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File: 1549593824819.jpg (13.44 KB, 372x248, ariana-grande-japan-grill.jpg)

No. 369217

Last thread: >>351253

There is now an Azealia Banks thread in /snow/, keep discussions about her there: >>>/snow/771485
Grimes and Muskrat still fair game.

Latest milk:
>>Ariana tattooed "BBQ grill" on her hand instead of 7 rings, receives backlash, cries about muh anxiety and how she's NEVER learning japanese AGAIN
>>Liam Neeson admitted to wanting to murder a black person 40 years ago but never acted on it, now everyone's mad
>>In a stunning tone deaf move, Meghan Markle wrote generic inspiring messages on bananas for sex workers
>>BPDete manages to pull Kate Beckinsale with his magic horse dong

No. 369220

>21 Savage getting deported from the US; turns out he's actually from London and overstayed his visa from when he was 12
>Demi Lovato makes fun of him, cries about how mean twitter is when people call her a crackhead

No. 369223

File: 1549594206225.png (33.65 KB, 497x342, unknown (4).png)

I didn't see this mentioned last thread, but Terry Crews sort of not really defended Liam Neeson and now everyone wants to cancel him.

No. 369224

File: 1549594275248.png (20.75 KB, 491x365, 2019-02-08 13_50_09-Terry Crew…)

No. 369229

Really pathetic that Demi Lovato got backlash for laughing at the memes that the entire internet is laughing at and sharing. She sucks at responding to criticism but wow what a weird hypocrisy on behalf of the rest of society. Like, 21 Savage let this happen to himself, he can suffer and I'm gonna laugh at him too.

At least Pewdiepie got to throw it back in her face from when the world was upset at him sharing a drug meme of Demi.

No. 369237

They're really trying to cancel people for anything, huh.

No. 369241

File: 1549597545569.jpg (350.91 KB, 942x530, lead-celine2.jpg)

What happened to Celine Dion though?

No. 369243

Even shittier, she wasn't even laughing at him getting deported. She was laughing at memes related to him being British. And I agree with you. I'm shocked he didn't get deported earlier considering he had a criminal background and he was allegedly still doing shady shit before he got deported. No one should feel sorry for this talent-less moron.

No. 369247

File: 1549598692265.png (897.38 KB, 1934x746, BaBhjOo.png)

People ~cancelled~ him before for these comments.

No. 369251

probably has been depressed af after her groomer/pedo/husband/love of her life died. she has always been stockholmed af and i think she's been going downhill since the pedo fuck passed away

No. 369270

File: 1549602669836.jpeg (160.28 KB, 1166x765, 8D329038-1B82-407E-80D8-829401…)

Saw this scrolling through YouTube. I lightened the thumbnail because it’s dark but what the hell is that jawline? Also main dude looks Asian/half Asian (someone around here was wondering if she was going to suddenly be interested in Asian dudes)

No. 369275

his ramus is super long, wow

No. 369284

Looks like the Asian dude from Riverdale

No. 369285

File: 1549604359947.png (350.86 KB, 728x1502, zjMwEBU.png)

No. 369286

File: 1549604403527.jpg (175.27 KB, 1082x1200, Dy1X9sVUcAEoLPi.jpg)

No. 369287

For the love of god someone please delete Twitter from her phone and then chuck it into the sea for good measure.

No. 369293

It sure is.
I would really love a Riverdale thread bc boy is that show a complete trainwreck. I look forward to my hatewatch every week.

No. 369299

he looks like he was punched in the face every day his whole life.

deleted in 3…2..1…

No. 369303

File: 1549607387379.jpeg (488.42 KB, 1242x971, 74184572-FCD7-4F53-9B84-389E75…)

No. 369305

File: 1549607486485.jpeg (233.52 KB, 1242x691, 132FCA09-8EF9-48F2-9CA9-DA8886…)

Gay icon Ariana!

No. 369306

this op pic is absolute trash

No. 369311

she's so straight they had to make the other girl look like her so she could believably fall in love with her lmfaooo

No. 369319

who even cares, as long as it's topical.

when in doubt, attempt to pander to the gays I guess.

No. 369353

Just wanted to let you know you did a shit job, op. There were way more amusing topical pics you could've used.

No. 369354

My Megan marker hateboner is tingling. She’s so fucking fake and yet people still defend her smh

No. 369362

Why are people trying to make Liam Neeson out to be a racist? He brought up the story during an interview to admit what he did was wrong and show that he's changed. People are acting like they "caught" him being racist when he openly told the story to a reporter, he knew exactly what he was doing. I don't agree with what he did because not only was it racist but also didn't help his friend who needed support, not for him to confirm to her that all men are aggressive and she should live in fear. But acting like he's still racist now when he's offering this info to us willingly is ridiculous. Man I hate outrage culture.

No. 369367

the complaints i saw were that he acknowledged that getting revenge was wrong, not that it’s wrong to target unrelated people just because they’re the same race. he specifically mentioned wanting to hurt a black man, and if he really had to say that then he should’ve thought about what he was saying and said why he was wrong, not just because revenge isn’t right. you can argue that’s what he meant and he just wasn’t clear, but you really should be clear on what you’re saying when you talk about how you were ready to attack a random black man. “it’s wrong to seek revenge” isn’t quite the same as “it was wrong to want to take revenge on strangers just because of their race”. if you’re going to bring weird shit up, think about what you’re actually saying

No. 369368

If he said his friend was brutally attacked by a dog, so he'd routinely go out with a weapon and wait for a stray dog, any stray dog, to approach him just so he could beat the shit out of it, a lot of people would be singing a very different tune from what they are now.
In the same vein, if he said he used to be a raging incel who concocted elaborate schemes on trapping and kidnapping women to assault them, but never actually went through with it and claimed to have become a different person, no woman would be wrong to think of him as an unstable creep and a dangerous person.

No. 369369

Wasn't this shit like 40 years ago? Who even cares? People change.

No. 369370

File: 1549625748145.jpg (36.46 KB, 306x461, 9552366-0-image-a-33_154961971…)

Marco Pierre White jr has made a twat of himself again. Wondering how long before he gets his eyeballs tattooed or just plain ODs. What a hot mess.


No. 369371

Nah, I wouldn't want to be around someone who at any point would rape/kidnap/kill/attack someone like me, let alone praise them for "changing" from a mindset they were psychotic to adopt in the first place, lmao. If that's how you want to live, whatever, but don't try and downplay others' justified distrust.
Also, if you weren't part of the group(s) targeted, you really have no right to say "Who cares?". It's not your life on the line.

No. 369376

Black Twitter "cancels" everybody for the slightest fucking thing if not in 100% agreement with them.

Worse that Knetizens.

No. 369378

Imagine if a man said he thought about raping a little girl 40 years ago but didn't do it

No. 369380

Literally saw an article use present tense verbs. That's so fucking disingenuous.

No. 369381

A lot of people would probably be fine with that. Roman Polanski actually did that shit and still gets celebrities lining up to apologize for him.

No. 369382

And that's disgusting. People are right to decry it and cancel Polanski, in spite of apologists WKing him and other rapists.
Same goes for misogynists, racists, etc.

No. 369383

He said he went out 5 times wishing for a fight and then realized it was irrational and seeked help.
But he shouldn't have said anything, this kind of stuff is sjw's bread and butter.

No. 369386

>you really have no right to say "Who cares?". It's not your life on the line.
yours isn't either lol. Can't believe we still have sjws on lolcow.

As >>369383 said, he admitted it was wrong and irrational. He didn't go out and pick fights. He wished for a fight. He realized it's fucked up. He seeked help. No one got hurt. HE KNEW IT WAS WRONG AND SEEKED HELP. His only mistake is sharing this story tbh

No. 369387

No, I wouldn't be afraid of an old dude who thought about killing a black man nearly half a century ago then sought help for it when he realized it was insane. Most people who have those kinds of thoughts never actually get help. And maybe there's a chance that those people will hear his story and realize they should.

No. 369390

>yours isn't either
Not everyone is your demographic, kek. Calm down and stop calling everyone an SJW for not agreeing with you.
I don't deal with ""reformed"" would-be rapists/incels or racist attackers, and many other people don't. Cope.

No. 369391

Correction: Routinely go out with a weapon and wait for a stray dog to ATTACK him. He said he was waiting for someone else to start a fight with him, not to approach him. Nobody got aggressive or tried to start anything with him, so nothing happened.

No. 369392

>No, I wouldn't be afraid of an old dude who thought about killing a black man
That's why you're you, and no one else is, and that's okay. Where is the proof it was even "40 years ago"? The original source says "some time ago".

No. 369393

Were you a black dude living in the UK however many years ago in the same town Liam Neeson lived in? Do you think he's going to break into your house and beat you to death?

If black people want to hate him and think he's an awful person, I think that's perfectly justified. To be afraid and act like he's going to go full KKK and commit hate crimes at any moment is a little much.

No. 369394

He said it was 40 years ago on Good Morning America. And that's backed up by how he originally said it was during the Troubles. When do you think the Troubles were, anon? Do you not know?

No. 369395

You're starting to sound crazy. Who said any of that shit about the KKK or bursting into homes?
>If black people want to hate him and think he's an awful person, I think that's perfectly justified.
Then we're on the same page, ffs. Go take a nap.

No. 369396

Original source:
>It was some time ago. Neeson had just come back from overseas to find out about the rape.

No. 369398

Yes, and he's spoken about it since then and said it was forty years ago. And in the original interview he mentions this incident took place during the Troubles. Why am I having to explain this to you twice, anon? Are you retarded?

No. 369399

Hope the royal family kicks her out soon, can't stand this fake bitch

No. 369400

Not even the anon you were originally replying to. You implied it was your life on the line when this man is literally no threat to you. That sounds pretty nuts to me.

No. 369401

i suspect that anon doesn't know what the troubles were.

No. 369402

I know. Is he unaware of the climate we're now living in? An actress got drug for saying black people get paid more than Latino people, did he think this would pass without a blimp? This isn't 2005 anymore.

No. 369403

>taking things literally so you can call someone nuts after sperging out about shit nobody said
In the sense of being a black person, yes, I am not wrong to be threatened by that kind of shit, lmao. I have no reason to believe he'd never, ever slip back into that way of thinking the same way I don't trust men who talk about how they really wanted to rape people in the past.
If you can't comprehend that, you can't be helped. Just stop trying to silence justified disgust because you can't relate.

No. 369404

I wonder if anon would trust a person who said "I use to want to rape kids but I got help and now I've changed" around her kids…I doubt it lol

No. 369405

File: 1549630250735.gif (5.82 MB, 330x248, 6404gif.gif)

>royalists complaining about people being fake

No. 369406

I think the difference is people can be raised in an environment where it's OK to have prejudices against certain races. I'd not heard of people being raised in a environment where it's OK to fancy children.

No. 369407

Seriously, the whole family is a shitshow. What Meghan has done isn't even a blip on the radar of terrible things they've done.

No. 369413

(NTA) That really just makes things worse for the "He's changed!!!" camp, too. He obviously comes from an environment where prejudice isn't uncommon or heavily frowned upon (and still isn't, except through the whole fake PC mask even he's acknowledged), which arguably makes him even more of a risk.

No. 369414

I don't know man. If people raised with implicit biases are racist,then all white people are racist and can't changed. What's the point in doing anything? I don't want to live in a world without no hope.

Is it wrong to believe people can change?

No. 369415

It's sad that people react so badly to his "vulnerability" on this subject, he's being honest and it could be an opportunity to talk about learned racism but people would rather scream "that's racist! You're cancelled henny!" than talk about it candidly.

No. 369416

but there’s also tons of people defending him like it’s a totally normal thing, like plenty of people have phases of wanting racial violence. why would he praised for vulnerability when he’s talking about wanting to be violent because he was angry about a woman being assaulted?

No. 369417

"I thought black people were a bit scary growing up and avoided them when I was little" is one thing, "I wanted to attack random black men and hoped they'd drunkenly go at me so I could literally murder one" is another ballpark entirely.
There's no really good reason to believe or trust that he's 100% changed if he could go that far. We'd have to look at records of his psych/therapist visits to see if they even delved into the racial aspect much, and I doubt that'll ever happen. Any black person who keeps away from him after that isn't in the wrong, IMO.

No. 369418

>Some social justice advocates says we live in a white supremacy and even if you don't think you are racist, you are still raised with implicit biases
>Someone talks about how that implicit bias nearly turned into a fatal explicit one and how they regret it
>People want to cruicify them

I don't understand.

No. 369419

Exactly. I really want to believe the ones defending him aren't implicitly carrying on some "I mean, didn't we all want to kill a colored person at least once in our lives? Chill out, it's just a phase guys" nonsense, but with the way they seem incapable of empathizing on why something like this would be cause for alarm, I have to wonder.
Is this normal to them or something? A phase in puberty?

No. 369421

He didn't want to attack black men out of thin hair, his friend was brutally raped and it brought up those violents impulse in him, it's obviously the wrong thought process but it's not like he woke up one day and wanted to kill black men for no reason at all. He identified how wrong those feeling where and dealt with them and now is bringing to light something that is almost never talked about. I think it's interesting because I believe men should police each other.

No. 369424

I can understand why it's frustrating that people are angry at someone for admitting something heinous in their past they feel ashamed of, but I think it's also wise to understand why black people may be particularly sensitive to what he confessed.

No. 369425

If the attacker was white he wouldn't want to kill random white guys. men have this weird obsession with other races of men "tainting" their women. He was most likely more pissed off by a black guy raping this woman than the actual rape it's self.

No. 369426

He literally said he did this in anger because his friend was raped, why the fuck would you think he'd rape you? Lmfao

No. 369427

Then why didn't he keep an eye out for black men (or, preferably, any men) who were harassing white women (or, preferably, any women) to bash? Why just any random, drunk black guy on his way out of a bar who might've had one too many and thought this guy was mean-mugging him?
It's not justified or heroic, and this barely even counts as "men policing eachother". Just violent, selfish racism.

No. 369428

>what is reading comprehension
>what is basic comparison

No. 369429


agreed, ive seen plenty of people saying it was actually understandable hed done that for revenge for his friend when it was obvious that he just saw it as an oppurtunity to kill a black guy.

I hate that so many people are making it seem like a "the sjws are at it again" when its genuinely concerning. It doesnt matter that it happened 40 years ago, because its the first weve heard of it, and most people didnt even see just how long ago it really was

I DO think people can change and glad neeson admitted to his mistakes and got help, but fuck. Id still be pretty fucking uncomfortable if I ever crossed his path in person.

No. 369430

Because he had a fucked up thought process and he's honest about it?

No. 369431

I think what he admitted to is fucked up and wouldn't trust him either but I think you're off the mark here.

He's a Catholic who was raised in NI during the Troubles. He was excited by the chance to bash anyone, not just black men. Catholics were the lowest of the low during the Troubles, you could literally hack a Catholic to pieces in broad daylight and the police would shrug and say they probably had it coming. It's more likely he was excited to finally be the one doing the violence.

No. 369433

>It's not justified or heroic, and this barely even counts as "men policing eachother". Just violent, selfish racism.
No black person is wrong to not be okay with this, "honest" or not.

No. 369434

Then why didn't he use that as an excuse to go after any man? I mean he had the excuse to go murder any random guy because his friends attacker was male

No. 369435

america is full of ira sympathizers so they won't get this. ask any american their opinion of the ira and they'll say they think they're heroes. they have no clue.

No. 369437

Because he needed the paper-thin justification that maybe it was his friend's attacker he was beating up.

No. 369438

Uh? Do you really think I was talking about him attacking random black men when I said "men should police each other?". I was talking about him coming forwards now with his weird fucked up impulse.

No. 369439

This. He explicitly asked what color the rapist was, that's not really common or sensible unless you're already a racist looking for an excuse.

No. 369441

How do you know his attacker wasn't arrested though?

No. 369443

>anyone, not just black men

He literally specifically searched for black men. Thats what he said himself. Thats not to say you arent wrongnabout it driving him to violence in the first place, but you cant use that to ignore that this wasnt also a about a fundamental hatred of black people, as well

No. 369444

Why are you guys acting like anyone here is saying he wasn't thinking and acting like a racist? He even said it himself, lmao.

No. 369445

…His friend was a Catholic woman during the Troubles, anon. In the 70s/80s. Do you know anything at all about NI during that time?

No. 369446


He said in his original story part of why he got so mad is because his friend got no justice.

No. 369447

Because people like >>369431 are going on about "anyone, not just black men uwu" lmao.

No. 369448

Because my point is he was more salty about a black guy raping this girl than the rape itself. If he knew a white guy did it, he would have been sad for a week then moved on. In his mimd A evil black man raped a precious and innocent white woman and he was triggered.

No. 369449

I knew black women had a hate boner for white women but this is just disgusting.(racebaiting)

No. 369450

Don't racebait, anon.

No. 369451

isn't posting shit like
>In his mimd A evil black man raped a precious and innocent white woman and he was triggered
already race baiting?

No. 369452

I think that anon is off base, but this isn't about the evil black women having a secret white woman hate cabal or whatever you're trying to say. Don't turn this into yet another black women vs white women fight, those are beyond lame.

No. 369453

True. The royal family has done lots of worse stuff. Meghan is just a lucky yet dumb thot. It's funny to me though how some people criticize Kate for her family being money and fame hungry, but Meghan gets pitied for her family. Plus Kate has never broken any rules nor tried to change them in contrast to Meghan.

No. 369454

Not even that anon, but what the fuck is wrong with you? Not liking people using the rape of women as a justification for racist, homicidal tendencies toward non-rapists means you must hate white women?
This is advanced racebait, and I wouldn't be surprised if you were some white scrote from /pol/ trying to jump in on this as an opportunity to build resentment. Pathetic.

No. 369455

>You hate white women

You're taking what u said our of context. The issue is he was more mad that the attacker was black than the rape. It's like those white guys who get triggered hearing about Muslims attacking European women but only feel slightly upset/or don't care when a white guy does it. It's about another race of men "concurring" what they feel belongs to them…men are retarded like that.

No. 369456

Its not racebaiting if somoeone is literally just pointing out someone elses blatantly racist thought proccess

Anon was baiting by making a post that was essentially pitting two races against each other for no reason

No. 369457

Well sorry, I guess I was completely off base it just sounded so bad and uncaring for the victim, it shocked me.

No. 369468

>ive seen plenty of people saying it was actually understandable hed done that for revenge for his friend when it was obvious that he just saw it as an oppurtunity to kill a black guy.
Yeah, if he really wanted revenge he would have looked for the man accountable for the rape, or a man assaulting women. Why just any black guy? That mindset isn't justifiable. I don't want to flat out say that people are incapable of change, but I would be skeptical of anyone who admitted to something like this in their past. I don't blame people for side-eyeing Liam Neeson.

No. 369484

He's a smart dude, and of course woke twitter doesn't like it.

No. 369490

Agreed, but he should've shut up. Everyone knows this kind of things can destroy your career, and he spoke about that… right when he's got a movie coming out, too. They cancelled the Lionsgate premiere where he was supposed to attend.

No. 369505

He's cool

No. 369584

File: 1549652389519.png (242.28 KB, 615x348, gh.png)

Ariana is so in love with herself lmao
Her chin is straight up anime tier

No. 369592

It is very unlikely that people will go from using rape as an excuse to seek racial violence to being 100% ok and peachy. Considering he avoided acknowledging his hate crime seeking was the issue more so than seeking revenge shows he isn't even there yet. Stay WKing.

No. 369597

All these anons sticking their neck out for Liam Neeson when he’s the same guy who called MeToo a witch hunt kek. The guy’s probably a rapist/friends with rapists and still hates black people.

No. 369606

I will never understand some people's dedication to ugly, middle-aged/elderly men. They will go to the ends of the earth to downplay racism, misogyny and pedophilia if the person made some content. I used to think it was just a "men defending their own" thing until I read the nonsense in this thread.
I sure hope the anons in here are also rushing to defend incels with murderous, anti-woman thoughts, or I'll be forced to assume it's a "racists defending their own" thing.

No. 369607

The amount of men that aren't rich and powerful, that self-inserted and tried to empathize with these perverted celebrities really makes me mad. "I wouldn't want to be fired from my job because of some guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality, when I am innocent. So I have to give these dudes the benefit of the doubt too because there isn't hard evidence to prove the assaults."

While I understand the sentiment, normal people would never get "cancelled" like this over a serious criminal charge. Like, this doesn't happen. Anyone is fair game for getting dragged on Twitter for insensitive tweets and shit but you wouldn't get convicted for a rape allegation. Not even these dudes are actually getting convicted. They're getting blacklisted by some companies and fellow actors who probably have reason to dissociate. They probably witnessed some sketchy shit from these guys themselves.

No. 369626

File: 1549658548191.png (506.61 KB, 580x948, Screenshot_3.png)

About time.

No. 369644

Being anti-lgbtq as in "i believe that marriage should be between a woman and a man" is not a crime.

I remember twitter getting triggered by him tweeting about praying for his friend's health and a speech of his in which he thanked jesus being cut.
I guess being woke does not include being tolerant of religion or rather christianity…

No. 369651

There's plenty more homophobic shit going on in that church, plus one founder is a child molester (ironic) and another founder, his son, has covered it up. it definitely goes beyond "gay marriage is wrong," they think being gay is wrong, period, and used to advocate for conversion therapy

But none of this is unique to Hillsong, child abuse and homophobia is aplenty in all organized religion

No. 369655

Can't stand Ellen Page, liked her in Trailer Park Boys but then after her work with David Cage in Beyond Two Souls I quickly realized she's a massive SJW and professional victim with no talent to back her up. Not surprised she'd start up a random witch hunt against someone for being a traditional christian, perhaps she's just in need of more asspats and attention

No. 369668

Ellen Page is a twat. Let people think what they want as long as they aren't hurting anybody, asshole.

No. 369669

File: 1549662399339.png (64.98 KB, 713x309, 1286399999_09182.png)

>>But none of this is unique to Hillsong, child abuse and homophobia is aplenty in all organized religion
Exactly! And on one hand the LGBT community wants to support and encourage free thinking, freedom of identity, beliefs and acceptance amongst everyone. Then twats like Ellen Page, someone who exclusively dated men until like 2010-2011, comes along and proclaims your welcome to have your own opinions, but only if they align with her own. To me this all just seems like she's trying to get publicity and approval from the LGBT community despite doing nothing to support the community herself.

No. 369674

He is in a religious organization that is involved in child abuse and uses semantics to delegitimize same-sex relationships. As annoying as she is, she is fully entitled to criticize such religions any way she likes. She is also allowed to use her platform to promote her own beliefs, which can even go along the lines of "religions fucking suck". Set your christfagging aside and understand that.

No. 369685

Why Pratt though? Why not speak out against the church itself or any organized religion? Why not go after other celebs in the Hillsong church like oh I dunno, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, or Vanessa Hudgens, or Selena Gomez, or Kourtney Kardashian, etc, etc…? Not to mention Scientology or literally any other "hollywood religious" groups?

No. 369703

Uh, what? How is only dating men = following a church led by homophobic known child abusers? And why is it so shocking to you that Ellen Page, who is LGBT, is against an anti-LGBT church? I think it's fine to speak out against things that go against your own beliefs…

She spoke out directly against Chris Pratt in response to him talking about a religious fast on Stephen Colbert's show, and as far as I can tell was implying that Colbert glossed over the fact that Hillsong is known to be anti-LGBT (which Colbert probably did not even know, he's likely just given prompts to discuss and why would he even bring that up?).

I think the main issue with Hillsong is that it appears to someone who doesn't know better that it's hip, cool, and modern (as evidenced by all of its celebrity members), but underneath it's just like any other church.

No. 369704

File: 1549664398705.jpeg (81.08 KB, 920x569, 5CFB568B-5426-41A6-B9A2-94A8B1…)

Because Pratt is very open about his religion. He once hiked and erected up a giant wooden cross on a hill for Easter. He’s obnoxious.

And Ellen Page being in the closet years ago doesn’t mean she can’t call out homophobia, wtf anon?

No. 369705

>Being anti-lgbtq as in "i believe that marriage should be between a woman and a man" is not a crime.

Having shitty opinions means you better be ready to defend and stand up for your opinions. No one said anything about crisp rat getting arrested, but she can call him out as she pleases.

No. 369709


So, shes a twat for speaking out about a popular church that has years of scandals and its openly anti-LGBT+. Gotcha.

Some people on here have just overused the word SJW to the point it's become a parody of itself, I swear.

No. 369710

File: 1549664655654.jpeg (47.85 KB, 750x582, FKFO7340.JPEG)

No. 369715

Are you trying to imply that homophobia doesn't harm people…?

No. 369720

File: 1549665101846.jpg (127.12 KB, 960x540, CHRIS-PRATT-ANNA-FARIS-BEFORE-…)

I listen to Anna Farris' (his ex-wife) podcast and she seems very normal as far as Hollywood goes, I don't think she's religious or anything at all. I wonder if him being super religious played a role in them splitting up? I also suspect him getting "hot" played a role as well.

No. 369721

I'd see this as obnoxious if it was posted on something that wasn't his personal instagram, and if the caption said "Daddy Pratt says: being gay is a sin, guys".

She should have named Hillsong, instead she just went after harmless ass Pratt like a cowardly asshole, probably cause they are a powerful organization and she wants the pity points w/o hard work. for all we know pratt doesn't know the pastor is evil and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He might be brainwashed.

No. 369723

poor little chris pratt how will he ever recover

kinda seems like she just saw the tweet in her timeline and replied to it, it's not that deep

No. 369727

From what I know, their son was born premature with complications and that is what Pratt cites as the reason why he’s so religious. Anna Faris is alleged to be an alcoholic and that led to their divorce.

Also he’s suddenly popular, famous guys usually dump their spouses once they make it big.

No. 369731

File: 1549665982614.png (92.59 KB, 628x545, 590389041.png)

People were mad about him tweeting someone he barely knows who had just had a massive heart attack with claims of prayer literally having healing properties, it wasn't a "pls pray 4 my
sick friend" tweet.

No. 369735

>just a traditional christian uwu

>homophobia doesn't hurt anyone owo

where did you people come from?

No. 369736

There is nothing wrong with this tweet, even if he's naive. He's not forcing people to "believe in the healing power of PRAYER"

No. 369739

IIRC he actually became a born-again Christian when he was a teenager. A random guy came up to him in a parking lot and told him to become Christian and he said he "gave his soul to jesus" or something. He also, weirdly, doesn't believe in heaven.

No. 369752

will people ever stop using "not a crime" as an argument? Chris Pratt isnt in jail, he got "called out" or whatever on twitter, he's fine. People are in their own right to voice their opinions on what they consider homophobic.

You dislike someone because as a lesbian they dislike gay people? traditionnal christianity (or any religion for that matter)is cancer.

No. 369753

his views might have changed somewhat since signing on with Hillsong a few years ago

No. 369767

he's a stupid hick and should've been cancelled for hunting. anyone that takes joy in killing animals is sociopathic tbh
>“She”—in case this is news to you, “she” is Anna Faris, the mega-talented comic actress—”doesn’t like me coyote hunting. She’s like, ’You’re not gonna eat it.’ I’m like, ’Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just like to kill ’em.’

No. 369770

It’s obnoxious, reducing someone else’s situation to some god bothering crap and making it about himself. If he wants to help in some way he could donate to a heart charity or something. Prayer is the laziest and most selfish way to “help” anyone.

No. 369772

Not to mention isn’t Kevin Smith an open atheist? Kind of rude to ask for prayers for someone open about not being religious.

No. 369774

>traditionnal christianity (or any religion for that matter)is cancer.
I hope you're underage

No. 369775

Some people are just more spiritual than others, idk what to tell you.

No. 369784

why are there so many anons defending organized religion itt?

No. 369790

She suffered great losses and beat anorexia, dude

No. 369793

Right! This church has said that CSA victims seduce their predators lmfao

No. 369798

because their pussy is frothing for Chris Pratt

No. 369799

Well he is sexy. Kinda too much of a brainlet tho.

No. 369803

>christianity is cancer
Good luck getting people to accept your sexuality when you yourself are this "open-minded"…

No. 369809

I'm from a catholic family, very much into theology and have total respect for faith. However yes, TRADITIONAL christianity is cancer.

Also never claimed to be "open minded".
It's not like gay people suddenly started to hate on religion. Gay people have absolutely every right to hate on traditional christians after what's been done to them.

No. 369815

File: 1549671330154.jpg (46.05 KB, 644x429, pri_49437187.jpg)

>How dare Chris Pratt be a member of a christian group which doesn't support the lgbtblahblah-community?!

No. 369817


>thinking gay people deserve rights = whatever this clusterfuck is

No. 369818

every lesbian on this board is a terf, don't start with this shit.

No. 369820

All religion centres around men and oppressing that which offends them, even if religions weren’t homophobic (which pretty much every single one is) they’re still toxic and don’t deserve attention in this day and age

No. 369823

People in this thread are so hot for Chris Pratt they're willing to excuse pedophilia and homophobia, wew

No. 369824

He’s really not even that cute..

No. 369827

he honestly was cuter when he was still a little chubby, before he got "hot" for jurassic park kek

No. 369828

he's one of the only men i've ever seen who got less attractive while going from chubby to in shape.

No. 369832

And did Chris Pratt ever say that gay people shouldn't have rights?

Only an absolutely tiny fraction of the female population are lesbians - meanwhile over 2 billion people worldwide are christians. You not liking that and thinking that this makes all of them stupid won't change that, you need to accept that.

And how very cute of you to state that anons here are only speaking out against you because they're lusting after him. That totally doesn't sound sexist at all… Believe it or not, but straight (christian) women do have brains of their own, they're not just controlled by their carnal needs mking them submit to men… (something you lesbians seem to love to assume)

No. 369833

please calm down, Ofchris.

No. 369835

And 1.8 billion people are Muslim, but what do you know, that doesn’t subtract from the fact that it’s a homophobic religion

No. 369840

I’m willing to bet that half that two billion are just fair weather Christians who go to church maybe once a year. Atheism is still very much a fringe religion, some people are terrified to admit they are agnostic or atheist because there’s stigma with that title outside of the internet.

No. 369845

>supporting a church that has stated many times that gay people shouldn't have the right to get married

that's basically one step short of saying "I believe that gay people shouldn't have the right to get married," but ok

No. 369853

No. 369940

>brains of their own

Not thinking for yourself is a defining factor of adhering to organized religion.

No. 369953

>Atheism is still very much a fringe religion, some people are terrified to admit they are agnostic or atheist because there’s stigma with that title outside of the internet

… where the fuck do you live?

No. 369962

File: 1549688357351.jpg (38.82 KB, 640x320, prince-harry-meghan-markle.jpg)

do you guys think Harry will divorce Meghan in a few years? She keeps doing stupid and embarrassing shit. It's clear that Harry was only thinking with his dick otherwise he wouldn't have gotten with someone so ill fitted to be royalty.

No. 369963

What has she done that has been so embarrassing?

No. 369989

File: 1549691239408.jpg (513.4 KB, 1257x1257, topkek.jpg)


Atheism is not a religion.

No. 369999

I’m not trying to defend Chris Pratt and and I’m all for calling out homophobia but I feel that Ellen Page has gotten super insufferable ever since she came out. Like all she talks about his how gay she is and doesn’t seem to have a personality beyond that. It’s like Lainey except she’s actually gay.

No. 370003

Same. I don’t deny that Megan is fake and has her head up her ass to an extent but not moreso than any other celebrity or royal. There are some real Megan/British Royal Family spergs in these threads.

No. 370006

>It's clear that Harry was only thinking with his dick otherwise he wouldn't have gotten with someone so ill fitted to be royalty.
what about her specifically makes her less fitted than say Kate to be royalty?

No. 370013

People think Meghan is trash because she didn't go to some fancy British finishing school or some shit. It's fucking ridiculous. Kate's better at keeping her head down and quietly churning out royal babies every other year, that's about it.

No. 370019

Can we get a mod in here? This thread is so fucking autistic today

No. 370020

I know its not a religion, i misspoke.

if you live in a liberal bubble then being an atheist is no big deal, but are there any open atheists in public office? notice when zuckerberg was getting ready to run he suddenly started attending church and talking about finding religion? its because the general american public doesn't trust atheists. theres only been a handful of openly non-religious public officials.

No. 370021

Apparently she was a Bridezilla and was very rude towards the royal family. Like demanding air freshners in the chapel everywhere. In British culture you are very easily seen as very fucking rude, yes Americans are very loud and opinionated compared to the Brits. Nevermind royal Brits. Apparently Meghan has also been extremely rude towards staff too. That in combination that she's been a princedigger since she was very young and would've jumped on any prince who would give her the time of day.

No. 370026

Even if she was the biggest asshole on the planet it doesn't even remotely compare to the terrible shit 90% of that family has done over the years. Brits just like to deflect all those issues onto the "rude loud American." God knows that family needs some new blood in it too, they should be grateful that at least Harry's kids are going to be 50% less inbred than the rest.

No. 370044

Hate to break the illusion but most people here in the UK (that care about this shit) like Meghan and find her a breath of fresh air. It’s only the tabloids trying to create drama on slow news days that give that impression otherwise. I’ve seen more hate for her coming from the USA tbh. Not a royal fag by any means and think we should dismantle the outdated system, but you can’t switch your car radio on without hearing about it. At least it’s good for tourism, I guess.

No. 370055

I have a love-hate thing with Megan markle. On one hand she seems to be an insipid goldigger who separates herself from friends and family after using them. On the other hand I love the chaos she causes and I hope she tears that inbred, expensive LARPing royal family apart. RIP Diana

No. 370065

An injection of fresh new genes at minimum would be useful, they are indeed, far too inbred.

No. 370080

You know I had a huge hareboner for her just because her face is so fucking smug and the reasons you listed, but I never thought about her role in that way. Snooping around and seeing what the monarchy actually is (a fucking joke, only exists for the public eye and doesn’t do much as far as the country’s wellbeing is concerned) I think I’ll start to actually like her. Get the inbred out Megan, cause more crazy scandal, slowly dismantle the royal family from the inside out! Rip Diana, Camilla is an inbred home wrecker and Charles is just as inbred and home wrecky

No. 370089

>fixing inbreeding with an injection of criminal genes(racebait)

No. 370092

What do you mean by "criminal genes"? Neither of her parents are criminals, and she isn't one, either.

No. 370095

File: 1549713814010.jpg (70.35 KB, 650x493, kate-middleton-prince-george-p…)

They look like a nice family.

No. 370142

I think that the press is just blowing things out of proportion. They used to do the same with Kate… they still do actually, saying "divorce is in the air" with William for years

No. 370158

What is up with the racebaiters in this thread?

Anyways what you guys think of Ariana Grande's new album?

No. 370183

I'm sure it's mostly the same anon doing it over and over, even after getting banned for it.

No. 370220

Speaking of Ariana, take a look at this. Too bad he didn't include any spicy mocking that was offensive and mostly posted defense posts.

No. 370252

Ah, so you're American. If you're speaking exclusively for America then you might want to clarify that, since anons were talking about religious numbers across the globe and you were commenting on 2 billion Christians.

Ariana's Japanese fans are hilarious. I forgot how common it is for big US acts to attract fanbases in Japan. Espicially pop/rnb divas.

No. 370272

>yes Americans are very loud and opinionated compared to the Brits. Nevermind royal Brits.

That’s a stereotype. Not denying that there aren’t any loud and obnoxious Americans because they do exist but not all of us are like that.

As an American, I get pretty annoyed at Brits who act like they’re better than us. America and its culture has plenty of problems but to act like Britain’s shit doesn’t stink is hilarious.

Don’t really know much about Meghan so I’m not gonna defend her.

No. 370278

it's my least favorite ariana album. i don't know if she can't sing anymore, but she barely shows off her vocal talent. it's just a basic pop album that anyone could have came out with. also break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored is the worst song on the album, but she made it a single for some reason.

No. 370351

Extremely lackluster. Almost every song was bad except for Bloodline and one othet song I can't remember the name of. I honestly really disappointed.

No. 370382

All the singles so far are annoying. I really only liked about 4 songs (NASA, ghostin, bad idea, and in my head) but meh it's at least better than the previous album. I did notice that most of her singing is very toned down and there's no real power compared to a lot of DW songs which is disappointing.

No. 370395

she seems to have really bad taste in everything including her own music. If there's a song listeners skip, it's bound to be her fave on the album.

No. 370540

I don't think he said have said anything in the interview about this to be fair, but there's definitely a sense of racial bias and discrimination when it happens. I had a close friend raped by a black man in high school and avoided then like the plague after. She didn't outright say she hates then but I could imagine Liam thought he was doing something right when he wasn't at all. He should have kept his mouth shut about that .

I only really feel bad for the woman involved. And the whole thing of victim blaming and how women can't be afraid of certain types of men after a rape.

No. 370685

File: 1549776345808.jpg (71.82 KB, 634x1144, 9610036-6687105-image-a-1_1549…)

>kylie jenner threw a birthday party for stormi, which included a giant head molded after her daughter of which guests could walk through the mouth

literally what the fuck lol
>muh circus theme

No. 370717

Apparently Justin Beiber was celibate and didn't bang Hailey Baldwin until they got married because he has a sex addiction. Also Jesus.


No. 370720

It looks like a blow up doll mouth ewwwww

No. 370721

File: 1549783332219.jpg (313.6 KB, 1200x1200, astroworld.jpg)

It's pretty fucking weird and it seems like it has something to do with Stormi's dad Travis Scott, because your baby's birthday party is just another chance for album branding.

No. 370823

>has a sex addiction

Sex addicts avoid their problems by seeking validation from a myriad of partners. One pretty girl won't fix all his problems within a short period of time after he goes cold turkey. In other words, if he is a sex addict, then he's been cheating since they started dating.

That's the equivalent of telling substance abusers they need to quit cold turkey while dangling their favourite drugs in their face when their motivation to quit is to receive the drug as reward at the end anyways.

No. 370837

> new blood
> less inbred
> fresh new genes
Meghan and Harry are distant cousins, actually.

No. 371036

please elaborate with sources lol

No. 371049

It's been reported widely and covered by various outlets. Google it.

No. 371066

They are 15th cousins

No. 371198

Their common ancestor is from the 1300s.

Fuck i'm more closely related to a dozen American celebrities. For that matter, Markle is also related to 8 American presidents and a bunch of other celebs.

There was only 300-400 million humans on earth during the 1300s, so obviously all 8 billion current humans share many common ancestors.

No. 371258

File: 1549846632795.jpg (251.32 KB, 697x1024, gettyimages-1097526638-1024x10…)

wtf happened to katy perry yikes

No. 371285


Didnt she have a mental breakdown last year? I feel really bad for her because in general I really like her music even though its generic pop.

Really hope she starts to feel better soon.

No. 371332

File: 1549854854650.jpg (726.78 KB, 2000x1389, cardi-b-6.jpg)

She's stupid af

No. 371348

idk who told her that going full miley was a good look, but it's not. it literally aged her 20 years. i miss when she used to have black hair and wear trashy latex dresses.

No. 371368

Yikes, she really does need to go back to the wavy black hair. This is not her look

No. 371392

She really seemed like she was on something during her five seconds of the Dolly Parton tribute.

No. 371405

File: 1549861776978.png (45.88 KB, 250x250, 250px-730Primarina.png)

what is happening with this outfit?

No. 371441

File: 1549868788477.jpg (703.61 KB, 2625x3263, justin-bieber-hailey-bieber-vo…)

Some fan accounts I used to follow a few years ago were speculating he was bi. Doesn't help when his wife looks like her dad.

No. 371447

What the fuck are these outfits? Hideous. No one tell me "It's art you pleb". Many of the Met Gala 2018 outfits were art. This looks like some low-effort attempt at being avant garde.

No. 371450

I totally believe Beibs has sucked a few dicks. Wasn't he caught doing questionable shit in a pool with a Hillsong pastor?

No. 371455

File: 1549871110652.jpg (102.41 KB, 600x720, c0524.jpg)

Ah, yes. The Barbie birthday cake look.

No. 371468

File: 1549874479780.jpeg (150.61 KB, 843x1200, 399A8406-A024-4280-930C-714295…)

It is vintage couture from the 90s. You can think it looks stupid and that’s fine but she didn’t pull this dress out of her ass.

No. 371503

No. 371504

1. I’m pretty sure anon meant the gross tongue thing makes her stupid, or the fact that she got back with him in general. 2. Nobody with a brain thinks celebrities dress themselves for the red carpet, wtf are you on? 3. Jesus Christ himself could’ve sewn that thing and it would still be fugly.

No. 371540

File: 1549884000714.jpeg (43.74 KB, 463x663, images (14).jpeg)

No. 371754

File: 1549912924480.jpg (148.99 KB, 800x744, 550218b8b5f82.image.jpg)

They almost look like a transman/transwoman couple here.

No. 371864

File: 1549924461732.jpeg (247.55 KB, 1242x1400, E9A371E9-3880-449F-9AA7-C69A2B…)


No. 371870

Wth is going on in this pic and why is there a dorito face to the left

No. 371877

tarnished? what was she even trying to say lmao

No. 371892

does she really sleep with her fake hair in omg

No. 371895

The real question is does she really sleep with fake lashes on/mascara? Kek

No. 371896

typo of 'trashed', maybe?

No. 371899

Doubt it. She can't even use commas correctly in this tweet. Sounds like she's stupid

No. 371919

File: 1549930143696.jpeg (98.93 KB, 1241x1108, DzGTWqnX4AAsh3S.jpeg)

Haven't seen this posted, saw on twitter that she tweeted this when Cardi won over Mac - obvs she deleted.

No. 371920

File: 1549930170890.jpeg (102.23 KB, 827x1155, DzGTWqnWoAEjZnf.jpeg)

No. 371941

I said she's stupid because she got back with Offset after saying time and time again that it was over.
Should've clarified that, my bad. I actually like the dress lel

No. 371942

Someone needs to take her phone away since she can never seem to just shut the fuck up.

No. 371978

Did they not think that the Grammy’s invited his parents to represent for him? I think it would’ve been more disrespectful to not invite them.
Also I find it a bit humorous that Nicki didn’t even get a nomination kek. Her psycho fans have been harassing Cardi nonstop since she won. Not a fan of Cardi, but her album is the least boring and I think all of those songs have gone platinum. Out of all of the nominees I think she deserved it the most.

No. 371991

can this bitch stop virtue signalling over her dead ex that she cheated on? she's so fake.

No. 372026

Fucking this. I don't doubt it would have been a little sad but she is milking that shit to be the victim. She put him in a song hence somewhat capitalizing on his death in a way.
Which brings me to my next point.

I cannot stand Taylor Swift, however I find it extremely unfair that she writes songs about her ex's (doesn't use names though)
and gets crucified for it as a crazy bitch, but this little twerp does it and even mentions them BY NAME and everyone is like omg wow what a bop! She's such an independent woman. You go Ariana!

Taylor Swift is probably just as fake but I've never heard a story of her mistreating fans or doing shady shit like mistreating staff and any scandals like the whole donut thing.

I swear Ari gets a free pass because she is cute. She's a very pretty girl, but it's obvious she's a nasty evil human inside.
Her latest song is about stealing someone's boyfriend. How nice can she be?

Also it's annoying how she sings about loving herself first ect when she's literally one of those women who are alllways in a relationship and incapable of being by themselves or they get bored.

She had broken up with Malcom BEFORE he died. She has no fucking right to sing about him. Imagine how his family feels. This bitch using him for revenue.

No. 372028

>Her latest song is about stealing someone's boyfriend
i thought she steals the girlfriend because shes an uWu bisexual butterfly now or something

No. 372032

I did read that interpretation in the comments and kind of gathered from the video, but she's the type of girl to call herself bi for clout in my opinion. I feel the same about Bella Thorne.
Bella was on that gay magazine cover and bitched that she's 'lost roles uwu' over being bi and her latest instagram post is her being like hahaha I don't know how to talk to girls lol.
Bitch it's because you are straight as fuck. I bet her and Tana are doing this whole thing for attention and queer baiting because they know to 1-get the views and 2-fags love the crazy 'bad girl' types and will eat that shit up.

Sorry if questioning people's sexualities seems like a cunt move but I honestly feel like Ariana is as straight as they come, as is Bella Thorne.

No. 372034

dont be sorry because i agree with you and think most people feel the same way
i dont recall her ever mentioning being attracted to or dating females before this video

No. 372082

Also, didn’t she cheat with big sean while he was engaged? Not to he is blameless by any means, he’s trash too, but the song/lyric choice just seems a little “too close to home” for her if you will.

No. 372083

Not to say*

No. 372088

File: 1549950235567.jpg (107.05 KB, 1100x619, 190130074708-01-celine-dion-01…)


Singer Céline Dion is seen on January 25, 2019, in Paris.


Céline Dion doesn't much care if you think she's lost too much weight.

Photos of the singer looking more svelte than she has before and rocking haute couture have been causing buzz that she's gotten too thin.

In a recent interview with The Sun's Dan Wootton, Dion brushed off the criticism. "If I like it, I don't want to talk about it," she said. "Don't bother. Don't take a picture."

Dion is now 50 years old and said she's playing with style to find looks that help her "feel attractive."

"I'm doing this for me," the singer said. "I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy."


Celine Dion isn't into gender conformity when it comes to raising her sons.


No. 372090

Doe anyone else think she is trying to pander to the gays by making this video though?
Every gay person I've ever met is OBSESSED with her. Mostly guys but I've seen a few lesbians too.
Ari knows her target audience.

No. 372093

She looks way older than 50. Really tragic looking.

No. 372101

I think it's just the weightloss though. If she put a bit of weight on, she'd look nice for her age.
Her actual skin looks nice, it's the scrawniness making her look older.

No. 372105

File: 1549952409171.jpg (155.41 KB, 960x1438, NINTCHDBPICT000467204797.jpg)


Thanks for the heads up, anon! I have been following his antics for a couple of years now. A big part of the problem is that he is being coddled by the courts just as he has been coddled by his father.

Is he still with his third thot fiancee?

Has he called quits on his exclusive upscale sex toy line?

From the article you posted:

A source told the newspaper: 'His son has been living at the Rudloe for a while but it's highly stressful.

'He rows with everyone — his dad, his brother, the staff… he would row with the cat if there was one.'


Marco Pierre White Jr fined after calling police niggers in racist rant while drunk in train station bar.

Marco was arrested after harassing bar staff at Paddington station in November and was fined £200 after being called 'shameful' by the judge.

THE son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White racially abused cops while “drunk as a skunk” at a train station bar.

Former Big Brother contestant Marco Pierre White Jr, 23, said “fuck these niggers” as he was arrested.

Police were called after he and three women harassed bar staff at Paddington station in November.

Fining him £200, the judge called him “shameful” and rejected his claim he was rapping to a song with the n-word in it.

Pierre White, of Corsham, Wilts, slurred his words as he admitted drink and racial harassment charges at Hendon magistrates’ court, North London.


Marco Pierre White Jr has admitted that he's relapsed after managing 48 days sober from drinks and drugs.

The 22-year-old model had previously revealed that he was going sober after his addiction resulted in him being hospitalised and he was coughing up blood.

No. 372109

File: 1549953811726.jpg (295.75 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190211-224242.jpg)

I feel like this is extremely rude to the designer. Not because "ree dogs are gross" but because the dog is being rough with the fabric.

No. 372110

File: 1549953860914.jpg (242.5 KB, 800x892, 20190211_224043.jpg)

The pup even tries to bite it

No. 372112

File: 1549954120282.jpg (39.01 KB, 634x1085, 4C20E77E00000578-5720849-image…)


He proposed on Instagram because of course he did.


He said: 'Got back with one of my exes, not Francesca, and I'm about to propose to her with a 1.5 carat Asprey diamond from 1920. Hope it goes well, wish me luck!'

The next clip saw Marco's mystery fiancée arrive home from work as he kept the camera on his own face, he added: 'Hey baby, how was work? Listen, I was thinking, will you spend the rest of your life with me? Seriously…'

'together for ever my new upgraded sexy kitten…new ring every five years we've agreed.'

No. 372292

Does anyone remember the pedo allegations against Michael Jackson and how they were swept under the rug?
Their resurfacing now in a new documentary coming out in match titled "Leaving Neverland", i read about this on an article and that sparked me to research the allegations,
since i was a kid when the courtcase happened and just assumed he was innocent but…

He really did molest so many boys, im horrified, he got AWAY with it and is still being celebrated, so fucked up.

What do you guys think?

No. 372296

No. 372398

The kids that accused him of it came out one by one after her died saying that their parents told him to do it for the money and there's been incidents of police figured out people were lying to cover for celebrity pedos. Some of Woody Allen's victims claimed it was Michael Jackson and later admitted to it being Woody Allen and there was something else behind the Woody Allen víctima claiming it was MJ but I forget. It wasn't so much swept under the rug but moreso since victims grew up and said it wasn't true people stopped talking about.

No. 372415

tbh I don't think he did it at all. he was friends with Corey Feldman when he was a child and Corey said he never touched him or tried anything and Corey is VERY outspoken about the sexual abuse he and others endured and the rampant pedophile rings in Hollywood.

No. 372463

Just because he didnt abuse Corey, doesnt mean he didnt abuse other kids. I actually had exacly this though too at first because of Corey and how outspoken he has been but there have been several charges against him. Until i began looking more into it, some of the shady shit that has went down

>>sleeping with underaged boys in his bed for several nights in a row, and having them in his hotel suites for days while touring

>>switching them up as soon as they age out and reach puberty
>>having a disneyland in his backyard, that just screams pedo to me
>>all the charges against him from different boys
>>a boy describing his erect penis in accurate detail(Jackson had vitiligo and distinct marks) and paying the boys over 20 million usd in hush money to avoid the court (and arrest)
>>the erotica and porn found in his mansion, some of it being with naked pre pubecent children

And thats just the surface stuff.

There is also a new documentary coming out with two of his victim where they are gonna go into great detail about how he abused them for several years titled "Leaving Neverland"

And no boys have taken the accusations back, the only thing of that sort is two boys who defended him( actually the ones starring in the documentary) are now saying that he actually did it and they were frightened and brainwashed because of grooming, so they didnt dare speak up, which i can understand when you are up against such a powerful and rich american icon with a crazy rabid fanbase that worships him like a god and will stalk and harrass his victims both online and in the real world.

No. 372526

What do you guys think of Avril Lavigne? She dropped a new song today

No. 372562

Someone made a very comprehensive post on reddit recently about this. It was removed from reddit but you can find it here: https://www.removeddit.com/r/unresolvedmysteries/comments/aoz4f2?sort=confidence
I thought he was innocent, too, until I read it. Guy was a pedo for sure.

No. 372572

RIP Katy Perry's shoe line.

In a statement released Tuesday by the singer and company, they said the shoes were "envisioned as a nod to modern art and surrealism." The singer says she was saddened when she learned they were being compared to blackface and were "immediately removed" from the company's website.

No. 372580


Off topic but I hate how Reddit is constantly deleting interesting shit.

No. 372582

She's not a cow. I think she's pretty irrelevant since the early 2000s no matter how many times she tries to come back and all her songs make her sound like she's stuck in the 90s with the mentality of a 12 year old.

No. 372633

>her album is the least boring
>Daytona was nominated
Soft Cardi stans are sad

No. 372634

The money for that documentary came out of David Geffen's pockets, who abused Michael Jackson when he was a child

No. 372635

No. 372638

This made me feel sick. I've always maintained he was innocent, too, back when it was going down, but after realizing how rife with pedophilia show biz is + all the new evidence coming to light, I'm positive he was a pedo.

No. 372642

Why the fuck was it deleted though?
tinfoil: Some mod is part of the MJ fan cult

No. 372644

This was posted a few hours ago
see >>372562

I know. Idk if it's because it had pictures of minors or what. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony or whoever sicced their lawyers on it though.

No. 372655

Uh…I read something about MJ having boys in his bed and it was in an article related to corey. That shit doesn't sound correct right off the bat.

No. 372665

>Michael begins to cry, saying: “We’re a family! Don’t you trust me?”
Wow that's fucking weird and creepy, but most of all, manipulative. What a scumbag.

No. 372680

Michael befriended famous boys like Macaulay Culkin and Cory Feldman on purpose and never touched them, because if any of the other boys would accuse him of being a pedo, he could easily get away with this since both Corey and Macauley say otherwise until this day. It was a calculating strategy and I am sure Michael had complicity. That makes me really sick…

No. 372703

I didn't follow the show but Cardi fucking B won over DAYTONA? Wow utter garbage as always.

Amazing album, I'd say the best out of the Wyoming sessions w Kanye. Def my favorite of the year.

No. 372717

File: 1550031721111.jpg (383.13 KB, 800x918, 20190212_201811.jpg)

Noah is 19 years old with that unmoving plastic surgery visage. She's got nowhere to go but down from here.

No. 372722

Poor girl…she wasn't exactly born ugly but rather unconventionally looking. I guess she hoped she would look like Kylie Jenner after some ps. Her parents should be sued because they let her get ps as an undeveloped teen.

No. 372736

I won't call it necessarily stealing, more like a cover and "filler material".

No. 372740


She needs to sue whoever did her face. The pimp suit isn’t helping either.

No. 372756


How about we archive it, too.


No. 372767

Your great anon.

I wanted to share this, a former special friend of MJ, who slept in his bed on numerous occasions alone with him, also the son of late John Lennon made a disturbing song with an equally disturbing video depicting MJ.

No. 372774

…okay i'll just post the link then

No. 372785

av is pure cringe. she needs to stop making this cheerleader music already shes like 33 years old. thought she was gonna finally do some music appropriate for her age after "head under water" and then i heard that intro.

No. 372818

File: 1550052629014.jpg (60.98 KB, 402x600, Celine Dion Celinde Dion Wears…)

I remember thinking she looked cute in these candids. This was less than two years ago. Her brain must be fried from the grooming René did to her.

No. 372822

i liked when she was a tomboy, her first album was my favorite but her later albums got really weird and "rawk chick".

No. 372829

im sorry but her first album was unironically a timelessly enjoyable work of art

No. 372839


She needs to stick with songs like Head Under Water.

This is awful

No. 372848

None of this changes my mind and none of it is new information that hadn't already been poured over by thousands of people. He is and was innocent.

No. 372852

She looks much better here. I hope she gets help because she clearly is losing it

No. 372855

when you read the transcripts it's clear there was something fucked up going on there. Even the interview with Culkin, who defended MJ, yet spilled so much problematic stuff.
Even if you believe MJ didn't molest anyone, you gotta acknowledge he was clearly not right in the head to do other "legal" things with those boys. And knowing that those things are true, confirmed by many people and MJ himself… it's suddenly not that hard to believe he would molest children. Because stuff that is confirmed is very troubling. Like sleeping alone in the same bed or staying alone in the same hotel rooms, including himself in their plans, trips, dominating their time, talking on the phone for hours, love-bombing, buying expensive gifts… whatever your opinion is, this is grooming. Not "loving children uwu". There's no discussion here.
So it's really not that hard to believe.

No. 372857

This. No normal man does this with children, especially children that are not biologically his own. He wasn't in a relationship and he spent all his time trying to relive his stolen childhood. I have no doubt he messed with boys. It's disturbing, and people defending him are wrong.

No. 372858

This is so incredibly annoying. I know people will love it though because the gays will be screaming about how she's a "queen" and can do no wrong. This kind of music doesn't suit her voice. I feel like she's going to be another Madonna: dressed like a stripper, hanging around with younger celebrities and throwing out songs that were written by middle-aged men who think they know what the kidz want well past retirement age.

No. 372869

I don't understand how people can be ok with all the creepy shit he did with children and insist that he never took it further.

No. 372872


i hate that i still love his music, because he's clearly a predator.

No. 372927


If you can't separate the person from the art, there's so few people that you can enjoy anymore.

David Bowie, MJ, Ceelo Green, Miramax films, Rolf Harris…

No. 372953

File: 1550074850393.jpg (119.97 KB, 750x1145, UCSay1l.jpg)

Nicki Minaj thinks that all black women are jealous and out to get her and it has nothing to do with defending and dating a rapist/murderer and claiming that the girl who was kidnapped and held at knife point was just some girl he slept with and the parents got mad.

No. 372967

Miramax films?

No. 372975

founded by Harvey Weinstein

No. 372979

Wait what's the scoop on David Bowie? I never cared for him tbh.

No. 372996

I think he took a 13 yos virginity or something

Also everyone forgets but Jimmy page kidnapped and locked that same girl up. Not difficult for me to disregard much of the work men create tbh. I'm not crazy about any of it tbh. It's all overhyped

No. 372999

No. 373004

There were a lot of underage groupies in the 70s, and Bowie statutory raped at least one 13 year old groupie. It's so sickening, the youngest "baby groupies" were like 12 and pretty much every famous male rock musician had sex with them and nobody cared and so many people defend these musicians by saying that the groupies wanted it or that they are lying for fame.

No. 373042

lad lmao

No. 373117

If MJ is not a pedo then why he lost interest in his ~special friends~ when they grew up?

No. 373138

fucking nasty. I read all about Bowie's groupies. Same with the Rolling stones. I feel bad for these girls. they should respect themselves, but the artists should know better. We live in a society where a woman can be underaged and no one bats an eye if she's doing something sexual with a man twice her senior.

No. 373173

he had 'nonsexual' books in his house of naked children, specifically naked boys. like ????

No. 373204

Because MJ was himself as mature as a child, being unable to connect with adults. His family fucked him up real good.

No. 373277

cool motive, still a pedo.

No. 373363

Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price.

Several women say Adams offered to jumpstart their music careers, then pursued them sexually and in some cases retaliated when they spurned him. He denies the claims.

In interviews, seven women and more than a dozen associates described a pattern of manipulative behavior in which Adams dangled career opportunities while simultaneously pursuing female artists for sex. In some cases, they said, he would turn domineering and vengeful, jerking away his offers of support when spurned, and subjecting women to emotional and verbal abuse, and harassment in texts and on social media. The accounts have been corroborated by family members or friends who were present at the time, as well as by correspondence from Adams reviewed by The New York Times.

From a teenager living in a small town to his ex-wife, the singer and actress Mandy Moore, these artists said Adams exploited and then stifled their ambitions. “Music was a point of control for him,” Moore said.

When Adams began corresponding online with a fan, Ava, in 2013, she was a 14-year-old bass player already forging a career.

But their correspondence about music turned into graphic texting. Eventually, Ava said, they conducted video calls on Skype, where Adams exposed himself during phone sex.

The Times has reviewed extensive communication between the two, including 3,217 text messages they exchanged over a nine-month period when Ava was 15 and 16. (The Times is identifying Ava, now 20, by her middle name because she was a minor during their online relationship. They never met in person.)

(continue reading)


No. 373373

File: 1550119246690.png (346.06 KB, 746x932, X3WfxOv.png)

No. 373447

I’d have been more surprised if MJ Didn’t turn out to be a totally fucked up pedophile drug addict like haven’t the people seen his face?? He even age regressed in interviews sometimes. He 100% got molested by the Kevin Spaceys of his time. Typical Hollywood shit tbh

No. 373463

What always seems to be looked over with the MJ sleeps with kids thing is that part of the never land ranch/foundation had hospital beds for terminally ill make a wish foundation kids. They always had medical nurses on site, the beds were in a room with a built in theater and adjacent to the fun fair.

It's always overlooked that MJ set up so many worldwide charities like Heal The World etc. That he himself was a child abuse victim and used his fortune to be charitable and kind.

He had two rare skin diseases that causes skin discolouration like the models we celebrate today for being diverse. He used make up to even his skin tone to avoid the constant slander he would receive by the press. He was a very ill man and overworked himself to support so many people that came to rely on him.

He was naive and had an obsession with anime. He was essentially a giant weeb and people think he was trying to emulate a white person? He was obsessed with anime culture and also as a dancer was obsessed with form and ballet. Look at the Scream music video ffs that broke world records because he wanted to use cutting edge technology to live an anime fantasy lol.

The current allegations coming out in that documentary are by two people that have been proven to be fraudsters and liars before. He was investigated over a decade, subjected to humiliating horrible dehumanising medical examinations. He proved his innocence. A man as rich as MJ and hated by the press would not have success proving innocence if there were victims out there.

Children were never alone around him or in his bedrooms. There were bed bound kids invited with their families and specilists to events at neverland he would provide the environment that would allow them to have some joy before their short lives end.

Of course MJ got villinised. He was good, rich and put his power to charitable means.

Also the documentary coming out is essentially a cash grab. The MJ estate is being sued or investigated. I can't be arsed linking on my phone, but it's in the MJ estate that his name gets slandered and defamed so their outstanding lawsuits can reflect how little they initially valued his worth.

No. 373466

So in denial.
Read the evidence and the transcripts, even after MJ had kids he had a "special" friend who slept in his be alone with him.
He has begged and cried to parents to manipulate them to let their son slep in his be alone for days and weeks at a time, NEVER girls alone, ALWAYS cute little boys.

No. 373467

Also, for a "child" he sure had a lot of gay porn, childrens erotica and BDSM porn found at his house…

No. 373468


>He had two rare skin diseases that causes skin discolouration which made his penis identifiable.


No. 373469

File: 1550146347502.png (242.26 KB, 800x866, Screenshot_2019-02-14-04-10-46…)

No. 373471

>Children were never alone around him or in his bedrooms. There were bed bound kids invited with their families and specilists to events at neverland he would provide the environment that would allow them to have some joy before their short lives end.
girl you've read some nice fairytale, but didn't care to look over actual case transcripts. Every interviewed kid (and I'm not talking accusers but those who defended Michael) admitted under oath that multiple times they were alone with him in his bedroom. Alone in hotel rooms. Alone in bed. Sleeping with him alone in his bed in his bedroom ffs. Like you can't just erase that because it doesn't fit your cute little story about how big of an angel he had been.

No. 373472

File: 1550146822692.jpg (34.2 KB, 780x438, 190116132542-02-macaulay-culki…)

>What always seems to be looked over with the MJ sleeps with kids thing is that part of the never land ranch/foundation had hospital beds for terminally ill make a wish foundation kids. They always had medical nurses on site, the beds were in a room with a built in theater and adjacent to the fun fair.

Wow… So, because he helped some kids, its fine and acceptable for him to sleep alone for days at a time with them? After he was accused of child molestation several times? Even the ones trying to save his skin admit to sleeping alone in his bed.

-Transcripts from a Macaulay Culkin(Q is Culkin)

>Q. Would it be safe to say that 90 percent of

the time you stayed there?
>A. In his bedroom?
>Q. Yes.
>A. I don’t think it would be 90 percent. It
would be —
>Q. 80 percent?
>A. It would be — I slept in his room about as often as I fell asleep anywhere. Like, I fell asleep — I would flop down — we’d fall asleep in the movie theater. He has beds in the movie theater. I’d flop down and fall asleep there. I’ve fallen asleep in the video game machines before. I mean, I’ve — I would go and play there basically until I’d just run myself out, and I would just flop down wherever I needed to.
>Q. All right. Is there — was there at the time an alarm on his door going into his bedroom?

>A. There was like a walkway kind of thing where if somebody was approaching the door, it would kind of like “ding-dong, ding-dong.”

>Q. All right. Do you remember hearing any “ding-dongs, ding-dongs” as your father came into the room?

>A. When anyone would approach the room, yeah, you’d hear this kind of — soft kind of alarm, like “ding-dong” kind of thing.

No. 373474

File: 1550147317954.jpg (33.67 KB, 600x570, ch2kpq0wkaqidm.jpg)

Quotes from Frank Cascio's book
"My Friend Michael
- An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man"

> “Of course, Lisa Marie had to understand that in marrying Michael she was not signing on to a conventional life. But it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she had no idea of how much time he actually spent with us, or if she did know that she had assumed his priorties would begin to shift once he was married.” ~ Frank Cascio

>“When they split up at the end of 1995, Michael claimed that one of the main reasons was that Lisa was jealous of us and the relationship he had with us. He preferred spending time with us to spending it with her.”~ Frank Cascio

>“Whether Bill intended it to be so or not, his verbal dressingdown of Eddie and me was a turning point in my life, a moment that instilled in me an early instinct to protect Michael and his reputation, even from his own actions, if necessary. We were the kids, it was true, but when it came to Michael’s impulses, sometimes we would have to be the adults. We had to think of the consequences to his image and reputation at all times, even when he didn’t.” ~ Frank Cascio

>” But when Michael came to town, I had another life. After school, my brother Eddie and I, and sometimes our younger brother Dominic, would go to the city, spend the night with Michael, then wake up early to be driven back to New Jersey in Michael’s car.” – Frank Cascio

In the letter Marie Nicole says:

"Dom, Angel, Frank were all your babies and since I am a girl I can’t be.

They get whatever they want whenever they want I can’t. Golf carts, quads, they all got to sleep with you and I never did. Face it I know I am not liked by you all. (Applehead club)"
Image of letter: https://mjandboys.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/nicole-letter.png

No. 373475

File: 1550147794570.jpg (43.38 KB, 500x519, c62057ccd13a1a17780ec2ffe48072…)


>“It’s a weird story, but I didn’t touch him. We (Lennon & Ronson) used to watch the porn channel because we were like, 10 and ‘Oh my god (boobs)!’ So Michael was in bed. And me and Sean said,’Michael, do you want to see something cool?’ We turned the dial to the porn channel and there were strippers shaking their (boobs) around. We were like, ‘Michael, Michael, how cool is this?’ We turned around and he was cringing, saying,’Ooh stop it,stop it,ohh, it’s so silly.’ We were like,’Michael, you have to look, maybe your not seeing it right, it’s naked girls!’ He was not down with the program whatsoever! I think he had really strong feminist views on porn.” ~ Mark Ronson

>” I may have spent more time with him than almost anybody else.” ~ Sean Lennon

About a song he wrote about Michael with disturbing lyrics with an equally disturbing video ( video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxH8Bc0cHok )

> “Um, I was there and the song is indeed strictly autobiographical. The point is that we (the kids), were all discarded when we were too old to play with, just like bubbles. The song is good. You just don’t get it. Bubbles was my friend and I will write what I want regardless of the opinion of twats ;). ” ~ Sean Lennon (On twitter, to MJ fanatics)

No. 373476

And these men claim he DIDNT do anything, if you want i can also make a summary of the ones that are SAYING he DID molest them.

No. 373478

File: 1550148451871.png (164.11 KB, 940x529, claypoollennonbubbles_mikefiel…)

Song Lyrics:

"In 1983
In a Texas facility
He was just a few months old when they
Told him he was sold

They flew the primate pet
Upon a private jet
And off to Neverland where he
Met the impish man

Feasting on candy
And dressed like a dandy
Bubbles was treated
Like no other chimpanzee
Transported to a planet made of toys, bananas, and games

Childhoods end
And Bubbles burst

We met in the arcade
Playing video games
We both could not believe it was
Like living in a dream

We didn’t understand
Dancing with Peter Pan
What would be the result when we
Turned into young adults"

Seriously, watch the video and keep these lyrics in mind, i feel this his way of saying what Michael did to him without being attacked by his fans and family.

Poor boy…

No. 373481

Yeah I'd be interested in rereading the court transcripts again of his victims if you want.

Amazing how the fbi and court system seemed to miss all the evidence.

No. 373487

Sure thing, May take a while but i will start now, i'm passionate about these victims getting their justice.

And yes, its baffeling. But when your a rich famous megastar it seems you get away with everything, even the public.

No. 373489

File: 1550149638837.png (408.93 KB, 1700x1122, Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 1.04.…)

These posts are textbook examples of that MJ cult shit mentioned in the removeddit post, lmao.

No. 373495

from the video it appears that everything in black&white is the general view of how things were and when it switches to claymation and colors that's his personal view of things(with the district attorney and paparazzi at the ranch) and the lyrics does nothing to contrast this as far as i can tell, like he just misses that time in his life and is sad about being discarded?

No. 373499

I don't really see the sexual connotations in the video, it seems like >>373495 says, wanting to go back in time and in mj case not wanting to face reality. Still I do believe the possibilityof MJ having "special kids" to abuse, less know and maybe with shitty family relationships or just living in bad conditions.

No. 373503

So you didnt find it odd he was hiding under the sheets in a bed from Michael, being frightened, then when Michael whips out a banana, squirts milk on himself and licks a lollipop trying to entice the boy?

Him teaching him how to dance grabbing his crotch along the lyrics "We did not understand, dancing with peter pan" and after moonwalking him from behind up to his crotch and proceeding to pet him on the head for doing him weel along with the lyrics "what would be the result when we turned into young adults"

The two of them licking a lollipop together in a bathtub?

I think the bright claymotion part is symbolizing that the grooming was successful, and when the police shows up and him flying the ape and himself away from them into space is symbolizing that he got away with it and continued to groom and molest kids.
Also the heart around them in the last scene.
And the overall atmosphere being dark and in gray with disturbing instrumentals.

This is just my opinion though, he himself said that the meaning was different, but again TO ME i find it odd to include those very suggestive shots and grim lyrics to someone you had a great time with who never did anything atleast sexually undertoned to you.

But i do agree about him also feeling hurt about being abandoned, like he was just used and then thrown away after.

No. 373507

File: 1550152649949.jpg (138.41 KB, 435x580, SAFECHUCK.jpg)

I'd like to start of by saying that i got most of my resources from this page
some very hardworking people have compiled all this evidence: https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/

JAMES SAFECHUCK (1987-1992) https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2016/11/13/michael-jackson-and-james-safechuck-1987-1992/

James met Michael Jackson during the filming of a Pepsi Commercial, in which the two of them worked together. This was in 1987, when James was nine years old
After finishing the Commercial, Jackson wanted to stay in contact with the 9-year-old boy. It was March 1987, when Jackson wrote a letter to James:


After receiving the letter, James’ whole family was invited by Michael to have dinner with him at his home in Encino, California.
During this visit, Jackson gave the 9-year-old 700 dollars. His parents didn’t know about this present and as soon as they found out, they asked Jackson not to give James money. Then 28 year old Jackson answered that he could not help himself.

On Thanksgiving day, James and his family invited Jackson to their home. The meetings between the Safechuck family and Jackson became normal and regular.
During his many visits to the Hayvenhurst house, James would “hang out” with MJ in his bedroom and spend time with him in his music studio. Moreover, Jackson gave him a thriller jacket that he needed to give back a few years later.

The bond between Jackson and a 9-year-old boy grew so strong that MJ became a part of the Safechuck family and he would always visit them when he felt alone or lonely. According to James Safechuck, there was no molestation in 1987.

James joined the Bad Tour in June 1988 and travelled with Jackson until December, when the Bad Tour was finally finished in Japan. According to James, the first incident of sexual abuse occurred during the Paris portion of the Bad Tour in June 25-29, 1988.
After the first sexual molestation took place, James began sleeping in Michael’s bed on a regular basis until the Bad Tour ended. As James says, Jackson explained the sexual acts as a “way of showing love”. James, who was only 10 years old, believed him. On another occasion during the Bad Tour in 1988, Michael referred to this activity as “selling me some,” because Jackson would give James jewelry after he did this, as a “reward.”

In or about 1988, Michael and James even “married” with a wedding ring and a signed document. During every phone conversation they had, Jackson wanted to hear that James loves him. James also claims that Michael was paranoid about anybody finding out about the molestation and didn’t really trust James’ ability to stay quiet.

When James was 12 years old, Michael started a seperation phase with James, telling him that he would have other friends and that they would continue later on.

Jackson’s disinterest in Jimmy was also testified to by the French couple Philip Lemarque and Stella Marcroft. The couple worked for nine months as cooks at the Ranch. That’s what the couple stated on August 28, 1993:

>STELLA: Yes. [Jimmy Safechuck] was there very often, but then he got too old and stopped coming to the ranch.

>PHILIP: He would call all the time, but Michael would say, “Tell him I’m not here.” Then he’d smile about it.

James Safechuck’s civil complaint + court documents:

No. 373513

File: 1550153840053.jpg (81.17 KB, 742x440, ROBSON.jpg)

I'd like to start of by saying that i got most of my resources from this page
some very hardworking people have compiled all this evidence: https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/

WADE ROBSON (1990-1997) https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/wade-robson-michael-jackson/
-Wade Robson was a defender of Michael Jackson until 2013. In 2013, he firstly claimed that he was sexually abused by Michael from age 7 until age 14.

Wade won a dance contest at age 5. The prize was meeting Michael Jackson & when Jackson came to Australia during his Bad Tour, he met 5-year-old Wade Robson in his hotel suite.
Michael told the family that if they ever come to the US, they should look him up. He met Michael again in the Record one recording studios. Jackson invited the whole family to his ranch for the weekend, and it was then that Wade Robson became close to Jackson.
During the first weekend that the family stayed at the ranch, Wade stayed in Michael’s bed without his 10-year-old sister or his parents on the second night. Here the alleged abuse started. Wade stated that Michael molested him from day one.

The weekend after this weekend, the family again stayed at Neverland. Afterwards, Michael took Wade and his mother to Las Vegas & they visited Siegfried and Roy. The rest of the family was not with him (sister and father). During every night, Wade was molested by Jackson.
In Vegas, Wade’s mother was having a suite and Wade & Michael had one together. After this vacation,Wade and his family returned to Australia.

4 times in the next 2 years. Wade was always staying with Michael for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, Michael would even call Joy Robson (Wade’s mother), while they were in the US saying that she should bring Wade to him late at night.

When Wade stayed with Michael, Jackson motivated Wade to call him “Dad”. Jackson explained the sexual acts to Wade as “acts of love” and told the child that “he loves him”. Jackson added that no one would understand “their love”, because people are ignorant. Wade received the nickname “little one”, by his mentor Michael Jackson.

In 1991, when Wade was about 8 years old, the Robsons moved to the USA & he visited Neverland quite often. His parents wanted Wade to become really succesfull & everyone knows this more or less only works in America. (Wade was a dancer who worked with big profile names including Britney Spears, Usher, Justin Timberlake etc)
Wade & Michael also worked together. Wade appeared in MJ’s music videos ‘Black or White’, Jam’ & ‘Heal the world’.

The 8-year-old still shared Jackson’s bed until he was 14. During all those sleepovers, Jackson molested him. Their last sleepover was in 1997 when Robson was 14. While they were living in the US, Wade always visited Michael on his own, without his parents. He said that he spent 25 weekends at Neverland, aged 8-14. At the age of 14, Michael even sodomized Wade Robson, according to his complaint. After the anal sex, Wade’s molestation ended for whatever reasons.

When in 1993, the first child sex abuse claim was made, Wade says (now) that Michael manipulated him on the phone. He was at the time 11.
In court in 2005, Wade was 23, he was defending Michael, saying he never touched him in a sexual way. Wade was imperturbable in defending Michael. He was a big reason why Michael was found innocent in 2005. The court couldn’t bring him down. The court documents are now open to everyone, just look it up. The court tried to to make him uncertain by showing Wade some homoerotic books that were found in Neverland: https://www.mjfacts.com/was-child-pornography-found-in-michael-jacksons-home/

>Wade: “It seems more loving in a way, like not so much about sex.”

>Court: “Is it a fact, as you look through that book, what is depicted throughout that book are series of photographs two men engaged in sex acts with one another?”

>Wade: “Yes.”

>Court: “And in fact, the sex acts are all acts, of either mastrubation, oral sex, or sodomy, is that right?”

>Wade:”From what I saw, yes.”

>Court: “And sodomy, as you understand, is an act of anal sex, is that correct?”

>Wade: “Yes.”

>Court: “Would you be concerned about a person who possesses that book, crawling into bed with a 10-year-old boy?”

>Wade: “Yeah, I guess so.”


>Court: “Is it true, Mr.Robson, that all of the pictures in the book are of boys, about the same age?”

>Wade: “Yes.”

>Court: “10, 11, 12 years old?”

>Wade: “Yes.”

>Court: “And that many of the photographs, if not most most of the photographs, depicted in that book are of boys nude(naked); is that correct?”

>Wade: “Yes.”

>Court: “And in fact, in most of those pictures, the genitalia is prominently displayed; is that right?”

>Wade: “Yes.”

>Court: “Would you be concerned about having your 12-year-old child in bed with a person who possesses a book like that?”

>Wade: “No.”

>Court: “You would have no such concern?”

>Wade: “No. It’s to me not a pornographic book. It’s sort of-I don’t know, just a book.”


Wade being analyzed by an expert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ORrKcZsslk

Both Robson and Safechuck will be appearing in the documentary "Leaving Neverland" airing on HBO sometime in march

No. 373521


Ryan has been an asshole on twitter for a while now so I can’t imagine what he’s like in person. Always wondered why Mandy Moore didn’t do much during those years and now it all makes sense.

No. 373523

File: 1550155258970.jpg (133.14 KB, 468x627, Chandler.jpg)

I'd like to start of by saying that i got most of my resources from this page
some very hardworking people have compiled all this evidence: https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/

JORDAN CHANDLER (1992-1993) https://mjandboys.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/jordan-chandler-michael-jackson-19921993/
-The FIRST accuser

He was the reason, why people started to wonder about Jackson’s friendships with young boys and he brought Michael Jackson his first huge scandal, it was (in 1993) 13-year-old Jordan (Jordy) Chandler.

It was May 1992, Michael Jackson met his later accuser Jordan Chandler who was 12 years old and a half at the time, at a car rental agency which was owned by the boy’s stepfather David Schwarz. David knew that Jordy was a big fan of Jackson and told Jackson: “You don’t have to pay for the car, just take this number & call Jordy.”
From May 1992 to January 1993, Jackson kept phone contact with the young boy. Jackson sometimes called Jordy 8-10 times a day and there was one conversation that took 3 hours. In this call, Michael talked about the things he liked, like video games or playing water fights & also about his Neverland Ranch. About Neverland, Jackson told the boy that he was having a zoo full of animals, a movie theater and golf carts. Jackson told the boy that he was having a zoo full of animals, a movie theater and golf carts. Later, Jackson started to talk about his famous friends. Jordy said that the main topic of their phone conversations was Neverland & that he dreamed about going there one day. Michael told the boy on the phone that Neverland is named after Peter Pan, because he is Peter Pan in his heart. While those conversations took place, MJ was on tour.

It was February 1993, Jordy and his family visited Neverland for the first time & during the visit, Jordy was not staying in Jackson’s room but in the guest area overnight. They were there for a weekend, as Jordy said. Jordy added that Michael took him and his sister to Toys-R-Us , while it was closed. Jackson allowed Jordy to take everything he wants. After that, Michael & Jordy also went to the Century City Apartment, where they were just playing video games & nothing special happend.

Their first trip together was to Las Vegas, where they stayed at the Mirage Hotel. As Jordy said, Michael had his room, Jordy had his own & his sister + mother shared one in the beginning at least. During one night, Michael put on the very scary movie the Exorcist, when Jordy’s mother and his sister were already sleeping. This was the first night, in which Jordy slept in Michael’s bed because he was scared & as Jordy stated: Nothing happend that night. The next morning, Jordy told his mum that he and Jackson shared a bed & June Chandler was really upset about that. MJ started to cry and convinced June that there is nothing wrong about the boy sharing his bed. The Las Vegas trip took 7 days & out of those 7 days, Jordy spent 2 or 3 nights with Michael. June Chandler allowed her now 13-year-old son to spend the night with Michael and so they did until the end of their relationship.

It was March 1993, the Chandlers visited Neverland again. Jordy spent the night in Michael’s bed, while his family was staying in guest rooms. The guest area was far away from Michael’s room. In one of those nights, Jordy claims that Michael searched body contact for the first time. As he said, Jackson leaned over & hugged him on the bed, while he said: “I love you, good night.”

According to Jordan’s claims, the molestation started then. It was March 1993, they flew to Florida, where Jordy claims, things would get more sexual than just kissing and hugging/cuddeling. Jackson grabbed his butt & Jackson started to kiss him with tongue, while doing this Jordy felt that the singer had an erection & he said to the 13-year-old as he went in the bathroom: (context of it): They shouldn’t be ashamed to be naked in front of each other.

In early May 1993, Jackson flew with the Chandlers to Monaco, to the World Music Awards. On this vacation, Jordy says things got even more worse. Jackson convinced the boy to take a bath with him, fully naked. Jackson masturbated the underage boy for the first time. He asked Jordy how it feels & when Jordy said that it feels good, Jackson went on doing it until the end. Jackson told Jordy a lot of times, to tell no one about what they were doing, because other people wouldn’t understand ‘their love’. Jordy told his psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardner that Jackson told him about other boys who masturbated in front of him, including “a boy who went on the Bad tour” with him.

In late May 1993, Jordy said they were starting to have oral-sex. Furthermore, Jordy claimed that there was never an anal contact & he added that when he onced told MJ that he didn’t like a sexual act (kissing his ear), Jackson never did it again. Even though all of this took place, Jordy believed that Michael was a child himself or at least was at the same age as Jordy psychologically.

Michael also spent a lot of time in Jordy’s house with him doing homework etc. When Jackson once slept in Jordy’s room, a family member saw them cuddeling like a wife and a husband would do. Michael was again able to convince the family to let him do that.

It was June 1993, Jordan’s biological father Evan Chandler spoke for the first time with his ex-wife about his son and Michael Jackson. Evan told June that he believes Jordy is gay. June answered that she would have no problem with Jordy being gay. In Evan’s mind it was a confession that she knew Jordy and Michael had a sexual relationship and that she would have no problem with it (All that Glitters, page 55).

After that, Evan Chandler went to the lawyer Barry Rothman because he wanted to end the relationship between Jackson & the boy as fast as he could.
It was August 1993, a meeting between the lawyers on both sides, Jackson, Evan & Jordy Chandler took place. It was then, when it it was first mentioned to give the family millions of dollars if the Chandlers do not accuse Jackson. What did Jackson have to hide?
However, the Chandlers didn’t put Jackson on trial & they took the money in the end. But the case had gone public. Jackson defended himself & claimed that the boy is lying.
In December 1993, Jackson’s body was photographed by police men, because Jordy was able to describe Michael’s naked body, including Jackson’s penis.

AFTER THAT: Jackson was now 100% sure to pay millions of dollars, because he simply had to. A lot of evidence was speaking against him. Jordan alone received 15 million, each parent got 1 million dollars.


(C is Chandler)

>P: “Most people would consider it sexual to sleep in bed with a person. How long was the time frame from the time you first saw him in the flesh, and the time you slept in bed with him?”

>C: “I don’t know.”

>P: “But it was in February when you started sleeping in the bed with him.”

>C: “Right, right. I’m really not even sure if it was in February, but – – ”

>P: “Okay, but phase two then was a short period.”

>C: “Right.”

>P: “Maybe about a month, or less then a month?”

>C: “I don’t know.”

>P: “Okay, we’ll put that in as a question mark. Now what I want to know is in that phase, what kinds of things did you do with him, before you slept in bed with him?”

>C: “Well, we went to his Neverland.”

>C: “Who’s we?”

>C: “Me, my mother and Kelly, my sister, my half-sister.”

>P: “What happened there?”

>C: “Nothing happened. I slept in the guest area with my mother and Kelly, and Michael stayed in his room.”

>P: “How long were you at Neverland?”

>C: “I think for a weekend.”

>P: “Do you know if it was Friday or Saturday or Sunday? Was it two days or three days?”

>C: “I don’t know.”

>P: “What did you do?”

>C: “We went jet skiing on a small lake he has.”

>P: “What else did you do there?”

>C: “We saw the animals and played video games.”

>P: “You did those things with him?”

>C: “Yeah.”

>P: “So these activities were with him? What other kind of activities did you do with him?”

>C: “We took golf cart rides.”

>P: “With Kelly and your mother?”

>C: “Occasionally, like, half and half. They would go off sometimes.”

>P: “Who’s they?”

>C: “My mother and Kelly.”

>P: “How many visits were there to Neverland in that time frame?”

>C: “I don’t remember.”

>P: “So we’re still in phase two now. Anything else besides the visits to Neverland in phase two?”

>C: “We may have gone to the Century City apartment.”

>P: “Who was with you?”

“Michael and I. I can’t remember if my mom (inaudible).”

“Then what happened? Is that the end of phase two? Were there calls during phase two?”


“Calls lasting three hours?”

“Yeah. Oh yeah, I just remembered. When we were at Neverland we went to Toys-R-Us, when it was closed. My sister and I could get anything we wanted.”

“They opened the store for him, is that it?”


“How much would you buy?”

“A lot. We got to take along shopping carts and fill them up.”

“Do you have any idea what the cost of that was?”


“What kinds of things did you get, do you remember?”

“Video games (inaudible).”

“Anything else in phase two?”


“Going back to phase one. I know you don’t have a record of the times he called you, but if

you could guess offhand the total number of telephone calls in phase one, what would you say it

was? Not only the three-hours calls, but the calls that were shorter as well, what would you


“I believe ten.”

“Now, let’s go into phase three.”

“Do you think phase three should be subdivided or would you just like to describe it as how things evolved?”

“I don’t really know because – – can we fill that question in later?”


“Phase three began, I would say, when we were on the trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Mirage Hotel.”

“On a trip, and to the best of your recollection that was when?”

“I can’t really remember. I think late February or so.”

“Okay, that was after the trip to Neverland, after the Toys-R-Us. In Century City, did anything special happen?”

“No, not that I can remember. We just played video games.”

“He had the video games there?”

“When you say we, who was we?”

“My mother, Kelly and I.”

[Sort break].

“What happened in Las Vegas?”

“My mom and Kelly shared a room. Michael had his own room. It was a big suite.”

“Was Kelly in the same room with you?”

“No, with my mom, and I had my own room.”

“You had your room, Kelly and your Mom had a room, and Michael had a room.”

“That’s right.”

“Was it connected or in separate places? Was it one big suite?”

“It was a big suite, yeah.”

“Go ahead”

“Let’s see, one night – – “

“How long were you there?”

“I don’t know, maybe a week.”

“What happened that night?”

“After my mom and Kelly went to sleep, we went to watch the movie The Exorcist. We were in his room, in his bed. And when it was over I was scared, and he said, why don’t you just stay in here. And I did and nothing happened.”

“When you say you stayed in the room – – ”

“Stayed in the same bed.”

“Slept in the same bed?”

“That’s right.”

“When you slept in the same bed was there any physical contact?”


“Was it a big bed?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“So there was no physical contact. What were your thoughts when he said let’s sleep in the same bed?”

“Well, I was scared, and I didn’t think anything was going to happen.”

“You were scared of him or scared of the movie?”

“The movie. So I said, ‘Okay, that’s fine.” It was like a regular slumber party.”

“Okay, is there anything else to say about that event?”

“Just simply that we talked about how they got the idea for The Exorcist. So the next morning, I was with my mom alone and – – ”

“Did your mother know that you had slept in bed with him?”

“Well, I’m getting to that. I said, ‘I slept with Michael in the same bed last night,’ and she said, ‘Well, just don’t do it again’.”

“Did she speak to Michael at all?”

“Well, I’ll get to that. So when I told Michael the news of the fact that she said don’t do that again – don’t sleep in the same bed – we were alone, Michael and I, and he burst out in tears and said, ‘She can’t set up barricades like that,’ and ‘Nothing could happen, it’s just a simple slumber

party type thing,’ and ‘There’s nothing wrong with it’.”

“He said, nothing will happen, there’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s like a slumber party?”

“Right. And so, he came – – I don’t remember if I was crying or not but he decided that he had to confront my mom with his feelings about what she said. What he told me he said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with it, you should allow it because it’s simple and fun and you shouldn’t set up barricades.’ And he got my mom feeling so guilty that she just broke down in tears and decided that, okay, I believe you. And Michael somehow got her to agree that there would be no further questions asked. And so from that point on I was in his bed till the end of our relationship.”

“So, are you saying from then on you were in his bed – – are you talking about the Las Vegas trip, or from then on all the time?”

“All the time.”

“You said to the best of your recollection the Las Vegas trip was one week. How many times did you sleep in his bed?”

“I’d say maybe two or three.”

“Okay, was there any physical contact?”


“Was there any undressing in front of you?”


“Did you undress in front of him?”


“Okay, alright that’s Las Vegas. Are we finished with Las Vegas? Is there anything else to say about Las Vegas?”

“No, that’s it.”

“Okay, bring me to the next step then.”

“Well, when we got back to L.A. our friendship was a lot more close than when we had left, and so we saw each other more. And we quite frequently went up to his ranch.”

“And each time you were there you would sleep in bed with him?”

“Yeah. And my mom and Kelly would stay in that same guest place.”

“And how far was that guest place from the room you slept in?”

“It was far, it was quite a lot. Know where the bathrooms are? From here to the bathrooms.”

[Jordie is describing the distance from the interview room to the bathrooms in the building in

which Dr. Gardner’s office is located.]

“That’s like a block away. It’s the equivalent of a city block.”

“No, it’s smaller than that.”

“Half a block away?”

“I can’t really remember, but that’s about right.”

“Okay, I would say that’s a few hundred feet.”

“Well, I don’t know, you should ask my mom.”

“It was in the same house?”


“It was in a different house?”

“Yeah. It was like a guest complex and they stayed in that room.”

“So it was a different building?”

“But Michael and I stayed in his room, which was in the main house.”

“So here we are in Neverland, and then what’s the next step?”

“Well, I slept in his bed there, and then each week we would go back up and it would kind of progress sleeping in bed, and I think one night we were sleeping in the bed, I think it was at Neverland, and he just leaned over and hugged me or something.”

“Okay, lets call that the end of phase two. Let’s call phase three sleeping in the same bed and nothing else. Alright?”


“We’ll call phase four: it was more physical contact.”


No. 373526

File: 1550155474635.jpg (151.35 KB, 1200x791, Chandler2.jpg)

Part 3 continued

“This is where it starts.”

“Where the physical contact started? When would you say that started to the best of your recollection?”

“When like what time?”

“What month? I mean Las Vegas, you said, was in early February sometime.”

“Las Vegas was more like later February.”

“Okay, late February. When was the first hug?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you have any idea?”


“Was it before the summer of ’93?”

“I would think early May, middle May [1993].”

“Somewhere in May ’93; that was the first hug? And that was while you were in bed?”


“Where were you at the time? Where was the bed – physical location?”

“Do you want me to describe what his room looked like?

“No, I’m wondering where the bed was. Were you at Neverland or were you in some city?”

“Oh, this was in Neverland. I think it may have been somewhere else but I’m almost positive it was Neverland.”

“Okay, and what happened then?”

“He hugged me and I thought nothing of it. I said, okay, whatever. And that was it and he continued that for a small amount of time.”

“How long would the hug last?”

“A quick hug and that was it.”

“And this was while in bed?”

“Yeah, and fully clothed.”

“And did you say anything?”

“I don’t remember, I think he said ‘I love you, good night,’ or something. I don’t know.”

“Did you push him away?”

“No. I just – I don’t think I hugged him back. I just said, ‘I love you, good night.’

“He said ‘I love you’?”

“I think so, I don’t know.”

“When you say ‘I love you,’ it can be said in many different ways. You understand, someone can say ‘I love you’ and their really saying I’m in love, and sometimes you can say ‘I love you’ as a friendly gesture without romantic feelings. What kind of a way did you say that? Were you saying it with romantic feelings or – – ?”

“Just friends.”

“Just friendly. It wasn’t a romantic love?”


“Okay, go ahead.”

“So after that hugging thing – – ”

“Are you describing now a beginning of a pattern of hugging?”

“Yes, like every time he would graduate to a new sexual act, we’d continue that and graduate some more.”

“Okay, what was the next step? So are you saying there was a lot of hugging, a lot of attempts to hug?”


“Did this happen in bed or under other circumstances?”

“You know, I mean it was just a regular hug that if anybody saw it they wouldn’t think anything of it.”

“He did it in public situations?”

“Yeah, like a goodbye kind of hug.”

“Did you ever feel in those hugs that he was sexually aroused? You didn’t ever feel he had an erection or anything like that?”


“Okay, the next step.”

“I think he kissed me on the cheek, or something.”

“When did that occur?”

“I don’t know, around the same time.”

“Around the same time, so you’re talking about May – we’re still in May of ‘93. He kissed you on the cheek, under what circumstances? Were you in bed? Were you standing up? What were the circumstances?”

“I think we were in bed.”

“What kind of kiss was it?”

“Just a peck on the cheek. I think it was a goodnight peck on the cheek.”

“And then what happened?”

“And so he continued that as well as the hugging and then graduated to kissing me on the lips.”

“When did that occur as far as you know?”

“I don’t know.”

“Was it before the summer?”


“Is it correct to say it was June? Would that be reasonable?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

“But it was before the summer?”


“There are different kinds of kissing on the lips. What kind of a kiss was it?”

“Just a peck.”

“Was his mouth open or closed?”


“And how long did it last?”

“I don’t know, a second, I think.”

“Was this in bed?”


“And then the next step?”

“Next step, I think he graduated to like kissing me for a longer amount of time, you know.”

“On the lips?”


“Where was this? Where were most of these things happening? Was it Neverland? Was it mostly Neverland?”


“Were there other places other than Neverland where this was happening?”

“Yeah. At Century City, at the Hideout.”

“So primarily at Neverland and Century City Hideout? This Century City Hideout, I don’t think I have a clear picture of what it’s like, you said it’s in an area where people wouldn’t know there was a hideout there.”

“Well, there are many apartments around there – – ”

“Is Century City that name of a city around there?”


“You see, I’m from the east coast is all. Century City is part of Los Angeles?”



“Okay, so it’s really an apartment. Right? I get the picture. So it happened there and it happened in Neverland and Century City and in your mother’s house?”


“He was sleeping over at your mother’s house?”


“And when he’d sleep over at your mother’s house, he was in the room together with you?”

“I had my room.”

“And he would sleep in your room?”


“About how many occasions did he sleep in your room at your mother’s house?”

“I don’t know. My mom would know. I don’t.”


“I don’t know.”

“More than five times?”


“More than ten times would you say?”


“More than fifteen times?”

“I don’t know.”

“Twelve to fifteen would be a reasonable number?”

“It could be a whole lot more but that’s something my mom would have to say.”

“Okay, what we’re talking about now, is this is all before the summer?”

“I think so.”

“Okay, so then, we’re talking about kissing on your lips a long time.”

“And then one time he was kissing me on the lips for a longer amount of time – a peck on the lips – and he put his tongue in my mouth.”

“And what was your reaction to that?”

“I said, ‘Hey, I didn’t like that. Don’t do that again’.”

“And what did he say?”

“He started crying, much like when he tried to convince my mother to allow us to sleep in the same bed.”

“And what did he say?”

“He said there’s nothing wrong with it. He would get me to do things and convince me that the

things he was doing weren’t wrong, because he would talk about people who levitate, you know,

it was weird.”

“He would talk about people who what?”


“What does levitate mean to you?”

“Rise up from the ground by means of meditating.”

“And what did he say about levitation?”

“That the people who levitate are unconditioned. It’s confusing; it took me a long time to

understand it.”

“When you talk about unconditioned, what does that mean?”

“That they were not conditioned to believe that gravity existed, and I suppose that that meant that those who are unconditioned would find what Michael was doing was not wrong. Do you understand that?”

“Uh-huh. What else did he say to you?”

“He said, also, during phase one, the telephone phase, his cousin would go along with him on the tour. And I spoke to his cousin one time. We just said hello.”

“Was his cousin a boy or girl?”

“A boy about my age, eleven or twelve.”

“What was his cousin’s name?”

“His name is Tommy Jones; he was on the news if you’ve been watching, in defense of Michael.”

“Tommy Jones. He’s thirteen now?”

“I think – – no, I think he’s twelve.”

“And he went on the concerts?”

“On the tours.”

“On the tours. And he was on the news saying what?”

“He said, ‘I will admit that Michael and I are friends and we do sleep in the same bed, but Michael has never touched me,’ and, ‘it’s a really big bed’.”

“So he spoke about his cousin. And what did he say about Tommy Jones?”

“He said that, um, like, if he wanted me to do something with him, he would say that Tommy did that with him, so that I would do it. And, like, if I didn’t do it, then I didn’t love him as much as Tommy did.” [Jordie makes a heavy sigh.]

“Are you okay?”


“Okay, fine, you’re doing very nicely. You know, we’re going to take a break but let’s try to finish this and then we’ll take a break.”

“Do you think that Tommy Jones was lying when he went on television?”


“Why do you think he’s lying?”

“Because Michael told me they did.”

“Okay, but Michael said he did these things – – ”

“I mean it could be that Michael could be lying to me.”

“Somebody is lying. Right? Because Michael was lying to Tommy by saying the opposite things, right?”

“Yeah, well one of them is lying.”

“Who do you think is lying?”


“Why do you say that?”

“Because in public, when he’s with Tommy, they’re very close together physically and verbally and relationship-wise. And if one were to observe things in public, how they acted to each other, one would come to that conclusion, that it was more then just a friendly relationship.”

“Now, let’s go on. So that was the lip kissing. Then he cried – – ”

“He tries to make me feel guilty for – – ”

“And then what happened?”

“And then one time, when he was hugging me and kissing me, and he rubbed up against me. I don’t know if he had an erection or not. I can’t remember.”

“Now was this in bed or what?”


“Was this all before the summer?”

“I don’t remember. It may have gone into the summer.”

“So you took what as the next step? You’re talking about the gradual development; the next step was his rubbing against you?”


“With an erection.”

“I think he had an erection. As it graduated he did.”

“And then?”

“Then it graduated to where he had an erection and he would kiss me.”

“Kiss you where?”

“On my mouth. By the way, he never put his tongue in my mouth again once I told him not to.”

“What’s the next step?”

“Let’s see, I think the next step was, I had an erection and he rubbed up against me and that was it.”

“You had an erection and he rubbed himself against – – ?”

“And he did, he did as well.”

“Okay, and where was his erection and where was your erection? You both have an erection.”

“We were on top of each other.”

“Anything else?”

“That was it, and then it graduated to other stuff. Somewhere during that time we went to Florida.”

“When did you go to Florida?”

“I don’t know. My mom would know. [April 1993.] And there we stayed in the same room.”

“Where was your mother?”

“Same suite, different room, with Kelly.”

“What happened in Florida?”

“Several things happened. One, he grabbed my butt, put his tongue in my ear – – ”

“He grabbed your butt; was he forcing you?”

“No. Well, he was kissing me and he grabbed my butt.”

“It wasn’t forced?”

“But, um, and then the third thing was that he was walking to the bathroom to take a shower,

and he looked at me before he closed the door and he said, ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this,’ and he

shut the door, implying that he wished he could be so free as to be able to change in front of me.”

“Changing from what to what? I’m a little confused. You said he grabbed your butt – – ”

“There are three different things.”

“He grabbed your butt, put his tongue in your ear and walked into the bathroom and said, ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this.’

“Then he shut the door.”

“How long was he in the bathroom?”

“He took a shower, I don’t know.”

“Now, when he said ‘I wish I didn’t have to do this,’ what was he referring to?”

“To shut the door behind him when he had to change.”

“The implication being that he would like to be naked in front of you, is that what you’re saying?”

“Right. But somewhere on the trip I said, ‘I didn’t like when you put your tongue in my ear and grabbed my butt.’ Once again, he started crying and making me feel guilty, and saying there’s nothing wrong with it, and referring to the levitators and Tommy. I think he referred to Tommy and said Tommy wouldn’t care if I did that to him.”

“Then what’s the next step?”

“By the way, he never did those either. The next step, we went back home to LA and he continued doing the things I hadn’t stopped him from doing.”

“Is this before the summer or during the summer?”

“I’m sure it was during the summer.”

“The next step?”

“In L.A., he continued those things.”

“Which things?”

“Rubbing up against me, having an erection and kissing for long periods of time.”

“And having an erection?”


“Then what was the next step?”

“Then we went to Monaco.”

“When did you go to Monaco?”

“During the summer, I think. My mom – – ” [Early May, 1993.]

“And in Monaco?”

“In Monaco, he and I both had colds so we couldn’t go out on the town or whatever and see the sights. We had to stay in and that’s pretty much when the bad stuff happened.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. I think when he convinced me to take a bath with him or something. See, my

mom and Kelly were gone, they were having fun and we were stuck in with colds. And my mom, I remember, she offered to stay in and help us and take care of us, and Michael insisted that our colds shouldn’t detract from them having fun. So we were alone and we took a bath together. That was the first time we ever saw each other naked. And during that time when we were alone in the room and they were gone, he talked about how all of his children friends masturbate in front of him.”

“Did he say which children friends did it?”


“Which children friends did he say masturbated him?”

“Masturbated in front of him.”

“Oh, masturbated in front of him. Okay, who did he say masturbated in front of him?”

“He said Peter Davis, Ian Roberts, Tommy Jones, Billy Williams – he was also on TV.”

“He was also on TV and he said what?”

“‘Michael and I do sleep in the same bed but Michael has never touched me.'”

“He’s lying or Michael’s lying?”

“Well, I don’t – as far as I know he’s not lying. Michael never did touch him, as far as I know. But Michael said that Billy masturbated in front of him.”

“So Billy didn’t say on TV anything about masturbation?”

“No No. And so, other kids – – Wait, I got to think of this kid’s name, Sam Thomas.”

“Who’s he?”

“A boy who went on the Bad tour with him. That’s the name of the tour before this one.”

“You say, Bad tour, is that the name of the tour?”

“Bad, Yes.”

“They called it the Bad tour.”

“Named after his album.”

“So what else happened, if anything?”

“So he was talking about how all these kids masturbated in front of him, and he said that – – Oh, by the way, I met Tommy and Billy during that time period, and Peter Davis as well. So he was saying that all these kids masturbate and it feels really good, and so one time he masturbated in front of me. That was the first time.”

“He masturbated in front of you?”

“Um, like, he didn’t make me watch and like he was on the bed masturbating, and, I don’t know, I was changing.”

“This is when you had colds in Monaco?”

“Yeah. I don’t know if I was standing in the same room or not, but it wasn’t like he shut the door and closed everything.”

“Where was he and where were you?”

“He was on the bed, in the room. I was, I may have been getting ready in the bathroom, or in the – – We had a large closet and so I maybe was getting dressed in there.”

“But you saw him?”


“Go ahead, next thing.”

“And so he continued that for, like, a lot of the trip. And he kept on saying, ‘Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll do it for you.’ Because up till then I had never masturbated or anything. And I had never, ever, indicated to him that I was ready, like, to be masturbated. And I guess that wasn’t according to his plans, and so, one time he just reached over and said, “Okay, just tell me how this feels.’ And he put his hand on my – – ”

“And this was in Monaco?”

“Right. And he put his hand on my shorts and he said, ‘Now doesn’t that feel good.’ And he rubbed up and down. And I said ‘Yeah.'”

“Did he masturbate you to orgasm, to climax?”

“Well, then he said, ‘Well wait, it gets even better,’ and he put his hand under my shorts and masturbated me to the end.”

“Is that the very first climax you had in your life?”

“Yeah. Well wait, during that summer I had a, what’s it called, a wet something?”

“You mean at night, while you’re asleep?”


“You mean a wet dream.”


“Okay, these were spontaneous. Did you have orgasms in your wet dreams?”

“I had one and that was it.”

“But it was the same feeling?”


“So that was your first, was in the wet dream?”


“And then so your first orgasm outside of a wet dream was when he masturbated you?”



“What was the next step?”

“And he, like, continued that. He stopped everything else that we were originally doing together; we just took baths. And we went to Euro-Disney after we went to Monaco.”

“Anything else at Monaco other than what you told me?”


“About how many times would you say he masturbated you at Monaco?”

“I don’t know.”

“What were your feelings about it then?”

“Well, um, I said, this is really weird, like I never said I was ready then. But I said to myself, it feels good so, just, whatever, and he’s my friend, so I can’t be – – ”

“And while he was masturbating you, what was he doing?”

“Just that, nothing.”

“Okay. Is there anything more about Monaco?”


“Okay, what’s the next thing?”

“The next thing, we went to Euro-Disney.”

“When was that?”

“After Monaco, because Monaco’s in France as well as Euro-Disney, so we went from Monaco to Euro-Disney.”

“And how long were you at Euro-Disney?”

“I don’t know, a week or two at most.”

“Was this during the summer?”

“I don’t know. No, wait, no actually now that I remember, up ‘til now, nothing was past the summer now that I remember, because – – ”

“So, Monaco was before the summer?”


“Euro-Disney was before the summer?”

“Yes, everything. Now I remember because I had a book to read for finals. It was called To Kill A Mockingbird. Supposedly that was one of his favorite books. And so he helped me study and he read the book to me and then he continued to masturbate me.”

“By the way, if this was before the summer, this is the school time. When you’re in all these other places, what’s going on with school?”

“Well, I managed to still get all As; I brought my book with me.”

“Did the school permit this?”


“What happened at Euro-Disney?”

“He continued to masturbate me.”

“About how many times do you think?”

“About once a day. And that was it for Euro-Disney – and France, in general.”

“Okay, that was it with Euro-Disney. Anything else?”

“You mean Euro-Disney?”


“I think we might have taken a bath together.”

“On one occasion?”

“I don’t know. It may have been one, it may have been not at all.”

“Okay, next phase, next step.”

“Next step, okay. We went home, back to L.A. again. Let’s see, I remember, my dad, just as before, last year, was to help me study for finals, and so I was going to go to his house. And my dad and Michael, they had never met before, I don’t think. And so, I was going to go to my dad’s house and stay over there for, like, the weekend. And he was going to help me study. And that really saddened Michael that we would have to separate. So he stayed over there during that


“At your father’s house?”

“That’s right. That’s the only time.” [Actually, there were two weekends.]

“Okay, we’re talking about June now? June of ’93?”

“Late May.”

“And then?”

“And then he masturbated me there, and one time when he was masturbating me, um, instead, he masturbated me with his mouth.”

“So he put his mouth on your penis?”

“Yes. Then, um, from that point, till the end of our relationship, he masturbated me with his mouth. And that was as far as it went.”

“About how many occasions did he do that?”

“I don’t know but I can tell you where.”

“Where did it take place?”

“In my father’s house, his Hideout, my mother’s house, and Neverland.”

“Okay, so these are four different places, so obviously it had to happen at least four times. Right?”

“Oh yeah, of course.”

“But I want you to give me a guess – – ”

“Okay. More than fifteen, that’s safe. But he had me masturbate him.”

“On how many occasions?”

“About ten. And he said that – – he had me – – he got me to twist one of his nipples while I sucked on the other and he masturbated himself.”

“Was there ever any anal contact at any time?”


“Most men, when they masturbate – whether they be masturbated by someone else or doing it alone – most men have some thoughts in their mind. Sometimes they don’t but most often they do. When he was masturbating you, what thoughts were in your mind?”

“Um, I thought, it’s weird. It’s like it didn’t feel right but yet it felt good, and he was a friend so I didn’t stop him.”

“Most kids your age start, around your age, start to masturbate by themselves usually without

any kind of experience with another person and kids who (inaudible). Have you continued to masturbate since those experiences?”

Check out Michael Jackson pays a hefty settlement to his boy accuser. But what does it settle?
“I did, I believe, six times right after the end of our relationship.”

“And not since?”

“And not since.”

“I’m not saying you should, but I’m asking you why you did. I’m asking you what were your reasons?”

“Because, I remember that it felt good when he did it and – – ”

“Okay, why did you stop? I’m not saying you should or you shouldn’t. I’m just saying why did you decide stop?”

“I didn’t (inaudible).”

“That’s it. Let’s separate the feeling from him.”



“Let’s do this. Let’s take a break for about ten-fifteen minutes and then we’ll continue. So you stretch your legs. Now I want to put it on the record that I’m not going to be talking to you between our meetings. All contact with you, all the things I’m going to say to you will be in this room on this tape. Do we agree that I haven’t spoken to you prior to this day, right?”


“So that’s very important. Okay, so let’s interrupt.”

(Break in interview)

No. 373527

File: 1550155641098.jpg (217.16 KB, 950x1012, Chandler3.jpg)

After the break

“Do you miss him?”


“I’d like to talk to you about how this all came out. By the way, did he say to you that you should never talk to anybody?”

“Yes he did.”

“What specific statements did he make to you in that regard?”

“He said that this – that we had a little box, and this was a secret, and it’s a box that only him and I could share.”

“He was not speaking literally?”

“It was a secret box, like, yeah, pretend we had a box and secrets go in there.”

“A secret, like in a little box?”

“Yeah, you put the secret in the box and nobody can know about what’s in the box but him and me. And he said, once again, he referred to, like, the unconditioned levitators. He said that we weren’t conditioned, but if this box were revealed to other people, like regular people of today’s society, they’re conditioned and so they would believe it was wrong. And so that’s why I

shouldn’t reveal what’s in the box.”

“Do you believe it’s wrong?”



“How did your parents learn about this?”

“I guess, after we had – Michael and I had stayed that night – – ”


“At my father’s, during the finals. He saw that, like, it wasn’t a healthy relationship for me.”

“What did he observe directly in terms of the sexual activities?”

“No sexual activities.”

“He didn’t observe sexual activities? But there were sexual activities?”

“There was, but he didn’t observe them.”

“What did he observe?”

“He observed Michael and I having almost the same personality, the same interests, the same way of speech.”

“When you say similar personality – – ”

“Like, I would act like him.”

“Did you find yourself consciously doing that?”


“Did you make a decision or it just happened?”

“It just sort of happened. Like, the more we hung out together, his personality and his way of speech and everything else would rub off on me. And so he – – Dad saw me alone one time at Cody’s, his pre-school graduation, and he told me ‘You and Michael have lied to me,’ and it seemed like he knew what was going on, without actually saying what was going on.”

“So your father suspected. Is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah. And he said it in a stern, serious voice, not yelling.”

“Was he speaking to you alone, or – – ”


“When did this happen?”

“I, like, right before my school graduation.”

“That’s May or June?”

“June.” [June 9, 1993]

“So what did you say then?

“I didn’t. – – He didn’t ask me what did you and Michael do together.”

“By the way, going back, did he say, ‘It’s a secret.'”


“Yeah. In terms of did he make any threats?”

“I think he may have said, like, if you tell – – if people say ‘Don’t worry, just tell us, Michael will go to jail and nothing will happen to me you.’ He said that wasn’t true, and I could, like, go to juvenile hall or something.”

“That he could go to jail but you’d go to juvenile hall?”

“Something like that.”

“That he himself could go to jail?”

“I don’t specifically remember. I’m almost positive though, that he said about juvenile hall. I’m almost positive he said that, but I do indeed remember that he said that he would go to jail, and that, like, I wouldn’t get off Scott free.”

“Did you believe that?”

“Well, I didn’t really believe it at the time, and I definitely don’t now. But at the time I didn’t really believe it but I said, okay, whatever, and just went along with it.”

“Now let’s see. When your father confronted you at first, what did you say?”

“Well, um, it was an intimidating circumstance, where he was talking to me, and he said, ‘You’ve lied to me, as well as Michael.’ And I said – I was like, fairly nervous. And he said ‘What would you do if I said that I don’t want you to go on the tour.’ Because I was supposed to be on tour with him now. He’s on the tour.”


“We were planning on going on the tour. And I said, like, ‘I probably would go anyway because I don’t know of any valid reason you have,’ I said to my dad.”

“You still wanted to go on the tour?”

“Yes, at the time.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I was having fun. At the time, the things Michael was doing to me, they didn’t affect me. Like, I didn’t think anything was totally wrong with what he was doing since he was my friend, and he kept on telling me that he would never hurt me. But presently I see that he was obviously lying.”

“You’re saying you didn’t realize it could hurt you? Is that what you’re – – ”

“I didn’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Do you see the wrong in it now?”

“Of course.”

“What is wrong as you see it?”

“Because he’s a grown-up and he’s using his experience, of his age in manipulating and coercing younger people who don’t have as much experience as him, and don’t have the ability to say no to someone powerful like that. He’s using his power, his experience, his age – his overwhelmingness – to get what he wants.”

“Alright, so, you finally did tell your father. Who was the first adult you told?”

“My father.”

“How many times did he have to ask you before you told him?”


“The first time he asked, you told him?”

“Well see, at the graduation he said, ‘You guys are lying to me,’ and that was it, he didn’t ask me any questions.”

“And what did you say?”

“I just said, ‘Huh?,” like, ‘I didn’t know.'”

“You made believe you didn’t know what he was talking about?”

“Right. And then he demanded me over to his house, because he knew that the circumstances were wrong. And he, like, I was with my mom and Michael, and he demanded me over to his house. So I went to his house, and he said just for a week and then you can go back. And I really started liking it there. And he had to pull my tooth out one time, like, while I was there. And I don’t like pain, so I said could you put me to sleep? And he said sure. So his friend put me to sleep; he’s an anesthesiologist. And um, when I woke up my tooth was out, and I was alright – a little out of it but conscious. And my Dad said – and his friend was gone, it was just him and me – and my dad said, ‘I just want you to let me know, did anything happen between you and Michael?’ And I said ‘Yes,’ and he gave me a big hug and that was it.”
“And you never gave him the details?”


“Now you divulged this when? When did you tell him? In what month?”

“July. I believe July. I remember that because it was very close to my sister’s birthday, which is July.” [It was July 16, 1993.]

[A discussion ensues about the current and possible future effects on Jordie’s life.] ////

“Are you interested in girls?”


“Do you find yourself attracted to any boys?”


“Have you ever been attracted to boys?”


“You see, there are some kids who have an experience such as you describe, who shift from the heterosexual to the homosexual track. Do you know what I mean by that? If you ask them at five, six, seven, eight, they say ‘I’m going to be a fireman when I grow up and I’m going to get married and have children – something like that – and then they stay on that track. But there are some kids, as a result of an experience like you’re describing, that may shift and start moving down the homosexual track. Do you think that’s going to affect you?”

“Well, it may, and I guess that’s why I’m probably in therapy.”

“Okay, but the question is, have you the feeling now that this may happen to you?”


“Why do you say that?”

” ’cause – – I like girls!.”

“Do you feel that you could have, somehow, prevented all this stuff with Michael?”



“Because originally – – Remember I said there were a couple things he did and I said ‘Don’t do



“It worked those times, maybe I could have done it – – ”

“You could have been more forceful. Is that what you’re saying?”


“Why weren’t you?”

“It was hard to do.”


“Because he’s an adult, he’s overwhelming, he’s famous, he’s powerful.”

“Were you in awe of him? Do you know what I mean by awe?”


“In awe of somebody means that you look up to them like they’re almost a god, or something like that.”

“No. Actually when our relationship got closer and closer I thought less of that. Like most people think that, wow, he’s great, because he can dance and sing. But you know, he’s just like, a regular person.”

“Do you feel guilty about having participated in those acts?”

“Yeah. I regret doing it.”

“What about fears? Any fears of any kind?”


“Sometimes people, after experiences of this kind, develop different kinds of fears. You have no fears?”

“Maybe of cross-examination but that’s all. I mean I have nothing to hide, it’s just the thought of it.”

[Jordie describes some of the non-sexual activities he and Michael did together.] ////

“It sounds to me, from what you’re describing, he was functioning very much as a child.”

“That’s what he believed he was.”

“You say, psychologically, he believed he was a child? When you were with him – you described the video games – he would play with you child games. Did he ever give any explanation as to why he did that?”

“Because he’s, like, when he was young, like my age, his father would continuously make him

work, and like, his father would like beat him and stuff, and he’s trying to relive what he didn’t have as a young boy. Peter Pan is his idol.”

“Why is that?”

“Because Peter Pan is forever young, and he goes on adventures and stuff.”

“He could relive all the experiences he didn’t have, but what about the sexual part. How does

that fit into reliving? Did he say he had sexual experiences of any kind as a child with some older person?”

“No, not that I know of.”

“Did he say he loved you?”


“You know how you look at a romantic movie sometimes and you see the man and the woman, and the man says how much he loves the woman, how much he adores her and praises her. You know about that?”


“Would you say that was the way Michael was with you?”

“Like, it was sort of like a weird kind of love. Like, it was like that but he, he loved me selfishly. Like, regardless of the fact that what he was doing might hurt me, he continued.”

“When you say it could have hurt you, how could it have hurt you?”

“Everybody thinks what he was doing could hurt, otherwise it wouldn’t be a crime.”

“Okay, how could it hurt? As you see it, how could it hurt you?”

“Because – that’s a touchy subject, I guess. It separates you from any other people.”


“I don’t know.”

“Just your own guess.”

“It could make me depressed or something, I don’t know.”

“Well, this is important. You say it’s a crime. Why is it a crime?”

“Because, like I said before, he’s using his experience, power, age – – ”

“How could this have left you? If this had gone on and not been interrupted, how could you have ended up?”

“According to his pattern, I believe he would have left me and, sort of dumped me, I guess you could call it. And I would be, sort of, a vegetable.”

“Why a vegetable?”

“Because he would continue to do those things and I would have no knowing of what else is out there.”

“Say that again. You wouldn’t know what else is out there?”

“Right. Like, he didn’t like it if I would want to call a girl or something. You know, I wouldn’t

know, like, there were other options.”

“Are you saying that he would pull you off the track of going out with girls.”


“What would you say is the best thing that ever happened to you in your whole life?”

“When I told my dad what Michael was doing to me.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because once I told him, I knew that Michael would never be able to do that to me again. And when something horrible ends, it’s most likely the best thing in your life.”

“You say – – ”

“Like a prisoner being released from prison.”

“But are you saying through all of this, although you enjoyed it, you felt a sense of pressure?”


“Was it a big heavy on you? Do you know what – – ”


“Could you describe – – ”

“Like, I couldn’t be open with how I felt. Like if I didn’t want to do something I couldn’t just say ‘I don’t want to do that’ because he would start crying or whatever. He wouldn’t just say ‘Okay, whatever, we’ll just be friends and play video games.’ He’d start crying and do everything in his power to convince me that – – ”

“But you voluntarily went back there. You could have said, I don’t want to go up to Neverland again, right?”


“So why did you go back?”

“Because regardless of the fact that I went to Neverland, he would be with me. No matter what, he was always with me. It was like, I couldn’t just say I don’t want to hang out with you today.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not that easy. He would cry. He would say ‘You don’t love me anymore.’ It would be, like a whole deal, you know, it was hard.”

“It’s my understanding that your mother kind of facilitated things here.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Facilitate means, she made it easy for him. Another mother might not have believed him with

this stuff about ‘It’s okay.’ You know, some mothers would say ‘You’re not sleeping in bed with my kid, I don’t care what you say.’ She got herself talked into it.”


“Is it correct she understands now what was going on?”


“It seems to me that your mother went along with him. She equally got fooled. Is that correct?”


“What are your feelings about your mother at this point?”

“She was fooled, just like you said.”

“Any feelings about that?”

“That I’m sure if she knew what was going on, that she would say there’s no way.”

“Have you discussed this with her?”



“Wait, discussed?”

“This whole thing. About her being fooled.”

“No, ’cause, I mean, I personally don’t like talking about it more than I have to.”

“Do you have any other feelings besides she was fooled?”


“I understand from your parents that you’re not spending that much time at your mother’s house. Is that correct?”

“That’s right.”

“And at your age and at your intelligence they are basically letting you make that decision yourself. But there are reasons for everything, and what I want to know from you is, what are your reasons why you want to spend so little time at your mother’s house?”

“It’s not really that I don’t want to spend time at my mother’s house. It’s, there’s, I don’t know.”

“There’s always a reason for everything. Guess.”

“I would say it’s because there’s not so many rules at my father’s house.”

“And what is the reason for that?”

“I don’t know. I guess their values, maybe.”

“What about their values?”

“My father doesn’t believe, for example, in eating the right food every night. You can have candy.”

“Your mother is kind of a stickler?”

“What does that mean?”

“Stickler? Your mother’s fussy and your father’s less fussy about the food. Is that what you’re going to say?”


“Any other reasons?”

“It’s not the food specifically, it’s her rules in general.”

“What about her rules?”

“My mom’s rules are more strict. Like, go to bed this time, do homework right when you come home from school.”

“Any other reasons why?”

“Well, also, at my mom’s house – – the house specifically, or her?”


“Well, I don’t want to spend time at that house because Michael’s presence is still there.”

“It’s like his ghost is still in the house, his aura?”


“Any other reasons with your mother?”


“You see, because I’m trying to find out what psychological problems or reactions, if any, you had to this experience – which was a mind-blowing experience. I’m sure you agree on that. When you think of all the kids in the world, to have had this experience with that guy, you know, it’s reasonable to say that if you lived to be a thousand you wouldn’t forget it. Am I correct?”


“Okay. And it’s got to have some effects on people: you’re not immune to it. It’s probably the

case that it’s not going to affect your sex life. You know it could, but it can have more subtle effects. They’re not as obvious but they are nevertheless effects. I’m trying to find out – – like one of them is, now you have a — you can’t walk into your mother’s house feeling relaxation and comfort because the aura of Michael is there. It’s not a sexual effect but it’s an effect. And it compromises your relationship with your mother. And I’m just wondering about other things, of those effects. That’s why I’m asking you these questions. Do you think it has anything to do with your mother having facilitated. Do you know what I mean by facilitated?”


“Your father thinks, and I’m in agreement with him, that she didn’t show enough – although he was such a convincing and seductive guy – that she should have earlier seen that there was some hokey-pokey stuff going on here and pulled you out of there quicker. Do you agree with that?”

“Well, he had me under his spell. So, you know – – ”

“His spell? Do you think she was under his spell?”

“Well, he got me under it, so I imagine he could get other people under it.”

“I’m wondering whether you do feel some resentment toward her, and that may be a factor why you’re not seeing her.”

“No. I don’t think so.”

“Okay. You know, as I understand it from your parents, and as I can see from what you say, when you’re under his spell he became like, the – – you were being pulled away from your father, from your mother. You know, you were almost like a, you know, drawn in under his web and taken away from your family, and you viewed him as the most important person in your life. Right?”


“And under those circumstances you often take on the traits and the qualities of that person. Did you take on any of his qualities?”

“I did when I was with him, but I thankfully got rid of them.”

“What were the qualities?”

“His way of speech.”

“Can you imitate it?”

“He would use words like ‘hook me up’. That means get me something. An erection was ‘lights.’

“Lights was an erection. Go ahead.”

“Cum was ‘duck butter.'”

“Duck butter? That was semen, ejaculate?”


“So those were his words and you were using those words?”


“Anything else that became part of you?”


“I want to get clarification with girls. What’s your situation with girls at this point? Your father says that you’re on the phone a lot.”


“Do you talk a lot with girls primarily? Do you spend a lot of time with girls?”


“I see you smiling. Do you have a girl friend at this point?”

“I’m sort of in the process of chasing after one.”

“So you got your eye on her?”

“Yeah, I guess you could call it that.”

“Have you kissed anybody yet?”

“I kissed this one girl.”

“Okay. So, your father seems to think in your relationship with the girls you ask a lot of questions; you’re very controlling. Do you think that has anything to do with Michael.”

“No – – Well, yeah.”

“How does it relate to Michael?”

“Because, I hadn’t thought of it this way previously, but now that I think of it, since I put too much trust and gave control to Michael in our relationship, now I watch out for myself.”

“What about trust of your mother? Do you think any trust of your mother has been affected?”

“Well, not because she, as people would say, she wanted to pimp me out. More because of maybe, I tried to tell her one time and she didn’t believe me.”

“When was that? Do you remember?”


“How do you feel about that?”

“I feel that if there’s any remote, itty-bitty thing in your mind that your kid may be getting hurt, you should put an army together, you know, if there’s a suspicion as strong as that, that my Dad had carried out this far. She should have at least listened to what I had to say.”


No. 373529

File: 1550155820243.jpg (39.94 KB, 526x451, MJ.jpg)

No. 373531

>“He said that this – that we had a little box, and this was a secret, and it’s a box that only him and I could share.”

>“He was not speaking literally?”

>“It was a secret box, like, yeah, pretend we had a box and secrets go in there.”

Holy shit. This is an exact tactic mentioned in this seedy "Pedophile's Handbook" that was going around a while ago on the deep web. It's chilling how long he got away with this.

No. 373532

She's not a musician but actress Parker Posey was engaged to him for several years in the early 2000s. She released an autobiography in 2017 and outside of a few references to him (she still has the dog he bought her) there's nothing.
I found this interesting because she went from working a lot to being considered professionally unreliable during the relationship. It's also the same time frame where Adams was seen as some kind of heroin-selling candyman. Each time he pops up in Vulture's oral history of The Strokes article, it's in a dark light.

No. 373536

Even more than MJ himself (he is long dead and gone, we can't heal the victims or punish him except through acknowledging what he did), now I'm just bitter about all the batshit fans who will go to the furthest lengths to defend this man's name posthumously.
I hope that poor kid and his parents don't suffer harassment and death threats like the others did.

No. 373540

Yes it is quite disturbing, i was mortified when i found out.. And in a way he is still getting away with it by being praised as this innocent "child" that wouldnt hurt a fly, and being worshipped by his fans and the whole world.

No. 373541

Thats the thing i want for the victims, to make the world acknowledge what he did for the victims sake, they are bing called gold diggers, liars and getting death threats and being stalked.
Yeah, the fans are quite insane, anything to keep his image.

>I hope that poor kid and his parents don't suffer harassment and death threats like the others did.

I hope so to, poor kids..

No. 373607

MJ being a male weeb just further convinces me he was a pedo kek

No. 373623

this is some of the most delusional cope shit ive ever seen
like..even worse than the average kpop defender holy shit haha

No. 373645

>being a michael jackson stan in 2019
Are you going to defend R. Kelly next? Just because you donate to charitable causes or are mentally unstable doesn't mean it's ok to be a disgusting pedophile

No. 373648

I think it's worth keeping in mind that Jordan Chandler made no accusations against MJ until after his father, a dentist, gave him Sodium amytal during a procedure. During this procedure and while he was under the influence of Sodium amytal is when these "confessions" came out.

Sodium amytal has been found to encourage the coaxing/planting/coercion of false memories.

When this happened, Jordan's father was in the middle of a custody battle (concerning Jordan) with his ex-wife.

I'm not saying that what Jordan testified never happened. What I am saying is that the circumstances under which these confessions first emerged is very sketchy.

No. 373652

wasn't this one of his defenders in court?

No. 373659

>What always seems to be looked over with the MJ sleeps with kids thing is that part of the never land ranch/foundation had hospital beds for terminally ill make a wish foundation kids. They always had medical nurses on site, the beds were in a room with a built in theater and adjacent to the fun fair.

Jimmy Saville funded children's hospitals and children's hospital wings. He also funded orphanages.

It was very useful for him, because it meant that he had much easier access to lots of vulnerable children.

No. 373680

He/his family testified under oath that nothing inappropriate happened.

His latter accusations have been found to most likely have been lifted from NAMBLA-member Victor Gutierrez's book "Michael Jackson Was my Lover."

No. 373690

>NEVER girls alone

i feel like people don't bring this up enough. like if he just loved kids, why wasn't a girl ever his "special friend" who slept over? this alone makes the truth obvious to me at least

No. 373691

File: 1550178992806.png (74.5 KB, 1000x230, 155017888595618973.png)

Posting the classic blog that started it all!


No. 373692

I've been on ontd since 2009, but what did they start exactly? Women have always snarked about celebrities among themselves.

No. 373695

File: 1550179566314.jpg (149.8 KB, 1280x720, 20171104_FBP010.jpg)

It was a meme joke, friend!


No. 373701

2005-2009 was incredible. I miss the site, the celebrities, everything.

It's funny that even this is mired in race shit though. I wonder what Brenden and Elizabeth are up to now…

No. 373707

File: 1550180267468.png (74.48 KB, 213x400, x-files-valentines-scully.png)

Happy valentines day, fellow kin! XOXOX <3 Smooches

No. 373710

Anon, he accurately described MJ's dick. Which means he saw it, which means nothing kosher went down between him and this pedo.

No. 373768

This isn't true. He described him as being circumcised, but he wasn't. MJ's mom was questioned under oath about his genitalia and asked if he had altered its appearance so that it wouldn't match the description that Jordan had given to the police.

Larry Feldman (who represented Jordan) demanded that photos of Michael's genitalia were barred from the civil case unless MJ did a second strip-search or provided copies of photographs to him.

No. 373879

This somehow ignores all the evidence.
Also where is the proof he said that? Evindence please

No. 373911

File: 1550205240467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.98 KB, 662x828, g74XAzn.jpg)

I made a last minute valenstan for you anons. ilysm bbs. ijaf.

there's a comment in the lady gaga tattoo post alluding to a rumour about Brenden being back? Idk if there's anything to it, I'm not as active as I used to be.

speaking of ontd, does anyone know if the ontd LChat thread got rebooted anywhere else? I hear there there were terfy goings on in there before it got shut down and i feel like i missed out. I think LChat banned the topic because of doxxing?

No. 373929

Ah the golden age of ONTD was the best. Too bad it stopped being funny when it got overrun by SJWs around 2011.

No. 373970

I love MJ's music but I'm kind of leaning towards the abuse allegations being true. Michael continued to have sleepovers with boys in his bed during the trials for his first allegation which no one in their right mind would do. There's a lot of evidence I don't want to dig into that suggest he had a preference for Hispanic boys, which might explain why Corey and Macaulay never experienced that side of him. I still like to separate the art from the artist, it doesn't make Michael's music and legacy any less a huge milestone for pop music.

No. 373985

>He described him as being circumcised, but he wasn't.
And where's the source for this claim?
Btw, Carl Douglas explicitly stated that Michael paid off the accuser to avoid a criminal investigation due to Chandler's description.
>“…in our [Jackson’s defence lawyers] perspective, you have to remember that there was a companion criminal investigation case going on by both the District Attorney’s office in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. There had been an occasion where Michael Jackson was examined, and his genitalia was recorded, which was part of an investigation. And that was part of the 300 pound gorilla in the mediation room. We wanted to do all that we could to avoid the possibility that there would be a criminal filing against Michael Jackson, and the reality was we were hopeful that if we were able to “silence” the accuser, that would obviate the need for any concern about the criminal side, so from our perspective there was a great deal of trust, not only with Johnnie and Larry because they had a twenty year prior friendship, there was a tremendous trust with Johnnie and the three judges being recommended. And we were facing the purple gorilla in the room of “If we don’t get this case settled before March, there is a criminal investigation looming, and no one wanted to consider the implications of that as it affected Michael Jackson”…

No. 374018

my high school choir teacher knew mj. he said “Sony lied about him!!” and had an hour long lecture devoted to disproving the accusations. It makes me sick

No. 374050

File: 1550234687455.jpeg (169.72 KB, 750x1085, 4340F86E-3F83-4750-9160-37BCD6…)

Saw this on my insta last night. Not sure what she’s talking about, commenters seem confused as well.
She’s fried.

No. 374099

I think this might help decipher:

Unfortunately for her, Dina Lohan didn’t win this season of Celebrity Big Brother (Tamar Braxton did, Dina came in third with Lolo Jones), which isn’t too much of a shock because she didn’t do anything the entire time she was there. However, Dina still wins a grand prize in the form of her boyfriend, whom many believed was a huge catfish on the other end of her line, leaping from the sea of doubt to inform everyone that he’s been Dina’s catch of the day since they started their questionable relationship five years ago.

I’ll admit that this story stunk to high heaven of fuckery and lies but I will have to throw my hands up in surrender because apparently, for the first time in years, Dina was possibly telling the truth. According to The Blast Jesse Nadler, a 53-year-old commercial real estate worker from Tiburon, CA, is Dina’s main squeeze and he’s done with hiding in the shadows. He wants all of you skeptical hoes to recognize his love for Dina by revealing his off-peak hours Santa Claus face to the entire world. Catfish host Nev Schulman , who reached out to help with Dina’s potential catfishing situation, broke news of Jesse’s existence on Wednesday via a recent tweet exposing Jesse’s face to the world.

Although it seems strange that he would continue playing Hide-And-Seek until it finally came to light that Dina was possibly being lied to, they both have found support from Dina’s ex-husband Michael Lohan who’s always been a credible source. I’m sorry, did I say credible source? I meant incredible source of bullshit because whatever drips from his lips should immediately be flushed down a toilet. However, he supports Dina and Jesse’s romance because anything that brings attention his way always gets his seal of approval.

Michael Lohan tells The Blast he has also been contacted by Nadler, and that they recently “texted for about an hour.” “He even sent me snapshots of his communication with Dina to prove himself to be true.” Michael said he felt the guy was legit, and ended up speaking with Nadler on the phone.

“Actually, he’s a really nice guy with a good heart and I like him, and if he makes Dina happy, I’m happy for them,” Michael explained. Nadler is originally from Long Island, where the Lohans reside, and even made plans with Lindsay Lohan’s father to travel to Montauk for lobsters.

Jesse sticks to his story about never meeting Dina because of his mother’s failing health in a recent interview with Page Six Jesse wants everyone to know he’s not so bad.

“I’m a good guy, I’m the real deal.” He added, “Just the thought of people thinking I could be a catfish when everyone knows me and knows how hard I work and how I respect women and mothers, it just kills me.”

Source: http://dlisted.com/2019/02/14/a-man-has-stepped-up-and-revealed-himself-as-dina-lohans-catfish-boyfriend/

No. 374174

If MJ was truly a child molester Corey Feldman would have jumped on this new wagon of accusations for his fair share of money.

No. 374181

Are you serious…
First of all, you are ignoring the witnesses, the evidence, the accusers detailed accounts etc
second of all he may never have molested corey, and how would he make money from outing MJ? If your thinking of money, being friends with the Jacksons would earn him waaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

No. 374218

File: 1550259348650.jpg (189.02 KB, 908x1207, depp-kissing-14feb19.JPG)

From lainey gossip, via ontd:

>Johnny Depp has been in Europe lately shooting a movie. A couple of weeks ago, he was seen boarding a private plane in Nice heading to Belgrade, surrounded by his usual entourage and there was also a young, attractive woman who was part of the group. In Belgrade, Johnny and the woman, still unidentified, were photographed kissing. Here are two shots from that set, shot on January 28 and only made available today. According to the photo agency, she is his girlfriend.

>It’s surprising to me that there’s been no follow-up on this. Not very many mentions in American entertainment media. As of post time, I’ve not seen it on E! or PEOPLE or Us Weekly. Johnny Depp, despite the fact that many aren’t as fond of him as they were before, is still a big celebrity name. Certainly his love life is newsworthy, has always been newsworthy.

>Yesterday I got a vaguely warning-ish email from someone who insisted that the photos were taken on set and that Johnny wasn’t happy about it and that the woman is his costar. We checked with the photo agency. The photos were not taken on set. Johnny was at his hotel. A French magazine secured the first rights to the images before they were released for online coverage yesterday – which is when I bought them.

>They’ve identified her as “Lily”, an actress. According to Public, she is the “daughter of Depp’s longtime pal” and they met a long time ago. I checked the scans of the magazine and there are more details – supposedly she’s British, 33 years old. I don’t know how reliable this publication is. It’s giving me the same vibes as Heat and New Idea and that bullsh-t they have in Australia. But at the same time, these are pretty specific details: a name, an age, and a citizenship.

>But why isn’t this coming up anywhere else? Like at last check, it wasn’t even in the Daily Mail!? They have budget to buy so many photos. You’re telling me the Daily Mail wouldn’t care about seeing Johnny Depp kissing the new woman in his life?

>I’m not saying something weird is happening. I’m just wondering if something weird is happening. I don’t get why this isn’t getting much coverage?


No. 374219

File: 1550259408723.jpg (224.61 KB, 800x1200, johnny-depp-girlfriend-13feb19…)

33 huh?

No. 374221

I’m kinda getting annoyed at the MJ sperging tbh. Not trying to defend him. I honestly don’t know if he actually molested anyone but I do think weird shit was going down there and I do think some levels of abuse was going on, like emotional at least. I can also buy that he actually did molest kids but his family still pays off the victims. But I digress.

Either way, it’s old milk and we’re probably never going to get a straight answer. This is actually making me miss the Ariana sperging.

No. 374224

What a disgusting, rotten piece of shit.
I can't wait until this fuck ODs or dies.

No. 374227

That look like a side kiss gone wrong to me. But to be fair, who cares about him anyway?

No. 374236

File: 1550261453747.jpg (62.29 KB, 434x500, 1519548175171.jpg)

>still has not figured it out

No. 374246

she’s dating her for quite a while now. probably he’s paying the media to not talk about her because Amber’s fans bombarded her instagram with hate comments and bodyshaming her because she’s a dancer.

No. 374257

File: 1550265238206.jpg (221.2 KB, 1280x1810, Lily-rose-depp-yoga-hosers-pre…)

His daughters name is also Lily and they also look alike: cute looking with a lolita vibe. What's up with Johnny? That's just ew

No. 374259

File: 1550265284881.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

> she is the “daughter of Depp’s longtime pal”sage

No. 374263

For kissing a girl? Who cares anon. Not sure why this disgusts you so much

No. 374267

Those colors are doing her olive undertone no fucking favors. She looks jaundiced.

No. 374287

File: 1550270326681.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, b286dc973ee1fb94fb8ebeb025672b…)

Here you go, sourpuss!

Is this pic better for ya?

No. 374289

File: 1550270495163.jpg (76.77 KB, 634x980, 45A6AAFD00000578.jpg)

He obviously wants to bang his own daughter and choose to take out his sexual frustration on that young woman.

No. 374299

Dating a girl who is probably 20-30 years your junior and looks like your fucking daughter is disgusting, come on.

No. 374374

why the fuck is reddit always deleting shit like this?

ugh anyway it sickens me that it's pretty undeniable that mj did it. i never wanted to believe it. i know he had a horrible childhood himself. of course that doesn't excuse it but i wanted to believe he was just weird and wanting to relive his own stolen childhood because of how he suffered. but like so many rapists, he's just a fucking disappointment.

No. 374381

Ugh, even if they looked nothing alike how can anyone look at someone sexually who is in the same age group as your child. That is so fucking gross, imagine being the kid in this scenario and knowing that your dad goes balls deep in your peers

No. 374420

Its not old milk since its coming back up with this new documentary

No. 374439

i think another anon was correct in him not explicitly abusing famous boys because having famous boys testify on his behalf or defend him would be more credible to him and would give reason to 'silence' the boys that weren't famous.

also, again, are we not going to acknowledge the fact that images of children that are sexualized but not in explicitly sexual acts is not considered legal pornography and that he owned multiple books that he kept safeguarded called "boys will be boys" and "the boy: a photographic essay" of all naked young boys like 8-11 in suggestive poses, completely nude, which experts in pedophiles say that all pedos possess because it's not illegal to own "art" of young children so long as they aren't engaging in literal sexual acts?

i'm sorry, but the fact that he owned this kind of "art" and kept them in his locker in his room and tried to claim so many times that sleeping with young boys is natural is enough for me to believe he molested these young boys. the whole chandler dad situation is shady but mj was a master manipulator and evil as fuck imo

No. 374515


No. 374522

That makes it more plausible than the other anon that said that MJ family is paying Corey. If that would be the case they're not paying him enough since he keeps begging for more.

Still I can't think at MJ to be this smart to not involve famous kids. It was probably somebody in his family that said "with this kid is ok..but don't touch the other one".

No. 374524

The dark side of his life in Neverland: Shocking new allegations claim Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles tried to commit suicide, was beaten and started self-harming after he was told the King of Pop was dead

Bubbles was 'rushed to hospital' in 2003 after trying to take his own life when he was no longer living with Jackson at the Neverland Ranch

It's also alleged the chimp, who's now 35, 'self harmed' after hearing about Jackson's death in 2009

Top primatologist, Dame Jame Goodall has claimed Bubbles was punched in the face and kicked in the stomach while he was living with Jackson


No. 374528

Yeah, idk about this one, if he did abuse bubbles poor guy, but unlike the child molesting accusations there is little evidence here.

No. 374530

Well, it makes more sense that one would get more business oppertunities being in his families good graces then not, but i also doubt he molested Corey, just because he was a pedo it doesnt mean he will molest every child in his care, he didnt abuse girls fx. only boys.

No. 374532

yeah i highly doubt that he tried to harm himself when he 'heard' that he died. i do believe he was probably beaten though. more shit to make it seem like mj was sooooooo impactful and everyone, including his neglected chimp, loved that kawaii baby boy to death

i should also mention that the authors of both those books ARE verified pedophiles. so yeah, he owned books by LITERAL proven pedos and kept them super safe and like always on him

No. 374558

Did anybody check if the giraffes had signs of sel harm?
I bet their sudden death was in fact suicide!!!

No. 374572

File: 1550332558921.jpg (46.72 KB, 680x485, DxX5Dk3X4AAf7TD.jpg)


I still can't believe so many people fell for it, especially the celebs with their assistants, advisers, and managers.


No. 374577


Of course the Fail is playing it up for clicks. But were his animals neglected? Was his infantalisation of Bubbles abusive?

No. 374579

What happened to her hairline?

No. 374585

I doubt he was the one taking care of them tbh the man couldnt even take care of himself

No. 374586

they weren't neglected as far as we know, but having giraffes, snakes, parrotts, tigers, etc, as pets is always morally questionable.

No. 374715

anorexia, she's recovering now though

No. 374746

When is depp getting cancelled? I'm so sick of seeing his rotten teeth ass on the news/in movies. He's disgusting. Fucking a friend's daughter is so insanely low.

No. 374834

i always say she looks like a skull

No. 374847

disney dropped him and most of his newest movies have been flops, I hope he's cancelled soon

he was included in that universal thingy for a "dark universe" with classic monsters but the mummy movie flopped so maybe it won't carry on after all lol

No. 374876

File: 1550361265929.jpg (40.54 KB, 992x558, 190213_gma_jussie_smollett2_07…)

I honestly don't know how famous this guy is but I guess he's technically a celebrity. Pretty funny if he did actually pay these dudes to do it. He has hired a defense attorney.

>Smollett told authorities he was attacked early January 29 by two men who were "yelling out racial and homophobic slurs." He said one attacker put a rope around his neck and poured an unknown chemical substance on him.

>Smollett gave his first detailed account of what he says was a hate crime against him, and the aftermath, in an interview with "Good Morning America" that aired Thursday. During the interview he expressed frustration at not being believed.

>Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that Chicago Police believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate the assault.

>The brothers, who were arrested Wednesday, were released without charges Friday after Chicago police cited the discovery of "new evidence." The sources told CNN that the two men are now cooperating fully with law enforcement.

No. 374884

This story stunk from the start. It's an insult to actual victims of assault.

No. 374894

Honestly, reading that kf thread is really worth it. All those turns of events, simply hilarious.

No. 374925

File: 1550368045510.jpeg (47.19 KB, 728x567, 2DFD7729-F170-41B9-B487-692CDD…)

Didn't realize there was a kf thread about it and just started reading…. there was a threatening letter sent w white powder in it?? If he's connected to that it could be a federal crime meaning possible prison time…

No. 374947

His story was so stupidly unbelievable from the start, I didn't even entertain the thought it wasn't a massive crock of shit. Two racist MAGA dudes roaming the street at 2am who conveniently happened to have a noose and bleach and also watched Empire and had a clue who this twat was. kek. I love when bs stories unravel.

No. 375045


It's been a great read! What do you think of the speculation that it was an attempted campaign boost for Kamala Harris?

Related: Last week in a radio interview she said while she was in college she smoked a joint and listened to Snoop Dog and Tupac whule she was high. But she graduated before either of them had released their own albums.


Well, he has retained an attorney with experience defending federal cases.

No. 375148

>attempted campaign boost for Kamala Harris
doubt it, I think the guy is just an attention whore

No. 375469

File: 1550452225055.png (93.77 KB, 459x652, Untitled.png)

this is gonna be a fucking mess when it's released. wonder how much of this is PR?

No. 375497

File: 1550457479436.png (2.25 MB, 1648x1364, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.35…)

someone posted about this in the soundcloud thread but I didn't want to derail, is lily rose depp dating timothee chalemet or ash stymest?? im confuse

No. 375498

File: 1550457500689.png (91.58 KB, 1208x224, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.33…)

No. 375499

File: 1550457677400.png (213.08 KB, 454x624, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 9.34…)

No. 375501


Literally nobody

No. 375512

she's dating Timothée

No. 375515

>johnny depp's daughter dating a flavor of the month model who stopped being relevant like a decade ago

No. 375650


>Ash Stymest

ugh that dude who was one hit wonder model that peaked in 2012, then rushed with marrying a girl, gets her pregnant and then leaves her shortly after the daughter was born. Def a guy you better don't settle with lol

No. 375709

L-R has always rolled around with the most gutterbutt people since I can recall.
It was really bad when Big Brother UK had a contestant, a younger unemployed model, who also had a kid with the mother of Ash's kid. Newspapers were itching to throw a picture of Johnny Depp's daughter in their comprehensive coverage of nobodies.

No. 375802

File: 1550513983577.png (365.92 KB, 757x695, hrueFYM.png)

No. 375808

File: 1550516089188.jpg (78.19 KB, 728x529, smollett-note.jpg)

i can't believe this guy is faking a hate crime for clout, what a loser. interesting how he only walked away with a scratch on his cheek, not to mention this fake ass "letter"

No. 375810

Hope this dude goes to prison when it's proven he's a faker. An insult to real victims.

No. 375821

it sucks because i really dont want to believe someone would do this, but it definitely looks to be the case

if so i hope he suffers the rest of his life fuck him

No. 375839

Yeah no, this guy is faking it. Would not happen in the middle of Chicago near Navy Pier.

Reminds me of some other dude, not a celebrity, who pretended he got jumped and beaten by 3 MAGA dudes in a pickup truck the day after Trump got elected. The place he described was on a college campus and this happened at 3pm in front of a Domino's Pizza.

No. 375900

this guy is retarded. it's so embarrassing that he did this. what a dumbass. who the fuck cuts letters out of magazines any more? does he think he's living in an agatha christie novel?

No. 375916

Someblackguy did a video on Jussie Smollett

No. 375918

almost every black youtuber has been calling his bluff from the beginning
i havent come across one yet that believed him

No. 375924

File: 1550530353365.jpg (42.94 KB, 748x741, Qu1sntsa5_1280.jpg)

look at the writing. he purposely wrote horribly, probably with the opposite hand, to hide his own handwriting. makes it looks like a 5 year old wrote it.

No. 375931

File: 1550530759852.jpg (83.64 KB, 1200x630, n_sharp_bennett_190127_1920x10…)

this guy and his entire family have been obsessively sticking themselves into race baiting politics for years so honestly im not surprised at this point the more i see about it

they tried to make jussie go viral before for ~dancing with michelle obama~ as pathetic as that is
im starting to think this is probably at least INSPIRED by kamala and cory booker and their push for this new legislation, but i dont want to say anything when its brought up because it ventures into conspiracy territory but i cant otherwise see why anyone in their right mind would stage something like this
even if kamala wasnt in on it, the coincidents are becoming a little too much for me to even try to see this sanely

No. 375932

coincidences* sorry im battling the flu right now so my minds not right

No. 375933

i'm loling at the sjws coming to his defense on the fact that he was outside during freezing weather at 2am. "maybe he was hungry!!!" sure, i would agree. but two guys were waiting for him to go outside during freezing weather on the off chance he might be hungry? nah, it's bullshit.

No. 375944

The letters all line up along the bottom. Kids and people with naturally terrible writing can’t do that, it’s a dead giveaway.

No. 375945

>Kiwi farms

NO, fucking thank you. I'll stick to Lovelyti.

No. 375948

File: 1550532212813.jpg (253.03 KB, 392x468, IMG_20190218_172321.jpg)

Did you see who he hired to attack him? Two Nigerian guys KEK

No. 375949

Is this real?? Bruh, I mean I guess I could imagine one African guy being MAGA. Maybeeee? But, two? I don't know. Kinda pushing it.

No. 375950

their acting reels are floating around too lol and HOO boy
i see why they are just set extras

No. 375952

File: 1550532528154.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1547102434042.gif)

"this is maga country!"

No. 375955

samefag but who the hell "attacks" someone by putting a noose around their neck and pouring bleach on them? this shit is too much

No. 375956

This is MAD! Smollett why did you think this wouldnt be found out, if you faked it? Boy, your credibility is SHOT. Anyone, especially MAGA supporters can attack you now and nobody's gonna believe you. And in this climate, are you insane?!

No. 375957

But anon, they were white guys in ski masks! It happened at 3am!

No. 375958

>threatens to kill a guy in a "letter"
>doesn't even punch the guy when "attacking" him
good guy, nigerian brothers

No. 375970

Now, I don't wanna shitstir this in case of the 1% chance of his story being true, but I'm watching an Armon Wiggins live chat and he's speaking to a woman that's saying it was masterminded by Lee Daniels, because his ratings are low? #Pinchofsalt I don't wanna believe that someone would be so stupid as to jeopardize his career and rep over that shit.

No. 375972

clearly whoever was a part of it thought highly enough of themselves enough(or protected enough if you take the smollett family's connections to the obamas and other leftist politicians) to think they'd never get caught or be held accountable because its for a "greater good" of some sort

narcissism and naivety are a hell of a drug and these people really think they can get away with everything

No. 375974

obamas are not leftist by any stretch of the imagination

No. 375977

depends on your point of view
the average american believes they are hence why liberals who claim to be woke still shill for them as well as the clintons despite their records indicating what they really are

its all a smokescreen because americans are fucking retarded

No. 375981

So apparently with all this iron clad evidence, and two investigations, apparently they just didn't have enough to get MJ, despite the entire police force and the media literally creaming themselves over it. A guy who overdosed on anti-anxiety and pain meds was just too much of a mastermind.

Shouldn't you guys be mad at the police for being such colossal fuckups for letting such an open shut case slip through their fingers?

No. 375982

Riiight, because no one famous has ever gotten away with a crime, especially sex crimes. Meanwhile, at around this time OJ was acquitted for literal murder, so…

No. 375983

Yeah tell that to Cosby

No. 375986

This loser is embarassingly dumb. And that interview he did, holy fuck, so much second hand cringe. My extended family has been dunking on him from day one, maybe because of how stupid the story immediately sounds to anyone who is a) black b) from Chicago or c) both.

I'm torn though, thought for sure it was a grindr date gone wrong.

No. 375987

>it sucks because i really dont want to believe someone would do this

thats what they hope for

No. 375988

Has nothing to do with police incompetence and everything due to corruption, greed and cash.

No. 375989

And MJ was and still is a much beloved performer, even more so when he was like, alive and relevant and making hits. The fucking weirdly huge cult surrounding him even today that denies his crimes is insane.

No. 375990

alt lite uncle tom finds a reason to disparage a black person, and grabs it with both hands? shocking. like, i'm leaning towards smollet making the whole thing up, but don't post this guy as if he has anything to say worth listening to.

No. 375994

File: 1550537357119.png (88.99 KB, 207x300, 2E64815B-F842-41E0-80AF-2657CD…)

kind of ot rn but the best site for tea on MJ is https://mjfacts.com

anyone who still defends his honor after a quick glance there needs to suck start a shotty, mj was literally trash where young boys were concerned and was only upset he got caught. he was so fucking bold it's disgusting. never even tried to hide it. ffs this shit was in gossip rags all the time.

No. 375995

File: 1550537383449.jpg (21.34 KB, 450x450, ash-stymest.jpg)

wait im sorry this guy was famous? as a model? i see guys that look like this literally everyday and would never think they could be models

No. 375996

Looks like he’s hiding a frog in his mouth

No. 375997

File: 1550537668949.jpg (33.32 KB, 390x650, rs_1152x1920-190216194540-634.…)

No. 375998

File: 1550537690618.jpg (30.31 KB, 402x650, rs_634x1024-190216194228-634.2…)

his wife's awful shoe choice.

No. 375999

my bet is on bi

No. 376000

so bold that he did weird shit with sean lennon, i would be shit scared of yoko ono but he didn't care apparently, he would have sean and another kid hanging out in his bed watching porn, groomer extraordinaire

when MJ fans attacked him over the video for the song bubbles burst he said the following

“Um, I was there and the song is indeed strictly autobiographical. The point is that we (the kids), were all discarded when we were too old to play with, just like bubbles. The song is good. You just don’t get it. Bubbles was my friend and I will write what I want regardless of the opinion of twats ;). ” ~ Sean Lennon

"play with them" what the fuck


No. 376001

wait I thought he came out as gay a while ago

No. 376002

File: 1550537907237.jpg (104.55 KB, 1200x628, Hayley-Williams-married-Doc-Ma…)

lol i hate shit like this

see guizz im not TRADITIONAL i do my OWN THANG~!!!!1

No. 376011

File: 1550538624553.gif (1.68 MB, 245x150, 1080F494-38A6-420F-BCB6-C50632…)

Gay for pay, he clearly slept with or messed around with Ryan Murphy, Adam Shankman and probably a few other higher ups.

No. 376021

File: 1550539308524.gif (416.38 KB, 480x221, 3686BB5E-626E-4C11-B8FF-C3B6F0…)

Double post but here’s another gif, it was when they were filming Glee in NYC in season 2, Darren had absolutely no scenes and no reason to be there, but Ryan clearly wanted him there lol

No. 376024

File: 1550539914323.jpg (37.77 KB, 600x600, cfao8r-veaaqhtd1.jpg)

do you guys think omer bhatti is michael's son? being a fan is one thing but well before he hit 12 he was already looking very similar to michael and he never 'expired' like the other boys and was still hanging out with michael and watching over the kids at 25, all the way until michael's death

No. 376026

File: 1550540032387.jpg (54.83 KB, 600x808, btbhe2cceaa2kca1.jpg)

with mj's kids as he often was

No. 376031

He looks very similar to Michael indeed, but I just can't imagine Michael being straight enough to procreate with a human female.

No. 376033

I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a Bryan Murphy sexual harassment scandal.

No. 376053

And, now people are calling in saying it's bullshit. But, if it was true Monique would LIVE.

No. 376055

Lol it's like that """""Amazing"""""Lucas' guy. I know you may find aspects of AA culture annoying, but you don't need to sell your race out to shill to alt-righters. Fucking sad.

No. 376066

Ryan Murphy is a gross pig; I hate the whole gay guy 'when you're young you play, when you're old you better pay' shit, all the older gay dudes in the industry strike me as scummy losers. Like Ian McKellen, after sll the Bryan Singer shit, can't help but think he preys on younger, vulnerable guys.

Holy shit this guy looks like MJ before all the plastic surgery. Who the fuck is he? Time to do some googling.

No. 376144

This was hilarious considering their marriage barely lasted and he cheated on her multiple times afterwards.

No. 376156


holy fuck my people have done it again

>419 scam

>nollywood actor scam

No. 376157

well what did she expect since she literally latched herself onto his miniscule chode while he was still married to someone else
only a matter of time before he picks up other crabs to replace you with

No. 376183

fuck off back to nairaland, we don't need your incessant black-girl-on-the-internet!! posting(racebaiting)

No. 376184

We know damn well you ain't black or Nigerian. Nobody says "my people"

No. 376188

stay pressed a f o n j a

No. 376291

I was shocked to find out he's with a woman, always thought he was gay. Idk, maybe it's just because he always plays the gay guy in shows and he's a very good actor.

Hmm… he really does look like MJ…

No. 376343

Nah, MJ was black, this kid is white, plus Michael never had bio children

No. 376374

>he's a very good actor
I know he did an ok job in Assassination of Gianni Versace but let's not get crazy here.

No. 376393

File: 1550599954869.jpg (63.32 KB, 530x795, Ash-Stymest_Damon-Baker-01.jpg)


yeah, he was kind of a big thing like at the beginning of the 2010s. He was several times in the Vogue, did runway shows for Dior or shoots for Galliano etc. But once he stopped being the ~pretty and wild tattooed bad teenage boy~ people stopped caring about him and he pretty much vanished from the fashion scene after that.

I remember him bc he did some really cool photo shoots back in the day and tumblr was lusting all over him, also he and his ex broadcasted their entire love life on twitter.

>blast from the past

No. 376408

File: 1550600911999.jpeg (41.39 KB, 584x304, B1332697-FC47-41B8-97F7-F77072…)

CDAN has been talking about this for a bit and I've seen it spread around other sites but it feels like this asshole is gong to get a pass because of his daddy.

Max Landis, son of director John (outed long ago by Eddie Murphy, who questioned his need to have small children on set at all hours of the day and night)(also loved coke so much that he thought car crashes and explosions were hilarious, especially if they resulted in the beheading of three of his actors–one of them Jennifer Jason Leigh's dad and two Asian kids who were not supposed to be on set) has been talked about on the dl w/r/t sexual assault since at least 2017, but the allegations of flat out rape are now coming in. He is your standard woke ally/male feminist/scumbag hiding in plain sight, and he's only got where he is because of daddy's connections and money. He sucks as a screenwriter and everything else.

A bunch of people who work with him are staying very mum about the rape talk, including Idris Elba (why?) and Chloe Grace Moretz (believable). A quote from the linked article:

'Landis did not deny the accusations when confronted but wrote them off as the two “wrestling around.” He apologized for having a “boner” but then wrote, “We probably just have different definitions of what a ‘move’ is.” He concluded with, “Yeah, I got my signals really crossed.”

Trash to the second generation.


No. 376417

he dated CL before lily rose depp, too. he got a tattoo of her name in hangul, i wonder if he kept it. and lily was like 16 when they got together, he's just a standard sketchy guy who got 4-5 years being an edgy model

No. 376423

Kek I thought it was Andy Biersack

No. 376425

same lol - I was so confused reading that bc I skipped out the name

No. 376426

Man…black veil brides did have some good drama back when they first became a thing. The shit with Sammi Doll and Jinxx cheating on eachother and her underaged nudes leaking(allegedly but everyone else said she was of age at the time) and now somehow she has managed to slither her way into being a full time groupie for iamx who basically just simulates sex on stage and for some reason acts like she's actually a part of the band and its super embarrassing. I think Scout Compton was with Andy at the that time too and they had a crazy breakup as well? Good times.

No. 376469

Who is CL?

No. 376508

The trailer for Leaving Neverland was released. Look at those dislikes and comments… MJ's crazy ass stans are out in full force.

The Korean rapper from 2ne1.

No. 376510

holy shit the dislikes. honestly i had no idea until recently how strong his fanbase still is and how there are actually so many young people stanning for him, too, not just middle aged ladies. it's so weird.

No. 376516

He is beyond gross. How can anyone stan him? Just look at him, he's so obviously a pedo, it's mind boggling that these middle aged fraus stick up for him.

They also stalk his now-adult victims on their forums and across socials. You see them acting up on Facebook all the time, whenever someone calls him out for the obvious pedofaggotry, they swoop in. Nasty.

No. 376519

If you look for it on Google, the box on the right also says "People who liked this movie: 12%", the stans compulsively disliked it on every platform. The documentary hasn't even come out yet, couldn't they at least wait to see it?

No. 376520

The family has the money for both dislikes and, critically, comments that support MJ on any site.

No. 376530

I'll never understand the celebrity hero worship. He made some great music but it's not reason enough to deny that he sexually abused helpless children. People are fucking insane.

No. 376566

Thanks to anons compiling MJ milk. That was a wild ride to read. I do feel for him and what he has suffered himself but he became an absolute monster in the end and it's shocking how diligently he groomed those victims and boldly manipulated his environment. He was a really troubled individual but still an abusing pedo that deliberately multiplied the suffering in his environment tenfold. Really sheds light again on the dark sides of stardom. I'll be sure to watch the doc.

No. 376629

File: 1550629938793.jpg (353.18 KB, 1242x1806, IMG_6472.jpg)

I'm surprised I haven't seen anyone post about this yet. Apparently, Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy has been cheating with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's best friend. Khloe and her best friend, Malika, have been commenting on posts about the incident as pictured. A lot of people are saying it's a publicity stunt as a new season of kuwtk is coming out soon. What do you guys think?

No. 376633

I don't understand how the Kardashian sisters keep finding men that cheat on them (I suspect Kanye is cheating too he's certainly not above it) when they're that powerful, rich, and beautiful. These women could have almost any man in the world, they could easily find a man to absolutely worship them and be faithful. If I had that money and power I would have multiple model boyfriends and average nobody's just to worship at my feet. I don't get it.

No. 376639

Most people in entertainment are there because they are outgoing, competitive, sexually active. You aren't going to find many people not like that, and if they are like Chris Pratt or something, everyone will shit on them for being a religious loser.

No. 376649

idg why famous people have to be with other famous people, especially women. being that men are typically already shit in relationships, in a stark contrast to how we're typically made to feel, i'd love to lord the power over my no name husband were i famous, rich as shit, and so desirable. kim literally married the biggest fucking loser out there and i legit think he's causing her to go insane. she could have so much better. so sad. plus, we always end up finding out all these famous men have herpes and shit and give to everyone, and not even just the 'desirable' men. jim carrey was passing around STDs like no tomorrow, and everyone forgets because he's so dead and 'beloved', but robin williams gave his wife and some other woman herpes because he was a disgusting duplicitous creep too.

No. 376668

i guess it's probably hard to meet non-famous people who are normal when you're a celebrity, unless you got with them before you got famous. i mean, where do you even meet normal people? unless they didn't recognize you were famous, it must be almost impossible. most people would be too starstruck.

No. 376670

>most people would be too starstruck.
would they though? i mean, unless they were actual fans of your work, i don't think most adults, especially guys, would be super starstruck unless they have the type of personality that adores fame, and those wouldn't be good candidates for serious dating anyways. i don't think it'd be very difficult to try to seek out maybe successful men in academia or something (not necessarily rich). hollywood matchmakers could probably sort something out. they have tons of those. it wouldn't be difficult to meet lawyers and stuff, either. you couldn't just pick up a guy at a grocery store, no, but i think finding a lowkey guy may be doable.

No. 376672

I had the same shock when i began researching the cases with boys, so so soooo many crazy cult-like fans, i have never seen a fandom like this, It. Is. Insane.
It must have been so intimidating for his victims to step forward, not only because of shame alone, but his batshit fans.
Short doc related if anyones interested (the narrators a bit qoo qoo, so ignore those bits where he says tinfoil-y shit)

No. 376674

I think all the money and fame involved would make it very difficult to find a non-celeb spouse, regardless of whether they were a fan or not. But maybe well off lawyers or doctors would be doable.

No. 376676

thanks, going to listen to that in a bit. the director of leaving neverland and the two guys said they received death threats.

as far as the defenders go, everyone touts the jordan chandler circumcision thing as a 'gotcha', but (and even if jordan was never molested or raped, it doesn't negate the other claims!), assuming michael was erect when he was with him, uncircumcised men can look cut when erect and you can't tell. some men have very short foreskin naturally anyways. i personally think it was dumb for investigators to not document how he looked while erect, too, but i guess it's difficult to go about that?

No. 376677

For years, rumours have been floating around that Kanye cheats with men (like Riccardo Tisci), and that he and Kim don’t really live together most of the time.

No. 376692

According to the deleted reddit post, the circumcision claim was never substantiated.

>You might have read online that Jordan incorrectly identified that Michael was circumcised. While this information has been widely circulated, I cannot find a single credible source to confirm that this was actually part of Jordan’s description.

No. 376716

mj's family is definitely hiring PR on it along with the crazy fans to give this doc tons of bad publicity in hopes of silencing it

No. 376752

because their ploy is to just to pay black men to date them to make a statement
ive heard none of them even fuck other than to get knocked up, and kim doesnt even do that lmao

No. 376758

amazing. these delulu stans will lie about anything and twist and make up words from a literal child to defend this guy. what the fuck.

No. 376759

File: 1550656306834.png (550.03 KB, 800x1017, Screenshot_2019-02-20-01-45-23…)

The Dummy Boy rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, told a judge he helped members of the New York-based gang rob people at gunpoint and helped traffic drugs for the sake of empowering the gang’s stronghold throughout Brooklyn and New York City. He also admitted to aiding in the attempted murder of a rival gang member, a New York Times report revealed. “I did this to maintain or increase my own standing in Nine Try,” 6ix9ine said in court on January 23.

According to the plea deal, 6ix9ine’s cooperation in the investigation of Nine Trey has resulted in the U.S. Attorney in the South District of New York’s agreement “not to prosecute” him for crimes listed in the nine counts against him. 6ix9ine’s revelations regarding crimes he had not yet been charged with will also not be held against him.

There’s a possibility 6ix9ine may be eligible for not only a shorter sentence but also witness protection due to the violent nature of crimes against others indicted. “It is understood that the defendant’s cooperation is likely to reveal the activities of individuals and that witness protection may be required at a later date,” court documents said.

Prosecutors also acknowledged agreements to write a letter requesting the judge to reduce 6ix9ine’s sentence for his cooperation in the case, although the 22-year-old’s fate will ultimately be up to the judge.

6ix9ine was arrested on a federal indictment along with five other men in November. A number of other men have since been arrested and charged in connection to the gang.

No. 376760

Pedo Boy gets off scott-free again. Ugh. I doubt he'll get witness protection, his face is too recognizable. Still infuriating though

Fuck this goddamn court system.

No. 376761

imagine being this ugly and still being allowed to be famous lol

No. 376762


Are you kidding? He's a marked man now.

No. 376770

I fully support scums cooperating, exposing other criminals etc but… to put it simply… boy snitched BIG TIME. If he's not put on protection he's a dead man.

No. 376790

File: 1550666699250.png (128.21 KB, 995x467, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.4…)

It's hilarious to see a Kardashian adjacent person call someone a hoe.

I know they were indoctrinated from day 1 by PMK but it's so bizarre, I just can't imagine living my life like this.

No. 376803

Well hey, at least he'll die and won't be able to have sex with anymore underage girls.

No. 376840

They have to have a romantic life, they're only human after all so why waste time in fake relationships as opposed to real ones you can keep on the down low?

No. 376847

>face tattoos
>witness protection
Lmao I hope he dies and soon

No. 376850

he ded

No. 376881

I'm so tired of Jameela Jamil popping up everywhere

No. 376935

yep it would take years for him to get surgery to change his ugly mug and laser off those tattoos
he's fucked

No. 376936

because IF they're interested in sex they can just fuck whoever?
kim is a fucking escort anyway so if shes pining for dick im sure she gets it

No. 376952

Please let this snitch get his stitches.

No. 376982

She's like anons here who just discovered feminism and just can't stop flexing their wikiquote reading skills

No. 377021

it's simple, we have to kill the dummy boy

No. 377046

File: 1550705249412.png (1.57 MB, 2330x1274, file.png)

speaking of dummy boys…

>"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett has been "officially classified" as a suspect in a criminal investigation for allegedly filling a false police report, according to a tweet from Chicago police communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi.

>The tweet goes on to say this is a Class 4 felony and detectives are currently presenting evidence before a Cook County grand jury.

No. 377051

File: 1550706409092.jpg (57.32 KB, 450x350, two stamps.jpg)

It may go Federal, too, since he involved the postal service in his hate hoax.

Also belongs in the bad art thread.

No. 377058

i can't believe ontd is still saying "not until there's REAL proof he didn't set it up"

this guy was attacked but didn't get beat up, i think that's proof enough

No. 377082

>Smoking Gun

LOL @KevonStage

Still don't get why he would ruin his career and reputation like that.

No. 377086

Kim won't let Kanye cheat anymore, that's why he doesn't hang out with Riccardo

No. 377087

>it wouldn't be difficult to meet lawyers and stuff, either.
>implying lawyers are any better than famous men

No. 377138

ontd is cancer
"This is the ONLY place i feel safe every other site is bad im always so disgusted by the comments literally anywhere else this is muh SAFE SPACE!!111"

gee i wonder why

No. 377233


>witness protection

So he's giving up his rap career?


>The judge frequently asked the prosecutors how they knew Danny had been present at shootings, like the one at the Barclays Center. The answer was often simple: Danny had posted about it on Instagram.

No. 377321

File: 1550756389481.jpg (195.61 KB, 634x1222, 9783012-6699111-2_155008969012…)

This is just tragic

No. 377327

File: 1550758569001.jpg (160.47 KB, 1280x720, jordyn-woods-2016-New-York-Fas…)

This gap-tooth bitch is so dumb, it makes me mad. She had ONE JOB to keep Kylie sweet and she still fucked it up. Biting the hand that feeds you and all that. If the Kardashians weren't such chickenshit, they shoulda beat her ass.

No. 377344

jfc, that face is a cautionary tale for plastic surgery

No. 377346

hope he goes to jail for being a fucking moron

No. 377349

Put this in the MoMA, this is hysterical. what a dumbass. what did he expect? I hope this sticks to him for the rest of his life

No. 377391

For real, she got handed everything for free and didn't even have to fuck anyone or do anything sketchy, just be friends with one girl. Where can I apply to be in her place?

No. 377394

Not her problem, khole is fugly and you know it

No. 377417

File: 1550774365739.png (748.15 KB, 988x934, rip.png)

regardless of whether its true or not the memes coming out of it are funny at least

No. 377419

i hope we have another cow that produces as much milk as MJ did his entire life lol. there hasnt been a scandal that has u waiting on the edge of ur seat for updates in a long ass time. i dont want anymore boys to be molested, but thats how this disgusting industry is so we know someone is still doing shit like that and its being covered up more. besides being a molester, the stuff MJ would say in interviews was pure cringe. it was hilarious that he thought anyone would believe him. especially when he would deny having plastic surgery lol.

No. 377448

File: 1550779084311.png (91.05 KB, 1314x410, Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 2.56…)

The 26-year-old told Vanity Fair: 'We’re redefining, to be f*ing frank, what it looks like for someone that’s a queer person like myself to be in a hetero relationship.'

No. 377457

File: 1550780246601.jpg (848.19 KB, 1448x2000, miley-cyrus-8.jpg)

Ah yes, my favorite queer couple. So glad to finally get celebrity LGBT representation. They're so brave.

No. 377475

I guess it was only a matter of time before Miley said or did something else that was completely retarded.

No. 377491

Hmmm only ever been with men? but uwu so queer!! (reminds me of Jill / pixielocks)

No. 377502

they really are a hivemind over there.
every single comment in the new jussie posts are
>it's okay to believe victims!

No. 377508

File: 1550787860413.jpg (45.44 KB, 634x398, 10070428-6726851-2_15507030597…)

Gabourey Sidibe is a shit actress and OF COURSE she's defending Jussie boy

She promptly deleted the post because 'some of y'all showed ya asses', ie: people were honest and didn't immediately kiss up to her

No. 377510

they're doing untold damage to actual victims with this… they're just giving the right more and more ammo. what a shame.

No. 377606

No. 377632

he literally admitted to doing it how can these people be so delusional

No. 377635

Pathetic. They have no lawsuit case. What would they even sue over? The man is dead, you cant "slander" dead people.

No. 377658

>The estate is claiming that by showing Leaving Neverland, HBO is violating a non-disparagement clause from a 1992 contract. According to the suit, when HBO aired Michael Jackson in Concert in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour, the clause precluded them from disparaging the singer in future works.
ugh, if that's the case, they might have a leg to stand on, which sucks. that family is trash and i truly hope they don't win

No. 377669

Jesus, I thought Miley was starting to mellow out.

No. 377672

HBO says they're going to show it anyway so hopefully they don't back down between now and then. Fucking tired of people using money to cover up being sick pieces of shit. Pedophiles should be stoned.

No. 377687

Wow just like pixielocks.

No. 377693

Imagine snowflaking this hard because you can't accept that you turned out to be a privileged tart in a completely normal hetero relationship.

No. 377726

when has this bitch ever been queer in any way, shape or form. she's a female presenting/passing/pronouns etc, never been in any relationship with other women or ~queers~, and is married to a fucking dude. where is the queer. miley you are fucking famous how much more attention do you NEED

No. 377728

File: 1550830705000.png (119.96 KB, 479x678, jw.png)

No. 377812

She's been with Stella Maxwell and Cara Delevingne iirc, just for sex though. Miley is the typical girl who makes out with other girls at parties to make sure people are paying attention to her, but you wouldn't catch her dead in an actual woman/woman relationship.

No. 377848

people in the lgbt community are screaming for representation and when they get it they get so mad because its a white female. Would you be less salty if she put on a furry-suit, dyed her hair neon and made a Tumblr account? Is that queer enough, or?

No. 377873

File: 1550857183015.png (995.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-21-14-38-41…)

A few days ago Lana posted a poem from her up coming book Violet bent backwards over the grass (or sthg like this) and it confirms she's a tone-deaf poor little rich girl kek

No. 377886

File: 1550861439554.gif (3.74 KB, 478x492, 0jiD5OL.gif)

No. 377932

Im actually going to agree with you. Only because its an instance of the absolute absurdity of liberal culture. They fostered an environment of romanticized victim hood where everyone needs to be special. The majority of POC come from cultures that will never accept homosexuality and all these tumblr tier whataboutisms. Period. So the only people you are going to see really getting a push and platform for sexuality and gender related fuckery, are gonna be white.

No. 377986

Still married to a dude, I see what you're saying but this is a joke on vanity fair's part.

No. 378080

someone needs to slap this dumb bitch in the face.

No. 378636


According to Ariana Grande, being able to sing means you deserve to earn 20 million a week.

>‘I totally agree,’ I said. ‘And men should be paid the same as women, right?’


>‘OK, so I’d like to be paid the exact same amount as you. What are you earning these days - $20 million a week?’

>There was a moment of silence before everyone exploded with laughter.

>‘You can’t sing!’ she insisted.

>‘I can sing!’ I retorted. ‘In fact, I regularly sing on TV to millions of people. So I demand equal pay as you.’

>‘That’s not how this works…’ she chuckled.

Two privileged rich people talking about rich privileged rich people shit.

Also included: What is the No 1 topic of choice Miss Grande decided to discuss? Whether Kim Kardashian should be praised for posing nudes or not.

Truly muh feminism

No. 378637

*No 1 feminist topic of choice

No. 378643

Your only long term relationshhip being with a man other than 2 flings with women for attention (and she's done a lot of stuff for attention, please see: Her whole career this decade) does not a queer woman make

No. 378644

Samefag, but this type of """""queer"""" just promotes the narrative that girls are only good for sex, and a "real" relationship has to be with a man. See: Half the pop songs and music videos from the past few years, full of "sexy lesbian flings".

Nothing new here. I kissed a girl and I liked it.

No. 378654

This. I hate this sexist attitude so much, as if women aren't worthy people to be in a real relationship with. Unlike men who are somehow worthy.

No. 378731

dude fuck off, bisexual people exist and they don't need to meet a quota of queerness to be accepted as lgbt.

miley is an idiot but claiming bi people aren't actually queer because they're currently in a hetero relationship, or have dated more of the opposite gender than the same gender, is biphobic. i'm going to stop here because it's off topic but i seriously hate this logic. it's part of why bisexuals don't want to admit to what they are and use terms like "queer" so they don't spark debate on "oh well you don't date x gender enough! you're straight!!"

No. 378749

anon, the problem is that miley isn’t bi lol

No. 378771

can someone please explain what you have to do to be queer, since her saying she's queer apparently isn't enough?

No. 378773

Bowie and the '13 yr old' has already been debunked. There were indeed a lot of baby groupies back in the day and a lot of weird shit happened, but that particular groupie (Lori Maddox) can't keep her story straight. Supposedly Page took her virginity at 14, some stories she says he kidnapped her and in others she willingly met him after he saw her photo in a magazine. After Bowie died, she suddenly came out and said that it was he who took her virginity at 13, even though he wouldn't tour America for another 2 years. It's sad, but a lot of these groupies DO milk their exploits for money decades down the line. Their exaggerated and sometimes made up stories completely overshadow the very real abuse that was going on in those circles. If anyone is interested in it, Bowie also got accused of sexual assault a few years later by a woman who sold her story to a tabloid for £30k. The case didn't go anywhere because she was blatantly lying. Don't believe everything you read, anons.

No. 378774

didn't bowie fuck underage boys as well? i remember reading something about him fetishizing asian boys specifically but i can't find the source on that now

No. 378777

As a bisexual woman, shut up. Miley never even dated a woman seriously and it's not like its hard for her to meet women. Using women for sex and never considering them as serious options doesn't make you bisexual.

Being bisexual or gay makes you "queer". Miley is neither. Hooking up with a chick once for publicity or to experiment or because it's edgy and trendy doesnt make you bisexual.

No. 378779

I know he was pretty open about being bisexual, but I don't remember ever reading anything about young boys. If anyone has any links though, please post them.

No. 378802

so her saying she's queer isn't enough? dgi

No. 378803

>Using women for sex and never considering them as serious options doesn't make you bisexual.
Sorry to derail, but it absolutely does. Sexuality is about who you are sexually attracted to, not who consider to be "serious options."

TIL "trubi" is a thing and it's equally as retarded as truscum tranny bs.

No. 378820

are straight women who have never been in love with a man not straight?

No. 378852

Lol right? A man could spend his whole life whoring around and running through women and never settle down but it doesn't make him any less hetero.

No. 378855

reminds me of luna's poetry but better executed

No. 378886

Jusst fuck my shit up fam

Thought so too. Wonder if Lana's gonna be Luna's new "inspiration"

No. 378889

Can we all just agree that Miley isn't queer/bi in any way?

No. 378893

But anon she pretended to enjoy hooking up with a chick for publicity one time. Queer icon!!

No. 378959

Well, she might be. But even if she is bi she has no right to use her hetero marriage to a man to promote herself as 'queer' in any way.

No. 378996

I consider those type of guys to be emotionally gay, since the only people they respect and admire are male. If you only love your own sex, you're gay.
They are just cowards in regard to actually fucking men, if they were honest they would be.
The people you love and have relationships with are your primary sexuality. Nobody should be trying to take credit for superficial traits they have no dedication to, like shagging a woman for attention or fapping to lesbian porn and now you're Totally Bi Queer LGBTQ+!!

No. 379000

What nonsense… Words mean things, you know. Sexuality is about sex, there is no such thing as having an 'emotional' orientation. It's called a platonic relationship when you love someone you don't feel attraction towards.

And I hate to break it to you, but nearly all men dedicate their respect and admiration exclusively to other men.

No. 379001

Stop the sexuality derailment.

No. 379004


Exactly! Let’s just leave it at that.

No. 379006

You don't know what you're talking about (and uh are agreeing with me in the last line?) but I won't go any further since it's derail

No. 379018

>emotionally gay
What nonsense. This is like a tumblr-tier take on sexuality.

No. 379038

File: 1551080988861.jpg (38.82 KB, 790x395, Lady-Gaga-Bradley-Cooper.jpg)

…..so how about those oscars? Gaga and Bradley Coopers performance was really intimate for the two just being friends. I feel bad for his girlfriend getting cucked like that on national television.

No. 379050

yous will hate this but whenever i see a pic of her i think it's momokun

No. 379062

Pretty sure this poster is also the author of
>>379046 in the pinkpill thread, who outed themselves as male (posting around the same time, same typing style, mansplaining the word platonic, doesn't conflate sex to emotion in any way, overly offended at insinuation of homosexuality)

I can have my dumb opinion and be wrong or right, but just some context

There's some interesting stuff on Twitter about the Oscars, if anyone here watched it I wouldn't mind a highlight reel(ban evasion)

No. 379066

I assumed it was just acting.

No. 379068

Ntas but
>everyone who disagrees with my retardation is a scrot
Right. Why didn't the farmhand ban you for longer? Shut up already

No. 379079

unpopular opinion but Bohemian Rhapsody didn't deserve so many awards and Rami Malek gives me the creeps.

No. 379082


I think that's a popular opinion. BR sucked, also wtf were they thinking giving Green Book best picture.

Olivia Colman is lovely though.

No. 379109

File: 1551097347965.jpg (21.1 KB, 600x325, DiscoverFreddieMercuryAndPavar…)

why did they even choose rami malek??? they had another guy do the vocals and he legit actually looks like freddie (just with a stronger jaw, but rami looks way less like freddie anyways) and sounds exactly like freddie. obviously they knew of him as they employed him as well but tell me this guy wouldnt have made a better freddie (that's him on the left as well)

No. 379118

playing a role is more than looking the part though and that guy isn't an actor. So he probably wouldn't

No. 379123

i don't feel that rami is a fabulous actor. he's ok. obviously they weren't committed to a convincing performance, as i don't feel rami offered anything that almost any other actor couldn't have given? i honestly think they just went with "well, freddie was british and brownish in descent, and this guy is brownish and british" and cashed in on those sweet poc points. with enough time/dedication to a convincing performance, i bet this dude could've been a better freddie.

No. 379130

the whole movie felt like a cash grab and was overall very rushed. i dont necessarily think rami deserved the oscar but he was my favorite part of the film

No. 379146

His girlfriend is Irina Shayk… I don't think she'd feel the need to be jealous kek

No. 379148

sorry? sage for going back to this but in case you didn’t get the memo: chris pratt is not a good dude. Hillsong is a crazy church, the anti-gay shit is just the tip of the iceberg, pick a better example for your likable everyman with christian values. I swear to god the most mediocre men have the most defensive stans

No. 379158

File: 1551106750714.png (405.35 KB, 647x784, Screenshot from 2019-02-25 09-…)

Yeah I was kinda surprised when I saw Green Book won best picture. I feel bad for Spike Lee, this is literally Driving Miss Daisy all over again. But I shouldn't have expected much from the Oscars, the best movies often get snubbed for stupid Oscar bait. (Yes I'm eternally salty that fucking Crash won best picture over Brokeback Mountain).

It's pretty hilarious that The Beaverton predicted this a month ago though, pic related.

No. 379214

as much as I loved Brokeback Mountain, Crash is a masterpiece and deserved that oscar

No. 379240

File: 1551123780906.png (48.19 KB, 750x416, 1494887826386.png)

Like a year ago Luna posted this but it went nowhere. Which is funny because LDR is Luna except filthy rich (~but not like you think uwu~), somewhat talented and successful:
>same daddy and Kurt Cobain obsession
>glorification of drugs and heroin
>ddlg vibes
>similar kind of poetry
>has or claims to have mental health issues
>Luna loves CLove, Lana toured with her and was interviewed by once or so

Maybe Luna did not get into Lana because it triggered her BPD that someone does her ~broken bbygurl poet~ persona than her kek

No. 379266

Who gives a shit fuck about Luna in this thread

No. 379329

tbh i couldn't unsee momokun during five foot two

No. 379425

I thought Rami was American

No. 379430

Green Book was good but it felt very “safe” for Best Picture. I mean, if it was 5-10 years it might be more appropriate but a lot of films who had won best picture in the past have delt with racism in America and Green Book didn’t really bring anything new to the table.

Isn’t he a closet case? I thought Irina was his beard.

No. 379455

Yeah I said it in Luna's current thread too >>>/pt/624577. Luna is the dollar store Lana version

No. 379495

he is American.

No. 379498

huh, all this time i legitimately thought he wasn't, even before bohemian rhapsody. huh.

No. 379526

He was born in America but his parents are Egyptian.

No. 379539

worst take on the internet

No. 379576

File: 1551178595776.jpg (30.71 KB, 360x540, Ladygagagetty.jpg)

Wtf happened to Lady gaga's face? I used to find her decently cute but something about her looks off now.

No. 379581

She's older and probably doesn't get as much filler now that she was acting and needed to move her face.

No. 379591

I think her face looks more feminine now, but I didn't actually recognize her at first. It's like she's softened up all the things that make her look unique.

No. 379593

Actually looks Italian now

No. 379613

File: 1551190555022.gif (1.99 MB, 500x245, caf89ddd-d358-4ada-90a5-3c5063…)

those big ass dark brows and fake tan does her no favors tbh. she looked so good in ahs with light skin and brows!

No. 379627


John Blunt, an Australian who performs as Freddie fronting his own tribute band, starred in this biopic that came out in 2016. But, yeah,

>that guy isn't an actor

No. 379672

File: 1551200310513.jpg (74.65 KB, 634x680, 3B1C4B8700000578-4007214-image…)


While I agree with >>379593 and >>379613 I can't unsee young Donatella Versace in all her recent styling and ps that was done to her face. I always loved her face because it was really unique and pretty in a different way, but now it's just stiff and really uninteresting.

No. 379675

File: 1551200628819.jpg (51.2 KB, 590x350, donatella-versace-before-after…)

No. 379694

File: 1551205082692.jpg (48.74 KB, 1200x602, personality-kendall-jenner-att…)

Kendall's new face looks so much like young Kim, it's creepy

No. 379695

File: 1551205142609.jpg (106.41 KB, 576x1024, Dz7at2ZXQAACLGG.jpg)

No. 379730

old news

No. 379743

I actually think she looks rather good here. Especially compared to Kylie, who always looks rather dead in the eyes.

No. 379774

File: 1551210158767.jpg (193.66 KB, 816x1222, angela-bassett-courtney-b-vanc…)

Every time I saw her on screen during the oscars it freaked me out. She looks so off. During the red carpet you could see she has lumpy cheek filler. So many celebs have bad cheek filler now, it's ridiculous. Angela bassett looks creepy now, but I can't put my finger on why.

No. 379777

her face though kek

No. 379898

funny considering kylie wants to skinwalk kim, and her skinny sister ends up looking more like kim.

No. 379955

She looks good but I preferred her before the fillers. She had a tiny bit of individuality, now she's just another Kardashian copy

No. 380097

She was so so beautiful in AHS Hotel. I loved all her looks in that series

No. 380231

File: 1551266321332.png (382.89 KB, 610x411, Screen-Shot-2016-08-05-at-12.5…)

lmao I haven't thought of these staged ass photos in years. almost on par with the tom hiddleston/ taylor swift world tour of doom.

No. 380237

File: 1551267480977.jpg (201.54 KB, 1600x800, landscape-1467652357-tom.jpg)

god, that was the worst

No. 380249

This stuff really disturbs me. Where is the line between reality and constantly "entertaining" for these people? How do you know anything this person does isn't just for this pseudo-reality they're trying to push?

No. 380278

this makes me sad. I love her

No. 380279

with a fringe, she looks like Chris. At this point she just looks like a digital morph of all of them

No. 380313

What was the fucking point of this? Is someone trying to hide something? How fucking embarrassing.

No. 380316

No. 380317

File: 1551286726218.jpg (85.56 KB, 928x523, kekkkkk.jpg)

I love the expression on Ryans face kek. He is certainly disgusted and wished to be somewhere else than near Tom and Taylor

No. 380318

Is he gay maybe? I mean it really was the cringest fake relationship ever. It's bad enough for any celeb to do it, but man, for someone with talent and prettiness like taylor and to be at the top of the world like she was and participate in this fiasco was just premium cringe

No. 380319

It's the eyes, right?

No. 380323

Marc martel. He did the vocals for the movie.

No. 380329

It's especially disturbing because they sign contracts stating that they'll date for 2-4 sometimes even longer years. They have legal obligations to say certain things about each other and they promote the most whenever their show/music is out. A good chunk of the relationships of actors on the CW are known to be fake. It's very common with teen dramas because their fanbase wants to live out the fantasy of those characters being real in real life and then being in love. If two people are dating in a movie/TV show and then suddenly start dating in real life and it's only during to which they are promoting that show, it's fake. They also have legal obligations to post photos of themselves together on social media and the call paparazzi to come take photos of them out in public to make it seem real(tabloids have admitted to being paid to announce these fake relationships, TMZ gets paid also). A lot of these people don't even like each other. Sometimes, but rarely it goes as far as marriage like what Kim did before she was with Kanye to that one guy. I honestly find all that to be degrading and unnerving.

No. 380340

File: 1551290873682.jpg (167.43 KB, 1200x799, 1543985634985.jpg)

Jesus, it's even worse than I thought.
I know I used to think I was so wise and enlightened as a teen because I didn't buy into the whole teenage drama shows (which would later evolve to """reality"""TV), but I never considered that the deception continuined even after the cameras were off.

I honestly wonder what it does to a person's mind to be constantly in a contract where you are obligated to say certain things, do certain things and be at certain places. How do these people not see how their actual reality is eroding and their actual private/personal lives are now up on the table for businessmen to promote? Even if they can go out on these lavish trips and expeditions, what do they almost always have in common? Severe drug and mental health problems.
I really wonder if Hollywood's practices will ever die. YouTubers, IG stars and what have you may seem more real and relatable, but I can guarantee you most of the things they do are also scripted (especially these 24/7 twitch stars, like Ice Poseidon).

I just wish people knew more about these contracts, how much PR managers and agents control these stars lives and how much of these seemingly genuine relationships and trips are all still fake.

No. 380345

Yes that's pretty normal for Hollywood and known since ages but people refuse to believe that celebrities have dating contracts because that's a major intervention in privacy. Some celebrities have double lives like Robert Wagner for example. He's def gay and used Natalie Wood who divorced him but later married him again bc she was probably blackmailed and gave birth to a child so the gay rumours would disappear. He later killed (drowned) her bc he was scared that she could tell everybody the truth.

No. 380350

What is this supposed to be a picture of?

No. 380361

Cara Delevingne dropping a baggy of coke

No. 380425

Wow. He does sound like Freddie. Where were his vocals used, I though they just used Freddie's own?

No. 380444

why are these pictures so funny lmfao. This cannot be a real relationship.

No. 380449

I think Taylor is gay. Remember she had a harem of models around her a few years ago. Around that time I looked through her Twitter images and it was all sexy pictures of women, and one image of Ed Sheeran thanking him for his help. It just screamed "lesbian" to me. Ironic Miley is flaunting her fake lesbian side while married to a man, while Taylor completely hides it

All tinfoil but I think it's obvious, especially with staged images like this.

No. 380450

was her relationship with st vincent fake? i remember i saw them everywhere for quite a while

No. 380461

Taylor did country music early in her career and transitioned to pop music. She has a lot of Republican fans and that's the reason why she never was political in any way (except last year - she hates the orange monster) and why she can never admit to her homosexuality.That are the theories I read on random Gossip sites at least. She's too obsessed about fame and her image, so she would rather have several fake relationships than a real one.

No. 380470

ok it's cringey but what's evidence that it was a fake relationship? cringey real relationships exist

No. 380483

Because ALL of her relationships were like that: from Harry to Jake to Tom. One cringey relationship ok. But all of them? And every time staged cringey photos? That's very suspicious and everyone called her out. Suddenly she stopped doing that and now she's so ~PriVaTe with her 'boyfriend' Joe Alwyn. Girl is either gay or extremely fame hungry.

No. 380484

>for someone with talent and prettiness like taylor

fuck man, you can’t escape swifties even in the most remote corner of the internet can you? she’s not pretty talented or gay, you guys are just delusional.

No. 380504

This has occurred to me too and I rather dislike her.

No. 380580

>Harry to Jake to Tom
>every time staged cringey photos

not really. google "taylor swift and ___" with the other 2 guys. every time there's only about 1 outing where the couple was photographed, and they're usually walking alongside each other. i think one picture they smile at each other. wow that's so fake. those pictures aren't "cringey". sure, i agree, Tom with the shirt was, but you're reaching when you say "it's every time!! all of her relationships!" because that's really not the case.

>now she's so ~PriVaTe with her 'boyfriend' Joe Alwyn

she's always been private. she's never voluntarily posted pictures of her and a bf on her social media, with the exception of calvin harris. so many other celebs constantly talk about their marriages, relationships, breakups, post pics, etc very very publicly on their social media. she never has except for one time. idk i feel like this point against her is so unfounded. i'm confused at where you're coming from.

No. 380641

i'm not a swiftie, i just have to admit that she writes decent songs and is fairly talented. granted, her parents put literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into getting her there and she had the padding of extremely rich parents who literally bought a portion of a record label to put her on it and give her the best musical education and shit that very, very, very few people have access to, but as much as i don't want to admit it because she's kind of a shitty person that plays the 'underdog' routine despite having been the skinny blonde rich girl her entire life, she is pretty.

No. 380642

her pony tail is triggering me

No. 380680

She's pretty ugly imo, with the neanderthal browbone and the close-set eyes. And she's good at writing pop hooks but not much else; she's a horrendous lyricst. I realize I sound like I have a haterboner for her but I don't, I just think she's way too famous in proportion to her negligible talent, and her whole bad girl schtick for her last album was beyond cringey. Plus her fandom is worse than all the kpopfags combined.

No. 381401


isn't Riverdale on the CW? Cause I watched the 1st season and everyone was creaming their pants over the idea of Jughead and Betty and then that translated to Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart and the rumours were through the roof, until they eventually showed that they are dating after being "exposed" on gossip articles etc. While I can see the Jughead/Betty appeal it just seemed too coincidental for it to become real life too. Especially after the fiasco of Cole's ex losing her shit on social media, and Dylan cheating on his gf that he lived with and she sobbed about it on instagram publicly too

No. 381571

File: 1551389203605.jpg (654.79 KB, 1242x1298, 1551384990650.jpg)

Well that was fast.

No. 381601

The Jonas Brothers are back, cringe.

No. 381608


Noooo Big Sean don’t do it again. He has the worst luck with women.

No. 381609

Isn’t he kind of an misogynistic asshole himself though? Sounds like a match.

No. 381638

I don't get how self tanner persisted past the 2005 orange british women era, always looks so fake and obvious.

No. 381641

he sexually assaulted a 17 year old a few years back. he can choke.

No. 381660

It's fake, Cole had said some shady "she's kind of dumb" shit about her and then the ~bughead~ episode aired and then all of a sudden they are ~in love~. Her and her family are desperate for it to be real though like her family interacts with his social media in a really uncomfortable , forced way and she basically repeats and agrees to whatever he says. They are obligated to post while the show is airing but not so much when it's not so you'll see a spike in them posting each other during a new season. The people who have worked on the show have all complained about the two of them being assholes, especially the Betty one. Honestly as an Archie comics fan I can't wait for that shit to get cancelled it's ratings are at a .3 just kill it already. Plus Cole usually dates girls into weeb shit and that Betty girl doesn't smell like a weeb to me

No. 381678

excuse me anon, there is no cringe here.

isn't cole with barbara palvin?

No. 381681

no, barbara is dating dylan

No. 381697

File: 1551411575658.png (123.24 KB, 500x381, tumblr_inline_o8xoe7jGxg1rg2h6…)


man I've missed out on some shit since season 1, this is great. What I remember is that Lili had a bf when the show started, and from before. She posted about him on social media back when she wasn't a big name and she posted for herself and not for promo. And sometime during/after season 1 they mysteriously broke up and she was leaning heavily towards Cole. Hanging out in videos, he would take tons of photos of her. She would make sly references in a wink, wink way about him. She also has/had a tumblr and she'd posted a video of her singing which she removed, as well as fans starting to link dots. Some seriously creepy sleuthing went down with fans, like recognising areas from flowers, following mutuals and seeing that they'd spend time together, finding fan selfies with them and she'd be wearing his jacket, etc. At the time they both were very adamant about not discussing their personal life and it fuelled the fire.

The story I got from friends is that Lili knew Cole when they were kids, or at least had met him more than a passing moment. Also the boyfriend wasn't a big name or anything and I am sure her family would love for her to be dating Cole Sprouse. I haven't seen the social media interactions you mentioned. I haven't seen complaints either, mostly because I was deep in the Bughead hole and slapped some sense into myself and cut off from all that.

Also no, Lili isn't a nerdy weeb at all even though she tries to pass off as such, as so uwu relatable dorky girl who does silly things and makes silly jokes.

No. 381705

>Miley never even dated a woman seriously and it's not like its hard for her to meet women. Using women for sex and never considering them as serious options doesn't make you bisexual.

you're a stupid gatekeeping asshole. no one has to meet a quota of "x gender you've dated romantically" to be considered queer. if she's expressed interest in the same gender and has had sex with the other gender, she's queer. she can call herself queer. you don't get to decide this for her

No. 381706

File: 1551413563091.png (1.13 MB, 1000x1002, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 2.29…)

Stop genderqueer-bashing Miley, you guys.

No. 381727

They've never mentioned knowing each other beforehand but she was trying to date another actor she knew beforehand that she used to be kinda rude to but he got the same popularity as the people on Riverdale (so like e-list) and then suddenly she started liking all his stuff on social media and then her contract with Cole happened. Honestly the whole cast is insufferable especially after the got pissed that somebody said their show sucks and they tried to stick an army of 12 year olds at him but it backfired cause the fans said the show sucks and they watch it for a good laugh and then the Betty one went "Twitter is toxic and I'm mentally ill uwu" and the Cheryl ones lip injections scare me but no one talks about it so I feel like I'm the only one who sees it (I'd show everyone a picture but just looking at those people annoys me tbh). Also the wearing each other's clothes thing while denying dating is a classic pr move ew.

No. 381735

I think you're lost. Crystal Cafe is that way >>>

No. 381790

damn, miley's back on her shit? thought she went back to being a country girl (i haven't been keeping up)

No. 381814


Cheryl's lips do bother me too, you aren't alone anon. Something always seemed off but I couldn't tell because I wasn't seeing so many comparison pics like I do in lolcow now. Once you start noticing the patterns it's freaky how often you see it. Although she seems the least milky since she was a model before Riverdale so she was doing her own thing already.

I am so thrilled that it backfired honestly, I think Alex Meyers' videos on Riverdale really put things into perspective of how fucking cheesy it is. Although I browsed through tumblr in the anti tags and yikes, lesphobes and straight wash and abuser and racist etc. Archie guy is an asshole there is no doubt about it, Lili is ignorant and puts her foot in her mouth because she's made plenty of tweets and instas in the past about supporting gay marriage so I don't think she was being lesphobic I think she was not thinking properly. I don't think Cole is as terrible as they make him out to be, and his ex breebunn was a mess (not in the good way) when she was hurling accusations at him. At most he probably thinks he's a bit smarter than he actually is.

No. 381827

This shit was so fucking cringey, whoever gave her that awful beard did her dirty. I mean it's fucking Drag Race, someone should have said something.

No. 381847

Man, I didn't know about this. Sounds milky. Do you have more of Cole saying Lily is dumb and the people who worked with them saying they're assholes?

No. 381851

>>381847 agreed any caps or anything? I don't use Twitter and so I didn't know any of this?

No. 381859

what other weeb girl did cole date other than that twitch thot girl?

No. 381868

I don't remember what interview it was but I think he was being interviewed by some Asian girl and it was around the first few episodes of the show airing. The PR posts they make on ig tend to fall flat because it comes off as try hard. He posted a pic of her topless and people made fun of theminstead
Here's them being annoying in public: http://www.iheartradio.ca/news/watch-cole-sprouse-confronts-vancouver-street-musician-1.2843767
And then I'm trying to find the accounts of them being horrible on lipstick Alley but they disappeared? It was about someone who worked on set (Betty would snap at people and cling to Cole while Cole would try to prove how smart he is and both are horribly insecure) and then accounts from people that have interviewed them and the cast tends to be very rude towards interviewers and apparently it's common with e-list actors like these. Like the a-list ones will typically be nicer and the e-list onces think they are famous cause they have 2mil ig followers and a shitty teen drama. If I find it again I'll post it here. But if you guys wanna see the tension in interviews between cast members and also between them and the interviewer it's all over YouTube. People think the Cheryl one hates Cole & betty and now that I think about it Cole's friendship with the Archie after turning 45 and doing coke since the age of ten looking one seems like PR too. Right when the show aired they were screaming about how they were bfffls and for anyone who doesn't know Jughead and Archie are childhood best friends so it wouldn't surprise me if thats why they were suddenly screaming about a bromance. I wonder what it must be life to live a life that fake for the attention of 12 year old girls .

No. 381872

File: 1551454755766.jpg (75.99 KB, 540x665, tumblr_pkrwe1RJcf1up74p5_540.j…)

Wow I'm making my research right now and Lili is really a cow

No. 381874

No. 381878

This is what I've found around

>Kj Apa:

Liked a fat shaming comment on Instagram and never addressed it. Posted a misogynistic picture to Snapchat - comparing women to beer and never addressed it. https://twitter.com/krisha_movilla/status/858275315939815424

>Cole Sprouse:

Compared the BLM movement to cannibalism. Referred to a black man as an animal. There’s alleged allegations that he abused his ex girlfriend. Multiple proof of him being a grade A douchebag on his social media, is the physical embodiment of r/iamverysmart.

>Lili Reinhart:

Says lesbian relationships only exist in fan fiction (when Riverdale is a fan fiction version of the Archie comics) even though she was pushing Beronica really hard before the show's release to bait more people onto watching it, says depressed people should just stop being sad and be happy, and whenever she’s called out for this ignorance she gets defensive and cries "muh HATERS, spreading love not hate" à la Ariana Grande and plays victim. Is often seen crying about the haturz, see >>381872

No. 381899

>>381878 >Says lesbian relationships only exist in fan fiction

uuuuuuuh as in a lesbian relationship wouldn't happen on the show, only in fan fic? Or lesbians don't exist in general?

No. 381905

She insisted that Betty and Veronica would never have romantic feelings for each other when Archie comics has hinted at that for a good 4-5 decades now .The company started in like 1938/39 but then rebranded in 40/41 so their 100th anniversary is around the corner so one, it's weird to deny something so ingrained in the "folklore" and two she was all like EWWWW lesbos but the characters kissed on the show and even the show called itself out for queerbaiting and they used it for advertising too, they also turned the one gay character in Archie comics into the gay best friend instead of someone who just happens to be gay so overall everything is a mess.

Archie Comics actually got pissed off at the CW when they realized what they are doing with the property but the sold the rights over to them so there's really not much that they can do but try to make the little bit of money the show/merch makes and wait for it to get cancelled.

No. 381915

The one lesbian romance on the show is also awful, there's absolutely zero chemistry or credibility between the two and they picked the most obvious straightest girl ever for the role.

No. 381950

Holy shit coles racism. He always seemed the type though

No. 381964

He's basically the skinny, junkie version of Shoeonhead's boyfriend

No. 381970

File: 1551468393939.jpeg (170.63 KB, 1080x1920, C6A2SJHWgAYDEj1.jpeg)

Not to wk, but he's kind of right here. I remember this and thought it was stupid as hell. I totally support BLM but this incident was embarrassing and pointless and it could Def be seen as cannibalistic because Bernie's platform already supported them…

No. 382042

File: 1551478028065.jpg (397.6 KB, 1041x1056, KhloeSpaz.jpg)

Khloe Kardashian freaked out on Twitter because Jordyn Woods went on a show and said the kiss with Tristan didn't even have any tongue.

No. 382044

Khloe needs to stop throwing stones. Has she forgotten that she was Tristan's bit on the side when his girlfriend was pregnant? It's basically just comeuppance at this point.

No. 382046

>taking time out of a vacation to address strangers on twitter

I wish celebs realised that clapping back at random people makes them look bothered as hell.

No. 382047

Do people really believe this entire mess is anything more than a scripted PR stunt?

No. 382068

File: 1551479640499.jpg (1000.34 KB, 2478x3271, GettyImages-144549180_trans q…)

Dat necklace tho.

No. 382074

seriously. if this drama was real everyone's social media would be locked the fuck down.

No. 382076

am i the only one that thinks it looks like a rosary necklace? dont care for it. what happens when celebs damage this kind of shit? that's a 128 carat tiffany. i'd be pissing my pants while wearing it

No. 382089

If I were a manager, that would be the first thing I'd tell my client not to do. Do NOT clap back on social media. It makes them appear insecure and immature as hell, since the clapbacks are 99% of times middle school-tier. It ruins their image. I have actually unfollowed celebs before because of it.

No. 382138

The sad thing is they're so sheltered and used to fans being up their ass that they genuinely think they're killing it with their responses and they pretty much never are. In reality, everybody is just wondering how boring their day must be.

No. 382180

anything milky from celebs and blue checks that's public i just assume is a PR stunt at this point

No. 382214

i know this is old news but i want to know what you guys thought of it: the whole jack antonoff and lorde thing and him (allegedly) cheating on lena dunham at their apartment with lorde, who was basically a child, and he was like, 33. i really can't tell if they did or didn't but tbh lorde is shady and seems exactly the type to get off on cheating with a friend's man right in front of them and antonoff seems scuzzy enough (plus is it really so unthinkable of like, any famous man?)

here's the powerpoint of it:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rFJuHw8zQ0iBkcYQNr6FABPvW0Rm4RW2/view

No. 382222

Jack has always rubbed me the wrong way. I was really disappointed when I found out Lana Del Rey was working with him.
I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor Swift or Lorde comes out and says he was assaulting them when they need publicity for their next albums.

No. 382232

I didn't realize lorde is so young I thought she was 30

No. 382254

File: 1551511006338.jpg (43.22 KB, 550x563, c84030d62596ee3954dcb1e976c1ee…)

>what happens when celebs damage this kind of shit? that's a 128 carat tiffany. i'd be pissing my pants while wearing it

Yeah. That'd be the moment where a person would jack the body guards gun, put it to the temple, spray paint the place red and grey.

No. 382310

didn’t lorde used to date some other fugly asian guy in his late 20s when she was 16? and now she’s with a 33 year old who looks 50. seems she has a thing for older (asian) dudes.

No. 382354

File: 1551526898831.jpg (46.93 KB, 644x511, sei_31791658-c10b-e15378808303…)

not late twenties, but she dated a 24 yo at 16. antonoff is jewish, not asian, iirc? but he kind of looks it. this is her official new bf and honestly this is so gross. i hate seeing women younger than myself dating old men. literally feel like these girls are stupid babies. and you're right, how the fuck is this guy 33? what a rough 33. 22 and 33 is so disgusting though.

No. 382385

File: 1551532724346.jpg (106.08 KB, 911x595, wew.JPG)


This shit has a worth of ca. 30$ Million. But still think that this design is kind of clunky idk

No. 382386

it's hideous imo

No. 382387

yeah it's ugly as hell, and LG's sunburn/tan made it look even uglier

No. 382483

i went through that powerpoint and that's some conspiracy, tin-foil hat bullshit. get better sources that some stan language-speaking chick from twitter

No. 382539

wtf is even going on here??

No. 382541

Not even agreeing with him, but those girls who stopped the Bernie speech were pretty inappropriate and cringey.

No. 382585

>>382539 it was for a skit on ru paul's drag race

No. 382674

Funniest thing is that its fake

No. 382722

Never forget Joe asked Gigi Hadid on a date when she was 13 and he was 19, he’s a pedo fuck, and Kevin loves trump!! Idk if Nick has done anything or if he’s the only innocent one

No. 382732

Lorde looks like an ugly old aunt.

No. 382759

what the FUCK? and every celebrity reporting outlet isn't like "pedo!!", they're just talking about it like it's some cute anecdote now? what in the flying fuck

glad taylor swift showed him to be the dick that he is then.

No. 382772

Is she still with the asian photographer?

No. 382781

no, they broke up a while ago and she allegedly wrote melodrama about it

No. 382837

Why is this girl so attracted to older creepy dudes? I already hated jack Antonoff for participating in her album but the thought of them having hooked up is disgusting.
I think her mom's way of parenting has made her act way older than she is.

No. 382904

right??? every article is like aww he was determined! he's always liked her! she said no to every girl's heartthrob dream band boy!!! one was like "they have a 6 year age gap so maybe it was for the best she said no!" what the fuck ahaha just 'maybe'???? she wasn't fucking legal

No. 383296

File: 1551726750784.jpg (60.34 KB, 636x382, article-6767699-10544080-301_6…)

Oh Kate, love yourself.

No. 383299

File: 1551727493151.jpg (72.57 KB, 728x547, 0304-oprah-michael-jackson-twi…)

Anyone watch Leaving Neverland?

MJ's deranged stans are a mess on Twitter and are attacking Oprah and other celebs for supporting the victims.


No. 383300

He looks so sickly, it's like he's trying to suck the life force out of her

No. 383302

File: 1551728798932.png (26.93 KB, 1215x145, lSdH5JS.png)

Double post but wew

>is the exact length of the first part of the documentary

>,a second concert film, “Live at Wembley Stadium” will air the same time as the second part of “Leaving Neverland.”


No. 383304

I'm watching part 2 now and I don't even understand how you can think he's not guilty. There's liking kids and getting on well with them and then there's sharing your bed with kids night after night.

No. 383305

It isn't "deranged fans". Even people who aren't into him like that know that those two are both lying. They even altered footage in the in the documentary (the birthday thing specifically). Oprah is friends with Harvey Weinstein and one other guy and she's known for possibly supplying victims to him and not saying a word when he was under fire. I heavily suggest you read everything in his thread before you support a shitty person like Oprah or any other of Weinstein's friends.

Wade has also been harrasing other men who grew up around the Jackson's and has been calling them out on Twitter and one are two such as Brett have decided to take legal action.
Oprah has had this deranged vendetta against Michael Jackson since the 90s and many black people in the industry no longer work with or get near her including Monique who Oprah blackballed for calling her out on her bullshit. Oprah never spoke about Harvey, her father and barely did anything about the rapes in her school in Africa. Harvey also got caught feeding the media false information about MJ in the early 2000s too whenever something about himself was going on.

It's not people being blind and deranged, people literally just smell the bullshit that that whole documentary was especially when Wade and what's his face lied saying they only recently met each other when Wade mentioned meeting him way back in 2016. If there are victims of Micheal jackson, it's def not them.
I didn't like Oprah's uncle Tom ass before and I don't like her now. But people do need to articulate themselves better or else people will use the "deranged" fans excuse to protect Oprach, Ava, and all them.

No. 383310

Sage for sameposting but what's in this link is all too much to post as screenshots but it complies all transcript and findings of various organizations who investigated him including the FBI and also this history of Wade and his friend and why even people who find MJ sus don't believe these two. There's other threads on there with a more comprehensive detailing of specifically Wade and his history of trying to get money from the Jackson estate.

No. 383314

It's fucked up. Even if you ignore the molestation accusations he was still incredibly inappropriate towards young boys.

How are people defending a grown man sleeping in the same bed with children? Any other celebrity would be eaten alive.

No. 383321

Anon, I strongly recommend you read all of what's linked in:
There's no defending MJ. He did what he did. Oprah isn't good, either, I don't think most celebrities are. Let's call a spade a spade.

No. 383327

Those two aren't the only people who have accused MJ of molesting them. There's at least five different accusers, and their stories are all very very similar.

No. 383353

It looks like Paris Jackson made an Instagram post that is probably related to all the drama the movie is causing. I immediately noticed the drawing she posted is a trace of a page from the manga Homunculus

No. 383378

To clarify idk too much about the Oprah introducing girls to Weinstein thing or if it's true but it's a part of why people are angry at her, that and just not speaking up about what he's done in general

No. 383406

File: 1551748442736.jpeg (78.58 KB, 844x1150, 551D037F-ECE5-47A9-9F43-DCFCD7…)

For those of us who grew up with 90210, fuck that Riverdale noise, I was watching this from the time I was eight and stuck with it through every single season and all of Tori Spelling's horrific plastic surgery. This show was my first love! Kind of surprised there aren't more oldfags talking about this tbh.

How do you die at 52? So sad. RIP, sweet prince.


No. 383414

Probably did a fuck ton of coke back in the day. Still sad though.

No. 383426

Yeah I try not to sound like >old man shaking fist at cloud
or whatever but it annoys me too seeing stuff about his character on Riverdale everywhere today
I doubt anybody who grew up watching 90210 even watches Riverdale and knew he was on it.
I sure as hell didnt.

No. 383438

I noticed that everyone involved in Riverdale is hashtagging the show in their social media posts about his death. I seriously can't believe they're using this as an opportunity to whore off the show. Fucking disgusting.

No. 383444

File: 1551757185553.png (108.73 KB, 497x267, 155175724299957843.png)


No. 383546

Now this will be kind of silly, but I've watched Riverdale (before dropping it when it became unbearably shitty) and he played the "loving dad" character so well, he was so endearing. This is so sad.

It was suicide, too. I loved The Prodigy.

No. 383617

Made me so sad and even worse to know it has been confirmed as suicide. There's always something awful about knowing someone so vivacious and full of life decided to do this, not that it is uncommon, but he was incredible and I so wish this didn't happen and that he didn't feel whatever made him choose to do it.

No. 383635

awh too bad… i have so many Prodigy-related good memories from when i was a teenager

No. 383640


The rumor in the press is that he was distraught over having to sell his 15th century country manor due to his separation from his wife. Now trolls are calling for her death on her Instagram account.

No. 383655

euw looks like a giraffe fishing sweet tree top leaves out of her mouth. she's dumb as hell

No. 383664

Man this bums me out. I listened to Fat of the Land nonstop when I was 17. I had a chance to see the Progidy live a few years back at Ultra but I fell and got drenched in mud due to he rain. Now I’ll probably never get a chance. R.I.P. Suicide is a terrible way to go. Hope he’s in a better place.
It’s fucking tacky but that stuff is pretty standard when an actor on a popular and current show dies. Luke Perry wasn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

No. 383666

like thats sad that he killed himself but killing yourself over having to sell your house? kind of pathetic if true.

No. 383669

File: 1551820140532.png (219.38 KB, 743x675, kEZUv2Y.png)

No. 383670

i've understood he had a plethora of other issues, including past drug abuse (and mental illness?). he was also separating from his wife. it wasn't just the house though maybe it tipped him over the edge. rip, poor guy.

No. 383671

self-made billionaire? are they serious?

No. 383672

Having a business worth a billion dollars is not the same as being a billionaire yourself.

No. 383674

>self-made billionaire
>Kylie Jenner
Ah, yes. Seems legit.

No. 383676

The Riverdale cast is pretty much shit and clinging to whatever fame they can grasp after the low show ratings, so it doesn't surprise me. Disappointed but not surprised.

No. 383684

Man there were SO MANY cartoon references to Luke Perry. Guess I underestimated how popular he was.

No. 383685

Isn't this old news?

No. 383686

Link to a stream?

No. 383687

File: 1551823169648.png (446.86 KB, 1376x912, fLDdIC5.png)

The article was published today.

Forbes did call her a self-made billionaire a year ago though, even though she was worth $900 mil

No. 383689

>donating money to someone who is already disgustingly rich just so she can have the title of billionaire

are people retarded

No. 383690

i thought the gofundme was a joke? wasn't it making fun of the fact that she wasn't self-made and had success handed to her, so why should she make the last $100million when she never made the $900million herself?

No. 383691

>Calling people born into extreme amounts of wealth "self-made" when they pay other people to invest their money for them.

It might've been originally made as a joke but STANs are on another level of retarded and it got a lot of donations. Even ironically donating to that shit is horrifically stupid.

No. 383693

Ah, that might be why.

No. 383763

If I needed any more proof that Kylie has unseated Kim, this is it. RIP Kim K's relevancy. Can't say I'll miss ya.

Hope I saged this correctly. If not…sorry.

No. 383802

File: 1551848242523.jpg (491.71 KB, 1080x1108, IMG_20190306_125550.jpg)

The guy who played Zack in School of Rock has been caught four times attempting to steal and pawn guitars and amps.

No. 383805

lol hiring PR? What good would that do. After 1 settlement, years of investigation, an acquittal by jury, and an overdose on painkillers, people still want to suck money out of MJ's corpse.

Nobody wants to watch a show where MJ is innocent, they want to hear he fucked a cow, while sacrificing a baby to the moon. That's what they want. Now that he's dead, they can dig up his corpse and parade it around with no ramifications.

If theres a demand there are people there to supply.

No. 383808

Or, you know, he was a child molester whose incredibly rich family bought the silence of his victims.

No. 383809

Funny you brought that up, MJ made 2 settlements with the victims I remember correctly.

No. 383833

>Nobody wants to watch a show where MJ is innocent
Except all of his fans do? Look at the dislikes on the trailer, the low IMBd score, the #leavingNeverland hashtag. All of those people would love to get rid of any media portraying MJ in a bad light.

There wasn't this level of outcry when Surviving R. Kelly was released.


No. 383834

File: 1551855035949.jpg (185.17 KB, 1200x943, 1200px-Ashley_Mary-Kate_Olsen_…)

do the olsens freak anyone else out? between their obnoxious attitudes in public ("we want to be completely private but still show up to events but euuughh don't talk to us you commoners") and them dating fucking disgusting old men for their money i've grown to hate them. i know child stars often have issues but maybe if they opened up and stopped acting like cunts who are too good to talk to anyone outside of haughty fashion elite types then they'd be more sympathetic

also mary kate's botched face is horrendous

No. 383848

But haven't you heard, settlements absolve pedophiles of all wrongdoing! What he did wasn't immoral because some victims took money!

No. 383849

this seems like an over reaction. the olsen twins are worth a combined $400 million, they don't need anyone else's money.
>maybe if they opened up and stopped acting like cunts who are too good to talk to anyone outside of haughty fashion elite types then they'd be more sympathetic
Opened up? to who? I'm sure they're really bothered by your opinion.

No. 383857

I recently found photos of them online and I was surprised! They look atrocious. No wonder they keep it all as private as they can. Between the plastic surgery and the eating disorders they've aged terribly. I had a hard time believing it was them.

No. 383871

I've had it with these irrational MJ fans. The man had entire books full of nothing but naked little boys in gross poses his house, and left hardcore porn strewn around in what was meant to be a safe place for children and their innocence.
He slept with little boys in his bed (ONLY little boys), and cried "We’re a family! Don’t you trust me?" when a parent of one said they weren't comfortable with him doing that with their son.
A good set of lawyers can make any case disappear. We all know what happened.

No. 383873

They don't owe anyone anything, honestly. They bought their right to avoid people's shit with all the "opening up" they were forced into in their childhoods.

No. 383878

>The man had entire books full of nothing but naked little boys in gross poses his house, and left hardcore porn strewn around in what was meant to be a safe place for children and their innocence.
W-what? I need to read more about this

No. 383879

Source on the books: http://www.mjfacts.com/was-child-pornography-found-in-michael-jacksons-home/
There are screencaps from the books in this article. They are technically "legal", but…fucking look at them (or don't, if your stomach isn't that strong). No innocent person would own this shit or touch it with a ten-foot pole. These definitely aren't coffee table books someone's doting grandmother owns, and some of the photographers featured in them have literally, openly talked about being into kids.
Source on the porn: https://www.mjfacts.com/the-full-list-of-porn-erotica-found-in-michael-jacksons-home/?age-verified=4386938e02
Source on the porn being strewn around: https://imgur.com/ybJOXGB

No. 383882

File: 1551861884069.jpg (213.75 KB, 640x747, tom-mesereau.jpg)

I find it strange that the sources the blog uses are all from tabloids or articles.

When you can go look up the public records of the trial.

No. 383883

>no nude photographs
Now this is a bold-faced lie. The actual court documents detail all the nude magazines/books in his home.
>no child pornography
This is a bit more feasible because of the legal definition of child pornography being iffy in certain cases/jurisdictions.
Can you post a link to that specific document? I'd like to take a look at it.

No. 383884

you know rich people settle when they know they're not gonna win, right? lol. MJ was a pedophile, deal.

>blurry jpeg of a word doc

very credible.

that removed reddit post had credible sources but surprise surprise, that's ALSO been removed…even the archive doesn't work. the jackson estate is thorough, that's for sure.

No. 383885

No. 383886

>It's all tabloids!
Not that simple. Actually read the articles you're trying to debunk next time (this is from http://www.mjfacts.com/was-child-pornography-found-in-michael-jacksons-home/):
>The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department wrote in response to the article:

>“Some of the documents appear to be copies of reports that were authored by Sheriff’s Office personnel as well as evidentiary photographs taken by Sheriff’s Office personnel interspersed with content that appears to be obtained off the internet or through unknown sources. The Sheriff’s Office did not release any of the documents and/or photographs to the media. The Sheriff’s Office released all of its reports and the photographs as part of the required discovery process to the prosecution and the defense.”

>Many people seized on the words “…content that appears to be obtained off the internet or through unknown sources…” and erroneously pronounced the entire RadarOnline PDF as fake. One of those was a spokesperson for the Michael Jackson Estate, who gleefully responded:

>“Everything in these reports, including what the County of Santa Barbara calls “content that appears to be obtained off the Internet or through unknown sources” is false…”[11]

>Clearly, the factual reports from the Sheriff’s Department were not false, and most of the photos weren’t either so it’s quite disingenuous for the Estate to label them as such.

>Assistant District Attorney at Jackson’s trial, Ron Zonen, was interviewed by People magazine a day later and stated, “…law enforcement did discover adult pornographic magazines and videos, though nothing constituting child pornography.”

>Zonen went on to say, “There were photos of nude children but they weren’t sexually graphic.” The photos he says showed children “playing in the stream, climbing trees, nature photographs, nudist colonies, things like that.”[12]

>You’ve seen the photos above. While not sexually graphic, they are sexualized photos of boys.

So: There were absolutely nude images of children and adults in his home. Lies made by MJ's well-paid defense team do not debunk the truth. If you want to argue that the images shown in that article are "innocent", you know you're being disingenuous and you are free to die on the "pedo defense" hill alone.

No. 383887

File: 1551862779343.png (327.48 KB, 563x561, 1547330667245.png)

>Raven Woods is an author, educator, pop culture journalist and author of Allforloveblog

>This is a place for anyone who loves Michael Jackson or is at least interested in him. I’ll be blogging on the latest topics of interest to MJ fans, as well as linking to other great sources of info. I welcome all your comments, but please, no bashing that is serving no purpose except, well..to bash. The golden rule of thumb here is respect for Michael as an artist, an entertainer, a humanitarian and human being.
> I am seeking justice and closure for what happened to him, as well as hoping that eventually his name and legacy will be fully exonerated by the media.

No. 383895

>None of the items seized from Neverland fit the legal definition of child pornography, and in fact many of the items that are currently creating the most media hysteria were not pornographic at all. They were legal art books
This is such weak cope. "Legal art books"? Take a look at what is actually there (funny how HuffPost pointedly doesn't show many examples of this "art" or even list the names of the photography books), read the names of the photographers featured, look up their names, read what they have to say about children, and tell me more about how this isn't exactly what it looks like. So, MJ did have "nude photographs".
>This isn’t to say that Jackson didn’t own any pornography at all. The truth was that a sizable amount of adult heterosexual pornography had been confiscated in the raid
So, MJ also had hardcore adult pornography. The article defends him and says it's all because of his own adult tastes, but explain how out of 700 magazines, only 9 of his own fingerprints were found on these. It clearly wasn't for him. The legal definition of CP is more arbitrary, but pedophiles typically deliberately try to skirt around that line legally, and it doesn't change what's there.
Confirmed by your own source. Thanks.

No. 383897

yeah, i looked up those books. the majority of photos are of young boys exposing their butts, and plenty of the photos are actually of them completely nude (penises exposed) but that's allegedly ok "it's art". there is no defending this.

No. 383899

even if they "opened up" people would just claim they're lying and attention seeking for publicity anyway. maybe some day we'll hear about something but it's really none of our business how they're doing in their personal lives. they show up to events to promote their business and talk about their job, not to look for sympathy or to let their tits and ass hang out for men like the rest of these dumb ass celebrities.

No. 383903

File: 1551866977283.png (50.4 KB, 943x315, Capture.PNG)

also, take a look at the totally not creepy reviews of the book by 'othoniaboys'. this is shit by pedos for pedos, period

No. 383906

>Of course the smuthounds see evil everywhere
Lmao. Why do they always talk like this? Do they think they're not obvious?

No. 383915


The archive is still up.


No. 383951

File: 1551886192974.jpg (3.28 MB, 1800x1537, olivier-sarkozy-and-mary-kate-…)

yeah sure she's dating this guy because she likes his personality

No. 383958

Okay, but is it your money? Chill out, anon.

No. 383994

I can't believe the psychotic MJ stans found this site. Your hero was a kiddy diddler, fucking deal with it. What he did was not loving or out of the goodness of his heart or a desire to be a mentor to young boys. He was fucking them. Seriously, get fucked with your stanning, you people are embarrassing and delusional.

No. 383997


Idk how you can honestly read that MJ had TWO books filled with little naked boys and somehow still defend him. As an anon who was on the fence about all this, seeing that really makes it clear as day. He was a fucking pedophile

I really hope neither of you anons ever have children, yall the type to look the other way and make excuses when it turns out your man's a pedo hurting your kids.

No. 384021

Everyone started denying Michael Jackson's pedo shit the second he died

No. 384025

File: 1551909377541.png (907.01 KB, 1198x1198, bb.png)

>Atlantic records is allegedly planning to represent “Cash me outside” rapper Bhad babie as a “woman of color”.

>An insider close to the label’s marketing team explains; They’re really being subtle with the changes, but ultimately the goal is for her to “present” as a woman of color. Now this, doesn’t mean that they’d actually label her a woman of color. They’re simply grooming her in a way that would resonate with more audiences- from her hair, to her weight and even to tanning salons. They’re investing a lot of time, money and effort into the execution of this strategy and their hope is that it will pay off.

tl;dr: Atlantic is supposedly going to have Danielle Bregoli pull an Ariana Grande.
Apparently, record companies have realized from Cardi B and Grande's success that they can harvest a certain community's musical stylings (and money) without actually employing artists from that community by slapping deep tans and ghetto behavior on Italian, Jewish and Latin people. Wonder how long it'll last.

No. 384026

Why does this review make me feel sick even though none of the words themselves are creepy? I guess because he essentially travelled the world to get a copy of this book full of nude children pre-internet

No. 384029

Yes I agree, kinda want to screencap these lolcow posts/copy pastes and post them elsewhere. But I think any man who goes out of his way to surround himself with children without educational or mentoring capacity is dodgy. The books just prove he had a sick interest in little boys. Some guy is defending him on Twitter because he personally wasn't raped so it must not be true

No. 384033

This is blackface at its finest expression. Where are the sjw when you need them?

No. 384039

If some random grown man had nude photos of boys and had them over for a slumber parties in his bed people would be flipping the fuck out. The only difference between MJ and your average pedophile is that MJ was famous.

No. 384046

I guess all the cultural appropriation/blackfishing arguments just had the exact opposite effect. Now doing just that is what gets lackluster artists recognized and talked about.
On top of that, people today have absolute shit taste in music, but are all about memes and aesthetics, so they'll buy records more because the artist is a polarizing, topical public figure than because they're actually talented.
The internet really has been a mixed bag when it comes to its effects on the mainstream music industry, lmao.

No. 384053

I really don't get this logic. Why go through all this trouble, trying to make white people appear non-white, when you could just hire non-white people in the first place?

No. 384058

Oh man, this is gross as hell. kate, girl, what are you doing?

No. 384061

Both of them died on the same day, didn't they? Sucks. I heard about Keith first, then Luke perry. Grew up watching 90210 and loved the Prodigy's music. My friends and i had tickets to their show in our area, but they just refunded everyone…

No. 384062

i feel bad for them and they deserve their privacy after full house

No. 384067

File: 1551918576094.jpg (130.08 KB, 1163x662, school-of-rock.jpg)

I wonder how jack black feels about this.

No. 384075

Y’all seen this shit?

No. 384078

Can anyone post a summary? Can't watch in my country.

No. 384082

File: 1551926074686.jpg (27.13 KB, 620x420, gayle-king-r-kelly.jpg)

R.Kelly cries a lot and has a meltdown and tries to manipulate the narrative. He basically says shit like: "Do you think I'm stupid enough to do the things I'm accused of??", "Everything is a lie", "I love my kids and I just want to be a good father". This is like a day before he JUST got arrested for having like, $160K+ in outstanding child support payments. Missed payments becomes like a felony offence at $20K or so.

No. 384083

gayle king is ice queen goals

No. 384087

imo, Gayle King is kind of a shitty interviewer, but she really handled herself well in this one. This will only boost her popularity/career. People are already attributing R. Kelly's meltdown to being "challenged by a woman", and not as a predator who is finally realizing how far into the corner he has been backed into.

No. 384112

Damn I wish I could watch this, it looks good.

No. 384123

File: 1551933603010.webm (18.97 MB, 640x360, Agm9RXAUuZcWMoEk.webm)

Clips of the interview have been uploaded to Twitter, maybe those won't be region blocked?

Here's the clip of him screaming at the cameras. Starts at 1:10


No. 384172

ty anon! wow, he really chimped the fuck out. homeboy is sweating HARD. this is probably the worst thing you could do if you're guilty trying to pass for innocent.

No. 384218

> I need somebody to help me not have a big heart because my heart is so big
> People betray me and I keep forgiving them

wtf is he talking about?!?! the mental gymnastics here are unreal. also he talks about his kids and wanting to be a good father but TMZ says he hasn't even reached out to them since 2017

No. 384277

the big heart comment refers to the millions he's so generously paid off to his accusers/victims to shut them up or settle out of court.

it's part of the reason he's broke now, so we should all feel super bad for him

No. 384295

I mean, it has to be his personality judging by this picture

No. 384362

File: 1552002891692.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576, azriel.jpg)


>"When I first met Robert, my parents told me to lie about my age, so when I met him he thought that I was 18," Clary alleged to King, denying that she ever had sex with R. Kelly when she was 17. "On top of that, when I was 17, my parents were actually making me, trying to get me to take photos with him, take sexual videos with him—all kinds of stuff…because if they ever have to blackmail him, what they're trying to do now, they can use it against him, which is exactly what they're doing."

>"I'm crying because you guys don't know the truth. You guys are believing some f–king fascade that our parents are saying. This is all f–king lies for money and if you can't see that, you're ignorant and you're stupid as f–k because you want to be all—because that's the world we live in."

Do you believe them?
She's being as hysterical as R. Kelly was

No. 384365

The documentary taught me that MJ was a Pedocel.

No. 384376

Anyone still defending this sick fuck are really in denial. Sure he made good radio music but is that really excusable for ruining peoples' lives? Fucked up.

No. 384383

lol theres literally no evidence you guys are gullible as fuck

No. 384385

Get rekt you stupid unhinged pervert. I'm so glad his bs is FINALLY catching up with him. Maybe if we're lucky he'll go mad and cut his dick off in a fit of hysteria

No. 384387

Your IQ must be at least 60 to post here.

No. 384393

File: 1552013047142.png (671.26 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20190308-134156~2.p…)

I feel bad for laughing at this


out here sounding like Corey Feldman

No. 384396

File: 1552014684161.png (113.72 KB, 611x588, 2019-03-08 14_04_28-Corey Feld…)

Even Corey Feldmen isn't defending this monster anymore.

No. 384397

Whats killing me is people acting like punishing R Kelly means NOT punishing the parents if they really did do these things. ALL of them need to burn. Fuck Aaliyahs parents. Fuck any of the parents if they willingly did ANYTHING that R Kelly and these girls are alleging. Arrest them all. It doesnt have to be a damn either or situation. And for the people who are whataboutism about every damn thing saying "ok but arrest weinstein what about polanski what about that guy from 7th Heaven~~", I doubt most people calling for R Kelly to be punished WOULDNT want those stupid sicko fucks to be locked up too. Anyone who does this shit needs to be held responsible. It just blows my mind the mental gymnastics people are going through to defend people like MJ and R Kelly.

No. 384401

Kek best thing I’ve seen on twitter in awhile

No. 384403

File: 1552018252991.png (784.97 KB, 744x1163, Screenshot_2019-03-07-20-05-36…)

Pete's new tattoo.

>9 with Ariana


No. 384409


Whoa! Wow, never thought he would change his mind. So much of his identity, performance, and style copy and emulate Michael. Will we see him drastically makeover in short order?

Is he still shopping his own documentary around? I know he finally titled it Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys.

No. 384414

Geez, you think he could get his point across without caps.

No. 384416

Shocking. Another con artist joining the circus.

No. 384419

can you pedophile stans please fuck off

No. 384422

I said this is a circus and Corey is a con artist. Not a word about me being a stan? I'm not defending MJ. We all know he is a pedo since what, 30 years? This is a money-grab circus.

No. 384438

fair enough, my b. i assumed you meant people accusing MJ of abuse were lying.

No. 384441

>money grab
you're so retarded lol. maybe corey is out for some money but the docu was hardly a money grab for the victims

No. 384442

File: 1552032408155.jpg (48.38 KB, 381x566, 1552028627698.jpg)

Does anyone know why Brie Larson and Captain Marvel are getting so much shit? I must have been living under a rock because there are constant threads about it on 4chan's /tv/ but I can't figure out wether she actually did something wrong or if they're just childish men screaming about "her ass being too flat"

No. 384443

it's the latter. she hasn't done anything besides trying to ~champion~ for women and women of color or whatever which is what's making men so mad and they're all accusing her of being a man hater lmao

No. 384444

oh man, they really hate women there don't they? I should stop going to that place
Thanks for explaining anon

No. 384445

Comicsgaters are really butt mad about it.

No. 384457

she's just boring in the same way superman is boring. zero flaws, zero conflict. they invented her so they could give the company name to a hero and pander to seventies feminists.

there's about five people i'd have put up for the first female led marvel flick and she's not one of them.

No. 384467

lol no. There is no doubt that MJ is a pedo. But I despise Corey Feldman and people like Oprah who change sides at their advantage.

People are talking about them. Fame = Money. If MJ were still alive they would lick his shoes to be part of his life. Let's be realistic here.
I am happy for them that they can finally speak up, tho. One of them seems to be really fond of Michael still and it's horrible to think about it.

No. 384472

Can I ask which? I would love to see Jen Walters have her own property, but other than The Hulk rights issues, I'm sure Marvel wanted a female hero not attached to an existing male heroes name.

No. 384473

Read this: >>372562
>>372756 (this if the first one isn't working) and try again.

No. 384501

>If MJ were still alive they would lick his shoes to be part of his life.
I don't know if that's true. One of them was a famous choreographer and worked with popstars and has reportedly a networth of millions. I don't think he was hard pressed to be part of MJ's life at that point. I don't think the "fame" they're getting from this is in any way positive fame either. It's either shameful fame or infamous and being harassed. I have a hard time believing any man with a family, children and wife would go out there sit himself in front of a camera and talk in gruelling detail about how he was sexually abused by a famous person (like really disgusting detail) for 4 hours straight and for the whole world to see for… fame? and money? You have to be either desperately broke or a sociopath for that and none of them seem like either of those things. I think you should probably look at this from a less cynical point of view. I get that this is lolcow and we are all very cynical and critical here but you sound concerningly unempathetic to this

No. 384506

>they would lick his shoes to be part of his life
I think that anon meant people like Corey or Oprah, not the victims.

No. 384541

Da fuck is this?

No. 384543

Sounds like a T.Swifty song and the soundtrack for a Disney channel original movie.

No. 384545

*cross between

No. 384557

>>384501 i've got so many people I know kissing his arse on my timeline shit like 'they just want money! a dead man can't defend himself' and it's so disappointing this is exactly why victims don't come forward

No. 384567

File: 1552065838855.png (379.27 KB, 406x648, 5c81548336000006186b2b8b.png)

Jennette McCurdy wrote an opinion piece about having an eating disorder. Not saying she's a cow at all, just found it interesting.

>Another thing I soon learned about eating disorders in Hollywood was that they can be highly competitive. Highly. Competitive. I encountered countless famous actresses, singers and entertainment personalities with eating disorders and found out there was a kind of “disordered eating hierarchy” in young Hollywood, with anorexia reigning over bulimia.


No. 384568

i know she's dead but damn her mom sounded like an asshole

No. 384580

I think this tipped it for me, tbh.

No. 384587

ahhh, jen is my favorite, absolutely! i hear you that she's attached to the hulk so perhaps they felt weird about using her but tbh she's just plain cool af and way more interesting than carol. my other favorite who i believe could one hundred percent carry a stand-alone, and probably should have due to the fact she was already intro'ed, is scarlet witch. reality warpers are my jam. i think the dark phoenix movie is going to be amazing, though. i'm super psyched.

people with carol's powerset are just meh for me and for me they were way too worried about using someone from a team. who gives a shit, really? i'd straight up watch a sue storm stand-alone, no worries. most of the people going to see this don't know all that much about comics anyhow, write whatever the hell you want.

not trying to be bitchy just ranting!

No. 384601

lol this is ot but brie larson called me fat when i was like 7 years old and i've hated her ever since

No. 384604

File: 1552076865262.jpg (53.69 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pjgdjlvNR41v2ose3_540.j…)

I like the comics, haven't seen the movie yet but I will be as unbiased as possible.
>mfw we didn't get the cute version with short hair

Wait what? Spill the milk

No. 384613

i dont remember the details 100% but i was obsessed with this movie she was in, sleepover, and ended up being an extra in a movie that she was in a few years later. a PA took me over to talk to her and i was like hi im anon and i think ur cool (i was very nervous too and i probably stuttered lol) and she like hi! later i walked away to the craft services area and i heard her say to the PA "omg there's that little fat girl she's just too much" or something, like i doubt she meant to be mean but i was shocked bc no one had ever called me fat before (i was kinda chubby but not like childhood obesity level) and i went to a port-a-potty and cried and made my mom take me home because i was so embarrassed and i never even got to be in the scene i was supposed to be in haha

No. 384615

that's so rude. tbh she always seemed like a shitty person to me for some reason, on some level. just a visceral reaction.

No. 384618

You sound so cute, she's an idiot for insulting children like excuse me?

No. 384625

wow, that's cunty. wtf for real? actors like that need serious handlers. i don't get being that assholic and thinking you're that much better than the plebs esp. when at that stage in her career she hadn't done much.

No. 384627

she must have been pretty young when it happened, like in her teens, but ya it stuck with me & ive avoided eating in public ever since. thanks for the childhood trauma brie larson lmao

No. 384630


i remember a lot of people (read: fanboys) got super pissed because when stan lee died, brie posted a photo of herself sitting with a glass of wine and captioned it something like "thinking about stan lee, r.i.p" which people found kinda disrespectful/insensitive

other than that, it seems like people just find her…unlikable? tbh i'm one of them, i can't explain it but for some reason i just don't like her, it's been this way since like 2010. like >>384615 said, a visceral reaction.

people also hate how her face stays the same all the time. stone-faced and the occasional smirk. there was that whole "why doesn't captain marvel ever smile in the promos" complaint from fans but the response was "you wouldn't ask a man to smile!!!" so it was shut down pretty quick. although i admit brie can be very robotic in her films, it's creepy

No. 384633

I'd watch Black Widow and it still pisses me off that she wasn't the first. Captain Marvel is such a rando choice, why go with her when normies don't even know who she is anyhow? For that matter why not do Monica Rambeau over Carol?

She is the worst Superman expy out there. They even went and changed her backstory so that her name is Car-Ill. Like Kal-El? Car-Ill? Gtfo with her lol. As good as Wonder Woman was, this was trash with waaaay too much current year political crap shoved in there. I hated it, sorry haha

No. 384634

Did you see the movie, because I did and I don’t remember that part about her name being Car-Ill?

No. 384639

OT, but fuck this is exactly the kind of women i'm attracted to. I like women with short hair.

I havent seen the movie yet, but i cant stand Brie larson as an actor. She's boring and they really could have chosen anyone better for that role. She's only getting hate cuz men hate anything woman centered.

No. 384642

I'm talking about her backstory in the comics. What was so wrong with her origin?

No. 384644

dude, it was such a bad choice. Black Widow definitely should have gotten her own movie, or even Batgirl. Capt Marvel was such an obscure choice. Especially since she really is like female Superman, and we already have that!

No. 384645

File: 1552083957440.jpg (71.31 KB, 540x522, tumblr_pjgdjjyFN51v2ose3_540.j…)

Ironic how for someone who teased someone else for the way they look, she's now the one being called ugly, flatass and stuff. Karma at its finest

It's David Marquez's art. Civil War II was pretty awful story wise, but the art was beautiful and short haired Carol is best Carol.

No. 384647

The amount of people defending MJ’s actions because he was abused.. wtf

No. 384648

File: 1552084517095.png (838.58 KB, 1162x916, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.34…)

Bussy Smollet's been indicted - 16 felonies!

No. 384654

well, i wasn't expecting that. i'm glad to see it though. jussie btfo? definitely!

No. 384683

Good. Hope he gets his just desserts now.

No. 384690

you cant POSSIBLY be sane if you think shipping fake anthrax to yourself is ok lol
like thats so next level and the amount of serious trouble it will bring you is no joke
if they didnt get him for the fake hate crime, the fake anthrax mail would have him put away for a real large chunk of time

No. 384702

Man, I was watching the 'Righteous and Ratchet' podcast where they were discussing LN and they kept referencing the Opera interview. Watched it myself and I believe them, especially James. The guy looks straight up broken and he'll have to deal with the ramifications of his abuse for a lifetime. You can tell he just wants peace.