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No. 1255904

the dumbest chatroom of the internet

previous thread: >>>/ot/1245249

No. 1255908

File: 1657370593461.jpg (25.04 KB, 485x633, beautiful.jpg)


No. 1255921

what is the point of a midwife? i thought everyone just went to their doctor during pregnancy for checkups and shit and then just goes to the hospital for birth and that's it?

No. 1255966

there was one anon in a vent thread months ago who wanted to get pregnant eventually and said she will refuse to go to the hospital or have doctors help her out with the birth because she had bad experiences with them with other stuff. so probably that.

No. 1256000

doctors are just as sociopathic as cops

No. 1256001

File: 1657378503611.jpg (28.74 KB, 222x300, b28357889e0fdaa4acd7868a444738…)

I want to be a female Chad so bad!!!!!!! SO BAD!!! I just want to be Cool

No. 1256005

I would be so happy is a moid looked as cute as that woman

No. 1256006

No. 1256010

I would let her bully me, but my hair is like that right now, so does that make me Cool too or am I still Le Virgin because I'm on here 24/7?

No. 1256080

The electric bass is the best instrument because even deaf people can enjoy the dun dun dun

No. 1256083

Midwives are better than docs at least in the US since American doctors often try to push a ton of unnecessary procedures during pregnancy (early inductions, c sections, etc) and then even more unnecessary things once the baby is born. a lot of Americans turn anti-medicine for this reason

No. 1256093

Watching Yara's (from 90 day fiance kek) youtube channel makes me happy I still find her annoying but the videos with her child are so cute and she's actually a good mom.

Love you too nonna ♥

No. 1256103

what's up with people calling women "menstruators" but men are still called "men" and not "ejaculators" or something

No. 1256106

I look down on anons who look down on other anons for "spending too much time here" and act like recognizing patterns and remembering personalityfags/avatarfags or anything at all is a bad thing.

No. 1256121

new woke misogyny

No. 1256124

Fr. The local tranny in the gc was allowed to call women menstruators and people with wombs no problem, but when I told him to please keep his opinions on Roe v Wade to himself, as he, as an ejaculator won't be ever affected by it, I got thrown out kek.

No. 1256126

How is this dude British this is the most just-post-GDR thing I've ever seen

No. 1256129

>Scrolls past pic
>Stops, squints
>Oh is that..
>That's ugh..
>oh god what's their name again
>It's rupaul right?
It was doja

No. 1256135

let's call them that from now on kek

No. 1256145

I'm a digestor, a respirator, a blinker, a drinker of cider

No. 1256153

I'm reading komi can't communicate and why did they write that one girl who likes her as a predatory male? I know she's supposed to be like a yandere but the constant innuendos and that one attempt to look under her skirt were really weird even for anime. That is all, have a nice day Nonnas.

No. 1256155

I thought so too, anon. I couldn't continue.

No. 1256181

I saw a pic of my side profile and my nose actually looks fine while I've been insecure about it for 7 years (because a fucking boy told me it was ugly lmao) and felt neutral about it in the past 2 years, I'm happy.

No. 1256220

calling men names based on their genitals would imply their precious transwomen are part of the opressor class so they can't let that happen

No. 1256225

"Prison gay" proves how dependent on sex and dumb scrotes are.
They can't do right in the first place NOT to end up in jail, then they can't control their sex drive, to the point a man can be straight and never looked at a man sexually, but because his bad choices and need to coom he will fuck or be sucked or even RAPE a man.
It's just like men who troon out in real life to be lesbians. They were already shitty men, who could probably find a woman to have mercy on them. But as a troon they look even more disgusting and the ones who are actually straight, are so mentally jailed they'll fuck another "Lesbian" aka MTF, just to larp as a lesbian and get sex.
Scrotes are retarded.

No. 1256243

Bees are just external plant genitals.

No. 1256251

Simply incorrect.

No. 1256261

Okay, among other things, bees are also sexual organs

No. 1256280

Prison gay = Excuse for closeted bisexual men

No. 1256282

this is like saying rivers are external fish genitals because the sperm goes trough the water before it gets to the eggs

No. 1256284

Nta, still wrong but I like your commitment, you're hired

No. 1256294

What a beautiful picture anon.
I just came across this and felt a need to share it.

No. 1256295

We're all connected. Are you sure you know where one thing stops and another starts?

No. 1256298

kek I like your spirit anon

No. 1256346

Those cats with droopy folded ears are so cute my god I want to pet one

No. 1256396

File: 1657398345703.png (1.1 MB, 531x853, 11111111111.PNG)

This tiktok account I found is so weird, she showed her 8 year old daughters room and it looked like a BPD 19 year old's room first of all kek, crystals miku nonbinary flag squishmallows, etc. and then I go to her account and supposedly all 3 of her kids are autistic, and she's mad because none of them fit the dx criteria? This like a weird version of autism mom where your kids dont have autism but you wish they did, fucking weird
It's like those troon parents except forcing gendershit she's also forcing them to become autistic.

No. 1256408

File: 1657399086117.gif (1.18 MB, 306x200, queen.gif)

A friend of mine joked that I should stream video games because she likes seeing my stupid reactions to some bosses or plot lines and now I almost want to actually do it for real.

No. 1256410

I had an extremely cute third date and now we're talking about being exclusive, I might have a cute boyfriend soon

No. 1256417

File: 1657400032264.jpg (113.4 KB, 1350x1350, pkg1_mikuset_square_1350.jpg)

Copic recently had a collab with Miku. I don't draw anymore and I don't need markers so it would be a waste of money to buy these, but man the temptation is strong.

No. 1256430

Do it anon, I do and only two of my friends watch sometimes but it’s a lot of fun.

No. 1256433

If theres one thing I've realised over the years its that you can easily slap a sticker of your favorite character on something and it will be the same thing as a character exclusive. You want cute but effective skin care? Put a sticker over it. You want cute cleaning bleach? Sticker. Same shit way less money and usually way better than whatever they're advertising.

No. 1256440

You're actually right anon! I feel enlightened with this information.

No. 1256445

I have no idea how I could do that though, I'd rather stay private and anonymous online. Can I use discord to stream games? I'm not sure how exactly Twitch works, if it's possible to play in private so only specific people can watch. I just know that some R18 games are impossible to stream on Twitch because of sexual content but that's it.

No. 1256450

i like twitch because it records my streams and i can rewatch them, and my friend who can’t afford to game likes to watch my play throughs. i average 0-2 watchers and don’t use webcam, you don’t even have to use mic if you don’t want. but if you want to be totally private, you can stream on discord! i’ve done that before in private servers, it’s really easy too. youtube is also an option? i haven’t used it but you can apparently make streams “unlisted” so only people with the link can see them.

No. 1256452

I spent a obsurd amount of time trying to find the name of a Prision Documentary I watched, or shit maybe it was multiple pieces of different Prision Docs.
I know for sure it was on a DVD I got in a box in random DVDs years ago from a friend. Anyway, I remember there was a section that talked about "relationships" in prision and it touched on "prision gay".Using men and women prisioners.
I remember how EVERY man they interviewed claimed to be "Straight" but had sex with men and they made it seem like they "had too" because, "there's no women in here". They all talked about sex and how they basically coped, with having gay sex, by closing their eyes, only getting head, or only messing with feminine gay men. Regardless, the ones who were "In relationships" were with Feminine gay men, who they basically treated like how they treated women. It was like childern playing "Mommy and Daddy" except, it's too scrotes. One is pretending to be the "housewife" in a jail cell, to an abusive bisexual moid, who beats, shit talks and hates them, but feels he has no "Choice".They'd Have them clean their cells and that kind of thing.
They never talked about love or anything. Just sex.
The women admitted they were bisexual but would'nt date a woman if they weren't in jail and the ones who said they were "straight" barely talked about sex, they talked about how the woman they were dating made them feel and how intense the relationship could be.
I also remember a scrote saying something like, "Some men don't even have to be in jail/prision long and they'll be fucking other men".
It just made me realize how men see relationship between women and men at it's core. Just someone to fuck, clean and control.

No. 1256528

File: 1657408203960.jpg (101.22 KB, 770x963, 1657391178495.jpg)

Kate Bush kind of looks like Grimes

No. 1256533

How come I’ve met so many butch women with large boobies

No. 1256534

????????? where

No. 1256540

She’s got Shelley Duvall cuteness

No. 1256543

File: 1657408822155.jpg (202.74 KB, 739x636, 33.jpg)

Don't ever say anything like that about Kate again.

No. 1256546

Because a lot are fat too

No. 1256552

Cause you were blessed

No. 1256559

Imo it's hard to portray yourself as a lesbian/gnc female when you have a really feminine body and adopting other masc signifiers like short hair, men's clothes, etc. can act in place of bodily androgyny.

No. 1256575

>pull the third lever on the fourth hatch of the upper button in the third row of the upper cockpit
>oh shit
Kek thanks for sharing

No. 1256583

File: 1657410785728.jpg (191.21 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_20220709_175159.jpg)

give me one good reason as to why i should not buy this hat for my dog

No. 1256588

He won't wear it. He'll just shake it off before you even have a chance to take a picture.

No. 1256597

Yeah, if you look really closely it's photoshopped.

No. 1256598

File: 1657411728844.jpeg (166.43 KB, 661x939, 6DA3E48A-4FB9-4815-8468-A2E1ED…)

in my honest opinion

No. 1256620

File: 1657412683094.png (3.1 KB, 404x26, boobs.PNG)

No. 1256622

Male doctors are shit and don’t care about pregnant women they just want the baby and mother out asap to get a new patient in. It’s why c sections are more common now and Victorian doctors pushed for women to birth on their backs because it’s easier for them to get in there and god forbid a male doctor actually has to talk to his patients.

No. 1256638

I found my exes current GF's twitter and started going through her likes (you can judge me but we're on LC so…) and damn, the things she enjoys and interacts with overlap so much with my own interests, down to some pretty niche stuff, it's kinda uncanny; I guess dude has a type

No. 1256656

upset neither of you pointed out that it would make him cooler than me but your arguments are fair

No. 1256739

I miss her so much

No. 1256774

I used to watch her, did she die or just stop posting nona

No. 1256790

She hasn’t uploaded a new yt vid in a year, and all her socials have been dead too she was kinda known for not having the most consistent release schedule only posting like a few times a year/getting really active for a few months but i think this is the longest shes been gone and the last post on her patreon was in September of 2021 , shes posted on patreon when shed pause donations because of periods of inactivity before but she hasn’t at all

She also might be caught in a weird bdsm relationship , the guy that shes been linked to just gives off that energy, they moved to the netherlands together and in more recent vids over the past year in there she has had various sh/bruises/marks on her and in a comment she related them into mental health issues/bdsm play

I dunno i really just hope shes well

No. 1256807

File: 1657423145932.png (Spoiler Image, 704.94 KB, 838x620, Screenshot 2022-07-09 201740.p…)

Just check her instagram tagged. This was the most recent one.

No. 1256862

Sorry i dont have an IG, but ive done some digging and found out shes apart of this techno dance group called vixxxen


No. 1256919

I'm tired of BDSM and all the groomers who make girls join their cult.

No. 1256959

i’m genuinely curious how are these women able to dye their hair or have these cool haircuts and work normal jobs? i really want to fuck up my hair too but i’m scared

No. 1256984

The grocery store I used to work at was very open to people who looked alt, but I think it's because they got desperate for employees, so they just said fuck it.

No. 1256997

File: 1657433808217.png (135.9 KB, 1080x724, 11edf6500f330043c942bde039e81b…)

They truly are two sides of the same coin, down to the BPD.

No. 1257009

I prefer the term "prostate haver", it's less likely to be re-appropriated and will probably make moids seethe because it'd make them feel gay

Other than the unnecessary procedures and meds, it's actually easier and less painful for the woman to give birth at home with only a midwife to help her. Did you know that just seeing men (even the husband) makes women more stressed by reflex when giving birth?

No. 1257018

I hate seeing other women referring to themselves as "kink educators." What the fuck does that even mean?

No. 1257065

I like doing the posting on l o l cow dot farm.

No. 1257114

I remember watching a talk show on youtube last year about hikikomori and some people who used to be ones were interviewed on set, and one of them was a young man, and he said he had no clue why exactly that happened but in his second or last year of high school he just couldn't leave without losing his shit and he dropped off high school because of his constant panic attacks despite him doing ok in high school before. And he said that he suspected he could have autism because he looked it up online, and my first reaction was that there was no way he had autism because he didn't look or act like it. He confirmed a few minutes later that once he made enough progress to leave him home and see a therapist the therapist told him it wasn't autism or even anything similar like ADHD. I guess even if it's subtle it's still physically visible. A middle aged woman was also interviewed and she could pinpoint exactly what made her a hikikomori for years (she got stuck in her car in a tunnel in the dark on her way to work because and it triggered her ptsd because of CSA so she couldn't go through that tunnel anymore so she lost her job and had no reason to go outside anymore) but this guy legit had no clue whatsoever, it's so weird. Sometimes I think about it and it weirds me out, I hope he's doing ok now. He seemed like it.

No. 1257214

File: 1657456209959.jpg (432.5 KB, 1920x1383, henriecc88tte_ronner-knip-moed…)

In love with this old cat painting

No. 1257216

thank you for this anon! i love all of her paintings and i love that she did so many paintings based on cats. saving her work now!

No. 1257235

File: 1657457511391.jpg (826.82 KB, 1920x1388, HD_BX234.jpg)

Her cats really are on a mission to DESTROY things.

No. 1257240

I need prints for my new place omg

No. 1257244

Sounds like the guy just had agoraphobia. I developed it pretty much overnight as a teen too, in my early teens. I'm still a nervous person rn in my thirties but I'm managing to work, live alone and shop etc so those basic tasks are being met.

When I explain my past to people they tend to assume I was attacked or even raped and that I just don't want to go into detail… nothing like that happened. It just kicked in overnight and I suspect hormones didn't help but there's no dramatic origin story for me to tell lol

No. 1257245

File: 1657458267273.png (Spoiler Image, 148.54 KB, 1311x386, 2022-07-10-182932_1366x768_scr…)

No. 1257247

File: 1657458395618.png (Spoiler Image, 60.15 KB, 1324x142, 2022-07-10-183600_1366x768_scr…)

No. 1257258

File: 1657458997708.png (390.1 KB, 1424x372, sheep.png)

I just looked at dresses and mugs on Etsy, why are they recommending me "sheep"? Are they telling me to become a real farmer?

No. 1257269

cause sheeps are cuties.

No. 1257270

Reason #399485767 to never have a son jfc.

No. 1257275

this makes me so upset

No. 1257283

sounds like degenerate fantasy not actual things that happened, like come on, no one saw a kid groping and stuffing his hand down an adult's throat? or how likely is a babysitter leaving her meds for a kid she takes care of to take without her notice?
Still, doesn't change the fact men are disgusting and the thought of having a son that even has thoughts like that is unbearable.

No. 1257285

A guy cold approached me at a festival last night and I was immediately put off and dismissive because I hate that shit. Anyway after a minute he seemed charming and super attractive, but by that point I had lied about too many things to get him to fuck off and had to leave to meet my imaginary friend. I don't know what lesson to learn from this because I still hate cold approaches

No. 1257303

shotgun to the head

No. 1257306

Yeah I suspected agoraphobia when watching his interview but I was wondering where that agoraphobia could come from, more specifically. Especially because he said he used to be a totally normal guy with friends in his class. I'm not sure how that works at all so I got really curious.

No. 1257353

YouTube shorts became a weird farm for autistic and cringey content but for some reason you can't embed shorts on lolcow and then mods will ban you for posting a link

No. 1257359

yes I am entitled what do you want from me? lmao “sorry your highness sorry for wanting communication so sorry” god other women can be so pathetic

No. 1257360

You can embed shorts, you just need to edit the link. Replace the word "shorts" with watch?v= and the link should work.

No. 1257361

You're such a fucking loser. If you want communication, talk to people irl instead of begging for attention on an anonymous image board. It's not other women who are pathetic, it's just you, as an individual.

No. 1257364

I often have discussions about not men related topics with other anons here but it's tough if you're like that nonna
>god other women can be so pathetic
Ultimately, be the change you want to see.

No. 1257375

I talk to people irl too bestie, why are you always seething when people want to talk to other people? Love the anger but go and take a chill pill it’s the morning

No. 1257376

yeah I know I try to reply to a lot of people but it looks awkward, I know they want to be replied to how would these threads get a shit load of replies they act like it’s bad to have conversations on here

No. 1257380

You're literally 15.

No. 1257388

File: 1657466183494.jpg (34.17 KB, 720x401, haha.jpg)

I've been contemplating making a post in the friend finder thread but haven't done it bc I'm afraid too many people will contact me or that no one will. Also I've noticed there are people into the same thing as me on the farms but idk if I should put it in the post bc maybe everyone will think I'm retarded if I do.

No. 1257390

File: 1657466232699.gif (270.08 KB, 250x166, 27913978-CA9C-4D0C-801B-20130B…)

I’m not but go off I guess

No. 1257393

moids use the friend finder thread to hit up women on discord and a lot of the people in the thread are extremely ageist, so tread carefully

No. 1257397

>a lot of the people in the thread are extremely ageist

No. 1257400

Go outside

No. 1257409

Dont worry, you can just ignore anyone you don't want to talk to like I was ignored by every single anon i've reached to lmao

No. 1257412

>I was ignored by every single anon i've reached to lmao
nta but that's a sign you come across weird. I've posted in that thread before and ignored a couple of people because they came across weird (2 of them later outed as moids)

No. 1257413

maybe* maybe that's a sign

No. 1257415

It feels too intimate, one on one discord chats or emails. I could never

No. 1257435

Yeah I figured out as much and honestly it's fine, I guess it's a reason why I struggle to make new connections IRL too, only childhood friends sticking around. I wish someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong but then I know it may be just a wrong vibe that is hard to specify

No. 1257441

You could also contact an interesting person yourself! Some people I've contacted said they have not had very many contacts, if any at all, so I would not worry about too many. I've found some really nice women from there I have voice chatted with too (so they are actually women and not moids lol).

No. 1257453

I'm gonna try out bumble bff and I hope I meet a fun woman and we become good friends. I'm so lonely kek. If everything falls through I think I'll try out the friend finder thread but I'd love love love to meet someone irl and hang out; voice chat and messaging doesn't hit the spot imo. I hope I meet a gender critical woman and we can laugh at troons together. That'd be an absolute dream lmfao

No. 1257476

File: 1657470766113.jpg (35.11 KB, 564x609, 1650824004524.jpg)

Sweet sweet Sunday anxiety. I'm gonna prepare some chamomile tea.
I wish I didn't dread work this much.

No. 1257480

What's the one website where you pirate ebooks? It's like on the tip of my tongue, I use it all the time, but I just can't remember it!

No. 1257487

z-library? libgen?

No. 1257491

libgen! thanks

No. 1257527

File: 1657472818969.jpeg (36.51 KB, 890x520, 28A174B6-210A-4F8D-8C3E-F94743…)

A-anynonny wanna play Green Hell with me? I’ve never tried it before…

No. 1257554

No, bees are a different organism than plants, and they have their own reproductive system just like plants do. Flowers are plants' genitals. You could say the bees act as "artificial inseminators" in that they take the male genital's "sperm" and deposit it in the female genital. Or maybe bees = sex in this comparison.

No. 1257591

Okay, maybe I will post some day or contact someone. Might use a subtle reference to get someone with the same interest to contact me (retarded ik but i'm embarrassed by it).

No. 1257597

File: 1657475134524.jpg (336.21 KB, 1024x1023, tumblr_8194e80b7698d4cb0908404…)

Get your cows!

No. 1257631

Damn, the moid shitpost thread got deleted, now I can't share my links to research showing that men are an overwhelming majority of pedophiles

No. 1257636

Post it in 2X.

No. 1257638

Good. You should never respond and give then attention.

No. 1257641

Nah it was in response to someone asking for sources to add pedophilia to the cat pic with the male crime rates

No. 1257765

I want to cut off my mother so bad but I can't do it. There's that dumb side of my mind that still has love for her as my mother and I know if I cut her off my grandmother will be upset with me my grandmother doesn't support anything she does, but she's still her mother so obviously she still cares about her despite how horrible she is (which I understand and I'm not mad at her for). But I know I have to, I can't keep sharing my life with her. We've had some good moments together but the awful moments mean way more and I know we will never have a good relationship, so I have to move on. What if I have kids one day? I can't let her ruin them too, she has to to be out of my life.

I'm sorry if this sounds more like a vent. I'm honestly just talking.

No. 1257789

File: 1657483420717.jpg (878.92 KB, 1000x708, groundhog.jpg)

>need to ask for relationship advice
>that thread has been non stop sperging for days and now any posts asking for advice are getting ignored and quickly buried amongst all the petty fighting
I've got deja vu. Pretty sure I went to ask for advice this time last year and the exact same fight was happening back then. No really.. the exact same fight. When did it resume?

No. 1257809

File: 1657484489374.jpg (1.28 MB, 2025x3000, poo.jpg)

Today I randomly remembered one of the most disgusting movies I've ever seen. Might have been tolerable if it was played as straight horror, instead the third act is a random outside threat where the man "redeems" himself. Should've been shot by her for a more satisfying end.

No. 1257812

It happens at least once in every relationship thread lately unfortunately…

No. 1257824

My computer tower sounds like it's about to explode right now. I think it's because I'm playing a game.

No. 1257833

Most advice threads on /g/ are either constant spergery or it's just multiple unanswered posts asking about xyz over a period of a few days kek it feels dry as hell in there sometimes. I hope you get good advice soon nonnie.

No. 1257855

What is it about?

No. 1257862

You're not alone. There are videos and articles talking about exactly that. Here's one if you're interested.

No. 1257863

In the future a new human settlement travels in cryosleep, because the journey takes like 9k years or whatever. Main character, Jim, has a cryopod malfunction, wakes up, fucks around on the ship, has an android for company. Then gets lonely and sad since he'll die alone long before anyone else wakes up. Notices one of the cryopods has a hot girl, so since he obviously only wants to ruin the life of someone he wants to bone. Stalks her files then wakes her up and tells her her pod malfunctioned too. Uses the info on her and his "charms" to make her fall in love with him.
Down the line after they're a couple, droid reveals the truth. Woman hates him, but oh no, there's a whole system malfunction, captain died, so main man needs to go out and save the day, almost dies, so the woman "realizes" she doesn't want to die alone and loves him. He gets saved by some magical healing pod, realizes it also functions as a cryopod and one of them has a chance to return. Offers it to the woman, but she rejects, because she wouldn't get to see him again.

No. 1257868

Thanks, nonnie.

Also forgot to add that it has a very rom-comlike "falling in love montage" as if it were a typical movie about a guy hiding his wealth status or some misunderstanding as the "secret"… not dooming her to either live with him or kill herself.

No. 1257883

I screwed my shoulder blade up which is messing with my neck. I can't lift my arm above my head. It hurts a lot and I need a shower. This is day 2 of bad pain. Rotating ice pack and heat pad. Please put me out of my misery.

No. 1257886

File: 1657488978273.jpg (35.86 KB, 600x450, angelofdeath.jpg)

No. 1257907

I am free. Danke nonnie.

No. 1257925

I just finished reading the new chapter of my favourite fanfiction and I am always sad when the new chapter is ending and I am done reading and always wish the stuff happening there in the story was real and my dream guy would really exist. The writing is so damn good and it literally makes me feel as if I am in a relationship with my husbando. The author must be a goddess and deserves to be worshipped

No. 1257951

why is lc always extra wild and retarded on the weekends

No. 1257986

File: 1657498569547.jpg (7.5 KB, 275x203, 1652058689728.jpg)

Idk if this is normal but my little 4 year old nephew grabbed my neck and say to me i'm going to kill you and then started to choke me. he was probably playing but it kinda scared me.

No. 1258013

>my nephew grabbed my neck and choked me and said he wanted to kill me but don’t worry in a playful way!

wake the ever living fuck up anon men are dangerous no matter how much they’re joking

No. 1258016

I sometimes stream my game on Discord to my friend because she likes to watch me do raids. It works gr8.

No. 1258017

File: 1657501216160.png (68.75 KB, 592x268, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 5.59…)

When people say they hate dog culture, this is what they're referring to

No. 1258019

tell his mom to check his internet use if he has access to any devices or that what his friends from school might be exposing him to messed up stuff. rising rates of child-on-child sexual abuse are due to porn exposure.

No. 1258021

>4 year old
Unless there was a successful reenactment of Child's Play where the serial killer made the ritual work, pretty sure there's nothing to worry about. He probably walked in while parents were watching something violent and is just emulating the behavior. I used to fall backwards and lie on the ground attempting to perfect my head lolling back and forth to reenact the perfect death because my stupid 4 year old ass caught a scene of Child's Play when I was supposed to be sleeping. I had literal nightmares about that fucking doll and Gremlins until my early 20s though, so they should be careful about what he accidentally peeps in on.

No. 1258022

File: 1657501445890.png (263.31 KB, 533x403, Lemmiwinks is confuse.png)


Why is her left eye slipping off her face!

No. 1258027

Anglo genes

No. 1258030

Homosexual men that act like women in prison are called boys
The boys hang out with other boys, their "men" hang out with other "men" that mess with boys. All of them are shunned by the rest of the population
Rape and homosexuality is not as common as you think
t. Corrections officer

No. 1258033

Apperently mixed mma matches exist. didn't know where to put this but werid non the less

No. 1258039

regardless of whether its fake or not i hope this guy gets hit by a car or some shit tbh

No. 1258041

File: 1657503232901.gif (324.88 KB, 220x204, 8ED323AE-D81D-4FE3-BD8D-D072D1…)

No. 1258062

Just had an orgasm ruined by my grandma screaming my name twice because she doesn’t know how eBay works All a girl is asking for is some privacy around here goddamn it!!!

No. 1258120

File: 1657509130096.jpeg (178.48 KB, 1170x553, 13B774A9-F054-4174-B763-DD96F0…)

i didn’t want to bump the lsa thread if this turned out to be a nothing burger, but lipstick alley went down earlier this evening 10 EST, and supposedly some of the “fonts” were calling cps on rihanna cause she was out last night with asap 6 months postpartum.

if you go to the site, it brings back a 522 host error.

could be some funny light milk if you’re bored.

No. 1258122

It got brigaded with cp

No. 1258159

Kek I don't let things like that stop me

No. 1258168

I'm hungy.

No. 1258179

This pic is gay and weird wtf

No. 1258221

File: 1657519703741.jpeg (541.4 KB, 1125x1880, DADFD7A0-D821-4DB4-A3B7-08CCCA…)

My fiancé and I are getting gym memberships this week and I am too excited for words, I’ve been non-stop researching about what to do and looking at women’s physiques I admire. I want to go full muscle girl, I think my frame leans towards that look naturally and I just can’t wait to get started LET’S GOOOOOOOOO

No. 1258224

That's awesome, getting strong is such a mood booster, you get the awesome high after exercising, you get confidence in your looks, you get energized, I love it

No. 1258226

Read a reddit thread of people talking about how their dads connected to them in no emotional way until they became teens or adults. And blame society for it. Yeah, society prevented your dad from play-wresting or kicking a ball on the weekends.

No. 1258230

File: 1657521418614.jpeg (49.22 KB, 538x600, 251f322e578439a670z0.jpeg)

the year isn't even over yet and i'm already nostalgic over pre-february 14th lolcow. i miss the driverfags, komaedafags, and whoever man i just miss fun posters the whole atmosphere is different now

No. 1258235

The site will have shifts again, you just gonna hope the next phase will be decent again. I expect the vibe to change up significantly when school’s back in session.

No. 1258236

a moid in a group chat i'm in has been spamming the chat with pictures of bacon and random food covered in cheese after i brought up that i was vegan in passing a few days ago… this guy is almost 30 years old kek. he used to spam the group with gross porn and hentai every time i'd send a message, which bothered me way more and made everyone else in the group uncomfortable, so this is an improvement

No. 1258240

Just completely ignore him. Mute him if you can. It’s the best solution. This man is still intellectually a child (just like most men) and the lack of attention will crush him. I mean if he’s spamming porn he needs to be kicked out and blocked but spamming bacon is relatively harmless.

No. 1258242

Also samefag but I think the bulk of men’s humour is to antagonise those weaker than themselves and then to play the victim when the person gets angry and insults/antagonises back. Moids get so offended and hurt when you don’t chortle with delight at their “dark and edgy” humour.

No. 1258284

Anons in the MTF thread said there are moids and trannies larping in /g/ and I'm really stupid about some feminine things so now I'm afraid I'm gonna be accused of being a troon or moid

No. 1258301

Literally what do you lose from saying ‘dude, you’re almost 30 grow up’ are you going to become a social outcast for telling a grown male to stop spamming porn to a bunch of women? Or making mm bacon jokes vegans mad like a boomer? Why are you even in this group chat with this male when none of you even seem to like him? Is this even linked to your irl? No offence nonnie but how do you all (in group chat) not see you’re being walked all over because you’re women?

No. 1258318

There are moids and trannies on the whole site, and there are women who genuinely have no idea about some "feminine" things for a variety of possible reasons. You'll be fine. Also a lot of posters get accused of being a tranny or moid for the stupidest reasons sometimes.

No. 1258322

NTA but a lot of men that act like that feel like they’ve “won” if they illicit any sort of negative emotion out of you, even if you tell them off or something. It seems passive but truly the best thing to do is just cut them out of the convo entirely or if that’s impossible just ignore them. The only time it’s worth it to respond is if you have something so powerful to say against them that’s a complete thunder strike to their ego/masculinity, and you should really reserve that power for extreme cases.

No. 1258326

This is true. You haven't truly been arguing on lolcow unless someone's told you to go dilate.

No. 1258340

Damn, the lolcow movie thread got dark

No. 1258343

did something happen in particular or nonnies were just overwhelmed with the responsibility of hosting?

No. 1258344

Did it really? Nonnienonason should be an inspiration to us all, focusing on her growth and all

No. 1258354

the latter. anons should just go back to streaming a movie when they feel like it instead of adhering to a strict schedule.

No. 1258440

File: 1657545036951.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.23 KB, 828x525, E5E5E526-C629-4496-843E-DE47E2…)

when did men turn into such whinging fucking pussies

No. 1258446

Male nurses literally benefit from the glass elevator effect his whining is nonsensical

No. 1258450

Why didn’t he become an auto mechanic or some manly job if being a nurse is too tough for him.

No. 1258458

>literal back breaking work
Damn he lit-er-allly broke his back kek

No. 1258461

Imo that's reasonable. Not everyone is terminally online nor is it good to be in the long run, even if it's only once a week. It's still a commitment and anons should rather focus on irl stuff if they have something going on. Not sure what's "dark" about it though.

No. 1258535

That reminds me of when my former roommate (male) and I brought in a bunch of furniture to furnish our apartment and he was complaining to everybody how sore he was. When we lifted the same amount. The heaviest thing probably weighed a little under 100lbs. And I felt fine. Men are pussies

No. 1258634

Watching this as an European is fucking crazy man, the Murican purity culture is NUTS

No. 1258641

Wtf does he think we do when there's no men around? Sit on our hands and cry? He probably went to nursing school after failing everything else in life, thinking it'd be good money, and then is shocked to learn it's actually a job that requires hard work and dealing with sick people.

No. 1258701

I don't even want every member of the US federal government to die overnight I would hate that and cry

No. 1258704

I just watched this, wild shit

No. 1258732

File: 1657562547016.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1623091195727.jpg)

I just saw Paul Dano's pale doughy body on my screen against my will

No. 1258779

I’m on vacation in Europe and in a few days I’ve already seen 10x the amount of attractive men I see in a year in Burgerland. It’s not even just white men because I notice that Asian men also are more attractive if they’re from Asia rather than being American-born. What is it about being American that makes people so unappealing? Not baiting since I’m American also, but once I go back to the States I know I’m going to be disappointed knowing that guys are so much more attractive literally anywhere else.

No. 1258782

american men think hygiene is gay and dont try to appeal to women at all

No. 1258798

I love it when people say "traveling in Europe" or just Asia and I'm here like "we talking Estonia and India or Italy and Japan, girl give me some deets"

No. 1258807

Oh no, it's men everywhere that think that.

No. 1258808

I always think of Italy. Europe is just Italy and maybe France.

No. 1258810

Kek sorry nona. I only generalized because even though I’m currently visiting the Netherlands, I noticed this trend among other European men too like (Icelandic and Italian and even Australian and French-Canadian even though I guess they aren’t technically European) so I didn’t want to list the specific countries I was referring to. As for Asia, I guess I mean East Asia more specifically as I’ve noticed this among Japanese, Korean, and Chinese guys. I’m sure this probably applies to guys of other races too and I have just not paid close enough attention.

No. 1258812

Did you not have the thread hidden beforehand? That's your own fault tbh

No. 1258813

It was on the front page.

No. 1258814

Humans are attracted to different phenotypes than their own. People look different and exotic, that's why they look attractive to you. I'm European myself btw not a butthurt burger kek

No. 1258816

What threads you have hidden?

For me it's all husbando (2D or 3D), anime and anime-esque games, monster fucker and fucked up fetishes threads.

No. 1258827

Oh, sorry, I don't use the front page at all so I forgot that was a thing.

No. 1258832

Dog hate thread and I'm this close to hiding the reddit hate thread and any of the 3D husbando threads.

No. 1258841

Just saw some weird shit out of the corner of my eye, time to weigh up the possibilities. Benevolent visitor, schizo arc starting, worlds weirdest eye floater.

No. 1258855

The drunk thread because recently, as in past few months, I came to terms with my alcoholism. I used to have a lot of fun drunk posting in that thread and honestly it makes me nostalgic in a non-helpful way. I know for some people it can be hard for their sobriety being in a bar or something for me it’s seeing the drunk nonnies having a good ol’ time kek I do hope they’re having fun still over there though
>>1258832 I’m close to hiding the Reddit hate thread too, some of the posts in there have me even more suspicious of every moid I see than usual. Like seeing some of the open goings on of that site makes me feel like I need a total break from the internet to make me like humanity again kek

No. 1258963

>First day of my 3 week vacation
>Gets home at 10pm after a long trip home from a family dinner
>Brain: Time to meal prep
>Dude, it's late and I don't need to prep shit. I can cook whenever I want.
>Brain: Preppy time
>Yo, myself and I. I don't need to.
>Brain: Do it.
>Why aren't you this eager on my workdays

So now I got more lunches prepared than when I'm actually working.

No. 1258988

unpopular opinions and things that get you labeled a scrote, starting to consider the vent and punchable faces threads too

No. 1259090

Crazy how a bag of frozen mango is like $5 but regular fresh mango are like 40 cents. In fact, prepared fruit in general is overpriced.

No. 1259098

I'm also an alcoholicfag, good on you anon for making the changes, I can honestly say giving up the booze the best thing I ever did

No. 1259103

No. 1259109

I've been eating digestive biscuits all day and I just had the cleanest poop ever, thank you fiber

No. 1259147

I wish I had a cute alien boyfriend or girlfriend to take me away from this planet

No. 1259149

File: 1657588289039.jpg (559.33 KB, 1100x1127, 20029018_3b11.jpg)

Ready when you are, my dear.

No. 1259166

No. 1259171

I'm so HORNY! I love it! I missed it!!! My bf and I have birthdays 1 week apart coming up, I want to rent a cabin in the mountains for the weekend and fuck eachother silly

No. 1259191

How did you get a bf

No. 1259192

>hating anime related anything
I already know you're cool as fuck.

No. 1259193

Mutual friends

No. 1259197

Lucky binch. Damn, wish I had friends so I can meet people

No. 1259202

If it helps, I don't have any friends anymore kek. If my bf dies I'm fucked

No. 1259210

Oh, sorry. You should def rent a cabin in the mountains for sexy time with him tho. Sounds fun and romantic!

No. 1259218

I just want a family with one or two kids and be a housewife, take care of my children (job of it's own!) and have my husband be at work all day funding everything. I wouldn't mind doing housework, I don't hate cleaning, I love cooking. Call me retarded but it seems like the dream life, being with my kids, making my kids and moid happy just by cooking a nice meal for them, get a side job when they get to kindergarten and just enjoy family life (I know it's not all like in the movies, but living in a house away from society and just appreciating life as is seems like my dream life). I want kids so I can watch them grow, play with them, see what kind of people they become. I would love kids right now but being a single mother is just too hard, especially with my studies right now. My dad often says he's proud of me, it is so meaningful to me and I want to be that parent to my future children. May god send me a Nigel with a good job so I can have kids and the time to take care of them and bond with them without worrying about finances. Yes women can be successful in their jobs obviously! I just don't want to work for some stupid company I don't care about, I want to make something meaningful of my life and having a family would be that for me.

No. 1259229

I wish we could reply to threads on imageboards without having to open them
Especially on lolcow where threads are fucking massive

No. 1259289

Nta, but despite wanting to be a housewife myself stuff like this makes me roll my eyes.

No. 1259292

There's nothing wrong with wanting a marriage and kids. I like being single and childless but I don't see how wanting that would make you retarded. It's very normal lol also I feel you with wanting to not work for a company you hate and do what you love

No. 1259302

Are you really acting like this isn't a crazy popular lifestyle choice and aspirational to the majority of women? Feminists are mainly concerned with women being financially dependent on men who can abandon them at will and ruin their lives. They aren't trying to convince you that working is super fun and you'd be miserable looking after kids even if that's what you really want.

No. 1259305

File: 1657607218191.jpg (82.65 KB, 500x375, b6204b188c3a9713b216296aff158b…)

No. 1259312

Women just be in their houses making life sized husbando sculptures and chillin

No. 1259314

What kind of gen x wine mom shit

No. 1259326

Seeing couples make out with each other in public in front of other people esp. their own relatives gives me second hand embarrassment.
Just why would you do that?!

No. 1259327

I want this minus the kids because I don't want to press a watermelon out of my vagina & I hate working

No. 1259329

Malcolm in the Middle quote

No. 1259331

I know

No. 1259347

File: 1657613106321.jpg (85.14 KB, 1024x576, E-OFIxUXsAMYyv-.jpg)

Here's another one for ya

No. 1259351

File: 1657613355470.jpg (440.18 KB, 2055x825, Kreayshawn-and-son.jpg)

how would you feel if this was your mother

No. 1259356

I liked her

No. 1259358

She’s cool

No. 1259361

File: 1657614065002.png (869.69 KB, 927x582, Screenshot 18.png)

she doesn't deserve to be anybody's mother though, she still posts thirst traps of herself on Instagram and twitter

No. 1259365

Good lord lip filler looks like shit on asian girls. A few of my acquaintances got it and they immediately look botched even though they haven’t done anything else to their face. Insane the way fucked up lips make your whole face look overcooked. These girls were so pretty before too, now strangers can easily tell they messed with their face.

No. 1259367

Ok? Is she selling onlyfans or sucking abusive moids or what’s the problem?

No. 1259371

certain people should not be allowed to have children and raise them, now the child is born but he can be raised right and with guidance and care, not in the hands of a dumbass like her

No. 1259373

What did she do? Bro why you’re bein vague lol

No. 1259376

Vendetta asf

No. 1259378

nta but she is on OnlyFans.

No. 1259380

i don't even think working is the main problem here, the problem is that you think there are only 2 choices for women

No. 1259382

You think someone who made and has these tattoos on the back of her body deserve the right to have children, also she is on onlyfans as well

No. 1259384

That song is a bop. Yes women with cringe tattoos still deserve rights to have children. Being on OF is the only argument worth bringing up and you should have just prefaced with that instead of being all weird tradthot psyop vibe.

No. 1259386

I am not a tardthot in any way, my belief is that most people do not deserve the right to have children, they should prove themselves first and foremost

No. 1259402

>Sick of having to pretend I want to be some wagie just because "feminism"
So sad scrote rhetoric online had some women convinced feminism = not wanting to be a family person

No. 1259403

Ok. Made it seem like you had juicy Kreayshawn drama specifically. Like she seems tame and boring especially for the young creative/musician crowd.

No. 1259404

I dont like the energy of lolcow today what's up with everynonnie…

No. 1259414

Yes and yes.

No. 1259428

I hate taking a shit in a public bathroom when there are people around, but my stomach hurts so bad so now I’m having diarrhea in an airport bathroom and I’m sweating so bad because I can hear everyone around me. I can even hear a cleaning lady in here too… well at least the bathroom is really nice.

No. 1259474

TBF this was the zeitgeist of sites like GOMI, and for most of the first decade of its existence the site was 99% women who would claim to be feminist. In retrospect, I wonder how many of the posters were just like the founder, and just trying to drag other women down.

No. 1259482

Give em a show and then disappear into the night, nonnie

No. 1259535

Hate that I pee so much. Wish I had some thirsty disgusting moid that would buy my pee or something. I could be rich.

No. 1259565

Isn't it that way though? In my country you either work hard and much and earn your own money, settle down with a guy and you both work while your kids are at a daycare (if you have any) or let your man do the office/whatever work and do the housewifeing (though it's kind of frowned upon here). Of course all countries and lives are different, but what would be another option? Not trying to be a bitch, I just want to know. I was kind of drunk when I wrote my original post btw kek just fantasizing about a world where scrotes couldn't abandon you at any point they want. I'm studying and the only things I can see myself do is work a small amount per week or be a housewife and the first one just isn't possible with children around.

No. 1259618

Look how much better she did the queens face, I love how old and wrinkly she managed to make her

No. 1259619

File: 1657634480199.jpg (89.24 KB, 1237x559, queen.JPG)

End result

No. 1259620

I haven’t fully eaten anything in 2 days but I’m so hungry but I’m not at the same time. Wtf does this mean?

No. 1259623

I don’t want to be a wagie and I also don’t want to be a fucking complacent SAHM. It’s like there’s no escape from those two options for women, people either suggest those extremes.

No. 1259628

the ending of sabrina the teenage witch was so good, i cri every tiem

No. 1259632

Damn I wish I didn't eat 500g of cottage cheese at 3am (because I was gonna have it with my lunch)

No. 1259638

I follow a girl on ig who's a navy wife and basically lives this life and I can't lie, I'm jealous of it lol. I want this sort of life too, but the biggest problem is that I don't want kids kek. I want a family to take care of, but it'd probably just end up being me and my wife and our several rescue pets.

No. 1259662

File: 1657638216663.jpg (124.67 KB, 826x871, 1653917332072.jpg)

To be honest, is there other options than wagie or neet (either living on neetbux or supported by some poor woman) for men either? You can start your own business as either (of course it's harder as woman, especially if you live in a shithole country), or do that crypto/landlord/stockbro shit too. The world is depressing, but not even trying because you are a woman is khindering your success yourself. Kind of keeping yourself "in the kitchen".

No. 1259663

whos is this character?

No. 1259664

Me too nona i was so happy with the way it ended.

No. 1259667

I love this lady so much, she's so funny

No. 1259668

File: 1657638737150.jpg (17.52 KB, 322x400, b523a1a73e0b1372c69b6fd178bc40…)

shane from the L word, kate moennig is the actress. she's gorgeous

No. 1259669

thanks anon, she's so hot I might go crazy

No. 1259680

you're officially hot and cool nonnie. Id be into it

No. 1259681

I hate my younger siblings, I wish I was alone in this world. I don't want them to know anything about me as a person

No. 1259718

My mom was kinda like this but meaner so idk. Kreayshawn seems cool lol

No. 1259720

nonnie i’m scared

No. 1259742

It means your stomach is shrinking go eat something retard

No. 1259754

>be me with no bottoms on
>have legs on desk kinda spread like the NEET slob I am
>smell something yummy
>damn my pussy smell good
>tfw it's just food cooking in the other room

No. 1259825

I made the best borsch it took 10 million hours and but Slavic food for the win it's even better cold imo

No. 1259904

File: 1657646648926.jpg (64.98 KB, 720x480, ETCVas_XsAATyyH.jpg)

I'm rewatching Strawberry Panic out of an impulse to indulge in nostalgia (I last watched it way too young) and, while I still appreciate the visual and sound atmosphere of the series I guess (minus the characters screeching all the damn time), I can't help but go weww at the fact that I apparently mostly grew up with all kinds of scrote-pandering media which probably still affects me as of today. I'm 100% sure Strawberry Panic has been one of the many pieces that have inspired AGP kinda shit in some weeby male viewers. A lot of the scenes feel off, like friendship and crushes just… don't look that way. It's funny y'know. I'm pretty sure there aren't guys that grew up watching shounen-ai or other soft gay romance geared primarily towards women. Oh well, back to enjoying the soundtrack.

No. 1259938

Congrats anon!! What kind of borsch did you make? The way its served and what it contains can be so different even within my own country

No. 1259974

I love sleeping with a fan on so much. The noise. The feel of a cool breeze while snuggled under a warm blanket. That's the life.

No. 1260041

Unless you're hot and trad enough to get a man that earns enough so you can stay home and still have enough to feed the 2 kids - never happening. Also sahm are always miserable because the man just starts cheating and treating them like crap the moment they give birth to the babies, men resent sahm because they think cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids is much easier than working so he'll always think you're lazing around while he's at work.
I hate tradhoes, especially the ones who pretend to be trad while acting like pseudo-incels like you. Do you think any trad guy would want a woman who used lolcow considering the contents of this website?

No. 1260066

it do be like that sometimes

No. 1260092

>the man just starts cheating and treating them like crap the moment they give birth to the babies
>men resent sahm because they think cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids is much easier than working so he'll always think you're lazing around while he's at work
You're not even wrong. This absolutely seems to be the case, whether men bitching about their lack of a housewife want to admit it or not. "He'll respect me for doing my part and taking care of him-" No. A man will take his wife for granted, get angry at her for expressing any moment of emotional vulnerability and then go on to act like he's a brilliant person because he's only abusing her verbally instead of escalating into physical violence. Women who marry absolutely need to make sure they can take care of themselves if all else fails, because if a man gets the idea that she has no option but to stay, it's going to be a power tripping hell from that moment on. Men aren't kings. Kings don't exist in this world.

No. 1260105

>I'm 100% sure Strawberry Panic has been one of the many pieces that have inspired AGP kinda shit in some weeby male viewers.
Funny you say that. The only AGP I knew IRL said in an interview that what made him realize he was trans was that very anime. I always thought it was a bit weird, even as a TRA at the time, because I am a fujo and I know how to differentiate fantasy from reality. I ignored it because he at least wasn't super crazy at the time (he started to become kinda schizo later, but he moved countries and cut his penis off so it's all good)

No. 1260136

God I remember buying that manga as a teen desperate for lesbian stuff. That and some shapeshift shit. Looking at them now, those were just AGP bait. No wonder I did not enjoy them.

No. 1260138

I have the hand fan in my room and i just realised it probably sounds like a vibrator to my housemate lol

No. 1260151

Sure nonnie… totally not a vibrator

No. 1260168

kek i one of these massage guns and thought about the same thing

No. 1260182

Thanks nonna! The recipe I followed included carrots, bell pepper, beets, cabbage, onion/garlic, tomato paste, bay leaf/dill/salt/pepper and some vinegar and lemon. With some sour cream and fresh dill on top of course, delicious. It is a Ukrainian version but I suppose every Ukrainian makes it differently lol. The cutting of all the vegetables was a pain in the ass but I have enough to give my family 3 more servings now so it's worth it.

No. 1260201

So what you're saying is that, as long as I'm buying a vibrator and a fan in a couple, noone will suspect a thing?

No. 1260231

File: 1657656005738.jpg (101.83 KB, 735x982, b0ffc87830b2c1d645e620b3b03764…)

It annoys me when gen z tries to claim the old school ganguro look is black face/racist and I say this is a black person. I'm sure the fashion had very little to do with black people.

No. 1260248

God my friend says this shit all the time and it's so fucking stupid. It clearly isn't and tanning is nowhere near the same as blackface. Also I've never seen other black girls dress the same way they do in ganguro and gyaru. Who the fuck looks at anyone wearing that and asks "omg are they blackfishing????"

No. 1260254

i hate when my mother walks in on my after i had just finished masturbating and my lips and cheeks are all red and it's obvious i was masturbating

No. 1260259

I went for a lazy lil Sunday stroll a couple days ago and everyone.. everyone had a newborn in a stroller and a puppy. Not one or the other but a combo of the two at the same time? It hit me that I'm not responsible for any living being but myself. People are collecting responsibilities and Im not.

I don't know if I'm saying that as a positive or negative thing. It just felt kinda surreal. Like I had entered a weird part of the matrix and I didn't fit in. One of these women is not like the others.

No. 1260262

File: 1657657676468.jpg (20.13 KB, 400x300, d06d69961999d8d02efcb068d174d0…)

Hello, it's >>1259904 again. This garbage really rots the brain, the skirt-go-spinny energy is real with this one; it's hard to pick where to start dissecting. The silver lining though is that the 'plot' has ceased to move me in any way at all, which I'll take as a sign of having had enough of a healthy distance to otaku moid brainwashing for a while now. The soundtrack is still pretty nice and the outfit design works out well in the anime at least, but that's about all I have to say about it. I'm glad to be able to say that my affection for one of these relics from my past has dismantled itself without me even noticing. Thank God I also had Sailor Moon, Moomin and Ghibli in my life, I feel double the love for those now. The point of posting about this again? I'm a dumbass who looked at horny men's anime as a kid, that's the point.

No. 1260265

I make assumptions about people all the time I need to stop it! I don't let it interfere with my treatment of those people (anymore) but I hate that I think this way. I assumed so many things about some of my old coworkers and they turned out to be completely different. I still talk to one of them and he's told me a few things about them, one man working there I just assumed was kind of a semi-rude guy, turns out his father had passed away and that's the only reason he always seemed so sad and distant. I couldn't have known but I still feel bad.

No. 1260267

Well, they did have plenty fashion influence from western hiphop and R&B culture. Of course dumbasses can’t imagine people existing outside their American politics. You’d pop their little heads to point out that asian people have colorist struggles of their own.

No. 1260271

I live alone but my post orgasm flush lately is.. alot. And it lasts. I dread anyone knocking on my front door afterwards.

My neighbour offered to help me with something and he's the kind of guy to promise to show up tomorrow when he actually means "i'll show up whenever I show up" I need him to hurry up because I can't flick it under these conditions.

No. 1260273

File: 1657658426951.jpeg (124.34 KB, 634x895, 168E69E5-C4A1-4A99-ABD6-115751…)

Honestly I feel like gyaru is like a satire of blonde american/UK girl style and culture with the ridiculous donald trump fake tans and heavy makeup that resembles a bimbofied barbie, like early 2000s mcbling clothes. Everytime I look at gyaru it kind of looks so ridiculous it feels weirdly wholesome. It offends me that people would equate that to blackface because it almost has nothing identical to african-american/black aesthetics as a whole.

No. 1260279

File: 1657658593240.jpeg (37.65 KB, 220x338, A8D68F4D-6301-4C0D-AE9D-13CA4E…)

oh nvm… I just saw this and…

No. 1260281

Shut up retard.

No. 1260284

Sick as shit tattoo, cool as fuck, 10/10, would flex.

No. 1260292

Sexually attracted to my own mom I guess

No. 1260295

It was always supposed to be a rebellion against the things imposed on women in japan. They were expected to be pale and quiet and they did the opposite.

No. 1260298

that coat and boots are so cute but i especially love the afghan style coat i wish i knew where to get a similar one but everything online is from second hand webstores not in my continent. sigh

No. 1260299

For some reason doing the opposite of what the skin care community approves of works for me. I've always had these super nasty cystic pimples until I started using selsun blue shampoo as face wash and exfoliating twice a day.

No. 1260300

try etsy, they have a ton

No. 1260301

booooo nonnie you stink boooooooooo

No. 1260303

where are the black women here i’m tired of this nonsense

No. 1260304

damn, what's up with all of these pastor kids ending up as Disney starts? is there a 'church-choir-kid-to-disney-star-pipeline'?

No. 1260307

if you self-post and put a picture of yourself in /g/ you are narcissistic, no one cares about your hair or wounds crazies

No. 1260315

Those girls had never even seen a black person, they were doing what was trendy and provocative. Black women didn’t do their hair, or eyes like clown makeup. I don’t remember black women having a trend of wearing icy metallic lipsticks that emphasize on their lips in those years, it was more a white people thing.

No. 1260322

it’s the shade of the tan kek. people always use black aesthetics to resemble their own rebellion or fighting against cultural norms. it’s like what miley cyrus did in order to rebel from disney, she started rapping and participating in “urban” culture. also that’s definitely not true, there’s a huge genre of japanese rap and hip hop, japan has been under the influence of americanization for years

No. 1260332

Idk, they loved Lil Kim back in the early 2000s, check vid related. I think Gyaru fashion just took influence from lots western pop culture while working from their own creativity/local fashion. It's a blend of many things. I see local fashion and vibes mixed in with shades of Britney, Beyonce, Lil Kim, Spice Girls, beach tans, RnB, hip-hop, the Japanese "mountain hags" of legend, Koda Kumi, Sanrio and other "cute" brands, schoolgirls, etc. It's truly "diverse" aesthetically while still maintaining a Japanese spirit. It's wrong for any one group to try and fully "claim" it, IMO. It's something young women who loved fashion/pop culture and hated feeling boxed in created for themselves. Of course, nowadays moids in both the Japan and the west aren't really shocked anymore, they just think it's necessarily slutty and develop fetishes for it, so whatever

No. 1260333

> navy husband, away most of the time with other males so you know he isn’t cheating
> don’t have to deal with his moidness
> still get $$ from the military, no need to work
> able to do whatever you want while maybe talk on the phone every other day at most
Is this the dream?

No. 1260335

Miley Cyrus isn’t a Japanese girl. Japan has taken every counter culture on the planet and make them their own, notably punk and gothic, which have always been the bigger countercultures in Japan. Please, it’s very american exceptionalism to say it’s American black people they imitate specifically to rebel against their own society. They also take heavy influence from Latin America, Brazilian, if you listen to club music (breeding ground of gyaru) of those years.

No. 1260340

File: 1657661095834.jpeg (122.5 KB, 640x747, 1A5914C5-5045-4346-8820-52CEB7…)

Huh? Black women popularized the drag style/Bratz lookin makeup and there’s black brands still making that metallic lipstick

No. 1260342

File: 1657661222841.jpg (116.76 KB, 614x1024, CjdZmlFUkAAg96r.jpg)

Samefag, the gyaru brand Baby Shoop has also always taken massive influence from black fashion/pop culture, the staff had black hairstyles often too. They literally advertised Fifth Harmony using a picture of Normani at the front kek
I think it'd be kind of disingenuous to claim black style has had no or insignificant footing in gyaru, but I also don't agree with the TikTokers who don't seem to get what it's "about", how many influences and substyles it has or that think gyarus tanning is somehow "blackface" (it's not lol)

No. 1260344

File: 1657661328293.jpg (95.31 KB, 689x677, kek.jpg)

Speaking of the Japanese, I'm Mexican and I honestly find the ones who are into "Chicano culture" amusing kek. I don't know if they still exist to this day, but if they do I wish I could meet some.

No. 1260349

LMAO i had no idea these existed

No. 1260352

Yes lol

No. 1260357

I'm going to Paris all alone by train tomorrow morning, and I'll visit the city a little and then go to Japan Expo without anyone bothering me or slowing me down. I'm really excited. If this goes well, maybe I'll plan more trips by myself.

No. 1260358

My friend has been a NEET for the past few years because of his mental health, but I think he's now using it as an excuse not to get a job. His parents suddenly told him they're not paying for his shit anymore, and I won't say it but…. they're right lmao

No. 1260360

Abso-fucking-lutely, Americans thinking it's their planet and we're all creaming ourselves at the idea of being like them is absolutely pathetic

No. 1260364

we get it you think Japanese people are the master race even though you people commit suicide every day, just stop already because no1curr

No. 1260366

It's so fucking stupid when B-Style exists lol. Where is the smoke for this and that Chola-looking style?

No. 1260367

again americans have been influencing your society and we continue to live rent-free in your heads because you know it’s true

No. 1260370

everyone wants to be black until it’s time to ask questions

No. 1260373

File: 1657662727646.jpg (21 KB, 236x321, e0f6cb209438847e7bae619c942870…)

NTA, but I don't think a heavily western inspired subculture like gyaru is the hill to die on for this, though kek. If it was about the Chicano style, you'd have a point

No. 1260377

File: 1657662775902.jpg (74.13 KB, 564x683, 631f8d5ef1a4462f26f4c1677fbf0b…)

Honestly nona I'm from South America and the Chicano aesthetic is also fascinating to me, the makeup, hair, the big earrings, I love it

No. 1260382

they also think Lolita came out of no where when it’s definitely influenced by the roccoco period in Europe

No. 1260386

there's something so fucking beautiful in chicana, like the whole look is so chef's kiss

No. 1260387

Wouldn't Chicano also be partially American inspired considering, well, California?

No. 1260388

File: 1657663091756.jpg (25.81 KB, 220x210, Shibuya_Style_2006.jpg)

Samefag but the more I look back on old gyaru pics
>Those girls had never even seen a black person,
The more this seems cringy and almost insulting, like you really thought Japanese people weren't exposed to other cultures up until the mid-to-late 2000s or something. Please, anon

No. 1260389

File: 1657663136871.jpg (97.65 KB, 598x447, gal.jpg)

Same, I think it suits them. I love jfash and a lot of mexicans love anime/cosplay in general so it balances out

No. 1260392

Nta but seriously Americans are so retarded. No one wants to be like them - I mean look at it they've finally went full on crazy about it and now force women to carry rape babies and punish abortion more harshly than literal rape and murder. Who would be jealous of a country whose government calls women birth-givers and sees half of the population as brainless incubators?

No. 1260394

It looks like shitty cheap dark spray tan. Isn't it emulating the bimbo aesthetics of over-bronzed and contoured western women?

No. 1260395

File: 1657663360515.jpeg (75.23 KB, 500x712, 15068274-4FCE-4D49-87DD-CD7DC1…)

All of these styles are a riff off of american black culture, sorry kek. They wish they could be the originators.

No. 1260397

I'm pretty sure they tan because Japanese society prefers light skin. The whole point of those fashions were to be loud and rebellious

No. 1260398

Who would be jealous of a country with social isolation, suicide, bullying/harassment, and ignored the thousands of comfort women that were extorted for sex? Settle down retard, I wouldn’t be jumping for joy for Japan either.

No. 1260400

And what race is stereotyped as loud and rebellious in various cultures? Do tell.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1260401

File: 1657663578698.jpg (23.67 KB, 357x356, 92a60c21a79ff136d0ea6c189f6496…)

what is this bait

No. 1260402

Not any of those anons but that looks nothing like gyaru, isn't gyaru supposed to be a rebellious against beauty standards? That woman you linked has straight hair, light makeup and overall a conventionally attractive style compared to the gyarus whose puffy hair/wig and overdone makeup would definetly look odd in casual settings.

No. 1260403

Don't reply just report as racebait

No. 1260404

File: 1657663752400.jpg (885.54 KB, 1080x2004, Screenshot_20220712-180718_Sam…)

Do you remember the early 2000s? It was not a proud moment for American trends on hair, makeup, or the tan obsession. Dismiss the timer, I'm making quiche.

No. 1260405

It’s not even racebait I’m being serious like why are we pretending that when a non-black woman wants to seem rebellious or cool they use black aesthetics? It’s like none of you know wtf a comparison is, did any of you finish school or something?

No. 1260406

File: 1657663815004.png (209.55 KB, 307x317, nkhj.png)

B-style is a substyle of gyaru, anyway. Also, unpopular opinion, but I think b-style is kind of cute and there's nothing inherently wrong with it. Taking the whole "cultural appropriation" argument international without more nuance is kind of misguided on Americans' part. There are a lot of black gyaru who are very into kogyaru and other more "Japanese-looking" sub-styles, too. People are just vibing and enjoying looks, it just kills the mood to insert angry politics into things

My point in posting that picture was to bring attention to the braids, not even the skintone. It obviously takes inspiration from both black and very tanned white women's hair/fashion, alt/club vibes, etc. Like I really don't get the fight. You're all correct, but no one really "owns" it. It's not a competition

No. 1260407


No. 1260408

She thinks she's on twitter, pretend she's not here.

No. 1260409

No black women OWN IT because we have the textures for those hairstyles in the first place. The lengths racist women will go through to not give proper credit where it’s due is insane.

No. 1260411

NTA but how is stating that a stereotype exists race bait? She didn’t say the stereotype is good or accurate

No. 1260412

I wouldn't do it myself because I'm paranoid but posting your (self admitted shit hair) while looking for advice is not narcissistic. Stop milking that word.

No. 1260413

> Hillary Duff


No. 1260416

>ignore instead of trying to debunk any of claims because you know it’s true that japan has been heavily influenced by european/american culture for a long time due to many factors like trade, military, war and imperialism. just because white scrotes have been spreading our culture to the japanese without giving credit doesn’t mean you have to black out what i’m trying to say, i don’t have to be nice or respectful to get my point across

No. 1260419

File: 1657664147674.jpg (124.19 KB, 1080x1080, gyaru-1996.jpg)

Yes and no. Gyaru was most of all about violating Japanese school rules in any way imaginable. The easiest way to do that was just emulating what was in fashion worldwide (of which Black aesthetics are obviously prominent) instead of Japan among the dying and 1980s-leaning idol culture. That was the point of the tweezed eyebrows, tans, matte lipstick, blond streaked straight hair etc.
But the original stuff like the knee socks was specifically to shit on school rules. And from 1999 it just became more insane. The original style was quite subdued, kind of like whatever 'clean girl' aesthetic is being pushed now

No. 1260421

As a black woman, I don't hate "b-style" but some of the hairstyles do make me cringe lol. Apparently it was never even popular and gyarus don't even do it anymore so whatever.

No. 1260422

Diff anon but we all know this convo would be shut down already if anyone was around to do it. They're not around much today.

No. 1260423

Yeah that's true. I don't really have a problem with b-style and most black culture appropriating Japanese, they're usually chill and excited to meet black people. Unlike Kpoops who adopt the style but are also racist af about it for some reason.

No. 1260425

File: 1657664282530.jpg (49.41 KB, 369x500, s-l500.jpg)

You're being unreasonable about things, just calm the fuck down. It's not racist. Most gyaru don't even do their hair like that in 2022. This is a cover for the gyaru magazine EGG in 2022. Do you understand what it means for styles to mix and influence each other?

No. 1260427

>You're racist if you don't let me steal from Asian culture because I have curlier hair
You sound racist and disrespectful yourself, ngl.

No. 1260429

File: 1657664376543.jpeg (87.75 KB, 1309x818, 3153B9D4-2FDC-4C5E-BA28-84708E…)

>wow look at this really cool outfits they’re wearing, it very rebellious, i’m sure it has no outside influence whatsoever…

I swear it must be that insane japanese anon from a few months ago posting stats and infographics about how you’re the greatest country and people alive. Unhinged, hope amerifags do it a third time too btw if you catch my drift <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1260431

Ah, yeah. I don't know, I'm just reminded of Christina Aguilera and the gross icy eyeshadow everyone loved at that time, maybe rave braids. I'm pulled to the raver girl imagery, the scent of sweat and heavy Molly and X in the air, and really shitty techno.

No. 1260432

Wait, so are you equating American black women's hair and fashion to Nazi aesthetics now? Lmao

No. 1260433

>black people are the only people in the world to have ever worn braids and pigtails and so therefore they are stealing from us
This is what you sound like. You own your own creations, not the works of others.

No. 1260435

>Been here for months still don't know the rules regarding emojis and a-logging
Low iq.

No. 1260436

Gay bait desu gtfo onegai

No. 1260437

I wish (c)rap-chan was online to fight you, kek.

No. 1260439

File: 1657664664242.jpeg (64.32 KB, 496x618, 992048FF-EADA-47A7-BC19-A9F466…)

That’s not even disrespectful it’s the truth, every woman wears extensions but certain black groups style their hair with weave that looks very close to that example. That’s why it looks so ugly and tacky because it’s a derivation and a heavy mix of influence that has no specific roots. I mean the microbraids ffs anon

No. 1260441

what is she going to do I genuinely can’t even tell who she hates, she seems to hate white people and jews too

No. 1260442

File: 1657664759466.png (786.73 KB, 879x604, gyaru-sock.png)

I also want to add, even in 1994 when the style was the most subdued imaginable, scrotes associated gyaru with prostitution and imagined them as horny sex beasts for rejecting cutesy pale-skinned idol aesthetics. They even made shitty films about gangs of gyaru raping scrotes. Japanese moids are crazy

No. 1260443

Does ganguro look like bratz to you? Glittery metallic lipstick wasn’t the move for black women in the early 00’s. They preferred more nude and warm colors. It’s a very pop culture white girl choice.

No. 1260448

I mean that >>1260231 looks like Bratz cosplay you can’t deny it

No. 1260449

File: 1657664931851.jpeg (129.79 KB, 640x960, 661BF299-F6F6-4689-9AC2-285112…)

I know you did not just say that anon KEK. Honestly you could argue this looks like a mishmash of gyaru and the end-off of y2k.

No. 1260450

most gyaru emulated valley girl shit or stuff like paris hilton. only a few styles that were popular with gyaru emulated black girls. black girls didn't wear bright ass wigs and lipstick until 2010s.

No. 1260454

>because you know it’s true that japan has been heavily influenced by european/american culture for a long time due to many factors like trade, military, war and imperialism
Yes, and? You're gonna travel through time to arrive in Japan in the year 1600 and tell Dutch diplomats and soldiers to fuck off from Japan and turn back with their ships so Japan from open up their borders of the world and so some teenage girls in the 2000s won't use spray tan?

>without giving credit

We don't care, unless you're personally a famous fashion designer or supermodel on par with Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. If you're actually a fashion designer and you make clothes my size I'm willing to buy your stuff if it's in my budget though.

No. 1260462

Yall gonna say gyaru go is copying AAVE next

No. 1260463

She's based for that. She just hates everyone equally ig.

No. 1260464

gyaru isn't a style lol. it's a subculture. it's not lolita.

No. 1260465

File: 1657665211841.jpeg (228.93 KB, 750x937, 8B9C30C6-B01D-452C-B3EC-3F1BC9…)

Gyaru is atrocious anyways, looks like a toddler got ahold of their mom’s makeup bag and went crazy. This reminds me of scene girls who try their hardest to look like a peacock in public, god

No. 1260467

File: 1657665220880.jpg (54.97 KB, 400x299, 1490672810566.jpg)

And here I thought I was safe from twitter/neo-cgl schizoposters

No. 1260468

And what about it? Modern Black American aesthetics are rooted in rebellion to the norm due to America's history. If you want to lash out at someone for the current state of things, target your capitalist CEOs and record companies for popularizing it and making other people see, think "Wow, this looks so cool, I hate this feeling of being trapped too, I want to be free" and style themselves like that. The Japanese girls and random Disney stars didn't do shit to you lmao
While you're at it, ask your government about Ronald Reagan and the crack epidemic. Also ask record companies why drug addiction, crime, misogyny and sexual exploitation are praised in black music and why Jay-Z hasn't done shit for black people as a community, but is trying to make it so that him and other scrote musicians don't go to jail for bragging about doing illegal things. I'm so tired of girls online pretending to care about politics and then unleashing their rage on the most insignificant things. No one will get it, it just makes everyone think you're emotionally scattered. Go to the source(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1260470

I didn't say it was a style, anon. I called it a subculture a couple posts ago, too. You might be lost

No. 1260472

that was the point initially but it became more toned down and during the 2010s it was just a style for hot girls.

No. 1260474

Yeah its not appropriating black culture lmao its literally valley girl bimbo but taken to the extreme level. How does anyone see a spray tan and bleached blonde hair and think "ah yes this looks like its emulating black woman"

No. 1260475

File: 1657665401810.jpeg (137.11 KB, 368x473, 86C74166-5C4F-49CA-81DE-F8BB3F…)

samefag but it reminds me of this just add the obnoxious tan and bright lipstick and it’s complete

No. 1260476

I have no idea why some delulu twittards see any style and just accuse it of appropriating their culture. Like ok, calm down. Big done blond hair and medium tan skin are definitely not black features.

No. 1260477

you said b-style was a substyle in the post i quoted, which is not true. it can't be a substyle of anything. and like things like amerikaji and himekaji, b-style actually existed independently as it's own thing and was adopted by gyaru for a short time. a lot of people think gyaru is a specific jfash rather than a substyle and associate terms solely with it when they were only related for a short time.

No. 1260478

It’s like anyone refuses to acknowledge that fact. White women use it when they want a “good girl going bad” look to them and throw it away once they’re finding their “innocence” again. It’s the exact same thing, they’re rebelling away from the “innocent” pure pale look and using braids, darker skin, very specific makeup and dress to resemble their rebellion. The world is more connected than you think, they just aren’t ready to admit it because criticizing Japanese people is being whatever buzzword they want to call you.

No. 1260480

File: 1657665651925.jpg (563.49 KB, 1280x1440, lk.jpg)

>black girls didn't wear bright ass wigs and lipstick until 2010s.
NTA but this isn't true kek

No. 1260481

File: 1657665661694.jpg (50.66 KB, 480x348, fml.jpg)

my moid doordasher got pissed that i reported that my order never arrived even though he delivered it to the wrong place… the picture he took has the wrong door number in it as well so it's not like i'm lying… and now i'm super anxious because some angry stranger now knows where i live

No. 1260486

anon, what about this is bright?

No. 1260491

Politically, though, why should it matter what white and other non-black women are wearing and who they want to be "innocent" for? Fashion trends are symptomatic, they're not the actual issue at hand. Unless they start giving Miley Cyrus and gyarus NAACP prizes or something, I just don't see the point in caring

No. 1260493

samefagging but seriously i said bright, not colorful/unnatural. think nikki minaj and her fluorescent shit.

No. 1260495

File: 1657665958743.png (1.98 MB, 1188x591, Screenshot_4.png)

ntayrt but girl cmon just give it up LOL
lil kim was known for this

No. 1260496

Black people will do anything to be a victim lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1260497

Some anons seem to not know that a shit ton of Japanese people tan super easily and since the beauty standard for women is to be pale, being tan is logically the reverse of that. A lot of women there use umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun, wear long sleeves and accessories to cover their arms (no idea what they're called, the same that Sasuke wears in Naruto, I wish I were joking), necks and faces, just to not tan. Not even because they could potentially be sunburnt, but because they could healthily tan and have brown skin. When I was there my roommates were all East Asians but not Japanese, and they were super careful to not tan as well. It has more to do with colorism imo, and while Japanese young women are often inspired by fashion trends from different countries and eras, so what? What would that change to your life?

No. 1260498

Idk where you live but over here it's hard to come back from homelessness. Also a lot of homeless people are schizos that are incapable of taking of themselves, I really can't help but feel bad.

No. 1260500

File: 1657666120177.jpg (16.74 KB, 349x349, d6a4dda495ee139dc4b4276de065a5…)


>think nikki minaj and her fluorescent shit.
Anon, Nicki Minaj literally ripped off Lil Kim…

No. 1260501

they care because it makes them bitter. the same reason sjws on tiktok accuse people of asian fishing for wearing eyeliner wrong. cultures don't own ideas, no idea is unique. appropriation puts cultural evolution at a standstill and assumes that certain traditional things are unique to that culture for some reason.

No. 1260502

File: 1657666191051.gif (3.87 MB, 624x640, 782D44EA-3009-44C8-9B98-E17B63…)

>no no I didn’t mean unnatural I meant bright

No. 1260505

Anon, if you look "bright" up in the dictionary, it will literally be a picture of Lil Kim

No. 1260506

God little Kim was so beautiful. She looked like a real life barbie doll, I hope the scrote who broke her nose and called her ugly (I think one was biggie's fat ugly ass) live a shitty life.

No. 1260507

Don't say that to Nicki Minaj's retarded stans.

No. 1260509

This is kind of cope-ish. Gyaru obviously takes inspiration from black women, just not really to the extent twitterfags say

No. 1260510

inb4 someone calls her ugly because she looks too ‘manly’ like megan thee stallion. it doesn’t even make sense

No. 1260511

…she got ugly kpop plastic surgery too

No. 1260514

it takes influence from Hollywood culture of all kinds. why is that so hard to get?

No. 1260515

This. Gyaru is influenced by Western fashion, which includes black people. This website has a lot of weebs, I don't get why there's a huge infight over this.

No. 1260516


No. 1260518

How the fuck is Lil Kim manly? She's a turbo womanlet, any man her height would be suspected of having some sort of health issues

No. 1260519

File: 1657666461644.png (145.23 KB, 409x442, bedtime.png)

this is me every hour

No. 1260520

>want to join in on the husbando threads more since I've been using this site for a long while
>husbandos are too non-human for average husbando threads
>husbandos are too surreal, obscure and not scary enough for the terato husbando threads
>already brought them up but feel like I made nonas uncomfortable because my husbandos are cutesy and from a children's video game franchise
Ah such is life on this bitch of a earth

No. 1260522

are you the parappa girl

No. 1260523

Her and Kim Kardashian are the same height (4'11"?) right? As a fellow womanlet, I feel represented.

No. 1260525

post them anyways nona! there's likely to be nonnies like you in the husbando threads, and the number of replies don't necessarily mean anything

No. 1260526

Well the original argument was that Gyaru isn't blackface, which it isn't. It is heavily inspired by western fashion so it would obviously still have influence from the black culture. Idk why were arguing that it isn't inspired at all now. The point was that it just isn't black face/a blatant rip off of black culture.

No. 1260527

No, worse I'm the Kirby anon

No. 1260529

File: 1657666619084.jpg (30.03 KB, 494x298, f4ad4eb99fe6b1bc1_42d81333.jpg)

No. 1260530

File: 1657666633279.jpg (856 KB, 1400x1000, lilkim-ff88e73a-5c3b-46d9-8b01…)

it's legit heartbreaking

No. 1260531

The op said
>I'm sure the fashion had very little to do with black people.

No. 1260532

I think the people who want to slow conversations down by calling people twitterfags or newfags are just as insufferable as the people they don’t like. Imagine having such a dull neurotic brain thinking anyone who slightly deviates from their opinions means they are from twitter. There are large spaces outside of twitter that discuss these topics,matter of fact “twitterfags” wouldn’t even know half of these topics if they were never discussed in the past. Lots of these “SJW” topics they attribute to twitter users are from a long time ago and the fact it’s still discussed means it was never solved. She just wants to ignore how other women feel about this because she doesn’t care.

No. 1260534


No. 1260536

Everyone I have a really important question,
Is the phrase "chalk-full" or "chock-full"? Like if someone were to say "This tree is chalk/chock-full of apples".

No. 1260537

i would be interested in your perspective

No. 1260538

I mean yea, it kind of doesn't other than having elements of black fashion. They were talking about it in terms of black face, as in the girls aren't trying to mimic black women.

No. 1260539

her and park bom are kindred souls

No. 1260544


No. 1260545

File: 1657666997870.jpeg (113.37 KB, 1000x666, 5FAE414E-3AD4-4D86-9B80-D72EB0…)


No. 1260547

File: 1657667036312.png (28.11 KB, 700x630, mfw_you_made_me_read_this_with…)

No. 1260549

I HC Kirby as an adult and female, but I said husbandos. I'm talking about Dedede and Meta Knight.

No. 1260550

File: 1657667060230.jpg (44.37 KB, 720x480, CVXF4QFUsAA2NWW.jpg)

I feel bad for Bom when you learn about all the horrible things that happened to her. Her surgery only started getting really bad around 2015, picrel. The only thing wrong with her face before she became a celebrity was that it was kind of rectangular-ish.

No. 1260551

a lot of people don't realize gyaru also had a huge club scene. lots of eurobeat and house, so they copied western club scene aesthetic, a lot of which was black. saying they took inspiration from black women's style and clothing in certain aspects isn't a big deal, it's just sjws use it to claim it's racist.

No. 1260554

File: 1657667175715.jpg (118.5 KB, 950x1143, 1643613729480.jpg)

Cedricfag became Cedricfags Just post him, be like parappaanon although not the racist side but the passionate for your husbando Kirby
have been to moonrune insta? a lot of kirbyfags there

No. 1260556

Yknow what I cant even be mad. He's just a cute little pink round dude.

No. 1260558

Well as long as you're happy I guess…

No. 1260559

At this point I am very paranoid I am responsible for 90% of Kirby related posts on this site when the topic allows. Especially considering the rate your art thread on /m/ and the fact I want to post my collection on the buyfag thread.

No. 1260560

File: 1657667310662.jpeg (401.73 KB, 750x885, 4256ADDA-206E-47EC-9185-4A7624…)

anon I think tears are coming out of my eyes the last few days have been horrible for me but this actually made me laugh so hard though. isn’t kirby a child? what about meta knight?

No. 1260562

You have a point. There's someone who likes Shadow the Hedgehog so it's not too worrisome. I just don't want to accidentally make someone uncomfortable by gushing about a character I like since the character isn't from a media that's cool and hardcore like others but now that I look at it. I don't see much I should be as worried about.

No. 1260563

I'm responsible for like 90% of the posts of my husbando's series, so I wouldn't worry. It's one of the few threads where avatarfagging is acceptable.

No. 1260568

File: 1657667520218.jpeg (77.08 KB, 1000x750, AA2FF0FE-1266-474F-9049-58B2E6…)

tears flowing out of my eyes right now like what is this?

No. 1260569

please no more

No. 1260571

Again, I dislike the whole "Kirby is baby" thing that only started because of the god-forsaken anime. I HC Kirby as an adult and female. 1# Husbando wise that title goes to Meta Knight as he's really cool. He's sauve, knows sword play has a interesting motive for his goals, wanting to get stronger for the sake of bettering himself and becoming "the strongest" even going as far as to unleash and ancient warrior just to fight her. He wants to be strong to protect others, to be unbeatable, he runs a whole war ship that was used to try and take over Dreamland because he personally believed it could not protect itself under the reign of a lazy ruler. Plus, Meta Knight has qualities that are cute, like his whole mask deal. He has a cute face so he wears a mask. He has a sweet tooth, specifically for chocolate related sweets.

No. 1260572

kek sorry

No. 1260576

nonna you’re so cute I can’t

No. 1260577

samefag but I don't really like gijinka/humanizations I prefer my husbandos, Meta Knight and Dedede, to remain in their original forms.

No. 1260578

That's Kirby? Cute

No. 1260581

File: 1657667983322.jpg (57.74 KB, 1280x1280, 291958106_718061875918110_5263…)

The first Kirby game came out on April 1992 which is 25+ years and I only knew Kirby from games not the anime so I can see what you mean.

No. 1260584

File: 1657668040639.png (55.17 KB, 171x161, mk.png)

written out like this i guess i could understand, but then i look at him and i just can't see how one gets aroused from this

No. 1260596

File: 1657668386181.png (616.25 KB, 483x782, 58a20c6dc8dd3432c6fa8224.png)

Who gives a shit, nonny is happy maybe embarrassed but happy

No. 1260603

i just wish i could understand

No. 1260607

The thing is, it's not even if someone only knows Kirby from the anime first or the games first. The problem is that the anime has become the equivalent of cannon for some people, specifically how people characterize and portray Kirby. Y'know how you see tons of Kirby art, usually english, and they always have Kirby speaking in "poyo", that was caused by the anime and because of that people think game-verse Kirby is a baby/child despite beating multiple god-like entities, clearly shown to be on the same level as her friends, and such etc. so ships that contain Kirby are instantly labeled as pedophilia/proship when that isn't close to the fucking case. Kirby (game-verse) isn't a child, even the novels show that Kirby isn't even close to being a child. I've said this once, and I'll say it again. Fuck the Kirby anime, it is a pox on the eng Kirby fandom

No. 1260609

I honestly love the idea that Kirby is a girl.

No. 1260611

you want to bang a caroon penguin duck thing and a purple pufrball in armour please seek help

No. 1260613

Oh my god I’m getting flashback of the Kirbussy that someone posted not long ago

No. 1260616

NTA but I’m sure being a fujo watching men sucking each other’s dick and focusing on male pleasure is no better tbh

No. 1260617

Please don't start

No. 1260618

File: 1657668846796.gif (84.32 KB, 100x100, kirbussy.gif)

Tuesday evening kirby husbando pussy discourse has started

No. 1260621

husbandofags are usually yumejos if anything

No. 1260623

I never want to see anything about Kirby ever again
I feel like my bloodline has been cursed

No. 1260631

do you guys remember that anime or manga with the girl with heavily tan skin and eyelashes and she’s in high school or something?

No. 1260633

at least it's human dick

No. 1260636

File: 1657669645157.jpg (104.03 KB, 540x540, Momo.jpg)

I can say with 99.9% confidence you're talking about Peach Girl

No. 1260638

the kirby slit post from the bunker thread? I'm pretty sure kirbyanon here was the one who posted that kek. what i really wanna know is how do you fuck meta knight, since he's male he must have a hidden dick somewhere but where

No. 1260640

This is the shit I like seeing on lolcow, someone put the screencap together please

No. 1260641

Maybe his mask hides it, the big one not small one or it just there it's like with sans? magic dick?

No. 1260646

nta but oh yeah, then why is she eating strawberries? riddle me this anon

No. 1260649

Because peaches are disgusting.

No. 1260652

File: 1657670699558.gif (75.34 KB, 352x408, strawberry-wink.gif)

Don't ask questions you're not prepared to hear the answers to.

No. 1260659

File: 1657670870518.jpeg (41.28 KB, 500x375, 1656393328876.jpeg)

take it back NOW

No. 1260662

mangos and pineapples are the best fruits

No. 1260663

You remind me that I should rewatch the anime or read the manga. Which of the two should I do?

No. 1260664

No. 1260666

omg thank you nonna! I want to watch that show to escape from my problems

No. 1260688

File: 1657672367763.jpeg (508.93 KB, 1686x2048, kirplates.jpeg)

in related news, holy shit these are cute. i want the plates.

No. 1260696

SAME! I think it's far more fitting and I love the idea of Kirby being this whimsical ultra powerful woman.
>I'm pretty sure kirbyanon here was the one who posted that kek
I did not post that. I like the artist but I hate people who post porn in non-porn places for shits and giggles.

No. 1260703

>ywn go to Kirby Cafe
why live

No. 1260707

i had a crush on him when i was like 10, so i kinda get it

No. 1260713

If it makes you feel better, I've seen other Meta Knight husbandofags on 4chan also I think at least people would get the attraction to him. As long as you don't bring up Kirby genitals kek

No. 1260714

There's no way you think peaches are worse than strawberries

No. 1260717

Wait you also headcanon Galacta Knight as female? Why

No. 1260719

Sometimes I feel my clit and I'm like, "Oh my god it's so big. I'm a freak. I feel like I have a mini penis" (especially when I'm actually using it) but then I actually look at my vagina and it looks completely normal. Shout out to girls with big clits though.

No. 1260721

File: 1657674007142.png (Spoiler Image, 24.16 KB, 954x218, 1645549875162.png)

lmao found it

No. 1260726

I wish I had a big clit tbh

No. 1260730

File: 1657674412494.gif (213.66 KB, 400x320, 803259694_787485.gif)

Just admit that Shadow the Hedgehog is one of your husbandos ffs

No. 1260731

If it makes you feel better, I'm sure they'll be opening up on in NYC.
Simple answer would be 'why not?' but if I had to be more detailed it's for selfish reasons. I think it's cooler for Galacta Knight to be female, I like amazonian warriors and Galacta sounds perfect. Plus, Galacta or a shorten name to Gala sound more feminine. That, and when I ship Galacta Knight with Meta Knight I prefer M/F shipping over M/M shipping and I like the dynamic of a strong man with an even stronger woman.

No. 1260734

i don't wanna sound like a conspiracytard, and maybe i am, but i don't see how we're supposed to blindly believe anything that scientists say related to space… i'm not saying the earth is flat, but i don't see how i'm supposed to believe anything else, especially considering how easy it is to computer generate photorealistic images of "space"…

No. 1260735

I- they didn't figure out the earth isn't flat just from looking at google images

No. 1260737

i'm not saying the earth is flat

No. 1260738

I get you, they could actually just say hey this pic is of uranus haha and like…who the fuck am I to say it isn't if NASA says it is? I mean, ok then, that's Uranus I guess.

No. 1260743

…A lot of pictures of far out space are artistic rendition based on way more boring looking infrared imaging and scientist imagination. They do tell you that.

No. 1260746

who is the girl in the OP picture, her face keeps haunting me

No. 1260750

It looks like Jade from Victorious

No. 1260751

File: 1657676415270.png (246.62 KB, 354x351, 57DF3E13-D447-4B41-B22F-7BE86E…)

i wanna shoplift again but now that i’m an adult with a career the consequences would be worse i were to ever get caught. oh well i guess

No. 1260753

I'm not saying they're fake, I'm saying they could show me whatever and I'd have to be like "sure sis, I have 0 way of knowing but sure"

No. 1260761

Yeah well, same with things too small to see as well. People were very skeptical of the existence of bacteria.

No. 1260762

the difference is i can buy a microscope and see the bacteria, i can't see any of the shit they claim is in space…

No. 1260767

telescopes exist nonny

No. 1260770

I honestly love flat earthers, they make pretentious “I love science!!” scrotes seethe like this video I came across a few weeks ago. They literally aren’t even harming anyone because everyone already thinks they’re retarded anyways.

No. 1260774

whenever I get too sleepy I start thinking this stuff, kinda like they could just decide an hour is now 28 seconds longer and I would never even know. They would change up the clocks and my phone would just update, I wouldn't even notice but I would eventually maybe.

No. 1260802

File: 1657680928393.jpg (675.98 KB, 1028x1427, nocomment.jpg)

Jill's cousin's wedding dress reveal absolutely blew me away. There's so much to say that can go unsaid because just look at it. God damn.

No. 1260825

File: 1657683754466.jpeg (70.65 KB, 640x641, 60D74B3F-0F92-4055-A748-056647…)

I hope you sleep well nonna

No. 1260826

I was blown away too, it literally looks like a little girl’s unicorn princess costume made by sweatshop slave labor only to be sold end of season 90% off at a Halloween store

No. 1260857

Every time I recline on my stupid little office chair with my knees up it makes me pass gas, literally all fucking day I've been struggling with stomach pain at work, going to the bathroom and massaging my stomach to ease the pain or coax out a burp with no luck – I get home, sit on my chair for like two minutes, and lo and behold, multiple seconds-long farts erupt. My cat has been staring at me in abject horror but it was worth it.

No. 1260865

Life hack

No. 1260867

File: 1657688902505.png (27.3 KB, 1798x156, 890.png)

How was posting something that's essentially saying "Stop racebaiting, focus on actual politics" worthy of a racebait ban, but pic related and other actual racebait that's been posted in multiple threads are/were just left alone with no redtext? The mods are painfully inconsistent kek

No. 1260903

File: 1657691124110.jpg (158.15 KB, 750x1001, 279f332cb21275bdf55c5c111e7ce1…)

My craving for smothered chicken or pork or beef right now is crazy

No. 1260911

All the stuff you listed sounds digusting except for beef but I love third breakfast.

No. 1260914

It's just meat and gravy anon, I don't know what's disgusting about that

No. 1260917

pork is really bad for you and chicken isn't that great either. neither is gravy, in fact.

No. 1260919

I'm vegetarian anon, I wasn't talking about real meat. I just didn't feel a need to say that. And not everything you eat has to be super healthy, gravy and stew are pretty similar and both fine to eat.

No. 1260920

I love top middle lady's bangs

No. 1260923

Are you really getting defensive because anons don't eat like you do? Come on…..

No. 1260925

Maybe they just don't eat like shit. Guess the original poster is muslim too because they are vegetarian.

No. 1260928

I'm not being defensive or saying that anon has to eat like me.

No. 1260931

girl are u really comparing gravy which is made from juices from meat and corn starch to stew which has fresh vegetables and meat in it? no one said you have to eat like a vegan but your diet truly doesn't sound all that good ngl

No. 1260932

anon, stew has gravy in it.

No. 1260933

Anon, have you ever made stew or gravy? I feel like if you have you would understand why I made the comparison. You also don't know anything about what I eat daily, I haven't had smothered anything in years. I was just sharing a craving.

No. 1260935

File: 1657693486268.jpg (331.04 KB, 603x679, 20220713_082323.jpg)

the haircut is so hideous i knew immediately it was a troon who posted this. my trannydar is unmatched

No. 1260939

They don’t live in reality. Their anime girl delusions are proof of that. A normal person would’ve googled “one sided tuft long hair” or something

No. 1260940

They only know how to communicate in coomer? I feel like if you really wanted that style it wouldn't be hard to ask for it.

No. 1260942

The thing that's screaming tranny to me about this is the fact that they think they need a hairdresser to do this cut. When I was 14 i did a similar cut with a pair of shitty scissors. It's not that cute of a hair style in irl.

No. 1260943

she doesn't even know stew has gravy in it. she thinks it's full of fresh veggies too when most people only put carrots and potatoes in it.

No. 1260951

Yeah that haircut is basic as fuck too and easy to get like >>1260942
said. Only a tranny would look at it and think that it's great and that he wants it in 2022.
Also kek can't this scrote just google it to find a real photo of the hairstyle? Maybe he just wanted to make a shitty coomer joke which only confirms that it's a tranny.

No. 1260974

File: 1657696006458.png (149.41 KB, 408x374, 424135454.png)

I used to obsess over this girl who lived in a neighboring city (a friend of my ex's before he was with me) – I had never seen her in person, just knew about her from stories my ex told and from how cool she looked on instagram. Today I saw her completely by coincidence shopping at the store I work at, and she was very spergy, had a loud voice, and was hanging out with a fat troon. Very humbling experience, hopefully I never obsess over someone on social media again.

No. 1260998

To the nonnies that keep censoring words or say shit like "ducking", I'd like to clarify, that you can swear here. I don't know if it's just tiktok tourists, but it looks so bizarre.

No. 1261000

I'm sure some anons know they can swear and still choose not to do it out of habit or because they find it funny to say "ducking" or "k-word" or "unalive"

No. 1261003

They aren’t stupid. Not everyone feels the need.

No. 1261008

Nta but why do they feel the need to censor it though? It takes more effort than just typing normally. It's something they'd have to go out of their way to do.

No. 1261009

I mean they do feel the need, otherwise they could always just not use swearwords at all.

No. 1261014

They're the tiktok newfags, they use those unfunny censors in their app and it carried over to here.

No. 1261015

"Ducking" could just be a typo. F and D are right next to each other on a keyboard.

No. 1261016

Sometimes ducking is an accident, I’m a dirty phoneposter these days.
They are stupid. We will not excuse faggot behavior.

No. 1261027

Nah you’re just being autistic

No. 1261031

Stew doesn't have gravy in it though… are you talking about the roux used to thicken it?

No. 1261033

samefag, I guess it's more of a slurry than a roux

No. 1261034

Sorry I insulted your typing style kek

No. 1261044

File: 1657702854470.png (3.38 KB, 150x23, blinkie on her site.png)

Oh, gross I didn't know she liked troons.

No. 1261045

I wish I were a horse girl, but I'm old and scared of horses

No. 1261058

Every woman with a public presence is expected to kiss tranny ass these days

No. 1261077

You didn’t, I’m just not autistic

No. 1261078

The only cringy part for me is the social media image she's trying to curate. Just being a tatted up "cool" mom is whatever.
I only know one girl whose mother was a tryhard cool mom, I can imagine it's a bit rough in the teenage years, but I think by adulthood most people learn to just see their parents as just flawed humans, and learn to like/dislike them as a person.

No. 1261080

purposely censoring words is autistic

No. 1261081

File: 1657705236052.jpg (105.36 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Osthyvel_20050723_001.j…)

Does your country have this? If not, what do you use to make cheese slices for your sandwich?

No. 1261083

Kraft Singles

No. 1261084

buy pre sliced cheese

No. 1261085

Trying to mini-mod every little insignificant thing is autistic

No. 1261089

that's not what mini-modding means

No. 1261091

also, yo momma

No. 1261092

I thought people are saying unalive for a joke, not for censorship?

No. 1261093

A knife?

No. 1261094

I don’t think that some of you realize you genuinely sound like you’re just re-living your glory days from tumblr when you’d make some shitty, condescending quip dissecting like anything anyone said for a quick little dopamine hit. Either way it’s lame and ruins the joke.

No. 1261095

Idk who you're talking about, but I'm not joking and genuinely think some anons are wrong.

No. 1261105

They do. 9/10 times it’s satirical.

No. 1261108

And do you formulate all your replies like a tumblr “akshually”? If not, then it wasn’t about you and I don’t care.

No. 1261124

to be fair I have regressed massively the past 2 years. so I might as well be living in 2015 now

No. 1261128

Well cut it out anon you’re ruining the fun

No. 1261131

File: 1657707169449.gif (271.01 KB, 238x179, 0y324551134.gif)

today is wednesday you just KNOW there's gonna be a good infight coming on, i can feel it. it's always wednesdays and sundays.

No. 1261141

Why the fuck would you post this knowing it isn’t Wednesday for everyone. Do you even realize how inconsiderate that is? You must really hate women.

No. 1261143

File: 1657707582232.jpg (108.95 KB, 736x1098, db78e2ef85082f708e2cac9119a7fb…)

Is it petty to purposely annoy trannoids in fandom spaces? Nothing too big, but some time ago, I decided to get back into Kuroshitsuji, and I have done this thing a couple of times.
>Find some fanart of Grell Sutcliff
>Leave a comment
>"He looks so cute in this picture. I really like how the artist draws his clothes. Man, he was a funny guy"
>Troons have a melt down on my replies for a few hours
Now I have done it with more fanbases just to see what happens.

No. 1261147

kek i see what you're doing nonnette. let's see who falls for it.

No. 1261149

There’s already a good one kicking off in the Reddit hate thread over the use of the term Nigel tbh I think the original poster that started it maybe misused the term and now it’s devolved into this whole thing

No. 1261150

I just don’t understand why anyone would want to claim gropey pervert Grell as a mascot, it’s akin to Hisoka transitioning

No. 1261152

It's just harmless fun. I really hate gendermania, I don't even think most people trooning characters are troons themselves. A video about Ouran got recommended to me in my feed and the guy kept calling Haruhi a "they" and it made my skin crawl. When it originally aired Haruhi was just regarded as someone who didn't care about gender norms, now she's made into some kind of enby icon.

No. 1261160

I just got a password reset email for a website I don't even have an account for and the email said just that. Doesn't look like a phishing email either. So is someone entering my email into random places? Am I hacked? This shit scares me

No. 1261163

I got one from BestBuy a few days ago. I'm not even North-American.

No. 1261165

Yes, mine was from Best Buy too! I wonder if there's something going on?

No. 1261176

I assume there's some kind of phishing link inside. I don't know how realistic it is to an actual BestBuy e-mail, but maybe it could fool someone who does actually have an account. Our e-mails are probably just on some list of collected data somewhere. Have a decently complex password and enable two-factor authentication, there's really not much more we can do.

No. 1261214

Mine looked surprisingly legit. Had the HQ address and everything, and the email address wasn't like wahaluwanka48r8738429@jgghdfgh.biz or anything.
But just the sheer fact you got one too definitely makes me think something is up, so thanks for that nonnie

No. 1261373

File: 1657723183928.jpeg (81.46 KB, 626x626, F264EEB2-F9C2-4142-8376-4C15F9…)

So many things on sale on Prime day and what do I buy?

No. 1261393

Obviously buy the item in your photo

No. 1261403

File: 1657725122110.jpg (72.8 KB, 828x1013, comesitdown.jpg)

I'm reading over some of the toilet/hand washing/hygiene posts that I missed from lastnight. They almost sound fetishistic in how detailed they are while talking about poop and grime and it being rubbed into the faces of 'cute, perfect make up wearing girls' Like are you disgusted or a lil turned on?

I'll take a couple of these.

No. 1261407

The only things I saw “on sale” were things that’re kept “on sale” all the time.

No. 1261413

Anyone else notice the uptick in "RESPECT MEN" rhetoric around here? Swear to god it's just one anon too kek GO BAAAAACK!

No. 1261414

yeah for sure. it's annoying asf. i'm convinced it's a few moids larping and a few anons who back them up thinking they're women

No. 1261424

>you're seething and men live rent free in your head!
I've noticed an increase is this sassy lil comeback lol. They've overused it already.

No. 1261426

I swear to god you're just one anon too. Fucking schizo. Do these idiots really think people just spawn in from Twitter like the fucking Twitter boogeyman exists?

No. 1261430

you're actively tinfoiling that multiple posters are one person. you are the actual schizo salty that people disagree with you. go back to your male boards that you love so well and powder their balls. still not willing to get the hint that no one likes you here?

No. 1261434

Point to where twitter was mentioned schizochan.

No. 1261436

Are you retarded? I was "actively" making fun of that retard who was actually accusing people of being one person
>Swear to god it's just one anon too
Go back to /2x/, you're too deranged for the normal boards.

No. 1261437

Why does it make you so angry? Go martyr for men on reddit, you'd get a shit ton of reddit gold and asspats.

No. 1261438

It was implied. Do you not see the constant "go back to twitter" shitposts as or are you just playing dumb?

No. 1261439

Don't reply to me, you're too dumb to even keep up with who was accusing who of samefagging.

No. 1261441

another thread where someone called this idiot out for being a twitterfag for caping for men and crying we dislike them too much (unlikely they're a twitterfag, probably just a man). this same person just keeps jumping thread to thread leaking shit from their crusty, hemorrhoid spotted anus all over the board and crying compulsively because we don't like men.

No. 1261444

Can’t even say you want a male to die without some nigelfag freak telling you you’re the mentally ill one but not the male who’s ruined your life. Insane shit

No. 1261445

My cats are the cutest. Like, I mean cutest in the world and no it is not subjective. They'd win prizes in any country. I would give them buttermilk baths and put bows in their hair and fly photos of them from the back of airplanes in every major city. I would let them visit a hospital once a month to give all the sick kids hope. I would put them in little snuggies around my body and walk the city streets like a beggar talking to anyone and no one about how perfect my little sweeties are. I would let them eat me when I die, and they probably would. They are the best.

No. 1261446

You're actually schizophrenic. Please point to what thread you're referring to so I can meet this doppelgänger. When did this board get taken over by literal brainlets?

No. 1261447

Are you an LSAfag or something?

No. 1261450

They love caping for men over there and bragging about their “feminine energy” I fucking hate that place

No. 1261453

>You're actually schizophrenic. Please point to what thread you're referring to so I can meet this doppelgänger.
you literally posted
>Do you not see the constant "go back to twitter" shitposts as or are you just playing dumb?
here >>1261438

too stupid to keep up with your posts from 2 minutes ago or what?

No. 1261456

I love seeing infighting in the dumbass shit thread, can't tell if it's ironic or nonnies really just dumb AF

No. 1261458

MY cats cuter

No. 1261459

So I'm excited for the Barbie movie.

No. 1261460

All cats are babies

No. 1261462

I bet that the "if you continue to hate men they'll just keep raping and abusing women!!! REEEE" faggot from I think the unpopular opinions thread is the same combative retard itt right now.

No. 1261467

also the reddit thread. it's like 3-4 threads now.

No. 1261518

I agree, it also makes me cringe back to when I used to do the same, every time I remember that shit I feel the strongest urge to kill myself unironically

No. 1261525

I look through pretty much all active threads in non gossip boards and haven't noticed it at all, where the man caping is at?

No. 1261534

File: 1657731563993.jpg (30.51 KB, 480x581, 1655455274627.jpg)

It's one moid who has been at it all day in multiple threads. I'm glad he's triggered.

No. 1261538

File: 1657731754952.jpg (74.5 KB, 1400x700, Jim-Halpert-2.jpg)

This probably belongs in the vent thread but fuck it, here I go. I fucking HATE Jim Halpert from The Office, and I fucking hate that The Office is centered around him and his shitty scrote decisions. Every single time The Office is mentioned, it ALWAYS ends up being about something Jim did or that he's 'mY faVorITe cHaRacTeR' or 'ThE oFFicE wOulDnT bE tHe SaMe wIthOuT hIm' so you can't even bring up the show without being reminded of his smug fucking face. I hate him so much that I wish his existence was erased from acting or literally the earth because I can't see his face without going into a rage. I have to fast forward moments where he's on show now so that I can even bare through the skits. Every other character was well rounded with interesting personalities or character archs and his had no growth besides going behind Pan's back and buying his parents shitty house in buttfuck nowhere after ruining her dreams of living in NYC and persueing an art career but had no problems taking a loan out when it came to his friends and placing bets on sports teams. Like what the fuck? And I know Dwight is a dick but he constantly harrasses him to the point it's violent and suddenly it's all "Dwight is a dick who can't take a joke?" When its literally unprovoked? I'm glad he fucking embarrassed himself over and over and Robert California thought he was a douche and the other boss when he wore a tuxedo to meet him. The worst part is he thinks he's hot as fuck when he's nowhere near attractive at all, he looks so fucking mediocre that I don't even understand why there's a following for him at all. I posted this once in reddit and got bashed because 'muh Jim muh jokester'. Fuck Jim and fuck the office for making him the main character.

No. 1261549

File: 1657732171726.png (657.39 KB, 800x1200, 1597449439901.png)

Is Edith Frances of Crystal Castles a mtf tranny?

No. 1261560

There's a characters you hate thread on /m/
But I agree, I always hated that piece of shit and how The Office is about him. I literally couldn't give any less fucks about him or his life. What about the other characters?
Dwight deserved some of the bullying because he's often a prick too but Jim is way worse to him. And iirc doesn't Pam try to justify it at least once saying "he deserves it, he really does" or something along those lines? Jim and Pam are one of the worst couples I've ever seen in TV too kek I felt so bad for her and I can't believe that asshole Jim is actually treated as the main character even after he does that to her. What the fuck. There's so many points in The Office US where nothing is funny anymore nor is it satisfying to watch, it's just retarded decision after retarded decision. I also despise the actor
I've still yet to watch the original The Office but I hope it's better in this regard.

No. 1261565

I thought michael scott was the mc?

No. 1261576

Not with that frame.

No. 1261580

>>1261538 I understand this so vividly. Jim embodies the reddit nice guy soyboy archetype. He's so insanely punchable

No. 1261600

NTA, maybe in the first few seasons, but he leaves for a while and then Jim becomes the MC until the very end
As far as I remember

No. 1261606

Thank you for telling me about /m/ nonna, I will post there next time.

But YEAH! Fuck Jim AND Pam. Also fuck everyone on Reddit who glorifies them. I always forget until I remember the time I went on bumble and everyone's fucking bio was "looking for the pam to my Jim" or "pam and jim are my fav couple! goals!". They're one of the most toxic couples around compared to Bob and Phyllis, hell, even Phyllis's man bought her a million roses for Valentines day to show her off. I just hate that show so much. There's so much more that could've been done by instead it became every hetro couples Madonna

No. 1261609

This is her voice, no

I have listened a bit of CC but while googling I stumbled upon all the drama they had, I had no no idea. Why so many artists/band I like shitty wtf. Already happened with Die Antwoord and Mr. Kitty REEE

No. 1261616

File: 1657735003733.jpeg (127.34 KB, 640x552, 5541C4A8-EFD1-4032-A1CD-BDEFE5…)

Ok at this point I am certain that he knows he has a following of spergy girls and is pandering to us.

No. 1261620

Wait no mr kitty too? Moids musicians are so fucking annoying.

No. 1261621

This nigga self posting. Women can only feel threatened by a scrote so fuckin ugly.

No. 1261625

same and with MSI

No. 1261627

he's way too autistic to notice a girl looking his way (if girls even look at his inbred looking ass)

No. 1261629

Nonny you say this on a board with driverfags and that other guy who plays priests

No. 1261636

Somehow this literal who manages to be uglier than both of them.

No. 1261638

Kek I like him because he’s endearingly retarded and non-coomerish

No. 1261643


Yeah, but to be fair. Every guy would look bad when compared to Creed. Creed is obviously the best guy of the show

No. 1261653

oh right I forgot kek

No. 1261656

I’m making my own sim file in the sims 4 and I’m making this family who are secret occult sims. Should I make them aliens or vampires? I don’t have the werewolves pack and the mermaids one seems outlandish because they’re going to live in newcrest.

No. 1261659

No. 1261662

based, ty I was leaning towards that one kek

No. 1261675

Very nervous right now. In a room with 4 cats, I'm outnumbered. If they want to they can end me.

No. 1261712

File: 1657739595365.jpg (78.08 KB, 665x374, labradoodle-or-fried-chicken_w…)

I really like those small, fluffy, brown, fried chicken dogs. I've always called them teddy bear dogs because I don't know enough about dogs to know the breed or mix. If I ever get a dog (probably not because my lifestyle isn't suit for one and I'm a cat person) I would want a teddy bear dog or a dobie.

No. 1261725

I'm reading Baylee Jaes threads from one and…I know it's old but it's so cringe how much blatant Cow Tipping is going on and encouraged. I find it so corny to watch nannies, make accounts rant paragraphs at Baylee and come to lolcow for asspats and actually get it. I know it's old but it makes me roll my eyes.

No. 1261728

The idea of Aliens living in Newcrest crack me up, it could be a sitcom "Aliens in Newcrest". I hate occults. Only brought thr vamp pack for the new world and clothes. This was before I discovered CC. However Vampires are very fleshed out and good in Sims 4, I'll give them that.

No. 1261732

File: 1657740722737.png (247.23 KB, 600x224, zimbabwe.png)

>The mods are painfully inconsistent
The mods are painfully obvious self-flagellating white women who try to distance themselves from their own whiteness by siding with anyone who hates on white women for any given reason.

No. 1261737

File: 1657741110216.jpg (64.92 KB, 512x365, look-at-all-those-chickens.jpg)

No. 1261744

I no like sopmetimes the moderation team

No. 1261747

I wish someone would poz my neghole. But by neghole I mean the void of love in my life and my poz I mean fill me with love.

No. 1261756

Nothing, stop buying useless crap especially if it’s from amazon.

No. 1261760

Food from impoverished areas is the best. People in the hood eat good.

No. 1261763

Tru. Food that violates several health codes just hit different.

No. 1261780

kind of random but there was this autistic scrote i used to be friends with a couple years ago that i would play video games with. one time while we were playing something on the switch i ended up making him upset (i was mad at him and called him a dumbass) and he proceeded to turn on video chat on our vc and he was CRYING. mf took a shoe and started beating himself in the face because i called him bad at just shapes and beats. not my fault you suck at dashing retard

No. 1261787

Sad cringe, sorry you were subjected to this nonna

No. 1261790

If I was rich I'd move to Tokyo asap, idc if that makes me a weeaboo. It really is a paradise for alcoholics who like cute shit,which is me…3 dollars for an all you can drink vodka buffet?yes,alcohol vending machines that font require am id?love that. I couldn't work or go to school there because of their toxic work environment so I'd need to be rich.

No. 1261793

My brother is autistic and he does this shit too, just starts hitting himself when he feels like someone is mad at him. I do feel kind of bad for him since he gets really upset but fuck when you're an adult you need to come up with better ways of coping with criticism even if you're an autist

No. 1261803

So many people think Japan is some fantasy kawaii anime kingdom place. You will likely experience some form of racism especially if you are black by older people especially (not racebait just facts). It is literally heaven for pervy scrotes. Why do you think they have women-only passenger cars for tubes and stuff? because you will get groped and sexually harassed.

No. 1261808

I'm black and I've already been to Japan 3 times. Definitely would pick living there over America if I were rich.

No. 1261811

Sperg here. I used to do that as a stim, but I wouldn’t actually hit myself, I’d just make a stabbing motion with my hand at my chest or head. It wasn’t usually when I was angry or talking to anyone, just when I thought of something embarassing or cringe. Imagine the Tarzan chest thing but with one hand. It went away thankfully.

No. 1261822

Samefag and like I said if I were rich of move there. As a rich person I'd be shielded from almost all the negative aspects of their culture.

No. 1261823

This. The amount of sexism and pedophilia there makes me wonder wtf women are on that they think that third world piece of shit is appealing in any way. Maybe she's drunk though thinking about that shit since she said she's an alcy. Drugs will make you lose brain cells.

No. 1261828

The food and shopping for clothes was great. I don't care about the sexism because it's the same everywhere, especially for women of color. 99% if scrotes in all countries are pedos, there's no escaping that.

No. 1261831

File: 1657745489106.jpg (64.75 KB, 900x930, EdCJaxkXsAAFQXU.jpg)

Anons who say "non con" for "not milk", I hope you burn in hell

No. 1261832

> 99% of scrotes in all countries are pedos
Yeah but I mean Japan literally caters to them. Like subtly through anime, loli media whatever and those maid cafes and stuff. Not to mention the very low age of consent

No. 1261835

Nta but most "developed" "western" countries are also shit. They'll excuse rape and murder of women just as often as third world countries. They just hide it away from their media better but we all know western men travel to shit countries to rape little kids and commit just as heinous crimes as any man. White women are too delulu to admit their ratty man are rape-apes though - until their men finally targeted them. The same women who stood by their men as they hurt other women are now only standing up because they can no longer abort their babies and sleep around like sexpests.

No. 1261838

America sexualizes teens and caters to pedos as well. Check out shows like euphoria that depict teens in hard-core sex scenes. If I lived in Japan i wouldn't be dating japanese scrotes so it doesn't matter anyway.

No. 1261840

Not many thank god but I was just catching up on pixielocks thread and saw it again after a while of not seeing it here

No. 1261842

> White women are too delulu to admit their ratty man are rape-apes though - until their men finally targeted them
Why are you saying only white scrotes are rapist. It has nothing to do with race. If you want to bring race into it. Asian paki men are the most likely to rape you

No. 1261844

Americans are delusional. They'll ignore epstien and obvious cp rings of theirs while blaming every other ethnicity for being more evul and underdeveloped. Super ironic because even in most third world countries, abortions don't get you longer sentences than rape and murder.

No. 1261852

Oh my god are we really having the "which men are worse/better" discussion for the millionth time

No. 1261853

We all know all men are like that but white women love pretending some random ethnicity is totally way worse to defend their men, lol do paki men more often take sex slaves or travel to countries to rape kids than western men? Don't think so. White men are shitty though they are always protected by their equally shitty women. I enjoy seeing them suffer now since they've held their men's hands while the said men enslaved and raped countless women and girls. Karma.

No. 1261854

Japan hates black people, weeb

No. 1261855

Americans are do delulu when they try to put people off Japan because of racism or sexism. The most racism I'd have to deal with in Japan is dome slurs unlike in America where they literally will try to shot you or attack you.

No. 1261859

Kek they'll try to say japanese are racist for staring at you while their cops and people will kill you or attack you for your race. Americans that killed countless natives and enslaved every minority imaginable calling others racist will never not be funny to me.

No. 1261861

That's how out of touch with reality they are….omg they will stare ate and call me a slur! So scary

No. 1261862

I am not saying only Japan is racist and nowhere else isn’t and yes there are far worse racist places. I am just saying people like to make out Japan is some magical place and does no wrong just because they watch anime.

No. 1261866

I never said it was magical in my op. I said it would be a paradise for me if I were rich.

No. 1261867

I am referring to the vast majority that believe it is, your post just bought up the topic of Japan

No. 1261876

A lifetime of fastfood + porn addiction + biased media to wash their brains leaves them like this. They're a developed country but their iq average is super low compared to other countries. They're all sheeps who won't ever speak up against their government or citizens this point. Their rights are actively being taken away but they're not doing anything while white women %100 blamed women in shit countries when our rights got forcibly taken away despite our protests.

No. 1261877

You can be racist without killing someone. I think it's honestly more deluded to believe that someone isn't racist just because they didn't kill you if they're otherwise being bigoted.
Anyway, the fact that this all started just because someone dared to criticize Japan and point out that they have flaws is insane to me.

No. 1261882

Yeah but it's not a good argument to use against Japan since people in America are literally murdering people for their race. It's hypocritical. There are so many other issues with Japan you could mention other than pedophilia, racism and sexism. We all know American scrotes are just as pedoish they just go to poor sea countries to act out.

No. 1261883

I'm not the original anon and I don't watch anime or fantasize about any specific country but I believe Western European and Americans are the most racist based on my personal experience as an Asian/brown woc. I haven't seen as disgusting stuff from Asians or Eastern Europeans as I did by white men and even white women who claimed to be radfems especially in online spaces. Ranging from how middle eastern women deserved what happened to them and how slavic/asian/black women are the ones guilty for white men raping/trafficking them.

No. 1261885

> Anyway, the fact that this all started just because someone dared to criticize Japan is insane to me.
not even on lolcow we are safe from weebs who will attack if you speak negatively about japan

No. 1261886

All men are bad except my Nigel specifically, solved.

No. 1261887

Americans are delusional, I said it before and I'll say it again. They'll ignore the statistics of their men killing and raping women, especially if the woman happrbed to be non-white/poor/sexworker. It's futile arguing with them, though thankfully their men themselves are showing them how evil they are by forcing the women to keep incest rape babies. Still they cape for their men lol.

No. 1261890

>Calling people delusional while saying that it's good women are forced to keep babies from rape and incest
Get a grip

No. 1261891

Okay I just read the Kirby posts so I guess I’ll say it: I wanna fuck Master Shake

No. 1261893

If you were challenged to become a cow (with your own dedicated thread) as quickly as possible, how would you do it?

No. 1261895

But he's a milkshake?

No. 1261896

Have you seen the size of his tongue?

No. 1261900

I love potatoes. I guess that's all. You just rub oil and salt on a potato and put it in the oven and that's IT. Served just with butter, or fancy with cheese and sour cream or literally anything, ANYTHING. I just took some baked potatoes out of the fridge and ate them straight and they were so so good. Why do I keep forgetting about potatoes, I'll never forget them again. Like if i'm feeling picky, a potato ALWAYS works. It's so inoffensive and pleasant. And if i'm just a bit hungry, I can just eat a bit of it! There is nothing more versatile than a baked potato with such little effort and so much taste and such a pleasing texture, mm. If anyone knows anything better I'll eat my hat!

No. 1261905

I've noticed most people who feel the need to trash on japan anytime anyone says something nice are weeaboos themselves they just can't afford to go to Japan and are jealous. You people don't actually care about racism lol

No. 1261909

I think google does the "This file is too big to scan for viruses" thing on purpose.

No. 1261910

Damn nonnie I almost made a post about potatoes earlier today, my favorite food ever. They’re delicious any way you cook them but I love hash browns the most, yummy crispy taters.

No. 1261912

kek thank you nonna

No. 1261915

lmfao this reminds me of the time that I was camping with an autistic boy and we made some spaghetti in one of those cooking stoves and he dropped the whole spaghetti into fucking wet dirt made muddier from the pot water and I was like fuck and he started to cry and EAT THE SPAGHETTI FROM THE DIRT. How did I forget this. I was like dude stop and he was shovelling, yes shovelling the spaghetti and dirt into his mouth making no effort to parse the dirt (now mud) from the spaghetti. Even smacking him on the back of the head did nothing, I just wanted him to stop the disgusting spectacle but clearly he was having some kind of breakdown kek so I just walked elsewhere and let him be a pig.

He was also into "femdom" wanted to be literally murdered by women. In hindsight it was incredibly dumb to go camping alone with someone so clearly unstable but ah that's youth for you.

kek even writing this down I sort of can't believe it happened, what the fuck.

No. 1261925

It's good if the women are the ones who voted for the men and defended those ideas. You can't get mad when you defended the same happening to middle eastern women lol. Hope it's fun.

No. 1261927

WHAT. Imagining this is so fucking funny but I would actually be dumbfounded and not know what to do if someone did this in front of me.

No. 1261929

Kek how do you even know he was into femdom and those weird shit? Did you fuck the retard? It's so funny but I feel bad for the retard.

No. 1261938

kek taking spilling spaghetti to the next level, male autists are the worst

No. 1261946

Unfortunately yes, only before that incident and hearing the extent of his fridges. In my defense he had a massive dick and so far is the only one to have made me squirt. I more or less never saw him again after that. He tried to pull the typical suicide bait and I reminded him I had his mom's number and would call her out of "concern for his wellbeing" and he backed off real quick.

When that spilling spaghetti meme was popular I cracked up every time remembering it kek

No. 1261947

Why the fuck did you admit this

No. 1261953

he was definitely trying to bait you into insulting him so he could jerk off to it later, a subhuman sex pest. really fucking funny story tho, glad you didn't get hurt and he didn't have his jackoff fantasy fufilled

No. 1261954

Girl this is too funny lmaoo. Do you have any other stories about him? Did he ask you to hurt him or something and that's how you learnt he wanted to be murdered?

No. 1261966

File: 1657751044449.gif (243.56 KB, 220x165, 36CCEAAF-AAFA-4930-A1D5-03794C…)

fake and gay story. why would you lie like this anon?

No. 1261982

why would you fuck someone who eats dirt spaghetti

No. 1261998

Nonnie said it's cause he had a big dick.

No. 1262006

a singer i used to like got outed for raping another singer… who is also a rapist. i hope men continue to reserve this energy for each other only and leave teen girls alone

No. 1262038

I wish Tyra Banks was relevant now or in the time of social media because she's such a narcissistic cow and she would make the best thread.

No. 1262051

>gets with scrote while his current girlfriend is pregnant (or was preggers at the same time not sure)
>cheats on you constantly
>gets random woman he met at his birthday party preggers
>talks shit about you to her and refuses to pay child support (I don't know what happened with child support)
> has three baby mothers
> Khloe decides to have another baby with him and people say it's so her kids can have the same father…
But they already have siblings from other mothers and if Tristan can have multiple baby mothers, why can't Khloe???
She's already settling for a serial baby daddy anyway. I also see a lot of people saying they get it. I don't. It's not like it's Kanye with one baby mother, Tristan already created broken homes. Obviously nobody involved has respect for themselves.
(Celebricow thread is locked so I needed to vent somewhere about this and it is dumb ass shit)

No. 1262053

File: 1657754710146.jpg (139.46 KB, 706x1069, Screenshot_20220713-191054_Chr…)

No. 1262061

Gen Xer/Geriatric Millennial youtubers attempting the Baby Millennial/Zoomer adhd manic jumpcut memelord video editing is cringey and sad.

No. 1262072

give us names, sis

No. 1262073

tyler carter. i don't remember the name of the scrote he raped, never heard of his band before

No. 1262074

does anyone else feel extremely lonely posting on here because everyone is too busy fighting about stupid shit and ignore any reasonable posts

No. 1262082

File: 1657756159944.jpg (15.74 KB, 600x311, e77.jpg)

>tfw just downloaded what's probably close to 900-1000 files of CC for the sims

No. 1262086

me too

No. 1262087

my sims mod folder is 22.1GB

No. 1262095

Mine is 29 GB right now, but it honestly feels like I have nothing in my game.

No. 1262102

that’s how empty it is even if you buy the most important packs kek. even my CAS items don’t seem enough

No. 1262103

I was even thinking about installing more ram on my pc, the poor thing can't stand the loading screen anymore, even more so because I only play The Sims 3 which is extremely poorly programmed

No. 1262105

Why did you post this in shit post thread? I hope someone reads your post anon, it's upsetting when you feel like you're ignored.

No. 1262111

Nonnie it says the name right in yous filename. Poodle mixes/hybrids usually have -doodle in their names.

No. 1262119

I'm so bored. Maybe I should be horny instead.

No. 1262120

this isn’t the shitpost thread nona

No. 1262125

That's so true, I've recently started downloading script mods (drugs, realistic birth, WW, slice of life, even one that's literally called "Have some personality, please!") just because I couldn't stand how boring it is. I even downloaded a new loading screen kek. But if they ever drop a Sims 5, I'm not buying it.
Sims 3 is definitely one of the better ones, but the open world made it lag so painfully.

No. 1262130

My mod folder is 95GB, mostly CC clothes/hair/make up. I have all the expansion packs (but if I could sell back Eco Living and Snow escape I would). I have all the GP's except for Jungle, Star Wars and that Decorator pack. However, I wish I could get a refund for Vampires (Its a good pack but not for me). I have all the stuff packs except 2 (Bowling and some otherone). I have zero kits and never will buy a kit.
For me and how I play, there's certain packs I don't even use if I don't have a storyline, like I've never played the Get to Work jobs except for the Stores & I barely play them. I just make them.
I haven't even lived in the wedding world or Eco Living world. There's so many features I haven't used in DLC because I stick to family storylines. I think thats the only reason why I'm not bored even though i've been playing since 2016.
Also all the CC I have.

No. 1262134

I was thinking if I'll ever get married would it look good to wear a simple white dress+ a white loose knitted veil with black boots, hair and jewelry? (this wedding is never gonna happen btw)

No. 1262138

He probably is straight, but instead of doing this shit in his house while his wife and daughter is gone and jerking off, like scrotes with these fetishes USED TO DO. Now he walks around in it, getting off and everyone calls him "Stunning and brave".
Only good thing about this is he hasn't identified as a woman yet, but it's going to happen.

No. 1262139

File: 1657757769427.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1889, AA534D57-4A52-4640-A53A-EC6C73…)

>He lives in Germany, was born in the United States and claims to be completely straight


No. 1262145

It looks like this is his fetish or something. Like semi-crossdressing or something.

No. 1262148

there’s no inherent danger in the game anymore. they should have added free content where they add diseases, mental illness, pandemics but they are literally selling a high school pack out of all things lmao. next thing you know we will get a kindergarten and middle school pack, these people are greedy as fuck

No. 1262162

File: 1657758999331.jpeg (3.91 MB, 4032x3024, 6DC73550-65A2-4ED1-9C14-6E787F…)

Find the Froggy

No. 1262167

File: 1657759165810.png (890.39 KB, 734x473, frogfound.PNG)

No. 1262171

File: 1657759589570.jpeg (787.91 KB, 750x1005, 976BC4D1-C97F-460F-B60B-5BDB89…)

No. 1262184

File: 1657761929952.jpeg (100 KB, 501x604, 1657758999331.jpeg)


No. 1262185

omg you are so smart anon!

No. 1262188

File: 1657762487288.png (187.19 KB, 1222x1235, 83248725.png)

just a little happiness for you nonnas

No. 1262189


No. 1262191

i was going to kill a spider under my bed but right as i was trying to he caught a fly and now i feel bad. good job i guess but his ass is still getting evicted after he’s done eating it, i can kill all the flies myself thank you very much.

No. 1262202

take it outside. i capture them under cups with paper and then take them outside.

No. 1262228

I don't understand 'shadow work'. Isn't it normal to reflects on your own actions and mistakes, and try to do better? Or am I just misunderstanding the concept. If you never reflect on your own actions there's something wrong with you, who even does that? Or doesn't I suppose.

No. 1262235

My perspective of shadow work is like this: using the darker aspects of your personality that are usually repressed (especially in women) to be productive. Using dark instincts to do good actions. For example, after my ex left me I hated him so much the narcissist in me wanted him to regret it and get rejected by me. I was determined to get fit, get a better job and go out more. I did do those things and he contacted me over a year later and I enjoyed setting up a date with him and cancelling right before, then ghosting. I also let my anger fuel my determination to become an author and other personal achievements. It's the darker parts of your personality that can be the key to unlocking your best trajectory, through motivation alone.

No. 1262245

Everytime I scroll past the Brazil thread, the OP makes me giggle

No. 1262290

>type "one-sided" onto google
>the first suggestion is "one-sided open relationship rules"

No. 1262322

>she doesn't know google bases that on your personal search history

No. 1262323

I liked a Jake Kranz short now I get recommended him alot. I realize be has 3 jokes and hoe lazy his content can be 70% of the time. Though I enjoy those three jokes.

No. 1262327

Not really

No. 1262329

Nah but it bases it on searches in your area. I've had multiple questionable search history when I had a completely clean slate

No. 1262332

>Google still uses search history to customize search results, so they're more relevant, but unlike the past, Google only uses the previous search a user has made. The user's previous search helps Google understand what they're looking for contextually.

No. 1262339

File: 1657787216001.jpg (48.42 KB, 449x588, 1652925629353.jpg)

There is a bug or something inside my wall, few times a day it says "bzz bzz" and then it's silent again for hours. I can't understand where it is, that's a stone wall?? Stupid bug, why don't you go to another corner, don't "bzz bzz" behind my back!

Argh again bz bz to yourself!

No. 1262342

Doesn’t check out for anons who use incognito and don’t save search history

No. 1262344

I’m in your walls

No. 1262348

File: 1657787700531.jpg (114.14 KB, 960x960, 5f56d7aefea710f5.jpg)

Go to someone elses wall please

No. 1262353

No your drywall is delectable

No. 1262370

Yeah, it helps. It’s not literally catered to you lol can’t leave out that google also pushes shit and hides shit.

No. 1262402

I have such a love hate relationship with Vinted (European depop). You can find such cool pieces on there but they have this option to see what else the person is selling when you scroll down and it's always the cutest things and I have to think about buying certain items for weeks because I know I will spend way too much money if I buy multiple things because it's so tempting aaaaa

No. 1262476

My bf picked up Subway for me and I told him to get some pickles on the side cause god I love Subway pickles and they gave me so many. Do you know how lucky I feel to have leftover subway pickles in my fridge right now?

No. 1262479

File: 1657810497897.jpeg (125.33 KB, 827x881, 184C025C-EAA4-443F-BD7D-BF3F61…)

Lots of physical pain and a lot to do, how is everyone else’s radical day?

No. 1262482

I hate pickles but good for you. In middle school my best friend and I would make each other lunch on Friday’s I think? And she loved pickles so I would always pack them even though they made my bag stink. We’re not friends anymore and it makes me a bit sad.

No. 1262483

What’s special about subway pickles? Are they sugary or something? I know their bread is too sugary to legally qualify as bread in like Ireland or something.

No. 1262492

File: 1657812083289.jpg (18.67 KB, 330x330, Tumblr_l_83968387801706.jpg)

>see cute long haired guy posting videos of him playing the guitar
>look at his profile
>"transgender woman"

No. 1262495

File: 1657812279271.jpg (92.42 KB, 1280x720, epigenetics-tea-1280x720.jpg)

>someone posts a video of themselves spinning to show off a dress
>lolcow anons nervously hovers their hands over the tranny alarm button

troons really ruined spinning around for some of you, same with how a group of anons starts foaming at their mouths whenever someone uses y'all

No. 1262504

File: 1657813217020.jpg (233.71 KB, 2160x1440, BeTheChange_Gandhi.jpg)

I do associate 'Y'all' with some of the dumbest takes I've seen posted on here. I judge it for that reason.

Solution.. start posting y'all in the middle of posts that aren't dumb.

No. 1262505

You came in from the Jill thread didn't you.

No. 1262508

omg nonnie this happens to me too. we should open a support group

No. 1262517

A couple of years ago when I was in university I saw this girl who always rode the same bus at the same time as me. She would wear bright yellow sundresses and skirts that would show off her hairy, unshaved legs. I used to think it was so cringe that she would boldly show off herself like that. But reading more about radical feminism I now think she was based af for doing that. I think about her sometimes and I hope she's doing well. If I saw her again today I would try and be her friend so bad kek

No. 1262520

That's so cute you made each other lunches. I wish I had a friend like that.

No. 1262523

Guilty as charged, couldn't help but chuckle at the reactions when I was catching up. I know anons were joking but with how some posters on lolcow are so aggressively desperate to clock troons I kind of imagined them holding themselves back from sounding the alarm lmao

No. 1262524

Thanks nonna, I am now going to repeat posts that are retarded and add a y'all in front.

No. 1262525

y’all folx are problematic

No. 1262532

My style of dress goes so retarded with my hairy legs. I dress in trashy mini skirts and very cropped tops, but my legs in particular are hairy as fuck. I wonder how many people notice. Sometimes I think about shaving, but it really is too annoying for me to do all the time.

No. 1262533

I forget people like old you even exist nobody ever says shit to me and I'm full yeti mode. Cowards

No. 1262543

As a teen I was waiting in an accident and emergency department when I noticed the woman next to me in a long skirt had hairy ankles. I saw it and didn't think much of it. I'm in pain. Waiting time are long. I'm desperate to be seen already. A few mins later some middle aged scrote in the room looks at me and then nods his head like he's trying to get me to notive her legs and silently take part in judging her. If it happened today I'd be more likely to say something to him but I was a pretty meek teen.

Just thought the whole scenario was ridiculous. His big age, my small age… the setting we were in. Like grow up man.

No. 1262549

File: 1657815589020.jpg (133.48 KB, 640x851, Tumblr_l_67368969353890.jpg)

Been crushing on a not so well known actor and i wanted to watch somw of his old movies but all the torrents are dead, i can only find shit quality with russian dubs

No. 1262570

are mukbang channels binge eaters? or do they cut together days worth of eating for one video and pretend like they had it in one sitting? how do they eat 10,000 calories in a sitting and now die of high cholesterol

No. 1262572

I think most of them purge off camera

No. 1262586

Ayrt. I have hairy arms, not moid-tier hairy but noticeable enough with my dark hair and pale skin. I was helping a customer at work one time and it was a woman who was somewhere around her 60s. When she saw my arms she literally gasped and told me "You should shave your arms!" Like bitch it ain't even that hairy, quit being so dramatic. I felt so bad after that encounter and started shaving my arms ever since. Now I just do not give a fuck anymore and if someone told me something like that to my face again I would tell them to fuck off

No. 1262597

They purge off camera (see Venus's chicken nugget challenge and her glassy eyes every jump cut) or they C/S, or fast up until the event. I used to mukbang that's how I know.

No. 1262601

that is extremely dangerous… stomachs are not to be fucked with. i bet nikokado got so fucking fat because he wasn't purging, in a way it's so unhealthy no matter if you purge or not.

No. 1262604

File: 1657819189077.jpg (247.01 KB, 750x938, b6b.jpg)

I made one for you

No. 1262605

File: 1657819274173.jpg (247.67 KB, 750x938, b6b2.jpg)

Also this

No. 1262616

As long as he's not claiming this makes him a woman, I'm not bothered. Looks gross though

No. 1262633

No. 1262636

No. 1262650

Who posted a video of them spinning in a dress?

No. 1262673

File: 1657825097494.jpg (93.49 KB, 1024x682, IMG_20220712_152950.jpg)

Men are soulless creatures.

No. 1262674

Did she break up with him?

No. 1262675

Not sure. but i hope so.

No. 1262676

why are people so dumb… I don't know… why do they humiliate themselves willingly? I don't know

No. 1262688

I’m just sitting here thinking about that PI who was following me for a few months around 2016-ish and wishing I could get a copy of some of the pics he took of me. I bet there were some good ones. Imagine the pap shots he likely got! Cuuuteee!!!

No. 1262692

I have this man (or someone posting his photos pretending to be him) blocked on Reddit for being a creep.

No. 1262700

File: 1657827528127.jpg (343.89 KB, 692x699, shaymin.jpg)

Can we start calling shaynafag admin "shaymin"? she's nowhere to be seen just like the pokemon kek

No. 1262738

File: 1657829918472.png (227.41 KB, 1007x550, anon.PNG)

Sperg vibes

No. 1262741

File: 1657830110058.jpg (44.88 KB, 1440x1440, 248920875_306830947941535_9031…)

Who cares, it is easier to write out shaymin versus shanya admin or shanyafag admin.

No. 1262742

Why do people reee about hollywood pedos disproportionately when european cinema just gets away with it

No. 1262768

Whats the point when you can always call her newmin (eg previous admin is oldmin).

No. 1262769

Was voting on photos on photofeeler when it gave me a warning that I'm a "bad quality voter" and that my votes will be worth less because their AI detected "a randomness or pattern" in my voting. Like… yeah. My voting will have either a randomness or a pattern, what thr fuck does that even mean. I wasn't just spamming the same answers.

No. 1262789

Jesus Christ that poor woman, that made me die a little bit inside. Men were a mistake

No. 1262799

I got accepted into law school! I'm so happy, I hope I can some day be an independent lawyer, earn bank and do a job that combines my annoying always-right personality, word autism and the reward of actually helping people. I'm just picturing myself sitting in my snuggly apartment at my cool desk finishing some case, picking on the details. I hope it works out! Life is looking up, I have 1,5 more months of free time to enjoy my own hobbies and then I'll get to study something that actually interests me.

No. 1262800

A sexist German song was banned at some festivals and of course now it’s number 1 and from what I see online, men are celebrating the song out of spite. I will just never understand this hatred men have for women. They hate us but can’t live with us. I just don’t get this cognitive dissonance. Must be the defect chromosome.

No. 1262814

Wanting to fuck women but also having an extreme hatred for us is mega mental illness.

No. 1262815

File: 1657834374030.jpg (6.49 KB, 275x185, 1657216888580.jpg)

kek this kind of reminds me of something I saw in a CVS one time a year or two ago. I was there with my mom and when we went to check out as we approached the cash register I thought the cashier was a woman, but then he turned and I saw that it was a guy around my age (who happened to be skinny and had long healthy hear). Ngl I thought he was really cute but then we got closer and I saw that he was wearing a fucking transbian (lesbian flag + trans symbol) pin on his shirt as well as an asexual flag one. Why must cute guys troon out…

No. 1262820

Are you me? I only shave like 1-2 times a year now because my leg hair is so thick and grows so fast it felt pointless. In my experience, the people who care aren't worth your time. I wish my legs matched my clothing choices better but I got tired of covering them up, I want to dress cute without having to worry.

No. 1262826

NONNIE AHH IM SO PROUD law school sounds so hard to get into but you fricking did it let’s go!!!! I hope you celebrate, this sounds like the start of a really exciting stage of life for you. Good luck, I hope you bring goodness to the world and give it your best ♥

No. 1262832

sexist scrote music irritates the hell out of me but what did they expect instead of stupid men rallying around a song. can't do shit about actual german prostitution and sex industry but get pissy over a song about a madam.

No. 1262834

don't buy into the retarded thinking. your legs and body hair are just part of your body, dress how you like nonna. Dressing in cute skirts and dresses isn't reserved for those who go through ritualized female submission that is shaving your body hair.

No. 1262853

Dw about it. I dress very preppy and clean cut and wear plaid mini skirts, loafers, all that jazz. I don't shave my legs. I already shave my armpits and coochie and don't care or have the time to do legs as well.

No. 1262858

i am kind of miffed because the tech who came to fix my family’s washing machine back in march fucked up the drain pump. it’s a front loader, and she removed the drain hose when it was replaced so when the filter is full, you now cannot drain it like you are supposed to for our model and brand. all the water gushes out through the drain pump when you try to clean it and floods the laundry room. on top of that, the motor has died again right after she changed it, so we can’t even get it to drain out. i noticed it was acting weird last night and i am kicking myself for not checking what she did when i had her come out to look at it earlier this year. it looks like we’re just going to have to get a whole new one, which is fine cause the pump on the one we have now has always been faulty. it’s just annoying because i am moving and feel bad my mom has to deal with this shitty washer.

No. 1262861

Thank you so much nonna ♥ It was a hassle but I'm so excited to learn more about it and gain new skills! I'm super curious about my new classmates too, I hope to make some new friends.

No. 1262869

been testing negative but have a nasty summer fly or whatever, I keep seeing weird shit

No. 1262871

ah hell no, you know I mean flu, I am so fucked rn sorry nonas what the fuck

No. 1262873

Girls i feel the need to purchase fingerless gloves, and a fedora, not just a fedora, but a sequined fedora, red eye contacts, and converse boots. How do i approach this urge?

No. 1262876

Studying the blade is the first step

No. 1262884

I was high earlier and couldn't use my phone and I had thought of something and was like oh that's a lolcow post and now I'm here and I can't remember it.

I'm pretty sure it was a social commentary. Fuck sake

No. 1262886

Advice: put your voice recorder app on your home screen. You can more easily navigate it versus typing while you're high, and then you get to enjoy your retarded and/or profound high thoughts later when you're sober.

No. 1262896

I wanna paint my nails but I don't know which nail polish to use. I have a sparkling peach tone, black, a copper penny shiny one, raspberry, blue lagoon, and a maroon red. Which do I choose?

No. 1262910

Onee-chan, thank you. I will indeed be studying the blade. Maybe even drawing furry fanart of celebrities and hissing at normies. A-arigato~

No. 1262919

i have a sparkling peach polish, its my fave because its so neutral but tasteful. I'd pick that one

No. 1262937

Sounds good. Thanks nonita!

No. 1262982

tired of the infighting honestly like shut the fuck up already and go take a damn shower

No. 1263001

Uuuh I don't know where to post this but I've been trading nudes with this guy I've been going out with and it's such a power trip. He compliments me so much. I never understood the appeal of just sending pics until now.

No. 1263011

Be prepared for the possibility that he will post them online. A lot of men do this.

No. 1263021

I’m >>1258221 reporting back in to say I finally joined the gym and had my first workout….I did not realize this gym was mainly a body building/power lifting gym. I have never felt more like a fish out of water kek, I stood out like a sore thumb compared to all these guys built like Conan the barbarian. I’m going to stick to my goals and keep going but man I do wish there was a more “normie” gym less than 45 min away from me to start out in. Truly felt like I walked into the salty spittoon when I first got there.

No. 1263032

I've set my google options to not give me personalized search suggestions and to not keep my search history.
Not to mention that I've never ever googled anything related to poly shit or anything like it.
Also my search results are not based on my actual location and language, but on the US and in English.

No. 1263046

This makes me so fucking angry and it's the reason why I'm afraid of being in a relationship with a scrote. I hate how this kind of shit is normalized and acceptable now. I'm just imagining some retarded SWIW wokie seeing this and defending this shit by "b-but he's supporting a low income sex worker!!!" FUCK OFF.

No. 1263047

>trading nudes with a scrote
truly a dumbass shit moment

No. 1263054

File: 1657848856396.jpg (126.59 KB, 1024x600, 16603435107_86aab1017b_b-26929…)

I've been seeing these jesus sandals (much like picrel) in my local thrift store for about two months and I keep contemplating if I should get them. They're a slight bit worn down but with the climate I live in I will be wearing them for maybe 2 months anyway, they're cheap and suit my style. You know what I think I just convinced myself.

No. 1263060

I love opinionated women, wish there were more who actually spoke their mind. I love all of you nonnies, for being smart enough to have an opinion and not follow the heard ♥

No. 1263077

Cute non-tranny guys with long hair are an endangered species now, just like butch women who aren't fakebois

No. 1263083

I am okay with mediocrity and being mediocre. I have no need to aspire for anything except being better than I was the day before. I owe you or anyone nothing.

No. 1263084

This ironically makes you better than a good chunk of people because the absolute delusions people have of themselves is mental

No. 1263139

File: 1657862359520.png (557.28 KB, 1400x788, 637b5236257ae0ab9e90838bb2ca3f…)

Whenever I see one of the Sprouse twins in media, I wonder how people choose which twin they want to act in their movie/show. Like how did the directors and producers of Riverdale decide they want Cole and not Dylan?
Also, TIL that picrel from The Quarry is not played by Dylan Sprouse.

No. 1263143

A spider came down from the ceiling right on top of me while I'm on the bed and this is like the fifth time that happened and it always reminds me of that tumblr post about how spiders don't crawl into your mouth but I know this for a fact, these spiders are trying to crawl into my mouth, they literally wanna be eaten, they are suicidal

No. 1263146

Well I’m sure both twins don’t go for the same roles and audition for all the same stuff, and isn’t one of them a little fat?

No. 1263147

File: 1657863619584.png (181.59 KB, 487x410, 10AD421C-A28D-4668-877C-5050B5…)

All the body hair talk got me thinking of how all the women I’ve known who were okay going out unshaved were fucking blondes with barely any body hair to begin with and what they do have isn’t even noticeable unless you really look. So unless you have dark, actually visible body hair shut up.

No. 1263151

I go to swimming classes and virtually all the women that go there are unshaved (including me). All but one have dark hair. I didn't really notice until I thought about my own legs and deliberately looked at their leg hair, it's barely noticeable and obviously not a big deal for them. I honestly don't know if women here are slowly changing their shaving habits or if it's always been like this because I didn't use to think about it.

No. 1263156

File: 1657865122504.png (3.75 KB, 448x32, Untitled.png)

dunno what the fuck this means but I thought it was funny

No. 1263158

There's a lot of metalheads with long hair though

No. 1263160

Same. I wouldn't be able to go outside with just shorts without waxing my bikini line and legs or I'd look like a gorilla. Shaving won't do shit because the hairs would be visible from beneath the skin, that how dark they are and how pale I am. I see a lot more young women who don't shave or wax their legs and their hairs are blond, thin and short so it's barely noticeable.

No. 1263166

Kek I feel you anon. Dark hair and pale skin fucking blows. I don’t even feel like I’m particularly super hairy or anything, but it seems so noticeable if I don’t wax.

No. 1263173

Oof yeah, like my legs don’t even look good shaved because you can still see the little black follicle so what’s the point?

No. 1263182

File: 1657868032245.jpg (46.43 KB, 735x733, bd5e556fbc68a46d6ca7fc2b8ba6db…)

When I'm studying, I love listening to rap/hip hop and upbeat pop music. I know it sounds counterintuitive but it keeps me hype and energized whereas more calming music feels too boring and ultimately distracts me more. I do the same thing with cleaning. I'm so calm all day, I need music to invigorate me to stay productive. Dancing in my chair increases my efficiency, I swear.

No. 1263186

File: 1657868263529.jpg (29.34 KB, 320x320, a833a93555cf9ad8c66d2943fcb536…)

I do that to. But I also play chill music sometimes. Depends on the task at hand really.

No. 1263195

File: 1657868725793.jpeg (16.43 KB, 663x463, q.jpeg)

can't focus on reading with any noise at all..

No. 1263199

How short are your shorts that you have to wax your bikini line?

No. 1263204

I just can't deal with silence. My mind wanders too much.

No. 1263237

I really want to try one of those magic mushroom chocolate bars again but I’m a socially retarded loner who just moved and has 0 connects. I miss my friends back home who always knew a guy who knew a guy.

No. 1263244

File: 1657873839213.jpg (76.9 KB, 1020x612, 2975.jpg)

Killer Mike giving a self-flagellating speech about "social equality, police brutality, and systemic racism" while sitting in a strip club. Also lobbied agaibst the closure of strip clubs in Atlanta. Faaaaaaaaggot

No. 1263251

so fucked up after learning that misty shares jessie's voice actress. how the fuck did i not notice sooner? everything i know is a Lie

No. 1263261

They always make exceptions in their principles when it comes to women. I used to listen to some rtj songs and was happy the songs didn’t sound openly misogynistic until i listened to his verse in kill jill and got a reality check that he’s just like other moids.

No. 1263280

The anachan rushing towards the screen banner scares me. The one with the woman shimmying and then [YOU DIED] makes me laugh.

No. 1263303

File: 1657882033390.jpeg (157.08 KB, 743x557, 9D473E7C-C871-454A-8CCC-10895D…)

That’s right I don’t give a fuck and I love it. Did not like the original meme.

No. 1263304

I ran a high as shit fever last night and genuinely dropped my phone seeing that damn banner, it's way too spooky for me

No. 1263308

Definitely scared the shit out of me when I first saw it scrolling in the middle of the night. Not as scary now but still unsettling. She move so fast.

No. 1263350

What was the original

No. 1263380

File: 1657889455291.jpeg (156.13 KB, 750x543, D89795FA-3983-475E-8247-EA0C25…)

No. 1263412

honestly I kinda hate all the banners besides the [YOU DIED] one. no offence to the farmers who made them, I just really don't care for the porn-y ones.

No. 1263443


It's been brought up a number of times in Meta, they were due to be updated (and some of the ones people were complaining about removed) when the Admin change happened. So far though, our current Admin is essentially not available (may still be working on/getting acclimated to the site IDK).

No. 1263451

So I randomly watched an episode of Masterchef Australia from TV because it for some reason is really popular in my country. It was a challenge where they had a limited amount of ingredients to cook with, and two of the guys decided to make a broth. This sparked the judges to proclaim that they were having a "broth-off". Next thing you know everyone is going "oh my god it's a BROTH-OFF! GUYS WE'RE HAVING A BROTH-OFF!" and it cut to the two guys in question excitedly talking about how they've never been in a broth-off before. The judges asked them both to present their dishes at the same time to complete this epic broth-off, and if you think I'm writing the word broth-off too much you would be crying if you watched even five minutes of this episode.

There were limited ingredients. The ingredients were suited to make broth with. Why the fuck did they make such a huge deal about two guys making broth? Has no one every made similiar dishes on this show? Am I high? What's going on?

No. 1263456

did you anons see bella poarch's new mv, which had dream in?

No. 1263457

You watched TV. For a long long time all TV shows consist of hyping up some incredibly boring thing.

No. 1263466

I sometimes watch it with my mom and it's so needlessly dramatic, people crying because they're telling a story of their life in the form of a pastry they underbaked. One dude also had a meltdown and fucked off set and the lady host went after him like he was a baby, should've locked the door on his whiny ass.

No. 1263472

Another video with tons of cameos from her somewhat famous friends… yawn. I have to say though, I once found a reddit post exposing Bella Poarch for lying about being adopted and I thought it was such a dumb thing to lie about, if you have your clearly biological mother and siblings all over your old social media.

No. 1263477

File: 1657895829993.jpeg (692.38 KB, 1170x766, D442CD7C-3C21-4BA6-B8B9-D7F12C…)

Based, I wanna be Mrs Mac

No. 1263530

File: 1657899361947.gif (132.46 KB, 117x125, 1645333952400.gif)

kinda wish basic psychology was mandatory teaching in school or at least more encouraged to find interest in in your teens. it bothers me how many people don't know about any of it, that so many people end up coming to their own often silly conclusions and theories about the world and their interactions. i feel like a lot of people would benefit from looking into research surrounding social influence and things like attachment theory, what they suggest is common sense for many people but still not enough. the most that people attach themselves to psychology seems to be through personality tests which is a shame as there's not much to them besides getting your result and seeing if you agree with it and get to use it as a label.
i sort of feel the same about sociology as i see so many people hold such extreme misconceptions about our societies and how they function. there's always going to be a bias in terms of what gets taught academically and how it's taught but maybe a lot of conversations would be less retarded if people absorbed some of this stuff

No. 1263533

I've lived in Japan and was always respected there despite not being white or Japanese. I've suffered from racism way more in my own country.

No. 1263534

The problem with the world of psychology for me is most psychologists embrace AGP tranny bs so who know how mislead they can be. I usually only listen to them in their area of expertise and thats it. For example, I have AVPD and most are complete ass at helping me, they like to focus more on the disorders that are exciting to study in school and cause outward damage vs the silent boring disorders. The last psych I talked to was an expert on substance abuse so her advice to me amounted to nothing more than "well you're not addicted to anything it seems, so you should be happy!"

No. 1263536

The racism is just being obtuse about the fact that old Japanese people may have never seen a person of your ethnicity in real life so they will glance at you. They're not wishing death on you.

No. 1263538

It's not the shorts that are too short. It's the pubic hair that take a lot of space on my thighs.

No. 1263543

What's your country?

No. 1263546

The issue with racism in Japan isn't so much that people experience violence because of their race, it's that it's extremely socially acceptable to discriminate against non-Japanese when it comes to housing or employment.

No. 1263550

France. The most "racist" thing that happened to me in Japan was when gaijin hunters politely asked me if I was Indian and single. Man I wish that were also the case here. Instead I'm always treated like a retard by everyone except my coworkers who are FOR ONCE not racist. I had a manager at my internship years ago who treated me and my black coworkers like drooling retards and she yelled at me once because she accepted my request for a PTO on a 31st of december and then changed her mind later while I made plans for that day already because "you don't even celebrate christmas you're not white!!1!", I had extreme issues just finding a shitty part time job that require no qualifications just because of my ethnicity, I've been treated like shit at school by teachers who thought I was a cheater because I had the best grades for years despite me not being white like my classmates, I'm basically undateable because men wouldn't want to present me to their racist, catholic parents (happened to my sister twice, her white bfs broke up with her just because of their parents), I could go on. That's just my personal life, don't get me started on other people like me here.

No. 1263557

Everytime I meet a woman who speak very broken english or my language, I somehow feel comfortable and proud of her for learning a whole ass new language. A man talking to me with broken english or my language? Instant annoyance, mostly due to me having been approached by these men who have such broken whatever language that it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realise they were being gross

No. 1263570

That's so terrible anon. I heard french were racist but didn't know it went to that extent. I thought they just disliked hijabis/poor minorities and people who didn't talk french. What's your race?

No. 1263574

One of my parents is Moroccan and soeaks fluent French with no accent whatsoever, my other parent is Algerian born and raised in France. I'm not even muslim and I don't really look or act like one yet people think I am and judge me partly on that. There are a bunch of negative stereotypes attached to us and French people are very passive aggressive when they want to be racist. Except for some old farts like Jean-Marie Le Pen or Brigitte Bardot. Other minorities are also treated like garbage, but not always the same way and they have different stereotypes attached to them too.

No. 1263634

I just saw what Elon Musk's dad did. I would attach a reaction pic, but I'm too appalled right now.

No. 1263645

I was born in France and I’m black too. Two of my teachers this year think it’s fine to say the n word. This place sucks

No. 1263676

Girl we need to leave this shithole as soon as possible I'm sick of it. I'm not even surprised about your teachers, there's some kind of stupid controversy around the "and then there was none" novel by Agatha Christie because the original title has the n word and French publishers want to keep the original title translated literally to French despite Christie HERSELF changing the title and approving the new one. I also know too many people who think calling Maghrebi women beurette is fine as if it's not a racist insult as well. Nothing surprises me here anymore.

No. 1263706

I really wanna kill all the men in the world who are obsessed with “spreading their seed” they are subhuman to me. Errol, Elon and Nick Cannon all need to be castrated, men who want to have as many kids as possible make me feel so gross, they’re like retarded animals.

No. 1263736

Wasn't Elon a child of two cousins anyway? It is horrible though. Their whole family seems to be obsessed with incest.

No. 1263759

File: 1657910865140.jpeg (199.78 KB, 800x1200, FA9BC606-99B5-4B97-9C18-2BEF65…)

I am going to the pan-Asian grocery store tonight or tomorrow because I am running out of food. When I go I like to try a treat I’ve never tried before. Please list your favorite(s) Asian treats/desserts and I will look for them.

No. 1263761

File: 1657911173570.png (743.63 KB, 797x527, longlifeshoutaobuns.PNG)

Shoutao (long life) buns! Especially if they have adzuki bean paste inside, but lotus seed paste-filled is also tasty.

No. 1263772

File: 1657911682451.jpg (206.59 KB, 1073x840, Screenshot 2022-07-15 120127.j…)

These have like, negative nutritional value, but I've been craving it for days anon pls…

No. 1263776

File: 1657911908759.png (1.96 MB, 1271x714, mooncake.PNG)

Sameanon but also mooncakes if you can find them. They're a bit dense but such a treat.

No. 1263778

For fellow forgetful anons who worry that they might have dementia/Alzheimers

No. 1263787

I think god cursed me by giving me the most coily hair pattern possible and also making it super thick.
I will watch this later, thanks. I don't worry that I have dementia now, but I'm very worried that I will develop it in old age. It's my biggest fear. I think my bad memory and forgetfulness is probably because of trauma and vitamin/mineral deficiency.

No. 1263797

File: 1657913723994.png (322.54 KB, 1000x1000, 3_ca2b69ba-d8b1-4195-9a33-f20a…)

definitely roasted chestnuts in a pouch like picrel, theyre sweet and a little soft and are just good

additionally, chinese style cakes are lovely as they tend to be very light and fluffy overall and less diabetes flavored than what you will usually find in a western store

other special mentions include: walnut cookies/核桃酥, vitasoy

these are so good its not fair because i feel so unhealthy afterwards lol

No. 1263803

Great video, love the woman giving the presentation as well. Thanks for sharing!

No. 1263860

kek nonny did your get this in your recommended too? tbh I'd been worried about my mom who's almost in her 50s now but this video made me feel so relieved because now I know she's healthy (me too since I've been getting more forgetful but obviously for reasons unrelated to age or Alzheimer's)

No. 1263910

Love when I'm using my phone and the light illuminates my finger hair.

No. 1263911

Saw a thread here with some anons unironically claiming sitting naked in your own bed is gross. Bro what? Are you so dirty and gross you think you'll get skid marks on the sheets or something? It's crazy to me never letting your privates breathe. Is everything so unnatural now we're supposed to find our own nude bodies "dirty"?

No. 1263914

but what if you get discharge everywhere

No. 1263916

File: 1657919798333.jpeg (42.78 KB, 400x400, GUEST_65400ab4-abe5-4295-9c2c-…)

So tired of shit like picrel.

No. 1263918

If you produce so much discharge it leaves snail trails that's one thing. But I think most women don't.

No. 1263919

i only remove my clothes when i shower or use the toilet and even then i hate it

No. 1263921

Try sleeping naked once nona let your pussy breathe

No. 1263922

Idk I'm a hairy bitch and I end up with pubes everywhere

No. 1263926

samefag and anyway the texture and friction of the bed, blankets, pretty much anything touching my privates other than undies feels weird and sometimes i get cold at night. idg how the texture doesn't bother others. i'd rather let my pussy suffocate.

No. 1263940

File: 1657921059979.png (223.74 KB, 399x532, Screenshot from 2022-07-15 17-…)

This popped up on my twitter today and I went to go look for it and possibly buy it but it's fucking sold out UGHH. I'm not even into lolita, I just love spider lilies.

No. 1263944

I straight up go commando once I'm at home. I wear loose cotton shorts so my bits aren't fully out on display, but when I'm in bed I usually just wear a shirt. I started doing it over lockdown but now I just hate wearing underwear at home.

I used to have a lot of discharge but it turns out it was less than I thought. I'll get discharge on the inside of my cotton shorts but I don't care. They're already stained with period blood. Discharge doesn't leave a stain anyway.

No. 1263949

Eurofag thread active during day
Burgerfag thread active during night
Finnish thread active 24/7

No. 1263952

what does this even mean? how much are you discharging that this is a legitimate concern? even when i used to have periods and my discharge was that egg whites, sticky consistency i never experienced it getting 'everywhere'. it usually just stays inside your inner labia, even when it's wet discharge. on god girl let your vagina air out

No. 1263966

i'm just thinking of a "what if" situation, since i move around in bed a lot. i'm still not doing it regardless tho because >>1263926. tried it and it felt uncomfortable, same with shorts without underwear

No. 1263980

Why is there so many troons that come at my work. There's at least two of them everyday. I have never seen so many. I had to use a gendered word toward one the other day and I quickly managed to find a neutral word instead. I could see him seething when he realised I was crypto terfing. I work in a small bookstore and I always put a JK Rowling book on display just to piss them off and one of the complained once kek.

No. 1264001

that sounds disgusting and uncomfortable

No. 1264004

File: 1657924574464.jpg (95.83 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpg)

based, you are doing the community a service

No. 1264017

You think your own naked body is disgusting?

No. 1264049

File: 1657928035688.jpg (262.65 KB, 828x267, 1657921222611.jpg)

This is what anons who use jungle theme look like

No. 1264054

Speaking of themes, what themes do you nonnies main? I always use Yotsuba and sometimes the gay ass purple one when I'm channeling Stacy.

No. 1264056

File: 1657928475779.png (250.88 KB, 648x182, keekyweeky.PNG)

So we look cute but damaged? What do nonnies who use this theme look like? Asking for a friend but I don't personally use this disgusting theme.

No. 1264061

I wear hoop earring and pink shimmery acrylic nails.

No. 1264065

File: 1657929010996.png (17.44 KB, 621x568, helpmenonnies.png)

Nonnies, I need some help. I plan use CVS's printing services to make a custom sexy calendar with my husbandos. Problem is, I'm drawing blanks for what to have for certain months as there's no common theme associated with them compared to months like December.

No. 1264070

During the day I use wasabi mostly, but occasionally jungle or keekweek. At night always darkcow. The text on all themes seems really small to me though, I always zoom in a lot.

No. 1264073

August: uniform or school
September: rainy or outside
February: pink, chocolate, winter
May: pool, summer fair
Idk your husbando so I'm not sure what kind of images you can get

No. 1264075

April showers being May flowers
So May - flowers
Feb - Valentine’s Day and love
September - Fall and Leaves for the changing seasons.
August - Sun and Beach for Hot Summer

No. 1264080

File: 1657929661177.png (35.94 KB, 300x241, 1657736691524.png)

>August: uniform or school
>February: pink, chocolate, winter
Those are so obvious, I will definitely use those two.
>so I'm not sure what kind of images you can get
I plan to draw them myself. "I call it the self-made sexy sketch calendar 2022". I want to replace the miku calendar my ex gave me as it reminds me of him and sticks out like a sore thumb against my merch.
Flowers for may sound like a good idea, is there any specific flowers I should keep in mind? September having changing leaves sounds nice, I guess I could do something similar to those images of hot guys covered in roses but replace them with autumn leaves

No. 1264086

The birth flower for May is Lily of the Valley if you like that one

No. 1264089

It looks perfect, I'll use that. Thank you!

No. 1264090

File: 1657930288238.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191.64 KB, 1204x1802, 7F7D21F8-ABA6-42B6-B5A4-EF66DF…)

Samefag but what if you do something like this with fall looking trees out the window. (Not porn just a Calvin Klein ad)

No. 1264095

That sounds good, I thinking something similar and have him with a rake over his shoulder sighing in exhaustion with no shirt with multiple leave piles in the background with some falling leaves in the foreground.

No. 1264141

I'd be considered ugly or average by most men and it blows my mind seeing really hot women fuck and date men I wouldn't even look at. It's funny that most hot women have lower standards than me.

No. 1264148

AYRT, thanks, I like your edit better

No. 1264155

what causes this anyways? what is the thought process? do they think that uglier men are "nicer" than attractive men or something? is it a self worth thing? we need to fund research

No. 1264157

You ever start cooking something and realize you actually want to eat something else but you've already started making food so you can't turn back

No. 1264159

The ugly men with beautiful wives thread made me feel the same way.

No. 1264174

From what I've heard from my pretty friends is they feel threatened if their partner is on their level or higher in attractiveness

No. 1264181

tbh i kind of get it. if you want to be the prettiest one in the room all you have to do is stand next to someone ugly

No. 1264186

For a lot of them it might be related to self-worth, like they try to "reduce competition", so to speak, thinking that by securing an ugly boyfriend who has low self-esteem himself, he'll be less likely to cheat on her and other women won't talk to him because he's an ugly loser.

No. 1264187

I wanna listen to new bands but everything is so boring. Going through "similar bands" is so disappointing, yeah, they're the same genre alright but don't have the same feeling. I wish I had the patience of 14 year old me who would go through shitty myspace bands songs to find something worthwhile. I guess my patience died along with myspace.

No. 1264216

File: 1657940529343.png (59.24 KB, 222x204, lets molcar.png)

found out my mom smokes weed today. went to go run outside to do my semi-daily "imagines self in anime op related to husbando's series" and my mom was taking a hit. i don't really care, but why does anime lead to me to find so many things in my life. it's like a compass for my autism

No. 1264222

Wish I could be a costume designer. I love performance art, I just suck at writing good narratives and can't make good work if I don't feel strongly about the subject matter. Too bad.

No. 1264224

Mainly they think it's more likely to get them a loving, committed bf who actually wants to marry them and won't cheat or look at other women. ofc they are delusional because all a hot gf does is inflate a moid's ego and make him think 'if I can get her, surely I can get ever HOTTER chicks!'.

No. 1264258

I'm not great at baking or cooking (I have maybe 3 recipes I'm really good at) but I really feel like I could be a contender for Masterchef. Like, my ideas and enjoyment for baking/cooking doesn't match my tangible skills.

No. 1264271

File: 1657945723773.jpg (27.57 KB, 300x300, Soviet_Kitsch_by_Regina_Spekto…)

this album is so nostalgic nonnies i complete forgot about it it was so cute

No. 1264272

She's so hot

No. 1264290

File: 1657947737807.jpg (39.81 KB, 980x394, regina31.jpg)

especially when she's styled just like this. really like the white wifebeater on her and hat with minimal makeup

No. 1264293

Y’all I took like 10 Benadryls and got high off them about 24 hours ago. The high was wearing off thorough out the day, but it suddenly came back and Now everything is moving in slow mo again. Is this weird? It’s like the drug is going though my system again, even though I didn’t take more.

No. 1264295

You can get high off of those without dying nonnie? How was it

No. 1264305

Yeah i took like 300 mgs. It was kinda like a high you’d get off weed- the slow mo, and the numbness.

No. 1264310

File: 1657950384578.jpeg (362.47 KB, 637x958, DEDC176A-86A1-46F8-BE93-B33FC7…)

Nonny please be careful with this and frankly I recommend never abusing diphenhydramine like this again. There is a huge risk of developing dementia even with normal therapeutic doses of DPH, it’s much worse with larger, abusive doses. There are safer ways to catch a buzz, and even if you feel you don’t care now you don’t know how your mind might change down the line. I’m saying this for you and for anyone else who reads this thinking it’s an easy way to get high, it’s incredibly dangerous.

No. 1264315

loooove this album! I remember the girl I had a crush on in 8th grade had "Chemo Limo" as her myspace song. Sweet nostalgia

No. 1264324

lmao that pic, the horrifying creatures really makes it

No. 1264355

I know men are discussed to death here, but some kind of "birazze things men believe about women's bodies/sex" could be fun… except I know it'd become yet another honeytrap thread that'd need to be locked within a week. I've just been remembering weird things men in my life have said or thought about sex. Men overvalue the role of dick a lot.

No. 1264373

I want to delete my online precense again lol. I don't talk to anyone but people try to talk to me and I'm kind of tired of it ngl

No. 1264379

I am concerned that the 🛼 emoji is in the tranny flag colours. Hate that those fuckers have ruined baby pink and baby blue

No. 1264383

It's 4 am and I really want to sleep but I decided to start making pasta like 10 minutes ago. Fortunately it'll be quick once the noodles are finished boiling but fuck. I can't even lay down because I'll definitely fall asleep.

No. 1264385

You and me both nonnie. I have ate salt n vinegar chips, ice cream and cheesecake, mac and cheese, and some ham all in the span of a half an hour kek. It's 1.30 and I'm stoned with my Nintendo switch. Oops

No. 1264401

Went outside for a little walk to get some air and relax and then I go near the town park to be in the shade and look at the trees and shit but then I see a bunch of tissues and vomit right there on the road! And dog shit too of course. Such a nice walk. I hate this fucking place.

No. 1264412


That sounds gross ew. Did you at least make it the actual park for some peace and reflection?

No. 1264414

I'm eating fruit and pasta, and going to sleep soon. Have fun playing on your switch nonny!

No. 1264422

File: 1657962889475.gif (2.8 MB, 498x280, scout-wonder-think-tf2.gif)

>catch mom watching Voice UK clips on youchewbe
>see Tom Jones in the jury
>that's Tom Jones???
>yes, why?
>he's alive???
>of course he is, he's just very old
>didn't he die decades ago?
>no! what makes you think that?
>uh… Mandela effect I guess?

No. 1264424

I didn't think he was dead but I would never recognize his face in a million years

No. 1264476


Hope you had sweet dreams.

No. 1264485

File: 1657969149883.jpeg (31.98 KB, 669x459, 74248A67-0C03-4C3C-A5DE-704023…)

I interacted with one too many desi bridal makeup/fashion TikToks and now my entire fyp is trying to manipulate me into thinking I want to marry an Indian man.

No. 1264501

File: 1657970904036.jpg (57.84 KB, 750x513, media_FXqCOS3VQAI4v77.jpg)

We don't have a 4chan hate thread, but shit like this makes me want to a-log. I just saw one long-ass post explaining racist scrotes entering "edtwt" looking for "future wives", as if it isn't toxic enough already.
Men really aren't people.

No. 1264504

We do have a 4chan Hate Thread, you can revive it >>>/ot/926266 anon.

No. 1264505

It's locked, unfortunately

No. 1264506


Oh my gosh that is really really creepy and also kind of scary, just another reason I guess why you really shouldn't trust anybody on social media no matter how nice or understanding they might be with personal stuff ever.

No. 1264517

I'm watching my sisters two cats for a week and they are like ETERNAL TODDLERS. They are adorable and cute but they also want to be included in EVERYTHING and if they don't get their way they throw temper tantrums. Hey anon let's play for three hours straight with the same toy because we don't like the billion other toys in the apartment and if you aren't enthusiastic enough we will meow until you do it the right way. Also do. no. EVER. close the bathroom door. We want to be included in the pooping experience and want to go to the loo the exact SAME TIME you do it and if you close the bathroom door we will scratch on it.

No. 1264521


Awws yep that's kitties for you cute and cuddly and a lot of work but totally worth it if you love them. Sweet story anon thank you for sharing it.

No. 1264527

>oh let's check the relationship thread on /g/
>women excusing women cheating on their partners because "women totally do it for different reasons than men do!" or just flat out no excuse given
This board has extremely retarded takes sometimes.

No. 1264528

they're in the confessions thread here too kek

No. 1264531

File: 1657974198969.jpeg (349.75 KB, 752x614, 43475EC3-454A-4BB2-A8D0-280C87…)

Kek the takes are even worse in that thread, wtf? BPD is crazy

No. 1264620

I feel the same way about the CHECK HIS PHONE opinion that gets thrown here a lot. It would be an absolute invasion of boundaries and privacy if someone was looking through your phone, but you're entitled to do so to someone else?

No. 1264625

File: 1657983483732.png (11.25 KB, 1650x113, snoopsnoop.PNG)

Being protective of your phone in a relationship is weird imo. I was on the fence regarding this anyways, but after I read picrel I got the final push lol.

No. 1264629

Facecams got popularized for gaming vids about a decade ago now, but I never got their purpose. Does anyone really care about someones reaction? Does anybody really watch them? I couldn't care less about them and I hate them for blocking my view.

No. 1264633

There have been tons of studies on the differences between men and women regarding cheating. Women overwhelmingly do cheat for entirely different reasons, mostly to do with neglect. Is that supposed to seriously be surprising to you guys?

No. 1264638

if you're being neglected you dump your once-perfect nigel, not cheat and then go on tangents about how it's totally fine if you do it because you're neglected and want attention, but it's not ok because some moid has fucked up self esteem and he also wants attention. it's just two sides of the same coin, it all comes down to wanting attention. if you're okay with cheating on someone in any capacity you deserve to be cheated on back, regardless of whatever statistic you regurgitate about how women allegedly do it for "better" reasons. unironically be better and just dump your moid. but dumping is never enough for people that want to cheat because they need to psychotically string along their partner in order to "punish" them for whatever perceived reason and in their mind, dumping would actually be a kindness to their partner instead of seeing it for what i actually is, a kindness to YOURSELF, by removing yourself from a person that doesn't make you happy

No. 1264642

I hate most streamers and let's players so much, I just want no/little commentary walkthroughs to help me when I'm stuck in a game and I keep finding all these retards attention whoring.

No. 1264644

You think men and boys have demolished senses of self esteem the way women and girls do? Delusional. Women and girls experience extreme self hatred simply due to body image by 11. It'll never be the same, sorry. Men aren't out here typically cheating because they feel unloved, unattractive, or unwanted. In fact, they typically have far too high self esteem and an inflated sense of value that isn't rooted in reality. The comparison between a group of people who are systematically told they're worth little from the day they're born will never be the same as men who are told they are the default humans and women exist to take care of them and prop them up and that women are expendable. Men aren't given an auto-expendable role the way women are.

No. 1264645

i don't care. we're talking about cheating here, not whatever head smashing your keyboard you just posted.

No. 1264646

If you're going to ignore the larger context and components to what can set up a situation where a woman cheats, then there's no point in you chiming in with your shit about how it's the same. You want to say it's the same while also ignoring everything about how it's not the same.

No. 1264647

you are womyn, cheating is fine, because you hate your body or whatever and men have an inflated sense of self. have fun with that if you ever end up eventually going outside.

No. 1264652

Ntayrt but yes unironically.

No. 1264658

cry harder mutated xy chromosomoid

No. 1264661

aw the unhinged truth comes out. hope that bpd gets better. we all know that you're not even cheating on anyone though lol.

No. 1264662

were you in the reddit thread crying about muh male disrespect? just wondering. either way: go back.

No. 1264663

I mean yeah that goes without saying. You shouldn't be protective of your phone if you have nothing to hide. But having nightly scroll throughs of your partner's phone "just in case" is psycho behavior and a major violation of boundaries. If you distrust your partner that much then you shouldn't be in a relationship.

No. 1264665


Not everything is BPD you fucking retard

No. 1264666

Any bpd nonnas are still superior to you and have a higher value in their opnions simply because they carry a complete chromosome pair. The xy strikes again.

No. 1264667

No. 1264668

BPD should be redtexted. I swear to god it's the go-to accusation of moids.

No. 1264669

I'm so tired of the "BPD!!" line if you have controversial takes, it's ridiculous. And it's almost always males or capers shitting it out.

No. 1264670

I'll always say the demonization and accusations of BPD is really scrote-ish and misogynistic because not only does it affect women more often but 9 times out of 10 it stems from trauma and abuse, usually sexual. Funny that support for abused women runs out as soon as they get a mental illness from it. Crazy thought huh.

No. 1264679

None of the reply were even bpd, he's just triggered we are having a space where we can speak or mind. So whenever his ego is hurt by the truth, he yells out "whore!" "bpd!" and projects ad infinitum like the y-induced retardation commands him to.

No. 1264682

nta but you are a whore if you cheat. this is not fresh news. what is the point of this entire argument?

No. 1264684

No. 1264687

The point is they want to justify their cheating.

No. 1264690

File: 1657986363060.gif (8.78 MB, 330x336, B70340CE-74F9-4949-A9A5-513999…)


No. 1264692

All men would be whores if they could be

No. 1264695

Why do you worship men so much? You really think they give a fuck? There are already so many women with low self-esteem that would settle for an ugly moid so if a moid doesn't like that his girlfriend or wife is cheating he can fuck off and get with some desperate woman. They have it pretty easy.

No. 1264696

and it's you specifically who is capable of locking down a nigel that magically would never do that. pathetic.

No. 1264697

I really hope anons stop using it in earnest because honestly the diagnosis has little to no legitimacy anyways, it's almost purely pathologized misogyny meant to weaponize women's trauma against them. Trauma that's generally created by men.

No. 1264700

Lmao what

No. 1264701

women have it easier than men to get with a new partner. do you know where you are? are you getting your talking points mixed up? men are the desperate ones. you must be one sad ugly bitch if you think what you're saying is true. even ugly women can pull men easily, men will ALWAYS be the desperate crawling ones.
if you don't want people announcing your diagnosis directly to you is it better if they just flat out call you crazy?

No. 1264712

Similar thing happened to me. I watched this funny edited clip of Putin waving at a pigeon and I ended up getting bombarded with pro putin videos; videos of him being gifted dogs, videos of him lecturing factory bosses, videos of him riding a horse with no shirt on, video of him being gifted a topless calendar by the girls of an engineering university (yes, really) just so many videos portraying him as based and righteous Chad of the universe.

No. 1264715

Men are the desperate ones but don't act like pretty women don't settle for ugly shithead scrotes a lot of the time. I'm saying that if a retarded ape-like moid is boohoohooing over his girlfriend cheating on him there will most likely be a plethora of women with low self esteem who would settle for his ugly ass. He can literally just fuck off and walk away.

No. 1264716

>Trauma that's generally created by men.
Exactly. The lack of empathy astounds me

No. 1264717

File: 1657987128792.jpeg (197.35 KB, 749x930, 8E84F4DF-3DEE-4002-A1C6-E49E4A…)

I went there the other day for the first time in years and….I don’t want a hate thread, don’t give them any more reason to come here, let them enjoy their fantasy world where men are better looking than women, cave man brow, hairy shoulders and receding hair lines included.

No. 1264720

true but women can find a partner much easier than men can in any case so in that regard, women shouldn't boo-hoo if they get cheated on either…? and no one should ever give a shit about cheating because everyone can just easily get new partners.

No. 1264722

men can pull in women they don't deserve, it just takes a little longer and takes more effort than women. men have a pool of wonderful people to choose from, and women have a pool of literal shit to choose from in comparison, so it doesn't matter how swiftly women can get men or how many, it's still all the same shitpile. while it might take more effort and time for men, they're almost guaranteed a better person than a woman is guaranteed because women are actual people who are more considerate and emotionally competent.

No. 1264725

most cases of bpd are from childhood neglect, that's why people with bpd are so immature. bpd is real but the insult is overused, but that doesn't mean it's not real. also, if you've experienced it firsthand, you'd understand how hard it is to "be empathetic" to someone with it. it's hard to empathize with someone without empathy.

No. 1264728

the faggotry

No. 1264730

it's not clinically noted that BPD sufferers have no empathy, that's not even a thing for that largely bullshit diagnosis.

No. 1264733

you're not getting the crux of this, which is that women have a shitty pool to choose from and men have a better pool of people to choose from. it's easier for men to happen upon women who are better people than women are for men, particularly if we're talking about their capacity for emotional involvement, the work they put in, dedication, etc.

No. 1264734

File: 1657987566400.jpeg (98.35 KB, 1024x512, 24f85991ac0e2b8febb9b314ae187a…)

No. 1264735

>someone without empathy
Yeah gonna need so sauce on this bro

No. 1264736

>women shouldn't boohoo if they get cheated on either
Wrong, women are actual people and so it's wrong if they're treated like shit. With men it's okay because they're basically rabid animals.

No. 1264737

Did you confuse BPD for NPD and ASPD or

No. 1264738

They’re totally right. Women are disgusting and hideous and men are far superior. I’m happy to admit this if it means they leave us the fuck alone and stop obsessing over us every minute of the day.

No. 1264739

File: 1657987636399.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, 1648318175319.png)

Pathetic, just as expected.

No. 1264740

they're all actual fags kek

No. 1264742

>women are actual people and so it's wrong if they're treated like shit
lol. once again, have fun with this if you ever end up going outside. i won't even say i hope you're a lesbian, because not even other women deserve to be around these levels of crazy.

No. 1264744

You know she doesn't ever go outside

No. 1264748

Hope your handmaidenism enters remission.

No. 1264751

take it to /2x/ you degen

No. 1264760

Sorry I forgot that lolcow was a man fanclub for a moment.

No. 1264761

>waaaa stop saying mean things about men!!!
Maybe YOU should go outside?

No. 1264762

File: 1657988649762.jpeg (46.97 KB, 612x407, 65A326B1-F95D-4E51-99E3-4CBDDA…)

They’re all mincers the lot of em. I bloody well knew it.

No. 1264767

meanwhile in real life if a woman cheats she gets all the blame while if a man cheats it's either the girlfriend/wife or the "homewrecker" that gets blamed but never the man himself, or at least the blame is never solely on the man like it is on the cheating woman

No. 1264769

File: 1657988978398.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 1647047032567.png)

>hating on men is degenerated!
>p-please go to 2X so I don't have to read your mean posts or reflect on my failure of a gender

No. 1264772

No. 1264803

Do you think it'd be a waste to make a "cow watching of the past/cow watching nostalgia" (srry I don't know how else to put it kek) thread? I was thinking about the freelice community and I was getting really nostalgic over all the past figureheads and the old cows and stuff. Then I remembered PULL and most of its later renditions and felt nostalgic over that too. Is there already a thread like that? I wanna talk to other nonnies who were part of old cow watching communities and share our experiences and feelings and make fun of the cringy members.

No. 1264810

File: 1657991354594.jpg (6.58 KB, 250x181, 6a0yx3.jpg)

At work, cleaning, blasting Hastune Miku in my fucking ears.

No. 1264811

I was in the sea earlier swimming and I tried to have a wee but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Every time I tried a dumbass surfer would try and decapitate me so I have to move or some child with no spatial awareness will tailgate me or a massive wave will come and take me out and I choke on seawater and I just tense up and it won’t come out. In the end I had to exit the sea full of everybody else’s piss and go pay 50p for a piss of my own.
I love going in the sea but having to do it while desperate for a piss was awful.

No. 1264812

Deserved kek.

No. 1264814

holy shit that just happened to me swam for half an hour constantly needing to piss but my brain just blocked it

No. 1264815

Why is it deserved? I don’t want to piss in the sea but everyone else thinks it’s strange that I won’t. They all piss in the sea no problem. I think it’s morally wrong even if everyone else does it and now they charge to use the toilet and it’s such fucking bullshit, it’s more morally wrong than pissing in the sea so I try to piss in the sea but I physically cannot do it. Like Poseidon has seized hold of my bladder.

No. 1264824

nta but why is it morally wrong to pee in the sea? You make it sound so serious lol.

No. 1264828

It's okay, I cannot physically pee into a body of water I'd have to crouch on the sand but obviously that's uncouth.

No. 1264829

I hate peeing I hate pooping why wasn't I born a robot? Fuck bodily functions god stop making me pee fuck fuck fuck

No. 1264834

File: 1657993136695.jpg (47.44 KB, 540x540, caillou.jpg)

Weak. I don't have a single eyelash rn and I'm walking around feeling fine. Cultivate some self esteem that isn't rooted in your hair follicles. Then you get the W.

No. 1264855

Opeth is female coded

No. 1264857

Finally someone who gets it

No. 1264867

Idk if the fight is still happening, but I don't care if a man gets cheated on. I really don't. Sorry, compassion suspended due to global crime rates
That person kept shouting "BPD", but it's more insane for a woman to cape and essentially go to online war on behalf of some scrotes she doesn't even know than it is to just rest and relax on it. If they even are a woman and not just some angry guy, that's some "I need a replacement for daddy's validation by any means necessary and I will finger wag and browbeat you whores to smithereens for it if I have to" shit (and if it's a guy, it's just him trying to get all women to be his replacement mommy and promise to never ever leave him lmfao). Like calm down and drink some lemonade or something

No. 1264882


No. 1264886

I agree. But to make matters worse, the original conversation was actually about relationships where the man is purposely not at all present within the relationship anyways despite the woman's best efforts (who even knows what men thinking and doing when they're being that way, behind a woman's back?). And even then, anons can't help but sperg because they can't reflect and undo their conditioning to kneejerk demonize women and cape for men, kek.

No. 1264889


No. 1264890

File: 1657996006955.jpg (9.59 KB, 236x404, 0d053e941144b05eeb893acde73daf…)

>paranoid by default, been through some sh*t
>think people will try to walk over me or they all hate me
>therefore i must assert dominance
>housemate is just playing music downstairs and chilling
>i bring out my giant tray of casserole i made yesterday
>i eat and slurp it whilst watching her face like it's the television, unrelenting eye contact
>she seems mildly uncomfortable and we exchange a few words
>she goes upstairs
>i feel mildly guilty

No. 1264891


No. 1264895

Jesus christ imagine having this retard as your roommate

No. 1264911

File: 1657996634052.jpg (32.88 KB, 567x321, aut.jpg)

no words.

No. 1264913

I can't believe people like you exist irl

No. 1264922

Hey nonitas, this is a bit of a rant on antis vs. pros so if you don't care just ignore this, but as an elderly fan (90s) the absolute crusades against fanartists and fanfiction writers is vile and it seems like no one has the ability to separate fiction from reality. Of course, I'm not talking about creators who are only creating 1 type of content, but drawing nsfw of anime characters does not a pedo/rapist/racist make, these things kinda need to be a thing in context. Making nsfw content doesn't mean you're getting off to it yourself, and it doesn't mean you condone it irl. Of course if you see an artist who only ever draws lolicon it's gonna be sus, but do you really think most anime characters look their ages? Haikyuu boys are almost identically drawn to 30+ year olds and most fans who are making nsfw content of these types of characters aren't actually pedos, they're just not able to see how toxic beauty standards and the glorification of youth affects character designs and artstyles.

imho everyone needs to take a chill pill because if you exclusively ship/make content of characters in a way that portrays them excessively underage, that's weird, but if you're threatening to rape someone because they're drawing JotaKak nsfw art, you need a reality check.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

No. 1264939

there's literally ads of yaoi sex manga panels on this japanese site i am using. kek.

No. 1264942

not even a fujo but based honestly

No. 1264946

You became what you hated

No. 1265044

File: 1658001091306.jpg (14.88 KB, 319x240, cat-1537181.jpg)

>Tfw threads are dead because anons are too busy giving attention to the scrote

No. 1265054

It's a post-whatever-you-want party.

No. 1265066

Honestly idk which one is more funny, the scrote not getting any attention or the spammers

No. 1265071

File: 1658001557670.jpg (92.38 KB, 500x395, 2xater.jpg)

No. 1265074

File: 1658001609551.gif (975.52 KB, 500x379, 1wgO.gif)

When I hear Get Busy by Sean Paul I can't control my body

No. 1265078