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File: 1540218123296.jpg (36.3 KB, 852x480, 43589089.jpg)

No. 99091

As a counterpart to the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread I thought it'd be nice to have a thread were we discuss general turn-ons, sexy shit, what you are attracted to. Things that won't make other anons wonder if they should call the police, heh.

No. 99092

To begin, my pic is relevant because nothing gets me going more than having someone whisper sexually into my ear or to do it to someone else.

No. 99095

deep voices are a big turn on for me, i find it both soothing and sexy. someone with a nice husky voice can make me wet by just talking

No. 99097

Men who are skelly-tier and embrace it by wearing fitted jeans and shirts. That said, thin men are also really cute in oversized jackets and sweaters especially when paired with the aforementioned tight jeans.
I do love and accept all skinny guys, but when they dress for their bodies and are well groomed I die.

And this one is a bit weird and not something I'm 100% unashamed of but…I'm really into having my stomach rubbed. And rubbing someone else's stomach. It's comforting and intimate but also turns me on somehow.

No. 99100

I'm jealous, I'm way too ticklish for that which can ruin a mood.

No. 99110

File: 1540229743016.jpg (50.95 KB, 1338x759, WJHHtTu.jpg)

Hands that look like these.

No. 99112

as previous anons stated, husky voices both on guys and girls, whispering, being behind me and sorta leaning into my space (but also i'm bit touch starved lmao), uniforms but specifically tradie clothes, calloused hands, sorta grubby appearance (i don't like when people are too polished and put together in general), and, most of all, good, witty bants.
also on girls sorta weird teeth are really hot for some reason

No. 99113

Dude, I'm with you. Pianist hands are on my biggest turn-ons.
(That's why I don't understand this whole incel wrist things, delicate long hands on a man are so much more attractive than the stubby sausages most men have)

No. 99114

My boyfriend has big-meaty sausage fingers. A girl can dream.

No. 99115

Yeah I immediately imagine what such hands can do.

No. 99117

When my boyfriend kisses my neck and whispers in my ear. I freaking MELT. Bonus points if he isn’t clean-shaven and has that winter scruff going.

No. 99122

i'm not into too muscular bodies but slightly defined arms and thighs look great

i have a thing for hands with long fingers in general, looks so elegant.

No. 99135

File: 1540240235313.jpg (21.41 KB, 640x341, SCOMdGy_d.jpg)

Very broad, muscular, meaty shoulders.

No. 99151

>thick fingers and big hands
>very masculine but feels no need to prove it, eg. a big built guy wraring pink and crying in Disney movies
>puppy dog eyes
>inexperienced and enthusiastic

>Tall but with personality and face
>Forward, will touch and flirt with me so I feel wanted
>Heels and tight clothes with no bra
>Not a pillow princess

>Sexual massages and licking as foreplay
>Likes wrestling and biting
>Soft, gets a little teary and needy after sex. Always gets me wet for a second round…
>thicc strong thighs and calves
>willing to try out things like bdsm or watersports once. I want to experiment

No. 99229

Actually I'm a bit embarassed by this because it's so stereotypical and I'm female (internalized homophobia) but busty women with big hips are freaking glorious. When will I get a nice gf who will smother me with her bossom?

No. 99278

Men with long hair like past the nips especially if it's waist-length. Very gorgeous.

No. 99364

File: 1540460099854.gif (198.4 KB, 1200x1200, heartbeatgif.gif)

I have a thing for heartbeats.
I love feeling and hearing a guy's heart, I think it's because my ex was so skinny you could literally see it beating through his chest. He was also super tall and I could always hear his heart when we hugged and it made me feel really safe and calm.
But now I get turned on even by seeing a guy's neck pulse, I don't know what it is about it.

No. 99367

I find big dick to be a huge turn on, especially if the guy is a grower, I love feeling it grow in my mouth or my hands. When my bf and me starting getting into heavy make out session at the beginning of our relationship I could feel his perfect hard dick through his clothing and knowing he was packing some serious meat down there made me even more eager to fuck him. I also love to hear a guy moan, it sound very open and vulnerable, like he's not afraid to just get lost in the moment and express how much he's enjoying what's happening.
Another big turn on is guys being huge pleaser / giver and loving to eat pussy.
I like soft guys too, ones that like to give a receive cuddle, kisses, petting session.
Maybe a little weirder but I get so turned on when I watch my bf grooming himself after he gets out of the shower, shaving, doing his hair, washing his face, trimming his nails, putting some perfume on… I love that he's super clean and take such good care of himself, even watching him shower makes me want to jump his bone because he's so eager to get every single part of his body perfectly clean, he washes suuuuper carefully between each of his toes, it's the cutest thing ever.

No. 99548

Huuuuuge voice fetish. Unfortunately my boyfriend has a very meh voice. But nonetheless, I love when he moans next to my ears.
I also love hands.
For some reason, I also love the inner bicep? I don't even know if it's called that. But I love when a guy puts his hands behind his head and shows the "inner bicep".

No. 99550


Same here, I get super turned on by my bf's heartbeat - especially if it's pounding hard and fast. It's somehow both sweet and exciting.

No. 99556

Fuck off, namefag. Get out.

No. 99557

File: 1540729612258.png (122.77 KB, 720x835, wp_ss_20181028_0006 (2).png)

Ahahaha he used his real email address, how's it going over in Devonshire?

No. 99558

I think I'm asexual because I don't like any of the things you listed (which are perfectly normal btw anon, not shading you)

Like moaning/noises makes me think of an animal, washing is to be expected, no opinion about a hard dikk and it doesn't turn me on. Just more work to do. Wish I was as enthusiastic about it as you anon. Also the ones who are literally turned on by their bfs heartbeats…bless your souls

No. 99563

this might be the best self dox we've ever had.

No. 99564

unless it's someone trolling the guy. he is taking videos of sport events and the namefag claims he gets sexual pleasure from cycling. we are talking men though

No. 99565

the email is also misspelled so it wasnt an autofill.

I reckon it's a robot upset that chad took his girl or a legbeard getting "epic revenge XD"

No. 99570

If it's revenge, it's a pretty shitty attempt. All we'll do is have a giggle at the dumb scrot.
Anon should've taken it to /b/ or something.

No. 99594

Being dominated is a massive turn on. Being told to do something, being “thrown” onto the bed, “forced” to give a blow job etc.

No. 99597

Pegging. Not in a fetishy “step on me with your boots, mistress!” kind of way. Just fucking a guy with a strap on.

No. 99601

neck nibbling, wearing a strap-on

No. 99625

I found out recently that I'm into being tickled.

No. 99628

Me too. I love when I can feel/hear my bf's heartbeat pounding. It reminds me of how things were in the beginning, before we'd done anything beyond kissing. I purposely do things that cause that, especially affectionate, non-sexual touching.
I also love when I can touch him gently and lovingly and watch his body relax and get comfortable. Especially when he lets out a tiny contented sigh.

No. 99629

Me too. I love when I can feel/hear my bf's heartbeat pounding. It reminds me of how things were in the beginning, before we'd done anything beyond kissing. I purposely do things that cause that, especially affectionate, non-sexual touching.
I also love when I can touch him gently and lovingly and watch his body relax and get comfortable. Especially when he lets out a tiny contented sigh.

No. 99630

Me too. I love when I can feel/hear my bf's heartbeat pounding. It reminds me of how things were in the beginning, before we'd done anything beyond kissing. I purposely do things that cause that, especially affectionate, non-sexual touching.
I also love when I can touch him gently and lovingly and watch his body relax and get comfortable. Especially when he lets out a tiny contented sigh.

No. 99631

Me too. I love when I can feel/hear my bf's heartbeat pounding. It reminds me of how things were in the beginning, before we'd done anything beyond kissing. I purposely do things that cause that, especially affectionate, non-sexual touching.
I also love when I can touch him gently and lovingly and watch his body relax and get comfortable. Especially when he lets out a tiny contented sigh.

No. 99632

Me too. I love when I can feel/hear my bf's heartbeat pounding. It reminds me of how things were in the beginning, before we'd done anything beyond kissing. I purposely do things that cause that, especially affectionate, non-sexual touching.
I also love when I can touch him gently and lovingly and watch his body relax and get comfortable. Especially when he lets out a tiny contented sigh.

No. 99661

No. 99662

that's a known issue going on with the site you autist.

No. 99679

seeing your goofy ass crush being completely serious and wearing formal clothes on occasion. dark colored suits with black shirts in general

No. 99680

breathing the same air, for some reason it just really turns me on. only with certain people though and it has to be in passionate moments

No. 99776

Anons, what are good places to have sex in public? I'm not trying to get caught/scar people for life.

No. 99777

fucking yes

No. 99779

Cliche but Men in suits. You can't go wrong. Always so sexy to me. Timeless. A tall classically handsome dark haired man in a suit. Hmm yup

No. 99781

Neat, dark, short side-part hair

Lingerie on women = Suits on men

No. 99806

yes this. I wish more dark haired men wore their hair like that these days

No. 99819

Maybe stay in a hotel with a city view on a higher floor. Turn off the lights and fuck in front of the window after dark. Take a walk outside first to make sure nobody can actually see inside. You can see the city. Nobody can see you.
That, or adult settings where everybody there knows there could be public sex going on. They choose to be there and consent to it, so it's okay.
You could also go camping and you have the right to fuck in your tent (cover windows) without running afoul of the law.

No. 99825

unmanned parking garages. security footage (if any) resets and usually you can just do it in a stairwell.

No. 99852

When a guy breathes on my neck and/or ear. I get flustered as fuck even if it's accidental like when I'm standing next to a guy who's at the perfect height where he's just regularly breathing and suddenly I feel it. Half ashamed because I get turned on when this happens with almost any guy who happens to breathe on those spots accidentally lmao it's like a nice surprise tbh!

No. 99864

ah same but i feel so creepy for it lmao

No. 99869

File: 1541033275310.jpg (223.3 KB, 500x706, c354060acd2553fd7c4e0e8014797c…)

I love size difference with shorter man and taller woman. I'm not tall myself (5'6"), but standing beside someone who is smaller than me just feels…right. It makes me feel capable and protective, silly as it is. I really wish I was 5'10"+ so I could live out the dream of towering over and easily overpowering a skinny little 5'-5'2" guy. I already outweigh them and can overpower them, but with extra height I could reach even higher strength levels.

I'm also into the sex aspect, obviously. Even passing a smaller guy on the street turns me on like crazy, I can't help but imagine just grabbing him by his little waist and going at it. Although I also like bean poles (with a limit of 6'), petit men have always been special to me. My greatest weakness.

Unashamed since I mainly go after shorter men. But they probably know what's up which is why they reject me.

No. 99878

r/incels would love you

No. 99895

I think incels are the least likely to love any woman lol.

No. 99903

when a guy places his hand on your inner thigh. especially in public…

No. 99905

anon this manga is so cute, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

No. 99906

Defined muscles on women, especially biceps, back and thighs. I'm not talking bodybuilder tier, just fit enough. Bonus points if she's more than 5'9 tall.

No. 99941

I like my earlobe bit
there's nerves in there that make it feel really good similar to the neck

No. 99963

Ear licking and nibbling is my top weakness when it comes to sexual stuff.
Also feather-light touches maybe even with an actual feather.
Biting is a huge thing.

I also really like people with pretty hands and nicely-shaped nails. probably because I myself have arachnodactyly and shitty nails.
I really like either blond or pitch-black hair on women and feminine proportions of not being particularly tall, but having big thighs.
Small boobs are very cute too, big boobs do nothing for me.

I'm lucky that my girlfriend is everything I like in people, she's just so pretty and perfect that my stupid lesbian ass doesn't feel like I deserve her since I'm kinda really ugly myself.

No. 100046

This thread made me a bit horny wtf

As other anons said, breathing against my skin. Like during a make out session, or while doing it, the small pants and ragged breaths damn.
Male moans. But like the very faint ones, that can't be helped, unlike those in porn when they finish. Male whimpers also damn.

A visual turn on would probably be messy hair, slight stubble and like the two first buttons off on a shirt. It makes me want to throw myself at my crush whenever I see pics of him.
I have a thing for light happy trails too. Fuck I need to stop kek

No. 100047

Congrats, your post made me horny too

No. 100062

kek anon, not even sorry

No. 100397

Different languages! I want a man to dirty talk to me in his language during the moment without me having any idea what he's saying. I especially love the sound of Scandinavian languages or German, that shit is hot

No. 100404

I love when a guy who is generally goofy talks and acts seriously, bonus points if they're wearing a suit.Also doing stuff with clothes on.

No. 100406

>>99625 (same anon)
Also biting and licking.

Recently reached orgasm cuz he was just licking my neck and ears.

No. 100449

I really like tickling my boyfriend. He has the most adorable smile ever. He's ticklish everywhere on his body which makes it even better. I love when he begs me to stop, it's the hottest thing ever.

No. 100461

File: 1541803973306.jpg (591.08 KB, 1777x2257, 1397491900537.jpg)


No. 100480

me too, love.

No. 100566

HOW! Is that a common thing for you?

No. 100571

Ugh yeah, I'm like that too - ticklish all over. What he does is when I try to move his hand/move away he'll (gently) grab me and hold me down and keep tickling. Madness. And he gets this devilish look on his face that's just so sexy…

OK tbf I was also flickin' the bean, but only for like a minute. He was already going to town before that & my motor was running so hot it just took the smallest touch to send me over. It was my first time getting my ears licked like that, but I'd say it could be common to get off like that.

PIV/cunnilingus does the absolute bare minimum for me (idk y tho), so I'm real fuckin' grateful he's willing to put in some extra effort.

No. 100572

Traps ( ° ʖ °)

No. 100573

Okay if you already had done genital touching previously it's more understandable. I'm fascinated by people who are able to come without direct (genital) touch, does it feel differently?
Sometimes I feel like I'm almost coming from sexy shit like ear-whispering and nipple stimulation but it's only a feeling of being super aroused and almost there.

No. 100580

Not that anon but it's not impossible to come without touching, it may just take some practice. Feels like a ruined orgasm though, it's not really that good, at least for me

No. 100608

File: 1542025769513.jpeg (43 KB, 600x450, jhg.jpeg)

This is one I'm definitely ashamed of, I've always found him strangely attractive because he is just such a fucking psycho, even after all the allegations came out, I probably need help, I can't be the only one!

No. 100612

wrong thread

No. 100613

Fucking yikes anon, you probably are the only one

No. 100614

>washing is to be expected

I think I enjoy it so much because my first two bf didn't take care of themselves at all, especially my second bf, he was always sweaty and smelly in his ass crack and right behind his balls, I hated it. Part of it was he just sweated a lot naturally but he also didn't care for showering and could go days without doing it. Same for his nails, he didn't care about clipping them, he would bite them off, he never went to the hairdresser, didn't care about smelling nice or wearing nice clothes. New bf is the total opposite and I can't stop gushing over it, I always wanted a well dressed pretty bf and now I have one, I love him so much.

No. 100625

Literally just you. Fucking gross. Get help.

No. 100635

File: 1542065197143.png (211.69 KB, 461x437, 1538678603963.png)

this is weird one but i kind of understand it, i have a similar hybristo fetish. but i want to make a truly evil man cum in me, to feel power knowing that i dominated him and will give birth to children of his tainted blood. doesn't matter if it's a dictator, serial killer, cult leader, ect. as long as he's reviled by society for being notoriously awful.

it's pretty fucked up.

No. 100636

It's just cringey af

No. 100638

lmao thanks

No. 100639

Aw well I'm happy for you anon. I understand now and I'd probably feel the same way about it

No. 100644

File: 1542071872012.jpg (63.11 KB, 400x300, 2c41e7a1008ebfd9a68ebcf486c66f…)

For some reason, male forearms really do it for me. Rolled up sleeves are sexy af, especially on dress shirts.

No. 100652

File: 1542078431713.jpeg (170.61 KB, 1080x541, 7980C261-D117-4A4A-85B6-C1611A…)

No kinkshaming allowed, anon!

Agreed. I also feel the same way about hands, especially pale & vascular ones like pic related. I like to steal glances at guys’ hands when they aren’t looking in public (lol). I don’t know what it is about them, they don’t even have to be super masculine for me to like them.

No. 100665

File: 1542097782536.jpeg (75.47 KB, 736x736, 105151B0-5F18-4BFD-854B-6D99FD…)

I find men to be super sexy and attractive first thing in the morning. I hate morning sex though which is…ironic?

No. 100667

Hands are my jam. I love rough, calloused palms and handshakes that hurt.

No. 100671

This so much! I don't know what it is about it that my heart skips a beat when I see a guy rolling up his sleeves with the forearms exposed. He doesn't have to be muscular at all, just show me some of that forearm hnnnnnnggg

Curiously, bare forearms without rolled up sleeves don't have the same effect. I wonder if there's some psypop explanation for this?

No. 100672

I like looking at man hands too

No. 100673

Yes it's all about those blue veiny hands on pale skin. Also their fingers like…what they do lmao let me suck on em!!!!!

No. 100674

OP here. People are allowed to cringe at weird stuff that better fits the fetishes thread. Otherwise, keep up the good work horny anons!

No. 102278

Men who are humble or men with empathy are the biggest turn ons. Too bad these types turn out to be subby in bed.

No. 103971

File: 1545681188789.jpg (32.97 KB, 329x399, Randy.jpg)

Man I love big hairy bellies. I want to bury my face in them. Whenever me and my bf are seperated, I ask for him to send me pics of his belly.

Pic related is the ideal male body.

No. 103978

I've "come" just through nipple stimulation. It's not the same feeling, for me it was kinda like bypassing the actual orgasm so super aroused -> afterglow

Anyway, a huge turn on is the way my bf plays with my breasts. Idk why it's so different with him, I've been with other dudes but the way they did it was so lackluster.

No. 103985

Nemu, get off this website lmao

No. 104018

Who's Nemu? I just like furry men. Don't include me in your kiddie circlejerk, this isnt a chatroom.

No. 104055

I feel you M8.

My bf is super adorable in the morning, but morning sex is meh.

No. 104056

she's a cow. stop being a newfag.

No. 104057

my current boyfriend loves eating me out and he asks for it, that gets me almost high; lately he's been into eating my ass but that one is weird for me cause ASS

No. 104059

She's an irrelevant cow.

No. 104065

>he asks for it,

I'm so jealous. Is it randomly or during sex?

No. 104105

I'm the og anon of that post and I was not ashamed about it before posting but I sure am now after being compared to Nemu, thanks anon lol

No. 104236

What exactly do you mean by "randomly?" Like when else is that man going to eat her ass outside of sex? During a trip to the grocery store?

No. 104243

Nayrt but my bf does randomly ask to each me out at weird times. Not as weird as during a holocaust documentary or in the supermarket, but like after he's gotten home from the gym or out of the shower etc, like he's been thinking about it for a while

No. 104248

After watching Bandersnatch I've realized that I'm really into the idea of mind controlling a guy into doing a bunch of kinky stuff to himself that he's not 100% on board with. If I magically obtained the ability to control minds, it's probably the first thing I'd do lol.

No. 105012

Dunno why but I’m really into forced kissing. Nothing past that (no rape fantasies) but rough kissing really turns me on.

No. 106125

like what ?

No. 106134

Eating ass in the grocery store before paying for it is stealing

No. 106136

So do you go around sticking your tongue into people against their will or do you wish someone did it to you?

No. 134420

File: 1584468617563.jpeg (52.85 KB, 500x376, 02810F6F-2A9B-4CC2-BE57-7B6470…)

Guys in (adidas) track pants. Casual sporty clothes in general.

No. 134425

File: 1584477112493.png (1.09 MB, 1923x1079, 03HSyKwMjt6LwcJ88hwznuZ0j7cATt…)

Oh yes

No. 134474

File: 1584559132661.jpeg (97.94 KB, 640x764, 0128DF39-69F5-4609-9133-BE4807…)

This. Basically all name brand athleisure hits the spot for whatever reason. Also way nicer to cuddle in than jeans (I also have a weird phobia of buttons, so I’ve never been a fan of men in button up shirts, which some of my friends find baffling).

No. 134482

File: 1584566647962.jpg (129.9 KB, 600x878, ewan_mcgreggor_red_hair-kilt-0…)

Button-up shirts and jeans just aren't cuddly at all. I agree.

I am a fan of kilts, personally.

No. 134488

File: 1584588443637.jpg (86.51 KB, 260x400, 53304cb8c57675562c9603c92bdc38…)

Big manly hands, whispering dirty things, grabbing my ass whenever they want, being a bit forceful.

No. 134500

I wouldn't call those big manly hands.

No. 134514

elegant long fingers, cuddling, when guys act tough around others but are actually genuinely very nice and thoughtful, sleepy-looking eyes, guys who have a youthful nature but are very intelligent and mature at the same time, the thought of being intimate with someone in a really small and tight space for some reason. being cultured/interested in the arts without being pretentious about it is immensely attractive too

No. 134522

Excellent taste, Anon. I want all of these things and more.

No. 134533

men with long hair. metalhead types! men that seem kind of mean/intimidating but getting to know them, they are sweet :) having a tough guy be a sweetheart to me and only me is a huge turn-on thinking about it… im really into music and play bass so seeing a guy that knows how to play an instrument is also extremely attractive.

also i am loving the hand love here! comparing hand sizes with a guy means i want to fuck him

No. 134540

a kazillion perecent anon,,, now I just need a metalhead boyfriend

No. 134545

File: 1584693175151.jpg (63.15 KB, 400x401, 1583899241386.jpg)

oh to have a big handed goth bf…

No. 134546

File: 1584693455386.jpeg (50.03 KB, 337x500, D491177F-D385-43C9-B5C5-34A530…)

I dream every day…

No. 134547

File: 1584696520818.gif (1.93 MB, 268x210, tumblr_pepeqm8MLV1xdxm8do2_400…)

fuck yesss! add to that protruding adam apples hnnngggg

No. 134550

who is this? Not Steele, right?

No. 134551

I would give anything to be ducked by him ngl

No. 134556

Atsushi Sakurai, from Buck Tick

No. 134589

god, Peter Steele was plucked from a vampire erotica or something, wasn't he? he's really not my typical type but the idea of a strong, romantic and subby man with a desire to serve woman is so incredibly hot. unfortunately, i feel like most normie guys who are subby are just lazy, imo, and lack the romantic edge. they want the woman to do all the sexual work. a lazy man is certainly not reversing any societal roles. at least that's my lame experience, anyway.

i always get so aroused listening to this Hozier interview in which he talks about his song, Nothing Fucks With My Baby. best part starts at 1:37.
>standing in awe of your terrifying and terrifyingly strong lover
>subverting the idea of being the protector as a man
>"you can't be harmed– i can't protect you. it's nothing to do with me; this person is genuinely terrifying, and you know, you love them for it"

Hozier's pretty gangly and twinky, especially compared to Peter Steele, but his penchant for crawling out of graves and watching the world burn just to spend the rest of eternal damnation with his lover always sends my heart aflutter.

No. 134693

File: 1584905013508.png (91.34 KB, 497x278, 1q.png)

the taste here…impeccable

No. 134859

File: 1585088258519.jpg (21.47 KB, 400x500, 3980e277325d4f6d829d66cc832f54…)

Adam's apples are such a huge turn on

No. 134877

File: 1585118998017.jpeg (266 KB, 1200x1200, FBA303D9-C4F3-4AD8-A003-401324…)

Fuck anon, Boris is so hot to me.

No. 143111

My dreams inspire scenarios I fantasize about. Last night I dreamt about a horror-themed amusment park (inspired by Gremoryland, though I've never read it).

It involves a female journalist, investigating a horror-themed park, and its enigmatic owner. I like male love interests in my fantasies to be goofy so an insane, passionate theme park owner is right up my alley. They play a cat-and-mouse game as she tries to figure out the park's and his secrets. The park opened and became popular instantaneously, but there have been a few controversies or things she finds ominous. At first, he doesn't take her seriously and flirts with her. Obviously, things escalate and he becomes just as emotionally torn over distrusting but also lusting after her. The specifics of the "secret" aren't a big deal, only that the park is dangerous and the park owner has the advantage over the plucky female journalist.

No. 143205

What the fuck, why can't I have this?

No. 144070

Blonde body hair on men. Idk why, I just think it's sexy and it's a huge turn on for me.

No. 144139

Drummers are hot… but the cat suit? The mystery. The intrigue. Delicious.

No. 144147

kek anon i feel the same way. he could be a greek god under there. the perfect man. but knowing his true self would break the sultry illusion i've created for him.

No. 144179

when I'm laying down and the guy kneels over my legs and puts the condom on. For a moment he has this serious concentrated look on his face, overgrown hair falling into his eyes. This serious stern look is both a bit funny and super hot. When he's finished he looks at me and goes all "don't look at me anon///" but I just smile. Idk, this situation gives me some cool sexual power trip I don't completely understand. It's like, I'm on the bottom but in reality I know I'm on top, you get me?

No. 144203

i think you've just helped me realise something about myself i never knew before anon

No. 144204

I’ve been called ‘racist’ for this before, but I am so fucking attracted to men as long as they’re outside of my own race (white)
I’ve only ever dated Mexican, Native American or black guys. Once an Asian but Asian men are kinda meh to me.
I love the dark skin and brown eyes. White men are just so gross to me, they think the world revolves around them & they’re most likely to be incel or bro plus I think light eyes and hair on men are disgusting because it seems incestual and unattractive.
I have no preference for race of a woman, though I’ve only ever dated a couple of latinas. Girls are hard to come by for me

No. 144207

Here to absolve you of racism accusations, extremely relatable despite me being reverse of you
I come from a kind of small island that has a very particular look to its denizens but it's made it so I CANNOT do men who have a similar "mixed" brown look to me because it feels too incestuous, I can only do white, east asian or really dark men without being like "on god this is some hills have eyes shit"
strangely doesn't apply to women though, unless they actually look similar to me. It's a little weird tbh

No. 144239

I kinda get this, I'm not attracted to women that look like me. I like my own features just fine but it feels gross to think of someone that looks too much like me in a sexual way. Though I don't judge based on race/coloring alone but rather a combination of features.

Some potentially obscure turn ons for me
>sleepy people

also raspy voices and deeefinitely "pianist hands" god damn.

No. 144264

I like men with lots freckles, I just really want to kiss them and trace them with my fingers.

No. 144266

yes. YES. Absolutely. I love them, love them.

No. 144408

Fair warning, this is considered kind of gross. Probably should be ashamed of these but I'm not.
>pimple popping
I want to pop a girls acne (specifically forehead, chin, or tip of the nose) and lick and suck out the pus. Bonus points if I'm wearing really bright lipstick and leave bright red or pink marks all around the area.
With earwax I want to be on the receiving end, I want a cute girl to pull out earwax with the professional tools and make me eat it and lick the tool.

No. 144409

I'm quitting lolcow

No. 144412

>lick and suck oozing pimple
So you want to give her a staph infection?

No. 144414

You should be ashamed of yourself

No. 144418

no offense but actually full offense, you belong to the fetishes you're ashamed of thread, this place is stained now

No. 144447

We could disinfect it afterwards, you're supposed to do that anyway with popped pimples anyway afaik
That's fair. The other thread is called 'fetishes you're ashamed of' & not 'fetishes other people are repulsed by', I'd feel dishonest posting there off the bat. I'll put future pimple-y and waxy spergs there instead.

No. 144458

Dirty talk, especially if it's me doing it and it makes the guy even hornier. Once while me and my ex boyfriend were having sex I was whispering how good it was and how hot he was and he moaned loudly and said "if you don't stop talking I'm gonna come" and goddamn that turned me on so much. Like knowing you have that effect on someone, knowing they find you attractive and they want you, like damn there's no greater turn on than that lol.

Also, the idea of a guy sloooowly sliding his hand up my thigh when I'm wearing a skirt or short dress. I have this fantasy of us being in a fancy crowded restaurant sitting next to each other and under the table he slowly caresses his hand up my thigh and gently rubs my crotch til I'm wet, and I have to sit there acting like nothing is going on lol.

And something simple, guys with white button down shirts, especially with the sleeves rolled up. Yuuuummmm.

No. 144500

Uhh, the drummer is a woman.

No. 144508


No. 144758

Oh, the other anons assumed it was a guy. Having the hots for her is fine.

No. 145131

i have a huge fetish for authors. there's just something about a man who can write. it's so good, even individual words do it for me. manuscript. typewriter. pen. desk. fapfapfapfapfap.

No. 145370

File: 1595939990333.jpg (105.47 KB, 973x1200, 1540065293840.jpg)

Bodies like this

No. 145374

Umm… source? Asking for a friend.

No. 145376

I wish I knew. God, I wish I knew.

No. 145377

Send more pls anon

No. 145378

anons so thirsty they forget about reverse image search. Enjoy!

No. 145379

File: 1595942827472.gif (533.5 KB, 427x240, ZQ1.gif)

I want to rape him.

No. 145383

> rape
> gif of a char from anime about crossdresser

No. 145384

File: 1595948539826.jpg (13.99 KB, 250x250, tumblr_p2ynf9YSJC1s2qycgo4_250…)

Getting fucked by a guy with thick thighs. The bigger, the better. I literally cannot have sex with a man who's got thin legs and weak thighs, it looks so pathetic.

No. 145391

I want to fuck one's thighs. As in hump like a dog.

No. 145397

why am I not surprised about this picture lmao jk does have a great body

No. 145417

You got great taste, anon.

No. 145425

I have done this lmao. I felt pretty embarrassed afterward because I got so into it!!

No. 145499

Mmmmm yesss I couldn't agree more. I love seeing men's nice thick thighs in tight pants like jeans. Makes me wanna run my hands up and down his thighs and squeeze them and bite them lol. So fleshy and strong, yum

No. 145500

for all the thick thigh lovers - watch this. joe jonas used to have the best body in his camp rock days, and the nicest legs i've seen on a guy.

No. 145503

for some reason it doesnt play so just search "joe jonas single ladies" on youtube.

No. 145507

I'm sorry, but how can anyone be into this guy? His face is legit repulsive.

No. 145511

File: 1596032493701.jpg (38.39 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1995251731_95wk.jpg)

The slightly messy look. Ruffled hair, 5'o clock shadow… just not perfectly done up. I don't like the trend of men having perfect hair, perfect beard/shave everything.

And these bracelets for some reason. Why I don't know, it's just sexy when a man has something on his wrist.

No. 145514

Oh my god anon. Those bracelets + a bony wrist and hand make me wanna die (in the good sense).
And for some reason, those same bracelets but worn at the ankle are just so sexy and also very appreciated.

No. 145515

I went on a date with a guy who wore them and it was sexy af while he was driving.

MAN, I'm gonna go on so many dates once it's possible.

No. 145569

File: 1596058821745.jpg (52.13 KB, 500x674, main-qimg-bf15e87d014dd14a7028…)

When men have chunky smiles, not chubby cheeks it's more muscle and thick skin, kind of like chok chok but manlier. They have to be clean shaven. Bruce Willis is a good one, maybe The Rock. Jennifer Aniston is a female example. I call it meaty/chewy faces because I wanna bite the part I circled. Gently though just like to test the resistance.

No. 145573

>men just have to wear bracelets to make women lose their minds
It's so cute…men would never.
Women are just so full of love we even admire the smaller things; I love women.

No. 145582

Accents. Talk dirty to me in your european accents pls I will blush most excessively.

No. 145589

Anon, awesome taste. I would die to have a cute guy talking to me in botched Spanish with a really thick accent.

No. 145590

File: 1596062902037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.39 KB, 1024x1024, gettyimages-92291608-1024x1024…)

No. 145610


Tbh I'm so touch starved anything a man does makes me lose my mind. I only kissed a guy in my early 20s, last year. Everything is still new to me

No. 146070

>ctrl+f "arguing"
>0 results

O-okay then I guess its just me

No. 146086

File: 1596368420246.jpg (121.26 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n57w90hQkt1rlsq19o1_500…)

I agree, I love thick thighs. huge turn on

agreed. I hate the perfectly groomed look on guys too, especially those beards that are cut so perfectly along the cheeks, looks unnatural. that and hair that looks like it took an hour to achieve the perfect style. I'd rather a cute bedhead

No. 146093

Nuns…. and, well, Catholicism in general.

A sexy priest… I'm a slave for.

No. 146099

File: 1596373800405.jpg (158.1 KB, 1080x1349, 82955814947.jpg)

Chest hair, but in a normal, somewhat light amount like pic related. Chest hair that goes to a guy's neck is gross.

No. 146101

>I'm so touch starved
What do you mean? Do you never get your hair caressed or never hold hands with anyone?

No. 146102

Male-touch starved. I was dumb and didn't go out until my 20s. When I started dating and a guy first held me romantically, it was mind blowing. I know it sounds stupid but just a simple hand hold or cuddling with a guy felt really good for me. It was all very new

Then the pandemic happened and I haven't done anything with a man for a year. Thankfully things are opening up in Europe and I'm gonna make up for lost time.

No. 146105

NTA but is this actually a thing? No one has ever caressed my hair and no one has ever held my hand except boyfriends.

No. 146106

File: 1596379451240.png (314.42 KB, 488x458, 1.png)

Playing with hair could be a thing.
Anyway if you feel touch starved you could ask your friend (female or male) to hug you.

No. 146118

anon, not everyone lives with other people or knows touchy feely people

No. 146128

i literally haven't hugged anyone since march except the half hugs i do with my dad and mom every once in a while.

No. 146129

God I can't wait for this shitty pandemic to be over so I can actually hug people again. Forget sex, I just want to be able to hug friends again.

No. 146130

i get really turned on by the idea of waiting/making someone wait for pleasure. like a guy constantly rubbing my labia majora but not going in to rub the actually sensitive parts for a long period of time.
or tying a guys hands behind his back while he's naked and horny. then just go do a task like clean around the room, eat etc. for like half an hour. i should be able to see him while i do the task. he'll hump the air to get himself off or smt but wont be able to do it.

No. 146131

i wish i could hug you anon <3 usually i try to quench my hug-thirstiness by hugging a big pillow while watching my youtube crush's videos.

No. 146133

Lmao I sleep hugging a pillow. It started out when I was 10 and I had to leave my family to live abroad and I was lonely, but now I do it because it's just comfier and my back hurts if I don't.

No. 146134

Aww. Hang in there, sis. We will have to survive this hug-less period.

No. 146144

No. 146256

Unsurprisingly porn about it exists, revolving around scenes where the man begs the woman to put his dick in while they masturbate but she won't let him go in beside the tip (and I admit it turns me on as well, especially hearing the guy begging and moaning).

No. 146266

> like a guy constantly rubbing my labia majora but not going in to rub the actually sensitive parts for a long period of time
Having dated guys that would spend the tiniest amount of time actually doing shit for my pleasure and who would rush through it.. I can see the appeal of this. Having lots of time dedicated to slowly building up the excitement.. teasing for a long time before reaching the clit.

I watch a lot of porn with submissive guys in it and while the pleasure for them is drawn out and edged… they end up getting a whole 45 min session concentrating on their dick, I'd love to experience the clit tease version of that!

No. 146280

Teasing can be wonderful. The anticipation makes the touch more intense. It requires a man who knows what he is doing and can wait though.

No. 146289

File: 1596482047901.gif (1.12 MB, 550x301, mcs.gif)

Ugh. I used to love getting teased like this, but it doesn't do anything for me anymore. I feel like I've lost a lot of sensation since I was a teen. What I'd do to get these feelings back and enjoy being teased again…

No. 146313

File: 1596499805443.jpg (168.43 KB, 1242x995, 56687a04-dfcd-4330-ad92-380069…)

For men

>Pregnancy, there's nothing more romantic than getting dicked down by your partner to make a baby. Plus being pregnant makes women look so cute, the side effects suck ass, but that glow is beautiful.

For women
>I love tall, like 5'10+ waify ethereal looking women. Bonus if they have dark, wild curly hair.

For both genders

>This is a weird one because I rarely see it ever talked about in kink spaces, but cardiophilia. Anything heart related drives me crazy and is my ultimate kink.

No. 146329

Cardiophilia? Did you just make that up? What exactly are cardiophilia practices? What turns you on?

No. 146410

Really insecure/depressed men but they can’t be too whiny

No. 146573

File: 1596745962131.jpg (25.43 KB, 500x302, 93b713cc310b8b389343c4c89d50be…)

See: yuzuru hanyu

No. 146585

File: 1596750260067.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 2667x2000, EXAnFHaWAAAmcyw.jpg)

Checked out his twitter and meh, what a disappointment… Looks like an ugly white ftm (weird proportions, hips way too wide for a man), posts like a flaming fag.

No. 146602

god yes let's do satanic rituals together occult daddy.

No. 146609

File: 1596777190472.jpg (181.54 KB, 900x1600, 20200807_011302.jpg)


He does waist training, that's why he's got such a feminine body.

No. 146610

that is hot. how unique.

No. 146689

he kinda looks like the eunuchs develv are obsessed with

No. 147078

Longtime lurker and I felt the need to put in my two cents. I’m really big into bilingual guys apparently. I can’t explain why but it just makes my pussy throb like nobody’s business. This in particular is what got me into it https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/hoqhr8/m4f_bilingual_fun_with_your_german_boyfriend_bfe/

Also the thought of being impregnated/bred specifically by a guy of another race. I guess the impreg part stems from when I was a cum-brained, hentai-loving prepubescent. The interracial thing comes from the fact that I’m black and relationships like that are taboo in my family. They just seem to fit together perfectly

No. 147097

No. 147105

Aw he’s so cute and hot. My ex was bilingual and while there were a lot of things that weren’t right about him I did enjoy that. It kind of makes it feel like you’re with two different people at once, and especially if you don’t understand or only understand a little of the language it makes it easy to focus on the tone of their voice over the content so you can appreciate it more.

No. 147112

File: 1597077756535.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.66 KB, 2048x1366, ShunsukeRyugu.jpg)

Thank you anon his butt poses aren't my thing but I'm in love with his beautiful androgynous shoots

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