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No. 2430

Here are some rule changes and clarifications of existing rules.

First, since there is no objective definition of what "self-posting" or "samefagging" actually mean, I'm going to define some terms.

The actual rule changes will be in the post below this one.

Sockpuppetry - General term for any deceptive anonymous posts made by an individual, where the poster tries to give the impression that they weren't the one who made the post.

Anonymous attentionwhoring / attentionfagging - One form of sockpuppetry. Posting about yourself anonymously, while trying to hide the fact that it's you who's posting, to attract attention to yourself. Generally the person will pretend to either be a fan or a "hater". This may include complimenting yourself, insulting yourself, linking to or uploading your own photos or social media posts, or just mentioning yourself at all. Examples include Princess Doll (>>>/cream/64) and Eboni (>>>/cream/12).

Samefagging - Another form of sockpuppetry. A few things can be called samefagging, but in this case I'll just refer to it as when a poster tries to reinforce their own position in a thread by giving the appearance of multiple people who agree with them or who disagree with and/or dislike the opposition. Often occurs during arguments and disagreements.

Blogposting - Sharing personal anecdotes, details, stories, or experiences in a thread intended to discuss a specific topic. This includes posting about your physical attributes, physical or mental health, family, childhood, job, relationships… Sometimes referred to as "self-posting", but I will call it blogposting to reduce ambiguity.

Branded - A poster who has violated a global rule and had some, or all, of their posts labelled with their name or username. Please re-read the rules to understand what violations may merit this. This is only done in very rare and extreme cases. >>>/cream/ should have pretty much every instance of branding.

No. 2431

1. Anonymous attentionwhoring is now banned in /pt/ and /snow/, and will result in branding. Previously, only anonymous self-threads were banned. This change means posts of that nature in threads you have not made are now banned as well.

This rule change is not retroactive. Only future offenses as of today (April 27, 2016) will be revealed and result in a ban.

2. Sockpuppetry of other forms may or may not result in banning or branding, depending on context and staff's discretion. One example would be the subject of a thread anonymously posting in it to defend themselves, but where it is not clear they are trying to attract attention. General samefagging won't result in banning unless it is extremely excessive.

3. Reminder: Blogposts in /pt/ or /snow/ are bannable. They've been disallowed for a while, but the bans will be harsher than what's been seen so far, and will last longer than general derailing bans.

Make these posts in /b/ or /g/ instead, or use another website.

Examples of blogposts:


4. Reminder: Unwarranted tripfagging may result in a ban, depending on context and staff's discretion.

5. Reminder: Vendetta and personal army posts will result in banning and may result in branding. Don't try to get this website to do your dirty work for you. We don't care if some girl called you mean names and now you want us to go after her.

Example of personal army requests:


6. Reminder: Unironically posting in a very immature or unintelligent manner will result in a ban.

7. Reminder: Men shouldn't post in /g/ at all unless they have something very valuable and relevant to contribute. And in all boards, men who make posts like "male here" or "I'm a man btw" apropos of nothing will also be banned. There are contexts where it's okay to preface or conclude a post with your gender, but as a rule of thumb: if you have to ask or think about it, it probably isn't okay.

Just make your post; no one gives a shit about your gender or other attributes. Men who use this website and randomly announce they're male are the same as women who use /r9k/ and randomly announce they're female. They just want attention.

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