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No. 764364

A thread to dump useful advice, links, ideas etc. originally posted on lolcow that you may want to come back to some other day or that can help someone else.
>Please add topic description in your post so anons can ctrl+f relevant advice (ie 'How to overcome shopping addiction')
>If possible, include OP number especially if it contains links or context may be needed (alternatively, paste the relevant link in your comment)

No. 764367

File: 1616100209377.png (110.18 KB, 1834x428, Screenshot (226).png)

How to make friends as an adult, including online

No. 764370

File: 1616100418432.jpg (73.64 KB, 1832x348, shoppingaddiction.JPG)

A good book on getting over your shopping addiction/compulsive shopping/compulsive buying disorder/oniomania

No. 764373

File: 1616100638371.jpg (237.57 KB, 1842x708, toy photography.JPG)

How to get into toy photography

No. 764380

File: 1616101047318.jpg (862.1 KB, 1080x5266, 1611076906609.jpg)

How to deal with scrotes/social anxiety/dates/Tinder/job interviews/friends. A wonderful 'one size fits all' advice.

No. 764399

File: 1616102272344.png (71.31 KB, 1176x362, youre_lonely_but_heres_how_to_…)

Good thread.
Here's an anon who bullied me into speaking up. Thanks, whoever you are.

No. 764409

I remember that anon. Iconic.

No. 764412

Gus anon is a genius and we should all hail her innovation

No. 764413

File: 1616102789181.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

This is the greatest thing i've ever read

No. 764419

Love Gus anon, thank you for saving this treasure

No. 764454

File: 1616105191458.png (57.78 KB, 1858x373, 674932670487236408732425.png)

About finding peace after a relationship with an abusive, pornsick scrote. It took a couple months where I was miserable and cried a lot, but eventually I was able to redirect myself toward positive activities instead of marinating in the bad feelings. I started to appreciate little pleasures and found it easier to let go of mental death spirals. Now I'm in a pretty healthy place and a lot more relaxed. Thanks to her advice, it was easier to accept that my emotions were normal and view the self hatred as an ego issue.

No. 764507

File: 1616107703858.jpg (217.08 KB, 1080x1717, 18032021234359.jpg)

Cooking - how to prepare brussels sprouts

No. 764640

She's wrong though.

No. 764641

File: 1616122189605.png (55.76 KB, 1201x517, deisgn.PNG)

How this anon learned to design >>>/ot/169361
sorry if I end up spamming the thread with coding stuff. I've been wanting to get into it and want to gather resources from here lol

No. 764697

File: 1616129840327.png (303.64 KB, 616x1157, 25474768574875.png)

Really good advice for choosing a major/career path, esp about keeping things you like as a hobby

No. 764710

Does anyone know where I can find a post about how to dress for a job where you want to be taken seriously ? The anon was saying that you needed to look like you had power and that the most important was to look stricking so people could remember you. I'm not doing justice to her post but hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about. It was a very refreshing take imo !

No. 764711

Wasn't that in the current stupid questions thread?

No. 764714

File: 1616132559952.jpg (79.62 KB, 845x349, power.JPG)

Thank you very much anon !

No. 765118

Spam away, that's what the thread is for! As long as nobody (re)posts harmful bullshit like the 4chan crystals, it's all good

No. 776898

File: 1617667912410.png (50.31 KB, 1366x124, 162834293840.png)

Found this advice helpful for breaking bad habits/addictions from anon.

No. 776926

Disagree with this completely.

Don’t make a joke out of yourself with your clothing. I genuinely wonder if the person who wrote this has ever worked in an office outside of a minimum wage call center. Jacket in pic related barely qualifies as professional because of the cut and only looks good on the runway or a VERY certain type of woman. The issue is a lot of young women genuinely don’t know how to dress in a way which commands respect, because a lot of young women’s clothing (even “professional” brands like Loft, Ann Taylor, Express) ISN’T made to demand respect. Women in power come in all shapes and sizes, their attire just so. If you want respect, keep it tasteful. You don’t see men wearing 7” inseams into the office. You don’t see them wearing leather jackets either… unless you work for some weird start up in San Fran or something. You don’t have to wear ugly pleather mock blazers to command respect, and if you aren’t respected already this is the last thing you should be doing, kek.

No. 780131

File: 1618057295868.png (131.57 KB, 1250x608, helpful.png)

Helpful to always remember: nowhere is safe from bots with a propaganda.

No. 780137

Explanation as to who could be behind this?

No. 780260

Forget men and focus on school

No. 780274

that was an absolute larp. what in hot sweaty 80s ny business is that? of course people will take note of you, with that look id think you did recruiting for casting couch porn

No. 780364

File: 1618073985158.png (44.82 KB, 724x514, karma farming.PNG)

This is the most believeable explanation to bots and karma farming. r/askreddit is the most notorious farm for these and I remember vividly a comment under one of commonly recurring questions linking to identical question from a year before, with identical answers but given by completely different users, they just copy-paste what's popular from the archive and get these sweet upvotes. Crazy, and kinda weird when you realize all the top comments (there) are just bots, not real people.

No. 800056

File: 1620279682313.jpeg (219.81 KB, 956x991, 25696520-55C1-4183-8147-1B619F…)

the looks thread in /g/ I think

No. 801222

yikes this was a wake up call for me. I'm the shallow lonely person who can't take the focus off myself.

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