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File: 1663880118062.jpg (205.85 KB, 660x1244, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1347983

Last thread: >>1335635
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

When the thread reaches 1000-1100 posts, remember to nominate which thread pic and name you would like to see for the next thread

>>1335663 Harry leads a round of applause for the Queen in his concert.
>>1335665 , >>1335666 Rihanna gains weight after pregnancy, anons lose their shit over that.
>>133603 , >>1335736 Ray J has released a video accusing Kris Jenner of not paying him money he was promised in return for releasing the sex tape.
>>1335871 Tommy Lee has-been joins OF.
>>1336450 , >>1336451 , >>1336493 , >>1336901 Reviews for the movie ''blonde''.
>>1337191 , >>1337198 megan and mgk
>>1337360 Harry dressing like a grandma
>>1337438 , >>1337511 , >>1338173 , >>1338242 , >>1338268 Britney spears calls Christina Aguilera and her backup dancers fat.
>>1337755 , >>1338075 Nicki minaj still acting like a pickme and getting in drama. Her fans go after megan thee stallion.
>>1337812 Doja cat rage-replying to randoms on twitter.
>>1337964 Pamela for a new Marc Jacobs campaign.
>>1338101 Chloe trying hard to be relevant by acting hypersexual but still irrelevant compared to her sister Halle.
>>1338201 , >>1338202 , >>1338204 , >>1338206 Vanessa Hudgens for Nylon Magazine.
>>1338279 Prince eric cast for the new ariel movie.
>>1338591 , >>1338645 Doja in her alt era.
>>1338875 , >>1342429 We get it Gerard dresses like a ugly troon now.
>>1339377 Allegedly Leonardo Dicaprio and Gigi Hadid are spending time together.
>>1339535 , >>1339557 , >>1339561 Rita Ora does mediocre a rendition of Kate Bush's running up that hill at Rock in rio.
>>1339703 , >>1339707 Demi Lovato claims that her last tour will be the last tour because she is ill.
>>1339709 , >>1339905 , >>1339962 Zac efron looks different, possible botched surgery.
>>1340018 , >>1340020 Madonna kissing 26 year old only fans friend/girlfriend I don't know. The ladies a rapper or something.
>>1340071 , >>1340077 Nicki Minaj a few days ago said that someone informed her that Cardi B is performing voodoo on her. Azealia revealed that she was actually the one who told her that to trick her since she's so paranoid.
>>1340970 Cardi B pleads guilty to the 2018 assault where she payed a acquaintance to beat up two strippers.
>>1341063 Margot Robie seen crying after visiting Cara Delavigne.
>>1341174 Blake Lively pregnant for the 4th time.
>>1341212 , >>1341253 , >>1341766 , >>1343424 Timothe Charlameth for vogue.
>>1341633 julia fox attends the elena velez fashion show with her son valentino in matching attire.
>>1341707 jimmy kimmel does a lame Joke where he lays down and plays dead while Quinta Brunson accepted her emmy award.
>>1341718 Julia talking about her past relationship with Kanye.
>>1341719 Dylan Obrian and Sabrina Carpenter spotted hanging out.
>>1341726 , >>1342008 Nicki Minaj sues a blogger for defamation.
>>1341731 Doja Cat says her next album will be rave culture inspired and is currently into the ''90's german rave vibe'' rn.
>>1341742 boyega-chan posting her ftm husbando.
>>1342015 Zayn Malik.
>>1342064 Drake beefing with a youtube music critic.
>>1343336 , >>1343372 controversy over the movie ''the woman king''.
>>1343411 , >>1343787 , >>1343794 Adam Levine cheating on his wife, wanted to name his baby after the mistress.
>>1343673 Brad pitt dressing like a fakeboi tif kek.
>>1344268 Nikita Dragun clothes collab with kanye.
>>1345724 Ezra's former partners call him abusive.

No. 1348047

File: 1663884591795.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x1500, F46C9CEA-89DF-43A9-84C9-429609…)

Saw MCR live in NJ and while the show itself was awesome and they sounded great… I was assaulted once again, this time live and in the flesh, by having to see Gerard Way’s entire dick and balls thru his bat costume (which from the side kinda looked cool and his boots were cool as well).

No. 1348050

File: 1663884683119.jpeg (972.17 KB, 1284x1735, 9A94A9F6-15D1-4066-BD2B-953224…)

Samefag: the better view of costume sans dick and balls

No. 1348052

anon, this is THE SAME as if someone made a movie about a strong heroic female Nazi. just because it was longer ago doesn't mean it's okay to frame her as IRL wonder woman.

No. 1348056

i hope lindsey's payment for living with his AGP is that she gets to sleep with anyone she wants from MiW and BVB

No. 1348057

why does he do this? why do they have to be on show? can’t he wear a jockstrap or something?

No. 1348069

We were supposed to be able to nominate thread pics but I don't remember anyone nominating the Britney post as the thread pic, I genuinely forgot that post even happened kek.

Regardless, thanks for new thread OP.

No. 1348070

yall rlly cured me from my pre-teen obsession wit this moid. It’s nice that i wont have to objectify him anymore and just enjoy his artistic moid contributions. Still wish he’d hire a stylist who cares about him though since he’s too old to get fit. Don’t mean to lean too much on the body shaming part as much as the part where I wish he’d just work on his aesthetics to justify his art + the amount of money this cursed comeback tour costed girls; give them the full Party Poison serve that they deserve.

No. 1348076

At first I was like “oh cool a bat costume” to my friend. Then, on the giant screen, it appeared. The front view. I swear he is doing it on purpose because there must be a way to prevent it, like a dick and balls bra. Otherwise we’d see it more often with performers and shit.

No. 1348079

He wants to be Peter Gabriel so bad

No. 1348082

his package is so sad

No. 1348091

Nasty grampa should be arrested for being so fucking tacky and flashing that shit around, greasy nasty motherfucker. He makes me angry, he is assaulting all of my senses, this smug retard, fuck him. Sad pen kills the soul, he deserves to be body shamed. I have no shame about body shaming him. Gerard, listen up: u fatty

No. 1348096

For real. In theater and dance sometimes men wear things called a "dance belt" which covers and supports their dicks so you don't see it in skintight costumes. I feel like he's getting really exhibition-y with this, feels like fetish behavior.

No. 1348101

you mean like a dance belt, yeah there are multiple ways. Someone on his team would be aware.

No. 1348109

>he’s too old to get fit
wdym, there are elderly people more fit than him

No. 1348119

right, he's not even that old at all. a couple of months at the gym and if he puts his frank and beans away, he'd be all good

No. 1348126

I give him minor credit as he definitely did trim down during the ‘vid tour delay. He was huge for that one reunion show. I’d be fine with him just shielding his twig and berries.

No. 1348139

trust the guy who faked being bi with frank iero back in the day to act like this when being a troon is the new cool thing to pretend to be. i don't expect him to say anything about it but it's more like the implication/"aesthetic", sort of like harry styles in a way

No. 1348154

Ew, why can't this nasty mofo wear a dancer's belt? He did theater before. Shouldnt he know this is extremely inappropriate?

No. 1348156

>too old to get fit.
He's not even in his late 40s. Are you 18? People in their 40s can be fit and at least not a shapeless lardass wearing spandex. Gerard's only excuse is his extreme laziness. He's always been a fat ass.

No. 1348157

File: 1663892559743.jpg (302.13 KB, 1200x1666, 20220923_022013.jpg)

This almost got a million likes on insta, i wonder if Ariana saw that post.

No. 1348166


yea sorry nonnies I worded that out insensitively. I was speaking on his motivation to get fit, laziness, and he’s at that age where men don’t really bother anymore unless they’re roidheads.

Gerardmoid def doesn’t seem to be the type to actually make an effort like pop stars do or even kpop idols to serve what he needs to serve to justify the creative vision he has or really give back to the support and money invested in him by fangirlies. My bad

No. 1348167

i’m not sure why it would matter, i doubt she would ever interact with or acknowledge posts like that in any way because when it comes to her… varied looks, she always seems to sidestep the topic

No. 1348202

Patrick, Pete, and even the older guys like Mark and Tom have gotten into shape. Patrick Stump was way fatter than Gerard when he started out and he's actually decently in shape now. He dresses a lot nicer too. Gerard is just a lazy piece of shit.

No. 1348214

so is mcr back or is it just for this tour? are they planning on making new music other than the one )poorly mixed) song they released?

No. 1348225

File: 1663896738889.jpeg (335.95 KB, 1364x2048, 17BAFE99-4B5C-45C1-85C8-878070…)

lol feel sorry for Gerard because almost everyone agrees he’s talented but obvi a neck beard and has legions of sjw autist fans who will lick his wounds for him uwu-ing him being fat and happy. idc. women are never held to the same standards so why should he be spared

picrel his regular weight days as an emo god tho

No. 1348247

He looked like shit too he was just younger

No. 1348250

ugh the greasy hair

No. 1348262

Literally exactly the same, hair the same, styled the same—he just isn’t bloated wrinkeld and with greying thinning hair. Delusion.

No. 1348279

can y'all just make an MCR/00's throwback thread instead of shitting up the celebricows thread? didn't care in 2002 don't care in 2022

No. 1348308

Was going to say the same thing, the last thread was basically unreadable due to all the photos of this fat, ugly faggot’s fetish outfits and consequent sperging over him and his gigacringe music

No. 1348364

there’s a pop punk cow thread in ot that only gets used very occasionally but mcr is mentioned in the description so seems like it fits there >>1062349

No. 1348406

he's a celebrity so this is celeb news. every fucking thread someone asks for x celebrity to have their own thread b/c they personally dgaf, but the answer is no. agp gerard is celebricow news full stop

No. 1348430

Agree but his ugly outfits should stop being milked so unless he troons out on the main, let’s not.

No. 1348446

Help I know this was 5 months ago but I can't help feeling like those kids got put in a human centipede.

Her daughter is also named Daisy, not that we hear about her much I think Katy Perry might have sold her (Similac?) Those Daisy's don't look clean…(this is not the tinfoil thread)

No. 1348453

literally an anime dude

No. 1348462

I wish you people would stop using these stupid colorless infographic looking screenshots as threadpics they’re difficult to find in the catalogue and lack any ingenuity. Literally a zoom in of Gerard Way’s tiny Peter clinging to that spandex leotard would have been better than this horseshit.

No. 1348465

You’re crazy if you expect me to watch more than 15 seconds of that

No. 1348471

we voted for that edited johnny depp barbie pic in the last thread

No. 1348473

What is this timeline

No. 1348521

What the fuck does this gibberish even mean, are you having a stroke or are you just retarded?

No. 1348532

File: 1663921987725.jpg (236.98 KB, 720x878, 20220923_094945.jpg)

No. 1348542

Yeah wtf that pic was hilarious, what is this horseshit?

No. 1348543

Lana is religious? Huh.

No. 1348554

It's a celebrity church (Justin Bieber used to be a member of it) and its pastors have a scandalous past with extramarital affairs and whatnot

No. 1348560

If it’s the same church Bieber attends it’s a completely unhinged Pentecostal evangelical scammy cult megachurch that believes in psychotic shit like the laying on of hands and they’ve got a fuckload of pedo accusations against them too (but then that’s applicable to the vast majority of religious institutions). The former Australian prime minister that just got ousted is a member, I’m not surprised that a fat, white, racist, pickme retard like Landwhale Lana is as well

No. 1348578

File: 1663927751707.jpg (286.41 KB, 623x1141, Screenshot_20220923_060632.jpg)

scary tbh. I've seen this dude in the fandom community on Instagram before

No. 1348593

schizochan I love you and your similac conspiracies but please move to the designated tinfoil thread

No. 1348717

> Church
> Christian
> Hollyweird celebrities
Probably just where they film their pizza parties.

No. 1348720

Always had an ugly rodent face, some of you really see black messy hair and meme moids into gods

No. 1348723

Ew can you not make everything about how you want people to have sex with kids for like five seconds

No. 1348735

Sometimes I wish this site was exclusively for lesbians

No. 1348739

You know a lot of the girls who had a thing for him developed those crushes when they were teens, right? I don't get why another girl's attraction to a moid is so offensive to you when it has no impact on your life. Keep your elitist NLOG shit to yourself.

No. 1348740

I don't understand why some anons are praising this disgusting moid who looks like he smells of piss and stale beer. You can literally see his genitals. Atleast when Harry styles dresses in female clothes you can't see his penis.

No. 1348742

nta but where did anon say she wanted that shit? it is a church full of creeps, hollywood is full of creeps, sorry

No. 1348760

And calling lesbians who don’t want to look at this ugly moid’s degeneracy “NLOG elitists”

No. 1348763

Not either of those anons but was going to say the same thing, that church is notorious for batshit behavior and pedophilia allegations, I don’t know how that came to be construed as someone wanting it to be about having sex with children

No. 1348794

I highkey wanna know what's a similac conspiracy

No. 1348803

File: 1663944499224.png (1.44 MB, 1644x1978, Screenshot_20220923-164731~2.p…)

Is this true?

No. 1348810

people were shipping them since the trial, but she's already married and Depp would never be with someone her age

No. 1348811

It's what you are, when you're so wigged out over nothing you have to exclude straight women because you can't handle seeing a bulge. Just grow up and hide the image. No one here is admiring his tiny penis.

No. 1348820

No one is praising him he’s getting roasted like the cow he is. You’re saying he’s worse than Harry meaning he 100% belongs here as he delivers consistent cringey outfit milk.

No. 1348821

normal days on that retarded website

No. 1348832

>feeling sorry for a pervert flashing to thousands of teen girls to get his rocks off

No. 1348834

File: 1663946338556.jpg (191.75 KB, 1170x1504, FdWSESNWIAAfQU4.jpg)

Grimes posted a selfie on twitter, we can see her new face after the lift (? i suppose) has healed a bit.

Quite frankly i like her honesty about it, and as much as i hate her for ever thinking Elon was worth anything and hate their cringe couple, i think she was always weird like that and i don't mind her living her fantasy now that she has money. I don't have to think she looks pretty, and no one has except herself. She can look as weird as she wants to, get elf ear surgery, i don't care.

Wish she would stop being a pickme and a dumb bitch who changes ideology depending on her scrote though.

No. 1348836

She looks like an albino black woman

No. 1348841

Someone teach this faggot how to tuck. He’ll need it when he finally troons out,

No. 1348848

A little bit yeah, but i like that she's keeping her nose, not only does it suits her imo, but she also doesn't have to please anyone with her appearance and it's nice to see that she realizes that (a fucking scrote answered to her tweet by saying "now do the nose, it's about time").

I personally think she looks insane but i can appreciate that she's just doing her own thing, unlike many celebrities like Ariana Grande for instance she doesn't lie about her surgeries which is already rare, and she's not trying to look like everyone else, she has her own ideas about beauty/want to look otherworldly. I don't mind it.

No. 1348849

ohh this some scary shit!

No. 1348851

Wtf. Grimes always was so cute. I loved her in the Vanessa video

No. 1348857

nta i'm attracted to men and he's fug. it's not "offensive" but just take the L and go

No. 1348863

It's kinda a relief to know that other anons think he's ugly too, that faggot has been hyped up by his fans all because of his "edgy" persona.

No. 1348865

Oh them bruises are real she did some shit but all I can see is the lip filla

No. 1348868

Then it would suck so bad, sorry to say

She literally with no prompt and entirely off topic made it about filming cp. Rancid.

No. 1348870

She said filming their pizza parties. It’s the pizzagate anon.

No. 1348879

she still looks cute imo. i hope she never touches her nose.

No. 1348888

I love her nose and people who insult it are generally tasteless and ig-brainwashed

No. 1348893

File: 1663949198217.jpeg (55.8 KB, 496x750, 5af0f0c919ee8664008b4606~2.jpe…)

Can't understand the anons who say she looks good now with the plastic surgery. Honestly? I think she completely ruined her face, and now her cute nose doesn't harmonize well with her new face.
A shame, in my opinion she was really pretty before

No. 1348895

holy fuck she's bogged herself. why the fuck do women do this to themselves for the attention of low-IQ ugly scrotes? i see so many women i looked up to totally debase themselves for losers who aren't worth their time.

No. 1348909

I hope she gets the elf ear surgery, that's way more interesting than fish lips.

No. 1348911

even just some sports store boxer briefs would hold it in. they're like $20 a pair and i know he can afford that

No. 1348912

>trim down
if a woman had made this small of a difference in her weight she'd be crucified for still being a fatty.

No. 1348921

Not surprised at all, if it is true.
He definitely is worse than Harry. Atleast Harry isn't fat and ugly when he doesn't dress retardedly

No. 1348922

Anon.. she does not look cute, she looks like someone from an episode of botched. She WAS cute here >>1348893

No. 1348925

Are we sure this is Grimes?

No. 1348939

Yes, retard-chan

No. 1348940

File: 1663951423134.jpeg (346.93 KB, 1536x2048, FaA9H9JUEAI29YK.jpeg)

Michelle Branch and her husband who cheated on her have suspended their divorce proceedings and she basically apologized for calling him out on twitter. "I definitely shouldn't have taken to Twitter to say anything. Here I am saying, 'Please respect our privacy,' but I'm the one who said it to the world." This happened a couple days before her new album dropped.

No. 1348946

Calm down anon. It was a joke.

No. 1348948

He’s definitely lovebombing her and the cycle will start up all over again once he feels like she’s not gonna leave.

No. 1348953

File: 1663952151374.jpeg (599.96 KB, 1125x774, 6DE2919E-2DF5-440D-A7EE-613AE2…)


>oddly designed

I’m sure she meant to say “ethnic”. Ngl it’s cute and all but I wish white women would stop being snowflakes for facial and body features that women of other races get made fun of (or at least used to until it got commercialized or tokenized) i.e. big lips, big butts, natural noses, etc.

No. 1348955

did she get her jaw shaven? why is her bottom lip so uneven swollen. maybe someone knows what she got done, but looks like someone stapled back her facial skin and hit her eye causing it to go red in the process. maybe this is just what rich people do when they are bored

No. 1348956

why would she say ethnic? she just has a weird nose, makes more sense to say "oddly designed" however cringe that sounds than try to associate it with another race or whatnot

No. 1348957

No, she meant "oddly", as in she is NLOG, she is odd. And that even her designed features are still odd/or God designed her odd or whatever.

No. 1348959

I honestly never thought she was ugly per say but she was always made herself look so fucking off and disgusting at times, I mean there are many women who have "unconventional/ethnic" features that look attractive because they put in effort. Grimes just never put in effort into actually looking attractive and just rode the "weird looking girl train", she didn't need plastic surgery she needed a good makeover.

No. 1348963

People with face lifts look like swollen shit for a long time. Browse through Lori Hill's youtube, she has a lot of videos of herserlf after procedures.

No. 1348967

Can someone list all the plastic surgery that grimes had done, it's hard to keep up because her face keeps morphing.

No. 1348973

so grimes is going for the bimbo aesthetic now huh

No. 1348974

it's a hipster thing

No. 1348975

File: 1663952758528.jpeg (64.44 KB, 434x598, 98272A46-A4C5-4F94-B6AD-69424A…)

god she used to be pretty kinda like a cute gremlin and i mean it in a good way. elon ruined her

No. 1348977

>jaw shave
That’s like months of hardcore swelling all over there’s no way, her lip looks like that because it’s overfilled

No. 1348979

>"regular tricks don't work"
>learns koreaboo makeup tricks

No. 1348981

Pretty much all women with "unconventional" noses have received negative comments about their appearance. People are constantly telling Grimes she'd be pretty if it wasn't for her big nose and that she should have rhinoplasty. She's obviously trying to cope with those comments, but I guess woc have dibs on talking about their "natural noses", whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean considering all unaltered noses are natural noses.

No. 1348982

File: 1663953020736.jpeg (44.89 KB, 414x300, 31DA0F1F-2647-4176-8F00-552A30…)

Sick of hearing about grimes being the queen of pick mes per usual and her race fetishization tendencies. It’s better than nitpicking Gerard’s dire need of a IRL censor over his dong.

Sorry Tesla blow up doll and Florence Pugh, cutest nose will always go to Cam Diaz. But I think she also ended up getting a cosmetic nose job separate from the time she first broke it.

No. 1348984

You’re giving it some sort of deep meaning it does not need to and obviously was not meant to have. She couldnt say ethnic regardless because they’d crucify her, and why would that even be her thought process given the fact that shes Caucasian? Grimes is cringe and blah blah blah but she’s always been very realistic and actually quite logical and honest about herself in relation to beauty standers, bar not publicly talking about lip filler.

No. 1348985

Ew what is that swamp monster

No. 1348986

Holy shit why did she get that nose job, I swear it aged her and made her look like a fucking gremlin. She had such a cute natural nose before that balanced out her features and made her look youthful. She looks more haggard now, especially with the middle part and blond ends.

No. 1348990

Nonnie, stop. Ur angering the wtwomen who don’t see color. Silence ur poc voice. ~We’re all women here no matter how unequal in society~

But really, this quickly turned from Gerard Way council into Grimes cope society(racebait)

No. 1348991

>race fetishization tendencies
What? Being a weeboo? Why do some of you want to protect Japan like it isn’t the sovereign land of fetishization and legal lolicon

No. 1348994

File: 1663953476173.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2400x1597, B2013D91-C508-459B-A99F-039C8C…)

She’s a white woman why would she be referring to her nose as ethnic? Reminder that this is what it looks like outside of selfies. At least align your vocab with reality.

No. 1348997

It wasn’t the nose job, she broke her nose and aged. People always use pics of her as a literal teen to talk about how perfect she looked before.

No. 1348999

girl what? all she did is say she likes her big odd nose how did you go from there to white women & "women of other races" features?

No. 1349004

There’s so much actual material to reference as to why they can’t stand her I don’t see why making shit up has to even be a necessity but here we are

No. 1349005

Thanks for the clarification, she still does look like she aged rapidly even for the average woman in america.

No. 1349007

File: 1663953848601.jpeg (144.09 KB, 1426x1772, C0221879-4866-4A06-A7C0-4BE100…)

Shut up about Grimes and her need for validation from ugly men on Twitter thru jap fet and whatever whitewomannery she’s doing. Celebrate how they’re crucifying Adam Levine and Johnny Depp on Instagram. Small win, still I’d just rather see men lose no matter how microcosmal.

No. 1349009

File: 1663953912690.jpg (317.39 KB, 1080x1140, 1661894405750.jpg)

No. 1349010

what is so "nlog" about being a woman who doesn't give af about her appearance? (well in the past, shes clearly different now)

No. 1349011

I mean… it’s celebricows. If the topic bothers you, you could bring up other ones yourself without drawing more attention to the subject at hand

No. 1349013

Post some screenshots nonnie, I want to laugh at them too

No. 1349014

Aged rapidly? Wtf are you talking about? She's 50 and looks great

No. 1349016

I think she was a frequent tanner and smoker, the double whammy

No. 1349017

kek, best one yet. now someone do a Gerard edit jk

No. 1349022

could you try to make it less obvious that you're a twitterfag

No. 1349025

She has always cared about her appearance, even if she wasn't necessarily chasing mainstream beauty trends.

No. 1349026

Because she pretends as though she doesn't care about male validation when she goes out and buys herself a new face, She's a fucking hypocrite nlog who wants to be a manic pixie dream girl but refused to put in the effort for so long.

The 50 year olds I know have much better skin than her and wear sunscreen daily.

No. 1349027

>jap fet
? are you having a stroke

No. 1349028

nta but Japanese fetishization

No. 1349029

We all know this and no one is saying otherwise. It doesn’t mean you have to pull extra reasons out of your ass to hate her, you can just hate her for those reasons still FYI

No. 1349033

File: 1663954344462.jpeg (331.66 KB, 2424x1364, 0F67CF49-5EC5-486C-837B-3C0B41…)


chefs kiss

No. 1349036

No one cares about your opinion on Cameron Diaz's(??? why the fuck do you even bring this hasbeen pickme up) nose.

Also Grimes is trying to look like an elf, wtf you on about with this race fetishization bullshit. Shut up.

No. 1349040

I don't hate grimes, I just think that she's a hilarious trainwreck who needs attention. She's basically a cow that ruined her brand by cutting up her face, she used to at least look interesting but now is chasing that "ig look"

No. 1349042

I don't care. Cameron Diaz looks her age and that's completely fine. Other 50 year olds having better skin than her doesn't mean she's "aged rapidly".

No. 1349044

I personally think she's attempting some amalgam of m'ladycore

No. 1349050

File: 1663954616273.jpg (63.78 KB, 662x385, 1663946338556.jpg)

looks so dirty…

No. 1349052

I do, she did age rapidly compared to many women why deny it. Her smoking didn't help her one bit and it shows.

No. 1349057

Whatever you say

No. 1349059

File: 1663954750599.png (6.11 MB, 1125x2001, 99892C00-B2C7-4874-86E0-8B4BEE…)

I love and hate whatever this is equally.

No. 1349062

Lmao. But whatever she's attempting, we can agree she's definitely not trying to fetishize another race.

Black people are insane sometimes, this WHITE woman was born with this nose. This is hers. This is not an ethnic nose, because its attached to a white woman's face. And it's her natural feature, she's not appropriating anything she was born with it, if you're mad because you got bullied because of your fat as fuck nose go to therapy bitch and stop crying online. Grimes can talk about her nose.

No. 1349069

Nta, but why assume that anon is black many people who aren't white are bullied because of their nose and use twitter lingo. Nobody brought up black people but you.

No. 1349073


kek this the bohemian Lolita they were talking about in one of the hate threads

No. 1349075

Nta but she’s very right. I admire your loyalty though.

I… have a strong hunch the person saying that isn’t black but not my circus. Your casual racism isn’t cute either fyi.

She’s having fun.

No. 1349078

I think Britney is based and brave for what she said and it gave me a good chuckle to see all of those twitterfags who have been protesting for her freedom be shocked by what she said kek

No. 1349083

celebricow threads have fallen victim to racebait many few times just report

No. 1349092

File: 1663955394411.jpeg (538.43 KB, 1280x1280, 606E1CD2-EE31-43AD-AB8A-E00577…)

awww i wish she went all out in her cottagecore era like maybe even a little midwest gothic

No. 1349095

Yeah it does but also literally any time the word black person is mentioned some anons cry racebait too.

No. 1349098

100% this, those goofy ass fairweather fans were so appalled that the woman who had to spend her entire life with her body in the spotlight has some non-PC beliefs and uses "mean" terms about people's bodies. Britney Spears never had a chance at a normal life and it is safe to assume she's been in a way cryogenically frozen socially since like, 2008. So of course she doesn't have all the most up-to-date beliefs about fatass rights, or whatever. If Christina Aguilera hadn't gotten fat herself and spent the last 15 years absorbing the world progressing towards acceptance of Lizzo, you can bet she'd be saying mean shit about fat girls too. Bunch of twitterfags taking it personally when a woman who was forced to become a heavily medicated shut-in by her own family doesn't talk like they do, steeped in twitter discourse.

No. 1349100

This was cute. Her tiktoks bore me but I’m sure they’re fun for fans.

No. 1349102

Because it usually is racebait and it's irrelevant to the conversation.

No. 1349107

This is such a deliberately obtuse thing to say, given that the above post currently being called racebait refers to black people as crazy and having ‘big fat noses.’ When are the words ‘black person’ mentioned outside of racebait here anyways, in what context is that ever relevant or utilized outside of wanting to spread vitriol?

No. 1349108

File: 1663955702473.jpg (538.33 KB, 2461x3689, brad-pitt-le-domaine-co-founde…)

Brad Pitt launched a gender-neutral beauty brand 'Le Domaine'

No. 1349115

File: 1663955856952.png (284.79 KB, 1092x786, Capture.PNG)

>“Le Domaine is not meant to be a celebrity brand,” Pitt says in a press release. “It is an anti-aging cosmetics range for every man and woman. I love the idea of a genderless line.”

>The actor, who owns Chateau Miraval winery in Provence, aims to bring skincare back to the basics of nature (think grapes).

>“Our goal is to imitate the organic cycles of nature,” Pitt says. “There is no waste in nature. Anything left over or discarded becomes food for something else. This exemplary circular system is the inspiration for Le Domaine.”

No. 1349116

File: 1663955869425.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 974.8 KB, 1920x1920, 40CF3B47-9813-429A-840B-8F4862…)


Spoiler bec trannie but I would love love to see a horror southern or Midwestern gothic take on Taylor’s cottagecore era. Would probably sound like her collab with The Civil Wars but she has the budget for it. Like the song but I wasn’t into the cardigan thing with the prairie dress.

No. 1349117

He looks like a basset hound and I hope he goes bankrupt. Men who revert to the softboi look after being accused of abuse to manipulate the public deserve public mockery.

No. 1349121

File: 1663955894506.jpeg (136.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

Brad Pitt starting a skincare line made me kek, because he's aged like a craggy old Tennessee lineman. When Pharrell started a skincare line it at least made sense, since he looks amazing for 50. That being said anything that can encourage scrotes to actually wash their faces and moisturize is a societal good.

No. 1349124

>every man and woman
uh oh what about the enbies!

No. 1349128

File: 1663956003786.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 174.9 KB, 1280x720, DC8E08D0-F211-44CA-9C82-C2A778…)


releases a skin brand after very publicly looking like this

No. 1349131

God he really does, Pharrell is genuinely an anomaly in so many ways.
>That being said anything that can encourage scrotes to actually wash their faces and moisturize is a societal good
Except this little rat is going to be using the money to pay for his lawsuit against his ex wife

No. 1349132

Finally, someone who aged well in hollyweird. I won't buy any celebrity skincare shit but he does look amazing.

No. 1349134

File: 1663956145518.jpg (1.85 MB, 2461x3689, bradnuggies.jpg)

No. 1349137

File: 1663956173185.png (66.71 KB, 765x604, 1.png)

reposting from the last thread, but more and more I have to accept that Yukio Mishima was right in his opinion that beautiful men should die young, rather then be allowed to grow old and ruin their legacy

No. 1349143

that‘s ethel cain isn’t it? I knew from the songs he was a nicole dollanganger ripoff but these pictures are straight copies

No. 1349151

File: 1663956371784.png (1.41 MB, 1078x747, barkerFuckOff.png)

I hope there is a SPF in the line, because he definitly needs it.
Travis Barker is also releasing skin care.

No. 1349156


No. 1349159

This shit has got to be money laundering cause what in the fresh hell

No. 1349161

His hairline looks like a toupet.

No. 1349174

File: 1663956730346.jpeg (94.82 KB, 1125x683, 27796270-44B2-44EF-9BCF-D6141A…)

Vogue really just be posting anything.

No. 1349175

He is a Kardashian now. You just know Kris had her hands in this.
Imagine all the shite she must've tried to get Kanye into, but he had his own "visions", lol. If I'm honest, I don't even know if Kanye had skincare/makeup/perfume/hairshit lines?

No. 1349179

File: 1663956779021.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1572, 4333499A-5986-49EB-8202-7B2A60…)


Johnny Depp pre-decomposition era

No. 1349183

File: 1663956844654.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1522, E16B8324-B856-4B16-9B2F-5777B5…)

50yo Harry Styles aesthetic

No. 1349185

Brxd Pxtt when

No. 1349190

Jesus, we are far to merciful to males. Men should be fined if they leave the house like that.

No. 1349192


This was in August 2022. I didn’t bother reading it then but the thread reminded me of the article.

No. 1349195

File: 1663956964940.jpg (7.21 KB, 199x253, index.jpg)

No, not the old auntie get up.
I never got the appeal of Brad Pitt, was too much of an obvious pretty boy. That being said, here's an old pic, probably Fight Club era.
Even back then, he showed signs of never having heard of sun screen.

No. 1349203

Fuck me Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 1349204

File: 1663957212558.jpeg (47.54 KB, 602x401, 83EAE463-CF74-4A38-976D-451D3D…)

Excuse the faggotry but I really am not over his Fight Club days, really at his peak imo. Plus, it’s so attractive that he looks like he’s out there bashing other men’s faces and not bothering women.

No. 1349213

File: 1663957442382.jpeg (69.15 KB, 500x641, EBA6AD6C-CEEA-4BB5-AECF-44E50B…)


RIP but it’s so hot that James Dean did the honourable thing and died young instead of ageing like milk and taking part in whatever perverted shit Hollyweird been doing since forever. (but really, RIP)

No. 1349216

I had it more for Ed Norton. No clue, why.
In hindsight, I am sad they didn't bash Jared Leto's face for real. He would deserve it.

No. 1349218

Introducing brad’s new skincare line, ~ cadavre embaumé ~

No. 1349223

These two made me laugh out loud which is rare

He wasn’t bothering women because it was a gay movie made by a gay man but yes, prime beef

No. 1349237

Anons here really expose that they are faggy zoomers/younger millenials with their "muh WW get celebrated for features WOC get made fun of for" bs, as if white girls with ass (who do exist btw, being pear-shaped is not a racial trait) weren't brutally called fat pigs and made to feel like absolute shit by mainstream beauty standards until at most 10 years ago if they had any semblance of thighs or butt. No one was celebrating WW for having ass any more than they were celebrating WOC for it, back in the day all the pearchans got shit on regardless of race bc it wasn't in vogue to be anything but skinny with big tits. WOC do not have a patent trademark on having big ass and WW with big ass/full lips they got with their own genes are not "appropriating WOC traits", it's literally their own fucking traits they grew up being shamed for and they should celebrate them if they want to(racebait)

No. 1349255

No. 1349271

She looks horrible. It's jarring to see some anons bashing some girl in the Twitter hate thread for getting plastic surgery and comparing her to a tranny, then see anons ITT calling this cute and coping hard to make this seem like it's not a terrible choice

No. 1349278

That was mildly infuriating, thanks for reminding me

No. 1349289

Anons here can be weird, they will nit-pick the hell out of normal women but defend celebs for getting plastic surgery.

No. 1349299

I'm too distracted by the guy in purple's lopsided bulge

No. 1349312

In all seriousness it’s because he has a massive penis

No. 1349322

pretty sure that's a phone kek

No. 1349323

I’m being serious. He has a huge penis.

No. 1349324

No. 1349327

File: 1663960473151.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.87 MB, 600x674, 6C66124A-5212-46BF-B974-EF9C0C…)

No. 1349336

my friend said he sang like a woman, like that he had a woman's voice?? confirm/deny??

No. 1349337

Pathetic and nasty

No. 1349343

kek thats aaron taylor johnson
thanks anon

No. 1349344

A penis really is the most ridiculous organ you can imagine. Dick should be the ultimate insult, idk why men thought they did something with the "cunt" insult when i've never seen a vagina look as ridiculous as this. I mean this is hilarious how cartoonish this looks.

No. 1349346

File: 1663960927486.jpg (9.2 KB, 399x278, 1405959092305.jpg)

No. 1349347

Thank you for saying this because you had me trawling the Seoul red carpet pics for more and I realized that Getty images photoshopped his bulge flat in all pics

No. 1349348

File: 1663961012459.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 597.92 KB, 1920x798, 39N8fPGL_o.jpeg)

No. 1349351

ATJ my beloved leave your groomer wife for me………

No. 1349354

god bless this man!!!

No. 1349357

Exactly. I want to see it hard so bad.

No. 1349360


I can’t tell if it’s pencil dick or actually girthy when hard. Either way, im surprised how knowing he was prolly preyed on by his OBE wife makes his sculptedness look so unappealing. If they’d had gotten together in his late 20s maybe it would’ve been less creepy idk maybe she was desperate for his babies. Still

No. 1349366

Nah it fluffs up real big and thick and juicy I can feel it

No. 1349367

any word on whether Adam Levine's wife is going to stay with him, like an idiot since he's probably fucked dozens of women over the years?

No. 1349372

She’s a cuck

No. 1349377

File: 1663961799122.png (Spoiler Image, 387.61 KB, 670x460, ysztz52bxak71.png)

same anon!!

No. 1349385

The solidarity I am experiencing itt today. I have never felt more seen or heard.

No. 1349388

nonnies is that actually his dick? i know in a lot of movies they use prosthetic dicks to make it bigger

No. 1349392

File: 1663962107685.jpeg (583.99 KB, 1125x1078, 7ED42F76-C0AF-4665-8FCA-CC7A64…)

suddenly want these weird ass brad pics to make it into next thread pic

No. 1349395

File: 1663962199702.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.19 MB, 600x558, 874327847284.gif)

his own i believe

No. 1349399

His dick just long don’t overthink it

No. 1349405

the way he moves around in >>1349327 tells me it might not be a prosthetic. like jesus those fucking balls swingin’ in slow mo

No. 1349409

>might not
That is his dick and balls ma’am

No. 1349419

sorry i wrote that in a jokey tone in my head, i acknowledged his balls were basically being thrown around there kek

No. 1349436

I'm eating carbonara pizza and I'm almost tasting these gifs, my god.

No. 1349437

Why is it moving like that? I can already imagine that the olympics in Ancient Greece were the most hilarious shit around since all the athletes were naked and running with their dicks and balls swinging around just like that.

No. 1349448

>his dick tastes like carbonara pizza

No. 1349450

File: 1663964489470.jpg (30.77 KB, 288x297, tumblr_1dc8b169c665d4330422c0e…)

No. 1349470

I had to google what a carbonara pizza even is. It looks nasty as fuck, Italy should sue whoever came up with this.

No. 1349488

This gives me Till Lindemann. And both have badly aged.

No. 1349508

retard shit. He's trying to make money off of braindead people. Skin care is different for men and women for a reason. this is the dumbest shit

No. 1349519

Actually I believe he is peddling it to other rich pretentious sobs that sympathize with him and want to support him, and I’m sure he’ll receive some “generous benefactors” or whatever so he can continue to cry wolf at his ebil bitch wife and poor poor brainwashed children

No. 1349532

He produced her new album that just came out so I wonder if she’s afraid of leaving him because of rights or royalty issues or something

No. 1349545

After all this dick and balls infighting today, we’ve finally been blessed with a nice looking dick and balls to unite us as one.

No. 1349554

Honestly it inspired me to make a potential thread pic for next thread. Not sure if I should wait until later or just share it.

No. 1349562

Ooh share it nonnee, please

No. 1349567

File: 1663970034434.jpeg (387.51 KB, 1938x969, 14CA0799-F2D4-4EA6-BEE0-71367F…)

It's a bit shit kek but I might add or change a few things

Thanks to >>1349134 for Brad Happy Meal pic

No. 1349574

they just swing freely upon being flung so violently nonna

No. 1349576

next thread pic kek

No. 1349591

Imagine apologizing for calling out this horse-faced scrote

No. 1349595

she looks fucking dreadful jesus christ

No. 1349598

Oh my fucking jump scare. Claire wtf are you doing

No. 1349599

STOP posting dick and balls! Stop

No. 1349630

kek how are lesbians elitist nlog shit
literally our favourite thing is being like other girls

No. 1349633

No. 1349635

>per say

No. 1349639

he looks like shit! and i hope she gets away. she's starting to sound full-on abused

No. 1349650

wow how much foundation is that? i never understand how people can wear that much every day without breaking out.

No. 1349657

he looks like he has dementia in every recent picture

No. 1349658

all of those pictures look like the last thing you see before you die

No. 1349659

albino fka twigs

No. 1349661

why does the other guy have a boner and why is it a sideways boner??

No. 1349666

he looks like luke perry had a baby with megamind

No. 1349669

uhhhh does it hurt when they do that? that looks painful. his genitals look like a stretch armstrong, does that really not hurt them?

No. 1349679

Nonnas already covered this, please don't set off the ATJ dick sperging again kek

No. 1349742

>tfw i share this board with girls fawning over a moid's disgusting dick
Really embarrassing. Hide yourselves, coomers.

No. 1349970

No. 1349971

File: 1663982111368.jpg (76.01 KB, 309x475, 2044238.jpg)

lmaoooo, absolute trash choices from grimes since she hooked up with elon. she looks like pete burns but way more pitiful

No. 1349974

i've had exes with dicks too big for me but still never seen one so large flaccid. idk seems strange unless he just doesn't grow at all or barely does

No. 1350020

i love it nonnie

No. 1350027

I thought that was madonna for a sec kek

No. 1350048

Same lol

No. 1350055

File: 1663985103446.png (753.62 KB, 921x865, Screenshot 2022-09-17 183200.p…)

No. 1350057

she likely did it for legal reasons or as part of a settlement agreement

No. 1350060

if true i hope they get reamed

No. 1350065

this exactly

No. 1350068

That entire family makes me want to a-log so hard, fucking parasites. Pity this amount of money is just small change to them

No. 1350071

File: 1663986042617.jpg (367.18 KB, 1169x1625, FdHPWVRXgAgphev.jpg)

Dont think i saw this get posted (will delete if someone posted it before) But this is Adam Levines apology after getting caught cheating on his wife.

No. 1350081

I hope Behati has already packed his bags for him, who is going to believe this? The woman he cheated with is a piece of shit too, not just for fucking someone’s husband but for using it for “clout”. She never stopped to think about that this hurts his wife and kids more than anyone else, stupid cow

No. 1350092

kek, classic. moids always playing stupid and like they've gotten played or had a lapse in judgement when their decisions to cheat are often extremely planned out. loser. ig at least he admitted he "flirted" (cheated), instead of claiming it's alll fully fake

No. 1350100

They're the living personification of everything misogynistic a scrote ever said about women. I guess liberal women stan them so hard just to stick it to da man. It's cringe.

No. 1350103

i don't think any particular politically identified woman stans them for any political reasons. i don't even think they have real fans, everyone just watches in fascination like the housewives franchise with no real affection for them except maybe men or people from outside of america or something

No. 1350208

He doesn’t his dick just like that on soft.

God forbid women express any sort of desire that isn’t gentle and sapphic, it’s SO gross when women show any sort of sexual interest!!

The way none of us care.

No. 1350212

File: 1663993270322.jpg (101.12 KB, 563x751, FaA9H9JUEAI29YK.jpg)

No. 1350261

>t. microdick

No. 1350263

File: 1663995896848.jpg (382.04 KB, 1082x1920, tumblr_f8dd17e10c29bd697192feb…)

his stylist did such a good job tonight

No. 1350266

sadly, the fact that this isn't as eye-searing as the others will definitely mean at least one anon will come in claiming he's fuckable like this

No. 1350271

File: 1663996420656.jpeg (256.17 KB, 900x900, 8B4E3963-B6F9-4871-9D66-814A17…)

No. 1350274

No they won’t. There hasn’t been a single anon that has thirsted over this.

No. 1350275

re-read the threads, there absolutely have

No. 1350278

Get better reading comprehension skills, a minority of anons talking about how he looked in 2005 do not overshadow the vast majority who hate everything about this. Relax.

No. 1350290

i genuinely wish i understood why she has fans

No. 1350292

File: 1663997329607.gif (6.52 MB, 268x322, Tumblr_l_40818690220980.gif)

He looks better than he has in a literal decade

No. 1350293

uhhh were they not literally fucking? that IS an affair

No. 1350294

Eww he looks disgusting

No. 1350298

not to tinfoil but is gerard on drugs again? it's shocking how fast he lost weight and went from looking like an old wizard to a tumblr sexyman again. is he okay?

No. 1350316

He looks really good and the thinnest I’ve ever seen him
I think he mentioned struggling with disordered eating in the past.

No. 1350326

I know discussions about his dick ended but he's probably too big for me, but I'd still be willing to bare with it just so I could see him, that's

No. 1350328

Probably nitpick, and I don’t even have any feelings about Taylor negative or positive generally, but how fucking thin is her hair if that’s how small her braids are???? yeeeeeesh invest in some nutrifol or whatever the mega rich version of that is.

No. 1350332

File: 1664001057750.jpeg (645.84 KB, 1170x1450, 6814A80D-C821-4079-BBE5-F20045…)

22-year-old Kiernan Shipka went out on a dinner date with “longtime friend”, 43-year-old fuckboy BJ Novak. (I can’t help but think, BJ is such a tv/film buff, he definitely would have watched her on Mad Men when she was like 8 years old playing Don Draper’s daughter.) Once again I’d like to reiterate that I hate men

No. 1350339

this man has a young daughter at home… just wanna remind everyone of that

No. 1350341

All performers use coke on tour lol. it's exhausting to sing and dance every night for months. it's fine if you can stop using off stage

No. 1350343

Are you speaking from experience or…?

No. 1350344

The bar really is in hell for some people
Just say you hate lesbians, I hope he picks you
>I did not have sexual relations with that woman

No. 1350349

Taylor Swift is a farmer

No. 1350351

>just say you hate lesbians
Not at all, I’ve just noticed an extreme moidlike attempt to censorship any expression of sexual interest like we aren’t adult women unless it’s vague, gentle, sapphic, or asexual.

No. 1350357

If that’s the case (because I’ve not seen anything to that effect) it’s probably because no one wants to read r/ihavesex tier blogposts about crusty scrotes

No. 1350374

are the nonnies in here who thirst over gerard actually clinically retarded or do they just need their eyes checked

No. 1350375

I did not even notice the braids existed till I read your post.

No. 1350376

Anon, you don’t have to be dramatic. Women here make very milquetoast jokes about attractive men because that’s a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do. You can handle a few shitposts about some guys flaccid penis.

No. 1350377

Clinging to 2006

No. 1350379

File: 1664006575481.jpg (9.08 KB, 250x314, CAGVLpCUUAAXBvQ.jpg)

i dont see how the braids could be so thin when this was her hair

No. 1350385

She would be

No. 1350386

It looks like Fit Vegan Ginger's rat tail from way back when. Taylor Swift did have an impressive mane but I guess her ED and constant hair styling has thinned it out quite a bit.

No. 1350387

At a glance, I didn't notice they were braids and thought they were a necklace.

No. 1350393

shut up

No. 1350420

File: 1664009761331.jpeg (413.98 KB, 750x1095, E64258F5-7101-4BD0-9491-6BC32C…)

Emrata at it again with the creepy photos

No. 1350423

Chrissy Teigan 2.0

No. 1350461

The fucking lips though

No. 1350474

Behati was mistress before, so I guess it all comes in a circle in the end

No. 1350475

wym any ~sapphic~ thirst poster that isn't vague/gentle/asexual is also accused of being a moid

No. 1350477

Bath time photos can be cute but not to share with the world, especially the scrotes in her comment sections who are all talking about wanting to sleep with the her and it’s so obvious that she’s trying to look “sexy” rather than just being with her son.

No. 1350484

I was just thinking the same thing, I’m not a mother but my mum has lots of cute bath time pics with me, they were only for the family, not for anyone else much less the whole fucking internet. This is so fucking gross and irresponsible given how many putrid moids (and probably straight up pedos, seeing as she’s making a habit of this fuckery) are following her

No. 1350494

This is disgustingly perverted

No. 1350497

her entire sense of self worth is based on men finding her attractive, now that's she's older her main identity is trying to become the "MILF" archetype

No. 1350503

Holy shit. He has elastigirl superpowers but only in his dick and balls
I thought she was dating this podcast host because he only follows few ppl who are his friends + her. Would not make it better because he, too, is like 40 years old.
I know there is a proper thread for it but parents who sell there children to the movie industry knowing damn well it’s full of creeps are abusive scumbags.

No. 1350507

File: 1664017084309.jpeg (216.83 KB, 750x742, FD134867-445D-45FA-838B-1581DB…)

their children* and dropped pic but I can’t delete the post?

No. 1350518

pedos should get executed in every country. look at that poor man. he'd been in horrible pain since childhood

No. 1350519

wait what happened to Pete Burns

No. 1350521

File: 1664017845406.png (39.45 KB, 250x176, haha.png)

No. 1350522

i guess but at the end of the day she's not the one who was married and had the responsibility towards a wife and kids.

No. 1350523

File: 1664017954820.jpeg (19.47 KB, 220x215, how patti looks like.jpeg)

No. 1350531

some people don't even like coke so they don't get addicted to the half-bump they do before a set. i think he was more of a barfer in the past, but his face isn't bloated enough for that lately, and actually not bloated enough for coke, so i think it's probably adderall or something else legal and not dirty/cut with crap. he also probably stopped drinking in preparation for the tour and that can cause really fast weight loss - a lot of guys drink a six pack a day and that's an extra 800 calories.

No. 1350536

blondes can have crazy thin hair. they're just born like that, it's kind of crazy but who cares. in >>1350379 you can see there's a huge amount of space between the front of her hair and the bit pulled over her shoulder. it's just blowdryer wizardry and it still looks like if you touched it, it would feel like cototn candy.

No. 1350537

what the shit did she do to her face

No. 1350544

AYRT and yes that’s a good and true point. I guess I just always thought her hair looked very thick and almost that kinda horse-textured type cus it seemed similar to someone I know whose hair is mega thick.

No. 1350586

File: 1664023279021.gif (8.76 MB, 498x412, taylor-swift-loveridden.gif)

idk i dont think she ever had thin hair, just fine hair texture like plenty of white girls. idk if it's because they're cutting the bulk of her hair into her bangs or if she's losing it but she definitely has extremely thick bangs/upper layers so maybe that's what's contributing to the thin look, or she did lose hair from her ED or stress. not a good cut if that's the case cause it looks like they're turning 60% of her hair into bangs/layers around the bangs

No. 1350594

Your hair also naturally thins as you get older, sometimes earlier than the norm. t a blonde woman who used to have thick hair and now is lucky to get a Taylor Swift braid

No. 1350596

an older guy raped his bootyhole when he was like 13

No. 1350600

You had me really sweating when you said peterphile. Pete Burns was my Britney when I was a teenager and I was about to go Chris Crocker.

No. 1350694

This is horrifying.. Never since listening to MCR back in 2005 would I think this could happen. Gerard is looking for validation from his younger new fanbase now that he is in his 40s. Disgusting. I wonder how the other band mates feel about it?

No. 1350735

>I think he mentioned struggling with disordered eating in the past.
i am once again asking anyone to post caps of where gerard way actually talked about an ED in any capacity. this gets claimed every thread and every time we ask for proof which has never existed

No. 1350744

Tranny hands wrote that.

No. 1350747

She’s right. He talked about being bulimic to lose weight when he was a fat kid. Sorry we don’t have scans of our shitty preteen pop mags from 2005 for you.

No. 1350764

if not a single mcr simp can prove it it simply didn't happen. your ferard fanfiction where gerard was a poor twaumatized little bulimic was simply a fantasy

No. 1350775

KEK nonna

No. 1350777

Sad. I've seen a literal homeless chinese man wear a dress better than he does.

No. 1350783

File: 1664033812104.jpg (43.58 KB, 400x304, 9530000.jpg)

you mean this guy? where is he now btw, he was hot for a hobo

No. 1350803

File: 1664034536241.jpg (109.66 KB, 746x663, 645.jpg)

No. 1350809

Um what—I’m not a Gerard Way simp I just very distinctively remember Gerard Way talking about bulimia because I listened to MCR when I was 11, and it was shared in one of those tigerbeat esque magazines with the classic fat school photo. I know it may be hard for you zoomers to believe, but there’s a trove of media from that era lost to deleted xanga blogs and scans on defunct sites. It’s not 2005 anymore so people don’t really care. Me not being able to site a twitter post to you doesn’t make it less true, it was pretty big among their lore at the time because it wasn’t common to admit something like that outside of Bam Margera. Mikey was as well. I don’t sympathize with for being a puker what the hell. Just look at his teeth at the time.

No. 1350813

can you at least sage if you're going to post stale-ass milk?

No. 1350822

im sorry but literally pics or it didnt happen. if there was a single interview that had direct quotes from gerard at the very least other articles would cite it. also…. you consider tigerbeat a credible source? lmao

No. 1350828

Girl it was 2005 I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t care if you believe it or not quite frankly but it still happened. Also it’s completely obvious they were visually so it’s hardly some far-fetched tinfoil.

No. 1350829

>you consider tigerbeat a credible source
Absolutely, bible and law, word is bond

No. 1350834

File: 1664036013622.png (56.48 KB, 608x311, Screenshot 2022-09-24 12.00.27…)

I was big MCR fan and I don't remember ever reading that. I found this quote which is the closest I can find to him admitting he had any kind of eating disorder. I even downloaded a biography that someone said includes mentions of his eating disorder, but the only mentions of him throwing up are to do with drinking heavily, not an ED.

No. 1350836

this is the part thats sending me

No. 1350840

NTA but it it was true there would be mentions of it online anyway because it's quite a big deal. I think it's probably Mandela effect on some of you, either it was a fannon you internalised as true or you mistook >>1350834 as ED

No. 1350852

in the bio they mention that Frank has had stomach issues since elementary school and he throws up frequently, I feel like that got conflated somehow with Gerard and now people think he was bulimic.

No. 1350860

Frank has chrons disease or some shit involving barfing so you’re probably right. There is one article where gerard says during the last tour he looked at pics of himself and saw a man who was drinking too much and starving himself or some shit and the tumblr-ey fans have used that to say he has uwu eating disorder. It’s annoying af. He prob just yo-yo diets or drops weight during tours because they’re running around all night. Then porks back up afterwards. He’s not THAT skinny really. Fans be acting like he’s fucking Eugenia cooney level

No. 1350889

Someone will dig it up eventually and then I will have my “told you so”. It was etched in my brain for years, it was a casual conversation where he said he’d just eat boxes of pop tarts on tour and throw up.

No. 1350890

Not necessarily, this was 17 years ago. There’s plenty of little sound bites from the time that aren’t.

No. 1350896

File: 1664040611322.jpeg (155.16 KB, 1080x1080, 9FF36F66-44BD-4446-8761-959222…)

That is a bulimic. Oldfags will have the justice we deserve. We cut out clips of j-14 and had posters of men in eyeliner on our ceiling before you were even out of diapers. We will not be erased.

No. 1350898

File: 1664040685670.jpeg (185.23 KB, 640x798, 6A5B65A8-568A-4418-8326-55B209…)

If this image awakens your third eye you may be entitled to financial compensation

No. 1350911

I work in the industry and used to be a PA to celeb artists. Everyone uses pure high grade coke so they can work long hours without food or sleep, but they almost all prefer downers and opiates when they're not touring. Most of them actually tolerate coke very well because they start in their late teens. Meth and addy is the real problem. It's all fucked but still healthier than chugging monsters and 5 hr energy lmao

No. 1350914

I used to lose my shit over the flippy haircut all the boys had in middle school in the late 00’s. I thought it was the cutest thing ever kek

No. 1350919

I remember I was crushed when MCR started being included in magazines like this. They didn't belong
>i was also so glad my mom didn't let me own this pick me 101 guide and other magazines like it

Same. Adolescence is so cringy

No. 1350920

After becoming pinkpilled realizing how extremely fucked up those mags are + the fact that adults, and likely fucking moids write articles about why young teen girls should be spending their time going crazy for boys. Utter fucking filth S

No. 1350938

File: 1664042547896.jpg (20.36 KB, 289x391, harry.jpg)

A video of Harry Styles being such a bad actor that the audience were laughing out loud at him went viral with millions of views.
Then Harry or Olivia copyright striked all the videos making fun of him.

No. 1350940

please spoiler gross pics like this in the future. i am 28yrs old and i do not believe gw ever had an eating disorder, what you are seeing are all side effects of drug addiction

No. 1350941

wtf are those teef

No. 1350942

He looks like Onision

No. 1350944

who looks like Zac Efron!

No. 1350946

Such a mean thing to say

No. 1350947

File: 1664043065304.jpg (55.9 KB, 494x781, dfdg.jpg)

No. 1350964

we really have to watch the movie with nonnies on a movie night together, because it seems to be hilariously bad.

No. 1350967

Kek I am old enough to be in fucking perimenopause and don’t remember any of this bulimic shit. He’s just a gross scrote who never showered or brushed his teeth.

No. 1350968

kekk does someone have a mirror of that video?

No. 1351010

Homeless and better looking than Johnny Depp, and Johnny Depp owns 14 homes.
The worst part is when the boys were like 13, and you know most of the people involved, from the writers, editors, PR agents, to photographers was some middle aged man.

No. 1351022

File: 1664047852860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.25 KB, 640x480, Grandma-Finds-The-Internet.jpg)

Yes, I am intrigued.

Kek, I know it was not your intention and we are probably around the same age, but I now imagine a granny with white hair, glasses, etc. sitting in front of her 200% blown up screen and ranting away about scrotes.

No. 1351027

I always thought his clothes were gonna burst back in the black parade era kek. Gerard is like the emo version of shane dawson, they're both gross & stinky fat moids.

No. 1351043

Lmao i agree!!

No. 1351046

File: 1664048945583.jpg (29.41 KB, 752x752, FdMmWCgWIAEboQR.jpg)

No. 1351049

File: 1664049137974.jpg (74.75 KB, 750x990, FdLI3ibakAMOO9a.jpg)

No. 1351052

Kek early Shane fans were the same group of people who were Gerard Way mega simps. All the cringe pop punk slightly alt theatre kids couldn't get enough of these fuckers and I never knew why because they were so gross and uggo

No. 1351064

It's amazing how anons explode when yet another pic of either bald doja cat or fat lana in normal jeans and tshirt gets posted, yet for days already retarded stans try their hardest to find things to compliment about that guy who looks and dresses like some nightmare out of the mtf thread.

No. 1351065

File: 1664050143584.png (Spoiler Image, 710.28 KB, 676x1142, rl7vdla.png)

No. 1351069

File: 1664050250826.webm (577.61 KB, 480x1036, ssstwitter.com_1664050042486w.…)

thanks nonna

No. 1351070

File: 1664050287779.webm (402.67 KB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1664050095825w.…)

No. 1351071

I was expecting muuuuch worse

No. 1351076

Need more clips in order to fully judge this trainwreck. No wonder twitterfags were praising Harry so much, it was that bad. Seems like Pugh would have preferred any actor over this idiot that she tried to make Shia join the movie.

No. 1351097

>granny with white hair, glasses, etc. sitting in front of her 200% blown up screen and ranting away about scrotes.

Life goals

No. 1351104

That's likely not her hair in that pic, that is likely some extensions weaved in. Celebs rarely show their true hair

No. 1351113

I could be wrong but isn't this part in the trailer? Could've sworn I saw this part on tv in an advertisement the other day

No. 1351124

Based. That's my future i know.

No. 1351125

File: 1664053731882.jpg (74.66 KB, 664x900, sam-taylor-aaron-taylor-johnso…)

the fact that THIS woman waved aaron’s penis in our faces in “a million little pieces” just to brag….sick. truly sick. tbh I somewhat respect her

No. 1351126

I saw DWD and Harry’s acting is not as bad as people are making it out to be kek

No. 1351127

I hate her, god

No. 1351129

She took him away from an actual beautiful woman when he was still a high schooler. They popped out a kid when she was in her 40’s and he was 19. Im so jealous

No. 1351132

does anyone have insight as to how anyone finds him attractive? I liked the music but have never understood the deranged fan crushes where they just obsess over the dude. pardon me if you read this as begging to be spoonfed, but even as a teenager who liked MCR then later his solo stuff he didn't seem to fit the whole tumblr sexyman image tumblrinas made him out to be, and I've been baffled ever since. and I'm trying hard not to be really mean

No. 1351134

File: 1664054200047.jpeg (37.69 KB, 708x346, 2E7A608B-C181-4D2F-81BD-FF029A…)

Britnonas will remember ajj from being Robbie ‘the hot one’ from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging kek

No. 1351136

I lose all attraction to him when the hair isn’t curled kek

No. 1351138

he is a terminal milf hunter, i can see it in his eyes. no one his age would ever had a chance

No. 1351151

File: 1664055509659.png (1.82 MB, 828x1792, 0C2551D3-676D-4E59-A90E-67FCD2…)

was already posted in the grimes thread but i just love everything azelia says

No. 1351152

File: 1664055542193.png (1001.39 KB, 828x1792, 88185E5D-6EDE-44E9-9C9A-BE5173…)

same fag

No. 1351164

I remember the Stiff Dylans nona kek
He was hot af in this movie me and my mates were obsessed

No. 1351169

this was played a lot on american nickelodeon too i loved it kek

No. 1351177

Wtf is angus thongs though can a britfag please enlighten me

No. 1351182

File: 1664058120383.jpeg (423.86 KB, 828x1030, 75F329F0-715B-4103-B332-90689E…)

BJ novak was alleged to be one of the creepy player comedians from that article last year. He's so gross.


>new york city based comedian/tv star
>constantly hooks up with young twentysomethings at parties
>deuxmoi blinds said that bj novak was constantly working the nyc art circuit so honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it's him


No. 1351189

>man uses his fame and status to leverage hooking up with the type of women he would’ve never gotten in a thousand years if he was broke and not famous

wow hmmmmmmm this is so crazy and totally not expected and not something that has been going on since forever

No. 1351190

not a britfag but saw it when i was a kid it's a book or series of books that was turned into movies about this kinda awkward girl who is into this "hot" guy (atj) it's just a very classic pre-teen coming of age movie for british girls

No. 1351209

No. 1351211

yeah but when he's famous he gives you stds!

No. 1351216

Fucking Kek that is amazing

No. 1351222

it was fine honestly. seems more like girls are just surprised to see uwu harry styles screaming or something so it's funny to them? idk if he was anyone else it wouldnt be notable

No. 1351224

So… the 'ethnic' poster was Azealia huh

No. 1351226

Exactly what I thought

No. 1351230

No. 1351247

You may not be wrong…

No. 1351251

That’s a prosthetic. Everyone go home

No. 1351252

She’s so real for this. I feel like she would lurk here.

No. 1351316

But when I say it I get a ban for racebaiting. Smh.

No. 1351342

The exact type of enamel degradation of someone with years-long bulimia

No. 1351349

I am so serious. They think I’m lying or trolling or misremembering but he really said that shit. I’m shocked that it isn’t obvious either like that is a textbook bulimic and both him and Mikey tried to look thin on tour, it isn’t like it’s actually uncommon for men.

Baby who shat his diaper

Teenage limerence they never grew out of, maybe. I listened to them when I was really young and mowed through the infatuation pretty quickly, I stopped thinking he was attractive when I was 12 but even when I was a teen there were girls that worshiped him for whatever reason. He revealed himself to be a giant idiot in the Black Parade era with the method acting as a cancer patient nonsense. They just still can’t enjoy media without tethering themselves to it and can’t let go.

No. 1351352

Nah, she has money and has known him since he was a kid. She isn’t even a milf so I don’t think that’s what’s happened here.

No. 1351397

File: 1664070763248.jpeg (596.44 KB, 1170x2631, 6423F7AB-D2AC-4ACE-955F-58ACC5…)

I love it when middle aged scrotes decide what's empowering for women (director of Blonde)

No. 1351400

all while he filled the movie with rape scenes and a talking fetus montage?

No. 1351410

File: 1664072797564.gif (4.51 MB, 268x268, Tumblr_l_3325215825231.gif)

You weren't paying attention to interviews lol. Gerard used to crossdress as Christina Ricci at art school and they thought it was cute. They have all been best friends for 20 years and have known that he likes wearing women's clothes the whole time

No. 1351412

Frerard weight swap au.

No. 1351413

Lmao idiots acting like this isn't on par for how Gerard has always been I've heard stories man from one of Mikey's friends like yeah it's weird but that band ain't blinking twice at what he does

No. 1351415

File: 1664073262818.jpeg (16.52 KB, 274x149, 1648663764009.jpeg)

Oh yes, the best take on Marilyn Monroe's life is going to be from the moid who just wanted to make a disgusting pornography about her. He really understands her! Wow! She definitely isn't just a blonde set of curls and a sexy body for him to ejaculate all over! He knows the real her! And it just isn't responsible to act like she was an adult woman who was bright and capable. She was nothing but a porn star, so it's fine to make another porn about this poor dead woman! Thanks for explaining it in a way my female brain could understand, Mr. Director!

My fucking response

No. 1351423

Yeah, lyrics of some songs on Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge straight up talk about cross dressing. I used to be a huge fan pre Black Parade but haven’t listened to them in like 15 years and don’t see how this is surprising or shocking.

No. 1351430

I don't get why everyone's so horrified at the cross-dressing. He's not like Harry Styles, he's always been kind of GNC and enjoys that sort of thing. Doesn't make him a tranny (thankfully)
The real problem is he's a fucking landwhale now and nothing is flattering

No. 1351436

i can't wait for mcr to come off tour so this tired ass conversation can end jesus christ

No. 1351437

You can post other content.

No. 1351438

hits very different when you do it publicly in front of your legion of tranny obsessed tween female fans and you're now a tubby male in your 40s rather than in the 90s when it was less creepy and popularized and you were 19 with no fans

No. 1351440

He is a 45 year old they/them flashing his sad pen around. It's sad you guys can't face the truth this isn't being gnc, he is full troon, all he needs now is to change his pronouns one more time and talk about the feminine urge to use his girl penis, because he is already showing it to us like a good old agp.

No. 1351480

File: 1664077120989.png (825.78 KB, 1079x1272, Screenshot_20220924-203702.png)

Dancing with a trans flag on stage a few mins ago, could be nothing. Unless…..

No. 1351485

Def trooning out. What's his name gonna be?

No. 1351491

yeah totally not pathetic agp tier enby pandering at all… his fans need to really suck it up. even if, let's say, he didn't want to transition even just socially, i will guarantee you the temptation due to the perceived boost in popularity and clout will help motivate it to happen

No. 1351521

File: 1664079596280.jpg (46.1 KB, 628x351, tumblr_inline_npylsaiWID1s16og…)

Gerard doesn't do clout or social media. he's a sad old dad who needs to do shows or he will stop leaving the house for 10 years. He doesn't even like talking about gender

No. 1351530

He’s talking about sports teams when he mentions clothes

No. 1351570

oh god no

No. 1351598

is not. see >>1349327

No. 1351612

Of course the man who wants to create multiple rape scenes is this condescending about the women whose peace he’s desecrating with his coomerism lol

No. 1351614

You’re all suckers lol. If he was such a big fan of it he could have easily done it on stage the last 18 years and he never has. People are disgusted because men have waited until exactly this climate to suddenly pull out sloppy, ugly cross dressing for attention and asspats, not necessarily because of the cross dressing behavior in of itself. He’s had 18 years to do this dumb shit on stage and of course he waits until we’re stuck in some stupid Harry Styles hell and thinks he’s cute as hell for it.

No. 1351615

I like him as a person and I think he’s very funny and genuine, I just hate that people are acting like him putting on a frumpy skirt is doing anything. It’s just pandering.

No. 1351628

Helena. Gerard Way is trooning out and naming himself Helana

No. 1351636

He’s showing people his dick. That is disgusting and shameful. Not normal and not okay to flash your whole fan base. See >>1348047 he’s got a fetish, this is not just cross dressing. Stop being a simp

No. 1351639

things are better if he stay out of the stage

No. 1351647

File: 1664095491222.gif (277.11 KB, 244x162, 91279CBA-45A1-4D7D-9CCB-64CC7A…)

Not a britnona but I became obsessed with him for a while after watching that movie— he was so gorgeous
I feel kinda creepy cause I’m in my late 20s and I think he was 17 in the movie, but I’m just now realizing he looks a lot like my friend (who is my age) to the point where I’m wondering if I actually like my friend

No. 1351648

File: 1664095979599.jpeg (60.4 KB, 576x768, 98F4CADA-BC85-4B1C-A141-3FE876…)

I never understood the Gerard way hype and still don’t
Pete wentz is the best looking emo band dude

No. 1351651

Except he isn't good looking. They both aren't.

No. 1351652

Naming himself after his own grandma? Jesas
Tbh i bet his kid hates him, can only imagine how bad it's to live with a fatfuck of a father who loves dressing up in womens clothing and can lose weight only by doing drugs.

No. 1351656

I won some radio competition years ago to meet him and see the band play when Infinity on High was released and the thing that struck me most was how short the dude is. Nothing wrong with that obvi, but man was it disappointing to learn that I was a little taller than him at 14 years old

No. 1351657

File: 1664097065590.gif (355.73 KB, 400x280, ryanmog.gif)

never understood the hype about pete either. even mikey looks better hehe
ryan mogs him in terms of kawaiiness. and he's taller

No. 1351659

>Nothing wrong with that obvi,
yes there is kek fuck manlets

No. 1351664

File: 1664097444416.gif (8.06 MB, 498x364, FDA43DB6-6ABD-40BC-9BEB-7E867B…)

Imo it’s Dallon Weekes.

No. 1351665

Lol I’m not a fan but this comment is so ridiculous, anon was joking. This whole reply is turbo-autism.

Ryan Ross was cute if you are a lesbian

No. 1351674

File: 1664097982947.jpeg (42.43 KB, 565x463, 1D2351D9-F59A-4CD2-99EB-95A007…)

Actually yeah objectively speaking Ryan Ross is good looking even without the emo shtick that adds in attractiveness for alt types

No. 1351675

File: 1664098076998.jpg (73.77 KB, 392x597, mon and son at prom.jpg)

>I feel kinda creepy cause I’m in my late 20s and I think he was 17 in the movie
so imagine what sam must have felt being 42 and getting impregnated and marrying him with in a year

No. 1351676

You’re obsessed kek

No. 1351682

I can't stand the word "empowerment" anymore, give me a fucking break with it. It lost all it's meaning.

No. 1351688

she lives, forever, rent free, in your heads kek

No. 1351702

And she still looks younger than the scrote.

No. 1351714

ok anon i am not very fond of scrotes much less a hollywood scrote and the constant discussion of these people/anons caping for whatever his name is annoys me to but she objectively does not look younger

No. 1351753

She’s so fucking ugly too, what the fuck was he thinking
You need to get your eyes checked lmao

No. 1351775

>It's amazing how anons explode when yet another pic of either bald doja cat or fat lana in normal jeans and tshirt gets posted
Time to add Sam to the list too

No. 1351816

There are myriad MILFs more attractive than this hideous old hag, she looks more like 60 than 42

No. 1351820

She looks like every other haggard neurotic stepford wife in the suburbs these days.

No. 1351824

lmao if ATJ was with a more conventional woman everyone would complain about him having too high standards instead. can't win in celebricows.

No. 1351848

there's actually not a single shred of evidence that Sam met ATJ before he was cast in her film. not excusing anything but they weren't even living in the same country when he was a child. he was seventeen when she met him that's bad enough no need to invent something fake to make it sound worse. It's honestly annoying that people dog pile this woman over a fake claim when plenty of hollywood scrotes who actually did meet their partners when they they were literal children fly under the radar. cough Leo cough Brad Pitt

No. 1351849

really? He's one that, when I look back, go "oh. it was just the hair I liked".

No. 1351872

File: 1664118251058.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1284x1902, DC515580-C359-42B1-AD4E-155396…)


No. 1351879

They truly are embarrassing. So jealous of that woman just because of a dick, as if dicks were precious. We can't even count the amount of Hollywood fugly scrotes with gorgeous wives, but an ok looking older woman gets with a younger man and they lose their shit? Lmao get your priorities sorted out and stop thirsting for a smelly dick.

Your crush's dick gets hard for that woman. Cope. Seethe. Don't dilate though.

No. 1351893

Yeah, the only thing I feel about her is ‘Good for her’.

No. 1351984

Kek nonny I'm dying

No. 1352032

Exactly. Seetheanons will never be happy unless he's dating them and them specifically, they're like bitter waifufag scrotes lol

No. 1352061

This just proves my point even more, if you knew anything about guys who get obsessed with older women/cougars/milfs, whatever you wanna call them

its that they want the woman to look "old" or aged in some kinda way.

once you turn 35 you'll see what i mean

No. 1352134

File: 1664131415147.jpg (17 KB, 640x480, Adum 13.jpg)

Hi it's the Adam Lazzara stan again, here to say I think him and Ryan are very cute (despite Adam's weird-ass nose and wide-ass mouth, and also he is pretty gay).

No. 1352216

>that fat Gerard high school photo

No. 1352224

he's not "traumatixed". he just did the amount of bulimia that was common amongst people 19-23 in those years. more than tyson ritter but wayyy less than amy winehouse.

No. 1352226

their fans are gross and ugly too

No. 1352237

literally all these evil pedo sam posters are just trying to express their jealousy. you don't need to find some objective thing wrong with it, just say you're jealous of her and go.
like she's the same as old hollywood scrotes that groom and fuck a new 19 year old girl every year? like she's the same as woody allen or roman polanski serial perdos? a small percentage of age difference couples are just an accident, they look weird but are for real.

No. 1352243

> He's not like Harry Styles
kek but at least you can’t see Harry’s genitals when he is cross-dressing. He is revolting anon sorry

No. 1352245

hahahhaaa YES. I, gerard way troon tinfoil anon who's been on about this for way too long, have been vindicated, JUST LIKE I SAID I WOULD

No. 1352246


No. 1352247

It is not how she looks, it is the creepy age gap and how they met when she has directing him in a movie when he was literally a teen.
If that was the other way round, with an older man and young woman, you would be calling pedo

No. 1352250

I can see that Gerald way trooning out and probably grooming a teenage girl soon. Sorry I never listened or know much about him before this thread

No. 1352254

Anons like you make me understand that there’s no reason to take many of the replies on here seriously because you have some of the dumbest opinions ever.

Ah yes, god forbid women call a spade a spade in an imageboard for and by women.

He was thinking about his career and future. He’s getting a bag. He’s actually the only scrote where I think him inevitably leaving her in a few years for a younger woman is completely justified because she’s a creep and was family friends with his parents when he was a child. Good for him.

No. 1352271

what did sam taylor-johnson do to you, to make her hate you so much ?

No. 1352279

Kek this thread with ATJ and his penis gifs in comparison to gerad ways disgusting troon stage pics. The difference between moids

No. 1352280

This is my first post about the matter, I’m not any of the above posts. So sorry that an actual majority of anons aren’t afraid to call her what she is. She isn’t a girlboss, she’s a horsefaced opportunist who knows he wanted an acting career and had a big dick so she gave it to him and got a couple of kids out of it too. I hate when some of you have the kneejerk black and white thinking where you refuse to accept reality.

No. 1352283

Nta but why are you coping so hard for her kek, she is a groomer idc, it would be different if genders were reversed. But this topic is boring now and it literally all started because of his penis

No. 1352289

Hoes big mad. Stay jealous

No. 1352298

here's the thing I don't believe in true love or whatever you wanna call it, my ideas about love are more randian, in that marriage should be like a contract where each party gives something they can offer
Aaron is handsome, strong and had a nice penis, while sam taylor-johnson had the connections to make him a star and was fairly attractive herself, each got something out of the arrangement and it was of mutual benefit

No. 1352300

Nta but you bitches will complain about Lana being fat, Grimes being butchered, say Ariana Grande looks haggard but the moment anons say a gross horsefaced granny is exactly that you come out with the big guns

No. 1352301

The gross horse faced granny fucks your precious husbando daily. Seethe

No. 1352302

>sexualizing your bath time with your toddler
Ahh yes. I too get into a bath with my jewelry and full face of make up, no baby toys and set my camera on self timer to capture this lovely moment with my baby to post it on IG

No. 1352303

And just like the reverse, where attractive women put up with ugly old moids for a better life, I will root for him when they split and he gets to finally have sex with someone who isn’t the crypt keeper. Circle of life!

No. 1352307

I don’t care about that, are you self-inserting as her or something?

No. 1352326

He looks old as hell now, still pretty hot but absolutely appropriate for women verging on crypt keeper status tbh

No. 1352353

Exactly KEK what is it about this lady that is making anons so protective

No. 1352356

Absolutely self-inserting and getting very upset that the rest of us are threatening their fantasies where virile young men actually crave grannies

No. 1352366

you sound like a moid. maybe some anons are just jealous but the fact is she did groom him, she knew him since he was 7 years old and started dating him as soon as he turned 18. its gross rather your a fan of his or not. "you're just jealous!! seethe!!" is probably how his grandwife responses anytime they call her out.

No. 1352372


Met pete wentz very briefly before an FoB gig about 3 years ago. He’s definitely more attractive in photos, now at least
His age is really starting to show

No. 1352386

He always looked slow as fuck to me.

No. 1352396

>It is not how she looks
yet it keeps getting brought up for some reason. i dunno some of those posts don't sound concerned about grooming at all, like the one implying that going after a more attractive 'milf' would somehow make it better

No. 1352400

File: 1664143426891.png (5.5 MB, 1242x2688, 913D4A22-2CD4-409C-8C1D-E8D47E…)

Kind of, but more in a definitely middle aged man out of his prime way

For me the more shocking thing was the obvious receding hairline
Sage for shitty screen grab from a video (2018)

No. 1352402

He should get a hair transplant like Patrick did kek.

No. 1352404

giant fat head

No. 1352408

Why are you saying this to me? I literally agree with you.

No. 1352415

I've had young adult and teen male friends exclusively into milfs and weren't particularly attracted to girls their age or young women in comparison. They're not victimized like girls and young women, kek. They have the choice and actually, lots of oppositional pressure from society to like and go after girls and young women and receive pushback for going after older women. Not comparable to older men and young adult women or girls. Sure there are some cases of the disadvantaged younger guys being pressured by older women but by and large these young men are pretty into this.

No. 1352438

No one is self inserting as a old Hollywood woman, deluded freak. You can't project your own self-insert unto us, as if the thread wasn't full of you cringe idiots thirsting on this scrote before you went full retard on a woman for marrying him, kek.

No. 1352456

>she knew him since she was 7 years old
This is literally a lie lmao, what is wrong with you schizos?
>Taylor-Johnson began a relationship with Nowhere Boy actor Aaron Johnson after meeting on the 2009 set of the film when he was 18 and she was 42.
It's like this wasn't enough of a gap for you to feel justified somehow, so you keep adding extra shit. I don't even care about this couple or anything British, but every time this comes up, anons get worse and worse at hiding what this is really about.

No. 1352480

That time was full of the most generic white guys being shilled as hot to teen girls.

No. 1352484

Thought this was mac from iasip

No. 1352487

Dallon is cute, but his real downside is his is uber Mormon and is pandering to the left heavily with a tween fanbase since he left panic.

No. 1352521

He saw Brendon get canceled by internet zoomers and seems to be overdoing it trying to avoid the same fate. Also I guess being a sexless straightedge Mormon does help with staying away from stupid scandals

No. 1352523

idk anything about this guy but how can he appear mormon and lefist at the same time? wouldn't other mormons look down on that or something

No. 1352586

ok fine, i heard that they met when he was 7, but if you think that a 42 year dating a freshly 18 year old isn't fucked then you have a skewed sense of morality.

No. 1352587

>if you think that a 42 year dating a freshly 18 year old isn't fucked then you have a skewed sense of morality.
I literally said
>It's like this wasn't enough of a gap for you to feel justified somehow,
implying I do think it's weird lol, some people just have clear ulterior motives around this topic

No. 1352589

Idk but I’ve met plenty of non-Republican Mormons. Mormons are weird, especially those from Utah.

No. 1352595

>clear ulterior motives around this topic

girl shut up if i was just jealous i would say it. people can find him attractive and think the age gap is gross too. two things can be true at the same time

No. 1352596

He will never fuck you, no matter how many times you complain about his grandmarriage/MILF addiction lmao

No. 1352601

is this a scorte or grandwife herself? i can't tell

No. 1352603

Neither. All this shit is just pathetic and painfully disingenuous, it deserves to be laughed at

No. 1352607

How did Brendon get cancelled? Sorry, I left panic after death of a belcher. Pray for the wicked was a garbage album. Last thing I saw was in 2019, Brendon was doing twitch streaming.

No. 1352609

So TIL that he isn’t buying these at Sprit Halloween, expensive professional costume designer Marina Toybina is custom making all these ugly cock and ball outfits and dresses for him??

No. 1352610


No. 1352617

There’s a long series of random events that I don’t care enough to follow but mostly old videos of his stupid frat boy shit and recent fan tweens finding stuff from the 2010s. Singing along to rap songs with the n-word, weird drunken stage banter during vices about r*ping the audience and lots of dumb outdated statements about lgbt stuff. For example the Paper magazine article a few years ago where he came out as pansexual is pure cringe. A bunch of people anonymously accused him of SA on Twitter but idk if anything ever came of those, I don’t think legal cases ever happened. Brendon basically got run off of Twitch and the internet in 2020 and his comment sections are full of angry 13yos making death threats and calling him a racist pedo.

He’s shit and cringe and his last 2 albums were awful anyway so whatever

No. 1352621

From what I've heard the accusations were actually just from fanfics. lmao at the ouroboros effect. The pansexual is cringe too. The band was so much better with Ryan Ross in it.

No. 1352630

aw man i love manlets and I loved Pete Wentz. he was my first white boy crush and turns out he isn't even fully white kek

No. 1352639

He was already overexposed and becoming hated for high hopes and Me! and people were ready to turn on him and looking for any excuse to do it really. It’s literally a meme on TikTok to cyberbully him at this point. If his new album was actually good he might have been able to turn things around but it was really bad

No. 1352644

File: 1664158379637.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x1546, 1F13A414-27AF-422C-BFF4-94C9A2…)

Mac from IASIP destroyed his face with HGH and plastic surgery.
truly tragic. he and Kaitlin Olsen were a very dorky-looking yet cute couple and now all of the sunny cast is bogged

No. 1352648

I thought this was freakin a photo of Sylvester in Rocky Balboa

Well, he might be able to live off royalties forever and retire before 40 at this point. This is what happens when you pander to the extreme left sjw fanbase.

No. 1352671

wow the hgh aged him like crazy. next stop mickey rourke

No. 1352724

Remember when he and Ashlee Simpson got married? Their kid must be a high schooler now. Weird to think about

No. 1352744

kek yes, all of the accusations were wattpad-tier fanfics and it was hilarious to look at them. after that people started making up as much shit as possible without proofs instead of just admitting they don't like the guy.
he used to have an obsession with calling other women fat on twitter and talking shit about Britney but afaik deleted the tweets

No. 1352767

KEK exactly what I saw anon. this is art. I hope Michelle leaves him for good

No. 1352772

This joke is out of date. She looks like Mulan now

No. 1352782

File: 1664177973138.png (72.72 KB, 632x806, dojacow.png)

doja cat confirmed lcf lurker

No. 1352783

That last reply is SENDING me nona

No. 1352787

No. 1352791

This is fucking hilarious, I hope she’s seething

No. 1352796

I knew it. I knew you were lurking and posting you dumbass. Don't fuck this up and attract twitterfags here.

No. 1352798

Doja cat lurking here adds even more to her ugliness and pickmeness. So proud to never have listened to her music.

No. 1352799

hi doja! please don't leak the site so we can live in peace. go check out the MTF thread and stop being a pickme

No. 1352802

>pro trans scrote has dick and balls on display for teen-40 year old women everywhere
He continues to disappoint me by playing into the stereotype.

No. 1352804

Doja, this is so embarassing

No. 1352818

So chill and so unbothered, that she’s publicly venting to strangers online kek. Log off and get some sleep, Amala

No. 1352819

is she that one race-baiting anon…? woman needs to chill tf out unless she has something to spill

No. 1352826

Holy shit, maybe Doja (c)rap-chan? They're both mixed race. Doja, can you confirm?

No. 1352829

stars, they're just like us!

No. 1352834

Can't believe I defended her stupid but harmless behavior a few dozen threads ago. Doja, if you're reading this, please calm down and don't redirect your retarded twitter fanbase here, we don't want them. You're welcome as long as you behave. Now we just need Azealia to confirm she comes here from time to time and my conspiracy theories will be proven to be real after all.

No. 1352839

This is my new tinfoil, I would never recover if it was confirmed true.

No. 1352843

Me neither, if I'm correct I'll lose my mind kek that would explain so much, but that would also be way too funny. Doja you can (subtly) confirm this anytime you want, we know you're here.

No. 1352844

Pete looked kinda cute compared to her, like Grimes looks greasy and smelly, Pete always looked clean and neat regardless of his surgeries

No. 1352846

Wouldn't this mean she's interested in coquette stuff and parapa the rapping dog is her husbando (it was the same anon right? or different?) as well? That would also mean she lurks the celebrity threads regularly, could be looking to see if milk of her comes up and found us though lipstick alley.

No. 1352848

I think the anon whose husbando is Parapa is someone else but I don't know that one all that much so I'm not too sure. Last year (I think?) or two years ago there was some scandal about some guys accusing Doja of being into 4chan type white guys and of degrading herself in chats with them and a lot of anons talked about it to either shit talk her or defend her, so I wouldn't be surprised if she started lurking here a bit before that.

No. 1352853

File: 1664185274860.png (74.81 KB, 480x280, C2AY4inXgAEkzDh.png)

doja cat if you read this post this komaeda to confirm

No. 1352855

She's too busy saying our fingeres and keyboards are covered on hot cheeto dust. But for real Doja you're one of us, stop insulting yourself like that when trying to insult us.

No. 1352856

If anything were better since we don’t post on troon infested and cp and gore posting 4fag.

No. 1352859

Doja is not reading this please don’t be cringe and direct all weird letters to her twitter replies or something

They’re into being taken care of and getting gifts and money, just like most of the young girls who do it. Idk why we have to lie to ourselves, you can just be honest about the obvious reasoning.

This looks like Mac from Always Sunny if he were chained to a radiator in a basement for seven years

No. 1352862

Doja spends like half her day on live. I highly doubt she’s posting her and I definitely don’t she’s any of the unhinged people you want her to be. Sounds to me like someone directed her to the thread about her in snow or something. If she were actually a poster she wouldn’t be outing herself like this.

No. 1352863

>"the whole cinema"
He's not a good actor but come one most of the seats are empty. Sounds like exactly five people laughing.

No. 1352864

he sucks so bad he can't bring more than 5 people to his movies

No. 1352869

And there are five people in the theater, so that’s the whole cinema

No. 1352872

That doesn't mean shit, I work fulltime, spend a lot of my free time outside with people and yet I still find enough time to come here from time to time and I'm sure a shit ton of other anons are just as busy if not more.

>If she were actually a poster she wouldn’t be outing herself like this.

Don't overestimate her. She's not that smart and she's an oversharer, which you saw yourself because you just said she's often on lives on instagram or whatever other social media has that feature.

No. 1352874

If she said that I’m assuming it’s projection lmao.

No. 1352875

Idk why everyone assumed she meant this place and not kiwifarms

No. 1352878

is kiwi still up on the clearnet?

No. 1352879

I’m almost certain I remember the bike seat face comment and it was from here. Not that it couldn’t be said on different sites, but c’mon

No. 1352880

KF.net is still down and i'm not sure doja is following all this bs closely enough to know where to access it.

she's an oversharer and it's easy to make people believe you don't post and only lurk a specific thread.

No. 1352881

It's not kf. she referenced a post on her own thread from a month ago

No. 1352883

She specifically referenced a post made here and an anon linked to it in the dumbass shit thread.

No. 1352886

his wife won't fuck you either, no matter how many times you defend her honour kek

No. 1352887

Yeah that comment is from a month ago on her /snow/ thread.

No. 1352888

Some of us don't fuck or simp for grannies or balding 30 year old britbong moids. Get some standards nona

No. 1352889

File: 1664188036090.jpeg (70.65 KB, 828x203, 1D1ED9B1-945D-4043-B015-2FB26D…)

Post in question: >>>/snow/1623018

No. 1352890

People don't really hate on Doja cat much anyway. I don't know this is like fagtano mentioning Lipstick alley. I don't really like when people come here and say shit. keffals really made me annoyed and I don't want him or some other Troon to see a famous person mention it and go on some fame hungry crusade to get us taken down because we question Troon shit. I think it's given Doja reads LSA, I feel most black/Biracial celebs do. Cardi,Nicki and for sure AB, you cN sort of tell they go everywhere looking for people talking shit or on AB case "tea" aka rumors she can use in her rants to make it seem like she knows some shit.

No. 1352892

File: 1664188440352.gif (2.16 MB, 268x312, tenor.gif)

>People don't really hate on Doja cat much anyway
True, when that chatroom scandal was discussed here long ago a lot of anons were sympathetic or found her situation relatable because whe's a nerdy terminally online woman in her 20s, and some anons specifically could relate because they're Americans and/or mixed too. As for me the way I feel about her is basically pic rel.

No. 1352895

I don’t like her music and she’s an entire carnival float of cringe what with being a terminally online oversharer and all that but I don’t think it warrants her getting her own thread I think we all know the real reason why someone made that thread

No. 1352896

I feel no true way about Doja. I'm just surprised this isn't trending on Lipstick alley because she mentioned them by name

No. 1352898

Doja is annoying, she does dumb shit but most celebrities especially women don't deserve a thread, most of them are slow moving and could be talked about here. They only produce milk once a every two weeks worth talking about. I think the person who made the thread, wants to talk about shit that we can't talk about here and that's better suited for lsa. Like Dojas race,hair and her relationship with both those things. I'm black and from what I remember seeing the thread, it didn't come off racist just a conversation better suited for lipatick alley or twitter.

No. 1352903

Yeah that’s a good point actually. Even if OP isn’t racist some of the posts resulted in the thread quickly devolving into a combination of baiting and whiteknighting because there are racists among us and they saw it as a possible loophole to being able to post low key /pol/ tier foolery

No. 1352904

it was so frustrating seeing all these normies and twitter addicts reee about the "white incel chatrooms". they don't get being a weird girl/woman on the internet beyond tweeting gifs and watching youtube. also please don't racebait but that dindunuffin song got misinterpreted by everyone so badly i feel bad for her. she used a slur to say the complete opposite of what it means and these retards were stuck at how she knew that word or the fact that she used it at all. i root for doja out of sheer hate for normies. seething and coping rn

No. 1352912

I know, it pissed me off too back then. As I said she's not smart but she's harmless and people acted like her dating a nerdy white guy was the same as committing murders.


idk that song but I'm not too surprised. Her fanbase is retarded to begin with and would understand a metaphor, a hyperbole or sarcasm if it were explained to them in a thesis, and they're the same retards who think JKR is a horrible woman who condones bad things because she writes bad people doing bad things being antagonists in her books.

No. 1352934

File: 1664194114019.jpg (37.64 KB, 634x748, 28850418-8358911-image-m-13_15…)

Hey Doja you should meet crapchan, you two would be like best friends and maybe the two of you can shake your butts on webcam chatrooms for 40 year old yt men who live in trailers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1352937

Hey Doja if you're reading this I want to say that you're cute and I love the shaved head.

No. 1352940

What if Doja is crap-chan though? Doja, blink twice if you're crap-chan!

No. 1352950

I can't believe doja lurking here got confirmed before azealia.

No. 1352988

azealia is a genius that’s why she hasn’t been found out yet

No. 1353000

I remember how hard anons her were defending her, it was mainly because lipstick alley were the ones going super hard on doja. Whilst the whole white supremacist accusations were far blown, they were right about her all along. I also want to say that the reason why they haven't said anything is because they probably don't care and know celebrities read their posts all the time, it's normal for them.

No. 1353002

It doesn't take a genius to know how to stfu and separate your public/professional life and your private life though. That's like calling someone a genius for not posting their furaffinity or grindr profile's link on linkedin.

No. 1353007

I don’t think Azealia is here, people just try to emulate her over-specific style of insults and miss the mark.

No. 1353009

Azealia does not have the self control to be some sort of covert farmer on this loser board, she doesn’t even need it, and I couldn’t imagine her just sitting here pretending she thinks the casual racism/ whinging about black Americans that gets thrown around is fine. I think farmers want to compare themselves to these women and think they’re as funny as them or are their brand of unhinged when it simply does not fit.

No. 1353010

I wouldn’t be surprised if she lurks though, she’s almost as terminally online as Doja and definitely googles herself obsessively. Calling her a genius is a stretch but she’s not a sped like Doja is

No. 1353011

"hi cowing" will result in extended bans, ban evasion may result in a permaban. Do not risk it.

No. 1353012

You were supposed to play into their fantasies…

No. 1353013

It’s getting ridiculous. First they self inserted as Grimes, then they self inserted as Azealia, and now they’re self inserting as some fat cocked actors grannywife.

Thank god.

No. 1353014

what if Doja Cat is a husbandofag

No. 1353015

She's not a sped per se but she is definitely fucking psychotic.

No. 1353017

i think Doja Cat made the nerd thread

No. 1353022

If I have to listen to all of you reply “dodja cet is det yuu hurhur” to everything for the next six to eight months I’m gonna be disappointed

No. 1353024

doja cat is (c)rap-chan. doja cat is parappanon. doja cat is a tuckerfag and a carreyfag. doja cat likes golden kamuy yaoi. doja cat posted neovagina timothy chalamey

No. 1353025

A lot of farmers think racism isn't fine and will report it asap though. But then again I don't think I go on the threads where it's the mpst visible.

No. 1353027

So you're saying doja cat is the backbone of this website? Based.

No. 1353029

The point still stands that there is a lot of casual racism, deleted, reported, or not and it can be infuriating at times, but am aware it’s par per course on any sort of imageboard due to the territory. I digress because my point is Azealia doesn’t need to post here. She has private accounts, ig, and an entire echo chamber of yaaas queens to talk at. She doesn’t want to read the retarded bullshit posts on here, she wants to be heard and talk and quite frankly nothing here is ever ‘funny’ enough to actually sound like her, even when farmers try to imitate her. Pure wishful thinking.


No. 1353032

every once in a while doja cat pretends to be a man and spergs about the dangers of anal sex

No. 1353039

I don't disagree with you but Azealia's own hardcore fans shit talk her on a daily basis until she releases more music so I'm not sure she has that many yesmen left aside from her male best friend/choreographer.

No. 1353043

Can’t be serious, even here it’s “yyyaaaas queen Azealia” all the time. People are constantly gassing her up.

No. 1353058

File: 1664202915584.jpeg (440.66 KB, 960x1318, 6D395CFB-BF4C-41CD-9F1E-268D1D…)

Don’t forget the “haha no it’s fine I’m soooo self aware” comment.

No. 1353060

File: 1664203027421.jpeg (255.15 KB, 960x695, 2A78227E-B90B-4E25-AE12-D1802C…)

Kek she’s seething

No. 1353062

Doubt it

No. 1353065

It’s so annoying how she tries to be savage with random comebacks that mean nothing. It’s common sense that if you admit to reading it and being affected that’ll just make it worse. Cue the “muh haters are basement dwellers while I’m a rich celebrity”

No. 1353070

File: 1664203821600.jpg (188.81 KB, 1612x740, cheetos.jpg)

Wasn't she the one who said several times that she's obsessed with hot cheetos? Projection much?

No. 1353071

I wasn't talking about here, lc is an exception.

No. 1353072

why is it always cheeto dust? im eating froot loops, miss cat

No. 1353073

Didn't onision say the same thing? Kek

No. 1353076

She comes here while eating hot cheetos and maybe drinki g some nasty American soda and feels synchronized with all of us, it's absolutely projection. I legit never ate that shit though, is it good?

No. 1353081

yeah tbh cheetos are pretty good. especially the puffy ones.

No. 1353082

Here again at 2 minutes, holding Takis, still bringing up hot cheetos, they are on her mind 24/7. I've never had them either.

No. 1353083

Great but the last thing we want in highlight of KF's recent takedown is some celeb bringing attention to LC. You know the title of "The worst place on the internet" won't remain KF's for long once LC gains traction on twt.

No. 1353086

File: 1664204402552.jpg (66.48 KB, 564x752, e0a4bf032f46b5fb634ee2974b8cdd…)

I like spicy cheetos

No. 1353098

There must be like the same 3 anons (one of them probably her) posting on her thread and the rest of us just scroll past it while on our way to Shayna or the trans threads.

No. 1353100

if 4chan is still around kek i think lc is fine

No. 1353111

they've decided 4chan is fine, because so many TiMs admit to coming straight from /pol/

No. 1353112

They're already unironically justifying using 4chan and then calling the ebil terfs on LC in one sentence, so no.

No. 1353114

she has a track record of throwing tantrums over any negative feedback

No. 1353115

Not really, 4chan is literally the home of trannies.

No. 1353116

This and her fans always try to calm her down and tell her to stop doing it and she often argues with them about it.

No. 1353120

I just want to say I've never listened to her music before and I won't.

No. 1353129

Kek same

No. 1353139

The worst part of her music is her rapping, which she's only increased and made worse until she sounds like a croaky cracked out retard in most of her songs. You'd think she'd know from Say So and Like You that people just like her producer and the smoother singing not whatever the hell was in "get into it". The funniest part of it is the lyrics, imagine having to make an entire song about dusties eating out of your fridge and living in your place rent free. Truly making anthems for messy women lacking common sense

No. 1353147

Just know that Moo! Aged very poorly.

No. 1353150

Idk her music but that doesn't sound any worse than every male rapper exlusively rapping about money and "bitches"

No. 1353153

I think you're talking about "ain't shit" and not "get into it" and tbh you sound like a dusty scrote yourself

No. 1353158

>anon says she doesn't listen to her music and will not
>other anon thinks "ah yes what a perfect opportunity to sperg about her music"
kek, you even sound like a gay white man

No. 1353164

File: 1664209226892.gif (8.57 MB, 858x474, 61DBD0A6-EEE3-4854-B5A5-1B8F8F…)

Ice spice is a great example of how colorist society is. I live in Detroit so every guy hypes ice spice up as hot but I imagine if she was brown or dark skin with the same face she would be considered ugly. She looks like a frog.

No. 1353168

She's pretty, you sound bitter.

No. 1353169

i saw her on twitter people were posting about how terrible her song is and making fun of her lyrics. We really need to stop making people like this go viral wtf and yes that includes the ''period duh uh'' girl too.

No. 1353170

NTA, but that gif is one of the very few instances I've seen where the background dancers are significantly prettier than the main singer/performer. I don't think she's "ugly", but I do think anon's telling the truth about colorism

No. 1353171

File: 1664209813413.jpeg (399.8 KB, 2160x2160, EA854E15-ABB8-473E-B2F9-8C305C…)

She’s not ugly but I 100% know if she had those same features and wasn’t light skin she would be considered ugly or average

No. 1353172

Did anyone screenrecord Doja's live from a couple of hours ago because i saw some retard in her thread ask her about lolcow in her live and she actually answered and said she saw other threads too, if anyone has the full livestream let me know.

No. 1353175

Is that a wig?

No. 1353176

File: 1664210060377.jpeg (99.93 KB, 828x834, 7CED7B66-9AB8-4558-9FA8-69CD25…)

Gerard skirt shopping….make of this what you will

No. 1353178

I swear to god, this better be a half assed pr move and not actual farmers engaging, I rather have a kiwi plague than an influx of whatever her fanbase is.

No. 1353180

tbf they're not looking at her face, nonna.
btw, can anyone tell me why she popped off? are people making fun of munch or not? I'm so confused lmao

No. 1353183

theyre making fun off it while at the same time also giving attention to it which just makes her viral.

No. 1353184

File: 1664210315961.jpeg (113.27 KB, 900x1200, 18A6BD93-B580-4728-9713-AB20E0…)

I think it’s her real hair. She looks better with curly.

No. 1353186

‘They’ I’m gonna puke

No. 1353189

i thought anons were joking about comic book guy trooning out but damn it might be legit. gerardila is coming!

No. 1353191

Imagine if he named himself Ebony.

No. 1353193


How can you tell, tho? Wig wizardry is on a whole nother level these days. Even men have realistic looking lace front beards.

No. 1353194

karmic retribution for nonas who were so annoying about defending a 40 year old man named gerard

No. 1353209

The stans are already in the thread

No. 1353211

Just what the music world needed, more light-skin versus dark-skin arguments.

No. 1353239

Doja cat needs to get a life. She could be drunk and high and have a posse of people up for doing what she wants and gassing her up but she's too online. She doesn't deserve the clout omg

No. 1353241

>Hot cheetos
I wish, we don't have that here.

No. 1353242

No idea who she is but what kind of stupid name is "Ice Spice"?

No. 1353254

This fuck doja cat
She's average cute and probably will change her face. She also was seen with "Drake".

No. 1353259

File: 1664213763310.png (271.58 KB, 1125x2001, kanye.png)

Surpised nobody posted this story yet kek

No. 1353260

This really makes me uncomfortable how soon before someone us tagging Doja about Terf lolcow and Keffals makes his first tweet about us and starts the misinformation hate deplatformation train? Doja isn't some Terf icon, she's the exact type of woman who'd kiss Troon ass (Nikita). I never got the love for her

No. 1353262

I love kanye's music and persona but I'm also 100% sure he's a gay man trying to live up to a legacy and he's got contracts with the kardashians in relation to their public image and the show since he still features heavily in it. I don't believe any celebrity when they go on about their networth. All you hear the cunts moaning about is royalties don't pay enough fans don't buy enough merch, shows don't sell out as much insurance costs blah blah. I'm convinced half these shit businesses celebrities attach themselves too are for tax purposes and money laundering. I believe other venture capitalists enlist celebrities for sketchy deals and I don't trust the private jets. That just seems like ability to traffick goods.

Kanye is a beard.

No. 1353266

Why sympathy for Doja in that situation when we have cows who do similar but no defense? Dojas not even likeable. Either is AB who is constantly attacking other black women randomly, bouncing between supporting and hating troons and has said legit disgusting racists shit about black women. Both these ladies are idiots to me.

No. 1353267

Luckily most attention seekers can't hack the anonymous nature of this site and won't stay if they do come.

No. 1353268

Kanye is asexual

No. 1353271


No. 1353274

I have theories about Kanye and "Drake" sexuality it's deeper then what we think, but I won't say it.

No. 1353279

some dumb bitch cowtipper in her /snow/ thread said it was her who asked on the live. can't believe doja cat very well may be the end of lolcow.

No. 1353280

No. 1353290

When it got posted that she mentioned lolcow in the dumbass shit thread some anons were a bit too cheerful for my taste over her being "one of us", as if she wasn't acting like your run of the mill cow being butt hurt, arguably less funny than that.

No. 1353293

No, Kanye is a "Fabrisexual" he's attracted to nice clothes on people, mainly women. Which is why he's obsessed with "dressing " women he dates.
He doesn't dress up as a woman, or gets off to clothes on himself. Notice how Kim will wear certain things and that's when Kanye will have his meltdowns. She's tempting him. Kim changing her style was literally trying to break free. Kanye gets attached to certain brands and clothes because it's sexual to him

No. 1353303

Is he literally autistic?

No. 1353305

i think the kf shutdown has got us all on egde. i don't think doja cat talking about lc on a live will do anything. lets relax nonnas

No. 1353307

Wouldn't be surprised if he is. People claim women are crazy about fashion but the sexual hold that clothes have on scrotes need to be studied. Seriously. Some men Re more attracted to cloth then they are women or people. I'm not talking agp, but that's about cloth as well.
Look at Chris chan? His favorite shirts isn't just autism. There's a lot of Fabrisexuals and 90% of them are males. Every wonder why gay men love to make female clothing and dress us?

No. 1353313

is it you, grossgirl?

No. 1353317


I don't think he's gay but I don't think he's attracted to women either. If he could clone himself and fuck the clone, he'd do that instead.

No. 1353321

what compels someone to take a photo like this and share it?
>attention, I know, I know.
It's just sad and gross. At least she's not holding the baby incorrectly I guess lol but wow I don't like this.

No. 1353322

What song?

No. 1353349

Eliza after his girlfriend Eliza Cuts who wrote a fanfic about their relationship.

No. 1353359


Never thought Gibby's girlfriend would be this much of a degenerate. What's so hard about keeping these types of pictures in the family photo album?

No. 1353367

Her nose isn't weird it's common on black and Asian people. Just say you think it's ugly kek

No. 1353368

kek remember that one guy who posted his linkedin on furaffinity

No. 1353370

When you make the death of a Monarch of a foreign Country about yourself. Classy.

No. 1353372

no way kek on purpose?!

No. 1353373

I low-key always thought chubbier Mac looked like Pete Wentz lol

No. 1353374

i remember a bunch of burgeranons got all REEEEE when some asiachan complained about grimes using japanese text on her album cover
personally i agree. using russian or japanese if you don't speak those languages and aren't from those places is racist. other languages aren't like, a toy or something.(LMAO)

No. 1353377

>read me
do people under 50 talk like this? this is old ass man talk

No. 1353379

we all do

No. 1353381

plus videos of rape, necrophilia, gore, and animal torture

No. 1353389

japanese people use english text all the time tho and no one cares

No. 1353390

Grimes is a lame weaboo but what's racist about using foreign languages, am I responding to bait?

No. 1353400

nta but i think he posted his resume and his current job found out because the furaffinity post then became a first-page google result for that company's name

No. 1353402

People have been incorporating other languages into their works since the beginning of language.

No. 1353403

i dno't think it's bait. i feel like she's saying using a lagnuage you don't know for esthetic is appropriation like treating some foereign country as very exotic just because you dont live there.

No. 1353408

Doja single handedly carrying the community of all imageboards by posting anorectal violence study sheets

No. 1353414

>very exotic just because you dont live there.
What do you think exotic means?

No. 1353416

i wonder if doja has seen her banner yet?

No. 1353417

Go back to Twitter.

No. 1353419

i dont have cheetos, i am a bong

No. 1353420

That's not racism tho, maybe you can call it orientalism or colonialism, but even then seems a bit of a stretch to me if all you do is use some foreign text.

No. 1353423

does it not mean like to fetishize a foerign thing?

No. 1353425

do those words mean a racist action though? i thougth they did.

No. 1353432

It just means something or an aspect from a distant place/far away foreign country so Japanese is inherently exotic from the perspective of someone born and raised outside Asia.

No. 1353441

thank you. til the word inherently

No. 1353446

I don't think Azealia would come here. Doja is the kind of sad loser to search imageboards for any mention of her name, AB seems fine just starting beef through IG stories for a quick laugh and dip.

No. 1353470

kek do you anons realize that Japanese people literally do the same thing with English? Also stop trying to get offended on their behalf, they don't care (a similar example is kimonos, retards will screech about how a non-Japanese person wearing a kimono is cultural appropriation but Japanese people usually either don't care or like that people from other countries appreciate their culture)

No. 1353486

I think it has more to do, how, for example, Japanese-ethnicity people get treated in other countries.
In the US, for example, they were perched into camps during WW2, despise them being US citizens.
It's more about the marginalisation of diaspora.
I wouldn't call her usage of Japanese language racist, it's more cringy, appropriation and fetishisation than (systemic) racism. But then, she is Canadian and I know fuck all about Canadian treatment of non-white ethnic folks (besides the well-known bad treatment of their first nations).

No. 1353494

For crying out loud, go back to Twitter, we don’t want you here. Why do you all type with the same mannerisms, anyway?

No. 1353554

Lol, I don't even use twatter, calm down. Not everyone is EFL.

No. 1353569

they got treated badly because they were nazis who massacred half of asia…. plus that was decades ago.
nowadays the entire world worships them as superior uwu polite and perfect country, japanese language and culture is not oppressed.

No. 1353594

>perched into camps
wow this comment is definitely a reliable source of information

No. 1353649

falling down this rabbithole rn. apparently eliza cuts said she was human trafficked during this time or something and was human trafficked for 15 years? crazy or really happened is my question. apparently some mcr stans were saying she accused gerard of it, i'm looking for receipts

No. 1353784

Eliza Cuts was the girl with green hair that MCR fans worshiped right?

No. 1353791

File: 1664244514127.jpg (29 KB, 500x375, tumblr_cc8e194af0e909fd747fc09…)

idk if she had green hair. i recall one of my mcrfag friends sending me this picture and other ones of her with black hair way back when though. she seems to issue a lot of suspect allegations, but then again, men are crazy and it's LA, so idk.

No. 1353815

File: 1664246217884.jpeg (378.77 KB, 828x663, B5A4A7E2-C950-44C1-AC63-65B5BF…)

Looked up images, yeah that’s her. You unlocked vague memories from me seeing her photos at 11 years old. I remember fans like stalking her and worshiping her blog but not much else. Emos used her green hair pics for everything.

No. 1353828

File: 1664247106152.jpeg (174.33 KB, 750x486, BDE82FF3-3E89-4DD6-9431-3EB631…)

KEK I had to take a break from this website and I came right back when I saw this. Expect her to actually drop the name of this website and we are going to get an influx of obnoxious twitfags like we apparently already did a few hours ago who were getting banned trying to alog about her past. She does not care, most of these celebrities are so technologically illiterate she probably just googles “doja cat rumor” “doja gossip” “doja ugly” or repeatedly checks up on her name like a lot of social media obsessed celebrities do and this site managed to come up. She would not know how to post here and is not smart enough to integrate enough to get past the mods and users who would know it’s her. You are not going to own anyone, projecting your insecurity on her already flopping musical career and detoriating looks and mental health is a waste of energy and time. Just go to /snow/ if you want to do that, putting this entire thread in a mostly chill board like /ot/ was a mistake. Take the cancer out and put this shit back in /snow/. If you don’t want celebs digging into your precious imageboard than bury this website by removing tags in the SEO, dumbasses

No. 1353833

i'm pretty sure she's familiar with imageboards, anon. she's not megan thee stallion or cardi b. she grew up on the chans and with chantards.

No. 1353862

okay this is the first tweet that made me laugh out loud in a while. bless the farmer who made this comparison

No. 1353883

This was already posted nonna

No. 1353901

Literally anything else would be more interesting than psychoanalyzing Doja cat itt rn

No. 1353937

File: 1664254410128.jpeg (91.79 KB, 660x760, F85DBDAA-4F44-44B1-9774-D8E4B1…)

so basically she’s an stunted manchild woman who’s incapable of having any self-regulation, self-awareness and realistic self-esteem? looks like she would fit right in with the /ot/ anons here, her choice in men is about the same as the ones who browse and tell their retarded boyfriends and husbands about this place (who ultimately get dumped or divorced and then come here to spam it with gore). this literally looks like that ugly man anon was trying to tell herself looks like paul dano and it was her boyfriend. i have to say it you people are fucking ugly inside and out and dip into being anachans because it’s the only thing that’s going for you. you have the same quality as the rotten cum you guzzle from these low-quality men every night while you neglect your female friends flicking away at your clit to gay porn comics and talking about shit that has nothing to do with finding god. I hate this thread and I had to say it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1353950

what a projection kek you are here too ya know

No. 1353951

>thinking paul dano isn't an ugly man
You just admitted that you're describing yourself as well nonna kek

No. 1353954

honestly anon's bf was hotter than Paul Dano, just extremely miserable. Dano is so unbelievably ugly. what a stupid post to go off on for no reason btw.

No. 1353969

Why do I only ever see my body type on black girls even though I’m white

No. 1353972

Anon I’m gonna yak lmao

No. 1353995

At this rate it would be nice to make mcr/fob/patd/whatever general in /m/ because I would love to take a good look at old cows. The Lindsey rabbithole alone was something else.

No. 1354039

Look at the back of your hands really hard and like with a lot if concentration to be absolutely sure what colour you are, if its black then you're probably not white

No. 1354054

Because not everyone fits into arbitrary stereotypes

No. 1354075

And here, anons, is an example I was talking about upthread about anons trying too hard to mimic A banks and missing the mark entirely.
>who ultimately get dumped or divorced and then come here to spam it with gore
Only men come here and spam gore AND cp during raids. What are you even talking about?

No. 1354094

File: 1664276040943.jpg (202.68 KB, 720x667, 20220927_121031.jpg)

I forgot all about Shakira being caught in this. New update I guess, weird that it happened right after we celebrated her for beating up a wild pig to defend a child or something

No. 1354114

>honestly anon's bf was hotter than Paul Dano
nta but let's not get ahold of ourselves. both are ugly but that one outright has oatmeal-like skin texture.

No. 1354128

What’s with normies on twitter defending her like their life depends on if? We are experiencing the worst inflation and cost of living crisis of our time and they’re licking the boots of some rich millionaire celebrity evading her taxes

No. 1354137

oh my godddd this is so OT but this makes the person I saw on gw2 with a character called "typical MCR fan" so much funnier because she had the black/green hair and the palest fucking skin tone

No. 1354143

It’s funny watching the trend circle back around after 17 years

No. 1354153

Because she is based and built many schools for kids in Colombia, fuck Spain is a disgusting hegemonic imperialist, by your logic I'm supposed to feel sorry for some rich country that has a place in EU. Nah, thanks.

No. 1354169

Because you’re a white woman who inherently thinks a black woman’s body is sexual or hypersexual. Stop being retarded kek

No. 1354172

Spain doesn't really have the reputation of a rich country anymore though, right?

No. 1354184

nta but she said nothing to indicate that and you're being weird. not everything is about sex. are you ok?

No. 1354185

Nta but what are you talking about? Nonnie said nothing about looking sexual she said her body type was normally seen on black women damn

No. 1354193

it's the other way around for me tbh

No. 1354194

you missed the anons point by so much

No. 1354196

he has autism and bipolar, ego clashing with self centeredness is bound to make anyone have difficult relationships
I don't think he's gay at all, especially with his infatuation with lesbians as seen in his lyrics
he sounds like a regular straight man just a bit more mentally ill the the average man

No. 1354227

I’ve definitely believed Kanye is gay for a long time but I doubt we will ever find out about it. Die Antwoord made a fake-candid story time video where Ninja said he was invited to hang out at his house and was talking about how Kim made banana pudding so Kanye was asking if he wanted banana pudding while casually playing an anal sex porn video on the tv just there in the open. That screams DL.

No. 1354237

They purged enough native Americans to burn in hell for many centuries to come. They weren't just killing and stealing, they were trying to destroy every trace of history locals had there by ruining architecture and burning down cities.

No. 1354281

File: 1664288346137.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 742.88 KB, 1155x1596, 07E93A19-628F-4D8E-A773-B9006A…)

Gwen looks pretty good for 50. She’s one of my favorite odd celebrities.

No. 1354286

It's like her body is still 20, except for her elbows.

No. 1354303

Imagine being such a perpetual victim that you think that someone evading their taxes in the country they live and made their money in to send money to a shithole is a normal thing to do. This is not how the world works. Poor people are everywhere too, even though not in the same amount/severity. Also implying that she only evaded taxes to help people because she's a benevolent goddess, and not mainly because she's a repulsively hedonistic and egoistical millionnaire who can't be satisfied by anything and thinks she needs even more money.

I hope the court takes all her fucking money. Stop defending celebrities dumbfuck, people like them are the reason why other people are so poor they can't afford basic necessities and you thinking celebrities are actually the solution to that problem when they are active participants in the problem is insanely delusional. You're blinded by a stupid hatred for a country's past when right now and just before your eyes millionnaires are actively harming the economy with their mere existence.

Start looking at what's going on right now instead of being a moronic twitterfag who thinks it's still time to dunk on european colonialism as if it is still going on today.

No. 1354324

It's photoshopped. Do you think a 50 year old's body looks like this unretouched?

No. 1354340

File: 1664291873161.jpg (134.42 KB, 1200x1800, gwyneth-paltrow-shows-off-her-…)

It honestly doesn't look too far off from candid pics taken of her at the beach just a couple years ago (when she was 47).

No. 1354347

Pretty sure the most of the ones who did this stayed in the American continent and are the white Latinos of today. You know, like that lady who evades taxes despite being filthy rich.

No. 1354359

File: 1664292650262.jpeg (25.77 KB, 400x267, 648DBE6C-E1DB-4585-81DA-03A241…)

When cows collide. Brad Pitt and Emrata have been getting cozy. Here for the potential milk https://people.com/movies/brad-pitt-emily-ratajkowski-spending-time-together-says-source/

No. 1354378

Emrata looks like an insect to me i never understood her appeal, even her body minus the boobs makes her look like a praying mantis.

But tbh Brad is a step up in terms of looks compared to the ugly scrote she was married to. I hope there will be milk, with all the shit Brad's been pulling lately.

No. 1354424

File: 1664295067355.png (382.09 KB, 602x729, Screenshot 4.png)

the one and only based thing brad pitt has ever done is cuck Mike Tyson

No. 1354452

this is MRA bullshit

No. 1354461

File: 1664297100776.jpg (135.96 KB, 632x1029, 1664281627211320.jpg)

Riverdale's Ryan Grantham sentenced to life in prison for killing his mom.
He shot his mother in the back of the head while she was playing piano.

No. 1354464

kek he better be

No. 1354466

What a headline. Maybe he shouldn't have "brutalized" his mother first.

No. 1354474

File: 1664297683576.jpeg (841.9 KB, 1620x899, AE8E8301-A1B0-41DD-8EFC-7C7DF8…)

Boyega-Chan, allegedly Boyega is dating Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey.
>>The insider told the media outlet, “Lori was a big fan, from Star Wars, and so she started talking to John while at [The Met Gala].”
>>It has been reported that the two of them had a great conversation and they went on to exchange numbers.

No. 1354480

what if boyegachan was lori harvey all along

No. 1354484

Lori is running out of famous black men to date at this point.

No. 1354492

somenonnie make an emo thread plzzzzz

No. 1354524

a friend back in middle school would religiously buy these magazines and didnt let us handle them for long so they wouldnt crease or rip kek

No. 1354545

She could probably make some munty off of those in mint condition

No. 1354549

oh no is that doja's boyfriend? why do straight women hate themselves. it's so sad. she should aim higher.

No. 1354573

she clearly just exerciese like crazy. it's not that unrealistic. probably got some minor lipo or skin removal on the stomach, but i've seen 50 year old men at a similar level of fitness. you have to work out a whole lot and barely drink alcohol.

No. 1354575

kek i like her for some reason. she doesnt' do shit but she seems to just date whichever guy she saw on a magazine cover this year

No. 1354590

Seconded. I wasn't very online when I was younger so I feel like I missed out on all the good drama surrounding the bands I loved. Would love an emo nostalgia thread.

No. 1354595

idk nona she looks pretty high to me.

No. 1354598

File: 1664304581686.jpeg (93.86 KB, 1125x266, 9D9BFA6C-61E8-40B1-8B67-6CC7F0…)

Kek I love how Lori makes moids seethe

No. 1354605

You really did. These eyes have seen Kiki Kannibals stickams that are forever lost to time. I have read blogs of juicy emo drama that haven’t existed since before Christ. All gone forever.

No. 1354635

it is MRA coping, Brad and Robin only got together after her divorce, but Mike Tyson was ready to almost kill Brad Pitt for daring to sleep with his ex-wife, can I say that I hate Mike Tyson's current reputation as this funny quirky guy who has mellowed out, when he is an actual proven rapist and wife beater, but somehow he gets his own cartoon on Adult Swim, countless TV appearances, and a biographical TV series dedicated to painting him as some heroic messiah figure

No. 1354644

Underrated post

No. 1354649

Mike Tyson is a rapists and woman beater

No. 1354650

File: 1664306589654.jpg (276.41 KB, 1475x672, Untitled.jpg)

speaking of britney has anyone seen jessica simpson lately? she barely looks like herself and it makes me so sad. she spent her entire career being made fun of for being "too fat" even when she was underweight. when i looked at her site i couldn't even tell it was her.

No. 1354651

reasons to abort a male fetus

No. 1354653

File: 1664306770140.jpg (124.86 KB, 683x1024, 16515378113574.jpg)

Lori Harvey's body is amazing but whatever she did to her face and lips looks horrible outside of edited instagram pictures. John isn't handsome to me but doesn't seem like a bad guy, hope they go the distance.

No. 1354665

File: 1664307124120.jpeg (7.02 KB, 197x256, images.jpeg)

SA, I think she got her cheek fat removed and she clearly lost a lot of weight and works out, but I loved her cheeks before. Also pretty sure John got a male BBL but that's a whole nother story

No. 1354684

I remember the image on the left being posted on celeb gossip sites constantly saying she looked like a cow and how horrifically big she was. I was only in middle school and I used to think she looked huge but looking at it now she looks great. It's insane how misogynistic the 00's were.

No. 1354693

sadly these days sure it's fine to be thick but women's faces are REEEE'd at for being gargoyle hideous unless they get all the insta surgeries and makeup trends.

No. 1354703

Every time I see him I have to do a double take cause I think it’s Brandon flowers. Ironically they’re both Mormon.

No. 1354705

Do you remember when Trish played a ‘fat’ version of her for Eminems we made you music video? This just reminded me of that

No. 1354710

That would make sense, he does have child bearing hips after all

No. 1354711

What I heard is that he tried too take some off his mid section to make him look less fridge shaped. However, it ended up making him look pear shaped

No. 1354715

File: 1664309958087.png (363.1 KB, 646x431, 8529C3BA-A2D7-4A24-AD12-EFF646…)

No. 1354718

Go back to Twitter

No. 1354734

File: 1664310907380.png (498.6 KB, 596x725, hailey.PNG)

Hailey Bieber decided to go on the Call Her Daddy podcast to talk about Selena Gomez. It comes out tomorrow if any nonnie wants to give the rundown.

No. 1354741

I feel like Justin and Selena are gonna end up like JLo and Beeeennn in a few years kek.

No. 1354743

File: 1664311283685.jpg (50.37 KB, 306x691, 1b3c84dcf9efad07aeead40e10fbdf…)

Kek, i remember that. I am pretty sure Jessica Simpson literally did have a fat era though.

No. 1354747

black twitter moids are some of the faggiest males in existence. 'emotionally break' fucking kek

No. 1354752

File: 1664312012471.png (1.09 MB, 1486x680, bleak.PNG)

There's lots of evidence of Hailey skinwalking and obsessing over Selena so it should be interesting to hear.

No. 1354755

don't you find it sort of funny that she's doing this literal DAYS after selena's documentary trailer about her life comes out? Sus af. Pretty sure she wants to come forward about all those rumors about her fucking justin while selena was dating him and friends with both of them to save face. I don't give a shit about beiber, he's a disgusting moid, but I also cannot stand cheaters and girls who attack other girls and tbh never liked hailey. We'll see I guess.


No. 1354767

Yeah but after she got married to justin she’s never brought selena up again it’s literally selena’s fans who are unhinged freaks about their marriage. check her tiktok and ig comments it’s all hate from selena’s fans they’re the ones who didn’t move on

I couldn’t care less about hailey but I can’t stand selena she’s an alcoholic junkie who pressured her best friend into giving her her fucking kidney

No. 1354770

ngl all three of them are shit for their own reasons lol but I still can't wait to see what dirt this digs up

No. 1354778

She's insecure so she goes for dorky subpar men intentionally, hoping that they'll feel lucky for dating her

No. 1354785

Aww, she was so fucking beautiful.

No. 1354799

File: 1664314865092.png (106.91 KB, 689x634, FdrDYmSWYAE3epn.png)

Andrew Dominik is absolute creep, and fuck Ana for supporting this shit show.

No. 1354832

Dominik is acting like a douchebag but he isn’t wrong, he’s baiting the other person into proving his point and showing how warped the cultural legacy of Marilyn ks. The person replying to his statements doesn’t realize how wrong their replies are.

No. 1354846

File: 1664315973088.jpeg (715.1 KB, 828x1220, CA2E50E8-8E2A-4CDD-B157-960DF9…)

NTA but wow, so edgy, how dare anyone state something that’s a well-documented fact. Just say you’re racist and foh
Hailey is currently being “cancelled” on TikTok for “cultural appropriation” because she made a video applying lipstick the way black and brown girls have been doing it since the 90s (ie before makeup companies made lipstick shades to suit our complexion and people were using actual eyeliner as lipliner) like it’s something new she invented, the woketards are losing their shit over it. She probably just saw Mi Vida Loca for the first time and felt inspired by it, kek

No. 1354865

Kek it sounds like she was content being the backup girl and swooped in once things were ruined enough with Selena and Justin had a faith crisis and decided marriage was somehow the answer. They've always seemed super off to me.

No. 1354896

brandon flowers is bad vibes for me. so he's a gay british mormon who refuses to admit the mormon church is homophobic or anti-woman, and sleeps with married men? what kind of person does that

No. 1354897

whoa, she looks fucking hot there though. if she was standing up straight she'd be a curvy fucking queen. wtf i love her now.

No. 1354900

Explain pls I'm not a makeupfag and I'm pretty sure all women out lipstick on their lips

No. 1354902

>their lips
Begone moid

No. 1354906

this post is the truth

No. 1354908

wait how does saying "their lips" make her a moid? doesn't it just make her an english speaker

No. 1354915

She’s half black

No. 1354917


No. 1354921

I actually agree, her bodyshape is really nice, even though this is not the healthiest weight and it shows, her fat distribution is really good and she seems to gain weight everywhere pretty evenly.

No. 1354923

IIRC she came out and said she gained all the weight from drinking or pills or some fucked up shit, which is why she looks kinda greasy in that pic. I wonder how much of her weird look now is due to her poor lifestyle for so many years.

No. 1354925

He's American, but what's the milk with him sleeping with married men?

No. 1354970

body types aren't racially exclusive (signed white girl who grew a giant ass during puberty)

I really can't believe how shameless this disgusting moid is. between him and ana de armes commenting about her ghost idk who's the bigger cow

No. 1355035

File: 1664329056414.png (47.72 KB, 207x168, ixzkbkivd.png)

Hailey is so botched I feel sad for her. She used to be so beautiful.

No. 1355043

I don’t, she’s a piece of shit. She’s almost on par with the Kuntrashians in terms of being a vacuous waste of space

No. 1355129

File: 1664338029680.png (347.51 KB, 578x672, futurefrancine.png)

No. 1355146

She also claimed she never brushes her teeth because she doesn’t like the feeling of them when they’re clean and “slippery” and people who have worked with her said that she smells putrid, I’ll see if I can find the sauce

No. 1355163

Is Selma Blair bullshitting having MS or just having a very miraculous recovery? Literal cartwheels on DWTS.

No. 1355168

Of course she wouldn't bring her up again after she was out of the way

No. 1355230


Lol I’m in solidarity with you anon


Sage for ot ofc but wanted to let you know I def didn’t mean it like that, not all black women have the same body type, but they do very often have a body like that isn’t found on white women as often, I’ve been told by black (female) coworkers that I have a “black girl booty” and stuff lol

No. 1355237

File: 1664344919617.png (6.81 MB, 1728x2304, F9EF068B-99F5-4ECD-ABA7-68DE91…)

I’m betting on Helena for his troon name.

No. 1355245

Hmm doubt

No. 1355248

And he made two of the most beloved white people anthems of all time. That little gay Mormon is one of the only treasures we have.

No. 1355249

It looks like a potato sack, jesus. Where is all his money going to that he can't buy a single decent item of clothing?

No. 1355251

They all cheat and cards and the checkers are lost
My cellmates a killer
They make us do push-ups in drag
But nobody cares if you’re losing yourself (am I losing myself?)

No. 1355256

Another contusion, my funeral jag
Here's my resignation, I'll serve it in drag
(The signs have been there all along RIP)

No. 1355258

He's wearing granny dresses already, he's beyond saving

No. 1355261

ow, but I can't, and I don't know
How we're just two men as God had made us
Well, I can't, well, I can, yeah
Too much, too late, or just not enough of this
Pain in my heart for your dying wish
I'll kiss your lips again

No. 1355262

This elevator only goes up to ten
He’s not around he’s always looking at men

No. 1355287

Please take this cringe to its containment thread

No. 1355290

mcr sucks ass

No. 1355293


Rawr xd deal widd it poseurrr

No. 1355299

What the actual fuck are you talking about? Take your meds.
Not to a-log but hopefully he will be. Psychotic little incel piece of shit.

No. 1355302

he looks pretty and rapable as fuck. if i was a faggot in prison… his anus better be prepared yenno.

No. 1355309

It’s been 24 hours

No. 1355318

? so fucking what, brainlet

No. 1355321

He’s not even wearing cute clothes that are rocker or emo and relate to anything he’s doing. Idgi

No. 1355324

He was criticized for how tight the clothing he wore was so now he is wearing clothing that is not tight.

No. 1355333

Ok well not a moid, I don't know what you want me to call a collective group of women. Our lips? We don't all wear lipstick. they do, however. So do you know why she's putting the lipstick on like that or?

No. 1355338

John is still a scrote with a mindset
>it doesn't matter who women loves, whoever "lays da pipe" is the one who wins
When he got called out for it, he redirected attention to female sw fans that shipped female lead with that ugly emo guy.
Mind you it was new years eve by his time and he spent it on seething at twitter. Then 10 days later he came back with owing them haters video he edited in accounts that "harassed" without editing names out so his personal mob went on a crusade against those users, they were all women and some of them underaged girls.
So nah, he is very much of a disgusting scrote.

No. 1355370

you're going to summon her…. though I agree with you

No. 1355373

File: 1664359344026.png (530.19 KB, 1080x538, 336A1542-9D22-43AF-928A-8299EB…)

No idea what the spergs ITT are doing but he’s dressed as a Manson girl so he’s being eaten by his own now.

No. 1355388

his hideous man legs and the thought of poor concert goers being flashed by his junk under his dress… barf. when are they getting off tour so we can stop being subjected to this creature?

No. 1355391

Does he want dilators in mail?

No. 1355404

Ik you meant something else but when i first saw this I thought this bitch will be trying to get into a women’s prison. nasty little scrote

No. 1355407

File: 1664362363874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 656.16 KB, 1110x3428, ohlawdshecomin.jpg)

She came out a few years ago saying she was a major alcoholic. Shared picrel of her "at rock bottom" before she apparently got sober. Pretty crazy. I feel like it was more than booze. Remember what she looked like in The Dukes of Hazzard (bottom picrel)?

No. 1355434

Jesus Christ, I can see why you spoiled this
Isn’t he a bit old for this 3edgy5u fuckery?
I might be in the minority here but I fucking hate emo music and the subculture with a visceral passion so I eagerly await the end of the tour too (I don’t know why all this isn’t being posted in their own thread)

No. 1355441

oh no I thought he was okay. And American. Aren't they from Las Vegas?

But please share the deets on sleeps with married men stuff.

No. 1355448


do it nonnies theres enough mcr ppl please

No. 1355486

Yo, I have never forgot this. She said she only wipes them with a paper towel. Insane. I’ll see if I can find it

No. 1355490

File: 1664369598521.jpeg (102.39 KB, 640x960, 4D6883F4-25B8-4825-84AF-164BFB…)

She lost so much weight. Her butt and hips are covered up but I’ve never seen her this small. I wonder when the peasants she’s trying to look different from will catch up and her diarrhea tea sales will go up

No. 1355495

File: 1664369755005.jpg (576.86 KB, 1771x2500, NINTCHDBPICT000732661363.jpg)

Wtf is going on with her torso??? Does she just suck in her stomach to the max at all times?

No. 1355503

those are lines from working out

No. 1355510

File: 1664371134013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.27 KB, 1000x992, -2213543179219053050.jpg)

Seems like it's just the way her ribcage is shaped? Though it didn't use to be this way in this photo >>1355407
>I mean there were [magazine] covers of me saying that I was anorexic! That my ribs are sticking out! Yeah, my ribs are sticking out. My ribs stuck out before. I have a huge rib cage, which is why I can hold a note out until I'm blue in the face because I have such a big lung capacity.

No. 1355516

File: 1664371547753.jpeg (396.34 KB, 828x1645, 8B296550-60E9-40A3-A216-62F557…)

Fucking foul

No. 1355529

I think it looks jarring because she’s always been fat, she’s really short ergo probably naturally petite in stature, she’s just always leaned in to being a lardass replete with cosmetic procedures to make her proportions comically grotesque because she thought it was sexy or whatever

No. 1355530

she sounds either depressed or addicted to adderall

No. 1355532

fuck me, bottom left he looks like one of those tampon divers. i hate this man. lindsey please rein in your moid, or divorce him.

No. 1355536

hi i just want you to know that french people are white and we have our own songs nothing to do with that man. please do not include us in the fans of his terrible music just because we are a similar colour. thank you.

No. 1355538

if you're going to keep waving your tranny dick around in here, can you at least sage so it doesn't shit up the thread with non-milk

No. 1355539

guys this is a male with male speaking patterns who is later going to brag about "blending in" here.

No. 1355544

i have this shape too - i call it "troll body". the top half of your torso is just wide and then you gain weight in your arms so you get this fucking dr robotnik look. i hate it but i'm happy to see a celebrity/beautiful woman with a body sort of like mine so i like her kek.

No. 1355546

"lost" she got it sucked out, nonnie. she doesn't do shit.

No. 1355576

Details? I haven’t heard any gossip about him, he seems to stay really private

Also as someone from Utah (thankfully not Mormon) their 2021 album is the most Mormon thing I’ve ever heard. Like more than church music. I like some of the songs if I ignore the words though

No. 1355580

anona, just assume that every time someone on the English speaking Internet talks about "white people" or "black people" they just mean Americans. it's annoying but it is what it is.

No. 1355618

There are several moids itt, they think they’re slick but they stick out like dogs bollocks, just report and ignore

No. 1355623

Please can we have an MCR thread I wanna go over old MCR milk, the fanbase was milky AF too. I remember when Mikey cheated on his wife and the Twitter fans blew up and I saw this tweet from a girl who thought she was an authority being like “oh my god guys we need to wait for all the facts, there have already been suicides over this!”. Also I wanna know about the Lindsey drama another anon mentioned. So much of it got lost to old websites, MySpace, livejournal etc

No. 1355628

Weid question, but where do you get high resolution celeb pics without watermarks? gettyimages hates poor people

No. 1355644

I’ve never liked the band and I absolutely fucking loathe MSI but I fell down the rabbit hole of Lindsey’s hate blog dedicated to Mikey, what a ride that was. She’s an actual psychopath.

No. 1355647

For your reading pleasure, nona https://lynzuglyliar.tumblr.com/

No. 1355649

Kinda feel weird talking about a child (sorry in advance) but i feel like North has the worse traits of her father AND of her mother. She's such a privileged brat, and i'm sure all those kids are, but i've heard a few clips with her in it lately and she's as egoistical as her father and as narcissistic as her mother. Hopefully it's just a phase because she's a little kid after all and they can be insufferable, but damn.

What's insane with this family is that it's not just the parents, it's all the family, so how do you want children to grow sane in that environment? Everyone from the grandmothers to the mothers and fathers is a narcissist.

No. 1355654

She's her father's daughter. She can either become the most based celebrity ever or be the biggest child celeb trainwreck.

No. 1355657

File: 1664378315268.jpeg (155.89 KB, 1029x1027, 67BAF129-B018-446D-BDC7-3016E7…)

I originally wrote something about lipo but look at her arms, there’s no way lipo could get them this evenly thinned out and she starved herself for the Marilyn dress before. Probably just a mix of dieting, some lipo, and removing the implants
I just looked up her name on twitter, you’ll find a lot of paparazzi pics on there

No. 1355658

Lyn-z's coven and flying out fans to meet her is where the real milk lies. That and whatever went down with her and Jessicka from Jack Off Jill.

No. 1355661

Nowaymikeyway or something kek I found that like 2 years ago, years after it all happened and was reading all of it for HOURS. Top shelf milk

No. 1355666

'Too slippery'?? What is this woman on

No. 1355670

>her father’s daughter
>calling kanye based

No. 1355675

Is it even necessary to say all scrote are retarded ? She definitely got that unlimited confidence from him thought, Kim can't even get out of her house without a 4 hour "glam" session, a ton of padding and a wig.

No. 1355685

I want fall out boy mcr and panic general in /media/ so we could discuss all of the milk, new and old.

No. 1355687

Being addicted to makeup isn’t a genetically inherited trait retard

No. 1355704

i thought my english was so good but i learn something new every day in the english internet

No. 1355710

I made the comment >>1355321. I’m not sure how you got scrote from that but what I mean is I get what he’s cross dressing but the clothes he’s choosing makes no sense in the context of his bands aesthetic. It just looks like he’s putting on random women clothes from the good will.

No. 1355712

I get why he’s cross dressing*

No. 1355750

I am usually not the one who accuses someone itt of being a scrote but your concerns about
> 4h glam session (make up)
> padding (push up bra & co)
> wig
sound like scrote vernacular to me.

No. 1355820

She looked so much better before. I never understood the desire to be stick thin, it makes everything including your face look worse. A little weight look so healthy and "full".

No. 1355826

It’s probably a futile attempt at looking younger. Some people think if they’re small they look more youthful.

No. 1355851

It seems the totally y2k trend of being stick thin is back in vogue. No more thicc girls and bbls.

No. 1355862

This is most likely how Kim has always wanted to look if Kanye wasn’t pulling the strings

No. 1355883

File: 1664385788416.jpg (58.44 KB, 582x629, jhgfd.JPG)

watched this when it came out. all it does is portray dahmer as a sympathetic sad boi played by professional serial killer advocate evan peters. fuck netflix and ryan murphy for this shit

No. 1355885

Nope, you're completely right 100% that kid looks like such a little problem maker already..(go figure look at who her parents are) seriously though, not even trying to be rude but this kid is gonna be a huge problem lmao the whole family is despicable, it's only going to get worse..

No. 1355891

The absolute state of celebricows posters top kek.

No. 1355893

am i the only one who taught this was by far the worst performance of evan’s career? i mean he didn’t have much to work with since even in his interviews dahmer was practically catatonic but christ, he never showed a single emotion. it was terrible. even niecy nash couldn’t carry the show.

No. 1355896

you could still get made fun of for being stick thin in the early 00s though. if you were ugly-skinny, like too small to find clothes that were skintight on you, you got shit for being "a twig". no matter what body type is "in", every female body type will still be criticized in some way. this is why i don't have hope when i see articles like "thicc trend is over, athletic look is in" because the whole framework is a symptom of a bigger problem.

No. 1355898

yes even when kate moss was the ideal, IRL your family and friends would still say you looked ill. only way to go is just accept each woman's personal natural body type and not judge our entire gender based on looks.

No. 1355903

i hope she rebels against her parents by being super normal and hating to act out, since that's the opposite of them

No. 1355905

I saw that netflix originally put this under the lgbtq tag and then had to remove that tag because it caused offence lol

No. 1355911

I'm convinced we're going to have an influx of fake bios skinwalking him soon. Edgy homoerotic sad boi? Dude, they lost their minds about Will Graham, imagine how rabid they are over an actual explicitly gay serial killer sad boi

Do we actually know she starves herself? She definitely does some weird bulimic shit with skinny teas and detoxes, I actually fully believe she does it all the time because that would line up really well with what Kanye said about her having diarrhoea a lot

No. 1355938

they already did that on the "hybristophile" side of tumblr but i'm sure this will bring them back and more obnoxious than ever

No. 1355943

ever since kanye said that she is always on the toilet i think she’s just abusing laxatives. i believe karen carpenter used to do the same.

No. 1355962

there needs to be a slur for people who do that retarded shit

No. 1355970

would retard not suffice

No. 1355973

That's our word

No. 1355975

I'd argue that My friend Dahmer film started this trend of sexualizing dahmer(I swear "Dahmer Stans" only started appearing after the release of the film, before that he wasn't talk about much compared to other killers)

I actually read the original comic which the film was based on and it was very different
probably the biggest thing was the Jeffery Dahmer was not an attractive, awkward and misunderstood boy that the film portrayed him as, young Jeffery Dahmer was an awkwardly tall wierdo with a disproportionate face, his own "friends" were afraid of him, they teased him behind his back but they were always nervous around him
Dahmer also used to pretend to have epileptic seizures that were violent and freaked people out but look how those seizures presented in the film, this is those fake seizures are present in the film, they try to make them cute and tragic

No. 1355978

not specific enough

No. 1355979

File: 1664388421788.jpg (296.53 KB, 1473x539, Dahmer.jpg)

samefag, now just compare that softboi dahmer depiction to the actual comic

No. 1355980

>Sjws when they see a asian or white woman who wore braids or had edges on her hair
EVil satan, the ultimate racist, cultural appropriator, she needs to be punished.

>Sjws when they see a disgusting gay white man who raped and murdered mostly black men and underage boys.

Aww he is such a wholesome bean, aww i kin him, aww let me make a hundred of thirst edits about him and fangirl over him, he is sooo misunderstood and he is not racist.

No. 1355982

File: 1664388471536.jpg (685.09 KB, 1284x1597, IMG_20220928_192337.jpg)

Kim posted this to her Twitter 30 minutes ago. You're right, she does look a lot smaller than we normally see her around her torso and legs. Her face looks really different what's the craic with that? Maybe she's editing herself smaller

No. 1355983

Samefag but shes also retarded because this was captioned "CHEETAH GIRL" and those are literally all leopard print kek

No. 1355985

The only people I ever see getting mad about the braids thing is actual black women and I also see only black women critiquing the show for being tone deaf

No. 1355991

jeffery dahmer is..is ablest??? well this is my last straw! im deleting my stan account at once!

No. 1355992

Btw the comic is pretty good I would encourage people to read it for free on archive.org

No. 1355994

its the opposite he was a Munchausen attention seeking. Faking having seizures.
i agree but my comment wasnt about black women, it was about nlog fakeboi white girls who rage at other women for ''asianfishing'' or wearing braids/edges but then they go and be fans of a….racist cannibal.
Oh and dont get me started on the weird suburban middle aged women who make up the majority of serial killer fans (again i want to ask what the fuck is going on with some middle aged women in the year 2022)

No. 1355995

I googled Evan a few days ago just to see if he looked the part or not. Search results weren't what I expected. Actual gay jerkoff sites are screencapping all the 'hottest' stills from the series and turning it into fap material. Stills of him straddling bodies. Fakebois are bad but actual gays beat them to it. Like can they not empathise with the victims even knowing they demographically would've been his victims back then. Jerking off to reconstructions of real murders..

No. 1355997

>fap material. Stills of him straddling bodies.
this is fucked up, some of his victims were literal children….

No. 1356003

I miss sticky drama!!

No. 1356010

Men love being murdered, that’s why faggots love dahmer movies so much. The fact that he might have actually mutilated them beyond recognition and injected bleach into their brains whilst alive is what’s exciting to them. They WANT to be victimised. They emphasise with the victims to the point they see themselves as the victim and it makes them leak out of their butts. The prostate tingles are real.

No. 1356012

Serial killer fangirls have been a thing for a long time now, maybe the middle aged suburban women have been into it for years but now can actually congregate.

No. 1356015

anon this is retarded as hell, i hate that your making me defend faggots.

Most dahmer fans are literally mentally ill women who also fangirl over Ted bundy. Time to hold pickmes accountable. And before your reply with something retarded, i lurk around true crime communities or similar communities and its mostly pickmes kissing ass.

No. 1356018

pick-mes and faggots are equally retarded

No. 1356020

You’re wrong and I’m right. Begone, demon.

No. 1356022

youre retarded.

No. 1356024

No. 1356025

mom gay

No. 1356028

Ryan Murphy is just a degenerate gay scrote pandering to other degenerate gay scrotes (and edgy tumblrinas + aidens)
Look up what he did with Richard Ramirez in AHS, he turned that smelly mf with rotten teeth into some kind of emo sadboi uwu
He's a gross fuck.

No. 1356036

Take a break off this site nona, this is scrote tier thinking and we should be above it.

No. 1356039

exactly. once i saw who he casted to play dahmer i knew all of this would happen. disgusted but not surprised at all.

No. 1356040

So Blonde came out on Netflix today. why the fuck do they have her calling every man she’s with Daddy? what the fuck is this sick shit?

No. 1356044

watching it now, its putting me in a depressive state.

No. 1356045

she's so lipo'd, lifted, implanted, and tucked that she doesn't have a body type anymore. it's all customized fat transplants and her size is fully up to her personal choices.
kind of sad, really. if you have that kind of money why not spend it on something fun instead of surgery.

No. 1356046

psyop. shut up tranny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1356047

Want to watch it out of morbid curiosity but already feel the rage building because it's just going to be SEX SEX SEX SEX

No. 1356052

it’s actually not. there’s like two sex scenes in the beginning but that’s about it. the rest of it is trauma porn about hollywood and abortion. they portray her as this dumb helpless little baby who just needs a man to put a kid in her to fulfill her.

No. 1356053

Kim is giving me huge coke head vibes lately

No. 1356057

You sound paranoid as hell.
How could a scrote know that the kardashians call their makeup team their "glam squad" and call getting their makeup done getting their "glam"?

No. 1356068

Please nonnas don't watch Blonde. Don't. If you're curious just wait a few days and pirate it. Don't make Netflix think this movie is a hit, enough libs will watch and applaude it we don't need to add to it.

Ffs we spent weeks saying how disgusting this movie was and now that it's out you run to watch it. Boycott it, please.

No. 1356072

It’s really mediocre with a ton of traumatising rape scenes. It’s nothing interesting. Anon is right.

No. 1356075

File: 1664393022733.jpeg (176.32 KB, 1284x1579, FdwmCPyVsAAxr0y.jpeg)

it was so obvious that skinny was gonna come back. teenagers are super skinny nowadays and so are all the biggest tiktok influencers. idk what's more depressing: that kim's body is a good way to tell what trends are here to stay or not, or that so many women copy kim

No. 1356078

why does she always wear tights over her shoes

No. 1356085

not sure if this is the reason but it's to appear taller than she is (I think she's like 5''2 or something? Really short).

No. 1356086

i don’t know, i was just hoping that the press was wrong and it actually was going to be an interesting movie. but i agree, it’s really not worth it. i had to turn it off in the middle of the abortion scene. it’s so fucking sick.

No. 1356095

It's just somewhat of a fashion trend. Balenciaga started it I think.

No. 1356098

She just feels so much more generic now. Everything in fashion is cyclical but it’s not like skinny was every fully out, just less praised.

No. 1356103

Jesus what a fucking rabbit hole that is. I went looking up Sarah after what happened, sage just incase anyone has posted it previously but she’s addicted to heroin after everything that happened, that whole situation completely screwed up her life (and yeah no one forced her to take drugs but it’s still so sad). Also top kek at lynz pretending to be Indian that really cracked me up

No. 1356112

I don't think it's bullshit, I remember she had some crazy risky stem cell transplant treatment a few years ago. Apparently her MS is in "remission" but she's still fatigued, I could see her being able to hold it together enough for performances.

No. 1356132

holy fucking shit she's so skinny now it\s insane
from the cUrVy to heroin chic of the 90s
I wonder how all the Kim K clones who got BBLs and implants are dealing with this
Kim's short and petite naturally, the curvy look was ridiculous on her imho

No. 1356171

Imo the BBL look was ridiculous, but the curvy look suits her the most. Everything about her in the left picture looks better, smoother, her face looks full and youthful. The emaciated look always make people look older, always. And look near her armpits she's so thin that she has a crease that she didn't have before (it's nothing, i'm not saying "eww look at that crease", but it goes to show how emaciated she looks and this is not it in my opinion)

No. 1356175

nta but her face looks the same to me.

No. 1356181

I was going to say the same, I personally hate the pornified fat stinky diaper butt thicc bbl trend and really like the heroin chic look but she looks better with more weight on her

No. 1356221

>really like the heroin chic look
seriously anon….

No. 1356225

I'm going to be honest and say I think she looks sick in the after photo.

No. 1356231

There’s quite a lot of anachans in lc

No. 1356244

I wish more women could make peace with their bodies, and prioritize their function over their aesthetic. Sad to see how lost Kim is. She has no personal identity, she is just a product that rebrands as trends change. If men decided it was hot for women to have no hands she'd chop them off, and then get prosthetics a week later when Tik Tok started saying hands are sexy again.

No. 1356248

Holy fuck another actor moid killed his mother? Het women, if you value your lives, stop birthing sons.

No. 1356260

>Ryan Murphy
This exploitative hack fraud. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't found a way to milk JonBenet's murder in AHS. He already had his thing with Evan Peters in Murder House with the "school shooters are just uwu sad bois who need the love of an edgy girl"

No. 1356265


skinny is coming back but i dont think people will be able to overcome the food addiction to achieve the heroine chic look. its the anachans time to shine rattle rattle bitches

No. 1356284

File: 1664405118196.jpg (92.25 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1428468227-1024x10…)

Kylie seems like the only sister whose not trying to "prove" anything anymore. I think because she did everything so young and she's so boring and low enegry she's just given up. Kourtney, has slowed down on her "Goff boyfriend/husband tour". Khloe is being made a fool of every week and has a new baby by a cheating scrote. Kim is STILL trying to be it and they all seem deeply unhappy and unsure of themselves except for kendall and kylie.
Kylie just has her kids, her dumb scrote and thats it. Kendall dates that basketball player and fucks off.
No real storylines. I personally feel the situation with Tyg@ traumatized Kylie. Notice they NEVER talk about him good or bad, I think after she moved on from that she gave up.
She looks horrible though, like genuinely empty.

No. 1356287

File: 1664405164923.jpg (104.2 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1428467668-1024x10…)

Like you put these women next to a naturally pretty woman and they look even more botched and odd.

No. 1356290

Oh my goodness who is that on her right, I'm in love

No. 1356291

I guess it wouldn't be "her right" but no worries, they are both super pretty tbh

No. 1356295

Katherine Frattington

No. 1356297

God her makeup looks dirty

No. 1356304

File: 1664405883851.jpg (115.09 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1428470309-1024x10…)

Justine SKye?

No. 1356305

Kylie looks like shit compared to the girl she’s sitting next to

No. 1356308

She looks like some kind of budget j.lo impersonator to me tbh. Honestly though, she somehow looks more proportional thin?

Honestly, I feel like they're all likely some kind of traumatized in some way from either the industry itself, or how their mother has treated them as her cash cows. Kim was, at the very least, an adult though, Kylie being the "ugly sister" and a minor surely didn't do well for her in the spotlight. She was an easy target for a predatory man like tyga.

No. 1356310

Why is she wearing that denim dress? She should be wearing the finest silks. I won't stand for this

No. 1356311

Oh ewww

I think she went down a spiral especially dating someone younger that she wants to look like a young tiktok egirl. It’s just so jarring.

No. 1356313

Kanye never said she had diarrhea a lot. That was fake.

No. 1356314

lol, if you poke around in /ot/ enough you’ll notice there’s a ton of literal beetus having fatties here too who love accusing normal weight women of being skellies. it balances out.

No. 1356324

File: 1664406834740.jpeg (142.82 KB, 828x525, 23B90A51-B61D-4826-B564-3CEEF8…)

God these youtube comments. Pretty sure people have tragic upbringings all the time and it doesn’t cause them to rape, dismember, and eat pieces of 17 men.

No. 1356327

The cheetah girls mostly wore leopard print.

No. 1356330

Because gay men are no different than straight men in terms of sexual paraphilia, they just don’t have any interest in women.

No. 1356332

Holy shit I always wanted to know what happened to her. Towards the end of the clip, it seemed like her and Mikey Way were both drug addicts but Mikey decided to get clean. We need really need an MCR are thread as to not stink the celebricows one.

No. 1356345

He wouldn’t exploit JonBenet because she was a little girl and he wouldn’t be able to tie men and his fetishes to it.

No. 1356350

how dare those meanie beanie school kids who didn't want to hang out with the freak who dipped roadkill in acid for fun?

No. 1356363

Not to mention Kylie is the closest with her mother and seems to genuinely love her and appreciate the life she has helped her build. I think that’s probably why she’s technically the ‘healthiest’ of them.


I vaguely remember a woman infatuated with the nightstalker and eventually married him, he swore up and down that he was framed for the little girl they said he raped. I can’t remember the age and I really don’t have any interest to look it up, but I want to say 6 or 7 years old? Anyways she finally divorced him only after he was convicted of that. Insane. The lives of the other people didn’t matter to her, though. The idea that these people think they could have taken these men under their wing and somehow changed their life is retarded. Teenagers are malleable and confused, they see an awkward nerd on the tv and fantasize about him because they don’t have much going on and infinite amounts of free time to toil away, and for that I’m like whatever you can’t force them out of their pathetic little act of rebellion, but grown adults joking about it online as if rape and murder is casual is too much.

No. 1356374

i remember seeing somewhere that richard was obsessed with the little girl from show lazy town and asked his "groupies" to send him pics of themselves when they were kids. the man was a whole pedo but there are still dummies who cape for him

No. 1356380

I was a teenager when she and Nick Lachey had their reality show, and looking back on the 2000s, the media was SO FUCKING WEIRD about Jessica's personal life and I feel so bad for her. I remember the media obsessing over the fact that "She's staying a VIRGIN until marriage!!!" and all of these men were wagging their tongues and saying gross things about her boobs and body while also talking about how great it was that she was "saving herself for her husband", (meanwhile of course Nick had already fucked around and ended up supposedly cheating on her during their marriage). And holy shit, she was only 22 while all of this was happening. And then overnight it seemed like she was left in the dust. Jesus, I couldn't imagine, it'd probably lead me to drink, too.

No. 1356385

Oh she is? She's just dull, she honestly comes off introverted and I truly think that after the shit happened with Jordan?tristian that was her last straw. I genuinely think she loved Jordan like a sister. Kendell and Kylie are the most "Likeable" and you can tell more then any of the sisters, they knew their roles, played it and don't do anymore or less.
Kim, Kourtney and Khloe genuinely crave fame and attention for doing nothing. Thats not to say Kylie is "The only good one", but they seem "normalish" despite it all.

No. 1356391

If trauma is what created monsters, the majority of women would be murderers.

No. 1356393

Yeah I looked it up and the letters are deleted but there are multiple Reddit posts about him talking about Lazytown for pages in a letter. Also the girl was 9, not 6-7, that was my mistake.

No. 1356395

He's also fucking ugly and smelly, people find a few good pictures where he looked "Decent" forgetting he legit looks like shit.
Whats funny is scrotes have no sympathy for that pretty women who killed that guy in the shower, but find sympathy for serial killers males and females, especially women when they think they are cute.
Nobody wants to fuck that Clown dude, I even see people sexualizing the Co-Ed killer, it's crazy. All these men are ugly ass hell and more importantly KILLERS

No. 1356398

A lot of people say Kendall is a shitty person with a shitty attitude, I don’t know anything about that but it aligns with the way she acts lol. Also farmers used to love her because they claimed she’s all nattie but she has had surgery and fillers so I don’t see the point. Kylie is botched but she’s really close with her mom and has alluded multiple times shes self aware about her looks and doesn’t want to be a celebrity. I don’t feel bad for her or empathize with her or anything I just think she’s the most likable.

No. 1356403

Oh trust me if Ryan Murphy decided to do a season around John Wayne Gacey he would cast a rugged bear and there would still be people who want to fuck him.

No. 1356444

File: 1664410461225.jpeg (125.9 KB, 828x576, D8B052E4-84F5-467B-9672-BE2D19…)

Why are men

No. 1356450

Her kids are going to have so many issues

No. 1356485

I feel awful for Sarah, I think what happened to her is really sad, I get the impression there was a bit more to the story than just “we bought a car and some drugs”. We really do need an MCR thread, MCR and MSI because they’re milky AF too, there’s currently some kinda court case pending with the lead singer of MSI because he groomed a 15 year old girl into a relationship with him (looks like it happened in the 90s). It’s a ball ache to get all the facts through fan accounts because they’re so big on being woke you have to comb through all their tranny pandering to get to it. Lynz is a massive art thief that can’t play bass.

No. 1356489

There's an ongoing court case?
>LynZ is a massive art thief
Was not aware of this! What has she stolen if you don't mind spoonfeeding?

No. 1356490

Samefag, it sounds like I think she's a burglar, I mean what has she ripped off kek.

No. 1356495

Jessica Simpson was a treasure and her entire career was akin to Megan Fox in being constantly sexualized and degraded. People obsessed over her because she was find to them to poke at and make fun of for being the dumb blonde trope they’re so desperate to keep alive. Nobody shut up about her “is tuna fish or chicken” bit, for like several years.

No. 1356501

File: 1664412996365.jpeg (278.91 KB, 750x1334, 201571F5-EFF3-47B1-8615-044C5A…)

This article is actually from 2021, (stans keep posting stuff like it’s all happening right now) him and I believe the record label are being sued because he perused a minor and had a sexual relationship with her. As far as I can see there’s been no resolution yet, but I’m still actively reading.


Lynx has stolen art (mostly through tracing) and played it off as her own including artwork she did for one of Gerard’s single releases.

No. 1356643

i just argued with a guy about this. i looked it up. 30% of sex offenders were abused as a child. i'm so tired of this whole "well these rapists and killers were abused their whole life! that's why they're the way they are!" no, the majority of them just rape and kill because they were born to be thrown away. they were born sick trash.

No. 1356789

File: 1664426841620.jpg (120.36 KB, 738x726, blonde.jpg)

At least he's getting ratioed.

No. 1356913


Nta but are you retarded? Kids are sponges, they pick up and learn from their parents. You know, the center of their world? Dumbass

No. 1356927

File: 1664433590991.png (1.47 MB, 1194x1252, Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.3…)

Ntayrt but this is my first time going down this rabbit hole too. Kinda funny they called out Chantal Claret (James Euringer/'Jimmy Urine' from MSI's wife), I remember that pic of her and James Gunn at a "pedophile themed-party" where James Gunn dressed up as a priest. Gross

No. 1356933

>if you think john is a scrote you must be a scrote!
Weak defence strategy Boyega chan

No. 1356938

Lmao what the fuck. Maybe it's because we had kids who acted like Dahmer in school, but I never felt an ounce of sympathy for his character. Weirdos have nobody to blame but themselves. I think the issue is not so much the films, but that other weirdos are projecting themselves into him.

No. 1356941

hate to break this to you but skinny / thin was, is and always be "im" , no matter what fat retarded american think

No. 1356942

I don't know what you guys are on about, she looks a thousand times better skinny, as does everyone.

No. 1356947

idgaf but she needs to just let her hair become naturally brown and wavy/curly again, it looks way better than that blond shit on her.

No. 1356949

she looks too thin like an older trim lady. she could stand to gain like 7 lbs. her body itself looks great but it looks too small for her

No. 1356951

Yeah I didn't think you were a scrote because I'm not sure why one would care about the harrassment against Reylos (the ones who ship the female lead with the ugly evil guy) by Boyega. It was a normal day for men online.
t. Reylo.
nonnies is there a Reylo thread, I'm not a Driverfag

No. 1356953

not to be an anachan but how much do you think kim k weighs? or what do you think is her bmi, since she's so short?

No. 1356955

just go sperg in the ship thread on /m/

No. 1356961

she's 1.57 m from what google tells me, so I would assume a weight around 45 - 48 kgs maybe

No. 1356977

I think when we're talking about such small numbers as 7lbs, we're nitpicking kek

No. 1357001

it's not small on a shorty. 7 lbs makes a huge difference on a short person

No. 1357037

No lol

No. 1357039

Ever heard of gay men?

No. 1357066

How can a body look too small for someone, idgi

No. 1357080

That anon sounds about right, maybe closer to 100lbs. tbh (sans weave kek) source: am the same height

No. 1357128

In relation to her bigass head and facial features probably.

No. 1357142

>>1356040 I watched it to know what people are talking about and I regret it. The pov JFK blowjob scene especially haunts me for some reason. I can't believe I subjected myself to that. Don't do it nonnies

No. 1357145

File: 1664461746069.jpg (55.24 KB, 387x612, gettyimages-77439565-612x612.j…)

yes, that's exactly it. it just doesn't suit her head and facial features as well as this weight to me.

No. 1357240

I have friends around that height who are around that weight, so I know what I'm saying nonna.
I don't get why some say she looks skinny, she's at a normal weight for how short she is.
If you're american though, ofc she'll look emaciated lol.
european btw

No. 1357320

I’m 5’10 and and just shy of 50kg on account of being a lifelong natural skelly, not an anachan I’d say she’s closer to 50-55kg purely on the basis of her muscle definition, her body shape isn’t achieved by diet alone, you can bet your bottom dollar she has a punishing personal trainer, and muscle weighs more than fat. Either way, I think she looks the best she ever has body-wise, but her face makes me sad because she was so beautiful before discovering cosmetic surgery. Especially when she was still a teenager and she looked proper Armenian with her natural features, her mother is such a piece of shit for what she’s subjected those girls to

No. 1357331

File: 1664472247797.webm (1.02 MB, 320x568, noSqPY8IYjaiXP-g.webm)

I'm so sick of female rappers, why would you say this to a child? It's like they have no personality but sexuality. The rapper is Mulatto btw.

No. 1357334

It's so funny when stans praise her for being a woman in a band and salivate over her playing when she literally can't play bass. She joined the band without ever trying to play before. For most of her "career" she just jumped around pretending to play.

No. 1357336

Is it possible for Kim to get her real body back ever again? Like if she put on weight and then lost it would her body sort of fill out the way it would her natural fat distribution fill the shape back out or is she permanently reshaped by surgery now?

No. 1357344

I'm glad I got a normal gig

No. 1357347

Honestly tho. If trauma created murderers and mass killers, there would be no men on this Earth because women would have killed them all.

No. 1357389

That's so gross especially the way she was trying to be sultry to a CHILD.

No. 1357394

File: 1664476270059.jpg (30.61 KB, 520x520, coolio.jpg)

Rapper Coolio passed away at 59. I don't even like hip hop or rap that much but Gangsta's Paradise will always be a legendary song.

No. 1357403

he was always kind of a POS anyway

No. 1357441

now who will pass out the traditional kwanzaa book each year?

No. 1357443

mulatto is such a weird word. we don't have it in canada, people say "mixed" instead. i think it's kind of weird to have a group of people where you call them by a word that tells you in such detail who their parents are. idk just if you say hapa or hafu or mixed it makes more sense i think? i never learned english anywhere else though - do they say mulatto in england or australia?

No. 1357450

I heard he died in the bathroom

No. 1357451

No. 1357453

i remember mulatto used to be a offensive word to mixed people.

No. 1357457