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No. 431019

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

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Scooter Braun overview:
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>Celebrities managed by or associated with Braun: Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Kanye, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Idina Menzel, etc
>Full List of Clients: https://tinyurl.com/yys486jn

No. 431028

File: 1562434108842.jpg (772.97 KB, 800x1064, stranger-things-sag-awards-201…)

Continuing from the Natalia Dyer discussion from >>430768
This was from the 2018 SAG awards, about 4 months after Charlie Heaton was denied entry to the US for coke (right around the release of Season 2, possibly why he wasn't at this SAG)

No. 431032

something about her reminds me of a young anachan jennifer anniston

anachanniston should be her new nickname

No. 431044

male actors are getting uglier and uglier wtf

it makes me believe in an incoming apocalypse

No. 431045

File: 1562437345735.jpg (73.07 KB, 646x582, tswift.jpg)

I only think that way because it's in the best interests of the media to report certain things, otherwise they lose access.

But I'm sure the media wouldn't lie.

No. 431048

males are always held to ridiculous low standards, but tbh i think Billy and Steve's actors are pretty cute. Way better looking than that old man Jonathan

No. 431054

dacre just kind of looks like a mouse to me but he's not super ugly
joe is really presh both in personality and looks but thats just my opinion i dont know how the general public sees him

charlie on the other hand is objectively monstrous, its like they took every child star that lived hard and aged badly after decades of drug and alcohol abuse, and put them all into this one guy who is actually a good 15-20 years younger than he looks

its like a skeletonized edward furlong but without the cute first decade or so of fame

No. 431062

He does look like an actor who has 'seen things' as a kid. Has he done anything else other than Stranger things? I know they're who thing was using actors who were fresh faced and new at the time

No. 431064

Dat neck.. them arms.. who even are those people? i know dude on the left is the literal personification of Perth, western Australia. Jesus Christ.

No. 431068

File: 1562439835168.jpg (915.58 KB, 4030x3024, F8CtIxh.jpg)

>its like they took every child star that lived hard and aged badly after decades of drug and alcohol abuse, and put them all into this one guy who is actually a good 15-20 years younger than he looks
kek, this is totally spot on, and without any of the child star trauma (though other non-star related trauma is possible I suppose). It's easy to see how a 25 year old looking like a 40 year old strung out divorcee is missed when we're busy worrying about a 12 year old girl being treated like a 25 year old woman in the media (as we should be). I'm sure that kind of "rapid aging/mature beyond your years" shit feels great when you're a kid, but all they have to do is turn around to see the negative possibilities of that.

Some band stuff in the past I think, not much else. He has a 5 year old son with a woman he was in a band with.

Either way, someone's missing the opportunity for a movie starring Norman Reedus where Charlie plays the younger version of his character. Someone needs to jump on that while they have the chance before Charlie ends up completely burnt out and ends up looking older than Reedus.

No. 431069

actors should look best males can get and not like rats swept from the streets

No. 431075

File: 1562441428549.jpg (132.91 KB, 679x1010, mbb.jpg)

Everyone who isn't an idiot knows whats going on. The parents are fine with it, MBB is their little piggy bank. Money Money Money

No. 431078

Honestly creepy, but it's weird how she even looks 21+. I'm going to hate to see her in 10 years.

No. 431079

File: 1562442238739.jpg (216.59 KB, 606x1168, mbb0.jpg)

No. 431082

i feel like i'm the only person i know IRL who can tell natalia dyer is anorexic. i guess it helps her look prepubescent for the show but damn. pre-stranger things she was just as skinny, it's so unsettling that someone THAT sick gets cast

No. 431083

She looks like a teen in make up.
Did you overdose anime shit or what?

No. 431085

Someone pls save her before it's too late

No. 431087

This is why MBB worries me the most out of all the Stranger Things kids. She's praised for her "maturity" but it's clear it's a fake maturity that stems from boundaries being crossed and inappropriateness being normalized. The other kids seem normal, not saying there isn't some shady stuff going on in the background with them but the red flags with MBB are glaring.

The show is suppose to end after Season 4 (maybe 5) and it's scary to think about how her career after the show might go. I can totally see her going for "child star gone rouge" type of phase.

Tbh a few people in the ST fandom have speculated about Natalia being anorexic, but anytime it's mentioned her fans get defensive and excuse people of skinny-shamming her, and point out the fact she was always skinny. It seems like they're in denial, she's clearly sick.

No. 431090

imo she seemed just as normal as the other kids from the start. adults calling her mature was a way to rationalize why they get to treat her differently and, in the end, groom her.

No. 431099

Holy shit, this guy on the left looks so gross.

No. 431106

File: 1562447585681.jpeg (36.35 KB, 500x375, 6F669407-9C86-436A-9A81-D005F3…)

i think she kind of looks like nicole dollanganger during her ana phase lol, especially in her ST makeup and outfits

No. 431117

File: 1562448931933.jpg (163.17 KB, 665x1000, 7463_1000.jpg)

joe keery is cute af. I have mutual friends with him and he's actually super cool and nice irl.

I actually googled natalia dyer and first thing google suggested to me is "natalia dyer recovery" lol

i'm sure she's doing coke if her bf is. it's fucking shitty to date a cokehead if you're not also constantly high

No. 431129

I don't know if you said this because you actually knew him already or you just guessed, but that guy is actually from Perth kek

No. 431140

She looks like a literal bobblehead here.

No. 431203

I'm assuming they knew, but he really is the most Perth possible.

No. 431207

I’ve only watched the first season of Stranger Things so far. I thought Jonathan and Nancy would make a cute couple and I was kinda pleasantly surprised when I found that their actors were dating irl. But after realizing that they’re a trainwreck, I’m starting to take that all back. Between that and MBB, Stranger Things was a mistake tbh.

No. 431221

Stranger things is overrated as fuck tbh. And it doesn't help that it's a show where its mostly adult fanbase fawn and obsess and stalk the child actors, something about it really rubs me the wrong way, just like all the careers of child actors in America do

No. 431223

Honestly its weird to me that so many people UNDER the age of 30-35 or so are obsessed with it, considering the whole point of it is to pull in middle aged nostalgia nerds who are obsessed with Star Wars, NeverEnding Story, ET, the Goonies, 80s music etc. I dont even understand the appeal to anyone who wasnt around when all that shit was. The older people that are actually obsessed with the kids and actors themselves are next level creepy. But I was under the impression the show was specifically for that older demographic in the first place in general.

No. 431224

I don't know a lot of people were exposed to that stuff even if they weren't from that generation, mainly through their parents and older siblings and that can still be very nostalgic.

No. 431226

her clothing choices are pretty basic and mature which make her appear older but I still see her as a kid who's just trying to be more serious.
I remember people HATED her after video compilations came out where she was interrupting some cast in interviews and being kinda obnoxious which might have gotten to her as well (pretty sure she deleted social media around that time too)

No. 431231

This, I was born in the late 80s but the music and technology is still very nostalgic to me because it's either the same or reminiscent to what I grew up with, even though I didn't exactly live through it. The kids are good actors which is always kind of a novelty and the show is appealing to nerds and horror enthusiasts of any age. Plus I imagine a lot of people feel invested in the characters after watching the first (and the only good) season.

People just liking the show isn't the problem, pedophiles and psychotic fans are the problem.

No. 431278

wtf did I just read? that's fucking disgusting

No. 431294

also deleted because of the MBB homophobia meme

No. 431295

File: 1562503689361.jpeg (102.77 KB, 1024x928, 81BE8EC4-1AB5-41DA-A822-9C8863…)

forgot to attach photo

No. 431300

It kind of makes sense that Hollywood is full of pedos. They are obsessed with youth. It’s great enviroment for pedos. There is plenty of stage parents willing to sacrifice their kids’ wellbeing.

No. 431335

>pretty sure she deleted social media around that time too
I mean….good. I'm sure it's great for marketing when the kids have social media, but that seems like such a terrible idea. We're years away from even seeing the psychological ramifications of kids raised with social media access, let alone child stars with that access. If they do have social media at the very least it should be monitored by their parents or someone who isn't trying to squeeze every last penny out of them. I worry about this with the kids from Haunting of Hill House too – though we already saw the "conclusion" of those character's stories, so hopefully people can't be clawing for more like ST.

Speaking of (not really a spoiler because it's in like, the first 2 minutes of S3) but was anyone else feeling really uncomfortable by all the makeout scenes this season? It felt like it was really pandering to some sort of audience and it really skeeved me out.

No. 431336

File: 1562515746567.jpeg (170.51 KB, 700x913, 92DB35C9-839A-48EB-AABF-1FE85F…)

Man, what the hell is that article headline? From what I’ve seen most people were/are justifiably grilling Drake for trying to get super close to a young girl who’s not even related to him. I bet this article’s some kind of covert postitive PR move that he and his team paid for.

Also I don’t think MBB has a very mature face at all, but fidn it questionablethat she keeps being dressed as some middle-aged woman.

No. 431344

The reason they dress her mature but simple is bc she has a meaty, bony face and a stick body. Those proportions and bone structures are flattered by outfits that are tailored, with long silhouettes. They can't dress her cutesy or for her age if they want to flatter her looks, and it sunfortunate that as a kid her face ended up maturing way before what's normal.

I've been in the kibbe body type thing before and what they're dressing her in kinda goes along with that idea. They're not dressing the other kids that way, it's just her and it's bc she has this huge, long face.

No. 431348

Yes, pedos flock to occupations that give them access to children. You are spot-on.

No. 431354

Eh. I was born in 91 but I’ve always been drawn to the 80s aesthetic and music. And I thought the plot was interesting. I like the show but I do agree that it’s overhyped.

No. 431394

I feel like that's a poor excuse. She dressed more age-appropriately during her first year(?) of fame, and she looked just like every other awkward teen actor at events. The problem is adults holding this 15 year old up as a style icon, for adults. 15 year olds look awkward and weird, trying to dress her up as a mini-30 year old isn't going to help that.

No. 431410

File: 1562536634516.jpg (61.72 KB, 700x700, rs_600x600-190707010432-rs_634…)

So Cameron Boyce died from some mysterious undisclosed illness? Its all so bizarre, poor guy and family but honestly im very curious about what the heck happened

No. 431412

apparently he had a seizure disorder

No. 431423

I don't think it's too much of a stretch to believe he had some secret illness (For example the public didn't know Anton Yelchin had cystic fibrosis until after his death ) but the news reports have definitely been vague about what his "ongoing medical condition" that caused his seizure was. Maybe after some grieving time his family will be open to give more insight, this is all just so weird and sudden.

No. 431424

>this is dude is 25

He seriously looks beyond fucked. he must be on a ton of drugs

No. 431426

whoa, did she really post this shit?

No. 431428

Not just you! I felt really really disturbed by the amount of MBB and Mike make out scenes. i get they're teens exploring their puberty, but it felt almost voyeuristic. I'm only 25 and even i feel like oh hell no, this is weird. no thanks

No. 431429

Idk who that young man was but RIP! 20yrs old! He was just a baby!

No. 431430

>>431426 obviously not

No. 431447

Yeah, R.I.P., stranger

No. 431450

I loved ST but for me, it has put the nail in the coffin of Hollywood and stardom. Even with a relatively new and fresh show I like, it's glaringly obvious how fucked the system is and it's sickening to watch play out in real-time in 2019. I enjoyed watching the children even in my Mid-Twenties because I had a terrible time as a kid, too, and it felt very wholesome to watch and identify with. There is also a big trauma narrative for Eleven in the show and for other kids. To have that
mirrored and perverted by the industry in real-life without a success story is just disappointing and disillusioning.

I also feel for Ariana Grande. Her life must be a complete nightmare behind the scenes.

Reminds me of the Geoffrey actor from Game of Thrones who quit acting and held some talk being critical of fame. Will have to find and watch that when I have the time. Generally, I'm curious about celebs who quit I guess.

Anyway, I like reading these threads. They're pretty good and celebricow farmers are cool

No. 431454

Jack Gleeson

No. 431460

You know it has to be bad for a child actor to be able to look fame in the eye and say "I quit." It blows my mind that any of this awful shit happens just for the sake of fame. What's the point?

No. 431490

So what do we think about Cameron Boyce? I don’t think he was a cow but I do find it weird that he died at 20. Usually when a celebrity dies young and suddenly, I usually think it’s drugs but is it possible that something else? Like bad genetics or luck? I remember think about Luke Perry’s death the same way.

Either way, it’s sad.

No. 431493

There's a huge community on Twitter of older women obsessing over and sexualizing Finn Wolfhard specifically, it's extremely creepy and weird. And im talking like, hundreds if not thousands of accounts interacting with each other and talking about how sexy this literal child is.

No. 431494

NTA but yeah I just started the new season and I was so grossed out by the amount of makeout there was between the kids. More so nowing /tv/ and the like are full of pedos that love that shit. I can't imagine the showrunners are unaware of the fanservice they're giving.

No. 431498

File: 1562557117501.jpg (3.21 MB, 1518x2088, Finn_Wolfhard_by_Gage_Skidmore…)

>There's a huge community on Twitter of older women obsessing over and sexualizing Finn Wolfhard specifically, it's extremely creepy and weird. And im talking like, hundreds if not thousands of accounts interacting with each other and talking about how sexy this literal child is.

he's a literal child who actually looks young for age,their are some male underage male actors who I find attractive but definitely not Finn Wolfhard(t. pedochan)

No. 431499

you notice in the first season they spent almost the whole time sexualizing the teens instead, and then after it basically showed people were more obsessed with the literal children rather than the older teens being played by cast members in their late 20s, the sexual focus became the actual children and by the end of season two the pivotal climax was forcing an underaged girl to kiss a male character despite her protests and clear discomfort

they're pandering and they know it and i fully expect next season to explore actual loss of virginity amongst at least one of the younger characters despite them barely even haven gone through puberty

No. 431506

You're talking about the ginger girl kissing the black kid right? I saw an interview that made me feel really sorry for her. Wasn't it like her first kiss?

No. 431509

It'd be one thing if the show was aimed at barely pubescent teens but it's not, it's literally for adults. I swear if they have some virginity losing scene like Nancy's in the first season between Mike and El I'm done with the show.

No. 431516

Hoooo boy the next installment of (Stephen King's) IT should be interesting….

No. 431521

Aren't they all adults in the next one?

No. 431522

>forcing an underaged girl to kiss a male character despite her protests and clear discomfort

elaborate on this, anon?

No. 431533

Yeah, I'm really not familiar with this kid at all but the wording of this is what made me pay attention. You can't really die from a seizure unless you physically injure yourself during one. Seizures can be indicative of other illnesses, but if they're saying it was an ongoing medical condition with the implication of history of seizures, he should have already been on AEDs and known what precautions to take. Seizures aren't like heart attacks or aneurysms, you don't just have one out of the blue for the first time and die immediately right then and there.

This is the equivalent of saying "he died of a sneeze in his sleep". You could die from allergies, the flu, pneumonia, and all of those may cause sneezing but to say the sneeze itself was the cause of death would make zero sense (unless the sneeze caused you to crash your car or something).

Maybe tinfoil, but the way this is worded makes me suspect possibly drugs/alcohol were involved. Seizures can occur as part of withdrawal or abuse from either substance, and you can also develop a seizure disorder from alcohol abuse. If they had just said "died in his sleep of an ongoing illness" I wouldn't have given it a second glance, but the wording seems suspicious as fuck, especially since he's a Disney baby. Even if it was something like a tumor or head injury that caused him to have a seizure, you STILL wouldn't say the seizure itself was the cause of death. That plus the "ongoing medical condition for which he was being treated" wording sounds like rehabilitation in that context.

I really hope I'm wrong and someone just used the wrong wording though.

No. 431543

this headline makes me sick. 'new bff duo'? she's 14 and he's something like 32. how is that normal? it's not. if you had a 14 kid and she was hanging out with a 32 year old man that would be incredibly odd. just because they're famous doesn't make it any less odd. drake needs to keep the fuck away from these underage girls.

No. 431544

I remember when a 27 year old model tweeted him with a comment like 'call me in 4 years time' (when he'd be 18) and she got a lot of shit for it, understandably.

The older Finn fans are creepy af, leave these kids alone ffs.

No. 431545

You can absolutely die from having a seizure if it's a big enough one, your brain will cook. If he had a massive seizure in his sleep and it went uncontrolled then he would have died.

No. 431552

You seen the video of Drake groping an underage girl on stage AFTER SHE STATES THAT SHE'S UNDER 18? It's vile, there's more to be concerned about than just the age gap here. He's this generation's R. Kelly.

No. 431564

File: 1562580278935.jpg (74.01 KB, 692x544, drake.jpg)

theres been stuff about drake for years, no one does anything.

No. 431567

I wouldn't be surprised for one bit if charlie heaton will find the same destiny as river phoenix. they also kinda look alike with that druggie pretty boy look that makes the teenagers swoon.

No. 431568

i feel bad for river phoenix. he was just genuinely a good guy. charlie heaton does really look like him, he also kind of looks like norman reedus.

No. 431569

Oh my god what the FUCK I can't believe it! I look at his updates on Instagram daily. I had no idea, that's so sad. Oh no!

No. 431652

File: 1562597318836.png (106.55 KB, 720x563, Screenshot_20190708-164422~2.p…)

Thanks for the name. Probably didn't help that he played one of the most hated character in a TV show ever and contributed to this decisions in a lot of ways.
He probably gets harassed by cancerous GoT fans on the regular still.

Lena Headey gets harassed for playing Cersei often which is a shame because she is the most down-to-earth person and polar opposite of Cersei. Kinda comes with the territory of playing such a role but requires a real brainlet to act like this.

No. 431664

the girl who plays max had to kiss the boy who plays lucas despite there basically not being any lead up whatsoever to any sort of relationship yet, and she wasnt aware she was going to have to until right before
it was also her first kiss and she said she wasnt comfortable with it at first but they convinced her to do it

No. 431669

File: 1562599741129.jpg (244.03 KB, 1024x768, fuckingbitch.jpg)

saged for non-milk

No. 431677


No. 431682

I love Lena Headey, she doesn't deserve this insane shit where people can't tell what a fictional character is. They should be stoning GRRM to death if they have an issue with a character that he wrote.

I can't find the video footage of her saying it but heres a bit from it I stole from an article.

“It was not written in the script. The kiss was not written in the script,” she said. “I get there the first day of filming the Snow Ball, me and Noah [Schnapp] are walking in, seeing the decorations and stuff. One of you – I think it was you, Ross – was like, ‘Oh Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’ I’m like, ‘What? Nope! That’s not in the script. That’s not happening.’ And so the whole day I was stressed out.”

“You reacted so strongly to this. I was just joking,” replied Ross Duffer. “And you were so freaked out I was like oh, well, I gotta make you do it now. That’s what happened. That’s why it’s your fault.”

No. 431684

No. 431685

No. 431724

goddamn, that's fucking fucked and a huge red flag for this director in general. it's a shame Sadie (naturally) felt pressured to oblige and didn't riot. that's not a fun prank, that's a sadistic power-play with a young girl that depends on you and hurting her boundaries.

No. 431726

grand mal's are really dangerous. like, death-inducing dangerous, easily. my own father died from hitting his head from a fall so it's terrifying how easily it can happen.
in watsky's memoir he goes into detail about the history of them not only in his family but generally in western civilisation, it's a really interesting read. also made a boppin song about it.

"It's no family secret that Mom's Aunt Polly, who died in 1945, wasn't simply having the"fainting spells" described in old letters from her mother. But those were the days when epilepsy could be legally punished with forced sterilization, and Polly was unmedicated when she died—fell and hit her head on her Freshman dorm bathtub at Sarah Lawrence. She'll be seventeen forever."

No. 431821


No. 431832

most definitely makes this director sound like a pos… how fucking dare he

No. 431841

File: 1562617928717.gif (560.9 KB, 480x360, CautiousFatalGourami-small.gif)

>your brain will cook
It won't. If you're referring to febrile seizures, those are seizures that occur with a high fever (mostly in children) – but the fever is what causes the seizure, not the other way around. People can literally seize for hours/days/weeks on end and don't die (status epilepticus). Sometimes they don't even know they're seizing because they're subclinical or complex. THIS is why seizures are so scary and dangerous. People can be driving and going about their day completely unaware that they're having seizures. Often times people who have seizures in their sleep won't know they even have seizures until they share a bed with someone or they wake up on the floor covered in blood from biting their tongue or something. But again, why I'm so suspicious of the wording of this as the "cause of death". Seizures leave very little trace behind in the brain, and usually only in the moments directly following one, and even then can only be seen on an EEG. If he was found hours later or already dead, there would be no activity left to detect, so unless someone actually saw him have the seizure and hit his head or something, it's very weird that they would hurry to proclaim that as THE cause. Again to use the sneeze analogy, it'd be like if you found someone dead in a crashed car and immediately went "well they had a history of sneezing, so they MUST have sneezed and crashed their car! The sneeze did it!" because that sounds better than drunk driving.

>grand mal's are really dangerous. like, death-inducing dangerous
GTCs are the most dangerous, but that's because of the loss of physical control (aka tonic/clonic phase). But it's not the seizure that kills you it's the complications of it, or the seizure is the result of something else even more alarming.
>fell and hit her head
>died from hitting his head from a fall
You said it yourself, not a seizure, a fall caused by a seizure. Sorry about your Dad though, genuinely. I work in neurology and watching someone seize is still one of the most terrifying/heartbreaking things to experience no matter how many times you seen it, because really all you can do is make sure they're safe and won't hurt themselves until it ends. AEDs aren't even administered unless a person is in status usually, because otherwise a seizure begins and ends before it would make a difference. Basically seizures are the smoke, and any number of things could be the fire, but also sometimes smoke is just smoke. They're fascinating, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

No. 431854

I'm sure you know that people can choke on their tongue while having seizures if someone isn't there to help them. Or that they can vomit and asphyxiate. It would be fairly easy to figure out he died from a seizure if he died from either of those causes, even looking at his tongue to see if it is chewed up would be a big indicator that that's what happened.

No. 431924


Kinda sounds like this is what he died of. I had no idea this existed.

No. 431940

What a fucking scumbag. She's a KID.

No. 431943

Sounds like yet another Dan Schneider situation. I hope he goes down sooner than Schneider.

No. 431997

No. 432103

Ugh, why would they force firsts on kids like that…

No. 432192

File: 1562698219123.jpg (43.29 KB, 750x394, 5d22123ea17d6c13417ead42-750-3…)

Anybody been paying attention to the Jeffrey Epstein case? Lot of shady sex trafficking shit going on, along with a list of celebrity/politician accomplices


>Bill Clinton spent enough time aboard disgraced Wall Street mogul Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' airplane that he should be eligible for frequent flyer miles, according to a shocking new report that reveals how often the former U.S. president road along with with the convicted sex offender.

>Flight logs reviewed by Fox News show Clinton took 26 trips aboard Epstein's Boeing 727 jet, more than double the 11 flights previously known.
>Epstein's jet was reportedly set up with a bed where guests had group sex with young girls.


>According to a 2015 Gawker article, Epstein's little black book contains hundreds of names that a hobnobbing socialite billionaire might keep on hand, however around 50 of the entries were circled by Rodriguez - "including those of many of Epstein's suspected victims and accomplices," according to the report.

>Some of the names in the book include:

>Ralph Fiennes, Alec Baldwin, David Blaine, Jimmy Buffett, Courtney Love, Charlie Rose, Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Ehud Barak, Tony Blair, David Koch, John Gutfreund, Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Donald Trump

No. 432194

god i hope this busts everything open and they(everyone involved in either participating, or funding and aiding him or anyone else in trafficking and rape/murder/snuff of children) either all get arrested or kill themselves

its been a long time coming
burn in hell you sick fucks

No. 432196

>Donald Trump
Eagerly waiting for the people who talk about Pizzagate as if Trump will stop it to explain this.
He's a freak like all the rest, and loves this disgusting system.
I knew Naomi Campbell was on the list, but didn't know about Courtney Love. I knew her "riot grrrl" feminism shit was fake, but that makes me sad.

No. 432213

File: 1562700830446.png (25.71 KB, 611x141, D-99rA6WwAAo-yC.png)

I'm not surprised to see Naomi on that list considering the shady shit that went down with that Liberian politician a while ago. I suspect Courtney Love is a child sex abuse victim turned pedo/enabler(?). Explains why Hole had so much kinderwhore imagery.
I suspect the people on that list are either perpetrators being blackmailed, victims or enablers. Mind you this is going back all the way to the early 1980's.


>In an affidavit filed last year, one of the girls, Virginia Roberts said that she had had sex with Prince Andrew and renowned lawyer Alan Dershowitz — a member of OJ Simpson's Dream Team — on Epstein's properties.

>The walk-through video does not show everything the cops found, such as video cameras hidden in clocks — one in the garage and the other on Epstein's desk. He is believed to have used the cameras to tape his famous friends in sex acts with underage girls for blackmail purposes.
>'Epstein required me to describe the sexual events that I had with these men presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them. I am still very fearful of these men today,' she said.

Apologies for posting Daily Mail links, but there are a lot of credible Twitter threads with receipts if you look into it

No. 432216

Pizzagate conspiracy nuts only care about the fact that it was democrats apparently doing it. If it was republicans, most of them wouldn’t bat an eyelash. It’s not about saving abused children to them. It’s about proving the other side to be “wrong” so they can look better.

No. 432219

File: 1562701904191.jpg (66.08 KB, 750x766, 97bt0ijqr2221.jpg)

A few months back, someone tagged "google Jeffrey Epstein" on a bunch of buildings and monuments in Boston. The general publics knowledge about this horrible man is alarming.

The guy was arrested and deemed schizophrenic or something. I was rooting for him as it was weeks before he was caught and kept adding more.


>Seems that they’re trying to get a message across with the expectation that you’re going to look it up and try to figure out what it is,” said Eloise McMiinn, who was visiting Boston from her native England. “It’s not just sort of done as a joke or anything like that.”

>Karim Osman of Dorchester, who was stopping by Boston Public Library with his two young sons, said, “It’s upsetting and it’s not appropriate for children either.”

>“The language that they chose is meant to be inflammatory,” said Osman. “I’ve noticed a bunch of it around here.”

>Other passersby didn’t understand the message of the graffiti, which apparently targets Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier accused of sexual abuse.

>“I was kind of thinking ‘who was Jeff Epstein?’ It’s kind of like why did they put that there?” said Rafael Dunand, a Babson College student.

>“I don’t understand what the message is, it’s lost on me,” said Paul Haimby.

Most news stories about this either didn't even say Epstein's name or they didn't mention the ~alleged~ sexual assaults.

No. 432226

I don't know who any of these people are but the guy she's speaking to about the kiss has total rapist/chomo eyes. Seems like he has done stuff to her. Anyone else get this vibe?

No. 432239


Does no one remember this either?

>After the Obama family returns from their post-inauguration vacation to Palm Springs, three of them—Barack, Michelle, and Sasha—will readjust to civilian life in Kalorama, a D.C. neighborhood located just two miles from their old digs. The missing family member? That would be 18-year-old Malia, who’s reportedly off to a new adventure: an internship for mega-producer Harvey Weinsten.

There's no news since March; then again, that's the MA court system.

No. 432276

Not trying to get away from the Epstein talk because I find it interesting too but is anyone following what’s going on with A$AP Rocky? Apparently he got arrested in Sweden for assault (he claims it was self defense) and has been in Swedish custody for about two weeks. Apparently the jail that he’s in has awful, inhumane like conditions. Which is weird, considering that Sweden prides itself on being “so progressive” to the point on letting refugees marry their child brides.

I can’t say I’m a fan of his but if it’s true, it’s pretty fucked up how they’re treating him and other prisoners in general.

No. 432280

File: 1562711453485.png (116.39 KB, 1326x618, Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 6.30…)

It's not true.

No. 432289

swedish prisons are 5-star hotels compared to the average american prison. he should be giving the guards enemas with his tongue as retribution for being locked up in a decent country with decent penitentiary system.

No. 432293

Not gonna lie, I personally believe PG is real. There's just way too much evidence to back up international, long-standing pedo rings that both celebrities and powerful political figures are a part of, whether that's through being consumers, traffickers or enablers. I don't even know how anyone can deny it at this point.
I just hate the fact that most of the people who also believe in it are only interested because, like you said, "The democrats bad!!".

No. 432365

This is where Im at too. They've already arrested plenty of people for doing darkweb snuff CP and child torture type stuff. And its been confirmed almost everytime that the ringleaders had connection to wealthy celebrities and politicans. Doesnt take a genius to figure that out. Only issue is both sides of the political spectrum want to pretend its only the other side. Nah fam, its almost all of them. Almost every celeb has been a victim or perpetrator of abuse. Almost every politician has at the LEAST, gotten funding from child abusers/rapists/traffickers/snuff purchasers.

No. 432367

File: 1562728056442.gif (2.35 MB, 478x354, giphy.gif)

>SUDEP refers to deaths in people with epilepsy that are not caused by injury, drowning, or other known causes.
>It would be fairly easy to figure out he died from a seizure if he died from either of those causes
Again, this is not "death by seizure", this is the death of a person who happens to have epilepsy – because there is literally no way to prove that someone had a seizure unless they were hooked up to an EEG at the time of the event. Seizures are discharges of electricity in the brain, you can only see them as they are happening, (like lightning). You can't even prove it by watching someone have a "seizure" with your own eyes because unless you can prove what's happening is caused by electricity in you brain, it's not a seizure. These are called Non-epileptic events/Non-epileptic seizures/Pseudoseizures. They can mimic seizures in every way, except since they're not actually seizures because they can't be controlled by seizure medication. Even people who have diagnosed epilepsy can have non-epileptic events.

Think of it like this: you're standing across the street from a house, and sometimes one of the lights within flickers. It may be a problem with with the lightbulb or the wiring or something serious, or it may be someone standing in there turning the light switch on and off. The only way to tell is to have an electrician look through the window so they can see what it is, but the only way they can know for sure is if they see the lights flicker with their own eyes while looking through the window. Even if you take a video of the lights flickering or describe it to the electrician, they won't be able to tell you definitively. If you wake up the next day and find the house has burned down, you would do is a full investigation. If the investigation turned up nothing THEN you would go "well, I guess maybe that flickering light had something to do with it?", but even then there's no way for you or the electrician to ever know for sure at that point.

SUDEP would be a last possible conclusion once everything else has possibly been ruled out, which it hasn't been yet. What they did in this situation was found the house burned down in the morning, and immediately reported to the media that it was caused by a faulty lightbulb.

>I'm sure you know that people can choke on their tongue while having seizures if someone isn't there to help them. Or that they can vomit and asphyxiate.

They can't, and in fact that "choking on your tongue" myth is extremely harmful, under no circumstances are you to put anything in anyone's mouth during a seizure. The worst they can do is bite their tongue, and they're more likely to injure themselves (or you) if you try and shove something in their mouth. Vomiting almost never happens during a seizure, and when it does its usually in children. (I've only ever seen it happen with babies who seize right after being fed, but babies puke all the time anyways). If you found someone choked to death on their vomit, it would in no way indicate a seizure – incontinence would be a much better indication. I think you're assuming people vomit during a seizure because both GTCs and alcohol/drug ODs use the "recovery position" (that laying on your side pose). Recovery position during a seizure is used to stabilize a patient during a GTC so they can't hurt themselves. Recovery position in an unconscious person is in theory to prevent them from choking on their own vomit/fluids. Same pose, different reasons.

The tumor causing seizures can kill you, a metabolic disorder causing seizures can kill you, a head injury caused by a seizure can kill you, a head injury causing seizures can kill you, but a seizure itself cannot kill you. If you roll face down in a pool of water during a seizure and drown, what killed you was the drowning, not the seizure. I'm not trying to argue with you, I would honestly just ignore what you're saying if it wasn't that what you're saying is actually dangerous and incorrect information that could injure someone.

No. 432373

File: 1562728756813.jpeg (61.58 KB, 480x598, 5923a0f41b405.jpeg)


Nope Nope Nope take it to the tinfoil thread: >>369313
Honestly, this whole thread went from zero to tinfoil pretty quickly. Some of us just want to escape the nightmare dimension we're in for a moment and just talk about shallow celebrity bullshit, so keep it separate.

No. 432375

File: 1562729324944.jpg (30.46 KB, 794x447, Cersei-Lannister-BTS-game-of-t…)

I've met her in person and she is such a lovely woman, she's so down to Earth and personal with people and I feel awful that people can't tell the difference between her and the character she played. (also I hope that she isn't still being treated like that from fans seeing as GOT is over)

No. 432421

File: 1562742125836.png (137.6 KB, 343x342, NEJF93RF.png)

I would really love it if she stopped making this face.
IDK if this looks sexy to males and that's why she does it, she just looks like a drooling retard to me.

No. 432455

File: 1562749245226.jpg (57.47 KB, 750x520, IMG_1382.JPG)

This whole attempt to appear racially ambiguous is stupid.
She looked better when she didn't excessively tan, wore less makeup and didn't look starved. She also has a very youthful face so I can't really take her seriously when she tries to look seductive or whatever that's supposed to be.

No. 432461

Did she get brow lift or something to change her eye shape or does she just walk around with half-lidded eyes all the time now.

No. 432467

She actually did get a brow lift at some point. It's pretty obvious when comparing her Nickelodeon era face to the current one.

No. 432513

I think it's part of a dumb trend i've noticed, where girls have half hooded eyes and their lips slightly parted. I think it's supposed to give off a sexy, sleepy look but it just seems dumb as fuck to me, I see it everywhere on models and pinterest and twitter. Billie Eillish constantly has this face, looking drugged out and half asleep, it's the cool aesthetic to go with now i guess

No. 432515

>slightly parted
i think she missed the memo cause she looks like a drooling idiot.

tbh i can't take her seriously because she looks and acts young.

No. 432535

File: 1562771402253.jpeg (177.4 KB, 960x1200, A09D7CA3-8456-45DF-8CA1-7275FC…)

speaking of racially ambigous, y’all see this shit?
not only is the quality extremely….off, but she straight up looks like a mixed girl.

No. 432537

did someone shoop baby hairs onto this bitch?

No. 432554

Which one of them exactly?

No. 432556

You do know that baby hair is an all-races thing, right…?

No. 432600

I can't pinpoint what it is but she does not look like herself
As other anons have noted she already had an eyebrow lift probably, a nose job and maybe lip fillers too but it all turned out natural for her but she still looks different in this.
I think she has naturally curly hair though.

No. 432613

This picture looks off, like the lighting is weird or something. It also looks like she and her dog were shooped into the background.

No. 432618

These lips look disgusting.

No. 432655

File: 1562791234302.jpg (30.19 KB, 405x533, 901.jpg)


Why are the covers of the amerian vouge always so bland? I know that the vouge these days is trash but compared to the other ones it always has those super uninspired covers. I always get the vibe that it's more seen as a celebrity magazine (hurr hurr celeb xy is on the cover!) than a fashion one in that case idk

No. 432656

File: 1562791339525.jpg (285.93 KB, 1818x1023, VOGUE Juni Cover.jpg)


another ones

No. 432658

1. Anna Wintour is blah
2. Grace Coddington retired a few years back and American Vogue hasn’t been the same. She was their best creative director.

No. 432664

File: 1562792164128.jpeg (27.06 KB, 300x300, 2DC0AAAD-7E24-45C7-9C98-618E88…)

Seems to me they’re trying to copy Marilyn Monroe’s sultry iconic look

No. 432836

File: 1562829582001.jpg (183.28 KB, 530x1000, bigdickenergy.jpg)

They are drooling retards, both Ariana and Kate are into drugs and big dick energy.

No. 432846

i think the critique was actually a jab at ariana’s hair being fucked up beyond repair.

No. 432852

Agreed, it looks like a wine auntie had a pretend photoshoot at the beach instead of a world famous celebrity on the cover of a fashion magazine.

No. 432861

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think she got that good plastic surgery.

No. 432862

Her lips look like a blow up doll's mouth in that first picture. Overall I think her PS looks fine though.

No. 432889

File: 1562843945405.jpg (6.85 KB, 227x222, images.jpg)

No. 432897

is this annie leibowitz? she always fucking does this weird shit where the shoop is HORRIFIC and the composition is TRAGIC

No. 432906

…it's ariana grande

No. 432909

It is, I've never understood why people rate her so highly.

why did I laugh at this

No. 432913

I think her PS was a total downgrade. She looked better before, especially the nose and lips. The nosejob is really well done, but… I feel like it doesn't fit her face.
It was very unnecessary but again, she seems pretty insecure about her looks and has probably been through some shit in her Nickelodeon days, so it's understandable

No. 432939

This is so fucking stupid but I laughed like hell lol.

No. 432986

lmao i love you anon

No. 432987

They could've gotten a cab/Uber to get away from those two leeches. Really unfortunate

No. 433010

File: 1562868997765.png (456.34 KB, 499x597, Weird.png)

Amanda Seyfield is, once again, stirring the fucking pot.


No. 433012

This bitch.

No. 433013

Lmao this wrinkly old hag virtue signaling on the gram

No. 433021


Billie has tourettes that affects her eyes, that's why she has the weird "drugged" face/eyes going on. But otherwise agreed

No. 433030

> Lmao this wrinkly old hag

wow, how rude.

No. 433033

It's a joke, anon. We even have a banner for it.

No. 433046

I tend to look like that in photos, more in a drugged out way than sexy and it ain't intentional. Some people just have thicker eyelids or slower reaction time to a photo being taken.

No. 433055

File: 1562879507573.jpg (731.16 KB, 1079x1940, Screenshot_20190711-161136_Chr…)


No. 433059

Thats old news and it wasnt even secret. There were news about it all over the Berlin metro back in march.

I agree it's shocking though.

No. 433060

What's so shocking about that?

No. 433061

Because it feels like an anime crossover

No. 433063

GOT fans are all autistic incels so I'm really not surprised.

No. 433074

That's probably really how it feels like for German anons. Like wtf? It's so random…

No. 433121

it feels so weird because i remember being a fan of tokio hotel when they were literally like…kids
its hard to reconcile my own age with reality lol
it was so long ago but feels so recent
congrats to them i guess?

No. 433160

No. 433181

File: 1562915414550.jpg (132.9 KB, 1080x1080, 65682820_358604334851124_90334…)

This Billie throwback tho, she probably had a Twitter Stan account too lol

Same here anon, I still have my old TH CDs

No. 433189

God, fucking Tokio Hotel…

She looks like Vanessa Hudgens here lol

No. 433199

Speaking of tokio hotel, they made a comeback and are flopping super hard, like playing in very small, half empty venues.
Heidi also angered the few remaining fans by signing their merch lol

No. 433233

I hate her and her pretentious fan base so much, she’s literally the most annoying pop star for me rn. Even more annoying than Ariana. Mostly because she reminds me of Avril Lavigne and her weird “not like other girls” shtick

No. 433242

they have been flopping since they came back from their hiatus.not only their image changed,but their songs arent as good.compaired to their early work,i cant call any of their recent songs memorable or good

No. 433248

File: 1562924970113.jpg (143.22 KB, 1080x1080, d7rgymfw4aizpzk.jpg)

I just looked them, and what a fucking downgrade. Not this "greasy, sleazecore gay man and his bumbling straight guy friends" type of aesthetic.
They should've either let the past be a faded, fond memory, or just gone ham and tried to bring back that old emo kid energy. There's a scene and emo revival going on nowadays, so it would've worked in their favor if they did the latter (even if it was mostly tongue-in-cheek).
Seriously, who the fuck is paying money to see the guys in the bottom play live? What is there even to see?

No. 433250

Funny that you say that cause in an interview or something she actually mentioned her as one of her ultimate faves.

I don't care much about her. I like that she does her own thing and doesn't give a fuck about being super feminine and all but she just says too many questionable things and I'm like pls girl shut up you're so sheltered you have no idea.
Also not fond of her casually using bitches as a synonym for girls. The way she talks about "other girls" sometimes sounds like it's coming from a typical sexist dude. She definitely tries a bit too hard and hangs out with too many (older)guys.

No. 433253

Unbelievable, how hard is it just to acknowledge fans only like you for being pretty, then try to stay that way? Female celebrities manage it.

No. 433257

i wouldnt mind them not looking pretty if it wasnt followed by atrocious new songs and aesthetic.this song was what they came up after years of hiatus.i was never a fan but i liked some of their songs and this was such a letdown

No. 433259

Not a single person in this picture has aged well.

No. 433260

I had seen what a trainwreck bill had become but wtf is that hobo look tom has?Don't they see themselves or they just don't care anymore?

No. 433265

God this brings back memories. Even in my poor easteuro country they were extremely popular, I used to crush on Tom hard but he looks like shit now.
I vaguely remember news about girls cutting themselves at their concerts

No. 433266

To me it seems like they still have babyfaces and try too hard to hide that/look different: bill with styling himself like a massive fag and tom with that gross beard.

No. 433269

literally WHAT
Isn't Heidi Klum an ex-wife of Seal?
Bill was a kid like 10 years ago (ok, I know that he was already twenty, but still…), that's a huge gap and extremely weird to see the ex-emo kid marrying a normie ex (?) model that could be his mother.
Wouldn't be surprised if she's his beard or something.
If not, wish them the best of luck, but I feel like they will crash and burn soon.

No. 433270

They're "only" 16 years apart - that's an age difference you see constantly in Hollywood, just with the genders reversed. He's 30, it's not like he's barely legal.
I don't see what's so weird about a broke musician marrying a rich older model.

No. 433272

I am not into huge age gaps in general, but I am not saying that it's wrong for a woman to be the older partner - let's just say that it's one of the weird twists of reality that I could never imagine happening.

No. 433279

Men age like bananas in the sun confirmed

No. 433294

Aren't they like in their thirties at most? No excuse to look so bad.

No. 433303

~you didn't glow up, you look like throwup~

No. 433319

bill is the biggest disappointment
how do you go from being such a pretty borderline troon but still sexually attractive teen/young adult, to obviously male but ugly styling almost like a gay fashion designer trying to emulate george michael and failing miserably as you age

No. 433374

File: 1562955004158.png (793.12 KB, 1000x563, 2x02_Her_.png)

right. if you're going to marry a younger man/sugar baby why would you go for… him?

No. 433419


apparently heidi klum was bill's childhood crush

No. 433432

That almost makes it Macron levels of creepy.

No. 433434

Tom's first ex-wife is also older than him. I don't care if he has a mommy complex or simply likes older women - but Heidi seems like weird choice for Tom since Bill and him hated fame so much that they moved to the U.S. Fans stalked them constantly and even broke into their home in Germany, so of course they value privacy and live under the radar. Heidi is a famewhore per excellence, she has to show the world every part of her life. They have two completely different ways of living.
Has anyone seen GNTM this May? It was a major cringefest and you could totally see that Tom was embarrassed and didn't say much at all whereas Heidi was a hyperactive mess and talked about marriage non-stop.

I'm sure that Bill is at least bi and he only said Heidi Klum in that interview because she was an obvious answer since she the most famous model in Germany back then. He had to obtain his ~HetEro image in order to sell music to girls.

No. 433436


I went to one of their concerts recently and honestly I think most people (including me) just went for the nostalgia. It was a bit depressing seeing how barely anyone showed up at the concert, and they played barely any of their old songs even though they promised they would. I honestly think they should just give up already.

No. 433438

>"Why is every pretty girl with a horrible looking man? I don't understand. Look, I'm not shaming people for their looks, but I am though. You give an ugly guy a chance, he thinks he rules the world. I swear to God, because they got a hot girl, they can be horrible? Like, you're still ugly though. Can't change that. Maybe that's why. Maybe that's why guys with small dicks get like huge mansions. To make up for it, you know. Or like really nice cars (laughs), you know."
Hmm, I guess Billie is alright if she can be this accurate.

No. 433439

he was already married? wtf?
i can still remember all the stalkers from back in the day that would freak out over every little interaction they had with females and the ridiculous shipping between members of tokio hotel and cinema bizarre

damn….im old…

No. 433445

I know that a girl from my work went to see them for the exact same reason, I guess she must have ended up being disappointed.
The band does not want to admit that their glory days are long gone. They have always been pure cringe, maybe you don't enjoy their new songs cause you don't have nostalgia goggles protecting you from low quality.

At the same time I find it slightly unfair when fans expect musicians to just give up on new music and keep playing their old three hits during the shows. The band has moved on, accept it and enjoy the gig for what it is or don't go. It's simple as that.

I need to add that I am not a TH fan and I never was as I found their music shitty and their image screamed industry plant. I remember buying a TH cap and a pillow with Bill for a colleague who was a huge sperg at the time.

So he's on his second marriage? Time sure does fly.
I am glad I am not the only one that remembers Cinema Bizzare, that was also a total trainwreck. In a way, Germans tried to rip-off the Japanese phenomenon/'soft power' of pandering music groups before South Korea did. I guess I am glad they failed or we would have an infestation of germaboos as well.

Are those Cinema Bizzare guys still doing something or have they disappeared?

No. 433453

no idea, im way out of the loop apparently
im almost scared to look them up because i always cringe when i look up guys in bands i used to like because the majority of them age like absolute shit

No. 433454

File: 1562971843482.jpg (99.53 KB, 696x400, Lha4eQRgLTM.jpg)

found some before and after gonna sage all the pics but here you go

No. 433456


I was a kid during their golden days so I guess that kinda explains why I liked them so much. But yeah, they were never that great. But at least they used to be better imo…

And I agree that you shouldn't expect bands to continue playing their old songs forever. But in this case they kind of advertised their tour as some kind of throwback but only played like three old songs.

Regarding Cinema Bizarre, the singer is quite active on social media iirc (he goes by Jack Strify I think) and I think another member is a drag queen or something.

No. 433457

File: 1562971902140.jpg (114.51 KB, 696x400, Jp-sCch8vYQ.jpg)

this one was always an uggo but was one of the most popular ones for some reason
he got shipped with bill the most

No. 433458

File: 1562971924548.jpg (102.76 KB, 696x400, lrhdX7OlQgU.jpg)

this one is shocking

No. 433459

He looks like a 12 year old kid had a beard glued on.

No. 433460

File: 1562971978898.jpg (113.15 KB, 696x400, UyGKxiKm8Rw.jpg)

this was the weeaboo of the group
at least he still has a similar aesthetic

No. 433461

File: 1562972031068.jpg (89.81 KB, 696x400, T0_Tdj4Mqqg.jpg)

here was the creepy troon guy that got kicked out for whatever reason

No. 433465

he literally looks just like bill now

No. 433583

File: 1562987211731.png (118.92 KB, 480x810, glee.png)

Idk where to post. People who try to copy their fave celebrities lives for asspats are so cringe. https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/amp28379177/michelle-carter-cory-monteith-lea-michele-glee-obsession/

No. 433588

When tf did she leave Seal?

No. 433589

when she cheated on him with one of her bodyguards or something

No. 433590

Goo the pig deserves everything he gets, shame you have to wait for people to get real justice through prison justice

No. 433595

Oh shit for real, how long ago was that?

No. 433597

No. 433718

File: 1563020489683.jpg (197.35 KB, 487x759, 20190713_082127.jpg)

If you guys think Bill turned out cringey you should see Jack Strify from Cinema Bizaree. I looked him up on Twitter one day after stumbling across some CB songs and… eugh. IDK what happens to German weebs as they age but yikes.

No. 433722

File: 1563020803364.jpg (473.98 KB, 1080x1435, 20190713_072605.jpg)

Fucking gross. I can see his fucking pubes.

No. 433723

File: 1563020959211.jpg (54.26 KB, 498x650, 2663bb8bdb14b1ae321e5ce90ffdfe…)

That's so sad. RIP to this cutie.
I feel kind of bad because it's clear he's trying to be what he once was in that photo you posted, but it's just too little, too late. He couldn't even be arsed to shave, ffs.

No. 433724


Google images "Jack Strify 2019", just scroll. There's so much more there.

No. 433727

This is so relatable, lmao. This is something almost every bi girl realizes sooner or later, and then ugly guys with their pick-me gfs start to seethe once it's pointed out.

No. 433732

i will legit never understand stupid morons who cant separate an actor from their role. it's actually retarded.

No. 433734

i dont even get what's so great about billie ellish. she always looks drunk to me

No. 433737

One of my friends irl are actually upset that Zac Effron is playing Ted Bundy and is equating acting with the crimes Ted Bundy actually committed lmao

No. 433740

FUCKING SHIT MY SIDES. I was just wondering what these guys looked like now too KEK
What is this called? This is like almost drag queen but more burlesque. Is this just how old semi famous Germans dress now?

No. 433824

No. 433842

god im glad we're discussing tokio hotel

No. 433844

File: 1563036706760.gif (724.96 KB, 245x210, 5f4925d9-3afd-44fd-b74c-cb6ab7…)

a snippet from their mv from 2014. and despite all, bill claims he's just an lgbt "supporter" - boy, come out already. you have nothing to lose.
used to be their fan until 20-fucking-17 when they made the worst business decision imaginable and tried out a 10-something-stop US tour. which obviously got cancelled several months prior since they had roughly 30 fans left in ameriKKKa. the band said naught and waited several weeks before making a semi-official statement, bill obviously blocked everyone who called him out kek

No. 433846

File: 1563036970846.gif (1.9 MB, 245x310, b52dcf74-07cc-4ab2-895c-5271a2…)

oh, also: tokio hotel regularly sells multiple different meet and greet packages a 900 cap gig for 200-2000 freedom coins. the most expensive ones come with a 10 minute talk with the band and a selfie with them! o joy! also: i've heard both bill and tom are raging misogynists but getting into detail would be powerleveling i guess lol

No. 433847


I think Bill said he's bi (maybe not in those exact words). One of the songs from his solo project ''BILLY'' is about two guys being in love iirc.

No. 433849

>both bill and tom are raging misogynists but getting into detail would be powerleveling i guess lol
It's on-topic, anon. Please do tell.

No. 433852


Yeah and the Tokio Hotel Summer Camp thing which is also crazy expensive.

No. 433853

he's out though
he could very well be bi or gender fluid or whatever the hell kids call it these days, but he's made it very obvious he likes dick either way

No. 433871

Seconding this, you cannot drop us like this. Give us the milk!

No. 433890

File: 1563041806747.jpg (197.38 KB, 800x1200, karliekloss.jpg)

Dude looks like Karlie Kloss

No. 433908

That's some autism right there, anon. You should tell your friend that acting is acting and doesn't relate to the real life person. wtf

No. 433925

File: 1563045173560.jpg (497.51 KB, 2048x1387, HIM-CMS-Source.jpg)

>In a way, Germans tried to rip-off the Japanese phenomenon/'soft power' of pandering music groups before South Korea did.
Not just Germans, there were many bands in (Northern) Europe who were definitely inspired by Visual Kei.

Does anybody remember HIM? Same with Tokio Hotel, they had a pretty singer, a fat homely guy, a guy with dreads,… and they've also aged super hard.

Why is it that or when did the makeup trend with bandguys die out?

No. 433926

ville aged hard and fast because he was a disgusting pathetic perpetually drunk manchild, just like bam margera which was why they were such close friends

surprised neither of them have died yet though i hear that bam surpassed ville on the messy scale so much that even ville was like "whoa dude ok im not talking to you anymore until you stop this shit"
same dynamic as bert mccracken from the used and gerard way from mcr lol

all of these men age like shit because they just dont give a fuck when they're young and then they end up shriveled up bananas before they barely even hit 30, with no stable relationships and a plethora of health issues but still try to hold on to the image from their glory days which basically just leads to them banging mentally unstable stalker fans with stds and being in debt because they think theyre still rich and famous, and usually overdosing or having severe issues like brett michaels whos in and out of the hospital because hes fucked himself up so much with drugs and alcohol etc

i wish rockstars got posted here more they're all so milky and ridiculous

No. 433928

Read online a while back, he indirectly said he's pansexual saying that love is love regardless of gender and all that

No. 433931

i mean i'm somehow not surprise they're mysoginist but can you please tell us more about this?

all this TH milk has me thriving.

No. 433934

File: 1563046607563.jpg (136.82 KB, 1500x998, ville-valo-agents-in-concert-a…)


Yeah Ville ruined himself. I get the feeling that he is trying to move on now that he's making boring music with Agents. He got new teeth that makes him look really strange. Idek.

No. 433935

the inside damage is probably irreparable but he looks decent and at least isnt making videos on instagram where he is coked out of his mind and abusing his wife like bam

No. 433938


That's true. I mean he is in his forties so I don't think it's too strange that he moved on from being a pretty bandguy with makeup.

No. 433939

File: 1563047091563.jpg (59.5 KB, 600x500, VA_web.jpg)

Back in good old 2005, HIM was my absolute favorite band. I knew every song of theirs by heart and still do, actually (up to Venus Doom, anyway.) Even though I've matured and expanded the types of music that I listen to, I'm sure the band will always have a special place in my little emo heart. Sorry, just had to sperg for a second since I don't think I've seen them brought up on LC before.

No. 433942

Also, I think he still looks pretty good for being 42.

No. 433947

He's been brought up in the ashamed to fuck threads

No. 433968


oop i'm back. anyway, here are my sources, based off of 10 years of desperately seeking every tidbit of information i could find;
- tom has made shitty misogynistic jokes since forever. probably was something his management persuaded him to do at first but it seems like he's.. truly caught up to it? just search for some recent meet and greet recaps and youll see what i mean. basically, constant jokes about how women are only sexual objects to him (apart from heidi, 'course!)
- bill has straight out stated he doesnt believe men can form meaningful friendships with women
- also said during a m&g i partook most female pop singers only got famous by sucking some good dick, was clearly confused when his predominantly female fans didnt respond too well
- this one isn't directly from me so i'd take it with a grain of salt: anyway, a girl i used to know online quit her th fan career after she was their assistant during their trainwreck us tour of -16 and overheard multiple crass jokes tom made about her

No. 433978

She could bring my first born child back to life and I still couldn’t stand her or her music. She’s just… so exhausting and perfectly manufactured by some business guy who spend ten minutes on the special snowflake side of twitter. She’s less original to me than all those wannabe pop princesses.

No. 433979

File: 1563050667133.jpg (221.95 KB, 894x1312, oisp5t.jpg)

I read that Ville and Bam haven't spoken in ages.
Bam had a child last year and is doing worse than ever. There's a thread on kf about him.
>i wish rockstars got posted here more they're all so milky and ridiculous

As a former fan I'm pretty disappointed about this, after breaking up he said he'll continue doing music similar to him, but the stuff he does nowadays is just boring.

He dates a girl who looks young enough to be his daughter tho, like your typical aging rockstar

No. 433985

kek your diatribe cracked me up, so accurate
I definitely had a BRAVO centrefold of Ville hanging in my room but in hindsight his teeth were always very yellow

No. 433993

I used to be obsessed with HIM and Bam Margera. If anyone has any milk I'd love to hear it

No. 433996

File: 1563055343095.jpg (389.9 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20190713_235922.jpg)

Just checked up on a bunch of the rockstars I used to obsess about and ..

No. 433997

File: 1563055746217.jpeg (447.37 KB, 1125x1564, 4E8E43C9-0CEB-42AD-A01B-EC00D4…)

The first post is a summary of Bam's recent whereabouts. It's hilarious and sad at the same time

No. 433999

The cringe. Oh my god.

No. 434000

He calls his wife, the mother of his child 'street ho'…

No. 434005

Eh, I'd rather this over rock stars pretending to be disinterested or unattracted to their wives or males who pretend vaginas are disgusting

No. 434007

Bam is still my ultimate Celebricow (hough obviously he isn't a celebrity now, so just a straight lolcow). He's been the trainwreck I can't look away from for so many years.

There are still people claiming his behaviour/addiction issues are a result of Ryan Dunn's death even though that was 8 years ago AND Bam was a fucking mess way before that. Fans be delusional. Steve-O had comparable (I suspect worse) issues and accepted the intervention from the group, went to rehab and stayed sober.

Meanwhile Bam looks more like his Dad every day, despite spending so much time on his shows saying his worst nightmare was to end up like him. He's fucked, I won't be surprised when TMZ reports his death. Also tbh I suspect the whole family is a bit fucked considering they all shielded Don Vito…

No. 434011

As someone in the comment section pointed out: "Problem is…we grew up. Bam didn't."
What kills me is: He is 39 years old. He looks 55 and I'm being generous.

No. 434012

File: 1563057654628.jpg (445.88 KB, 838x1336, Screenshot_20190713-153814.jpg)

Am I the only one slightly triggered by Billie's hair in that pic on the right? It looks like a balding recovering chemo patient. Not sure if thats and old photo of her, if so didn't realise her hair was always that thin. I thought it was only because of all the dyes she's had done.

Not trying to throw hate, it's just a really unflattering photo, and not in some cute quirky way like they may have been going for.

No. 434013

>*photo on the left

No. 434016

i think its just the bleach

No. 434020

Meh she just looks like any elementary/middle schooler in a tight pony and a bow

No. 434026

Yoo not to blog but I went to high school with that bitch lol
She won “most likely to brighten your day” for senior superlative funnily enough

No. 434027

Looks like she has thin hair. I have it too and I can't wear tails like that or it'll make my hair look greasy and no volume. She wants to do what's trendy but doesn't realize she lacks the attribute to pull it off, I empathize.

No. 434029

Same. I'm really over men acting like being married "tied them down" and ruined their life and their "old lady" is suuuuch a draaaaag. It's nice when men actually espouse how much they love their wives and how attractive they find them.

No. 434033

This is the best karma I've ever seen happen to an arrogant punk, I can't believe so many girls used to cream themselves over him when even in middle school I could tell Bam was a huge fucking jerk.
He became everything that he hated: His dad. He's fat and unshapely like Phil now that he's given up the coke benders and bulimia.
The only justice left to be served is seeing this guy get sued and go broke. I hope it happens sooner than later, since all his friends who've sobered up have already abandoned his sinking ship.

No. 434038

yea I remember Tom having the "womanizer who sleeps with 10 girls a night" image while Bill had the "looking for my soulmate" image (but like he gay).

weirdly almost wholesome

No. 434039

I feel kinda sorry for his manager. But yeah, his current condition is not surprising.

No. 434063

>mfw men treat their wives so horribly that a man openly saying he's addicted to his wives vagina is seen as a step up and wholesome compared to all the "haha wife bad" shit that is usually blasted everywhere


No. 434066

Not surprising, like 10 years back he mentioned making home video porn and watching it when he's touring. As gross as it is, it's still better than watching normal porn or fucking groupies.

No. 434075

Lmao I'm honestly surprised Bill would talk about women like that. This is good milk.

No. 434086

File: 1563069806834.png (522.21 KB, 750x1334, B19E95FA-D254-49E1-ACB1-BD8BBD…)

So, all the talking about Bam reminded me when back in 2017 IG model (?) Ceilidh aka lilmixedhunny exposed Johnny Knoxville for drugging and raping her. He had gotten her a part in a movie.
Him and Chris Pontius harassed and threatened her on social media.
It angers me that this never really got much attention. And apparently it's not the first time they do shit like this?

This is from a user on PULL
>During one of her streams a while ago after she got arrested she exposed johnny knoxville for drugging her drink and raping her, it’s known that she got kicked out from the movie because of drugs but she also mentioned that they gave her the drugs, johnny knoxville sent her to rehab pretty much just to keep her quiet (she was in rehab twice in 2017, the earlier one) it seems like johnny and maybe the rest of the crew are gaslighting her, the one who hacked her icloud was johnny too. Isn’t Johnny Knoxville married on top of all of this?

No. 434089

remember how fucked on drugs most of the people on jackass and viva la bam were? well, they all wont have anything to do with bam now because he is literally worse than all of them put together and they've all grown up and found sobriety(especially steve-o who turned out to be a really good guy, and Novak who was notorious for being the worst drunk/druggie out of all the people in their circle) and as far as i know even his family has started not having anything to do with him outside of when hes in rehab, which never sticks

people are blaming ryan dunns death for bams downword spiral but honestly i think theres more to it and he just grew up as such an entitled narcissistic prick asshole that he just refuses to grow up and man up and be responsible for literally anything because he was never held accountable for literally abusing and torturing his parents and ex gfs/wives

i fully expect him to die before 50 if he doesnt turn his shit around
his wife is dumb as fuck though you can tell shes a hanger on and a druggie herself
shes practically a groupie as most of these young girls who marry/date/fuck/have kids with aging washed up male celebrity has beens are

just sucks she had a kid with him
i cringe when the kid is around bam because he probably abuses him too

No. 434091

lol i didnt see your post before i posted mine but we practically said the same thing
so true
hes one of the biggest cows in the entertainment industry
im surprised worse hasnt happened considering he keeps throwing parties where anybody who wants to can show up

No. 434092

I mean its a little crude i guess but it probably just depends on her personality and if she doesnt mind that kind of talk.
I wouldnt mind my boyfriend saying he was addicted to my pussy, its not offensive to me and is actually kind of nice? Different strokes and all that.

No. 434093

well johnny has been fucking around on his wife forever
he literally fucked jessica simpson while both were married, as did bam
honestly it was probably a threesome but she hung out with bam a couple of times in public after

this was while she was filming the dukes of hazzard movie iirc
bams ex spilled all the milk on that shit

No. 434095


info on gerard way and bert mccracken situation?

i loved the fuck out out of mcr and seem to remember they had some sort of friendship then feud with the used or something

actually any info on gerard way in general is he skeezy? didn't some girl make sexual assault allegations a while back but nothing came of it …?

No. 434096

i dont have much as i stopped really paying much attention to them many years ago
gerard stopped hanging out with bert because he was such a mess
gerard had an alcohol drug problem but was sober until he met/started hanging out with bert who basically brought him back down into the spiral of crazy shit all over again and fucked him up and iirc he began self harming because of the alcohol, then decided to kick bert and got sober again and has been sober ever since?

i dont know about the assault allegations against gerard
i havent heard that but maybe you're thinking of mikey?
there was a huge scandal with mikey fucking other(almost underaged) groupies while with alicia(who was actually a groupie herself), he blamed it on alcohol when he got found out after one of the girls spilled all the milk and alicia divorced him and he moved in with this groupie girl who had stalked alicia and actually was attempting to copy her, down to naming her cat the same as alicia and mikeys cat, and then mikey asked her to marry him right after he seperated from alicia lol

it didnt last long as far as i know he got with someone else, claims to be sober, and has a kid now

No. 434102

Jesus christ, R Kelly had at least 20+ sex tapes with minors stashed in his house

This fuck was literally running a sex trafficking ring from his home?

The fact that he was taken to court for one and got off scot free and wasnt being monitored all this time until now….insane. And people will still defend him. Grown ass women will still basically sell their children to him and try to bail him out of prison. Other celebrities will still defend and work with him. Hell, lots of them have in recent years when they knew damn well he was doing this shit. Lady Gaga fucking knew so I never want to hear her pretending to sympathize with rape victims ever again.

No. 434103

No. 434108

File: 1563081055338.jpg (17.29 KB, 460x259, 190306114230-01-r-kelly-gayle-…)

Remember that interview he did with Gayle King and he was screaming and trying to menace her? That pedo piece of shit couldn't have looked more guilty if he tried. I hope he fucking rots.

No. 434117

I hope he gets the Larry Nassar treatment. He deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his (hopefully long and tortuous) life.

No. 434144

I'm embarrassed to say, but I had such a crush on Chris Pontius when I was a teen. Glad I found taste along with maturity. He is trash.

No. 434149

same. i used to watch wildboyz just for him. i dont think he's ugly now but he has a shit personality thats a major turn off

No. 434157

I saw ville and this girl at a nightclub one time and they were so unbelievably blastered. It was a damn while ago but i remember being afraid the girl was gonna fall on me, she also had this weird thousand yard stare going on. Dtm on villi.

No. 434160

Right?? His wife probably doesn't mind but that doesn't make it praiseworthy or any less cringy. Good for him that he beat addiction though.

No. 434170

He probably wont, saddly. Pedos usually get the worst treatment in prison but R Kelly is huge, he's a celebrity that has many fans in prison I'm sure. The other inmates will empathise for his "jailbait" attraction and will just hang out with him.

Very few men actually get what they deserve.

No. 434222

A few years ago Pontius, Dave England and Preston Lacy (plus Wee Man, I think?) did a tour where one of the 'jokes' in Preston's stand-up routine was about how he raped a drunk girl who they had all tricked into thinking she was going to have sex with Knoxville. He was openly admitting this like it was hilarious.

Everything bounces off them because 'lol that's just how those guys are, what did you expect?' or 'oh well they were probably on drugs so whatever'. Nothing sticks and probably never will. I loved Jackass and its spinoffs so much as a kid/teen but hate them all as an adult.

No. 434229

A video on the taylor swift drama if anyone cares.

Didn't see anyone link it here yet.

No. 434239

replying kinda late to this,but i looked up this guy after tokio hotel were mentioned here.idk where you got he is a troon from,but from a few social media posts i found he looks like a fucking mess.he said on his fb that he is bankrupt and poor and that no one wants him in pretty broken english and had a gofundme campaign that got like 350 euros .he's most likely on drugs and he is skelly af which looks terrifying.in his last fb post he was talking about going to jail because of debt

whats up with these alternative dudes that can't grow out of their old style and make it a bit more mature and match their age kek

No. 434254

In Finland? How did they look irl?
I thought Ville said he broke off contact with Bam because he finally managed to stop drinking (and smoking)?
Does anybody know whether his project with Agents is successful? I can't imagine him having saved up enough and starting to work another job at this age is difficult.

There were rumors that the twins also got treatment for anorexia while being on a break, Tom's normal now but Bill is still skinny.
Trying to be as skelly as possible is already difficult for japanese dudes, but achieving that same look as a tall european man…

Does anybody remember Yohio? It's 2019 and that boy is still trying to make it as a ~visual kei artist~ lol

No. 434255

File: 1563126027526.jpg (50.8 KB, 640x640, 12dc04db6c5a93c0b8e8a2b1904702…)

Why do men always have to ruin themselves?

No. 434260

i thought this was the serbian troon who used to be a pretty boy and then transitioned

No. 434266

File: 1563128205375.jpg (145.42 KB, 768x960, 60016485_10156471779144247_829…)

>Does anybody remember Yohio? It's 2019 and that boy is still trying to make it as a ~visual kei artist~ lol

i actually got his latest song in my recommended and gave it a listen.it wasnt terrible but he fucking needs to drop the visual key,anime twink aesthetic and fucking grow out of it

this is an actually nice pic of him compaired to others ive seen.if he had a look like that it would be fine but NO he has to dress like this

i really dont mind people having quirky looks but it has to look at least decent and not like a mess

No. 434273

File: 1563129967722.jpg (32.07 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg)

he just looks like a troon to me tbh
one of those really shitty ones that still keeps his dick despite trying to be a female in every other way
so maybe i should have said pre troon

whats that one youtuber that pretended to have multiple personalities and was also a fake troon? thats who he reminds me of

No. 434308

yes omg the DID troon, what a classic! He looks exactly like him!

No. 434311

>>434254 yea, in this one gay club. It was odd but I saw harry styles there once too so like, weirder shit has happened. His stuff w agents has been well received as far as i know, ppl still think he is a good vocalist and shit. The teeth are so fucking creepy tho.

No. 434314

File: 1563136492224.jpg (28.83 KB, 299x450, 455940_tokio-hotel-anorexie-dr…)


i mean, bill obviously used to be anorexic.

No. 434317

didnt he get kind of fat(using that word in jest because he wasnt really, he just gained some weight particularly in his face) at one point and claimed it was because he was on medicine and it made him not able to stop eating? but in reality he was probably binging or maybe even just eating relatively normal kek

No. 434328

File: 1563138946738.jpg (89.23 KB, 1080x802, 62413069fa8d755418a868f4dc23d0…)

Why would a het couple go to a gay club?

I can't remember him ever looking more than 50kg, also couldn't any pics…?

On a related note, if Bill was a kid nowadays (and american) he would have been definitely convinced to troon out.

No. 434330

I'm SHOOK at this news. What the hell is this couple combination?

No. 434335

germany is gayer than america tbh
almost every male in german media is effeminate if not outright flamboyant with rumors of homosexual nature lol

that group cinema bizarre was literally a representation of german popular music/image at the time, which was all gay/bi/queer pandering hence why they are all drag queens, trans or gender fluid now on all the instagrams
even their metal groups employ homosexuality and queer baiting in their music and imagery

No. 434341

Has it ever crossed your mind that being or looking effeminate is not an indicator of them being gay or them 'queerbaiting', but simply an accepted way of behaving or styling yourself as a straight man outside of the US?

No. 434361

Most people aren't effeminate just because they're European, lmao.

No. 434384

every time i see heidi klum she's doing questionable or straight up gross shit. also i'm glad bill isn't weirdly feminized and sexualized anymore but damn he looks disgusting in this pic

No. 434385

shes an attention whore of the highest degree

i liked her on project runway the first couple of seasons and was very limited to my exposure on her
her whole >i invented halloween costumes schtick is annoying af

No. 434386

she has pretty shit taste in clothing based off PR judging too

No. 434394

Most germans don't even know that she has a career in the US and if they do they can't comprehend how. Why would anybody invite or to shows or interviews?
Maybe her voice in english is less annoying, but in german she sounds so highpitched that you can't help but want to punch her. Every german (even the little girls watching germany's next topmodel) hate her like poison.

No. 434461

As an American, she speaks English pretty fluently and definitely doesn’t have a strong accent, which is probably one of the reasons she became popular here. I had no idea she sounded like that in German though

No. 434514

File: 1563153052285.jpeg (593.99 KB, 1688x2048, 9B34087C-63C9-4F1B-AF51-B86298…)

Am I a conspiratard for thinking that Rolling Stone made Hasley’s skin way darker than it actually is? It’s not that I’m denying that she’s part black but she always looks pretty pale instead of the typical mixed look. She looks pretty white in most photos of her so seeing this is kinda jarring.

Not trying to start a race spergout. Just thought this was weird.

No. 434518

She does look darker here than usual, but the coloring just looks like sitting under a shaded area in the sun, or a sepia filtered music video. It's not jarring to me, so I thought nothing of it. She used to have photos of her in bikinis with a tan and her skin doesn't look that much different. I know she took her photos down though, probably because she switched aesthetics, so I can't give any examples off the top of my head unfortunately.

No. 434520

I dunno >>434461, I can hear Heidi's accent, it's not thick and she does speak English fluently, but I find her high pitched and annoying as well. I'm glad she's not on AGT anymore, or Mel either; they were both loud as fuck.

No. 434525

just looks like she got a tan tbh
black girls, especially light skinned black girls or biracial girls can tan too

No. 434530

File: 1563155595721.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190714-214720.png)

Nope, you rite. Notice how they styled her hair to make it look more curly and frizzy. They're obviously trying to make her look more "ethnic".
I wouldn't have even known it was her without her name at the bottom…

Comparing this pic to a quick Google image search you can tell that they're trying to exaggerate her "blackness". She's not that dark and usually wears her hair straight.
The photo is ridiculous imo. She's only 1/4 black and doesn't even look it irl. Why try to make her look like some Hallie Berry wannabe?

No. 434535

File: 1563155858753.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190714-215522.png)

Here's a photo from that same shoot juxtaposed with how she usually styles herself…

Doesn't even look like the same woman lmfao

No. 434538

File: 1563156043608.jpg (42.18 KB, 539x533, a14818fe6943c0e3e5206d4b5e98d3…)

she has worn her hair curly before plenty, and its summer so she might have just tanned

ya'll are reaching
shes black

No. 434555

Halsey's more white than black. Honestly don't get the big deal. I've seen her close to this shade of tan on pictures before. Maybe they smacked a filter on for an extra sun-kissed feel since it's summer.

No. 434556

she identifies as black but rarely wears her hair natural because the few times she has, she got made fun of for it
when she wears it natural she looks just like the photoshoot so i dont get the big deal either

No. 434560

shes black when its convenient

No. 434561

name one biracial person who isnt tbh

No. 434564

the ones who arent white passing

No. 434566

except if you go on sites like lipstick alley, even light skinned fully black individuals are not fully black and are white passing even if they're 10 shades darker than an actual damn white person kek
who gives a fuck other than miserable race baiters who feel a constant need to perpetuate victimhood even when its not an issue

No. 434586

File: 1563160157746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.79 KB, 634x696, 9687588-6692729-image-m-53_154…)

do you have any milk? also from the area and kinda vendetta hate her because her cousin bullied me lmao (although there are plenty other reasons to hate her…). did you watch the documentary? what was with the ending where they imply she's bi and have some fling with a girl? tbh she always came off that way, especially when she cut her hair like this lmao
>pic related
spoiler to not clog up thread

No. 434622

If 1/4th black is black, then Obama's daughters are white women, because they're 1/4th white, kek.

No. 434638

exactly, but they can't claim to be white, but halsey can claim black…weird how that works

No. 434696

Depends on how they look though tbh
Usually in America if you look black you're black, some mixed people show one race more

No. 434705

Technically she's a quadroon.

No. 434710

Halsey is so cringe to me. Didn't she go on a twitter rant about hotel shampoo oppressing her? Lmfao. She can't sing for shit either, just like Katy Perry.

No. 434736

she legitimately does not read black to me at all, her features are like 100% white. her curls aren't even textured.

No. 434748

How do you know she's a quadroon? I've never been able to find pictures of her parents.

No. 434763

File: 1563193564199.jpeg (626.12 KB, 750x732, 35587136-8BB4-4EA2-B2E2-15A118…)

a quick google search is your friend, anon.

No. 434766

Her dad is HALF black. her mum is white. Bitch is white. I can't even believe her race is an argument. if she even looked a little black, fine, race in America is hot but she is pale as fuck with basic euro features.

No. 434777

I googled "halsey parents" before and those pics werent there.
But yeah to me her dad looks at least a little bit white. He looks like 1/8 white to me rather than half.

No. 434794

this 100%. she is completely white passing and benefits from white privilege

No. 434796

File: 1563198464957.jpg (244.13 KB, 2000x1000, 1482331029-pippa-and-meghan-ma…)

tbh it's so stupid when some try to make black people accept even very mixed people as "black".
like meghan markle. some really argue she looks "more black than white", but fucking look lmao.

No. 434864

>Her dad is HALF black. her mum is white. Bitch is white.
This is why the Amerimutt meme is a thing. She isn't white. Not even close.

No. 434867

iirc there was a picture of her with her paternal grandmother and she looked completely white

No. 434874

>Does anybody know whether his project with Agents is successful?
I'd say it's decently popular, but mostly with older people. I think he's going through the same thing as many other Finnish artists/bands, first starting with rock, punk or even metal, and later "growing up" and moving on to making music for middle-aged boomers.

No. 434876

I'm an Eurofag and no one would call her Black in my country. Most people would call her mixed, or White with some Black ancestry.
Americans are the ones with the one-drop rule obsession.

No. 434888

If she looked black, guaranteed the royals wouldn't have been as accepting.

No. 434891

File: 1563212491111.jpg (53.61 KB, 271x299, wolf_in_sheeps_clothing43.jpg)

That was when she wore her "mask"

No. 434892

This. I wanted to tell that anon they sounded like a self-hating brownie LARPing as a white European online so they could play the DNA Olympics.
It's literally almost always miscellaneous brown people with really bad complexes who get the most anal over who can be considered "white". It's so pathetic

No. 434947

File: 1563220673433.jpeg (428.04 KB, 1125x1528, 6821A38F-FE7E-456C-98BB-D7DA04…)

They both look horrible

No. 434949

Holy shit. Jay Z looks so rough, looks like a crackhead or something.

No. 434954


She’s a quardroon. Look at Megan markels baby, he’s Snow White. They’re always like this. White but have black slight features, little to no curl. She claims black when she wants to get her music up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 434955

Jay-Z looks like Beyonce's crackhead neighbor. Why do lighter skinned black women always date ugly men?

No. 434967

ironically, meghan doesn't even identify as black, but mixed race. ppl claiming she's the ~first black princess~ are trying to live vicariously through her kek.

No. 434973

I mean hasn't their marriage been a joke for years now anyway?

No. 434981

Beyoncé looks good but she’s wearing a hideous dress, Jay looks like a bridge troll as usual. This isn’t even milk tbh. Just the same old tired routine.

No. 434992

Beyonce looks…very average to me. Not horrible but not bad for a 38 year old either. I see many prettier black chicks her age in my city weekly. However Jay Z literally looks like a fat crackhead version of Eric Andre.

No. 434994

I feel bad for Beyonce, she could do so much better than Jay-Z he's so fucking ugly I can't even look at him, so is their kid sadly. Why let an ugly guy cheat on you if you're a multi-millionaire?

No. 434995

I feel bad for Beyonce, she could do so much better than Jay-Z he's so fucking ugly I can't even look at him, so is their kid sadly. Why let an ugly guy cheat on you if you're a multi-millionaire?

No. 434996

I think she's cute actually but the show is riverdale-tier cringey. I dont see how this post fits in this thread tho. There's a tv shows thread in /m/

No. 434999

idk, it's pretty normal here.

No. 435033

File: 1563232477140.jpg (87.66 KB, 960x943, bnce.jpg)

>so is their kid sadly.
Why would anyone think Blue Ivy is ugly? She literally just looks exactly like Beyonce herself did as a kid. I've never understood it.

No. 435034

She's adorable. I hope she got more of Beyonce's genes than Jay-Z's. It looks like she has though, thank god

No. 435037

File: 1563232833904.jpg (173.34 KB, 1200x1200, serveimage2.jpg)

It looks like none of their kids took after Jay-Z much. They're so cute.
They really dodged a bullet, lmao.

No. 435144

>it’s “another eurofag acts superior and thinks they know everything about American racial politics” post

Can we not? Thanks

No. 435147

What the fuck is on his head? Is that a hat? Are those braids? Are they braids sticking out of a hat? I'm so confused…

No. 435150

Not much but her friends sometimes post about how wonderful she is and how the big bad media doesn’t portray her story with her side of the story, and how great of a friend she is yadda yadda,I have a few screenshots but I don’t know if this would be the correct thread for them.

She was the grade above mine, spoke to her a few times but I didn’t know her all that well.
Her yearbook photo was taped on our psychology teacher’s wall, which I found strange after the whole thing came out. Michelle gave it to her obviously, and there were other graduated seniors in the wall but still.
After the whole thing came out in the news she was gone for months but came back to school and participated in after school fundraisers and whatever. I was at a fundraiser for another student who had passed away, and she came to it and instead of laying low she drew attention to herself by asking a “funny” question to her friend who was on stage asking if she could take her dogs to prom. This was the first week she came back to school, and every time she walked by the halls would be silent. Idk it was weird. She did go to prom though, with a date too, like watch out buddy.

No. 435155

>fat crackhead eric andre
it's so true anon

No. 435167


it looks like semi-freeform locs

No. 435177

Beyonce has always been overrated.

No. 435179

I think she's a very talented and hardworking singer and I respect her for that but I'm turned off by this controlled and calculated image of her. It feels like she's never herself whenever she's off-stage. I think it's cause she's not very bright so she doesn't wanna ruin her image by saying dumb shit. Also claiming to be feminist while staying with her old ass cheating man…lol..
This mysterious, untouchable image of hers just makes her fans crazier than they already are.

No. 435182

File: 1563268385558.jpg (99.42 KB, 1139x1080, sketch-1563267444774.jpg)

I mean…how could you not make fun of her for this shit? No one cares that her hair is curly. They made fun of her because she styled it into an afro in an attempt to show how black she is when she doesn't even have the curl pattern that lends itself to an afro (at least not without a lot of effort)

It looks way better here >>434514 and I don't think she looks black in that photo at all. I don't even think that's what they were going for, just looks like a tan to me.

She does try play up her "blackness" when she's trying to be woke on Twitter or in interviews, but it seems like she's calmed down from that a bit since the whole "I'm a black woman" and hotel shampoo thing. At least afaik.

No. 435185

File: 1563269481472.jpg (243.12 KB, 1134x842, 0b8.jpg)

>controlled and calculated image

Absolutely. Remember back when these pictures surfaced and her PR team was desperately trying to get them off the internet? It's almost creepy how sanitized her image is, you have no sense of her personality at all.

No. 435204

>I didn't know if I was supposed to love TLC or Britney

No. 435220

some white girls have brown nipples too lmao what

No. 435226

Meh… American society is so racist that I can see why she would say and do stuff like this. I'm black and was bullied (by mostly black kids) for how I dressed, what I liked to listen to, read, eat, etc. because it wasn't what other black kids liked. Yes, it was stressful but I got over that by the time I started college.

Because she's visibly white but knows she has black ancestry, it does place her in a weird zone of American society. Especially nowadays where everyone is a wannabe activist who gets off on being "woke". If she said nothing about her background, somebody would dig up her family photos and post them to twitter saying she's "hiding" or "ashamed" of being part black.

Looking at this stuff, I don't think she's purposely trying to be offensive or convincing. She's just not intelligent and is doing what she thinks she should be doing.

No. 435231

I dont care if i get hate for this but people think blue ivy is ugly simply because she is fully black i bet if she looks how she looks now but her mom was a racially ambiguous woman or her dad was a white man people would be hyping her up like they do north. Its honestly creepy how and disgusting how much people hype up mixed children and then in the same breath call a black CHILD ugly. The self hate is real smh

No. 435242

Even if you overlook her race bs, she has a history of making up lies about being homeless when she was actually on Tumblr at the time, running a 1D stan blog. She’s always trying to score woke and oppression points. She’s a person imo who’s pretty hard not to hate.

No. 435249

That sounds like the average tumblr user. I'm not even surprised she would do that

No. 435251

i dont hate her, i think some of her music is decent, but her lying about her past to seem more interesting and holier than thou attitude makes her so unlikable

No. 435252

Yeah I'm pale as Casper but I wound up with tan nipples. This woman can welcome to club.

No. 435263

How bored and spoilt must Americans be to cry about people asking them about the colour of their nipples and not knowing which pop artist to like.
I can't believe this is considered racism and oppression when there's a war in my country that the world doesn't give a shit about because we're white commies.
Wow. She must have it so hard.

No. 435278

it's not even an american thing, it's a "give me attention" thing. there are psychotic people from all over spouting these same kinds of things on twitter, reddit, etc.

No. 435370

File: 1563300549025.jpg (90 KB, 634x903, 16119020-0-image-a-16_15632886…)

Does Justin Bieber just send his wife to defend him on twitter all day like a fucking cuck or what? Its getting old and he looks more pathetic everytime she does this kek.

"Hailey Baldwin Bieber is coming to the defense of her husband Justin after the lead singer of Tool, Maynard James Keenan, seemed to slight the pop star for sharing some of the band's song lyrics last week.

Upon learning that Biebs had posted words from the track The Pot via his Instagram Story last week, Keenan reacted with a tweet simply saying: '#bummer.'

Hitting back at the rocker, model Baldwin, 21, tweeted how the Parabola singer was 'childish' and must be 'unhappy' with himself to make such remarks."

No. 435373

she's right tho and she was a fangirl before they got married so her reaction makes sense. maynard james keenan has always been a little bitch/idiot and he's the cow here. pretty sure he's an extra embarrassing libertarian (major lol), iirc? it's so easy to pick on biebs but he was a talented kid that came from like, no money. it's really pathetic that older, supposedly more "dignified" musicians are still picking on him

No. 435374

Rock music purists and some "oldschool" musicians can be really pathetic tbh. They hate you if you like pop and hate you if you like their own music because you couldnt possibly understand it. Hating Bieber is 2008 teenager behavior.

random example, I love NIN but theyve alienated a lot of their fans by insulting CDs and trying to exclusively sell their stuff on vinyl (ignoring the fact that early albums were on cassette…where are those versions?) and they also tried to get those damn kids off their damn phones by recently not selling tour tickets online. They forced fans to wait hours at the venue to buy tickets, then come back at a later date for the actual show. It had so much backlash. Idk if its all Trent Reznor's doing or if he has some horrible publicist/marketing team. People have jobs lmao.

No. 435376

can confirm trent reznor is a piece of shit who was doing the same things marilyn manson and his crew were doing back in the 90s and 2000s to groupies
really sick shit and i dont know why people hold him to some standard as if hes a nice guy or something

No. 435381

Can you give more deets?

No. 435384

He's held to a standard because he got himself out of drugs pretty successfully, afaik, and his transition from gangly addict to emo Chad was in the public eye. Is he still an asshole after having married Mariqueen and had kids?

I dont want to believe

No. 435387

File: 1563302106659.png (239.39 KB, 681x511, D_nQzkcW4AEshmp.png)

Meanwhile Grimes …

>I have also eliminated all blue light from my vision through an experimental surgery that removes the top film of my eyeball and replaces it with an orange ultra-flex polymer that my friend and I made in the lab this past winter as a means to cure seasonal depression.


No. 435391

after he got with her he started pretending groupies werent his bread and butter, calling them all fat and desperate and claiming no one would ever sleep with any of them, when he was quite literally partaking in their services beforehand and probably still was at that point

basically that whole "im a family man now and any girl im not married to is disgusting and i wouldnt touch any of my fans with a 10 foot pole" kind of thing that old famous people try to pull so their wife doesnt leave them and take half their money
he clearly didnt think they were gross enough when he was getting them drunk and having them do beer enemas with manson back in the day

No. 435392

why are you hoes so invested in sucking the asses of alt men? they're all garbage, get used to it. good guys don't try to become famous. he was always a pompous twat and like, even during his year zero days he was obnoxious. the only thing worthwhile that came out of NIN related shit was rob sheridan's old blog

No. 435396

this reads like a meme. Holyshit, is she actually insane?

No. 435397

Theres plenty out there about Reznor but it is indeed harder top find unless you know what you're looking for. As others have pointed out, he almost seems protected in a way as some uWu reformed bad boy. But he's really a piece of shit and uses his bipolar disorder as an excuse for how he treats people. Theres even interviews from his own band members saying he treated them like shit and was borderline abusive.

No. 435398


ikr, at first I thought that somebody faked it but when I checked it for myself I thought this must be a fucking joke lmao

I'm all about artsy-fartsy creators and musicians but grimes is just straight up cringe.

No. 435408

Im convinced she's just memeing for attention. Isnt that Elon's whole schtick too?

No. 435413

shes 1000% trolling tho, it's obvious

No. 435451

Agreed, it's just more of her trying to be ~*funny and quirky*~.

No. 435486

didn't he start insulting fans on twitter after he announced his engagement and they proceeded to insult mariqueen with racial slurs?
i liked NIN as well but if you're 25+ and sitting on forums calling your favourite singer's wife all sorts of slurs and names, you probably need to seek help over unfulfilled lewd gothboi trent uwu~ fantasies. same delusion as kpop stans. not necessariy defending trent for the shit he did during his coke years, but he is certainly not as heinous as marilyn "wifebeater" manson. NIN fandom is spergy in general

No. 435528

obviously scripted by elon. he enables her insufferable "i fucking love science" image. she dropped out of college and has a huge inferiority complex. he is emotionally underdeveloped and has a late midlife crisis going on. they are the perfect cringe storm.

No. 435529

I really liked the last thread image.

>there's a war in my country that the world doesn't give a shit about because we're white commies

Where are you? None of the current communist countries are majority white. Maybe you're in Georgia or something?

No. 435577

Not denying that American society is racist or has odd boundaries about race but I honesty think most of the shit she says is in her head. It would be one thing if she was mixed race and actually looked it. What she would be saying would be pretty valid imo. But she’s mixed race and hardly looks it. Most Americans would classify her as white. Not saying she had it totally easy but I highly doubt she had the typical mixed race experience or even closed to it.

Besides, going beyond race, Halsey’s always seemed like the type of artist to point out how “different” and “unique” she is, so her constantly bringing up her mixed race heritage probably gives her more special snowflake fuel.

No. 435578

File: 1563328477056.jpeg (72.25 KB, 1125x353, 59BA264F-818A-4A80-BE67-5A6793…)


No. 435580

File: 1563328625704.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, tenor.gif)

No. 435581

im a black woman and honestly i dont care about this at all. this is just stunt casting, its so disingenuous. it doesnt feel "empowering" at all, when hollywood gets over stunt casting for WOCs they're just gonna go back to barely putting us in anything

No. 435583

Good for you because you're right 100%. People on both sides of this are being retarded. For the white people and men in general that are mad, shes not the new James Bond. Shes the new 007 theres a difference. That also goes for people who are acting like this is some grand awesome progressive thing. Once again, its just pandering. Shes a 007 and will probably get banged by Bond, and then die. And he will be 007 again. Thats it lol.

No. 435587

Am I weird for finding her dad kind of cute?

No. 435589

I thought the same thing too anon haha, also love his super 90s clothes, it’s the Fresh Prince of Bel Air vibes that make him cute.

No. 435599


the whole fucking franchise is pandering. James bond is the epitome of male fantasy.

its a dumb fictional spy movie and the shits been done to death, its good they're pandering to something else for a change since thats practically the role of 007 at this point.

people complaining about the actor before we’ve seen anything about it other than her role, something that happens with every other big movie once casting is settled, sound no different than incels whining about politics when feeemales and queers exist in something they like

another movie wasnt necessary i think, but iat least SOMETHINGS changed

No. 435600

Glad the wool isnt pulled over your eyes. It is disingenuous. It's pandering and it only makes hit worse for both black people and women (esp black women.) i hate this bs thinly veiled as progression when it's the opposite.

No. 435613

Hollywood needs to chill with the female/black/lgbt-pandering in so many established franchises. It just feels hollow at this point. The movie industry is largerly a real mess these last years. Just filled with rehashing of old ideas and soulless marketing ploys in some way or another.

No. 435618

Why can't they just create new franchises/heroes/whatever featuring POC casts? Like Black Panther for example felt natural because it wasn't pandering, the original Black Panther was already black. I agree it doesn't feel empowering at all, it's just cruising for woke points and leeching from the existing popularity of existing series and characters because Hollywood is too scared and too busy being pedophilic to take a risk.

No. 435623

The GOT Emmy noms are a fucking joke, Alfie Allen finally getting recognised is great but so many of the acting ones just feel like “congrats on a big show have this”

Also Richard Madden getting snubbed for Bodyguard is terrible, but I can’t help think if it had stayed a limited series he would’ve definitely been nominated for lead actor then.

No. 435644

> so many of the acting ones just feel like “congrats on a big show have this”

You mean you don’t think Kit Harrington deserves outstanding lead actor for repeating the same four lines for six episodes?! kek

No. 435671

I just looked it up and damn chill it with the GoT nominations. As you said, Alfies is well deserved, but the rest makes no sense to me. Lena and Peter are some of my favorite actors from that show but that couldn't save the shit script they were given. Emilie had more to work with which she did well (even though it was still shit) and Gwendoline had one of the best moments, but idk if that is Emmy worthy. I barely remember Nikolaj, Sophie and Maisie this season.

No. 435682

File: 1563359814091.jpg (123.97 KB, 1440x952, 67234314_2384920965126845_2352…)

Maynard is such a self absorbed cunt, it's unbelievable. So what if Bieber likes your stuff ? What a whiny bitch, he thinks Tool is above everything, for intelligent people only uwu, when it's mostly fake deep, unnecessarily long and pretentious stuff. His fanbase is terrible too, always reeeeeeeing about Fibonacci and their superior intellect and music taste.

Oh and, he's been accused of rape in the past but somehow no one talks about it , Tool even toured with the Smashing Pumpkins recently, what a disappointment in SP.

links : https://twitter.com/IWas17HeWas36



No. 435690

I agree. I like some of his songs, but he is a massive tool pun intended. He is generally classicist and snobbish. I'm not sure how I feel about his accusations, tho. The story seemed flawed and flimsy.

No. 435697

Maynard has always been a bitter piece of shit. I enjoy some Tool and APC songs but most of them are either about his mommy issues or how Christianity killed his whole family or whatever. Does not surprise me at all he still thinks it's edgy to hate Bieber.

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