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No. 1437981

Previous thread >>>/ot/1431005

No. 1437989

Actual size emperor penguin.

No. 1438005

Actual size anime faggot.

No. 1438073

i don't remember what thread it was but anons were complaining about an attractive child in a japanese game saying only the japanese would make a really attractive child in a game, and now i am watching the game awards and after us, by a western company has an attractive child. great.

No. 1438076

File: 1670547594652.jpeg (24.67 KB, 243x275, 5884903C-9913-4D77-AA46-1E8E28…)

How would you describe this year of Lolcow nonnies

No. 1438078

shit. just shit.

No. 1438081


No. 1438083

File: 1670547859596.gif (690.2 KB, 500x367, infighting.gif)

i got banned several times for infighting, but i am a born fighter with the soul of Rocky so i didnt learn a thing from it, just to not become super agressive from the start.

No. 1438085

I believe in your main character high spirits.

No. 1438088

File: 1670548108935.gif (3.53 MB, 360x202, 1648256658511.gif)

How was your 2022 nonnies? mine sucked

No. 1438093

I had a decent job in the summer, but quit a month ago because they told me they had flexible hours but sprang the whole 'No, anon, we need you to work nights and end of story.' So now I'm broke for xmas. kek

No. 1438094

shit. just shit.

No. 1438098

I try not to be abrasive, but I can't help it. It's like ingrained in who I am.

No. 1438099

File: 1670548432515.gif (1.4 MB, 472x480, 1A504921-3D91-41B3-AD62-5B7BFE…)

had a mental breakdown, ate shit, currently neeting and fighting other retards on lolcow and various other chans

No. 1438100

yesterday i dreamed i was banned from lolcow for 18 years, what did i do

No. 1438101

I'm sorry it sucked for you, I had a very good year actually. Made a bunch of new friends, gained new hobbies and interests. It started off pretty bad but once spring started it became a good year, I look back at it with joy.

No. 1438105

Same here nonny. My year started so poorly and then slowly got better. I think I’m doing pretty good. I definitely think I need to see a therapist though kek. Then I’ll be the best self I think

No. 1438106

File: 1670548694992.jpeg (106.71 KB, 700x736, DC07CF86-C3C4-4C99-89AE-C485C5…)

Awful. I've been using the site for 6 years and got permabanned this year for offering to take the site of shaymin's hands. It's not my fault she never interacts, I thought I would be doing her a favor. Plus, there's no way to apply to be a farmhand or janny or get into the discord, if that even still exists. I appealed the ban and was denied, and I know nobody checks the lolcow email address.

No. 1438110

File: 1670548984669.gif (1.66 MB, 640x480, 1656329569836.gif)

mine's the opposite, started awfully and slowly getting better. Turns out moids/my family suck and getting rid of them was what i needed to be less depressed. Now i feel more optimistic, picked up some new skills and the sacrifices i made during the start of the year are paying off, also i got a cat accidentally, kinda.

No. 1438111

File: 1670549220205.png (67.85 KB, 374x225, santa_claus_is_coming_to_town_…)

Santa claus is coming to town is on tv right now claymation specials always get me in the mood anybody else?

No. 1438113

thats a very big penguin

No. 1438128

hehehe cute black kitty. hehehe

No. 1438131

What happened this year on lolcow-
>Got permabanned, I think for being annoying in shayna's thread and/or for my "Drake" truthing
>writing a passionate appeal and getting unbanned
>Developing a lust for Josh
>Losing that lust for Josh
>Having fun on Crystal Cafe
>Shitting on Shayna
>Finally telling people about "Sonic Induced Autism/Sonic induced autism in males"
>Shitting on myself
>Seriously not enjoying the last few days in /ot/ and hoping it's just a phase.

I legit had the most fun when the site was down on the bunker threads and in that one deleted thread where that scrote was asking questions.
THOUGH, overall this has been the best year on lolcow for me. I had fun.

No. 1438134

Also, kek, you were snapchat nonnie. Did she really ban you for that or were you fucking around and they got sick of you for other reasons? Kek cannot believe you were banned for that.

No. 1438135

awful, rancid like hot tin can coochie on a fine midwestern sunny day

No. 1438143

You're egregious.

No. 1438146

I'm retarded so I looked that word up, are you saying it in a good way or bad? Just so you know your answer will change my opinion on this year.

No. 1438157

File: 1670552017055.jpeg (26.26 KB, 500x281, 1648256212765.jpeg)

>want to draw
>fav youtuber upload video

No. 1438164

File: 1670552723856.png (780.45 KB, 639x800, 1597953298592.png)

A fucking mess

No. 1438169

Absolute shit. Felt like a long dark tunnel. I look back on the early months of the year and I can't believe it because it feels like it happened years ago. Good riddance and fuck this year. I'm sad I didn't have a good 2022 too because this year is under my husbando's animal year and I didn't make anything for him like I was supposed to. I was a failure this year.

No. 1438170

my irl year sucked, I became aware of my situation and I hate it, before I was blissfully pretending/stuck in dream land. Now i have to face what i've done to my life and how to fix it before 30.

No. 1438174

On one hand I went through a very painful and messy breakup. On the other, it feels like everything is falling into place in terms of my career aspiration and life. I guess it's a mixed bag.

No. 1438189

Had 3 surgeries and am now bound to visit the cancer center for the next 4 years so I can't really move out of here because it would get tricky. 2019 was way worse, so eh.

No. 1438244

File: 1670561694900.jpg (128.52 KB, 801x566, minako010.jpg)

i hope all mosquitos who bite me get all my diseases and turn into fujoshi weeaboos

No. 1438310

File: 1670566598000.jpg (36.9 KB, 480x461, 705.jpg)

i'm missus lonely
i need some nonnie
for my oooooooowwwnn

No. 1438395

File: 1670570324020.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1744, 1670384219640.jpeg)

why do punks look so cool but danger hairs/pronouns all look so horrible?
Speaking strictly of looks. Danger hairs are obviously great value punks but despite their similarities in clothing and style i find them repulsive to look at, while punks look cool. Is it the fatness?

No. 1438397

I mean, I also made the Shaynatorium so maybe my “I’ve been here longer than you, I’ll take over the farms. If you cede them to me, say nothing. If you disagree, say anything.” post was the final straw. I thought we had a fun culture on image boards, but alas.

No. 1438398

why are people so obssesed over just a camwhore. My personal lolcow whos a weird pedo lolicon and miles worse than her also admitted to reading and enjoying her threads.

No. 1438440

You the Drake autist AND the Josh simp? You are worse than Shayna

No. 1438450

Lol you're one of my favorite nona's, and I agree the bunker thread and that deleted thread were really fun.

No. 1438452

>got hit on by another lesbian
in what world

No. 1438518

probably another man-beast tim

No. 1438551

She probably just said hi back to him and in his head he's like 'yeah she wants me'

No. 1438580

It's snowing nonnie! When it shows a nonnie somewhere somehow screams, fuck.off scrote" and he does. Now God is eating powdered donuts and dropping bits of powdered sugar upon us. It's amazing

No. 1438582

wow bet

No. 1438589

I hope I can get those Death Grips tickets

No. 1438614

Lmao didn't get them

No. 1438639

Im sorry nonny

No. 1438645

File: 1670600136985.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2279x3000, 51667855-9A51-479D-98EA-E3D658…)

Omg I look like the gender bent version of Timothy Olyphant. I just found him in a thread in g and he’s literally me wtf kek

No. 1438649

I thought this was yet another misspelling of Timothee Chalamet and I almost wanted to reply that picrel is not him.

No. 1438694

File: 1670602516618.png (109.72 KB, 320x300, Capture.PNG)

I think about this every time I sit down in certain chairs and sometimes I think it'd be a quite romantic thing when consented too

No. 1438715

what manga is this? reminds me of junji ito

No. 1438719

It is from Junji Ito, I think it was just called human chair.

No. 1438720

File: 1670603377767.jpg (17.28 KB, 226x223, download.jpg)

No. 1438724

I read this as a kid, as well as a few other of his stories. Freaked me out more than any horror movies

No. 1438730

File: 1670603948084.png (1.11 MB, 576x1024, minion chair.png)

what if i hugged nonnie from inside the minion chair

No. 1438745

File: 1670604780899.gif (2.28 MB, 250x142, AlyssaCrawls.gif)

Nice trick uhehuhehuha ha

No. 1438746

rule of rose or clock tower?

No. 1438747

actually kinda neat because it would double as a heater

No. 1438748

snippity SNAP

No. 1438751

Clock tower 3, I got it at rite aids for $15 years ago for ps2. I love it so much

No. 1438752

idk why but claymation creeps me out so much it feels like i'm watching a horror movie mixed with a dream after someone fed me edibles. i have nightmares about that weird fucking grandpa wizard man HWY DOES HE MOVE SO STRANGELY

No. 1438753

Yu can't get away!

No. 1438756

Rule of Rose all the way.

No. 1438761

mostly trash but i went camping a lot and adopted a cat. the cat is the highlight of this year and i hope she lives for 20 years

No. 1438771

I just realized i have a pretty good body, i hope that i dont lose my curvy figure once i lose weight. It slightly makes up for my butterface

No. 1438774

File: 1670606445147.png (317.58 KB, 640x630, 7myeoaoudaj31.png)

My sister has access to WEED edibles through someone she knows, and is taking them herself as a treat (she's very healthy and responsible otherwise) but won't let me have any because I'm known to show symptoms of psychosis/my schizoaffective disorder- but I'm recovering, and haven't gone full schizo in like two months thanks to my treatment. I just want to try it like once. I know she doesn't mean bad by this, she's very caring by nature, but is it normal that I'm a little annoyed?

No. 1438775

Aww but he turns good at the end! I understand what you mean though the movement is so abrupt in the oldschool claymation. I guess there is a fine line between creepy and charming

No. 1438776

hell yeah girl you love yourself. and you're probably not ugly, just squinting at yourself in a mirror under flourescent lights. you'll still be beautiful when you lose weight, because you'll radiate health, just as you are beautiful now.

No. 1438779

File: 1670606765472.png (212.17 KB, 778x862, 1625006803815.png)

Wow, two whole months? You're cured and can absolutely take a drug that is proven to cause psychotic breaks. For sure.

No. 1438786

Ok but like everyone my age is trying it and I feel like such a baby not knowing what it's like. Everyone says it's fun, and I would only try it once. Are psychotic breaks even that common on weed?

No. 1438787

Lol I remember that time my ex posted my nudes on lolcow and 4chan when he was pissed. Never give a man nudes or allow him to take nudes of you.

No. 1438796

You will have an edible and have such a big mental breakdown they will lock you up. Drugs can make schizo affective disorders worse and can make your paranoia worsen and last for a long time. Im glad your sister is mature and knows not to let you have any for your own good

No. 1438798

You're a baby for wanting to do it just because everyone else is. Think for yourself, you're a schizo and they're not.

No. 1438802

thanks for shaming me into better life choices. you're right, it is childish of me and i should take better care
i've made up my mind not to try it, thanks for being real. am a bit let down but i would rather be boring and semi sane than have fun and maybe lose my mind

No. 1438803

I don’t ever argue with men or tell them when I’m upset because I just block them. I love seeing them message over and over again and get no response.I love leaving them on seen and then getting rage texts from them. I love blocking them then checking my blocked messages a few weeks later to see them whine and complain about getting ignored. It’s like a reward!

No. 1438806

Anon I understand the want to partake, but even once could trigger horrible episodes. It will also make your meds less effective for up to 2 weeks. It’s fair to be annoyed as emotions aren’t rational, but your sister is watching out for you

No. 1438809

It's really not that exciting. Edibles are a bit like being really drunk on a rollercoaster, but when you want to get off the ride it just keeps going. And you are too flegmatic to do anything other than just hope it stops soon.

No. 1438819

weed edibles are fine for me as a schizoaffective, i smoke daily so my tolerance is high though. if you take a full dose of thc with a psychotic disorder and a virgin tolerance you're in for a bad time usually, but I've never had any delusions or hallucinations triggered from edibles. if you want to try something stick to a low dosage of thc and cbd heavy, cbd can calm effects of psychosis. schizoaffectives have better luck with weed then full schizos imo, but we're all prone to drug addiction for a reason, mostly because of substances helping with cyclical depression bullshit.

No. 1438821

File: 1670608935338.jpg (298.07 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20221209_181753.jpg)

Haven't used Spotify properly in ages but just went through some automatically generated playlists.. I can for a fact say I've not once listened to either song, what the fuck is going on? Next round of gaslighting? (second would be demi lebato whatever on my other playlist?)

What the fuck is going on, keeeek

No. 1438824

File: 1670609001854.jpg (179.73 KB, 524x540, 20221126_071005.jpg)


No. 1438828

File: 1670609139344.jpg (281.33 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20221209_181732.jpg)

I'm terrified

No. 1438829

Thank god, I'm so tired of all stores closing because there is a fucking football match.

No. 1438844

Did you really pay that close attention to what were you listening in the past to say there never were any Harry Styles or Demi Lovato song? They're so popular Spotify puts them everywhere on these more generic playlists, I think it's possible you were just thinking about something else and these played? Additionally, in these for-you playlists, it's not always exclusively things you've listened but also songs that kinda sorta are similar to what you liked so that may be the case - just looked at my repeat rewind and there are a few titles I don't recognize either.
BTW I love the song you were listening at the moment of that screencap, gonna go listen to it now too

No. 1438874

Yes, because I'm simple enough. I've not once listened to either song. Had to look them up on yt and all. Even listening to them once, wouldn't explain why they're either in my rewind, nor capsule.

No. 1438876

Glad I wasn’t the only one dealing with this recently too. My friend and I have our own playlists and never use Spotify recommended ones but they still shoehorn popular songs in just to get their streams up. I think spotify does this to make their partners more money if people allow the song play fully or if they have it for background noise and don’t notice it.

No. 1438883

Spotify is the worst, back when I didn't have premium it would play crying baby sounds in between songs for I guess baby products? I switched my gender to male and they stopped of course

No. 1438888

There's a way to turn off automatic playlist additions by disabling the "enhance" option on them

No. 1438890

Targeted ads are the worst, even more so when they target by age and sex demographic.

No. 1438897

To say, simple as in.. I haven't really listened to anything new. I have one car playlist and some others, but not once has there been either song. I have my simple playlists and I barely ever stray.

No. 1438923

File: 1670613836347.jpg (2.48 MB, 2279x3000, FaceApp_1670613701838.jpg)

like this?

No. 1438937

Based Croatia.

No. 1438940

Yesss! I still own my copy on PS2. I love this version of clock tower so much. I love Alyssa and her greek goddess outfit at the end

You made my day, anon

No. 1438947

File: 1670615088541.jpg (5.52 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Love her so much.

No. 1438952

File: 1670615503479.jpg (13.23 KB, 500x500, 312VDEGHJWL.jpg)

Sometimes when my braids get wet in the shower I just want to stick my hair inside a clothing dryer and just lay there while I wait for my hair to dry. Anyway, I need to get another hood dryer.

No. 1438954

File: 1670615764099.png (10.61 KB, 700x496, dryer.png)

Samefag, I feel like this is confusing so I drew a little picture to explain what I mean

No. 1438957

File: 1670615873747.jpg (23.34 KB, 728x764, hobo code.jpg)

just learned of 1930's hobo code. what do you think the difference was between the smiling cat "kind lady" and "kind lady, tell a sad story"?

No. 1438966

I think the cat one implies you don't need a sob story to bum food/a shower/ a place to stay off her, while "tell a sad story" means you have to tug at her heartstrings for a handout. Just a guess though.

No. 1438967

manipulate her emotionally with a sob story otherwise she might be reluctant to help

No. 1438968

With the tell sad story one I think the woman, who most likely has children I think, I would be apprehensive to help a strange hobo but if they explained what happened to them the woman would help them while cat lady would help them without hesitating

No. 1438974

i think cat would also imply unmarried and without dependents therefore not worried about the safety of her children

No. 1438984

>crochets in public so I can look busy and avoid conversations while enjoying the atmosphere without having to be on my phone
>people talk to me anyway
Ah well kek. It's alright anyway because most people are really kind and it's nice to have a brief pleasant conversation with a stranger sometimes. Just how it is in America, I guess.

No. 1438987

oh, I bet you're right. I couldn't figure out what the triangles meant but they're probably her family

No. 1438996

nta but pretty sure the big triangle means husband and the small triangles mean children

No. 1439005

It’s like there are 2 entirely separate races of white people, the moley type (repulsive subhuman, think shayna or dasha’s lame friend with butthole eyes) and normal person. It mimics the diabolical nature of good and evil. Well, more like neutral and evil. The moley type can only be a mockery of the non-moley type even if they look momentarily pretty, think Lana del Rey. Notice how none of the cute boys with pink cocks have diarrhoea splurts on their skin. Thoughts?

No. 1439016

File: 1670619348084.jpg (37.01 KB, 410x422, 1554390055.jpg)


No. 1439021

>He gaslights you, calls you dumb, cheats on you
>but he lets you keep your legs unshaven, your armpits hairy, not wear makeup/heels, cut your hair short if you want, freebleed, get fat, doesn't turn down sex if you're bushy, never insults you for having stretchmarks and/or cellulite and in general not performing femininity.

Would you stay?

No. 1439024

I would sodomise his father in front of him

No. 1439028

Shayna looks more like a highly intelligent but very coombrained rodent's humansona than a regular human.

No. 1439030

It’s like there are 2 entirely separate Nonas of Nona people, the mole Nona type (repulsive subhuman, think Nonnie or Anon’s lame friend with butthole eyes) and normal person. It mimics the diabolical nature of good and evil. Well, more like neutral and evil. The Nonnie type can only be a mockery of the non-Nonnie type even if they look momentarily pretty, think Nona del Nona. Notice how none of the cute Nonas with pink coochies have diarrhoea splurts on their skin. Thoughts? Prayers?

No. 1439032

>lets you
I'm not a housepet or a child, and he doesn't respect you if he does all those other awful things

No. 1439035

My nipple itches

No. 1439048

Can't believe we defeated both anime and brazil

No. 1439050

No. 1439080

I hate brazil

No. 1439084

This question is disturbing, this is the barest minimum a boyfriend should "let" you do

No. 1439085

File: 1670622604229.jpg (41.48 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

The Deep look into the mind of a "Pick He" aka "Internet Daddy Derangement"-
>Claims to be straight
>Has a internet daddy they care more about then themselves
>does anything to get his attention, including giving money
>Spends time talking about men giving women money for attention
>Gives his internet money for attention
>Widdle dick
>Hates whatever his internet daddy hates
>secretly wants to wear his skin
>Secretly wants to suck his dick
>has all of his merch buys one every stream just to hear/see the joy in his Internet Daddy's face
>Internet Daddy jokes on certain types of women/while dating the type of woman he talks shit about
>Pretends not to see it and defends his Interent Daddy's love interest (Ms.Interent Mommy)
>Wears Merch proudly hoping someone will ask what it is when they go outside after two weeks of watching old videos
>Gets tattoo of Internet Daddy's logo as a "Joke".
>has no real dad of his own and/or rejects him for Internet Daddy

No. 1439088

wow i remember having to pee really bad from holding it in all day and sitting down and not a minute later another girl comes in. Her stream sounded like it was coming out of a pressurized hose, alot louder than mines and I was left dumbfounded.

This really means I have bad pussy?

No. 1439093

Wtf does "lets you" even mean. My legs and armpits/bush/whatever are simply hairy and no scrote is "letting" me do anything ever kek. Kill him

No. 1439101

nah it's the right thing, you even if you have mental illness like that in your FAMILY you're supposed to steer clear from psychoactive substances or be very careful. edibles are often overdosed and you can feel it up to two days later. as another anon said it can negate or nullify the effects of your meds and give you the worst time in your life. the stakes are too high for your sister, if i was your sister and you'd hurt yourself or just suffer bc of me giving you drugs.. i couldn't forgive myself.

No. 1439103

I'm not even diagnosed as schizo but I heard and saw shit when I had an edible for the first time. It scared the hell out of me and ruined that whole day. People I know who are stoners still tell me to just try another edible or that it was "laced" despite coming from a legal store in a legal state. Guess people really cant believe that weed affects other people badly.
I was almost homeless then got back on my feet, had an ok summer, and now I'm back to grinding out money so all I do is sleep, work, eat. I miss my hobbies but I have bills to pay.

No. 1439107

There was some gifting event at Uni and I just went over after it ended to take a bunch of the food before the caterer threw it out. I don’t think anyone even cares

No. 1439108

File: 1670624215718.gif (1.98 MB, 640x352, nikocado-punching.gif)

No. 1439113

File: 1670624637068.png (612.36 KB, 973x645, rick and hottie.png)

He is what the "female gaze" moid whishes he was

No. 1439124

Lol sometimes my stream sounds like that when I've been holding it in for a while, I think the urethra constricts or something. I hate when I go to pee and my labia is like folded over weird or something and it makes my stream go back and forth real quick and sounds like one of those lawn sprinklers. Like that pshh pshh pshh noise but real quick and with pee.

No. 1439160

Normally when I get sick my skin hurts upon any touch, even if it's just clothes, but right now I'm running a fever and my skin doesn't hurt for once, and the fever actually feels weirdly nice.

No. 1439162

Should I go full autism and just start wearing folklore inspired clothing on a regular basis?

No. 1439164

No. 1439175

Why does a hobo need a specific sign for a courthouse? I know this is from the 1930's but I've never seen an unmarked courthouse that needs a sign??

No. 1439195

I've never seen a fireman/firewoman that wasn't sexy as fuck

No. 1439200

File: 1670628584732.png (191.38 KB, 520x399, wait.png)

No. 1439201

aren't firemen gay though? sigh

No. 1439205

The chick whose obessed with Milka Choclate and makes it her "Core" makes me want to make my favorite food (pizza) my new style.
I want to walk around in a suit with different pizza theme'd ties. Or just cute pizza theme'd clothing maybe even skirts which I haven't worn in years

No. 1439210

File: 1670629140547.png (92.92 KB, 568x424, hobo code.png)

No. 1439226

Are you under 18? Most firemen are straight with families. Gay moids turned them into sex objects because gay moids cant let straight women enjoy anything.

No. 1439229

File: 1670630237268.jpeg (9.13 KB, 275x221, 1669743679747.jpeg)

Speaking of gay moids. Gay vocal fry is one of the most annoying things concocted by humanity, why must is exist? My brother has it and it's hard for me to listen to his voice for more than two minutes.

No. 1439233

Lots of gay men are "straight with family" though, just saying

No. 1439234

I hate the way faggots speak. I swear they are doing that shit on purpose.

No. 1439238

>I swear they are doing that shit on purpose
I thought I was the only one who thought this. Like they think it's a thing they must do to be gay. I swear to God, my brother never really spoke like that until he came out. He jokingly said he knows it annoying but he can't help it.

No. 1439241

I've heard somewhere on the internet that after waking up from surgery or when they're under anesthesia, gay men will use a normal voice. It probably is a conscious habit they do.

No. 1439244

it's long but i saw it a few years ago after thinking the same thing and googling around a little. one gay mans quest to untrain his voice and delve into why they speak this way

No. 1439246

>Knew a scrote in high school
>Spoke normally no weird inflictions in voice
>years and pounds later…
>"hey nona remember "That Scrote? He's very gay now"
>Go to his socials
>Video of him twerking his bootycheeks in leggings
>He says something like, "Yass, ha ha, I'm getting it' to the person filming it
>voice is much higher with the Gaycent
They do it on purpose

No. 1439247

I also think it's a way for non-flamboyant gay men to let others know he sucks dick. Ever seen a guy who just looks perfectly whatever, then he opens his mouth and he sounds like a Karjenner but pitched down?

No. 1439251

If it were a signal thing I'd be fine with it. What I dislike is when I talk to my brother and he sounds like a semi deep-voiced valley girl to me specifically. He doesn't need to signal to me that he sucks dick, I already know that he does. Well, would as he's never stepped outside of the house and his only relationships are on discord.

No. 1439252

What is it about that job that attracts hot people?

No. 1439253

how do you tell the difference between true straights and fake straights?

No. 1439256

>If he watches Nick at night
>Drives a red car with green seat covers
>smiles with the left corner uplifted, no eye contact between 9am and 11am
>likes the Green Now a laters candy
>wears his shoe laces really tight

No. 1439260

tl;dw gay men's prior voice is usually trying to compensate and hide their gayness, when they come out, they relax more and the gayness comes out. It's also emulating high class characters who were actually pansies in tv shows, which can come across as gay. Often to compensate for low self esteem and low (class) status. Even when trying to sound "normal" again and going to speech therapy, the guy ended up sounding more gay.

No. 1439261

which side do these apply to

No. 1439262

secretly gay

No. 1439264

Check his phone for grindr

No. 1439268

I opened 70+ tabs on my computer today. All were lolcow.

No. 1439272

Paypal is so annoying for not taking the money off your bank account immediately

No. 1439286

Scrotes here have used the terms "go back to twitter" and "twitterfag" so many times that it's lost all of its meaning and now I cringe every time I see it being mentioned.
>Everyone should have equal human rights tbh
>go back to twitter you retarded twitterfag this is an IMUHJ BAAWD I should be able to say slurs and racebait all I want!!!!!

No. 1439291

I just had a weird moment where I posted something, and literally read it as if someone else wrote it before realizing it was me who wrote it. I feel weird now

No. 1439294

File: 1670633631456.jpg (51.26 KB, 600x438, grating-the-snowman.jpg)

I've been watching videos of parents pulling Elf on The Shelf pranks on their kids, and I think it's so funny.

No. 1439296

No need to misrepresent, just link where this interaction happened kek

No. 1439298

Check his porn history duh

No. 1439299

nta but the timing of the post makes me think it's about the "ion" argument in celebricows

No. 1439302

AYRT, it happens all over the board but one specific thread that comes to mind is the artist salt thread.

No. 1439307

So what? You defended some man/tranny and everyone laughed at you or what?

No. 1439311

>Complain about scrotes on the website calling people """twitterfags""" for having basic decency like not tolerating racism to the point the word got diluted to a dogwhistle
>uhhh did you get told off for defending a tranny or something????
Some people really just looking for a fight anywhere.

No. 1439314

I’m guessing since you’re not linking these comments you’re talking about so we can all look

No. 1439316

Post your phone number, I'll text you the next time it happens xoxo

No. 1439320

File: 1670635017620.jpg (15.19 KB, 320x320, 97d98d28a9827243154b208470b598…)

Everytime someone asks for gift ideas, I just wanna say chocolate regardless of anything.

No. 1439323

Weird that you’re so defensive abt showing us this situation that totally happens. Why conceal the racist scrote presence?

No. 1439329

File: 1670635725542.png (446.52 KB, 640x411, the rock buff.png)

I honestly wish I knew. I think it's because when you're a firefighter you have to stay in shape to be able to do your job properly, so they have some muscle or at least a nice body. Their selfless, heroic nature and the fact that they probably have some trauma from the job just add to the appeal.
Pic not related, I just like The Rock's body here.

No. 1439334

File: 1670636037942.jpg (23.6 KB, 375x500, s-l500.jpg)

No. 1439336

You know, firefighters often wish for fires to happen because the job gets boring at times lol

No. 1439340

mine got stuck trying to give birth and we had to give her a c-section, it was genuinely traumatic, but more so for my mom than me, cuz I don't remember when they cut me out of her

No. 1439345

File: 1670636908000.jpg (102.56 KB, 767x649, 114458.jpg)

No. 1439346

fuck off matthew

No. 1439349

about to make beef noodles with butter

No. 1439382

how do i check a random firefighter's phone. i bet no one here even knows any firefighters so i will choose to believe at least one of them is straight damn it

No. 1439457

File: 1670645959420.jpg (40.13 KB, 561x421, bey_photoshop.width-800.jpg)

Looking back, these photos weren't even bad.

No. 1439460

I was reading an old thread and stopped to ponder over a comment like “hm, that’s kinda interesting. what exactly does she mean though? This is like an unfinished thought…she should have explained better…”

Five seconds later I realize it was me. I made the comment.

No. 1439461

No. 1439462

Someone in my hometown/highschool upperclassman became a firefighter, and it turned out he was having sex with the underage girls that were volunteering. This was while he was married with kids.

No. 1439464

File: 1670646674192.png (411 KB, 799x680, 300788056_767124271247470_7313…)

my best friend finally moved out of her narc ex's house after years of being broken up with him (financial hardship, iykyk) and he finally realized they're actually over. she hasn't even thought of him since and he stalks her social media, hating every minute. a few weeks ago, he sent her a long "this is goodbye" message full of bs while we were out partying in an attempt to ruin her night, then blocked her. joke's on him, we all just laughed at it. well today, he unblocked her to ask her for money LOL. please oh rude ass bitches of lolcow, help us figure out the best roast response to this sad motherfucker before she blocks him again

No. 1439468

>keep your legs unshaven, your armpits hairy, not wear makeup/heels, cut your hair short if you want, freebleed, get fat, doesn't turn down sex if you're bushy, never insults you for having stretchmarks and/or cellulite and in general not performing femininity.

Where I live even women criticize and call each other ugly for the things you listen, let alone men. I sooo wish I could find a bf like that (not like in the situation you described though). I feel like 98% of scrotes here only look at appearance and nothing else. I don’t even know if there are ANY couples that actually like each other for who they are anymore and not just appearance because everyone around me seems so shallow.

No. 1439473

>implying i don't do most of those things right now as a single woman.
What a retarded post.

No. 1439484

My boyfriend told me I was groping his man titties in my sleep last night

No. 1439512

Ok but why do some straight men use the gay voice? I thought this guy was gay since he wears an earring and has that voice but he spoke of an ex girlfriend recently.

No. 1439516

Also I overheard these 2 teen scrotes both with the voice talking and each mentioned being straight. That convo was weird as fuck for that, because it sounded like they wanted to get with each other so maybe they were gay and both lying. It does seem like more men have these voices now for some reason.

No. 1439520

most gay men have had girlfriends and many, many of them marry women to have sons and stay "descrete/Down Low"

No. 1439527

At this point I'm going to believe every man is gay until proven otherwise. I'm tired of all this sneaky shit so they're gonna have to prove their straightness first.

No. 1439529

Because it's upperclass pansy voice and there have been many characters in media with the voice without being explicitly gay. Unconsciously trying to sound more affluent than they are. Or because of his own economic background.

No. 1439562

File: 1670657502001.jpg (14.22 KB, 320x320, 1660120096732.jpg)

I have this little blog where I post about various things from my life and while I don't say it outright I'm obviously pretty terfy. After 2 years of having this blog I got my first "You sound like a terf and I want to clarify that because it's very important" e-mail and all of a sudden I got pedo spam for the first time as well in my guestbook. What a coincidence.

No. 1439586

Nicely done, troons can’t help being pedophiles

No. 1439587

I remember seeing this as a kid, and trying to find hobo codes on trees and shit

No. 1439591

He’s not “letting” you do shit lmao he’s cheating because he actually hates you for all of those things. Truly some dumb ass shit.

No. 1439599

We need more posts like the autistic sonic analysis please thanks

No. 1439644

I know a gay dude who speaks completely normally and is a down to earth guy. Meanwhile if a guy has heavy gay vocal fry he tends to be all
>I'm more lady than you are, hon

No. 1439649

So lately ive been dating a lot of middle eastern and indian dudes and one time an anon was in the relationship thread talking about an asshole arabic guy who was ghosting on her and another nonnie responded with something like "raise your standards stop crying over a moid with a purple asshole" and I just remember that frequently in times of peril when I find myself simping too hard and start laughing and feel better, thanks wise nonna

No. 1439668

so it's like living as i normally do but with a nagging ugly goblin constantly around? don't know how i could turn this one down…

No. 1439672

>lets you
are you a dog?

No. 1439708

>purple asshole
Uuuh, is that a euphemism for kid diddling or is it a race thing? Genuineness don't get it

No. 1439712

why would that be a euphemi-
actually i don't wanna know

No. 1439716

Arab guys, even mixes of them are so toxic and shitty and have nothing to make up for it at all. All of them probably have teenage girls on their discord anyway

No. 1439724

Pretty sure she's talking about skin color and I will not elaborate or talk about my own skin color on this. At least I hope that's what she's talking about.

No. 1439799

It's funny to encounter a scrote that thinks of himself as a prettyboy and just decide to treat him like another fugly and watch his mind implode. I knew a guy that thought he was such hot shit I could tell it drove him crazy I wasn't fawning over him like Draco Malfoy in a fanfiction or some shit. I'm not kidding it's asinine, like you have a gf and I have a bf why do you still need validation from me? You don't have to tell me over and over that you don't want to date me because I DON'T WANT TO DATE YOU. You have no power and it's driving you nuts you have to interact with me on your own merits god fucking forbid! His mind would repeatedly implode every time we spoke which was out of necessity

No. 1439802

>like you have a gf and I have a bf why do you still need validation from me?
Most moids have main character syndrome and live in a world where they believe they need constant attention from women 24/7. They want women to cheat on their boyfriends for them (but obviously have women killing to be faithful to them) and need constant female validation so that's why they rage about the "20% of men, women only want tall rich men" lie. They don't care if it's easy for them to find a single good relationship at a time they HAVE to have women flocking to them everywhere constantly

No. 1439830

I kept making a joke that cancer was on my bingo card for 2022 after how many disasters have happened to me, and now I'm having to request an MRI/blood tests for endless headaches and sudden psychosis so if I actually get to cross it off I'm going to laugh

No. 1439862

Tbf, that's what they signed up to do kek

No. 1439870

Despite being raised in the south, I didn't get any of the southern passive aggressiveness and sometimes I wish I did. I'm either nice or rude.

No. 1439924

I caught a house centipede under the bottom of a coffee mug. It's been there for a month and a half now. The leftover coffee is getting very mouldy. I am too scared to lift it. I know it is dead, but they gross me out so much. Or maybe it escaped, which is the scariest option. I know having a mouldy coffee mug on the floor of your living room is disgusting. One day I will have the courage to clean it up.

No. 1439943

just take a quick peek. just to see.

No. 1439949

You shouldn't be scared of house centipedes, they are dumb ad shit. I caught one in a glass jar once and it just kept crawling around in circles, crawling and crawling for like 30 minutes. Ants or spiders will stop and be like "where the fuck am I" but house centipedes just crawl, it's literally all they do is crawl through the ground and eat smaller bugs. Eventually I felt sorry for the stupid thing so I just let it go outside.

No. 1439958

This is making me laugh

No. 1439970

File: 1670694849762.jpg (149.19 KB, 736x849, a84dcbb1dd4648f8ff1b181411dce2…)

You wish you were this swaggy

No. 1439975

File: 1670695113301.jpeg (226.13 KB, 726x351, DD53CB48-0B79-4459-A590-33862C…)

Yeah, I do

No. 1440001

This reminds me of a post I read on here a while back of a nona telling how she awoke to a centipede or something biting her foot

No. 1440013

i still got to know how does she know what these men's assholes even look like?! who tf is even looking at their literal asses when dating

No. 1440119

File: 1670703705162.jpg (79.96 KB, 1000x667, shrimp.jpg)

I'm going to try and make fried shrimp sandwiches later today

No. 1440121

File: 1670703759467.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, 1531559791111.png)

The original artist of the song I'm listening to a cover of is a woman and she says "boy" several times, but the guy that's covering it changed all the boy to girl. Weak.

No. 1440130

File: 1670704414786.gif (8.71 MB, 498x278, lbp-sackboy.gif)

Online gossip about celebrities is dead. They are everywhere they also are paying people to do it for free in random corners of the internet.
I once said something on a VERY VERY Small forum about a celebrity, next thing you know I started to get a bunch of weird angry message. It's dead

No. 1440131

>they also are paying people to do it for free
Where can I be paid to do it for free?

No. 1440135

where are my fellow flat assed girls at. our time will never come but we can support each other.

No. 1440136

Join one of those super aggressive fanbases. Then build up yourself in them. Find "tea' get contact with the person even if it's through a fan picture.
Start your own forum/discord/gossip page, where you claim to have inside information about said person/people. Then you gain a following. Once you gain that following I promise you will be reached out to by that person's team either to tell you to shut the fuck up or feed you "Good PR", then start asking for money/and or try to montize whatever platform you have. Or you may be directly paid to remove or push certain information.
Lipstick alley has a lot of people like this, for example the Rihanna stans will spend days defending her and pushing a narrative/you can also be paid to HATE
>paying people to do it for free
Is a thing. Just think about it, it makes sense

No. 1440142

File: 1670705174472.jpg (33.79 KB, 488x750, 0501176581.jpg)

Hank Hill ass girl reporting in

No. 1440147

Pancake ass girls make the world go flat

No. 1440204

I'm trying to browse to cure my boredom, but the only really active thread right now is a retarded infight that I don't care to read.

No. 1440208

My flat ass makes it easier to crawl into tight spaces like a rat so it's based if you look at it that way and you want to easily navigate the sewers

No. 1440212

i got into a disagreement/fight with my roommate for the first time in 2 yrs of living together, and to apologize for it he has given me a wheel of pretty expensive cheese. how often can i stage fights for free apology cheese without arousing suspicion? it's delicious.

No. 1440213

As a child I was way more tolerant towards games not letting me play as a female character. When I was younger, I just thought whatever and imagined protagonist-kun to be a short haired woman with a very masculine face, but nowadays I try to make the character look as female as possible, if I can even be assed to play a game that doesn't simply let me choose to play as a woman. You'd think it'd be the other way round.

No. 1440225

At least the one thing we can be happy about in this timeline is that flat-assed people aren't called flat earthers.

No. 1440239

File: 1670709319259.jpg (66.77 KB, 471x542, 8745465.jpg)

No. 1440241

Don't be a meerkat

No. 1440248

>go onto cc after not being there for years
>See moid butting into women's discussion about how if certain levels of skinniness are realistic or not to talk about how men like exactly that body type but with big ass and big tits and "women will always be insecure if they don't have it"
Why are they like this?

No. 1440250


No. 1440252

File: 1670710029044.gif (1.47 MB, 498x498, cat-jump.gif)

When my sister jumps she can feel her butt jumping too which is awkward as hell, this doesn't happen to me of course, so i jump as much as i want

No. 1440254

I'd like to have an ass just so I can flop onto the bed and my ass still jiggle from inertia though

No. 1440256

If you guys are close enough that you give each other gifts, perhaps it would be better to ask him to get you cheese for whatever holidays you celebrate.

No. 1440257

samefag instead my suggestion is to be a lemur. If a male sits in your sun spot, whack him. If he eats before you do, whack him. Rule with an iron fist.

No. 1440258

I ate frozen chicken fried rice and now my right nipple hurts. What could this mean.

No. 1440259

File: 1670710664333.gif (2.44 MB, 206x275, 1648873702385.gif)

every time i post on the hispanohablante thread it fucking dies

No. 1440264

asesina en serie

No. 1440270

File: 1670711345211.jpg (1.21 MB, 1024x1162, laysan_albatross_and_chick_eri…)

1/3 laysan albatross couples are two females and court each other too, some stay together for over 17 years, it just works

No. 1440271

File: 1670711384865.jpg (20.77 KB, 260x217, wise.jpg)

No. 1440306

All I want is sex and home made meatballs, is that too much to ask for?

No. 1440310

i can give you only one, you have to choose

No. 1440312

>game that has a setting thats not a boring post apocalyptic world, literal sand and rocks: the game or generic cyberpunk setting
>not a multiplayer thats gonna die in a year
>characters look fun
>has exactly the aesthetic i like the most in movies
>wtf i can be a zombie too thats so fucking cool
>its probably going to be full of bugs and shit

ahhh should i preorder and have a 99% chance its going to be buggy and unplayable or wait?

No. 1440318

File: 1670713498652.jpg (86.85 KB, 615x972, f0558a3a7ee7a644ae07e05d34b64c…)

thats not gonna help. We all should wear fursuits.

No. 1440328

Tell him to just hook you up with some cheese and you'll return the favor somehow, like pay for gas one a month lol

No. 1440369

I wish I could show off my big booty since it’s in trend.

No. 1440419

File: 1670717261025.png (9.69 KB, 701x103, flroida.PNG)

No parachuting tomorrow, Floridian farmers.

No. 1440426

The first dead island was so much fun imo but the lack of multiplayer killed it. Even when i tried to do a lan party a few years after it came out, in the very same room, my friend and I kept getting disconnected. All I want is another left4dead type game. So bad.

No. 1440430

One of my plush toys is running out of batteries and frankly I don't know which one is it. It just keeps going off playing the same second of the music clip. I have too many pushes lol.

No. 1440445

ugh, good for you, but i dont and i truly hope this game doesnt have multiplayer . I am so tired of fucking multiplayer games, they all look and play the fucking same and i hate having to find people to play with. This shit could have been the modern vice city game we deserved but its just a payday clone. Seriously, every time i see a cool or interesting game it gets ruined by being a fucking multiplayer(i am so, so angry over the clowns from outer space game). I honestly dont get multiplayerfags, dont they get tired of buying the same game with a different name? I like playing multiplayer games too, but i stick only to a few(Payday2, TF2). I cant understand why companies keep pushing every game to be multiplayer, they always end up dead because most multiplayerfags only play the popular ones.

No. 1440463

File: 1670719098116.png (516.33 KB, 619x654, edd.png)

he's cute

No. 1440473

All the bitches who bullied me in high school are sjw libfems/tranny-sympathizers, I wonder which one of us took a wrong turn?

No. 1440474

File: 1670719938600.jpg (49.73 KB, 1024x974, 880ab3348990f9a8f48fcbdd938591…)

you're cutter

No. 1440476

i meant cuter but i like the idea of a nonna being so sharp she cuts through paper

No. 1440479

File: 1670720308887.jpeg (2.31 KB, 135x130, 1669467889705.jpeg)

i am so happy nonnies
>find guy
>he's funny
>he's a failednormie so he's neither too out of touch from the internet nor too terminally online
>into health/no fap but not in a ''new found christian fit/pol larped who secretly masturbates to tranny porn and thinks traps arent gay''
>he's really kind, actually tries to help me when i have my mental breakdowns
>we both share similar hobbies and beliefs, but its actually fun to disagree with him in something since it normally leads to an interesting debate
>hates troons
>the only man i know who's actually clean looking
>he isnt romantically or sexually interested in me

feels nice to finally find a good friend. Its a curse to be female and heavily into niche stuff, all the guys i befriend always end up wanting to fuck me.

No. 1440495

> he isnt romantically or sexually interested in me

You’ll be complaining about how he blind sided you with romantic or sexual advances in a few months

No. 1440497

he prob does want to fuck you but won't admit/only when it's opportune

No. 1440499

“The nicest man in the world is a man who hasn’t fucked you yet”

Truest quote.

No. 1440503

I can't be mean in video games no matter what. I feel bad choosing the mean answers in Harvest Moon, I can't kill my Sims and I can't dump the demon that tried to sacrifice me to get my soul in the prequel game even though he deserves it.

No. 1440506

File: 1670722782753.jpg (13.64 KB, 304x296, siiiip.jpg)

nerver ever, i am blessed with being asexual(too autistic)
maybe, but the other dudes showed their intentions from the get go and he's been just friendly since we meet last year. So even if he did like me it wouldnt be a friendship breaker.

No. 1440511

No I mean you will be on here complaining because the scrote tried to hit on you and you were so shocked by it even though it should be obvious

No. 1440512

File: 1670722946052.jpg (132.83 KB, 750x728, 1603544237993.jpg)

it's called being insidious, but I'm happy you won't go for him no matter what.

No. 1440513

No. 1440514

trying to sleep but giggling to myself remembering that a guy I used to crush on thought I was too good looking for him

No. 1440515

is it truly impossible for women and men to be friends? i understand with the other guys because they were gross neets who were ugly as shit like me. But he seems normal and is charismatic/normal looking enough to get way better girls than me honestly.

No. 1440516

Men do not usually engage with women they do not want to fuck unless they are gay. If he’s straight or bisexual him trying to fuck you is something that will most likely happen. Enjoy his time but just don’t be shocked or disappointed when he pulls something weird.

No. 1440517

File: 1670723314987.png (412.32 KB, 720x406, 1643831268201.png)

I got a special edition burger king cup and i am hoping its toxic so i can die or sue

No. 1440518

my ex bff was a gay dude but eventually I started realising his misogynistic shit was getting to me, it may be even worse when they don't want to fuck you

No. 1440519

Then you have to deal with the threat of a man stronger than you who is jealous of your womanhood

No. 1440522

oh shit, sucks if so. But its always funny to see men faces after being rejected by an ugly fuck like me, when i was a teen i made a guy legit mad.
so far he isnt misogynistic, he actually agrees with me that fetishistic/too sexualized characters can break the inmmersion of games and are just put there for gross coomers. idk, time will tell i guess, i am glad i can just dump friendships easily.

No. 1440525

I'm American, but I've noticed that with some European accents (Like Finnish ones, I think) people really pronounce their t's and d's when they're speaking English and I find it very satisfying to listen to. It's like a subtle emphasis they put on those letters though, not a strong one.
reposting because for some reason I said I'm not American.

No. 1440527

To really know how a scrote feels you have to pretend to like things. For example if you want to know how he feels about sexualized women in video games, act like a coomer who is interested in that stuff. Of course if you say you don’t like it he’s going to say he doesn’t as well.

No. 1440536

actually, he was the one that came up with it when we were watching a video about the special edition of Dead Island(the torso). Same for the troons, at first i just sent him the ugly/funny ones without telling him i was a terf, that's why i have high expectations of him so far. He's also not a coomer(as far as i know), he was the only one in our group who refused to draw porn even tho at the time it was easy money, and the only horny memes he sends are Ironic TF2 yaoi images. Hope he doesnt dissapoint because its nice to have a friend who shares your hobbies but isnt the embodiment of basement dweller.

No. 1440537

are you sure you're asexual? and are you eastern european? I feel like I know you

No. 1440538

kek, yes and i am from south america

No. 1440540

File: 1670724767355.jpg (102.48 KB, 848x855, 7.jpg)

>got amazing job
>upgraded pc
>cat still alive
life good.

No. 1440542

queen shit, what job?

No. 1440543

Tell us how they turn out nona, those look so good

No. 1440546

oh baby nonnie nonnie nonnie

No. 1440549

please tell me you gave him food critic as a job

No. 1440551

FAS sim mod kek.

No. 1440561

Expose them and play dumb about the terf shit. Then claim that they're anti feminism by trying to ridicule and silence female voices kek

No. 1440562

worzel gummidge's bpd son

No. 1440571

File: 1670726760355.png (97.86 KB, 1381x941, xan-chan.PNG)

whoever said you shouldn't drink a wine cooler while you're on hydros was certainly not a dog drinking a wine cooler on hydros

No. 1440600

What's up with the new google pixel commercials only having fatties endorse it.

No. 1440604

Most scrotes don’t like me for more than a pump and dump and find me irritating but most lesbians and bisexual woman are attracted to me. Idgi.

No. 1440605

they b making bad choices

No. 1440607

bruh you should stop fucking moids

No. 1440608

wow its insane how much science advanced, i hope they find the scrote who killed him soon

No. 1440614

I have but I’m just celibate.

No. 1440627

Are you celibate starting tonight or something?

No. 1440634

I this queen is doing well

No. 1440636

I’ve been celibate for two months

No. 1440637

I hope I never come across a grizzly bear because I just know I'll forget to be slow and try to bolt out of there so freaking fast. I will be turned into a meal and be mauled

No. 1440652

File: 1670732833012.png (434.12 KB, 563x421, Capture.PNG)

No. 1440656

Not me. I would handle it

No. 1440658


I don't have a foot fetish but this site is great for shirtless and beach pictures

No. 1440666

File: 1670733547364.png (63.7 KB, 300x298, 66.png)

No. 1440668

i still want to see the pictures of Josh's toes, not for anything sexual. So I can laugh at them.

No. 1440669

File: 1670733728379.png (1.91 KB, 351x40, wtf.PNG)

while i agree with you, look at your post number… can i trust you either?

No. 1440670

the devil is always right

No. 1440671

File: 1670734048435.gif (1.99 MB, 380x214, tumblr_nwg0dfzB4D1qkmus5o1_400…)

No. 1440672

I want to see them so I can more easily piece together how his entire body looks and therefore have better daydreams about him have bragging rights. I'm sure his feet are disgusting though and maybe I'm better off not seeing them.

No. 1440673

I can tell you for free how his body looks. Fat

No. 1440677

File: 1670734357079.jpeg (47.72 KB, 980x980, 157iv.jpeg)

rude. i'll be sending all joshfags to hell btw.

No. 1440682

File: 1670734492818.gif (1.77 MB, 380x214, 5e1.gif)

No. 1440684

File: 1670734722947.jpeg (54.24 KB, 680x579, 999.jpeg)

i'll be back

No. 1440686

File: 1670734971467.png (55.52 KB, 678x302, king sized bed.png)

Nona that's one reason I find his fat boy face cute. I'm still sad he won't date egirls, otherwise I'd already be in Serbia

No. 1440689

I dont keep up with this fatass, is he Serb?

No. 1440691

I love that gif of Sho kicking that shitkid so much. rofl

No. 1440693

weren't you supposed to be a reformed/ex joshfag

No. 1440701

thats not me, i.am reformed, thats someone else.posting the cursed fan fiction i regret everyday. I think he's cute but I no longer lust for his British fat flesh

No. 1440702

Brit who lives in Serbia

No. 1440704

why would anyone choose to live in serbia, is he searching for Tupac?

No. 1440705

I'm not the reformed joshfag you're talking about
I've always had a small crush on Josh because he's a somewhat sane moid with a nice albeit cracky voice who runs a drama site and doesn't have any disgusting fetishes and isn't a tranny but the keffals drama turned me rabid

No. 1440706

Okay I lied he's not British. He's from Florida and he moved because it was cheaper there and I think troons or some shitm I don't know. I hope he finds god

No. 1440707

File: 1670736093204.png (1.62 MB, 1170x1122, hmmmmm.png)

thanks to that site i found out scott has way too many feet scenes in his videos

No. 1440708

File: 1670736198328.jpeg (6.09 KB, 129x392, download (1).jpeg)

Why does every autist own this shirt or something similar?

No. 1440709

Who is Scott? And it's a safe link then?

No. 1440710

which bts is this

No. 1440711

File: 1670736290938.jpeg (172.23 KB, 681x389, 5412F51D-3B17-4742-98DD-E1EDBB…)


No. 1440712

File: 1670736325397.jpg (183.19 KB, 1224x678, aaaa.jpg)

scott the woz
>And it's a safe link then?
yes, its just feet pics

No. 1440713

File: 1670736384539.jpeg (15.54 KB, 183x276, download (2).jpeg)

Example 1

No. 1440714

File: 1670736413137.jpeg (9.99 KB, 284x177, images.jpeg)

Example 2 and 3

No. 1440716

Character from the Kpop band Clock Towu

No. 1440717

File: 1670736470235.jpeg (430.72 KB, 828x683, 945F037A-20FD-47F0-8E6A-5A1333…)

my toes fell asleep when I was browsing

I think I am cursed

No. 1440718

i miss this era of men fashion

No. 1440720

The autistic Era? I don't I don't trust scrotes who own
Stripped shirt with red blue or orange.

No. 1440723

File: 1670736741295.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x705, 1670483318529.jpg)

the highest point in my life was when i was streaming to 6 people and i said something and they posted the laughing twitch emote

No. 1440727

File: 1670737067453.gif (1.33 MB, 500x500, 0Z4cCs6.gif)

I don't trust scrotes who
Own red blue or orange striped shirts
Autistic moids = gross

No. 1440728

be my girlfriend

No. 1440730

>doesn't have any disgusting fetishes
he's into femboys and used to write rape fantasies about women

No. 1440733

File: 1670737780218.png (1.72 MB, 2227x1091, i am going thru a hard time.pn…)

downloading a crap load of clip studio assets is my form of stress shopping

No. 1440738

File: 1670738361033.jpeg (283.37 KB, 828x521, EE4BF8D9-0B02-469D-84E1-F4444B…)


No. 1440739

File: 1670738515165.jpeg (90.84 KB, 934x1200, 196ef5ab7a9bd564a7da5b6a2883ae…)

i really like this vtuber design

No. 1440742

I mean within the past few years. That was ages ago I choose to believe he's changed. If you watch MATI he doesn't seem hostile towards women, in fact he actively avoids making dumb lol women jokes and condemns people like nick fuentes for hating on women

No. 1440758

i get so annoyed when people misspell my name and only use one n, especially when my discord name spells it out for you bich!!!!!

No. 1440760

ok, nony

No. 1440769

i honestly almost always forget what a huge fuck i am, until i go outside or something similar and realize how damn near every woman is shorter/slimmer/just overall smaller than me. today it was because i was/am doing some online clothes shopping and it turned out that me and the hamplanet jeans model were the same size… please try to understand me nonnies, im a (tallish)pear, so even at my heaviest, i would have an obvious hip-to-waist ratio so it's like "well, she's big, sure, but she's not HUGEEE, y'know" but in actuality

No. 1440772

needing to take a shit immediately after stepping out of the shower. now that’s some dumbass shit

No. 1440774

File: 1670742791631.jpeg (78.05 KB, 1080x1267, Picture memes lzip2Ly27 — iFun…)

The most embarassing shit happened to me today, holy shit why I have to be bpd??? My eyes are so swollen from crying.

No. 1440777

File: 1670743657053.jpg (55.57 KB, 480x640, Linetrap.jpg)

i have been reading a bunch of ED articles and the cringy weeby 00s fashion and atmosphere is so charming. Ignore the ugly troon, i love the two girls behind with their yaoi paddles

No. 1440780

File: 1670744148272.jpeg (676.1 KB, 1831x2442, idea nonny.jpeg)

>when you have a great idea but ur also sexy

No. 1440783

No matter how bad this website gets I will probably never leave completely because social media is even worse. Love you nonnies

No. 1440785

File: 1670745494462.gif (2.78 MB, 384x239, hearts you want em they're you…)

same. i got no where else to go.

No. 1440786

No. 1440793

File: 1670746533891.jpg (53.11 KB, 600x507, happycat.jpg)

Me too. I will never leave lolcow, not because I can't leave but because even though lolcow has its own problems it's by far the best social site compared to, say twitter. I'm happy that I've found a majority-female imageboard which is mostly sane.

No. 1440809

File: 1670747968620.png (91.09 KB, 1600x1136, american-flag-logo-png-4.png)

the USA and Argentinian flags are the most aesthetically pleasing flags

No. 1440817

File: 1670748316884.jpeg (153.11 KB, 1081x819, A9FABE58-4830-4B1A-B2FB-ACBF8B…)

Everyone are talking about the flute guy and the memelord kid from the Game Awards, but all I can think about are Mario’s cheeks

No. 1440826

File: 1670748711804.jpg (225.44 KB, 3840x2400, wp4210812.jpg)

No. 1440828

>blue and green
ugly color choices, sorry

No. 1440832

File: 1670748876999.jpeg (20.04 KB, 983x651, sicily_flag.jpeg)

the Sicilian flag is the most aesthetically pleasing flag

No. 1440833

why is drawing the little details so tiring aaaaa

No. 1440838

File: 1670749334224.jpeg (534.01 KB, 2160x1440, 88D08B47-C216-4453-B2E1-FE7805…)

Shoutout to the casting director(s) for finding two men with the same breed of ugly. They are some of the ugliest actors I’ve ever seen. Even bigger shoutout to the hair department for reaching new heights of ugly by putting them in long piss yellow wigs.

No. 1440839

File: 1670749543531.png (119.67 KB, 2560x1280, 2560px-Flag_of_the_Isle_of_Man…)

Unfortunately people from the Isle of Man ripped it off

No. 1440841

Why do men fucking suck to live with? I had to move out at 18 and encountered ridiculous moids when I was living in communal living situations
>Worst moid faked having cancer, would steal all my alcohol, shit and piss the bed and pissed all over the tub, leaving dry piss everywhere. Expected everyone to take care of him and gave a sob story of "having to check into the hotel down the street" when landlord was tired of his literal shit
>They're so messy. ADHD moid would leave dishes for months on end because "it takes so long", another girl knocked out his dishes in an hour to prove how easy it was outside of one or two items, he ended up not even washing the items he said he would and just continued to pile them
>Let slugs in mystery worms in the bathroom due to lack of cleaning
>Guy would constantly get into fights with his gf until the cops were called, despite people already raising an eyebrow to him he ended up letting underage daughters of other people come into his place and gave them alcohol

No. 1440842

Ikr, Matt Smith's forehead looks like it would collapse on his eyes any minute and the other guy has the Joker lips going on. They both look like caricature villains

No. 1440843

they upgraded it you mean

No. 1440845

File: 1670749841990.jpg (42.38 KB, 520x520, 1648335530552.jpg)

i am going crazy i struggle so much to see letter on a screen, i though getting new glasses was going to fix it but it made it worse

No. 1440847

Joker Jr gotta have muscle fatigue around his mouth. There’s no way he isn’t feeling that. Matt Smith is a Neanderthal looking asshole with a small dick like pick a struggle.

No. 1440873

Guy on left: into the bin
Guy on right: would allow him to live but only as a shackled and bound mute

No. 1440876

Must have been him who caused the thunder just now

No. 1440880

Maybe it was nonna after she slapped that brooklyn plumber ass so hard

No. 1440886

Playing those cheeks like bongo drums

No. 1440916

Huh, do you think pedos are sane people? Or is it okay if they seem sane within the last few years?

No. 1440921

I still don't really know why I always felt so repulsed by my ex boyfriends mother.
I just can't put my finger on it I just know that there always was this feeling of disgust inside of me. Like I didn't want her to touch me at all.

No. 1440933

Boy moms are usually insane so your gut feeling is probably right. Does anyone get weird vibes from buildings? Some apartments or houses will just scream negative energy to me

No. 1440989

I recently moved and the bedroom has bad vibes. Maybe I will put my bed into the living room. Maybe do some cleaning rituals in the bedroom. Some houses have bad vibes in general.
And boy moms are insane yes. A woman with a son got pregnant with a girl and everyone told her that they were so sure she is a boy mom ouch. She didn’t understand my disgusted facial expression kek

No. 1441008

Their orgasm faces are probably horrifying

No. 1441024

Where did Matt Smith's eyebrows go. I don't remember him being this ugly in Doctor Who

No. 1441026

Kek that’s not real!

No. 1441027

I'll let men into my DMs but when it comes to meeting for a date I feel so fucking unmotivated. I just want to stay home and watch dumb shows instead. I'll never have friendships or a relationship

No. 1441029

I want a loving relationship, a husband and children, but I cba to even message men back. I’d rather come on here and get into slapfights with anons. Bet my ancestors are proud…

No. 1441030

Can't imagine forming a valuable relationship or friendship with a type of man who slides into DMs

No. 1441070

File: 1670773359139.gif (428.77 KB, 220x183, tenor.gif)

ladies, please…should i buy these discount jeans or a rainbow high doll?

No. 1441085

File: 1670774194710.jpg (170.94 KB, 1000x1482, MV5BZTFkNmE5MjUtZDE1Yi00ZmQyLT…)

I watched the Pearl movie because I kept hearing about it. It was just ok and honestly pretty boring. I tried to watch X but couldn't get through it because it was mostly just them making porn and occasionally seeing someone doing something creepy.

No. 1441104

Yes, that is true. "Boy moms" are basically traitors with how much they worship their sons. My ex boyfriend was also an only child and extremely spoiled. We were together for 5 years, and I asked him multiple times if he wanted to move in with me. He had a good job and no financial troubles and was in his late 20s but always said that he wanted to stay home with his parents. I always was there for him but when I was not feeling well he didn't do shit. He didn't even do the bare minimum for me. It was as if he was unable to see the needs and wants of other people
and could only see himself. I sadly ignored all of the red flags for too long. The most important things in his life were his appearance and his own comfort. When we had arguments he would stonewall for days or run away like a child. I guess I was always disgusted with his mom because I looked at his parents relationship and saw what my future would look like if I stayed with him. A father with the emotional capacity and intelligence of a stick and an overbearing mother who cannot accept that her child is an adult and treats her son as if he was her partner. My ex-bf and his mother were also always talking way too much. They always talked over each other as if it was a contest to see who could dump more nonsense that wasn't even worth talking about and emotional baggage on to the person who was forced to listen. I am thankful that I finally had enough and broke up with him. I'd rather die alone than marry a guy like that.

No. 1441106

I swear this is one of those things where people talk about constantly online but no one IRL actually has heard of

No. 1441112

There are certainly pick me women who worship their sons, but honestly this thing where anons act like every and any woman who has a son is an evil bitch isn't true. There are plenty of normal women who have sons I also can't really take them seriously since they're talking about dating those sons.

No. 1441114

It takes a while to adjust to new glasses nonnie. Take it easy

No. 1441116

I agree with your first point, but yes dysfunctional people often attract other dysfunctional people, it's not surprising really that users end up with mentally disturbed bf's of friend groups

No. 1441119

I'm so good at pulling stuff out my ass

No. 1441123

Boymoms are different from being a mom with son(s). It's when you identify as such, or mothers that don't try to NLOG but are love with their sons, and think they're the ideal man, and their obsession borders on incest sometimes.

Also it's probably cultural. It's very much present in slavic families, where women think their useless copy of their husband is an angel sent on Earth that can do no wrong, and they'll fucking hide behind her skirt and let her fight all his fiths, even in the relationship. In the small slavic diaspora I'm in contact with, I know multiple guys whose moms play housekeeper to their 30 year old sons, even though they live separately, because in their mind they just need to make sure their son has a job, and he'll get a woman to take over all of the chores, so he doesn't need any life skills.

No. 1441159

>mothers that don't try to NLOG but are love with their sons, and think they're the ideal man, and their obsession borders on incest sometimes.
You just described the 98% of south asia(or any country with arranged marriages)(image removed from post due to it looking like CP, what the fuck is wrong with you Pakichan.)

No. 1441170

remove that fucking shit right now

No. 1441171

fucking weirdo

No. 1441173

>Slavic women think their useless copy of their husband is an angel
I’ve noticed a lot of Russian moms constantly post photos on social media of what appears to be their nuclear family, but turns out to be with their adult son and younger kids. The token photo of their sweaty bloated old husband explains everything, kek.

No. 1441174

File: 1670778799498.jpeg (121.29 KB, 750x562, AC893C14-813F-4EB5-85CF-225776…)

Reasons why I'm a sea mermaid, by anonita:
>I like seafood and fish
That should be obvious, and I'm also not allergic to them, which means there's no way I couldn't be a mermaid.
>I like shiny things
Mermaids love to collect stuff because they're shiny, I could use the stuff I collect to decorate my tail.
>I need to live near a beach
My skin dries out horribly if I don't go to the beach at least twice a month, and I get terrible allergies too, but the moment I'm near the beach I feel better, everything gets cured, and I'm also quite sure that my immune system would get better if I could go to the beach every weekend.
>I'm not a good swimmer
I know everyone is going to say "but muh mermaids are fish and they swim!!!" Well, of course they do, but not when you're cursed to have human legs, do you really think that swimming with human legs is the same as swimming with a fish tail? Then think about it again because that's not how it works, I lost my tail at some point of my life and now I can't swim as well as I probably used to swim when I had it.
>my voice gets worse over the years
I used to have an amazing voice for singing, but because I'm not living in the sea, It gets worse and I lose my singing capabilities, I can't get the pitches as better as when I was younger, it's because my ears are getting dry on the inside and my throat is getting rusty.
>I feel the sea calling me
The sea wants me to go back home, I'm surely a mermaid princess.
>I like sea themed stuff
The nostalgia for my home in the sea makes me want to seek for more sea theme things so I can feel more at home.
If you also feel identified with all of this, then you're probably a mermaid too.

No. 1441175

I swear I can't delete this for some reason

No. 1441180

why the fuck do you have this image in ur folders ?? this is so creepy

No. 1441182

I googled Indian man sleeping next to his mother and this was the result

No. 1441184

this is clearly a young boy with his mother and this scene is incredibly creepy, there was already cp on /snow/ earlier and now seeing that shit made me more mad

No. 1441185

I swear on my head that I didn't mean it like that, but yes these cases of mother incredibly physically close(borderline incestious) is very common in south asia

No. 1441197

Pakistan how are you talking despite being banned?

No. 1441206

nta but she got redtexted-banned after this post. She's not still posting.

No. 1441212

oh wow i didnt thought jannies were gonna do sum abt that, thanks again janjan

No. 1441260

File: 1670784483416.png (297.65 KB, 600x733, 83a.png)

Withered Freddy is the creppiest five night at Freddy's animatronic. I didn't post this at the impopular opinion thread because this is a fact.

No. 1441264

File: 1670784654156.jpg (17.9 KB, 182x143, 20200118_192858.jpg)


No. 1441270

Years ago I was in a discord server where one of the members called herself a lesbian while dating an MtF in the same server. Like… okay. Make it make sense. Even if you think twaw and can look exactly like real woman, pretty sure the MtF didn't sound like he passed given how autistic he was and being a late transitioner. She also complimented a troom's drastic makeup as if we don't realize how shitty it was. Handmaidens make me cringe.

No. 1441303

It's in the sneak peak nonnie, it's real. They might almost have put the dead or alive boobie physics on that butt

No. 1441311

I always wondered do the farmhands have to "Sign in" to lolcow when they do their janny buiness? What would a sign in page look like for wowcow?

No. 1441315

No. 1441320

I watched a recap of this movie, for some reason i thought she was the chick from Euphoria. It honestly made me emotional;
like her not winning, her wanting to do it so badly, her husband coming home, it was just so sad to me, i didn't feel bad for anyone but Pearl
Likewise I watched the other movie and I didn't like it, the weird old lady killing them and shit, I don't know it was boring
Her lack of eyebrows intrigue me but is nice

No. 1441322

oh wow, how do you have this techinology nonnie?

No. 1441327

i wanted to be a farmhand too since the one we have are lazy, so i just digged to see how they do that stuff

No. 1441331


No. 1441378

File: 1670788984822.jpg (60.58 KB, 460x451, aB2oX31_460s.jpg)

I refuse

No. 1441390

File: 1670789352024.jpeg (545.09 KB, 828x907, F6294F23-11DE-48FD-B995-39396C…)

I was posting her in the weekend thread but ppl stopped caring, so HERE SHE IS LADIES; MS JUNE the junkyard queen is now 6 months old. She is such a snuggler. Also, she is starting to understand how to “cat” better. We are pretty sure a raccoon helped her before us, based on her body language being so odd.
Shout out to our giant older cat running races with her and keeping her clean. Hes the best coach.

No. 1441391

I always thought the "AI generated photos" anon was crazy but I look again and wtf..? Why ARE a bunch of new threads random ai photos?

No. 1441396

Someone just avatarfagging I think, and no jannies = they never get removed

No. 1441397

No. 1441400

Did you know that alpha male orangutans suppress the puberty of the other males around them (and that human elderly males can suppress the puberty of orangutan males just by being present)? Which results in most of the male orangutan population being full of incels and the women don't like them.

No. 1441407

Wouldn't the repression of puberty also mean they don't try anything with the females though? Why do they hate them? I doubt virgin orangutans post hateful stuff about stuck-up orange bitches

No. 1441413

No, they still try to rape female orangutans, so they're incels.

No. 1441422

Even though they never reached sexual maturity? Wtf?

No. 1441432

Scrotes being scrotes. They do reach a form of sexual maturity, sort of, but don't develop secondary sex characteristics.
>Scientists think the two different types of adult males—those with secondary sex characteristics and those without—are two alternative mating strategies that evolved in orangutans. A new study published online in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology tries to pinpoint the circumstances under which orangutan arrested development emerges.
>Orangutans in both locations are mostly solitary. They roam the treetops alone, but they live in home ranges that overlap with those of other orangutans. In Sumatra, a female prefers to mate with the dominant male that lives in her neck of the woods. This male always has his full set of male features. A female finds the dominant male by following the sound of his long call, and when she’s ready to be pregnant, the two enjoy a sort of honeymoon—traveling and mating together for up to three weeks. Other adult-looking males may live in the same area, but females actively avoid their calls and stay hidden from them.
>Because the dominant male is so popular, he can be choosy about mates. These males tend to pass over inexperienced females who haven’t yet had a baby. With younger adult females, it’s hard to tell if they are truly ready to become mothers, so it’s a better bet to stick with females who are already moms.
>Yet some males are interested in these naïve females: the sexually mature males lacking adult traits. Unlike the other male orangutans, these guys don’t wait for females to come to them. They search the forest for receptive females, and Pradhan and his colleagues speculate that these males might father a lot of the children of first-time orangutan moms.
In other sources they were more explicit in saying that this usually involves rape.

No. 1441513

File: 1670792859629.jpg (108.69 KB, 630x780, 8f5e2496d01490ca0dccabf2951129…)

If there were to be a live action Evangelion Hollywood movie to be made, would Ellen Page's troonism cancel out her whiteness and allow her to play Shinji Ikari with little social media discourse? Would she be given the pass that Scarlett Johansson was not by virtue of being a TIF as opposed to a "cis" woman?

No. 1441531

goddamn can we make a minute of silence about troons ? its the 3rd /ot/ thread talking about trannies at the same time im getting tired

No. 1441535

You think I check? I just pick the most appropriate thread from the catalog to say whatever I feel like saying in the moment.

No. 1441538

It takes 0 seconds to ignore posts you don't like

No. 1441593

theres fucking troons everywhere goddamn we all get it we need to get rid of trannies but at the same time everywhere i go i see them on lolcow on 4chan on reddit on twitter on facebook on crystalcafe on tv on instagram on snapchat goddamn please i need some rest please tell the ceo of tranny that he won this time im fucking tired of trannies i just gonna self isolate and dont interact with anyone so i will be free from this cult degenerates

No. 1441597

She'd unironically be the best casting choice just because of how wimpy and frail he is. Although I'm not sure how the Japenese would feel about it.

No. 1441601

That's a spicy straight.

No. 1441605

File: 1670794910951.gif (496.92 KB, 480x360, p0z1r2efvco1_500.gif)

No. 1441606

newfag radfems have unironically destroyed ot

No. 1441613

That's a choice the admin/mods made. There's a dead board for it not one of them can even find, any attempt at a containment thread is locked because it'll attract raiders, so what you have is people venting in 10 different thread decentralized.

No. 1441616

That wasn't true 4 years ago and it's still not the case.

No. 1441617

Wheres that cap showing how the goreposter tranny was the one complaining about radfems?

No. 1441621

there already is a containment thread for troons in snow, the only thing we need back is the manhate thread and we should be done with it (i mean done with derailing about trannys/moids in every thread)

No. 1441622

File: 1670795448796.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x227, 1670628693930.jpg)

No. 1441627

wow you are totally right every poster here is totally the same person, its not possible for it to be a separate poster….nope they have a different opinion than me so it must be the same entity. No one would ever here dare to have a different opinion than me so it must be the same poster.

No. 1441634

>contributes a fuckload to this site
>has created alot of threads here
>gets accused of being goreposter because i dont like the newfag radfems

Maybe its time i post on the lolcow graduation thread….

No. 1441635

The /snow/ threads are for milk though, not for people blogging about their tranny collegue or them peaking over seeing some 5-year old story. I'd much rather they have an /ot/ thread than to have people bump that thread to announce how they have finally peaked.

No. 1441640

Kek thanks nonna
Wasn’t saying that at all just wanted to see how the goreposter worded it. Anons can complain but the obvious ones always call for immediate bans instead of wanting a containment thread for it. Wish more anons could populate 2x its pretty empty and threads die off so quickly there

No. 1441644

File: 1670795832866.gif (2.24 MB, 320x240, 321290B2-35FE-40FA-A801-0769A0…)

when you scratch your scalp and the dandruff is lowkey giving you volume

No. 1441646

ok i get it but please go back at some of the mtf threads from years ago and the farmhands or admin say it themselves that it is a containment thread

No. 1441648

if you are going to backtrack atleast delete your previous post so you dont look like a hypocritical bitch.

No. 1441656

Ntayrt but calm the fuck down

No. 1441660

Me asking for a photo isn’t a personal attack lol and I can’t backtrack if I haven’t said anything

No. 1441661

File: 1670796178168.gif (998.3 KB, 250x251, 1515222538744.gif)

Um, go right ahead, what are people supposed to say to this. We'll mail you your participation award for this anonymous website

No. 1441663

let people talk about troons if they want, start different conversations. I will say it's funny how this thread is dead when I post but now you nonnies, nona's and Nonna's are talking.
Talk to me, lets talk about flowers

No. 1441678

File: 1670796675988.jpg (71.33 KB, 590x442, daecae8e5882e08b008a67da8eea3a…)

We have raiders with or without containment threads. If anything, things have only gotten worse since the retarded decisions oldmin made back in the day. Even if you know of the hidden board, it's been dead since it got closed the first time iirc and having this permanent impermanent status. inb4
>be the change you want to see
I think the board also doesn't work because a lot of the manhate and troon shit comes up somewhat organically during discussions and in general you don't think about going to a separate hidden board immediately. Out of sight out of mind and all that. There have been periods where I post more often, nobody responds, so I don't check and forget about it.
Tamarind flowers are my favorite

No. 1441680

File: 1670796734148.jpeg (341.55 KB, 1024x848, C746B820-C0F0-4BE7-9BF1-2F77B2…)

I’ll bite nonna heres some bluebells! Glad theres laws in place to protect these wildflowers.

No. 1441681

anon now you know damn well im not asking for any acknowledgement, but accusing anons of being ''insert accusation'' all the time just because we have slightly different opinions than the anons who joined recently does become unbearable. And dont get me started on how the new surge of users are hyper-judgmental of anons who are into weeb hobby's or media, or the weirdos who constantly bitch about husbandofags and fujos here calling them pickmes and that theyre not enough feminist for them.
Its just weird, there are alot of anons who get attacked when they make vents about their life too. Its just become a very hostile , controlling and boring environment with the new userbase.

No. 1441724

I hope my future house is full of bright things like tamarind flowers in a garden. Bright for all the senses. Lemon or saffron coloured feature walls, frankincense burning in the corner, a piano to fill the sunny walls with music, cups of floral tea to relax with. Astaghfirullah i have blogged

No. 1441733

File: 1670797911349.png (165.95 KB, 255x237, Capture.PNG)

Nonnies, would you eat the stinky flower for $10 and your husbando to come to life and love you forever?
You have to eat the whole middle part and one petal over the course of a month. You can cook it but cannot add seasonings or mix it with other foods.

No. 1441737

im pretty sure that would kill you

No. 1441744

Chomp chomp motherfucker we are feasting tonight mmm mamamia

No. 1441746

File: 1670798226878.jpg (79.32 KB, 736x736, 0a58934bfda5c402358262cf7936dd…)

she is me

No. 1441747

The price of love

No. 1441749

We need to nuke the west, specifically America.

No. 1441754

Yes, of course.

No. 1441756

File: 1670798415351.jpeg (31.76 KB, 612x423, 34557_7900.jpeg)

but that's how you get to the husbando dimension nonna

No. 1441764

File: 1670798648781.jpg (73.91 KB, 320x454, 1594908370368.jpg)

The photos I took of my ID card are just mixed between all the reaction images I use just waiting for me to misclick one day. Why yes, I do like to live dangerously

No. 1441769

File: 1670798726762.jpg (10.77 KB, 259x195, images.jpg)

Would you date Chris Chan (When he looked like this) if he actually COULD make the dimensional merge happen and bring your husbando to life? (this is before all the shit happened with his mom whatever was going on at this time in this picture, is when you are dating him)

No. 1441773

No. 1441777

I would sacrifice myself for the husbando community & then promptly "accidentally" die

No. 1441778

i would rather neck myself

No. 1441779

I love my husbando I would do anything for him even this

No. 1441780

I just make an online persona and e-date him to make it happen

No. 1441783

Ever since I started eating meat, I feel like my period is heavier and also smells different (a bad different). Maybe I'm just imagining it though.

No. 1441784

Your puss puss is meatier than before

No. 1441789

Oh wow

No. 1441790

There's a reddit post of a girl frying her gunky period blood bacon strips.

No. 1441794

kek nonnie firefox still tries to autofill my email even though I deleted my forms history multiple times which is why I don't even try to sage on /ot/. It's like the fat moid god himself is telling me to stop posting or else

No. 1441797

I need to move to a place where I can do this too without retarded neighbors who will try to sue about stray flower petals falling in their garden or who think brightly colored outside walls are offensive.

No. 1441823

File: 1670800250734.jpg (35.86 KB, 736x498, 5d1038a7dfed13f567f0fa24544654…)

As long as you don't nuke Japan we're all good.

No. 1441825

if we nuke japan again i fear what they will do in retalation. They created anime after the 2 bombs as a psyop to destroy the west and it has worked wonders, even if their birth rate had to decline in the process.

No. 1441827

Their population is merely the beginning, the goal is to take the whole world out so there's no one left to remember that they lost once

No. 1441829

i ate 4 hamburges yestarday and i am going to eat 4 more today hehehehe

No. 1441835

where you get them from?

No. 1441837

File: 1670801468594.jpg (19.46 KB, 750x562, download (3).jpg)

When's the last time you've been able to relax? I can't think of the last time I've been able to relax and not be stressed about something.

No. 1441838

i made them myself

No. 1441839

sadly when i was sure i was going to kill myself by the end of the year

No. 1441845

File: 1670801720517.jpg (10.1 KB, 280x280, 7609e0753a61759382c81fbaf9d37e…)

I can only be relaxed on days where I choose to do literally nothing useful and forget the outside world exists for a little while

No. 1441853

That's it, I'm posting in Japanese on twitter, it'll force me to look up word and learn and remember new words. Fuck it. I'm only going to post about video games, BL and food anyway while bitching about work, whatever.

No. 1441862

absofucking lutely, it looks like a giant peperoni AND i get my husbando? sign me up

No. 1441866

i think i am going to make mini pizzas inteasd

No. 1441882

I hope my backyard cat is okay, its raining pretty hard

No. 1441890

I've always thought that if I ever own a home with a nice backyard, I would set up a little shed that could be a shelter for strays. Sounds nice in theory, would be a shitty idea irl though.

No. 1441891

File: 1670804376887.png (546.28 KB, 451x638, doubled.png)

look at him omg

No. 1441894

just remembered that retarded cunt roma army. it is so weird when women have no loyalty to their sex

No. 1441930

File: 1670805542019.jpg (14.09 KB, 474x266, downloadfile-3.jpg)

not enough moneyyyy

No. 1441954

Just permaban her fucking IP you dumbass Jannies, if you know it's pakichan then just ban every IP she uses.

No. 1441956

She probably ban evades.

No. 1441959

File: 1670807183149.gif (797.13 KB, 500x344, miami vice.gif)

Miami Vice is so fucking cool nonnies. Always hated crime dramas because they always look boring, but it being set in the 80s makes it instantly cool and sovlful

No. 1441966

Very true

No. 1441970

Nta but if you don't know what to say to a post you could just not reply? I think the nona was just making a generalized comment not looking for asspats. Not sure why the concept of some anons leaving makes some of you seethe so much

No. 1441981

have you ever looked up how many famous people were on Miami Vice before they got really famous? it's kinda crazy

No. 1441982

I finished my english final, all that's left is my math exam and my art final! My brain feels like jelly but I'm so close to being done for this semester!

No. 1441984

I got the last parking spot on the other side of the street for alternate side parking what whattttt. Now I don't have to wake up at 6:00 to move my car

No. 1441997

File: 1670809785243.jpg (66.83 KB, 1200x707, better-call-saul-306-mark-marg…)

also, how the fuck can this 80s show find hispanic people that can speak perfect spanish meanwhile i have to sit through Breaking Bad cringing to death because the hired non fluent mexicans
sounds really cool need to check it out

No. 1441998

Check any long-running episodic tv program and you'll find a similar thing. They're always casting new faces for just one episode and some of those people have some talent.

No. 1442014

File: 1670810910505.jpeg (559.21 KB, 828x1218, AF413BEB-34AF-4D85-8CD4-FFE875…)

We are the same height and size and Im not at my goal health by any means but shes so pretty i want to drink champagne with her.

No. 1442040

File: 1670811959084.jpg (194.28 KB, 1455x727, MiamiVice-138429624-200x100-e1…)

i ship them

No. 1442079

File: 1670814478144.jpeg (200.48 KB, 828x1370, 159064988783.jpeg)

No. 1442083

I'm crying my eyes out right now and you guys won't believe why. I'm bawling, I'm sobbing, literally WEEPING for men. I'm crying because I feel so sorry for them. They're awful but it's not their fault. I feel so much pity please I just want to go back to feeling anger and hatred, this is incredibly pathetic of me I can't believe this shit

No. 1442084

File: 1670814758625.jpg (80.11 KB, 500x610, boatlaugh.jpg)

werent you banned for posting cp pakichan? and you call fujos perverts, lol

No. 1442085

it is their fault though, lmao cut it with your pathetic virgin mary play

No. 1442086

Paki-chan posted cp??? I'm so out of the loop. I didn't know she was this unhinged, I'm actually disappointed

No. 1442087

you should redirect this empathy to like neglected animals something, maybe join big sisters of america

No. 1442088

File: 1670815100255.gif (368.77 KB, 470x351, 1644351786638.gif)

here >>1441159
ironic that the person that complains about women being porn sick for enjoying yaoi and calls yaoi cp because shotacon exists as a very unpopular subgenre ends up posting cp

No. 1442090

i'd hate to whiteknight pakichan BUT she didnt post actual cp, she instead posted something which looked like cp or looked suspicious which is why the mods redtexted her as ''looked like'' instead of actual cp. Because if she posted actual cp the whole post would have been deleted and not just the image.

Also i was one of the anons who saw what she posted before it got deleted, it was disgusting…but it was not actual cp.

No. 1442091

I think it was a pic of some Indian boy sleeping next to his near naked mom

No. 1442092

my point still stands, she didnt realize that picture had creepy pedo undertones when she's the first one to sperg about how chinese cartoon men kissing being the most degenerate thing ever? i didnt saw it myself but literally veryone was calling her our for that creepy picture, i dont believe she didnt though that wasnt creepy and inappropiate

No. 1442095

also for anyone wondering what the picture was : it was a pic of a shirtless mother and it looked the son was drawing on her boobs something with a sharpie for some hindu festival/tradition She said
yeah it was a of a topless mom and her son drawing on her nipples…..
i think she is so mentally damaged from being too much on imageboard that she probably didnt even think that image looks bad especially considering how we get raided with cp all the time. She really should have used her brain before she posted that, i got so weirded out when i saw that image i thought we were going to get raided,

No. 1442096

Oh, I actually saw that pic but I didn't see the ban. Have to agree with >>1442090 a bit. I don't think she thought it through and the picture was indeed a bit creepy (especially because it looked old and cursed), but it wasn't CP and I don't think the mom in said picture even thought she was doing something weird. Me and my siblings used to draw on my mom and we never had a problem with it, I think it is mainly a cultural thing.
It's still fucked up to post though, it would be kinda like posting a mom bathing with her kids. Even if there's no I'll intention from the family standpoint, having and posting a picture of it is very.. weird, to say the least.

It was a boy finger painting his mom body's. The problem is that the mom was half naked and the boy looked old enough for it to be really weird.

No. 1442098

Fuck forgive all of my typos, fuck phoneposting

No. 1442099

File: 1670816207704.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1652902139710.jpg)

I wish i was capable of being a good writter, i envy writterfags so much

No. 1442104

it's not an innate born skill for most people. if you have a good idea and the passion and want to keep working at it, you can do it. good writers don't just sit down and it all comes out perfect the first time. they learn techniques, methods etc to organize a story

No. 1442109

I low key regret trying skin care and makeup. Before that my skin was decent. Now I’m totally fucked.

No. 1442112

Writing isn't easy, I have a bunch of ideas but I suck at writing, and I have a friend who never knows what to write but she's so organized that she writes amazingly and every draft is 100 times better than the last one.
It's a matter of learning how to write, if you have to patience to study how to do so properly, preferably on your own I feel like joining creative writing workshops was the worst thing I've ever done to myself you will be able to write whatever you want.

No. 1442118

makes sense, thanks. This year i got back into reading, so i am hoping that helps.

No. 1442122

nta but wasn't the point to show how inappropriate overly close mother son relationships can be

No. 1442124

AND?!!! she didnt have to post a naked mother and her child son.

No. 1442134

Maybe you could start with learning how to spell

No. 1442138

File: 1670818979668.png (1.87 MB, 1959x1440, gun2.png)

i am ESL and i can barely see the letters on the screen, i am doing my best baka

No. 1442141

the announcement thing scared the living crap out of me

No. 1442145

No. 1442146

Not related but the woman in this picture looks so much like my mother when she was younger. I literally did a double take.

No. 1442147

it took me several minutes to even see it tbh

No. 1442149

Wait what announcement? And where?

No. 1442150

it just popped out of nowhere

No. 1442151

nta but could you post gun1.png

No. 1442152

File: 1670819691917.jpg (56.11 KB, 720x302, 20221211_233423.jpg)

Mobilefag do forgive me

No. 1442154

File: 1670819820773.png (1.95 MB, 1922x1440, gun.png)

No. 1442155

I just saw that too, how exciting! I hope this means we'll get an eventual town hall meeting.

No. 1442158

Oh thanks, I wasn't seeing it cause I hadn't refreshed the page yet. Finally they're giving us a warning for the site to go down so we don't all end up panicking in the cc bunker threads lol

No. 1442162

File: 1670820362078.png (299.2 KB, 639x492, 1535655481495.png)

cant wait for the winter Steam sale, are you nonnies getting something?

No. 1442180

the discussion about gay men earlier reminds me of something i never got an answer to: is it true that closeted gay men kiss with their eyes open?

No. 1442210

i know im a decade late but bought portal 1 and 2 last autumn sale and it was an absolute blast. So been thinking about getting into valve's other games.

No. 1442222

File: 1670824857520.gif (461.82 KB, 108x180, dancin.gif)

half life is great, totally recommend it plus it should be dirty cheap in sale

No. 1442234

why does /g/ attract so many self-posters my god

No. 1442253

It's just cause it has threads about personal appearance

No. 1442265

I think I just seent a hobbit

No. 1442278

I sawnt it too

No. 1442282

File: 1670827655177.gif (11.68 MB, 480x360, chicken strip.gif)

I want to learn how to pole dance so I can do the the same routine as this chicken

No. 1442288

Special Needs Janny is producing higher quality milk this weekend than any of our cows
She's live in the cat hate thread rn

No. 1442292

do tell, i know s(he) banned an anon for venting on the vent thread

No. 1442293

the janny didnt do anything this time though, one of the posters was one of the rachelfag trannies who spammed here (i hope there are anons who remember that day) i also asked whats going on and the janny gave me a small 1 minute ban so they can give me a message on what happened, and yeah im taking the jannys side over a troon.

No. 1442295

She revealed someone's IP for adding a shitty joke to the end of her post, anon claims she didn't comment on her post, which may or may not be true, and like five other people have tried to explain to the janny that basically everyone gets ban messages for other people because a lot of us use the same vpns, and then she started banning random people accusing each of them of being Indira

No. 1442296

Jfc all I did was bitch about my ex taking horrible care of his cat, how the fuck does that make me a tranny?

No. 1442298

go back to leftcows.

No. 1442300

>the janny didnt do anything this time though
She did, she revealed ip history, unless admin herself cleared that after a lengthy review, she broke staff rules.
>janny gave me a small 1 minute ban so they can give me a message on what happened
Wildly unprofessional, again. She's dming people why she's handing out bans? God damn

No. 1442301

they are doing it for free

No. 1442303

So rules shouldn't apply to them?(ban evasion.)

No. 1442304

its a joke

No. 1442305


No. 1442307

It's hard to tell, people are genuinely defending her

No. 1442308

i would slip him a 100

No. 1442309

>red text
what the fuck is going on, who are you, why does the admin have a grudge against your or what did you do to get banned

No. 1442312

She thinks that's I'm either Rachel or Indira or a troon, I swear to god I'm just using nord
I just wanted to bitch about my retard ex with the cat shit tote, she's banning some people that aren't even me

No. 1442313

you really learned nothing from that ariel fiasco and you losing your mind over that, you borderline bitch, i hope you get the help you need anon tbh. You are ban evading just like the troon but you already know that because me and multiple anons told you that back in September when you spammed ot to filth because jannys said no to your racism, have fun i hope you get a better less misreable life. (yes im chronically online and was there when that happened.

Enjoy ban evading,samefagging to defend yourself,spamming, not letting shit go over 4 hour bans but whatever you do atleast have the decency to not spam us with gore or similiar nsfl shit k thnx since im sensitive to that shit.

No. 1442314

File: 1670829651161.jpeg (31.75 KB, 640x559, 1669273677296.jpeg)

this site is the internet version of a hobo trashcan bonfire, why do we attract all the bpd chans and looneys

No. 1442316

File: 1670829845866.gif (210.4 KB, 450x450, popcorn.gif)

The site drama that keeps happening every year around the holidays is the only reason I look forward to december tbh

No. 1442318

you should have seen that day when she was spamming shit was CRAZY, she was having a meltdown and spamming, she also posted a picture of herself and she was a anachan with a huge forehead and a balding head. The jannys deleted that post and most of her and to that i say stupid jannies because they should have left all of her meltdowns up for everyone too see.

It was so entertaining that at this point the troon blaine joined in too and then it was a battle infight between blaine and rachelfag and her spamming about the farmhands and mods everywhere and her continuously getting banned in celebricows after throwing slurs at black people.

No. 1442319

I was worried I wasn't getting enough fiber lately so I decided to try out some supplements. Big. Mistake.

No. 1442320

File: 1670830168245.jpg (99.01 KB, 1236x942, 1644527035857.jpg)

i find our native cows to be more interesting than the ones in snow/pt/w
is she trannyhands chan? the one that sperged over not being able to delete her post? shame i missed out

No. 1442321

What does the boyfriend's cat's shitbox have to do with literally anything our resident shizos? I've definitely never seen pakichan or any of the others talk about a boyfriend and a litter box before

No. 1442322

also id like to add that she is a huge hypocrite when she mentions black people or pretends to care about them in her vendetta posts about the farmhands considering she got banned for spamming racebait and slurs towards black people because she was mad over the ariel movie and would not stop at all, i would see her talk about black people being stupid and subhuman she would get banned and then she would immediately be back to racebait about black people again because the ariel movie triggered her and then started spamming ''evil mods/farmhands dare ban me when a cp poster/Troon exists ree''

no i dont think so. the Indira/rachelfag person actually there face here where she was smoking a cigarette outside, if anyone has that picture saved this is the right time for you to post it here kek.

No. 1442326

because you are borderline and couldnt resist having a mental breakdown and shitting up this site just because you got a short ban over samefagging… None of this wouldnt have started if you havent started it, dont act like a cow because you dont produce milk, you produce cancer.

No. 1442327

Okay, again, why would that also be the cat poster, they don't have anything in common(literally rachelfag herself, holy shit.)

No. 1442329

File: 1670830949436.jpg (58.13 KB, 540x390, 1646708307384.jpg)

No. 1442330

You literal fucking retard, there are multiple people on this site using Nord, holy fucking shit.

No. 1442335

File: 1670831411435.jpg (52.61 KB, 750x920, big miss steak.jpg)

No. 1442349

Same. People enjoy reading my writing on boring work stuff, I'm good at explaining things and cracking some appropriate jokes here and there. Fiction though? It's like I suddenly become retarded and have the writing skills of a 5 year old.

No. 1442353

Well why didn't you screenshot and show us? Why is the Janny just explaining it to one farmer and not posting something for everyone to see. Lame.

No. 1442357

File: 1670833376768.jpeg (35.62 KB, 640x640, 1597352647577.jpeg)

>i also asked whats going on and the janny gave me a small 1 minute ban so they can give me a message on what happened
did your uncle John Nintendo tell you to do that

No. 1442360

Help me anon, I've been running and forth from the bathroom for 2 hours now

No. 1442368

what is anon supposed to do. Go shit you dumbass, pick up a long thread and sit there and wait good luck.

No. 1442372

I wasn't aware we needed tone indicators in the dumbass thread

No. 1442375

it was a joke, shitchan

No. 1442378

File: 1670835637990.png (27.6 KB, 640x400, 05861.png)

i wish i could win a million dollars i just want to retire to the woods and work on my art

No. 1442388

In Tibetan Buddhism they say if you are really good in meditation and tantra and all the rest of it then you can choose your parents for your next reincarnation. You watch people having sex and then choose the best ones. The ones who can give you the life you need to archive big things. I wanna catch one of those so. Every sex will be now very sexy and in a nice atmosphere. Man must be very sexy too. Everything perfect to get a good child. That is the way to get a good child. Be good at sex. You are welcome for thousand year old wisdom.

No. 1442393

interesting… explains the end of enter the void

No. 1442395

File: 1670838635011.jpeg (490.66 KB, 828x820, B5B04233-1F35-489F-9748-D62DFB…)

mad that my work crush wasn’t working and I looked so cute smh

No. 1442396

Nvm I’m happy cuz the movie room is showing the polar express soon

No. 1442399

File: 1670839380154.jpg (37.2 KB, 629x390, 1669069974565.jpg)

I feel like i was born in the worst generation, the future is so incredibly bleak, i havent felt real happiness in months, nothing brings me happiness anymore, i have no goals in life, men are ugly, but my autism for drawing cute boys kissing and aircrafts keeps me alive

No. 1442403

File: 1670839738846.png (11.96 KB, 1148x127, ugh.PNG)

God I regret getting my retarded ass friends into a VN I like more and more everyday I just wanted to post about Soushin in the proper way with Shin on bottom and Midori on top but these retards have to post scrote tier dogshit about a male character have G cup tits.

No. 1442404

why are you friends with them if you find them retarded

No. 1442405

is she implying hes a ftm or something?

No. 1442406

They're fun to hang out with and genuinely good friends, but god they can be stupid when it comes to fetish shit (meanwhile one of them is constantly like 'I'M ACE UWU')
No none of us like trannies.

No. 1442408


No. 1442409

Just general mpreg.

No. 1442410

File: 1670840469282.png (106.56 KB, 540x250, 1665562777749.png)

mpreg is the weirdest fucking fetish, i will never get it. Its out there with vore and inflation in the weird as fuck scale

No. 1442411

File: 1670840548623.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.22 KB, 700x900, db3q8jz-12fbaf5d-efa5-4cd4-9b9…)

It can occasionally be kinda funny

No. 1442413

as a joke because it's so wacky, not as a genuine fetish. but even then if you joke too much about a fetish you likely will get memed into said fetish, the brain is very receptive to suggestion.

No. 1442414

that only works with men because they are weak minded, thats why the goverment managed to make them die in wars for decades. Still laughing at how they got memed into being gay.

No. 1442415

it works with everyone and not just with fetishes, too many self-deprecating jokes eventually will lower your self-esteem for the same reason. it's just that women tend not to joke nearly as much about coomer shit.

No. 1442418

File: 1670841382326.jpeg (467.44 KB, 750x879, female pattern autism.jpeg)

>it works with everyone
i honestly dont think it works with women because we are known to have really fucky weird cartoon crushes that arent meant to be hot or attractive and what most women like is completly different to what hollywood keeps pushing as the ''ideal male''. I remember every yaoi i read used to have crossdressing shit and i always hated it, even before i was a terf and knew how scrotish it was. I dont know, i feel like its way harder to mentally break a woman and meme her into shit just for the coom.

No. 1442421

i guess it's harder to be broken into it if you do actively hate it from the start and actually try to avoid it, but that's different from finding it "ironically funny" and keeping looking at it "for the memes". honestly i wouldn't be surprised it's the same with the ugly man shilling, pretending to find him attractive to be funny and quirky then actually falling for him for real because the human brain is actually not that good at discerning irony.

No. 1442425

File: 1670842110929.png (4.92 MB, 2228x1742, 1669835863899.png)

i used to fall for the ''traps arent gay exdeee'' ironic weeb memes of the 2016, all of my moid friends became gay thanks to it but for me it was just an ironic joke i grew out of eventually. Its insane how easy it is to meme men into something.
>. honestly i wouldn't be surprised it's the same with the ugly man shilling, pretending to find him attractive to be funny and quirky then actually falling for him for real because the human brain is actually not that good at discerning irony.
nah, their autism is real. They fall in love with them because they are either non threatening or have cool/edgy personalities which most women like. Never understood the ''ugly men lovers actually dont like them'' mentality around here, my female friends all had really fucking weird/ugly husbandos growing up because of the personality. Like my friend whose sexual awakening was the Tarzan gorilla off all fucking things. Women autism just works differently, a bunch of women also husbandofag Frodo just because they find his personality interesting. Female sexuality is more varied and deep than men, possibly even more autistic.

No. 1442426

It's the age-old question of the egg and the chicken. Do people get meme'd into attraction or are the ones that try to force weird fetishistic jokes already attracted to that shit but do not realize why it tickles them but weirds out everyone else, or they already realize it's a fetish but hide it behind ironic shitposting, so they have plausible deniability.
I swear a lot more men post dudes with big, meaty asses on reddit too, commenting "haha, no homo, but he thicc" or "sigh, unzip", while women move past that shit after checking the dude out. It's the men that think they must post it everyone with some ironic caption about not being gay. Dude, go be gay somewhere else

No. 1442427

i mean if you are a woman traps really aren't gay so the jokes do fall flat kek
also i'd distinguish fictional characters from real people, i agree with your argument when it comes to 2D but i still think there is/used to be at least a hint of initial irony gone too far when gushing about dr. phil lmao

No. 1442430

do other women actually have a crush on doctor phill or is it just one very loud autist?

No. 1442439

he was married twice

No. 1442442

hes rich and looks like his dick doesnt function anymore, its a win-win situation

No. 1442445

he does have two children so we can assume his dick has worked at at least two points in his life

No. 1442448

probably not his

No. 1442451


No. 1442456

Wake up to cozy maintenance banner from shaymin, feel happy

No. 1442458

its annoying as shit, it keeps respawning every time i reload the page even though i keep clicking it

No. 1442472

File: 1670847670817.png (579.44 KB, 1138x592, vv.png)

Seeing Ville Valo mentioned in the Celebrity thread made me remember my childhood crush on him, and now I realize half the men I found attractive were very similiar to him, at least in facial features, not lifestyle-wise. For some reason my brain complete repressed the memories of my crush and obsessively rewatching their music videos in my brain

No. 1442485

I know jack shit about fashion, I buy my clothes from the Turkish markt in bosnia, stolen imports. I have never met a person in my life that cared about a specific brand.

No. 1442488

he has something that the other butthole eyes does not but i cannot quite put my finger on it

No. 1442492

God in his prime he looked like nothing more than a hot sex demon. Very odd but entrancing. I saw HIM live when I was maybe 13 and he was at the height of his sexiness and I hold it dear bc he aged exactly like someone who partied that hard would age kek fantastic voice live tho truly fantastic.

No. 1442525

Homer Simpson wanted to know how his children worked, so he took them apart. He made sure to label everything and put all of the fluids in suitable containers. Marge had to be restrained by the neighbors.

No. 1442526

File: 1670852417072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 402.95 KB, 858x1171, 1645839919227.jpg)

remember when an anon posted herself on the plastic surgery thread flexing her collarbones saying
> "Anons what do you think about my side profile? Is it too masculine? Should I get a nose job?"
this was obviously to 'flex' (sorry I hate that word) or brag whatever kek, I wonder if she still posts here? if you are collarbones anon I am kinda jealous of your side profile so I guess you succeeded kek

No. 1442529

Ah imagine taking what pretty much seems like a naked bathroom selfie and posting it to LC, she's beautiful but i'd never want to be as retarded as her

No. 1442530

>flexing her collarbones
What? Is this some anachan thing to focus on? Or did she specifically say something about her collarbones?

No. 1442532

a lot of the replies were literally saying the same thing

No. 1442533

Why is it’s head and nose so damn big?

No. 1442534

>skinny pretty woman exist
>’she is flexing!!!!‘

No. 1442535

you can tell, why else would she post a pic of herself on an anonymous image board

No. 1442536

But those collarbones look completely normal? I'm not sure why anyone would think she's showing them off. Was she supposed to crop them off or something?

No. 1442541


No. 1442542


No. 1442545

I love Ms June! I find it really cute she teamed up with a raccoon. Happy you are able to give her a comforting home nonny

No. 1442549

File: 1670853969847.jpg (229.03 KB, 1278x1437, 1670818616761334.jpg)

This is what I imagine every single person who has an underage anime girl pfp to look like

No. 1442553

I got intrigued enough to go back and only a single person mentioned her being naked to flex collarbones, so I guess she just lives in your mind rent-free

No. 1442559

The anon was saying its obvious she was naked to flex her collarbones not that anyone mentioned it. Why else would she talk about her profile while twisting her neck like that with no shirt on

No. 1442598

Trust me I’m not. She’s not cute.

No. 1442615

Ok not everyone is going to find people you like attractive. Lips too small, nose too big and sharp, head too big, too skinny. Looks like a teenaged boy.

No. 1442622

Lol just because you have similar features and want to cape doesn’t mean I’m lying. I like thick girls with cute button noses.

No. 1442641

She’s pretty to you. Not to me.

No. 1442643

File: 1670859948801.jpeg (236.22 KB, 750x514, D26EB4A1-A236-4711-B563-389E22…)

nta okay and your taste is not objective and universal? just because your personal preference doesn't apply to that anon doesn't make her ugly kek and you assuming that anon has similar features and coping. only a projector would think in such a way. in what planet is a sharp nose not desirable? be serious and answer honestly

No. 1442645

I'm actually very lucky to have wide hips and a nice butt. I'm overweight so it kind of works and that's basically what my confidence is hinging on right now

No. 1442650

Ok and just because you find her attractive doesn’t mean she can’t be ugly to me. Small sharp noses are cute to me but she has a tucan nose. I also don’t like small lips.

No. 1442653

I never knew Kafka was a Czech, I always thought he was a German. I didn't even know Austria had colonized Czech-Slovakia until a few weeks ago. Is this common knowledge or am I just a dumbass?

No. 1442655

how hard was it to just say that instead of dehumanizing her just because you personally find her ugly calling her an "it". just say you find her ugly not that actually is. not one would gaf. it's okay to not find her cute. you were being mean for no reason and taking your opinion as a fact kek

No. 1442656

File: 1670860471748.gif (2.98 MB, 268x335, tumblr_ptdaod04u41rfypuoo8_400…)

Can any nonna here imagine meeting a beautiful man in his prime, marrying him, creating a family, staying together for 25+ years and that man NOT letting himself go/aging well and remaining handsome into his 50s? Nukaaka Coster-Waldau lucked out hard, ngl I'm jealous af.

No. 1442657

I called her an it because the way she photo shopped her picture made her look alien like

No. 1442662

he looks sleazy and has weak arm muscles so no

No. 1442665

plastic surgery face.

No. 1442681

File: 1670861402605.gif (487.96 KB, 300x480, side eye.gif)

Don't drag me into whatever weird argument you're having anon

No. 1442683

I'm so sleep deprived I'm catching myself just zoning off for minutes all day

No. 1442687

I never ever ever sit on public toilet seats, I always hover. I wonder how common this is. I really only feel comfortable sitting on the toilets in my house because I know I've cleaned them

No. 1442689

I sit on public seats but with tissue under me

No. 1442690

I hover too. I'll sit on the toilet with paper for protection but it's not preferred and it rarely ever happens. I always wipe the seat after though in case I pissed on it.

No. 1442691

I hope you're not someone who gets piss everywhere

No. 1442692

KEK I always wipe it off. Maybe that's why I don't want to sit down on the seats.

No. 1442694

Nta but you probably also get piss on your leg and such. Disgusting.

No. 1442695

Nta, but why would she be getting piss on her legs? That's not how hover peeing works.

No. 1442698

Sorry you can't hover piss like I can, maybe squats will help

No. 1442704

you fat? i have huge thighs and can squat.

No. 1442712

>you fat?
>I have huge thighs
Project harder ana-whore.

No. 1442716

File: 1670863271435.jpeg (39.4 KB, 500x500, AD22D30E-E594-4881-B7AD-835C66…)

Petition to make this picture a banner for /g/.

No. 1442725

You're the one accusing someone of being fat and then admitting to being fat yourself.

No. 1442729

>notice this weird smell in the hallway at my place when i walk around in the evening
>smells like an unflushed toilet or like the men's urinal in walmart
>coming from a specific door…
>whatever, ignore, maybe the plumbing is bad or it is the sewer? cause sometimes i smell soap and laundry detergent so whatever
>notice this weird dude who walks around the place like the undead
>wtf is that smell (dot) com
>notice he has a gigantic fucking wet stain on his sweatpants
>oh no
>nigga peed on himself
>lo and behold stinky room is his and that is his literal stench
>like how??? doesn't that itch???????? can't he smell himself?????

i literally want to die right now…

No. 1442733

Lmao and anons the other day tried to convince me that big noses are beautiful, if thats a tucan nose then i fear what i have. I am getting that nose job.

No. 1442736

Is he an addict?

No. 1442738

idk, i've seen him around with his parents downstairs in the lobby. i wouldn't be surprised. it seems like when they leave he just gives up on himself and then when they come around he cleans up really well, may be depression?

No. 1442740

She doesn't even have a big nose, it's literally just one anon seething over this woman posting herself long ago, ignore her

No. 1442742

idk what it is but the pic gave me mtf vibes. maybe its the greasy mousy hair

No. 1442743

Cartoon Network jusr cancelled their last running cartoob, they are dead. It made me so incredibly depressed i had a dream about it. Its too dumb for the vent thread so i am posting here. I just want things to go back to how they used to be, i hate this new word i am forced to mold and change myself for.

No. 1442745

Please don't start the nose sperging again

No. 1442749

RIP Johnny Test

No. 1442750

No, its worthless. i know they are lying anyways.

No. 1442753

it seems that she's literally just envious. its not large at all, the girl in the picture deffo doesnt have anything close to a tucan beak nor does any human, doesnt matter how long. im asian and i would love to have a nosebridge at all kek i love high bridges of all shapes but obviously i know that doesn't make anyone feel any better about themselves. sorry you had to see this anon it's not true what she said and it's just one woman anyway

No. 1442755

I have no idea why but Johnny Test is well alive and thriving nonnie

No. 1442758

Cartoon network was such a huge, wholesome part of my childhood, teen years and 20s. It's so hard to see how they ended up.

No. 1442770

>I’m asian

Don’t force your self hating on to me. I don’t like long toucan noses. Move on.

No. 1442773

Same. I got young troon vibes.

No. 1442774

I was watching a vid lastnight about britney and justins break up. Him delighting in telling everyone her virginity was gone, then interviewers hounding her to comfirm it. ahh.. now that's what I call early 2000s nostalgia.

No. 1442777

File: 1670865613714.jpeg (555.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1AD4C093-AB82-4813-BA54-7EE07A…)

i dont hate myself retard kek it would just be convenient. and is that really the only insult you have? i would understand if her nose was curved in any way but its literally not, you said yourself its sharp. be creative if you want to lie. i'm not saying this to insult you but if you think that's huge i cant imagine what else is in your eyes

No. 1442778

Does anyone want to live in a commune with me? I want to create a cult

No. 1442781

Sure. sounds fun

No. 1442782

I like toucans.

No. 1442784

Might as well, I've got nothing else going on

No. 1442795

i mean she literally posted the picture to ask if her side profile was too masculine. im saying in my opinion, yes it is very masculine.

No. 1442803

does coffee drinking in a circle with no eye contact sounds good to you? Cause I've been thinking the same thing

No. 1442806

You're entitled to your opinion but you're wrong.

No. 1442811

Being beautiful or having a nice jawline isn't a masculine trait uggo.

No. 1442813

kek well if it’s not even remotely true why are you all so up in arms about it

No. 1442815

Who is going to plant the potatoes?

No. 1442831

I will do it, I have potato farmer genes

No. 1442833

>if what I'm saying is false why are you all disagreeing?
Are you mentally disabled by any chance

No. 1442835

File: 1670867763352.png (425.5 KB, 538x736, Screenshot_20221212_064910.png)

I was looking for jackets and look at this dumb man kek. Sidenote, I want a cyberpunk style jacket that's suitable for everyday use, does anyone have any tips for finding one? Because this is the shit I get when googling.

Also I'm so short sighted, I've got the shits and every time I start doing OK I dig into my tasty food, but then I'm punished for it and have to go back to fucking bananas and crackers. I'm going to bake some salty potatoes and hope that satisfies me enough for a few days. I've said this before here but potatoes are amazing.

No. 1442846

God I clicked sooo many petty argumentative replies to get to this origin post here and I have to say it was underwhelming.

No. 1442855

File: 1670868049612.jpeg (69.35 KB, 500x750, B038B377-C5BC-400C-95BB-FA8384…)

Nta but a cute tiny nose, small jaw line with full lips is better. The other girl looks like a teenage troon.

No. 1442861

No. 1442865

Nonnas its freezing here, what do you usually cook when its extremely cold outside?

No. 1442866


No. 1442867

I'm supported by the gun lobby.

No. 1442869

I like soul food for cold days. If not that then soup or stew is good for me.

No. 1442872

Soup, chicken with polenta.

No. 1442894

File: 1670868841559.jpeg (59.39 KB, 667x1000, 2BC78F31-914F-43E4-8780-E06358…)

I’m not. The girl in the op could cut concrete with her jaw. Faces like pic related are much cuter imo.

No. 1442898

File: 1670868925199.jpg (135.46 KB, 736x702, d2b12442ad3253a458b80dd7256c3d…)

Sometimes I think about the anon who said she'd get a naked guinea pig cause it was the closest thing to a pet baby hippopotamus. I hope she got one and they are happy.

No. 1442899

seconding stew

No. 1442901

I just took the biggest and hardest shit EVER. I don't even know how I managed to get it out, and in one piece at that. My ass hurts now and I'm afraid I hurt myself. What to eat/drink to have softer poop?

No. 1442905

I don’t hate her she’s just ugly. I’m entitled to an opinion.

No. 1442907

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think "something hard to cut" is concrete?

No. 1442908

Weak jawline are ugly imo. The girl you posted has a tiny nose and if she didn't, her recessed jawline would make her look so bad. If your jawline is recessed like hers definitely visit a dentist.

No. 1442910

What is going on in here? You're all giving me body image issues kek.
Who will be the resident nitpicker? We have a lot of contenders here.

No. 1442915

I have somewhat worse jawline/chin than her and trust me no dentist gives a fuck, anyone I've asked said I look normal and it's pointless to attempt anything

No. 1442924

I'm pretty sure the nitpickers suffer from severe BDD themselves

No. 1442926


No. 1442932

You look normal - just ugly. A recessed jawline is a sign you didn't breath right in your childhood and it's unattractive in both women and men. That's why you don't see any actresses with that feature.

No. 1442936

File: 1670869587584.jpg (38.89 KB, 275x269, 1657184647066.jpg)

Okay I'm gonna need a religious anon to shoot up a prayer for me, I think my health hell is lighting up again

No. 1442950

File: 1670869804629.png (126.69 KB, 400x400, philips sonicare.png)

I bought this 2 pack of Philips Sonicare toothbrushes as an early xmas gift for me and my moid, AND HE STOLE THE PINK ONE, the fucker

No. 1442952

ALSO inb4 "he's gonna troon out" he just likes pastel colors and he knows I will leave his ass if he even suggests that's something he would be into kekk

No. 1442955

But that is not a smaller nose than the one you’re hating on. The black girl has no nose bridge but her nose is wide and bulbous. She’s cute too but I don’t get why you get so triggered about the OP pic that literally looks like a model with a tiny sharp nose. Her lips also aren’t small, idk if you’re just saying you only like black features or what. Still shitty calling OP “it” with a toucan nose, teenage troon and so on. I smell jealousy.

No. 1442959

nonna you need to steal it back!! i wouldnt let that slide lol i love pink too much

No. 1442968

Imo black women look cute with small jawline but white women don't because white women have stronger features which make the jaw look disproportionate.

No. 1442972

Your man is gay and a weirdo.

No. 1442977

>she looks like a model

A lot of models look like troons. She looks like that blonde troon from euphoria.

No. 1442982

Its ok, just as long as he has a good nose

No. 1443019

Even if she looks like whatever model troon you want to compare her to, doesn't change the fact she's attractive and you're seething for no reason.

No. 1443028

He wishes he could ever look like that.

No. 1443030

Thank you so much wtf I completely forgot

No. 1443036

>anon posts attention seeking selfie asking if her facial structure is masculine
>any anon who agrees that it is kind of masculine is a big seething jealous ugly retard

No. 1443042

Except that anon didn't say she looks "kinda masculine". She dehumanized her by calling her an "it", and a tranny etc.

No. 1443059

reading comprehension, nonna

No. 1443068

Are hippo nonny and capybara nonny the same nonny?

No. 1443070

We're not, but I think we'd get along.

No. 1443080

Listening to a song where the lyrics are 'light years' over and over again. All I can hear tho is "like jizz"

Like jizz, like jizz, do you like jizz? have you ever been like jizz?

I don't like jizz but its just so upbeat!

No. 1443104

Is that 90s one earring trend (for moids) attractive or stupid? Would it look good on a woman? What kind of earring? I need your opinions nonnies.

No. 1443116

File: 1670874626592.jpeg (119.68 KB, 1300x957, a.jpeg)

everyone's acting extra retarded today. i can't keep up.

No. 1443119

For scrotes the right ear is the gay ear. idk if theres a female equivalent. Something to maybe look up if you're thinking about it tho. Dumb as it sounds.. people attach meaning to which side its on

No. 1443138

I sometimes wear one dangly one but I am kinda butch and I do love an 80s romantic fashion

No. 1443154

my father being gay wouldn't be a huge surprise

No. 1443166

All these old teens are being extra argumentative today fr fr

No. 1443169

I know about that kek, I have 4 holes in each earlobe anyway so it doesn't matter much to me. Can always change it if people really go by those retarded standards.


Cute! I like them on scrotes but idk if it would look good on me or go with my style, I usually wear a pair of huge earrings and have a smaller dangly one in one or my lobes. Just on the fence about if only one would look good or not.

No. 1443182

I wish I had a waifu like Aigis nonna and could be as dedicated

No. 1443434

I really regret not nabbing more books from zlibrary before it went down. I'm not even one to pirate in general but there's a lot of books by authors who are now passed away and I don't see the point of paying $15 or more for every single ebook they wrote (don't have space for physical books anymore, even though used books are much cheaper). not to mention some books aren't even available as ebooks on platforms like kindle and nook but I could still find copies of them on zlibrary. I heard their TOR address got taken down too but I haven't tried it. my local library doesn't have a very good selection either.

No. 1443462

I got stuff from TOR Zlib yesterday so that's news for me. Btw has the quality of irl libraries in general gone down? Not just a more limited selection, which is rarely substantially updated, but also sacrificing having a well-organized and logically ordered collection for modern snazzy features and gimmicks which nobody really cares for. I've tried several and they're just not as good as like 15 years ago. Just can't find shit even if they do have it, making it a rather stressful experience. Finding books organically by browsing isn't fun anymore either.

No. 1443492

File: 1670890706644.jpg (1.65 KB, 132x132, images (1).jpg)

Normalize using period blood to make lava lamps, we will call them, Nonna Lamps.
>get glass
>Fill glass with oil (Vegatable oil is the best, the kind with the slight yellow tinge)
>Free Bleed into glass, extra gloopy
>sell/give to lover and forever bind them to you
>unless broken
>Then the spell breaks

No. 1443493

Lava lamps scare me. My sisters started smoking and would have probably caught fire if we didn’t notice

No. 1443496

Safer than regular lava lamps

No. 1443510

fucking same i joined like a week before it went down. Is there a good alternative? i dont know if i trust tor

No. 1443512

kek, thats so cute. My friend always asks me to serve him tea in the pastel pink mug.

No. 1443522

I like to think I'm no longer afraid of dogs but I was proven wrong today. There was this little black dog with long curly hair and stubby little legs. It may have been an older one since it was walking funny and had gray hair. I was fine getting close to it when I was walking behind it, but then it came towards me and I saw it's little teeth and I kind of internally freaked out and walked away.
Anyway, I'm sure it was a nice dog. Now thinking about it, I'm scared of all animals.

No. 1443523

Also, this wasn't even my first time seeing the dog. Those little teeth scared me bad.

No. 1443539

File: 1670894211237.gif (1.59 MB, 256x192, hank.gif)

>want to download ensemble star music
>not available in my region

No. 1443551

legally buying? See if it's on recochoko, that works with a VPN.

No. 1443555

File: 1670896676185.png (59.76 KB, 246x205, 57f2fbeb-e881-4815-9d67-bf254a…)

I thought I was gonna be able to go to sleep early today but it's 3am and I'm still wide awake, with an itchy af head because my hair is dirty but tomorrow is my hair washing day.

No. 1443556

oh no, i meant the game that came out this year. I guess i could download the apk if it doesnt need a googleplay account

No. 1443587

File: 1670899029426.png (3.1 MB, 1452x2036, 5rdv06szxmp41.png)

I made this meme for my online bestie (if you see this, hi!!!)

No. 1443591

File: 1670899407039.png (371.19 KB, 712x1278, sigh.png)

yet another otome game Steam group that is recommending non-otome games made by scrotes

No. 1443597

I've been eating A LOT of CHOCOLATE, please list cons and pros

No. 1443600

Consume chocolate

No. 1443601

File: 1670901144666.jpg (132.29 KB, 1076x565, 1650748894996.jpg)

4am and I'm still awake. Head is no longer itchy, although I'm somehow even less tired than before.

No. 1443625

Cons- can cause an upset stomach, make sure you have tums or almond milk on hand if you’re prone to acid reflux

No. 1443638

My favourite youtuber recently started dating a TIF who's 10 year younger than him and tries to copy him, its so uncomfortable to watch she sounds and acts like a 12 year old boy

No. 1443644

me thinks the lady doth protest too much

No. 1443670

I need to stop watching vlogs of 00's anime cons, it makes me so depressed what the anime fandom became

No. 1443683

KEK I haven't watched this coomer faggot in a looong while. It's a shame because when he's not being a gross creep his videos are really good and entertaining but lately I've been finding his perversion too insufferable.
>started dating a TIF who's 10 year younger than him and tries to copy him
The dream of every straight TIF, to date the husbando she tries to skinwalk. I feel bad for her though.

No. 1443693

oh cool something to perform spells in front of maybe

No. 1443695

his newer videos arent so coomery, they do have parts where he says ''twans rightsss'' out of nowhere, but its mostly a joke. I hope his tif gf doesnt make more cameos on his videos, christ her autism ruined a perfectly fine video. I really didnt want to hear her talk about how Pan cums and lasts 3 seconds during sex, what the fuck.

No. 1443701

It was mostly the thumbnails in some of his latest videos that made me not want to watch him anymore (along with the topics not beinng super interesting to me)
>they do have parts where he says ''twans rightsss'' out of nowhere, but its mostly a joke
idk, if he has a TIF girlfriend, it's probably not a joke.

No. 1443705

i mean in the sense that he wouldnt drag the video moralfagging about it. Also, weird how he hasnt ''came out'' as bisexual considering how much he likes to brag about being mexican for brownie points, problably he knows deeps down his gf is just a tomboy

No. 1443707

>Also, weird how he hasnt ''came out'' as bisexual
kek yeah I was just thinking this.
>problably he knows deeps down his gf is just a tomboy
This is definitely the case, he's a 4chan moid who's also a coomer and loves "goth girls" so you know he doesn't actually believe his girlfriend is a man.

No. 1443709

In his podcast he has a tranny in it who was a staple member too. I stopped watching him years ago for the same reasons as all of you guys, his commerism were too much for me.

No. 1443710

i wonder if he's having a midlife crisis at 30. Must be fucked up to realize your only achievement in life is talking about cartoons and videogames and not even popular enough for it.

No. 1443725

File: 1670913205170.jpg (104.19 KB, 1024x477, 1889 Evolution of a cat-cher :…)

No. 1443732

File: 1670913977419.jpeg (223.85 KB, 728x1089, 02998A50-9E3D-4C4C-B9A2-D28B78…)

Bump moids posting gross shit again

No. 1443761

File: 1670917437299.png (214.05 KB, 350x350, BF9B4984-D2AB-490E-B092-B1F63B…)

What about the rye

No. 1443766

File: 1670917723139.jpg (201.67 KB, 1080x699, IMG_20221213_082825.jpg)

Why did netflix hire a pretty small babygirl to play this bitch, lmao

No. 1443776

I miss audrey kitchings old website. I want to start posting like she did even tho I'm in my 30s. I'm avant garde bitch

No. 1443780

zlibrary is still up on tor

No. 1443786

oh god me too nonnie, also her buzznet blog (in the old layout)

No. 1443788

File: 1670920559922.jpeg (77.18 KB, 480x480, 1656980640014.jpeg)

No. 1443793

File: 1670921331837.png (78.39 KB, 706x115, Untitled.png)

samefag, it's worse than I thought. are Steam curators required to review a certain number of games to not lose their curator status? Otherwise they're probably doing it for popularity. Or the admin is a troon

No. 1443795

I hope that meme ai program comes back online so I can make more meme conversions and piss off that anon taking the thread super seriously

No. 1443796

File: 1670922023844.jpg (35.03 KB, 706x706, 1666747146926.jpg)

gaining the trust of a stray cat that used to run away when he saw you or your mom is the best feeling in the world. He just climbed up my thighs, it was so cute to see him think if he trusted me enough and lift his paw then put it down again until he eventually jumped on me. He's getting more and more comfortable with me and it brightens up my day, he's so sweet and has the ugliest yet most charming meow i have heard in my life.

No. 1443840

File: 1670928126630.jpg (109.3 KB, 1242x1199, 1654665372299.jpg)

I spent my entire free day on pinterest again..

No. 1443841

Getting a man as a straight woman feels like keeping a whole ass cow because I want to drink a glass of milk every now and then.

No. 1443853

Same, but I wish pictures were of a better quality

No. 1443858

File: 1670929649269.png (1 MB, 1543x1540, E4812189-DEC4-4C0C-84CA-593C73…)

Whatever the fuck this word salad is

No. 1443863

Still better than spending it on TikTok or Instagram

No. 1443879

Getting a samesex attracted woman as a lesbian is like trying to adopt an endangered animal. Often illegal, very rare and not enough has been written about the whole deal.

No. 1443887

Its one of those days nonnies, time to order burger king and choose an episode of king of the hill to watch

No. 1443902

File: 1670932532528.png (630.71 KB, 1079x1340, moodboard.png)

Both of my cats are next to me rn, anything you guys wanna tell them

No. 1443903

Tell them they're the cutest chunky-wunky's in the whole wide world, in the highest pitched baby voice you can do

No. 1443905

I dont feel comfortable knowing your cat is reading my shitposts right now

No. 1443906

More like people who feel rejected and othered project onto characters who are the same. Stfu, people like you ate why lgb rarely get well executed representation or roles in stories

No. 1443910

Ask them if they would like to be friends with my cat? His name is Bear and is a British shorthair

No. 1443912

File: 1670933039428.jpg (12.76 KB, 320x320, 299d948951f4706f5270b9b2558c08…)

you've got anything to hide from cats?

No. 1443914

File: 1670933124176.gif (3.35 MB, 498x394, cat-sniff.gif)

Nowhere is safe

No. 1443940

File: 1670935692202.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, 1663935140170.png)

I am kind of sad CC is so dead. Feels like their admin gave up, and I don't blame her. They have fucking hordes of trannies and /r9k/ moids. It was a comfy place in theory, but they really got fucked up badly by y-chromosomoids. Feels like our retarded younger sister's home got a roach infestation and she's now homeless.

No. 1443941

i blame king of the hill for my high standars in men

No. 1443943

I don't like the feeling of my pussy being eaten either, idk why

No. 1443945

the other day a programmer moid told me about cc and how ''its a chan for women they are weird'' thats how i knew it was over

No. 1443952

Yep. 4chan moids I have come across on discord servers (related to hobbies) shared memes of CC. Even my fucking Redditor moid* who does not browse image boards knew about CC.

*yes, really

No. 1443953

I stopped using CC because entire threads (not ones I made) would disappear when I tried to go back to them later even though there was nothing wrong or obviously scrote/tranny-made as far as I could tell. Very annoying.

No. 1443958

File: 1670936227646.jpeg (505.11 KB, 750x528, CAD119F2-8489-4ADB-AE4F-930D57…)

Heaven is real and it’s here on earth

No. 1443959

at least we got cece out of it

No. 1443960

are those men and if so why are they hiding their nippies?

No. 1443961

Those are women you dumb moid

No. 1443962

>holy shit
I want the left one's outfit kek

No. 1443963

same with me. the latest posts that got deleted of mine for no reason were two bunker threads i made. no clue why they got deleted and it looks to me like there was no information after. i also got some of my posts deleted and i highly doubt a tranny is using a vpn close to me since i dont live in a developed or very well known country. but the more important reason for me is the first time i ever saw cp was on crystal cafe and its hard for me to go back especially because when i do there's almost always raids.
and the anon that said she got introduced to it via a moid that didnt happen to me but two years ago some guy i was following on tumblr made a post suggesting an anon to go there because it's "female r9k"
im kind of sad because i really like /x/ and wish there was something similar here but i understand that would be too many etc.

No. 1443964

I accidentally spilled hot boiled water on my hand and the little patch of eczema on there went away. Proposing a new skin treatment plan that consists of dunking unwilling people in scalding hot cauldrons

No. 1443965

they look incredibly masculine though, not in ''woman has slight jaw=man ree!!'' but their faces look weird and their necks are thick. Great bodies tho.

No. 1443967

I'm probably going to sound racist but are their faces masculine looking or am I just blind to sex differences in other races than my own

No. 1443970

I like how CC separated /media/ and /img/, I'd like that here but it probably won't happen

No. 1443976

Almost everyone uses steroids or has used them in the past once you get to a high enough level. Plus Marital artists actually train their neck, but even many female martial artists avoid it because being attractive to scrotes is still pretty important to be promoted, so people aren't used to seeing what women who do necktraining look like.

No. 1443979

that makes sense, i didnt know

No. 1443987

File: 1670937915335.jpg (246.66 KB, 1280x850, 1650756624443.jpg)

we could be living in hot DILF dracula timeline but we do be living in adam sandler raper dracula, sigh

No. 1443991

I know right. What could have been
I think you meant rapper kek

No. 1443993

Trying to figure out what Christmas present to get my boyfriend… I want to get him something physical, but I honestly don't know what. We pretty much have everything we want at the moment. We're about to move out, we don't really have much room to get anything else. I told him this morning I still need to get him something and he said "You don't need to." I think I'll take his word, but I still want to get him something small and once we move I can likely wait until Valentine's Day and get him the real Christmas present I've wanted to get him. We can maybe go out to eat at some sit down restaurant in the meantime.

No. 1443999

I always go for fancy treats or bath products if I can't think of anything else.

No. 1444001

NTA I'm not Asian either but it's pretty obvious to me that the one on the left is a woman. The other fighter looks more androgynous.
What did the original post say and why was it deleted? Because I think I agree as well.

No. 1444005

She reposted it in >>1443954

No. 1444011

ty nonna

No. 1444017

Get him some cool socks; no one will ever say they want socks but everyone loves to get them

No. 1444027

they should disable pictures and videos on cc tbh

No. 1444049

That's what they did once and I think it worked for a while

No. 1444056

>the whole theme of outcasts is queer
>"this theme was used as a metaphor for gay people once, so every time this theme was ever used in fiction it must've meant the same thing!!!"
Actual autism

No. 1444071

it's really funny to sensor such a tiny portion of the face. anyone that knows her from elsewhere can tell who she is now even with the eyes blotted out. you can even see her distinctive moles…

No. 1444082

Thanks for the suggestions nonitas! Bath products and socks are gonna be the stocking stuffers for him lol.
After some brainstorming, I realized I have so much knowledge about him than I remembered. I think I just needed to set an hour aside instead of worry about getting something that'll arrive on time. I ran into the website of official merchandise of his favorite animated film and everything was 25% off and had free shipping so I bought three things from there and 2 art books from his favorite video game of this year. I'm set for the season lol

No. 1444095

I remember her. I'm assuming she's short since her head looks large unless she just zoomed in. She kind of looks like a statue which is cool.

No. 1444096

/m/ is already pretty slow though. The 20 different "post picture of X colour" threads are kinda annoying but /media/ would probably be dead asf if it got split.

No. 1444121

File: 1670947123041.gif (1.57 MB, 307x211, nina-anna-tekken1-ending.gif)

Nina Williams would hate trannies and I love her for that. Picrel is her stealing Dylan Mulvaney's stupid ass high heel.

No. 1444174

File: 1670952116342.jpeg (751.63 KB, 938x2052, 4EC64068-5925-4B5A-B4D7-87220D…)

I’m jealous of koreans because of their ability to be ana chans but still have round healthy looking faces. I know if I tried to get down to my goal weight I’d look like a grandma.

No. 1444185

File: 1670953056917.webm (336.22 KB, 247x360, skinny.webm)

if you're talking about kpoops their faces look like that because of all the cosmetic work, don't even waste a second of your time being jealous they are a product/victim of a huge industry and the beauty standards in it are insane

No. 1444230

Based. I love Nina williams. she was my main for a while.

No. 1444236

korean women get heavy plastic surgery, filler, starve themselves. A lot of times they look really bad irl without filler. I would never be jealous of a korean woman. On top of having to be 'perfect' 24/7, they have extremely low quality sexist men who expect them to be their second mothers. I wish more korean women would embrace their natural features, but they are desperate to be any other eastern asian race. It's pathetic.

No. 1444243

The woman on the left though. wow. Body goals

No. 1444297

File: 1670959312707.webm (614.63 KB, 600x602, 1670947404692740.webm)


No. 1444304

File: 1670959756186.jpg (58.48 KB, 529x588, kahlekuningas-purkki.jpg)

Early Christmas gift from the farms

No. 1444308

I doubt her friends lurk lolcow, there's a small probability someone will recognize you here

No. 1444315

Nothing really identifiable unless her friends study her really hard, even if they did.

No. 1444317

What is your nonna's opinion on graffiti (like shitty stick 'n poke) tattoos? I want one above my knee, but I'm scared I will regret it. It's just text btw, no pictures. It is kind of cringe I know, but I think it's cute and it will only be seen with skimpy outfits which I never wear kek. not stick and poking it btw, if I'm going to get it I will go to a normal studio

No. 1444318

my one sided crush just sent me an audio saying "i can't speak proprely because my tongues is too big"
and now i can't take this image out of my head. I love her so much and don't like sexualizing her because we're close friends and it feels weird but my god that's just too sexy

No. 1444320

got one, they fade badly it won't be readable in 2 years
i still think its cute tho

No. 1444331

File: 1670961274358.png (338.36 KB, 743x365, nkj.png)

>haha it's feels great knowing I'm not the clingy and needy kind of person, I can be by my own just fine
>mfw my crush can't hang out this week

No. 1444337

File: 1670961604718.jpg (412.66 KB, 1080x1343, 1670868483242.jpg)

Why are American excs so obsessed with trying to make live action anime and manga work?

No. 1444338

I think the quality and longevity may depend on the tattoo artist, design and some individual skin factors? My friend has a LOT of handpoke tatoos, bigger and smaller, arms and legs, I know her for 7 years and none of them faded to the point of being impossible to easily identify. As long as you don't tattoo anything cringy it's gonna look nice, it's just my opinion but nicely done lettering (especially clean, sans serif fonts) looks beautiful on the body

No. 1444346

File: 1670962232343.gif (771.6 KB, 192x240, SecretSlimAllensbigearedbat-ma…)

went to visit my work crush and he wasnt even there

No. 1444350

A ton of Shoujo/Josei get made into Japanese live-action adaptations, it's not just the USA

No. 1444360

And virtually none of them have supernatural or magical elements, on top of not being made by a bunch of clueless gaijin. Battle shounen in particular just adapts very poorly to live action cause it's hard to take it serious.

No. 1444364

File: 1670963528277.jpg (270.05 KB, 1437x1080, 1670939072017.jpg)

whoever posted this in /m/ I love yuo

No. 1444390

But we already have Sky High…
I love this little dude

No. 1444426

I feel like I'm literally blind because I have no idea what people mean when they say that tvs or movies have a "soap opera effect".

No. 1444434

It's probably easy money, you can just completely feed of other people's ideas.


No. 1444457

just wanna know what this post is >1444444

No. 1444459

No. 1444462

File: 1670969385694.png (831.23 KB, 1000x1550, G34.png)

Who's actually buying olive oil from Brandy Melville.

No. 1444465

brandy mellville girls eat???

No. 1444468

dont mind me just tagging random angel number posts to see what they are about kek

No. 1444473

>half of them 404
>your post is 1 4444 68

No. 1444478

My leftover period blood is damn near black

No. 1444479

Yes, dummy. Soak the cotton balls in the olive oil.

No. 1444482

File: 1670970266049.jpg (57.7 KB, 821x789, 1648193241411.jpg)

i DO NOT need lip fillers i DO NOT need lip fillers i DO NOT need lip filers i DO NOT need lip fillers

No. 1444495

You don't need it, you are perfect

No. 1444502

lip fillers look ugly as hell, especially on thin lips. Guaranteed glow down

No. 1444510

File: 1670971385560.jpg (101.41 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_20221213-174139_Ope…)

No. 1444515

Mixed bag, idk how to feel tbh

No. 1444520

I bet you have cute lips as it is nona

No. 1444521

Nonnies guess who this is?

No. 1444527

is it fucking blaine

No. 1444543

File: 1670973368712.png (937.95 KB, 1060x832, Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 3.15…)

anyone else ever unwrap a bouillon cube and just
give it a l i c k

No. 1444548

as a preteen I would slowly gnaw on the chicken ones as a snack while playing pokemon mystery dungeon and listening to my ipod coiled up behind the couch to hide

No. 1444550

Ewe no apparently its Liquid Chris

No. 1444551

File: 1670973795995.jpg (31.19 KB, 480x536, chihuahua with alfalfa hair.jp…)

4 different people complimented a hat I made in one day.

No. 1444554

nice, nona!! Bless you and your hat

No. 1444558

Rick Moranis' long lost son

No. 1444586

File: 1670976206007.png (45.5 KB, 1080x636, 1670974224735119.png)

Take the himbopill

No. 1444587

My worst habit is that when I'm wake up because of someone calling me, I automatically press decline. Then I immediately sober up and regret it kek.

No. 1444594

Homosexual men are so easy to instantly spot in any internet space because they are always ranting about things absolutely nobody except homosexual men give a shit about, like just sperging incessantly about the morality and presentation of pop girls. They seem to believe they are all fine-tuned aesthetes when they're really just annoying and need to fill the void they're using for criticizing women into something actually productive and not obnoxious.

No. 1444612

I feel such schadenfreude that this annoying fuck is now fat old and ugly. Imagine finding videos online of your family doctor cyberbullying a retarded autistic man.

No. 1444616

Can I get some context please

No. 1444623

If i remember correctly, liquid chris was some guy who used to troll chris chan by saying he was the true chris chan.

No. 1444625

No. 1444626

The last call with Kasey was very cruel and soured my view on liquid Chris. Also the trolls caused 50% of the delusion in Chris. It wasn't just the more horrible ones but the ones who also trolled him irl. With wacky shit happening. I've watched all of the Chris Chan documentary, people like to wash their hands and gwak at the retarded ass sex pest and wonder how he got there? Well he had some help.
I still believe he'd harmed barb but I also think the degradation of his mind happened because of the internet faster

No. 1444631

Nobody will catch me defending someone who raped their mother but you're right. They didn't just leave it online, they tormented someone who was intellectually 12 years old and started harassing him in real life and doing whatever they could to harm him. It reminds me of what men also did to pixyteri. Maybe it's funny to a teen but once you get older you realize that nothing about exploiting people with obvious intellectual disabilities is funny.

No. 1444640

Also according to kiwifarms he's a doctor so to come back to pick at some other retard after picking picking another one while young. With a established career is retarded
It's not defending its the truth. I'm one of the few who thinks all roads would lead to Chris harming Barb because they were isolated.
Or Chris taking him and her out. Or maybe someone truly trying to help coming in and getting barb and Chris put somewhere. Chris was made worse the moment the trolling started. Pick suits and all that retarded shit, I still don't think it computed as truly fake to him. Him completely rejecting reality because literally everyone in his life was an asshole/troll makes perfect sense. I have no sympathy for Chris but the retards who fucked with him irl are disgusting. Chris rarely got any sympathy before anything either.

No. 1444719

It's always men who exploit people to this kind of degree as well, its weird. The lengths they went to just are not normal or socially acceptable in any capacity. They become so obsessed with trying to create niche little communities online so that they feel like they "belong" to something and torment people like him because it makes them feel a dopamine rush. I could not imagine how retarded you have to be to make Chris Chan a centric figure in your life to the point tha you engineer your actions around him, that's no better.

No. 1444720

idiot in vent thread are giving kpop anons a bad name i'll admit it, i took the bait and answered but don't spam gif of your bias you mf
I wanted to ask for the kpop thread again at the begining of the year but this bitches ruined our chances

No. 1444721

anyone have that disgusting gif of the kpop guy making the doggy face thing?

No. 1444729

hmm idk, why do you want it so bad

No. 1444730

File: 1670981635240.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 480x270, 1669853560231.gif)

dont mention him

No. 1444733

give me the uncensored i need it but straight from a nonnie

No. 1444738

You're edging us with this censored bullshit!

No. 1444741

It's illegal where i live to search for the gif, i need it from another source please nonnies!

No. 1444743

File: 1670981869080.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.47 MB, 498x273, sushichaeng-jake-enhypen-dog.g…)

i hate myself for having this image, hope you make good use of it

No. 1444750

thank you so much, i could've gotten 10 years and in big trouble if I didn't get it within the hour

No. 1444754

I hate this group so fucking much already and this just makes them worse

cancerous underage looking men

No. 1444757

Am I the only one who thinks that instant coffee smells like soy sauce?

No. 1444758

File: 1670982024787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.95 KB, 900x645, Epic-Handshake.jpg)

it took 10 years of my life to look at that again so i guess we're equal

No. 1444765

Drunk-Dazed was good but their webtoon is cringe af idk why hybe insit on doing shit like this

No. 1444797

File: 1670982969999.gif (3.48 MB, 498x273, stop trying to download this g…)

omg i downloaded the gif and my goverment censored it, what the fuck.

No. 1444804

Wow you're so funny I love your 15 year old Stan Twitter humor

No. 1444813

wow you're so bitter I love your lack of humor and parania over twitter stan humor instead of a retarded joke about a retarded gif you could ignore!

No. 1444814

my body crave Jack Black

No. 1444815

it’s like a week before christmas why are all you white girls mad? take a chill pill…

No. 1444820

Shady asf comeback

No. 1444824

Based and comfy, we would have been friends snackin’ on bouillon together

No. 1444825

File: 1670983379078.gif (950.02 KB, 400x310, tumblr_mv702eWsHf1s1ccsho1_400…)

No fighting in the Dumbass Shit Thread!

No. 1444832

He definitely has potential

No. 1444836

File: 1670983562525.gif (3.14 MB, 436x359, B3386C4E-A5D9-4BB0-B467-DB768F…)

I HEARD A RUMOR THAT MIKE STOKLASA MIGHT BE LEAVING RLM AND I AM VERY SAD, I just started getting into their videos! I don’t want my chubby husbando to leave!!

No. 1444850

i have a wham shirt i wear as a pyjama top my mum hates it because george michael is gay and she wants to burn all gay people. kinda slay queen yaas of her tbh

No. 1444860

boots the last christmas house down slay sleigh

No. 1444861

How can he even leave RLM? It’s his company. Sad if true though

No. 1444864

File: 1670984194643.gif (3.52 MB, 360x202, 0F3C13EB-331C-4176-92A6-88D097…)


No. 1444891

I gotta respect those Chinese people for making all of those dupe/knockoff clothing items.

No. 1444896

Idk who this is but she's so cute and goofy and she looks like she'd be part of my friend group in high school. I love this gif.

No. 1444898

File: 1670985059716.jpg (282.6 KB, 1200x1745, 20221214_023049.jpg)

Kpop fans are interesting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1444900

what's the context of this gif, why is she crying?

No. 1444901

i love reporting people

No. 1444904

File: 1670985208053.jpg (163.4 KB, 1200x1257, 20221214_021633.jpg)

No. 1444908

Stray kids are ugly and talentless

No. 1444915

File: 1670985542352.gif (697.18 KB, 220x383, 73DCD584-96BA-43E9-86FE-3115AF…)

No. 1444921

They didn't get their allotted gingerbread latte from starbs this evening!

No. 1444933

I want to protect this goat

No. 1444939

File: 1670986204702.webm (904.71 KB, 576x1024, tiktok_1670985792418.webm)

Tbf it does look like it hurts

No. 1444941

it's his protection you're under nona and you'll need it in the times to come

No. 1444948

File: 1670986630785.gif (952.32 KB, 224x336, cat punching camera gif.gif)


No. 1444949

stop replying to him you moron omg

No. 1444950

File: 1670986651067.gif (1.73 MB, 442x640, 9CCF3442-E85E-49EB-97A4-35B0E0…)

I'm gonna go eat a snack, it'd be cute if someone else here did too so we are technically eating together

No. 1444955

I might get popcorn so I will be away for a while with buttery hands but spiritually let's do it together, what's your snack?

No. 1444958

Cute, I waited for you to reply, now enjoy

No. 1444963

I want to make myself clothes, but I don't want to do it until I hit my goal weight so that's my biggest diet motivation right now.

No. 1445008

Same nonna let's get after it.

No. 1445032

I know this is random but the discord server for the fujo lolcow discord was posted in the fujo thread, so if any fujo anons are interested in joining that would be nice. We could use some activity.

No. 1445072

Same, but at least i can make some for my bjd instead in the meantime.

No. 1445111

before i started smoking weed, i was straddling the line between normal and mentally retarded
now i’m definitely retarded

No. 1445236

it annoys me when there's a user whose whole persona is being a troll who constantly posts bait and people actually take them seriously, but then i remember it would be no fun if everyone saw through them. and that's the whole point of their persona. sometimes it's just so obvious but people are so gullible

No. 1445330

Some random ass old scrote pulled up in a sports car when I was putting groceries in my car and me asked me for a ride to work (which makes no sense) and I said "I'm sorry I can't do that, have a good day" and he immediately got angry and sped off. I think I dodged a bullet and this is a reminder to never trust strange moids who claim to need help.

No. 1445361

Cute creative ways to refer to other anons like nonatella exploded for a while, but now it's like we've all settled on nona. Anyone else noticed that?

No. 1445363

Just saw this though, kek

No. 1445366

There's nothing funnier than moids in male-dominated heavy music genres seething over girls thirsting after hot frontmen at live concerts. That's what you get for ruining concerts with retarded pits.

No. 1445634

If you don't mind, what kind of clothes do you make for your dolls? Sounds very cute!

No. 1445676

File: 1671039608846.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 228.66 KB, 622x451, E2B37B9E-32AB-436B-B3B4-E918F2…)

Now that all celebrities get buccal fat removal am I considered attractive? Picrel is me

No. 1445700

Omg your teethbones are so beautiful

No. 1445725

My mother has a similar story which is why I wasn't allowed one as a child

No. 1445734

It's probably a meme, don't worry nonnie

No. 1445754

File: 1671042846265.png (1.52 MB, 1000x1399, venom.png)

Gonna watch the Venom movie with Tom Hardy later today. I do think we need to start GMOing men to have tongues like this.

No. 1445762

>Apprentice Tankerman: Starting wage for the first 90 days is $37.25 per hour, $42.21 per hour for the next 180 days and then $47.18 for the next 90 days
brb getting into the petrol industry, sorry about global warming or whatever

No. 1445867

File: 1671047255567.png (697.14 KB, 600x852, tiara.png)

I've been looking at crowns from royal families and I think this has to be one of the ugliest ones I've ever seen.

No. 1445895

I agree. It looked normal until I enlarged it, then it's just so stupid.

No. 1445896

who is she?

No. 1445924

File: 1671049416435.jpg (505 KB, 2392x1341, peacock'.jpg)

Samefag, but I do really like this peacock hairpin that belongs to an Indian princess.
Duchess Sophie. I think that tiara was for her wedding, tragically enough.

No. 1445935

Indian peafowl for an Indian princess, fitting.

No. 1445946

What the fuck does it mean when a stranger tells you that you don't look smart (in the context of him coming into your workplace as a customer and you answering his questions about a project?)

No. 1445950

Today a dude approached me after an exam to compare our answers, and then he announced he was going to walk me to the station, and I didn't feel like arguing. We started talking about work, and he stated that he loved his job and it was his life and all he wants to do, and he couldn't imagine anyone else feels otherwise. I've told him I don't feel like that, and what he describes is an ideal not achieveable for most, and people are lucky if their job doesn't make them actively unhappy. He told me to change jobs, that my attitude was horrible, and there's literally something for everyone they'd be passionate about. I asked him who will do the shitty jobs then, and he went silent. We walked past two guards standing out in the freezing cold and I asked him they were having the time of their life and he told me to shut the fuck up already lol

No. 1445961

Could mean you’re pretty or a woman of color.

No. 1445971

Could mean he’s just retardedly trying to neg you.

No. 1445995

It means he’s a retard who looks down on women. Sexist pig.

No. 1446002

File: 1671052843624.gif (6.98 KB, 86x98, 2E68B921-0AF4-4592-8F46-F94E36…)

I’m proud of you for telling his stupid ass off ♥

No. 1446024

Maybe I should just go full Gus anon. Just pick some kind of fictional character who has their shit together and gives no fuck and try to LARP as them. I'm just scared I'd be easily found out as someone who doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about

No. 1446034

As long as you can feign confidence, no one will be brave enough to call you out.
This is also one of the rare cases where "fake it til you make it" actually works, you naturally build your confidence up by taking control of your life.
I love you anon, you can do this

No. 1446044

File: 1671054709629.gif (8.81 KB, 131x227, 6CDA653B-C3F1-4A6A-80B0-B6DB8C…)

Everyone complains about it getting worse but I think I’m just desensitized to shit so I don’t care. Lots of retarded infighting, I spent a lot of time here this year doom scrolling and wasting time. Had some fun moments. Made a post that started a huge day long fight. Caught other people’s bans throughout the year but actually did get one justified ban for using an emoji (sorry im a sinner) Probably spent the most time in dumbass shit but I would forget the site exists and not come here for a month or two then get bored and come back. Overall 6.5/10 lolcow year, could be better could be worse, let’s have more fun next year girls.

No. 1446055

File: 1671055302547.gif (1.29 MB, 360x360, cat typing.gif)

Me chatting with the nonnies (who I love) in the movie room knowing I've probably called at least one of them a dumbass somewhere on this site.but that's the beauty of lolcow

No. 1446058

i told my dad "all humans are inherently selfish" is male mindset and he's now looking at me as if I am a giant inflatable duck slowly drifting towards a small boat full of babies

No. 1446063

>Everyone complains about it getting worse but I think I’m just desensitized to shit so I don’t care.
I was wondering if I have early Alzheimers, because I also don't really care. I feel like I've seen worse years. In many ways I'm also proud of how we've grown. I know many complain about muh newfag radfems, but I remember when the mass peakening happened and everyone realized men were the enemy and decided to tone down the nitpicking a little. Focusing more on the scrote cows. "Who cares about nasolabial folds? Gurg is a pedo." attitude basically. The movie room and draw room have been nice additions too.

No. 1446161

Kek anon, love that description of your dad looking at you. I guess I'm moid brained then.

No. 1446162

File: 1671060286877.jpg (16.45 KB, 500x269, tumblr_2cfc73f4ceee1be794603cc…)

I quitted for good and my life improved immediately after

No. 1446164

Hewo is it me yew lookin four

No. 1446165

File: 1671060430194.jpg (7.09 KB, 275x183, unnamed.jpg)

I love ducks

No. 1446166

then why are you here ?

No. 1446167

>ends in 4
holy shit

No. 1446168

obligatory christmas family visit duh

No. 1446171

Eye caN say it in ya I's I can C it in ur Smil3

No. 1446180

Hear me out. We're selfish, but empathy and caring for each other is mutually beneficial and gives a bigger evolutionary advantage than being selfish in the colloquial sense.
Also I wanted to post something else here but I forgot FUCK. Wait maybe I do know. Right, I'm looking forward to aging, looking older, getting rid of babyface and thus becoming hotter.

No. 1446187

>It snowed
>Taking care of animals for someone I know while they're out of town
>Mom decides to go with me
>I drive
>It's going better than expected, the bar is in hell
>Then my mom proclaims she wants to grab some snow, try and light it on fire, and see if it burns because apparently this shitty conspiracy theorist she listens to said it could contain jet fuel fluid in it
>Regret letting my mom come and being born
Everyday she becomes more unhinged

No. 1446190

File: 1671062015647.jpg (35.52 KB, 600x600, 1668140998074.jpg)

men age like milk sitting in the sun, jesus christ

No. 1446195

whats the lore of this gift, there is a very dark aura surrounding it

No. 1446196

you're like the annoying cousin who comes to brag about their life but is actually stuck in a loveless marriage
go home

No. 1446197

His brother's a bit nicer to look at

No. 1446208

File: 1671062466118.gif (1.43 MB, 482x482, 1666654636506.gif)

meh both look ugly to me. Having a round face and ''cute'' features only works for a man when he's in his teens/early 20's, otherwise they just look like bloated cats.

No. 1446217

liquid chris fags got 2 pictures where we doesn't look like shit post them again and again

No. 1446238

File: 1671063222853.gif (4.4 MB, 480x480, liquid chris guitar.gif)

not true, i have 3

No. 1446338

I still can't get over what Bluespike did to him and how the adult men groomed this 13-year old boy to pose as an adult woman in order to have phone sex with a man in his 20's. It's fucking insane how back then nobody thought twice about it, it was just seen as some epic psyop owning a miserable manchild who had no friends and was losing his touch with reality fast.

>I could not imagine how retarded you have to be to make Chris Chan a centric figure in your life to the point tha you engineer your actions around him, that's no better.

This. I had a laugh at Chris when it was still just poking fun at his narcissistic sonic comic and sending him fanart of a dickgirl Rosechu to get a funny reaction out of him but these psychos really making communities and scripted schemes to ruin his life is peak male behavior.

No. 1446345

File: 1671067654549.jpg (54.17 KB, 783x736, 1669489550410.jpg)

what does it mean when someone has their pinky and only their pinky, nail really, really long? Is my dad doing coke?

No. 1446353

Your dad is either a Mob boss, doing coke or both.

No. 1446354

My pinky nails are pretty long and I don't snort nothing but the air that god blessed me to breathe. He's just cool I guess

No. 1446357

where have all the long haired men gone..(who aren't trannies)

No. 1446365

File: 1671068900321.gif (283.36 KB, 206x206, liquid chris angry.gif)

i will never forget groomers and social media for the extintion of cute nerds

No. 1446375

dude who pushed cwc further into mom-raping madness is now a practicing MD
I knew all healthcare workers were secretly fucking evil and demented

No. 1446376

shut up newfag, no one is at fault of a fucking rapist actions besides the rapist.

No. 1446380

I said he pushed him further into madness, not that chris shouldn't have raped his mom, what the actual fuck

No. 1446381

Im glad I’m not the only one freaked out by Liquid Chris. Yes he wasn’t the worst of the trolls but the fact that he is somehow a hero STILL blows my mind. Chris never had a fighting chance with his upbringing and generally being a bad person, but I still don’t think any well adjusted human being would look at someone in that mental state and think fucking with them is a morally correct choice. The fact that his dumpy girlfriend played along with it for that long makes me question who they are as people and as a couple. All these trolls kept using mental gymnastics by trying to “help” but anyone with more than two Brian cells know that the best thing internet strangers can do is stay the fuck away. The fact that this grown actual Doctor is still milking his online fame from bullying a very mentally retarted person while in a profession where he probably sees people in even worse states than Chris is unsettling.

No. 1446387

no one is at fault for his mental illness but his parents and him. He was always a sex pest and it was bound to happen anyways regardless of the internet trolls or not.

No. 1446390

>no one is at fault for his mental illness but his parents and him.
Really? Nobody made it worse? The actyions of others have no effect on the people around them? Okay well then you should be glad he raped his mom and she got what she raised, you fucking weirdo ass bitch, defending grown men who bullied a literal retard and groomed a little boy into having phone sex with him
do you think the little boy groomed himself too? fuck off

No. 1446398

you are the idiot defending a fucking autist man, as if autists arent inherently born sex pests. His parents are retarded for not pulling the plug on him long before. KingCobra is also an autist and he hasnt raped anyone so far despite getting the same treatment as chris. People dont need to be babied on the Internet. People picked up on chris because he was a weirdo and a sex pest, he wasnt a poor waby autist being bullied by le evil internet trolls. Bluespike wasnt groomed either, he did it for the lolz and because he wanted attention. All the moids involved are fucking retarded but people trying to blame the trolls for a fucking autist actions and mental illness are equally retarded.

No. 1446400

>autistic man child rapes his mother
>I knew all healthcare workers were secretly fucking evil and demented
ah yes, logic conclusion

No. 1446401

Literally never defended Chris-chan and never would, he is going directly to hell. But you're fucking retarded too if you can't comprehend that intentionally warping his view on reality for years had an effect on him.
Do you want the GP who spent years dragging a mom-raping retard?

No. 1446402

>8 days ago
Imagine you had to tell your health concerns to this creature-man that still thinks chrischan is funny in 2022

No. 1446403

why the fuck is a healthcare worker coming back years later to further impersonate a fucking autist who raped his mother??
It's like people aren't going to see this as, "Ha ha funny, retarded man is acting retarded." And wasn't Bluespikes also known by grown men who knew he was having sexual conversations with a grown ass man for "Lolz". Thats not funny and it's gross.

No. 1446404

Bluespike was the youngest in a group of older boys/men who were encouraging him to have phonsex with chris, which is to say the least, questionable

No. 1446406

christorians are psycho losers, i agree but op was acting like they were responsible for chris' actions and they're fucking not I know cowtipping is prohibited but It's bascially like saying LC is responsible for the cows' actions. Jillians and other cows have pushed this argument that the website worsen their mental health and pushed them to the edge. Do you agree ?

No. 1446408

I never fucking said it was their fault, I said they pushed him further into madness, and yes, I do think having people harass him irl made him worse.
No one is going to the mall to trick Shayna into thinking that she has a date or driving past her house and shit.

No. 1446409

save it, she doesn't even know about the Pickle Man, she thinks this was normal cyberbullying

No. 1446410

You literally said "pushed him into mom-raping madness" so of course anons think you were saying they pushed him into raping his mom. I agree with your actual point though, but it's the way you wrote it that has confused anons

No. 1446413

>pushed him FURTHER into mom-raping madness
Literally implying that he was already mom-raping mad, that is literally what that means

No. 1446415

without the internet chris mom would still beraped because no one knew or cared about her until chris confessed he was raping her. This reminds me of columbiners saying that Dylan and Eric were bullied trying to gain symphaty for them, nah they were just pathetic footfags and fags who were depressed.

No. 1446417

how do you HALF rape your mom ?

No. 1446419

File: 1671072628278.gif (594.72 KB, 220x220, caca.gif)

No. 1446421

Did you respond to the wrong post?
I didn't say he wouldn't have still raped his mom, I said they fucking made him crazier, what are you not understanding? A retarded man was harassed in real life by a hoard of other disgusting scrotes for years, that certainly would have freaked me the fuck right out.

No. 1446425


No. 1446426

ayrt I get that, I said I agree with your point. I just think anons misread what you wrote is all.

No. 1446427

you cant make someone mad, before the internet he was already being a sex pest towards megan and walking in college looking for a boyfriend free girl

No. 1446428

it's not like Dylan and Eric because it's documented the ways people have fucked with chris IRL. They brag about him being the most documented person ever, so we can see the ways people actively fucked with a retareded shitty angry autists, to make him do retarded shitty things and some actively fed into his deluisions or helped him create them.
Like wasn't he being fucking extroted at one point? I can say fuck chris chan but lets not act like everyone was simply calling him retarded online and we're "defending' or "Sympathizing' no it's facts.
Sick men fucking with another sick men, while thinking they aren't sick fucks as well.

No. 1446431

You wouldn't be disturbed by a hoard of unwashed neckbeards harassing you in real life?

No. 1446434

Yeah the idea guys were literally wringing money out of him for years while they were convincing him about the CPU goddess realm being real

No. 1446435

no, you were saying trolls pushed him futher into "mom-raping madness". How are you slightly into raping your mom ? You said yourself that he would have done horrible shit regardless of bullying, i genuinely don't understand what you mean by futher ? What did the trolls made worse ??

No. 1446436

can we stop pretending the retards who targetted him really did it because of Megan and him being a sex pest? Most of them were probably sex pests. They did it because it was funny to pick on someone they could. Someone they thought deserved anything bad to happen to. A retarded scrote with shitty parents and no one to really help wrangle him. If they cared so much about his sex pest ways, they would'nt gotten a male child to have phone sex, or brought multiple women around him knowing how he is. It was all a laugh, until people who actually wanted to harm him came along.

No. 1446437

people get bullied, harassed and even catfished every day and they dont rape their mom

No. 1446439

File: 1671073033807.jpg (37.46 KB, 750x310, EdeNDNuXYAYpuy-.jpg)

No. 1446440


No. 1446441

i never said they were good people, i think both chris and his trolls are retarded but the trolls had nothing to do with chris decent into mother fucking. He was already like that before the trolls.

No. 1446442

Are you doing this on purpose?

No. 1446443

We are derailing here's his thread-

No. 1446445

you cant derrail a thread about nothing, newfag

No. 1446446

thank you, you explained your point of view in a comprehensive manner, i get what you were saying now

No. 1446447

There really isn't a reason to take infighting to a cow thread without milk.

No. 1446448


No. 1446450

Fam, are you dyslexic? He was insane, he got harassed for a decade, which made him observably worse which we know because he's been documented this entire time.
Yes, he was always crazy, but we literally watched him deteriorate in real time.
I don't know what the fuck you're even trying to say with "half rape" and "partially into rape" like wtf are you saying even?

No. 1446451

Not a newfag retard

No. 1446452

ma'am we eat poopoo here

No. 1446453

No. 1446457

Forgive me for "defending" this retard >>1444510, I admittedly am not that well versed in christory, but how can he blamed at all for Chris raping his own mother? I (and I guess everybody else) am not even convinced that Chris is insane enough to use insanity defense, let alone that it was indulced by another internet clown from a decade or more ago.

No. 1446458

i am tired of people trying to symphatize with cows, they are cows for a reason. Chris chan was a fucking autist who made a terrible comic and an eternal virgin obsessed with a girl, he got the kind of trolls he deserved. There was a point where he was even proffiting off being a cow but he still ended up raping his mother. This new fad of wanting to rationalize and justify making fun of cows only leads to unfunny nitpicking instead of milk. This is why modern cows are so boring and filled with fags trying to justify making fun of a fat woman being 'morally right' because she said the nword like 10 years ago or a camwhore because ''she dressed as a child character despite looking 40yo that means shes a pedo!!1!'', when the truth is that we just like making fun of retards because its funny.

No. 1446460

Literally not one person in this thread has defended Chris-chan.

No. 1446463

File: 1671073981183.jpg (46.9 KB, 500x378, 1492207941604.jpg)

I just realized that twitterfags come here so they can say retarded without getting cancelled. You will always see the same overly aggressive twitter-style clap-back replies(probably all by the same poster) always calling other anons retarded.
Not trying to start an infight I just think it's funny.

No. 1446464

looks like an excuse to me

No. 1446465

people are claiming that the trolls are at fault, which isnt true. Its like when people blamed haydurs for amberlynn getting cancer

No. 1446466

No. 1446467

>''it was all the trolls fault for wrapping his reality''
it was said a few posts ago

No. 1446468

I never fucking said it was their fault you stupid fucking bitch, I said they made him fucking crazier, what the fuck is your problem?
You can fucking acknowledge that two different groups of people are human fucking garbage jesus fucking christ

No. 1446472

you cant make anyone crazier. You are either born a rapist or you arent.

No. 1446474

No one in this thread said the trolls were responsible, just that their trolling wasn't the harmless fun it's treated as. Literally no one online who has willingly interacted with CWC is a good person.

No. 1446475

File: 1671074386297.jpg (42.46 KB, 564x563, 71cd1d5994096d80c2979ff4405491…)

Calm down

No. 1446476

do you have any studies to back this up

No. 1446477

File: 1671074416796.jpeg (94.56 KB, 297x340, 1659960055376.jpeg)

if it helps you sleep at night
why are we getting aggressive over this ? Why can't we exchange in a civil manners, we sounds like moids

No. 1446479

I'm pissed because I keep having to repeat myself and people are misquoting me like I would fucking defend a fucking piece of shit rapist

No. 1446480

yeah, its called ''having common sense''. Are you a lawyer? because you sound like every lawyer trying to defend their client after they murdered 50 people on them having a tough childhood.

No. 1446484

File: 1671074904168.jpg (85.9 KB, 1080x837, 1643061738400.jpg)

I dont wanna work and pay taxes i just want to bee free and work on my art and pet my cat i dont even like consuming enough to dedicate my life to the work then consume cycle

No. 1446518

you sound like a moron.

No. 1446521

File: 1671080855526.png (513.27 KB, 1472x1072, Bunkerbanter.png)

Ironically the most entertaining and memorable event this year was a malfunction. /ot/ going down in February caused the bunker threads and draw boards both of which were funny as fuck.

No. 1446553

File: 1671084681851.jpeg (121.05 KB, 1280x868, 1BE8A5F7-839A-43CD-A1D8-91C046…)

It's 1 AM but I'll be having a glass of milk is that so wrong?

No. 1446554

Sometimes I’m sad that I can’t twerk even tho that’s dumb. I just look so silly doing it. Im stiff and have no rhythm. I can make my ass jiggle. I don’t have a flat butt or anything. I don’t know how all these other girls do it so effortlessly. It makes hanging out with party girls so hard

No. 1446558