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No. 489135

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

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No. 489138

Why can't Manlets have sex? They're to short to ride

No. 489141

>wanting to bang a manlet

No. 489143

File: 1575157449521.png (233.21 KB, 839x473, 1568461510670.png)

what have u guys done that make u happier/more fufilled?

No. 489145

Lesbian sex

No. 489148

finally got the illustration from my visual novel game

it's nothing big but
i am very satisfied

No. 489150

But how? Do you go to lesbian bars? Tinder?

No. 489153

File: 1575158369872.png (1.71 KB, 115x109, tumblr_inline_pg9gavGoqK1w4vuo…)

After years and years of saving money, I finally bought the laptop I've always wanted and I'm really stupidly happy right now. Cannot stop making random folders and deleting them, because I own this laptop. Only me. Me. I have this much power. I can create it and I can take it out of the computer world.

No. 489165

I followed Heidi on twitter to show ~support~ but gah all that elfie shit is so insanely boring

No. 489180

I was finally able to pop the painful ingrown hair on my big toe! It's been fucking weeks. I'm so relieved.

No. 489206


Yeah, I mean I'm not saying I want to see people being sexually assaulted but it's just a matter of principle for me. Like you're polite, super intelligent, and cunning and also love evil? You must be asexual, no way! Polite and even kneeled people can't be hypersexual unlike those wild and bad mouthed people, impossible!

And then you see the irony hits further when radio demon was a serial killer driving my point further.. which is fucking hilarious because the polite and intelligent serial killers are the most sexually sadistic and lustful and brutal. I'm not saying I wanna see rape but they're pushing some idea unintentionally about rapist or creepy males only being slobs and idiots I

No. 489220

Anon I’m so happy for you well done getting what you want

No. 489239

File: 1575168618564.jpeg (518.93 KB, 812x952, 9F86D7E3-24B8-4066-BA28-521775…)

Not sure if this belongs in here or elsewhere.
Theres this chatting browser MMO, think Club Penguin, being made as a kind of recreation to a defunct one named Fantage (think CP Rewritten).
The beta opened a few days ago and it was a shitshow of bugs. Its only been like 2 days and the admin implemented a safemode restriction for chatting, where you have to pay 20$ to write whatever you want instead of just using a filter or report system.
I don’t know how hard or easy it is to program a game but the admin always seemed greedy to me ($3k donation page where at 1k we get a functioning inventory, 60$ for a day early of access, etc..) but it’s funny to see everyone starting to get upset and turn their backs.

No. 489286

Did you like the netflix Ted Bundy movie if you saw it? The fiction one. They chose not to show (most) of his crimes but they do show him using sex/sexuality to manipulate his long term gf. He did assault his victims and they reveal it at the trial and don't pull punches with how graphic it was.

It's not a perfect movie but you mind find it refreshing anon.

Also maybe for a fully fiction horror rec The Loved Ones? The villain isn't totally sexual in a straightforward way at first but her whole murder thing is clearly is driven by getting off/getting what she wants in an immature and disturbing way.

I also reccomened this film to a lot of women who like horror overall because it's rare to get a film with a female villain and hero who have interesting motivations (the villain has a very "male" way of wanting to keep and conquer her "boys" and the hero girl is the first character to start investigating her bf's disappearance.)

No. 489288

Why are so many female characters fucking princesses, what's wrong with the story of the regular girl since they always shove the average mediocre man in our faces

No. 489289

Yes I did and liked it. It was respectful to the victims except in the trailer. Thanks for the recs anon

No. 489309

NTA but the evil asexual cliche might be done to appear unnatural and unhuman to the audience? Shitty love interests and sexy scenes sell because they're desirable and relatable and most people associate sex with love. So an evil asexual guy means he's otherworldly with no capacity for love/compassion lol. I loathe those awkwardly prolonged softcore sex scenes in every Netflix show but everyone I know thinks I'm weird for it.

No. 489364

It's a weird cliche when you think about it, I mean some of the most abusive and cold hearted people I've met have had insane sex drives as they are driven by their own personal pleasure

There's an anon on here (at least I think I recognise their style when they post) and they have the most intense disliking of people who call themselves asexual, like why?

No. 489367

The sociopaths who make these movies/shows don't want to alert their viewers to the fact the sex addict who values their own pleasure over all is more likely to be the baddie, not the quiet asexual.
Conflating sex with love is another intentional diversion in movies/shows so we consider pleasure-seekers as "loving" instead of narcissistic

No. 489400

I think it's because Hollywood is run by coked up hypersexual sociopaths that may or may not be pedophiles. They want people conditioned to look out for the wrong warning signs because they want it to be easy to take advantage of them. If lions made movies they'd always show zebras being eaten alive by meerkats.

No. 489401

>Hollywood is run by coked up hypersexual sociopaths that may or may not be pedophiles

Never have I read a truer description.

No. 489422

i'm someone who makes fun of everything tumblr-related and stay away from it and i thought that i'd never kin but..

>tfw i start reading a manga

>i really like it so far, nice plot, characters are well drawn, everything is 10/10
>tfw this girl character looks like me
>tfw the girl character also acts like me
>we are basically the same
>she's just a drawing, i'm a human
>suddenly feels somehow connected/related to her
>is this what they call kinning? is this what the majority of tumblr fags are obsessed with and start legit fights over?

i have to kill myself now

No. 489430

what's the manga title?

No. 489432

That's a really good theory, actually. I suspect it's just sociopaths covering their tracks

Anyone into true crime will tell you the most polite, reserved, well spoken and intelligent serial killer tend to be as sadistically hypersexual and fetishist just as bad as the dumb and openly Brutish ones it not more.

Also to the anon who brought up it's because Hollywood falsely conflated sex with love, you're too correct. It's also another manipulation tactic

No. 489442

Don't worry about it. It's completely normal to eventually find a character or characters with whom you heavily relate. Even normie middle aged people I know will mention sometimes how they identify with characters on their favorite shows like Game of Thrones or whatever. It's only cringe if you say something like you are legitimately Sasuke reincarnated, you were supposed to live as Sasuke and not as you, and all other Sasuke fans are fakes.

No. 489462

nah fam, kinning is when a boring vapid girl likes a characters personality and decides it's "literally them" because they think people will think they are cool.

No. 489464

Going with the picture of this thread…

I am an absolute failure.
I can't accomplish anything.
I can't graduate.
I can't pass any language exams I do.
I can't lose weight.
I can't get a job interview.
Even my hair is giving up on me lmao

I am completely useless and a parasite for my parents

No. 489468

Why people see Elsa from Frozen as gay? Or want her to be?
Like it been like this since the first movie and like there wasnt a lot of characters in it to see her with anyone.The only person I seen fans ship her with was Anna which is her sister…which is fucked up cause that's HER SISTER. But it is very popular ship.
Like Frozen was an okay movie. Cant remember it in detail but people gotta be like pulling on straws (I think that's the saying lol) or some shit to actually see something that makes her gay. Like I dont get it. If people want a gay character then it should not be forced and shit, and I seen people say disney is gay baiting but that's ridiculous, that's there own fault for having that idea.

No. 489471

these days you gotta make every single character out to be gay/trans/disabled in some way or you'll get attacked for "erasure". a lot of people jumped on that trend ever since being lgbt is "trendy" somehow. and it's mostly those people who preach about being woke and identify with mogai xe/xim/they/them bullshit.

disney not having a gay/whatever character? they're being homophobic, committing a hatecrime and here are my headcanons as genderqueer elsa in a wheelchair with vitiligo and autism.

don't even bother listening to them or getting offended by it, it's just completely ridiculous.

No. 489473

Don't take it personally, anon. Gay tumblr just has a habit of reading gayness into everything. I don't think they even know what it's like to have a friendship that isn't based on fucking.

No. 489491

I think she's pretty (in a scary bug eyed anime type of way) and I want her to be gay - that's pretty much it.

No. 489498

Not a Disney fan but I can understand them a bit in this case, I'm not straight and every female main character being straight and ending up with a guy is tiresome. It seems mandatory, in fact, some people were angry that the girl in Brave didn't end up married (!)

No. 489523

she's a literal special snowflake with a song about coming out

No. 489539

Just remembered this scene from the simpsons and how much it reminds me of this place and how males react to it lmao

No. 489543

I'm glad I have a lot of social interactions (many coworkers and a lot of "customer service" type stuff on certain days) because the more you have the less you remember embarrassing ones. And boy embarrassing awkward ones just don't stop coming do they, maybe that's why I've stopped remembering them so clearly every time.

No. 489573

I guess I should've figured the guy who ran SR was a violent little tyrant but holy shit. I'm glad they got him.

No. 489597

The whole trend of people blowing small mistakes celebrities and influencers make insanely out of proportion is annoying and ruins a lot of stuff. Being unforgiving to insane amounts is just childish and doesn't allow you to enjoy things ever

No. 489601

why do people always act like flirting is always sexually motivated?

No. 489603

>Behaving as if sexually attracted to someone
>It's not sexual though

No. 489608

if it's not sexual then it's just banter

No. 489632

Women don't understand how male lust actually operates. Women think that men experience women as "the Beautiful," as something pleasant and trifling that can be enjoyed at a distance and then allowed to pass on. They think that a picture of themselves wearing clothing that shows off all their fat and all their soft skin and warm nice holes is like a postcard with a picture of a beach on it. But to men, female beauty is not the Beautiful, it's the Sublime, it's not trifling but great and terrible, and it stirs something great and terrible and daemonic in man's subterranean depths that impels him forward to fuck things from roughly below and behind the prostate area.

When a man sees a picture of a beautiful sexy woman he feels half a million years of race knowledge thrumming in his veins, an infinity of sexy women reaching around behind themselves to spread their asscheeks and pussy apart with one hand and say "fuck me." He hears the drums from the movie Jumanji, his soul tangibly but invisibly leans forward outside of him grasping desperately for the pussy and gnashing its teeth. He wants to taste her holes and squeeze her fat and smell that combination of smells girls have that when you ask them what it is they say it's just normal shampoo and fabric softener but you know it's something more.

No. 489634

Anon I'm fucking CACKLING. You write so beautifully and vulgar all in the same stride.

No. 489635

Personally cause I’ve never flirted with someone I didn’t want to fuck. Flirting is a signal that you’re interested in the person. Flirting as banter is weird. I’d never banter like that with a man because he’s practically guaranteed to take it as sexual interest in him. That can’t end well. If you’re lucky he’ll decide you’re a massive bitch for not actually wanting to sleep with him and at the absolute worst he’s gonna murder you for not wanting to sleep with him.

No. 489645

people assume all flirting is seduction or coming onto someone. that's not the case. why do you guys assume this is something women do? the most flirtatious people who flirt without intent, and "friendly flirt"/"innocent flirt" without attraction have, in my experience, been popular, outgoing men. have you people never been to parties or in an environment where people innocent or friendly flirt just to be social? flirting is often very nuanced, relies on cadence, eye-contact, subtle flattery, all of which can be very ambiguous, and that's the point for a lot of people. it's not outwardly sexual for flirtatious people, generally. some people, though, take it really far and then it becomes obviously sexual and serious. the spectrum has become too wide and people associate the more heavy stuff with flirting, but just being playful and charming is considered flirting as well.

it's supposed to mean "to behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.", but i guess a lot of people seem to conflate all flirting as being hit on, or a form of seduction, but it's not always so.

No. 489656

Ehh, ‘innocent/friendly’ flirting has always struck me the wrong way. Feels immediately uncomfortable.

I don’t consider being friendly and normal flirting but touching your coworkers, making eyes, and even vaguely sexual comments are way beyond being charming.

No. 489658

ive only seen bits of the first Frozen (i worked at a movie theatre when it came out. didnt work there long after) but i could see her being gay

like another anon said she practically had a coming out song. also, and this is just the vibe i get, she reminds me of lesbians of olden times that wore pants and didnt date men only to find out centuries later that she had a collection of journals where shes written a shit ton of poems describing women she came to adore

like i can see how tumblr pushes it sometimes, but if disney was gonna make a princess gay, id expect it to be her

No. 489659

if u entice me, respect my fuck

No. 489663

>making sexual comments
that would be obviously beyond innocent flirting… there seems to be a major misunderstanding of what innocent flirting or just flirting in general is. loveyshy autists appear to think "talking too much" and "laughing a lot" is flirting that indicates serious interest. a lot of gregarious people are natural "flirts" without being sexual or touchy, or wanting to be, they're just complimentary and playful. as i said, the entire thing boils down to ambiguity, just having a positive exchange that's lighthearted, and through slight social cues like body language, is slightly more than just being friendly, but not done with sexual intention and isn't sexual.

No. 489668

Yeah dude I don’t believe in innocently flirting either. Imo it’s all a means to display sexual and/or romantic interest.

It would be weird to be a married woman and flirt with the men in the office. They’re not gonna see it as casual or friendly. Men flirting with everyone in the office is, IMO, more about them signalling they will fuck anyone than them being charming or nice.

Being normal and making a joke (what’s being called innocent flirting itt) isn’t flirting as far as I’m concerned. That’s regular socialisation.

No. 489671

Well sure. I just don't like how every time a character doesn't end up with a guy there's an assumption she must be gay. There are plenty of other possibilities. Like maybe the story just wasn't about romance.

No. 489676

I dunno, fam. To signal/illicit sexual interest does still seem like its primary purpose. Some people do engage in it for bunch of secondary reasons, like fuel their own ego or be popular at parties, but those people are kinda dicks. It just isn't a nice thing to be leading people on.

No. 489677

>Being normal and making a joke
who mentioned making jokes? what do you mean by "making a joke" anyways? we're talking more like, being really complimentary and having 'open' body language, speaking with a certain tone, touching their arm when you laugh. things that, when combined all together, make someone question whether or not it's just a case of being very friendly, or being interested. and obviously it's not intended to be sexual or serious. again, ambiguity is essential.

No. 489679

Has nobody ever told a joke to you at work?
Never made a quip and had a laugh with a coworker?

Everything else like touching them or giving them compliments outside of ‘good job today’ is flirting and imo flirting isn’t the same as socialising. I think you’re calling being friendly, banter, and signalling availability and interest are all just flirting.

No. 489699

>Everything else like touching them or giving them compliments outside of ‘good job today’ is flirting and imo flirting isn’t the same as socialising.
i've had people from all ages and sexes touch my arm when they make a joke or touch me without being romantically or sexually motivated. i assure you it's not always sexual or anything more than playful socializing, or "innocent flirting" with no sexual motivation, at worst. you guys are honestly kind of autistic if you interpret touching someone on the arm, alone, to be sexually motivated or uncomfortable. i've had all manner of people give me all kinds of compliments, lots of which were not done with sexual or romantic intent, and i've done the same and it not be done with sexual or romantic intent. "what's up?" can sound more than friendly with a specific tone, or not. either way, it's incredibly autistic to overestimate that everyone is sexually interested in you, or seriously sexually interested in you because they touch your arm when they make a joke or laugh or give you compliments, especially people who are very outgoing. you guys are going to be woefully disappointed when you realize your 10 minute interaction with a 'desirable' outgoing guy or girl was just them being charming and that their compliments weren't sexually motivated.

No. 489703

Eh, I don’t really need to do it or enjoy it or see it as casual socialising. I’m married and hate the idea of being flirted with. No disappointment here when the “charming” guy has finished trying to be charming.

No. 489714

Holy shit

I just know you're insufferable. Like I don't even have to guess

No. 489719

uh huh. based on? wasn't asked about within the confines of a relationship and whether or not it's acceptable to do in a relationship. i take issue with the fact that some people assume 2 single people want to sleep with each other because they they're """flirty""", when they don't.

No. 489721

i agree with you. other people don't, because they assume to know people's intentions based on their actions alone. like above, some people think someone giving you a compliment and touching you on the arm while making a joke means they're flirting with you.

No. 489722

If it's not sexually charged then it's not flirting. Period.

Is >>489645 your post too? The definition you posted from google even includes these synonyms
>synonyms: trifle with, toy with, tease, lead on, philander with, dally with, make romantic advances to, court, woo, vamp, pull, chat up, make eyes at, make sheep's eyes at, give the come-on to, come on to, be all over, set one's cap at

No. 489737

well, i guess my point (that i couldn't make clearly) is that what someone considers flirting is very subjective, and a lot of people assume all flirting is sexually motivated. i don't even know how to use it because i've had people describe behavior towards me as "flirting" with sexual intent when it wasn't, or my actions as "flirting" with sexual interest when it wasn't, so i have no idea how to even use it at this point because it seems to vary based on interpretation of certain actions. "flirting" encompasses a pretty wide range of behaviors and is up for interpretation. that's why you'll sometimes hear about socially awkward men assuming that a barista smiling at them means they're flirting with them, when they're just being friendly. some people think literally, on their own, touching your hair or smiling is flirting, maintaining eye contact while talking is flirting, certain cadence, laughing, taking a drink when they take a drink is flirting, complimenting, alone, is flirting, using nicknames, etc. and obviously people think playing footsie or saying obviously sexual stuff is flirting, so it's a pretty wide range of behaviors that people consider to be "flirting", and a lot of it, like touching someone on the arm or shoulder, or complimenting them, or giggling, is flirting, and i think can just be playful socializing that may or may not indicate interest. you really can't know without further information or confirmation, but some people think the mild stuff is definitely more than being friendly, they claim it's "flirting" and so it's necessarily sexually or romantically motivated. like above, anon considers complimenting someone and touching their arm when you make a joke to be flirting and so it's sexually motivated, because all flirting -> sexual. i don't, i think that's just a certain form of playful socializing, or, at most extreme, it's some kind of "flirting" but it's not necessarily sexual or romantic. i just think there's a certain grey area of ambiguity where interest can't be assumed, and certain people seem to believe that grey area is definitely flirting and so it's definitely sexual.

No. 489748

People will assume you're flirting when you're just being friendly if you're a woman, especially an attractive woman. It's not your problem if other people misinterpret your behavior because of their own thirst and desperation kek. I think that's your gist and I do agree. But If your intent is to sexually or romantically entice someone then you are flirting.

No. 489767

I hope that when I'm middle aged that I don't turn into my mom or one of those shrill bitchy moms that wont let their kids or anyone around them for the matter have any joy at all. I sure wouldn't let my kids do heroin or something extreme, but why are so many middle aged women so uptight and angry all the time? My mom was fine until her late 40's, I really hope that I'm much more chill at that age.

No. 489768

File: 1575271010472.png (10.56 KB, 112x112, 405044014497136643.png)

This qt girl in a server I'm in dmed me asking to be my friend after talking a bit. I might cry. especially since i have like 2 friends.
I'm a little worried since I'm really not that fun to talk to. I'm just happy.

No. 489798

That's menopause age, increased anxiety is common

Looking back my mom had a pretty rough time with it. Was angry and uptight. As she was getting past the worst of the affects on her mood she then got diagnosed with breast cancer. Menopause affects mental health. On top of that you are entering a whole new risk category for all sorts of illness. I can see how it's not a fun time tbh

No. 489821

File: 1575292674397.jpg (110.35 KB, 734x927, 871e897f7d18f5893446c26be71621…)

>So, you listen to heavy metal too?
>What are your favourite bands?
>>Slipknot, POWERWOLF, and System of A Down

I'm tired of these people, I have nothing against their taste but I hate that when I make them listen to a heavy metal music they turn away and say that it is 'too heavy'…smh

No. 489822

What bands do you like anon?

No. 489823

Glad you asked. my favourite bands are Terrorizer, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, and Death.

No. 489824

I'll have to check those out, except Death which I already know I don't like.

Honestly metal is such a broad genre that sometimes it feels pointless to say you like metal because there are so many different types that 2 people can love metal but the music they listen to is completely different, so different it might as well be a different genre all together.

No. 489826

IKR! but the dumbasses whom I talk to insist on calling it all metal.
They are good bands, you won't regret looking them up.
happy listening.

No. 489830

Hey Fellow dumb assess. Hope everyone has a good day. I know the that many of you like I take one day at a time and we rather just sleep all day than deal with our dumb ass lives but I am glad we got up this morning.

No. 489845

>Some people do engage in it for bunch of secondary reasons, like fuel their own ego
I know some girls like that, one lead me on for months (and I'm talking about heavy flirting) before finally admitting that it was all "just for banter" and yes, it's a super asshole thing to do.

No. 489860

Wait, some people call SlipKnot metal?? i never heard that. some weird. shit

Nice! I'll check these bands out

No. 489861

Hello, anon! I got up a few hours ago. I made some coffee and breakfast and now i'm gonna enjoy my day off cleaning and playing video games. I hope all anons had a wonderful weekend

No. 489863

Making small mistakes or saying something stupid int he heat of the moment is normal. I agree that not forgiving and being relentless is insane. no one can learn or grow when cancel culture blows tiny mistakes out of the water. But then we get people like Jake paul and Propedo doing whatever they want with no real consequences.

No. 489872

I feel bad for typing this but there's something extremely annoying about my mom how she desperately tries to be more like me, like in appearance. She starts to buy in whatever store I've started buying clothes. Just now she came from the hairdresser with the same haircut I got. She claims to have low self esteem but she doesn't look like it and every time she complains about her looks it comes off as fishing for compliments. I know I sound terrible but there is something about her that makes me resent her and I hate that I feel about her that way.

No. 489883

File: 1575307178759.jpg (27.03 KB, 291x516, e6f0bca2fe68b34a1bf3d788462bda…)

I wanna go home and pet my dog so bad.

No. 489888

>4chan supports Hazbin Hotel because "SJWs" hate it
>Hazbin Hotel is a liberal/pro lgbt show itself which would have been considered "SJW" at least 5 years ago
>liberals are getting confused into thinking they still aren't liberals because of twitter "liberals"

lmao American politics is hilarious

No. 489890

I love System of a Down because I'm a basic bitch that's never gotten around to exploring the genre further. I know I'm not into sacrilegious bands that evoke dark energy for lolz, and vocalists so guttural that they're completely incomprehensible, but that's about it.

No. 489893

I feel the same way about black metal.
> do you listen to black metal
> yeah, I love metallica <3

instantly dropped. It's not even black metal ffs. Also a lot of hard rock artists that are nowhere near the metal genre let alone black metal.

No. 489895

This guy came into my place of work (retail) the other day and I can't stop fantasizing about him. I've seen him at uni before too and he once smiled at me unprovoked, so I really regret not starting a conversation with him while I had the chance. It's customer service so I could have made small talk but I'm a dummy when I'm around cute lil guys aaaaah.

No. 489897

I remember that for a time, as a teenager, my mom would only talk to me to scold me or ask me if I did this or that in an angry manner. Your posts are now making me wonder if this was a side effect of menopause as she was in her late 40's.

No. 489898

meh, makes it less boring and I like lying to myself that she's gay (but not with her sister -ew)

No. 489905

I work at a sex shop and one of the perks is we can special order stuff and only pay for the cost of the item(s), instead of our usual discount. Which most stuff is between 30-50% of what the retail is, so it’s a really good deal honestly. But we have to go through the manager who orders product, there’s no way to special order things without my boss seeing what it is. And everyone is fine with this! Cause nobody really cares and if anything, it’s good because then we know more about what we’re selling. But I get so embarrassed by it! Every time! I have pretty ‘vanilla’ tastes compared to my coworkers and I don’t feel embarrassed when talking to customers, I don’t even feel weird telling my coworkers about my experiences with certain toys, but for some reason telling my boss I want a specific vibrator KILLS me.

No. 489910

File: 1575313405833.png (407.01 KB, 916x687, 6dLsgFdiuZogCOZ687aKuW.png)

I went to a convention last year and an artist was doing $5 dog doodles and I got 3 done of my dog. I'm going nuts trying to find the artist again. I want to pay her more money for drawings of my dog.

No. 489923

File: 1575315522157.jpg (459.31 KB, 1920x1406, gox4vm8jg4bjqbcrrced.jpg)

I completely forgot that I wanted to buy a climbing harness and some sites have them on sale but I already spent money on a shirt and I'm too much of a cheap fuck to now spend $50 on a harness!!! I want one so bad. I've been sticking to bouldering because I'm too cheap to buy a harness and too much of a coward to ask someone to belay for me but I've been wanting a harness to practice endurance on the autobelays in my gym…

I'll probably suck it up and not buy one because in reality I never spend more than half an hour on the autobelay walls anyway. Bouldering is fun enough for me, but whenever I see new and fun routes on the autobelay walls, I really want to try climbing them too… 70% of my gym is top rope climbing and it sucks. I wish we had more space dedicated to bouldering walls.

No. 489924

File: 1575315601941.png (200.13 KB, 1100x1000, 4071405bcb39b9a7b8536907ad2c1f…)

For a year now I wanted nothing more than for my ex-best friend to unblock me and talk to me again. But they just unblocked me and I had an anxiety attack after seeing how much has changed and the people they're talking to again. I want to hate them and block them myself but I can't stop checking my messages to see if they're tying to reach out or if it's just like an unblock-stalk-reblock thing. I'm scared and I feel like this is a big trick. Fuck you, dude.

No. 489925

is this him/her? if so, mega cute!! pls give him/her a kiss from anon

No. 489927


I love this so much


Any similar bands like Death? Just recently started to listen to them I surprisingly LOVE it! I also wanted to get into Napalm Death but idk where to start …

No. 489931

Not my dog but same breed and fur color!! Will definitely give her an extra kiss for you!!

No. 489954

File: 1575320638203.jpg (15.64 KB, 236x259, nancy love.jpg)

And me, please! Adorable!

No. 489971

I honestly can't believe that people pay $5 for this. I really need to get into drawing.
Tho no hate, it's cute but not for that money.

No. 489974

That's actually not the drawing!! It's a bit more detailed/less crude than the one I posted. I just googled up dog doodle and this was a cute and funny image so I attached it to my post haha. If I can find the artist I'll post up a better example!!

No. 489978

If it's on sale and you're actually going to use it and not let it sit somewhere at home you might as well buy it now unless you're tight on money. Your climbing sessions are going to be much more fun with the option of climbing routes as well as the bouldering.

No. 489987

aaa she sounds very cute, in your place i'd become a full time neet to spend time with her 24/7

No. 489997

I used to work retail and the most heartbreaking moments were coming home late at night but having an early shift the next day and having to decide whether to spend the 10 minutes I had to spare between a) going to bed immediately, b) stuffing my face real quick, or c) giving some quality time rubbies to my dog.

I'll sound like a shit person but most days I could only give her a quick rub or pat down before heading to bed, and she would follow me around and stare at me for more love. I now work an office job with stable hours and the single best thing about it is having hours to devote to loving her before and after work. She is truly the light of my life and I'm so happy I finally get to spend all the time she deserves with her.

No. 490002

i mean all's well that ends well! if she could comprehend the human concept of shift work i'm sure she'd understand. and besides, now you can spoil her rotten! also congrats on getting out of retail hell!

No. 490003

File: 1575326479621.jpg (77.15 KB, 1024x1536, 5039371800_2_1_1[1].jpg)

Im in love with this girl off Zaras website and theres nothing I can do about it

No. 490015

She looks like a videogame character.

No. 490019

She looks 12 wtf anon

No. 490020

you might enjoy eve frsr on youtube/ig, she's a bit of an egirl but their faces & haircuts (well, rather the blunt fringe) look near identical

No. 490039

Pedo sperg please leave. Having a flat chest doesn't equal a child.

No. 490040

I wish dumb guys would stop lurking on the board and sharing their amazing input with the world. It's obviously an adult woman.

No. 490046

Lately I have been ruminating on stupid shit I do or say. So in an effort to combat that I've been realizing that people around me have done way dumber shit and neither I nor anyone else dwells on it.
>My friends and I went out for drinks a long time ago
>When it was time to leave one of my friends fell over onto the ground in the middle of the restaurant (I think bc she was sitting on top of one of her legs and it wad dead asleep when she went to stand)
>Not only did she fall but for some reason she stayed on the ground kind of whining about it to her bf for a good 10-15 seconds it was really odd tbh
>Then on the way home she got mad and was crying and yelling at her bf for "talking to [me] all night long"
I just remembered this and it's so much more embarrassing than that one inappropriate thing I said at dinner last week. I never dwelled on it and I don't think my friend who fell is an embarrassment. If I did that shit I would be mortified for life thinking everyone would judge me forever based on that one incident. I don't even really care that it happened beyond feeling pity that she went through that and I've thought of it maybe once since it happened. So that must be how others view me! Sometimes I feel so foolish and self-centered because my anxiety really makes me believe everyone gives a fuck about what I'm doing at all times.
>One of my friends, for some unknown reason, pushed a (lightweight, but wtf) stroller into the back of his tween daughter as an impulsive, not-well-thought-out-joke.
>Daughter was also holding a 2-year-old
>On a steep dirt hill
>She was in flip flops
>It wasn't funny.
If that were me I would never show my face again. People are doing way dumber shit than me and it's hardly ever as big a deal as it would be if it were me judging myself.
I can see that this post makes me come off like an asshole but fuck it. It's helping me cope and find balance

No. 490051

File: 1575333415976.jpg (69.48 KB, 1050x591, Ghost_in_the_Shell_1995_1050_5…)

She looks like Motoko Kusanagi. I love effortless "looks" like that, they're admirable.
Not sure why the other anon thinks she looks 12 (small breasts?).

No. 490055

File: 1575333955593.gif (2.78 MB, 300x169, 373ecbd7-cf91-4e81-90ac-76cf7b…)

Work evaluations were today and not only did I recieve high marks but my boss called me one of the hardest workers she's ever had and that I'm highly respected in other departments. Feels good to hear especially since I never thought I would ever find a career I'm actually good at.

No. 490062

File: 1575336834935.jpg (602.93 KB, 1615x1080, 74570609_2354220548172535_8221…)

We're in the same boat anon, i cant help but relate so hard on this. A dear friend of mine broke up with me out of nowhere and blocked me instantly after the incident. Sometimes i wanted to check up on her because i knew she'd unblock pp from time to time out of curiosity…the thing is anon, its very rare for a friendship to actually form again after sth like this happens let alone talking to each other, my advice to you is dont try to check up ur ex-friend or any kind of ex-relationship after this (as tempting as it might sound) because its only bring pain, further hurt you and you wont be able to move on afterwards. If they really want your friendship to last they wouldnt do this to you anon, trust me, every relationship ends for a reason and its not your fault. Be strong anon, godspeed!

No. 490087

I'm bitter about my job and am about to say some dumbass shit. I mean congratulations but unless they show you with money it's meaningless jibba jabba. Unless they show you with a promotion and more money, they're jerking you around and you're falling for it.

You know they're taught in seminars, classes, etc, to say things like that to keep decent employees loyal. You probably actually are the hardest worker, but they'll use that to make you work even harder. Beware. This is the exact point where you ask for a raise. Do it. Do it now. If you don't do it now, you're being tricked and used. DO IT.

No. 490099

You both have amazing taste.
>tfw no Cyborg Major GF to boss me around all day.

No. 490108

Not really. she looks like a teen

No. 490111

Nta but her face does look very youthful to me. I don't think she literally looks 12 though.

No. 490120

File: 1575352666137.jpg (23.21 KB, 497x268, ghost-in-the-shell-motoko2.jpg)

More like child-Motoko.

No. 490121

She reads more like 16/17 than 12. But hey, adult women with baby faces and small chests exist, so it is possible that she is an adult and in that case they deserve love too. Would be weird to avoid someone for having youthful features while they are an adult.

No. 490124

I'm always really hesitant to start tv shows because i have to invest a lot of time and emotion into the story, and i would feel really let down if the show turned to shit or didn't have a solid finale. I usually stick to shows that have ended and have a great, consistent and clear plot and ending. Like i wanna start Mr Robot and Westworld but part of me wants to wait until they're over.

No. 490133

Better than getting D&D’d like got fans did.

No. 490138

I stopped watching in Season 5 and made up my own ending for it instead. No regrets at all.

No. 490141

Best choice. I pretended the actors all died in a dragon accident and nothing happened past season 5. There’s no dornish shitplot in my version either.

No. 490149

so whats up with professor tox? was she really as like… edgy contrarian/not progressive as she acted, or was that part just a troll? what the fuck parts were trolling of this act, even?

No. 490153

File: 1575368099762.jpg (260.5 KB, 750x815, ilove.jpg)

i love women…you're all so cute and nice and kind and strong and talented and beautiful

i'm working on this collab with a ton of girls and i'm so happy…the memes are on point. everyone treats each other with dignity and respect and communicates well. i love you all

women are good

No. 490183

File: 1575382332997.png (4.34 KB, 240x240, main.png)

this only really matters to me and only concerns me and I've been more relaxed about it but I'm more confident about my bisexuality now. I sometimes feel like I have to know whether I'm just curious or really bi but I never had a relationship with a woman or great chemistry. Anyhow, I have been really attracted to unfamiliar women in public recently and it feels good. I try not to stress about it anymore but this is nice. Feels like there are opportunities in the future

No. 490192

File: 1575385712050.jpg (95.63 KB, 650x505, motoko-kusanagi.jpg)

Great taste, anons.

No. 490196

I'm watching a walkthrough of a game and I realized that the reason why I don't like the MC's voice is because it sounds like Venus Angelic back when she tried to fake that foreign baby weeb voice for extra princess points. Lmao now I can't unhear her.
>yikes forever

No. 490206

File: 1575388954831.png (155.61 KB, 800x805, 67B537FE-827A-48D9-8752-47ABDD…)

tfw want to charge earphones for gym but at mall, and all they have is those chargers you pedal except i cant gym 2 hrs after immunotherapy what is this

No. 490219

File: 1575391070235.gif (658.43 KB, 220x202, bitch me too.gif)

Same here.

No. 490227

does anyone else feel like theres something really off about spongebob? like as in the whole show itself.

because i always felt really weird and off whenever i watched an episode as a kid, almost like i was being hypnotised to watch it, i always felt like there was something off and i cant quite put my finger on why.

i remember there was a tv channel in my country that used to broadcast it during lunchtime, and during the summer holidays when i went to a summer camp they used to turn it on during that time slot. i remember being really creeped out because when it came on everyone just stopped eating and talking and… just looked at spongebob in complete unmoving silence. during any other show some people would still be eating and talking but the second you heard "aRe yOU reADY kIdS?!!" you could have heard a pin drop in that lunch room.

No. 490246

Christ, yes. Spongebob kids were weird as fuck. Like the kids who watched Ed Edd and Eddy, but even more autistic, if that's even possible.

No. 490278

File: 1575395879126.jpeg (972.08 KB, 2500x2500, e53e3eaf-7bcb-4620-8f24-796031…)

i feel kind of loony saying this but recently i've noticed a ""trend"" i guess? in children's toys and media in general. i didn't know where else to put it so here it goes:

there are SO many children's toys now that are specifically centered around poop and i find it slightly sinister and unnerving. it's EVERYWHERE. there's these weird fetish-esque children's toys that popped up on my instagram a few weeks ago called "The Hangrees" (pic related) which are literally made to "poop" out slime and come with all kinds of poop-related paraphernalia; yesterday an ad for something called "poop game" came out while i had a kid's channel on my tv, today i passed by this claire's-esque shop they have in my country that mostly caters to little girls and there was something called "unicorn poop" (just some rainbow-mashed glittery slime). it's popped up way too many times for it to feel like a coincidence.

call me crazy but i feel like someone is behind this? maybe a company, maybe sth else idk, but there's just SO much centered around poop directed specifically at children and i don't know why. i've read about elsagate being some sort of conspiracy meant to groom children into normalizing perverted behavior but i can't say this is purely related to that, but i DO find it strange. why poop, specifically? why is it ALWAYS directed at children?

No. 490283

i dunno anon but that sounds like some weird ass shit

No. 490287

there is a LOT of weird stuff for girls. the vid related is for these ugly toys that shit or vomit and they have big gaping heart buttholes. you literally syringe drinks into their mouths for them to shit out.

No. 490295

Eh, as a kid poop and farts are just peak funny as I recall it. It seems marketing teams are just trying to profit off of that?
I turned out to be a degenerate though so take this with a grain of salt. I blame the internet and weeb shit more than poop jokes though. And I'm no scatfag or brapfag for fucking sure.

No. 490296

Maxmoefoe made a vid on these and talked about how spitting, shitting and vomiting toys are getting weirdly popular with girls now

No. 490298

I think anon is reading into it too much. I'm a 25 year old and I was gifted multiple baby toys I could feed and clean their shit and piss when it came out (Baby Born). I'm sure some people remember the pooping animal keychains, too.

No. 490299

I remember when pissing and shitting dolls became big one year and I couldn't understand why dirty diapers were being treated like a fun thing to clean up lol

No. 490300

Shit like this has existed for ages, where have you been? Garbage pail kids, those stupid as fuck parody stickers, squish toys that suck poop in and out, baby bottle feeding dolls have been around since like the 70s. Kids like gross stuff. they have gross board games where you pull boogers out of at guys head that was around when I was a kid and I’m old as fuck now.

No. 490302

Speaking as someone who remembers childhood: Because slime is fun and poop jokes are funny.
The actual travesty is how over marketed and expensive that cheap Chinese shit is.

No. 490303

One thing that feels weird is how much assholes are being added to figures and plushies as like a funny thing

I have a kid family member who watches toy opening vids and the amount of times I hear 'booty' and 'bootyhole' when these vids are playing in the background bothers me

No. 490307

god, there was a rich girl in my kindergarten who actually had a baby born and became an alpha stacy of the establishment due to that virtue. she never let me play with it the slag. why were we all so obsessed with a baby doll that shits??

No. 490308

tbh i sort of felt the same at first, but some of these things seem a bit sexual? if the dolls didn't have big thicc asses and fake lashes it would seem different. baby dolls doing that were meant to indoctrinate girls into motherhood, which is fucked up, but it's different than some of these things.

No. 490310

File: 1575400702614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.99 KB, 540x720, tumblr_1c82a040386a09ea3e0a6be…)

I think pooping and crying baby dolls are a lot different from what we're getting now with >>490287 which are infantile unicorns with heart-shaped assholes. The vomiting part is just wtf. I know kids think poop is funny but vomiting as a kid was hell.

I like to follow toy lines a lot and the sheer amount of actual shit-themed toys is really weird and the genuine family-friendly toy youtubers I follow don't even like them and are clearly creeped out when doing vids on them for PR. They especially are weirded out with the "OMG Surprise" dolls that have nipples sticking out, all while looking like adult babies, pic related.

I'd rather give my child Bratz, they were just teenagers in heavy makeup. This is really something else and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it were some guys with a pedo-poop fetish behind some of this stuff.

No. 490312

File: 1575400909811.jpg (15.99 KB, 300x400, Poopsie-Sparkly-Critters-OOPSI…)

that's what i was trying to say.
pic related has ddlg written all over it. it has fucking tattoos.

No. 490313

I've seen vids of guys who jerk off onto Bratz dolls specifically

No. 490314

anon's point is that bratz dolls are teenagers not DDLG fantasy babies with booty dimples. do you think guys don't jerk onto literally anything?

No. 490315

I wasn't making any point other than I've seen guys jerk off onto them, don't know why you're reading some extra meaning from that?

No. 490319

NTA but your (unnecessary) comment makes it seem like it's not big deal from dolls then and now, because you've seen someone jerk off to Bratz

No. 490323

Guys jerk off to anything and make porn of everything.

No. 490326

You're reading too much into me laughing at Bratz fapper man

No. 490327

you should follow the conversation you autist.

No. 490331

I am following, I posted about assholes on dolls and my niece watching all the toy openers talking about buttholes throughout these kid vids. I said it bothers me too

No. 490334

lol sorry about your autism. i think the site is too fast for you.

No. 490336

Sorry about you bad mood, feel better

No. 490337

nta, but you're the autist. anon is explaining herself but you're still attacking her. you spergs need someone to vent your bad day out on?

No. 490339

Yeah there is an entire vent thread just in case two posts in a row of 'lol you're autistic' didn't get all the grumpy out for them kek

No. 490341

I've seen this doll all over instagram (am a mom) Is that it's real/original body? I never would've guessed it looked like that

No. 490346

File: 1575405794084.jpg (132.93 KB, 640x853, tumblr_3fff543179780e560224fe3…)

No. 490353

The weirdness aside, that’s such an ugly body design
Like I actually do like the design of the unicorn poop-puke babies sue me but these are just straight up ugly as sin

No. 490356

I like the unicorn dolls too. The Nicki Minaj looking fat hipped dolls are pretty fucked

No. 490357

Dollfag here, I have avoided all the trash new toys as I'm into art dolls, but I have to say all the current range of toys look cheap as shit. The dummies, pooping, vomiting, "sexy" bodies and thicc asses is something else.
I agree with other anons that it's definitely a fetish thing. Baby dolls that we had as kids was an extremely different thing to this.

No. 490369

File: 1575408583556.jpeg (33.73 KB, 400x321, 4CBD55D2-4606-4C4B-9065-0B1077…)

Do not even get me started on LOL dolls

No. 490379

No. 490392

File: 1575411198786.jpg (296.92 KB, 1619x1080, 676848894572096217969738450063…)

I started watching The Untamed/Chén Qíng Lìng, I haven't watched these types of show since I was a child. I've only indulged in some Chinese (trashy) literature since.
But wow the cheesy wuxia drama and action makes me incredibly nostagic, the subtle classy twink-free BL, the aesthetics! Gotta say the Netflix English sub can't convey the historical context very well but understandable. Anyway I just wanted to gush a little.

No. 490395

Can you recommend any more available on Netflix? I used to have a bookmarked website for Chinese and Bollywood movies but I removed it and can't find it again

No. 490398

Isn't there an loldoll with a penis

No. 490401

File: 1575412291490.png (215.85 KB, 486x542, scrote.PNG)

I'm gonna compile a list of every fictional character I've had a crush on.
Might take a while.

No. 490404

I watched a few episodes of this, I don't have time for the whole thing but god damn the main characters are qt. I'm so into those historical chinese hairstyles.

No. 490405

Unfortunately I don't watch enough Chinese entertainment to give you good recs anon (feelsbad). This one just happens to be on US Netflix. Douban is like Chinese imdb, you'll find what's popular/critcally acclaimed there, then using a VPN, the world is your oyster! Or just get a Viki account lol
Anon I'm so into it, I really like ancient chinese cosplay! All the women in this are impossibly pretty.

No. 490415

i want to be helpful. does anyone have any random questions about wood/building/refinishing old furniture/etc?

No. 490418

These creep me out. The cold dead eyes combined with sexualised toddler's body feels really wrong. Shops are completely saturated with it as well. There's books, clothing magazines, toys, even branded junk food. As a parent with a daughter and someone who works with young children, every instinct that I have tells me there's something sick about.

No. 490422

File: 1575414687614.jpg (262.55 KB, 1280x853, 1983f889-7e4d-4e05-af54-441451…)

I wanna have a wholesome summer fling.

No. 490428

i feel bad for incels they'll never be able to experience the joy of holding tiddy

No. 490446

fuck yeah the untamed

No. 490463


I've been listening to drum covers of 2010's songs (especially trap/hip hop songs) and it makes the songs 1000x better

Listen to this Sicko Mode drum cover and tell me it didn't become better.. it finally got something what was missing

Why don't more current songs use drums like this??

No. 490466

What the fuck? Did they ever bother to explain why dolls would need nipples? It seems like such a creepy, unnecessary edition to a children's toy.
I do like Popovy dolls, and they often have nipples, but they're made as art. These dolls, on the other hand, don't seem to have much artistic merit in mind other than "big eyes cute girl doll pink hair princess toy play", so what was the reason?

No. 490474

I really don't see the problem, they're not even specifically sculpted nipples just a slight point to the overall breast shape. I think it's weirder that we censor dolls into smoothed bodies without nipples, as if nipples are only a shameful sex thing and so children can't possibly be allowed to see them. Free the (doll) nipple!

No. 490505

I agree with >>490474, I don’t think it’s weird that a children’s toy has a feature that all human beings have. However, I do think the doll’s figure is setting up some unrealistic expectations like people always bitch about Barbie doing - but instead of impossibly skinny it’s just impossibly curvy. I don’t think little girls are going to be corrupted by a doll with nipples, but there are a lot of creeps who are going to ruin these toys for little girls just like my little pony.

No. 490537

It's more the fact that they felt the need to add them than the nipples themselves being a thing that might "corrupt children". I don't think any kids thought having nipples was weird or bad just because dolls don't have them or anything (I didn't, at least). There's just no real point to them, as most dolls don't need to breastfeed or perform any real human biological functions.
I'm just having trouble imagining the mindset of an adult who thought "It's time for dolls to have nipples". Like, of all stylistic choices, why that? They didn't think to make the eyes not look like runny eggs with blue yolks, or for the bodies to look anatomically sensible, but that's where they draw the line and demand realism?
I just don't get it. It's a weird thing to zero in on for a designer who seemed to not care much in the first place for aesthetic beauty or anatomical accuracy, and the fact that it's from the same company that makes seedy-ish designs of toddlers in fishnets and seems to have some obsession with scat is also weird.

No. 490543

It’s such a stereotypical bimbofication fetish body type, jfc

No. 490552

File: 1575441810524.jpg (146.5 KB, 1263x793, MV5BYmVmOTA1MzYtNTIxMi00MjMzLW…)

I only watched The House Bunny because I really liked how Kat Dennings looked in it, before the "transformation".

No. 490559


You can't free the nipple before changing what the female nipple means in our culture. First, change the culture, then you'll be free to do as you please with nipples. Just because YOU think they aren't sexual doesn't mean the general population does.

Not that I don't agree with you, I do believe nipples are a natural part of the body, but I also know that they are viewed as a sexual thing. If you imagine breasts without them, they suddenly lose the sex-element and become balloons, lol.

No. 490566

umm they're hard nips… nips arent visible unless hard. why are you adding hard ass nips to a children's toy? fucked up. the entire doll screams "fucked up". there is no rationalizing that granite nips on an hourglassy bombshell children's doll with a baby face is just innocent and in no way nefarious

No. 490573

If admin/farmhands are gonna be so strict about racial discussion and other topics, I wish they'd at least delete (or redtext) obvious scrote bait like >>490428

No. 490575

It's a genuine farmer, we looked into it. Embarassing posts aren't against the rules.

No. 490578

>nips arent visible unless hard

No. 490582

I think this is an example of marketing decisions being done by an alogrythm, shit like elsagate took off because little kids are interested in "gross out" things so click on videos of spiderman taking a shit or whatever, and the same logic of "well the analytics say the kids give this views" mean they make toys about it, even if it's fucking weird and inapropriate, especially when they're coming from non-western countries where they have no idea or care about western cultural norms and just go with what gets clicks.

No. 490586

NTA and I also agree but
>I do believe nipples are a natural part of the body
sounds funny to me, cause what part of the body ain't natural? Vulva is natural as well and we don't want dolls to have defined pussies… (okay, I know that you mean that nipples are nonsexual, it was just an awkward way of putting the idea into words)

No. 490588

idk I think it overpowers the vocals too much. mixed down and restrained a bit it would sound fucking sick though. The transition during the beat switchup and 1:27 especially sounded really good.

No. 490591

obviously there's a slope but that's a sharp point they put on that doll. nips rarely have a point that sharp unless hard. they flatten out more.

No. 490592

Thank you. I didn't want to say it like this, but some people are getting so swept up in this "body positivity" stuff that it's blinded them to some real weird shit.

No. 490593

File: 1575450575384.jpg (353.9 KB, 1600x1000, LOL_doll-43.jpg)

this is relevant
>LOL means Little Outrageous Littles

No. 490611

karuna satori has a personality I don't really care for and I avoid watching her as much as possible. However, her anxiety attack videos have saved me in my most stressful and vulnerable times. I appreciate and personally don't prefer her at the same time.

No. 490615

That post actually made me laugh, it reminded me of that one lane creepypasta where some virgin goes along with everything a spooky girl says just because he's "going to get to touch that boob"

No. 490624

My insta explore feed (or whatever it's called) is full of vids of teen girls in leggings and crop tops dancing lately, I'm not the slightest bit interested in seeing it, have never liked any pics or vids like it and yet insta is pushing these underage yoga pants girls..then the odd time it's an actual adult dancing and they have the body proportions of some of the weird ass dolls above

Insta all I want is cute animal pics, stop ramming underage 'totally innocent' dancing vids down my throat

No. 490626


Haha yeah, my bad.

No. 490638

i read this and it made me think about scarcity and behaviours:

i was neglected as a kid and i remember being so hungry i would swallow air to make myself feel full. i used to eat paper when i was at school and whenever i was given a gift like an easter egg i would break it into thousands of pieces and store them in a hidden place and ration myself to a couple of tiny shards of the egg a day because i never knew when i would get to eat again. i would take my brother and sister to the fields near where we lived to find as much wild fruit as we could because i didn't know how to cook and we never had any food in anyway. i was dangerously underweight growing up and have had health repercussions from malnutrition as a child. my sister had one of the worst cases of scoliosis the queen's medical centre had ever seen, it put so much strain on her organs it would have killed her by the age of 12 if they hadn't corrected it and i think it was made so bad because she grew up malnourished.

unsurprisingly i developed anorexia in my teens and was forcibly hospitalised with a bmi of 13 about 8 years ago. now i'm a few years into recovery and for the first time in my life i'm really, really fat - about 230lbs at 5'9". it's hard to deal with, but i know exactly how i got here - it's because when i have the opportunity to eat i will eat everything on my plate and i'll eat everything that is offered to me, even if i'm not hungry. i don't eat a lot of junk food, i've learned how to cook and mostly make vegan curries and rice but clearly i eat too much of them. my doctor told me my metabolism might have been damaged by my history of starvation but i don't know if that's a real thing.

i keep wondering if this impulse to eat is just because of a lifetime of not knowing when the next bit of food will come. since getting better the thought of cutting down food makes me really anxious now. i don't really know what's normal. i think it might be why poor people tend to be much fatter, like i understand it now and have a lot more sympathy. if you grow up in extreme scarcity then often you feel like you have to eat now or you won't again for a long time.

No. 490639

Isn't "little" used as a noun a literal BDSM term…

No. 490645

While I'm absolutely disgusted by this act this belongs in the Pink Pill thread

No. 490654

> unsurprisingly i developed anorexia in my teens

How is that unsurprising? Do you think history of malnourishment leads to anorexia? Because it doesn't. That's a separate issue you have.

> i've learned how to cook and mostly make vegan curries

Curries are incredibly caloric. Tons of fat and sometimes sugar.

No. 490656

>How is that unsurprising?
I think anon means that a twisted attitude about food leads to a twisted relationship with it.
Not enough food, so you hoard it (many anorexics do this, keeping food stowed away all for themselves without eating any of it). Scared and ashamed of being greedy (and having it disappear on you), so you deny yourself and eat very tiny bits. Being faced with a full meal, being unable to stop yourself, and binging because your brain is worried you may never get the chance to eat so well again. Rinse and repeat.

No. 490661

mostly what >>490656 said, but also my ED doctor said that anorexia often follows a period of inadvertent or controlled starvation like an illness or a first diet. maybe i should have clarified that.

i don't add sugar or a lot of fat to curries, i make them wholly from scratch. mostly tomato based with green vegetables or pulses, though i do occasionally do ones with coconut milk which i accept is highly caloric. i eat healthy food - i still have a knowledge of nutrition from all the obsessive reading i did as an anorexic - but just too much of it, is what i'm saying.

thank you anon, that is what i was getting at. reposted for sage

No. 490665

Seems pretty fucking obvious that having a strange relationship with food in childhood could lead to you having… a strange relationship with food long term too

No. 490666

File: 1575474431404.jpg (15.37 KB, 487x287, CTeDTRGUsAAbi6D.jpg)

I'm self conscious that my ex thought I was love bombing her (she's only had abusive relationships before we went out) when in reality I'm just like a stupidly excited puppy. She was the girl of my dreams and I had been lowkey following her for years before we actually talked (I told her I had been following a lot of her socials ofc- we also have a lot of mutual friends so it wasn't really hard to find any of them).

We're broken up now so it doesn't matter but I'm afraid of future partners thinking I'm love bombing them when I'm just… too excited. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it sucks lol. I say shit like 'I love you' too fast because it's become the norm between my friends and I to say it to each other because I'm scared as shit that one of us will suddenly die and I want the people I love and care the most for to know that.

No. 490669

The excitement is really cute, anon. I’m sure that’s one of the thing your ex will always miss about you

No. 490670

Thank you anon… We broke up on amicable terms and I miss her a lot, but I always think about how she told me that I made her feel safe and warm, and I felt the same way about her too. I hope in the future I'll be able to find someone again where we can be each other's sanctuaries.

No. 490671

I wouldn't take it too personally. I needed a few years of just being single after getting out of an abusive relationship

No. 490684

File: 1575479969654.png (191.18 KB, 484x389, 23.PNG)

sorry reading thru onision milk and this dude is 23? HOW? i'd think he was at least 36. no wonder anons are thinking barely legal guys are their age, it's bc men our age look older than us by far and the younger ones have yet to accrue as much skin damage so they might look similar to our ages. holy shit.

No. 490686

File: 1575480292767.jpg (320.46 KB, 900x566, Finneas_TourUpdate_EDIT.jpg)

samefag but also in that same vein, this is billie eilish's brother. does this look like a 21 year old to you guys? how is it that men don't look their ages at all? are they moonlighting as appalachian miners??

No. 490689

File: 1575481850060.jpg (137.29 KB, 683x1024, 18f1455f95c967673c9bdbac85e09c…)

nah, their family has an unfortunate case of looking 10 years older than what you actually are, billie is only 14 in pic related.

No. 490693

File: 1575482283380.png (526.08 KB, 474x588, 9u2994024.PNG)

pic related is one of my favourite male models, he is 23 and looks like it also an absolute hottie.

No. 490696

File: 1575482525764.jpg (279.41 KB, 1607x868, ZomboDroid 04122019095717.jpg)

This isn't a groundbreaking observation by any means but it seems 100% obvious that the body types that are popular on instagram and online these days are trying to literally emulate the bodies from cartoons we grew up with.

No. 490697

Women have to be literal cartoons in current year or else be considered fridge shaped ogresses.
It's funny since the features are clearly just exaggerated femininity because…duh, cartoons…but now we're expected to become the exaggeration. It's like getting PS to look like a caricature someone drew of you lmao.

No. 490699

what the fuck? This dude is MY age? i thought he was in his late 20s-early 30s…

No. 490725

I can't wait to find the man who is perfect for me! I wrote down a list of the qualities that I'm looking for and it made me so excited reading through it again. I was smiling the entire time. I've had bad relationships in the past but I'm finally ready to move beyond that.

No. 490729

This is so wholesome, it might take time but I hope you find him!

No. 490750

Who’s that

No. 490768

I applied for a job that I meet the minimum requirements for, but that’s it. It pays double what I make now so it’d be cool to at least get an interview. The issue is it’s literally the same job as my husband’s ex, just in a different town. And she immediately started dating someone she worked with after she broke up with him, so he’s a little salty about it. Probably not a great idea to work there because it’ll annoy him but if the opportunity comes up… like our household income will literally double so…. he can hate it all he wants, cuz we could use the money and I could use the experience.

No. 490805

Is meditation worth getting into? I don't quite understand it tbh or it's benefits

No. 490814

in lieu of cutting, I used to aggressively pluck out my body hairs. I've since stopped and decided to stop shaving for radfem reasons but it grew back patchy af smh

No. 490820

i feel like meditation is best if you pick the type that suits you best. There are so many different ways to do it and once you start reading around it's actually pretty easy to make your own practice!

I like David Lycnh's approach so far because he's a) described experiences from his past that sound a lot like psychotic episodes. I some due to PTSD which I treat with medication but I need other tools to deal with it when the meds don't work. (i'm not recommending mediation as a way to avoid or supplement medication but they really don't work all the time and meditation has helped me through some really scary episodes!)
b) a creative so his motivations to meditate (to make better art and let your brain rest so you can be more creative) resonate with me in a way "just meditate to be happy!!" doesn't lol.

so find your "teacher" as corny as it sounds, don't worship the ground they walk on and shop around for people you relate to imo. and there are some legit health benefits but if you aren't motivated by that I don't think it would sway anyone's opinion lol.

No. 490821

I feel kind of good about my art lately because I’m utilizing references without blatantly imitating them and the results have been decent so far. I’m spending more time making different designs of an idea I want along with more planning and researching subjects.

No. 490830

Just work your new job and make that money, anon! Doubling your pay is always good

No. 490847

File: 1575515278274.jpg (42.88 KB, 400x524, right-here-desu.jpg)

Does anyone else like hamsterfragment 's art? I heard he/she passed away? I hope it's not true.

No. 490876

Beauty community shits themselves over Nisipisa so I checked out her videos. She’s kinda funny and smart, but does she forcefully cape for trannies in every video, or did it just so happened that those are all the videos I clicked on? It was so embarrassing

No. 490908

The OP image makes me so sad every time I scroll past it

No. 490909

I never understood people who laugh at women's bodies that don't fit their standards. Just anyone over reacting to women's bodies not fitting their standard in general.

No one cares if you burst out laughing if a girl in a movie you're watching doesn't have big enough boobs for your liking. Nobody cares if you laugh because you saw a girl with a small butt at the grocery store. You just come off as mentally unstable and entitled when you think all women's bodies should conform to your liking

No. 490911

lol, you're bored right?
came in to say her/his art is cute as fuck. sad to see his/her pawoo hasn't been updated in a while.

No. 490913

Sorry for sperging (I'm >>490911), I thought I was in the art general because of the art post, my bad. Yes I agree, especially the butt thing holy shit.

No. 490916

File: 1575554103005.png (490.83 KB, 563x356, 215.PNG)

>At a new workplace
>All the girls in my office greet each other with big kisses on the cheeks
>Also hugging randomly
>And so many petnames
>Complimented a coworker's leggings and while telling me about how comfy they are on the waist she literally hiked her skirt up to show me
I probably seem uptight but I can't really see myself being so close to coworkers. Good for them tho

No. 490932

I woke up with some weird white film covering my teeth/gums and after looking it up, it looks like toothpaste can cause it (too harsh on your mouth and makes it shed). The thing is, people keep recommending sensodyne to combat this but I'm pretty sure sensodyne is what's causing this for me. My family has used sensodyne for years and I've never had an issue until a few months ago. We switched to colgate (my parents buy from BJs and there was a coupon so we bought a pack lol) and the issue disappeared but I didn't even realize it stopped happening until we ran out of colgate last night and I switched back to sensodyne (because that's all we have at the moment) and woke up with all this gunk in my mouth. I'll also feel it suddenly appear mid day, a couple hours after brushing in the morning…

It's mostly just more annoying/gross feeling than anything. I guess I'll just suck it up and buy my own personal toothpaste until they run out of sensodyne and I can convince them to never buy it again.

No. 490935

Thanks Anon! I am so excited for the future!

No. 490936

> I guess I'll just suck it up and buy my own personal toothpaste

I mean surely you are old enough to just buy your own toiletries without feeling put out by this?

No. 490940

As far as I can remember, I've always been repulsed by pregnancy. But ever since my bf showed me his baby pictures it's like a switch flipped inside my head, he was genuinely such an adorable baby, and even cuter as a kid. His mom also told me he was a really calm and easy child who never got in trouble or caused her any stress. Watching those photos I felt something completely new and weird, and now I really want to have a child with him one day. It's going to sound super cringy but I feel like I want to perpetuate his genes, even cringier, I would like to have a baby boy because I find bf so good looking but not a girl, because I find his sister really ugly and she has a terrible attitude…

No. 490943

uhh any baby is gonna have your genes too, so it might not even come out looking like your bf at all.

No. 490944

Stay on top of your birth control lol

I know alot of women with kids who have learning difficulties, autism, behavioural issues that bring a whole lot of stress. That's life

No. 490945

Are you one of those people that believe that kids are just the continuation of their parents ??

No. 490946

Yeah the main reason I don't want kid is because I don't want to pass on all the crazy genes from my mother's side of the family.

I will lmao. I just wanted to share those weird feelings, because I've literally never had baby fever before.

No. 490947

you are my worst nightmare. if i ever become like you i’ll seppuku.

No. 490952

This was a cute post until the end when your handmaiden side came out.

It's good you are happy with the idea of having a baby with your boyfriend, very natural and good, but please don't put expectations on this idea of a baby. There is no "I would prefer." You get what you get.

No. 490953

Anon, you don't want a girl just because she could be uggo? What the fuck is wrong with you, never have kids no matter the gender.

No. 490958

I do buy and have my own separate toiletries for the most part, but the toothpaste never used to be an issue and it felt weird to have my own tube of toothpaste when everyone could just be using the same tube that's already out. I'm just a little put off because I know my parents will start asking why and telling me it's a waste of my own money, as well as the fact that there's four of us in an apartment with only one small bathroom, so counter/storage space is scarce.

No. 490959

No. 490967

lucas berny

No. 490969

I’m jealous. My workplace is full of old judgy bitches.

No. 490983

nta but keep your secret $3 bottle of colgate in your room away from their judgey eyes then, i support you and the feeling of clean teeth, anon

No. 490992

The 2010's have been absolute shit and I can't wait for this godawful decade to be over

No. 491003

sorry anon but this description is very gay

No. 491014

resident homophobe-chan would say they're all "secret lesbians" that are trying to groom anon for some fun time kek

No. 491018

You sound like a scrote, this is all typical behaviour amongst women.

No. 491019

File: 1575571688552.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, 969F89B0-81EE-490B-A70E-AF2789…)


No. 491024

Dang your friends are garbage

No. 491029

Felt kind of bad because some others and I were upset about some movie ticket issues (theater wasn't putting them up even though the people who brought the movie here confirmed they would be showing it), and to apologize, the company who brought the movie out here DMed me asking for my mailing address to send me goodies related to the movie. I wasn't really rude or grouchy in my replies when I asked them to confirm stuff, but it just… feels kind of bad lol. I know a lot of it was out of their control, and I at least got backup tickets to another showing.

No. 491124

Are you homophobe-chan from like 2 days ago?
My god, let it go.

No. 491126

not that the whole introvert extrovert thing is real in any capacity but god i hate being shy/scared of social interactions yet craving being around people. why can't i be one of those people who prefer to be alone. i have lots of solo hobbies but i just want to share the fun with someone but literally none of my friends care about in the same capacity i care about them. talked with someone at uni for the first time in this entire term and it was so nice, almost felt normal as opposed to the usual "reptilian obviously failing to pass as human" sitch. i have actually gotten really good at small talk but i can't initiate for shit or make people interested in moving beyond acquaintances. gad am i the biggest retard of them all.

No. 491127

Yeah, you're right, fuck it.

No. 491129

>introversion and extroversion isn't real
They're just words to describe people who either prefer being alone or prefer socializing. Sure, not many people are 100% either but these are definite traits that exist.

No. 491139

guess i meant it in the whole tumblr way of "omg i'm such an introvert i love libraries and hate extroverted sluts!", you know that brand. like i think realistically it is a spectrum and or a fluid thing.

No. 491150

This song fills me with furry

No. 491151

My bedroom smells like fart and I'm not sure why

No. 491154

Sometimes I wish I could see my post history (from my IP) all together in one page, like when Dasha got exposed. But then I realize I really, really don't want to know what a petty bitch I am, or how many hours I waste on this goddamn site.

No. 491159

Same. I think this all the time. Also I wonder what it's like to be a mod and have access to everyone's histories. I bet it's milky af and they talk about it amongst themselves. I would.

No. 491161

Maybe go to furaffinity instead of lolcow, we don't take fondly to your kind around here

No. 491163

I feel like recently the only person who doesn’t annoy the fuck out of me constantly (aside from people I interact with at school or work)is my mom. And I’m oddly okay with that? I thought I would be alone and miserable, especially since it’s the holidays but I’m mostly focusing on making money and school.

Amazing how some stress can disappear when you stop giving a fuck.

No. 491167

wait where did you hear that?? i loved their art so i hope not
their twitter updated last just a week ago but i dont know if they have a different social media that's more up to date

No. 491172

I wouldn't really wanna see the pointless times I've infought with other farmers, but lolcow is like a diary to me because I've posted on ot for a few years now. I like going back to old threads in the catalog and recognizing my old posts and reliving those thoughts and feelings. Stuff that I sometimes forgot happened.

I know it's dumb cause I could just get an irl diary but I have an aversion due to some childhood trauma cause my mom used to read it while holding me back and shaming me. Putting it on paper makes me feel like someone's gonna snatch it and read it and humiliate me for it. But on lolcow my feelings are anonymous and it's just there. It's freeing somehow.

No. 491242

Wooow who would've thought I'd feel less shitty mentally and physically after exercising regularly, eating proper home cooked meals, drinking less and taking vitamins, #lifehack

I don't want to use the surprised pikachu meme because I'm sick of it but you get the point

No. 491256

This is so funny to me lol my sides.

No. 491269

Good on you anon, keep it up!

No. 491303

Just put $2k towards my student loans. Feels good but also feels bad. Only $700 left until I’m done…

No. 491325

I genuinely feel really sorry for kids growing up in this age. If 30 year olds can get hopelessly addicted to their phones it's gonna be so much worse with kids since it's considered a big part of their life from day one.

No. 491335

It's so simple to feel better. i work 10 hour days now at a bakery and i had to eat better or else i'd have no energy on the job and feel faint. It's crazy how a change in diet made a lot of difference. Still eating junk, just way less. Keep on keeping on, anon!

No. 491363

love bread

No. 491366

you're an inspiration anon, I have no self-control but I'm working on it, I'll get there too! Can't wait to be healthy tbh.

No. 491368

Yes! I totally agree! I can tell a big difference in my week if I exercise at least once and not exercising at all. I try not to beat myself up over it when I don't have the chance to exercise, but it's SO important for your mental health to get something in. 30 minutes of cardio within a 7 day period is all it takes.

No. 491377

I sometimes hate reading the vent thread, seeing what awful things anons are going through and knowing I can't help them or make them feel better. Sometimes I wanna say comforting things like 'you have my support' but I don't want to sound cheesy and it probably wouldn't make them feel better anyway.

No. 491385

File: 1575626686406.jpg (58.87 KB, 821x789, sad.jpg)

I used to buy weed from a telegram group and it was so cash, they delivered to you, it was great. They closed shop for some undisclosed reason some time ago so I went looking for another group (there's tons here). Well, I got scammed out of 25 euro. I feel so dumb now… Guess it's back to buying from random people at the park for me…

No. 491395

The fact that you don’t want a girl because you fear that’s she’s going to be ugly tells me that you’re not mature enough to be a parent yet

No. 491396

same. also have a gluten allergy. so

No. 491402

It would only haunt you.
When I started using lolcow I had no idea mods can see our entire post history in one place so I must have confessed very private things, even now I still shitpost too much. It's good I'll never be important enough that journalists would look into my anonymous posts on a gossip board.

No. 491419

I always wonder what kind of autism the mods with access to post history know we all have. Modding an imageboard is probably a good place to write your psych thesis or some shit.

No. 491422

I never cared for one direction or any of the members but I like the music harry styles has been putting out lately ngl

No. 491426

Wow, thanks for this very sharp analyis.

No. 491428

I've recently started eating boiled eggs and now it's become a constant craving. I want them right now but it's only 4 pm, I'll make some for dinner though.
Same goes for almonds, I've started eating them like crazy.

No. 491432

>tfw vegan but been craving hard boiled eggs
I miss the chewiness and how delicious they are with a sprinkle of salt. Miss mimosa eggs too, this shit is good.

No. 491433

This used to bother me, but then I remember that to moderate a site like this, you have to be sort of autistic yourself. Plus, if I ever become an important person, I plan to lie my ass off about my internet history.
If it really haunts you, just poison the waters and bend the truth about personal shit to destroy any real life connection to yourself. Switch genders, locations, and intricacies of situations. Posting from the perspective of another person helps, too.
If you really need to vent about something, and you're that paranoid about it being linked back to you, come back in the next few days or weeks and post some stupid bullshit scenario or anecdote that has nothing to do with your life.

No. 491434

Are you buying yourself any Christmas presents anons? If so, what?
I want to treat myself and can't decide on which fancy grandma tea set I want.

No. 491435

>I know it's dumb cause I could just get an irl diary but I have an aversion due to some childhood trauma cause my mom used to read it while holding me back and shaming me. Putting it on paper makes me feel like someone's gonna snatch it and read it and humiliate me for it. But on lolcow my feelings are anonymous and it's just there. It's freeing somehow.
Are you me?

No. 491445

I get the feeling! Sometimes I try to post it anyway. I do it in hopes that it might make them feel a little bit better too. Who knows? They could've been someone who said something nice to me when I needed it.

It's really dumb and optimistic thinking, but the world already sucks and a lot of parts of this board are already filled with vitriol, so even a bit of hope and optimism doesn't really hurt.

No. 491446

Post pics!

I missed out on black friday sales for climbing gear, so I might finally buy myself a harness. Or maybe I'll pay a 3rd party to buy me stuff from that 24-jikan pokemon line, all of the items are so god damn cute.

No. 491449

It's so strange that I've been seeing so many things related to my ex the past week. His name, randomly obscure things he liked, places we've been to have randomly popped up in things I've read or seen. We had an amicable break up and after being reminded of him so much I really do want to try again with him. I've taken this time to work on myself and last I've heard he's gone to therapy.

We haven't talked in a year or so. I have a weird intuitive feeling that he's going to reach out to me soon. I know it sounds crazy but whenever I get this feeling, things happen.

No. 491452

I love watching videos of people cutting their own hair and doing it pretty successfully, mainly because the comments are filled with seething hair stylists saying it looks like shit.

No. 491459

File: 1575653562858.jpg (144.91 KB, 1000x1000, grandpa-tea-set-set-of-4-49868…)

I'm leaning towards this, it's literally called "grandpa" set.
Climbing sounds like a fun hobby!

No. 491461

Ntayrt but that’s so pretty wtf

No. 491463

File: 1575654050922.png (832.49 KB, 750x750, A83D9E3F-5693-4BF7-A9FF-B6A5EB…)

Got to ep 17 of the Untamed and bitch I’m big mad. The lvl of anime villainy is too advanced. Also, imagine my disappointment to find out that the main characters are of course cringy boy idols. I’ll just pretend to not know this.

No. 491466

what's the other one you were thinking?

No. 491475

tell me more anon

No. 491481

Really liked the manhua so I was excited for it but as soon as i saw the cast I lost interest. I even watched a few episodes but the acting and the dialogues (like in most cdramas) were sooo bad.
Wang yibo was a big fat miscast.
It's pretty obvious that their main priority was to please thirsty fans.

No. 491486

Anon those are soooooo pretty!!! I'm a fucking sucker for cute mugs and cups and tea sets. I got a teacup that looks like the ones in the back of your pic, but it has a cute floral pattern on it and is white and pink. It's my favorite cup, but it just sucks that I drink so much tea and I have to use a plain huge cup just to get my fill lol.

I only started a few months ago but it really has been fun! A lot of physical and mental challenges to overcome every time I go, but I really look forward to going every week!

No. 491496

File: 1575662044084.png (2.59 MB, 1242x1242, b8b57f3961a7e080e29903d90604e7…)

I have this really cute idea in my head for Christmas gifts to give each of my roommates and I'm so excited to make them. I wanna make little personalized drawings related to their hobbies (plus throw in a little chocolate cause who doesn't love free candy?) I'm normally a grinch who doesn't really care for the holidays but I know they're gonna love it and I'm so excited to see it happen. Only thing is that I'm kinda insecure and overly perfectionist about my art so I'm hoping that I'll be able to make something I can proudly give to them. I can't wait though, neither of them even know that I can draw so they're gonna shit their pants.

No. 491504

TWO strangers just complimented me out of nowhere on the bus and i’m like internally screaming because it was so unexpected and nice?? was just talking to one of my classmates in the back and a lady inwrrupted to say “you’re very beautiful” and i thanked her like 3 times and then this guy turned around and said “and funny”!! don’t know what i did to deserve this kindness but i think i’m gonna return it and compliment a stranger later cuz wow that was really sweet

No. 491507

that’s so fucking cute anon, you’re such a sweetheart for wanting to put time and effort into making personalized gifts catered to their interests, that’s a rare trait and i bet they’ll cherish you even more than they already do. you go, anon!!! make this christmas special!!!

No. 491508

that switch fit game (ring fit?) looks like black mirror 15 million merits episode lol. idk why fitness vista are always so depressing just go outside/to the gym bro

No. 491535

I found Yibo cute ngl kek Not that he's a good actor or anything, he only has to make like 2 whole expressions after all. Knowing they're idols and this is essential an idol show just ruins my fantasy. They seem bland and fake to me now.
Where can I read the manhua anon? I read half of the novel and I thought the anime was crap.

No. 491549

The gym is a lot more boring and depressing than ring fit adventure.

Bouldering is a lot more fun, or dancing, or anything other than the bloody gym.

No. 491550

Yeah, I'm one of those people who needs a gimmick that will trick my brain into thinking working out is fun or I'll never do it. Wii sports/fit was how I lost 40lbs when I was a fat teenager. I don't think there's anything wrong with shit like Ring Fit if it gets people off their asses.

No. 491559

i think this is the most painful my cramps have been and i dont want to move. theres so much i need to do but my god i dont want to now.

No. 491568

My sister has hench arms since getting a VR headset and playing beat saber to all her fave songs. She's lost loads of weight too, as she's been on the keto diet. Would recommend!

No. 491569

i'm bored and my butthole itches

No. 491575

I had my hard boiled egg and I'm happy.

F. Would it be that bad if you had one sometimes?

No. 491593

The only time I like the gym is when I’m lifting. Cardio at the gym is the devils work, it bores me so much even if I try to watch something on my phone.

No. 491601

this dumb shit better be scrot's trollololo

No. 491650

I feel genuinely retarded sometimes. I have so much trouble following plots of books, less so movies and shows but I still have trouble. I can usually get the big picture but miss a lot of details. however, I've been trying to watch elementary, and I get lost at the plots in general but can usually put it together at the end. however, I just watched the episode Miss Taken and I'm so mindfucked by it, I think to understand I'd have to watch again and take notes.

does anyone else have this problem, or am I just uniquely retarded?

No. 491652

imo people who go out their way to brag about being 'empaths' are some of the least self-aware humans in existence

No. 491658

I just noticed how jiggly i.e. fat my ass is but of course it's still "flat." I'm going to have a saggy ass for sure. Welp, time to do squats for the rest of my life. I hate having another thing to worry about when I'm already trying to deal with dark under eyes. lol

No. 491674

Me too anon

No. 491682

They tend to be self obsessed and and unaware of how they come across to others. My mom had an empath friend tell her that she brought cancer upon herself with all her negative thinking. The friendship fizzled out a bit after that lol

No. 491685

I really struggled with friendlessness from 19-21 which made me suicidal. Things started turning around when I was 22, but they really changed when I was 23. Just two years later, I'm baffled when people say they have no friends. I guess some people have shittier luck than me. Honestly I can't think of another reason. I'm spergy and I am even pretty vile sometimes.

Friendless farmers, if I can make friends it's proof that anyone can.

No. 491687

I moved from a small town where I knew loads of people to a bigger town to be with a man, and did that classic thing of putting him first and not keeping up properly with my friends. I know, I hate myself too
now he's dumped me and I regret every choice I ever made lol

at the moment tho I'm glad all my friends are hundreds of miles away. I can sit in my flat like a hermit and wallow in sadness

No. 491690

He is cute but he can't act even if his life depended on it, unfortunately.

It's still ongoing but a good proportion has been translated: https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-100173630

No. 491691

>Just two years later, I'm baffled when people say they have no friends.
out of all people! if you've been in these shoes, how did you forget how they fit so soon? all Chad's are the same kek

on a serious note, hope my luck turns around but I just don't see it happening. my count of opportunities is going down and will flat line in 6 months when I graduate uni. after that I'll need to slave away fulltime at my job that's only 45+ aged people to afford masters (2 years for sure). I'm predicting descent into actual insanity, I'm struggling as is.

No. 491695

A lot of shit has happened in two years. I was on the verge of dropping out of college but I got my shit together and turned things around. I've been on so many adventures since then. Not all of them great, haha.

But my luck was that I reconnected with an old friend from high school. They didn't end up going to grad school like they had planned, and lived at home and visited me pretty frequently. Then they were tired of living at home, so we were roommates for a couple of months. Long story short, that put me back in the mindset of being able to do college and make new friends. It also made me sperg out less. That's why I say that luck is so important, because I don't think friendless people have worse social skills than me or are weirder.

No. 491696

Most people aren't friendles because they're horrible people or spergs, it's because they got older and circumstances change. People start working full time, having kids, moving away, etc and it's hard to replace the friends you drifted away from when you're busy.

No. 491698

Is that the case for most people online? I think a lot of the people complaining about being friendless are under 25 so it's still young enough to have a friend group.

No. 491700

lmao you're indeed really immature as fuck
god have mercy on your kids

No. 491701

She literally said in response to other anons that despite her weird fantasy of having that perfect boy child she doesn't actually want kids. There are no kids here to feel sorry for

No. 491710

** hypothetical/future kids
just for you, sperg

No. 491725

File: 1575725035597.jpg (179.61 KB, 1334x750, 1ki21z3mtxq31.jpg)

JK Rowlings other novels really are something

No. 491735

This reads like some bizzare porn fiction ebook from amazon…
Is it from the Casual Vacancy or one of the Cormoran Strike novels?

No. 491737

I always thought that she was an awful writer, even if I liked Harry Potter as a kid.

No. 491739

Its from Casual Vacancy, the Cormoran Strike series is slightly better albeit a bit cliche but its not safe from Rowling self inserting herself into the series

No. 491753

File: 1575730002273.png (133.38 KB, 595x252, 1570571476330.png)

Why are there suddenly so many cowtippers? Why do anons like cowtipping? It ruins all the fun. Also cows find their threads so easily these days, are they constantly looking themselves up or is someone telling them about it? (or are they secretly farmers?)

No. 491763

influx of newfriends from outside sources is usually what’s behind it i think

No. 491766

File: 1575732323115.jpeg (133.37 KB, 1479x916, E4C14DE5-2EFE-4040-A101-70E25D…)

There’s absolutely no reason why I should like this dumbass yet somehow I fucking do how do you even get over someone you know you shouldn’t like.

I even find him physically attractive etc is wrong with me

No. 491779

some of the most notorious cows have been caught farming (see Kiki, Dasha) so I 100% believe even if they're not posting they're at least lurking.
even lower levels like Kelly's FOTR crew have been caught on here, it's not that big of a stretch to just assume.
as for cowtippers, some of them aren't even farmers I don't think? sometimes it's hard to tell. newfags for sure though

No. 491782

This 100% looks like Lady Gaga. Are you talking about Lady Gaga?

No. 491812

its a reaction image, dumbfuck

No. 491818

Is it just me or has there been an influx of really bitchy/salty anons recently? I know this place has never been flowers and sunshine but still. It's like ot and g are infested only

No. 491819

this exchange has my sides in orbit, never change anons

No. 491821

I used to be very into a girl who could be compared to the female version of a neckbeard/incel, and on top of that she wasn't even cute, I've been there.
How did I get over her? By slowly realizing how bad she was, by having my friends remind me how I could do infinitely better that that, by keeping my mind busy and by getting on a dating app and start talking to other girls who were way cuter and nicer and not constantly toxic and negative like her.

No. 491842

File: 1575751958107.jpg (150.52 KB, 455x442, 3bkcig.jpg)

I am really this fucking awkward?
I am really this incompetent when it comes to being social?

Today I sold a backpack on marketplace for $12,man was waiting for me,walked 20 minutes,arrives at plaza,waits 20 more minutes for this man to appear,man has a daughter,they like the backpack I have,he notices my weird Spanish accent,I tell him I'm from another city/department,he says that's not how said person sounds like from said department/city,my simple response was that Spanish isn't my first language,I even spoke so quickly in Spanish that I swore it almost sounded like gibberish,when they are both satisfied and when the man proceeded to give me the money,I say Merry Christmas,when it's not even Christmas yet even though there was this huge fucking Christmas tree next to us,fuck how embarrassing

No. 491845

Half the time I hate selling online. I go through phases of hating it and not doing anything with it for weeks, then I make a sale and go back thrifting weekly and updating my shop everyday. Today I received a bad review from an order a month ago saying it was overpriced despite accepting the offer they gave me. A while later I get someone wanting a bunch of items, reminding me again why I love reselling old clothes. Finding cute and weird items to go to a loving home instead of the landfill.

No. 491867

Lmfao I am one dense motherfucker

No. 491868

I'm leaving for my plane and going to disney in like 10 hours and I'm not even excited about it, I don't know whats wrong with me.

No. 491872

I've felt like this too lately.

No. 491876

>finding cute items to go to a loving home instead of a landfill

If it's cute it would likely get bought anyway. It's the ugly clothes that are gonna get put in a landfill. Buying cheap things and then upselling them on the internet is douchey IMO. Most people go thrifting to find stuff they like, you're taking the opportunity away from those people to make a profit.

No. 491886

there's always some scrot lurking and trying to stir shit up, or vehemently racist or anti-racist anons going on crusades

No. 491887

Nta but this argument is kinda weak since there is so much shit floating around. There's more than enough to go around, and more is being produced every second of every day.

No. 491894

Yeah, that is a good point.

No. 491900

What I find cute, most people might not. And odds are that those things are also hard to find, especially if you live in the middle of nowhere or a country where these things aren't really popular, so online shopping is the only option really.

Sure, most thrifted items are fugly XXL 80s deceased grandmother garb but you can find lots of nice items and some people are just too busy to thrift regularly as well.

No. 491914

I know I'm gonna cry like a bitch at my coworker's good bye party in two weeks. It's going to make everyone cringe and I gotta come to terms with it.

No. 491965

Idk why but when I listen to music really late at night I get so emotional lmao it doesn't matter what the song is exactly I just get this feeling in my heart like I wanna cry. I think I put a lot of sentimental value into music because I don't really have friends and I rarely express my emotions outwards to people so I put it all into music. I don't exactly feel sad I just get emotional because I love music so much and I like gushing over things I find beautiful. Is that lame, it probably is

No. 491977

Hope this isn't too horny for /ot/.
I wish cute guys would send me nudes…and also not expect them in return.
I just want naked pics of some male friends man, idk. I'm also kind of upset that I've never received a Phallus Photo. While this is good that they're respectful, I'm also very attracted to many of them and would appreciate it despite the complications of not actually wanting to engage romantically or sexually with them.
I'm just sexually frustrated and want some nudes!!!

No. 491980

I don't really understand the Laur/Lillie Jean thing. I get that having a billion sockpuppets is crazy and so is artificially trying to get her daughter an 'influencer' career, but from what I bothered to read it's just the same sort of thing ad nauseum. Getting mad at people calling her daughter's career fake and nothing much else. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for twitter ramblings or something?

I am interested in what's going to happen with the creepy guys they don't tell off though. My understanding of them is literally just skimming the few posts I can see on the front page of /pt/ nowadays so maybe I'm missing out on some really wild shit.

No. 491988

I wish I could find some fun Sirius/Remus fanfic. All I seem to find is angsty wannabe serious author shit.

…Yes in the year of 2019 I still want to read HP fanfics. Sue me

No. 491995

They just naturally attract angst like crazy, their lives are too sad to avoid it.

There is lighthearted stuff though, just filter ao3 to exclude the angst tag and include fluff or humour or something.

No. 491998

was chatting with two colleague ladies at work how I will need to come back here when I'm 80 to get my taxes back (am a foreigner) and they said to drop by as they'll probably still be working here at 110 and saying the same dumb shit and then started laughing and dropping their trademark phrases and idk, that little exchange was so cute and heartwarming for some reason? I really like working here, or rather my colleagues, and I know it will end soon due to me moving on with my life/them retiring but somewhere, in an alternate timeline it would all be unchanged as ever.

idk man, I love women and am overly emotional bc period.

No. 492001

it's fucking dried non-fat creamer. that's how not milk their shit is. i don't get why people are so engrossed in those two. like, yeah, the mother is unhinged, but there are literally so many moms who are delusional about their kids that just spam twitter or whatever all day. yawn.

No. 492114

I'm not gonna sue you anon because you got good taste, Remus/Sirius is my fave pairing in Harry Potter lol.

No. 492185

How many scrotes do you think are on lolcow? Just in the momo thread and saw one in the wild and it genuinely was.. alarming? I've always thought of this place as a "girls club" type of thing so when I see an obvious Male my first response is REEEEEE go away

Bless the mods for outright banning them

No. 492219

God, i hate winter sm, its such a sad hoe season.

No. 492223

Exactly I hate sad hoe season. Summer is superior.

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