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No. 477987

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/463022

No. 477989

I remember my boomer dad clapping to this and dancing to this while he was driving

No. 477990

got ghosted. maybe it's karma for all the times i ghosted dudes, but shit, this fucking sucks. i just wanna know why he did it.

No. 477993

And also this one

No. 478001

I kind of wanna sympathize but also don't because ive been ghosted and hate people who ghost (without a good reason to, because some times its justifiable) although I don't really know your reasons.

But yeah it sucks to have someone do that and not know why, because then you're left wondering. This is why I don't date.

No. 478007

File: 1572239608278.png (80.55 KB, 294x591, character cartoon.png)

I watched Hotel Transylvania on an airplane and thought it was cute. I liked it enough to look at movie discussions of it and I was disappointed immediately

>uh she's not as cute as the other female protagonist and she's ugly

>wtf she should have been hotter
>she's thicc!!

Fucking cumbrains and coomers ruined fandom discussion. I didn't know every female character has to be conventionally attractive or hit a fetish to be acceptable. I even see this shit for Mario and really childish cartoons and entertainment lately!

I didn't really like the 2000s but one thing was fandom back then wasn't filled with a bunch of cartoon masturbating faggots who can only look at everything with sexuality. I miss it when shit was about fun and nothing else

No. 478008

File: 1572239781370.gif (38.25 KB, 300x300, My-vent-on-the-new-Vent-app-my…)

Has anyone ever used the Vent app? I used to go on it pretty frequently until all the trannies and extreme lefties invaded it. Now everyone's got a "side profile" with their pronouns, fetishes, kins, triggers, a long list of their 50 mental illnesses, "don't follow or interact if uwu" and other headache inducing shit. It's actually amazing because it feels like a parody of people on tumblr and twitter, but worse. Their staff isn't any better and actually further encourages it. I really only go on it for the tag memes which are pretty fun. Too many snowflakes have ruined it

No. 478011

well, i've only ever ghosted guys when they made me feel uncomfortable about something. like if an online friend tried to pressure me into sending nudes or talking about sexual things (neither of which i do) and wouldn't take no for an answer, i'd ghost the guy when the pressure got to be too much to handle because i hate confrontation and don't want to be shamed for not wanting to be sexual with a friend. that kind of thing. it's still ghosting, but i've only ever done it for my own well-being, not just to be a bitch or because i got bored.

in this case, i was vibing really well with this guy and i thought he was really into me too. i was actually happy talking to a guy for the first time in a very long time. he promised to talk to me tonight, but i never heard from him. i waited three hours before giving up. this is what i get for trying to start something over an app, i guess. i just wish i knew what i did wrong.

sorry you've been in this situation too, anon. :( it really hurts and no good person deserves this.

No. 478012

I don't know if I'm miscarrying again or taking a massive shit

No. 478020

>"is that your brother or boyfriend"
>"Both at the same time"

No. 478022

File: 1572246266746.jpg (62.99 KB, 594x879, 1552515478204.jpg)

A billion keks to all the news outlets that put out article after article practically trying baiting a shooting at the joker movie. The media tried it so hard. lmfaooooo

No. 478036

To anons that were ghosted: from experience of someone who ghosted and was ghosted as well… you probably haven't done anything wrong, but the other person is not getting from the relationship what they want (and I do not necessarily mean sex, though you never know with guys). Most likely everything's fine with you, it's just that the guy does not feel the spark and therefore quietly pulls the plug.
You were attractive and interesting enough for the other person to give you two a chance (maybe even multiple chances) to see if you are compatible, but it turned out that there is something missing.

Don't feel bad anons, sometimes people that we feel really connected to have layers of personality as well as needs that we are unaware of. You might think that someone is perfect for you, but it doesn't mean that the other person thinks the same. You shouldn't give up, just keep on trying to find the right one that will fill the same about you. Good luck! Being ghosted sucks but it's a sign that the future perfect relationship in your head was just an illusion, so be thankful that you didn't waste more of your precious time.

No. 478041

I've ghosted a few times too
Worst case scenario you did do something wrong, too clingy, maybe you smelled weird, you didn't match the pic, etc.

Anyway some other reasons are
>One of you was looking for something serious, the other wasn't
>They got in a serious relationship with someone
>You just weren't capatable
>Moving/different future plans
>Commitment issues/other sort of relationship issues and fears

I'm not gonna lie and say "uwu it's not you it's me" in some scenarios it IS your fault, obviously ghosting is an immature way to handle things, but just reflect on yourself, how you present yourself and how you treated them and your answer to whether it's you or them can be found there

No. 478052

If it's only been one day maybe something came up?

No. 478054

Isn't being considered clingy just means that the other person isn't that much into you or has different ideas of a relationship? It might not be a bad thing sometimes, but only if both people are just as interested in each other and not being weirdly possesive for no reason (for some, sending few messages everyday might be clingy, for others it might be part of a fun of getting to know each other).


>Trust me, if someone ghosted you they're doing you a favor. That's a person who lacks loyalty and who can't deal with problems or uncomfortable situations head on and that's not someone you want a friendship or a romantic entanglement with. They're the type to just up and leave when things get tough.

Either we have a different idea of what ghosting entailes or you are really jumping to a conclusion…
You don't owe anything to a guy that you spoke with for 3 days on tinder. If you don't reply to his last message or remove him, it just means that you are not interested. When guys were suddenly ignoring me or girls that I tried to become friends with on social media gave me lazy answers to my attentive questions and sentences, I knew that it just meant that they were not interested.
I believe that if you met with a person IRL and gave them good reasons to think that it was not the first and last time when you met, you should inform them. But ghosting people that you spoke with on tinder or other app is completely fine, as long as you were not stringing them along for months. Doesn't say anything about how you treat people that you are actually commited to.

Maybe I am retarded or cruel but sometimes no answer or obvious lack of interest are as good as saying 'I am sorry, I am not interested in having any sort of relationship with you'. If it does make difference, in case I will ever be in a situation like this with a potential friend, I will let them know.

No. 478057

>I'm not gonna lie and say "uwu it's not you it's me" in some scenarios it IS your fault
you can't cause someone to ghost you by accidentally acting the "wrong" way. If someone ghosts you then you decided to do that. That's like saying "you made me hit you because you annoyed me". Also it doesn't help to reflect on anything you did, because you will never have any idea what actually happened. You might reflect and come to the conclusion that it was because you were too clingy or overweight when in reality that person got into a more serious relationship, or moved, like you said, or maybe even something crazier like they were lying about their identity and are actually a criminal the whole time, but then you will go the rest of your life believing that it's because you're overweight or too clingy and never know the truth. It's best to just accept that there are some things you'll never know and that's okay and just move on.

No. 478059

>Comparing ghosting to physical abuse victim blaming
Anyway, cause and effect, act like an asshole and some girl you met off of tinder last week no longer wants to talk to you, it is your fault. If someone you message 300+ times within 3 hours before they even get back to you and suddenly the person gets creeped out it is your fault. Obviously everyone is responsible for their actions but trying to remove the responsibility of both people in the relationship because ~ghosting is mean~ is just lying. If you don't tell people the problem then they will never approve.

No. 478061

I wasn't comparing abuse victim blaming to ghosting. I was saying that you can't control other people's actions by how you behave. You're painting the picture that if someone ghosted you it was in your control how they act and it's not. And that's what a lot of victims believe, that it was their fault that they caused that person to treat them that way and they can prevent it if they act differently. Not that an abuse victim's experience is anything like getting ghosted on tinder because it's not.

If you accept that it's your fault that someone ghosted you you're buying into the myth that you can control other people's actions by the way you act and you can't. If you go through life believing that you're going to be fucking miserable (that's not to say your actions don't effect other people though or that your actions don't have consequences). It's better to remember that you can't control certain things and to focus on what you CAN control.

No. 478095

Why do I hear noises way too loud sometimes while also having a hard time hearing people when they talk to me specifically? And is it normal if I have a hard time making out what someone's saying through the phone or an audio recording most of the time regardless of the sound quality? I have these problems, as well as a friend of mine.

No. 478098

File: 1572266092789.gif (1.61 MB, 402x292, cipher2.gif)

I want to dance with him.

No. 478099

File: 1572266592649.jpeg (11.3 KB, 626x128, 54D83C01-0095-40F5-976D-5D2BE0…)

No. 478101

File: 1572266896706.gif (1.98 MB, 500x369, cipher3.gif)

No. 478107

Boomers need to retire. If you're 62 and working at Domino's it's not impressive or proof of hard work, it just tells me you've either slacked off all your life or you're too dumb to know how to retire. Even worse when these same boomers complain about how younger people have harder times finding jobs and how "when I was 14 I was up at 5 working and in bed at 2am working!!!" But are literally the reason younger people are unable to find jobs to prove their ~work ethic~. Retire from your grocery store job and let some teenagers work there ffs. If you're a Boomer who refuses to retire I don't want to hear shit about the younger generations work ethic or inability to find even simple jobs

No. 478109

Boomers work past the age of 60 because they have to, anon. "Work ethic" is a cope.
If you think it's bad for a generation that had a reasonable chance to save for retirement and receive social welfare, just wait until our generation (that lives paycheck to paycheck with massive debt who the government won't have money to care for) ages out.
We'll be forced to work until we have cardiac arrest on the floors.

No. 478111

Feel sort of like a fucking idiot because I went to my rock climbing gym a lot later than I do on Saturday, and pussied out and left after like 5 minutes because I felt so overwhelmingly uncomfortable with the amount of people there. I usually go right as it opens because it's empty as fuck and leave after an hour or so when more people start filtering in. I know the community is nice and all but I start panicking when I realize that there are probably a lot of eyes on me when I'm on the wall (because I like to watch other people climb when I'm resting, so I'm sure others do the same).

Then on Sunday I went back early and felt so good because I tried out a new route that's a lot difficult than I usually do and I was able to make it to the top after just a few tries. The good part is I feel proud of myself for making it up there, the bad part was all the holds were small and spaced out so getting down was… very difficult. It was difficult to even get down to a slightly lower height where I felt comfortable enough to jump off. I had to leave the gym after that because I couldn't stop shaking from the fear.

No. 478130

Why do I love 80s and early 90s anime aesthetic so much.

No. 478131

It's sad but a lot of people who are 60+ cant afford to retire. I had a manager who was forced to retire because of a neck injury recently. He was 67 and told me he had no ability to retire. I think it's sad because a lot of people are laid off or can lose their 401k anytime. Life is pretty unpredictable.

No. 478133

I love all the Hotel Transylvania movies so much, I own them on blu ray. They're wholesome and fun.

Men legit ruin everything by trying to self insert creepy sex and fetishes

No. 478148

The dumb toy I'm ordering off ebay is coming from Hong Kong and the estimated arrival is between late November to January 1st.

No. 478164

File: 1572284854557.png (31.44 KB, 827x227, ooof.PNG)

>Some of the best creative minds of your generation are making games
Whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 478178

I frequently experience sleep paralysis, to the point where I know when I'll most likely start falling into it (usually when I nap, body gets really twitchy, feel super groggy and fading in and out of consciousness repeatedly) and I'm super used to it by now. I'm fortunate enough that it's just sort of annoying to experience and I don't deal with hallucinations. Anyway, yesterday when I was napping, I was sleeping on my stomach and my face was half smushed against the bed. I was a little congested and of course I had to fall into sleep paralysis just then, when I could barely breathe out of my congested nose, with no way of moving my body even an inch so I could breathe out of my mouth. I was annoyed but also a little bit panicked because I thought I was going to have to suffocate in order to force my body awake again lol not a pleasant experience at all.

No. 478197

I had a dream I woke up in my bed with my hair falling out all over me and feces strangely smeared all around me. I ran into my sister's room in the dream and prayed I didn't have severe cancer, then I woke up.

It doesn't help I've been dealing with severe depression lately, eh. And a recent weight gain. I think me getting sexually harassed by several men and one being a man I had to live with made me feel traumatized and I don't know why

No. 478208

that doesn't sound like sleep paralysis, anon, it sounds like something called sleep inertia. i get both and let me tell you, you can tell when you have sleep paralysis.

No. 478212

it terrifies me when women in makeup tutorials use regular ass tweezers to apply their lashes. they make safe ones that aren't sharp as fuck. wtf is wrong with them?

No. 478219

File: 1572296324730.jpeg (15.07 KB, 540x293, getoveryourself.jpeg)

(I meant to post this in the Reddit hate thread but the mods locked it before I could post so… into the Dumbass Shit Thread it goes.)

The only subreddit I follow very closely is r/BeautyGuruChatter and it's the most annoying thing in the world: a gossip forum that thinks it isn't one. They're the most sanctimonious, holier-than-thou smuglords imaginable. It's Gurugossiper/PULL minus the sense of humor and redeeming self-awareness (on second thought, it's exactly like PULL).

I also read r/fantasy sometimes. It's a hugbox for nerdy scrotes with no imaginations. Interesting comments get downvoted to smithereens or deleted by mods for not playing along with the never-ending circlejerk. Every goddamn thread is a quote/pun chain.
How do Redditors stand having the exact same conversations every day?

No. 478222

File: 1572296757937.png (366.56 KB, 656x548, WB.PNG)

worldjerking is a good place to make fun of those fantasy types

No. 478226

Oh shit I never knew that was a thing! I feel like I experience sleep inertia only around times when I experience sleep paralysis too. I've had times where I'll still be conscious but still fall into paralysis, and unless I sit up and force myself to be wide awake, I'll constantly fall back into paralysis for the whole napping session. It's a weird grogginess that's so much heavier and worse than when I just wake up in the mornings, I didn't realize they were two separate things! It just sucks trying to force myself awake from those moments since I'm super sleepy and groggy lol

No. 478233

it's my first time going to a con that has actual voice actors/personalities as guests and got some stuff signed

for context, i came from a shithole country where cons are shitty bootleg fests. all this time i felt like i was missing out

No. 478237

the whole anime was just a giant music video and i love it

No. 478248

Think I got flirted with for the 1st time in my life at the tender age of 22. Still convinced he was trying to stab/mug/rape me bc like what else is any male's motive for approaching in the middle of the night on a desolate, not that well lit road, but hey, I lived!

No. 478270

bungou stray dogs is so good this is like my 7th time rewatching the entire show and i never get tired of it. thank you for your amazing creation, kafka asagiri

No. 478286

Just started SSRIs (as in 2 days ago)

Can't tell if I want to kill myself more than normal or if I'm just more aware of it

Should I start jotting it down? To keep track

No. 478287

i just wanted to come back to tell you that you were right, anon! he had a legit emergency that kept him tied up, so he didn't just ghost me. we talked today and everything's good now! although i feel bad (and kinda crazy) for overreacting and assuming the worst haha. i do feel like an idiot, but i've never been in that position before so i was just totally lost. i guess one good thing to come out of the whole situation was that it made me realize the extent of my feelings for him tho. i was devastated when i thought i'd never hear from him again, so i guess i really want to keep him around lol.

No. 478288

File: 1572311490388.jpg (29.12 KB, 968x543, 81bed3a14061573e16097c7e7d8f6c…)

Why does the "girls are healers" meme even exist and why does it feel derogatory? Healing is stressful af and you get blamed for everything. I tried it recently and holy shit it's totally harder than just pewwing away without a care. You have to make up for your entire party's incompetency after all.

No. 478289

Wait until anorgasmia kicks in

No. 478291

Day of the pillow is coming

No. 478295

It's probably because women are more considerate to the group as a whole and are ok with taking support roles. Men have big egos and want to be in the front getting all the attention.
There's also the stigma that women are bad at videogames so they might feel more comfortable doing something "easier" that might not even be easier, just not as flashy and dealing damage.

No. 478324

File: 1572322586569.png (492.34 KB, 800x800, ak3l3cgjl2j31.png)

Seriously it's happening what do I do

No. 478332

>be boomer
>smugly destroy economy for generations to come
>act like it's everyone else's fault they're poor
>can't even afford to retire at 60

i know it'll be worse when i'm old but i'm laffin anyway

No. 478339

anime and asian shits pretty trendy atm, do you mean shes 'becoming a weeb' by just getting into some mainstream shit like my hero academia or do you mean shes started greeting you with an 'ohayou gozaimasu' in the morning?

No. 478346

when i used to play shitty anime mmos i stuck with healing, not sure what drew to it tbh, ive been called a terrible healer plenty of times but excuuuuuse me for preserving my life (which by extension will live to preserve yours) ahead of yours. people think its easy but other classes dont need to keep track of everyone elses shit
women are healers in media because caring is a 'womens job' even if a woman was the main act in some shit anime shed probably be dressed in bikini armor
>>478295 is pretty much correct. anyway basic healing order is yourself>tank>dps

No. 478375

because it's a supportive class. It's like in the shitty shonen mangas where guys are the killer motherfuckers and girls are there to scream their names or (guess what) heal them (so to serve). It's a sexist stereotype.

No. 478424

Sadly the Latter :/

No. 478430

File: 1572353314116.jpg (112.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i literally lost a friend to kpop

idk what happened, one day she was just super into some kpop boy band and then it took over every single discussion. i wasn't into it so we just sort of stopped talking. and on social media she would talk about literally nothing else except kpop.

we eventually drifted way apart, and i still check on her sometimes. it's been SIX YEARS and this bitch is STILL obsessed with THE SAME FUCKING BANDS and one member in particular. idk if she thinks they're lovers on the astral plane or what, but as far as i'm concerned this kpop fandom shit is evil. it's a cult. to say nothing of obsessed fans who end up stalking and harassing the boys irl.

No. 478462



No. 478463

File: 1572360630869.png (39.06 KB, 709x287, Screenshot_2019-10-29-10-48-00…)

No. 478465


the tranny jannies feelings must have gotten hurt, like always.

No. 478493

Watched the matrix trilogy for the first time in, i dont know, 15 years?

holy hell, those movies were awful, the first one is a rip off of anime aesthetics but was mostly ok except the cringy flying neo ending scene and the security guard shooting scene that didn't age very well in retrospect "hur dur shoot all the blue pills while wearing a fucking trenchcoat" really translates badly for 2k19.

The second and third are movies are plain retarded, extremely so. I was laughing of how cringe every scene was, and remembering how serious people took these movies when they came out and how some staunch millenials still do but they are even worse than current year capeshit.

No. 478495

I'm suspicious of anyone who's above the age of 15 and tells casual lies or insane and obviously fake stories about how they're a demon ghost child and dating a werewolf mobster who's always running from the cops. Usually compulsive lying is connected to things like BPD or some other cluster B disorder that makes someone toxic

No. 478528

File: 1572373722852.png (134.52 KB, 759x612, test.PNG)

I took the swap-500 psychological assessment when I was bored and got this. Would any of you anons be interested in a 'random online quizzes' thread? Like Myers–Briggs, what 'friends' character are you, and 'are you a sociopath' quizzes?

No. 478535

I am all in for a quiz or test thread!

No. 478538

i'm glad the reddit thread got unlocked, i just hope all the dumbasses stfu in it from now on.

No. 478539

File: 1572378370074.jpg (57.02 KB, 800x557, jcjq12f44pv21.jpg)

No. 478543

omg anon PLEASE

No. 478549

File: 1572380358655.gif (988.56 KB, 200x200, 1531937675336.gif)

My skin has been so clear lately and I just randomly touched my cheek and realized that a massive, deep pimple is starting to form. Why is this happening to me please I'm a good woman I do not deserve this

No. 478563

Some creepy pastas are just cringe
>Well, you're just so well grounded. Comfortable Atheist since high school, divorced your husband because you didn't want children… You even got kicked off the force because you liked to watch criminals writhe… You don't let anyone else's rules apply to you Miss Walsh, and that's a very… Logical way to live
Only a teen would write this

No. 478565

have you been drinking enough water?

No. 478574


are there any who are not? i know i read a ton but only a couple were kinda cool and decently writen, like the story of the anon who went to a cabin with his grandpa in the yukon and faerie stuff happened or the ghost puncher but because it was really funny.

No. 478656

I stopped using this site regularly for a short while if I opened the site I wouldn't be interested in any of the threads and just couldn't relate to anons at all it was the same as looking at posts by Facebook aunties or incels. I somehow became a normie.
I'm back now, but I hope it happens again and then I develop useful ways to spend my time instead of shit posting.

No. 478659

If the milk don’t flow, it’s gotta go.

The momo thread is a little boring and I wasn’t around when she was influential, what could she possibly do now besides get fatter and have more procedures? I’m waiting for her body to collapse.

No. 478666

Like two. Idk why creepypasta are so popular. Amateur hour sucks no matter what medium they use. Nosleep is embarrassing to read.

No. 478673

i’m so sad right now

No. 478717

I'm thinking of ghosting most of my online friends, tbh
Seems pointless … No one takes that shit seriously anyways

No. 478718

No. 478732

Bitch me too

No. 478805

I forgot my overnight oatmeal for 2 days in a row
I'm not super hungry, but I sure was upset

At least I didn't leave it out on the counter after pulling it out of the fridge like I did yesterday
baby steps

No. 478821

Can I ask what overnight oatmeal is?

No. 478858

File: 1572458669838.gif (1.71 MB, 428x321, lmfao.gif)

No. 478866

File: 1572460498604.jpg (71.97 KB, 640x960, Easy-Overnight-Oats-15.jpg)

nyart but it's just oatmeal oats (preferably not the instant kind) that you put in a container with milk or water so that it can soak it up overnight. In the morning you have nice, plump oatmeal. People will usually also mix in things like chia seeds overnight, or fruit too (though fruit commonly added the the morning you eat). It's an easy way to prep a healthy, filling breakfast for the week. I like it because it makes me feel like I'm eating pudding for breakfast.

I hope you'll get to enjoy your overnight oats soon anon! I've been slacking on making some but I really want to try a mint choco or pumpkin spicy recipe one soon…

No. 478879

File: 1572465945126.jpg (59.56 KB, 500x500, 71P4scZkvTL._SS500_.jpg)

I think I'm kind of funny, but the fact I find shit like pic related funny makes me thing my comedy sensor is off and I'm secretly ultra unfunny

No. 478893

Nosleep is the worst. I've posted constructive criticism on shitty ass stories and have been downvoted to hell. Horror writing has been taken over by teens who think getting an A in high school English class makes them a good writer. The stories aren't scary and the writing is fucking awful a majority of the time. Shortscarystories is a little better than nosleep at least.

No. 478916

watching bhad babie fight woah vicky is the funniest thing i've ever seen this entire week

(if you even consider hair pulling and yelling a fight)

No. 478918

samefag but i think it's so funny how bhad babie's entire career was built on being tough and fighting people and acting "ghetto" but in here she's getting her ass served

No. 478939

not a pewdiepie fag, just watch his shit when there's nothing else to watch, but his minecraft song is actually good. reminds me of low quality soundclout shit (my ultimate guilty pleasure).

No. 478951

Anyone else occasionaly get voice crushes?

I recently played Honest Hearts and I can't get enough of Joshua's voice
I wanna find a guy with a nice deep voice but they're so rare

No. 478954

I like deep voice to anon. Mostly country western singers sound cute to me (stuff like avi kaplan). Also this is my ultimate guilty plesure song

No. 478974

I seriously hate weebs.

He is American and has never been to or lived in Japan, yet he is constantly posting about Japan, hates it but applied to be a JET anyway and got rejected, thinks Japan and South Korea are going to go to war, terrified of North Korea, and literally says Japanese xenophobia is "catastrophic."

I know he is probably schizophrenic, but still…

No. 478978

Holy fuck these type of people make me sick

No. 479018

Joshua Graham is a whole crush by himself kek

No. 479025

No matter how irresponsible I was during the day, flossing at night makes me feel in control

No. 479027

anon i was feeling depressy and was just gonna go to sleep but I got up and flossed/brushed my teeth after reading this.

didn't take my makeup off though. babby steps.

No. 479031

HH is criminally short. I wanted to… talk with him more

No. 479035

I'm on sick leave till the end of my contract in 2 days.
Thanks fucking god for sending me this awful low back pain so I wouldn't have to see my boss' stupid whore face anymore.

No. 479036

Does the left have any chance of winning the US 2020 Elections,I want them to win because I can't stand another 4 years of that jackass

No. 479050

Lol my 13 yr sister sometimes complains about the kpop stans in her school. She says they're all an obsessed bunch and most of the other kids find them extremely annoying

No. 479142

File: 1572546687530.png (404.5 KB, 768x545, Serial_Experiments_Lain-Lain_I…)

It feels so good to start fresh on a new disk with a clean install of windows.

All my files are backed up and perfectly organized, my last HDD is formatted and connected only as a media drive with no windows, and there's nothing on this new ssd except the OS and my usual freshly installed apps, theres no clutter, no conflicts, no coruption Its all so zen.

No. 479151

I wanna do this but I'm nervous I'll fuck it up or lose things.

No. 479154

File: 1572554014351.gif (324.18 KB, 401x353, Cmosffr.gif)

>TFW my 6 year old nephew opened up the door for me and said "come in m'lady".

No. 479165

Wait, does anybody else remember about that weird community of 'monkey haters'? It was posted about here and I think there might've been a thread dedicated to them, basically it was a group of people who would comment really weird and creepy things on Youtube videos about how much they hated baby monkeys and wanted to see them suffering and in pain. What the hell even was that? Was it a fucking fever dream? What happened to that, is it still going on? Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that.

No. 479166


For me its extra easy because i store all my personal files and media under one single file with many subfolders cataloguing everything according of type of content. I just have to copy that single big file when i need to back up.

No. 479168

is this the thread you are thinking about? >>>/snow/791123

No. 479171

Don't know about that but wanting to see small things suffer reminds me of long ago seeing art of sentient anime doughballs getting tortured all over 4chan. I remember now- "yukkuri".

No. 479173

File: 1572559322391.png (2.84 MB, 1300x6220, 1552482623408.png)

I remember it. Apparently, the whole thing was linked to pedophilia in some way (at least in part). It peaked when one of the main known "monkey haters", who used the name Peter Ridell (and had an avatar of Peter Scully, the convicted pedophile/CP producer) supposedly sent someone on Discord a gif from Daisy's Destruction. One of the baby monkey torture channels was also called "CP daily".
At some point, YouTube deleted Peter's channel. I'm sure that "community" still exists, though. It haunts me to think about how fucked up the whole thing is.
People were trying to find other examples of "monkey haters" in media and online, and apart from some sparse forum posts where people asked "Am I the only one who just really hates monkeys?" in the past, one that seemed very solid to me was the scientists from the footage in this film.
(unironic trigger warning for animal abuse/torture)
>One sequence shows part of the baboon's ear being torn off along with the helmet. After pulling the baboon's head from the helmet, the researcher is heard to laugh, saying: "It's a boy," then, "Looks like I left a little ear behind."[9]

>The footage shows the researchers laughing at injured baboons, performing electrocautery on an apparently conscious baboon, smoking cigarettes and pipes during surgery, and playing loud music as the animals are injured. A researcher is seen holding a seriously injured baboon up to the camera, while others speak to the animal: "Don't be shy now, sir, nothing to be afraid of," followed by laughter, and "He says, 'you're gonna rescue me from this, aren't you? Aren't you?'," followed by more laughter.[6][9]

>While one baboon was being injured on the operating table by the hydraulic device, the camera panned to a brain-damaged, drooling monkey strapped into a high chair in a corner of the room, with the words "Cheerleading in the corner, we have B-10. B-10 wishes his counterpart well. As you can see, B-10 is still alive. B-10 is hoping for a good result," followed by laughter. In another sequence, one researcher is heard to say: "You better hope the … anti-vivisection people don't get a hold of this film."[10]

It confuses me that there seem to be so many monkey haters (and often baby monkeys specifically), but there's no psychological documentation on them. Many of them, when describing themselves, claim to not hate any other animals, just monkeys and monkeys alone.

No. 479176

Also: I saw a few posts about people from SEA countries who run monkey sanctuaries and have YT channels noticing their audience in monkey haters, and deliberately playing to it.
They'd apparently create situations where certain monkeys would be injured and/or attacked while they filmed, multiple monkeys would have injuries in the exact same places, certain ones would just "disappear" from the channel after a period of "stardom", and a new monkey would take their place (and go through the same "accidents" or "conflicts").
There was at least one comment calling a specific channel out on this, and an FB page started by a woman who claimed she wanted to save the monkeys (or at least one monkey) from such abuse in what's meant to be a home for them, but I'd have to dig through /x/ archives to find it again.
It's a pretty twisted rabbit hole.

No. 479178

There was also the "fluffy pony abuse" stuff from bronies, and the Baby Smurfs abuse fics/illustrations from that one forum dedicated solely to the Smurfs fandom.

No. 479192

If that fucking eurobeat song wins the miku expo song contest i will kms live, in the crowd

No. 479197

We'll have Biden at best maybe Warren. Americans are too cucked to vote for somebody that will actually look after the working class. Trump or Biden I don't know how so many boomers are alive to make that happen but getting enough millenials to care enough to vote will be difficult.

No. 479198

Nosleep was great in 2013, really great writers and short stories but now its just crappy series that go on forever or recycle other nosleep concepts

No. 479205

File: 1572567339941.gif (901.06 KB, 500x375, b9d.gif)

My grandma is the sweetest lady I know, but by some freak accident of nature her birthday was on halloween.

No. 479209

I really dislike Chinese Action films

Just look at some of the "great" martial arts movies from china in recent years, Fearless,The Grandmaster,Ip Man,Shaolin it always ends with Chinese martial arts being "superior" to others, with the main character being the "wise" one.

I wouldn't care about the nationalism if the movies were as good as the 90s early 2000's era heck even Rush Hour featured some enjoyable Chinese martial arts. I think China is experiencing a "capeshittening" too where good talent simply doesn't get to make megablockbusters just like the west.

No. 479222

I’m so horny lately. I’m in a long-term relationship and living with the man I love but there’s hot guys around and all I want to do is get their attention. What do guys

No. 479228

aww, that's very cute! and tell your grandma I said happy birthday!

No. 479229

File: 1572572997574.gif (486.32 KB, 475x347, 1445015367757.gif)

I wish this board moved faster. After what seems like a lifetime of 4chan, it's nice to read the discussions and dumb shit on here.

No. 479239

For me Halloween is always on the weekend even when it's not, having to work cause Halloween is on a weekday ruins it for me.

No. 479242

I feel the same, I also wish the threads on /m/ would move faster, there are some interesting threads there but they hardly ever get bumped that is except the koreaboo threads of course.

No. 479277

Yeeaahh, fuck those threads. I hide them, but it seems a new one pops up every couple of days.

No. 479302

I just realised that "soft bois" are really just the new emos and scene kids

No. 479321

My brother's girlfriend called him and my current celebrity crush similar… i wanna fucking die

No. 479322

File: 1572606045243.gif (316.17 KB, 1005x2283, 1572600180336.gif)

This thing says that the wikipedia image of a female anus looks like it has been damaged by a major trauma. But my own butthole looks exactly like it naturally, so what is the truth?

No. 479323

File: 1572606136529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.86 KB, 800x680, 800px-Female_and_male_anus.jpg)

Wikipedia's female anus pic on the left for reference. Does anyone else has this kind of anus naturally?

No. 479325

I've never seen a butthole like that. Though tbf I don't think Wikipedia had a huge pool of female buttholes they could have chose from.

No. 479327

Mine is somewhat similar, I guess? The line is not nearly that prominent, but it's there. Other than that, yeah, same.

No. 479328

Samefag- as far as "trauma" goes, I used to be really constipated all the time as a kid, which resulted in big, hard poops that were difficult to squeeze out, if any of that counts to make my butthole look weird (per the OP?)

No. 479376

>go to several haunted houses for Halloween
>Fat ugly girls are always the center of stage, wearing revealing clothes and playing sexually charged characters
>Cute petite girls with nice figures are always the ones covering their faces and wearing potato sacks for their outfits and doing little to no activity

Did I just walk into a backwards world or something? It was like this with several local plays I went too as well, sure I'm shallow but the fat fetishization thing is starting to get on my nerves, if they casted a bunch of anorexic girls to be the femme fatale like characters there would be outrages, so why is one unhealthy body type ok and the other isn't? Even others I've talked too agree on this

No. 479387

Or maybe people are picking roles they want to do and are comfortable doing, anachan. No one petite should have to be center stage and stripping for you in order to balance out your feelings about fatties.
Just don't go if your autism makes you unable to enjoy things.

No. 479390

Oh? So every single theatrical performance in town couldn't find a single slightly attractive girl to play the part attractive women are supposed to play? All fat ugly girls are wanting to play sexually charged characters and literally no attractive girl would ever even think of doing those parts?

If it was just a once or twice thing I would just brush it off but it seems awfully shady and backwards to me, also if it's for entertainment purposes why can't I give a legit criticism for the entertainment? The characters simply don't fit and ruins it for me and others.

Also I'm in theatre myself, from my experience and what others have told you audition, get a certain role, and stick with it. some can audition for other roles but they usually choose a role for you, most actors don't choose their role.

No. 479400

It's a haunted house princess, get over yourself.

No. 479401

God forbid someone critize local theatre on a dumbass shit thread. The point of acting is to sell to people that they aren't actually acting, by casting people who don't fit the roles they failed at what they're getting paid to do and leave me and others disappointed

Don't like simple theater criticism? How the hell do you live in day to day life where most people aren't going to act like every is dandy and fine. It's you who needs to get over yourself if you act like critizing actors is some crazy new thing that only selfish people would ever think to do

No. 479402

How the fuck are fatties out of their element at a haunted house, where grotesque shit meant to freak people out is there of all places.
And yes, most haunted houses let people pick roles. Maybe the skinnier girls didn't want revealing outfits, I'm sure no one was bullied out of parts they actually wanted.
You sound pretentious af lmao.

No. 479403

Why did you switch from complaining about haunted houses to theatre though

No. 479404

I mentioned both in my original post but the concept is the same

>How the fuck are fatties out of their element at a haunted house, where grotesque shit meant to freak people out is there of all places.
Did you completely forget where I mentioned they were playing roles of things like femme fatales or sexually charged characters aka things attractive girls are supposed to play and the attractive girls were the ones playing as the grotesque characters?? It doesn't fit them, therefore it doesn't sell well to people the realism, therefore they have failed at their job

>And yes, most haunted houses let people pick roles

HA, don't talk about things you don't know about. Do your research or ask around

>Maybe the skinnier girls didn't want revealing outfits

There's skinny girls everywhere, all of them were covering themselves, that is literally impossible or ironic as fuck if they couldn't find one skinny girl willing to play a character that's displayed as an attractive female. They probably didn't even try to ask the attractive women in the cast if they were okay with playing sexual characters. I've worked at haunted houses too before and you clearly don't know what you're talking about and just pulling shit from your ass to justify shit shows, there's a reason why when you go to any haunted house audition page, they don't give you characters to audition for, you just audition and get a character, simply doing a few second search and you would have known this.

>I'm sure no one was bullied out of parts they actually wanted.

You sound pretentious af lmao
I know lolcow has a thing about twisting people's words but I never claimed people were bullied out of parts, anyway what's pretentious over complaining about actors not fitting their characters? They might as well just have had little girls in princess dresses play serial killers and prisoners if they stopped giving a fuck about the quality of the show. Oh but we can't complain about it either because somehow it's pretentious, selfish, and claiming people were bullied out of their role?

No. 479405

Watching Nikocado Avocado videos is a good way to keep yourself from binging.

No. 479408

>uhm ackshually realism and shit, they failed their jobs because I didn't like it, don't talk about things you don't understand, do your research!, attractive females
You sound like a salty scrot who's bitter that he couldn't find any fap material at the local family event he went to

No. 479409

or amberlynn

No. 479410

File: 1572624564386.jpg (7.09 KB, 253x199, download.jpg)

My parents bought dragonfruit for my dog, and I've never really liked it, but suddenly I can't help but sneak some chunks out of the container of cut up fruit meant for her. Guess I like dragonfruit after all lol.

No. 479411

What the fuck is wrong with this man

No. 479412

Are you capable of forming an argument without twisting what I say?
From post one the argument was about people not fitting their characters

You then go on to make false assumptions about haunted houses then mock me when I tell you to do research? ha

First I'm anachan now I'm a scrot, frankly you sound like a mad fatty, otherwise I don't understand why you'd get this upset over me complaining about local actors not fitting their role

No. 479413

File: 1572625292241.png (52.98 KB, 1148x424, hmmmm.png)

No. 479415

>me complaining about local actors not fitting their role
But how did they not fit their role? A woman who acted sexy played a female character who was supposed to act sexy? I don't see the problem? Just because you personally didn't find them sexually attractive and wanted to see some random "petite" girl who played another character naked instead doesn't mean that they failed.

No. 479416


I get the feeling you are pretty hit facially and have a shit body type despite being a normal BMI.

No. 479419

i never understood the term 'wet dog' until i actually got a dog.

and damn does he smell of wet dog.

No. 479421

File: 1572626781540.jpg (23 KB, 400x254, 069521a090c481b77daf00fe77bad5…)

I just overheard a convo on some girls BF being legitamitly mad at her for wearing skirts. It get worse because she was asking a dude for help decyphering her bf and the dude was saying how her bf was right

No. 479426

What kind if person gets upset over actors at haunted houses lmao. This is quite the sperg.

No. 479427

File: 1572629677504.png (392.47 KB, 609x629, 5ce.png)

The type of person who gets offended by seeing fat people in public.

No. 479431

surprised its not one of the actress turned singers, chance the rapper, or taylor swift

or beyonce I guess

No. 479448

It's a dumbass shit thread dude. I can critize plays, just ignore if you don't like

>Wanting people to play parts that fit them well for something you paid for somehow means you want everyone to be attractive
You are clearly unable to form an argument using something I actually said, comeback when you can argue without strawmanning

No. 479449

Okay ugly monkey

No. 479450

>But how did they not fit their role? A woman who acted sexy played a female character who was supposed to act sexy?

Again read what I said, femme fatale type characters should at least be somewhat attractive, not 300 lbs, and what made the show even worse is that the attractive women were the ones playing scary and gross characters, it made the show a shit show, I'm not saying they needed super models or anything but their actor choices for each role was very poor, why is it so hard to understand without jumping to insane conclusions?

>I don't see the problem? Just because you personally didn't find them sexually attractive and wanted to see some random "petite" girl who played another character naked instead doesn't mean that they failed.

Oh it wasn't just me, my friends too and others I have talked to about this. Fatness is universally unattractive and in real life scenarios fat girls wouldn't be the seductive ones and 5'2 110 lb girls wouldn't be the ones playing murderers and shit. Their job is to convince us that it's real and they aren't acting, by doing that they failed, it's simple and easy to understand if you tried and didn't go out your way to victimize fat people or villainize me for wanting people to play characters that even vaguely fit them in something I paid for

This is a dumbass shit thread to so I know it's not important or serious, which makes how serious you are taking this and jumping to insane conclusions about me even more pathetic

No. 479454

>attractive women were the ones playing scary and gross characters
Not her but maybe because they wanted to? Why does someone attractive have to cater to what you want? Why does someone ugly have to cater to what you want? Why does someone fat have to cater to what you want?
This isn't a major theatrical production, it's a haunted house.

>irl fat girls are never seductive

>irl small women are never killers
Go outside and read a book or two.
Quit defending your stupid shit sperg like what you're saying is actually important when it's not.

No. 479455

>Not her but maybe because they wanted to? Why does someone attractive have to cater to what you want? Why does someone ugly have to cater to what you want? Why does someone fat have to cater to what you want?

Can you go back and read?
Most haunted house actors don't choose their role, it's not just about "catering to what I want" the point is entertainment and to sell it to people, others were complaining to, if the entire reason the business is in is TO cater to people's needs then yes it is fair to complain, and again this is a dumbass shit thread so I don't know what you're on about

This will be the last time I repeat this so if you aren't able to get it through your head that's on you

>Go outside and read a book or two.

Quit defending your stupid shit sperg like what you're saying is actually important when it's not.

>Goes to dumbass shit thread

>Complains when people vent about something they admit isn't important on a thread specifically made for stupid and unimportant shit

Wew, logic isn't well with you huh

No. 479465

why are there “sexually charged” characters in a haunted house in the first place. like what the fuck does that mean

No. 479466

wont someone PLEASE think of the children?!?!

No. 479470

No. 479471

Seductresses or villians that lure men, flirty characters, "slutty" characters

No. 479472

>Most haunted house actors don't choose their role
Actually a lot of them do.

You're a sperg who complains about the theatrical qualities of a haunted house in seriousness.
Crying about people calling you stupid after posting something stupid in the stupid shit thread.
Get bent.

No. 479476

>Actually a lot of them do.
Well the ones around here do not so my complaint is valid

>ou're a sperg who complains about the theatrical qualities of a haunted house in seriousness

I admitted it was shallow and literally posted in a dumbass shit thread about my complaints, how ~not serious~ enough is it for you?

>Crying about people calling you stupid after posting something stupid in the stupid shit thread.

Where exactly did I "cry" about getting called stupid?
If anything others were crying over stupid shit being posted in a stupid shit thread, I just pointed out it's dumb to say others posts that they already point out are stupid, and post in a stupid shit thread, to say it's stupid, it's pointless and shows the person has poor thinking skills

It's like crying about unpopular opinions being posted in the unpopular opinion thread, or crying about people venting in a vent thread. If you don't like perceived stupid shit being posted in a thread made for stupid shit you're either dumb as fuck yourself or need to learn how to read, and considering how many times I had to correct strawmans that seems to be the case

No. 479480

For people claiming haunted house actors choose their roles

No. 479483

File: 1572644888140.jpg (114.28 KB, 1390x610, roasted.jpg)

No. 479502

>she's still replying and sperging

No. 479510

Sorry you don't live in a world where you can control when people reply or not. Also ironic considering I simply just replied to posts that replied to me. If you want me to stop then you quit, but as we have came to, logic isn't your speed

No. 479513

i still think 'binch' is such a cute word

No. 479516

Grow up.

No. 479532

You're in a dumbass shit thread on lolcow and can't stop replying while bitching about how "she's still going!!"

And you're the one losing your mind just because I critized haunted house and theatre actors in my area lmfao holy shit

No. 479554

Does anyone else find religious people more interesting than atheists even if they're not religious themselves? I think religion is something interesting and I guess you can learn new different things from religious people than someone who's already made up their mind on if there's a god or not or how religion is sooo bad.

No. 479565

i agree. most atheists are more annoying than anything. and thats coming from an ex pentecostal. even if it can be misguided you can still tease a sense of hope out of religious people. maybe its only because the atheists ive come across are doomers personified but damn nig like i dont believe in that stuff anymore either but dont drag me down.

No. 479566

Except you said you'd stop replying, and now you're insisting other people are as angry as you are because they're laughing at how petty you are. You're not going to change anyone's mind, keep good on your word a few replies ago and begone.

No. 479567

That wasn't me LMFAO that was the person you're defending, I'll reply all day

No. 479568

Well it's clear you'll run whatever this is into the ground. Hope you'll feel better later.

No. 479569

I just learned apparently there have been annual anonymous protests on nov 5 but I've never heard of them until now? Are they televised/broadcast ever? Is it cool? Is it dumb?

No. 479605

File: 1572679316793.png (262.04 KB, 343x534, fb2b2b886fc4c02b4c4290d6827617…)

Yesterday I saw a child wearing an ahegao face hoodie. He had to be no older than 13 or 14. i am disgusted.

No. 479607

I saw a couple of young teen girls wearing them recently, maybe 15-16 yrs old. It was sad and gross, how fucking brainwashed would a young girl have to be to do some edgy pickme shit like that?

No. 479622

I see girls on /r/teenagers do shit like that, it makes me fear for the younger generation.

No. 479625

Am I the only one who was into all this edgy shit when I was 13-15 because I was a stupid fucking teenager testing my limits and I still turned out a normal person? How is it different from kids that age playing ultraviolent video games or watching horror movies or something? Teenagers have an underdeveloped sense of empathy, they don't see this material the same way adults do. They see an ahegao hoodie and think it's a funny meme and will piss off the adults. Which it apparently does.

Honestly I don't get all this moral outrage over ahegao hoodies, I swear I was into more fucked up stuff at 14 than I've ever been to as an adult. I'm a lesbian feminist and most definitely not a pickme, I just hate how people treat teenagers like they are literal children and pure, virginal beings when a lot of the people I knew were getting drunk and having a sex life at 14-16 or were at least aware of that stuff. I don't know if it's an American thing to have kids in the dark about sexual things, but violence is considered fine.

No. 479628

File: 1572691159502.png (76.23 KB, 640x447, IMG_2331.PNG)

When will Reddit's obsession with hitting women stop…this "unpopular opinion " shows up at least once a month…

No. 479631

I mean, I get this. At 14 I identified as a shotacon (gringe) and was avidly watching and reading porn, pretty degenerate.
I think people just see it as a slippery slope though. If we see teens as sexual and more mature, what's the problem with adults having sex with them then? Clearly a lot of adults are attracted to young teens, but I believe it's still too complicated for adults to fuck them. For example, despite my horniness, if an adult had touched me I would have been disgusted and it most likely would have affected me psychologically later on.

But are all teens like that? Since I personally would have been weird engaging with kids my age, too. Perhaps some are fine with adults. Who knows. I lean towards no, though.

tl;dr I think it's because people have problems seeing teens as both mature but still too immature.

No. 479635

american men for some reason have kind of high voices?

No. 479644

I hate that faux-egalitarian bullshit. I agree with the sentiment but it's so obvious they just enjoy the thought of violence against women when they're like "it's equality man if a dude punched me i'd punch him back so you can bet if a woman slapped me during a fight i'd goddamn suplex her off a fucking building #equality"

No. 479670

Which website did you use for this?

No. 479682

I can't even imagine being the kind of person who defends PewDiePie.

No. 479685

I was always attracted to men much much older (30+ with beards and shit) as a teenager but now i'm 23 and starting to become really attracted to younger guys (as in my own age). Something about shy timid boys really makes my heart flutter recently. It makes me feel like a pedo a little bit which is retarded but I guess I just feel like 30 on the inside so being attracted to people my own age feels weird or wrong.

No. 479686

at the lowest point of my life rn. was toasting a halloween-themed marshmallow over a yankee candle® in scent "cosy up" and it slipped off into the candle. i don't see a point in going on with my life.

No. 479689

this made me chuckle anon ty at least someone truly does have it worse than me, i can't even imagine your pain rn

No. 479692

I wish the amberlynn thread was more active.

Kf used to be near insufferable until the subreddit got made and the normies fucked off.

No. 479694

You mean in general or do you consider the example high?

No. 479695

>But are all teens like that?

the most disgusting cruel and perverted shit i've seen irl was all done and said by kids when i was in middleschool and highschool, and i was a moron too, is not like i was pure and innocent. Teenagers are scum, they are not people yet, every teen is a restrained Caligula.

No. 479699

I can't comprehend how everyone just seems so fine with posting such personal shit on their social media accounts with their full names and pictures attached especially. I get venting and sharing vague information of anonymous sites like these but it's like expected and normalised to just put your whole life story for thousands to me. These poor dumb kids who don't know any better are most effected by this, they're gonna grow up who knows how messed up from this highly saturated digital oversharing culture

No. 479719

Oh yeah, I'd agree.
But what I meant was "are all teens like I was?" Meaning hypersexual, but clearly not able to handle actual intimacy.

Like I said, we infantilize them because we don't want to have to question why we can't fuck 12-year-olds. It's too complicated to balance both for some people.

No. 479730

>Like I said, we infantilize them because we don't want to have to question why we can't fuck 12-year-olds. It's too complicated to balance both for some people.
uhhh, wait, what? wtf is wrong with you? that isn't why they're being 'infantilized', to escape thinking critically about "why we can't fuck them" despite them having 'adult' interests. they're literally underdeveloped. they're literally half cooked retards, barely even real people.

it's not infantilizing them. teenagers can be 'into' things that are terrible precisely because they don't understand the gravity of these things, and because being a teen is a lot about 'finding your place', and often is about one upping other people, being edgy and feeling special, etc. it's precisely because they're young, with little to no emotional maturity, that some might be into terrible shit. i find it much less likely that boys and men would grow out of it, though. my feelings are mostly in reference to female teens.

No. 479731

I wish I could see someone in public with the exact same body as me so I can finally know what I look like.
Face would be cool too, but obviously not possible.

No. 479738

some years back a friend said that there's a girl who looks exactly like me on her basketball team. I then saw her and I literally didn't understand tf my friend was meaning as I didn't think we look similar whatsoever but then other people said the same thing too. So basically, maybe you have seen a person that looks like you but you just can't see it yourself?
>inb4 i have bdd kek

No. 479758

File: 1572725242767.jpeg (23.85 KB, 275x272, 1557887556109.jpeg)

im gonna meet an actor i really like soon for a meet+greet photo and im really excited but annoyed with myself because i always kind of prepare how im gonna pose for these things because you cant just re-take these pictures but i always forget when im there

No. 479764

Going through the cute boys thread in /m/ is so painful because I'm in my late 20s and all the men I know irl are ugly. It's not that they're old(er) but they're usually bald, have a beer belly, and are divorced with kids.
I wish I explored more and dated more in my 20s and at least had fun. The handsome men that I knew in my uni years became ugly too. It just sucks.

No. 479766

just saw someone accuse an actual Korean person as a koreaboo in this small community I'm in.

I'm getting secondhand embarrassment from the sidelines. That PULL-like behavior is cringe but also koreaboos just seem to creep in every fandom now why can't they contain themselves in kpop.

No. 479789


Same anon

I went to uni 22 and spent my teens after college at 18 working. I never had fun, reckless sex and dates. I didn't start properly dating until I was 21 at least.

Now I've no one to really… I dont even know. Tinder is useless, dating apps are just awful and all the men available are hideous.

No. 479793

How's AWA? Also good luck!

No. 479799

Oh I'm not there, sorry! It's a m&g for a future date at another (not anime) con haha. I just bought the ticket today which is why I'm stressed about it right now. AWA looks fun though! And thank you!

No. 479813

Hard agree, anon. I'm "only" 24 but already feel as if most attractive guys are much younger than me. I'm so bad at guessing ages, I constantly think that guys my age are 30+ (and I don't even have particularly youthful features and skin so my standards aren't high). It makes no sense that nearly all men date younger girls when all of them age like shit.
There's this cute guy who keeps coming to my workplace but I'm genuinely worried that he might be only like 20 (or even worse…)
Most people's perception seems to be so warped, e.g. Timothee Chalamet is in his mid 20s and doesn't have a pot belly or bad skin yet, so everybody always says he looks like a kid (because real men must be gross and unkempt, amirite?)
I also think that this is one of the main reasons why so many girls are suddenly into kpop/asian guys.

No. 479854

Working at the halloween store (we stay open a few days after halloween) and we sell a lot of stuff from popular franchises like marvel, star wars and fortnite etc. People keep bringing their little kids so of course the kids are always like "dad/mom can we get this please???" And the parent is always irritated and like "no, I told you we weren't gonna get you anything" I'm just like????? Why would you take your kid to the halloween store if you werent gonna buy them anything and get irritated at them for asking? I mean you have to know they're gonna want stuff! That's just stupid.

No. 479887

I think Halloween stories are the stingy parents haunted house

No. 479937

Jesus fucking Christ when will Nintendo announce Tomodachi Life 2? It’s been too many years since Tomodachi Life and it deserves a fucking sequel. I kind of feel like the complaints about not including gay couples in the first game is making Nintendo hesitant about making another one. I don’t even care if there are gay couples in it or not. I just want another fucking Tomodahi Life. The RPG doesn’t count.

No. 479948

File: 1572762041405.gif (4.53 MB, 483x556, 00freetibet.gif)

It weirds me out when I watch a makeup tutorial that advertises something that's relatively simple, and the person has like 18 steps before they get to the thing they were advertising.
Like, did you really need like four different kinds of foundation, concealer and powder just to give yourself some heavy blush or fake freckles? Is it that serious? Does it look that bad otherwise?
That kind of thing kills most of my motivation with makeup. It feels like everyone is doing the most, and I can't keep up.

No. 479949

Tomodachi Life is the second game in the series. There's Tomodachi Collection on DS. Either way, I agree they should make another Tomodachi series game. They're still keeping up with Miis, but it's not as fledged out as it was compared to Wii U and 3DS except for the fact it has millions of color choices. Not many Mii focused games though.

No. 479956

File: 1572766620485.jpg (64.76 KB, 532x659, 1552353662861.jpg)

my coworker that's very fatherly towards me keeps calling me by my nickname that no one except like 2 people call me (both family members) and it makes my heart flutter.

not in a crush way, either. it's just nice to hear someone call me by my nickname like that (99% of the time people say my full name). it makes me feel like he sees me as a friend and it makes me very happy.

No. 479991

I hate that Nintendo is raising my hopes for another Mii game by keeping the Miis around but making them less and less relevant.

No. 480010

In general like in movies and videos and tv shows and the example doesn't sound particularly low to me either, neither does the country singing guy sound out of the ordinary low to me. They sound normal range?

No. 480028

I agree about the country guy, but the other one sounds pretty low.

Do you have an example what you consider low?

No. 480040

this supposedly blasian girl from my high school turned out to be a random black person who's just obsessed with anime/weeb culture and that she's been taping her eyelids every fucking day to get the "asian eyes" and it's the funniest thing ever. she was such a popular kid back then too, people were swooning over her because she claimed to speak japanese, have relatives in yokohama and that she'll bring all her friends treats and sweets from japan next time she's there. even claimed to be somehow related to an idol and everyone believed her immediately. everything turned out to be a big fat lie lmao

No. 480045

I just looked up "blasian" and most of these people just look like slighy light skinned black people,ironcally they look more black then hlaf-white-hlaf-black kids(fuck off forever please necessaryspeed4)

No. 480064

It’s only 6:30pm but it feels like 10:30pm fffffu. I have to go back to work tomorrow after a nice week off, and I’m already exhausted kek.

No. 480068

Alan Rickman is a usual example of a guy with a voice that really sounds particularly low, like it's not that the character in that video doesn't have a low voice but it's not a voice I would consider rare

No. 480070

This story is too interesting to leave without pics, iirc there's a personal cows thread. Post her mug pls, I'm very curious.

No. 480087

Today in the shower I realized that the personalities I gave my first two dragons from the game flightrising years ago as a teen are exaggerations of myself and my bf who I met last year. The female leader of the clan is very stupid and obnoxious; her mate is much nicer and deals with the aftermath of her stupidity.

It's kind of funny because while I was semi-aware the female was somewhat of a self-insert, I had no hopes for dating (from a Muslim family) and felt like shit about myself back then. But I guess I always knew what I wanted, lol.

No. 480095

I have the weirdest thing.

I kinda have a baby fever. But it's clear that it's just my body. I don't want kids now and feels unlikely I ever will. But lately when I see a small child I can just feel my lizard brain going "what a cute baby I want one"
I guess it's the biological clock.

No. 480098

HAVE KIDS, femcel.

No. 480099

omg, someone else here played Flight Rising. I started my account when I was 19 in 2013 and I still play it. I feel old now

No. 480110

That's cute! I miss FR, but I lost the pw to the email I used some years ago and was never able to recover it. Sometimes I just go and look at my (dead) lair because I had some pretty cute dragons and memories from them.

No. 480112

The concept of a bio clock is utter nonsense, we're just naturally predisposed to finding kids cute.

There's no need for mental gymnastics to reconcile that with not wanting kids, cuteness is not enough to justify a major life decision like having a child and it doesn't mean you want to actually raise one. Being a parent involves a lot more than thinking 'awww' when you see a baby.

No. 480116

I would totally sell my soul to satan if that shit was real and possible, like couple of years of ultimate fun and success and then dying. Hanging with the Big Red, not bad.

No. 480117

File: 1572824542486.png (100.72 KB, 1024x662, Age_and_female_fertility.svg.p…)

>The concept of a bio clock is utter nonsense
Millions of women who felt their own clock start ticking would disagree with you. It's only natural for organisms that have a limited time to reproduce would start prioritizing birth of their offspring, just like a hungry animal prioritizes food. Just because the feeling is not as intense doesn't mean it's nonexistent.
>I don't want kids now and feels unlikely I ever will.
Inaction isn't enough. You have to purposefully decide if you want to have kids and be willing to spend decades of your life regretting your decision. For me, it isn't a hard decision. 18 years of your life compared to a lifetime of suffering, regret, and resentment.

No. 480118

There is no proven physiological phenomenon of a 'biological clock'. Millions of women experiencing internal and external pressure to have kids by a certain age isn't some physical, internal mechanism to encourage reproduction.

The way you're trying to pressure anon is a great example, you must be a scrot considering your blatant scare tactics. Like lmao, a lifetime of regret as if that's a guarantee or regretting a child isn't far worse than regretting not having one? People who don't want kids don't regret not having them anyway, childless women under 35 have the lowest rate of regret following sterilization. Sorry to kill your regretful lonely spinster fantasies.

No. 480119

Ever look at an extremely attractive girl and want to fuck her brains out but can’t because she’s straight? Like its such a fucking shame too fuck dude

No. 480121

I take it you've never read Faust

No. 480122

It would be nearly impossible to prove, as with similar biologically driven emotions, but millions of women have indeed felt a sudden urge to have kids that was unrelated to societal pressure, if not hundreds of millions or even billions. There is an objective and inherit biological urge for most people to have kids, that's a fact and regret for people who don't have kids is the rule, not the exception.
> blatant scare tactics
I'm just not stupid enough to ignore the reality of the situation for this YAS SLAY, you do you, girl, that puts a rope around the necks of women and it tightens without them realizing what is happening, but I was speaking from personal experiences which you completely disregarded to make your ham fisted point. People should be pressured and take the responsibility of their action regarding having kids or not, just like anything that is age/time sensitive.
>Childless women under 35 have the lowest rate of regret following sterilization
That isn't the average woman who doesn't want to have kids, but a hyper selected group of people, including those with great genetic or medical issues that practically made the decision for them. There has been little research into the satisfactions of child free women, probably due to people like yourself who would rather ignore reality to feel empowered by your decision while trying to ignore basic biology.

No. 480123


doesn't Faust get saved and go to heaven at the end? so all the fun and hecking bamboozling he did with Mephistoteles was scots free, dude didn't even had to pay up. Margaret is screwed though, because of course the dude that got her into the shit gets bailed out

No. 480127

>>480121 no, i haven't but i am now interested

No. 480129

>thinking the burden of parenting stops when the kids turn 18

No. 480131

No, that's when you legally can ignore that burden if you regret the decision and the burden is significantly lessened regardless as your children become adults. Parenting is only a life long event if you want it to be, and it's always a minority of your life unless you have disabled or retarded spawn, which is very unlikely.

No. 480134

lmao it doesn't work like that. Sure you could legally ignore it, but emotionally? Morally? Most halfway decent parents love their kids and feel obligated to them no matter how shitty they turn out and will still continue to support and care for them long past 18. Like a third of young adults in the USA these days don't move out til they're 30, if not older, simply because they can't afford it, whether they have a college degree or not, and that number is only growing.

So yeah, if you're a terrible, sociopathic parent you could change the locks on their 18th birthday, sure. In which case you shouldn't have ever had kids in the first place if you were just counting down the minutes until you could pretend they stopped existing. If you're going to be a parent, you should factor in that they are your kids forever. It's not like they asked to be born just so you could get rid of them when it suited you. (Exceptions if the kid turns out to be some kind of shitty abusive narc or aberrant serial murderer, of course.)

No. 480140

It works exactly like that for most people. I don't agree with it, but the average parent in America by and large kicks their children out of the house at 18-20 and no longer has any responsibility for them beyond hosting family get togethers and birthday dinners. You may think it's morally repugnant but it's what most people do, and in a lot of cases they think it's in the best interest of their children, they're not just washing their hands of them. There are other options as well, like giving them enough money for a few years of cheap rent. Hopefully you're putting away money for them in an investment account so they don't have to live hand in mouth anyway. Compound interest is amazing.

Even if you provide housing to your adult children, you still spend a fraction of the amount of time you did raising them and at that point, it's fair to say that you like them enough to keep them around which outweighs the financial burden. Even if they don't leave the nest until they're 38, it's still likely the minority of your life. The whole lifelong parent thing is bullshit, it's not really parenting in the late stages, they're your equals and often times they're helping you more than you help them. You're not changing their diapers and wiping drool from their mouth at that point.

No. 480141

In the opera Faust goes to hell and Margaret goes to heaven… I dont know how the original ends though.

No. 480146

Honestly, would've rather had my parents push me to get out of the house by 18-20, but they continue to burden me with their nonstop "You're doing nothing in your life… You should go back to college/get a better job/breakup with your ~abusive and good-for-nothing~ boyfriend!" I'm glad I'm away from them now, it took me till I was in my mid 20s to be done with that shit.
Lots of parents have a child because they think it'll fix an already failing relationship. Some get into BDSM shit, others get knocked up, sometimes it's both and I pray for those kids.
>giving them enough money for a few years of cheap rent
The parents who do this enable their adult children to fail in life. The people I knew who lived off their parents paying their rent for them were lazy as fuck because they knew mom and dad would help them out. They were the laziest pieces of shit and spent their money on stupid shit. None of these people, at least the ones I know, have stable jobs, they all end up going back to their parents.

No. 480152

you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and your naivety is stunning. Being a parent is a lifelong job. Regretting not having a child is a billion times better than regretting having one, because they're human beings. regretting a living breathing human being who acts and reacts towards you and your feelings towards them vs regretting a hypothetical possibility…which seems better? don't you see how regretting a child hurts the child immensely?

No. 480153

Well, most parents will be shitty, but that's just because the average person is shitty. It doesn't mean they shouldn't have kids, even if they did it for selfish reasons, the world would be much worse off if fewer people had kids and sustained low fertility rates can literally lead to countries collapsing. Humanity is sick, but we're maybe a few hundred years until general suffering is greatly limited and nearly everyone will have access to a great life from increase technology. I think that that goal justifies the bad parents out there. We also know that men, for example, are more likely to go to prison if they don't have kids and it's a moderating influence on them. The same may be true for women.

I think we should also lay the blame in the right place, cost of living. No one should have to live with their parents, housing should be cheap, but most of society refuses to address the root of the issue, like regulation, increased immigration, the collapse of rural areas, and increasing the cost of housing, instead launches the whole argument about parenting.
>you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, and your naivety is stunning. Being a parent is a lifelong job.
Your /r/childfree fallacy argument doesn't refute anything I said. Being a parent is not a lifelong job. There's a core twenty year section where there's actual work, but don't pretend that taking your adult child out for coffee and giving them advice or driving them to the airport is some great effort. The average parent with adult children does very little to support their kids and most of that they do out of pure love.
>Regretting not having a child is a billion times better than regretting having one, because they're human beings
They're human beings that may enjoy their life or may not, but they likely will be glad to have existed. Your unstated regret on having them is irrelevant to them and it won't lead to any conflict or ill feelings unless you tell them like a complete batshit crazy person.

No. 480155

You seem weirdly concerned with women procreating whether they want kids or not because muh birthrates. Commander Judd, is that you? Is this Gilead now?

No. 480161

I don't watch your trash TV shows, but yes, I'm very concerned about the fertility rates and I think women are increasingly being pushed out of the time period they could have have kids instead of consciously deciding not to have them, which I have no problem with. If you don't want to have kids, own it, but don't trick other people into it by telling them to focus on their career and they still have time to decide when they're 35 and it's very likely they'll be infertile soon. That isn't empowering, it's abhorrent.

What the hell do you think the alternative is? Society has to encourage and value people having children, otherwise it collapses and you literally would starve to death or be murdered. If I can try to prevent that from happening, I don't mind pushing people to make informed conscious decisions.

No. 480162

… or be murdered."

No. 480163

Yes, mass killing is well documented effect of societal collapse. I would have went with raped and then murdered, but I didn't want to oversell it.

No. 480165

are you having kids anon? lmao u sound like those men who whine about people not getting married while not getting married themselves.

No. 480167

Oh, okay! I get it! You're insane.

No. 480168

No one is being tricked. The birthrate is only falling because women have never had the ability to control their own reproduction. Not that long ago, women had kids until they reached menopause or died in childbirth. Women would ensure life risking childbirth, unable to partake in any of their own hobbies and passions, not able to sustain a career or anything. Before birth control, women were literally at the mercy of their husbands- this isn't even radfem sperging, it's a fact. My grandfather was the youngest of 12 siblings. That shit was common back then.

It's no surprise that women, when offered the choice, are opting out of motherhood.

No. 480169

There's SO many abandoned children waiting to be adopted, but you'd rather have people have a baby because it's the "right thing to do". There's so many people out there that shouldn't be parents, but you think they should because it's "good"? I would like to redirect you to the redneck Sammie Bushart thread on KF, who is a PERFECT example of someone who should never have children, but she has two, and those two children are suffering because she's retarded and neglectful and only focuses around pretending to be pregnant every 2 months. Is this what you want?
And, by god, the cost of living… how dare it be so high but at the same time you're saying it's normal these parents gladly give their children rent money when they can earn it themselves. You're enabling a future filled with lazy pieces of shit. Pretend to care about increased immigration, I know how it is working with immigrants, undocumented too, and how poorly we get treated because we're not seen cheap labor by our employers. Pretend to care about the collapse of rural areas, I was a poorfag and now I'm making it all on my own. The people who push out babies they hate have NO class, there's no money in thought, just retards.

No. 480170


and yet you are on lolcow, essentially radfem central. go push out some babies instead of pushing your forced breeding fetishes on us, tradthot-chan.

No. 480172

Okay, defend your point then, why am I insane? Again, mass killing is well documented in societal collapse, that's a fact. The decline of the Hellenistic world happened because of low fertility rates, the Roman world as well. It's worse now because we have a very complex economic system that is highly dependent on increasing GDP. The easiest way to do this is through increasing the population.
There are women who are being tricked. There's an overemphasize on career worship, the price of raising them, the amount of work involved, idealization of a child free life. In my country, they literally pay people to have kids, and the fertility rate is still below replacement. It's gone too damn far, there's hell to pay if not enough people have kids and we're not doing a good job of encouraging it.

I completely disagree with your view on women. It's not mutually exclusive, you can have kids and a great career, hobbies as well. Most women in history actually wanted to have kids, it wasn't a byproduct of birth control. We see this now in first world nations, the fertility rate dropped post birth control but still most people have kids and the high cost of living is a larger part of it than being morally against it. If you want to help society, have kids. That goes for both men and women.

No. 480174


no one is getting "tricked", you're delusional. women aren't retarded and the few ones that are retarded enough to feel "tricked" were too stupid to breed anyway and thank god that they never did.

also women still do most of the actual, exhausting parts of raising children and still get judged for this and that while men do the cooldad fun parts and get praised for the bare minimum. no shit childfree life seems more ideal than starting a family when you know you'll be doing all the same shit all by yourself as your grandma did way back when and it never really changed. men need to get a grip, stop fucking blaming women always.

No. 480175

Have you ever tried to adopt? You know how much red tape is in place, the cost of it? The likelihood that you get a child with some sort of major problem, mentally or physically is very high and unfortunately, more prone to violence so there's safety issues involved. It's no wonder why people don't want to adopt and raise the spawn of another person's mistake. I never stated everyone should have kids, just most people, which is the current state of the world. This doesn't mean I support drug addicts or rapists having kids. Ideally intelligent people with good genetics and who will be good parents should have as many kids as possible.

I support parents putting aside a nest egg for their kid more than giving them rent. Not everyone will be able to find fulfilling work in their youth, if ever, and it gives them the freedom not to work some minimum wage job just to pay the rent. I did that, it wasn't worth it and it made me resent all jobs.
>Pretend to care about increased immigration
It's not pretend. I lived in Toronto high had sky high rent directly because of mass immigration. Ironically, most women are pro-immigration and don't give a fuck that it creates situations like that because they get to virtue signal instead of addressing the reality of the situation. I actually want to address the cost of living, but few other people do because it would make for some distasteful conversations. It's easier just to scream about rent control and the rich, despite rich people always existing but only now do we have record cost of housing.
Radfems can support people having kids as well, as would any rational person. It's very dumb to spit in the face of a stable society that in this case, has the best interest of everyone in mind. The alternative is true oppression. I also don't have any fetish for breeding, in fact pregnant people disgust me, I think they're terribly weird.

No. 480177

How many kids do you have?

No. 480178

If it's not a trick, then why are people going out of their way to sell a childfree lifestyle to women? Why are they deliberately sharing misinformation on age and it's effect on fertility? Why do people pretend that you can't have kids if you want a successful career? Radfems are being used as tools to push beliefs that are against basic feminism and female empowerment. You're not subjugated if you have kids, you're normal fucking person.
>women still do most of the actual, exhausting parts of raising children and still get judged for this and that while men do the cooldad fun parts and get praised for the bare minimum
I agree, but that's inherit in human biology. Women will forever be better with children and frankly, I think you would be disgusted with a man that has the same personality and interest as most women. Regardless, it's not the burden you are making it out to be. It may be for you, but not for other people who believe it's a blessing.
>stop fucking blaming women always
I don't generally blame women, but women are the gatekeepers of childbirth. Men can't birth children. Women share more responsibility for this specific issue, for that reason. Most men in history didn't actually reproduce.

No. 480180

How many kids do you have?

No. 480181

Does it matter? The debate isn't about if every individual has a duty to produce children but if society should encourage childbirth and acknowledge that we're completely fucked unless enough people do it. I'm not against individuals choosing not to have children. I'll tell you if you give me a good reason to play your game.

No. 480182


>I agree, but that's inherit in human biology. Women will forever be better with children–

Yeah no, a random childless woman will not magically know more about raising a baby than any childless man unless they actually spent time learning about raising a baby. It's not some magical woman skills that everyone has, jesus christ you sound like a scrot.

>–and frankly, I think you would be disgusted with a man that has the same personality and interest as most women

…what is this "same personality and interest as most women" you speak of? The fuck. Socialized to show more empathy and be nurturing? God I wish.

No. 480183

The debate is how much of a hypocrite are you.

No. 480185

guys it's a scrot stop feeding it

No. 480186

It's not about skill, men and women have inherently different personalities on average that exist regardless of the culture and environment they were raised in. There are literally differences in the structures of their brain. Women are generally more empathetic and agreeable, the personality trait before you shit yourself, which is why they make better caregivers.
That isn't hypocritical. I'm physically incapable of having children but otherwise I would want them.

No. 480187

>There's an overemphasize on career worship

Just because you saw a couple mugs for sale that say #BossBabe does not mean there is an overemphasis on career worship. I know many women in my age group who don't have careers and are stay at home wives and mothers.

>the price of raising them, the amount of work involved

Children are expensive and they are hard work. This isn't exaggerating, it's a fact. The phrase "it takes a village" didn't come from nowhere. Even back when many healthy women were housewives, they still often employed a nanny because raising children is fucking hard, and it only gets harder as they get older. Babies and toddlers are when it's easy to raise a kid. It gets harder when they talk back, develop personalities and start to experience life. Have you never argued with your parents? Were you a perfectly well behaved child?

>you can have kids and a great career

Sure, if we lived in a perfect world where men really did rise up to the challenge and actually give a damn about their kids and co-parent them. We are also already at a disadvantage as pregnancy puts us in such a fragile state for almost an entire year. With most jobs not offering anything in terms of pregnancy leave, maternity/paternity leave, and daycare being expensive, of course women will pick career over job.

>Most women in history actually wanted to have kids, it wasn't a byproduct of birth control.

That's not true. Even Queen Victoria wrote in her journals how much she loved sex but hated pregnancy and by byproduct of it. Having kids was a woman's "biblical duty" for centuries, they didn't have the option to not have kids.

No. 480189


Yes, because again, girls are socialized (read: raised) that way. Raised to be "agreeable", caring, nurturing, self-sacrificing. Boys can and should be raised the same way. Maybe the birth rates would rise if boys weren't given a free pass to be entitled and violent and selfish while growing up. More compassionate, caring, nurturing men actually willing to take part in raising their own offspring -> more children. Take note, scrots.

No. 480205

>I'm physically incapable of having children

it all makes total sense now. you have my pity.

No. 480219

Imagine coming on a board like lolcow to preach how women are agreeable by nature. Do we really seem agreeable to you?

No. 480221

File: 1572854101005.jpg (41.22 KB, 540x630, f9f7ac2c50dde16bb274b59f70c4e2…)

I wish I could wear color and be fashionable and feel confortable, but I can't color coordinate to save my life, so fuck it. I'll be another basic bitch.

No. 480226

if you want to wear color enough, what's holding you back from learning how to color coordinate?

No. 480229

Matching black pieces that don’t look like shit together is just as hard. You can do it!

No. 480231

Not even just lolcow, all you have to do is look around and you'll see countless fucked up kids with abusive, neglectful, narc etc mothers (and fathers ofc) who should never have had children. It's obvious that many people simply suck too much to be good parents, yet people are still absolutely convinced that every woman should be a mother, that she'll regret it if she doesn't, that she's doing society a disservice by not having kids, that every single parent loves their child and enjoys raising them. If that was the case every kid would have a happy family life but that sure af isn't reality.

No. 480235

I just kinda have a shitty eye for fashion and I don't have a lot of money to waste on clothes, it's easier to just get a bunch of basic black outfit and pour all my creativity in jewels and makeup.

No. 480240

People who are so concerned about society collapsing overnight due to lower birthrates should really examine the reasons WHY women now choose to remain childless or put it off until later in life, instead of just accusing them of being selfish sluts. The modern woman is fucked over in almost every single way when having children - emotionally, physically, socially, mentally, financially.

No. 480254

File: 1572868528210.jpg (251.62 KB, 500x381, 1530293584539.jpg)

This is a really stupid story that people will drag me for but I feel like sharing right now.

Back in high school I dated this guy named C. C was really shy and quiet and had low self-esteem. Also really anxious. We also both have like Evangelion, which is relevant later.

C and I broke up after we went to different unis. A while later, C became best friends with K. K was the opposite of C - a really smooth, charming, and laid back guy.

I started dating K. Because of my weeb fujo obsession, I would compare K with Kaworu and C with Shinji all of the time and pretending that they were in love. I was also jealous that K liked C more than me. C thought I was weird for doing this, but K would humor me.

After I broke up with K, it turns out I was right. C fell in love with K after all. Like Shinji and Kaworu, C and K did not have a happy ending. It's been years but it still makes me emotional to this day…

No. 480265

This is some real fujoshit anon. Fun read though. Why did they break up? I'm hoping C didn't snap K into two like in Eva.

No. 480267

lol I'm glad someone liked my random story. Honestly it's one of the most special things that has happened in my life because I loved KawoShin so much in high school I never expected it to happen to my in real life.

>Why did they break up? I'm hoping C didn't snap K into two like in Eva.

Like any classic fujoshit pairing, C and K were rivals. Their main rivalry was outcompeting each other in class. However, unlike a real fujoshit pairing, their competition was also girls. I think C was jealous over that K got way more girls while C was basically an incel throughout college. K started dating a girl that C had liked.

However, that's not the full story. I'm not really sure why they broke up exactly. I wasn't there and they're both reluctant to talk about it. I think I will find the answer someday. It always makes me sad to see two good friends stop talking…

No. 480284

I harshly judge people who complain about being poor while spending tons of money on weaves, clothes and phones and popping out babies

No. 480286

whenever i see an anon say something is comfy i immediately think troon.

No. 480293

… it's a word to describe something anon

No. 480304

I tend to watch asmr because the videos themselves make me feel relaxed and sleepy (I don't get tingles from the audio which I'm kind of sad about lol), and yesterday I stumbled upon an asmr video yesterday of a girl getting a back massage (among other things) and got weirdly horny over it. Not really sure if I wanted to be the one getting my back oiled up or be the one doing it.

No. 480310

                        ,rー‐'"      `'ー.、
                    r‐'゙ ,..:-‐:'"::´: ̄:`":'‐:.、_  i、
                    },r'´.:::.:::.:::.::::::.:::..::_;;.:::.:::..:.ヽ ヽ
                      ,r'":::.:::..::;r':::.:::.:::.::::.!:;1::、:::.:::.:::.ヽ_.〉 __
                  ;':;':::.:::..::,!::.::.r'.i::.::;ィ:;'  '!:i,1:i:::.:::.:::.lヽヘ、
                   .j:i:!:::.:::.::.j1::.ノ^'!:./j!1 r'"1:i゙l:i、:::.:::..:j! ヽ_ヽ
                 l:i'1::.::.:;:j,.r=tx.j/     ,.r=j、i;1:::.:::.;!l,r-j`ヽ
                 l;j. ';:.:::ji.l.ヽ.i;.:;シ     イ:゚:.ヲ 'l! }:;:、/
                   1:::j、1  ̄  ,   `"´ i'^i!.ノ:!
                    'Y:::i`:、          ./‐'"::.:j
                       /:.::i:::.ヽ、   n   ,.r'::.:i:::.:::..1
                   /::;::.:!::.::.i;::`i‐.、.. .:r:'::i:::.:::.:!:::.:::.:!
                   _/;Lノ‐'"〈 、/,_     _,>,.`j' ‐:、;_::i:!
                     j'       ヾ.  `  ´ ,..j./    `ヽ
                ∧  1    ミ'"ヽ、_,.r'='、r1   j / .l,
               ノ   ` :}    l   >:v<、  .i   レ'^ ,rヘ、 _
                 入  _ュ、j   j、  '‐ハr'゙   ';   i ノ   'y' ヽ-ー、
              ,:':,:;r'^゙"'ヾ!   /' \  i)    i   .}r'.=ェ、/  .(r'^,. ヽ
             ,:'::j1:)_7'-、._j   {   ヽ j、    }   j'riミュ:'    }'",r-、. '、
              /:::/j':.:j'   {,_  ,ノ:-=:-:ー:-.、..,_ ノ, -〈:'´.,:'     j i r:、  1
           /::.::Lj==L….,__j:…`"………………………….`"':ー:r' :'       `"ー' ヽ. j
             ,r:'^,ニ´-‐ ' ー‐-`j:.ヾ……………..,……….._;.-:'…..〉          /,r'
         .,r'..,r'"          /:ヽ、………………………….;…..r'1        //
        /../´          ./….1….ヽ.、:_…………,…-'…./….:':,        /:'´
       i'…j           /………!…………`:"::´…………/……….:、   ,.ィ'´
        {….l            /………….i…………………………./……………ヽ、/.:ノ

No. 480311

File: 1572888077877.jpg (100.58 KB, 1280x720, B4QMB.jpg)

The fuck happened

No. 480318

have any anons in the US had their bank accounts garnished before? mine was about 4 years ago, and i never actually paid the debt back…is it still garnished? i'm so confused.

No. 480321

File: 1572891698691.png (85.83 KB, 904x369, d.PNG)

The first 'I want a big tittied goth girl'

No. 480322

Its not some grand conspiracy, women are just considered a liability to productivity and a companies bottom line if she gets pregnant. Also, some women just don't want kids and plenty of women regret having kids. I don't think a woman who really wants a family more than anything would simply choose a career because of brainwashing. Also, I'm assuming you're pretty conservative politically and conservatives don't tend to support work/life balance or paid maternal leave.

No. 480349

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43k7z3/nationwide-fake-host-scam-on-airbnb An interesting read. It sucks that this happened to people and that airbnb allows this to happen, but at least it's opened my eyes to be more careful when I book through there.

No. 480354

I really wanna get off the internet or at least cut back significantly during the 2020s

I spent most of the 2000s and 2010s mostly online and I'm getting kinda tired of it. Honestly at this point the new online would be RL by the way things are going.

No. 480357

ah, a man of culture!
but seriously tho, I aspire to be as unapologetic about the weird things I care about as your average run of the mill male ugh

No. 480393

File: 1572906605016.jpg (205.36 KB, 2220x1080, EIcr3fVXUAA2bZ7.jpg)

I'm super behind on Sun and Moon because they were cracking down on the illegal uploads when I got really into it, and then I just started to fall behind on it even though it's on Netflix now. I guess now is as good a time as ever to finally finish it but I know the ending is gonna make me cry like the biggest fucking little bitch. I really liked this series a lot, I haven't been so invested in anipoke since the very first season came out when I was a kid. I love all the characters and how slice of life-y it gets. Ugh. I'll defend this series to my grave. People always shit on it because "the art sucks!!" but I think the art is cute and the companions are really interesting characters.

No. 480514

Ramin Karimloo is really handsome and has a very good singing voice, but his hands are NOT good. He has such chubby looking,wide hands I can't even find his phantom hot.

No. 480518

Haha I never noticed his hands. I don't really care if the phantom is hot though because he's supposed to be deformed and whatnot.

No. 480544

File: 1572935727928.jpg (79.74 KB, 748x1080, Hilton721.jpg)

i want this dress that paris wore a long ass time ago

No. 480546

i get turned on by the videos where they have the fur covered mics and they rub them

its not the person themself, as i tend to minus it out and not actually watch the person, just listen to it
but its just a feel of imagining someone rubbing me softly as foreplay

also, im a straight female but prefer videos where girls do it for some reason, but dont care for hearing them talk unless they have a super soft voice like gentle whispering

but other than that asmr is not sexual for me at all nor do i really get tingles from it

No. 480547

It's easier to raise kids now than its ever been in history.

No. 480566

So dumb how beauty companies are jumping on the CBD/hemp bandwagon and marketing stuff implying that it will get the consumer high (it's the THC that makes you stoned if you don't know about weed)

No. 480581

And at the same time you need to work more than ever people have had to work in history you have internet and all the sick people of it endangering children and turning them into fucked up people you have harshest beauty standards in history you have climate change coming up and so on

No. 480601

There are amounts of THC leftover in many CBD products. If you're taking into consideration just the US, CBD is not an FDA regulated product. Meaning the companies can advertise 0 THC without having to prove it in any way.
We've had to let people go because they've failed drug screens from CBD.

No. 480603

We should just have fewer children though, it's not deeper than that. Even though some things look bleak we need to have some hope for the future human race otherwise what's the point? Might as well just yeet ourselves right now.

No. 480606

File: 1572967063946.png (341.68 KB, 657x560, LNECEUKNCEU8.png)

Who the hell is this Nathalie girl and why are so many people pretending she's some sort of out of this world beauty.

No. 480608


You couldn't be more wrong lmao. Just a hundred years ago it was common that children were raised by their older siblings, they'd spend each day from morning to evening on their own, a group of kids just out on the field herding cattle or doing some other task that was deemed simple enough for kids to do (by back then standards, imagine letting a bunch of 4-to-10-year-olds handle unpredictable 1000 pound animals with horns all day long without adult supervision in 2019). Child mortality was still pretty high as you can imagine, accidents would happen. What then was a tragic accident that you "couldn't predict" would now send your ass to jail for criminal neglect. So uh.. I think my great grandparents had it "a little" easier when it comes to child rearing. They basically just popped out kids and apart from feeding and clothing them "let God provide". all of this is based on what my grandmother (rip) told me of her childhood… in the 1920s, no less

No. 480614

Hell to the fucking no. Society tells us to have babies but gives parents fuck all when it comes to resources. Many parents are struggling to make ends meet with children and end up homeless or barely surviving.

No. 480635

No. 480651

I really hate the really high standards we have for parents and especially moms. Unless you beat or starve your children I can't imagine that you can be that terrible of a parent, women have an identity outside of motherhood and its bullshit that as soon as we become mothers we are chained to our children and not allowed to explore our own desires.

No. 480652

she's cute

No. 480654

Who is this?

No. 480660

>Raising housing prices, even higher prices of living, barely any resources
>So many social standards against different types of schooling, having or not having kids, being religious or not, everyone is practically at each other's throats nowadays
>Increased population makes work harder to find, the legal age to work is 16, even then it's rare to find jobs that allow people that young to work
>Increasing population makes people worried about the very real and dangerous effects of overpopulation (which you yourself obviously don't understand)

Basically if you're not rich you're fucked, maybe if this was the 50s where everyone was encouraged to have kids no problem, one income can help support a wife and kids, and over population was a non-issue, then yes, but nowadays there's people with PhDs forced to live with their parents and struggling to find work

No. 480663

Even if that was true, which it's not, it's still 100x harder for mothers than fathers. That's the relevant comparison, not now vs the past.

No. 480668

Burgerland anon for context.

I took an american politics class during my last semester of college just for kicks. My professor was an old man but he was always so hopeful and tried to empower us students, always ending the class with "don't forget to be awesome", and encouraging us to fight for our future, and most importantly, to vote. Every time an election comes around, I think about how moving his speeches in class were, about the importance of voting. Even if some people say it's futile, and on the election days when I feel too lazy to go out to my local poll to vote, I always think about him.

My parents got their citizenship here about 2 years ago, and my dad's so passionate about voting. He'll wake me up at 6 or 7 in the morning on election days so we can go and beat the lines. I don't know, it makes me feel kind of shitty and emotional that I don't care as much as I should, especially compared to my parents who are very passionate about making it out to the polls.

I'm trying to convince myself to go after work today, and telling myself I'll buy myself a slice of cake if I go, but I feel as if I don't deserve a reward for doing the simplest task lol.

No. 480669

my grandma had basically the same upbringing, including herding cows alone at age of 5 kek, and that was even in 1940s! tbf she was a fucked up lady but her mom def had an easier and cheaper go at rising children than any mom nowadays.

No. 480677

Actually, (and bear in mind this is an unpopular perspective), but I agree with this statement for most first world countries.

It is easier to raise kids IF you can accept being poor.
I know breeders from high school on their second or third kid who've always been on welfare and have never had meaningful employment. They may not get everything they desire, but their kids aren't starving and a lot is provided by social safety nets like affordable housing, food benefits, and socialized medical care. Since they don't meaningfully work, the majority of them have no problems picking up the childcare or having to worry about daycare. Many of them have the day at their leisure.
Developed society doesn't let these people fail.

Now, it's a different story if you want to keep your class status, or if you hope to climb socioeconomically. It's very difficult raising kids on a middle class income because your quality of living will likely degrade by the fact that you WILL be expected to work while having zero social safety nets afforded to you because everyone including the gov't assumes you've got the income to stretch.

Raising kids is very unfair if you're not poor or rich.

No. 480725

I’m hanging out with a girl from a class tomorrow for the first time, we’ve vaguely known each other for like a year but now we’re finally hanging out and I’m so excited cause it’s the first new person I’ve hung out with this school year!! We’re going to hang out at her apartment and smoke weed, she has a pet bunny I can’t wait to see, and she said she wants to do something fun like make smoothies. I’m so excited lol I just had the shittiest past week and now I’ve got something to look forward to!!

No. 480736

oh that sounds really fun! hope you have a great time and get to pet the bun!

No. 480737

So glad my state has vote by mail. They just send you the ballot and the booklet.

No. 480770

Hohoho, so I did this last year… I’m drunk, it’s my birthday, I have like, a hundred dollars to spend and I want to get sober me a gift I Will forget about what should I buy? (It took me like 10 minutes to Type this coherently, autocorrect is a freaking gift Lmfao)

No. 480773

No. 480781

I was thinking like makeup or candy but this is excellent

No. 480784

I dont like diet coke or vodka but for some reason I like them mixed together???

No. 480797

It really depends on what's "easy" to you. Sure, your child has more access to modern medicine, access to education, there are a lot of resources out there for parenting. But you will now have to teach your child to navigate social media, intense peer pressure to be performative, intense beauty standards etc. You will have to deal with your child wanting to wear Gucci and be a tranny, and with your child's sns abuse campaign against you for saying no.

No. 480823

I was raised by just my dad, but I'll take your word for it.

No. 480826

Go back to your containment board, retard.

No. 480833

File: 1573023860660.gif (1.76 MB, 245x245, really.gif)

>friend says she fakes orgasms
>also complains that her man can't figure out how to please her

No. 480834

You really don't have to work harder now than ever, though. People used to work much harder just to have their basic needs met and spent most of the day doing that. So much more work went into every day things like food and clothing, and you also had to get every thing done while the sun was still up because light bulbs didn't exist for most of human history. And most if the jobs back then were much more tolling physically.

I agree with the other things you said though.

No. 480838

I'm convinced that cbd does almost jack shit. I tried cbd gummies because everyone has been raving about how it cures anxiety but it didn't do anything for me. I read a study that said even large amounts of cbd doesnt have much of an affect on the nervous system. I did read that it can help with seizures though apparently.

I never wanna have kids. Almost all of my female friends while I was growing up didn't have dads and it was because the dad just up and left when they were babies/young kids. And I've met a few other women who the same thing happened to them. Some of them found their dads later and they often went off to start other families and forgot their original family ever existed.

But society just blames single mothers for being single and calls them sluts and says they're ruining society instead of putting any responsibility on the father for up and leaving. Why should I want to have kids if the man I have kids with is going to up and leave me after our baby turns 1 year old

No. 480839

Seeing women called fish by drag queens makes me wanna hurl. Why fish?

No. 480842


because pUsSy SmElLs LiKe FiSh get it??? plain old misogyny, that's why. the funny thing is that actually it's unwashed dick that smells more like fish than even an unwashed vagina, with all the smegma and other gunk trapped in it and men being notoriously awful at basic personal hygiene. a healthy vagina does not smell like fish but i guess these kinds of people wouldn't know it as they only hang around other pozzed disease ridden trashbags so they're used to it.

No. 480843

Goddamn it. Vaginas don’t even smell fishy unless the woman has a very specific bacterial infection.
What is with the constant need for drag queens to be as disgusting and degrading towards women as possible? They’re already allowed to flash their dicks at little kids without repercussion.

No. 480845

Drag queens in general make me want to hurl.

No. 480846

I have to make 2 phone calls today, both to make appointments. I don't feel like it tho, it's also not helping that my coworker sits like 2m away from me and I can't go anywhere for some privacy.

No. 480890

how do i sign someone’s phone / email up for spam?

No. 480894

Sign them up for a whole bunch of online newsletters and giveaway contests.

No. 480897

Last year at daylight savings my dog woke up at ungodly fucking hours of the night to start barking nonstop, this year she thankfully doesn't start until around the time I'm actually supposed to wake up. Not sure if she's just used to me waking up when the sun rises now, or if I've just been lucky for the past few days. Anyway, I just hope it says this way.

No. 480901

thanks anon

No. 480906

dae feel like time goes by too fast lately

No. 480913

I love them. I wish drag king culture was a huge thing or somethin

No. 480935

*I want a holophrase
Paris: a poem

No. 480940

Old but anon, you sound like a very privileged, middle class, white millennial. Yikes.

No. 480941

I wish it went by faster tbqh

No. 480949

Sign them up for the Best Buy newsletter. They’ll get blasted.

No. 480950

Yeah, for sure. Seems like it's been flying by since I've been "out in the real world" after high school graduation. It really doesn't feel like 8 years ago.

No. 480953

I went to a restaurant that old Christian people mostly go to and

>Shit was smeared all over the walls and toilet seats of the restrooms

>Some old ladies decided to stay in front of the sinks for 30 minutes straight to talk about church loudly and use the deafening hand dryer for another 30
>Being openly racist and homophobic
>"I wanna talk to the manager"

No. 480975

Not trying to be snarky, but what do you like about them?

No. 481045

This is pure teen angst and I love it

No. 481057

w-wait so i have a yeast infection? my gynecologist always says it's nice and healthy yet i still have this stupid vagina smell that actually is just a tuna scent too.

No. 481058

Joshuas voice is so good. Caustic from Apex Legends, Iwai from Persona 5 and Gorrister from IHNMAIMS are some of my favourites off the top of my head.

No. 481060

I always post on here when my coworkers brings me sweets, but they usually give me stuff like cookies or chocolates that they got from souvenirs overseas. I’m always grateful for whatever they give me because I have a huuuuuge sweet tooth, but also, hey! thanks for being nice and giving me a treat. Today the coworker who usually buys me cookies bought me a mont blanc from Maison Kaiser. Like, thank you sir but I definitely do not deserve this expensive pastry…

I saved it to bring it home to ear after dinner instead of eating it at work since I work at the front desk and technically I’m not supposed to eat there (no one really cares but I try to be courteous and sneakily my snacks) so I could truly savor this expensive treat. I’m also not really the biggest fan of mont blancs, but then again the only other time I’ve had it, it was a pretty cheap one lol. But holy FUCK!!! This mont blanc was soooo good, I’m so happy I decided to save it so I could savor it and eat it with thanks instead of shoving it down my mouth quickly like a gremlin. I’m so grateful that my coworkers are so nice and spoil me with treats but this was like a whole new level of nice ahhhhhhhhh

No. 481065

>be me, a petty individual who's pretty good at talking shit, not gonna lie
>be a radfem, straight up hate men
>have an account on a popular Social Media platform where I do nothing but shit-talk men
>get completely unsolicited DM from a creepy male submissive who is smitten and wants me to stomp on him
>it would be irresponsible not to mess with him
>present him with ridiculous standards he'd have to meet to be my slave
>he's even more into it
>he wants me to control his entire life

How do you clown on a masochist? Should I abandon my principals and try to get some money out of him? What do, farmers. What do.

No. 481070

take precautions cause this guy could still be potentially very dangerous

No. 481071

Sub men are in the end still men with everything bad that regular men bring but without bringing any of the positives.

No. 481077

it might be funny to make him publicly donate to a feminist organization you support then just block him everywhere lmao some radfem-hood shit

No. 481082

be my friend please

No. 481099

File: 1573096129782.jpg (25.6 KB, 700x741, mug.jpg)

I'm so confused why all of these halloween witchy decor/accessories say "salem" on them. Did they forget Salem is where the witches were HANGED? (Not to mention they weren't even actually witches???)

and apparently Sabrina the teenage witch had a cat named Salem. You'd think a witch wouldn't want to commemorate somewhere that was famous for executing "witches". I must be missing something

No. 481100

salem is using the witch trials as a tourist trap. everything there is witch themed because they're acting as if the entire town is chock full of witches because a lot of people were accused.

No. 481111

fuck that, I watched The Crucible they're full of shit

No. 481122

Antoni may be the most useless member on queer eye, but he's also the sweetest and cutest

No. 481124

pls do this

No. 481126

it is a bit weird since it's making quirky consuerism out of your town murdering innocent people, then again we have shit like holocaust themed escape rooms and people buying serial killer memorobilia so I guess the "too soon" bar is far less than 300 years

No. 481182

File: 1573116579833.gif (1.7 MB, 320x179, source.gif)

When you go to someone's IG stories and they keep posting petty stuff about their ex and be like holdup weren't you in a relationship claiming he's your twin flame, people in a relationship don't talk about exes imo. I check her feed and lo and behold all pics with her bf are gone. (She's got some clout for having a baby while at Harvard.)

No. 481203

God, I know this one girl who talks about her ex all the time, and she's currently off and on dating some other dude. Like she's such an open book online, it's so entertaining. I love all the speculation revolving around her. I even got my boyfriend updated on what goes on with her life. Like anytime she wants attention from her boyfriend, she'll change her relationship status on Facebook to hide who she's dating and change her profile pic to one with her cleavage literally taking up half the photo. Fucking hilarious.

No. 481205

>holocaust themed escape room
Thank you for reminding me that humans were a mistake

No. 481243

oh man i just remembered the awkwardness years ago of trying to mix two of my completely different friend groups with eachother at a flat party and how much it failed, haha

No. 481273

(Not vent not annoyed in case someone reads it as it)

I just got dinner with my partner's family. The meat tasted different to what I'm used to and the texture was a bit weird. I got two bites and thought 'I won't take more, I'm not into this style of meat or cooking method' when they started to look at me. Someone said 'do you know what it is?' I said 'no,but it's not really my thing either' then they started teasing me like 'oh so you don't know, then you better stay like this' which made me have huge doubts about what I was eating. My partner told me, and apparently pig heart stew is very common in his country. I could not help it but felt nauseous as I have never eaten it and never thought of it (not a common dish from where I am from) and had to rush to the toilet, ended up emptying my stomach from what I got to eat (it was very little). My hunger flew away and my partner ate what I didn't touch. His father feels very sorry and bad about it because he should've told me beforehand (we have never eaten this before in our visits) and wanted me to know he wasn't trolling me. I told them it was fine, I just thought it was steak (looked like it) and that I'm not mad or anything. Was a bad moment for me but I'll grab something to eat omw home. I feel so bad for them because they think I'm mad no matter how many times I say I'm not and that it just caught me off guard (if they told me and ate in front of me while I was having something different it wouldn't have been an issue, the issue was I ate that my brain felt ew about it then made my stomatch go bananas over the situation)

No. 481280

That sucks. Sure hope you never get into situations where you have to eat weird shit to survive lol

Speaking of food,
Does anyone else get into phases where you are fixated one food/dish? Like intense urge to eat one same thing for every meal every day. The urge subsides quickly if indulged, but if it's not realistic to do that, it will go on for longer. One time, I seriously ate only spring rolls for a week straight.

No. 481281

I make beef heart on occasion and it tastes no different than burger meat, just a leaner texture. But not tough if braised or fried medium rare. It's basically pure muscle meat.
It's actually a fairly healthy cut compared to others due to the lack of fat.
Would highly recommend a second try knowing what you're getting into next time.

No. 481283

Our cat had kittens two days ago, there are only two but one is huge compared to the other. Theres a chance the smaller one will die which makes me really sad

No. 481286

nayrt but I definitely get food fixations like that lol. If it's not something sweet like a specific dessert, it's usually pretty helpful because it means I can make a big batch of something and have it as my meal prep for the week (though I'm afraid of others judging me for eating the same thing days in a row).

No. 481292

I do that and then I never want to eat that food for a long time after. Thinking of eating egg salad sandwich or falafel now just makes me ill now that I've had so many.

No. 481306

File: 1573155329743.jpg (91.51 KB, 1000x667, U6dd2eab445534e28a20008e24dd25…)

Was looking at random shit on Aliexpress and this one review for these teddy bears really tickled my fancy. They had a whole photoshoot with these bears and it just made my day. Something about it is so… mesmerizing and of course also adorable. Godspeed, random Latvian AE user who poses stuffed bears on top of their BMW. Godspeed.

No. 481308

File: 1573156890074.jpg (93.05 KB, 794x530, il_794xN.1382851081_huj2.jpg)

I saw this and it's supposed to be a shitty magnet, but I have a senior pekingese and this makes me so sad.

No. 481324

I regret not fucking this guy on my last business trip. He was eyeing me all the time but I was too shy and too tired to even initiate conversation. He must have thought I was a cold bitch.

No. 481325

I don't even own a dog and this made me sad

No. 481329

i hate randomly getting my period when i'm unprepared because i don't use tampons and my mum only has tampons so i'm forced to wear a panty liner until i can get something more durable

No. 481330

fuck anon, i lost my childhood dog two months ago and this made me tear up

No. 481331

Let's be sad together.

I'm so sorry anon! I've had my dog since I was a kid too. I can't even begin to imagine how sad and painful it must've been. I'm gonna mcfucking lose my mind when it actually happens.

No. 481339

Well, he could've initiated it

No. 481352

It's not like he didn't try to, he was always eyeing me, casually sitting next to me in meetings or randomly touching my shoulders when we moved to other locations. I'm just unexpressive as fuck and didn't give any sign of wanting to get closer. He tried to make small talk during some meetings but I was too tense so I gave one word replies. I hate my stupid ass.

No. 481359

I'm completely anonymous on there and I'll remain so.
Yep, I believe it.
That'd be hilarious!

He's not only a turbo-sub and into findom, but a kissless virgin, no less. If I could get him to cosplay as Leon from Resident Evil 2, he'd be /g/'s perfect guy, lol.
He likes how brutal my insults are and wants me to direct some towards him. I'm not even into femdom, I just mock men for laughs.

The radfem part of me is disgusted, but the Dumb Bitch Meme part of me wants paypig coin. It's a quandary, anons.

No. 481374

Do any of you anons who get your brows threaded/waxed consistently tip the person who does it?

I had finally found a place that didn't fuck my shit up, but they've pissed me off lol. The price used to be $10 for threading, so I'd always tip a few bucks on top.

They recently upped the price to $14, so I don't tip anymore. Like yeah I use the service,but it takes them no more than 5 minutes to do my eyebrows. Why do you deserve a tip for that???

They called me out for it and act like I'm a major cheap ass now. My friend also said I'm being rude and should tip.

Am I being a stingy bitch or what?? I didn't even know it was "normal " to tip for such a fast service, I was originally just being nice. Not anymore tho fuck them persian bitches

No. 481383

you're supposed to tip them because they don't get that much money from the service. the reason it's so cheap is because of their materials. you should know this shit and either tip them or learn to do it yourself and stop being a cunt.

No. 481386

They already raised the price, seems greedy that they're demanding more, but it also depends on how much you like going to that particular place. Is it worth paying a little extra and tipping for the service you receive?
You can always find someone else who isn't going to bitch at you for a few dollars but still do your brows.

No. 481387

Nayrt but the country I'm from doesn't have a tipping culture and our prices are cheaper for shit like threading. Just price shit the way you want to be paid.

No. 481398

File: 1573175399816.jpg (50.02 KB, 704x646, 8fyy3onofwl21.jpg)

Raises Hand

No. 481411

It's not slander if it's true

No. 481426

Same. Grew up in the US, now I live in a country with no tipping culture and the services are the same price, if not cheaper. And being an esthetician isn't like waitressing where you only make 3 an hour and you depend on tipping to actually break even. Tipping isn't SUPPOSED to be mandatory for those kind of services, never really understood why it was so emphasized and it seems even dumber now that I live in a place where tipping is a completely alien concept. No one in that field of work should be harassing customers to tip.

No. 481436

Minimum wage is $11 in cali. They aren't making pennies on a dollar like waitstaff. You sound like a bitter broke cunt who relies on tips.

What next? Should i tip my doctor for giving me my flu shot?? Because they provided me with a service?

What's funny is that I think the original price was $8!! It was that much the first time I went, then was 10 for the longest time until recently. Honestly ill probably bite the bullet and go elsewhere and risk lookin like a clown til i find someone decent again. Mainly because the owner had the audacity to chime in. Like bitch you keep raising the price. Pay your workers more if it's that big of an issue.

Tipping culture is fucking retarded i swear. But the dumb cunts who complain that they don't get tipped enough are why it doesn't change. They make way more in tips than they would with a normal hourly wage

No. 481438

>But the dumb cunts who complain that they don't get tipped enough are why it doesn't change
Come on, it's obviously the boss' faults. They don't want to pay their employees more or risk losing customers with higher prices, you can't blame your average wageslave for wanting to make some extra $$$. If the companies decided to raise their prices and put a 'NO TIPPING NECESSARY' sign on their business, they'd have a chance at fixing such a god awful system. Or to take it even higher, it's the govt's fault for not enforcing something like that.

I'm so glad my country doesn't have tipping, it's expensive but at least I'm not personally responsible for the staff getting a liveable wage. I'd rather make an involuntary contribution that doesn't require any thought or decision making.

No. 481440

I mean it's purely anecdotal, but I and others I knew worked part time in college at restaurants. I was solely the cashier/hostess, so I was paid an hourly wage. The waiters made 2 something + tips. They were appalled i would take a position doing hourly because they made bank with their tips(like after an 8 hr shift, it was always easily over 300). They hated the idea of hourly because they'd lose that.

While there are a lot of dipshit owners/bosses who are being cheap asses and jipping their employees, most people who work at decent restaurants would rather have tips than hourly.

No. 481447

That might be the case but realistically they don't have any power over the situation whether they like it or not, complaining about not getting tipped enough is not likely to be the reason the system hasn't changed. If businesses could make more by getting rid of tips, they would.

Personally I think it's incredibly unethical for a business model to rely on customer's subsidizing wages by choice. Customers shouldn't have the power to make or break a fair wage, even if tipping can lead to good money.

No. 481454

It should be changed to "me after a long day of insulting men online"

No. 481455

I mean overall I agree. I was fucking ecstatic when I traveled in asia. The service was better than what I get in the states, and I didn't have to tip?? Blew my mind lmao. The rest of the world is livin the dream.

Realistically, everybody should be paid a livable wage. But there's such a huge cost discrepancy for cost of living in the US. Rent is 3k in San Francisco, but you could go way inland to some bumfuck town in California and pay $700 for something similar. It'd be hard to establish a suitable living wage federally, let alone one statewide.

No. 481503

I don't know a danm thing about apex legends, but this video is weirdly nice with the music

No. 481507

I broke a glass at the cafe today, im already broke after paying for the cost of that glass. Why am i such a dumbass? cant this month get any worse? the last 5$ i spent on coffee and a stupid glass makes my want to end it all.

No. 481513

i love buying my friends gifts, especially hard to find weeb shit that i KNOW they'll love! seeing their reaction is the best!

i bought my boyfriend a nendo for christmas that he's been looking for FOREVER and i got it for a very good price, and it arrived unopened and not bootleg and i'm just so happy. he's going to love it!

No. 481515

I am sorry, it sucks to be a poorfag. Hang in there!
On the other hand, couldn't you avoid going to the cafe? Unless you had to meet up with someone, you could use those 5$ better. Why not make the coffee at home and buy something more necessary or that will last longer?

No. 481538

File: 1573232124510.png (148.68 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_o1yhntLXqx1rvdt9…)

i fucking hate gacha games aaaAAAAAAA
my luck with them has been the worst recently :^(

No. 481555

I had an appointment with a potential customer but he stood me up otherwise i wouldnt be there kek. Thought i would treat myself but triggered a series of unfortunate events instead, i had dinner at my parents place so no hope is lost <3 thank you for your kind remarks anon

No. 481560

Wait they Made you pay for one broken glass? The heck

No. 481581

Anon this is so cute!

I feel like in the past few years I've really learned to enjoy gift giving. It used to feel like a chore, but after really finding friends that I click with, it's easier to shop for them and I always eagerly await them being able to open my presents for them. 2 years ago I preordered a fanmade Persona 5 planner for my best friend who loves the series. The order got pushed back so it came after Christmas and just after I got hers, she retweeted something from the makers that they had leftovers to sell so I had to frantically meet up with her to give her the present. The look on her face was amazing!! I wanted to get her a physical copy of someone's BOTW cookbook magazine but it sold out before I could buy it for her…

This is a little weird but I really love putting a lot of effort into wrapping up my gifts for people. I got into using plain brown paper and making slightly intricate folds so it looks crisp and clean, and wrapping it with a twine ribbon or using washi tape/stamps to decorate it. I know most people just rip into wrapping, and I don't mind it if friends just tear into it either, but I really like putting love and care into their gifts all the way to the end. I'm so excited for the holidays to start picking up! Maybe I'll get a wax seal this year to help with sealing off cards and presents!

No. 481591

File: 1573246701141.jpg (16.73 KB, 310x232, 0304551701350528221e870846ae05…)

Been trying to stay off imageboards due to the advice in that stupid gold digger thread on /g/. I've become more "normie" since doing so and can take months off at a time but still haven't been able to quit entirely

No. 481595

that's so great!! i relate a lot, i'm always paranoid my friends will buy whatever i gift them before i have a chance to give it to them!! wrapping is fun too, i'm not so much into intricate wrapping but i bought gift bags today and i'm excited for my local store to start selling wrapping paper so i can wrap the gifts nicely and have it match the bags.

my friends and i are very much into itabags so i've been buying everyone merch for their faves, it's such a good feeling to know i can contribute to their bags and we can all show them off together at our next con. funnily enough majority are persona related, haha.

buying gifts for my family is more difficult but i know what they like now that i'm an adult. actually knowing what people will like and appreciate is such a relief because buying gifts, like yourself, used to be such a chore before because i was buying for people who were ungrateful…

me too lol. i tried to block the site from my iphone settings but then i'd just disable them again and it'd get tedious.

No. 481596

If you meet a rich dude please come back tho and let us know how, anon. kek

No. 481605

File: 1573251644109.jpg (34.85 KB, 500x501, 14536b573c9c6f674bac96ae2b1774…)

I really despise current baby name trends but the trendy unique baby name that pisses me off the most is Maverick. Fucking Maverick. I don't know if people are naming their sons that because they think it sounds cool or if it's supposed to be a direct reference to Top Gun, but that movie was one of my favorites growing up so I've seen it a million times and so I can only associate that word with Top Gun. Look, I have a soft spot in my heart for that movie, but I'd rather die than name my son after a Tom Cruise character in a shitty homoerotic 80s action movie that's literally Navy propaganda.

And here's the thing about Top Gun. When Tom Cruise's character meets Charlie (the love interest) for the first time, he introduces himself as Maverick, and she goes, "Maverick? Did your mother not like you or something?" and he replies that it's just his callsign. Every time I see some white trash person with a toddler named Maverick I think about how even the movie that popularized the name fucking mocked how stupid it sounds as a person's name and it makes me even angrier that someone put fucking Maverick down on their child's birth certificate. God.

No. 481611


No. 481651

Naming your kid Maverick is pretty much a guarantee that they’re going up to be trailer trash

No. 481658

a driver behind me got PISSED when i didn't turn left on the yellow light and instead waited for the next green light with a left turn arrow. the intersection is really busy and it's a friday night, and it only added about 45 seconds onto the light. boo hoo. he beeped and angrily gestured at me, and then when we both turned left he sped up so quickly he nearly rear ended another car, and still ended up at the same red light as me anyway, kek

No. 481664

I love it when I end up at the same red light or stop sign as speedy mcgee lmfao. also I've started giving particularly awful drivers a thumbs-down and it really throws them off because they expect a middle finger. it's like a quietly chaotic experience.

No. 481669

I like Maverick better than some other on trend white-trash names like Gunnar and Jaxon

No. 481674


do american white trash really name their kid gunnar? that's a swedish grandpa name, like not even a boomer one, straight up grandpa tier

No. 481676

File: 1573267774007.png (405.21 KB, 704x646, edit.png)

No. 481681

This isn't me because my bf dumped me for porn

No. 481683

File: 1573269285184.png (304.42 KB, 720x629, t.png)

Most modern female action protagonists suck so much days

No. 481688

just find a porn-free centrist who doesn't use the Internet

No. 481691

If that even exists I'm sure he wouldn't want me

No. 481696

How is this even possible?

No. 481702

I'm not really sure what you mean, but he watched a lot of porn and we got in several arguments about the amount of porn he watched/the type of porn he watched and eventually he just broke up with me over it. It wasn't the only factor in our breakup but it was a big one.

No. 481717

How are they any worse than their male counterparts?

No. 481719

I just wanted to let you girls know this is the cutest and sweetest thing Ive read all day, you guys are so generous. Unfortunately I’m currently a semi neet__ so buying gifts for friends is pretty hard. But it’s honestly something I would really love to do in the future, it sounds really fun and satisfying. Most of my friends are online, but theres something really nice about it being handmade. I’d be a little scared of friends using me for gifts or money though since I’ve had it happen in the past quite a bit.
Also sending handwritten letters and customizing them is something I think about a bit.

No. 481761

The term “doggo” makes me want to barf and I will instantly hate you

No. 481775

Well nothing is free anon, i did drink from that glass so it makes sense…

No. 481783

I feel that way about "oof." People use it because they're too afraid to say anything in depth or go into detail. I see it in discord a lot and have even heard it irl once or twice. It's embarrassing.

No. 481784

all of them are awful. pupper, doggo, snek, so irritating.

No. 481790

nta but no? that stuff at cafes costs peanuts! and your drink cost more than paid for the cost alone.

No. 481791

This image reeks of scroteness.

No. 481792

I don't know why, but I feel that 'this generation will swing conservative to spite those SJW millennial' is the same anon.

No. 481798

Gen Z being right wing has been a talking point for years. I think 2016 was the first time I saw an article about it. It makes sense to me. I can only imagine how much far left bullshit kids are forced to tolerate at school now.

No. 481834

You know right wingers include perfectly sound ideas like feminism and nonracism as being “too much” It’s funny to see this point of view on here.

No. 481836

If they swing right they literally won't be able to retire, own a home, or even get a job. They can go ahead and swing right if they want to.

No. 481838


ntayrt but probably anon is referring to all the transgender bs and "cultural appropriation" and all these dumbass made up concepts that have nothing to do with feminism or actual anti-racism. but you're right in that the alt-shites see even the most basic, innocuous gender neutral, feminist, anti racist just-don't-be-a-dick education as "huuur they are bRaInWaShInG mUh KiDs to be gay cucks" and it's fucking tiring because no real issues are ever going to be solved with this approach. i hate that alt-shites are even seen as some kind of a better alternative (even by women ffs) when they absolutely aren't.

No. 481842

all the anons in the kpop thread saying stuff like "BTShit" unironically make me cringe so incredibly bad. it sounds like a kindergarten insult

No. 481844

Thank you for getting what I was trying to say. I hate rabid idpol shit like most people on here, but I know for a fact that the anti-SJW types are right wing snowflakes that would love to go back to a world where there were no representation and no exposure for anyone that isn’t straight, white, middle class, Christian male. It’s just hilarious seeing women on this site entertain alt right ideas (when they usually don’t) for the silliest of reasons.

Just remember the guys that complain about tranny characters and making characters different races, are the same ones that REE when there are women in their games or when minorities want to play as themselves.

No. 481846

Kind of weird just how much some people foam at the mouth over pop music bands that don't seem to do much different from the American industry in terms of corruption, nepotism, plastic surgery, crash dieting, celebrity scandals, and so on. Obviously I get disliking it, but when it gets extreme it reminds me of when people raged over Twilight/Edward Cullen and Justin Bieber SO much just for being pop culture boys that teenage girls crushed on.

No. 481858

sure wish i was kissing a cute girl right now.

No. 481876

No. 481901

Same x2
The driver who delivered my food was really cute. I wanted to ask for her number but I chickened out.

No. 481908

me too

No. 481918

File: 1573350741254.jpg (94.89 KB, 640x1138, uoeo334vdpx31.jpg)

why do you think its only just white kids doing this, I have seen kids in America from various ethnicities and social classes both male and female take part in anti-idpol stuff because their sick of millennial idpol bullshit

No. 481920

I know this sound paranoid, but I still feel you are 1 anon. Its always 'gen z hates idpol because of milenials. I've seen diverse kids in this too'.

No. 481929

nta but im from a very racially diverse place in north america and most kids i know are anti sjws (mostly boys), girls tend to be torn between sjws and anti sjws. idk about white kids though

No. 481933

yeah, it's interesting. none of my niece's friends can stand idpol shit, they're all gen z. don't get me wrong, they're all super inclusive kids, but they don't like idpol messaging and they look at the people who are trying to sell it to them as pandering and cringe. i think this is bad for future democrats in the us.

i don't think the people who push idpol understand just how offputting they come across. they're seen as racists, oddly enough.

No. 481951

File: 1573357436458.png (483.8 KB, 850x898, uey67yj39.png)

Sorry for attention whoring but I drew board-tan. Just wanted to show love to best XX corner of the internet. Posted in meta but that thread never sees light of day lol

No. 481966

great work Anon!

No. 481968

I love it haha

No. 481988

I love it anon, what software did you use? (if you don't mind me asking)

No. 481992

Seriously anons who think it's only a certain demographic and group of kids need to lurk more. I used to work with children at a middle school and they have many different opinions about current topics. I have a cousin who just entered high school talk to me about gay rights and how she supports gay people and loves rainbows but also talks about how it's weird her teachers are suddenly talking about gender like it's an issue.
I honestly remember in high school it was my first time I've ever had an instance of sexism come up, basically a teacher only calling on guys to help carry some books and a girl got up from her seat and said "I can help!" And the teacher responded "whoops! sorry for being a bit sexist, didn't even realize that. Thank you."
I don't like most people's black and white thinking about politics, you're either super right wing or super left wing and there's practically no in between, which in fact a majority of people are in the gray area. I have a feeling most people who discuss politics and how most people are either "this or that" in the first place are fearmongering autists. They're usually the only ones who bring up the topics like that. Most of us just focus on certain subjects like sexism, feminism, and whatnot.

No. 481995

Super cute, what's the white thing she's holding though? Did I miss a joke?

No. 481999

Shirt. It's scrote pov.

No. 482000

hmmm, but it's pulling him closer. props to whatever anon did this but js it looks like she's almost wistfully pulling him closer while wishing him away. like she almost doesn't want him to leave even though she's claiming she does. i would personally nix the shirt pulling but just my opinion. excellent drawing though and i hope it inspires a bunch of other anons to create some art in the same vein. awesome.

No. 482006

>i don't think the people who push idpol understand just how offputting they come across. they're seen as racists, oddly enough.

Yeah they seem to forget aht 99 percent of the world don't play thier rules or give a shit about the things woke twitterclods cares about

No. 482007

Oh, that's much less cute then… it's not like anons secretly want scrots here so I'm a bit confused.

No. 482008

It's lovely. Great job, anon!

No. 482009

File: 1573376451539.jpg (133.24 KB, 1300x866, 103383423.jpg)

I personally saw it as a threatening gesture, like pic related. Feels like she's saying "Listen, scrote, if you don't get the fuck out of here…".

No. 482010

i understand that it's supposed to be threatening, but it just looks like she's trying to pull him closer because of her grip. and her face is not aggressive enough to really convey that, imo. she just looks sad, like she's battling internal feelings. her face doesn't look angry and she's not gripping the shirt in a tight fisted way like your pic. it almost looks like she's very gently pulling him closer, not threatening him. it gives off very different cues imo.

No. 482017

it looks like she's somewhat pissed at her bf and pulling him closer

No. 482020

Looks good, anon.


Y'all are thinking about this way too much.

No. 482021

I dreamt I was eating my own pussy, woke up a tiny bit disappointed it doesn't work like that irl

No. 482025

Lol anon, if only it were that easy.

No. 482027

tfw no gf

No. 482059

Its pretty fucking amazing how women and black people can just browse 4chan without it grading on them while those fuckers have daily meltdowns over the stupidest shit.

No. 482061

Eh 4chan is mainly populated by Indian or Indian dispora these days, its really not as fun as it used to be

No. 482063

I wish the term "macho bullshit" didn't go away.I remember it being a common phrase throughout the 2000's and even being used in Disney kids show

No. 482065

someone on kiwifarms has an avatar of a trans woman i know irl who i mostly follow for cringe these days. i think i am just going to leave it. i don't think any doxxing was involved just someone using a bad pic.

No. 482079

As an anon who was completely indulged in the early kpop crit threads, a lot of the anons there are resentful former kboos. Maybe because they could never be idols, couldn't move to Korea, their fav idol started dating someone else, or they're bitter about all the time and money they've wasted on kpop (which was me tbh.) When you've truly gotten other hobbies and moved on from kpop, you don't care enough to spend 30+ threads criticizing it.

The milk was golden during the Seungri scandal tho

No. 482091

File: 1573401288210.jpg (13.94 KB, 300x168, 1573161451151.jpg)

No. 482109

The fuck was the point of this video

No. 482117

Never underestimate a person's lack of common sense. While it's obvious to most people that babies cry for different reasons, I've seen parents who shove a bottle or binky in a baby's mouth because they assume that's the only way to get them to shut up. Many parents are terrible at reading cues, or can't be assed. Sad that there needs to be educational videos telling people so, but it's the reality.

No. 482126

I always speed up videos on youtube because I have no patience to watch them.

No. 482127

I need to share this fucking nightmare fuel with somebody. Why, just why?

No. 482142

File: 1573410407783.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 764x430, 34657879080456.webm)

No. 482146

File: 1573411467456.gif (579.21 KB, 540x404, tenor (1).gif)

So Utena was not lying and you can slap someone so hard they fall to the ground…

What the fuck is this degeneracy tho?

No. 482147

Damn does this anime hate weeaboos

No. 482148

Haven't watched the video yet but who wouldn't hate weeaboos

No. 482154

File: 1573413677846.png (97.16 KB, 440x107, Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 2.21…)

what style/theme do you guys use when browsing lolcow? for me, it's keekweek

No. 482158

Darkcow or the original

No. 482173

File: 1573420880719.jpg (50.02 KB, 700x410, NausicaaSaved.jpg)

I just love NVoTW. It's just….
Nausicaa is an examination of the nature of Nature, the place and value of man within the larger context of existence, the ethics of violence on both man and nature, and the horror of war. 1 part Dune, 1 part Lord of the Rings, 1/2 part Dostoevsky, 1/2 part Steinbeck, and 2 parts Earthsea with a particular note of A Wizard of Earthsea (and just general Le Guinn), this series is composed of philosophy, traditional themes explored in non-traditional ways, world-building, feminist elements that go beyond shallow "girl body but like a man" in early 80's Japan, and an epic quest. However, this is not a series for everyone. It seems to be love it or hate it, but for those who find something meaningful, it becomes something they will never forget. The mangaka (author and artist) also undergoes a noticeable change in worldview and outlook that significantly impacts the story and characters creating a real sense of genuine and significant growth. You could read the whole thing in six hours but you won't want to. You will likely find yourself contemplating things the series merely suggest or briefly touches on. This 1000 page epic took 12 years to create and stands as one of the pinnacles of the medium. It is worth the $40 bucks to buy the large hardbacks if you have the disposable funds to experience this series in a high-quality format.

Many consider the first half to be a little slow in the same way many people consider Lord of the Rings to be a little slow. I didn't find either slow so I guess I am not able to comment on this, but I would like to say that I had a very unique and meaningful experience with this series. When I think about what I consider to be the best of the best or a "masterpiece" in it's medium I fall back on one thing. A certain indescribable something more that presents itself more as an emotional sense of deeper satisfaction or a state of mind that leads to serious introspection and intellectual musing. As pretentious as this sounds, I believe that most of you will understand what I mean. When you experience something truly great you understand it by the impact it has on you and your mental life. By its ability to transcribe its "feeling", or "atmosphere", and its themes into your mind in such a way that you can't help but ponder and remember them at the oddest of times. This manga is one of those things for me and many others.

If you are skeptical about the merit of comics, read it. If you read comics but are skeptical about the merits of manga, read it. If you are a fan of literary fiction, read it. If you are a fan of fantasy fiction, read it. If you are a fan of sci-fi fiction, read it. If you want to read ecological fiction, read it. If you are a fan of Miyazaki's movies, read it because this is by far his magnum opus. In short, I think many people will find something to appreciate in this manga that will be deeper than they expected.

If nothing else, you will get a very Japanese influenced perspective on war (very visible post-atomic bomb thoughts) and the idea of empire (yes, that bit is ironic) that is very rare in modern western stories. It also has a very interesting analysis of pacifism that goes beyond the usual naivety found in stories with the theme. All in all, you should do yourself a favor and buy the box set. If you absolutely hate it you can donate it to your local library and assure yourself that you are at least doing God's work, and then ask for a donation receipt and claim it on your taxes as a charitable deduction.

No. 482180

Thank u anons uwu
pirated photoshop lol

No. 482181

girtalk but love keekweek as well!

No. 482182

File: 1573422152218.png (10.63 KB, 564x100, girltalk.png)

girltalk only. easy on my eyes and i like the color

No. 482183

This anime is great!

No. 482184

Darkcow in public, Yotsuba at home

No. 482200

has anyone got caught browsing before? a random male co-worker of my roommates caught me once and obviously got excited because he thought I was on 4chan. I didn't want to tell him I was and encourage further conversation so I was honest but I felt like I betrayed the girls club and/or outed myself as a lunatic

No. 482209

god, similar story. my lab mate thought it was 4chan and also got all giddy about it. probably should've said yes but instead I said "ehh.. something similar, yeah" in the most unconvincing way ever kek

No. 482219

that slap was so strong I could felt it from the computer screen

No. 482225

It pisses me off when places like FA or incel forums make 'it makes me angry this bad person has more friends than me'. Like shouldn't you read it as "if this asshole could get a gf, so could I". I mean thats how I see it

No. 482250

I accidentally said "no, lolcow" when a guy asked me if I was on 4chan. Big mistake. First he cringed, then he told a huge chunk of my friend group so they could cringe.

No. 482255

the jungle theme because I like bananas….

No. 482268

This is why you use pink or black or banana theme lol I don’t want people to know I’m on lc but I’d die if they thought I was a 4channer in a retarded “one of us” way

No. 482287

Based banana theme

No. 482321

Excellent writeup, anon. I hope this convinces someone to check out Nausicaa because it’s really as great as you said and deserves more recognition.
Maybe post this in the manga thread?

No. 482323

I feel so horribly awkward, I thought I was home alone but my sister was home the entire time….

No. 482340

No. 482343

why are people so jealous/salty towards blue eyes?

No. 482346

Oh boy anon, let's hope you didn't do anything too embarrassing

No. 482350

File: 1573479410463.jpg (44.22 KB, 828x1472, ok.jpg)

She posted this yesterday, she must be a farmer or someone sent her. I ain't the one saying my ex had incest with his mom like you, lol bye

No. 482356

because they're univesally seen as more desirable. dumb question anon. same reason people are jealous of other conventionally pretty traits.

No. 482361

I started watching Bernadette Banner recently on youtube, and I think she's really fun to watch, but I can't stop thinking about her apartment and how fucking expensive her rent must be. I love the floor to ceiling windows and beautiful view of living right in (what I assume is) midtown in Manhattan, but holy fuck woman how much do you get paid to afford that?

I don't want to look too much into it because I know it'll come off as stalkerish, but just looking through the views of one of her most recent videos, I keep trying to pinpoint the area where she's at so I can gauge rent range. I mean, knowing wouldn't really affect my life or change the fact that she can afford a nice apartment in this expensive shithole, but fuck I just wanna know. I think she's roughly around my age which makes me feel fucking awful that I'm not where she's at lol.

No. 482362

you know, say what you will about the kardashians but i think it's great that they chose kris over bruce. god knows with all this troonery they must be facing a lot of pressure to back him up. it seems like they really dislike him, kek. even the youngest ones chose kris. really good that they stuck together. i wish kim never got with that fucking loser kanye. he's so gross and i think she's a lot better than him.

No. 482365

nayrt but I'm going to keep this in mind when I finally get my license lol

No. 482375

It's past Halloween but for months I've been feeling really nostalgic due to hard times and this song has been stuck in my head. I used to love these movies when I was a kid.

No. 482380

I love this.

No. 482381

File: 1573489005972.png (8.21 KB, 1149x107, okk.PNG)

I can't imagine being an incel and leaning right is a good thing. Like imagine when the neo-nazis and tradthots take over you identify as someone who 'can't get laid because of their bad genetics'. I bet the fourth reich will be extremely accepting of nose-cels and circumcised-cels.
They should join libfems, because they are really accepting of 'I'm a reformed MRA. I've joined feminism and it's male activism parts'.. Instead of bitching about 'we don't have an acceptance' movement make one

No. 482411

Our cat had a kitten a few days ago and stopped producing milk. I'm beyond stressed with all of this and so fucking tired.

No. 482423

you've probably already looked into this, but they do sell kitten/cat milk at pet stores. hope you and your kitties are okay

No. 482424

The Creepy Male Sub in my DMs: The "Thrilling" Conclusion, by T. Samefag

>mess with this guy for a few days, get bored and annoyed

>time to pull out the big guns
>"If you want to be my slave, you have to stop watching porn"
>his reply: "(frown emoji) buh-buh-but I need to watch porn every three hours…"
>"That's an addiction, you need to stop."
>his reply: "It would be easier to stop if you'd beat me every time I relapse wink"
>goodbye forever

TLDR: Who could have predicted that a man who DMs his weird BDSM fantasies to random women would turn out to be a late-stage coomer? Not I.

No. 482425

Yea, I'll be buying some tomorrow + syringes just in case. She's a new mom so it might take her a bit to figure it all out.

No. 482428

You absolutely fucked up by giving him free wank fodder for several days without getting him to even donate to a useful charity in the process. Weak.

No. 482431

I wasn’t giving him wank fodder, I was deliberately boring him and trying to get him to piss off. He never would have spent a penny on anything unless I DID give him wank fodder, which I wasn’t ever going to do.

No. 482432

File: 1573501640667.png (919.22 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20191111-194354~2.p…)

I scrolled past this on /ot/ and it reads as an Onision level of predatory. Who is lurking on the accounts of mentally ill 15 year olds waiting until they turn old enough to bitch about here? I don't even need to read the Ana thread to know it's already cancer

No. 482433

i'm 19 why the fuck do i have a mom bod

No. 482434

That thread is full of people trying to find evidence for shooping and accusing their "cows" of claiming to be sicker than they actually are, like "she isn't even thaaat skinny"… Most of them are clearly ana-chans themselves who are competing/bragging.

No. 482436

Onision wants to fuck little girls idiot, if that’s the ~same level~ as nitpicking munchie cows then you’re clinically retarded. Ana thread is just cows self posting and other anachans who want a medal for not attention whoring online.
Maybe work out? Love yourself binch >>482434
These skeletors really be shooping themselves skinnier. Farmers aren’t calling them fat, don’t be dense.

No. 482438

Jesus… lc needs to let these teens pass their phase peacefully. Most of them will get help by the time they're an adult and regret what they did. I think minors on lc should only be mentioned in extreme cases in which they've already made public figures of themselves cough Stell Bell cough. Farmers don't seem to remember that teens deal with issues such as imaginary audience and personal fable which makes them susceptible to cow behavior and they really shouldn't be posted.

No. 482439

Smoothies are actually pretty good, I have to say. Maybe next week I will try putting in some vegetables!

No. 482443

Tonnes of self posts too, ana chans are honestly the worst. They love attention and validation for being thin and are so competitive with other girls.

No. 482444

He rates and nitpicks teens in his videos, often waiting until girls are just old enough that he can be legally ok for doing so. Same energy.

No. 482447

Fuzk you

No. 482477

Nigga he waits to legally fuck them, he doesn't wait to make fun of 13/14 year olds. He publicly blasts children in front of hundred of thousands of followers. Point out to me the rating and nitpicking of bodies in the thread? Your post is big dumb energy.

No. 482584

this video is so cute

No. 482601

procrastinated the fuck out of a big research paper i had to do but i powered through it all day and cranked out like 4k words. i was hyped up on caffeine too and set the autocorrect to grab every last annoying little mistake. i’m trying to kiss ass and prove to my professors that i truly give a shit. they’re really understanding and encouraging but i don’t know any of the higher ups and i’m expected to meet with two of them soon over my spotty attendance at the beginning of the year. not really a vent cause i’m only half worried anything bad will happen and not really worthy of a brag since assignments should be completed well before 7 hours short of the deadline (kek) sage for rambling and no1curr get a diary anon

No. 482684

Drunk girls are so endearing sometimes

No. 482696

Is greg/onion the worst cow ever on here?

No. 482704

Not sure, Miranda is pretty shitty too and now she's spreading ISIS propaganda.

No. 482706

This is so freaking accurate, a guy in my office is at best a solid 6 in appearance and he's actually a pretty nice guy but he's nothing incredible either but all the other guys are so dumpy looking that he ends up being the best looking guy in the office

No. 482708

this is too true. i sometimes think i have a crush on my coworker but then i realise that the only thing that makes him attractive is that he's the only male there round my age kek

No. 482711

when I was younger and on Deviantart one of the first people I met on the site was a pretty big CSI fan and drew self insert fanart, I also knew someone who was pretty obsessed with Ty from Extreme Makeover Home Edition and drew self insert fanart with them

still wonder what happened to them from time to time

No. 482712

File: 1573580180264.gif (579.83 KB, 304x224, disappointed.gif)

If I buy a scented candle named "Sea Breeze" or "Pure Nature", I expect it to smell like salt water or pine trees and dirt after rain, not like, idk, laundry detergent or some shit. Why would a forest smell like fresh sheets?

At least the "Strawberry Milkshake" smells somewhat like strawberries.

No. 482719

yeah this is lovely, and i love drunk girls in bar/club bathrooms. once a girl was crying in a stall so i knocked and asked if she was okay, she let me in and told me her bf broke up with her. she had a rant and cried some more before she thanked me for listening to her, took off her fake eyelashes and cupped them in my hands as if they were a precious stone. they were very tacky but it was a very sweet, very drunk gesture of thanks haha.

No. 482732

I need money so fucking bad, I’m half considering becoming a twitch thot. I’m not ugly, so I’ve got that going for me. But I am an extremely private person due to my own mental health issues. Is it even possible to be a twitch thot without your personal info seeping out into the public? I’m also not passionate about streaming or even playing video games. My ex was a pro player so I have some insider info on starting a stream/being successful on twitch. I know bitter incels would just love to smear me for starting a streaming career solely for the money, so I’m a bit paranoid. But I’m also in a desperate situation, that I’d rather not discuss, but it’s one that inhibits me from getting another job. Streaming would be ideal, though I’ve also considered (and decided against) being a cam girl. I know I sound soulless but my financial situation has kind of stripped away my values and morals. I know I’m rambling but any advice would be appreciated, if I can’t figure something out soon, it literally will be the death of me.

No. 482769

Your story made me laugh but tear up at the same time, that's so beautiful. Did you keep them?

Anon I say this with compassion but everything you have said points to Twitch being a terrible fit for you, or at best just a waste of time. It sounds like getting out of the house and working a normal job really would be the best, but if there's absolutely no way that you can leave the house then instead try to look into remote customer service work. I really do advise that you find a way to pick out some work outside of your home, it's also better in the long run to have some extra work history and not develop more mental health issues from being a recluse.

No. 482779

Get a normal job, that way you'll have something tangible to show for your effort. No one will care that you were a Twitch streamer, and the moment you stop being a pleasing eye candy is the second the money dries up. It's volatile and not good for your mental health, every twitch thot I've seen struggles for money and are miserable bitches when they're not pretending to be perky for their orbiters. Don't do it.

No. 482824

Someone is flooding the 'unconventional male attractions thread' on /g/ with creepy images and now I'm scared to go back lmao

No. 482826

Why is it shoops of that one guy

No. 482830

Idk and I dont even know who that guy is

No. 482833

What does "t." mean? I see some anons using it and I have no idea what it means.

No. 482844

I just saw the scat









probably one of the salty, jealous idiots who shat up the thread before

No. 482853

It's an abbreviation for the Finnish expression "terveisin" which means "regards". Like when you're signing a letter, "regards [your name/title]".
t. Finn

No. 482872

I was shitting in the bathroom at a gas station and took a while and my boyfriend came in asking if I was okay and as he came in my turd dropped I want to die

No. 482889

Omg don't feel bad, I think you guys should be comfortable hearing each other fart and pee and poop. Especially if this is a long term relationship, you're gonna move into a house with them one day and you'll hear it ALL lol.
My boyfriend actually sharted himself not even a month into us dating. I'm glad we were at his house, that would've been terrible.

No. 482906

File: 1573630453634.png (331.33 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_2019-11-12-22-16-28…)

State of Fear is a book by Michael Crichton, I went to the Wikipedia page and apparently someone has been shitposting lmao…

No. 482959

I'm always late to the party

No. 482960

I've lived with my bf for years and I've never heard him shit once. And even after he does (he brings his phone to the bathroom, which is gross to me but besides the point) it barely even smells. How can someone poop and not have it smell at all? We have the same diet and my poops smell awful.

No. 482964

File: 1573648475128.png (261.09 KB, 507x457, la la land.PNG)

reminds me of this one

No. 482972

rofl i love this

No. 482975

Just flush the water as soon as you pooped.

No. 482988

I'm jealous of anyone who can orgasm from squeezing their thighs together.

No. 482992

File: 1573657998615.png (1.2 MB, 1009x680, dog coa.PNG)

Just spent $45 on two winter coats for my dog, fuck me. She hates clothing, but she's old and was even crying after I picked her up after her walk this morning from how chilly it was, so I bought the coats for her own good (and my own selfish need because I love seeing pets in clothes lol).

I got this one and another one that has arm holes to see which one she'll like the fit of more, but I also really like this one because I think she's going to look so cute and fashionable in it lol. I saw a really cute maroon cable knit sweater that I wanted for her too, but the fucking thing was $40 alone. I'm balking at the price, but I also wish I was rich enough to afford it.

No. 482995

Male and female bodies work a little differently, even while digesting. My bfs bathroom visits don't smell, while mine do, including my pee even though all I drink is water.

No. 482997

Somehow I scored a date on tinder with one of those grungy metalhead types, who looks like he's trying to imitate Kurt Cobain. I'm giving him a chance because I'm bored out of my mind but I'm giggling at the fact that 17 old me would be extastic over a guy like this. Taste really does change.

No. 483003

File: 1573661812379.jpeg (80.41 KB, 1000x666, 1000.jpeg)

So apparently they now have the AI that can identify you just by how you walk. Even if you wear different shoes like heels that can change how you walk or if you try to walk funny on purpose. Shit's going too far.

No. 483014

Researching my family history has been so cool and I've managed to get a whole two generations earlier than my grandmother was able to tell me about. Marriage documents are especially cute. I've reached as far as I think I can go though and it's kind of driving me crazy. Asked my bf if I could research his family but the records from where his family are from are nowhere near as good and he didn't start off with as much information as I did.

I'm just itching to do more.

No. 483015

Im female and my shit doesnt smell usually, its probably some digestive disease you have

No. 483016

This has to be bait. kek

No. 483019

File: 1573668515177.jpg (149.46 KB, 768x432, 1485781786-9550-card.jpg)

The cyberpunk future is getting too real.

No. 483021

File: 1573669271756.png (43.39 KB, 1156x355, yeahhh.PNG)

Wikipedia edit history is a goldmine

No. 483023


Or you're just so used to it that you don't smell it. All shit smells fyi.

No. 483036

So much disdain for anyone that works on projects like this. God blessed you with prodigious intelligence, and a strong work ethic, and a one in a million society that doesn't treat you like a slave so you could make the world better. Instead you develop something that really only helps out fascists and creeps.

No. 483038

Not that it doesnt smell but nothing out of the ordinary, male shit smells just as bad, just giving anon a heads up that she should check that shit out

No. 483041

File: 1573674742844.png (597.89 KB, 626x582, 1572739611835.png)

I've been noticing quite a lot of lesbian farmers in some /ot/ threads lately, posting about >tfwnogf or thirsting after tall/muscular women. Not complaining about it at all because I'm one of them, it's just funny how there's been an increase of those posts during the last few days.
Winter is approaching and lesfarmers want the warmth of a gf.

No. 483042

File: 1573674744491.png (214.22 KB, 287x398, 16C03C7E-D467-4CB6-8552-E63547…)

I’m an idiot and made an error, then reposted it in the wrong thread. Hope third times the charm! I am in this crowdfunding Facebook group that is a 'blessings' type group called
Give Me Your Money'. People make posts asking each other for money for all sorts of requests. Things typically get funded if you're well received in the group or if you have a good enough sob story. Sometimes someone's lunch will get funded. It is the most popular and infamous crowd-funding group on Facebook from what I'm seeing. I've lurked in it for a few months and it's absolute insane how the dynamics work. There is a few subgroups that you have to pay to get into, one being subscription based. The two married creators of the group actually make a living by the mandatory moderator tips from member funding and selling of limited group affiliated merchandise drops. The drops are numbered pins that one of the creators draws up and will sell batches of 3-500 and will sell out. I only know about these because group members will re-sell these pins in the group and gain a profit of up to hundreds of dollars. There is this 'No True Scotsman' mob mentality - every couple of days there is a massive call out post for someone saying a joke, questioning something, or Facebook reacting a certain way. This will happen to who used to be extremely well received members, everyone will jump on the stomping grounds in hopes that they will be the next big members as they get funded faster. Some members will get banned for ten dollars that anyone can pay for, and the higher tier members who donated $10 to get in the higher tier can only be banned for $100 that is crowdfunded from the group. This money goes to the mods and admins. $100 bans happen all the time, and they get funded extremely quickly. The group admins will deny that this is truly what the group is about, that it's a community, but it's basically the milkiest drama group I've ever been in. The admins themselves are drama-whores but nobody will dare call them out as they don't want to be kicked out. There have been banned members who have threatened violence to the admins and made other Facebook groups to talk about their experience within this one. There are enough screenshots and drama to make it's own thread, but I think it's way too obscure and I'd probably be the only one providing them. Pic related as it is a pin that has been re-sold for $1000 to $2000 within the group.

No. 483043

Sat down for a quick poop at work and heard my phone at the front desk go off. I only just sat down so I quickly put my pants back on and ran out to the phone only for it to stop ringing when I got there. I waited a bit to see if they would call back and they didn't so I went back to the bathroom. Sat down, start going about my business and then the damn phone starts ringing!! By the time I get out (after washing my hands of course) it stops ringing again. God dammit!!

No. 483044

This sounds fucking amazing. Rather than making a thread, do you think you could drop some screenshots of some of your favorite instances in the personal lolcow thread or something?

No. 483048

File: 1573676494868.jpeg (642.17 KB, 1125x2738, CCE03D7A-58A6-4810-A225-C59755…)

I thought about posting it there, but I was unsure if it would even fit considering it’s a group as a whole that is lolcow worthy vs. one individual person alone. Screenshot is one of the co-founders who had a spat with an ex member. I’ll try to find my old screenshots of when they actually threatened violence.

No. 483049

I adore Bernadette Banner but yeah her apartment probably expensive as fuck. Pretty impressive she makes enough money to afford it doing what she does.

No. 483050

I bought a 12 lb bag of brown rice from Costco a few months ago and only opened it twice since then and I just found a ton of tiny bugs in it. I feel like a dumbass and I can’t tell if it’s my fault or if I bought it like this but I swear I sealed it tight every time I used it and I couldnt find any bugs nearby, even in another bag of rice right next to it that my roommate left open. I also have a few bites on my arms and hands that I’m now realizing most likely came from the bugs in the rice and now I’m just bummed and feeling like a dumbass for having to waste 12 pounds of rice.

No. 483051

I was on a trip for a bit and forgot my allergy medicine. Didn't think it was a huge deal since I'd skipped a few days before by accident and was fine, but I was wrong and it's turned out to be a huge fucking deal. My eyes were so watery and itchy that I kept scratching at them - no OTC medicine helped - and I wound up tearing like, all of my right eye's bottom lashes out in sheer frustration. Now, a few days later, my eye is all red and swollen. I woke up with it nearly swollen shut and had a panic attack, so that was great. I got the swelling to go down and my eye looks mostly okay (def still swollen on the bottom tho), but it's visibly red and irritated. It hurts like a bitch and I can feel a little bump forming in one of the spots where I tugged an eyelash out. My mom's an NP and told me it's probably just a stye, but I'm freaking out because it's apparently like a freaking pimple near my eye?? And now that I think about it, this is actually the exact same pain I feel when I'm getting cystic acne on my face. I guess I just have to wait it out and use some warm compresses and stuff, but it hurts and I hate it. I wish I had just left my eyelashes alone since I guess it was the bacteria on my nails getting into the gland that caused this? Anyway, this really sucks and I want to cry but crying just makes it hurt worse. Fuck.

No. 483054

The good news is that probably weevil bug eggs were already inside the rice grains when you bought them.
The bad news is that it's possible they've gone and cross contaminated your entire cupboard.
The good news is the rice would still be edible. You'd just want to wash them off with boiling water beforehand.
The bad news is that this is not a pleasant process for those with a weak stomach.

No. 483055

Rice bugs…yeesh.
So I know this sounds like I wear a pan on my head, but the only reason I knew about rice bugs was because some farmer came on here and sperged about rice a few years ago. It completely spooked me into checking my rice from then on.
I remember going into my kitchen at 2am after reading rice can have bugs and ripping open my bag to pick through it. Lo and behold, I found a couple of those suckers (although my ex at the time thought I was going native).

To prevent them from hatching and multiplying, dump your rice into an airtight glass jar. I bought a giant one from Wommart for like $12. The act of pouring out the rice from the bag helps catch bugs that are already in there. Also, I wash my rice every time now. Sometimes bad grains that contain the bugs float to the surface or look discolored, so I discard those.
Like >>483054 said, your rice is edible and you won't get sick from the bugs. It just sucks to know that you're probably eating some bugs.

No. 483056

I did a little more sleuthing and I think I found the building she's in and it looks like rent for a studio is roughly around $3k, and a one bedroom ranges from 4-6k.

I'm extremely jealous, especially since she's in the creative field and my image has always been that apartments like hers can only be afforded by wall street execs, but I wish her all the best because she's clearly amazing at what she does.

No. 483061

The autists who have been sperging nonstop about the national dex shit for the new pokemon games really need to take a chill pill. It's incredibly obvious that the reason they can't include all 1000+ pokemon is because the switch is piece of shit console that cant handle it. Everyone's whining about the new games having performance issues - so has almost every single big switch game. BOTW ran like ass, had terrible fps and looked like shit if played on anything bigger than the switch screen, for example.

>but-but they datamined all the models!!! they're just using moon and sun graphics! gamefreak lied!!!!

Yeah because I'm sure they DID want to include every pokemon and quickly realized the cereal box console they were developing for couldn't handle it.

No. 483062

Thank you so much, I didn’t even think it was a real problem, I just assumed I left it open. I’m even taking an intro entomology class at uni this quarter and I didn’t recognize this bug, guess I gotta study harder. Still not sure what the bites are from because apparently rice weevils don’t bite humans but now I don’t have to worry about buying food for awhile.

No. 483064

Buy some diatomaceous earth or boric acid to lightly sprinkle around cracks and corners of your home, and around your bedframe/on your mattress. Not the above anons but I was dealing with some mystery bug bites every night (not bed bugs) but after sprinkling DE all over my bed it helped stopped it. Hopefully the bites will stop!

I've gotten those weevil bugs in my flour before, they all suffocated since I put all my flour into a mason jar but seeing the little maze patterns of them eating through it made my skin crawl.

No. 483088

File: 1573693362588.jpeg (437.99 KB, 1536x1542, DC05AC08-DDE2-4755-9420-C0A971…)

This person has since privated but this tweet still shows for me, it’s a shame I can’t save the video but it’s ridiculously nitpicky. Some shit about a shadow, characters being culled off/not showing up past a certain distance, and some shit about slowdown that, even with an example, I don’t see how it detracts from gameplay. Of course he’s some scrote. What a fucking crybaby.

No. 483089

>breath of the wild ran like ass

thank you. I hated the high praise that game got. It can't even handle anything about 30 FPS. And i cant imagine the breakdowns if they tried to get 1,000 pokemon in the dex.

No. 483092

I mean maybe it has to do with the fact you're smelling your shit while you make it and chances are you won't be able to smell shit until someone left the bathroom

No. 483093

The best bit is that they're all going to buy the fucking game anyway. They might hold out at launch but give it a few days and the FOMO will be too strong to resist.

No. 483106

File: 1573702344145.jpg (128.26 KB, 532x577, wooloo.jpg)

It's still a bad call, IMHO. If it couldn't handle the models they should have Nintendo Switched back to using sprites instead. Maybe even marketed the design choice as retro. Though what do they care what I think when I won't buy a Switch or a Pokemon game regardless? Autists will buy anything so they deserve the shit they get.

No. 483107

I accidentally ate 90g of fiber yesterday and I still feel like I may die.

No. 483109

No. 483111

it plays better on wii U tbh

No. 483114

Her family is probably loaded.

No. 483121

Lmao this.

How can anons possibly think that this person is self-made? She was a nobody as of 2017, and she isn't that popular to be making the thousands off social media to be living in such a place even if you account for the past year. She's no low-born either to even take on fashion as a profession.
She reeks of mummy and daddy's money, and good on her too.

No. 483130

If they reverted to sprites people would whine about that too, especially since Let's Go is 3D. GF literally can't win. They can't disparage the Switch openly for a number of reasons either, so they just have to make excuses and tolerate the abuse from their overgrown toddler fanbase.

No. 483134

I hate that these idiots are only showing wireframes of the models because those are literally one of the only things you can salvage in models. It doesn't say anything about the rest of the model, like reprogramming animations, making sure the limbs are all correct, recreating/converting textures, and so much more. They said they moved their work to a different program with a lighting feature they liked, so there's no doubt half of the stuff they did with the models was entering in data, translating programming language, and converting file types. This is probably where they ran into the issue with not using every single Pokemon.
Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu was higher quality because they only had to deal with the 153 Pokemon and like 80% of the game, such as the story, majority of levels, and characters, was done with and ready to programed.
Sword and Shield had lots of brainstorming involved and developer asking the team to make changes. I have no doubts they probably started Sword and Shield before Let's Go and put it on the back burner when Masuda changed his mind and wanted them to work on a Yellow reboot for some quick cash.

No. 483135

True, it would be more about minimizing the PR damage than removing it entirely, and vocal incels will rage regardless. It's just my hunch that most players would prioritize being able to play with more of their digital babies over having a scant few of them that look slightly prettier. To back this theory up I'd point to how the visually amazing, but not backwards compatible Ruby and Sapphire versions sold poorly as well.

No. 483155

I just discovered a guy I was interested in has a shit-ton of books about military strategy at his apartment, he didn't seem like one of those types and never once mentioned anything about History

No. 483157

And being interested in military history is a bad thing? It least he isn't invested in anything explicitly misogynistic and racist.

No. 483158


these guys often turn out to be altright faggots so if he has excessive ww2 books in general, beware. it's always ww2 too because they really like nazis

No. 483161

Link's Awakening had shitty performance too and I noticed fps problems even with Let's Go. But I haven't seen ANYONE talk about that. Everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon to rip a game they haven't even played (but surely will because autism) to shreds without stopping to consider that maybe it's the garbage hardware that's the problem, not GameFreak.

No. 483162

Ah okay. Yeah that makes sense. I was assuming she meant more Ancient/Medieval stuff, which is what I'm used to seeing from being around nerds.

No. 483177

his collection seems to be a mix of modern and Medieval war stuff, also a lot of books about Sikhism as well

No. 483182

I've been really interested in mending and embroidery for a while and I occasionally give super small workshops about it at my workplace. When searching for documentation to help structure my speech I'm finding more and more books and patreon pages of people who seems to be like… Not very skilled at it, but good at marketing themselves. There's this chick who has a book and gives regular workshops at fancy places for like $50 and it baffles me because she's not very good at all, skimming thru her book she seems to cater to utter beginners, and frankly she doesn't have a lot of taste (think tacky pinterest mom). But she seems to have industry contacts and a good graphic designer.
I feel like I'm tinfoiling but I feel like people like this are only on this bandwagon because it got popular in recent years. To me it doesn't make any sense to preach about sustainability and then act like you need to pay for a class about it as if everything wasn't available online. I feel like it's taking advantage of people who aren't too internet/trends savvy, and it's yet another way to make eco-living seem like a rich people's thing. Bitch if you have a needle and thread you can repair your clothes, you don't need to buy a whimsical book and meet the author.

I've seen a lot of sashiko artist also charge big bucks for their classes which I understand a little more since they're artisans and it's a rare trade in the West but whew. I recently saw a Japanese sashiko artist I follow post about his frustration on people appropriating the word sashiko because it's trendy but not respecting the tradition of it or researching its cultural value, and that it made him feel like he has to specify his sashiko is Japanese sashiko so he won't be misunderstood. Which I understand since as I said some people are obviously jumping on the bandwagon but it also makes me feel guilty talking about sashiko techniques despite never getting trained by a proper artist, which I couldn't afford anyways…

Weird post I know but I don't have needle and thread friends to sperg to

No. 483186

i love this, anon!
your style is so cute too

No. 483194

File: 1573736031906.jpg (36.43 KB, 404x480, ohohocat.jpg)

ive seen the too increase and joined myself
it's like a feeling of solidarity

No. 483202

for some reason, those posts always crack me up whenever i see them. keep doing what you're doing, anons.

No. 483206

>if you have a needle and thread you can repair your clothes, you don't need to buy a whimsical book and meet the author.

You should set up a social media and spin that exact ethos into your image. People like to see a genuine and skilled person more than a shill. At the least you might be able to connect to others that are interested in learning but can't access the pay per view patreon communities

No. 483218

I just found my Gaia account from 2008 and I'm reading through old messages where I pretended to be a teenage boy to flirt with girls online. Man the internalized homophobia was real, I'm laughing my ass off. This is peak cringe. Thank God I never used my real name for any of this old Internet shit.

No. 483221

I made a kik account YEARS ago for some cringey shit and prompted deleted it in less than a day. Just this morning I got an email from kik (checked the address and 99% sure its official) with the subject line as 'Deactivate your account' and it spooked me because I haven't… done anything? I haven't had the app on my phone in years and forgot I ever even used it. I wonder if it's just an automated email from lack of usage, or if someone got into my account and deactivated it.

No. 483224

File: 1573745326886.png (74.31 KB, 185x275, 44435.png)

This, it feels nice to relate to the other lesbian farmers.

I certainly will. My thirst can't be stopped.

No. 483249

yo i may just be retarded or just naive as all hell but like are thigh high pics considered sexual?

No. 483253

They look like the kind of pantyhose you wear garters with, garters being lingerie thus associated with being sexual.
If you want to look at it from the weeb angle, they're linked to the concept of "zettai ryouiki", which means absolute territory and is a retarded idea that the smaller the gap between the tight highs and the skirt, the sexier it is, because you only catch glimpses of that skin. And with the recent "thicc" trend, they got even more sexualized with the fact they create a little muffin top if you have any flesh in your thighs.

Thigh highs are mostly uncomfortable and don't really make sense as a garment to keep you warm so it's not very hard to understand why they look fetishy tbh.

No. 483259

File: 1573751406083.jpg (105.22 KB, 640x640, original.jpg)

I think it just depends. Like if it's something like pic, I don't think many people would find it sexual. Like the other anon said, they could look like lingerie, but I think that really depends on the design. People into like DDLG and stuff like that really like thigh highs, so if the design is really childish, or light colored, then it might be mistaken for something sexual. I wouldn't worry to much about though.

No. 483263

Can we talk about this dumb girl who moved in with me and my bf? I just thought she was socially awkward or even autistic but then the milk started rolling in:

>25 years old, still in college

>Doesn't brush her hair or wear makeup
>Went to a music festival by herself due to barely having any friends
>Never had a proper partying phase so she still thinks it's cool to go out drinking and do drugs
>Is convinced having a fwb is ok, which is really sad
>Thinks she is so cool for being addicted to traveling
>Is jealous of me for having a nicer lolita wardrobe even though I don't work and didn't graduate college
>Can't find a job after college, so she is "working" for the Peace Corps, probably in attempt to fulfill her travel addiction

Honestly this girl is one of the saddest people I've met in my life.

No. 483264

It's looks like a combo of infantile and sexual. I don't get the appeal at all.

No. 483266

is this a joke post? lmao. she sounds a little immature, maybe, but otherwise like a normal person? i don't get it.

No. 483268

Yeah, I don't see how any of this is 'milk'.

No. 483269

Ha, you should meet me anon. I'm worse.

No. 483270

>Is jealous of me for having a nicer lolita wardrobe even though I don't work and didn't graduate college

lmao, you seem kind of cringe if that bothers you anon. who cares if she wants your wardrobe, if anything you should be complimented that she likes it.

No. 483271

/cgl/: the post

No. 483273

Are you autistic? None of this is normal.

I think it's funny. kek

No. 483275

Does anybody else have one specific go-to song that they sing whenever they're happy or am I just dumb? I don't know how it started but whenever I'm in a great mood I always start singing New York, New York by Frank Sinatra to myself. It's like an automatic reflex now, if something good happens to me I instantly hear "START SPREADING THE NEWS" in my head. Please tell me I'm not alone in this and also share your good mood songs with me.

No. 483280

so she is lonely and probably depressed judging by her inability to brush her hair (she doesn't wear make-up??? Oh, the horror!). From the post it seems that you are the cow and a cunt to boot. Are you scared that she will steal your bf or what? lmfao

No. 483281

Get a load of this girls roommate - who is absolutely average and normal from what this post describes.

No. 483282

me too. praise you by fatboy slim makes me feel giddy inside. i usually find myself whistling or humming it when i'm happy.

No. 483287

>None of this is normal.
Anon you need to get outside more, this is concerning how sheltered you are

No. 483291

You're the saddo anon.
Like omg I can't believe a girl likes to travel and don't wear makeup. How horrible.

No. 483295

File: 1573755710476.png (214.38 KB, 867x506, weird.PNG)

The inside of 3d model heads are scary

No. 483297

She sounds kind of cool actually, I admire her courage to go to a music festival alone. I’d definitely want to be her friend instead of yours, I hope she moves out ASAP and makes some friends so she can get away from such a bitter cunt like you. Congrats on having it all figured out, I guess?

No. 483309

The fact that you think still being in college when you're 25 is milk… What do you think about people going back to college past their 30s or 40s? lol She sounds like me and my friends when we were learning how to be an adult and going through college, I wish I could befriend her. Also, good on her for "working" for peace corps. What they do isn't easy and I hope she finds the experience to be fulfilling.

You sound like a cunt anon.

No. 483313

Oh hey, I remember you. What this crazy hate-boner you have for your roommate? She sounds as normal as they come.

No. 483315

File: 1573758728787.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7[1].jpg)

>She travels
>She goes out with friends
>She attends music festivals
>I don't work and didn't graduate college
I'm guessing you're bitter about her being independent and being able to travel. Sad!. Many such cases.

No. 483319

I guess she should be more like you and shack up with some guy who needs a roommate because he's not man enough to front the rent alone, while being a NEET who doesn't do anything and travels no place.

You're the one with the sad and unfulfilling life. Mirror check.

No. 483321

I know people have told you off already and I’m probably just beating a dead horse but…Your bf probably wants to fuck her. Men love women who are social and adventurous, even if they’re less physically good looking. Happiness is attractive. Jealousy and bitterness is not.

I wish I could be more like that girl instead of a sad jealous NEET like you

No. 483331

The funniest part is that she admits she dropped out of college and doesn't have a job, yet still is mocking her roommate for being a 25 year old getting her degree and working for the Peace Corps. I smell jealousy and bitterness, lmao

No. 483332

irl people are always more considerate of very young women (cuz aesthetically pleasing) and also very old women (cuz they're presumed to be "sweet" and well, old) but not any ages in between like 30-40yo women. It makes me sad. I feel that people were nice to me when I was younger because I was cute but now I'm near 30 and nobody really cares, and they won't care until I'm an old lady. I'm not totally sure what my point is but its just something I thought of and wanted to journal out in a post. It's like experiencing another awkward middle school stage.

No. 483333

The packages were just delivered today!!!! I always have the best shipping experiences with Chewy, and I'm so excited to go home and put my dog in these coats!!! I have to remember to buy dragonfruit for her to eat so she isn't 100% miserable lol

No. 483341

Kek, are you the anon who complained a few months ago about her roommate because she reads yaoi, likes partying and doesn't wear makeup? If not you two should meet, you are a match made in heaven.

I feel the same. People are still nice to me because I'm a younger looking 28 yo but I'm afraid my social awkwardness and the dumb mistakes I may do occasionally won't be so endearing and easily forgiven when I start looking less cute.

No. 483356

I had a long dream last night about a coworker. Obviously the dream him was super sweet meanwhile irl him is annoying and doesn't know how to talk to women. I kept thinking about it anyway and felt turned on all day. I also started fantasizing about another coworker and occasionally still think about it at work when I'm bored.

I've never been someone to fantasize about sex which makes this a little weird but I'm enjoying it. I doubt cheating on my boyfriend will make me any happier but I guess there's no harm fantasizing about men treating me perfectly and dominating them during sex.

No. 483359

anon, that's so sweet of you. I saw a poor lil dog shivering so hard and I felt so bad… I hope your dog is nice and cozy and cute in the clothes you got!

No. 483364

I ate a third of the store brand cookies and cream ice cream I bought and it's not even that good.

No. 483366

kek I almost feel like anon's "roommate" is actually herself and she wrote this out of a combination of self-loathing and a desire for validation.

No. 483370

File: 1573768939203.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.37 KB, 560x560, 4e21f42f-5cb8-40e4-910e-4a0374…)

Never thought growing up would hurt this much…its been hell for me the last few months of this year, i just felt like the odds were never in my favor, i tried to move on from things but ended up hurting myself even more in the process. The emotional baggage was too much for me to handle, in the end i am truly lonely without anyone actually there for me except for my mom&amp;dad and&nbsp; i am truly grateful for having such wonderful people being my parents even though they are not perfect themselves. Im so scared to move on yet i had to for my sake, looking forward to the future was never this difficult. Everywhere i go it seems like the past would go back and haunt me, i had a habit of not letting things go and dwell on it forever, what a sore loser that i am haha. My emotions are either chaotic like a roller coaster ride or all mixed up like jungle juice, ive never feel happy and fulfiling recently and doubting every decision that i made, when will this end? Now, i always cry when i got the chance to cope.

No. 483371

God I hate myself so much for thinking this but after seeing how obsessed men are with nitpicking women's looks, Everytime I see cases like gross cat calls my first response is to be shocked that they actually know how to acknowledge female beauty nowadays. I've been extremely abused by my ex surrounding my looks and I have fucked up mentality and I hate myself to the point where I'm considering breaking up with my current because his ex was skinnier than me despite me being 120 and I feel like he thinks I'm ugly and is comparing me 24/7. I stopped having sex with him and being affectionate with him too out of fear of his judgement towards my looks

No. 483404

File: 1573772804863.png (10.81 KB, 1133x120, 22443555.PNG)

Just move?

No. 483407

File: 1573773088014.png (35.37 KB, 1158x322, trip.PNG)

It feels like they're just making up problems

No. 483408

My coworker is 400 lbs with a busted face and claims men are constantly stalking and are after her, claims she "always gets followed on the road home for one and a half hour" claims her friend's dad spammed her with love letters, I hate people that doubt women when stuff like this happens but I really do think she's lying or overexaggerating events

No. 483415

Is she literally 400 lbs or are you exaggerating?

No. 483417

359 but she might as well be 400

No. 483418

Is it possible to prepare for a math exam with algebra II into trig, a bit of calc etc when I haven’t even done anything past algebra for 8 years? I feel stupid as hell in math, but I need to take an entrance exam. I haven’t done anything like this before. Will hard work pay off, or did I lose my chance because of a stunted background?

No. 483420

totally irrelevant, but how do you know her exact weight down to the pound? i don't even know my best friend's weight, but maybe i'm just a shit friend haha.

No. 483421

You underestimate the depravity of men. Who says the guys are attractive anyway?
A lot of aggressive men target women who they suspect have low self esteem and less social support because they're more likely to get away with their abuses.
I'd be jealous of neither of those situations, and if she's saying it like it's a brag then she's in denial or naive (or maybe she is lying because, like your mentality, she believes this is proof of desirability).

No. 483424

it's not uncommon for people to talk about their weight

it's a nix between unattractiveness and the fact she is literally a horrible target because she is so heavy. I would believe if it was just a once or twice thing but she claims men follow her home twice a week. I'm not jealous but it does upset she is lying because it makes people take serious claims like stalking less seriously

No. 483426

Does her fat make her immune to catcalls, a knife being held against her, or some equally obese dude trying to grab at her?
Think. You absolutely think someone's weight and attractiveness influences their targetability to sickos, and your particular view happens to help a lot of sickos get away with their shit.

No. 483427

Its the only way I can come. Never used toys (I live in a big family) and my fingers feel weird. On the good side I can put on a good pokerface and cum in public

No. 483429

That image of a shivering lil dog hurts my heart so much…. I put the coats on my dog and she looks soooo cute in them! The tweed one is unfortunately a little too big so I’m going to exchange it (the other one I got with armholes is from the same company and same size, but somehow fits better lol), but I took her out on an evening walk with it on and I think she’s suuuper happy to be able to run up and down the block without freezing!! I guess it’s good that I bought two so now I don’t have to worry about her being cold on her walks while we wait for the correct sized one to come in!

No. 483448

File: 1573784647921.jpg (90.24 KB, 1023x917, D6NcioQUEAELUr1.jpg)

The guy I'm into atm is so adorable.
He really couldn't open a jammed door today that I easily moved with a gentle push. It was so endearing lmao I wish I could scoop him up and take him home to cuddle holy shit.

Haha but really I hate this, I feel like I'm 14 again. We probably wouldn't even be the best match but I do get a feeling it may be mutual "crushes."

No. 483469

>You really think people would just tell lies like that?
If she was telling the truth, wouldn't this happen to more women in the area? Most women I talk to only have these experiences once in a blue moon, even women who put themselves out there rarely have this happen to them. Statistically it is extremely unlikely here. And I hate to say it but attractive and small women do get targeted more, which is another reason why I find it hard to believe

No. 483471

Shitheads do stuff like that to feel control over a person by making them uncomfortable and scared not because they're attracted to them. And to be blunt if you want to do that and get away with it you're better off harassing a fat woman who probably already has too low self esteem to stand up to you and no one will believe rather than an attractive woman who's probably confident enough to do something about it and who people will believe if they report them. Basically fat people radiate "easy to abuse" vibes to bad people since they're most likely already unhappy and unpopular.

No. 483472

>wouldn't this happen to more women in the area?
I have a hard time believing you talk to all women in your area. And the reason why many women choose not to share their harassment stories is because of people like you deeming them not attractive enough to have been truthful.
I'd love to see your source.
Sorry, but you're having a tough time accepting that you're the shitty one in this situation.

No. 483475

We don't even have to go that far.
Basically people think ugly and fat people never get sexually harassed because they conflate sexual harassment with mainstream desirability. So there's no way someone fat or ugly could be harassed to extreme degrees because that would cause cognitive dissonance.
The misogyny runs deep here.
Imagine being memed into thinking that if someone sexually harasses you, it's a good thing because it "statistically" or likely or whatever indicates you're not unattractive.

Notice they never criticize the quality of men perpetuating the harassment. For all we know the men are just as ugly and fat as the lady in anon's story, but what bothers her more is the possibility that someone gave that fat annoying lady she dislikes ~*~male approval~*~ even though anyone remotely educated knows that's not what that actually means.

No. 483491

god i want to fuck kstew so bad

No. 483508

>believe ALL women no matter what or how extreme they claim without proof
shitheads like you are why so many people doubt women. the world isn't black and white, it isn't "all women are lying or all women are telling the truth". I don't see why rightfully sharing my doubts makes me evil, crazy, or the reason why women can't share harassment stories. women are human and unfortunately humans aren't are perfect little honest angels

No. 483509

again with taking what I said extremely out of context. I'm not saying ugly and fat people would never get sexually harassed, I'm saying this bitches stories about how all men are hounding after her and trying to follow her for hours on end several times a week is bullshit. I don't see why it's impossible to understand

No. 483510

also to add on
by quickly villainizing me for simply doubting what one single person said after making such extreme and unlikely claims, doing this to others actually makes it harder for people to want to support what you are trying to preach. Be wiser with your words and stop thinking so black and white.

No. 483513

>tfw she'll never casually just smooch your hand
>why live?

No. 483517

>I'm not saying ugly and fat people would never get sexually harassed
You literally said that "statistically" (source tba I guess) fat and ugly people are less likely to be really sexually harassed. Yes you did.
You're throwing a tantrum because you wanted us to just agree with you. Because your fatty weighs, like, 359-400 pounds and has a busted face. You said some fucked shit, and now you're trying to spin it around like the people who called you out for it are actually the ones that harm women. When that title rightfully goes to you.

Here's a professional tidbit to help you grow up so no one need suffer your sperging about this issue again: The next time your coworker brings her stories up on company time, go to HR and tell them that her stories makes you uncomfortable. That way, if there's actually an issue she can get help and she'll stop talking to you about them. Because according to you, if women don't talk about their sexual harassments then they don't happen. Out of sight, out of mind.

No. 483526

Give me one angrily charged quote I have said (outside of calling her a bitch and pointing out her appearance) if I'm throwing same major tantrum like you claim

Anyway, you are literally insane if you think one woman constantly being followed home by different men when their commute is over an hour is something reasonable to believe. If you need a source to doubt that you're even more insane. Sorry we don't live in your fantasy world where any claim someone makes is just believed no questions asked

No. 483544


You mentioned multiple things you thought made the harassment sound false.
> "400 lbs with a busted face"
> "claims men are constantly stalking and are after her"
> "claims she always gets followed on the road home for one and a half hour"
> "claims her friend's dad spammed her with love letters"
That was all you said word for word in your original comment.
One of these things you implied was that they were too ugly to have this level of dedicated harassment directed at them. People called you out on that being one of the reasons you didn't believe them. Stop whining on the internet that people think your an asshole.

No. 483551

Are you lost? I ask for quotes that make me sound angry like you claim. Not restate my original comment which was me doubting her claims. What's your problem?

Also it was this particular case and her unattractiveness and largeness is one of the many reasons why I thought she was lying. You twisted my words and claimed I never ever think ugly people get harassed ever in history. It was one person I was doubting. One.

No. 483552


Wasn't the anon who called said you sounded angry, just followed the thread and commented you sounded dumb. Also, twisting your words? I literally quoted you word for word just without the sentence connectors.
But sure, everyone who disagrees with you is the same person or insane. Go off sperg.

No. 483555

I asked for quotes that made me sound angry and you responded with quotes. What are you on about?

And ironic you called me dumb, because I specifically pointed out where they twisted my words and not only did you go on to prove my point (ie them claiming I meant ugly people never in history ever get harassed just because I said a very unattractive person is less likely to get harassed as much as they claim)

You literally do not know what you're talking about and should really stay out of it

>You're insane
>You're a sperg
>Coming from someone who is also insane and sperging
You farmers have 0 self awareness huh

No. 483557


> Writes two comments to someone who has written 4+ comments defending their self and hasn't let their point that multiple people disagree with for 11 hours go.

> "N-no, you're the sperg!"
Okay, anon.

No. 483560

What are you talking about? I just reply to comments that reply to me. If that makes me a sperg you should really consider improve your logic skills

No. 483564

Damn anon, you’re still at it? Give it a rest, why does this one woman bother you so much - is it because it makes you feel less desirable in contrast to her? Because that’s how your dumbass is coming off about it

No. 483566

I'll be fucking honest girls, but when I was a hambeast no guy would catcall me lmfao. I've had more catcallers online when I put an anime profile picture. I almost want to believe it's true that fatties lower their risk. God bless my old panzer.
(btw chubby increases your catcalling risks if you wear tight clothes since they think it's fit)

No. 483568

>Replies and whines about how "I'm still at it" while being at it
>Tinfoils and blows things insanely out of proportion just because I doubted claims one person made despite them not being mentioned for several posts until you brought her back up

No. 483570

Careful anon, people might think you're saying all fat girls lie when it comes to harassment and catcalling and then throw a shit flinging fest when you make yourself clear

No. 483581

File: 1573817567040.jpg (151.25 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

Please, no more infighting

No. 483591

But were you a 359 to 400 hambeast with a busted face tho???

You're a ridiculous person and you cannot handle multiple people telling you your opinion is shit.
You must be an angry person.

Btw- a feature we have here on lolcow is quoting multiple posts in a single reply. You don't have to keep spamming your posts out.

No. 483597

>And I hate to say it but attractive and small women do get targeted more
Do you have a source to back this up? Genuinely not trying to argue, I've just never seen any proof of this.
If we're going off anecdotal evidence, I personally got creeped on by men even when I was a 13 year old hamplanet with pimples, and I've seen it happen to others.
Even elderly women are vulnerable to sexual harassment and assault, but no one's arguing that old ladies must be hot.

No. 483606

>Why would small and sexually attractive women be attractive to predators?
I literally just reply to posts that reply to me. That's how conversations work autismo beast

No. 483608

File: 1573827141270.jpg (412.14 KB, 1041x1600, grahhhhhhhh.jpg)

I'm literally attracted to any character with black hair and glasses. Wtf

No. 483610

Also because there are no studies about attractiveness of rape victims (thank God)
To make up for it, find me a single case of a hambeast who was harassed, kidnapped or raped

No. 483611

You shouldn't engage with this anon. She wants to fight and rage about fatties, even if it means discrediting women's sexual harassment in the bigger picture. Of course she doesn't have proof, she just wanted to be unfettered and now is at the stage of accusing everyone who's told her otherwise of being samefags and autists.
Sounds awful scroteish too.

No. 483613

File: 1573827517610.jpg (58.67 KB, 747x731, 1569273464457.jpg)

Don't cry anon

No. 483632

Okay, show me a single case of a hambeast being kidnapped or assaulted and I will admit you're right

Also I love how I repeatedly said it's her weight ontop of the fact she claims to have been followed several times a week, but let's ignore that too and insist I'm out to get fat girls

No. 483664

News agencies don't publish assault, rape, and murder titles highlighting a woman's physical attributes. There will be no article saying "400 Pound Woman Sexually Assaulted" the same as a news story won't publish "4'2 Woman Sexually Assaulted" or "Skinny Woman Sexually Assaulted."
It can't be assumed someone's height and weight have to do with crimes committed against them, and very few reporters would roll the dice to imply there is without knowing for an absolute fact.

What you're actually asking people to do, is to go dig through reports and hope it's prolific enough that there's a picture of the victim attached to the article (protip: most cases tend not to do this for victim privacy). Then, after they've found a picture of the victims, make a judgement as to whether they're fat or unattractive enough-at least to your definition-and post them here.

Even if they came back here with some fat women who've been assaulted you'll just say "Yeah well but uh I said they're assaulted LESS, not that they're never assaulted." Like it's some gotcha.
You're the one who said fat and ugly people get assaulted less. The burden of proof is on you, but since you know it's not provable, you'd rather cop out and make other people do work.

You're not clever.

No. 483677

>mfw I walk into a 70-reply ultraspergy infighting war about if fat girls can realistically be catcalled or harassed
what the fuck /ot/

No. 483679

I really wish farmers would learn to stop replying to bait.

No. 483682

When I think of bait, I think of a crafted shitpost that gets a lot of replies without the OP having to do much.

Not someone desperately defending their dumbass shit for an entire day.

No. 483683

When I see posts like this I no longer wonder why this board is filled with clinically insane BPDcunts obsessing over nitpicking snowflakes because they call this mundane ass bullshit "milk". Seek help for your self esteem issues.

No. 483688

Bait is taking "I think my coworker is being dishonest about extreme claims for several reasons" into "UR SAYING FAT GIRLS CANT BE ASSAULTED EVAR!!!"

Oh so asking for a single news story is too much and unrealistic but demanding me to find a study about attractiveness of rape victims is okay. Alright.

No. 483700

Doesn't need make up, travels alot and feels ok doing the things that she enjoys by herself sometimes. She sounds cool.

You sound like the jealous one here anon, why are you watching her so closely? Are you perhaps insecure that a woman is living in the same home as your bf?

No. 483701

I think it is possible. Just make sure from the beginning you understand each new topic you learn so that you can understand the later stuff, especially when you get to the calc stuff (poor understanding of algebra is why a lot of people struggle in calculus). For this level of math there are a ton of books, videos, and websites out there dedicated to trying to explain the material clearly to people. You got this anon.

No. 483702

The worst one is when people just make thousands of posts about how 'the smell' and how this cow must smell bad based on an image. Who the fuck really be here fantasizing about what Shayna smells like?

No. 483709

I'm not the same anon who asked you for that, but yes, that's how a burden of proof works.
When you make the claim, you back up the claim.

>"I think my coworker is being dishonest about extreme claims for several reasons*"

Lmao, weasel words compared to what you actually typed.

This isn't bait, you're an actual dumbass.

No. 483711

The smell tinfoiling is the absolute worst. 50 replies of omf shes wearing yoga pants imagine the putrid fermenting fish smell kek ew!!!!!!!!

The thread is dead when that starts happening. It's the corpse letting its bowels loose and shitting all over itself shortly after passing.

No. 483720

No. 483727

So why don't other anons have to back it up? Why do I have to prove common sense but they can't find a single news story? Obviously over weight women are less likely to be victims of kidnapping and rape simply because they're harder to overpower, if you need ~proof~ for that you have issues

And when I said statistically I meant as in it's highly unlikely for the same woman to be followed repeatedly in my very low crime city, my city is Seattle

You know you lost when you sperg about typos too

No. 483728

File: 1573844525846.png (412.63 KB, 967x961, RCO007.PNG)

Tag your mom. I had sick and tired

No. 483731

So, no source? You said they were targeted more.

No one's going to go looking through pictures of rape victims to prove the obvious, anon. You made a claim, so it's up to you to back it up with evidence.
Elderly women getting raped should be enough to prove that you don't need to be attractive to be sexually assaulted.
I now kind of understand that giving you a single reply was a bad idea. You were never posting in good faith.

No. 483734

I had working mum mostly but really she could be any of them bar psycho mum (except for this one time but she was going thru it I suppose)

No. 483736

Worry Mom, Mad Mom, Crazy Mom, Wonder Mom and Sick/Tired Mom.

No. 483737


i read a lot of life in hell awhile ago and i really wondered how Groening didn´t shoot himself in the head. So glad the 90s Simpsons had the writing team it had to offset some of the more bitter and passive agressive style of his.

No. 483739

Mad mom, Guilt mom, Psycho mom, Crazy mom, Worry mom and Depressed mom.

No. 483744

Depressed, psycho and alcoholic

No. 483745

Worry mom and wonder mom. She's a bit anxious but she's amazing and an angel and my hero.

No. 483749

I went in for my first appointment with the female intern psychiatrist (who's being supervised by the male psych I saw before) at my school's mental health center and it went well. She suggested starting something on a low dose and looking up some basic stuff.

I feel a little guilty when at the end the male psych came in for her to summarize the session. Since I've had time to think about myself, I was more focused. But she directed the conversation and asked more questions than when I met with him and I think I just felt more comfortable with her.

I do think next time though when he comes in the last few minutes I'm gonna feel guilty again lol. I know meds alone won't fix anything, and talking to my family about it (which I think is bound to happen) will suck because I don't think they believe in mental health treatment but I'm hopeful. For now, at least.

No. 483752

mixture of depressed and fun mom. it was a hell of a ride.

No. 483760

File: 1573850120528.png (13.67 KB, 400x250, 379962-bipolar-disorder-sympto…)


Good olde bipolar mom

No. 483763

Depressed mom, worried mom, mad mom, working mom
Now that I think about it, I hated her a lot growing up but I guess she was the way she was because she worked two jobs to take care of me and her loser boyfriend. Godspeed, mom.

No. 483764

basically yeh.

No. 483767

No. 483772

My ex isn't even a month in a relationship, talks about how he hopes to maybe even marry this girl, yet sends me sexual shit. Not even as jokes, just straight up sexual. I even told him his current gf would leave him if she knew what's going on and yet he still doesn't give a shit.
I know horny people do stupid shit but come the fuck on dude, it's not that hard. I low key wish I had her number or insta so I could tell her, but he's also my bff ugh.

No. 483793

ngl your bff is a trash pile and ain't worth protecting

No. 483797

>being bffs with a man who has no respect for either yourself -his ex- or his current gf

No. 483802

Even me?

No. 483803

no, tell her, she deserves to know he's a douche and a cheater, especially at one month in to cut her losses and move on.

No. 483810

Heckk I fucked around and went to a friend's house and got high as a kite even tho I work this weekend. And have a birtday party tomorrow night. Thankfully I made the presents in advance (crafty shit bc I got no money) but I still need to write her a card.

No. 483836

Bitch same, I’m about to go see Charlie’s Angels unironically, she makes me lusty af

No. 483839

File: 1573868804662.png (21 KB, 1410x782, 11-Figure1-1.png)

I feel the same way anon. I know 'don't humanize the abuser' is big in abuse community's, but my parents weren't dicks out of no where. Mom had to choose to leave her shitty Asian family at age 13 for a better life in America and was bullied the rest of her life for being Asian. Dad had to leave his home country at age 15 because of war and his dad was an diagnosed bi-polar. Maybe it's because my parents weren't that abusive, but no shit they came out fucked up.

No. 483873

Did you hear about him being an Epstien Island regular?
As great as early Simpsons was, it still might have been a better world if he did.

No. 483949

The Mariah thread is depressing. Literally the only stuff there is to talk about is embargoed. You can't talk about her tits, her weight, her cats, or her income now (which is understandable given how much those topics have been run into the ground.)

I think the people saying that the milk is slowing down are right. There's still milk, it's just really slow and meager. They wouldn't have to have all of these restrictions if the milk was actually steady.

No. 483958

I'm going to hang out today with I guy I never met. I feel like I'm going to a job interview tbh, just wish I wasn't so tired and actually sick.

No. 484004

Agreed, imo there's nothing wrong with cutting an abuser out but acting like people can't have reasons for their behavior or ever change is short-sighted.
Slightly related, if you're interested in short stories you might like Ken Liu's 'The Paper Managerie', it's about a second generation Chinese american who looks back on his upbringing, you can find it as a podcast too.

No. 484051

That's most threads tbh. Or anons psycho-analyzing and freaking out over little things cows say, tinfoilining, etc. Most flakes obviously aren't milky, maybe some people just get too mature for /snow/ and /pt/ and spazzing out about someone zit and how they posted taco bell on Twitter doesn't interest people who have their own lives to worry about.

No. 484066

>abuse communities
They're over 100% of the time a perfect candidate to become worse abusers than their parents were anyways - but they're immune since they're complaining about their abusive parentd. That cartoon is fucking shitty, especially sick and tired mom. Also find it fucking hilarious people on abuse communities tend to hate their mothers more than fathers (even though 99,9% of these jackasses don't have fathers LOL).
t. saw a post where a girl blamed her mother for becoming a camgirl just because she didn't let her have boyfriends in high school

No. 484074


I just read this article and I don’t have anyone else who would care about it so I’m throwing it into the void of lolcow.

obviously I am not a gay man or Japanese I just like weird dives into other cultures and pop culture

No. 484082

I got my eyebrows microbladed. I wish I did this sooner. I feel like a sexy bitch with mean eyes

No. 484084

I got my eyebrows microbladed. I wish I did this sooner. I feel like a sexy bitch with mean eyes

No. 484088

I thought I would be more productive with lolcow being offline but nope, found another way to waste my time lol.

No. 484092

what did you did instead?

No. 484096


Watching shit on youtube, like vid related.

No. 484099

I missed you, dear sluts! Why was lolcow down for days what the fuck happened

No. 484103

It's super unlikely, but fuck do these videos scare me.
I was thinking of dumpster diving, but now I'm scared

No. 484104

so glad to know it wasn't just me.

it wasn't working on my home wifi or my phone for like an entire day but then when I went to the library it magically started working again. I thought they blocked me from using the website or something lmao.

No. 484105

So glad this place is back. No other site could fill the void.

No. 484108

File: 1574030777735.jpeg (18.96 KB, 145x145, 7F7383FE-E2C5-437C-9F30-743DA8…)


No. 484111

Dw anon there’s that one Arthur episode where buster does a series of gross things (including dumpster diving) and he didn’t get ill, I’m sure you’ll be fine

No. 484119

I bet admin-chan forgot to pay the server bill again.

Same. Missed you hoes.

No. 484130

File: 1574034284353.jpg (19.35 KB, 500x333, 1531592680043.jpg)

Same, I'm so happy it's back. There is no place like this.

No. 484131

I realized how much I hate other parts of the internet when this site goes down.

No. 484134

File: 1574035428630.jpeg (12.42 KB, 300x250, 1571242941943.jpeg)

I went through all the shit i posted lately in my head and was sure i was banned and was sCARED. I may have also concidered laur finally wiped us out

No. 484136

>>484103 fuck dumpster diving, I don't wanna even look at sea food again what the fuck.

No. 484138

A lot of posters really need to learn to let go when their fave cow isn't doing anything. It's extra pathetic when the occasional anon will actually try to justify nitpicking as a valid form of entertainment. Just makes us look bad.

No. 484140

I thought that too. I have a website blocker for when I do homework and I thought ti was going wary for a sec

No. 484141

File: 1574037404922.jpg (36.16 KB, 805x669, 2890844934.jpg)

He ate sushi from a dumpster. Had an unnecessary surgery to remove his appendix because he was too embarrassed to tell the doctors he got sick from eating dumpster sushi, so they didn't correctly identify parasites as the cause.
Then, this unfathomable idiot, goes back AGAIN and eats the dumpster sushi! And winds up in the hospital AGAIN!

Just let this fool eliminate himself from the gene pool.

No. 484146

File: 1574038408637.png (475.02 KB, 818x522, 1574010529352.png)

Are americans really this dumb


>I am a black woman married to a white man. Our 13-year-old son looks white—blond-haired, blue-eyed, straight-nosed, thin-lipped, fair-skinned white—but he identifies as black. Our daughter is much lighter than I am, and is often mistaken for Middle Eastern or Latina, but I cannot help but see traces of my paternal grandmother’s high cheekbones and wide nose in her round face.

>Some queer people talk about the existence of “gaydar”—the ability to identify one of their own, whether they are out or closeted. As the child of a white mother and a black father, I have whatever the equivalent is for being able to spot black people no matter how fair their skin or how European their features. I could always claim my people, I thought. But when our son was born, I realized that no special power was going to help me see his African heritage. My husband thought our newborn was albino the first time he cradled him in his arms. He was that white.

pic related is her son

No. 484148

Is that her husbands' son? What a cuck.

No. 484151

that's her biological son

No. 484155

It's not impossible. My nephew born of two mixed heritage parents has blue eyes. Just a combination of recessive genes.

No. 484158

I'm willing to bet the mom's parents are both mixed or at least one of them is.

No. 484167

that's not what the issue here, the issue is this Aryan looking motherf#uc#er is trying to claim that he's black

No. 484168

He's 13, give him some slack. It seems like his mom is encouraging it by the way the article is written.

No. 484170

Coming from a largely black state, I've found that black people themselves promote the "one drop rule" the hardest. See: Obama.


No. 484172

Besides making race into an issue, what's the problem here? The kid has a black mom. He has more credence to be wearing that shirt and caring about black issues as a mixed kid as opposed to most Caspers I see who don't have a smidgen of black in em but who virtue signal like they do.

No. 484192

File: 1574047610746.webm (2.2 MB, 720x1278, 1506315850724.webm)

I want off this ride

No. 484247

It's the Machine!

No. 484252

File: 1574067281944.jpg (297.73 KB, 1280x1280, 842db458-6014-4ce7-bce8-0604f8…)

Last ever monday lectures bois!! My undergrad has been nothing but misery and total isolation for 9 semesters straight and yet I feel kinda sad. Is this my ability to romanticize everything, no matter how not gucci it actually was, or mourning closed doors on all the normal social student things I never did? who knows but that's probably all I'll be thinking about this week

No. 484261

clean & guilt mom
and worry mom i guess since i wasnt allowed to take the train by myself until i was 16 or 17 because she thought i'd get raped
i think i still have three pepper spray bottles she gave me laying around

No. 484298

A mix of working, depressed and mad mom.

No. 484308

My friend does tons of crash diets like keto and is currently plant based vegan and wonders why she isn't able to lose weight but also spends 30$+ at Chili's several times a week. She complains about being broke despite supposedly having 3 jobs and two side gigs "because bills" but spends her money on casinos and high end hotels and manicures every week. Despite claiming to be super broke she also wants to spend over 15,000$ on a singing audition thing and talks about how she wants to "start preparing her body for babies and get married" while also claiming that she was doing drugs and partying not long ago. Also always talks about how ~chemicals are evil~ while using stuff like vinegar lmao. Claims to have 12+ autoimmune diseases and that she has to spend tons of money on medication

I don't wish anything bad on her but I find her very annoying, shady and having poor life decisions

No. 484311

Wait, vinegar is bad for you? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME!?

No. 484312

I wish I knew anything about Kpop so I could keep up with the Kpop critical thread. It seems like the most active thread on here and is always popping with milk and drama that I don't understand.

No. 484345

At what cost anon? You must first become a kpoppie!

No. 484347

Ren and Stimpy is a shitty cartoon. OP's pic reminded me of that.

No. 484360

I'm really jealous of Rachel and Jun tbh. They look like they have such a cute and wholesome relationship and their three cats are also adorable.

No. 484362

We're in the Psycho Pass universe now

No. 484379

it was so gross too. wasn't there some scandal with the show's creator? i think he groomed minors. not surprising. that show was fucking disgusting and unfunny.

No. 484399

groomed a 16 yr old or something right? Made her work for him under the guise that it was an “amazing opportunity” or whatever shit these old gross assholes do

No. 484402

everyone I knew growing up wasn't allowed to watch that show because it was disgusting and moronic

No. 484404

They honestly seem like they're bored a lot, especially when filming these cat videos. Like, I love cats too, I have 3 like they do, but some of them I'm just wondering why they even pulled out the camera.

No. 484410

I guess that's what I like about them? They just seem like they've entered the old married couple phase where they're just relaxing and doing mundane couple things? I dunno. I just envy that sort of long-term partnership.

No. 484413

File: 1574093841266.jpg (7.24 KB, 300x122, Almond-joy-broken.jpg)

I've always believed that I hated almond joy. I really enjoy fresh coconut, but the texture of grated or desiccated coconut is so unappealing to me so I avoid a lot of foods or candies that use it. My dad gave me a bar of almond joy yesterday and I was really hungry so I just ate it and I actually really enjoyed it (the texture of the little shreds of coconut stuck in my teeth wasn't fun but it wasn't enough to take away that I enjoyed the candy).

Now I can't stop thinking about how I want more almond joy or how I want to try mounds and I feel like my whole life has been a lie. Still maintain the idea that I don't like grated coconut though.

No. 484414

For some reason I'm okay with videos of me or people seeing me irl, but if there's an unflattering picture of me it makes me really anxious. There's times when I feel like a catfish because my selfies look too good and definitely not what I'd look like so much candidly, but I can't help it.

No. 484415

Same. I hated that as a kid but I love the taste and texture of coconut now.
When I was little someone gave me that in the car and I put it in my mouth and bit before I knew what it was. I was so disgusted when I realized. I kept it in my mouth for the entire forty minute car ride and spat it out because I refused to swallow it lol.

No. 484417

People just look better in videos in general, IMO. A lot of people have mannerisms etc that make them cuter, unforced smiles, laughter etc. Photos hide a lot of natural charm.

No. 484419


almond joy is the best candy hands down idgaf

No. 484421

Your story reminded me of how when I was little I really liked klondike bars and my mum once brought me into a duane reade and I got her to buy me a york peppermint pattie thinking it was a klondike bar (I mean, it looked close enough and my brain didnt register that maybe… they didnt keep ice cream products outside of the freezers??) but when I bit into it I was very sorely disappointed and have hated york peppermint patties since that day for lying to me.

Sometimes I have a craving for them as an adult but I haven't eaten any since that day as a kid. Kids are so weird lol. Thanks for the laugh!

Good mythical morning did a 'best halloween candy' ranking recently and I was very pissed that almond joy beat twix, but after eating one yesterday, I sort of understand. I'm still a little mad about it, but they're good…

No. 484461

Photos are pretty inaccurate. At least I feel a lot of the time people make faces or gestures they wouldn't naturally. You may be making a dumb ass face for one-tenth of a millisecond while you're moving or changing expressions, and while people wouldn't see it IRL, they could in a picture.

Just think of when you're watching a show and pause at a weird moment. You might see a totally ugly still frame of an actor you wouldn't see otherwise.

No. 484500

It's not, it's just the whole "chemicals are evil" trend by people who use chemicals like vinegar, baking soda, soap, etc

No. 484508

I know most on this site are anti porn and men etc whatever but I have a serious question

Is it really not normal to be a female who masturbates a lot?? Like is that weird?????? Is it bad for you? Why do so many anons seem to be against it? Just wondering. Genuinely curious. I’ve always been hypersexual but even after I stopped watching porn and stuff I still have the urge to masturbate a lot.

No. 484513

Eh I think it's really only shitty when guys do it. A lot of men are at the very least low-ley influenced by porn, and it affects how they see intimacy and women. Even if they don't watch porn all the time some death grip too and makes it almost impossible for them to get off with someone else and lead to ED.

Women are less likely to be complete Neanderthals and still be able to get off with their partners. They are not stupidly influenced by porn because they realize it's all fake.

No. 484517

masturbating to your imagination is perfectly healthy and you could do it 24/7 if you like.

No. 484518

hard disagree.

No. 484520

hard agree.

No. 484542

It's absolutely normal to have a high sex drive, anon. The puritan moralfags on this board just go way overboard with their spergery. There's a big difference between recognizing human right flaws and harmful effects of live-action pornography/sex work and masturbating to imaginary fantasy that isn't real.

No. 484550

File: 1574115950112.jpg (61.73 KB, 429x593, 26176_580x.jpg)

why does this look like the crying cat meme kek

No. 484551

lmao it really does. thank you for finding this, anon.

No. 484558

File: 1574116401292.jpg (268.44 KB, 960x960, 1571129256577-1.jpg)


all kitties look like they have little sad faces and thats what makes me want to hug them all.

No. 484564

there is nothing wrong with masturbating and being sexual, anon. you can still consume erotic content without supporting the porn industry. there are erotic audio files (or otome cds if you like weeby stuff), there's fanfiction, published erotica, etc.

No. 484585

I came of the combination pill and thought I had a normal sex drive before but I've been masturbating a lot recently and ordered a vibrator lol. I think women just don't talk about it as much? I mastubated on the pill too but this cycle being off the pill I've been so horned up lmao. My Google search is not great atm.

No. 484612

Wholesome post

No. 484628

Its not "normal" per se, most women have a low sex drive, but it's not bad either. I would masturbate a lot more if I lived alone and there have been times when I do it more than once a day. Its important to practice moderation though.

No. 484635

No there isn't anything inherently wrong with having high lib and masturbate frequently. It's just that a lot of women also use porn and become cumbrain. For me personally, entertaining horniness takes sooo much mental effort. After cumming twice all my motivation is dead. Your bean get desensitized too if rubbed it raw day after day.

No. 484640

File: 1574129047695.jpg (16.85 KB, 250x250, kermit1.jpg)

tfw no gf

No. 484649

Having a high sex drive = cool
Watching so much porn and getting your ideas about sex and the human body from porn to the point where real life sex doesn't work for you = bad
Masturbating to the point of desensitizing = bad


Undermining people for doing something completely human like being sexually attracted to other humans = bad

No. 484651

I wanna reiterate on this because drunk, but the girl I like is in a relationship for 6 years. Man just kill me now.

No. 484657

same bro. every day

No. 484677

that's why I think anyone who uses a showerhead is nutso, that shit is too intense. I only flick the bean I don't use a vibe or anything or else I'd become desensitized.

No. 484682

dunno fam, used showerhead exclusively from like 10 until moving to uni, once i figured out how to get off with my hands it was smooth sailing, i can come in a literal minute if I want to. that being said tho, nice, hot showerhead w decent pressure is still otherworldly lol.

No. 484685


>most women have a low sex drive

Meme. This is just female socialization where you're told you're a "slut" if you have sexual desire and genuinely like sex and don't just tolerate it to please your man or procreate. Also often the sex drive dies with birth control, not all types of birth control however (the combination pill is the worst for this) but that can happen and this makes many women think think they just don't like sex. No shit if you've been taking the pill since you were 12, what would you know about your actual libido if how your body acts on birth control is all you've ever known before you even started to have sex? Sorry for sperg and nitpick and sorry for all you genuinely not very sexual people out there but gotta say I really don't like this stereotype.

No. 484688

The other issue is the sexual experiences women have.

If all your experiences have been about his orgasm and nothing for you, it's easy to say you don't like sex since it was all just free service.

Imagine if the only sexual experience a man had was the guy emptying his sperm into him and then going to sleep. He's very likely to say he "doesn't like sex" as a consequence of that.

There are a lot of asexual people who do get turned on, but don't like sex with other people, and I suspect the above is a reason for that. Even if you're a virgin and all you've seen is straight porn, how much do you want to recreate that? Dry surprise anal and no foreplay? Anyway, I agree with your post. Just adding more reasons for the "low sex drive" phenomenon.

No. 484692

Or maybe you just have an abnormally high one. It's speculation either way.

No. 484701

10? I didn't start seriously masturbating till I was a teen, but yeah careful with that showerhead or anything else that stimulating.

No. 484702

whats high for a female? I think about sex fairly often and masterbate almost every day. I used to masterbate multiple times a day when I was younger and had the time.

No. 484709

idk if my masturbation onset is that early but if it is, it probably has to do with starting my puberty early, got my period a week after turning 9. I mean all those years of showerhead-kun didn't break my clit and I don't have any desire to buy a literal jackhammr so it'll probably be fine haha

No. 484713

Damn that's young for a period, i got mine a month and a half before I turned 13. I always thought 11-14 was normal maybe I was wrong?

No. 484729


I agree, usually my body lets me know in a way if I've been jilling off too often in a week, like three days in a row, and I know it's time to stop for a little and get the full sensation back so I don't become too desensitised lol. I usually feel really lazy and even a bit gross if I do it too much

No. 484734

depends on the demographic, these days it seems the average gets younger and younger. I got mine in 4th grade. honestly a terrifying thought when a lot of men will say girls are ready for sex and pregnancy after their first period.

No. 484740

File: 1574144995493.jpg (47.03 KB, 960x720, 67738188_2412378228850235_6965…)

I feel like recently a switch has been flipped in my brain and now im super into butch women
I used to prefer a femme or androgynous look but lately im daydreaming about having a buff butch gf…. maybe it's because i'm planning to sign up to our university gym and my brain wants to open up the dating pool for me kek
>tfw no gf no matter my type

No. 484741

Same anon! I got my period when I was 10. Started masturbating probably the same year or the next.
Also used shower head for a long time but nope not desensitized at all. If anything I’m just on a really bad kick right now and have been flicking so much lately that I’m sore haha. Nobody in my life to give me pleasure at the moment so I just masturbate a lot. Never to porn anymore though I used to really like porn when I was younger, then I got older and realized it’s all either super fake and performative or straight up abusive.

I have always felt like I’m super extra sensitive and orgasm very easily even with a partner who barely knows what they’re doing. my orgasms are always intense af. I know lots of other women don’t experience this though so sometimes I feel like a fucking freak.

No. 484743

I just drank a can of room temp steel reserve even though I knew damn well it'd taste nasty and make me sick.

>my brain wants to open up the dating pool for me
adapt, overcome

No. 484745

Have you been seeing images of butch women more often now? A similar thing happened to me, and I've realized that I haven't seen images of butches between like 2008-2019, like where did they go for a decade?

No. 484747

NTAYR but lmao I thought i was the only one. I'm not a lesbian or bi but I didn't see butch women in the media for a decade when it was a "popular" thing to focus on during the 90s/2000s and even the 80s with soft butch or andro girls like Grace Jones and Ann Lenox

Wtf happened?

No. 484750

That deadzone after the L word ended and before orange is the new black where lesbians didn't exist on mainstream media, I'm guessing is what happened.

No. 484761

That's high for a girl, average for a guy. IMHO.
Average used to be 16. Crazy world gonna clown.

No. 484781


what the hell is "clownworld" about an early menarche? it's not all about "huur evil chemiculls and hormones in tap water" but more the fact that.. you know.. it's not the middle ages anymore and people generally aren't starving. when your body is malnourished of course you start your period even as late as 16. nowadays the common age is anything from 9 to 14. and even in the past some girls still got their first period very early, just check the wikipedia article about the youngest mothers ever recorded for proof (depressing stuff but the period is not the depressing part about it of course…) and a lot of those cases are from like the 1930s, hardly the ebil modern clownworld times.

No. 484807

File: 1574163951536.jpg (95.52 KB, 640x920, 04e5796db26a5c553247479625b919…)

Whisper confessions are ruining my life

No. 484809

File: 1574164013265.jpeg (13.64 KB, 195x258, images (3).jpeg)

I've seen SO many like these, and I keep finding more. Why did the internet have to be invented

No. 484810

Sorry, I had totally subscribed to chemical meme. Happy to be proven wrong on it.

No. 484812

It isn't a meme, most women do have a lower sex drive. Just think about how many women have died from child birth through out history.

Also if a woman gets pregnant she literally can't get pregnant for another 9 months (if no miscarriage) so there's no reason to want sex. In other words a woman having a high sex drive doesn't benefit her reproducing the same way it benefits men.

No. 484862

File: 1574174892984.png (257.79 KB, 366x260, 1573169423536.png)

It's everyday bro

No. 484865

File: 1574176638269.png (819.39 KB, 577x960, tumblr_1d2cc7598015b5e46ae2125…)

At some point it happened to me too, for a period of time. Now I've gotten back to my good chapstick/femme preference.
Why are tall, buff women with long hair so hot? AC:Odyssey ruined me.

No. 484874

We need to change that because our fertility window should be progressing later into our lives, it must mean a lot of these girls are poor and possibly overweight or something just isn't right. This should be a state of emergency, imagine cutting your childhood off at age 9, I was so lucky to have almost 13 years of freedom.

No. 484876

eh, it keeps my relationships happy so whatever

No. 484878

I'm pregnant and literally always horny lol but I can't get more pregnant

No. 484879

I've been in the room when guys have declared that 'once she has periods she should be legal' they are always totally shocked when I tell them I had childhood friends who menstruated at ten years old. Men really think they know it all about our bodies..

No. 484883

9 year old menstruator above, if anything people like you who think that starting your period = end of childhood are the issue. I didn't tell even my mom it had started precisely because I was afraid she'd treat me like an adult (which obvi is insane but to me back then it made sense and terrified me). Honestly a miracle I didn't develop TSS. Also I was neither overweight or particularly poor so like idk fam. My grandma whose childhood coincided with ww2 and following poverty tho started her period at 15, she def had a much sunnier and well-off childhood than me kek

are you one of those people who think that pregnant women don't have sex kek

No. 484885

>imagine cutting your childhood off at age 9, I was so lucky to have almost 13 years of freedom
orrr we could drop this antiquated idea that menarche = adulthood? I didn't stop being a kid because I bled in 4th grade.

No. 484886

You weren't an adult as soon as it started but it still shouldn't start until at least your early teens, a kid shouldn't worry about seeing blood every month and using tampons. It's still bad.

No. 484888

Like it or not menstruation is a big part of puberty and its not long after menstruation that a girl develops into and resembles a woman. If you have breasts, hips, and a period you may still have the brain of a child but the body of a woman. I'm saying this isn't a good thing, you should look like and feel like a child until your teen years actually start.

No. 484892

Cream heroes is the best youtube channel ever.

No. 484893

not only that but imagine an already short fertility window starting at age 9, most women don't even want kids till their 30's and older. If you start your period at 9 what are the chances you can still have a kid by 35? What if menopause hits earlier?

No. 484894

Wtf is wrong with you.

No. 484895

teens don't look like women. I volunteer with young girls (8-17) and some of the 11 year olds have t&a and don't look anything like women. like? you could never mistake a girl for an adult woman if you have eyes and a brain, no matter how big her boobs are.

No. 484896

Teens aren't children either, it doesn't matter how you look at it, periods should happen later on in a child's life because its a major part of puberty.

No. 484897

As if we had a choice in the matter lul.

No. 484898

It'd be nice if periods waited til we were 15/16 but it is what it is. I have a 9 year old niece who has to worry about staying at relatives houses because she bleeds through pads during the night. I feel for her

No. 484904

that doesn't make sense. I got my period in 4th grade and probably was over and done with puberty by the end of high school. I could have easily been pregnant at 20 without the harmful side effects of mid-pubescent pregnancy. also, an early menarche does not mean an early menopause (I got worried about this once). you can still get menopause at the same age as everyone else, on average. you essentially have an extended fertility window, being able to be safely pregnant from like 18 to 45 or whatever. whereas you'd have a smaller window if you had your period from 15/16, you wouldn't be done with puberty til like mid 20s, and a late period =\= late menopause either. people having kids at 30+ is an economic issue, (and the solution isn't raging against the forces of nature).

No. 484914

would be nice but like it's just blood? maybe because I was a tomboy and used to scraping my knees and shit the actual process of staring bleeding early didn't traumatise me, I knew what periods are, the narrative around it that "if she bleeds she's a woman hurrdurr" did.

No. 484920

This reminds me how my sister's boyfriend is doing a freelance project for the city that's exactly like this and they're going to use it to "track the homeless". He had it test running at my place one time and I told him I didn't want that shit in the house but he kept going on and on how this is going to help people(wouldn't elaborate as to how) and got mad when I said this is just going to be abused by the government. Why are softwarefags like this?

No. 484926

Researchers and scientists have always been like this, just look at almost anything ever used for a bad purpose. I wonder if there is any incredible technology out there that a scientist has just shelved because they knew it was for the best, or if they always assume someone else will only discover the same thing eventually anyway

Can you anonymously tip off a left wing newspaper about the project or something? It's easier to stop things that are in development before they become accepted.

No. 484938

i know someone who reads too much buzzfeed and friends and is going full on sjw (i hate this word, but theres nothing better to describe it) crazy. she had a melt down at me the other day for wearing hoop earrings because apparently that "belongs" to black american people, it got to the point where the bitch tried to rip it out of my ear. ive always known shes a weird/crazy bitch, but this is just a whole new level. neither one of us is even american.

No. 484944

that's next level crazy. hope you'll wear those hoops even more

No. 484945

File: 1574187933623.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1544, 1558069253845.jpeg)

It's a damn shame that the one class I have that meets every other week instead of weekly has a cute professor. I feel like a total clown having a stupid schoolgirl crush on one of my professors but fuck, he's so dorky and adorable and I can't help it.

No. 484954

That's crazy. I'm afraid the world will accept this type of behavior.

No. 484965

she doesn't sound black or not even ados, most ados aren't sjws and find buzzfeed / sjw shit cringy, yet we always get the blame for this. i notice this happens when non black "poc" like arabs, latinos, asians, ect larp as ados ppl and use ados slang to attack white people we still get dragged for it. I hate you all

No. 484968

Following the example of anon above, I'm dumping this article into the void that is lolcow. Enjoy anons. https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/15/20806366/we-company-wework-ipo-adam-neumann

(I have like 5 different tabs open as I try to catch up and understand exactly what the fuck WeWork is).

No. 484989

It's a scheme to dump shitloads of money and free real estate into Adam's pocket while having fun in the process.

No. 484990

Recently I started having great interest in China and watched a lot of documentaries about it, but this just fucked me up. There's even a video (which I won't link for obvious reasons) about a toddler being run over by multiple cars and people just stepped over her dying body.
Why is that happening? Even if some people (supposedly) were wrongfully fined for helping others, this wouldn't stop me from acting out of instinct, how can so many humans be so cold?

No. 484991

I agree. Only a small percentage of ADOS are walking and taking Twitter stereotypes, the vast majority who believe in ADOS care more about education, decreasing the crime rate, decreasing the out-of-wedlock rate, decreasing STD rates, I don’t give a shit about hoop earrings and it’s actually more offensive to associate black women with hoop earrings. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was someone in digital blackface.

No. 484993

File: 1574200660583.jpg (95.7 KB, 750x500, sewing-patterns-1.jpg)

I was just thinking about how I really want a sleeveless turtle or mockneck shirt but a quick online search shows them up at $30ish a pop or $8+unknown shipping price (paying for shipping always repulses me lol) and it suddenly hit me that I can just make this shit on my own. I can even make my own pile lined leggings… I don't know when I stopped looking at things like 'I think I can make this on my own' and more like 'let's see if I can find a cheaper alternative online' but I want to go back to the first one.

I know sometimes it isn't always the cheaper alternative, but I've really been itching to sew something recently (even if I'm not the best at it), and I really want to stop buying so much from fast fashion chains. I really want to take a trip to the garment district in my city soon…

No. 484996

I love cream heroes! who is your favourite cat? mine is lulu

No. 484998

Damn I assumed it was a crazy white person.

No. 485006

i'm the op, and it was. why are people assuming im speaking about a black person lol

No. 485012

OK good because that's way funnier to me

No. 485047

Blame pop culture, who cares, and funny how you're singling out your own ethnic group even though that's bullshit and stems from your insecurity. Grow up and control your emotions.
Why do you talk to her/let her come near you? End it either way, she's weird.

No. 485051

not trying to sound "racist" in any way aka ha ha ha all asians look the same!!1!! but all those kpop girl band members look exactly the same and i don't get how people can tell the difference between them all. at least the boy groups look different compared to the girl ones who are just a copy paste of another

No. 485057


honestly even the boy groups look all the same. i'm not even a hater, i don't care about k-pop at all but i laughed when some k-pop hater on here called them "insectoids" and not even in some weird ass racebait way but… they're literally stick thin and plastic surgeried to the point of looking alienesque or like those poreless porcelain bishie ball jointed dolls. idk to me k-pop aesthetics are just scary.

No. 485060

Whats wrong with what i said? you are triggered.

No. 485062


No. 485064

I also read somewhere girls with absent/neglectful fathers will get their period earlier. My father wasn't absent but we rarely talked or saw each other despite living in the same house. My period started when I was 9.

I don't even think all asians look the same normally. Just when it comes to korean celebs they all get the same plastic surgeries and it makes them look like dolls that came out of a factory.

No. 485073

Even if their facial structure is not really similar they are selected and styled to look cohesive together. Like looking at pictures of blackpink for instance if they were random girls on the street they would look nothing alike, but they all stay very thin, have almost the same makeup applied, and wear coordinated outfits.
I bet a bunch of corporate surveys and thinktanks or whatever showed that viewers like dance performances more when they look similar from far away but have some outfit and hair distinctions so they can tell apart whatever member(s) they like.

No. 485084

all kinds of male techiefags are psychopaths only interested in advancing cyberpunk cinematic plotlines. they literally live their lives and think of possibilities through the lens of cinema, what's most "interesting" and "cool", not about its actual utility or whether or will or could be exploited. they care not for whether or not their sci fi bullshit like, ruins countless lives and creates destruction. tech men are annoying children 100% of the time.

iirc it seems that children being overweight more often and the hormones in meats and milk are causing early menarche recently.

No. 485085

>>484996 nta but lulu, tt and chuchu. My mom loves momo more than she loves me lol

No. 485095

There's a lot of Asian media that makes fun of Koreans who get plastic surgery

No. 485097

I took a cognitive science course with a leading professional in the field, and he explicitly mentioned how he has to dodge US military contracts all the time. it wasn't an American University

No. 485109

don’t feel bad about it. unless a group is in the 1% of famous groups, most groups who appear on korean tv shows wear name tags so the hosts can get their names rights (although this probably also has to do with the over saturation of kpop groups who all have like 7+ members)

No. 485133

It's a consequence of overcrowding and a large population.
I lived in a big city in India for a little while and nobody gave a fuck if someone got hurt or run over by a car. People only cared for their family and closest friends because if there's a lot of people, many of them get sick and hurt, and it takes too much time and energy to care about most of them.
I've lived in several countries over the years and the general rule is, the smaller the population the greater the likelihood that people will stick together and care for a stranger, unless they live in a culture where that is drilled into their heads from a young age.

No. 485135

That woman is insane!
I love her.

No. 485143

I sometimes use a specific proxy (not where this post is posted from, this is my own IP) and basically nobody else uses it, except for maybe one other anon

Anyway, recently other anon keeps getting herself temporarily banned by sperging on the kpop threads about Japanese culture, so hello other Anon if you see this post. Please refrain from the sperging, thank you very much

No. 485146

The other side of this is the idea if she was slim and attractive she should expect or deserve to be stalked

She might be making it up, but I wouldn't underestimate how crazy a male could be. They don't harass and stalk due to attraction. They may see her as vulnerable or an easy target. If she's really getting tailed for hours without any backup from a friend or family member, she is vulnerable.

My (attractive, if it matters) sister used to get tailed by people and she even confronted one of them. Now she's quit driving since getting tailed and cut off is obviously dangerous.

tl;dr there is no "attractive" criteria for harassment

No. 485147

Sorry, I missed the 100 reply sperging that already happened addressing this point, please ignore my further contribution

No. 485154

File: 1574239354260.jpg (220.87 KB, 481x665, Tanuki_By_Iwanafish-_Cropped.j…)

I fucking love my bf.

No. 485211

>the girl ones who are just a copy paste of another
They all get plastic surgery to fit a k-pop aesthetic, so literally yes.

No. 485242

It's wrong because it's bullshit.

No. 485245

i really couldn't care less if attack on titan is actually nazi propaganda or not, i really enjoy the series + own a lot of merch (especially of levi) so i am just having fun and that's what matters to me lol people gotta learn to leave others alone with their sjw woke ~you have to be critical of your interests or you are condoning X and Y and you are a nazi scum~ bullshit

No. 485259

File: 1574267451903.gif (978.47 KB, 500x281, 2BE8213B-05F3-41DD-82A2-89B571…)

Japan is entrenched in Nazi romanticism anyway, they don’t even try to be subtle about it. As if baka gaijin on the internet is gonna make the Japanese change their minds lol So just let these dorks show themselves out.

No. 485262

ooo anon he cute

No. 485278

Good news Anon, it's not. Most people who think so haven't actually read the manga and just believe what Twitter threads tell them. The scenarios in the manga are supposed to be tragic and not glorified, but that's not what the SJWs like. Fantasy is too much for them.

No. 485283

the whole point of the nation based on nazi germany is that theyre the villains + theyre bad though. there were several chapters that showcased how shit and unacceptable the actions of that country are. if retarded twitterfags want to take pictures from the manga out of context and interpret that as nazi propaganda, theyre wrong.

No. 485284

One of the bands I like blocked their video/album in my country. I already bought some of their albums on bandcamp but sometimes I just like to listen to stuff on YouTube, you know. I don't know why it hurts seeing that I'm blocked. It's not the channel as other stuff isn't blocked which is by other artists, just that album. It feels like it's on a personal level and I feel a bit hurt. It's probably dumb but whatever.

No. 485377

My dads computer is at 80% memory with only 1 tab open. wtf

No. 485382

Someone in my area put up some flyers for a lost dog saying she would either be wearing a pink collar or red shock collar! No wonder that dog ran away. If I find her, I am just going to keep her I think.

No. 485404

Get a free vpn, I use Windscribe.

No. 485414

File: 1574300006007.jpg (252.15 KB, 1920x1080, FosNedS.jpg)

I'm an adult but I still watch kpop blogs and wish it was me with a bunch of friends living the idol life.

No. 485415

I made the decision to go to the first meeting for a club I was curious about, but ended up spending half an hour waiting in a room of people socializing and leaving instead of asking if it was the right room.

No. 485418

I want junk food SO FUCKING BAD. My period is making my cravings go buck wild and I have literally no food in the house. I just want to binge.

No. 485426

Same anon, though I'm not on my period atm, I'm having withdrawals from not having any sugary fatty snacks in a while but I'm too much of a lazy bitch to go shopping for them.

No. 485441

File: 1574309380098.jpg (43.15 KB, 514x500, 9512ca4b.jpg)


Same but not on my period, just. trying to lose some weight before christmas. I just want chips and chocolate and pizza. I'm too depressed to cook and too broke for delivery so I'm just here drinking my coke zero and eating stupid unsatisfying no cook shit like fucking cherry tomatoes right out of the container fuck

No. 485450

wish i could hug you anon. have done many an awkward attempt like that at uni and each made me want to die, most recent being a postgrad open day of all things kek. on the bright side, at least you tried! just go to the 2nd meeting and excuse yourself with whatever family emergency bs in case anyone asks!

No. 485462

Same. I know being an idol sucks but I still fantasise about having a group of friends/coworkers like that

No. 485480

My whole life in one vine

No. 485531

Why did people shit over my post of my dumbass rooommate? I didn't expect there to be so many crazy people here

While everyone sperging over how amazing my roommate supposedly is. She is a horrendous pickme who doesn't "believe in feminism." That's natural because her only "friends" are her fwb.

I also have way more friends than my roommate. Unlike her, I don't have to sleep with guys to make friends.

I do travel. I can afford a nice vacation to somewhere like Disney World instead of mucking around in some shitty third world country to be "enlightened." And I can go with my large group of friends too.

I'm definitely not jealous of this cumrag stealing my bf. kek

No. 485534


this has to be bait and someone continuing on the cringe to make OP look worse..

No. 485536

Why on earth do you keep comparing yourself to this girl then? not normal hun

No. 485538

There are a lot of BPD posters on here, she might just be a bad case

No. 485540

Because you're an inarticulate sperg with the uncanny ability to make someone you hate sound likeable, while making yourself sound like an insecure jealous bitch. Which you are still doing.

I hope it's bait and no one is actually this insufferable…

No. 485550

You really came back 7 days later to post this? That's impossible. No one can lack this much self-awareness.
>I can afford a nice vacation to somewhere like Disney World
Lmao. This isn't helping your case.
A NEETlita womanchild who dropped out of college, leeches off her bf/family/government welfare problem, is obsessed with Disney, claims to have a "large group of friends" even though she keeps coming here to bitch about her mostly unremarkable roommate (and even returns to defend her name), and rags on her for not being a feminist, but thinks it's cute and cool to call women "cumrags" in the same breath.
I don't want to believe this is real.

No. 485568

Because it's funny?

>A NEETlita womanchild who dropped out of college
What's wrong with that?

>leeches off her bf/family/government welfare problem

You sound jealous

>is obsessed with Disney

I'm not but ok

>claims to have a "large group of friends" even though she keeps coming here to bitch about her mostly unremarkable roommate

Is it so implausible that people here can have friends

>and rags on her for not being a feminist, but thinks it's cute and cool to call women "cumrags" in the same breath

She deserves it

No. 485571

The only thing funny is how you keep trying to defend yourself but anything you post about yourself just makes you into a bigger laughingstock. Please just stop now.

No. 485575

I want to uninstall Sims 4 Get Famous, Realm of Magic, and University.

No. 485576

File: 1574353922460.png (122.85 KB, 601x508, D0KUV57W0AAYPyR.png)

>Definitely not jealous

No. 485577

It's inherently pathetic to live like that and think you're in a place to bitch about people who are actually employed, go outside and get to travel to places that aren't children's theme parks.
I can't imagine someone as cringy as you having friends, unless they're all just as pathetic and also complain about you on internet enclaves like this.

No. 485584

What's stopping you?

No. 485590

i was so beyond disappointed with university that i felt the same way anon. i hate the live-drag only option and i wish it felt more like sims 2 university. honestly i wish sims 4 had more of sims 2 gameplay but with sims 4 graphics.

god just shut the fuck up, does it really bother you that anons on some website don't agree with how you feel about your (honestly normal sounding) roommate? if i was your boyfriend, i wouldn't be leaving you for some 'cumrag', i'd be leaving because you sound like a fucking mess to be around lmao.

No. 485604

File: 1574358393916.jpg (49.84 KB, 500x356, tumblr_mqop9pcrvs1rwfpr2o1_500…)

God I hate trying to come up with names for characters. Nothing ever feels 'right'. I'm planning a new story that involves a shit ton of characters and trying to find good names for them all is giving me an aneurysm.

No. 485617

File: 1574360849037.jpg (48.82 KB, 1280x720, 4544542.jpg)

I'm a Eurofag and I've been waiting all day until I could finally finish my duties and roll up into a blanket while finally getting to look at the Onion thread and Billie's interview (it was 2 am here while it was streaming). I'm so hyped!

No. 485634

Propaganda or no, it's still the best execution of a completely novel concept I've came across in a decade. If they want me to stop caring it's on them to make something better.

No. 485641

anon honestly i love this attitude abt media. don't like "nazi's" making cool art this is war brother make something cooler

No. 485642

I only play on one save so I don’t think I can?

I’ve only ever played sims 4 and I STILL don’t like it

No. 485647

You can turn off the fame track and shit for Get Famous, but the magic is definitely a game breaking mechanic and sucks. Haven't pirated University yet, what's so bad it?

No. 485677

you can! certain things will need to be replaced but you'll still be able to play the save.

i would love to tell you about how sims 4 university is but it's sooo hard to do so when my game crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME my sim moves into the dorms! i mean, the bikes are nice to ride around sometimes but i can't say anything else for the gameplay.

No. 485681

That sucks. University was my absolute favorite xpac in 2. 3 was a bloated mess, 4 is such a constant fucking disappointment and I have 0 hope for 5 . EA has completely sucked the soul out of the franchise since Will Wright left.

No. 485683

like i said before, i absolutely love the modding capabilities (basemental drugs especially for the realism) and customization of sims 4, but that's the issue–you NEED mods to make the game interesting, it's too…idk, too happy. i miss having sims have reactions to being cheated on, and sims having bad and good memories. it's just so bland now.

No. 485687

Seriously! I remember playing 3 and my sim cheated on her husband. He found out through the grapevine and eventually wound up autonomously divorcing her and moving out even though I tried really hard to save their relationship. I loved that shit.

No. 485700

File: 1574373797808.png (200.42 KB, 620x387, ic3o7r5priy01.png)

pushed my bed so it would adjoin the sofa as the ultimate comfy, end of the term treat! very dangerous and i shall never do this again for it is way too good

No. 485705

No. 485727

Any of you anons watch Christmas videos? I’m so fucking disturbed by all the videos where kids get 10 million gifts each and little kids getting new iPhones and macs and consoles. And every stocking stuffer video for kids they have changed out their stocking for huge ass SACKS

And then there’s the “Christmas wishlist” which are ALL the same 10 lame trendy things + the newest iPhone or MacBook

No. 485729

I want to get a buzz cut but I am worried it might be hard to upkeep alone, 1st world problems.

No. 485733

I've never heard of this. Well, now I know what to keep my kid from watching in the future.

No. 485734

>>485617 i hope you're super cozy after a hard days work anon!!

No. 485736

I'd hate to be the parent of a child right now because of all the tablet and iPhone nonsense.
Little kids don't need that shit.

No. 485740

There’s a toooooon of videos like this

No. 485745

File: 1574380915023.jpeg (111.56 KB, 640x418, 09C1E98C-A9BA-4801-B6A3-240B63…)

No. 485759

why do i always have to snack whenever i am in front of the pc, doing whatever? it's always when i am in front of the pc though. i don't even notice it and before i know i get up and look in the kitchen for something to eat, find nothing and then i go back, sit and the same thing repeats itself like 5-6 times a day.

No. 485770

not trying to be shady but if you're on here for an extended period of time, maybe you have an urge to stress eat? i just brush my teeth if i feel like i'm going to snack too much or drink more water

No. 485771

simple - all the tech is developed by amerifats and thereby exudes freedom rays which americanises everyone it irradiates. buy nokia and huawei to avoid this!

No. 485781

Pavlon conditioning? You were hungry whenever you were at your computer so now when you're at your computer you're hungry

No. 485840

the size of my period clots are sometimes kinda shocking. how the hell did it squeeze thru the cervix at THAT size???

No. 485842

File: 1574394755247.png (65.25 KB, 851x753, nasty.png)

This bitch is fucking nasty. I HATE reddit but quora is 20x worse due to the open amount of sexual degenerates and edgelords on there since it's such an extremely liberal presenting site. This woman even mentioned previously getting abused as a child and "enjoying it". i wanna report this bitch to the authorities ffs.

No. 485846

It might actually be a good idea to do that report online thing. Only a psycho pedophile would say that second comment and in the top comment she is almost definitely admitting to a form of child abuse.

No. 485847

i used to browse this site occasionally for kpop things but i kept on getting recommended stories about people recording their graphic sexual abuse stories as children. anyway it disturbed me too much and i wasn’t sure why these stories were getting recommended to me so i stopped using it

No. 485869

Kpop is worse.

No. 485874

oh man don't even get me started on quora. that place is a fucking shit hole.

No. 485887

NTA but this comment is stupid and you should be ashamed of it and I'm saying this as someone who dislikes Kpop and koreaboo and weeb shit in general.

No. 485889

I have cold and want to go to the gym, but don't want to be an asshole and get everyone else sick.

No. 485897

what does the little blue robot picture after some people’s posts mean?

No. 485898

File: 1574402972378.gif (9.54 MB, 487x250, AI animation.gif)

How long till humans are obsolete?

No. 485900

I wish I could do that to my drawings….

No. 485901

I want to smash my fucking phone but I'm already completely dependant on it. Shit.

No. 485903

this is so depressing, I just want to kill myself

No. 485906

I dreamt about my unrequited crush again, fam. This is the 3rd night in a row. How do I stop dreaming about her, anons. Make it stop.

No. 485910

The 20's is gonna be one hell of a ride

Sidenote: How do they get accurate facial muscles? Facial mannerisms and even how someone looks is highly dependent on it. I wonder how hellish the world will be then once they can replicate facial muscles well?

No. 485914

File: 1574407355053.jpg (120.6 KB, 1403x1200, 566f3056778508099e87511294b501…)

Totally uneducated on this and just taking a wild guess, but maybe they're using something like face planes similar to those used in 3d modeling?

No. 485927

this is so fucking depressing. why did I have to be born in the mid 90's. I'm so scared of the future. fuck everything

No. 485928

I went to look at classes next year and, I shit you not, one of the prof's names was david bowie…

No. 485936

They use video recordings of real people from their catalogs, then match it to the artwork with similar proportions. A bit like deepfake technology, it's a blend of two faces.

No. 485950

File: 1574420879697.png (610.94 KB, 777x528, 1570451844108.png)

I don't want to say anything on the Erin thread because it's derailing but short people get bullied/teased for sure, at least in high school. I'm 5' and I'm sure it was a combination of other things that made me a target but eh I agree it's not a reason to flaunt how uwu smol i am uwu like ageres do

No. 485955

the fucking need to bring BPD into everything on here is honestly hard autistic. did you know people can be retarded assholes without having a personality disorder? case in point, you

>inb4 mad bpdfag

only pd i have is avoidant

No. 485984

File: 1574432390845.jpeg (119.88 KB, 1242x447, A0164C13-7126-4114-9611-A7247A…)

I love finding goofy reviews.

No. 485985

File: 1574432559632.png (3.16 KB, 349x40, z.PNG)

Found this one a while back on a Corsair keyboard listed for like 250$.

No. 485988

File: 1574433185535.png (508.33 KB, 640x581, 84zqj680qsp21.png)

Thanks anon. It was really cozy.

No. 485989

File: 1574433279483.jpg (30.17 KB, 286x400, Giannamichaels.jpg)

This woman being one of the most popular porn star ever is why males tastes and opinions should be irrelevant.

No. 485995

This post is really fucking funny especially when you think women in porn are desired romantically. I am straight but if I had to put myself in the shoes of lesbians and guys I'd just say goddamn those tiddies and that retarded face sure is jizzable.
>dumbass shit: my dumbass reply to a dumbass post
but for real she is sexually attractive in a porn type of way

No. 485997

File: 1574434478227.jpg (48.24 KB, 737x737, EDFPTEdXUAERBwV.jpg)

This is so fucking cute. It reminds me of when I was really young and I would pretend to be reading my mum's chinese newspapers and she wouldn't say a thing to me but I believed that I was fooling her lmaoooo

No. 486008

What the fuck is it with american vloggers and junk food? I was stupid enough to watch some ryland vlog and these people keep getting frappes, chips, burgers and whatnot. Idk where i'm from, it's not such an everyday thing but we also have way less places to get shit from but still. I feel sick even watching this, who can eat and drink like this many times per week. Muh bloodsuggie is quaking.

No. 486016

God you sound male

No. 486031

That was the fucking point
>stand in the shoes of men
And it's kinda true anyways, you don't need to be pretty to be a porn star lol. Besides even if they're not pretty they can always have surgery.
>my dumbass reply to a dumbass post 2.0
Also, pretty ironic coming from you since your post screams male too. Like who the hell is she? Lol.

No. 486032

from what i understand it's quite normal in america to eat out or get delivery and barely ever cook for yourself. i don't even know how they afford it but it sure explains why they're all so damn fat and retarded in the brain

No. 486038

Nigger you said in the shoes of /lesbians/, literally only men think women view other women that way.
>no uuu sound male
>gaslighting scrote
Classic. I'm not OP but ok.