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No. 327795

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This is your thread!

Remember to ignore bait and trolls

No. 327835

Are fillers quick to metabolize/dissolve when you're losing weight?

No. 327836

Not in my experience for my tear trough fillers.

No. 327850

What does “based” mean like how they use it on those incel forums?

No. 327884

pretty cool. or whatever you want it to mean. it was at one point related to lil b but it's use spread beyond groups with any awareness of the origin of the word, and like the rest of language and slang especially, meaning is fluid and is really whatever the majority of users ascribe to it. on imageboards like 4chan sarcasm and irony are almost more prevalent than sincerity so quite often you will see something referred to as based, when in fact it may not be very based at all.

You probably could have just googled that.

No. 327891

What "incel" forums? I've only ever seen it used on imageboards and it refers to Lil B the Based God. It means awesome or cool. Idk how you don't know about lil b but you're on lolcow…odd

No. 327893



No. 327897

cringe and bluepilled

No. 327950

based means cool or high on coke.

No. 327994

why does the alt right love trannies and traps so much? isn't that in direct opposition to their beliefs?

No. 328035

when you look what's on a board, say, /pol/ you have to get used to the nuances of which posts are trolling the board.

No. 328036

why do black anons have to be so obvious. are you that insecure

No. 328153

I know this has been asked many times but when /exactly/ did men become banned on here? I know some anons said that no men was always the rule but I know for a fact that wasn't true because there used to be a thread on either /g/ or /ot/ (can't remember which) where some people will write something in the comments and a guy would record himself reading the comments on vocaroo. I only remember that because I thought his voice was cute and I kinda miss that thread lol.

No. 328184

based blatantly racist anon

No. 328194

Because some trolls made it obvious they have a penis. It's annoying.

No. 328213

she asked when, but basically yeah (that and because /cgl/ namefag guys were around and they're shit attention whores). i still honestly think punishing everyone for shitty trolls was a bad idea because now we have an issue with other shitty users…

i don't and will never see lolcow as a girl site because it wasn't when i started using it. this is why i don't take anons seriously when they call it that.

No. 328214

>>I don't and will never see lolcow as a girl site because it wasn't' when I started
Same. I don't see it as an all girl site either lol

No. 328217

It's 99.9% girls discussing things from a female perspective with a tiny number of angry bitter incels coming here to call us worthless whores or fish for pity… maybe it's time to move on and accept reality. Literally nothing of value is lost without maleposting.

No. 328218

No one said that anything was lost. Plus if its an all girl site now there's no need for just a /g/ subthread since we're all girls.

No. 328220

I think the divide between /g/ and /ot/ is pretty arbitrary. I wont complain though because it allows for two front pages and less catalogue checking.

No. 328227

if you fished back through meta enough you could probably find a post stating when exactly maleposting was banned.

No. 328228

if you fished back through meta enough you could probably find a post stating when exactly maleposting was banned.

No. 328230

shouldn't somebody update the rules?

No. 328268

>3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way. Don't post simply to point out if you're attracted to the subject or not. Nobody cares about your preferences.

What about this needs to be updated?

No. 328369

What's tiktok? Is it like Vine except more unfunny? What's the appeal?

No. 328372

more like musical.ly but… called tiktok instead

No. 328378

File: 1542875230137.jpg (79.26 KB, 526x526, 1528478080975.jpg)

This might be the dumbest question on all of this site but is the Biore Aqua Rich sunscreen with Japanese packaging and the one with English packaging the same?

No. 328403

Wdym English packaging? You mean the outer packaging or the tube? I've never seen any (online/offline). Even in my country they use the Japanese one, only they added an additional sticker containing the translated information in our mother tongue. You should be careful though since there are already counterfeits of this product (they come in the Japanese packaging).

No. 328556

Why are there so many lesbians on lc? I constantly read "I'm lesbian…" on ot and g.
A board for (former) weebs to gossip about and shit on the looks of semi internet-famous girls => somehow attracts a crowd of lesbians?
I really don't get it.

No. 328569

I think it's more cynicism = lesbian, sometimes. Cynical and smart young women are more likely to be lesbian (or in my case, celibate) but honestly it seems half the board live with boyfriends/have ltr with men.

No. 328582

I think you’re trying to hard to focus on posts by lesbians. There are quite a few posts on here from anons that have boyfriends or have dated men.

No. 328583

I think you’re trying to hard to focus on posts by lesbians. There are quite a few posts on here from anons that have boyfriends or have dated men.

No. 328598

>Cynical and smart young women

just no anon.

No. 328643

i mean a board where male posters are meant to be invisble, is pretty appealing to lesbians don't you think ?

No. 328659

>>Cynical and smart young women are more likely to be lesbian

No. 328665

Are there though? It may appear this way because straight women are less likely to mention it since straight is generally considered the default. There are also a lot of anons who talk about boyfriends/relationships with men.

No. 328670

I've noticed this irl, there are many lesbians and bisexual girls and women among weebs. And since this website has a lot of weebs or at least people who know a little about Japanese pop culture and imageboards, you do the math.

No. 328672

What happened that people call JK Rowling a TERF now?

No. 328676

How do I get a job when I have a 2 year employment gap. Do I just apply and pray? Lie and say I volunteered or was in school?

No. 328678

Are you a woman who isn't a total Becky stereotype? Must be into girls! Fantastic.

No. 328704

I think it's still about those old tweets she liked back in March or something

No. 328708

I think it was around 2016? I know what you mean, I remember there was a rule against "robots" (incels) but men could post otherwise.

No. 328710

File: 1542925555391.jpg (2.52 KB, 117x125, 1534373577661s.jpg)

I really don't wanna get banned or something over this but i've been thinking about this for the past days, is it true that lc is entirely run by men who keeps tabs open on us? Someone on 4chan mentioned it and it makes me feel paranoid because it's incredibly ironic and just straight up w e i r d.

No. 328711

Samefag but I went and checked /meta/ and the closest thing I could find was this post from April 2016 >>>/meta/2430

So, males were allowed to announce their gender in limited cases but it was typically frowned upon. Meaning the total male ban happened sometime after April 2016, likely after the first Admin stepped down.

No. 328714

As far as we know only the first admin and site founder was male and the other admins we've had have been female. I guess it's possible we've had male moderation and they're just larping as females, but even if that's true, I doubt it's some 4chan locker room spying conspiracy.

No. 328717

fugg, I should stop using lolcow as my diary.
I left another imageboard because there are always no lifers that do that sort of thing. Bloody bugger had some actual info on me. That's why I started writing only half-truths.
What do they even do with that info? Sell to advertisers? lol

No. 328726

File: 1542929224657.png (572.47 KB, 1254x1281, sunscreens.png)

I mean the packaging on the tube mainly. They are both sold by "Biore" on Amazon so I suppose they are both legit, but the variants are confusing. I am a little worried one with English packaging might not have the same stuff in it as the Japanese.

No. 328734

File: 1542932597565.png (3.92 KB, 248x74, m.png)

Why does lolcow use "It Is Mystery" image instead of the original "It Is a Mystery"? Is it an inside joke? I also noticed mods don't use it that much anymore, so i guess they left.

No. 328739

>"b-but 4chan said"
you're embarrassing and should leave tbh.
lolcow has an all-female team with the OG creator being the only exception. Aside from him there's never been a male on staff. Many Farmhands used to be really active on Discord and participated in voicechats.

Mystery.jpg is the name of a 4chan tripfag who was a notorious lolcow user and got outed for sperging too hard. "It is Mystery" is the marker for any post that was originally written by her. It's a play on her nickname and the meme. >>>/pt/368493

No. 328747

Oh thanks, I didn't know about Mstery.jpg. She's in a lot of old thread i frequent lmao

No. 328777

okay, i'm putting this here because when i re-read it i cringed, but some of it seems cool too… i had this idea for some uhhhh erotic fiction so i started writing it…. it's a stream of consciousness kind of. should i keep writing it, or is this bad/unhealthy?

"she squirmed from the seething green plasma. horns and nails and clenched teeth. eyes flared emerald…no gentle irises or visage of feeling, but a scheming smirk, already satisfied with herself. she sat on her great legs and preened her hair. thence i wandered, unable to return or escape. the emeralds fixed on me and she turned toward me with the speed of a languid mountain. what she wore on her body, such as it was, seemed to restrain her breasts from bursting out. she traced a nail up her thigh and lifted the cloth draped around her nethers. i glimpsed something fat and hungry before her voice gushed out of her like honey. she bade my approach, and i obeyed. she laid out her palm before me. i walked into her palm, my feet indenting her flesh. she gripped me too tightly. i could not breathe. she laid out her palm and brought forth her other hand, this one with nails that could puncture or slice. her forefinger came for me and, laying on my back, she gently cut a mark above my navel and up my breast. i shuddered from the pain, and assumed this was the beginning of an evisceration. she brought me toward her face uncoiled her long, pointed, slavering tongue and licked the seeping blood off my body, humming and cooing as she did so, like a primitive mother bird handling her young. she told me i was hers now, that my body belonged to her body."

i liked the way i wrote it, but boy do i feel like i'm going down a bad rabbit hole.

No. 328870

What did I just read.

>languid mountain

what the fuck is a slow mountain or a mountain with no interest?
>She sat on her great legs
>preened her hair
Either she dressed her hair or she got a beak, dude.
>glimpsed something fat and hungry
while talking about her vagina?
>I walked into her palm
>beginning of an evisceration
Evisceration definition, to remove the entrails from; disembowel: to eviscerate a chicken.

Girl, why are you writing giantess, gore, sadist, vore and furry fetish porn. What the fuuuuuck.

I think you're too young to be posting here. This is some prime edgy shit. Capped post for future reference, thank you for the laughs!

No. 328871

I don't care about the subject matter one way or the other but though I don't think this is terrible and there are some nice turns of phrase in here, in general it's relying a bit too hard on packing as many adjectives and adverbs into its sentences as possible. Try to be a little more discerning with your descriptors. If you can use one adjective to get your point across vividly, then just use one, even if it doesn't paint as detailed a mental image.

No. 328875

Yep I agree, less description. We can't admire any line of it because it is non stop. Also less of whatever fetishes you're writing about, nail it down a bit - make it just giantess or just furry. Some people make $$$ on amazon with this stuff, but if you put too many genres in at once you're gonna lose fans.

No. 328882


No. 328884

ahaha, i should've specified what's going on here. it's actually a giant demoness/succubus in hell and she's fucking with some small dude, so there's no furry shit here at all. as i was writing that i was kinda worried i was overdoing it, and maybe i am… i haven't thought about selling it on amazon. that might be fun, but i feel like people would get really thirsty for me. maybe i should pretend i'm a guy because i feel like this is what a guy would write anyway, just worse.

No. 328885

yeah, the agp jumped out

No. 328926

What the fuck

No. 328968

File: 1543017938255.jpg (57.4 KB, 590x596, 3q2iklx7q2021.jpg)

What's, physically, wrong with Maisie Williams.
Her face looks very strange, and she didn't grow up in height that much.
Does she have some kind of dwarfism or is that the hollywood child star hormone blocker thing?

No. 328975

5'1" is short but it's not dwarfism. she's just ugly-cute.

No. 328976

>Her face looks very strange
She's English.

No. 328987

This. Anon >>328968 you just need to go to a city in Britain and walk about, you'll see.

No. 328995

Her eyes are farther apart than average, I think. That's what I see, anyways.

No. 329079

What old thread? I genuinely wanna read her posts now.

No. 329084

No. 329127

File: 1543069354925.png (416.97 KB, 1280x720, Pinkie_Pie_reading_scroll_clos…)

>>329084 Wow that's a lot of sperging lmao. Thank you, anon!

No. 329151

Wasn't she that one girl who sperged hard on crystal cafe on a thread about Lush? Because that shit was crazy lmao

No. 329159

that was spoony. i know this is the "dumb questions" thread, but try not to out yourself as that new. spoony is much much more than just that one girl who sperged on c.c.

No. 329160

No that’s Spoony, who also hated Mystery for taking attention away from her. Spoony used to think she was hot shit on 4chan, would constantly ramble/selfpost on every site she uses and made thousands of posts on here until she got banned. Some social media and reddit posts revealed she never had a job (hence the lush spergout) and lives off her boyfriend

No. 329162

>i know this is the "dumb questions" thread, but try not to out yourself as that new.

..and why not?

NTA but there's really no need to go out of your way to be a snotty bitch.

No. 329164

I'm not even new, I just almost never go on /pt/ and /snow/ and avoid a lot of threads overall, calm down.

No. 329167

Just curious, do you guys know if/think spoony edited her body shape? bc before she got really fat her body looked nice and ngl i'm jelly and hope she was editing

No. 329180

File: 1543078560859.jpg (40.87 KB, 500x500, double-winged-cat-eye-makeup.j…)

Are there any tips or something on how to get better at makeup without too much practice ?
My eyes are sensitive so I have a hard time doing my eye makeup 3 times in a row for practice. Having deep set and somewhat hooded eyes isn't helping either.

No. 329181

honestly just getting a hand for it/muscle memory is the only way to get actually great at makeup like creating the perfect wing. you can always try watching makeup tutorials about/from people who have similar eyes but they have the time sunk into making their makeup look great. practice really does make perfect im afraid.

No. 329227

File: 1543087120602.jpg (237.7 KB, 695x500, 1506793962623.jpg)

Probably. I know most people look nicer in their selfies, but she took it to the next level

Who cares if they're new? This is the perfect place to ask

No. 329264

spoony looked like a grandma in her selfies too, just not an obese grandma.

No. 329288

Why do some people (mainly cows) hate taking showers?

I love showers. They're one of my favorite ways to relax and clear my mind. How can someone hate the nice warm water and the feeling of being clean?

No. 329290

I personally really hate showering because i dont like being wet and drying feels like hell but i have sensory issues. i still shower almost daily tho since in dont want to be a nasty freak but its not a nice feeling for everyone.

No. 329292

Ok but what about everyone else? Why do normal people without sensory issues hate showering?

No. 329294

I wouldn't call most cows normal, the stinky ones are usually autistic and might hate showering for similar reasons.

No. 329301

I hate hair washing day because my hair is very long and is tedious to detangle and dry.

Cows definitely aren't normal. Their reasons for hating showers are probablt rooted in autism. A lot of depressed people don't have the energy or care enough to shower. Or they're too socially retarded to know showering regularly is expected.

In short the answer is mental illness of some flavour.

No. 329328

What is this 4chan-like site about?

No. 329357

revealing yourself as someone too lazy to google is pretty much generally frowned upon here, anon. use the catalog or just do a google search for "lolcow spoony" or "lolcow mystery" and there you go. I don't mind it in the stupid questions thread but if someone asks about a cow this legendary they should expect a bit of teasing.

like >>329164 admitting they're simply too lazy to read up because they don't even go on the boards this site was made for. /g/ (and much much later, /ot/) were added as an afterthought. For the longest time, lolcow.farm had only one board, /pt/.

Spoony was so ingrained in the site culture, the admin even namedropped her when he took his leave because her sperging was that intense. most active lolcow user of all time, 10k+ posts, constant ban evading until he threatened to out her.


She definitely did. Some of her old pics have definite marks of shoop ( >>>/snow/397580 )

No. 329421

any korean speakers? how is ㅈ, the letter that is romanized as "j" pronounced when it's the first letter of a word, is it like a ch sound or more like the j letter in english?
and ㅇ is romanized as "ng" when it's in the end of the syllable, is the g silent or pronounced?

No. 329443

The reason why I'm barely using /pt/ and /snow/ is because the specific cows I used to read about all have dead threads now or their threads aren't interesting anymore. Although now I'm keeping up with the weaboo artists thread so I'll probably use /snow/ more.

No. 329707

File: 1543183470591.jpg (116.37 KB, 1160x1681, black-text-graphic-cropped-swe…)

Any China anons here? I want to buy this shirt because it looks cool, but what does it read? I ran it through NewOCR and got "Lengjing" from the first two characters, which means "Quiet" according to Google Translate, but it's not picking up the last character.
I just don't want to be that dumbass who could be walking around with "BIG COCKS" printed on their front in another language, unbeknownst to them.

No. 329710

That's definitely Japanese.
I don't know what it means but I think the characters are the following:
the last one is に (ni) from hiragana which is strictly Japanese

I hope someone has a translation for you

No. 329711



It means 'calmly' or 'coolly'

No. 329712

Thanks, anons!

No. 329748

If you talking about Micky, she's probably on the spectrum. Her tumblr is full of stim gifs. And she's just gross.

No. 329776

If I knew I obviously wouldn't ask the question anon. I prefer it here, so I'm rather staying thank you very much.

No. 329786

nta but fuck off.

No. 329927

Try doing your makeup once a day, baby steps.

No. 330301

No. 330456

why does everyone think androids have shitty cameras?

No. 330459

Most do. There's a huge array of cheap ass smartphones that use the Android OS. Basically anything that's not an iPhone uses it.

No. 330464

But that's not true at all

No. 330471

Have you ever heard of the manual settings on a camera app?
Android OS ≠ shitty camera. My phone has a 16 megapixel, 8 megapixel, and 5 megapixel camera. All take really clear and clean photos if you know how to adjust the settings.

No. 330499

File: 1543325207144.jpg (93.87 KB, 720x708, 167896_161954240519250_3046385…)

Why are the majority of serial killers in Hollywood movies portrayed as asexual indiscriminate killers when somewhere around half / over half serial killers mostly chose women for sexual purposes?

No. 330507

But why exactly are Android phones shitty cameraas though?

No. 330511

Most smartphones use android and most smartphones are cheap(ish). Thus most android smartphones have bad cameras. If you get a well-made expensive android phone it'll probably have a good camera, it's not really a problem with the OS itself.

No. 330527


"Android" is not a fucking phone brand, it's the OS. Apple makes 1 or 2 iphones every year and they are all the same tier cost wise, so of course they're not going to be consistent. High end phones from any brand have good cameras, most better than apple.

to answer your question, it's because morons think android is a brand so if 1 phone camera is bad all of them suddenly are.

No. 330536

Yeah that's what I'm trying to understand from this anon lol. This is like saying, why do all Windows Internet suck compared to Mac's internet? No correlation.

No. 330541

Because society is sexist and men will always stick together.

No. 330725

Are chest binders really bad for health if worn regularly?

No. 330733

Yes. It really fucks up your back and it flattens your boobs over time and make them into literal soggy pancakes. There's even been times where some people have reported their ribs either cracking or getting pushed in. If you do not need to wear them please don't anon. That's why usually when trans men wear them its only until they can afford top surgery and then they don't have to wear them anymore
>>inb4 diD yOu MeAn WoMeNz TroOnZ!!111
please fuck off thanks. >>330725

No. 330741

I don't doubt that it fucks up the breast tissue and could fuck up breathing but how in the world could it crack ribs?! is it really that much stronger than shapewear/spanx? Do corsets even crack ribs?

No. 330747

Hm it depends on how small your corset is tbh, some of them are like super tight so I don't doubt they probably could too. And Yeah binders (depending on which you get obviously) are extremely tight. I'm sure the people whose had their ribs cracked probably had a size too small but the things with binders. You need the ~right size~ if you get it too big then you don't see the effects but if you get it too small you'll hurt yourself. But even if you pick the correct one it'll never 'comfortable'. Like you said the breathing is extremely hard some days.

No. 330756

I see, thanks. I'm not an FTM, I just dislike having a bigger cup size. I wouldn't go under the knife either. Sports bras were pretty useless so meh. I guess I'm stuck with a matronly figure no matter how much I diet.

The cons outweigh the pros. ngl I was hoping someone would prove me wrong.

No. 330760

I kinda hate my bigger cup size too anon but I think I'm going to eventually just go under the knife because it kills my back and im a fucking G lol

No. 330945

This will probably turn out as tumblrific, but it's been bothering me for a while.
I never wanted to have sex in my entire life. I didn't masturbate until I was about 20 and I have no desire to, it's just something I do to get a dopamine shot maybe a couple of times a month, I'm not at all relying on that and I'm usually done in minutes.
Like, I'm up for doing sexual things, some really freaky shit too because it interests me. If I truly trust a person I might consider having sex with them to make the bond stronger. But I won't be aroused at all, I'll just go through the motions.
I used to read/watch a lot of nsfw content because I was really confused about lacking any need for sex. I thought that maybe I just didn't find my particular niche. But no matter what type of porn I consume, there's no arousal, zero wetness. I just watch fleshy parts of people interact. Most of it is fucking boring too.
I have a girlfriend, luckily she has even less interest in having sex so we cohabitate perfectly. But I kinda feel like I've been missing out? Like maybe we'll bond better if we do the do. And while the idea of having sex with her is something I enjoy, I don't see myself being all that into it, arousal nonexistent.

Is my fucking brain broken?
Well, I know it is. I have a pd and I've been taking medication for it for years and I know some antidepressants make it hard to become aroused. But even before I took them, I had morbid curiosity about sexual acts but no particular desire to engage in them. I never experienced teenage hornyness for example.

I know the things I won't do in sexual situations, the things that gross me out or disgust me. But all my turn-ons are platonic shit like handholding and stuff or are random person characteristics that I really enjoy seeing. And they still don't make me want it.

Am I a fucking asexual? What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm 24, I should be getting it on right now probably. But I don't want to. Never wanted to. It's okay if I'm propositioned and I like the person, but it's still so dry and boring and nothing.

No. 330949

there's not really anything wrong with having a low libido, and it's cool that you found someone with an equally low one. i mean, you could ask if she wants to try anything to sate your curiosity. i doubt it'll suddenly be your sexual awakening.

my bf and I only have sex a couple times a week and it's enough for us. like, it's definitely a good bonding experience and i wouldn't want to go COMPLETELY without sex, but it's hardly at the forefront of my mind. life isn't really about having copious amounts of sex unless that's what you really want to do.

No. 331059

File: 1543420212979.jpeg (59.71 KB, 500x360, 9B11F487-229E-44C0-91CA-B839F4…)

why is nazism considered a far-right ideology when the nazi party was literally a socialist party? because as far as i know socialism as an ideology is considered to be on the far side of the left. or is that wrong? what am i missing?

No. 331061

samefagging to add that i abhor nazism just as much as your average decent person and i consider myself a centrist. this is just something i’ve been wondering about for a while.

No. 331066

This should cover it

No. 331074

ot but this guy is my husbando, sight unseen. He is so reasonable and his German accent is cute

No. 331096

File: 1543427345731.png (13.72 KB, 640x480, centrist.png)

they were authoritarian centrists

No. 331114

is the Democratic Republic of Norh Korea a democracy ? Obiviously no. Nationalist Socialists just had the socialist in the name, none of their policies were left wing.

No. 331312

All authoritarians are cancer. I don't care about what wing of politics you are, but please don't be authoritarians. Sucks that social media & government is full of these types.

No. 331360

Are middle parts really that ugly/unflattering or is it just a meme?

No. 331375

What is this referring to

No. 331377

Ehh… they look okay on some kpop boys and, like, alucard. If you don't have short bangs, don't.

No. 331422

I'm a design student and middle parts are really popular among the students in my school, but I understand that they might look a bit dorky to normies. If you like how they look on you it then it probs looks fine.

No. 331814

The area around the mid section, or navel. People are very divided on this part, with some on one side, some on another. You see >>331422 is surrounded by middle bit fetishists, due to being in higher education where navel gazing is common.

No. 331836

anon, they're talking about hair…

No. 331876

this is the funniest post on lolcow

No. 331883

They can look really awkward but I think if you have the right face/hairstyle it’s fine. I’ve had two coworkers that would style their hair with middle parts and they both have shoulder-length hair with no bangs.

No. 331887

native english speakers, is "the" pronounced as "dee" or "duh? i hear it being pronounced like both

No. 331892

both, typically the latter.

No. 331906

It's pronounced like "dee" when the word after it starts with a vowel, like "the apple".
You also write "an apple" instead of "a apple" because apple starts with a vowel.
If you want to add emphasis to "the" in a sentence you'd also probably use the long ee pronunciation. (e.g. That is THE best.)

No. 331929

What's the actual proportion of spectrum-challenged anons here? I see so many times that posts that were clearly jokes, sarcasm or hyperbole or simply to be understood with contextual nuance get serious replies, and sometimes I'm not even sure anymore if it's sperg or just an advanced form of metahumor.
case in point

No. 331932

autism is a meme. only tumblrinas and munchies actually want the tism.

but pretty sure actual autism is among us

No. 331939

>just an advanced form of metahumor
I choose to believe it's the latter.

No. 331943

>case in point

or you know, i was drunk. :^) sorry bby.

No. 331961

What's the actual proportion of alcoholic anons here? I see so many times that posts that were clearly jokes, sarcasm or hyperbole or simply to be understood with contextual nuance get drunken replies, and sometimes I'm not even sure anymore if it's boozers or just an advanced form of metahumor.
case in point

No. 331963

When does alcohol start to taste good? I'm 20 and I don't even like mimosas. Virgin orange juice is better.

No. 331964

no one thinks alcohol tastes good. people drink to get drunk, not because alcohol tastes good. it ruins every drink it touches but people drink to get drunk

No. 331967

alcohol is a meme. only tumblrinas and munchies actually want the cohol.

but pretty sure actual alcohol is among us

No. 331968

Because it sells and it makes the characters more appealing and "relatable", as opposed to being off-putting on a big screen. I find that they're portrayed in a more realistic way when they're very obviously antagonists or in horror movies, as opposed to series like Dexter.

No. 331970

Only American Psycho did it right.

No. 331972


>the cohol


No. 331976

Do spergs drink so much because it makes the less uneasy in social situations? What's the correlation between spergness and alcoholism and does it explain patterns of posting behavior?

No. 331978

File: 1543601425752.jpeg (296.42 KB, 363x390, 67.jpeg)

Shortanons in the annoying thread complaining about creeps coming on to them brought me to this question: would short men (shorter than me) feel equally as freaked out about me hitting on them or complimenting their height (calling them cute/saying I prefer their height)? Or would a male ego eat it up? Say this is in a date situation.

No. 331979

File: 1543601623871.gif (304.68 KB, 323x1200, bottle_finalcut-14-animation-m…)

That's not necessarily true. I used to drink solely to get drunk when I was younger, but now I enjoy a well-made cocktail every now and then when I go out with my friends/colleagues. If you're using low grade alcohol it will make everything repulsive. I've found as I've gotten older it's more about enjoying a drink and I'm actually embarrassed to get drunk.

My favorite cocktails are Moscow Mule and Dark and Stormy. Imo most champagne/sparkling wine is pretty disgusting, unless it's high quality, and like you I hate mimosas. I used to hate wine but found types and brands I like (pic related). Also, keep in mind different liquors have very different flavors and mix well with different things. You have vodka, rum, whisky, gin, tequila, etc. and while you might hate one type you might love another when mixed with the right things. There's nothing wrong with not liking alcohol of course, but if you want to explore it more I'd recommend just trying stuff out until you find what suits you, and always drink responsibly!

No. 331980

Most short men would appreciate the compliment since they usually get looked down upon by taller men.

No. 331998

This could potentially bruise a male ego, because instead of taking the compliment for what it is - if they are particularly insecure - all they will hear is that you noticed their height and lack thereof.
Plenty of objectively short men I've met and dated also delude themselves into thinking they're tall. An ex of mine was probably a couple inches taller than me, maybe 5'6 tops, but would lie and say he was 6'. It didn't matter that it was a blatant lie that anyone could see was untrue, it just mattered that it was written on paper someplace to serve as validation.

Short men can be really strange about height.

No. 332012

I've got a feeling that they would either hate that anyone points that they're short, even in a positive way, or they'll really appreciate the compliment, with no in between.

No. 332021

I'm 175cm and believe me I know what short men feel like, they can't shut about it even when I've told em I don't mind being the taller one

No. 332057

Yeah, I used to work with a guy exactly my height (5'6") and he'd lie and say 5'8" lmao.
I just thought if a guy was very visually shorter than me it might be different though. There's nothing to be ashamed of there especially since I'm often the pursuer. Obviously I'm into it.
I imagine it would be very individual, like you say. For example, I wouldn't call a buff/high masc energy short guy cute since it's obvious he's trying to escape the association there. Just as I'd only call a tall girl a cool amazon if she was into weightlifting/made it clear she's proud of her height.
Also it just wouldn't fit. Muscly manlets aren't cute but soft-feminine energy tall women are.
Do you think it would be different if it was your actual preference? Or would they still be insecure?

Anyway, thanks for the answers. My main concern here was just that I'd scare them or make them very uncomfortable. But I guess it's different from woman-man than man-woman commenting on small height being cute. Less threatening? Hopefully?

No. 332196

what do you guys think of the phrase 'fake it til you make it'? i hear a lot of people say they try to use this in their lives but how can you without feeling like an imposter? do you guys find that pretending to be a certain way or have certain traits can help you make them an actuality?

No. 332217

Acting confident really helps, in my experience

No. 332240

I would say it works, but I've never had a strong personality to start with so ymmv

No. 332242

personally i hate when people suggest mantras to get through the day, but i guess i would apply faking til you make it in the application where even if i feel like a depressed piece of shit, i make myself get dressed and clean or do make up or try and get out of my house.

not so much changing myself into a different personality, but adopting the idea that if i inject a little positivity then hopefully i can reap a little

No. 332341

Do people really sleep through the night without ever going to the bathroom once? Everything I read makes it sound abnormal or like I'm ~incontinent~ for waking up to pee a few times a night but I've always been like this since I was a kid.

No. 332433

I mean it depends… It does work pretty good when it comes to deppression/happiness. I feel like pretending I'm fine and not pittying myself helps me keep out of actual full blown deppression.

No. 332471

I did that when I was younger, but now I only pee twice a day.

No. 332516

File: 1543694963858.jpg (49.87 KB, 500x1140, MI0003487901.jpg)

What body type would this be considered?

No. 332550

Her shoulders & hips are the widest points of her body & the waist is smaller so I guess she's an hourglass. I think she is pretty but her face got photographed at a p unflattering angle and the type of hairstyle doesn't really do her any favour.

No. 332565

some people just have an overactive bladder naturally, or if you drink a lot of water it could be that too. also if you've always done it your body might just be on a schedule now. are you peeing a lot when you wake up or just a few drops? if barely anything comes out it might be an issue.
not a good thing

No. 332610

Whenever I wake up at night I have a full bladder. There are times where I'll just wake up for one reason or another (I'm a light sleeper) and will get up to pee just so I don't have to do it later, and in those cases my bladder isn't full, but when I specifically wake up to pee I actually have to go.

No. 332618

>not a good thing
but my pee is almost clear

No. 332624

ok? it's definitely not normal to pee 2x a day. most people go 8-10x. if you're only peeing 2x there's no way you're drinking enough water, your body wouldn't be able to hold it in

No. 332651

that's bullshit, the average is 6-7x

No. 333539

File: 1543805242138.jpg (69.54 KB, 700x467, 10574774-3x2-700x467.jpg)

I have a trip to Paris planned for next week. Should I cancel with the protests going on? Will they still be going on/how widespread are they?

No. 333601

what is going in Paris? why are they protesting?

No. 333610

No. 333613

They were protesting a political thing, it went awry, people smashed statues and set fire to cars. I would say it wouldn't affect your travels unless you wanted to visit the specific area they destroyed, as obviously it needs to be repaired. Plenty more to see.

No. 333908

How do you tell someone had lip fillers?

Sometimes it's obvious if the person has a shit doctor or overdoes it, but other times not so much.
I followed a girl who's lips would change shape but i was never sure if it was angle or shoop

No. 333920

were transtrender enbies and genderfluids a thing before tumblr and the 2010s? from what i've seen they are very loud in america, what's the american general public's opinion on them?

No. 333925

Genderfuck was an obscure thing, but it wasn't the same as genderfluid or non-binary. It was basically just another term for drag, or for consciously rebelling against traditional gender expression. It wasn't about actually believing you were some sort of man-woman thing.

Non-binary was not a thing, no matter what crazy teens on Tumblr will tell you.

No. 334486

What happened to snow? I see newfags who don't integrate and sperg nitpicking in almost every thread. Threads that get moved from ot to snow or g seem to dip in quality.

No. 334495

They're loud online and in extremely liberal areas, but generally americans don't give a shit about them. A lot of americans don't even know they exist.

No. 334515

If where the cupid should be is raised and bump like the rest of their upper lip is one indication. It's visible irl and when they aren't wearing makeup

No. 334708

why is there Amanda Seyfried staring at me from the bottom of this site?

No. 334710

Some spergy anon from the celebricows thread with a vendetta, she got banned like 5 times and still came back strong with her insane Amanda nitpicks kek

No. 334725

lol, I see. Thanks

No. 334863

Ok so real stupid question coming through but-can you be white and jewish? Because it seems to differ depending on if people dislike a person or not. Saw a hardcore sjw blog claim a person can be jewish and white when they are right wing despite in the past defending jewish people by stating all jewish people are POC. Im honestly confused I dont understand how the jewish thing works I didnt think it was a race I thought it was a religious thing?

No. 334866

It's a religion, Jewish people can be any race (I know that's not what orthodox people would believe but most of the world would consider a convert still a part of w.e community they choose to be in). SJWs tend to lump culture/religion with race when it suits them (they consider Muslim people a race too, despite the fact that anyone can convert to Islam). I think it's only Americans that consider Jewish/Mediterranean people "non-white" (despite the fact that literally all white Americans are descendants of Europeans so if Jewish/Mediterranean people aren't white, neither are they lmao).

No. 334868

well this is the confusing thing because i know its repeated many times and i know islam is a religion but apparently anti-semitism comes under race hated as opposed to xenophobia and also there are many celebrities who describe themselves as atheist jews stating jew refers to race?

No. 334870

I would consider Jewish people to be the same as a community or a culture. People who says it's a race sound pretty racist imo.

No. 334871

I mean I thought this too but now im being called racist so idk.

No. 334876

people who are racially jewish have a jewish bloodline, it's a different race that you can detect in DNA testing, you don't have to be religiously jewish either. being culturally or religiously jewish is different and anyone can do so.

No. 334885

File: 1544040980479.jpg (58.85 KB, 821x900, ijoV9XS.jpg)

Is anyone familiar with a short video where a woman with a somewhat Eastern European accent talks about why men should pay on dates? I remember her saying that women spend a lot of money on their appearance ("makeup 30 dollar, hair 100 dollar, nails 50 dollar") and found her demeanor kind of funny. I just want to watch the video again but I can't find it.

No. 334887

>why men should pay on dates?
>women spend a lot of money on their appearance ("makeup 30 dollar, hair 100 dollar, nails 50 dollar")
That actually kinda makes sense.
Also, cute pic.

No. 334888

One youtube search

No. 334889

Thanks. I searched "russian woman dating" but didn't find anything or scrolled far enough.

No. 334890

Dooes it look like a shadow moustache sometimes?

No. 334896

so can a person be jewish and white? if so does the jewishness cancel out their whiteness? because thats what the argument i have seen has been about (if you are jewish and right wing you are white according to these people)

No. 334906

you can be white and the jewish religion, but if you're jewish heritage you aren't white so anything else doesn't really matter.

No. 334927

File: 1544046046852.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.87 KB, 463x380, crazy sjws.jpg)

Well thats what I thought, but believing that apparently makes you right wing (this was a discussion about race)

No. 335087

how do you start a relationship from somewhere else?
I don't travel much and i know many people who have met their boyfriend online but i feel so clueless and awkward about it lol

No. 335118

This is going to be super autistic.
How do you wash your face at the sink without getting water all over your arms and the front of your clothes? I feel like I must be very, very stupid to live to be 24 and still not figure out how people wash their faces.

No. 335126

Do you splash the water on your face? If so, it would be better if you used a wet rag to wipe your face. A lot less messy, the only "problem" is rinsing out the rag in between wipes.

No. 335129


Not that Anon but I use a wash rag and I still make a mess all over the counter, so if anyone has any tips, help at least two autists out lmao.

No. 335134

Lean right over the sink, I stick my neck out at a right angle to avoid dripping directly on myself.

No. 335172

I would suggest you tie back your hair and also use a thick band to keep the baby hairs from flying around. It helps me bend over more.

No. 335189

why is everyone on lc talking about porn and gore images? did i miss something?

No. 335192

there were a couple threads by males with swastikas and naked women posted in /ot/.
typical robot shit.

No. 335194

It's been a while since the last time we had that happen, they must be triggered now that Xmas is approaching and they have no one to celebrate with

No. 335198

it's only been like a week since the last time, right?

No. 335201

Not for me, I guess they usually post during US times when I'm in bed so I don't see it. It's been literally months for me.

No. 335208

They posted a little girl tied up a few days ago, glad you missed it anon.

No. 335216

this bitch (me) still doesn’t know… how do you spot photo shop / meitu / face tune in pictures? specifically warping that’s not obvious, like on door frames.

No. 335218

jesus was it real cp or just gross made in abyss art? really can't tell

No. 335220

Eh. I at least consider ashkenazi jews to be white because a lot of them probably have European blood and a lot of them do look pretty white.

No. 335221

It was a real girl, but nothing too graphic was shown.

No. 335224

it could've been taken as a joke, like she was forced to listen to friday by rebecca black as a punishment. or maybe it was just gross bondage cp disguised as a joke. either way it was creepy.

No. 335237

Do people actually buy Photoshop? I know you need to pay for Creative Cloud in order to get it, but why would I pay if I'm not a professional or something. I just wanna test to see if I suck or not, and maybe practice it.

No. 335240

Eh, mostly professionals actaully pay, but alot of people use cracks/torrents/portable versions. If I were you, I would either download the trial or a portable versions since your a hobbyist.

No. 335254

Does anyone remember the semi popular artist who drew cartoonish wolves and posted on Youtube and DeviantArt? I thought her name was BlueWolf something but every time I try to find her on YT and DA I can't find her work. She also did animation. The last time I looked at her work was around 2010-2011 and I'm curious to see what she's up to now.

No. 335537

What's the deal with Amanda Seyfried? I realize it's from celebricows thread, but I don't want to go through the whole thing.

No. 335553

Can you give anymore details? There were a massive number of wolf girls back in the day. Character colors, designs, do you remember any character names, etc.

No. 335556

just some anon the other day with ~a ton of milk~ came in to the thread and started sperging it up. they ban evaded a few times with nothing other than a massive hateboner for her. it was pretty funny albeit confusing.

No. 335557

Sorry I just realized my post was super vague and there’s thousands of artists that fit that description lol. This was awhile ago so my memory is kind of blurry but from what I remember the artist drew mostly wolves and her main OC was a blue colored wolf. I don’t remember her drawing anthro characters, her wolves were usually on 4 legs but still had that furry-esque cartoonish look. The artist herself was a woman who I believe was in her early 20s and maybe Asian or Latina? I remember her posting on her DA journal that she went to Disney World and when she went to the animation studio she drew her wolves and the people there were impressed. She also had a sick grandfather at the time and drew him a picture of a red wolf and posted it on DA. I remember people criticizing her work and says she hasn’t improved in her art skills and some other drama. She had a pretty big following on YT and DA.

No. 335691

I think I know who you're referring to as well but I can't remember her name either. Wasn't the main wolf blue and his love interest was red? I think the blue wolf had white sparkledog markings too. All I can really remember is thinking that the really shitty Alpha and Omega movie had similar/same names as her characters but that's all I got.

No. 335748

Her art was definitely sparkledog related, I totally forgot that was a thing. I remember the blue and red wolves weren’t completely those colors, they also had black and white markings. And I know what you mean about the alpha and omega movie lol, I just can’t remember what she named her OCs. Anyways, so much time has passed I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s rebranded herself or left the internet by now.

No. 335753

do you guys think the woman in that gross gore pic some incel posted yesterday was dead…?

i’m sorry i know we’re supposed to ignore and i’m weak as hell for asking but it won’t leave me alone i’m still shaken up from it

No. 335756

Sorry if this is rude but how do some of you guys get genuinely upset over when we get raided and trolls start posting gore? This happens every time we're raided with anons saying they feel sick and how the gore pics really screw with them. But we're on a (very small) imageboard…surely you've seen images like this before if you're in this deep. All I can think of is people who accidentally found this place from pull and tumblr complaining about it hours after it happened.

No. 335761

I personally only get upset by gore, rape, abuse, etc. stuff when it contains women. That might be the case for some other anons too?

No. 335765

File: 1544211308564.png (106.83 KB, 400x300, 09AAF282-0191-4AFF-853C-825FAA…)

Holy shit, I found her account just by looking up sparkledog on google images. Her name on DA was BlueshineWolf and her YT channel is BlueshineWolf2. It looks like she’s been inactive for awhile, her YT channel is still up but she hasn’t posted in 7 years and her DA is gone. Ends up she’s a lot more milky than I remember because there’s an Encyclopedia Dramatica article and KiwiFarms thread about her.

No. 335766

I am horrified about what happened to her and who the fuck took that picture and uploaded it to the internet…

Don't be an asshole. Not everyone is able to tune such content as ~just robot gore spam~ because they are aware that those are real pictures taken of abused or murdered people (women, children, whatever). Don't act like they are in the wrong for not having their empathy switched off.

No. 335768

It was pretty obvious she was. No other explanation for it.

No. 335769

Unfortunately there's a big dark part of the web where psychos post snuff, cp and animal abuse constantly. These people are fucked in the head. It's normal to be shocked, especially if you have a visual mind.

No. 335776

Lolcow is not meant to be one of those fucked up sites, none of the femanons come here to post ot see gore so it's weird for me that >>335756 is weirded out by people being hurt by disturbing pictures of real people.
Lolcow is not 4chan but for women and thank God for that. I was aware of 4chan but never visited it because I did not want to run into cp or snuff while browsing some innocent thread. I bet many anons avoided 4chan for the same reason.

No. 335779

this so much.
I used to go on 4chan frequently, in particular /g/ because tech interests me, but one time on some other blue board, I think /sp/, someone spammed webs of child abuse. The mods acted swiftly but I got to see it, because it wasn't obvious from the thumbnail what it was about. Ever since then, I completely stopped going there.

If you want to know what the content was, it's in the spoiler
A baby was tied to a board, constantly crying and a guy filmed himself while being naked, urinating on the baby and defecating. While no sexual acts where performed, I fret to think if that's all there was. The poor child. I felt so helpless.

No. 335792

it's a chan site so it will have that stuff on it, like it or not. it's also a drama site, so it's not like our site is a nice, happy place.

No. 335793

i always feel so guilty scrolling past those images and only feeling slight annoyance, and nothing more.

No. 335795

A q for french anons, what does "ap" in "comprendre ap" mean?
It was mentioned few times in a video by a french youtuber.

No. 335796

You can't tell the difference between lolcow drama and psychos posting photos of real, random murdered people and child abuse?

No. 335798

It's healthy to be upset by such things. It disturbs me to witness victims of crime and not being able to help them. And that there are men (let's face it, it's men attacking those women and children) beyond sick enough to attack those people and take photos.

No. 335799

I've been visiting imageboards for 15 years and I've seen all sorts of gore and messed up shit. I still DON'T want to see it clog up the board. It's not the picture that really sets me off (while it is
very disgusting and unsettling), it's the fact that someone is juvenile enough to come here to post gore to ~trigger the roasties for le epic lulz~. It's cringeworthy and retarded. Lolcow isn't really even on the deep end of the web, this place is very surface level. It's completely understandable that people can't handle photos of bodies of murdered women.

This. We're not like the pseudo-edgy 4chan where deplorable stuff is bound to happen, it's just an anonymous image board for gossip. The robots post them only because this is a female-centric board and they haven't gotten past their adolescent girl cootie phase.

No. 335808

that's not what i was saying at all but okay. this site used to allow men on it and guess what, it still happened, because there are people who use these anonymous sites to be edgy pieces of shit. the lack of males didn't make it any better or worse.

the site will be raided because of how the interface is. always.

No. 335812

How am I an asshole? I was genuinely curious and even prefaced it with "not to be rude". Chill out. Other people have asked it before but never got an answer so I guess there's two camps of people who are used to it and others with much more empathy.

No. 335833

nta, but i think the expectations for the site are too high. a chan site is a chan site is a chan site.

if someone saw you browsing this site they'd think it was 4chan, but browsing PULL or KF wouldn't get you any weird looks even though those sites are arguably much worse.

the gore is gross but it comes with the territory.

No. 335855

For me it's not the gore itself, because like other anons pointed out, most of us came here from other chans and we've been exposed to edgy insensitive shit before.

What makes me roll my eyes is the fact that it is purposefully being posted by males in an attempt to spam and upset a women-only space. It's like toddlers getting ugly and pitching tantrums because they aren't getting their way.
Also notice the gore is always focused around harm to women. I'll probably never see a pair of crushed or mangled balls, or an embarrassing picture of a questionably passed out or dead man who shat himself - and I know for a fact that it's out there.

No. 335862

Gore isn't shocking to me and I get off to vids of male torture and suffering but I would still prefer to not see dead/bloody women and borderline CP. It doesn't ~traumatize~ me, but I would prefer to not see it. And on a moral level, I would prefer it to not exist at all.

Also what all other anons said about knowing the motivation behind it.

No. 335984

You know how loosing weight can sometimes make you look older? Is that something to worry about if you're 20 or is that more of a 30s and beyond problem? I think I have about average wrinkling so far, no nasolabial folds yet but a small crease on each side of the mouth and one on the forehead.

No. 335987

Being overweight only makes people look younger over 40. Until then it makes you look older.

Though the study I read was just about weight in general rather than when it's lost, maybe people who drop a significant amount do age differently.

No. 335988

dunno if that's the issue, I think anon is talking about, for example if you look at alison brie now

No. 335989

I know, I'm just providing the most info I have that's actually backed by science, anything else would be anecdotal on my part. But I think we can assume that if being thin doesn't make you look older until middle age then losing weight wont either.

No. 335990

People who are overweight look older no matter what age. Don't tell me fat moms 40+ look younger lmao

No. 336028

fat people always look at least 10 years older than they actually are lmao

No. 336064

Coming to lolcow for sex-ed. What has my life become.

You see, I'm dating a girl, but I have only had sexual experiences with a guy a while back when I was a teen and thought I was straight. A guy I can figure out. But how would two women go about having sex with each other?
I looked and I looked and all I found was mostly lesbian porn made for male gaze or some disgusting threesome articles on Cosmopolitan. These girls look like they're trying to scratch their vaginas off with how rough and quick all of it is.
Is there like… lesbian porn made for actual lesbians? Some sort of instructions on where to start or something like that made with actual women in mind?
Maybe lesbian forums? I am genuinely stumped.

No. 336071

don't ever look for sex advice in porn, period.
I think you should completely drop the "research" and just let the girl guide you. Don't stress, girls are way more patient and caring than guys, she'll teach you. If she's as inexperienced as you are, it's also a nice thing, because you can explore together.
Just do what you find pleasureable yourself and don't overthink it.

No. 336072

um, well, there's nothing much you can do except eat each other out. I don't think its that difficult to understand. Just go with it.

No. 336079

We're both inexperienced in the sex department.

Judging by what I've seen there're a lot of ways to fail at eating out. I really don't want to fail.

I guess I am too anxious. I already know that she loves me we've been in a sexless relationship for 4 years and basically would have been married already if our country allowed that and it's unlikely I'm gonna do something that scares her off or hurts her. But I want it to be perfect since I don't know how to just "go with the flow".
It's very unlikely I do something terrible to her, but expecting it not being awkward is really unreasonable.

No. 336107

lmao no.

No. 336120

anon, do you masturbate? do you know the areas of your body where you enjoy being touched? are you familiar with how much pressure you use when touching yourself? specific speeds, motions, certain fingers?
basically do that on her. she'll more than likely help along the way.

No. 336121


It's a (stupid imo) slang, mostly used by teens. It's "pas" backwards, which became "aps" which became "ap". "Comprendre ap" just means "not understanding".

No. 336137

Merci beaucoup, anon!

No. 336363

Someone introduces a controversial racial topic to get people riled up and "baited" into arguing about race for hundreds of replies.

Also it's probably the case that some people pretend to be certain races too to further their points/trolls.

No. 336421

Maybe this belongs in the RadFem/Trans thread but can any British anon explain to me why your country enables a bunch of trans bullshit? It feels like most of these horror stories come from the U.K (like the troon assaulting a bunch of female inmates in a women’s prison or female professors and parliament members being constantly harassed for speaking out against trans bullshit). I’m a burger and believe me, we definitely have our fair share of problems but even our most liberal areas don’t seem to bend over backwards for trannies like U.K parliament. This probably is a big generalization but I can’t help but notice a trend. Also not trying to rag on you guys either. I think it sucks that your government seems to care more for deviants than actual women.

No. 336445

UK bends over backwards for ALL minorities, not just trans.

No. 336476

Is there any easy way to break up with someone? Do you think about what you’re going to say to them beforehand? Do you make a pro/con list or do you go with your gut? How do you accept the fact that you have to hurt someone you care about so deeply and that you can’t be their comfort?

No. 336478

There isn't an easy way, no. You're gonna hurt them no matter what and often times trying to be gentle about it just gives them hope. You might be able to find examples of 'scripts' online for ideas on how to structure what you will say to them.

No. 336609

If you guys had a love for someone, or a connection with someone that is very uncommon, like, cosmically special - like, the interests you share, the ideals you share, everything you want for your lives, and incredible sexual and romantic chemistry for many years, having only eyes for each other, and just like, crazy compatibility in general. Like, everything is basically perfect - if you felt you had something with someone like this, what would you give up on them for? What kind of bump in the road would be a relationship-ender? What kind of mistake would they need make to make you give up on this kind of connection?

Provided that there's no cheating or infidelity, or even a risk of that, ever, isn't this kind of connection worth fighting for?

No. 336611

Yes, but sometimes people get depression, or health problems, and their capacity for assessing value completely drops. They revert into themselves, with occasional bursts of "healthy" activity before dropping away again. Unfortunately perfect isn't good enough when you have health or mental health issues.

No. 336616

I agree, but let's say you didn't have mental health problems. What would need to happen, like, what would your partner need to do wrong for you to give up on a love like that? Is a series of white lies about their intimate past to spare your feelings, at the beginning of a relationship and just generally rocky stuff like this that isn't dangerous, enough to characterize them in your eyes as a liar and feel you can't ever, ever, ever trust them and give up on a relationship like this?

No. 336623

Are you talking about a really specific hypothetical situation or a real one? Because if it's a real one then just give us the details, it'd be easier to give you advice knowing the full story.
But from my experience some people just don't tolerate lying, even if it's something really small and harmless. Maybe they've been betrayed in the past, so they're afraid of being betrayed again. They're trying to protect themselves by having a zero-tolerance policy against lying.

No. 337423

no offense to the religious anons

why do you think the men who created the abrahamic religions made homosexuality out to be a sin as bad as murder? i know it wasn't a good time to be lgb in middle east 2000 years ago but idk. were they afraid that gay men would check out their hairy asses and their wives would run off with another women or something

No. 337424

homosexuality wasn't a sin until fairly recently in the bible.

No. 337427

I thought they made it a sin, because they were salty about greeks and romans.

No. 337517

do you guys think a woman's nose can ever be too small for her face?

No. 337519

My theory (and I’m not an expert on religion or religious, so take it with a grain of salt) is that infant morale rates tend to be so high at the time, people were encouraged to reproduce as much as possible. Homesexuality was seem as a threat to that which is why it was discouraged. Also kinda explains why women were regarded as baby makers and nothing more (although other factors come into play of course).

That + people usually being uncomfortable around things that aren’t the norm probably contributed to the rise of homophobia in those areas.

No. 337536

yes. But then again I'm into women with aquiline noses…

No. 337541

Depends on the face really, proportions matter

No. 337546

File: 1544482672915.jpg (484.48 KB, 930x1306, 9960_rue-mcclanahan.jpg)

like this, as an example. wide face, small nose. people like to act like women can't possibly have a nose that's too small, and she has a nice nose, but is it me or does this not look a bit odd? (rip rue)

No. 337548

I think she looks fine, nothing jumps out at me

No. 337569

Only time I've ever seen women have "too small" noses is when they get retarded plastic surgeries to shave them down and go too far.

No. 337629

definitely. looking like michael jackson aint a cute look.

No. 337671

yes. when they have disgusting long philtrums because their noses are too short. girls with "cute" button noses usually grow up to have chimp lip.

No. 337834

How do I find guys to talk to online who don't have an anime girl profile picture lmaoo

No. 337895

File: 1544540047763.jpg (56.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Okay I know this is dumb but does not eating correlate to memory loss? i dont have an eating disorder or anything its just sometimes I forget to eat breakfast and whenever I do I always end up losing stuff. I lost my whole fucking wallet 2 weeks ago because of this. I also lost my work keys. Its so annoying am I just a spazz or is there really a correlation??

No. 337908

It could have to do with your blood sugar levels.

Low blood sugar has the symptom of mental confusion or unresponsiveness. Because your body is used to having food in the morning, your blood sugar stays low when you don't eat something.

No. 337934

what does "white-passing" mean? i thought white was used to describe people of european descent. i've seen some people referring to semitic middle easterns and some asians as white-passing because of their looks but they aren't of european descent? english is my second language and the words about race in my native language are different than the ones in english so i'm confused

No. 337938

White passing means that someone from a non-European race has what would typically be considered European features and lighter skin.

No. 337941

so it's about looks rather than ethnicity?

No. 337942

Nta but yeah. Look at Logic or halsey for example, they pass as white even though they're mixed.

No. 337944

File: 1544544266050.png (985.33 KB, 986x584, ds.png)


It's usually used for mixed race people, like half white + half black, half white + half asian.

Pic related, this girl is half white and half asian, but if I didn't know better, I'd think she was fully white, that means she's white passing, or "passes as fully white".

Usually, that means that the white passing person doesn't get affected by racism and such because people don't think they are anything but white.

No. 337946

Alcohol fetal syndrome

No. 338124

stop with the sjw gender bs

No. 338132

im so mad at myself for responding to this low tier bait but goddamnit, you must be an idiot.

No. 338145

lmao ily, anon

No. 338149

>that reading comprehension

No. 338452

This question is mainly inspired from someone I saw on tumblr/deviantart, but I am sure there are a lot of people like that out there.

How could someone have their life revolved only around cartoon/anime/videogames/internet fandoms and not doing anything else with their life like these are their sole interests get married?

And why would someone so obsessed with making 'weeb' as their identity unironically?

No. 338464

I assume the person they marry would also similarly have those interests, anon. It's not that unbelievable for weebs to fall in love.
What do you mean by
>not doing anything else with their life like these are their sole interests
Do you mean they're unemployed? In which case I agree that is remarkable that someone could fall for someone who lacks independence, but not unheard of. But if you meant that it's just their only interests…again, it's relatively easy to find someone who is also balls deep into fandom shit in their free time.

No. 338975

File: 1544741978134.jpg (37.93 KB, 495x604, 1531494064386.jpg)

W-Would anyone be interested in a >that girl thread? It's like a that kid thread but basically just about a girl you're kinda jelly of. I'm just asking because I never made a thread here before and wouldn't want to fuck up and get yelled at

No. 338976

No. 338977

No. 339024

what percent of women blow dry their hair regularly? how often do you guys blow dry your hair like, after you shower and stuff? is this a thing i'm really missing out on? is it really helpful for making your hair look better?

No. 339025

>jelly of
>instead of one you notice or just funny (in a light-hearted way) people you observe


No. 339030

I try to wait as long as possible between hair washes, but I blow dry my hair every time i wash it. Letting my hair air dry just doesn’t work for me, my hair doesn’t fall or act the same compared to when I blow dry it. You may not need to blow dry your hair, don’t do it if you don’t absoluteky have to. It’s extremely damaging.

No. 339034

Is this what people with straight hair worry about? And drying your hair damages it. I don't see the point unless you got paper flat hair and really need volume.

No. 339060

Probably depends on what kind of look you're going for. Women who blow dry a lot usually do so to achieve a certain style like >>339030 if you're fine with how it looks after air drying, there's really no point in starting using a blow dryer unless you want it to be dry quickly or something

No. 339065

I've started to over the past year or so because my hair now dries incredibly flat. It used to air dry fine but suddenly decided it had better things to do. I don't blow dry it all the way, but mine definitely needs the help.

No. 339070

Although, I have 4a 3c type of hair, so I guess that changes.
I generally just twist my hair let it dry, and do whatever with it once it is.

No. 339071

I blow dry with a revlon hot air brush every other day and it helps me incredibly. Have 2b type hair that's frizzy and half assed wavy, but the brush makes it straight and shiny but not flat, very fast. I've dried it this way for over three years and my hair looks healthy and ends are soft. I don't dye or bleach though. Overall it's my #1 essential item for grooming.

No. 339097

thanks, guys. i have fine but thick hair that has verrrrrry little body at the roots, so my mom (who has coarse, thick hair)) keeps recommending it to me since i keep complaining about my roots and she claims it helps her, and she says almost all girls blow dry their hair. i'm just so tired and it seems like a lot of energy to expend tbh. i see a lot of girls with coarser hair than i styling and grooming their hair with hair dryers and curlers often though, so i might pick up on it if it works out. if i use the 'warm' setting rather than 'hot', do you guys think it'll cut down on the damage?

i figured plenty of girls don't. i don't really do much for my grooming so my mom was assuring me almost all girls blow dry their hair and that i'm crazy for not. you kind of have to worry about it when you have straight hair bc it lays sooo flat and is so soft without any texture that it just flops.

No. 339145

File: 1544765968641.jpg (79.61 KB, 634x859, 4f4cbe3982415ba9dc53232b776588…)

how are you supposed to style yourself when you have the same body as chloe? literally my arms never lose fat ( now i have some muscle and they look even more huge ), i have very long legs, long hips, short torso, a cup breast and wide shoulders, a round face and a short neck….by no means am i exaggerating, but am i even salvageable?? at my ana tier body, my arms didn't drop an ounce of fat
oof, i am thinner than her yet i look 10 pounds more because of my skeletal proportions, does anyone have any tips at all because i just want to look decent in dresses for once.

No. 339146


Ignore the website name lol, this might have some tips you can use!

No. 339147

File: 1544766453541.jpg (96.48 KB, 557x853, 1467519254938.jpg)

That ones been pretty heavily retouched. Here's the original

No. 339148

File: 1544766662240.jpg (92.51 KB, 736x1109, 1486799087252.jpg)

Tbh the clothes are very unflattering, without that outfit she's got a normal shape

No. 339150

isnt this kesha

No. 339153

File: 1544767468319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 381.92 KB, 720x928, 1471508240792.jpg)

Oh gosh you're right. My bad, this is chloe. Spoiler because she's actually topless here, I think it was for a film.

No. 339160

Holy fucking shit anon, I’m dying. Next thread pic please.

No. 339162

File: 1544772655829.jpg (79.03 KB, 558x800, 16e.jpg)

at least you're posting the non-photoshopped versions

No. 339173

your q has already been answered but i'll put it like this:

the function of national socialism was corporatist, as most fascist systems are. national socialism was mainly kept in the name to attract german workers who were/would have otherwise been involved in communist or social democratic politics. they did not have socialist policies. one specific morbidly funny factoid that comes to mind is the fact that the #tradwives of nazi germany were encouraged to stay home and make babies and were awarded medals for how many children they could make, nicknamed "rabbit medals." this is a large contradiction of socialist policies as socialism (engel's origin of the family for instance, lenin's writings on women, etc) has historically encouraged a diversified division of household labor among women and men and socialized (public) childcare.

nationalism is not inherently bad as a means of liberation or as a way of maintaining the cohesion of a downtrodden community in times of oppression. logically, you cannot economically control a class you are oppressed by in the same way a class can economically control the oppressed (lack of financial means, political power etc. to do so.) the nationalism of nazism is a specific strain of nationalism that generally accompanies fascist politics.the exclusion of a group of people makes it easier to cultivate feelings of pride and dehumanization (the holocaust) which fascist economies are predicated on, i.e. direct or outsourced labor of those groups receiving the worse end of the nationalism stick. this nationalist aspect also allowed for cultivating an embracing, anthropologically speaking, of heavy militarization by the working class.

watch this video as well if you're interested:


No. 339191

File: 1544786983829.jpg (45.48 KB, 600x600, 1542234559023.jpg)

No. 339194

File: 1544787435931.jpg (37.75 KB, 318x431, 28381188662_32ca41ff9d.jpg)

How bad is it to have sexual thoughts about your crush? I feel weird if it's about someone I know in real life, kind of like I'm being rude and disgusting. I usually only fantasize about 2d boys but lately I've been having dirty thoughts about this guy and this is the first time I've ever fantasized about someone I am acquainted with. We have never even had a real conversation, to make things worse. Is this normal or am I being creepy?

I also kind of want to stop because I get embarrassed afterwards thinking about what he would think if he could read my mind lmao

No. 339214

It's completely normal, anon-chan.
It is more concerning that you've had thought about 2d boys, but we have little control over who we are attracted to.
Don't worry. It will be awkward at first, but if you start dating he'll be very interested in what you thought about him back then.
His ego would get a huge boost if someone thought of him sexually, that's just how men are. So it's probably fine by him and you don't have to worry that much.

No. 339215

Ok. A gross one.
Is it normal to wipe my vaginal area after I pee? It's probably a thing that everybody does, but I have nowhere to ask?
Like, the feeling of a few drops going into my underwear… disgusting.

No. 339220

Lol anon every woman wipes after they pee. It's waste from your body so you kinda have to. You can get infections and shit if you don't. Plus, even if you couldn't get infections from not wiping, having your vagina wet with pee like that is just nasty and uncomfortable.

No. 339221

oh thank you so much for solving my life-long question.
I was never taught that and I'm pretty sure my mother doesn't do that, so I started doing it by myself and it felt like I'm some kind of freak doing something wrong. Good to know I'm not.

No. 339222

other anon here
now that we're on the topic, is it normal to also wipe the back every time? I just feel like it's moist there too and it feels gross. I'm not sure if I'm just being neurotic about this.

No. 339223

I'm the original asker. I wipe from my butt to my vagina. (I just can't get used to wiping "the right" way) But I'm wiping my butt too every time.

No. 339228

When women urinate it kinda sprays. It definitely gets on the butt sometimes, so yeah it's normal.

No. 339238

whew thanks for the reply, guess I'm normal after all haha.

>I just can't get used to wiping "the right" way

Me neither, I always kind of rub so that it's clean enough…but I don't think I should do that anymore because my vagina is getting irritated. Like I said i'm pretty neurotic about wiping and cleaning down there and I never learned the right way (who the hell besides your mom could teach you this anyway?)

No. 339252

nayrt but i just dab the pee away from the generalised vulva-crotch area, rubbing is supposed not that good bc you can get an uti from rubbing your faeces in. idk how you can cover all areas wiping front to back, i wipe the anus separately with a hand behind back. love this sacred knowledge sharing kek

No. 339273

2D boys as in guys, anon. Not little boys.

No. 339274

Your brain literally consumes glycogen to function. Macronutrients are broken down into simple sugars and stored as glycogen.
After about 12 hours of fasting and once the glycogen reserves run out, the body starts breaking down lipid cells to release ketone bodies. Said ketones function as an energy source for the brain.

Essentially you see a sudden drop in cognitive function once your glycogen depletes and once that shock subsides and you run on ketones you go back to normal.
If you want fast-acting macros then look at simple carbs, sugars and plenty of fluids. A chocolate bar before a big school test, for example, works well.

No. 339275

I almost never do it, it fucks up my hair, my curls and my scalp. I always wash my hair when I know I won't have to go outside for a while so I can let my hair dry by itself at home.

No. 339276

nta but still… fantasasing about actual people is normal, fantasising about cartoons isnt

No. 339342

Obvious troll.

No. 339355

Damn anon thought I was the only one. Only felt comfortable fantasizing about fictional guys or imaginary constructs because I likewise felt disrespectful.

No. 339374

If someone responds "not really" to being asked whether or not someone else is attractive, does that lean more on the side of being attractive or not attractive, or is this just a nice way of saying "no, they're not attractive"?

No. 339381

nice way of saying "not attractive"

No. 339384

what if it's about someone the person who is asking about it doesn't know at all? that is, there's kind of no reason to be polite about it? would you then think they're potentially just trying to conceal their attraction to that person?

(this isn't a question about my attractiveness, just saying, though i feel like i've made it sound that way)

No. 339397

Are you esl? Saying "not really" isn't polite at all. It's super rude because of the roundabout snarkiness and the tone in which this phrase is said. It's actually more rude than just flat out saying "no" and moving on.

That person doesn't think the other is attractive, plain and simple.

No. 339401

Are you like, showing your friends or significant other pictures of random hot women and asking them if they think she's hot or something? lol.

No. 340189

Why are anons complaining about people coming from lipstickalley to lolcow? Did something happen over there? Why would people who browse lipstickalley come to lolcow of all places

No. 340192

because lipstickalley is forum for black women filled with crazy beyonce stans

No. 340288

Occasionally when I'm having an exchange with someone else on an image board some rando will interject and respond to the other anon as if they're me. So fucking weird annoying. Why do people do this?

No. 340340

It's an annonymous image board, it's more about the discussion topic than 'who said what', wanting to have private conversations and keeping an identity is just missing the whole point.

No. 340348

i didn't realise there was a specific source but the last month has seen a wave of what you'd call gotis infected posts but it's botis

No. 340349

The only time it makes me mad is when anon A responds and carries on as if they're me (the OP), and the conversation delves into a fight with secondary anon B. Then anon B, who means to insult anon A, winds up typing something to insult me the OP because they don't know anon A isn't me. Usually this happens when I post something and don't come back to lolcow to shepherd my post for several hours to a day or so.

It sucks to be insulted on a personal level for shit I didn't do.

No. 340361

So uh is the Amanda background gonna stay here forever?

No. 340367

File: 1544979922712.png (26.78 KB, 128x128, 5645645.png)

it would be nice if posters were given random tags in each separate thread to avoid people pretending to be other anons and identify the spergs easier, would still keep it anonymous but eliminates sperging

No. 340382

I didn't mean when people chime in with their own opinions, that actually makes sense. I meant when they literally pretend to be a different poster and act as if they were in the discussion to begin with. It's weird. I can't figure out what their motivation would be for pretending to be a different poster in a discussion they weren't initially a part of. It's all anonymous anyway.

No. 340901

Have we ever got a thread that discuss the origin of lolcows? How do people turn into them?

Many of the milky cows had a good upbringing, tons of social experiences growing up. Then spiraled down into internet nutcases with not so many people left in their real life we see. How?

No. 340904

mental illness.

No. 340919

yeah it's not really a mystery. 100% of cows have some sort of mental illness. some of them might've had a shitty upbringing or trauma that led them to developing said mental illness.

No. 342225

File: 1545397211766.jpeg (89.01 KB, 660x416, 5BB3AEEC-3475-4814-8066-1EE300…)

what’s you guys’ favorite christmas song(s)?

No. 342227

You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch. Bar NONE

No. 342242

Why does the radio keep spamming like 12 different versions of "last christmas I gave you my heart" this year? I've NEVER heard them play it this much (especially all these versions srsly wtf) any other year.

No. 342472

No. 342531

None, cuz i work in retail.

No. 342532

what is a zoomer?

No. 342533

Anything by Nat King Cole for the right cozy xmas spirit.

No. 342557

A new buzzword with 0 meaning.

No. 342620

Do the majority of people have sex before graduating high school?
t. 21-year-old virgin loser

No. 342625

You still have a chance to do better than my 26 year-old virgin ass lol.

I think more of my friends lost it in college… but, like, freshman year.

No. 342636

At this rate I may be you in five years. Thanks for answer.
I think my problem is mostly that I only have average looks and I'm long-term oriented so I don't want to lose it to a rando.

No. 342656

Maybe. I always assumed people had sex after/prom.

I didn't lose mine until college when I got in shape, started taking care of myself, and being more sociable.

No. 342666

Most people I know did (granted, I don’t know a lot of people) but I didn’t lose mine till I was 19. It depends but I don’t think everyone is getting laid like those teen shows are protraying it.

No. 342717

It's more common than you think. Lost mine at 24 to some random, would have been nice to have lost it to someone I cared about but it gave me confidence for when I did find my bf. Don't attach any meaning to it. You'll be the same after.

No. 342721

I lost mine way after college and know a few others who haven’t even lost theirs even though they are nearing their late 20s.

No. 342748

i’m 22 and in the same boat. being ill and mostly absent throughout high school + introverted + living desolately isn’t a very promising combo.

i’ve had guys show interest in me/trying to do sexual things to me in the past but i’m fucking terrified of men and those were the closest to male friendships i’ve ever had. i’d rather lose it to someone i’m comfortable with than to some rando at a party/someone i want a platonic relationship with. i don’t have any regrets in that regard yet, which is good i think. it will take whatever time it needs, anon.

No. 342761

Didn’t lose it until 20 and I’m 27 and still with the same guy. I always feel like a prude compared to others, because most of my friends have had several partners or make really sexual jokes a lot and I’m just like “eeeeeehhh.”

No. 342774

Honesty, most sex is disappointing and you're not missing out on much.
Sex is entirely male pleasure focused and the main act of PIV is inherently risky to women (pregnancy, STDs, injury/death).
I know it can be enjoyable with someone you love, but it can STILL suck with people you love.
I wouldn't race to lose your virginity, unless you want a pointless and meaningless memory to look back on.

No. 343040

Anyone else notice if you're cold to/treat men like shit they keep looking for your attention? Seriously what is it with this? The need for validation? Looking for an ego boost as if I'll change my mind that you're not garbage?

>inb4 go back to your containment thread

I'm talking about specific men who are actual trash.

No. 343246

The main act of het sex should be cunnilingus tbh.

No. 343832

Reverse psychology is the key to handling men, anon. Trust me, they think they're soooo smart but in reality they're easy as hell to think ahead of because men are goal oriented, while women are more big-picture oriented.

No. 343835

Is Tinder a nice option too meet girls if you're not interested in casual sex? I kind of have a hard time putting myself out there, I also considered joining my university's LGBT club but I'm not sure I'd fit in well.
Also, does casual dating mean like easy going dating more focused on sweet romantic type stuff but not focusing on making a huge commitment or introducing to each other's family?

No. 343836

Is Tinder a nice option too meet girls if you're not interested in casual sex? I kind of have a hard time putting myself out there, I also considered joining my university's LGBT club but I'm not sure I'd fit in well.
Also, does casual dating mean like easy going dating more focused on sweet romantic type stuff but not focusing on making a huge commitment or introducing to each other's family?

No. 344061

File: 1545773885228.gif (391.54 KB, 652x562, 1539709660904.gif)

Generation z person

No. 344078

Lesbian online dating is a lot different from gay male/straight od. it's more about finding partners than casual sex. You should also try Her, it's an app for women only.

No. 344166

This not a troll I swear to god this is a serious question. How do you wipe? I know its 'front to back' but literally what does that mean. Explain it to me like i'm a literal retard because apparently I am. diagrams are welcome too, I seriously don't know.

No. 344168

it means when you wipe you push the paper towards your asshole. your asshole can deal with a little pee, but your vag cannot deal with a little shit.

No. 344179

I wipe on and away from my butthole. The "don't wipe forward" thing sprung up because some women actually swipe the dirty paper towards/in their labia after they've taken a dump. That is literally putting shit in your vadge.
As long as you're not using the same dirty paper to wipe your labia you'll be fine.
If you only did number 1 then it's negligible.

No. 344183

not really true, you don't want to be wiping vaginal discharge onto your urethra.

No. 344191

Other anons answered already but yeah, it's about how after going to the bathroom you take the toilet paper and need to wipe from your vagina towards your anus, not the other way around. Getting fecal matter, even a small, unnoticeable amount of it, in contact with your urethra can transmit the bacteria found in human feces to cause a serious, painful infection in your urinary tract or kidneys.

No. 344288

only rule is this: don't wipe your vag with a paper used to wipe your ass.

No. 344672

just learned about doe/tomcat/stag terms for bisexuals but are these terms even used? do people in the community recognize it? or is it like a new, internet thing

No. 344711

I think it's mostly a tumblr/internet thing

No. 345204

File: 1546058327904.jpeg (110.58 KB, 537x446, 1530239118876.jpeg)

What's the difference between a repulsive retarded incel ranting about how women should remain pure and celibate until pregnancy because biology and a repulsive dyke radfem ranting about how women should remain pure and celibate until pregnancy because biology?

No. 345208

Kind of a radfem here but I'd say any woman I don't agree with is entitled to her opinion even if I think she's wrong, but the redpilled incel are unsalvageable garbage that need to gto from lc?

No. 345238

Are you necessarily a pedo if you like shota?

No. 345244

Someone who is into shota is basically getting off to little anime boy penises. That’s a pretty pedophilic fantasy even if it’s just anime.

No. 345250

Yes anon, you’re a pedo

No. 345251

File: 1546061517391.jpg (156.95 KB, 484x822, 177280103155.jpg)

Incels want to control women for their own benefit, radfems want to protect themselves and see celibacy as a safe alternative to sex. I don't think women should refrain from sex for feminism's sake unless they actually want to, but there is a logic to women being conservative about sex.

No. 345255

Unpopular opinion: nope. Not unless you think about real little boys sexually too.

No. 345257

What brushes are best for painting resin kits (besides air brushes and other expensive shit)? C-can I use makeup brushes? And is it okay to paint them with poster colors?

No. 345261

Thank you, anon.
My thing is 2D only.

No. 345271

Pretty much. You probably got that from watching too much yaoi and seeing shota getting abused or something
Sounds like you're feeling guilty over it and wants someone to tell you it's fine kek don't forget this site is full of disturbed people

They're literally representating children, you don't have to like little boys in rl to have pedophilic tendencies.
Even if it's just drawn it's a copy of a child's body, pureness an vulnerability

No. 345275

>Pretty much. You probably got that from watching too much yaoi and seeing shota getting abused or something
Not yaoi. I find male gay sex gross. I like shota with adult women or their moms. No rape either.

No. 345285

Anon, that is literally rape if it’s with older women. You not only like pedo art but specifically pedo art where people similar to yourself are abusing the child. Stop looking for validation, you’re absolutely fucked in the head if you’re turned on by even the imagery of children

No. 345286

No. 345315

>Stop looking for validation, you’re absolutely fucked in the head if you’re turned on by even the imagery of children
This. Would you have these sorts of fantasies if you never had access to the internet? These sorts of deranged fantasies are usually result of looking at way too much degenerate porn online.

No. 345338

good to see you hiring for the one sicko in the thread to validate your pedophilic tendencies.

>I'm just attracted to moms raping their kids not gross gay sex xDdd

get help.

No. 345340

Then you're fine, anon. This isn't something you should feel guilty about imo.

No. 345369

So while gay sex is gross, moms sexually using their little kids are fine? God I hope you are trolling.

No. 345371

Nah bugger off, pedos.

No. 345382

I bought some ground turkey on sale and when I brought it home it had a bad smell, and was greenish and a bit slimy. Is it still safe to eat?

I don't want to waste food unless I have too.

No. 345383

NO wtf

No. 345417

Meat is the #1 food you shouldn't take risks with, if you have the slightest of doubt throw it out immediately.

No. 345454

If it was pedo you wouldn't be able to find this sort of art in mainstream websites since it'd be illegal. It's just drawings.

No. 345456

Drawings of what exactly?

No. 345478

Just because it isn’t actual CP, doesn’t mean that they aren’t pedophilic in nature. Anybody who enjoys this crap is someone who really needs a life and needs to stop developing sick fetishes from looking at too much online bullshit.

No. 345574

File: 1546114983354.jpg (124.08 KB, 1600x1000, 1310975130393.jpg)

Can I have some artist's advice please?

I paint normie things like landscapes, but also like to draw fan art of anime characters sometimes. (Pic not mine) No shipping or sexual content just normal drawings.
I have been wondering if I should upload it all on the same blog/social media under my name? Or should I use a separate account and identity for weeb art? I don't wanna split up like that but at the same time I don't think people who wanna see my serious art wanna see my anime pics. And maybe they think lowly of me for those pics. What to do.

No. 345583

don't do it anon. throw it out please.

No. 345585

if you're just art blogging for fun just post them together. no one really cares that much.

No. 345663

Depends on how you're comfortable, really. I'd say to make a second account because I like to keep my social media clean/curated but in the end I think most people don't care.

No. 345667

Thanks for the input.
I have some professional art/commissions there, but it's a blog not a portfolio.

No. 345714

Ty anons, I threw out the rotten meat! Going to the hospital for food poisoning or something would have been way more expensive that the five dollars the meat costs.

No. 345738

can you be considered voluntarily celibate if you're just not interested in sex much in the first place?

No. 345752


sure. if you choose to abstain then you volunteer to be celibate

No. 345789

No you idiot, your label is asexual. Everyone must have a label in today's world!

No. 345807

read somewhere that women suffer more from mental retardation than men (or maybe the other around?) a while back, anyone know if it’s true?

No. 345825

i suspect sarcasm coming from you, but bc of all the people claiming to be asexual who actually hook up with people and masturbate, love to orgasm etc makes me feel alienated from that whole label. it's really dumb to claim to not be interested in sex when it very obviously brings you pleasure

No. 345826

Other way around, I think. Apparently both downs syndrome and autism are more common in males. Lol.

No. 345835

>not wanting to have sex is the same as not feeling sexual arousal
>some people would actually argue this

wew lad. don't remind me of this bullshit

No. 345837

is it weird if i shave all my body hair off? i really hate body hair and it makes me feel "unclean". i genuinely like the results though, i've never been called hairy or had a man/woman tell me that i needed to shave. i've just always hated my own body hair and want it all gone.

No. 345838

me and my bf both do this so it's not that weird.

No. 345849

if you want longterm results pony up for laser hair removal. shaving just leaves it smooth for a day, and then you have to deal with stubby bits for longer.

No. 345871

yeah i do it every other day and have since i was in middle school. i'm thinking i might get it lasered one day but idk i already want other CS so i'm afraid of spending way too much on my body bc getting it all lasered would likely be costly

No. 345879

Anon, do you also mean eyebrows and head hair? Otherwise, isn’t that just what basically every woman out there does other than a few nonconforming women

No. 345888

most women only shave legs and armpits and maybe crotch.

No. 345895

What other body hair is there, baby fluff on arms barely counts

No. 345896

Not when videos on how to shave your peach fuzz have millions of views

No. 345906

That seems so obsessive, they’re barely even noticeable. What’s the point?

No. 345908

whats the point? women are made to feel ashamed about everything.

No. 345910

I’ve never heard a single person say bad things about peach fuzz, online or irl

No. 346940

is it normal for your period to get worse as you age
i'm 19 going on 20 and have never experienced cramping or anything like it, but i'm like, 5 days into this period & dealing with headaches and nausea

No. 347200

What happened in the man hate thread?

No. 347220

The mods are too lazy to moderate it so they just locked it.

No. 347237

They can change as you age because of hormone levels, nutrition or other lifestyle factors. I’m 26 and my periods have become shorter, but I bleed a lot during them and have really bad cramps.

No. 347304

For the new year I plan on finally uploading my art and hopefully build an audience. My skill level is around intermediate, but for some reason I feel as though I'm not experienced enough to use my real name.

What would you anons suggest?

No. 347387

There’s not really much reason to use your name for posting artwork unless you’re hoping to work in and get noticed by the industry. And if so, I suggest being very critical of what you upload and the quality of it - obviously artwork itself, but also how you present it. If you use your name you also have to be hyper vigilant of what you say as it is tied to you. Best of luck

No. 347393

Can you get scabies from shoes?
I haven't had prolonged skin contact with them but bought them a month ago + now have itchy feet which lead to itchy everywhere.

No. 347396

I'd recommend not writing your real name tbh. Don't be like Holly Brown

No. 347428

Plenty of artists use their real name for ease of recognition, not everyone is a Holly Brown

No. 347999

were they new shoes or pre-owned shoes? could be contact dermatitis if new, fungus if used. doubt it's scabies

No. 348003

Wow anon, same here! I plan on using just my name, no family name. You could use that or a nickname.
I also think I need to already have a folder on my phone with my work, so I can upload consistently. Life can get in the way, and having that to fall back on would be great.

No. 348005

I'd also like to put my art out there more, but I really hate the idea of having my real name out for everyone to see

I'd suggest you start with a nickname and maybe just your first name just in case.

No. 348358

Isn't pixielocks right in saying she wasn't making a profit? If she makes 600 from that donor tier but spends 300 on supplies, even if she is getting 300 profit that profit is exactly how much she'd be spending in supplies next month, so she would literally not be profiting. Like lets say she starts out with in January with $300, she buys the supplies and is back to 0. Then she ships out the cards, and she has $300 but she is left with as much as she started with.

Please explain to me if this reasoning is incorrect, I am not a wk for Jill in any way I was just thinking about this earlier.

No. 348632

Is Andrew Loomis's method for drawing human head alright? I really like it but I don't know if there are any pitfall when following it that I should be aware of?

No. 348668

File: 1546557157768.jpg (31.67 KB, 482x252, tumblr_inline_pj0d3u8hgJ1t7w3d…)

I see a lot of these "photo with a cropped section of extreme close-up of the subject's eye, repeated over and over" pictures on Tumblr. Can anyone explain to me why they are popular? Where did this aesthetic motif come from, and why is it so prevalent now? What is the meaning?

No. 348703

Looks like Porter Robinson's new aesthetic. Are you talking about stuff like that?

No. 348910

Do you think I should buy some crypto and stocks now that the market has lots of cheap goods? Or do you think that the sudden bull market is just another pump&dump?

No. 349033

if you want to invest, invest only the amount of money that you're ready to loose anyway

No. 349036

Absolutely not. Short term stocks are almost always risky get-rich-quick schemes and crypto is already past its prime. Use the money that you want to invest and put it in something more stable and longterm, or eve better, use it to take a class and learn a skill, or buy something nice that you'll use for a while. Literally anything is better, and anyone who will tell you otherwise is just pulling you on board their sinking ship so they have a chance to get out.

No. 349542

You're absolutely right. Thank you for talking me out of this. And I really mean it!

No. 349900

I know there may not be a correct answer for this question per se (Since people pick up things differently maybe?). But how long would you say would you have to study Japanese in order to actually read - say a news article or a tweet or something.

No. 349972

probably a while. i might not be the best person to answer this though since i learned hiragana and katakana as a very young child, but you do need to know a lot of kanji and in order to learn kanji properly you have to know hiragana and to read without help you need to understand a lot of contextual japanese. i'm terrible at kanji tho so maybe it's just me.

No. 349977

File: 1546795493662.gif (325.84 KB, 500x296, FC37EACC-54CD-47C6-8086-C86D8A…)

what’s a really good affordable camera for beginners? i wanna be more active on instagram and take pretty pictures but idk where to start. i’ve only ever used my phone.

No. 349980

Can someone explain to me who JY is and what he has done to be even mentioned outside lolcow?

No. 349983

No. 349984

Just another pedo tranny. He is obsessed with sticking tampons up little girls vaginas and hanging out in the girls bathroom. He's attracting attention because he's a dangerous predator and a lolcow who needs to be removed from the gene pool.

No. 350026

I'm at my wits end, idk what to do from here and I'm terrified to make a move.
I'm trying to figure out where to digitally store all my pics. I have hundreds of fashion inspiration images that I've curated for years, along with personal photos, etc. I have two devices that I use; my 3 y.o. old tablet and my Blackberry Key2 phone. My phone has plenty of storage space, but I would like to sync between devices. I used to use Google Drive but now there's Google Photos which inexplicably started indexing my photos in a confusing and overhwelming way. So I'm all spread out between these platforms and my sd card and I don't like it. I just want my folders of photos damnit.
Idk how to explain the situation… I just want all my shit in one place. I don't like the file explorer on my phone and I'm afraid to download another one bc I'm paranoid it will somehow delete all my pics if I decide I don't like the explorer app after some time?
I'm also paranoid about using Google Photos exclusively bc they'll scan all my shit with their spy software AI bullshit and have creepy info about me and my face. Also I don't trust that the cloud will fail one day and I'll lose all my shit or they will charge me to access it one day or smth.

I feel like I'm not understanding something and the answer is very simple. But I'm terrifed to try to organize and clean up bc I've been burned before and lost hundreds of files. Pls someone set me straight!

No. 350034

Why not just dropbox?

No. 350038

I almost suggested a usb or hard drive but…you don't have a computer.
Why do you not own a computer? Even a little netbook or something?

No. 350042

You can use a thumb drive with a smart phone, just get an on the go adapter

No. 350052

I don't really know how DropBox works besides "cloud storage" but I will look into it! I have no idea what the interface is even like, aside from being linked to Snapchat videos from anons on lolcow. I felt the website was poorly designed in those instances so I dismissed Dropbox entirely but I will look into it for these purposes. Ty

Yeah I really miss having a computer, I feel like half my fingers are tied orsomething when trying to navigate the OS'es of my tablet and phone. Hopefully this will happen soon. I have an online shop too that is almost impossible to run from these devices…

This is what I've been doing for the last year or so, but it's really a pain in the ass to remember what photos are newly saved and need to be added to the flash drive, across two devices. I literally email pics to myself to get them from the tab to the phone or vice versa it's just not ideal… I also have like 2 zip files of backups and a bunch of duplicates. It just gets messy. I even use a duplicate file remover but like I said it just gets overwhelming and cumbersome to juggle all this.

I guess it boils down to the fact that I need a computer, really. I haven't had one for like 3 years since my old ass Dell crapped out. My life is embarrassing kek

No. 350053

Just use mega. You get way more room to start with than you do on dropbox anyways and the UI isn't shit.

No. 350059

File: 1546807321282.jpg (40.34 KB, 800x213, 20190106_123715.jpg)

Itayrt & just to be sure, are you referring to pic related? Just wanna confirm before I dive in.

So what happens if this company or app or whatever goes out of business in a year? That's my main point of hesitation in committing to cloud storage. Also, would I be able to back up the cloud onto a flash drive? I just don't trust these servers to keep running forever (I barely know what I'm talking about but I hope you get my drift lol).

No. 350070

Yeah. And mega doesn't show any signs of going anywhere. I'm sure it won't for a long time, it's a really popular site. But if it did, they would definitely warn you before and give you ample time to dl all your stuff and move it somewhere else.

>would I be able to back up the cloud onto a flash drive?

Yeah, if you want lol. What's stopping you from using a micro SD or a regular SD like everyone else though?

No. 350074

you sound… paranoid lol. just buy a cheap laptop or something if you're so worried

No. 350108

Thank you very much for helping me!
And lol, good point. I have a large flash drive that I've been using so I defaulted to that. But in fact I do now have a microsd with 64gigs so I'll use that instead. Doyyyyy

I am very paranoid about this. Have you ever lost* hundreds of personal and curated photos or files, never to be seen again? It's actually devastating. I won't go through it again!!

I've actually contemplated for a moment printing all this shit out for physical copies but that's expensive as fuck and a little insane, especially for non-personal photos. Then my kind is like "WELL WHAT IF THERE'S A FIRE" and it just gets ridiculous from there haha

Also I'll just be frank I'm a NEET poorfag and have been for a long time but I'm working on it.

No. 350110

Mind* my MIND thinks there will be a fire. Another reason I need a computer– I can't type for shit on these touch screens despite using them for years.

No. 350114

yw, fellow neet poorfag

No. 350117

How do you guys keep track of threads on lolcow that you've replied to? Like when you want to check if anyone replied to your posts?

I post in a lot of threads at once and it's hard to remember which ones to check back in on.

No. 350187

I usually keep the tab opeb tbh

No. 350289

File: 1546852134411.png (106.01 KB, 326x243, tumblr_inline_p7g8dvzAdQ1s48u4…)

i've never been able to masturbate with my hands, it gives me little to no pleasure. i dont have any toys so the only way i can get off is using the massage setting on my shower head and using that as a dildo, but that's really inconvenient and annoying as i can't look at porn at the same time. am i doing it wrong? is it normal to not be able to get off with fingers? does anyone have any guides or tips? i just wanna beat it to material rather than just thought.

No. 350294

why not just buy a vibrator? fingers just might not work for you. it's not really a big deal.

No. 350319

I heard using the high pressure showerhead extensively kinda kills the feeling down there, so everything else just feels like nothing. I don't know how true it is, but maybe try weaning yourself off it.

No. 350320

Am I a bitch for unsubscribing to people when they overdo ads on youtube videos and basically start creating exclusive videos for Patreons?
I understand that there's a lot of work behind content creation but I hate recurring payments (one of the reasons why I stopped using adobe products). I gladly support in the form of buying their books or clicking on the affiliate links. I don't even mind ads as long as there's a moderate amount of them, I disable my adblocker for certain channels.

But two content creators that I like completely went that route and I lost respect for them.
idk, maybe I'm stingy-pants.

No. 350322

No way. Fuck youtubers who do that.

No. 350585

I don't mind an ad at the beginning but people who put a bunch of ads in their shitty short video can go fuck themselves. I've absolutely clicked off a video and unsubbed for that.

No. 350634

Why are there so many francophiles/frenchaboos but hardly any italiaboos?

No. 350648

I think there's a good amount of each. Might depend on where you live.

No. 350719

I suspect in America, Italian is smeared by associated with trashy guidos. In Australia we get French movies about love and shit but all the Italian movies I ever saw were about women getting the shit beaten out of them for disobeying their brother.

No. 350743

I've never met a single italian american that wasn't a smelly piece of human garbage. they give italy a horrible name lol.

No. 350753

If you have Android look up YouTube Vanced on xda developers and you can download a non-root ad-less, window in window and in-background YouTube app/fix. I'm surprised more people don't know about this. Fuck ads and people that rely on them, figure some other way to provide for yourself.

No. 351033

Can I use a cupcake maker for waffle recipies instead of waffle iron?

No. 351040

File: 1546979957725.jpg (155.78 KB, 570x855, 3lvhKZV.jpg)

I'm from another part of Europe and imo, French culture is seen as more classy than Italian culture. People love the sound of the French language, there's French skincare, French movies and the stereotypes of France being romantic and elegant. I've never been there myself but that's what I usually hear from people with francophile tendencies.

Italy is stereotyped as having good food, sunny weather and hot men. I think that's it?

No. 351051

why do you have a cupcake maker and not a waffle iron? are you a sim?

also just make crepes they're superior

No. 351085

I've heard good and bad things about France in general. I absolutely love the Palace of Versailles. One of my top 3 places I want to visit. The thing that sets me off about France is I had a friend who got pickpocketed by gypsies on the first day of her vacation. She also said the food was pretty bland.

No. 351150

I mean, I think France is overrated and people who think Paris is some romantic utopia have no clue BUT the only people who get pickpocketed by gipsies are obvious tourists. I live in a bordering country and go to Paris every year and never got pickpocketed in my life. The only people I know to who it happened were americans.

No. 351403

If I accidentally take two 300mg capsules of ferrous sulfate will I be at risk of seriously hurting my body?
I haven't, but just in case it happens one of these days.

No. 351472

Iron supplements are famous for making people nauseous enough that they puke
Buy the special iron pills that are gentle on your stomach and keep track of how much you're taking

No. 351507

File: 1547023314503.jpeg (266.51 KB, 750x532, 3F7D377F-4237-48AC-9846-6DE381…)

I’m reading an English translation of a Russian book, and I’ve noticed for some reason that the names of some characters (pic related) or names of towns seem to be shortened/split in half with a dash. Why is this?

No. 351509

Dostoyevsky's way of doing [redacted] while enabling the reader to keep track of things

No. 351512

File: 1547024328367.jpg (1.78 MB, 1788x3418, 11aa1.jpg)

Is it true that the holes that commonly appear in the back of Bonne Chance Collections dresses are for leashes and collars because the store caters to the uwu sub ddlg crowd?

No. 351517

i'm not sure, anon, but honestly, this looks ugly and cheap

No. 351785

Why do mexicans bitch and whine about white people so much? White envy even though most of them are already mestizo? No one else does it as much as they do, seriously.

No. 351799

Do men get turned off by deep voices? I actually love my voice and don't want to change it, but I can see why it would make a man uncomfortable and kill a possible boner. For reference I have a slightly deeper voice than Lauren Southern but with similar intonation (not proud of having something in common with her but hey).
Any deep voice anons have experience here?

No. 351800

Do men get turned off by deep voices? I actually love my voice and don't want to change it, but I can see why it would make a man uncomfortable and kill a possible boner. For reference I have a slightly deeper voice than Lauren Southern but with similar intonation (not proud of having something in common with her but hey).
Any deep voice anons have experience here?

No. 351807

Having a deep voice is sexy and mature, you should be proud of it anon. No two people are the same and they're not going to have the same tastes.

No. 351809

most men like deep voices. they think it's sultry.

No. 351810

Thank you anon!

It is envy. Mexicans aren’t the only nonwhites to bitch about white women, you see black women doing it all the time online, saying we have no lips, no ass, age like shit, etc. From what I’ve seen and heard, white women are like a prize to nonwhite men and that probably makes women of their own race jealous.

No. 351816

Ummm they said white people, not white women. Men exist.

No. 351821

I was referring to both genders on both sides. Both mexican men and women love to bitch about white men and women. The dudes are CLEARLY envious of white men and desperately wish to be white, it's so fucking sad. I'm sure the same is true for the women though too.

And I don't really hear black women being so envious about white women. Black people are super chill and don't talk as much shit but when they do, it's not as obnoxious as when mexicans go about it.

My bad if this turns into a racebait discussion, i know it probably will.

No. 351826

My bad, i read “mestizo” as “mestiza”

No. 351859

It's the same in reverse, I don't usually hear bitching about white americans from Mexicans, where do you live?. It's everyone in the globe who bitches about white Americans anyways?

No. 351865

I saw some cute moomin baby clothes and my cousin’s wife is having a baby shower, would it be strange to buy them for the baby if they don’t know about the moomin series?

No. 351866

i don't think so, you can either explain what it is or they'll just think it's a cute design

No. 351869

File: 1547088840922.gif (189.22 KB, 360x292, AS002558_05.gif)

Buy it and make it a personal mission to brainwash their baby from womb to become a Moomin diehard fan.

No. 351929

Is there a way to upload your own sounds/music to use on Tik Tok? pls no bully

No. 351946

There's people who buy cute looking stuff without being aware whatever they like is part of a series. I don't think cute baby clothes really need an explanation.

No. 352013

Is “uwu” meant to be like someone actually saying it (ooo woo?) in a cute anime voice or is it supposed to be like some type of emoji face? If so what emotion is this dumb ass face displaying bc it has confused me for years but I never felt like asking anyone.

No. 352014

It's supposed to be an emoji of someone closing their eyes and having a cat-like mouth, but people pronounce it oo woo when they're making fun of someone who uses it unironically

No. 352018

File: 1547117446305.jpg (906.44 KB, 1024x695, Rupert_Cover.jpg)

No, I literally just bought a niece a Rupert bear egg up for Christmas, she's not going to have a clue who he is but one day she'll ask and someone will have to EXPLAIN.


No. 352062

File: 1547125218585.gif (910.4 KB, 480x272, My life sorry for the speed of…)

What is the safest way to browse 4chan? I would like to read the /toy/ board, but don't want to be exposed to random child porn raids that I have heard happen from time to time. I tried reading archived threads on nyafuu but they drive me crazy cause I can't enlarge the tiny pictures without clicking on a file name which then opens the pic in a new window. Plenty of broken links too. Is this my only option?

No. 352077

I know plenty of men who prefer a deeper voice over a high one. I have one friend who sometimes complains about women with high voices because it hurts his ears.
So don't worry, eveyone has different preferences.

No. 352080

lmao… there isnt really any cp on 4chan. 4chan is the normie imageboard nowadays. Nothing will happen on /toy/. How old are you, you sound underage yourself.

No. 352083

I was literally browsing /toy/ a month ago and while I didn't personally see cp, I saw posts by people complaining about it not being deleted for some time. Same situation as on lolcow I suppose but with a higher chance of happening.

Dunno what about my post made you think I am underage.

No. 352088

File: 1547128553490.jpeg (6.42 KB, 250x150, images.jpeg)

You admit you know that it happens here too, and yet here you are.

No. 352100

It happens here rarely and I usually check /meta to see if there is something skeevy going on. Huge chance someone already mentioned it there. Then I don't browse for a while till mods take the trash out.
Note there is no third party lolcow archive website or app so I don't have a choice of how to browse this imageboard (which is an option w/ 4chan). I enjoy lolcow and to stop browsing because of the occasional raids would be like letting robots win.

Lolcow is pretty unique, tbh I would gladly browse another toy sperg board instead of 4chan/toy/ but I haven't found any which covers all the bases at the same time (fashion dolls, bjds, Pokemon figures etc).

I don't understand why you are trying to pick a fight with me over such minor bullshit.

No. 352163

Eww I sure hope not. Ugly, unnecessary cutouts have been trendy for a while.

No. 352187

if i drink 80 oz everyday, will it keep me from bloating constantly? i bloat a lot and its my new daily goal but idk if its too much or too little cause i'm dumb

No. 352279

one of my nostrils is larger than the other, is it possible i've accidently stretched it after years of literally stuffing tissues up my nose when i have a cold or allergies?

No. 352388

It might be easier to simply cut down on your salt intake. 2 liters (67oz) a day is plenty, no need to drown yourself

No. 352569

Has anyone used Bumble for making friends? Does it have filters for specific hobbies, kids/not? Are there a lot of active users? I uninstalled when it said I had to upload a selfie, but if it's worth it I might just go through with it.

No. 352675

Getting my wisdom teeth out in a week. Can anyone, preferably speaking from personal experience, tell me about when it would be safe to give a blowjob? I don't wanna hurt myself or cause an infection.

No. 352720

This isn't coming from experience but common sense tells me that'd be a great way to get a dry socket(s). It can wait. Don't do it.

No. 352820

probably not, you cant really change the shape of cartilage in your nose unless you get surgery. your nostril has probbaly always been like that, but youve only just noticed. most peoples faces are assymetric anyway.

No. 352821

Agree with this (although also not from experience), even sucking from a straw is forbidden unless you want to dislodge the clot and have more dentist bills.
Give it a good month, it took about that long for mine to be safe for straws/particle food. If he breaks up with you or cheats for it he's an asshole lol.

No. 352901

Are velvet loafers inappropriate for job interviews? They're dark green, almost black.

No. 352956

If you can't wait much, do what >>352821 said and wait AT LEAST a month. But honestly maybe you should wait even longer than that. I had to remove my wisdom teeth and it's fucking painful, it hurts sooo fucking bad afterwards. I seriously doubt you will think about sucking anything for a couple months, even after it's healed, because the pain is so bad that it will be enough to scare you for a while.

No. 352964

I had my wisdom teeth removed and I don't remember it being that bad. Maybe I just have bad memory.

No. 352966

File: 1547244996227.jpg (52.53 KB, 540x405, tumblr_n2bdhw1Vx31ssyrbgo1_540…)

Old, but I found another pic as an example. I've seen it earlier than PR's stuff, so it can't be based on that.
Seriously, who/what inspired this?

No. 352967

File: 1547245046193.jpg (74.14 KB, 598x760, tumblr_nmsp6n9uhb1upys9io1_640…)

Another one.

No. 352978

NTA but It depends on the person. My sister had no pain but I was swollen and in intense pain for a month

No. 353061


Thanks guys. My dentist told me just based on my age, dental history, etc, I should recover pretty fast. I'll wait a month and a half since that seems to be about the average time here.

No. 353163

Where do your breasts hurt when you're PMS-ing or ovulating ? I never had that happen to me in my life untill this month.
I have G cup breasts and they were always kinda numb so I'm not sure if this is something I should be worried about or if it's normal. To me it hurts like a needle was being put though my nipple.

No. 353173

Mine usually hurt whole, but I have a B cup. They feel kinda numb, and if I touch them they feel sore like muscles after hard exercise.

No. 353174

Eh, I have huge tits too and they tend to be pretty numb majority of the time. I’d say it’s pretty normal the bigger they are, iirc there’s a limited amount of nerve endings there and the larger the mass then it goes without saying that the further apart these nerve endings will be
I wouldn’t be too concerned if that gives you any peace of mind

No. 353178

Thanks! I've never been to concerned with their numbness but now that they hurt, its kinda weird. I'm PMS-ing though so that calms me because I heard that they hurt many women right before their period.

No. 353241

I got a copyright notice today in letter form for downloading some animu. Can anything actually come out of these letters? This is my first time receiving one.

No. 353246

One of my classmates and also my cousin both received letters about torrenting movies once, they both had to pay thousands, yes.
Obviously this is not guaranteed that you will have to, but it occurs, yeah.

Why download? Streaming is widely legally available? Such unnecessary trouble.

No. 353262

File: 1547315523129.jpg (47.82 KB, 325x550, c5431c0922954b7199f6d739ace589…)

I see this kind of picture posted often on this board when we talk about certain cows, is it a meme or is it actually true?
I ask because my old employer had the same exact eyes as the bottom ones when she got angry. I've always thought it was really weird, and she was actually batshit crazy and oozed psycho murderer vibes. Whew, I did the right thing by leaving…

No. 353263

>Why download
I don't like buffering and like being able to watch things offline. Anyways, it was an older thing so I thought no one would give a shit, guess I was wrong. I'll be more careful.

No. 353266

Which country do you live in? It seems petty to care about someone downloading a movie once/few eps of an old anime.

No. 353269

No. 353273

I've only ever received one email for downloading copyrighted content, and it was just a warning. It really varies per person and your ISP I think, but I think physical letters are a little more serious. What did the letter say? If you plan on continuing to download such content opt for a VPN, or like >>353246 said and just get a subscription.

No. 353277

I think the letter was sent because I was seeding the torrent, the letter didn't say any action would be taken so I think it was just a warning.

No. 353280

My old ISP banned me after sending me 2 copyright warning letters. The best part is, I never downloaded either of those things. One of them was even a notice for a date that happened before I had an account with them. My new ISP has never bothered me about anything, but I don't DL as much any more. I recommend a vpn, bitblocker, etc.

No. 353333

Wow, that is a stupid question. Why can't you just wait a little, ho? Better yet, have someone give you a blow job.

No. 353341

I'll admit I got caught downloading games before, but one of the games was over 3 years old and I mainly just wanted to test out how it'd look on my computer and didn't want to deal with the whole refund process.

No. 353452

Did you torrent or download through a 1-click download website like mediafire? Please answer.

No. 353457

I hope it's a meme, or this image has a serious bias against people with downturned eyes lol.

No. 353463

What do you do at work when you're surrounded by normies who only talk about dieting, having "adorable" babies or small children and pregnancy? They're really not interesting and I'm having a hard time bonding with them aside from small talk sometimes, which is something my manager might be judging me for. How do you guys deal with this? I'm sick of coworkers bragging about eating less or counting calories during our lunch breaks or telling me that someday I'll have the hormonal urge of wanting a child.

No. 353464

Torrent through nyaa for an anime is what I did

No. 353465

try to bring up other safe topics, like your pets or hobbies or something. you might not ever be bosom buddies but there's probably common ground you can find, like loving cats or knitting or something.

No. 353472

Thanks for replying and confirming what I've heard before. Apparently, only torrenting can get you into real trouble but 1-click hosters are safe (for now).

No. 353474

Yeah, what I heard was "it's ok to torrent anime, they won't care, you only get in trouble for movies and popular western-made stuff in general" but I guess that was wrong. I have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for 1-click stuff.

No. 353523

you'll get in trouble for whatever companies have copyright claims that they sent out. ISPs monitor this with programs they get that flag certain torrents, downloads etc.

No. 354907

Lolcow related question- there's milk about a weeb who is kind of a twitter personality, cosplays and writes articles sometimes, but not an artist. I don't think he deserves his own thread unless things escalate but I have no idea where to post it.

The tl;dr is: dude tells his metoo story on twitter months ago, today everyone rejects him because he targeted and harassed women, enbies etc, has a goldmine of trashy photos and does crossplay, is apparently both friends with people posted in the fakeboi and weeb artist threads

No. 354909

He'd fit in the weeb artist thread well enough

No. 354984

can physical symptoms of anxiety affect even when you're not feeling super anxious in the moment? starting classes for the semester has coincided with me getting random shooting pains in different spots of my abdomen so i thought that they're due to my bad anxiety. im feeling these pains even when i feel okay in the moment, is it still possible that they're due to anxiety or am i being dumb

No. 354985

ill get sick much later in the day after having a panic attack and when im feeling better. same with the shooting pains.
but of course, anecdotes arent medical opinion.

No. 355103

i heard someone say that japanese gravure models and stuff get hormone injections to make their boobs bigger rather than getting boob jobs.

is this true?

No. 355107

Can't find the current advice thread, so I'll ask here: Where can I find women-friendly content online that's not specifically about being a woman?

All the general interests websites are riddled with men and therefore with incel/mra/sexist bullshit. It's getting harder to find youtubers who don't make fun of waman, don't blame us for all that is wrong with the world, or who don't immediately side with a male even when the male is clearly to blame.

Please anons, where can I get general fun content without being casually dehumanized???

No. 355122

It’s a lot more likely that they simply get lower profile teardrop shaped implants in order to look more like natural large breasts. Very real shaped implants do exist for women who want them; we’re just used to seeing the super perky high-profile round ones.

No. 355126

one youtuber that immediately comes to my mind - if you like comedy bois - is kurtis conner. i don't know if he identifies as a feminist or shit but he's very supportive, even in jokes.
Cody Ko and Noel are more lowkey but watch their stuff on Russ, you can see that they're not edgy morons about women

Call me a sensitive snowflake, but yeah I hate it when the youtuber I like suddenly shits out some women-hating edgy content. I feel genuinely hurt and betrayed lol. Usually that's when my subscription ends. So tired of this trend of "the feminazis at it again!" vids, wish we would leave tHe EdGe in 2018

No. 355135

How can you sit through even one of those guys' unfunny videos? They're all on my soyboy blocklist.

No. 355158

Same. I want a female friendly ver of reddit etc where creepy, sexist comments are banned. If enough women are fed up we could make our own site

No. 355256

if they are on your unfunny soyboy list, then so must be most of modern youtube. who do you find funny then, and not a soyboy? not being passive-aggro, just genuinely interested

No. 355297

>then so must be most of modern youtube
Unfortunately, sort of. Chris Fleming and the McElroys are the only soyboys who get a pass because they're actually funny (or at least the McElroys were a year or two ago).

Now that I think about it, I don't really go to youtube for funny stuff because most of if… isn't. Tumblr and more or less twitter are better for that. I usually only watch pokemon videos, kpop boy fancams, cooking asmr, and beetle fights on YouTube. That "pastry chef attempts to make _" series is entertaining enough too though.

No. 355364

Ty blessed anon I have been using Mega since this discussion and it works like a charm!! It was super easy to upload all my shit, too. Ty ty ty

No. 355557

Most comedians on Yt don't seem to be soyboys at all? They're mostly "enlightened" centrist skeptic sympathizers?

No. 355640

File: 1547829248298.png (277.02 KB, 796x343, cheeks.png)

sorry if this is really dumb but ive been wondering this for a while. what do people even mean when they say 'high cheekbones'?

do they mean the type of cheekbones that the girl on the left has, or emily browning, for example? because, to me, while the girl on the left has higher cheekbones than emily browning, i don't feel that this looks more aesthetic. am i wrong here? are people actually talking about like, protruding cheekbones rather than height when they say 'high cheekbones'?

No. 355648

What are skebtigs but edgy soyboys minus the male feminism?

No. 355681

Emily's cheekbones are big, but they're not high. They make her cheeks look poofy.

No. 355926

File: 1547861691622.jpg (26.39 KB, 500x364, Rinoplastika_nosa_foto-_video-…)

I wonder sometimes if I'm actually ugly and no one has told me yet. I have a nose that looks just like the "before" in pic related. I've always been self-conscious about it but not to the point of getting surgery. A lot of girls considered ideally pretty have slightly upturned cute noses with no noticeable bumps. Would contouring work? Could I ever be considered attractive with a prominent nose?

No. 355929

i can't get over how sad that girl looks in the picture lol.

anyway yes, a lot of people think aquiline noses are nice. i would've never looked that the before pic and thought that girl needed a nose job.

No. 355948

having high cheekbones means the cheekbones are the widest part of your face. magdalena frackowiak is the classic example.

No. 355952

Beauty is different for everyone and there are always exceptions. I don't think she looks good before or after but it's not at all because of her nose. Her eyebrows are downturned like she's sad all the time and her mouth area is in permafrown mode. Having hooded eyelids doesn't help that.

No. 355954

how do I tag art on twitter? it seems like nothing i try actually works. i have a pretty decent following on my art tumblr with the same tags. maybe i just don't get twitter.

No. 355957

twitter's tagging system is garbage. you're better off trying to suck up to people to get retweets.

No. 355958

The after is a bit of an improvement. It's not something that would make or break your attractiveness but it does make the rest of her features flow together a little better.
I think you could achieve something similar to this with filler. They last on the nose for a few years rather than a few months like the rest of the face. Might be something to consider if it really bothers you and surgery isn't something that feels right for you.
>I don't think she looks good before or after but it's not at all because of her nose. Her eyebrows are downturned like she's sad all the time and her mouth area is in permafrown mode. Having hooded eyelids doesn't help that.
ow. why'd you have to come for me like that anon?

No. 356319

Anons with dating experience (t. 21-year-old KHV), do het men hate vaginas? Is it a common thing that they hate to look at them and resent going down on women?
I feel this is really common (from stories) although don't understand it myself because I personally think all vaginas are cute as long as there's no smegma and they're not infected lol. I don't understand how someone can be attracted sexually to another person but despise their genitals, it seems silly. Perhaps it's because I'm bi/genital indifferent that I don't get it?
Any anons despise dicks? Is this just a het male phenomenon where they hate and desire vaginas all at once? I haven't encountered lesbians who hate them.

No. 356325

i think it has to do with straight men's ignorance about the female anatomy, a lot of them aren't even aware of the existence of clits and think jackhammering is more than enough to make a woman come. Some guys like eating out and stuff, some can't do anything other than sticking their dick in for some reason so I'd say it depends on the guy, the ones who get repulsed by it are usually the inexperienced ones

No. 356329

I've never dated a guy like that but some of my friends have, they're usually pornsick redpillwd types. I don't understand how a woman can bear to be with them.
Dicks aren't pretty but as long as they're clean they're fine.

No. 356344

>Could I ever be considered attractive with a prominent nose?
Absolutely. There are plenty of successful & pretty celebrities who have larger/prominent noses and I'm sure you could find tons of people who find them attractive. Dita von Teese, Meryl Streep, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Uma Thurman, Gisele Bundchen, Paris Hilton, Rachel Weisz, etc. don't have little ski slope button noses but are still considered beautiful to many.
And like >>355929 said, a lot of people actually love prominent noses. It can look elegant and classic as long as you rock it with confidence. I know it sounds really cheesy but if you radiate confidence nobody will care about the size of your nose. I know a girl with a prominent nose that sounds similar to yours and even though she's conventionally attractive and gets compliments all the time and has no trouble getting guys, she's so insecure about her nose and can't stop bringing it up. I've known her forever and not once have I ever thought that her nose was ugly or she needed a nose job, but what's ugly is her constantly complaining about her "ugly beak" and tearing other women down.

No. 356352

File: 1547925232922.jpg (6.33 KB, 300x225, 21DejQuoT2L.jpg)

Why do bananas sometimes smell like cheese? Is it the chemicals/insects spray put on them? How come no other fruit ever smells like that?

No. 356353

Where do you live that bananas are smelling like cheese? They shouldn't smell like that ever…

No. 356354


No. 356356

Maybe it's a certain brand you buy? I have never, in my many years of banana consumption, sniffed a cheesy banana.

No. 356362

inspired by the banana question, why tf does my sweat smell like weed? i don't smoke but my armpits are fucking dank after a heavy workout.

No. 356363

Haven't payed attention to which brands have the smell/which ones don't but I'll certainly do that from now on, thanks anon! (Although I have noticed the cheaper ones tend to have the smell more often)

I just wonder why the grocery stores don't wash them off first? Whenever I wash them off at home the smell is gone.

No. 356365

>Scientists have discovered that the brain manufactures proteins that act like marijuana at specific receptors in the brain itself. This discovery may lead to new marijuana-like drugs for managing pain, stimulating appetite and preventing marijuana abuse.
I guess you literally get high when exercising anon.

No. 356366

If part of the cheese smell comes from mold, and considering Germany is not the natural habitat of bananas and the ones you buy might come from a tropical country, maybe you are just smelling old-ass frozen-cargo-shipped bananas.

No. 356372

Why was this question on kpop critical
>Why do Americans make such a big deal about non-black people having dreads? I'm from Europe and here nobody really cares.
considered baiting?
Nta but it looks normal enough, even if it's ot, and other questions about the culture on other countries usually don't generate angry responses like ones about the North American BlackXWhite thing.
I was listening to an Burgerland podcast yesterday and the host was just so weird about race too, he kept making weird jokes about if something was racist or not and acted like all people not from Germanic descent were some kind of rare pure suffering angels?

What's up with that? Why do caucasians in America are so scared about talking race and culture?

No. 356428

I'm American and I'd like to know this too. They're either overly self flagellating white guiltists or just unnecessarily ignorant/racist. And the ones who seem interested in learning about different cultures can't just ask simple questions, they always preface it with some weird stereotype or frame it in a shitty way.

No. 356465


No. 356714

Is there something you should do/someone you should notify when you lose your ID card? In USA.

No. 356781

Normies don't bc in reality, no1curr. Theres a few white people with dreads in certain subcultures and black people cant stop it. C'mon anon, tumblr doesnt reflect real life.

No. 356837

Nope, you just go get a new one.

No. 356840

A lot of Americans get very upset if you imply anything about American culture isn't perfect. You saw it in that thread, they instantly started screaming about how Europe has racism too even though nobody said it didn't.

No. 356843

over-sensitive politically correct people and their first world problems

No. 356844


I sometimes think we have the worst self-censoring culture in the States and it drives me crazy. You can’t talk about issues in our culture without someone taking it personal and getting irrationally upset. There’s so many problems going on in the US besides the obvious/what you see on TV that could be solved if we had an honest dialogue about it, and yet for some reason if you’re the slightest bit unhappy with x y z, you’re a communist/socialist/snowflake and should pack off to Mexico because apparently we live in a giant Disneyland where everyone has to be happy 24/7.

No. 356885

Say I wanted to refresh my math, where would I go for that? I like Khan Academy, but it's all over the place, and my memory is hazy.

I picked up a precalculus book, and I understand it, but I can't be picking up a bunch of shit

if someone wants to discord help me with math, hmu please, im heading back to college

No. 356895

No. 356909

What math are you seeking help with?

No. 356925

End Highschool, early college.
Thank you anon, I'm going through this from the start!

No. 356975

If you’re using products that are similar to ones you’ve had in the past, and you’re not introducing actives or acids or whatever, do you REALLY need to wait a week to introduce each new individual product into a skincare routine? I’m talking foam cleanser, gentle toner, night cream and some sheet masks.

No. 357036

You don't HAVE to, but if you have particularly sensitive skin or you're trying to fix something it's easier to do that so you know which products are causing problems immediately, should they arise.

I switched up my routine basically overnight and it was fine, but wasn't trying to fix any major skin problems like persistent acne.

No. 357043

Thanks, anon. I’m looking to add BHA later but that I’d wait for.

No. 357625

who is jordan peterson and what are his political views? i see videos of him on feminism and trans discussions often. i'm esl still learning english and political discussions in english are still kinda confusing to me because of lacking context and vocabulary, can someone please explain his ideologies in a simple way?

No. 357627

I used to like the whole making art stuff when I was younger. I've had in retrospect good art classes in secondary school, I just didn't understood at the time what my art teacher was on about. She was always saying I was close to getting things right, then was rambling about some technique but I just didn't get it.
Is it worth it to get back into it while I haven't done anything with it the past 6 years? Or will I have such a big delay that I'll never be able to become somewhat decent? I don't want to make money with it or go pro, but I also don't want it to be a frustrating hobby in which I can't progress if that makes sense. I have seen some people on here act that if you haven't progressed in a while you are hopeless and will never get better so idk.

No. 357639

was in the same boat, I was even going to apply to art school but then wound up dropping art completely after high school and didn't do anything but doodle for like 7 years. after i was gifted an ipad i decided to get back into it and have improved leaps and bounds just by drawing every day and using references.

if you enjoy art as a hobby it's definitely worth getting back into. it's never too late. you will definitely improve if you put a little effort into it. i feel like i finally have a hobby i don't have to force.

No. 357822

i dislike most dicks and vaginas i have seen (none irl as i am a virgin) but sometimes they don't look that bad to me. i think i could die happy a virgin though so idk. something about genitals is really unappealing to me and seems wrong and bad. maybe its my catholic schooling, idk.

No. 357835

no, most men don't. misogynists always do so let that be a red flag.

No. 357862

what happened to the manhate threads? i was gone for the first half of this month and i keep hearing about it getting taken down, so what made that happen?

No. 357911

he's a clinical psychologist who rose to fame after speaking out against
a proposed bill that would legally compel people to use preferred pronouns, including the bullshit ones like bunself/xirself.

because these actions could have potentially ended his career and landed him in jail, he was championed as hero of free speech and went on a lecture circuit where he continued to gain notoriety. he then became known for championing men's rights and acting as a father/authority figure to loser males and telling them to 'buck up' and 'clean their rooms.'

his political views lean conservative. he is christian, supports traditional gender roles, and said he would have voted for trump.

No. 357956

File: 1548117807143.png (553.52 KB, 578x670, 34676894576h8678n.png)

has michelle phan had work done? she looks so different to me. or is it just the different makeup style or like weight loss or something? her face just looks slightly off in her recent instagram pictures.

No. 357961

she's had extensive work done.

No. 358001

Michelle had so much work done she looks like a completely different person. People like Michelle Phan are the worst they always talk about how much pride they have in their culture then get ps to look half white smh. At some point she lied about having white in her and now she's back to I'm 100 percent viet guys

No. 358018

this is her now????? this is her best surgery so far. wow, does she look this good in video? this is literally like her 3rd face then and she looks younger here than she ever has

No. 358049

All I can focus on is how long her fringe is while only just dusting across the eyebrows - she must be hiding one big ass fivehead under there

No. 358076

File: 1548136132186.jpg (95.87 KB, 640x640, Michelle-Phan.jpg)

Damn I didn't even recognize her. She still had work done in pic, but imo she looked better before.

No. 358096

File: 1548138688500.png (8.82 KB, 406x279, crude lip.png)

My lips are weirdly colored, like around the outer part they are a lot darker mauvish-burgandy color and in the center they are a light and pinkish. Why is this? Is there a way to get rid of this? For the recond, they aren't chapped or anything. I have tried to draw kind of how they look.

No. 358121

anon, that honestly sounds really cute! I hope you aren't self-conscious about it. but if it affects your lipstick coverage, just put a thin layer of lip primer (foundation can work too) on your lips first to even out your natural pigmentation

No. 358131

Is it possible to lucid dream whilst using Seroquel or similar medications to sleep?

No. 358151

How do I determine whether I have lordosis or just a fat ass (I'm overweight and bottom heavy)?

No. 358185

I would say possibly but it could vary from person to person. From my experience, it naturally caused such vivid dreams there was no need to really try making it lucid. I would be between half awake and asleep while having conversations or doing things if I wasn't in bed in time & it would be hard to tell the difference between the two.
Don't take a higher dose than recommended or too often and you should be fine. Be careful with long term use because antipsychotics can be horrible to come off of.

No. 358192

Seroquel only gave me the most uncomfortable sleep ever. Like you're not sleepy and comfy but your brain is forced to shut down and the only way to relieve the terrible impression that you're going to pass the fuck out is to lay down.
If you're going to lucid dream on that shit you're in for a world of nightmares and ghouls.

No. 358233

t. just woke up from a lucid dream on seroquel

No. 358248

is it me or is cheating not out of desire/attraction a lot less bad than cheating out of desire? why do men act like there's no difference between the two?

like, cheating because you're having a mental breakdown or something

(i've not done this, just wondering how people feel, because, for me, the most hurtful thing is the fact that my partner really wants to sleep with someone else)

No. 358252

I’ll be honest, some cheating I can empathise with; those with abusive partners, partners who have been deployed for a very long time and might not return, partners that are in long term comas. Yeah, it’s shitty, but people crave human touch and to feel wanted. I don’t agree with those circumstances but I can empathise with why someone might reach a breaking point and be desperate for someone else to hold them.

But I’m regards to what you were saying, I’d be severely disappointed if my partner were to cheat on me because of a mental breakdown - that shows that they’re hugely volatile and I can’t place a lot of trust in them in case of another breakdown, and more likely than not they’d try to use poor mental health as a justification for the cheating rather than an opportunity to go to therapy and better themselves.

No. 358262

But if there's no desire behind sleeping with them, I don't see how it's as hurtful as the other. I'm not talking about someone that has desire, outside of the mental illness induced impulsiveness and that the breakdown just made them unable to control themselves. I'm talking about someone that is like, maybe self destructive and slept with someone they don't like or something as a means of self harm. Obviously it's difficult to be in a relationship with a person like that, but I'm talking purely what is jealousy inducing and very hurtful, like I'm talking just raw feelings.

Realistically, yeah, it's going to hurt because it can potentially dash dreams of a functional relationship, but I'm just talking jealousy/the act itself hurting.

No. 358263

Of course it hurts, my hypothetical partner still fucking cheated on me in that scenario. If they can’t hold back on these impulses they shouldn’t enter monogamous relationships, because one of the biggest dealbreakers for most people is if you sleep with someone other than your partner
Just because it’s ‘self-harm’ (really though, how exactly. This sounds like someone trying to wriggle out of responsibilities), doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt the other person and break their trust. The pain from cheating comes from someone who’s supposed to love you breaking your trust
Doesn’t really matter what their reason was, it walks hurts when your boyfriend sticks his dick in someone else

No. 358268

>Of course it hurts, my hypothetical partner still fucking cheated on me in that scenario. If they can’t hold back on these impulses they shouldn’t enter monogamous relationships, because one of the biggest dealbreakers for most people is if you sleep with someone other than your partner
i'm not saying it doesn't hurt. i'm saying it's not the same as the other and is less hurtful because desire isn't the motivator, yet men don't see the difference.

>Just because it’s ‘self-harm’ (really though, how exactly. This sounds like someone trying to wriggle out of responsibilities)

it's not. 'sex as self injury' is recognized in psychology and psychiatry. sex can absolutely be used as a form of self harm and self sabotage.

No. 358392

When asians speak of eating pudding are they usually talking about flan? I went to a boba tea place and they asked if I'd like to try the new pudding tea and I said sure, and the pudding in it seemed kind of like flan.

No. 358408

Alright, this one is a super dumb/odd question:

Would it be weird for someone who's white to have a dark skinned OC? Obviously no stereotypical racist stuff

/disclaimer: I'm not an artists, roleplayer or trying to racebait, just wondering

No. 358412

Nah, it's not weird unless you make it weird. Lots of creators make characters of different races or skin tones. Like you said, don't add in any weird stereotypes or racebait-ish stuff, and you should be good.

No. 358415

No, why would you think it odd? Genuine question back.
Unless it's fetish-y or racist it's perfectly fine and common. I'm mixed and have characters of several different races. If anything it would be weird to have something set in the west in the modern day and not have some brown/black people.

No. 358417


It is, idk why they call it pudding, it’s flan.

No. 358424

What does TRA and TiM stand for? I asked the google machine and got even more confused.

No. 358425

TRA is trans rights activiest and TiM is trans identified male, aka a MtF.

No. 358426

Trans Rights Activist and Trans Identified Male. The latter is the type that calls themselves transwomen.

No. 358434

thanks anons!

No. 358435

Aside from learning names, how do I tell what kind of asian someone is just by looking at them? Obviously I don't think they look "all the same" but I hear shit like "Koreans have square jaws" or whatever and I'm not sure how much of that is true and how much is just incelspeak?

This doesn't affect my life at all btw I'm just curious. I would never presume someone's race or treat them differently based on whatever they are, but my Chinese friend claims she can instantly tell what country someone's from if they're asian and I'm just like "how?"

No. 358442

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if you know about their mannerisms and (sometimes) fashion. Seriously, those alone will usually tell you if you can’t tell based off of face alone.

No. 358517

Well, you’ll know they’re Vietnamese if they can break an apple in half with their bare hands

No. 358542

I feel like Vietnamese people tend to have fuller lips, but that’s all I got lol.

No. 358551


That makes sense, although I'll admit most of the asian ppl I meet are asian-american with the same mannerisms as me or others. That's when it gets difficult and I don't assume anything until the person tells me lol


lol what

No. 358555

I’m serious, it bamboozles me to this day, but ask any Vietnamese person and they’ll be able to break an apple in half.

No. 358557


Requesting Vietnamese anon to explain/show me this trick.

No. 358559

i think you just learn as you age. i can tell but that's because my whole life i was around asians, japanese grandma, korean friends in high school, and now my chinese fiance. i also live in a big city and you can really just tell. SEAs are actually harder to tell apart from eachother than korean/japanese/chinese. things like eye shape and jaw shape can be a good sign but not always, many people think my fiance is either korean or japanese, though that may just be their wishful thinking, he had a lot of trouble on dating sites where girls would ask that and then ghost once they found out he was chinese…

sorry for the blog!

No. 358568

I’m not Vietnamese, but every Vietnamese person I’ve met has been able to do it, and either all of Vietnam and their immigrated people decided that this is how they’re going to fuck with everyone or it’s some sort of cultural thing that literally every family passes down in the generations

No. 358579

>he had a lot of trouble on dating sites where girls would ask that and then ghost once they found out he was chinese…
lel, koreaboos/weaboos are crazy.

No. 358580

File: 1548218190371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.32 KB, 1048x1280, 1545932183728.jpg)

To any fujoshi out there, what is appealing to you about yaoi?

I have a hard time understanding the appeal, even at my deepest and cringiest weeb phase I liked straight anime boys so I could imagine myself dating them.
pic unrelated

No. 358582

Seconding this q. The last thing I want to see is two dudes fucking.

No. 358586

File: 1548219748821.jpg (51.28 KB, 600x380, 8beffefc7087800393290de288e554…)

idk, it's just hot. same reason why guys like lesbian porn.

No. 358588

same, never appealed to me. i mean of course gays have no obligation to appeal to me but i don't know, two attractive guys kissing can be hot but i'm not really into watching two guys actually fucking. maybe it's just because of my distaste for anal

No. 358610

My mom can do that too and she's Korean. I completely forgot she could do that.

No. 358656

I dislike shipping because in 95% of the cases the subjects end up out of character, but if I want some kinky porn with fictional guys most of it will be fujo. It's infuriating, either you have porn drawn by guys that focuses too much on glorifying dicks and being shit to women or porn art by fujos that forces the characters into seme/uke tropes and sometimes goes full omegaverse.

If I read any fujo stuff then it's just for a sadistic humiliation kink, but damn do I wish there was more solo and straight art that panders to women for some characters.

I've seen artists that draw straight shipping stuff get bullied on twitter by the rest of the fandom and it's so tiring.

No. 358689

Are the people who don't use punctuation and capitalization in their posts shitposting or lazy? It just seems really low effort and I've noticed the shittiest posts are typed that way sometimes.

No. 358706

i think its a consequence of so many female anime characters being insufferable and mainly pandering to weird male fetishes. since the male characters in mainstream anime tend to be less obnoxious and given more personality/creativity, the fujos just end up shipping them and eventually its just what they get used to and it becomes normal or their preferred genre of romance. there wasnt much of a problem with annoying fujoshi until the 2000s when anime stopped having bad ass women and started pandering to pedophile otakus and making everything into lolicon garbage.

No. 358732

Could be either. They might be typing on their phones where, depending on the set-up of their phone keyboard, it's more inconvenient to do proper punctuation and capitalization.

No. 358901

File: 1548274224185.jpg (377.27 KB, 2000x1000, proxy.duckduckgo-5.jpg)

What do you guys think about the new abortion legislation in NY? The gist of it is that now in NY a woman can have an abortion, for any reason, up until the baby is born. I've always considered myself pro-choice but this just feels wrong to me. Was wondering what others were thinking about it, particularly other women.

No. 358907


Women who late-term abort normally do so because it either endangers the life of the mother, or the fetus won't function properly after birth.

See the Hartley thread in snow.

No. 358911

Abortions are best done as soon as possible. The only women seeking an abortion past the 2nd trimester would be those whose lives are in immediate medical threat, or perhaps those who came from an abusive or some kind of other difficult situation where they were not able to seek counsel sooner.

All the NY legislation does is give health practitioners the ability to perform the late abortion in good faith and judgement over women's lives. It doesn't mean wanton harlots who just loooooove the sensation of having their insides sucked out and damaging their bodies with pregnancies they don't actually want for months will be able to prance into an office and get one without good reason.
As someone who's had the unfortunate circumstance of having both a D&E abortion and a pill abortion, I'd have sooner taken the latter if I knew the horror of the former and if circumstance granted it to me.

No. 358912

Partly >>358706 but also because it lets me imagine an ideal world where men are separate from the bullshit actual males have (mainly their shitty soulless version of sexuality)

>porn art by fujos that forces the characters into seme/uke tropes and sometimes goes full omegaverse
I'd rather have that then having them be your usual shallow bathhouse slut or someone who claims to want to be in a monogamous relationship but can't because they think they can base a relationship purely on lust.

No. 358919

I'm not even American but I assume the point is so that children with serious defects aren't carried to term if the mother doesn't want it. Tbh I think even getting a late abortion is more merciful than bringing a child into the world who might not live very long or has serious health issues that will negatively impact their entire life or will be dependent on parents for the rest of their life or is born addicted to heroin or even born to parents who don't want it. I think a merciful death is better than a lifetime of suffering but that's just me.

No. 358976

It's not for any reason, it's for endangering the health/life of the mother. Did you only read the headline off Fox News?

No. 358985

exactly, its a fantasy of how we wish men could be but they never will.

taking the girl out of the equation also gets rid of eyeroll worthy gender roles/norms and uncomfortable feelings about women not being treated as true equals (especially in japanese culture) or being treated as nothing more than a pair of bouncing udders. some of us even find it kind of cute when the submissive character steps outside of those expected gender rolls and is allowed to be kind of "girly." annoying fujos treat it like some lgbt thing, but yaoi is more of a feminist thing seeing as it doesn't reflect gay culture in any sort of way. most of the men in the stories are completely monagamous and never cheat on their partners. its straight womens fantasy, mainly written by straight women for other straight women.

No. 359014

lmfao except a vast majority of women would think yaoi is disgusting. most women are not into flamboyant and effeminate men.

No. 359047

Honestly I have no idea? It just something that appealed to me since forever lol. When I first saw a yaoi (before I even knew what the word meant I thought it was just regular Anime) it caught my attention immediately , it made me pay more attention and it was just more interesting somehow. It's just really hot LOL I have no idea why, I don't care much for yuri at all; girls just don't do it for me. There's a lot of good stories in yaoi but i'm not going to sit up here and lie and say those are the ones I go for, I don't. I go for the ones that's 90% sex and 10% ~plot~. I'm here for the sex, the more abusive the better it is.

No. 359264

I am bothered by how yaoi fandom is the norm among fangirls/shippers. Sure bl couple fluff is cute but when it comes down to business I don't wanna be cucked by a man. Show me a dude who actually loves pussy and isn't a sexist idiot. Now that is the ultimate fantasy!

>its straight womens fantasy, mainly written by straight women for other straight women.

And even if it's written by women it's still all about men pleasing men's bodies. God forbid a man was portrayed as attractive for women and pleased women's bodies in our own fiction.

No. 359289

Does anyone have tips for making your chin look smaller? Or looking decent with a large chin and jaw in general?

I feel like going to Korea and getting my face bogged tbh.

No. 359293

I would rather be attracted to both halves of a couple and experience actual romantic/sexual interest in the characters I'm shipping rather than having to just tolerate a girl I feel nothing for. I can like her as a character, don't get me wrong, but if I'm actually shipping (ie looking up fanart, fic, etc), a character I'm not attracted to is a waste of space who contributes nothing.

I have never felt the urge to self insert, I can't relate to that at all. I don't want to be with a character, I just want to see them be cute and sexy with someone else who I find cute and sexy. There's a lot of good and logical theory about why girls like m/m shipping, but the core reason for me is that simple.

No. 359390

Ew straight women don't want to masturbate to lesbos

No. 359392

>a man was portrayed as attractive for women and pleased women's bodies in our own fiction.
i wish. i think that's why i personally can't get it going with fujo shit. when i watch stuff to masturbate i always watch things that i want to be done to me or i want to do to someone, i don't want to fuck a man's ass or get my ass railed. i don't get turned on by guys who aren't into pussy and as a straight girl i'd rather see a character/guy that i find hot fucking a girl than a cringy bottom dude

No. 359464

Yeah same I want to see things I'd enjoy irl and can relate to.
I do like "bottom guys" - if they are being femdommed, that is. Why should only men get to have all the fun in comics/fanworks?

No. 359515

Any Scandi anons here? (Norway/Finland/Sweden) I've got some romanticised idea of moving to a fir tree forest near snowy mountains and building my own conceptual-design home there. Me and my partner both have science degrees (chemistry and environmental science). Are there places like this in Scandinavia, and are scientists in demand?

No. 359543

when men draw porn they aren't drawing other men

No. 359546

there are a bunch of places like this in northern europe. lots of tiny villages near beautiful nature. these places often wish that more people move there, as most people move away to the big(ger) cities. going on a vacation to such a place is a nice thing, but living there? what kind of climate and culture are you used to? there are small things that foreigners ignore when they move here (such as daylight savings, people being "introverted") that they can't handle. i'm born in northern europe and have lived in all of the three countries you mentioned. while they are beautiful and have a lot of positive qualities, there are things about the cultures that really rub me the wrong way.

i have this same romanticised idea though, i would love to move to a tiny british village even though i know reality is far from my idealised dream.

No. 359548

They do draw phantom dicks/faceless self inserts sometimes though. It's not all lesbian or solo lol.
I would be for more phantom vaginas/faceless women/PoV in porn, and clearly other anons want something similar. I draw some like this myself, but the men I draw are of weird taste so I'm not posting lol.

No. 359549

yes, that's normal. not like the closeted dykes itt talking about wanting to see women being pleasured for "straight women" to enjoy.

No. 359557

>tiny british village
ntayrt to but can confirm they're awful in far too many ways.

No. 359561

You believe showing a straight man having sex is for lesbians? Kek

Anyway yes this. I want female pov.

No. 359565

are you illiterate? most straight women don't want to look at a naked woman moaning in ecstasy.

No. 359572

Imagine being this stupid. You sound like Kiki and Dakota.

No. 359577

I don’t masturbate to yaoi lol

No. 359768

File: 1548406926333.jpg (119.61 KB, 445x373, 1535822287011.jpg)

Every doujinshi is filled with cock glorifocation, I don't know what you're talking about.

>lesbians want to see straight sex
This is the logic /u/ trannies use about straight porn. Imagine being this stupid. Imagine thinking that by having a female character involved the art would have to focus on her and not the guy. Imagine being so insecure about women you'd rather watch a butchered ooc version of a male character get fucked in his yaoi hole that magically works like a vagina because the doujinka never had sex and wants to self insert.

No thanks, I'd rather watch a guy moan in pleasure while having sex with a woman.

No. 359770

AYRT - I grew up in a tiny British village and they're awful, unless you like rampant unemployment and substance abuse (with a side of racism/homophobia/sexism) because we have no industry or community outside of big cities anymore. From what I've heard people from these cultures are quite distant, which I am totally fine with, I'm not the most extroverted person myself lol. Also hope to have passed my driving test by then so isolation can be alleviated if I choose. Can you elaborate on what you mean by the culture rubbing you up the wrong way?

No. 359782

That anon reminds me of how Chris-chan was so homophobic and neurotic about becoming gay that he only watched stuff with anime girls. He kept brainwashing himself with anime girls and identifying with them during fapping and ended up as a "lesbian" tranny. While hating homosexuals.

No. 359899

theres an entire genre called "hentai" that is focused on exactly that. women being pleasured until they're fucked senseless and drooling. why would straight women want to look at that? you just want to self insert and masturbate and that isnt what yaoi is about in the slightest. maybe for some women but the majority arent even getting off to yaoi so we're clearly talking about completely different things.

No. 359931

Hentai is made by men for men and no matter how you phrase it women don't enjoy watching those characters "get fucked sensless" because they're obviously degraded, humiliated and treated like toys.

Why is it so hard for you to understand something so simple? Women are not the target audience of hentai.

No. 359971

File: 1548442920534.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.44 KB, 692x1200, 51683140_p5.jpg)

>Anons: I want to see straight erotica from a woman's perspective.
>This anon: You want to read degrading hentai made by and for men! Lesbos!

Anyway, don't look at this yumejoshi pic anon, you'll turn into a lesbian.

No. 359973

good stuff

No. 359980

scroll up and you'll see anons saying they want to look at women being pleasured. sounds gay to me.

No. 359993

probably because its easier to imagine a man pleasuring you when theyre doing it with a woman. you were already told that but all u keep screeching is "lol gayy"

looking at two dudes fucking is the most boring taste in the world. srsly are u a 13 year old discovering her first yaoi doujin

No. 360000

what is the race classification of arabs, persians and turks? i do know these three nationalities aren't related. no racebait, just asking for historical and statistical facts

No. 360003


No. 360004

Middle eastern is fine. Getting historical, you can say levantine but no one will know wtf youre talking about.

Uh no.

No. 360007

As someone who is into linguistics this confuses me because Arabic and Hebrew are classified as "Semitic" and they haven't really been historically connected to Europeans. Considering all the historical reasons, Middle Eastern seems like the right word. Persians' language is Indo-European and there is the whole Proto-Indo-European hypothesis, so I understand them being classified as Caucasian. Turkish is classified as "Turkic", which is a language family originates from Central Asia. Turks whose ancestors migrated from Central Asia would be classified Asian but Turkey in its current form is fairly heterogeneous (so are Saudi Arabia and Iran but not as much as Turkey) with different ethnicities, I'm not sure about the statistics on which ethnicity's genes are more common in the population
Would be cool if a historyfag informed us about the topic

No. 360017

Anon asked for race not ethnicity.

No. 360027

That's still simply not correct in all definitions. I don't think they literally meant out of the races you can checkbox on a test sheet.

No. 360042

Historyfag here and >>360004 is right. Arabid/Levantine are the most acceptable

No. 360084

because it is gay. normal straight women are out having sex with regular men, getting married and having children. they don't have time to go online and tell other women they're wrong for enjoying stories about relationships between men and that they need to be looking at a pussy get fucked by a dick, otherwise there boring or against women somehow lol.

No. 360092

The tweenie butthurt in this post is almost tangible.

No. 360097

I have extreme anxiety about driving and to a lesser extent being in cars in general.

Does a motorcycle or racecar driver helmet keep you safe while driving on the roads? Is there any extra danger the helmet can cause, such as cracking and the rough edges penetrating your head?

No. 360099

Like youre doing? No one cares what you think were all just laughing at you at this point lmao

No. 360137

Its a lot less safe to wear a helmet driving. No visibility and your head now weighs 2x as much so instant whiplash from like stopping hard. It also wouldn't really help in any way in a crash in a car thats why theres airbags.

No. 360169

Quick! What color should I paint my nails?

No. 360170

File: 1548461792735.jpg (71.15 KB, 600x726, 27-Bow-Nail-Art.jpg)

Something like this!

No. 360172

File: 1548461967175.jpg (288.71 KB, 1200x1200, opi-reykjavik-has-all-the-hot-…)

If you don't have this in your collection, you're not living.

No. 360173

That is lovely! But I don't have the tools to do something like that unfortunately

Ugh that is gorgeous. I have a similar shade in a flat color. Dusty rose it shall be!

Tysm anons

No. 360183

File: 1548464097698.jpg (27.44 KB, 375x500, 5f6b92c7c844e28016c9abf5a66fcc…)

Also if you're a rich bitch, are good at saving money, or just flat out don't care, you should totally get this. It's kind of hard to find and expensive now but it's so freaking pretty and everyone irl notices it. It's called Yokohama Twilight. I usually get my refill from ebay. I love OPI so much

Sage for nail polish sperging

No. 360186

File: 1548464995549.jpg (54.64 KB, 1024x731, IMGP7495_zpsa1f5c20d.jpg)

>tfw poorfag

OPI is soooo good. Especially in the sun. And tbh if you're not using Seche Vite topcoat it's hardly worth it!! That shit makes the crappiest polishes look like gemstones on your fingertips.

One of my faves is Peace & Love & OPI. I put a base coat of gunmetal (Garage Band by Sally Hansen to be exact) to really make it pop without wasting too much of the OPI

No. 360191

Would you guys be interested in a nail care/nail art thread in /g/?

I am a complete buffoon when it comes to painting my nails, but a coat of seche vite and a clean up with a cotton bud dipped in nail poish remover makes everything looks good. Even if all your other polishes are crappy cheap ones, it's a really good investment. It actually ended up not being as expensive as I thought. I had it mixed up with nail envy, which is definitely out of my budget.

No. 360201

File: 1548467606892.jpg (43.42 KB, 519x700, nle50.jpg)

Just make sure it's not that toxic like having formaldehyde or toluene. OPI is a good brand for that, I was looking at their pamplona purple

No. 360205


I would be, yeah. I don't understand how to use polishes like opi without it chipping within a day? so I just don't bother. Would love advice.

No. 360207

It'd be nice thread, I'm a bit behind on a lot of nail polish trends and inventions like temperature color changing nail polishes, matte and gel so it'd be good to catch up on stuff like that. I feel like I can't get enough reviews online especially for basic stuff like looking for a good opaque black nail polish so it'd be nice to hear from anons instead of a site just promoting/selling items.

No. 360209

Yes please!

It really is a worthy investment. I found a 2-pack on Amazon for $9 and it felt like Christmas lol

No. 360272

How do I organize my fucking closet?
I keep the shirts rolled since it gives me more space but I have more than 40 black t-shirts that look exactly like each other in there.

No. 360280

get rid of 37 of them you absolute loon/troll

No. 360282

They have different proints like bands and all, each one of them unique and serves a certain purpose, I'm just tired of going thrugh all of them when I want a specific one
I am a loon. A goth. Finding things in my closet is like diving for trash.

No. 360285

Don't roll them if they're printed. Fold them like this, you can see bits of the print and can find them faster.

No. 360289

Does having anorexia for about a year do any significant long term damage? I was an anachan from 16-17 with a lowest bmi of 15(though for a very short time)and 3 years later I am pretty much ED free and haven't been underweight since.

No. 360325

File: 1548508579549.png (5.51 MB, 1125x2436, F62C338A-4E12-46F7-AFA1-BFBC1C…)

Yes it makes you shorter and more likely to have bone related issues.

Pick up a dumbbell and weightlift to increase your bone mass.

No. 360338

Also depending on how long and how severely you were restricting (which seems to be pretty severe if you got down to bmi 15), it likely also put quite a bit of strain on your heart. Not saying you'll definitely have heart disease when you're older, but I'd be careful not to do any more things that cause unnecessary strain like abusing stimulants. I have a family friend who is convinced that it was her previous ED that made her heart so weak when she entered middle age. Congrats on your recovery btw

No. 360348

Do men have low/no standards or do they strictly expect women to look like perfect sex dolls?
I want to believe that they have high standards and just ~begrudgingly~ date average women, but after seeing some of the average costhots/cam girls/insta girls/etc. they pay money to see or drop a bunch of likes on…I'm not sure.

Is it just individual? If so, how to find men who won't despise you for being average?

No. 360349

You need to go out more

No. 360351

I mean. I won't argue that.
So is your answer that it's individual?

No. 360364

I never use my tablet in landscape. Is this retarded? I tried it yesterday and there were different features on some of my apps and it made me realize how I mostly see others using theirs in landscape.

Also please tell me I'm not the only one who is atrocious at typing on touch screen keyboards. I guess this is why autocorrect is a thing?

No. 360365

Nope, every single man is exactly the same anon. Wtf? Of course it's individual. Are you okay?

Btw I'm a different anon.

No. 360385

I only use mine in landscape mode when watching youtube vids or playing rhythm games, it's not unusual since portrait mode is more comfortable to hold with one hand.

No. 360400


Absolutely without question. Prominent noses take most faces to next-level attractiveness, nek.

No. 360473

this. i’ve always found girls with sharp features the prettiest, that absolutely includes big/distinct noses.

No. 360645

My skin used to be very palid and yellowish looking. Now it looks more warm and beige, despite not going out into the sun more.

Is this maybe because I have started eating vegetables?

No. 360658

could be that you're wearing clothes/makeup that suits your skin tone more?

No. 360668

how do I download from pan baidu? google translate hasn't gotten me too far.

No. 360695

is sssniperwolf really rebranding herself as 'little lia'??? wtf

No. 360738

haha she called herself sniperwolf to seem like a SUPER HARDCORE GAMER!1! And she wants to be a ddlg now? Gross

No. 360767

Should I be ashamed of being a complete sub ?
I totally agree with feminism, yet I like dominant men. Is this something I should "fight back"?

No. 360768

You'll make yourself miserable micromanaging yourself. Just live your life. Feminism isn't going to stop existing because of what gets you off.

No. 360781

Why would you be ashamed? What you want in the sheets pertains to nothing else in your life.

No. 360799

of course not, it's just a sexual preference and doesn't define how you are as a person in daily life. all women are allowed to have their own preferences, do whatever makes you happy

No. 360817

The only time women complain about sub women is when they want to get attention online by talking about it so don't worry as long as you take care of being in a healthy relationship.

No. 360830

What's it like to date a STEMfag as a non-STEMfag? Do they always see you as inferior or whatever?
Business major looking to become a CPA if that matters. I plan on taking higher math courses as electives later (I'm first year) and the program is decently math heavy regardless, so I won't be completely inept with numbers/logic lol.

Should I just stick to seeking out arts/humanities guys so they can't look down on me for reasons outside of sex (which I know is almost inevitable)?

No. 360845

File: 1548622318716.jpg (35.2 KB, 234x620, d3ca7b099c301f32544b65c60fbe3a…)

Thoughts on woman with crazy long hair?

You remember back when you were younger in school, and there was that one girl who was odd and had knee length hair? I'm that girl. I take care of it now, it's not in a giant braid like when I was a kid but I still get negative comments on it from time to time. I just think it's a part of me, it makes me feel feminine. For some woman it's their curves, wearing heels all the time. For me it's my hair being long.

No. 360847

Hair this long seems really unhygienic and like it would get in the way of everything.

No. 360849

people think you look crazy

No. 360850

The girls I went to school with that had crazy long hair were either annoying know-it-alls or horse girls. I don’t really have a strong opinion about super long hair though, it can either be really pretty when it’s well kept or gross if it isn’t.

No. 360854

You'll never know what people around you irl truly think of it because those that don't will keep it to themselves. If you only keep it because it's the thing that makes you look feminine, maybe you need to work on your confidence or other areas of self presentation.

I'm also a long haired girl and I accepted long ago we look like gross crazy Amish to most people, but I keep it because I like the elven fantasy look. If it genuinely makes you happy then hell yeah keep it, only do it for yourself

No. 360855

Very long hair just looks neglectful and dirty tbh. Getting your hair cut regularly makes it easier to manage and gets rid of all the gross split ends. This is coming from someone who had very long hair for a long time because I didn't have the money to get it cut often and was afraid to cut it myself. Cut it around shoulder length recently and have been getting loads of compliments about how much more sleek and shiny and mature it looks now. If I saw someone with unusually long hair, my first thought would be that they're in some religious cult that doesn't allow them to cut it. I think having styled hair is much more feminine.

No. 360856

I like it but dont have a strong opinion on it. Its your body and I think it can make people look elven-like at best and get in the way at worst. What are people saying about/to you? Do you browse long hair forum?

No. 360864

Depends on the person.

From the people at my uni I've met a lot of snob trash, one guy straight up told me all art is worthless because it won't remain after humans are gone. A lot of people clutch onto their success as compensation for other things in life and want to feel like they belong to an elite.

Basically, you'll know- just trust your intuition if somebody makes you feel uncomfortable. Red flags are if he mocks emotions, takes shows like Dr House or Big Bang Theory as a guide to life (my cousin is kinda like this, oof), if he talks a lot about how important his work is (implying thecwork of other peoplis lesser) etc.

No. 360870

Yeah, I guess I'd find out pretty fast since I make art in my free time and it's my biggest hobby.
Just seems like there's a lot of cocksucking of STEM majors at the moment, and while they deserve it since it's hard work, it's silly that the work of people who study people are undermined or seen as dumb. Classics majors who know a shit ton about ancient Greece and Rome are just as impressive to me as people who can make robots. It's all cool to me lol.

I just don't know the likelihood of someone who constantly has their ego stroked developing the same view as me. I'll admit it would be tempting if I was in their shoes.

No. 360880

File: 1548627797190.jpg (9.94 KB, 236x315, 688a2c1194ada20bedf303d6ab1c45…)

imo, only do this if your hair is thick, not necessarily the strand thickness, but just make sure you have enough hair to do this because obviously the longer it gets the stringier it starts to look. hers looks horrible. i notice a lot of the women that do this have that kind of white trashy color and generally have a white trashy look about them. this might look nicer if your hair isn't blonde or mousy brown.

my hair is butt length bc im lazy and i still get lots of compliments on it, but i think butt length is really the absolute maximum bc beyond that, it starts to look white trash religious culty, especially if you look like really american with like, anglo ancestry

imo, this looks way more feminine than that pic

No. 360881

Mousey brown is a natural color unlike many fake blondes. Why is it considered bad looking for mousey brown to be long?

No. 360886

NAYRT but long mousey brown hair without significant volume can look lazy and unfashionable. I dyed mine dirty blonde after it got to waist length because it was starting to look like the hair of one of those horse girls with the giant binders who ask "what about the homework" at the end of class.

No. 360890

File: 1548629011127.jpg (75.17 KB, 480x720, f053934ce65cdfba57464f118a6614…)

i know it's a natural color. my hair is a mousy brown and i hate it. obviously im sure some people might like it, ymmv, but it doesn't often look great, especially when coupled with very long hair, which already has a tendency to look neglected. it just looks unkempt. it's just a double whammy of trashiness to me

very dark brown hair, especially when it's multi-tonal, can make very long hair look the best, in my experience. this is still way way way too long imo, but it just looks more elvish and elegant in comparison to the mousy blondes and browns

No. 360892

Well those are good and fair points but it's a shame. I agree the color is ugly.My hair always gets super damaged with dye and I can't afford a pro so no long hair for me I guess.

No. 360893

Once hair goes past your hips it’s stops being nice and turns into “which fundamentalist cult is she from? Her best friend is a horse” vibes.

Wife number one lovingly tends to wife number sevens hair.

No. 360895

I always assume someone with really long hair is religious.

No. 360896

>Once hair goes past your hips it’s stops being nice and turns into “which fundamentalist cult is she from? Her best friend is a horse” vibes.
I've seen a few Latinas in town with hair past their butt and they pull it off pretty well, but the majority of them who have their hair that long are never older than college graduates. They looked like the urban sporty types, not really cultish or elven.

That reminds me, I've seen an Asian woman at a theme park with hair down to her ankles. It was in a ponytail and at first she didn't look like she even had extremely long hair until she turned around. Really elegant and looked like it had extra care done to it.

No. 360900

File: 1548630211138.jpg (7.84 KB, 233x217, images.jpg)

why dont you try henna and indigo? it worked for me on my mousy brown hair and no damage for me at all. pic related is hendigo. you can buy it already mixed so you dont have to fuck with trying to get the right color

or you can just dye with semi permanent dye? it should take pretty well on your hair?

>Wife number one lovingly tends to wife number sevens hair.
kek, so true, but i think this is basically the best case scenario for ultra long hair. the sad thing is that the wrong length can take gorgeous hair and make it look terrible. her hair is beautiful and it'd be so much prettier at hip length. super long hair basically only detracts from your beauty imo

No. 360904

File: 1548630627396.jpg (124.43 KB, 1024x840, Jul-09-249-1024x840.jpg)

Swedish anon here! Lived in Stockholm all my life but I own a little house in a small village too.

Idk it might just be the Stockholmer in me but living in a small village is nice nature wise but it get's really boring quickly. There's not much to do there so usually most swedes own a house in a bigger city and travel during the holidays to a house in the country. It can get lonely and finding jobs can be hard there.
Also, depends on where you're from but some swedes from smaller places can be a bit racist too.

On the other hand, there's places 30 minutes/1 hour away from central Stockholm that might work for you. Like pic related. It's not too remote but still pretty nature-y. Some even allow you to have horses on the property too and you'll be surrounded by forests.

I've heard that Sweden needs more scientists so you'd probably find a job somewhere in Stockholm.

No. 360925

The thing I’ve always found with crazy long hair is that they never trim their damn ends! The hair doesn’t look nearly as beautiful as it should, even in this photo, because the ends are all ratty and damaged. Just a trim of a few inches every few months would make a world of difference in the appearance and health of the hair, and his goes for all hair lengths btw

No. 360942

Honestly the fact that they’re Latina is enough to make them not look like a fundie cult. The Hispanic community just doesn’t have that weird Mormon history like Anglo americans do.

That’s something that really only happens to us white girls. We grow hair past the hips and it’s sister-wives or horse-girl. Super long hair on women who aren’t white still looks weird imo, but it just doesn’t give off that aura of “I got married at 14 because Jesus said”

No. 360944


yes anon, it's very possible. if you were indeed yellow that indicates liver malfunction. veggies are natures medicine, so props to you.

No. 360947

Idk, Indian girls with long hair also give off traditionalist/conservative vibes.

No. 360949

Most of the Indian people live up in the city so I’ve never seen an Indian woman with super long hair. When it’s about waist length the Indian women I’ve seen looked great, they took care of their hair and it was nice.

Probably I just don’t know enough Indian people to notice

No. 360950

>Business major looking to become a CPA

you'll probably be outearning most STEMfags tbh. People hear about engineers in the Bay Area making 100k+ and think that's the norm. Most STEM jobs aren't in demand and don't pay too well.
College guys might be cocky but the slightly older guys out in the working world will likely be more humble

No. 360956

Don't Indians have super long hair anyway?

No. 360958

Native American/Indigenous Indian or overseas Indian?
I've seen both wear their hair really long in a braid.

No. 360962

People from India

Yeah, but Americanized Indian girls usually cut their hair to an average length.

No. 360963

Agreed. It looks strange and overly traditional/conservative no matter what race the woman is or her hair colour. Idk why anons are trying to make it about any of those insignificant things.

No. 360966

Lol nobody’s making it that much about race. It’s more about exposure. The part about white girls looking more fundie is because most people here know of the corn country long-haired-no-pants-allowed Christian women.

No. 360968

That post went over your head didn't it.

No. 360969

Why are you so stuck on this fundie thing? Is this what American minorities think about?

No. 360970

Does anyone else feel like they're having a minor anxiety attack when their body is dehydrated? I get heart palpitations when I don't drink enough water and I feel anxious as hell.

Brb drinking a glass of water

No. 360978

kek like im pretty sure all of us talking about white american anglo fundies are white americans and we acknowledge it's not a cute look, so… nice try with your attempted race war

No. 360979

??? If you live in the south this is a thing

No. 360985

Yeah. I feel kind of weird about this but I bring a water bottle with me everywhere and drink it to reassure that I’m hydrated and the anxiety is just in my head,

No. 360989

Never once seen someone with hair like that that wasn’t one?

No. 360990

Spotted the Europoor who doesn't know what apostolic/pentacostal is.

No. 361051

I should have been more clear. I don't feel anxious about my body being dehydrated. I just all of the sudden anxious (tight chest, suddenly feeling the urge to take deep breaths, heart beating hard) for no reason but then I realize it's bc I need to drink water.
I wonder if it's a sign of something else though, like maybe low iron since I'm currently on my period.

But it's a good thing to carry and drink water like you do anon!

No. 361095

How do Asian people stay thin? I know it's a combination of multiple factors (biological, cultural pressure) but I have lots of Asian friends who can eat copious amounts of food (especially carbs and fried foods) but are still tiny while I'd only have things like that as a treat once a week and it would immediately show on the scales.

I have white friends who also stayed thin after eating junk (sit at computers at work while eating chocolate bars, full sugar drinks, snack foods) but I always imagined that they didn't eat breakfast and go home and don't eat dinner either. But I really can't come up with an excuse for my Asian friends because they're eating big meals and snacks constantly.

I just want to know the secret lmao.

No. 361100

Not eating too many calories every day. That’s how anyone stays thin. Asians do t have a magic gene that breaks nature lol.

No. 361106

File: 1548673885390.jpeg (37.57 KB, 704x396, 68DBA0C2-CFC0-4E89-9955-9FA229…)

Asian people aren’t naturally skinny they have to work out and diet to stay thin.

Most traditional households cook heavily at home so also that’s a massive influence combined with the beauty standards and pressure being hard

No. 362053

Are you sure they're not skipping breakfast/supper also? And how calorie dense are those high carb foods? Plain popcorn for instance is high carb but mad low calorie.
Could also be that they're more active either intentionally or unintentionally. I've heard that people who are more animated during communication/fidget more burn some extra calories.

No. 362066

They legit just eat better. That's it.

That's really it. My in laws are chinese and they eat very healthy and cook good home cooked meals. A lot of asians dont eat fast food and over processed shit.

No. 362155

Yeah this is not true. I know plenty of Asians who aren't sporty thin types. The twiggy ones I guess stand out more, but there's a lot of non-twiggy and chunky Asians out there and even in the same family as the twiggy ones.

No. 362158

There are many newbies on this site today, where are they coming from?

No. 362171

I rarely see any skinny Asian women outside of Asia. As soon as they start to eat our fatty food and no longer have to meet the strict beauty standards of their home countries they all balloon up.
I'd even argue that most of them have to eat less than euro or black girls, because they're on average much Shorter, with less muscles.

Plus, we as outsiders obviously only see skinny idols and actresses. Normal Korean or Chinese women are also often fat or at least appear so, because not working out + short legs + a few extra pounds can easily make you look very stocky.

No. 362172

Where? You kind of sound like a newfag yourself.

No. 362175

Anons randomly introducing themselves in threads like this
>Hey this is pretty cool found this from the fashion thread
Sudden intense kpop fangirling (more than usual)
Just a general feeling.

No. 362177

>Sudden intense kpop fangirling
I'm the OP of that spam thread and I can assure you I'm not a newfag kek

No. 362183

Guess I haven't seen these posts but yeah that kpop thread was a bit surprising to see.

Being here for 1-2 years doesn't make you an oldfag.

No. 362189

I mean it doesn't exactly make them new either anon

No. 362191

Except it kind of does. Not trying to have a pissing contest, just stating the facts.

No. 362195

Been here longer than that. Over 3 years now.

No. 362197

Since this is the stupid questions general, I'm curious. What makes you attracted to kpop and the boys? I at least hope you're older than 20.

No. 362224

Not quite sure, maybe it's yellow fever. I think some of them are really cute and charming. I'm not a big fan of any boy group music though, I really only listen to it to support the idols I like. All the kpop songs I genuinely enjoy are sung by girls.

No. 362242

pls no bully i'm esl
is aunt really pronounced like ant??? i've been pronouncing it like ah-nt since forever

No. 362243

Both ant and ah-nt are correct, it depends on your accent.

No. 362245

Depends on where you're from. I said it like you (if that's the same as Aw-nt, youknow like Hunt without the H)

No. 362252

thank god. yeah i've been saying it like hunt without the h, the teachers in my english classes have always pronounced it like that. the first time i've heard aunt being pronounced like ant was from a non-native speaker so i thought it was just her accent but i was watching a video by some american youtubers and they pronounced it like that too so i was confused. thanks for responding

No. 362273

In my family we always say Auntie but of course that's a term of endearment! The more you know!

No. 362288

So I'm about to start writing my thesis about the american Satanic Panic in the 80s and stupid me came up with the idea to interview people who lived through it. But being European, I hardly know any Americans older than 30, so how would you go on about finding spectators of that cause in my place?

No. 362294


No. 362309

You'd be best of looking on Reddit, they have a lot of older users that like to help with things like that.

No. 362315

what the fuck was the lace drama?

No. 363505

how do you reject someone you've never talked to? what exactly do you say?

No. 363514

Anything really, they don't know you so you can make up any bullshit excuse. Usually just saying you're not interested but appreciate the sentiment is fine.

No. 363577

Thank you anon, I've never been a reddit user so it didn't occur to me. Will give it a try.
You don't say.

No. 363836

Do you mean the lolita LACE drama?

No. 363841

Now with the Kingdom Hearts 3 released, my brother has been bugging me to get the game.
The thing is, I'm europoor so if I can save money, I will. It's 50 bucks on US amazon but in my country it's 90 dollars despite my country having way lower purchasing power.

I'd really love to get him the game (and ngl I'd like to play it too when I get the time) but does any anon here have experience with switching regions on PS4? If I already have a registered european account, will I trigger anything if I add an account with USA details? Will I be able to activate the game?

No. 363850

No. 363851

My bad, it's 77$ in my country. I'm not from the UK though.

No. 363884

Sorry I can't really help you with this question but I just wanted to comment that me and my bf got it last night and honestly so far its so boring so hes not missing much at all

No. 363899

How so? Is it the gameplay, the story?

If it were just me, I'd wait for the sale. However, my bro is persistent so…ugh

No. 363902

File: 1548800157731.gif (932.47 KB, 245x167, ship.gif)

I guess the story? The gameplay is nice, but I think it's uh.. very clear that they put way more energy and making everything look 'good' than focus on the story. There's a lot of moves that look cool but are way too much (Like I'm sure you saw the ship move, if not pic related). The whole first part of the game is just "Heyy guys remember this!?" I feel that's probably gunna be the entire game tbh. The music is nice tho.

No. 363915

Right, thanks! It's a shame about that.

No. 363951


yes, please someone tell me what it was i'm super curious

No. 363967

Switching regions doesn't do anything, you'll still get trophies and stuff. The only thing is if you want to get DLC, you have to set up a US account to download it, but you can access it on your main UK account with no issue. I have 4 different accounts to access the other regions since some countries have good sales and exclusive demos compared to the US.

No. 364028

>but you can access it on your main UK account with no issue
Since when? Dlc sharing is still region locked for me even though I'm on the latest ver. It only works on my switch.

No. 364046

It was an Org started by Kate after someone heard her taking a loud dump at a meet up. They posted to cgl about it and even though anons there didn't give a fuck and told the person to cool it with the vendetta Kate made a big deal of it. Kate created the group and got a few 'big name' lolitas on board with the idea of an online anti bulling campaign. Basically it gained a bit of traction mainly in the lolita at heart camp but Kate gave it up because it didn't net her enough e-fame so she flounced. She said that lolita was toxic and she was never coming back to it then 8ish months later after not getting the same attention with her poorly done larme stuff she went back to lolita. There is more in the story with other big name lolitas and various efforts of the group but that's the basic run down.

No. 364047

If you have a US game and mainly use a UK account, you have to download the US DLC to have it work. You can't try US DLC with a UK game. Since Anon was saying they might get the US version of KH3 I added that bit in.

No. 364059

Wait then what did you mean by "you can access it on your main UK account with no issue?"

I had to buy dlc for djmax respect with a hong kong account (since I own the hk release of the game) and I can't access it on my main US psn account or my JP psn account. Both dlc AND dlc sharing are region locked to my knowledge. Pretty sure games aren't though.

No. 364072

I mainly use my JP PSN account but I'm able to access US DLC for my US region games.
If that's your case where you can't even accesses it all even though the regions are compatible, it must be the publishers choice.

No. 364175

Some random guy on reddit messaged me asking if I want a sugar daddy. Should I try to get him to buy me some computer parts and a nintendo switch then block him or is that a dumb idea?

I want to clarify I mean try to do without sending him any pictures or information about myself.

No. 364179

Fuck it why not.
He’s tried soliciting you so might as well see fin he’s an idiot.

No. 364185

Well, he already sees you as a commodity to be bought so you might as well just treat him like a wallet. Be careful he isn’t some sort of psycho that’ll hunt you down though

No. 364208

Hey, anon, thanks! I was reading a bit more about region switching and a lot of people do it so I guess there shouldn't be any problems.

I presume you're also >>364072
If so, which games do you recommend? I'm learning japanese and read NHK news with little issues but I'd like to play some games in Japanese only for the immersion and practice.

No. 364215

to be honest, i don't know many good games that are good for people who want to learn Japanese, but I can advise you to download some demos off the Japanese store, they're labeled 体験版.

No. 364253

you'll have to play VNs for that. a lot of them have really rudimentary japanese and many of the time furigana.

No. 364297

Thank you! I'm browsing the store now.

Thanks, any recommendations?

No. 364350

Speaking of learning Japanese. Is it really a meme to say that you can actually learn it from watching Anime?

No. 364355

Yeah. You have to study grammar and all that, but I’m sure it could be a useful tool for practicing your listening skills, and picking up phrases/slang.

No. 364361

I did my uni exhange in Japan and could easily get by just from the stuff I picked up during my teenage weeb years. Of course my grammar wasn't perfect and I might have sounded a bit retarted with using certain words you might hear in anime but not irl, but my japanese friends there said that they could understand me well enough in simple smalltalk and my "flow" was similar to a native person, which especially was thanks to having listened through so much japanese media. Obv you can't replace actually studying the language by watching moeshit but it helps a lot.

No. 364364

>>Obv you can't replace actually studying w moeshit
Yeah I assuemd as much. I am studying, but I saw a lot of people saying Anime helped them a bit and I was a bit doubtful.

No. 364367

On the topic of language, what's a good way to go about learning a language without a class/immersion?
I want to learn Spanish but am unsure of where to start since I know there are a lot of online resources out there. Any anons have experience with a specific service that they'd recommend? And would consuming media in Spanish alongside studying help? Any advice from Hispanic anons on what to avoid also welcome.

No. 364370

Duolingo is a pretty big help. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't have actual lessons that explain Grammer and verb tenses to you, so it will be best paired with something else

No. 364377

I use LingoDeer for Japanese and it's actually a really good app. They also have Spanish so maybe you can try it out!

No. 365009

I have several questions for you:
>how long did you stay in Japan? A year or a semester?
>how fast did you improve, when did you start being fluent if you are?
>how much did you study Japanese while there? Did you have more intensive Japanese classes at some point in uni?

I was studying Japanese in college but other classes made it impossible to improve as much as I wanted and I was too poor to move anywhere, let alone do an exchange year in Japan. I'm considering going to Japan after I graduate since I've got the money so I can learn faster in my everyday life but not sure if it's going to work as well as I'm hoping for. And not gonna lie, but I'm really jealous of people in my classes who had their uni exchange in Japan because they either improved fast and are fluent or they didn't improve much but were slacking off and getting good grades because college there is easy mode.

No. 365219

Does a fetish have to make you horny for it to be considered a fetish? There are things I enjoy watching that have no other explanations as to why I enjoy watching them so much but they never make me horny.

No. 365220

yes. it's the definition of fetish.

No. 365934

File: 1549121741133.jpg (43.81 KB, 493x480, IMG_20190201_004619.jpg)

How do you get your life back on track?

No. 366044

Are you me? I desperately need to learn to drive but I have such bad anxiety about car accidents that I can't. I've been trying to learn for a decade now and i just… Can't commit.

No. 366055

there's no way that's legal, anon. i hate that people act like driving cars is normal and that you're abnormal if you don't drive. i got into a car crash and now have very bad anxiety, but i always was very anxious about it. it's very dangerous and people always act like it's such an irrational fear.

most of my family is in medicine and they've seen horrible things from car crashes.

take a driving course and just get your license so you can drive so people won't mock you and act like you're a stupid lunatic. that's what i did. just drive around your neighborhood slowly and practice. the driving license test in the US is very simple and you just literally go around a corner. i legit almost peed my pants dealing with one of the instructors because i was so anxious. people still act like i'm insane for not driving though, but it's not as bad as them judging you for not being able to drive at all. you can't live in the US and not drive, apparently.

No. 366061

Do "mestizo" people identify with being part indigenous at all, or is it mostly with the Latin culture that they would have developed in whichever country they're from?

No. 366070

mestizos know they're mixed with indigenous, most of us don't really know about our indigenous pasts and customs so we connect more with our Latin culture.

No. 366072

Wtf? Your sexuality is definitely moulded by your lived experiences. Also, it does partially influence how you navigate life.

If it bothers you, maybe think about why you're a sub. Like make sure it's not a defense or coping mechanism.

No. 366073

File: 1549142552954.jpg (30.18 KB, 326x326, 1548826654090 (2).jpg)

>replying to old posts
>ctrl+f "sub"
fucking radfems

No. 366159

>someones sexual preference is a coping mechanism
Jesus, what a reach.

No. 366193

People use sex as a form of self destruction. I just thought if anon was so worried about it, maybe she should make sure there's not an underlying cause. idk, maybe I just overthought her post. If it's not that serious, and she's just insecure about being a sub then ignore my previous post

No. 366211

Does Avon fall into the category of a pyramid scheme? I know that other makeup brand Mary Kay does, but how exactly do these brands work? How do they even get people to work for them

No. 366212

It does.

No. 366398

Nta but I have heard that from plenty of women into bdsm, that they were abused but now they are doing bdsm to feel in control.
Not healthy at all but it is a real thing.

No. 366436

Wasn’t there a “kinks/fetishes you aren’t ashamed of” thread on here? I’m trying to find it but can’t. I want to resave an image I posted in it a while ago.

No. 366437

No. 366438

That’s it, thank you anon!

No. 366439

Isn't that almost the exact line of thinking that is behind promoting "sexual empowerment" for women?
That women are in "control" of their sexuality and desires so therefore men can't control/abuse them?

No. 366499

coping mechanism is a neutral term, they don't have to necessarily be positive or good to be something a person uses to deal with stress. like drugs or alcohol. calling something a coping mechanism doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing, there are MANY bad coping mechanisms abused by people.

No. 366533

Why is this girl's smile literally in the uncanny valley?

No. 366590

plastic surgery.

No. 366773

File: 1549255873354.jpg (178.23 KB, 1300x1317, bodybuilder-working-out-gym-si…)

guys with really developed pecs have really boobie looking pecs that kind of look nice.

do you guys think i can perk up my boobs more by really developing my pecs?

have you guys ever seen any progress in this department by developing your pec muscles?

No. 366832

Breast tissue is usually below the pec, so in the worst case you'll get a pec with a lil boob hanging off (a lot of female bodybuilders have that)

No. 366842

Man, that gave me a fucking awful mental image

No. 366843

Gotta be honest, I don’t know if there’s actually any way to perk up tits other than surgery - they’re sacks of soft tissue constantly being pulled down by gravity

No. 366879

>>366773 >>366843

get a big stomach, it will hold the boobs up all the time & they will never sag. Free plastic surgery 10/10 only McDonalds needed!

No. 366942

what's the difference between pansexuality and bisexuality? did pansexuality come out of tumblr or has it always been a thing? it's weird if it came out of tumblr and managed to become somewhat valid like you have people like brendon urie and miley cyrus coming out as pan

i guess pansexuality is trans/genderfuck inclusive and that's the difference, but bisexual doesn't necessarily mean trans exlusive either, some bisexuals will date them and some won't. it's like a label sjws came up with to guilt trip people and feel superior for being willing to date anyone

No. 366944

Pansexuality was first defined as being attracted to cis people and trans people. It came about before non-binary was a thing. They used this mainly to bully bisexual people for not being woke enough to like troons.

Of course, after a year or two troons started complaining that saying bisexuals, straight people and gay people couldn't be attracted to trans people and it needed a whole new label was transphobic. So pansexuals redefined the term to mean "basically bisexual but more into androgynous people."

And then Tumblr blew up non-binary into a thing, so pansexuals had a handy out and started saying pansexuality meant being attracted to men, women and non-binary people. They then resumed bullying bisexual people for not being woke enough, until bisexual people were forced to redefine bisexuality to also mean being attracted to non-binary people, making pansexuality obsolete again.

No. 366952

I've seen complaints lately so thought I may as well ask.
How should lesbians be written into a story in a way that isn't tokenism/fetishization? If both characters are developed and have chemistry is it fine for them to be together? Is it only weird if they're more minor characters and not the focus? Should marginalization/sexual identity be brought up? What counts as making them "identical to a het couple?" Like if one is more outgoing and brash (but they're both very femme and she isn't written as the way a similar male would behave) is that too close?

t. Filthy selfish bisexual with no romantic experience with men OR women

No. 366956

I’m one of the anons complaining about it, and here a few things that always ruin what could be a good lesbian couple:
- they’re lesbians just because. It adds absolutely nothing to the story, it doesn’t impact their characters whatsoever and there was obviously little to no thought put into it
- they’ll act like a het couple in the sense that none of the problems they come across will be wlw specific, and almost always there’s a “woman” and “man” dynamic involved. One will be hyper feminised and quite meek/submissive, while the other is very masculine in their behaviour, often larger than the femme, and extra points if they make them dress like a teenage boy.
- it’ll come off as fetishisation if there’s an absurd amount of gays in the story, almost every single relationship will be wlw when real life isn’t like that at all
- and lastly, they somehow never ever face any sort of homophobia. It’ll often be set in a modern time and everything will reflect reality, except how everyone is apparently just fine and dandy with everyone being a lesbian. These women seemingly never gave any sort of struggles to do with their sexualities

Long story short, don’t make them lesbians unless you actually have good reason to, it’ll impact the story in a meaningful way, and you treat them like actual human beings that will have faced struggles

No. 366958

Thank you for your response, anon! I'll keep those things in mind now.

No. 366979

Why do so many people get butt-blasted about women being gold diggers and go on about how "shallow" they are, but see nothing wrong with men only wanting women with good looks? Both are pretty shallow, and being conventionally hot costs money, so what's the difference?

No. 366999


No. 367015

Because a woman doing something wrong is considered 10 times as bad than if a man did it

Seriously, even if it's just being bitchy or what ever
People can admit men are slobs, violent, sloppy, loud, etc but point the finger at women and talk about how they don't want to be around women because "wahmen are bitchy :(", never mind men starting fights, screaming, crying, etc
With cheating, people will admit men cheat more, but act like women deserve to die for cheating, but a man cheats? Poor baby just wasn't happy
A man who gets put in prison for fucking a 14 yr old is a poor innocent victim being punished by the system, a woman who fucks a 17 yr old is an evil child molester and proof women are just as bad
Everytime a man murders or abuses, the finger is almost always pointed at women
Like when the streamers girlfriend threw cardboard at him because he wouldn't put the game away and be with his family, he beat the shit out of her while she was pregnant, in front of the kids. And of course what were the comments focusing on?how she was an evil abusive woman and had it coming
Chris Watts case, mom gets blamed for the fact the dad murdered his family because "she TOLD him to turn the lights on not asked him"

The best part about all of this is that you aren't allowed to bring this up, you can shove the evidence right in their face, and they will still pull the whole "but this doesn't happen!! It's actually happening to poor oppressed men!!evil women!!! Men get blamed for everything!!" Shit

No. 367029

>men only wanting women with good looks

Ah, ah, ah.
Don't forget that women must now also have good jobs, pay half the bills, AND do most domestic functions like cleaning and cooking!
The playing field is already so unequal I laugh when men say they only want someone pretty when there's so much more that implies these days. They're vain, and they also want a slave.

No. 367049

Does Biotin really help your hair grow in thicker? The hair near the front of my head/near hairline is very thin even though the back of my head hair is very thick. It looks horrible.

No. 367051

I have the same issue and it does help a bit, anon. It's not a miracle worker though.

Do you wear your hair back a lot? Don't scrape your hair into tight ponytails or buns, it'll put pressure on the hair around your temple and make any thinning around there worse. Also, try caffeine shampoo (and leave it in for about 10 - 15 minutes). It usually doesn't smell very good so I follow it up with regular shampoo but it does help.

No. 367054

Thanks for the advice anon, I suppose it's worth a shot then!

I actually tend to wear my hair down, and when I use a ponytail only tie up the back part and leave the front of my hair loose and tucked behind my ears. I think in my case it's just genetic. I'll try out the caffeine shampoo as well then!

No. 367058

Hope it helps, anon!

In my case it's genetic too, I never wear my hair up. For the caffeine shampoo I personally use Alpecin, which is actually for balding men, but I've been using it for about four months and I do see some difference. It's the caffeine that's important though, so I don't think the brand matters so long as it's a caffeine shampoo.

No. 367063

I think it's sometimes nice to have characters that are gay and their life is affected by it but the story doesn't focus on sexuality and social struggle. It's nice exploring different settings- but then it seems like you made them gay just for diversity points and didn't have the balls to follow the topic through.

No. 367081

I absolutely hate the whole “woman” and “man” thing so many people portray lesbians as. How do they not see how heterosexual this is? I blame Uranus and Neptune from sailor moon for this.

No. 367134

is 1k cal a day too little? i went through some shit last year and coped by binge eating. now that i'm sane again, i want to lose 6-10 kg.

No. 367150

Depends on your height. If you're really short you could probably get by on it.

No. 367318

So is my friend Alice crazy or what? I don't really see her anymore but I was just curious if this was a sign of something.

I met Alice through some mutual friends while I was taking a break from college. A few months later, I returned not knowing very many people, so it was cool to have a friend on campus to hang out with. We did a lot of stuff together, and I had fun. But soon I stopped hanging out with her because I thought she was kind of annoying and we didn't have compatible values.

One thing Alice liked to do that was kind of weird was call me "mommy". No big deal, I did that with my friends. She would sing "[my name] is my mommy." But as Alice became more annoying, I got annoyed at that deal too.

Alice and I stopped hanging out. Last semester, she and another girl named Lisa started hanging out. Turns out Lisa and I had a lot to talk about Alice. Apparently Alice had told Lisa all about my dating history which was weird.

But what was even weirded was that once Lisa and Alice were hanging out in a common area in a dorm. Alice was sitting on the floor and singing the mommy song in front of Lisa and everyone who walked by.

A year before we hung out, Alice had been sent to inpatient for a couple of days over break. I figured it wasn't a big deal, since I also had mental health issues and had been sent to crisis before.

But I wonder now what exactly Alice had or has. I feel like unlike another anon, I haven't had experiences with people with serious mental illness or personality disorders, but now I wonder otherwise.

No. 367322

You know you can just google your tdee and find out right?
Search engines aren’t new.

No. 367324

File: 1549337608667.jpg (10.69 KB, 299x168, lword9985.jpg)

How do we not have an active lesbianism thread? Would love to contribute to one, just curious.

No. 367325

What is there to discuss?
Lesbians aren’t a different species.

No. 367330

it's just a basic, easy way to try and make an image stand out a bit more.

No. 367339

nta but i dont see why not? i'm sure they have plenty of stuff specific to them that they'd like to discuss. i see a lot of lesbian anons posting, like, a much higher percentage than what i'd figure considering i rarely meet lesbians irl, so why not

No. 367341

go to lchat or afterellen

No. 367343

Isn’t there one on /g/?

No. 367347

Yeah people with one common interest might have a convo but idk why we’d need a thread to discuss all the intricacies and rituals of lesbianism.

No. 367348

we have 10+ weeb threads and tons of fashion threads. a thread for literal poop. what's wrong with a lesbo thread?

No. 367352

This is a female board, why shouldn’t we have a wlw thread? I don’t see an issue as long as the lesbians don’t reeeee at the bisexuals, they both lick vag at the end of the day so their slap fights get pretty autistic

No. 367355

what rituals are there in lesbianism? i mean, just things they want to vent about or whatever? plus telling lesbianons to go to afterellen or lchat or whatever is a little silly imo because there's a sizable population of them on here and i doubt the majority of women on lchat are imageboard weebs. the lesbians on lc are a pretty specific type of lesbian so. idk i see a lot less deserving threads floating around but w/e

No. 367368

File: 1549340963563.png (24.35 KB, 425x404, A69DC938-922F-4842-BA52-407D5F…)

Sacrifices mostly.

That’s what I mean. We’re all women, and a thread specifically to sperg out over bisexuals vs true lesbians and slapfights over whether or not someone’s celebrity crush is good looking or not. Beyond sexuality what do lesbians specifically have in common to chat about? Being seen as porn by gross neckbeards? That’s the man hating thread.

Plus lesbian anything is always troon bait.

No. 367377

They’re a community that with their own specific culture and issues, I really don’t see why them having a thread is this much of an issue to you. If you don’t like it just hide the thread? Any troon that rears their ugly head would just get banned, and why would they want to come here when the entire site actively hates them

No. 367384

It’s not an issue lol, I just didnt think lesbians had some special cultural thing going on.

No. 367391


seems like more "us vs. them" shit

No. 367395

Us vs them by assuming lesbians are regular women not a secret culture? So insistent that this is an anti-lesbian thing lol.

No. 367557


No, I do assume we are regular women. The fact some anons are pinning it as if there is some secret culture seem fetishistic at worst and Tumblr-tier at best.

No. 367558

it seemed like a bad idea just because lesbians as a whole only have sexuality in common. It’s weird to assume all gay women need a safe space to chat about gay stuff that they all share via their gayness.

Anon seemed determined that thinking lesbians aren’t a hive mind is an anti-lesbian hate speech

No. 367562

no? lesbian spaces all over the internet are being invaded by troons and this is one of the only non pc spaces around that bans troons on site and shows no mercy wrt transbian bullshit. how is it fetishistic or tumblr tier to let lesbians (of which there's a pretty decently sized population) have their own thread to talk about whatever annoyances they face or w/e if that's what they want? if they dont want one, whatever, but i don't see why they shouldn't be able to have one

No. 367564

>It’s weird to assume all gay women need a safe space to chat about gay stuff
Honestly wtf are you talking about. Straight people gather to discuss their interest in the opposite sex specifically all the time. It wouldn't be weird for men to have a thread to talk about girls, we have plenty of threads about boys, and gay people certainly have more to talk about than those threads considering it would also include issues with sexuality rather than just relationship stuff.

Wanting to discuss common interests and issues relevant to themselves with similar people isn't being a hivemind. It's bizarre that you would think that.

No. 367565

Hey I said troons will totally take over and just be gross but secret-lesbian-society anon says it never happens.

Nobody is stopping you, one person just couldn’t see the need for a thread proposed like lesbians are a hive mind.

No. 367566

>Hey I said troons will totally take over and just be gross but secret-lesbian-society anon says it never happens.
again, those are spaces that bow to troons because they're afraid of them. we're not, and they're discouraged from coming here, are not allowed here, and have no foothold on here bc we don't give a shit about calling them disgusting trannies instead of cradling their nutsacks and calling them mary. that's why LC is a good place for a lesbian thread if lesbians want one.

No. 367573

The only thing I had an issue with was anon assuming all lesbians will have things in common due to being lesbians.
That’s like saying all Chinese people will get along because Chinese. There is nothing in the world other than an attraction to women that is universally lesbian, so it seemed weird to assume that you’d all have something to chat about instantly.

No. 367600

Norway-anon here - there are many beautiful small places/towns scattered all around, the only "problem" is that everything in Norway is super expensive and the taxes are sky-high. Norwegians are used to it so we don't really complain (since we get free health-care, education etc), but I know that for many foreigners the prices can be a bit of a shock. So buying or renting a place is always expense, and if you find something cheap something is very wrong with it lol

No. 367602

If you make one, make it in /g/. No one over here wants to deal with the trannies it will 2000% inevitably draw in. Or better yet, go make it on cc.

No. 367605

File: 1549365461402.jpg (48.4 KB, 426x597, 8861a1bb1772fedf8e4fbc754828d8…)

The Lesbians … MY people …
For real, just make a thread, it will be alright. The sperging about tranny-invasion needs to stop and doesn't warrant a total halt on topics. Personally, I'm not sure if I will contribute as a bisexual but that's fine.

No. 367607

…are you blind? Chinese people gather to discuss Chinese things all the time. We have several threads for people from specific countries. There are subreddits and /int/ threads and websites and forums for different groups of people because even if you can't assume they will 'get along', they have things in common and enjoy talking to people from the same background with similar experiences.

It sounds like you're trying to be casually woke by not assuming anything about people but it's starting to get really divorced from reality.

No. 367608

Misunderstanding=casually woke.

Next level.

No. 367610

Why would you? We already have a bisexuality thread.

This is the number one reason why I'm against it. It will just turn into Bisexuality Thread 2: "How do you do, fellow wuh-luh-wuhs?" Edition. I want to commit a hate crime against every bisexual in existence at this point so sharing a thread with them is gonna be a no from me, dog. I'm half convinced they're the only ones who want it in the first place tbh.

No. 367612

I'm not even a lesbian but lesbians do have their own culture going on. Not all of them engage in it, but just like gay men do, lesbians do as well.

No. 367614

Are lesbians incapable of not reeeing about bisexuals for just one second, why do you guys chimp out over them like a bunch of aspies all the time

No. 367619

Because they suck (literally kek). I like my gay community how I like my kitchen appliances: LG

No. 367622

I have never seen a bi thread here but good to know, thanks. Sorry you're so hurt and bitter. And yes, sometimes under a blue moon bis and lesbians have things in common and you wouldn't even know it's a bisexual commenting and gasp they can even get along. Not that you would know

No. 367623

Who hurt you?

No. 367625

File: 1549368451040.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

>Sorry you're so hurt and bitter.
Yeah, sure I am. Sorry you look like pic related right about now.

>sometimes under a blue moon bis and lesbians have things in common and you wouldn't even know it's a bisexual commenting

Nah, you guys are like troons. You think you're flying under the radar but we can always tell. It's just that unlike me, some lesbians don't mind. /end derail.

No. 367626

>You think you're flying under the radar but we can always tell.

NTA but oh wise one, am I a gold star lesbian, bisexual, or card-carrying straight girl who listened to Tegan & Sara once and now claims to be queer? Use your crystal ball and tell us.

No. 367628

Crystal ball says "Obiously bi. Why else would you have gotten all sassy about my lovely owner's post?" Now lee mee alon, I said I was done derailing.

No. 367630

It was the third one, anon. I was one of those obnoxious little teenagers who made a big stink about being a real kweer because I thought Ruby Rose was pretty. Then I grew out of it and realized I'm just straight, like most people.

You suck at this, I'm kinda disappointed.

No. 367632

oh so witty. Get well soon, sperg.

No. 367634

You can murder me, lesbianon.

No. 367635

Wow, that's really embarassing. Clearly I put way too much faith in you. But to be fair, if you had asked a couple months earlier I bet you would've considered my crystal ball's answer right. I wonder how many posters who currently frequent the bi thread act like that…

No. 367637

File: 1549371449538.gif (2.73 MB, 255x234, 1547096173563.gif)

Why don't you just make the comment or post your thoughts in a bi thread then lol
Literally just make your own thread it's free. You can post as much as you want in it

No. 367638

there already is one, it just hasn't been bumped in a while >>>/g/56468

No. 367639

Why are there so many lesbians on lc and why are they so damn obnoxious?

Aren't you supposed to be the big woke radfem, who's completely above all those stupid things straight girls talk about? Do you also shit on other womens looks on /pt/ and /snow/? Why do you think that you're better than us?

I don't know any bisexual women irl, but seeing how you treat them here…wew
Can't help but feel sorry for them.

No. 367640

i'm on the tall side, not an amazon though.
i'm not asking if eating 1k cal is going to make me lose weight, i'm asking if it's too little. i'm eating way below my tdee, i'm just wondering if 1k is borderline ed territory. there's a reason for why i posted this in the stupid questions thread.

No. 367641

Because there’s no men here so many of them have assumed the masculine role of shaming womens sexuality

No. 367642

1k calorie is way too little for most people, if you’re tall I’d suggest to go for closer to 1500 calories, but if you can’t stomach that try to work your way up from 1200 calories - 1200 is the recommended absolute minimum for women’s bodies to properly function

No. 367648

I'm sure you can count the annoying ones on one finger

No. 367653

thank you anon, i'll stick to that then!

>lolcow #1 place for nutritional advice

No. 367683

>implying most lesbians are radfems
news flash: they aren't. if bisexuals don't like being told to fuck off, they should leave lesbians alone. uwu wlw solidarity is a meme.

No. 367688

>not a member of the terven horde

Add one more shit character trait and you get a bingo.

No. 367691

What is with all the lesbians on their site and their uwu the whole world is against me!! outlook. Yeah, you guys have it tough, but you know fucking what? So does every woman. So why do you exclude and hate bisexuals out of nothing other than prejudice, god out of all the things in the world to gatekeep.

No. 367695

>implying being biphobic is a shit character trait
its no shitter than being transphobic and 99% of the retards who bitch about it would agree with that sentiment lol. sit down and stop trying to meme your sjw tripe into being red pilled, tumblr radfem.

just because we're both women doesn't mean i have to tolerate you.

No. 367698

Quit derailing already.

No. 367708

>hating people who have a regressive view of gender expression is the same as hating people who love both men and women
Sure thing, "girl"

No. 367715

I swear you’re the same anon that sperged out about how much you hate bisexuals a few months ago, what’s your fucking baggage. Insecure because your girlfriend left you after you kept berating her over how you just know she’ll leave you for a man?

No. 367753

It's just one farmer, anon. I made the original post >>367324 but I'm actually bisexual myself but primarily interested in women. I thought it would be nice to have a place where we could all discuss lesbian media like books, tv shoes, movies and give feedback and recommendations. Discuss dyke style/fashion choices and more serious things like coming out stories and how we all discovered we liked girls etc. I don't really understand the bisexual ree'ing on both sides. You can contribute to a lesbian thread without outing yourself as bisexual. Just don't talk about being straight/ loving men? There are plenty of threads for primarily heterosexual interests and discussions. I apologize for the infighting I started among fellow anons.

No. 367762

>I'm actually bisexual myself
Holy shit. >>367610 called it.

No. 367768

I just don't understand the vitriol and infighting? We have a thread for literal pooping? A thread about plastic straws? lol

No. 367788


I dont think having lesbians 'just because' is really an issue. Its like having heteros just because. It makes sense for people to be lesbian for no reason cause thats essentially how people exist irl. I wish more people would just let fictional characts be x minority without making it out to be apart of some sjw agenda

I think the only reasons it tends to feel forced and unnecessary is when its fetishized and if it has the male/female dynamic like you said.

But bi anon, you shouldnt worry about it too much. Especially if theyre just minor characters. Just avoid those red flags and you should be fine

No. 367812

If you could see on the inside of your body with a whole scan that shows picture perfect, would you be terrified? I mean do you have a bad diet and could see all the damage it causes, like inflammation, dying cells maybe even bacteria pr parasites, would that scare you to change?

No. 367826

at first yes, but thats not to say I'd be committed to change over time. I know perfectly well how bad smoking is for me, in my country every tobacco pack has pictures of rotting lungs etc, yet I cant seem to quit smoking

No. 367839

Does your nose get bigger from having children?

Don't worry, I don't plan on having them but I'm curious if that's true. If so, that sucks!

No. 367858

honestly, no. maybe would act horrified to keep up appearances if like a doctor was showing me this but i don't think it would actually change anything in me. crisps and soda taste too good ok

No. 367926

Eugh, I’ve seen my insides before, they’re a surprisingly very bright pink. I think I’ve seen enough of my guts for a life time tbh

No. 367979

I would want to see just how bad my endometriosis really is without exploratory surgery. If there was a lot of bacteria or parasites that would be very useful because then I could fix it.

No. 367987

Thank you for putting that thought into my brain anon. Really appreciate it.

No. 368019

File: 1549419341621.jpg (30.72 KB, 400x390, 1546536519223.jpg)

Does anyone know where this figure is from or who the artist is?

No. 368029

It's Lil Miss Sticky Kiss by Trevor Brown. He's… Controversial

No. 368034

Why is he controversial?

No. 368063

File: 1549424989706.jpg (98.86 KB, 753x1000, trevor-brown-nazis-sexy-poster…)

No. 368076


Next time try using image search.

No. 368080

File: 1549428091634.png (42.47 KB, 169x339, 1511972166571.png)

God, my eyes rolled to the back of my head with some of those sentences. Brown seems like every other try-hard edgy nutcase tbh
It's funny because now it's super common for edgy artists just slap bondage on cute stuffed animals and having swastikas everywhere and think that they're ~*challenging society*~.

No. 368283

autophagy is not inherently bad. it can prevent lots of illnesses, or at least this is what nutritional science is telling us. intermittent fasting is great for autophagy. cell death is bad when you're talking about ana-chans and heart muscles.

1k is way too low, anon. go keto and stick with 1.2k a day.

No. 368288

Nazis Are Sexy was named by a (thirtysomething) female fan and came out in the era of edgelords. He doesn't actively court that any longer.

No. 368409

how popular or widespread actually is the antivaxx movement right now? all the screenshots of essential oil moms that i've seen seem to come from the same 3 or 4 facebook groups, and any articles or studies i've seen just say things like 'a rise' or something else vague. am i wrong in thinking it isn't that much more common than it used to be, given that it's definitely nothing new?

No. 368418

widespread enough to bring back measles outbreaks in US when it was considered to be eliminated back in 2000

No. 368421

i think the same as you, i think that anti vaxxers are pretty stupid but id say their numbers havent really changed as dramatically as people make it seem. like you said its always the same few facebook groups, and a lot of people on reddit who claim to be children of antivaxxers or even just some of the people posting antivaxx shit are obvious trolls. its only gaining attention rn because its an easy target to make all the self entitled people feel ~rational~ and smart.

its also laughable when people start reeeing about how anti vaxxers cause measles outbreaks, in a rich deveoped country like america a measles outbreak usually means a few hundred people at most in the entire country, there are also other factors such as illegal immigrants who may not have had the measles shot in their home countries, and also if the measles vaccine is given under 1 year of age it can fail to protect the child against measles and make them susceptible to catching it. even if it was solely the antivaxxers causing the outbreaks then that would mean their numbers wouldnt be higher than a few hundred or a few thousand tbh.

No. 368434

There are measles outbreaks in Portland, OR. Whooping cough and other preventable illnesses are cropping up again in places where anti-vax sentiment is strong. It also takes a very small number of people not being vaccinated to make actual vaccinations much less effective, so a small group of crazies can have a big impact. It's a big deal.

No. 368733

how the fuck do you dry clean clothes?

No. 368738

Drop them off at a dry cleaner

No. 368751

Is there are term for when you mix up your own memories with other people's? Like say you hear a story and then months later you can't remember if that story happened to you or someone else.

No. 369091

Is my brother a repressed homosexual? I think he is, but my family refuses to see my view.

>is 40

>hasn't had a gf since high school
>tall, conventionally attractive, educated, employed
>aggressively despises women
>said he believes women "destroy civilizations"
>pro-life despite not being religious
>says he can't find a woman attractive if she has a "particular type of nose"
>rambles about wanting a wife and kids someday, makes zero effort to meet women
>had a 'crush' on a girl but never acted on it, raged when she kissed another dude and called her a whore, slut, etc
>went to bangkok by himself

He is not autistic, NEET, or a weeb. What do you guys think?

No. 369094

What makes you consider homosexuality when it actually sounds like he's a misogynistic asshole?

No. 369097

>Implying misogyny and taking it up the ass don’t go hand in hand

No. 369102

I just wasn't aware being latent meant being oppressive insofar as being anti-choice, and concerned about the actions of their opposite sex crushes, no. Seems like a reach.

The brother is clearly a dejected man who now scorns women for rejecting him despite his desire to want them.

No. 369114

I always kinda thought having ridiculous standards (certain type of nose) was a repressed homo tactic to seem like they're into women but also have an easy excuse to never find a woman.

No. 369121

I've dated men who said horrible shit about other women right in front of me, and put me on some pedestal because I had whatever facial feature they preferred. Not saying there can't be an exception, but truly a lot of men are just horribly nitpicky and critical.

No. 369123

Uh… literally 99% of misogyny is driven by the male desire for women's bodies. Misogynistic gay men exist but it is nowhere near the level of a man who wants to fuck a woman who doesn't want him back.

No. 369135

He just sounds like an incel really. Ask him if he's gay and see how much he rees

No. 369207

What's the result tho? An incel would reee and a repressed homo would reee

No. 369409

File: 1549630599659.jpg (129.37 KB, 939x768, newestmod-1445078298-3570.jpg)

Did anyone try this? I feel like buying one since it would save time and money instead of going to a laser removal salon, but my body hair goes from dark blonde to almost white depending on the area. I don't know if I should spend almost 500 bucks on something which supposedly shows results long after the trial period is over.

No. 369412

I have the same question. Did anyone try this?

No. 369420

Why do trends become dated? And why do we think "dated" = bad?

No. 369485

(personal opinion)

>Why do trends become dated?

Because everyone starts doing it and it isn't "special/unique" or whatever anymore

>And why do we think "dated" = bad?

Everyone's doing it so it's not "cool" anymore

No. 369641

File: 1549660101949.jpg (13.9 KB, 355x355, 81ukBIQCAbL._SY355_.jpg)

no but i tried pic related (tria) on my dark brown pubes and it works

No. 369687

He’s just a douchebag. Why would being anti-choice mean he’s gay?

No. 369826

File: 1549672272720.png (70.13 KB, 463x134, its_time_to_STOP.png)

what the fuck is this shit? i didnt ask for this youtube

No. 369829

File: 1549672419028.jpg (11.02 KB, 256x256, 1549590701762.jpg)

I hate youtube

No. 369830

File: 1549672580687.jpg (78.86 KB, 1200x627, trebek2.jpg)

No. 369839

what do you know about his politics/personal beliefs? He sounds like a mgtow. The nose thing is usually an antisemetic dogwhistle for ~jewish looking.

No. 369888

There’s different types of reeing, anon. An incel would ree and say gays are disgusting and degenerate. A repressed homosexual would ree and vehemently deny being gay.

No. 369951

is it weird if i think masturbating is super boring and i haven't even tried in a year

i just dont get the hype

No. 369992

No youre not the only one, edgelord.

No. 370233

Since tumblr banned porn I've been having trouble finding porn I like. I dont't have facebook, twitter, instagram etc., is that where people find stuff? I know I can go to pornhub to find fideos, I'm looking more for images/gifs/comics and other erotic media.

No. 370237

Sooo… what do you say when someone tells your that their grandma died?

I mean obviously some I'm sorry stuff
But to that he'll probably just reply thanks and then we never speak again and it's kinda weird to leave it that way

No. 370248

No porn on IG and facebook is shit. Depending on what youre into you might need to check forums and boards and stuff for decent porn.

Why couldnt tumblr just follow in the footsteps of half of their userbase and start begging for money? I mightve donated if it meant I wouldnt lose what was essentially the only decent porn site in existence. They probably wouldve gotten more from it than they ever will from ads now that everyones gone.

No. 370258

Ugh ikr, i cant get off to much anymore because I really liked that tumblr had a lot of home videos that were authentic instead of your run of the mill scripted brazzer video.

Have a convo about said grandma and ask questions unless you already know info about his grandma. It takes two to tango so if hes not contributing or responding then I wouldnt feel bad about it, thats not on you.

No. 370344

What kind of forums/boards? I only know this one, 4chan and 8chan

No. 371320

alright kfags, you've slowly been winning me over. if i want to dip my toe into kpop hell, where do i start? everything seems so homogenous. which boy/girl groups are the best/most underrated?

No. 371322

Stan loona and ncity

No. 371365

Do you guys think people with incest fetishes have enmeshments problems with their parents?
It would certainly explain the prevalence of straight-shota porn with manchildren.

No. 371375

I hate to say it, but there's a lot of amateur stuff on reddit.

No. 371590

Do males like non-sexual physical intimacy at all (hugs, kisses, cuddling)? If I get in a relationship I want to know if I should avoid this and just have sex with him for affection.

This probably sounds really fucking stupid, but I can honestly see why they wouldn't like it because it serves no purpose to them. Like dogs putting up with hugs out of respect for their owners.

No. 371594

My bf likes to cuddle a lot and is very affectionate. My past boyfriends have been the same, I'd go as far as to say that they've all liked that even more than actual sex.

>it serves no purpose to them

If you date actual human beings instead of assholes you'll see that this isn't true at all.

No. 371595

Wtf anon, as much as I despise most of men they are humans with diverse tastes and needs and as social animals yes there are men than enjoy cuddling. But like, you can always ask the guy what he's into as it seems to be normal communication if you plan to have any sort of intimacy with him.

No. 371613

Wtf, theyre not fuck buddies. (Even fuck buddies would enjoy some cuddling and stuff). My ex boyfriend loved holding my hand, cuddling, kissing, and was wayyy too sweet and romantic.

No. 371629

>are men even human???

I can’t tell if this is more autistic or misandrist

No. 371729

so is it true about the lesbian relationship static, or are lesbians just more likely to report than women in relationship with men?

No. 371781

How much should I shave/trim down there for lesbian sex?

No. 371824

What's a nice reliable and free website that gives you statistics about all sort of things? I need one for a paper and the one I found can only be used with a paid subscription.

No. 371872

Who is cardi b and where did she come from? I've never even heard of her and she's winning grammys?

No. 371911

Nicki Minaj #2: 2017 edition

No. 371917

she's a young woman who went from being in vine memes > a reality tv show > a very successful rap career in a very short amount of time

No. 371927

File: 1549930946042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.51 KB, 1066x1066, 18527502_1528455987199214_7829…)

I have two stupid questions both vag related.

1. Why do I have the urge to piss every time I orgasm and am done masturbating?
2. What's the cause of a pimple on a vagina?

In the past couple of years, I've been getting one pimple on my vagina approximately every half a year (not in the same spot) and when I get them, they hurt like a bitch.

No. 371935

You’re meant to pee after sex or masturbation. Prevents utis.

Same cause as any other pimple. Could be an ingrown hair, could be a larger pore that blocks easily. I get the same thing.

No. 371936

because your muscles are contracting

No. 372414

I don't know if this is a stupid question or not. But me and my boyfriend are moving to a new city soon (we saw the apartment Sunday and told the landlord that we wanted it). But we don't know when we'd actually move in, since he has surgery in 2 weeks. In the middle of March maybe or the end. But would it be smart to start putting in applications to jobs around the area? Because what if they call me right away for an interview and I wouldn't have a way to get there (the city is about 30-40 mins away from ours depending on traffic). Or should I wait until we actually move in?

No. 372442

No. 372457

Wait till you move in for sure.

No. 372472

do you not have a job now? why are you guys moving? there's a lot of things missing.

No. 372476

We do have jobs now and we're moving because we want to move in a better area. Neither of us really like the jobs we have now and they both got bought out by different companies so I doubt we'd have them for long anyway.

No. 372487

in that case you need to find jobs before you move. the landlord will likely reject your application if you don't have a job where you're moving to. you need to be looking for both things at the same time, even if you have money saved up you're risking a lot by moving in without a secure job.

No. 372492

I was thinking the same thing, thank you I didn't know if I was just overthinking it or not. Thank you for your response!

No. 372497

Typically, if a prospective male partner's friends are majority women is that a good thing or bad?

No. 372515

Well in the US you do the same thing. We haven't started the actual paperwork for the move in yet, that requires paystubs etc. We make enough to afford the place with the jobs we have now.

No. 372532

you're welcome! moving can be fun but without a new job it can be scary and shitty real fast.

No. 372613

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Where does @sheslethal stream live?

No. 372802

How do lolcows or generally trainwreck people get into relationship? Or reading vent thread there are people complaining about bf that I'd just scratch my head how would that be desirable?