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File: 1656536068069.jpg (25.25 KB, 403x403, 51e18860de0d02957438ff0245e6a9…)

No. 1245479

What ails you, my nonnie?

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No. 1245481

Well I love this thread pic

No. 1245483

Beautiful thread pic love it

No. 1245491

I don’t really want to be alive anymore.

No. 1245514

File: 1656537459864.png (76.91 KB, 176x170, Capture.PNG)

i use this theme

No. 1245519

Where are all my Jungle theme queens at?

No. 1245526

I assume all of you are nuts

No. 1245535

I am obsessed with women to such an insane extent. I just want to be all their servants and do all their tasks for them and want them to boss me around but never give me praise and tease me

No. 1245541


No. 1245545

I can't help but feel that if Aaliyah had not died in that plane crash she could have ended up like Britney, if not even worse. There were so many degenerate men around that poor girl. I'm so glad R Kelly is finally going to prison. I hope he gets raped and beaten to death by fellow inmates.

No. 1245547

i mostly play multiplayer games for male attention and praise. that's my embarrassing confession. sometimes i'll spend hours flirting with a guy ingame and he'll turn out to be 12 years old. needless to say i do not get much attention in real life

No. 1245549

If this is not bait then I urge you to reconsider this pathetic pastime.

No. 1245556

I should have let myself have that mental breakdown in high school. I might have been able to learn to cope properly. It wouldn't have changed a thing with my family. I think it would have let me have the courage to just leave at 18 and not play their retarded game.

No. 1245557

File: 1656539154407.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, B7B055BB-C3B6-48AF-B144-CE6994…)

Lmfao I just exist and get attention and I don’t even want it. Wish I could donate you some so you can stop being so pathetic.

No. 1245570

>brags about the attention you don’t even want

NTA but is that the hill you’re going to die on moefag?

No. 1245572

Are you at least good at the games? What do you play? In what kinda games do players just flirt for hours in chat instead of playing? Def not common male-dominated games like competitive shooters, fighting games or MOBA. MMOs aren’t exactly moid games and no one is praising you unless you’re topping the DPS meters. I think you’re lying.

No. 1245575

NAYRT but what are you talking about? She's not bragging about getting male attention, she's just making fun of someone who wants male attention that desperately.
it's just a reaction image, holy shit. Such a weird response.

No. 1245581

I am in fact extremely smug about the fact that most women’s trash (male attention) is some pickme’s treasure. Whew imagine flirting for hours for free. Bro at least make that 12 year old buy you some cosmetics and gold.

No. 1245587

I give shitty product to male customers.

No. 1245590

I like using lc to vent but I'm also really paranoid about it. I wish I could find another website without that paranoia element.

No. 1245592

No. 1245597

Why are you paranoid about it?

No. 1245604

I always feel super resentful when I hear my neighbors throwing paries and hearing their laughter. I haven't been able to make any friends ever since I moved to this city and I feel lonely and it's my fault because I'm too retarded to put myself out there. I always put on my headphones and sometimes sleep with them when my neighbors party.

No. 1245605

Sorry my writing isn't great but I talk to them like a toddler, give them tickets and embarrass them in front of their wives/GFS for being unsafe drivers. I am a traffic control supervisor in my country.

No. 1245606

NTA but I worry that someone will recognize my typing style and know who I am. That's why I try not to vent here or post too much.

No. 1245607

That's not only amazing and I love you for it but it is very sexy as well

No. 1245608

I wouldn't worry about it, unless someone in your real life knows about lc.

No. 1245609

jungle theme nonnies are ontologically evil

No. 1245620

Someone I know finding my vents. Someone picking up on my writing style. What happened to creepshow. Becoming a cow.

It’s a miracle that I still come here and vent but I appreciate the feedback and I feel less lonely.

No. 1245624

kek I have the same intense paranoia about using lc but it's more like, being afraid of the jannies piecing together my identity from my extensive post history and then using it to destroy my life somehow. I'm insane though. Also jannies are so cool and amazing I love them.

No. 1245631

billy joel is my favorite artist. finally speaking my truth. nothing wrong with this by the way i just held a very underground hipster music taste persona for years so this is very out of character, even i am shocked. love his music so much honestly would be satisfied if i couldnt listen to any other artist for the rest of my life he has it all for me

No. 1245639

nta but I thought I was retarded for thinking like this. “What if I become mildly successful online and my lolcow posts get exposed?” but I’m mostly a mobile poster and that means my ip or whatever is inconsistent, right? Since I will sometimes get a barrage of ‘you were banned!’ messages for things I didn’t even post, I wonder what nonnies have received bans for my posts.

No. 1245692

Its my dream to cosplay a certain favorite character at a con. I'd be non canon in some small ways but still true to screen. Ive been told I make a pretty good version of this character. My attitude is similar to his in some ways.

I'm very butch with a voice low enough that I'm often mistaken for a guy. I'm the same height as him and have an androgynous face that also gets me mistaken for a guy at times.

The wish fulfillment part is this:
I want to hang out with cosplayers of the two female leads of the game for one, and I want to give girls who like him a safe way to hang out and have silly con IC time "with him". Even if they don't know I'm a girl I want them to have a safe con experience.

It sounds silly but this is one of my dreams.

I also just want to get to be him for a while.

I'm a lesbian, but not a moid so any flirting or IC reciprocation is going to be innocent. Distant dreams.

No. 1245714

I'm a overly sensitive jealous bitch, I think I need to seek help, I just don't trust men at all as my daddy issues influence my feelings way too much. I'm so insecure and weak, I feel like I'll never be enough for anyone and that every man is going to cheat on me like dad did to mom. I just can't let go, i cannot trust anyone, male or female, and I turn into a complete psycho over literally nothing, I don't want to get hurt again

No. 1245720


No. 1245722

i too enjoy billy joel's music

No. 1245723

I genuinely want a pair of oval wire frame glasses because of that femcel meme that's like "why do they all look like this". I think that nerdy, mousy brunette look is really fucking cute and I could def pull it off.

No. 1245737

You should do it nona.

No. 1245745

Noni I know is a deep trauma of yours and you've got to work on it in many angles but there's a remedy for being a jealous bitch and is loving yourself, being proud of yourself and be full of confidence in yourself. I know is the hardest shit there is but jealousy goes away when you're not insecure. Good luck nona! Focus on your own interests and forget silly scrotes!

No. 1245775

A male classmate from grade school had recently started chatting up my friend and I felt a tiny bit jealous. I really shouldn’t have been envious of male attention, but he was really cute (based on his photos as of 3 years ago). Turns out, he does not look like that at all anymore. Where once was a chiseled jaw and defined facial features is now a dough boy with a double chin. I had to laugh, I was jealous of my friend for THIS?

No. 1245783

One time when I was in middle school me and my friends read Kpop fan fics and it was so much fun. We took turns with each of us being a character to read the lines, it was horribly cringe sexual stuff but it was funny to read each line after the other in the voices we picked. I wasn't a Kpop flag so I didn't really know the characters in the story but nevertheless. I really miss those times when you could have a sleepover with some friends and enjoy stupid shit like this, as an adult I don't think you can ask someone to sleep over without them assuming something else will be going on, it's sad.

No. 1245788

File: 1656559646320.jpg (18.28 KB, 300x250, luvbear.jpg)

Nonnie, this is so, so cute!! I hope you get the chance to cosplay him someday. As a fellow cosplayer, I hope I can run into someone like you someday.

No. 1245793

I've been washing my dishes with teabags. Please don't ask me why, I will not be answering.

No. 1245798

No. 1245849

File: 1656564543030.jpg (Spoiler Image, 662.93 KB, 1080x1351, Pic2.jpg)

Thanks a lot. I'll keep heading towards my dream, small as it is.

(Pic rel)

No. 1245862

NTAYRT but I had a feeling the character was Cloud! I hope it happens someday, god knows Tifa cosplayers deserve peace from weird moids

No. 1245892

File: 1656569772713.jpg (189.83 KB, 1080x1708, pic.jpg)

I only just now just relaized that the szalet theme has skulls in the backround and not a solid color.

No. 1246051

File: 1656580679562.jpg (66.81 KB, 765x956, ant_nozomi.jpg)

I've become an idolfag. The breed I once hated, I've became. Please God get me out I swear I won't sexualize Jesus anymore

No. 1246052

Nona, what level of schizophrenia are you on?

No. 1246056

nta but since she pointed it out i can't unsee it either

No. 1246057

I harvested, prepared and ate a vegetable from my own garden today, next year I'm gonna try even harder.

No. 1246058

woops wrong thread, damn catalog for opening things I didn't click on!!

No. 1246059

Literally where. All I see is a black square with slightly lighter borders

No. 1246061

Turn up your brightness, it looks like the French catacombs

No. 1246064

I'll be damned. I had to turn on the brightness on my phone all the way to see them in the background.
Apologies nonnies, I have seent the skulls.

No. 1246068

File: 1656581205462.jpeg (236.01 KB, 1080x1404, szalet.jpeg)

I realized it when someone asked what themes people are using and someone said 'szalet cause im edgy' and i was like huh and then, i saw it

No. 1246228

What a beautiful threadpic

No. 1246286

Haha, funny you could tell somehow.

That's one of my motivations to be honest. It drives me insane.

I spent my first con hanging out with a girl I barely knew to keep ugly moids from upskirting her. She was an OC magical girl (think sailor senshi).

Every escalator we went up I had to stick to her back so they wouldn't take pictures under her skirt. I've never wanted to beat faces in so bad.

No. 1247089

File: 1656656487246.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2828x2828, 9EBBD854-8C94-42FF-8223-1D82B9…)

Seeing super hot women complain about not feeling pretty enough for their bf makes me feel better. Because I’ve been there. I remember seeing egirls, Instagram models and thinking I needed a BBL, boob job, rhinoplasty, etc. and then just feeling like I needed to be prettier. The problem isn’t us. Yeah those girls edit their pics or whatever maybe they’re just as average as me irl but deep down I am just not gorgeous. And I don’t feel like wearing lashes and stuff, I’m sorry if it sound NLOGy but its really a lot of work. The problem doesn’t lie with me it lies with men because nothing will EVER be enough for them, it makes me sad too because I am still optimistic to find love, this girl is literally so sexy and her boyfriend is an ugly ass man. And he makes her feel like that. It’s the man. Not you

No. 1247092

File: 1656656711321.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, A8865F35-B662-46A1-829B-7FBA26…)

This is her bf

No. 1247095

Men on imageboards always whine about how men date ugly women but this is the case every time, every time

No. 1247096

imagine turning into a bimbo clown for THAT

No. 1247105

She probably caught him looking at other women. Men will never know how to love without having to be taught the proper way after fucking up like a fucking toddler. I wonder how many chances she has given his ugly ass.

No. 1247106

File: 1656658079165.jpeg (58.72 KB, 600x369, 6507235A-792B-4C8E-A9F6-2F96C9…)

The worst part about this is that you can be the hottest woman around and the moid will still cheat.
Low self esteem kills

No. 1247129

it doesn't matter, men still hate gorgeous women and cannot show love.

No. 1247134

I resigned on being pretty years ago, and even me with a pizzaface and hairy legs i have no problem finding men, the more cavewoman look i have the more free i am and they're still interrested. Just be yourself without regrets.

No. 1247147

Straight women are so sad. Insecure she doesn’t fit his ideal, you think he gives a fuck about what she wants? She seems like such a brainwashed pick me she probably never even thinks about what she would actually like in a man, anyone with a penis willing to give her attention will do.
OH GOD NO she looks like a creepypasta monster

No. 1247152

nta but were any of them good attractive men?

No. 1247154

File: 1656664209126.gif (1.75 MB, 320x218, 1639822475426.gif)

sometimes i look at the Chris Chan pussy licking gif and my bean gets hard

No. 1247155

I want everything in this post blocked.

No. 1247156

depends if you think art school guys are attractive i guess. Pretty attractive for my country of extremly unatractive men

No. 1247162

Pretty women make me feel like shit because I've been ugly my whole life and always feel excluded from things normal looking women are able to do but honestly the revelation that even the prettiest women get cheated on and disrespected by their moids blew my mind. Even Beyonce got cheated on. There isn't a point where you're beautiful enough to get treated well by males. All moids see all women as disposable. There really isn't such a thing as a woman being beautiful enough to protect and cherish

No. 1247166

I don’t believe you.

No. 1247185

File: 1656672522473.jpg (55.93 KB, 674x1024, evwil.jpg)

Sometimes I see a vtuber make my college tuition cost in a single stream and I get overcome with a indescribable amount of jealousy because they get to play video games, draw, or act cute all day and don't even have to show their face.
I feel like it's too late to be one too because you either have to join a corporation to make it or you have to find a way to stand out against 50,000 other people who want a piece of the vtuber pie.

Also I tried doing a cutesy voice and I immediately wanted to hang myself

No. 1247206

Maybe you could be one of the different ones that acts the opposite of uwu kawaii? Do they do well? I'm not into it so I have no clue.

No. 1247210

I've been feeling the same way, anon. Maybe we should team up and start a new genre that doesn't rely on the uwu voice

No. 1247244

And once you make it you will get stalked by crazed moids who will saw your head off and stuff your body into a trashcan if you allude to the fact that you have a bf

No. 1247439

I said the k slur for the first time today. Still feel a little bad about it but it was deserved.

No. 1247446

Yeah but they get stalked by unhinged 4chan males

No. 1247448


No. 1247449

I eat my bogies

No. 1247450

He’s that white and thin you could lay him on a table and snort him

No. 1247485

Indie vtubers are on the rise anon. Not everyone is a coomer moid who wants to see girls act like fake anime girl or do weird idol LARP.

No. 1247496

kekk it just makes everything seem so fucking useless I get the feeling nonnita

No. 1247497

oh my god who cares anon can just get weapons to protect herself she wants money

No. 1247509

File: 1656697835882.jpeg (46.71 KB, 700x350, 5A9CB231-B2D0-475A-96E0-CCE9EE…)

The trick is garnering a fan base that is at least 50% women.
Let’s do it. Unapologetic brand risk shoujo.

No. 1247570

Vtubers are just streamers with an anime avatar. There are plenty of female streamers on Twitch who have half/mostly female fanbases and act like normal ass people in front of the camera. Surely doing the same as a Vtuber shouldn't be hard, there are already many women who watch bishie Vtubers. Let's carve that niche.

No. 1247594

File: 1656702691323.jpg (24.97 KB, 306x472, love_of_my_life.jpg)

I use to have private lesson with a math teacher who looked exactly like picrel but without the glasses. I was 17 at the time and I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted her kek. She had kids but lived all alone. I never tried anything fortunately but she did awaken my weird attraction to teachers. Nonnies she was so smart, cold and strict, every little smile counted for me and I wondered if she knew how I felt. I remember when she learned that I ended up having great result at the final exam, she was so proud, and she kissed me on the cheeks (quite normal for my country but not normal for her at all) and I was blushing so hard. Sorry for getting into de/g/enerate territory I just needed to get this out of my chest kek, a bit ot but I can't believe men don't want older women, more for me I guess.

No. 1247596

A vtuber avatar that's designed more like a handsome/cool style girl character with zero coomer elements could draw in more of a female fanbase and you wouldn't have to act uguu kawaii. Honestly I kind of want to do that but I have no charisma and a squeaky voice so it wouldn't work, I'd totally watch a woman who did it though.

No. 1247598

If you ever decide to, I will watch you nonna!

No. 1247599

You don't even have to allude to that. If they find a picture of you online they'll get obsessed with you and act like creepy coomers to both your avatar and the real you and try to hunt you down IRL.

No. 1247601

Not in most countries

No. 1247602

kek I get it. I'm mostly straight so for me it's usually men, but I also find the appeal in strict older women who occasionally show you their soft, caring side. That's so endearing and hot but I feel guilty saying it. Unfortunately it's less likely for a woman (especially one with kids) to be into women.

The only reason I haven't done it yet is because my PC sucks ass, so I can't stream in high quality, or pirate the software that I need to make my avatar, nor do I have a camera. But even before Vtubers became super popular I've been planning to do it, though I don't want to fake a character, I'd just be myself.
I don't think having a cool/non-coomer female avatar would be enough to keep scrotes off your streams because males will coom to everything that seems female. Maybe basing your channel on typical female interests and hot 2D men will scare them off.

No. 1247621

File: 1656705314244.jpeg (71.73 KB, 640x494, 55E829E8-52F7-404B-832A-EE3D06…)

I want to look like eugenia cooney

No. 1247631

No, you don’t

No. 1247632

I’d wish they’d ban the anachan thread so bonelords can fucking leave with their weak milk

No. 1247635

I want to live on a hippie commune but I want no men there

No. 1247636

No. 1247637

Kek focus on getting skinny first before dreaming so far ahead fatty

No. 1247647

Yeah you will inevitably attract men. The goal is to have enough women in your community who will be maintaining the vibe of the stream. From what I’ve observed a chat that has a good culture, men will be a lot less likely to step out of place. When they know they are amongst other shitbrained scrotes, they get bold. I see rude and brash female streamers who ban shitters on the spot and publicly humiliate them have the best chat.

No. 1247700

It’s not even worth being skinny at a certain height you just look like a bobblehead freak at 5’3-5’4 for some women like me. I could easily get to her downward spiral if I decrease my appetite even more but I have too much muscle in certain areas and I’m not even anorexic KEK, I just like the way she looks

No. 1247758

I read bl manga because I like watching 2d guys smooching, but anything more than that makes me blush like crazy and throw the manga through my room, so at this point I have about a dozen unfinished manga hidden deep down in my closet because I can't get myself to read any further when things get heavier.

No. 1247764

You’re so precious anon. I miss how giddy and nervous bl made me feel. It still does but I’m not affected by H scenes as much.

No. 1247807

>It’s not even worth being skinny at a certain height
Then why do you want to look like Eugenia?

No. 1247815

I had a dream I seduced the b*tch who bullied me by showing her my muscles (i worked out that day) and then ran through fields at night and committed mass murder and then hid in a museim but then the Church came to arrrerest me.

I slept for 12? Hours accidentally and felt so guilty for my crimes when i woke up

No. 1247827

a guy who I thought was my friend and I had sex and he makes comments about the moles on my body (flat ones) that they look like dirt. That I'm attractive, but not that attractive and I'm still in his league. idk why do I let men degrade and belitte me. I wish I didn't crave intimacy. I stopped talking to him.

No. 1247828

I watch the documentary "earthlings" to relax. It's awful and the subject matter is painful, but something about the narrator's voice is so soothing to me.

No. 1247840

>a guy who I thought was my friend
Yep…sorry you had to find out. Good riddance.

No. 1247842

wtf that's so retarded. My sister did the same thing, commented on my moles. He's obviously doing that as an ego boost to himself. I would have started making remarks about his appearance casually with no remorse.

No. 1247843

File: 1656716502099.jpg (37.07 KB, 735x402, 359e1d8e0714765c8aa92ee.jpg)

Fake and gay. Go back.

No. 1247845

This is an Reddit or joke right

No. 1247853

this isn't reddit

No. 1247875

No. 1247880

Someone saying "she" cheated on "her" older girlfriend with a younger moid and felt guilty about it

No. 1247903

File: 1656719832907.jpeg (291.72 KB, 1242x1569, 300349B3-CD7F-45B3-868D-C1FBE8…)

I'm still salty over a friend of my cousin that called him one afternoon, I was feeling down that day because of my shitty grades, so my cousin asked if I wanted to go to the cinema to cheer me up, so he called a friend of his and I heard his conversation because he was walking around the house while talking by the phone on speaker mode
>if you want to go to the cinema with my cousin
>[name of another cousin of his]?
>no the other one
>ah the ugly one
I was honestly mad, so I refused to go out that day and tried to stop eating for a few days but my family wouldn't let me.
After a few years I came back home and suddenly an aunt of ours asked for my cousin's friend and he said that his friend was really depressed and almost killed himself, I was apathetic outside but inside I thought
>how sad, he didn't die after all

No. 1247907

I’m writing a self insert story romance and getting caught up in my friendship with my fictional bestie. I don’t have one irl, I’m very lonely irl but in my story I spend almost every day with a friend and I even sleep next to her and cuddle her to watch movies I’m so sad

No. 1247917

Sometimes I switch between wifi and mobile to souble post in the same thread. It makes me feel like a colossal faggot every time.

No. 1247918

Im watching two eboys do a asmr video right now.

No. 1247923

No. 1247932

whats with all the ''how old are you'' posts lately, i realize there is a 30+ userbase who is projecting and bitter at other posters but this is lolcow someone can be spergy or funny/weird without being underage.

You dont have to just write radfem manifestos or essays about shaynas vagina to be adult here, you know…..

No. 1247943

The anons writing essays about shart's vagina have to be either moids, other dumbass sex workers or kids.

No. 1247944

You need to use incognito with one of them though. Otherwise your cookies will give it away that you're samefagging (I assume you mean you pretend to be two different people and not just make two posts in a row)

No. 1247950

I say it's glow

No. 1247964

I don't think it's us old biddies. It's probably coming from the nonas rapidly approaching 25 and insecure about it

No. 1247982

what was the post? what's with random shit getting deleted lol

No. 1247983

Whenever I visit this site or 4chan I feel so much smarter and better about myself

No. 1247986

Do you not feel that way on other places or irl? Lol

No. 1247998

In class too, but it's particularly evident online
I guess I could say "when I visit anywhere on the internet" but I tend to assume most stupid people elsewhere are just children
That being said, I'm pretty fucking dumb so it's just funny to me

No. 1248013

>I just like the way she looks

No. 1248020

..which is skinny to the point of being on death's doorstep. so you do want to be skinny.

No. 1248024

Woops, forgot to mention that I was ntayrt

No. 1248042

I think I might have gotten into a rebound relationship and I'm not sure if I actually love the other person.

No. 1248176

File: 1656736873598.png (1.07 MB, 778x2868, 20180214_184628_539537723_1.pn…)

I have the regular urge to get full body plastic surgery. I just want to change everything about me, even down to the bones and cells.

The only things stopping me is money and the technology for radical body modification. Maybe I just want to be a cyborg?

No. 1248205

Please don't fall for the plastic surgery scam. It prays on vulnerable and low confident people, usually women. It only makes men richer.

No. 1248206

Those full body plastic surgeries often leave people looking botched tbh.

No. 1248213

If you get plastic surgery, only get a few areas done. If you get too much done you will look botched like the other anon said.
Although if you really want to get your entire body done, you may need actual mental help instead of surgery. If you ever come across the money for PS, I suggest you use it to talk to someone first.

No. 1248231

Why would anyone go to a surgeon that blatantly photoshops and puts fake images in the results to advertise

No. 1248240

I don't really get involved in fandom shit anymore but every time I ship something it ends up being incest

No. 1248325

I wish I could stop being so spiteful, but I feel the need to punish everyone for their wrongs. Even when they don't know they did wrong.

No. 1248327

A surgeon will botch you and then go on TikTok afterwards to lure in more victims.

No. 1248329

This is an extremely dangerous way to think, as you aren’t judge, jury, or executioner and people aren’t on some sort of theoretical chopping block.

No. 1248339

nta how is it dangerous though? you think anon does anything besides seethe?

No. 1248341

File: 1656756770348.jpg (13.95 KB, 181x279, images.jpeg.jpg)

Pic related, how anon imagined the author of that vent

No. 1248344

Didn’t mean it literally, just that it spawns some extremely undesirable qualities that eat you from the inside. Also many people like this develop a god complex and destroy the relationships around them.

No, that’s how anon sees herself

No. 1248347

why would you do this anyway, like you can just lose weight and build muscle and it results the same thing for free and with massive health benefits

No. 1248349

File: 1656757559315.jpeg (14.52 KB, 211x162, 41761354-7CD8-4EF7-B129-FDD951…)

Naw fuck that, seek revenge OP.

No. 1248351

i like to act differently around people my friends or spouse knows just to figure out their insecurities and intentions. it is fun and easy.

No. 1248358

Nobody likes a Patricia Bateman

No. 1248361

File: 1656759322289.gif (484.78 KB, 220x242, thinks.gif)

I do a lot more than seethe, hence why I felt the need to confess
I need to stop being such a shitty person
Kek'd hard irl
>Also many people like this develop a god complex and destroy the relationships around them.
Yeah I get it and I'd like to stop
But.. against a moid who wronged me, yes or no..? Moid in question is my bf

No. 1248371

Yea. Plus it’s just annoying to be constantly judged lmao

No. 1248372

What did your bf do to you, exactly??

No. 1248379

I want this too. Scrotes and pick mes can just go fuck off.

No. 1248384

File: 1656762598329.jpg (332.23 KB, 1280x886, the_zone.jpg)

sometimes i think about stalking some people that have power over me, like managers, and doctors. i want to feel a bit less threatened, you know? to just have this little secret of, knowing a bit more about them than they know about me. i think job applications and forms at the doctor give them way too much information about me. so, it would be a little like, balancing the scales.

No. 1248407

He wants to crossdress and suck cock and is flippant about my feelings after I have given him everything
I'm not enough

No. 1248421

Anon I’m so sorry. It’s not that you’re not enough. He’s an empty hole of a human being. A walked out shell that has to fill it with shit. At least the fuck can never leave himself. May he make himself miserable every day of his shitty coom filled life.

No. 1248435

Ew, seems like he's not enough for you, actually. Good riddance.

No. 1248451

I didn't say I was leaving him.. I just want to hurt him so he can stop with this nonsense

No. 1248457

why are you doing this to yourself

No. 1248461

I think you might still be clouded by emotions but rest assured that that has never worked out for any woman, ever.

No. 1248475

Calling him a sick disgusting pervert and leaving him will hurt him though?

No. 1248480

Anon, it's time to accept that there's no saving your relationship and there's no hope for your boyfriend. The most effective way to hurt him would be to leave him and not look back.

No. 1248482

Ugh but I love him
Why can't moids just be normal ffs

No. 1248490

But you don’t or him being a cross dressing cock sucker wouldn’t bother you Noni. That’s who he’s decided he is and who he’s going to be.
The y is a defective

No. 1248493

Anon is probably lazy and watches too many online dramas. Koreans always look botched and uncanny to me when they get that same looking plastic surgery. that ad is photoshopped to hell and back. there is so such thing as an easy and fast fix. Remember the model that sued because her cool sculpting became hard fat pockets in her body over time?
It's better just to eat better and work out. It isn't even that hard but people really want to be that lazy.

No. 1248497

File: 1656768932475.png (193.6 KB, 700x563, it is.png)

hey, i found out one of my fiance's friends was a bi pickme this way. don't hate the player, hate the game. and people will get uncomfortable and defensive around me. which is funny because i have social anxiety.

No. 1248500

Well I told him there will be no cock sucking because I don't want an "open relationship", the crossdressing is probably my fault so I can deal
Maybe I will leave eventually, but I still want to abuse him for daring to bring it up

No. 1248509

My sides

No. 1248518

I fucking love fatspo I look at it every night to stop myself from bingeing. not an anachan just don't want to be fat

No. 1248522

>bi pickme
Did you fuck her to assert dominance?

No. 1248530

Is this Gus anon? Either way, based.

No. 1248566

I have a really big crush on a 21 year old girl and I'm 30. I feel so weird and like a disgusting moid over it.

No. 1248573

You probably view her as a person who happens to be 21 not a "21 year old barely in college hottie" like a moid would so don't stress.

She might be too immature for a relationship with you but be healthy and feel it out for the two of you. Make this decision on your own and ignore Twitter. Especially if it's just a crush, don't stress yourself out.

No. 1248587

Any gay male who dates a tranny is subhuman. I will not elaborate. I am unironically disgusted by the thought of a male dating a tranny.

No. 1248674

File: 1656782353352.jpeg (64.23 KB, 600x485, 7B95F5BF-E6D3-40AC-ABBD-E506A5…)

I stopped drinking a week ago on a whim after two years of drinking daily and even though I didn't want my partners mom to know about my alcoholism it made me happy to hear that she's proud of me for stopping.

No. 1248850

File: 1656790783049.jpeg (267.17 KB, 926x712, 6CE8A892-47AD-4A92-8354-868B3D…)

Just gonna spoiler this whole mess. I found the address and phone number of the scrote I have a crush on. Yes I just went to the map app to see where he lives. I know I’m creepy and insane. At my old job I wrote down the license plate number of the scrote I liked there and considered following him after work. Why do I do this? Obviously extremely socially retarded, haven’t had any friends for 6 years. I think I just want to know as much as I can without having to talk to him to flesh out my fantasies more. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do. Why am I even confessing to this? Maybe nonnas can fix me. Thank fuck this is anonymous, I should kill myself. I’m starting to regret writing this out so I’m just gonna go to sleep, afraid to see responses if there are any.

No. 1248857

..have you actually talked to him nona? Like.. ever? Sounds like you've only seen him in movies kek. It's almost cute.

No. 1248859

File: 1656791380704.jpeg (54.77 KB, 275x222, 9ACC97C1-60CE-4421-A5AC-317930…)

No. 1248895

Kek I did that to my bf before we started dating. I never told him about it either. I have his parents' and siblings' phone numbers and addresses too.
Anyway, calm down anon. It's harmless.

No. 1248905

>googling your crush
>wanting to know about your crush but too shy to talk
Anon, just avoid vocabulary like 'fleshing out my fantasies' when explaining yourself and you won't be creepy.

No. 1248982

Hate this stupid goblin

No. 1249062

I like when I ask my boyfriend a question and he pretends like he knows a lot about the subject but is clearly just repeating what he found on google, which I found too.
This sounds like sarcasm but I genuinely mean it. It's dumb and adorable.

No. 1249082

It's cute that he's trying to impress you and act smart you have a good attitude

No. 1249093

Well, now I don't feel so autistic. I hope you've read some of my walls of text nonny. Hope you enjoyed them
Well, my confession is that when I was a young weeb still discovering anime, yaoi and yuri (I wanted to try both things because I saw them on a wikipedia list of anime genres, plz no bully) I was already into pretty explicit anime porn and yaoi but when I tried watching Strawberry Panic, I was loving it at first but then I pacnicked kek when it got to the first sex scene and dropped the anime. I wasn't expecting a yuri anime to go that far, and I still haven't finished it to this day. It made me blush like crazy, but I didn't like how it turned, it was cute before that part though.

No. 1249098

I confessed to someone that I have feelings for them months ago and they reciprocated but we knew it was best not to pursue anything, and I secretly haven't moved on even though I've tried very hard to. But to them I've made it appear like I've moved on as I don't want them to be in my position at all, I don't want them to yearn for me. I wish I knew how to stop feeling this way for them

No. 1249106

>working in male dominated field
>started a new job, am only woman in my team
>scared to get not taken seriously and to be harrassed by moids
>start to get interested in coworker
>also havent had sex in years
>brain goes full coomer every time I see him

I feel like I am fucking this up for myself.

No. 1249114

He is damn smart as is and I wouldn't feel differently if he couldn't answer my dumb questions, but there's just something so endearing about him not being able to say "I don't know about this topic".

No. 1249132

File: 1656804639754.jpg (36.38 KB, 400x400, tumblr_335d037405c1cc3ee2324de…)

>read or hear about bad thing happening to a man
>feel bad for that man
>remember that there are many more women in the same or similar situation that got it even worse but far fewer people pay attention because they're not men
>stop feeling bad for men lol

No. 1249135

No. 1249138

File: 1656805722327.jpeg (157.03 KB, 640x634, 32C2CED2-ED2E-4423-9C13-049BDF…)

after hanging with ppl that are actually confident/attractive, i’m planning on drifting from my long term friend group. i’m not even saying this as a humblebrag, but i’ve just befriended some real uggo ppl with bottom tier socializing skills and it’s actually been really annoying. they’re too insecure to shop, too insecure to go out into public, too insecure to fucking live. And to make matters worse, they’re not ugly by default, they just don’t work on themselves/work out. like how have i been friends with these girls since college and we’ve never gone shopping ONCE?
we went to fucking Rome together and after a day of seeing the important stuff and taking in the art, they didn’t wanna go out for a fucking glass of wine at night because then they’d have to dress up and it’s not “fair” because i allegedly “don’t understand their concerns” ????

i’ve been there for them for so long but i need new confident friends. idc if we’ve been friends for 10 years, i want to be shallow for once and have fun.

pic unrelated just based

No. 1249150

Regardless of if they're ugly, pretty, nerds, Stacy's… People like that are a drag and you need to find friends that don't let their insecurities rule them and the people around them.

GL nonna.

No. 1249156

This song is stuck in my head and I think I m starting to like ir

No. 1249168

I'm obsessed with cleaning and cooking videos lately. I've spent the past week just deep cleaning my house. I want to move out of my old apartment and find a nicer place to live. I want better for myself.

No. 1249176

I'm kind of jealous kek I wish I had some friends who don't like going shopping or getting dressed up since I hate doing that myself but it feels rude to not do it when invited. But it's good you recognized you've moved on and can start hanging out with people you mesh better with

No. 1249188

The consoomserist threads are like crack to me, partially because at one point I wanted to live like that with huge collections, and partially to gawk at how useless everything is. Ironically consuming the content helps me keep more minimal and mindful of my things, yet by looking at it I am helping feed the beast

No. 1249209

I have an online journal that helps me get my thoughts together in a healthy and probably more organized manner, but there's something about coming to the vent thread on here and saying the first emotion I feel in a see of other people also having a shit day or a tough time is really nice.

No. 1249227

Aw ur so sweet. It’s very nice to know someone reads them even if no one replies.

No. 1249236

i love watching agdq and sgdq each year with my nigle. i hate that its full of trannies and cringe, but i also love videogames and seeing over 2 and 3 million consistently raised for charity year after year makes my heart full

No. 1249240

I am that person who is too insecure to go outside sometimes and I struggle to understand how these types of people even have friends to begin with…

No. 1249250

File: 1656815869060.jpg (314.78 KB, 1929x1090, 83b002e863.jpg)

I'm SOOOO attracted to pic rel

I find myself looking inside to see what the driver looks like and being disappointed often but I still feel blushy when I drive past or am near one in general lol

No. 1249266

i weep for you anon

No. 1249269

File: 1656817530973.jpg (236.73 KB, 1200x800, don-t-forget-the-carriage.jpg)

I live by a historic district and I get the same feeling but for these

No. 1249276

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I feel better now lol

No. 1249312

Damn I expected to be yelled at. He has only spoken to me once about work stuff for like a few seconds. I’m a kissless virgin terrified of emotional and physical intimacy so I will never try to get closer to him. also he is literally twice my age, I found out the year he graduated and calculated his age from that but I also just found his birthday. Extra shameful is he has 2 kids who are around my age, I think his eldest is only 1 year younger than me, so it’s probably for the best nothing comes of this

No. 1249319

That's a lot of Ws kek, Is it really that weird?

No. 1249394

just realize that I unintentionally put my series of cigarette burns in a circle. the area around my navel looks like a summoning platform

No. 1249397

I live in a town with a few of these. They are referred to as "brodozers". They're not bad guys, really.

No. 1249398

Get out of here, stalker!

No. 1249401

Mark my words, he's going to troon out.

No. 1249405

If women learned to want and demand male partners that are good looking and put in effort in their looks for their gfs (in addition to good behaviour) instead trying with all their might to be pretty for ugly trolls like >>1247092 The world would unironically be a better place because it'd require men to step up and be better creatures.

Men need to be beautiful for women not vice versa.

No. 1249410

Yep. Every single man I've met who has an "unbearably insecure gf" was 100% the issue 9/10 times. Backhanded compliments, nitpicking in ways that makes /snow/ users look like angels, negging and then treating every other girl like they're freaking goddesses while their gf is sitting there begging for a single compliment. I feel like more girls need to understand when their man is the issue that's making them insecure and not them just being dramatic

No. 1249413

That's cute, better than my ex who would pretend to know about a subject and then give me false and unsolicited comments or advice and then just ignore me when I corrected him

No. 1249440

This is himbo energy and I’m honestly here for

No. 1249460

I don't feel guilty for letting my parents pay my bills. I consider it reparations for my crappy childhood

No. 1249462

can't disagree with that.

No. 1249466

When I was a toddler, my baby sister was born. I remember once while we were in the living room together, my mom was in the kitchen, I was curious to know how strong the bones in my newborn sister's body were. I have no idea why I did this, but I basically rolled over her with my own body like a hand going over a rolling pin. I remember hearing a little crack and I immediately sat myself up and continued watching TV. Supposedly, she wasn't harmed. She had no back issues.

No. 1249471

I didn't even have a shitty childhood. I had like a year of deep guilt (even though I do earn money, but not nearly enough, and do not pay rent to my parents, like some of my friends), but now I'm just past it, because they never made a deal out of it.

No. 1249474

File: 1656842229230.jpg (11.4 KB, 415x387, squish.jpg)

>supposedy, she wasn't harmed

No. 1249481

KEK anon, what an inquisitive mind you had.

No. 1249487

No. 1249507

No. 1249572

I really don't like most women, like at all, I tried to understand them but we just don't click, their naiveness, misdirected empathy and obsession with males is genuinely annoying. To be honest, i find them pathetic to say the least. I pretty much prefer women on this site, I don't have to play dumb anymore

No. 1249579

I can't stop thinking about wanting breast implants. I just imagine if I had regular sized nice breasts people would be nicer to me, people would look at me and actually be envious of my body, I would finally be able to wear low cut clothes and have it look nice. I hate myself for being so obsessed with my appearance.

No. 1249581

yeah it's so dorky lol
I've never thought they're bad or whatever you mean by that personally

No. 1249582

I also think of british people when I see those anon

No. 1249596

I feel this but I like to think it's more of a normie thing than anything.

No. 1249630

No. 1249637

about a week ago a nonna asked how to cook lentils in the stupid q thread and i said that i was sure you gotta soak them first, but i was wrong, you actually don't need to soak them. sorry anonita where ever you are

No. 1249646

Whenever I read/hear shit like this I become sad because I think this is a deep-rooted mysoginy speaking and I find it sad whenever someone hates themselves to that degree. We live in a society.

No. 1249681

This a joke?

No. 1249685

Good for you, anon! Never hang out with people who drag you down. Too many people are like 'muh anxiety muh introvert' now a days and I'm not saying you have to be a clubbing 24-7 Chadlette, but going out shopping and then having a glass of wine in Rome sounds amazing! I wish I could be your friend. I had the same issue with a friend who is better advantaged than me but refuses to go outside her comfort zone. She has never left her home town in 25 years where as i've been all over the country. It's better to find people on the same level as you both interest and money wise. I'm rooting for you.

No. 1249686

No. 1249705

I hate how being anti social has been normalized. It's become extremely isolating and it feels like you have to walk on most eggshells so people don't get "weirded out" because you made small talk or invited them to a party or something

No. 1249712

nta but what kinda weirdos do you hang out with wtf

No. 1249715


No. 1249722

I’m so envious of my bff. We’re friends since high school and she’s always had such a decent life in every aspect. Meanwhile my life was mostly shaped by tragedies and trauma. She’s having the time of her life studying abroad and she recently told me she finally got with this dude she liked and she was crying out of happiness cause everything’s been going the way she wanted. She was telling me all of this when I was so suicidal i wrote a note and all. This is terrible but I used to wish to see something not going her way for once so I could have some hope that maybe the reverse is possible for me too but nothing really happened. I don’t think that way anymore. Nowadays I’m genuinely happy for her and her luck doesn’t make me envious in a malicious sense I just feel incredibly embarrassed and sorry for myself cause at this point even she knows what a miserable loser person I am. I wish I had good things to share with her too but I don’t. Whenever she tells me about the amazing in her life I just dissociate to not compare my life to hers. I think that’s why I don’t feel so terrible anymore listening to her.

No. 1249725

Ah man, Rome is great (although that heat, goddamn)! Good on you for separating yourself from them. I personally love confident people/self-assured people, you don't have to fucking coddle and coax them into joining you for stuff.

No. 1249778

I understand how you feel anon, it feels unfair and frustrating when people around you (seemingly) have everything going their way without trying and they just seem to.. float? effortlessly through life.

No. 1249856

File: 1656871875355.png (511.26 KB, 1392x502, Screenshot 2022-07-03 201059.p…)

I love you nona

No. 1249892

I always thought I was a lesbian. My first kisses and slight sexual encounters were with girls when I was underage around 7-11, but then I never had a relationship with a woman. I've only dated men and I dunno how to approach this since I didn't really grow up in the community. Idk where to meet other women…

No. 1249895

Hehe I use it too. ♥

No. 1249994

how do people even get the money to go outside town/state

No. 1250009

i know that it might sound shitty to say she should keep your circumstances in mind when she talks about that kind of stuff, but doesn’t she feel awkward gushing about herself when you have nothing to offer back? sounds like one sided convo.

i have a friend who has had it infinitely worse than me in every way, she’s so sweet and smart but she doesn’t have much in options. i haven’t been thru nearly what she has so i try not to constantly talk about college, my mom, travels, or other shit she doesn’t have. your friends seems a little inconsiderate at the bare minimum.

No. 1250010

Sometimes I wish I could beat people who try to talk to me, including 'small talk'.

No. 1250021

They have jobs. It doesn't take a ton of money to go outside to a cafe or just chill and go window shopping.

No. 1250027

meant to say outside of town. like traveling or moving to a new neighborhood. even with jobs no one in my family has moved out yet.

No. 1250244

I actually really hate when guys do that lol at least some people like it

No. 1250315

I used the pad for the steam mop that's going to my parents' pos friend. My bathroom floor was dirty and couldn't find the other pad. I'll obviously wash it but idgas that it is intended for him. He does nothing for my parents so fuck him.

No. 1250351

I wanna know who that furry artist making $25k a few threads back was. I wanna know if she can find my art friends that I lost to furry shit years ago…

No. 1250359

Samefag. Nevermind. I just looked up one and she's now a "they/them" and an "astrology student".

No. 1250392

File: 1656915513677.jpg (128.95 KB, 1191x1200, FWzNetvWIAI_aRW.jpg)

Here anon, here is why you should never become a vtuber.

No. 1250593

I think I'm attracted to my new dental hygienist. I had pretty bad tartar build up, quite embarrassed about that. It's so bad she planned another appointment for tomorrow to finish the rest. Her hands were literally in my face so I could smell she had very nice perfume on her wrists. This feels awkward af and I feel like a creep.

No. 1250600

you luckily probably just cracked a joint in the chiropractic sense, you’re beyond lucky.

No. 1250641

I don't hate myself nor other women, I just don't like their personalities but i don't want them to die or suffer jfc I'm allowed to dislike people that don't vibe with me

No. 1250643

nta this is crazy and disturbing but I like that little tracker and want to make one for myself. How the fuck did he find out her cycle?

No. 1250650

A couple of girls I haven’t seen since hs popped up on my feed, I feel a bit bad but they’ve both gained so much weight and it makes me feel a lot better about myself. I hope they’re both doing ok, seeing the few months difference between some of their photos is insane.

No. 1250684

I like being a natural beauty after 3 decades of being me I understand I do have an advantage. People buy status with clothes or nice cars and I have nice (cheap) clothes and an economical good car but they do not define me. My face does and it works for me. My face is my status and I'm lucky god bless

No. 1250815

Kek my niece is 1 year older than my nephew and I remember she would smoosh his face and slap him when he was a newborn. Kids are mean

No. 1250820

as long as you didn't go on to start hurting baby birds, hamsters and then cats as a kid like serial killers do

No. 1250848

File: 1656958079983.jpeg (248.91 KB, 750x700, 1655598425273.jpeg)

What a miserable life you must live then, can't relate. I don't understand how you don't question the fact that your attitude will directly affect the conversation. Most women can sense that you are judging them so of course they will refrain from having any sort of deep or interesting conversation with someone like you. You say that you prefer women on this site but most of us would absolutely despise you irl for being a pick me.

No. 1250852

Thank god there are sane, mature nonnies on this website!!!

No. 1250856

Hell yeah sister, I'm in the same boat and so thankful. People always hate when a girl acknowledges she's pretty tho so inb4 that

No. 1250860

I'm vain and not ashamed of it. I don't judge other people based on that kind of stuff (for the most part), but I can't help that I want a certain look and life.

No. 1250861

I am glad you girlies are beautiful. I am just average. IT MUST BE NICEEE. iM TRYNA BE LIKE YOU GIRL!

No. 1250869

Tbh I don't think I've seen a truly ugly girl. I'm not even being fruity, all women I've seen have something about them that's beautiful.

No. 1250875

Bless! You are kinda right, now that I think about it.

No. 1250877

>the crossdressing is probably my fault so I can deal
nonnie why…

No. 1250900

I have a superiority complex. I used to pick fights just to prove the other person wrong like it's a fucking court case. Luckily I have learned to tone it down a lot but it's still an annoying as fuck trait and I would be a /pt/ tier cow if I had any social media presence kek. I'm not so full of myself that I'm a full blown narcissist but I definitely have some characteristics and I really hope they go away as I get older (19 now). I think it might just be me trying to cope with the bullying I used to get and I will grow out of it. I hope so.

No. 1250928

Thanks. I noticed it went away very much when I got a fulltime job, I quit recently (trying to enjoy the summer hah) but when I'm studying next year I'll have more important shit to think about. I feel kind of lost at the moment but this actually made me feel better, thanks nonna ♥

No. 1250946

Nta and idk if I'd call this misogynistic but it does sound very "not like other girls"

No. 1250950

I think it's cute, to an extent and only occasionally.

No. 1251006

File: 1656966430266.jpeg (49.96 KB, 800x800, DF6A9167-2E10-451C-9A8E-33C1C3…)

sad but true: my hip size seems to be the same as it was in primary school because i just tried on some pants from fifth grade and they fit just the same even without messing with the already adjusted elastic.
i did not lose weight in fact i think i weigh about the same as i did then just taller.
absolutely depressing yet hilarious at the same time. dont know if i should laugh or cry.
to the anachans no this is not a flex or humblebrag i look ridiculous and not cute at all. i am an absolute womanlet. everyone point and laugh…

No. 1251023

Shouldn't have admitted you're a womanlet… the tall anons from the belle thread will come and rage at you

No. 1251031

Let me guess anon, boys are less drama?

No. 1251044

oh i meant womanlet in the same way as hairlet kek, as in i am not/barely am womanly, not height.
i am actually average if not slightly taller but to be fair my country is one of the top 3 shortest in the world…

No. 1251054

The fact you guys automatically assumed i must prefer men just because i don't vibe with a subset of women is actually insane but predictable tbh

No. 1251056

You’re lucky tho most people gain like 30 pounds after they turn 18. Corn syrup in everything

No. 1251065

I used to feel like you, this is because I have horrible mommy issues, I thought every woman I met was either sneak dissing me or secretly hated me and wanted to compete with me. Look within Nona and find some love in your self. Having a genuine friendship with a girl is the funnest thing ever, I don’t think men can be best friends like how girls are, it’ll just never be the same. We are capable of loving and understanding each other on such a deep level.

No. 1251067

File: 1656969181345.png (351.68 KB, 1053x810, Retarded.png)

No. 1251078

>a subset of women
>most women
Alright anon. Do you have any friends at all?

No. 1251081

I can see weird spiders on the floor and a shadow person standing over me when i was showering what am i supposed to do lol lollop lol

No. 1251086

you are the problem

kek, exactly

No. 1251089

nta but what is it with the surge of wojak posting lately

No. 1251093

I haven't notice any surge and I am on vacation rn, so spending a lot of time here kek.

No. 1251097

This is an +18 website.

No. 1251108

>I thought every woman I met was either sneak dissing me or secretly hated me and wanted to compete with me
I didn't even say that i hated them in any of my posts, but i will get flammed anyway so i'll just take my L

No. 1251112

All bobs are butiful mam…im know your so butiful deer are you available for marige? i loving a woman not just for vagene or her bob but the heart under the bob…

No. 1251120

>I really don't like most women, like at all
>To be honest, i find them pathetic to say the least
>I didn't even say that i hated them in any of my posts, but i will get flammed anyway

No. 1251125

NTA but I saw an anon sperg at another anon for posting a wojack so I have purposefully started using them kek.

No. 1251134

With most women i was referring to normies or at least to toxic kind, those who play a big part on the patriarchy happily supporting people and institutions who want to erase us and have next to no backbone, that's why I don't vibe with them, they're too self-flaggelating, sometimes for selfish purposes and our priorities are not the same, got it already?

No. 1251144

Imagine sperging over a meme so popular even normies know about it kek

No. 1251157

To be fair there is an actual wojak spammer moid (from an imageboard entirely dedicated to wojaks) who comes here sometimes, usually has the extremely ugly/gross wojaks though.

No. 1251169

I understand what you mean now but it's legit weird how you decided to phrase all of your precedent posts without mentioning the ideology behind it, like I thought I was going to get banned for replying to a shitty moid's bait, that's how bad you sounded. I don't know how to phrase it in any better way but from thoses posts you really sound like you lack empathy

No. 1251185

Wojacks are ugly and scrotey. Sorry about your ugly and scrotey downloads folder.

No. 1251188

This behaviour is uglier and scrotier tbh.

No. 1251277

>Can you dislike scrotes and be very aware of how they work and still be a "Pick Me"?

Yes, it's called being a hypocrite. Hopefully you are under 20 years of age so you still have a chance to grow out of it.

No. 1251316

File: 1656980640014.jpeg (77.18 KB, 480x480, 20565BB1-347D-44DD-85BE-7371BE…)

I’m sorry nonna I’m pretty sure my neighbours are conspiring to climb over my fence and batter me with metal poles I know because of the way they where moving bins around. We can be paranoid together.

No. 1251324

I think being self-aware and still preferencing men is worse than just being naive. The first group has an excuse for acting stupid but you're putting them on pedestals despite knowing better. It sounds like you have a ton of internalized misogyny which is bad for you above all. You know nigels don't exist, or at least very rarely, and the sort of man who has no friends or family (adopted or otherwise) is not going to be an example of a healthy, positive guy. He'd likely be a sociopathic shut-in. So you're just dreaming of a fantasy that can't exist. You also understand that the only reason you care about having a boyfriend is because you feel the need for male validation. I would work on being kinder to yourself, developing ways to feel fulfillment that don't involve a partner, and generally focusing on yourself instead. I wish you well in the endeavor; even if it's hard it's worth it over forever feeling incomplete on your own.

No. 1251365

not true

No. 1251384

you need to remove yourself from the idea that it's a requirement of you to be pretty or attractive to men. unless you're actually looking to exploit that as much as possible anyways, it's not like it does you a huge service. if you know men are shit anyways, why does their opinion of you mean so much to you? they are risks to health, stability and safety. they are literal mortal risks and even when not, they are terribly spiteful. you should really think about how and why their attention and opinions matter so much to you when they literally get it up to a bimbofied toaster with drawn tits.

No. 1251385

thanks for bringing ugly 4chan moid shit here i guess

No. 1251386

proper gatekeeping is neither ugly nor scrotey

No. 1251389

wojacks are unfunny and stale. they should've died years ago. they are terrible scrote tier memes

No. 1251452

File: 1656994395663.jpeg (103.68 KB, 601x508, E934980E-0019-441E-8593-AE3876…)

>weebshit everywhere
>pepe memes
>retarded pickmes
>nitpicks and pornposts
Oh yeah a couple of picrel is really gonna ruin the place

No. 1251490

echoing what everyone else has said, but i also want to add that you are missing out on something incredible in life. hard to describe, but not needing male attention + developing close female friendships is probably some of the most exhilarating parts of life. I say this as a happily married woman too.

you won’t ever find a man that will satisfy all of your attention needs, and by the sounds of it, he won’t be cute or normal either. seek help, this is childish.

No. 1251535

No. 1251578

File: 1657000967643.jpg (119.09 KB, 736x1127, c24c694b9640ee010d0f5ae0eb5812…)

I don't hate Steven Universe. I get why people would hate it, I get that it was bad for the animation industry, but the first seasons bring me to a much simpler time. I remember when everyone was excited for the mysteries and wanted to create fan content, when it was something "special" to put it on a way. It sort of hurts the reputation the series has now tbh.

No. 1251587

It's okay to like madoka, steven universe, kill la kill, etc. Just don't bring it up on lolcow because everyone will just jump at you with their own conclusions. Be an adult and enjoy things you like for the simple joy of liking them. You know unless it's husbando content no one is going to humor you, so might as well discuss it on another site. I'm sorry that this website has to be like this.

No. 1251600

Nta but no idea what you're talking about, last time I brought up madoka, nonnas discussed witches with me and how a man-haters witch would look like.

No. 1251603

You have no idea how many farmers have said my taste is scrotal for liking madoka

No. 1251607

I hate when people say "x thing happened to me" and then there's always one bitch who comes in with their unwanted opinion like "that never happens" "no one does that" "that hasn't happened to me", etc.

No. 1251608

Or you could try watching a good show.

No. 1251609

There you go. Just let that anon enjoy shit.

No. 1251617

Nya, but saying you've never seen something isn't the same as saying it's never happened.

No. 1251623

Ironically I've seen nonas post about how cute they thought "poc wojacks" were and post the fem ones non ironically on multiple occasions, even commenting on finding the braindead male ones funny. Not every nona has a stick up their ass with moid paranoia but a lot of them love to be anal retentive internet police for the most asinine subjects

No. 1251639

I will but only if she stops asking retarded questions like "why do people hate the show I like"

No. 1251648

You asking for her to basically stop posting is worse lmao

No. 1251649

No. 1251654

File: 1657009136301.jpg (239.85 KB, 1283x2158, 20220705_181320.jpg)

Can't tell if I'm retarded but just saw this on twitter with a lot of qrts calling the woman evil/ableist/whatever and I honestly don't see anything wrong with this joke, other than maybe being in poor taste. Is there something I'm missing?

No. 1251661

kek she's right, this is one of the main reasons I don't want to be pregnant ever. Having a mentally or developmentally disabled child is easily life ruining and everyone thinks so but nobody wants to admit it because according to god women are just baby making machines an nothing else, so they harass the women who have enough guts to admit it. Reminds me of a former coworker who's a muslim woman who thought telling pregnant women that their future kid has downs syndrome and that they can abort if they want is horrible, it's discrimination, the poor, cute little baby (not even born yet in that context, remember) didn't do anything wrong uwu, mothers should ALWAYS love their kids no matter what (no mention of the father or on actual issues like the lack of special needs classes and schools, or how they're dependant on you their whole lives and die in their 50s at the very most because of cardiac issues of course), etc. Iirc in places where people don't give a fuck about religions women abort their disabled fetuses way more often but I don't remember the example I was given, like Norway or something like that? While Ireland has a shit ton of downs syndrom patients because of catholicism and abortion being banned until very recently.

No. 1251664

She is RIGHT and every woman should say it LOUDER

No. 1251665

I am 1000000000000000000000000% with her

No. 1251666

>waaah waaah why isn't this place more like my moidhaven
then just go on 4chan

No. 1251669

Wojaks are so ugly

No. 1251670

It's probably the way you posted about it tbh.

No. 1251674

Nope, I promise you it wasn't. I just mention I like Madoka and people start saying how much of a moid anime is because girls suffer in it and moids love that.

No. 1251676

But I said:
>I get why people would hate it.
I didn't ask a question…

No. 1251677

That anon is just retarded

No. 1251679

File: 1657010634767.jpg (276.33 KB, 605x1136, 1657010549769.jpg)

Here's one of the most recent examples. Anon grasping for a tiny small graphic that comes in only for a few seconds in the OP.

No. 1251684

File: 1657010844961.jpg (49.48 KB, 468x655, images-3.jpg)

Just to give more context I have never seen merch with this outfit and it never comes in the actual show. All the merch I always see are of the girls just hanging around doing girly stuff

No. 1251685

No parent in history thought "thank god I didn't get a healthy baby, I'm so happy to hear this little retard screech and wipe poo on every surface. Looking forward my next 40 years of guardianship."

No. 1251690

These type of comments always make me think how many new people have come in recently on this website and how the culture is shifting. I definitely an outgrowing this website.

No. 1251692

I do get that it's a joke about abortion rights, but honestly, call me sensitive but I don't really think jokes about child neglect are funny. But I doubt she actually has any children, so what can you do.

No. 1251693

This. I agree so much. Back in the day these kids stood no chance unless you were filthy rich and even then why would you keep a pet vegetable alive. Sorry to be so harsh but no one wants to be a parent to these abominations that ruin everyone's life and mostly the mother's because of course the responsibility falls on them the most, thanks society for nothing. Labor of love my ass. Only narc moms want to raise potato babies because it gives them attention.

No. 1251695

>These type of comments
which ones

No. 1251696

There would be no neglected child if anyone could abort their deformed or mentally ill baby. I don't care.

No. 1251697

No. 1251699

She’s just saying what everyone secretly thinks. The only people who think there’s anything desirable or special about having kids with issues either have never been around kids like that before for more than a few minutes, or they get a high off of looking like a martyr in front of others

No. 1251700

Yeah I agree that people should be able to have an abortion. Like I said, I just don't think neglect jokes are funny either way.
>I don't care.
I didn't ask you to anon

No. 1251701

The one I just made?

No. 1251704

Your entire post history

No. 1251706

File: 1657011574650.jpeg (42.53 KB, 765x430, 56hy6787666.jpeg)

Are you a janny?

No. 1251707

The guy I'm seeing now is absolutely wonderful in every way but I'm still unsure how I feel about him. He's very emotional, lovey dovey, supports me emotionally, tells me I'm beautiful all the time, etc but feels a bit clingy. He confessed to me that he gets attached quickly and well, his insight is accurate. Our attachment styles are the opposite and his yearning for closeness scares me a bit tbh because I'm a bit emiotionally distant (distance feels safe). I know I should be objectively happy about him and us, we get on well and he's genuinely sweet but there's a part of me that wants to get out and get someone who's more distant than me so I could have someone to yearn for

No. 1251708

This. Only stupid puritans who don't know how hard it is to raise such child could say that type of stuff. Nature should get rid of these tard babies.

No. 1251710

File: 1657011698741.jpg (9.57 KB, 225x225, images-2.jpg)

More than that

No. 1251713

I looked that discussion up and they didn't call you or anyone a scrote or your taste scrotal, they just said madoka is aimed at men.

No. 1251715

Did you really have to dig for that? That's not the only instance I've bringed it up or that it has been discussed and people have called it scrotal. Chill the fuck out and stop pretending that shit doesn't happen just because you weren't there

No. 1251716

I guess that's my own confession but whatever. When I see shit like this I don't ever feel bad for the autists who get killed by their mothers. It should considered self defense at this point. Whenever I keep seeing high functioning autists saying they don't need a cure and mothers (always mothers) who kill their disabled kids in the news are monsters I can only sympathise with the mothers and hope they get a light sentence. They even needs rewards in some cases.

No. 1251718

>It's not scrotal it's just for scrotes!
Same thing. Congrats for nothing retard.

No. 1251721

But wouldn't it be with two distant partners (you and that potentially better fit you want) things are bound to fall apart? You can always talk to this new guy explain to him you may need more space sometimes

No. 1251723

File: 1657012229593.jpeg (29.49 KB, 445x503, 1.jpeg)

Whatever you are, let me be!

No. 1251724

Same here. I might even say euthanasia in the first months is even okay in those cases. Back then they would either practice infanticide of leave those kids in the forest Hansel and Gretel style. Why is humanity suddenly so concerned and puritan and "sensitive" about it?

No. 1251726

I had the worst type of maladaptive daydreaming, the kind involving men, as a result of being groomed at a young age and I could not quit no matter how hard I try to occupy myself or exhaust my body so at least I can fall asleep without thinking about being fucked by some man I know.
It took me almost dying and being hospitalized for a week to finally stop maladaptive daydreaming, I can finally enjoy life as-is and my passion was restored.
I'm so happy to be alive and to have quit thinking about men 24/7, I don't even think of scenarios when I go to bed anymore and haven't in weeks, I just sleep! it blows my mind how I've been robbed of my mind for years and I'm happy I finally can live my real life.

No. 1251728

I like reading discussions and when someone makes a claim, I'm curious to see actual examples. I love madoka too, but you shouldn't take simple critique or ill informed opinions personal.

They didn't say it's just for scrotes, they said it's aimed at them, which is debatable but still not the same.

No. 1251733

Do I have to just list every single instance that it has happened to satisfy your curiousity? Creep.

No. 1251734

They stopped doing this because Abrahamic religions are a disease. Plain and simple.

No. 1251739

The autism is off the rails for you today huh

No. 1251744

File: 1657013399692.jpg (64.34 KB, 254x312, 1657013382792.jpg)

No. 1251752

No. 1251754

OT I feel like there must be places in rural America that are still birthing and burying abominations at home without government oversight. Like Montana where you can live 200 miles away from the nearest hospital. Pretend it was a stillbirth and then stop talking about it or spin some “gone with God” shit.

No. 1251756

I feel like with someone who's more distant than me, it would trigger me to be the 'pursuer', basically having the opposite roles than what we have now. More space would mean I'd have the chance to actually yearn after soneone

No. 1251757

The thing is with autism it’s not something you can pick up on until the kid is at least a toddler, and even longer until you know the extent of how low or high functioning he/she will be. Honestly I think there should be a revival of state run institutions. A place where you can drop off a child like that, no questions asked, tax payer funded, and you know they’ll be receiving care. Obviously there would have to be massive reforms compared to how they were run in the past, but i think it could be done and would be a massive benefit to the country.

No. 1251760

kinda ot but it's mindblowing how much space the US has, where I am you can't drive for 200 miles in any direction without reaching sea or crossing the border into another country. I'm kinda jealous actually, I want to live in the middle of no fucking where.

No. 1251765

I was exaggerating anon I’m sorry, I don’t actually think that’s true anywhere in the US. 100 miles is a better estimate. Still crazy though.

No. 1251771

I keep having dreams about another guy, I love my boyfriend to death and would never cheat on him, and I wouldn't even want to date this guy, but I'm so attracted to him physically. Last night I dreamt that I made out with him at a party and then cried the whole night (in the dream) because I knew I had to tell my bf

No. 1251786

When I am bored I like to go to the none English threads and translate the replies

No. 1251802

Dreams are the only place where you can do whatever you want without consequences. Enjoy it.

No. 1251841

Getting a sociology degree made me extremely depressed. I can't do anything without being hyper aware. I analyze everything and every situation and then feel doomed and utterly helpless. I wish I could turn back time and decide on a different major.

No. 1251847

I miss my hoe days on /soc/, there were actually some hot guys on there. I had a muscley asian guy from Hawaii that would do skype webshows for me. I didn't even have to be on cam he just loved to perform

No. 1251848

That's interesting, do you have any example of a situation a regular person without your knowledge would not think twice about and you find very depressing?

No. 1251854

/soc/ was fun! I can't believe we all posted photos of ourself as raction images there all the time. But hell, it was fun.

No. 1251902

Sometimes I find myself crying because I feel like I’ll never find anyone. Dating sites are money scams and most guys are just looking for a pump and dump and never anything monogamous. I live In a red state so I don’t wanna date anyone here. Only make $9/hr so I can’t move somewhere with a better dating pool. Don’t know how to meet people to try and get myself out there. I’m half way into my 30s and most men want pretty young girls to date. I don’t wanna be alone.

No. 1251925

I don't get the manlet hate. I think they're cute. I like talking to someone and looking them in the eyes, really tall men are scary to me.

t. Pocket-sized nonna

No. 1251937

Me neither. Most of the guys I've dated have been my size. I want to be able to carry them, who knows what can happen. Might have to cross a river. I don't want my partner looming over me. Unnerving.

No. 1251942

Manlet’s in my country have a complex and are negging pieces of shit. They are more likely to be abusive, insecure, toxic babies in my area, but go ahead. Men under 5’6 make up for it in a foot of rage anon

No. 1251946

Most women are just mocking men's own paranoia about height tbh, no one would care this much about moids height if they haven't dug out the hole for themselves

No. 1251950

I think men who are really loud about their dating preferences just like to see women insecure and competing/trying to impress them. There is definitely someone for you.

My favourite teacher had five kids with a man whilst in her twenties, and he left her, she had nothing. She studied whilst looking after them all, got a degree, and now she’s wealthier and has a fulfilling life. Now she spends summers on a boat with an athletic man in his late twenties whilst she’s in her fifties, and she’s genuinely loved by him, and vice versa. This totally isn’t the end for you. Carry yourself like you’re worthy, because you are, do stuff you find interesting and brings you joy, and you’ll find someone. Plus, good friendships will always help with feeling lonely, they’re often better. Good luck queen.

No. 1251960

Sadly this is true I think in most places, here they're sometimes trying to cope by being loud and obnoxious wannabe gangsters. Some are alright though, insecure moids are the best moids. When they don't try to cope anyway.

I always see anons here talking about manlets and how they wouldn't date them, never got it. But yes it is really just something men made up, that goes for most beauty standards though male or female.

I know right. I live in a country where the average male height is about 25 cm above mine, they kind of freak me out when they're not sitting down kek.

No. 1251969

Anons here get more of a kick about giving men a taste of their own medicine rather than actually being unattracted to manlets. If men didn't constantly mock women's appearance no one would care about their height

No. 1251994

I'm happy to say I've peaked several women in my friend group to the tranny madness & why libfem is not great. When "Lia" Thomas came up in the news I was the first one they called about it lol. I went to a womens right protest yesterday with a friend of mine who is super liberal. But I've noticed she's been porn critical on her main. We talked about it yesterday & she said that a conversation we had had when piss drunk years ago opened her eyes. I had gone all large marge radfem after getting drunk that night & just explained why I was radfem & what the ideology is. Today she called and invited me to a womens convention out in houston in a couple of months. She even bought my weekend pass for it as thanks for peaking her (insert heart emoji). Ladies I know it can seem frustrating and that normie women dont get it but just talk with them & give them the opportunity to look at things in a new light without judgment. I wanted to post in the mtf thread but it'd be super ot so instead I came here lol

No. 1252001

Sometimes you people make me feel embarrassed for how autistic you are. I guarantee about 90% of LC has diagnosed autism/ADHD and are incapable of comprehending social cues.

No. 1252006

Please post your most embarassing example.

No. 1252007

Breaking news, an imageboard is full of autists.

No. 1252009

kek you're just now noticing this?

No. 1252010

And yet you’re here too? What the normies chase you out for being a defect to? Maybe if you think it’s everyone else it’s just you.

No. 1252013

I prefer men who are close enough to my own height. The only issue I've ever had with short men though.. is when they have a bitterness about them and they can't just get over it and be glad to have a girlfriend. Even when they find a woman who doesn't care about their height.. the ego damage is already done and they can be a bigger asshole than any tall cocky guy.

No. 1252014

it's called being based

No. 1252015

> Confession thread
> u guys r autists and can't read cues
Good job anon.

No. 1252020

>I guarantee about 90% of LC has diagnosed autism/ADHD and are incapable of comprehending social cues.
What made you think differently kek

No. 1252022

I think her confession is she’s the autist and can’t read cues. Kek

No. 1252030

Any time I see a man (or less often, a woman) with alot of defined muscle.. it gives me the same grossed out chills that you get when you see alot of blood or an open injury. Y'know that lil involuntary reaction your body has to seeing gorey shit?

I've had it since I was pretty young. My brother would watch wrestling on saturday mornings and I'd have to leave the room over it. It's like I think I'm seeing peoples insides? My brain done fucked up.

No. 1252170

I slept with a married man with kids a few year younger than me. Twice. I should feel bad but I don't, the sex was good and he spoiled me rotten.

No. 1252219

I've been here for 4 or 5 years and still have no idea how to use the search function. I looked in /meta/ countless times, I don't know if it's my laptop or what but it never works. I don't even know what it looks like.

No. 1252572

Everytime I become obsessed with a famous man or fictional man there's a point where I get super depressed out of nowhere, even suicidal remembering that I'll never ever have him. To be this way over a man who doesn't know I exist, is too old for me and wouldn't like me anyway is so fucking pathetic and disgusting I hate myself

No. 1252696

Even if I invite someone over to my place I end up feeling like they're crossing my boundaries and want them to leave

No. 1252701

kek same

No. 1252731

I feel like my bf looks down on me for working in an administrative field while he's a programmer. He always jokes about how sexy I must be in my 'secretary uniform' (spoiler: I have none) and how much it turns him on. I know it's just a joke but it feels a bit degrading

No. 1252749

File: 1657101122260.gif (438.04 KB, 300x300, 1656839815907.gif)

Are all CS or programmers such coomers?

No. 1252769

I find this so insulting. It's also very much a power dynamic thing with the scrote self-inserting himself as the "boss" who can use his secretary. You really should talk with him about how degrading you find it, fuck that shit

They spend too much time on the computer and by extension internet

No. 1252848

If he was real he would be a scrote coomer. Get a hold of yourself!

No. 1252849

>it feels a bit degrading
Have you tried telling him this and telling him to quit it?

No. 1253652

The absolute worst people are the ones that go and pick things off shelves or go moving and looking at things they have no business touching. Infuriating,

No. 1253668

File: 1657195708500.jpg (15.51 KB, 236x305, 1f3708952062caa04aba60a61de70d…)

Nona, is this an extension of a transformers fetish?

No. 1253688

I know it's unhealthy to a lot of people but the idea of being a shut-in who doesn't leave their room but still has the money to live on their own and buy whatever merch they want has always been attractive to me

No. 1253694

Got to get you a remote job then nonnie! It’s the best.

No. 1253702

File: 1657202185953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.57 KB, 540x643, guy.jpg)

The only reason I'm investing time and money into my appearance is so that I can one day fulfil my fantasy of marrying a handsome husband who loves me unconditionally and will never age badly. Ugly men just gross me out and the idea of settling for one disgusts me and motivates me to look better

No. 1253705


No. 1253708

I hate to be nitpciky but romantic love is never unconditional love. The fact that you both want each other to be/stay hot is in itself a condition and that's alright.

No. 1253740

There's a bunch of political protests going on in my country and I barely know what it's all about and what the point is. I've been pretty much disconnected from what goes on in the world for years now by avoiding the news and mass media, it kind of sucks because I sometimes can't join conversations but I wouldn't want it any other way. I like history, fuck politics of the current year.

No. 1253746

>will never age badly
Nona sorry to shit on your dreams but there's no way to guarantee a man will age nicely even if he's the most hansome ever when young… Idk how old are you. Maybe if you marry a guy who's already in his 35s you'll have a better idea on how well he's aging I guess, but then you'll miss on having a cute young guy. I married an ugly man when I was 21 so idk.

No. 1253749

I’m fucked up in a lot of other ways but I’m glad I’ve never been tempted to get any kind of plastic surgery done.

No. 1253750

>Nona sorry to shit on your dreams but there's no way to guarantee a man will age nicely even if he's the most hansome ever when young
This. Look what happened to depp and dicaprio (or most male celebs in general really kek)

No. 1253751

I hope he dies and the kids eat chunks off him with their bare teeth

No. 1253759

It's a long time ago now but when I was younger and getting out more I feel like I probably did sleep with married men.. not intentionally but through sheer naivety. I reckon I did at least once. I'm old enough now to think back to old memories and be like.. wait hang on now.. that was sus.

No. 1253762

I'm the same. People around me are anxious and scared talking about war, disease, crime, politics, while I've avoided the news for years and it's so peaceful and makes it much easier to just concentrate on doing my thing instead of worrying about the world not being up to my standards.

No. 1253765

I sometimes go to crystal.cafe and accuse someone of being scrote, and then watch them canibalize each other.

No. 1253768

You're evil.

No. 1253770

File: 1657207308634.jpeg (16.6 KB, 300x194, 92F13E54-9FFB-47AE-A9A1-DA62F8…)

No. 1253774

Ayrt, totally! People call you out of touch meanwhile they're eaten up by worries, like it's some way to live. No sense in worrying about things you don't have control over anyway, just keep to yourself and stick to your own beliefs, life is much better this way.

No. 1253788

funny thing is there is a 70% chance you were right kek

No. 1253794

Idk if I agree, but if the guy still looks good at 35 he's really a 0.0000001 percenter.

Because, like, jfc do men age poorly in general.

No. 1253795

I laugh uncontrollably when someone gets banned over the littlest things and over nitpicking.

No. 1253812

File: 1657210726468.jpeg (87.16 KB, 480x480, B2B5CDA0-DA3F-4D56-B026-67B6AD…)

Having bigger breasts and a feminine face makes me feel so insecure when I interact with women romantically. It feels like it'll be impossible for them to see me as masculine/gnc after they put together my face with the rest of my body. I'm still trying to embrace female masculinity/my body but it's so difficult right now and I'm retarded for even feeling this way.

No. 1253859

You can look at how his parents age, it's a decent indicator if they aren't alcoholics or smoke a lot.

Look at his habits too, if he eats like shit, smokes, drinks, doesn't have a skin care routine and doesn't use sunscreen etc, he's gonna age like milk.

No. 1253881

I know I'll die before my mom, my body is a mess of health issues. I guess I just never know how to prepare her for it.. Every single time I bring the potential up, she'll just say that she'll probably kill herself then, because I'm her heart and soul. I don't want that. Do have a will that gives her the responsibility of my dogs, so she'll have something of me to hold onto. And maybe rethink the whole suicide thing..

No. 1253902

There is this one anon who keeps posting her fugly husbando in the /g/ thread, I almost want to report her as a moid. I'm sure she isn't but if that could get her banned then I'll do it.

No. 1253912

Is it a yakuza guy?

No. 1253913

hope it isn't mine…2D or 3D? and when's the last time it was posted?

No. 1253919

haven't been to that thread in weeks but this makes me want to go in and post my ugliest husbandos

No. 1253922

No, but those are some real uggos too. Maybe I should report them too.

No. 1253924

I want to know who your own husbando is now. I bet he is a real looker.

No. 1253930

is it the beevis and butthead characters as anime guys because how can you deny they look so much hotter in that style?

No. 1253937

File: 1657216109722.jpg (43.65 KB, 480x462, fun police.jpg)

not into yakuza but just hide the images. bypassing bans is easy anyway.

No. 1253944

The idea of anon reporting husbandos for being too ugly is really funny to me. Most of the thread would be gone if everyone did that.

No. 1254050

I LOVE edgy video games with edgy soundtracks and I'm tired of these lc gay mods and gay userbase thinking I'm a scrote!

No. 1254054

What is an edgy soundtrack like?

No. 1254368

NTA but since she considers yakuza guys ugly too I wonder how bad the husbando she wants to report really is

No. 1254371

File: 1657240920596.jpeg (85.3 KB, 1245x700, 621334.jpeg)

I like the smell of smoke, gasoline, bathroom cleaner items, chemicals and laundry detergent more than the smell of food. Sometimes food smells make me nauseated even when I like the food.

No. 1254384

File: 1657242072567.jpeg (57.04 KB, 680x669, 2db.jpeg)

Nonnies, I'm ashamed to admit that but sometimes I feel like something is protecting me and "wants" me to be here for some reason, because there were so many situations before I was born that could prevent my birth but didn't, especially from my mom's side because she didn't want me and tried to abort me two times, and complications with my birth, and so many traumatic evens in my childhood I survived, and yet I'm still here. But if that would be the case, I don't understand why would my life still be so hard and lonely. So I constantly question the nature of my existence here. I think one of the weirdest situations was when I was seriously considering suicide, the first and the last time in my life. It was a few months after my mother died. I prepared all the pills I wanted to take, it was very late, almost midnight, sunday. And at that exact moment I got a phonecall from my teacher (a gay man who was like the only person who supported me) and I was surprised because he never called me that late, actually he rarely called me because he knew I don't like talking on the phone. I hestitated to answer the call but I finally answered it and he was like hey what are you doing. And I said "nothing". Then I asked "why are you calling me this late, did something happen?" And he said he was just coming back from his friends and he felt like he should call me and ask what I'm doing. I said ok. Maybe he felt something was off from my voice, but after that he just said that everything was going to be allright and he wanted to see me in the class on monday. And that was the whole conversation. I got so weirded out by this it basically scared me off and I decided not to kill myself, I just cried for a while. It could be a simple coincidence, it probably was. Because if "something" was really holding me here, I don't see why would my existence be devoid of any meaning and still full of grief associated with past trauma. It would be almost sadistic, to torture me like that. Anyway, I'm ashamed to talk about this to anyone because I don't want to sound like a schizo or something.

No. 1254402

File: 1657243317421.jpg (71.02 KB, 365x550, 1416624578640.jpg)

10+ years ago when I was a kid I used to write Wikihow articles on random topics I knew nothing about. I wasn't even doing it to troll, I would just go through the requested articles page, do less than 5 minutes of research on the topic, and then earnestly write some complete bullshit and publish it. Throughout the years before I finally closed my account I would get email notifications that some of the articles had millions of views which is extremely embarrassing. I assume by that point they'd all been heavily edited by people who actually knew the topics so that none of my original contributions remained, at least I hope so.

No. 1254403

kek this is exactly why I don't post mine. Some of us just can't help it nonna.

No. 1254407

This is so cute and funny kek

No. 1254416

used to get paid to RP/Voice chat as husbando characters because i have a deep voice and imitate well.

i miss it. making people happy like that made me happy too.

No. 1254434

I am jealous of your talent. you should open one of those cringe yaoi ASMR channels on youtube and make my hero academia characters say mommy and make bank

No. 1254443

Ughhhh I just watched Mrs. Winterbourne (I’m a very devoted fraserfag) and I get such a hollow feeling of happiness in my belly because I will never have that. Blast from the past gives me the same feeling, I just want a nice himbo who genuinely loves me is that too much to ask?
This. I can’t stand this life. Every man you’ve ever met jerks off to porn….

No. 1254452

Oh my gosh I did this with a certain wiki how article about a specific j fashion subculture when I was like 12 kekkk I had no clue what I was talking about but now it’s been completely edited and re-done

No. 1254456

hm ..maybe i should. ive been looking for avenues to continue (discord, etc) with no luck. sadly i don't think i have enough time for yt.

No. 1254507

I hope I'm correct, but I believe his name is Tarik Lakehal.

No. 1254512

I have yellow fever from hell and I want to see a Asian qt’s beautiful face contort as he busts a nut in my coochie. I want to hear him moan like oi oi oi

No. 1254517

File: 1657257753207.jpeg (103.11 KB, 640x623, 701A8A3E-4E42-4673-8BFD-F9DA4D…)

No. 1254632

my narcissist mother bred me into a carbon copy narcissist just like her. i've gotten through life easier because of it but i don't feel real emotions. i'm not trying to sound edgy, it's an extremely lonely and miserable experience alleviated only by my ability to manipulate my way out of bad situations and into better ones.

but i don't feel real emotions and i really, really wish i could, sometimes. everything feels like a play i put on, or a mask i wear. i want to be my true self but i don't know who that is. does she even exist? will i ever meet her one day?

No. 1254648

I hate my cousin more and more everday. He was my favorite cousin, we didn't grow up together but we spent holidays together at out grandma's place. I really enjoyed that, we were always joking around and talk about deep shit, sing together… i stayed friendly as i got older, he turned out to be a shy faggot, which i thought was ok. One day i found out from his sister that he thinks i look like a goblin, it hurt me but i forgave him for the sake of the good times we had. Couple of years go by, i did my own thing, he tried to go to uni, didn't make it even half a year and moved into his boyfriend's place and started doing commission art. We see eachother only in chatrooms we both visit and he turned out to be such a braindead idiot. I blame it on the boyfriend since they live together, he has the power to manipulate my cousin. He was always very easy to influence being a shy fag. it's too late for my cousin to change, i don't think people can change after their early 20's since their brain is set already. So i feel like i lost the cousin i was friends with, instead there's this little fetish consumed weirdo who wants to make everyone feel stupid because his big daddy is always right. Motherfuckers still have Ukraine flag in their profile pictures but they'd never wanna fight themselves, they are against any guns obviousleeeh. I hope i'll never see him again, he isn't my family anymore and i'd honestly prefer him dissapear than be realted to someone with an obesity fetish. He's a fucking embarrassment and he's exactly what's wrong with people today. Can't even think for himself… he probably never could and i just didn't see that.

No. 1254650

I am weird and I am so scared that when I talk to people they can see it slip out or something, I also look really funny and have to play up certain features and mute some so I can look average maybe cute and I hate talking to people. People scare me

No. 1254658

File: 1657272048211.png (154.79 KB, 508x595, cc.PNG)

Perhaps they deserve it?

No. 1254665

kek there are anons here that hate them too. The real enemy here are the men who love stirring up shit on both sites.

No. 1254729

Based take. The thread in picrel is pretty much dead.

No. 1254730

My last ex cheated on me. What freaks me out even after alot of time has passed now… The fact that I didn't know. That I didn't get a gut feeling til right at the very end when he stopped bothering to hide it. Even then I just thought he was pulling away. I didn't know til he decided to leave me for her. Then he told me as if it was biggie. We'd been living together for three years and HE was talking about us getting a mortgage together just weeks earlier.. even though he was long into his affair already by that point. I was blindsided. I always thought you'd have an iffy feeling at least.

It bugs me how well he carried on acting normal. I'd never been cheated on before (that I know of) so I wasn't overly distrustful or paranoid when he traveled for work. I was relatively trusting, I had no reason not to be and look where that got me. They're still all loved up to this day and I'm afraid to even think about dating know that I have trust issues for the first time. I don't want to be overly trusting but I don't want to be a paranoid girlfriend either. I hate that IM the one left nitpicking myself over this and not him, y'know the actual back stabbing, std risking cheat.

No. 1254735

The most expensive thing I've shoplifted were $60 shoes.

No. 1254742

Their imageboard is kinda dead, it has barely any traffic.

No. 1254749

the thread is mostly complaints about moderation here, which is very fair and correct

No. 1254751

How did you do it?

No. 1254786

I think I know where the moid who keeps spamming gay porn is coming from but I’m not even 50% sure. I don’t want to get you nonnas hopes up, it just seems a little too coincidental.

No. 1254792

Do tell

No. 1254806

This happened two years ago, but honestly it was ez because I had my friends and we went early in the morning, so the store was really dead, and luckily the employees were young so they did not check up on us at all. The store is also really spacious so once we got inside we separated and looked around the store casually to make it less sus. The shoes I chose were on the bottom shelf behind some aisles so I grabbed it and went to the back of the store where we originally planned to meet. Once they showed up with their stuff, we got on the floor and rushed like crazy stuffing our bags, but quietly. My friends took four or five pairs of shoes each so I had to shove some of theirs in my bag since the bags weren't that big. We made sure they weren't lumpy looking and then we just left the boxes there on the floor and walked out. I think one of the employees might of noticed, but they didn't seem to care since they just sat there. This store is out of town from where I'm from and I've never been back since.

No. 1254818

Damn you guys are tough kek

No. 1254822

File: 1657285396257.jpeg (40.73 KB, 344x321, 6CFB3B7F-C968-42BF-A5BC-4AE914…)

No. 1254849

Not sure why but I'm finding Slav men to be very attractive lately and I want to fuck one.

No. 1255040

you can have them

No. 1255042

File: 1657298507364.jpg (57.64 KB, 1024x555, 1655406224306.jpg)

I sometimes think about the literal model that posted in the plastic surgery thread once

No. 1255045

i never go into those threads cause it depresses me women ever feel the need to do unnecessary surgeries that pose a risk to their health. what did she say?

No. 1255050

I was talking about a pretty woman who posted her face. The photo was probably edited but ,judging by the pic, she was beautiful

No. 1255067

I hear they make shit boyfriends/husbands but are they any good in bed?

No. 1255074

What also depresses me about those threads is just how fucking poor I am. I could never spend 8k on making my face less ugly.

No. 1255079

I don’t think therapy could ever fix me.

No. 1255083

File: 1657300599245.jpg (221.9 KB, 757x741, Bettercallsaullyo.jpg)

Someone my friend knows started a GoFund Me for her to go on a "University trip" to the other side of the country. She's charging around 3.5k USD.
She said she needed to raise the funds by July. Her donations dropped off about a week after the fund raiser started. She raised around $250 between when it was started and the start of July. We check the programs cost online to see if what she's charging is "fair game".
>Program itself costs around $1000 but I'll round that to $1250 to include spending money.
>Transport, food and housing is included but I'll add $500 in case of an emergency and they might want to eat out.
>Flights - they're included if you're granted a scholarship (which I assume she has as she says she "auditioned") but perhaps that's something else. Going rate in July is around $500.

Total is around $2250 at the most. She is upcharging by at least $1000. Donations "randomly" picked up again this week for smaller donations of $5 or $20 which raises even more questions.

I feel like I should report it but I don't know on what grounds I could. I feel immoral knowing she's using a platform people use for emergency operations for her own gain. It seems even more weird knowing she is still accepting donations despite it being past the deadline.

No. 1255087

Oh my god you stupid ass snitch, get out of her business you don’t know shit about her financial situation. You are straight up fucking evil

No. 1255117

File: 1657302489690.jpg (485.99 KB, 1053x1238, 1237377.jpg)

She "re-routed" money from her dad's pension and was investigated for it

No. 1255119

No such thing as being fully “fixed,” only better than you were before. You’ll never be perfect, but you can always be better.

No. 1255130

How do these GoFundMe's work, like how did they find her profile? What does she give them in return? Like I understand when they do these kinds of things for projects that are in development like films or games but why would anyone care about a random girl wanting to go a university trip and asking strangers for money??

No. 1255133

nta but how tf is that evil? isn't scamming others out of money for a fucking fun little trip worse? It's not medical bills, it's what sounds like a completely optional study trip
you sound personally offended nona

No. 1255134

I grew up as a lesbian because I always denied my attraction to men, men in their teenage years are obnoxious as fuck, and I live in a country where no man is even close to my type (both physically, mentally, and emotionally) and everyone is a misogynistic macho piece of shit.

Everytime I felt attracted towards something clearly male, like Kakashi from Naruto, or watched porn involving dicks, I knew there was something wrong with me and I wasn't a real lesbian, but still I was no interested in dating men, they disgusted me, and I hated men.

But anyways, my confession is, I wish my mom never punished me for being gnc as a teen. As a child she of course dressed me in girly clothes and such, restricting my movement and telling me not to run etc. But when I started not wanting to dress femenine, she would just say that I dress like a man and that I want to be a man and that my testosterone levels were so wrong that's why my normal teen hair growth was more obvious etc.

What I'm trying to say is that I hate my mom for not letting me be. I always try to forget these memories, live in the now. But I still have so much resentment towards her, I wish I was freed from this hell.

No. 1255135

she’s really trying to stop the evilmaxxing grind that her friend’s friend is on, really trying to stop a woman from getting money because she’s concern trolling

No. 1255137

Not denying your sexuality but liking Kakashi from Naruto doesn't exactly mean much. I know plenty of lesbians (myself included) who have husbandos and "are into" anime men.

Your moms treatment was shitty though and you have every right to resent her for it

No. 1255155

GFMs are not kickstarters or patreons where people give the person who created it money in exchange for anything. GFMs are commonly just personal charity boxes, and most commonly used in wake of medical emergencies or tragedies (many have GFM for cancer treatments or leaving a domestic violence situation, a GFM was even created after the kyoani arson, etc). People can and do also use them to raise money for less dire things like schooling fees too.

No. 1255166

I completely agree. That's the first thing that came to our minds when we first saw those new donations. What me and a few other friends have started to think is that either her and/or her partner are using an outlet to "fund" this trip. The fundraiser started in June, and a few big donations came in from relatives. Her friends confirmed this to me because they recognised the name and they'd linked it on Facebook. The donations I mentioned came in earlier this week were from accounts with no affiliation to her and some had nonsensical names. They also all came in within a short period of time after the supposed "deadline".
I don't think they've pulled a Walter White JR and had it be paid in by bots, it looks like accounts set up by one person flooding in small donations.
As previously mentioned, there was an ordeal with her dad's pension having funds missing and also another incident involving a government payout for unemployment.
Of course the platform can be used for smaller things like >>1255155
Mentioned but that is exactly our main concern that this is a scam. It's got to the point her friends (including one I'm close with) is trying to figure out what steps to take because it's quite evidently a scam on their platform given the random donations all within the span of a week, some within 30 minutes of each other and the over charging. This is a non educational trip. It's a private "excursion" that is linked to the university and offers no credits. It's a private company that offers dance classes over the summer.

No. 1255169

>I know plenty of lesbians (myself included) who have husbandos and "are into" anime men.
Do other lesbians really do this? I'm a lesbian and I have never in my entire life felt attracted to any guy, anime character or otherwise. Unless you just mean platonically being a fan of a male character which is normal, but that anon talked about feeling sexual attraction specifically. I feel like if this was applied to any other sexuality it would be seen as ridiculous (like a 'straight' man who has a husbando and fantasizes about fucking anime men would obviously not be seen as fully straight).

No. 1255171

You have to be unhinged yourself if you’re fighting essays justifying why you need to involve yourself in a person’s life that has nothing to do with you. I bet you were on her social media, saw that she had a gofundme and couldn’t mind your damn business. Literally a fucking retard, no on here listens to actual good ADVICE and I’m telling your thickheaded self to mind your goddamn business and move along.

No. 1255179

I agree with what your saying. My friend is a lesbian, and she does that stuff with fictional men, and it makes me question whether she’s really a lesbian.

No. 1255182

Same person here. I’d like to add on two things:

1. I am also a lesbian
2. I forgot what I was gonna fucking say next goddamn it

No. 1255184

It's ok anon take your time

No. 1255190

Lesbian here too, I personally don’t feel anything for fictional men or anything built like a man. When i look at them i think ‘they’re built straight up goofy lmao’ because they just look off to me. Even ‘husbandos’. Men look like they’re missing something, flowing curves, softness, mystery- all that a woman has-so they just register as boring, invisible. I don’t really care if husandofags want to call themselves lesbians, it’s just that i know some of them may grow out of their issues with men and get a bf/husband, which will reinforce the stereotype that lesbianism is a phase.

No. 1255191

I'm a lesbian and when I was a teenager there were a lot of male anime characters I was really into as far as wanting to emulate their style or liking their personality. It really was never a sexual thing for me but I know my lesbian friends side-eyed me for it.

No. 1255193

i ship hideo kojima and mads mikkelsen. i know nothing about these two men other than hideo being a fanboy but i like the optics. geeky fanboy and older rich man is a dynamic i will never get over. if you see a book with characters like that in the future know that it was me kek

No. 1255201

I feel demented amusement when I read some crap from older women that hate how their fading good looks makes them "invisible now" and people are less nice to them. Try living ugly your whole life, drama queen

No. 1255207

Kojima always sounds like a fangirl when it comes to Mikkelsen so I'm going to say, that's a reasonable ship

No. 1255214

File: 1657307561809.jpg (54.86 KB, 480x550, wish.jpg)

>restricting my movement and telling me not to run etc.
>she would just say that I dress like a man and that I want to be a man and that my testosterone levels were so wrong that's why my normal teen hair growth was more obvious etc.
anon, you are not alone. i was like this too. my mother accused me of being a tranny and whatever i did she kept accusing me of trying to make myself into a man even though i wasnt, my walk, my speech, the way i move my arms, anything. she even banned me from watching male youtubers at a certain point and shouted at me kek, like wtf ? i wasnt even trying to be more masculine, its just the way i am. her behavior became even worse when i had my hair cut into a pixie/boy haircut when i was 13. at that stage i started believing her because i had not developed like the other girls, no curves anywhere no hip growth etc. so i thought maybe i was intersex or something but of course i am not or well i sure hope not, do intersex people have periods ?

anyway, about the moid attraction i kind of grew up the same. but i may have been influenced by tumblr type people at age 11 (i am a zoomer) into thinking i was gay, but i really felt in real life that i was and still do to this day. i mean i always hated boys i was a known misandrist at school even before i knew of this term i just hated males, all of them. never hung out with boys ever despite being outwardly a tomboy and if they approached me i would feel rage and beat them up for disgusting me.
once i became a teenager and started thinking about sex i thought penises were absolutely repulsive no matter what and even when i was porn addicted i would never ever look at men in fact i thought they looked ridiculous, like animals, and i still do. like i cant look at a man trying to be sexy without getting major second hand embarrassment whereas i never feel this way about women. but in middle school my bestfriend as an anime fan had a husbando that she genuinely deluded herself into making him her boyfriend and i would play into her little fantasy because i liked her and because i was a teenager and wanted to fit in with whoever i liked i took up my own "husbando", i guess you could say, of my own as well. but it felt totally fake, i just liked to be able to relate to her even if i didnt really feel any way towards that character, i even told her a few years back that i could never feel attraction for fictional characters as they all looked like lines to mebut i was crazy about lucy from elfen lied amongst others but mostly her.
now, i feel like a fake lesbian because after age 17, i started finding certain moids attractive. it totally baffled me and honestly i was so ashamed i havent told anybody yet to this day. but of course as soon as the week or four days were over i would feel nothing for them again. nothing sexual though but something intense.
idk what that means for me, ive only ever liked girls and women before, female anatomy i mean. i dont know why this started happening to me after highschool. i still feel disgusted when a moid talks to me irl though in general i mean, nobody approaches me in real life for being interested in me. ive never been in a romantic setting much less a relationship or anything beyond that either

No. 1255252

Fellow uggo here and I feel the same way. Wish I could just know what it's like. But at least we aren't going to go through the trauma of losing anything I guess

No. 1255254

I mean she literally said
>watched porn involving dicks

No. 1255273

A lot of attractive women face their own issues. No women is doing well in a moid’s world. Stop falling for the crabs in a bucket shit.

No. 1255281

>A lot of attractive women face their own issues
Yeah you're right oh won't somebody think of the hot girls. My confession stands

No. 1255295

I mean I dont imagine getting into their pants or anything, it's like a fangirl type thing i guess. I remember another lesbian anon talked about her husbando being Link. And I've talked to others who felt the same

No. 1255296

I’m really sorry your mom was so controlling nonna. Some parents definitely want malleable children, it’s creepy. I definitely get pretending to like a guy to fit in. And you’re not a fake lesbian, you sound bi-which is fine. 17 year olds aren’t finished growing, and I can understand if changing attraction at that age can feel like whiplash yk? But no one will force you to date dudes anyway. It still sounds like you’re bi but greatly prefer women, and that may sound unlike you as a lot of women who call themselves bi don’t really like women, or use it as an accessory to personality, so I know the label may feel wrong, but it’s accurate. I think many of the minority of homosexually partnered bisexuals are like you, with a homosexual preference. But you don’t have to use a label or date anyone you don’t want to. No biggie.
Also, this website may kind of be a little pro lesbian because of the radfem politics- but being bisexual is fine. Sexuality isn’t a personality trait or defining feature, live on your own terms.

No. 1255322

NTA, but yet no one ever sees hot men cry about losing their attractiveness privileges as they age because society doesn't only value moids for their looks to begin with like it does with women, you're allowed to be annoyed at stacy but that anger is still largely misdirected. There are far more problems you face by being specifically an ugly woman than just an ugly person in general, and as you said, eventually every young hot woman will be right there in that boat with you, while no man ever will be

No. 1255337

Have you tried working out, eating healthy, and maybe brushing your hair every once in a while instead of sperging about prettier women?

No. 1255339

You do know that you can't fix facial asymmetry and bad genes with hair, makeup, and working out, right? Ever hear of lipstick on a pig?

No. 1255345

I mean if you want to grow to be ugly on the inside then yes, judge them all you want. Hate people on their appearance like a hypocrite. Funny how you deserve sympathy over something you can’t control and they don’t? Interesting morals there farmer.

No. 1255347

Written like a true male. Barf.

No. 1255351

Anon said nothing about makeup you’re projecting.

No. 1255358

NTA but it's an idiom. Anon talked about hair and working out, it's a good reply, sometimes you are just born looking so unfortunate nothing will change it and it's stupid to be delusional about it

No. 1255361

Disliking other women because you're insecure and feel you're not as attractive as them is high school shit anon. I know what it feels like to be insecure and unattractive, but being mad at pretty women instead of trying to fix your own appearance won't help. And if you can't do that, then either learn to live with it or get PS and stop whining.

No. 1255370

Seriously. The 'just do this basic hygiene and beauty advice that everyone else has already told you' shit is so short-sighted. If beauty came down to just that then nobody would be ugly. Some anons need to stop watching the teen movies where a girl gets rid of her glasses and ponytail and becomes a model. That shit doesn't work in real life if you're a legitimate uggo.

No. 1255371

What are you talking about? I don't hate beautiful women I just hate the whining about losing their stacy privileges

No. 1255432

Kek I wonder if it's my ugly vidya husbando

No. 1255441

Reporting someone as a moid and hoping they get banned is lolcow's version of "WITCH, WITCH I SAW HER DOING WITCHCRAFT I SAW HER"
Cool userbase.

No. 1255451

I was just thinking this kek Salem here

No. 1255455

Have you tried empathizing with other women or do you enjoy having a moid leaning brain that also cripples your own self esteem? >>1255441
I’ve feel like I’ve seen more of it than ever, but it’s never to clear bait which is even more confusing.

No. 1255460

Have you ever tried just accepting someone has a different viewpoint than yours without trying to micromanage and change them?

No. 1255477

Ngl this has elliot rodger vibes lol

No. 1255480

An ugly 2d husbando hurts no one. It's way better than even a handsome husbando who's a real existing moid, because when the moid inevitably commits some offense his pickme fans rise to defend him.

No. 1255484

Elliot wasn't ugly though. He had girls hitting on him he just wanted blonde Stacy

No. 1255489

Poor, poor you

No. 1255490

He got plastic surgery to not be ugly. Still a psychopathic incel that’s better off dead.

No. 1255491

File: 1657320367145.jpeg (21.59 KB, 275x197, 1569241243062.jpeg)

My sister bullied me all my childhood and teenage years about weight, I've lost a lot of weight now and my sister has gained a lot. Today I asked if she wanted some of my old fatty clothes and I have never felt better.

No. 1255494

I don't think it has to be all or nothing the way anons are treating it. You should be allowed to feel this way due to your experience. I can see how having to hear that multiple times would be tiresome. But it's still good to have empathy for them since everyone has their struggles, and no matter what you look like it's not easy being female.

No. 1255501

Feeling like shit about my life and I am honestly jealous of Taylor R in this moment. She's rich, bagged an even richer guy, fucked around asia pretending to be a model and now lives a nice comfy, family life. And actually seems happy.

No. 1255508

File: 1657321231513.jpeg (67.92 KB, 512x512, CF598D7D-AC7C-42B1-8EB0-649418…)

This post made me shed a tear of happiness

No. 1255512

Okay but imagine having to fuck her ugly old husband? No money or beauty or lifestyle could make me jealous of her when she's with him, I can't fathom why she didn't just get an attractive rich guy.

No. 1255516

Well as retarded as it sounds it seems like she actually loves him and doesn't care about his looks, which is romantic.

No. 1255525

> which is romantic
Diff anon but I think the word you're looking for is, Transactional lol

No. 1255526

I am fucking thriving, anon

No. 1255538

I kind of relate to this but at the same time, she seems to have had an ED for most of her life, and given she can't speak Cantonese and her husband's English is shitty there's no way they really have a deep connection or good communication between them. Also he really doesn't give off the vibes of being a very involved father. It's kind of a mediocre situation overall.

No. 1255545

Yeah you're right. I think I am idealizing it too much because her life isn't an overt dumpsterfire like most other cows'.

No. 1255566

Isn't her man a pedo though? Not really ideal tbh

No. 1255606

File: 1657329684511.jpeg (29.61 KB, 244x244, 86D133AE-E24B-4741-82C4-720E0F…)

SAME kek we love to see it.

No. 1255607

I love face tattoos. I think they do look trashy but I've rarely seen one that I thought was genuinely ugly. If I ever hear I'm going to die soon I'll get a script above my eyebrow and something beneath my cheekbone or a third eye tattoo, no fucks.

No. 1255666

File: 1657338967477.jpg (32.65 KB, 474x631, b51e419aacf47b911623cdf2cb46a1…)

I have a fetish for Catholic guys. I'm a tokophobic demi-agnostic who has issues with authority. I'm basically the worst person ever. But man, Catholics are just so hot. (Protestants do nothing for me, massive turn off.) I want to date a Catholic and tease him while he's trying to convert me. Or a priest. God I want to fuck a priest. Thornbirds and Vanitas have ruined me.

No. 1255670

you legit got the best trips here. I'd fuck priests too if they looked like this.

No. 1255685

>I'm a tokophobic demi-agnostic
You people just create new genders and sexualities everyday

No. 1255686

>I'm a tokophobic demi-agnostic who has issues with authority
The fuck are you saying

No. 1255687

And yet her identity is still valid! Don't be hierophobic

No. 1255689

God damn it. Tokophobic: scared of pregnancy/birth (Catholics have a lot of kids so this would be a problem). Demi-agnostic: halfway between theist and agnostic. sorry

No. 1255690

Yeah, fuck priests!

No. 1255691

Don't mind the retards, nona.

No. 1255692

>I want to fuck a priest
You need to be an altar boy first

No. 1255694

I was >>1255685 and I was just joking anon kek. I'm pretty sure the other anons were too.

No. 1255707

Yup, her first flaw is being a woman

No. 1255708

I was as well.

No. 1255710

My fiancé hardly ever wants to have sex and when it happens it lasts for like 3 minutes until he’s done. I would never act on this desire but my confession is I have fantasies now of having an affair. I miss feeling desired and this fantasy is a way of me coping with that.

No. 1255735

I think the Japanese assassin is hot, I'd fuck him and have him make me makeshift dildos and stuff

No. 1255740

I’m a hopeless romantic.

No. 1255761

>6 trips on a priest fucking post

my god you did it

No. 1255766

File: 1657350733527.png (767.18 KB, 1280x716, 3c379e30fdf69c7ab688e596c873bf…)

I know it's no use comparing your academic success to anyone elses but I just can't help but feel bad for not finishing my studies fast enough or as fast as my peers or friends. I always feel like people will gossip behind my back about it if I ever tell them how far behind I am, because it's seen as such great thing when someone finishes quickly and I feel weak and retarded for struggling so much.

No. 1255802

priestfuckers assemble.

nice trips also.

No. 1255901

Something is wrong with him. Leave him. I can't believe you're about to marry someone you can't even fuck. Best believe if this were the other way around, he would've already cheated on you. He probably is doing something he shouldn't be considering men want nothing more than to fuck. He's not into you for some reason, I'm sure he's talking to other girls or looking at porn like men do in a relationship. My ex never initiated and made me feel unwanted so when he broke up with me and I had sex with a guy, he still played the victim. You won't be happy without a good sex life and that's human nature.

No. 1255916

not sure if this helps at all nonna, but I'm behind too and most of the early/on time graduates are some of the dumbest people I've met. idk how they do it outside of cheating (which most do).

No. 1255941

File: 1657372805355.jpeg (31.4 KB, 256x256, 58FA3917-B1F0-40D5-96A3-8FFBF8…)

I am here.

No. 1255943

No. 1255944

for some reason i don't think anon's sexless boyfriend would cheat on her kek.
leave him. this happened with me and my fiance and my current bf of 3 years is the best sex i ever had.

No. 1255952

It's not even just about the sex. When it does happen, he just nuts and doesn't care about your pleasure. He's selfish. Leave.

No. 1255961

File: 1657375204254.png (255.22 KB, 570x598, 9e3.png)

i want to disengage from my family entirely. me and my husband live more than a 2 days drive from the rest of my them and its been amazing the past 2 years, but i still have a relationship with my parents and they will guilt me if i havent called them each once a week. theyve moved my grandmother in with them since she has dementia and even having to talk to her very briefly over the phone is painful for me (not my first grandparent to forget me completely due to the disease, her & i used to be close tho) and as bad as it feels im just not interested in trying to maintain any relationship to someone who doesnt even kno who theyre talking to. there are a handful of other problems developing in my family and tbh i wish i could just forget them and live my own life and not feel guilty that i cant help things because some things just cant be helped. i love them still but their actions exhaust me & they refuse to take any advice, refuse to do anything differently even if it would help them immensely.
i feel like i worked really hard thru therapy to get to a much better place and develop better coping mechanisms, but im still being forced to watch court-side as they continue struggle but wont accept help. i love my family, but i wish i could forget them.

No. 1256160

I've only had 2 serious relationships but both times I was the one who got dumped. 2 times isn't even a pattern exactly but I still feel shit about it sometimes. Like theres something wrong with me. I'm the lesser one or whatever. I'll randomly just stew in those feelings every now and then.

I'm watching a show about a woman who got killed by a guy because she broke up with him. It's on youtube so I'm reading the comments too. Lots of women warning you on how to safely break up with a guy because they've been attacked over it too… or have beens talked afterwards. okay I'm going to stop feeling so sorry for myself now.

No. 1256237

I like my sister in law better than my brother. We get along well and honestly, she could probably do better lol

No. 1256465

I was raised by a mom and a dad in a kind of traditional family. No divorce or anything. My dad worked and was the stricter one. My mom was softer and we connected on a level that I've never reached with my dad. He feels like a stranger despite his presence growing up. My mom got sick and died shortly after I'd moved out of home. I've grieved pretty hard. I still do. I'll never forget who she was and what she brought to my life.

But ever since her death I'm plagued with thoughts of how I just don't love my dad and I don't anticipate that I'll grief for him when his time comes.

No. 1256769

Same here. I also like hand tattoos.

No. 1256933

"Feel free to ignore lol" is what I say, feeling offended when I get ignored afterwards

No. 1256989

>I put my hair in a ponytail
>wearing baggy shirt
>I flip pony tail
>put on backwards baseball cap
>hot in here.mp3

>I see an old fake boi thread in snow bumped

>skimming through thread
>autoandrophillia pops up
>I have that and I get the hots for this one girl on instagram who dresses like Atsushi Sakurai

No. 1256990

You can look like atsushi too queen

No. 1256994

File: 1657433451490.png (27.32 KB, 474x316, 219731297.png)

I'm sorry to be mean but my mom is very obese and could had lost weight all these years but never did. She also has very restricted movement due to scoliosis. Today I thought "she really looks like a walrus when she lies down" but it made me extremely sad, because I know soon enough she won't be able to walk, just like one. And that's fucked up! I love my mom, I don't want to be this mean, sorry. I'm just very mortified for the future.

No. 1257005

I’m so sorry nonny, having a morbidly obese family member is awful.

No. 1257068

a bit of a late reply but can you share the meme, I don't know if I've seen it

No. 1257080

File: 1657444804071.jpg (109.39 KB, 828x794, femcel meme.jpg)

No. 1257081

File: 1657444827054.jpg (88.67 KB, 750x571, femcel meme (2).jpg)

No. 1257334

File: 1657464169579.jpeg (175.64 KB, 750x910, EDDF8559-476B-4F81-96F4-B39EE9…)

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with magical girl shit but I still am, I want shit like picrel again

No. 1257343

Could someone help me put a name on these women? I only recognize Jodi

No. 1257346

okay some of these women are truly horrible POS, I don't care how fucked up your life, killing children is never justified


No. 1257347

Fucking same

No. 1257349

what about jodi

No. 1257352

Who could've known that a girl was ahead of the curve with school shootings?

No. 1257370

Jodi is based, that scrote had it coming

No. 1257378

I still make wishes at 11:11 am/pm.

No. 1257398

Sameee. I think top middle, and far left middle are so pretty. I’d love to know who they are and what they did. I love watching/reading true crime about women because it’s interesting. Moid violence is always the same. Girl is raped and killed, end of story. They are so predictably pathetic.

No. 1257399

That article says children were injured not killed. Totally get your point and agree, but the kids lived.

No. 1257410

I know that Japanese girl on the middle left killed her host boyfriend because she loved him so much or something to that degree. She was quite popular for a time.

No. 1257414

lmao anon

No. 1257416

Bottom left corner is Isabella Janke, massive pickme who abuses animals, did creepy shit to other women and has toe fungus. She was involved in the incident of chris-chan raping his mom (she was the woman talking to him on the phone I think), has some threads on /snow/

No. 1257420

I remember her picture of her just chilling in a hoodie while smoking a cigarette and waiting for the cops to pick her up while her bf was on the floor bleeding to near death next to her. And men were sperging hard because "muh kawaii yandere gf uwu"

No. 1257429

Ok, I've just went to search for them one by one, here's the tl;dr, also thanks to anons who helped! >>1257416 >>1257410

1. Riley June Williams - stole a laptop from Nancy Pelosi's office during capitol riot
2. Lindsay Souvannarath - planned to commit a mass shooting with two moids she met on tumblr
3. Brenda Ann Spencer - school shooter, two dead
4. Yuka Takaoka - stabbed a man "out of love", he survived though
5. Jodi Arias - killed a man
6. Anna Sorokin - con artist
7. Bella Janke - cow associated with chris-chan, >>1257416 summarized it best
8. Sol Pais - columbiner, planned a school shooting but ended up commiting suicide
9. Andrea Yates - severely mentally ill, murdered her five children

No. 1257437

wow she’s so based

No. 1257448

Wait I wanted to look this up once more to make sure the photo I described was related to that girl and I wasn't confusing her with someone else and I found out that the guy is alive as >>1257429 said but he holds no grudge and apologized for cheating on her to begin with (not sure if he actually cheated on her or if he meant that he apologized for having too many fangirls online because he was some kind of idol or something idk). And he gave himself a horrible nickname (Phoenix Luna) as a reference to not dying from the stabbing wound on top of that.

Which reminds me of Nabilla and Thomas, two French reality tv stars. They started dating at some point, Nabilla had her own (shitty) show, started some memes for saying stupid shit in a funny way on camera, they had a petty argument at some point at their house, Nabilla stabbed him, went to jail for a very short time because she was a very good prisoner, Thomas forgave her after recovering, married her and they now have kids. Even her stabbing and nearly killing her bf, now husband, was turned into a huge meme/running gag, it was even referenced in one of my tests for a law class in university at the time. She even did some promotional video for Orange is the new black where she literally plays her own role, vid related. So anons, if you want to make sure your bf stays with you forever, you know what to do. I'm joking, do NOT commit murders. I wonder if that Phoenix guy is still dating her now.

No. 1257457

I just read about Andrea and while it is so sad for the children, I do feel some sympathy for her as well. If you read more about her husband and his ideas about mental health and procreation, I can see him having some fault in this. She basically wasn’t given the proper help/support she needed from him and his mother while having psychotic episodes and, well.. mental illness is gonna do it’s thing unchecked.

Thank you!

No. 1257458

samefagging but nevermind, I've seen just now that the Phoenix guy wasn't her boyfriend but a host from a host bar and she "rented" him for a month. The source doesn't seem like the most reliable one though.

No. 1257460

Huh. The article I read said they were dating and that they had decided to move in together. With her stabbing him on the 3rd day after finding pics of another girl on his phone. Also not sure how reliable my source was kek

No. 1257462

Yeah I finished reading the article I found and it kept contradicting itself and also mentioned what you just said at the very end, so pretend you didn't see my second post. He wasn't a host but a barman.

No. 1257463

its interesting how this image (or photos of these women put together) are circulating as an example of femcel criminals, when these women have almost nothing in common, and their crimes are nothing alike. the only incel like crime would be Takaoka's and Arias' but theyre still not alike at all

No. 1257466

Takaoka wasn't even a femcel, she was dating the guy she stabbed and lived with him. It's more accurate to call it domestic abuse.

No. 1257467

That's because its mostly a joke nonna.

No. 1257472

I read an article that said he was a host. She was a hostess and he was a host. They decided to move in together and get more serious in their relationship but she felt jealous of one of his clients and stabbed him, hence the "because I love him" justification. Apparently he holds no grudge and is happy he's alive because the incident caused his client list to skyrocket.

No. 1257473

>because the incident caused his client list to skyrocket
kek so his dumbass girlfriend's murder attempt completely backfired, that's hilarious.

No. 1257495

File: 1657471332503.jpg (60.23 KB, 655x713, 12-2.jpg)

He even changed his host name to "Phoenix Luna" after the incident. He was an orphan with no family to help him out so he just continued being a host. Makes me kind of root for him.

No. 1257510

I've had sex with three people in my life and they were all relationships but for some reason I just feel so dirty and whoreish because I don't think any of them truly loved me. I just feel like a bad person for letting them have me and I don't know why and I wish I could take it back.

No. 1257535

there were 2 deaths and 9 children were seriously injured

No. 1257537

I've had ONSs before (tho ages ago) and at least I knew what I was signing up for. My last ex was 'planning his out' a long time in advance but made sure to have plenty of sex with me first. That sits weird with me

No. 1257548

I like all the infighting. It makes me feel like we're one big family at each other's throats at the dinner table. Peas are flying. Tears are falling. Mama made mashed potatoes.

No. 1257557

I don't like it entering into advice threads, that's my hard limit kek

No. 1257560

2 deaths were two adults, i think this is what anon means, no children were killed in the shooting

No. 1257600

except our mama went out to buy cigarettes a year ago, took all the money and never returned

No. 1257610

Lmao anon. Fair enough.

No. 1257637

File: 1657477097952.jpg (26.75 KB, 564x564, 1654710126087.jpg)

I kind of want to start a blog to post some of the most politically incorrect opinions I have (anonymously of course, and it's never really crazy, retarded opinions) just to see how people would react and perceive me. Just out of (morbid?) curiosity. It would be my venting space when I feel I can't talk about some stuff to my rl friends. I'd also post schizo rants about things that interest me. I tried that last year on tumblr but gave up and deleted my account not long after. What do? I just want to start shit for fun.

No. 1257639

Well tumblr would be the best place for getting upset ppl tbh

No. 1257662

Do it, anon. I've been wanting to start one, too. I don't know your opinions but I'd love to read the politically incorrect ramblings of someone who isn't also a staunch follower of an ideology and is willing to piss everyone off equally.

No. 1257681

It's nothing too out there for LC, I'd absolutely be considered a terf, I'd be insulted by everyone in every fandoms, I can't stand seeing American soft power and politics anywhere, and I hate the current state of the internet, etc. So I could piss off a lot of people in many different ways. You're right, tumblr is the best place for that. I don't know how to tag my (potential) future posts for them to reach an audience though.

No. 1257689

Warning to any lurkers this is about skin picking and probably kinda gross to read.

I can't stop picking at my scalp. I don't know exactly what started it; it began less than a year ago. As far as I can see I don't have any dandruff or anything causing it - I've tried various different shampoos and conditioners and things. medicated ones and ones made for dandruff or with/without ingredients that could be irritating, baby shampoo, even tried going with nothing but apple cider vinegar and a little baking soda here n there, blah blah blah.

The only thing I'd changed I could really think of is that I grew my natural hair out - I'd previously been dyeing and bleaching it consistently for nearly 20 years. I thought maybe the natural oils or something had made it itch… Maybe my body wasn't used to it, something, I don't know. I eventually caved and bleached my hair to the point of no return damage thinking that'd somehow fix it. Honestly, it did. Kind of. It doesn't "itch" anymore.. but now I can't stop. I feel any little dry skin or scab or anything and without even realizing it sometimes I have to get it. I can't stop feeling it or thinking about it. It's gotten so bad in some areas there's quarter sized bald spots where no hair grows. They're easily covered because I have generally thick hair, but I'm so disgusted and embarrassed by it. It's almost orgasmic now to pull off the skin, even if it hurts to, and I know I could cause myself infections or something - I'm actually shocked that hasn't happened yet.

I'm too embarrassed to go to a hair dresser to get my hair fixed because those spots will be clearly visible. I hope I can just… Stop for long enough they heal and then maybe I wouldn't make new areas if those are gone? Maybe?

I don't know. I feel so gross, but the shame and disgust mean nothing in the moment/compared to how good it feels in those few seconds.

Ew. Just typing this makes me hate myself a little. At least maybe now that I'm acknowledging how gross I feel for it, it'll help motivate me to just.. not… Touch.. my scalp…

No. 1257717

when i was like 12 i would pretend i was a character in a cartoon and made a soundboard of me just saying random phrases that i found funny/cool. i would play it often to myself

No. 1257721

I am sorry anon I actually laughed out loud

No. 1257724

It sounds like scalp psoriasis. Dermatologist time, the hairdresser can't fix that.

No. 1257725

Just tried soju (grape flavored) for the first time in my life and I feel like it is my ticket to alcoholism

No. 1257733

That could be psoriasis, or that could be seborrheic dermatitis. Although, the one I mentioned usually causes scabs and dandruff on your scalp like in my case. Either way you should see a dermatologist, one could give you a prescription for a treatment that could work, but they're both lifelong conditions with occasional flareups. If it's something else entirely the dermatologist will be able to say what it is anyway unless it's psychological or some OCD related thing (which my first dermatologist thought before dismissing me entirely when I was a teenager, fuck her).

No. 1257742

File: 1657481671320.jpeg (145.45 KB, 800x999, A95364E7-3DC5-404B-A529-44F0E3…)

I’m 27 but I still have to phone my mum and ask her how to cook sausages. I don’t trust google with regards to cooking and always phone my mum about the most simple things. Usually I just eat ready meals or have a sandwich for dinner. Google makes it out like you have to do EXACTLY what they’re saying or you’ll die but my mum just explains it as if it’s easy and NBD, as long as they’re not pink in the middle.

No. 1257853

Same, but in my defense, my mom is a cook, and who'd be better to ask for cooking advice than a cook?

No. 1257942

I did it. I just made a tumblr account. I'm going to shitpost so hard. It's been a while since I used tumblr so I'm sure the search functions changed, if I post and tag my stuff now, will my posts be visible for anyone, or will I have to wait for a certain amount of time before my account is treated as a normal account and not like a potential spam account?

No. 1257945

I feel theneed to remove my eyebrows, they feel like there have cobwebs on them. My freckles on my arm are actually all flies but it doesn’t show on camera but i can see flies and they actually move. They’ve been attached to me already. And they are going up and down. Can’t get them off

No. 1257950

There's no nice way to say this, but do you possibly have schizophrenia?

No. 1257985

File: 1657498309455.jpeg (141.18 KB, 900x900, A2AEBD83-4630-4E8D-A30B-D7A69C…)

i just watched all of fleabag in one sitting and i did not expect to like it as much as i did since i hate sex filled shows but this was different. season two was the best but season one made me cry too. boo was so precious and i saw myself in her in a certain sense. and i liked the unreliable narrator aspect as well as the fourth wall breaking.

anyway my real confession is that the scenes with the priest gave me actual butterflies in my stomach, i felt so juvenile gripping my face in embarrassment (good way) i was red as a tomato. even the scene with the business woman had me screaming. the tension in this show is something beyond palpable. but the priest especially had me shocked since i hated the actor in sherlock when that show was popular i sincerely did not think i was going to like him here. well i still dont find him attractive but his character sure is hot that would be the first and last time i am ever using that word to describe a moid fictional or not. but i am seriously still fanning myself i mean really i was sweating out here
i sincerely genuinely hope this doesnt awaken anything in me. seriously. i am embarrassed and ashamed of myself beyond belief for experiencing that. but it was nice while it lasted. and btw i kept replaying the scenes

No. 1257994

I'm jealous of the fact that when cows disappear off the internet, people actually notice and wonder what happened to them. No one has ever cared when I stopped using or deactivated social media.

No. 1258003

A true blessing.

No. 1258005

You ever considered it's hard to get a hold of you? I had a great friend for 2 years suddenly unfriend me when I was very busy with work and since she has no social media I'm aware of I cant even message I miss her. I knew another girl who kept changing accounts and had a single tumblr I forgot the name of that I cant message how she's doing either.

No. 1258029

I've never completely disappeared in a way where it's impossible to contact me, just stopped posting or interacting on accounts I used to be active on.

No. 1258073

I feel disgusted when anons talk about masturbating. If I already find scrote fapping a putrid thing you best believe I find the whole microplastic amazon global south assembly worker dildos and sex toys a travesty on humankind

No. 1258080

Yeah it's gross. It also smacks of a lack of self control. Normalization of women's sex toys is gross. Also from my understanding it's basically our equivalent of death grip if you're constantly using vibs and these huge "BBC" dildos nonnies seem to love.

No. 1258084

Like haha yas queen reclaim the power of simulating disgusting moid PIV rape sex. One thing I’ll give moids, they are a bunch of fucking hypocrites but masturbation is so unproductive and it’s like jogging in one place and going no where. It’s doing exercise without doing the exercise. Modern life (hellscape created by men who need to kill themselves) represses our energy so much it causes sexual frustration and then masturbation.

No. 1258098

>simulating disgusting moid PIV rape sex.
What kind of masturbation have you been reading about wtf. Plenty of nonnas talk about doing it without sex toys anyway, even without penertration
>Modern life (hellscape created by men who need to kill themselves) represses our energy so much it causes sexual frustration and then masturbation.
but women have been doing it since the olden times..as long as they're not getting off to porn, what's the issue? A lot of things in life are unproductive, why single this one out?

No. 1258100

>these huge "BBC" dildos nonnies seem to love.
What the fuck are you even talking about?
You honestly sound like you have some kind of personal problem rather than this being something wrong with anyone else. Masturbating isn't simulating fucking rape, are you really gonna tell me that rubbing your clit, using a vibrator or spraying it with a shower head is like trying to "reclaim rape"? Even if you do use a dildo, it doesn't mean you're simulating rape. Masturbating doesn't have to be productive, it's something you do for your own enjoyment. Not every waking moment you spend has to be productive. Is being on lolcow productive? And if you're against having sex with men, it makes no sense to shame women who masturbate instead of having sex with men. Should we just be pure virginal nuns who never think about sex ever? Shaming women for daring to do or talk about something sexual makes you sound like a moid yourself.

No. 1258105

a lot of stupid people abide by this weird "don't message first" mentality and then assume they're being ghosted just because you're not up their ass 24/7. luckily i have an online friend who understands people have lives and we talk every few months off and on, but many people need constant validation of your "friendship" and don't consider it goes both ways.

No. 1258106

You sound slutty. Guessing a lot of scrotes have used you.

No. 1258107

File: 1657508175226.jpg (50.95 KB, 730x582, 1656729311730.jpg)

No. 1258109

Samefag, but I also have to point out the hypocrisy of talking about sexual frustration while also criticizing women who masturbate.
Thank you for proving that you think like a scrote. Goodnight anon.

No. 1258112

File: 1657508381179.png (147.85 KB, 2500x1645, 544h67a77.png)

No. 1258116

i genuinely think the majority of men that exist today are incapable of feeling anything beyond surface layer selfishness. there's a lot of jokes about XY being a birth defect but i'm starting to think the majority of them are actually just fucking retarded.

anyway this part's petty but i wish more bad things happened to men often enough for them to develop a sense of empathy or a frame of reference. the world would be a better place.

No. 1258118

We need to bring back shame and cruel and unusual punishment for men

No. 1258126

>our equivalent of death grip if you're constantly using these huge "BBC" dildos
Vaginas don't work that way anon. We're intended and able to push humans through our birth canals and spring back intact, a hunk of silicone isn't going to affect anything unless you're ignoring pain signals and tearing yourself.

No. 1258162

Sounds like one of those BBC obsessed scrotes from /pol/ maybe you’re gay dude and you want all the dildos to yourself

No. 1258163

I'm so angry right now. I got into an argument with this crazy bitch on 4chan for not pointing out that she isn't an empath. The argument carried over to two threads. I tipped her off telling her that the darkness she detected from me is from my ex- practicing (retired witch now) She didn't believe me about the Nordic runes and herbalism, saying anyone on youtube can do that shit. I told her she messed up the energy around me and she should be more careful whom or what she pisses off since "muh high sensitivity empathy" and that she'll have issues with her love life now. She didn't believe me so I'm tempted to follow through with a jinxing. Am I being ridiculous?

No. 1258165

I agree, that stuff should stay in the bedroom. We shouldn't have to read/hear about it. Reminds me of the time my gal pal showed me her "rabbit" I was speechless, and bothered by it.

No. 1258169

A part of me misses working in fast food

No. 1258171

Understandable except this is an anonymous website where talking about it isn't a problem because of anonymity and that discussions about it are usually restricted to threads where its related. If it was something about pride and celebrating it on twitter or on the work place (terrible idea, but could happen), then I'd get it. But in an anonymous website where you can just ignore that, maybe try changing your mindset because your obviously not built for this site.

No. 1258173

Same. Also never felt comfortable talking to friends about sexual encounters ect. Some people are so comfortable with it and the worst is when they talk about sex with their partners. Like idk I feel like its disrespectful to talk about what your boyfriend likes or does. It's weird.

No. 1258174

you both sound retarded to be honest

No. 1258176

I have some confessions that I am not ready to talk about, nonnies. I hope you can understand.

No. 1258177

Why are you arguing about woo on 4chan for two whole threads? And why would you "jinx" someone if you're supposedly retired? This sounds like a waste of time for you idgi

No. 1258178

What's the conscious on posts about shitting

No. 1258183

Pff spirituality is something I take seriously. It's not retarded if some poster calling people psychopath is labeling herself as an empath.

No point besides the satisfaction of jinxing someone who may deserve it. Sometimes I miss witchcraft.

No. 1258184

So don't read about it. No one is forcing you to.

No. 1258186

Ok that's fair, but I don't want to hear about my gal pals sex life or know about her toys.

No. 1258188

Sounds petty and like a waste of time. Real grody energy.

No. 1258192

No. 1258193

It's not petty to me, I took my craft seriously. Either way, have an excuse to open my new wine.

No. 1258196

I was looking for that thread, thank you.

No. 1258197

Yeah must be real serious arguing for multiple 4chan threads and jinxing random strangers.

No. 1258200

It's about a namefag who insulted all the posters, calling them psychopath for disagreeing with her. She had a falling out with a literal schizoid. They been at it for months/. She told me not to come back to the board, which is fine but she acts like she lords over the threads. I tried to have her banned a few times but the jannies like her. Oh well..

No. 1258244

>Am I being ridiculous?

No. 1258247

File: 1657522826411.jpeg (61 KB, 750x750, C55862C7-2001-4EFD-86E1-B63689…)

Trying to escape during shitty childhood I began to spend so much time pretending to be my OC from whatever hyperfixation I’m currently stuck in. Problem is Ive never been able to stop.
Currently shipping a m/m pairing so I just imagine myself as their daughter (from one character and a woman), so I can get attention and affection from these characters without any sexual elements (I’m a KHV by choice, I hate irl men)
I’m super lonely and depressed for no reason (I have a lot of casual friends and a good job now), so I’m not sure why I never stopped, or if I even want to.

No. 1258435

File: 1657544568234.jpeg (119.47 KB, 1299x957, D342B458-7909-4490-89E7-6B2F3D…)

I'm weirded out, my family from my dad's side is fawning over one of the kids more than over the others just because he's now on second grade. I've always had the impression that he's got Down's Syndrome because he has that Down's Syndrome face, but it's too late to ask now.
Why is my dad's side so fucked genetically? If he really has Down's, that would be the second family member from that side with Down's.

No. 1258439

File: 1657544949833.gif (370.12 KB, 253x200, 1651810259531.gif)

You are what and got what? I hate to use twitter terms, but this is the clearest instance of "touch some fucking gras" I have ever seen.

No. 1258441

>KHV by choice
what does being Jehovahs witness have to do with it?

No. 1258443

Sometimes I go back and read Holly Brown's threads like they're novels and I'm witnessing the downfall of the main character.
I guess in the end it's actually a good thing if cows aren't milky anymore but man it was a fun time.

No. 1258473

I honestly ended up rooting for her by the end of her threads just because the people in them could be so fucking obnoxious and blogposty.

No. 1258563

I have no idea why I'm so insecure about the fact that I'm naturally tan. I know on a rational level that a lot of people do stuff like spray tans or tanning beds to look darker, but for whatever reason I've just always been envious of girls with porcelain skin and thought my skin tone was ugly. "Olive skin" is meant to sound nice but I kind of feel offended by it since I legitimately feel like my skin has a strange greenish/yellowish tinge to it or something.

No. 1258753

Same. The worst thing is I also have light brown hair and light brown eyes so I’m like the same colour all over. I feel like I look so boring and I compensate by wearing lots of colour and prints.

No. 1258767

duly noted, still drinking this week

No. 1258769

I tried, nothing help but to drink my anger away

No. 1258772

okay good luck with that

No. 1258789

I mean, olive tone means just that you have those greenish yellowish tones in there. I know it's worth shit but I think that skintone is beautiful, anon!

No. 1258790

File: 1657564561119.jpg (20.54 KB, 413x448, 1605201659367.jpg)

I posted something about some comphet shit earlier today to a thread I was 100% sure to be the troon thread but I guess not, I can't even find it now, I feel like I'm going insane for realsies.

No. 1258860

I listen to music to cope with my BPD and OCD and recently I've been getting into The Beatles especially John Lennon and Paul McCartney

No. 1258871

Tried to take some blood from myself today in some bottles for an art project. Am on blood thinners.
Almost had a bottle full. Removed the needle and suddenly…

Just straight up blood spray in 1cm. So I realized that I might've lost control on that project, call emergency services (not! An ambulance) until I realized it had already stopped again. Cancelled the call, explained everything. Told me all good.

Now the fucking police showed up. If I'm a danger to myself. Surely the blood covered arms didn't help. But what the fuck is it your business.

Art sucks

No. 1258876

Just meant to go cover some churches in it and all you know.. All of a sudden you're a "danger to yourself"

No. 1258879

File: 1657568346084.gif (884.17 KB, 500x340, 052e07f0aeef9f2e7e6da6bc4617dc…)

No. 1258891

Kinda does sound like you're a danger to yourself ngl, you couldve just used red paint

No. 1258895

Nietzsche used animals. Killed them in front of his audience. Or kept them there until they died.
I'm highly aware I'm a bit of a shit show when it comes to art. But already realized that blood won't be an option. I learned a thing today. I'm not a narcissistic scrote. Am I willing to bleed myself dry for making some radfem points? Yes. Did I realize this is bullshit and I can't do it? Also yes. Literally in the story.

No. 1258906

File: 1657570018787.jpeg (149.78 KB, 928x1280, young and beautiful.jpeg)

I want to hit on a professor (he's single).
You guys should help me, I can message him… what should I say?

No. 1258916

This is the Confession thread as in confess your guilt not love. Take that to the relationship advice thread on /g/

No. 1258919

File: 1657570735689.gif (172.16 KB, 371x498, 5AB55893-9278-438B-8181-933156…)

No. 1258930

I'm turning 30 next year and have completely ruined my life by neeting for the least 10 years. I never wanted to stay inside all day staring at a wall but at this point i don't know how to do anything about it.

No. 1258937

Best time to plant a tree was thirty years ago. Next best time? Right now. You can do this. You will do this. One step after the other and suddenly you'll find yourself outside your comfort zone. One step at a time.
Take walks. In the mornings, afternoons, just feel safe. Sit down at a new cafe every day, even if you order the same water. Feel comfortable with your surroundings. Take some pleasures. Take it slow and easy. We all believe in you nonnie.

No. 1258938


Yeah, I get that! There was one girl who was really fucking annoying about it and was borderline obsessed with and even bet Holly was gonna kill herself at some point. I forgot her name but she was more annoying than Holly tbh

No. 1258940

Nta but that thread has been a mess the last 3/4 days. I wouldn't go near it rn.

No. 1258955

Well, do you have any useful suggestions besides "touch grass?" Because that doesn't work for me.

No. 1258959

stay away from 4chan namefag drama maybe

No. 1258961

I won't be going back to 4chan. Guess I just have to take time to cool off

No. 1258971

Your mistake was responding to namefags or tripfags at all. Just ignore them

No. 1258973

>casting shit on someone because of a 4chan argument
I don't think this is ever worth it, nona. I get pissed off at dumbasses too, but at the end of the day, this sort of BS is material and temporary in nature. It's like fighting with someone while you're both in kindergarten and then bringing a knife. Just no point
Focus on what will actually bring happiness to you and your personal life

No. 1259006

Was it the female gaze thread?

No. 1259009

Growing up my dad was there but.. not there. He was busy, he was disinterested, I always felt like I was trying to get any lil bit of notice from him.. all while we lived under the same roof. He worked longish hours and had rules about how nobody should talk to him when he gets home. Same rule kinda applied on his days off too. The only time you got his full attention was if you fucked up and you were going to get lashes off of him for it. I semi feared him and still wanted his time, attention,. approval, amything. It felt like this cruel rejection to have him right there and ignoring my existance.

I grew up to have fucked up mental health. Anxiety to a legit highly limiting degree that just nevers semms to fully let up. I moved out at 18 and while I've struggled over the years and sometimes depended on toxic bfs to get by.. I've rarely kept my dad all that updated on what's really happening in my life. He knows I'm hermity though and he knows during my roughest patches I isolate to a degree where I don't speak to anybody at all. Full hermit.

So for the last while I've been doing alright by my standards but I ignore his messages willingly. This is my only way of getting anything like revenge. If he ever were to confront me about it I could claim I'm just struggling.. but I'm not. I'm angry at him and just him. It feels like it's my turn to dangle my attention or lack of it over his head for a while. That's what I've been doing. I was very sick before. He plays a large role in the issues I have. I just want him to sit back, retired, widowed, alone and to see the neglect he dished out coming back around to bite his on the ass. I want him to reflect more than anything.

No. 1259032

it’s the child neglect part that’s not funny

No. 1259055

File: 1657581092120.png (68.46 KB, 203x224, sped.png)

that the funny part

No. 1259061

The government should not make you keep a special needs kid to begin with

No. 1259072

I got super flustered and embarrassed by those scenes too. I never get that way.

No. 1259117

This is the only proper response to all of that mess. I don't think they know most women primarily masturbate by just rubbing their clit. Sounds like a bunch of weird, angry men who are uncomfortable about womens sexuality.

No. 1259153

I've never seen LOTR. In fact, I haven't seen most movies that are considered a classic. I have a hard time getting into media in general, but I do want to watch it.

No. 1259163

Honestly pro-choice leftists have this whole thing about women groveling and doing basically giving penance for having an abortion by telling everyone how hard it was and how bad it feels. She's based for just telling the honest truth, some women are not meant to be mothers and could not give a fuck, how they feel about aborting a fetus shouldn't be relevant to abortion rights, in fact it should just go to show how important abortion is. But w/e women aren't allowed to make dark jokes nowadays without getting jumped on and re-programmed.

No. 1259164

do anons really like those toys? i use smaller dildos and i don't have any problems with 'sensitivity' or whatever. i love masturbating and no i don't watch porn or think about anything. i take my time to appreciate the sensations. better than any scrote could do

No. 1259179

File: 1657591355936.jpeg (36.25 KB, 230x274, 50F95EC8-7997-492E-A2EC-0426B9…)

I honestly think I'm a fake bi but I don't know how to reverse come out. I used to be attracted to women, in middle school and high school I know I was attracted to them. But I just don't feel it anymore. I don't have any serious desire to be in a relationship with a woman. I guess I would be interested in having sex with a woman in an abstract sense but I think I'm more bi-curious than anything else, and am mostly only interested in women because I'm scared of men. Maybe someday the pendulum will swing the other way eventually but I doubt it. In the meantime it feels stupid to call myself bisexual and be another bihet. On one hand I'm glad I have enough self awareness to realize this, on the other it's going to be so embarrassing to admit I was wrong kek.

No. 1259180

did you have sex with women back then? and you're not obligated to prove anything to anyone, most people will assume you're straight if you end up in a long term relationship with a man anyway

No. 1259183

I haven't watched stranger things but I've seen pics of the eddie(?) character, with the shaggy hair and denim and felt weird how my lesbian ass thought he was kinda cute and I just found out she's just a fucking ftm? I feel pure again, amen.

No. 1259185

im sorry but theyre not trans

No. 1259186

I think whoever told you that may have misinformed you anon

No. 1259189

time to renounce your lesbianism anon kek

No. 1259208

If you felt sexually charged towards him, you're not a lesbian. He's very masculine in appearance too especially that long metalhead viking hair so perhaps you just felt platonic.

No. 1259222

What kind of bait kek

No. 1259224

This is funny.

No. 1259260

File: 1657599963616.jpeg (87.03 KB, 709x768, 754F9897-61F6-48BD-ABD0-A8E26F…)

When I see everyone being nice to someone I feel the need to be mean to them to balance things out, is that demented?

No. 1259262

yeah ur kinda fucked lolz

No. 1259268

Always suspected there were mfs like you in this realm. Thought I was just crazy. Thanks for confirming

No. 1259270


No. 1259274

i do this all the time on reddit if i see males get praised too much

No. 1259275

This is actually kind of based

No. 1259283

Any insight as to why, salt-chan?

No. 1259285

i feel really embarrassed and ashamed about dating my ex, i wanna hurl when i think about it, i never wanna show my face in public again
he’s so disgusting, why would i do that?
being retarded sucks

No. 1259303

As you should. Fucking hate seeing women kiss ass on reddit. Scrotes need be told their eye bags are shit, their beard is patchy and their outfit fucking sucks. Even better to point out things they can’t change.

No. 1259308

I know Anna Slatz is a cow or whatever but she was based for doing this

No. 1259338

the conviction in his voice when he says 'terf gang' is actually inspiring

No. 1259390

he looks so happy

No. 1259398

I don't know what's wrong with them, genuinely don't understand why they do it. It's always women in their mid-30s and older fishing for attention, why? Those men think you're invisible and couldn't give less of a fuck about you, why defend them? Why care what they think?

No. 1259407

They're most likely oblivious to the fact that these men don't care. They're thinking that they'll spark interest by "not being like the other women".

No. 1259408

I notice that the more attention starved and low self esteem a woman is, the more likely she is to suck up to men online. Those women do for men what they want men to do for them aka giving compliments, doing emotional labor. It’s their weird way of cope. They probably also get off on feeling like a kind and compassionate person for ~making a man’s day~ or something.

No. 1259412

I think I have a personality deficit that makes me prone to stalking, and a hard obsession with particular people. There have been less than ten - it's only a small handful, and it endures forever. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. Like I find a girl that I find so interesting I need to find out every detail about them and the smallest workings of their mind to catalogue and parse. It's like I want to have a full model of them for only me to access.

Two of them have died, and I find myself in a state of constant mourning. One of the two I hadn't spoken with in a decade, and the other one I only ever had impersonal relations with on a forum. But I still look through their pages and find myself filled with an incredibly deep sadness for their short lives, for not saving more of their posts before they deleted them, for not having archived a full version of them in my mind to cherish their memories forever.

One of them dropped off the face of the earth thirteen years ago and I resorted to stalking their ex's posts on an 'anonymous' forum, and searching local Instagram pages of places they might frequent for a mere cameo. I am disturbingly successful at this. This is the one that filled me with the most guilt. I completely dominated her time and smothered her, and when she finally managed to pull away from me, she 'rebelled' and ended up becoming a blue-haired FTM.

The most active of all of them still posts constantly, and I have been procrastinating responding to a brave message I sent her for the past four years, because I need to wait for the right moment and make sure I get all the right words so she will like me and want to talk to me.

I'm literally married and live in another country and I still think of these girls from so long ago every single day, pondering their lives as I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep, searching the pages I check daily for evidence of their continuing actions from my phone in the morning over a cup of coffee.

What is this? I have no sense of self, even as a small child I remember there was a girl in my class that I just chose to wholly embody. Like Robert Ford in The Assassination of Jess James. What actions have I had that have been self-directed, and not just a bizarre attempt to make someone from afar notice me and comment on the similarity, even the ones that I never even spoke to?

No. 1259433

You should crosspost this to the unhealthy obsessions thread, I find this topic fascinating, like I wonder if everyone on this planet has secret fans they don't know about.

No. 1259435

I agree with other anon, this was such an interesting confession to read, your case is really fascinating indeed. I guess it's like some people are obsessed with celebrities, but with very extra steps? The person that dropped off the earth 13(!) years ago and you still manage to find her through local instagram pages, it's unhinged but also honestly impressive.

No. 1259440

I used to do porn and I'm terrified of people finding out. I only shot a few scenes and as far as I know they weren't that popular. I know a lot of other nonnies have done porn stuff or uploaded amateur stuff so I'm wondering how common it is for those of us who did ProAm stuff to get outed. I haven't told my current boyfriend but he despises pornstars and it makes me extra worried.

No. 1259445

Not sure why you think there are “a lot” of ex-whores on here but uh don’t tell him and pray. Why does he hate pornstars btw? Can’t imagine a man “despising” the actresses (but not porn) not being a huge red flag.

No. 1259446

Say it's a doppelganger if it ever comes up and if they won't shut up about it tell them it's very weird that they want that random girl to be you, idk. Just deflect and shame them for even being on a porn site in the first place. I'm sure you'll be fine, nonnie.

No. 1259449

>he despises pornstars
The whole industry behind them and the men that create the demand for it are worthy of being despised…if he's only despising the women in front of the cam thats dodgy.

No. 1259452

Knew the thread sounded familiar, I actually posted there three years ago. I'ver wrote more detailed descriptions elsewhere.


This post is in reference to 'the most active of them all' in my post in this thread. Yes, I still do the listed activities. I just don't post as much online anymore and am no longer accustomed to writing such detail.

No. 1259460

I kind of assumed because the sex work thread has a lot of people on it and there's a lot of stories on the old discord about those of us who were in the con scene getting involved with porn.

He despises them because he thinks they're immoral and he doesn't like women who "glorify being a hoe".

No. 1259465

Sounds like the kind of porn addict that blames the manipulated women because he broke his dick to porn.

No. 1259468

His dick is fine lol. Believe me.

No. 1259473

It's probably a polilez. They'll always pretend to be qweer and based, then simp for the ugliest white guys ever.

No. 1259476

It's not just guys with broken dicks who get like this. They're full of lust for women they can't reach and that turns into bitterness right off the bat for some men.

No. 1259478

Ah yes the women are immoral… not the scrotes like himself who secretly cant stop coming back to watching it. The women are hoes and he totes doesn't angrily jerk his dick to those same hoes. Sure.

No. 1259479

AHHH i almost got put in the mental hospital but i talked my way out of it and now have to meet with these people every day but the worst part
>they left an information leaflet about ‘services at home for at risk people’ or something like that
>i accidentally left it in the living room
>my housemate definitely saw it
Once again who’s coming to euthanise meAHHG

No. 1259489


No. 1259493

I mean.. are they being nice because something horrible happened to them? If so then you're the one disrupting the balance

No. 1259498


No. 1259499

Stop giving so much weight to what a dumb scrote thinks nonnie. They're not the morality police. They comsume the very thing they condemn and then you're meant to be the only dirty one while they pretend their hands are clean. That's the point everyones is getting at.

No. 1259500

I don't think I'm dirty. More and more young girls are doing porn now so it's becoming quite normalized to see it as a choice to make some money from it.

No. 1259505

Kek I really believe the karma shit, look at how the scrote blamed the whole porn industry on women and then he unknowingly ended up with one of the women he so hated

No. 1259523

If my boyfriend did porn I’d dump him, just saying.

No. 1259524

Also nonnie why won’t you hang out with people who are like you? Tbh. It’s amazing to see a couple who used to be filthy whores and then renounced.

No. 1259526

A married man or a man in a serious relationship who watches porn, is a gross motherfucker. Porn fucking sucks. But just jerking off at it makes you still less gross than participating imo. Everyone watches porn but not everyone is a whore. If you’re a prostitute it’s dirty and should be condemned. I don’t care what anyone says. Being a whore is not work. And it’s sickening how low the standards are here. Get a job at mc donalds, get a degree, why is there an appeal to sex work? Yikes. Who would want to be a cock sucking bimbo? On camera? I’d rather die than be a whore.

No. 1259544

if you all are women typing like this, it's just sad and pathetic. not that i agree with sex work, but this wording is gross. and women participating aren't as gross as the men watching.

No. 1259548

Women participating in porn are gross. I don't get the whore defense league in modern radfem circles.

No. 1259551

no man hates porn or pornstars because it's exploitative and horrific.

No. 1259554

>Everyone watches porn
Do you mean both men and women or just men because there's a hell of a difference there.

No. 1259555

I'm sorry anon. I wish I had some kind of advice but this is just a shitty situation to be in. Your boyfriend's an asshole.

No. 1259560

Because majority of sex workers are traffiked, doing it out of necessity and have no way out. Most importantly, they are women suffering from male violence, often taking the brunt of it. The privileged ones promoting it as fun quirky hobby can eat shit, but they are still women and I defend their rights too.

No. 1259562

I bet you never masturbate either. A lot of women watch lesbian porn.

No. 1259566

Anon what are you on about..

No. 1259567

I’m a girlboss, independent, never dated a man, don’t frown upon women who date men, I dislike pornstars, male female, idgaf, a sex worker is a loser. I’m far from pathetic, you are gross and pathetic if you do sexwork with a smile.

No. 1259570

Weird larp.

No. 1259571

Yes I watch a handful times a year lesbian porn with a grin, as a straight woman. Shit’s good, and I’m a dirty dog I know. I don’t care if porn stops existing, but it exists to give me cummies, which a man won’t be able to do. Give me sex toys give me porn, but never will I ever do porn.

No. 1259572

This isn't true I actually know a scrote who was friends with a porn star and all her fucked up stories made him hate pornography. He's a chad tho so he didn't even need porn bc he could get laid

No. 1259573

Because the fem part of radfem is feminist. If you don’t understand that the majority of women in sex work are victims of some sort and the whole industry is largely the fault of abusive and predatory men, you aren’t a feminist. If you just like shitting on women you see as less than you, you aren’t a feminist. If you blame the women involved in a predatory industry but not the men, you aren’t a feminist. Simple as.

No. 1259574

This is why I stopped coming here. Thanks for solidifying my choice, weirdo.

No. 1259577

Omg it’s so weird to masturbate but not weird to do sex “work” that degrades women. Lol enjoy dick cheese, auto-sex is the best.

No. 1259579

Can't believe there's a """"woman"""" here that uses the term CUMMIES unironically

No. 1259580

I didn't ask lol

No. 1259582

Masturbation is fine you retard, but by consuming porn you are participating in the abuse the industry does on women and children

No. 1259583

You gonna be ok?

No. 1259584

Can’t believe there’s women who have access to online resources to find out why whoring sucks who use the word “sex work” unironically. Using the normal wording for coming is retarded anyways, masturbating albeit natural is gross, not as much as doing porn. End of discussion, don’t do porn ladies.

No. 1259585

The moid infestation is really gettin bad 'round these parts.

No. 1259586

I’m addicted and I try to refrain from it, but I really need imagination. At least I’m honest, so why would I lie/pretend to be in denial that doing porn is grosser than watching it? That is if I ignore the scrote accusations ofc.

No. 1259587

Smells like incel tranny larp in this thread

No. 1259588

So if women don’t use the word cummies or watch porn why are most sex workers women?

No. 1259589

Lol whatever helps you sleep at night. Stay in school, don’t do porn:

No. 1259590

>At least I’m honest
Saying that does not erase the harm you do

No. 1259591

I confess that YWNBAW, freak.

No. 1259593

Thank you anons for having some common sense/actually caring about vulnerable women and not just being a raging misogynist to the coerced ones too because people like Shayna exist, it's nice to see some sanity around this topic.

No. 1259594

I’ll try to watch it less but I will still never be less dirty or bad than a rich pornstar because I’m just a normal woman trying to get by with a shitty job.

No. 1259599

File: 1657633426341.jpg (11.49 KB, 251x242, 1400357309434.jpg)

No. 1259606

I found out that one of my boyfriend’s friends was trying to have sex with a 6th grade girl while he was a high schooler. He pressured her and when she rejected him he taunted and harassed her. I do not know how to bring this up with my boyfriend. I really don’t want him to be friends with someone like that. I think when I bring it up I will say something like “what do u think about a guy that is in high school that tries to pressure girls in 6th grade for sex?” “Would u be friends with someone like that?” “Why are u friends with someone like that?” We are in our mid twenties now. IDK.

No. 1259608

just ask him why he's friends with a freak?? if he gets angry and annoyed, dump him. i don't know what's so hard about this. honestly i'd dump him for being friends with him alone. he keeps terrible company and is probably okay with his behavior on some level enough to be friends with him. unless he's in some kind of business relationship with him and relies on him heavily, there's no reason for him to be friends with him.

No. 1259611

File: 1657634049700.jpeg (115.42 KB, 800x614, 0D0D4B50-7D38-47EA-91A2-A6C90C…)

I’m the anon who feels the need to be mean to someone when everyone is nice to them, in order to balance things out.

Usually I feel this need because everyone is not just being nice, they are SIMPING and ORBITING and I can’t stand it

No. 1259613

> pressured her and when she rejected him he taunted and harassed her
Those details are that much more sinister. Didn't just attempt sex with a girl that young but really thought he was owed it and that she deserves a hard time for not delivering? Point out how fucked that part is.. at any age. If he still can't see the big deal then that says alot.

No. 1259616

Maybe if you were nicer people would treat you nicer and you wouldn’t feel the need to be mean :((:()

No. 1259622

File: 1657634591502.png (892.3 KB, 782x967, 1645175486395.png)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trashtalking and gossiping as long as everyone participating has seen the actions of the person with their own eyes. Why should we keep our opinions to ourselves and be fakely polite? Especially online, I'd draw the line at job related settings, but in online hobby communities nothing is sacred.

No. 1259629

I am so paranoid you are the person I feel the need to be mean to

In which case:
Fuck u stinky

No. 1259637


No. 1259640

What a sad existence

No. 1259644

Losing weight is the only thing that makes me feel in control anymore and like I have something to look forward to

No. 1259645

Okay hear me out-
What if she is an uwu fake nice girl?

No. 1259647

Hmmmmm…. much to think about..
What about sending bots after her simps?

No. 1259648

If you have solid proof and you can see through her lies, then sure. By which I mean manipulative and two faced. Not a type that puts on customer service face for the sake of getting on and then is not like that in reality. But how can you possibly know every single person you're mean to fits that bill? You can't.

No. 1259651

love using 4chan idc
love seeing the stupid shit on /ck/
love talking about cons on /cgl/
that's about it actually

No. 1259655

File: 1657637700447.gif (556.63 KB, 220x175, ohshiet.gif)

Not a kpopfag, but some of the summery songs by girl groups make life kind of fun despite everything being dogshit. And it makes reading the worst posts on here fun. I'm sorry.

No. 1259685

File: 1657639901801.jpg (56.92 KB, 575x680, f58e350e8d786af357b59b4e3569de…)

suggest some

No. 1259688

Nonnie, I would, but I'm too shy to expose the groups I like.

No. 1259691

File: 1657640212424.jpeg (3.37 MB, 2268x4032, DE50B981-4A20-4DE2-B588-B5ACDE…)

My boyfriend and I do caving as a hobby and over the weekend we crawled through a long cave that had an area that opened up into a "room" the size of a walk-in closet. We had sex about 50m deep in the ground in that little room and it was really cool, I was kinda hoping that I'd have dreams about it the nights after but I didn't. I'd never tell a soul if I wasn't anonymous, but it made me feel so risqué and adventurous. Plus it felt amazing to exercise so hard and then have sex, and then go right back to the grueling crawl. picrel is just a photo of how the ceiling looked in that particular area, it was roughly 11' at its highest point. I feel like this is cathartic, like using a non-religious confessional kek

No. 1259692

As someone who has read a bunch of horrible caving incident stories this is very unsexy to me, kek

No. 1259699

I see. Well, wouldn't it be interesting if someone added some summer songs like you described anonymously to the queue of today's tunesday? That'd be really funny, haha.

No. 1259701

How comfortable was it in there? Congrats on doing it neanderthal style.

No. 1259702

File: 1657641024302.gif (855.96 KB, 260x260, AAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)

No. 1259716

Welp. My older brother, who I live with, isn't talking to me and just called me a "stupid, worthless, dumb whore" because he found four year old nudes on an old laptop that I used to post on the chans.

No. 1259719

>posting your nudes on 4chan

No. 1259726

I honestly don’t even blame other women for doing this anymore nonny, the only way to get attention is using your body and even so you’re still going to be called a useless whore like her dumbass brother called her. I had enough of blaming people because honestly.. do we really even care or want to know why she did it? Fuck the scrotes who spread that shit around, should have been a test for their decency and they always hilariously fail.

No. 1259727

I kinda deserve it but it hurts coming from someone who has always been good to me when my parents were dicks tbh. He said women who post stuff online for free are even more disgusting and depraved than paid sluts in some ways. That stung.

No. 1259728

We read those too, it's actually what propelled us to start caving ourselves! You have good tastes.
It was surprisingly comfortable, the air was cool and the cave for that stretch had been very dry, plus the room we were in was quite large for what it was. You could have fit maybe 8 people in there to sit in a circle, and the rocks were formed in such a way where it looked like a circle of seats with a shelf above. I literally thought about early human life the whole time, it was funny. Neanderthal-style is so perfect, I'm stealing that!

No. 1259735

What a weirdo. What does he fucking care

No. 1259738

We're very close and he has took care of me to some degree.

No. 1259739

Why not just make an anonymous onlyfans and try to get a few dollars if you're gonna post your nudes? 4chan is the worst place, don't know if it automatically deletes EXIF data but it's probably one of the dangerous choices. On plebbit they'd try to kiss your ass, but 4chan is always butthurt towards women, but I guess there's no like/upvote system so you don't have to get disappointed about being ignored or competing with someone.

No. 1259758

I'm sorry anon, that's an evil thing to say to a sibling. Just know that it says more about him than you, and that men are huge hypocrites when it comes to this stuff.

No. 1259768

Lol you’re acting like there’s anything respectable about posting your naked body online. Especially for free. On 4chan. LOL

No. 1259773

I find it funny because anons readily trashtalk cows who did the same like nyanners or that squeaky league of legends girl that was with hotshotgg.

No. 1259785

Please point me to where I said or even implied that it's respectable. To me it's clear that OP regrets it, and either way how her brother is treating her is awful. I would never call a woman a worthless slut, especially if she's actually someone I care about. Like I said, men are hypocrites. Chances are OP's brother watches porn or has even received nudes himself. Usually, men don't care about this stuff until it's a woman they know personally because they feel they have ownership of them, but I'll stop since I don't know her brother. Anyway, people make mistakes and she didn't deserve that.

No. 1259805

I don't feel bad for detransitioners unless they transitioned in their childhood. I've noticed most are very attention seeking and only detransition when they start getting health problems or when they get less attention than did when they first transitioned. Most TIMs (both AGP and HSTS) were influenced by porn and incel ideals about women having life easy. I do not feel bad for a bunch of misogynistic perverts who spent years screaming over women and coming into our spaces with threats of rape and physical violence. I don't give a fuck if some creep "transbian" is suicidal after cutting his dick off or if some gay dude desperate from hetero male attention gets endocrine cancer. It's wtf these idiots get for thinking womanhood is a costume and disrespecting us. So many tried to warn them but they called us every type of phobic and that they understand womanhood better than actual women. Now that they have to deal with the consequences they're out here looking for support from the very people they told were wrong. Fuck all the way out of here with that. I don't even feel bad for the TIFs because most TIFs are misogynistic and attention seeking lackeys to the TIMs. The same women who screamed that men need abortions too want us to feel bad when they backtrack and accept that they will always be women. I'm sorry but I'm not sorry I just have no more empathy left for these people. They have bleed me dry of it. It's almost terrifying the lack of self reflection that especially comes from TIMs who practically never detransition because they saw how women's rights were affected. There is a slight hope for detrans TIFs but most ones I've seen and heard of aren't too far off from their male counterparts so eh. Kinda hard to give a fuck.

I only pity the children with demented parents/teachers/doctors who allowed them to transition before they could even comprehend wtf they were doing to their body.

No. 1259823

>the only way to get attention is using your body
but why want attention from 4chinners of all people

No. 1259832

This. Growing up is realizing that men don't care about looks as much as you think.
>post a 10/10 supermodel on kiwifarms or roastme
>"she's like a 4/10, sameface attentionwhore"
>a normal girl posts on the kibbe thread
>"lol she is humblebragging and fishing for attention"

No. 1259847

/cgl/ is so shit nowadays, coomers and troons destroyed it

No. 1259877

Yeah these posts above (anti-sexwork work 'girlboss' who watches two lesbian porns a year for 'cummies' and 'auto-sex' but is straight, and blames sex workers but not the men, pimps, johns and viewers) are so obviously a terrible male larping his absolute nonsense, they never get their attempts at sounding female right

No. 1259891

Lesbian porn is also bad. Most of those are straight women who are forced to perform for men's satisfaction. It's not an innocent alternative.

No. 1259893

Straight women can and do watch lesbian porn to self insert but ok. Do keep deciding what women are. I hate defending sex work, deal.

No. 1259901

Why would a straight woman want to self insert into a scenerio that's just two straight women pretending to be lesbian so straight men jack off? What? Lesbian porn is also exploitative, a straight woman being coerced to be intimate with another woman is still rape.

No. 1259917

I have never had sex so miss me with that shit, I watch it because I’m seeking the pleasure I will never get (and too scared to get irl).
And yes they’re being raped but they’ll defend themselves in ways you see itt so what can we even do?

No. 1259922

This is the confession thread right? The anon who said nobody asked is a retard, I totally forgot this is the confession thread.
Also samefagging, but ever since I moved out I’ve been fapping 3 times a week and at my worst daily. I’m a coomer and I fucking hate it. It drains my energy, it’s a mess. I would never ever have this much sex with a man but most definitely with a woman. i may be a repressed lesbian but idc lmfao. End of confession.

No. 1259926

NTA but you could just use your imagination? or read an erotica story instead

No. 1259936

I've been detran for about a decade but I wasn't a loud or screechy tran att and I was equally quiet when I left that all behind and just moved on with life. It was a mistake and I own it for what it was. Turns out what I actually needed was some csa counselling more than anything.

I've seen examples of detranners who were all for those quick and easy 'informed consent' forms… and then years later they wanted to sue docs for letting them sign the form and transition.. after they fought so hard for it in the first place. Own your own shit. How much can you expect others to protect you from your own will?

No. 1259947

I'm not brave enough to go into any cave ever but this is really hot so wish it was me

No. 1259979

>watches lesbian porn and says it's a straight woman thing to do so
>doesn't care if the women are raped long as it gets pleasure
You sound male. If not, you're severely mentally ill.

No. 1259984

You’re manipulative like a scrote they taught you well. So I can’t watch their stuff but I should support them? What should I do, oh wise moral goddess?

No. 1259997

>What should I do, oh wise moral goddess?
nta but >>1259926

No. 1260017

I say misogynistic stuff to shitpost things I hate on hobby boards or to make my posts seem more legit written by a guy

No. 1260018

Yeah imagination is for the best, but I used to watch a lot more porn and I’ve almost quitted fully. Hopefully I won’t go back to it. But still I’m curious about what the anon has to say about it, should you support sex workers or condemn them?

No. 1260024

I watched an interview with a detrans woman and I found it irritating how much she blamed "the system," doctors, therapists, etc. It's not as if anyone forced you to transition, you sought out medical care and signed consent forms on your own. Are you going to blame tattoo artists if you get your entire body tattooed and then decide it isn't for you? I think some detransitioners just don't want to admit their decisions came from mental illness.

No. 1260074

File: 1657650441365.gif (3.18 MB, 320x234, 1626699774380.gif)


No. 1260079

Why does she need attention?

No. 1260117

I’m having a pregnancy scare and I want to die. had an abortion in April and it was the most horrible and traumatic thing I have ever experienced and now I’m spotting. Getting an IUD tomorrow because I can’t trust condoms or stupid scrotes I hate men so much and I hate myself for being so stupid and trusting. if I’m preggers I’m taking it as a sign from god to get it over with already. is it psychotic to break up with someone over a pregnancy scare after you had their abortion ? I never want to have sex again. I don’t even enjoy it I just do it because I feel like I ought to. sorry for the rant ladies. Have no one to talk to about this irl.

No. 1260121

> I don’t even enjoy it I just do it because I feel like I ought to
Break up. In all seriousness, do.

No. 1260122

Sorry meant for >>1260117

No. 1260130

>I don’t even enjoy it I just do it because I feel like I ought to
Break up with him. Sounds like you didn't even want to be with the scrote, Take break and just think for yourself and not others. It's okay to be selfish. The only thing that matters is you!

No. 1260133

I feel resentful of nonnas who have really good relationships with their brothers. It sounds sweet, romantic almost. Like a guy who will love you forever and never have any sexual thoughts or want to use you in that way. I think this explains why I had a thing for incest doujins. Brothers are wholesome.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1260177

>incest doujins
Are you a radfem?

No. 1260207

Don't support them. Watching their shit is supporting them and the industry anyways. No one likes whores who advertise it like it's a good field to work at but the majority of the women in those videos are forced, drugged or drug addicted or trafficked into it.

No. 1260214

ew, and brothers are still untrustworthy btw

No. 1260218


No. 1260227

Kekk wtf

No. 1260257

Idgaf if you’re a virgin or a retard, especially if you’re both. Lesbian porn is made for males by males, it still exploits and objectifies women. You are not excused of shit.
>So I can’t watch their stuff but I should support them?
Lmao male moment. How the fuck are you “supporting” whores by jerking it to them for free on twitter? You’re fucking lost? We don’t “support” SJW brain dead hoes who glorify prostitution, the same hoes who shit on and silence actually traumatized anti-porn ex-performers who were actually forced and trafficked into those circumstances. So what? Do you seek out porn made by women who are actually victims so you can “support” them by cumming to their rape on tape? You’d do more to support victimized women by bullying stupid fucks who participate in female oppression for muh cummies. Get off my board.

No. 1260261

Yeah I don't think you are the beacon of feminism either with all those "hoes" you are throwing around lol

No. 1260263

>straight woman
>watches lesbian porn
>man can't make you cum
Tired of the trannies lmao. You are a straight MAN Patrick

No. 1260276

NTA but
Every fake sensitive man's favorite weapon lmao. Set your dick over a lighter faggot

No. 1260277

At home I eat salad with my hands. I start out with a fork then 25% through I give up.

No. 1260282

File: 1657658818732.jpg (158.06 KB, 956x932, sqwuiiish.jpg)

I like /lit/. I also make fun of fat boomers on /pol/ and bully them whenever I detect one. How dare they be fat. /a/ is hard to use because it's 90% coomers but sometimes there are good threads.

No. 1260288

Holy shit how did no one else catch that’s a moid? Ffs can farmers stop feeding the male trolls, especially the pedo ones.

No. 1260320

Oh no not the h-slurrrr, no argument havin ass kek

No. 1260327

We caught that 8 hours ago, the second it was posted.

No. 1260330

I used to use /ic/ years ago, though I'm unsure if it's good anymore

No. 1260336

I frequent /x/ all the time, there is barely any gender discourse there, just insane theories, leaks and politics and interesting mythology facts.

I also look at /fa/ to laugh and used to look at /fit/ to thirst but nobody posts goal threads full of nude men anymore sigh. I remember when /fit/ used to raid us, they were pretty innocent about it kek

No. 1260353

No. 1260371

Sorry I just know this certain girl who claimed to be radfem supported amber heard and was borderline pedo. She types exactly like the OP.

No. 1260391

someone you know irl or where? here?

No. 1260396

Tbh that post sounded like it was written by a male with incest fetish.

No. 1260426

Online. I assume she lurks here too tbh. iirc she glorified homosexuality in historical men and fapped at it, loved little boys and old men couples a tad bit too much but she said it’s ok because she never touched little boys. Good lord the search function on this website sucks or else she’d bombard me in my dms.
That, or that female pedo I “knew”. Then again I may be generalizing but a lot of fujos are generic pedos and may sound like OP and my retarded online “friend”.

No. 1260434

>want to use you in that way
>use you
Yes a totally normal way a normal ciswoman with a vagina thinks about herself and her family members, definitely not one of the many moids crawling around in this particular thread for some reason

No. 1260447

'ate troons
'ate moids
'ate coomers

No. 1260466

File: 1657665217425.jpg (60.8 KB, 736x473, 53a3677887d784008bfea5318c7d38…)

My mom eats salad with her hands in front of people. It's very simian.

No. 1260517

I use VPN's the cheap shitty kind and sometimes I'll have to cycle through a few before I can even post something. I've came across a few bans where scrotes were given 2 year bans instead of perma bans

No. 1260528

Yeah you're right. A lot of fujos are pedos. There used to be a female only imageboard I forgot the name of but if I'm correct their yaoi board had a lot of… Questionable content.

No. 1260541

Why a vpn

No. 1260542

I hate troons, moids, but I LOVE coomers

No. 1260587

no way this poster is a woman, just no way at all. i rather take eight sisters over a brother any day

No. 1260598

If you're not a dude you're a porn sick girl and you need help. That shit is gonna rot your brain. And anons are right alot of porn actresses are on alot of drugs and are essentially being raped on camera since if it wasn't for the money there'd be no consent.

No. 1260658

What's to love about coomers?

No. 1260665

I can’t hate myself, I should stop the habit but in order to stop it one should embrace it

No. 1260757

I like being depressed and sad. I don’t know why.

No. 1260763

You'll get tired of it at some point

No. 1260776

Ever since an anon said she wishes she was a kitten and that her bf would take care of her, I kind of feel the same. And I'm not even into petplay (afaik).
I want to be protected by a guy and get head pats and cuddles. I want to be a cute little puppy that he cherishes and adores, who doesn't mind my clinginess. I want him to spoil me and just give me lots of love and I would do anything for him and we would just be happy…god I just want to be happy and loved

No. 1260777

That's definitely a man who's an only child to boot. I have a brother and the thought of doing anything sexual with him is disturbing and repulsive to put it mildly.

No. 1260784

I'm no longer really attracted to my partner but I still date him because of the financial and emotional support he provides. I feel guilty about it quite often, but if I wasn't mentally ill I think I would've been out of his league.

No. 1260787

What's missing? The sex, good conversations, looks? I know you don't want to hear this but you have to dump him because you will get bored. Find someone who can provide you with exactly what you need.

No. 1260807

I like going on /adv/ and laughing at the retards there.

No. 1260808

I'd say looks, he started balding from stress since college and he was never really a looker in my eyes to begin with. Personality-wise he's amazing and I highly doubt I'd be able to meet someone who cares and tolerates me as much as he does now that I'm a NEET with drug problems lol

No. 1260887

Anon, you can't be in a relationship with someone you're not physically attracted to. It's like the first thing everyone gages before they get to know someone. Why did you get with him in the first place? I understand that you may have issues, but you need to work on yourself and find someone who you can actually fuck. If you fix your drug problem, there are plenty of men who can treat you the way your current boyfriend does. Get therapy for your drug issues asap.

No. 1260981

i actually think i am being gangstalked but i probably won't know to what extent until I'm a goner. in the meantime I guess I'll act like there's nothing wrong, and I'm normally batshit crazy, so it gives them a show

No. 1261006

I literally am and I don’t even do anything interesting, men are just disgusting and do not care about our privacy or autonomy

No. 1261011

I want to get my eyebrow pierced (curved spiked barbell) and maybe get snake bites.

No. 1261022

Take your pills. You unhinged schizos explain the weird posts we've been having lately.

No. 1261026

I literally never post about it and I don’t make any weirdo posts, I’ve actually been on here for many years and avoid conflict unless I’m alogging as an obvious joke. Men are obsessive pigs and that is not my fault.

No. 1261043

>I get butthurt enough to a-log but that's just a joke haha
Get help. You're mentally ill if you get so mad over something online and keep a-logging randos so much it's become a joke. Also gang stalking is never real, normal stalking done by one or two people are common but you'd find proof if that was the case. Stop being so online, you're genuinely mentally unwell.

No. 1261051

I haven't been back in awhile. This is my first time posting anything like this in ages. calmmes the fuccdown

Men truly have nothing better to do than to try and bring women to their knees in any way they can. We never would do this to them.

No. 1261064

I have to look away if I see two girls kissing in public (which doesn't happen that often, but occasionally). It just makes my heart start palpitating and I feel embarrassed and also weirdly emotional for some reason. I think I am too gay to function.

No. 1261082

You interpreted that as you wanted to 10000%. I meant when scrotes post really disgusting bait I tell them to kill themselves. Cry about it omg.

No. 1261146

You feel embarrassed because you secretly think “if society wasn’t homophobic I’d shoot all kissing couples in public”. Kissing in public is nasty as is having sex in public. Kissing in public transportation is the worst.

No. 1261159

okay so I know this is peak gluttony and fat but a friend and I are fasting today because we're going to an all you can eat brazilian bbq place tomorrow and want to really stuff ourselves. boy oh boy those beefy cuts don't stand a chance.

No. 1261168

I love being high iq and a good gamer because every time my grown ass adult team sucks I insult them and then they think I’m a 12 year old kid because I rather be a 12 year old scrote than a grown ass woman who still plays videogames lmfao

No. 1261169

File: 1657709247724.jpg (102.29 KB, 621x572, 1417088366062.jpg)

No. 1261172

I'm pretty sure nonna just wants to kiss a girl in public like them

No. 1261177

There was this one scrote I almost dated a few years ago. He was hot, exactly my type, rich, but was autistic as fuck and I could not stand interacting with him. I ghosted for unrelated reasons but I kind of wish I took his virginity even though sex with virgins is awful

No. 1261181

He was your type but you couldn’t interact with him. How is he your type then?

No. 1261183

Physically my type

No. 1261205

Ever since I tried to think of an animal where it's the females that are prettier than the males and failed, I started to give absolutely zero fucks about my appearance and I've been living better since.

No. 1261246

Based, you're an inspiration

No. 1261259

Cats. Tomcats usually look a mess.

No. 1261278

File: 1657715564160.jpg (17.82 KB, 474x296, OIP.jpg)

>implying that any cat isn't perfect
How dare you.

No. 1261297

are you confusing tomcats with male strays? tomcats are just males and they look beautiful too.

No. 1261501

Just encountered the first tranny in my own country online and I lost my shit. I dmed him that being a woman isn't a feeling or a way of dressing, but a biological state. It seems to be some teenager who fell down the porn pipeline so that was childish and doesn't help. But holy shit I just felt so much disgust at seeing it in my own language.

No. 1261836

I am trying to cut down on spending time here, but I like to browse whilst on the loo

No. 1262197

don't be poor

No. 1262209

I’m a young black woman and I’m kind of obsessed with vergil from dmc and it makes me very uncomfortable to admit that

No. 1262210

why does it make you uncomfortable? is he a shitty husbando?

No. 1262217

I posted about the game in the husbando thread and the way an anon responded kind of curbed my enthusiasm. Tbh I don’t play games like that he’s just cute to me

No. 1262221

Older men are hotter. I don't care what anons on this site say. It seems like absolutely ALL gen z males and younger millenial men are into anime and it's just such a turn off - for obvious reasons. I don't need a nerdy dork ass porn addict jerking off to children look alikes (and I don't mean loli. All anime girls look like children in the face. a blow up doll body that doesn't match doesn't make it better whatsoever). Those loser manchildren are a waste of time. At least older men are useful and know how to do shit like fix your car or remodel a home. Besides, all men are ugly as fuck anyway so I might as well pick the ones that are less autistic and creepy basement dwellers. Also what's with gen z men making depression and anime their entire personality? I hate that everyone bandwagoned on the trend of anime getting popular when that shit used to make you get made fun of. Same with mental illness. No thanks. They can shoot up a school, jerk off to anime kids, and shoot up their gf. But I won't let that gf be me.

No. 1262222

older… like how old

No. 1262223

mid 30s is ideal.

No. 1262271

I am repulsed by daddy shit and fucking older men lifestyle but I am finding a lot more older guys attractive lately. Peppered hair is getting to me. I think mid 40s to early 50s would be my absolute limit though.

No. 1262297

What did the post say? I searched through the thread and previous one and didn't see anything weird, unless the post is in the older threads?

No. 1262302

I'm sure there are plenty of genz normies out there who don't care about anime.

No. 1262307

I agree with you nona. It's probably better for unpopular opinions but I seem to get on better with men in their mid 30s. Even when they don't have their life all together they have hobbies that aren't video games and being inside all day.
My last ex was an autistic scrote in his early 30s, though he was literally so insufferable he almost put me off men as a whole.

No. 1262313

Mid 30s are millenials lmao they're more likely to be collecting funko pops and obsessing over marvel than remodeling a fucking home.

Older men are hideous and make my vag shrivel up so frankly idgaf what their hobbies are, there is no physical trait more unattractive than hair loss so it's a hard no for me. Also I would never enable older men thinking they deserve younger women, so even if I were attracted to one it would still be a no.

No. 1262507

I think men with blonde hair are super ugly.

No. 1262515

please go outside

No. 1262529

go touch grass you freak. if i needed my home remodelled or my car fixed i'll call a professional, not date some musty old man. seriously you bitches are so deranged sometimes… literally go outside for once

No. 1262547

I genuinely think that's bait/male. Whenever anyone mentions dating younger men or men their age, some mental anon comes to tell them the dude is just using them for sex/money as if older men are any better. Report and ignore tbh.

No. 1262550

Lol you have to be underage

No. 1262558

>At least older men are useful and know how to do shit like fix your car or remodel a home
The men who had these kinds of skills are well into their late 50s or 60s now. lmao. Is this the demographic you're talking about?
Also most of men of any age group are addicted to porn, why do you only care about anime porn? Doesn't normal porn disgust you? Because your middle aged chad is probably jerking off to socially acceptable women torture porn somewhere…

No. 1262569

I'm approaching my mid thirties myself and I'm going through the reverse of this.. I'm suddenly looking at men with nice intact hairlines and slim bodies and appreciating that like I never did before.

Men don't grow up, they just get fatter and balder and more stubborn. ime

No. 1262575

They don’t even know how. They pretend to. Act arrogant and retarded 99% of the time and fuck it up without ever looking at directions for anything. Men cope with being retarded by being over confident. They can’t fix shit.

No. 1262612

Learn to do things yourself lazy bitch, the irony of you crying about genz losers

No. 1262617

I sit on the floor while taking a shower. I also browse my phone on the shower or bath. In fact I am showerposting right now!

No. 1262618

Absolute madwoman

No. 1262623

stacy energy. i wish I could reach such efficiency but it is too precarious without protection and too tedious with a ziploc

No. 1262625

File: 1657820923157.gif (1.85 MB, 498x373, paris-hilton-thats-hot.gif)

No. 1262635

Same lol I’m literally in the shower right now

No. 1262645

No. 1262694

I'm imagining you just getting you phone all wet and broken because of the water while browsing and showering.

No. 1262711

Hand salad Anon I do this too. Let’s get married.

No. 1262724

File: 1657829336238.gif (629.64 KB, 498x347, notgonnarewatch.gif)

salad hand?

No. 1262831

I have a weird attraction to Akidearest. I'm not into chubby girls and she has an insufferable personality so I have no idea why I find her hot, help me nonas.

No. 1262874

men in baseball uniforms are so hot

No. 1263006

Thanks for your comments but .my mood has been better since I left 4chan, so it's best not to go back.

No. 1263007

File: 1657846980608.jpeg (66.08 KB, 736x1085, BE54E71C-56F5-405E-8EFC-842948…)

whenever I see her it makes me question if I'm autistic because I embody this. except I'm not, it's from being a shut-in who can't style myself for shit. does anyone relate

No. 1263010

100% yes. I don’t think I’m autistic I’m just feral from being a terminally online neet.

No. 1263039

i'm autistic and i don't relate to that character at all kek, it's good she's beloved by someone

No. 1263078

I can't relate to this cartoon at all and I'm disgustingly autistic. I think that character is for men on the spectrum to fantasize about

No. 1263099

Sometimes I'll post something (typically if it's personal and something in the vent thread) and put off seeing the replies for a while because the thought makes me nervous kek

No. 1263107

I think her makeup is dumb as fuck

No. 1263108

I do this lol

No. 1263230

I don’t really know about this character but this is how I feel because of the autism thread pic. Something about it just feels so coomerish I hate that picture, I think because it’s a cutesy bug eyed anime girl eating tendies, it just looks wrong somehow, like it’s fetishizing autism. idk if this makes sense I just hate that pic so much. Not saying autistic girls can’t be cute but something about that drawing is just off.

No. 1263269

It really bothers me to watch this woman not only date but procreate with my ex moid , AFTER he was publicly called out by a mother on social media for trying to groom her daughter, age 13. (He was 26)
I sincerely hope his gf’s baby girl is safe. I was not the only one who warned this new gf.
Hes also bald and uglier and more pedo looking now. Should of committed murder when I found his porn history in the first place.
maybe i could call cps anonymously and have them check on the kid so theres a file started, incase he steps up his shit. Hope he hangs

No. 1263289

I do this a lot kek

No. 1263316

File: 1657883021655.jpg (234.41 KB, 2048x1359, Girl-Interrupted.jpg)

I've seen girl interrupted maybe three times when I was too young to watch it and I just now realised it's set in the 60s, I feel stupid.

No. 1263749

I’m trying to retrigger an eating disorder.

Typing it out is kind of making me realize how horrible this is, this is so fucked up. lolcow is the place that exposed me to pro ana stuff tho, I lost 40 pounds, quit my job got depressed covid happened then gained it all back and then some now I’m fatter than ever. I just can’t believe I lost all my progress so easily, the last few years have felt like a long meaningless slog of nothing. I need this.

No. 1263767

Years ago I had a large sebaceous cyst on my inner labia & I would go on chatroulette and gross men out with it. I have no idea how to feel about this now

No. 1263792

File: 1657913254294.jpeg (54.12 KB, 600x430, 59D98221-7151-4C25-A903-431EA6…)

sometimes i make a really ugly grimace and hold it in front to of a mirror thinkin to myself "wow this is me in the mirror. i made that face. as a matter of fact, i am making it right now. i am capable of this and nobody knows." all while holding the face immobile

No. 1263810

Kek this is hilarious

No. 1263838

I like to open up Garry's Mod and spawn NPCs and/or ragdolls of male characters wearing white pants and hit them in the dick with the crowbar and it makes them look like they got their period. Sucks that the blood does not show up with the flashlight on.

No. 1263840

i want to get back up boyfriends because i don't want to leave my boyfriend who flirts with his "girl best friend" before giving back a taste of his own medicine. i can easily find a new guy who is hotter than both of them combined and waste his time in the meantime.

No. 1263844

i hope he dies slowly and painfully.
you should do the censored part tbh.

No. 1263866

i used to be such an incredibly idealistic homeless romantic and finally snapped and can't develop feelings anymore, even the people i used to love and always wanted to rekindle with. i used to be that pathetic girl who gave all her attention, care, and love to her partner and neglected her own needs in the process. i wasted my teenage years doing that on men who would end up cheating on me or becoming man children. so now I just ghost men after months of talking, talk and date multiple at once while telling them I'm not, and say I feel the things they tell me they feel but I don't. it's easy to just mirror everything they like/don't like, and make them enamored. due to the lack of feelings I don't have any problem ghosting them or telling them they're too much for me to deal with. but I took shrooms this weekend and had some feelings of intense guilt about it. but now I don't think i do anymore. i am worried if karma is real, i'm totally fucked.

No. 1263881

File: 1657918088353.png (248.72 KB, 500x289, tumblr_m49kgq8ZhO1rr9aego1_500…)

I hate shopping, I hate getting dressed up, I hate talking to people, I hate traveling, I just hate going outside in general, all of these things make me tired, angry, and bored easily and I hate how people probably hate me for hating these but I probably already hate them too.

No. 1263891

File: 1657918417994.jpg (98.92 KB, 563x702, 1656904074906.jpg)

Feel less Americanized and more relaxed since leaving 4chan. I can use yankee without someone jumping down my throat or someone assuming I'm a vapid nonna from LA. Good riddance to the moids and femnanzis.

No. 1263893

Sauce please mrs frau nonna

No. 1263901

>>Those loser manchildren are a waste of time. At least older men are useful and know how to do shit like fix your car or remodel a home.

Why not learn these skills yourself then rely on a dumb moid. There's lots of YouTube videos around. It feels great to hammer a nail in a board and build something yourself.

No. 1263903

Don't ask.

No. 1263904

nta but my confession is, i barely learnt a new craft like this or a hobby since getting a smart phone. it really makes me dumber than my phone and i feel bad now. but when i would need to fix a car, i assume i will have the internet available to show me right there and then what and how to do it. i feel like, it would clutter up my mind to know it without having to?

No. 1263909

When your car breaks down or you need to change a fire maybe? Also learning a new skill opens your brain pathways. Also why make yourself open to dumb moids? The more you can do for yourself, the better off you are.

No. 1263912

Same, depending on where you live the people can age especially badly. I'm turning into a cougar in just trying to date slim men.

No. 1264011

File: 1657925019493.gif (1.18 MB, 306x200, clicking.gif)

Anon who confessed she wanted to shitpost on tumblr by stating unpopular problematic opinions here: I started receiving comments from angry trannies already despite just posting 3 times. I'm laughing pretty hard right now, I think I'll keep posting like once in a while, use as many relevant tags as possible and see how far it goes before I get banned.

No. 1264014

>The men who had these kinds of skills are well into their late 50s or 60s now.
I love men in their early 60s

No. 1264045

I love the idea of dating a rich, ancient man and having him die several years later and leaving me all his money.

No. 1264048

Why. They're the ugliest and smelliest type of men in the world.
But you still have to fuck them first

No. 1264062


me too but instead of dating and inheriting his money i'd rather murder and rob him but to each their own

No. 1264066

File: 1657929023544.jpg (93.31 KB, 720x900, 3f15354496be415d8457df54b23f24…)

NTA but the artist is Loputyn. Not sure why that other anon said not to ask kek

No. 1264206

I got it from a post about a schizoid namefag on 4chan. I didn't know the artist but now I do, so thank you.

No. 1264236

Nonnas I can’t breathe I found the old sketchbook

No. 1264237

File: 1657942440040.jpeg (407.84 KB, 640x830, 65F93370-0FEE-45C3-B549-39184B…)

Oops I forgot picrel

No. 1264252

Did we all drew like this? I swear this looks like some of my old drawings. Also why is she chained

No. 1264273

i've cheated on bfs and idc. it's not immoral and i'd do it again if they're shitty or refuse to participate in the relationship emotionally. they deserve it. it means nothing about the woman if she does it. it's entirely warranted and i encourage it if it helps the woman leave/the relationship isn't going anywhere. men aren't affected by cheating unless they are actually "in" the relationship wholeheartedly anyways. otherwise they don't care. men are usually thinking about fucking other women and are only limited by circumstance. women are thoroughly cucked anyways in most relationships so it simply does not matter unless you have an especially special and meaningful relationship with a man, which most women do not.

No. 1264277

My main concern about cheating is that like, you're already putting up with one moid- why are you punishing yourself with more? Being single >>>

Your post reminds me of one I saw earlier on /g/ where an anon was self flagellating about how she cheated (sent a guy an underwear pic with no actual physical cheating, then admitted it to her bf right away and was forgiven). Then reveals at the time they were on a break because he was neglecting her, wouldn't touch her and resented her because he wanted to be single. Like girl… what kind of low self esteem would make you feel guilty about that?? Insane.

No. 1264283

no i totally agree with you. i think though that it's very easy especially when women are neglected emotionally to want to seek solace from someone when you are reaching for a connection but are being met with a wall, even though what you say makes sense totally. i won't date again or have sex with men again, period, but i'd totally do it again from a moral perspective as there's nothing wrong with it to me morally. practically, however, i'd just leave were i ever to be with a man again and was unsatisfied emotionally, though realistically i will never choose to be with a man again. i think it's more complicated in cases though particularly when you have emotionally invested in someone/are vulnerable so a lot of women don't feel empowered enough to just leave. ime i dated who i cheated with and it was fine (i was young) so later the later breakup was just owed to growing changes but i think it some cases it can definitely help women to be less myopic when they're feeling hopeless or unloved etc. though like you say, ideally just don't associate with them period. it's just not always necessarily doable and something women and girls are more likely to come to after experience etc.

No. 1264297

I date foreign moids almost exclusively so that if they hurt me I can report them to immigration and fuck up their lives for a few months minimum.

No. 1264299

>i'd do it again if they're shitty or refuse to participate in the relationship emotionally. they deserve it.
Based. I used to date this pornsick loser who wouldn’t fuck me because he was too busy whacking off in the bathroom and couldn’t stay hard without furiously masturbating and I almost fucked his hot older brother but backed out at the last minute. Hate myself for that. Pathetic men deserve to be cheated on. Especially if they do other stuff to undermine their partners like liking pictures of women on social media, refusing to outline the relationship or say “I love you”, cancelling plans, not texting back, refusing to let you meet his friends, negging, etc etc. Just cheat. I mean preferably just leave but don’t sweat it if you end up cheating because the guy deserves nothing more.

No. 1264301

Tumblr trannies be like: ✨ proud neo nazi✨ this is a safe space for MAPs✨ DDLG ✨ CNC ✨ 💖 I like to fuck dogs 💖 in a throuple with a 16 year old femboy who is paralysed from the neck down and his dead grandma ✨ I make my living by selling heroin to children and grave robbing ✨ my hobby is shoplifting 💕 🥊PUNCH A FUCKING TERF!!!!🥊 DNI TERFS!!!! 🥊

No. 1264302

great post, premature RIP for you because of your accurate emojis though. (emojis should not warrant a ban in mock posts!)

No. 1264303

absolutely. nothing to feel bad about. they don't feel bad for us when they're thinking about fucking everything that moves and are only limited by situation and circumstance. 99% of relationships with men are fake from their end anyways. it simply does not matter

No. 1264306

No. 1264312

Sorry, but anons saying shit like this while also basically admitting that they give men their time will always be funny to me kek.

No. 1264328

A firefighter with big tiddies and biceps called me cute at my job yesterday. I think he caught me staring at his arms, He just smiled tho, he went ahead and asked one of my coworkers about me earlier today. I don’t even really remember his face I remember it was moderately cute but I will never forget those tits, if only I could just put them in my mouth and jiggle them like crazy. I am still giggling and kicking my legs in the air about it.
i have a boyfriend who I live with, I am so tempted…

No. 1264329

>emojis should not warrant a ban in mock posts!

No. 1264331

i am deceast

No. 1264343

>I hate men that's why I'm going to spread my legs for as many as possible


No. 1264344

Yeah, anon should definitely just be celibate her whole life. You're definitely better than her, good job nonnies.

No. 1264346

cheating doesn't mean you're opening your legs to as many men as possible by any means. bizarre interpretation.

No. 1264349

yawn, another scrote

No. 1264350

During gym in freshman year I farted pretty loudly while doing sit-ups and everybody heard it. It still haunts me to this day lmao.

No. 1264351

Omfg you triggered an awful repressed memory. When I was in middle school I had to do the presidential fitness test or whatever that bullshit is called and I had massive anxiety about it and got a very upset stomach. It was my turn to do sit-ups and literally after every. single. sit-up. there was an audible toot. Jfc that was one of the most humiliating moments of my life.

No. 1264352

I'm the second anon you tagged, I never said OP has to be celibate (or that I'm better than her?). I just don't get the whole mentality of looking down on men as much as anon is portraying herself to and thinking that women are "cucked" in relationships, but being with multiple men and then cheating on them with more men. Just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 1264367

i haven't been with men in years and years. these were things that happened when i was 16-21. i do believe women are cucked in relationships with men because of the way men view women, that's why i haven't been with men in a long time. i see nothing wrong with women cheating on men if they're being neglected purposefully, however and were i in a relationship and felt emotionally vulnerable and desirous of a connection emotionally (unlikely to happen at this point), i would see nothing wrong with it. people don't think 100% rationally when they're still emotionally attached but are seeking to detach. it's a painful process when you're involved with someone for a while so it takes time to detach. i do think cheating helps women detach when they are especially attached to someone who is no longer reciprocating emotionally.

No. 1264382

Fucking kek. "TERFS DNI" yet they go on their way to interact with them anyway.

No. 1264416


Sorry I'm a bit confused (not trying to be snarky or anything) how come in those situations I mean, wouldn't it be easier to just break up with the guy who was being an uncaring jerk and then after go for other guy whom was being nice? Just so it's less complicated? Again not being snarky I'm just a bit puzzled.

No. 1264425

This. Some anons simultaneously hate men while also apparently being incapable of going without dick for more than a month (I've seen posts that quite explicitly state this).

While I don't blame anyone for hating men, as I don't trust them myself. I just get weird second hand embarrassment from the latter thing. If you're well into your adult years and you can't go without mediocre casual sex with strangers every few months then you're basically malebrained to begin with.

No. 1264445

They’re like
>I hate all men except my Nigel!!
Then slither over to the relationship thread to complain that he won’t stop exchanging flirty messages with his colleague or some benign shit like that. Motherfucker my fucking grandpa is a better person than that piece of shit and you’re dumping all over him. I’m not saying I get offended on behalf of my grandpa every time but the logic just isn’t adding up.

No. 1264460

I don't cheat out of fear of a scrote losing his shit and murdering me but I agree. Most men deserve to be cheated on for constantly lusting after every girl except their own gf and being very vocal about it. Most scrotes are extremely emotionally abusive at the very least and then being cheated on is just karma.

Honestly? Even non-pinkpilled ladies cheat on their man for good reasons, men are often emotionally neglectful and selfish in bed so women seek out a moid that actually makes them feel physically attractive and that you don't have to fake orgasms with. On top of that they'll just use cheating gfs as a way to be extremely controlling of other girls. Don't trust any man that claims he's been cheated on by multiple women, it's always for a good reason

No. 1264463

Why shouldnt they? Men who hate women aren't considered to hate women any less if they sleep with and are in relationships with women, in fact it just makes normal women feel unsettled at the idea that just any normie seeming man can say disgustingly violent hate against women. Why shouldn't we impose the same fear on men instead of just making them think "well these bitches aren't dating men anyway"

No. 1264470

>why shouldn’t we impose the same fear on men
lol you think males care if a woman hates him or not? Don’t matter as long as he’s getting his dick wet, men and women are not the same, hate fucking men is still fucking men.

No. 1264473

I just think you sound like you have the sexual self control of an adolescent boy.

No. 1264482

I don't have sex with men so
You'd be surprised at how many men are on the verge of a mental breakdown because their fuck buddy is fucking other people/doesnt like them that much/ignores them

No. 1264483

My gosh I don't know that I could ever cheat on someone I was dating. It just.. It just feels like such a betrayal of trust and understanding to me (not moralizing or anything just saying how I feel). I mean if there's a problem in the relationship I try to talk about with my partner. Does that make sense? I just can't see myself going behind their back though. From reading some of the posts and also having that happen with friends and stuff I think I understand it a little, why people cheat I mean, but it still feels strange to think of doing it to a partner. Maybe I just haven't been where other people have yet though IDK again not moralizing or anything just saying how I feel I'm not in anybody else's shoes so who am I to judge them or their situation you know?

No. 1264488

I am sorry anons I laughed out loud, bless you fart-chans

No. 1264491

Nonnie, I know you know there are hundreds of unique posters on lolcor…
Should hetero women who are disgusted by men in general stop having sex? Should we stop talking about how much we hate men? I honestly understand your confusion/outrage but what would you have us do nonnie(s)????

No. 1264523

NTA but how about stop dating and caping for the bottom of the barrel men and have some standards? There's a wide variety of options besides "just stop having sex". Put up boundaries, expect more from them and confront them about their bullshit properly instead of first bragging about how much you love your Nigel even if he does sext e-girls 10 years younger than him and makes you pay the rent. Thinking you're a based girlboss for letting your boyfriend treat you like garbage because you're somehow getting back at him by letting other men fuck you is some sad, sad copium being huffed.

No. 1264555

File: 1657975909638.jpeg (30.76 KB, 504x164, B667F0F1-725D-4CC4-B41F-788E46…)

My boss and his mean witch of a wife are gone for a whole week, and it fees like I am the one on vacation. Honestly, they are never there when I need them anyways. At least I get to go a whole week without her catty comments and 2005 mean girl esque attempts to play mind games.
She works MLM scams and then waltzes into my work, undoing anything I did just to show me. I hate her. Her husband is no better, because he has zero spine.
A WHOLE WEEK OF PEACE! what a gift.

please get lost a sea to never return. Or sunburned and poisoned. Thank you

No. 1264556