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File: 1498709774047.jpg (248.49 KB, 1920x1080, ew.jpg)

No. 343108

Boob Nazi - batshit crazy mom always talking about breast feeding, making crazy comments like the girl in the pic, then when you say it's creepy or something along that lines you get attacked for "sexualizing breast feeding" and they go on for days about how natural it is and do it for years when it's no longer necessary

some boob nazis include Sophie Joy
social media links

>talks about sex, turns on, etc in front of her children
>is a boob nazi
>talks about how it's "normal for a mom want to have a sexual experience with their child"
>making videos with close ups of her pubes
>basically an old boob nazi version of raw alignment
>had an on again and off again relationship with some white dude with dreads going to east asia all the time for "business"

social media





basically talks about how good of a mom she is for breast feeding for years despite her son getting a cavity but hands over her baby to a nanny then goes out shopping and also has habits of grooming teens for her shitty polygamy relationship with onion, is a tranny space prince, copies her ex fellow cult member, etc etc

Rain Florence

basically claimed to be a good mom but fed her son nothing but breastmilk til he was 5 and brags about it. has naked patreon while having son, talks about enemaing in a hotel room, talking about getting caught masturbating,swallowing semen, etc
doesnt even have two seperate channels, just combines all her sexual shit with videos of her son

any other milky boob nazis you know anons?

No. 343114

Just gonna leave this here- it's old, but it's a great insight into how these people think:


No. 343119

who breast feeds a child until 6 and why?
do the kids even want to breast feed or is there another reason?

No. 343124

Im pretty sure i heard that you can get vaginal sensations from breast feeding.
Its supposed to help with healing after birth but you know….

No. 343126

File: 1498711004740.jpg (149.58 KB, 1212x960, batshitcrazy.jpg)

you shouldn't "Want to have a sexual experience with your child" though
what do you call people who want to have sex with children

I found this one lady, she doesn't seem to have as much milk though besides being just batshit crazy

No. 343127

This is the website/comic of one of the most "famous" and notorious boob nazis on the internet, Heather Cushman-Dowdee:


from the ED article:

>These comic strips consist of Hathor (Heather with a cow mask), her children (one of them a baby constantly sucking on Hathor's tit), and her husband, who is always depicted wearing a mask, probably to hide his shame. Through these God awfully drawn piles of child abusing shit, Hathor manages to give other leftist hippie mothers (and their eunuch husbands) advice on all sorts of proper parenting techniques such as co-sleeping, breastfeeding in public, home births, unschooling, and NEVER LETTING YOUR KIDS OUT OF YOUR SIGHT EVAR!!! She also preaches feminist, nature oriented hippie politics and makes attacks on devil institutions such as doctors, scientists, and republicans.

Another extremely infamous boob nazi is Katherine Marion, who finally had her (at that time teenage) son taken away from her after a long and storied history of abuse and possible incest. She breastfed him until he was eight only after CPS forced her to stop. Some links:


>and why?

I have a couple theories that are probably all true to some degree:

1. boob nazis and obsssive attachment parents at large focus on small, inconsequential aspects of parenting and blow them up as if they're vital because they don't want to put in the work to actually parent their children in any meaningful way (modeling a healthy relationship and a well-adjusted independent adult, teaching, being involved in play without micromanaging it). It's also an easy way to look down upon and act sanctimonious towards mothers for something low effort and get sweet martyr points because muh oppressive society won't let 6yo junior hang off my titty in public!

2. Breastfeeding releases a lot of oxytocin in the mother; some even come to orgasm from it. Boob nazis may become addicted to this feeling and unwilling to give it up.

3. Women who breastfeed into late age may narcs or otherwise deranged people who are unwilling to accept that their children are growing up and into autonomous people, and continuing to breastfeed helps them maintain the idea that they are still infantile and under their control.

No. 343128

agreed, someone commented this in the other thread

while it seems a bit of a stretch, I'm actually starting to see the pedoey side of boob nazis, not saying theyre all pedos of course

No. 343131

File: 1498711605384.jpg (83.61 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

I'm just… disgusted
they probably jump at people who tell them to stop sexualizing breast feeding
I feel so awful for the kids of boob nazis

No. 343139

I really wanted to reply to that but didn't want to derail the thread, lol. I don't know if I'd call it pedophilia, but it's definitely something similar. Which causes big problems.

Boob nazis are getting a similar form of gratification that pedos do when they touch kids, and Western children who are breastfed for a long time often end up with problems (though this could also be due to the general horrible parenting of boob nazis, who tend to be incredibly overprotective and cling to every shitty granola parenting fad) and disturbed while recollecting memories of the breastfeeding. If you look at all the breastfeeding activist sites, the women talk about breastfeeding in a way similar to the way that people describe making love to their soulmate. But because it's not explicitly sexual and breastfeeding is what you're supposed to do for young kids, there's no chance that the women will get into trouble for it or be told to stop unless CPS comes along for other reasons. And god forbid if you insinuate that they're clearly attached to it for the wrong reasons; they'll start shouting at you in a manner that completely contradicts the creepy waxings they make on their blogs. 'it's just food you puritan' etc etc

This poor thing in particular has such a sad story. He'll never be able to have a normal life. Luckily he's in the custody of his father now.

No. 343140

doesn't seem as pedoy as other boob nazis bur who decides one day just to put titty milk on their face? did it even work?

No. 343154

File: 1498712436739.gif (126.63 KB, 525x681, Applebees-and-nursing-babies.g…)

talk about an exaggeration
I feel like one rude stare at them breast feeding is enough for them to act like everywhere they go and breastfeed people are nothing but rude people going around making rude comments to their face

just glance at a boob nazi breast feeding they'll probably come up to you and make a fucking solique about "DONT SEXUALIZE BREAST FEEDING i CAN HAVE ALL THE BOOBS OUT I WANT!!!"

No. 343159

Thank god someone said it, it seems like a get away with pedophilia pass, and when anyone says its weird they go all "but but IT'S NATURAL" I don't even know how the FUCK sophie joy just got no shit by anyone until now for literally saying its normal to want to have sex with a child, if theyre willing to tell that to the public god knows what theyre doing behind closed doors

No. 343168

This reminds me of hamfisted white nationalist comics.

>I don't even know how the FUCK sophie joy just got no shit by anyone until now for literally saying its normal to want to have sex with a child
She probably hasn't gotten much exposure outside of the granola mommies who are into this shit, otherwise someone surely would call her out, but yeah, it's bizarre that (from my searching) there seems to be no criticism of her. There's a (pretty toxic tbh) female-oriented watchdog forum called 'Get Off My Internets' who often covers boob nazis, but she doesn't even have a thread there. Crazy.

>god knows what theyre doing behind closed doors

Wouldn't be surprised if are a lot of cases similar to Katherine Marion's but with mothers who are just self-aware enough to refrain from describing abuse.

If you read many boob nazi blogs, though, the parenting they describe is pretty deranged. Attachment parenting taken to its extreme and definitely abusive but not quite enough (in most cases) to justify a CPS visit given their high threshold for intervention.

No. 343170

where can I find more about this?

I'm worried about sophias kids, pedo mom, abusive sociopath dead beat dad who goes to thailand all the time for "business" and they'll be scarred for life after seeing her yt channel assuming the memories faded away
where are they now?

No. 343172

No. 343184

No. 343188

that headline though:

>Heartbroken boyfriend of British breastfeeding campaigner killed in Thai road crash says he's 'scared' he will be charged over her death but claims her 'spirit' told him not to blame himself in video blog post

sure that'l hold up in court

No. 343190


the kids will be scarred for life, where even are they?
the dad was apparently abusive, mom was a pedo with tons of videos on yt talking about sex in front of them, talking about how "its normal to want to have a sexual experience with your child" a pic floating around of the kid sucking her boob as the dad sucks the other etc

this is just crazy, I hope the kids go to foster care or loving parents

No. 343199

>41-year-old woman
>29-year-old boyfriend


I should mention- boob nazis and crazy attachment parents often have their first (and/or only) children either very young or in their late 30's or older. Not sure if it's because women who have kids in extreme ages have problems that made that situation happen or what, but it's definitely a trend.

No. 343200


found one

the comments are grotesque, I have a feeling she only does this to appeal to breast feeding fetishists and a 6 yr old? a fucking 1st or second grader…

No. 343201

I thought she only had one kid? When she died she was heavily pregnant. I do wonder what will happen to her son though. If the father is abusive, hopefully he doesn't end up back with him, but the boyfriend is clearly a bit batty too.

No. 343205

and they get proper therapy, it's pretty fucked what they're going through

No. 343206

There's more at her channel, "Spiritual Tasha Mama". She just had another baby recently.

She has breast implants so it's very possible she's just doing it all for the attention.

No. 343208

File: 1498717258717.png (Spoiler Image, 287.91 KB, 640x320, landscape-1432825676-screen-sh…)


what the fuck, shes 7, she looks disgusted, like she's forced to do it, plus haven't most 7 yr olds had the birds and bees talk already?

No. 343209

Get off my internets is a resource that pokes fun at a lot of them (though the members themselves tend to be nutso), and their reddit spinoff /r/blogsnark might feature them. Here's an old inactive anti-boob nazi community:


along with an old inactive boob nazi community:


And googling "boob nazi" shows some results that might have leads. I'm not sure where they dwell today; there are probably tons in dedicated breastfeeding communities on social media like /r/breastfeeding and facebook groups.

Unfortunately, since livejournal is no longer the hub for these sorts of communities, you have to go crawling through mommy social media and youtube to find big breast nazi cows (lol). ymmv in terms of much you can tolerate mommy crap if you want to find the good stuff.

>all those fetishists interspersed with all those horrified people

good find my man

No. 343210


how the FUCK has CPS not contacted these people?
people encouraging 10 yr old to breast feed
what the fuck

No. 343211

File: 1498717575708.jpg (321.96 KB, 1920x1033, yuck.jpg)

as much as I hate trolls, I hope these people are trolling

No. 343213

File: 1498717762440.gif (11.33 KB, 267x200, 200_s.gif)

"I was wondering what do the kids at school think your son is doing?"
"they think my daughter just likes eating at home"
you know, because a 10 yr old, whos going through the very beginning of puberty, should totally suck her moms tit

"at night our nursing sessions sometimes last 3 hours"
"I LOVE the feeling I have when I breastfeed and it comforts her also"

No. 343215

File: 1498717971094.png (10.54 KB, 211x246, whatthefug.png)

This is so fucked up. If men were discussing something in this way, it'd be seen as fetish shit.

This is what happens when people take an ideology to its extreme and sit in an echo chamber all day. Shame that innocent, dependent human beings are being negatively affected by it in this case. You gotta wonder why the fathers or other family members don't try and stop it (if they're around), unless they're crazy and gung ho about it too.

No. 343216

Average age to wean is apparently world wide 7. Though imo anything above age 4 gets really really creepy, especially if it's more than sometimes.

No. 343217


this isn't an onion article… i am sick

>he was 12
>her shirt was completely off
I am freaking out
this is serious, I hope its a lie

No. 343218

>"I LOVE the feeling I have when I breastfeed and it comforts her also"

that's called sexual arousal you pedophile

No. 343220

Honestly, a 30 year old dating a 40 year old doesn't really seem like a very big deal to me? It's probably one of the more tame details to their bizarre relationship.

No. 343221

the sad thing is that it's encouraged by others and all the other pedo moms gather around screaming
"you go girl you can breastfeed your son however old he is"

at what point is it when it's not called breastfeeding anymore and its child fucking molestation?

I feel bad for the people who had to stand around and watch a shirtless woman tell her 12 yr old son to suck her boob in public, I wouldve vomitted in her face

No. 343222

Top article was an april fools joke, it says so at the bottom of the article.

Second one sounds like bullshit too, but who knows. These people are legit crazy.

No. 343223

basically a woman breastfeeding can sit down and describe how having a preteen suck her tit and how amazing it feels and be encouraged because it's "natural"

however a man gets called a pedophile for stepping foot near a school

No. 343224

Actually, just poked around, second article is a fake too. Just look at the journalist's other articles.


No. 343228

No. 343229

File: 1498718997565.gif (860.02 KB, 275x249, 1490478365892.gif)

I…..am at a loss for words. I really have no idea what to say about this.

No. 343230



in this article the comments still state a loottt of them breast feed at 9-13 ….

honestly there needs to be a law on this, and CPS needs to investigate if there were other signs of pedophilia going on

No. 343233

Checked the comments and she's a little off her rocker. One lady commented that she's ready to wean her kid off the titty and she tried to talk the lady out of it. Even offered her email for support. She stated that her sons tweak her nipples to make milk come out. While that may be true, it's really odd to watch.

No. 343234

>it's not abuse! the child could stop if he wanted to!

Literally the same excuse kiddydiddlers use

No. 343236

and the "They want to!!!" excuse

basically a newer legal form of pedophilia

No. 343237

is it just me or do the boob nazis tend to have more tweaking experiences than other moms, most moms dont even know what that is, why is that?

No. 343238

Why does she make those little moaning noise while her baby is sucking on her tits? "Yes" "hmm" It's the most disgusting thing I've seen in a while.

No. 343240

yeah, most women tend to just put their hand away, plus it disciplines the baby better
and if theyre 2+ they shouldnt even be tweaking in the first place

No. 343244

File: 1498720786957.png (111.61 KB, 1215x994, weirdo.png)

yeah and after the age of 5-8 (depending on where you are)
we call it "child molestation"

No. 343247

File: 1498721050899.png (74.31 KB, 1127x435, chandan.png)

this seems like a site for pedo moms who use breastfeeding as a disguise and pervs with lactating fetishes

No. 343248

"I wish I had moms like you all… wish to chat with some moms"

No. 343250

i would think this is all just an elaborate troll site if it wasn't for the rating systems. all the mean comments have only one star ratings while the supportive ones have five stars. this is absolutely an elaborate disguise for female incest pedophilia.

No. 343252

and of course they get away with it cuz "its natural!!!!stop sexualizing !!!!!"

No. 343256

kinda reminds me of when the youtube "webcam video ___________" was put out
how people use to talk about child molestation /pedophilia in plain sight,but no one would say anything cuz it was so hidden except with breast feeding they can pull the " im just a mom doing my job" card where as when youtube pedos got caught they got in deep shit

the second you're like hey when you shove your titty in a pre teen or teens mouth thats sick everyones like "ITS NATTTTUURRALLL STOP SEXUALIZING FEMALE BREASTS ITS FOR BREAST FEEDING"

No. 343259

mom knows best, amirite?!!

No. 343264

attempting to move the sophie discussion to this topic


super confused by that pic. She's laying on her stomach right? I thought she was six months pregnant she doesn't look pregnant especially compared to her vids (to be fair it's been a while since I've seen her vids and I'm not interested in going down that rabbithole another time)

No. 343265

agreed 100% anon
I feel especially bad for the boob nazi mom kids who post pictures and videos online of their 6-14 yr old kids "breastfeeding"

as if the memories and thinking about it arent enough, imagine having it be online forever, having dozens of creep men talk about how hot it is and how "lucky" the child is

No. 343268

huh, weird, could it be just how its angled or maybe she had an abortion or?

then again nothing is ever right with sophie and her dude, plus didn't he have something to do with it as well?

No. 343270

she looks scared tbh, is it just me?

No. 343272

Someone just posted this in the Onision thread:


>Dan, the gross boyfriend with dreads, had her on the back of his motorcycle and was driving like a lunatic. He crashed the bike, she was thrown to the ground, and a truck ran over her head. He is being investigated for manslaughter now. She was 25 weeks pregnant. Video of her death is online - r/watchpeopledie had it up at one point. Photos of her still on the ground are online, too. She was wearing a helmet and was in a pretty red dress. Thank god she wasn't wearing her child when it happened.

>So her son who was raised by an attachment parent was forcibly weaned because you can't nurse on the dead, and has been shipped off to live with his equally insane bio dad and Dan is begging people online to help him raise money to defend himself. Much of the vegan, woo-bullshit community have turned on him - even they have their limits.

She's a freak, but what a way to go.

No. 343277

yeah I'd like to have her explain why she got implants for reasons outside of getting attention and making her boobs look better, cuz you know breast feeding totally isn't sexual

No. 343280

so we've got a fad that is a:

morally sanctioned
sexually explicit
abusive to children

e-begging and cam-whoring community. did i miss anything?

No. 343285

She used to be a stripper, prob why she has implants.
Also she sells videos of her squirting milk and other adult content on manyvid or some other site can't remember which.

Nerd City did a very extensive video on Tasha (I remember her commenting on the video thanking him for the "exposure" but can't seem to find the comment anymore)

No. 343326

Good thread idea. I didn't realise this was an internet thing to but of fucking course it is.. I remember a documentary about older children breastfeeding a few years ago and they just seemed obsessed with their mum's tits in a creepy way. Like 8 years old and drawing puctures of them "this ones my favourite because its bigger. I called it milkior" then they were getting frustrared about the lack of milk and hotting the mums tits. Like what the fuck. It's not healthy at all

No. 343344

she has one video breastfeeding where one of the kids stands up and you can see he's naked. so she also breastfeeds both the little boys while they're naked. which is really disturbing.

there was one of these creepy breastfeeding moms who just uploaded videos of herself flipping her hair and smiling at the camera while breastfeeding and she just gave off bad vibes. turns out she got arrested for selling videos of herself masturbating on top of her son and rubbing her twat all over him and molesting him. all her videos are still up. it's really sick shit.

No. 343354

File: 1498745685943.png (24.55 KB, 501x150, Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 2.14…)

Why are people linking back here?

No. 343356

I agree, this thread is pretty milky hehe…

No. 343364

>Mom and dad with pedophilic behavior
Am I the only one who thinks it's kinda fishy? We all know what type of tourism is also going on there, it raises some question that they were specifically in Thailand

No. 343372

Lol yep that's Leigh Felton. Actual convicted pedophile. Like you couldn't tell from her videos.


>The affidavit says the videos depict "the female…rubbing oil on herself and the child. At one point, the female's vagina and the child's penis appear to be in contact with one another."

No. 343375

in God's house? what fresh hell is this? mom knows best! so glad she's in jail.

No. 343376


I mean I know it's gross and fucking wrong either way, but there is just something extra unsettling with a female pedophile..

No. 343395

>from the kids perspective
this is about cow milk

No. 343406

Looks like she's forcing the baby to feed in that video too. Just judging by the thumbnails of the other ones she's dressed up in provocative outfits and has make-up on, obviously trying to pander to sick fucks that would get off on that.

No. 343425

hm, this thread makes me wish we had a cringe mom general. the likes of cominguprosie, newearthmama, and yt moms and boob nazis

No. 343428

Yooo what video is this, cow tipping much?

No. 343429

It seems like most moms who are breastfeeding past 3-5 kids look like they're being forced, I remember saying something a few months ago about the boob nazis seeming like complete pedophiles, but of course got called some crazy jumping to big conclusions

No. 343443

I noticed the comment in this video >>343200.
Either we have a mole, or some of the people on this board are straight-up retarded.

No. 343453

File: 1498758246289.jpg (49.71 KB, 960x540, 960.jpg)

pretty much boobgate
how a lot of these moms who always talk about breastfeeding end up being pedophiles
a bit like pizzagate, like there was a code to openly talk about pedophilia/child molestation, however there is no code, they're just upfront about it and when you say anything you either get called a crazy pervert who needs to stop sexualizing breastfeeding or the pedos and lactation fetishists come to the rescue because "it's naturallll"
I'm surprised alex jones has never said anything about this since the community is huge as fuck
before anyone who said boob nazis seemed like pedos was crazy, and now it turns out more and more of these boob nazis are actually pedophiles

No. 343467


She sounds like she's getting off when she talks. Either she's putting on a show for the perv viewers, or she's really getting aroused when breastfeeding.

>why not both.

No. 343472

I feel violated when i watch this like it is some liveleak or deep web level type shit

No. 343475

But anon, it's just natural! Why are you shaming women for doing what they're meant to do? Children need to eat. #freethenipple #breastisbest

No. 343491

Probably because they're more likely to get away with it,it goes unnoticed and more people come to their defense especially when they use breastfeeding as a disguise and say "oh its just being a mom"
As if the endless comments of lactating fetishists saying shit like "ooo i want the other one, lucky baby, etc etc"
And its encouraged
Male pedophiles get shit on for obvious reasons like they deserve, even if its them being attracted to a 17 yr old
Female pedophiles especially the breast feeders who use it to their disguise can literally talk about how they're sexually attracted to their child, talk about how good it feels, etc and no one will say anything, I'm glad that people are starting to take notice of the sick secrets behind the boob nazi community

No. 343499

File: 1498763862858.png (51.75 KB, 275x268, 1497642013495.png)

>that video
>her moans as the child sucks
>"the female…rubbing oil on herself and the child. At one point, the female's vagina and the child's penis appear to be in contact with one another."

No. 343516

>I'm glad that people are starting to take notice of the sick secrets behind the boob nazi community

Same. It's seriously fucking insane. I've gotten into quite a few arguments with progressives on reddit (no bully) who defend this shit because it's natural and boobs aren't sexual and blah blah blah hunter-gatherers blah blah blah puritan blah blah blah misogyny blah blah blah YOU'RE the one sexualizing it blah blah blah. The fact that breastfeeding is involved seems to completely shield these women from criticism, no matter how obvious it is that one's getting sexual gratification from it. You'd think that all they would need to do is read breastfeeding groups where boob nazis describe it in a manner that a child molester or foot fetishist would use to recall an intimate experience, but nah.

No. 343532

I agree. maybe just because it's less common, but it grosses me out/enrages me even more when a woman does it. ugh.

sage for off topic but if you want to hate read a book, pick up Tampa by Alissa Nutting. the book is great but the main character Celeste is a pedophile and she's reprehensible and super creepy

No. 343559

File: 1498769844510.png (Spoiler Image, 287.13 KB, 462x461, boobnazi.png)

I suck at making memes
excuse the shitty drawing

No. 343564

I absolutely hate this

No. 343574

boob nazis are the worst moms of them all and deserve their own thread

No. 343589


>You'd think that all they would need to do is read breastfeeding groups where boob nazis describe it in a manner that a child molester or foot fetishist would use to recall an intimate experience, but nah.

like how do people not know how creepy and pedophilic this is? do they just think a woman just "happens" to be obsessed with breast feeding?

No. 343591

I'm not even religious but I feel like I'll go to hell if I watch this. I can't. This is too fucking much.

No. 343606

File: 1498774474891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.44 KB, 1414x758, spoiler the spoiler and spoile…)

She's clearly aroused during this video (and all the other ones I tried to watch). She's practically grinding on her kid near the middle of this one. WTF. I can't even. I'm glad she's in prison. Why the hell is this stuff even still up on Youtube?

No. 343610

I know cominguprosie through muturals. She's your typical crunchy mom, but she doesn't really deserve to me on here.

No. 343617

Has anyone ever heard of la leche league? They're breastfeeding activists who actually do some good work but are also ridiculously hardcore and shame formula feeders and whatnot. I think they were also the ones who created the breastmilk exchange, which gives milk to women who can't produce it (without screening for diseases, of course).

Their website: http://www.llli.org/
The forums might hold some good/crazy content.

There are also many breastmilk exchange organizations that give breastmilk to women who can't produce it. Without screening for diseases or undesirable content like drugs and alcohol, of course.

Example: https://www.hmbana.org/

Fun fact: any cognitive benefit shown in breastfed vs formula fed children disappears by preschool age. All of this extremist bullshit is literally for nothing but the gratification of the mother.

No. 343620


How do they justify not testing the milk? That is stupid as fuck of them. Jesus.

No. 343630

yeah cominguprosie doesn't really strike me as a bad mom, her only odd behaviors is posting paragraphs and photos of her kids saying regular mom cheesy shit like "ooo you are the center of my world child I care about you a lot" and all that

No. 343633

They're not regulated by the FDA, which warns heavily against using them. Some of the exchanges probably don't have enough money/resources to do it and/or want to maximize their profits. Some companies do drug tests and health screenings, but others don't, and there's a huge underground market where people buy and sell it off of places like craigslist and facebook. Many of the buyers are adult male fetishists too lmao

No. 343644

No. 343649

whats it called?

No. 343650

wtf is wrong with people??

That said, cases like these (where the baby doesn't get sick) tends to reveal the hypocrisy of boob nazis. They harp on about how it's not sexual at all, it's just food, etc., but whenever something like this pops up, health risks notwithstanding, the tone changes immediately and suddenly breastfeeding becomes an intimate act again, and the child being breastfed by another person becomes a huge violation…

No. 343659

Why would she think that would be okay to do? What made her stop and think, "This should be fine. It's just tiddy milk. Ain't my baby, but who cares!"?

No. 343661

if I was god I would cut the titties off these women

No. 343670

Yeah but that's a rare circumstance, I don't understand why so many women just want to give up their tit milk to just any baby
it's like more women want to give their milk instead of the women that need it

No. 343692

Some women may just produce way too much milk, so they figure it's s good thing to donate to mons who can't produce any or enough for their kid. If regulated it's really not a bad thing, but as the above above said the US gives no fucks at all.

No. 343716

Some women just have a massive surplus of milk. Sage for blog but my brother was born almost three full months premature, mum produced way more milk than he could ever need at his size. The nurses were all really upset they couldn't use it for the other premature babies, because some of those mothers had a really hard time producing any milk, I think because of the traumatic births.

No. 343754

Ot but why does the nipple look small in the first few comics then big and saggy in the last comic its shown?

No. 343758

Fucking where? My sister stopped before all her kids turned 1. The fuck is wrong with this pedos.

No. 343759

i know nothing about the topic but i feel like 4 is much too old already.

No. 343760

If your kid is walking and talking and still on the tit that's disgusting.

No. 343761

Have any sources for that? It sounds like one of those 'common knowledge' tidbits that's passed around but not actually true. Particularly given that milk rots the teeth and that most animals are weaned when they start getting their teeth in.

No. 343766

Yep, turns out that it's probably bullshit: http://breastfeedingwithoutbs.blogspot.com/2011/10/bullshitometer-no-average-age-of.html

Though that blog didn't provide any resources. However, in searching for reliable resources (of which there were few), the numbers looked to be ~22 months for India and Pakistan, the average in Italy is well under 12mo, etc.

As of 1996, "Indonesia and Sri Lanka had the longest mean breast feeding durations of, respectively, 26.7 and 23.2 months."

Source: http://www.popline.org/node/299904

So yeah, the "7 years" and even "4 years" figures are complete misinformation.

Fun fact, the biggest ''''scientist'''''' peddling the heavily inflated average age just got booted from her adjunct lecturing position for saying that Otto Warmbier deserved to die.

No. 343821

another video from the one who got arrested for selling porn of her molesting her own son…. this is so fucking disturbing

No. 343826

She looks creepy. And why is she talking like that? How did so many people miss the vibes she was giving off and then get surprised when she's arrested for child molestation? She's almost always forcing the poor boy onto her tit.

No. 343828

Ehm Africa mostly, I remember reading from the WHO something about between 4 and 7. There's nothing pedo about continuing breastfeeding after 1 year. The World Health Organization advises to do it for at least 2 years. When the kid reaches school age, ie. ~4 one should definitely stop so the kid can become more independent.

Just because I argue something is average, doesn't mean I argue that it's good btw. The average American is overweight, doesn't mean that's a good thing. I think women who breastfeed for more than a year SHOULDN'T be called a pedophile for that, women should be encouraged to at least try to do it for more than 6 months. But I do think kids should be weaned before they go to school, ie. ~3-4ish. Even if mothers argue it's just to comfort them, kids need to learn to comfort themselves, hug a teddy bear or something if they're sad.

No. 343832

>Ehm Africa mostly, I remember reading from the WHO something about between 4 and 7.

Again, it's nowhere near between 4 and 7: http://www.popline.org/node/299904

The LONGEST average breastfeeding durations are 26.7 and 23.2 months.

No. 343840

First of all the average age to wean off in africa is not 7, but you prob knew that already
Second, if say a woman does breast feed until 7 because of the culture, which i find even hard to believe that the world average is 7, it's VERY different from the pedo ass moms in this thread, who clearly breast feed for their own pleasure, and not because "muh other cultures do it"

No. 343842

I was right

Some said it was 4.2 some said it was 2 - 3 years, the bullshitometer article said Bangladesh was 30 months average, while I do believe some cultures specifically in 3rd world countries, the weaning age may be 3 or 4, saying the average weaning age is 7 is complete bullshit, plus the people who say that probably can't even make a country that actually does do it for 7 or more years
Sounds like some lie the boob nazis made up so they don't seem as weird

No. 343848

As mentioned earlier in the thread, the person responsible for the 4-7 year average is a woman named Katherine Dettwyler, who recently got booted from her University of Delaware adjunct (lol) position for saying that Otto Warmbier deserved to die because he was a white male or some shit. Bitch is insane and came up with the figures through things like dental measurements. Pretty much on par with phrenology, and the fact that she was only an adjunct despite being well-known attests to the fact that it's woo.

No. 343849

so she's a typical SJW/liberal pedophile
people need to wake up and stop assuming anyone who DARE call a woman a pedophile for making their kid suck their tit at 5+ is some crazy pedo hunt weirdo who sexualises breastfeeding

No. 343864

Lmao holy shit I know this is completely irrelevant but the way you worded this I thought you were going to do the Spiders Georg meme.

>As mentioned earlier in the thread, the person responsible for the 4-7 year average is a woman named Katherine Dettwyler, who breastfeeds 2000000 4-7 year olds per day and should not have been counted

No. 343893

He made a good point about the nudity loophole
I feel like attention whore boob nazis use breastfeeding as an excuse to show their tits and get pervs saying shit like "oh nice tits i wish that was me"

Or they're pedophiles, or both in the chick who got arrested case

No. 343894

I also like to add that when they do it but add breastfeeding to the mix they use the same old "its natural YOU'RE the only pervert here get off porn" excuse, and of course get away with it despite their pedophilia and /or call for attention to be beyond obvious

No. 343995

Now, the whole ordeal with Leigh Felton raises a dumb question: she's clearly aroused by the kid sucking on her boobs. But this reminded me of a couple of times I stumbled upon some breastfeeding article on my feed, it was full of moms who commented stuff like "Of course it's not arousing! Only men see it as sexual" or "Men think that a kid sucking on your breasts feels the same as when they do it". So what is the truth? Does it feel the same or not? I'm not a man but it seems the same act to me, obviously the context is completely different and a normal person would not be aroused by breastfeeding, but nipples are still sensitive.
Sage for dumb

No. 344066

This kind of thing makes me really anxious, as a woman who can get off from nipple stimulation alone. I'm scared if I have a kid… Either I'll reallt, really like feeding times and feel disgusting about that, or I've read woman lose the ability to find any breast play with their partner sexual or arousing at all anymore. sage4blog

No. 344071

>Does it feel the same or not?
Depends. During pregnancy, the level of sensation might change; some women might become hyper-sensitive while some might lose feeling entirely. Some women come to orgasm from breastfeeding, while others are like 'meh'. It's not inherently sexual, but it releases a lot of oxytocin (same chemical that makes you feel good during sexual activity, hugging, etc.), which is supposed to enhance bonding but also means that there's a chance that things may take a dark turn if a woman is unstable enough. The abusive bitches who breastfeed older children are probably hooked on the feeling and make up justifications for why it's good for the kids to disguise the pleasure they get from it.
It's a gamble you gotta take, I guess. Breastfeeding only lasts for a little while in the lifespan of a child, and sex therapy can help get things back to normal if they go wrong, so those are pretty small issues in the scheme of things (usually).

No. 344087

I'm the same way, but nipple stimulation will feel a lot different if it's being touched for non sexual reasons, unless thats just me

like usually if my boyfriend brushed up against my boob it would feel good because he is doing it for sexual reasons but if i just bump into something and it brushes against my boob, it's gonna hurt a bit, unless you're aroused, that may just be me though

same goes for vagina, at least imo, of course it's going to feel nice when your bf touches there but if it gets accidentally touched/touched for non sexual reason it will just feel… weird

No. 344100

sex therapy?

No. 344183

There are clinical psychologists and therapists who specialize in correcting sexual issues, from vaginismus to kink incompatibility to dead bedrooms.

No. 344239

A fair number of women hate the sensation, too, and so can't feed even if the baby gets a good latch. I wonder about breast pumping though - is oxytocin still released? Couldn't these weird mums use that as like..lactation masturbation instead of abusing kids?

No. 344275

Ikr, when I have kids I might just pump considering these disgusting moms ruined breastfeeding for me
I get the benefits of breastmilk but why make a huuuggeeee deal about being able to whip your tit out and get your kid yo suck it?
Are moms who whine about not being able to whip their tit out attention whoring, want money, etc? Like its seriously not a big deal to just pump and bottle it, plus it makes people more comfortable

I remember onion boy mentioned "i dont care if she has both her tits out if she gets discriminated sue and use it for yout kids college"
These people are nuts

That shits creepy as hell anon
I remember seeing somewhere that one of the biggest signs of sexual abuse is that if a child has extensive knowledge of sex or sexual body parts

No. 344285

>Like its seriously not a big deal to just pump and bottle it, plus it makes people more comfortable
Pumping isn't an option for a lot of people. It really, really hurts for most people and physical stimulation isn't the only thing required to trigger the release of milk; Smelling your baby or hearing it cry is sometimes also needed. Some people's milk just dries up if they try and pump instead of feeding the baby. It's pretty complicated and not a one size fits all deal.

Honestly people should get the fuck over it when it's done normally. Seeing a boob is not gonna kill you. You can't even see the nipple, it's in the babies mouth. Crying babies are ten times more offensive then breastfeeding ones, if that's what it takes to get them to shut up in public I'm all for it. There's a difference between a normal breastfeeding baby in public and one of these people.

No. 344289


These mums posted here are not the majority of breastfeeding mothers. Youtube videos with other babies (after latch has been properly established) are completely unnecessary and strange. The one posted above in church was so forced and disturbing, I want to bleach my mobile screen.

No. 344310

I can only speak for myself, when I say that it is not a very fun and comfortable feeling. It's hard work, quite honestly. I breastfed my first until 2 and I had to stop because by that point I was having so much trouble with my child being distracted and it was too stimulating to be touched at all. It would make my skin crawl. I guess it's different for everyone.(blog)

No. 344331

I don't agree with everything but I see your point, some people overreact a bit much and want to get shit tons money + attention when they get discriminated for breastfeeding in public

No. 344403

I can't believe how many anons think breastfeeding is so problematic. MOST people don't associate feedimg a baby with anything sexual. If it was so disgusting and wrong, doctors wouldn't try so hard to teach new moms how to do it.
It's so much more healthy for your child.

Sage for blog.

No. 344436

have you read this thread anon? it's about the problematic women.

No. 344501

What posts are you even reading
There was literally only one post throughout this entire thread that may have SEEMED like breastfeeding is wrong, but all they said was that they wouldn't do it themselves and it's not a big deal if a woman is not allowed to breastfeed in public,not saying breast feeding as a whole is wrong

This thread is about the sick community of boob nazis who never shut up about breastfeeding and its quite obvious that they're not breast feeding for the right reasons whether its them being just insane, a pedophile, someone who is hooked on breast feeding, etc etc and who does it when the kid is 5 or older, when it is no longer about the child

No. 344546

What the fuck are you going on about? This thread is about boob nazis, not breastfeeding. Sounds like you're willfully misinterpreting the thread to feel like a victim.

No. 344776


this is disgusting
why does she talk about sex and turn ons RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER BREASTFEEDING DAUGHTER

No. 344792

the little girl looks forced and scared the mom looks like a pedo smiling at a kid

No. 344819

you know this chick is straight dead right now. a truck of joy squashed her head. see kiwi

No. 345355

Yo I know she is dead and all but the more I watch her videos the creepier it gets


what the fuck, the kid isn't even sucking on it, he was licking it and twisting/playing with the other one, I know tweedling is a thing and all but thats usually just babies who dont know what theyre doing with their hands and their moms usually stop it, but thats not even fucking tweedling thats literally playing with the nipple like a partner would do, this is disgusting how do people think this is ok

No. 345356

same fag but I am disgusted
why are they both naked? that looks more like deepweb shit

No. 345531

Disgusting, the kid is treating it like how boobs are treated during sex rather than breastfeeding what the fuck, and knowing the kid is even older makes it more disgusting

That poor kid is going to be damaged for life if they see these videos

No. 346015

they need to background check all these sick ass fucks

No. 346057

File: 1499175834737.jpg (154.05 KB, 200x200, 0w5Zz70.jpg)

I'm getting vanned for watching this aren't I? This is like one camera zoom away from being a mother/son porno.

No. 346064

this one is worse

No. 346095

cant stomach watching the vids but this shit sounds like straight up child abuse. these kids are going to wind up murdering their gfs when they have flashbacks to being "breastfed"

No. 346110

Seriously though, do these ""breastfeeding"" mothers still have any milk left after 5,6,7 years since giving birth? How?

No. 346113

supplements, or in sophies case get pregnant for another son to moles- I mean raise

No. 346124

afaik, as long as the breast is stimulated regularly, it will continue to produce milk, just less milk than the first half year or so after a child is born

No. 347277

File: 1499355148230.png (300.52 KB, 458x323, heather.PNG)

ehhhh, heather has photoshopped rosie since afetr the day she was born when everyone realised she looked like a carbon copy of her dad and not like a porcelain angel as heather fully expected. pic related. the kid is adorable as fuck, but heather literally airbrushes her to death, pretty obvious when you look at the pics on her dads profile.

the sheer amount of shit she posts doting over rosie struck me as sweet at first but honestly i picture her becoming the most insane narc mom, maybe it's just me. that and the fact she basically pimped so many photos of her prgenant and never stopped talking about "muhh tiny frame my perfect angel is so squish in my tiny petite doll body" and doing boudoir pregnancy shoots and submitting her bump pics to all those random pregnancy ig pages run by fetishists.

just saying. something's not 100% right there.

No. 347279

File: 1499355348134.png (503.79 KB, 871x549, heather.PNG)

just providin' pics

No. 347280

File: 1499355492213.png (468.61 KB, 512x371, heather.PNG)

rosalie when she was born, sans facetune.

No. 347380

interesting, do you have any info on who she was before the pregnancy? this seems like the type of shit an ex ddlg girl would do

No. 347387

File: 1499367804462.png (1.01 MB, 1384x756, heather.PNG)

she used to be a scene queen type thing, it's apparent she had a massive following before, but she has deleted all photos from her ig prior to her wedding. pic related is an oldie from her tagged photos, there used to be fan pages for her when she went by dainty.doll

No. 347398

File: 1499368458391.png (564.36 KB, 918x572, RiDIcuLousStaNDaRds.PNG)

she started airbrushing the kid severely after posting this caption..



No. 347406

Man, this is sad. Attention-whoring Cluster B mother is turning her kid into an airbrushed accessory. Who the fuck photoshops their baby?

No. 347470

wow, i checked her insta and she looks totally different now. i followed her briefly before she became pregnant, i think she claimed to work for forever21 or be a designer for them? she also posted a lot of borderline thinspo pictures, like most skinny instagram girls do.

No. 347477

yeah, she used to brag about how she was "medically underweight and petite" all the damn time.

No. 348236

thats an ugly baby(what)

No. 348340


this is so scripted and cringey

No. 348507

So clearly fake and staged it hurts my head

No. 348567

Mate no one irl goes up to people and yells at them for breastfeeding. Why does everyone make such a big deal about a problem that barely exists

No. 348798

oh jeez this woman was all kinds of crazy, aside from the weirdness of breastfeeding didnt she make her son record vids of her dancing naked?

No. 351213

I think she just looked so much like her dad, when her mom expected a feminine little carbon copy of herself. she had a big strawberry birthmark on her forehead as well in some of her newborn photos then heather started airbrushing it out???? you could still see it in the dad's pics on his profile.

No. 352064

All babies have potatoey faces, my question is why is she worrying about the cuteness of a child

No. 352139

after spending time searching to see if anyone on youtube had ever mentioned this community, I found nothing

the closest I got was news videos of when boob nazis get caught being the sick fucks they are, I'm considering making a video on this, should I?

No. 352365

if you've ever been to her page before she's legit the most vain person i've ever come across, only ever talks about how tiny and petite and fragile she is (hence her old username was dainty doll…)

No. 352463

A well-known Canadian columnist admitted to 'breastfeeding' some rando's kid when she wasn't even producing milk…but it's okay and natural guise!


This might become interesting because it'll cause a split between the 'it's natural and okay no matter what!' extremist but logically consistent boob nazi camp and the 'it's just feeding a baby/how dare somebody breastfeed my baby it's an intimate bonding experience between mother and child' hypocrite boob nazi camp

No. 352473

>'breastfeeding' some rando's kid when she wasn't even producing milk
…So she basically wanted some kid to suck her tits.
This thread never fails to creep me out

No. 352488

Yup. She's getting into hot water over it at her job, but a bunch of feminists are defending her. In all honesty, this is just one of those things that she should have taken to the grave. I don't know how disconnected you have to be from polite society to think that this wasn't a creepy ass thing to admit. I guess she's one of those columnists who lives completely within an ultra-liberal information bubble that somehow informed her that it was a cutesy tale of youthful folly rather than borderline sexual predation (or whatever you could call the types of breastfeeding in this thread).

No. 352509

Wtf is wrong with those crazies who call themselves feminists and defend a child predator. Usually feminists step in when it's about being able to breastfeed in public, and that's understandable. Not when it's about some deranged woman that highkey wants toddlers to play with their nipples.

No. 353002

File: 1500140465797.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

pretty much most of the women on the thread breastfeed, without the feed part, they literally just want kids to suck their tits and claim thats what the kid wants

that was… disturbing, plus tweedling can be anything from twisting the other nipple to pulling on hair, playing with their necklace, etc. Most moms only experience tweedling with the first few months they breastfeed because it's more of a hand movement thing, moms usually hate it for obvious reasons and train their kids not to do it much or at all,especially if she is doing "extended breastfeeding" that's pretty fucked up

pic related, it's what tweedling really looks like, not some kid playing with her tits like a lover would rather than breastfeeding

No. 353118

that was… disgusting
why is the host making light of this
why is she using the whole "ooo it's natural you're the only one making it bad" like all other pedo boob nazis do

No. 353253

No. 353255

File: 1500167491388.jpg (74.84 KB, 600x800, B9-sCWKCMAAjLAs.jpg)

since she's in the thread, I remember anons use to go ape shit if you vaguely implied she might be a pedo, but wasn't she found straight up grooming 14 yr olds? and now she got the whole boob nazi thing she's into with a man with a pregnancy fetish and who likes young girls?

one word, disgusting

No. 353257

Tbf that baby is really fuckin ugly, poor thing

No. 353498

who is this?

No. 353572

No. 354230

yeah, she flys girls between the ages of 13-17 over to her and gergs house, greg, who is also known to be attracted to girls that young "if they got huge titties and huge ass" of course
some of them report pedophilic behavior among them, the second you say it's creepy or weird that they do this, they call you a crazy conspiracy theorist for thinking it's weird that two adults into polygamy and have been known to be attracted to teens, are flying out young girls for "friendship reasons"

what I wanna know is how the fuck are the parents Ok with this? when I was a teen I had trouble convincing my parents to let my walk to the grocery store down the street by myself, the only time I was ever let out of state without parents was if I went on a band field trip, if I even thought about "hey mom can you pay 500 dollars for my airline ticket so I can meet these shady youtube freaks who show signs of pedophilia?" christ, the nerve of some people these days

No. 354350

it was more than one? I remember sarah defended them but sources also said she said lainey and greg were shady

No. 354354

OP picture triggers the shit out of me,considering her head literally exploded like a watermelon, covering her husband in brain matter and blood.

No. 354367


Sage for faggotry but this entire thread reminds me of an episode of Desperate Housewives where Lynette's boss kept breastfeeding her 4yo son at work and Lynette bought the kid chocolate milk and the kid refused to be breastfed at all after that kek

No. 354370


anon there's undeniable evidence in the old Onion threads of Taylor being pregnant last year and giving birth to a girl which I believe has also been pretty much confirmed unless I'm mistaken. Now there's speculation and vagueness about the poor unfortunate child's name, but 80% positive her name is Clare/Clair/Cloey or some shit like that.

No. 354379

I wanna see someone put a fake 14 - 16 yr old on one of those chat rooms or twitter, like a young passing person who can vid chat with them and all, then watch onision fly them and out and when the answer the door, it's the girl, and the police kek

No. 354381

Seeing Heather on here is actually wild to me because I'm pretty local to her and know a bunch of people who know her. She's harmless and leads a very different life IRL than what she displays online.

No. 354459


I'd like to hear more about this

No. 354575

ahhhh please tell us more

No. 356443

attachment parenting seems kinda like complete BS tbh

No. 364219

well depends, It makes them more dependant on the parent and more attached, I don't buy the whole "it's praised by scientists" bullshit
if you kid doesn't need to breastfeed anymore than don't, if you're making a kid thats 3+ breastfeed, you're sick and need to turn yourself into CPS, if your kid wants to breastfeed above 3 to feel like a baby again tell them to grow the fuck up and don't just give them the boob just because they want to feel like a baby, it sounds quite harmful for the kids emotional control to just give them a boob if they want it

No. 364997

didn't someone try that but he screamed catfish?

No. 372466

why do they always feel the need to hide the fact they had kids? also jfk onion is like 30 with a 22 or 23 yr old wife and 2 kids, why can't they just grow up and act like normal parents

No. 373578

File: 1502923913145.jpg (48.01 KB, 634x719, efe0190e018528794144a456bb0daa…)


another pedo boob nazi
why do people obsess over breastfeeding in public so much? in places where breastfeeding in public is condoned and when it was seen as controversial in america, women didn't go batshit crazy about tit feeding their kid, so why do they do it in a place where most people don't care and act like it's a huge deal

No. 754970

i think this thread died when sophie joy died but even though she's dead i think this is milk that's not been mentioned: She has full blown porn vids on porn sites (not linking lol). Not with any kids, just her gooching herself and some sex one if I remember. The other women we knew about but i didn't know about her. So basically since each woman itt also makes porn (at least 6 of them do) and not necessarily w/ the kids i think it's pretty obvious what's goin on here is simply something not mentioned once in the thread: Exhibitionism

No. 755188

This is like when titty streamers swear up and down that it isn't sexual, but then turn around sell their underwear and twerk on stream
Having cleavage itself isn't sexual, but you sure as hell are making it sexual.

No. 755198

No. 755249

Parents aren't supposed to act sexual towards their kids. Freaking pedos. Breastfeeding should never be a sexual thing. But everything gets sexualized for no reason.
>Feels disgusted by pedo moms acting creepy towards their children.

No. 755251

Kids lose the ability to actually latch on and suckle milk when their first adult teeth come in.

No. 801338

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