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No. 473321

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

Post it here

Previous thread: >>454349

No. 473326

Does anyone have any recommendations of sites to host photography?

I'm now just getting back into it and would really like to post stuff not just to insta. I like to have a little gallery to look at for myself mostly but having an active user base is also a plus for me. I do want to net-work a little with other people around my level.

The least amount of automated censorship the better. I do costume-y things that can include some fake blood and I've gotten false flagged by algorithms because of it?? (current year problems.)

I know the obvious Flickr and that might work for me as a back up but is it cool? What is the coolest one?

No. 473342

I can't help but think of normal guys as boring, I only like trashy looking ones, like pale, skinny with long hair, sort of like a mix between eboy, goth and rocker, but where do I find those? Do they only exist on the internet?

No. 473344

Lol try trailer parks

No. 473346

consider going to an art school or getting friends that do

No. 473391

it's actually true tho for the most part. it's caused not by the cups being too big, but by the small cups being pulled outwards by the breasts.

No. 473429

No. 473452

they're everywhere in sweden. like an infestation

No. 473455

Why am I not surprised?

No. 473464

I feel ashamed because since I started to listen to some sadboi shit, I got to know Lil Peep's music and I can not go back. I can't fuck with "normies" anymore, only trash white boys or the opposite which is muscular and mixed. fml

No. 473470

what about trashy muscular white boys ?

No. 473472

I'm jealous, swedish guys seem quite cute on average. There are quite some guys into rock/metal/alt-shit in Germany too, but literally all of them are fat, smelly, greasy neckbeards probably also obsessed with gaming/anime and hating women in some way or another… I'd basically love to have somebody who looks like a mix between brandon lee in the crow and ville valo lol But I'm not even a goth chick, so no chance.

No. 473475

I can relate. I wish I had a metalhead/goth bf but I can never dress that way so that's not going to happen (though I actually genuinely do like some of the music they listen). Plus, they're extremely rare where I live.

No. 473477

It's the same way for me too, I like the music but look like a total normie

No. 473478

I just wish Rock and Metal(the Music and aesthetic) were more popular globally instead of Rap,I don't hate rap but I hate how prevalent its become in society especially in other cultures

No. 473483

It irks me that metalheads will straight up not accept you if you don't wear their stupid uniform. Subcultures are cultish and boring. You can usually safely assume they have unmanaged emotional issues and have a hard time adjusting to environments.

No. 473484

I don't even think that they wouldn't accept you, in my case it's simply that nobody would ever think that somebody looking like me would be into that sort of music, like how would they know?

No. 473486

I primarily listen to metal but I never call myself a metalhead because most of them are elitist assholes who will tell you the bands you listen to are 'not really metal' or 'not metal enough' because metal is basically an umbrella term almost and there are so many different types and people have soooo many opinions about the different genres and what should/shouldn't be considered "true metal" that they want to project onto you. I always hear people say goths are elitists but honestly metalheads are so much worse.

And just wanna remind everyone that metal and goth are 2 different genres, they get conflated a lot for some reason.

No. 473489

Idk why anyone would wanna do themselves the disservice of trying to pander to these gatekeeping faggots in subcultures. You gotta have low as shit self esteem to try and get into a circle that doesn't want you and doesn't consider you worthy.

"Normies" will accept your hobbies and maybe even join you in exploring them if they're good enough friends with overlapping tastes.

No. 473498


But, how else will you find cute, long-haired metal-listening boys?

No. 473517

normies don't accept weird hobbies.

No. 473518


for metal standards being a sellout means being able to play something that isn't the pentatonic scale, for punk is knowing more than 3 chords and actually caring about music more than the costume and the posturing.

Metal is not just a subculture, is an age bracket. most people grow out of it and thats cool, most of the most amazing musicians i've ever met started out as metal fans who eventually got bored of playing the same compositions over and over. In retrospect my edgelord years were silly but also very fun, i'd just wish i hadn't cut myself from other experiences because of that tribal mentality.

No. 473539

File: 1571256509601.jpg (226.23 KB, 1000x1420, IMG_20190713_162228.jpg)

God, i wanted the nintendo switch so badly…dont know if i should pick up a job though since i didnt recieve any customer through commissioning my art.

No. 473540

idk man, most normies aren't that normie if you know what i mean. have met only one truly beige wall, devoid of any personality, her only interests are whatever is on her fb wall normie in my life, most people aren't that 2d and have caveats. biggest alpha chad i know (legitimately co-owns a night club and a gym) is actually really into ren faires for example. at least where i'm from, metal is a very common guy interest as well.

No. 473551

Of course you should get a job if your art isn't lucrative.

No. 473555

anon is a girl though. we're not talking about normie dudes.

No. 473561

Question for the PHYSICS ANONS:
Isn't sticking to causality as a fundamental principle of the Universe sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy?
If all your experiments are designed to be able to be repeated and predict, how can you ever hope to glimpse the nature of the Universe if sometimes or in some ways effect does not follow the cause?

No. 473611

If you are american or north european you'd just have get any mcjob and in a month you have enough money to spare. I'm pretty jealous of younger anons that get to grow up in the first world, here not even prostitution pays enough to do that.

No. 473612

Cute art but I'd advise getting a job that actually makes money bc missing out on an art career isn't gonna matter as much as having money when you're retired.

No. 473637

ok. this affects my counter argument to "normies don't like weird hobbies" how exactly? I'm sure she can come across some stacy lowkey into metal, one of the more popular girls in my school was like that. Most normie girls I know have at least one unconventional hobby/interest, I was just mentioning metal as that was the initial topic of discussion (debatable how unconventional a whole ass genre of music can be but I'm giving that point a geographical leeway).

No. 473649

File: 1571269121410.jpg (352.59 KB, 720x960, 20190917_013436_623.jpg)

I lived in a third world country unfortunately. We do have mcdonals but those jobs kinda tend to get filled up quite quickly,so im trying to find one that would balance between schooling and other stuff.
Not my art but im flattered lol, i kinda knew the harsh reality of being an artist but i still wanted to be one, i dont wanna drop it either. Ill think this through tho, thank you. (pic related, this is what my art really looks like, kinda amateurish i know )

No. 473690


Just keep it up and do what you have to do to get there, if you want to open a bakery you would be doing the same, just saving money with something else and learning the trade until you are ready to make the jump. I too live in the third world and had to save for over a year doing odd stuff and doing graphic design stuff with a mouse before i could even afford a huion tablet and a budget pc, we have to make the best of it.

Open a cgpeers acount, pirate the shit out of book and courses and do whatever you need to get ahead.

No. 473720

So a few hours ago I was lying on my bed just chilling and suddenly my heart started beating really hard and so loud I could hear it for about 5 seconds before it went back to normal. should i be worried?

No. 473726

heart palpitations are definitely normal. are you stressed or tired?

No. 473730


I'm feeling pretty tired today and i had a slight headache earlier, that's probably it.

No. 473736

So, Egyptian people were black, right?

No. 473737

Some were, including one pharaoh IIRC, but most were something else.
They were kind of a melting pot. People like to argue about this back and forth and get really pissy for whatever reason, but that's pretty much it.

No. 473748

How to take sexy selfies? Privately where I can't get caught, so no flash and typically have to hold onto my phone in the process.
I'm 5'3. Thick thighs. Good ass. 34DDD. Like 140lbs. I'm a bit older though so starting to show skinny fat body aging stress.
No matter what I do, I have a lump or cellulite or a stretch mark somewhere. Or I look like a midget with Raptor arms and great tits.
My girlfriends have tried to teach me to take selfies with them but I can't figure it out. How does a very cute-in-person 30-year old self conscience lady learn their angles without having any form of social media?

I also know my tit pics and ass pics and vag pics have been compelling enough but I would like for them to not be close up cropped shots. With minimum editing also.

Tldr; how to take sexy selfies at an old lady age with weird proportions

No. 473754

>140 lbs
that's not "skinny" fat, anon

No. 473756

Ate you telling me I'm not fat? I drink a lot of wine and have some pudge.
Are you telling me I'm fat?
I'm fucking 30. Shit happens to your body.

No. 473759

30 isnt old and 18 year olds have cellulite and whatever else, it's about muscle vs fat ratios and having a good muscular foundation for the fat to sit on, it has nothing to do with your age.

No. 473761

Depends on how the anon carries it, I knew a girl who was like 137 and 5'0 and still looked pretty uniform around her body, given she had muscle too

No. 473763

kek, this is me. i never wouldve been into this but now thanks to peep sadboi thing the "what if he's actually an economically disadvantaged but emotional guy who has been held back by friend groups or life?" has been plaguing me when i see trashy guys now.

No. 473764

I was a gnat till i was 23, and had the same job since I was 16, on my feet mom stop walking. Muscular, skinny, amd fat all at once depending where my insecurities lie.

Regardless non of ya'll are helping me try to look sexy so nvm

No. 473765

Sage because when my phone said gnat, I meant gymnast.

No. 473772

You admit yourself that your insecurities twist your body image and expect us to give you advice with an admittly unreliable description of your body?

Just stay an equilibrium of just the right about of thinness, fat, and muscle, enough fat for feminine curves, enough muscles to tighten your body, and enough thinness to have a flattering figure

No. 473774

Yo bitch, I'm not asking for health advice. Maybe I disclosed too much

All I wanna know is how to take a sexy full body shot, regardless of thickness fatness or fitness

No. 473799

File: 1571306190857.png (141.21 KB, 774x1038, iuhjk.png)

This keeps popping up whenever I scroll down IG accounts. I definitely don't want to have to log into IG or make a new account just to look at some pictures. I resent that IG seems to be taking tips from Pinterest now. How do I get rid of it?

No. 473800

>Just stay an equilibrium of just the right about of thinness, fat, and muscle, enough fat for feminine curves, enough muscles to tighten your body, and enough thinness to have a flattering figure
Easier said than done

No. 473808

Well yeah, some people loose fat and muscle easily, some people gain muscle easily, some people have a hard time putting on muscle, etc. It just depends on your body type and you work with it

No. 473829

What do you anons do when you're in a shitty mood and don't feel like moving/eating or doing anything?

Usually it's easy to snap out when I'm with other people but on days when I'm alone it feels like my brain is rotting.

No. 473832

I just recently learned the power music can actually have on your mood. I feel like i never thought of it when I was feeling shitty until someone pointed out to me that music is usually the easiest way to get yourself out of your head for a little while. Now i try to think of that when i catch myself in those moods. For me its gotta be like upbeat music though, or something nostalgic that reminds me of something happy. Black eyed peas-monkey business album is one of my go to albums to snap out of it haha

No. 473834

exactly. Tinder is the perfect example for this.
girl I feel you LOL

No. 473841

Chore stuff like dishes/laundry
Take photos of stuff to sell on eBay

No. 473850

Does true love exist?

No. 473854

Is there a dating site for online only relationships or people that never want to meet irl but still want to date?

No. 473869

Do you guys know where I can find dumb bitch memes? like the ones form /m/

No. 473872

There are a lot on Pinterest.

No. 473905

>hold out on sex
>guy keeps courting to score
>finally agree to sex
>suddenly courting declines if not ghosted altogether

>give in to sex initially

>guy ghosts after getting what he wants

What's worse? I've always been told to hold off on sex but it just seems like it hurts more in the long run, on account of all the wasted time and misplaced emotional investment over someone who just wanted sex at the core.

No. 473906


they are spotted in the wild across normie social media mostly, but i'm guessing there must be at least one subreddit dedicated to them, it has to be.

No. 473908

I have the opposite of the problem. I only want sex and make it clear when I hook up but it seems they're all trying to get serious with me, 3 even tried proposing to me. It seems men only want to get serious if that's not what the woman wants

No. 473917

That's a whole nother issue for me
Guys who want to get too serious too fast often turn out to be abusive and psychotic. It's hard knowing what to trust or not these days.

No. 473932

This is so true, goddamn. Have had my own experience with a guy who wanted me to move in with him, telling me he loves me, 3 months into our relationship. He is fucking crazy, in fact.

No. 473937

It’s not a Pinterest thing, specifically, it’s that fb owns ig and your data is worth more to them than site accessibility. As far as I know you can’t get rid of the forced account creation, and they’re only going to crack down on it more.

No. 473999


They crack down on everything. I don't use Instagram, but I like it to check on random shit, which is now almost impossible because now you need to have an account for almost everything to access as checking on locations etc.
Tags are still fine, but who the fuck knows for how long.

No. 474008

This is a huge shot in the dark but does anyone know of a show or a clip where either a Japanese or Korean male celebrity says that they were once so poor they would split a package of yakisoba into three separate meals? I think they're relatively successful now but I can't remember for the life of me where I saw this clip or who said it.

No. 474051

anon i think thats from the demon mcdonalds anime

No. 474060

i get the moving in part but is an "i love you" crazy 3 months in?

No. 474082

I’m sure it was in there too at some point, but I really feel like I watched some interview or something recently where a celebrity talked about it!! My mind keeps thinking it was on Terrace House when the commentators are shown, but they rarely have outside guests so I don’t think it was on there…

No. 474098

are shark vacuums worth it? my mom just bought a $300 shark cordless stick type vacuum from them for $149 but $149 to me is still expensive considering i have a $30 bissell stick vacuum that is surprisingly pretty damn good

anyone have experience with the 'shark' brand of vacuum?

just in general, are expensive vacuums worth it?

No. 474113

i don't think so. me and my ex told each other we loved one another about 3 months in and we dated for almost five years, and we're still friends to this day.

No. 474172

Are there any good men that don't cheat? Are straight women doomed to getting fucked over by men indefinitely?

No. 474175

there are a few, but i think given enough time, almost all of them become cheaters. the only difference is how long/how "bored" they get until they decide to go through with it.

if they don't cheat, they'll probably disrespect you in other ways. i am with a guy that i can't really see cheating given how crazy attracted he still is to me after all this time, and he's so sweet with me sexually, but is an unbearable, totally unaware douchebag in other respects. there's never "the whole package". most men are duplicitous freaks, but those few that aren't are going to likely make you settle in other ways that make you want to shoot yourself in the face out of frustration.

No. 474179

Not really in my experience.

No. 474187

I love my Shark vacuum. I bought it while I was in college because I frustrated over the cheaper vacuums constantly busting on me and never doing a great job.
Five years later and it still works great, mind though that I do keep maintenance with it and clean it regularly. I think people who see a decline in the quality of their expensive vacuums probably just don't realize they need to clean it.
An ex bought one at a pawn shop for $50 because it "didn't work," but once I brought it home and flushed out the hosing it worked like a charm.

No. 474189


I know plenty of men that haven't cheated. I also know women who cheated on their man but yes, faithful people do exist from my experience.

Possible hot take, but many studies indicate that men who are particularly high libido are more likely to cheat so hanging on to one night stands and guys who generally want to get in your pants more than anything else (like having nice conversations lol) might not be the best idea.

No. 474272

is it weird to put makeup on in the morning on days off incase you go somewhere? i sometimes plan spontaneously so i wanted to start getting ready in the mornings on my day off but sometimes i don't leave the house. just thought it may be convenient for days when i do.

No. 474277

How long does it take for you to put on makeup anon? I do find this a little weird, but then again, I usually put on a very light amount of make up (application time runs between 5min minimum to about 20-30min max depending if I'm just doing some eyeliner+brows or if I'm doing the whole shebang) so if something comes up spontaneously I can just smack on some makeup and leave. Even if I do have something planned, I tend to leave it as one of the very last things I do before heading out (usually try to leave about 30 min but if I end up misjudging time and rushing I'll just do basic eyeliner and brows to save myself the time).

It always feels like a waste to me if I put on make up and end up not leaving. I also like to relish in the freedom of rubbing my face/eyes without worrying about smearing anything so any chance I don't have to have makeup on, I won't lol.

No. 474278

How do I stop being so scared of men?

I'm not worried in a sense of "they could hurt me", I just can't talk to them at all. I always get so nervous, can't look them in the face and act kind of defensive or even rude. My friends suggested trying dating apps because Im too shy to ever meet somebody normally (like when going out) but just the thought of texting with a guy scares me. I always have this irrational fear that they would suddenly start to mock me or get angry, because I'm not good(looking) enough for them - even if it's when it's actually just a costumer at my retail job.

No. 474283

>I always have this irrational fear that they would suddenly start to mock me or get angry, because I'm not good(looking) enough for them
I'm exactly the same, anon. I work a professional position and I'm supposed to do a lot of teamwork, but I'm always on the defense with men. I'm always afraid that they'll start making fun of or belittling me because I'm not very attractive to men by conventional standards, with either looks or behavior. It's been like this for my whole life, men just treat me like garbage because they don't find me worth their while. If someone has advice, I'm willing to listen.

No. 474286

You've just gotta befriend some. I wish I had better advice.
I feel twinges of that sometimes with new men (especially frat boy and male art hoe types but I have a fear of conventionally attractive people in general), but atm my only friends are straight men who aren't attracted to me and no one gives a fuck. When I was obese and gnc I used to work with mostly men and they also didn't give a fuck.

Chances are if a man is the type to post about or shit talk a woman for being ugly, if he was a woman he'd still be a shallow bitch and act similarly.
So…fear both, or neither, equally.

No. 474287

Glad I'm at least not the only one. It's the same for me, I have such a hard time working together with guys. I subconsciously think "if he hates me, at least he won't think I'm hitting on him". I really don't get how other women can just joke around or even flirt a little with their male friends.
If there's a couple at the shop I work at, I exclusively talk only to her, so that they won't get the wrong idea.

I don't know if that's the reason why I'm like this, but when I was in 6th grade one of my former friends lied to a guy and said I liked him, to which he reacted completely grossed out and I franctically tried to deny it. Back then I didn't even feel bad about it for long, but this is exactly what I fear will happen if I were to be friendly with a guy. Later on I also got in similar incidents, there boys insulted me, saying they would never like me, although I didn't even show any interest in them. I have a resting bitch face and talk very little, so no way that anything I ever did could be interpreted as flirting. No idea why this kept happening to me (or maybe that's normal and only I can't deal with that?)

No. 474298

Exposure therapy is the best thing for any fear. It takes time and doesn't guarantee you'll completely get over your phobia but it can help a lot. I used to be extremely shy with all people and now I have a thriving social life even though a little voice in the back of my head is still shy, and I had an intense fear of heights and have since gotten much better and gone skydiving. It's important to keep pushing yourself because you need lots of those interaction experiences for your brain to gradually learn not to anticipate bad outcomes. Mimicking how you think normal people act can also be really effective in getting better social outcomes in my experience. Like in the back of your head you might be totally freaking out but still try to push yourself to outwardly pretend to be someone who doesn't have your fear, or think of how you would act if the guy was a lady.

No. 474300

it depends but usually 1+ hours because i curl my hair and stuff too.

No. 474314

File: 1571423034319.jpg (34.39 KB, 600x338, c88b21bb0f6001a99c3020c02da2cb…)

Who draws those pictures that Google shows when you search up a disease

No. 474316

That guy looks like he's daydreaming about KFC and purple drank.

No. 474322

Cringe. Is it 2009?

No. 474327

File: 1571425448279.jpg (48.44 KB, 500x707, 1571423034319.jpg)

Idk mane, is it?

No. 474328

No, probs just a scrote. Report and move on.

No. 474331

It's a joke Nancy Drew, calm yourself.

No. 474332

File: 1571425766695.jpeg (11.45 KB, 265x190, snap.jpeg)

No. 474333

Must've struck a nerve, my apologies for interrupting the google sperging. Please continue.

No. 474334

You uh..should definitely get a job before trying to sell art, maybe after a few years of practice under your belt

No. 474337

>getting passive aggressive because no one laughed
Console yourself. Maybe your humor will go over better on Neopets.

No. 474339

Are you…trying to communicate your likes through projection or something? Stop.

No. 474340

>Everyone who replies to me is the same person! And anyone who says things I don't like is actually projecting!
Embarrassing. Are you sure you're old enough for imageboards?

No. 474344

What's your next one? You sound manic.

No. 474346

It's not everyone else posting decades-old rayciss memes and getting aggro when others say it's cringe, anon. Calm down, it's genuinely not that serious.

No. 474347

>get all aggro
Nah, that's you famalam.
>calm down
Says the person who wanted to report me for being a scrote. Sure Jan.

No. 474348

Where was I aggro? And, you do realize multiple people have replied to you, right? I never said to report you.
I'm starting to genuinely feel worried for your mental health. This isn't normal behavior over a failed joke.

No. 474352

>Where was I aggro?
Was it when you called me the scrote, the Neopets user, or the underage?
You're weirdly mad about this and an obvious samefag. This really doesn't matter, but it must've really hurt your feelings for you to have ran with it for this many replies.
I'm sorry my outdated meme made you upset. Please heal and move on from this.

No. 474353

I posted a Shrek picture. You seriously sound unwell. This website is not a conspiracy of one person samefagging to hurt your feelings, and getting mad and yelling about projection won't make this any less sad to watch.
Get help, seriously.

No. 474355

I'll pray for you anon.

No. 474357

If prayer helps with your issues, okay.

No. 474361

File: 1571427715898.gif (634.86 KB, 300x268, boo boo.gif)

No. 474363

Once more, calm down. This is sad.

No. 474368

File: 1571428061076.jpg (38.14 KB, 400x300, watermelon-face.jpg)

>>474363(racebaiting, trying to fight everyone)

No. 474372

>spamming the thread over this

No. 474374

You'll get banned too if you don't just report and stop replying to him.

No. 474375

Yeah, you're right. I'll stop. Some cases of this just bewilder me.

No. 474376

No. 474403

You guys still didn't answer.

No. 474412

File: 1571439867456.jpg (144.84 KB, 1047x1119, sasuke.jpg)


i also wonder who draws those random wikihow articles. And how that bussiness model works. Its funny to just deep dive into retarded articles but what the hell is the incentive to do this pointless shit



No. 474437

When i was a kid, i would sometimes talk without opening my mouth, like mumbling and only my mom would understand me. Is that totally autistic? What the fuck was that, i just did that again for shits and giggles and it just seems fucking weird. I feel fucking weird about it.

No. 474438

File: 1571446137786.png (513.03 KB, 565x421, Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 01.4…)

Honestly most of the time it just looks like someone has traced over existing photos and exaggerated parts a little, the results can be hilarious though

No. 474439

Kids do stupid autistic shit all the time, who cares.

No. 474441

>>474439 i may have taken my sleeping meds and feel anxious about everything stupid, so you maybe right, anon.

No. 474450

It's ok anon, sleep tight.

No. 474452

I was raped as a kid but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any lasting trauma from it, is this normal? Not to downplay CSA survivors, but I know it’s something that deeply affects them (and rightfully so) but my childhood rape is something I just think back on on occasion as like a “oh. yeah that happened.” I even straight up forgot about for a few years. I just wonder why it never really ended up affecting me- I remember a lot of it quitebvividly but they’re just memories that I replay just like any other childhood memory.

No. 474453

Not saying this is going to happen to you anon but that was me up until 3 ish years ago when my academic life took a more stressful turn(thesis work) + seeing my raper on my city(up until that point he was strained family) + finally going to therapy (it was free and until then the only abnormal thing was feeling a little weird while fucking, like I was not really there, and sometimes feeling mostly apathetic), then life spiraled down with weekly panic attacks and all that jazz. So Idk I suppose sometimes we're not really in tune with our trauma and hasn't really processed it until we are forced to look at it, though I truly hope that's not your case and you get to live a life free of all that baggage.

No. 474454

so is someone gonna make a new pink pill thread or is it banned now too? the old one has reached max limit.

No. 474455

I would do way dumber/weirder shit when I was a kid. can't think of what specifically but I know I did. that's just what kids do.

No. 474456

File: 1571453996014.jpg (88.76 KB, 633x960, 0371c1be1cb02b5056c2a2ed4c507d…)

Yeah unless you we're fucked up to the point your brain coped by feeling nothing you probally for some resilinice techniques. A lot of child abuse that doesn't leave physical scars, but only mental can also become an 'in the eye of the beholder' thing. Some people have been mentaly fucked over by being emotinaly neglected as a child while others can survive beatings. It depends on you and how you developed.

No. 474459

Maybe there’s a delay because everyone hates the merged GC/PP threads.

No. 474462

Facts. Nobody wants to make another frankenthread.

No. 474463

I'm starting to develop some varicose veins in my legs (thanks mom) and I want to see a derm to see if I can get some sort of treatment done, only problem is that I'm in the US and I don't have insurance. How big of a bill could I be looking at here?

No. 474469

i wish i had a definitive answer but i have been dealing with varicose veins for years after pregnancies with little insurance coverage and no ability to get it taken care of. im hoping you can address it sooner than later. even with insurance and it being that i spend about a week out of the month unable to walk im looking at 5k initially to start treating the issue. i live in a state that has literally one of the worst overall scores for healthcare though.

sometimes resources are buried but maybe start with searching your states public health resources and then county health resources. try calling public health care lines for your county and ask what may be available. maybe if its available, call a state medical university to see if there is something they could do even for a reduced price. i live in a state that has a few big medical universities that offer discounted rates for training.

No. 474480

Yeah that thread has been such a shit show. I'm one of the biggest man haters around but I got accused of being a self victimizing scrot multiple times.

No. 474514

is it severe anxiety or am I literally just like this? is this just me, for life? a hopeless dummy?

No. 474591

File: 1571513345018.jpg (165.7 KB, 640x640, 1e386bc76633da99e511b96ea0179f…)

Have any anons here been writing diaries for a while?

I admire people who write them dilligently, but it's too awkward for me to ask them anything about diary writing in person.

Whan kind of notebook do you write in? How often do you write? How do you write about you day coherently? Do you worry about someone reading it?

I'm curious!

No. 474597

How come so many neet anons have boyfriends?
I constantly read stuff like
>i'm mentally ill/fat/ugly/disabled/never finished school/unemployed/messy/can't cook or do anything/depressed/cry all day/…and don't have anybody but my bf
Like how? How did you get one if you're unattactive, barely function and don't leave the house?
Where are those kind of saints willing to put up with women like that? Especially since there also seem to be many who are nice, financially support their gf (and their weird hobbies), cook and so on. Are those anons just lying?
I don't have standards when it comes to attractiveness, I wouldn't ask for anything from a guy, I'd even be willing to a lot for him, yet it seems I'm doomed to die alone.

No. 474600

Sometimes I wonder about that too, but go to the threads in /g/ and you'll see that some of them might have a bf but they're really shitty

No. 474608

>What kind of notebook do you write in?

I still write in the one my mother gave to me on my 14th birthday. It’s custom made and leather bound. There’s golden music notes pressed into the leather and it’s so pretty! I play piano so it suits me. I think everyone should get a unique diary like that for themselves, like something that reflects a personal trait or hobby of theirs. I wrote in fountain pen in my youth, and now I write in those thin Japanese pens people obsess over. I kind of want to get a quill or something nice. I always write in cursive and it’s nice to see an improvement in handwriting over the years.

>How often do you write?

I write whenever I feel sad or extremely happy. I don’t feel the need to write a day-to-day chronicle on my mundane life. I also write when a big event happens in my life like going to college, establishing relationships, or going on vacations and experiencing new things. I still have to write about my trip to Europe over the summer but haven’t gotten around to doing it. A girl in the same tour group brought her diary and wrote on the bus and I got so jelly lmao. Why didn’t I bring mine!

>How do you write about you day coherently?

Honestly I just verbally vomit on the page. I make my writing like my thoughts, like free form or stream of consciousness writing. It’s nice to go back and see what my thoughts were like exactly.

> Do you worry about someone reading it?

I’m pretty sure my family read it growing up. I was always so paranoid so I repressed some of my thoughts and feelings in my diary. Now that I’ve moved away from home and living by myself I don’t feel as paranoid anymore and unleash my full feelings out

No. 474611

The boyfriends are usually also NEETs too, also cohabitation removes some standards since people are happy just to be sharing rent

idk how much you read lolcow but this site really opened my eyes to what constitutes a boyfriend, like a lot of people don't want to have sex with their bf or they don't touch each other for years. Relationships are usually not all sunshine and roses, bf means a different thing to different people and they will only ever show (outside of anon sites) the highlights.

No. 474613

I’m currently journaling in a really cute shiny journal with a girl in armor petting a big dragon on it. I fill up diaries so fast and always buy them when I see cute ones.

I’ve been using a journal since I was a child and then therapists continued to encourage me to do it as a teen. I also have been using it to document my tarot card readings and write about my deck and how I interpret it. I doodle in it occasionally, too but it’s mostly just me rambling. A lot of it is sad stuff I need to get off my chest. That depression life :)

No. 474621


women do have it on easy mode when it comes to finding a partner. Its the male neets that no one wants romantically or sexually.

Finding someone to date as an at least avertage looking girl is way easier than finding friendships.

No. 474631

Should i uninstall or turn off Avast? for years i've had both avast(the free version because poorfag) and malwarebytes installed and running but they never seem to find anything except keygens, it seems like a waste of resources. I already use ublock, nocoin and adblocker on my browser.

No. 474632

I found my boyfriend on 4chan. He works at Walmart and has his own issues. The thing is these anons that are neets and have bfs, they usually don't have great boyfriends and you'd probably pass on them if they hit on you.

No. 474641

What skills or areas of knowledge should a woman today have to be independent?

I've felt very helpless lately and want to not need to rely on my dad or my partner to help me my whole life.

No. 474644

Financial skills, understanding taxes, saving money, some sort of monetizable skill which is transferable, understanding of basic human psychology and politics.

You basically need to understand your "place" that being how others view you in society, figure out what you specialize in and sell your skill, and work around that boundary of how others view you (which you cannot change) how you represent yourself and interact/your personal boundaries (which you can change) and honing whatever you are adept at so you can monetize it. Hope that makes sense, it's a big topic but I'm trying to keep it short.

No. 474647

Finances for sure. Not just basics like budgeting and saving, but understanding retirement funds and investing because it's important to start early. Women are less likely to invest in shares but more likely to be successful than men when they do (being more risk averse). I'm just going with set-and-forget ETFs, I don't think people realize how easy and risk free they are.

No. 474654

A woman staying at home and a man being the breadwinner isn't a new dynamic,while many women were previously forced into the House some women still can use this dynamic to their advantage not because they believe in 1950's Gender Roles but because their socially awkward NEETs who don't like interacting with people

No. 474672

okay so a while back my laptop hard drive went keputz. my ex boyfriend had a spare hard drive and installed it for me, and I'm not sure how he got windows but he got it off the internet, probably illegally. well now a thing keeps popping up saying "your windows license is about to expire". I click on it but I can't figure out what to do because none of the options really lead anywhere. I don't have a product key because I didn't buy it. do I have to repurchase windows 10??

No. 474684

Even if it's not anxiety, learning a bit more about how to handle anxiety will probably help

No. 474691

Trying to remember a band from either New Zealand or Australia with a female vocalist. Recent band and I guess an indie vibe???? Idfk. Anons please help

No. 474712

oh thank fuck it came to me. It was the Beths.

No. 474719

Their standards for men are lower than their standards for themselves.

No. 474720

I haven't been burgled ever, but I still like locking my door at night.

No. 474727

that's not even fucking true. i know a number of male neets that had numerous women clawing after them that wanted to help them. the thing is that most male neets are bottom of the barrel degenerate losers, and no one wants to get with a guy that fucks himself with a dragon dildo, and a lot of neet guys become this level of degen from having way too much time on their hands, or from just being the type of chris-chan tier creep that is more likely to become a neet.

as a few anons have already said, a lot of women WITH successful careers already settle for men that become little but horny ankleweights already, so a lot of neet girls are settling for trash bfs, but just because someone is neet doesn't mean they don't have something to offer someone, especially as a woman. honestly a lot of guys don't care about whether or not a woman has a career tbh. a lot of guys don't mind women being dependent on them, especially if they also have mental problems or whatever that they can either abuse, or relate to, not that many men actually treat these women so well. you have to remember that a lot of these neet girls have low self esteem from society beating them down for being neet, on top of whatever problems they had that led them to becoming neets, so honestly they're probably grateful for anything. women with their shit together praise men for doing the smallest shit that should already be expected of men, so i'm sure that's happening tenfold with neet girls. they're probably worshipping them for just treating them a little human, especially because people irl make you feel inhuman for being neet, or for being fat, or ugly, etc, etc.

and a lot of self reported "ugly" or "fat" women aren't. women blow out insecurities out of proportion while literally disfigured men criticize women's appearances and display the same level of male entitlement as attractive men.

No. 474729

File: 1571552833610.jpg (31.92 KB, 488x366, 1571156435953.jpg)


I'm just saying, if an anon asked advice on here about their neet crush or bf they would be told to love themselves and dump him, but guys don't tend to have big issues with being the one financially supporting their relationships and paying for everything, some would even prefer specifically to marry a stay at home mom who don´t work or be a suggar daddy for a thoth who admits straight up that she is a goldigger from the get go.

Women get less shitted on for being neets and an average looking woman has more romantic potential than an average looking dude and will have more options when putting herself out there , almost all of my neets friends are girls who spent a lot of time jumping between relationships were they never spent any money, and being pampared by their parents , to a point they became too used to a lifestyle of being lazy and only function when it came to leisure paid by whoever else. If your boyfriend comes over with cake, weed and gifts every other day of the week and your parents cover all your expenses while you play videogames and shitpost, no shit you become entitled and lazy.

Disclaimer, having a boyfriend doesn´t imply is a good bf, even paying for everything they can still be shitty boyfriends and paying for stuff is also a manipulative tactic to gain dependency, i am just saying a female neet has some advantages on that aspect over male ones and is more likely to find a couple should she look for one.

No. 474733

so conservative Tard girls are actually just socially awkward NEETs who want their bfs/Husbands do everything for them

No. 474734


you don't have to be conservative for that, theres way too many liberal and leftist women out there living off their partners. including many anons on this board.

No. 474735

I feel its easier to justify being a housewife when you're conservative then left leaning,If you're a feminist and willingly stay a housewife then you're gonna be torn apart by leftists

No. 474757

>if an anon asked advice on here about their neet crush or bf they would be told to love themselves and dump him
no, they really wouldn't. only if the guy was an annoying fuck AND neet, because why put up with male entitlement AND neetdom?

>Women get less shitted on for being neets

uhhh, not true at all. irl you get shit on for being a neet as a woman all of the time, the only time you're maybe given any leniency is when people want to fuck you? if women found a guy super attractive emotionally, physically, what have you, A LOT of them would be perfectly fine with looking over the neet shit though too, so it's not exclusive to women. people will overlook certain things if there are positives. i've seen it time and time again. people MAYBE will be nicer about women being neet if they're married, but even then, i see "stay at home wives" are shit on a lot irl. real life is not all about how men online treat women or how young men treat women. people who aren't considered to be "contributing" to society are not treated well, male or female.

>If your boyfriend comes over with cake, weed and gifts every other day of the week

literally like no guys even do this shit today, let alone for neet girls. your idea of neet women is weird. i've never had this happen. idk any women who have bfs who bring over cake and gifts and weed every other day.

No. 474758

> idk any women who have bfs who bring over cake and gifts and weed every other day.

Mine cooks food at home and then brings it to me and some wine.

No. 474761

I specifically mentioned that I saw many posts of neet farmers whose boyfriends were not neets or super trashy and that's what baffles me. Like guys who work and support a woman who doesn't contribute to absolutely anything. How did they even meet if she neither goes to school, nor work, nor has hobbies (besides gaming), nor is willing to go outside?
In the traditional sense a stay-at-home wife would at least cook, clean, buy groceries + other necessities and look presentable, but in those cases they're only sitting at home and are useless, why would anybody endure that? If you want sex, a prostitute would be a lot cheaper.
Same for parents who allow their "kids" (some of them are 30+) to not do anything. Everybody could at least work retail (and if your anxiety is so bad work a nightjob there you won't need to face anybody).

No. 474762

they probably met online. i don't think you need to work to "contribute", personally. i would happily support my husband, but i've never met a man worth marrying, so. not working isn't a huge dealbreaker to some people. and again, so what if they work? it doesn't mean these men aren't terrible and neet farmers are conveniently ignoring their negative qualities the way people who love or care for people often do.

No. 474764

But how? All those farmers claim to do is lay in bed or play on their computer 24/7. That's not contributing.
And simply assuming that those working boyfriends are always worse than their neet girlfriends just because of their gender is whack. Being a neet is leeching off of others, that could be classified as a form of abuse as well, with the other party being to weak to leave. They're being essentially guilt-tripped into not breaking up, since they know that a neet wouldn't survive on their own and would likely end up homeless - and not many people could stand the thought of being responsible for that.

No. 474766

That’s cute aw

No. 474771

some men like women have this bizarre complex i.e they will do everything for their SO and all they expect in return is for them to say they love them and also from what I have seen these are usually their first and perhaps only relationships

No. 474779

I think it all can be debunked with one word: lies.

No. 474780

You'd be surprised how many men have a fixer complex when it comes to their partners. Plus a lot of guys still have it in their heads that they need to be the breadwinner so their gf not working is less of a deal-breaker, maybe.

Having been in the reverse situation with my garbage ex who decided getting a mild depression diagnosis was a good excuse to quit his job and become a worthless basement troll - which forced me to support him working full-time, while in school full-time, AND having to cook and clean because any time you asked him he'd start crying he was too depressed (also he claimed to have PTSD from a nightmare…) - I don't know how anyone manages that long-term. I tapped out after a year and had a complete mental breakdown afterwards. But I guess some people are more resilient.

No. 474782

What was so great about him that you couldn't leave him? After a year and a half? Kek

I don't really care about men who have girlfriends who support them because I'm not in that situation. I'm wondering why some women seem to have all the luck while I'm having trouble finding anyone.

No. 474789

Just go for IT virgins with high paying dev jobs if you're looking to convert to NEETdom on your man's dime.

No. 474796

>Just go for IT virgins with high paying dev jobs if you're looking to convert to NEETdom on your man's dime.
lol I seriously doubt that's what the NEET anons here do. Can it? That would be too simple. These NEETs also love their bf back so I really doubt that's what they're doing.

I've been frustrated at the fact that I can't seem to find a guy while people I know seem to have no problem finding providers left and right. But the truth is, I do have something even better. My parents are pretty well off and generous, so I can have them as my sugar daddy without having to resort to sex or anything gross. Still it makes me feel like a less worthy woman that everyone here seems to have no trouble snapping up someone who they love AND who is willing to pay a ton of money for them.

No. 474800

The kind of relationship that you are idolising is one that has an expiration date on it. Those generous men still get fed up eventually. They feel like it's worth the money in the beginning when you are new and young/sexy/exciting.. but the honeymoon period doesn't last forever so men still expect you to grow as a person. They'll dump you after it's get stagnant and you'll be back by yourself with no prospects and no youth to flaunt. Get independent now rather than later. You're also forgetting that the power dynamic of a man paying for everything often means he feels entitled to control alot of things in your relationship, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to abuse

No. 474804

Spent my twenties dating 'fixers'. They would move me in and intensely plan a future with me, they'd pay the rent and pay for dates and convince me they were like a saviour. 2 or 3 years in they'd suddenly dump me as soon as my mental health started to improve in any noticeable way. In reality they wanted an isolated young girl with no life outside of dating them.

It taught me that a healthy power balance is important in a relationship, you need to feel like you could walk away and support yourself, otherwise you're trapped.

tbh I would gladly go back in time and work hard to pay my own rent if it meant I didn't date such shitty 'yet generous' men

No. 474807

I think the dumping thing happens to a lot of people but not all of them. There are plenty of relationships where a man is fine with being the provider for all of the relationship. Case in point, look at Pixielock's mom. The dad provides most of the income while the mom has a job as a hobby. There are plenty of other examples. Also look at the MLM boss babes who have a husband providing most of the income while they lose money on their "job".

Sure, plenty of these relationships fail. But relationships do in general.

>tbh I would gladly go back in time and work hard to pay my own rent if it meant I didn't date such shitty 'yet generous' men
It's easy for you to say that now, but for me it seems like you got a nice deal

No. 474808

Should my brother be classified as a fixer ?

he met my sister-in-law when she was studying and working odd jobs but she a panic attack because of stress and interacting with people,ever since then he's been by her side always side going out of his to do what ever he possibly he can for her and from what I have seen she honestly seems okay with this lifestyle,they've been together for several years now and have a daughter together

No. 474812

This is the kind of relationship I was talking about. I kinda wish I had this since it is so low stress and it seems fine. A bunch of anons are going to screech about how a breakup is inevitable but it doesn't always happen. It just seems annoying that there's no guy like that willing to provide for me.

No. 474817

I've paid enough money for therapy to deal with the after effects of his emotional abuse and now I can barely stomach the thought of sex.. not a nice deal

No. 474823

I mean nobody knows what is truly happening between two people but what you describe sounds fine at least from an outside perspective.

I think the main point people are making is that it's important to feel like a break up won't leave you homeless or in serious trouble supporting yourself. If you're married and have a kid you at least have some fall back most of the time (financial support being legally required)

I know women who have stayed in bad relationship because they couldn't afford to leave. My parents died young so I used to put up with abuse just to keep a roof over my head

No. 474825

>girl in armor
Nta but your journal sounds cute, can you post a pic?

No. 474843

Can I read flowers of buffoonery by Dazi in english anywhere

No. 474977

I'm starting to see why you can't find a bf. The neets you hate so much can be genuinely kind and caring and to some people that's more important than anything. You on the other hand are incredibly rude and judgmental and you sound very spoiled talking about your privileged family. Work on yourself, you are the reason you can't find a bf.

No. 474978

Hate to say it, but this. There's no lifehack here, you just need to not have a dogshit personality. The fact that you've been saltposting nonstop about how fat ugly girls get rich bfs while you live off your parents tells me everything I need to know about you.

No. 474980

I moved into a new place like 3 months ago, and the previous tenant left a few things in the freezer

I threw away everything in the fridge, but there are some bags of frozen fruit and some other stuff in the freezer

risk it?

No. 474989

of course frozen things last longer, the fruit might still be fine, but then it brings up the question of clean they were. going by my gut i would toss it. they left without fully cleaning up after themselves. i wouldnt risk it over <7$

No. 474990

Seconding >>474825
Show us the journal.

No. 475001

you can contribute by volunteering, by being a source of support for someone, doing work that doesn't make you money but still affects people or animals, for example. you sound crazy jealous. working is not a source of identity. people are still lovable without a job, wtf. men get into these relationships with neet women knowing theyre neet, and if they knew what came with the territory, i don't see how that's "abuse". it's something you really have to consider before jumping in, why they're neet, what their plans are, etc. no, it's not good to be reliant on anyone else, it's definitely not smart, but for a lot of people, neetdom is a stepping stone, not a life plan, so. a lot of neet women aren't neet for funsies, a lot are ill. male neets do it bc lazy though a lot.

No. 475009

>you can contribute by volunteering, by being a source of support for someone, doing work that doesn't make you money but still affects people or animals
Of course that would be possible but I haven't seen a single post of a neet farmer actually doing that. They only ever say that they're at home doing absolutely nothing.
>you sound crazy jealous
Of what? Being a waste of space?
>people are still lovable without a job
I never said you aren't. I said you are if you've got neither a job, nor hobbies, nor children, are too mentally sick to function at all and do literally nothing (which seems to be the case with most neets posting here). Why would anybody love somebody who's basically a vegetable void of any activity or personality (if it isn't their own child or parent)?
>male neets do it bc lazy though a lot
You're not any better just because you're female, anon…

No. 475014

>Of what? Being a waste of space?
you're really unhealthy. again, it would appear that these anons are unwell the majority of the time. no one is a "waste of space" for being unemployed for a few years. we have no idea what their situation is that got them there and them being a neet doesn't put a cap on their potential.
>I never said you aren't. I said you are if you've got neither a job, nor hobbies, nor children, are too mentally sick to function at all and do literally nothing (which seems to be the case with most neets posting here). Why would anybody love somebody who's basically a vegetable void of any activity or personality (if it isn't their own child or parent
you're like incomprehensibly dumb. not having a job doesn't mean they're "void of personality", wtf. your entire personality revolves around your job or career? you sound like a literal manila folder of a fucking person. for the millionth time, people don't date people for their jobs. people are more than their employment. you sound so unhealthy, it's unbelievable. you sound very noxious. no wonder guys aren't into it.
>You're not any better just because you're female, anon…
i'm not neet. i never said i was a neet, never implied or suggested that i was.

No. 475020

You seem to lack reading comprehension: I never said it was only about simply not having a job, but these farmers also don't have or do anything else in life at all. We're not just talking about unemployed people or stay at home wives/mothers, but about somebody who lays in bed all day, doesn't wash themself for ages, is only online, doesn't cook, doesn't take care about the house, simply doesn't do anything. Do you really believe that "living" like this can be called having a personality? Do you really think that these people are super fun to be around and nice to their parents or bf or whoever takes care of them?

No. 475028

>but about somebody who lays in bed all day, doesn't wash themself for ages, is only online, doesn't cook, doesn't take care about the house, simply doesn't do anything. Do you really believe that "living" like this can be called having a personality?
first of all, that sounds like depression. a lot of the neets you mention are clearly pretty depressed. are you under the impression that them cleaning the house will give them a personality? incredibly active people don't just have personalities because they go hiking or take up archery or pottery making. none of that is a personality. again, a relationship is about emotional labor, caring for each other emotionally, supporting each other emotionally, sex, i guess, having loving and affectionate company, etc. people don't typically date because of someone's job and whether or not they clean often or rock climb. for some guys and girls, having a gf or bf who games or does whatever that they can relate to, that is a source of emotional support and affection and care, etc, is plenty

No. 475030

>Do you really think that these people are super fun to be around and nice to their parents or bf or whoever takes care of them?

No. 475038

yes? maybe? i have no idea as you don't, in actuality. just because they're too depressed to take care of themselves doesn't mean they can't be loving and affectionate people to the people they care about. one thing has nothing to do with the other. i know neets who are fun people.

No. 475041

You are so fucking miserable and retarded, working and "being active" doesnt give you a personality nor makes you more interesting wtf, and theres a thing called depression, i pity anyone depressed that knows you, pull your head out off your ass

No. 475045

I have depression and that's exactly why I can't sympathize with neets. You could always do at least something, yet they rather take pride in being able to live that way instead of acknowledging the problem and taking steps to better themselves.

No. 475049

Not who you've been replying to but I gotta agree with them.
Even though mental illness is no one's fault, it's still our own responsibility. Either by seeking a means to get some help, or doing little things for ourselves to at least improve the quality of living.

If you have the means to do something but you choose not to, that's a particular kind of laziness grown from the spoilage of knowing someone else will take care of you and pick up your messes.
I've known many mentally ill people who didn't have such luxuries. It was either they got a job, took care of themselves, and cleaned their living spaces; or face homelessness. Everyone can suddenly find 'inspiration' to do things if they're pushed hard enough. If the stakes are too great to risk losing.

The biggest problem with NEETs are the enablers of that lifestyle. Making excuses for them, sometimes for the enabler's own selfish reasons. Everyone needs a bit of empathy and compassion, but not to a fault. It's a disservice to humans to encourage them that they legitimately cannot do a thing besides sit in bed and browse the internet all day, and at best it does nothing to help break the destructive cycle of thinking that they cannot.

No. 475058


And a lot of homeless people are mentally ill, go figure. Stakes are too great, a neurotypical finds inspiration.

A depressed person fucking kills themselves.

No. 475059

Kek, why are you acting like finding a bf is a huge achievement? You don't think there are guys that go after rude and judgmental girls? I thought men were scrotes were no taste and constantly abused women but now they are arbiters of morals. Which one is it?

You sound delusional. As you can see from this very board, tons of girls with dogshit personalities can find boyfriends. I never said anything about fat or ugly girls. You're projecting.

No. 475060

I wasnt saying depressed people shouldnt better themselves, im just calling out anon for thinking an inactive person is inherently bad/uninteresting/unlovable, that sounds straight up psycho

No. 475068

lies. you literally said yourself in like 4 different posts that you're jealous you can't find a guy that wants to be with you and support you, while you also shit on them. then you went on to brag about your rich parents. everything you say is not motivated by having understanding and wanting them to better themselves, that's why you've said nothing but disparaging comments about them and keep insisting there's absolutely no reason for a man to want to be with them. you've said repeatedly that you think apparently depressed neet girls are vegetables with no personality, that they're abusive, that they're "wastes of space", etc, but you admit you want to be neet and live off of a boyfriend.

>I don't have standards when it comes to attractiveness, I wouldn't ask for anything from a guy, I'd even be willing to a lot for him, yet it seems I'm doomed to die alone.

this is what your comments are motivated by, not depression. idk what your deal is, why you can't find a dude, but i'm sure it has something to do with your personality.

>Why would anybody love somebody who's basically a vegetable void of any activity or personality

>I kinda wish I had this since it is so low stress and it seems fine. A bunch of anons are going to screech about how a breakup is inevitable but it doesn't always happen. It just seems annoying that there's no guy like that willing to provide for me.

you're just salty, don't lie.

that isn't why anon is saying this shit. we've not spoken about bettering themselves. they should absolutely better themselves, but depression and recovery is not linear. people struggling with mental health often make strides and take steps back, etc, yet anon wants to define people by periods in their lives that we know nothing about. anon wants to be a lazy neet anyways so her criticism is dumb. you all are acting like so many neets are just neets for 30 years. often they're neet for a bit, try college, drop out, go back, get a job, quit or get fired, end up neet, go back, etc. depression is more than just habit. for people who struggle with suicidal thoughts or impulsive behavior, it's tough. i don't know what the circumstances these people are going through, but anon has spent the better part of all her posts saying all of these neets do absolutely nothing to better themselves, that they're unlovable wastes of spaces, etc, when we don't know that's the case at all. she doesn't know them or their lives. 1 or 2 self deprecating posts doesn't tell their life story.

No. 475076

>why are you acting like finding a bf is a huge achievement?
The projection, holy shit. You're the one going on and on about how you can't get a bf even though you have so much to offer. You're just salty you can't find someone who will treat you like a princess and buy you shit while you sit on your ass. You heard the advice. Be nicer and stop acting so entitled. You sound like an incel.

No. 475085

I'm sure she can get a normie bf but she wants a bf who will be the breadwinner,take care of her mental helath and do majorty of the chores while she smokes weed and plays videogames all day

No. 475108

Except right here >>474597
>I constantly read stuff like
>i'm mentally ill/fat/ugly/disabled/never finished school/unemployed/messy/can't cook or do anything/depressed/cry all day/…and don't have anybody but my bf
>Like how? How did you get one if you're unattactive, barely function and don't leave the house?

I know you're bitter you can't find anyone to wipe your ass so you can be a pampered NEET, but accusing anyone else of being delusional/projecting when you're the one who has whined for the past 24 hours how you don't have any luck with men is fucking hilarious.

No. 475113

I wanna bring up my sister-in-law again because thier situation is not at all ideal

In school she was smart and got good grades, she even was the type of person who was nice to everyone. when she was in collage she had a panic attack due to stres and she just stopped interacting with people. After that she quit going to school and started palyiing videogames all day and night.She eventaully moved in with my brother when he got his own place. that was 7 years ago

The worst thing about her is her hygiene, she lets her hair get so messy you can't even comb it without her going OW OW OW… Thier bedroom smells worse that a dead skunk, she leaves food, trash, paper, pads…, piles of clothes… etc etc etc…
She doesn't care, she sits on the floor all day playing her games,hell she barely takes care of her own daughter and just puts her infornt of the TV,she's a lazy lazy lazy person and I ask my brother why he stays with her and he says its because he simply just loves her and that she's the only woman he wants to be with

No. 475118

Y'all what buttons did people asking a normal question push? Obviously you NEET girls are sweet angels who deserve every penny they get and are too good for the world.

Can't you see there's more than one anon asking the question? It perplexes both of us.
You're confusing us together. I'm the anon with rich parents who never called anyone fat.

Yeah I am a little salty. Ngl. Just like you would be salty that I have rich parents. It's natural.

Nah, I'm fine with having a guy who makes less than me when I have a career. It's actually not that important. But I do fantasize about having a guy take care of me. Why not?

>You sound like an incel.
Wow burn, you really got me bruh. I've never had sex or had a bf before.

Clearly your sister is just a saint and your brother is soooo lucky to be with her.

No. 475129

Hope your inheritance is juicy since your dreams of finding a rich dude are dying, I guess.

No. 475134

I think my inheritance is fine. Plus I don’t live that lavishly and I will have a decent career so it’s fine. My parents are smart and bought property too. But maybe you will be better off because you have a rich guy.

No. 475135

>Can't you see there's more than one anon asking the question?
Exactly, I was the one who asked initially and while I do want a bf I only mentioned that once, in this post >>474597
So no, I'm not jealous about not having somebody "to wipe my ass" like you do, I pride myself in still living a somewhat normal life despite being mentally unwell.
All you do is go on about having such amazing personalities and therefore being deserving of getting everything catered to you, but really? Have you read your own posts? You're fucking aggressive for somebody who claims to be an anxious baby incapable of leaving the house only waiting for her man to come home.
Why is it so surprising to you that people despise you, when you don't even respect yourselves? You can go on forever about this not being your fault and only a temporary thing, but in the end of the day you know that you're wrong and that these are only pathetic excuses you made up to justifiy you being a burden on others.

No. 475139

There's more than one anon laughing at people being jealous of NEETs with rich boyfriends, too. I'm one of those posts they were replying to and I'm not even a NEET.

No. 475148

Does anyone else just have an easy sour stomach that gets worse with stress? I am constantly under the stress and the worse it gets the worse my condition gets. I get shitty fucking acid reflux and a lot of stomach discomfort and nasuea as well as slimy but not tarry poo. I woke up fucking sick with a bad stomach and headache after being depressed as fuck and I don't get it. It's been happening to me since I'm 14 and getting progressively worse. Literally the only time I had no stomach pain and good shits consistently was when I was at the happiest time in my life and in another country

No. 475149

Speaking of NEETs…

I’ve been one since I dropped out of highschool because of a panic disorder/depression/various anxieties. Now I’m 25, agoraphobic, have no friends (never had many to begin with, very introverted), live with my parents, have never had a job, etc. Was in therapy consistently since 19 but last year I stopped going because after 5 or so years, I wasn’t improving. Even after several different approaches. I just don’t know any other way to live.
Being NEET doesn’t bother me too much anymore, but I’d like to at least live on my own and I think I’d do better if I did in some ways. When I’ve had the house to myself, I do a little better on taking care of things.
I’m on disability and I can sign up for subsidized housing or whatever.

I’ve always kind of wished there was a rehab-type of place where I could stay for 3 months or whatever and learn how to fucking take care of myself.

Do NEET rehabs exist?

No. 475151

My mom this and has discovered there is something called h pylori bacteria which 60-70% people have and is the cause of a lot of stomach problems. You can get expensive counter bacteria tablets on Amazon which attack the h pylori. They are proven to work!

It sounds like you have the same thing. Also don't drink tap water as the chlorine can aggravate very sensitive stomachs.

No. 475156

Thiers this NEET recovery thread


No. 475179

They only exist in Japan so far, being forced to do hard physical labour seems to be the solution

No. 475193

Go to a doctor, my friend also had the mentioned bacteria and it was cleared up super easily.
Could also be like GERD or something, I have GERD and my symptoms are similar.
Until you can get an appointment, try to stick to bland, low acid and nonspicy foods and wear loose clothing.

No. 475219

I tested positive for this and people are usually given a combination of 3 antibiotics to clear it. Taking the 3 at once can be really rough in terms of side effects so I was sick for a week while on it but it works

I was tested for it in hospital and prescribed the tablets that cleared it in a week, I'd be cautious about non-prescribed treatments

No. 475236

Android users, how do you listen to music on your phone? Please don't bully me for using an iphone, I'm probably switching back after my current phone shits out lol.

I used to have an android (galaxy s3 just for reference of how long ago this was), but I also kept an ipod and primarily used that for my music since my phone space was limited. I just liked how much easier it was to have my music organized on itunes, and then have that synced to my ipod. I rarely put music on my phone back then, and even when I did, it was all sort of just jumbled around and wasn't as neat and tidy. Nowadays I just use spotify so it's not that much of a problem, but there are some indie music I really like and none of the music is available on spotify. Is the music app on androids nicer now? How do you anons organize it?

No. 475240

Is 1910-1940 the last generation to live 100 years old naturally?

No. 475242

Sorry for the late reply but I'm so sorry that that happened to you anon! When I replay the memories, his face is always blacked out so I don't know if I would suddenly recognize it if I was to see him. I've gone to therapy for depression a few times throughout my life but I never mentioned my rape to them since it was unrelated. I hope you're doing a lot better now anon.

I guess if I reeaaallly wanted to be nitpicky about it, I could contribute my weird hypersexuality from the age of like… 4 all the way up around last year (23) to it, but the puzzle pieces never clicked in my head. So many things have happened it's hard to say what caused what problem with me, but I think I'm a lot better off as a person nowadays and have grown past more recent traumas. My rapist was my first baby sitter's son, but I can't remember how long I was with them or how long I dealt with the rape and molestation, but I imagine now that it probably wasn't too long if it didn't really affect me. My parents changed my babysitter to my aunt when my first babysitter dislocated my arm, but to this day they don't know about the rape lol.

No. 475249

File: 1571667160230.png (736.04 KB, 538x536, ameru.PNG)

Anon, I hope you'll start! Journaling/writing in a diary went from something I did to help my depression, to just being a really fun hobby to log my life into.

I started maybe about 4 years ago, because I saw one of my favorite artists constantly post her journal entries from her hobonichi. I picked up a random small spiral notebook and I would just jot down things that happened that day. I was living in Japan at the time, and to this day I regret not starting sooner because I think it really would've helped my depression at the time, and also I just want to recall things with better accuracy! It bounces between being a place to vent (I like to think that when I'm writing depressing thoughts down, that the feeling is leaving my body through me physically writing it, so it's kept in the pages and out of my body lol it's lame but it helps me!), to just a place where I record things that happened (mundane or not) because I think it's fun to read these in the long, long future! I decorate all of my pages with washi tapes and stickers (I have a pretty good collection of tapes and friends will frequently buy me stickers as gifts), I think it really makes the pages pop!

>Whan kind of notebook do you write in?

Aside from my first and third journal (I'm on my 4th one atm!), I try my best to buy from indie artists. I used to attend a lot of conventions and would buy there, but etsy has so many too. There's no real reason for it other than that sort of… special exclusivity that I like. Like, a notebook that's a bit harder for others to find and most people I'll run into won't own it, so it's very special and unique to me. Nowadays I'm thinking of buying from my local stationary store just to make my life a little easier. I'd love to write in a hobonichi, but the pages are too thin and I write too much lol.

>How often do you write?

I try my best to write daily! I went through a period where I would only write if something happened that day (an outing with friends or something very unusual) because I wanted to save pages in my current journal that's very nice but only 56 pages, but it feels like a waste. So many days unaccounted for!

>How do you write about you day coherently?

If it's a really mundane day, I'll write about what I did in the morning. I have a dog so I'll write down if she was being really naughty or really cute or something. Then I'll just sort of write out everything else that I think is worth noting/can bother to remember. If I actually did something that day, I'll only write about that. If it's a vent, I'll just write out my thoughts. Sometimes it can be a combination of all three and then that day's entry can span like 5 pages or something lol.

>Do you worry about someone reading it?

Absolutely. I write a lot of meaningless stuff, but I also write down a lot of things that others might think is concerning, or I'll write really ugly vents about friends or something that might make them upset so of course I don't want them to read it lol.

The attached picture is from the artist who inspired me to start journaling! I own a few of her washi tapes and my current journal is also from her.

No. 475253

I'm not a native speaker, what exactly is the difference between a diary and a journal? Is there even a difference?

No. 475255

Either pirate and any music listening app (I used Shuttle but they broke it) or Spotify.

No. 475256

I don't think there's really a difference. If I say that I'm keeping a diary, it makes me feel like I'm a kid again and am writing in one of my old key-and-lock diaries, so I say that I write in a journal because it sounds more adult like. In reality, I really do just keep a diary. Also, I see the term journaling and journaling community a lot so I say it's a journal because of that too. Sorry if this just makes things more confusing! Google says there's apparently a difference, but when it comes to a personal notebook where I write things, they're one and the same to me.

No. 475262

I joined my local Rei's membership program since it was only a one time $20 fee, and because I spent over $100 (fuck climbing shoes for being so expensive lol), I got a $20 giftcard!! It expires at the end of November, any outdoor anons have suggestions as to what I should buy?

No. 475294

What will happen when the oldest zoomers turn 25 in 2021?

No. 475295

Am I porn sick if the main thing that gets me off is a video of a guy teasing a tied up girl with a hitachi wand? Is it unfeminist for me to like that? If the guy were tied up I wouldn't like it. Also, I have vanilla sex but I can't get off to vanilla porn/erotica when I'm alone.. if that makes sense.

No. 475297


Forbes will write an article about how shitty , lazy and entitled they are compared to older gen xers and how they are "changing the nature of every industry ever" except not really, when they are 30 they'll be complainging about the next generation of 15 yr olds of reddit with arguments about how Fortnite had soul, not like the newer games that kids like.

No. 475298

can we have a journaling thread? would anons be down for that? I think that'd be neat

No. 475314

I think that'd be really great!! I'm always sperging about journaling whenever it gets brought up, so a nice thread to keep it all contained would be nice lol

No. 475319

Made one here! >>>/ot/475318

No. 475332

What would you think if someone disliked/hated you but was very sexually attracted you at the same time and made it known? Is it something to be weary about?

No. 475343

It's flattering, but a huge red flag. I'd be pretty wary of someone like that.
The most you can do is use their attraction to you to get advantages or favors out of them, but that could very easily backfire if you're not careful.

No. 475374

In the end even if you're tied up you're still getting all the pleasure and you don't have to move a finger lol. I wouldn't call it pornsick. I'd say pornsick for women is being overly submissive, wanting to be used by men, getting pleasure from being degraded/humiliated, etc.

No. 475377

I wouldn't call it "worry" but I'd wonder what I would stand to gain by associating with a person who blatantly objectifies me as a sex object.

No. 475459

umm yes? he probably wants to hurt me and fuck me/rape me then? yes that's dangerous and not good. no i want nothing to do with someone like this

No. 475473

Has anyone actually made friends using that friend finder thread? I'm kinda interested in trying it out, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

No. 475479

People can use diary to also mean just listing schedules and notes, whereas journal will always mean lengthy personal entries.

No. 475518

Is it like, really common for adults to go through intense phases of their interests? I feel like I get so engrossed in things for a while and then kinda jump to the next thing.

I just didn’t know if this was indicative of something. Mine come and go kinda fast and I think I’m like this in multiple aspects of life, too.

No. 475520


the brain craves novelty. Is part of getting better at something to discipline yourself to stick to doing the same thing even after the initial dopamine rush wears off.

See how people get addicted to endlessly browsing their timelines on social media, the are hooked to focusing on something for a second, forgetting it then jumping to something else inmediatly. Cumbrains will have 30 porn tabs opened and they haven´t even finished watching the first video, the collective attention span is ruined because this exploit in our brains from the time we were hunter gatherers has been hacked into so hard for so long.

No. 475528

Damn I do the same thing but it has nothing to do with the dumb endless scroll timeline shit that >>475520 was going on about, because that internet stuff is specifically designed to be addictive, and I get addicted to things that aren't designed that way. I'll get obsessed with certain bands for a few weeks and listen to them nonstop and consume everything relating to them. I'll obsess over a film franchise and never stop talking about the lore and fun facts of it. I'll obsess over specific animals or celebrities or hobbies for a bit and then obsess over something else. It's like autism obsession on hyperdrive.

No. 475531

>It's like autism obsession on hyperdrive

autists don't get obsessed pver somethig briefly and then put it down for something else, neurotypicals do that, autists obsess over one very specific thing, or even a tiny aspect of a thing and they never get over it and find it very hard to move on, to their own detriment.

No. 475598

That's why autistic people are so fucking annoying to me, those bastards only like one thing.

No. 475621

it's gonna keep popping up but it doesnt matter, just ignore it. i've had win7 on all my computers illegally before the current one and nothing really happened.

No. 475636

Can't you just let them enjoy their model train sets! lol

No. 475650

File: 1571761111161.png (509.51 KB, 1440x2560, Here you go _d4db67917cc83e190…)


We all know what kind of danger train autists can pose.

No. 475687

Since we are on the topic of autistic people i want to know why so many autistic men are pedophiles?

No. 475715

File: 1571772084979.jpg (694.82 KB, 650x927, dbv75cv-375f569d-fc2f-4896-814…)

Any old deviantart people on here? I'm trying to find someone who held a contest where the winner would be awarded a custom made figure of their OC. I'm pretty sure the winner was hellobaby (attached is a pic of her art) but I can't find the image she submitted or the person who made the figures. The winning picture that was turned into a figure had like wings or feathers coming out of the characters head, a really elaborate bunch of fabric around her waist, and the legs were drawn in a weird way that they had to be adjusted when the sculptor sculpted the legs. I used to always go back and check on the progress of the figure because that person used to post WIPs of it, but I don't think I ever got to see the figure completed. It might not have been hellobaby, but the style looks really similar to what I remember it being.

If it wasn't hellobaby, I'm sure the artist who won has a senior member badge and also has a few DDs their gallery.

No. 475717

File: 1571772298393.jpg (169.27 KB, 1600x1134, delinda__sculpture___reference…)

NEVERMIND I found it after some more frantic crazed google searching lol. This is the piece and finished figure if anyone was curious

No. 475725

Can't relate to and are intimidated by adults thanks to their child-like condition?

No. 475736

Can anyone remember this movie or documentary on YouTube, where at the beginning some teen Japanese schoolgirls are invited by a man to have a traditional style lunch. I never watched the whole thing, idk what it was about.

No. 475758

my dad is buying a new house and this wittle raccoon that roams the property is already way too friendly and adjusted to humans. i am terrified for him and we want to rescue him. i know in my state it is legal if we apply for permits. what do you think?

people are really terrible in my area and he seems vulnerable. we want to get him vaccinated, build him a house, and keep him as close as possible, obviously feed him and keep him as a pet or outdoor pet, whatever he prefers. he is very accustomed to living on this property already. what would you guys do?

No. 475777

They get aggressive around humans as they get older.

No. 475805

I said I would help a girl walk to the bus stop because it's getting darker out
She said that she was leaving earlier, but I just waved
It wasn't dark out and I had brought it up earlier and she agreed it wasn't too dark out–but if she's saying "I'm bout to head out" doesn't that kinda mean she wants an escort?

Am I just stupid?

No. 475857

Is it bad/how bad is it that I rescheduled a telephone interview today, the day of the interview. It's for a pretty important position, this is the preliminary interview. I was due to have a half day at my job today, and so I scheduled my interview for this afternoon. When I arrived at work this morning the whole place was a shit show, emergency meeting, conference room talks about how we need to stay the full day today because everything is crashing down. They're being dramatic but everyone agreed that it was okay and sure we'll all stay, so I agreed to, because none of us were really entitled to the afternoon it was supposed to be a gesture of good will.

So I rang my new employer and rescheduled and they can't fit me in until NEXT Monday. So that's a whole 3/4 business days away. I feel like I was so lucky getting to be one of the first interviewed, now I'm going to be at the end when they have probably filled their quota of suitable people and I'm just going to be a chore all because I fucked up and didn't just take the day off for it. It's my own fault for leaving it up to chance, but am I overreacting? How bad will this reflect on me for rescheduling on the day of? I gave them like 6 hours notice.

No. 475864

contact a wildlife rehab. don't make it a pet unless it's actually unable to be rehabilitated.

No. 475902

Who is Blade? I've seen a few people mention her but I can't find any info.

No. 475909

File: 1571832282054.png (679.56 KB, 1326x886, iuhjun.png)

Watching a video on quantum mechanics that brought up this.
How is it known that Schrodinger's equation is obeyed when wave functions aren't being observed or measured? To verify that, wouldn't they have to be able to observe it happening (which would defeat the point)?
I don't get it.

No. 475911

A dead junkie associated with that Lilith chick.

No. 475963

what are some ways i can actually make money online with no degree

No. 475985

Selling your used undies.

No. 475988


-graphic design
-community manager

No. 476063

You can predict a probability distribution of states of a system with the equation, then measure 1 million events which collapses the wave and see how it compares. Basically you can empirically see if probability distribution fits.

No. 476099

What's your go to cold medicine to use farmers? I'm dying here. I'm not sure if I have a cold or not, but my nose is getting really congested and head feels a little heavy, I feel like it's only a matter of time before I get a sore throat and cough lol.

Also, does cold medicine in pill form really not work as effectively as the same medicine in liquid form? I hate taking liquid medicine (yes I'm a big weenie), but I'm desperate to breathe through my nose again ughhhh

No. 476104

Not sure where you are from, anon, but whenever I have a cold I use Sudafed's Blocked Nose Spray. It works instantaneously for about 6 hours and you can breathe almost normally with it. It has saved me many a sleepless night (I can't mouth breathe to save my life!) and has helped with the pressure I get in my sinuses whenever I get a cold.

If you can't find that specific one, the ingredient is Xylometazoline hydrochloride so maybe look for an equivalent? Just be aware you can only use it for 3 days! Get well soon.

No. 476105

im woo woo elderberry is good (and yummy) vitamin c might be a meme but I think it helps! I'm not woo woo enough for fire cider but it's an option.

if i have a cold I just pop a Tylenol for the fever and wait it out usually though

No. 476106

My cold medicine is room temperature water and some DayQuil. I try to stray away from medicines due to the drowsy side effects, but DayQuil and NyQuil are my last resort.
I also have a humidifier going in my room, especially in the colder months when it starts to get dry and my nose and throat become irritated because of it. Definitely invest in one if you haven't!

No. 476107

No. 476108

Are you taking supplements? Zinc should help speed up the cold, although it won't clear your nose.

No. 476113

File: 1571861841611.jpg (48.24 KB, 737x737, EDFPTEdXUAERBwV.jpg)

I was looking into Sudafed! I'm not a big fan of sprays so I use nasal inhalers, but I might just suck it up and get the spray (my inhaler isn't working too well right now). I went down a rabbit hole of pseudoephedrine vs phenylephrine and found a website telling me "yeah pseudoephedrine isn't addictive but ITS IN METH SO BE CAREFUL!!!" hahaha

Oooh, I'll try to find some elderberry! I think I've previously bought zinc and vitamin c before and forgot about it until now.

I have an old ass humidifier that I sometimes use. Guess I'll break it out! I used to use some old ass medicine to put in it that worked SUPER well, but I ran out and bought some other random one at the store and it just doesn't compare ugh.

If my body didn't have horrific reactions to alcohol I would've already been a few bottles in to free myself from this stuffy prison.

Thank you anons! I think I have a pretty good immune system, but I turn into the biggest baby at the slightest inconvenience lol

No. 476120

does the phrase "touched myself" sound hot? if no what's a good alternative? so many phases for masturbating sound lame.

No. 476121

The Sudafed is honestly great. It is the only thing I am willing to squirt up my nose because it works that well. I use that and simple Ibuprofen and steam. And lots of rest and water!

No. 476143

surveys -though not livable money

No. 476246

Does one ever get that "spark" back after breaking up? I mean getting excited to meet someone new, getting happy they sent you a message etc?

I'm trying to soooort of date after being single for 2 years and a 6 year relationship. But I feel nothing most of the time, could it be the depression?

No. 476261

Where the fuck do you meet other wlw organically? Tinder and OKC are shitholes and there are no lesbian bars in my area. I'm in the US if it matters.

No. 476275

roller derby? knitting/homesteading hobbies? softball league?

No. 476330


I've been there anon. I'm sorry you feel dead inside. It takes half the time you spent in the relationship to get over it, so 6 year relationship = 3 year recovery period. Don't go looking for love, desperately wanting to fill the void. Just focus on loving yourself again and the right person will come along. And when you're ready, you'll know.

No. 476404

Is it true that some Lesbian couples who wnat a child use the Sperm of etiher thier brother or other close male relatives as way to ensure that the child would genetically be both of theirs

No. 476489

Why is it that only the shittiest, fattiest, gut growingest food makes me satisfied?
Like, I'm bloated but I don't feel "full" after eating healthy
I feel like, despite having a bunch of food in my stomach, I haven't actually eaten anything and I still crave food
I know that there's probably a reason, but what is the reason and why am I so addicted to fatty cheesy food and sugar?

No. 476492

Maybe you're not eating enough of the healthy stuff? Generally I have to eat twice as much to feel full on good food than I would on greasy fatty stuff.

No. 476506

Thanks anon. I've been feeling like I'm a broken person because of this, but yea, maybe I need some more time and focus on myself more.

No. 476513

I have the exact opposite problem. When I eat healthy food, I feel huge. Disgustingly full, and like I've sinned. When I eat shitty, carb-filled food, I feel just right.
High-protein meals make me feel like I've gained 900lbs. Grains, bread and sugar are what keep me doughy and gross, but when I eat them, it feels like I'm doing the correct thing for my body. It's probably because I originally lost weight by calorie restricting instead of just switching to healthy options.
It doesn't help that I noticed I actually gained 4lbs after trying to switch diets to be healthy (could've just been water weight, but it scared me into going back to my shitty diet, and right after that, I lost the extra weight).

No. 476525

Same with me. When I try to eat healthy, I think I end up eating too much fiber and/or water from all the vegetables. It makes me feel bloated rather than full and I'm hungry again in an hour. I really like eating fatty/protein-rich foods like cheese, eggs, fatty meats, etc because it makes me full enough to not eat for another 4-5 hours or so. It seems to just work for me. I'm satiated, I'm at a healthy weight, my bowel movements are daily and healthy, I have enough energy, etc. Maybe some people take to different foods better.

Fuck processed carbs, sugar, and vegetable oil though, people should stay away from that shite.

No. 476553

File: 1571956525820.png (457.4 KB, 720x950, Screenshot_2019-10-24-18-34-23…)

What's fallout first and why are gamers mad.

No. 476554

fallout first is the subscription model for 76 that Bethesda delayed a big content update for. basically pay to win shit offering perks that are known to break the game or were promised to be free at launch.

No. 476596

A comment in the Usagi Kou thread about how Lori is crazy in bed and that's probably why her bf stays with her got me thinking; what do people mean by good in bed? What qualifies a woman as good enough in bed to be able to keep someone around even if they are a terrible person? Is it enthusiasm? Doing things like anal sex or giving oral? What's so great that it would make someone stay with a complete asshole?

No. 476599

I'm going to guess being down for sex whenever asked, willingness to indulge in whatever fetish shit, and (this is what I think is most applicable for Lori) that high energy that comes with manic batshittery.

I think high energy is the biggest thing. Maybe it's why they say crazy women are the best lays - it's because sex isn't a mutually enjoyable activity, it's part of them having to prove something, I think, so it isn't about fulfilling their own sexual needs but trying to prove themselves the best? Really dumb armchairing but those are just a few guesses lol.

No. 476618

I keep noticing the sjws I encounter online and irl tend to be massive weebs.

Is this just a coincidence or it's more common than I perceive?

No. 476688

So they still haven't added NPC's in or?
Hope they're using all that money and working hard on Starfield at least.

No. 476765

coincidence. Every sjw I've met has hated anime. Can you even be a weeb and an sjw at the same time?

No. 476817

Is it a reasonable weight-loss expectation to want to fit into a general asian "one size"?
I'm 5'2 so I shouldn't have issues length-wise, but I am reasonably busty and have slightly wide shoulders. I've always been fat so not sure if not being typically asian shaped might be a big issue or just being a healthy weight would put me in range for it.
(Not talking about fitting everything obviously, but just a general ~this would probably fit, kind of thing).

No. 476827

File: 1572007860860.png (53.25 KB, 252x482, 1570539554910.png)

>Can you even be a weeb and an sjw at the same time?

Yes, there are many animu personalities who are, like Mother's basement and pedantic romantic but i think its a weeb anglo thing, almost everywhere else weebs are massive right wing edgelords, specially in latam.



No. 476829

nope! the update they delayed was the NPC one.

No. 476844

how do these types of people take themselves seriously ?

No. 476846

Is there anything legal, easy accesible and proven to work that improves concentration?

No. 476849

Assuming you're not asian yourself, no it's not reasonable to expect to fit in clothing that's not made for your body frame.

Why not set something far more measureable like a specific weight?

No. 476894


Rabid consumption of escapist media+ assburguers + online validation (by other assburguers).

It offsets any impulse of self awareness.

No. 476926

Do small people need less food to exist?
Yeah. You could be a troon or someone who likes anime, but hates the sexualized parts.

No. 476948


No. 476955

I left my soy coffee creamer out for 5 hours. Is it safe to use?

No. 476957

The perfect amount of caffeine
I've never heard of that

No. 476977

File: 1572030502667.jpg (94.97 KB, 640x480, GLziwTr.jpg)

How to keep my Totino's® Pizza Rolls™ from exploding in the oven?

No. 476982

line the tray with aluminum foil. won't stop the exploding, but you can just throw it away afterward and significantly reduce cleanup.

No. 476992

File: 1572032345948.jpg (4.18 MB, 3996x2664, IMG_20191025_1234020.jpg)

The explosion is indeed inevitable. That pic I posted wasn't even mine. Here are my Totino's® Pizza Rolls™. What do you think?

No. 476996

Exploding is the signal that they are done. Monitor them closely for the first exploded roll, then remove them from the oven.

No. 477003

is their a selfie edit app that doesn't absolutely fucking destroy the quality of my pics? i got rid of beautycam like an idiot and i cant find it again, so i installed beautyplus but it's so shit and makes everything 2 pixels.

i-i just want to edit out my bobby pins and pimples.

No. 477004

Is it how in the room you left it in? If it's a newish container of creamer and the room isn't too warm it should be fine, just dump some into a cup or into the sink and make sure it looks normal.

No. 477006

Is it hot in the room you left it in? If it's a newish container of creamer and the room isn't too warm it should be fine, just dump some into a cup or into the sink and make sure it looks normal.

*repost because typo

No. 477027

Google nicotine as a nootropic, it works well enough in my experience (could be placebo but hey, as long as I think it works lol) and doesn't make my joints hurt like caffeine does. I just buy 2mg gum and tbh it isn't much more expensive than normal gum, nicorette mint ones such ass tho and taste like mint tea not mint chewing gum.

No. 477046

small people don't eat a much food, no.

No. 477056

How does one serve milk the best way

No. 477082

I'm a womanlet and my caloric intake must be annoyingly low for me not to balloon up. So I guess that means yes.

No. 477083

Yes. The smaller you are the fewer calories are needed to maintain weight.

No. 477094

Is it normal for a woman to not get attention?

My guy friend says I'm attractive, but I disagree. Men never ask me out, slide in my DMs, try to pursue me, hit on me, etc. I always feel like I've had to do way more work to succeed romantically than other women. He says I'm overestimating how much attention other women get, but I think he's mistaken. I wish he would just admit I'm unattractive.

No. 477096

why are you basing your worth on getting attention from men?

No. 477098

I never said I based my self-worth. I said my attractiveness.And it's not like I get a lot of attention from women either. Why don't you answer my question?

No. 477113

Men are complicated and a lot of times who they hit on doesn't necessarily have to do with whom they find attractive. A lot of times it has to do with how much of a chance they think they'll have with that woman (but that's not to say that more conventionally attractive don't get more male attention). Like they will hit on a woman with tattoos or who wears a lot of makeup, not necessarily because they find those things more attractive but they think it means a woman is more promiscuous and more likely to have sex with them.

I'm just saying it's not as simple as "men dont hit on me, that means I'm not attractive" because its not that simple.

No. 477117

I've always figured you've either gotta
>be particularly attractive
>be approachable
>seem easy
to get hit on irl. Hitting on someone is a risk, if she's very pretty the reward is high enough to justify taking that risk whereas a woman seeming like a 'sure thing' mitigates the risk. It's also just a numbers thing - the more time you spend around men and the fewer women there are around, the more likely you are to be hit on.

No. 477122

All I'm gonna say is: the only woman I've seen approached irl multiple times is my friend who is around 50kg overweight.

No. 477123

This. Most men won't hit on attractive women unless they come off as promiscuous or really approachable/friendly.

No. 477159

File: 1572056136025.jpg (60.34 KB, 640x746, 1aa9f7125f712f73886c13252a347d…)

Is there any safe public places I can use WiFi to torrent?

My bf has the internet in his name and is too paranoid for me to torrent at home. Is going to a coffee shop, Starbucks, or a library a really bad idea? I'm new to it so I'm not really sure where to start. I was just going to start with fitgirl

No. 477160

Well first you need a VPN with a killswitch

No. 477163

one of my local coffee shops had to put up a sign asking customers not to download illegal content or else they will have to get rid of the wifi entirely. Some providers will slow your wifi or cancel it entirely if you get too many strikes so it makes sense. Depends on how much you care about the establishment, anon.

also never seed your torrents.

No. 477187

Use picsart app, because facetune will charge you to do everything it does for free. blemish edit, teeth whitening, eye color change-stuff like that.

No. 477190

I’ve torrented at Starbucks, mainly files from cgpeers or manga series but that stuff doesn’t usually attract attention

The one good thing about their internet though is that it’s incredibly fast

No. 477192

What's a good skin tint/sheer foundation that won't break the bank?

No. 477203

can't you change your country in the playstore or appstore? that does the trick for me when i want to find a certain app again 80% of the times, I just don't know if that's possible in the playstore.

No. 477210

File: 1572067171276.jpeg (21.35 KB, 600x600, 11183A46-AE79-45B5-94D9-63DAF4…)

I highly recommend Glossier. I use the lightest shade and it works wonders for me. You can add a little bit to get more coverage, but it’s never too cakey yet evens my skin tone. Add some concealer/contour if you want extra coverage you’re g2g. It’s only like $25 and lasts me two months at least.

No. 477214

Pretty sad but 10/10 would eat anyway. Dip in ranch.

No. 477218

Why do anons on 4chan always either ignore me and rarely act combative to my posts where on lolcow more people will agree with me and engage my posts with interest?

No. 477223

What do you post about?

No. 477229

File: 1572068877297.png (485.9 KB, 720x586, Screenshot_2019-09-07-00-45-16…)

What kind of animal is this??????

No. 477234

It's a hooded seal. It's on the endangered species list. Really cute coat.

No. 477264


anon this is why every american youtuber now has adds for VPNs kek i am not sure but i think Tor browser has an option for torrent downloads but if it has it probably runs slow.

I am a shitwolder so no one cares when we pirate, even offices and workplaces run on pirated software. Is actually interesting that first worlders only recently started getting into it, thats how i know millenials and zoomers over there are getting poorer.

No. 477272


it looks like a sheep had a love affair with a leopard, which then was dumped into the water to live there lol It's really cute tho.

No. 477295

Do you guys believe in ghosts?

No. 477305

My Grandfather swears to this day that he encountered the ghost of a dead girl who passed away in the house he used to live in as a kid,no one other then my sister believes him

No. 477315

no. I don't believe in god so I don't see why I should believe in ghosts or any other super natural being

No. 477328

Is there a site/program to archive reddit posts/profiles properly? archive.org does such a shit job at it… I just want to preserve the milk.

No. 477343

File: 1572098871762.png (670.88 KB, 1200x627, eucrisa-tube-fb.png)

You now how cremes like this day 1% X? What would happen if I was like 100% X

No. 477356


I’m ambivalent. It doesn’t really change anything about my life if they’re real or not imo. So I don’t really worry about it.

No. 477360

That would completely depend on the active ingredient. Come on now…

No. 477387

I have a friend my age with tween and teen girls. She is larger in size than I am. I gave her a bunch of my old clothes to her for her kids. I feel awkward though because I don't want her to feel like I'm shoving in her face that I'm uwu smaller than her. Is this stupid? Should I stop giving her clothes? I think I'm not going to just bc of how uncomfortable it makes me, but is that wrong or stupid?

No. 477392

I think you're overthinking it. You'd only be rubbing it in her face if you kept on saying shit about how 'omg soooooo embarrassing it is that I'm the same clothing size as teen girls teehee I'm just sooo petite ugh!!' which I'd assume (and hope) you aren't. If you're just donating your old clothes to be nice it shouldn't matter.

No. 477396

You could probably ask her if they still want the clothes, but I think she probably doesn’t mind it if they are keeping/wearing the stuff you give. Plus it’s probably saving them a little bit of money.

No. 477418

that's perfect anon, from now on that's my mindset about ghosts lol

No. 477420

I'd only maybe refrain from it if you know your friend is insecure about her size or looks or whatever.

I think your friend is glad to have you, I know I'd be happy to have a friend who's thoughtful like that.

No. 477423

Thanks for the input anons! I really appreciate it. I was totally on the fence about it. I think I'll ask if they got any use from the last batch and go from there.
And rest assured I would never ever be smug or teehee about it towards my friend.

No. 477471

Does anyone know how to get rid of the "all suggestions" on instagram? I find it very creepy. I did tick off the "similiar accounts" thingy in the settings. I want to know the same for facebook, for some reason people I know only by face pop up in my search and relevants too. Help!

No. 477594

Update: I asked if she'd like to go through another bag of clothes and shoes with the girls and she was warmly receptive and thankful. Thanks anons!

No. 477599

With the Recent Drama with WOLF I'm curious about all the past Instances of when feminists and conservatives have worked together ?

I remember reading somewhere that in the 70's Christian and radical feminist groups worked together to fight Pornography but I can't find any specifics on those cases

No. 477642

what does a dick feel like?

sorry for this autistic femcel question, i just saw some threads like this on reddit where men were talking about how vaginas feel. i noticed that i never heard anyone describing what a penis feels like. i never had sex or put something in while masturbating so i have no idea. is it pleasant?

No. 477655

Like a sock filled with coins, that shoots salty milk

No. 477660

Dick isn't that great when you compare it to how some toys feel

No. 477689

I laughed.

It feels warm and like pressure inside. When having sex you feel rubbing kind of. Dick itself just feels likes skin. And erect penis is harder than expected and very warm from the extra blood. It's a good feeling, better than a cold sex toy but not really that special in terms of feeling. Also even though this isn't part of the question, you can't feel it when a guy finished inside. This always seems to hurt their ego.

No. 477721

>you can't feel it when a guy finished inside
I didn't know this. I always imagined you'd be able to feel at least something

No. 477758

You can feel his dick pulse a bunch as the cum shoots out if u pay attention though. It's hot

No. 477763

File: 1572197417153.jpg (338.96 KB, 1869x1245, 00199u.jpg)

Are they talking about adolf hitler or some random dude called hitler in the magazine on the left?

No. 477764

There was never anyone else with that name famous enough for it not to be Adolf.

No. 477768

It would be just raw powder

No. 477814

How often are you supposed to wash your clothes? I wash mine every time I wear it but apparently that damages your clothes. I wash my gym clothes because sweat obviously but what about your everyday outfits?

No. 477815

Not to be shitty, but WHY do black people never replace the batteries in their smoke detectors? Literally so many black people IRL or on youtube or whatever record a video and I hear that "beep" in the background. Why don't they don't care. WHY? DAE know what I'm talking about?(racebait)

No. 477817

poor people do this, i stayed at my really poor friends' house once overnight and it was beeping all night.

No. 477824

That makes sense. Also maybe they don't have a good ladder or stool?

No. 477832

Every 2-3 wears, but it really depends on the day and if you've sweat in them. I have worn the same pair of pants 5 days in a row with no problem before washing them, but another time I was only able to wear them once. If I forget how the day was when I wore the clothes, I usually sniff the crotch, chest, and armpit areas of my clothes to determine if I should wear it again. I also spritz my clothes with OdoBan disinfectant spray, safe to use on fabrics compared to Lysol, right when I take them off to freshen them a bit.

No. 477844

The only thing I don't wash after every wear is denim and jeans

No. 477846

File: 1572210244286.jpg (35.9 KB, 485x551, gtbgcc00ubi31.jpg)

Are there Karen's in other countries?(the "I wanna speak to your manager" type, always calling the cops over nothing, harassing people much younger than her, etc)

No. 477850

Will eyebrows always grow back if you over pluck them for years?

No. 477858

No. 477866

Do any of you know of good sexting sites? Somewhere where you just sext with someone anonymously with both parties agreeing to not pursue anything more than that? Because a lot of my sexting buddies eventually want to meet and turn it into something serious and when you refuse then they're angry or become passive aggressive even though I was clear from the start about my intentions. I just want something purely text based as I can't stand someone else touching me but I like to imagine it and sexting is absolutely great for that. Please help, thanks.

No. 477903

why do i keep getting the green shits. at first i thought it was food coloring in food i ate or something. then i had regular shits. then like a week later back to green. then regular shits for some days. then back to green. repeat this like two more times. whY?? why do i keep getting the green shits?

No. 477918

are you taking any supplements? medications? I don't think it's anything to be worried about at any rate.

No. 478005

how long without speaking would be enough to consider it be ghosting? For me it's 5 days but I've had people accuse me of ghosting if I don't talk all day

No. 478009

It would definitely have to be like…several days at least? A week? Assuming you're trying to get ahold of them during this period and they don't respond. 1 day of no communication isn't ghosting, that's silly.

No. 478010

tbh, i'd go 4 days in a row of wearing clothes last sem before they started to smell. as long as u don't stain them or get them super dirty and are conscious about the smell it's fine. washing your clothes after a few hours of wearing is ridiculously stupid

No. 478070

Confidence and energy are hugely valuable in sex, and manic bitches tend to be both when it comes to that. Realistically unless you've had something significant change it, your vag isn't noticeably tighter or looser than another average woman without kids, but guys will keep coming back to crazy hoes who are exciting in bed.

If you feel like sex isn't mutually enjoyable, I feel really bad for you sis. Please find yourself someone who makes you feel like you can't control yourself at least once in life.

No. 478073

It depends on where you post and about what, but I'd say overall a much larger userbase + a lack of real interest in maintaining a level of content quality is what defines 4chan. Lolcow is similar in appearance but clearly cares more, not only as a community but on the part of moderation, about keeping things on-topic and meaningful generally.

No. 478076

If you like to roleplay (like, describe in a lot of detail with or without specific situations and characters), you can use f-list and make a self-insert character.

For just sexting randos (which I don't know why the fuck you'd want that, since they're almost guaranteed to be knuckledraggers) you could try https://lewdchat.com/ which came up when I searched for places/apps. Seems like the modern day IRC for sexting.

Color isn't terribly meaningful without texture. You probably are fine but if they're tarry or runny you may have a mucus problem which can be indicative of some medical problems, and you should see a doc.

Personally, I have people I have "left on read" for months at a time before I jump back into a conversation and they (and I) have been fine and had no concerns or issues about it. I've also had people who I read their message, then go to get a glass of water, and come back to them sperging out about me ignoring them on purpose or some shit. I think everyone's boundaries on that are different and if someone is being overly pushy about it just try to reassure them that you aren't intentionally ignoring them, you just got busy/didn't have a good response/forgot etc and that you can't be expected to respond instantly all the time. If its something that needs an immediate, pressing response, they should call like an adult tbh.

No. 478077

Does anyone else get super uncomfortable and panicky at scenes in movies/shows where a woman is about to give birth? I almost always wanna stop watching and leave the room. Is this normal?

No. 478078

NTA but reading this gave me an idea for a stupid question: does your vag really go back to normal after kids? Every article I've read says it does after you've healed up, but I've also seen moms online complaining about shit like they have to use 2 tampons at once because they're "too loose" to use just 1 and my friend with 2 kids said some guy she slept with told her he could tell she had kids (I assumed he was just being an asshole). Could someone really tell the difference between a vagina that's had kids vs one that hasn't by look and feel?

No. 478088

I’ve had two and all seems to be in perfect working order. The vagina itself heals just fine, but something to be wary of is your pelvic floor - the hormone relaxin makes it quite soft and the immense amount of pressure it goes through due to the weight of pregnancy and then childbirth, it can take quite a while to get back into full strength and keep things ‘tight’. It’s why women might piss themselves after haven given birth, the pelvic floor is weak and isn’t keeping things in place.

So I guess to answer your question, yes and no.

No. 478089

i’d imagine it’s really on a case by case basis. depending on the bodies of each individual woman they’ll handle pregnancy differently and heal differently so i don’t think there’s any one answer

No. 478096

i loooove my medical shows (the chicago trifecta, new amsterdam, etc) and when i was in my last three months of pregnancy, EVERY SINGLE EPISODE i watched involved a woman giving birth and either having complications or being in a difficult situation. really helped with my labor anxiety lmao.

No. 478171

Yes, but here we call them "flower hat aunties", literally translated. Their hobbies are pearl-clutching and complaining about everything, though they usually do so indirectly and leave bad reviews online first.

No. 478179


it doesn't, no matter how many exercises you do. the only way to go back the way it was is surgery. this is a fact. there is a couple women that will come and say "oh my vagina is even tighter now :)))" but they are lying, deluding themselves, or don't actually remember how it used to be anymore.

No. 478193

This doesn't apply to bw actually

No. 478211

Case-by-case. Something to consider is whether or not your perineum and labia tear, and to what degree, and how difficult/prolonged the birth is. But its a muscle and like any muscle it can be built back up, provided there isn't too much damage done like previously stated. Unfortunately that's not really something you can plan to prevent from what I understand, it either happens or it doesn't (and a c-section isn't a solution either, because it comes with its own set of issues)

No. 478216

tbh I find it really annoying when people suggest c sections as the easier/superior alternative to natural birth, like it's a simple choice and nobody has the right to be worried about their body. C sections involve a fairly debilitating recovery process.

No. 478223

> https://lewdchat.com
Thank you so much. You have no idea what a life saver you are. This is pure gold. I was wary of it but man, I just had such a good sexting sesh. Maybe I was lucky, I don't know.
Thank you. This is going to be a long night, hahaha
just wow hahaha

No. 478224

File: 1572296914840.png (307.87 KB, 579x515, juu'ls.PNG)

How does one write their fetish into their own work. I see it being joked around with, but does it actually happen and if it does how?

No. 478234

I'm glad because I literally just picked the one that looked the LEAST sketch. If you had a good experience I might give it a shot one of these lonely nights too.

Are you just curious or trying to squeeze that shit in? Because if its the latter you should EITHER make an effort to keep it subtle and more hinted at than focused on, or double the fuck down and just write some gratuitous shit you like, dgaf. DONT LIKE DONT READ as they say. If you're just wondering I guess if you think about something obsessively enough it can't help but crop up in things you do.

No. 478235

seems to be common to have that "one rich aunt/grandma in the family" from where I came from

No. 478241

File: 1572300219566.gif (4.2 MB, 450x300, giphy (2).gif)

Im curious how it happens. Like I see people joke about "oh this manga artist slipped in his bdsm fetish"

No. 478243

Have you ever watched a Tarantino movie?? bare feet everywhere for no reason, kek

No. 478260

How bad of an idea is it apply to be a college RA when you're an awkward mess?

No. 478343

Reminds me of Schneider

No. 478380


it'll probably help you learn how not to be so awkward

No. 478520

Probably subconcious, they are constantly thinking about that fetish so it comes to mind when writing fiction and they don't even notice all their female characters get tied up at least once or whatever.

No. 478613

I see people saying this is the funniest shit ever, but I didn't get it. Can you explain the joke? Can you explain the rest of tim and eric?

No. 478616


No. 478636

It's like awkward cringe humor. It reminds me of when you have to sit in on conferences for work or class or whatever and the speakers are terrible or there's weird drama going on behind the scenes. And usually it ends up spiraling into absurdity and the contrast of that with how normal the delivery is can be pretty funny if that's your sense of humor.

It's definitely not for everyone though. Dry and flat and if awkward social situations don't make you giggle you lose half the appeal.

No. 478640

File: 1572400711652.jpeg (425.23 KB, 750x732, AC12B620-46E3-4C12-9545-101474…)

How can I take my anger out?
What helps you when you're frustrated?

Lately, I've been feeling so frustrated with everything in my life but I have no idea how to take it out in a healthy way.
Exercising, writing things down, killing things in vidya, punching pillows doesn't help enough. Listening to music helps a little but not long-term. It really sucks to have no outlet for frustration or anyway to stop things from bottling up.

No. 478657

DBT and soy milk.

No. 478675

This is gonna sound obvious but when was the last time you masturbated/had sex? That can be a massive amount of relief/outlet for frustration right there. Also don't discount the validity of just screaming into a pillow or having a good cry. If it's really overwhelming though, maybe consider seeing a therapist about it.

No. 478712

This is going to be a really stupid question but how do you farmers that have heavy periods deal with working in a small office? I need to change my pads every 45-50 minutes (I counted) the first day and it's awkward since it's so obvious when I leave the room so often.
I work with two other women in the same room but they never apparently have to and it's embarrassing.
I previously worked in places where no one would care and I had a lot more privacy. So now I just feel extra stressed about needing to use the toilet that much once every month. My coworker noticed and asked me if I'd need a day off but I can perform my duties just fine. I don't know, I just feel shitty about it like I should know how to hide it better but I fail.

No. 478720

Okay dumb questions incoming….

1)are perrier and club soda and soda water all the same thing?

2)what makes them bubbly?

3)is it acidic/bad for you?

4)is this what soda tastes like without all the sugar/syrup in it and thats why they put it in there?

No. 478721

I have a tiny overactive bladder and drink a tonne of water so I basically pee once an hour at work. Never considered they might think I'm changing pads or whatever, even though I assume they think I'm a weirdo who pees constantly. But what can you do? If your body needs something, you just have to do it and deal with the embarrassment. It's not the end of the world and you're not doing anything wrong or bad.

No. 478734

Thank you anon, this means a lot to me. My coworker said that after I didn't eat lunch for a few days. For some reason I can't eat while on period unless it's soup. So maybe that's why she noticed. I just feel super self conscious about it but your post helped easing it. Sorry to hear about your bladder but you're right. It's not like we have much choice.

No. 478754

1) more or less, the difference is in minerals
2) carbon dioxide
3) no, it helps you digest food better but if you drink too much you'll have violent burps and farts for a while
4) I think so, I don't drink coca cola or other sodas so I don't know what they contain

No. 478780

Anon reminded me to tell you that I also have a heavy period, probably heavier than yours, and when I change every 30 mins I still smell like a carcass (I have no pubes, if I had it'd smell like a 10 weeks old fungus bloodbath). Then I invested in (biodegradable sksksk) wetwipes and cheap urinary pad with silica balls. Be sure to take a case with you so people won't read they're urinary pads if you're ashamed of that. I think changing frequently is not a problem as in EWW nasty, but annoying that it is, most def. Now I only change 4 times a day.

No. 478782

I'm sure they don't think it's weird that you are going in to change your pad. They probably have no idea that's why you are going in and if they do know, well, they are women, too. We've all been there, they know what it's like. I don't think they are judging you for it at all.

No. 478822

not always, no. best not to overpluck especially at the ends. as you age they will have a harder time growing back. give them a helping hand by applying castor oil to them, that should help encourage regrowth

No. 478824

it does sound hot tbh

No. 478826

I usually wear my tops 2-3 days before washing, sometimes after one day in summer. unless I've been sweating I don't see the issue. I always put on clean after a shower though. bottoms I change less often. I'll wear jeans for like 5 days before washing. change underwear daily though. I try to wash less to cut down on washing. my pajamas though…. I turn them inside out to make em last longer before a wash lmao

No. 478827

yeah I do this sniff thing too. if it still smells fresh then they're good to go again

No. 478828

are you eating a lot of veggies? mine are green after I have green smoothies full of kale and spinach oh and the supplement spirulina. such a dark green after that lol

No. 478836

Can you bruise the tip of your finger from writing?

I wrote really intensively and long for an exam this morning and now over 6 hours later the tip of my finger where I held my pen still hurts/feels numb wtf

No. 478838

Yup. I too had a big exam, wrote 20 pages within 4 hours and for the next 2 days the tip of my fingers hurt and were even a bit swolling.

No. 478855

I tried watching Tim and Eric Awesome Show recently since I didn't have Adult Swim where I live and wanted to check it out. There was an occasionally funny moment but overall it wasn't that funny to me and sometimes even annoying. It aired from 2007 to 2010 so I have a feeling it would have been funnier to me actually watching it on TV during that time period.

No. 478859

>dude weed lmfao, im so high and this is so funny

literally all adult swim humor. Its meant for potheads, who else losses its sides with Aqua Teen except drug addicts watching it high at 2 am? come on, adult swim even has long ass segments with nothing but visual nonsense for junkies.

No. 478884

>drugs bad

No. 478950

File: 1572480703397.jpg (80.36 KB, 514x665, drm.jpg)

anons how do you get a stomach like pic related?
like what kind of excercise, what to cut out of diet etc?
i'm not far off but mine doesn't look this nice and toned

No. 478952

I mean, photoshop, but the closest I’ve come to having a flat tummy was when I was underweight and working out my core muscles. At a healthy weight almost all women will have a pudge, it’s just how we’re built. Changing your diet will not change how your body distributes fat.

No. 478953

Does anyone else ever go a few days without fapping then do it and beat your bergina in only to have the most insatisfying orgasm ever? How do you prevent these awful orgasms where they don’t happen but you feel like you just came?

No. 478967

How can I get wider hips? I have fucking stupid violin hips and I hate them

No. 478970

you can't hips are bone.

No. 478980

light core building, only eating lean meats, eggs, veggies, and fruit, exfoliating, and moisturizing. You won't look like it 24/7 but it'll be nice for pics and stuff. I assume the pic is of a Kpop idol, so she probably doesn't look like that all the time.

No. 478999

it might sound corny, but learn to accept yourself and accept that there are things you can't change and that's okay

No. 479001

Does anyone else get annoying levels of empathy sometimes? Like when I see a sad or crying emoji I get really sad and wanna go hug it or something lmao. Or when I see an old person in public out on their own, stuff like that. You just get emotional and empathetic over silly little things.

No. 479004

Yeah I get this way too. Sometimes just seeing see a pic of a cute teddy bear will have me close to tears for no conceivable reason. Or walking into my 4 year old nephew's bedroom just made my heart ache and idk why.

No. 479011

Empathy requires effort and thought imo. People don’t feel like they’re as real. Like not so bad that it’s on the level of people who convince themselves some people like abuse but like, it’s work to be excited or sad with someone.

No. 479075

I get like this frequently and I sort of hate it because it feels like it hits at the worst times. One example that always sticks out to me was when I was reading an article about an incel who shot up a yoga studio, and of course I don't really feel sympathy for the dude, fuck him, but there was a short bit in the article that painted him as a poor, sad loser and it spoke about how his bank account drained to zero and he was eating cold canned food because he was so poor and it fucking hit me like a truck. I couldn't stop feeling so sad over it, even though he was a fucked up guy. I get really fucking sad over the thought of discarded toys too, like they were once well loved by their humans and now they're all dirty and cold out in the gross wet trash.

No. 479100

Same. When I see someone crying I start crying too, even when I have no idea what they're crying for.

No. 479102

Debated putting this in the employment/career thread but it's more of a stupid question so I guess I'll put it here.

I'm fixing up my resume and under my education section, should I even include that I was on the Dean's list? I already put my GPA and what latin honors I got. I was on Dean's list every semester I was in college, but it seems obnoxious to take up a whole line and a half writing nothing but "Awarded Dean's List for Fall XX, Spring XX, Fall XX…" Would it be okay to just write Deans List (Fall 20XX - Spring XX), or should I just remove it entirely since it's basically just fluff and my GPA is already listed?

saging because I know this sounds like a humblebrag but I swear my GPA is only as high as it is because I studied abroad twice and my classes were (for better or for worse) easy as shit so it's definitely inflated lol.

No. 479103

I cried real tears a few months ago because a large banner outside the clinic I go to had come undone and was flailing in the wind. I felt bad because whoever put it up had good intentions for the banner but it came undone.
I cry sometimes when I see kids or kid stuff too like the other anon.
Group therapy was rough because I would cry every time someone told their story and it was embarrassing bc I would be the only one sniffling besides, you know, the person who went through it…

I definitely understand being annoyingly sensitive/empathetic. I'm glad to see I'm not alone.

No. 479107

Not a humblebrag anon! I used to be a hiring manager at my old job and I always thought the more concise the resume, the better. Don't take up more than 1 page. GL

No. 479110

File: 1572538856026.png (35.31 KB, 300x300, 0E2E5AAD-4B39-4DE5-B62C-5AADA4…)

i don’t want to be the bitch hating on a guy for planting trees but what is this supposed to accomplish? how is planting 20 million trees going to help the environment?

No. 479111

Thank you anon! If you're still here, would you say straight and to the point points about job duties looks better or worse compared to more… eloquently phrased/fluffed up ones? I've only ever worked retail (currently a receptionist and planning to stay in office work so I desperately needed this job) so there isn't much to really write but I'm always debating between bluntly listing the bare bones of what I did versus phrasing it to sound more sophisticated and demanding than it actually was.

No. 479113

trees absorb the carbon dioxide produced by factories that fucks up the enviroment and converts it to oxygen

No. 479117

well yeah but how much is 20 million going to do? is it more of a local climate thing?

No. 479118

No. 479120

When you want to find discussion about a specific person or thing online, such as in a forum or imageboard format how do you guys go about finding it? I usually google "[subject] gossip forums discussion" or something like that. Sometimes I throw in "tapatalk" because a lot of forums have that written over and over in posts.
Am I missing something obvious? I've had good enough luck with this method in the past, but I'm curious how others do it.

No. 479125

okay i actually watched this video and i understand now

No. 479134

Are there any other boards like this one?

No. 479139

This article makes me fucking chest feel so tight. Like, thank god other people get it, but the fucking articles the author linked made me so fucking god damn sad. It made me think about the time I accidentally kicked my dog because she was so excited in the morning and kept running around my feet in the dark so I could barely see her, but I remember being able to see her dejected face in the darkness and then she quietly sulked off and didn't want to eat breakfast (not because I had kicked her, she just sometimes gets sick in the morning and doesn't want to eat but of course the day I accidentally kick her she doesn't want to eat and makes me feel FUCKIGN AWFUL). Just thinking about it now makes me want to fucking drop to the floor and cry.

No. 479189

I can’t find any metal tumblers with a metal straw! All the metal tumblers I look for online have plastic straws. What are good online stores I can get a metal straw & tumbler combo?

No. 479208

Bullet points for job duties is probably best but if you need to fill more space, be extra descriptive. I was hiring for an office position so I would be scanning for duties related to computer work and organizational skills. Mention your WPM. You can definitely fluff up but like I said just don't go over one page. Adding a creative element like even simple decorative line breaks to divide content can go a long way.

No. 479244

I only know of crystal.cafe, dont know of anywhere else

No. 479267

a kpop contract.

No. 479292

I have a job where I’m standing and walking around all day (courtesy clerk at a grocery store). Just finished an 8 hour shift and by the time I finished it hurt to stand/walk to the point where I had to limp. Do any anons have any sneaker recommendations? I heard New Balance has good padded sneakers.

No. 479297

I hope this doesn't make me sound psychotic lol - does anyone else every fantasise or wonder about punching and beating up a person? I would never do it in real life but sometimes I feel like it would be really fun and I'd want to keep doing it.

No. 479298

Buying soles for this purpose is what I recommend most. I work all day on my feet in a warehouse and the first month it killed my feet - but after that it got better especially with soles.

idk if soles is the right english word, but it's what you slip into your shoes to even pressure on your feet.

No. 479299

I don't think it's psychotic. Just a way people vent their frustrations. I usually imagine myself sticking up for myself in an event a coworker or someone I dislike tries to create an issue. I also imagine myself yelling at them and sometimes hitting them. I usually imagine myself beating up people I see as a threat.

No. 479303

Anon that isnt what psychotic means, I think you mean psychopathic. Anyway you might have anger issues.

No. 479355

I like someone but I'm not sure if they feel the same way. I'd like to ask and be sure before I get too emotionally invested in this but they have a big exam coming up in four weeks.

Should I wait, or should I just do it and avoid wasting that time?

No. 479356

File: 1572615956644.jpg (74.97 KB, 614x679, EILea8OWsAEHDDy.jpg)

Does anyone know what brand of bread this is?

No. 479359

it's natures own. out of curiosity, why do you want to know what the brand is?

No. 479363

Thank you anons!

I wanted to know because someone in the replies of the tweet that posted this said the white bread version with the split top butter tastes like cake so I wanted to go buy a loaf and try it.

No. 479456

File: 1572639609973.jpg (102.82 KB, 830x553, How-to-store-fruit-to-keep-it-…)

Should people actually worry about eating too much fruit because of sugar?

It's something I've noticed youtube comments mention on what-i-eat-in-a-day videos, going "wooow that's soooo much sugar because of all that fruit!". Like, isn't it healthy? Isn't more fruit better? I'm so confused.

No. 479458

It’s fine. Fruit has no correlation to developing diabetes. Because of the fiber etc. the sugars are digested at a slow rate and don’t cause a harmful blood sugar spike and crash, and the fiber and micronutrients are great for you as well. It’s also particularly good fuel for cardio like running. Really the only concern would be if you’re also getting other nutrients that fruit alone doesn’t provide but as long as you’re not doing some extreme diet like that, fruit is great as a component in daily healthy dietary habits.

No. 479459

sugars stay in your blood and will play with blood pressure, lesser so from fruit however. i think the people saying fruit is "intensely sugary" struggle with health goals, and want to scare off people who might find the transition easier than they did. i cant see why else they would be set on convincing people how "bad" fruit is for you, unless they need an excuse to eat artificial sugars and pretend it is the same thing. it depends on the fruit, but natural sugars are leagues better for you than artificial sugars, there will ALWAYS be a difference whether these health gurus want to convince you or not, youre better off with the sugar from an apple than from a candybar. your body will process the sugar from the apple better and convert it to longer lasting energy, vs other sugars which burn off faster than almost any other vitamin/nutrient. as long as you arent eating fruit as your only meal breakfast lunch dinner, enjoy your fruit, there are far far worse things for you.

No. 479477

I wonder what my first post on lolcow was… I can't even remember how I found this site

No. 479481

I can't remember either, and it was only a few years ago I think. I remember it clicked with me right away though, it was 4chan for girls (which was everything I'd been dreaming of) and I didn't have to lurk to get used to it.

No. 479492

Why does everyone love Shawn Dawnson so much?

Genuine question as someone who's never watched more than a couple minutes and couldn't stand it.

No. 479509

no idea. i hate that everyone pretends he's so genuine. idgi. he seems very obviously like an overly ingratiating people pleaser and a fake.

No. 479515

He's the kid who weaseled his way in to sit with the cool kids by sophomore year, so that nowadays no one really questions how he got there plus everyone knows he has it in good with the other cool youtuber kids now anyway.
The reputation just perpetuates itself.

No. 479536

Blogpost but you know what's crazy? I started out reading SomethingAwful and they always talked mad shit on 4chan as a cesspit of degeneracy so I avoided it my whole life. So when I came here like 10 years later it was babby's first imageboard. I feel like I missed out on the golden days of 4chan tho bc I took a look at it recently and it's fucking stupid. I know everyone always says that about 4chan but I can see remnants of entertaining communities.
I love lolcow too though.

Thanks for reading. Lmao

No. 479581

This is so wholesome and cute and made me smile. Also I want to try the bread now.

No. 479606

Why are old men so dumb to fall for dating scams? I know like 3 older men in my life who have gotten their bank accounts run dry because they fall for the catfishes. How does this happen? Just being dumb and gullible?

No. 479608

Arrogance and entitlement, men have always been taught that hot young women are their birthright and that men become more attractive with age. All lies but they don't realize it and never question a woman's inexplicable interest.

I'll never feel sorry for a single one of them, it's nothing less than what they deserve.

No. 479612

were goatees actually ever in fashion or were they always considered faux pas?

No. 479652

Don't know if this is the right thread for this, but I've been trying to find a video. I first saw it on tumblr, some guy in a black hoodie, short dark hair and patchy beard, filming himself, it's really hard to describe. He's talking in a very typical gay male affect, talks about his ass (?), makes kissy sounds, it's all very cringe… I can vividly remember the visuals but the way he spoke was almost unintelligible. Does that ring a bell to anyone??

No. 479653

He's also squinting rreeeeally hard in the video and just kinda posing? But only his face and shoulders are in frame

No. 479683

Happens to old women too, it's a big industry in Nigeria for young men to charm some western grandma into sending money. Boomers can't handle the internet and don't even know what catfishing is.

No. 479693

My favorite cows are the rich and/or spoiled ones, like Charms, Myah Alanna, Trisha Paytas, or that one LA bitch that paints all her furniture sea foam green. I'm thirsty for milk, old milk is fine. I'm sure I overlooked some good cows over the years.
Who are your favorite spoiled brats anons?

No. 479736

On mobile phones, when you make a groupchat and then later on add others to the groupchat, does everyone's device deal with it differently? Like if I add more people, it doesn't create a new group chat on my phone, but might it on others'?
Does that even make sense? Lol. I don't want to make it too complicated for my guests but I forgot to add 2 people initially.

No. 479741

File: 1572721975047.jpg (60.4 KB, 564x937, cool-stylish-summer-workout-ou…)

I'm going to go back to the gym soon and I really need gym gear.
Do you anons have any recs for activewear brands/websites that are on the cheaper side?
Especially considering that it's getting colder now.

No. 479746

try target, they have a pretty good athletic section

No. 479751

just wear comfy loose fitting clothes like sweatpants and big sweaters, I promise you nobody at the gym cares

No. 479862

i was measured today and i came out at 5'9.75". i've always said i was 5'9", but i'm really just under 5'10", so should i be rounding up?

No. 479882

Yeah just round up, depending on the time of day you got measured you're probably just straight 5'10" anyway.

No. 479912

More of an opinion question, is it okay sell fan art?

I don't mind seeing artists do fan art and maybe I do want a cute Harvest Moon enamel pin, but I've seen some shops only sell their fan art and no original designs which makes me not to buy from them.

No. 479942

Who is necessaryspeed and why does everyone hate them?

Also what's with anons obsession with "typing styles" and swearing they're able to distinguish each and every person based on an arbitrary typing style (mind you most people's typing styles can change a lot randomly)

Why do anons diagnose random cows and other anons? Especially in the camgirl thread where they believe every single woman that shows her vagina on the internet and doesn't blur every single flaw had an STD.

I get anons here are crazy and delusional but they're really arrogant over the stuff they try to pass off as fact

No. 479999

i have come to realise that the best strategy for me, when it comes to getting ahead in life, is simply to act nice, caring and supportive. i'm obviously no saint, as i frequently use this site (and others) for my gossiping needs kek.

anyway; it seems like this kind of behaviour often makes men feel special, which makes me uncomfortable as i don't want them to think there are romantic motives behind my niceness. i have noticed that some men respond to my nice behaviour by offering me favours or things. i guess it's because i kinda act like a motherly figure by giving them validation or something.

what should i do about this? will accepting their favours lead them on, somehow? or should i take advantage of this? i don't really like getting free stuff or getting favours as i feel like i'll owe something to them if i accept.

No. 480036

I'm honestly enjoying studying mandarin so much. I had a cousin that just came from a month trip to China and she had so many good things to say about it, in particular Shanghai.
I was hoping if there are any anons that lived and possibly worked there to tell me about the average living costs there and if it's possible to find work there as a foreigner? I'd love to study Mandarin seriously but also work part time if that's an option?

No. 480081

File: 1572808690025.jpg (53.22 KB, 399x293, normal__frank.jpg)

>I get anons here are crazy and delusional but they're really arrogant over the stuff they try to pass off as fact
I used to ponder this, too. Then I lurked in some of the more personal threads in /ot/ and /g/, and I've come to the conclusion that many anons really are bitter and nasty. Not as an meme/insult, like for real.
There are tons of regular girls and women on here too I suspect. Otherwise they're trying desperately to raise their dogshit self-esteem and feel included by berating other posters over the slightest perceived infractions, starting brigades, flaunting "insider" knowledge of rules or jokes, the list goes on and on… It's kind of like farmers:cows but on a meta level.
I noticed posters on 4chan do this too– I think it's supposed to be funny and ironic but some people are too dense to understand that it's embarrassing to take this shit so seriously.
You can tell how miserable of a cunt they are here on LC by measuring the overreaction in relation to the percieved threat/violation.
All in all though it is what it is! They can totally be entertaining too in their own way, like our own little mini cows. Hope this helps!

No. 480148

>what should i do about this? will accepting their favors lead them on, somehow? or should i take advantage of this?
Don't accept their favors, most men do this expecting something from you, there are few men (or people really) that would give/do something for you without thinking you owe them something. Don't accept shit form anyone unless you're sure they aren't this kind of person.
>i guess it's because i kinda act like a motherly figure by giving them validation or something.
I have seen lots of people falling for this and its always the same meme: lack of boundaries, you aren't a cheerleader or their mother you need to draw a line. You can act caring/supportive but don't make it personal unless its very necessary, don't ask too many questions or worry too much cause people WILL take advantage on you, you need to draw a line so people think "oh she's nice/friendly" without expecting you to be their counselor/mother. (Sorry for the typos btw)

No. 480218

File: 1572851924030.jpg (62.88 KB, 458x664, Dq579pDV4AAe80T.jpg)

Farmers with depression: have antidepressants ever helped you?

No. 480242

yes they helped a lot. I started taking it when I was 14 and quit when I was 17. Made me not commit suicide. Keep in mind, it doesn't solve your problems, it makes you "neutral". No extreme lows and no extreme highs. I advise you to get weekly psychiatric help while taking anti-depressants. That way, you can actually solve your issues.

Some side effects for me was sluggishness. I slept all the time.

Of course it varies from person to person and what kind of anti-depressant you take. If one kind doesn't work, try something else. Most people who say that anti-depressant suck usually haven't found the right one for them.

No. 480251

it's dumb but is prince charles gay or not

No. 480261

File: 1572871799468.jpg (187.71 KB, 1033x1200, kermit2.jpg)

How do you know if you're a lesbian? I've been in relationships with guys but I've never been attracted to any of them physically. I get crushes on girls but none of them have ever liked me back. Girls also make me nervous and are intimidating to me while guys are really easy to talk to.
Sometimes I find the anime boys and dainty men cute.

Is there a test that can tell me if I'm a lesbian or not?

No. 480262

necessaryspeed4 is a radfem redditer who posts here all the time and has a peculiar posting style, lack of spacing with commas, typos etc. she always goes off on rants about retarded men, femdom, and racebaits a lot too. she has been ban-evading for months now

No. 480276

Check out the comphet subreddit and read the masterlist and see if anything applies to you, it helped me! What stuck with me the most is there's a part in that masterpost that says that you can try on the lesbian label and see if it's for you. If it is, then great! It not, that's fine too. Sexuality changes and people shouldn't criticize you while you're trying to figure yourself out. Good luck anon!

No. 480282

I agree about using that masterlist as insight, but some parts of it were pure cringe and untrue.
>"If you are unsure or questioning, feel free to try on the lesbian label as well"
Try on? What is it, a shirt? Hell no. If you're questioning there's nothing wrong with it, but don't treat a whole sexual orientation as a "fun label to try on and see if you like it".
I think it even said somewhere in the file that "you can be a lesbian and still enjoy sex with men", nope.
Most of it was fine and relatable anyway, so I suggest anon to take a look at it while discarding the obvious bs

No. 480299

File: 1572885579150.gif (1004.11 KB, 202x282, bye.gif)

AITA and thanks for this. This is weird for me because I fantasize about fictional men(usually the really feminine, anime twinky ones) but never have I been attracted to one IRL and I see that listed there. It's probably the only thing that I use to reconfirm my 'non-gayness'. I especially can never picture myself being happy in a long-term relationship with a man unless anime boys spontaneously become real.

I gave a woman my number because she asked for it after we had a long chat in the grocery store but she only wanted to hook me up with her brother and that made me so sad that I moped for a week or two. The girl in Starbucks the other day smiled at me and called me cute and I melted and I'm thinking about going back there to chat to her more.

No. 480330

she's not a radfem. half of her sperging is caping for men, talking about how femdom is horrible, caping for men again, etc.

No. 480338

nta i think she's legit autistic. also really into incest for some reason

No. 480342

File: 1572895315114.gif (2.59 MB, 500x219, tumblr_pm69jpBFSE1xg3d7ro3_500…)

Yeah, seems like it. I had a similar experience.
I used to fantasize about anime guys or actors, men that I wasn't ever going to interact with. Any man I tried to date irl, I would feel attracted at first… then the moment they showed interest and tried to touch me, I'd instantly lose any interest like turning off a switch, and didn't feel any attraction anymore. It happened over and over again. Then when I finally put the pieces together and started dating women… all that weirdness just stopped. I was finally comfortable touching and being touched.
Obv I also stopped fantasizing about men, fictional or not. It happened spontaneously, because before I was trying to "cover up" and now I don't need to anymore.

No. 480343

What's wrong with her other than her being a weirdo? Ngl, her posts are entertaining to read.

No. 480348

But that doesn't prove your point. BDSM is not radfem.

No. 480353

my main point was that she capes for men, constantly. that's why i emphasized it. and no, it's bizarre that she fixates so much on femdom being soooo horrible (why? who is femdom shit hurting?) while advocating for her autistic husband or whatever weirdo incest bullshit she's into. she spends an inordinate amount of time complaining about a fairly harmless 'kink' that doesn't harm women as often as other things do, but she talks up her incest shit, while that kind of stuff is actually harmful. she gets offended non-stop on behalf of males because of her husband. she NAMALTs like crazy. there's nothing radfem about her. she's just a gc sperg.

No. 480367

opinion on people who are supposed history buffs but only read books about nazi leaders? my ex bf was like this and i always wondered why it was interesting to him when he never cared for violence and despised hate groups

No. 480377

I guess it's like true crime, reading about the most fucked up evil cases can be the most interesting rather than more morally neutral strightforward situations. Just make sure they're not a Daryl though.

No. 480387

This site needs to have an info page on necessaryspeed4 because I can't be the only one out of the loop of who she is. Someone explain.

No. 480402

File: 1572910090991.png (119.81 KB, 805x663, autist.png)

No. 480417

honestly i think it's ideal for her husband to be like this. males interacting with a society that encourages them to be gross isn't a good idea. it's too bad the pressures on men cause them to become increasingly shitty. this post wasn't as bad as everyone acted, imo, it's just incredibly stupid that she's always defending men because she allegedly has a decent husband. and the racebaiting is tiring. if she's so sympathetic to feminism, why does she act like men frequently are decent people? why can't she accept that her husband (if true) is an exception to the rule? this post is what started it all, but it's everything else other than this post that's what is wrong with her.

No. 480430

Alright I know I'm gonna get permabanned for this but let me explain my self see I don't have a specific hatred for femdom,I think all forms of BDSM/Kink are shit and maledom is the biggest peice of while femdom is a much smaller piece of shit but its still shit

I call out anons when their into maledom as well If their into femdom

No. 480435

so you're worried about men being 'hurt' by women or dominated by women or something? it doesn't create an unhealthy dynamic, because men aren't pressured into it and they still have more power than us. if you think it's lame, whatever, but the delusion and concern that it's harmful to men is shoe0nhead shit. men are still able to control the framework of the 'dynamic'. they literally pay for it and seek it out. it completely subverts common thought, so a man clearly has to have genuine interest in it to want to get involved. men are not shoehorned into femdom by society. they're allowed to explore their interest into it freely. no such freedom exists for women and maledom. it's dumb to even have a bone to pick with it. and men aren't even actually dehumanized by it. it's an interest THEY are capable of choosing, whereas we don't have that ability.

men are going to crush their own balls while sniffing their gfs panties because they're into it, with or without the woman even doing it.

No. 480439

I don't know anything about necessaryspeed4 and didn't know it was her, but I remember when this was posted in one of the relationships threads and I was in the minority for thinking it was manipulative and toxic. It feels validating to now learn that others see it the same way.

No. 480479

How does one find a husband like this?

No. 480480

I'm so fuckimg stupid.
I cant find that gif of a man laughing, resting his head on his hand and forcing a frown and then busting out laughing again.
Does anyone have it or know what the hell i am talking about?

No. 480482

File: 1572923110336.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, ihopeitsthisone.gif)


My first thought was Nicolas Cage laughing, is this it anon? lol

No. 480483

Not that anon, but i freakin love Nicolas Cage in the movie Face Off.

No. 480485

I just love the guy in general. Star in a thousand movies a year and eventually one or two of them will be great.

No. 480488

Does mewing work? Has anyone gotten results?

No. 480490

Just get an implant/braces, jawlet.

No. 480491

Nah, thats a good one though. More laughing his ass off and more like 'awww dumb bitch it didnt work out for you aww' maybe it was a vine…

No. 480549

I feel like it helped my posture and my jaw feels less tense in general. For face gains? No idea since I was losing weight at the same time.

No. 480576

what is a VSCO girl? please help me i don't understand it
i've googled it and it's something about water bottles? and saying dumb meme shit? how is it a subculture it just seems like a collection of random shit??
i even asked my thirteen year old brother, he doesn't know

No. 480577

I really wanna go to Tokyo soon but because of uni I only have summer break. Is it worth it to go late august to early september?
I've only been there twice during spring and it was kinda cold for me. I know summer is hell in Tokyo but is late august/ early september that bad?

No. 480578

doublepost but I wanna avoid the olympics which is why I chose late august

No. 480582

File: 1572959111069.jpg (42.09 KB, 480x480, vsco.jpg)

it's a meme from tiktok. It describes a girl who uses filters from the app VSCO, has a hydroflask bottle, wants to save turtles by refusing to use plastic straws, has a bunch of scrunchies, is usually white and wears oversized shirts.
Oh and they say "sksksks and I oop" a lot.

No. 480602

This gif makes me kek every single time I see it. I can't help it

No. 480604

Been a while since I've been back but I think late august/early september isn't that bad weather wise.

No. 480637

Clever marketing.

No. 480695

Where is this "sksksks" thing? I can only find parodies of people saying it

No. 480699

File: 1572988685014.jpg (218.3 KB, 1280x720, hazbinhotel.jpg)

Does anyone know why this show is stirring up drama? I keep seeing that this show caused drama but not what the drama was about.

No. 480703

Good luck trying to find an origin story for VSCO girls, they literally don’t exist. I said it once itt and I’ll say it again, it’s clever marketing meant to ramp up traffic to the app, and drive sales for high-end quirky materialism, ie hydroflasks, Kanken backpacks, etc.

No. 480704

I'm pretty sure anons discussed this in the art thread on /ot/ if you want to look there.
But what I've heard:
>Vivzie having a pedo character in the past
>Vivzie supporting shoe0nhead and Blaire White
>Angel Dust supposedly being offensive
>people just disliking the art
Maybe something else I'm missing idk.

No. 480708

I see a lot of sh0eonhead ~quirkygurl~ tropes in the main character, and it annoys me. Not to mention it gets too tryhard on the edge sometimes and it's barely self-aware. A lot of really dumb tropes.
The fag spider with tits doesn't make a lot of sense.
Not drama though, just personal tastes.

No. 480719

How do some people have lots of Instagram followers and likes without using tags? Did they just use them in the past, then build enough of a follower base not to need them? I don't get it.

No. 480733

there used to be apps that would generate instagram likes from real people who also had that same app and most of them would end up following each other so they wouldn't have to link their posts in the app. this was like 8 - 6 years ago before insta got so popular i'm sure those apps got taken down since. they probably had their account since then.

No. 480738

I think it's meant to be a laughing sound?

Anyway the first girl in this video is what started all the vsco girl memes lol

No. 480747

Did your tongue piercing bleed? Like a lot? Saw this ig account on my explore and it all seems so unessecary quickly done, I have had a lot of different piercings over the years but for some reason 80% of this account makes me cringe in discomfort?

No. 480751

i was actually looking into this today and saw someone disprove the pedo accusations. What they were is that Viv had a comic with a teacher having a relationship with someone. People assumed this was a teacher/student relationship but it was acutally a teacher/assistant teacher who are close in age and neither are underage? I could be wrong but all the 'drama' ive seen is so fucking stupid. I haven't seen the show but I guess there was also a line from a character - 'i dont touch the gays' or something like that? they're accusing viv of being homophobic but aren't these characters demons in hell? are they supposed to be fucking pc? I like girls and reading that made me laugh.

No. 480847

File: 1573031283411.jpg (138.98 KB, 1080x1080, 1993cb1.jpg)

Is it weird to follow people on Instagram that you never talked to but see almost daily?

I haven't had a social media account since 2016 and have no friends, I feel kind of weird following people that I never talked to and that aren't well known/famous.

No. 480849

d'angelo wallace just did a video on this about how VSCO girls are a made up image in order to sell people things, it's really fascinating but I don't know if that's the kind of thing you care much for.

No. 480867

Yes, BUT (big caveat here) not all of them, and not the same one and same dose forever. Because doctors can't really accurately guess what specific brain chemistry you have that will react well or poorly to meds, and psyche meds are serious business, they'll often start you on the most gentle, common ones first. If those do nothing (or obviously if you have an extreme reaction to them) they can use the kind of drug they prescribed previously to start narrowing the list down. Eventually you will likely stumble into one that works with minimal or less obtrusive side effects, and then you'll stay on a management dose for as long as possible. However, eventually your body will build up a tolerance to that dose and you'll need to either experiment with increasing it or try a new medication.

As properly trying and weaning off each singular med is at least a month long process, you're looking at sinking a lot of time into finding one that works for you, and more time in the future to maintain that. Depending on the kind of medication you end up on, you may need regular (up to monthly) blood testing and may have to be wary of certain foods or alcohol.

Its not something to take lightly and you need to enter into it knowing that you can only glean some help out of it by staying committed to working for it. Just take it step by step and don't treat it like a magic cure-all.

No. 480899

I feel like it depends? I don’t have my tongue pierced, but a couple in my ear bled instantly like that. All my other ones bled on/off the first 4-5 days. Since your tongue is pure muscle… like it seems okay for it to bleed immediately, plus your saliva will make even a small about of blood look like a lot. Idk! I hate watching piercings happen lmao the speed that they’re doing it doesn’t strike me as odd either, but the videos could be sped up slightly too.

No. 480902

Animals can tell when you have your period right? Does it make them like you better?
My friends cat isn't usually very cuddly and just does his own thing, but yesterday while I was over he was being a complete whore and wouldn't let me go while I patted him and cuddled him for like 20 minutes. He even grabbed my arm when I tried to walk away. Why this?

No. 480911

This style is terrible, I hope it dies out quickly

No. 480925

Is it possible to have a minor bone fracture with minimal bruising?
My shin is swollen and painful but with light bruising.
>inb4 ffs anon see a doctor
Yeah, if it doesn't improve. I can still walk though so I don't want to waste anyone's time…

No. 480930

It's basically like typing "lolololol" or "asdfghjklkjbhfs" or "omg omg omg omg" as a reaction to something. Like "sksksksksk my crush just liked my post" or that sort of thing. I dont really think anyone said it out loud until the memes started.

No. 480980

I'll condense it for you:
>Vivzie is a diva, has an annoying style and pissed off people by having a bad attitude
>Jealous vendettafag furries made up retarded "SHE SUPPORTS SHOEONHEAD/BLAIRE WHITE TWO RACIST HOMOPHOBIC TRANSPHOBIC YOUTUBERS" and "SHE IS A PEDO" claims to get their butthurt out of their system

I can't stand Vivziepop's art the slightest but cancel culture needs to fuck off.

No. 481105

I think I want a few inches cut off my hair so it'd be a bit above the shoulder. Should I go to a salon or do it myself? I haven't been to a Salon to in years…

No. 481109

how were any of the previous/current (dying) "subcultures" subcultures though? they just wanna sell their stupid shit and that's fine, I like how kids are kids and dumb because most of us were like that. I hope there will come a day people will just treat subcultures (looking at you lolita) as a fashion style instead of a lifestyle LOL.

No. 481116

File: 1573098749945.jpeg (23.37 KB, 429x715, images (33).jpeg)

How do I hang a dress with no shoulders? I ordered my wedding dress online but it didn't come with a hanger, just a bag. It doesn't have any loops inside to hang with and the fabric is lace at the top so I don't want to use clips. I put it in the bag and have it draped over a chair for now but there has to be a better way. Pic isn't the dress but the lace/sleeves situation is similar.

No. 481118

is there a way that I can connect my phone to my car speakers? I have a 2009 ford taurus

No. 481140

Get a radio made in the last decade installed

No. 481154

back then we used to use a cheap radio transmitter thing made for ipods/phones that would broadcast a weak signal on a radio frequency your car radio could pick up since it was close enough. not sure if they still make them now. does it have a hole for an aux cord?

No. 481212

Maybe use clothespins on a regular hanger if you don't have a hanger with clips.

No. 481228

Look for a transmitter, most of them connect to a headphone jack. You change the radio station to match it and it should play music or whatever from your phone.

I drive a 2009 car and used to have one that would attach to the bottom of old iphones.

No. 481238

How do I know whether I have migraine or just a normal headache?
I have to take painkillers nealry every day, my eyes hurt and I'm constantly sick, but my mother told me that migraines would be even worse?
It just sucks, I want to be able to spend just one day without feeling ill.

No. 481239

How did wlw anons here meet their girlfriends? I want to know so I can live vicariously through other people.

No. 481246

File: 1573137880480.gif (3.33 MB, 314x212, aura.gif)

Are you allergic? i feel like that when i don't have my allergy meds.
Also when I have migraines i see auras (Gif related) do you see them?

No. 481247

I can't find the general advice thread, where is it?

No. 481251

Nta but I get these auras and holy hell they are annoying! They usually start off small but will completely take over my vision after like 20m. I've never had them stick around for more than an hour though.

No. 481252

never mind found it

No. 481275

File: 1573146247854.jpg (239.32 KB, 620x310, web3-christmas-gifts-kraft-pap…)

What are some good, well rounded Christmas gifts? I'm having trouble trying to figure out what to buy a good friend this year… we're close and I know his interests, but it's all mostly anime and games and it feels kinda one-trick ponyish to just keep getting him merch of that stuff lol. Last year I got him a picture book of cute cats because he lost his cat, but this year I'm not sure what would be good enough to say "hey this genuinely made me think of you and I hope you appreciate it" but not be like "hey here some fuckin anime merch cos I know you like this series so ofc you'll like this thing."

I feel like anime merch are always my first line of defense with gifts, it's pretty much foolproof and I usually get fanmade merch so it's a bit more special, but when I get closer to people I always want to try getting things that remind me more of them outside of some TV show.

No. 481298

Maybe something made by you that's still functional? I can make people stickers or fonts with my calligraphy pens. They seem to really like the effort put into either of them or just a written fancy letter. While at their place take notice of badly damaged house goods or little things they need. Headphones that hardly work, crap quality gadgets, pots or towels that are too old now. Slip in questions over time/mention 'i think i need a new….' to bate what they need new.

If all else fails I go to etsy a month+ ahead for custom little fandom stuff for friends. gl this holiday anon!

No. 481300

File: 1573153864367.png (9.77 KB, 225x225, bunny.png)

I've had them like 3 times on my life and is really scary, plus i also get horrible headaches and my face starts tingling, once it happened while i was painting a room and i think that the smell of the paint was the cause and the others time it was only caused by stress.

No. 481307

I think my boyfriend might be cheating on me, is it unreasonable for me to ask to look through his phone?

No. 481309

yeah. talk to him about your concerns and why you think he's cheating on you instead of asking to invade his privacy. if you can't communicate with him (and have a productive convo) about this then there's an issue. if you can't trust him without looking through his phone then you shouldn't be together.

No. 481310

What makes you think he's cheating on you? I'd still say don't look through his phone, seems like that's always a bad idea.

No. 481311

Well he's cheated before and I only found out because I went and looked on his computer when I had the chance to. He's password locked everything now so I'd have to ask him.

Repeating old habits from the previous time he cheated.

No. 481312

Big yikes. Sorry for prying, but why bother staying? I have little hope for cheaters, you deserve better.

No. 481313

File: 1573157206002.jpg (23 KB, 400x254, dumphim.jpg)

No. 481314

It's a really long story that I don't want to get into right now, but I don't have the option to just dump him at the moment.

My real question is just, is it inappropriate to ASK for him to let me look through this time? I'd rather not sneak onto his phone again.

No. 481322

>my boyfriend is garbage because [1000 word post]. btw don't tell me to dump him cuz i won't!!

No. 481327

If you're not even going to dump him regardless of whether or ot he cheated then why even bother getting into it?

No. 481333

Is it true that if you're not using the "right" soap in the shower, you aren't really cleaning yourself?

My coworkers and I were talking about BO and stuff, and I mentioned how I don't use my parents bath towel anymore because it always just kinda smells. Not in a bad way, I don't expect my parents to smell like roses and butterflies, but I don't like shoving my face into their towel when I'm drying off and am not a fan of their natural BO (pls no bully about sharing towels, they're my parents and I didn't want to add extra unnecessary laundry to the load). My coworker said they probably smell because they aren't using the right soap to clean, so when they shower, they're really just rubbing the dirt around instead of actually getting clean. She said her husband and his towels used to be the same, but she got him to change soaps and now it's fine. Is this true or is she just full of shit?

No. 481343

Should I

1. Completely ditch all forms of social media and forums
2. Keep them for easier interaction with people and for finding new information and inspiration

No. 481373

File: 1573170141438.jpeg (158.33 KB, 1200x1200, BDC7E4D0-C805-4D81-9112-9A3064…)

Is dicemaking a good side business to start? Not trying to jump the bandwagon just because of the recent kickstarter, but I do like making resin crafts so I’m thinking it’d be something good to do that I like and can maybe make a little bit of money from.

No. 481376

I say not trying to jump the bandwagon but it definitely sounds like I’m jumping it lol I’ve been debating it for a while! But never knew if it would be worth it, after all it doesn’t seem too difficult.

No. 481382

it's not really. whenever i've made dice they didn't sell.

No. 481389

Rather than that they're not soaping up the right places. You wouldn't believe how many people don't scrub their feet, inbetween their toes, or wash their butts. They simply let the soap lather and water wash over them instead of properly washing. Then they wipe their musty feet and butt on the towels and that's why they smell.

If they are washing properly, maybe they aren't washing the towels enough, or not letting them dry out enough. Bc when things are left wet long enough, especially in a humid, dark environment like a bathroom, they start to breed bacteria and mold

No. 481391

Providing you also scrub, soap is soap, it'll clean you just fine. One is only better than another if it's less sensitive on your skin.

No. 481448

To TL;DR long family drama. I have a sister that's about 15 years older than me. She has a son, my nephew, that has just turned 21. I met them both for the first time half a year ago when she opened up her home to me when I was fleeing an abusive relationship.

So, I drink a lot. Sister knows this but doesn't really comment on it. Nephew is a shut-in manchild that plays video games all day and works at McDonalds but somehow has a gf. He has drank one (1) beer in his life, as far as we are aware, and that managed to get him drunk enough for us both to notice.

I just got my own place a week ago and nephew wants to come over and binge watch a TV show we were talking about. I told him point blank I was gonna be hammered if he stayed long enough. He said that he could drink too since he had just turned 21 and that he could just crash on my couch.

Now this kid is pretty naive but he can be manipulative and deceitful. Overall he's a good guy. I don't personally care if he drinks, but I feel like he's just using this as an excuse to get drunk in a non-judgmental atmosphere, because he still lives with my sister and she sure as hell wouldn't let him drink in her house. With this in mind, I think it would be really funny to have him try to match my drinking and get loose, since he's always so uptight, so I am down to have him over for this. I would also get a lot of joy for calling him out on his reasons and watching him be uncomfortable, since he should know to be less obvious by now at the age of 21 lmao.

My question is, would my sister be mad at me if I let my nephew come over and get drunk?

I've never really dealt with any family issues my life, as demonstrated by having a sister I never even fucking knew about, so idk if it is a faux pas or not. All I know is it would be funny if it happened.

No. 481452

I mean he's an adult. But your sister sounds like a tight ass so I think you know whether she'll be mad at you/him. While I don't see anything unethical with it, you also kind of sound like a mess and if your nephew is uptight and unsociable like you said, try to not be a creepy boundary-violator with your teasing. What's your age gap anyway, you hot for him?

No. 481453

are you that one wierd anon who has a crush on her nephew

No. 481458

She is definitely a tight ass but only because she knows how spergy her son is and that he isn't equipped to defend himself. Me and sister were both party girls who essentially ran off at a young age and became successful. Nephew on the other hand is more cowed to authority and non-rebellious, so if he were to enter the club scene or whatever now he would just be a laughingstock totally out of his element and taken advantage of, because he was bullied and has literally no life experience.

I honestly never thought about the boundary violation teasing aspect because I do that all the time to pretty much every guy I meet. Since I've never really had family I've done it as much to him as I have any other guy. He is 21 and I am 25, so not out of the pale for him to find me attractive, although he has never acted on it. He just ropes me into long conversations about Star Wars and other geek bullshit that I humour him for until I find a gap in conversation long enough for me to go smoke. He seems to lack anyone to talk to it about and me enthusiastically agreeing to these conversations could definitely be erotic and appealing to him, as a man, upon reconsideration. I had simply thought it polite.

And yeah, my life was definitely a mess, still is I suppose. I think sister would take it personally if I let him drink at my place, whether it's right morally or not, since he genuinely isn't the type of person that is ready for it. I could prove her reaction wrong 'objectively' but it wouldn't mean anything in terms of our relationship. But I value her more than I do him. Especially due to familial alcoholism susceptibility.

I have a much clearer idea of what I will do going forward with this. Thanks so much for your reponse.

Most definitely not.

No. 481460

off topic but I always find it funny when Chad/Stacy couples have socially awkward and or nerdy kids

No. 481464

I think it's a really bad idea. Not inherently, but it could cause a serious dispute.

No. 481465

You said he has a gf, why isn't he talking to her about this shit? Or going drinking with her, for that matter.

No. 481475

What's the difference between the deep web, the dark web and the shadow web?

No. 481486

If you need a break from social media, do it. Lock your accounts down if it helps you keep from habitually checking (Facebook and other platforms often have "disable" functions where the account itself is retained in case you want to come back) and see how you do for however long feels right. If you end up departing from it entirely, great, if not, you can always return. Burn out is real and its not uncommon for people to disconnect for a bit when its too much.

No. 481488

Are people who were abusive in the past worthy of forgiveness if they've gotten therapy and have actively worked to improve/aren't like that anymore?

No. 481497

I posted this in the sex thread but I'll ask here too. How do strapons work? Has anyone used one? Does the woman wearing it feel good too somehow?

No. 481520

I really don't want this to come across as /pol/bait or anything I'm just slighly curious,why were so many leading radical femenists in the 60's and 70's jewish

No. 481521

If you're man is asking to be pegged then dump him right now, because there's a 100% chance that he's a cumbrain

No. 481522

Depends what they did and how the individual victim wants to respond to that. I would say potentially yes since most abusers don’t even do anything to get help and genuinely change to be redeemed yet expect forgiveness anyway.

No. 481530

I'm a lesbian, anon.

No. 481550

In America how do you find/start seeing a therapist? Is it a matter of finding them online and contacting them for an appointment to start sessions?

No. 481552

Do you have insurance? That may help with the cost. Yeah basically just look online and make phone calls. Also, it's usually free at universities.

No. 481558

Cause Christians were all handmaidens

No. 481559

Go to Psychology Today, they let you input your zip code, insurance, what you need help with. Choose from list, see if they’re accepting new patient, profit!

No. 481650

nowadays the only ones I see are ugly anglos like leah tverly

No. 481667

Just look some up. I've heard some have a little bit that goes into you too. or something that would rub against the clit.

No. 481677

and Jewish women somehow weren't ?

No. 481678

wasn't she also dating a Skinhead as well ?

No. 481803

I'm not an expert in this, but half my family was Jewish and kind of in that scene (grandma wasn't radfem but she spent a lot of the 1970s in disability activism and stuff like that) and I've tried to answer the same question by asking around and reading about it. Part of it I think is definitely that Jewish women in the US at that time had this unique history of social activism–garment workers strikes in the 1900s (google Clara Lemlich), birth control, early Zionism, etc. So it was there in the culture, but also (this is more conjecture on my part but still) these were the first Jews to grow up post-Holocaust, and that shadow was inescapable and I think maybe contributed to a sense of "holy shit we have to do things NOW, we can't wait for the world to be better."

No. 481828

File: 1573322462091.jpg (29.61 KB, 326x499, on.jpg)

Is this book a meme? I see it advertised to starting writers everywhere, but it feels like some maserclass tier shit

No. 481830


No, this is real, I'm actually using it to prop up a crystal lamp in my room. Don't ask.

It's essentially some anecdotes about his life, tips for aspiring writers and some philosophical stuff about the magic of writing. It's interesting for people who've read his works and talks a bit about Carrie and Pet Semetary, and the anecdotes are admittedly slightly funny, but it's not something any random person could pick up and enjoy without knowing a bit about him.

No. 481853

I could tell from her videos she's not a good person so I wouldn't be surprised, weird how angry she seems to be at women and yet calls herself a feminist

No. 481856

jews are overrepresented in all sorts of activism, left and right wing despite what /pol/tards would say, because they're more likely to go to higher education from being more likely to be from richer familys since striving for professional jobs is a big part of jewish culture, especially in America where you have to be able to afford to immigrate there in the first place like a lot of jews did from europe in the early 20th century

No. 481862

does anyone know what "usedcore" is? what exactly is theme of the aesthetic and where does the name come from

No. 481867


ugh looks like yet another attempt to romanticize abuse and make it into an ~edgy but cute aesthetic~. seems to be basically the same as all this "age regression" ddlg uwu i am a broken traumatized wittle baby bullshit. what a disgusting name, too.

No. 481871

I already asked this in the advice thread a few days ago but it got ignored.

Anyway, does anyone here have any experience/advice with trade schools? Are they all equal? If not, how can you find out if they're good or not? Are your chances of getting a good/high paying job very high after graduating?

My therapist keeps suggesting I go to one that's in a town a few hours away from where I live. I think it might be a good idea but I'd have to take out a loan and I don't wanna do that if it won't be worth it.

No. 481880

Depends on what trade you're pursuing, not all trade jobs are well paid, or even okay-paid in the beginning. Community colleges usually offer trade programs. See if any local businesses offer to train and qualify you.

No. 481889

It's an IT trade program. Sorry, I forgot to mention that in my original question.

I live in a small-ish city so I don't think there's a ton of options when it comes to businesses who would train me, no community college either. There is a regular college though that I've taken a few classes at but it fucking sucks and I hate it. I don't have enough money for that either and I can't figure out how to get student loans.

No. 481964

How do people stay connected? How did they stay connected prior to the internet and stuff?

I hate having a smart phone. I like some of the convenience, like having google in your pocket, but I hate the expectation that you have your phone on you at all times (which was borne from that convenience).

If my friend is upset and needs company, they will text me, but I don't really check my texts. I treat it similarly to email.

Do you guys just have your phones in a central location at home, or what? I don't want to miss these texts, but I don't want to heavily rely on my phone being on my person 24/7, especially if I'm just lounging around at home.

No. 482015

>have male friend for a year
>we start discussing a topic
>he says something I disagree with and I explain why
>he ends up agreeing with me, even adding more reasons why I'm right
Why? Does he like me, doesn't want to make me angry or is too beta? I've been called out on my bullshit too many times that this man proving me right every time is creeping me out lol

No. 482022

He just seems like a compassionate person and can see things from other people's point of view. If you guys have been friends for a while, there had to be a reason why you guys became friends in the first place. Maybe he likes you or maybe he doesn't. Maybe he just likes carrying a conversation and keep it going. Heck, no one likes to end a conversation on a negative note and it seems he values your guys' friendship.

No. 482030

I've been feeling nauseous randomly while eating or right after finishing. This first happened about a month ago after driving for a long time, stopping at a restaurant and eating fried fish, and then immediately feeling nauseous and throwing up in the bathroom. Ever since then, smelling greasy food and certain things really makes me nauseous. What's weird is that it doesn't happen every time I eat, but random things seem to trigger it. Like today, when I cut into my steak, I immediately felt nauseous and couldn't touch it or stand being near it. I don't have a history of ED and it's not food poisoning. I kind of wonder if it's motion sickness? Even though usually I'm fine driving. Does anyone else experience this/do I suddenly have a sensitive stomach?

No. 482040

Set a custom text tone for your friends and leave your phone sound on (but maybe mute other unimportant apps if they bother you). That way if you're doing something else and a friend wants to talk you can hear the specific notification sound and be alerted without having to constantly check your phone. Although it would require you to keep your phone in earshot, at least.

No. 482056

Is it okay to offer gentle constructive criticism about a friend's diet and lifestyle? My friend always complains about her weight and makes obvious attempts to copy my lifestyle (but I work out for 2-3 hours a day and have different nutritional needs) but she's almost retarded about it. For example, she knows I drink coffee first thing in the morning, so she started drinking coffee, but she gets some sugary Mcdonalds drink instead of black coffee, and this how she approaches every thing. She basically lives off fast food and barely exercises at all, and then complains that she's not thin. I'm a control freak in therapy and I've been trying not to micromanage my friends' lives but this is driving me nuts because half our conversations are about it and she's so uninformed about health and nutrition and makes all the wrong choices.

No. 482062

I think maybe it would be better to ask her general questions to whatever topic she brings up. Like it's obvious she's drinking sugary coffees so ask her, "What kind of coffee do you drink and how many sugars?" After she answers just tell her "Yeah, I drink black coffee and That's been helping me a lot. Maybe you should ease into it slowly."

No. 482066

"I didn't see the scale budge until I got rid of the extra calories in my morning coffee by drinking it black, and exercising at least once a day to make sure I was burning the calories I needed to meet my deficit requirements."

You don't have to be mean, but she needs to hear the choices and sacrifices you've made to be how you are. When it's not obvious to someone like her, she gets frustrated because she assumes it's some kind of luck or magic just because you haven't complained about your personal journey.

No. 482078

does she know anything about calories and nutrition? If not, start there.

No. 482084

File: 1573399782616.png (206.96 KB, 640x697, agfglkl71i2y.png)

Is it normal for your mom to accuse you're father that he's getting to close to his co-worker and might cheat on her on an unspecified date?
I have to write a short story about an dysfunctional family and like my friend said it would be a good idea, but like my mom did that all the time so it doesn't seem all hat abusive to me.

No. 482086

Does anyone have some good massage technique videos/resources? How do I know what areas to massage, and what makes a good massage? Do you have to know all the pressure points? I try to stay away from bones, like shoulder blades, because it seems like it would be painful. I want to learn how to give a good massage so I can teach my boyfriend, when he tries it either feels like nothing or it hurts lmao.

No. 482095

Depends on how it is expressed. I know people who are naturally kind of insecure and have those thoughts that they occasionally voice, but they never accuse their partner outright and will always acknowledge that it's a problem with themselves mostly.

OTOH, I've dated a guy who would screech and accuse me of cheating all the time even though I practically had one foot in a convent and was too autistic to talk to guys in the first place. Anything can be abusive depending on how it's framed.

No. 482099

My mom accused my dad by yelling so loud the entire house could hear it. She also didn't take much of the blame for it either if that effects anything

No. 482105

is it normal after you start birth control for the first time to have a lighter period? mine came back since I started for the first time and it's very light and almost unnoticeable except for my bodily swelling

No. 482140

it depends on your body but yeah usually. your cycle will change based on when you take your pills so your period is sometimes weird when you first start.

No. 482223

File: 1573434418731.png (107.06 KB, 400x400, awoothink.png)

Is there a draw thread on lolcow? Ive been trying to find one in /ot/ and other boards, but i cant find one.

No. 482226

>>482223 there's a bad art forum in /m/ and in /meta/ a place to post fanart of the current lolcow mascot

No. 482227

thank u!

No. 482242

I had the same thing with two different contraceptive pills. It was amazing going from heavy periods to a couple of light days and period over.

Idek why this happens because I could never be arsed to look for info, but my housemates had the same thing happen.

I only stopped taking the pill when I was 30 because I'm a smoker. I missed the light periods and not having to buy as many tampons.

No. 482259

wait do mTf still get testicular cancer after their penis chopping surgery

No. 482294

Because feminism is an elaborate Jewish psyops for destroying all of Western civilization.

That's the /pol/ answer anyway. The real is is likely that Jewish women are in a higher income bracket, so have more time to focus on politics.

No. 482295

The test would be to bait him into agreeing with something that's obviously wrong.

No. 482302

No? The testicles are removed completely. They can still get prostate cancer though.

No. 482306

why aren’t we allowed to use emojis on here?

No. 482311

Because it gives people leeway to post like 12 year old retards. Imagine a bunch of weebs going o_0 or :3 all over the place, what an embarrassment it'd be.

No. 482328

Which country is the nicest/easiest to live in as a foreigner? Japan, Korea or China?

No. 482330

That's just proportionally.
There's still a hell of a lot more white women in higher income brackets, simply because there's a lot more white women, period.

No. 482331

I hear Korea is kind of an "USA-lite" à la Canada.

No. 482342

Why are the rich/celebrities/politicians/high ranking church members etc always pedophiles? What is it about money and power that turns you into one?

No. 482357

rich/powerful people can have anyone they want so their sexual desires turn more fucked up and niche since they dont like what is easily attainable + no concequences since they can just buy themselves out of punishment. thats my theory at least.

No. 482364

Socialization and the fact men are easily meme'd into different sexual desires no matter how fucked up, combine that with the rapid sexualization of children and no consequences and boom pedophiles running through the nation

Of course is sexualizing womanly features was the norm (not just big ass and big tits) pedophilia would greatly decrease, think Japan where their ideal woman looks as close to a child as possible and pedophilia there is rampant, Compare to Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, etc. These countries have some of the lowest pedophilia rates in the world and their countries celebrate and appreciate womanhood. It's about conditioning and nobody wants to admit it

No. 482389

I bought one of those sephora mini palettes last year and they're nice and pigmented, but the only problem is when I go to dip or swipe my brush on the color, so much product dusts up around my brush and on the palette, and it makes a mess everywhere. I'm barely applying any more pressure than needed to pick up a little product. Is there anything I can do about this or am I doomed to just use my fingers/live with all this fucking product fallout?

No. 482393

p much this and in america we got shit like pizzagate so you know downward spirals spiral downwards

No. 482395

I'm agreeing with other anons, but I also think people who thirst for power are going to have sexual inclinations which are also centered around giving them the most power. And what gives more control than engaging with the most defenseless and innocent type of human? Not much.
And some may also pursue powerful positions entirely driven by their pedophilia since they know it will let them have access to kids and pay their way out. Sort of like pedos who go for teaching, but x100.

So it's either nurture, nature, or premeditation. Just my 2c.

No. 482404

I know it's illegal to send prescription drugs through the mail, but what about simple stuff like Tylenol? I live in a European country and my mom is sending me a care package from the States and I want to get a bottle of Tylenol or Advil or something since it's much cheaper in the US than where I am now, but is it allowed?

No. 482405

The Shayna thread inspired me. She mentioned her "walls randomly staining" which anon's have attributed to her smoking a lot of weed. I smoke pretty regularly (almost every day) I swap between vape/bong/joints. I use nicotine as well but vape inside/smoke outside. I've never had wall stains before? I honestly thought they were a cigarette only thing but I understand that any smoke should leave some kind of residue over time?

I'm not trying to judge life-style but I'm curious if an anon has ever stained their walls just with weed smoke? how much did you smoke? did you only smoke weed? How long did you stay there?

No. 482406

Is it a prescription drug though? I thought it was just a painkiller.

No. 482410

Depends on the size of the space and frequency of smoking.
My mom used to vape in the car and over time there'd be a sticky residue on the inside of her windshield.
But imagine doing that everyday, more than 15+puffs in that confined a space. I don't think it's possible to get residue on walls unless you are a super chainsmoker and the smoke is allowed to linger.

No. 482419

I could be completely wrong but I think stuff like that should be fine. I'm assuming the country you're in probably sells their version of Tylenol/acetaminophen or other sorts of similar OTC painkillers so there shouldn't be any reason they wouldn't allow it.

No. 482487

Also people that are already fucked up are a lot more motivated to chase power to begin with.

No. 482500

I smoke weed used to be daily in my bathroom, usually with the window open, but I noticed that my walls sometimes get slight discoloration. My bathroom walls sweat when I shower bc there’s no vent in there, and sometimes I’d smoke while in the shower, so I attribute it to that bc the discoloration only happens where the wall has sweat. I just clean the walls with a sponge and multipurpose cleaner and it completely fixes it. Since I started smoking less it doesn’t happen anymore.

No. 482515

OK I already know Dollskill already upsells Chinese wholesaler shit and overprices name brand shit, but what did they do that was supposedly transphobic? All I heard was they had hired a trans model and the model felt they were mistreated, also they had some transphobic shirts apparently?

No. 482525

How do I make as much money as possible drawing furry porn? Asking for a friend of course.

No. 482562

Lurk Twitter and fursites to get a feel of the posts, trends and hashtags as well as average price for your level of skill. Put out fan art for flavor of the month IPs. Select any popular artist of your skill level and try to match their output rate. Wait until you reach a handful of followers before putting up your commission info, the furry community already knows its a total meme that artists only draw for that furry money so you don't want to come across as another bandwagoner.

No. 482575

File: 1573537859702.jpeg (64.86 KB, 1200x798, ERCLZMEVPZHSRAPDJAC7QYBHCI.jpe…)

Be honest, nonnies, what kind of animal would you be?
Me, I'm a bird. Selfish. Thoughtless. Flighty. Annoying. Would prefer to fly south for the winter.

No. 482579

I just accidentally killed a lady bug that landed behind my ear while I’m chilling in bed. I picked it from my ears and smushed it between my fingers before realizing what it was. Poor thing just flew in from my window for heat.

Is this bad luck or bad luck?

No. 482600

You're too superstitious. It's just bad luck for the bug.

No. 482603

Some kind of feline or fox. Playful, mostly lonesome, with sparks of energy here and there but generally lazy and a predator.

No. 482604


Phillip Pullman (Golden Compass/Northern Lights/His Dark Materials) says that he'd be a magpie, because he takes people's ideas.

If I were an animal, I think I might be deer. Aloof, spiritual (not necessarily religious) and flighty!

No. 482612

A wolf.

Or a tiger.

No. 482646

File: 1573556338905.jpg (250.82 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Drahthaarvizsla.jpg)

Some sort of hunting dog, I think.

No. 482647

probably a fucking blobfish

No. 482648

I've noticed a lot of uwu and cutesy type girls with bottles in their twitter names and bios? What does it mean? Is it like a symbol for some BDSM thing?

No. 482658

A raccoon.

No. 482663

File: 1573561524010.jpg (463.34 KB, 1266x711, bald and bankrupt milk.jpg)

I was watching NFKRZ videos and stumbled on his collabs with some guy called bald and bankrupt who I don't know anything about. Apparently he's some travel vlogger. While browsing the comments I noticed people talking about this guy being accused of some pretty nasty shit? I can't find the proper videos or information about his scandals and honestly I'm too lazy to lurk moar but I'm curious to know. Has this been mentioned here on lolcow? Does anyone know anything about it?

No. 482667

Lmao same.

It’s either for the aesthetic or they’re using it to indicate they’re into DDLG.

No. 482668

Bottle aesthetic?? It looks stupid.

No. 482669

it's probably some im babie i drink from bottle type beat

No. 482670

File: 1573562444982.jpeg (85.77 KB, 990x660, 50715A46-A9BF-4E7C-AF5D-46305F…)

A seal. All I want is to be cute and able to live by the sea again.

No. 482679

Does curology work? Have any anons here tried it?

No. 482780

File: 1573600791800.jpeg (25.74 KB, 678x381, revolut.jpeg)

Any freelancers here?
I get paid in various currencies and I use paypal to receive money. However, both paypal and all of the banks in my country have ridiculous conversion rates and I lose a lot especially when dealing with big sums. So, Revolut keeps popping up in my search for alternatives. Do any anons have experience with it or any other neobanks like Monese and N26? I'm in the EU if that matters.

Though if you have any other advice related to this, I'd love to hear it.

No. 482811

if you have decent insurance you're better off just going to a dermatologist

No. 482815

Any tips on cutting nails? When I cut I feel they come out wonky and it feels awkward to cut my dominate hand with my non dominant one

No. 482842

I feel like I’m starting to get a rash between my buttcheeks, what can I buy at a drugstore for this thats safe to use down there? pls no bully for poopy butt, I do keep it clean down there but don’t know what’s making it itch so much (checked in a mirror and the skin doesn’t look irritated or different, it just feels itchy)

No. 482847

I switched from using a traditional nail clipper to using a glass nail file. Supposedly it’s better for your nails anyway, but glass files do file down a lot quicker than metal/emery boards so it doesn’t really take me too long to get it done (I also do it like once a week because I like to maintain particularly short (but not all the way down to the nail bed) nails. I move the file with my hand when filing my non dominant hand, and when I’m filing my dominant hand, I move my hand against the file so I still have a lot of control over it and be precise about achieving the length I want. Hope this helps!

No. 482864

Desitin cream

No. 483040

File: 1573674732116.png (133.02 KB, 681x218, fabric.PNG)

Can any sewing anons please help me out? I'm fucking ass at sewing and have never used a pattern in my life but I really want to make a walking skirt using this pattern https://trulyvictorian.info/index.php/product/tv291-1898-walking-skirt/ but I can't figure out what the 60" wide fabric is supposed to be. Do I even need it? I'm assuming that the 45" wide fabric is supposed to be the main body of the skirt, that's all I need isn't it (besides lining and stiffener)?

No. 483045

I have a long haul flight with 1 layover this Saturday and I'm absolutely terrified of flying. Sedatives usually help me get a little more comfortable but I'm still scared and shaking throughout the entire journey. Unfortunately I can't really avoid taking this flight so I'll have to suck it up.

Is there anything I can do to make it easier? Last time I flew here I hadn't slept the night before and I still couldn't fall asleep so it was a special kind of hell.

No. 483068

Do anteaters eat dead ants and termites, or just living ones?

No. 483073

It does seem weird. Could it be the waistband/belt?

No. 483080

Bolts of fabric come in either 60" or 45" width. It's just saying if your main fabric comes in 60" you don't need to buy as much. Kind of weird that they didn't give measurements for 60" liner though.

No. 483086

Does anyone know what the affect of the Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes venom have on blood vessels??????

I know it has hemorrhagic toxins and anti-colagulant properties.
But I can’t figure out what that would do to the actual blood vessels
Would it cause them to burst and prevent clots from forming ???????????????? Or would they break down from the toxin and then the anti-coligulant properties would prevent healing clots from forming

If anyone could help , I would greatly appreciate it.

No. 483091

i know this is 9 days old but i swear this is what you're talking about

No. 483144

Since last anon knows their vids, I hope someone could help me find this video I just remembered, but can't for the life of me figure, out how to find it again.

It features a guy, who looks mixed black/asian, almost looks like John Legend. He has short kinky hair, looks feminine and also a bit husky and a slight 5 o clock shadow and he's wearing like minimal makeup, like foundation shaping his beard. I think he's drinking a pina colada. I don't remember what he's saying, but he's just sounding like "i'm better than you" and looking at the camera and spinning around a bit, I think he flips something over his shoulders. It's like a Vine or a short Instagram/Snapchat video.

No. 483310

God I hope that's all bullshit. I discovered that guys channel just this week and I've been binge watching it since. The videos with Kolya are heartbreaking. I did cringe a bit when he was dating that girl 15 years younger than him, but other than that he seems like a good guy. I've seen another youtuber in his comments who also makes videos about Russia from a foreigners perspective. He seems quite bitter about Bald's success so hopefully that's all it is.

No. 483334

File: 1573762701295.jpg (312.32 KB, 960x960, 1570800275672.jpg)

How do I get over my ex being abusive toward me? I don't want to get back with him and I'm glad it is over, but I feel really dirty. Like permanently unclean and marked. I feel like I am a disposable person and have no value, I deserved to be hit and insulted, and I'm never going to be clean and worthy again.

I'm in intensive therapy and my therapist said it'll always make me feel bad and I just need to learn to cope with it. It's too intense to cope with right now and I got better for a few months and then back slid. I kind of just want to save myself the effort of trying and failing and kms. I live alone in a city far from my family and I have no friends. I try and have been trying to make friends but it's very slow.

Should I tell my family that this stuff happened? I don't want to burden them. I did tell my sister but asked her to keep it a secret. She came to visit me to cheer me up but we haven't spoke of it since. I have a really good relationship with my dad. Would telling him help in anyway? He would tell the rest of my family, but he has always been really supportive of me. He might drop everything to visit me, and I'd feel a little guilty for that since he is taking care of my ill grandma. I did tell him I broke up with my ex and was sad but didn't go into detail. I don't really want to burden him with extra trouble

I feel so incredibly dirty and it has been over 6 months since we broke up. I have started hurting myself and I mildly want to stop before it gets really bad (I keep fantasizing about messing my face up and then offing myself). I don't know what would fix this.

I guess I'm looking for two things:
I'd like a short term fix that would help me today/right now and I'd like a long term fix.

Right now I'm trying to keep myself alive by reminding myself that my family would be upset, making a care package to send to my nieces, and buying myself a nice outfit and making elaborate plans for how I'll spend Christmas (going to Christmas concerts, going to gingerbread man exhibit, etc). This isn't fixing the problem but it's keeping me from drinking until I vomit and pass out in the bathroom again haha :/

No. 483335

Thank you anon! I just tried to math it out how much the 60" lining would be but I'm too fucking dumb for it so hopefully I can find fabric that I like in 45" width lol

No. 483343

>I'm in intensive therapy and my therapist said it'll always make me feel bad and I just need to learn to cope with it.
It's really weird of your therapist to say something like that.
How long were you in that relationship? I was in an abusive relationship that only lasted for a couple months but it still took me several months to stop feeling so much pain over how I was treated by that piece of shit boyfriend.
Now it has been several years and I barely think about what happened but I admit I still feel a bit dirty when I think of the sex (and that time when he half-raped me).
One thing that helped me get better is that I got into sports not long after the relationship (whitewater kayaking and climbing specifically). Maybe try to find something that you've never tried before and that you could enjoy? Physical activity is very good, especially if it's something in which you can get better and observe progress. For me it helped because it took me outside, made me physically stronger and boosted my self-esteem when I saw myself getting better at these sports.

No. 483350

We dated for 4 years. Abuse started in year 2.

I have gone to meetups to play board games and that has been a new thing for me that I've enjoyed. It hasn't been a solid fix. Maybe I do need something more physical or intensive than board games.

No. 483352


These things really take time as obviously you know, but I think you've got to try to take care of yourself as best you can. What your therapist said seems a bit weird but I guess maybe they're sort of just trying to pinpoint
that even if it does continue to feel bad you can find ways to cope?

It must be really hard not having friends/family to talk to though. It might really help you to tell your family, because keeping it hidden for other people's sake can really drive feelings of shame and self-loathing further. If you can, it might be a really positive step to let your dad know what's going on. But whatever you choose to do, please know that you're not a burden. You went through something hard, and you're dealing with that, and you deserve support and love.

I really hope you can make some friends and focus on those little/positive things. Just keep going. You didn't do anything wrong, you aren't a burden, and you don't deserve to be in pain and on your own.

Good luck anon, it'll get better, but give yourself time and take care of yourself.

No. 483425

Aloe vera gel works wonders for butt cheeks

No. 483687

Thanks anon! The desitin seems to have worked for now, but it always helps to have some aloe vera gel around so I'll pick some up soon!

No. 483776

How can I settle into a job and set realistic expectations for myself and my employer? Not to toot my own horn, but I know I'm a hard worker but it's exactly that that leads me to burn out. When I start a new job, I'm so overwhelmed by fear and thinking that they'll fire me on the spot that I go above and beyond to make people like me and keep me around but all it ever does is fuck me over in the end because I can't keep that up long term. How can I start a job and stop doing this to myself? I tell myself to just put in 100%, that that's okay, but my brain will instantly forget when I inevitably go into panic mode and I end up back on that same road to burn out every time. I just want to work smarter, not harder lol.

No. 483848

How did your parents refer to each other. My mom would always call my dad 'dad' even when they weren't talking to me or my brother so I'm curios on what other parents do

No. 483857

I realize that there isn't always going to be a one to one ratio for things like this, but what's the boy version of having big boobs?

I assume a big dick, but then what about having a "tight vagina", which I assume has more to do with assumptions of being a good lay
Would it be muscles? Because I assume that would have more to do with over all body shape–we can't exactly work out and get bigger boobs in the same way that guys can get bigger muscles
Is it having a nice butt? Some girls like guys with a nice tight/round butt, but I have no clue because I'm sure there are far more ass men than ass women (though I can't say for sure)

No. 483858

a pug

honestly ugly, but in a way that a lot of people appreciate and don't mind being around
very hard for me to breathe
don't like working out
poop on the ground and then someone picks it up with a plastic bag
curly tail
incredibly racist

I'm kidding, but still

No. 483860

Mine divorced when I was young. It's always been 'your mother' or 'your father' since.

No. 483880

Does anyone remember a woman from Myspace that had tons of body mods, was overweight, did roller derby, and dressed crazy with rainbow dreads? I'm sure there are lots of alternative women that fits those things but I remember her specifically because she embraced looking ugly and people were always leaving nasty comments.

No. 483904

My parents are like yours. My bf's parents call eachother by their first names. Interesting question!

No. 483906

Height or hair, probably. I think guys get upset over those as much as debating boob size

No. 483919


like >>483906 said, height and hair, definitely. height bc you can't control it, you can wear those ridiculous manlet heels but if you're a 5 feet tall man you're fucked unless you're into women with dwarfism. hair bc it's also all genes, you could start balding at like 20 and look like an old man in a young man's body. sure hair transplants exist but those are expensive. anyway i've been observing scrot boards and they seem to complain the most about height and hair, even more than their dick actually.

No. 483923

I think people just do this when they have kids and then use it with each other out of habit. Applies to grandparents as well. Like my mom doesn't call my grandma 'mom', it's always Grandma.

No. 483952

Why are the art threads so infighty?

No. 483955

Because artfags are inherently petty and argumentative by nature.

No. 483964

File: 1573903786484.jpg (43.5 KB, 455x224, 9fa4905d-e78d-49df-ae89-0ad4e4…)

Why do so many people think it's a bad thing to stay friends with your ex, especially if the breakup was mutual, few years ago and you both moved on with your lives? Like why wouldn't you keep someone who's a good friend to you in your life? Literally just friendship, no flirting or whatever. Is everyone so bothered about the fact that we used to fuck?

I literally don't get it, someone please enlighten me because the amount of people giving me negative comments about it are honestly confusing and hurtful.

No. 483965

The only person who should reasonably care about you being friends with an ex is your current partner. Even if you know for a fact you have no romantic feelings towards them anymore and have made that clear, people getting back with their exes is pretty common so they might be afraid of that.

Personally I haven't stayed friends with any of my exes, including the ones where the breakup was mutual, because I just have no interest in doing so. I didn't even stay friends with the guy who was my best friend for 5 years before we started dating for another 3, even though we parted very amicably.

No. 483966

It depends on people's experience I guess. I ended amicably with an ex fiancé but once I started dating again it seemed weird to have an ex fiancé as a friend still. I also was only hanging out with him for comfort and stability in a friend group, when I started feeling more comfortable and making other connections our friendship just fizzled out. Its hard enough with work and adulthood to see friends you love, I didn't want my ex to be a priority still that was the whole point our relationship ended.

Then with my current partner I've had drama with his ex which was unfathomable to me as we are late 20s early 30s age range and I thought I was beyond this. She would periodically contact him solely to find out if we were still dating and always insulting me, I came across the fb messages inadvertently when my bf asked me to look up details from a friend in a fb message and I noticed his ex who had been shit talking me was top of his message list. Like with my ex fiancé we both remained friends with exs before us because during that time we were all still pretty present in each others social lives. The instance with my bf and his ex is that her intentions are not amicable as exemplified by her badmouthing me not only to my bf but other aquintances.

I think if there's an expectation you'll see your ex frequently being amicable seems like the decent thing to do. I think it's weird if a current partner would prioritise a friendship with an ex over their partner tho.

No. 483970

I don't think it's bad, you move on. I've stayed close friends with one of my exes from high school, but it was mostly possible because he came out gay to me lmao
People who police who you hang out with are no good, I mean unless the person doing so has a seriously bad experience with them, then it doesn't matter.

No. 483971

Because everyone in there thinks their shit don’t stink and that their preferences are the absolute standard.

No. 483973

Thanks anons, that was interesting to read and I'm glad I'm not crazy or something, just seem to work/be acquainted with judgemental people (or they had bad experiences)

No. 483975

what is effective against period pain?

I used to go through my periods absolutely pain free until a few months ago and today the pain is fucking unbearable.

I've been taking these no-brand painkillers but they're not doing much and I'm already over the recommended dosis. Should I get one of those branded menstruation painkillers? Are those better or is that marketing bullcrap?

No. 483980

TENS machines had the biggest effect on me, I got mine from a pharmacy, they're usually between 10 and 20 pounds here in the UK. It works by sending electrical pulses to block pain receptors. It's been the difference between me squirming in bed and going out for walks. I also take mefanamic acid to reduce the flow a little, but often I'll realise it's a bad period a bit too late so it takes a while to kick in, and the TENS machine has an immediate effect.

No. 483982


every artist has its own idiosincratic and self centered way of judging things plus they learn to be critical before even learning how to even do art, judgement is a daily thing, plus the artist routine is like a solitary confinement with economic estress added and so much is a trade where egos can get bruised or inflated easily . Cattiness is fucking through the roof. Even straight white males who draw somber military robots are catty and petty as the stereotypical 6 yr old spoiled girl from the valley. When an artist is a decent human consistently down to earth and pleasant to be around it really echoes as part of the reputation because it is the exception and not the norm.

No. 483983

I think most menstruation painkillers are aspirin + caffeine, which would be like regular otc pain medicine and a cup of coffee. Personally I’ve bought heat pads and stick one on my underwear/camisole.

No. 483998

if you want to go the painkiller route I highly recommend Naproxen (Advil). It specifically lowers progesterone, the hormone which in excess causes painful uterine contractions. It's pretty much my go to for cramps. You can take it before you get the cramps, or during.

Ibuprofen and aspirin do absolutely nothing for me no matter how much I take

No. 484005

Is it possible to be suicidal without having depression? I've been taking vitamin D so I don't hate the cold winter anymore and my regular depression i developed at a very age due shit life and shit people transitioned to a personality disorder probably so even though it took me a while I clearly do know how depression feels and I can safely say that I no longer have it, I can still claim I want to kill myself every day in the most gruesome way ever tho. Eggsplain pls, armchair psychs are allowed to insult me and/or elaborate what's happening to me. Why do I want to die even though I still wake up and wash my ass?

No. 484008

short answer yes

I was at cool training about the psychology of suicidality. don't know how legit it is or if it still stands. basically your brain get's used to having it as a coping mechanism in high stress and it becomes second nature for your brain to jump in and suggest it as the logical solution even if you just…break a dish or some shit. so you get this instant rush of relief when you think about suicide and it keeps making the association stronger over time.

basically prolonged depression and suicidal feelings mean you sort of train yourself to view it as your mental safety net. if you feel in control rn you are probably fine and it is normal for a lot of people but you might look into talk therapy to work on re-training your thoughts when you have the resources.

No. 484011

Oh. Interesting. Net of mind = basically personality, and in this context could mean personality disorder, right? Funny, because this means the people who like to glamorize lifelong depression wouldn't like to owe up their personality disorder as well..in this era of anti-bpd at least. I'm not diagnosed btw but I'm pretty certain that I have it the more I read about it.
Anyways, Idgaf about labels anymore since nothing worked but is it possible to give me your takes which other diagnoses that's not depression tend to idealize suicide the most?

No. 484057

I've never heard it put that way, but you're totally right anon.

Artists need to seriously step back, remember that art is subjective, and stop being so up their own asses. It's a problem we all have.

No. 484059

>if you want to go the painkiller route I highly recommend Naproxen (Advil)

Advil is ibuprofen. I think you mean Aleve.

No. 484162

File: 1574040555553.jpg (24.03 KB, 250x387, 250px-The-Boys_Volume_One.jpg)

Is the Tv show/comic any good? I have a feeling it's another "Edgy=deconstruction" show

No. 484187

The show is SO GOOD and I was skeptical at first

No. 484194

I'm trying to remember a manga that was posted here, it involved a young boy and an older woman who was a victim of CSA. The anatomy was really well done. There is a point in the manga where her body either becomes chidllike or she is shown as an adult while she is crying, something like that

No. 484202

Who/what the hell is necessaryspeed4 and what's the joke? Why do I keep seeing this as a red text ban under a ton of posts?

No. 484205

It is an edgy decon show, doesn't mean it's not entertaining. Frenchie is a national treasure.

No. 484223

File: 1574057359814.png (Spoiler Image,133.5 KB, 582x816, 40124729_p31.png)

Sounds like you're talking about Kikuo's manga, 僕はお姉さんがほしい. Pic related might be the scene you're talking about.
Still waiting for an English translation.

No. 484227

File: 1574057899458.jpg (51.6 KB, 604x604, DIYyyMdXUAIvUpV.jpg)

anon thank you so much, I was going crazy thinking about it. have a wonderful day!

No. 484230

w-wwhat the heck is this story

No. 484240

Would anyone mind explaining the difference between “red-pilled,” “blue-pilled,” “purple-pilled,” “pink-pilled,” and “black-pilled?” There are so many different definitions available that I am now even more confused than I was prior to googling it.

No. 484248


well, in short
>redpilled originally meant more like aware of the things going on in the world, can be in many different ways. don't confuse with mra/mgtow/pua definition of redpill ("women are animals" etc.) even though nowadays basically they're one and the same because alt-shit retarded scrots twisted it that way.
>bluepilled is one of those people that alex jones types call "sheeple" or npc or whatever. the opposite of redpill, not aware of the world, politics etc. and often doesn't even care. stereotyped to be a superficial brainlet
>purplepilled i never heard a lot but i assume it's a mix of red and blue, a confused person who could become either way or just stay conflicted, might have redpilled views on some subjects and bluepilled on others
>pinkpilled seems to have two different definitions at least, in lolcow pinkpilled means more or less radical feminist or at least aware and even wary of men and their scrot-like behaviours
>blackpilled people are those overdramatic doomsday fags who think it's all over and muh western world is collapsing because of gays and feminism and the fact they can't say the n-word

No. 484254

File: 1574067787525.gif (2.03 MB, 700x700, ef1f28b4-be04-4808-8d10-326aa2…)

How do people get attached to others so fast?

I legit can't get myself to care deeply about someone I only recently met or known them for 1-2 months. Like sure, I'll help you if you need me, but if you disappear I literally don't give a fuck.

No. 484262

god this is me lol to an even worse extent i'd say because even people i've known for longer than a few months/a year i just could not care less if they decided to up and leave forever.

No. 484275

Thank you SO much, Anon!

No. 484313

I'm starting to wonder if it's depression or just the way I am

No. 484317

i don't think they really do. i think they just use people for time fillers or what have you, and move on quickly. people who "get attached" that quick generally lose that attachment that quick when someone else comes along. and seriously, you simply cannot develop serious, meaningful attachment in 1-2 months. reliability and trust can't be established so quickly, so the relationship is just not meaningful without that reliability being shown and proven by time.

same tbh the only social interaction i enjoy is like… this. i'm just too tired and bored for anything else and socializing is sort of boring and not worth the effort, even when it's "good". the investment/return ratio is absolutely abysmal.

No. 484325

Some people do forget their attachments quickly, but I still think about people that I only worked with for a month or talked to on the bus even if I wasn't able to keep touch. I know others who think the same way, we just really love people.

No. 484330

that's not attachment though, imo. that's just being healthy and remembering people that you've known. attachment and thinking of people you've known fondly every so often aren't the same. i wouldn't say i get attached easily at all, but i still think about kind strangers or people id known or worked with for short periods and wonder about them, if they're okay, etc. this is kind of what I mean tho too like, when these people claim they're attached, I feel like it's mostly said to to guilt the other party, and that they're not, because that kind of thing (just remembering people) is what they consider to be attachment, when it isn't imo. the metric for "attachment" is very off imo. it's like, sociopathic to just forget about people forever. just remembering and thinking about people isn't being attached imo. that's just emotionally healthy behavior.

No. 484332

File: 1574086142612.jpg (126.7 KB, 1000x1265, photo-1558326567-98ae2405596b.…)

Do you squish the macaron before you eat? i usually do that cuz i can tatse the filling better.

No. 484334

I never had one of these, what they taste like anon. They look like pretty patties

No. 484336

depends on the flavor and quality, fresh made macarons are bomb but frozen trader joes brand ones suck. They're usually slightly crunchy mostly chewy with a jam or creme filling and a light meringue cookie.

No. 484338

people only even like these because theyre pretty

No. 484339

File: 1574086759464.jpg (58.76 KB, 736x901, b790f0932b8fd2ddd6e13717790f8e…)

is there a name for this specific style or font? I've seen this everywhere in the late 90's its even the same font for a game company called "purple moon". This is a really out there question sorry.

No. 484340

I love the texture and taste of these, I'd buy them more if they were freshly available and not so ridiculously expensive.

No. 484344

holy shit, I loved this guys videos that sucks so much. If its true is there an embassy someone can contact because I heard the police in eastern Europe are very corrupt.

No. 484356

I like the Trader Joe’s ones! They taste better thawed out haha I always just ate them frozen like a dumbass. The merengue of course isn’t fresh and that’s something that really should be eaten super fresh for the best texture and taste but they do the job for a quick fix. They are expensive af to get freshly made

Ugh I’m craving some now.
Also >>484332 I don’t squish mine before I eat them bc I like the yummy airy crunch of a good merengue outside

Mmmmm I love dessert. Had some dank baklava at ren faire this weekend.

No. 484357

I wish I could be like that. Getting attached quickly sucks, you end up suffering a lot.

No. 484365

> same tbh the only social interaction i enjoy is like… this. i'm just too tired and bored for anything else and socializing is sort of boring and not worth the effort, even when it's "good". the investment/return ratio is absolutely abysmal.

Absolutely the same. And I feel terrible about it because I can recognize that some people are genuinely nice and want to bond but I can't give that back to them whatever they're looking for. It could be that I have a sister that is my best friend at the same time so I don't have the need to seek others for company. But even then, I don't spend the entire day with my sister, I'm perfectly okay with being on my own.

On the other hand, sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. Maybe this isn't how I should be?

No. 484431

File: 1574095936131.jpg (809.84 KB, 755x756, JPEG_20190828_081014.jpg)

I acknowledge that this might be really dumb but here we go:

I notice that there seems to be a lot of Japanese media/IG accounts where women in their 20-30s dress really feminine/soft and have like a soft aesthetic. I kind of want more of that soft aesthetic in my life (this might be unrealistic but I want my life to be pic related). Is there any other types of media that you guys recommend (YouTube videos, specific ig accounts) that have that? Is there a word for that aesthetic? Like soft feminine but not lolita-tier and meant for women in mid 20s-early 30s.

No. 484436

I think it's larme-kei.

No. 484441

tbh any style that has a name is for teenagers only and not normal women. in japan they all dress like that, and in
the west it's not hard to find either. what's wrong with not being any "kei"?

No. 484443

> Is there a word for that aesthetic?
Yes, the word is "child-like".

No. 484447

kek, why you gotta be so bitter, anon. show me on the doll where the soft feminine attire hurt you

No. 484454

Hmm I feel too old for larme kei. Maybe if there was a more mature version. Maybe I should make a folder of pictures or something to better figure out what I'm going for more.

No. 484460

or you can show us something that's not anime

No. 484463

Such a lame argument. Have you ever thought the aesthetic is just shit? It's not feminine, it's just child-like retard.

No. 484465

it's just clothing, chill

No. 484467

File: 1574101206359.jpg (566.08 KB, 1280x1920, p4vuizyh2L1qecu65o1_1280.jpg)

Ever since I saw an anon insist a layered tee and a pair of ripped jeans was "too much (unless you're in a band)" and witnessed other anons shit on this woman's appearance/style for being "too childish!!", I realized Lolcow is not the place to talk about personal fashion taste, lmao. It's just generally not a good idea.
I don't know who's behind it or what they wear, but there's always at least a bit of salt about anything that doesn't match the first few Google Image search results when you look up "woman clothing 2019".

No. 484474

I don't feel like reading two paragraphs about this shit, but multiple people asked what was up with you and where you lived to think that was a super over the top look.
That outfit is completely basic and bland to anyone who lives in or around a city. Calm down.

No. 484475

File: 1574102033908.png (343.68 KB, 614x606, 1569149706703.png)

oh my god you drama queen. that was me and it was not the fact that her jeans were ripped and she had a layered shirt. it's the entire edgy tumblr ensemble that looks entirely too tryhard and manufactured for the grocery store. the chains, the boots, the layering, it all just looks like too much at one time for me. when you look like you spend too much time on j fashion tunglr or egirl tumblr, etc, it isn't cute. there's definitely something to said for a look that LOOKS organic and appropriate for daily life. being OTT for daily errands always looks lame imo. i see a lot of girls irl that you can tell spend way too much time on tumblr, imo, you don't want to be that girl.

i disagree with the sentiment that everything is too childish. i think you can do softness appropriately but it takes nuance, and people into any kind of jfashion can never understand that concept. all of these subculture fashions take subtlety to introduce properly to real life clothing.

No. 484476

No. 484478

right, and other people agreed it looks too tryhard as well. i'm from one of the biggest cities in the US and most women and girls (save for wannabe 14 yo egirls) don't dress like this. seeing as how most of you guys came from cgl, it's no surprise that you guys can't tell what looks too performative or straight from catalogue-y for real life.

No. 484480

I don't remember that happening at all, but I'm not about to go dig for the thread now. Sorry to have pissed you off, but it's not that deep.

No. 484481

This question gets asked like 10 times a thread.


No. 484497

File: 1574105471676.png (623.15 KB, 540x690, tumblr_ng24qkVn1l1qg3b1wo1_540…)

Isn't that a motekei style? Or Akamojikei.
Anyway, that kind of style is really popular in Japan. It's like a nice mix of feminine, soft but still mature style. Personally, I love it!
I also miss times where I could easily find scans of japanese fashion magazines online.

No. 484519

somewhat-tmi question but how do you stop getting constantly constipated? I've been like this since forever and I eat the same things as my family yet I'm always the one who suffers from this, and then my stomach bloates…It's just so …uncomfortable..

No. 484524

Are you drinking enough water? Also, this is kind of dumb (but I've considered doing it out of desperation), but people frequently suggest adding some pumpkin puree to a dog's food to help them with constipation/diarrhea so maybe eating some plain canned pumpkin here and there might help you?

No. 484526

Maybe you're intolerant to something you eat frequently, like gluten or dairy?

No. 484528

File: 1574112287129.jpeg (29.77 KB, 513x655, 8BF012CC-63E1-4CCB-8FCF-914CEA…)

The reason a lot of the clothing looks so soft is because of the fabrics depicted, it’s typically linen. Linen that is flowing yet still form fitting to lightly show off a feminine silhouette will achieve that look you’re going for, pic related. The key thing is for the silhouette to be simple, and accessories to be minimal - to achieve the correct balance, take off the last accessory you put on.

Plus I’d recommend you keep your hair a natural colour and style it simply, Japanese women are also keen on fringes (particularly blunt ones) so that’ll probably also help you achieve that soft look, and rather than full on layers your hair would be best off being feathered throughout with a wispy taper off at the end - this way it’ll be easy for you to achieve that ‘effortless yet put together’ look in a lot of such media

But honestly, you’re best off speaking to women either irl or in dedicated fashion spaces so they can better gauge what will fit your body and personality. Hope this helps!

No. 484530

Do you eat a lot of bread? Bread is more often than not the culprit behind bloating and constipation, it also makes you retain water so it’s likely you’re also a bit swollen in the face if you do eat lots of bread

No. 484540

Check the ingredients list of what you're eating. It could be an intolerance or it could be that you're sensitive to certain food additives.

No. 484546

I have the opposite problem because I have constant diarrhea, especially in the mornings. In the evenings I have massive bloat, but I'm usually not constipated unless I'm dehydrated. I'm going insane trying to figure out what causes this.

No. 484562

File: 1574116929299.png (174.23 KB, 790x598, Nicodemus strike.png)


Ok so from what I gather - there was a channel called Nicodemus which attempted to expose Bald by identifying him with an account on the RooshV forum. However that video was taken down and there's been no mention pf this since. The only available videos which talk about these allegations are:


All of these videos being highly disliked - the first one is a recap on the Nicodemus situation. The rest are by are by a strange spiritual channel and if I have to honest I only skimmed them since they are very long and he predominantly talks about Harald Baldr.

Basically it's all speculation with no solid proof. There's no confirmation that the person on RooshV is bald and bankrupt. I cannot comment on Harald Balrd.

I'm Eastern European myself and I have a burning hatred for sex tourist and PUA scrots so this situation felt personal which is why I got into it. However since there's no evidence I can't point fingers and bald and bankrupt seems to be very beloved. I don't want to drag innocent men but this whole situation struck a cord with me.

No. 484591

Red Pill is also often used by /pol/ users and similar types. If you read something like "how can I redpill my [personal relation]" it's asking how to introduce the ideology (or "the truth about the world") to them. Same with something like "[x person/group] is redpilled", it means they subscribe to their ideology.

Blue Pill can also be a label that somebody gives themselves on purpose to mean they're against the ideology of the manosphere version of "The Red Pill" (see /r/TheBluePill on reddit)

Purple Pill is agreeing with both sides of Red and Blue Pill (usually the "manosphere" versions of Red and Blue Pill) or being unsure. Used most in the subreddit /r/PurplePillDebate

Pink Pill is either radfem like on lolcow or trans people on 4chan and Discord trying to get other boys to join them and "take the pink pill" i.e. go on HRT

Black Pill can be general nihilism or more specifically it's the word incels give to their ideology about things like lookism, hypergamy, etc.

No. 484596

File: 1574121157097.gif (312.58 KB, 256x192, d9aieh6-c65d0802-f28e-450e-b27…)

Whats that weird tingly feeling I sometimes get? Like when I'm sad or destress I feel this tingling feeling all over my body. The best i can describe it is as the pokemon stat lower. I can also react it by by breeding in deeply, opening my eyes real hard, and scrunching.

No. 484597

breathing not breeding

No. 484615

Whenever I get too sad I feel like the blood from my veins is getting slowly replaced by a colder and lighter fluid starting from my extremities. Not sure if it's the same feeling you are describing, but like the other anon said I think it might be a hormones/nerves thing.

No. 484622

Maybe it's related to anxiety. I use to feel that but sometimes I've noticed I do a full on shudder or twitch when I feel anxious. I can kind of disguise it, it's not very often but it has happened once or twice in front of people and I have to play it off lol

No. 484623

I get this same exact feeling and the pokemon analogy is probably the best way to describe it. Or feeling like static is being pumped through your veins. It happens to me a lot when I am lying down and feeling anxious, usually accompanied by heart palpitations.

No. 484666

File: 1574131896163.jpg (26.4 KB, 750x1000, yup.jpg)

Is there a list somewhere of which countries are currently having mass protests/riots?
Seems everyday theres a new one mentioned in the news.

I know of Hong Kong, Chile, Lebanon, Venezuela and Iraq but I know shit ton are also happening else where

No. 484726

Is it ok to cut ties with your mom if she abused you so bad it feels wrong to speak to her? Like it gives me a panic attack or makes me want to crawl in bed and never wake up? I'm tired of feeling guilty please tell me its ok.

No. 484735

what would happen if no one told you it was okay?

No. 484742

two of my coworkers (I work retail) seem to take their breaks together a lot, give each other rides, and sometimes the girl will buy food for the guy and leave it outside his office (he's Loss Prevention, she's a salesfloor employee). I'm stupid/naive, are they fuckin?? I honestly haven't had a close male friend since high school so I don't even remember how platonic friends of the opposite sex interact. He has a gf who is always posting cutesy posts on facebook about how much she's into him. Idk I feel like a dude in a relationship (and a fairly new one, he and his actual gf have been together like three months) wouldn't spend so much one-on-one time with a female coworker? I thought he was chill but if he's a cheater that changes my whole view of him.

No. 484752

why do you care so much?

No. 484755

You didn't choose to be born so it's her job to unconditionally do right by you, not your job, and she obviously failed, so yeet her.

No. 484769

How touchy feely are they?

No. 484793

Is LC’s userbase mostly radfem? I see a lot of hatred towards men (which screams “radfem”), but I also notice a lot of hatred towards trans people (which seems super alt-right). I’m not particularly politically educated, so perhaps my conclusions are just ignorant.

No. 484794

yes, they are. Read up on radical feminism and it will make sense to you

No. 484805

Not every one who is critical of the trans rights movement is alt right.

No. 484808

The term that liberal feminists use is TERF. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Though this isn't entirely accurate since not all trans people are hated/excluded. Only those that are genetically male, that were also raised as male within a patriarchy. Because a better description for this sort of person is "man that is offensively wearing womanhood as a costume."

For future reference there's a gender critical/pink pill thread dedicated to the subject. Please direct all further related inquiries there.

No. 484829

When you're stressed adrenalin and cortosol is suddenly released which fucks with your blood pressure which can make your extremities feel numb and give you brain fog.

No. 484842

Thanks for all the responses, ladies. I'll drink more water but I think I might have celiac disease cause I have other stomach issues on top of all that.
You should get a check too cause that can't be normal either …

No. 484870

File: 1574178721453.jpg (27.49 KB, 540x404, uqyy8sn89wd21.jpg)

How much did I fuck myself with having paradontosis in the past without knowing what it is to let this be untreated? Will I sneeze at some point and all my theet will fall out? Is there any way of damage control? Should I start saving for some choppers?

No. 484871

If you live in the U.S. prepare for a toothless future, dentures even cost a lot and implants for each tooth will be over $100,000. You know who believes dental health is a right…Bernie fucking Sanders bitch.

No. 484875


No, I don't live in the US. I do have a health insurance, thankfully.

No. 484880

File: 1574180144469.png (387.02 KB, 532x597, 1nt8vs5nyqm31.png)

Why do adult men hate Fortnite so much ???

No. 484887

Because they want to flex on everyone how much of a big boi they are and don't play baby games that all the kiddies like. It's funny because almost everything liked mainly by males (except porn) is equally liked by children.

No. 484890

Don't worry too much about it, but do save some money for implants and procedures. Get your teeth professionally cleaned, gums checked and teeth inspected at least twice a year. My mom has it really bad and she is not toothless in her mid 50s although she's from a shithole country. You'll get some implants eventually, but there are ways to basically put a denture on the implant- and because implants grow into the bone that shit is like a third set of teeth. Up until then it's probably a couple of dental bridges for you, but those can last a long time and look great.
Also there is special tooth paste,you should use it.

No. 484901


because they don´t like seeing a reflection that is the spitting image of how retarded they looked themselves when they were playing counter strike or Quake or whatever the hell it is they played 15+ years ago. They like to pretend that theirs were the real manly man smart gaymes, not like dumb kids today.

What people hate the most is what exposes their own insecurities.

No. 484903


or pay for health insurance who ends up being a lot less than what you would spend on taxes if "free" healthcare was a thing. Unless of course, you don´t work anyways and pay no taxes but still want the same benefits paid at the expense of others.

No. 484916

or pay for health insurance who ends up being a lot less than what you would spend on taxes if "free" healthcare was a thing

Not only is dental insurance a seperate thing and doesn't cover much beyond a root canal or filling and only by their own terms which could mean no coverage, but you are lying about the taxes costing more than insurance. The system isn't working, people need easy access to healthcare that doesn't depend upon a company to decide what is covered or not, it should all be covered.

No. 484918

Lucky, here in the U.S. its separate and unaffordable beyond basic cleanings and fillings.

No. 484919

My mom had gum problems and had to get all her teeth extracted, it is a very real possibility and here in the U.S. she could barely afford dentures so she's in a lot of pain and her dignity completely gone. We need to be realistic and tell people to worry and start saving and voting for those who give a shit.

No. 484922

Damn, how much is a denture in the US? In my country it's like 400 bucks, a telescopic procedure for both rows is like 2000 and that lasts for up to 20 years. I'm so sorry for your mom, a denture is the most basic shit you can get where I live.

No. 484935

>having paradontosis in the past without knowing what it is to let this be untreated
Which symptoms did you have that you ignored until it was too late?
t. hypochondriac (and poor) anon

No. 484936

>hating men
>hating trannies (TiMs)
These are the same thing, which disqualifies one from any alt-right circle lol Fakebois are lulzy but they still suffer under patriarchy. There is infight about whether white men in first world hellscapes are less degenerate than brown men in third world shitholes (is it any wonder) which will get falseflagged as white supremacy by tradthots and liberals alike.

No. 484941


I had pretty much all common symptoms that are listed when paradontosis is being described. I just thought that my gum was a bit infected and therefore felt different. My breath also didn't felt fresh (to put it kindly into words) and if I remember it correctly I also had a bit of bloody salvia while brushing my theet, but I just thought that it was nothing serious. (If I knew at this point, I would've went to the doctor ASAP)

I just heard about it by accident because they talked about it on the radio and ever since I freak the fuck out when I think about it tho. I do go to the dentist, I do my brush my theet and all the basic dental hygiene stuff that everybody does btw.

The fear of loosing my theet got recently really bad when my mum told me about the relatives and their loss but then again she said that they barely went to the dentist. I do have weak theet by nature and will always have, so the combination of all written above just won't let me sleep at night. I will go to the dentist again about my gum because I feel like I need to have another talk about this because I do not feel right about it. Who knows, maybe it's more of a mental thing after all the feat at this point, which does not help at all lol.


This reply calmed me a bit, so thanks for that. Wish your mum the best.


I always root for my fellow american anons for an easy access for a basic healthcare system tho. It's has it flaws where I live butyou won't end without anything here, so there is that.

No. 484957

What is a coomer?

No. 484963


a person with a severe pornography and masturbation addiction. basically the average male on the internet

No. 484964

Comes off the back of the zoomer/boomer thing, but a coomer is somebody who lost No Nut November, or otherwise a new term for a dirty, porn-addicted fapmonkey

No. 484980

File: 1574197338184.jpg (169.28 KB, 830x900, 1574153413578.jpg)


your average men

No. 485003

How are anxiety meds supposed to make you feel? Do they actually relieve most anxiety symptoms? I’ve heard that therapy is usually needed along with meds to effectively treat anxiety, and I guess a lot of other mental illnesses too; have any anons here experienced complete or near complete relief with meds alone?

No. 485010

would tinder be useful to find girls to have threesomes with me and my bf/girls that would hook up with just me? my bi heart misses pussy and idk how to find girls. the last girl my bf and I fucked was an old friend of his who was barely into pussy and got jealous when she didn’t get my bf’s full attention (kek)

No. 485011

wtf. uh, i think so? you'd probably also get a lot of trolls so be careful with that. enough biscums online though.

No. 485022

File: 1574207665647.jpg (59.22 KB, 640x480, 2cdy49.jpg)

I'm laptop shopping, do you have any site recs? Something I can say has to be X to X dollars, certian OS, graphic card, and memory. While I'm here any recs.
>Want 1tb of memory, but 500 will do
>Has to be able to run krita bare minium
>Being able to run toonboom/adobe premier maxium
>At least 2 USB ports
>less than 1,000
Thats all I have down so far.

No. 485023

for the most part I don't lol. Ultimately the dude being a cheater doesn't really affect me, I mostly just don't want them getting fired (and they would if they were actually in a relationship and got caught) because I enjoy working with them. Plus we'd be down a security guy and we need him for the holidays kek.

No. 485032

I experienced complete relief when I took Xanax. But I also felt impared and high.
In my experience with rx's you can find relief through essentially getting high/experiencing euphoria, or becoming like a zombie and not feeling anything at all, including anxiety. Neither are viable options conducive to healthy living for me. I guess it all depends on how severely you're suffering.
I have also taken a less acutely impactful medication that made it a little easier to get up and go outside (after the inital month -to-6-week waiting period for it to kick in), but definietly did not magically erase my symptoms. It felt like a little room opened inside my brain and inside was the strength/will to do small tasks that used to make me nervous, or even things I didn't realize were affected by anxiety like aversion and procrastination of chores or showering, etc. This is the spark that you can build upon, with therapy and work, into a healthier you.
Xanax was wild the first time I took it. I was like "wow, this is what I should feel like," and that's how I knew it was bad news lol
Good luck in your journey anon! You're not alone.

No. 485033

/r/SuggestALaptop worked for me in the past!

No. 485046

People like you are all over dating apps like a plague so it must work… just please for the love of god make it clear in your profile so I can swipe left efficiently.

No. 485066

Does a fanbase for The Onion exist? I need to find other people I can talk to who can appreciate how criminally genius they are.

No. 485089

you both sound really gross and you sound like you objectify women through the lens of the men you're intimately involved with. it's unsettling.

No. 485132

Ah, so it's my ex bf then.

No. 485224

Why does my vagina feel so much bigger during my period?
I'm usually a great fit for my bf's penis but when I'm on my period it literally feels like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

No. 485229

Not a website but I highly recommend looking into getting a Thinkpad. I've already shilled them to anons on here before and I will continue to do so, they're fantastic machines that you can find for a great price secondhand. I got mine for less than $300 and it's a beast, literally half the price of any other laptop I've owned and easily twice as good.

I'd specifically recommend the T series laptops, I think the T470 would fit all of your criteria. Definitely check out eBay because you can get some great deals there.

No. 485244

Most women on dating apps looking for other women don’t want to fuck your nasty bf. We want to meet women to date and love and idk how many people I’ve ever met solely just want to bang couples or be some gross side piece. Unstable.

No. 485248

I see couples looking for threesomes all the time on tinder. There are even sneaky ones where the girl doesn't make it clear that she has a bf and she tries to bait you into a threesome later. I don't know if it ever works honestly, I just know that me and every single woman actually looking for another woman hate them like the plague.

No. 485249

File: 1574264117251.png (18.04 KB, 590x104, EJ00zW3WsAAKxzN.png)

This twitter topic made me think about my middle school teacher. I have one of his emails and used to contact him semi-regularly using it, but a couple years ago he stopped replying to my emails. I don't know if it's because he abandoned that account or if he's just fed up with replying to me (don't really blame him, I think my emails got a little much as I was going through being a teenager and becoming an adult lol). Part of me wants to contact him again but I'm scared he stopped replying for the latter reason. It wasn't an .edu email or anything the school would've given him- just a gmail account he gave to all the students to contact him through, so I find him abandoning it a little weird. I found a wordpress blog that he used for his students but it doesn't look like its been used past 2015. He no longer works at my old middle school, but his wife (who I knew because a friend was in her class, but I never had her) looks like she still works there and has an email address listed on the site. Should I email her asking for my teacher's email or would that be too weird? How would I even go about wording it? Like, 'hey I used to be in your husband's class in xx year and was just wondering if you had his current email'? I feel stalkerish, but going through a google deepdive trying to find his email also feels very stalkerish lol.

No. 485267

Try FetLife.

No. 485281

nta but I remember you from before. I got myself a $150 t440p thinkpad and I've never been this happy with a purchase before. (I did do mods though) It's really amazing. I already thanked you before but I need to do it again.

No. 485293

Youtubers are freaking out about changes at the moment, this seems to happen every few months but is it actually that bad this time?

No. 485294

It'd prob be much easier to find a woman for one on one play with you. Even on fetlife there are too many couples looking for women.. but who wants to be the 'second female' for one night. It appears nobody

No. 485305


from what I understand: yes. Because this time around it's not only about getting no ad revenue but also the danger of paying an insane amount of money (around 41k $) when they brake those super vague rules. And it's not only about youtube, but it can be also mess up other websites that collected up until now data from everybody, including below 13yo.

No. 485308

People like you are the reason why so many bi women get such a bad reputation.
As a normal bi women who is not like you let me tell you THAT YOU ARE SCUM, and that women are not sex toys for you or your predatory boyfriend.

People like you put other bi/lesbian women life in danger when you bait us or trick us to have sex with your possible serial killer boyfriend.


No. 485313

Would you prefer to have one boob or three?

No. 485316

I know someone who has one after having cancer

No. 485326

Three, I'd just get that one removed and have two. To have two from one I'd have to get an implant.

No. 485340

Why does this link redirect to a totally unrelated Youtube channel?

No. 485350

huh it didn't do that for me.
>24 year old lesbian gets lured by a bisexual woman on tinder thinking she is going on a date with her, the bisexual woman and her 51 year old boyfriend rape the girl,dismember her and chop up her body.

No. 485369

What is it about certain vloggers videos that make them look so professional compared to others? I'm thinking of people like Julien Solomita (vlogs) and Johnny Harris (who does the Borders series but also uploads his own stuff to his own channel). Like when I watch their videos, besides better camera quality, something about it makes it stand out but I can't put my finger on it. It's like watching a soap opera vs any other drama show on TV that isn't one- the soap opera looks like a soap opera but it's really hard to pinpoint or describe why it just looks like one (without looking up why).

Even when I watch Julien or Johnny vlog and the camera work is shaky, there's something about it that sets it apart from someone who's holding the same sort of fancy camera they are. Is it my brain associating them with the rest of their work so their occasional shaky camerawork isn't as offputting or doesn't appear as amateur? Or is it something else? Sorry if this question doesn't make sense! It's really hard to put into words lol

No. 485372

yeah, it redirected me to ru paul's drag race. wtf?
Here's the actual link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuiK2XdDcyAd7TS9ioMqx6A/

I even googled the link, the newnownext.com/…/ and it also yields the same result.

No. 485406

will i die if i jump from the 6th floor?

No. 485407

No, you'll end up paralyzed

No. 485409


paralyzed and in the worst case also brain damaged. you'll end up a vegetable. don't try to kys, anon, especially not in this way.

No. 485410

It's because they are skilled cinematographers so they know how to make the videos look good even with subpar equipment or shaky camerawork.

No. 485419

Is it bad that i only ever hang out with my husband and sometimes the occasional family member? I've been distancing myself from my friends lately (I don't feel like we're compatible anymore) and don't really want new ones. Is that bad?

No. 485427

no? as long as you aren't becoming a total shut in/NEET who cares, if it makes you happy. my husband is my best friend and I spend 90% of my time with him. we will hang out with other friends occasionally but we're both pretty introverted.

No. 485431

Anyone remember those Korean(?) dress up games/series with a girl who has pink hair. I just remember one of the games being you had to make those mushroom like chocolate treats. I tried searching for it, but all I found was kpop shit.

No. 485439

Try searching "sue dress up"
It's a pink haired anime looking girl with a pucca hairstyle

No. 485443

Last anon, reminded me of a flash game I used to play when I was really young but for the life of me, I don’t think I’ll ever find it again. I’m going to throw it out there in case anyone knows it(?) my memory of it is really vague though.
It was one of those flash games on girlsgogames were you are controlling people, and gradually expanding your village by making them have babies and upgrading the amount of materials you could hold/huts to house people gradually. You could only send the men off to chop wood/farm, and the women could only pray/harvest/pick flowers? - they all died really fast anyway, they got a little headstone when they died wherever they were. You could name them, and I think the whole point of the game was to see how long your village could survive for, you could see the family tree, and name each character. It was a dead simple game but it bugs me that I can’t find the damn thing.

No. 485453

Is there anyone who has done semi-professional porn? Like, to the extent you could name a well known website and you might see your face there?

What is your experience with just living life afterwards?
What do you say when people recognize you?
How do people you know react when they find out?

No. 485457

File: 1574314879408.png (1.92 MB, 1000x1311, E4FF36AB-5054-4FA7-B610-33E354…)

How do you make new friends? I feel so lost. I am so alone and I miss my old friends I live very far away so we will never hang out like we used to. I am in a program with new fresh people but I think I waited too long to make connections and everyone cliqued up already. I feel so unlikeable and silly.

No. 485459

not how it works, but I get it
just try to speak up more when there's a conversation that multiple people seem to be joining (as long as they don't have their back to you, it's probably fine)

you could also employ some tricks to get people to open up to you
one famous one is to request something small from someone–having people do small favors for you apparently makes them like you more?
I'm probably butchering the explanation, but it's a great way to start talking to someone

No. 485460

Sorry, I mean to quote the
>I waited too long to make connections and everyone cliqued up already

No. 485463

Holy shit it! This is it! Thanks a bunch!

No. 485470

Other than you mentioning it's flash, your post strongly reminds me of Virtual Villagers, even down to the gender roles.

No. 485478

are people people just better off being single? what kind of people do you think those are?

No. 485504

If you keep getting into shit relationships (including friendships and family relations) you should probably be single until you've changed yourself significally with therapy.

No. 485530

But therapy itself won't help. Only making relations with people, talking to a therapist about it and genuinely trying to change yourself can help.
You need social experiences to know what kind of mistakes you make.

No. 485532

The shit relationships are the social experiences.

No. 485553

WOMEN are legit better off being single. Haven’t you seen those articles about how women in relationships are less healthy and happy. The quality of men overall is just not there

No. 485558

they have the scientific studies that prove women live longer healthier lives by not being married and staying single, meanwhile guys live longer when they have a spouse. So yeah, if you’re a woman.

No. 485564

How many times can I reinstall a software I bought from HumbleBundle? I bought a bundle with Vegas Pro 14 on it a long time ago, but haven't installed it yet because my computer might shit the bed any day now and I'm worried that if I waste the key on it for this computer, I won't be able to reinstall it and have it on a newer computer.

No. 485578

Can someone pls recommend good books that outline the basic ideas of radical feminism or one that points out the obvious flaws of liberal feminism?(doesn't have to be labelled as radical but ijust need it to be gender critical and not libfem-y) i would ask the gender-critical thread but i feel like asking for book recommendations might not be appropriate for a thread with mostly serious discussions…

No. 485600

Boomer anthem

No. 485603

How to realize weeb dream of moving to japan at 20-something years old? Or just like an extended stay 6mo-a year.

No. 485608

Apply for JET or any other English teaching program.

No. 485643

Book recs is way more serious that 90% of what’s going on in that clusterfuck of a thread. But I don’t know any books like that. I can give you a rundown of the differences and what’s necessary to be a radfem if you want

No. 485646

was considering making a new thread for this since i couldn't find any recent tumblr-related ones, but i don't think it's that important… don't laugh, but are there any good tumblr blogs/tags any of you follow?

when i got really fed up with the bullshit, i had a trial period where i unfollowed anyone that posted dumb shit, no matter how much i enjoyed the normal aesthetic stuff they posted… so basically anyone that made text posts. it ended up making my dash super empty so i gave up and stopped using tumblr entirely.

tbh, i kind of miss just aimlessly scrolling down and seeing all the purty pictures. i'd use it to get inspiration when i was having art-block. so i've been thinking of making a new tumblr (with the same policy of not following dumbasses) but i have no idea how i'd find anyone to follow. suggestions, anyone?

or am i better off just leaving tumblr in my dark past? i haven't been on in a while so i have no idea what it's currently like.

No. 485671

have rich parents

No. 485673

gender hurts by sheila jeffreys

No. 485674

Depends on where you live but apply for a working holiday visa, you'll be able to live there for a year at most.

No. 485689

Kinda in the same situation as you. I unfollowed all the sjw-type blogs that started having a gender-parade (which is, most of them) on their blogs, and began following women who don't subscribe to that bs. Sothere's not much fun, entertaining stuff on there for me either.
I feel like, it was a place for weird, obsessive fans, tra's and creepy men(lol they're basically the same) …and they all were staying for the porn.

No. 485696

Spam or virus-laden emails can't hurt me just by receiving them right…? As long as I don't click any links or files I should be okay, right?

A weird girl called my office from a blocked number and I suspected it was either a) a very stupid new college graduate who didn't know how to ask how to apply for an open position or b) a prank. She wanted to send an email (I gave her my work email) but it never came, so she called again and gave me her email to send a test email to her first so she could reply and send what she wanted. I just googled the email and it's reported as a spam email and now I'm very nervous…

No. 485702

They shouldn't, definitely don't open any emails you receive and just delete them from the suspicious party though.

No. 485708

speaking of spam-calls, have any of you anons (in the US) gotten a spam call that's only in chinese?

No. 485712

Thank you anon!

I haven't gotten one only in Chinese but my office phone got a call that started in English from Bank of America and said something about a message in Chinese then played said message. Was really garbled and had no idea what was going on lol.

No. 485735

Why are jobs so disproportionate? A person can have multiple degrees and 10 yrs of experience for shit pay with daily overtime while another person with no qualifications can be a glorified desk warmer with great benefits and healthcare package.

No. 485737


No. 485750

what shocks me are the fucking people who still have jobs that do it poorly or who are just really nasty. across the board, the pay and benefits of most jobs should be better, should be afforded a living wage and good benefits, but i come across so many goddamned people who are really nasty and not good at their jobs? while i see people who are really nice and competent, who can't get hired? why do they take it out on everyone but their employer and why do they make it so clear that they don't give a shit about their job? at least hide how much you don't care. like, most people don't want to be working, sure, but being nice or at least competent is a big part of keeping a job? and i'm talking about people who clearly aren't the sons or daughters or wives or friends or whatevers, they just think because they've had a job for a while that they think they're somehow tenured?? what the fuck is that? i don't think it should be super easy to be let go, but i see so many workers who are nasty to their clients for no reason.

No. 485779

In Canada and not the USA, but there is a common spam call that goes around here in Chinese saying that the recipient is about to be deported as a means to get immigrants to call them back and send money. I received this call a few times.

No. 485790

that's the one i got! honestly it's weird but it actually creeps me out–something about not knowing what's being said gives me the heebie jeebies.

No. 485801

in US and I've been getting voicemails lately completely in Chinese. >>485779 interesting to know what it might be.

No. 485825

what's the difference between potstickers and dumplings?

No. 485826

potstickers are those lil crescent roll looking things and dumplings look like lil balls with a teeny tiny opening up top

No. 485855


potstickers are a catch all term for pan fried dumplings.

No. 485917

Not a perfect answer, but you might try digging through "script" or "hand" typefaces

No. 485932

Really? I don't frequent these threads really, that's why I assumed they'd have meaningful stuff to discuss lol

> I can give you a rundown

That would be greatly appreciated..

Thank you! I'll try to find it

No. 485937

Is it weird that when I'm leaving my therapy appointment and I see my therapist going off with his next patient I feel jealous, especially if it's a female patient? I don't even have a crush on him, at least I don't think I do

No. 485945

Reminds me of my internship that was paid less than minimum wage despite the company barely training me and expecting me to working like a normal employee while I was working with some bitch who was my age, had a worthless degree from a worthless school (as in, not legal recognized and acknowledged by the government) that barely taught her anything, who was super condescending towards me and other interns because she thought I was younger than her, and she only got her super easy and well paying job thanks to her sister-in-law who basically gave her a similar job in the same company beforehand.

Meanwhile I graduated with a master's degree and barely anyone wants to hire me because I'd be too expensive to train or to pay but they don't want to admit it so they say bullshit like "we don't have any positions available for young graduates" (while posting that they do in their job offers) or "you don't have the type of degree we want" (which I actually do but they barely glance at my CV and don't even read my cover letter so they wouldn't know.) Many people who graduated with me managed to get nice jobs abroad because they got lucky and rich enough to move there, or in bigger cities where you get paid well but the cost of living is so high that you're actually losing money by moving there. Because of all of this I feel like everything in the job market depends on how rich your parents were to pay you an education in a school that can give you internships and a nice reputation or just total luck. And networking is based on sheer luck and sometimes money, don't lie to yourselves.

No. 486015

Does anyone else get that fuzzy teeth feeling when eating cornbread? The same fuzzy teeth feeling you get when eating spinach, but with cornbread.

Google only shows me stuff about spinach and I can't tell if I just keep eating terribly made cornbread or if it's actually a thing.

No. 486021


Radical feminist:
- anti porn
-anti prostitution
-anti capitalist
-for the liberation of women from men
-destruction of patriarchy at the root
-gender abolitionists

-capitalist (some claim not to be, but they support capitalism with their action, such as genderism)
-pro porn
-pro prostitution
-aim for mild social change and the occasional law

Those are the big differences

No. 486027

Yes this is weird

No. 486040

File: 1574439750890.jpg (121.99 KB, 466x601, 20191122_081812.jpg)

I had no idea about what you're describing so I googled it and apparently that gritty or fuzzy feeling is caused by oxalic acid, of which spinach has a ton apparently. This website calculates the Oxalate content of various foods & indicates that corn bread contains low levels of said acid (pic related). Hope this helps!


No. 486041

Question about work
If my boss ask me if I wanna leave early and it's been less than 3 hours, does she have to pay me for at least the three hours? In my province, if you dismiss your employee earlier than 3 hours, you have to pay 3 hours. But does it also apply to if she asks me or says "you can go home early today?"

No. 486048

I was reading a thread somewhere where people were listing their hobbies and people put down stuff like going to the gym and working out. Do those really count?

I think classes like dancing or specific fighting styles count but just going to the gym doesn't. I'm lazy so the idea of people just going to the gym "for fun" weirds me out.

No. 486055

Thank you anon!!

No. 486057

Working out is way more of a hobby than ‘gaming’ or listening to music

No. 486064

thank you!

No. 486082

Why is working out not a hobby? I dislike how people who identify as ~nerds~ all think in the same way. It's like you can't enjoy books, games, anime, etc without being a complete sloth who doesn't take care of themselves.

No. 486085

File: 1574445422166.jpg (15.16 KB, 251x335, happy-healthy-pomeranian (251 …)

Can someone please help me find this really short video? I can't remember if it's a tiktok or just a regular video uploaded onto twitter, it's probably around less than 10 seconds and it's off a Pomeranian who has her head shoved into window blinds and the owner says "Cookie, you can't see" and the dog pulls her head out of the blinds to look at the owner. The caption of the tweet says something like "she's blind"

No. 486087

nta but would you count skincare or going to therapist as a hobby? imo if it's a specific sport or professional bodybuilding then yeah, it's a hobby, otherwise it's no different than me googling around for cheapest face wash with no sls kek. reading as the main/only hobby is absolute bs too tho.

No. 486095

>washing yourself and going to a doctor is the same as doing sports
Do you google the cheapest face wash every day and are you always looking forward to doing that after work? lol
If people like to exercise in their free time then of course it can count as a hobby. Every person should read and be active but way too few do, so if that's something you practise regularly and enjoy then again, yes it's a hobby.
I'd say music is more of an interest than a hobby, seeing as it is something you can do on the side during other activites.

No. 486128

tbh yeah to both of your assumptions, maybe not every day but every other day, def. would never in a million years consider it a hobby though. if "something you should do, however not many people do, unlike you" is the definition of hobby, going to therapist/any doctor honestly should classify as a hobby kek.
tbf i think hobbies are something hard to define/draw lines about just like what is sport and what isn't (like esports is allegedly sports but why aren't table top games also etc), but like if you come across some dude and he says his main hobby is gym when asked, you just know his personality is a cross between oatmeal and kiddie pool.
oh yeah, unless you make music, that is also a lousy excuse for a hobby.

No. 486149

In long term gay relationships who pays? The top? Whoever earns more?

No. 486152

My last ex was with me for 3 years. We'd normally split things but she'd always end up paying for something fully herself. She'd gift me more than I could gift her pretty much all the time. In ours she was the older one making more than I was. By dynamic I guess I was the top but it all came down to pay and life circumstances to her. She seemed to feel bad about some shitty things in my life and paid fully for those.

No. 486154

What do you consider proper hobbies?

No. 486176

How do I stop being such a snob about my town of origin?

Far vapers in slipknot hoodies and old ladies abound. All my old classmates look haggard, like at least 10 years older than their age. Everyone says the same surface level shit and generally gives off a dim vibe.

Am I just not out of my edgy phase or have I lived too long in cities? I wish i found the place endearing now im older but it just gets sadder.

No. 486179

why do you retards always argue about the definition of hobbies? hobbies are activities one considers enjoyable that aren't done with a direct benefit in mind. of course going to therapists and doctors aren't hobbies, because you do that because of the benefit, not the enjoyment. working out is definitely a hobby depending on how you're doing it. shopping for a specific item isn't a hobby really, but online shopping can be.

i do my nails as my hobby at home, but my job is also doing nails. if i didn't do my nails at home it wouldn't constitute a hobby even though i find it fun.

No. 486188

Nah anon, you put yourself out there and escaped. You developed tastes and opinions outside a small town culture and you have the right to stand by the insight you've gained.
You think the people who stayed are dim and simple, and that's because they are. I bet some of them would be proud of that too and defend it like an identity. That tribalism shit belongs to the past.
There's nothing good about living in a bubble for one's entire life.

No. 486232

do different people have different types of muscle? my ex boyfriend said everyone's muscles are the same and that the only difference is the amount of muscle and that's determined by hormones, but then later I heard that athlete usually have a "different muscle type" that's determined by genetics.

I've tried googling it but google has comprehension problems and wants to give me results to other questions.

No. 486234

iirc it has something to do with the fibers of the muscles itself, sorry I don't remember much of my anatomy class rn

No. 486236

They're talking about fast twitch and slow twitch. Both ways of putting it are sort of right. Everyone has both kinds but fast twitch can be built up bulky, slow twitch can be honed to work better for longer amounts of time, and top athletes usually genetically have proportions of each kind that better suit their particular sport (power or endurance).

No. 486244

I must have slow twitch because I have extremely high endurance but am shit with sprinting or going super fast

No. 486287

Is there a way to turn on/get spellcheck on firefox mobile?

No. 486290

IDK what's worse for a guy watching porn of actual people or watching drawn porn? by drawn porn i mean the twitter nsfw art porn communities type.

No. 486294

Better than live-action, for sure, but it definitely still impacts the mind. Just look at all the popular stuff that can't exist IRL - inflation, vore, tentacles, etc. I would argue the psychological affects of cartoon porn are greatly increased as stereotypes and impossible to ever create in real life events play out regularly.

It also gives pedos an excuse to pleasure them selves to miniors by claiming they aren't real so it's just fine.

No. 486315

Any runners here? I want to go to a race next year but it's not in my town, I'll have to travel. So I'm wondering what to do with my stuff, where do I leave it? I'm 95% sure I'll have to go alone because I have no friends and booking a room seems dumb/expensive because the place where the race usually takes place is 1h bus drive away. Tf do I do?

No. 486331

exactly! hell, i got nostalgic enough for my old internet hangouts that i've tried multiple times to see if deviantart is usable. unfortunately the userbase/content is still 90% weird shit and i don't have the autistic patience of my 12 year old weeb self to find the stuff i actually like. RIP

No. 486337

If this is a man we're talking about, real people is slightly better imo. Drawn porn has way, way worse extreme fetish gateways and it happens quite fast. If someone is into hentai they're probably a total pest. For women, it's more nuanced.

No. 486413

How do you stop reliving cringey ads memories that happened years and years ago?? I literally just wake up and start thinking about them

No. 486425

cringey ass memories* god damn autocorrect

No. 486429

Where would I go to find a good example of a healthy modern relationship?

My parents aren't good examples, but they're kind of the template, but what I mainly go off of is don't be like my mom, and don't dare someone like my dad. But there are so many nuances! Should you make a commitment to always be a team? If the relationship is great how much is acceptable to sacrifice? Is it too much to expect a bf to not be friends with exes? Is it too much to expect them to always be on your side (and have a private word if they think you're wrong but keep a united front)? Not personal examples, though I do believe no friends with exes is both the smart and clean move, and expect the same.

I don't understand it. I've been going on subreddits like aita and relationship advice to find where the line is and seem to get such a hardline stance on what's OK. Partners being friends with exes is fine. If your partner calls you out in front of people is fine. As soon as the relationship brings you down or doesn't benefit you, leave. If your partner has some stance you disagree with, leave.

I'm trying to find a balance between being like the older women I know who were walked over, and being super self centred and destined to be alone because I won't settle for less than my perfection.

No. 486434

What is the "catalogue" for this website? I've heard people use a search bar or something so I'm guessing its not just when you're in /pt/ and you scroll down and see all the threads according to their bump frequency? Sorry, newfag here.

No. 486447

Honestly I wouldn't go anywhere to find an example. Media and the internet are almost always rife with shitty relationship representations, and everyone is different. Just because some couples have 3somes or hangout with their exes doesn't mean you're obligated to, or ~not~ to. The perfect relationship is where you both set boundaries and respect the other's, whatever they may be. Boundaries are always subjective. Personally, hanging out with exes is off the table for me. I would never enter a relationship with someone who doesn't share that boundary with me. Which is perfectly acceptable because it keeps me comfortable and happy. Some couples think it's fine and they are comfortable with it.
And that's also perfectly acceptable.

You should be a team, absolutely. However, you have to remember that your partner is their own person and you cant control them. And Visa versa.
Most people are very absorbed in this soulmates forever culture and it leads to unhealthy relationships where one party is toxic to the other, or both. Always remember that no matter how connected you are, you are ultimately separate people. You should never make yourself uncomfortable, hurt, put in danger, isolated, generally out of your comfort zone for the sake of your partner.

If you want to move for a job and your partner wants to stay, you, individually, need to weigh the pros and cons. Is this job your dream job? Will it change the quality of your life? Would you be willing to give that up for your feelings for this person? Does that person increase your quality enough of life to compensate? Set the boundary that makes you happy.

If your partner corrects you/calls you out in public, consider if they were trying to maybe save you from an even more embarassing situation. Also consider if they were doing it to be malicious and damage your reputation with someone, or make you appear stupid.
If you set a boundary that says you see it as disrespectful to publically do that, then that's your boundary and they should respect that wholly. If you don't view it that way then its not a problem.

Some people can have very opposing views and be together. If you feel like your partners views not only counteract yours, but threaten the relationship dynamic or your existence as a whole, that's a problem. For instance, most women would have a hard time staying with someone who believes women shouldn't be allowed in the workplace, because that view directly reflects how he feels about them; Versus maybe you disagree about gun control or foreign policy, lots of people work around those types of things. ~however~ if even gun control or something more trivial makes you uncomfortable in any way at all, you are absolutely entitled to leave them.

Imo relationships are two people living in harmony and making a social agreement to tackle life and its throes together during their time together. They are not two people fused into one entity who have to do everything together. The narrative that relationships are about selflessness and letting your partner disrespect you or make you uncomfortable in any way is unacceptable.

TLDR(sort of): Boundries are subjective and you should decide what is ok and what isnt based on how ~you~ feel and no one else. You wouldn't ask someone their favorite color to determine your own, you shouldn't ask what someone else's perfect relationship is to determine your own. If your partner makes you unhappy, you are not their mother, you are not bound to them by some dystopian-esque soulmate program, and you are ~not~ obligated to try and fix it, "ride it out," etc, by causing yourself more harm. You owe no one nothing, and even if something dumb like the car they drive makes you uncomfortable in ~ANY~ way, you are absolutely in the right to leave, or to not if that's your choice. The perfect relationship is one where both parties feel respected and loved because their personal boundaries are followed, nothing more, nothing less.

No. 486463

File: 1574556990063.png (13.45 KB, 1030x163, catalog.png)

>>What is the "catalogue" for this website?
Each board has its own catalog and are linked at the bottom of the threads

No. 486553

If you run a background check on someone do they get notified?

No. 486585

It's in here at 11 minutes in, pretty sure this is what you're talking about

No. 486631

How does one stop being a femcel with diagnosed autism, zero social life, and extreme social anxiety?

No. 486688

Is it normal not to have crushes? Like, yea I'll see someone attractive, aknowledge it and that's it. I never got those butterflies and similar feelings around people. Only ever had it once as a teen when I was in a ltr with my ex, but before/after/during nothing.

No. 486690

I struggled with this a lot too anon. I’ve had a lot of relationships but not any that have lasted over a year, so I’ve learned a lot about myself and relationships in general, but I can’t help but feel like I’m doing it wrong because the couples around me who have longevity (friends who have been in relationships for 1-3 years) are all in pretty toxic, codependent relationships. I know that I don’t want a relationship like that but ultimately from what I’ve seen it seems to be the key to longevity, and the Internet is horrible for looking for relationship advice, the only meaningful advice I ever get is from friends who know me, but again either they’re all not into relationships at all or in a long codependent, toxic relationship. It’s impossible!

No. 486691

You should probably see a therapist who specializes in autism who will teach you how to socialize properly and deal with anxiety.

No. 486693

go out and talk to people. there is no other way. a good therapist helps but you still have to do it on your own.

No. 486780

How the fuck do I get interested in internet drama again? Not even James Charles shit caught my attention rven though I tried to. How?! I can't be someone who doesn't love gossiping anymore? I thought it was due to heavy bullying past that I hate it but yall seem losers like me too. How do I get into liking milk again? Shit's fucked up because I hate drinking milk too.

No. 486822

You don't. You're simply just getting too mature. No mature and sane adult woman cares this much about James Charles flirting with straight guys or faking his senior picture or Jaclyn hill being annoying to Kim k, take it as a good thing you're simply looking for more important things to care about and worrying about yourself instead of being obsessive over the lives of others

No. 486824

How do I make money off of stocks with div yields?

No. 486883

You short everything since the market is entering another recession

No. 486892

I fucking miss the old me but I guess I'll move on, bye fren and imageboards.

No. 486984

What makes someone unwanted and unloved? What makes their friends turn their backs, even if that someone was always helping them? Is it how you look or talk, or not being fake?

No. 487121

Do men in the younger demographic (18-27) today kind of expect plastic surgery from their partners?
I hear all the time about men bugging their girlfriends and wives to get breast implants, is it really that common? How about fillers, bbl, and rib removal?

t. khv

No. 487122

No… you should try to talk more to people.

No. 487123

No. 487124

Don't think so. Maybe the occasion asshole Jake Paul types do that?… don't think it's an age thing, think it's more being a chauvinistic pig who watches too much porn and expects women to want to please them.

I do think with Instagram etc plastic surgery is becoming more common, but I find men usually don't approve of it.

No. 487162

File: 1574698833007.jpg (77.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is average, daily makeup (eyeshadow mostly) supposed to be visible in pictures with natural light? Or am I putting on too little?

I tried taking selfies today and the eyeshadow wasn't visible in the picture, but I can see it irl/in the mirror.

No. 487163


What you've got pictured looks more like a nighttime eye look, or at least more than most people would wear daily. If that's the look you're going for then you're probably applying too little. Also the false lashes make a big difference. If you're doing natural makeup (like beige and brown eye shadow), then it's not really that visible in pictures, unless you go really heavy. Eye shape also makes a big difference. If you have hooded eyelids, you'll have to apply it above the crease or it won't be visible when your eyes are fully open.

No. 487170

What's a 'productive' online hobby? Like one that doesn't require watching videos or having headphones and can presumably lead to some kind of skill, I need to do something other than reading imageboards and gossip sites at work.

No. 487171

oh my god, yes!!! Thank you so much anon!! I didn't realize I had probably seen it through Jenna's video and thought I saw it on twitter (maybe I was confusing the tweet caption for something else lol).

No. 487173

Programming? Plenty of written tutorials out there.

No. 487181

Programming/coding like the other anon said or just straight up reading. You can read news articles to get caught up on world politics, read Wikipedia articles to learn about random shit, look at PDF textbooks for subjects that interest you, etc.

No. 487187

Instead of watching videos, you can just listen to them. Maybe more relevant topics like news, politics, documentaries, etc. Or listen to ebooks. You can also pick up digital art and do both at the same time.

No. 487247

File: 1574717573901.jpeg (26.81 KB, 389x299, 46853.jpeg)

Is it too much to tweet in support of my ex releasing their webcomic? I truly feel like this is the stupidest of stupid question. We broke up and ended on good terms, though we've obviously maintained distance and haven't held a proper conversation since we broke up. I feel like if I tweet in support it comes off as too much, like I'm invading a space I'm no longer allowed in. I feel like I'm constantly teetering between wanting to stay in her life because I'm still hung up on her, and genuinely wanting to show support for all of her endeavors because she is a good person and a good friend.

I should just shut up and stop because I know things will never go back to how they were before my it's like my stupid monkey brain can't help but maintain even the smallest, tiniest bit of contact with her lol.

No. 487254

Prolific.ac? It's a survey-for-pay site but not one of those meme ones that pay barely anything and waste your time. It does actually interesting surveys for university researchers. I've cashed out a few times, just doing a few surveys here and there throughout the day adds up.

No. 487265

Honestly it depends on how your ex is, like if she's reasonable or if she's the type to get the wrong idea.
I don't feel uncomfortable keeping some form of contact with my ex and supporting his endeavors, although we're not even close anymore and I'm in a new relationship.
To me he's like those distant friends that you don't really keep up with but that you know you can count on.

No. 487267

Nta but is this legit? I'm so sick of websites that make you put hours of work into doing surveys and then give you nothing in return. It's also asking for a lot of personal information and I'd like to know if it's trustworthy before I get really into this. Anyone else use this site?

No. 487278

Ayrt and it is legit. I've cashed out 4 times and it went to my paypal everytime with no issues. If you type "prolific.ac" in Google Scholar you can see where actual academics have used it for their research. And yeah, I agree the initial profile does ask for a lot. I think they do that to make sure people are targeted for the right surveys but I understand concerns about it. Hopefully another farmer responds or you can check out the subreddit /r/ProlificAc.

No. 487281

Dunno where else to put this so

I got an IUD placed about 2 months ago, lately I've just been spotting for like.. weeks at a time, it'll be sometimes like a dab of fresh but mostly old and brown but like, it's keeping me from having sex and it's frustrating. Is it normal though? i REALLY don't want it out, the insertion was horrid enough

No. 487285

For about 2 months I was spotting and cramping badly, but after that I had completely regular and light periods. Completely worth it IMO.
Also, it’s obviously up to you but does a bit of blood really take sex off the table? Putting a towel down and taking a shower after is usually pretty standard.

No. 487290

How do people sell feet pics? Seems like some work but I'm curious.

No. 487324

Can someone explain booze chocolate to me, I just don’t get it

No. 487353

I've had a IUD for a year and a half now and I have spotting pretty much every month, usually halfway thru my cycle, for days. It's annoying as fuck and sometimes I consider wearing my cup just for that. But why would you avoid sex for spotting lol just lay a towel down and make sure you shower right before.

No. 487369

Does anyone know where I can watch cartoons like South Park & The Boondocks online? (For free) I used to go on toonova but it’s riddled with ads and every time I open up a page to play an episode it redirects me to some stupid pop up page that says I’ve won an iPhone then I can’t go back on to it

No. 487373

Use adblock, and search like name of show S#E#.

No. 487399

This is a pretty common experience with IUD. Why would spotting be enough to stop you having sex though?

No. 487435

Thank you anon! I do think she's a pretty reasonable person, my brain just turns into mush sometimes and I overanalyze things and start spiraling like crazy lol.
>like those distant friends that you don't really keep up with but that you know you can count on.
I do think that this is a really good description of where our friendship has headed, and I'm okay with it like this, but my tiny mushy peabrain just sometimes won't accept it. I'm just trying really hard not to burn this popsicle stick bridge lol

No. 487437

Spotting is normal and can last up to 3-6 months (according to Planned Parenthood)! I was lucky enough that it wasn't for too long. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, and other anons have already suggested putting down a towel and such. Good luck anon! Enjoy your new IUD! Shit's the best decision I ever made in my life.

No. 487447

is the relationship between testosterone and smartness negative?

No. 487454

File: 1574782367742.png (3.71 KB, 268x128, Prolific.png)

Nta, I use it too. This is how much I've made so far. Sure, it's for about 100 submissions total and over the span of months, but it's good for some extra money to buy a book, a videogame, something once in a while.

No. 487469

Nta, but do you need paypal for it or just link your card or something?

No. 487474

File: 1574785582247.jpg (90.09 KB, 825x999, EJ1Pd-bWsAAQLC6.jpg)