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No. 135451

I know there's an exercise/fitness thread but I thought maybe we could make one specifically for diets since the Tess thread is sort of derailing into diet talk.

No. 135452

File: 1433044570761.jpg (122.05 KB, 1280x720, apples.jpg)

I'm a fat anon, usually 20-30 lbs overweight and I know it's because I eat poorly.

I know how to eat healthy and what to avoid, I have done tons of research. I just have a hard time implementing it. I can eat well for months, drop the weight, and feel amazing, but I end up falling off the wagon, so to speak, and it turns to shit. I feel like I have a real addiction to food. Any anons beat that feeling? It's not hard for me to put the fork down for a while, but it's really hard to maintain it.

In my formative years (latter half of middle school and beginning of high school) I was anorexic, I got down to about 100 pounds before my parents intervened. I haven't had a healthy relationship with food since then. My parents' method of forcing me to gain weight was to eat a lot of junk food and prepackaged meals and I think that's when I began to get addicted to sugar and such.

Another side effect is that now I have trouble counting calories simply because I sometimes get sort of obsessive and sad when I don't "beat my score," or eat fewer calories than allotted, and it ends in a freak out and binge almost always.

pls help.

No. 135453

I've always wondered how so many people, especially those who claim to be poor, could be fat. While it's true that higher calorie junk food is often cheaper than less filling healthy food, the quantity needed to maintain that size would still add up to be more than a normal diet.

No. 135454

Being sedentary+excess calories accumulate. Higher calorie junk food is not cheaper than equally filling healthy food

No. 135455

thats exactly how I am, I think it's a matter of self control and learning how to deal with that first or what you're thinking right when you're about to eat

No. 135456

It's really not though. For single people it's affordable to eat healthy but for families it gets tougher. And the main problem that we have (in America) is that a lot of people, single or no, don't understand what healthy is or simply are raised addicted to unhealthy foods.

You can buy a box of pasta, can of pasta sauce, a block of cheese, and a couple pounds of ground pork at the store for under $10 and feed a family of 4. You can switch it out for ground chicken and whole wheat pasta but then you're adding on a few extra dollars. When pennies matter to you, you won't splurge on the healthier option because it might mean you don't get to eat one day. Ramen noodles? White bread? Jumbo bags of sugary cereal? And when you go to the store, what do you see buy one get one free? Lays potato chips, crackers… Coke products are almost always buy 1 get 1 free or something like that at gas stations. Soda fountains are cheap and yeah they have water but if you're paying a dollar, may as well get soda.

Shit like that. Not to mention if you have kids, their school-provided lunch is pizza, burgers, fried chicken, and things like that. When your kid gets home and he's been eating those things, do you think he's going to want to eat a sensible spinach salad and grilled chicken? Will he even like vegetables that aren't loaded up with sodium or fried? And once you grow up and you've been eating pizza/burgers/fries for lunch every day of your life, what are you going to want to eat as an adult?

Even not on the poor end of the spectrum, people are just uninformed. It seems like the fattest of families (in America anyway) simply don't understand what healthy food is. In my life I have talked to people who thought that peeling the skin off of fried chicken is the same as grilled chicken, or the light-colored soda has fewer/no calories than dark soda. A lot of people eat "low fat" versions of junk food and those who are educated (or at least think to read the ingredients) know that "low fat" = "extra sugar." People think "organic" = "low calorie." They just simply don't understand and unfortunately companies make bank taking advantage of those people.

I got really rambly, sorry.

No. 135457

Yeah, unfortunately it's so much harder than it looks! I can deny 9 out of 10 times but that 10th time sends me into a downfall. I just clearly have mental issues with food and would rather poison myself with donuts than resist and have a cup of tea I guess hah…ehhhh. So hard.

No. 135458

Hey anon, I'm also fat but I've lost nearly 30lbs. I'm not on a specific "diet", I just eat all the things I used to, but less of it. So instead of eating a whole candy bar, I'll have 2 of those mini-bars. Instead of loading my coffee with sugar, I got a zero calorie sweetener. Instead of getting full-fat condiments and whatnot I bought the low fat ones. I've found that trying to go cold turkey leads me to fail and binge-eat every time, so maybe just take baby steps with your eating habits.

My second piece of advice would be to find an exercise that you don't mind doing. I 100% legit hate exercise, but luckily I found hula hooping! It doesn't burn calories at the same rate as intense cardio like jumping rope or running, but if I hoop while watching a 3 hour movie that's like over 1000 cals burned for me. I never have an excuse not to do it because I never have to leave the house to get it done. Maybe it's something you could try!

No. 135459

~recovered ana~ here but still don't really have a healthy relationship with food. Gained ~10lbs in the past 2.5 years and have been desperately trying to lose it again. Binged and purged for a bit before finally signing up for the gym. I'm really happy about this because I now focus on eating better and working out rather than restricting/purging and feeling miserable afterwards.

Food is half the battle, and exercise the other. Start small by cutting out carbonated drinks. Replace that with coconut water or soya milk. I love fatty foods too much to give up completely on it but try to avoid anything deep fried.

typical day's meal consist of:

Yoghurt with muesli and raisins mixed in. Chopped fruits if I can be arsed. 1-2 hard boiled eggs.

Caesar salad with lots of chicken or bacon mixed in. Meatballs/Salmon/Chicken/other protein with a bit of veggies.

Steak, pork chops, sukiyaki, udon soup, curry etc. Whatever I want really but again low on simple carbs.

Still around 115lbs at 5'4 but my body has noticeably became firmer and less flabby overall.

No. 135460

Hi there,

Well I'm currently on a fad diet at the moment due to my aunt's wedding in a few months. It's the cabbage soup diet, I was on it during high school because I was a big girl and I lost four dress sizes.

Morning - fruit smoothie (can be any smoothie and tons of recipies on the internet, green are usually the best!)

lunch - brown pasta, salad, no dressing and maybe a little bit of meat or tofu

dinner - cabbage soup (cabbage, tinned tomatoes, lentils, some stock, bit of pepper, mushrooms, green beans, carrots) with a little bit of brean bread

snacks - greek yogurt and some strawberries

And on weekends I would treat myself, not over the top but have maybe say pizza or bit of cake.

Kept doing this for WEEKS and weight sheds off but you need to be moving around as well like running, keeping busy, gym or whatever

Just eat healthily basically, don't go off scale :)

No. 135461

File: 1433095299045.jpg (290.88 KB, 1266x750, 1403976747738.jpg)


No. 135462


It is my experience that meat, nuts, beans, cheese and oatmeal do not satisfy a craving for recreational drugs. But I might try cabbage juice or bananas in the future.

No. 135463

true, there's probably a lot more involved in drug cravings than mere vitamin/mineral deficiency.

No. 135464

File: 1433099390515.jpg (52.5 KB, 500x333, tumblr_lrdkcfNSI91qi22kn.jpg)

I've heard of this, always good things. I'd like to try this! (I love soup/stews/etc.)

Currently I'm drinking low-sodium broths whenever I feel hungry. Maybe 1 solid meal or snack a day. Apparently it's something they suggest/request before you get some kind of surgery, because it doesn't leave any residue in the intestinal tract and is very low calorie (5-25cal/8oz). It actually does help.

I lost a shitton of weight when I was in college by eating once a day (egg salad sandwich on rye, maybe a fruit or cranberry juice or romaine lettuce), taking diet pills, and taking my bike around campus. It was delicious and produced results.

Since I usually don't have the money to drive anywhere, and I have anxiety about leaving my apartment alone, I usually play Dance Central or run in place a few times a week. I think I'll get back into doing crunches every day too.

I've always been a sucker for sweets, though. My only real weakness.

No. 135465

Also, you guys might like this site:


Once you input the info, it makes a rough estimate of what weight you'd be at certain intervals/dates depending on how much you'll eat and be active. Really helps with motivation.

No. 135466

That seems really unhealthy.

No. 135467

File: 1433182463923.png (63.95 KB, 626x770, gummybears.png)

same here. i crave sweets so much, especially at work.
i remember, when i found this:

i thought my prayers have been answered…until i read the reviews.
the only days/weeks when i can resist sweets more easily, are the ones when i eat very nutritious food (a lot of vegetables, spinach especially).

No. 135468

My diet is pretty simple. Beans and bread. Lean meat when I can get it.

I'll never be Lou Ferrigno but I'll never be Boogie2988 either.

No. 135469

File: 1433269584660.jpg (78.01 KB, 554x554, 1393544250899.jpg)

>I know how to eat healthy and what to avoid, I have done tons of research. I just have a hard time implementing it. I can eat well for months, drop the weight, and feel amazing, but I end up falling off the wagon, so to speak, and it turns to shit. I feel like I have a real addiction to food. Any anons beat that feeling?

I know this feel well except I don't last nearly as long anymore. I was almost 100 pounds overweight at one point and as soon as I was just 20lbs from my goal weight I shot right back up.

Now I'll eat healthy and stay motivated for a week. I'll eat chia seeds, fruit, extra veggies, tofu, lean meats and stay away from the cake, cookies and ramen noodles. Then just as my week is up and I notice my clothes are fitting better I binge for days and gain all that weight back and more. I'll feel great, confident, notice my face isn't nearly as bloated and then transition back to being self-conscious, bloated and wishing I didn't eat all that shit.

I'll tell myself I can have a bowl of ramen or some cake as a treat, but I end up having half a cake, three packages of fried ramen and then binge on other shitty foods, promising myself I'll do better the next day. I don't. Now I'm starting to eat healthy again and I'm afraid of repeating this pattern. It happens every time.

No. 135470

Make the 'treats' a once a month thing instead of a once a week. I know a lot of places suggest once or twice a week, but it sounds like you still have issues with portion control and being able to stop at just one portion. I have this issue as well, as well as being a stress eater/depression binge-er. I tend to fall off the wagon around my period because it almost always makes me feel like crap and all I want is chocolate. Not having it around helps, as when it's there you will want to eat it.

No. 135471

lol @ people that drink naked juices because they're "healthy" with at least 55 grams of sugar per serving.

No. 135472

hhahaha, yeah, or "juice fasts" in general – people end up drinking just apple/carrot juice because it tastes best. Then they cry because they can't lose weight.

No. 135473


those and those innocent smoothies here in the uk… how dumb can people get

worst was in tesco few years ago i saw "low fat water" for sale

low fat water

No. 135474

So maybe one of you girls can help me. I'm a recovered ED-NOS gal going on about five years nowish and obviously, I've gained weight (like ED sufferers often do) I'm up to 170 and I feel horrible. I don't miss being horribly underweight, obviously, but I do miss being cute and skinny and I don't feel desirable at all the way I am now.

I'm currently following a protein high, low carb diet doing a smooth protein in the morning, yoghurt for a snack, straight up protein shake for lunch with a bit of chicken or tuna and then a regular sort of dinner that is usually sweet potato, veg and a protein.

I feel like this is a good diet, if a bit repetitive at times and I run for 50 mins in the evening when I get home. But I've been doing this for the past 4 weeks and I don't feel like I've lost anything…

I don't have a scale anymore due to…well, past problems, so I judge things based on my clothes due to having a rather large selection of sizes (due to weight gain)

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if my years of ED have fucked me up forever when it comes to loosing weight. I'm so desperate that at this point I'm thinking of saving up for plastic surgery to get lipo. I just don't know what to do.

No. 135475

Be careful with high protein, if there aren't any carbs in your diet your body can turn extra protein into glucose. That's why most low carb diets are high in fat. Without sugar it's difficult for your body to store it.

Maybe look into intermittent fasting. I stalled for months while low carbing and calorie counting. I finally went to one meal a day a few days a week with a couple regular days, and the weight started melting off. Although this may not be an option if you're recovering from an ED.

No. 135476

Well I'm no stranger to fasting, really and I do know all the tricks, but maybe you're right about the stalling and I need to do something to kick start my metabolism again

No. 135477

Just wanted to ask if this is a healthy diet. I used to do really, really unhealthy things in a bid to lose weight, but now I want to change.
>Low fat yogurt with honey
>Sometimes a small bowl of whole grain cereal with either chocolate swirls or fruit
>Nothing or vegetables, sometimes with hummus
>More low fat yogurt with honey
>Glazed mixed nuts/sesame glazed almonds
>Pita bread and hummus, or nothing

No. 135478

I'd recommend setting up a consultation with a nutritionist. I know it can get pricy to see someone regularly, but one thorough appointment should do quite a bit to get you on the right track. I definitely wouldn't recommend any sort of fasting if you have a history of ED's. It can get out of hand pretty quickly, as I'm sure you know.

No. 135479

No offense, but I feel like you know better. You're skipping out on meals, and I'm sure the yogurt doesn't have that many calories in it.

Losing weight is easy as long as you burn more calories than you consume, but you still need to consume enough to maintain proper nutrition, and certain foods fill you up better than others. Yogurt doesn't have enough nutritional value to keep you healthy.

When I first started my ed, I would eat similarly to you and my hair became so disgusting, same thing with my nails and skin. It'll do you no favors in the long run.

No. 135480

I agree with this completely.

Anon, if you want to lose weight the healthy way and not have your hair and skin be casualties to your weight loss, make sure you ALWAYS eat a full lunch and dinner.

Eat the yogurt WITH whole grain cereal. Aim for full fat rather than low fat unless you can't find full fat…low fat= high sugar. As for whole grain cereal, what kind is it? Better be something like oatmeal or high-fiber cereal. Ditch the chocolate unless you need to sate a craving (I like to keep mini dark chocolate chips in a cupboard for this), always go for fruit and only use honey or agave if you feel you need it.

Lunch, eat vegetables with hummus if you can't bear to eat a lot. Maybe a salad with nuts on it and a vinegar/oil based dressing. Some people just don't get hungry at lunch.

Kill the glazed nuts. Either eat them roasted or raw with no sweetener. You should only be eating a handful a day at most (assuming you don't have huge hands).

Go ahead and throw some sprouts, tomatoes, whatever kind of veg you like into the pita. Make sure the pita is whole wheat.

You are eating nuts AND yogurt AND hummus and many sugary foods, but very few fruits and veggies, you need to flip that ratio around. I take it you don't eat meat, which is fine, but treat dairy and hummus and nuts like you would treat meat and not eat a ton of it.

Without knowing how much you weigh/if you are female or male, it's hard to tell you what exactly to eat. If you are a female 150 lbs and doing very moderate exercise you should probably aim for 400 calories max per meal (can spread the calories around to other meals) and 200 calories in snacks, a total of 1400 calories.

No. 135481

Bumping cause perhaps someone can help me? I'm not really super big but I could lose a good 10lbs. The problem is, I always find myself binging on at least 3000 calories at night. My meals sorta look like this
>Some type of oatmeal, occasionally preflavored, usually plain with cinnamon added. Fruit on the side.
>A few eggs with some type of veggie
>Whatever my family can make. Usually a light protein
>Black coffee, tea, water
>Any kind of fruit

I also dance for a good 30mins-an hour. I've binged a lot late at night for a good 5 years and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. My question is, is my diet in bad shape that it causes these binges or is my body just not used to the sudden change in small quantities of food?

No. 135482

you binge 3000 calories every night?? You'd be gaining 6 lbs a week that dancing for 30 mins wouldn't really make up for

everything you're eating seems fine, I'd add more vegetables, like a salad or green juice every day (kale, spinach, apples, ginger, mint and cucumbers is a good way to start the day after drinking two glasses of room temp water with lemon in it)

what is it that your family makes?

No. 135483

That may have been a exaggeration but yeah, I do binge a lot at night. Usually it is grilled chicken or something made with ground turkey.

No. 135484

Bump to get the racewar shit off the front page

No. 135485

right on man.
I'm gonna start that diet one of these days hereeee…

No. 135486

Currently trying to stay under 1000 calories a day and I've been doing it successfully. I am 5'1" and 110 pounds and i am not losing any weight. My typical meal plan looks like this:

>Special K flatbread vegetable sandwich (180 calories… I used to make smoothies every morning but now I get up at 5.00 AM every morning before there are even lights out and its just too depressing to function)

>Grilled chicken breast from the night before (210 calories - I weigh it out in a portion), some baby spinach leaves and half a chopped tomato with a shit load of lemon squeezed over it (around 50-60 calories)

>Grilled chicken breast (210 calories) and a grilled red pepper (around 50 cal)

> A banana mid-afternoon (100-110 calories)
>Two 150g granny smith apples baked with stevia and cinnamon (180 calories)
Most days I don't even have a snack anyway.

I only drink water and diet coke (coffee makes me constipated).

I've been eating like this for 3 months. I'm so bored and I'm pretty sure all of this is exactly 1000 or most days under. I restricted a lot when I was younger and between ages 13-17 I practically ate only under 500 calories a day and was really underweight, so I'm wondering if that killed my metabolism? I just want to be 95 lbs again but I feel like its never going to happen fuck

No. 135487

Oh, and I walk about 30 minutes to work and 30 minutes from work, as well as doing high intensity cardio for 30 minutes a day and weighted squats every other day. What gives.

No. 135488

I switched to vegetarianism for conscious reasons and because at previously 5'7" and 224lbs I had a weight problem.

3 months in and hooooooly shit I am losing so much fucking weight doing nothing but not eating meat.
It's more than that though, all the foods that I would binge on previously, meat filled pastries, pies, chicken pastas and such, I can no long touch them and it's forcing me to opt for healthier options.

Not only that, for some reason I've actually stopped craving junk food completely. Before I was never that big on things like chocolate and crisps/chips but I was a sucker for sugar-laden things like energy drinks and croissants. Now that I've stopped eating as much junk food I am no longer craving junk food. Now I just have no desire.

I went into a pastry shop the other day to grab a cheese and onion pastry and normally I would grab a doughnut for after and instead I bought grapes.
I chose grapes over a doughnut.
And I wanted to.

For anybody that's having problems with dietary discipline and want to exercise more control over what they can and can not eat, I would 100% recommend switching to vegetarianism.

No. 135489

How do you stop from binging on fruit?

No. 135490

How much water do you drink? I drink around 3L everyday and do yoga daily with strength training every three days.

Try cutting out soda pop all together. Unless it's like Sierra Mist. I find that to be the only tolerable drink for me now.

If you want to jumpstart your metabolism, try replacing your apples with almonds and adding in green tea(home brewed). B12 also helps as well.

Hopefully something helps.

No. 135491

damn… i'm also 5'1". my weight fluctuates between 98lbs and 120lbs (a lot, i know) within a year. it's been like this for 5 years now. honestly, i always lose weight when i stop counting calories. i just eat healthy things (like you seem to be) within a good time frame. i've lost weight with and without exercise. in fact, aside from my initial jump, which was 93lbs to 120lbs and due to alcohol, it's always been a spike in exercise that causes me to overeat and gain weight.

also, if you're exercising, especially when muscle can be built, stop looking at the scale. if you want to look at some numbers, measure your waist in the morning or something.

i've dropped from 118lbs to 103lbs in the past six months from lifting and also intermittent fasting with healthy foods. i eat my cheat meals 2x a week. cheat meals are pretty much necessary, imho.

No. 135492

Agreed on "cheat meals." I've never had an eating disorder aside from a legit sugar addiction. Every time I tried to cold turkey off of sugar and bread, I failed. Now, I just eat some sweet/flavored oatmeal, fruit, dark chocolate, cinnamon gum, or greek yogurt with almonds and raisins or sliced, sometimes cooked fruit. They usually do the trick. And at events, I will have one slice of pie or cake (it's gotten easier since increasing my vegetable intake.)

No. 135493

um…you're not going to get fat from binging on fruit. you would have to eat a ridiculous amount of fruit to gain a significant amount of weight from them. Binging on fruit isn't even bad for you as despite all the sugar, it's natural sugar and a bunch of other vitamins and nutrients.

I wish people would stop acting like fruit is the enemy.

No. 135494

This. The sugar in fruit can be broken down and used by your body. You be concerned more on how not to binge on things like sweets(desserts, candies, and drinks). The sugar in those don't do you any good unless it's natural.

No. 135495

I drink 3 1L bottles a day… I drink a LOT of water. I only have diet coke (0 calories) a couple times aweek to wake up.

I drink tea sometimes but it really dehydrates me for some reason.

I will try and replace apples with almonds but I love apples but hate almonds :(

No. 135496

Last october I was around 99 lbs t (about 45kg) oo, I was pregnant (got an abortion after 3months) and I gained like 110 and i suspect it fucked my metabolism because I wouldn't eat anything but I was putting on a lot of weight.. and my hair started falling out recently. So i really need to go to a doctor but all the doctors say my hormone levels are fine. My mom is legit hypothyroiditic so its scares me. What I eat now, is to maintain my weight because I know if I eat even a bit over 1000 I will start gaining.

My waist has always been around 25 inches unfortunately. Even at my leanest. It's so not fair. I lose weight from only my thighs an ass it seems. I have an inverted triangle body so i have to work out in order to maintain muscle on my bottom half. My bottom half has gotten bigger though.

I don't eat cheat meals regularly but sometimes i will substitute certain ingredients with more higher cal ones, like once every 2 weeks i'll have a homemade breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage which will be around 100 calories more. but in general i hate food and only eat to avoid getting headaches so idk. i also have a lot of food allergies like milk and mushrooms give me stomach pains.

No. 135497

Hm, well, that's weird. Try having the apples plain, and there might be different nuts that can help with metabolism, I just know almonds work best. Do you get enough sleep? If you do, maybe you're just plateauing for the time being. Try and switch things up and see what happens.

No. 135498

File: 1438217017826.gif (943.95 KB, 450x570, tumblr_moo0j9fpvQ1s905iwo1_500…)

So I recently had a revelation that my strenuous workouts have been fucking up my diet (I'm a genius, I know). It made me extremely, voraciously hungry for DAYS after. Even when I ate up to my maintenance calories and made sure I had enough protein, I would always end up binge eating and set myself back. Now I only do a moderate 30 minutes and it's much easier to stick to my diet. I no longer feel hungry.

Of course the rate at which I lose weight will be a bit slower and I'm so impatient. The hardest part about dieting is the damn waiting, for sure.

Pic is yolandi. I don't care for her at all but her body is fire. I heard she's a vegetarian.

No. 135499

Hey i hear ya
I wanted to lose a few pounds so started running but then let that get to my head to a point where i was rationalizing calories i hadnt even burned off
"I ran today so this cookie is fine"
Needless to say i lost no weight til i stopped exercising lol

No. 135500

Calories in calories out though
Fruits and vegetables are both great for you but fruit is more calorie dense. So theoretically yea you can binge on fruit. Or put another way, You will meet your daily calories faster with fruit than vegetables. Depends the fruit though - some have less fiber and more sugar.

No. 135501

Her body is perfect, I can't believe she's had a kid.

No. 135502

I wonder what her exercise routine is…

No. 135503

If it had more curve it'd be ideal for me, I absolutely LOVE small waists, small top, nice curvy hips and taunt thighs… love it <3

No. 135504

File: 1438282175233.jpg (80.21 KB, 640x640, 8888888888888.JPG)

aisha thalia and her body to die for…. she's vegan! <3

No. 135505

File: 1438282274313.png (560.21 KB, 395x640, tumblr_nhnyxwZKam1tnaufeo3_500…)


yeah… i love her body

No. 135506

I still prefer yolandis body. I like to look good in clothes.

No. 135507

Same, these thick girls look great in bikinis but generally look short and stout in clothes.
Good luck tryna find skinny jeans fo' dat ass

No. 135508

When my butt was bigger I could fit my legs into pants but they would stop at the butt. And I felt like Kim kardashian clown looking midget.

No. 135509


So basically you shouldn't have any curves to your body because you can't pull it off? Actually, most girls with this body CAN pull off shorts/jeans/tshirts without having to show it off. She is a bikini model so obviously.

I posted her because she is also vegan and has one of my favourite body types.

She doesn't even have a big ass either? Google her, her ass isn't Nicki minaji and why do they make skinny jeans in larger sizes? Fucking hell, grow up you jelly cunts.

No. 135510

File: 1438286317648.jpg (19.28 KB, 236x354, barbie-without-makeup.jpg)


Yeahhhh… a thick fatty in skinny jeans

No. 135511

File: 1438286428351.jpg (14.98 KB, 236x236, 8888888888888.JPG)

No. 135512

What the fuck…..no one is "jelly" just saying our opinions jfc. Calm down psycho. Its not because "can't pull it off" WE DONT WANT THAT BODY TYPE ignoramus. Why do you care? Curves are fine but not everyone wants to be at walking caricature lvl.

No. 135513

LMAO first of all…Wtf are they wearing AHAAAHA.

No. 135514


Oh calm down. You were the first the bash her, all I did was post another person who was vegan and since someone posted Yolandi I posted who's body I liked too. No big deal.

Posted her, she got bashed for having more hip on the side.

No. 135515


Have you ever been on abroad? People do this all the time when its hot

No. 135516

I'm sorry but this is fuckin ghetto.

No. 135517

ok all of us have different opinions.now chill, both of you.

No. 135518

What the hell I didn't bash her loony. I only said I would prefer yolandis body type. Fuck off you insecure baby bop.

No. 135519


Go to Florida, go to California, go to Europe i.e spain, turkey, malta, ect anywhere with nightlife during the summer and people wear this shit all the time. Seriously.

No. 135520

Shutup mom fuck u

No. 135521

lmao don't tell me to grow up, the only one who needs to grow up is you because apparently you don't understand people have different opinions to you. I wasn't even insulting here christ almighty.

It's like as soon as someone even hints at not liking someone who's 'bigger' everyone looses their shit. Stop being so fucking sensitive fgs

No. 135522

It still looks fucking ugly. And I'm not talking about the crop tops because I wear those all the time. The outfits in general are garbage and ghetto.

No. 135523


"Good luck tryna find skinny jeans fo' dat ass" Yeah… kinda bashing isn't it?

Girls with this body CAN fit into almost just about anything. Fuckin' hell not every girl is afraid of actually having some hips on their body or wanting some kawaii ugu 10 year old shit.

No. 135524


Get out of your pit and go venture the world, you'll soon see.

No. 135525

This must be jeggings because its hard to fund fitting pants when yo booty real big. Never going back.

No. 135526

File: 1438287063126.jpg (27 KB, 426x374, Blogging.jpg)


i wonder if she can fit into jeans tho

booty n half

No. 135527



Not everyone wants a big ass sorry fatso

No. 135528

File: 1438287153934.jpg (83.54 KB, 685x1000, Grammy2012-3.jpg)

( she's the one on right ) she hasn't even got a big ass tbh

No. 135529

Florida is "the world" to you? ……..jfc. I already said that I have no problem with the small tops BEXAUSE I WEAR THEM. I just think the out fits Are ugly. Sorry.

No. 135530


Aisha is a swim wear model you fanny jfc do your research

you're probably some fatty anyway who dreams of being ugu skinny

No. 135531


I stated a few other places too, idiot. You're American, aren't you? Christ.

Fair enough but I was basically just proving a point how people with figures like that can fit into jeans. Shitting hell, if a fat bastard can fit into them and they make skinny jeans up to a size 18/20 then I'm SURE 'thicker' girls can get into them lmfao

No. 135532

Oh my god stfu. So now youre going to try and bash skinny girls because you felt bashed on? Fatty logic.

No. 135533

everyone shut up no one cares this is getting too OT, please go back to talking about diet and exercise

No. 135534


To be honest retard, Yolandi and Aisha have similar bodies. The top is similar and the bottom is the same but one has a slighter curiver lower half. That's the ONLY difference, jesus.

How is she even fat?!

Fuck no wonder half the kids on the net today have eating disorders

No. 135535


It all started because some dildo felt the need to drama when there wasn't any need. If someone can post Yolandi then why can't other people post good bodies too?


No. 135536

Idk why they are so but hurt unless they have giant hips and insecure about their body or they're the model……

No. 135537

I meant you not her. You're fat.

No. 135538


I'm pretty sure the model is a bit too busy and carrying on with her own life to bother giving a flying fuck about what a bunch of salty bitches think on a forum.

No. 135539

YOU STARTED THS DRAMA. people were gibi g their opinions on what body type they wanted and YOU got offended about it.

No. 135540


You're probably fat too, fatties usually bring up someone else's 'fat' and then bash it because they're too sad about their own fat kek.

No. 135541


Then I tried proving a point how people with her body (even tho she has no ass) can fit in jeans

y r ppl so dumb

No. 135542

Only a fatty would know how a fatty thinks.

No. 135543

,………….are you retarded

No. 135544

she fucking is I swear to god wtf

No. 135545


Ah so you understand then, piss off and go munch on an apple.

No. 135546


You're all rtards tbh

No. 135547

Anon got triggered because not everyone liked the girl she posted and everyone didn't want big hips so they went into a fit of rage.

No. 135548


Anon got upset because the model has a finer figure than their fat ass.

No. 135549

Except they don't have similar bodies at all.

No. 135550


The TOP half

The bottom obv once is curvier than the other. They're both slim anyway.

No. 135551

Why are you so butthurt about people not wanting that models body? Why is it so hard for you to accept?

No. 135552

no one got upset over her tho???????? Someone just said they didn't want a big bum

you need to STOP what is your major malfunction why do you care so much omg

No. 135553


Because people are acting like the model is "big" when she isn't though.

No. 135554

File: 1438288027475.jpg (87.75 KB, 500x700, 1409444353947.jpg)


anon this is what a fat ass looks like

No. 135555

I love how quickly a thread about weight has deteriorated and got personal
great job guys!!!!!!!

No. 135556

I find it funny how these "real wimminz have curves" types always want to cry about being bashed but are so quick to bash other body types lmao. Insecure.

No. 135557

r u autistic or something leave it alone, down boy

No. 135558


No other body type was actually bashed in the beginning tho apart from the "model is so big and cant fit in jeans" despite the model not even havin an ass tho yet it was totes fine when yolandi got posted cos obv all wimmin shud look like her lol


No. 135559

They just dont want her body type whether you think its big or not. I know I don't want hips like that not you can have em if you want. Fuck off and stop trying to control opinions.

No. 135560

File: 1438288237824.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x365, alison-harvard-5.jpg)


sum ass for u all bitches

No. 135561

Oh my god please. You can post whatever body you want but you can't control what others are going to think. If you like the way it looks FINE. go eat mcdonalds and pray it goes to only your hips and not the rest of your body miraculously.

No. 135562


Not trying to control anything, all I was doing was proving a point that girls with THAT body type CAN pull of clothes. What was being said is that "if you have that type of body, slim with curves you look shit in clothes" when that isn't true. That's the annoying part, now it's just a bunch of retards posting fatty pics/big asses and arguing who's a retard or who isn't.

All I did was post a model who is ALSO vegan and models swimwear, then gets attacked for having something she actually doesn't have: big ass (proved it)

No one attacked yolandi or that body type at all. We're all big and grown up enough to know that 'all bods r different' guys. C'mon.

No. 135563



Body bashing right there lol

"if you have some hips on u ur fat" yeah because that mentality is healthy.

oh fuck offfffff

No. 135564


It's people trying to twist opinions around by this point.

big sigh

No. 135565


no one said she couldn't fit in jeans they just implied it was easier to find jeans when you're smaller LITERALLY no one 'attacked' this model you're just fucking butthurt for some reason
stop backpedaling fucking leave

No. 135566

Can you explain you rage induced rant then that was posted before the "proving giant hip women can fit skinny jeans" post? It really didn't prove anything because it still looks ridiculous but any explain >>135509

No. 135567


"Same, these thick girls look great in bikinis but generally look short and stout in clothes.
Good luck tryna find skinny jeans fo' dat ass"

Besides, the point. This body type can STILL fit and pull off clothes.

Yet it'd be different if something was said about yolandi's body type tho

this is a waste of time jfc

No. 135568

How was that body bashing? They said if you want big hips without rest of your body being fat. It was a joke.

No. 135569


How does the model even have 'giant hips' tho? It's just curvier but not big ass hips? This is what I don't understand.

It's fine if you post someone with no hips but soon as you post someone with a fuller figure they get shit for it

No. 135570

You're insane thats obviously not what they said.

No. 135571


I posted a pic with the model in jeans tho and then this went out of control and idk how fatties even came into the picture

as usual posters assume ur fat cos ur 'butthurt'


No. 135572

You didnt explain lmao.

No. 135573

File: 1438288810010.jpg (108.78 KB, 634x810, 1434393336593.jpg)


how wud u all like to have these hips lmfao

No. 135574

please stop talking about jeans it was one comment this has gone sooooo out of control

No. 135575

Explain >>135509. This was before you posted the picture of the ghetto sisters.
There was no drama before this.

No. 135576

yes sit on me pls

No. 135577

Dayuuum girl you thicc

No. 135578


1. someone posted yolandi cos vegan

2. someone posts model cos vegan

3. both like each bodies

4. some dick has to make remark "model good luck with fittin in jeans cos ass"

5. posts pic after ranting cos model obv can fit in jeans and girls with this body type can/pull it off

6. omg u fat fuck/ ur butthurt/ ma opinion tho

7. explain explain

8. pics of fatties/big asses

9. what the fuck even is this all tbh

No. 135579


that is fuckin' gross tho

there is curves and fatties need to stop stealing the title curvy

No. 135580

Do you have big hips or something?

No. 135581


No anon, I just like the model and I like her body hence why I posted in the first place sigh just like that person posted Yolandi I suppose

No. 135582

No. 135583

File: 1438289094610.jpg (9.17 KB, 225x225, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)

No. 135584


No. 135585

File: 1438289198594.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.69 KB, 500x331, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135586

Youre even more stupid than I thought. Explain >>135575

No. 135587

File: 1438289275860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.46 KB, 320x240, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135588


oh for fuck sake

No. 135589

Hi yes anon who posted the Jeans comment, wasn't referring to her specifically just meant it must be harder to find skinny jeans to fit, I have friends who have bigger asses and they always complain about it okkkkkk??????

If I apologize will you stfu ?????

No. 135590


No. 135591


I don't really care anymore, I'm getting off this thread because of the midget spam jesus christ

No. 135592

File: 1438289410499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.74 KB, 320x240, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135593

Hips chan started the drama and is now trying to put the blame on some girl saying she would want to have yolandis body over the model.

No. 135594

U started it

No. 135595


what is even going on

No. 135596

File: 1438289495349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.64 KB, 326x326, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135597

We vanquished the hamplanet

No. 135598

File: 1438289536252.gif (3.72 MB, 347x244, 1437683612616.gif)

this is getting funny as hell

No. 135599

File: 1438289542247.jpg (13.95 KB, 195x260, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135600

i told u it was harder to find clothes for bigger asses, look she ripped right thru her stockings

No. 135601

File: 1438289602463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.12 KB, 692x400, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135602

File: 1438289655588.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.55 KB, 500x341, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)


hav ma bones xoxoxo

No. 135603

They're back >>135601

No. 135604

ah here we go here go I can taste the sodium chloride

No. 135605

File: 1438289728477.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.31 KB, 1400x1050, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135606

File: 1438289776926.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.77 KB, 1395x708, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 135607

Attack of the hambeast 2 the hamplanet strikes back

No. 135608

File: 1438289858608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.51 KB, 644x362, 1409444353947.jpg)

No. 135609

this fucking thread is cancer

No. 135610

oh my god i accidentally watched this porno once

No. 135611


what happened?

No. 135612


Her body is average and looks just like anyone who works out.

No. 135613

This is why we cant have nice things

No. 135614

File: 1438290457624.jpg (75.37 KB, 873x675, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)


People forget body shapes/pelvis sizes and shit exist to be honest.

No. 135615

File: 1438290736012.jpg (549.06 KB, 1116x2737, T2U48KXBNaXXXXXXXX_!!157895907…)


anything is better than being apple

No. 135616

There are variation s though right? I don't look like any of these shitty drawings.

No. 135617

Cease and desist with the shitposting, and try to stay on the topic of dieting.

No. 135618


Meh they're basically just giving you an idea of what body is which tbh

No. 135619

diet-anon from earlier here.

thanks for ruining the thread, ana-chans and fatty-chans.

bunch of cunts.

No. 135620

also, i dont even like yolandi's body. i could live w/o it. like the stomach and shit is great but her tits are like two sad fried eggs, her legs are non existent and she has no ass, no waist definition unless she sucks in.

No. 135621

File: 1438311759499.jpg (31.28 KB, 425x640, yolandi.jpg)

yolandi has a gr8 body. fatty pls go.

No. 135622

……. Wtf? Her boobs aren't saggy or anywhere near sad they look like normal tits. do you have a balloon boob job or something? I'm seriously concerned for how you think boobs are supposed to look like.

No. 135623

That anons comment was funny to me because I just saw a thread somewhere talking about whether or not her breast were real lol. I always thought they were nice though.

No. 135624


Her body is fine, it's just normal looking and taunt? But I just think it's average and plain.

No. 135625


lol that camel toe tho

No. 135626

i love curvy bodies but her legs do look good. she has a waist for sure, but i will agree that she has no ass at all

No. 135627

>average and plain
Umm do you want people to have dragon wings or something? Ffs.

No. 135628

She's hot

No. 135629

Fat asses are disgusting

No. 135630

Not having a giant ass doesn't equal no ass…..there's nothing wrong with having a normal sized bum. Thanks Megan trainor.

No. 135631

Treble scum!

No. 135632

Real wimmyn have curves!

No. 135633

What are you cunt farmer GW?

I'm 5ft6 and 120 pounds I wish to go down to 110 before school start again.
I got down to 115 a few month ago but I gainned back because I live with my family during the holliday an they eat like pigs (bf family is worst!)

Yeah I want to be skinny, I'm super unconfortable with anything curvy or womanly and yeah I do love looking like a 12 yrs old boy.

No. 135634


That's kind of weird but okay.

Do you not worry about if you got attacked you wouldn't be able to defend yourself or run away?

No. 135635


Cool, we have the same goal weight. I'm 153, 5'9 at the moment. Ever since I've stopped eating processed sugar I've been losing pretty fast. I hope to reach my goal before next year.

But seriously, agreed. I just like how skinny girls look more like bitches. Plus, I like to entertain fantasies where I'm a ~model~.

No. 135636

Im also 5'6 and stuck at 120 :(

No. 135637

File: 1438445764773.jpg (82.85 KB, 736x1104, 1.jpg)

looking at her arms and thighs, she's a cardiobunny or does high reps and low weight. she has no definition in her legs and arms.

she's definitely genetically gifted and obviously takes care of herself, but i'm 90% sure her selfies are a little shopped and/or manipulate angles and poses. in photos other people take, she still has a crazy hourglass, but her hips aren't that big. Also know that a shit-ton of these instagram fitness models and chicks that look like her have brazilian butt lifts. that procedure doesn`t only add to your ass, but it can also add to your hips. they also have implants for the sides of your hips. just google it.

most fit girls like this can`t fit into normal jeans. fit guys often can`t either. they have to get tailored jeans or just wear ``jeggings`` or jeans mixed with at least a little bit of spandex.

No. 135638

File: 1438445828697.jpg (99.24 KB, 640x640, 11273067_1597532117190206_1031…)

also, this is my goal body.

No. 135639

File: 1438446069594.jpg (22.54 KB, 500x281, missalice2.jpg)

i don`t think i have the genetics to put on that amount of muscle in those places with good balance. that`s more like a dream body, i guess. so, i think my realistic goal would be someone like miss alice 94. she`s both fit and looks great in clothes. (heard she has a fake butt, but i don`t know)

No. 135640

File: 1438446217708.png (15.7 KB, 700x700, 1435177657935.png)

this looks fucking hilarious
good luck tho

No. 135641

File: 1438446270465.jpg (8.52 KB, 284x177, missalice.jpg)

No. 135642

Ikd wtf. The butt…..doesn't even look like it belongs on that body. Idk I wear sort of alternative fashion style and that shit just would look good.

No. 135643

Wow she looks normal here. Definitely shoops.

No. 135644

Just because you are skinny doesn't mean you will look like a little boy…..I'm 5'3 and pretty thin. Don't look boyish at all. But I want to look that way sometimes.

No. 135645

File: 1438449736421.jpg (78.87 KB, 400x600, Dolce2012.jpg)

It was just a way to pre-respond to all the shitty thing you hear when you say you wanna be skinny!

Well, it's weird for you. I find it weird that some people would want certain body type but you know, you can't really argue with the taste of other…


Tbh I really want to be model thin but I know it's really hard to achieve let alone maintain… I'm afraid my obsession with super thinness could lead to an eating disorder so I try to be moderate with my wishes…

No. 135646

I would be so uncomfortable with an ass sticking out like that! I feel that whatever you would wear, you would look vulgar! Scary :(

No. 135647

Yes and it does feel uncomfortable unless you dont care about overall aesthetic and just want attention for your giant ass because you're gonna get it. I used to have a pretty fat ass until I lost weight and I hated that shit. Its still round but normal sized for a small body now.

No. 135648

File: 1438462352091.png (510.7 KB, 578x583, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.51…)

my ideal body is ashe maree's except with larger boobs. she has a big ass for her frame that looks great in pants, a flat tummy that doesn't have muscle showing through, and thin limbs.

No. 135649

File: 1438462512914.png (424.09 KB, 523x627, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.54…)

her body is perfect/goals but she barely eats anything due to her disorder… like she probably has like some salad and some nuts every day and thats it.

No. 135650

This is considered a big ass nowadays?

No. 135651

Idk about you anon, but growing up most shows I watched always made a little jkoke out of women asking if a certain clothing item made their but look big because they wanted it to look small. Now that having a big butt is considered trendy, anything that isn't flat is considered big to the same community. They still don't like big butts, but now realize flat or tiny butts aren't the ideal so they admire anything right above that.

No. 135652

Why are thin limbs considered so desirable?
When I see people with limbs that are super thin I usually think they're crackheads.

No. 135653

Its proportionate to her body.

No. 135654

Because thin looks better than fat.

No. 135655

It seems to me in this thread that girls here don't consider an ass big unless you have the bottom half of princess Fiona and a normal top.

No. 135656

File: 1438473237027.png (587.98 KB, 559x629, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 4.57…)

no, its a small ass on most people. but on her its big because everything else is very thin about her. she has an average persons ass on a thin body.

i love he body tho and it makes me so jealous.

No. 135657


Who the fuck cares? Her shape is gorgeous as hell!

No. 135658

No one said it wasn't though.

No. 135659

I used to think Ashe was so cute but the size she is now is so painful to look at.
Even if she has IBS I don't think she's putting enough effort into managing the disorder.
I used to have stress induced IBS and whilst it is hard to maintain a healthy weight on a limited diet it is completely doable.
I know that she used to, or maybe still does, self harm because of the scars on the inside of her arms and it does make me wonder if she's starving herself as a new form of self harm and using IBS as a mask.

The last few times I've seen her on cam it's been so uncomfortable to watch with all her bones and tendons so visible underneath her taut skin, like in this video which is over a year old now so she's actually heavier in it than she is now.

No. 135660

File: 1438532175367.png (865.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-02-17-15-15…)


I just visited her Instagram now and jeez, she is looking even more skeletal then last I saw her.

No. 135661

Not trying to be rude but I've noticed whenever you post a slighty curvier girl (not a fatty but not as lithe) it gets more backlash than the white skinny minnies that are posted tho

im js

No. 135662

honestly she really doesn't look skeletal at all to me. like normal skinny.

amerifat detected.

No. 135663

File: 1438544686632.jpg (56.27 KB, 404x711, vdvsdc.jpg)


I'm not American friend, but if you think picture related is a normal, healthy physique you need to seek help.
That are you're some grotty little wannarexic who doesn't understand that diet and movement is the key to weightloss.

Obviously she isn't healthy if Instagram is removing some of her photos occasionally believing that she's trying to promote an ED.

Even Ashe has admitted that her BMI is something like 2 points below the minimum healthy BMI of around 18-18.5 which would put her around 16-16.5 which if she did have an ED would place her cleanly in the medically anorexic diagnosis.

No. 135664

Some people are so delusional…

She is obviously very underweight which is unhealthy. She even admitted that she is.

No. 135665

File: 1438552237005.jpg (76.45 KB, 640x640, 11419295_1036354263044011_1229…)

This is literally the gaunt, prematurely-wrinkled face of anorexia.

No. 135666


Kind of sad when you realise she used to look like this.

No. 135667

File: 1438561879921.jpg (38.83 KB, 481x360, sadasd.jpg)

She's online right now if anybody wants a real idea of how thin she's gotten.


No. 135668

File: 1438562348551.jpg (114.42 KB, 1437x358, caddad.jpg)

No. 135669

Those pictures are so upsetting. Shes beautiful and I hope shes not actually full on ash anorexic

No. 135670

File: 1438566017864.jpg (31.6 KB, 501x800, er.jpg)

I consider these to be big butts for their frames

No. 135671

what is her disorder?

No. 135672

man, apple body is such a curse. I feel so bad for people with that shape, you have to be thin as hell or fit to pull it off.

No. 135673


She says IBS but would not be surprised if she's suffering with anorexia given her history of self harm.
I have never in my life witnessed anybody with IBS drop such a substantial amount of weight such as she is.

If she's being honest about not having an ED I would seriously suggest she get herself properly checked out because she's dangerously thin at this point.

No. 135674

I have IBS and when I get like a flare up I drop to like 85 ish pounds vs 95-100 (5'3)

No. 135675

I have IBS and it just makes it harder for me to lose weight rather than gain. Cases like this chick's are surprising to me.

No. 135676

No. 135677

Apple-shaped ana-chan here to confirm that this body type is a curse. Honestly, my eating disorder started due to my pursuit of a flat stomach. It's gotten much more complex through the years, but that was what started it all. Now I'm horribly underweight and STILL don't have the flat stomach. As far as I can tell, surgery would be the only way to achieve it.

No. 135678

same. no flat tummy.

lipo will only make the skin looser and saggier.

tummy tucks will leave bad scar marks.

fuck us, right?

No. 135679

Im also apple shaped and my stomach has been my biggest insecurity since I was a child. It makes me sad knowing I'll never be able to wear a bikini because my stomach will always be fat. I lost 30lbs and my stomach hardly looks any different. Sorry for the blog post but its so depressing.

No. 135680

uh what? your stomach won't always be fat just be fit/healthy. it's not normal to have a big fat stomach

No. 135681

I am though my bmi is 19, so no im not huge lol but that's where all my fat goes >_>

No. 135682

I feel this so much. I can lose all the weight I can, my legs will be skinny, my arms will be twigs, my breats will be small, my ass will be tiny, but the fat stomach just stays on like a tumor. I've always dreamed of a flat stomach and despite eating right and working out I can never achieve it. I look like an alien when my legs are skinny as fuck but my stomach just stays bloated.

No. 135683

fatty-chan anon here -

HW was around 200, and I'm into the low 190s after a couple weeks of lax calorie mentoring.

the main issue is I've been in a relationship for six years where i gained around 55-60lbs from giving zero fucks about how much junk food and booze I consumed.

My boyfriend is still eating like shit and drinking like a horse. I think he's trying to sabatage me uncobviously.

Is there any way to bring this up without being an asshole

No. 135684

If you decide to go on a diet / lifestyle change, you cannot expect that other people will change with you.
Do you have to eat what he eat? Drink what he drink? Just tell him what your plans are and then be true to your words.

No. 135685

he's not, and no. don't be so easily influenced. if you give in it's of no fault but you're own. he's not forcing it upon you demanding you eat it. you'll have to be harder on yourself. if it's because you are concerned about his health, mention it. but don't do any more than that. people change because they want to change or have no choice.

sorry, i just hate that kind of shit. its like if somebody is asking you to TW your own fucking blog because they're scared of the word "and".

unfortunately part of life means dealing with shit you hate and have little to no control over. when you let go of such things, and reclaim self-determination it'll go smoother.

No. 135686

have you heard of that new thing where they freeze your fat cells and your body basically poops it out? its the new lipo

No. 135687

thanks anon.

it's more the concern that he's slowly killing himself because he's put on the same amount, if not more.

but not my life at the end of the day, yeah?

thanks again anons.

No. 135688

I think you should do your thing and be a good example for him.
there are no better way to convice somebody than say nothing and show them how it's done and even better ; how it's easily done.

No. 135689

File: 1439246862440.png (691.89 KB, 529x663, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.47…)

my dinner today ^_^

No. 135690

food that can help with not being bloated?

recently changing up my diet because IBS/lactose intolerance is making me look preggo. i'm going dairy-free and 80/20 veggies/other.


No. 135691

food that can help with not being bloated?

recently changing up my diet because IBS/lactose intolerance is making me look preggo. i'm going dairy-free and 80/20 veggies/other.


No. 135692

drinking more water, oatmeal, and green/peppermint tea can ease bloating

No. 135693

thanks :)

No. 135694

all of these, as well as ginger and pineapple. be careful with pineapple, tho, because all dat sugar.

No. 135695


buh pineapple is so goooodd anon ;(

No. 135696

Easy on the raw fruit and veg though, too much fiber can also be irritating.

No. 135697

meant to reply to >>135690

No. 135698

oh yeah i don't eat strictly raw, i make pastes & pastas & 100% veggie wraps to spice shit up.

No. 135699

Why does my stomach hurt everytime after i eat? Like gas pain and I feel really full after only eating a small amount. Especially eating vegetables cause this.

No. 135700

It might have something to do with your stomach rather than what you're eating. If you can get it checked out, I would recommend it.

No. 135701

Has anyone had success doing any at-home DVDs or YouTube workouts? I know they're kind of seen as lame, but I absolutely hate going to the gym. I already run about 30 minutes a day and I'm trying to stick to 1,200 cal a day as well, but I want something that can really help me get toned.

Is Blogilates any good? I've heard a lot of people like that plan.

No. 135702

I've followed Blogiltes for awhile and I like Cassey, even though she gets under fire from other people for dieting for a photo shoot (which is completely normal as no one maintains their body shape 100% including fucking Olympic athletes). I personally really like the Call me Maybe squat challenge even though I hate the song. 2 weeks of it and my butt and thighs looked amazing. And I lost like 5 pounds. I was a massive fatty then too.

No. 135703

I think I might do this. I don't have to lose any weight but I wanna tone my butt for the beach in 2 weeks. Thanks for the tip~~

No. 135704

Thanks, anon! I just started her beginner plan. She seems super sweet and I actually sort of enjoy doing them as there's no rep counting and she talks to you like a friend, haha. I'll definitely start doing the squat challenge too, though!

As for the diet thing, that's ridiculous. Literally everyone does that. Even in bikini/muscle competitions they do that.

No. 135705

yes I did! I tried ock ju hyun yoga and callanetics: 10 years younger in 10 hours. Both gave me great results - went 2 sizes down. Also my body type is skinny fat and they helped me get rid of "jelly" and be more lean and firm. The thing is these workouts might seem boring/tiring to some so you need to be very diligent.

My friends had good results with mel b workouts. They're quite popular here where I live.

As for blogilates - I heard her exercises make you look bulky, but on the other she doesn't look very fit for a trainer.

No. 135706

Thanks, anon! I'm skinnyfat right now due to recovering from an ED (currently 165cm/54kg) so that's exactly what I'm looking for - to get rid of that "jelly", haha.

She seems to just have a broader body type to me. I wonder if she is an actual fitness trainer. I guess some of her programs are in 24 Hour Fitness gyms though, so they must do something.

No. 135707

She's been looking bulkier lately and I think it's because she's been talking about adding tone and muscle mass, since women tend to just focus on weight loss. She actually did diet down for a bikini competition awhile ago and IMO she looked almost too thin at the time. The shape she is now is much more realistic and reasonable (and she did work as a fitness instructor, but maybe not anymore.)

No. 135708

File: 1440347729985.jpg (32.2 KB, 396x353, 1426394702074.jpg)

>losing weight
>always had a large ass
>realize as I lose weight that I seem to have lordosis on top of a fat ass
>actually look like one of those retards with the gigantic booty that waddle around

How the fuck do I fix this shit? As I slim down, my ass sticks out even more.

No. 135709

sorry you cant
Im stuck in the same boat

crooked looking, large ass, thin body, looking weird and wobbly

No. 135710

File: 1440350245042.jpg (97.06 KB, 753x728, DSC0564.jpg)


It can't be fixed really but imo lordosis can be pretty hot.
Congrats on the weight loss.

No. 135711

Deadlifts, hyper extensions, and core work fixed my lordosis

No. 135712

I think I'm gonna do the eat nothing but cucumber and watermelon for 2 weeks thing after new years

wish me luch

No. 135713

Um, why don't you eat a balanced diet like a normal person and just exercise regularly, instead of doing some stupid diet that will likely only have temporary effects and leave you malnourished because of how restrictive it is?

So fucking dumb.

No. 135714


because fatty

No. 135715

I honestly hate stupid bitches like this. They yo-yo diet for years and curse their genetics and wonder why they can't lose weight. Meanwhile, I'll be happy with my balanced meals and losing weight by working out like a sane person.

No. 135716


Don't worry about it, worry about your own body. Let them do what they want.

No. 135717

Do you know what a binge is? I'm not trying to suggest you don't know your own eating habits, and it might feel like a lot to you, but what you're describing really doesn't sound like a binge.

No. 135718

File: 1451688174861.jpg (411.93 KB, 1289x965, 1421010020744.jpg)

any dieting advice for an emotional eater?

No. 135719

Have a list of alternate coping skills that you can always take out whenever you feel that you are about to engage in emotional eating. Some of my things are having a hot bath, going for a jog, making tea (if I can handle being in the kitchen lol), etc. If all else fails just set a time limit for instance if you are about to do some emotional eating look at the clock and say "okay I just won't do it until 30 minutes from now" and try to relax during that time period. Emotional eating is usually an impulse so if you can just stop the immediate impulse then you give your logical mind time to take over again and not mess up your diet.

No. 135720

Hello my fellow farmers,

K so xmas and new year is over now. I want to begin my cliche new year diet this week.

Okay so I'm going back to running in the mornings and evenings.

It's just my eating habits… can you help me out a little?

What helped you guys loose weight?

Realistic diets please none of the doll portions or silly yoyo tricks.

No. 135721

You just have to cut calories.

But if you want to get into healthier eating habits CRON is the best thing that happened to me. It's a bit OCD but well worth it.

No. 135722

yes, dairy is good if you like smooth tasting things, also find vegan recipes and strawberries,lemons,pomegrantes,and cherries tend to taste like candy if youre into that, nuts will also do, depends on what you crave really, I'm an emotional eater myself

No. 135723

any foods that go to your thighs hips and butt? I workout too but im just wondering

No. 135724

no. no food just sticks to an area, spot "gaining" isn't a thing just like spot reduction.
Just eat more and build muscle mass.

No. 135725

Control portion size if you're like me and don't like to attribute numbers to food. Or prefer a visual method instead. I use a smaller plate and that helps loads. Eat and cook fresh when possible and if you eat out, take home about a third to half your meal since restaurant portion sizes are too big, in the us anyway. Since you'll be exercising don't cut out anything specific, just pay attention to what your body is craving, and eat healthy according to that craving. Your body will want a thing for a reason, so eat the thing. I've lost and kept off over 30 lbs now. I still have about 30 more to go, but that's my goal for this year.

No. 135726

This has more to do with your body type/hormones etc. There might be a connection between diet and visceral fat/subcatenous fat storage. But it's more of a health related thing. So eating any type food at maintenance shouldn't make you gain on either fat storages.

Also if you want to lean out your lower body you should do a combination of weight and cardio work outs while keeping calorie intake at maintenance or only slightly above, so you won't end up builking your legs up.

"The greater the exercise frequency, the greater the loss of subcutaneous fat. Translated this means that shorter sessions (e.g. 30 mins) 6x a week, are more effective than longer sessions (e.g. 60 min) 3x a week."

No. 135727


2+ litres of water a day is really important, it improves your skin so much as well as helping with bloating (for me personally)

No. 135728

File: 1460919055166.jpg (350.32 KB, 1529x871, 2016-04-17-19-30-33-972.jpg)

This was my lunch today.
I always feel fucking awesome whenever I eat super clean like this, and it makes my bowel movements smooth as a waterslide.

I know the juice isn't THAT good for you, but fuck, I need to get some sugar from somewhere otherwise I start slowly veering towards Greggs when I'm out in town.

What has everybody else eaten today and how do you feel?

No. 135729

Did you eat all the bananas?

No. 135730

Vegetables drowned in gross oily dressing, sugary bananas, empty calories and a sugar bomb from the juice, and calorie dense walnuts… the only thing in this picture that's "clean" is the vegetables, that is if you hadn't dumped a bunch of fat onto them. And i really hope you didn't eat all the bananas and walnuts…

No. 135731

File: 1460920551756.jpg (23.95 KB, 540x540, IDShot_540x540.jpg)


No just one for dessert aha



>eurghh gross, dressing

m8, it's Lea & Perrins…. there's 0.9g of fat in it per 100ml kek

You forgot to criticise my cup of water tho.

No. 135732

File: 1460920625003.jpg (56.43 KB, 584x622, 1423206812455.jpg)

>sugary bananas
Calm down bonelord.

No. 135733

You're the fucking worst.

No. 135734


>empty calories!!!!!!!!


No. 135735


C'mon, "empty calories" and "sugary bananas"? I'm not seeing any empty calories in Anon's picture except the drink, maybe. Bananas are healthy, anyways - Is anything not completely bland too much for your tastebuds?

Anyways, I just had a porkchop and roast potatoes with water today. Not very healthy but whatever, I end up only eating like one meal a day.

No. 135736

I don't understand this utter obsession with starving yourself on lolcow. You can easily lose weight if you know how.

If you're either starving yourself and have constant lethargy or you're gluttoning yourself intermittently, then you're doing it wrong.

No. 135737


Do you understand the definition of "diet"?
How fat are you?

No. 135738

Are any of you trying to build at all? I'm too stringy/skinny fat for my taste and I've been working out but I don't know how i should change my diet to fit my new needs. I don't want to slow down my metabolism or get defiant in anything. I eat mostly vegatarian and avoid low fat things (I don't like the extra sugars and don't need to lose). I've been craving a lot of salt since i started working out 4-5 times a week but I'm worried I'm getting to much. (tmi) I have a heavy period so I eat meat and take iron supplements during that time, so y'all adjus your diet around your cycle?

No. 135739


I've stopped my menstrual cycle completely with birth control, do if that's something you're concerned about maybe consider it as an option?

That being said, your metabolic rate is effectively food intake x energy output, so as long as you're exercising regularly there's no reason for it to slow.

You taking whey protein?

No. 135740

I don't have a need to go on bc currently as my anemia is controlled with the iron but I'll talk to my gyno about it. Can it make it harder to gain muscle? I don't know which about birth control tbh. There isn't really sufficient evidence for whey protein for muscle building, and i don't feel super comfortable using a supplement that isn't proven to help. I think it can add weight for teenagers (but reducing fat). maybe it would help me cut out a little more meat and dairy. I'll try a 12 week trial or s/t idk. How do you take it?

No. 135741

Another supplement that is actually really strongly shown to help muscle building is creatine so you might want to look into that. Not only does it increase your athletic ability while you're working out but it helps build bigger muscles during the healing process afterwards as well, and it is safe (there are a ton of studies to back up these claims but check it out and make your own decisions obv).

No. 135742

why do you eat vegetarian if you have anemia?

No. 135743

I'm scared of cooking meat. I feel like I'll fuck it up and give myself food poisoning. It's not like my diet is the same as a meat-eater except without meat. I'm not a vegatarian, I just happen to not eat a lot of meat. And I will eat it if I trust someone or a restaurant. It's pretty mild anemia and I don't usually have symptoms except around my period.

No. 135744

Maybe get a meat thermometer? Most of the time you can just visually tell whether or not the meat is cooked properly though.

No. 135745

you know you can get food poisoning from vegetables right

like e.coli can occur in spinach and shit

No. 135746

Why is it a big deal to not eat meat if you are getting all your nutrients?

No. 135747

Not the anon that you're replying to, but nobody said it is? Nobody gives a fuck about what you eat.

No. 135748

Why not just learn how to cook like a regular adult?

No. 135749

calm down nelly, i eat mostly vegetarian myself but i was just pointing out that food poisoning doesnt only come from meat and that quite frankly your reason for not eating it is stupid.

No. 135750

Okay, I had a lot of anxiety surrounding food growing up. It got to a point where the only food I could eat without feeling like I was poisoning my body was carrots and oatmeal. I've gone to therapy for it for a long time to resolve those issues, but I still have trouble with some foods. I know that this anxiety isn't based in logic. But it's very easy to avoid meat, a huge trigger for me. I understand this is "stupid". I know that I would not get food poisoning if I cooked the meat properly. Most meals I eat are cooked/prepared in some fashion. I avoided talking about this because its wasn't relevant. I add in some meat in the time before my period because it prevents mild anemia I experience. But I calculate the amount of nutrients and such I get each day, and I most always meet the marks. I've learned some dishes to disguise the texture of meat, but dealing with the raw meat before cooking/baking/boiling really grosses me out. If you have any advice to dealing with this without calling it immature, I would gladly take it. Also, in my original post I said I was craving salt, but I am meeting my goals for salt intake. Is there anything I can beat those cravings with?

No. 135751

its not immature or anything but yea definitely i would just continue therapy. i think DBT is appropriate here? like you just have to keep doing the thing that scares you or you'll never get over it

No. 135752

do you drink a lot of fluids? many people with food anxiety drink a lot as a way to avoid eating, if you do- the 'recommended' salt intake will not be enough for you as you are essentially flushing out electrolytes. either up your salt intake if this applies to you or try drinking less.

agreed with this anon, dbt and exposure therapy– basically try it in small doses and gradually work your way up. it's supposed to be shitty and uncomfortable but you can do it.

No. 135753

If it helps ease your fears, keep in mind some people eat raw meat on a regular basis. Many delicacies are based on raw meat. Raw meat isn't super poisonous or anything, in fact you might want to hardly cook it for things like beef, duck, salmon or horse to get the best flavour

Ok maybe not salmon, stay away from raw fish if you're a noob with cooking

No. 135754

I'm a vegetarian and I'm going to be doing a year-long exchange in Japan come September 2017. I'm not a pescatarian either, and I'm pretty awful at cooking to boot.

I am legitimately concerned for my foreseeable dietary options, so if anybody here has any experiences of eating vegetarian in Japan, I'd really love to hear them.
I'm not so strict that I'm labouring under the belief that I'll be able to block everything out, ultimately stuff like fish stock is going to sneak in occasionally, but for me its more an issue of not financially supporting the meat industry as opposed to me actually disagreeing with the physical consumption of meat.

Wat do. How fucked am I.

No. 135755

also a non-pescetarian vegetarian here. it's one of the reasons why I've avoided going to japan. not sure there are any great options.

No. 135756

fish stock isn't just going to just creep in occasionally, it's going to creep in a lot.

ultimately it depends on things like: how good is your japanese? unless you are able to clearly explain your dietary restrictions or read labels you're going to have a hard time.

in my experience a lot of japanese thought 'vegetarian' meant 'no meat' so they would try and serve you fish thinking it was okay.

in all honesty i would consider just going pescetarian for your experience there. it's different from the beef/pork/chicken industry…

at least you're not like my vegan friend who is going to south america and expects to maintain her strict veganism even in small villages lol

No. 135757


I figured I might just end up having to relent and eat fish. Oh well. When in Rome I guess.

No. 135758

I know people like to throw around the fish stock when it comes to Japan and vegetarianism (they are not wrong, be wary) but do note that they do use seaweed (usually kombu) stocks as well. Vegetarianism, despite what gets thrown around here, isn't that uncommon in Japan (well…if you're not a monk) look for really buddhist places maybe or look up terms that they might use to express their dietary habit.

"Vegetarianism" as a western concept might be lost on them but if you find a local equivalent to describe it you might fare better

No. 135759

if youre at all near tokyo or a bigger city you might be in luck. there should be a number of vegan restaurants. i know you're not vegan per say, btu these are your best chances are following your diet.
and of course you if you cook at home, you are in control. rice is a staple food and its cheap, and so are fruits and vegetables if you know where to look. good luck

No. 135760

No. 135761

I would really go look at Mimei's videos, I remember seeing a few she made that featured vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo.

No. 135762

Inspired by wanting to be a rich bitch but actually just being a poor cunt, I made a beauty water inspired by Sakura Life and the probiotic drinks from Korea.

I mean, their ingredients are just Rose water, Silica, Water (+72 trace minerals!)

1 tablespoon rose water
1/4 tsp FOOD GRADE diatamaceous earth
2 tablespoons organic yogurt (I used french vanilla)
16 ounces of filtered water

shake it up and feel fancy.
If nothing else, you're at least drinking an extra 16 ounces water (preferably first thing in the morning)

If you have hydrolyzed collagen (can mix in cold without gelling), you could add that too.
I don't, but I had gelatin powder (has to be hot) to my morning tea.

No. 135763

Why on earth are you adding gelatin to your coffee?

No. 135764

just to add in some collagen a la the Laneige Collagen Drink. I also add coconut oil, but that's just because I need more fats in my diet.

"Gelatin is a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen"

It also only turns into jello once it's cooled. So I add it to my hot tea and drink it before it gets cold.

I'd do the hydrolyzed collagen but it's not as easy to find in stores.

No. 135765


You know collagen can't be a be absorbed through consumption. The whole "consuming collagen will give you nicer skin!" thing is an enormous scam. You just poop it out.

No. 135766

Oh crap. I've been buying some collagen powder from iHerb for months now. It has rave reviews, like "this stuff ironed away my wrinkles" and so on, but my skin looks as ugly as it always has. Won't be wasting my money on that any more then.

No. 135767


>"for collagen fragments to be ingested, travel through the highly acidic digestive tract, and accumulate in the dermis is hard to imagine," says Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist. Their argument is that all proteins, whether bioavailable collagen peptides or bone broth, are processed the same way by stomach enzymes and end up as tiny amino acids that can't target specific organs such as the skin"

Yup, it's all a snake oil con.
Really the only thing to known to work is actions such as derma rolling an area, i.e. intentionally injuring your body to a minor degree so that collagen is produced during repair of the area.

No. 135768

Gelatin is made from boiled animal bones. Just eat the white stuff at the end of chicken legs to ingest lots of collagen. I won't judge whether it works or not, we all have our quirks and unorthodox methods. I like to pretend my green tea powder makes my skin nicer.

No. 135769

I derma rolled my lips (hard enough to scar) for half a year and they've gotten permanently more pouty. Only slightly, but it's noticeable. Best 3 quid I ever spent. It's painful tho.

No. 135770


Fugg rly.
If this is legit I might start…

No. 135771

Runs off to ebay to buy a roller…

Do you use any moisturisers/ serums after using the roller?

No. 135772

When I rolled my lips I put a solution of alcohol and lavender on them afterwards. Stings like a bitch but puffs them up nice. You're basically trying to irritate the skin as much as you can, and the alcohol provides a nice bacterial cleaning. The lavender is just for the smell. I figure you can use anything, but alcohol is a good and cheap aftercare.

The face solutions I never tried. They look nice, but I have no idea if they work or not. I never really rolled my face. Just my lips.

It's great if you don't mind pain. Get the ones with the smallest needles. The smaller the needles the better, the big thick needles tend to be more blunt.

No. 135773

Oh and I made the alcohol solution for my lips myself. I wouldn't advise people to do that for their face though, it's probably better to buy those premade solutions and serums they have on ebay.

No. 135774

I know this. That's the same idea that eating chicken skin will give you chicken skin.

The idea though, is that your body catabolizes it into the amino acids that it needs so that it can anabolize it into collagen for your skin.

I'm not trying to say it's guaranteed to give you beautiful skin, but it's not going to do nothing in your body.

No. 135775


Your body can create collagen through stimulated practice, you can inject collagen, but you cannot catabolise collagen through ingestion. The collagen compounds have to first survive the stomach and then somehow make their way through the digestive tract, which is highly acidic, and then be absorbed.

This isn't a case of "Oh well my body will just brake them down. The molecules are TOO BIG to be absorbed and distributed to the skin. Your body can distribute various other building block components necessary for CREATING collagen, but they will not magically force whole collagen up into your skin. You are wasting your money Anon.

No. 135776

File: 1461613571391.jpg (29.69 KB, 640x427, 7-things-you-should-know-about…)

i always raised an eyebrow when my chinese friends moms would try to get me to eat pig feet and marrow and other 'good sources of collagen'
and dont forget sweet, sweet birdnest (aka sparrow regurgitation)

No. 135777

I've been pretty good about weaning myself off of unnecessary sugar. Right now, I'm only trying to get the majority of my sugar from fruit and small indulgences of really dark 88% cocoa chocolate. The latter really helps when I want desserts.

My only big issue with sugar is alcoholic drinks. I drink maybe once a month or every other month, but my preferred drinks are super sugary. Shots are out because doing them instantly make me nauseous.

Any anons know of an alcohol that might make a good replacement for someone who tends to like sugary mixed drinks?

No. 135778

Fruit juice with liquor?

No. 135779

my go-to is diet cranberry juice and vodka. the tartness of the juice masks the gross liquor taste just enough to be tolerable.
plus i like to pretend that the 'detoxifying' effects of cranberry juice that those commercials are always touting will kind of nullify some of the damage to my liver.

No. 135780

Rum and cola zero? Booze with grapefruit juice doesnt grapefruit help with weightloss or something? I tend to dance a lot when i drink cocktails so i usually dont care and i dont eat much sugar on a daily basis so i allow myself to cheat on a night out (i dont go out a lot)

No. 135781

order higher quality booze, learn to be a snob about it if you want (some people enjoy this).

Then drink it without mixers.

No. 135782

Learn how to enjoy high-quality whiskey or red wine. The latter is the only form of alcohol that might have some health benefits…. or accept it.

Indulging once a month won't ruin your diet if you stay away from sugar the rest of the time.

Also, I’d recommend chartreuse. It's a herb licoeur that tastes very sweet and smooth for 40-55% of alcohol.

No. 135783

I would like to direct you to this handy little website. http://getdrunknotfat.com/

No. 135784

somewhat related to the above anon's alcohol quesiton, anyone know about 'strong zero' the japanese drink?
what is -zero- about it?

No. 135785

It's supposed to be zero sugar, like Coke Zero, but "zero" tends to mean a very small amount of sugar rather than nothing at all when it comes to drinks.

No. 135786

Chartreuse is A+. I feel classy as hell drinking it, too kek.

No. 135787

It's fantastic. French monks now how to get drunk. First time I drank it I thought "Well, that's a nice liquor… how much alcohol's in it…15% maybe?


It's supposed to make you live longer, sooo…

No. 135788

I wasn't sure which thread to put this in but ever since I lost weight, my face looks really different. I used to have chubby cheeks and now I look kinda skeletal and my face is oval-shaped so my face looks long now. I also think I just look a lot older…

And this is unrelated, but I've been drinking a lot more water and I haven't noticed any difference. My skin is still spotty, I have the same amount of energy…Is anyone else like this?

No. 135789

do you still have weight to lose or could you stand to add back a couple pounds just to add that fullness to your face? if you still have weight to lose then idk, but this has happened to a friend of mine who was so ecstatic about finally losing weight that she lost about 5 pounds more than they really needed to and ended up looking gaunt, then put a few back on to have that fuller look to their face and looked great.

No. 135790

Has anyone done a juice "cleanse" in order to reset their eating habits?
Last year I started binge eating and eating my feelings. Earlier this year I managed to take back control, and then my family drove me to insanity and I started again and can't get the willpower to stop. I don't work for the next two weeks so I figured this would be the perfect time to do it. I know of some people who do this on occasion when they find themselves gorging on foods they shouldn't be, and they claim it has helped curb desires.

And by cleanse, I don't mean I'm coming at it from that "rid the body of toxins" nonsense angle. I just want a way to help stop this madness and eat healthy and proper amounts again.

No. 135791

A lot of people with binge eating disorders have had success "resetting" doing the potato cleanse.

No. 135792

I do. I'm prone to periods of binge eating, and by binge eating I mean insane amounts of calories that completely distend my stomach. Like, 5000 cal. I'm a fairly thin person at 120 lb, 5'9. It usually happens when I smoke weed and then I just eat nonstop :/

Anyway after like a week or so of this (and 5 lb later lol) I'm bloated and feel awful but I can't seem to stop eating so I do a liquid only cleanse for a few days, it helps my stomach shrink back to a normal size. I do like 3-5 days, mostly water, tea, coffee, juice, and o casional smoothies.

And then I'm back to normal again

No. 135793

I used to eat shitty microwave meals because my bf loves that shit. Then I noticed we piss away a lot of money on useless treats and knick knacks so I started enforcing strict meal plans and it's working marvellously. We used to spend approx. €700/month on food and now we're down to €50/week, plus we've both lost so much weight. Which is fantastic because food is so expensive here, though I suspect it has more to do with him refusing to shop in Lidl because there's too many nasty immigrant families with no manners (I'm talking taking something out of the freezer and leaving it on a random shelf so it melts, or opening packages and taking apart appliances and not putting anything back, or pushing in a queue).

It works well because we'll usually have leftovers we can eat for breakfast/tea the next day or as a snack if we get hungry, so as long as there's some variety we really only have to cook once a day and there's always bread and jam, homemade jambons, cheese etc if we run out.

I'm also planning to start making bread at home because it always tastes better but dough is a pain in the hole to wash off.

My favourite thing to make is moussaka, it only takes a couple spuds, ground beef and an egg. So there's a tip if anyone else is struggling with food budgeting.

No. 135794

I started kneading dough inside a plastic bag. Makes it much easier!

No. 135795

>It usually happens when I smoke weed and then I just eat nonstop :/
that's just the munchies and is very common.

No. 135796

I want to know if anyone can share about dietary changes that made an improvement on their skin? I've been researching about it lately but in the end I just end up finding a bunch of detox books that won't even let you eat a carb and a protein together in the same meal and it's just so dumb.

I don't have acne or anything, my skin is clear but quite dry and dull. I'm pretty sure my diet could help with fixing it but other than "eat more vegetables" I don't know what to do

No. 135797

no shit. what i'm saying is once i do that even once i can't stop eating, even when i'm not high. it's like a spark to the fire if that makes sense

No. 135798

How much water do you drink? You might notice a difference if you get more fluids.

No. 135799

Usually the people looking to make diet changes for their skin are dealing with acne (cutting out salt, processed sugar, and dairy).

Eat less salty foods and drink more water. idk, maybe antioxidant rich foods will help with the dullness. At worst you'll be lowering your risk for cancer.

No. 135800

Made homemade ketchup today using this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/232397/homemade-ketchup/
and it blows the store bought crap out of the water. Especially since you can make it as spicy as you want and add less sugar. Strongly recommend.

No. 135801

I've been trying to lose weight healthily (instead of starving or purging) and it's been going okays (only purged once in 3 weeks!! ate >1000 every day), but I need some advice please

I'm 5'8'' and between 123-124 lbs.
I'd like to get to a healthy 115 (i prefer a skinny look)

my averages, according to cronometer, for the past 2 weeks are:


>70g net carbs
>50g protein
>85g fat

Am i eating too much to really be losing weight? Too little for my size?

I feel hungry a lot of the time, but I want to keep my carbs (and calories) low so adding volume is hard.

I also don't want to be accidentally making myself look worse by not eating enough. im so lost on whats normal/right

No. 135802

count your tdee and eat less than it and you are guaranteed to lose weight

No. 135803

Is it possible to make something healthy AND appetizing without massive amounts of preparation and cleaning up?

No. 135804

You can always go the route of buying pre-cut veggies and fruit, that honestly cuts out a lot of time and effort if you're eating a high volume of that sort of thing.

I know there are a lot of people who say just have a huge meal prep day once a week, but honestly that's not realistic for me. I don't have that kind of time, I'd rather pay a bit more and have less actual food prep to do.

Save the time you actually spend cooking for things that don't have a healthy pre-made version.

No. 135805

I do a ~vegan~ meal prep every fortnight and freeze most of it. It means I lose every other sunday, but then for the next two weeks my entire cooking time is limited to putting things in microwaves for a few minutes.

No. 135806

Get an InstantPot

No. 135807

>pre-cut veggies and fruit
There aren't any where I live, and how expensive are they? It sounds like eating out will save me more money.

Yeah, I share a tiny fridge with 4 other people so any kind of meal prep is very much impossible.

No. 135808

It sounds like maybe you're in a dorm or student apartment type situation, that can definitely make eating healthy hard. Not having a place to refrigerate or freeze much food makes preparing a ton of meals at once not really possible.

Eating out my be your only option for healthy and very easy / quick (depends if there are any healthy restaurants near you, of course). Obviously that gets expensive quickly.

There are some cheap shelf stable, healthy foods you can keep on hand, provided you can heat things up. eg, tofu, canned black beans, rice. It's not exactly incredible taste wise, but it works pretty well with some spices or a good sauce.

Also dry roasted almonds (or any nuts, really) are a great convenient snack. Those were my go-tos when I could only use a mini fridge.

If I were you, I'd use whatever limited fridge space I have to store protein sources (if you eat meat or dairy) and some veg. Then you could add that to beans and/or rice to get a well rounded meal.

No. 135809

Different anon but I have the student dorm situation. My uni has some healthy food but it's expensive as hell. Our meal plans limit the amount we can spend per meal as well as when we do it so that just made it even harder. A small sald would be 5 or 6 dollars and a healthy sandwich which was even smaller would be about the same. I could get way more junk food for the same price and still have money left to buy some stuff.


To you and to anyone trying to eat a healthy diet while living the dorm life or just broke uni life in general, I recommend getting a small fridge for your dorm if you can. If you have family that is willing to send you food or send you back with some after visiting, have them give you fruit or something.

If you have a job or something on the side try hunting for sales and whatnot at your local stores if your able to. Surely you'll be able to find some type of healthy foods at a reduced price. I eat lots of inexpensive fruit cups, primarily peaches. Soups are also a good option such as Progresso soups. Where I live generally has them cheap so I live off tons of those as well so maybe they might in your area as well.

No. 135810

Is it kosher to ask about diet pills here? I feel like I really need something extra to help me out. American OTC diet pills are all bullshit, has anyone used any asian ones that work/where to order them?

No. 135811

Best case scenario: temporary arrhythmia, tapeworm, nothing.

Worst case scenario: killed to death, permanent heart damage, more than one tapeworm, addiction/dependence.

Dude just cut another hundred calories a day or do cardio. If you absolutely have to, don't get anything from China.

No. 135812

If there was a reliable dietpill that wasn't fucking terrible for you then everybody would be thin already

No. 135813

just buy bronkaid otc

it's got ephedrine in it.

No. 135814

i know that people already discussed diet pills but what about laxatives? or is it all the same?

my mom bought me laxatives. i asked if they were safe cuz i was scared and she's like "yeah totally, a doctor got them for your brother, just once a day and you'll be fine".

should i worry or is it probably nothing?

No. 135815

Laxative will only make you lose water weight and you'll risk ending up dehydrated. You won't lose real weight and you might end up in the hospital if you take them too often when you don't need to.

No. 135816

Back when I had an eating disorder I got a hold of stimulant laxatives given to me by my mom.

Fucking ruined my life. Now I can't take a shit without laxatives and will get sick and nauseous if I don't take them for more than several days.

Short answer is yes, they will help you lose a lot weight if you use them right. Is it worth it? Hell no. Don't depend on laxatives.

No. 135817

File: 1481064464149.jpg (36.29 KB, 400x386, 1465286769108.jpg)

Why do all the smoothies I make taste fuckin gross and nothing like the ones I buy outside?

No. 135818

Add some lime juice to them

No. 135819

They put sugar in them.

At least in a lot of places. Also might have to do with the fruits you use, like using mango and pineapple usually makes it sweeter.

No. 135820

and always use frozen bananas. they make everything sweeter and creamier.

No. 135821

Laxatives don't magically prevent your body from absorbing calories from food. Yes, you might lose a few pounds on the scale, but it's only because they eliminate water and food – as soon as you stop taking them, you'll be back to normal.

Your body can become dependent on them and you won't be able to "go" without them if you take them too often. Basically, once in a while if you're genuinely constipated is fine, but if you make them a habit (once a day is WAY too frequent, wtf?), you'll fuck yourself up.

No. 135822

File: 1481088469003.jpg (61.83 KB, 524x600, IMG_0368.JPG)


Dark berries taste like shit imo a nice banana strawberry smoothie is a classic but I also usually buy tropical fruits for a sweet and refreshing taste. I put some water into it but I've recently found out that putting some apple sauce (even just a few spoonfuls) really sweetens it up and makes it tastier. You will have to try some to find out which formulas you like most by once you find the perfect recipe you'll want a bunch.

We have a thing called Booster Juice in Canada and the smoothies taste fucking great but aren't they kind of cheating by putting a bit of sorbet and ice cream packed full of sugar in it ?

No. 135823

You'll lose pounds of water and shit. And also potentially end up with gastroparesis. >>135814 grow up and just cut your calories. If there was some magic secret to diet pills or laxatives that works every fatty would be on them. CICO is it.

No. 135824

No point having a smoothie if it's got sorbet and sugary shit unless it's for dessert.

No. 135825

I eat a 400 calorie smoothie for breakfast every morning. Ground flax seed, broken cell wall chlorella, raw cacao and macs powder, cinnamon/allspice for sweetness, 1 frozen banana and then I add chia gel at the end and ice to taste. Life has been so much better since I started having this every day. I want to learn more about other superfoods though.

No. 135826

I have a dilemma for you all that maybe you can help with, though I feel it may be to late for me now.. I want to start eating healthy, in fact sometimes I crave a salad, something leafy and green, but I hate it. I hate every vegetable, raw. I hate lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, raw celery, carrots, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, even avocado. I have tried seemingly every last vegetable I can think of, with various condiments, and I hate them all. I enjoy cooked carrots, kale, and celery, like in a soup/stew, or steamed broccoli and cauliflower with a bit of salt. But, I'm not sure if thats really enough to keep me healthy. I'm trying to take control of my weight, because its getting really bad, and I work out, but its like I just can't eat anything good for me. I frequently say I would be a vegetarian or even a vegan if I didn't hate how most of it tastes, because its not like a bit of discomfort, I literally will gag and I can't swallow it. I don't know what to do, do you think I should see some kind of nutritionist or some other thing like that? Somebody help me, please!!

No. 135827

Have you tried different ways of cooking them? Like grilling? Sautéing? And you realise eating healthy doesn't necessarily mean only eating vegetables. Proteins are important too.

What does your current diet look like? You seem like a picky eater.

No. 135828

I know eating healthy doesn't just include that, fruits and proteins are no big deal, but vegetables are honestly my biggest issue
My current diet is kind of mostly the same stuff everyday. I don't have time to eat a good breakfast in the morning so I grab a granola bar and some tea sweetened with sugar. Lunch I have whatever thing of fruit and whatever I can find in my house, for dinner it changes but its typically unhealthy.. :/ I snack a lot in between too. I eat way more than I should which I'm trying to deal with.

No. 135830

Experiment with herbs and spices, lemon juice is the shit over just about any veggie, roast root vegetables in some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Sumac makes everything insanely delicious. Stir fry with a nice fish and honey sauce and some chicken or lamb is always good.

Work out what flavours you enjoy and try to work with veggies to achieve it.

No. 135831

You sound like a huge weirdo. You gag from vegan/vegetarian food? Have you ever stepped into a real health food store and seen the veggie foods they actually offer? I'm weirded out at the thought someone claiming to work out can be grossed out by vegetables and healthy food. Fat detected.

No. 135832

File: 1481148623664.png (316.05 KB, 447x355, 1429332706648.png)

>granola bar and some tea sweetened with sugar

If it's full of refined sugar, throw it in the trash. From my experience, years of eating sugary shit made me think veggies were horrible, too. Sugar really warps your taste palette, everything started tasting better after I severely limited my sugar intake.

Do yourself a favor and start drinking only water and checking nutrition labels for how many grams of sugar is in what you eat. You should have no more than 24 grams (6 teaspoons) a day.

No. 135833

File: 1481149682167.jpg (35.21 KB, 750x413, drake (2).jpg)

>hate veggies but can stomach kale

I don't know if this will actually help you; I'm chinese, and I usually can't stomach raw veggies either. So maybe give chinese cooking a go.

No. 135834


dude just say exactly what you eat. Is it mainly processed food? You say you try to eat "fruit things", what does that mean? Fruit snacks? Fruit bars? You're not giving thay much to work with.

If you're eating a lot of stuff like granola bars and junky foods without anything healthy, of course it will taste bad to you. Maybe you could try blending up fruits in a smoothly, and slowly adding veggies.
or maybe green smoothies with less and less sugar.

You could start by adding green grapes and green apples with a small amount of either brown or cane sugar and something like celery or spinach. Once you get used to the way it tastes, take away some sugar until you can drink it without any.

Then try and eat the veggies by yourself.

No. 135835



No. 135836

Just came back from the Momokun thread and decided that i never want to end like that…

I'm 21, 5ft10 and weigh 176 lbs. Do you think my skin will end up all flabby, if i lose weight?
Or do some of you have tips to prevent that?

No. 135837

What are you guys go to low cal recipes or low cal recipe websites?

No. 135838

160cm(5'2), 68kg(149), I gained a ton of weight last year, going from 58kg(127) to 78kg(171) (at my worst) due to Seroquel, I lost some weight during the summer after I stopped the Seroquel and my metabolism kickstarted again.

I'm now at 68kg and still have at least 10kg to go but it's like I don't have any willpower. Before the meds, my weight was pretty easy to maintain, now it's an everyday struggle and it's been a month of only maintenaing instead of actively losing.
I have no idea what I could do and I'm so desperate of going back to my normal weight that I'm thinking about starting to purge even tho I know it's the worst option.

No. 135839

It depends on how much you're looking to lose, how fast you lose it, and your genetics. I think you should be fine.

Have you talked to your psychiatrist about how your meds are affecting you? Also could you list your daily diet/exercise routine?

No. 135840

Replying storm incoming

Already done that, read a wee bit harder next time. >>135830
Thanks my dude!
>Huge Weirdo
>Working out and being grossed out by raw veggies is weird!!
>Fat detected
Perhaps this wasn't clear in my comment, but yes, I am a fat ass. That's why I'm working out again, and trying to eat healthier. Oh no! A fat girl tries to be healthy! So weird! Has never happened before! Blasphemy!
That really explains a lot, I only took water today like you said, didn't eat breakfast cause I don't really have anything healthy to eat in my house for breakfast now haha. Going to the store either later today or tomorrow.
I actually like chinese cooking (not takeout of course, thats nasty to me), noted!
I apologize, honestly yes. It is mostly processed food, though the "fruit thing" was just more trying to say "whatever fruit I have at the time". I used to eat fruit snacks but I figured most of those weren't very good either. Again, sorry for my vagueness, I was just ashamed of myself and my eating habits. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely do that.

No. 135841

I'm not seeing where you're eating proteins or fresh fruits. Your main problem isn't that you "can't" eat vegetables, it's that you eat like a bachelor. Get up earlier so you can have a proper breakfast. Stop having snacks for lunch. Eat a proper dinner. You'll feel much better by just starting with those. And no more sugary drinks, drink water from now on. You don't have to become a level 5 vegan to be healthy.

No. 135842

I'm not taking any meds currently (except the occasionnal benzo). I stopped the Seroquel because of the weight gain.
My daily diet is pretty bad and I'm hooked on diet soda. I can't bring myself to do much sport.
It doesn't help that my living bf is a total couch potato and bring down my efforts.

No. 135843

File: 1481234176733.png (835.34 KB, 1130x496, 2535345.png)

Just wanted to suggest something that helped me when I was hooked on soda. I started weening myself off it a bit and replacing it with sparkling water until I had cut out soda completely.

If you're interested, I'd really recommend La Croix and Perrier, though La Croix has more variety and is cheaper. Assuming you live in the US, you can find it at most grocery stores, including Walmart.

No. 135844


Grapefruit LaCroix is fantastic. I think I'm gonna try muddling this grapefruit I pilfered last night from the communal lunchpile at work and mixing it in some for a fun drinkydrink today.
I'm trying to give up pop too, or not so much give it up cos it's great and stuff, but maybe cut back to like once or twice a week for a treat. That's soooooo hard to do tho when we seem to have unlimited supply of it at work. Maybe should stash a case of LaCroix up on my office.
I've been drinking more plain water too. Water from the taps around here is just fine tbh. Figuring out what you're likely to drink water out of helps, or it did for me anyway. Keeping a dedicated water glass in my office at work, a couple lidded tumblers with straws for around my house (i've got cats and they'll fuck around with it if non lid and left alone for more than a minute), i got a couple plastic water bottles this year for a steal in clearance at Target that are fantastic for the gym and the pool, special water glasses at my dad's house just for me, etc. That's really helped out a lot with drinking more water.

No. 135845

This is weird because a bitch I worked with pilfered a grapefruit from the communal lunchpile at work yesterday.

Although a coincidence I will never look at them the same.

No. 181206

How is keto?

No. 181474

File: 1487347172683.png (9.55 KB, 252x224, IMG_9104.PNG)

Well I'm aiming to lose .5kgs a week from exercise and diet and I found an app that's actually pays you real money if you lose weight/meet your goals! You also need to pay if you miss you exercise goals (and I think food ones) which seems like the best deal out there lol it's called pact

No. 181480

I am struggling so hard with my diet right now. My boyfriend and I are on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to weight. I need to lose 8kg and he needs to gain 8kg. I'm right on the high end of "healthy" and bordering on "overweight" where my boyfriend is on the lowest notch for "healthy" and borders on "underweight". He used to have an eating disorder and still struggles to eat a lot of food, and he has such weak taste buds that I have to over spice and season everything so he'll eat it.
He loves junk food though, so I've been stocking up so he'll actually eat constantly throughout the day and put on some weight. I eat healthily when I'm at work but as soon as I come home and cook dinner it's half good and half junk and I just fuck myself over with my diet.

No. 181536

File: 1487439809344.png (168.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9240.PNG)

I think it was already posted here but this loser town thing is amazing! It tells you how much weight you'll lose based on your calories, height, weight, activity. What you'll weigh on that day http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal_act.php

No. 181537

File: 1487439941812.png (113.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9246.PNG)

I currently weight 87kgs at 158cm tall and I'm aiming to get down to 45kgs (depending on body type/bone structure that's the minimum amount someone of my height should weigh, it says slightly more in this site though) I love science and specific weight loss like this

No. 181546

>It tells you how much weight you'll lose based on your calories, height, weight, activity.
that's basically every calorie counter.

This sounds too good to be true. How hard can it be to enter some false numbers?

No. 181556

Hey there, were pretty much the same (I'm 86kg and 155cm, have lost 8kg so far since Jan). If you or anyone ever want a diet buddy to talk about stuff, twinbody, etc pls let me know somehow. I'd really love one.

That's awesome, thanks for the app

No. 181557

Only works if you're obese

No. 181580

Anyone here has tried intermittent fasting?

No. 181586


Yeah. I prefer it but I'm actually trying to gain a little weight now so I eat more often.

No. 181605

I'm on a keto diet, but it's specific to my PCOS/almost-diabetic self. I'm in the normal weight range, but because my body is fucked up and likes to make things difficult, I actually lose weight pretty easily on keto without counting calories. Generally I eat 1,200 daily because nearly midget.

No. 181745

I started seriously dieting agaim at the start of this year and automatically slipped back into an IF pattern (6/20) after having tried it out for the first time in 2014. I eat a pre-workout and then dinner five times a week, at 1600-1800kcal total, on non training days it's usually just one huge dinner meal. 6kg down in January (90 to 84), ate at maintenance from Feb 1 to Feb 18 because lol depression but going strong again now. I did 22kg in three months in 2014 but I did weigh in at 12kg more than I did this time.

TL;DR IF is great, give it a try

No. 181760

this may sound silly but i watched a youtube video where a guy explained that having protein before bed can make you lose weight faster. it's a health and science channel, but i cant remember the channel or video itself.

anyways, basically the idea is that your body is going to spend the hours you're on sleep mode working on the protein you had before bed, so it works harder than it would work if you were asleep with an empty stomach.
ive been losing weight (ive lost 22lbs since jan 1st) and i believe that doing that has helped me a lot. dunno. i just wanted to suggest this in case anyone wants to give it a try. just dont eat way too much before bedtime as that is somehow related to having nightmares.

No. 181763

>just dont eat way too much before bedtime as that is somehow related to having nightmares.

Usually that is because you're having reflux/heartburn after falling asleep, aggravated by eating too much before bed. Certain foods can also specifically worsen reflux, including caffeine, alcohol, mint, chocolate, citrus, tomato sauce, and spicy food. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, that can also manifest as reflux.

I'm not aware of protein specifically worsening reflux, but it will slow gastric emptying (compared to carbohydrates).

No. 182038

> just dont eat way too much before bedtime as that is somehow related to having nightmares.

> Usually that is because you're having reflux/heartburn after falling asleep, aggravated by eating too much before bed.

I have GERD, and can confirm night reflux can be nightmarish. What's even more horrifying is getting reflux while you have sleep paralysis. If you ever wanted to experience the feeling of demons slowly sucking out your soul as you descend to the underworld, eat a lot right before you go to sleep.

Two hours is my safety zone for tummy happy slumbers.

No. 182317

How can my bingeeating ass stop munching away all day?
I literally only crave sugar and carbs, sleep more than 9+ hours a day, and I really want to stop doing this shit.
Drinking water in place of snacking puts me off, mostly because water tastes terrible from the tap and it's expensive to buy bottled and being a student doesn't really let me buy a whole lot. It doesn't help that I spend so much money on crap food and my bf encourages me to eat shittily because he does.
I'm almost 70kg and it makes me disgusted with myself.
pls halp a fatty-chan in need.

No. 182320

I blame my bf for keeping me fat too lol. I'm 110% good during the week but when I go to visit him at the weekend we only ever eat junk food and it reverses all the good work I put in.

No. 182321

Have you considered buying a water filter instead?

Just put your foot down and say no when your bf encourages you to buy junk food. You need to self-discipline yourself if you want to lose weight.

No. 182389

I started using the app lose it! To log all my food and it's way better than MyFitnessPal (what I was using previously) because it already has the food logged into it! You don't need to type out all that stuff, which was especially annoying for veggies/unprocessed stuff cause you had to look up the calorie count/etc! I've been using it for about a week now and have already lost weight! Almost a kilo in less than 7 days! Now counting calories and logging my food is second nature! I've estimated I should lose about 10kgs by the end of July just before a convention I'm going to! Try this app if you can't be bothered with calorie counting cause it really is as simple as calories in calories out for weight loss! I'm eating 1200cals a day by the way since I'm short af and eating the recommended 2000cals a day got me to my current obesity… but now I'm on the right track! I'll updatd here with my weight loss progress too

No. 182565


Aaaaa anon me too! five days ago! I giggled that it gives you a little badge for making it three days!

Any tips on what foods you've been eating? I'd like to lose more quicker myself! I'm so glad someone else is finding it helpful!

No. 182607

Eating unhealthy on the weekends shouldn't be enough to completely 'reverse' your diet though. 2 fat days a week is pretty normal for a skinnyfat, so as long as you work out enough to add some tone you will look good still.

Nine! Exclamation! Marks!

No. 182642

TBH I usually eat processed food like noodles and ready made stuff but I'm trying to eat more fruits and veggies :) sushi is great cause 2 rolls fill me up and less than 200cals each roll. I'm really ecstatic that I. can add my mums unhealthy dinners to the app and get an accurate calorie amount though. My mums dinners are huge and around 1000cals of more per plate! Damn..

No. 182643

Sorry anon

No. 182645

don't apologize, that anon's a lil bitch.
stay excited and motivated.

No. 182673

Anyone on twinbody? Is it good?

No. 182961

I'm in exactly the same situation where I overeat with my bf on weekends (unfair because he has skinny Asian genetics and I don't) but strangely I've lost about 5-8 lbs in the year we've been dating…I think it's because we're too lazy to get food until dinner and when we do binge we just eat a shitload of Korean food, nothing too unhealthy.

When he does want fast food I just tell him to order extra and I steal a few bites of his meal. I think "splitting" stuff (aka letting him eat most of it) has really helped me not get fat, maybe try that with your bf?

Have you tried zero calorie water flavorings? They're probably going to give me cancer or something but they're saving my life rn. I'm trying to replace my morning coffee with 1L of caffeinated water, working well so far. I use mio and crystal light and sometimes serve it up in a glass with ice so it feels like a treat.

No. 183114

Yeah, I do it. Only eating between 12 noon and 8 in the evening. It still takes a bit of control and if you ate 2 meals containing 1000 kcal each it won't help. So still counting calories but the meals you do have can have more/more volume.

No. 183116

I've been trying those box when they send you everything you need to prepare a meal and it's been working pretty good. We prepare less than we did and we eat healthier than before. It seemed a little silly at first but I'm thinking it's worth it (plus we do less grocery aka buying some snacks because we're here)

No. 183119

Used to be ana but recovered pretty successfully. I told my bf about it and now he watches me like a fucking hawk when I eat. We've been together for years now, live together, and he has kids so we take care of them too. I end up as the primary cook (of course) and try to feed them fairly healthy meals but also stuff that is calorie dense since the kids are into sports and have the metabolism of fucking hummingbirds. But god forbid I take a small portion of food to fit with my metabolic needs. It's a struggle trying to keep my weight at a healthy level and I've steadily gained because of this. Besides that, when I'm not the cook all he ever does is order delivery or go through a drive through. I'm tired of getting glared at for not eating what he thinks is a normal portion of food. I should never have disclosed my past issues with food. I've thought about going back to some old tricks like using smaller bowls and plates to give the illusion I'm eating more. Not sure if he'd notice that or not.

No. 183124

Maybe you should enforce some boundaries anon. Disclosing your problems shouldn't be an all pass for him to force feed you. Try explaining that you've been gaining a lot and that women don't need as much calories as men(for some reasons, a lot of men I know struggle with this notion) . Say also plainly if you feel bullied into eating. It's not going to help with your eating disorders if you feel pressured like this.

No. 183241

Can anyone explain to me how to eat "like a skinny person"? My mother used to always talk about how the goal to weight loss was to mimic the way thin people eat.

So what does that include? Most skinny people I know have pretty obvious eating disorders; avoid social events, don't know how to cook and eat as plain as possible.

How do your skinny friends eat?

No. 183242

They eat like birds and don't like a lot of foods.
One girl in my group is a size zero. After a shopping outing with our group, we went to a restaurant that had a salad bar as well as hot foods.
She doesn't like any vegetables, so no salad.
I witnessed her get two small slices of pizza on a tea dish and a dollop of mac cheese. That's all she ate and washed it down with some soda.

So it's not that they eat healthy, they just don't eat normal portions for the unhealthy food to add up in calories to matter.

No. 183260

That's really unhealthy, but sadly what most people think when they hear "eat like a skinny person".
And as an former ana-chan, can confirm it's true lol

Just watch your portion sizes anon. It's a bit difficult at first but you'll get the hang of it eventually

No. 183263

>no veg
Lol that girl you know is a terrible example, in order to keep that up after her 20s she will have to have a godly metabolism or exercise/restrict for the rest of the day. You're right about how a lot of skinny people do get by on tiny amounts of unhealthy food, but it's not the right advice for anon.

In regards to what anon says, think of it like Venus vs Taylor, I guess. Both are thin but one eats very controlled and clean (and exercises) whilst the other eats like shit but has ED habits to balance it out. Both can work, but the bad option fucks up your skin and is overall bad for your health. Sorry to say but your mother should have just shown you how to eat rather than just telling you to copy thin people.
The most important thing is portion control, which sucks at first but you will adjust to it. The bulk of anything you eat should be fruit, veg or protein. Instead of have a little bit of salad on the side, it should be a little bit of carbs. Eat clean, so avoid overly processed foods (chips, twinkies, anything with over 40 ingredients) or fried foods. If you're hungry it's ok to snack, but you can't just sit with a giant bag of chips, you need to think about what your body is actually craving and drink a big glass of water too just in case.
Also no fucking soda ever, not even sugar free, only water or tea with no sugar.

When I think of what fat people eat, it's usually gross things that don't resemble genuine food, like cheap snacks or instant/fast food. They barely ever eat green vegetables and they glug down energy drinks. They think they're eating healthy because they made a meal, but the unhealthy sauce came from a jar and they cover it in cheese.

No. 183328

File: 1489002363876.png (656.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0579.PNG)

Has anyone tried food picture diaries?

My diet is still pretty bad and undisciplined and calorie counting hasn't really helped me before. I feel like I can stick with this, though. I just take a moment to picture something before I eat it and i find myself always wanting to go for something colorful, appetizing and in small portions just because it looks less disgusting than the garbage I usually eat.

I'm trying to cut a lot over a few days just to get accustomed to eating less trash and in general and will try to focus on making balanced meals in good portions following.

The bitterness of green tea whenever I get a craving has helped a lot because I LOVE sugary sweet things. I could eat cookies, macarons and such for a days until I got too sick of it. Green tea or any tea that isn't sweet has kind of helped kick the craving and if I'm out or anything, I'll try to drink more water, eat fruit or add honey to something.

I also think breads and pasta are a bit of an issue for me, too. I've been opting for whole/multi grain breads and brown rice/pasta and it doesn't leave that sweet taste in your mouth like simple carbs do. Eating more complex carbs don't seem to encourage my sweet tooth and overeating the way that simple ones do and the fiber keeps everything moving along, as well.

Hope I actually lose something this time.

No. 183329

File: 1489004144000.png (62.99 KB, 693x665, ALICE_TEKA 24.png)

I've tried a picture diary app but I'm super forgetful so taking pictures before eating just didn't work for me. Maybe I'll try again soon, but I don't think i have a reason to do that at this point since I've become a great calorie counting machine who drinks water and sugar free tea all the time, and rarely ever craves anything.

okay, time to start my rant:

I've lost 24lbs (11kg) in 2 months, but my weight hasn't changed not even a bit the last couple weeks. First, because I binged. I got back on track pretty fast but then I got my period (today is probably the last day) and I think that's the main reason why I'm not losing. At least that's what I hope. I'M LOSING MY FUCKING MIND. I don't think I'm on a real plateau. I still need to lose, at least, more 24lbs imo. seriously, im feeling so lost. i think im going to start exercising – i did do some cardio in the beginning because i had more free time, but i eventually stopped because i had to go back to uni and my shitty daily life. Now that I'm not losing, I really see no other option but to force myself to make time. maybe exercise in my own room watching youtube videos or something like that. i kept losing weight while i wasn't doing anything but dieting btw.

Everyone has noticed my weight loss and that makes me super pumped and i feel so much better physically. i still hate my body but heck, i feel better anyway.

i've also noticed that whenever i have dairy, even if im not cheating and staying under my caloric limit for the day, I tend not to lose any weight. maybe im crazy, but that's what ive noticed. anyone going through the same or something similar?

No. 183330

In my experience, that would be fatal, as all skinny people I know eat a lot of caloric food, yet they are skinny like a twig. They also eat three times more than me.

No. 183335

>think about what your body is actually craving
Copious amounts of sugar? Escape from mortal misery?

No. 183336

Skinny people eat their bmr or less almost every day. If you're overweight, you're eating 3x the calories they are despite claiming otherwise.

No. 183337

Recalculate your bmr. You may have lost enough to have a lower daily intake requirement, and so x amount of calories is enough to maintain your weight instead of losing on x.

No. 183343

Thank you, anon. I just did, but I'm still eating around 400 calories under my requirement to maintain ):

No. 183345

Thanks for the responses everyone, they're much appreciated. I wish my school had taught us how to eat properly and I probably wouldn't eat so disorderly.

No. 183346

My bmr is apparently 1,500. Does that mean to lose weight I should only eat 1,000 a day when most medical sources advise against it? I find it really hard to stick to only 1,000 a day because I usually skip breakfast and end up getting really hungry later on in the day.

No. 183347

You can probably cut down to 1200 without it being too bad. Go for foods that are low in calories so you can eat enough to fill out you up. If you add a bit of exercise you'll create more of a deficit too.

No. 183348

I'll try it out, thanks :)

No. 183364

No wonder it seems like you're not losing weight. A 400 calorie daily deficit will only make you lose 1 pound per 8 days.

No. 183365

Eat something filling like oatmeal and a banana for breakfast, roughly works out to 200-250 calories without adding sugar.

If you drink no calories and keep your meals to around 300 calories each you've got room to snack on nuts, fruits, a bar of chocolate, or a small frappe, pretty much whatever. You'll still lose weight.
Bulk out the low calorie meals with vegetables instead of pasta, rice, or potatoes. A small workout that burns off say, 200 calories allows for a bit extra at meals if you're a big eater.

No. 183369

What's the best defict then? That's how I've lost 24lbs and it worked great in the first couple months. I was told by a friend that I shouldn't lower my calories way too much in the beginning otherwise it'd slow down my metabolism down the road but I'm not sure if that's legit or not

No. 183370

>>183369slowing down your metabolism and starvation mode are memes. Try aiming for a 600 calorie deficit for a while, see how it goes.

It's not great to eat less than 1000 caps a day because you get tired as fuck and most people tend to then exercise less and break their calorie limits more.

No. 183382

Not to sound salty, rude or whatever, but you SHOULDN'T eat below yor BMR. BMR is the amount of calories needs just to function normally. You should calculate your TDEE and THEN eat in deficit

No. 183387

Bmr and tdee are the same thing?
The amount of calories your body uses in a day.

No. 183388

BMR is when you're resting, so, not doing anything and stay in bed basically (no walking/brushing teeth etc). It's how much your body uses to just stay alive.

TDEE is when you walk around/do your faily chores/exercise and work, etc

No. 183389

Thanks anon

No. 183392

I'm not really sure how to calculate how often I exercise. I don't workout as such but I do quickly walk to work every day which takes about 20 minutes there and back. At work I regularly go up and down two flights of stairs.

Would I be considered sedentary just because I don't schedule in workouts?

No. 183394

It's not exercise in the traditional sense, yea. But if it gets your hearbeat going then it would be "lightly active"? Really depends on how much you walk and weight + other factors.

If you're curious here's a calculator: https://tdeecalculator.net/

No. 183395

Tried it and got 2,000 but I use myfitnesspal to track my calories and I eat around 1,500 a day and I'm not losing weight. That's why I figured 1,000 sounded about right for weight loss.

I'm so confused.

No. 183399

How tall are you? 2,000 calories is a shitload for a woman of average height.
I'm 5'3 and to lose I have to eat around 800-1300 max.

No. 183404

Wtf, it's not a "shitload" lol it's literally how much an average person needs per day.

I'm 5'3/161cm and 49kg/108lbs, around 20% bf and my bmr is 1200, tdee(maintenance) 1900.

(not that anon btw)

No. 183422

I'm 5'3 also, check the calculator that was posted above. That is where I got that figure from.

No. 183426

File: 1489097871024.jpg (141.79 KB, 960x1026, IMG-20170304-WA0001.jpg)


Two bananas
Three large teaspoons of cocoa powder
Two glasses of skim milk
Two bagels
Copious amounts of cream cheese

I just binged ^^^. I am an emotional eater. I've had serious problems with overeating since childhood and that led me to a terrible weight gain. I've lost weight though I'm nowhere near as normal or skinny yet.
I don't binge as much as i used to. It only happens when I'm very stressed out, or sad.

Well, until three or four hours ago, I was on campus, and received a really bad news. These are my final months as an academic student so I've been feeling super burnened with uni related stuff and money issues. Until that point I had eaten normally throughout the day (I'm calorie counting). But getting that news drove me straight to the fridge and I started stuffing my face with food, even things that weren't mine, like the two bagels. Things I didn't even like, like bananas and milk.

Now I feel like total shit.
My belly is about to explode to the point it hurts, probably because I had all that food in less than 1h, and I'm sitting on the floor crying. I just needed to vent. I was doing so great. I really hate being fat and not having control over my fucking emotions. I'm not going to give up though, tomorrow's a new day and I'll fix this shit right away but right now I just want to die. I know I'll want to weight myself first thing in the morning tomorrow, but I won't otherwise I'll just feel even more shitty.

I've had around 2,300 calories today when I normally have 1,000-1,100.

Should I just go back to dieting normally tomorrow? Should I have anything? Help. I took a couple sleeping pills because I don't want to stay awake anymore today. Yes, I'm being dramatic, maybe I seem overdramatic, but I feel destroyed, sick and like a failure. I just want to be at a normal weight for once. I'm 5 feet 1 and I weigh 187lbs at the moment.

No. 183430

go back to dieting normally tomorrow, and if you need to so you can stop thinking about it, take a nap or distract yourself somehow (i use lolcow).

we're around the same height/weight and i have the same issue as you. i'm an emotional eater, and i really just figured it out this semester. it's my last semester as well, and things have been fucking tough, and they still are, so i've been trying (and failing) not to eat my feelings.

what helps me is keeping mints and gum in my room, purse, etc. i generally eat two or three mints or have a stick of gum and then some water, if i know i've had all my calories for the day. i also, like you, will eat things i don't even like, just to eat something. i've been eating like shit since last week, binged over the weekend, and i'm trying to get back on track starting tomorrow.

hang in there, anon, we're gonna make it. just go back to eating normally, and consider this a tiny mistake. another thing that helps me is telling myself "no" out loud if i feel like i want to binge. because it's also an emotional thing, i also generally try to talk myself through the feelings i'm having. it only works if i say it out loud though.

No. 183432


Speaking as an anon that's had anorexia, and is now super comfortable at my natural weight, which is 5'9 and 135lb, I would advise you to stop trying to diet. Dieting legit made me fatter and sadder and more obsessed with my body. I love my body now and feel super hot and comfy with my weight (although of course we all have our moments). Get some self esteem and stop treating your body like shit and eating your emotions. eat yummy healthy foods, get laid and do exercise you want to do. Also get a hobby. You'll realise how pointless it all was when you grow out of it, you'll see.
HAES is bullshit but intuitive eating, done with common sense, will work. You'll eat a shit ton to start because of a diet cycle but then you'll regulate. It's taken me years to finally allow myself to not trash my body. It really comes down to a self esteem thing I think. I used to eat upwards of 9000 calories a sitting and not purge and I used to have a BMI of around 15 and those two things happened around the same period. Counting calories is triggering as fuck for me so I just eat very carefully instead. Find what works for you. This obviously isn't.

No. 183474

Thank you so much, anon. This made me feel less alone, no BS. I ended up weighing myself and got 400g from last night's binge. But today's gonna be different and I'm going to control my emotional eating and do my best again.

Thank you for you advice. Honestly I wish I could just follow and be happy but I can't. I know well I'm obsessed with food and that I have some kind of ednos or something. I was obviously never anorexic since I am fat and have always been, but I did use to purge on occasion for the most part of my life. Counting calories seems obsessive but it's the only way I know I won't stuff my face with everything I see. Sometimes in the past I remember making myself throw up not because I was worried about weight gain but because I literally thought my stomach would explode because it hurt SO MUCH. I can literally eat everything in the fridge. I don't understand my problem but dieting and exercising moderately have helped me lose 20lbs and I don't want to stop now because I just can't look at myself or feel my body without feeling absolutely disgusting.

No. 183481

File: 1489160717383.jpg (13.29 KB, 201x251, images.jpg)

I started a new job that's pretty physically demanding, so I want to pack a pretty good lunch but I'm at a loss as to what to pack that'll be quick to eat but dense enough to get me through the day.

I want to bring quick foods that I don't necessarily have to heat up; something like granola bars, sliced fruit, etc. I don't know though because I've never had to pack my own lunch before. Any ideas?

No. 183484

Your current calorie count is too low. Increase to around 1400-1500 minimum and your monounsaturated fats and proteins. The urge to binge while emotional will lessen/go away. Or better yet, do light exercise and increase to 1800-2000.

No. 183491

Thanks kind anon. Will do

No. 183547

Got really sick from some bad pizza I ate and ended up puking constantly for almost 2 days
Lost around 7lbs, pretty happy about that

No. 183552

Ugh I'm jealous. I'm always trying to get close to sick people in the hopes I will lose my appetite or vomit my guts out.

Plus it makes me look like I'm a caring person so it's a win/win.

No. 183553

Ive been trying to lose weight for a couple weeks now and so far lost about 4lbs but now my weight has stayed exactly the same for an entire week. Even if I eat 500 calories or 1700 it stays the exact same number..

I also started getting extremely bloated idk wtf is wrong with me but by the end of the day my waist alone expands by 3 inches! When I push on it it feels hard and hurts. The past four days I also tried doing at least 20 minutes of cardio each day but that seems to actually make the bloating worse??

I don't know what in my diet could be causing this I mainly eat fresh whole foods/ drink green tea and water and rarely drink diet soda.

No. 183555

You'll gain it back.

No. 183556

File: 1489288052022.jpg (40.53 KB, 275x208, IMG_0547.JPG)

What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you want that?

No. 183573

drink more water, take in more fiber and less carbs.

No. 183576

As this anon said, if anything, try more water. Recently, I've been looking up experiences of people who drank more water regularly and they noted how they actually lost weight and fat.

No. 183578

There's…nothing wrong with me? Why wouldn't you want that?

No. 183580

Yea, who wouldn't want to be sick and puke their guts out to lose some pounds, like duh

Seriously anon wtf, just eat healthy and exercise, one day you might catch something serious, be careful

No. 183596

File: 1489357474896.jpg (24.1 KB, 355x414, IMG_1113.JPG)

Because I'm not retarded? Because I'm capable of managing my weight without trying to get other people's illnesses in the hopes of shitting 2 pounds out?

No. 183618

I had my first "cheat" today, haven't craved or wanted anything cheaty in awhile
What I've eaten was a bit of homemade finger foods (fried) and it scares the hell out of me because I wanted to be at a steady deficit for the whole week before going on vacation next week, I guess I just won't splurge much when on vacation and count whenever possible.

No. 183619


how about you just go for a run, lift some weights, or if you treat yourself- portion it where you only go over your cut by a little.
i hate how people demonized food, i've lost weight this week and i ate some pizza. moderation is key.

No. 183626

I'm not home as my gym and general living area are flooded, friend. If I could exercise I would have.

No. 183627

Duh it's impossible to walk laps of your own house or yard, and you can't do push-ups without complicated expensive gym equipment and a personal trainer guiding you. It's not like you can just run up your own stairs for free, or do star jumps in your living room.

No. 183633

Also, wall/chair push ups, squats, planks, glute bridges, lunges, biceps curls with books/jugs same with lateral raises etc.

(Not trying to be mean, just adding some more ideas)

No. 183767

>Because I'm capable of managing my weight
Lol and that's why you're in a diet thread. Omg good one, anon.

No. 183773

Yep. I asked someone why they do something retarded in a diet thread so I'm clearly a morbidly obese monster.
It's not possible for a thin person to respond to a diet thread, you got me.

No. 183913

File: 1489608514994.jpg (29.46 KB, 499x804, nrg7b24vpffyvtogduyerzlx4tloy2…)

I was >>183426
I just wanna thank everyone who responded that day when I was feeling like shit and crying. I'm losing weight again and eating a slightly higher amount of calories per day as someone suggested. I also talked about my binge eating problem with my psych this Monday. I mean, he's been my doctor for a quite a while, about a year and a half, and he met me when I was 209lbs (I'm 5 feet 1 lol…) so he did know I had fucking issues with food/struggle with binge eating, but this was the first time I REALLY discussed it with him. I also think I packed some weight from lithium, which i used to take in the past. Anyways…
Somehow posting here and finally writing about it to other people (even if a bunch of anons) gave me what i needed to do something about it IRL besides dieting and exercising. I've lost a nice amount of weight in 2 months and a week, but I still have like, 28lbs or a little more to go. I'm not a fatty-chan inside, especially not the typical lazy ass, and it fucking sucks that this is who i've become, but my fatty-chan days are numbered.
I know i might binge some other day, unfortunately, but things have been under control for a while and losing 26lbs in a healthy way has helped me so much.
I see other anons here who don't have to lose that much weight: good luck. and if your situation is similar to mine, weight-wise or anything like that, good luck too.
Just wishing everyone the best, really.

No. 183914

oh yeah, no idea where i found the drawing but i like it even though she's fat and it doesn't really look Tumblr to me, so there ya go, it goes well with the topic

No. 183955

so i've been sticking to 1200 calories per day the past week in the hopes of losing like 5 lbs slowly, and it's been really manageable. i used to devolve into patterns of disordered eating and eat 600-800 kcal per day, which technically worked but it was super unhealthy mentally and physically. but at 1200 i feel content, full but not heavy, and not obsessive? like i'm not constantly thinking about my next meal or planning out the next weeks worth of meals or watching competitive eating videos while slowly eating an apple for dinner. anyway hopefully it can last and i won't mess up and return to my old habits. just thought i'd share ~

No. 183981

I've been doing a weight loss support group for the past two years now and not only have I not lost weight but I've put on weight. I fill out a diary weekly and my consultant says that I'm eating really well (the only advice she ever gives is to eat more but lolno). Everyone in my group had amazing weight losses and I'm just overcome with shame when she announces to the class that I've lost nothing. I also went to the gym twice/three times weekly last year doing classes (spin classes, aerobics, circuit training, pilates) but I never renewed my subscription because I didn't lose a single pound exercising.

I'm so confused. Is there something wrong with me? I've been to the doctor about it and all she said was that going on the pill would help, but it hasn't so far.

No. 183982

You're eating too much.
Are you tracking every single calorie accurately? Most overweight people showed a tendency to underestimate their intake and overestimate their burned calories.

There's nothing physically wrong with you, everyone else lost weight at the group because they ate less every day. You gained instead because you are either the same or more.

No. 183991

10 pounds literally makes all the difference on my body, but I just keep gaining it back. It's just 10 pounds but I can't keep it off for more than a few weeks. I know how to lose weight but I can't maintain it… help?

No. 183992

Make the dietary changes permanent, not just a phase to drop the ten pounds. You gotta keep eating the lower number of calories you ate to lose in the first place

No. 183994

Well if I'd make it permanent I'd just lose more weight than I want to. My problem is finding the balance between the two. It's very mental, "all or nothing". I can't seem to overcome that and I'm not sure how to kickstart myself into a healthier lifestyle overall.

No. 183995

So balance it out between.
Find your bmr at the better weight and then eat that number of calories, duh.
Weight management isn't a mystery it's literally all maths.

No. 183996

Well duh, my problem is self control obviously. I'm asking for ways to deal with that mentality, if it were so easy no one would be fat.

No. 183997

There's no dieting thread in the world that can give you discipline and self control. It's a matter of practice and making yourself do things you don't wanna do and learning to go without. That's self awareness and you just have to do it.

No. 183999

Yeah I know… but the thing is I do have self control if I want to lose weight it just goes all out the window after. It's like a mental switch. Meh i'm not overweight so it's not a health issue maybe that's why I think that way idk.

No. 184002

Even if it's not a big deal now it's a huge advantage to be able to discipline yourself and not fall into diametric thinking.

It's all practice. You'll get it

No. 184033

I'm counting all my calories and I eat around 1,200 to 1,500 daily but my consultant keeps telling me that I'm not eating enough. Sometimes I'll take her advice and eat more (like more often) and I'll notice that I'll drop a few pounds but in the long run, it doesn't cause me to lose any more than that.

There people in the group with me kind of annoy me. They're only losing weight because they're a lot heavier than me and they used to eat takeaways every night, white bread, fizzy drinks, ridiculous amounts of chocolate…like ofc you're going to lose once you give those up.

No. 184034

Straight up the fact that they are heavier than you will influence the rates of weight loss. Fat people can drop weight really rapidly but regular to just a little chubby people require a lower intake just to maintain and lose much less rapidly. It sucks, but on the bright side you will have damaged your joints, organs, and skin far less than the others in the group as well.

Starvation mode, damaging your metabolism, and 'restriction makes you hold every single calorie and turns it straight to fat' are all lies. What's your bmr? What's your daily caloric deficit?

No. 184035

Please don't tell anon to eat under their bmr lol

No. 184036

My BMR is 1,500 which means I'd have to eat 1,000 daily to lose a pound but surely that's not healthy?

That's exactly why I want to lose weight asap because I don't want to delay it forever and turn out like them.

No. 184038

They should know it. That's why I asked.
They didn't mention any of those sort of figures other than their intake.

Jeez, you're quick to jump.

No. 184039

Nah, only said not to do it lol it's okay

No anon, you have to calculate your tdee and then eat 500 less calories.
If you keep trying to lose and maintain on the number of your bmr, you're going to end up on way too low numbers that you won't be able to keep up with. Maybe even enter ana-chan territory, who knows lol >>183388

No. 184041

My TDEE is 1,700 but yeah I'd usually eat 1,200 to 1,500 and I haven't lost in those two years so idk if that calculation is quite right either.

No. 184042

Do you eat enough protein? How often do you work out and what do you do?

No. 184044

I'm pretty conscious about protein so I put beans into almost everything I eat. I also eat a lot of lentils, chickpeas, tofu. I got bloods done about two weeks ago and the doctor says I'm not deficient in anything so that's good.

I worked out pretty heavily last year >>183981 but once I realized I wasn't losing any weight I gave it up (also my mother recently lost a lot of weight by diet alone so I figured I could too). I do still walk everywhere though as I don't have a car.

No. 184045

Maybe try getting a food scale to use for at least a while (would be way too obsessive to use for everything long-term but it could help you get a new feel for if your estimates of your portion sizes are correct) and using a new/different calorie calculating app, to double check that your estimates of your intake are correct, since it is not uncommon to be off by a little bit.

No. 184048

can someone help me out with a protein powder related question?

How much is a scoop? The entire thing, completely full? Because wow that's a lot lol

I used to take 1 spoon during the day because I thought that would be around the size of the scoop. But it's like, half. So now after working out I have to take 2 full scoops, damn lol But I guess that might explain the slowish progress

No. 184058

a scoop is usually full scoop leveled off.

No. 184059

Thanks for the advice anon, I'll try that!

No. 184072

Your calculations are clearly wrong if you haven't lost any weight. Either you're not being honest about your intake or you need less than you calculated. It's completely impossible to not lose weight with a calorie deficit.

No. 184073

I weigh myself every day so I know what I weighed this morning and I put in "lightly active" to find that calculation. I also use myfitnesspal to track my calories. I don't think there's anything to get wrong.

No. 184074

Then why aren't you losing the weight?

Either your maths is bad or you aren't sticking to your intake limit. Which is it?

No. 184078

Have a big cheat meal to give your body a shock. Then go back to tracking your calories and doing what you've been doing. If during the following two weeks you don't lose any weight, go see a different doctor ASAP. I mean, like other anons have pointed out, you're either miscalculating your calories (which happens a LOT. people forget that things like olive oil and veggies have calories, jfc), don't really know your TDEE, or is lying to yourself. If none of these things is the case, which is pretty unlikely, then you need special help that only a good doctor can give.

No. 184081

Um neither. I wouldn't be posting here unless I was desperate.

Will do! Thanks, anon. I'll keep doing what I'm doing for a little longer and if it's still not working I'll find another doctor. Tbh I've kind of been worried that stress might be a factor since my hair is also going prematurely grey.

No. 184084

File: 1489802985230.jpg (6.27 KB, 320x169, FB_IMG_1472667596553.jpg)

Maybe lolcow can help me out, but I got some lipid tests done and everything came out pretty great (100 HDL cholesterol, heck yeah) but my triglycerides are high despite everything else being really good. I'm not overweight and I work out a few times a week.

Anyone else have this issue? Any diet recommendations other than the obvious avoiding sugars?

No. 184085

Call a physicist. You're literally breaking the laws that govern our universe if you're eating a daily deficit and not losing weight.

You need a deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Calculate how many days it takes you to lose a pound and see if it adds up to your intake. If it doesn't match up with your rate of weight loss you're a danger to existence itself and must be isolated and studied in some sort of lhc.

No. 184086

You're welcome, I hope you find out what's wrong if the cheat plan doesn't work. Wishing you good health.

No. 184253

So a couple days ago I saw someone again who used to be fat. He lost 14 kg since January 1 so that is quite some weight. He is a guy, and I really feel they have it so much easier with the higher BMR.

I have been trying to lose weight for some time but it's slow and I get discouraged and eat 'normal' (maintenance/gaining the little weight I lose back).

Really think I should exercise since the limiting kcal is not working as fast as I want. Also, seeing how great people reacted to that guys weight loss makes me want it too. Today was pretty good so that's a start!

No. 184510

i've been doing this for 11 days. im seeing some results mostly in measurements. the scale seems to be barely moving but then again i got my period today which lasts a good 8 days.

my BMR is 1438 and my TDEE is 3148

So I should eat 700-1500 a day to lose weight correctly, right?

God I hate being short

No. 184511

You do realise that BMR is what you burn doimg absolutely nothing right? Eating at your BMR, heck even above it, will make you lose weight as long as you aren't in a coma. No point in just eating 700 calories, you will just binge or get sick.

No. 184512

Also lol you wont see results in 11 days

No. 184518

Non that anon but of course 11 days can make a difference, at least if you're super fat/super short, which was my case. A while ago right after starting my weight loss plan I lost 2.4kg in one week.

No. 184523

Yes. I'm 5'1. 11 days was a obvious difference. I lost 3 inches in my waist mainly from cutting out sugar/bad carbs and drinking more water.

No. 184524


If you cut half of what you're eating and just starting out, it could be too much.

No. 184528

I'm doing bad then. Even when I was eating bad I never went as high as 2400-2600. That's why I think my weight is going down rapidly since my poor food choices was making me retain a lot of water.

No. 184532

The problem with going too low too soon/fast is that you could possibly not lose the amount you want and be left with not being able to cut sny lower. And if you try to eat a "normal" amount again, you'll gain.
That's why you cut from your tdee, not bmr.

No. 184534

I see

I'm mostly eating 600-1300 now because my parents are fat fucks who buy unhealthy shit. There is very few relatively "healthy" food in my house and I'd rather not eat noodles and the other nonsense.

When I do eat unhealthy food I bloat up and it seems to aggravate my insulin problems no matter how low or high it is so no thank you

No. 184536

Do you not have a job? You can always buy your own groceries anon…

No. 184537


I'm an 18 year old college student and my parents hurr durr wont let me get a job. I've been trying

No. 184566

I've been trying to cut sugar out of my diet (in moderation) for the longest time, but lately I just haven't been craving any. If I'm feeling peckish, I usually want a light meal instead of, say, a tub of chocolate Ben&Jerry's. If I want something to snack on, it's popcorn. I've had moments like those before (albeit rarely) and it was usually related to my cycle somehow (usually followed by a month of intense chocolate cravings).

The weird thing is though, I still do crave chocolate but only a little bit and only semi-dark (anything above 70% tastes like bitter, waxy arse sweat to me).

Do you think I'm seeing results of my sugar ban or is it just PMS?

No. 184567


Probably PMS
I ate 180 calories worth of snickers. It sucks and was too sugary

No. 184601

Changed my diet and started working out. I get my period and its heavier than normal and I have way less energy than normal and I'm also dizzy and very tired. Yay.

No. 184658

Started my diet about 1-2 weeks ago and I've lost 3 pounds, I sometimes get so disgusted how much weight I've let myself gain. I use myfitness pal and I was on a diet a couple years ago and I was about 145, now I'm 166. I just didn't notice or care because of being put on seroquel, I quit all my meds and still managed to keep the weight on. I miss being a teen, I was one of those people that never had to worry about diets and such, then hitting 20 it was like a wall and it just started coming on. Im only now trying to learn to eat healthier and counting calories.

How did a lot of you girls do this through teen years?? I never could understand my friends when all they would do is be scared to eat. Does it get easier as time goes by?

I'm also trying to find healthy meals online I could make online, do you guys have any good sites you could share?

And last question! I can't tell if I'm getting stretch marks on my hips, they don't look like my boyfriends or any I've seen, but they look almost like light red scratches, almost cat scratches. I've started putting lotion on them just in case. Luckily it's like only 3 on each side and are very tiny.

No. 184661

Newish stretch marks can be very red but will fade.

When you say >>How did a lot of you girls do this through teen years?? I never could understand my friends when all they would do is be scared to eat. Does it get easier as time goes by?
What do you mean? Being genuinely afraid to eat is a sign of either a restrictive eating disorder or a very uncommon eating disorder based on fear of food due to a feeding related trauma like choking or chronic regurgitation.
You certainly shouldn't ever be afraid to eat.

No. 184665

Thanks, I didn't even notice them until today, hopefully they don't get worse.

I think it was the group of girls I hung out with, they were very insecure group. I use to try to temp them with food because I'd be worried for my best friend. She wouldn't eat for almost 2 days at a time. She was never fat, but her build wouldn't allow her to ever be small. I wouldn't say I'm scared to eat, I make sure to have a cheat day where I just don't worry about overthinking calories. I mean within reason lol.

I think the funniest thing is I always wanted to put on weight when I was younger as I was teased a lot for being too thin. I took up the habit of eating really quickly so I wouldn't get full before I finished my plate. Ahh, that has come back to bite me on the ass.

No. 184666

Try not to worry about stretch marks too much. Just about everyone has them from growing, weight gains, or pregnancies. Super normal to have them.

Your friend from school definitely sounds like she was eating disordered in some way. It's a weird place to be in when you're desperate to eat but too afraid of what it would mean.

Naturally small eaters do apparently usually eat slowly, but you can eat a whole fuckload of spinach, lettuces, cabbage, etc etc before it will effect your weight and it's also really filling for a long time. If you've got a big appetite it might be easier to consume larger portions of lower calorie foods than try to eat less and feeling hungry the majority of the day.

Either way, hope it all works out for you

No. 184669

Had a bad day yesterday and ate a bag of doritos with guacamole and a box of oreos. I feel so ashamed.

No. 184674

Me too, anon. I pretty much fucked up my diet the last two days. But today's a new day, do your best again and move on.

No. 184678

File: 1490448214122.jpg (73.17 KB, 448x420, 17234589.jpg)

opinions on vitamins? I have an ed, and they make me feel safer when I take them….. I don't know. I have shit genetics, and I'm already aging terribly.

right now I'm taking:

50 mg zinc
400 I.U Vitamin E
collegen pills
1000 MCG biotin
27 MG Iron
1,000 mg fish oil

Could I seriously damage my body by taking this many vitamins?

……I'm also considering picking up some vitamin A next time I go to the store.

No. 184682

For the most part you piss out whatever you don't absorb. Make sure they don't clash with any medications you're taking, and check the RDI so you're not taking too much. Are you wearing sunscreen/moisturiser and hydrating well?

No. 184684

I wear sunscreen whenever I go out, moisturize twice a day , wash my face twice a day, and use rosehip water for toner. I still occasionaly get horrific cystic acne, and have a huge amount of facial redness. Maybe I'm just messing with my skin too much? I've cut dairy and most sugars out of my diet, and I try to only have one serving of carbs per day. I probably wear makeup once a week on average.

I'm also a vegetarian for ethical reasons, although I respect other people's dietary choices.

No. 184685

This is only the case for water-soluble vitamins, not fat-soluble (a,d,e,k).


Worth a read, overdoing vitamin D can damage your liver and A can do a lot of shit, as for E and K there's not much harm that we're aware of them doing (yet), but there's no good.

Now for the part I haven't researched but I've been told by a med student I trust is that in general we don't need to hit those 100% dv marks for vitamins so sometimes a kids multivitamin can be a good choice since they generally have lower %'s

No. 184708

Which manga is this?

No. 184712

No. 184731

Is ovaltine, fish oil and vit c enough?

No. 184825

Trying to get my life back on track after a depression which made me get to 160lbs. Started a diet last month and im down to 156lbs, and to me that doesn't seem like alot… I've started going to a gym about two weeks ago so I'll hopefully be seeing results quicker but I wonder if I'm on the right track or if I'm doing something wrong with my diet?

I'm doing mostly low carb. I only eat white meat, salads dressed only with olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar, eggs either boiled, fried or scrambled, tomatoes, carrots, fruit, white bread veeery rarely (although i know I shouldnt eat it at all), basmati rice, and no pasta.
Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
I admit I do slip up more often than I'd like on the weekends. And I have a terrible habit of only eating one or two meals a day (my sleeping patterns are still terrible).
I have also a lot of intestinal problems my whole life as in I can go two full weeks without taking a shit once. What type of foods can help me with that?
Thank you in advance~

No. 184826

try counting your calories and weighing your food for a while. you might be overestimating what you're eating, healthy or not, and not hitting a proper deficit.

drink lots more water too.

No. 184875

That still is quite a lot of saturated fat from the meat, eggs and oil. Try to have more fibre in your diet, it will help with your gut health and be more satisfying. Think beans, lentils, green vegetables and some fruit.

No. 184877

You can also buy psyllium husk, add it to smoothies, or drink it on it's own or buy in tablet form this is a less harmful way of keeping things moving as opposed to laxatives. But having regular meals that are fibre rich, plus plenty of water should ease your digestion problem.

No. 184946


I see, I'll remember that!


I'm going to start incorporating more of those foods. I really feel like I'm lacking some variation, that's probably why I always end up slipping up and just getting too unmotivated to continue, heh. I'll try my best.

Thank you for your help <3

No. 184959

File: 1490661465211.jpg (10.98 KB, 275x206, 1462978675737.jpg)

I binged for 3 fucking days and now I feel horrible and bloated. Not to mention disappointed and miserable.
I'm so afraid of stepping on the scale. My best friend told me to fast tomorrow, not because that will make me lose weight, but because it will make me get back on control(?).

Anyone can help me, please? What should I do?

I've been on a low carb diet and I've lost over 10kg. I wanna keep losing weight, sigh… I feel really destroyed right now. FML. This is going to sound fucking stupid but losing weight is what's given me motivation to fix my fucking life, and I still need to lose like 15kg.. I feel so fucking depressed right now. I won't give up but I seriously feel lost.

No. 184960

You can do it no problem anon, you've already done so much. This isn't the undoing of you this is just a minor setback, and since it's over forget about it. it's done with. Now it's just about maintaining your caloric deficit and if you want to do some reasonable fasting you do you, etc. I know you'll do so good :)

No. 184961

Don't fast, anon. That'll only make you feel more inclined to overeat or binge again. Seriously, trust me on that, as someone who has BED.

The best and healthiest thing to do is accept that you binged and work on making the rest of the day/tomorrow/week better and possibly figuring out why you binged in the first place and then finding ways to deal with it. Also, drink lots of water and coffee to get rid of the excess water weight and stick your normal diet. You'll feel better in a few days.

No. 184967

Thank you both, I mean it xx

No. 185097

I'm panicking a little


This post talks about how to GAIN

I work a job that always puts me onto shifts that are hours like 12-5pm with no break, so I miss lunch and don't get home til 6/7 and have a late dinner

I've started to eat healthier but this gaining post scares me because I'm not eating during the most crucial hours of the day

how the heck do I lose weight and make sure the hours I cannot eat don't lead to me gaining later?

No. 185098


I don't know how much of one's eating schedule determines metabolism/gaining/etc. But the most important thing is HOW much you eat. If you eat less calories than you burn, you're more likely to start losing some weight regardless of when you eat it. So just take care not to go overboard and eat a ton to make up for missing meals so you go over your daily calories or what not. Just try to work them around your schedule.

No. 185100


thank you anon, so if I have my usual breakfast/brunch before shift of healthy things and then come home and have a 500cal dinner which is protein, carbs and a nice amount of veggies and I'm not snacking inbetween except if I really fancy some fruit, I'll still be okay and lose weight?

No. 185106

Not that anon, but yes. If you're eating to a calorie deficit of any kind, you will lose weight. Eating/not eating at certain times of the day wont have such a detrimental effect that you will start piling the weight back on. It goes back to that basic formula of calories in VS calories out. Definitely try and fit a snack in between your morning and evening meal. It will do wonders if you find yourself starting to wilt through the day. Even if it means having to eat in the bathroom. Don't be worrying!

No. 185121

What time you eat doesn't matter at all. Don't listen to some retarded chick with a blog, get this info from nutrition and biology texts. ifnyou have a calorie deficit you will lose weight.

No. 185313

can you guys possibly recommend me some simple healthy meals? i'm on a strict budget and can't really afford much. for breakfast i'll eat some egg whites and snow peas and for a snack i'll usually eat a banana with peanut butter but i need more variety and could use some more meal ideas. also, does anyone have any insight on black coffee? i'm always hearing it recommended for boosting your metabolism and seeing as i've been plateauing as of late i may as well give it a try.

No. 185315

I personally recommend green tea as well as black coffee/tea. Just be wary of getting a caffeine addiction, and don't eat too little, because caffeine (at least for me) makes me feel more full

No. 185318

For breakfast oats are cheap, just get some milk (almond milk is most delicious imo but more expensive) and mix with oats, warm up in microwave, add some jam or honey and maybe cinnamon or cocoa if you have some and bam, delicious comforting meal.
For coffee all I know is that it prevents your body from properly absorbing iron so you should take it like two hours after or before meals.

No. 185319

ty anon. i'll be careful. do you have any brand recommendations for the green tea?

i'm trying to avoid eating oats/grains so that's not going to do. :/
>For coffee all I know is that it prevents your body from properly absorbing iron so you should take it like two hours after or before meals.
never heard this before. will make a note of it. thanks anon

No. 185321

I drink whatever tbh but generally Twining's is good and cheap. If you have a local east Asian grocer, you can usually find huge varieties of good and cheap teas as well.

Eggs are good if you're on a strict budget, and beans/rice are a complete protein and shouldn't be too bad for you if you keep the fat in it down. Almond milk is delicious and fairly filling, and you could try protein mixes. Nuts are good too, besides peanut butter.

It's fine to eat fats, just sparingly, same with carbs. The Mediterranean diet is generally seen as incredibly healthy, but maybe not to lose weight, and I've heard the same with Japanese food, especially because of how they do portion sizing better than Americans in particular. If you can afford fish, that would be a great choice for diet food, as is chicken, and have some veggies.

No. 185328

eat the whole egg.

i enjoy lightly sauteed kale, spinach and broccoli with turmeric, cayenne and black pepper for breakfast; adding some sardines or walnuts/almonds makes it better.

No. 185354

Actually, you can prepare your oats without any kind of milk. I thought it'd taste like cardboard but no, shockingly it doesn't. ObeseToBeast taught me the trick: just use a tiny bit of water, no more than enough, so it'll get creamy and maybe add some flavoring if you want. It's hard to get it right the first time but when you do yay

No. 185357

Adding any kind of unsweetened yogurt afterwards makes it creamier as well

No. 185363

File: 1490960632212.jpg (20.54 KB, 400x300, 2613414_1334591848944.12res_40…)

I'm 5'1, 23 years old and 75kg (12 stone)

I'm on a diet that's healthy now with an intake of 1300 calories per day, before I was overeating in uni and a longterm breakup got me into comfort eating and binging for two years.

I've lost a few so far from this, am I going on the right intake for my weight? should it be more or less? Please help

No. 185364

I guess your activity level is "lightly active"? If so, you're good.
There are a few good calculators online that you can use that will recommend how much to eat and even macros (if that's your thing).

I'm sure you'll do great, just keep it up!

No. 185368


I'm 5'2 and weight around 90 lbs currently. I have no tits/ass and I want to gain more weight, maybe be around 105-110 pounds.

I have never reached this weight before in my life and I am not sure how to gain it. I have been eating more rice recently and potatoes and although I have gained some weight it's not very much.

I just want to look like a cute girl and not a skelly (although I'm not exactly skelly looking as I am petite)

No. 185369


Hey thank you! What calculator should I use?

I go to gym once a week, twice if I can and I look after my parent who has terminal cancer and not long to live right now I'm not as active because I need to stay put, which is why I need to make sure my diet is much cleaner!

Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it!

No. 185370

Try eating larger portions or snacking more along the day. Do you keep count of your caliroes?

No. 185378


I used this one, it's rather okay for calculating

I'm in the same boat anon, keep SLOWLY eating more so you get used to eat more, after a while it'll get easier

No. 185383

I've been doing intermittent fasts and I've (and everyone else around me) has been seeing quicker results than I did when I was just eating 1300-1500 calories a day and exercising a lot. Wow.

No. 185401

How many calories you have daily during your IF? Do you still exercise?

No. 185404

1000-1100. When it's like 800-900 I don't exercise because duh

No. 185413


No. 185476

File: 1491082928148.jpg (133.01 KB, 720x932, 4-053-50FiberRichFoods-1.jpg)


also, try coffee if it gets too bad. For me those stupid 'weight loss' teas are a pretty good natural laxative. I needed it when I ate a high protein diet

No. 185597

Idiot question, are brown rice and whole grain rice the same thing?

No. 185600

brown rice is supposed to have more nutrients compared to white. But, eh, personally I don't think it's worth the money, unlesd you can afford it.

No. 185605

As far as I know, yes.

So here's the deal: my diet consists mostly on lean protein and veggies and greens, but I've been finding taking a dump so damn hard. I drink loads of water so idk why this is happening.
I know everyone is gonna say eat more fiber but what kind of food should I have then? Because I count my calories and i really don't feel like wasting around 220 calories on 60g of oatmeal when I could have a huge salad and stay around the same number.

No. 185606

Also, I know another anon already asked something similar and I saw >>185476 but I'd rather hear someone's story. Maybe I should just buy prunes I guess..

No. 185615

Fibre, innit. What kind of vegetables are you eating? Sounds like you need to get some good roughage in you.

No. 185623

I used to be pretty fit but let myself go and I have to lose 75 pounds.

I've recently been drinking 2 Slim Fast drinks a day and eating one meal consisting of chicken/veggies and I am going to start working out again.

my question is if the slim fast diets work? I know the whole body goes into starvation mode but these shakes have a bit of calories and vitamins, and for my one meal I do portions but make sure it's not starchy so only veggies and baked chicken. Also I want to try to workout everyday, but also heard it's bad to do that? If I'm just walking 5-6 miles a day I don't see an issue with it but idk. I just want to lose this weight, I hate I let myself get all overweight and shit but I want to fix it.

sorry for the long post but yee any advice?

No. 185628

Tea in the morning helps me get the poo engines roaring

No. 185633

same desu

No. 185654

Starvation mode is a meme. You will absolutely not 'enter starvation mode' because it was made up by fat people who are bad at maths.

Slim fast works by creating a calorie deficit. You can do that without wasting money on the gross trash that fad diets peddle and just eat say, 500 fewer calories than your tdee everyday and lose weight eating whatever you wanted within that limit.

Ignore any and all advice coming from people who aren't thin themselves, people who say it's impossible or you will gain it back no matter what you do, and people who say dieting is 'a toxic culture invented by Le patriarchy'. They're all wrong.

Learn your tdee, eat less than it to lose weight.

No. 185655

Hey me to! I have 70lbs to lose and im also starting the SF diet. Its really fustrating when i looked online at forums for "does sf work" and all i found were posts saying "you shouldnt do sf because its full of sugar just eat proper food and move more" and i'm like thats not answering the question tho. I cant workout everyday because im busy at the moment with moving but trying to do it every second day at least.

No. 185663

Not coming at you offensively but genuinely curious. You actually can't slow down your metabolism and go into a "starvation mode"? Is there any proof? I tried googling but got nothing

No. 185664

There is a starvation mode, but it's not 'oh, you haven't eaten in four hours' starvation, it's 'concentration camp' starvation. Like not eating in weeks. You're not going to get it just by dieting (except if you have eating disorders levels of determination in not eating at all).

No. 185665

You'd go into starvation mode once you'd depleted your fat reservoirs and were concentration camp or famine levels of malnourished. A few weeks or even months of dieting won't do you any harm.

If we were as bad at surviving through hunger as modern society says we would never have survived as a species.
The reality is, after generations of superabundance people have lost sight of what food is for, and use it as a primary source of pleasure instead of source of energy and nutrients. There are people who literally do not know what it is like to feel hungry. There are people who are unable to do a 12-24 hour fast before surgery despite the fact that we are designed to withstand weeks of minimal sustenance and days of fasting.

1 pound of fat takes 3500 excess calories. If you eat 500 calories less than what you burn every day, in seven days you will have created a deficit of 3500 calories and lost a pound. Your metabolism will be fine, you won't gain weight by eating less, and anyone preaching differently is ignorant or straight up lying to you.

No. 185696

This anon again, I was actually 170(officially overweight for my height at 5'9) but now I'm having a separate issue, my new meds are lessening my cravings for food, and it's actually hard to eat more than around 800 calories a day, I lost 10 pounds and it seems to get lower everyday, I didn't know this was even possible, or if my scale is just really broken. Anyways, I'm trying to at least make up the lack of nutrition with vitamins and adding ensure to my meals.
Should I really worry about this? Is my skin going to get really fucked?? I'm trying to eat more but it just makes me sick.
So far I have vitamin A, B12, and potassium. Should there be any others I should add? Does it even matter if I take them or not for this situation?

No. 185720

I ate 350 calorie pizza today. Haven't ate lunch and dinner yet.

Pizza sucks to be honest. It tastes good but it doesn't fill you up. Now I see why people can easily get fat.

No. 185843

What are some good diet meals and foods, or sites with lots? doing 1200 cal a day and only lost 4kg….my stupid fat gut is not going, help

No. 185845

Vegetables, protein, fruit, whole grains and complex carbs. Shit like oats, literally every veggie other than potatoes/yams, fish, skinless chicken and veal are my personal favourites, uh salads that don't add shit like creamy dressings, croutons, or bacon. Basically food that doesn't come from a factory or have lots of sugar/salt/fat/unnecessary or empty calories.

I don't know how else to give examples when there's thousands of years and hundreds of cultures whose cuisine you can look up yourself. There's no special diet meals that aren't a dumb fad. You just eat whatever without eating too much. You can easily count your own calories and eat the things you know you like.

No. 185971

Having trouble deciding between registering for a myfitnesspal or loseit account. Any thoughts or opinions? I'll be accessing it through my desktop rather than mobile, if that makes a difference.

No. 185977

I only ever used mfp. It's alright, has a really big database, adjustable macros and calorie goals etc, but the layout is ugly as sin

No. 186012

Curious on everyone's idea of an "ideal" BMI both for yourself and women in general. I'm currently at 21.6 trying to get to 19 which I think is ideal for a slim but not too skelly look.

No. 186015

It depends more on your body shape than solely BMI, imo. Some girls with the same weight x height, thus same BMI can look very different.

I just wanted to say on here that this thread has helped me a lot. Losing the weight i got during my two years of NEETness is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've lost 14kg (30lbs) so far and I hope to lose at least 6 more

No. 186020

No. 186031

I think it's important to keep in mind that mfp isn't always accurate as well, due to it being mainly crowd sourced a fair bit of the info can be off, so just check it against the nutritional info on the box of your food to be sure with new stuff.

BMI is a terrible measure for individuals, it doesn't really take into account frame, muscle mass, anything.

Pretty much any bodybuilder would be classified as massively obese by its standards, it's really not good at all.

You'd be better to set a body fat percentage you want to reach, or an even easier to measure goal like wanting to cut an inch or two off on a particular body part.

No. 186041

I'm for below 23, and above 19. Anywhere in there is ideal.
Bmi works just fine as long as you're not a bodybuilder. This nonsense about it not applying to average people is just fatties crying cause they're calculated at overweight or obese.

No. 186045

Nah, the nonsense about it not working for an average person is that it's not really designed to be used to be used for people into fitness or for individual measurement, and a lot of stuff can skew it.

One person at 22 isn't necessarily equivalent to another, to explain it most simply.

It works fine for larger scale stuff usually, but it shouldn't be used as a goal or anything like that, because you can be 18 BMI and skinnyfat, or 24 and look great.

As for the whole "only fat people think that!", the vast majority of people I've seen who say it are either into fitness, or are doctors themselves. Fat people use it as an excuse sometimes, but fat people use all sorts of shit as excuses, and I don't think anyone is saying that you can be 28 and still in shape unless you're noticeably very muscular.

No. 186046

I want to add too that I agree with you mostly, I'd generally say that a good goal to stay within unless you're an anomaly either way as far as your frame goes (as in an actual extreme, a girl with like 20" wide shoulders or something) or are quite muscular. As long as you're in that area, you're better off setting other goals to achieve the look you want, because you can still look really out of shape at 19 BMI.

No. 186050

That's why there's a range to account for body composition. Besides, a bmi of 22 being different for different people doesn't mean that bmi is wrong. Unless someone is an outlier in terms of body composition bmi works just fine.

No. 186097

Do any of you guys have any experience with intermittent fasting?
For those who dont know its basically fasting for a period (usually 16-24 hours counting sleep) and then eating all your Daily calories in 6-2 hours.
Its supposed to be good for bloodsugar, bloating\digestion and make you live longer and burn more fat instead of stored sugar.
Been on a 20 fasting 4 hour eating period for 3 days now and i feel pretty good, my digestion is better and i feel slimmer already!

No. 186100

I've been doing dry fasting on and off for +10 years. I never IFed but I might help.

No. 186103

It works for some people but has no scientific basis and it can be really dangerous tbh. It's definitely not good for the blood sugar. Ideally blood sugar should stay as stable as possible as it's been prooved that sugar peaks are related to a higher cardiovascular risk. Some people also have a tendecy for hypoglicemia and in this case they should avoid intermitent fasting like the plague, same thing for medicated diabetics. Hypoglicemia is dangerous and can be fatal.

No. 186123

It doesn't do anything other than make you wake up hungry as fuck.
Stable blood sugar comes from eating nutritiously and not scarfing down corn syrup or cane sugar. You should really be working with a gp who can to your glucose levels if you're concerned about blood sugar.

>>186103 is being melodramatic as fuck and you won't give yourself diabetes or the dead but there's little to no reason to eat your entire daily calorie allowance in a few hours.

Your body is gonna do pretty much the same thing with what you put in regardless of when you put it in.

No. 186125

For generally wanting to be in a healthy weight range? Sure, if you're not an outlier either way it works fine.

For fitness goals? It's pretty much useless, because it's not a description of how you'll look at all, just that you'll weight slightly less than now.

BMI isn't intended to be a standard used for individuals, it's for measuring populations as a whole, where outliers can be either ignored or handled more appropriately.

No. 186140

Considering the anon who asked is only aiming for 'slim, not skelly' bmi works just fine and dandy. Goddamn you guys jump at anything dontcha?

No. 186141

Can you not read? As I said, BMI is useless for individuals, because at 19, you could be very in shape and slim, have a great body, or you could be a skinnyfat mess who might not really be big, but is still flabby as fuck.

Literally nobody uses BMI, or recommends that you should use BMI as anything to aim for beyond "Try to be in this general range if you want to be somewhat healthy", because that's all it's designed to measure. It's not useful at all as far as aiming for a body type.

No. 186159

Not being melodramatic. Biological systems are variable and extreme diet fads like these always cause problems in people who are alredy susceptible. Bro-science never considers the long-term effects of these bullshit fads. Just eat quality food in decent quantities and exercise jfc it's not that difficult.

No. 186182

8-12 hours won't kill or harm anyone. It came across as though it were dangerous for a healthy person to not eat for half a day which is insanity.
Diabetics are obviously not candidates for intermittent fasting.

No. 186193

Are you muslim?
Do you notice any benefits from it?

No. 186194

No i dont really have any problems with my blood sugar as far as im aware so thats not a problem for me.
Im mostly interested in it for the longevity and less stress about eating 6 small meals and meal planning, i never liked eating breakfast anyway, there actually is some reaserch that it increases hgh in humans but most other studies were on animals so maybe not as reliable

No. 186209

I've done that. And I loved it. And I plan to do it with keto diet in the future. So far I've been studying it and can't wait to change my lifestyle. Seems like keto diet helps people with pcos too.

No. 186210

Been water fasting. Hour 50 now. I'm doing this for 30 days.
My BMI is 28. At the end of this my BMI will be at a normal level.

No. 186215

File: 1491801758389.jpg (30.71 KB, 384x384, IMG_0749.JPG)

How embarrassing

No. 186243

How do you guys keep from being hungry? I diet pretty hard and do cardio/weights. But I feel so hungry all the time I could cry. Pls help.

No. 186244

Thats not a good idea anon, stick to 24 hours max to only burn fat and minimal muscle

No. 186245

Eat low calorie, filling foods like meats, nuts/seeds, legumes, leafy greens, and other veggies. Drink more water.

No. 186246

You can still eat and feel full even on a diet anon
Also >>186245

No. 186247

Should be a great combo, i wish i could do it too but i love potato mash and smoothies too much

No. 186252

Fuck off retard

If you have enough fat reserves the body burns mostly fat, not muscle, during fasting.

No. 186253

No shit, but why would you sacrifice more muscle than you have to to lose weight in a way that isn't really that much faster, but is significantly less healthy?

Kind of curious how they plan to water fast for 50 days without dying though, or why they would want to do a legitimate water fast for any reason other than political or religious.

No. 186256

File: 1491836946092.gif (692.09 KB, 275x170, 1448143097233.gif)

yea isnt it so retarded to think that a 50 hour water fast is a bad idea?

No. 186270

Sure, 8-12h is ok. I though anon was planning to do that 24h fast on alternate days thing. My work/studies makes me fast for more than 8h everyday, it's like that for many people…

No. 186274

There are a lot of misconceptions about fasting, tbh. It isn't something that will automatically kill you and cause your body to eat your organs/muscles. I don't see how it's any different if its political or religious either.

>imagine being this mad about other people's choices

You done picking a fight today?

No. 186275

that first response wasnt me but fuck off retard seems pretty aggressive as well. this is a diet and fitness thread not anachan central. take that back to mpa

No. 186277

File: 1491853788940.png (16.01 KB, 99x86, 275ae20e078cdcfc8c41c7f93a4d59…)

No. 186306

Haha did you break your fast already?
Only a child or a fatty would think they could do a 30 day water fast. I'd say kys but you've already tried starving to death and failed. For real tho, you're clearly too ignorant for fasting (and general life tbh) if you think you can do 30 days with only water. Screech as much as you want, I'm not the retard here.

You done being ignorant and samefagging to support your retarded ideas?

24 hours once a month is harmless, even once a week isn't awful. Every second day isn't typically behaviourally doable but nobody would die. Just lose weight.

No. 186324

Fast anon update, been switching between 16-8 and 20-4 everyother day or whatever fits, lost 2,5 kilos so far

No. 186329

>There are a lot of misconceptions about fasting, tbh. It isn't something that will automatically kill you and cause your body to eat your organs/muscles

For a couple days, sure, you'll just be hungry and kind of tired feeling. For more than a month? No, that's a fucking Jesus level fast, unless she's planning on wandering the desert with Satan, it's a stupid idea.

>I don't see how it's any different if its political or religious either.

Because at least then you're not trying to convince yourself it's totally a healthy thing for you to do, it's a sacrifice you're making.

No. 186330

Wait, are you actually fasting, or just not eating for most of the day?

No. 186334

I fast for 16 hours/or 20(counting sleep) then i eat my calories in the span of 8-4 hours(i eat about 1000 calories so i am still in a deficit, if anyone wants to loose anything they still have to be on a deficit)

No. 186335

That's not really a fast though, and is kind of pointless, don't you think? Just eat your calories throughout the day like anyone else, you won't lose weight any faster doing what you are.

No. 186340

Can we talk about meal prep and recipes? I made the "turkey and green beans" last night and holy shit it is amazing.

No. 186341

No. 186345

Well it has been proven to increase lifespan in animals, it raises human growth hormone, lowers insulin(the "fat" hormone) and overall i enjoy two 500 cal meals more than 4 250 cal meals so its great for me

No. 186346

Also you burn more fat since your body doesnt have any stored glucose

No. 186347

I think that those things about how so and so diet totally raises HGH or test or whatever other hormone you might want are either broscience or such miniscule levels that it's pointless anyway, and low insulin isn't really a good thing.

If you enjoy it more though and it's helping you achieve your goals, good for you though I guess, though I'd say unless you're tiny, you're eating way too little, you're going to be losing a good amount of muscle there too.

I think the confusion came from you calling it a water fast though, when it's really an intermittent fast. Water fast is not ingesting anything but water for that period of time.

Nah, if you've got literally any fat %, your body has stored glucose. Might be different for glycogen though I guess, I'm not sure.

No. 186360

How is it bro science? There are studies backing it up and i never called it a water fast there are other anons here too.

But yeah its working for me, i am only 5'4 and 110 and small framed so 1000 is fine for me

No. 186380

im a fat-chan and since my internist advised me to not eat in the last 4 hours before going to sleep due to nightly gastroesophageal reflux, i began eating my last meal at 6 pm.

ive tried losing weight for years. now BOOM. lost 14 pounds in 2 months without changing anything else on my diet or my exercise routine. this is still kinda slow, but for someone never managing to lose weight continously this is huge.

i can only advise it for everyone.

No. 186385

Thats great anon !

No. 186404

Broscience is almost always based off some study somewhere, just massively misinterpreted or exaggerated. I don't think there's really any reason that fasting that way would result in a significant increase in HGH (or that this is actually a good thing necessarily), or make you lose weight much faster.

You lose weight if you're intaking less calories than you're burning, that's how the basic function works, I think the intermittent fasting fad is just a way of getting you to do that, because you have a much smaller period to eat in.

If it works for you and you're being smart about it then good for you though, the most important thing about diet is that you stick with it I find.

No. 186440

Its not some random study there are several some Also on humans, just because you like hat you are doing and dont agree with something doesnt make it bro science

No. 186441


Sidenote i eat the same calories but have lost some weight so clearly it Works for atleast some people

No. 186469

File: 1492013543939.jpg (2.85 MB, 1350x1800, IMG_5761.JPG)

Thought I'd share my 300 cal breakfast with everyone. I hope your diets are going well!

No. 186470

yummy <3

No. 186479

The only useful ones are on humans, we aren't mice.

By all means though, link some, but your point about losing weight while eating the same calories is crap. Your body isn't getting energy from nowhere, nor is it just throwing away your excess calories. Unless there's some major mechanism that I've never heard of (in which case please do explain it to me, or link something that does), you're just eating less than you were before.

No. 186481

looks delicious!

No. 186483

I just had my birthday with friends and feel disgusting, we had chinese buffet and the day after my friend and me had TGI Fridays

I feel literally disgusting now and I panicked

No. 186485

Im just gonna link this summary because i cant be arsed to link all the studies http://easacademy.org/trainer-resources/article/intermittent-fasting#bmb=1
This should be old because its unbiased aswell. Anyways im not saying im Right or that your Right there are many conflicting opinions where research supports both sides example is the Extreme HCLF diets and then there are HFLC but different people thrive on different things even if there is research supporting and not supporting one side, you Seem to already have made up your mind so lets just agree to disagree.

Also yes i am in a caloric deficit which i have Stated before, dont misrepresent me to look like an idiot to feel superior, its just silly

No. 186486

Good* lmao not old, my autocorrect isnt english so if there are random words inbetween that dont make sense its that

No. 186492

I got T2's tummy tea- any healthy properties that will help my diet?

No. 186504

Hey dude, don't worry about it! It's not like you are going out to nice dinners every single day. A day or two of eatin outside your calorie count isn't going to destroy everything, I promise. Just get back to your goals today! You can still lose weight if you keep trying! Happy birthday btw.

All "tummy teas" or "flat stomach teas" are literally just teas with laxatives in them like senna and dandelion. You can literally get the same thing at any Asian grocery store (look for "Dieter's teas) for a fraction of the price.

Tea is very good for you, there's so many good blends. Plain ol green tea is great for you. I wouldn't advise you to stick to regular tea and don't waste your money on snake oil.

No. 186517

Uhm…. What Kind of meds exactly?

No. 186530

Ugh, I've been having troubles with losing weight recently (I posted in the vent thread too, I'm 5'3 and ~124lb) because I'm a 'recovered' ana-chan with hypothyroidism so my metabolism is all kinds of fucked up. Right now I'm trying to raise my calories and vary them a little so it doesn't slow down even more but I'm struggling with meals to eat. I just hate how fat I've let myself get so I'm trying every single method to lose more, and right now I'm raising my intake.

When I don't 'try' to eat, I barely make 200 calories a day, but all of my super low-calorie meals are programmed into my brain at this point so I don't know what I can eat that's more healthy that will raise my calories enough to lose more weight. I'm a vegetarian and most of my meals are either salad, veggie stir frys, or 90-cal potato waffles with vegetables. I tried pasta for the first time in years today and really liked it and I enjoy cooking so I wanna branch out more.

Also anons, what's better for losing leg fat: distance endurance running or short bursts? Right now I go for longer distances in shorter times but I'm thinking of heading to the track a couple nights a week and trying some sprints.

No. 186544


thank you <3 starting today's breakfast with banana and blueberries to make up for it

No. 186546

You can't really spot reduce fat just from your legs, but you could try shaping them up by lifting weights. Building muscle can also help boost your metabolism so it's a win-win.

No. 186628

File: 1492112212144.jpeg (24.66 KB, 400x400, calf-raises-400x400_0.jpeg)

cankle anon here. Literally the only thing that has been helpful for me is doing calf raises. my cankles are still awful, but not as bad as they used to be. But it might just be your body shape, Even when I was at my lowest weight I had thunder thighs and cankles.

also, does anybody know how to eat salads with raw onion/garlic and not smell weird for the rest of the day? I'm trying to end my NEET-dom by going to school, so I would be packing salad. I'm interested in the health and beauty benefits of raw garlic and onion, but I don't want to be that smelly kid.

No. 186646

You can always consume supplements if you're worried about having a bad smell. But if you want to eat them certain herbs usually help neutralize the smell such as mint and parsley. You can eat them by themselves or as a tea. Even a mint gum would help.

No. 186675

File: 1492127640149.jpg (90.51 KB, 514x640, thingkenboutstuff.jpg)

Help, I want to lose my thigh and belly fat, but I'm fucking retarded. Hell I don't even care about the thighs, I just want the gut gone.

I've been trying (and succeeding) to lose weight, but my stomach is still flabby. I've never been overweight, and it's never been anything but. I know I can't spot reduce, but here's the issue: I'm poor, don't own any gym equipment, can't afford a gym and don't like gyms in the first place. I do walk a lot, though.

Are there any bodyweight exercises I can do? How long until I see the first results? Any diet restrictions I should keep in mind? How much should I work out daily? I literally know nothing about this, pls help me out.

No. 186677

Try with reverse diet! I fucked up my metabolism with years of binge eating and while struggled with the weight gain at recovery eating 500 kcals. I did the reverse very slow and smooth and everything it's pretty nice now. It's kinda annoying to follow but totally worth.

No. 186679

belly is always situps and crunches

No. 186681

Keep losing weight, not everyone loses it at the same rate in the same places. It's why you see some people with super hollow cheeks at like 15% bf, while others might take until 10% to get that. Or why some people can be a bit chubby but get that sort of "thick" look, while others just look crappy.

If you keep losing it, it'll even out though, just might take a bit, and make sure you do exercise as well though, even just bodyweight stuff is really good.

No. 186683

At my lowest I weighed 47kg (~103lbs, I'm on the verge between 5'3 and 5'4) and was still flabby, in addition to feeling tired and dizzy all the time, so I wouldn't want to lose too much weight.

Is blogilates a good source? The girl seems to have a good attitude towards weight loss and body image and I really like her printables but I want to make sure.

No. 186685


how does reverse diet work?what food to use?

No. 186688

I'd recommend if you're feeling dizzy and tired all the time to watch your diet pretty closely, make sure you're still eating enough. A lot of people have a tendency to eat barely anything when trying to lose weight, and it works, but they lose muscle mass and feel shitty all the time while doing it.

Try to not go below around 750 calories below your tdee (if you don't know what this is, there's a lot of online calculators) while trying to lose weight.

And the flabby stuff is probably exercise related, were you working out while doing it? Your body will lose muscle mass as well as fat while you diet, so it's important to work out to try to preserve as much of that muscle as you can.

And I don't know much about blogilates sorry, someone else might know more. Honestly the fitness subreddit has lots of good resources in its sidebar if you're looking for basic info on this stuff.

No. 186746

You start adding more and more calories to you diet gradually until you reach your goal macros. It's supposed to fix your metabolism since you give your body the correct amount of food without giving the calories so fast. Here is a complete guide: http://www.themacroexperiment.com/step-2-learning-how-to-count-macrosiifym.html

You can use any kind of foods that fits into your daily macros and vitamins.

No. 187431

How to say no to friends and family that want to eat out/make you meals?

I know that the best way to go about sharing a meal with people is just eat a very small portion. But i get so bummed out because I'd be much happier eating a salad with fruit and actually feeling somewhat full, than eating 1/2 of spaghetti just to avoid going over my calorie count.

For those who are also trying to lose weight by cutting down on calories, how do you deal with friends and family who aren't very sensitive to it and make I think more difficult for you? I'm wondering if I should just eat with them and exercise harder to lose the calories, but I'd really just prefer to stick to my pre-made meal plan. For reference, I'm making myself stay under 1,000/cals a day.

No. 187455

i'm currently stuck in a spiral: i dieted quite often, so healthier foods started feeling like a necessary punishment to endure for being thin (as opposed to junk food which was "fun" to eat and a reward for having lost weight); but for the same reason i also feel terribly guilty for eating crappy things. this is a shitty way to think about food and i just want to start eating clean, but i don't know how to kickstart myself. any tips or suggestions?

No. 187457


anon, i obviously don't know your age, height, weight and daily energy expenditure, but under 1000 calories sounds dangerously low. a young adult is accepted to need at least 1100 a day, any lower is usually categorized as an eating disorder. did you consult a nutritionist or a doctor about this?

No. 187471

That's absolutely not how eating disorders are categorised or diagnosed. Don't be ignorant.

1000 calories is gonna make anon lose weight like crazy until they can't sustain it because they're hungry. They're better off with a higher intake yes, but don't act like that's an eating disorder or make shit up like you did to prove your point.

No. 187474


wow anon, why so salty?. i didn't act like the it's an eating disorder, i just passed down some information my nutritionist gave me when i tried to go lower than 1100.

No. 187479

I'm very short and no, 1,000 isn't too little for me. I'm trying to lose weight and will probably bump it up to 1,100 cals when I reach a weight I'm satisfied with.

No. 187516

Because people who are ignorant about topics shouldn't be giving advice on them?

No. 187518

I'm already closely approaching my calorie limit for the day (1200 calories) but am feeling rather weak. Like mentally I'm having a hard time focusing and physically I barely have the energy to move around. Any suggestions for something I should eat? I don't want to consume too many calories but I'm not sure if that's what I need right now or not.

No. 187528

Are you getting enough protein?
Is your vitamin/mineral intake enough?
What kind of things are you eating daily, and what's your calorie deficit?

No. 187548

Sometimes going to low on calories can be hard to stick to in the long run. But i don't know how tall you are so. But how's your iron levels? Iron deficiency can make you tired and make it hard for you to concentrate.

No. 187552

Unless you are like a 3 foot midget, 1000 kcal is way too low.

Why does almost every one here have a horrible warped view of calories and weightloss? I sometimes feel like I'm on myproana, not lolcow

No. 187557

I know right
Not hating on anyone in the thread but it's true
And why 1.2k, it's not some magic number

No. 187561

Not that anon but that's the amount LoseIt gave me to lose 2Ibs a week. I'm 5'7 so that's only like a 500cal deficit, not low at all

No. 187567

I had a breakdown this week end and ate all kind of shit while crying and wanting to kill myself.
Now, I'm a kilo heftier and my psychiatrist want to put me back on a low dose of seroquel.
I just lost 15 kgs over the course of almost a year after balooning up while taking that shit. Granted it was a way higher dose but still.
I feel desperate.

No. 187570

fat sows detected

No. 187576

Nah, I'm skinny and hot. Sorry that you are so insecure that you have to insult someone who questions your warped ana mindset

No. 187580


Lmao, sure jan

No. 187586

Ive been eating better for a few weeks now from my shit diet before and its been going well.

I made a green smoothie for the first time today and guys I fucked up. I put way too much kale in and I took a sip and I could chew on my smoothie… It doesnt taste too bad but the texture is making me want to vomit lol. I added some more coconut milk to my cup to dilute it best I can and finish the damn thing

No. 187593

why dry?

No. 187595


Skinnyfat retard detected

No. 187597

Eh not really. I'm a five foot two child-woman and work a mostly sedentary job.

If I'm not doing physical stuff at work I maintain on about 1100.

1200 gets thrown around because so many websites use that figure as a recommended intake for losing weight.

No. 187599

I promise you that kilo is likely just water or poop. Even if it was genuine weight gain a kilo is bugger-all and nobody can see any difference.
If you need the seroquel, make sure you don't keep junk food around the house. Get things like grapes for the sweet cravings and something low-calorie for when the nighttime hunger kicks in and it feels like your entire abdomen has been scooped out, it's so empty feeling.
Plan your calories out through the day to allow for the night if you can't sleep before it hits, like, leave yourself 200 calories to spare each day and then the night eating won't affect your weight anywhere near as much.

It's fucking hard but it's doable, especially if you need the seroquel and need the weight loss at the same time. Good luck anon

No. 187616

Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me. I once discovered a website where you enter your details (weight, height, activity level, goal weight, goal date, daily calorie intake) and it gave you a little table based on the information on how much you should lose each week in order to achieve your goal.

It was really motivational and I used it to write my weekly goals into my calendar and calculate when I should reward myself using this website. Does anyone know what it's called?

No. 187619

You mean a TDEE calculator? Heaps of them have that function, I don't think it's unique to any in particular.

If I remember right even myfitnesspal does that.

No. 187621


No. 187679

Thanks for your suggestions guys but I finally found what I was looking for. Gonna post it in case it helps someone else!


No. 187711


Actually this one is a lot more detailed and you can save it!

No. 187896

Breakfast: Eggs and Gluten-free bread or Protein pancakes

Lunch: Wholegrain wrap with chicken and salad

Pre-gym snack: Turkey breast steak or mince

Dinner: Chicken or fish with some carbs

Evening snack: Trek protein bar or soya protein yogurt

Is this a healthy meal plan guideline for losing weight and geting into shape? I read a girl used this to /gain/ weight but to a healthy, fit weigh


No. 187970

I am trying to take a break cold turkey from coffee and caffeine. Been drinking just herbal tea for a few days, on thursday it will be one week which is when your brain is supposed to be free of cravings. Holy shit I want a coffee so fucking bad though. ):

No. 188051

cold turkey may be a bit extreme anon. have you considered slowly cutting off from the caffeine? like, if you took it daily, taking it every other day instead, then working your way to zero.

No. 188073

How can anyone tell you without knowing your tdee, bmr, height, weight, activity, or any other goddamn thing? You're better off taking the time to teach yourself some basic nutrition than picking fad diets out of magazines or blogs.

No. 188083

Exactly what >>188073 said.

If you want to lose fat/gain a bit of muscle you'll have to eat at maintenance. Just as anon suggested, calculate your BMR & TDEE, then eat at your TDEE or 500cals less if you want to lose weight.
If you want you can consider doing some lifting.

But generally, stay away from any kind of meal plan that contains the words "fast", "easy" or anything related, they're 99% a scam. And don't be afraid to eat a bit unhealthy from time to time, especially at the start. Eventually your body will start craving real food, instead of processed one.

No. 188210


i would suggest getting some more leafy greens in there

No. 188249

i smoke pot semi-regularly and experience violent munchies. does anyone have tips for staving off the munchies or at least some healthy alternatives that will fill you up quickly?

No. 188255

Create some snacks you know you enjoy that are low calorie, and leave them for when you smoke. Doesn't always work, but if you try to keep the amount of other prepared and higher calorie snacks in the house to a minimum, I always found myself just eating whatever that already finished thing is.

No. 188259

I like to use a lot of seasoning on my food and eat high-salt shit as long as it's around my deficit (of about 1000-1400). I've been drinking a lot of water to balance it but all it's been doing is making my stomach get really bloated and large and gain 3-4 pounds on the scale. How do I fix this shit?

No. 188260

so make sure i dont eat more than 2500mg of sodium a day right?

No. 188262

Start to ween yourself off over seasoning your food. It's that simple. Too much salt can really fuck you up.

No. 188263

Seasoning is fine, just stop eating so much salt.

No. 188323

I smoke daily, like a disgusting amount and found that at this stage I have fuck all appetite and munchies stopped happening. Do not recommend.
Keep tasty but low-cal snacks around. Freeze fruit and yogurt instead of having ice cream, low sugar hot chocolate drinks instead of actual chocolate, salted nuts instead of chips etc.

No. 188326

What my dad does and what I've done as a result is when you'd put salt on food, put pepper instead. If you use less salt, less will be more to you. I'm sensitive to salt tho

No. 188383

Also when I increased my exercise output this week I gained 3 pounds on the scale and it hasn't come off since. Is that normal?

No. 188515

Samefag, I can't eat more than 1200 calories a day or else I get sleepy. I dont understand this

No. 189005

File: 1493660915822.png (Spoiler Image, 802.29 KB, 1080x1696, 20170501_124340.png)

A mutual on my IG posted this. I'm already going to assume this is a shitty "fad" thing someone probably shilled to her on Facebook, but what IS it exactly? Aren't ketones literally just the by product of fat being burned?

She could reduce her calories and just excercise to make her own ketones (but she's a fatty, so I doubt she would do that.)

No. 189008

File: 1493661810918.jpg (6.81 KB, 215x162, th.jpg)

Hey anons, know any good alternatives to tortilla chips? I eat a lot of guac with them and I know the refined carbs aren't doing me any favors. As long as it's crisp or crunchy, I'm willing to try out some different things.

No. 189015

how about homemade chips? You can put potatoes or fruit, sliced thin, into the oven and make them crispy
Or crunchy veggies

No. 189017

Try crunchy vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, celery, or cucumber. Cauliflower and cucumbers have the most neutral flavor imo so they tend to go well for dipping.

No. 189048

The homemade chips are a good idea, but I'm also a lazy asshole. Still worth a try, though. Thanks!

I'm actually a fan of cauliflower and the crunch of celery seems like a great alternative, I'll give those two a try. Thanks for the suggestions.

No. 189058

Ketones are a byproduct of burning fat, yes. KETO//OS is a scam product shilled by Jimmy Moore I believe. There's not really any benefit to them, except maybe an energy boost, when you could just eat fat or fast to produce your own ketones.
Cutting calories alone won't get you into ketosis, you need to reduce sugar and up fat to do it, because sugar will always be burned preferentially to fat.

No. 189059

Trigs can be spiked by any type of inflammation. Whatever is causing it will do that. If you're eating excess sugar, it may be that. Or it could be a food sensitivity to something like dairy, or whatever. No real way to know except to experiment.

No. 189060

Mine is more of a health thing, than a weight thing, although I have lost weight from doing it.
I was diagnosed pre-diabetic nearly a year ago, high blood pressure, and total cholesterol over 300. I was 221 pounds at 5'1", and 20 years old.
I also got tested for insulin resistance and came back with a big fat "yup you're fucked".
I ended up doing a ton of research on it hoping I'd find anything I could do, especially because my doctor said I could eat grass and drink water and not fix my health. I'm stubborn, obviously.

I came across some research from like Eric Westman, Gary Taubes, and Jason Fung that suggested that lowering sugar intake could help those who were insulin resistant/diabetic. So late last year I started a ketogenic diet, restricting carbs (not including fiber) to <20g per day, moderate protein, and fat to satiety.

I've done so much research it makes my head spin. It answered a lot of questions as to why I would calorie restrict at that time and feel like shit. Calories in calories out - but that was ignoring the hormonal role going on in my body. Insulin suppresses leptin production, a hormone that makes you feel full. It also signals to store energy in the fat cells, and focus on burning sugar. Less sugar going in my body, less insulin spikes, insulin sensitivity gradually came back (though not yet normal), blood pressure went back to normal, blood sugar is now normal, I'm no longer hungry and angry all the time, and I've lost 50 lbs (with about 40 more to go, though I'm still regularly losing).

Obviously I can't go back to eating the way I did, which is a bit sad, and my situation was pretty specific because basically due to genetic factors, and extremely high sugar intake it made me way more sensitive to sugars than a normal person would be, to the point where a bit of fruit or bread makes my blood sugar spike and stay there for far longer than normal.

That also means I can never go back to the way I was eating, but I feel way better healthwise now, my risk factors for heart disease are down, my acne has cleared up, my periods are regular again, my mood is more stable, and my bloodwork (HDL, LDL, trigs, blood sugar, basal insulin, LDL particle size, etc) are all coming back consistently clean.

Sorry for the blog post, but just wanted to put it out there that I'm really glad I found what works for me, and that I'm healthy for the first time that I can remember.

No. 189062

Wow, anon. That's great about your health, keep up with the good work.

How much do you weigh right now? I was 209 at 5'1 too, age 23-24, almost 5 months ago. I felt like total shit. I'm currently 179. Lucky me, I was never pre diabetic or had high blood pressure – idk why, guess I was just really lucky.

I'm hoping to reach a normal and healthy weight this year, or in the beginning of 2018.

No. 189076

Good job anon, although I gotta say in your case health and weight were pretty much the same thing.

No. 189081

>because my doctor said I could eat grass and drink water and not fix my health

What a stupid shit doctor. Glad you did your own research and found the truth anon. That's something I'd expect from some broscience shitposter from 4chan, not someone with medical credentials. Who knows how many people he's permanently fucked with that false statement.

No. 189097

Ah, thanks for the info, anon. I was debating telling her it's a scan, but whatever. We're not friends and the resulting weight gain and saltiness will be funny to witness.

No. 189098

Oops, *scam

No. 189123

File: 1493754381313.png (193.86 KB, 450x340, Begging.png)

So after months of intense trips to the gym and clean eating, I've started eating like a pig again. I was really fucking happy and feeling super great for the first time in a loooong, long time.

A sad incident happened and I was caught off guard, so I forgot about my health, diet, goals, etc. I've gained almost 2kg in April. And I just binged today…
So yeah, I feel really fucking awful. But i want to start over again. I won't wait until tomorrow, it starts again today despite the binge eating episode from earlier.
But I feel super down and these extra 2kg feel more like 20kg in my head..sigh.

Anyonw has any tips, or any type of motivation to offer, etc? Anything. If you've been in my situation before, how did you manage to get your shit together?

Thanks in advance if anyone responds.

No. 189141

I'm currently 171, I've integrated intermittent fasting and some extended fasts to help lower my basal insulin even more (with research supporting this from Fung and others) and that's been helping break any stalls I've encountered.

Yeah he also tried to put me on statins, despite the research saying 1) they don't work 2) cholesterol is more complicated than they make it out to be and 3) statins are actually HARMFUL for women to take (likely due to cholesterol's influence in hormonal regulation and such). I dropped him after that statement, and found a new doctor who encourages, advises, and suggests other stuff based on up to date science instead of stuff he learned in med school 2 decades ago. I'm very grateful for it, and the proof is in the results for me.

I don't think it will cause weight gain, since I doubt there's not much to it (see pic). It's made of Beta Hydrowhatever (a type of ketone), xantham gum (a nonstarchy thickener), erythritol (a nonglycemic, noninsulogenic sweetener), L-Taurine - an amino acid, etc
So there's nothing there that will cause weight gain really. At best, she'll feel a little more clearheaded as ketones have shown to help with dementia and alzheimers and memory issues, maybe a bit of an energy boost (though I doubt it). At worst, it'll do nothing and she'll have wasted her money on something she can produce herself with simple diet changes.

To put it in perspective, someone who goes on a ketogenic diet can make about 10-20x the amount in a serving for basically free. Even if you don't want to go that extreme, and just cut out processed sugars and up healthy fat intake you'll probably still make some, still for cheaper.
So either way it's dumb.

No. 189142

File: 1493766664931.png (5.11 KB, 678x77, ketoos.PNG)

Since I doubt there's much to it* and dropped pic

No. 189163

Accept the fact that you fucked up and continue as you would normally. Shit like this happens, it sucks but you can't turn back time, just keep going

No. 189174

Just keep calm and go back to your usual. Everyone makes mistakes.
What motivates me after I gained 10 pounds after getting an infection (this was probably stress/sickness related water weight gain and went away right after I got better but regardless) was that, like okay. I gained weight. Maybe I messed up somewhere. Maybe I relaxed in my eating habits.
But what else am I going to do but go right back to it?
Do I want to go back to feeling bad, moody, depression stags, achy joints, not fitting into normal clothes, not being able to walk long distances, etc?
Was I just going to give up all the progress I've made and just go back to being miserable? no
I LIKE feeling healthy so there's no other option but to get back on the horse.

Plus, anon, 2kg is not that much. If you have a food sensitivity or something that could just be water weight and will come off after a few days of eating right again.
A fluctuation of 1-2kg per DAY is normal. If you drink two liters of water, you'll gain 2kg until it's out of your system.

Getting healthy is a lifelong endeavor. Just remember that there's no such thing as a short term diet, because as soon as you stop eating right you'll gain all the weight back. As long as you have something that you feel like you can do for the rest of your life and is sustainable, and maybe even enjoyable, you're golden.

No. 189286

How do I stop craving sugars/sodas and start dropping the weight that eating them constantly made me gain?

I was doing really well with eating healthy and keeping myself at a good weight up until a month or two ago, it's like my taste for anything that wasn't sweet just completely vanished. I feel awful, I've gained 15lbs since then. Are there any tips on how to stop wanting it so much, or dropping all this weight?

No. 189287

cut the stuff out gradually so you don't overwhelm yourself, if you get cravings eat fruit or have some water

As for dropping the weight, just eat smaller portions and exercise. If you like you can track calories, just don't eat under you bmr

No. 189296

If you're craving sweets, try eating foods with natural sugar like berries.
Regard anything with refined sugars as an addictive substance (it technically is, eight times as powerful as cocaine). Refined sugars found in sodas and sweets will drastically spike your insulin, and then when the levels suddenly drop, your body craves more. Vicious cycle and I've gained just as much weight from it. Hell, even fats are better to consume than sugars.

If you can manage a water fast for a day or so it should break your craving cycle. After that, just don't buy or stock anything with added sugar.

No. 189305

I started drinking Stevia-based sodas and making fruit smoothies. I don't even like soda, but it's a great way to have a 0-calorie sweet treat. You can also eat (non-shitty) yogurt with fruit in it.

Around once (sometimes twice) per week I'll treat myself to a small chocolate bar or piece of cake/pie/frappuccino. I've found that since cutting out candy for the most part and switching to stevia and natural sugars (fruit), I don't enjoy sweets as much as I once did. In fact, I can't eat cheap American candies and chocolates anymore like Reeses peanut butter cups. They literally taste like waxy garbage, even though I used to eat 4-12 pieces in a single sitting multiple times per week (I still like quality chocolates, but I actually have to go out of my way to buy them and they are more costly so I'm less inclined to binge). I've luckily never been a big cake fan and pies are generally not sold per-piece so it's the same issue of seeking them out and price. I definitely crave chocolate the next day, but knowing that I can eat some in 1 more week helps a lot!

I hope this gives you and other anons ideas on how to cut sugar if you were a candy-addict like I was (conveniently, it's when I switched from candy to breads that I gained my weight, which is why I recommend stevia/smoothies).

No. 189306

I do the same thing as you anon. I eat lots of popcorn with salt and seasoning. I don't feel like I bloat, but I personally wouldn't worry about it if you do, since the weight gain is just water weight and not permanent.

No. 189312

So I was taking multivitamins for a while and I always felt exhausted and tuned out and unable to focus, I was starving and thirsty no matter how much I ate or drank. so I looked into maybe getting too much of one vitamin or another, but since I use MFP it logs everything and I wasn't.

I quit taking them and holy shit, I've become much more alert and focused, I'm not starving every 2 hours, I'm not drinking like a camel and still being thirsty and I've lost about 4lbs in 2 weeks.

Now I'm looking at getting a lot of my vitamins from my food, but I know I'm lacking in those little ones like zinc and B-12 etc… Should I start drinking those green food shakes once a week that offer 100% of everything?

No. 189315

Finished my first week back at slimming world and lost 3lbs. Kind of disappointed as I really wanted to kick it off with 1/2 a stone :(

Any other fellow slimming world members here?

No. 189399

For chocolate, I eat the lily's chocolate bars. It has soooo much less sugar (like 4g minus fiber for half a bar and I only eat one or two squares) and it doesn't cause that feeling of needing to binge. I definitely think I've got a sugar addiction so I just try to avoid anything that gives me the urge.
I've found bread, potatoes, candy, sugar soda, some fruit like pineapple, etc all make me want to eat more and more so I don't eat them anymore.
Along the way I've found most berries, stevia sweetened stuff, etc I can eat some and be satisfied.

Echoing that fat is better than sugar (as long as it's healthy fat like butter, avocado, macadamia nuts, etc, and not vegetable oils or margarine) it is REALLY hard to binge on fat, so I make replacement candy that's like 90% fat (like replacement reese's peanut butter cups, almond joys, cheesecake even, etc no added sugars to any of it) and then I find that after like 1 piece or slice I am completely done and don't want any more.

The USDA dietary guidelines in 2015 also said that fats are OK and don't need to be limited and contribute no risk to heart disease, and my bloodwork always comes back OK so there is that.

tl;dr find out what makes you want to binge and stop eating it, and replace it with something that is just as tasty and leaves you satisfied

No. 189402

If you have the cheesecake recipe on hand (like a website), could you share the link fellow anon?

No. 189403

No. 189404

Also I usually lower the amount of sweetener because I find most people add way too much for my taste.

I also like these:

and these without the strawberries (so plain cheesecake). I'll sometimes make a half batch and then pour it into cupcake tins for single serve cheesecakes


No. 189599


No. 189766

11 and a half stone, 23

I've lost 5kg so far but want more progress

I've started gym and diet, my tummy/gut is my worst area- what are some good exercises and diet and foods to help aid it? I know I can't spot reduce, but anything that at least will help, I'd appreciate knowing

Do planks really help in the long run?

Also how do I do calorie deficits?

For instance

I have a small breakfast, and lunch if I'm lucky, that total to maybe400 calories before work- quite a demanding retail job

By the end of my shift I'm hungry, my tummy is rumbling, I know it isn't comfort food, so I have a dinner around 500 calories

I avoid snacks and any unhealthy junk and try to balance protein/carbs/veggies and fruit

By following this and not binging, am I hitting the calorie deficit? I can't afford to go to gym every day and right now I'm focusing more on diet than exercise then switching to more gym once I'm down another half stone or so!

Please enlighten me

No. 189813

You said it yourself, you can't spot reduce, you'll have to lose overall body fat, so just keep going

Do you count calories? Since you mentioned them
Basically: calculate your TDEE then reduce the number by 500cals

Also, is this all you eat? 900cals? Unless you're really short that's way too low. If you have such a demanding job then you'll need the energy so you don't feel dead tired and can go through a shift. Just don't eat under our BMR and take care.

It takes some time but you'll get there.

No. 189844

I've been doing intermittent fasting and also stopped smoking weed. My calorie intake has dropped to around 900-1200 without nearly any effort. I am kicking myself tho bc I don't have a scales so I don't know what I weighed before, but I can feel myself rapidly losing weight. I'm kind of just bored and disgusted by food at this point. I can't wait to not be a fat fucking piece of shit any more ( :

No. 189977

Weed helped me overcome anorexia.

It boosts appetite, enhances taste, and at the same time calmes the nerves, an ideal combination of effects.

How it's not yet a viable medicinal option for treatment pisses me off. Nooo, better to leave people struggling with a life-threatening condition or give them other, more expensive, less potent pharmaceutical drugs with adverse side effects. Smh


No. 189978

Give them something that soothes anxiety and naturally increases appetite? Something that can make eating less stressful for the anorexic? Nah fuck it get the tubes weed is evil

No. 189979

let's not forget about all the money the pharmacies make. Giving people a natural way that actually works would make them lose a lot of money

sage for ot

No. 190064

Is it normal to maintain on 1500 calories as a 5'8, average weight 19 year old? (Light physical activity level unless I exercise) I'm a recovered anorexic so I don't remember how I used to eat pre-ED, but…I feel like everyone I know eats more yet is a lot thinner, even without much exercise? Maybe I'm delusional, idk.

I'm in the low 140s right now (gained so much due to initial binging a year ago) and I have a lot of trouble losing weight since I get legitimately really dizzy and hungry while trying to keep to just a 500 calorie deficit. I want to lose 20lb, but I feel it'll take forever at this rate…

No. 190079

I calculated it for you. I've guessed the weight to be around 143 lb since you didn't mention an exact number.

Your BMR is 1600 cals, which means you're (slightly) not eating enough.

Have you considered to maintain and just build muscle instead? It could help if you're feeling fat or flabby/chubby etc. And nope, it won't make you look like a bodybuilder or something, you'll just look "lean".

Losing 20lbs will put you in the underweight category anon. So please don't. If you think everyone is already thinner than you, then you might not be "recovered", only weight restored.

Please please please go talk to your doctor, therapist or anyone about this because you could be putting yourself at risk.

No. 190149

Thank you for the advice! Yeah, I'm not fully recovered at all but not actually anorexic anymore at least. It's weird since I do gain weight if I eat more than 1500 (and I definitely calculate this 100% accurately); I ate so much for a few months while weight restoring that I doubt my metabolism is still suppressed after a year of eating normally, so it's a bit demotivating.

I might try working out a bit more! It's a bit hard since I associate exercise with torture because of my past overexercising haha but maybe I just need to try a different routine.

No. 190156

I assume it's because of the abuse potential, that heaps of people would just take it to get high and fake the surrounding illness.

I think it's dumb that weed is illegal at all, but I assume that's why it's not used really for anorexia, same as why other drugs with high abuse potential aren't really used much.

No. 190159

Cannabis lowers the blood pressure and increases heart rate. It doesn't mix well with other psychiatric meds. It is habit forming. Its effects are biphasic. It's anxiogenic & psychotomimetic.

Weed looks good on paper for various diseases/disorders but clinically it's pretty useless.

No. 190307

It's not possible fake anorexia when there's a doctor involved tho?

No. 190572

My friend made me this absolutely beautiful cake for my graduation and we ate about 1/3 of it for the party but now it's left over and it breaks my heart to throw it out because she went out of her way to put so much thought into the day for me.

Is it shitty of me to skip a meal so I can eat a slice of the cake when I get home so that way it isn't going to waste?
I have issues with skipping major portions of food and replacing them with coffee. I don't know if I'm justifying that behavior with "oh but cake needs to be eaten."

No. 190583


You can probably share it with other friends/family. Hell, maybe bring some of it to work and ask people you're chill with if they want a piece.

No. 190585

With the old anorexia requirement, it would be impossible to fake.

But now anorexia is just about muh feelings and not about your body at all.

No. 190600


Hey thank you. Well, I'm 5'1 and 11, 3 stone, although even at my skinniest I was still about 9 or 10 so I don't know if that counts muscle mass- I've always had huge, muscular thighs but the rest of me is jiggle now

I really want to lose enough weight that my belly goes- should I expect a really saggy, stretch marked tummy for this and loose skin?

No. 190610

It's possible you'll have a little loose skin, it depends on how much weight you carry in your stomach and how stretched your skin is. Your stats put you at a bmi of about 29/30, so I'd say expect some loose skin at around a bmi of 22 and under.

No. 190616


Once it's loose, how would I work on tightening it?

No. 190624

Anyone else trying to change their diet and exercise plans to make them more feminine/get bigger bum and breasts along with better skin and hair?

No. 190626

did she shoop her hips? in her selfies they looks pretty pear shaped, in candid photos she looks like your average girl

No. 190628

File: 1494907581645.jpg (48.42 KB, 778x678, aisha_surf_crop.jpg)

dunno, just searched her candid photos, while she does have round widish hips, the look less intense in her candids, could she be enhancing her hips in her selfies?

she may have also had fat transfer as well

No. 190630

You don't. It will go back a little with exercise but if it's stretched it's stretched and no exercise will change it. It all depends on how elastic your skin is and how stretched it is so far whilst overweight.

If it's gone past it's returning point it will require surgery or a wide waistband on your pants. It's still better than remaining overweight though, and in all honesty a little loose skin on a fit girl looks a million times better than skin that's tight around fat. You'll be fine even if the skin gets a little loose.

No. 190631

she looks deformed here tbh, that wonky thigh gap… definitely a fat transfer

No. 190637

Sort of…I mean, it's not exactly what my aim is but it is certainly a nice "side effect" of taking care of yourself.
I even gained some on my boobs and I'm absolutely amazed, even if it's a tiny amount.

If it's not angles and lighting then it's shoop. The majority of these famous girls do it, even if it's subtle.

No. 190654

yeah, even the widest hips on skinny girls aren't naturally formed that way, kinda looks like a subtle version of that girl with goofy looking hip implants, where it looks like there's just a big ball on the side of the hips then suddenly super skinny and narrow thighs

No. 190657

Does anyone have a long torso + apparently high lean muscle mass? I'm still in the overweight category for my height (25 BMI) but my waistline is rather slim and you can see a bit of my ab crease.

No. 190899

thats the signature fat transfer look, when it seems more of the fat balled up mid hip, girls who have naturally wide hips tend to have it lower down, then smoother thighs

No. 193068

So today is my weigh in day and I woke up this morning with my goal of 2lbs down and I was delighted. I figured I'd eat light until I have to go to my weight loss group.

Ate half a bowl of smooth, homemade soup, two mini apples, a coffee and two glasses of water and now I'm up 3lbs!!! How is that possible? This always happens to me on weigh in day :(

I've got about three hours left until my class starts. Is it possible that I'll pee out all the water before then?

No. 193076

Water weight.
Only weigh yourself in the morning before you start eating or drinking.

No. 193082

I weigh myself every morning (to see what I weigh before eating) but unfortunately my weight loss group is in the afternoon :( They keep telling us that it doesn't matter if we've eaten before class but it clearly does. I also want to avoid the humiliation of them announcing thay I've gained weight lol.

No. 193086

Isn't it common to fluctuate by a couple of pounds throughout the day anyway? You gaining 2-3 pounds from the week before seems more like you're maintaining, it's not a significant gain.
I weighed myself yesterday and then again this morning and it said I lost 3lbs but that is likely just from me not having eaten anything yet.

No. 193088

It's normal, yeah. But I'm worried it will show up when I weigh in later. It's about a 1lb gain and they announce it to the class to humiliate you a little which I normally love because it motivates me but it's a little unfair when it's not deserved lol

No. 193166

my rule of thumb is to count in fives. i'm either 100 or 105, nothing in between because of how drastically shit fluctuates day by day, hour by hour. (ex: if i'm 103 i won't count it and wont worry until i'm at 100 or 105)
aim for a goal of fives, tens, etc.
anything in between causes mania.

No. 193189

da but that's a really good tip, i've never thought about it that way but it makes sense. i usually round my weight (up) anyway.

No. 193196

This is brilliant and it's gonna vastly improve my life after being a stupid anachan.
Cheers anon!

No. 193464

I've lost 10kg so far and am down to 11 stone

my goal is 9- this bit seems tougher than the rest to lose and my tummy is so flabby and irritating

Diet tips please!! I can't afford gym so doing hour workouts at home and lots of planks and squats too

No. 194126

I want to be more strict with how I eat but how the hell do some of you manage with weighing your food? Do you do it every meal? That seems too obsessive for me. Sage since this is more of a rhetorical vent.

No. 194190

I do it with most of my meals, but I'll do it in a reasonable way (and don't freak out if I can't!). Not only does it help with portion control - whether you want to eat less or more, like I do - and also is really useful if you have to budget for food, because you can actually plan how much you will need to buy.

Like, for breakfast I have a sliced apple, 7 sliced strawberries, covered with 100g vanilla yoghurt = 2 portions of fruit, plus a serving of dairy. I also only weigh my dinner so I can separate my plate correctly, because I eat do 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb, 1/2 vegetables. So a pasta dish would be 100g pasta, 100g veggie mince, then 200g of various vegetables (plus homemade pasta sauce to mix it all with).

As I said though, if I eat an unweighed meal I don't freak out about it. Usually just annoys me because 9/10 times I end up wasting food because I've made too much lol…

/sage for OT blogpost

No. 194191

I didn't eat dairy/barely ate sweets for years, then went through a phase of eating tons of ice cream/chocolate. It's thickened up my middle so drastically. I used to have such a nice shape and now I'm like a tube :( So trying to cut out dairy products and refined sugar again. SO hard to stop once you've started!

No. 194934

File: 1497322942741.jpg (2.46 MB, 1440x2560, 17-06-12-19-27-33-075_deco.jpg)

Got a new scale today and discovered I'm the heaviest I've ever been, so I made myself a new lock screen for my phone.

I've been ballooning up since my mom suddenly died in Dec, lots of stress/grief eating and drinking. I've gained 25-30 lbs.

My sense of style is screwed since none of my cute clothes fit anymore and it's fucking with my self esteem

I have to wear my mom's old jeans now.. it's kinda nice to feel close to her in that way, but I also know that if she was alive she wouldn't want me to have to do that. She'd be agreeing with me and encouraging me to shape up!

No. 194942

That image honestly screams MPA.

No. 194944

No. 194949

Lmao. Y'all are so harsh about your looks I fucking swear. Mom jeans? I'm sure most moms would LOVE to be close to 150.

No. 194957

I won't deny I'm being hard on myself. I'm super vain and my figure was a big source of confidence for me, and I've been in the 125-140 range for years and it's what I'm used to.

I just want to be able to wear my clothes again and put together outfits, I have an entire wardrobe I love that I can't fit into anymore

Also it might be worth clarifying that my mom was 6 inches shorter than me, so all her jeans are too short and most of them too wide so I have to roll them and I get this unflattering rosie the riveter style fit lol. I'd rather put up with it until I loose weight than buy all new clothes.

Saged for blog post

No. 194964

That still doesn't really make any sense of why you're making this image, let alone showing it to others. Either you're too young to be posting here or you're far too old to be making weird thinspo pictures for your phone.

No. 194967

Okay so I just thought I'd give a little update. I've lost 11lbs so far in total (over the course of about 7 weeks and lost around 2lbs each week pretty consistently) and I'm hoping to be down an entire stone in the next two weeks.

Delighted with myself.

No. 194968

Eh, I threw that together and posted it right after I weighed myself thinking i might have lost weight and discovered the opposite, so I was at a low point emotionaly and really pissed at myself. wanted to share with anons also struggling with weight.

I can see why it's cringy but I like using photo editing apps for non-thinspo reasons too, so making this wasn't much of an effort for me.

No. 194974

File: 1497359893800.jpg (38.1 KB, 470x470, chicken-bouillon-soup.jpg)


I know that I'm going to get called ana-chan for this, but I legit have an ED and currently am doing 100 hour fast.(80h left lol)

But anyway I wanted to let you know that I understand how hard it is to see higher numbers on scales and your picture is really close representation of what happens in my head when I see higher numbers on scale.

In the end anon please don't let it bring you down and I hope you will get better

No. 194975

Why do people like you exist?

No. 194976

Are we really going to judge people for their eating disorders now? This site had really gone to shit huh?

No. 194978


Idk low self esteem, about 10 years of hard bullying and having no close friends?

No. 194994

Be careful not to faint. Another ED farmer here, I accidentally fainted once and hit my head on a hard surface and ended up with some hospital bills. Be safe.

Use your critical thinking skills.

No. 195015

Hub, this website has always been like that. Also, eat some real food for crying out loud.

No. 195020

I sure am. Watch me:
Eating disorder = bad. Eating normally = good.
This is a sound, proper and beneficial judgement, as judgements should be. You should try it.

No. 195026


Hey thank you, as of about two weeks ago I weighed myself and I'm down to 11

I'm finding this next bit the hardest to loose weight- anyone got any good outlines for meal plans and healthy eating that isn't too heavy but will fill me through a heavy workday?

No. 195168

I had to fast for medical stuff for an extended period of time. It's really not good to do it unless you have to or you're going on some spiritual journey maybe or something. At least have some fiber like some veggies and fruit and a protein shake, it's really bad for your skin and body and you're pretty likely to gain it all back in a binge if you're starving.

No. 195264

Pre-made healthy branded microwave dinners have been a godsend, so I don't have to stress anymore about eating small portions of what i cooked for the rest of my family

I also just picked up a bag of prunes b/c I've noticed I don't even poop everyday
plus theyr actually yummy, i thought i wouldn't like them b/c i hate raisins

No. 195271

Is it possible to lose weight with only exercise?

I know that a lot of people say that it consists of 80% diet, 20% working out, but if i were to run an hour a day plus additional exercises like squats etc., wouldn't that burn enough calories to make one slim down and than stay at that weight?
In the passed i've suffered from an eating disorder and struggled to lose weight for the las 6 years, so i'm really scared to fall back into old habits, as soon as i start restricting my food intake, plus i still live at home so eating healthier is quite difficult…

No. 195292

If you burn more than you eat, yes. Go track your calories.

No. 195354


logic of working out to lose weight is to have more muscles, which in turn burn more calories. moving around sadly doesn't burn that many calories, but it will help your body be healthy in other ways.

No. 195441

Aanon on here successfully lost weight and kept it off? If so could you please share like your daily meal plan?
Everybody always keeps throwing around things like eat right, less carbs,…but i always simply have no idea what i could actually eat

No. 195442

*any anon

No. 195512

well worked for me when I was a teenager
I biked a lot and did workouts daily but ate like complete shit

I'm talking about getting fast food with friends after school, when I had sleepovers we would get shit loads of hot fries, little debbies, sodas, ice cream, bake desserts etc and eat pizza while playing GTA and other vidya

I still worked out like crazy, mostly doing butt workouts though because I was an insecure bitch, but that point in my life was the thinnest I had ever been

No. 195548

What has worked best for me is to mostly eat only whole foods. Whole foods are foods that aren't processed. Examples would be chicken, eggs, beef, beans, fruits, veggies, potatoes, oats, nuts etc.

My go to meal for using whole foods is soup. Just use a clear broth (I like veg stock), add chicken or beans, tons of veggies, and potatoes. It's a low calorie dinner and I can have seconds every time without gaining weight.

Some other tips are to never drink your calories (tea and water only! juice as a treat), and always have dessert if you have a sweet tooth. Just make sure you only have a very small portion of dessert so you don't ruin your diet. I also usually have a very small amount of salty junk food a day, like 5-10 chips depending on how hard I'm craving them. Of course if you don't have an affinity for junk food it would be better to cut that shit out completely, but in my case the small portions keep me from bingeing.

Sorry for turning this into a blog post.

No. 195590

I lost half my body weight (88kgs to 44) and it doesn't matter what you eat as long as the caloric content isn't more than or equal to what you burn. Find your tdee and eat fewer calories than it every day.

No. 195899

5'1, was 12 and a half stone February and am now just on 11

I'm finding it SO HARD to go lower now, and at my age and height I want to be back to 10 or even 9

What are some places I can get diet plans or better routines to aid? What I'm doing right now clearly isn't enough. Please help!!

No. 195912

First off, what is your diet? I mean I'm 5' and it kind of boggles my mind that you're having difficulties… if it's not the quality of food it is definitely the quantity. Short people like us can't calorically afford to eat like regular sized people.

No. 195919


Like specific foods?

No. 195922


Beneficial to who? Because that reductive judgement seems beneficial to only your smarmy self. I know it's cool to be lol edgy lolcow on here but you look like an ignorant snark-tard. Have a good day, bitch.

No. 195936

not that anon, but can you elaborate on that? How much food does a 5 ft person need to eat to lose weight?
Do we cut down meals to two a day or something?

No. 195938

Like what are meals that are pretty typical for you?

A 500 calorie lunch is basically more than one third of the total caloric intake a 5' person needs. Like…if I ate 1500 calories a day I'm gaining wait fullstop since I don't exercise much. I used to struggle to go under 125lbs but figured it out when I cut my portions to one half to one third of what an average person eats. The average family restaurant dinner plate is already way too much food for an average sized person in one sitting, they're probably close to my entire day's caloric intake in that one meal alone.

I fill up on low calorie vegetables (I eat salads with 3 cups of arugula at ~6 cals per cup topped off with what other veggies, legumes, proteins I have on hand), I can get really full off of it too now. My carb intake is like a slice of toast in the morning and a half cup of rice for dinner. I don't much eat dairy based products, but I'm lactose intolerant. I avoid drinking my calories. Because of all the veggies my meal intake is ~800 cal which leaves me plenty of room for some snacking in the day. I now sit comfortably between 110 and 115, a little higher than I'd like but that's an issue with my snacking habits. When I choose healthier snacks I can go down much more. If you exercise, unlike me, you'll have more room to eat more calories.

Though, I suppose it's easy for me to say. I love vegetables and all my favorite foods are healthy and nutritious for the body.

You can "train" yourself to eat less too. Drink water before and after your portion controlled meal, then wait 20 minutes to see if you're still unsatisfied.

No. 195940

thanks anon, sounds like I'm pretty much in the same spot as you
>resting comfortably at 110
>snacking habits holding me back from going below 110
but i bet if i learned to love vegetables more, id have an easier time
wish i could just brainwash myself, i have a very limited list of veggies i can swallow

No. 195943

How do you eat that little? I am 100% serious. Like, how do you train yourself to have such a small intake? Portion control? How do you refuse meals, or only eat a tiny amount?

I love healthy and nutritious foods. I just can't stop eating. How do you do it?

5'3" and an appalling 120 lbs here.

I know this is the diet thread, but any tips for exercise motivation?

No. 195944

Learn to love them, experiment with different seasonings and spices, different dishes, do whacky shit.

No. 195953

This is me and im updating you all. I upped my calories to 1500 calories instead because 1200 was too low so i hit a plateau with that, i switched to 16:8 and so far im Down 3 kilos! slow progress but progress non the less

No. 195954

I'd love to know this too… I feel unwell (no, not just hungry) when I go below a certain amount. Vitamins and eating balanced help but I legit start to feel shaky and dizzy sometimes. I'm not diabetic.

No. 195960

Loving vegetables is really what helps me. Taking in lots of fiber fills you up naturally, and veggies are just a lot lower in calories than anything else so you can go ham on them and not feel regretful.

First of all, 120lbs at 5'3" isn't "appalling" it's perfectly normal, this isn't an ana thread get the fuck out.

Second, I feel uncomfortable with giving anas advice.

No. 195987


Original 5'2 anon here
How do I cut my portions? After a heavy workday I'm starving and just wolf down anything…

No. 196144

I use smaller plates and bowls. I also tell myself if I don’t feel satisfied I can go back for seconds, but then drink some water and wait 20min before going for seconds. Usually in this time I end up feeling full anyway. (takes a bit for your stomach to send the right signals to your brain). There’s also taking more time to eat, taking smaller bites of food, or taking your time chewing your food, etc. If you find yourself ravenously hungry when dinner time rolls around, you’re probably not eating enough/eating the right food during the day.

But at the end of the day, all this advice is pretty worthless if you can’t practice self control.

No. 196146

To add this is for small tiny ass people bigger people will probably feel miserable and if you try this as a bigger person you might have ED tendencies:

A human stomach can hold 2-4L of food. Since I’m on the “I’ll round up to 5 feet” kind of small, I assume the lower end, ~2L. 2L is a little under 8.5 US cups. If I go by the idea that you should eat until you feel ~80% full, that’s 1.6L or 6.8 cups.

My average dinner is something like (guesstimating) 1 cup cooked spinach (46 cal), half cup rice (white, short grain 121 cal), 1 cup other veg (let’s say steamed broccoli 31cal) ~half cup meat (115 cal for diced cooked chicken). 1 cup side soup (miso soup 81 cal) .I’ll drink like half a bottles worth of water or tea (0 cal) and I’m reasonably filled up with room for desert (though I usually skip it) at something like 400 calories.

I think this is a really generous guesstimate though. I dunno, I don’t feel empty or dizzy eating this much. I feel fine. I have energy all throughout the day, my vitals are great. Biology is just strange like that.

No. 196147

How do you cook them?
Roast things like carrot, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, onions etc. brush a little olive oil and salt and pepper over them first and they're amazing. Or a half teaspoon of honey to your carrots.
Leave steam cooked things like broccoli firm and they taste amazing. Stir fry with cabbage or shredded zucchini in place of noodles to save carbs. They take on the flavour of whatever you're cooking (sumac and cabbage together are bliss) and bulk out meals with few calories.

No. 196440

I got a big ass bottle of Aloe Vera King

Anyone know how healthy this drink is?

No. 196448

File: 1498437974795.jpg (46.86 KB, 413x539, aloeveraking.jpg)

Depends on what you mean by "healthy", there's some sugar in it and drinking aloe vera doesn't really have any proven health benefits as far as I know. It's not super bad for you but not great either, if you like the taste then have some but I doubt it will make you healthier in any way.

No. 196449


what app is this anon? I could use one wih the alerts on it!

No. 196450

No. 196451

so I gained like 2 stone when i left an abusive home and moved in with my wonderful husband. it was the best experience ever but thanks to the scars of narc parents i guess overeating is just my cross to bear. im the heavist i've ever been and i hate it.

i recently got a decent paying job after being NEET, was in it for like 8 weeks and got fired with no reason (w/o going into detail, in my country working there for that little time means yeah they can get away with that) and it was a night shift so i have shifted my sleep to suit it. got fired last week, am majorly depressed, and the fucked up sleep means im awake at night when my boyfriend isnt and i eat more and guys im so fucking sad. typing this made me cry omg kill me.

BASICALLY i needed to rant that and it ties into my questions so please don't hate me. Probs related to my complex w/ food, i am compleeetely fine with eating the exact same things every single day. e.g before i would have porridge with pb in the morning, a toastie for lunch, and sweet potato chips with some form of meat for dinner, and a bag of jellies or some shit. gross but i ate that set every day for like.. i dont even know how long. can someone recommend a basic ass fucking menu that i can buy and eat every day that is healthy???? i avoid dairy, not vegan though.

No. 196460

I'm the same way with eating the same thing every day when I'm depressed, it just takes too much energy to figure out new meals. It's not very healthy to always eat the same things though, you need variation to get all the nutrients your body needs.

That said, to make your diet more healthy than it has been you don't need to change it up completely, porridge made with oats and peanut butter is a good breakfast, I have it sometimes myself with some soy milk.

I don't know what a toastie is exactly, but maybe change it out for a whole wheat wrap with avocado, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber or whatever vegetables you like, and maybe add some protein like salmon or a bean salsa. Or whip up an omelette with onions, tomatoes, shrimp or whatever, I don't really know what you like but an omelette can be varied in so many ways.

Switch the chips for an actual sweet potato, cut it into strips and cook in the oven with a little bit of oil and some thyme and/or rosemary or just make it like a baked potato. Or you could just make some stir fry vegetables, the kind you buy frozen is super simple and low in calories so you can eat enough to fill you up. Choose leaner meats and don't prepare it with too much oil or butter, avoid processed meats.

Instead of candy try having some fruit/berries and a couple squares of dark chocolate as a snack. I like to have an apple cut into 8 or so pieces with peanut butter.

Try to go for a walk in the daylight every day, it will make you feel better to get some basic exercise and the light will improve your mood as well. Getting your sleep back on track is really hard but you have to set rules for yourself and really stick to them. I'm shit at this but it's the only way. Try going to bed at the same time every night and get up the same time every morning, no matter what. No phone or computer if you can't sleep and make sure you give yourself enough time to wind down before bedtime.

I hope you feel better soon anon, you deserve it.

No. 196531

thank you so much for the reply anon, i've screenshot it and stuff so I can look at it.

I do the porridge with soy milk too, my downfall is sometimes putting in more PB than I know I should but I can happily tone it down if it means I can make it a staple.

Also an omelette is genius, is it better to do those with just egg whites or the whole egg?

>>Try to go for a walk in the daylight every day, it will make you feel better to get some basic exercise and the light will improve your mood as well. Getting your sleep back on track is really hard but you have to set rules for yourself and really stick to them. I'm shit at this but it's the only way. Try going to bed at the same time every night and get up the same time every morning, no matter what. No phone or computer if you can't sleep and make sure you give yourself enough time to wind down before bedtime.

this. thanks so much for this. rules are something i need to set and stick to. i keep staying up cause im awake then i start playing guild wars or some shit and it's 4am before i know it.

i ate like a dumbass again today but sigh i need to get my shit together tomorrow.

thanks so much <3 <3 <3

No. 196610

PB is great, but I should have added that yeah, it's very calorie dense so just keep that in mind. Also make sure it's just peanuts and salt in it, I know some brands have sugar and shit in them but try to avoid those.

I would say the whole egg, most of the nutrients are in the yolk anyway and the meal will be more satisfying. As with anything moderation is key though so maybe no more than three eggs if it is just for yourself.

You are very welcome, I'm glad my health coach education finally came to some use, lol. Also remember that a day isn't ruined just because you made one or two or three bad choices, just catch yourself and choose better the next time. Take responsibility for your choices, there's no need to call yourself a dumbass because you indulged. It breaks the cycle of shame if you own your mistakes, and prevents you from continuing to over-eat just because "might as well".

Good luck friend!

No. 196612

Are things like the Tesco sparkling waters okay to have on diet?

No. 196618

Yes, so long as it's sodium free

No. 196625


do I just check the ingredients for that?

No. 196626


"carbonated spring water, grape juice from concentrate, 2% citric acid, preservatives /9potassium sorbate, dimethyl dicarbonate) sweetener (sucralase)"

I drink tons of this

No. 196685

File: 1498661065791.jpg (53.83 KB, 500x667, 74ccecc3fdad1412d22acb00cbb9b9…)

there any other anons restricting their caloric intake to 1200-1300? would you be kind enough to share what your usual daily food log is like? like breakfast, dinner, snacks, etc? i really need some ideas/inspo.

No. 196697

Ayyyy me too.
I'm super healthy & a broke student but you can use some of my snacks for ideas.
I usually like flavored instant noodles (180-200 cal range)
Porridge sachets, no milk or sugar, i get the flavored ones because they taste better imo (150cal)
instant soup packets (70 - 100 cal)
microwave meals for when I want something really filling (500 cals)
Diet sodas, sparkling water, e.t.c that has minimal cals.
Snowpeas, sugar snaps, celery and other low calorie vegetables.

No. 196699

Trying to lose weight after getting depression and eating my feelings. Comes to around 1200kcals (350+180+500+300).

Breakfast - Chocolate banana smoothie (2x bananas, 1 cup light soy milk, 1 tbsp coco powder)
Lunch - 1 poached egg on 1 slice of whole wheat bread (no spread), season with salt and pepper
Dinner - Chicken breast (150g) with boiled potatoes (200g) and steamed green vegetables like spinach or broccoli, use low kcal condiment or lemon juice to season
Snack - carrot, celery and cucumber sticks (eaten throughout day)

I'm also drinking 2 litres of water and taking an omega supplement and a multivitamin daily.

No. 196715

I'm a fatty losing weight. I could probably suggest a lot of things, but these are my go-to meals when I don't want to think very hard.
This plan probably tips just over 1300 cal on the worst days.
You could cut the oil, butter, cream, etc. that I use if you really need a diet strictly under 1300.

Breakfast (190-360 cal): Slice of buttered toast and a coffee. Maybe two slices if I know I'm going to have a long day. I buy the 21 grain Dave's killer bread (120 cal per slice). European unsalted butter (100 cal per Tbsp) but I only use half a Tbsp. I put a Tbsp of half and half (20 cal) and a packet of Stevia in the raw (0 cal) in my coffee.

Lunch (180-450 cal): A whole pineapple (450 cal), half of a honeydew melon (180 cal), or half of a personal sized watermelon (190 cal). Those numbers probably range depending on exact size. I slice whichever one I want up and put it in a big plastic tub. Sometimes I can't even finish the thing. Very filling and hydrating.

Dinner (450 cal): 8 oz oven baked chicken breast (220 cal), very sparingly brushed with olive oil (50 cal or less) and seasoned with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. One small "baked" russet potato prepared in a microwave (130 cal) with two Tbsp of sour cream (50 cal) and salt/pepper.

Snacks: I try so hard not to snack. If I do, it'll be a banana or an apple, usually betweek breakfast and lunch as that's when I get hungry. I drink a lot of water and shitty, bottled, diet green tea from Costco. I drown my cravings.

I have energy and don't get crabby eating these meals. I think gorging on fruit and chugging diet drinks is what really gets me through it. Every week I buy two pineapples, two melons, and a few bananas and apples. Also, like >>196699, I take a multivitamin.

No. 196721

I use myfitnesspal to keep track, I'm supposed to eat 1480 a day but when I exercise it gives me a deficit. If I run for 30 minutes it says I burned/can eat 300 more calories, for example.

Cup of black coffee
Protein shake with almond milk and powdered peanut butter - 280 calories
One cup of nonfat Greek yogurt with a half cup of bran cereal mixed in - 220 calories

A sweet potato - 180 calories
Avocado and salsa on thin sandwich bread - 230 calories
Veggie burger patty with hummus on thin sandwich bread - 220 calories

Dinner is usually something like chicken with vegetables. I'm also a terrible snacker, so for that I eat stuff like nuts, a banana, a couple rice cakes with a little peanut or almond butter, baby carrots, 'enlightened' ice cream, a protein bar like thinkthin or quest, a Greek yogurt cup, or hummus with crackers. I noticed with mfp that the snacks usually total more for calories than what I eat at meals.

No. 196724

i was so good for 5 months, i lost 40lbs. but i can't stop fucking up? i know i'm doing wrong, but i continue to break my diet.
how do i stop my admittedly self-aware diet breaks?
i was losing but i still chose pleasure over results? why am i doing this? why can't i accept the results and try harder for them? why am i being complacent?

No. 196758

MAybe instead of going full on dieting have a cheat meal every week, say on Sunday or Saturday. You eat well and your reward is the cheat meal.

No. 197159

I'm the anon who posted this pic.

I've lost 4 pounds! :)

I'm not 'on a diet,' more like doing a lifestyle change. Smaller portions, avoid junk food, being more active etc. Not drinking as much. Normal shit.

Unsurprisingly the pic being my lock screen didn't actually help at all past the first day heh I'm feeling much more positive now

No. 197195

Tbh you shouldn't see it as "dieting" or even using food as a reward system. Eating better and staying that way requires an entire change of lifestyle for it to stick. Otherwise you'll just go ham on your diet breaks and cheat days and lose progress.

No. 197238

I generally skip a meal or two and have snacks when I feel hungry enough. Aim for 4 litres water.
myfitnesspal likes to throw a shit fit over my generous use of hemp hearts and fats. I ignore that. I typically lift every day, but it only calculates cals burned through cardio.

Breakfast choice of
- Toast with three softboiled eggs, peanut butter and a tbsp of hemp hearts – 800 cal,

- Steel cut oats, half a dry cup. 2 tbsp hemp hearts. 1 tbsp frozen blueberries. One cup coffee.
Around 700 cal because sometimes i add a tbsp nut butter into the mix.

- whole ataulfo mango, cup of 2% cottage cheese,cup of coffee, yogurt parfait cup. Around 657 cal, sometimes I add hemp hearts to this


- 250 ml homemade kombucha, cup of greek yogurt with tbsp hemp hearts and cordycep powder, 2 tbsp blueberries, banana
551 cal

- whole apple with cheddar slices
195 cal

- whole cucumber, 2 slices prosciutto, .2 cup mozzarella cheese.
223 cal

- 2 large celery sticks, 2 tbsp raw cashew butter, 1 tbsp hemp hearts, 2 tbsp sliced almonds
465 cal


- sliced cucumber or celery with bruschetta/guac/hummus

- celery with cottage cheese

- softboiled egg with pepper

- avocado half with pepper and lemon juice

After writing it out it looks boring af. I will eat ice cream or candies if I've got a craving, and this is just a basic day when nothing out of the ordinary goes on. I don't eat much refined sugar or wheat because I get cystic acne something fierce if I do.

No. 199703

File: 1500934145642.jpg (66.75 KB, 463x457, Organic_Valley_Grassmilk_463_4…)

What are your opinions on organic 100% grass fed milk? Articles overall seem to swing all over the place about whether milk in general is okay, should be avoided, or is only acceptable in certain forms (such as pic related). What do you think? Do you think dairy in all forms isn't good or are specific kinds okay as long as an individual doesn't have any casein or lactose intolerances?

No. 199717

I've never seen a legitimate reason to avoid dairy unless you're intolerant. It's been thrown into the lists of 'this weeks scary cancer-causing food' but there's never been follow-up with convincing evidence that it's harmful at all.

No. 199718

I had acne even drinking the healthiest "100% grass fed no hormones" etc whatever type of cow or goat milk. I think the only time you should worry about it is if your family has a history of heart disease, or you're in an industry where you have to have your face clear.

No. 199730

They're just buzz words, nobody actually monitors farms to make sure "grass fed" cows are frolicking through meadows. Words like that are just used by marketers to make you feel like you're buying a "quality" product and to encourage you to spend extra money on it. There's literally no difference.

You don't really understand how bad cow's milk is for your health until you've given it up for a few months. Cow's milk is full of fat, growth hormones and anti-biotics (no matter what the carton says). It helps turn baby cows into fully grown, adult cows. No wonder we're fighting obesity in all the first-world countries, this lie that milk is "natural" is gross.

Plant milk on the other hand, is lower in calories, has less fat and sugar and in general, is cheaper. Can't see a single reason to drink cow's milk over much healthier plant milks.

No. 199732

I agree with >>199730
Cow's milk not only tastes gross, but it's 100% weird to be drinking another species' baby food. I go for almond milk instead when I need some kind of milk for cooking or cereal.

No. 201185

How do you deal with dieting when food is the only thing that makes you happy?

No. 201199

You scorn marketers about deceiving you with a product name ('grass fed') in one sentence, then go praising plant 'milk' in next sentence.

'Milk'?! Plants are not even mammals. The product is just marketed that way.

You scorn one buzzword but fall for the next.

No. 201201

Almond seeds from which the milk is made are another species' babies.

If you think about ANYTHING long enough, it becomes weird.

No. 201203

I aim to eat 1200 kcal a day

breakfast: a small portion of cereal, water, one fruit

lunch: eggs/salmon/tuna/ veggies/small portions of pasta with no sauce + oatmeal cookies (only like 2-3 max) or another fruit

dinner: frozen fruits, water/coconut water/ small portion of cookies/ eggs (if I didn't have them on lunch before)

No. 201212

That's just what it's called, jfc chill. I'm guessing English isn't your first language.

No. 201255

If you're that depressed then you need to force yourself into a routine and stick at it until a crack of light finally appears, becoming healthy will help but it can't fix everything. Make yourself exercise too,people that do no exercise and eat shit are depressed by default.

If your days are actually empty with only food to distract you then you need to change that, nobody can diet like that. Find productive ways to fill your time, exercise and do something creative.

No. 201306

Damn hunger even though I'm not really hungry. Trying to go to bed and the second my head hits the pillow, I feel like devouring something. I have been drinking water and have eaten within the last four hours.

No. 201422

Hopefully this is close enough to topic…skinny-chan here, need to gain/maintain weight. Lately, I haven't been eating enough. I'm too lazy to cook and sometimes don't even feel like eating despite being hungry. I'm a total sperg so I'll end up doing stuff that sounds interesting instead of eating. I usually am really into food and look forward to eating and cooking, but it fluctuates to this shit sometimes.

I've been trying to find calorie and/or fat-dense and hopefully nutritious foods that I can just chug and be done with so I don't become bony and lose my ass. So far, I've considered things like whole milk, Instant Breakfast, granola bars, military or camping rations, and yogurt. Does anyone have good recommendations? I was figuring that the same sort of quick foods that people have to gain muscle may be what I need.

No. 201492

Anon have you looked into meal replacement drinks such as Soylent, Fresubin, Nutricia? They may come pricy but seem like the easiest and fastest way.

No. 201496

I've heard a bunch of times that people lost weight simply by having things to do in life. Get some hobbies.

No. 201769

You are missing some vitamins or minerals.

No. 202061

I'm doing the keto diet and I fucking love it. Sure, I get tired of eating the keto-safe foods sometimes, but once a week I allow myself a carby meal and that makes me feel better. But the weight loss has been amazing. I am wearing, and now even too small for clothes that I could not fit into at all three months ago. I have always been overweight but never morbidly obese, so this works for people of different body types.

No. 202065

What kind of meals do you have on the keto diet? I always find I have no imagination when it comes to low or no carb foods. I hate fish and most meat too so it's harder.

No. 202067

Well I am a picky eater, so a lot of my meals consist of some lunch meat usually roast beef or ham because they tend to be lower in carbs than turkey, some cheese, typically sharp cheddar, mustard, pickles, and a couple of strawberries. My husband who eats anything though eats salads with lettuce, ranch (lowest in carbs we can find), cheese, ham, and some Whisps, which are basically crackers made entirely of cheese, in place of croutons. Eggs are also awesome on keto if you like them, I don't though so I stick to my typical meal a lot.
But really, it isn't as hard as some people make it out to be, just check every nutrition label for carbs and always subtract the dietary fiber for your net carb total and try to stay under 20g net carbs a day.
Ooh, and pork rinds! I eat them a lot with french onion dip as a snack.
Also, green beans are a fave of mine, 2g net carbs for 1/2 cup, that with some beef roast is awesome. And taco bowls!

No. 202079

Gurl, you gotta slow bake some pepperoni slices into chips they're so good!

No. 202123

I tried that once and you are right, they are awesome!

No. 202136

Thank you anons, I'm going to try going to some meet-ups for things I'm interested in over the next couple of months to try to find something I actually enjoy doing.

I'm starting back to college soon so hopefully that will keep me a little busy too. Back when I was younger, I had no interest in eating. I used to delay dinner to finish a few chapters of a book or complete a level in a game, I want to go back to that.

No. 212852

I was over 12 stone last year and this year I've gotten down to just under 11

I have a semi active job that's about 10,000 steps a day lot of heavy lifting and repetition, but the scales aren't budging.

I don't know how to get rid of my huge belly and anything else anymore, and I need help. What do?

No. 212853

You can’t spot-melt fat. That being said, there are a number of studies that point to dairy and refined sugar causing fat storage at the waist, so maybe reduce your intake of those as much as possible. Add a good water intake and some light targeted stomach/core exercises and you should start noticing a difference soon enough.

No. 212854


thank you! It's also my upper body that's flabby, I've lost weight but I just don't know how to lose the harder to lose weight now!

I also don't know what foods to eat!

No. 212860

The bulk of your diet should be vegetables and wholegrains (carbs); then proteins; then healthy fats - think 50:30:20. Make sure you hit minimum daily calories (2000 for women, which I assume you are) and then are doing some exercise to create the deficit required to lose weight. Here’s a list of healthy fats: https://www.self.com/story/9-high-fat-foods-actually-good-for-you (ignore the dairy and meat at the end, it’s just to make people feel better about eating it tbh).

Junk - refined, sugary, fried, processed, “fat-free” - food (and drink, including diet soda) is not your friend. It’s hidden empty calories and will make you retain water, which will make you look bigger. Sweet fruits - strawberries, apples, berries, bananas, etc - should be eaten as a dessert instead.

Honestly simple changes, but will be effective at getting you through the plateau. Good luck anon! :)

No. 212862


Thank you! what fruit and veg is GOOD? I am allergic to bell peppers and pineapple as reference

Here I was thinking raspberries were ok to snack…oops!

No. 212865

Small fattie losing the weight here (-7kg and some so far!), I noticed after a while I slowly lost my sugar addiction, it's really freeing.

BUT I still have a savoury/fatty food addiction. I see bread of carb and I want to destroy that thing. I can now easily say no to a piece of cake or even a pastry (even though I would eat one almost every morning) but pasta ? Mexican food ? McDonald ? It still stirr that craving inside me.

Is it ever going away or what ? I don't even touch fast food otherwise I wouldn't have lost all that weight so far but every once in a while I lose it to sushi, takoyakis and the likes.

Wasnt there a chart with stuff like "I you crave X your body needs Y" cause if I could calm down that part of me that'd be so much nicer :(

No. 212934

All vegetables are great, but they have a scale of nutrient benefit. Lettuce is 97% water, so great for bulking out dishes and providing some hydration but not a lot else. Try to get a good mixture of root & green vegetables (carrots, peas, spinach, kale, parsnips, potatoes, etc) alongside your salad vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes, etc). Fruit is the same; there’s starchy and sweet fruits. Look up “low GI diet” - high GI is sweet, low is starchy. Try and choose the low more often than the high.

Sweet potato is better for you than white potato as it’s a more “complex carb” (the body takes longer to break it down into glucose, avoiding “sugar crash”). Avocado is a great source of healthy fats. Bok choy is a green vegetable and is full of vitamins. Simple swaps will really help you out (and keep you from getting bored lol).

No. 212935

Your cravings for carbs will never go away because it’s your body’s main source of energy, it should be making up 50% of your diet. The way to still lose weight is exercise! Your body NEEDS to intake approx. 2000kcals a day to work properly, but all it does with that is convert it into necessary sources (fat stores, energy levels, cell repair, etc). If you work out, you burn off 500kcals (for example) of that store, and you begin to lose weight.

If you’re excessively craving carbs, there’s a few reasons:
You’re not hitting your daily calorie needs and your body is trying to get more to work with.
You’re not eating any healthy fats and your body thinks you’re at risk of starving.
You’re not addicted to carbs, you’re addicted to sugar content of those carbs, and that’s the only way you’re getting it now you’re not eating sweets.

Hope this helps!

No. 212937

File: 1511776685255.jpg (22.95 KB, 275x262, 1475702696808.jpg)

Here you go anon

No. 212938

File: 1511779657339.jpg (305.03 KB, 1192x1134, cravings.jpg)

found a bigger image, the one above is tiny

No. 212940

Thanks anon that's helpful.

I can't work out much for now because of my job but hopefully I'll be able to up my calories intake and exercise time soon.

No. 212948

I've recently started walking at night to meet up with bf at his job when he gets out and walking back home with him (I used to pick him up in my car). It adds up to a little over 2 miles. It doesn't seem like a lot of exercise, but at least it's something I've managed to be consistent with since two weeks. We're both couch potatoes, and I have a sedentary job. I gained a fuckton of weight within a matter of two years and went into a spiral of apathy about it. I'm beginning to care again, and walking at night is great for me since I have anxiety about being seen/exercising in front of other people. He works near a Wal Mart, so sometimes we'll buy a few groceries and carry them the mile home too.
The activity has helped regulate my sleep better.

In another week or so I'll gradually introduce jogging. It would be nice if I could manage to run a mile there, do some squats or something, then walk back with him.
Does anyone else exercise during night or early morning hours?

No. 213011

I feel the same, except I know I'm absolutely crap at running. Trust me, some people are bad at it and that's ok. I'm really good at walking too though because I can zone out and plan and think about stuff :)

If you commute to work, something you can do is stopping earlier (say a few bus stops) which is what I do, and walk the rest home so you never miss a chance to walk. If I'm not working, I'll walk all the way to the store then come back by bus or train.

I also try to take the stairs whenever I can, if there's some near you. You might want to try and actually find a detour if you want to make your trip longer without looking like you're circling the neighbourhood.

No. 213016


Updating again, I'm down to 150 and I'm so damn happy with my progress.

Using my fitness pal to keep at 1300 calories a day. A friend talked me into getting a food scale, I thought it would be a drag but it turned out really helpful in tracking. I really had no concept of calories in food before I started using it.

I eat a protein shake for breakfast everyday and I've been eating just 1 actual 'meal' a day (dinner) and the rest of the calories are from snacking. No beverages besides water.

I have tons of gum to chew when I get cravings. They aren't as bad as they used to be, but I was pretty reliant on gum for a few weeks.

No. 213062

I’m really happy for you that you’re losing weight, but the way you’re doing it doesn’t sound healthy at all. How are you going to manage when you reach the weight you want to be at and you have to start eating more? Not being a bitch, just putting it out there that what you’re doing isn’t sustainable (or even good for you long-term). Stay safe, anon!

No. 213143

Not being bitch, some people think 1300 is not enough and I see where they're coming from.

When I reach my goal weight I'll just eat more, bigger portions. Whatever daily intake I need to maintain my weight, I may not even have to count calories.
I have no problems eating (no food aversion or ed).

I've experienced more drastic weight loss before (unintentionaly, when I overworked myself in school) and I know how it feels to be malnourished, and I'm not feeling that now :P

What do you recommend I do differently?

No. 213257

I’m glad to hear that you have no problem with increasing intake anon, it’s scary how fast diets can spiral into fear of food once they show results.

I’d recommend spreading your meals over the whole day, and upping your calorie intake a bit; the first suggestion will actually speed up your weight loss and the second will help you not need gum, if you choose the food wisely. Gum is terrible for your body because it thinks it’s being fed and produces stomach acid, which then doesn’t get used and sits in your stomach, and stimulates hunger. Allow yourself a 100 calorie portion of whatever you’re craving or something :)

The only reason I said something is because your stomach and appetite shrink over a prolonged period of restriction - you might find you get to your goal weight and physically can’t stomach enough food to maintain. (I’ve been there, it sucked!) If you’re feeling healthy though, I won’t worry too much. Congrats on your progress and good luck!

No. 213379

Congrats anon !
It makes me want to share my progress too, I went from 154 to 137 ! Goal is between 115 and 120 depending on the muscle i can pick up.

I'm a fruit and vegetables lovers, I love stuff like beans, cucumbers and so on. Anyone got good snack recommendations besides eating stuff like plain carrots or apples ?
Are there sauces or spices that makes it even tastier without bringing a ton of calories ?

I just love using herbe de provence blend on my veggies but it doesn't fit everything.

No. 213528

Sprinkle seasoning on them and roast them! Cinnamon is a good one for apples; oil, salt, and pepper for carrots. Nice for colder weather too.

No. 213543

I just planned a trip to Europe (from the US) and 've only posted about it once on Snapchat and Instagram, and I just found out my friends were shittalking me for bragging. I've never gone out of country, only been on one 'vacation' in my life (it was to California for three days). They go out of country every year at least once. Why can't I just talk about what I'm excited for?

No. 213612

You’ve posted this on the diet thread, not the vent thread, btw.

No. 213709


Where has this been all my life? Thanks anon

No. 224307

Any anons have some tips for staying on a healthy diet? I have this awful habit of doing really good one day, and then dive bombing and eating junk the next (like today)

I was thinking of just lurking health articles or /fit/ as much as I can to try and stay motivated until I've made a solid habitat of always eating healthy, but if anyone has anything they'd recommend it'd be really helpful!

No. 224344

If you're having trouble with temptation, best way to deal with that is to make sure there is none in your vicinity. Much more difficult if you're living at home, otherwise just plain don't buy junk food (and if you are home, see if people can keep theirs in their own rooms?). Planning your meals in advance and going grocery shopping on a full stomach also help curb urges.

No. 224395

Im going insane on a 1500 cal diet, what are some delicious but low cal meals that are also filling or are those a myth?

No. 224420

Cauliflower crust pizza. There are a ton of recipes, pick one you like. The one I tried had mozzarella topping and was delicious. Had two slices with some cottage cheese on the side for lunch and it kept me full for the entire day.

No. 225370

friends, i lost 30 lbs in 9 months without even noticing. i'm still losing more.

all i did was choose a physically-oriented career field (cosmetology), eat "mostly vegan", and take some supplements - i take green tea extract and glucomannan (fiber pills, helps with digestion, blood sugar regulation, and does aid in weight loss over a period of time)

move more, watch your sugar and fat intake. drink LOTS of water and plain tea. take vitamins. if you want to build muscle, start a weight lifting regimen. you can do it!

No. 225410

Ooh. I just read this idea for carrots and it's very simple but it sounds so good, I'm going to pick some up and try this. For some reason I always boil them, how sad.

No. 225413

Congratulations on your progress, Anon!

I have a question though, what sort of benefits do you experience with taking green tea extract supplments versus drinking green tea?

No. 225425

You should check out r/1200isplenty on reddit they got some low calorie recipes

No. 225453

File: 1516722596148.jpg (6.53 KB, 150x137, 1513542795659.jpg)

Are there any apps etc that help you learn/balance daily nutrition?

Growing up I was more or less unintentionally ana-teir skinny/nutrient deficient because my parents often didn't buy groceries and never taught me what to eat. In my teens I just thought this was normal (oblivious, I know) and now in my late twenties I still have a horrible relationship with eating 'right'. My skin looks awful and I have that kinda widowspeak balding like Kiki. I take multivitamins, drink green tea and tried balancing my macros when I was into fitness with myfitnesspal, but I still feel like there's some basic, essential knowledge I'm missing…

Google gives so many different answers and it all seems like copy+paste info of 'eat your veggies', rehashed vagueness that doesn't really mean much. I don't care if I have to follow a to-the-bite diet plan in terms of food choices, I just want to be and look healthy. I don't need to gain or lose weight, just grasp proper nutrients.

We have free healthcare here but a shortage of doctors/specialists, and the doctors are absolutely pants on head retarded when it comes to nutrients/minerals, so I don't trust going to them.

No. 225460

A great app is cron-o-meter!!

Eat somewhat healthy but dont restrict or go on ridicilous diets, get enough fiber and protein amd keep taking your multi!!
Also make sure your multi provides you with all of the micro nutrients, some dont contain enough/leave out certain minerals and or vitamins.

Good luck Anon

No. 225624

Thank you, anon! I will do exactly that, and downloading that app now~!

No. 225648

I'm currently 11st
I was 12.5st before I started dieting last year but it's not budged in a while- how many calories a day is good for me, at 5'1 and 24 to lose weight?

I tried to aim for 1200 before and I need to think of healthier foods. What's a good rule?

No. 225650

Depends if you want fast meme weightloss by literally making yourself insane, or slow healthier weightloss, if it is the latter then you need to atleast eat 1.387 calories, i got this number from calculating your bmr, this is the number of calories you need to keep your body and vital organs healthy.
Your bmr will drop when your weight drops, and you need to adjust it when you get there.

No. 225828


so even though before I was on about 1200 increase to 1387- is this the number to lose weight or to maintain?

No. 225875

You need atleast that number of calories to stay healthy, you could lose with a 1500-1600 calorie diet but gradually so dont be impatient and risk your health, i recommend MFP app to track your calories.

No. 226201

I'm an overweight apple body type and it is the most demotivating thing. I have been struggling to lose weight after two years of binge eating and heavy drinking almost every day. I feel like my body is so fucked up because even at a calorie deficit I don't seem to lose any weight. I tried one of those crash diets just to see if it would work and not a single pound was shed even though I followed it exactly with the meal plans. I feel like this constipation problem I've had for the past few months might be the problem here so I've started taking probiotics and drinking prune nectar every day. Its been working and getting stuff out of my system for a start at least, but I think I need more fiber in my diet at this point. The thing about that is I'm afraid of having too much fiber and it making me even more constipated. Is that even a thing? I don't know, maybe this fear is extremely irrational. I bought a big bag of oats with the thought of making homemade oatmeal every morning so I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.

If anyone has any tips for someone who has fucked up their body with binge eating and heavy drinking, please feel free to share. I have next to no knowledge about nutrition in general and I really would love to change that since I'm tired of being an ugly fat pig.

No. 226318

Exercise makes the process of weight loss so much more effective than just dieting. Dedicate at least four hours a week to it and you should start to see real results. It will probably be really hard at first, but it gets easier with time.

No. 226319

Also, samefagging, but other thing that will help your metabolism as well as exercise are drinking lots of water (like 10ish glasses a day) and eating smaller meals with healthy snacks in between.

No. 226595

Did any of you guys see people sperging out about how Ana-tier 1200 calories supposedly is in the Pixielocks thread?

No. 226644

That's just dumb. I'm 5'6", weigh 150 lbs. and am mostly sedentary. I want to get back down to about 128 or 130, which is where I've been most of my adult life. So I went to my doctor and she told me 1200 kcal a day, max, try to avoid too much sugar and processed foods, and to get up off my ass. I'm paraphrasing but lol no. 1200 kcal is hardly ana-chan.

No. 226698

Quinoa is an amazing food to eat when trying to lose weight. It's got a low glycemic index, and it's packed with vitamins and minerals. I make a couple of different types of salads which use it as the base, one with sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, asparagus, green onion, and skinless chicken breast. I put a little soy on it for flavor and it's fantastic. Two cups of that is more than enough to fill me up.

I also make a balsamic vinegar/olive oil based Tuscan bean salad with quinoa that includes broccoli rabe, escarole, and sautéed mushrooms. I always toss some skinless chicken breast in there, it's a lot of protein, but that will help you to feel full longer, or least that's how it works for me.

I keep tomatoes and cauliflower and broccoli on hand for snacking. I bought a cheap cuisinart and make a lot of hummus and babaganoush, too. I make all the salads on Sunday, and then I don't have to worry about cooking or food for the week.

Some days I count calories, and some I don't. I think it's good to do in the beginning. It helps you to be aware of how much you're actually eating, but after a while your stomach will shrink and you'll feel it when you overeat. I drink green tea and water, and I also take three tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar a day. That's an old wives tale from my grandma and I don't know if it actually helps me lose weight, but it can't hurt! I bought a cheap pedometer for ten bucks, and I make sure I get 10k steps a day. I also do what the queen did, and dance pretty hard for about 90 minutes every day. Thank you, pixy!

Grazing works better for me than set meals. I also do a modified fast where I only eat between ten am and six pm. I don't know if any of this will be useful to anyone but honestly, quinoa is great stuff.

Hope that this helps someone or gives someone out there some ideas. I really like this thread and I hope we can support each other. I'm always on the lookout for new and easy recipes. That's the hardest thing for me, because I'm so lazy.

No. 228002

This is going to be controversial but, DON'T BUY INTO THAT "COUNT YOUR CALORIES AND INDULGE IN MODERATION" BULLCRAP! That advice is so common around fitness circles but guess what, their target audience usually have a daily allowance of 2000cal at the very least. That shit doesn't work for average to short girls but they don't think twice about dishing it to us.

You've got to retrain your tastebuds because we really cannot afford allocating portions of our TDEE to even "moderate" amounts of empty calories. This is the harsh reality of my experience.

- sincerely, someone who has a TDEE of 1500

No. 228003

For cronometer please take the micronutrient counts with a grain of salt. Metabolism for micros is a lot more contingent than macros and calories.

>Are there any apps etc that help you learn/balance daily nutrition?

Comprehensive nutrition knowledge doesn't come in such a neat little package yet, unfortunately. Examine.com is a good reference but definitely not the be-all-end-all. Government websites are good for introductory knowledge and all the advice 99% of the population honestly needs.

>Google gives so many different answers and it all seems like copy+paste info of 'eat your veggies', rehashed vagueness that doesn't really mean much.

It's the opposite of vague. Nutrition is a very new scientific field and an intake of an abundance of varied fruits and vegetables is one of the very few things guaranteed to be good for you. Nearly all other claims like, "red meat causes cancer" and "gluten intolerance is common" still require decades more research. And frankly at this stage worrying about all that shit is a waste of time.

Keep away from woo, eat your greens, cut down the sugar, oil, refined carbs and all sorts of junk food. The simplest approach can at times be the most effective. If you really, REALLY want a tailored approach, get a blood test done and see if you have any deficiencies.

>so I don't trust going to them

Doctors aren't trained on nutrition, you're absolutely right. Experts on nutrition are called registered dietitians.

No. 228004

Please stop. This whole "craving is a sign of nutrient deficiency" is proven bullshit. The simple truth is that you are addicted to carbs, fat and salt.

No. 228006

>It's the opposite of vague. Nutrition is a very new scientific field and an intake of an abundance of varied fruits and vegetables is one of the very few things guaranteed to be good for you. Nearly all other claims like, "red meat causes cancer" and "gluten intolerance is common" still require decades more research. And frankly at this stage worrying about all that shit is a waste of time.
Ugh. Feel like I could've worded this better.
The "fruits and veggies" thing has reached a very solid consensus among researchers. "gluten" and "red meat" are still being disputed/researched.

No. 228028

So I tried this diet and I’ve lost 6 ish kilos in a month.

Oatmeal and berries or eggs 2 eggs

Salmon/kangaroo 200g
Veg 400g
Potato or rice 50-70g

Salmon or white meat

No corn or thick skinned fruit.

I’m a neet with no friends living a mostly sedentary life

No. 228068

bet ur farts are diabolical lol

No. 228091

That really depends on what you spend your calories on though. I have a TDEE of ~1400 calories and I managed to lose weight just fine by counting and occasionally indulging. Even when you have a low TDEE like us it won't kill to indulge with, say, a 50 calorie square of chocolate.

No. 228097

Actually no.
I avoid corn beans and rice
My current diet doesn’t make me bloated or gassy

No. 228123

1400? Damn. What was your caloric deficit when losing weight?

>That really depends on what you spend your calories on though.

That's exactly the point I was getting at. You have to watch the kind of stuff you eat and avoid certain foods. Not just "anything and everything in moderation".

>a 50 calorie square of chocolate.

Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? How many people you know can stop at 50cal? It's literally easier to just not eat that piece of chocolate at all. I bet trying to "indulge" in this manner is exactly why anon was having such a hard time with their diet. They were told that they can have whatever they want, only to find that it's near impossible to fit in indulgences alongside a healthy weight loss diet into their TDEE.

No. 228192

does anyone here have evidence or proof that you can make your metabolism faster? ive been 'big' my whole life and i dont know if i should bother trying to lose weight again since it all just comes back. is there any way i wont have to think about every single meal after ive lost weight and just eat like 'normal people'?

No. 228297

wew lad

started working out yesterday with a 20 min HIIT workout, today my legs were too sore to do another one (or even walk the stairs) so I melted into my depression nest on the couch and ordered a secret takeaway at 1am and went about 1000 cals over my limit

i hate myself lol

No. 228503

the whole theory behind HIIT is that it fucks you up so that your body is burning off calories for days afterwards, which means the whole point is not to do it everyday. I don't know why you tried to but yeah, no wonder you burned out and caved on everything - this is the classic reason plenty of people don't exercise - jump straight to something way too hard (hoping for shortcut?) and then get discouraged. Do a little bit and sustain it.

No. 233916

I apologise if this is the wrong thread.

I was struggling with anorexia from ages 12 - 15, and although I started recovering normally, I really quickly started to develop a binge eating disorder.
I'm now 18, 1.6 metres, and weigh 54kg. I know this is stepping on chubby territory. However, everytime I try and diet, I seem to just get really unhealthy again, like I'm always on one extreme end of the spectrum.

Does anyone have any tips of trying to maintain a healthy diet? I live with my parents still, there is always junk food around and it's almost like I can't help myself. (My mum is obese and so is my younger brother)

I just feel so hopeless.

No. 233919

And by tips on maintain, I mean stuff such as, how to avoid junk food or try and avoid slipping back to Ana tenancies.

Sorry for samefag, felt a need to add more detail about what advice I'm actually after.

No. 233926

(Also an ex-anachan who is 1.6m and 52kg)
If you’re happy with how you look, don’t worry about dieting. You’re not unhealthily big, and it’s okay to not be super slim.

Staying full is about mass and nutrients - both have to be satisfied. I keep a lot of fresh veg and tasty dips in the house for regular snacking, as well as my favourite fruits. I also keep a bar of flavoured dark chocolate for sweet cravings - it’s bitter and very sugary so I can’t eat much without feeling sick so it stops boredom binging haha.

I’m also vegan, which helps as most crap food has animal products in, but it forces me to plan nutritious meals (otherwise you live on chips and tomato pasta). I eat a lot of legumes/pulses - chilli, burritos, lentil lasagna, etc - which are really cheap but very filling and nutritious. Also drink lots of water, it helps regulate and reinvigorate your body, and will balance your appetite.

And of course if you do have a crap meal (or even a crap day) don’t beat yourself up. Just get straight back to it - it’s not bad to eat junk sometimes. Casual exercise (a walk, a bike ride, a swim) will help offset excessive calorie intakes and provide endorphins to make you feel good!

Hope that helped!

No. 233927

Also samefagging because I completely skipped the end of your last paragraph -

You’ll just have to be strong, I’m afraid. With eating issues willpower will always be part of it, but if you can keep your goal in mind hopefully it will keep you on track until you see the result you desire. You don’t have to be like your family, but you don’t have to go back to unhealthy habits either. Be a happy new you, who makes good choices because you want to. Good luck anon!

No. 233983

Let's say I'm close to 400lbs/5'9.
What would be ideal for me to lose weight? I've tried doing hard cardio but I actually have hurt myself. I don't eat dairy unless it has low lactose and I don't eat gluten products unless my iron is VERY low.

No. 233988

calorie counting.
Apps like myfitnesspal are popular for getting into calorie counting and they can make you a little cusdtomized intake count. I found that it also really helped me get a feel for calories in food and how much I was taking in.

Cutting out empty calories like juice, soda, fatty dressing etc. I'm all over 0-cal sweeteners

But realtalk anon and I know you've probably heard this but at 400 professional intervention (doc, nutritionist or something)
should be seriously considered. They would provide much better help. Good luck!

No. 234009

400 pounds? Fasting.
You could probably go a month without eating just fine.

No. 234010

This is probably a better video sorry.

No. 234011

At 400lbs you could cut out one snack and probably drop weight like nothing. If you ate a normal maintenance diet for someone your height then you'll drop it even faster.

The thinner you are, the harder it is to lose weight so pretty much any caloric deficit will work for you.

No. 234020

I know this post is a month old but you gave me some new things for my shopping list! I've never actually tried quinoa before and had no idea it was so healthy for you. I'm gonna try replacing my usual white rice with it and see how that works for me. I don't eat much rice to begin with (maybe two dinners a week include rice) but it's the small changes that help a lot in the long run.

So, thank you!

As far as my diet is going, I've managed to lose inches but not many pounds. I'm thinking it's because I include lifting in my workout routine, so maybe I'm just forming more muscle than I thought? I've lost about an inch off my waist and half an inch of my thighs and I know the measuring tape doesn't lie. Well, progress is progress either way.. I just can't wait to lose the belly fat cause that shit hasn't budged a bit lol.

No. 236571

File: 1521896560913.jpg (27.91 KB, 468x463, DX5QuPaVwAAQZ90.jpg)

How do I get back into dieting?

I was doing so well last year but then my father died and there was a lot of stress and late night meals I'd have with my mother and I've gotten back into cheap comfort food

I need a way to kick myself, it's really getting to me, help!

No. 236573

The best way is to bear through about a week of eating less and exercising often. It's tough but once you see progress, no matter how tiny, it becomes so easy

No. 236737


I've been using Lose It- is MFP better?

No. 236768

Each have some unique benefits, but lose it is better in terms of selections.

No. 236887

I'm super tired of having such a poor relationship with food. Anyone have any experience with soylent or any other total meal replacement type drinks?

No. 236891

That's not what you want to read but, restricting your diet even more will not heal your relationship with food. That's work you need to do with your emotions and mind and, at least for some time, a standard normie diet.

No. 236901

Yeah, unfortunately I'm super aware of that, but after a decade of therapy I don't see a standard diet being sustainable for me anytime soon.

No. 236904

I've been eating huel on and off since Oct 2016. If you're serious about trying meal replacement products, you could compare different brands on blendrunner.com.

No. 238285

Sorry if it's off topic but since a long time I have constipation problems and I tired to goatsee every time I go to the toilet, I found that pickling juice from olives work but only for a few day and I don't see myself buying bulk of pickeld olive just for that. Does any of you know food or recipe that help with that ( probiotic doesn't work for me )

No. 238290

I have the best tip for you anon, it's also a great one to feel fuller.
Always have a big, about 400ml, glass of water before eating anything and another one after eating said meal or snack plus a cup of non caffeinate tea if the meal is one of the main ones. Pair that up with warm lemon water first thing after you wake up, with a pinch of salt, and you are set to have normal bowel movements after about one week.

If you still think that's not working, try to up the amount of salt you consume daily, healthy salts like celtic and himalain of course.

No. 238296

Poorfag here
I've been eating leancuisine (no bully pls)
I want to meal prep but I feel like its too expensive

No. 238312

There’s an app called Flipp that gives you all the local flyers and lets you make a grocery list and circle sales and print coupons and all that. I’ve been able to budget groceries better by basing my shopping list and recipes off of what’s on sale.

No. 238368

Ever since changing my diet a few months or so ago I've lost nearly 3 inches from my waist measurement and now I look like I did when I was a