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No. 382958

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This is your thread!

Remember to ignore bait and trolls

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No. 383009

Is there any sort of device or procedure to enable me to stand (not sit) when using the computer at home?
Like something more official than stacking my PC screen on a bunch of shoe boxes.

No. 383011

Standing desks?

No. 383063

File: 1551655626516.jpg (292.04 KB, 1072x1280, CHANGEdesk_Adjustable_Height_S…)

Like other anon said, standing desks!
They even have adjustable converters for regular desks.

No. 383109

Can someone give me a quick rundown on the Momo challenge?

No. 383114

Hoax, spread around on Facebook by old and/or stupid people

No. 383191

>ignore bait and trolls
But this is the stupid questions thread, wtf?

No. 383270

Why are the it women nowadays so bland compared to the 90s supermodels?

No. 383285

Who even are the current it women?

No. 383289

Nepotism, social media influence, and subjectivity.

A lot of the current crop of popular models (Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, the Hadids, etc.) are the children of celebrities and their parents' fame allowed them a foot in the door regardless of whether they deserved it or not.

Social media presence unfortunately trumps genuine talent a lot of the time nowadays. If you're not big on social media, that can affect how many jobs you get in an industry like that. They like big names to draw attention to their brand. And people get big on social media for all kinds of dumb reasons.

And then there's subjectivity too. While I agree with you about today's models, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that do find them interesting and gorgeous. And they're entitled to their bizarre opinions.

No. 383298

It's just a creepy image. YouTubers promoted this idea that it's possible to contact "Momo" via What's App. Computer illiterate parents are in a panic because they believe "Momo" is real and is telling their kids to commit suicide and self harm.

Idk why but parents love spreading this bullshit.

No. 383306

>Idk why but parents love spreading this bullshit.

Some of us learned how to use Google and got sick of our parents tripping about drugs/razorblades in our Halloween candy before we had children.

No. 383316

is it really such a bad thing that cosplayers dress up as a character in an anime that they havent seen or arent a complete fan of? it makes sense to me if someone is making money off cosplay to do something that is popular and will bring in more betabux

No. 383323

It's frowned upon because it makes you look shallow and superficial and also because you're using someone else's intellectual property and its community to reap benefits without taking part in it yourself. It's not illegal or anything but it does make you look like a sellout and an attention whore. Think back to all the people who profited off the goth/nerd/whatever niche subculture when it was hot while despising the participants and watering their efforts and interests down to something equal of a bumper sticker catchphrase. It's annoying for the same reason, especially when it's sexualized like a lot of costhots do.

No. 383376

Honestly I don't think so. I understand the points raised by >>383323, though in the end it's just gatekeeping and for what? If people are somehow offended that you're dressing up as a character from a show without prior knowledge, ultimately… Whatever…? It doesn't mean shit, everyone will forget before they know it and there are no overarching guidelines on what pieces of clothing or styling you're able to give yourself and certainly not dictated by other randoms, so fuck 'em. Enjoy yourself.

No. 383389

Is TurboTax easy to use?
Im about to try to do my taxes for the first time by myself and Im scared. However I dont have any bills(i still live with my parents), no dependents, and no insurance. I have a w2 form and I got a form about two 50 dollar bonds I collected but I dont even know if i have to put that in since it was only 104 bucks with interest? But it should be pretty easy otherwise right?

No. 383398

it really is just worth it to have a consult with an accountant. onision is the comical portrayal of fucking up taxes but in reality its so far from funny. you can do it and i believe(?) there is an option for fraud protection but its not fool proof and costs extra. and you never know what you may find out you can claim on taxes and what you cant.

No. 383399

Yeah im definitely reconsidering after looking at the site tbh. My coworker made it seem like it was super easy, and cost nothing? But thats obviously not true..Its so confusing for me. The people who did both my and my parents taxes last year were complete retards about it. They werent clear on anything and it ended up taking multiple visits just to get done. Last year was the first year I filed on my own, but my parents still have to technically claim me because I live with them. So I went once then she told me my parents had to come too, then we still had to make two separate trips after because she wasnt "sure" whether or not I should file independently and how that would affect my parents tax return. Its so complicated and it doesnt help that my parents are very…"unworldly" and dont know how to do a lot of basic things. So it was just confusing and frustrating. Sorry for the ramble im just stressed because I dont know how to do this.

No. 383410

Cosplay has always been a way to broadcast what you're into and make friends with like minds. It doesn't make sense to go as characters you don't love unless you have zero intention of interacting with other fans beyond a thumbs up and a photo.

It's more understandable if you cosplay for money, but cosplay takes a long ass time to put together. Putting your character's show on as background noise while you sew is such a minimal amount of effort, anyone who can't be assed to do that much deserves any hate they get.

No. 383415

I use taxslayer myself, but it's very easy anon.
A few other quick things
>if you pay a student loan that is deductible, you'll need your loan issuer to give you a 1098-E, it can save you more than a few bucks depending on how much you've paid into it per year
>there's no more mandate on health insurance so you will not be penalized for saying you had none
>your bond is small but taxslayer is user friendly in that it will tell you what the different deductible sections are and if your bonds made enough in interest to bother

Sorry to still but I've filed with them every year with no problems. My stats are single, no dependents, student loan, no health insurance towards the end of the year, recently moved back in with parents.

No. 383423

Thank you anon! If you dont mind me asking, are your parents having to file you as a dependent now that you've moved in? Because the lady last year let me file as an independent, but my parents still had to claim me which made no sense. I dont make enough to have to file technically, so Im not necessarily scared for the IRS to come after me, but I need my return, and also need to know for my parents' sake whether or not they still have to claim me even if i file myself. Sorry if this is a stupid question. I wish I had learned this all in school but I never did.

No. 383432

>are your parents having to file you as a dependent now that you've moved in?
Nope, my parents haven't claimed me as their dependent on their taxes in years. The shorthand is if you're over 24 and they don't provide you with financial support equal to or greater than half of your annual income, you are considered independent.
It might ave something to do with your age or maybe their financial involvement. I'm 27, and moved out my first time when I was 23 (I came back home in November when I broke up with an ex and college was over).

No. 383446

Tax volunteer here, taxslayer is also what we use. VITA (https://tinyurl.com/jtcf3m3) usually has an income cap, but we do it for free and we can do state returns too.
Per: >>383415
>The American Opportunity Credit (from the 1098-E) can actually get you up to $1,000 back in refunds, strongly recommend if you can take it.
>Contrary to the beliefs of almost all my clients, the mandate still applies (_next_ year it doesn't), but if you just claim you had health insurance the whole year no one will bother to contest it.

As for if you're a dependent, depends. If you're under 24 at the end of the year and a full time student, yes (qualifying child). If you made less than $4,150, yes. Otherwise, you're not a dependent.

No. 383472

Am I the disgusting normie?

I went to two meetups I found on the Meetup app and the ppl there seemed more interested in doing the Thing, over socializing. But I thought that's what meetups we're for?

No. 383500

The Thing?
What’s this thing?

No. 383504

NTA but I'm assuming the thing = the reason to meet up, like painting, gaming, etc.

No. 383506

Is there a good alternative to Twitter?
I refuse to use Twitter due to its policy (especially silencing people against trans propaganda). So far there's Mastodon and Gab. I'd like to use Gab but I heard that women get bullied on that platform and even some people that are more right-leaning don't like the platform.

No. 383510

Nah it seems normal to do that. The socialising happens during the event no?

No. 383513

>it's just nerdy shit hurr who cares!!!
I bet you think lolitas should also be welcoming to sissy fetishists because "they're not hurting anyone fuck your gatekeeping bullshit".

No. 383517

Why is gatekeeping a bad thing?

No. 383518

I've heard of peach but idk if it's still a thing. It was meant to be a twitter alternative.

No. 383532

Do you need to wear sunscreen on days when you are literally indoors the whole time, such as a lazy saturday?

Does the light from computers age you too?

No. 383534

It's a bad thing if you like cosplay, yes. That kind of thing is what lowers the quality and ultimately destroys a subculture.


Because sjws don't like being told that people need to fulfill certain criteria in order to be part of a community. Gatekeeping is important to keep a group together and coherent.

No. 383535

> Does the light from computers age you too?

Yes it does, but sunscreen doesn't help.

No. 383536

That essay is amazing and describes the fate of every subculture to a T. It's like a fucking mathematical formula. This is why gatekeeping is important to at least try and avoid complete wreckage. Thanks for posting it.

No. 383545

Yeah it’s called HEV. There’s some skincare products that block it.

No. 383548


Are there any products you would recommend?

No. 383567

That's what I mean. Like they seemed to just wanna do it in silence or with minimal convo.

No. 383606

My left eye has been sore in a weird way this whole day. It doesn't itch, burn or feel dry, but it's a dull pain, kinda like if you press on a bruise. The pain gets a bit worse if I rub my eyelid Visually there's nothing wrong with it, it's not red or swollen and there's no discharge, it looks completely normal. It feels a bit "warm" though. Any idea what it might be? Just a minor infection, or am I going blind?

No. 383629

could be a migraine, anon. that can sometimes feel like pressure around or even behind the eye, even though it's a headache. how are you reacting to light, is it painful or sensitive?

No. 383641

Any anons moved to another country without knowing anyone or having a job prospect? Basically started from zero?

No. 383642

I'm basically about to do that (I fly out tomorrow lol) although I'm going to university so I guess the no job thing doesn't really apply

No. 383647

I'm ayrt… Wish you the best of luck, anon!

No. 383651

I sent in a job application last week without a cover letter attached. I'm now thinking maybe that was a mistake, would it look weird or unprofessional if I sent in another app with the cover letter attached.

Being unemployed so long is making me lose touch with normie reality.

No. 383657

I don't seem to have any sensitivity to light, I've been sitting on the computer for a while now and the pain isn't any different.

No. 383705

The blue light? If I turn on a blue light filter, will that be enough to block it?

No. 383715

any broad spectrum sunscreen that is 30spf or greater will protect you. you can also use flux on your pc or equivalents on your phone. however i think it's just easier to wear spf all the time. also i dont like looking at orange screens 24/7, i save it for night time, but maybe that won't bother you.

No. 383752

Can you see someone's likes on instagram? Or your own somewhere (like you can with twit or tumble)?

No. 383754

You press on the heart then click on following, it shows you what people you’re following liked. Good way to find similar accounts

No. 383769

Are there any YT channels of cute guys who eat food often on cam or do mukbangs? It's hard to find anything that isn't the meme that is Nikocado Avocado. I also don't really find Asian men attractive and thats another majority of those kinds of YTers. yes its my fetish.

No. 383771

you're welcome

No. 383772

Look up "food reviews" a lot of guys like to show their faces when they eat.

No. 383777

Why is his unusual face actually adorable, ty anon.

I'm dumb, I didnt think of that search term. Ty as well.

I also found a fairly new and weird channel called "Intelligent Man" who does asmr eating vids that're satirical but he seems cute, if anyone else has my struggle. Almost cringey-cute, but still.

No. 383803

Why coffe makes me sleepy rather than give me energy?

No. 383810

i've heard it can make you especially sleepy if you're adhd. idk the science behind it, but me and my friends have that issue. i can't drink it, i gotta take a nap after. if you're not sleepy from the start, it's probably just a caffeine crash.

No. 383811

Mmmm i see, it happens the same thing with anxious people?

No. 384174

Is it possible to be pear shaped and broad shouldered? Like, bone structure wise my shoulders are quite broad for my frame and my hips are also pretty broad, but I hold all my fat in the thighs, lower part of stomach and butt.

Am I a combo apple pear, or just an apple, or just a broad shoulder pear? Most of the examples of pear shaped women I see tend to have very narrow shoulders.

No. 384182

So Lena Dunham shaped?

No. 384183

More like momokun unfortunately, if momokun wasn't overweight and had a bit less arm.

No. 384206

Same body shape, anon. I'd say it's either hourglass-with-no-tits or broad-shouldered pear, like you said. I tend to identify with the latter myself.

No. 384213

Is there a good deal of competition for short men? As in dating them? Are they more popular than I thought?
Talking under 5'4" by the way.

No. 384225

No. There's very little competition. I'm short and tbh even I'm not into short men. I see a lot of anons on here liking short men but irl there's very little competition.

No. 384298

Not really. My Fiances brother is 5'4" and struggles sometimes. All the women he has dated have been under 5'2" though.

No. 384301

I'm tall (5'11) and I have always preferred short men. I have literally had 1 boyfriend that is taller than me and it only lasted a few months lol. I think that the whole short thing is really exacerbated by TV/movies.

yeah I think so! Funny you said that because I'm the same way. Like I said earlier I'm tall as fuck and I carry all my weight in my thighs and butt…but my shoulders are not tiny. Not as wide as my hips and got small tits.

No. 384304

Thanks for input. Ig they're not popular but more so than often portrayed, then?
I ask because they're the only men I go for but they continuously reject me so I'm assuming they must have better options. Or is it the height difference (even though it's only a few inches) hang up? Since I've had taller men flirt with me so I know I'm not a complete fuggo myself.

Tall anon, advice on how to date shorter men?

No. 384308

A guy in the building I live atm, but will move out in less than a month, said he finds me pretty, asked the door man for my number and mentioned on one message to me that when he saw me he felt like hugging me?
What should I do? I'm a 26 year old bi virgin with commitment issues and even if the guy looks nice enough this attention is low key freaking me out because I have no idea how to flirt or date irl.

No. 384309

Why do people get colored skin under their eyes when they don't sleep?

For some people, its purple and for some it is grey, and then sometimes its even brown or reddish. What causes that?

No. 384310

>It’s not an urban legend — falling short on your zzz’s, whether due to insomnia or simply a late night, can cause circles under your eyes to appear or become more prominent. This happens because lack of sleep tends to cause the blood vessels under the thin skin of the eyes to dilate, creating a dark tint. Sometimes, tiredness can make the area under your eyes appear puffy as well. “Fluids can leak out into the skin and cause puffiness and swelling,” says Van Dyke, explaining what we commonly call eye bags.


No. 384311

Ty anon!

Are the variances in color just based on skintone?

No. 384329

Nta, but probably undertone

No. 384344

Trust your gut feeling before anything else. Does he give you the creeps? Do you like him? Would you like to be with him?
Don't worry about the attention, if he's not too clingy.

No. 384357

Bear in mind whatever happens, he literally knows where you live.

Sound him out very carefully and take it extremely slowly

No. 384371

The fact he asked someone else for your number instead of asking you directly is a red flag to me.

No. 384407

I would recommend for all students or anyone not making much invome to look up VITA. Get your taxes done for free by student accountants (I used to be one myself). They are observed and usually get you out the door within 15 minutes

No. 384507

Is there a way to cause amnesia? Or deliberately forget certain things? I dont think blocking things out works well.

No. 384518


I'm sorry you feel the need to forget some things. It's best to work on that with a therapist and learn how to live and cope with those memories.

No. 384636

Can anyone tell me if there's a benefit of using an epilator over the traditional wax for hair removal?
I've never used an epilator but I'd like to try if it makes hair regrowth slower.
When you buy an epilator, does it last for a year or two? Is it more efficient than waxing for example? Are there any side effects?

No. 384673

You only meed to buy it once and then charge it so it's cost effective, and it's easier to use than a jar of wax.
It doesn't last particularly long and even if you do it carefully you'll probably miss a few hairs when epilating. I've been epilating for several years, and exclusively for 6 months, and I do have a few bald spots on my legs now. I still get ingrowns tho but they may be from the times I shaved, if you get a good quality epilator you shouldn't get them.

No. 384737

File: 1552102076865.jpg (26.8 KB, 500x352, tumblr_mu3k14Z0Pq1sno88fo1_500…)

any osu players on here, what's the etiquette for playing online? i've been playing osu singleplayer for years because i fucking forgot there was a multiplayer mode. now i want to join, and i did last night but eventually all the other players were telling me to "pass down the host" and i had no clue what to do so i just left the game

No. 384771

Thank you, anon!

No. 384776

It's been a while but iirc by "pass down the host" they meant let the person under you on the list choose the song. Usually rooms make it so that people choose songs one after the other and it's passed automatically. If you pick the song try to use a good map or people will be annoyed, but of you're not sure just pass down the host. If they speak english you can just ask!

No. 384824

This might belong in a thread on /g/, please forgive me if it actually does.

I bought a second-hand purse made of saffiano leather at a steal, but there's a faded ball pen ink stain at the side, and I would like to clean it away.

Do any anons know of safe methods to remove that stain?

Online searches tell me that rubbing alcohol is a good option, but I have not tried that out yet.

No. 384895

Not sure about that specific type of leather but I just looked it up and rubbing alcohol is safe to use on leather for removing ink stains.


No. 384905

Sorry it took me so long to respond! I forgot which thread I posted this lol.

I think that a lot of men sadly have a complex about height, and are somehow insecure or threatened by tall women. For some reason they think they're less of a man for dating a woman taller than them. You're likely not a fuggo at all, the men are just insecure about feeling lesser compared to you.

As for advice well…most men I've dated I met online, and I make it a point to tell them my height. I've never really found that they were turned off by it. Most of the men I've dated are actually turned on by it. Men I've met offline have been friends and they asked me out. The last guy I dated before my current boyfriend was fucking tiny compared to me. He was totally a sub so that helped a lot lol.

This advice probably sucks but I've honestly not had much of an issue with it. I used to be extremely insecure about my height in school, to the point I seriously fucked up my back from slouching constantly to appear shorter. I'm 27 now and I'm still suffering from it. I just learned to accept myself and anyone who doesn't like it can fuck off. Being tall is awesome and especially being over 5'9 for a woman is rare, which makes it even more beautiful imho. If a man is too insecure to date you then they don't deserve you. If you like someone just feel em out, flirt with them! If they like you back they will let you know ;)

No. 385180

Five days and still no answer. I really need to run away from my abusive relationship.

No. 385303

Am I gonna break my milk frother by making milk chocolate in it

No. 385317

I have, it's very hard. Do you know anyone there?

No. 385324

If you have a bachelor's degree from an Anglophone country you can teach English abroad. It's relatively easy, especially if you're white.

If you want to move to a nice country like Canada, Sweden, or the US you can forget about it.

Why can't you move somewhere in your own country?

No. 385328

do you really need to leave the country to escape your relationship?

No. 385336

I have no idea but you're adorable

No. 385344

NTA but how do other countries check for degree status?

No. 385345

NTA but how do other countries check for degree status?

No. 385357

because your foreign employer will ask for proof of your degree and transcripts….

No. 385565

Any history buffs here?
I'm a european with the most basic knowledge of American history, and I'm particularly interested in the American Revolution and its context. I want to go much deeper than what Wikipedia offers so I was wondering if anons here have a good book or a documentary on the subject to recommend?

No. 385569

I liked the Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan. It’s the second series, after the one about the English civil war.

No. 385575

Awesome, thanks for introducing me to him. I'll be sure to read his book on history of Rome too.

No. 385576

i was literally asking for how. don't be fucking weird.

No. 385586

I would imagine you could get your transcripts digitally, which would be easy to send over and verify. Same with the degree.

No. 385626

Is Billie Eilish any good? Everyone keeps hailing her and I want to see what the hype is about, but I want to keep listening to some albums on repeat…

No. 385694

that's up to you to decide. listen and find out.

No. 385714

That's not a very good answer, nor is it persuasive. I guess I won't.

No. 385741

File: 1552361154922.jpg (98.49 KB, 780x520, granny.jpg)

Now I know this is going to sound hypocritical because I'm posting this on a site dedicated to lolcows but- what is with preeteens on tik tok ganging up on (what appears to me to be) developmentally delayed adults? To me it seems so weird and unfunny but maybe I'm just too old for it.

No. 385743

NTA but fuck you’re autistic, if you want to know if an artist is any good you need to listen to them yourself and decide. Anyone with two brain cells can come to that conclusion without needing to be ‘persuaded’

No. 385744

How am I being autistic? I only have a marginal interest in her and I don't know if she's worth dropping my albums for her. All I hear about her is that she just makes music and wears weird clothes. Damn, I didn't know asking if she's worth listening to was such a triggering question.

No. 385746

You're asking why children like to be mean??? They aren't psychologically developed and function essentially like sociopaths, anything mean is worth a social reward. Theyre inherently self-centered and they can't feel empathy if they can't see pain.

No. 385748

Are you really incapable of stopping whatever you're listening to on repeat long enough to check out a couple of her songs on spotify or youtube? Because yes, that is incredibly autistic.

No. 385749

hm, I guess that's the case. Now that I think about it when I was that age social media wasn't what it is now, I'm sure if we had access to those sorts of people back then to make fun of we would have done it. I guess it's just a little jarring to me because even though people like Chris Chan have been taunted since way back when it's weird for me to see normal, everyday speds get attacked. It seems cruel but I guess that's how kids are.

No. 385758

so i just moved to an apartment complex and my nextdoor neighbor does this thing where she goes in and out her front door for like… an hour or so every night. then i hear her unlock her car and disappear for awhile then she comes back. i've kind of snooped outside my peephole but all she does is go out, lock her door, leave for a few minutes, then come back and close the door for a bit. repeat.

does this sound like OCD or something to you guys? she lives alone. i feel kind of bad for her but idk what else would be causing this

No. 385760

she's a lorde skinwalker except she does it worse.

No. 385796

does she like… drive away? or does she just go to her car to unlock it and then locks it again a few minutes later. sounds like she's dealing drugs or something lmao.

No. 385857

no, i don't hear the car ever turning on, she just goes into the hallway or something. i can't see what she does beyond opening the door, locking it, going into the hall and doing… something? there, then going back in her apartment. she doesn't unlock the car every time but she always clicks the button twice because i'll hear it beep four times. unless she's locking it four times. idk.

No. 385867

same anon

ok now it's morning and i just heard her unlock her car twice, go in and out of her apartment 4 times, and she checks the lock very intently each time

i think it must be ocd. poor woman

No. 385883

Does this sound like appendicitis or just sickness over food? I recently ate a new shellfish (scallops) the night before these symptoms
Tmi warning:
>sharp abdominal pain/cramps, mostly on the lower right side but also around bladder/above genitals
>hasn't gotten worse? Has actually faded slightly
>nausea that comes and goes
>kind of dizzy and tired
>bad gas
>appetite still strong though

Waking up with pain in that specific area got me wondering, but it doesn't fit the description exactly? I have no problems passing gas or using the bathroom for instance. The pain also isn't debilitating.
>inb4 go see your doctor
If it gets worse I will but don't want to waste time if it's just a bad reaction to seafood.

No. 385903

Could be a mild case of food allergy or something that didn’t agree with you. It’s also possible you really need a laxative or help getting it out of you.

No. 385926

I also wanna know. I have horrific memories I just want to forget. I did block it out for half a year, but now it has come back in full force.

No. 385994

this is the worst question of all but i really know nothing about pixyteri and there seems to be a whole lot that went on before lolcow and is there just a summary somewhere

No. 386004

You guys should look into Lacuna.

No. 386534

File: 1552539368299.png (563.65 KB, 462x601, Pixyterikick.PNG)

Why do people get super autistic when someone mentions they like an apple product?

I think it's more prevalent now because people figured they can make money or get that yt clout with channels dedicated to cringe compilations/making fun of people.They're very popular these days along with "Tea"/drama channels.
Preteens today are glued to the internet so they're just following the trend, along with the fact that they're already nutty due to their age.

She has an encyclopedia dramatica page, that'll give you some good info.

No. 386536

It’s the cool thing to shit on. Don’t know why, they’re genuinely better than a lot of the market and their stuff looks really nice. One of the biggest arguments I hear is that they’re expensive by what isn’t these days

And hey, at least apple cares about user privacy

No. 386537

something something hipsters something something apple is the devil. to be fair, apple DOES have really unethical practices like the planned obsolescence and overpriced repairs/replacements, but as someone who has used the same iphone 6 for 5 years with no issues, still has a working 13 year old imac, and uses the ipad pro for work - i cant complain about their products. i've had nothing but good luck with them.

No. 386538

>they’re expensive by what isn’t these days
…their competitors?

No. 386539

>planned obsolescence
Kek. Just replace the battery, it's not that deep.

No. 386540

Nta, but they were actually taken to court/sued over the planned obsolescence, so it is indeed that deep

No. 386542

All of the big name competitors that people go for are also obscenely expensive, there’s only really a handful that aren’t

No. 386545

would it kill you to read up before you make dumb replies? i’m nta but jesus. the planned obsolescence goes a lot further than a few lithium ion replacements. they literally intentionally retard the processors in the older models so you’re forced to buy a new one.

No. 386652

My period is a week late (was supposed to get it last friday and still nothing) and I'm positive I'm not preagnant. Could it just be stress or should I go to the doctor?

No. 386663

See a doctor if you miss your period for more than two months.
Mine always go away in times of stress or under-eating.

No. 386759

Mine was recently a week late which is super rare since it's usually right on time but it's usually no big deal. I wouldn't worry until it's been longer tbh a lot of factors can affect it

No. 386776

Anon are you me? I was supposed to get my period last Friday too and it hasn’t come yet.

No. 386838

Suppose you buy something (alcohol, > 100ml) at the duty-free shop in airport X with only a carry-on. Suppose you go to city Y and keep the alcohol unopened. Suppose you stay at city Y for a few days, then you fly to city Z. Can you still bring said alcohol to city Z?

No. 386875

Afaik, no. If you leave the secure area of the airport in city Y, you will have to pass security checks again.

No. 386889

Does lactating make your breasts saggy? I've been thinking about inducing it for several reasons, but anons in the Onision threads use to say Lainey's breasts are so saggy because she's been lactating for so long and that's how they got their "orange in a sock" appearance. I would really like to have larger, fully breasts and I here that if you lactate at some point in your life the breast cancer risk is drastically reduced but it would suck if my breasts became super saggy.

No. 386895

I don’t really see how it would make them sag other than possibly because of the extra weight, but that’s not lactation exclusive. I’m curious though, why would you induce lactation? I’ve been breastfeeding for 2 years and about to breastfeed for another 2, and lactating breasts come with so many cons; you leak everywhere and it ruins your clothes, they’re sore all the time, the size fluctuates constantly so wearing bras is a pain in the ass, it can really fuck with the sensitivity of your nipples, the list just goes on tbh

No. 386896

Samefag, but the anons on /snow also like to nitpick absolutely every detail of a woman’s body and have a weird amount of internalised misogyny so I’d take anything they say about bodies with a grain of salt

No. 387286

chocolate milk or actual solid chocolate?

No. 387287

What? Chocolate milk, how the fuck would I make chocolate in it

No. 387288

the thing i really hate about apple is the planned obsolescence. they do stuff like "updating" the firmware to throttle the processors and all their products have absolutely abysmal battery life that only gets worse as time goes on. my 2016 macbook can only last 1 and 1/2 hours before i need to plug it in again. not to mention the removal of the headphone jack and excessive combative methods against repairs done by third parties. they're like the EA of tech.

No. 387487

File: 1552779848211.jpg (52.76 KB, 634x845, 166596d9e6a16a7e2870580718ff27…)

Are plastic outlet covers recyclable?

No. 387534

I personally adore her and basically became a huge fan of her music in a few hours lol. A friend sent me a video of her instagram story where she recounts a story of how she went for a doctor's visit and the nurse made her pee in a cup in a closet, but something about her was offputting at the time and I didn't really watch it. For a while I just really didn't want to listen to her, literally didn't give her a chance or heard her voice, just didn't want to listen. Then I was on the Colors yt channel and was curious what their most popular video was and lo and behold it's Billie singing idontwannabeyouanymore. I don't know what it was, but the moment she started singing, something clicked and I just could not stop listening to her. bury a friend and you should see me in a crown are some of my favorite songs because I love that sort of heavy techno sound (sorry- don't know the actual genre or term for it lol). I've been consistently playing only her songs for what's probably been three weeks by now and I still love listening to her. When I watch concerts of lives, it looks so fun when the audience sings with her, and I considered buying scalped tickets for like $200 to see her in my city lol. I went back to watch that video of her peeing in a closet and lost my fucking mind. She seems super chill and down to earth, really funny. Her clothing aesthetic isn't really my thing but I just ignore it. Anyway, to each their own. You might like her, you might not. I think she's worth checking out. Maybe listen to a few songs. when the party's over is the second song I listen to from her and I didn't really like it at the time. Maybe you'll find a song you like even if you don't like her overall discography.

sage for sperging

No. 387634

File: 1552815380374.jpg (26.39 KB, 313x400, e021273899c76e8ed82f15ead6078b…)

is it possible to be legitimately depressed because of school or am i just fucking stupid and looking for an excuse?

No. 387638

you never know…
yeah chocolate milk is fine.

No. 387640

I'm sure it can be the case, but if you suspect you have depression for one reason or another you should see a professional if that's possible. We don't know you so it's not like we can say if that's your case specifically. What's going on at school, it's the workload or something else?

No. 387650

Depression doesn't have to be "deep". Depression can be triggered by stressful situations like losing a loved one or failing school.

No. 387661

Yes, it's legitimate. People get depressed for a lot of things. Depression is a way we handle stressors in our life, the context could be anything small to something big.

No. 387687

Is there a psychological correlation between obesity and hoarding pretty shiny consumer objects? Like some kind of shift of focus from themselves onto "pretty thing?"The fat women I know collect huge amounts of makeup they dont use, clothes they dont wear, lots of time and money at hair salons/coloring their hair that ends up clashing with a naked face. I swear this is a thing.

No. 387693

nah, if anything it's their impulsive personalities and lack of self control driving it.

No. 387697

It's likely that they lack control over both their spending and eating habits. Both things can be addictive.

No. 387702

File: 1552838741763.png (45.82 KB, 400x404, tumblr_pe1wduncnp1xe5jc0o1_400…)

i get really weird whenever i have to do any work (assignments, tests, etc) as in, i feel like whatever i'll do, it's never going to be enough and i'll eventually just fail and feel completely hopeless about my future

i've always kinda thought of it as "depression", but typing it out, i'm not sure if it's the appropriate word to describe what i've written

i just get scared i won't be taken seriously because i haven't really had anything traumatic happen to me and i'll just be perceived being too dramatic and or lazy about school

i'm pretty sure this is stemming back from my last year of high school where i completely failed everything and i haven't changed/grown from there

btw thank you anons for your responses

No. 387703

I'm obese myself, and I tend to collect certain things, but both are because I've struggled a lot with impulse control and having an addictive personality. I don't think for most that being fat results in hoarding, so much as poor impulse control results in overeating and overspending. A generally terrible level of self-esteem tends to also fuel the temporary dopamine rush that results from eating and collecting/spending.

Basically, yeah, probably correlated, but probably not causative.

No. 387708

my period has been up to eleven days late at times, usually once a year or so i get a really long cycle and i always freak out even though like you i know i'm not pregnant. recently i've found that drinking ginger tea helps induce the bleeding when i'm late. i make it myself with fresh ginger. also the one time i think i WAS actually pregnant, I took dong quai pills and I started bleeding that same day.

No. 387709

I think
sounds about right. Difficulty with impulse control, sensitivity towards addiction/instant gratification and (in some people) a certain tendency to externalise things and put them off. I’ve noticed a lot of “once I get/start xyz, life will be better” type of thinking in my friends and family members struggling with obesity. Then once they do get or start xyz and it doesn’t instantly make them feel better, they lose interest and give up on it. All the new hair colours, clothes, makeup, fad diets, kitchen appliances, club memberships, physical or virtual collectibles, etc. are just another symptom of this way of thinking.

I know a woman who has a Pinterest board of literally hundreds of healthy snack recipes but has privately admitted to me that she’s never made a single one because simply scrolling through them and collecting more is enough to alleviate the guilty feeling she’d otherwise get from eating a bag of chips. So every weekend she sits behind her laptop for a few hours at a time, feeling proactive as she pins new healthy recipes to her board while eating junk food, telling herself she’ll totally start eating better after this.

No. 387723

File: 1552843295385.gif (282.96 KB, 200x200, 1508667460_c4a.gif)

My question's ultra retarded but this is my first boyfriend and I don't know any better so I'm going to ask anyway.
Last night, we were cuddling on the couch and he went in for a neck kiss which was my first one ever. For some reason…I didn't really care for it. To be honest, it literally just felt like someone's tongue licking/kissing my neck without sexual context and I didn't feel turned on at all. Everyone talks about how sexy they are so I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me or maybe he's just not a good kisser? My heart was racing and I was like omg but it didn't get me in the mood or anything like I thought it was supposed to.
I don't know what was going on lmao sorry for being spergy loser supreme.

No. 387731

I don't have an answer but I hear you anon. I can't stand kissing. Something about insecurities with how well I can clean my mouth with braces, and how clean a partner can get their mouth clean just kills it for me.

No. 387740

anon, people have different tastes and turn ons. Every girl out there is raving over nipple-sucking or whatever but to me its eithet "meh" or it ouright hurts. Some people are into ear-biting, some arent. Like… its just a mater of taste.

No. 387742

I hate French kissing a lot, it's even worse when the second you try to kiss a guy and he wants to stick his tongue in your throat, I don't get it why don't guy like gentle soft kissing and taking it slow? Women are so much better at making out

No. 387743

some people also don't know how to kiss even on the body for shit. they just slobber all over you. a very light touch, sometimes just a partner's breath can be arousing.

No. 387750

How to go to the gym if I'm friendless and shy?
Do you absolutely need someone to spot you? How do you ask strangers to do that?
I'm tired of only doing at home workouts with low weights but my fear of others holds me back. I can't help but think they'll judge and hate me for being a beginner.

No. 387752

What is the best way to store your digital photos? my laptop is running out of memory space and I need to get rid of them there because it's a damn lot. What are my best options? A harddrive, cloud saves or something else?

No. 387753

I'm just keeping mine on an external hard drive. You connect it to your laptop/PC just like you would a USB.


No. 387754

what does ban-evading mean on lolcow?

No. 387755


I see, the thing about the external hard drives is for me personally that I'm kind of worried that those things stop working or have some kind of error and that means that all your photos are gone or can't excess them because of whatever reason.

I already lost once 10 years of photos because of something like that and I'm still not over it that I have almost no photos of my teenager years…

No. 387756

Most people at the gym are fumbling beginners/casuals or people who are SUPER into working out and are happy to help out beginners (or just don’t care). As long as you’re respectful of gym ettiquette i.e. wiping down equipment after you’re done and putting weights back they belong I don’t think anybody will judge you.

I know it can seem really intimidating to walk in and see all the veteran gym goers doing these intense workouts with heavy weights but honestly in my experience with basically any hobby the people who are truly passionate and talented are more than happy to share their knowledge with newbies. It’s only the mediocre, casual people who judge and gatekeep. And especially with working out it can be really easy to injure yourself with the wrong form and most people are well intentioned and don’t want to see others get hurt so they’ll try to kindly help you out if you’re doing something wrong.

And most gyms I’ve seen have trainers walking around and working out themselves. You usually have to pay for actual sessions of course but you can always go up and ask them for help with spotting or checking form, it’s their job after all.

No. 387759

I started going to the gym two months ago, it's not as anxiety ridden as you'd think. Everyone's off doing their own thing. Most people working out are looking at a TV or their phone or a book. The people who are lifting big weights are in their own zone. There's no shaming in the gym I go to. There's people of all ages and sizes, you'll just be another person.

No. 387761

There's no guarantee that whatever's saved in the cloud doesn't get lost due to some error, albeit less likely, plus it might be costlier in the long run.

I haven't had issues with external drives but if you had a bad experience than maybe saving it in a cloud store is better idea. I hope some other anons have a better tip.

Sorry to hear about those photos, that is a great loss.

No. 387762

*cloud storage

No. 387772

Wow I thought I just sucked at choosing guys because all the ones I've kissed fucking suck and it made me think I hated french kissing, but lo and behold when I french kissed a girl for the first time, it was the best fucking thing on Earth. I never got to kiss someone so gently and slowly to the point where I could hear them breathing lol. It was comforting to hear it, because I always thought something was wrong with me for breathing through my nose lmao. It's nice to know most dudes are just bad.

No. 387789

I have some extra sharp cheddar cheese in my fridge, the dyed Walmart stuff. I have had it for about 3 weeks I think. I was eating it today and while it doesn't look or smell weird, the taste is really sour. Has the cheese gone bad? Does that mean it will taste bad but be fine for health, or that it will make me sick? If I have to throw it away it isn't a big deal, there is only about an ounce left but it's always a shame to waste food.

No. 387798

Hard cheese should be fine. Unless it’s gotten sweaty or is visibly mouldy it’s usually okay.

No. 387824

Am I wrong for saying it's gross that a short woman over the age of 30 calls herself a 'tiny girl'?

No. 387827

No. 387835

Not as bad as when tall girls call themselves babie and smol on twitter lmao

No. 387840

I don't think it is gross but it is cringy

No. 387854

how the hell do people come up with puns so fast? i love puns so much and im always so amazed when someone just says one like OH SHIT!! WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT!!! the only puns i know are like… punchlines of jokes. im so envious of people who can just insert them while having a normal conversation.

No. 387910

fucking same anon, like it's just crazy how quick people can make really good puns
i wanna be like that too

No. 387913

Literally nobody does that, anon.

No. 387917

People that put a lot of time and effort into decorating their daily planners with stickers, washi, calligraphy, illustrations, etc…what do they do once the planner is completely filled up? Do they keep it (like they would a journal)? Throw it away?

No. 387921

Is there a noticeable difference in sound between $60 and $200 headphones?
I listen to a wide variety of genres like classical, jazz, and electronic music, compose at times, and so far my current headphones, the AKG K92, are perfect for that but I was wondering if I'm missing out on the real thing?
There aren't any shops nearby where I could try out pricey headphones before purchasing yet I wonder if the difference justifies the cost. Are there any anons that could offer some insight?

No. 387931

I bought some Beats Solo headphones years ago when they were hyped and in all honesty they were worse than my cheap ones regarding sound quality. Plus if you have dumbo ears like me they will probably hurt after a while. My bf has Bose headphones and they are worth the money because they are very comfortable and the sound is just awesome.

No. 387946

Bujo user here and yep! We keep them. I actually like flipping back in my old one and looking at the memory pages/gratitude logs and the doodle dump pages. It's a nice trip down memory lane.

No. 387952

I see, thanks. I guess I'll just stick to mine then.

> Plus if you have dumbo ears like me they will probably hurt after a while.

Haha, yeah I do which is why my main requirement for headphones is that they're over the ear type that is cushy for the ears.

Would it be weird for someone in their late 20s to start doing that?
I guess I associate with teenage girls but it seems like a nice idea.

No. 387989

Are you still upset that the cgl lolita general wasn't willing to shit all over FR with you for a completely non-lolita-related post?

I agree that it's pretty cringe but your preoccupation with this is honestly cringier.

No. 387993

I keep mine! I started journalling because I was inspired by one of my favorite artists who keeps a hobonichi. I’ve never invested in a hobo, I usually buy dotted notebooks from the AAs at cons to use. I write in them with the idea that I’d like to read back on these memories one day, even days where I don’t do much. I recently read over a bit of my first journal, which I kept during junior/senior year of college, and it was heartwarming to sort of relive some days with details I might not have remembered otherwise (I usually write things soon after they happen to keep descriptions as accurate as possible).

No. 387994

also to add to this, it’s why I don’t bullet journal. They look nice and are great for productivity, but years down the line I don’t give a shit about my todo list for the day. I want to know what exactly I did, how I felt, all that jazz.

No. 387995

Why not use both a bujo and a normal journal. Bujos don't have to look fancy at all - mine don't. It's just a to do list in book form.

No. 388037

Since graduating I don’t really do anything productive enough that I would need a bujo haha. During college I had a monthly calender that served like a bujo, but it’s been hard to even keep a monthly calender since I just work retail and everyday is the same shit. Maybe once I leave this hell I’ll buy another journal for bujo only.

No. 388056

Can someone give me / link me to an unbiased lowdown on the Israel vs Palestine conflict? Seems like everyone’s taken a side and idk who to support. To me it seems like there is no “good” side and they both suck but I don’t know enough to form an educated opinion.

No. 388057

Why do I keep getting ear infections and how do I stop them? It's always the same ear too, my left ear goes deaf every time.

No. 388065

Your important digital files (old pictures, college thesis…) should always be stored in a least two different places. Cloud + external hard drive is a good idea. With google drive you get 15Go of free storage so it's a good start.
Remember that if you only keep your files on an external hard drive you always run the risk of having it stolen if someone break into your home for example.

No. 388086

I think you should go to the doctor, it could literally be anything.

No. 388101

I have. He always just checks my ear, compliments their cleanliness, confirms it's an infection, gives me meds, and sends me home.

No. 388115

Some people just have shitty ears that get infected a lot and there's not much you can do about it. I'm assuming your infections accompany a cold? If so the advice my dr gave me was to start using nasal decongestants as soon as I'm feeling sick because it lessens the chance of getting an infection.

You should really ask your dr if there's anything you can do to prevent it from happening so much because they're so busy they don't tend to take the initiative. If he still has no advice then you might just be very unlucky.

No. 388130

How do you know if you’re pretty? Aka not ugly

No. 388147

Whether or not people treat you like a human being rather than an eyesore

No. 388179


Do you bathe or swim a lot? That can be a pretty big contributor. Even getting water stuck in your ears from showers. Maybe try ear plugs?

No. 388222

I noticed recently that at night when everyone is asleep and upstairs, my cat will be resting downstairs on his cat tree in the living room but he sits facing the wall. The only time he does it is at night when everyone's in bed. I don't know if this is something to be concerned about but it looked pretty bizarre when I first noticed it and was wondering why the hell he's doing that. Do you guys know if somethings wrong with him? Could he be sick or depressed and lonely? I'm worried about him. I tried googling it but nothing came up except for cats leaning their head against the wall but he wasn't doing that, just facing it real close.
He is a little attention seeking when he wants to be and I close my door at night because if I don't, he bangs on the blinds to wake me up. Even with my door closed lately, he kicks it with his feet and meows for like 2 minutes but then it stops.

No. 388234

He might get lonely at night but I don't think facing the wall itself is an issue. As long as he's not head pressing there's nothing physically wrong with him. Some cats just develop bizarre behaviors for no discernible reason, too.

No. 388248

cat is possessed

No. 388261

Cats like to be in enclosed places where they are secure and "tucked in". It's an evolutionary thing. My cat went through a phase where she slept in a tiny space between my desk and the wall.
I think he feels safe and comfortable in his cat tree and wants to sleep there, but he also wants to make the space feel as enclosed as he can.

No. 388303

File: 1552990412760.jpg (73.38 KB, 900x540, apu (4).jpg)


No. 388395

File: 1553018918961.jpg (142.18 KB, 957x1300, expression-girl-mean-look-1137…)

Why do (some) women give other women nasty looks in public? I have never understood this. I don't look at other people unless I have a reason to, and if I do, I give them a polite smile. But sometimes I look and there's just a woman glaring venomously at me for no apparent reason. There is a difference between resting bitch face& actual venom. I've never seen a man do it to me but maybe it is less obvious when they do. Does anyone else experience this? Know someone who does it? Do you do it, and if so, why?

No. 388398

I've been told I do this but it really is an unfortunate resting bitch face plus slightly squinting due to bad eyesight (especially when I'm trying to make out if it is a person I know or nah). I can't imagine a reason for a rando to glare at you, people are generally far too preoccupied with themselves to do that shit I think, unless you REALLY stand out.

No. 388400

Yeah like other anon said, most likely a bad case of resting bitchface. Sometimes I catch myself essentially staring at someone without realizing it and my brain was nowhere near thinking about the persons appearance. It’s never about you, unless you look like a complete weirdo compared to the general population

No. 388404

In my family there's one aunt with depression (they say - I've always heard that she "saw her house walls collapsing" which makes me think it's something more complicated than depression), they told me antidepressants caused her to be obese and lethargic all the time and she never "healed" from her mental illness, causing her to be nonfunctional.
Now I suspect I have anxiety or depression, there's a possibility I might be put on antidepressants and I'm scared.
Has anyone here ever been put on antidepressants? Is it true that you will have to take them forever and you won't be able to function anymore? Is it true that they cause addiction and will make you gain a lot of weight and be lethargic all the time? Is it true that you won't be sane ever again? In case the answer is no, how much time will it take to "go back to normal"?
Help an anon out, I'm scared shitless right now

No. 388410

Yeah, you're likely right, it probably is just RBM and I am overthinking it. I also read that women interrupt other women's looks to be judgmental, regardless of intention.


>In 18 of the 34 reports (about 53 percent), women said they received looks they considered to be judgmental, or which made them feel awkward.

No. 388411

no offense but like are you 13? when you're depressed as fuck you don't care about any potential consequences because you're desperate for a solution. regardless, plenty of anti-depressants don't make you gain weight – some do, some don't. depends on your body. i've tried 11 anti depressants of multiple classes and have found absolutely none worked for me, good or bad. one made my nasal passages very dry, but no effect on my mental health. it really is them just them seeing what works. it's not an exact science but it's likely you won't gain weight. anti-psychotics make you gain weight and stuff, typically, and anti-depressant meds that are used for bipolar disorder seem to have to cause weight gain, but i've not experienced anything so far

No. 388422

Of course I'm desperate for a solution, but the possibility of being "stuck" as a nonfunctioning zombie for the rest of my life is terrifying to me. It would be to anyone I think, so I don't know how that would make anyone childish

No. 388428

no, i get that, i meant more along the lines of like, have you never actually known anyone else on antidepressants other than your non-functioning obese aunt? they're very very popular. the way you spoke about them was like they're like super dangerous and rarely used, like, MAOIs or something

No. 388439

Buying new curtains for my room and I don’t know what color to get cause I’m total shit at interior decorating and stuff. I’m going to Ikea tomorrow and I need help!

The main color scheme of my room is black/white/grey and navy with some pops of red. The walls are a shitty yellowish off white (yeah it’s a rental lol). I found nice curtains at Ikea and I can’t decide between grey, navy, or red. At first I wanted red because it’s my favorite color and I thought it would look cool but I’m afraid it might look tacky instead. And I can’t decide if I like navy or grey better. I’m afraid grey would be drab but navy too dark if that makes sense. Idk why I’m putting so much thought into curtains but I really want my room to look nice!

No. 388441

I think grey would look best. Can't go wrong with more neutral colors.

No. 388442

Yes, I've never known anyone else on antidepressants. Probably because my country is kind of backwards when it comes to mental health, and if people take meds for any mental disorder they will likely not talk about it for fear of being considered crazy. So I can't ask anyone irl, and my appointment with the psychiatrist is in 20 long days

No. 388444

I think grey is a good choice because it's a neutral, so if you ever want to change up your room's colour scheme you can keep the curtains as they are.

I personally have a mostly grey bedroom (white walls, but grey curtains and grey bedsheets) and even though I don't like grey normally, as an interior decoration colour it's a good one. It's nice and calming, so it helps get me in a frame of mind to relax and sleep.

No. 388473

I've had all sorts of curtains, especially red. Here's the thing: looking tacky depends on the material and the color tone. Big difference between stiff, shiny bright red fabric vs a darker maroon color in an airier fabric. In your case, if everything in the room is neutral I'd go with the navy. If you have plenty pops of color elsewhere I'd just take the safe choice.

No. 388484

What is this stuff about chicken tendies about?

No. 388486

What is this stuff about chicken tendies about?

No. 388496


What is this subreddit about? I don't understand the relation to pewdiepie

No. 388501

It's a /r9k/ meme. It's a self-deprecating stereotype about how neet manchildren do things like nag their mothers to go get them chicken tenders from McDonalds and are encouraged by her to do chores with a "good boy points" system you'd use for little kids. Some memer probably paid that porn actress to roleplay a script involving it for his epic youtube videos with her thinking it was just another mommy rp request.

No. 388519

File: 1553037707666.jpeg (68.44 KB, 1179x197, 2F9EFCBD-E528-4904-8EB2-A49C09…)

It’s literally on the tin, they’re submitting things to Pewdiepie. It even has a description on the very first page. This really is a stupid question

No. 388528

Fair but I have even more questions now as I've never watched pewdiepie. Most of the sub's contents seemingly have nothing to do with youtuber? Why is he taking these submissions? Do redditors unironcially watch his videos?

No. 388540

It's for his fans to submit funny pictures for him to react to on his "meme review" video series. They actually had to shut down for a bit a few days ago because of that NZ shooter saying "subscribe to pewdiepie" as it was such a shitstorm.

No. 388543

Good he's cancer and obviously has always had stake in trying to maintain an alt lite fan base. He still made $12 million the year of the first controversy and I hope this sinks him. He's played it way too fast and loose with his recs, references, "jokes", weirdly defending Sargon of Akkad like an absolute spaz, and overall whiny self victimizing bullshit despite having been like a 26 yo with a yearly income well into tens of millions.

No. 388553

Yikes. Thanks for explaining anon.

No. 388559

I'm thinking about building a PC after over a decade of working from a shitty laptop. Someone told me it's just about picking parts and putting them together like legos. Is it really that easy to build one?

No. 388561

Unless you're planning to play video games or do video editing building one yourself is not worth the money.

No. 388563

I've been slowly getting into some game development work which is why I'm strongly considering one. Kind of sick of working with a laptop that lags horribly even on using Photoshop.

No. 388572

It's honestly pretty simple as long as you know what you want to do with it and make sure the parts work together. Use part picker, you can also look at the PC building subreddit for useful advice. I've been building my own PC's for like 8 years and I didn't know shit about hardware before. You'll also save some money, especially with rebates. Unless you're a normie who uses their PC for nothing but browsing social media it's 100% worth building your own.

No. 388575

>Unless you're a normie who uses their PC for nothing but browsing social media
Jesus christ you gamers are so cringey

No. 388578

I'm a video editor, the only game I play is the Sims lmao. Is being called a normie on LC that upsetting to you?

No. 388587

Why is normie used as an insult when they seem to be pretty well adjusted? And why has it gotten to the point that even normies call people normie, what does it even mean these days

No. 388591

Whenever I hear normie I think of boomers or "average adult", honestly - people who go to their 9-5 job 5 days a week, watch TV all evening, only use the internet for Facebook, etc. They also look down on nerdy hobbies or pursuits because it's "weird". And it's only nerd/geek types who use it as an insult, or really super shut NEET losers.

It's basically like snowflakes on tumblr calling people not afflicted by 20 different mental illnesses (half of which are self diagnosed) "neurotypical".

No. 388603

See, that’s how I used to view it too, but recently more and more of these average joes are starting to also throw the word normie around and I feel like its just lost all meaning

No. 388659

Which Sims?

I'm thinking I'll just run 2 or 3, 4 seems boring

No. 388664

4 is ok if you pirate all the content (which you can do easily). I play both 3 and 4, though, depending on what stupid shit I feel like doing.

No. 388670

If you are eating plenty of protein and fats, and make sure to get in your micro nutrients too, will being a vegan make you age poorly?

No. 388673

no? if your diet is completely balanced it doesn't really matter how you get it.

No. 388674

Depends a lot on genetics how you'll age
Yes a good diet, skincare and exercise can help, but still

No. 388679

File: 1553079925176.jpg (127.27 KB, 1080x1351, 07b7ea8d67671d3df450901456e84c…)

I see. I guess I might have a weird image in my head then, of like the super skinny raw vegan types that never wear sunscreen.

I suppose witchytwitchy looks pretty good and is a vegan.

No. 388686

Why is virginity a social construct? Because of PIV?

No. 388689

to be fair, its hard to judge the health of someone by their ig selfies when there are layers of makeup and photo tuning and trying to look their best for a 'candid' shot.

a woman being a virgin represents purity and self control. its jammed into guys heads that they should get a virgin because they arent sullied and cheap and girls are taught that busting a hymen is the ultimate gift you can give someone you love. which is laughable honestly.

No. 388690

What has they got to do with virginity being used to describe anyone that hasn't had full intercourse relating to their sexuality, can't boys be virgins? Isn't they the plot of American Pie

No. 388691

sure they can. but how can society covet virginity in boys if there is no physical representation of it? im not condoning valuing virginity like that, calm down.

No. 388692

I hope the tampon that broke my hymen appreciates the gesture.

No. 388693

It's just an arbitrary term to describe someone who hasn't had sex. Then we ascribed value (or shame) to it.
Cue "everything is a social construct blah blah blah…"

Compare it to someone who has never been for a swim in the ocean. The concept exists but also not really. The only difference between pre-ocean and pre-sex is that we have a term for the latter, most likely due to it being culturally important to procreate. Maybe in some culture there is a word for pre-ocean, who knows lol.

No. 388740

File: 1553103559451.png (234.55 KB, 502x476, 1553091630013.png)

Do the glasses pic related look that terrible?
My glasses are almost the same except the frame is black but I was surprised to see how many people in the comments complained about it and I just don't get it?

So, they hang a bit low on my nose but why it's such a big deal? I sound insecure but whatevs

No. 388744


They look a little dated but I like them lol. Black might make them look more modern, but I suppose the trend for big lenses is going up over your eyebrows

No. 388746

I think they look cute

No. 388747

File: 1553104642126.jpg (259.06 KB, 600x708, IMG_8509-e1451781399670-1.jpg)

At what point is someone white passing?
It's mostly inconsequential I guess, but about 1 in 6 people read me as white and other readings are non-white but all over the place.

Not posting a pic of me but my features and skin tone are similar to girl with long hair in pic related although her face shape is a bit different.

I know it's dumb but I'm getting a complex about it. Am I white passing or just racially ambiguous? If someone reads me as white should I just roll with it? How do other biracial anons cope if you have this issue?

No. 388751

Looks dorky and ridiculous compared to regular rectangular glasses. One time some new chick at work who was like 18 wore these and my coworkers wouldn't stfu about how ugly her glasses were so if you're that concerned about it, I want you to know that people apparently notice and care. A lot.

No. 388752

I'm trying to grow out my nails, but black gunk keeps getting under them. How do I keep my nails clean without having to dig the gunk out?

No. 388754

I love you gals!
Thank you for the feedback. Can't believe people can care that much about glasses but
> my coworkers wouldn't stfu about how ugly her glasses

is the same thing in the comments. Oh, well…everyone's a critic.

No. 388757


Anyone who thinks that girl looks white is fucking blind

No. 388758

Stop touching the black gunk or wear gloves

No. 388759

She really thinks she looks like the girl on the left lmao

I feel so awful for saying this but she looks like a lady version of Mr. Bean

No. 388760

File: 1553107400687.jpeg (47.02 KB, 630x489, AD25B0CA-DA5A-4921-88E9-8C8B74…)


Oops, the pic

No. 388761

I could buy that she’s mixed but yeah. Definitely not fully white.

No. 388763

Frog like

No. 388765

She's cute but she said she looked like her as a child, not now

No. 388778

Actually that made me reflect upon the fact that it's only men who read me as a fully white woman (one even insisted until I showed him a pic of my father). And I know men struggle more often with facial recognition and such.
Maybe the fact that I wear glasses also obscures some features? Regardless that's probably my answer. Thanks? I guess.

No. 388792

File: 1553114114836.jpg (72.68 KB, 640x562, ac_garfunkelandoates_chadnicho…)

The algorithm showed me that vid too, and I thought the same anon!

Never thought I'd see eyes that look too big. I think she looks like the one girl from Garfunkel and Oates.

No. 388797

On first glance, I did think she looked white, but looking closer I see there are some very clear mixed features. My mom is dark in complexion (Sephardi jew) so I think that's why I identify people with similar traits as being white. Perhaps some people who have relatives of darker complexions (even if they are very white themselves) have a harder time determining race

No. 388798

gross question incoming
is it possible to suddenly start smelling really bad because of stress/anxiety? i've never had this problem before but in the past few months i've been sweating a ton and it literally smells like teen boy sweat no matter how many layers of deodorant i apply. i feel so bad for the people around me because they say that by the time you smell yourself, everyone around you has been smelling you for a while

No. 388800

I don't consider myself 100% passing either and I look nordic compared to that woman. I think her features are beautiful though it sucks having pasty skin sometimes.

No. 388813

I haven't had a full doctor appointment but going tomorrow - what does the doctor usually do during a well-visit physical? I had blood work done last week but idk if I'm going to be expected to wear a gown or anything, or what exactly she will examine. it gives me so much anxiety hence why I haven't gone in a while

No. 388817

You’re ambiguous. White passing is someone who has white features. Light hair, Light eyes, light skin. Carol Channing, Rashida Jones, Jennifer Tilly and Wentworth Miller are white passing imo.

No. 388822


I’m so curious… what about this woman looks at all white??? I don’t see it at all

No. 388823

if i keep eating healthy, will the water weight stay away? i know its super normal on diets that you lose 2 lbs immediately and then you gain them back immediately cause its water weight.

so, i'm on a diet and i've already lost the 2lbs. let's say i keep myself on track eating healthy. will the 2 lbs stay away for like at least a week or so?

No. 388825

she does not pass at all

No. 388826

From first glance before I looked closer she registered as white in my brain. But that could be from my own identity, as I mentioned. Once I clicked on the pic and looked closer her facial features are not white or middle eastern.

No. 388840

Stress sweat absolutely has a distinct, sour smell and no amount of deodorant with help it. My doctor put me on beta blockers to control the sweating issue.

No. 388887

Has anyone posted tyler1 in the cute boys thread, husbandos thread, or the guys you're ashamed to say you'd fuck thread yet? If not, why?

No. 388901

probably lots of anons don't know who he is to begin with

No. 388904

anon, i want to dom t1 so much, he is cute in his own way

No. 388908

What the fuck anon? His head is dented.

No. 388909

Am I the only one that gets pissed at the fact that gay men get a free pass and get to use female slurs like bitch and slut with absolutely zero reprocrussions and the same misogyny is even now somehow an integral part of gay culture?

No. 388920

Can someone make a new unpopular opinion thread? I’m new and don’t want to fuck it up

No. 388951

Is there a profit from having a Discord server?

Because I see so many people and channels shilling their discord channels that it would be odd if there wasn't?

I use Discord, but I use my email that's just for such things and I don't post personal info or whatever. It's just weird that so many people try to have these communities with lots of effort, bots, and such and no pay off?

No. 388968

I don't think so. It's just clout for having control over a big server.

No. 388976

Will all makeup mess up your skin? I only like to use eye liner and mascara, but I get paranoid. I have some naturally rough and finicky skin, I don't want to mess it up even more.

No. 388993

I don't see how eyeliner could fuck up other places on your face lol. Unless you use it on your cheeks or or lips something? Idk why you would kek.

I've heard it can cause eye wrinkles though. Especially if you apply it the wrong way. And mascara can thin your lashes.

No. 389014

This bothers me too, only because they're LGBT they get a free pass to be offensive?

No. 389152

How many of you non-American farmers would want to live in America if given the chance, and where are you from, if so?

No. 389187

I think America is cool but I would never want to live there. I like having free healthcare, gun control and more left-wing politicians.

If I could just live in America for a year or two and then go home then maybe I would. I'd want to live somewhere interesting with lots going on, like New York or New Orleans.

No. 389208

I definitely want to travel to US sometime in my life and I think it could be cool to live there for like up to a year or two (like visiting all different micro-climates and seeing real&alive wallmart and proper halloween for example, also being able to buy american brand clothing for cheaper and importing shit without paying lmao) but I don't think anyone could pay me enough to actually permanently reside there. Healthcare situation is insane, normal food seems very expensive in most places, increasing political tension between both equally retarded sides, possibility of just being randomly shot etc. also from my interactions with american foreign students at uni and online americans, most have this really annoying sense of superiority and wilful ignorance about everything not american, sounds exhausting being round that 24/7. I'm an eastern europoor residing in uk, not really sure where I want to live in the future but prolly somewhere within europe. Canada seems cool but don't think I could handle emigrating all the way there.

No. 389215

Gonna be spending 3 hours at a salon today. How do I pass the time?

No. 389218

I'm Canadian and I really hope I can hop the border (legally) to work in the Bay Area for a while because I need a change of scenery, pace and lots of $$$. Also, the weather is pretty constant there, compared to where I live right now.

However, I do realize that I want to move only for superficial reasons, of course. I don't know if I'd want to raise children there if I do decide to have them. The Canadian health care system isn't perfect, but it's a good thing to have on your side if you get hit with cancer or such things.

No. 389224

I would and I'm from Germany.

No. 389229

download some podcasts or audiobooks

No. 389232

Follow up question: I can wear headphones?

No. 389284

I've never had issues

No. 389296

Originally virginity meant not having been wed yet I believe, I would consider weddings a social construct. Regarding the more modern definition, the idea something is “lost” when you have sex is definitely some societal made-up bullshit

>a woman being a virgin represent purity and self control

I hate sexist nonsense like this example you listed. Men are constantly forcing themselves on women and girls, it’s not self control in most of the world as much as it is about the ability to fight off predatory men. Why aren’t men shunned and shamed for throwing themselves on women and girls left and right from puberty til death? Oh yeah because they’ve convinced us and themselves that they’re better than us some fucking how.

That kind of manipulation is how they’ve tried to control women’s thoughts, bodies and actions for ages, just look at the rampant sexism in religious texts. Men throughout history have sought to control us, raise us into feeble puppets who bow to unworthy men, who symbolically wear collars and leashes, only existing to please and mother the pathetic scrotes around us.
That’s what I think of when people want to talk about virginity. It’s always about controlling women, it’s always been.

Men who want an “unsullied” girl are men afraid of actual women (who aren’t tied in their fathers basement awaiting an incel to get her fathers permission to own her next, like trading for cattle) and men who threatened by other men, i.e. beta manlets

(Inb4 “go to the man hating thread anon”, I’d spend more time in the man hating threads if it didn’t enrage me to read)

No. 389325

Is there a public vagina database where I can see the difference of a vagina before and after birth?

No. 389339

Why on earth would women want to put up their vaginas for the whole world to see after something as physically/mentally traumatic as vaginal birth anon

No. 389344

i doubt the difference would be that visible, anon. childbirth definitely changes the vagina, but i doubt it's going to be a huge difference that will be visible by just taking a picture of the vulva. childbirth isn't worth it anyways but whatever

No. 389403

if it helps, my vagina became a lot bigger and puffier looking after having my child

No. 389411

>puffier looking
You mean the outer labia?

No. 389590

Gros warning I guess.

I got a bruise back in January and it's turned into an itchy lump.
I forgot to mention it to my doctor a couple of weeks ago because it's honestly not my biggest concern atm, but should I be worried? Or is it just some blood that needs to be drained? I've read that happens sometimes.

No. 389597

Blood getting stuck in bruises is something that can happen?.. Jesus Christ, another thing to add to the list of me to be paranoid over happening.

No. 389703

Depends what the "chance". If its just "hey wanna move to America and be guaranteed to not be homeless", then no. I would like, however, at one point in the future live for a year or two in the US (but no longer). I have other places I'd rather live much more. I'm from Croatia currently living in Belgium.

No. 389812

File: 1553297124745.jpg (89.96 KB, 759x501, Dnm4Z0RX0AAPaMa.jpg)

Burgerland anons, is Checkers a worthwhile place to get fast food? What other fast food place is it comparable to? What's the best item on the menu in your opinion?

No. 389818

they have really good fries and iced tea. their stuff is super fatty and cheap. i think their shrimp stuff is good. they have good prices. i wouldn't put them in like the top 5 of fast food in the US, but they're pretty good. most checkers are not in great areas and aren't kept up very well, the ambiance is not great, there's no inside seating, etc, so.

No. 389840

How big is it & what colour? Does it hurt? Cant remember the name for it atm, but a similar thing happened to me one time when I seriously bruised myself in a fall, and blood etc got trapped in between the layers of the skin or some shit, and left a huge lump. It legit lasted for 2 years and is only going away now. They recommend to massage it every day if that's what you have but its v painful

No. 389846

Why do some people find amputee porn, I'm talking the drawn hentai or yaoi type, hot?
I saw some of a series I follow on twitter and almost threw up in my mouth.
Is it a power thing?

No. 389855

>is it a power thing
Yes. Partially the vulnerability aspect, too.

No. 389858

Do guys like having their dicks held when they pee? I've had guys make jokes about me holding their dick when they pee, is this a guy thing is or what's going on?

No. 389861

Why are some men's skulls so HUGE? Like just utterly massive even compared to other men. Look like freaky giant/alien people and less like humans.

No. 389864

They're less evolved

No. 389865

I had a bruise that turned into a lump the size of a thumb. It was on my hip. One night it just exploded with pus and blood, and I still have scars. I had to get a new mattress.

No. 389866

Why is my husband super loving after I suck his dick but not after regular sex? Like if we fuck he is still loving and will hold me but more so wants to be held himself. After a suck his dick he will tell me he loves me like 400 times and then stroke/scratch/let me for awhile afterwards. Just wondering why there’s such a stark difference between me doing that and I aving piv sex.

No. 389867

About 2.5 inches in diameter and a bit purpler than my skin tone, but not super noticeable. It hurts when I press down on it but is otherwise just itchy. Mine is also from a fall (down the stairs) and at a time when I was pretty anemic, which may have contributed.
Regardless I think we're thinking of the same thing, although I've only seen it still referred to as a hematoma? Which is still a bruise though…ig it's just a long term bruise.
>2 years
Jesus christ, I'll probably just bring it up to my gp to see if she'll drain it.

Anon, this story is awful and though I appreciate that you shared it, I also wish I'd never read it.
I'm sure >>389597 will feel much worse if she reads these posts lol.

No. 389898

what is the weird obsession weebs have with being a maid at those maid cafes? that shit is so weird and awkward and would feel like my worst nightmare. why the fuck would you want to do that?

No. 389900

weebs are socially retarded with 0 shame and no sense of boundaries, if you couldn't tell from the many weeb cows on this site.

No. 389914

I just think they like the feeling of someone help control their pee stream? I dunno, I've seen my boyfriend try to pee without him holding his dick and it jumps around and misses the toilet like crazy.

No. 389965

PIV sex requires him to exert more energy, he's probably tired from all the thrusting. whereas getting head is effortless and he prob finds it more intimate so he tries to reciprocate your intimacy through physical affection maybe

No. 389968

What do I need to do to be able to type in Japanese character? I need this for some of my online japanese exercises but, how? What do I need to install and how do I write those out when I have an european keyboard?

No. 389971

My bf is the same. I think it's because he's showing his love and gratefulness after you did something for him. During sex both partners are supposed to enjoy it, while a bj is only about his pleasure. So maybe he's conscious about it? Idk.

My other idea is that maybe getting active when having sex do something to their brains. That could be the reason the emotional response is so different after sex in comparison with after a bj.

No. 389973

This page was helpful for me when I needed to set up Japanese language options

No. 389974

It's nice to show gratitude but usually someone does it by simply returning the favor right?

No. 389975

It's nice to show gratitude but usually someone does it by simply returning the favor right?

No. 389989

If you have windows, just type in language and click "add a language to this device".

No. 390025

Maybe he's trying to train you to enjoy giving head by giving you positive reinforcement. Is that too bleak?

No. 390031

nta but that is definitely bleak.

No. 390108

Are there any magick/wicca related resources aside from tumblr, maybe forums or something like that? Sometimes I just want to read about other peoples' experiences, rituals and uwu (or not so uwu) spiritual lifestyle, but tumblr is fucking hilarious with its emoji spells and bath salt magic and it completely ruins my mood.
(pls no comments about whether magic exists or not)

No. 390146

I've always been extremely conscious about spending money due to growing up poor. My question is, I'm looking to buy some new dresses (no particular style but they are an independent brand with good quality) and it comes to about £130 for four of them. Is that reasonable?
(I can afford that too so it's not a problem of not being able too.)
For context I buy clothes maybe twice a year and I've been looking at these dresses for a while now and I really want to update my wardrobe. I feel kind of guilty spending this much and I'm actually kind scared. I know it's stupid but that's why I'm here.

No. 390148

Dresses that cheap are probably not actually “good quality”

But yes that’s a decent price

No. 390162

I grew up poor too so I get the feeling, but I think it's good to really assess purchases. If you've been looking at it long, indie brand and good quality (usually my checklist too) - it'd go for it. The prices are good!

I've actually brought great quality/fabric/construction dresses for around that price a bunch of times.

No. 390173

Where? Bc I’m a seamstress and I’m telling you that if you pay yourself even minimum wage, a dress is costing more than 40 as a finished product

No. 390174

Redpill me on aminoapps.

No. 390329

God this is probably really stupid but how do you guys clean up after sex? When my bf cums inside me, it smells bad and even when I shower immediately after sex, I can still smell it for ages afterwards as my vag is cleaning it out naturally.

No. 390337

Just gotta try to get as much of it out as you can, also i used to experience that when switching partners, like my body wasn’t used to them yet?

No. 390343

File: 1553442580546.jpg (24.78 KB, 400x400, -pe9YWrw_400x400.jpg)

Is it true the MBMBaM fans are insane?
I've keep hearing that but I've only seen the old monster factory vids that have tame comments.

No. 390391

Haven’t seen many insane or embarrassing fans but I’m sure they exist as every popular fandom has some.

No. 390516

Am I stupid to be bothered by this?

So my bf wants to order something on one of my accounts bc I have a coupon only I can use and I said ok and told him to put in his card info and then he was second guessing and like “I’m scared” as if I’m going to use his card and spend all his money wtf? And I’m the one who is always trying to save money and picky over what I spend money on. He doesn’t trust me? Also can’t you remove a card after anyway?

Oh and just now bc he was being a baby and not paying attention he ordered through my card and has decided to call their customer service and be rude to the people like they did something wrong and yell at me. What a dick.

No. 390532

Is it possible to have an underweight bmi and be somewhat healthy? Sorry if this doesn't belong here I just feel retarded asking this.

No. 390533

Not trusting you is a MAJOR warning sign. Also, ppl who are rude to customer service are trash.

No. 390554

Uh do you clean up standing because when you squat you‘ll remove most of the things. Speaking of smell, I know you‘re not supposed to wash it with soap but maybe external area is not harmful because god damn my vajayay for once smells no longer like the sea but like roses unironically. Though the soap I used was very very very mild and has no sulfates.
t. Pro virgin but I am good at understanding physics

No. 390592

Not sure if this is important enough for the advice thread but this thread seems more active anyway so here goes:

I am someone who is at their best when I can be creative. Drawing, writing, painting, and crafting among other things. My problem is that more often than not I find myself in those funks where I just don't feel like creating anything no matter how much my pen finger itches. Forcing myself leads to burn out or at the very least, an unsatisfying and regret-filled creative session which extends the funk longer in most cases.

I love my hobbies yet my brain seems to be in constant lethargy. I'm wondering if any of you anons know of any ways to work on fixing this.

No. 390601

I relate to this, I'm not in school anymore and I have barely done anything with art since then. So, a few years. I have pieces I started over a year ago I haven't touched more than a few times and it only ends up making me feel even more unmotivated sometimes. I don't really have a great answer but I know artist burn out is incredibly common.

What helps me though is being in a super specific, designated space where I don't have to worry about anything else but art. I haven't had this since I was in school though and sometimes all I want is to be able to go back to that art classroom and just do my thing. If you're like me in that sense, try setting up a space dedicated to art only and nothing else, separate from your bedroom.

No. 390625

I suffered from the same problem for a long time but I decided that this year I was going to try and get out of it. I know you said forcing yourself makes things worse and I used to feel the exact same way but I PROMISE you that it gets easier. You just have to make something every day. You don't have to finish it, you don't have to like it. You can throw it in the trash if you want to, just make something anyway. Seriously, even if you only spend fifteen minutes on it, or if you just doodle at work in your spare time. You'll never get out of the funk without starting somewhere.
I went from making a couple pieces a year to painting and/or drawing every single day and all it came down to was dedicating myself to creating.
Some other things that helped me were setting short and longterm goals for my art. Stuff like teaching myself color theory and learning how to use a new art program. I also use Pinterest to save images that inspire me and I look through them when I can't think of what to make.
I also try to write down or sketch ideas the moment I have them for the same reason, again, it doesn't have to be good.
Setting up a sm account for your work can be really motivating too, you can set a weekly post goal and it feels nice to get recognition even if it's just one or two likes.
Never beat yourself up if you don't meet goals or if you slip up. Don't let momentary lapses grow into week or month long hiatuses. Get right back on the horse if you fail. And if you just don't feel like working one day it's okay to give yourself a break OR even better, take that time to do something else related to your work, like studying or reading.
Finally, and this one is really important, don't work with distractions. I know it's super tempting to listen to music, watch movies or TV, etc while you're working but it prohibits you from fully focusing on your work and it will suffer. Trust me, no matter how good of a multitasker you think you are, distractions are no good. Be present, and enjoy what you're doing. Take a break if you get bored.
Sorry for the long ranty post, but I really hope it helps.

No. 390636

Where can you safely torrent music nowadays?? I havrnt downloaded any music since i downloaded 2011

No. 390649

I mostly just get off file hosting sites linked through blogs but everyone uses those shady url shortening links to earn money including blogs I trust. Which is fucking irritating… while my adblocker usually works with them occasionally one of them refuses to cooperate with my anti adblock killer scripts. The links themselves that those lousy url sites lead to are usually clean but the url shortening services themselves are garbage and I wish sites had never resorted to using them.

I usually only dl torrents for shows rather than music media.

No. 390658

God, those url shortening sites are the worst. Do yourself a favour and download Soulseek.

No. 390659

I'm a big fan of Deezloader. Not every artist is necessarily streaming on Deezer so more niche stuff you might have to get somewhere else but for 90% of my music it's great.

No. 390716

Why do some people spell words/slang with cc instead of ck? Like "thicc"

No. 390743

It’s a big part of what makes that word slang

No. 390969

Why is there so much moralfagging on here these days?
I just want to laugh at cringy people like the old days, instead everything is political and you need a reason to discuss the cows, it’s exactly how PULL was in the older days.

No. 390983

This imageboard became shit after 3 months of it‘s existence.

No. 390996

Does anyone know about Payless security? I have shoplifted and I'm an employee. Just wondering if anything will really be seen, or if the few cameras they have record over themselves? Thanks. I know I'm an idiot.

No. 391005

>cameras recording over themselves

It's all digital now even in the dying locations, storage is cheap, and when I worked at Payless they were hella sus of employees anytime loss prevention was an issue. Sorry.

No. 391020

i like it. there's no chan like it. i think we have a good blend of morality, gossip, and shitposting.

No. 391057

If there was to be a chip that could be inserted in your head to make your brain receptive to radio frequencies that scatter your thoughts, would it be right beneath the skin or inside the skull? I think if it was inside of the skull it might have to have been inserted when the person was still an infant with a soft skull. I think it might be magnetized so that if you got near a magnet to remove it, it might cut through your brain. That's a bit hard to explain but I think you guys know what I mean. And to clarify by scatter I'm not meaning lethal but rather something that would hit out your thoughts.

No. 391059

What do you personally do when you have a sunburn? I’ve already taken ibuprofen, taken a cool shower and have been applying after sun whenever I feel tight/uncomfortable but is there anything more?

I’m super red in some areas. Is there a consensus on how long it takes before one can expose the skin to the sun again?

No. 391060

It really depends on the specific store, I think. I don't know about Payless in particular but I used to work at a well-known clothing chain that's popular with the high school/young college age group aka prime shoplifting age and it was also in a big, famous mall near a major city and our loss prevention was laughably bad. And we had NO cameras. In a high shrink store with lots of little things that would be so easy to conceal even on the sales floor. The management seemed to give no fucks about shoplifting or shrink but I've heard different stores in other locations being way more tough on shoplifting, it was really a mixed bag when it came to the stores. >>391005 worked at a high security Payless but I'm sure there are plenty of different Payless stores across the country with lazy management who are more lax on security. YMMV.

You know your store and your management best. Do you know if your managers check the cameras and how often? And how anal are they about checking inventory? It's possible that if no one saw you on camera as it happened and if no one notices the item is gone, you'll get away with it. Also, isn't Payless going out of business? If there's chaos with closing sales and pushing out as much inventory as possible you might be able to slip by, but you never know.

No. 391083

Aloe Vera. Drink lots of water. Stay out of the sun at least until the redness goes away and wear sunscreen next time. Cool showers or a damp smooth cloth can help if it’s still hot and painful.

No. 391096

Do any Australians know the best way to thrift? Vinnies and Salvos are disgustingly expensive and also have shitty business models I don’t want to support. I’m not sure if Red Cross or Savers are any better tbh price wise, is my best bet going to little hole in the wall boutique op shops and church op shops?

No. 391101

>but I think you guys know what I mean

Did you get lost on the way to some conspiracy theory alien abduction forum?

No. 391111

can someone explain how biromantic/bisexual, aromantic/homosexual etc work? i thought that it was just some sjw bullshit but i've actually listened to a normie gay friend of mine explaining himself, he said that he can have crushes on both girls and guys but only feels sexually attracted to guys. so i guess he is a biromantic homosexual. how does the distinction of our sexuality and romantic feelings happen in our brain, as in psychologically and biologically?

No. 391115

It's bullshit. There are heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality. If you're attracted to guys and girls but only have sex with guys, you're still bi.

No. 391135

Looking to get back into PC gaming after a long break. I have some parts from my current PC sitting around but I want to upgrade most of it without breaking the bank. I have a GTX 1050, is that still a decent graphics card or is it worth upgrading to a newer/more powerful GPU? I'm not really a hardcore gamer and I don't need anything super powerful or top of the line, just something that will run average games reasonably smoothly. Any recommendations? Or is it better to just stick with what I have?

No. 391138

It depends, if you have other priorities or if you need to save money, that graphics card is alright. Though we would need to know other components to be certain, the CPU, RAM, and so on.

No. 391146

The PC was actually a regular stock prebuilt computer I got from my dad, I just slapped in a 1050 and a stronger PSU to do some gaming on. It has 8 gigs of RAM and the CPU is an Intel i5-6400. The only thing I know for sure I'll be upgrading is the hard drive, it's still using a HDD and I want to switch to a SSD.

It might be better to upgrade the CPU but tbh I'm not that great with computer stuff so I don't really know which I should prioritize or if it's even worth upgrading at all.

No. 391157

Your pc setting should be able to play new games decently. I don't think switching to SSD is necessary but it's not expensive so why not.

No. 391163

I don't think it's "sexuality".

I'm experiencing something similar myself. Romantically, I do have crushes on girls and I can see myself spending life together as a couple with a woman. But I have no sexual desire towards women like I do have towards men. It's an interesting topic. I think it could be:
a) personal problems/internalized homophobia - because, for example, you're open-mided enough to love someone, but the thought of having sex is too much - that's environment's, society's, parents' influence. So you "block" sexual desire unconsciously.
In the example you gave - if he's a gay guy, maybe he's afraid of being attracted to women "fully" because it could undermine his position within the lgbt+ community.

I think it's mostly self-repressed feelings.

b) being on the beginning of self-discovery. It's not always black and white and known from the beginning. People nowadays feel the need to validate themselves with "I knew since I were a kid!" which doesn't help. You can change your mind anytime.

xromantic is just a harmless label. Personally, I'm okay with crazy labels because they can help people to understand their sexuality better. It's okay as long as you don't make up something and call it a legit sexuality. I mean, you can, but don't expect the world to bend for you, right

No. 391166

doublepost but I actually came here with a question and forgot to ask it

What is a good excuse to give when responding to someone whose message you ignored for like a week? I usually apologize and say I didn't see/notice the message - and my phone is often acting up so it's believable - but it won't work with this person. Any ideas?

No. 391168

How about saying that it was too distracting so you turned off all notifications?

No. 391212

…it's called being straight. It doesn't need a label and it isn't harmless to actual gay people. The special snowflake nonsense needs to end the moment you acknowledge you aren't sexually attracted to the same sex.

No. 391214

It's just people being too retarded to realize the "sex" in homo/hetero/bisexual refers to the sex of the people you're attracted to. They're stupid, so they thought it meant sexual attraction, and came up with hetero/homo/biromantic, not realizing that the original label already accounts for romantic attraction.

No. 391223

I usually say something like "I opened this to reply and completely got sidetracked, anyway…" then just carry on with the reply.

No. 391256

Is it normal for people to avoid talking to their close friends about their personal problems? I had an ex who found it weird that I didn’t go to my friends for emotional support.

No. 391295

That sounds really unhealthy, friends are supposed to be a support network. Do you at least seek support from other people like family?

No. 391300

I do talk to my family about stuff like this though but they’re often out of the country so they can be a bit unavailable. I guess I developed an unhealthy habit then because I keep operating under the assumption that people don’t ever want to hear anything “negative” from you and that personal problems are to be dumped only on your therapist. Most of my friends also haven’t really sought me out for emotional support so I just wondered if that’s normal. Maybe it’s because I come off as not being emotionally open.

No. 391313

Why do people call Europeans, “europoors”?

No. 391317

What am you supposed to do if you have no close friends? I personally never tell anybody in my life my problems and just write them down in a diary when things get bad and reflect on it later. I have done a good job at teaching myself how to repress my emotions.

No. 391319

I think "europoor" is referring to east Europeans only.

No. 391321

this >>391319, also sorta as a retort to amerifats (not sure who came first)

No. 391354

Big difference is, that the majority of europe isn't poor, while the majority of america is indeed overweight…

No. 391357

I thought parts of Europe also deal with the obesity epidemic similar to America?

No. 391377

File: 1553661810904.png (164.11 KB, 481x476, 4dee30a2-56c5-4697-b6bf-d7f89d…)

I don't intend this to be race bait, but seriously, why can't i find some races attractive? Is it normal to not find other races attractive other than your own? I'm nonwhite & I feel weird when my friends talk about how attractive European men are, but i just don't see it.

No. 391384

I’m pretty sure it’s normal for most people to have a strong preference for dating within their own race. The majority of relationships are not interracial.

No. 391402

Am I a pedo because I find shorter, skinny, feminine guys attractive?

No. 391405

if they are adults then no

No. 391406

This really is a stupid question.

No. 391422

I know i mean, of course she is

No. 391424

Were you reading/thinking of that conversation from the other day that was triggered by shota anon lol?
The answer is no.

No. 391425

How do you explain white girl thirst for BTS then? They are oppa as fuck.

No. 391426

They probably just don't have traits that appeal to you.
I don't get the hype over white guys either.

No. 391429

koreaboos don't represent the entirety of one race's women anon, most of their fans are asian anyway.

No. 391430

How mainstream is it? A lot of people exaggerate online but on reflection I don't see a lot of normal white girls expressing a preference for asian dudes. Maybe it's just hype.

No. 391431

I've seen some videos of kpop boy group performances in America and the fans in crowd shots were mostly Asian. Sure, there are so many kpop fans from other races but i don't think kpop is that mainstream with non-asian general public, it's just popular with the kboos who aren't a majority group.

No. 391433

Maybe. It also occurred to me just now that people in interracial relationships and with an interracial preference tend to be a lot louder about that preference as well I guess, whereas normal people just see their choice as implicitly normative and don't even think about it. Hence the cringe "swirling" and "amwf" hashtags and what have you.

No. 391479

>white girl thirst
I have never met a white person into kpop, all of the non-Asian fans I've seen have been black or Hispanic. I've seen a couple white girls into the seiyuu and jpop scene though.

No. 391486

yeah parts, not the majority

No. 391487

Same but I was largely basing it on those white YouTube girls married to azn dudes. In total I guess there aren't that many but they all seem to advertise their relationships as a marketing thing. Maybe that's why it seems like there's a lot? Signal boosting for others?

No. 391601

File: 1553723402920.jpeg (278.07 KB, 985x1468, D0E63EC7-1F5E-4FC1-AD33-DCA9DB…)

What kind of cat is this
It’s unacceptably cute

No. 391613

Munchkin, I assume.

No. 391636

>I was largely basing it on those white YouTube girls married to azn dudes
Yeah all two of them. Yeesh anon, get a grip.

No. 391642

It's just confirmation bias. There are more women married to Asian (or other) men who treat their relationship normally like any other person does and don't feel the need to advertise it.

No. 391911

File: 1553803208812.png (598.89 KB, 1000x638, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 9.18…)

I also don't find men outside of my race to be attractive. The weird thing is I can appreciate the beauty of women of a different race, but I have never been attracted to a man of a different race sexually or emotionally. Sure it's some kind of evolutionary thing like how certain people are just hardwired for monogomy vs. pologymy.

No. 391916

I have the same thing, but in reverse. I find women of my race attractive, but not the men.
Not sure what my problem is.

No. 391950

File: 1553806733026.jpg (34.83 KB, 600x414, t0myed5.jpg)

Is there a word for the unhealthy tendency to seek out internet communities where men talk about their cynical, negative and often misogynistic views (braincels, mgtow etc.)?
It's as if I'm a masochist for subjecting myself to read their posts on an almost daily basis but I can't stop.

No. 391959

I understand the urge, for me it's just morbid curiosity. But it's healthier to do it through a site or community that makes fun of those guys, like We Hunted the Mammoth or reddit's IncelTears subreddit.

No. 391966

I'm the same exact way. I'm more attracted to women in general, but I think women of all races are capable of being beautiful even if they have unconventional features. With men tho, I can't remember a single time I've been into to a conventionally attractive guy outside my race

No. 392030

How do I get some healthy colour to my skin without exposing myself to the sun or getting a spray tan? In my country skin cancer rates are insanely high so I never go outside without sunscreen. So, I'm white as a sheet, and everyone always comments how I'm a pasty ghost. I don't want to be super tan or anything, I just want some like…a healthy pink, I guess. I just have no idea how to achieve this without wrecking my skin.

No. 392042

Light dust of blush and subtle bronzer. I prefer cream products tho having dry skin. Wayne Goss on yt has good tuts for that

Or mixing a tiny bit of bronzer into foundation/face cream. TINY.

No. 392046


No. 392060

Lolcow is probably not the best place for psychological advice but how do I not get annoyed/intimidated but comments that feel pretentious/smarter than you? It doesn't have to be directed at me, it can just need the asshole attitude.

I know what other people think about things doesn't bear any importance in my life but I can't help but feeling weird around it.

No. 392069

Am I too sensitive to find the people saying like “Wow I hope she’s 18” about young looking characters creepy? It’s like all they can think about is porn and if they won’t get called creepy for wanting to fuck a cartoon character who still looks like 15..

No. 392070

no its not weird to be creeped out by it

No. 392084

Is it cowtipping to report those monkey torture videos?

No. 392088

The ones where people comment and it seems like they’re using it to mimic torturing human babies? They should definitely be reported

No. 392099

Nah, reporting them is more like a public service

No. 392134

Would anyone be interested in a nitpicking general? Like an /ot/ thread for things you have to say about a cow or flake that DEFINITELY aren't worth saying in their threads.

No. 392139

The nitpicking on here is pathetic enough as is, it shouldn't be encouraged. And it should definitely not be merged with /ot/, where many of the most popular topics are related to feminism/misogyny. The last thing it needs is a bunch of nasty comments about how fat and ugly other women are.

No. 392141

No. You and all the other sad losers who actually want that need to fuck off to pull where you belong.

No. 392151

This. A containment thread still invites in spergy, petty cunts who leak over to other topics.

No. 392190

Same as you, and I tried Collistar's tanning drops. The effect is very natural and subtle, it doesn't look orange and you can decide how tan you want to be by putting on more product.
They're called Collistar magic drops. (I know you said "no spray tan", but these are different. Plus, I don't think there's another way around, aside from bronzer)

No. 392324

is anyone here English? I'm applying to grad school in the UK and just got my first rejection and they said the problem was my "qualification"–do they mean my GPA is too low?

No. 392344

What country are you from? And what is your qualification? Do you have a bachelors degree?

No. 392360

I’m American, and it’s a full BA—is that what they mean by qualification?

No. 392363

Hi all, I just got prescribed fluoxetine (ie. Prozac) for depression. Any weird/bad things I should look out for? In the past I've taken them, but it's been about five years so I don't remember anything.
Thanks all.

No. 392365

Generally that is the qualification they're referring to and it's what they focus on when it comes to postgraduate degrees or graduate positions.

If you're up against people with a similar bachelor's degree, then they might look into other qualifications though.

Is your BA the natural predecessor to the position/course you want to take on? For example, if you're looking to study history at masters level, is your history also in history? And what grades did you get? To move on to postgraduate degrees in the UK you generally have to achieve a 2:1 in your bachelors. I'm not too sure what the GPA equivalent of that would be, as it seems to differ depending on the institute.

No. 392368

It’s a specific history field and my BA is in the same exact subject. I have a fairly shitty GPA (I believe the equivalent of a 2.2?) because I was previously undiagnosed with ADHD which came to light when I had a breakdown over school (part of this breakdown included an unwanted pregnancy and termination) so I was afraid of submitting my grades without some sort of explanation of the circumstance but I also figured there wasn’t a proper place for it and I’m not sure if they take things like that into account you know?
Thank you so much for the responses btw this has been really difficult.

No. 392370

Not english but probably means that other people that applied had better GPA/experience than you, or you didn't have qualifications required for the program (specific type of math class like calculus or something)

No. 392371

If you have a bad gpa that's why you got rejected. In my experience your reasoning for having a shitty gpa doesn't matter either. If you work/intern for a few years in the field you would have a better chance of getting accepted

No. 392374

How many unique users do we have here? Do we have a number?

No. 392376

Sorry to hear about your struggle, anon. I hope things are better for you now.

Unfortunately I think it was your GPA that caused the rejection. A 2:1 degree is the second grade down. The UK degree grades are a first, 2:1, 2:2, third, fail.

If it's possible for you, some UK universities offer an integrated degree where you undergo a bachelors and then an overlapping masters during your final year. It'd be more expensive than just doing a postgraduate degree, but it might be one way of doing it.

You could also look into other entry requirements. Some unis will let you do a postgraduate course or position if you have significant work experience or equivalent qualifications.

No. 392377

Yeah that’s what I was afraid of, I’ve tried that route before when I first graduated but it was basically need not apply if you’re not already a grad student..
I’m so fucked, but thanks all for the advice I appreciate it.

No. 392379

Thanks man, I’m definitely in a better place now which is why I wanted to move on with my career but we’ll see I suppose.

No. 392558

I'm a healthy BMI of 19 but why do my legs and arm look spooky tier and i have a muffin top/ fat stomach (kek). Does this means i'm apple shaped?

No. 392563

Yep, unless you're pregant.

No. 392565

pregnant* mf

No. 392616

unfortunate weight distribution

No. 392633

I haven't had sex in almost five years. Is this something I bring up with guys I'm talking to? I wasn't assaulted or anything. I was just focused on school and starting my career so sex/dating ended up on the back burner.

No. 392639

Not unless they ask or your close to them. Idk why they'd need to know anyway.

No. 392643

Thanks! That's what I was thinking, too. A friend and I were talking about this and she basically asked how I'm going to bring that up and I wasn't exactly planning on doing that until she put the idea in my head.

No. 392650

assuming that having a child does reduce your life expectancy, does this mean women like octomom are gonna die sooner than if they only had 1 child? does the same apply for women who have 3 children?

No. 392651

I think it comes down to stress from the child rearing and the toll of pregnancy on the body. I've definitely heard motherhood ages you but a rich woman with nannies will have a much different experience than a poorer woman even if she had more kids than the latter.

No. 392698

Does spiro somehow affect birth control? I'm on the pill and I plan to go to the derm soon since I'm 90% sure I have shitty hormonal acne. But I'm wondering if it can somehow mess with the bc?

No. 392721

File: 1553946332260.jpeg (28.62 KB, 620x349, CCF615A6-7AE3-4BB5-9690-6DA08B…)

I read it as Spyro and was really confused as to how this goofy fuck is supposed to dick about with someone’s birth control

No. 392734

spironolactone does not affect BC. in fact you're recommended to be on BC while taking it because it causes serious birth defects.

No. 392751

Gave me a good laugh

Thanks anon!

No. 392797

How dumb of an idea would it be to get a loan? I'd need about 4k, it's not a life or death situation but it's for something I really want. If I tried to save up with my current job I'd only be able to put away about $200 a month, so it'd take a long time.

No. 392800


Some people have good experiences with debt and loans but I've never had. Also I think it's good to consider that if you can only put away $200 now, just think about how long it would take you to pay back that amount of money.

No. 392801

Very bad idea, save up and if you still want it, get it then. It'd be a horrible burden to pay off things that are life or death, never mind something you don't need.

No. 392803

If it's not life and death then you don't need it right now.

No. 392839

what does "TiM" stand for?

No. 392844

trans identifying male

No. 393068

So.. do I need a boxspring/slat for a mattress? I am THAT annoying, paranoid beds.

No. 393069

am I the only person who's never really wanted to get plastic surgery? except for the removal of a mole on my face that my family thought was cancerous I've never really had a desire to mess with the way my face is, even though I know it's not perfect.

seeing so many celebs in their teens and twenties with uncanny looking plastic surgeries has really grossed me out on PS if anything. don't understand the hype for prolapsed anus lips when they look wrong on most ppls faces who don't have them naturally.

No. 393074

I have a stupid question. What the hell does that little ghost under some posts that says “it is mystery” mean??

No. 393078

lolcow who used to post on the site herself. Those are her posts.

No. 393409

It just means that you likely have never felt insecure about your appearance.

No. 393510

It depends on what type of bed you have. My old bed had slats so I didn't need a box spring. My new bed doesn't have slats, so I needed to buy a box spring for my mattress, and too also give height to my bed.

No. 393516

I've never been happy with my appearance, but hearing and seeing plastic surgery horror stories, and just being scared of surgery in general have made me never want to get any. Not to mention they can be very expensive and painful.

No. 393746

Why do kooter and Kiki sperg about Taylor R? I haven’t seen all of the suspected Kiki posts, but I see it get thrown around a lot that they are hate obsessed with her.

No. 393747

No. 393834

I can't tell if the farmhand thing is a prank for April fools or not.
Is it actual mods posting nonsense? Or are random posts assigned the marker?

No. 393840

File: 1554114077282.png (Spoiler Image, 15.86 KB, 712x414, no.png)

No. 393843

I really hope it's them writing nonsense but I don't think we'd be that blessed

No. 393844

I fell for it. Was trying to figure out if Farmhand has a mental breakdown lmao

No. 393860

File: 1554114887118.jpg (180.51 KB, 1080x1919, jy_1.jpg)

Y'all I'm new at this being a woman thing and I really hope I pass and am hoping to make new friends! So what do y'all think about approaching random women in a toilet and asking them to rate my neovagina and let me compare it to their pussies?

Do you think they'd be accepting enough to let me feel how theirs feels in comparison to mine? I mean, I know there are a lot of bigots around :(

Pic related, my civil rights hero.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 394077

What's the deal with that free coding camp, 42? My friend is going there and it seems too good to be true. Is it kind of scammy or exploitative or is it legit or what? Anyone know anything about it?

No. 394097

Idk why but this one is making me laugh so hard. Thanks farmhands.

No. 394290

Any crypto experts here?
I bought 3 ETH when they were sub $100, so now I wonder should I buy like two or three more or is the current trend just another pump&dump that will crash in a week?

No. 394427

Is it pragmatic to try and date guys who like milfs? Not exclusively, but say they have a thing for older women in addition to liking women their own age. My reasoning is that then you will never NOT be ideal!

Or does that mean he would just cuck you for an older woman?

No. 394430

Sounds like a good plan to me tbh.
I think if he's the type to cheat he'd do it regardless of whether he liked a variety of ages or not.

No. 394512

does every guy cheat on their significant other once they've reached a certain age in which you dont look good anymore

No. 394517

Nah. Will they look at other women? Perhaps, but who cares. Men make the choice to be loyal just like women do.

No. 394527

No, there’s nothing that mystically makes men cheat. They consciously decide to, same as women.

No. 394530

You need to stop reading the pink pill thread if you genuinely think this

No. 394538

File: 1554261642129.jpg (77.87 KB, 352x515, 1440199147030.jpg)

No. 394541

File: 1554262826543.jpg (84.83 KB, 1100x732, cheese-varieties.jpg)

I'd like to start trying some new cheeses and eating them in new ways. I have only had the standard cheeses that most Americans have had like cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, swiss, blue cheese and basically any cheese that you could get as an option at a Subway or something. Does anyone have cheese recommendations, and how they like to eat that cheese? I am not trying to be fancy or anything, I just really like the taste of the cheeses I've had so far. I think I like parmesan the best.

No. 394582

Idk if you'll be able to find them in america but as a baguettefag my favorites cheeses are :

-Roquefort, I don't know if that's what you're referencing when you say blue cheese, since there are a lot of different blue cheese, like le Bleu or la fourne d'ambert, they're all great imo. It's really nice on a salad with some walnut and a honey salad dressing;

-Tome de Savoie.

-Beaufort, a bit like swiss cheese but without holes and stronger flavor.

-Goat cheese, I like it the best when its well ripened (it gets hard and has a lot more flavor), and I eat it on a piece of bread with some olive oil on top, it's the best summer treat, but very caloric.

I could go on for a long time since I've eaten a ton of different cheese in my life, but those are the one I like most, and the best way to eat cheese imo is on a piece of high quality bread.

No. 394595

Old gouda is reaally good as well.
It is a little bit more expensive as normal gouda and it's kinda dry but I love the taste

No. 394648

Cranberry wensleydale is my fav, with crackers.
I also ate an entire wheel of camembert including the rind all to myself in December so theres that

No. 394755

If you like parmesan, try parmigiano reggiano. Cut them into pieces and nibble on those with cured meat, berries, and bread. For soft cheese, you can't go wrong with cooking them into a rich creamy pasta.

No. 394794

I'm about to end my engagement. I give the ring back, right?

No. 394798

I mean, it’s the polite thing to do - those fuckers cost in the thousands usually or can be a family heirloom

No. 394803

From looking them up it does sound legit, just that many people get filtered out and it isn't really a school. It sounds like you are basically self-studying with other students in a school-like environment.
There is always something very wrong with these literal who programs though, going to a regular university you should always try first. I saw some people complaining about corruption when I looked them up.

No. 394809

yep, when you reject the engagement then it makes sense that you reject the ring that symbolizes it.

No. 394811

Yeah, ok. I just wasn't sure if handing him the ring and being like "I don't want to marry you" was a faux pas or not, but that's exactly what I did and now I'm relieved. He was mad and ranted that the ring was like $3k on a payment plan so I feel bad, though. Honestly I wish it was more acceptable to actually discuss being married and both mutually agreeing on it instead of springing a proposal on someone in the middle of a crowded aquarium….

No. 394815

Oh man, I feel bad for those on the receiving end of public proposals. It’s such a short sighted thing to do, I made sure to drill it into my boyfriends head that I’d never forgive him if he did that to me (we had been discussing the possibility of marriage), puts a lot of unneeded pressure and embarrassment on the one being asked.

I wish it was more acceptable to not have to get expensive engagement rings, diamonds aren’t even all that nice tbh.

No. 394819

i proposed to my current fiance in private in a semi-public area with a fairly cheap ring. so it's not 100% normal or anything, but there are people who do it. it may not have been super grandiose but i hope stuff like that becomes more acceptable. the only reason i did it in public was to make it more romantic. i hate the ones in restaurants with tons of pressure etc. and don't understand people who do that.

>inb4 people bitch cause i was the one who proposed

No. 394822

I just wish it wasn't "weird" to sit down with your partner and talk about marriage and when you're both in agreement you go buy a ring together, if that's what you really want. I don't understand why there has to be this ~mystique~ around "will they/won't they propose??" Engagement and marriage shouldn't be a big secret thing you wait around for until you're proposed to. I don't want to be surprised. Maybe that's just me, though.

No. 394833

should I go buy (legal recreational) marijuana from a dispensary for the first time ever tonight

I made a self-promise to wait until April 12th so I could smoke and watch game of thrones. n I would feel guilty for breaking that promise a week away. But at the same time I also had horrible, twisted nightmares last night and it left me in a rlly anxious mood all day. and I'm cravin some relief in the form of the ganj since I'm nervous I'll have more bad dreams. It's been almost 3 months since I last smoked.

idk this is truly a stupid-ass question and half just a vent and I probably won't go anyway but I'm just like ugh I want

sage for nothing! nothing!! but indecisiveness

No. 394836

where u live? i live in a legal state just curious lol.

No. 394855

hey if you need it, then you need it. you can still enjoy your weed for fun when game of thrones comes out, but this isn't for fun, this is for your health.

No. 394896

I ended up not going. I'm trying to stick to my promise. Might break t this weekend, but I'm just taking it one day at a time

No. 394902

Do "cuddle buddies" actually exist? Where instead of meeting up on a regular basis to have sex, you just cuddle and get that intimacy + skinship.

I'm not ready to date, nor do I want to be in a relationship. But I really miss being held and feeling cosy and warm. It's also a nice stress reliever after a long day. So it would be neat if it actually exists, just not sure how to go about it.

No. 394907

You can do that kind of stuff with a close female friend, I wouldn't trust a stranger to be that intimate.

No. 394911

Gah, I used to have a girl buddy like this. We'd drink some then snuggle and sometimes kiss. We both would carry on separate heterosexual relationships with others throughout this.

Side note: I miss her, she was super cool too, but I'm too scared to reach out and reconnect. Idk why. She moved to another state a couple years ago and also I ditched all social media awhile back.

So here's my stupid question for her if she lurks here, will you text me?

No. 394919

I would keep my fingers crossed for you, but goddamn it anon, just write to her yourself. You will not lose anything for trying to get back in touch with her.

No. 394920

Thank you for all of these suggestions anon! I am not sure I will be able to find all of these, but they are none the less added to the hitlist. That parmigiano reggiano sounds really good in particular.

No. 394998

Why do a lot of gay men are involved in 'traditionally women' activities? And why do they like to mimic women-like behaviour, usually of older, bitchy loudmouth type? Not criticising, just curious. I'm not from US, and even where I'm from this stereotype is applicable, so it's definitely not something that comes from certain aspect of some culture.

No. 395006

I think it initially was a way to advertise their sexuality to others, since the feminine man stands out, and it became a cultural thing or expected. Where I live the gay guys mostly look very cis masculine, and the only difference is in the way they speak

No. 395007

I want one of these, male or female, as my only relationship. I don't like the pressure to be a porn star in bed as there is in het relationships now

No. 395040

My friend offered and it wasn't for me because I'm straight and I've only experienced the intimacy I want cuddling with guys, unfortunately

No. 395272

Will taping my face to make it look thinner really make my skin sag worse? I fucking hate my round ass face.

No. 395276

is 25 too old to start martial arts?

No. 395281

I don't know anything about martial arts but I do sports that people always feel too old for, and the answer is no. Too old to reach elite levels maybe, but never too old to do it for fun and even get good at it. 25 is very young to begin with.

No. 395286

I know people who started playing ice hockey in their 50s, it's really not too late to start anything. I feel like it would be totally fine for an adult to start martial arts since a lot of people want to learn self defense and discipline and such but only realize it as adults, so I highly doubt you'd be the oldest person there.

No. 395328

You're never too old to start something new. There's probably classes available near you for beginner adults. Just look around for something that fits. And if you can find something you can always try teaching yourself at home.

No. 395400

How much money you spend on clothes every month? Or how many pieces of clothes you tend to buy?

Also, what is average healthy amout of exercises i need to do weekly? Like jogging for example.

No. 395403

Can't really answer the first one since I'm a poorfag, but for exercise: the average person needs around 2-3 hours per week, but honestly even 30min is better than nothing

No. 395407

Similar to other anon, I'm a former poorfag so I still spend like I have half the money I do, I spend $15 - $30 on clothes every couple months, but I'll get an occasional $20-$25 graphic shirt here and there throughout the year.
My boyfriend can safely spend $100-150 on a new outfit every other month, maybe every year or so he'll find something worth buying for a total of $250.
Working out, every week I try to jog at least 3 miles total and bike for 6. As long as I'm sweating and breathing hard for a good 15 minutes, I'm satisfied. The non-strenuous walking, I get in while grocery shopping.

No. 395410

Prices on clothing depends on the item itself. I only buy clothes once or twice a year. It depends what you need and how much room you have to accommodate on your clothes.

No. 395411

So I got Nexplanon about 10 days ago, I’ve been using the rest of my BC pills since then until they ran out, I’ve been moving shit around and I can’t find the pills, Will I be okay? I had unprotected sex last night but otherwise haven’t had sex in about a week. If it might really be a problem I’ll figure something out, I was told to wait 2 weeks, but a lot of places say 1 week… :/

No. 395425

You shouldn't have to spend money on clothes every month. $200/year sounds pretty average for a middle-class person (maybe on the high side), this cost goes down once you become satisfied with your wardrobe.
With exercise, going to the gym 5x a week is ideal but not everyone has that sort of time, I would try to do some every other day.

No. 395434

i spend about 300+ every month and buy between 1-5 pieces.

No. 395436

You should be fine. If you got the implant during the first couple days of your period, you're already protected immediately. Otherwise, it only takes 7 days.

No. 395460

It depends on your income. If you have plenty of disposable income then buy more clothes if you want but you don’t need to be buying any. Clothes should be at the absolute bottom of your list of what to spend the disposable portion of your income on. I usually spend around $500-$1000 a month on clothes, or less if there’s nothing I want.

No. 395466

I did something similar within the first two weeks on Nexplanon so I asked my doctor about it and she recommended I take a pregnancy test just in case. I wasn’t pregnant thank god but better safe than sorry.

No. 395468

Last time I bought an item of clothing was last summer. I think that’s fairly normal when you’re the only one working in your family.

No. 395504

File: 1554514503635.png (679.86 KB, 1067x800, 1436154280805 (1).png)

Fashionnova genuinely has some very good clothes.. Still doesn't change the fact that it's an IG thot brand, even if i like their quality. Believe it or not i spend hours looking through the whole store and find shit better than I'd find in my country. Still though, where should i ACTUALLY buy from? They all come from the same few chinese warehouses, right? Taobao, maybe?

On the topic, are there more places in which people actively talk about TaoBao? I know there's the /cgl/ thread and a few subreddits, but is that really all there is? There's probably some discords dedicated to taobao but i'm just too stupid to find them.

No. 395513

if you're looking for everyday, streetwear, or designer clothes, /r/repladies has tons of taoabao links

No. 395520

do check withdrawals show up in your bank account? recently i gave my landlord the first check i've written myself for rent, and i'm not seeing it taken out of my funds but she didn't tell me there was an issue with it

No. 395530

Depending on the bank it can take a few days to go through after depositing.

No. 395595

I'm from germany and would NEVER
America is a shithole, the food and general health standards are so bad and I would miss my clean tapwater
Of course germany isn't perfect but our living standard is pretty high overall
Though america is probably pretty cool to visit as a tourist

No. 395686

I'm French, I really don't see myself living in the USA, even if the living standards depends on each state. Unless I'm offered an incredibly good job opportunity in a liberal state where I can earn a lot of money.

I do want to visit the USA some day, but I don't know when this will be possible. I want to visit the East coast first, then the West coast. A Canadian friend told me that Las Vegas is super overrated but he made me even more curious.

No. 395719

What is your personal opinion on Van Gogh's death?
I recently watched few movies on his life and all of them chose to have someone shoot him instead of him being shot.
The reason why I think it was someone else is why would he carry a gun? He doesn't know how to handle it. Why would he shoot himself in the stomach?
I just don't know why someone else would shoot him either…
I feel sorry for Vincent. He was so mistreated by everyone else.

No. 395750

I’m french myself too and would never live in the USA. I don’t see anything attractive to move over there.

No. 395753

HELL no, I'm from Serbia. Here I can eat cheap, study for free as long as I'm a decent student, and if I get sick I can get treatment for free or paid for abroad if they can't treat me here. And I can go to Greece every year on the cheap.

America is a wonderful place and I'd definitely visit there but I'm too scared of getting shot, dying and leaving my parents in debt. Otherwise I'm fascinated by the history of Native Americans so I'll probably visit the US at some point just for that.

No. 395755

There are cool places I'd like to visit, but nah. Although I actually have dual citizenship so moving there would be ez, I'm not fond of the guns and lack of healthcare. I'm a leaf btw.

Good news for you anon, we also exist in Canada!

No. 395756

Dude, Las Vegas is disgusting. Don't, unless there's a particular band or show you want to see in advance. Traffic is hell; it's an hour to get across the strip, sometimes more. It's only pretty at night, and the novelty wears off fast, especially when you're being shoved on by asshole tourists. Hope you like the smell of cigarettes, because every hotel has a casino bottom floor you have to waft through for a half an hour until you make it to the elevator that takes you to your room. Ick. I hated going every fucking year.

No. 395764

Absolutely. It's a pretty decent upgrade to where i live. After i make a good living there i can think about moving to an even better place. My whole immediate family is fluent in English too which is an extra. Doing lolita in Brazil is hell anyway, i'd go to anywhere with lots of snow.

No. 395772

Yeah, Canada is definitely on my list as well! Also because of the beautiful nature. It's a pity people don't take care of their natural landscapes (my country is horrible when it comes to pollution and littering and it's making me so sad, it could be a paradise for agriculture and tourism but we douse everything in pesticides and make factories and hydroelectric plants on every corner.

No. 395773

What is up with people thinking getting shot is super common in the us? I've lived here my whole life and I've only seen someone open carry once (it was at a walmart funnily enough). Unless you're messing with the police or actual gangs, you probably won't even see a gun.

No. 395775

Does Luna do Law of attraction with her amazon wishlists? She gets what she posts most of the time…

No. 395779

I know some of it is perpetuated by the media, but where I live ( a city in the South), there are people who do drive by shootings, rob dollar stores/convenience stores with guns, or shoot someone in the ghetto part of town a least a few times a month. Of course, if you stay out of those ghetto areas you'll probably be fine, but it is a concern. For tourists, they just need to be careful not to wander off into a bad part of town, but they may not realize where is dangerous.

No. 395897

Her dad buys her what she wants a lot of the time. It's been speculated that she has access to his Amazon account

No. 395899

I read a theory somewhere that Van Gogh was shot accidentally by someone (a kid I think?) and he didn’t want them to face repercussions so he made it seem like a suicide. But then again he was known to have mental health problems, so he could have very well just committed suicide.

I’m also American and I’ve never seen someone carrying a gun irl, maybe a police officer once. I guess non-Americans hear about school shootings and assume every American runs around with a firearm.

No. 395922

I was raised in the US and we had guns from age 8 and up. This was Arkansas though.

No. 395965

> I read a theory somewhere that Van Gogh was shot accidentally by someone (a kid I think?) and he didn’t want them to face repercussions

That was shown in the movie, I just don't know why kids would harm poor Vincent. Unfortunately, it will remain a mystery.

No. 395967

Forgive me, I'm not sure if this question belongs here, to euroanons, if you order clothes online, which shops would you recommend?

I'm going on a job hunt but since I've been neeting for some time, I'd like to renew my wardrobe. I don't know how much to spend either, but I don't want something that looks too cheap. I did buy a lot of basic clothing from C&A, and I found the quality great (underwear, socks, t-shirts) for the price, the rest of their clothing line looks a bit outdated. Anything would be greatly appreciated!

No. 395968

Uniqlo has great basics that are amazing quality for the price. If you're into more alternative styles they might be a bit boring but for business wear they're great.

No. 395970

Thanks, it seems to be just what I was looking for.

No. 395975

Nta but I didn't realise Uniqlo had an online store that shipped to my country so this makes me very happy. Thanks anon!

No. 396027

Zara has some good "professional looking" pieces

No. 396038

I get a lot of more expensive clothing at a discount from Zalando. They're based in Germany but ship all over Europe. Another tip for getting brands cheaper is to check if they have an outlet on ebay.

No. 396080

Anyone else banned from Tinder(yes I know) without reason? I just got banned, and I was talking with this guy I really enjoyed and I'm sad about it lmao. My profile was clean, I had no nudity or anything, It was pretty normie.

No. 396219

Hyaluronic acid: oral vs topical? Or is it just snake oil?

No. 396270

Topical is a crazy good humectant if you have dry skin. I really like it.

No. 396296

No. 396415

Can you cure BPD?

No. 396417

Blogposty, but I'll share my perspective.

Can it be cured? Nah. And to be honest, I think medication makes things worse. I wasn't formally diagnosed with BPD but had some BPD-like traits that my doc highlighted:

>Black and white thinking. Extreme aversion and devaluation of others.

>Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality.
>Explosive anger.
>Chronic feelings of emptiness.
>Extreme emotional swings.
>Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors (sometimes)
>Unclear or shifting self-image.
>Extreme isolation.

On medication, I became actively suicidal, started self-harming and had to be hospitalized for anorexia. Despite drinking heavily before meds, I had never experienced anything this intense. I got off of ALL meds and started seeing a PHD counselor who specialized in treating BPD with CBT therapy.

I'm not exactly sure if I have BPD, but I certainly have some of the symptoms, minus the risky sex and numerous relationships thing. I've managed to keep a BF for 3 years and through INTENSE training and thought-checking I have managed a lot of my symptoms. Still deal with these issues, especially around my period, but I've largely got things under control.

I highly recommend CBT therapy and don't believe meds are very effective, as they tend to blur already fuzzy minds and leave you unable to see where your real problems end and where they begin.

No. 396453

I use it topically for fine lines around my eyes and it does a good job. Just make sure you follow it up with moisturiser after so it has some moisture to work with.

No. 396474


i have it. you can control it. i'm both bipolar 2 and bpd so they give me meds for the bipolar moodswings and for the bdp thinking. meds aren't going to be it, but combined with therapy and actually wanting to get better, you will. it's been seven months since my diagnosis and i feel happier than i ever been. my romantic relationship and the one with my family has never been better. i'm greatful for all the amazing things i have in my life everyday. i still do black and white thinking but i'm not as bad with it now that my dr has told me every week STOP DOING THAT. cause i realize i'm doing it and stop. i'm doing amazing man. my bpd just doesn't act up the way it used to, it's crazy that i lived like a psycho for so many years.

therapy alone never did jackshit for me. but therapy combined with meds changed my life. every case is different though. if you feel like therapy isn't going to cut it, and you're doing suicidal shit already, try seeking a psychiatrist.

No. 396485

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It was very helpful. I hope it won't be if I ask - what convinced you to try out therapy and meds? My boyfriend has been diagnosed with BPD, he has almost all the symptoms (apart from being sexually promiscuous), and he still doesn't want to go. He is convinced psychiatrists will "steal" his creativity and personality.

No. 396488

What convinced me to get therapy was seeing how far I had fallen and how miserable I was. I think it is has to be his own original thought. From my experience, other people telling me to get therapy always failed. I would lie in session, not take things seriously, and I didn't get better. When I went back after my whole medication debacle I was in a place where I WANTED to change and it was my own original thought. No one was forcing me to go. He needs to want it in order for it to work. How someone gets to that point, I am not certain. Maybe it takes falling down into the deepest pit and realizing how much is at stake. For someone who's numb, the pain needs to be pretty deep in order to truly to be felt and understood.

No. 396509

Is it a good idea to get my impacted wisdom teeth removed with only local anesthetic? I'm losing my health insurance this month and was trying to get it done before I lose it (my stupid bitch teeth decided to start hurting AFTER I put in my two weeks), but after calling a fuckton of insurance pepole it turns out that even if I manage to find a dentist who will see me immediately and will then refer me to an oral surgeon, I still have to pay like a $1k deductible first before they cover anything. I called another oral surgeon and asked how much it would cost out of pocket to get this shit out, and at the upper range, it would also cost the same as my deductible for two teeth. The problem is sedation is an extra $650, and local anesthetic wouldn't be.

I wonder if I should just not be a little bitch baby and get it done with local anesthetic, or just go all out since I'm paying out of pocket anyway? I've accepted that I'll just pay out of pocket because I can do everything on my own time and I don't have to call like 1000 dentists in my area to see who will take me immediately and refer me before the month ends. Thankfully I have enough money in my savings that it's not that big of a deal, but it's nice to save $650 when you're about to be unemployed. Not sure if this counts as a stupid question, but I can't find the advice thread in the catalog for some reason.

No. 396512

I got my wisdom teeth out with general anesthesia and after I was in so much pain and so upset, so idk if local anesthesia only is a good idea. not sure if my experience was unusual/a freak "accident" or what but I was in so much pain that I was screaming

my mom got hers removed under local anesthesia only and she said it wasn't super painful but that the sounds of her teeth cracking was really disturbing. maybe you could ask to wear ear plugs or listen to loud music, that might help with the noise?

is the full sedation iv administered? could you possibly just get the nitrous oxide/laughing gas? that might be cheaper

No. 396514

I got a wisdom tooth taken out with only local and it was 100% painless during and after, modern anaesthetics are great. Although this was on the NHS so don't know the quality in America.

No. 396517

I got all of mine removed when I was 12 and it was pretty bad, the removal itself while awake is scary (and painful) and it definitely was very painful afterwards as well (the swelling usually depends on each person), but you're an adult, so you'll live. Shilling out an extra 650 is really not worth it, whether you'll be in pain after the surgery won't change depending on if you were sedated or not.

No. 396522

amerifat here, I got mine done under twilight anesthesia. look into it and see if it's any cheaper, maybe? twilight is almost always cheaper than general, so if you're really freaked out about being completely awake, that's probably your best bet, but really, just local is how it's typically done anyways, especially in most other countries. i don't think you really need general. they should give you ton of percocet afterwards anyways. i didn't even use one perc after my wisdom tooth removal and was able to keep them all. i felt like, no pain, really.

No. 396536


Thank you! I'll see if I can ask if there are other cheaper options! I got local anesthesia to get all my back teeth pulled when I was a lot younger and it was magical and painless save for when they had to inject it (and one very stubborn and deeply rooted tooth) so I'm hoping this experience will be similar lol.

No. 396547

Wew… I'm glad my wisdom teeth haven't come out yet.
Since we're on topic, I'm 24 and my wisdom teeth are nowhere to be seen. Is it possible that they'll never come out?

No. 396575


Have you had x-rays to confirm you have them? Some people aren't born with them.

No. 396577

I'm really happy to see the topic is on anesthesia. I'm getting ortho surgery in a couple months and I'm kinda scared of saying something stupid/without filter on anesthesia. How common is that really? Is it just a myth? How can I prevent that if it's true?

No. 396582

Does it really matter if you say some goofy shit while heavily drugged? Your surgeon isn't going to care, I'm sure they've heard all sorts of shit while people have been under anesthesia.

No. 396586

I was apparently cursing like a sailor when I was waking up from anesthesia years back. I doubt doctors or nurses are going to care because they’ve seen so much shit that they’re desensitized to it.

No. 396589

How can I get a doctor to prescribe me adderall or a similar medication?
I used to take my friend's prescription in high school and it helped me focus and get my work done a lot. Haven't taken it a while, a senior in college now, and feel like it would help me again but I don't want to buy it from someone. I legitimately think I might have ADHD, but I'm afraid that if I explicitly bring up wanting to be prescribed something, they'll think I'm just trying to get it an resell it

No. 396590

Ree. You don’t have ADHD. Stop trying to justify your pill grabbing

No. 396591

Why did you feel the need to reply to me, I don't give a fuck if you think i'm a ~pill grabber~

No. 396594

Just tell your doctor you're struggling with ADHD symptoms. Odds are they won't put you on adderall right away, though. Stuff like ritalin is a first line treatment for ADHD, not adderall.

No. 396616

Seek out psychiatrist who's young and runs own office (not part of a hospital group). They'll probably have less experience with malingerers. Dress yourself homely, but not sloppy like an obvious abuser, don't dress like you like to party, or too put-together because hey you got ADHD. DON'T act all hyper like a grade schooler, ADHD in adult females is likely very subdued. DO talk fast, "accidentally" talk loudly, go on tangents when answering their questions. Adopt a subtle "stimming" tic. Talk about your anxiety, poor performance at work or school, sob story about how your family is religious and doesn't care about mental health. If you're lucky, they'll diagnose you right there and give you the stuff.
t.actually ADHD but socialized to appear high functioning

No. 396632

I remember when I got mine removed I was in so much pain that all I could do was stare at the ceiling for a few days, trying to do anything else was too painful. It probably didn't help that my mom hid the pain medication because she thought I would become addicted to it if I had any.
I've heard some people say they were ready to go about their normal lives after only one day, but it really sucked for me as well.

No. 396634

could you ever actually feel comfortable/want to be with someone that has wanted to fuck their family member?

No. 396636

fuck no

i hope you’re writing a fic or some shit and this isn’t your life rn anon

No. 396640

it's my life, anon. it really makes me so sad and hurts me so much. he says he doesn't anymore and it was just when he was a kid but i'm really hurt by it.

No. 396651

so there's this dude I've been dating and he's recently started choking me while were having sex. It's not super aggressive or tight but since this has happened a couple of times my attraction to him is gone. IDK how else to put it, I'm down with staying friends as we were friends before this for years but imagining having sex now is kinda ick for me. Has anyone else dealt with this?

No. 396668

You need to tell him. He probably watches too much porn and thinks this is normal, when really it isn’t.

No. 396670

I mean, maybe if they were like a really really hot family member, like if I myself was aroused by his sister, then I could make an exception.

No. 396680

Why haven't you told him the fact that it makes you uncomfortable? That should have came out of your mouth the first time he tried it. Now he probably thinks it's okay because you don't speak up for yourself, even though he should have asked anyway.

No. 396691

It's still an act of aggression that he shouldn't have done. Talk to him about it, personally I would feel unsafe and not want to sleep with him again though.

No. 396741

I didn't want to resurrect the thread for art beginners (maybe I should?), but I was wondering if any of you farmers have a solid book to recommend to start drawing? I'd like to learn how to draw people mostly but anything goes. I just want a single source for now, either a book or a course. There are so many books and courses out there and I just can't tell which one is good for beginners. I don't want to hop from one learning material to the other and I feel overwhelmed by it all.
I took the most popular course on drawing for beginner on Udemy but it kind of sucks.

No. 396805

Don't do books. I mean, I guess you can but the internet is just as good (+free).
Here's what you need to look up: perspective, color theory, anatomy. For anatomy I recommend Sinix Design's (youtube) anatomy quick tips. Also, just googling the name of the muscle you're trying to draw.
Try to simplify things into shapes and groups and you're golden.
Use references but don't just trace over them. It's important to not just try to replicate a form but to also think about why it's shaped the way it is and how it works. I.e. humans have bones, which are covered in muscles, and they move in certain ways.
If you realize you don't know what you're drawing, look it up, maybe do the action yourself, look in the mirror, so on.

No. 396822

/ic/ has a sticky with a lot of good resources, however don't stick around there too much, too many bitter people

No. 396925

the first time it happened I was kinda crossfaded and didn't think much of it until I sobered up. But agreed I should've brought it up after sobering up and looking back

I know this is gonna sound stupid, I honestly thought I could deal with it/ or like compromise. I have a couple of girl friends whose bfs choke them and they don't have a problem with it so I thought I could warm up to it ykno?

I also think this might be from too much porn as one anon said, and honestly idk how to approach that can of worms. Most dudes are defensive of their porn consumption. Should I still bring all this up if I choose to break up w him? Even when we have sex and he doesn't choke me I'm not super into it anymore. I feel kinda bad I didn't think these things would be deal breakers for me, but I think they are

No. 396988

I've never lived on my own before so when I move out should I find a studio apt (I have no friends where I live anyways and would be willing to move somewhere I could afford one) or just suck it up and find some roommates?

No. 397000

When guys put their hands around my neck (always without warning, too) it definitely kills the ladyboner for good, and usually puts me off dating and sex for a long time. Just small aggressions that they obviously want to progress from. Don't want my head smashed against a sink for your sexual pleasure, fam

Also glad to hear you are not gonna tolerate it >>396925

No. 397002

If you can afford it it's best to live alone than with roommates. With roommates you run the risk of having some that are gross, never clean, watch dumb shit on the living room tv, are plain unsufferable, etc. Most people I know who lived with roommates have at least semi-negative experiences.

No. 397022

File: 1554866838148.jpeg (31.02 KB, 424x426, D2310062-73BC-46D0-9D11-E3F12F…)

Amerifag here (not sure if it’s relevant). Is it possible, when applying for a passport, to request that it gets delivered to the post office instead of your residence? And they could alert you to pick it up there when it arrived? I don’t want it to be delivered to my home address because I still live with my parents and don’t want them to see because they snoop through my mail. Or are there any alternative paths I could take to avoid having it come to my residence, like getting a PO box and having it delivered there?
t. sneaky anon who wants to travel but has protective parents

No. 397032

Yeah the only people I'd be really ok living with is my friends from back home that I've known for years but they don't seem to be interested in moving out yet. I've found some pretty affordable studios I could probably make work on my current salary though

No. 397033

File: 1554867670545.jpg (156.54 KB, 564x871, b43b265d817febf264d8f6f83941af…)

How do I obtain a medical marijuana permit in California? I'm absolutely clueless on where to start and the internet is not helpful. Also, were shrooms ever legalized? My mother keeps telling me I should try them, but I want to do so in the safest way possible.

No. 397038


I doubt you would save any $ buying medicinal versus retail.

Psilocybin is Schedule 1 by the DEA, ie illegal throughout the US.

No. 397042

I cannot legally buy marijuana without that permit, anon.

No. 397044

I'm in CA and dont have a permit, but ive bought a THC pen kit at a nice dispensary and they just checked my ID. I dont know what our laws are any more.

No. 397045

Some places check, some don't, but the ones who do will turn you down, and I don't want that to happen. I need it for actual chronic reasons.

No. 397047

I’ll be straight with you, you’re better off buying it off the streets than in a dispensary. Cheaper, usually better quality if you aren’t stupid with who you go to. You’re not likely to get caught either unless you’re obvious about it.

No. 397048

I don't know who to go to, that's the issue. Buddies from high school are all gone. And, I want this for medical reasons, so I'm not sure who to go to for a specific strain I have in mind.

No. 397056

How is street weed "usually better than a dispensary"? Who thinks or says that when dispensary weed has to go through rigorous testing and you know it's almost always free of mold, toxins, pesticides, is more certain to be the strain that's claimed rather than being forced to buy shit regs because everyone else is dry, etc. I've never heard anyone say street weed is better. It's a hassle to get too. Just a nightmare, and dealers are the flakiest people on the planet.

No. 397083

They're probably young. In CA you can buy without a permit at age 21. Under that, you still need a med card.

No. 397084

Thank you!
> For anatomy I recommend Sinix Design's (youtube) anatomy quick tips.

This is such a goldmine, thanks again.

I also got myself a cheap graphics tablet because it was heavily discounted on Aliexpress. I tried to draw with it and it felt as if I were learning to draw again so I was in low spirits yesterday.

No. 397087

I see a lot of people in Momokun's thread saying her shoots are too repetitive, and I don't disagree but I don't see how they wouldn't be. There are only so many ways to post your body, and so many wig/contact or even costume variations. I just don't see how being a costhot could be a very ingenuitive field in general. Can any anon that makes that criticism elaborate on what they mean? While I don't go out of my way to look at sexy cosplays they all seem repetitive.

No. 397104

Does face yoga actually work? I feel like making all those crazy and weird faces might even cause some wrinkles, but I am perplexed.

No. 397120

that’s hilarious because i’ve heard the exact opposite from literally everyone i’ve spoken to about it. i’m nta btw. legal weed here fucking sucks (canadian capital city) it’s overpriced and drier than cat litter. my “black market” weed is grown and cured by a personal friend of mine and miles better than literally every kind i’ve tried from weed stores. guess it’s just a regional thing or whatever.

No. 397212

You're right! Ontario's legal weed is so fucking disgusting omg I bought from OCS and "dry" is generous. No one who smokes regularly is going to deal with all the bullshit when you can get nice quality black market weed from someone you know (because everyone knows someone (who knows someone, etc) who grows). That being said, dispensaries in other places can be really nice and offer high quality bud, and CA is one of those places where you can find better places ime.
>>397033 most medical places have a Dr or list of Drs you can visit who will prescribe to you; just tell them you can't sleep well at night/have anxiety/have trouble with your appetite/whatever.

No. 397217

File: 1554917545659.png (84.13 KB, 281x301, BjrioSd.png)

Has anyone ever experienced straight girls being passive aggressive to you because you're a lesbian or they think you're a lesbian?

I've had straight girls be completely mean/snobby to me for what feels like no reason. I think it's because I'm sort of butch and they assume I'm gay (which is sort of true but I never came out to these people).

Example: there's this girl that sits next to me in one of my college classes. I almost never talk to her, and when I do it's just friendly small talk. She is really rude to me- she ignores me, has short, snide responses to everything I say, and interrupts my conversations with other people. I noticed she browsed Reddit in class, so I looked her up on there to try and see what the fuck her problem was. The first post is her patting herself on the back about how she was "homophobic before I started seeing a bi guy". Yeah, something tells me she's probably still lesbophobic, because even "Ally" straight girls tend to avoid lesbians.

Am I crazy? Am I jumping to too many conclusions? Idk anxiety is a hell of a drug.

No. 397218

Well, I am a straight woman and find most other young women to treat me this way. Not sure why it happens. It could be everything to do with your sexuality or absolutely nothing to do with it.

No. 397221

nah anon she sounds straight up (pun intended) like a lesbophobic bitch and a lot of straight girls are indeed like that.

I know tons of straight girls who act that way towards a very butchy black lesbian I know but she gets it doublefold bc she’s black AND a lesbian. she’s super cool and is really blatant abt the fact that she likes girls and I have a ton of respect for her but other straight women get so weird around her and basically cling onto their boyfriends whenever she’s around.

I think it’s bc they all think lesbians are going to go after them, which is hilarious. but since they’re straight the only thing they know is aggressive straight flirting from men and have no idea what lesbian women are actually like or when they’re interested. that doesn’t excuse them being lesbophobic at all and it’s basically a form of misogyny so you should honestly just cut your losses and be careful around straight girls.

No. 397223

Who knows for sure, that particular girl definitely sounds like a homophobic twat but as far as other girls it could be anything, maybe you give off an intimidating vibe or have RBF?

Maybe a reach, but do you think it's because you're not as feminine presenting and they think you're like one of those "just one of the boys!" cool girls and that bothers them?

No. 397224

I'd say with some it's homophobia and others it's just their personality like >>397218 said.
I'm an ott feminine bi girl and have had straight women act nasty to me, as well as (confirmed) lesbians. Some people are just like it.
Although now I wonder if the lesbians were cold to me because they thought I was a straight girl and assumed I'd act like shit to them. Hmm…

No. 397225

Sorry but very butch black lesbians be bringing it on themselves acting like caricature of douchey black men and girls who aren’t hood rats don’t feel safe around that energy. Obviously “not all but butches” but hey maybe it’s just my neighborhood.

No. 397239

Those straight girls who assume every lesbian wants their ass are hilarious. It often comes from ugly/average looking ones, too.

No. 397244

Yes I’ve seen this.

I’m not gay but from the experience I had I can only imagine how annoying this must get. My roommate in college walked in on my best friend and I hooking up when we were drunk and for the rest of the semester wouldn’t change with me in the room and was constantly making snide comments. She transferred rooms the next semester, lol. Fat and ugly with a horrible personality but was always accusing me of the dumbest shit.

No. 397249

Kind of ridiculous to assume that you know anon's friend's personality with no real basis, especially since she said she was very cool (and since this is LC, I'm convinced no one here really likes stereotypically douchey male behavior or would call it "cool").
Might want to dial the lesbophobic racism back a little, kek.

No. 397282

I'm >>397217. I don't have an RBF. I'm actually told that my resting expression is sort of happy looking.

I'm by no means cool, but I'm very talkative (not to the rude girl obviously, but to everyone else). It's possible that she's intimated by that. She's also about half a foot shorter than me.

Thing is, this isn't the only time I've suspected that someone was being passive agressive to me because of lesbophobia. I was in theater with a girl who would do nothing but look at me in disgust. It's not like I'm gross- I'm a very ordinary, boring person.

Hmm. Maybe it's an age thing. All of the incidents I've experienced have been with girls age 14-21.

Still, I can't imagine being passive agressive to someone I barely know. That's so much effort to go through for a stranger.

No. 397305

I wasn’t talking about anon’s friend specifically. Just like with any strangers you might meet, we only have judgement based on past experience to go on. No one can afford to get to know every single person they meet before acting some type of way around them. Funny you call me lesbophobic when I see women myself. And a stereotypical (more often black) butch is the type with aggressive hypermasculine commitmentphobic attitude just like men. They deadass misogynistic sometimes, wlw here should know wtf I’m talking about. I’m just suggesting that the prevalence of this breed of lesbo is a possible reason why her friend got treated funny unprovoked.

No. 397363

You're being ridiculous, anon. I've never heard of or encountered a "hood rat" black lesbian. In my experience, black butch girls tend to be sporty or punk. I've also never heard male-level misogynistic rhetoric from a lesbian.

No. 397546

I sometimes get this short, overwhelming, warm feeling in my stomach. Anyone else get that? I can't really describe it and i don't know what triggers it so I cant tell if that's just euphoria but I'm curious if others get that too.

No. 397548

Is it possible to become asexual after repeated sexual abuse? I feel dumb being 26 and finally realizing i just might be

No. 397550

I wouldn’t say that you’re asexual. More like you been hurt so many times that sex and the thought of doing it scares you. I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that, anon.

No. 397559

sure it's definitely possible. if you don't feel sexual attraction/never want to have sex with anyone, and choose to identify as asexual, you are asexual

No. 397586

There's no need to label yourself anon, if you get into a relationship or situation again and feel comfortable and open with the person you can discuss your apprehensions without calling yourself asexual.

No. 397630

What do you tell an employer when they asked why I worked so many jobs for such a short time?

Most of my jobs didn't last longer than 6 months because I honestly fucking suck at them but I obviously can't say that

No. 397634

Damn 6 months anon? Were you fired from them or did you leave on your own accord? If you're young use that to your advantage too. Most employers are more willing to forgive a job hopping history in younger people than older people.

No. 397637

Yup,fired. Would've been less than 6 months if they were able to find a replacement sooner.

I'm going to be 24 soon so I don't really think I can use that excuse anymore, especially since I haven't gone to college and been trying to find work since I graduated hs

No. 397640

File: 1555013579812.gif (1009.02 KB, 172x126, why.gif)

What does troon mean?

No. 397641


No. 397645

Stupid question but is there a reason lolcow uses troon instead of trans or tranny. Never heard troon before.

No. 397649

It originated on Kiwifarms, it was originally a portmanteau of trans and goon that started in the SomethingAwful thread (since SA users are called goons), but it spread to just mean trans people in general.

As for why we say it instead of tranny I don't know. I guess tranny can feel a bit gross, since men use it for porn titles so much.

No. 397650

I think it originated from 4chan, because I've seen lots of people using it over there and it has its own Urban Dictionary page.

No. 397936

Is a non surgical nose job worth it?
It's not permanent so you'll have to get it done over and over again, but I'm such a baby when it comes to pain, plus I've never had surgery before

No. 397955

This is mega stupid but is anyone else better at applying mascara with their non-dominant hand (left in my case)? I can’t do both eyes with one hand, so I use right one for right eye and vice versa. And somehow left eye usually comes out looking perfect, while right eye is always bit more awkward and clumpier.
It’s just so weird to me, since I’m strictly right handed when it comes to literally anything else. Just not mascara apparently lmao

No. 397966

Nose fillers are expensive and not worth it, and even potentially really dangerous (I've read of some women becoming blind because of it). Nosejobs aren't painful, they're just mildly annoying for having to wait about 2 weeks until you can breathe from your nose again, having to wash your nose with a special solution for some months and having to be extra careful not to bump your nose into anything for the first months.

No. 397973

I see, so I guess it's better to suffer through a bit for permanemt results

No. 397991

Reading the kpop and ugly celebs threads got me thinking, how do celebrities know what plastic surgery to get? It's always so many changes and so secretive. Do they go to a surgeon and they're like "yeah you need this and this and this" or does their agent tell them? Or do they see shit online trashing their nose so they're like "oh I need a nose job." Or is it all initiated by them and some people are just really good at knowing how to balance their face and some people aren't?

No. 398026

It is. In the long run it's the better investment, and it looks better as well.

No. 398038

One can absolutely walk into a surgeon's and ask them "What should I get?" but it's also very possible that the agent has some part in that. It's generally a bad idea because they will give you advice to conform to their beauty standards, not yours.
Some greedy surgeons will even give you unrequested "advices". When my best friend saw a surgeon for a nosejob consultation, he started asking her if she would like a chin implant and a boobjob on top of that (both unnecessary).

No. 398104

If you're really struggling with health issues/being sick and someone is texting you and you don't answer because 1. you feel like death, and 2. they don't generally seem to want to talk to you anyways and basically only speak to you like in a one sided conversation, is that really ignoring? Like, does that fit most peoples definition of ignoring?

Furthermore, if you tell them "I'm really, really not doing well right now, but I wanted to let you know I'm not ignoring you. We'll talk soon and I love you", and they continue to text you about shit, is that you ignoring them?

I feel like 'ignoring' is more… 'I could text you, but I just prefer to watch tv with my friends' not 'I'm feeling terribly sick and feel hated by you anyways, so I mentally, emotionally, and at times, physically, can't handle texting you'.

No. 398106

>Nosejobs aren't painful, they're just mildly annoying
That definitely depends on the person. A lot of people who've had them say it's extremely painful.

No. 398240

I'm certain I've had anxiety/depression most of my life, never had insurance so I've never been to doctor for it.
Still no insurance but my husbands wants to help me pay, so I'm trying to go now.
What kind of doctor should I be looking for? I want to be prescribed something for my anxiety, it's been very crippling lately.
I don't get the difference between a psychologist/psychiatrist.

No. 398251

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who went through med school so can legally prescribe you medications. Psychologists usually have a PhD but can't prescribe meds and mostly do talk therapy and giving diagnoses. So go to a psychiatrist, but they'll probably send you to a psychologist to get an official diagnosis first.

No. 398401

File: 1555215062060.jpg (45.64 KB, 500x750, who r u.jpg)

Does anyone know her name? I tried google reverse search and nothing showed up except for a million pinterest links I'm too lazy to tumble over.

No. 398433

Sayo Akasaka. The pic you posted is from 2015 btw. She's at number 5 here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/christinalan/24-east-asian-models-you-need-to-follow-on-instagram-right-n

No. 398441

Is it that bad being a woman child? What does that even mean?
I see anons mentioning that in a negative context but if you're not harming anyone then why should it bother others?

I do have a good job and I pay my bills, but I'll never care enough about politics or some other serious 'adult' stuff.

I'll always like gaming, I'll always like watching some cartoons, I'll always like fantasy and the sci-fi genre. There are bunch of other things, like I'm never going to be into makeup but I get the impression that as soon as you are in your mid 20s, that you already need to paint yourself with that crap so that you look professional or whatever. Or that I will never care about being in a relationship or getting married and having kids because the idea is still gross to me.

It's so difficult to find other people that I can relate to. Doesn't help that if there is a media depiction of a woman-child like Young Adult movie ft Charlize Theron, it's always extremely negative.

No. 398454

Liking childish things alone does not make you a womanchild. A womanchild is like PT (or a number of other cows), refusing to grow up in any way, shape or form. A womanchild usually still lives with their family way past an acceptable age (or alternatively with a bf/gf), are NEETs and take 0 responsibility for anything such as paying bills. Their parents or partner clean up after them and do everything for them like they would for a child.

No. 398461

Having a job and paying the bills is really all you need to avoid womanchild accusations. It's more than a lot of people can manage, having harmless hobbies doesn't bring you down to the level of a lazy NEET who has their mummy wait on them hand and foot.

No. 398469

I asked that because I see the insult womanchild being thrown at anyone that seems to have childish interests.
Take Grimes, for example, although I don't like her latest album, we share a few common interests yet she was called here a womanchild. I'm pretty sure she pays her own bills and doesn't depend on parents.

It's not that big of a deal though. I don't think I could change even if for whatever reason the society thought my lifestyle was terrible. And I don't feel insulted, I'm just surprised that it's considered that bad on an imageboard.

No. 398473

Some people here will throw any insult at someone they already dislike whether it's true or not. Any thread on a pretty/slim girl will show you that, because people think her shitty personality warrants calling her fat and ugly.

No. 398475

I dunno, a womanchild to me is just a genderbent version of a manchild - they aren’t necessarily dependent, but their personalities are very childlike in that they’re naive, self-absorbed, have little to no social filter, are obsessed with things meant for kids to the point of hoarding, have trouble doing basic adult functions (like laundry or picking up after yourself) and honestly often come off as pretty fucking dim. Bonus points if they’re obese because they have zero impulse control

No. 398537

Thank you, anon!

No. 398650

Not sure if right thread, but does anyone know what song plays in the outro of this video? Starts on 9:00. The only resut I got was Twelfth of September by Otter, but that doesn't sound like the origin of the music

No. 398660

from a literal google search

No. 398955

Why do average/tall men hate men that are even remotely short? Shorter men go on about how much women hate them but honestly outside of dating preferences I have not seen the weird and obsessive amount of hate towards them coming from women as much as other men, it’s to the point of dehumanisation often

And I genuinely can’t wrap my head around why.

No. 398962

Some men will find any excuse to try to feel superior to other men. They're insecure so latch onto them happening to be born tall as what makes them high quality.

No. 399014

What's the hellweek about?

No. 399119

Does anyone else feel just mentally 'off' after they play the sims for a few hours? Every time I get done playing it I'll feel this weird combination of stress and unease. I don't feel this way when I play any other game either. And its not like I'm constantly immersing myself in video games, I really only play them maybe once or twice a month. Anyone else experience this?

No. 399121

There's an info link at the top of every board, anon.

No. 399125

If you experience this, you should stop or at least cut the time spent playing it. One day I kind of dissociated while playing a videogame, afterwards I felt weird, uneasy. Never touched that game again, and any videogame for a long time

No. 399147

What's up with the lolcow imageboard on 8chan? I read some of their threads and they didn't even have any milk it just seemed full of scrots.

No. 399200

Where can I get good quality cosplay wigs? They all look so cheap and plastic

No. 399204

Japanese brands like Cyperous and Brightlele are the best quality I've seen. Shit american brands like Arda don't hold up, they're too thick and the fibers are impossible to cut through or style.

No. 399788

File: 1555541722178.jpg (190.13 KB, 1004x1072, _20190223_175433.JPG)

When is a good time to get a pet? Being in uni right now I obviously can't get one, but when I leave to get proper work, I don't want to leave it alone all day, nor do I want to wait to get one for when I move in with someone.
This is such a retarded question, but I just want a daschund so badly already

No. 399791

I got a doxie. They're cunts. I've had 2 personally, 3 in the family.

One died because I had to put him down (paralyzed from the back legs). He was the neighbors at the time and they beat him but I wanted to adopt him.
The other one I have now I adopted after the other was put down. She's lived a decade, is old and happy.
The third one was a childhood dog my aunt had. It died after 12 years but it had the back surgery. So that's two doxies I know that have had back issues, not including the neighbors doxie that ended up getting a wheelchair.

You really just need to be ready for their personalities aside from the obvious health issues. They will act like they're your equal if not your pack leader. Very stubborn too.
They're super intelligent though, and sneaky as fuck because of it.
Doggo was apparently from mexico, sold for 90 pesos to the previous owners. US equivalent of $20 at the time.

No. 399794

>I don't want to leave it alone all day, nor do I want to wait to get one for when I move in with someone.
Don't get a dog then.

No. 399802

>I don't want to leave it alone all day, nor do I want to wait to get one for when I move in with someone

Don't get a dog… Or you could pay for it to go to daycare every day… or you could hire a dog walker… but puppies need to go out a lot more than adult dogs so you would probably need a dog walker to come multiple times a day

Not everyone has a lifestyle that fits having a dog. If you can't take good care of it and spend time with it then it's unfair to the dog to get it in the first place

No. 399848

Anon if you want a lower maintenance animal, get a cat. They're self sufficient that they can at least shit and piss in a litter box. They're not nearly as "loyal" as dogs but if u find a sweet one it will bond to you and love you. Assuming you like cats ofc

No. 399874


Dogs are unbelievably needy. They are pack animals, so when you go out, you are splitting the pack for some reason, perhaps abandoning them, and also going out to face the very scary world without them. They go through a lot of anxiety and sadness every day because they don't understand capitalism, so they think you are either abandoning or just foolishly going out without them, every day. You absolutely need someone to be home for most of the day if you get a dog, also access to an outdoor location for them to poop in. Pooping and peeing outdoors is very important to them.

Also do research breeds. I looked at sausage dogs too and decided against it due to the back problems, as mentioned by >>399791

No. 399875

This is why it’s best to get dogs in sets, just like rabbits or guinea pigs - they thrive in numbers and are extremely dependent on their owners for company if they don’t have another animal to be with

No. 399892

This kind of depends on the dog. It's very true that some are high anxiety and will lose their shit when you go to work. I roomed with a girl who had a mutt dog that would actually physically break out of its cage and then proceed to tear the pillows couch and garbage to shreds.

I've been a "cat person" since about 25 but from age 10-23 we had the sweetest doxie for family pet. We got her as a baby and there were never any problems, since I'm assuming we trained her to behave from near birth.

No. 399903

Why isn’t Sadism seen as an issue anymore, when did it become morally acceptable to enjoy harming others - I mean even outside of sexual contexts as this can be easily answered with misogyny

No. 399921

Because if you don't give out asspats to people for living their truths then you're a bigot anon. Sadism is a part of who they are and you aren't allowed to judge it.

My question: How do you clean the icky grease that hardens on to kitchen cabinets? I just moved and the previous inhabitants didn't seem to realize that objects in our world are 3D, so maybe you should wipe more than the front of the door.

No. 399937

Magic erasers were the OG when I was cleaning my recent apartment for walls and cabinets. But also dish soap (or another cleaner that breaks up fat) is good for the greasy grease that's not really a stain.

No. 400316

Are there any other animals besides humans with pointy fleshy noses?

No. 400350

I think cartilaginous noses are a uniquely human trait. there are several theories on why we evolved to have them, most likely temperature and humidity levels.

No. 400525

does birth control typically make you gain weight? I'm not sexually active so I don't really need it right now but I'd like to be able to fit into my clothes for the next few years. And for those of you who are familiar with birth control what's the kind that makes you gain the least weight, and is most comfortable/convenient? my sister is on a weird form of birth control that she only takes at certain times and it's a very weird schedule… I need something more regularized or routine or else I'll forget, suggestions?

I might not even go on it while I'm not active bc of the weight gain aspect if there is no way to find one that doesn't make me gain. It's not that I'm fat but I really can't afford to fit into some of my clothes with 10-15 extra pounds added.

No. 400527

I've been taking it because of endo for a year. No weight gain but the cholesterol in my blood increased slightly (the value is still not considered high but I'm tracking it). If you're taking any medicine that has anti-epileptic stuff it can diminish the effectiveness.

I'd recommend taking pills that don't just have placebos or nothing during period days because those are more uncomfortable, combined pills are good. I'm taking seasonique, you get a box with 3 months worth of BC and have your period 4 times a year.

No. 400532

I can’t really find a thread on where to ask about general health issues? That’s not super old. Wondering if any other farmers have hypothyroidism or thyroid problems and wanted to start a discussion on it but don’t want to put it where it doesn’t go…

No. 400541

How much does Russian open up the path to (very basic) understanding of the other Slavic languages? I've always liked Slavic languages and I live in an area where I run into a lot of people from various Slavic-speaking countries and I'm getting tempted to actually learn a language but I'm not sure which. I think it would be nice if I could pick a language that would offer me the best opportunity to have overlapping intelligibility with other languages, obviously I know they're all separate so it's not like it would be at a very high level but still, something is better than nothing.

I'm assuming Russian is probably the best option since it's just so commonly spoken but I'm interested to hear any opinions.

(If it matters my native language is English. I also speak German so I am familiar with gendered nouns and things like that though.)

No. 400542

From what I know there's a lot of overlap between slav languages (like, similar sounding words), and Russian is the best one to learn since it's the most widely spoken. It's hard as balls though, good luck.

No. 400544

the only BC I ever gained on was the pill. with both the implant and the patch the scale didn't budge.

No. 400546

My native language is slavic and I can say that i can understand a lot of other slavic languages but that might be because I am a language nerd.

The further the country is from russia the more differences there are, for example many normal russian words sound almost archaic in my language and we have new words in their place, so a Russian might not understand me as well as I'll understand them.

No. 400554

File: 1555764651433.jpg (284.03 KB, 663x944, 8375b79d386b426f4595ec23cb8524…)

>male proboscis monkeys
these absolute madlads apparently

No. 400565

Depends on the language. My friend is Slovak, my other friend is Russian, and I'm a Serb.

They share a lot of common words but you have loanwords, grammar and other things that were "inspired" by other neighbouring languages. For example, where I come from we use a lot of words loaned from Hungarian and Romanian that my friends could never understand. On top of that, Russian is written in a Cyrillic alphabet and uses "half vocals", accents and other things that make it hard for someone to read a word properly without having ever heard it irl, whereas Serbian uses both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and Slovak uses Latin only so to a foreigner they might be easier to get into. Serbian and Slovak have less "half vocals" and the letters used include the accents so they're more intuitive to pronounce. Serbian is written exactly as it is spoken, with each letter corresponding to a sound.

In general, we share many things, you could definitely get the context of a story or something but there's a lot of false friends to worry about as well as other differences so I wouldn't personally recommend it. However, Russian is far better for job prospects than most other Slavic languages by virtue of the speaking population being so huge.

No. 400567

Real life Squidward

No. 400620

Has anyone ever used a hair epilator? I’ve never gotten waxed before but I hate having to shave every few days

No. 400627

ive been waxing and epilating my armpit hair since i was around 12, honestly idk what to tell you. its supposed to be painful but ive become pretty desinitized to it, its probably a lot more painful if you just start it at a later age. i only wax every few weeks, and the hair is significantly thinner than in some other parts of my body too.

No. 400638

Thanks, I’ve been thinking about buying one for my underarms mostly. Maybe I should just nut up and try getting waxed first though.

No. 400664

So for the past 5 years I been dealing with balding. This year I decided to give up on all useless products to my scalp and shaved all my hair off. How do you pull off a buzzcut without looking like a cancer patient?

No. 400665

You can't. Get a high-quality wig.

No. 400671

What happens if I cook a burrito without wrapping it aluminum foil? I got one but forgot to get foil. I'm so hungry.

No. 400672

File: 1555795172185.gif (938.37 KB, 275x92, snake.gif)

can someone help me understand why this is irritating to look at? this banner makes me irrationally angry?

what is it about her expression that causes this reaction? and why am i so hung up on it?

No. 400673

Wrap it in a paper towel if you are microwaving it

No. 400685

Congrats on freeing yourself from the anxiety of the bald spots!
A buzz cut can look deliberate if you go for a strong goth bitch style, I checked out #buzzcutgirl on instagram and it looks like getting your eyebrow game up helps a lot too

No. 400688

prolly her goofy ass duck lips

No. 400689

I recently gave myself a buzzcut too. In my case it's more for comfort and ease than anything else. It's certainly not the best look for me, put I've seen plenty of people who pull it off quite nicely.

Mainly I would suggest not doing the mistake of going overboard with makeup and dresses unless it's already a thing of yours. Many buzzcuts seems like they're trying to cancel out the short hair by making everything else super-feminine, which is what usually gives me the recovering cancer patient vibe.

You might as well have fun with it and try different things to see if anything works for you, and if you're not comfortable, a high quality wig like the other anon mentioned can always be a nice investment.

No. 400696

This banner makes me weirdly angry too, I think it’s the dumbass face she pulls - she looks so genuinely perplexed that a snake whose being bothered would retaliate and I feel like it should be common sense to not annoy a snake!

Also, yeah, those fucking blow up doll lips

No. 400698

Do men who actually like vaginas and won't nitpick you to death in general exist?

No. 400705

>who actually like vaginas
Have you just been banging fags and robots up until this point?

No. 400717

Is it possible to share an IP with someone? Cause I've been getting random bans for stuff I never recall doing. I know I'm not forgetting things because I've been banned from things in boards I never post on. Is it because I use data?

No. 400731

Yes. I have had a friend that even talked about how he thought the vagina's that are called "roasties" are cuter and that his dream was to eat his (future) gf out. Aside from that, there is pornography targeted towards men that is pussy focused, and plenty of men out there sincerely enjoy eating women out. Not even for retarded reasons like "humiliation" they just like doing it, and also making you feel good.

No. 400732

I presume you have already ate supper, but you don't need foil to cook a burrito. I have never heard of someone doing that. If you are just needing to head it up, you can bake it in the oven, microwave, and/or toast it in a pan to crisp up the tortilla.

No. 400739

I'll be honest I haven't been banging anyone.

Thanks, and to other anon too as explanation, I just get overwhelmed sometimes seeing groups of men online in agreement that vaginas are disgusting and they hate having to put anything but their dicks near them. Lots of stories from women whose partners won't touch their vaginas, too.
Although I have male friends, we don't discuss genitals ever…somehow. We discuss other gross things idk how it became this way.

So I just get paranoid. It's all pretty weird to me since I think a variety of (healthy) genitals are kind of nice to look at in their own way.

I guess men who like vagoo just see no reason to scream about it and look for validation online lol?

No. 400743

>Although I have male friends, we don't discuss genitals ever…somehow. We discuss other gross things

I feel like you yourself have vagina issues if you would dump it under ‘gross things’, it’s genuinely one of the least gross organs we have in the grand scheme of things

No. 400744

What are your guys' thoughts on whether or not bdsm is sexist/misogynistic? I do strongly believe abusive and misogynistic men flock to it, but it's confusing to think it's all like that with the popularity with gay male couples…

No. 400751

I meant gross as in just sex oriented things. Like what their/my preferences would be for vagina and penis aesthetics.
If anything I probably just still have hangups about sex being "gross."

No. 400752

Excuse my yellow fever, but does anyone know who the guy is in momokuns recent elf cosplay?

No. 400758

>but it's confusing to think it's all like that with the popularity with gay male couples…
What…? Are you underage or something?
And this is issue is talked about so frequently on here, I don't know how you could miss most anons' stance on this.

No. 400759

I don't pay much attention to the threads that would include it, why does that statement make me underage? I'm in the lgbt community and most fans of bdsm and petplay are gay men.

No. 400760

Why would gay people be exempt from abuse? I may have read that wrong, but that sounds like what you were implying. Abuse is so common in gay male relationships because of the nasty older guy meme.

No. 400819

Been seeing the topic floating around I’m genuinely curious about posters opinions on this;
Cosleeping, is it good or bad?
Also, - are you a parent?
- what’s your nationality?

Guess I’ll start it off
-yes I’m a parent

I have a feeling opinions will differ hugely dependent on nationality, in particular there’ll be a stark contrast between British cultures like England/America/Australia and non British cultures

No. 400821

Not a mother so I don't really have a strong opinion but I can understand why it would be appealing to parents and I don't think it's bad. I do think it's kinda weird to be bed-sharing with older toddlers/kids, that feels unnecessary. I think it depends on the parents, some are really weird and seem like they're developing unhealthy habits with their kids whereas others seem to be pretty normal and practical about it. I'm an American but born to immigrant parents.

No. 400862

I'm not talking abuse, I'm talking specifically about the idea that it's misogynistic.

No. 400886

Depends on how old the child is, co-dependent parenting is definitely creepy in a way and only gets more blantantly creepy the older the child is, not to mention purposely making a child dependent and attached to you sounds like a recipe for dependency disorders

No. 400888

My mom, sister, and I all used to sleep in the same bed while my dad slept on the couch. We did this up until I was in early high school then my sister and I shared a bunk bed in our own room. Never had an issue.

No. 400889

Not a parent, Swedish.
It's good. I slept with my parents until I was 8-ish? My sister did as well. Not every night by then but if I wanted to. I'm 24 and when I'm home I still cuddle with them in the morning. Just don't see it as sexual at all.
Also kiss them on the lips.

No. 400935

thank you for this reply. it's comforting to know someone else has a similar reaction to that goofy, bitchy face

No. 400936

That's actually really cute! I'm glad you can do that.

No. 400938

What's something I could make to sell and actually get people interested in buying?

No. 400956

you're going to need a bit more context for that. if you simply want to make and sell stuff, you're probably out of luck, but if you have a hobby you want to make more lucrative that's different. you'll have to start with a hobby usually and then identify your audience.

No. 400957

I'm American and not a parent but my younger brother and I co-slept with our parents every night until we were around 4 and then on and off until we were about 8-9? I think it was a good thing for us and really suited our family and our style of bonding. It made me and my brother feel very safe. I intend on doing the same with my children one day for as long as they want to (granted it doesn't extend into their teen years)

No. 400991

I'm one of the anons that replied in the vent thread. I think there's definitely a cultural element to it. I'm in the UK and I was warned heavily against co-sleeping by the NHS. To me it felt unnatural to sleep separately from my baby when I always made sure that she was close to me when she was awake. I've spoken to my friends about it and they all said the same. All of them at some point have ignored the advice of the NHS and co-slept with their children when they felt it was necessary. I guess natural instinct wins over government issued advice.

The other experience of co-sleeping that I have is with my sister. I always took my sister into my bed at night so my mother couldn't hurt her while I was asleep. As we both got older I learnt that the problem with this is that it's a very hard habit to stop. My sister didn't sleep in her own room until she was 12. Now that I'm married and she's in her late teens, if she stays for the weekend she still comes to me in the night because she wants to sleep next to me.

No. 400992

I'm one of the anons that replied in the vent thread. I think there's definitely a cultural element to it. I'm in the UK and I was warned heavily against co-sleeping by the NHS. To me it felt unnatural to sleep separately from my baby when I always made sure that she was close to me when she was awake. I've spoken to my friends about it and they all said the same. All of them at some point have ignored the advice of the NHS and co-slept with their children when they felt it was necessary. I guess natural instinct wins over government issued advice.

The other experience of co-sleeping that I have is with my sister. I always took my sister into my bed at night so my mother couldn't hurt her while I was asleep. As we both got older I learnt that the problem with this is that it's a very hard habit to stop. My sister didn't sleep in her own room until she was 12. Now that I'm married and she's in her late teens, if she stays for the weekend she still comes to me in the night because she wants to sleep next to me.

No. 401043

AYRT it’s heavily discouraged here as well because of SIDS but I feel like to an extent it’s fear mongering, as the majority of sids cases from cosleeping weren’t safe bedsharing
- it was on a surface other than the bed (couches are a huge one due to the way they’re built)
- the parents were intoxicated
- one or both of the parents were smokers
- the parents were sleep deprived so the cosleeping was reactionary

I wish they would instead teach safe ways to cosleep because from what I can tell a huge amount of people still do it, they just get sneaky about it because it’s seen as essentially signing your child’s death certificate with all of the clashing information over it. I know that I for one definitely just didn’t talk to the midwives about it, the one time I did bring it up she started going on about it to the point I was worried I’d be reported to child protection (this is in AUS)

No. 401044

But this wouldn’t fall under codependent parenting, much like child wearing it makes the kids more independent in the long term because they have extremely secure attachments to their parents and have been found to feel safer overall. Cosleeping and child wearing both fall under attachment parenting

Something that’s interesting that I’ve found out from reading lots of both for and against studies in regards to attachment parenting is that both come to the conclusion that a child is shown to be less independent long term if they don’t form secure attachments to their parents, mother in particular, and this can be characterised in their early lives by reliance on security objects and/or pacifiers - children who follow the standards of not even sleeping in the same room during their formative years have been shown to have the worst attachments

Going off of this though I do find the American and English obsession of infants being ‘independent’ weird - if not during your infancy then when are you allowed to be dependent on your parents? They literally can’t survive on their own and yet are expected to be independent

No. 401067

>she still comes to me in the night because she wants to sleep next to me.
Isn't your husband bothered by this?

No. 401188

Does anybody know any good artists that have a sound similar to the No Strings Attached era NSYNC? New and Old, I'm all for it. I like the pop-y stuff, not really into the slow r&b songs.

No. 401247

I know a lot of you guys here are in programming and stuff, so I'm sure this is a good place to get an honest answer. Is learning a programming language difficult? Is it hard to get a job? Is it tedious work? I'm totally ignorant about everything, but I've always wanted a remote job, something I can do at home.

No. 401251

Learning a programming language is easy. It’s all of the stuff you have to know to put the programming language to use and write non-shit code that’s “difficult”. It takes years to actually understand what you’re doing. You also need to keep relatively up to date with technologies that aren’t even in your job’s focus or risk becoming obsolete.

If you want an easy job, try web dev. I do enterprise (but I’ve also built websites and web apps etc) and everyone wants to pretend that web especially front end is just as hard but they’re all fucking kidding themselves. The only hard thing with web is stifling your barf long enough to write the javascript and keep up with the all the shit they’re constantly churning out to try to cover up what a fucking embarrassment that language is.

It’s not hard to get a job if you’re not complete shit. But most people are. The job market is flooded with shit people and people who did freecodecamp or some 2week boot camp and think they’re pros.

No. 401252

the american and english ideas of independence are just really weird in general tbh, especially since from what ive seen helicopter style parenting is extremely common. like they expect people to go from that to being totally independent in an instant.

ive had american people tell me im a pathetic failure because i live with my family, even though im a full time student in the most expensive city in my country. im sorry but id rather live with people ive known and trusted for 2 decades instead of moving into some shitty crumbling apartment with dodgy roomates all in the name of independence.

No. 401275

why should he be bothered? it's her immediate family.
her sister isn't living with them full time.

No. 401306

sounds like you've never lived with a bf. i'd be extremely creeped out if my husband's 17-19 year old brother came to cuddle in bed when we were in bed together. that's something little children do.

No. 401325

i do live with my bf
i have no doubts anon told about her past and her habit to her husband when during the first months of them dating. it honestly sounds like the husband sleeps somewhere else in the house for the night so they can have family sleep time.

No. 401335

I guess this is more of a personal rather than general question, but I've always wondered why I can't eat chocolate ice cream anymore? As a kid, I used to eat it any time I could, then suddenly one day I couldn't eat it without getting massive shits. I would chalk it up to lactose intolerance/sensitivity because I can't drink straight up milk without it giving me the shits too (although eating chocolate ice cream is a significantly worse situation), but I can eat cheese and eat every other non-chocolate flavor of ice cream under the sun without any issues at all. Pretty much every other dairy product sits fine with me. I can eat about a spoonful now without anything happening, but for the most part I opt for other flavors. I just wish I could eat it again, it's so good lol.

No. 401339

its probably lactose intolerance/sensitivity. i think i read somewhere that cheese and other dairy products arent as bad since theyre fermented anyway.

as for specifically the chocolate ice cream, im not sure, but some other flavours like some fruit flavours dont use milk at all and maybe the chocolate is just really heavy on the lactose, idk. there could be something else in it that youre also sensitive to.

No. 401342

Appreciate the info, anon! I'm not a dumbass when it comes to computers or anything. I'm sure I can learn how and I'm not in a situation where I need to learn fast. Hell, I was planning on going back to school for another 4 years, so I could easily dedicate that time to learning programming instead.

No. 401406

How do I get over my social anxiety and woman up? I had a job a few months ago but had to leave due to the company shutting down and since then, I've been regressing back into the shitball mess I used to be and am terrified of starting school (which is what I really want to do) or looking for another job. Will anti anxiety pills help me? I feel like I want to start therapy or at least get some pills at the doc.
I know I'm being a useless piece of garbage sitting at home but I can't shake the fear of being outside and around others and I know I can't sit around forever. Any other anons who have experienced this, please give me advice! I hate that I'm scared all the time.

No. 401409

Is there any specific reason why most camgirls don't wear masks or blur their faces or anything to protect their identities?
I've heard so many stories of women/girls getting doxxed and having their family members notified of what they're doing, so why aren't a lot of them invested in being anonymous while still recognizable for certain aspects and "gimmicks"? So many of them just go out there with their face showing, and I have trouble understanding it.

No. 401410

Force yourself into situations where you have to socialize. You'll probably embarrass yourself at first and it will suck but it's really the best way to get used to it. Therapy helps too, they'll probably also tell you to make yourself uncomfortable and give you coping mechanisms.

I used to have very bad social anxiety that has almost completely gone away after I started a job which requires near constant interaction with other people. I used to be terrified to speak to another person in private but now give presentations to 100 people regularly. Either go back to school or get a job, not doing anything isn't helping you at all.

No. 401422

Because most of them are retarded. You kind of have to be to want to do that sort of thing. Men usually prefer to see face anyways.

No. 401438

I cant imagine men going for a blurred out face, unless they all did it their customers would just go for someone who doesnt.

No. 401441

not 100% true, some men like that. a lot of men like masks as well.

No. 401442

Idk, there's some faceless camgirls who make bank

Hungry lips never showed her face and she makes like 900k a year

No. 401471

>Le "web dev is easy because I didn't know how to write a callback or type checking in javascript so it's a shitty flawed language that only retards use, unlike me, a big-brain genius working enterprise!!!" meme
Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 401473

Basically this. Web dev is all about knowing how to use the right tools, OOP feels like solving 3 different problems.

No. 401477

It might be a combination of high lactose and high sucrose content in the particular ice cream. I gradually started getting stomach aches when drinking regular chocolate milk, then after trying the reduced sugar kind I no longer felt pain.

No. 401525

what is the origin of the term nigelposting?

>if my husband's 17-19 year old brother came to cuddle in bed when we were in bed together
picturing that made me kek

No. 401529

it started in feminist communities in England
"All men are shit but not my Nigel"
which was either her SO/or her son
personally not fond of the term

No. 401535

Web devs that always say this shit don’t know fundamentals of programming and are worthless with any language that isn’t high level as fuck and think they can talk about the difficulty of programming different issues when they haven’t even touched enterprise or AI/ML

No. 401548

> Web devs that always say this shit
What shit?

No. 401551

Mb accidentally left off the reply :


No. 401613

Why were women in old paintings painted without body hair? Though to be fair, I didn't see that many men with hair on their legs or arms either, does the ideal come from statues?

No. 401623

it's likely statues, but some cultures did paint body hair. if you're talking about greeks and romans, they almost certainly chose to shave it all off.

No. 401630

It was considered vulgar and provocative, Delacroix painted Marianne with some armpit hair in his "Liberty Leading the People" and people made a huge fuss about it, saying that he made her look like a prostitute (she has her boobs out but they didn't care about that, only the hair).

No. 401631

A big reason is because painting body hair isn't an easy task, particularly when it's soft peach fuzz as unshaven leg and arm hair tends to be.

No. 401633

when people say body hair they mean pubic hair, anon.

No. 401638

I'm the anon that asked and I actually didn't know that, weird. I did mean legs and arms mostly.

No. 401639

No they don't? Where on earth did you get that idea?

No. 401641

Do any of you anons collect playline toys/dolls or are planner/journalers?

No. 401665

thank you, it always just made me think of nigel farage

No. 401671

Speaking of which, is freecodecamp any good? And codecademy? Which site would you recommend to learn? I tried Udacity in the past but their teaching method wasn't for me I guess

No. 401672

Thank you anons!

I guess I'm just stuck never being able to gorge myself on chocolate ice cream ever again lol. One of my favorite artisanal ice cream shops offers vegan ice cream and a friend suggested that I might be able to eat their vegan chocolate ice cream without any stomach aches, but I'm not sure I want to try risking it, especially when it's ridiculously expensive for a scoop lol.

No. 401681

I have problems with memory all my life, but recently it really gets on my nerves. My memory, it's really bad and it's making my life hard. Even remembering someone's name it's already challenge for me. What should I do? Should I take some supplements? Or exercise memory with games, do you have any recommendation? I really need help anons.

No. 401685

I'd say get a proper psych eval if it worries you. But if you want a simple test, you can ask somebody to help you and do this (maybe there's vids of the test on youtube?)

The doctor reads 15 words to you, several times to see how many times you need to remember them and how you form associations. Then she reads you a story with those 15 words and you need to say stop when one of the words appears.

It might not be a memory problem, but focus, you might get distracted with other info (but ADD is overdiagnosed in the US). Memory skills can definitely be learned and improved, some people even made a hobby out of it.

No. 401691

You should experiment with different options and see if you find a chocolate ice cream that works for you. Vegan ice cream sounds like a good option. And how about lactose free? You might have the same problem that I have where there is just too much of two sugars combined so lactose free could be a more affordable switch.

Or add your favorite chopped chocolate, chocolate sauce, brownie bits, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce, etc. to a good vanilla ice cream? Hackerman.jpg

No. 401703

Probably super dumb, but where can I get a kitten without going to a shelter / rescue? There's not one close enough to me, and they do home checks and I cba for that intrusion. No one I know irl has any right now. All the ones online seem to be breeders (UK if that makes a difference) - not sure where to find one not from a breeder idk why they seem shitty (also lmk if you think they're not?).

No. 401704

try fb marketplace, maybe someone has had kittens and is selling them? idk if they do that in UK though. otherwise idk man

No. 401710

Yeah I was gonna say facebook marketplace or any other local listing site, not sure what other sites you guys use over there (is craigslist even popular?)

You could also stop by a local vet and ask if they know of any kittens in need of a home, I figure they might have some connections.

If breeders are all you can find, just do your research and look for someone who seems to breed ethically and truly care about the well-being of their cats. It's probably gonna be expensive though if budget matters to you.

No. 401716

In addition to FB, sometimes you can find legit and healthy kittens on Craigslist that need a home. Sometimes they are free, and sometimes they have a rehoming fee(due to people taking free kittens as snakefood or to train fighting dogs)

No. 401733

try making some at home maybe, ive seen some vegan/lactose free chocolate ice cream recipes that look quite nice. take a look, and see if you like some.

No. 401811

Any sweaty women on here have recs for antiperspirant?

I'd prefer not to sweat through all of my shirts (even tank tops) within 5 minutes this summer. I live in a place that's cold most of the year so during the 3 months that it hits 25 celsius I die.
(And I don't have a thyroid issue, diabetes, or high blood pressure before anyone asks. This is just my body and I must cope.)

Any other drying methods also welcome.

No. 401814

I tried my best to try building up my tolerance by eating a little bit more than a spoonful of plain ol' choco ice cream each day once. My insides didn't explode, but felt a little uncomfortable. I didn't get too far in that experiment though lol.

I'll definitely see if I can find some lactose free chocolate ice cream in stores nearby! I've seen recipes for avocado chocolate ice cream and I wonder if it'd be any good? I don't know why I didn't think of just making some at home earlier lol (will definitely be trying that cocoa powder in vanilla ice cream trick first though)! Thank you for helping me with my silly ice cream dilemma anons! I just desperately want at least one childhood joy back haha.

No. 401944

What happened to Etika? His ex-gf gave a lot of details while also being incredibly vague so I'm guessing it involves a suicide attempt or overdosing on whatever drug, she talked about the police being involved and Etika being hospitalized but being ok for the most part.

No. 401946

girl if you’re that sweaty go to the doctor and get some botox for your armpits. no amount of stick deodorant is going to cure your hyperhydrosis.

No. 401967

If you don’t want to spend money on Botox (that’s a bit extreme) I recommend Anti-perspirants where you twist the bottom to push up a creme.

The one I use: Regina Maximum Protection Clean Scent

It’s the only anti perspiring that has helped me. It claims to protect over 24 hours but I find it works for maybe half that. It’s super drying so if you use too much you might damage your skin. Also it sticks to clothes so wait for it to dry before putting anything on.

No. 401977

File: 1556109500449.jpeg (515.63 KB, 1242x1733, C26141AB-8111-44AB-A762-5616CF…)

Pregnancy has made me extremely sweaty and also made my skin super sensitive, the only thing that has worked well is pic related

It’s a cream deodorant that isn’t drying at all, it has a lot of oils that helps keep the skin moisturised as well as seemingly blocking sweat from coming out as much. It doesn’t last very long though, I was stanky again by the next morning but at least I wasn’t throughout the day I apply it. I’d suggest looking for a cream deodorant like the anon above me mentioned but also specifically going for something that is highly moisturising, drying out the skin and causing cracks will just make you smell worse

No. 402106

File: 1556127899793.png (Spoiler Image, 104.5 KB, 456x198, IMG_0043.PNG)

I'm very skinny yet have no defined chin and so I get a "double chin" easily.
My lower teeth are are too far from my upper teeth which almost cover the lower teeth completely.
So I guess it's an overbite which would probably explain my weak chin.
Now I don't know if this simply can be corrected with braces or if I need jaw surgery for it…
Does anyone have experience with either of these treatments? And did it change your chin?
The before picture is the closest one I could find to my own although my overbite might be slightly less.

No. 402110

natural deodorant is such a meme though. every single person i’ve met who admits to using it insists they don’t stink, people’s noses completely disagree.

No. 402112

I was a young teen when I got braces so hard to tell what’s puberty and what’s braces. But braces definitely improve bite issues, that’s what the bands they put on the brackets are for. You should try it before considering surgery!

Semi related — I think that having my wisdom teeth extracted might have actually changed my face shape

No. 402137

of course braces can fix it and you should definitely get them, because overbite isn't just an aesthetic issue. If you have okay teeth, good for you, but it won't last forever, overbite fucks up teeth terribly and you can lose your front teeth still young because of it.
I've had crooked teeth with an overbite (much much worse than the pic) and I wore braces for only a year. And it's all okay now. BUT be aware that it changes your face, sometimes significantly. And you won't necessarily gain a chin - it just moves your jaws, if you don't have a chin it won't magically grow - but after you fix your bite you can do an implant or botox there. Go to an orthodontist anon

No. 402138

Um, this might sound real dumb but recently I’ve been working a job that has to do with moving heavy boxes around and a lot of the time with heavier ones I press them against my chest for support - will this affect my breast shape over time?

No. 402140

Yeah I'd definitely not wanna do surgery, thanks!
I do care more for my teeth and the aesthetic thing isn't really a big deal to me. The problem is that I can't afford getting braces nor can I find a competent orthodontist from where I live.
May I ask how old you were when you got them?

No. 402141

Yep. I love all natural products and hate store bought chemical shit but the one time I tried natural deodorant, it just wasn't working. I needed to go to tk maxx and get some Degree

No. 402161

I think I was 17-18. There were no competent orthodontists in my area too, but I've found one 2 hours away. It's worth travelling even further for a good professional, honestly. If you don't know anyone, ask/research on your local fb group or some kind of a mom group maybe.
But yeah, it's so fucking expensive…

No. 402170

I'm 23 rn and it'll probably take a while till I can afford it but I guess better late than never…
Thanks for all the information, anon!

No. 402171

For the past 3 weeks I haven't been sexually attracted to my SO. It's weird because the feeling was sudden. We didn't have an argument or anything like that. I haven't told them how I felt but I suspect they know something is wrong because I've been giving the excuse that I'm tired when they want to have sex. The thing is, I really want to have sex but just not with them. I rather watch porn or read erotica by myself, but I still enjoy cuddling and doing other stuff with them.

I don't know what to do. Is this normal?

No. 402232

Have you tried not watching porn? This story sounds exactly the same as all the men who watch porn so much that they stop finding their partner attractive

No. 402235

Has anyone here ever tried therapy and meds for BDD? How does it work? Do they make you stop overanalyzing your face so that you basically look at it like other people do? Do you stop considering yourself ugly?

No. 402275

I'm not a porn addict. Prior to this I'd watch a video maybe once a month, if that (viewing preferences are very limited). What I'm saying is that I'm watching and reading porn more -now- because I suddenly don't want to have sex with them anymore.

No. 402280

what do TiM and TiF stand for specifically? i know its something to do w trans people but I just wanna know what the acronym stands for exactly

No. 402289

Trans identified male and trans identified female.

No. 402300

How would your partner feel about this if they found out? ‘Oh, don’t mind me, I just wank to porn now because you no longer sexually excite, honey’

This sounds exactly like porn addiction, even if you’re only consuming a small amount - people can become addicted to things without the consumption needing to be excessive, you need to be more mindful of your behaviour. At the end of the day it sets off all our reward centres so it’s highly addictive and literally rewires our sexualities (in before someone says I’m just antiporn, this is something that should be acknowledged regardless of whether or not you’re critical of porn)

No. 402320

He's never been a good kisser, but we've been together for three years now and it hasn't improved significantly so I've given up trying to fix that. The sex up to now has been okay. There are a few times that stand out as amazing but it's been average overall. He's very passive in bed and never suggests anything so I always end up directing what we do. He's tried to be more "aggressive" but can't seem to take it seriously and ends up making jokes about it while we're having sex. To be fair I have made efforts to talk to him about these things. I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that I've had a lot more sexual partners than him.

I get what you're saying, but what's the alternative for when you get horny but don't want to have sex with your SO?

No. 402321

>I get what you're saying, but what's the alternative for when you get horny but don't want to have sex with your SO?

Masturbate without using imagery of other people to further fuel your disinterest - you do have an imagination, don’t you? Honestly it may just be time to let this one go if he doesn’t sexually satisfy you, it’s something that resentment very easily builds up over

No. 402323

No one in my family ever taught me things like how to apply make up or develop fashion sense. I was just wondering if there are any good resources to get me into this stuff. Is there a guide out there for women like me who grew up completely out of touch with basic feminine stuff like this?

No. 402326

Have you never been to youtube anon

No. 402329

Literally everywhere on the internet…

No. 402331

>implying most girls don't learn that shit themselves
>"women like me"
>"women like me"
>"women like me"

No. 402332

Welp. Goes to show how fucking clueless I am about these things. I think my stupid question was more due to lack of self-esteem about dressing up growing up more than anything else so I always dressed in the least showy clothes as possible.

No. 402335

My thoughts exactly. Sounds like an MtF.
I don't know why so many think they're entitled to women helping them.

No. 402336

You aren't being picked on for a lack of makeup or fashion knowledge. It's the laziness and refusal to google such popular, ubiquitous topics which are massive industries with massive online presence. You know how to use the internet if you can navigate an imageboard, you should be able to find this stuff easily.

No. 402337

Why whenever I try to voice chat with someone on my phone while I’m wearing headphones can they barely hear me? Unless I disconnect the headphones from my phone I sound really faint and muffled to other people. Is there a way to fix this?

No. 402338

Yeah, I get that. I just also have this fear of being more presentable because of self-esteem issues and stupidly thought there'd be some solution guide to all my problems based on one issue. Whatever. I guess I know at least what I need to work on more.

No. 402340

I'll try not to be as harsh on you anon but basically just youtube search, that's all anyone here would be doing on your behalf anyway. Also considering we don't know exactly what style or aesthetic you're going for, it makes it more complicated guesswork.

What kind of makeup styles have you seen that you like?
What type of fashion do you like? Colors, etc. Those would be good search terms to start with.

Anyway, I find your post somewhat relatable because my narcissist mom never taught me shit about dressing and styling myself. My whole childhood was being an unkempt tomboy (which she hated) and my teenage years were blunder years with makeup in the pre-youtube guru era (which she also hated). It took me years, and I'd say even into my mid-20s, before I landed on a clothing style that truly suited me.
I still struggle with hairdos like braids even after watching videos, it just doesn't come to me at all.
Fwiw, my mom stopped taking care of herself and is one of those "JESUS LUVS U!" strumpets, so I had a very poor example.

Don't be afraid to fail, it's part of the process.

No. 402344

Thanks for being understanding. I basically had a similar childhood of being an unkempt tomboy too and was too afraid of trying anything outside of that because I got treated like shit by conservative relatives for doing things like putting on nail polish or getting my ears pierced. Anyways, didn't mean to turn this thread into a vent thread but I just appreciate the encouragement and hearing about your experiences.

No. 402361

Maybe it’s a generational thing but the anons calling you a tranny are probably so young they were literally raised on YouTube. I grew up in the nineties and my dad would yell at my sister for having makeup or wearing really feminine clothing so it was something I never got into either. It became something I associated with guys acting shitty.

My mom unironically gave me an instructional vogue makeup book when I was around twenty

No. 402442

It’s literally just a regular deodorant with added Shea butter and without drying agents, the ‘all natural’ is just used as a marketing tool. It’s something I grab just at the local grocery store and keeps my stank at bay while moisturising my skin, not everything that has ‘natural’ on the packaging is a crock of shit

No. 402514

Do some research online first. Then if that's possible you should test products while shopping at Sephora, Mac or other stores. Keep in mind that it's not because a product is cheap that it's less quality than the more expensive ones. If you want to try lipstick on your lips ask the makeup artists to clean the ones available to test and DON'T test mascara. Testing is especially important for foundation and concealer, personally it has been years and I still don't know which affordable foundation shade could suit me.

No. 402523

How tf do I buy a car without getting ripped off when I know nothing about cars? At the moment I'm just looking around to get an idea of what I like look-wise

No. 402526

I have the exact same concern and also worry about mechanics ripping me off because I know NOTHING. So lately I've been reading up on cars and watching yt videos. There are shitloads of resources about buying a car, I started with the /r/cars wiki but a google or yt search will easily suffice. I don't have any confidence yet but it's a start at least, I understand how an engine works now and am more familiar with car terminology and parts.

That, or bring a man along. Better if he knows about cars but even if he doesn't they are less likely to rip him off. Sucks and it's demeaning but we never got inducted into the car-enthusiast-by-default club that most men are.

No. 402532

If you’re American don’t fall into leasing a car first thing. Some car owners will try to sell their vehicles themselves so if you notice any around town that look decent don’t be afraid to ask about them. I got my car through a person like this and he just used it through college so it was in great condition.

And if you go to a dealership they have been pushing SUVs more so the cars might not have bad prices either. When looking for a car getting one with low mileage is usually a good start

No. 402533

Is it possible to make thin hair thicker and fuller?
My hair was always thin and this really limits what haircuts I can get and what looks good on me.
I watch I eat so I got the decent nutrition part covered already.

No. 402534

This YouTuber has a couple videos on what to look for when buying a used car, his personality is a little much sometimes but his tips are helpful.

I guess it's pretty obvious but stick to safe car makes that are known for reliability (Toyota, Honda, etc.) Be wary of exotics like BMWs (well unless you're German lol), newer models of cars like that are super finicky because they have so many electric parts that are prone to breaking down and that adds up real fast.

If you live in an area where it snows CHECK FOR RUST! Idk where you live so it might not apply if you're from like Texas or wherever but if you get a car with a lot of rust damage you're fucked.

Be really inquisitive with whoever you're buying from. Ask if you can run the VIN, if the car has been in any accidents, any recent repairs that have been done, if there's any specific quirks, any problems with the AC/radio/whatever, what the gas mileage is like, etc. If they've got nothing to hide they'll be happy to answer any questions, trust your gut if they seem shady.

If you're using something like Craigslist I'd stick to individuals selling their cars and stay far away from dealers or companies or whatever, they're much more likely to scam or lie about any issues with the car whereas some random dude selling his car is way more friendly and happy to help out another person. People tend to get pretty attached to their cars so they'll probably be happy to sell their beloved car to a friendly person. The guy I bought my first car from knocked down the price because he liked me and my family.

>>402526 is also right, if you have a male friend or family member who's willing to tag along I'd recommend it, I fucking hate that that's how the world works but it's the truth. I'm super lucky because my dad works in a car dealership so not only does he know a lot about cars in general but he knows all the sneaky tricks that shady sellers try to catch you with. Never got ripped off thanks to him.

No. 402541

My dad wouldn't make fun of me personally but my parents had a bitter divorce and he would always talk shit about my mom, make fun of her "little day creams and night creams" and makeup.
Now that I'm older I see that my mom took care of herself really well but always bought the cheapest stuff she could find and had very little compared to most women in the West, my dad was just a bitter proto-neckbeard.

No. 402577

How often does aliexpress have sales? I've just missed one and I don't know when the next one will be and there are some cute shoes I really really really want to get.

No. 402677

It would be nice to have a thread about international cows in general in /ot/. Not in other languages, but in English, and just to share a summary of the milk.

However, I heard the topic was banned or am I mistaken? I know /int/ existed way before I discovered lolcow, but it got deleted or something, and I don't know why.

No. 402682

Is there an active thread for spoonies/munchies/OTT or was that topic banned?

No. 402696

How the fuck do I make friends after college? All of my friends are moving elsewhere and all of the people at the office I'm about to start working at are like 60 years old.

No. 402718

Clubs of some kind which revolve around specific hobbies and activities may be helpful

No. 402802


No topics are actively banned right now. Someone attempted a thread but it was garbage.

No. 402942

>low mileage
lol my big fear is someone screwing with the mileage counter thingy. I've heard so many stories.

This is so helpful, thank you!

No. 402952

Is there any French/French-speaking anons ITT who would be happy to translate a page or two of writing for me? I can't read what it says and it's a scan of a book so can't just paste into Google Translate. Just want to know the information from it. TIA!

No. 402955

What is it about and how long is it?

No. 402958


I don't know if you live in a town or a city.

For cities: Meetup could be your best option. Check the webpage to find group meetings about topics you're interested in.

For towns or smaller cities: It's harder to find friends in these places due to the low population, but as >>402718 said, you should try going to group activities.
Don't know what your hobbies are, but for example:
- taking language classes. If you're shy, it can force you to speak and get to know your classmates, because you need to improve your talking skills.
- joining a local sport team/meeting up with people to run or walk together/etc.
- joining a book club/reading club/poetry club.
- taking art classes.
- etc.

I can't confirm you will make friends instantly, it's hard to find someone you have a connection with. But if you only want to satisfy your social needs, these are your best options. Good luck, anon!

No. 402965

It's a pamphlet describing a scandal that occurred in the 19th century, that involved an ancestor of mine. Not long, maybe 2 A5 pages?

No. 402968

I really shouldn't do that because I have an essay to write but I'm not even working on it anyway. Maybe I could work on it, I'll tell you later once I'm sure I have enough free time. You sure you don't know anyone who could help you with it irl?

No. 402979

I'd really appreciate it if/when you got some free time. Nope, I barely know anybody, let alone someone who speaks French.

No. 403002

Personally I joined a community band. I wouldn’t exactly call the people there friends because we don’t meet outside of it but they are super nice to me.

No. 403018

Send your text at this email address and at least I'll be able to tell you what it is about in more details.

No. 403032

I had a sensible chuckle at your email address.

No. 403036

Another anon suggested meetup and I just wanted to add that it really does work.
It seems lame as fuck and I've never actually used it, but I've run into nice people my age who came to the same events via listings on meetup who were just normal young people trying it out as a last ditch attempt to make friends. It depends on your city though.

No. 403058

File: 1556292702940.jpg (513.31 KB, 1418x723, Who.jpg)

Anyone know who this model is?
She's really pretty, but I can't even find this picture online

No. 403066

File: 1556294338200.png (7.92 MB, 1762x1784, Bara Podzimkova.png)


Bara Podzimkova wearing MAX&CO.379 08A glasses

No. 403092

Thank youuu!! ♡♡♡

No. 403116

i've never run into this actually happening, but i guess you never know.

the biggest thing i know is i tend to look in dealerships that don't have their sellers on commission. that way i know they're not trying to push me to buy a certain car.
i definitely noticed this when looking for a car last summer. both my boyfriend and i were set on buying a $6k hybrid and we went to a dealership where they got commission. well, it turned out we didn't have good enough credit and the seller tried to make us buy a $10k car that wasn't a hybrid and she tried to say it was going to be better for us in the long run. bullshit.
we went to a dealership down the street where they didn't get commission and it was like night and day. the atmosphere was so laid back. our seller showed us a list of cars within our range. we ended up getting a non-hybrid car, but it had low mileage and we were able to pay it off in full at $3k. haven't had any issues at all.

No. 403266

File: 1556337755810.gif (60.8 KB, 992x1006, 1538542043050.gif)

Can someone give me the low-down on disposable/burner phone number apps? What are some good ones? Do they use your number and give it to someone else? And where can I find information about my number? I'm considering giving out my real one but want to know what information i'm potentially risking.

No. 403316

Sent. Thank you again, kind anon.

No. 403338

why are fast food eggs like that? like mcdonalds or taco bell… i know theyre eggs but what about them makes them look artificial?

No. 403340

Is Private Internet Access a good VPN service or should I look somewhere else? I just want something affordable but reliable.

No. 403343

well my first job was at mcdonald’s back when i was 16 so maybe i can shed some light. the round eggs look perfect/fake because they’re cracked into and cooked in what is basically a bunch of circular cookie cutters on a frame that sits on the griddle. the scrambled eggs look fake because they’re made with machine pre-beaten eggs, they’re just a lot more “smooth” than hand beaten eggs.

No. 403348

I've got a problem with this address so send it again here, sorry anon.

No. 403360

ah shit it seems like that shouldve been obvious. just grabbed a breakfast burrito and something about that strange uniformity of texture really creeped me out. My monkey brain couldnt comprehend it or something. still ate it, though.

anyway thanks for answering anon!

No. 403366

Nord is your best bet, but I've heard some good things about PIA too.

No. 403372

Yeah, I think I'm gonna go with NordVPN, especially since they have the 3 years for $100 deal going on. Thanks!

No. 403470

Wait do people not know this? they show the egg cookie cutter in the commercials. You can buy those things on amazon.

No. 403520

Do people in the US really not take their shoes of at home? What do you do if its raining or snow?! I can kinda get not bothering in dry hot contries with poor housing, but in a normal wealthy clean house it just baffles me. Your feet must hurt.

No. 403524

File: 1556400946342.jpg (59.75 KB, 320x240, 6432879urzdgvehr48437625263478…)

does anyone know what this kind of art style that was popular in the 60s and 70s is called? i really like it.

No. 403543

This isn't an American thing. I'm American and have been in many households where you're expected to take your shoes off. Some people are just weird/lazy and don't.

No. 403624

File: 1556413781235.png (550.69 KB, 782x421, alivia femcel mode.png)

Is it possible to get out of a spiral of depression, binge eating, and generally being a mess easily?

No. 403634

It’s probably considered pop art, like Peter Max era instead of Andy Warhol

No. 403635


No, you're in that position because it's "easy" to remain in it. Medication might help get you into the right mind-frame where you can tackle it head on, but regardless, it's hard work, there's nothing easy about changing your life.

No. 403637

Is there a way to preserve wildflower crowns? I understand that they will die very quickly, but Im hoping theres a way to dry them before they wilt too much

No. 403639

I don't think it's that common in America (speaking as a non-American).

I also don't think it's a big deal if your house's flooring is granite/marble.

No. 403645

Yes, it takes lots of motivation and forcing yourself to be proactive. No medications needed. You can start by slowly changing your diet to healthier alternatives. Eat cleaner, use less oil and salt in your meals. Start going on daily walks, too. 15 minutes is good to start with.
Develop a morning routine and stick with it.
It takes about 66 days to break a habit. I believe in you anon.
I'm currently going through an anxiety ridden relapse and it just makes me want to stay in bed all day until I feel better, but I realized going out and being active helps speed up my recovery because I'm not focused on how I feel all the time. I do get off days, like right now, but compared to how I felt months ago, I'm doing way better.

No. 403646

if you leave them in a cell ventilated and dry are they will dry easily enough. depending on flowers will smell nice too!
source: from a country you celebrate midsummers eve

No. 404016

Hopefully someone might know what movie I'm talking about? I watched this movie with my uncle when I was very, very young so it was around the early 2000s (the movie might've been from years before this too, I don't know) and it had a man wearing the Freddy hockey mask. I only vaguely remember three parts.

The first part is towards the beginning of the movie, the movie scenery shows that it's autumn. She enters a house and the mood of the movie goes from lighthearted, a woman coming home from work, to very scary and dark.

The second part is maybe around the middle/end. The woman is being stalked by the man in the mask, and is on the run from him. She enters into a bathroom with multiple stalls (I think it might've been a gas station bathroom, possibly in a very desert looking location) and hides in one of the stalls. The man comes into the bathroom and she looks through the gap in the stall door and she sees him.

The last part is definitely towards the end, they're sort of fighting and I think he's either got an ax or a knife, but in the end the woman wins when she stabs him or something. It's on a grassy, hilly area.

This movie scared the shit out of me as a child to the point where I was terrified of toilets until I was about 13 (had to use the bathroom in the middle of the movie and thought the mask would pop up in the toilet bowl somehow- children's brains are fucking weird). I kind of just want to watch it again. I tried googling it, and honestly I'm not sure if it's even a Freddy movie because whenever I read the summaries, none of them sound like the movie I watched. It's been so long that this could very well be a weird jumble of a bunch of different movies, but my brain really thinks all of this was in one movie. I definitely remember that the iconic freddy hockey mask was in there though, it was probably one of the first things I felt a very real irrational fear towards.

No. 404020

Is it possible to learn how to sing as well as a professional or is most of it just talent-based? I've been practicing vocals on my own for years now but I feel as though I haven't improved at all.

No. 404027

It's half and half. It's easier for someone who has perfect pitch hearing to learn how to sing better, but if you don't have any perfect pitch, you can still get up there. Vocal warm ups are essential.

No. 404030

Maybe you watched one of those "Scary Movie" spoofs? Kids aren't very good at parsing satire, and honestly I found those movies to be really gross

No. 404043

Halloween (one of the originals)? Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Something similar happened at the beginning of the newest Halloween remake so maybe it was an homage to that scene

No. 404047

I can't sit straight for too long idk if it's because of my scoliosis but it's so uncomfortable for my neck and my lower back.
I've also been getting a numbing/tingling sensation in one of my shoulder blades. I have no pain or anything but it's just uncomfortable an it goes away after a few seconds. I wonder what it is?
Does anyone else deal with it or do you have any tips on how to sit comfortably while studying?

No. 404099

>Freddy hockey mask
Jason Voorhees wears a hockey mask, so it could be a Friday the 13th movie

No. 404105

Friday the 13th? Based on the hockey mask. If the woman survives at the end, try looking for "final girl" horror movies

No. 404109

>Hockey mask
Sounds very much like a Friday the 13th movie, I’m sure there was about 12 of them released at the time.

No. 404119

It seems like my TDEE is higher than most calculators for it estimate. Are they just inaccurate for some people, or should I be worried about digestion problems or having worms or something?

No. 404179

is there somewhere to get big, but cheap posters? i was looking at stuff on etsy and while i like a lot of the designs, i don't really want to pay $60+ for a print. i just want some stuff to put on my walls.

No. 404206


aliexpress. it's hit and miss with quality though

No. 404238

Sent again, anon. No problem!

No. 404272

What is Nigelposting? Who is Nigel?

No. 404298

Nigel is the perfect feminist boyfriend of all those feminist who #hateallmen but not their Nigel!

No. 404301

Its tough being a heterosexual radfem

No. 404314

I sent you an answer, outlook was being a bitch so check your spam inbox.

No. 404367

Is it ok to bake with olive oil? Google says it has a smoke point of about 428 F, but I keep seeing a lot of recipes call for baking chicken breast at around 425-450 F (the recipe I'm using calls for 450 F). I bought too much chicken breast so now I have to eat it and I'd like to bake it, but I'd also like to not set my apartment on fire lol. I tried it once and the excess oil started bubbling and I immediately got scared and finished cooking it on the stove instead. I don't usually bake anything outside of bread/cake so I'm nervous…

No. 404368

I roast vegetables doused in olive oil all the time at 450 and its fine. It’s only a problem if you’re heating olive oil in a pan on the stove, it starts to smoke like heck if you put temp past like 4.

But you should try baking chicken slathered in mayo and covered. Juiciest chicken ever!

No. 404369

ooo thank you anon!! i'll definitely try the mayo thing too! do you think kewpie mayo will be fine?? it's all my family ever buys lol

No. 404374

This is probably a silly question but to anons that work in IT, especially as web developers, what clothing do you go for or if you're the boss, would it even matter?
I've set up my portfolio, have decent skills for starters, and I will start applying for jobs, but in case (ever so optimistically) I get called for an interview, I realized I don't have any professional clothing. Does the dress code matter that much? Is just a simple tee with jeans and sneakers enough?
I just want to leave the best possible first impression but I don't want to overdo it either.

No. 404375

Obviously, I should see company or agency pics to assess that myself, but that's not always possible.

No. 404376

Business casual is the upper limit, but jeans and shirt is probably fine honestly

No. 404380


No. 404485

I couldn't find relationship general sorry :/

I've been with my BF for 4 years and we've lived together for 2. This past year I have been in a deep depression (and we have been fighting as a result of it) and I finally started going to therapy (I was on a waitlist) just started 1 month ago and I'm on new meds. Our lease is ending soon and this weekend I asked him of we were renewing the lease or if he wanted to move apartments because the landlord hasnt been fixing things and he said he he doesn't know if he wants to continue living together.

To me that sounds like he is saying he'd like to break up in a passive way that ensures he can still have sex/no tears and upsets until the end. I told him that and he said he really doesn't know, and he needs to see that I am trying to get better before the lease ends. I don't think I will get undepressed in 2 months. I have tried to be less of a burden on him before I got into therapy (the fighting stopped 2 months ago). I know I am a wet blanket and hard to be with, but him asserting "I don't know" is making me really angry. It feels like a lie and a cop out as I said earlier. He told me I was being crazy when I brought it up to him, and I got so angry and frustrated I cried and slammed the door. Refused to speak with him the rest of the weekend. Fight the entire time. He kept asking why am I making it worse by over reacting and why can't we just be calm about this since we don't know what will happen.

I accept that I am a burden and unpleasant to be around. We only have sex 1x a week when the depression is really bad and it bothers him. I accept that he can love/care about me and not want to be with me anymore. But please. Am i being crazy about wanting a definitive answer? The lease ends in 2 months and the thought of it hanging over my head (will we or won't we?) makes me upset. I can accept the relationship is doomed but I feel like I'm being lied too kind of.

No. 404488

(I'm not the OP)
Really? I feel relieved then. Of course I'd learn to dress better if that was the case but I'm an IT student and I mostly wear skinny jeans and T-shirts or more fancy shirts for going out. It's relieving to know I won't have to play dress up in my future jobs.

No. 404504

>To me that sounds like he is saying he'd like to break up in a passive way that ensures he can still have sex/no tears and upsets until the end.

Listen to your instinct and take it as a passive breakup.
Anyone truly emotionally invested and who cared about you WOULD NOT be taking a "wait and see" approach to this situation, it would be 100% support.
Secondly, it is absolutely a dick move on him to not give you an answer because if it is "We are breaking up," then you, as the emotionally vulnerable person, must also endure the added burden of figuring out a new living situation on your own. And doing that in less than 2 months is quite the task already, forget last minute.

I'm sorry anon, but from what you described it doesn't sound like he cares. Protect and guard yourself because it sounds like this man won't step up.

No. 404513

To me it sounds like he knows exactly what is going to happen and has already decided. If I were you, I'd plan for moving out. To me it sounds like you said, he just wants to break up with no drama.

No. 404519

This hurts to read but I appreciate your replies. I will start contacting apartment places today.

No. 404521

I'm proud of you anon and I believe in you. Managing depression is very difficult, even more so when the loved one in your life is not supporting you during your treatment. You deserve better.

No. 404522

File: 1556585536116.jpg (70.34 KB, 1200x1200, EverlaneCothesForSpring.jpg)


This is bad advice.

You don't need to wear a suit but for gods sake don't wear jeans to a job interview. It's fine to wear that for work once you eventually get a grasp on the culture and what other people wear but you should put in effort for the interview, you're giving someone a first impression of you. Even if everyone who works there wears jeans I would not wear jeans to a job interview. Potential employers absolutely judge you based on your appearance and how you dress.

Just wear any non-jean pants and a blouse that doesn't have spaghetti straps. You don't have to look dressy but jeans/t shirt/sneakers screams that you don't care. Something similar to pic related would be the lower level of acceptable casual.

No. 404541

This, it looks bad for any job. Minimum wage student-tier jobs will turn you away for showing up like that.

No. 404563

How spanish sounds to non-spanish speakers? is similar to italian?

No. 404566

Lmao sounds nothing like Italian. Honestly I don’t think there is a similar sounding language, it has a very distinct dialect from others - well, to someone who doesn’t know how to speak the language anyway

No. 404578

Like Basque

No. 404584

This. I work IT and even though my current company has the most lax dress code ever (literally anything but sweatpants are allowed) and I don't particularly enjoy dressing up, I still came to my interview in business casual and my now-boss even remarked it was a nice change from all the fresh grads who show up in yesterday's tshirt and jeans.

No. 404587


No. 404595

portuguese sounds less like spanish to me than italian does, even. semi ot but does portuguese sound so retarded to anyone else? i dont know how a language that is actually older than spanish manages to sound like the slow, derivative cousin despite not being it

No. 404603

File: 1556616652553.jpg (22.71 KB, 305x458, likethis.jpg)

Thanks! It's just that the few agencies or companies I managed to get pics of their office culture, all of them were dressed extremely casually.

I don't mind putting in the effort, and I love the clothing in your pic, but I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

I was thinking maybe putting on really dark jeans, with a shirt and a blazer and some nice shoes.

Maybe something like pic related just with different shoes? Because that's pretty much how I dress like every day so I wouldn't even leave my comfort zone.

No. 404605

On second thought, I guess I'll try to find proper pants and not jeans. Thanks again.

No. 404647

Do native English speaking white people really smell like milk/dairy to other people? Similarly to how Indians smell like curry

No. 404651

It sounds like a weird slavic language to me

No. 404660

ntayrt but I wish you the best of luck anon! Having a relationship potentially end is never easy. I'm glad that you've been able to start therapy and get on meds, and I hope you make great strides in bettering yourself. Depression fucking sucks and is a shitty, slow, uphill battle, and you deserve someone who's willing to help you through it. I hope this will be the start of something great for you anon.

No. 404663


How is that even different from what I said. I said business casual (because business would stick out and be awkward) but jeans is probably FINE and people do get jobs showing up like that

No. 404667

agreeing with the anon who said it sounds savic, was watching the Madeline McCann documentary earlier and thought the Portuguese police were speaking in a slavic language at first lmao. i know some Russian and hadn't heard Portuguese before but thought it would sound more Spanish

No. 404674

Kinda, but it occurs more often if they're sweaty or they drink a lot more milk than the average.

No. 404677


What?? This is the first time in my life hearing this. Does this also apply to non english speaking white people? Like French or Slavic or Northern? I'm so confused.

No. 404680

OP and I’ve only ever heard it be said about native-English white countries like Americans and Brits, English ethnicities do consume a lot of diary. I’m not sure if that applies to other white ethnicities, I’m Slavic and not all that much milk is consumed but I’m not sure if that’s more so my family than general Slavic culture

No. 404685

I've lived in France most of my life and nobody smells like milk. If someone is sweaty, they smell of sweat. Most people use a lot of deodorant and perfume though, to a point where some German exchange students commented that we all smell bad because we use too much.

No. 404714

Does anybody else get a small lump in their armpit sometimes when they use antiperspirant? It has happened to me a few times, and it usually goes away after a few days. I am thinking about switching to the organic/non-aluminum kind but it’s hard to find antiperspirant that doesn’t have aluminum in it. Usually the kind without is deoterant, which is nice if your just trying not to smell, but I like to stop sweat and smell so I need both.

No. 404716

I recommend the brand Native. They are San Francisco based and I love their unscented one. You do a couple swipes then massage it in a little with a finger. Best to reapply right after the shower. If you don't shower daily then you can just wipe your pits and reapply that way. With the natural stuff it's important to clean the area first and reapply daily bc they don't stop you from sweating, they just inhibit bacteria growth for a day.

No. 404725

My bf has done thc almost everday for our 2 year relationship and only expressed a desire to quit a couple times but never followed through for long. Does this mean it's likely he'll never quit? I just hate hearing him cough, I hate noticing a difference in behavior when he's high, I hate hearing his shitty lungs when I rest my head on his chest. He just started therapy today for his depression so I'm hopeful at the moment.

No. 404731

From my own personal experience, it's not likely he will stop unless he puts full effort into it. My ex told me at first that he quit smoking but he would rely on vaping and would still go for an occasional cigarette smoke. He also expressed to me multiple times that he wanted to quit drinking Diet Coke since he was dependent on that stuff but never stopped. I know caffeine and nicotine are different from THC but some people are extremely weak-willed when it comes to stuff like this and not likely to change their habits. Maybe therapy might change him, maybe not. Don't expect him to change any time soon though since therapy is a long process.

No. 404747

Mine vapes and has unhealthy habits too. It basically took an ultimatum to get him to go to therapy and visit the doctor (for physical issues he never addressed our whole relationship). He went to the doctor though, and appeared to want to change. Things are looking like they could get a lot better… but I must acknowledge that nothing could change. I guess I'll have to see what therapy does for him.

No. 404764

I keep getting ads about a Dutch brand called Nuud that is silver-based and supposed to last for up to 7 days. Has anyone tried it? sounds too good to be true but I've heard from some people that it's good

No. 404783

How the fuck do people just sit there and meditate for an hour? What the fuck? I can't sit still for 5 minutes.

No. 404789

I've tried multiple times to meditate and always get distracted by getting itchy somewhere or just getting bored out of my mind. Seeing meditation getting thrown around by manosphere and red pill faggots turns me off from it even more. It all seems like a bunch of woo to me even though I personally know quite a few Buddhists and have even meditated a few times at a temple.

No. 404792

yeah, it seems like something some people can do and others can't.
I just fall asleep any time I try it.

No. 404892

what does your hymen do when you have sex? is there any remote truth in the idea that women who have a lot of sex are more "stretched out" than women who don't?

No. 404913

>is there any remote truth in the idea that women who have a lot of sex are more "stretched out" than women who don't?
Only very remotely. That is - if your 'lot of sex' includes horses, multiple penises into the same hole, or other kinds of really, really large insertions done multiple times.

Remember, the vagina is an internal organ, which means it's surrounded by other internal organs - bladder, intestines, etc etc. Having something inside it often won't change that - other organs will keep pressing against it. And that's not even taking into consideration the fact that the vaginal walls are 'elastic'.

Trust me - I've been having a lot of sex for ten years now and inserting a tampon still hurts. I'm still 'too tight' if not properly aroused (which I suspect is what men are really into and what makes them think women who don't have as much sex are 'tighter' - they're just fucking women who are not aroused)

No. 404914

Your hymen is just a membrane covering your vaginal opening. When you have sex, it tears, sheds, and is no longer present.
A hymen has nothing to do with the "tightness" of one's vagina.

A vibrator or a dildo isn't going to make your vagina a meat cavern, contrary to incel belief, and neither is having multiple sex partners. Vaginas are meant to expand and contract, it's not like a rubber band that once stretched doesn't go back into place. It's why women who've given birth aren't exactly walking around with a softball-size gape.
What can potentially happen though is a tear, which is really painful. It's usually due to lack of lubrication during intercourse or childbirth.

I've noticed since I suffered a tear, my sensation of feeling "tight" during intercourse has decreased slightly. I counter this by doing kegel exercises, which also drives guys mad in bed because they think when I'm squeezing on their dicks it means I'm orgasming hardcore, and they seem to enjoy the sensation. I've never had the odd complaint from men and I've had a lot of sex. Then again I have an innie labia, so men also never even question my sexual history and assume I'm tight anyway because of that retarded ~le roastie~ meme.

No. 404915

I was with this until that last paragraph.

No. 404916

Personal anecdotes not allowed or something else?

No. 404936

Do people actually make money from selling pictures of their feet? I know foot fetishists are weird but I don't know if people are joking or lying when they say some random person paid them for a foot pic and nothing else.

No. 404947

If you've used a tampon, ridden a bicycle, or played sports your hymen is already probably torn/stretched. As you get older it naturally recedes, as well. Unless you are frequently fucking yourself with traffic cones it's unlikely that there would be a noticeable difference in tightness, although some women are naturally tighter than others.

>it tears, sheds, and is no longer present
This is false. It stretches or tears (and heals) and is still attached. The tissue is still there; it doesn't just… fall off of you.

No. 404955

I’ve never understood the sentiment that extremely tight is better, wouldn’t an aroused vagina that can properly clench you, accomodates your penis and is well lubricated feel infinitely better than an extremely tight one? I say this but then again men also want to stick their dicks in shitholes so what do I know

No. 404960

Genuine stupid question: how much of this site is TERF/GC?

No. 404968

My friend sold photos of her feet when she was 12. She posted pictures of her feet on DeviantArt and men contacted her for more. Some men only want the feet.
Unless you post close-ups of your feet I doubt men will ask out of nowhere though.

No. 404971

Jfc even feet have a pedo market..? Is there any space they don’t sink their filthy paws into

No. 404972

I’d say a decent portion, considering the demographics

Majority of anons are women and the fact we’re anonymous lends itself to the users feeling braver in expressing opinions that would otherwise socially ostracise us (women in particular), so I’m not surprised this is one of the few spaces that’s actually GC. From what I know a wave of Radfems also came along a while back so that would have something to with it. Probably a decent chunk of black women are here too and from what I can tell they’re fed up with trannies because of their casual racism, so that would further boost the GC numbers

Honestly though I can really only think of Lolcow and Mumsnet in terms of GC spaces, and neither surprise me because of the user base. Even 4/8chan are troon safe spaces

No. 404990

Thanks. Recently discovered this place. I was amazed to basically find a woman populated version of 4chan, but for some reason I didn't expect to find TERF ideology everywhere. I don't align with it at all.. but it being so concentrated here makes sense because as you said, not many people speak openly about the viewpoint.

No. 405010

i go here with the mindset that we're all having a very bad day tbh

No. 405017

I definitely believe it. My normie sister found out some random dude, like a friend of a friend of a friend or something, had a foot fetish and offered money to girls for foot pics so she used one of those fake phone number apps to text him and send him a few pictures of just her feet. He would send her money to buy shoes lmao

No. 405161

amerifat here. where's the best place to order plushies? specifically san-x plushies? all the ones on amazon look fake.

No. 405174

Why is France almost at a civil war? Is it because of the brown people?

No. 405176

Aitakuji was okay. Maybe amiami has some too

No. 405195

confirming amazon ones are mostly fake.

aitakuji is now an official reseller, so they're the best bet.

No. 405214

Ebay sellers that are specifically located in Japan. Maybe rakuten and surugaya if you are looking for old stuff

No. 405217

>Is it because of the brown people?
No retard, it's because of nonsensical tax increases and laws and the fact that wages aren't increasing at the same rate as the cost of liing, while insanely rich people get away with not having to pay as much, or at all. The fact that billionaires didn't pay their taxes for years but donated money for Notre Dame pissed off everyone too.

No. 405238

> The fact that billionaires didn't pay their taxes for years but donated money for Notre Dame pissed off everyone too.

nta while I do agree that French people have every right to complain about taxes and the rich getting away with it, Notre Dame being financed by them shouldn't be upsetting.

It's one of the mankind's greatest architecture and any financing by whomever should be encouraged. I have a hard time imagining any person, let alone a French being upset over Notre Dame's benefactors, whatever the source.

No. 405239

It is upsetting seeing them praised for their generosity when they haven't been paying their taxes for years, yes Notre dame is a big deal, but I do believe my fellow citizens are more importants than some old church.

No. 405242

I'm saying this as a French woman, I don't give a fuck about billionaires giving way more money for Notre Dame than asked if they then try to negotiate so the have to pay even less taxes than planned because of this. Keep in mind that they don't even pay their taxes in the first place, that means that we are paying for the renovations indirectly. They can fuck off. Instead they could pay their taxes and help with things that are way more important than Notre Dame, like staffing so we can have a decent number of nurses and doctors in public hospitals at the very least. All my friends who were upset by the fire that destroyed the cathedral were pissed off when they saw that.

And I forgot to say it here but another reason why people are angry is because of how police officers became way more violent than needed during demonstrations. There have been many injured people, whether they were demonstrating or doing something else, and among the dead there's even a old woman who was at home closing her windows who had a grenade explode on her face. Since this anon talked about "brown people" here >>405174, minorities knew they should avoid these demonstrations from the beginning because they're disproportionate victims of police violence, and now that it's white people suffering from it they're taken more seriously by their fellow demonstrators. I'm not going out on weekends because I don't want to get caught in some dumb shit, last time I had to walk downtown I avoided all the places where there were demonstrators and yet I've nearly been caught in the middle of a fight because them and police officers came where I was multiple times.

No. 405243

Where did you hear that? Everyone I know takes off their shoes at home. I know some people who will wear flipflops (mostly people who are frequently going in and outside), but otherwise keeping your shoes on at home is either uncommon as hell or someone was giving you bs.

No. 405247

I live on the west coast but I had to deal with this shit when I was dating a dude who was from the midwest. He and his sister kept their shoes on in the apartment except when they went to bed. It was utterly disgusting and if I dared to even take off my shoes and only have socks on, the undersides would be blackened from all the dirt.

No. 405449

What's a good alternative for kvd tattoo liner? I finally ran out and I don't want to support her antivaxx pro retard bullshit.

No. 405453


No. 405458

No. 405470

why do french people online racebait less than american people (I browse both sides of the internet)

No. 405472

Do they? French anon here. What would you consider a French online space? /r/france?

No. 405473

amerifat here
because america is a very racist country that likes to pretend it isn't racist. everyone here, regardless of their poltics, likes to keep things PC in their daily lives. so when you give them a little anonymity on the internet and they'll use it to behave in the way they were taught to by american society without the consequences.

No. 405475

no lol french websites and french speaking side of sms

No. 405503

For the last couple days the right side of my neck has felt really weird, the only way I can describe it is if you stretch/twist really far and feel the muscles tense up. It’s just stuck feeling like that.

I was wondering if thyroid issues cause this sensation, but the thyroid is located near the center whereas this is on my right side starting at the chin. I also do yoga and some neck stretching so maybe I just fucked my own shit up.

Anyone else have his issue before or remedies?

No. 405520

I think I know what you mean. Some mornings I wake up and I feel this. I did thyroid checks and everything was normal but that was a year ago or so…

No. 405537

I'm seconding nyx! I've heard their vinyl liner is pretty comparable, but I've never used it. I have oily eyelids and honest to god, every since eyeliner I use (doesn't matter if it's waterproof or not) smudges. I've been using their matte liner and it doesn't smudge and is amazing for the price! The matte liner is pretty much the same as vinyl except… matte? I don't think it really makes too much of a difference though lol.

No. 405598

I can't find the actual advice thread, but I really need help.

TW but I want to reach out to a girl that was supposedly nearly sexually assaulted by my abusive PoS ex. But I can't think of a way to do it that isn't just selfserving for me and possibly traumatic for her.
I've vented about the horrible things he put me through before in the abuse thread, but I'm constantly consumed by this rumour that this girl from my hometown had him arrested for attempted rape but then dropped the charges. The friend that told me about it says she doesn't remember anything about it, and I have nobody else to ask. I used to be friends with the girl in highschool and we have each other on facebook but we haven't talked since we were kids.
I made up my mind that I need to just ask her about it, because it's been eating me up for years. I need to know if it's true because I was gaslit and ostracized for breaking up with him and nobody would believe me that he was a bad man and so since I heard this rumour from one person I can't forget it, but nobody else knows that I'm talking about. I also want to apologize to her for not pressing charges against him myself before he potentially went on to hurt another girl. I've tried to drop it but I've been obsessed with it for 5 years.
I don't know how to do this.
I was thinking I would message her and just saying that I want to talk about some traumatic and upsetting things, and if she's ok with that we can meet or chat online depending on what she prefers, but if not then I will never ask her again. Is this stupid?

No. 405606

I took a bunch of ibuprofen and it kind of helped, I think it might be an inflamed muscle or something

No. 405628

Glad to hear, anon!
But be careful with the pills, and definitely get a check up if it comes back again.

No. 405735

Anyone else get pedo vibes from ABe Yoshitoshi's work? Why does his stuff always primarily feature little girls? And it isn't in a cute studio ghibli way either.

No. 405757

I don’t and I’ve read a bunch of his manga besides the shows he did. Are you confusing him with Range Murata?

No. 405758

Every japanese male artist is a pedo, even some jap women are.

No. 405762

File: 1556837426770.jpg (1.84 MB, 2252x2640, dc8aa88a73a701cd642d4800d30d8a…)

This, yoshitoshi abe is one of the rare non-gross japanese male artists i've found. his work looks mature and realistic in a way most other artist's doesn't.
also, pretty much none of his drawings of girls and women that i've seen are grossly sexualized, unlike other japanese works. they actually look like humans with personalities and personal agency.
he does draw males as well, but he has kind of a sameface problem with them

No. 405766

Guess I'm just overthinking it. I just don't get why watching a bunch of middle school girls is entertaining for people. Maybe I'm too old.

No. 405768

i don't think he's made anything about a bunch of middle school girls, you may be confusing him with someone with a similar style

No. 405772

Huh? Have you ever actually seen anything he's done? The tone and style of his works are the furthest thing from the typical 'bunch of middle school girls' you find in anime. What a bizarre way to think about a series like Lain or Haibane.

No. 405778

Yes, I have seen both of what you listed, thanks for asking. They are exactly the type of characters I stated they were. No need to be upset about it.

No. 405783

There is literally nothing sexualized about their design or their behaviour or the events of the series. There are so many pedophilic series in anime and manga and they are what you choose to pick on? Christ.

No. 405786

Not that anon, but like…are you okay? You seem way more disturbed about his stuff than anybody should honestly be…
Nothing in his work is creepy. It's actually pretty refreshing when it comes to anime. there's proper problematic artists worth zeroing in on tbh, this just isn't one of them

No. 405790

They aren't sexualized sure, but why are they all little girls? And why are grown men watching/reading this stuff? I'm weary because I'm a csa survivor. I'm just wondering who the demographic is since the topics are really dark and mature yet features young girls going through these experiences. It's a little weird to me but if anyone can change my mind, I'll be glad to see his work in a different light.

No. 405791

My cats act like hyper crackheads when they have catnip instead of relaxed. Why is that? Is my nip too potent?

No. 405799

i'm also a csa survivor, so i kind of get the trepidation, but personally, i see the dark themes in his work similarly to how i see something like pan's labyrinth or one of those coming of age 90s films.

the whole theme of self-actualization, growing up and figuring out who you are or working through your issues when you're in a very vulnerable state. IIRC, lain itself was just a big metaphor for puberty, but i might be wrong.

i could be projecting a bit, as i first got into lain and haibane when i was going through a confusing, depressive puberty myself, though. it was actually kind of comforting seeing other girls feeling the things i often felt, as dark as they were, instead of having to make do with older, sexualized live-action actresses and actors in contrived high school situations that only ever scratched the surface and came off as shallow, sexualized "3000 year old loli" or "big-titted high school girl" chars in the most non-relatable ecchi bullshit scenarios ever, or grown-ass men who might be sad or mentally ill outcasts but otherwise had literally nothing in common with me, even if abe's characters seem more like self-inserts for his own loneliness and struggles instead of exact reflections of the confused, sad, maladjusted tween experience. i think most adults would be into it because they can relate to the themes therein and the sad atmosphere, but obviously i can't speak for everyone, especially not males. i personally believe the more unsavory types have a wide selection of options that pander heavily to them specifically far more than something like lain or haibane renmei ever would, so i don't consider them the target demographic. maybe just sad people? i don't know.

i'm more at ease watching abe's pieces than i am with like 99% of things put out by the anime industry, if i'm being honest. it feels like he actually respects these characters and doesn't just use them to rake in money from fanservice BS. there have been ample opportunities to sexualiza lain or the cast of haibane, but he straight-up just…doesn't take them. in an odd way, i respect him more for it, though i know there are probably still creeps who probably like that for the "muh pure waifu" aspect.

No. 405804

why is this lowkey true?

No. 405815

He's one of those jap pedophiles with more "refined" tastes for erotic subtlety and more reletable story lines but still a pedo.

No. 405820

Thanks for the insight, anon. I appreciate it and I'll keep it in mind when coming across his work. And thanks for being mature and not being snarky and passive aggressive unlike the other anons.

No. 405837

File: 1556848189633.jpeg (341.18 KB, 1936x968, A63D1E31-A84D-4214-BDA3-1C1B16…)

Is the body on the left even possible in real life?

On here I see girls slammed for having waists tha aren’t 26” or looking like “fridges” and my own biggest insecurity is having a large waist, but I found this fitness account for models today and it lists their stats and I noticed how none of these girls have extremely dramatic waist to hip ratios even at very small measurements. I see bodies like the left all the time on instagram and I thought it was normal and attainable if you just diet but now I’m not sure.

No. 405841

girl on the right was 100% measuring her “hips” as her ass because that ratio makes no fucking sense with the pics. her waist isn’t anywhere near as dramatic as she thinks it is

No. 405842

12"-13" difference is great, anything more is a genetic gift (or plastic surgery or shoop).
Anons here are just full of bdd and look for anything slight that can be a flaw on cows. Not everyone is pear or hourglass shaped so it's not attainable for everyone.

Best to go out and choose your own beauty standards. As long as your whr is within healthy range you're good.

And what should she do about it? Rib removal lol?

No. 405845

Most people measure their lower hip for their hip measurements which, yes, would include the ass.

No. 405846

I have no strong opinion about the pic you posted, I just think you should take any kind of physical insult on lolcow with a grain of salt.

No. 405848

File: 1556848840797.jpeg (370.81 KB, 1125x1530, D3D1A51B-AC8F-40A3-8DF1-A45E1E…)

here’s another photo from the account, they list measurements for a lot of the photos, I don’t see why they would lie if they’re trying to see a fitness plan to models. If they were going to lie, wouldn’t they show off results that are more dramatic?

No. 405861

File: 1556849784804.jpeg (52 KB, 475x356, 30a.jpeg)

do you hear yourself right now?

No. 405866

File: 1556850159351.jpg (106.97 KB, 540x540, p8fwbfqm8z1qdzx0go1_540.jpg)

nope, it's not possible. if it was, tons of actual models and celebrities would have it, and not just IG chicks who only post edited photos and videos
when you're that thin with large hips IRL, both your hip and waist areas are typically more rounded, instead of the sharp, linear, exaggerated angles the girl on the left has going on
pic related is the closest example i could find of this body type IRL. notice that her waist is pretty small and her hips are large, but everything is rounded and overall more natural-looking. when you carry that much weight in your hips, everything else is also a bit rounder to accentuate them. when you're so tiny that there's no real roundness to you, you typically will not suddenly have big hips. you'll just be kind of petite and rectangular all over (hence the retarded "little boy body" insult/stereotype people use).
literally the only women i've seen with a silhouette even approaching that combo of sharp lines/wide hips from that photo are also pretty muscular with very visible abs, and you can tell she doesn't have that going on.

No. 405868

File: 1556851029048.jpg (76.59 KB, 1080x1080, 7c85cb75566b3fceab079b0feb7f08…)

it's possible in real life by deforming your body, yes

No. 405870

you're right but this girl is also standing hella angled with her ass popped out backwards, she's not looking like that if standing or walking normally.

No. 405873

I use corsets and my body only looks lie that immediately after taking it off. After half an hour my body is back to normal.

No. 405875

yeah, it was hard to find a proper pic to make my point.
i googled "skinny with abs" and the absolute closest i could find without obvious posing is a video of a very skeletal model (not going to embed because it's just not a good sight).
so, to have the body type in >>405837 naturally, you have to be both muscular and on the brink of death or organ failure. curiously, the girl in the photo doesn't have the things that are conventionally unattractive, like the the bones sticking out.
possible verdict: excessive photo editing, constant corseting, or rib removal. you decide. either way, that is not a natural shape.

No. 405876

Doesn't it hurt anon? That can't be good for your health

No. 405877

She's sucking in on the left. I mean, you can have that body if you hold your stomach in all day which is ridiculous. Her thigh gap is way too large though not sure if that's photoshopped or something with an eating disorder.

No. 405882

it's dependent on the cat, some cats act cracked out, some just go to sleep. my cats have 0 reaction to cat nip, turns out cats in australia are not affected by it due to genetics! tmyk.

No. 405911

the girl used to have an ED but she claims to be recovered. she posts videos and she is very thin but her proportions aren’t as dramatic as they are in photos, and she doesn’t look as “soft”.

I’m at a point where I am used to them and I don’t wear them daily but I’m very self conscious of my waist and it makes me feel better. I’m very afraid of being considered square or fridge shaped, there are cows curvier than me who get called boxy and I’m ashamed to say I feel worse when I read those comments even if they aren’t directed at me

No. 405919


My male cats are both affected by it and I live in Australia. I don't think I have hybrid cats, lol. Some just do and some don't react.

No. 405923

my girl cat rubs her face on it and gets cracked out for a little bit but sometimes doesn't care for it.

my male cat will straight up eat it like it's a treat but doesn't seem to act different, though i think it must make him kind of stoned since he will immediately run over to eat it.

No. 405937

how do i forget about this retard that i can't get over? he has a gf and has had one for well over a year and a half now, clearly they're not breaking up, and i just cannot forget about him. he appears randomly, even in places where i seek solitude, ie i'm playing WoW and a character with his fucking NAME appears in front of me even though his name is an extremely unique and rare slavic one. what the fuck i just wanna get lobotomized at this point?

No. 405992

This is probably the wrong place to ask but why do men use socks to jerk off/cum into? Wouldn't that be painful?

No. 406002

I'm sure that's mostly a meme/joke now.
Some idiots might use the nearest sock to wipe up after the fact but I doubt they'd actually rub on it.

No. 406006

File: 1556869494814.jpg (376.09 KB, 2300x1225, blog-featured-tea-20180801.jpg)

Any tea aficionados in Europe?
I was wondering if you farmers know of any tea shop that delivers EU-wide and that you think has a decent selection of teas of good quality?

I love Earl Grey, I love nothing more than the scent of bergamot, but recently I found out I was missing out on all the other teas and my country, online or offline, has very little to offer in that regards.