like a slav boy with an alcohol problem. Maybe she had head lice, I'm just shocked that some trad bitch that wants to pander to men so badly would make such unfeminine choices.

Is she still active? She seems like a total cow.

No. 477018

I mean, she had 4 kids, which would explain the stomach. I'm interested in the timeline though, because her body looks much nicer in both of the before pics here >>477010, I wonder if that was pre or post children.

The short hair is definitely an odd choice for someone so desperate for male approval. Long hair is one thing they agree on as an absolute necessity for being feminine/attractive.

No. 477019

File: 1572035941185.png (302.72 KB, 520x520, MI.PNG)

She looks like a rejected masked intruder musician

No. 477020

I've never seen a belly button like that and I know women with children lmao.
She does not have a nice body, and that's the joke of her calling herself attractive when she's clearly deluded while her hubby goes to cheat at the brothels.

No. 477021

I love how people try to paint femcels as having problems when its always these normie women like her who think they are ''stacy'' who are batshit insane.

There was another woman who came to the femcel sub to troll calling femcel's ''desperate ugly bitches'' and defending male pedo's. I found her instagram account and it was super autistic art which looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old and no photo of her face.

No. 477022

She looked so much better when she was normal weight. She actually looked good.
Somebody tell this pro-ana woman that she looks like a man underweight.

No. 477026

File: 1572036257818.jpg (16.53 KB, 480x360, 1527762981054.jpg)


>all those comments from the male users telling her she's unattractive

She must've been seething.

No. 477029

File: 1572036636920.jpg (130.35 KB, 750x749, 1571890241689.jpg)


>Chubby cats: OMG animal abuse not funny

>Obese human beings that shill their own obesity as normal: OMG what the fuck do you have against us, i mean, against them?? btfo ana chans reeeee

never change LC

No. 477030

File: 1572036702068.jpg (133.07 KB, 1802x662, Image1.jpg)

Imagine hating yourself this much

No. 477031

>everyone that argues with you is the same poster
Stay rattled, skelly.

No. 477032

File: 1572036721129.jpg (13.25 KB, 233x350, 5cffcc499016605.jpg)

I've never seen a woman so skinny and muscular look so…unappealing. It's like she's simultaneously sinewy and lumpy.
If someone told me she was a tranny and I didn't know anything about her, I'd believe them. I can't believe she looks this way on purpose, and is proud enough to give tips about it.

No. 477036

File: 1572037003426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.24 KB, 1704x903, Image2.jpg)

It's even worse naked. I don't take much joy shitting on women's bodies but the arrogance and conceitedness just does not align with reality, it's bizarre. I feel like she could fill her own thread.

No. 477037

So, she really does have kids (or at least one). What a sad surprise.

No. 477039

Don't be fooled, she puts off airs that she works hard to look that way because deep down, weight gain or not, her figure is inherently not bombshell hot and there's nothing she can do short of plastic surgery to change it. She's "hit the wall" going on 40 and can barely cope with losing her snobby youthfulness that she was accustomed to looking down on others with.
Her self-esteem is fragile to have made that thread. Even if she's got 57 unique users telling her she's not so attractive, all she needs is the 1 fetishistic user to tell her she's his type and it makes her feel all better in her la la land.

No. 477040

What the fuck? She looks horrible. Just think, this is the woman calling everyone else fat feminists and "ugly darkies" while spamming videos of younger women with plastic surgery, as if she's one of them.

No. 477042

File: 1572037979191.png (15.38 KB, 850x288, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj…)

She also has really misogynist views.
Apparently she thinks women should give their youth and money to men.

No. 477043

File: 1572038063719.png (536 KB, 879x642, extemely mentally ill.PNG)

Look at her go

No. 477049

File: 1572038855972.png (113.52 KB, 1292x254, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…)

this woman needs her own thread

No. 477050

Honestly, she looks and acts like a really typical /chan/ or /reddit/ oldfag. If you go on old /soc/ (no I don't go there but I like lurking) you'll see plenty of women who pass for her. They all have bpd or mental issues, they're all radical, they're all "trad" and they're all camgirls. It scares me she has the exact same face as 9 other /soc: girls I've seen there.

No. 477052

I'd disagree since she isn't an actual public figure outside niche communities, though there needs to be a reddit girls general which is basically this thread.

No. 477053

What the everlastinggobbstopperfuck is this lunacy? Delusion is a hellova drug.

No. 477054

I can't stop reading that thread, it's disturbing. Honestly she is really pink pilled about the nature of scrots, but the way she copes with it is horrifying. And the contradiction between her delusional overconfidence vs her acknowledgement of how shallow men are is very strange, you'd think she'd realize how far she is from the sort of girls men obsess over but she keeps posting comparison pics of her vs porn stars, models etc claiming they look exactly the same.

No. 477057

She's so pinkpilled yet she won't admit scrots would fuck ethnic women or short or fat women, llol.

No. 477058

File: 1572039585918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 284.26 KB, 560x627, healthyfamily.JPG)

No. 477059

File: 1572039650499.jpg (397.59 KB, 602x799, nomentalillnesshere.JPG)

No. 477060

File: 1572039659913.png (361.48 KB, 680x544, llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…)

She has a weird cuck fetish which she projects onto other women.

No. 477063

>1 million followers
>Doesn't wear makeup, looks like a model anyway
>is considered a traditional housewife even while hosting sex parties
>Constantly looks 18
>Wears designer clothes
She really is delusional. None of these things apply to her in the least (calling yourself a traditional housewife constantly doesn't mean you're considered one, especially if all you get is downvotes on tradwife general, AKA r/RedPillWomen).
>Doesn't need a bag, men will carry her stuff
Is this how she copes with her man being too much of a deadbeat to buy her a fancy new bag she saw a career woman with, and not having enough money to buy one for herself? Lmao.
The thing about "Becky the Career Cunt" crossdressing as a man is especially funny, considering this is what the "artist" looks like >>476815.
This shit reminds me of "that" drawing by Emily Youcis. I swear, it's always the women who aren't exactly Stacy goddesses themselves who end up in these weird so-called "trad" lives and stress the importance of being feminine. It's like they know they're undesirable (if not for their looks, for their mental issues), so they have to compensate hard. The gag is, the men they're going all out for aren't exactly top-notch themselves.

No. 477065

>You'll be a mom. Nobody wants to fuck a mom.
Can she explain why "MILF" is the most popular category of porn…?

No. 477068

>panty shot photo
>the fact that she probably deliberately wore a short dress for upskirt purposes and because it's a novelty when coupled with the burqa
So, she and her husband can't even avoid being perverts around their kids?

No. 477070

She definitely did it intentionally. I saw another post of her bending right over in front of her kid in the middle of the park, talking about how all the dads loved it and the moms hated it. Didn't take a screenshot because I was so skeeved out, she can't even exercise a little restraint around children.

No. 477073

This woman is a sexual deviant and I bet my money she molests her kids and have her female children molested by men

No. 477075

Even her muscles aren't shaped right. You expect all these obsessive calorie counting she'd have a 6 pack not just barely visible lines even a woman with 30% could have. Her thighs also don't look particularly athletic as they're just sticks where muscular legs have a curvy shape. her calves are also non existent. She literally has the musculature of some women I've seen at 5'5 and 180 pounds and thats bad for her weight considering how low her bf is

No. 477077

Even if she doesn't molest her kids or let anything happen to them (I wouldn't be surprised if she did, she seems so rotten), I'm honestly praying she doesn't have any female children.
Having sons is bad enough, but I don't even want to imagine how this woman would mentally/emotionally abuse any daughter unfortunate enough to be raised by her.

No. 477078

The popularity of categories fluctuates, in the past "teen" has been more popular.

But a lot of time in porn a "milf" is actually just a 24 y/o with big tits.

No. 477079

File: 1572043779513.png (Spoiler Image, 494.27 KB, 2032x1186, uyhjbh.png)

>3) I also have better proportions than most women.
She can't be serious…

No. 477081

just went on top page of pornhub and most milf actresses in that category definitely look like "milfs", not women in their 20s on teens.

No. 477084

Her body then or now is not close to Western "bombshell" standard in the past 200 years.

Even them ana girls in the 2000s still got tiddy implants and skinnier waistlines.

No. 477085

Obviously not all milfs are in their 20's but a lot of them are. If you talk to any female ex porn star (who is not super petite) they will say they start getting casted as "milf" as soon as they hit their mid 20s.

No. 477086

Doesn't this just mean men like either childish petite girls or curvy thicc goddesses?

No. 477090

File: 1572045035978.png (1.2 MB, 1702x1344, 929.png)

Numbers 1-2 literally have more appealing bodies than her (#2 especially has nice, shapely, non-lumpy legs). Literally all of them look more feminine than she does, though.
She's not living in reality.

No. 477093

I love that quark gruel she eats everyday. Reminds me of Lori and her dry lettuce wraps on /w/.

No. 477097

File: 1572045746261.png (Spoiler Image, 770.24 KB, 930x2229, wtf.png)

Does she have reverse BDD or something?

No. 477099

The fact that she's even acting like at all instead of just being a quiet homemaker like her stacy drawing goes to show just how miserable she is shit. She has her marriage, her kids and yet she's posing butt ass naked for the internet and the internet is telling her she's ugly. So she'll shit on any woman who isn't her to gain some confidence. Imagine hating your life this much

Kinda think she's just in one of those 24/7 bdsm fetish relationship but it crossed over to redpillwomen because its like "traditional" where a man leads and she follows. It's pure fetish fuel

She's an anachan and it's probably another fetish. I remember finding porn blogs on tumblr ran by men encouraging eds for women. Mixed that with her red pill ideas. This is a wild ride kek

No. 477101

shit like this convinces me that reverse BDD is a real thing.

No. 477103

How the fuck is this attractive or "recommended"? How did she take these photos and not immediately delete them? Who could feel "inspired" by these horrible images? She honestly looks grotesque.
I don't even know if I can call this "pro-ana" or "thinspo", because I've never seen or met an anorexic this openly conceited and proud of their body when they get to this point. She looks like a withering grandmother, not at all like the youthful models and porn stars she's been posting.

No. 477104

Her posing is so terrible. You’d think that someone as vain as her would practice how to pose in a flattering way but she’s awkward and stuff. I’ve seen Gumby dolls more sexy than her. She looked much better in her “chubby” photos >>477010, with a good pose and good hairstyle she wouldn’t look bad at all.

No. 477106

Agreed. She looks way better when she's "chubby". Her breasts are filled way more, her legs are nice. She was no uber Stacy, but you could tell she was taking care of herself. The hair length is a nice touch as well.

No. 477109

This is the body she thinks “still looks 18 years old after having children”? The appearance she thinks is “too pretty” to keep a job? She looks like a grandmother. What insane cope of her to then paint every woman who doesn’t fit her “trad” swinger narrative as fat, ugly, etc. I’d get it if she hid her appearance while doing this LARP but instead she’s deluded herself so hard she plasters her naked body all over the internet with narcissistic captions.

No. 477110

File: 1572049155080.png (333.59 KB, 2440x536, j3333333.png)

>The hair length is a nice touch as well.
Don't you know? Not being bald is for uglies, anon.
The quoted post is referring to her posting an image of a long-haired supermodel (Vlada Roslyakova) for thinspo. So, I guess she considers Vlada and most other conventionally attractive women "ugly" and herself "pretty".

No. 477111

File: 1572049223170.png (379.58 KB, 2444x594, j33333333.png)

Her rationalization.

No. 477112

File: 1572049317523.png (425.44 KB, 2456x714, j33333333333.png)

Another poster theorized that she just shaves her head because she's so malnourished that she's longer even capable of growing long hair. That seems pretty likely.

No. 477115

>only women care about long hair

yes that’s why all lesbians have really long hair

No. 477116

File: 1572050387635.png (731.92 KB, 2454x1472, j333331.png)

Her clothes shopping literally consists of things found in sex shops, children's clothes "that make you look under aged" and literal dumpster diving.
Standard fare for your rich, traditional wife Stacy who wears designer dresses and gets paid to exist, I guess.

No. 477119

File: 1572050685418.jpg (95.33 KB, 718x1080, M0jt0pvZi4I.jpg)

>Men will stop and stare, old ladies will be upset, and other women will be worried. You will be a threat to their marriages.
She looks like a threat, alright.

No. 477120

>rich, traditional wife Stacy who wears designer dresses and gets paid to exist,
She's the breadwinner, she's convinced herself the only way to prove you have value is to support a man, being ana chan and letting him cheat on you lmao. She literally gains nothing from her relationship, it's so sad. Though I saw her say that her man 'gave her children'… bitch, you gave him children! Sperm is one of the cheapest, most abundant substances on earth.

No. 477121

File: 1572051101069.jpeg (202.57 KB, 345x797, 129ebb550905522.jpeg)

>1) We will now do the loli. The goal is to pass for a 14-16 year old.

>2) This is great for then you're going to be introduced to new people together with your man. Dress him older and make it look like a 50 year old man with a 15 year old girl. Do not reveal your age obviously. Many lulz will be had.

>3) Alizee is a good role model,

>4) The necessary ingredients are, a) be skinny. b) look young. c) flat shoes, knee highs, a skirt, and a child-like top. d) you need to act and sound youthful.

>5) I've done this for ever and it still works. Here is an example.

>I bought the skirt when I was 14, I found the t-shirt in the trash, the shoes aren't appropriate but you get the point.

>Here is me doing the same look at 18, skirt, knee highs, a light color. This is 15 years apart.

>6) Other 15 year olds think that you're their age. People treat you like a child. If you take your kid to the park people will not believe that you're the mother.

I still have trouble accepting that this is a real person sharing their thoughts. She can't be this delusional.

No. 477124

File: 1572051166455.jpg (271.21 KB, 862x576, c4eff8551585247.jpg)

Here's the photo of her at 18 "doing the same look". She looked so much saner back then.

No. 477126

Looks like male larping fan fiction with some random chick's pics attached

No. 477128

Theres way too many photos and even signs confirming her identity for this to be a male larper

No. 477134

lmao what the fuck weird ass photos are these? i know this happens sometime but many of the photos are fucking bizarre.

No. 477137

File: 1572053094280.png (251.11 KB, 2340x496, j9999999.png)

Leeching off her family so she can play slutty swinger wife confirmed.

No. 477139

File: 1572053157132.png (256.69 KB, 2342x464, j9999999999.png)

>1) Much butthurt. It's just like hiring a CEO for a company. You pay someone to tell you what to do.
Since when do the lower-status workers pay the CEO?

No. 477140

File: 1572053419205.jpg (390.48 KB, 866x584, 2aac38586808203.jpg)

>My man is above average in looks. This is what he looked like when I first met him, he was the hottest guy in class and I had to compete with other girls to get him.
Ladies, take note. This is what a Chad who blesses undeserving femoids with "good genetics" and "leadership" looks like.

No. 477141

File: 1572053479321.jpg (351.63 KB, 558x850, 3894c1586808283.jpg)

Like, imagine "competing" and starving yourself over this.

No. 477142

Eh he's good looking,slighty above normie tier but definitely not a Chad

No. 477144

File: 1572053809942.png (500.87 KB, 2348x1140, j78787.png)

To her, all women who have jobs, actual lives and/or husbands who don't see them as worthless creatures have "failed at life".

No. 477147

Alright can someone just make a thread for on /snow/

No. 477148

u are joking right?

No. 477150

Unmarried women, women who have jobs and God forbid, a woman married to a NERD. Disgusting! They should've all aspired to be like Mary.

No. 477151

Who the hell has 9 diagnoses?

No. 477152

reminds me of the tiny jewish kid from freaks and geeks

No. 477153

He's not a chad but I do think he's somewhat attractive physically,If a had to choose between him and a normie dude I would pick him

No. 477154

Hi there Mary.

No. 477156

File: 1572054959611.jpg (32.33 KB, 348x371, Ayan_rand_young.jpg)

Gimp Girl reminds me a lot of Ayn Rand,Ayn rand was kind of a schullby woman but viewed herself as an Alpha female who transcended female limitations and felt deserving of being with attractive masculine men

No. 477165

Plottwist it's her HUSBAND that's larping as her BUT as she if she's was his perfect trad self hating redpilled financially supportive wife.

The fantasy of a woman who hates being a woman unless it's for sex or homemaking/hates other women/loves to get shit on and has a stable job despite hating other women with jobs is just too male larpy..

No. 477169

File: 1572057960364.jpg (56.53 KB, 341x473, strotecide when.jpg)

reddit is a haven for unrepentant misogynists

No. 477174


No. 477177

there is no way in hell the woman in those pictures is sane\

No. 477183

>over 90k members
>100+ online
>"we're back! :) let's enjoy women being visibly miserable hehe"
When will it be taken down again… That's depressing

No. 477186

It's hard to believe but it's not a larp, there's a few pages on that skinny bitch thread where she went on cam to prove she's real.

No. 477189

smh this is what happens when your mom's boyfriends molest you throughout your adolescence

No. 477204

I love this thread so much. Before lc I thought I was the only person who hated Reddit.

No. 477207

Very rough and haggard looking 18 year old. The last time she looked ingenue and angel faced was at 9 years old, probably.

No. 477208

Mary was no doubt sexually abused as a child and had Maniac tier mother. If she was a scrote, she would be a murderer by now lol I’ve been around some 24/7 BDSM women and they are 100% of times completely fuckedddd up, all have trouble separating their depressing copes with reality. Is she living in America?

No. 477209

She probably obsessively shit talks long haired, short, fat, chubby, ethnic women to him over and over again and he mindlessly agrees. For someone who is supposed to be "pinkpilled" at men doesn't she know that planting that seed in his head will cause his curiosity to grow, whether its negative or positive? Dumbass.

No. 477216

>I love how people try to paint femcels as having problems when its always these normie women like her who think they are ''stacy'' who are batshit insane.

you deadass gonna call this psychoic bitch a normie? there is not a single normie woman on this earth who knows what a "race ladder" is.

No. 477220

this. that bitch is a femcel for sure. she just has hard denial.

No. 477225

I wtf'd at first but the more I read about her the more I like her but that's because I like freaks. I understand the thread is pretty latte though.
Isn't she married tho reddit?

No. 477227

She's married with 4 kids and has a sex life we know way too much about, there's nothing celibate about her.

No. 477238

she is one of the most extreme handmaidens/pickmeups i've ever seen.

No. 477239

I hate reddit as whole but their are certain subreddit that mean a lot to me and whose content I couldn't live without

No. 477255

If she earns all the money, why would she need a man to not live in poverty?

No. 477258

>another girl is married to a nerd, they have avengers paraphernalia

how dare people enjoy the most profitable movie franchise in history. they should be cool like her and take unflattering naked photos and dumpster dive for mismatching clothing

No. 477261

That's one disturbing pic for an 18yo, she looks like she was abused…

Wtf, is this supposed to be the dude she's together with nowadays? He looks way too normal, kind even, definitely not like some abusive psycho. And he's shorter than her and she's not even tall, why and when did she start to think he's so above her?

Does anybody know in which country she lives?

No. 477262

Guys who look like this used to be bullied in my school for being ugly and now have the most disgusting Napoleon complexes.
I've also seen attractive Russian guys, most of them look way better than this and most guys in the Balkans are at least tall or at least hit the gym often unlike this shrimp. She could do way, way better than to be an embarrassing pickme for some twinky village gypsy.

No. 477266


go roll down a hill fatty(Now now child)

No. 477268

Finally a reddit hate thread. I recently had to purge my communities list because every comment on the more popular subreddits gave me cancer.
Anyone else sick and tired of seeing a discussion thread for something interesting and have the comments be nothing but references to tv shows? I have had to read at least one It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia quote every day since I started using reddit and don't even get me started on the Office quotes. Are these people retarded? Do they jerk themselves off when they write down whatever quote the thread reminded them of and then get hundreds of upvotes for being a basic bro? Not to mention those annoying meta jokes("Hurr durr dae broken hands mom?!")

No. 477269

TV quotes, reddit specific memes and song lyrics in a sequential post chain are by far the cringiest part of reddit 'culture'. It's shit tier, low effort humour so naturally it gets upvoted to the top every single time.

I love Always Sunny but it stops being funny when redditors are quoting it.

No. 477273

She's Russian.

No. 477274

"It's about the implication hurr durr"

No. 477275

Yes but I think she lives in Sweden.

No. 477277

File: 1572081457928.png (Spoiler Image, 347.24 KB, 1784x660, 099999.png)

I can't understand how she's so convinced she's a 10/10 Stacy and a bombshell. How can she post shit like this?

No. 477278

File: 1572081490618.jpg (Spoiler Image, 385.98 KB, 1256x1024, 3f8896534167161.jpg)

Full image, for the curious.

No. 477280

File: 1572081681669.webm (430.54 KB, 640x360, produt2.webm)


either that or terrible puns.

Reddit is like all your worst bluepilled office coworkers in every thread. These are people who may be good in their careers or know enough trivia on their areas or interest but are normies that live vicariously through pop culture and mainstream media for every other aspect of their lives.

I used to browse reddit but now i only enter when i have very specific questions and a subreddit about it comes up on google.

No. 477281

File: 1572081798480.png (559.33 KB, 2302x942, 90000.png)

20 year olds destroyed by Mary the Cockslayer. How will they ever recover?

No. 477282

It's weird because half her posts are trying to instill fear in the hearts of all women that they'll get cheated on if they aren't exactly like her, and the rest of the time she claims cheating isn't real and women should be cuckqueens because all men will and should bang other women. Her insecurity and inferiority complex over becoming undesirable as she ages is really messing with her mind, huh? Can't even decide if cheating is bad or good.

No. 477283

she looks cute and feminine on the left (if that is her), wtf happened? did her brain just fry after she got knocked up or something?

No. 477284

It's not her, it's a woman she considers fat and ugly compared to her.

No. 477285

oh lol. the only kind of guy who would prefer the one on the right must have an ana fetish or something.

No. 477286

can you guys just make a seperate thread for that reddit cow who wants her husband to chain her to the basement and then murder her or whatever the fuck? this was gonna be a reddit general and now it's 90% this crazy lady.
not denying she's entertaining but i feel like she's entertaining enough for her own thread so this one won't be so drowned out

No. 477288

I agree that she's crazy enough for her own thread. I can't type up a good OP at the moment, could someone do the honors?

No. 477290

No. 477302

Fixed (I think)

No. 477307

that's a good thread anon! good job and thank you

No. 477308

File: 1572087447837.png (Spoiler Image, 570.6 KB, 1081x671, Screenshot_2019-10-26 r ftmspu…)

Alright now that that drama is over,I wanna talk discuss r/ftmspunished,Its a forced feminization subreddit for Transmen/TIFs

No. 477309

File: 1572087610563.png (38.24 KB, 678x811, punchain.png)

Redditors are like early chatbots from the 00s who just blindly repeat the most common phrases to keywords they recieve being left to talk to each other.

No. 477311

>normies that live vicariously through pop culture and mainstream media
The best thing is, they keep believing being a nerd or geek is still niche and they're unique in their interests.

No. 477313

Holy fuck anon this definitely looks more like bots responding to each other than real people. And yet they're likely all actually real.
>the absolute mental state of redditors

No. 477314

this is seriously both hilarious and terrifying

No. 477318

File: 1572090580845.jpg (40.13 KB, 540x379, Irategamer.jpg)

Looks like Chris Bores

No. 477329

How can these be real people? This is actual NPC behavior.

No. 477330

Not gonna lie I find some FTMs weirdly hot.. but ffs why are so many of many of them into being degraded specifically over their gender? Like get some therapy

No. 477333


Not shocked as when I used to browse Reddit out of curiosity a few years ago, the weirdly intense comments you would get shaming you for having certain thoughts or ideas outside the ‘norm’ as Americans was just way too over the top for it to have been simply a case of the Reddit hive mind or petty bullying. And it wasn’t like people were talking conspiracies and shit; it was always reasonably intelligent responses being jumped on and anyone who you could tell wasn’t dumb as fuck.

There’s so much of that shit online anyway and I have a tinfoil theory that a lot of harassment and shaming people experience online if you’re in the States and you’re not the typical meek and submissive patriot they like you to be here, is from the military/government fucking around with people and testing emotional responses to anonymous or semi-anon cruelty. Like I said, crazy tinfoil but it explains a lot of the out of the blue cruel things that I’ve seen written to others or have experienced myself that couldn’t just be trolling. It was way too dedicated to tearing you down and making you feel like shit.

No. 477337

File: 1572097045144.png (198.36 KB, 571x323, I will survive.PNG)

I mean don't we all recall the DSM-5 'survivor' diagnoses

No. 477351

File: 1572099344562.png (647.05 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191026-161149.png)

r/science or better said "pop science articles upvoted to the front page of reddit because they pander to men"

No. 477357

File: 1572100259551.png (88.31 KB, 717x336, Screenshot_2019-10-26-10-26-40…)

Its less about men and more about reddits biases. Its about men>women, weed good, religion dumb, depression, I'm not a weirdo for liking X, fuck MLM, and whatever thing they hate at the moment.

No. 477358

this is the dumbest shit ever

No. 477361

File: 1572100483688.png (68.85 KB, 700x412, Screenshot_2019-10-26-10-34-17…)

On some articles you can just feel the pandering

No. 477363

File: 1572100893587.png (48.52 KB, 534x564, CJ.PNG)

No. 477364

One thing that's absolutely ridiculous about Reddit is that they have this extreme China boner with everything that's recently happening there and anyone who posts something related to it (government bad, chinese people good) they get endless Upvotes, basically milking people's suffering for some Karma and Reddit Gold/Silver/whatever.

Or they have endless incest subreddits (r/incest, r/incestporn, r/siblinglust, etc. Basically all you have to do is look at this https://www.reddit.com/r/SexySubs/wiki/categ2#wiki_fetish.2Fincest and try not to gag) and won't get rid of them like their other degrading and disgusting subs, but god forbid anyone says something bad about them owo they're the wokest of woke Men suffer too all women do is lie lie lie here is my reddit gold thank you kind stranger!!11!

No. 477365

You can just tell that none of these people actually read the article and just go off on their opinion based on the title alone. Pop science is fucking embarrassing, on reddit it's worse

What is reddit's rabid obsession with weed? They always jump at the chance to cry about how it's soooo good for you and not harmful at all, is it just an excuse so they can smoke as much as they want and fry their brains?

No. 477367

File: 1572101251198.png (38.7 KB, 670x319, OH NO NO NO NO.PNG)


No. 477368

“humor production ability” im not even a scientist and i still don’t have to click on the article to know it’s bullshit.

No. 477373

the only thing on here that's real is the visual stimuli thing. the rest of this stuff is troubling.

No. 477374

Someone needs to start spreading the idea that procreating with older men just increases the amount of incels in the world.

No. 477376

I know!! What the fuck is that lmao

No. 477381

File: 1572104779106.jpg (118.42 KB, 599x518, weeed.jpg)

>What is reddit's rabid obsession with weed?

Consume pop culture good, weed good, elon musk smoke weed, elon musk good

No. 477382

Yeah, humour can't be measured since it's subjective.
It would be like trying to quantify likeability lmao.

No. 477383

They all smoke weed yet they're easily irritated, tense racist and misogynist autists
Woah Bros

No. 477385

>Obsessed with China.
>Users have extreme yellow fever worse than 4chan

Color me surprised

No. 477395

No. 477405

If there's a bullshit article/study showing women or any other group they don't like in a good light they'll relentlessly pick it apart about the sample size, study methodology, conclusions drawn, etc. If it's showing them in a bad light or if it's a bullshit study about how men or a group of people they do like (i.e. people matching the general profile of an average reddit user) are superior suddenly nobody in the comments is doing that.

No. 477406


No. 477409

out of all the spergs on reddit, THIS is the one that gets to you? She just sounds hurt. It says right there in her submissions she's jealous of his new family and probably feels replaced/abandoned. She's a teenager for God's sake.

No. 477414

I know this is probably a hard concept for you to grasp, but in one scenario the cat is unknowingly being made fat by a more intelligent being that knows making it fat will hurt it. In the other scenario the person is doing it to themselves with the ability to understand it will negatively impact their health.
Shouting at fat people about how fat they are has NEVER worked in making them lose weight. In fact isn't there proof the opposite is true?

>inb4 i'm fat too

No. 477447

File: 1572119764101.png (54.4 KB, 521x277, voracious reader.png)

/r/books has to be one of the lamest subreddits on the site. The only books they read and circlejerk about are 1984, The Count of Monte Cristo, and random fantasy/scifi stuff. There are so many unironic posts like "I just got 15 pages into 1984 and I'm absolutely blown away! What's your opinion on this book?". A lot of them just buy a ton of expensive books to look cool on their shelves but don't actually read, they make posts asking for instructions on how to read and stop being distracted. At least there's /r/bookscirclejerk that takes the piss out of the entire thing. That's one redeeming thing about reddit I guess, every subreddit usually has a circlejerk equivalent making fun of the stupidity on the main sub so you can keep your sanity.

No. 477453

File: 1572120797984.png (250.54 KB, 720x712, Screenshot_2019-10-26-16-06-40…)

I have a vendetta against that sub because they made me fall for the infinite jest meme.

No. 477454

File: 1572120925738.png (33.57 KB, 701x400, Screenshot_2019-10-26-16-14-50…)

Not /r/books, but SEX

No. 477464

Omg anon my sides, he didnt lie after all!!

No. 477466

Whenever I see redditors post their bookshelves full of FunkoPops and Stephen King I die a little inside.

No. 477467

The 1984 meme is so fucking funny to me. Like, we had to read that shit in high school, but big brain redditors are just now hearing about it?

No. 477469

I was always under the impression that the majority of redditors are high schoolers larping as 18+
The popularity of r/teenagers and the like validates my theory.

No. 477470


What does it have to do that the fat person chooses to be fat? the sub is exposing when they are shilling fatness as a healthy life choice or making excuses to say loosing weight is wrong or oppresive. The cat sub is not shilling anything, is just pictures of chubby cats mostly without context and a lot of the times the cat is on his way to loosing weight which is more than can be said about the cows from fat acceptance circlejerks.

No. 477472

File: 1572124377150.png (91.78 KB, 1700x500, 8204.png)

r/polyamory is a trip. it's 50% people posting pics of their "families" (t's weird how all of them seem to have the token troon with fried hair) and 50% people posting corny quotes that validate their dysfunctional lifestyle. you'll also see a poor person post something like "my partner suggested we open our relationship and at first i was supportive, but now i regret it and it is killing me inside.." once in a while.

ironically, a big part of the active users in r/teenagers are pedos.


No. 477473

Oh god drama is cringy. They talk like 4chan wanabees

No. 477474

File: 1572124726782.jpg (31.91 KB, 720x405, 1571246784_894623_1571247083_n…)

I would have guessed that at lesat some anons from here were also r/drama users.

No. 477478

File: 1572126243334.png (26.47 KB, 744x654, reddit pun chains.png)

Two more "pun chains" I saved for a thread just like this.

No. 477479

File: 1572126265693.png (69.02 KB, 957x593, reddit pun chain2.png)

No. 477480

peak male humor

No. 477495


I was going to say…I read 1984 in HS as well when I was about 15. I tried reading that book again in my 20’s out of curiosity and my eyes started to water from boredom within 25 pages.

I know one anon mentioned teenagers but tbh I think they’re oldfags who read other shit in English and discovered Orwell through pop media, where it’s had a renaissance as a lot of pseudo intellectual journalists like to think we are living in a dystopian ‘swords vs torches’ world when they found out not everyone drinks the sjw kool aid.


They’re old farts and directionless 30 somethings who wish they were teenagers again.


Reddit is a fascinating case study in examining typical normie thinking. They’re the types who slacked off in lit class during high school and college. I guess 1984 is the new Sartre/Foucault.

No. 477508

File: 1572134666004.png (4.52 MB, 1251x4788, mentalillness.png)

"rating subs", like r/rateme and r/truerateme are the worst, it's just a bunch of delusional scrotes with crazy beauty standards. rating someone's appearance from 1-10 is gross in itself, but charts like the one posted are truly something else…. who do these men think they are?

No. 477510

>who do these men think they are?
People in the internet with opinions.
Just like you, retard.

No. 477512

we do have a tradthot thread in snow

No. 477515

Triggered scrote.

No. 477518

oh anon, i am a lc user. i quite obviously do not have any problems with people having opinions about someone's appearance. but you have to be absolutely retarded to spend time making a women's rating guide with 60+ images for a subreddit.

i almost feel bad for the girls uploading their pictures to that sub, but nothing is quite as pathetic as desperately seeking validation from redditors. i bet the users who do the ratings get a kick out of calling people who are more attractive than them ugly.

No. 477519

File: 1572135863183.jpg (132.68 KB, 600x899, whitney6.jpg)

Ehh this chart is lowkey basic, though. Defining the upper attractiveness to "supermodel" is a basic delineation in itself. I don't even think supermodels employed in the 2010s are as attractive as the ones who came before that. Lots of singers and actresses exceed supermodels or match their beauty, imo, and going how by society reacts to them I agree with it. The idea of an extremely beautiful woman has changed in just 20 years going by this chart so I won't be surprised if this is rendered moot by 2023.

No. 477522

To be completely honest though they're really not much worse than the nitpickers on lolcow on the 'women shilled as attractive' thread and the threads on /snow/

No. 477533

It’s such a circlejerk it’s painful to see. Sil why 30somethings getnso proud of themselves for reading mediocre dystopias for 12 year olds and owning the most popular books ever written.
Wow haruki murakami? 1000 years of solitude? Such unique and refined tastes!

No. 477542

Ughhh stop, the cringe is too much. When i first discovered reddit when i was like 13 I always laughed at their stupid nerd pop culture jokes, then it got tired and overused, now I wanna shoot myself in the head when i see them. Why do these people insist on being as obnoxious as possible? The worse thing is that reddit is an echo chamber and everyone gets influenced and starts copying their way of talking and communicating, so soon most people start spouting off tv show quotes in order to fit in. The spreading of autism

No. 477543

Adriana Lima is ridiculously overrated, she looks like an everyday upper class pretty brazilian girl with a really great nosejob

sage for ot

No. 477548

I don't like her much either. Something about the face and the others looks like "scientifically generated beautiful face according to humans". I didn't get this feeling for beauty icons until recently so it's something about the Plastic Surgery trend and doll face trend, I think.

No. 477565

I'm interested in the rising of /FemaleDatingStrategy/. I don't agree with certain things they say and think they can be too rigid, but it's funny to see how the sub is starting to bother men.

No. 477567

Never heard of it before but I'm pleasantly surprised, I expected desperate pickmes figuring out how to looksmax but it's quite pink pilled.

No. 477570

It's a worthwhile sub if only for the screeching it elicits

No. 477573

I also don't agree with some of the rhetoric there - like expecting men to always pay for dates and never doing any approaching yourself - but otherwise it's a breath of fresh air and I'm glad it exists.

No. 477576

Exactly what I disagree with. The hyper focus on money gives the place a a weird sugar baby vibe.

No. 477577

Their logic on men paying for dates is pretty good. It's something I go back and forth on because I hate feeling cheap/like I owe a guy but I'm beginning to agree there's no reason for us to pay.
>You think paying half is a feminist power move, but its not because the game is STILL rigged against you in favour of men, as most men are just trying to fuck (has the objectification of women ended?). You just made it LESS EXPENSIVE for them to lead you on and waste your time.
>This makes it cheaper for them to strum along numerous women at the same time just for sex, its cost effective for them, it hasn't put a dent in their pocket (men care more about their personal finances, than hurting a woman's feelings most times).
That bit made the most sense to me.

My fundamental disagreement with them is that they still clearly want a man and are willing to spend a lot of time dating to play the numbers game and find one. Like, I'm more into WGTOW because fuck spending that much time dealing with scrots just to find that one in a million decent one.

No. 477578

It still feels cheap and while I have never split the bill on a date I do pay for whatever I ordered

No. 477579

Their pinned thread is kinda fucked imo. "How to Never EVER Pay on a Date"
It's telling young women to play games with older men and that can be dangerous. Men are unpredictable and you shouldn't be telling young women to date men they don't actually like just because of a fancy dinner. You never know how they'll react when they realize you're stringing them along. Just stay at home and you'll be safer.

No. 477580

As a ex-NEET that sub can be depressing at times and the women their all act like such golddigger stereotypes

No. 477585

This sounds like a US problem and a sick mindset

No. 477587

Speaking of r/teenagers, it's another cesspoll filled with memes, spamming a single word in a comment chain, "mods are gay/bitches" etc. But what stands out to me is the "boys are just as abused as teenage girls in relationships and no one cares" mindset.

No. 477589

I find it somewhat endearing and I have a soft spot for kids

No. 477602

To preface this im drunk so sorry for typos or illogical sentences

The AITA sub is so stupid and full of people who just want karma or attention. Posting stupid shit like "am I the asshole for stealing a $5 jar of dip that no one wanted or liked from the fridge at work" 1. you already took it so who fucking cares you stupid fucking cuck 2. how autistic do you have to be to think that anyone would even care. the sub is always full of shit like that. and people who are clearly playing the victim. like "AITA for not wanting my parents to spy on me and track my location?" clearly not, jfc.

Also annoyed by the asshole design thread as 75% of the stuff is not asshole design but the submitter obviously omitted information that would clarify. Like this shit https://www.reddit.com/r/assholedesign/comments/dn19pd/bath_and_body_almost_doubles_the_shipping_charge/

No. 477605

looking quite good for a 35 year old mother of two

No. 477626

I've come across the female version of that sub (r/feemagers?) and seeing all the girls talk about feeling excluded from the "gender neutral" original one makes me sad.
Now that I think about it, there seems to be a lot of these subs posting examples of the male-centering of reddit (nothowgirlswork, badwomensanatomy).

No. 477627

According to s a survey I saw a while back Reddit was/is only about 20-30% women

No. 477632

r/drama is basically circlejerking and shitposting that isn't even drama related and it's infested with neonazis, larpers, and overflow from the alt right subreddits that have all been quarantined bc they have nowhere else to go

it's pathetic

No. 477636

The sad thing is that those subs then get filled with men larping as women and content quality drops unless mods put a foot down and get unpleasant to some people.

No. 477640

You're retarded. It's a left-wing circlejerk.

No. 477645

File: 1572169560349.png (401.92 KB, 882x960, a732a391876f9b8bc6bf74dee43b42…)

you're both wrong its a radical centrist circlejerk

No. 477647

>radical centrist

That's two opposites combined. You're either a radical or a centrist. I guess Aristoteles would be also considered a radical centrist nowadays then kek

No. 477684

redditors are so fucking painfully unfunny, it's actually embarassing

No. 477690

From what I could tell it was left wing until all the right wing subs were banned which made them mock leftist more.

No. 477700


You’re not stringing them along sis - you’re making them pay for your time and whatever else you two have agreed to do afterwards. Older men who have their shit together are no more dangerous than some younger bloke who is still trying to figure out which way is up and down; men over 28+ aren’t all serial killers and undercover rapists who are going to snatch away young girls like sharks in the sea.

I agree with a lot of what is posted on FDS, call me a gold digger if you like, but men know what they’re getting into when they’re dating unless they’re hoping for an easy lay or just weak willed losers who are exploiting a woman’s generosity and our generation’s fluidity in relationship dynamics to get away with the least amount of effort for a bigger reward.

Honestly, women need to learn their worth and be just as savvy playing the dating pool
as men are or try to act like they do. The freedom to chose who we love or fuck also comes with understanding the risks and knowing who is worth your time. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with seeing an older man who has something going for him like maturity and knowledge, as long as you both agree to it and he’s willing to pay for you and treat you like a queen and vice versa. Beats sitting up at Starbucks for the umpteenth time while listening to some immature scrote in his DBZ hoodie sperging about his vidya who gets triggered at every little thing.

No. 477720

File: 1572191295221.jpg (41.31 KB, 768x433, sandra_oh_-_tiff_-_getty_-_h_-…)

putting sandra oh that low is criminal. she's so cute

No. 477724

I find they'll attack and make fun of all groups of people but for some groups of people a lot of it is harsher and seems like it's coming from genuine hate instead of being playful.

No. 477726

I'm sorry, but some young women just don't wanna older men. I don't care about how much more mature they are when compared to young men.

No. 477730

I get where you're coming from, but most older men are just as spergy and toxic. They treat you like a child, look down on you/your generation and usually come with tons of baggage, like kids, divorce …
They are so fucking autistic about cars, or music or whatever "cultured" shit they are into.
And lastly, for me it's a massive red flag if he isn't dating women his age. Bruh, your soulmate isn't 20 when you're 45. You're just disgusting.

I'd rather not date at all - I mean, wow, he pays for this expensive dinner but I have to listen to his cringy rants? That isn't worth it imo, I can pay for myself AND enjoy the time spent.

No. 477732

old men are usually gross boomers who don't believe in consequences.

No. 477791

Everything from 9.5 to 5.0 looks the same.
"Bottom"s are bad or misplaced examples.

It's shit.

No. 477800

File: 1572201997457.jpg (89.46 KB, 1125x1035, q10auds4zul31.jpg)

Black people twitter can be funny but it has a streak of turning ugly once anything political or "white people are the joke" stuff comes up. Also you can tell 70% of the replies are from the most sheltered suburban kids trying to act black. Reddits racebaiting is 100 times worse than lolcows

https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackPeopleTwitter/comments/d2hdve/a_visual_representation_of_sounds_about_white/?sort=controversial(Racebaiting )

No. 477802

I wonder of there's a "fragile male redditor" sub, I know there's r/fragilewhiteredditor

No. 477805

File: 1572203157490.png (381.18 KB, 1063x856, 4cob8fjcp2o31.png)

r/FragileMaleRedditor exist, but its rather empty. FWR seems to be a catch all redditors being triggered over dumb shit

No. 477807

all of them are technically that.

No. 477810

File: 1572203627158.png (303.81 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2019-10-27-15-08-50…)

If you want something scary to think of imagine what gets downvoated if that's frontpage worthy

No. 477816

Right? I was just thinking that everyone labeled as 5+ was cute/pretty. I pretty much only like r/GC for a women’s only haven (and TrollGC is pretty funny sometimes.) Every other subreddit panders too much—especially to TiFs.

No. 477818

Dating old men is only justifiable if he is VERY well off and spends a tonne on you. There has to be significant compensation for the entitlement and ego access to young women breeds in old men, it throws older women under the bus (including your older self) when you essentially let an old man think he is above women his own age.

I still wouldn't do it though.

No. 477870

File: 1572214975207.png (233.21 KB, 828x1792, nupzau4o9su31.png)

FWR finds some pretty special people

No. 477884

I'm honestly so over the fucking 'asians eat dog' memes. it's so gross, offensive and not even funny. That kind of severely low brow humor is why people hate americans

No. 477885

Just yikes

No. 477888

but it's true? my boyfriends grandparents run a dog breeding place to raise them to eat. it's considered low class though

No. 477893

It's not true if it's extremely in the lowest minority of asians and considered to be extremely poor. i dunno who you know or who your grandparents are. sounds made up

No. 477894

nta but the meme is annoying because who cares who eats dogs? people eat all sorts of animals. americans just think it's weird to eat anything but pork, beef, chicken and fish. even lamb is weird in most of the US.

No. 477895

>implying americans are the only ones who says asians eat dog
>implying it's not true

No. 477897

>the lowest minority of asians
>mainland china
okay anon
maybe you're the dumb american

No. 477901

>10-20 million dogs per year in China
>2.5 million dogs per year in Korea
It says the numbers are estimations but all other sites will state similar things, so it can't be that far of. Funny how you find people mocking asians for doing this gross and offensive but not the people actually skinning and boiling animals alive.
Also, just look at all those asian youtubers simply biting into an alive octopus, ripping it's arms off while laughing about it, they clearly don't give af about ethics. So don't come here, trying to play the moral highground and acting like the victim. Not just americans, the entire world knows that you indeed eat dogs.
I don't even like animals, especially not dogs, but those dog meat farms are absolutely horrifying. Go look up pictures at your own risk.

No. 477902

If you go on subreddits for black people such as blackfellas or blackladies they're always complaining about this to the point where they don't even bother posting there. They actually made their own smaller version of BPT. Huge misogyny problem in BPT as well.

No. 477914

Quit the racebaiting or this thread will be locked.

No. 477919

>racebaiting is included in any conversation about racism at all

Why is that? Don't you know what racebaiting is, Admin?

No. 477922

I suggest you read the sticky and the rules. Any race discussion is prohibited on /ot/.

No. 477932


Why can't you and the mod team use their functioning human cognition and discernment correctly and ban extreme racism as racebaiting, as opposed to all racial discussions?

No. 477949

But that requires effort anon

No. 477952

It's only banned on /ot/ because you have proven yourselves unable to have a discussion about race that doesn't devolve into racebaiting.
Deal with it.

No. 477953

>Not just americans, the entire world knows that you indeed eat dogs
You do realize western Asians and the majority of Asians don't eat dog right? Making statements like that and in >>477810 is literally just racism

No. 477969

No. 477970

got ghosted. maybe it's karma for all the times i ghosted dudes, but shit, this fucking sucks.

No. 477978

File: 1572234504420.png (95.27 KB, 1005x930, carbonemissionspercapita.png)

Problem with reddit is that it's basically all white dudes

63% male, 33% female (which means more like 70% male, since you know a large portion of that female is just MtF transexuals)
80% white.
75% is under 25 yo

But there's still a lot of reddit stuff that can't be explained by its demographics. A lot of the stuff I see on reddit can best be described as "virtue signalling" or "dogwhistling", it's like they're just as racist/sexist as the 4chan creeps, but they hide behind a veneer of plausible deniability.

No. 477980

File: 1572234771828.png (256.91 KB, 1171x496, Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 2.45…)

I guess we all know how complete shit /r/Music is with how people upload the same pre-2000s rock music over and over with millions of upvotes while new, lesser known songs from different genres barely get soon. Lol not to mention all the stupid questions like "what's the most underrated band/album" and finding shit like Pink Floyd being the top comment. I used to go on /r/LetsTalkMusic for an alternative and it was alright for a while until I realised the same topics get discussed over and over and literally all anyone talks about is Radiohead and 4chan-core artists. You're better off finding other sites for music other than Reddit because the upvotes fuck up your chances of ever discovering anything new.

Think you're in the wrong thread anon

No. 477981

ah fuck, you're right. whoops.

No. 477984

They say they like old music but only like buttrock shit that appeals to edgy Gen X and early Millennial people. Everyone on Reddit is a liar.

No. 477986

More than half of Reddit's user base is in the Anglosphere, that's also a problem. Also, I'm certain many of the userbase in China and Japan are English teachers so this percentage turns into 70%

No. 478023

File: 1572246501159.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20191028-080728.png)

I wish I lived in this mythical "girl starter pack that gives you free skills for nothing" world lmao

No. 478025

no one said that though?

No. 478034

I wish my mom had ever taught me jack shit about styling hair but she fried it blonde her whole life until it was paper thin. She didn't even teach me how to braid, I had to google it as a teenager…

No. 478146

Rand is abhorrent as a writer, but she lived a much more feminist lifestyle compared to say, Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf. She was a psychotic narcissist who idolized murderers and dated men younger than her, which is more interesting for women than committing suicide after being abused by your shit husband.

No. 478150

I was tempted to comment on this yesterday, especially after I saw a comment mentioning how the man in the story deserves the praise because women already know how to style hair. Um, no?
I'm similar to this anon >>478034, my mom knew fuck all about hair. She never gave me cute hairstyles as a child and for most of my time as a kid I looked like a little boy as her solution was buzzing my hair short. When I got older she forced me to bleach it over and over until it was breaking off and then she blamed me for it.
Everything I know about hair came from self teaching and reading magazines or watching videos.

You can bet your bottom dollar if a woman paid for that explicit reason people would either 1) Put her down for being stupid or 2) Just wouldn't acknowledge her because the default is that all us women know our gendered activities so it's nothing special.

No. 478152


lol ikr. i grew up with a mother who thought doing your hair (more than just the simplest braid or ponytail) and wearing make-up was a sin. knowing how her life was i'm not mad at her anymore for this but still, it's not some magic girl skills uwu that everyone gets to have jfc.

men really get praised for such little things it's ridiculous. oh he actually spends time with his kids? he does some fun things with them? what a Cool Dad. meanwhile mom does all the important shit in the background like oh, actually raising the kids, and the kids see her as the devil. i remember thinking my mom was "boring" too compared to my dad but she was just a depressed woman overloaded with housework because my dad was too busy cooldadding - living as "one of the kids" - to do anything actually useful.

No. 478153


You having to learn for your sake isn't exactly optimal perfect life scenario, but you in fact did do it as opposed to someone who would have zero business to even start before becoming a parent of a girl. Another difference is the dude did this explicitly for someone else, most likely, with no obvious way to spin it as actually being self serving. Someone already summed it up in the picture. Both your analogies are broken.

Don't seethe over a dumb article, journalists don't use any proportion when picking what to write about, they churn out bs as fast as they can.

No. 478155

I think the moment passed but let me clarify once and for all about dog eating. Yes Asians do eat dogs but it’s not a meat used in daily meals like beef or chicken. It’s a drinking food in the same vein as other weird shit like ox tails, pig intestine, grilled bugs. Popular with boomers and working class males. Millennials and zoomers are active in calling against dog eating because they are tired of one note whities jokes.
The problem isn’t /dog/ eating, it’s just a fucking animal. The problem is brainlet dog worship in the West (on top of inherent cruelty of meat slaughtering). Whenever an asian flat out denies that dog eating exists tho, it comes off as inferiority complex.There, farmers are now more informed than everyone on the internet.

No. 478165

dogs literally evolved to be our best friends and partners, so eating them is especially horrible to me. They love and trust us so much.
Eating all animals is terrible, but killing a dog is like killing a child IMHO. Imagine that you are programmed to crave bond with someone much stronger than you, only for that person to murder and eat you.

No. 478166

>zero business
Some men learn how to braid for reasons other than hair, and many men still have to learn some haircare basics due to taking care of their own hygiene.
Men don't necessarily need a guiding female hand to have been involved in hair.
And I can say for sure that paying for cosmetology school is way extra and not necessary.
>There's no obvious way it's self serving
You know besides posting it on the internet for good parent points.

Who's seething? You're right, it's dumb but that's exactly why it doesn't deserve the praise.

No. 478173

and cows are sacred to hindus i’m sure they can’t understand why anyone would eat them. i really hate how people apply different standards to different animals and i wish half the people who are as vocal about eating dogs and cats would also speak up against eating cows pigs lamb chicken etc

No. 478176

cows do not consider humans their best friends and partners in crime (though I am sure that they can become attached to their owners if treated with a lot of care). With dogs it's not just a cultural standard, why make a perfect friend out of an animal and then eat it?
I disagree with eating all animals though. I do not believe that cows deserve to be eaten. At the same time, eating dogs is extra shitty in my eyes because of how we forced them to love us. It's a special kind of betrayal.

No. 478181

Dogs only consider humans as best friends as long as you give them food.
The moment a new food supply shows up to them your doggies will leave you.

This is why the normal human population views dog lovers as retards because you have no problem with other animals being abused or killed but forbid something happens to your retarded shit eating animal doge.

No. 478187

>why make a perfect friend out of an animal and then eat it?
I'm sure people eating dog meat don't have the luxury of having domestic pets. You think they're eating the family pet, that they could afford one in the first place?

If dog meat was delicious, I'm sure everyone would eat it. But dog meat is most likely nasty and that's why it's not the norm for us and only poor people eat it, not because humans decided that for as long as they were going to eat animals they're not going to eat the cute friendly ones.

No. 478191

NTA, but this is the dumbest shit I've ever read. You've clearly never been a dog owner.
Edgy dog hate fags need to fuck off back to their own thread. Sane, non-bitter human beings don't want to hear your babbling.

No. 478204

Its funny how for dog-fags every animal being killed and eaten is a-okay but god forbid their retarded creatures (who they share the same brain-cell with) also share the same fate.

If we are being technical then pork/swine is also a cultural thing and its not meant to be eaten. But yet morons like you will have no problem eating pork while saying how eating dogs is wrong.

No. 478205

>more sperging
I don't even eat meat.
Even if I did, though: No one gives a fuck. You have a containment thread for this shit. Go and be psychotic there. Those of us who don't have your problems want to live in peace.

No. 478207

>and cows are sacred to hindus
I wonder what hindi anons think about this site.

No. 478215


well, we have one sacred cow at least, i guess. our queen?

No. 478217

Locked due to continued infighting and racebait.

No. 478466

File: 1572361306144.jpg (361.61 KB, 1080x1742, EHv4_ZpX4AEOPjK.jpg)

Is this thread unlocked? I want to post cringe.

No. 478473


No. 478474

File: 1572362784321.gif (1.53 MB, 220x275, bother.gif)


Wtf, where are these people from where you don't wash your ass after taking a shit? Bidets exist. Even baby wipes work in an emergency. Fucking disgusting.

No. 478496

not op but I'm from burgerland and I don't think bidets are really all too common here. My friends and I made fun of them a lot in the past, but after I studied abroad in a country where they're really widespread, I absolutely hate how they aren't more common here. My friends still think they're weird but I stand by them now lol, not really sure where the idea that they're gross or weird comes from originally though… Sometimes I feel like I'm wiping my ass raw to make sure it's clean if I take a particularly gross dump in a public restroom, shit fucking sucks. I miss bidets.

No. 478497

File: 1572366667632.png (409.31 KB, 1270x1050, obese.png)

>Wtf, where are these people from where you don't wash your ass after taking a shit?
See >>477978
Probably American.

No. 478499

No. 478502

This post was a wild ride, holy shit.

No. 478509

File: 1572367951792.png (171.76 KB, 720x1012, Screenshot_2019-10-29-12-51-12…)

Giving trauma victims a get out of jail free card was a mistake

No. 478510

I bet he's a lolcow user

No. 478511

>No title but file name was "Trimming the fat for a better America
>He makes up characters, that he called "subjects" like Subject A, Subject B, then there'd be detailed paragraphs describing the monstrosity of their body, their gluttony, and what gets done to them.
>another wasn't given anything but water until they were an appropriate weight since he says the obese don't physically need food to survive.

No. 478512

It is abnormal and unhealthy to turn your parents' death into torture fetish masturbation fuel and regardless his reaction to her saying she found it was fucking psycho and says everything. Runs to physically block her, "Don't touch my shit… There's nothing on there. Actually it's a book. It's something random I downloaded. Actually I can write whatever I want and YOU'RE the one who goes and writes things I don't like. It's a story for a writing contest."
Sunken cost fallacy and pity over his parents shouldn't keep her from recognizing this dude is fucking scary jerking off to torturing representations of his dead parents.

No. 478513

Reddit is so easily manipulated with a few upvotes/downvotes. Remember u/Unidan who had a cult following for years then got banned?

Or that u/gallowboob who is basically just running a bot to repost content and get karma- what for?

Also comparing r/askmen and r/askwomen is kinda sad.

No. 478516

File: 1572369247850.png (149.91 KB, 696x906, Screenshot_2019-10-29-13-05-55…)

I was defensive and aggressive as soon as my parents asked about it. I said they had no idea what theh was talking about. I said I had nothing like that. So they said they'd show me, and he RAN ahead of them to the computer and told them to not "touch my sonicXamy fanfiction"

No. 478525

File: 1572373043912.jpg (136.72 KB, 640x558, 80a5a7151eaa86bec05d823a44479b…)

Imagine being this dude.

No. 478527

I thought that twitter post about the disparity between /r/relationship posts by men and women was an exaggeration but this is so fucking funny and petty in contrast to this.

No. 478529

The fact that places like ShitRedditSays put "AskMen" on their list of low-hanging fruit (i.e. subs that are banned being posted because everyone knows they are shit therefore it's too easy to find quotes of people being shitty there) but never AskWomen always makes me laugh.

No. 478545

Does any one have that screenshot of a reddit comment chain were everyone was saying "cat" with upvotes in the 3+ k, but one random comment out of the blue had -5k downvotes?

No. 478604

File: 1572392110782.png (154.08 KB, 507x767, hnpraal6jhv31.png)

Twin sisters obviously joke around on Twitter and autist redditors on /r/ChoosingBeggars take it seriously and use it as their daily women ragebait. 52k upvotes and also crossposted to pussypassdenied and MGTOW. Something is seriously wrong with these people.


No. 478606

I've never used a bidet in my life and have never ever left wet skidmarks on anything. I'm still trying to understand how someone can actually have shit suspended in their asscheeks all day every day and just live their life leaving skidmarks everywhere. There are so many questions to unpack here.

No. 478607


it might be bait? but it is truly hard with reddit to know what is bait and what isn´t, they are legit retarded but they do get constantly trolled and brigaded too for screen captures. There was one post who was opened in several subs about a dad saying he was getting shit from his wife for not letting her 12 yr old daughter watch porn and buy dildos and vibrators, it was bait but users still fell for it and all those threads were a dumpster fire with a lot of people calling him a fascist lol.

No. 478625

I tried going no-bidet because of le depression (I did still shower twice a day btw) but then it was the problem that even without having skidmarks in my underwear my mom, avid bidet user, would tell me that she's smelling poo in the room. I didn't notice anything myself. Someone used the analogy; "it's like cleaning a plate with a tissue". Eh..

No. 478635

roastme is really funny… if the subject is a dude.

if you're a woman, expect nothing but comments on how slutty you are or insanely vindictive rants about women disguised as a roast which are completely unfunny.

No. 478652

Just put water on the toilet paper before using it. You don't clean plates by squirting them with water for five seconds, either.

Also your room probabky smelled like shit because you were depressed and didn't clean it.

No. 478653

File: 1572407305469.png (92.07 KB, 1244x1163, Screenshot_2019-01-16 my endle…)

I found this Reddit autism on Kiwifarms and had to share.

So a guy wrote an extremely detailed story about how he cross-dresses and sneaks into womens' restrooms with cameras to film them pooping and steal their poop afterwards. Despite describing and encouraging an extremely disgusting, illegal act, he wasn't banned.

However, the mods banned one of the commenters for saying that this is why men shouldn't be allowed in womens' restrooms. Pic related is the deleted comments. Here's the OP: https://www.reddit.com/r/Coprophiles/comments/7fcus7/my_endless_access_to_female_shit/

Reddit literally thinks a shit fetishist filming women in public restrooms is more okay than questioning trannies. What the fuck.(>>pink pill)

No. 478749

i mean men are allowed to have boundaries too and don't have to like being touched all the time

No. 478752

The problem isn't that he doesn't enjoy being touched/leaned on. How the fuck do you go an entire relationship to the point where you get married without bringing up this issue to your partner?

No. 478783

Oh yeah I agree with you a 100%, you just btfo bidetusers. I guess I should have mentioned that I've been taught to spray with a water hose and soap. Ok sorry for the derail.
>leaning while grocery shopping
Saw this meme on leddit that said guys who lean on girls like that pay for the groceries, and it's not exactly wrong, so I'll just assume that his wife is a succubus just for that reason.

No. 478784

I'm >>478783
He's beta obviously and he uses reddit, what did you expect?

No. 478839

File: 1572455640258.png (53.71 KB, 965x529, uh oh.PNG)

One you get past the upvotes and the first few comments the reddit hate mob goes crazy

No. 478853

Good post and a few good responses towards the top before it gets awful. The backlash is definitely because people are terrified by the idea that they have agency over their recovery.
People saying "OP is a terrible psychotherapist" and "Their version of therapy is like an 'uplifting' quote stenciled on the wall at a corny coffee shop. I feel scorn for them" are very bitter people stuck in their own misery and self-defeating habits. Too easy to sit around having a wank on /r/depression all day making horrible comments about therapists who actually help countless others rather than accept that you may be your own worst enemy by not forcing yourself to do better. No wonder the comment section is so full of defensive rage at the idea that forming positive mental and lifestyle habits are the solution rather than reinforcing, constantly reiterating, and celebrating bad ones.

No. 478863

Tbh I've been shit on even here for saying essentially the same stuff. People get big mad when you don't reinforce their perpetual victimhood by offering encouragement and solutions.

No. 478874

>Why to avoid the Female Dating Strategy sub
>Nope. You like easy prey, men who will support and pamper and coddle and pedestalize you, who will forgive your adulteries and spend everything they have on you… only for you to lose interest and divorce them, taking everything from them. You are the bluest of blue pill women, toxic and grasping and the antithesis of RPW. Sell your lies somewhere else.


No. 478877

It's amazing that they shit on themselves for men only for those same men to walk out and leave them stranded after having multiple affairs because "biology"

I can't find it but wasn't there one woman who got into a red pill marriage only to be subjugated as the maid and child caregiver? She was seeking legal advice on how to leave because she realized how fucked up it all was
RPW are such sad cows

No. 478923

Use removereddit instead of snew. It's a pro-pedo site. Scroll down and click the "bits are not a bug" link

No. 478929

File: 1572476983450.png (43.41 KB, 1601x197, pedoshit.png)

No. 478934

File: 1572477208356.png (29.6 KB, 769x223, AH HA HA.PNG)

No. 478936

File: 1572477647706.png (17.79 KB, 762x171, aya.PNG)

No. 479007

You think people who like sexualised drawings of children or people who look like children are pedophiles? You're basically a conservitard homophobe!
Reddit soyboys are just as degenerate as 4chan and 8chan alt-righters but theyre so self righteous and patronising so it annoys me a little more.

No. 479043

File: 1572520471266.png (241.64 KB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_20191031-121252.png)

Why do redditors believe the most fakeass stories? Did everyone just ignore the noise?

No. 479047

Because they want to believe this bullshit, that’s why. Reddit will jump at every opportunity to stroke their confirmation bias about women being dumb, screeching, entitled monsters.

It’s VERY common in every single “get a load of this story that totally happened to me” - type subreddit. Write a post featuring cool, collected redditor vs hysterical woman and you’ll get a ton of upvotes and asslicking guaranteed.

No. 479048

Yep. That's a bullshit story lmao.

No. 479051

File: 1572522997303.png (23.09 KB, 686x212, Screenshot_2019-10-31-07-49-40…)

>Of course not the radical ones who hate women
>Many women have natural abundance from a young age
Reddit incel hot takes are always special
>People (women) shouldn't use mental illness as an excuse to be dicks
>Incels are victims of the system they were born in

No. 479058

>We’re being told we are trash, our dicks aren’t big enough, we aren’t tall enough, we aren’t strong enough, we’re committing suicide in droves and still expected to protect and provide despite more women graduating and earning significant incomes.

Jesus, i don't understand how this post has so many upvotes. This guy is trying to make us feel guilty about incels? He is also stating that most incels have obviously just a high IQ but are not pretty and thats why they can't date someone? Which is total bullshit since i have seen plenty of short or ugly man dating woman prettier then them. Ugh, i knew most of reddit has a dislike for women but i still can't believe so many people upvoted this shit

No. 479059

Samefag but imagine commiting suicide cuz someone said you arent tall enough and you have a small dick. Women have far higher beauty standards then men(you need to be thin but have big boobs, a super pretty face which is mostly achieved by using makeup). I can't believe men are complaining about the unfair beauty standards, they arent even expected to need to put on makeup. The only thing they need to do is fucking shower and have good diet.

No. 479067

File: 1572527168676.jpg (378.13 KB, 810x1266, Screenshot_20191031-080241_Red…)

I'd rather post this in the hybrid PP/RF/GC thread, but I guess since it's Reddit related, I'll post it here. Why not just blame the scrotes that run over you instead of blaming yourself?

No. 479177

I think this is sort of a good thing because she developed a thicker skin but I don’t like how she’s entirely blaming herself, like yay you learned how to deal with creepy men but wtf they need to be held accountable too, she’s downplaying other girls assault by saying “I stopped being assualted so can you!!” It’s something we all have to worry about and she’s basically saying the problem isn’t them , it’s us.

No. 479195


The thread this is from is awful and the fact that it didn't get downvoted to hell is really depressing.

>what is coercion

No. 479268

I visited r/childfree once. it's not all bad, some of it is just women who don't want kids and are tired of people trying to convince them to have kids, or asking them when they're gonna have kids etc. but some of it is just people who really, really hate children for no apparent reason and just seem offended by the existence of kids and it makes me uneasy. I also don't like all of the gross sexual terms that they use to describe childre, like semen demons, fuck trophies, crotch goblins etc.

not to sound freudian but I kind of think some people on that subreddit are ones who wish they were still kids and resent kids because of that reason

No. 479271

I hate childfree with such a passion.

It's a bunch of brats who keep crying " I'm a dad/mom I have a pet!!11!" And get upset kids behave like children

I don't even want kids and I hate a good portion of the idiots on there. They either spend time being angry a kid is near them or whining on Reddit about how they we're near a kid.

No. 479272

I'm very torn on /r/childfree. On one hand, I am childfree and it's an absolute relief to have a supportive community out there. And I 100% understand why they can be OTT when they rant and vent because it really fucking sucks to be constantly told you're living your life wrong, you're going to die alone, you're a failure as a woman, etc etc. But sometimes they really just make me uncomfortable, like you said the sexual way they refer to kids is really gross, and there's a lot of /r/thathappened stories about their epic comebacks to bingos, too much unwarranted bragging (entire threads of people convinced they look 20 years old at 45, threads dedicated to shitting on post partum bodies in comparison to their own).

Overall they don't paint childfree people in a positive light but I still love the unapologetic confidence in their choices, because it's hard to find irl.

No. 479276

>too much unwarranted bragging (entire threads of people convinced they look 20 years old at 45, threads dedicated to shitting on post partum bodies in comparison to their own).
WHY is people thinking they look younger than their age such a reddit thing? I swear every story on r/letsnotmeet starts out with "I'm this age but I look much younger". Also it's disgusting that they shit on post partum bodies.

>I still love the unapologetic confidence in their choices, because it's hard to find irl.

What do you mean by that, their choice to not have kids?

Ugh having a pet is great and all but I hate it when people act like that makes them a parent, picking up dogshit or changing cat litter is very different from raising a kid.

No. 479283

Reddit is fucking obsessed with pets, especially dogs, so it's not surprising that they act like parents towards them. They throw a massive tantrum every time a dog is killed in a movie or show, always 'joking' about how they don't care about the human characters. They are literally the "OH NOOOO, NOT THE HECKIN PUPPER! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO KILL THE CUTE GOOD BOI FLOOFER BOOFER, NOT THE FLUFFER, NOT THE DOGGER, THE PUPPERINO, THE DOGGO!" meme embodied into a website.

No. 479284

I Unironically call dogs Puppers and Doggo's and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me edge lord

No. 479285

Really not sure why you're calling me an edgelord, but whatever. My point still stands that Reddit has an embarrassing obsession with dogs

No. 479287

File: 1572588946774.jpg (249.95 KB, 1080x1446, IMG_20191101_071536.jpg)

The language they use ("crotch fruit"), really sounds like incel terminology. I have nothing against childfree people, but those kind of posts full of hate give me a 4chan/incel vibe.

This same hate vibe reminds me of, r/pussypassdenied or every racist sub or maybe even r/fatpeoplehate. Call me crazy, but even when insulting cows lolcow seems nicer because you'll still find some sympathy in threads and it's not a complete hivemind.

No. 479288

Why does r/childfree have to be so fucking psychotic? I wish they actually sanely moderated the community so it was a supportive place for normal childfree people who struggle with family pressure etc because of it. Instead it's just mentally ill morons who circlejerk all day about how all kids and people who dare to want them should die.

No. 479290

not really relevant but you reminded me of a dad that came through the store I work at the other day, his four year old daughter saw a picture of my store's mascot (burgerfag, I work at a Target) and she said "dad look at the doggo!" and her dad siad "YOU KNOW WHAT I DON'T FUCKING LIKE??? I DON'T LIKE "DOGGO". IF IT WAS MEANT TO HAVE "O" AT THE END OF IT IT GODDAMN WOULD HAVE GODDAMN IT."

i'm also drunk so saorry for spelling errors happy halloween.

No. 479293

childfree posters seem like they have anger issues. like im super glad they arent having their own but fuck, their verbiage is p incel tier

No. 479294

Childfrre groups were just as insane on LiveJournal and used the same lingo. This might be the one instance where the crazy isn’t uniquely confined to the reddit user base.

No. 479296

~wahmen struggles~
impossible beauty standards
>be petite, slim but with soft round features
>long thick healthy looking hair
>have big ass
>have tiny waist
>be nice
>have pretty face with little to no makeup
>smell good
>”act” feminine
>defy aging
>compete with pornstars, models, actresses, etc. and be ok with your man jerking off to porn
> have a tiny, lipless vagina be the highest standard for your genitalia despite it being rare
social standards
>if a guy acts like a creep to you it’s YOUR fault
>if you get mad, for any reason you’re on your period
>you’re not allowed to express enjoying any media with a large male audience without them quizzing you on everything about it
“But men get shamed over our small pps guise incels are okie!!”
Men have some struggles but at least they aren’t vilified as easily as us or judged on appearance as much
no wonder you sympathize with incels, it’s probably not even appearance it’s the fact that you are a gross reddit twig nerd degenerate and no sane girl wants to go near you

No. 479300

Four year olds are surely the only group of people allowed to say doggo

No. 479301

Nice, great to stand up for guys who took advantage of you and assaulted you. They weren't born yesterday, they knew she wasn't gonna say no. That's why they chose her in the first place.

tfw defending gross predators

No. 479306

JustnoMIL or whatever its called is just the fucking worst. Self absorbed narc women shitting on their MIL because THEY ARE TOTES A NARC BUT ONLY IF YOU NEW HER IRL. One of the stories that turned me off was one woman who was sitting right next to her mil, watching her 2 year old play with a cup of milk on mil's fancy furniture, watched as her kid spilled everything and made a mess, and then blames MIL for being upset because "WELL HE'S THREE YEARS OLD BITCH WHAT DO YOU EXPECT" yet if the mil had done something to prevent it, she'd still post about how shes an abusive controlling for some irrelevant reddit karma.

Also their rules state that you must asspat OP at all times lmfao

No. 479310

I'm actually so shocked at how many of my female friends use Reddit. I've asked them before if the misogyny upsets them and they told me that the subreddits they use are niche and contained enough to where men or trolls won't use them. So I tried it out and I got the most fucking horrible comments for asking for advice on shit like pets or weight loss. I don't know why my women would subject themselves to that (men I understand because I think arguing with each other gives them an adrenaline rush but I just make me feel like shit).

No. 479311

right? she was a sweet kid, too. well behaved. i mean i don't know her as well as her dad does but surely calling Bullseye the Dog "doggo" is forgivable?

No. 479313

I had one ex friend in HS who used reddit a lot. She was a total pick me and she really liked onision for some reason. I remember she would shit talk about women a lot, then swoon over trans social media personalities. I wouldn't be surprised if she was on RPW or something equally gross. Reddit attracts a lot of insecure women.

No. 479318

they were probably talking about about r/TrollXChromosomes

No. 479388

File: 1572620586280.png (15.61 KB, 783x311, hehhhh.PNG)

>TFW the 'what about men'-ers got so bad you had to dedicate a sticky for them

No. 479397

File: 1572621977619.png (811.68 KB, 962x530, oh no.PNG)

No. 479407

i've been active on reddit for 3 years and never gotten any horrible replies or messages from anyone. it really does depend on where you're posting

No. 479424

>it really fucking sucks to be constantly told you're living your life wrong, you're going to die alone, you're a failure as a woman

the children aint the ones saying that. the people on childfree redirect their anger/resentment to innocent children and are borderline psychotic about it.

No. 479425

same, even when browsing generic popular subreddits like r/offmychest I am suprised how decent the male redditors are. I know there are a lot of hellholes but I've never personally run into them unless I was browsing incel subreddit for keks.

No. 479428

File: 1572630347395.png (20.57 KB, 691x147, EIEP0YqU4AA4GEg.png)

No. 479432

File: 1572630784982.png (485.67 KB, 1460x1290, cum smoothies.png)

No. 479436

>Bibeo game addiction to the point it's interfered with his marriage
>Enraged response when he has zero right to be angry, denial, train of different lies the same as that guy who wrote the fat hate fetish material
>Never wants to have sex with his wife and has weird non-consensual fetish, obviously a psychotic liar who cannot be trusted but DEFINITELY "barely ever looks at porn"
They're like a plague.

No. 479437

I stg at one point the top post of all time there was "promised my dying grandpa I would never fap again"

No. 479440

Wtf that’s not tokophobia that’s some unwarranted hatred
>>479276 I hate how reddit is filled with pick me ass bitches who reduce themselves to their bodies and say “oh look at all those gross moms with their gross bodies and babies hueheu not me tho!! I’m so cute and eternally young with a rockin body” reddit people take anything and take it a step further by putting others (especially females) down in a dehumanizing way it irks me how the females on that site participate in degrading other girls

No. 479443

File: 1572634901734.jpeg (135.58 KB, 640x573, DDA461C8-A99C-48F4-AA06-63D6C0…)

How is this an unpopular opinion? It’s a fact, and a well known one at that

No. 479444

I don't get it either. I have an old friend from high school who I recently got back in contact with who told me she uses Reddit constantly and even mentioned trying to find a boyfriend on Reddit. I tried to tell her what a bad idea that was but she seems convinced that Reddit is a great website

No. 479445

Its an unpopular opinion among a huge chunk of transpeople, and probably the reason the user posted that in the first place.

No. 479446

I do know a couple people who exclusively stick to non-social (meaning no real social interaction, opinions, stupid pun chains etc.) academic/science-related subs but it seems like there are far more shitty ones.

No. 479452

I really can't tell if this is real or made up. If it s real then its fucked up, the mods also have deleted the post so i guess they dont believe its real?

No. 479501

It's been three days and I can't stop thinking about this one. Even if it's fake, some of the reactions to it are so disturbing.

No. 479553

I hate ask reddit "therapist have you ever treated a sociopath", "does an NPD patient think they have NPD", and other threads like that because they always upvotes the "My brother. He was evil from the day he was born. Killed my dog. Did a bunch of dramatic stuff. He was also spooky" instead of the "psychologist here. Sociopath isn't a diagnosable, but ASPD is and…"

The worst are the "have you seen someone crazy say something smart?!"

No. 479599

File: 1572675803433.png (52.65 KB, 1047x371, Screenshot_2019-11-02 I know t…)

r/TrollX is literally peak liberal feminism condensed into one subreddit


No. 479613

File: 1572683627499.jpg (197.59 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20191102-093133.jpg)

93% upvoted and gilded several times for saying "I'm a girl and ecchi is perfectly fine"

Ah, the echo chamber of reddit.

No. 479614


I used to visit and post on Reddit a couple of years ago back when it was getting really popular and all the normies who were too scared to use 4chan started flocking there en masse. No one ever picked on me, and I had some retarded girly username to boot. Maybe it was because I didn’t have an extensive history on female majority subreddits, I just never had problems that were directly related to my gender.

Reddit wasn’t always the cesspit of misogyny and prejudice it is now. A lot of users have noticed the tone shift, they just get drowned out by the hive mind and told they’re being oldfags (in a nice Reddit way) for complaining. I can’t really claim to understand the logic (or lack of) in the common Reddit user; to me a lot of what goes on there now is typical of the culture shifts you get when normies start taking over a site and bringing all their internalized hatred and biases out in a setting where they feel they can do so safely. I bet half of the idiots on there who claim to be something other than the boring fucks they are are totally blowing smoke up peoples ass about their credentials and intelligence and their inability now to see how dumb and retarded they are proves that.

No. 479617

their was an attempt to bring back the old Reddit with Imzy,It was made by ex-Reddit employees who saw how toxic reddit had become and wanted to create a "friendlier" alternative to Reddit but sadly it was shut down in less then a year due to difficulties managing the site and frequent raids by trolls

No. 479640

File: 1572696778477.png (59.24 KB, 711x381, Screenshot_2019-11-02-08-13-00…)

For those to lazy to read
>dirty humor: The most common use of ecchi, and the most obvious reason as to why I like it. Lets just embrace our inner pre-pubescent selves for one moment: boob and dick jokes are funny.
>saving the plot: Yes, this can happen. Sometimes ecchi can actually be crucial to the plot. Seikon no Qwaser is a wonderful example of this. It so desperately wanted some ecchi to save its horrendously boring plot, that it used breast-milk (or as it was known in the show, ‘Qwaser’) as a form of power up to get through the fight.
>being the Plot:I’m not saying we’re going to find Death Note levels of storytelling, but a coherent and fun plot? For sure! If anything, the dirty jokes and over-characterised anatomy adds to the fun of the show

No. 479680

File: 1572709888627.png (76.64 KB, 489x452, shit.png)

It's always been shit and people noticed back then too, I have found threads similar to pic related even back to 2009 and 2010. You had places like /r/jailbait and other shithole subs going completely unchecked until the media started reporting on it and they stood to lose a profit (so basically how reddit still continues to operate today). ShitRedditSays, a community for discussing bigotry on reddit, was established back in 2010. But no question it is definitely a lot worse in the past few years.

No. 479687

>Reddit wasn’t always the cesspit of misogyny and prejudice it is now.

i never experienced anything remotely close to misoginy on reddit, only times i`ve even seen it is when i deep dive into incel and fetish subs and cringeanarchy and most of those are banned. I still find reddit culture pathetic and tryhard, its nothing but bots and normie zombies, the male feminists with the white knight condescending attitude are also pretty cringe.

They are the other way around, they would upvote anything with a woman doing anything in it. r/pics is basically "look, women can do stuff, remember to upvote because its feminism not because it also happens to be an attractive woman doing stuff :^), also this is a picture my autistic transgender child with palsy drew, say hello to him by giving me karma"

No. 479688


I still point my finger at the normie infestation and all the negativity they bring. I’m biased because I don’t like people that much, but I notice anytime boring losers congregate anywhere on a site, here they come with their stupid prejudices that they would never express in public. Suddenly they’re all ‘experts’, then they start with the lame robot speech, then they start abusing the voting system. It’s like a cancer.

No. 479691


boomer media did a great job shilling imageboards and reddit to edgy zoomers as the "2edgy4u" places all the cool kids tht were not like other kids hanged around. So now they are both infested with shitty kids, current year corporate culture and completely ruined

No. 479700

Honestly same, i've never come across full blown sexism on any of the popular subreddits or even the more nicher ones, and if there is the assholes rightfully get called out on it. Like you said, you tend to find it more if you're actually purposely looking for it. That's just my personal experience though

It's interesting how places like 4chan make fun of reddit for apparently being too liberal and infested with SJWs but others see it as the complete opposite, riddled with alt-righters and incels and racists. Is there a solid reason for this?

No. 479704

i see casual misogyny on the front page almost every day?

No. 479706

well, i don't look on the front page that often but every time i've looked recently i've seen something

No. 479707


if you are a radfem form the PP thread everything in the world can be casual misoginy

No. 479709

File: 1572716504051.jpg (79.73 KB, 600x418, 1485153448880.jpg)

I accidentally said something controversial(porn can be harmful) in a "female friendly" subreddit and have been getting constant replies for 2 days now. At least 60% of them outright claim to be women, as well.

Really makes you think.

No. 479710

there's several examples from popular subreddits in this very thread…

No. 479714

what mango

No. 479720

Seriously lol? I can’t believe we are actually having this conversation. Full blown sexism is an epidemic online, especially Reddit. Idiots on 4chan think that anyone who doesn’t use racial slurs everyday is a SJW.

No. 479723

Men often say things like "Lesbians just need a good dicking," you've never heard that? It's popular for them to think they can turn a woman straight.

Also this is not pp, I'm just explaining something that I've literally heard irl and online multiple times.

No. 479732


It’s sad too because so many of these fringe sites were my refuge from the church of the status quo. They were often the only places I could vent about my frustrations or talk about shit normalfags gaslight and claim isn’t true because they’ve haven’t experienced it so you must be lying! Lolcow is the last place I feel an affinity to the members here, even when we fight I still love it here and I’ll be sad if we get infested with Stacy bots.

No. 479735

Funny how you were just posting in that thread. Fuck off back to r/TRP, zaze12.

No. 479739

File: 1572721868662.jpg (316.86 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_20191102-141129_Red…)

This thread itself was a popular idea in the PP/RF/GC thread (and I'm assuming someone from there is the OP,) but I'm now waiting on anons from other parts of the site to come in and start screaming "go back to your containment thread!" when PP things are posted. Anyway, have an "equal rights, equal fights :^)" post as a reminder.

No. 479740

Honestly, i agree with this

No. 479742

That's not an unpopular opinion, reddit. The part where it becomes unpopular is probably his personal blogging and bias

No. 479743

You've got it wrong, anon. The more upvotes a post has, the more people agree with it. It's been that way for a while now. No one on that sub has any actual idea how to use it. It still follows the exact same system as the rest of the site. If you want the real unpopular opinions, you need to sort by controversial or something. They still downvote things they don't agree with into Oblivion.

No. 479747

File: 1572722853391.jpg (219.12 KB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20191102-202516.jpg)

How dare people become something as boring and bland as nurses?

No. 479748

File: 1572722891409.jpg (234.73 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20191102-202736.jpg)

God forbid, being a teacher or speech therapist isn't dank at all.

No. 479749

Of course you do. What you fail to recognize is that the men posting this kind of shit and agreeing with it are all salivating for an excuse to beat women. Just like a gun nut that open carries a .50 caliber Magnum, waiting for his opportunity to "be a hero" and shoot someone.

No. 479750

men who sit on their ass farting cheetos and playing shitty steam games all day mocking women who go to school to become nurses… is this a form a jealousy?

No. 479756

nta, it’s ‘monster’ by Naoki Urasawa

No. 479841

>Reddit isn't reallt a community per-se,Its got Thousnads of diffrent subreddits all of whom have their diffrent lingos and diffrent cultures

and they're all trash

No. 479849

File: 1572742241297.png (227.74 KB, 326x322, sponge1.png)

I hate the identitarian "circlejerk" culture so much, it's so blatantly lacking any sort of self awareness at all.

Alt right robots are subhuman, but at least they are somewhat honest about what they are, even if it is only to themselves.

redditors are just utter trash who are exactly like the alt right, while also deluding and lying to themselves that they aren't. I still remember all the Ellen Pao bullshit, and it wasn't that different from the Ajit Pai hate (he still deserves to be hated, but you'll notice the venom takes on a mind of its own when it's a woman or POC doing something bad)

No. 479870

>It's interesting how places like 4chan make fun of reddit for apparently being too liberal and infested with SJWs but others see it as the complete opposite, riddled with alt-righters and incels and racists. Is there a solid reason for this?

Yeah I have noticed that as well

No. 479874

Because there are also female oriented subreddits there like gendercritical,truefemcels and pinkpill feminism.

4chan (and all the other chan's)does not allow any female oriented threads and topics to exist which is probably why they view reddit as sjw's.

No. 479891

>Is there a solid reason for this?
To 4chan, it's going to seem SJW-y because Reddit bans subs like beatingwomen and jailbait (muh free speech); to liberals, it's going to seem alt-right/misogynistic bc there are subs like mgtow and t_d

No. 479892

I think a lot of the hate for reddit is because at its base its the antithesis of 4chan. On 4chan you aren't supposed to have an identity, or any of the baggage that comes with having one. You're supposed to post whatever is on your mind unpopular or not, and then melt away into the crowd. Look at the hate tripfags get. 4chan hates nothing more than attention seeking and virtue signaling. Reddit is built around rewarding both of these things. Reddits liberal elements definitely don't help, but it goes beyond that.

No. 479938


most posts on the top of that sub are not unpopular opinions, at least not unpopular for reddit, like everything on there, is all karma farming. Although if you browse by controversial you might find some actual unpopular opinions, before the ban those users.

"unpopular opinions: elon musk and keanu reeves are awesome, orange man bad, weed good and science rules religion drools, i am sorry, someone had to say it uwu"

No. 479943

The unpopular opinions Reddit is fucking tuberculosis. The last time I went there the most upvoted opinions, I shit you not, were ones saying that slutshaming is good and should be encouraged, and another one saying that men get too much shit just for wanting sex.

And an example he used was when politicians get caught cheating they get a ton of shit. He acted like the shit they get is for wanting sex and having to cheat to get it because his wife wasn't putting out. As if that's why men cheat.

No. 479945

>I think a lot of the hate for reddit is because at its base its the antithesis of 4chan.
Yeah, and on top of that it's still trying to be 4chan's little brother, there are subs that admire 4chan culture and jokes, and frequent reposts, and trying to use the lingo in a politically correct way (normie instead of normalfag, though I know /r9k/ used normie too)

No. 480017

somehow these people fail to notice that domestic violence and violence against women is a global issue. men beat up women all the time already

No. 480019

99.9% sure it's a troon

No. 480037

Reddit has millions of users (I don't know the exact figure) and tons of different subreddits. It's pretty silly to say the site as a whole is liberal or alt-right.

No. 480057

>It's interesting how places like 4chan make fun of reddit for apparently being too liberal and infested with SJWs but others see it as the complete opposite, riddled with alt-righters and incels and racists. Is there a solid reason for this?
Because there are a lot of different communities, and no real consensus on anything. The only real consistency is male presence on the site, which makes it difficult to avoid casual (or overt) misogyny.

No. 480063


the posts that make it to r/all do feel like something you'd find on liberal media or a liberal boomer fb feed.

The proper way to use reddit is "sort by controversial" and at all times, upvote the cows.

No. 480066

File: 1572802814689.png (1.02 MB, 750x5669, ep.png)

I actually love r/ChoosingBeggars (it's basically the only thing I use reddit for) because even if I don't agree it belongs there I feel like there's a iota of believability since it's screenshots of idiots (and screenshots that seem fake get shoved down pretty quickly) and people really are that fuckin stupid and selfish and think "exposure" is valuable. I want more content like that so occasionally I try for r/entitledparents but every (self reported) story is just the same self-aggrandizing piece of fiction following the same format
>OP: heh [perfectly executed clever smug rebuttal]
>EM: REEEEEEEEE [lunges at poster]
>OP: and then i called the POLICE and that scared her off and everyone around me cheered and applauded and agreed with my actions and they hoisted me on their shoulders because of how smart and brave and hilarious i was and the mayor gave me the key to the city
>10.5K Upvotes, 3 Platinum, 5 Gold
>Top Comments: dude pwn'd!!!!

This is an example from 2 days ago that really made me lose faith completely. I don't know how anyone could believe this shit. (sorry for long screenshot)

No. 480071


Reddit's general persona when I used it and even now if I lurk for lolz has always struck me as 25-45 year old suburban goobers from the US who are just jumping on whatever the other, slightly more intelligent goobers are doing to feel better about themselves. There's a lot of political autism on reddit, so it's hard to say who is who because so many people sperg about their dumb beliefs on there and it all just begins to meld into one another.

No. 480072

>I wanna play the beta
This is where I had to stop reading. A little kid who knows what a beta version of a game is, but not that it costs a lot of money to make, or that a person can imagine it without it already existing? How does that make sense in the author's imagination?

No. 480085

File: 1572811225717.jpeg (289.4 KB, 750x1127, 62F8995B-5C62-4865-B8B3-82E1CC…)

And they’re all eating it right up. 430 comments and only like 10 of them calling bullshit, including pic related. “Pretty reasonable” lmao

> “If they come back in a week I’ll update you guize!!!1!”

Watch this idiot post part 2 of his poorly written fantasy sitcom about quirky gamers and stupid normies next week, guaranteed.

No. 480097

>Me, both enthused at the interest and annoyed at the intrustion: Thanks, I guess?

fucking redditors lmao

No. 480107

>Not as cringe as that first comment
>Holy shit you fucking killed him dude!
fucking hell

No. 480194

File: 1572843281735.png (49.66 KB, 795x278, nofap.PNG)

like something straight out of the 50s, a commenter on r/redpillwomen says that going nofap improve her eyesight somehow.

No. 480200


You can not be serious. It's so bad I had to stop going to popular because there was always some AITA, unpopular opinion etc thread shitting over women. There's absolutely no way you're looking on a regular basis.

No. 480202

No one cares if you like to be hit

Kind of crazy how many of you are missing the point. It's a bigger deal when a boy hits a girl because they're on average 50% stronger. Plus boys are rougher with each other anyway and will wrestle/hit each other as a joke.

Just so you guys are aware telling men you agree with their dumbass opinions on gender equality won't make them respect you any more/have sex with you.

No. 480204

I can't believe I read all of this kek. OP thinks he's such a special snowflake because he's soooo much smarter than some fake mom who can't fathom that things are "thought about before they're made." What a wild concept, tell me more!

Some of these are reposted on /r/thathappened, so at least some people have working bullshit detectors. Reddit really likes fake entitled mom stories with a Karen they can collectively hate.

No. 480279

File: 1572880440784.png (135.44 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20191104-155227.png)

"I disagree with you but I can't explain why, give me upvotes."

No. 480296

File: 1572885342346.png (8.46 KB, 564x71, Ok ok ok.PNG)

It reminds me when someone on UnpopularOpinion gives a take so mentally retarted people just reply with this annoyingly smug 'well it is unpopular here's yer updoot'. Pic related had hundreds of 'ha ha it is unpopular' and refusals to debate

No. 480298

File: 1572885551366.png (83.63 KB, 790x528, ew.PNG)

Every evolution of reddit's 'feminism, but men' get more and more surreal

No. 480301

File: 1572885754481.png (43.36 KB, 759x324, gee.PNG)

Samefagging, but redditors are dunning-krugers when it comes to feminism

No. 480305

OT but do women in America really get into clubs for a lower entry fee? It was OT for him to bring it up in the first place though, typical trivialization in the same vein of comparing male violence to women getting bought "free" drinks

No. 480314

Yeah, and sometimes they get in for free
t. burger

No. 480317

It's a common strategy, men come because of the women so they need a special way to attract more female customers.

No. 480335

File: 1572894648096.png (12.6 KB, 435x201, yep.PNG)

Why does reddit hate helicopter parents so much? Like I know their bad, but reddit seems to have a monthly 'helicopter parents are bad' post on science or askreddit (asking whats the worse case). Is it some weird vendetta against their parents? Is it their conservative 'anti-special snowflake' thing? Like I know their bad, but I don't get the vitriolic hate.
Also most reddit threads on suicide, abusive parents, and relationship red flags always devolve into the same 3 things or some oddly specific vendetta post (Ex: Suicide redflags are always 'sudden change in mood/look' or child abuse is some weird 'how about making your kid do the christmas play five years in a row without their consent' thing)

No. 480336

Usually it’s for special “ladies nights” to prevent bars from becoming sausage fests. It’s actually not a privlege at all. Specials like “women drink free” encourage rape culture, making women vulnerable to being assaulted by men while intoxicated.

No. 480391

I know that in the UK, in some clubs women are deemed to be attractive by security get a lot of special treatment by security and if your ugly, well you better pay the full price or sometimes they even refuse entry on you. More attractive women in bars makes the bar more attractive to men who end up wasting their money on women who they want to bang.

No. 480397

File: 1572909114015.jpeg (277.04 KB, 640x578, 24DA9EA8-8861-4E67-BAA4-91079E…)

I made this idk how these girls look but I imagine this
It’s loosely based off of gimpgirl555 and other reddit females on that male dominated hellhole

No. 480404

>so trad uwu
>engages in polyamory, disgusted by kids
reddit bitches are so tragically confused

No. 480411

accuate, but i dont think a lot of these white trash pickmes don't want to have kids. childfree is definitely a thing on reddit but in my experience -this- person is either ambivalent or would welcome a kid to make sure her doughy pube-bearded nerd bf can feel virile and proud about contuing on his 2/9ths nordic bloodline

No. 480426

None of which women asked for. It is a purely self-motivated action of a male to let women in for free or drink for free. Moids voluntarily do this as some kind of investment for pussy as usual, which then hurts the chances of other broke moids. These ~*egalitarians~* need to take it up with the Chads who are willingly trying to get women drunk to rape them, not some boogey “entitled” women who demands cocktails for free.
Maybe custody battles would be more unbiased if men didn’t prove and continue to prove themselves consistently through out history to be fucking terrible fathers.
not PP just fax desu

No. 480459

>Lists bad stuff men are a part of
>not pp
Feminism on lolcow died not with a bang but a whimper

No. 480517

File: 1572931874768.png (265.49 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20191105-162823~2.p…)

The relationship subs are always a fucking disaster. My least favourite but unfortunately common trope on there are the huge age gaps. There are so many threads that are like "My (22F) boyfriend (38M) does insert childish behavior that normal people grow out of at puberty, am I overreacting?" Sis, why do you think he's dating someone almost 2 decades younger than he is? It's not because you're ~mature for your age~ or whatever other shit he's told you, it's because he's a retarded manchild that no woman his age wants. He knows 20 year olds will mommy him while he calcifies on the couch playing video games. It's so incredibly transparent.

And of course, even when the comments get it right and call out the age gap, there's always some pathetic pickme to be like "ummm ackshually I'm 18 and my 45 year old boyfriend is very nice to me!!"

No. 480525

Anon you forgot one of the most important ones!
>as a woman, I LOVE anal!!1!1!!

No. 480528

>there's always some pathetic pickme to be like "ummm ackshually I'm 18 and my 45 year old boyfriend is very nice to me!!"
This is so infuriating. The only time I'll believe any of those "they're the happiest couple I know!"-comments if it's about people who met and got together when they both were over 40. 11 years apart doesn't matter that much anymore if they're something like 45 and 56. But of course these people think that just because their grandparents are doing just fine with a ten year age gap, there's nothing wrong or creepy with an almost middle-aged dude going after 20-something women (or worse, 18-19-year-olds because "they're legal adults so it's totally fine :)").

No. 480537

File: 1572934693448.jpg (612.29 KB, 1416x1872, 1517881548302.jpg)

>The only time I'll believe any of those "they're the happiest couple I know!"
I think it's possible for age gap couples to be superficially 'happy' but only because men treat women better based on appearance and treat women like shit for daring to age. That's most likely the subconscious reason insecure women enter relationships with old men in the first place. They know they have a better chance of keeping his attention and loyalty by being 10x better looking and significantly younger, even if they tell themselves he really thinks she's an old soul and age is just a number.

But I mean, obviously you would have to do a tonne of mental gymnastics and refrain from any self awareness or introspection to be happy with a man like that.

No. 480575

Why do guys on Reddit get so mad about women getting into clubs for free? It's not like these cargo shorts and "ironic" t-shirt wearing guys are going to clubs anyway.
Redditors really think if something is illegal it just never happens, huh?
A++ but she should be fat while making fun of other fat women (but it's okay because she totes does keto and lifts!!1)

No. 480580

Needs "I actually love getting sent dick pics!".

No. 480585


>Redditors really think if something is illegal it just never happens, huh?

I’ve noticed this mentality too. Typical goober thinking. They really need to get out of the cookie cutter world they live in.

No. 480684

File: 1572986774963.jpg (511.86 KB, 809x2654, PicsArt_11-05-02.45.41.jpg)

Here's looking at you, anons who think "equal rights, equal fights," is totally acceptable.

No. 480702

Thankfully the update is that she moved out, got her ribs taken care of and is never going to take him back despite the "desperate calls from him" he kicked her when she was already down…
>self defense
Alot of men just want to beat up women for nothing, it's horrific

Shitty thing is she didn't file any police report.

No. 480710

The only thing I doubt in the story is that suddenly he got jealous and possessive out of nowhere to the point of violence. I wish she'd spill some red flags instead of acting like there was never a point of tension or odd behavior in the 3 years.

No. 480761

That's most "muh male abuse self defense stories" they bait, scream in her face, threaten, curse, and wait until she does something as little as gently pushing them away and use it as an excuse to almost literally kill her

We all just need to go out own way tbh, men ruined relationships, now that women finally come to their sense and figure out nothing is worse than the insecurity, violence, abuse and cheating that comes with being in a relationship with a man is worth it

No. 480881

File: 1573045664547.png (65.51 KB, 903x347, big brain.PNG)

The anti-"I've self diagnosed online"

No. 480882

File: 1573045711202.png (63.66 KB, 855x386, grah.PNG)

I'm so smart.

No. 480898


From their replies, they come off as bitter about their own issues (“I know what’s it like to feel real pain!!!”) and seeking validation for their problems by denying the reality of other types of mental illness.

No. 480900

>It's just teenage angst. You're an angsty teenager.
BPD is never supposed to be given as a diagnosis to teenagers at all for this reason. It's given when the adult brain is supposed to have developed, hormones balance out, impulse control vastly improves, etc. and regardless, people with BPD act way more intense and destructive than your standard angsty teenagers. Destroying all your adult relationships, self-harming, attempting suicide repeatedly, dangerous drug use, and so on, these aren't just "get over it special snowflake" type behaviors, they're really huge life-threatening concerns that need intervention.
I get the anger a lot of people have that now there are these "tumblr" types who go out searching for a diagnosis as a personality trait, an excuse, or a boon (thinking they'll get special treatment) but that doesn't mean the disorders themselves don't exist or apply to some small percentage of people.

No. 480904

No. 480909

File: 1573058711043.jpeg (54.05 KB, 640x480, 10548EA7-BDD9-4210-8BEA-EED997…)

Imagine wasting your precious time setting this shit up, making a video and then editing it into a gif for reddit points.
I mean, I like dogs as much as the next person, but reddit doggo humor is fucking embarrassing.

No. 480958

not accurate in that she's too skinny. most reddit women are flabby, like 10-20 lbs overweight in my experience, but absolutely hate fatter people.

No. 480960

File: 1573073784976.png (207.42 KB, 543x696, bride.png)

Popular anti-woman ragebait post turns out to be fake and written by somebody to promote their website. When will redditors learn so many of the stories posted on there are completely false?


No. 480987


They’ll never learn because they’re always hoping that there will be that one post that someone writes out of the blue which is true. And occasionally you will get that rare post, but it’s getting rarer and rarer the more popular the site becomes.

I remember when true scary story subreddits were less popular, there were a lot of interesting stories and even the fake ones were good. Now it’s just trash.

No. 480994

>Now it’s just trash
RIP r/letsnotmeet in particular. Nowadays it’s full of stuff like “my cat/dog scared off a burglar kinda maybe!” or “this tweaker looked at me wrong and started walking in my direction and I got really scared!” or of similar caliber.

The subreddit about unexplained mysteries holds up pretty well, but even there you’ll occasionally get some dork trying to start an arg.

No. 481008

From what I’ve noticed they’re all gross and shapeless and skinnyfat I mean don’t get me wrong I’m a gross skinnyfat average slouchey bitch as well but I don’t go bragging on male dominated forums about “muh rockin body” and shit on morbidly obese ladies for kicks and ego boost reddit people can’t help but insert themselves into stuff while gassing themselves up
There could be an article about a missing child and the comments would be filled with pick-mes saying”lol people think I’m a child cause I’m so youthful looking teehee, I’m 26 not 14!!”

No. 481148


Let’s Not Meet became pure cancer once those faggots on YouTube doing voiceover readings started up. Then you got all the wannabe writers hoping their story would go viral, and then having meltdowns over their work because it was being read as a true story and NOT as works of fiction, even though they were posting in the “true story” category and not the more appropriate No Sleep subreddit.

No. 481210

Oh no people are having fun I have hard time choosing what kind of person I should be the one that enjoys things or the one who sits on their ivory tower acting as if their edgy arrogance over others over stupidest fucking things makes them better than others

No. 481213

Reddit doggo humour is literally the only good part of Reddit

No. 481241

No. 481248

I’m not stopping you from laughing over misspelled words, relax

No. 481296

She said they just moved into a flat together. Lots of abusers start the abuse when the victim is "trapped", like they've moved in together, had a baby etc.

No. 481302

File: 1573154241500.png (386.4 KB, 670x520, sad.PNG)

Your life has to be a special type of sad for you to tag your own memes

No. 481685

File: 1573269834885.jpg (391.82 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_20191109-141806_Chr…)


some of the comments on this post blew my mind. this girl is living with her bf's family who are a bunch of filthy hoarders and animal abusers but because she's living there for free she's not allowed to be unhappy that it's a festering shitpit or call animal control on the grossly neglected pets? redditors are out of their mind. impoverished people in third world countries have higher living standards than this. this isn't a case of being ungrateful, these people are walking health hazards who can't even be fucked to throw some bleach in the shower every once in awhile.

No. 481687

Reddit users are so brain dead. Most 20 year olds can’t afford to live on their own. I do think she should re-evaluate her relationship though. That house sounds like it’s straight out of hoarders and the family should be begging her not to report them for animal neglect and hoarding. I assume the people making her out to be the bad guy are men or self hating women….

No. 481693

File: 1573271031502.jpeg (10.28 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpeg)

The only subreddit I like besides choosing beggars is r/crappydesign

No. 481694

They're right though, she should get her own and place and it isn't her place to tell them how to run their household. Obviously hoarding is disgusting and a health hazard, I wouldn't call her ungrateful for complaining. But aside from doing her best to help them by getting them into therapy or whatever, all she can do is move out like many other 20 yr olds. Living with parents for free is a privilege, having to move out isn't some harsh, unfair punishment so I don't see the issue with telling her to do it.

No. 481699

She never told them how to run their household, I don't know why anyone is acting like complaining anonymously online is somehow ordering the family to live to her standards. But yes, she should put effort into leaving permanently.

No. 481709

Was that seriously on /r/crappydesign? It's a satire piece by an artist called Foka Wolf, they do loads of billboard and public transport signage that's tongue-in-cheek.

No. 481738


Apparently it was wrongly put there.

No. 481765

Why isn't /WhereAreAllTheGoodMen/ banned yet?

No. 481794


It's hard to take it seriously since it's like, 90% retarded memes, butthurt, and videos taken out of context. I'm hoping it's satire because they cannot be this dense.

No. 481900

File: 1573345795145.png (474.06 KB, 640x805, j8k54ghahax31.png)

Whats with reddits hate bonner for ela?

No. 481902

File: 1573346111661.png (36.62 KB, 720x296, Screenshot_2019-11-09-19-35-13…)

No. 481904

They're pissed that they have to do 'boring' stuff in order to learn.

No. 481906

It's almost like life isn't fun and games 24/7.

No. 481912

god this shit pisses me off. there are so many grown adults i talk to who have no idea how to express their opinions or understand what they do or don't like in various mediums they enjoy because they were so resistant to their teachers trying to teach them that things can have hidden or multiple meanings. It's like saying "i used to love playing Math Blaster (Ages 7-8), but now my teacher makes me do ALGEBRA! They ruined my love of math!"

No. 481916

The fact that they're really just low effort and lazy is proven in the comment threads regarding the 'cool' teachers who let them pick their own books to report on. A good chunk of them admit they tried to weasel their way out of the book assignments by picking things like manga (because actual graphic novels would still be too text heavy for these fools and too much symbolism to analyze), or they got lucky by having an equally low effort teach who just expected one report for the entire year.

Even if left to their own devices, they still won't meaningfully work. They don't respect what the assignment is intended to help them with, and think they're above it. They sound like losers.

No. 481925

File: 1573352020912.jpg (155.41 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20191110-041306_Red…)

Here we have it, the purest, most condensed nugget of autism

No. 481926

Then the teacher hands them some history, and they claim that history is boring too and not what they wanted to learn about. Then the teacher hands them some scientific articles, and they claim it's too complex and just as boring and that there's only particular sciences they want to actually learn about.
Easier for them to keep changing up the goalposts instead of facing the fact that they don't want to read or learn.

No. 481927

>stop forcing me to think critically you stupid teacher!!!! i just want to read insert flavor of the month YA novel here and NOTHING ELSE!

No. 481932

rant incoming
Half of Shakespeare's plays were related to History you dumb shit but you wouldn't know that cause you never paid any attention in English class

No. 481935

I dislike reddit and most such sites because their voting/like system encourages hivemind.

Anonymous imageboards are not free of it either. Though agreeance is not encouraged, dissent is still discouraged.

A dissenting opinion will get me banned by staff and get me called a "troll" or "scrote" by users.

Is there any place left on the world wide web that is relatively free from circlejerking?

No. 481936

Underaged posting for the most part, kinda like back then when /b/ had an influx of people complaining about having to write 1000 words, lol.

No. 481937

Probably not, no, scrote.

No. 481940

That's not as smartass as you think it is, that's just depressing.

No. 481943

OFF Topic but thsi reminds me of this piece of genius

No. 481954


lmao I have one of these in my English class in college right now. These are also the same people who bitch about having to take a foreign language, or anything arts related, and poo poo anyone who isn't interested in listening to them rant about WWII and "military strategies" all fucking day.

No. 481961

Obsession with WWII and muh military strategy is the biggest indicator of low intelligence in men

No. 481965

My Jerkass brother-in-law has an obession with WW2 and military strategy as well but he's ex-marine so I suppose he has some authority on it

No. 481967

That genius probably only knows about Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream. What is this "Richard III" you speak of? Everyone knows Shakespeare only wrote comedies about fairies!

Real talk, though? I would rather read an annotated book or talk about it with friends/in a book club than write an essay about it. I half agree with the OP, but only when it comes to essays and quizzes about fictional books. I feel like talking out loud about books with peers is actually more helpful because there's an exchange of ideas and the kids are exposed to a variety of interpretations of the text.

Plus I feel like people would appreciate Shakespeare more specifically if they actually SAW the plays instead of reading them? They're plays, they meant to be seen, not read. Shakespeare intended them to be performed, and if he wanted people to read them, he would have written books instead of plays.

No. 481969

For real. I know so many fake intellectual dudes or "history buffs" who are obsessed with WWII specifically and endlessly play grand strat games recreating it. I don't see anyone stanning for any other war so hard.

No. 481972

Maybe because WWII is very well documented and it had a major, global impact on the 20th century. I mean I don't care for military history much either but I can see how WWII had so much going on compared to other wars in recent history.

No. 481990

sooooooooo true

No. 482004

this person is obviously a moron but fiction really is boring imo. i prefer to hear about someone's actual life story or hear about real stuff because i guess i just somehow don't find fiction to be as gripping for some reason? plus there's so much crazy and/or stupid shit people do or weird shit in real life that is just as bizarre as fiction, so it makes it twice as immersive for me knowing this level of crazy/weird actually exists.

No. 482018

i just feel like if i want to put in the effort to read and digest something i want it to be educational/productive in some form or another. if i'm too tired for that i'd rather have actual mindless entertainment like internet surfing or videos. fiction is in a weird spot where it doesn't teach me anything practical but it also requires a certain amount of concentration and mental sharpness, but for what? it doesn't help that so much of modern fiction is just the writer jerking themselves off and playing pretend with people from their personal life or autistic worldbuilding. i try to give good fiction a chance once in a while but when i read it's 90% nonfiction.

No. 482028

File: 1573382017204.jpeg (26.1 KB, 750x168, 685579D2-38FB-4360-8E1A-1F21D7…)

of course the cumbrains went apeshit over this one

No. 482029

File: 1573382235497.jpeg (42.81 KB, 750x235, 268EFA7E-DE48-421D-B201-D8C12F…)

definitely not an unpopular opinion on reddit of all places

No. 482057

File: 1573390913787.png (99.89 KB, 720x731, Screenshot_2019-11-10-08-00-37…)

No. 482058

File: 1573391078893.png (54.26 KB, 697x459, Screenshot_2019-11-10-08-03-35…)

He sounded a lot cool in his head I assume

No. 482060

Yeah okay, dude. No one cares if you want to help the women who already want to stay the fuck away from you in the first place.

No. 482093

Women want to have those spaces to themselves because men were known to harass, kidnap, and stalk women in those areas. Men who want to avoid women 24/7 are just childish and get all their ideas from Reddit telling them women are out to get them instead of actual experiences

No. 482110

File: 1573405307028.png (119.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3270.PNG)

This woman who is twenty fucking eight didn't know men got random boners until now??? And she's acting all shocked about it too. Has she been living under a rock or something because this is honestly not normal

No. 482119

I was never told shit about male anatomy, and anything I've ever learned about the opposite sex and their penis problems have mostly come from internet stories. I've heard of morning wood, but pee boner is new to me although I'd believe it. It's not like boyfriends are keen on telling embarrassing things about their penises without a prompt.
What's hard to believe that most women don't know the intricacies of penis behavior?
It's like expecting men to know all the quirks about having a vagina and uterus, most of them don't even realize that babies don't come from our "stomachs" and that we don't shit out our vulva.

No. 482131

hmm, not sure your experiences are universal, anon. my HS boyfriend told me all about his penis and the various things it did. quite willingly.

No. 482135

>not sure your experiences are universal
You say this as op pokes fun at a woman who didn't know men get pee boners because she might not have had a boyfriend who told her so.

No. 482195

Fiction isn't the thing I like reading the most and tbh most critically acclaimed contemporary writers are drifting away from it and are going to something called "autofiction" which is a romanticized memoir.
However you can't say all fiction is boring. There is just so much of it, it's statistically impossible for all of it to be "boring" to anyone.

No. 482228

File: 1573435526130.png (99.15 KB, 858x554, surejan.png)

Found this gem a while ago on r/askscience. Thread is asking if eyes can really change color based on mood. Top comment says no, it's just an optical illusion caused by the size of your pupil decreasing.

But this guy is a medical marvel, even doctors are mystified!

No. 482264

"pee boners" aren't a common thing.

No. 482322

This is so fucking cringy.

No. 482347

File: 1573477415695.png (374.15 KB, 1828x1028, 879.png)

No. 482348

File: 1573479129637.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, mysides.png)

LMAO, this is wild. My sides.

No. 482353

I dated an abusive control freak and gave him an adopted longhair cat as a gift before I really knew about his brand of crazy. He would often drag the cat into the shower with him multiple times a week to bathe him, claiming he was either shedding or smelled. The cat didnt yowl or claw often, but I could tell he barely tolerated it and didn't like it.

Mentally ill men get their kicks out of treating living things like toys. Pay close attention to the way a man treats a pet, particularly a mammal with needs.

No. 482388

File: 1573492259649.png (86.49 KB, 736x570, um....png)

This is sad and pathetic if true.

No. 482398

Husband and I are trying to have a kid and jfc the ttc subs are fucking insane. Bitter jealous infertile women policing posts and word choices so their poor feefees dont get hurt. They've taken over the general trying to get pregnant sub (which would have all sorts of fun posts and good info from people who ended up getting pregnant) and turned it into a safe space where you have to TW any post regarding a past/ongoing pregnancy or 'living children'. And tack on 20 posts about "waaah poor me, i was invited to a baby shower by a close friend and cried in the bathroom the whole time" or "my sister told me she's pregnant and they only tried for 1 cycle! Fuck her!"

No. 482399

File: 1573494938917.jpg (32.04 KB, 640x199, tumblr_233ad230104f6c776414427…)

Reminder that subreddits like these exist.
Men are disgusting.

No. 482401

I refuse to believe this isn't some scrote larping.
Either way, it's really pathetic that this got gilded and put on /r/all. Are men really desperate enough that they'll lap up some stupid fantasy about an escort falling in love with her older client? They all hoping for their own Pretty Woman story, lmao?

No. 482412

Scrote cucks would put this story up on a pedestal to give them hope that if they invest enough money and keep up the Nice Guy™ persona around the sex workers they orbit that eventually one will want a relationship with them even though they're past prime.

No. 482415


>209,988 members

The absolute state of men. Brb, kms.

No. 482426

>they took it without consent

No. 482445

Lmao imagine if that isn't intentional

No. 482531

File: 1573529976219.png (313.44 KB, 1300x811, victorious.png)

/r/AITA possibly baited with the first episode of Victorious

No. 482532

>Classy as fuck!
Why are unwashed cumbrains always calling themselves "classy" online?

No. 482534

i cant take any post in aita seriously. they ALL read like really shitty creative writing

No. 482537

I know some people who practice their writing by posting on r/AITA, it honestly seems like a great creative writing exercise

No. 482542

File: 1573531446023.png (314.21 KB, 1920x949, C6b2Hnj.png)

They do it on /r/relationships too. Here's one guy who figured out how to get the #1 hot post there and got addicted to writing fake stories. Pic related is his spreadsheet he used to keep track of all his posts.

>I've written 113 fake posts in the last 95 days, that have received millions of views, tens of thousands of comments, and ten gildings.
>It’s the only hobby I do. I come home from school, write a few posts, update my multiple spreadsheets, aggregate data, etc. I spend 100% of my free time doing this. I’m not exaggerating

No. 482551

File: 1573532155461.png (127.49 KB, 897x676, aita.png)

lmfao. actually weirdly impressive. redditors continue to be extremely gullible as a whole regardless of things like this. pic related for example, everyone in the comments is getting all mad about it calling the OP an asshole but it just reads like way "too perfect" for the kind of thing that really gets redditors up in arms. especially since the guy apparently has other outlandish stories where he is obviously the "villain" in his post history. can't they apply some critical thinking and scepticism for once?

No. 482554

File: 1573532297626.png (155.19 KB, 935x652, redpiller.png)

Samefag but here's a redpiller admitting all his popular posts are also completely fake. Entire website is just bullshit and a waste of time.

No. 482559

I kind of like this, the art of mediocre fiction and shitposting is honestly one of my favorite things about the old internet.
Now if only we could get the current users of the modern day internet to accept that most things are complete lies, including whatever deep truths about their opposition that Facebook is telling them.

No. 482567

File: 1573535284676.jpg (1.42 MB, 1860x1590, reddit fake notes bullshit.jpg)

Speaking of blatantly made-up shit on reddit I've noticed a sub-genre of people posting the wacky notes they totally definitely received and didn't just write themselves for upvotes. They are always ridiculous situations if involving a stranger, have obvious plot holes, people admitting to crimes or people communicating in a way no one would actually do in the current year when you can just text someone.

No. 482568

I enjoy this board a lot. I like how almost every AITA post is sure to end with the other party running away crying, because dramatically exiting a conversation with tears overflowing is a thing people do all the time in normal social situations.

No. 482576

lol, that breast milk one. even if it was real, it's not like it's some kind of sick own to make someone drink a small amount of your breast milk and then leave an autistic not about it. its more just weird

No. 482581

Oh god this is all shit only anyone over 40 would believe to be real. I hate seeing people my age fall for it too.

No. 482589

This is some shit my grandma would post on Facebook, do people on this site have no self awareness? Are they all kids or just old out of touch people?

No. 482602

I swear these must be made by kids. No working adult would think that tricking a coworker into drinking their bodily fluids is okay. Also no working adult wants to come home from a long day at work to discover their partner is fucking around with toys and hasn't even started dinner yet.

No. 482695

This is some of the dumbest, cringiest, unfunniest shit I've ever seen.

No. 482761

File: 1573593020994.png (309.75 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20191112-220824.png)

Ugh, totally a believable and true story.

No. 482764

Lmao I read this myself and had to roll my eyes.

No. 482814

note how the "husband" is "coming home" in his fucking bare feet, as you do

No. 482817

They're all either totally ridiculous and over the top fake or completely benign and just begging for karma. I saw one that was like "AITA for taking a $7 container of dip that no one wanted out of the fridge at work"

No. 482845


I really don't get this mentality…why even lie? It's not like anybody cares or anything…if the site gets nuked, your shit gets flushed down the proverbial toilet and it just doesn't exist anymore. I'm thinking too hard about this.

No. 482886

This reminds me of those public couples arguing videos you see pop up on Facebook and everyone believes they're actually going at it and then you go to the page and you can see they do skits all the time and are trying to be actors.

No. 482893

When I first discovered Reddit one of my favourite subreddits was TIFU but I soon realised that most of the content on there involved something sexual and every single time the guy had to somehow bring up the fact his dick was average/bigger than average/huge even though that wasn't relevant and describe in detail how it felt or some shit like that. Has anybody noticed this? They're always finding some way in throw in some sex or dick story anywhere, it's really weird

No. 482894

Karma, creative writing or just to fuck with people? Alot of those exredpillers admit to lying just to get things to be more extreme. We know redpillwomen has male larpers too. It's like one giant joke

I wonder about other subs like redpill. Mgtow, incel likes subs etc. I wonder how many of them are real and how many of them are just there to make the msot extremely shock value posts they can for a reaction.

No. 482899

For people like that who keep up the same act or years it's to live out a fantasy, in his case being some enlightened master manipulator. That's basically what the entire r/redpill is, a Chad RP group, he just admits it.

No. 482928


Another thread filled with all kinds of whiny comments
>but muh guns
>this is sexist towards men

No. 482934

File: 1573635343396.jpg (100.92 KB, 472x548, 1573617536424.jpg)

Who needs guns anyway ?

No. 482947

You can join them in whining on reddit or make your own thread, my post was commenting on how easily upset the users get and it seems you'd fit right in.

No. 482953

I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid to create a fake straw man story about a fucking dog

No. 482955


It still just baffles me for some reason…I get trolling, at least you’re taking the piss out of how goofy people are, but this and other posts admitting to the lies are so pathetic. It’s like people don’t know how to internet anymore…everything is way too damn serious or they’re living out their kawaii fantasies online like the goofballs they are.

No. 483604

File: 1573825785476.png (226.17 KB, 1338x678, bully.png)

No. 483625

I bet at least a handful of comments on this will be males telling her off for snooping on his reddit

Same as whenever a woman finds her man cheating she's 'still in the wrong' for acting on her gut instinct and checking

No. 483652

based legal gun owner gal blasting scrote criminals, this kills the sjws

No. 483657

I bet he is a r/redpill poster and this is his "dread game" masterplan to stop her from leaving him that went about as well as most advice from there does.

No. 483659

literally 90% of the comments are calling her bf a sociopath and saying she should dump him, stop trying to find outrage when there isn't any

No. 483665

>xvi century boy: oh boy, i wish i could magically , somehow spend half a day everday thinking about nothing but the super fun stuff hobbies the nobles are able to enjoy like theater plays and history and cool facts about the world but i have to herd sheep forever until i die instead

No. 483680

What outrage? The relationship advice reddit has its handful of male posters that find fault with the woman no matter what the post is. Pointing that fact out isn't 'outrage' lol

No. 483771

Good for her. Idk why they're so against women rfneding themselves if they can

That sub is pure misery loves company incarnate.

No. 483779

No. 483792


>I know people in it and they’re nice and totally not pedos!

No. 483796

>>483792 samefag
But DDLG is degenerate af and of course you have pick-me a in the comments saying “I’m a little and it’s good!” And people saying it’s “not really a little girl, just fantasies” it’s the same shit as people defending loli drawings. It’s pedophillia not ehebophillia or fantasy
Redditirs get the rope

No. 483816

File: 1573866387514.png (495.3 KB, 474x586, 1548682406691.png)

Another example, Pakistani woman defends her house and family from burglars with a Kalashnikov


No. 483821

That's hilarious bc 2x is a pure handmaiden sub

No. 483827

File: 1573867695517.webm (1.2 MB, 640x360, blondewebm.webm)


actual empowerment. I distrust any politician or hot air salesman claiming to speak on behalf of women or the working class interests while pushing forward their disarmament.

No. 483911

The only sensible gun control is banning all scrotes from having them

No. 484087

File: 1574027128145.png (109.6 KB, 1064x701, Screenshot_2019-11-17-22-02-37…)

No. 484257

File: 1574068883058.jpeg (223.06 KB, 750x1113, 21238961-0314-464A-9715-90E089…)

Posting a link because I can’t embed videos.
Reddit’s idea of justice being served: In this video a drunk woman flails at a cop; in retaliation the cop goes fucking OTT on her.

I’m not saying it wasn’t idiotic of her to attack him, but what he does afterwards is straight up brutality (punching her, throwing her to the ground and kicking her while she’s down). But of course reddit can barely contain its incel erection from seeing a woman getting beat up; even more so when they can justify it as “self defense”. Pic related, read the comments if you need to raise your blood pressure.

No. 484258

Unironically agree with this

No. 484265


lol, reddit is typically anti-police when they're taking their weed or pulling them over for driving crazy (muh police state, muh sovereign citizen), or simply just existing because so many of them are little shrimpettes from the suburbs who can't handle being around strong authority figures.

No. 484327

Gross. They would have said the same thing too if she wasn't doing anything and got brutalized by the police. Calling her weak and getting off on women being beaten because equality only means getting beat up in their retarded minds.

Or they're anti gun when they watch something like this >>483827 because they don't want women not being victims.

No. 484763

File: 1574152608642.png (239.03 KB, 1826x626, 656789.png)

Wearing clothes that don't cover you entirely is the same as getting drunk around random people, I guess.

No. 484768

wow this girl is fucking dumb. this is some middle ages logic. you know what else can lead to "unwanted attention"? makeup, wearing your hair down, wearing form fitting clothing… this is why in some countries women have to wear a burka.

it's not like people could just practice self control, and refuse any unwanted attention. she doesn't trust women to do that I guess? and alcohol is a horrible analogy because alcohol actually impairs judgment, clothes don't. I thought we had evolved past this.

No. 484774

>Majority of the comments are disagreeing with him calling him a psycho
this isn't really a good example of how Reddit is bad

No. 484778

It's a she

No. 484796

File: 1574160243676.jpeg (31.64 KB, 800x450, 0AAA49A0-5392-4590-A05E-63ED2C…)

No. 484802

Unpopular opinion, but I think dressing in a overly revealing way signals to men that you are more approachable, easy, and have your guard down. Rapists are opportunistic in that way, they'll go for the easy target not the woman who is cautious

No. 484826

Plenty of women get harassed when covered from head to toe, wearing heavy winter coats, boots, 2 layers of pants, etc. >>484763 is particularly retarded because it reduces cheating and unwanted attention to the classic "one thing lead to another."

Drinking doesn't make you cheat, and wearing clothes that show cleavage shouldn't make men turn into such raging hormonal morons that they can't control their actions. Your body is not "for your partner's eyes and enjoyment only," it's your body and personhood. You shouldn't have to spend your life overanalyzing every outfit you wear because other people will see an outline of your chest.

No. 485001

No. 485004

This is such a stupid take and I think the idea that women cause drama in the workplace is so ingrained in people that it makes it happen. One of my former coworkers was super into the idea that all women are dramamongers and hate each other and yet was the only one causing drama while all the other women in our office were just chilling. Since she quit there's been no office drama kek

No. 485013

Funny that, because my new office job where I work under and with other women has been the least stressful I had so far.

Whereas at my last job I had to deal with a good ol boy system and a belligerent male coworker who'd always try to flex authority over me and got triggered whenever I brought up my education, something he didn't have. Because even the mere mention of my qualifications were a threat to him.
I had to constantly bite my tongue over extremely inappropriate sexual jokes and conversations in order to keep the peace and remain on good graces with my male supervisor who liked him.
He held grudges for months over trivial workplace disagreements and made me have an anxiety attack at work once where he laid into me with his grievances against me before our supervisor came into work. He'd get super catty and try to assign me to do shit despite having no authority because he'd hate when I'd finish my work and be idle while his ass was hustling. So jealous.

I hate working with men. They always do a subpar job and get butthurt if you don't praise them like they're god's gift. Yet they're quick to downplay women's contributions and hold petty mistakes over our heads. They often get preferential treatment while barely earning the actual merit.

No. 485036

It's not an assumption–there are men who genuinely believe women cannot exist around each other and cannot function properly without men
it's misogyny, not ignorance

I'm sure there are catty offices, but there are greater chances of a negative male focused culture than a female one

No. 485041

Men shit talk other men behind their backs constantly but only notice or perceive it as gossip or drama when women do it.

No. 485052


I've been unlucky enough to have had negative experiences working with both men and women so to me, it's just the shitty nature of working with other people, especially if you're in offices or the retail sector.

I don't really perceive a big difference in how genders behave because people in general are awful, and work culture in the States is designed to get the most out of you for the least amount of money possible. And then when you confine idiots in a small space for several hours a week, and dangle a proverbial carrot in front of their face to encourage that kind of faux competitiveness corporations love to instigate, you're going to see how base people are and what they are willing to do to get that five cent raise on their paycheck.

I would say with men they can be more sensitive to individuals who have talent and a good work ethic, but then in a retail job I had with an all female team, the head bitch in charge didn't like anybody who she felt was better at her at selling makeup, so she was constantly firing anyone who was younger and more committed than she was. It was abhorrent how many people she went through every 3-6 months.

So just in my experience, I don't think there's an either-or situation that's ever worked out for me. I used to think I would prefer working with women after having had awful experiences dealing with dumb men who can't deal with an educated woman they couldn't talk down to, and got a job in a supposedly "feminist" environment with a "feminist" brand. I regretted it immensely because it was the same bullshit I was trying to get away from, but all dolled up in a frilly pink package and served to me on a hot dish of "got you, bitch".

No. 485070

In every job I've worked at, whenever there's an office romance/hookup, it's always the guy who can't wait to tell everyone or spread gossip. The guys in my department at my last job always knew the "dirt" on every girl who worked there, and most of it seemed embellished or just fake. 25-35 year old men who enjoyed talking about the love life of someone they barely spoke to.

Some girl in another department made out with another employee at an office party and it's all they talked about for weeks.

No. 485103

File: 1574224570296.jpg (421.49 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20191119-223510_Red…)

hahahahahahahahahha never change, r/teenagers.

No. 485107

File: 1574224826441.png (99.35 KB, 866x470, screenshotAtUploadCC_157422478…)

thankfully there's some sanity in the commmens

No. 485156

Oh, wow! A 15 year old has everything figured out! Jesus, someone should really put this all over the news to let the world know! In fact, this mature male should have an appropriate platform to spread his wisdom. I wish I had been even HALF of the thinker this guy is when I was a teen.

No. 485175

Isn't that subreddit full of old men larping as teenagers anyway?

No. 485179

That's a disturbing thought, considering how drooling-retard-tier over half of posts and comments there seem to be. At least a teen can mature and learn. If it really is larping adults, on the other hand…

No. 485232

Yup. Middle-aged grown men larping as teens. I think r/drama discovered it. I wonder how long it'll be until it just becomes incels lite just so those grown adults can radicalize actual teens into their misery club

No. 485303

File: 1574275766151.jpeg (139.2 KB, 754x960, 20DB0DF6-8316-4C03-9773-5A4835…)

Everyone knows reddit is full of gross rick Sanchez larping incels who think men have it sooo hard but
Can we talk about the god awful “humor” on reddit is?

No. 485333

File: 1574279939962.jpg (99.91 KB, 1200x903, nc95z315a7z31.jpg)

No. 485351

Keanu doesn’t deserve this

No. 485421

File: 1574304632856.png (138.21 KB, 897x1111, tulpa.png)

Are you gals familiar with r/tulpas? is a sub dedicated to people who believe wholeheartedly that they can create imaginary friends and have them become real and develop intimate relationships with them. Its like a funny novelty at first but gets more depresing the more you read those threads, its yet another mental illness enabling eco chamber. Just look at your average thread there and the advice they give. Roleplaying is healthy but you have to be aware you are roleplaying.


worst thing that can happen to your reputation is become associated with reddit. They are not helping him any.

No. 485425

File: 1574306693722.png (98.43 KB, 898x1084, tulpa2.png)

just another example

No. 485428

from what I understnad, Tulpmancy is basically forcing your brain to develop dissociative identity disorder

No. 485513

File: 1574339915536.jpg (423.79 KB, 750x1290, fb222fc.jpg)

God the redditors triggered over this.

No. 485519

It's kind of like the "straight pride" day that was all over reddit and being made fun of. Why do you need a day when your group faces no systematic oppression?

No. 485524

No. 485526

File: 1574343500607.png (84.38 KB, 718x644, Screenshot_2019-11-21-08-36-29…)

You know these are the same bitches who flunked ela.

No. 485528

Do only oppressed groups need days? What about father's day? What about world teacher's day? Weird argument. I thought it was just to remind people of issues faced by a group. You can have issues without being oppressed right?

No. 485529

File: 1574344208534.png (31.27 KB, 680x323, Screenshot_2019-11-21-08-46-47…)

Samefagging, but
>It sounds right, but it's wrong for reasons I cant get into currently

No. 485537

No. 485555


>Dad said, and I quote " if he is comfortable, tell him to look into hearing aids".

Imagine suggesting that a deaf person look into hearing aids. Surely they never knew that was a thing that existed!

No. 485556

Extra weird since I'm sure a deaf journalist has learned how to lipread and a hearing aid won't help him speak clearer if that's an issue so soon so it's pretty much pointless for the parents wants.

No. 485560

>expecting anything else from a bunch of streetshitters(racebait)

No. 485570

Why oh why do redditors worship some mediocre actor so much?

No. 485591

>when your group faces no systematic oppression

american women are facing zero systematic oppression.

No. 485598

does your boyfriend tell you to say that?

No. 485610

File: 1574359652124.png (519.92 KB, 1824x1668, reddit.png)

I've had it with these obviously fake "[insert woman here, probably a relative or family friend] was a complete BITCH and i WALKED OUT. now people are mad at me. am i the asshole here???" stories.

No. 485612

File: 1574359749977.jpg (293.56 KB, 1200x1200, EJ0cU78W4AA2aLW.jpg)

From the same author.
>Me: GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY FACE, BITCH! (and I throw my chopsticks at her)

No. 485614


does your gender studies professor told you otherwise?

No. 485620

File: 1574361650881.png (185.15 KB, 394x373, 11ea01854b381fa350ca6ed8c77fe1…)

>I threw my chopsticks at her
Why were they eating with chopsticks to begin with? The story is obviously fake but obviously something that specific is what the author actually eats with or I guess he assumed that using a fork/knife would make it sound more violent?

No. 485621

My biggest concern about these kinds of posts isn't that they're made up entirely to reinforce a perspective that will earn the writer karma, but instead that they might actually be based on an actual event that the writer saw in a warped way. Now if everyone tells a someone they're an asshole, instead of coming to terms with it that asshole can just type up a biased version of one incident in their life to AITA and the updoots will absolve him of any possible guilt or social development.

No. 485632

an edgy esl-chan kek

No. 485638

What did he even do this year that people want him to be person of the year? The only thing I've heard about him this year was the "YOU'RE breathtaking!" speech and him dating someone age-appropriate. Person of the year, really?

No. 485676

Don't you know, him being in an upcoming bibeo game means he's the most important man alive.
I won't argue that CD Projekt is objectively good at what they do, but the OP pic has a point that is very relevant here.

No. 485686

Go back to reddit where you can talk freely about how “men have it so hard women r ungrateful lol gimme some brownie points, boys pls”

No. 485699

Are you the same anon from the unpopular opinions thread the other day trying to convince us that men dont need to change and its women's responsibility to find a "good man" and if she ends up in a shitty relationship it's her fault?

I agree with the other anon, you belong on reddit.

No. 485753

I honestly think it's pure projection.

This. Whenever I deal with men, especially online (but IRL too), they're always making comments that resemble "microaggressions" to bully each other.

I've noticed that there's a type of man less likely to make these comments, and they're usually tall skinny blonde guys. Although POC men in general also don't in my experience.

No. 485755

kek. solidarity anon, that was a validating exchange/convo. this one has a typing style that's different from the anon that spends her days blowing hot air up her alleged husband's anus. my bet is on a plebbit/chan scrote.

No. 485766

This is such a mess. Ok, so he owns property, but he rents it out instead of living there because…why? And his parents never once speak up this entire exchange and say that they enjoy having him around to take care of them and pay the bills, nor does OP explain the arrangement to his niece? And then he specifically gets super aggressive and throws shit at his niece for trying to smooth things over and ask about the property he owns???

I think this one has some basis in reality, just not OP's. He's definitely living at home for other reasons and I'm almost positive his parents don't want him there. There is no reason for him not to explain to his niece "I pay their bills and take care of them" or whatever, it would've ended the conversation immediately and there would be no argument. Said property either doesn't fucking exist or in his eagerness to play slumlord, he wasted money on a shitty untenable shitshack and that's why he immediately sperged out when asked about it.

No. 485769

File: 1574384922328.png (93.21 KB, 1600x856, reddit-shot-11-21-2019.png)

Any other r/GenderCritical or r/ItsaFetish users here who are alarmed by the absolutely insane amount of men swarming in?

Whenever I see a comment about how we should abandon the left, it's always a visibly male profile.

pic related is a supposed "girl" (lol) who is trying to claim that males produce breast milk. He is anti TRA, but 99% of his posts are about race/IQ, "anthropology", and he just has a very "extremely online" vibe about him.


No. 485775

Some males can lactate. He is not saying males regularly lactate.

No. 485784

Unfortunately there are a lot of retarded actual women “radfems” in gc who say that and other more annoying shit

No. 485843


I don't even know why people mention this without really reflecting on their own experiences, and it's always somebody from a majority/well-integrated group/accepted viewpoint who will push this opinion like they came to some earth shattering conclusion.

They're the same ones who will say that someone is exaggerating if their experience differs from the norm, because the ways in which people from the in group display their dominance isn't always overtly aggressive and violent, so you must be lying and trying to get sympathy points.

I've heard so many variations of this over the years, and it's like, if any of them had a shred of self-awareness, they'd see that what they're saying doesn't make sense. Having to read a book by someone who doesn't look or think like you isn't a form of oppression, neither is having to listen patiently to someone who has different opinions or experiences than you. But sadly, I've heard this way too many times over the course of my education, and it kind of scares me how there are people walking around who willingly put up a wall between themselves and others, using flawed logic to justify their actions.

No. 485865

>Having to read a book by someone who doesn't look or think like you isn't a form of oppression

tell that to sjws that shit bricks if every color of the rainbow is not represented in something.

>neither is having to listen patiently to someone who has different opinions or experiences than you

not like getting fired or boycotted for not having a John Oliver approved take is a thing

No. 485871

You're right I got that after a second look, but it's still besides the point

The main thing is that his posting history is just 100% male. And all his posts are about race crap and troon crap while being apologetic about misogyny.

yeah it's more the fact that he is 100% a man, and pretends that he's a woman.

No. 485875

It's not just self awareness, it's also actual hatred. You're right that ingroup dominance isn't always overtly aggressive and violent, but it often is. Actually I would say it usually is, I consider being talked over to be an aggressive move.

it would be nice if posts like these were deleted on sight

No. 485876

Not trying to be contrarian, but why wouldn't a deaf person get hearing aids?

No. 485879

It's difficult not to get woke on the racial question when you get woke on the male question and tranny question. Yes all men are shit but some are shittier than others.

No. 485881

According to some comments I read in that thread a few reasons are
>some deaf people literally cannot be fitted for hearing aids because they lack internal anatomy for the aid to work on
>people have to relearn how to communicate via the hearing aid anyway because sound still isn't very clear, everything is just amplified loudly including background noise

I'm not deaf but I personally wouldn't go through the hassle and expenditure of getting fitted for a device that I wouldn't even use past that specific occassion and just so my partner's family wouldn't treat me like a subhuman.

No. 485884

This is the prime example why we don't trust you and why "sisterhood" can't happen for those who whine about it. You are all suspicious as fuck and when the time comes you always proven. You can lie all you want you just mean "men of different races" but you know you include other women as well.

No. 485885

*you are always proven to be


Example 1 is a sperg sperging about Ancient Egyptians and referring to "Bantus" (which is a language and is not West African the primary genetic ancestry of the criticism this Egyptian debate is directed to- AA people) in comparison to Afro-Asiatics (who, even if in approximation to other ethnic groups still have shared genetic markers with the "Bantus") and this is the response? >>485879

Full of shit-itis.

No. 485894

This is why I’m a womanist and not a feminist. Only thing stopping some of the idiots here from going full fash is that fascists hate women.

No. 485904


>the racial question

Jesus Christ. Don't call yourself a feminist if you are actually a racist tradthot

No. 485918

it's a scrote post, are you guys actually this dumb

No. 485920

File: 1574409622344.png (774.88 KB, 1600x729, reddit temp1.png)

Look at how fucking triggered they are. The teacher literally did nothing wrong.


No. 485926

sadly you're probably right, I just wondered because the last one gave me esl vibes as well

No. 485939

>Oh my god every time you speak I feel like my brain cells are committing suicide ONE by ONE

holy shit I feel this is on a spiritual level. Look how smug that douche looks

No. 485941

I’m pretty sure it’s fake though because I had a hunch that line was not new, and it is in fact a meme

No. 485943

Yeah, there's spaces between him speaking and her "interrupting him", so I think it's acted.

No. 485973

I think its staged as wel

No. 486005

No. 486006

File: 1574436869227.jpg (59.4 KB, 640x742, kuk8n26xliu11.jpg)

Reddit hates female teachers. They're either a bitch/cunt or an object to sexualize. They hate female English teachers in particular the most because these teachers are trying to get them to think critically about something. Male teachers are always "cool" and "dedicated".

No. 486011

o-or… maybe… they're asian…

No. 486013

and this is why SJWs shouldn't be allowed to write

No. 486014

It's confirmation bias. There are more female teachers than male teachers, so of course the likelihood of encountering a shitty female teacher are higher.
Every shit teacher I dealt with was a woman, but given I'd only ever had nine male teachers from elementary to high school (7 if we're not counting physical education) out of dozens of female teachers it was bound to happen.
When I got into college there were more male professors and they were pretentious pricks.

Men just don't like being schooled by women. They think they know better, especially when it comes to anything that's not a hard science since they think they're above those subjects too.

No. 486183

File: 1574465023735.png (574.29 KB, 1600x777, jalicia.png)

What is up with girls who do this? I remember there was some other girl who faked having heterochromia with one bright blue eye and one dark eye for years


Are people just being "reddit pc" or are they legitimately so coombrained that they think this is real?

No. 486184

Just to be clear, I don't care about people wearing colored contacts or whatever, it just irks me when they pretend it's real. Especially when it so obviously isn't.

No. 486187

There is such thing as Waardenburg syndrome. Not saying I believe that girls eyes are natural but it's possible.

No. 486193

You can tell that girl's eyes are real from the black specks in her left eye. Those don't occur with contacts, and that one girl who was faking heterochromia (Sarah McDaniel, vid related) had very obvious contacts that she later switched out for some fucked up eye implant that will probably go bad.
Be more observant, anon.
That thread is kind of cancerous mainly because of how salty some people are about it.

No. 486196

File: 1574469214054.png (69.44 KB, 233x275, 1481586677800.png)


>my wife was a useless sack of baggage for years while i was the perfect superhuman model husband

>my wife suddenly goes insane because "4 months ago she got a new therapist and 3 months ago that therapist suggested she needed time away from me as her depression started when we married so I may be the cause of it"
>my wife leaves me and fucks off for 3 months
>i am finally happy and become a new man
>my wife calls me back 3 months later sobbing and begging for me to take her back because this is a bitter man's wet dream revenge fantasy

just LMFAO. they make it so fucking easy. just exactly how gullible can redditors get?

No. 486209

This cow used to be super milky, but she hasn't done anything lately besides get surgery and post the same photoshopped pics over and over. She used to be on the reddit front page a lot with thirsty white knights defending her "totally real heterochromia uwu" and flaming anyone who points out that it's an obvious contact. >>486183 is definitely just Waardenburg syndrome as the other anon said.

No. 486210

So she was in bed for seven straight years while he cleaned around her.. I've never seen such an obvious one sided version of events

Like how could anyone read that whole post without their bullshit meter going off?

No. 486299

No. 486305

>When he got older, (ages 9-15) he would piss and shit in our bed, until we got a lock on our door and he wasn’t able to get in anymore; then he’d just take a dump in the hallway in front of our room.
9-15? I…
>I carry a lot of guilt from that time, and a lot of conflicted emotions. I didn’t beat him myself, but I allowed him to be beaten, and I thought he deserved it. I was happy it happened. I didn’t try to kill him, but I would have been happy if he died. I will say that I do hope he was able to overcome his demons and go live a normal life somewhere. If he wasn’t able to do that, if he stayed the way he was, then I truly do hope someone out there killed him. When I knew him he was a rabid dog, and whichever way it went I just hope he isn’t still out there hurting anyone else.
I might be wrong, but this literally just sounds like the Nicole Dollanganger song "Dog Teeth" combined with We Need to Talk About Kevin (the OP admits to knowing about the latter) made into a short story.
The "rabid dog" part makes it too suspicious. The lines from the song "You're cold on the inside. There's a dog in your heart and it tells you to tear everything apart"/"My body's covered in teeth marks, your bite's worse than your bark. You ruin everything you touch and destroy anyone you love. You're all over me" come to mind.

No. 486306

Lol I was just about to post this. Like I don't even have any words for it. If this is made up which it's likely it is, someone's got a fucked up imagination and weird desperation for attention. Anything for reddit fame

No. 486309

> As soon as he could walk, his mission in life was to destroy things. He would break or try to break anything that came in his range, smash it, chew it, throw it in the toilet, whatever he could. After a while he figured out how to get his diaper off and took great pleasure in shitting and pissing anywhere he could.

Honestly this bit just sounds like your run of the mill toddler

No. 486310

File: 1574522736179.png (49.61 KB, 842x437, manchild.PNG)

No. 486320

Meanwhile, I once posted my totally run of the mill and actually kind of mild story of my BF abusing me on a sub meant to help with that stuff and everyone called it a troll and wouldn’t even give a tiny bit of advice.

No. 486348

File: 1574533065959.jpg (222.06 KB, 1080x1678, fc99afe.jpg)

Anons this is what happens when you dont hug your child. They do stupid shit for redit updoots to fill the void

No. 486354


Same thing for GoT. The main mod at asoiafcirclejerk went out and said that the series was middle brow fantasy literature masquerading as high culture mythology and people just couldn’t handle it. I love Harry Potter myself but I would be delusional if I thought it was some seminal work of fiction, it’s not a Tolstoy. It’s like saying some dollar store overly processed chocolate candy bar is superior to a well made champagne truffle from a tiny chocolatier.

No. 486357

Yeah exactly, you can still enjoy something even if it's not the fanciest thing ever. There's a reason why certain things are categorised as pop culture, but that doesn't mean all of it is trashy or worthless. It's meant to be entertaining.

No. 486358

>Redditors have a mental breakdown
>71% upvoted
>vast majority of commenters agree with OP

This feels like clickbait anon

No. 486365


A lot of stuff in here is clickbait but it’s kind of fun to rag on it though.

No. 486369

Reddit's hate for Turkey is so hilarious. As a website/app who enjoys preaching about equality and diversity they surely are really anti-turkish.

Not like I am defending Turkey's problems in any way as a turkfag myself, I am aware of them, but you can post just a random cat with the title "Found this cutie in Istanbul" on r/aww or something like that and you'll immediately have people commenting "but what about the Armenian genocide!!!11!/your president is doing _____", and you even have people go full racist against turks and no one doing anything against it. God forbid you try to defend yourself though, you'll get downvoted into oblivion.

They love to overlook Japan's war crimes, because the country is so kawaii desu ne and 2D hentai waifu and yellow fever, but when it comes to Turkey they immediately go full retard mode.

No. 486371

I've seen people on there wish death on random Russian grandmas and Chinese people. And whenever something light hearted happens in Serbia or Hungary people talk about genocide and Orbán being racist.

No. 486372

I never really noticed this but you're right lmao

No. 486380

Isn't reddit mostly Americans tho? They're probably all just military fags

No. 486402

Adult Harry Potter fans are always the most embarrassing easily offended retards

No. 486409

I could kinda believe this up until "after my evil son tried to kill my baby daughter and my MMA pro wife beat him to a pulp, she took a shower and we locked ourselves downstairs for several months until he ran away, and we continued living where our homicidal son knew where to find us for 3 years."

Who goes off to shower after their kid gets knifed, with the assailant still there? Nobody in the family asked what happened to little Charles Manson? Parents did nothing to alert police after their 17 year old murder machine runs away?

No. 486701

But the video looks completely edited. Which is the main thing. And I can't find shots of the girl anywhere else.

No. 486702

File: 1574621326531.jpg (55.59 KB, 540x675, jalicianightengaletumblr_pkvlf…)

>And I can't find shots of the girl anywhere else.
correction, I just googled her and all her pics look even more fake than that one

No. 486705

website that is 85% white and 70% male
why is anyone even remotely surprised?

No. 486716

File: 1574622978410.jpg (477.21 KB, 1080x1329, Screenshot_20191124-131501_Red…)


No. 486721

"NOBODY wants rape" he says.. well then why are people (most often men) out there raping?

While we're at it lets not teach children about stranger danger because not all adults are pedos.. so that's judgemental against adults. LOgic

No. 486725

Heterochromia fetishists are annoying.
They always post shooped women as examples (bonus if not white to hit those ~exotic ethnic~ points). It's really obvious these posts are about someone's dick tingles and not about the topic.

No. 486726

>teach blacks not to steal and muslims not to bomb
or teach whites not to genocide, right?
or is that too racist for them

No. 486727

It also makes no actual sense. Blacks commit what, maybe 30% of all crime at max?

Men commit easily 99% of all rape

No. 486728

And the few women who do commit rape are almost always trans"women"

No. 486730

sometimes I get really angry about just how fucking braindead these white scrotes are, they don't even have the most basic shred of cerebral capacity

like they legitimately think
1)women aren't giving men enough sexual attention

2)there's also an epidemic of horny women teachers raping young vulnerable boys out there, to the extent that it's equivalent to male rape

It's so fucking transparent, they're so fucking dumb

No. 486742

File: 1574625564986.jpg (121.86 KB, 1200x800, 1131391096.jpg.0.jpg)

Yeah, it's really cringey to see. IIRC the blue/brown form of heterochromia is pretty rare and most forms of it are much more subtle i.e one blue and one blue-green eye that you can't really tell unless you look closely.

I feel like the odds of being some busty conventionally attractive instathot with the super speshul kind of hetereochromia must be really rare, most people with it are probably average randoms. Case in point, the only public figure I've ever known to actually have one blue eye and one brown eye is Max Scherzer, the pitcher for the Washington Nationals, who otherwise looks like a normal scruffy guy. Of course no reddit scrotes give a shit because he doesn't have big ol tiddies, oops I totally meant eyes, to gawk at.

No. 486750

Just saw that and had to come here to see if anyone had posted it lol

No. 486754

Uh, I don't wanna racebait but that's just statistically a faulty way of thinking (they're a minority).

And before any cranky mod is gonna ban me, I just am criticizing the way they view stats.
You LARP radfems have your own thread.

No. 486769

What does putting a shitty reddit post in the reddit hate thread have to do with radfems? Just cause it mentions a womens' issue?

No. 486772

I didn't know this were global stats and it was 50/50 split between male and female

No. 486797

File: 1574629007196.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x468, neckbeard-thinking-emoji-58df0…)

What is as small as 13%, BUT also as large as 52% at the same time?

No. 486819

File: 1574630544661.jpg (82.31 KB, 1028x766, budget_fiscal_impact_race_alth…)


it really makes you honk(racebaiting)

No. 486879

>>486754 see: >>479739

TLDR; thread idea originated in pp/radfem to contain Reddit posts because so many get posted there.

No. 486894

File: 1574635593181.png (1.48 MB, 956x1192, screen.png)

Found her IG, lots of shots and videos.
I agree her modelling photos are edited, but I don't think the candids where her eye whites are yellow are.
The yellowness is something most professionals (and she herself) would definitely correct for aesthetic reasons if it were fake, and yellowed eyes is something a lot of dark-skinned black African people have naturally. Pic related, a selfie where you can see her pores, the yellowed eye whites and other things that would normally be shooped away for IG.
Aside from the black specks in the left eye, if you look closely at other photos, you can see she has a black/brown ring around her right eye, too. There's no reason not to consistently edit that out to "correct" it and keep up the facade of "perfectly blue eyes". I don't think video editing would remain so consistent/non-glitchy throughout different videos, either. In apps like Snow or Makeup Plus, if you turn your head or even just look in a different direction, the fake makeup or eye color tend to glitch out and not stay within your face/eye boundaries, or just completely disappear. Making the effect consistent and not float around with AfterEffects would be a massive pain in the ass, too.
She also linked to this baby girl who has blue eyes, and she too has black specks in one of her eyes:
IMO, the specks and/or dark rings are the main thing that separate real from fake. I wouldn't call it coloboma, but it's similar. Even >>486187 has them, while her middle-aged mother has complete heterochromia.
A complete lack of melanin in either of the eyes seems extremely rare. Contacts don't come with those sorts of "imperfections", and they often reflect the actual eye color through the contact with a "fade" effect in the middle instead of direct "cracks" like Jacelyn has. Think of how one of Sarah McDaniels' photos had her brown eye color showing through the blue contact. Now that I think about it, even Sarah has a sister who has "imperfect" blue eyes with black specks (but the specks are less obvious in her case, probably because she doesn't naturally have much melanin to begin with). From her IG:
Sarah probably got jealous and decided she wants "special" eyes, too, but since contacts don't come with that effect, she opted for going with one blue contact to fake complete heterochromia.
Sorry for OT/sperg, I just find cases like this very interesting.

No. 486897


No. 486923

File: 1574638124769.png (114.86 KB, 1812x512, 894298.png)

No. 486928

File: 1574638486031.png (203.35 KB, 2292x652, 998989.png)

Seems he likes the attention, too.

No. 486932

File: 1574638990931.jpeg (342.88 KB, 640x781, BB8D44F9-8434-4D0C-9CF5-B1DEF4…)

roastme is full of pickmes asking for compliments

No. 486934

this is so bad…

No. 486935

File: 1574639166725.jpg (14.51 KB, 480x484, 1555427999989.jpg)

I really don't like saying this, but I kind of get robots now

No. 486936

>average girl who wouldn't get attention irl flocks to the internet to 'Not like the other girls!'

No. 486937

She looks a lot like the porn actress on the bot ads that used to get spammed before captcha.

No. 486939

File: 1574640154509.png (Spoiler Image, 340.21 KB, 484x584, Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 6.58…)

Has post history in Apustaja subs and frenworld (now-banned sub that tried to hide white nationalist memes under pictures of Pepe/Apu). Absolutely embarrassing and sad to witness.

No. 486967

Are we sure some man didn't just steal this girls pictures and decide to larp as her? This is just sad

No. 486972

this has been floating around my Facebook feed today and people believe it??? Why is everyone so gullible. Like some 70 year old man would know how to make a reddit throwaway account lmao

No. 486977

They still called her an ugly femcel and insulted her knees, though.

No. 486988

what is 10% of the population, but also 70% at the same time?

No. 487004

This is the type of short story that amateurs submit to contests and publishers thinking they're talented and get rejected because they have no idea how to write something believable. Anyone buying into this over-dramatic anime-fight hole-filled trash claiming to come from a senior citizen is braindead.

No. 487035

Pretty terrifying to think I could have become something like her if I hadn't woken up and quit 4chan after browsing there for about a year in 2012 when I was 16

No. 487052

File: 1574672132448.jpeg (189.19 KB, 750x1297, 52E7F1AB-B7D7-4496-BD65-C64C70…)

imo both people here have a pretty shitty tweet and reasoning (and two of the listed criminals aren't even white), but imagine getting offended over this when it's pretty clear that the media always tries their hardest to paint white criminals in good light. but ah yes of course, frail white redditors are back at it again.(global rule 7)

No. 487054

wow you really are obsessed with this aren't you

No. 487055

care to enlighten me about how i am obsessed with this lol

No. 487088

Reditors love "well if you change the words" logic. They cant tell I hate women from I hate men

No. 487099

You could literally say "I hate Hitler", have some dumbass manchild respond with "Wow, if you replace Hitler with "Jewish people", you look a lot like a Nazi. So, I guess you are Hitler, friend", and then he would get a shitton of upvotes for this flawless logic.

No. 487142

>the media always tries their hardest to paint white criminals in good light

I don't get why people say this, Dylan Roof was called a terrorist from day one and NBC edited audio from Zimmerman's 911 call to make him sound racist, all they care about is making an incident as dramatic as possible for more views and clicks.

No. 487185

My mom has hetereochromia as well as being a redhead, I imagine these scrotes would go ballistic over her if she was young again. They're obsessed with freckles, redheads, gamer girls, ect. because they believe "different" women wouldn't reject them and would take their dusty cheeto covered asses lol

No. 487186

Why do all redditors have the same writing style? Every post I read sounds like it was written by the same person, it’s weird.

No. 487189

Yesterday on my country's reddit sub : some guy posting a news about a man getting killed by his spouse on a day of protest against the killing of women because it's "oh so ironic, you see???"

Today : same sub, people on a news story about a prostituted 10 yo : "duh, how mec are supposed to tell nowadays with all those slutty children ??? Also, wanting to fuck literal children is an illness, and that's a valid excuse, uwu".

I feel angry and sick to my stomach.

No. 487197

>pedo-ish incestuous behaviour
Reddit:Based lmao what a man of culture

(Of course this is assuming that the older brother was a lot older)

No. 487201

Her post history is the most pathetic shit I've ever seen, she posts things like this on her college subreddit and spams her discord there too. No shame what so ever, the internet really isn't meant for individuals who can be warped so easily. A brown white supremacist, what a laugh!

No. 487205

that's pretty true. I remember seeing a video float around in maybe 2012-2013 on tumblr, it was called something like "geeks' collective hard-on for redheads" and it was a crazy and clearly jealous asian girl whining because redheads absorb all the supply of neckbeard attention. it was pretty milky tbh, and some responses were interesting (someone explained how the genesis of red hair autism was comics, which when they were first printed had very limited colours, and so to attract the eye/detach female characters from the bg and other characters they gave them bright red hair).

if anyone knows where this vid, pls share a link !

No. 487230

>they believe "different" women wouldn't reject them and would take their dusty cheeto covered asses lol
Do they really think that? Lmao. I thought they just found girls like that "rare", and that boosted their value in their eyes by a lot.

No. 487266

File: 1574721963071.png (24.22 KB, 651x200, sounpopular.PNG)

Oh wow, what a super unpopular opinion among both the general population and reddit! /s

No. 487277

Does he not realize that if he marries any woman and they have a child together, she most likely would put the child’s needs before his, and I’m sure she’d expect him to put their child before her. But of course, reddit scrotes expect women to give them 100% of their attention or else they are deemed worthless.

No. 487292

That’s not an unpopular opinion at all. And Most single mothers are understanding of the fact that not all men can rear a child and are fine with it , they’re probably even pickier than these scrotes
I doubt anyone is missing out if they won’t be dated by some gross plebbit anyways.
I only see guys complaining about it and women just not saying anything about it

No. 487294

Samefag but I hate when men get all like “muh dating standards” nobody fucking asked and if you’re some gross reddit ince, you should take whatever the fuck you can get.
“I wouldn’t date a single mother”
“I wouldn’t date an overweight woman”
Ok reddit man that nobody asked and probably can’t even afford to be picky, good for you. Maybe stick to watching porn 24/7 and orbiting cosplay thots, not many girls wanna put up with that anyways

No. 487366

File: 1574756115072.png (131.09 KB, 640x1136, AE4EE705-1A9C-40D0-9E10-8EEB11…)

One of the comments that stupid 4chan girl got…can’t say she doesn’t deserve it but it really shows how disgusting and delusional people on Reddit are - every roastme post from a female devolves into shit like this even if she isn’t a bitch ass in the caption

No. 487370

How much you want to bet "the bitchy girls" actually dont give a flying fuck about her And/or probably dont like her because she lacks basic manners & has the personality of a wet piece of bread.

I'd go as far as saying these girls probably arent even bitches and she's just projecting

No. 487387

File: 1574765029649.png (285.5 KB, 640x1136, 2B8A0B05-0EC7-49B1-83FC-7BC09E…)

Mgtow is just something else

No. 487388

File: 1574765106932.png (202.68 KB, 640x1136, 170D2587-12EB-43B0-BA5E-60AB83…)

No. 487389

to be honest, she asked for it so there's no need for her to get upset/annoyed over these comments (if she ever is of course). but i do agree, the only insult male redditors can come up with when it comes to women is always sex or hole related, it's pretty pathetic. r/roastme is overall a mess filled to the brim with a bunch of quirky unique "pick me" girls who make themselves out to be a lonely basement dweller like this one or attractive people fishing for attention. reading that comment made me feel like i am reading porn site comments.

>wet hole


No. 487390

File: 1574765362365.png (143.65 KB, 640x1136, 4BD9D273-4693-4800-804A-5B09DF…)

They really are incomprehensibly retarded, this is in response to a sub with like 300 followers that posts their deranged hate fuelled ramblings so as to mock them, when we have all seen them post pictures of women in public, share social media profiles and brigade against everything related to women as a sex In a positive light, this is the reaction to a tiny portion of the site/a they dominate. They are the most fragile babies on the entire earth, the absolute omegas of mankind kek

No. 487392

File: 1574765766092.png (132.07 KB, 640x1136, 835539FE-0488-4494-9D90-18906C…)

Here’s some guy talking about how he attacked his own sister over her waking him up early, it actually got deleted. The cross comment called him a pathetic child but most comments where saying she deserved it and that “sleep deprivation is torture”

No. 487393

File: 1574765919925.png (211.41 KB, 640x1136, EEADAD88-441A-4A61-AE0F-30AA60…)

Some more wisdom from the mother-sister batterer who is better off rope-ing

No. 487394

File: 1574766632580.png (182.24 KB, 640x1136, DB7A69A2-EB7E-4BAB-8755-1996B1…)

Not wanting to talk to a socially awkward moron is being a bully…

Every 3rd top post on r/unpopularopinion is a dig against women. Other shit takes include “it’s not guys responsibility to take a hint, it’s women’s responsibility to use their words” or “women are more likely to be perpetrators of employment discrimination”

No. 487395

File: 1574766793237.png (161.92 KB, 640x1136, 016BC96F-3F2F-41C1-9A11-4FE9E0…)

They always tell you about 1/10th of what actually happened

No. 487396

Male projection at its finest.
Someone's mad that women know he's creepy.

No. 487421

Yeah, every war and every religon was started by men but it's women's fault for delaying technological advances and world peace /s

No. 487433

I wonder how many of these posts are just straight up lies and I wonder how long it'll be until that sub gets shut down for inciting violence. They've so vocal about genocide against women entirely while claiming how oppressed they are.

No. 487466

File: 1574784795768.jpg (38.74 KB, 720x608, d91b87d.jpg)


No. 487505

when you care about hong kong sooo much kek, online activism at its finest

No. 487532

Just imagine this guy's ideal world with no mothers anywhere, only fathers. I'm sure that would turn out great given how men are famously good at raising children.

No. 487610


Imagine being this needy that a woman putting her kid before you upsets you this much. I'm not even a Mother but I wouldn't date a guy that needs this level of attention. You totally know it's because he want to be looked after too lol.


Anon it doesn't work like that. See, everything ever invented was invented by MEN. These are MALE achievements. It doesn't matter that men stole discoveries from women and banned them from being in the workplace, these are MEN THINGS. But men being ridiculously over represented statistically in rape, child molestation and violent crimes cases has NOTHING TO DO WITH MEN AT ALL and is a HUMAN problem.

No. 487648

File: 1574823390615.png (39.94 KB, 696x214, Screenshot_2019-11-26-21-51-37…)

This is the alternate universe asian parents see flash infront of their eyes when their kid gets a C

No. 487708

File: 1574832474487.jpeg (99.7 KB, 640x467, 348F4FC2-4EA6-486E-9AB0-3B86F8…)

Men are legit a meme

No. 487714

File: 1574834352204.jpeg (784.03 KB, 1125x1211, C2657DC3-59EB-4370-B690-41BFA5…)

I lurk on redpillwomen and it’s funny how many of them are either doormats in unhappy marriages or divorced. They also all can’t stop humblebragging, there was a thread asking users what their personal style was, and multiple comments felt the need to mention their dress size or just how small and curvy their waist is.

Lately I’ve been seeing younger girls use the subreddit, there’s a post from a 15 year old girl asking if she’ll be ugly and alone forever because of her cleft lip, and another girl asking if she’s masturbating too much.

No. 487719

Yeah. Turns out, only the common layman can meme other males into doing things. Luckily, this is a healthy lifestyle meme.

No. 487721

File: 1574838984539.png (179.61 KB, 640x1136, DA9C4496-C6F4-4F4E-8233-C9C9B1…)

No. 487722

File: 1574839117538.png (137.28 KB, 640x1136, 196EB8F0-0048-4191-803C-6D49B7…)

says repulsive thing that generalises women based on his 1 experience
other people disagree
“Oh fuck orff! don’t be mean to me abloblo!”

No. 487723

By break social norms they mean “do whatever the fuck they want 24/7 like a crippled preteen, forget ever growing up because you won’t necessarily get pussy on tap and participation trophies so it’s not worth it king. Women are inferior parasites and a drain on our resources”

By women breaking social norms they mean “try and achieve or master a skill and don’t be a domestic slave only”

This equates to men being super oppressed and it’s all women’s fault

No. 487727

File: 1574840164794.png (131.16 KB, 640x1136, 1B905D3D-A7F3-48C2-AD9D-DDC59C…)

No. 487728

File: 1574840215678.png (140.06 KB, 640x1136, 11D0FF56-A197-4A1C-8963-204DFB…)

Why does every single one of them sound like a fucking retard

No. 487729

File: 1574840259760.png (169.81 KB, 640x1136, A86F5B57-251A-44B7-A86A-4207CD…)

Toxic masculinity is feminist propaganda”

No. 487730

File: 1574840306813.png (159.1 KB, 640x1136, 73F70632-806A-4B72-9336-B9F75B…)

No. 487731

File: 1574840347292.png (136.36 KB, 640x1136, A2142725-9179-4CE8-B030-9A59C4…)

No. 487732

File: 1574840445234.png (151.75 KB, 640x1136, FC2DAF88-A8B4-4073-9CF5-2B3351…)

I can’t stop fucking laughing, she asks for a source and he links her to blackpillscience. Their entire life revolves around their hatred of their own gender projected on to women, they can’t even enjoy science or history without twisting the facts to suit their agenda. What boring, hopeless souls they are

No. 487756

imagine your only argument being "kids should be encouraged to beat the shit out of each other because muh testosterone"
sounds like someone has brain damage from getting punched in the head repeatedly as a child

No. 487760

I'm getting pedophile vibes off this one. Starting with a high sexual value? Like at 1? At birth? Man gets higher value as he becomes more hideous, weak, and bad tempered?

Men are really in denial. If a woman's peak is 15-25 so is a man's. Thems the breaks.

No. 487791

I’m fed up of hearing how useless women’s success is because they’re “career cunts”, they think having perkier tits is “peaking” over having power, money, talent etc. Imagine if we claimed men reached their peak at 25 because their erections aren’t as solid, or because their bollocks hangs a few inches lower, despite any achievements or interests that don’t involve high scores on vidya games that are 80% 12 - 14 year olds We would be reeeed at for being sensual shallow whores

I really believe they project their secret hatred of their own gender on to women. Reddit males know deep down that biologically they are far more replaceable and inferior, that statistically they plague and pollute the world astronomically more, that they have been nothing but a ball and chain for women since the beginning of time and that we are so much better off without them.

Men are built to be impulsive and hyper sexual so that they can fight off rivals and fuck more women, the mgtowcels on Reddit know this, yet claim women are the ones that start wars and abuse children? They know how fucking stupid they are and that there isn’t a gynoxentry or whatever, but they like things the way they are and don’t want to change

No. 487870

File: 1574882379215.png (342.61 KB, 2136x1164, fjdknsldsdknfsd.png)

Literally any low effort "wahmen bad, men good" or "women have easy lives" post can get thousands of upvotes on that subreddit. Nearly everyday one of these posts hits the front page.

Pic related is just from this month alone.

No. 487881

Lot of those larpers are obvious but some are just handmaids in shitty situations. I want to pity them but they'll be the first screech that women shouldn't ha e rights and be little submissive wifes for male approval points. Then they end up like this poster

I can't find it now but there was one post on I think ask reddit or ask men about redpill women as wives or something. And all of answers were telling her that they want a partner, not a doormat and to get a job kek.

>normal guy
>spends most of his time inside on his computer playing mmos
>"all girls are materialistic"
His ex dodged a bullet. Good for her

Many of them are under the delusion that they will age well despite not knowing how to take care of themselves. They won't reach that 1% and probably stay in their same socioeconomic status. Just with less hair and a porn addiction that's leading to ED. They think having a big bank account will make them desirable when it will only make them attractive to only shallow opportunists. They won't find happiness because all they seek is despair from women.

It's hatred of agency still. Sprinkled in are the voices of pedophiles who hate that women age into adulthood.

No. 487888

File: 1574886756300.png (56.92 KB, 790x348, r68359896ö79657638pcb.png)


can you all imagine the comments if this was a woman posting. they would have been shredded to pieces. women have been actually arrested for leaving children "unattended" at job interviews, and other similar things to op's post.

also, leaving your infant child in the house alone for an hour every day you have them while you fuck off to the gym is not normal in europe either, and it never was, lol @ all the retards trying to justify the op in the comments. i also wouldnt be surprised if its more than 30 seconds away from his house. although knowing this sub, the whole story is probably fabricated kek

No. 487889

Yeah if this were a woman everyone would be calling her a vain, selfish, and neglectful bitch.

A monitor isn't a sitter. A 9 month old is being abandoned without any human interaction while not being able to understand where its parents are. Who knows what could happen, but these douches commenting don't really care.

No. 487891

I bet they’re getting gold in mental gymnastics trying to justify this “good responsible father” s actions and probably calling the mother a useless whore for whatever she was doing at that time. They are so fucking dense it hurts.

No. 487893

File: 1574888140789.png (165.38 KB, 640x1136, FA285063-68F2-4112-9C7C-5525DE…)

900 comments supporting the person that thinks it’s ok to leave a 9 month old alone, that thinks a man can’t schedule his workout routine around the 3 days he has his daughter, I hate Reddit so fucking much Jesus Christ, even on Facebook people aren’t this fucking wilfully biased and stupid!!!

No. 487894

lmao the only thing the commenters are concerned about is that the op might lose custody if the courts find out

thats literally the main critisism in the comments. not that hes neglecting a literal baby, but that he "might lose custody uwu"

actually, the mother gaining full custody would probably be the best thing to happen to this baby tbh

No. 487895


This is very illegal. Every reddit post makes me think they must be trolling due to the level of stupidity. Guess he's gonna be setting up a GoFundMe for the legal costs to sue the baby monitor manufacturer once this child dies due to neglect

Really hoping this one is fake. Like cot death is not a thing, like babies don't just randomly suffocate and choke for no reason, goddamn

No. 487897

File: 1574888510685.png (138 KB, 640x1136, CFB7228F-B3EF-4891-AF5E-7C54AB…)

Yes precisely, “be careful or the baby will have to spend 7 days a week with the mother that prioritises it over picking up chicks at the gym”

Also I’m giggling imagining the verbal beat down this guy would get if the equivalent of blogging was posted on lolcow kek. Your 11 yr old self has fuck all to do with a literal baby you attention seeking fucking weirdo. Sheesh.

No. 487898

b-but he's 30s away in a different building down the street and has a baby monitor!
this is why even more of the custodies should go to mothers jfc

No. 487899

You joke but this really be men’s exact level of accountability, especially when it comes to safety of a helpless dependant

No. 487915

Another day, another assurance to not breed with men. This thread is turning into PP-reddit edition kek

No. 487984

I once confessed on reddit that I wanted a daughter and was kinda bummed out when I found out I was having a baby boy and a bunch of gross plebbits got their panties wadded in the comments
I’d be a terrible mom for resenting my son because he’s not a girl
some of them assumed I was “muh salty single mom” even tho I didn’t say anything about that. (the babydaddy is still with me)
They were saying that men have just as much worth as women (ok? I still wanted a daughter)
And then I saw a similar confession where the parent was a dad, who wanted a son and the comments were “oh now now, you’ll have a son one day. Don’t feel ashamed little girls are difficult, having a daughter is tough you have a right to be scared”
I just would’ve wanted a daughter and I later learned that the gender disappointment thing is normal. But confessing that on reddit was a bad idea, cause I’m a female and every feeling, thought or desire I have is wrong
~Sage for blogpost ~

No. 488001

You always have to pretend to be male on leddit or they'll rip you a new one.

No. 488051

Little girls are usually a lot cuter and have better clothes and toys.

No. 488072

I hate people who say that. Little girls are nowhere near as difficult as little boys.

No. 488085

These retards are arguing that there is no difference between if he left home and got in an accident with his baby at home or if he were at home and got sick while the baby is there with him. Ridiculous.

No. 488105

Sometimes I feel weird venting on reddit too. My moms apart of an MLM so if I every try to vent about that on reddit I know I'll invoked som cringy "I dont want you oils Karen!" Or they just be to harsh to her. I try to keep my language gender neutral or switch the genders whenever I talk about my parents.
I also hate how reddit hates MLM's and antivaxxers. They're bad, but reddit doesnt acknowledge that theyre usually victims. They did it for their family and now their stuck because of cult like tackticks. Casual child abuse was the same they didnt care about victims, but only feeling smug

No. 488109

Leave your gender out of all your posts and you'll find that reddit is a different experience

I hate that the relationship advice type subs all encourage listing the gender and ages in the titles, it only attracts those 'always stick up for the male' posters

No. 488110

Being 70% male dominated and probably 20% Male tranny dominated probably means that they lack empathy and emotional intelligence for anyone that isn’t themselves/ exactly like themselves.

No. 488137

File: 1574952732890.jpg (151.05 KB, 960x960, 4lo0fghxwy041.jpg)

The hypocrisy.

No. 488141

Are you the one who made a post about this in GenderCritical? It was pretty funny watching the entire website have a meltdown over it kek

No. 488144

This is my number 1 pet peeve about reddit. Someone will post a long ass sourced post and some idiot will reply with some anecdotal bullshit and it will be up voted to all hell. Yet redditors think they're logical. "I didn't die at 11 so that means a 9 month old left alone is ok!"

No. 488246

When people say this, they are referring to how when a white criminal commits a crime, the media often will play up the notion that they were gifted, got good grades and had a bright future, even if they already had a criminal history. Meanwhile, if they are black, they usually play up the thug stereotype even if it's not true or an exaggeration of the truth.

But what you say about news companies is true, these news companies are sneaky and know how stupid the general public are who will eat this shit up. That's why they do that shit and will likely never stop. Then they go ahead and make articles to warn people about fake news.

No. 488403

File: 1574987446253.jpeg (30.5 KB, 750x253, 57D55EAF-052E-4456-8AA6-59CF22…)


No. 488411

they could also be watching drugged trafficked victims being raped but that doesn't bother them. They all lack basic human empathy.

No. 488429

File: 1574993159331.png (84.34 KB, 395x653, Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.02…)

Another one here. Is it just me or are these super-popular "women bad" posts increasing in frequency? Don't people get tired of this? I'm about to stop using the site. It was always shit but it's gotten completely unusable now because of the misogynists, right wingers, and just general kids/teens everywhere in every subreddit. My fault for thinking reddit could be good.

No. 488431

if this is true then why aren't men funny? if you ever frequent any male-only space the bants are absolutely lame and boil down to "people not like me and especially women = whack" or lul ran0m. the only time they're funny is when they actively try to impress someone but even then it's few and far between.

No. 488465

File: 1575006305854.png (408.59 KB, 630x678, cookinghard.png)

Everyone is acting all "uwu so touching, she really stepped up, god bless" in the comments of course, but what adult man makes his 15 year old daughter cook Thanksgiving dinner? Why doesn't he "step up" and make a nice dinner for his family? This is such a weird post with cringy implications.

No. 488466

They have become more frequent for some time now. I've read some posts from women and poc saying that reddit has become much more sexist and racist. It's exhausting following any popular subreddits because every popular post boils down to "women and brown people are bad and i will scientifically prove this by writing a strawman"

No. 488469

I’m using a super small sample size here, but I automatically think of the “funny” boys that I teach. Most of the boys that think they’re hilarious just screech or say things that are inappropriate. I’ve reprimanded multiple male students for saying racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, or just plain profane shit. There’s only a handful of genuinely clever and funny boys who don’t rely on being mean/stupid to make others laugh.

No. 488470

I just saw this as well and thought of lc kek
This is so fucking shitty. Letting your teen daughter slave away in the kitchen, while you're enjoying thanksgiving. He should've stepped up as a parent and helped her at least. Better yet, she shouldn't have done this at all. No wonder that fuck is divorced.

No. 488480

exactly this. the people i work with - it's literally only the women that make actually funny and witty remarks and jokes. all the men just go for low-hanging fruit, bodily function/sex jokes and offensive crap. it's so lazy, i hate how much credit men get for "being the funnier gender"

No. 488484

Imagine your mom passed and then you can't even be a kid and relax on a holiday because if you're not making dinner then your lazy dad and other male kin won't 'step up' to make anything.

Wonder how much reddit points this asshole got for this post.

No. 488487

File: 1575018291136.png (35.74 KB, 600x310, thanksgiving.PNG)

reminded me of this post.
(sage for no plebbit)

No. 488489

women will straight up tell guys that they are not interested and want to be left alone, but men do not pick up on this because they have mental retardation.

No. 488493

It pisses me off thinking about how many men make it to adulthood without having basic life skills like cooking because they treat the women in their lives like maids.