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No. 1437262

Let's scream into the abyss about our problems and try to help each other where we can.
Previous thread >>>/ot/1426945

No. 1437265


No. 1437270

File: 1670509236278.jpeg (41.32 KB, 474x468, 6179866806b5271ac475f372_474_4…)

Pray for me nonnies, I've been seeing this guy lately and I want to take it slow so I have to hold myself back to not immediately bone him now that I'm having dinner at his place for the first time tomorrow. I haven't had sex in 3 years, I'm still hormonal from just having my period and I'm super into him so my sexual frustration is absolutely driving me up the wall.

No. 1437277

BE STRONG NONNA. Do not do it, do not give into temptation. I believe you can do it. Do not give him the idea that he holds any power over you.

No. 1437282

Being a straight woman must be so humiliating kek

No. 1437289

For some. So glad I was blessed to be a lesbian. Every straight woman story seems like a horror story.

No. 1437290

Lesbians are superior to straight women. Straight women, kneel(bait)

No. 1437316

Fuck off scrote

No. 1437320

Don't you gals move in together after the second date? But yeah, it absolutely is. Like being into furries or something. Humiliating.

No. 1437323

So much for women's solidarity, huh?

No. 1437324

TikTok keeps shilling me that The Boodonckdf series jfc I hate it so much, fucking stop spamming it on my fyp I'm not gonna watch that trashy mess I just want to see cute animal videos leave me alone

No. 1437328

I bet you're a "transbian" kek.

No. 1437329

If you hate straight women (most women) so much you can go and create your own super special gay club and fuck off

No. 1437332

I will always support women's rights no matter what. I just wish some of them would wake the fuck up and stop supporting men.

No. 1437335

A lot of straight women throw lesbians and even other straight women until the bus for their nigels. I am all for women, but because of them we are in this tranny accepting time line hellscape. I will always support women and women's rights because it's extremely important, but the ones who are capping for moids deserve nothing.

No. 1437336

>I don't hate straight women
No, you're just bitter that they're not fucking you.

No. 1437340

That doesn't mean lesbians are superior or vice-versa. Really weird way to look at things.

No. 1437353

A lot of women of all sexual orientations on this very site throw other women under buses all the time with slurs like pickme. What does female solidarity even look like? If I dump my boyfriend for you, aren't you still going to call me names and tell me to leave based on other petty wrongthink I might have? What do I have to gain?

No. 1437355

For some reason the women protestors who stand outside the abortion clinics shouting cut the deepest.
I'd rather deal with angry scrotes because I can cope by saying that they don't and will never understand what women go through.
But handmaidens? How could they betray other women like this? Go home.

No. 1437359

>dinner at his place
Nonnette…this is a very bad idea if you are trying to avoid the bone train.

No. 1437363

Whoop, there it is.

No. 1437364

nta but this is literal homophobia. i cant believe my eyes kek really ? are you a middle schooler or are you serious or whats going on here

No. 1437366

I'm not the anon who said that though. I'm a lesbian, but I dont think lesbians are superior. i think we are all women in the end and should stand together instead of fighting each other for shitty male attention. It's not worth it. This entire transgender hellscape thing is a problem with women being okay with tr00ning out their own kids and not questioning it. When a woman does question it, well– look at what JK Rowling is going through. She is being attacked more so by women than men.

No. 1437367

There's been some people on the site lately who seem to get a rise out of starting arguments with people. It's not normal debate or in good faith. Maybe I'm wrong but it just feels that way lately.

No. 1437369

I agree. Women who are anti abortion are insane.

No. 1437371

Some women wanted their baby its just that it ended up implanting totally wrong and they would die so an abortion is needed. What the fuck would they even say to that woman? Its gods will? Couldnt that be said about a number of things like "I guess your grandma with cancer is God's will let's not give her chemo" or "maybe little timmy who was murdered like 8 others at his school god just had it in the cards"

No. 1437374

File: 1670513548759.png (118.43 KB, 275x274, 1660142030862.png)

I post art online. I haven't before this year. But internet art communities are way different than what they were in like 2015-2016. People overreact and overexaggerate everything. I just want to draw my cartoon husbandos in peace and share my goofy art with people. Not be told to "kys" by some shitty 13 yr old because I drew their favorite twink too "sexualized". I dont draw kids or weird porn. They'll explode if you draw the dad from the PPG for example or any other unconventionally attractive cartoon dude. I know I need to grow thicker skin, especially if i post online. Im just in a sensitive spot right now. Art is really all I have to boost myself. Im in a slump and it's the only thing i look forward to. But now I'm second guessing the quality of my art because people violently shart their pants so much over anything that isn't the highly rendered, anime style girls or guys theyre used to seeing.
Like anything people used to draw on deviantart or tumblr before 2016 would get you death threats now.
I dont know what to do. I honestly just wanted to make art friends and have that online experience i never got to have because I was so busy studying. Everything is so different and vile now.

No. 1437378

I am this close to ending a friendship with an older lady. Shes 30 years my senior and at first she was fun and wholesome and lately shes been real combative about me having a life and being unavailable for random hangs or hour long conversations.
Today she wants to go to lunch but shes already trying to monopolize on my free time for the rest of the day.
Shes also obese with a myriad of health problems. So, she cant workout, or walk in the park or do yoga. She gets out of breath walking 10 steps then complains that im doting on her when all im doing is trying to respect her pace.
If lunch goes as i expect, I am going to decline any social activity in the future. If shes going to wallow in self pity Im not joining the parade.

No. 1437379

It’s a meme. Lurk more

No. 1437384

Sorry you had to go through that. Twt and reddit have made things worse, so a lot of people online think it's okay to send literal death threats to artists they dont agree with. If I'm not mistaken, the artists for my hero academic had to apologise for a drawing he did of all the main heroes in bathing suits?? it was so odd. And then I heard the western fandom for voltron was horrendous because they wanted their shitty gay ship to be canon.
You have to have thick skin to be an artist now a days and draw what you want. I would just block and ignore those assholes.

No. 1437385

You don't belong

No. 1437387

Block and mute words, it's better to protect yourself like that and not engage with them. Avoid interacting with people like that or keep it with short sentences, if you really have to avoid some fandom tags altogether Good luck and have fun anon!

No. 1437389

File: 1670514050546.gif (1.94 MB, 450x337, 67BA53D8-3660-4E7C-9946-870751…)

>look busted as fuck today
>lost my sakaki from azumanga daioh keychain during my commute
>hair is insanely greasy and the braids i put them in made me look like i have microcephaly
>failed my oral exam
>literally peed my pants during it ( but it wasnt obvious as im wearing a massive coat and i didnt empty out my bladder but if i sat somewhere that seat would be sopping wet with piss also it was so obvious i was holding in my pee the whole time )
>it was in front of all sexist males ( they were discussing and im not even joking or exaggerating, how great andrew tate is on discipline and viewpoints as well as jordan peterson as some great doctor. felt like i was in highschool )
>humiliatingly had to ask my professor during the exam if i could go to the bathroom with tears in my eyes in front of everyone after not being able to answer most questions ( she wasnt mad and she told me we were done anyway and then when i came back she asked about me personally etc )
>prof told me it was the first time she saw me when i attended the whole month meaning that i look so ugly today she didnt recognize me
>i waited a total of 8 hours on my feet without sitting for one second wearing the world's most uncomfortable heels ( also the world's cutest plain heels ever made )
should i kill myself

No. 1437395

You didn't know that some people actually say that shit about people getting killed, getting accidents, dying of severe illnesses, etc? I've been told crazy shit like that as a kid or that I was sick because it must god's punishment because god is good and thus wouldn't ruin someone's else unprompted, same deal with others saying this to a family member whose illness nearly drove her to suicide. A friend of mine has a sister who also prevented her husband from getting chemo for his cancer or any other treatment because "muh religion muh devil" and the poor guy died because she thought praying to her weird hindu or buddhist sect and burning sage in their house would help.

No. 1437397

This day is a wash damn did you walk under a ladder or break a mirror? Glad nobody noticed the pp

No. 1437400

I hate that I sleep way too much everyday and can't do anything about it and that nobody even understands how much of a problem this is because they either don't take me seriously or think it was something GOOD, in a world were you are forced to function.

I thought going to bed early would help so I went to bed at midnight last night, instead the same shit that always happened when I tried this happened again and I slept till 16/4PM so SIXTEEN hours. I woke up at 11 for a moment but I was so deadly tired I couldn't even keep my eyes up so I gave up and laid down again and that's the next time I woke up then.

I have no physical issues it seems besides being underweight, but obviously not enough to cause medical issues. The blood is normally too and I don't even feel like I have depressions (although I am generally unmotivated but I don't think this is the same), so no idea what it even is.

What makes it worse is that when I google it and someone seems to have the same problem 100% of the answers are either "that's normal maybe your body just needed it", no it's not. And others say shit like "WOW I WISH THIS WAS ME!" - Again NO. Bitch you either aren't forced to have a job and household chores or you are talking shit.

I am currently NEETing because I quit my job due to tiredness and lack of concentration, but soon I have to get a new job and I have no fucking idea what to do. It never gets better and no doc gives a shit about it, they just tell me to get to bed "earlier". Well I did, it's not working! Nobody even believes me.

No. 1437403

File: 1670515076816.jpg (399.56 KB, 2880x2880, 20221208_105742.jpg)

Videos like this are so annoying. There isn't much difference facially between a 16 and 23 year old when women aren't wearing makeup and honestly it comes off as humble bragging.

No. 1437404

I'm sorry they're like that nona. There are still good spaces, they're just mostly found in cozier art discords. I would recommend going there instead of hacking through the wilderness of twitter and tiktok.

No. 1437405

thanks anon and idk but my cat died and my apartment flooded like a week or two ago rendering my laptop unusable. im literally misery from ruby gloom irl. just waiting to get struck by lightning now. dont know what on earth i've done to deserve all this karma but i'll take it i'm not mad honestly i probably do deserve it somehow.
also i was holding in my pee from 6am and i was done with my exam at 4pm. 10 hours of holding that in and it only decided to escape out my bladder the moment it was my turn to get up and do my exam. whatever the major thing is that no one noticed however they most definitely did notice me contorting legs in ways to hold in my pee. idc for the most part because its not like i'll see them again really but that was really humiliating. im mostly upset about losing my sakaki…

No. 1437407

She looks 26 which isn't a bad thing. She could be any age in her 20s or 30s they really do all look the same. Regardless everyone ages differently as well. It feels like some sort of pickme thing to do, everyone and their mom on the internet says "I am 35 but everyone says I look 12!" kek.

No. 1437408

Absolutely no offense to that woman, she's very pretty, but she doesn't look 16. Sixteen year olds have a much rounder, more unfinished face. Plus a greater head to body ratio. That is definitely a person with adult proportions.

No. 1437410

Samefag, I meant to type 23 but combined 16 and 23 lol. There isn't a difference anyway.

No. 1437415

I was asked for my ID when I ordered a cocktail with vodka few years ago. Drinking age is 16 here and I was 32 when I ordered it.

Funny enough, the guy that gave out the drinks also looked younger than 20 but was in his 30s as well. People are just different, there are lot of 30+ looking like 20, 16/23 is reaaaally nothing rare or special but zoomer culture is all about being a special snowflake.

No. 1437416

her facial asymmetry is really bothering me, hard to look at

No. 1437418

I think people looking young or the same for a long time is normal and most people are just influenced by boomers.
Boomers looked like literal 50 year olds with 30. There was this meme going around from a sitcom of the 80s with the actors and the ages and nobody on twitter believed the ages were real but they were. It's just that millennials and zoomers look much, much younger in comparison with how most boomers of the same age have looked liked in the 70s or 80s.

No. 1437419

Most of my 16 years old classmates in high school looked older than that girl. Not because the girl looks younger than her age but plenty of teenagers look way older.

No. 1437423

I also think people have a warped perception of what teens look like based on plastic surgery among the idle rich teens, and tv shows casting way older people to play them

No. 1437427

The fact that moving out will never be an option to me makes me want to kill myself
Fuck this family I can’t believe I’m tied here forever until someone dies or I shack up with a moid who will probably treat me worse

No. 1437433

She actually does look 16

No. 1437437

Most of my 16 year old students look much younger than her. Teenagers really do look unfinished, just different from children, but definitely not adults.
I agree about the tv thing. Perceptions are absolutely warped from them casting 25 year olds to play 16 year olds.

No. 1437445

People don't know what any age looks like, I've seen people say women who look their age look 10 years older once they find out-
>Oh she's 20? She looks 28!
Like, okay so she looks in her 20's. What does that really look like? We all age/look different

No. 1437452

File: 1670517549853.jpg (505.93 KB, 2880x1765, 20221208_113817.jpg)

As if 16 year olds look this fucking haggard

No. 1437455

Nona, I think your body dysmorphia might be coming out. She looks completely normal.

No. 1437463

this is so fucking embarrassing. blog but im 25 and once while buying wine a checkout clerk asked for my id and commented that i “looked 17”. i was so embarrassed that i changed my fashion style to look more mature and began working on how i present myself in public. i think it’s honestly coomer brain rot from watching too many “teen barely legal” videos with adult actors, internet & social media grooming teens (mostly girls) en masse into sexualizing themselves at younger ages, like >>1437437 said, adults playing teens in every piece of visual media available. women like this are probably deeply insecure about their aging and accept pseudo pedophilic comments because it keeps them from being the worst thing a woman can be - old (read: worthless).

No. 1437466

We're not talking about the same generation of teenagers tbh. I was in high school long ago and graduated 10 years ago. And you're talking about your own students from right now. Styles are different and I remember that these classmates actually tried hard to seem more adult. However they still looked like adults even without styling and makeup.

No. 1437478

File: 1670518339352.jpg (64.41 KB, 597x556, bf2df4054f5ee387a01f277f2ace93…)

5-10 years ago teens were trying desperately to look older/dressed super mature like picrel. Now suddenly dressing/looking like pedo bait is mainstream. Where did we go wrong nonas

No. 1437480

Sidenote wtf is this video, I swear zoomers are emotionally stunted

No. 1437484

Damned if we do, damned if we don't.

No. 1437485

Lady, you look tired. Not 16.

No. 1437488

Off topic but I was always dressed like a businesswoman when I was a kid because I was fat so I always look 13 or 30 looking at my childhood and preteen pics KEK

No. 1437497

Not to defend her but there's probably people saying stuff like this to her irl, people generally just have a really bad perception of age because of media these days (30 year olds playing teens)

No. 1437519

Feeling retarded…

No. 1437520

Few years ago I was in a long term relationship. We'd lived together for years. The guy had just brought up the idea of getting a mortgage but we hadn't discussed it in depth. My gut wasn't telling me I was comfortable with that leap. But I didn't have to worry.. because like a week after his quick mortgage comment he breaks up with me anyway. He had been having a whole other relationship. I was floored. We live together, work but do everything together outside of that. He wasn't the most social so its not like he had gaps of time where he could be lying about where hes going. How tf was he not just fucking somebody else but having an actual relationship. I had no clue. Its tempting to just assume women who miss signs of that must be idiots but there I am in that situation.

He'd been taking time off work at first. Then he'd given up his job in the weeks leading up to this. He had set up a new job near her. She lived a couple hours away and he has this all neatly set up behind my back. The plan was to move in with her 5 mins after he'd sat me down and told me. Nice. He leaves to go take his things to her place and stay for a bit. We still have a lease with some time left on it so he says he'll be back in a couple weeks. Hes treating these 2 weeks as a 'trial period' of living with her before he moves fully in. So I'm alone for 2 weeks newly floored by this. I moved to this area for him. I know nobody. I have nobody. No contact. I had just taken 2 weeks of time off work because to add to the shittiness he'd fed me a lie saying he had a trip booked for the both of us. Why? Idk. I mean why did he talk about a mortgage a week earlier? Why add new levels to the shittiness of it all? 2 weeks freshly devastated and left alone. I was going nuts. My family are so many hours away and I'm too proud to rock up to them in that state. What for, to cry at their house instead of mine? And I felt humiliated by the affair aspect.

Given I'd found out he'd moved on well before I knew about it.. Part of me was tempted to rebound. Even if not looking for something serious. I needed something to do, someone to distract. I felt like a fool. I felt gross. This is where my mind was at. I didn't do it in the end. I kept busy with making plans for me moving at the end of our lease. I went out for coffee alone, went to the cinema alone. Thought about this non fucking stop and when he got back he was beaming from ear to ear over how loved up he was. A receipt for a sex toy was conveniently dropped on the floor of our bedroom and left there for me to see. Cool. In my head I'm like.. maybe I should've rebounded. He's having fun while I'm crying for a fortnight and feeling like I'm disgusting. Disposable. My head was all over the place.

A few days later it came out in the news that in my exact area, like streets away there had been a man on tinder kidnapping and raping women after arranging to meet them in public. Weapon on him ready to pull them into a car. A good looking man too. But a brutal sadist. He'd met 2 women in the span of a few days (during my 2 weeks alone) and he'd held each one of them captive for like 10/15 hours and raped them repeatedly aswell as torturing them in other unsual and cruel ways. The timing and location was just surreal to think about. The one time in my life I'm vulnerable to going down that route and thats what was on there. I counted my blessings and got out of my pity rut.

No. 1437522

I'm shuddering and freezing but we can't turn on the heater for more than a few hours because the prices increased and we're too fucking poor to afford it.

No. 1437523

She looks her age, and that's okay.

No. 1437526

Not trying to be a bitch nonnie but why do I get an overwhelming feeling that there were probably a million other red flags that came along with this moid? Or was he just a completely normal innocent angel who flipped like a coin on you?

No. 1437527

I look different now as a 28 than when I was 20, and I'm not the only one in that case. That's not a good comparison, you could argue that there isn't a different between a 18 yo and a 24 yo but around 26 I started gaining a bit more weight despite not changing my diet or physical activities, I have white hair, I lost all the fat in my cheeks, etc. and apprently it's around that age when it happens to most people.

No. 1437528

Electric blanket is cheaper than paying for a heater

No. 1437529

Anon what vendetta do you have against this woman

No. 1437530

Why do these women want to be underaged so bad?
There are so many women in their early 20s going , "I get carded all the time! I look 15." it's so gross and male pandering. It unconsciously sexualizes children.

No. 1437534

She doesn’t look particularly ugly or attractive. She’s like lukewarm porridge chill out

No. 1437535

I heard those catch on fire easily

No. 1437536

Right lol especially after he mentioned a mortgage and she only felt something was “a little off”. Girl that’s a lot off! He was probably going to use her to help pay off a house but she hesitated so he decided to go ahead and leave.

No. 1437538

I met him at a low point, I'd just lost my mom and wasn't looking to date. He swooped in looking like a good thing and obviously wasn't. When I was that bit tempted to rebound afterwards I reminded myself that dating while you're at a low point generally doesn't lead to good things.

No. 1437540

This isn’t safe to do I know but I’ve spent the last 2 winters sleeping with my electric blanket turned on medium/high for like 6 hours a night and I’ve never gotten as much as a burn, let alone started a fire. You should prob get one nonique it’ll save you a lot of money!

No. 1437541

I’m sorry I don’t want to fuck you, Bethany

No. 1437542

Pretty sure the ones who are obnoxious about it are comparing themselves to women and not in a "men like me more" but in a "I look better than you" way. Everytime I get mistaken for a teenager and I correct people they get shocked and women usually laugh it off with "oh that means you'll look great in a few decades" so maybe seeing skincare ads fucks up everyone in the head or something.

No. 1437544

My anxiety has gotten so bad that I have a suicidal thoughts again. I thought I was done with this shit but I backsled and now I don't really know what to do with this. Living with constant anxiety and a little voice in your head that screams "well maybe you should kill yourself" is so hard when you have adult stuff to deal with. I don't really want to die and I know that these feelings will pass but this constant emotional pain is overwhelming.

No. 1437547

File: 1670521114859.png (122.28 KB, 553x818, 1670269046253647.png)

Is there some extension where I can turn imageboards into textboards? I'm so tired of seeing messed up shit. I wish moids would go extinct.

No. 1437556

Usually I cringe at these things but this woman has a baby face. Y'all are buggin.

No. 1437560

She looks her age. 23 isnt old. She looks young and 23. women need to stop wanting to be teenagers so badly.

No. 1437563

Where did you buys yours from nonna?

No. 1437572

Whenever a women says that people think she looks young for her age other women literally turn into vipers

No. 1437573

What face do you think a 23 years old woman usually have? Her appearance is completely normal

No. 1437574

I have 2 I use this little heating pad I got from CVS and a fluffy electric blanket I got from Pottery Barn. But I used to have one that I got from target that works the exact same and never overheats

No. 1437575

She really doesn't. She looks her age, which is a young woman. She looks fine and is even attractive but she doesn't look like a kid.

No. 1437576

Because it's stupid to brag about that when you're still a young adult.

No. 1437577

Some anons use something to remove pictures entirely but I don't remember. I'd like to have a reminder as well.

No. 1437579

It's the most commonly used phrase by pickmes ever. "uwu ppl think I'm 14 I'm really actually 21 aren't i so cute and young looking? i'm not like those other wretched crones that are 24 and look their age" I have a young face but I will literally never make an entire tiktok about it especially if I was 23.

It just reinforces the idea that once a woman goes past the age of 21 she is pretty much old, which is what a lot of these dumb fucks think nowadays. "Damn I'm 22, I'm soooo oooold haha". No.

No. 1437583

This exactly. It’s weird to be in your 20s (young) and obsessed with talking about how teenager like you think you look…
Also I don’t even consider anyone to be an adult until they’re like, 35 now that I am what is considered an “adult” kek. And even most 35 year old women are pretty “young looking” (look their age)

No. 1437584

Not her but ALDI sells them insanely cheap I bought two there for only like 35 bucks

No. 1437586

There’s so much I wanted to be and I found out I can’t be it. So goddamn much. And this is a weird kind of heartbreak and I don’t know how to resolve it. I used to hate that word, “resolve”, because when I was younger I thought you pounded at life until it yielded and gave you what you wanted. Seeing older people act resigned made me uneasy. But there’s so much I wanted to be. So fucking much, and the inability to be it makes me less. Like I’m not worth anything to myself. It’s so difficult to be stuck in this body.

No. 1437592

> He was probably going to use her to help pay off a house but she hesitated so he decided to go ahead and leave.
idk what the purpose of the mortgage line was to this day. Other than just.. some misdirection. By that point he'd already planned to move in with the other woman. He had a new job lined up by her place. She was a single mom of 4, 2 of them are severely autistic so she had a free council house. Moving there was the plan.

No. 1437595

With zoomers now a days, think they anyone over 30 is dead or dying. I'm 36 now and it took me a long time to be financially dependent. Now I have my own home with my wife of 10 years, but it took so much work.

No. 1437598

Gained almost 10 kg in 5 months in both muscle and fat and i'm very happy with how i look, but none of my pants fit anymore

No. 1437600

she looks 23?

No. 1437610

Were you doing more heavy lifting? I want my arms to be bigger with muscle. I've been doing weighted squats, but I cant be bothered with core work outs.

No. 1437617

my fave fanfiction writer went silent in january 2021, and after checking her twitter I see that her last post says "I have covid, but i'm not feeling too bad right now. I'll come back after I get better!"

immediately felt so bad and assumed the worst. she actually was super private but after some heavy sleuthing and discovering her pinterest board and eventually her real name i found out what happened to her. now im pissed because she actually just became a huge christian convert and became a tradthot for her loser motocross boyfriend.


No. 1437618

making and keeping friendships is so hard, why am I doing this? For the most part being alone is perfectly fine

No. 1437630

Ntayrt but I'm almost 27 and my cheek fat still won't disappear (I really wish it did tho)

No. 1437640

I hate the way confrontation makes me feel. I hate how my body gets hot, my heart starts to race and I literally start shaking and have to fight back my tears. I look ridiculous having to do this whenever the situation calls for it at work but I can't control my body's reactions to stress. Is there even any way to fix this when I'm already in my late 20s? My stomach is still in a knot over something that happened an hour ago. I feel like such a child.

No. 1437657

Yes. You need to keep doing it. Actively engage in debating and infighting. Not necessarily here but other places. That way your body is used to conflict.

No. 1437672

I think I’m gonna just commit when my bank account runs out of money. I don’t want to because I don’t know what’s gonna happen to my boyfriend after I die but I also really don’t want to keep doing this anymore. I have no incentive to continue living, and there’s nothing that makes my life livable

No. 1437679

I knew someone was going to suggest exposure therapy but I'm not sure, I'm not an aggressive person at all and I don't know if I could change my entire personality. I guess it also doesn't help that the conflict and the feeling of it reminds me of when my mom used to be abusive. Thanks for your reply anon.

No. 1437718

You don't have to be aggressive to be assertive. Confrontation doesn't necessarily need to devolve into name calling or being aggressive. The other person might end up doing that, but in that case you have won. Just keep your cool and keep debating.

No. 1437727

File: 1670529986283.jpeg (42.36 KB, 480x454, 96B7AC6B-8805-4655-9CE6-2CEEE0…)

I used to be into film (especially artsy horror movies). I made internet friends with this seemingly nice girl who eventually turned into a psychotic, meth-addict FtM. She pressured me into watching ultra-hardcore bdsm rape porn and later straight-up snuff. I don’t watch movies anymore.

No. 1437730

what the fuck ? is her meth addiction that bad ? i dont understand what pushed her into watching these awful stuff

No. 1437742

How can an internet person pressure anyone into watching illegal content? You’re just as sus, even more so bc you didn’t even do meth.

No. 1437746

snuff is a myth imo, you have to be into deep networks with degenerates to find these, and i barely think people produce these things nowadays. i think she was talking about videos that are on bestgore or watchpeopledie those are not illegal

No. 1437748

If this belongs better in another thread, sorry nonnas.

I befriended and tossed out a scrote this year. He was way more mentally ill than just having XY (bipolar 1) and beyond what I learned that I could deal with. (Lots of experience with crazy people, just mostly fellow women.) I realize now that he had lovebombed me, the covert nature of his narcissism escaped me at the time because he used and abused how he had "social anxiety" to get things like pity praises and constantly keep things more isolated. I think the entire half year friendship, he was priming to blow up at me. He had dubbed himself my caretaker in his head and was "always trying to fix me and my problems" despite me never asking for that and he obviously didn't do anything like that anyway. He was older than me by a few years, but I had to argue and raise my voice a few times about his attitudes whenever something small went wrong that created a minor inconvenience for him. He told me that he had a crush on me from inception - he had dubbed me his best friend immediately and before I thought we were really proper friends, this was an alarming thing I should've corrected but I always feel like this with people - and said he started jerking off to me that far back into barely knowing me, that he had formed a delusion we were in love. He told me that the majority of things that I liked to talk about he considered retarded, and that he was ignoring me or making fun of me in his head when I'd talk about them. Meanwhile, he was also crazytalking about shit that I find retarded and this was the same time as Kanye's live episode. (God forbid you compare them, even though they're comparable.) I got unsolicited dick pics and pics of PMs between him and people I hated where he was shittalking me about things. I've gotten him out of my life now, and he's already targeting another and younger girl to ruin the life of. I've asked friends if I'm right to feel traumatized by this whole event and got agreement. I really hope getting it off my chest more will help me heal faster and return to a better norm.

No. 1437765

Why don’t you ask your bf for some money

No. 1437768

Legit. these bitches who are like 'omg they made me do it.' did they tape your eyes open Clockwork orange style and literally force you? Doubt.

No. 1437771

Yeah that or try hard grindhouse wannabe’s. Which, for moids whose personality is edgy(tm), are the most boring and uncreative bunch to ever disgrace cinema. Oh no, rape, torture, shittiest camera work you’ve ever seen, wow groundbreaking.

No. 1437777

I can't wait to actually be proposed to. My boyfriend got drunk the other night because we're moving soon and he wanted to get rid of this vodka he's had for a while and it was better for him to finish it, one less thing to carry to the next place. He was saying really cute things while we were laying in bed. "Marry me, anon!" "You're the most amazing person I've had in my life." "I don't ever want to lose you." "I can't wait for us to save a bunch of money and then we can have so many babies together." He's the greatest partner I've had. We've already talked before, sober, about us getting married, he plans to do it soon. Likely not until we move to our new place and figure out our financial stability situation. I just have a good feeling it's going to be before summer. I've caught him at thrift stores going out of his way specifically looking at vintage rings. He's getting ideas and he wants to find something perfect. We jokingly call each other husband and wife at times. I honestly can't wait for the real deal. It's such a nice feeling to experience.

No. 1437781

You’re being love bombed and this isn’t a vent.

No. 1437783

This liquid diet is hurting my stomach so badly but I can't chew

No. 1437786

>I hate that imvu is popular now
since fucking when

No. 1437787

>"You're the most amazing person I've had in my life."

him talking about what you do for him isn't a compliment to you, just wanted to point that out. Also, choosing to finish a bottle vodka in order to not carry a single bottle? ok sure lol.

No. 1437790

I’m curious to know how long she’s known this man.

No. 1437794

Kek this is vent thread nonny. I hope you keep your head on straight and it works out with ur nigel. If not tho, come back anytime!

No. 1437805

>"I can't wait for us to save a bunch of money and then we can have so many babies together."
I would dump a guy if he said this to me. Repulsive.

No. 1437808

My mom had a biopsy on her breast to see if she has breast cancer because her mammogram was showing up with abnormalities. I'm scared, she's my best friend, I really hope it's not cancer. I'd be devastated if it turns out to be cancer. We have 0 family history of breast cancer but I know the probability of it is 1/3 of women will have it.

No. 1437811

babe… Please never get excited about anything a man says while intoxicated. If you want to be married have a serious conversation with him while you're both fully sober and then see what he says.

After that you'll have to watch his actions.

No. 1437813

Awh babe, hoping everything goes well with your mom. It's probably a non cancerous tumor, my friend had to have one of those taken out a few years back and she's fine now.

No. 1437814

> drunk on vodka
>I can't wait for us to save a bunch of money and then we can have so many babies together
Sounds about right for vodka

No. 1437832

i think she's pretty but she doesn't look 16 kek
maybe tv 16, in which 16 year olds are being portrayed by people in their twenties

No. 1437838

The frenulum of my tongue has been hurting since yesterday for no reason. I didn't realize how much I move my tonuge. I've been having weird problems with my mouth for some weeks actually, now that I think about it. The inner side of my lower lip feels weirdly rough and not at all as smooth as it usually does and I have lots of skin tags on my tongue out of nowhere. I get one or two like maybe every other month, but right now I've got several ones at once. Do I have mouth cancer?

No. 1437843

The professor seems nice to ask after you personally. Sorry about you losing Sakaki, I used to have a crush on her back in the day.

When it rains it pours I guess. Do you think your mindset is also affecting what's happening? Like because you've had consistently bad luck you're just expecting it to continue? I've had periods where looking back I played down the good parts because I was convinced everyone and everything had it out for me, but alternately after a good week I had an objectively bad day where everything was just fucked and I shrugged off every instance and was mentally unscathed.

I just read the reply and I'm NOT saying it's your fault, I'm so sorry about your cat. But I do believe you can jinx yourself. It might be beneficial to take a little break from things if you can and reset to approach everything in a more neutral manner.

No. 1437845

File: 1670536071133.jpg (52.75 KB, 526x716, bliss-permeated-mother-anandam…)

The spiritual path is not for the weaklings. But after getting a glimpse of reality, I was left with no choice but to immerse myself in the present relentlessly. My body is not flexible so I'm not capable of sitting for a long time without excruciating pain, so I sit for short meditation sessions and lie down for longer ones. I try to keep steady attention during the day and discriminate between my mind's patterns and my true nature. There's nothing for me in this world but I can't become a monk so I have to keep carrying on with my daily activities anyway, which is quite a challenge when all I wanna do is be immersed in meditation

No. 1437856

My fuckbuddy said he was worried I might want a serious relationship from him in the future and after my initial shock I just went off on him.

He's a good fuck and nice for a scrote but wow what an ego, apparently. It felt good to tell him no woman in their right mind would consider him a serious option. And listing all the shit that would make him a dreadful boyfriend, with anecdotes from him to back it up.

Oddly enough after this he was super clingy to me, what an idiot. He's a nice enough boy but jesus christ.

No. 1437863

Can you explain this a bit more? Is it like taking psychedelics? I only had 1 successful trip but it was very satisfying. Meditation as I've done it slowed/relaxed my nervous system but nothing transcendent. Has your life improved since starting this? By what metrics if so? What's reality? Or rather your perception of it. So many people think they know reality, why do you think you're correct?

No. 1437865

kek is this a scrote? What an unhinged take.

No. 1437866

You next time calmly say “but I really do want a relationship. I want to find love and companionship….but not with you so we are all good!”. Even if you don’t want a relationship saying this fucks scrotes up everytime. There’s no point in cussing men out because they just right you off as crazy and block out anything you’re saying.

No. 1437875

i'm paranoid that i've been RATted. I have felt like this for years, i think it's just a random delusion. but it's one of my worst fears, even though i don't get up to any nefarious activities, my google searches would still be embarrassing if they got out or whatever.

No. 1437881

Men really do get some sort of high off of telling women they're so scared that she'd want to date him because he's clearly just SUCH a catch. Like it's genuinely weird to me that men can't comprehend that women can think of them as a penis with a body attached to it.

No. 1437882

File: 1670538048319.png (536.43 KB, 564x421, Screenshot_124.png)

i've had unexplained chest pain for four years at this point. it started in 2018 after a run. it has been a constant, 24/7 thing, and while i've mostly acclimated it still drives me nuts. i would go on about my history with tackling it, but i've got a blog-y thread up on cc https://crystal.cafe/hb/res/3629.html

i wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. am i just going to up and die one day? i try googling solutions and find nothing, it's like i'm the only one who suffers from unending chest pain. i'm so used to it that it's tough to describe what it feels like anymore…a mild ache that burns?

No. 1437884

what have doctors/hospitals said?

No. 1437886

KEK this anon had some vodka too it seems

No. 1437888

Picked up alcohol abuse thanks to some shit my ex told a mutual 3 months ago, and with shit that happened recently got worse. Vented about it in a previous thread so I don't wanna go into it but man… I never thought I'd be abusing substance to cope. Here I am!

No. 1437889

They think every woman who fucks them wants a relationship because they are used to most women rejecting them. This is one of the reasons I can’t do casual sex because I hate to know I’m unintentionally giving a scrote an ego boost.

No. 1437894

nothing helpful barring the last doctor (female) who correctly diagnosed me with gerd after two idiots (male) somehow missed it. she gave me pills which helped the gerd symptoms, but the chest pain persisted

maybe i need to hit up a cardiologist again

No. 1437901

Ah he knows that, in my current situation I could move away at short notice so it'd be pointless to find someone serious here. My aim wasn't to fuck him up, it was a surprise because it came out nowhere and to his credit he said it hurt to hear but I'm right about everything I said. I'll bet he never questions my intentions again though.

No. 1437912

Sadly men read having sex out of a relationship as desperate. So even if you just wanted someone to chill with and fuck they are going to think you want something more because you let them fuck. This is just something you will have to learn to not care about if you’re dealing with scrotes casually.

No. 1437921

I hate how bad shit always happens to my older sister. She's a good woman, she works harder than she should have to, and has always been there for me. I've always rooted for her because I know out of all of us, she has the most potential. She recently got into a car crash while pregnant. She's okay and so is the baby, but I don't want her to die. Everything seems to want to kill her. I hate it because I don't want to lose her. I'm already losing my other sister and fuck man it hurts. I wish we were closer and I wish I was more honest with her. I've been so selfish these years out of resentment for life, but now I want it all.

No. 1437928

One of my clients was assaulted by a man she was seeing, a few days ago and I wish I could do something for her. I'm just so sad.

No. 1437929

So glad your sister is okay. Maybe she’d love to become closer to you as well, I’m sure she feels lucky just to be loved by family. I hope things get better with your other sister though..

No. 1437932

I'm jealous, mad and sad at the same time. Yes I'm fucking sad that we aren't hanging out!!!!!! I just want to be good enough for once in my pathetic little life

No. 1437952

Friend who made moves on my bf a couple years ago has been trying to get back in contact with me. She went psycho when I told her I couldn't trust her and didn't want to be friends anymore, blaming her behavior on things I did. She continued to send me crazy emails for like 6 months. She's said she's really been working on herself, moved out of her shitty home situation, and doesn't even know why she acted how she acted and she's very sorry and would like to meet up and apologize to both of us (me and my bf.) We were friends for a long time and I do miss her but man she really fucked me up when she did all that.

No. 1437953

im so fucking sick of having to draw shit that i hate and dread doing for money why did i have to be a fucking poor disabled faggot

No. 1437955

Don’t befriend her again. Jealous pick mes are dangerous. She could be planning to murder you or have you set up.

No. 1437959

I need help. My cat is picky with its food and won't eat the entirety of its wet food. Eats about 25 procent of it and then leaves it. If I chill it and warm it back up again, it won't be eaten. I can't afford to buy so much cat food because it's not good enough food? I've tried multiple brands. Dry food only only produces endless begging and desperate attems to enter the kitchen. I close the door. If I don't change the wet food my cat starts to go on a hunger strike and convulse/shake from low blood sugars. I'm at a loss.

No. 1437962

Tell her how you feel. It isn't too late! Sending nothing but good vibes to both you and your sister.

No. 1437965

Do you remove the food from the can if its in one?

No. 1437966

Maybe try a mix of wet and dry? Picky cats are insane. My friend's cat almost died cause he tried canned tuna and that little shit never wanted to eat anything else, they fixed it by slowly weaning him off it by mixing food. They still mix the tiniest bit of tuna in though

No. 1437972

I have the food in a low dish, almost like a plate, so it won't touch the whiskers!
I've done that too, yet the remainder of the wet food is always there, then won't be touched ever again, even if I top it off with more dry. Will proceed to eat roughly 25% from a fresh pack of course. I never had a picky cat before; My childhood cats grew up on dry food only. I'm thinking my cat would rather die too, honestly. It's baffling to me lol.

No. 1437980

There's a dude I met in 2020 that I enjoy talking to but I have to stop for a while because he asks for selfies at least 5 times a day. Like not even nudes just random photos of me. It's so annoying, if I feel like sending one I will wtf We don't have anything going on, we're just friends too
He sends photos of himself too which I appreciate because I find him handsome and like seeing him but I'm not a selfie person, 1 a day is ok but multiple times specially if I'm just chilling at home is just annoying af to ask. I always have to cut contact because it gets tiring real quick lmao

No. 1437984

Try serving it on a paper plate. Some cats can develop aversions to the dish a food is served in. What happens if you only give her 25% of the normal amount? Will she eat it all, or does she only eat 25% of that?

No. 1437991

I hate that now since Wednesday was on a Netflix show, every zoomer is jumping to call her “queer” or “autistic”. I watched some video on Instagram about the show and most of the comments were about how “ya’ll love Wednesday but will hate on neurodivergent people!! She’s classic autistic with wearing the same color every day!” Or maybe she just likes the color black…? I hate how retards will take any character and put labels on them.
I suppose this happens to every character that gets popular suddenly, but it still makes me annoyed.

No. 1437998

File: 1670544460879.jpg (157.53 KB, 1200x1200, BWL_AP990032_M_WHT_A.jpg)

Have you tried an elevated food dish? I had a cat with a similar issue and it mysteriously worked, couldn't tell you why other than I just assume it was more comfortable.

No. 1437999

File: 1670544495968.jpg (40.22 KB, 533x437, 1646461274277.jpg)

I am fucking tired of waiting for my cunt mom to help me, i have accepted that she only gives a shit about herself. I am so fucking tired nonnies, i begged, i cried for her to take me to a dermatologist saince i was a teen and instead she gave me products from her shitty MLM scam that only made my skin worse. Now everytime i look at myself in the mirror i get filled with anger and hatred. I fucking hate myself, i have gone months without looking at myself in the mirror because it makes me spiral into suicide ideation. People have different tastes, some think big noses are beautiful, other think buckteeth are cute, but for sure absolutely everyone in the face of earth thinks acne and acne scars or skin conditions are disgusting. It makes me so fucking deperssed how incredibly dirty they make you look, wouldnt wish acne and acne related issues to no one. I am grabing money from my savings and going myself i dont care if i have to waste all my savings, i am so fucking tired and depressed and disgusted.

No. 1438000

lol I'm autistic and I admit that I headcanon a lot of characters as autistic however I hate when people claim a character being autistic is an objective fact, even if that's not the intention of the creators, and that you are ableist if you disagree

No. 1438001

What if he's using your pics to catfish online. Just kidding. Unless?

No. 1438002

lmfaoo that would be crazy… If he also wasn't sending a million of his own photos every day I'd consider but I think he's just retarded

No. 1438003

How old are you? It isnt up to your mom to do shit for you once you're in your 20s.

No. 1438006

I dont think there's anything wrong with having a head canon of a fictional character. People are wild when they are dead set in stone about things. You should keep being awesome and enjoy yourself. I swear this got worse with tumblr in 2015 and then rocketed into ballisticness with twt fags.

No. 1438008

21, i know thats why i said my problem is her not taking me to a dermatologist as a teen. learn to read.

No. 1438013

File: 1670545012947.png (876.19 KB, 720x1280, x1n9hw06sx561.png)

I knew a guy like this. he didnt know how to communicate except with a photo of himself with a vapid statement

No. 1438014

You really need to learn how to read

No. 1438016

if i dont know how to read how the fuck would I read your post telling me to go read readtard

No. 1438017

She will eat it all, but when I use the remainder she then somehow know that it is old or has been refrigerated at some point and warmed up again. I'll try the paper plate!

No. 1438018

Same anon, yeah headcanon is one thing and that’s fine, a lot of people do that and that’s how we get a lot of fanfics. But I’m seeing people say it’s fact and are fighting everyone else about it and being so aggressive kek.
Now you see people dead set on calling a character transgender and if you don’t agree you’re transphobic. If you don’t agree they’re neurodivergent, you’re ableist.

No. 1438023

text to speech works for illiterates like you

No. 1438036

I very rarely ask for people's photos even if I want to see them unless it's like, someone says they got a new haircut then I'll want to see it. But multiple selfies of my same damn face every day is just weird af. And like I said he also sends photos of himself with the same frequency he asks for mine.. I cut contact again because it got too annoying. If someone wants to send ok, but don't lowkey ask the same from me specially if I'm at home or work (like 99% of the time) doing nothing interesting and looking like shit
Men like this are retarded

No. 1438082

File: 1670547824608.png (60.71 KB, 1116x423, 2022-12-09 01_50_43-Window.png)

i used to go on this one alternative health forum but it has since been infested my mra, mgtow, incels and pickme retards. I keep seeing retarded posts like pic rel. Dude was totally abused by his evil wife and he was forced to do housework and even make his own breakfast and lunch! sounds like it was a green card marriage for him but he got her put in jail for human trafficking??? He sounds like he wasn't contributing financially at all just saving up most of his money and sending the rest to family. I can't even call him out cause it'd be rude to start an argument on a post about the death of the guy the forum is based on. Also he says most men end up in ail for self defense in domestic disputes cause obv women are the violent ones.

also some retard pick me keep making posts about her superiority and how all women are whores and she can't find any like minded friends and her proof that all women are whores is youtube tiktok compilations and women on instagram she's seething over. Comments are full of tards applauding her. One woman mentions getting an abortion when she was married and couldn't support more children and she still says she's a murderer but that's totally fine. Literally every website other than lolcow is full of retarded pickmes and mra's and you can't say shit or you get banned.
I'm so fucking mad every website is like this now i can't even read shitty diet advice from insane people in piece, there is no shitty diet discussion anymore on there it's just retarded politics.

No. 1438116

bought a really cute top today! it sucks that retail sells shittier clothes as times comes, but as its picking on the trend of second hand clothing or remaking them, sometimes i can find really cute belts or tops for stupid prices lmao. last time i found a studded leather belt for $14 when local punks sell them at $25-$30. the belt just needed some cleaning and readjusting to my size and that was it.

local stores of second hand clothing are much more pricey and aren't quite as cute at the things the retards in retail sell.

No. 1438130

File: 1670550169913.jpeg (149.29 KB, 750x1000, DA93506A-61A0-4450-9D71-BB608B…)

I understand girls and women who turn nonbinary because I would love to escape being an ugly woman, just for a day. I would never want to be a man either and that’s why enbies want to be genderless. I want to escape my ugliness

No. 1438136

enbies arent scapping their gender, if anything they are just reenforcing it

No. 1438139

Not wearing a dress or makeup doesnt make one non binary. You will always be seen as a women. It's better for women to own their womenhood rather than try to escape it. It's embarrassing and promotes the divide between the sexes.

No. 1438142

File: 1670551080173.gif (148.56 KB, 220x217, mode.gif)

>talking to customer service online
>they answer my question as I'm typing it
Anons… hello? Why?

No. 1438144

Damn they must be ugly as fuck if them feel that way. (they/them nonx)

No. 1438145

they can see it before you send it

No. 1438147

I'm going to kms?

No. 1438148

it makes me uncomfortable too lol, i usually write my question in notepad and then paste it

No. 1438149

Imagine typing weird shit then deleting it really quickly and replacing it with a normal question

No. 1438150

Like rationally I know suicide pacts are a shitty idea for multiple reasons, but the idea of someone dying with me sounds so, idk, tender? All my interactions with people feel so empty and shallow, but mutually agreeing to peace out from life together feels like it would mean something. Maybe it's the finality of it. You only (hopefully) get one try at it and you picked to go out with me? That's so sweet. Also very sociopathic on my part, but at least I'm not as shitty as a mass shooter. Not a very high bar but I'll take what I can get. I'm so fucking lonely.

No. 1438151

"I've typed out rage responses then edited them into calm responses before sending, support agent was probably laughing at my dumb ass."

on a similar note, facebook also saves messages you type but don't post

No. 1438155

samefag but you might also want to know when you call and get put on hold a lot of the time they can still hear you

No. 1438156

They can also hear you at the drive through after they stop responding

No. 1438158

I'm tired of trying.

No. 1438159

KEK oh no… ohnonono….

No. 1438160

Yup. I had very rude customers do this when I worked at starbucks with a drive thru. We didn't give them very good drinks after that.

No. 1438163

oh no……………… I am 100 percent sure I’ve probably had my food spat in or some equivalent. I can be very dramatic in private

No. 1438175

File: 1670553859222.jpg (61.77 KB, 750x731, 1633453828652.jpg)

How do I talk to my mom about flunking college and lying about it for so long? I've failed at finding a full time job or making path to actual adult independence. I think it would be best to come clean.

No. 1438177

Ugh. I'm doing better in terms of mental health but I can't help but fall into a pit of despair sometimes. I just want to have a bad feeling be a bad feeling and not have that bad feeling turn into "I'm going to kill myself/hurt myself". Because I really don't like feeling this way where I feel I have to drown myself in alcohol or keep cutting myself. I feel fucked right now. Itll pass but I really feel fucked.

No. 1438178

You can’t identify out of oppression nonny, you’d still be subjected to gendered expectations and exactly none of male privilege. Cope a different way.

No. 1438180

Yeah it’s sweet in theory but have you heard about the times when one of them changed their mind at last second? Lol it must really suck whether you’re the one that dies or the one that survives.

No. 1438188

Men will cry abuse at anything a woman does that inconvenience him. If a man claims he was in an abusive relationship he's either lying or the "abuse" was innocuous shit like the woman telling him to clean up after himself, respecting her own boundaries by not having sex with him, etc. It sounds like he was using his wife for a green card.

No. 1438191

Nona your posts have made me self aware kek I think I am the woman version of the guy you're talking about… fuck

No. 1438195

I just called the police cos a guy was walking up and down my road at like 2.30am doing this super loud & distressing wordless staccato scream. I rarely call the police cos I’m not a fucking snitch but I legit thought he was a low functioning autist that had been robbed or something & needed help urgently.
Turns out he’s just some angry drunk moid walking up and down the road screaming at the top of his lungs because he’s locked out. What the fuck. I’ve got PTSD from male violence, abuse & stalking and now I’m both super fucking triggered and feeling GUILTY for calling the police??? I hate men.
How do you know if/when to call police in a situation like that? Did I do the right thing? Nobody ever called for me when fucked up shit happened so I don’t ever want to let bystander effect stop me from helping someone who needs to be helped but I don’t want to get people in unnecessary trouble either. otoh maybe don’t walk up and down the road screaming at 2.30am if you want to be left alone???

No. 1438200

Did you ever find out what happened to him? Did you give tips to the police? It sounds like your gut was onto something.

No. 1438201

File: 1670556513734.jpg (16.17 KB, 239x275, 1660060815022.jpg)

I'm pissed off, nonnies. I've vented before about this scrote who is not related to my family at all and how my mom has decided to pretend he's her son now (my ACTUAL brother doesn't speak to my parents but that's a dumb story in itself). Anyways she got the fucking scrote a table over the summer because the faggot is bad with money, surprise, surprise. She told him it was his Christmas present. She also gave him a couch my grandparents were getting rid recently (there were better people it could've gone to) because scrotey talked about getting a new couch but never did (streaming networks are more important). She now wants to give him expensive alcohol (just what the alcoholic needs) and his kids gifts. My parents barely interact with his kids. He never lets my parents see them when he has them unless my parents are doing something for him or giving the kids stuff. So instead of taking that money and putting it towards actual family members with kids present, she'd rather give his kids more. It pisses me off because the kids who belong to a cousin of mine haven't been in contact with us for 10 years. It is no their fault, their mother decided to cut off all family ties. Early on my cousin's grandparents went to see the kids and had the cops called on the grandparents. It was hell and now finally the family gets to interact with them. Unfortunately my cousin and his kids live far away from us. I find it in bad taste she'd rather give scrotey kids better presents (don't worry his kids get good gifts from both divorced parents besides grandparents since he's the only one with kids at the moment). I'm just tired of my parents going through hoops to appease this grifting weirdo especially since the economy is in a recession. My parents aren't rich or wealthy and I'm amazed how she lets his tantrums slide. Men really do get away with so much shit. The only thing I want for Christmas is the fucking bottle opener scrotey stole from us because my grandparents got that in Hawaii when they lived there briefly in the 60's. It's a good bottle opener and it holds some memories for me.

No. 1438202

Uh fuck yeah you did the right thing. I know in places I lived growing up that dude would have gotten shot doing shit like that at night. It’s not snitching to keep peace in your neighborhood. And like… snitch rhetoric was invented to enable male violence.

No. 1438209

Ah fuck, gotta spend 2 hours driving cause the guy who is helping me fix stuff at my new place lost his key I gave him and I would really like the work done before I go back on Saturday so I gotta drop off another one. It's gonna be so late when I get home.

No. 1438210

Yeah I called 999 and gave them all the info in my post. They sent a car hella fast. I don’t know exactly what happened but he instantly calmed down when they came & I heard bits of the conversation through my door. It sounded like he said he was angry because he walked two miles without a phone to stay at his friend’s house and then his friend didn’t let him in? I don’t know. My gut was screaming danger but now that I think about it maybe I read it wrong and he was the danger.
thank you nona this is really reassuring

No. 1438214

samefag, just realised my first reply was to someone that wasn’t even talking to me kek sorry, apparently the fear trembles have me going full retard over here

No. 1438215

There are times where I feel like I'm not worthy to be a woman and wish that it was taken away or ripped away from me by another women who sees me unfit for it.

No. 1438216

i was getting my pmdd depression and i thought it wasn't so bad because at least i wasn't having any suicidal thoughts but they just kicked in. i hope i don't wake up tomorrow.

No. 1438223

You are doing just fine nonny

No. 1438229

This thread pic is very fitting hehe

No. 1438230

I hate myself for being a straight woman. Every day I bang my head against the wall for being attracted to worthless moids. I want to burn my vagina off every time I have sex.

No. 1438232

You can probably meme yourself into being lesbian via lesbian porn. If you really hate being attracted to men this much it seems almost advisable.

No. 1438242

File: 1670561618672.jpg (358.49 KB, 2560x2560, 81 SHHRHylL.jpg)

Bulimia recovery is so depressing. Uncontrollable binge-purging is hellish but it brings some spark to my life. In the same way as binge-eating recovery, the advice can be worded as kindly as anything but it will always boil down to "put down the fork, fatty". And I'm completely able to put down the fork by this point but it is so so joyless.
I already know the answer to this one: "it's not supposed to be fun, it's just something you have to do!"
Keeping down normal amounts of food might curb binge urges but I've never needed to stop binging to lose weight BECAUSE I didn't keep it down. Now I look like a normal person even though I'm not even healthy weight, how fucked up is that?

What was even the point of recovering? I regret so badly ever seeking help. I should have understood what it would entail.

No. 1438283

File: 1670564053840.jpg (245.72 KB, 941x1345, FUHIf69WIAIRsrt.jpg)

I can't think of anything that would make me happier than these two dying violently. I would say I hope they kill themselves but they're far too narcissistic for that.

No. 1438284

dylan mulvaney makes my skin crawl in a way that other trannies haven't. I can't explain it

No. 1438287

Trying to deal with extreme social burnout by recharging but it's like nobody lets me. I just want to spend time on my own and listen to music and drift off into another place for a full day without anyone making me feel guilty for it.

No. 1438288

Ok but you’re an adult who can go to a dermatologist now though? Tretinoin is one of the most effective acne scar/abscess treatments I’ve used looked into it

No. 1438295

10 years ago it would have been a parody sketch in comedy central

No. 1438298

Guess I'm the asshole.
Bf is angry at me because he did not make himself food, eat leftovers, or order anything for dinner and thought I was "in the same boat" of not having eaten as I went off to work late.
I phoned him once I got out of work to apologize that the job had gone over later than I thought. The plan was to grab him fast food after my job, but everything left open i.e. McDonalds he did not want. I was still prepared to go to a grocery store to pick him up something to eat.
He asked me if I had ate and I told him I got a burger on my way into work–which I am glad I did because it was a shitton of labor that went on for longer than expected. He begrudgingly told me not to get him anything upon hearing this.
When I got home he was giving me the silent treatment and was irate at me. I asked him if I could make him anything and he shot me down.
I went upstairs to shower and he barged in to lecture at me for being "inconsiderate." So I asked him what I could do to help him now? Nothing, he didn't want anything, he just wanted me to tell him next time if I was getting food cause I was sooo inconsiderate I guess.
Earlier this morning I went for a doctor appointment and snagged fast food breakfast on my way in. He got pissed when I came back and had the trash in my hand. Afterwards I made him homemade scrambled eggs, candied bacon, and fruit and thought we were squared away but evidently not. He brought up this "inconsiderate" act of consuming food before him during his pissy tirade too.
I went upstairs to sleep because he was on his phone ignoring me and evidently nothing I was gonna say or offer was going to make him happy. He said "I just don't feel like it tonight." Okay.

Is this abuser shit? I feel crazy for having to report when I'm eating and how he must eat at the same time I do lest I am a horrid awful person who never thinks about him except when I do? Wtaf.

No. 1438301

uhhh anon that's not normal and you don't have and shouldn't be putting up with that.

No. 1438302

Are both your boyfriend's hands broken that he can't cook or heat up anything? Or was that his own choice to use for that?
Heterosexual women be like "My boyfriend forces me to cook and clean for him while he streams on twitch. Should I apologize?"

No. 1438306

I don’t remember if I’ve already posted about this today but I was attacked by some random black guy in the streets while I was just minding my business walking home. I wasn’t even looking at anyone or doing anything and some yellowbone scrote felt the need to scream at me and corner me and then hit me over the head as hard as he fucking could for some reason but blm right, while everyone just fucking watched as I scrambled to defend myself cause I was 1) literally less than 2 feet from my front door and 2) was carrying a bunch of groceries lmfao. I’ve had to defend myself against moids before but never literally right outside my own house? I was so blindsided especially because I didn’t realize he was a crackhead at first I just thought he was a normal person until he got up close to me and started trying to breathe on me and grab at my face and hair. I’m waiting to get the traffic camera footage back and honestly I’m not even surprised that something shitty like this happened to me, I’m also not surprised that none of the several onlookers came to the defense of a small woman against a massive colored man, I’m just amazed that I wasn’t able to react as timely as I normally can. I’ve been able to defend myself before, granted my hands were more free and I wasn’t carrying groceries or anything but fucking oh my god. I should be able to walk less than half a mile to the grocery store and back without being attacked by a slave descendant. Fuck everyone who encourages this behavior by refusing to do anything about it.

No. 1438307

File: 1670565986328.jpg (40.81 KB, 563x696, 36115f05e3e794387373030950e9ef…)


>Is it like taking psychedelics?

Not really. Psychedelics can crack your ego all at one go while meditation needs consistent daily practice in order to achieve some level of detachment. However, once the effects of the psychedelics are over, you will have to go back to world anyway, no matter how beautiful and awakening was your trip. I myself had very enlightening trips which left me feeling good for a few days but once the high was over, I was back to my old self, which made me very frustrated.

>Has your life improved since starting this? By what metrics if so?

It has improved in the sense that mundane feelings like anger, jealousy, hate, etc, can no longer touch me. This makes a huge impact on your life in general because, since nothing can make you react anymore, there's nothing clouding up your vision, so you start getting glimpses of reality. However I think I should mention that I don't only meditate for a specific period; besides the daily sessions, I try to keep my attention steady throughout the day while carrying with my daily activites.

>What's reality? Or rather your perception of it

Last year I had a strange experience: I was washing the dishes and suddenly, something washed over me; it felt like I was expanding. After that, for a whole week it was like I didn't exist, in the sense that my body carried on with its daily activities (better than I ever could) and I was just observing everything. After that week, my mind went back to its usual egotistic modus operandi but I was transformed forever. I understood that I am not confined to the body, and that is all I can affirm about reality for now.

>So many people think they know reality, why do you think you're correct?

I don't know if they are correct or not, which is why I'm on this path; even if they say so and so and it matches my experience, I still want to see it for myself.

No. 1438315

Oh look, it’s the sexually frustrated lesbian. Are you a fat cunt, like the majority of dykes are? I see you have the same sour grapes and bitterness towards straight women.

No. 1438320

It's because he's a moid, not because he's black. You'd do better if you remember this.

I'm sorry you were attacked, it's fucked up that no one helped you. I hope your head is alright and that this won't cause you too much lasting anxiety.

No. 1438326

File: 1670567251206.gif (1.86 MB, 498x278, 5r235696e4215a7899.gif)

lmfao all this back-to-back bait tonight. all different flavors of bait too.

No. 1438337

Yeah that is abuser shit. Very petulant, childish abuser shit. Dump.

No. 1438341

The homosexuals are bored apparently szas album drop isn’t a good enough distraction

No. 1438350

File: 1670568611727.jpeg (449.72 KB, 828x687, 10602C4B-6194-417A-B491-EEDF2E…)

i had a fun night last night, i saw one of my fav bands live, i just still feel disgusting. i can never escape this feeling!
i met up with a moid i used to talk to and we went to his house to hangout before the show, he was very eager to do sexual things with me and was just overall super touchy feely. i was pretty noticeably sick at this point and wasnt making much of an effort back, but moids will be moids. the show was great, i was right at the front of the mosh and got thrashed.

afterwards went to the guys house and i was in so much pain and had huge bruises all over my body, it was hard to even move. he still wanted to do sexual stuff and i was just not having it and ended up pretending to pass out.
hes i guess? respectful but just way too fucking horny. in the morning i woke up and my sickness was worse ten fold, i was sneezing everywhere, still couldnt move from the bruises and had a fever/haziness all over. he was still trying to be sexual despite me literally saying ow whenever he would knock on my bruises and me not being able to kiss back because of my blocked nose. turns out i had covid for the first time! but nonono, that didnt stop him from still trying to do stuff.
i still think hes nice but every moid i hangout with i feel like i can see right through them, at the end of the day they’re all still the same degenerate coombrained freaks. i feel gross with myself, and ofc the covid and bruises dont help.

No. 1438363

I forget I have a sort of ocd and have to acknowledge that to calm down right now since I tend to spiral and fear the worst about myself. I think it's why I obsess over tinfoil theories too. Does anynonny have experience dealing with that kind of OCD where you fear that you are a pedo and have intrusive thoughts despite no actual interest in those sick things? It's like the thoughts are trying to make me interested, it's terrifying. They horrify me and don't succeed, but I fear they will someday. They send you down a rabbithole and wanting to throw up. I also like pretty anime boys, so on, ships, and feel terribly guilty about that sometimes even though it isn't shota. I know the discourse is done to death but sometimes it gets to me since it activates this obsessive region of my brain. I admit I'm vulnerable to others' words sometimes, even though you shouldn't do that online. At the end, I have sympathy for other girls like me whose thoughts get triggered by tinfoils and everything. Crazily I didn't realize what was happening until a professional told me it's likely ocd. Wonder how many others go through this and feel crazy or evil not realizing what's going on. I thought I was developing schizophrenia at first.

No. 1438370

Samefag from this post but I’m actually physically bawling my eyes out thinking about how widely acceptable it’s becoming for moids to attack women on the street. Nobody bats a fucking eye and being subject to physical abuse by a man outside my own home today while being stared down by other men women and children who just watched and reacted like it was television instead of acting and understanding that it was someone’s reality and that maybe a woman does need someone to come to her defense but purposefully decide to ignore it makes me want to cut myself to death.

>You’d do better if you remembered this

I’ll just restate because you must’ve not read this part but I was right outside of my house about to walk up to my front door to unlock it when this happened to me and both my arms were full with bags of groceries. My apologies, my reflexes didn’t work as quickly because methhead Aziz Ansari felt like catching a wiggerina by surprise!

No. 1438390

everytime I post about it I end up regretting it but I cannot fathom that I'm still alive after what went down in march

sometimes I wish I had let my body die and let it rot for a week… if things are supposed to be improving then why do I feel so traumatized and stranded in it

why do I still have this horrible dread at the back of my mind like every breath could be my last

No. 1438394

after being diagnosed over a decade ago and sort of mentally filing it to the side, i was reading some people discuss their own bipolar diagnoses and the manic symptoms that come with it and there is how i first learned where a lot of my behaviour and experiences as a teenager and young adult came from. gee whiz, sure wish i had a heads up about symptoms from one of the professionals who recognized it early on

No. 1438400

I'm having a shit December. My bf wouldn't go to an amazing gig with me and my boss has scheduled me for night shift on boxing day. She's effectively ruined my Christmas and said because I didn't prioritise my holidays being submitted. I was out of work for 3 weeks because I had to get an emergency gyno surgery, couldn't walk for a week. Couldn't shit for two weeks. I had 4 weeks recovery and I returned to work end of November and asked for a staggered return since my job is labour intensive and 12 hour shifts. She has given me a shite schedule this month. So not only can I not see my friends and family on Christmas I'm not even sure when I can get presents wrapped and delivered out to everyone because she's sticking me on some night and day shifts during these next two weeks. Like wtf. We've been short staffed all year and I did 6 weekends in a row during the summer and did it in the spring as well. I worked new years day this year and Christmas eve last year. My brother is home from the navy and I'll get to see him on Christmas and that's jt. He's going off to Russia on new year's day I won't see him. Ive said about this since October but was td I can submit holiday requests until December. Then I find out 6 other Co workers got their dates approved in November before everyone put in their requests. I honestly feel like quitting. This job is a load of shit. It's suppose to be a technical job that requires a degree but lately cause of shit staff turnover they're just hiring friends or family members of existing Co workers and the standard of the work has fallen and rather than appreciate good workers they over work them then surprise pikachu face when a good overworked person quits. People have been leaving for jobs with less pay. I don't even know when I'm suppose to sleep at Christmas. My parents are 100 miles from my work and I've beens scheduled for a 12 hour night shift on boxing night. It will talk me 2 hours to even drive in for it. That's my Christmas day ruined if I drink ill probably be over the legal limit to drive not to mention I'll have to work through the night are they expecting me to do an all nignter like wtf

No. 1438405

I think you misunderstood me as well. I am not blaming you for anything. I am saying that you are distracting yourself by putting it on race. A moid is a moid is a moid of any stripe, color, creed. If you think any sort is worse than another you're putting yourself in further danger.

Like I said. I hate that this happened to you and I feel sad for you. I read where you were, and I think that's awful and I hope you never see the bastard again. Just don't get hung up on race because any race of man is a pile of shit.

No. 1438412

Impulsively gave myself a haircut, looks horrible, is this self-harm?

No. 1438436

I wish I was oblivious and had lower standards like most women I know. Yes I don’t have toxic ugly scrotes in my life but I’m lonely. I wish I could just find some ugly boring scrote and be happy with him just because I have a man but unfortunately I had to be wired like this.

No. 1438444

File: 1670575404161.jpeg (52.46 KB, 500x350, FF44E351-4597-4729-8E9E-F6DFA4…)

You're blackpilled, but you admit you have better standards. Why not live your life for yourself, and if you meet a man who seems actually decent, decide then if you'll take the plunge? You're better off not forcing yourself to settle for someone you recognize you're not into, someone who's shit. If you live the rest of your life without a scrote, then at least you can be sure you didn't force yourself through something unpleasant. But if you meet someone who gives you good feelings, maybe take the risk. Life is about risks and we can't avoid being hurt, at least try new experiences provided you have good judgment. Probably an unpopular lc opinion but it's the approach I also decided to take, live naturally and see what comes

No. 1438447

Because decent and attractive men don’t want me lol that’s the reality of having standards, it comes with loneliness.

No. 1438448

What I said still stands if you eventually find someone who is into you that you're also into. I don't think it's impossible. Do you have female friends anon? I'm sorry you're dealing with this much loneliness.

No. 1438449

Yes I have female friends and they are all boring and I have 0 emotional connection to them.

No. 1438451

I hope you find actual friends you connect with. I'm also struggling with that

No. 1438453

File: 1670576208443.jpg (7.04 KB, 275x210, 892312856.jpg)

I'm so fucking dumb I just received two of the same package, I double checked and it appears I did indeed order it twice on two separate days, there's no refunds available because it's a small shop so now I just have duplicate christmas presents FUCK, thankfully it was only a 45 dollar mistake but I hate being so stupid.

No. 1438455

I mean depending on what it is x2 of an item is amazing. I wouldn't complain if I was bought these comfy shoes I asked for twice because when the first pair wears out I have another. But I can sympathize i bought a christmas item also at 40 and asked during checkout if it didnt work out could i return it, they say yea for store credits i return it within a few days…"no we dont accept returns on decorations" so 40 down the drain…none of my family wanted it either.

No. 1438522

I’m sorry you’re going through this nona. I don’t know if my advice will help but I hope it does.
I did a year of eating disorder outpatient for bulimia and it stopped me purging but not binging. The thing that finally stopped me binging was I started saying out loud “I choose this” with every bite when I started binging. It rewired my brain from the out-of-control bulimia trance. Before that I felt like a passive automaton when I binged, like I’d left my body completely and I was watching the binge happen to me against my will. When I started saying it was my choice it actually became my choice and only then could I choose to stop. I haven’t binged in like ten years now.
You have to start practicing compassion and forgiveness to empower yourself and set yourself free. You started this maladaptive coping mechanism for a reason and that’s okay; it once served you and kept you safe. You’re ready to let it go now. So forgive past you. She was doing her best to get through a terrible situation with the only method she knew. Please forgive her and allow yourself to move on and learn new methods.
Wishing you strength, compassion for yourself and peace.

No. 1438537

File: 1670588704553.jpeg (482.9 KB, 750x1132, 79D939CE-3150-4543-A63A-5C5B45…)

>Sorry about you losing Sakaki
thanks anon, and me too about the crush thing. it was thrifted irl so i dont think i'll able to find the same one again but i'll take it as a lesson to not get attached to material things. i've lost so many of my most prized possessions in the past 3 years i've sort of just been thinking of it in a sand mandala way, picrel

>Do you think your mindset is also affecting what's happening? Like because you've had consistently bad luck you're just expecting it to continue?

i haven't thought of it that way before, and you're probably right. definitely not a pessimistic person as i physically can't twist my mind to think in just a way but i just take my bad luck as an objective fundamental truth about myself that i have to live with. like now i learned a lesson from whatever's happened to me and i know to do better in the future for myself and others etc. i don't dwell on it really i know i said if i should kill myself in my original post but i was joking kek after i typed out the post i was already laughing with my mum again
>I've had periods where looking back I played down the good parts because I was convinced everyone and everything had it out for me, but alternately after a good week I had an objectively bad day where everything was just fucked and I shrugged off every instance and was mentally unscathed.
hmmm my shrink actually said something like that to me when i used to go and yeah you're likely right again. i mean i do see the good in my life but it's very little and not long lasting as opposed to the bad, but i know they're still to be considered. like i said i'm not too sad about it longterm

>I just read the reply and I'm NOT saying it's your fault, I'm so sorry about your cat.

thanks anon you are really sweet, and thank you for giving my post so much thought and time.
>It might be beneficial to take a little break from things if you can and reset to approach everything in a more neutral manner.
i don't really know how to go about that at the moment but i'll look into it. thanks for everything anon, i hope have a good day!

No. 1438542

someone online kept saying how someone I know was a westerner and didn't know shit, I added that she's nordic actually and got a nice rape threat out of it. why the fuck are scrotes so deranged, at least I know west from north.

No. 1438545

girl I accidentally ordered my present x 3 but mine was only 2e but I feel so stupid

No. 1438562

that’s some dumb shit humans should just eat when they need to ffs

No. 1438575

File: 1670593813115.jpg (404.87 KB, 1484x1005, 38yapg.jpg)

I hate how I can be obsessed with something for months and then out of nowhere I can completely lose interest in it. There is this tv show I have been obsessing over since summer. It was the only thing I could think about. When I talked to people I would find subtle ways to sneak in references to the show.I spend all my free time either watching it or downloading fanart of it and organizing it into folders. I can't even begin to describe how much this show occupied my mind it was intense. Literally living rent free.
Then one morning I suddenly woke up and then I had completely lost interest in it. Nothing really prompted my disinterest in the series I just suddenly didn't care about it. I also just started participating in the fandom after I have been lurking for months, but now I have to unfollow everyone on social media that post about this because I just feel nothing when I see anything related to these characters even though they meant to much to me a few months ago. what also sucks is that I never got to finish this show because there are a gazillion episodes but now I can't really be bothered to finish it even though I have already invested so much time into it
This isn't the first time this has happened to me but usually I go from an intense obsession to a mild interest. There have been cases where I went from intense obsession to literally not caring but in those cases the obsession only lasted a few weeks, not months. I have never tried obsessing over something for so long only to completely lose interest. I hate this I'm so jealous of people who can have the same interests for years

No. 1438576

File: 1670593851299.jpg (20.44 KB, 540x537, 4676d9b3b7fec568760950e76b26a5…)

I think I'm completely done trying to make friends for a while and that's okay with me. I recently tried to be friends with another woman in this WoW roleplaying group I was in (and she was actually a woman, not a tranny) we seemed to have almost everything in common and would always laugh about stuff and share dumb bitch memes to each other. Even a very similar taste in music.
I remember talking about a Margaret Attwood quote one time - the male gaze one - and she said she really related to that one too and had seen something about the Handmaid's Tale. I said, hey why don't we watch it together, or just any show or movie that we both like or want to see, as I can find some way to stream it? And wtf…it was just never brought up again. I tried to do something fun with her and she just completely ignored it as if I hadn't suggested anything at all. I would have been fine if she said no for whatever reason, but she just ignored me, and then our friendship just quickly dwindled from there.

This was a year or two ago and when I knew her, we were both pretty libfem-ish but she was generally a nice person. Now, I checked her twitter and it's basically fantasy porn art with women with hugely exaggerated proportions - massive tits and hips, like ig baddie elves or something. I guess I dodged a bullet in that sense, but at the same time I'm still really sad. I tried to message her a few times back then to initiate conversations or share something funny but it always felt really half-arsed from her side.
Idk, I'm just still a bit sad and bitter about it because that was the last time I felt like "hey, this person is almost like me and we get along really well" in terms of friendships…and it still didn't work out. I wonder if I did anything wrong, but looking back on our messages I didn't even say anything to offend her or potentially put her off?
I'm just also more bitter because I see her interact with other people from that roleplaying group like they're besties and it's just like…I thought we genuinely got along but she couldn't even be bothered to respond to me and then eventually stopped altogether. I value female friendships really highly so when one doesn't work out, it just puts me off for ages, and makes me feel even more of a social outcast.

No. 1438590

File: 1670595881580.jpg (158.34 KB, 900x900, smiletoday.jpg)

i keep working hard for the things that i want. these things are simple in some respect, namely moving out to a different country and having a pet as a companion. id now be lying if i said i didnt cry often at how long it has taken to heal from my past, to save up and lose money over unexpected things, to see people achieve what they want be for me. i feel stuck, i feel like i am in limbo, yet each time i push because i am hopeful. i am hopeful that it does not have to be between emigration or death, and rather i can even have the change t move to a new country. a chance to not let my emotional thinking rule me nor let my rational thinking be so strict and hard on me. maybe my head is in the clouds, but i cant not give this a shot. is it really impossible? i have given myself a year, around there, to save up what i need and pick a country and do everything required visa wise. yes am a bit fearful for my safety but i cant wait to do things because i am alone nor fear my safety or what could go wrong my entire life. i wish i had more resources or close friends who have done this. i need something to believe in, but i am not religious. im just going to try to continue listening to my heart and body and love because it is the only way i have seen things go well. yes, i have been very hurt due to love when i neglect myself, but i think i know better now. and i wager more comes back onto onself from loving others than feeling hopeless and hateful toward myself and what i can do. im 21. i feel old. i feel behind. but it just cant matter anymore. i want to be a beautiful, intelligent, respectable woman. maybe i never will be, buti can try. and all i want right now is to move, find a nice job, and have a kitty kat. ill do what i can. i dont want to hurt anymore. i dont want to stay in this town any longer. i know there is more for me. the truth is that im still just a little afraid as i work toward this goal. and my job makes me miserable. but it doesnt have to be forever! ive posted about this before. ive made improvement but nothing massive yet. its never linear. getting better takes time and has been such a hard journey buti cant be hard on myself because i have not gotten to a new country within a few months. also realizing the times i lurk this website i feel so upset, unless its ot/g. thats an issue of my own but struggling to abandon it completely because its nice to learn and vent and read what other women say. ah, maybe its a home in a way. i guess if i leave it i can just stick to literature by myself and come for reference.

No. 1438593

Holy shit kek, what a constipated frigid scrote. "I'm not in the mood tonight" said like a true man! On a serious note, he sounds unbearable. What a bitter nag. Get yourself a grown man that can cook and clean for himself. He's taking years off your lifespan every time he pouts like a brat. Get yourself a nice boy who's not so grumpy all the time.. this isn't someone to grow old with, even the nicest people get grumpier with time.

No. 1438596

I'm just asking for one day this week where I don't wake up in another town. I'll convert to religion and pray to whatever if it will stop this from happening, I'm desperate and miserable. Nigel can't stay awake long enough to keep me occupied so this doesn't happen and I don't have anyone else. So I just keep waking up in strange places and am afraid for what decisions I make while like this.

No. 1438600

Normally I don't believe in the 'don't squeeze your pimples' conspiracy, but I think this time I really squeezed something I shouldn't have. I'm putting zinc on it and hope it heals soon lol.

No. 1438620

he sounds like a manchild. get out before you waste more time, you were completely considerate and deserve better. spoiler for blogging my dad is exactly like this, my mom has been trapped for 20 years and is finally divorcing him. don't be fooled, it won't get better.

No. 1438622

Want to elaborate further nona?

No. 1438623

>is this abusive?

Girl bffr kek

No. 1438629

I'm aware. I see it. I woke up. How could I be so dumb? So unaware? These people hate me, yet I want their validation. Happy i'm starting to see it.

No. 1438632

You're dating a five years old child, there's no fucking way.

No. 1438633

Reminds me of my ex. One time he was gone for hours, so I ate. He got back and was pissed that I didn't wait for him and even his mom thought he was being retarded.

He doesn't like or respect you OP you should dump him. He sees you as an extension of himself/subordinate instead of your own person with your own needs. Normal couples recognize they won't eat every meal together. If he cared about you he'd be glad you had food because you're working late, he'd be worried about your health. But all he can think about is himself and his hunger. He will never put you first in any situation ever, but he will expect you to always consider him before you consider yourself.

No. 1438635

men: "ugh, women are so emotional and petty and childish"
also men:

No. 1438641

I would say dump him. If you like him a lot still you could try asking him to make you both a meal so you can eat together and see if he steps up. If he doesn't, definitely leave him because he's just tormenting you over petty bullshit.
He should be able to express his "emotional needs" without pouting like a toddler. If he's feeling lonely and bonding over a meal is important to him then he can do the work of cooking and planning instead of expecting it to magically happen when you are obviously busy with work.

No. 1438648

Have you been tested for narcolepsy? I am narcoleptic and spent years and years not ever gettong enough sleep despite 12 hours a day being my average. I started hallucinating and planned on killing myself. No one understands the extreme exhaustion all they see is hours wasted in bed. Narcolepsy is not like the movies. Look into it. You might have a real nuerological condition. Getting my diagnosis saved my life.

No. 1438696

Jumping off this. Yes. Your bf needs to learn how to effectively communicate. If he wants to spend quality time with you, he'll try to find ways. If eating is such a hassle between you two and he doesn't want to step up and offer to have food for the both of you, he can definitely find something else you can do together. Do you both sleep at the same time? Do you or him simply just invite each other to lay together and cuddle even just for a little bit? If he likes something you guys do as a couple, he should say so. If he's not making an effort, he's not going to ever. Waiting and hoping isn't going to make things come true. You can give him a little push start, but that's all you should do.

No. 1438762

She doesn’t need to communicate with him because he already knows what he’s doing is wrong.

No. 1438772

So my boyfriend was going out on a guys night on his birthday…turns put his mates surprise brought their girlfriends and flings…but didn't invite me? Thats pretty shitty right?

My boyfriend was really broken up about it and apologised a lot to me for it, even though he didn't know until he was there so that makes me feel better but still. fuck his friends man

No. 1438785

Anon he’s a grown man. He can feed himself. If you weren’t there he would. It’s not your job and your not his mother. He’s an entitled codependent man child.

No. 1438788

loathe this braindead phrase. go back

No. 1438789

Samefag but adding my ex that did this ended up progressing to stealing and demanding my money and hitting walls when he didn’t get his way once he thought I couldn’t leave. It’s a huge red flag.

No. 1438790

File: 1670607283421.jpg (61.17 KB, 526x526, mushroom.jpg)

Today I'm driving 5 hours to go clean out my dead mom's hoarder house all by myself, for as long as it takes. Kill me, nonnies.

No. 1438792

>go back

I’ve probably be on here longer than you’ve been outside of your moms loose bv infested pussy you stuck up bitch

No. 1438793

I’ll be thinking of you, anon. You’re very strong

No. 1438795

File: 1670607582265.jpg (231.04 KB, 620x372, consider the following.jpg)

No. 1438797

You got this nonna! It's gonna be hard work, but so worth it in the end. Take pics before and after so you see the difference!

No. 1438815

I can't imagine what that's like, stay strong nona

No. 1438864

This is a way too long personal rant with no point. But I still crave the attention of posting it.
I guess I've always been the shitty and antisocial one. I regret so so much I've done but I feel so helpless. Everything I do just leads to another failure and right now I've resorted to doing absolutely nothing. I'm a depressed wreck that spends all day online. People write me and I'm too much of an asshole to answer. They're all nice to me but I still detest them, maybe I always did. I guess that's just my narcissism talking but I feel so disconnected from everyone and everything. Maybe it's an internet addiction that's been festering for years? I just know that people stray away from me and who am I to judge. I make promises I don't keep to make them happy, I spend my days alone. I am not talking anymore, just rambling. I don't listen because my attention span is fucked, I've grown quiet, I'm annoyed by the sound of my voice and the dumb things I am saying. This is all shit. I've not been like this before. Others at university are so nice to me, all the time and I answer with total bullshit. I want to die sometimes. I currently live with my parents and I sometimes think I'm going to kill myself once they're gone. I am a burden to them, I am way too lazy to act. I feel like I can't do it anymore.
I miss people but there's no way I can actually connect. I'm so fucking shallow and everyone will see. I put up a front and hate myself. And I hate others because they won't look past my act, and if someone does i recoil and never speak to them again because they see my for my asshole self. I can't even write a comprehensible post anymore, I feel so disconnected. I just spend all my time online googling symptoms, wallowing in pity. I miss my fucking ex, I miss fucking high school and I know that sounds pathetic. Whenever I get the chance to think about myself I just start crying. I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I'm 22 this is the time to live happily and make friends and change something not to fucking stay inside and in bed all the fucking time. I'm so angry and sad, I regret so much. I've wasted my life online for some simple pleasure when I could have done something good for once. I guess I should do something but it's too much. It's just too much and I feel like I'm too good to do something. It's just arrogance. It's all ego it's all shit. It's garbage, I am garbage. I've pushed people away for so long that Ive forgotten how to get close to them again. I am a shallow nothing. I am neglecting my studies, I am disrespectful to everyone. I want to die but I don't because I'm too proud. I just want to make people feel bad. I feel so behind because these things should have been worked out by the time you're like 12 or 10 or even younger and I'm stuck in this autistic, covertly narcissistic view of myself. I'm a person who no one can gain anything from. I'm more like a dog or a piece of furniture. I imagine myself being better than everyone but I have nothing to show for it. Proof being that I'm on this website laughing at cows while I'm the biggest one myself. I don't share details on my life because I couldn't bear the judgment of others. I've started reading The Fall by camus and I am the kind of person he talks about. Ive stopped reading because I've felt so personally attacked even though it's just a book. A book can't fucking hurt me. I just want people to see me for the horrid mess that I am. Someone fucking kill me.

No. 1438870

>waste my life
>is only 22

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and actually go outside and live life before you actually are old and realized you didn’t do anything but complain

No. 1438879

>match with a seemingly over average looking dude
>discussion is going well
>we move to messaging app
>discussion still okay
>exchange pictures
>either he's fucking ugly and his dating photos were a good angle or he looks 5 years older than his dating photos
>or he makes allusion to sex and admits to being a manwhore
>ghost him

The circle continues, the circle never breaks

No. 1438881

File: 1670611778128.jpg (16.74 KB, 320x315, 1670500644269.jpg)

No. 1438885

lol nonnie

No. 1438892

File: 1670612215012.jpg (21.11 KB, 556x551, 37a3vk.jpg)

I posted about chrismas lottery at our work in the previous thread >>1427429 So we had it today, I know it's childish to be so sad about it but I'm really upset about my present and it's like the metaphor for my life, I never get anything adequate to the effort I put into doing something for someone else I guess
I spent 50 euro on my present, I went to a different town to buy this guy a gifset from Legend of Zelda and a 3D poster with Link and I also ordered Watchmen comic book because I knew he never read it and he would really like it. And I didn't do it to show off, I genuinely wanted to make someone happy, to see their reaction etc.
And basically everyone got some actually functional or really cute presents except for me. Some people got so much pretty stuff it definitely costed more than 30 euro (30 euro was the cut off for presents), like some girl got an aroma diffuser, air refresher, a bunch of cosmetics and a cute unicorn piggy bank, some guy got two cool board games, like the base game and an extension, and I know these cost more than 40 euro. Meanwhile I just got a bunch of sweets, pair of socks and a mug, and some micron pens for drawing and that's basically the only thing I'm happy about, but they cost like 12 euro. The funniest thing is I got it from a girl who's supposedly my 'friend' but also likes to bully me from time to time, talks about everyone behind their backs and my therapist suggested she may have some degree of narcissistic PD kek. She asked me before what I would want to get and I was talking about scrabble or some lego set, like you can buy some small cute sets for like 30-35 euro already. Damn I would even prefer some nice cosmetics over what I've got. I know that no one is forced to spend more than 30 euro if that was the cut off, but if it was me, like if I had to buy a present for her, I would definitely buy her something for more than 30 euro. I won't even mention she earns more money than me. From what I've seen, I really got the shittiest present of them all. It was really awkward, to sit there with 15 people at the table, everyone opening their presents and talking about them, and I was just sitting there quietly, just smiling awkwardly. Sometimes I feel like I really don't deserve anything nice
I had some hopes for this lottery because for me that's basically the only chance to get any presents from anyone, I work abroad and I can't go home for christmas, at home I don't have any family close enough to give me anything for christmas anyway, and here I don't have anyone close enough to give me something for my birthday, or anything

No. 1438901

tldr but if life is so shit it can only go up, stop feeling sorry for yourself and take control of your life.

my worst year was being 22, my best was 24

No. 1438903

i'm really really struggling with long covid symptoms, specifically post-exterional malaise & severe loss of memory & cognitive functioning, and i feel so horrible and alone. i can't do anything stressful without my body recoiling in extreme ways days later. i don't want to see a doctor about it because i know i'll just be gaslighted and told it's anxiety, especially because i have a history of anxiety. i'm so scared to catch covid again, i feel like if i do i'll genuinely be disabled. i've never felt like this before and i've been trying to just ignore it but it's so hard to ignore when you feel like shit all the time!

No. 1438925

is this an actual post haste effect of covid? I had omicron in January and I genuinely think I've gotten more retarded

No. 1438927

I'm so sorry nonnie. This has happened to me twice and it is the absolute worst feeling to have no thought put into your gift when you put so much time and money on other's gifts. I would truly recommend not participating next year, it only leads to disappointment. Instead, take the money and buy yourself something nice. It's not as good, but at least it prevents the crushing disappointment.

No. 1438928

This has happened to me every time I've done secret santa and I think you are right to feel a little disappointed. She totally snubbed you. You do deserve nice stuff and more than bare minimum effort. I hope you can connect with your family a little even if it's just a phone call so you feel less alone that sounds so hard

No. 1438931

Quit fucking acting like a victim you crybaby, you literally did all that shit to yourself every. fucking. thing, nobody pities a dumbass who self-sabotages

No. 1438955

idgi, you're sleepwalking? this post is so mysterious

No. 1438985

File: 1670617165271.jpg (34.17 KB, 425x503, 22e817140c804c0c81609de271720c…)

Thank you anons, yeah it's the worst feeling. I'm sorry you had to experience it too, but I'm glad someone here understands me. I'm too weak willed to refuse to participate I think, our department is quite small and I would feel really weird being the only person to say no, they would look at me badly and I already have problems with fitting in. Our manager is really fixated on having this 'young dynamic super team' where everyone likes each other and stuff. I hope that in a year from now I won't even work there. That's my new year's wish lol
Yeah I'm gonna buy myself some cool lego set and calico critters and I'm gonna enjoy them

No. 1438988

this happens to me too even though it would be really easy to get me a gift if they knew my interests. however, I do not share my interest at work so no real surprise how that works out for secret santa. I still like giving gifts so I always participate. I have fun by analyzing what they get me and imagining why they chose it. I love it when it's a candle or something that means they have absolutely no fucking idea lol (it's like yes! you'll never know what retarded shit I like, i haven't let it slip yet and I never will)

No. 1439000

I'm jealous of my friends who have good relationships with their parents. My friend told me that her mom apologized to her after she made her upset. I have never, in my 30 years of life, ever heard my mother say the words "I'm sorry". My parents have never apologized to me, it feels like they're incapable of having genuine conversations like adults.
I've tried for years to 'sit down and talk' with them, to no avail. After any of my mother's knock-down, drag-out screaming meltdowns, nothing is ever resolved, and when I want to sit down and talk about it my parents yell again to "stop being so sensitive and focusing on the negative, just move on like an adult" and they pretend like nothing ever happened.
My friends share funny conversations and inside jokes they have with their parents, while mine are just cold, angry and bitter with no sense of humor. I'm always walking on eggshells around my mother, she only acts "fake nice" and uncomfortably hyper and manic when I visit with my boyfriend or friends for holidays.
I’ve accepted that this is just the way it is but it makes me sad sometimes. I can’t imagine having a genuine, healthy relationship with a parental figure and I so wish that wasn’t the case. I feel so lost and alone sometimes, like I can feel my inner child’s fear and loneliness. I genuinely can't imagine what it must be like to look forward to visiting your parents and I wish it wasn't this way.

No. 1439023

I get so depressed when I see people working tech or marketing jobs and making six figures when I work in healthcare and make pennies. I wonder what the point of it all is. I am so burnt out and don't even know if I'm actually helping anyone, meanwhile I barely even make all that much money and we're chronically understaffed so I always have so much work. I chose this field because I wanted to work with people and do something beneficial to society, but there's no point to it. I don't even think I'm making that much of a difference for people because I feel like I'm doing a shit job and I'm miserable and overworked too.

No. 1439039

I feel so guilty for how badly I react to things. I found it so stressful adjusting to puppy ownership that I cried all the time and couldn’t bond with him. I told my mum I wanted to rehome him, and I felt so evil because I knew it wasn’t his fault and that he was just a little baby. I felt so guilty inflicting myself on him because I am poor and some kind of retarded and depressed, he should have had a well-adjusted normal family to give him a better life. And now I cuddle him and feel so much love and affection, and he’s remained loving and happy and sweet, but I remember that I couldn’t even feel love for him at the beginning and want to die for being so weak and unworthy of his companionship
I can’t connect with the people around me in any meaningful way but he has loved me and relied on me for the last six months of his life without question, even though I’m a complete failure of a person. I feel so guilty.

No. 1439040

How come it’s acceptable for smokers to take a smoke break but i cant a ‘just standing outside doing nothing break’ it’s unfair i need some air too you know

No. 1439042

I feel your pain. I'm not in healthcare but I'm broke and it sucks.
I keep seeing these dumb TikTok/IG videos "My day at work at [Big Tech company]" where girls younger than me post videos of themselves wearing flawless, expensive outfits, strolling through a big city, showing up at work to grab a free smoothie at the in-house smoothie bar, then 'lunch meetings' and drinks at an expensive sushi restaurant, and then 'more meetings!' with 10 other attractive people in a beautiful room with huge windows and picturesque views of the city, and then they say "what a long day at work!" and have even more drinks and dinner at the trendiest restaurant in town with everyone. Meanwhile, educators and healthcare professionals are getting paid like dirt.
It makes me so furiously jealous EVEN THOUGH I'm pretty sure it's mostly bullshit…but seriously, where are all of these jobs where you just hang out with your work friends, writing e-mails on a rooftop drinking smoothies all day?

No. 1439046

I feel u Nonna. I've spent so much time and money getting degrees to work in a field that ensures I will never see that money back. I try and do my best but I always feel like I'm barely doing the bare minimum because I'm too burnt out. When I go to family gatherings and see my female cousins who have tech and business jobs making way more money for way less work and living it up all the time, spending money on lavish vacations and shit, I wanna kms

No. 1439049

Why can’t you switch fields?

No. 1439051

People in my family tend to get pretty old, but on my fathers side, dementia seems to be pretty common, and even if that's something I likely have to worry about in 60 years, I'm scared shitless of it. I'm already trying to work against it, but I feel like in the end I won't win against my genetics.

No. 1439055

That sucks. I feel like you should focus on what you can do - getting enough sleep, avoiding blue lights in your bedroom, and exercising

No. 1439058

These videos are unrealistic. It's mostly shit filmed by young, easy to exploit employees or interns who work in marketing or hr and are posting this shit to attract more potential employees who would like to apply for the company. Or they're young employees who finally got their first job, are happy about it and are living the honeymoon phase until they get sick of it. They don't show their actual work because it's mostly shit that's meant to be confidential. You think the HR employee filming herself would actually make 50% of her video about responding to emails, responding to call, interviewing people for jobs, filling a spreadsheet, and writing pay statements every month? That shit is boring. When you're actually working you have a bunch of sensitive info to hide anyway so they only show the good stuff that you will only give a shit about your first week after being hired. I wish people didn't actually get tricked by these ads.

No. 1439063

This is really weird to talk about. I was never physically abused as a child/teenager, just emotionally, and neglected a lot. My mom is very manipulative and possessive, and my dad is very distant.

I'm in my late 20s now and since I moved out 7 years ago, mom has become kind of handsy. She's always brushing her hand against my breasts, rubbing her legs against mine, hugging me from beihind and putting her head on the crook of my neck, etc. It makes me so fucking uncomfortable, like it legit makes me want to puke. She never even hugged me when I was younger, now I feel like she's trying to seduce me. What the hell is this? Visiting her and her family has become such a nightmare because of this, but if I don't she guilt trips me, and if I visit my dad's she goes super sayian in manipulation and guilting terms. I wish I had the guts to cut her off completely.

No. 1439065

I'm sorry anon, that's really disappointing and you have every right to be upset. I've also participated in events like that where I didn't get back what I put into it (or didn't get anything at all) and it's always such a devastating blow when you are lonely. I wish I could send you a nice Christmas card anon.

No. 1439066

You don't need to feel guilty for that nonna, it's super normal and almost expected to feel that way with a new pet, especially a puppy (I've seen it called 'puppy blues' kek). Puppies are really hard work and exhausting/stressful at first so lots of people initially feel like they've made a huge mistake; it's a big change to your lifestyle/routine plus you're probably dealing with sleep deprivation on top of it. I remember feeling similarly to you with one of my dogs when I first got her, I felt so guilty because I didn't immediately bond with her and just felt frustrated/stressed out, but it eventually went away and I starting loving her immensely the same as you did with your dog. You shouldn't beat yourself up for this, you seem really caring and since you say your dog is happy and loving he clearly has a great life with you.

No. 1439067

File: 1670621770347.jpeg (243.03 KB, 2048x1677, 98EDD3F5-D543-4140-9A2E-48CD39…)

Anyone else have just gotten bored by humans with age?I’m 31 but I wish I had that youthful excitement for life I had when I was 8-22. I wanted to meet new friends, I wanted to have new experiences with relationships, I wanted to talk to people, I wanted to share my hobbies and feelings with people. But after years of rejection, friends not giving a shit about my problems, friends using my insecurities against me, being used for sex I really have no interest in people and I’ve grown to find them boring. I don’t want you to know about my favorite song because then you’d judge me for it and I don’t want to know your favorite song because then you’re going to think I’m a try hard or copying you if I like it too. I don’t want to talk to you about my feelings and I don’t want to be touched or have sex ever again. In the past I couldn’t get friends, sex and relationships but now that I can I am so fucked up and numb that I don’t even want them. Which makes life lonely because I want human connection but humans bore me.

No. 1439073

Healthcare jobs just suck in general unless ur at the top of your field or in a section that has alot of other ppl competing for the few spots available, and I've spent too much money and time in healthcare that I don't have any drive or interest in switching to something different when I'm still paying off the loan from my last degree

No. 1439074

She's touch starved and using you. Unfortunately I still live with my mom saving up a bunch so I can leave in style for my birthday in 2023 and nowadays she's always asking for hugs and it makes me physically uncomfortable. I'm well aware of the fact that she loathed my existence as a child and now that she's older and lonely she's looking for a new energy source.

No. 1439077

ayrt, yes. covid has made me significantly more retarded and there's literally no other explanation for what is happening to me, it started immediately after i recovered from it. you can google around and find a bunch of studies on post-covid cognitive issues & pseudo-CFS. hopefully it'll just get better over time because it makes me want to kill myself lol

No. 1439090

Thank you so much for writing this anon. I’ve been crying for a while over this and other things tonight. It feels a bit better hearing that it’s normalish. I’m sorry that you went through this too, the guilt is terrible. Please give your puppy a pet from me!
Seriously thank you again anon, you didn’t have to be so kind to a randomer but your reply has been of real comfort to me tonight, I’m in your debt.

No. 1439092

I already had issues that made me wanna kms but if it omicron worsened my physical health it makes so much more sense. I was off my psych drugs months in by the time I caught it

Beyond what was going on in my personal life my health took a gargantuan nosedive contributing to my misery that made me want to kms and I can still feel a lot of physical exhaustion in my body

I never catch a whiff of mild flus but I occasionally contract something that feels like it's going to kill me. Had severe pneumonia in high school. I already went through this circlejerk. can't believe it's happening again

No. 1439096

I stopped having sex with men because I don’t think I can be a “high value woman” and allow losers or ugly men access to my body. It’s a mental thing. I feel like if I lay down with dogs I’ll get fleas. I feel like all the grossness of the men I’ve let fuck me over the past decade has started to effect my appearance and mental health. I feel repulsive. I think a need a year away from scrotes to feel clean again.

No. 1439106

ayrt and yes those videos make me seethe even though I know they shouldn't. Where's the crying in the car and existential crises? Not even having time to eat lunch and squeezing it in while filling out paperwork? I was talking to my friend who worked in a tech company and she even agreed with me, which was validating. That 50% of those jobs (at least at her company) could be eliminated and it wouldn't have an impact on society, meanwhile teachers and healthcare workers aren't glamorous jobs that make a lot of money and are understaffed because of that- and people are suffering for that.

Thank you nona. I'm sorry that we're kind of in the same spot, but I feel guilty feeling this way sometimes and I just had to let it off my chest. I know I chose this job and if I was really in desperate need for money then I could have just gone into another field so I shouldn't complain. I want to work in healthcare because I like feeling like I'm contributing to society, but literally that's the only positive and everything else about this sucks. I know what it's like and if you're trying your best then that's what counts. We aren't superhuman and it can't be expected that we'll be doing our best work given the circumstances we're in. I wouldn't blame you if you ever decided to switch careers, but I know we're both working hard and doing our best even if it doesn't always feel like it.

No. 1439127

Being away from scrotes for only 30 days has already lifted my stress. Men are not good for women. Good on you for being above them, as you should.

No. 1439134

File: 1670625254006.jpg (29.18 KB, 431x431, c802084a23b11f3f8d77fecd6f78f3…)

I wish I didn't move around so much as a kid. I've always wanted to have a years old friendship since childhood, but since I moved out of my home town states away at age 10, I didn't really have the ability to keep contact with any of my friends from elementary school. From then on it just kept happening, I make some good friends in middle school, then BAM turns out we're moving to a different COUNTRY by the time eight grade ends, and keeping contact with them wasn't very easy either. By then I was socially awkward af and making friends, especially in a completely different country in a different continent, became extremely difficult for me. I only stayed there for a year, but even when I moved back to the US, (also in a completely different state from the previous two) I was just alone. Being a new sophomore when everyone else in my grade already developed their own friend groups freshman year didn't help. So basically, since middle school I haven't been able to make any real friends, not even now that I'm in college, and I just think things wouldn't be like this if I hadn't ended up moving so much.

No. 1439135


No. 1439140

Anon is right, don't feel guilty! I tried fostering a puppy because I was super lonely. Unfortunately it didn't work and I had to return the puppy in like 4-5 days. I felt like such a piece of shit since I'd had two dogs and raised them from puppies, but the place I was living at the time I tried fostering was not a good location, it didn't have a backyard, I had to get up and physically carry the puppy out front to pee/poop at all hours, I was sleep deprived and cried a lot and felt he liked my husband more than me. It's strictly a sleep deprivation thing. Don't feel bad.

No. 1439142

I'm sad about the realization that online friendships really don't go anywhere if you don't manage to meet up or have regular calls or something. Even if we get along well enough, in the end I can't actually be in anyone's life. I don't matter once they turn off their computer or go outside. They can get busy and forget to reply to me for a few days or a week, it's like I'm the only one without a real life. It's lonely

No. 1439146

this sounds very bad but i’m worried that when i graduate in med school, my salary will be shit because any job with a lot of women in it is devalued. i’m not in med school yet, still taking uni entrance exams, and in one of the exams i saw that there were also a lot of women and i started thinking about that.

No. 1439155

Not to try and minimize your fears, but as a woman in a field of mostly men, they'll STILL devalue you no matter where you go. Like, the other men in my field will get paid more than me, unless I'm willing to put up a fight. So really, you should just consider if you really like the content of being a medical worker, not on how people will view you. People might view you as shit regardless, so you should just try and find something that brings you any kind of happiness.

No. 1439165

File: 1670626664091.gif (265.91 KB, 560x315, zoom head girl.gif)

Same nonnie. I had a mild confrontation earlier today and I feel uneasy and nervous. I'm in my thirties. Why are we like this.

No. 1439173

Nonnie I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you have to know that people don't stop being ugly when they change their pronouns.
More importantly, being ugly isn't a crime.

No. 1439177

File: 1670627232487.jpg (247.23 KB, 1170x2299, mc-wtf.jpg)

I want to a-log every time an ugly moid or a troon likes my profile on Tinder.

No. 1439179

Worrying that somehow you already are or will magically become a pedo (when you aren't) IS an OCD symptom. I have it sometimes too nonnie. You are not alone. I used to get really cagey and stupid when my friends would call our adult husbandos "boys" instead of "men" because it felt evil.

No. 1439180

I don't know what to say.

No. 1439181

That's rough. Stay strong.

No. 1439183

No. 1439184

File: 1670627800997.png (413.83 KB, 624x692, a604rad7j4651.png)

I've been feeling very bad mentally recently and I don't really have any reason to. I don't even know what this vent is about but I just feel like I'm rolling around in an endless dark tunnel. Nothing's awful but nothing's good. I almost wish shit was as bad as it was when I was a child just to feel something again. (Almost.)

No. 1439185

More like Baldimar

No. 1439187

>name taken from an elder scrolls character


No. 1439193

Why are some biologists retarded? I've come across an elderly transmedicalist primatologist who wrote an entire book raging against radfems and equating gender nonconformity to being trans and needing to transition automatically.

No. 1439202

kek what book?

No. 1439206

God speed nona. Take care of yourself during this time as much as you can

No. 1439211

gimpgirl that you

No. 1439220

File: 1670629729571.jpg (24.59 KB, 328x500, 41bXnNmExFL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Different: Gender Through the Eyes of a Primatologist, he also whines about radfems in every foreword he provides for other books

No. 1439221

File: 1670629882445.png (324.72 KB, 700x686, 1659674730576.png)

NO NOOOO out of all people, why him??? Why do I want to fuck him??????

No. 1439225


kek this could be me

No. 1439230

File: 1670630383629.jpg (432.23 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20221209-185846_Fir…)

Yes, brain fog and other cognitive impairments are a symptoms of Long COVID. This the main reason I'm still trying really hard to not catch it, I'm afraid to become disabled.


No. 1439235

ayrt but goddamn I already had bipolar brain fog no wonder it worsened

I hate my life

No. 1439236

He is the most annoying egotistical pathetic little man I have ever seen and every thing he does makes me feel pity and disgust. But it somehow triggers a deep primal urge within me like I want nothing more than to bully him until he cries and take out all of my sexual frustration on him. But I can't and I wont because it would literally ruin my life if I even tried to initiate anything. God I fucking hate when my hormones overwhelm me and seemingly take complete control over my brain and I get like this

No. 1439270

File: 1670632284444.png (920.62 KB, 984x900, 1651103584273.png)

Im >>1439046, thanks for that. I think I really needed to hear that today. It sucks that such an important field is so undervalued, but we're in it because we wanna help ppl and well somebody has to do it.

No. 1439321

No one yell at me but I wanna fuck my therapist so bad it's making me sad. Every time I actually like a man he's taken or doesn't like me back or it's someone I can never be with, like my therapist. And it makes it hard to even be around him and it makes me sad to think about how I'll never get to actually be with him like that. I know that sounds so sad and pathetic but I think about him like all the time and it makes it even worse that he's so nice to me and sort of treats me different than his other clients. Sometimes it even seems like he's flirting with me but I can't tell and that just makes me even sadder. I know nothing would ever happen between us obviously but I just wish I didn't like him so much.

No. 1439324

Lmao this level of stalking sounds like something I could have also done. This reminds me how my favorite fanfiction writer of my OTP went on hiatus because of medical and health reasons in January 2020 so I checked up on her just now, and she's still on hiatus. I hope it wasn't cancer or anything

No. 1439325

I relate to this. It sucks when you find out that you're more invested in the relationship. Sending you hugs nona ♥

No. 1439328

But you do know it’s just a trick of the mind. Transference is common and pretty normal. You should tell your therapist about your feelings, it’s the fastest way to kill it.

No. 1439331

File: 1670635785511.png (5.36 MB, 2133x2466, FiALgEqagAA10hS.png)

I seem to keep making things worse for me. Aside from not taking care of my poor health (which frankly I don't really know how to help aside from maybe changing my eating habits but that has proven to be a difficult task since I don't have any other vices in life), I keep isolating myself. I'm going to end up genuinely alone if I keep ignoring people, acting indifferent to them even though I do care for them, but I absolutely cannot bring myself to act on it, I don't have the energy or will for it, and I definitely wouldn't be able to fake it either.
Maybe it's depression, maybe I'm stressed because of my deteriorating health and my circumstances which are only being made harder because of myself, like how I keep spending money unnecessarily even though I 100% will need to find a job soon. I can't tell if my depression has been made worse by how I don't really talk to anyone or connect with anyone anymore, because everytime I do, which is seldom, I feel so light and relieved but I always go back to isolation because I can't maintain any of it in the long-term. I can at least be grateful that the current people in my life understand that and are patient, but they're distant too so it feels so lonely.
Part of me wants to blame my most recent close friend for some of it, as if her negative and isolating mentality has rubbed off on me (though I was already more or less "friendless" before becoming close to her lol), because I seem to be following her footsteps into a life of complete isolation with nothing but myself. And it's not that I despise myself or anything, but it drives me crazy not to hear what others have to say so I can't stand to sit with just my thoughts. I never share any of my opinions or thoughts or even interests to anyone unless it's some funny post I find online, all because I can't trust myself or any of what I say anymore, and I feel like it might be a result of that last friendship I had (she's an extremely logical person and I'm nowhere near that) even though I also learned so much from it.
When I was younger my excuse was being insecure and having social anxiety (even though my social life back then was infinitely better than what it is now), now I'm too depressed and genuinely tired 24/7 for any of it even though it's making me achingly lonely, so I look forward to see what my next excuse will be.

No. 1439332

I'm in the mental health field and just wanted to normalize this for you, nona. Lots of clients get crushes on their therapists because they're (hopefully) a kind, supportive person in your life. Obviously nothing romantic can or should happen between the two of you. It just means you trust him and that's a good thing.

No. 1439338

NTA, but start talking to yourself while alone. It's helped me bunches. Pretend you're shooting a YouTube video diary.

No. 1439342

nayrt but if you're in the mental health field can I ask you a question about how you maintain your sanity? When you spend a whole day packed full of everyone telling you about the worst parts of their lives and feeling as if you can't do anything to help them and then leave work feeling completely exhausted that you can't even enjoy your evening… what are you supposed to do? sorry you don't have to answer this obviously… i am just really feeling it right now

No. 1439348

I have come to the startling, saddening, and maddening realization that I in fact, despite all of my best efforts, like white boys.

No. 1439351

File: 1670637613367.jpg (23.9 KB, 512x384, Er4wDV7W8AEBmsQ.jpg)

I had a psychiatrist that I really liked, he was the first doctor who ever talked to me like a person and not an insane retard. He would call me back the same day I called him, which I've never ever in my life had another doctor do. I've been really sick since I was little, so I go to doctors all the time. I've lived my life in and out of hospitals for physical illness, but when I hit my twenties, it all just finally caved in on me. It realyl is hard to be sick your whole life. And if people can't visibly identify you as sick, they don't care if you are. You look fine, so you must be.
My wonderful psychiatrist moved on to better and brighter things, and I'm really glad for him because he deserved better than that shitty hospital. But now I'm stuck with this psych RN who treats me like a liar. She took me off of everything he had me on and changed my diagnoses from what he had written.
I'm taking her drugs, all of the fucking horrible meds she puts me on make me feel so much worse. They make me feel crazier than I did on nothing at all.
I get so angry I punch out the drywall and then start tearing it out in chunks with my hands and then my teeth. My gums bleed all the time.
She says I'm lying and that if I'm not, I need to go to the ward so they can "stabilize" me faster than her meds can. I said how are they going to do that? And she said they'll fucking strap me down and inject me with calm-down drugs. And I laughed and laughed and laughed and said, "You took me off of xanax, which was meant for emergencies to calm me down, because you didn't like my real doctor giving me something I could get high on, because you're convinced that poor people are all drug abusers, but you're fine with me being forcibly restrained and turned into a shutter island zombie with outdated drugs like haldol and and whatever else you can shoot-up an unwilling sick person with? You think that will make me feel better? Safer?" and laughed and laughed and laughed some more. And then I reminded her that when I did go to her hospital's psychward, they refused me insulin because no one would believe I was diabetic, and they wound up releasing me early because I was in DKA so bad, my mouth was blue, I couldn't stop puking, I couldn't walk, and I wound up pissing myself. I told her you have my file open right now, look at it. You think going through that again is going to make me less crazy? No, you don't. You don't care if you kill me as long as it makes me shut up and stop bothering you.
I'm back to cookie-monstering the drywall. There's no help. I tried for 27 years. There's no help for you if you're already a piece of shit worthless sick person. You're only allowed one illness, mental or physical, you can't have both.

No. 1439353

I know about transference and fair point it could be that but what if it actually is just me liking him? I heard transference lessens over time but I've just gotten more attached to him over time. We get along really well and we have similar opinions about things, we agree about almost everything and he tells personal stories about his life sometimes and it's weird how similar we are despite being so different. If he wasn't my therapist and just some rando I would still have a crush on him just based of his personality alone. What if I tell him about liking him and it ruins the therapeutic relationship we have? How would I even phrase it to him?

Thanks that actually makes me feel a lot better, any idea how to make it go away though? Preferably without telling him. It makes it hard to have sessions with him and it makes me sad constantly wanting to be with him but not being able too.

No. 1439358

You should tell him you’re interested. Worse case scenario he’s tells you he’s not interested and you can move on from your crush. Best case scenario he’s interested and you can have a cute therapist bf whose probably rich.

No. 1439360

Nta but that would be so fucking embarrassing. She pays him to listen to her, then she puts this uncomfortable thought into his head that she's been fantasizing about him for so many sessions, when he's just been trying to do his job.

No. 1439361

He’s a scrote so there is a 98% chance he’s corrupt on the job and there’s a chance he will take her up in the offer

No. 1439362

god damn that's honestly the worst case scenario right there

No. 1439363

THATS SO TRUE NONA! literally none of them have morals (some tho)

No. 1439365

I honestly wish that would happen, so bad. But the awkward part I should've mentioned is that I'm in my mid 20's and he's in his mid 60's. I know I know I'm gross but I can't help it he's really nice and funny and cute.

No. 1439366

You do need a therapist but not this one

No. 1439367

>I'm in my mid 20's and he's in his mid 60's
Oh baby, please don't tell him.
Wouldn't it be better to have a harmless crush? Wouldn't you be devastated to find out that what you thought was a good guy was actually a predator?
Sometimes not knowing is better, this is one of those cases.

No. 1439368

>I’m in my 20s and he’s in his 60s

Lol the scrote would think it’s cute a flattering to have a woman in her 20s wanting him so he can cheat on his wife. There is a high chance that if you confessed your feelings the scrote will take you up on the offer but the end probably won’t end well for you.

No. 1439371

oh bby don't pursue this I understand your issues I really do but please don't

No. 1439374

Oh man the responses above my post are so fucking refreshing after all the nonsense lately. You are some top tier nonas.

No. 1439375

Lmao this reminded me of a time when I was 17 and I had a huge crush on my teacher who was in his early 50s at that time, and I got the courage to tell him about it and be like DUDE lets date after I graduate high school so no one will find out, you're the love of my life and he was like kid you're pretty and smart and all but that's not happening, we can never exist as a man and a woman. And I cried like a bitch and went home lol
God, I'm so, so, SO thankful to him that he rejected me that day and he wasn't a predator

No. 1439378

One year my old workplace had a 40 euro limit. I got a 4 euro set from primark. It was a toddlers batman giftset. 2in1 green, apple scented shampoo and shower gel in a joker bottle. I'd dealt with 2 deaths that year and was spending xmas for the first time. I can laugh about it now but att.

No. 1439380

Aw, nona, this sounds like burnout. We can't want change more than our clients do. We can't work harder than they do on their own goals. I recommend using supervision or consultation with fellow professionals to get support. I honestly can't really talk to friends/family except on weekends because I'm really socially exhausted in the evenings after work.

No. 1439387

Nona, I say this with all love and support - but are you not used to men treating you with kindness? What's your relationship like with your dad? You don't have to answer that, but just consider it for yourself.

No. 1439393

File: 1670640264915.gif (3.16 MB, 314x200, 468768234.gif)

me when I think of how much of an abusive rage fueled moid my father was. How fucked up it was how he treated me even as a small child, how much he traumatized my siblings and I. How he cheated on and abused my mother. How my family to this very day lives in denial & upholds him as this amazing, loving father and husband who was just ~troubled~

No. 1439395

No I won't tell him, I can't even imagine how awkward that would be or how I would phrase it. And if he was weirded out or it changed our dynamic I would be heartbroken to lose him as a therapist because he's like a mentor to me as well and I'm hoping to keep him in my life for as long as possible. He's even said he wants to continue helping me even after retirement so I really really don't want to jeopardize things between me and him. I just wish this crush would dissipate a bit because it is making it hard to be around him.

I really don't think he would do anything, he would probably just be uncomfortable around me from then on. He's really professional and well known in my city so I doubt he would do anything to tarnish his career and reputation, or the therapeutic relationship between me and him. He's unmarried though, he and his first and only wife separated about 10 years ago. It would be easier to not like him if he were still married, I kind of wish he would get a girlfriend so he'd feel off limits to me completely. But I'm not going to tell him I'm just going to bury my feelings as much as I can and hope they go away.

Lol I appreciate the gentleness of your question nona. I've had a couple boyfriends before but haven't dated for like 5 years. I've had some nice guys in my life but also some shitty ones. My relationship with my dad is okay, we're more like acquaintances though. I don't have any major trauma from adult men or anything if that's what you were wondering about, I honestly just like older men a lot of the time, granted not usually this much older but still it's not too unusual for me.

No. 1439398

File: 1670641093993.webm (613.77 KB, 640x640, 1659107997429398.webm)

My toxic retarded bitch boss had a conversation with us about football and someone mentioned Messi and she said she hates him because he seems so fake and not like a real person and she didn't even want to talk about him and I got so pissed off because Messi is clearly an autist and anyone who knows how autists act can see it from his mannerisms, moves, overall behavior and awkwardness and autistic stare. Yes, Lionel Messi radiates autism. He does things he cringes about days after he did them. But this dumb fucking normie bitch, like the normie she is, assumes that anyone who doesn't behave according to the norm is pretending to be someone else/faking/being two faced. My family members accused me of lying and faking all the time because I wasn't looking at them most of the time, and I'm just an autist. Also, today Argentina defeated Netherlands and is now in semifinals of the World cup and I hope this slightly overweight bitch is seething right now and eating donuts which will ruin her workout routine. So yeah fuck normies and fuck Messi haters

No. 1439406

yeah same. also feel like the 'end of the world' so to speak will start during my lifetime with climate change so everything is double pointless.

No. 1439411

File: 1670641748191.jpeg (83.57 KB, 600x560, mewtual-support-hugs.jpeg)

We are in the saaaame boat. Sending you hugs nonnies.

No. 1439412

fuck football and fuck autistic men. autist nonnies are alright tho

No. 1439423

i love ashwagandha, it really helps with anxiety and i can focus very well and actually function when i take it but it makes me horny as fuck. i flicked the bean like 5 times today. I am still horny. I'm all sore down there. Now I've come a full circle and can't focus on shit because i'm so horny. What the fuck

No. 1439430

Thank you for this nona. I just graduated with my degree and am about five months on the job, so it worries me that I'm already feeling burnout and I constantly doubt whether this was the right choice to make. Your words mean a lot though and it's what I needed to hear. I just hope that if I keep working at it that things will eventually start to feel better.

No. 1439433

Adds to cart

No. 1439442

File: 1670644084452.jpeg (49.29 KB, 720x900, D1dvoLhXQAcFAwJ.jpeg)

This is not exactly a vent but idk where to write it, but I must express myself somewhere: I have a male online friend that seemed to have developed some fetish of wearing female lingerie and he's been posting these pictures in instagram, and while part of me finds it a bit cute, another part of me is violently disgusted, it's a very primal disgust but also a rationalized one, I can't get out of my head Solana's words in the SCUM manifesto, everything about men naturally desiring to be everything women are, and I CONSTANTLY see it happening and it makes me sick, extremely sick to my stomach. I can't even say which kind of moid disgusts me more, those violent overcompensating ones, or those who wantonly emulate women for their own pleasure. (Inb4 the emulation of women is also overcompensation about them knowing they'll never get to be one, but you know what I mean) I just think males are animals, really, and one is lucky to find a moid that you can keep calm by treating them like a pet.

No. 1439448

I have to give up so much of my time to my gf that ive considered throwing my hobby shit away because what's the point in having it.

i work hard at a corporate job and granted she takes care of our condo with chores, dinner made and im super appreciative of that. i want to support her and treat her right after having been abused by aiden's and insane bisexuals (no offense to sane bisexuals).

she's so needy though that she does what she wants all day, alone, and then when i get home and want to even veg out in the armchair i can't because she wants my attention or feels like shit and needs me to be there even if there's absolutely nothing i can do.

i can't describe what it does to my brain to hardly ever get anything done despite all the ideas in my head and copious number of hobbies i have. i watch her do her hobbies and make amazing things, go places, read, nap, relax and i work and get an eye drawn per week it feels like.

i feel like shit and yes we have talked about it. a lot of the issues are out of our control like migraine, sickness or depression. im happy to be there for her but im suffering so fucking much here.

Esl, sorry.

No. 1439451

same anon to say she does a lot of work around the home, keeps it nice with cleaning and the rest, and has many illnesses that prevent her from working. i come home to creative home made and delicious dinner and lunch whenever i get off.

it's not that she's lazy im just desperate to have some consistent time to myself.

No. 1439480

I just got done with an hour long conversation with a friend and I already feel cripplingly lonely and inadequate again. I hate this and I hate bothering my online friends for conversations so, I'm yelling into the void here instead. Why do I feel so lonely so stupidly easy, fug

No. 1439489

It's messed up that I hurt people, then pity myself for the fallout. It's never been intentional but my inner response is disgusting. I'm sick of this repeating pattern and should have stayed alone.

No. 1439535

Does she not have a job? Or do some volunteer work? She reminds me of my ex gf who was constantly clingy and needy and while I didn't mind it most of the time, it was a bit too much sometimes. I think it's not healthy for both of you if she constantly demands so much of your time. She's probably always bored being inside the house all day and needs her social needs met from you. Does she have a social life?

No. 1439536

I ghostwrote these posts

No. 1439550

uh what form are you taking it in and where are you buying it if you don't mind sharing

No. 1439564

I used to be fwb with this guy until he found a girlfriend and we stopped our relationship obviously. However every time they're fighting he'll crawl right back to me begging for attention saying stuff like he misses me etc. The worst part is that I give it to him because I miss him too, he's the best sex I've ever had and we used to be very close friends. I'm grossed out by his habit of keeping me as a side hoe he can just use for attention whenever he's not getting any from his gf but I can't help myself. It's never gone further than texting but that's still a from of emotional cheating isn't it? Or at least a breach of trust. I feel bad for his gf, if I knew who she was I'd show her the texts.

No. 1439603

Stop coping, he doesn’t want you, block him and lose some weight cuz I refuse to believe anyone skinny have that low of self esteem and discipline. “I can’t help myself” It’s a dick not combo #3.

No. 1439608

Yeah anon needs to stop hanging on for these crumbs of attention and get herself a new partner. Anon is taking part in emotional cheating and disrespect for his gf. Dick is dick.

No. 1439611

i am so incredibly pissed because i found out yesterday evening that my old, piece of shit university roommate was able to sneak and place a charge onto my room even though she no longer lives with me. she bought some 18 dollar breakfast service in the building that i never use so it was really blatantly obvious it was her that did it. thank god the ra's who are in the building told me that my bill was a little higher than normal when i went to get some snacks, otherwise, i would have thought it was something i bought and overlooked as i have been busy with finals. i asked for a record of all the payments linked to the room for the past 30 days just to make sure and yup, here's this fucking charge that sticks out like a sore thumb because it is something i never use.

i just wish she would leave me alone because i don't speak to her, i have blocked her everywhere so that we don't accidentally text or message one another, and i haven't seen her since the day she moved out after her and her shitty friends did some backstabbing bullshit and tried to get me kicked out of the university. one of her friends was eavesdropping on a conversation i was having with some people where we were venting about college life, and they took the things i said about how angry i was with her and tried to spin it to make it seem like i was this violent rage filled negro who was going to shank her in her sleep.

i just feel way too old for this kind of drama. i will be 28 in a few months and i really don't find this kind of childish shit amusing. all they are doing is proving my suspicions about her and showing that i was right to go to the university to complain about her being a fucking bitch. plus, i always had this weird feeling that she was the kind of person who would steal your credit cards or go through your purse to look for cash when you weren't looking, so i never left my wallet laying around where she could take it. even if i was going for a walk in the park i would put it in a little backpack and take it with me. i really debated about emailing the university again because i feel embarrassed to tell them what new stupid shit has been going on, but there's only one more week left before all the visiting students have to leave, and i don't want her trying to charge more shit to my room thinking she can bounce and leave me with a bunch of shit i didn't ask for. we've had new people on rotation in the building, so i imagine she snuck and used my name as that day in particular i remember as i went to pick up a package, and the girl working the front desk was not someone i knew.

sorry this is so long but i am just really, incredibly tired of these fucking cunts. i want to believe that it was a mistake but all her fat ass does is eat so there's no doubt in my mind that it was her.

No. 1439612

I'm glad your teacher didn't take advantage of you anon! I hope that's a memory you can look back on and laugh without being too hard on yourself.

No. 1439615

pls nona just give us the form and dosage before I blindly buy these gummies from Target.

No. 1439616

I'm about to go from saving tons each month to living paycheck to paycheck while I work on something that will ultimately help my life in the long term. And I have to keep it a secret from everybody I know. I'm incredibly stressed about the upcoming financial strain and general stress. But I guess that times like these are just part of life. I hope I can stay sane instead of slippong into dissociative psychosis like I have in the past.

No. 1439618

Gross, and then what, after she gets with him? She constantly has to worry about him doing the same with another client? Not worth.

No. 1439622

My mom and me have been learning my grandma's recipes over the last few months as her dementia is getting worse. She's forgetting things more and more, especially when it comes to cooking and baking. Things she's been doing effortlessly for decades. Watching her slowly lose herself has been really difficult and it's becoming worse with the holidays. She still wants to make things for us, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn't turn out good and she has a meltdown. I can't imagine what's it like going through that, your mind slowly rotting away while you are still conscious enough to understand it. Being old sucks. I love her and I want to remember the real her, not this.

No. 1439625

im getting sick again. the first two times it was bad luck but still understandable, but what now ??? can't my immune system be better prepared ???

No. 1439631

I know no nonny cares about me reporting back on it, but nothing happened! We mostly spent the evening holding hands and talking. Being able to actually take everything step by step is so new to me I get confused, I'm so used to getting caught up in others pace or have guys get extremely clingy because of the myth that nerdy girls are rare. I have only been able to take it slow like this once 10 years ago, which was ruined by a "friend" spreading the rumor that we were already fucking like rabbits and he thought I was the one behind it. So I'm both happy and nervous.

No. 1439632

Someone sent me flowers, a bottle of wine and some candy, with a card, that only says "you can do more and you deserve more" at my workplace and I'm freaking out… I haven't told much people my work address or the name of the company i work at, i haven't been social at all last few years, haven't talk to much people at work or anywhere else and i have something like a stalker and he is in the same country at the moment (he lives abroad) but this sounds way too kind for him, we were friends before he turned into stalker and we didn't end on a good note, to say the least…
This is stressing me out, i have told a few people and they all seem to think it's a nice gesture, but knowing that I'm kind of antisocial and I stay away from people generally this is so creepy.
Likw who the fuck knows where i work?

No. 1439633

Maybe a coworker?

No. 1439636


We are like 5 people, i work at my mom's company (no judging please, she expects more from me than from everyone else) and it's not her, we have three other coworkers but they all work remotely, two of them are women, one moid, but he is way older, always been normal, never creepy and i don't think it's him and i very rarely talk to any clients, like once every few months and I can't stop wondering who the fuck knows my first and last name plus my work address. The things were sent through some courier company, i was so shocked i didn't ask who sent it before the courrier guy left

No. 1439638

>This is stressing me out, i have told a few people and they all seem to think it's a nice gesture
People that haven't experienced something like this doesn't understand how unsettling getting something anonymously like this is, it's tone death to think it's sweet. I agree that it could be a coworker, does anyone come to mind? Could you perhaps check up with HR and tell them about it just in case it could be someone from the same company?

No. 1439639

Samefag, sorry didn't see this. But it could perhaps be a client that asked for your name from a coworker and sent it to you, some people just see someone attractive from afar and use romance movie logic.

No. 1439641

if you work at your mother's company then she and the rest of your family know exactly where you work, right? Or at least the name and/or location. Which must've come up in conversation and one way or another through family or friends your stalker must've gotten ahold of that information. Once he knew you work at your mom's it isn't that hard to get exact address info. Since he's also in your country despite living abroad this is the only thing that makes sense to me. Sometimes the easiest explanation is the truth..

No. 1439642

Yeah, i was sure someone here would be able to relate, in movies it kind of sounds cute but in reality it's creepy as hell.
My mom is the only one talking with clients and i have already asked her and she said she didn't know anything and she said she thought it was cute.
This happened on Thursday and still no one has said anything about sending the stuff, Friday i wasn't at work and the office was empty and I can't stop thinking about it.
This shit only happens in movies, like wtf, I'm not a flirt, that kind of stuff never happened to me before, why me

No. 1439645

Yeah I had someone anonymously send me flowers to my apartment through a courier so I really get your discomfort, I never acknowledged it online so nothing more happened because I was sure they were waiting for a "omg who sent me flowers???" post to spur them on. But I was really, really troubled by it. So hopefully this will be a one and single instance this happens and they will leave you alone afterwards.

No. 1439652

I would expect the stalker to come face to face to be angry at me, this is way to nice from him, but who knows.. worst part is he knows my work address (we were friends before he showed his crazy) so it could be him

Yeah, i didn't acknowledge it anywhere else, this is the only place i shared it publicly bc i want to get validation for my feelings - being creeped out because i knew some women would sadly relate.

No. 1439653

This is why I HATE romcom movies (or any movie that shows the underdog getting the hot girl way out of his league), because it normalizes these stalkery behaviors as romantic gestures. Hell, it even validates legit stalkers and their delusions.

No. 1439656

>worst part is he knows my work address
well that seals it for me

Sorry you have to deal with that. Why does your mom think it's cute though, does she not know you've dealt with a stalker before?

No. 1439657

File: 1670667919076.png (5.16 KB, 273x126, 1669617986605.png)

I have a fever and it's causing me to throw up anything I try to drink, to the point of causing painful cramps due to my stomach already being empty.
Haven't eaten normal food for at least a day and a half now and that's definitely not helping the situation.

No. 1439661

man i miss hugging and feeling emotionally connected w the other person in the hug. i dhould get some sleep but i just want someone rn

No. 1439662

I just briefly mentioned about the stalker to her, but i don't think she understands how scary the whole thing is. She probably even forgot about me telling her about it. I love her very much, but she doesn't always pay attention to stuff i tell her or thinks I'm overreacting. She told me she will take the bottle of wine if I don't want it.

Stay hydrated Nona, i hope you feel better soon

No. 1439665

Ask someone to buy you oral rehydration salts, if you feel too bad to go outside and buy them alone. I remember it made me want to vomit less than normal water. Just in case, if you can't even drink this, get pepto bismol. How high exactly is your fever? I remember having some sort of poisoning that gave me almost 104°F (40°C) fever and I was vomiting so hard, also having watery diarrhes at the same time, I wasn't even able to stand up, and it lasted for like 3 hours, my friend called an ambulance and they gave me some injections for nausea. I don't know where you live and if calling for an ambulance costs you something, but if it gets really, really bad, you should call it. I also remember that after going back home I had high fever again and stuff like paracetamol and ibuprofen didn't help me, and I only managed to nanage my fever with metamizole, but I know it's not legal in all countries, like USA. It may be quite toxic if you take it too often.

No. 1439674

File: 1670670826371.png (112.72 KB, 320x260, 1664326379410.png)

>tiny boobs, big hips
is there even a worse combination? I can't even put on weight to make my boobs bigger because then my ass will get 2 x times bigger. my bmi is 19.7 so I'm not fat, it's just shitty proportions. it's hard for me to buy a bra because the size that should've been theoretically good for me is too tight on my chest but the cups are slightly too big for my small tits. If I get a bigger bra the cups will be totally too big, if I get a smaller one it will be too tight on my chest. buying any kind of pants is also extremely hard because even if they fit perfectly on my legs, they always gape in the back and it looks bad and using a belt doesn't make it look better, it only makes me look fatter

No. 1439676

i doubt it will be any consolation but i think small boobs and bigger bums are very cute

No. 1439679

I always live with the expectation that it will get better soon. It gets better but not significantly, then, new problems appear and I start waiting again. I can't adapt to changing conditions. I waste my time instead of enjoying what I have. I hate my life.

No. 1439682

File: 1670671863116.png (170.58 KB, 1200x1800, 8872ecf0d6d3a7810eabfb39d5807f…)

>Acting like pear shape isn't one of the more desired body shapes

'is there a worse combination' come on now, nona

No. 1439692

Nta but moids and some pickme women will treat flat chested women like literal sub humans. This is coming from someone who's been on both sides of the boob spectrum in my adult life (was a B/C from 18-20 and D-J 21-now)

No. 1439693

>flat chested
?? my boobs are smaller than yours (right on the brink of A and B) and even I don't consider myself flat

No. 1439698

I lived in an area where most people were fat so girls being triple Ds by 12 was the norm and I've dated porn sick losers who considered me flat so I can only imagine it's a lot more hellish for legitimately flat chested women

No. 1439715

I'm constantly torn between wanting children or not. I always read the regretful parents subreddit and stuff like that to get a glimpse into something more raw and real about the reality of being a parent. At this point having a moid participate in my plans is irrelevant because I'm open to having a sperm donor and do it all by myself in a clinic because I'm interested in motherhood but not exactly having a partner, not having an useless moid who's not gonna help with the kid and chores anyway… I'm bisexual so another woman would be great but really I don't envision a partner in my motherhood journey. I'm constantly thinking about it and it's such a big decision I couldn't back off of once it's done ugh.
There's no fostering system in my country btw and I consider adoption

No. 1439736

If you have to think too much about it then I’d say it’s not right to have children. I’m the same as you are, when I was younger I thought I would have children in ten years, then when that time has passed I started thinking just 5 years more, 5 years more…now I’m in my 30s and I’m almost sure I’ll never have children.
I love my independence and the freedom I have without having a child and I know if I’d be a mother all the love and the good things probably would compensate the “bad” side I see of motherhood but I just don’t see myself being a mother.
A few years ago I had to think about it pretty hard because I was (and still am) in a serious relationship and I felt pressured because at some point people expect you to have children or to get married and I just…didn’t feel like it. Even now, if I have to picture myself with another person who could want children, I guess I wouldn’t do it either.
I had a pretty traumatic life and I have some coworkers that for the exact same reason wanted to be mothers to give their children a better life than they had, that’s my motive for not wanting children in the first place hahaha.

No. 1439740

Those women want children for totally egoistic reason (well, all people do). Imagine creating an entire human being because you had a bad childhood and you want to cope by proving yourself you can be a better parent than your shitty mom/dad. They should just get therapy.

No. 1439743

Lol taking a look at the regretful parents sub I mentioned SO MANY people there fit this situation of wanting to have kids to give them a better life than they had. It's such a non sense reason to have children the way I see it wtf It only makes sense if you think of adopted children, not creating a whole new human being

No. 1439747

File: 1670677467578.png (234.01 KB, 427x441, tumblr_29d6bc98b937b4945ecba8d…)

pros of spending the holidays at my parents place;
+free food (i am very out of money and not getting more until early january)
+dont have to fight with my mom about how im terrible and ungrateful for not spending time with them
+theyre lonely and not doing well so being there is quite literally the least i can do
+if there are power outages they have supplies to get through it (i dont)

-having to spend two+ weeks trapped alone with them makes me literally want to die
-where they live has terrible public transportation and i cant drive so im trapped
-their house is falling apart and i feel out of control trapped in a decaying reminder of the worst years of my life
-watching from the sidelines as my parents, whom i do love dearly, let their lives fall apart while refusing to admit anything is wrong and rejecting any of my attempts to help them and getting angry at me for trying
-they hate each other and barely even talk to each other (outside of yelling and bickering) and expect me to be a messenger between them, which is a shitty fucking position to be in

No. 1439748

I think exactly the same. One of my coworkers is divorcing after 5 years and with a child who’s just 7 months old. She dreamt about her perfect family because her parents divorced when she was a teen and they hated each other so much. Now she discovered that her husband cheated on her for almost two years.
For me, the worst part is that she will always have a connection with him even if they get along well, she tries so hard to keep respecting him because he’s the father of her child.

No. 1439750

Having to listen to my coworker coping about her failing relationship is depressing

No. 1439751

My new manager is a bitch and I feel like she picks on me and gives me shit shifts to spite me. This workplace use to be a great place to work but it's went to the dogs. I've saw other good workers leave from being picked on from some nepotism or brown nosing cunt trying to get ahead and no one even mentions how fucked we are when they leave. Our department is constantly non conforming, reputation to the dogs, manager doesn't give a shit she keeps bringing in all her mates and then crying when she can't manage them and makes us more competent staff have to pick up the slack. People constantly bypass my manager to directly ask me wtf is going on with the actual work aspect. The sad thing I know if I quit it wouldn't prove a point and no one would be going oh boy we lost a great worker there, the place would just function. Results and paperwork falsified, massive inefficiencies everywhere wasted money. On one hand why should I care but then on the other not caring about shit is why so much shit in the world is fucked. Its not fair

No. 1439752

File: 1670677653134.gif (1.26 MB, 498x498, controlmypc-cat.gif)

why am i so fucking retarded. i just went to let my cat in as he was sat on the driveway, and as i opened the door to let him in my neighbour was getting into his car although faced away from me. i shouted "hi!" to him because i assumed he heard me calling for the cat and i thought he looked at me for a second.
he turned around and just looked at me strangely. i feel like a fucking retard for shouting hi at a man who didn't even know i was there probably KEK i was just trying to be friendly though, and thought that he saw me. oh man. why do i fail at social interactions so much. it's getting worse as i'm getting older, like i cannot keep the mask on anymore.

No. 1439776

>One of my coworkers is divorcing after 5 years and with a child who’s just 7 months old.
Diff anon but I know too many women who have divorced when the baby is barely a year old. I got married pretty young myself and it didn't work out. 5 years of dating and 2 whole years of marriage before he very suddenly decided he didn't want to be married after all. People will say "the signs, didn't you see the signs" but no I didn't. I was blindsided by it. There were no signs of us breaking down. Its like he just woke up one day and decided it without ever indicating anything was up.

At least we didn't have kids. I can't get over how men will want to make babies and then they're back on tinder within the year. No attempts at working on a marriage. Easy for them to just move on and take the baby at the weekend.

No. 1439784

If there's such a thing as "mental self-harm" I think I've been unconsciously doing it these past weeks: doomscrolling, checking sites full of shit I don't like, unintentionally re-traumatizing myself…I'm starting to have random flashbacks again, my mind seems to be fixated on those memories all of the sudden which is very unfortunate since Christmas is near, I feel pretty unstable and depressed, powerless even. I remember all those moments so clearly, so vividly, I can still feel the pain, so unbearable, it made me go crazy I couldn't even hear my own thoughts, I want to forget and I want all those people to die, all of them. The reason i hate violence is because I don't want to be like them, yet, sometimes I wish I could get revenge and go berserk on everyone that wronged me, they got their way with me and I want justice, they knew I was the type to not defend themselves, they knew I was vulnerable to their tricks and took advantage, the world punished my kindness with cruelty so what's the point of holding myself back? The next retard who fucks around is definitely going to find out

No. 1439787

File: 1670680498964.jpg (43.25 KB, 564x564, 83d97f71ec91cb4a1f0ea84b1cedef…)

I want to have children but I know all my friends would laugh at me for wanting this, plus I'm a lesbian and I could never fuck a moid. I want to raise a daughter and give her a happy childhood, I know the world is so fucked but I would give her a safe place where she could be happy, be creative, learn about the world. I would teach her all I know and marvel at her intelligence and unique insight. I would support her dreams, goals, every path she decides to take. I want to see her accept her unique temperament and be confident in herself. Too bad it's never going to happen and I'm deathly afraid of pregnancy. IVF is expensive. Adoption is also too expensive, it's practically impossible to adopt in my country and I would probably be denied because homophobia. I would rather kill myself than get a surrogate. I will never have any of what I described. I never thought I'd feel this way but it hit me recently, it's not baby fever because I think babies are ugly and annoying as hell kek, I would still take care of it and give it everything I could. All my friends are pessimistic antinatalists who think children are literal demons who should be killed and while I do agree that children are weird and sociopathic at times, it's a natural part of growing up. Even if I somehow got a child, my friends would isolate me and mock me. I can't win. My girlfriend is fine with getting pregnant, but she holds the same anti children sentiment kek fuck me.

No. 1439806

Moids break up at the worst times. They don't leave when the relationship is rocky they leave when relationship satisfaction is highest or even worse they'll leave when things start improving and give the woman false hope. I once had a moid dump me the day we were about to go to an amusement park together, another time we were applying to colleges together and just took a road trip. The way that you could be having the time of your life with them just for them to be planning their escape in their head completely broke me I don't even bother having happy times anymore with moids, if I want to vacation, try something new, or have a relaxing time I just do it with female friends

No. 1439807

I keep trying to bait my boyfriend (God bless him) into drooling over other women or gawking about exes/previous sex experiences in order to purposely trigger my eating disorder. He's too good to fall for it and it's almost weird dating someone who doesn't mentally torture me with my body image issues

No. 1439843

I feel like if women were nicer to me growing up I wouldn’t be such a jealous hating ass bitch. I remember when I was young I wanted to be friends with the pretty girls and I didn’t have a jealous bone in my body but they bullied me and made me feel ugly just as much as the scrotes did. In some weird way other women formed me into a pick me.

No. 1439848

I was the awkward bullied girl too but you have to let go of grudges anon. I always think how I would feel if every cringey thing I did growing up was forever held against me

No. 1439850

I think it's natural for women to want to have children. It's part of our biology and I'm in a similar boat. Personally wouldn't mind just getting pregnant by some moid and leaving the city to raise my daughter in peace. they don't care about child raising anyway. But I'd have to ensure he's at least semi intelligent, which seems to be the hard part.

No. 1439851

I know how you feel. Also no matter how many times I tell myself I'm being bitter and to give other women a chance again and let them in I invariably get shit on. Even casually meeting like my bf's friend's gf and she's a bitch to me sends me spiralling. I think I give off a "be mean to me" pheromone

No. 1439852

I’m not holding on to any grudges but I definitely miss the care free girl who loved every body and that’s never going to come back

No. 1439859

I'm not a pickme, but I am a nlog. Well I literally am abnormal, mentally unhinged and cannot do femininity even if I wanted to. Since I was raised without a mother and my father treated me like a son. Apparently I used to be a sweet and trusting toddler, instead of an unhinged paranoid feral anti social (not asocial) schizo. I'm just not socialized female properly, so I understand why I've always been shunned. At least spergs exist who cannot tell how fucked I am.

No. 1439868

I remember when I had fever I completely lost my appetite
Food just made me sick

No. 1439873

It’s probably your stalker tbh

No. 1439903

I think you should send an email to everyone at work asking the one who did it to come forward, just say it like it is and that while it's a nice gesture you have had problems with a stalker and just need to know it's not him.
Ask your family as well to make sure it's not them. My uncle who I'm not that close to once sent me a message through work because my family has autist genes and he just didn't get that it wasn't really appropriate to do so lol it was very sweet though.
If no one comes forward assume it's the stalker and talk to your boss about safety concerns. Show people his picture if needed and make everyone aware of the situation, you don't have to deal with it alone.

No. 1439925

I wish I had my coworkers easy life. She feels like a carbon copy of another coworker at a place I quit because everyone liked her and would do 80% of the work instead of her. Both of them had manager power even though we have the same title. Both got to live with their nice parents while building up money. They dont struggle academically either. Wish that had been me. I can't hate either of them because they're both super sweet it's just that I'm frustrated I was dealt such a shitty card at life where it feels like no amount of labour really pays off to at least say "my life got so much better though!"

No. 1439933

I sympathize but I also can't help but wonder if there's a disconnect between the dream and the reality of raising kids when people express this sentiment. From my perspective it seems that the majority of your time you're exhausting yourself making sure their physical needs are met (rested, fed, clothed, clean in a clean house, keeping them out of danger etc.) and not busying yourself with the "raising them to become a wonderful, intelligent human being with aspirations and dreams" if that makes sense? That's the major reason I don't want to have kids, I don't want to do the physical taking care of the kids.

No. 1439938

That's a worry for me as well, but not because I don't want to do those things, more so because I don't know if I'll ever be financially stable to afford that. I find pleasure in taking care of the people I love even if I am exhausted so that wouldn't be an issue. I can definitely see where you're coming from, though.

No. 1439964

File: 1670694160139.gif (1.71 MB, 245x167, tumblr_inline_nr1fbrQwaQ1qeou2…)

The cake that I was excited to make for the entire week didn't turn out as expected because I guess I added too much liquid to the dough and now it's a mushy mess and I'm sad and disappointed about this. At least the decoration looks cute.

No. 1439968

did I write this and just forgot about it because… this is me. i am the toxic friend.

No. 1439973

We have Icelandic anons? Cool

No. 1439976

File: 1670695154659.jpeg (61.24 KB, 671x499, D86C03EF-5455-427A-A356-89BFF5…)

i just don’t know how to make friends anymore. literally every friend I have I seem to have hardly anything in common with. when I try to make friends, they think it’s weird that I’m in an age gap relationship and that just makes things awkward for them. we can’t talk about school because I’m in the middle of a green card application and I literally can’t go to school. we can’t talk about meeting up somewhere because I can’t drive. even if I try to make friends my age, I just can’t relate to where they are in life because I’m somewhere totally different.

i’ve spent my entire life trying to be different from others and feeling smug about being bilingual but now that I AM different, I just don’t know what to do. scream into the void and wait for my application to get approved, I guess. I swear to god when I can drive, I’m going to work my ass off to become more social and make my life better.

No. 1439982

Being in an age gap rs is weird, they are right.

No. 1439986

I've still got the shits. Tomorrow it'll be a week and it's gone from inconvenient to cant leave my apartment. I get terrible cramps and feel so weak. Now taking all the over the counter treatments but not seeing much improvement. I'm going to have to cancel hiking and going to a christmas market with friends tomorrow, I was looking forward to it for so long. And all the fun christmas work events with good food are coming next week. Boo.

No. 1439993

How big is the age gap? If you want to answer

No. 1439994

File: 1670696885062.jpeg (189.22 KB, 1077x1077, EE5BB90C-003C-42A0-B51E-805A2E…)

I hate men moment #27 today

No. 1439999

that is the "honor culture" we have here, similar cases happen with young boys and goats,
"If your son beat my son in a fight, then I'll have my family members kidnap and rape one of your brothers to get revenge"
this happened in a community not too far from where I used to live, you cannot comprehend how awful the culture is here

No. 1440000

What's with all the men I go on dates with being straight edge? One of them had an alcoholic father, I understand that, but I don't want to be fucking preached to when I buy myself some sweet liquor to drink from time to time or going out to socialize with collegues to a bar. What the fuck is up with this "all or nothing" mentality?

No. 1440012

without giving out our exact ages, I’m early 20s and he’s late 20s. it’s not even like it’s a secret between just us, both of our families know and are supportive of it

No. 1440022

I like the clean girl aesthetic but my oily skin and hyper pigmentation ruin it’s

No. 1440024

Befriend older women then. You’re already fucking older men why can’t you be friends with women In their late 20s.

No. 1440025

File: 1670700204488.jpeg (66.8 KB, 512x512, 83DCC5C2-0087-46D5-BC1A-F54C97…)

So I got COVID, yes I know getting COVID hasn't been the end of the world in the last couple of months and sure using a mask everywhere I go isn't unbearable but I have been doing some thinking, what if this was it? What if after graduating at 22 and feeling complete in life this is my final illness? I made my parents proud and I can't say I didn't do anything with my life, if I die in the following days, I'll be okay if my life ended on such a high note.
But my family has already planned to spend the holidays on Disney world and I'll be pissed if I missed that, so see you soon nonnies

No. 1440030

File: 1670700462983.gif (162.04 KB, 500x266, tumblr_nkanuuiUPk1sgixyoo1_500…)

No-one is promised tomorrow & today is a gift.. enjoy the "present".

You'll be okay, anon.

Buy some vodka or something.

You're just going through a difficult time.

No. 1440031

>no friends
>post-wall man
>unhappy family
You should rethink your lifestyle.

No. 1440035

Same nonna. I think we should start the "oil slick" aesthetic.

No. 1440039

I always get depressed in november… I still feel it though, when I feel better damn it

No. 1440041

I know 'mean harpy wife who nags to man about everything' is 99% of time a moid oppression fantasy, but goddamn my mom is insane and literally anything my dad does makes her go apeshit. She made some frozen pastries earlier today and my dad ate two and she just went off screaming at him and claimed she made them for me?? girl i didn't ask you to, don't drag me into this. And i'd already had some. Also today she'd asked him to buy.. something, he hadn't because we had some in the freezer and she started screaming and slamming doors. My dad's a POS in his own way but my mom has such a hair-thin trigger it's fucking scary. I think it's a big reason why I'm such a massive pushover, I'm so used to always being on guard for the freakout.

No. 1440042

File: 1670701005827.png (243.46 KB, 359x518, 167069995218586942 (1).png)

problem solved!

No. 1440053

unfortunately it's just hard for me to make friends just in general because i have a hard time letting people in. in the future when i'm able to drive myself around though i'll keep that in mind!

No. 1440058

You don’t have to let people in to have friends to do stuff with.

No. 1440068

what do you talk about then if not about yourselves and your lives? i don’t have many interests that normies would care about so idk what else to do in order to relate to them

No. 1440069

i just realized all my problems stem from anxiety. i need help and i don't think i can run from it much longer.

No. 1440075

Go for it, nonna. I have generalized anxiety and it's amazing that while people suffer burnout from demanding jobs or studies, I suffer a burnout just from existing in a room.

No. 1440086

i have been having this weird urge to cut off some people in my life for no reason other than i just selfishly want my time back. they’ve done nothing wrong to me personally and i like them as casual friends, but i’ve spent so many years being a loner and enjoying my personal freedom, not having to worry about people and i miss that. i miss being alone and not having to worry about maintaining friendships. i feel emotionally and mentally exhausted as i have been busy overall moving to another country and i just want to live my comfy loner life again. i have money, i have a place, i live in a big city so i am never bored. if i need to talk to someone i will just text my mom or write or draw. i really only want one relationship if i had to choose with a partner and that’s it. anything else and i get uncomfortable as people want to know too much about your past, your family, etc. i feel bad because people don’t understand but i realize i’ve made some commitments i am no longer interested in keeping, and i would rather work alone.

No. 1440088

i have generalized anxiety too and i'm suffering burnout from my previous job and the new one isn't much better. so imagine my state. i'm exhausted and i just want to cease existing

No. 1440095

I hate being legitimately fat and ugly but I love eating garbage food that makes me fat. I’m not that fat i guess, I’m not even 200 lbs, but I feel like I’m huge

No. 1440099

I hate when I catch someone in a bad mood and they text me snippy short replies. Like go eat a snickers and get back to me if you are going to be like that I'm acting completely normal

No. 1440102

How do I even respond to someone after they repeatedly answer my texts days later because they were too busy? It's probably true but it still sucks to be so low priority. I should be happy that someone talks to me at all but I can't help but feel sad. I've been in similar situations with different people that would always answer really late and apologize and then do it again until one of us just stopped responding. I don't want to lose those people I'm currently talking to and I'd like to become closer friends with them, but it's obviously not going to go anywhere, so I guess it won't matter if communication cuts off here. I don't even know what I want. I always think I want to spend more time talking, but I'm bad at it and generally not very interesting. Maybe I'm meant to be alone

No. 1440109

I felt the same way. I moved with my bf to another country and I could not be bothered to keep my old friendships or make new ones. It's not that I disliked my friends, but I just don't like having to go through the trouble of texting them or having long phone conversations. I know isolating yourself is not a good idea but I really enjoy my alone time and talking to other people is very stressful/awkward and often boring.

No. 1440117

I am that person that doesn't respond for days and then answers with the good old I was busy. It's usually either because I genuinely was busy or I felt too anxious to answer to the message, I'm sure they don't hate you unless there's some other clear signs. It sounds like you and that person(s) couldn't find any concrete grounds to build your friendship on. There is always someone who will match you well, you're not meant to be alone.

No. 1440132

I can understand that, but it sucks to get ignored like that all the time and it sucks even more when I get so stupidly happy about finally getting a response half a week later. You're probably right about them not hating me and I'm probably thinking too much into it, but I don't have many friends and they are very sociable and have many, so it ends up making me feel like I don't matter to them… Thank you for your kind words nona, I hope in the future I'll find someone who I can match with better

No. 1440162

If you're meeting them in person ask them to make plans. Some people aren't good texters, myself included. I hate text conversations unless it's for a specific purpose rather than general conversation.
If these people you're trying to connect with are virtual, go out into the real world and try making friends. Meet ups can be frustrating, but at least you're doing something and putting yourself out there.

No. 1440173

Yeah, texting my irl friends always feels weird, but talking to them is easy. I just wanted to find some internet friends that share interests because mine are kind of niche and I have a lot of free time, but I guess that kind of friendship won't work when the other person is too busy. Or maybe I'm just not the right person for that

No. 1440219

File: 1670708187656.jpg (59 KB, 563x600, 51dee47be805699137d6a816772911…)

Petty vent but any fancy clothing or outfits that aren't super casual or alt look weird on me. I don't know what happens but it just doesn't suit me. I just don't look polished enough or like it fits me. My hair texture is just a bit off and that makes it look messy, earrings make me look weird, sleek dresses or long gowns look bad on me. Idk if it's because I'm half-Native or what, I'm relatively white-passing but I guess not enough.
I look good in 90s alt clothes with the tattoo chokers and all, and maybe tomboyish sportswear, but I can't figure out what to do about my hair, makeup and overall style.

I'm actually losing sleep over it lmao. I don't want to look like a slob or dress like a teen.

No. 1440220

File: 1670708198218.gif (1.96 MB, 540x960, 4fea807770.gif)

I be gettin mad at my mom and have to calm myself down by remembering she spent her early formative years chewing led paint chips, then her later childhood getting beaten with an extensions cord, then her preteens drinking beer mixed with mountain dew to impress the high schoolers she was hanging out with, then her teens miscarrying four babies, and then her early 20s starving cuz her first husband wouldn't let her have money for groceries while he was in Desert Storm.
This poor bitch didn't stand a fucking chance, I just have to give her whatever she wants cuz god damn. Nothing she does is her fault, she is literally insane and I'm lucky she never drowned me or smothered me with a pillow.

No. 1440281

What abt online friends? Not the same?

No. 1440289

The girl in your example isn’t white

No. 1440311

File: 1670713335660.jpeg (47.34 KB, 537x399, F2A435F6-9596-46CB-BD01-313C4D…)

feelsbad when you know you experience racism on lolcor. i mean picrel but it still hurts to know people on this website feel that way about me. like i can't help what others of my race do i'm not condoning it by being apart of them and being any race does not inherently mean you're prone to such and such behavior anyway. it's upsetting but i know it's only the internet and i'm the one responsible for reading anything but idk

No. 1440315

anon i can guarantee most of the people racebaiting here are scrotes or tradthots. I dont think actual farmers (except for pakichan) are obsessed with race.

No. 1440317

The girl wasn't an example, the makeup was. I look nothing like her.

No. 1440321

I got banned the other day for calling myself "darkie" when that's literally exactly how I'm being treated, but other fucking assholes tried to argue me down that black women only die more often in child birth in America because they're poor and fat and they have no family that loves them, and not one of them got banned for that. Jannies are either racist or fucking stupid and so are anons.

No. 1440331

i doubt some if what i've seen was made by scrotes since it wasnt baity but genuine dropped into replies. like if it was really a moid there would be idk more blatant things ( i.e slurs etc ) and comparisons for shock troll humor but you can tell they were made by women because i experience it firsthand irl, which hurts even more. i like that lc has such a variety of people and all it's exactly what i enjoy about being here, and obviously with such a variety there's obviously going to be some like that but it's still upsetting to know some anons feel such a way about me and others alike

No. 1440339

There was a thread where an anon called some famous radfem writer whose name I forgot a zionist and it got a red text saying it was "thinly veiled racebait" or "antisemitism" so I think some mods don't actually know when there's nuance in some posts or don't notice it. Sometimes I worry about eventually being banned for "racebait" when complaining about my own personal life, about the men from my own race, about the religion that's the most followed by my race, about how hard it can be to deal with racism at work or at school or whatever, etc.

No. 1440342

I don't know how can anyone can call themselves a feminist or pro-women and not understand something as simple as medical racism/misogyny.

No. 1440343

Why would you be worried?vpns exist

No. 1440345

Because at the end of the day they only care about white womens problems. Like ageism, body shaming, slut shaming etc. they might be women but they are still white kek

No. 1440346

I saw that argument, that was crazy, love that suicidal white nurse who said the shit about how they almost murdered Serena Williams and Beyonce during childbirth and then they couldn't argue with her

No. 1440347

u might be talking abt andrea dworkin

No. 1440350

No idea either. I guess it's something you only really notice when you have to deal with it yourself on a semi regular basis? A lot of people have no actual health issues beside the occasion cold or hangover and have no idea how being hospitalized or having regular appointments and tests works to begin with, if you add to this the fact that some doctors are incompetent or biased against female patients or non white patients it gets too abstract for some people to grasp.

Yeah, her. I don't really pay attention to specific theories or whatever but I see her name all the time here and yet I never remember her name.

No. 1440353

Probably because you could have been mistaken for >>>/m/198208 who rees about the 'fat subhuman jews in academia'.

No. 1440358

The post I'm talking about was far from being that blatant though. I don't remember in which thread it was anymore.

No. 1440359

I just want job safety

No. 1440360

There was some gross scrote brained shit in a thread I was in and I was really getting annoyed. I knew it was a outsider but I really expected more people to shout at them, but then I remembered what thread I was in and it's mostly dead.
Most the people doing racebaits are usually scrotes though

No. 1440362

It's unfortunate that the good ones kill themselves.

No. 1440364

we cannot have certain conversations here because of racists scrotes and the few ACTUALLY racists nonnies. Im black and there's a lot of shit I'd like to talk about but know I can't. fuck scrotes

No. 1440372

>about how they almost murdered Serena Williams and Beyonce during childbirth
Explain. I thought they both had some health issues that made pregnancy or childbirth dangerous that got overlooked but worded like that it seems like the neglect was purely intentional instead of "just" being caused by incompetence.

No. 1440374

She'll probably get murdered by a co-worker's cop bf for being honest before she has the chance to

No. 1440377

my sister is a fucking moron when it comes to romantic relationships. this guy she's talking to right now pulled a tantrum yesterday while she was at work and blew up her phone with all kinds of accusations regarding her friendship with an ex– all of which she's answered to and explained in length to him on more than one occasion prior–and even blocked her–which he's done more than three times now. he's apparently been cheated on in all of his previous relationships–small fucking wonder, that–is deeply insecure and emotionally manipulative, and all she wants to do, no matter how she's tried to explain it differently, is fix him because she's afraid of her time being wasted. like, god damn, he's hot and cold all the fucking time, he constantly has some fucking problem with her, and she thinks if she makes suggestions gently enough and points out how illogical his behavior is, he'll suddenly see the light and stop being a fuckwit. not to mention he's brought up "love" and moving in together when they haven't even met in person yet and haven't been talking more than a few months–not nearly long enough to warrant such a suggestion! girlie, he is literally handing you the red flag!! just drop the scrote already! there are more of them out there, better ones even, and far worthier of your time!!! quit digging your heels in!!! you're thirty and far too old to be acting like this!! grow up and stop subjecting yourself to this ugly behavior from a nothing moid!!! you're so much more than he is!!! he isn't worth all these chances you're giving him but you're so afraid of being alone, that you put up with being mistreated anyway!! i love you so much and everything i tell you is because love you, but you refuse to listen to me! you always want to talk about "having reason" but where the fuck is yours? you're self worth is nonexistent when you aren't with a man and you've never wondered why? god.
i'm so frustrated, nonnas, and i can't do a damn thing about it.

No. 1440381

nta, you think "incompetence" to that degree would be allowed on a white woman?
it's proof that it's not just poor obese women get neglected, you can be healthy and wealthy and they'll still not give a shit about you

No. 1440383

File: 1670715958599.jpg (60.81 KB, 1080x255, Screenshot_20221210-174030_New…)

>young men
Ok but what about all the young women who grew up with this game too you imbecile scrotum
God I don't know why I'm more upset than ever at this "video games are for boys" nonsense as an adult than when I was younger

No. 1440393

I don't know, I'm not white so I'm so used to crazy shit happening to me I'm not always sure what the standards are supposed to be. And you haven't explained yet. I only have vague info because the health issues of celebrities are usually personal, private stuff they don't always want to share but the way the post was worded made it look very intentional. So I'm curious.

No. 1440394

Oh god, she's got it all wrong LMAO. She's wasting time and mental space even thinking of all these plans to "fix" the relationship. Why waste time with someone you're improve with and instead spend time looking for someone you'll have the least amount of stress with? Yeah it sucks going on dates again, but at least she's won't be committed to someone she's unsure about.

No. 1440401

I hate being straight

No. 1440405

In Serena's case, the doctors knew that she had blood clots in her lungs, then performed a fucking c-section on her, which is obviously a strenuous fucking surgery, then she started losing sensation in her legs, and the staff who already knew she had blood clots refused to test her for fucking anything until she was on the brink of death.
In Beyonce's case, she was allowed to swell up to fucking 218 pounds from toxemia for a month before they would give a c-section so she could fucking recover.
But you don't actually give a shit because you could have googled that in ten seconds.

No. 1440415

NTA but how are cases involving millionaire celebrities are even comparable to systematic issues. This is some fucking reach with people that have private health care staff

No. 1440417

How are you not getting that the systemic racism is such a fucking issue that even the insanely wealthy aren't immune to it? wtf

No. 1440418

When I heard about these cases at the time the details weren't out yet, I didn't think we'd get that many details. And honestly, none of that surprises me at all, I've seen similarly suspicious cases irl with my own friends or family members. Including my mother being told the horrible physical pain from having her spine becoming more and more visibly deformed was just her being a drama queen or a friend of mine being accused of trying to skip class when she complained about pain that turned out to be a gigantic tumor on one of her ovaries that needed to be removed asap once her mother harrassed the doctors enough. I won't even talk about myself but yeah, I guess nothing surprises me anymore.

No. 1440424

Do you think that literallywho black women are going to get better treatment than millionaire black women?
What point are you even trying to argue here?

No. 1440428

If famous rich black women get treated badly what the fuck do you think is happening to the average black woman?

No. 1440433

You need to repeat 8th grade English if you can't understand what that anon was trying to say.

No. 1440439

I was a young teen in the 90s and I remember 90s makeup being just so natural. I guess 90s makeup to zoomers means not drag or IG thot makeup. It was mainly just mascara and lipgloss for me.

No. 1440442

More than 2 weeks later my left breast still hurts after surgery. I know it's just a matter of time until the pain stops because I don't need to use bandages anymore but my nipple looks ugly as fuck from the scar on top of that so I can't even look down to see if I'm healing fast, I'm always asking my mother's opinion, and I can't walk as fast as usual because it would make my breast bounce and hurt a lot. I still can't carry anything a bit heavy and I'm always worried someone in the subway or bus will hit me with their elbow to get a seat. I had some old farts judging the fuck out of me for not noticing an old man needing a seat in the bus while I was in too much pain to stand up myself. I'm just straight up disgusted of how I look and how tired I am. And the surgeon told me the tumor was 4 or 5cm big or long and I just checked how that would look with a ruler and now I'm even more disgusted.

No. 1440444

I dont think there's anything wrong with it. I cut a lot of people out of my life (removing them from FB etc) in my 20s and never looked back. Two of them trooned out sadly. Ftms. No idea if they detransed since i removed them in 2014.

No. 1440446

I'm honestly not afraid of getting pregnant and having complications, I'm afraid of having complications and being in the hands of a medical staff that couldn't give two shits about me. If I ever have kids then I'll honestly do whatever it takes to make sure it's in a hospital where I can have mostly black staff tending to me.

No. 1440447

I want job security, but it feels non existent in America.

No. 1440449

All the people I knew growing up and really into greek mythology were women, but OH GOTTA THINK ABOUT THE MEN.

No. 1440450

Speedy recovery, anon.

No. 1440472

I know you're all tired of wearing masks, what a fucking nightmare, having to wear a mask for the sake of sick people, you aren't sick, so why the fuck should you have to give a shit about other people besides yourself?
Sick pieces of shit should have to stay in their home forever because you don't feel like wearing a mask. I should never be allowed outside ever again because I got born wrong and "that's just life" for them, not for you. It must be real fucking easy to say that when you're not the one trapped inside. Must be real fucking easy to say that when you get to leave your house for reasons other than going to the hospital.
That must be real hard for you. Wearing a mask for a few years. Wow, I cannot imagine anything worse than having to live like that, that truly must be the worst thing that could happen to a person, wearing a fucking mask.
I hate healthy people more than anything. I'm real sorry my cancer was such a fucking hassle for you, that must have been real fucking hard, I wish you a fucking speedy recovery.

No. 1440493

My motivation this semester is really falling off. But I'm so close to the finish line, FUCK!!!!!

No. 1440496

As the average black woman it’s a struggle out here and thank god I work from home kek

No. 1440504

Samefag but here’s a vent of what it’s like
>having to deal with sly comments about your looks and skin color at work by black scrotes
>people coming at you super sexually because they are coom brained
>scrotes getting mad at you for being depressed or shy because you’re ruining their coom fantasies
>people mistaking you for being shy as being a stuck up bitch
>all over the internet you can’t escape hearing people say how ugly and lame and fat you are
>having to deal with non black women who are jealous of you because their scrote is black
>can’t go to salons in the suburbs because they don’t know how to do your hair
>corporate life is so hard as a black woman who just likes to work and go home.

No. 1440510

I think all women should start using the same kind of language and act as if men didn't exist or were too stupid to do anything interesting.

No. 1440530

I recently started to like someone and I can’t fucking sleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about them and OH MY GOD IT’S 3 O FUCKING CLOCK I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!! I’m too old to be like this

No. 1440532

I'm sick and in bed and at 2am I lifted the pillow and there was a maggot underneath just crawling along. My apartment is clean and minimally furnished, I don't leave fresh produce anywhere but the fridge and take the trash out regularly. Why? And why UNDER MY PILLOW??

No. 1440535

Bed worms. They are like bed bugs but worm form.

No. 1440544

Took a picture of myself and I look like Snape if he was a woman. Lmao. Why does my face have to look so unconventional and unattractive

No. 1440550

that sounds really cool actually

No. 1440558

It's a great feeling, even if annoying, and you're never too old for a good crush!

No. 1440565

File: 1670726277124.gif (9.4 KB, 220x220, frog-angry.gif)

Stalked my ex on discord again and found out she's playing a fps game I'm into. She's probably playing it with friends or by herself but it just makes me so fucking mad and upset… like, if we were still together it's a game I would have gotten her to try out and I'm so fucking mad that wasn't me who introduced her to that game. We would have been having fun together but instead she is playing MY FAVOURITE GAME WITHOUT ME. I fucking hate it.
I understand I'm being petty and childish as fuck. I'm just not gonna check up on her anymore, there's no point other than to feel upset, anxious, and sad. I just feel more upset at what could have been if we were still together, not that she's playing a game I like. Last night and this morning, my brain was already starting to form thoughts on why we shouldn't be together anymore, why I should dislike her, why she's such a loser, but I had to remind myself why I ended up liking her in the first place, and now I lost all that progress. WHY? Why can't I just fucking get over her

No. 1440577

I’m naive and easily manipulated and it’s driving me crazy. I’m so paranoid because I will not realized how badly someone is influencing me and controlling me until months later. I’m stupid enough to believe scrotes are just friends with me and it’s lead to me almost get SA’d. I don’t know how to stop and it’s making me feel dumb and I don’t trust myself anymore aha

No. 1440581

It’s not petty, it’s creepy and you should feel bad

No. 1440582

my (female) friend constantly makes jokes about having sex with me and it's annoying me. ive expressed to her before how it falls flat and is lowkey annoying which made her stop for a while, but she's back to doing it again and sometimes adds "but i cant joke like that with nonnie bc she doesnt like jokes like that". it just comes off as scrotey, especially cause she's bi and has expressed to me how if i wanted to she would be so serious. i guess the problem is that we both like girls, but i dont like her like that.

No. 1440584

shut up just let me vent bitch

No. 1440597

No. 1440645

File: 1670732392065.jpeg (124.38 KB, 720x596, 42A873BB-A4D3-4D78-80FF-C87CEB…)

I entertained an autistic moid in class today and I just know nothing good is going to come out of it. He added me on discord (on an alt, I couldn’t pretend I didn’t have it because he saw me on it) and he’s one of those edgy suicidal lyric posting users. I must destroy that account now

No. 1440650

I wish i had the same audacity as a scrote but I realize people love to humble women and if I were to do what scrotes did ALL the time, it would'nt be treated the same.
The amount of-
>fat scrotes online picking at other fat scrotes or fatter scrotes acting as if they aren't in that group at all
>Men with single mothers insulting other people with single mothers/hating them, while not ONCE going, "Yeah I call men who were raised by single mom's weak, retarded and destined to fail, I know that because I was raised by one and I am"
Nope, they don't even include themselves in it, if they do they never will say it.
>Have no girlfriend
>Pick at other men for lack of girlfriend
>Has a small average pp
>Pick at other men for having small average pp
Then when you call scrotes out on their numerous delusions, they'll either have 10 excuses as to why they are "different' despite being exactly what they are shit talking.
OR be like, "Well it bothers so and so when I say these things"
And imagine being a scrote being mad at another fat girlfriendless scrote for talking shit about you? Would'nt you just be like, "no you"?
I tell you I've watched scrotes rant/talk mad shit about someone who has the same issue they have with NO Self awareness.
Like YOU ARE APART OF THAT GROUP. Whats funny is other scrotes will ignore their hypocrisy, but if a woman were to possess flaws she judged others for, men and women would quickly bring her down to reality. She has to do so in anon sense and/or make sure she makes it clear she points out her own flaws.
Literally saw a man who has to be hitting 400 picking on a fat man who was SMALLER than HIM for being fat and gross.
Pick up a mirror

No. 1440653

I stopped reading when you said she was bi kek her behaviour shouldn't be excused cause she is "queer and fem" she's as bad if not worse than a scrote for doing that to you.

No. 1440665

Men who are overweight often have the exact same arrogant pathologies as men who aren’t, surprise surprise. A lot of it is posturing though, they still cry when they look in the mirror, know they have no stamina and are actually terrible at sex, and retreat into a cope that mimicking confidence will make them desirable still

No. 1440680

I hate the man who groomed me. I was 12 he was 58. I want to throw up thinking about it. He told me about his piss fetishes and how he wanted me to do it, my parents just blamed me for being dumb and 'betraying' them because I was a stupid teenager and bitched about them behind their backs. He is still on free foot and it drives me nuts but I have got rid of all the evidence years ago. I can't stand people touching me now, I don't know how to have normal relationships, I'm afraid I'll never be happy and I know this will haunt me forever. I hate him.

No. 1440694

12 is so young, oh my god. You are not wrong to hate him, he is lower than bug shit, absolute pedophile freak. Your parents are wrong to blame you. I don't even understand how a parent could be mad at you at all instead of feeling protective; I've seen it and had it happen to me but it never makes sense, I'm so sorry they didn't have your back at all.
Something I found helpful (but takes some effort) was putting the bad shit in the context of something that happened in the past in a long line of things in your life, just so it doesn't feel like something that's still present every moment of your ongoing life. Easier said that done with a lot of different methods depending on the person, but it is doable.

No. 1440703

he deserves to be thrown into a slow motion woodchipper

No. 1440729

I do not know how to talk to them about it now, I can't say out loud what even happened. I can understand how they felt hurt and didn't fully understand it, but I tried to talk about it back then (I just felt guilty) and my mom was angry at me for a year but afte said it was okay and I didn't have to feel bad. My dad doesn't care, he never tried to talk about it and doesn't want to. At the time I became so quiet I couldn't make friends at school and it has made me so socially stunted even now. I have only ever been able to really talk about it with my best friend. I wish it never happened, it made me depressed, socially retarded and super resistant to intimacy of any kind.

I hope so, but he's living a cushy welfare life. He made drawings of me for years on his instagram, it was creepy as fuck. The police came to my house to tell me to back off because I hated my classmates and parents but didn't do anything about him. I have lost all faith in the justice system. I wish I could start life all over again.

No. 1440734

File: 1670737958364.jpeg (57.92 KB, 750x481, D515E33C-DE63-42BC-B19B-485829…)

We are living in the new age or whatever but I don’t think I live in a version of earth where I can ever feel safe. I know this is technically the time humans can live the longest but I wish the people we left in the millennia knew that monkey brain and bare violence was pretty ok sometimes in juxtaposition to famines and concrete jungles. I’m not ungrateful, just having the usual suicidal ideations you get when you’re existential. Like I’m probably in the 40 percent of the world who isn’t living a terrible life but the nuances in those 40 percent like social status you navigate around that goes hand in hand with basic survival in a city that’s supposed to be one of the richest in the world yet you sit beside unhoused people on the tram everyday. They don’t bother me, but even I look outside and I wish I could just sit alone in a park and just be scared of bears or the elements instead of a rapist or some whyt person reporting me for loitering. I’m exhausted but I have to be grateful.

No. 1440737

As a straight woman, fat males repulse me more than amputees with facial deformities. I don’t ever look at them “that” way, they’re like retarded animals to me. I’d sooner fuck a downie than a fatty.

No. 1440756

Lol strong words but I get what you’re coming from! And I completely agree, they’re subhuman and once you get to know them it’s like trying to talk to a cockroach. I have no problem w/ people w/ disabilities. They didn’t choose that. Obesity however, and many of them are broke, I don’t get why they can’t be decent humans and act like the girls they either want to fuck or look like or both - get an eating disorder, fat moids. For the sake of us nauseated women who have to step out in public to see you walking abominations. Lol I wouldn’t mind seeing them if I knew they were all chemically castrated

No. 1440764

File: 1670740759611.png (207.76 KB, 600x444, 9c01ea1319cb70be6a3f035eaf252b…)

i wish i never stopped streaming, i could have become affiliate by now and have an audience why does everything around me ahs to be so depression, why do i always end up gettign caught in other people's problems

No. 1440779

This girl got kicked out of her house and asked if she could stay with me while paying rent but I decided not to because I dont believe she is making enough to cover the bills, she is underage, she smokes and I have a genetic heart/lung problem I cannot be around smokers, she does not have a car and I cannot be her ride everywhere due to my 2 jobs, and I dont like her attitude. Now she seems pissed off at me because I didnt say yes even though I didnt do anything to make her situation. I'm getting sick of people expecting me or others to do shit for them when I was about to be living out of my car with 0 help from others except for free canned food.

No. 1440790

really wish i could unalive but it would ruin my sister's life, or year at least, and she has already had a hard enough past couple of years

No. 1440791

I agree. When fat men flirt with me or try to ask me out I feel extremely offended. I literally work out every fucking day and I am in peak physical fitness, yet I’ve had men who can hardly walk up stairs ask me out, and then wonder why I reject them because “they where nice!”

No. 1440792

I keep wearing masks outside because I don't want to get sick in general during winter and not just from covid and people judge the fuck out of me for it despite all of us tako'g the bus or subway during rush hour when it's very likely that someone will be sneezing and coughing on people. I don't give a fuck. I wish more people were more careful and either wore masks or stayed at home when they know they're sick.

No. 1440794

Yeah honestly as harsh at this sounds that's entirely her problem and you have no obligation to offer her your place or drive her around. I would've said no too, you don't owe her anything. And the fact she got "kicked out" of her house is a bit of a red flag like what did she do to warrant that or are her parents just assholes. Also she'd have more money for a place if she quit smoking, and she sounds young so it's not like she's some life long nicotine addict, probably picked it up for the aesthetic lol. I knew a girl who sounds exactly like what you described and she was a permanent victim type, everything was always everyone else's fault and she would take advantage of anyone to get what she wanted because she felt like she deserved it. Good for you for saying no to that, better than being financially taken advantage of by a zoomer lol

No. 1440796

every friend group i’ve had there’s been a sex pest rapist male. rich friends, poor friends, gamer guys, fit bros. they’re everywhere. in every group of men. there is no safety, anywhere.
i want to join a nunnery.

No. 1440797

>vent thread
jannies confirmed retarded, wtf?

No. 1440798

Who the fuck is this new trannyjanny that keeps banning people for venting in the vent thread? Literally why do you think we have one?

No. 1440803

This is a cancer patient venting in the appropriate thread for venting, what the fuck jannies? You can't just redtext vents you don't agree with you hypersensitive faggots, this isn't reddit.

No. 1440804

im rooting for you nonna. im in the same boat except im 8 years older so believe me when i say you arent behind at all. i have felt stuck and behind my peers for as long as i can remember.. but i want to be proud of myself now because im finally seeing my goals slowly come into fruition. the only thing that changed is that im being patient and not quitting at the slightest hint of hardship now. im trying to. i dont want to be so hard on myself and hate myself for what i have not achieved before but love myself more for what ive achieved, am achieving and can achieve in the future. your post gives me so much hope and it made me cry because i see myself in your words. youre so very young nonna, you can do it. i only lurk this thread from time to time and it does feel like a home to me. i still think of all the helpful and kind things nonnies said to me months ago. i feel grateful for this little place.

No. 1440805

Please explain which rule she broke.

No. 1440806

Maybe the janny felt personally attacked kek

No. 1440807

Thanks. I'm doing way better now but I wish I could be instantly healed by snapping my fingers. Oh well…

No. 1440810

So far the farmhands hate:
>black women
>cancer patients
who's next?

No. 1440813

we need to riot and get new registrations for farmhands candidature, these ones are just lazy fucks when it comes to cp and hella racist

No. 1440814

I am not a normie. I will never be a normie. I should stop trying to fit in with normal people and go full goblin mode

No. 1440815

as if we needed further proof that they're a bunch of larping /pol/tard femboys

No. 1440816

What happened?

No. 1440818

they should post nikacado's asshole and dangling nutsack, they'll be allowed to stay up for hours

No. 1440822

File: 1670748474610.jpg (93.79 KB, 730x370, screenshot.jpg)

they banned an anon for venting in the vent thread, but it seems to be removed now

No. 1440824

HAHAHA YOU FUCKING PUSSY JANNY WTF, you get called out and hide your mistakes like a little bitch

No. 1440825

My libido is 0 and my bf's is skyhigh and he wants it 2-3 times a day and it's honestly so annoying when I just want to hug him or kiss him in a non-sexual way, just to feel close to him and I can feel his dick getting hard and and then have to go through the motions because if I don't he'll be sad that there was no sex

No. 1440831

I don't agree with the venter but childish ass jannies are the worst. Assuming this isn't a larper or whatever, why are people shocked a cancer patient is mad at the world?

No. 1440836

same here anon, I'm almost desperate enough to start looking for things to raise my libido

No. 1440837

my ibs has been almost nonexistent for a long time since going vegetarian but now out of nowhere it's bothering me again. seriously? I thought meat was causing the flare-ups since I've been feeling so much better without it. do I need to starve myself or something? why can't my body handle normal food? I didn't even eat anything today that's given me problems in the past. I'm so annoyed at being sick all the time.

No. 1440844

File: 1670749737262.png (52.27 KB, 1379x535, i didn't mean to.PNG)

guys don't be mad, janny's friend had her phone

No. 1440848

Omg that is so embarrassing lol

No. 1440849

Jannies on here are fucking retarded and spineless and it's getting worse. Either one of you is a tranny or you're just stupid and can't even be arsed to check posts properly before you decide to ban people. Whoever it is, you disgust me. I'll never forget the time you banned me and called me "unhinged" because I confessed on here - in the correct thread - that I hit my sexually abusive cheating ex bf. Hope you're reading this you spineless freak, do your fucking job properly or start getting people who will.

No. 1440851

Because they dont read the entire post before handing bans. She saw the first few lines and was like ZOMG anti masker seethe kekeke this will get me brownie points in the secret discord

No. 1440852

There's a moid janny that bans women venting about their abusive bf. I got banned for talking about how my ex beat me into a miscarriage years ago.

No. 1440853

You were probably banned by a jannys bf. They show everything and vent about this place to their scrotes. They will not open new janitor applications because they don't want newcomers in the super sekrit club

No. 1440854

at this point all jannies should post hand

No. 1440855

>I clicked the wrong IP
I used to be a janny here, this statement doesn't make any sense
also I quit because old admin kept hiring insufferable LSA and twitterfags

No. 1440856

At this point jannies should post an excerpt of scum manifesto tattooed on their body

No. 1440857

I always have this fear that the site is now taken over by trannies and 4chan scrotes just trying to get milk on all the farmers here and shit like makes that fear worse

No. 1440861

Any regular moids tire of this place relatively quickly even if they're spamming. Only trannies would care enough to return here constantly and embed themselves into the moderation. But you can at least keep your head up that your existence makes them wanna kill themsleves

No. 1440863

This unironically wouldn't surprise me. There was an anon who claimed her groomer would encourage her to use lolcow and when they were dating, lolcow got spammed with weird stuff she believed was planted to make her feel insecure, and then when he "complained about being banned" the posts magically stopped. It wouldn't shock me if other moids would find out their girlfriends/exes used lolcow and would see posts they think are about them and would try to silence them for it.

No. 1440887

I’ve seen the lamest bans now that are always a boring attempt at humor. Jannies used to do funny redtexts and now they all suck.

No. 1440888

I am just stuck. I don't wanna be with my bf but I've squeezed myself into this awful relationship. I don't wanna go into details but he's abusive and my actual family doesn't care about me but his family has made a home for me but he is just sort of a cheater and a liar who doesn't respect or love me and I am stuck and I'm scared I need to make a plan. Idek where to begin I don't wanna go to a shelter.

No. 1440892

I'm so sorry that happened to you nonna. There is definitely a pattern with posts about physical abuse getting redtexted and it's disgusting. The jannies may be retarded but just know that there are a lot of nonnies here backing us up.
I hate shit like this. Stop getting your (speaking generally) scrotes involved with lolcow because given the invasive nature of moids, they are absolutely infesting this website and then seething/banning any posts they personally don't like. I can only imagine there's a janny that likes to show the physical abuse posts to her bf and be like ~ugh I'm so glad we aren't like that right Nigel?~ meanwhile he's still jerking off to tranny porn. It's been done way too many times now to just be a hecking uwu mistake or a coincidence.
The redtexts are all really snide and sly, similar to twitterfag humour.

No. 1440894

That explains why shit's gotten so retarded and is nothing like when I first started using it. We've got so much over policing from "anons" that isn't in line with board culture (censorship, constantly appealing to authority, minimodding) it makes shit hard to read. Sometimes I think watching it morph into cancer is worse than just letting it die, but I'm terminally online and can't look away.

No. 1440895

We used to have mods that made dry, poignant red texts and rarely interacted in a lengthy way unless absolutely necessary ie spergchan era. Now the humor is always a little off and Reddit-tier, and they will respond to bans in the stupidest way possible or leave unnecessarily long sentence red texts. It’s even worse when they get responses like “based admin” “based jannie” I feel like I’m in a skit.

No. 1440899

>It’s even worse when they get responses like “based admin” “based jannie” I feel like I’m in a skit.
Wtf, same. It gives me the same secondhand cringe as when I see people calling corporation social media accounts "based". Like, stop giving them attention because some of the retard jannies here have obviously developed an ego over being so "based" and now feel like they can redtext whatever the fuck they like. They can't even admit their mistakes either, it's all just
>u-uh guyth it wath the wrong ip addreth!!
Not a word of apology or acknowledgement to the women who vented here about their abuse and got banned for it, though. They're cowardly.

No. 1440900

File: 1670754777940.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1631407767964.jpg)

>person I'm crushing on messages me
>I take a couple of hours to reply because I got other shit to do
>person in question takes forever to respond
>I mentally turn into pic rel

No. 1440901

I literally had a farmhand delete all of the posts I made in one day because they suspected me of being a tranny because I cracked it twitterfags spoilt the milk in a legacy cow thread. Then when they apologised they said it was because I sounded "tranny adjacent" by calling the retards who scared off the milk pseudo-feminist larpers. I just remember a time when we used to humour cows until they spilt the milk then began insulting them, not before. I get we've had a lot of tranny raids, but the over utilisation of deleting posts is twitterfag behaviour and not something I'm used to seeing here.

No. 1440902

I think it's also a reflection of how some nonnies are here, too. The whole
>I disagree with what you're saying thus you must be a moid or a tranny and now I will report you and waste everyone's time because I cannot comprehend the fact that women have different opinions on things
Like I get a lot of them come here but the whole "tranny adjacent" thing makes me kek, it's shooting themselves in the foot atp and just looks paranoid. Also the amount of newfags calling everyone trannies because they disagree with something and then demanding to show hand is fucking hilarious.

No. 1440903

Nta but agreed, I can't even count how many times I've been called a tranny and usually over just having an opinion that some farmers disagree with. And then when you point out how they're assuming women who don't fall in line with their beliefs aren't women they just double down with the tranny accusations because "that's something a tranny would say." It's so dumb, some anons are so tranny obsessed they've gone full circle and now mimic the same sexist misogynistic beliefs as them.

No. 1440904

My mom ruined my muffins while I left them unguarded by putting raisins into each one. I had already made raisin ones for her, I just want some muffins I can actually eat too.

No. 1440905

Yeah or they don't think their Nigel would be the one to shit up lolcow with nonsense trying to silence women or make them insecure. Think about the type of stuff anons post here and if anyone would ever, ever guess that you would post that, now moids are 10x worse with putting on a fake face

No. 1440906

That's essentially what happened. They couldn't comprehend I had spoken in a way that goes against the hive mind mentality newfags think is integration. It goes without saying I'm extremely pro-woman, because I literally am one kek, but screeching at a moid just because it was a moid before the milk was spilt ruined the delivery for everyone. I miss when anons knew this was a gossip site first and foremost and so did farmhands.

No. 1440907

I'm petty, I would have looked at her right in the eyes and thrown everthing in the trashcan to make her understand she fucked up.

No. 1440908

It's the stupid big think = good mindset of anons. Anons will contradict themselves a million times in a row just for the sake of agreeing with whatever the popular opinion is here and what jannies agree with. It's like everyone forgot people in positions of moderation can be wrong too.

No. 1440909

pretty much. they want the power to "un-woman" any woman who doesn't share their opinion. they often specifically pull out the "you are a scrote, a real woman would never disagree with me" card when they're losing an argument, too. and i think they know very well they're bullshitting with the accusations, they just want to bash you for making them mad lol.

No. 1440919

The Blaine raid was something else though. Anons having mental breakdowns and freaking out either claiming everyone is a single troon just raiding every second of the day, over absolutely nothing sometimes and other anons would have mental breakdowns over being called a tranny and one even posted her nudes with a timestamp and all.i just wish mods were reliable with deleting moid posts so anons would have meltdowns trying to chase of trannies. Even if you truly think it's a man who would you try to entertain them by infighting?

No. 1440966

Ok so I’m meeting this guy. He is super clean and he keeps everything so clean. I admire him for that. I grew up in a very dirty environment I didn’t know people like him exist. And he tells me that I smell nice. I always thought I smell bad no matter what. Every time he visits me I deep clean my apartment. Sometimes he would say oh super nice and clean here. That shit makes me proud kek. I normally don’t clean because I’m my heart I’m such a dirty human. Just when he visits which is once a week so my apartment is reasonable clean. Before I met him I had hoarder status. What a nice change! But I want a serious relationship and he doesn’t. That’s why meeting him got lame. But without him I gonna get back into my old dirty ways I’m sure. But I cannot keep him around as cleaning police right.

No. 1440978

You've got it in you to maintain a clean home without someone policing you anon, you've just got to make the deliberate choice to do so from now on and have some confidence in yourself. People thrive on routine so how about establishing a cleaning routine for yourself to make it easier/brainless for yourself?

No. 1440985

Thank you nonna-chan I will do my best. I want to be clean independent woman and be the best to myself. Actually I think I got a lot more intolerant for dirt. I can do it

No. 1440991

my relationship with my bf is slowly coming to an end because all we do is fight and get mad at each other. i think he also knows it but both of us are afraid to end things because we hope that one day it will get better although it has been like this for months.

No. 1440993

What did you stream? Been trying to stream on and off for a few years now but I've never been consistent with my content
Also even if some genuine posters here have very shit opinions, there's a difference between that and being a moid. Being wrong, let alone simply not agreeing with someone else, doesn't mean you're not a woman.

No. 1441013

Do both of you make any effort at all in making things better? Because it can be possible with mutual effort, just waiting for the "argument phase" to pass wont work though.

No. 1441165

well I’ve tried posting in the friend thread but no one answered, and I also tried contacting someone myself who seemed cool but they never answered. so I think I’m just destined to be a loner

No. 1441177

I'm terribly curious, where are you from that you get to be smug about being billingual? What it your second language? Where are you migrating to?

No. 1441193

I'm visiting family for the weekend. My cousin got absolutely wasted last night and ended up going on an incel tier rant… Literally said Nazism isn't actually a bad thing. I'm so fucking disappointed to see all the insane things men say online infiltrating even my family. Fucking hate this timeline

No. 1441205

NTA but if you're american you get treated like a genius for being bilingual

No. 1441211

File: 1670781448579.jpeg (46.26 KB, 403x433, 4486A15A-B348-4AE3-88F7-98187E…)

i’m from Slovenia but I moved to the US when I was super young. it’s cringe to look back on but I made that my whole selling point as a person that I knew an “obscure” language that no one else knew, from a country hardly anyone had heard of. i relied so heavily on that to make people interested in me that I had literally nothing else going on personality wise.

No. 1441214

that's funny, even the average illiterate here speaks 2-3 langugaes(though tbf most langauges are related and are about as different as Spanish is from Portuguese)

No. 1441216

I would literally sell my kidney to have female friends that won’t drop me the second there’s someone much better than me or those who’d pretend I exist until they need something from me. I’ve been cutting people out of my life like this for the past month and it’s mostly one sided. It’s good riddance knowing that they don’t give a fuck about me enough that they don’t reach out to me. When they do reach out to me it’s just to vent what I did but they didn’t bother to ask how I was doing.

I want female friends that I can share art with, fangirl over husbandos with, and laugh at troons and enby pickmes together. One day, I’ll have friends that let myself be vulnerable with. I’m just sick of friendships being one sided nonnas

No. 1441219

Damn I hope you're not moving back to Slovenia. Btw I don't think there's such thing as "not having a personality" unless you mean being a well rounded person with hobbies and interests.

No. 1441229

no, i'm not. my situation is complicated, but basically i'm getting a green card to stay here because my visa ran out awhile back. honestly if i hadn't met my husband when i did, i would've moved back because i don't have much else going on here aside from our relationship and family.

yeah, i didn't really have a lot of interests or hobbies growing up. i was super sheltered and focused on school so much that i didn't have much of an opportunity to have hobbies.

No. 1441231

Your cup says nothing about the size of your boobs without the band size. Cup volume is relative to your underbust measurement. Someone with an E cup can have smaller boobs than someone with a D cup.

No. 1441232

Damn anon my situation isn't as complicated as yours but as I read your post I related a lot. I also grew up sheltered as fuck still am to my detriment and am now unable to form long lasting relationships.

No. 1441236

i'm happy someone gets it. it takes a lot of time and effort to dig yourself out of living like that. i've been able to form some long lasting relationships, but it always ends with me being too naive and trusting and getting hurt. have you experienced something similar?

No. 1441251

kek it's so weird to see this perspective, my school growing up had a bunch of girls like this and i remember distinctly disliking them because they got popular/boys liked them just because they were from another country and spoke another language. like a very specific brand of stacy that i just disliked on sight. looking back now it was definitely just jealousy kek

No. 1441255

I feel empty. I feel like I have no identity. I have no self. I don't know who I am. Where do people even get their feeling of identity? It just seem odd and counter-intuitive.

No. 1441269

it's funny because me being from another country literally did not help at all. probably because i shoved it down people's throats

No. 1441314

Sick of my stupid body. Do any other anons suffer with PMDD? I have so much nerve pain and dizzy spells its HELL

No. 1441325

Every day I regret buying a macbook laptop, why was 18 y/o me so fucking dumb
If you want to download games and VNs never buy a fucking macbook

No. 1441334

I started talking to this cute guy who's a few years older than me and now it turns out he has a twelve year old autistic daughter

No. 1441336

>spent too long being a discord kitten and now meeting up will probably be weird

No. 1441350

Why does everyone already have such good friends irl? Why am I the only one who has always been lonely? What about me makes me so easy to ignore and discard?

No. 1441380

Same, no matter what I do this always happens to me too, people just ignore and discard me, and I'm not even boring

No. 1441433

File: 1670791002578.jpg (24.75 KB, 300x400, 797e6ce66368e6d0d639f374ad16b7…)

Feeling extra depressed today. I'm a fat wasted potential piece of shit with a dead end job, people are dying of fucking hunger daily while companies throw away perfectly edible food or let them rot on shelves. World hunger is a fucking project. Yet I myself am a fat piece of shit because sugar (starches included) is addictive and I have a monkey brain. Haha.

No. 1441458

as someone with a similar body type (small boobs and waist but big hips) why are you complaining, nona? don't be so hard on yourself, these are not shitty proportions at all. about the clothes, idk what advice to give really, since we have different issues on that.

No. 1441472

only if you're ugly

No. 1441497

>is there even a worse combination?
Yeah its called shoulders that are wider than your hips. Consider yourself lucky

No. 1441498

Oh my god bitch you have the worst taste in music and you are so fucking self-obsessed it's like you're autistic or something. "If I can't make films I'll die" girl you can make films on your phone right now. You are not a lesbian you just have abysmal self-esteem and are probably sex repulsed so you've memed yourself into thinking you're a homosexual. Your "gender issues" all stem from the fact that you think you're ugly. It doesn't help your case when you make that retarded face in every single selfie you take.

No. 1441540

I wish so badly to return to my life before my sexual assault, even though it was 10 years ago. I grieve the person who could have been.

No. 1441555

anyways off to go practice for my own driving test because i cant exist with out it

No. 1441573

>oooh a youtube video about how weird and shady princess nokia is!
>youtuber brings up HAES and says the word obesity is wrong
>says princess nokia is talking over trannies
So basically she's just kind of annoying and the neolibs think she's some sinister transphobic fatty-hating freak or something? Lame.

No. 1441576

File: 1670794178982.jpeg (74 KB, 736x736, 7DF04A58-91E4-4BEE-9F92-3C3BDB…)

Oh god anon you can say that again kek I hate having linebacker shoulders and trying to gain weight just to look proportional. Having big shoulders and a big ribcage while being less than an A cup is the worst combo ever. I look like a gangly tif if I don’t cinch my waist until I can’t breathe

No. 1441582

I never understood this, aren't everyone's shoulders broader than their hips?

No. 1441604

I have that bodytype and I'm happy with it. I'm a tree.

No. 1441628

Ayrt I think it looks good on tall women! But I’m more short and stumpy so it looks terrible on me lol

No. 1441671

tired of people who treat me like im a truly crazy and insane bitch. i hadn't attempted suicide in like 8 years or more and i don't have struggles to keep myself and my space clean, and don't have problems with deadlines and rutines either. also i can recognize my own mistakes and when i'm being crazy and why. but somehow this womanchild NLOG who didn't even attempt suicide, but made nurses waste their time with her because she was "feeling suicidal" because her long time online friend was mad at her for a good reason…is saner than me?

No. 1441693

Women with broad shoulders look strong and graceful at the same time. If you have large hips it just makes moids sexualize you for existing.

No. 1441706

kek I didn't say I'm a very tall tree. I just feel sturdy and grounded. I don't feel very graceful, but that's ok, not everyone has to be. My body suits my personality. I used to feel like I look like a TiM, but then I saw old pictures of women, looked at old paintings, looked at pictures of women in other areas of the world and it made me appreciate myself more and feel less weird.

No. 1441708

Thank you for the white lies nonna lol

No. 1441798

I'm watching the claymation Rudolph with my family and I want to blow my fucking brains out.
Why does my mom act like a completely nonfunctional retarded child when she smokes weed, just stop fucking talking I am begging you stop talking, weed does not make you a drooling, foot-waving fucking retard, I am begging you stop saying retarded shit at shouting volume, just be fucking quiet, it is so disturbing to watch you like this

No. 1441808

oh god I just saw some anon say the word "meatier" and now I can't stop replaying the moment when I was 16 and my mom told the gynecologist that I always had a "meatier vagina" I hope my head fucking explodes

No. 1441817

A guy tried to guilt trip me for not giving him a blowjob when we both know he has high risk hpv. Sorry but I don't want to get mouth cancer. There's been a rise of oral cancer cases because of oral sex and hpv is the main reason. He was like 'you can't even do that for me?' and 'oh it's about the virus now, you just don't want to do it' and when I started pushing him and saying that he's the one who actually doesn't care about my safety he backed off and started apologizing in a little bitch voice and wasn't even brave enough to look at me. I remember him also saying that blowjobs are more pleasurable than even normal PIV and that he doesn't want handjobs because it does nothing for him and that he can jerk off himself. And just an hour later he was literally like 'please give me a handjob' lol. We haven't had sex yet, just touching. I wanted him to get tested and when it turned out he has high risk hpv we thought it would be best not to do it. Even condom can't protect you from catching it, and he said he wouldn't want to have sex with a condom on anyway (which is irresponsible in itself). I openly told him that no responsible girl would want to have unprotected sex with him knowing that he has high risk hpv, so I don't know what was he expecting. I thought he understood but he started to piss me off. He said the need to do something more with me is too strong and he knows he can't have it and he can't take it so maybe it will really be better for us to just not see each other. I'm still angry he was so pissy about me not sucking him off, why are men like this, why am I supposed to care for someone who doesn't care if he gives me a potentially cancer causing virus. I had a few cases of cervical cancer in my family and I don't want to risk it. He claims the last time he was sexual with someone was like 2 years ago, and his body still hasn't cleared up the virus. He's all over the place, one time he tells me we don't have to do anything and he's fine with that, and the other time he says he can't stand the desire to have sex with me

No. 1441855

block him. amazing work making him get tested and holding firm. unfortunately he will inflict himself on someone more naive and will probably lie about his virus from now on

No. 1441875

god nona that sounds weirrrddddd. sorry about that

No. 1441909

File: 1670805017025.gif (1.66 MB, 220x220, ABD8F9E7-80E5-4E07-8BD2-0FDBD5…)

Keep remembering the insane freakout when the guy i was obsessed with ghosted me for the 102002th time. It was truly the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life, usually he would come back no matter what insane thing I would throw at him but I think that went too far. Makes me want to eat drywall.

No. 1441913

File: 1670805140629.jpg (59.45 KB, 680x680, FdePhcOaIAAMsXw.jpg)

god i just sharted my pants. why do these things always happen to me. there was no warning beforehand it just came out of nowhere. im already sick and if i have to deal with random diarrhea i am going to jump off a tall building

No. 1441921

Sorry anon but KEK

No. 1441937

I'm sorry you're always being hurt anon and i wish that it was different. What are these people doing that is hurtful to you? For me it's more that I cannot relate to many things other people experienced have it be things they did but also feelings. I struggle a lot with empathy. I had good marks in highschool and was relatively good at English compared to the other students and was praised for my quote unquote achievemens a lot so I got cocky without even realizing it. Right now I'm in university and most people I talk to are really nice and open minded, looking for new connections but I feel like I'm closed off to the world because I have to keep up being superior. So my relationships are either very intense at the start and then trail off or meandering on a shallow level. I still have some good friends from back in high school but they're drifting away slowly. Idk I guess I'm the one hurting people

No. 1441946

Oh thought I’m alone with this lol

No. 1441950

I started myself for the first time today at Walmart. I don't even go there, the once a year I go the shitty Walmart energy made me dookie and the nearest restroom was like half a mile away and also seemed to be occupied by sharters

No. 1441951

File: 1670806345210.jpg (57.13 KB, 464x640, 3868a1e4570c1b87cfb2614defac0d…)

Legitimately wish I could dress like picrel everyday without drawing attention or being harassed. I've been told I suit normie chic women's fashion really well but it's just so boring to me.
>tfw will never be a japanese grandpa in a haramaki

No. 1441953

This is how things ended with my ex. lmao. wish I wasn't like this.

No. 1441955

this is fairly achievable, get a black/charcoal trench or duster, paper bag waist wide leg pants, beige or other contrast color blouse and you've more or less done it. don't wear a bowler please.

No. 1441961

The mix of Western and Eastern clothing here is so freakin gorgeous.

No. 1441963

Stop fucking low quality moids.

No. 1441969

She better stay away from him. He sounds like he would rape her.

No. 1441975

I know I’m a horrible, racist person but I really want to be a better person. My behavior is just abnormal and no matter how much self-awareness I possess of being weird and frankly coming off as racist my body gets tense and my speech comes off stilted or sometimes stuttery. I think I have OCD with moral scrupulosity/racism as a theme but I also am probably just racist on top of that and the mental illness just makes it worse. Last week and even a couple days ago I thought I was being better and I was actually able to talk to customers where I work without thinking too much about it or coming off weird. But now the past two or three days I keep getting hot flashes and sweating. I feel horrible about it and I just wish and pray that god or whatever will make me a normal person

No. 1441977

>Stop fucking low quality moids.
If there's one lost cause here…

No. 1441985

File: 1670809268761.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100 KB, 1080x720, 589A29B1-6FE6-4B5C-9333-A3D3E7…)

My arms are really badly messed up. They’re covered in big deep disfiguring scars like picrel (spoilered for ugly moid leg) to the point where the very shape of my arm is distorted. Anons, do you think anyone could look past it and still find me attractive and lovable?
It’s lonely. I hide them in public but I’ve had to “out” myself because of summer uniform at work. I look like a freak.
I try very hard to be pretty because I don’t have a personality, future prospects, and I’m insane, but it doesn’t draw people to me the way that I hoped it would. Maybe I’m just ugly as well as boring.
I just want gentle companionship and a safe person to speak to. Someone who doesn’t get weird and hyperfocused on my scars but who isn’t too disgusted/afraid to touch them. Someone not ashamed to hold my hand. Someone not scared to get to know me. Is that unrealistic, anons?

I live the husbando lifestyle to cope but his canonical storyline strongly implies that his fate is tied with another character, both of whom are strangely drawn together despite personal differences. They are closely linked through multiple different realities. It’s bittersweet because though I adore the dynamic it makes me feel desperately alone. There’s no red string in real life; nobody is obligated to save you or care about you.
The last person who was interested in me romantically was literally having a psychotic episode. She didn’t like me once she recovered. The only others who’ve even looked at me in the last two years were immigrants looking for housing/marriage to a local, and pimps/Johns/human traffickers.

I’m disfigured and I can’t get close to anybody no matter how hard I try, because I don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable and authentic with anybody. The bad stuff that has happened is too complicated and raw to even begin to speak about, but nobody’s asking so I suppose it doesn’t matter. It’s so lonely. It’s so lonely.

No. 1441987

You could probably find a bf but you’d have to not show you’re vulnerable about scars and or show any weakness. Once you show that you really want to be love and cared for scrotes will take that as green light to be abusive.

No. 1441990

I wish there was chemical castrastion, but for depressive, suicidal and self destructive thoughts.

No. 1441994

I believe you can be loved and your vunerable side can be taken care of without someone taking advantage of it. You must remember to prioritize yourself and have confidence in self worth, to notice any potential red flags, but there are real good people out there; people who will love you for who you are, not despite the scars but with them - but for that you'll have to eventually open up. A person that is worth it will give you as much time as you need.

No. 1441996

I didn't fuck him. But yeah I do feel kinda shitty for continuing this 'relationship'. We're both aware it's kinda weird, he thinks I'm using him to ease my loneliness, I think I tried to connect with him but he disappointed me a few times already. He's been in 'love' with me for a year without talking to me much and then suddenly declared his love for me and immedietely wanted to kiss and touch me and I didn't know how to react. I don't know why I went through with this, I think I was just curious what it's like to be close with someone. We're both kinda autistic, but he's less asocial than me. At least he has some friends, I don't have anyone, I don't know how to talk to men, how to befriend anyone, I'm a virgin etc. He's the only guy I've ever talked to and had any kind of romantic connection

No. 1442000

File: 1670809983804.jpg (89.95 KB, 680x648, cappy.jpg)

Yes, anon, I think so. Lots of disfigured and disabled people are in positive, loving relationships. You are more than your scars.

No. 1442017

> Anons, do you think anyone could look past it and still find me attractive and lovable?
Yes, 100%. Scars are not as ugly to other people as they are to you yourself. Your self image issues are a real problem because they make you vulnerable to emotional manipulation as other nonnas have alluded to. Disfigured arms are not going to keep someone who loves you from loving you.

No. 1442020

nonnie pleeeassse drop his ass. I'm scared that he'll rape you or you'll give in and contract this horrible illness. Please nonnie stop.

No. 1442029

new medication i’ve been taking for my acne has given me a horrible breakout across my cheeks and jaw for about a month now. it wasn’t even that bad before tbh, i just wanted to get rid of the rest of it. some people say it gets worse before it gets better on this medication but it’s really fucking annoying, now i have tonnes of new scarring to deal with and i don’t wear makeup so i have to walk around with a beard of bright red acne scarring. great.

No. 1442037

You should consult your dermatologist nonna, yeah it's often getting worse before it gets better but this long and this much is a bit worrisome

No. 1442042

File: 1670812091959.gif (1.05 MB, 498x298, sad-depressed.gif)

>man i'm in love with invites me on vacation to japan, he'll pay for everything
>can't believe someone would be so generous with me
>daydream for months about how great of a time we'll have together
>ten minutes ago, find out through online traces he's got a fetish for japanese girls specifically

I feel like crying but nothing's coming out. Feels like there's a block of concrete in my stomach. My biggest concern with moids is always not being their preferred type. And again, I am not. Yeah, they're always gonna prefer a supermodel over you. But it hurts so bad when it's a whole different type. I broke it off with my last crush for the same reason. He straight up told me he loved BBW shit and "hucows" with enormous tits. I don't care how many times you say I'm hot or attractive, I want to be your type. To know that when the person you love want to experience pleasure they want to look at someone whos the opposite of you. Man I'm so tired of this. I love this man and he's no looker at all, meanwhile I'm pretty. Yet I never even look at other handsome men, I literally do not care about others.

No. 1442049

File: 1670812643272.jpg (1.14 MB, 1318x1316, __reki_haibane_renmei_drawn_by…)

I have depression induced loneliness and sometimes it feels so unbearable. The last relationship I had was with my ex and it ended very badly. I wasn't emotionally mature enough to handle conflicts and I ended up ruining our relationship. Now I'm all alone again. Everytime I think about doing something about my loneliness such as meeting new people, I just think "what's the point?" I'm not even a social person and it takes a while for me to warm up to people and get interested in them. Feels like I'll never have that level of closeness I once shared with my ex. I'll never meet another soul again and think "wow she's exactly like me!" Why did I destroy something so good? I always think about her and the closeness we once had everytime I'm crippingly lonely like this, and I crave so badly that kind of connection again. But maybe there's really nothing good about me at all. The only good thing I can offer is that I give attention to people I love but even that can come off as clingy and tiresome. I don't have any special skills, or a witty personality that people will like. Maybe it's better to be alone because all I do is hurt people.

No. 1442050

You should go to the trip to Japan and get some free stuff and then ghost him

No. 1442058

>he’s no looker
No offense anon but I don’t understand why you care if you’re his type when you also don’t find him attractive. You might not be his type but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still really like you.

No. 1442059

I just don't get it, why invite me at all? Maybe it's to show Japanese girls that he's wanted by women at home or something. Kinda like "I'm not here to buy sex I swear, look I'm with a woman"


A miniscule amount of scrotes can act so gentle and sweet you temporarily forget they're not human like us.

His personality alone made him insanely attractive to me. Not in a beta provider way but literal lust. Guess I'm being dramatic, he can both like me and Japanese girls, it just hurts that he wanted to take me to a place where we'll be surrounded by them and he'll be awooga-ing them all while holding my stupid hand.

No. 1442060

Kek, please do this nona. Also, when that guy goes to Japan, he'll probably be disappointed they don't all look like JAV models. Typical moids.

No. 1442061

I don’t understand how you can be with someone you don’t find physically attractive and then get mad when they also don’t find you attractive. Not defending scrotes but this makes 0 sense to me.

No. 1442069

I can’t wait for the holiday season to be over. Christmas music is playing in all the stores and upon hearing it, I get so uncontrollably sad. The past several years, I’ve tried making my own traditions, but nothing has worked yet to create distance from my horrid family holiday memories. They replay as clear as watching a film all season. I’m no longer that helpless child, and I want to partake in and enjoy festivities, but I feel trapped in hell most days. It’s frustrating.

No. 1442071

I know I should drop him but I'm not sure how to do it anon, I find it really hard to drop someone I already developed some sort of attachment for, especially that I never had this kind of relationship. I'm very touch starved too. When I don't see him for one week I just miss the feeling of hugging him and his warmth. I know myself well enough to know I will never have sex with him, I won't give in. I also find it hard to believe he could hurt me this way. Besides, we only meet in public places now and the only time we're being more private is in my room with my housemates being in the next room, where you can hear almost everything. There's always someone in the house and even if he wanted to hurt me this way, which I don't believe he would really, really want, I doubt he would be dumb enough to try this with like 4 people in the house.

No. 1442072

She’s needs to take the trip to Japan and stock up on cute clothes and act like everything’s fine. But unfortunately women in Tokyo actually do look a lot like women in jav if that’s where they are going that might be even more self esteem crushing for her.

No. 1442073

>I’m not sure how to drop him
Block his number and stop responding.

No. 1442075

We see each other every day at work anon, it's not that easy. We don't have the time to talk much at work and we have breaks at a different time, but we do see each other and we only meet during weekends.

No. 1442078

Just tell him you found a bf and aren’t interested. You are seriously at risk of getting raped and ending up with hpv against your will. He’s a sex pest.

No. 1442081

Let me commiserate with you nonny, I can totally relate to wanting to be someone’s type and coming up short. I’ve been talking to a guy that I’ve had feelings for for literal years and it finally seemed like we had a chance of becoming something, he told me I was the hottest women who ever spoke to him, his ideal woman, perfect, blah blah blah but whenever he gets drunk he talks about his fetish for black girls and how he’s only dated black or mixed girls. He’s white, I’m white, and for obvious reasons that hurts my self esteem but also I find such a racialized fetish like that kind of concerning/creepy. Long story short- moids fucking suck shit and there are other nonnies in your boat, so chin up wether you go on the trip or not.

No. 1442094

What signs did he give off before hand that he had this fetish or was it only when he’s drunk?

No. 1442097

He had originally told me that he had previously only dated black girls, which kind of surprised me but wasn’t huge because he only dated like 2-3 women and it was pretty casual as far as I know. And he had made a bit of a joke out of it, like it was a coincidence that they had happened to be black. It wasn’t until he drunk called me on 2 separate occasions and flat out told me it was a fetish and said some really off the wall stuff about the whole thing, I wound up just ending the call and hanging up because I was just so uncomfortable. I fear it may have been one of those “sober truth coming out drunk” situations.

No. 1442101

My boyfriend won't properly talk to me. We had a fight but I thought it would be settled by now. He didn't kiss me today, he didn't say he loved me. I'm feeling kinda empty. We've been together for almost a decade, but right now it feels like nothing and it's making me extremely sad.

No. 1442103

File: 1670816804797.png (378.56 KB, 1013x805, C52BA6CA-C13D-4DC9-92DC-87DB62…)

played Gartic Phone with friends and then the tranny decided to join the call and every prompt he put was tranny shit and then when we were done he started putting on this cutesy voice and it made me wanna throw up

No. 1442105

what kind of prompts did he add

No. 1442119

Thanks for sharing, it's nice not being alone. Actually feel a bit better. He's told me the same, that he can't believe someone like me wants to spend time with him. He literally admitted to feeling ugly next to me and I comforted him and keep having to explain over and over that I'm not talking to other men. Both our moids are gross fetishists, and whatever bullshit they spew when drunk is the truth finally slipping out, yep. I'd usually say get rid of his ass, but knowing what it's like, now I'm thinking maybe it's not the worst. All men are pigs, but if you find that rare pig who treats you well maybe you just gotta accept kinda being a cuck. He can have a fetish and still find you just as attractive as them I guess. Moids always want something new and different anyway. Personally think I'm just gonna suck it up to be honest because finding someone I can tolerate is so rare. It's not like you can stop being attracted to men and be celibate forever. If your guy is really great otherwise, maybe ask him to not mention black women again if he does.

The racial aspect of it is disgusting but men have caricatures in their heads of all "types" of women. All women belong to a porn category to them whether that be curvy ebony or petite asian or freckled ginger or big titty goth. Like even the granny who works at the library is part of a porn category to them, not a human. Even the skeltor looking crackhead outside the gas station.

No. 1442126

It'll be okay anon. I've been with mine for almost 12 and we have our ups and downs too. It feels horrible when you go to sleep mad, or leave things unresolved but you just have to endure today. I'm sure everything will be better when you're both home and have had some time to miss each other.

No. 1442127

I fucking hate this identity crisis I'm going through. Having immigrants parents in this small ass town sucks. I cannot associate with other people of my culture because they do not exist, and when I go into the city and meet with them, I cannot fucking blend in or understand. Then, in this small town, there are full blown racist schizos and from time to time, I hear shit that makes me feel unwelcome. I seriously want to kms.

No. 1442130

File: 1670818185001.jpeg (67.34 KB, 735x688, E716F901-2B11-463E-9485-BAD535…)

Yes girl you get it, glad you’re feeling better. and this may be super toxic of me but whenever a moid shows a trait like that I just know it’ll be one more thing that will make it easier if shit does go south and the relationship ends kek

No. 1442131

If you don’t leave him he will use his fetish for Japanese girls against you sooner or later. Don’t be surprised when it happens.

No. 1442133

Scrotes keep ruining my Discord servers.
Literally faced a second moid with the same whining about me not giving them attention and when I don't grovel because of this whining, they throw a mantrum. God I hate men.

No. 1442142

Samefag also the fact he admitted feeling inferior to you is a huge red flag. Get out now kek this is about to end so bad for u

No. 1442160

You just said you're a virgin after going off about not wanting to give him a blowjob? Which is it? Are you one of those i'll do anything but PIV, so I'm a virgin type idiots? If you want to keep this up with him, we'll hear about your sad ' i didnt see the red flags' vents later on.

No. 1442161

nothing too annoying just the same old "trans rites!!" type of shit

No. 1442163

5 years ago I had a bf who sent me a photo of his cock and I had it saved on my computer and I got one of those viruses that locks you out of all you're files and asks for ransom in return for them to be unlocked. I never paid obviously and just restored the computer to day 1 and lost all my files but I still think about what happened to that photo and I lowkey feel a bit bad because it's probably leaked somewhere online. Should've been more careful but nothing I can do about it now lol

No. 1442165

Do you know how you got that virus? What the fuck?

No. 1442166

I don't understand? I never gave him a blowjob and I don't want to because of the hpv. The only sexual thing I did with him is giving him a couple of handjobs. How's that collide with the fact that I'm a virgin?

No. 1442167

Nope, but I used to stream a lot of shows from dodgy websites and I was using a free virus protector that wasn't that great.

No. 1442168

Nta but if you keep talking to him and he’s extremely horny for you…how do you think this is about to end?

No. 1442169

I'm bored as fuck the cows here have been getting progressively dryer for years. I also miss when farmhands knew how to post reveal (correctly that is, I've had my posts lumped in with a reveal in the past). What threads do anons even read anymore? Our most notable cows on /pt/ are either laying low or milk comes at a snails pace.

No. 1442173

He said he would never force himself on me. Idk. Does every guy inevitably turns into a rapist if he's horny for someone?

No. 1442176

Just forget about me and focus on your work I guess. Much more important, right?

No. 1442177

Alright well good luck with that kek

No. 1442189

I fucking despise my roommate. We're both e-whores, I do clips and photos and she does camming. This is a long as fuck vent because this has been going on for a year. We were both 18 when we became good friends and since I was living alone I wanted her to stay with me as often as possible just like any teenage girl. I was paying for everything: food, rent, wifi, w/e needed to be paid was paid by me while all she had to do was help out a bit at home and WORK, until we moved to a new and more expensive place, then it became 50/50. For some odd fucking reason, she always talked shit about her then-camsite that she worked on, and when we moved to a new place I sure as fuck wasn't gonna pay for everything since she's a lazy bitch, so I suggested some new camsites and lo and behold, she starts making bank. That's when the shitstorm got worse. She acted like working 3 hours a day was excruciating as fuck, and I had to tell her to work almost every single night. She has never been consistent, always talked shit about the moids who gave her money, and god, when it came to making payments, she was always like "later" or "I dont have money atm". She also almost never cleaned, because according to her, all the mess was because of me. She went home for thanksgiving + her birthday and I swear to god those were the best 2 weeks of my life. I left the apartment squeaky clean, worked lots and got a new desk and keyboard, and felt much better and more productive. When she came back (around 2 weeks ago) she had been acting weird, and it was making me pissed because she didnt want to work or clean or even get up from bed. Tonight I finally told her, for like the 3rd or 4th time if she has considered fucking off back home (nicely obviously) and she said yes, because she misses her family. I'm excited as fuck.

The whole point of me letting her live with me and also bringing her to a new place was for her to focus on her work and actually doing something, she always complained about her job as if it was the hardest thing ever, but if I suggested she got a normal job or something, then came her "lol no I cant handle 9-5" arguments. Like, holy shit, if you hate your job so much even though you barely make an effort to stream one or two hours PER DAY while earning way more than minimum wage, it might be a signal for you to DO SOMETHING ELSE WITH YOUR LIFE. This will forever be a friendly reminder to never bring dumbasses with the mentality of a 12yo to live with me.

No. 1442191


Also everything in the apartment, like the lease, wifi, water and electricity bills are all to my name, so when this fuckwad decided she was too lazy to help out with payments, I took the hits. Bitch. We paid rent one week late because of her, and our landlord almost ate me alive.

No. 1442192

This, I used to read Luna, Shay, and Pixielock’s threads daily with a few others thrown in for good measure and now I sometimes scan the drama boards but mostly just browse /ot/ and /g/. Hoping for a lolcow renaissance because while this site still has a hold on me it is getting so dry.

No. 1442197

File: 1670823177530.jpg (271.69 KB, 680x1148, 1649493197813.jpg)

I used to play an mmorpg religiously which involved finding a guild with like-minded people in order to do content. Made the mistake of letting an overly progressive boomer with a job in politics into the guild. Treated him well despite his incessant need to compare himself to me, a woman in her 20s, and the others filling his role to the point where I'd be humble to a fault. I would carry the vast majority of the time but tried not to get competitive like the moids because they're always extra threatened by a woman.

One day me and a friend made some irrelevant joke about troons on discord while we were waiting for people to log on so we could clear the content. My guild had people from all walks of life, with the only caveats being we weren't a politically correct bunch of people but we were never malicious, we could just take a joke. Of course he saw me as a target because instead of arguing at the moid who was joking with me, he directly targeted me with the most smug virtue signalling mantra that unironically went on for 5 whole minutes in front of nearly the entire guild. He brought up irrelevant homosexual family members in order to shame me (I have gay and lesbian family members too kek) like they have any relevancy to troons. This was seemingly to support the notion that joking about trannies is comparable to the legitimate hardships and violence gays and lesbians faced when fighting for their rights. And then he proceeded to mansplain to me that troons weren't gaining theirs at the expense women, and when I argued how he could possibly know that not being a women, he just sperged about how he can talk about whatever he wants in typical moid fashion. After I felt my brain legitmatly exiting my skull I just relented to his long, boring tangent with "that's fair enough" in the hopes he would just stfu making it uncomfortable and we could just play the game.

All I wanted was to play with friends and not have moids thought policing jokes that are a whole lot more harmless than the subjects of the jokes themselves. Progressive moids are just as infuriating as conservative moids the only difference being one wears thier misogyny on their sleeve. The extent they will go to to cape for men in skirts at the expense of trying to embarrass and shame a woman for wrong think, without an ounce of self awareness, will always stick with me. I no longer find enjoyment in something that was a significant aspect of my life due to incidents like this where brain-dead twitterfag ideologue and politics is forced on you in every space you seek to escape from it.

No. 1442200

Guys I went to my work Christmas party today, and I can’t get over how oversized my sweater was. It was like embarrassingly oversized, and I feel like people were probably talking shit about it. Fuck, like it’s so embarrassing. I just can’t get it out of my head. I wish I wore something different.

No. 1442204

File: 1670823908149.png (163.29 KB, 795x546, arab.png)

Why the fuck are Arab moids so fat and disgusting? Is it the entitlement? Can't they eat normally? Can't they fuck off?

No. 1442209

outside the west and extremely westernized nations, there really is no concept of "recreational exercise" plus its hot asf so most people stay in all day

No. 1442211

It’s a hit or miss, as a rule of thumb avoid older men in all gaming spaces

No. 1442213

not to mention, even the non-obese males in these statistics are most likely skinny-fat

No. 1442221

if men can marry women while being incredibly misogynistic, then I AS A WOMAN CAN MARRY A MOID WHILE BEING AN INHERENT MISANDRIST AND SUBJUGATING HIM TO MY EXPECTATIONS!!!!

No. 1442224

If anything you are making him a better person and improving his life with your mere presence

No. 1442226

I think I'm just gonna sperg out all the problems I've had so far. Last one was that I got into a stupid problem with a mentally ill uwu egirl. I started talking to some random guy who turned out to be her ex bf. Whatever, me and her arent even friends. Later on, she messages me that she wants me to be careful with him because they plan on getting back together and that she's anxious and worried that he might meet the "love of his life" while they're separated (this is supposed to be a ldr and they've only seen each other ONCE in the span of three years). Again, whatever, don't care since me and the guy only play games together, I talk it over with one of our mutuals and he's like "what the fuck?", turns out she was sending nudes to my friend while being in an on/off ldr with gamer dude. I find it funny, I tell my friends too, big mistake, they tell gamer dude, gamer dude tells mentally ill uwu girl, mentally ill uwu girl lashes out electronically at my friend for telling me about the nudes then calls me a lying bitch and that I lied because I wanted to fuck gamer dude and comes out saying that she cut her wrists over the drama, all on her instagram stories. Again, I find it funny because 1) she's exposing me to randoms, 2) they're not even together, 3) gamer dude said he was confused about her saying that they're in an on/off ldr since they're supposed to be exes. I also had receipts of her sexting with my friend + her having her fake panic attack over me talking to him with her name and everything. She, once again, calls me a lying bitch, that I wanted to fuck gamer dude, and that she supposedly really loved me as a friend when she didnt even remember she had me as a facebook friend, nor did we ever play games together in the 5+ years we've known each other. I ended up being blocked by both mentally ill uwu girl and gamer dude, but what the fuck bro, I didnt even flirt or make any type of advances. It was pure gaming between us. Still funny for me tho, since everyone I know has said that they hate her and that she's a huge attention seeker and no one believes her. I guess some people really lash out when they're about to lose their simps.

No. 1442228

Based. And he better be hot. Even if he is hot, I'll cheat on him as revenge for women all over the world.

No. 1442245

Thanks anon ♥, I felt bad for sperging out but I'm glad someone understands. I know it's not all immigrants, moid bullshit just gets on everyone sane's nerves ig

No. 1442267

I paid my debt down to 0 and fuck me it's back to 815. I don't know how. I guess I still had some pending transactions. I'm so heartbroken. I really felt proud that I got it down.

No. 1442306

File: 1670828891388.jpeg (27.49 KB, 510x325, B36BA527-024B-41BE-97BB-6111A7…)

I don’t know why I decided to decimate my self esteem by putting a grid over a front facing photo of myself just to over analyze every little asymmetry but now I never want to leave the house again. I don’t know what I was trying to accomplish but I did it I guess.

No. 1442317

I've been in the Midwest for school for months now and I fucking hate the city I'm in. I am on winter break currently but I dread coming back. I have no friends there and I hate how utterly brainwashed all my classmates are when it comes to tranny crap. I stay on friendly terms with them but I don't think I can ever be actual friends with them. I can't fucking wait to graduate and get the fuck out of that dreadful city.

No. 1442332

Thats college for ya

No. 1442333

You 100% dodged a bullet with that moid anon. I know you viewed it as plutonic but regardless he's got a crazy harpy trailing his every move so his friendship isn't worth the noise. Congratulations never having to deal with faggotry of that level again.

No. 1442352


Thanks nonna, I honestly hate men and women like them.

No. 1442374

Honestly a Nigel would have called her on that behaviour they're both probably as crazy as each other.

No. 1442416

I honestly would not be shocked. Girl went batshit over all of us and we're literally in a different country. Maybe the guy did have some common sense to ask her why she's being a jealous twat when, as mentioned, WE'RE IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY, not to mention that she also cheated on him with a guy from gamer dude's esports team so. I don't know how they stuck together.

No. 1442422

messi won't fuck you

No. 1442424

One last rant about my garbage roomie. The dumb bitch got COVID when she went to visit her family, and decided to come back a day after she stopped showing symptoms. I got COVID because of that. I genuinely plan on making her leave today and paying her bus back home because I feel soooo much better when she's not here. I'm so upset because of her presence. I hope she says yes.

No. 1442432

messi is cute i want to manhandle him

No. 1442435

I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore

No. 1442440

are you for real? after all the manipulation and attempts at coercing you into doing something you dont want and is hazardous to your health you're still asking this. the answer is no but for your specific diseased nigel yes. think with your head nona please, you are clearly well intelligent enough if you've asked for a test beforehand. stop talking to him. it doesn't matter how lonely you are if he's literally at high risk hpv and still trying to get you to do things with him. he doesn't care about you

No. 1442441

He is super cute indeed

No. 1442444

I can only ever view my father with disgust. When I was 16, I was in the car with him and my brother and he connected his phone to play music and some stepdaughter porn came up before he switched it (no audio I just saw the title) me and my brother both saw it but neither of us said anything until later that night when we were talking to one another alone. I told my mom about it because she’s extremely against porn and the fact that it was a step daughter video. Flash forward she tells me it was nothing to worry about because he showed her his history and said it must have been a virus. I tell her there’s no virus that just randomly plays porn and it’s basically impossible to get a virus on an iPhone and she just dismissed it. Idk besides that situation he’s been fine but I’ve never been able to see him the same since even though it’s been years and I’m in my 20’s now. Part of me feels like I’m just over reacting and maybe he’s just an old scrote who clicked on whatever video was popular but the fact that it was a stepdaughter thing completely changed how I view him.

No. 1442460

Oh shit, same for most of these things. My parents are obviously dysfunctional and I regress every time because they're hoarders and the environment is inherently stressful. I booked the flights over but I'm leaving more or less soon as Christmas is over, 1 week instead of 2. It means I won't spend new years with my friends but honestly I regret staying so long every time.

No. 1442462

Nta but just chiming in to say this anon gets it. The spineless twat is only going to escalate the situation when he's already shown a complete utter disregard for her health. Honestly it was a disgusting thing to ask of someone let alone someone he pretends to care about. Moids that guilt trip you into taking on their sexual burdens against your will are suspect and should be avoided at all costs.

No. 1442466

im gonna punch your dad on the throat

No. 1442467

>You just said you're a virgin after going off about not wanting to give him a blowjob?
nta but how are these mutually exclusive

No. 1442471

File: 1670847633825.jpg (28.21 KB, 640x428, r0406q47dmx71.jpg)

Im going to be 30 in a few days and I feel horrible. At least when I was 28 and 29 I could take comfort in "still being in my 20s" and use that as a way to feel better about not being as far in life as I thought I would be at this age. I got a doctorates degree 3 years ago but really horrible things happened to me between 2019-2021. I was in constant survival mode + a state of abuse and I've been taking all of 2022 to heal. I feel better now than I did at the beginning of the year, but it's just the thought that my youth is over. I never got to experience that young love i was looking for. Just a decade of stressing out in college and getting abused by men on the side. I havent been utilizing my doctorates degree rn (I have to pass licensing exams this upcoming year) but it's almost like "what's the point?" "Why am I here?" Nothing went right. Way am I still clinging on? Theres nothing to look forward to. Im too "old" now to experience all those special things people get to.
I just feel like im waiting to die.

No. 1442483

A friend asked me to go to lunch today and says she has something important to talk to me about, but i know it's just going to be her complaining about a fight she got in with our other friend. I do not give a fuck and cannot force myself to do anything i don't want to do for more than .2 seconds. But idk how to say no

No. 1442484

It's a shame you wasted your life fixated on men for your happiness. When have they ever really NOT contributed hell to womens lives in most of history ? I mean from that perspective it seems like hoping a terrorist will bring you happiness

I've never required men to happy because I simply don't trust them. I don't get what you say because it would mean you think what I genuinely enjoy must be a lie. I must be "waiting to die" because I want no such thing. It's ridiculous.

I usually wouldn't post something so cold but it felt pretty insulting to read seeing how I'm 36 and happier than I ever was in my 20s

No. 1442486

I guess it's all about perspective huh. I feel terrible because I'm mid twenties and still in school for a mere bachelors, you feel terrible despite getting a doctorates degree by your mid twenties.

On the subject of perspectives, I can't wait for 30 because I hope I'll be in a more stable place in my life by then. Not trying to make this about me but I'm just proposing a shift in perspective. Maybe you can see this as a fresh start and new chances and opportunities. Your life isn't over at 30.

No. 1442487

The reason sexist men still marry women is because there’s a lot of benefits from having a woman in the house. You on the other hand trying to be around men would be a waste of time.

No. 1442490

I echo the sentiment of the other nonnie, I can't believe someone's in crisis while being so young with a doctorate, while I got my bachelors at 29, and still have no idea what to do or a stable job. I don't think young love is as amazing, I think it's something heavily romanticized by those who think they missed out on it. It was a lot of crying and heartache over men I thought were the love of my life while looking back even a year apart I realized we were a terrible match and they were disrespectful towards women.

No. 1442493

Way to make that anon's spergout about you kek. Evidently not everyone perceives the world the same way you do, for better or for worse.

No. 1442494

The only reason I feel sad about not having a scrote is because im broke and I need one to pay some of these bills because im poor as fuck. If I were you I’d be at the mall right now shopping or eating at fancy restaurants. Good things are given to the wrong cunts.

No. 1442495

Yeah, old babushkas might be considered sexist and out of touch today, but their wisdom still stands when it comes to picking partners. If you can get a guy that makes very good money, you can overlook some scroteisms, as long as he doesn't hold back the resources. Men might bitch about how women's education in general made it so women don't even consider men that aren't earning above average, and yet they won't develop any skills or behaviours that compensate for it.

No. 1442498

There are people who just start college at 30 because, for various reasons, they weren't able to do it ealier. What are they supposed to do, kill themselves out of shame? Some nonnies in these threads are really too sensitive about "I only did x by the age of x!" Like come on. I think it's admirable people still pursue education despite having depression and other problems, no matter their age. As long as you're alive and healthy, you can pursue anything.

No. 1442500

Yeah women can’t use the same “I can be with men and still hate them logic!”like men can because all you’re doing is putting yourself through torture for no reason. Women who say this are just coping so they can justify being around ugly useless scrotes.

No. 1442501

I feel alone with this but maybe someone can relate. My parents told me how special I am all the time and that we are better than everyone else. They shitted on everyone except junkies and poor people. I was surrounded by junkies who told me their schizo view on the world and that they the only one who really got it. When I showed signs of normalcy they shamed me. Like showering more often than once a week and using shampoo and conditioner instead of just shampoo. And like I said they said I’m so much better than everyone else but they never cared about me, never gave me clean clothes, nor fresh food, nor love. No one in school talked to me because I was so gross. I remember sleeping under the table in a bar and it was so loud and I just wanted home but no one cared. That happened so often. They loved it to make jokes I wouldn’t understand and I cried and they just laughed at me.
I always felt like everyone is evil and and that I’m different than others… very special indeed but not in a good way. I have no education because of my paranoia that everyone is out to get me it’s unbearable to sit in classes. But I have a small job and my own apartment and no scrote who abuses me. Slowly I’m realizing that some people are really kind. But it hurts so much sometimes

No. 1442502

Even if the West is getting better, not every country has an even playing field for men and women. And if one wants kids, the model of a single mother that just hires nannies is still unsustainable for most, and often hellish even if they have grandparents to help out.

No. 1442505

I’m talking about women in western countries. Men can have a woman at home who is caring, beautiful, great hair, cooks 5 star restaurant food, great at sex, keeps the house clean and smelling good. I can definitely see why a sexist man would still want a woman. Wtf does a misandrist living in the west want a man for?

No. 1442506

Yeah happy people don't usually feel the need to shit on others when their down but okay, sure, you're just soooooo happy and content

No. 1442507

I considered killing myself out of shame multiple times because I got a late degree and it's not even in a highly prestigious field like medicine/law/STEM. When you grow up in a household where nothing less of a mechanical engineer or a doctor is even considered a meaningful, thinking human, it's hard to cope if you're less than. Also if your parents are convinced that you were very gifted and could've chosen to become those things.

No. 1442508

>If you can get a guy that makes very good money, you can overlook some scroteisms,
No, money doesn't make up for shit. You either find a guy who treats you right or just be single. What's with the amount of people on here advocating for being whores? That old babushka had no choice but to marry a man with money to survive.

No. 1442510


Im not sure if youre calling me a lucky cunt or not, but I dont feel like I was given anything good though. Ive had horrible traumatizing relationships with men during college. And I wasnt given my degree either. I worked hard to earn it and got close to blowing my brains out 3 times throughout the process. It's a doctorates yes, but it really did mess me up mentally earning it.

No. 1442516

Ok but you have money now right? Treat yourself to some nice shit and forget about scrotes

No. 1442522

File: 1670851979619.jpg (149.67 KB, 559x608, maxresdefault_1.jpg)

I gave myself a shitty ass haircut and now I've to go to the hairdresser so she can fix it. I just know she's going to bully me over this and tbh I deserve it, I literally look like picrel rn

No. 1442523


Ive given up on the idea of finding a nice scrote. I know it's impossible. Im also in a lot of debt too however, so im not really rolling in money rn. Ill have to work a lot to make a small dent in the loans I built up and the career i picked is stressful as hell. It's in the top 10 careers that cause people to commit suicide (in the US).

Ive never been given good things. Ive had to suffer. I understand my original post came off as scrote-obsessed but I really dont want people to get the idea Im good and lucky now, given opportunities, and sailing easy just because I suffered through getting a docs degree.

No. 1442538

File: 1670853505425.jpg (23.52 KB, 350x361, 991afac38f925cfd466a0cdc8db92e…)

If only it had some body it could look like Alice Cullen hair in the first movie, which is very cute. Idk bobs in general suck unless you have naturally curly/wavy hair to give it that little something. Flat bobs are so sad
t. was obsessed with bobs for years

No. 1442565

Nonnies, this breaks my heart. My mental health has been so bad for years, I've been coming to lolcow since I was an early teenager and I'm now 21 Years old and it has brought me a sense of comfort and community for so long, I spend probably two hours a day on it and it has created a sense of comfort and encouraged my introversion because I've never felt connections or understanding in real life. I'm trying to take a break, as of today I will try and not use it for a while, saying goodbye. It's just an image board but it's my safe space and I'm unsure if I'll come back or be able to fully get better. I love the times I had here, I wish everyone here well.

No. 1442571

File: 1670855275838.jpg (139.39 KB, 851x1508, emofiat500-FjSerTeWYAAmkvt.jpg)

really upset that my ex's new girlfriend is getting treated so much better than I was. I don't think he ever bought me a gift or posted pics of us together on social media like he does with her. I would understand if she were a literal model or something but she's not. I just don't understand why partners don't see me as worth the effort. it hurts so much and it shouldn't be this painful anymore

No. 1442575

File: 1670855428976.jpeg (95.12 KB, 735x800, 2AB0A933-ECE4-4DBD-B160-1B1A60…)

I would make a picture of us together my profile pic nona.

No. 1442576

Proud of you Nona, go out and live your life. Also come here for comfort and because I don't know how to form connectiona but I ultimately know that it's not good for me. Quitting without something to replace the void might be hard, do you have something else you wanna do?

No. 1442580

I struggle with wondering if what is out there is worth it, I hope you also manage to create something that feels good in real life. Everything just feels exhausting and complicated, I guess lolcow is a hit of dopamine that distracts from all this.

No. 1442583

Alice's hair is so cute! I always loved her look best in those shitty movies.

No. 1442595

Men do what you allow. The new girl probably doesn’t give up sex unless he’s giving her stuff but don’t worry as soon as he get comfortable with her he will be treating her like shit as well.

No. 1442597

The lady I paid to go to the toilet sent me to the handicapped toilet, even though the women's was free. But let the scrote in a skirt go to the women's.

No. 1442609

I did the same thing last week and I’ve just been going around with the world’s most lopsided bangs kek

No. 1442613

File: 1670858364617.jpeg (66.65 KB, 1080x402, 77EA15BE-0FB5-4028-854B-941843…)

nonnies i've suddenly turned into a hypochondriac. how likely is it for me to get pregnant from a toilet seat? kek it sounds insane but i really had to pee and the only closest place i knew had toilets was a cafe that only moids frequent. im really paranoid someone might have masturbated or something and left his semen on there and i sat on it. might be tmi but i always sit at the front edge of the toilet, and it reeked of old piss so it wasn't clean all i was focused on was peeing because i felt like my bladder was about to explode so i didnt notice or care

No. 1442630

having yahoo answers whiplash

No. 1442634

I think I might need to get glasses. I work as an illustrator and my stamina for art has gone down the drain, I can barely manage two hours before I start getting headaches. This sucks, I used to have perfect vision…

No. 1442636

As much as I also wanna rip into this post, no anon, you can't get pregnant that way. I hate public toilets, so I carry anti-bac wipes and wipe down the seat before using it, gives me some peace of mind.

No. 1442639

There’s a 5% chance of getting pregnant from a toilet seat. Might not be a big chance but the possibility is there. Get a pregnancy test just incase, they are only a dollar at the dollar tree.

No. 1442661

Why would you even think that? Did you clam-slam or snail the seat itself? I wouldn't be worried about pregnancy, but I'd be worried about an UTI in that case

No. 1442677

I just woke up and found my roomie already packing up. I genuinely feel happy. As soon as she leaves I will finally accommodate everything to how I want it to be. She seriously fought with me for not wanting to let the cats in our bedroom because they leave cat hair everywhere, now I'll finally be able to keep them out. She'll probably leave her cat with me because there's no cage she can travel with + she already has pets back home, but I swear her cat is more fun, clean and tolerable.

No. 1442682

Nonna the fact that you use a computer 2 hours straight without some eye protection is worrying enough. Please get those bluelight(whatever tf that is) glasses for computers. Don't feel bad or stressed, its completely normal for people who spend too much time on their computer :D I use glasses too for laptop time since I nolife videogames + have to do video editing for my content. Take care of your eyes and your health in general.(:D)

No. 1442693

It has nothing to do with you. He's just putting on an act for her and like >>1442595 said, he will be back to his typical moid ways after the honeymoon phase is over.

No. 1442700

I love my 30s. I am far too powerful and confident now. I love and understand myself more than I ever have. I have enough wisdom from years of life experience that i can advocate for myself and protect myself from a lot of things that i was too young and inexperienced to pick up on in the past. im no longer too meek to demand the respect I deserved all along. I love using my womanly femininity to intimidate men, they know they are inferior. I would never want to revisit my 20s or teens again honestly. Everyone is so hyperfixated on youth when it is literally so freeing to be a confident woman in her 30s. I am truly in my prime and I LOVE telling people, especially scrotes, my real age because it not only shocking to them but forces them to face their own mortality and how awful they have aged in comparison to me (and most women my age in general).. after my age reveal most of them will make themselves very small then disappear before my eyes because they know they are approching me on some bullshit to begin with. I love knowing that men think I'm irresistible but are too scared to approach me because my brain is fully developed now, they know that they cannot even waste my time with their shenanigans because I wouldn't put up with it like a naive child would. They know a woman my age is going to have standards. Not to mention they are too dumb to clock me for my real age because men have a misconstrued idea of what 30 year olds look like (probably from years of elderly pick mes claiming to be in their 30s when their really in their 50s) so I get a kick out of it when a predatory scrote approaches me thinking I'm some young dumb college student or something kek.
I encourage all the younger ladies here to change your outlook on aging. 30s are supposed to be some of the best years of your life! Enjoy your prime. I am omnipotent and have no desire or need to keep a man around, because I prefer my own company. I used to jump through hoops for male attention when I was young but now the tables have turned, if I say jump scrotes ask how high (as they should)

No. 1442701

thank you sweet nona ily !!

yeah that makes sense, thank you for helping me see the more logical side of things ladies

No. 1442708

File: 1670863063191.jpeg (75.13 KB, 512x524, FC9B9D59-9AA9-4570-B03B-56CA41…)

KEK thanks anons. i was really worried because like that other anon said i did look it up on google it said there's a very small but possible chance so i got worried, i even added reddit and quora to my query (kek) and it said the same about how under specific circumstances it was possible. im so sorry for being so retarded i was sincerely worried in the moment it felt so real but i know better now. im glad i could give some of you a good laugh kek
not the first time my mind goes straight to dramatics btw one time i ate something i was unfamiliar with so foul i felt my throat closing up and i was like omg i am going through anaphylaxis i am going to die. all because i ate this thing i just so happened to be unknowingly allergic to. this is the end KEK i dont tell anyone about these things irl so i figured i would ask my nonnies.

No. 1442715

Hell yeah. I learned so much in my 30s. I'm loving every day.

No. 1442739

File: 1670864221088.gif (5.21 MB, 275x275, 1669001683179.gif)

I'm certain my professor graded me unfairly and I have no idea how to approach this via email.
My coursemate and I compared our projects and notes with each other and we got similar markings, despite us agreeing that both my presentation and content (included everything the brief asked of me) were better.
He used a rubrics marking scheme and some of the areas seem to be marked low on purpose with no basis for it. My grades are usually in the 80-100 range, so being a couple of points away from even getting 60 seems bizarre.
When presenting it (actual presentation was only worth 15% of the mark) I answered all of the questions correctly and he seemed to misunderstand me on purpose without listening to me. I reckon he's annoyed that I stood up to him and corrected him whenever he said something that didn't line up with what I was saying and what my goals were.
I really don't want to be one of those annoying students who assume they deserve a better grade but this time it certainly feels personal. My only saving grace is that another professor was there to ask a couple of questions and he seemed to be fully on board with what I was going for with my work, so I doubt this is just me being entitled.

No. 1442752

File: 1670864502396.jpeg (69.87 KB, 886x768, EC53373E-D745-431E-8CAF-E1712D…)


No. 1442763

I hate to sound like a boomer, but seeing children out in public with a screen in their face is so depressing. This family was walking on the trail next to a lake and their young son had his face buried in a tablet. These children can't even experience the natural world as it is because the parents want a tablet to parent and assist for them. These children are going to grow up so lost and unsocial. I hear stories of parents not knowing what to do with their kids when they want to do chores around the house so they just result to a tablet instead of letting their child watch them do these chores. A child is not a boredom machine, you're only turning them into one trying to blast their brain with 1,000 "learning" activities a minute while you do simple home activities. My boyfriend and I had a discussion about our future child after seeing that family at the trail and I said, "Do you think our child is going to grow up around kids like that?" He responds, "If that's the case, I'm gonna make sure our child sees us as their best friends." Thankfully we have friends who are against raising a child via a tablet and they're also planning to have children in a few years, but that's only one kid we know we'd be fine having ours around compared to the rest of society. I sure hope people start backtracking on this. Even still, kids older than our future child are going to face a tough fate in a few years if it hasn't happened already.

No. 1442764

I'm too empathetic and considerate for my own good. Apparently when you're selfish and uncaring, you're treated much better.

No. 1442766

It happens, a lot of professors have a huge ego, and abuse their power to be petty when they're contradicted or feel disrespected in any way. At this point if you want to fight it, you'll have to explain him why you think the scores are too low in given categories, while being as impersonal as possible. If he's a shithead, he might just double down, but it's possible he was just in a bad mental state or realizes he was unreasonable.

No. 1442785

Why do I keep falling for bpd ass men it's not fucking fair. I have theeeeee most perfect relationship, and then suddenly put of nowhere they fucking hate me because I got too hot in the night and freed myself from cuddles that were melting me whatever it's 11am I'm drunk I hate myself so fucking much

No. 1442788


Love this anon! 30s are truly freeing for a woman.

Please nonnies do not fall for the bangmaid (marriage with moid) meme while you are still in your 20s. Let your mind develop

No. 1442796


What this anon said: >>1442766

A lot of professors are on constant ego trips.

I would try approaching him in the most polite, contrite way possible. In person if you can, but email is fine. Say something like, "I really thought I had included everything that the brief asked of me. Clearly I didn't, but I don't understand what I missed. Would you be able to meet with me to review my grade? I'd like to understand so I can do better next time."

If he really graded you unfairly, he won't have any good reason for grading you the way he did and you'll be able to tell immediately by his bullshit answers. Or he may just refuse to review it with you. You can escalate the issue from there if you want to.

Alternatively, if you approach him very nicely, he may regret acting on his ego and offer to review your project again or something to give you a better grade.

No. 1442802

^You just know this bitch is the worst person you’ve ever met.

No. 1442817


I get to do the things I want to do without worrying about money, people can call that being a whore but idc, we're treated as whores to society but with no benefit at times. as a woman, I've gone through enough, idc for being a wage slave and if i can use a man that's dumb and nice to me in order to avoid working myself silly, then i don't see what's the problem.

No. 1442829

Argue it on anon. Close to 60 is serious enough. Concurring with what others have said, professors do this all the time. There is a process for arguing this, but you gotta email him first. Was your presentation recorded by chance? That can really help if it was.

No. 1442832

for real kek

No. 1442888

LISTEN. The heating's off. This is what I'm wearing: camisole, long-sleeve thermalshirt, t-shirt, hoodie, another hoodie on top of that, thermal leggings, thick socks and joggers, blanket on my lap and another blanket around my shoulders. I AM STILL COLD. WHOEVER SAID WINTERS ARE MILD HERE WAS LYING.

No. 1442903

File: 1670869022712.jpg (26.59 KB, 407x413, thumbs up.jpg)

It's horrible. I can't find this one particular post anymore because the search system on tumblr is awful, but someone posted about how their teacher friends and teacher communities online have noticed that both gross and fine motor skills of children nowadays are years behind what they should be. Kids unable to use their fingers because all they do is tap on tablets and that's it. Many don't have a sense of exploration and natural curiosity either. And lets not even talk about their social skills, I don't even want to imagine how much worse they'll be compared to the anxious and emotionally distanced teen zoomers we get today.

Sadly it wasn't recorded, but even if I had seriously dropped the ball with the presentation, which I didn't, that'd only take off 15%.
Thank you for the replies, since our semester ended last week I will bring it up once we get back.
Asked around and turns out we all got graded in the 50% area, which makes it even more strange because of how different our submissions were. Last year he messed up and posted the answer sheet alongside the exam and was too lazy to redo the questions so he just deleted the answer sheet and hoped no one noticed, so pretty much everyone got 80% or higher on that module. Maybe this is him trying to even out the exam results or something? Either way, doesn't feel right but at least now I know it's not targeted.
But I will definitely bring it up. I wouldn't mind doing it face-to-face and it'd probably yield better results, but with emails you have proof… Tough choice.

No. 1442937

I actually just came across an atricle today at work that said they found kids who were buried in mobile devices since, well, pretty much birth, score low on all kinds of tests regarding social development, and also there's a negative correlation between screentime and theory of mind in children. Theory of mind is basically the ability to read others' mental state. It really seems like Gen Alpha will be the most autistic generation yet.

No. 1442963

Liberal feminism in a nutshell. Why bother with men at all

No. 1442969

The one girl arguing with herself in the things you hate thread is starting to give me cramps why would you be so comfortable embarrassing yourself especially when you know goddamn well someone can see all of the posts you’re making?? Goodness

No. 1442979

>on leave bc needed break from job because its shit and i hate it
>bf works there too and they're throwing an xmas pizza party for his dept
>bf is upset because im not going with him
>"it would mean a lot to me if you did"
>tell him "its a work christmas party. no. don't ask again"
>he's sulking now
??? these aren't my friends and i don't give a shit. every time he wants to go somewhere and i'd rather stay home he gets like this. i tell him it doesn't matter if im not there, just GO. i'm not stopping him from going he can do what he wants idgaf. he always does this shit i don't understand if its codependency or he wants to "look good". i don't feel like getting dressed and going to his moms? hes emo. i don't feel like hanging with HIS friends with him (??) he's emo. i don't feel like going to the store with him? he's begging me. we barely socialize/go meet with other people so it's not a constant issue, but when it does come up he acts like its the end of the world. "i just like you being there with me". it was cute when we were 19 but Omfg. we are mid 20s and i'm tired of this. go fucking do things on your own.

No. 1442986

File: 1670870463828.gif (4.24 MB, 498x286, gh4777774.gif)

i'm barking at you WRRRRAFF WRAF RWARF GRRRRR!!!!

No. 1442993

Is she the one shitting on childhood abuse victims because she’s so great she bought her broke daddy a house?

No. 1442995

I'm not gonna hate on a girl firmly standing by what she believes in but I also feel like occasionally going to social gatherings with your partner even if they're not directly your friends is pretty normal?

No. 1443003

Yah I don't mind every once in awhile but every single time? Sometimes I just want to stay the fuck home. excuse my aggression nonny it's not directed towards you btw I'm just irritated. It's not even some big social event they'd just meet up at some bumfuck diner and talk for hours while me and another gf who was dragged along just sat there waiting to leave. literally every fucking time.

No. 1443004

I have some job interview stuff in a few days, and it stresses me out so badly. Really, I should be glad to finally have an interview and all that, but I'm a naturally anxious person so it just makes me nevrous to the point of being sick. What's more is, I should be applying to other jobs still in case I dinte get this one, but my mind is such a mess right now, I feel like I can't even pull up any job sites. Or if I do, I just stare blankly at the page. I'm trying to get a job with the degree I got, which really shouldn't be that hard, but I don't know. My head's not in the right space.

No. 1443012

Me: brings my thoughts about how retarded your posts make you look to the vent thread because I feel like venting which I have the right to do
You, somehow

Do you think getting the bare minimum of finger screen typing attention from a random woman on lolcow.farm means someone gives a shit about you? You’re saying me calling you retarded is unhinged meanwhile you’re crying about how you were gonna be an OF prostitute sitting in your “house”…

No. 1443015

I feel really stupid but it took me until recently to realize I've been sexually assaulted. Because it wasn't "serious" enough I literally just thought "I wasn't assaulted, I was just touched without my consent and I didn't like it". Just typing it out I still feel like maybe I'm wrong

No. 1443022

And now she’s imagining things too

No. 1443023

I dont think you're stupid for that. Those kinds of things take a second to identify because they are so unbelievable it would even happen to you

No. 1443029

Jesus she really can’t let anything go. Just keeps digging. Ffs

No. 1443033

Ok so over having to deal with waitresses and waiters. I went to Olive Garden today and it took them like 30 minutes to bring my food. I’m done paying for poor quality and I finally put on my karen pants. Got the whole meal free and a free dessert. Come at me bitch.

No. 1443043

I’m gonna get made fun of this but Her Loss is incredible. I don’t care how scrotish or ugly this makes me sound

No. 1443048

File: 1670872574383.jpeg (93.46 KB, 722x722, 384E14A5-CBDF-4755-903E-B516F0…)

some guy from my uni somehow found my number and texted me asking to be friends. ironically i have no friends he could have gotten ahold of my number through. we are in this class groupchat thing but it has about 130 members, which not only is my profile picture not a picture of myself but i also do not have my name written anywhere on my profile. am i right to be scared kek i also have never had a moid friend before so im even more afraid

No. 1443053

File: 1670872748864.gif (91.56 KB, 900x900, azHDINO.gif)

I'm starting to feel like shit for kicking my roomie out. We've gone through lots of things and I know I'm going to miss her because she was my best friend, but I can't babysit her anymore. It's really stressful. I hope she understands.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with my brain wiring but being able to kick people from my life as soon as they're shit to me without batting an eye feels off. It's healthy up to a certain point since I guess I kind of see it as self-care, but holy shit either people around me have a tendency to be garbage or I seriously need some psychological help.

I literally moved to a completely new city without telling anyone (not even mom), cut off all my friends (didn't hurt since they stopped inviting me to things because my male bff's girlfriend hated me and my roomie for just being women), and now I'm probably not even going to talk to my roomie again after this shitstorm so it might be back to being completely alone, just a tad scarier since I'm in a whole ass city I still need to explore.

On the plus side, I've met a really nice guy who's really nerdy and sweet. I've only had one problem with him (which was him mentioning my work when I didnt wanna talk about it) and when I asked him to stop he was the nicest fucking thing and said "thanks for telling me that I'm going too far, don't worry, I wont do it again I promise". Bad side? I'm starting to like him but he's mentioned that he recently got out of a toxic relationship, so I'm probably gonna have a BPD fit at some point and lose him because guys who go through that usually don't stay with me since I'm basically trying to create a relationship where one can't happen due to the "toxic ex" or commitment fears.

I'm probably gonna touch on my family life later on here. I'm really in a depressed-yet-the-happiest-I've-ever-been state. Becoming fully independent too young + my DV-related family history really took a toll on me I guess.

No. 1443063

Why the fuck are all the Monster High review videos I click on made by peacocking limp wrested faggots? Yes it is weird and dystopian that all these nasal voiced scrotoids buy dolls meant for little girls then build a ‘brand’ from it with their nasty painted finger nails with scraggly arm hair in the frame. No, I don’t care for GNC men at all, they all turn out to be closeted perverted degenerates and/or seethingly jealous of women, shame them back in the closet. I’m tired of female dominated hobbies overly representing the flaming gay men in their ranks like they should be prized as rare and special individuals, all the Jeremys can go suck cock if they love it so much and stop sucking up praise from handmaidens just for existing. Most fags these days don’t even experience hate crimes or bigotry so they don’t need all the ‘support’ and lovebombing to make up for trauma they never went through.

No. 1443075

Thank you, I hope the same for you. Right now a lot of things seem not worth it but I have to remind myself that life online isn't real. I struggle with facing the fact that it's most likely just an addiction. But I get you instant gratification is hard to quit. And I get that complicated part, whenever I'm in uni and talk to others I can't follow what they're saying for shit and hard or complex theories go right over my head. I'm wishing you well anon.

No. 1443118

did you talk in the groupchat that might've given him context clues or did you give your numbers to people for group assingments? If not, probably creepy.

No. 1443157

The one time I didn't check after flushing is when I clog it, kill me, I'm so embarrassed

No. 1443159

File: 1670875682800.jpeg (64.49 KB, 875x875, 00E828B9-8966-4315-BFB4-E34B3B…)

the groupchat is set so that only admins can send messages for announcements etc. there weren't any group assignments this semester either so afaik no one in my uni has my number apart from the administration. stressing rn because i have to attend an exam tomorrow so i'm probably going to see him and not recognize whoever that was as his profile picture is him with his face obscured, but he will since he asked if i was the asian girl and there's no other one in our group… i have no idea how to politely decline or even just respond

No. 1443165

Something similar happened to me, similar dismissal from my mom. You're not overreacting, they're sick people.

No. 1443168


Ignore him nonita, he might be messaging everyone asking that. I've had that problem with delivery drivers messaging me unsolicited stuff like compliments or w/e and they weed themselves out when you don't reply or acknowledge them. Just don't worry about him.

No. 1443176

I don’t have a lot of friends and people disagree with me a lot but honestly I’m ok with that my life has been worse before. I’d rather feel comfortable speaking how I feel and be able to accept it when someone comes at me than not feel comfortable communicating at all

No. 1443177

File: 1670876511653.png (277.75 KB, 1024x895, ididntevenknowitstillexisted.p…)

I just saw a Playboy commercial on TV

No. 1443184

File: 1670876875398.png (193.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.png)

why… just why?

No. 1443190

i love this capybara pic

No. 1443195

leave him. and i really don't recommend going to the trip anyway, since i feel like it's just gonna hurt. also, you said he's not a looker, so are you both just not into each other?

No. 1443220

You know damn well anon is not leaving that man and she’s going on the trip

No. 1443232

so fucking true

No. 1443234

I wish my mons pubis was flat. Instead I have a fat pussy prone to cameltoes. Can't wear swimsuits and shit because it's so there. It's like a coochie bulge. Why is it in the genetic odds anyways? What does a fat pussy contribute to my success in reproducing? When I was growing up my mom noticed it and told me it was a frog on my body and then literally never let me wear anything my size ever again. Everything was baggy. You can see my coochie bulge in form fitting dresses, leggings, some jeans and the list goes on. Wtf fuck you God. Cursed with this bs and yes you can flick it and it moves a little bit. Every person ive shown it to has fancied it but it makes my stomach look fat because that whole area doesn't look fully flat. Why must things be this way.

No. 1443236

you know what? the worst thing is that i really DO know that damn well.

No. 1443262

I really want to break up with him but i don't know how to got about it

Anyone else dealing with this? My brain is telling me to just ghost him but i know it'd send his manchild brain spiraling.

No. 1443263

File: 1670879090188.jpg (46.73 KB, 650x793, DNfOVZQUEAAdFIJ.jpg)

I hate how much my classmates bitch about tests/exam questionnaires. According to them, almost every professor's expectations are too high, no test is "student-friendly", every handout material for self-study is too much (30-40 page texts that usually cover the same topics the lectures do) and the grading is always "too slow", so they don't know how hard they should study for the next class to pass. We all work, we all watch Netflix instead of studying half the time, but these people really act like they should be handed a degree for free. I've looked at the ratings on the markmyprofessor site, and it's full of the same bitching across years. Am I just alone in my love for studying? Am I secretely some academic genius? Is everyone just insanely mentally lazy and entitled? I honestly don't get why my experience and their experience with the classes is so different

No. 1443269

File: 1670879266534.png (219.95 KB, 563x552, lisadrank.png)

I had surgery a while back and had some issues coming out of it, heart rate was dropping and I kept falling back asleep so I had a nurse with me trying to keep me alert and shit. Saw her today at my check up and she told me what I said first thing after I woke up and tried to stay awake
>I can't die, my dad is in there
she thought it was so cute and my autistic ass couldn't tell her my shitty dad is dead and that's probably what I meant Holy shit that was uncomfortable and stupid

No. 1443272

Probably because they have to work and go to school which is stressful. Not everyone has the time to be a teachers pet like u.

No. 1443288

>probably a zoomer with a short attention span
>can't even sage
Not everyone struggle with simple tasks

No. 1443294

Not a zoomer. It’s always the students with no job or responsibilities outside of school preaching about other students being lazy and not caring enough. Actually I don’t care, I won’t this over soon as possible with as little effort as possible to get a career and escape poverty. I can find my love for education in my free time kek

No. 1443295

No. 1443297

Not even the anon but when will you people learn that saging on offtopic boards isn't mandatory? U only sage when there's no milk to be distributed. Offtopic boards aren't gossip boards where there's milk. Get it through your thick skulls

No. 1443298

I'm also working, most of us are. Our professors teach thousands with very limited staff, no one remembers anyone by name, there aren't any competitions for favors. People are literally bitching about needing to read a 20 page long document all day today on Discord, instead of reading it. When one relatively new professor tried to change up the test formula, they immediately escalated the issue to the top management, instead of just writing her an email or bringing it up during lecture.

No. 1443303

Anon, you must have accidentally replied to me. I'm guessing you meant to reply to >>1443288 ?

No. 1443305

Make up some bullshit about depression and wanting to be alone, needing to take care of your mental health, yada yada.

No. 1443306

sounds like a shitty school for both staff and students, glad i left those clown institutions behind

No. 1443309

You can feel superior about yourself because you love paying thousands of dollars to learn shit you can learn at home for free. I cheat on every single thing i can. I’m in school because I have to be and not because I want to be and many students feel the same way.

No. 1443310

Yeah, a lot of people in my classes don't study at all and then get angry for not doing well in exams and assignments. It's only the latter part that bothers me honestly. People have their own lives to deal with and in the end a pass is a pass, but the constant whining about how mean and unfair a professor is for giving them a bad grade on an exam that they didn't study for gets grating.

No. 1443315

Joined Bumble to make some female friends and turns out the women are as weird as the men are


No. 1443320

As long as he doesn't know where you live. Just ghost him. If he does know where you live just say you guys are growing apart and you have no interest in proceeding further in the relationship with him. Moids don't give a shit about how we feel when they think they've outgrown us, so why should we give a fuck about them

No. 1443322

How so?

No. 1443328

>pay thousands
Not every country is America, we have state-funded university and interest-free student loans. I don't see the point of doing a graduate program if you're just going to bitch and moan all the way through it.
> get angry for not doing well in exams and assignments
This is what bothers me. People also try to one-up each other over how little they have studied, but then I see the same people saying about how the teacher graded too harshly, because barely any people got an A/B. It's so baffling.

No. 1443330

>I don’t see the point

To get the degree and have the career? Do you just go to school for fun?

No. 1443335

File: 1670881589134.jpg (1.02 MB, 1876x1001, test.jpg)

I just finished Wednesday at it was awful. Here's some spoiler free stuff I hated:
>troll gomez, scared baby pugsley, bubbly looking morticia with 0 imposing aura
>tim burton's tangible fetishes shining through with goth girls, girls in skintight leather cat suits, wednesday actress acting like a mini helena boham carter in some scenes
>usage of shitty meme words like "normie", frequently
>ambigiousness about the macabre nature of the family, oh no killing is bad!
>Bianca's plot just shoehorned into this to hook for the next season
>ugly boys
>"I didn't ask her what she identified as" referring to creatures like vampires etc. THE METAPHOR DOESN'T MAKE SENSE
>the last episode ruins everything, the whodunnit resolution is poor
>wednesday doesn't learn her lesson that visions are misleading
>random forced checklist scenes in the last episode to tie plot threads but they just look cheap

No. 1443336

I want a degree, but I also want to make the most of what I'm given here. I also find our field of study genuinely fun. I get that some people just want to be handed a paper, I still don't think they're justified to ask for the requirements to be lowered so it involves zero work or challenge.

No. 1443337

The problem is, since the schools rely on students paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend, that no one wants to be the bad guy.
Admin doesn't want a high fail rate and they want to keep raking in the bucks, and professors don't want to have the tough discussions about how many students aren't cut out for academia. In defense of the latter, bet professors these days are nervous about pissing off the wrong students for fear of violent retaliation.

I have no sympathy for those whiners. A 40 page document to read (and not even in prep for a discussion, presentation, or a response paper) is a cakewalk.
I read that the pandemic shutdowns turned most students into snowflakes because they got too used to being able to flake by with online courses–which even what little I took in my grad program several years ago–have always been easy bullshit.

No. 1443340


They’re just odd… like all the girls look like they’re either drugged, don’t wash or spaced out. There’s tons of liberal art students with rainbow hair too. Weird

No. 1443346

When I checked out the Friend queue in Bumble I was just intimidated by all the Stacies. All their pictures looked like they were made for some ad campaign for a tourist agency.

No. 1443348

I don't think the political and social climate of today would be as dangerous as it is if (male) troons weren't so aggressive about changing laws, making it easy for children to transition, entering women's spaces, etc. It's made it incredibly dangerous to be LGB and I firmly believe that it's the T's fault. Homosexuality is never going to be fully accepted but I really don't care. I'm a lesbian and that's not going to change. I hate how dangerous things have become for everyone else because of them, though. Conservative, liberal, and every other eye is on us too because they've tacked themselves on.

No. 1443350


I honestly wish trannies would just all drop down dead. They’re vile.

No. 1443353


I actually feel sorry for lesbians. I’m not a lesbian but I feel for women who are gay and are having trannies attack them / ram their ideologies down their throats. Hijack lesbian spaces. Women should have the right to be who they want to be with at the end of the day and it feels as if it’s all going backwards.

No. 1443363

We can try to be friends if you'd like, I'm in a similar situation. What was your post on the friend finder?

No. 1443369

I'm straight too and I feel the same way. I don't understand how so many people think it's okay to bully lesbians into liking men. As if the fact that the dude has a fake high voice and wears high heels changes the fact that he's a man. It wouldn't be acceptable by the woke crowd to bully lesbians into liking regular men but if they're in a wig and lipstick that changes things I guess and you're a hateful bigot if you don't want to fuck him.

No. 1443380

Damn my bf is so loud on the phone I can't hear myself think I can't hear my podcasts even at top volume because he talks soo damn loud on the phone, like the louder he is the more someone is gonna respect him kek I try to find it endearing but I really really want silence and quiet.

No. 1443384

I'm so sorry this is happening you to you, nonnie. Have you tried to contact your state's medical board or your healthcare provider? The denying of insulin to a diabetic and cutting you off necessary medication that was helping you sounds like medical malpractice. You need to report this to somebody.

No. 1443392

File: 1670884412744.jpg (48.47 KB, 640x640, 958be65b3659a917cab01db96f69ab…)

Fucked my sleep schedule guess I'm nocturnal now but I don't really give a shit. Sometimes I just don't feel like waking up I just will myself back to dreamland

No. 1443399

You absolute Stacy

No. 1443415

>talking to father about dumb gossip stuff because I have nothing to report and my life sucks
>talk about Britney Spears crying in Jack in the Box Drive through
>say "who hasn't cried at one" as a half joke
>father says "lol why would you cry over that"
>try to explain that women sometimes get hormonal and cry for no reason
>"why would you do that"
>weren't you married to my mother for 13 years, one of the most over emotional crazy women in the world, to a fault?
>now starting to realize even my own father sucks and is a sexist retard male
>extreme hormonal sadness I'm experiencing myself is 1000x worse today
>been crying on and off all day for no reason
>struggling not to burst into tears at work

why are my immediate family a bunch of mentally unhinged idiots? I swear to god I couldn't find a worse gaggle of narcs, if I could survive financially right now without him I would want to cut him off like the rest. why do they treat me like this

every emotion just doesn't matter. my presence is literally a burden on their shoulders if I react to fucking anything. then they wonder why I don't talk to them? I see happy families all the time working in retail. I'm elated for them but they make me green eyed and physically ill. I would be successful if I were just normal. why did I have to be raised wounded and hurt by these people in my family

No. 1443423

I hate my college class that just ended, it was a total waste of money and time. I had all As in the last two semesters but this course and Professor were so bad that I put effort into not doing anything.

No. 1443425

finally took the time to take a photo of myself and attempt to analyse my kibbe archetype / body type and i've remembered why i usually don't engage with this shit.
one of the things i want to work on as i get older is dressing myself well and appropriately; i like my style how it is but my whole wardrobe is designed to obscure my body shape. it turns out i literally don't fit into any specific kibbe type because i am a complete freak. i'm anomalously lanky, underweight and angular, but with a flat undefined waist and extremely pointy, wide shoulders.

i've been feeling calmer and more confident this year but i don't think it's possible to reflect that subtle and natural energy in how i dress/present. will continue to cloak myself in 4XL turtlenecks and cargo trousers to minimise how much of an utter rectangle i am until i have both disposable income and time

No. 1443426

I'm suing a millionaire with a reputable firm and while I have a very strong case the situation is still very stressful in general. all the stress made me have 2 periods this cycle which has never happened to me before. I just got off my full period like a week and a half ago and it started again a couple days ago. I don't typically have a heavy or irregular flow at all so I'm a bit stunned, wondering if im actually passing 2 eggs . I also caught a cold at the moment so I'm super tired and miserable and just want to rip my head off from the sinus pressure

No. 1443433


Have you noticed how gay men always seem to get off the hook? They piss me off

No. 1443437

File: 1670886839826.jpg (28.95 KB, 329x445, 51MP8WBFZ5L._AC_SY445_.jpg)

Just watched picrel, what a fucking shitshow to be honest. The writing was all over the place, moids singing about moid things occupied more than half of the screentime even when fucking Audrey Hepburn was the mc. Mc literally gets sold by her pos dad and gets used as a doll by this delusionally narcissistic, post-wall, incel, decrepit ugly moid. To top all that shit, mc is 21 and the moid is 6000+ and of course there's ~romantic undertones~ even though he treats her like a piece of shit 24/7. Oh, and by the end of the movie her pos dad gets rich out of nowhere ig. The amount of references to domestic abuse was concerning too and this is supposed to be a comedy?

It's tragic this was my introduction to Audrey Hepburn, please i need someone to recommend me a better movie with Audrey the fashion and dresses were great tho she looked beautiful

No. 1443444

File: 1670887166355.jpg (10.73 KB, 269x275, 1606488998587.jpg)

some anons are so salty and make wild assumptions with little context, I get it anon mode school sucks blah blah but this level of self projection is just just ranting too kek

No. 1443447

File: 1670887450295.jpg (1.18 MB, 2659x3989, Z(8).jpg)

Kibbe is kind of meaningless if you just consider the test and try to fit your body into the categories without considering how different types of clothes hang or fit on it. That being said, I'm willing to bet money you're a D and maaaaaybe an FN. There are lots of options for your bodytype, and not all of them require oversized fits. Angularity and lankiness aren't inherently bad traits, after all. I don't know what you look like, but a long neck, defined shoulders, long legs, high hips, and a sleek silhouette in general are all very attractive, and I'm sure you have at least a few of those. If you want a celebrity example, Keira Knightley has an extremely rectangular torso and not only can she pull off very pretty, elegant dresses but her casual style is cute and flattering as well. For something completely different, Florence Welch is a very angular lady who really pulls off feminine, ethereal hippie looks that would totally overwhelm a curvier bodytype. Unless you are literally Eugenia Cooney there are always options, anon.

No. 1443451

it was good until you compared yourself to most women your age.

No. 1443458

File: 1670888402971.jpg (37.57 KB, 500x750, BuejqlTIAAAe397.jpg)

Read about Pygmalion, the play that movie was based on. The movie doesn't do it justice.
Personally I've only seen 2 movies with Audrey; Roman Holiday and How to steal a Million. In the first one she's being romantic with a much older man so meh. The second one is kinda silly and comfy and she has actual chemistry with Peter O'Toole, alsl for once she's a little older than her male co star.

No. 1443460

My hair has gotten so much thinner it’s insane. It’s falling like crazy. I fixed my diet and it still hasn’t gotten back its original thickness. I’m so tired of this. It’s been almost a year now.

No. 1443475

i wake up today and almost every thread i have open suddenly has 100+ replies wtf is with you nonnies? it's not even winter vacation yet

No. 1443478

fuck wrong thing