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No. 1225693

Previous thread >>>/ot/1207004
Ignore & report bait

No. 1225699

Women with large feet (size 9.5+) are cute they are like rabbits to me. If you're a tranny reading this I'm not talking about you.

No. 1225700

Hopefully the retarded 4chin user from the last thread will slither back to their home base website, certainly not a regular lolcow user.

No. 1225709

No. 1225711

was feeling randomly insecure about my size 10 flipper feet today, thank you anon

No. 1225718

10.5 wide here, please take my feet away from me

No. 1225722

File: 1655254139155.gif (195.88 KB, 350x263, 20323fc0oi715sy.gif)

Just found my old folders from 2007

No. 1225724

File: 1655254310632.jpg (41.3 KB, 351x600, k0dq2BmFaSzxjmmtLaxMDJ7GsbgnOd…)

Zoomers WISH they could google "anime girl" and get 600+ images of this as a result.

No. 1225725

I thought this was the dumbass shit thread, sorry nonnas, please ignore my 2-post gloating.

No. 1225726

2007?? Post it all in the shitpost thread

No. 1225727

I love you both.

No. 1225728

I am having a seizure ow but happy for you nonna

No. 1225730


No. 1225768

Reminder that ass worship is a result of the homosexlization of mainstream culture, also men who are obesseded with asses and twerking are 90% more likely to be homos and seeing as this is the ideal of most conquered groups of men, there must be something about this attraction that also leads to them being shit protectors

No. 1225771

I thought that was a black thing and Americans worship black people and black culture etc etc you know the copypasta.

No. 1225773

Fuck what moids think. Just let me enjoy asses in peace

No. 1225775

Size 11 here. Thank you for the kind words but I don't think I can ever love my feet. It's mostly inconvenient and I've felt like a freak for it nonstop. Funny story, I remember attaching myself to LaCienega from the Proud Family because of representation from that alone lmao

No. 1225780

black dispora in the UK seem to take part it ass worship as well, from Nigerians to Sudanese, so maybe there's something about butt worship that appeals to conquered men

No. 1225783

This makes no sense. Men do not have pronounced, or large asses, they have narrow hips in comparison to their upper body and a lower fat percentage, so to say that the fixation with ass is based on a fixation of male asses makes no sense as there is nothing exceptional about them. Females have wider hips, and more fat distributed on their ass, which is what the fixation with ass is about.

No. 1225784

File: 1655258914314.jpg (70.12 KB, 640x853, Venere_Callipige_Napoli.jpg)

retarded take

No. 1225785

The homophobechans on this board are getting too bold

No. 1225786

some statue of a woman with an average bare ass disproves me how exactly, when I talk about ass worship I'm talking about shit like this

No. 1225792

File: 1655259415698.jpg (48.31 KB, 426x640, 0_E6CWvl0Y0Kdj1DhO.jpg)

I wasn't trying to disprove your retarded /pol/tard take I just thought it was appropriate because that statue is known for having beautiful buttocks

No. 1225795

that is literally just a bare man's ass, again what is that supposed to prove

No. 1225797

Basically what this anon said, but the beauty standard for non-black women with the exception of latinas has always been to be as skinny as possible for a really long time. It probably also has something to do with black men being chubby chasers and overweight black women carrying a lot of weight in their ass hips fairly well sometimes. This is also what the bbl look seeks to emulate to some extent.

No. 1225804

I also belive it likely has some relation to black men being the most conquered race on the planet,

No. 1225807

What does that have to do with ass worship, or what exactly are you saying?

No. 1225808

Did y'all know that homos were the masterminds behind MKUltra? Strange but true.

No. 1225809

I've seen anons say this before and I really don't understand it. Yes gay men do anal, but being curvy is a stereotypically female trait because we are a lot more likely to have curves than men. Some gay men get ass shots to mimic women, not the other way around. I have a big butt, I like other people's butts and it has nothing to do with gay men. You guys have to stop letting men take over and spoil everything.

No. 1225811

You're right I shouldn't have even replied.

No. 1225815

That for some reason conquered men seem to be obesseded with big butts and there likely is some level of relation
I never said that women who have larger buttocks aren't real women, rather male obsession with asses(twerking and shit) are likely some level of homosexual

No. 1225817

>I never said that women who have larger buttocks aren't real women
I didn't imply that you did?

No. 1225818

for real though, men who are obsessed with curvy asses, like, OBSESSED, are also HEAVILY into anal.

No. 1225822

agreed. it's not about gay scrotes being misogynistic, it's that they're using that excuse to be bigoted and disgusting. they can go back to /pol/ now. not to say they aren't misogynistic but the ire they have for them is completely irrational and unreasonable.

No. 1225832

That's pretty obviously caused by porn though, anal became a trend in porn and then all of a sudden a huge amount of men started obsessing over cartoonishly huge asses.

No. 1225835

no doubt, but it's still a thing that these "big asses" guys will almost certainly be heavily into anal. obviously it's caused by porn but it's still now a thing.

No. 1225954

I like having a guy fondle my butt during sex but I'd leave instantly if he actually was going to ever do assplay, I don't get how humans were obesseded with buttholes covered in fecal matter

No. 1226286

Ntayrt but even if they were sculpted in pristine white marble of Carrara, the connection between asses and shit/toilet odour is just too strong in my case. And I won't say more because it's the unpopular opinions thread and everyone can say what the please naturally.

No. 1226295

I think most people make that connection, porn addicted men are the only ones who don't.

No. 1226296

No matter how much Indians claim everybody else is racist for saying they smell horrible, the nose does not lie. Also ffs please use toilet paper it is not DIRTY. The amount of times I have heard my coworkers say tp is dirty is just insane. Everytime I use the public restroom I see water bottles all over the floor which tells me that they are using water and their hands to clean the shit off their ass.

No. 1226302

They probably think using water bottles is equivalent to using an actual bidet but it's really not. My sister uses some kind of weird hose/bidet like thing whenever she shits and she sprays water everywhere with it and she thinks it's cleaner than TP. She shut her mouth really fast when I told her it's not fucking clean to spray water all over the place if she doesn't also use soap because the water that's all over the toilet seat is full of her fecal matter and I don't want to fucking sit on that.

No. 1226304

If you think 80 years is a "really long time" sure kek

No. 1226314

Some animes promote anorexia and other eating disorders to the weak-minded. People should be slaped out of this. Stop starving yourself staying all day in your room. Change your diet, do exercise and stop consuming media written and drawed by coomer japanese men for fucks sake.

No. 1226338

I'm not sure I quite follow, you have specific examples? Or are you just saying that because of how artists draw characters?

No. 1226343

Anime girls live on indulgent parfait, ramen and toast I don't follow your logic

No. 1226359

is this a joke? The chance of anime causing anorexla is extremely rare.
There are alot of problems with anime but this isnt one of them.

No. 1226364

dont disagree with me

No. 1226365

No. 1226418

It's the spices coming out of their pores, they don't really use deoderant, and the shit thing is real I don't get how their asshole gets fully cleaned with just water. Unless you're only wearing skirts and no underwear there's major streakage.

No. 1226463

File: 1655309868167.jpg (3.85 KB, 225x225, cat.jpg)

I don't remember writing this post

No. 1226651

How come weebs are so fat? Even costhots

No. 1226655

Too much Pocky and ramune

No. 1226659

This is unironically true

No. 1226698

sometimes anons here sound like scrotes and tradthots when they imply no man could ever be attracted to a cow for X or Y related reason (usually a body feature). even more ridiculous when said cow literally has a partner. and since when did we care about fitting the standards of men?

No. 1226757

After seeing yet another news story in my city about a schizophrenic person murdering a family member, I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Severely mentally ill people should be euthanized.
Hell, maybe even severely mentally + physically disabled babies who can never take care of themselves too. The Spartans had it right. Deformed baby? Off the cliff you go.

No. 1226761

Kek yes, and also at the same time moids will fuck anything that moves

No. 1226762

How do you know if a baby is mentally ill lol

No. 1226774

Just the super deformed tard babies that are clearly not well

No. 1226778


There's genetic testing for certain disorders. You can find out if you're going to pop out a Hartley hooligan before you have to give birth, ya know.

No. 1226798

Ok but you first

No. 1226814

This is dumb because there are so many unproductive retards, hamplanets, supremacists, and other unsavory dipshits who can deal the same amount of damage, and worse, on an individual and societal level than some schizoid. Agreed about the physical deformities part, with the Hartley Hooligans and Empathic Mamahood/Luna cows in mind
That anon was asking about mental illness, even though they often do have genetic components. Doctors just can't screen for them the same way that they can for physical disorders

No. 1226820

Yeah unfortunately you can’t tell til your kid is a toddler if they’re autistic. I think if I found out I had a severely profound autistic baby I would put them in a home. Hell naw

No. 1226822

If it has a Y chromosome

No. 1226998

No. 1227089

Vladimir Nabokov the writer of lolita was actually a pedophile in real life and made a book about his kinks then tried to past it off as "Humbert being an unreliable narrator"

No. 1227096

Post ass measurement, if any.

No. 1227102

This is why the great works of Western European art depict beautiful women as chubby right?

No. 1227411

Over the years I've gathered that he was victim turned predator. I'll add my unpopular opinion: anyone who says their favorite book is Lolita is suspect. "But the writing! The unreliable narrator!! It's soooo deep!" Okay and? There are MANY books, especially now, that do the same thing without pedophila, kidnapping, and rape being the storyline.

No. 1227487

Nta but that was a long time ago. Back in the day, the rich were chubby because they could afford to eat more and didn't have to work their asses off, nowadays it's the opposite with most obese people being lower class, they're obese because they eat cheap fastfood. The beauty ideal will always be about status symbols, even blonde hair is an example because it's the color with the most expensive upkeep.

No. 1227622

File: 1655380208404.png (843.83 KB, 637x959, 1399580911911.png)

No. 1227675

I genuinely don’t see an issue with anyone wearing dreadlocks regardless of their race. Even if you could call it cultural appropriation, it isn’t harmful, is it? The only arguments I’ve seen are “well, since a lot of jobs won’t allow black women to wear their natural hair or protective styles, white peoples shouldn’t use their white privilege to have cool hair.” But any occupation that didn’t allow a black person to have dreadlocks wouldn’t allow it on a white person either, right? If anything, people think white people with dreads look even more “unprofessional”. But if you’re a musician or something, who care?

No. 1227713

Is this really unpopular? It seems like tons of people love cutting out others or advising people to cut off even their loved ones and friends over politics. I'm actually a little jealous that you are surrounded with enough people who are not ok with this that it's an unpopular opinion for you kek

No. 1227794

It can harm your hair if you don’t have kinky curls. Would not recommend.

No. 1227962

Anyone who walks around with uncovered hickies on their neck are inherently cringe.

No. 1227963

Is this unpopular?

No. 1227964

you're missing the point anon's trying to make

No. 1227979

Regardless of the cultural appropriation stuff, it looks awful and ridiculous on people who don't have the proper texture for it I'm saying "proper texture", because it's really not for all of them as another anon above pointed out. Sure you can wear it, but it looks stupid.

No. 1227980

It definitely makes you look like you stink if you don't have the proper texture.

No. 1227999

If your flatmate is dirty and doesn't clean his room you're entitled to shut his door when he leaves and lets it open. Even if it's crossing boundaries of personal space. I don't have to move around a house that smells like dirty sweaty feet all day because you believe that ''airing the room'' will make the smell go away. It won't, so I'm closing your door and I'm also crossing fingers you faint when you open it next time.

No. 1228014

The only thing I have against dreadlocks on white people is that dreadlocks (in their true form) only work with coiled hair. The hair coils lock together and you can get cohesive strands while still maintaining neat, clean hair. If your hair’s not coily, the only way to get dreadlocks is by matting it into dreadlocks. Not only does it look worse, but the intentional filthyness that’s required to get it to that point gives me shivers.

No. 1228023

This sounds very specific and personal

No. 1228039

A little bit of homophobia is actually healthy, for decency reasons. Society also needs a healthy dose of unironic heterophobia due to straight men's barbaric, thug-like ways
Women shouldn't be subject to any phobias btw

No. 1228041

bidets fuckign suck use flushable wipes if you want to be cleaner. poopy water all over the place is not clean at all

No. 1228046

RIP your pipes. they're not actually flushable, it's just a marketing ploy

No. 1228049

…why would it be getting all over the place?

No. 1228053

jokes on you nonna i have a trashcan next to my toilet bc i live in an old ass house and we can’t flush tp either. into the trash it all goes.

bidets still suck ass.

No. 1228057

you keep a trashcan full of shitfilled toilet paper and shitfilled wipes? that's grim. if that's the case you could just use a bidet and flushable wipes which would be WAY more effective than just the flushable wipes, since you're sitting next to your bin of shit anyways.

No. 1228062

That's why you wipe it? Blasting your ass with water is still cleaner than smearing your shit all over the place with paper. "Poopy water" isn't the same as shart spray but either way you wipe that up after, like you would getting pee spray on the seat from hovering.

No. 1228064

File: 1655409808081.jpeg (91.25 KB, 955x410, CD902195-D510-442F-87BA-293852…)

caucasian hair is too fine for dreadlocks to be clean for a long duration. doesn't help that the crusties and wooks who usually wear them take biannual showers. i'm mixed black/white and even my hair is too fine for healthy locs. pic rel is a loc with mould inside….gag.

No. 1228065

i don't really know how she's using the bidet that would cause that anyways. is she standing up to use the bidet??

No. 1228067

Exactly, it's not even really dreads just matted hair.

No. 1228088

why did you not spoiler this!

No. 1228091

a bin of shitty paper and wetwipes is the height of unhygienic lol does it even have a lid? how often do you sanitize it?

No. 1228095

I remember watching a vid a while back where an english woman cut off her dreads after having them quite a while. She tried to keep at least some length so was getting her family to all take turns trying to comb out whatever could be saved. This went on for days but in the process.. she talked about finding mould in the parts she'd had to cut and I was like.. you found what now? I really thought I'd misheard her at first.

No. 1228098

NTA but I've been to Russia pre Iron Curtain Electric Boogaloo and they have signs in public places to use the waste baskets for toilet paper. It smells like you'd imagine it does: terrible.

No. 1228102

People who live in korea or Japan are the only ones who seem to be able to be racist or sexist and get away with it and weebs will always be the first to jump to defend them "because they don't know any better". This is not 1993, they have internet and they know when they're being bigoted.

No. 1228106

File: 1655411306744.png (33.76 KB, 833x232, ps.png)

If someone smokes in public, it should be legal to snatch their cigarette and maybe burn it on them. I can't imagine knowingly poisoning people and giving them cancer because of your own bad habits

No. 1228107

people also conveniently ignore the alarmingly prevalent pedophilia issue going on in japan too.

No. 1228120

Thats the reason coomers like japan so much. Their porn has 0 limits. You can get away with shit straight out of the sickest hurtcore cp out there if it's drawn

No. 1228123

It seems stupid that women put so much effort into their looks just to end up with someone ugly anyway

No. 1228128

ty nonnie, it looks like everyone missed my point too.

No. 1228130

I hate people 45+ on social media trying to be relevant and becoming influencer by being "lule so random"
Get a real job ffs

No. 1228392

Sorry if I’m offending any nordics but the dishes in Scandinavia taste bland and lack flavor. It’s military food.

No. 1228408

My school's got a plaque dedicated to him outside of his old office. Kind of weird reading this post and thinking about that

No. 1228432

Wish normal women would stop dating down in general, because that leaves my dating pool at 0 as an ugly woman.

No. 1228543

worst is when they try to defend it by saying 'we was poor!' or say it's comfort food. admit it's bad and move on, it's not like you eat it outside of holidays and family meals either, you go out and eat pizza and tacos because they taste good, no one does midnight runs for lutfisk.

No. 1228549

Lmao anon, you’re right.

No. 1228551

Ah, anon! you mean to say that whale blubber buried in the ground and left to rot I mean ferment, and unsalted cod soaked in lye DOESN’T sound appealing??

No. 1228571

I’ve never eaten Scandi food but I know you motherfuckers must have herbs so there is no excuse for this

No. 1228628

File: 1655461092574.jpg (159.47 KB, 1080x1080, brkfst.jpg)

putting a child in a situation where they might be alone with a male/males makes you a pimp

No. 1228670


My relatives always fucking whine when I use more spices than one (1) uncrushed black pepper

No. 1228719

When people say they eat "sooo much but are still so skinny", all they're doing is legitimizing fat people claiming they eat "sooo little but are still so fat". Everyone should be more honest with themselves (and also understand that height influences BMR)

No. 1228720

Kek are you talking about the anons from the vent thread eating soooooooooooooo much

No. 1228733

My favorite was the girl who said she once ate “almost a whole bento box.” A bento box is intended to be a one-person meal kek.

No. 1228735

I think many people genuinely under or overestimate how much they're eating. It makes sense also, there's so little dietary education and so much junk food around.

No. 1228739

Reminds me of the poor girl in CC who said she's doing keto but she's eating beans and other legumes… baby no… like so many ppl also do special diets without knowing shit about them

No. 1228741

File: 1655474550008.jpeg (177.13 KB, 750x521, AEAAAA0E-CCEB-48AC-B47E-667DE7…)

Your “great works of Western civilization” used men as female models because women for a certain period of time were not permitted to be nude models. The very sparse female artists in Western canon were always upper-class/encouraged by other family members to pursue the craft. I hate Western art gang gang gang gang ganggggg it’s ugly and tacky as shit

No. 1228751

Agree. So happy my mom was very adamant about never leaving me or my siblings alone with other men, even close friends and family.

No. 1228809

I hate that Japan is exempt from criticism because weebs will cry racism if anyone dares think their perfect fantasy land of anime and pocky is less than perfect. I wish leftists would write articles about Japan especially harshly condemning the pedophilia so I could watch the weebs seethe. Japan is the perfect concentrated image of a lot of festering issues in “advancing” society.

No. 1228814

If a woman hits a man it is deserved because women are pillars of patience.

No. 1228911

I think men that make less than 50k a year should be put into labor camps.

No. 1228925

The economy could be fixed overnight if we just forced all underachieving men to be slaves and gave their would-be salaries to women.

No. 1228927


No. 1228943

I nominate these anons for Presidents of the world!

No. 1228947

File: 1655483932956.jpg (31.97 KB, 250x375, Tyga.jpg)

Tyga has such a little nerd voice whenever I hear him in songs I just see pic rel

No. 1228959

File: 1655484993321.jpeg (120.34 KB, 1024x678, 5D23DB30-EF2D-40C0-B5BB-82103E…)


No. 1228971

KEK I feel the same way about Kanye.

No. 1228974

Mods have forsaken us

No. 1228978

File: 1655486103022.jpeg (10.94 KB, 259x194, 9E2CFBB2-F027-42B0-B54C-2AA38F…)

Then perish.

No. 1228979

Violent moids should be put into labor camps for life. This goes double for TIMs for whom violent acts are guaranteed because of their fetish.

No. 1228981

Underachieving male detected, kek

No. 1228982

I agree but stop responding to it

No. 1228983

File: 1655486263390.gif (2.35 MB, 640x498, 0326A9B8-347A-4E3C-9918-20F8AA…)

That would require women wanting to have sex with you in the first place and we both know you don’t get any KEK

No. 1228984

You too good lord

No. 1228987

People who prefer cold showers are more disciplined, but also too uptight.
Or they live somewhere where it's currently triple digits idk

No. 1228989

I have so many old man coworkers and they do fuck all work and have been in the company for years so they're not fucking going anywhere. Meanwhile this competent lady in her 60s was let go even though we desperately needed her and she was so good at her job. Shower of bastards

No. 1228990

>Or they live somewhere where it's currently triple digits idk
terrifying as a celsiuslet

No. 1228991

shush mini-mod when has avoiding them ever done us any good? if we interact they’re still annoying, if we ignore they spam and are still annoying. the only solution is to let us laugh at the retard until they get banned

No. 1228995

finally do it then, end yourself

No. 1228996

File: 1655486691020.png (533 KB, 984x567, 1646392586185.png)

They get bored if no one respond or reacts. Which will never fucking happen apparently.

No. 1229001

On pizza is the superior way to enjoy pineapple. Other ways of eating pineapple are fine, but pizza is the best option.

No. 1229004

File: 1655486825834.png (507.18 KB, 840x859, 533830DF-2C13-43AA-AE3C-65D19F…)

>dumb roast

No. 1229005


Then die. Not even your mom will be sad about it.

No. 1229007

The best way is diced in red sweet and sour sauce to cover fried chinese chicken balls but I concede on pizza is good too

No. 1229008

mods plz ban

No. 1229009

Jannies will slam the ban button as soon as you rightfully call another anon a retard but leave cringy attention whoring spam up for hours
Piggybacking off your opinion;
Pizza sucks and is an overrated meme food

No. 1229019

hot damn nonnie that sounds amazing

No. 1229052

Men only hate Captain Marvel because she is a woman. If a man played that role they would probably like the movie. There are worse superhero movies and actors

No. 1229093

All of them are so terrible, I’m not a fan but they all seem the damn same. Marvel movies are shitty and have about as much creativity as a Big Mac.I watched Endgame cause everyone said it was ~so great~ but really it was full of predictable and cliche dumbshit and the deaths don’t matter because dr strange can pull them back out of his ass

No. 1229098

I loved Captain Marvel at first, but when I watched it the second time recently it's kinda cringy tbh. The character is a Mary Sue, ala Rey from Star Wars. I still love Brie Larson though for making moids angry

No. 1229112

anon is right that they're all bad, but people that like marvel have shit taste so yeah it probably is because she's a woman. I've never seen it though I'm talking 100% out of my ass

No. 1229135

Idk if they baited the uproar on purpose, the movie had many "girl powaaarrr" moments iirc, I just remember they made me cringe. Like So Empowering, right my fellow women t. a man writer probably

No. 1229139

I watched it purely because I wanted to see what was so bad about it. And I ended up liking it. It's a pretty decent popcorn flick. Moids just hate that she's a female character not doing any "female" things like falling in love, unlike the wonder woman movie.

No. 1229151

It's an ok movie, but I can see why someone would cringe at the movie for showing a fight scene between the mc and her former boss/love interest(??) who won't stop saying she's weak and need to train more with "I'm just a girl" by No Doubt playing in the background.

No. 1229156

I just feel like dancing will only ever be seen as a sexual thing…..idk why it’s become so popular and blown up. I see girls I went to high school with..their entire vagina in their profile picture cause it’s a “pole pic!!!!!” I’m amazed at how cool and fit you have to be to do it but when you’re literally spread eagle and gyrating mid air wearing nothing but underwear what the hell do you want me to say “you go girl?” Idk man I’m sitting in a parking lot rn so forgive my jumbled thoughts

No. 1229280

People who enjoy shows like intervention and hoarders are perverse. Unless you're a recovered addict/hoarder who's trying to motivate yourself, kicking back and luxuriating in the suffering of people who are that severely mentally ill is messed up. I feel like most people who watch stuff like that have very little going for them, enough so that the only thing they can feel proud about is not being a crack addict.

No. 1229361

TLC was good back in the day before they bombarded their shit with exclusively of hoarders, fatties, trainwreck relationships, and families with a breeding fetish. It's just elsagate for adults at this point

No. 1229378

Men shouldn't use curse words when they first message women. "You're fucking sexy" "I had a good fucking time". It's so uncouth.

No. 1229383

I wipe my ass with sandpaper

No. 1229387

Idk anon… You're posting on lolcow.

I also think that some people are too cruel but I won't go out of my way to call them out, it's not the right place.

No. 1229389

There's more to the site than /pt/snow/w/ now though

No. 1229402

Even if you ignore the cow boards it's an imageboard with an imageboard culture.

No. 1229422

Okay but TLC shows and imageboard culture are not the same thing lol

No. 1229497

I kind of get what you mean, but isn't feeling proud that you're not as bad as someone who watches some stupid tv show kind of the same thing? All of it is just being judgemental about another set of people to feel like you have better morals than them, it's not really different

No. 1229709

Fatties here are just as annoying or more than the skellies. They cant help thenselves but to take bait and derail and accuse everyone who isn't morbidly obese of being an anachan. Log off and go practice your fork putdown form goddamn.

No. 1229713

It’s just zoomers

No. 1229821

No, I got your point and think comparing the two is stupid when it’s not the same thing.

No. 1229903

Shaynas thread needs to be locked already. There is ALWAYS infighting from proud whores and twitterfags. Plus Shayna is just your average fat and ugly alcoholic failed sexworker. There are so many Shaynas in this universe with varying degrees of drug addiction and delusion.

No. 1229904

Ok Parappachan

No. 1229941

I think bisexual women can shit on their moids for whatever reason. I feel like a lot of people will see a bisexual women say something offhanded about men or her boyfriend and get really uptight for some reason. There almost seems to be heavier scrutiny towards bisexual women shitting on their moids than straight women shitting on their moids (from what I've personally seen). I think that if a woman wants to vent angrily about her moid then she should 100%.

No. 1229999

>It's 2300, the Employment AI parses through all your data from birth to current, sees you posted more than x amount of hours on wrongthink sites and ate y amount of too much meat
>Finds your pro AI posts, has a laugh
>Assigns you nuclear sewer cleaner

No. 1230007

I hate femdom. The men are too entitled maybe even worse than regular men, and all the woman are varying degree of pick-me who cater to her scrote's fetishes yet try to peddle it as empowering. The man is always the one who introduces the kinks or power dynamic instead of the woman. She basically acts like his sex slave except she's topping him so it gives her a false sense of "empowerment."
I think relationship-wise, men should be subservient to their girlfriend to some degree. But femdom is stupid because very rarely does the man actually do anything meaningful for her, he just acts out his degenerate fetishes with her as the one doing all the work. If she pushed her fetishes on him, it'd be different, but it rarely works that way.

No. 1230094

You know, I think the 2nd amendment in America should only apply to women. Most if not all mass shootings are committed by men. Most suicide by gun cases are men. Men just have not proven themselves to be responsible gun owners in this country’s history. I think only women should have the right to bear arms as a form of self defense, because we’re at a physical disadvantage to most men. Men should only be able to own guns if they pass a rigorous psychological evaluation and a test like a driver’s test.

No. 1230148

nonna I'm a lukafan too, but AI will literally be our demise because rich people will inevitably use them to make us obsolete

No. 1230182

Paris Hilton has a nice voice. I love Stars Are Blind. Wish she put out more pop albums, BFA was hot garbage.

No. 1230187

>Men should only be able to own guns if they pass a rigorous psychological evaluation and a test like a driver’s test.
That should always be the norm anyway, the whole world agree. The US selling guns like candy is bizarre for everyone else

No. 1230195

Yes absolutely but I think women should be allowed easier access to guns, because of the violent nature of men. A lot fewer rapes and assaults would happen if men knew every woman around them was packing.

No. 1230198

I've seen anons say this, but I also feel like making guns easier for women to access would indirectly make it easier for men to get guns.

No. 1230244

Well yes, but that’s where the chemical castration and enslavement of violent men comes in. If you’ll all turn to page 36 of the proposal, I’ve outlined this in more detail.

No. 1230262

Not her voice tho

No. 1230263

do you have any idea who the ghost singer is then? I want a Paris part 2 album somehow.

No. 1230280

File: 1655579197090.jpeg (153.29 KB, 1242x1227, 1615331396717.jpeg)

fluent speakers of languages who shit on duolingo are snobs and miss the point of it entirely. it wasn't made for you, it's a casual language learning app marketed to beginners. to be fair i only see online language teachers shit on it, probably because they're buttmad about possible customers being pulled away.

No. 1230287

Scout's butt is so sexy.

No. 1230291

The spy x family series is overrated

No. 1230412

My unpopular opinion about it is that it never should have been adapted. The manga is fine and entertaining, while not anything groundbreaking. The anime has made everything around it kind of annoying.

No. 1230593

teen titans was always awful

No. 1230861

Gen z thinks being young is a personality trait and I've never seen this in generations previously. A lot of them will be in their mid 20s soon and they won't handle it well when the attention shifts to gen alpha.

No. 1230868

screw a midlife crisis I think a good chunk of gen z will have a quarter life crisis

No. 1230871

I watched the first episode for nostalgia and it was so bad I realized kids just have shit taste

No. 1230875

They barely hit 20 and freak out. Even on this site someone was moaning from the depths of despair about their life being over and how its too late to "experience anything". Megakek.

No. 1230877

>Gen z thinks being young is a personality trait and I've never seen this in generations previously.
Idk, my friends were weird when they turned 18. Literally were acting like they were old. I turned 18 before them, got angry, and said "does that make me ancient?". They snapped out of it when we were in uni. Most of them weren't terminally online either however they did use fb/insta and one was into tumblr. She was the terminally online one.
Do you think it'll get to the point that turning 14 will be considered old because you're in high school now?

No. 1230879

>Do you think it'll get to the point that turning 14 will be considered old because you're in high school now?
Bleak to think about but I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up there, praying for the next generations of women!

No. 1230884

I think its because a lot of them lost their childhood to covid

No. 1230885

Hopefully their parents don't mess them up either. When I was a little preschooler (4), I was friends with a girl whose mom was trying to get her to act like a teenager. Like wanted her to pursue boys to get a "boyfriend", and generally act more grown up. Didn't stay friends because we lived in different districts. It's hell to think about it in retrospect.

No. 1230888

I swear I see so many tiktoks like "tell me you look young for your age without telling me you look young for your age." And the girl being like, "I'm 21-22 and everyone thinks I'm 17!!" No shit sherlock. It's not like your body changes that much after 4 years??

No. 1230892

They didn't. A lot of gen z were like 18-19 when covid started

No. 1230897

I know covid feels like it lasted 15 years but 2020 was only two years ago, nonners.

No. 1230931

Its 70% humidity and i like it. I will take this over 1% humidity at 115F.

No. 1230937

Obsession with looking and acting young, reaching social milestones a lot later but since a lot of gen z were groomed online as teens they react by either acting hypersexual, developing a complex about their gender, or just end up grooming the younger gen z/generation alpha. I've also noticed a lot of gen z were slower with growing out their imagination phase of pretending to be a mythical creature. I vaguely remember people in high school as gen z claiming to be vampires, mermaids and stuff but like, aren't people supposed to grow out of that by 12?

No. 1230960

File: 1655619400100.jpg (383.8 KB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20220619-021400_Tik…)

I get tired of being a woman because I'm tired of seeing us the L's day after day. Even this fat slob can get a decent looking woman. I'm a part of the cringe gender no wonder scrotes see is as a joke.

No. 1230962

*taking L's

No. 1230969

spoiler that shit ew

No. 1230976

Tbf a lot of women who settle for men like this usually have something wrong with them too.
You’d have to be insane to want to date a death fat when you’re decent looking

No. 1231010

yes they have a feeder fetish kek

No. 1231037

Regardless of why you do it, cropping a dog's ears isn't a big deal as long as it's done properly.

No. 1231074

butchification is severely underrated, especially butchification of canonically feminine female characters (which is like 95% of them kek) or even genderbends from male to gnc female

No. 1231075

Fuck off, freak.

No. 1231082

This is literally the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 1231092

who tf is that you fat fuck?

No. 1231093

being a retarded edgelord is not "imageboard culture" much less lolcow dot farm culture

No. 1231098

More like being a retarded polfag isn't lolcow culture.

No. 1231099

pretty much yes, i agree

No. 1231113

if you're a native English speaker and still don't know when to use your or you're i think you're just retarded

No. 1231118

real and true. "their" "they're" "there" please use your brain just a little bit
but french people regularly mess up ça/sa, infinitive and conjugated verbs so maybe everyone's just more retarded than we think

No. 1231119

Way too many instances of both of these lately, Red Scare redditors and edgelords go back

No. 1231130

I know, my native language has a lot of hyphenated contractions and people often misuse them (not using hyphens when you're supposed to, as well as using hyphens when you're not supposed to) but when native speakers make this kind of mistakes they're rightfully seen as illiterate retards, even more so if they're some sort of public figures. Meanwhile most native Anglophones seem not to mind as much for whatever reason? Or is it just me?

No. 1231132

I think so too, and cringe down to my marrow when I do it by accident after a night without sleep.

No. 1231138

I think if you ride a bike here you either have a bunch of DUIs or have a personality disorder where you like to inconvenience others

No. 1231140

here as in?

No. 1231142

The United States of Nunya

No. 1231163

>inconvenience others

No. 1231279

I think it's stupid when people say basically any jfashion looks like ageplay, I see it said both on lolcow and other parts of the internet but it especially sticks out here where you can call someone's outfit anything you want. Like it's okay to just say you think someone looks like an ugly weeaboo, if that's what you mean you can just say that instead of trying to find a reason to make it problematic.

No. 1231314

learn how to drive

No. 1231318

File: 1655652348029.jpg (35.89 KB, 750x572, 58531efcd39292c58bd29d7aa480a9…)

sorry nonna, I just really like the feeling. It's the freest I will ever feel.

No. 1231322


No. 1231324

No one tell this anon about Denmark or the Netherlands

No. 1231333

Ot but whoever first invented false lashes should be ashamed of themsleves.

No. 1231374

>why don’t they just pay $7/gallon for gas and $100/month for insurance and $300/month for a car payment and $30/month for a gym membership to offset the sedentary lifestyle they’ve created for themselves like I do?

No. 1231391

funny how cars think bikes are an inconvenience when the entire car infrastructure is a major inconvenience to literally everyone and everything else. shitty roads, ugly highways and interchanges, noise pollution, air and particle pollution, many can't even drive properly or care enough to. drunk/high drivers and road ragers. Kills animals, children, adults. Expensive parts (catalytic converters) or valuables inside them attracts criminals and opportunists to otherwise safe neighborhoods. Nuisance side shows and drag/street races. used as a PP extension for tiny dicked assholes. parking lots instead of anything useful or interesting or attractive. waste of money, constantly have to watch out if you're getting scammed by mechanics.

most people into cars are obnoxious moids and pickmes, so as a hobby it sucks too.

No. 1231394

Kek yeah it’s not bikes that kill wildlife, bikers, and pedestrians in droves.

No. 1231404

not to mention that cars are not even designed or sized correctly for women to use them safely and comfortably.

No. 1231465

To add to that: Proper biking infrastructure is actually highly beneficial for those who do need to go by car, because fewer people in the car actually improves car traffic a lot (not to mention the nation-wide profit of health and local economies profit a lot from walking and biking infrastructure). People in countries where both car AND bike infrastructure are high quality are healthier, happier and those who do need to drive are less frustrated than drivers in countries that have no safe, efficient alternativess. So if anything passionate car drivers should be encouraging people to go by bike.

No. 1231469

Bikefags ignore the bike lanes because it makes their cock hard to hold people up

No. 1231479

No. 1231484


No. 1231491

I feel like a society that focuses more on pedestrians and cyclists is a better one. My area is supposedly so rich, but we dont even have side walks. Most people without cars are forced to bike. There are no buses in the area too. America has such a massive issue where they dont build roads for people to walk. Only cars. There are car accidents on the daily in my area because no one uses turn signals or knows how to drive. I feel so bad for the animals killed by cars too and just left out to rot on the side of the road.

No. 1231493

Reverse NLOG are even worse than the regular harmless but slightly annoying type of NLOG. OK, so what if some tomboy thinks she's better than you because she doesn't wear make-up? Most of the world does think you're better than her because you do, and that includes actually relevant parts of society such as potential employers.

No. 1231497

>reverse nlog
what does this mean, that's a negative on top of a negative

No. 1231502

Women that make fun of NLOGs for not liking conventional femininity, you know the ones who accuse you of "internalized misogyny" for not liking dresses or make-up.

No. 1231506


No. 1231508

File: 1655659198541.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3000x2143, 3DBF06C1-A643-4F4B-AB47-108639…)

Tell me you’ve never commuted by bike without telling me you’ve never commuted by bike. Bikers will only refuse to use bike lanes when they’re outright dangerous, and in America they often are because they’re built as an afterthought. Better to mildly inconvenience a pedestrian now and then than to end up as picrel.

No. 1231514

No I am saying they opt for the road instead of the bike lane. Trust me, it's safe and very nice, I live in a gay city with super nice ones

No. 1231522

they're not safe if no one is using them. absolutely nobody enjoys sharing the road with cars, not even other cars.

No. 1231523

"gay city"? as in a city with a thriving LGB community? what does that have to do with bikes?

No. 1231528

wtf that still doesnt make sense. Just sounds like trad thots, which are just NLOGs themselves.

No. 1231536

Have you never seen those libfems in the early and mid 2010s, the "eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man" types?

No. 1231548

Some scrotes wanted advanced AI for sex dolls so men can pretend to rape them. Yes, they actually wanted the dolls to struggle and fight them because they actually got off to the idea of raping women.

No. 1231556

No idea I'm not in charge of that stuff. But it correlates, this area has a lot of gay people, gay bars, businesses with rainbow crap and crunchy-geared things, it's also wealthy

No. 1231562

I do not want to start another mental illness sperg fest, but it is sometimes a bit frustrating to have so many autistic people here since they often misunderstand things for lacking eye for social cues, even in text form. And I get second hand embarrassment for them pointing out obvious things but that is of course harmless and on me. I don't hate you guys, it's just a bit frustrating.

No. 1231585

Maybe the truth is you don’t belong here if you’re going to tone police the spergs. Go have your coffee shop conversations.

No. 1231631

That's horrifying. what the fuck

No. 1231632

>spergs have a place to sperg in peace and normie wants to take it away from them

No. 1231634

I feel you. Autistic people are honestly annoying, but for the most part, autistic women are kind and understanding once you help them out.

No. 1231639

So hilarious isn’t it normie fags who want to be spoonfed Internet drama and memes but get mad when the autismos aren't just information robots?

No. 1231685

File: 1655664573259.jpg (60.79 KB, 720x717, e4d.jpg)

>most people into cars are obnoxious moids and pickmes, so as a hobby it sucks too.
Very true, it's hard to find people who are just cool spergs about cars, everyone in my city who likes cars has to speed through the streets in them/race, even after a kid got killed on Christmas by a dude who was speeding so fast he dismembered the kid on impact, everyone is selfish and nobody learns fucking anything. Nobody is impressed by you weaving in and out of traffic in your fucked-up Impreza, dumbass. I was watching a dude drift in an empty parking lot one night after work and this college-age girl leaving a nearby store was like "OMG THAT'S SO HOT" to impress the dudes she was with, like oh is it?? Is it really hot, you idiot? You can't see the driver. Is it the car that's hot? You wanna fuck a BMW with ugly rims?? You just told everyone that you're either a pick-me or a carfucker. Those guys you're with are gonna pick a girl who calls cars by their color and doesn't know how to put air in her tires and then you're gonna feel really fucking stupid for calling a car hot. I'm sick of cars tbh and I think it should be illegal to drive one lmao. If you want to drive one as a hobby you have to drive on tracks only and take multiple tests to prove you aren't a retard.

No. 1231715

Join twitter and leave us alone.

No. 1231726

No, she’s right. At least a couple years ago, anons understood satire. Now I regularly see anons responding to an obvious joke with “omg please tell me you aren’t serious I’m going to pretend you aren’t serious”

No. 1231741

Well that's fair but I think that's just stupidity, not autism. There are a lot of obviously underaged people here now.

No. 1231773

Yes, lots of obviously underaged people that are trying very hard to shift the board into something entirely different and it’s insufferable

No. 1231785

That's what I thought when I read the OP about autism. Whenever I see someone misinterpret something or not understanding board culture, I assume they're underage tourists, not autistic. Imageboards were born out of autism.

No. 1231792

I think the problem is that it’s so flooded and the way have no intention of leaving and truly believe they’re going to infiltrate and “improve” lolcow with their constant policing and complaining

No. 1231981

Yume Nikki is overrated and most of it's fans are cringe

No. 1232006

>And I get second hand embarrassment for them pointing out obvious things
Not autistic but I'd like to know, what obvious things do they point out?

No. 1232010

People who write Google reviews on every place they go to scare me. The kind who document every gas station, dollar store, etc. with pictures too.

No. 1232011

I'm a longtime YN fan since the early days and even I have to admit the game is tedious and most people I tried to show it could not get into it because of that. I'm convinced most of the short attention span menhera animecore zoomers who claim to love it actually haven't played it and would find it incredibly boring, but pretend to like it because of clout

No. 1232012

File: 1655677374513.jpg (74.55 KB, 411x600, 1655674852990.jpg)

anyone who says this woman is cute is just an ugly girl desperately coping, she's deformed and downright hideous.

No. 1232013

My ex used to do that kek. He was fucked in the head

No. 1232021

Unconventionally pretty =/= hideous or deformed by any means

No. 1232031

Did your boyfriend fap to her anon?

No. 1232032

but that's just it, she isn't "unconventionally pretty". she's ugly and hollywood has shilled her as pretty, so people who know deep down that she is ugly now think "unconventionally pretty" or are otherwise ugly girls who are shilling her as pretty and it's transparent and cringy.

No. 1232035

I think she's cute. Looks like Fairy to me. If I saw her on the street and didn't know her I'd think she's cute.

No. 1232043

I don't understand what makes Rumer Willis ugly and her pretty. They're around the same to me

No. 1232049

File: 1655679301249.jpg (52.38 KB, 500x750, l8pgRZp35O6UeDaCegwOvLBOrVb.jp…)

can't tell them apart

No. 1232050

i unironically think rumer is more attractive. anya looks like a retarded alien, rumer is just a regular girl.

No. 1232051

Would you rather bang the crimson chin or an alien? Yeah that's what I thought

No. 1232055

you will probably k1ll yourself before those 10 years pass tho, moid.

No. 1232056

i'd fuck both but that doesn't make either attractive, just fuckable.
shut up faggot, bag my 7/11 pizza and marble reds lmaoo.

No. 1232061

File: 1655679764120.jpeg (404.36 KB, 750x883, 66CD76D5-C503-4490-AEE1-115E02…)

>posting an old picture of her where she’s chubby, pre-ED and doesn’t look the best that she can look

You’re being completely unfair and dishonest. I don’t find her beautiful at all but she doesn’t look that extremely horrible and there are plenty of worse examples of female actresses, there’s also plenty of celebrimoids that have the same unconventional/borderline ugly facial traits but you chose this actress as bait.. git gud anon.

No. 1232064

>jaws theme
The hammerhead approaches

No. 1232066

You wish

No. 1232069

I would rather kill myself than be with a brown Indian moid.
It's funny how you choose the most unflattering photo you could for this

No. 1232070

Being aggressive over if you think a woman is attractive or not is moid behavior

No. 1232072

i just took the one from the celeb thread that urged me into making the post. if you need an ED to be attractive you're ugly btw, but it really doesn't change her deformed face anyway.
yea plenty of famous moids are fucking ugly too, what of it. doesn't change the fact that this alien is ugly girl inspo fodder and saying anything to the contrary gets you dogpiled by coping ugly girls.

No. 1232073

> deformed
> hideous
do you know what those words mean kek? you must be projecting if so

No. 1232077

hi brown scrote

No. 1232078

why are you the way that you are, you’re so dumb

No. 1232080

Just because a scrote is brown doesn’t mean you have to be racist towards brown people too. God why did I even come on this shitty website to relax of all things

No. 1232085

Where other than saying brown moid or brown scrote has there been any kind of racism? Cry about it. Brown scrotes are the worse and I am sorry you are related to them

No. 1232091

ye kinda
aw anon, i don't mean it towards you it's just the best way to make him mald

No. 1232097

Why is he used as an example kek? he is literally a brown moid marrying a far white women to get a green card.

No. 1232100

so do all men? why does the race of the man matter? they’re all equally bad, you just need an excuse to be racist.

No. 1232101

Samefag, fat, can't be bothered to delete

No. 1232102

Brown men are worse than any other race of men

No. 1232104

do you think it’s because they’re brown or do you think it’s because they’re a man? i’m actually interested in your answer kek, like actually evaluate your beliefs before you say them even if they’re “just jokes tehee~”

No. 1232109

some of you are forgetting that we get raided by men of all races here and we get raided by bitter white incels alot too, so lets not covert racebait, because some of the ''white men are better'' posts are obviously made by people with unwashed balls.
im pretty sure theyre a racebaiter trying to cause a divide, lets just ignore all men and report their posts.

No. 1232116

uh-huh been here long enough to know.

No. 1232119

kek so you think it’s just an inherent trait in non-white people to be savage rapists or something? i don’t have to date anyone but i just know you’re being racist and can’t answer a simple question, 1488-chan

No. 1232124

the “white men are better” anons are always strangely non-white women too and admit they aren’t white, the most toxic forms of racism and self-hatred honestly come from people like c(rap)-chan and pakichan

No. 1232129

Ok?? Moids are trash and so are brown moids this wasn't my point.

Also both white and brown moids come here to raid (i guess their hatred of women unites them) because ive seen a /pol/ baiter here today thats gotten banned mutiple times (and still ban evades)

Either way can we just report the indian scrote and keep it moving?

No. 1232131

Many reasons, indian men are the most violent towards their wives and daughters and women in general. Why are you crying racism on behalf of a scrote? Fuck off

No. 1232133

Yeah moids of all races do the 'THOSE men are evil rapists so we're your best option' thing in an attempt to prevent women from realizing that the issue is just the Y chromosome.

No. 1232142

All the brown Indian scrotes that come here to the uk to drive taxis and run corner shops as a cover to groom and sexually exploit and abuse young pre teen white girls.

No. 1232143

I'll never forget Aziz Anzari's comedy special where he talked about when he's fucked a white woman he imagines his ancestors cheering him on. I was watching it with my fucking brother

No. 1232144

kek they don’t know that women within the culture that they hate can be just as misogynistic towards their own daughters, they are seething because indians made their nasty eurofag food more palatable to be tongue

No. 1232148

All moids are violent but brown moids take the cake and hate women. So I don't know why some anons crying racism as aren't you actually sticking up for a race of men that are the most misogynistic of all

No. 1232150

perpetuating the /pol/-fag rhetoric of evul immigrants from the east stealing and raping those precious white girls, mm yes because white men who are only concerned about young white girls getting abused and taken advantage of because they only view the immigrant scrotes as competition surely doesn’t ring any red flags in your head. white scrotes view women in the same way as well

No. 1232151

File: 1655681770641.jpeg (995.38 KB, 1242x1779, 9BBE58CA-AA4B-49FC-B7FB-51A3FD…)


No. 1232155

Didn't ask

No. 1232156

The way you worded that is like you are excusing brown moids

No. 1232167

File: 1655682272150.jpeg (233.75 KB, 1242x777, D9E3352E-2002-4ED7-9E20-DF2BBF…)

Save yourself anon, you don't have to cope so hard for these moids

No. 1232168

I’m not I just think viewing the world in that kind of way is so reductive

No. 1232171

I never voice my opinion on this because the women who pickme for ~racial minority~ moids will be the ultimate victims of any bs that comes their way.

No. 1232178

> raping those precious white girls
The way you wrote that is actually quite sickening. Must you really go to that length to protect a brown moid from racist words?

No. 1232181

Why did you censor pedo?

No. 1232185

I love when black moids seethe when a black woman is with a man of another race, especially white men as that really dents their egos. Look at the outrage that happened when lebron James’s son took that white girl to prom. Men are so fragile

No. 1232187

But when the lebron James son thing happened, there were so much outrage and awful comments from black women towards the white girl he took to prom. Hating the woman rather than the actual moid

No. 1232188

NTA but that's just like when there was outrage from white women and actual harassment aimed at FKA Twigs for dating Robert Pattinson. I don't think either group is a monolith

No. 1232189

Now im starting to think that moid was not even indian considering all the race and nationality sperging that followed after this, its almost like he was baiting us for a reply and so his own racebait would go undetected. Too bad the summerfaggies here with half their brains here cant help but reply

(before you reply Yes indian men are trash but alot of these posts smell like unwashed balls and thats the problem)

No. 1232193

It's been years that people have been acting blatantly and extremely misogynistic "but only towards white women so it's ok". This started on twitter and took the whole internet.

No. 1232196


go back.

No. 1232199


No. 1232202

Can non-jews stop claiming us for oppression points

No. 1232203

you deleted your previous one (still saw it) but you are not on reddit, you will not get ''downvotes'' if people disagree with you, this is a imageboard you dumbass.
Go back to reddit and stop pretending to be black woman.

No. 1232206

lmao anon they deleted their post again, mods where the fuck are you, please tame these newfags who are out here cosplaying as black women and thinking we have a downvoting system.

No. 1232209

Can we not do oppression points like, at all? I don't care what you are or claim to be, use arguments or stfu.
If I wanted to deal with the parnopticon that's twitter I'd be there.

No. 1232212

shut up worthless incel moid, go back to cosplaying as a black woman you freak.

and i know this is also probably you >>1232210

No. 1232216

your so obviously a white moid, can you try to larp as indian incel a bit better because its really lame and pathetic.

No. 1232221

File: 1655683944761.gif (2.02 MB, 275x155, 1645450252627.gif)

No. 1232227

Do it yourself, then.

No. 1232230

Then shut the fuck up and report.

No. 1232245

I believe it was this >>1232053 that kick started the whole brown moid thing kek

No. 1232249

Nta but this made me laugh. There was a thread shared in the reddit thread earlier where some guy was sperging about male rights and he made a long list of his grievances.. he claimed that men get called dicks all the time but that calling women cunts is unheard of… has he not seen cunty? Everywhere you go there's a cunty cunt getting called out for their cunty ways. The gays are in on it too.

No. 1232252


No. 1232263

File: 1655685827322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 481.13 KB, 1068x748, 130733681721.jpg)

Only because I have a test to study to and lc has been affecting my productivity~

No. 1232269

Why is his dick defying gravity
also spoil that shit

No. 1232274

File: 1655686183538.png (69.33 KB, 275x275, 1651281193777.png)

how would the bike type tho

No. 1232277

The point is to get mod attention and I really do need an intervention away from this site

How is it defying gravity, when they're horny they stay up ..? I'm sure this is traced gay porn anyway, she's lazy

No. 1232294

why what’s happening

No. 1232318

kek I looked up that account and most of the videos are that moid looking like a sloppy hambeast and being as repulsive as possible or both of them being defensive about their relationship and responding to negative comments. Judging from the content I'm gonna assume she's a feeder (and in a video about how they met it showed a photo of him from before and while he was already fat he wasn't as bad as he is now, like he legit ballooned up a fuck ton after getting with her). They also have a son and I feel really sorry for him, his morbidly obese father probably won't live long enough to see him reach adulthood.

No. 1232323

its called insecurities anons, the women who do this are not feeders unlike men.

She probably has very low self-esteem, i say this from experience.

No. 1232333

>the women who do this are not feeders unlike men
I like fat men because I like watching them stuff themselves to death

No. 1232348

File: 1655689621177.jpeg (154.02 KB, 871x720, 41D63766-F51B-42E2-887F-476EF9…)


No. 1232351

File: 1655689678303.png (147.12 KB, 337x350, 131779877624.png)

stfu manlet

No. 1232356

based queen beomgyu

No. 1232361

Honestly I disagree, there are definitely female feeders. Of course there are women with low self esteem who settle for fatass moids, but women with degenerate fetishes like feederism do exist. And judging from the content of that account it's not farfetched to say that woman is a feeder, literally most of the videos are of the dude being a fat slob, he straight up shows off how fat he is in multiple videos by walking around shirtless or lifting up his shirt to show off his fat rolls.

No. 1232367

female feeders are very rare though, her settling for him because she of low-self esteem and because she genuinely feels he is on the same level as her is a way bigger probality than her being a feeder.

No. 1232368

there’s nothing wrong with ass kissing/brown nosing. (to a certain point)
gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead in life

No. 1232384

File: 1655690676385.jpeg (170.92 KB, 1109x1280, 470F61A3-1F51-47D6-B6CC-90CD8F…)

Kill urself

No. 1232401

not this literal shit again

No. 1232406

with its pedals? what kind of question is this?

No. 1232411

I want to eat my boyfriend's ass. Ass eating is hot.

No. 1232426

Lmaoo I'm so fucking drunk I actually lol'd hard irl, thanks.

No. 1232440

Same while he's embarrassed about it and whines like a little bitch

No. 1232464

Liking ugly men is a sign of mental disease or some very deep self esteem issues (can go hand-by-hand with mental illness). I have met a few women who have a thing for repulsive looking men and they were all mentally ill or had very bad self esteem problems. One of them even admitted that one of the reasons she dated her disgusting slob of a boyfriend was because he had less chances of cheating on her since he was ugly which is a lie since looks have never stopped a cheating man from cheating.

No. 1232479

How do you not have a problem with shit residue in your mouth? It's there even if it's microscopic no matter how well he washes it. Do some people just find the thought of shit bacteria in their mouth hot or what is the deal?

No. 1232493

I just don't care dude

No. 1232586

File: 1655709121470.jpg (2.59 MB, 2200x2912, Gaten_Matarazzo_by_Gage_Skidmo…)

I dont like stranger things and the big hype around it. I've seen season 1 and really dont get why people like it so much. Dark is a much better show anyways. Everywhere I look right now I see stranger things, it's so annoying. The fandom really sucks too, whenever I say it's not my thing I get shit on.
Also I'm a synthwave fan and hate how suddenly all synthwave is called "music from stranger things" while the show has nothing synthwave besides some of the music.

No. 1232609

> crusties
No, you’re talking about oogles. Don’t compare me to a fucking wook.

No. 1232621

It's Stephen King for normies and his books are already normie tier, that's the kind of audience the show gets. I only watched the first season and I couldn't stand the kids, for some reason they always knew exactly where to go and what to do, and I just don't want to watch shows where kids are the protagonists, can't relate anymore.

No. 1232779

KEK women like her will seduce her ugly bf to cheat on her.

No. 1233037

I live in an area where half the people here are pension age. There's alot of awareness being spread lately about whatever scam text message is the latest one doing the rounds. Fake 'you missed a parcel' texts and then even texts from the police where they're issueing fines..

The police one sounds too obvious but tbh I get legit texts about missed mail so I was uneasy when I heard about that one.

No. 1233045

Scams being through the roof recently has made me practically ignore any warning text, email or call from the bank, debt collectors, etc. It's so fucking hard to tell nowadays and I'm honestly just expecting the company to show up at my door at this point since it's so hard to tell which ones are a scam and which not. The worst ones are financial assistance scams to make people think they're getting help for groceries, rent, etc but it just leads you to a 5 hour long questionaire that ends up with you not being qualified

No. 1233058

>leads you to a 5 hour long questionaire that ends up with you not being qualified
I used to do online surveys for a lil extra cash and I do mean 'a lil' but this reminds me of how much time I sunk into it for fuck all in return.

One of the sites I worked with had a bad rep but it worked for me for a while and I got my payouts.. til one day it was time to apply for my latest payout and it accused me of having two accounts.. I didn't. They insisted that I HAD been the one scamming them so that was that. Account gone, hours of work down the drain and I found thousands of others reporting the exact same thing when I googled their name again. The guy I talked to when I sought assistance had to know he was talking out his ass given how many people I found reporting the same shit. I confronted him with plenty of sources on it and he got pretty rude with me. This was a real company getting paid by some very popular brands to conduct research?

No. 1233343

File: 1655766873797.jpg (163.38 KB, 1080x1349, 1654475307721.jpg)

Men who don't try to look at least somewhat attractive shouldn't ever be allowed to have sex, much less reproduce. In fact, if a man has decided that he isn't the least bit dedicated to being handsome, he should castrate himself so that no foolish woman like the one described in >>1232464 can prosper
Moreover, attractiveness for a man must be based on female standards and preferences, not male ones. We've seen men destroy their faces and bodies (Zac Efron) from pushing male-invented standards. It's an abomination, shouldn't be allowed

No. 1233357

Yeah, surprisingly a lot of men either don't want to or don't know how to appeal to the female gaze. Actually, I think a lot of men don't know what a female gaze is. So they just dress in a way that impresses other men(?) and/or makes them more palatable to other men. If a man was worth anything he'd know how to look attractive to women and not be such a boring fag.

No. 1233362

File: 1655768700616.jpg (516.78 KB, 1263x1263, FaceApp_1655768688594.jpg)

Nature never intended for this many males to reproduce that's something even the most diehard incels can't disagree with. Every generation we keep letting uggos breed, we evolve backwards.

No. 1233364

This is the first time I’ve heard anyone say this. I’m feeling it a little too…I like that it doesn’t take itself too seriously but like any media that blows up it just…..blows up. Maybe I’m tired of seeing it already idk. I want to hear your thoughts though!!!!!

No. 1233368

I tried explaining this to a man and he concluded that appealing to the female gaze is looking gay or effeminate. They would rather take steroids and behave like animals than ‘look gay’.

No. 1233424

If they don't want to appeal to women, the group that they're allegedly attracted to, they should just fuck dudes instead if they wanna impress each other so much.

No. 1233426

This is probably unpopular for the rest of the internet outside of lolcow, but in my opinion.. Lolcow is better than KiwiFarms.
KiwiFarms reeks of male vitriol. Same as Dead Horse Exchange and Encyclopedia Dramatica.
I'd rather have a bitter woman laugh at other women than any type of man laugh at anything… And Null is a fag.

No. 1233431

When women tell them what we like they harass us kek. Look at the amount of scrotes that foamed at the mouth over Robert Pattinsons body while women swooned. It's funny because pickmes are often observant of what men like and then try to emulate celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Lopez, Anya Taylor Joy, etc. Men think that if they ignored women and tell us that men we're attracted to aren't manly then we're magically going to like whatever they claim we do, and then run around beating themselves up because they don't look like GI Joe and it was totally evil women who pressured them into body dysmorphia while women enjoyed realistic male bodies and they hated us for it

No. 1233457

Holy based. So many men pride themselves in being slobs who don't care about their appearance and it's abominable. I've seen men straight up say they don't give a shit about their appearance because they don't need to and it makes me want to a-log.
>attractiveness for a man must be based on female standards and preferences, not male ones
This especially is based, I fucking hate how men try to dictate what we should be attracted to when they completely miss the mark. Like >>1233368 and >>1233431 there's a huge disconnect between what men think we're attracted to and what we're actually into, and whenever you tell men this they chimp out. According to these retards, a roided up moid who appears shirtless in an action flick (or any form of media geared towards men, really) is totally an example of the female gaze and proof that men are ackshually just as objectified as women are in the media. And some of them don't even think there's a difference between a male vs female gaze. Sigh.

No. 1233480

File: 1655780298457.jpg (75.08 KB, 395x594, Glamour 2011 Women Year Awards…)

Usually I understand that when an actress/model/celebrity is not to my taste and I don't find them attractive that they still are usually to at least some degree of above average attractiveness like a 6-7, but in the case of Emma Stone, I truly don't see it. She looks to be a 5, even a 4 at times to me genuinely and I wonder why exactly this is. I feel as though her cheeks are too large and her mouth is too small in proportion to her other features and her teeth are odd. I couldn't find the unattractive persons thread in /g/ hence why this is posted here.

No. 1233486

Fujo Vs Yume debate should be banned. I don't know how but the anti spergs always find a way to derail every fucking discussion. They had a containment thread and even that wasn't enough.

No. 1233493

Something about her disgusts me. It's not even about her looks

No. 1233520

I support Kim Kardashian suing Roblox. A game for children shouldn't even have it be easy to post inappropriate things. Hope she goes for the rest of elsagate

No. 1233549

I think everyone wants them gone nona

>I couldn't find the unattractive persons thread in /g/

No. 1233561

>Hope she goes for the rest of elsagate
Don't be naive anon a rich influential woman like her has ties to all sorts of fucked up shit herself.

No. 1233604

She always had that annoying/histrionic alt girl vibes

No. 1233645

Being grumpy all the time is a choice and grumpy people are big babies, like go take a nap.

No. 1233690

Exactly! Everyone was on about how nostalgic it was but I really didn't feel that and I was actually born in the 80s.

No. 1233748

it's so weird to see anons here feverishly defending jews… especially when you don't see it anywhere near as much with other religions. i don't know if lc is just full of jews (unlikely) or they're doing it in a weird twisted "fuck you" to incels? you don't have to be a moid to not like jews(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1233753

Girl it’s not about jews it’s about the men. Know your real enemy, you’re getting distracted. All abrahamic religions are conspiring against us. Jewish women are just like you and me. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Zoroastrians… all of them.
I understand what you’re saying though, westerners are scared of criticising the Hebrew religion because of their history with anti-semitism. I’m mid eastern so I’m used to saying whatever I want but I can see how it might be annoying over there where you have to suck rabbi cock.(racebait)

No. 1233816

I do dislike Jewish men, the unfair power they hold and the fucked up practices/beliefs within Judaism, but I also notice that it's typically (actually) racist incels/pickmes who can't shut up about de joos because they envy that power. They aren't my friends either(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1234072

There are some women who look better with no butt/a small butt

No. 1234075

One of the biggest pet peeves honestly. Especially people who take it out on everything around them are so heavy. Most of the time the things these people fume about are completely irrelevant, I just hope they'd shut up and sometimes deal with it without bothering others.

No. 1234094

east asian women only

No. 1234238

I've never understood the appeal of wearing pushup bras ever, and I'm saying this as someone who has always had small tits. Idk I've just always thought they were retarded, there's nothing wrong with having small boobs. But I'll admit I personally never had any insecurities about my tits so I'm just speaking for myself.

No. 1234241

I'm flat and insecure about it but I don't wear pushup bras, I've tried and it just doesn't look natural at all.

No. 1234247

I hope I’m one of them

No. 1234248

I have bigger boobs (32DD) and used to wear a pushup in highschool because I thought "bigger is better" and was convinced guys wouldn't like me otherwise- I now enjoy a nice lace underwire and my back has never thanked me more.
I also used to think I HAD to have cleavage in shirts but I prefer being comfortable now and happy. I will only put on a slight pushup if it fills my top better too but I don't understand push-up bras very much either. I think they can also make women look more " proportional " but that's about it.

No. 1234252

I’ve always filed it away in the “stuff dumb insecure teenagers do” box. Is there such a thing as adults who wear push-up bras?

No. 1234254

I started wearing one on occasion after I lost weight, my tits shrank a ton and it hurt my self-esteem pretty bad. I stopped wearing shirts with cleavage though and it helped me get over it, I don't wear a bra at all anymore.

No. 1234258

IDK why but my small tits feel very comfy in a pushup, and they're small enough it barely does anything with the size, so wearing one never really feels like compensating for anything. Still, most of my bra are just kind of comfy sporty ones.

No. 1234260

I'm not even remotely insecure about my small boobs, in fact I like them a lot, but sometimes I just want cleavage to make a low cut top look better. I'm not trying to make my boobs look bigger, it's more about pushing them together/up.

No. 1234264

i'm a perpetually grumpy person who just wants to be left alone, but it's surprisingly hard. there's no good way to communicate "leave me alone, its for both our benefit" without people getting triggered. even just flat out avoiding them triggers them into trying to get more near to you see wtf is up. its very annoying for us too.

No. 1234284

Normie-looking people that actually know about and enjoy goth music will always be more goth than some edgelord wearing all black who doesn't even know who Siouxsie Sioux or Robert Smith are.

No. 1234291

goth isnt just stereotypical ''goth'' though. There are various forms of it like pastel, Victorian and lolita which are different and none of the people in it heard of those people. I hate retarded gatekeepers.

No. 1234295

"pastel goth" isn't goth idc

No. 1234296

ok by your ''opinion'' the others still are then, there are still many goth styles who were formed in the late 90's and in the 2000's so of course those people are not all going to know some musicians from 40-50 years ago.

No. 1234298

fashions and subcultures are different things, just saying.

No. 1234299

40-50 years ago is not THAT long, even less so now when everyone has access to the internet. God forbid people do any kind of research about the subcultures they claim. Maybe those particular artists are not your style, but at least acknowledge your… roots?

No. 1234300

this conversation grows very tired after you grow up lol

No. 1234301

ok, so someone who "looks like a goth" isn't necessarily an actual goth. i agree.

No. 1234302

File: 1655856682283.png (588.25 KB, 955x669, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 5.11…)

They've screamed for decades that it's about music, and it is, yet a big chunk now get mad when a blondie normie has better knowledge and a bigger collection than them. Meanwhile their precious Joy Division is pure normcore kek

No. 1234304

ive found that people who cling like this to subcultures and gatekeep typically have no actual identity or personality of their own and i say this as someone who used to do this too.

Lets say someone is into vamipiric goth or victorian/romantic goth and is highly interested in theo literature,history, fashion and even architecture..does that mean they are not real goths because they don't listen to some crappy music from the 80's?

you know they arent even goth right, they are considered of the punk genre.

No. 1234306

Where do you think goth came from? Learn your history.

No. 1234307

> Joy Division isn't goth
You can not be serious right now

No. 1234311

1st on left guy has a school shooter face, 2nd guy looks like a twink, 3rd guy has a hasburg chin that could stab you and the 4th guy looks like a 30 year old history/psychology teacher that tries to get with his students.

No. 1234312

people who gatekeep fashions and subcultures are doing the same shit as sjws screeching about cultural appropriation. fashions and subcultures evolve, and are dynamic. think about it, if punk hadn't evolved, goth wouldn't even exist. there's nothing wrong with enjoying a certain iteration or time period of something, but demanding it to be static is how things die. hell, goth music produced today wouldn't have been considered goth before since it's basically just dark edm. enjoy what you like, just let others do the same.

No. 1234313

People who get involved in subcultures at all are weirdos and that’s a fact

No. 1234314

Lil Peep isn't goth lol

No. 1234315

who said he was.

No. 1234316

exactly why they shouldn't gatekeep eachother.

No. 1234317

A lot of the people who obsess over how "goth" they are and complain about being "gatekept"

No. 1234318

i dont think lil peep is goth and i also thing gate-keeping is retarded.

No. 1234319

Who cares, though? Why be bothered about other people's opinions if you really aren't just following a trend?

No. 1234320

of course, but in my experience "traditional goths" do acknowledge its punk origins even if they do not listen to punk themselves. and yes, you can enjoy whatever without labeling yourself. ok i admit that my own biggest gripe was with the male coomers pining for "big titty goth dommy mommies" and the retarded pick-mes who pander to them. Non-pick-me alt women (punks or goths or emos or scene etc) generally do not enjoy weird assumptions about our sex life based on tasteless stereotypical coomer memes either.

No. 1234322

the male coomers thing with goth women has existed since the 90's though, its not a new thing.

>punks or goths or emos/scene etc

emos are horrible though, do you remember when the majority of them decided to ruin the life of a 10 year old so they can protect their creep musician and dont get me started on the glorification on cutting.
Emos have always been a hated shitty subculture.

No. 1234323

>do you remember when the majority of them decided to ruin the life of a 10 year old so they can protect their creep musician
??? Dahvie Vanity? Those were scene kids (and half of them were groomed children themselves, the other half were grown scrotes from 4chan). At least get your subcultures right before bashing them kek

No. 1234324

>the male coomers thing with goth women has existed since the 90's though, its not a new thing
of course it's not new but that doesn't make it any less shitty

No. 1234327

since we are on the topic on the davie vanity and jessi situation. Can we please talk about all the grown men who were making fun of her back then, like look this disgusting fat pork man making fun of a 11 year old girl.

No. 1234331

Wait lmao is this the obese moid that all the other moids used to "support" in his weight loss efforts and call a "genuinely good guy"? I mostly saw 4channers supporting him, so I guess that explains it. Fucking disgusting

No. 1234336

he also bragged about dating a 18 year old when he was in his 40's with ethan klein (another fat piece of shit)

No. 1234385

its crazy how it was only 11 years ago yet it was normal to make fun of a 11 year old rape victim, and i also remember all the botdf fans who are women went after jessi and made fun of her fathers passing.
Such a crazy time, this is why i always hated the fuckers trying to silence us to not complain by saying "it was worse in the 1950's so be grateful and shut up'' because i remember how blatant misogyny, bully-culture, victim shaming literal children, no woman wanting to talk about sexual harassment or rape because they were afraid as to be seen as sluts was seen as something normal only 10 years ago.

Also does everyone remember how everyone back in the day attacked Courtney for marrying Dough, yet no one cared That Dough a almost 50 year old man was marrying a 16 year old.

No. 1234435

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I don’t think things have really changed much. MeToo really only affected Weinstein and a few other Hollywood people (who have mostly recovered). Regular jobs like to make a big show about sexual harassment training and shit, but they rarely practice what they preach. If anything it feels like the general culture is getting even more vitriolic towards women, I can’t even browse “popular” reddit boards without seeing some variation of a “woman bad and stupid” meme.

No. 1234437

You're kind of right but back then not even a powerful or famous woman was brave enough to talk about being raped or harassed.
Though Things have not changed for the average woman who work regular jobs sadly, for the average woman there is only fake virtue signaling and toxic positivity now but when something actually happens to her then all of those virtue signalers ignore it or take the abusers side just like how they did in the past.

No. 1234724

Most men are pedophiles because they are scared of getting old just as much as women are. They some what forget they are old when around younger women and women their age remind them of their mortality. Instead of just accepting getting old or taking care of themselves to not age like shit they decide to project their middle school and high school fantasies on kids.

No. 1234733

Using a severely mentally ill 11 year old girl as a source of entertainment like that was fucking insane.

No. 1234754

Hyperfemininity does not exist. Every female is feminine and wearing all pink doesn't make you more feminine than other woman because femininity is not acquired, it's innate.

No. 1234755

Long hair is stupid

No. 1234765

Nonna, I don't think you really get what feminine means

No. 1234767

cameron herrins sentencing was way too long. 24 years is too much.

No. 1234769

“the quality or nature of the female sex”
It’s not a color. It’s not a type of style.

No. 1234771

No. 1234772

It's too much for an accident

No. 1234773

It's also when someone presents themselves in a way traditionally associated with women. So yeah, you can be more feminine depending on how you present yourself.

No. 1234775

Barely, he was literally street racing. He killed a woman and a baby.

No. 1234776

At most he should have gotten 5 years in prison and banned from ever driving again. People who rape and or kill kids intentionally have gotten less time.

No. 1234777

The point is why is it associated only with pink and frilly things? Child rearing is traditionally feminine but no one is calling a mother of five hyper feminine unless she adheres to a very specific aesthetic. You can like and do the same things as a girl/woman labeled hyperfemme but if the colors you wear are black and white instead of pink and white you’re not hyperfemme. A color doesn’t define women yet here there are still trying.

No. 1234779

You’re right and they’re going to be mad and twist your words

No. 1234782

ntayrt- absolutely awful take. He was found to have had a longstanding pattern of speeding at dangerous, reckless speeds. It wasn't a one-time accident or mistake- he was a selfish brat who didn't care about other people.

Also the "whataboutism's?" argument is such a copout. You can advocate for both Cameron Heron AS WELL AS rapists and killers to get longer sentences. Just because some rapists and killers get let off easily doesn't mean Cameron doesn't deserve his sentence. Killing a woman, her infant (who suffered profusely before dying), and causing immense harm to their families is not worth only 5 years of jail- the 24 year sentence is perfect for him.

No. 1234783

You can still be considered really feminine while wearing only black and white.
Anyway, I just disagree with saying every woman is the same amount of feminine. Some women don't like to look "girly" and prefer a more masculine style. That's not to say they are less of a woman, but I think women can acquire femininity on an appearance level.

No. 1234791

> That's not to say they are less of a woman
Nta but I think her point is people are going backwards and associating femininity and being feminine with a certain aesthetic only and not acknowledging that femininity looks different for every woman, thus making women who don’t adhere to said aesthetic less than. You see it a lot on TikTok. Don’t know if it’s going on in real life as much but it’s definitely being pushed on TikTok as “we are discriminated against more uwu” but any masc presenting woman knows that’s not really true.

No. 1234792


I'm cases like these it doesn't really benefit society to lock up a person for half their life. It was a mistake made by being immature and young. In cases like this I think the law should focus more on rehabilitation. Long jail periods should be for people who obviously can't be fixed like rapists and serial killers.

No. 1234794

Femininity and femaleness aren't the same concept nona. Femininity is a social construct and femaleness is a biological reality. The line between the two is blurred because men believe in gender essentialism. Femininity is learned, you learn to associate femininity to femaleness. >>1234769 Who do you think write dictionaries? Men. Don't let scrotes define reality.

No. 1234796

I can respect your outlook on that. I do believe though that its not just an issue with impulsivity and speeding- he was given 5 speeding tickets for reckless driving, warned on the dangers of it, and he continued to do it. Most young people would figure out the consequences after the first speeding ticket, learning how you are putting people at risk, etc.

Instead, Cameron chose to be selfish and not give mind to the fact that he was putting people at risk due to his inability to operate his car maturely. Once the consequences hit him, he wanted to feign innocence and act as if it was all an accident.
He was warned several times and clearly was not going to learn until he had consequences for his actions. Its a sad case but was totally preventable if wasn't so selfish and immature.

No. 1234797

I still stand by what I said but I can understand that. If the OP was about TikTok, I wish it was made more clear. I just think that "every female is feminine" just isn't true.

No. 1234799

And the reality is all women possess femininity

No. 1234801

Yeah this is more so of what I meant. I’m just not good at writing my thoughts lol I guess my main concern is seeing hyper-femininity only being one thing when it can be many things. Femininity isn’t an aesthetic, especially a set one, so them using the term is throwing me off. If they started calling gym bros hyper-masculine or hyperhomme instead everyone would laugh at it because high masculinity isn’t just muscles and sweatpants. In turn, high femininity isn’t just pale skin and pink dresses.

No. 1234805

Hyperfemme is a tranny term anyways and why any woman would want to be associated with that is beyond me

No. 1234811

I know right? Besides I've not really seen any 'hyperfemme' women irl, most women I see just dress conveniently. Maybe girls who have enough time to waste on that, but most don't.

No. 1234817

File: 1655890314420.png (3.05 MB, 1837x1312, DED14564-8898-456D-BDB2-8D3FE0…)

I 100% get what you mean when it comes to the hyperfeminity trend because it’s been bugging me as well. The ones online that follow this list off all these things that are supposedly hyperfemme but they’ve dug themselves into a hole because their whole identity relies on those things being mainly pink and white. The name was a bad choice because both women in picrel are hyperfeminine but you’ll only see copies of the right online being accepted as so. Which is actually funny because the left has more traditionally feminine things going on than most of the girls calling themselves hyperfemme online because they chose to wear a white dress with puffy sleeves and some flats one day kek

No. 1234823

Ngl I didn’t know about this trend. This pic made me scroll through the tag on TT and honestly it’s just a bunch of NLOGs and pick-mes who think they’re not because… pink is looked down upon and they don’t go 50/50 on dates?? Like I get the date thing but you’re not oppressed because of it and no one cares you like pink lol screams tradwife lite

No. 1234907

Instagram and TikTok comments should be limited to generic pre-selected blurbs like “Love this!” until people learn how to socialize properly.

No. 1234939

"GNC" is not a personality trait or a subculture. I get people who identify with this term if their presentation very obviously stands out and seems closer to the average person of the opposite sex compared to the average person of their respective sex to describe the material reality of their own treatment in society. But if those who go "I don't wear make-up but I do sometimes wear dresses, am I GNC???" are just stupid because literally everyone on Earth is "GNC" to some extent. I also admit I'm not really a fan of wordings such as "support masculine women/feminine men!" because they imply that everyone is "naturally" masculine or feminine and most men are "naturally masculine" and most women are "naturally feminine" and "masculine" women and "feminine" men are just natural less common variations when the truth is that nothing should be really considered "masculine" or "feminine" in the first place unless it relates to literal human biological sex (I know many prefer the terms "male" and "female" for that but "feminine hygiene products" does sound less awkward than "female hygiene products", at least to me). A woman with a buzzcut who likes wearing suits should be considered just a woman with her own preferred style, not necessarily "masculine". Even if she's literally a lesbian, attraction to women should not be considered a "masculine" trait and attraction to men should not be considered a "feminine" trait either because that's how we got the invert theory and the whole tranny shit.

No. 1234957

Yeah it really is and they get pissed when you say all females have femininity too kek which is why I say it

No. 1234998

I'm growing my hair out but honestly you're right, it's just that it's so pretty…

No. 1235008

Gay twink men voices are unbearable and I feel offended everytime I hear a gay sub speak because I know they're mimicking a girl to get guys to like them but they sound horrible and I can instantly clock them by it.

No. 1235027

"the umbrella academy" is a shitty and boring ass show and whoever made it is stupid and should be fired

No. 1235043

Peeing in the shower is nasty and I actively look down on you if you do it. Butbutbut muh sterile pee and water savin–NO do you wanna clean two toilets???

No. 1235047

"Pee is sterile" is such an american meme. Never saw anyone else thinking this.

No. 1235055

who says pee is sterile wtf

No. 1235063

The same retards who swear dogs mouths are cleaner than humans

No. 1235086

Cat stink is MUCH worse than dog stink imo. Maybe it's because I grew up with dogs in the house instead of cats, but I can't stand the smell of cat piss/shit, it's straight up putrid to me. I had to watch/feed my neighbors cats for a week and the litterbox aspect disgust me so much I don't think I could have cats in the house. Our dogs did stink occasionally one would smell like metal/rusty and the other strangely like corn chips & their breath would be foul but that's nothing compared to the cats.

And no, I'm not denying both animals don't have odors at all, I just can't handle cat smells apparently.

No. 1235089

The problem for me is that with cats, it's their litter boxes that stink, with dogs though it's the dogs. You can tell when that one neighbor went out with her dog simply because you can smell it.

No. 1235092

It’s not the cat that smells, it’s the poop/cat litter. But only if you aren’t quick to clean it. Dog smells the whole house out sometimes, especially big ones, my nan went to view a house that had two big dogs and it stunk of dog. Wet dog is awful. Cats are soft and clean themselves, you don't need to bathe them like you do a slobbery dog. So hard disagree.

No. 1235097

There are some that need constant baths and wipes and you have to wash your hands after. But other dogs rarely need baths and have silky clean fur and don't smell as strongly. I think it's diet and genetics. Also certain cats are full of oil and dandruff it's nasty as fuck and people are so blase about it living with a dirty animal makes you dirty.

No. 1235100

> certain cats are full of oil and dandruff it's nasty as fuck and people are so blase about it living with a dirty animal makes you dirty.
That is clearly the owner's fault in that case

No. 1235117

Most cats don't need baths either? The only cat I can think of that needs daily baths are sphynxs. And cats aren't "dirty animals", like the other anon said if they're dirty it's because of the owner.

No. 1235125

Samefag, I guess a cat would also need baths if they have a hard time grooming themselves (due to stuff like age or sickness) but I still really don't think that's anywhere near most cats.

No. 1235143

File: 1655919831407.jpg (61.23 KB, 900x750, R (2).jpg)

the word 'bitch' should be red texted

No. 1235181

That "corn chip" smell is yeast. Dog skin naturally produces ample amounts of yeast and bacteria that cause them to constantly smell. Theres also copious amounts of oil and dander in their skin/fur that carry these smells. That's why your hand stinks after you pet it, thats why they make furniture stink,a dog always stinks even as you're drying it off from a bath. Id argue that a freshly bathed dog smells worse just because its wet.. Cats stink because their owner isn't cleaning the box, the stench doesn't eminate from its pores like dog stench does. Living with either animal inside your home is gross though.

No. 1235184

Poor people usually have nasty cats because they can't afford proper vet care or treatments so they get infested with fleas and dirty

No. 1235285

Women who have casual sex are always pickmes and cater to men. They think that they need to do this to get men to like them but they don't realize that all they are doing is making themselves look easy and desperate. Men don't respect women who sleep around and these women always end up getting hurt in the end. They should learn to respect themselves and their bodies and stop giving themselves to men who don't care about them.

No. 1235301

Why are you so grumpy though? What's your problem and why can't you afford to just be nice/polite to people? It's really not that hard.

No. 1235303

Women do have casual sex with other women too, though. Nothing to do with men. Some women just like having sex.

No. 1235306

Let me preface it with straight women who have casual sex are always pickmes. And 95% of women are straight unfortunately

No. 1235309

why is sex always about "giving your body to a moid" like can't a woman have sex for herself ffs

No. 1235315

PIV is innately submissive

No. 1235318

This, fuck you I like orgasms

No. 1235320

You are way more likely to have an orgasm with masturbation you dumb bitch

No. 1235322

MRA rhetoric but make it "feminist"

No. 1235327

Sex positivity is not feminist. You've got to go back

No. 1235338

People shouldn’t have pets if they can’t afford to look after them.

No. 1235340

Not kink shit obviously, but you know, women are allowed to like sex and have sex drives. We have them, you know? Of course if you are a scrote you do not.

No. 1235341

Having sex with men is not feminist.

No. 1235343

You can masturbate or have sex in a committed relationship

No. 1235345

>PIV is innately submissive
Women who spew this shit are more often than not contributing to this mindset. Your loss for believing sex with men is a passive, submissive affair. PIV is about enhancing the experience I feel when I cum. It is your fault for repressing your sexuality to believe women can only experience sex one way.

No. 1235349

When you have PIV sex you are giving scrotes something they want. Try a vibrator. I beg you nonna. You will thank me later

No. 1235351

Kek, I know how to cum every time with a man guaranteed (granted, I have only been in committed relationships, never casually hooked up with anyone. But I know for a fact I could make it work with any member of the male sex). I don't expect men to make me cum. How cringe to assume men must be responsible for you cumming.

No. 1235352

this thinking gives too much power to dick and appeases their egos. it's just an organ.

No. 1235356

I actually cum pretty easily with PIV as long as I’m on top. But my casual sex phase is behind me personally. You can have periods of being promiscuous without it defining your entire life, you know. You sound very male.

No. 1235361

Congratulations, you are an SJW who views everything through a pathetic communist brainwashed lens. Do you not realize this just empowers men to think it doesn't matter whether women orgasm

No. 1235363

Of course not, but allowing women to have sex drives, craving for intimacy and their own desires and agency is.

No. 1235367

They kind of are responsible for it. They have it easy since their orgasm is almost guaranteed, so they might as well work for pussy a little harder since they want it so desperately anyway. Trains them to be better lovers.

No. 1235375

Piv sex is dangerous and lame, especially in today's climate. Even having sex with scrotes you THINK you can trust (long term partners and husbands) is risky. vast majority of women do not cum from piv, they cum from clitoral stimulation. Thats just how your anatomy is set up if you're a woman. And all that aside, human penises are a vessel for disease, men and their insatiable sexual appetites are solely to blame for stds existence in the first place. Id rather fuck myself with a dildo i really need something more than clitoral stimulation. Anyway a man deserving of sex is so few and far between they may as well not even count. The risks of having sex with males is way too high to go to bat for them like this. I get you want to cum but its coming off very pickme in this economy. More women should have less sex with men until they change their ways or die off and thats a hill im willing to die on. No man has fucked me better than I can fuck me. Lousy lays the lot of them

No. 1235378

No. 1235381

I agree so much with this. Sex with me is so dangerous. If you have PIV you're setting yourself at so much risk

No. 1235390

Though PIV is still not the only way to have sex for me. Oral or just mutual masturbation, what people call "foreplay" is so much more satisfying than "real" sex.

No. 1235396

>you are an SJW who views everything through a pathetic communist brainwashed lens.
Nta and I don't agree with that anon but you're retarded and sound like a scrote

No. 1235402

>Sex with me is so dangerous
You some kinda freak or something anon?

No. 1235405

>Freaks on lc

No. 1235408

No. 1235445

A lot of people who claim to love brutalist architecture are just pretending

No. 1235466

I miss when the art salt thread was full of shitty redlining

No. 1235595

Many such cases.

No. 1235596

File: 1655934795433.jpg (278.02 KB, 1400x983, prefab.jpg)

Thank you holy shit, it's always quirky westerners who don't know shit about architecture in general but think post-soviet countries look cool in a "post-apocalyptic way" (I've literally had someone tell me that). There are some things to like about brutalist architecture (not enough IMO, there are a lot more things to hate) but most of the time it's just people fetishizing ugly/non-functional buildings
I could sperg about this further but idk if this is the right thread

No. 1235772

No. 1235778

I liked the first season but after starting the first ep of this newest season, naw you right.

No. 1235781

File: 1655945862152.jpg (254.49 KB, 1200x800, geph1smibb8y.jpg)

Your pic is not brutalist though; while communist urban architecture is connected to it, not just because of materials used but also ideologically, it lacks the important aspect of aesthetic which was because of the need of lowering the costs as much as possible as well as from the fact housings were built from prefabricated segments which didn't allow for much creativity with the forms themselves. Actual brutalism is still very polarizing of course, but I really think it has enough of interesting forms going for it to be seen as something with a visual value even if it's not in someone's taste, not something people just "pretend to like". Picrel is Geisel Library which is one of the most known buildings probably when it comes to brutalism, but it's also a perfect example how interesting can it be.
And kinda as a side note, I'm from a country where socialist urban planning was applied pretty much everywhere, spent my childhood in the neighborhood of standardized blocks like that and I really enjoy them visually, I want to believe that it's not in a voyeuristic "uooo evil soviet postapo" way. Some of them are indeed dull and have nothing going for them (but even then there's the interesting aspect of functionality of the entire neighborhood itself - there was a lot of thought put into how to make the area the most convenient to fulfill every resident needs; something that contemporary residential architecture / city planning often lacks); and then there's also plenty of blocks that are almost hypnotic in their form repetition (like the one from >>1235596) which is just fascinating to look at. Also, after communism was finally gone from my country, a lot of cities tried to do something with the buildings of this kind to make them less imposing (I guess), applying colors, which, while often tacky, gives additional interest to these simplified towering forms.

No. 1235787

based and true

No. 1235789

File: 1655946652286.jpeg (110.18 KB, 750x566, 79219278-28A0-4B08-AA26-7120FF…)

I honestly wish the barbie movie wasn’t going to be some art-film with everyone even barbie herself wearing euphoria shein bimbo retro clothes and I wish they made it as cheesy, charming, chaotic and innocent as the straight-to-dvd animated films that people love for its shittiness. I want this shit but live action pls!!

No. 1235794

File: 1655947038438.jpg (462.64 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600.jpg)

Straight to VHS* nonny. Only real ones remember

No. 1235797

>with everyone even barbie herself wearing euphoria shein bimbo retro clothes
What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1235799

nta I used to use VHS cases as makeshift dollhouse walls and this VHS was always my favorite one to use.

No. 1235805

look at the clothes that the blonde actress (i don’t care to check up her name kek) they chose and tell me it doesn’t look like what an instagram influencer would wear, that’s what I mean. i can’t wait for the instagram and twitter artists to redraw her in their instathot blowjob lip styles over and over again until it makes me want to lock myself to a heavy anchor and let it release into the ocean. that’s the only way i can explain it fuck off nonnie

No. 1235807

anons, these were not barbie as barbie. these movies were barbie in character. barbie is an actress and she is playing the princess in the movie. understand barbie lore and you won't get upset. barbie in her real life doesn't dress like a princess. anyways i prefer barbie when she ran her pet rescue

No. 1235814

>spent my childhood in the neighborhood of standardized blocks like that and I really enjoy them visually, I want to believe that it's not in a voyeuristic "uooo evil soviet postapo" way
Of course it's not, there's nothing wrong with liking brutalism or simple, dull looking architecture. Maybe I like that kind of thing? I'm from a third world country where brutalism had a lot of influence in our architecture, mostly in the 30s and 40s, so I've also gotten used to those buildings since childhood.
These (probably first world) retards don't know what they're talking about.

No. 1235821

I think her clothes were fine and obviously they might take inspiration from recent fashion trends (even though she's clearly more "retro" styled).

No. 1235825

thanks for proving me right

No. 1235841

Idk why you guys fight because it seems like you agree, but I think both those buildings look really cool. The first one makes me sort of sad

No. 1235880

A lot of them have this mentality "haha I'm using men just as much as they are using me!". Why the hell does sex need to be about being degrading and using someone like trash?

No. 1235907

Gore should be illegal honestly

Also anyone who buys instead of adopts are retarded subhumans

No. 1235908

No. 1235912

Agree but
>Men don't respect women who sleep around and these women always end up getting hurt in the end.
Men don't respect women either way.

No. 1235923

current art salt doesn't hit like the old threads used to, makes me sad.

No. 1235925

Can only speak for myself when I was having casual sex but it depends on who, a lot of people are stupid and genuinely believe they have a shot at a serious relationships after casual sex and it causes a lot of drama if you're stupid about who you sleep with (sleeping with people you know/men who obviously have gfs). There was some form of pickmeism but for me it was because I wanted easy hookups and I'm heavily autistic and relationships are a chore for me, I can't connect with people but wanted sex so being able to fuck someone and just block them after is ideal for me

Oddly enough it was me who did the cutting off, blocking, etc especially when they wanted to get serious. I never really experienced the "inevitable hurt" you're talking about. I'm not saying this behavior is healthy or anything by all means, I was and still am mentally ill af but sometimes it did feel like a punch in the face to men when you play their own game, they catch feelings and it's you who hurts them

No. 1235930

File: 1655962165586.jpg (25.12 KB, 480x457, bf71f7272815a43bce78e4a15b2c0a…)

No. 1235942


No. 1235946

shut up. you know nothing

No. 1235952

When it comes to this type of residential architecture I think it's very important how they interact in the environment and where they're placed. Growing up I grew to love these buildings in my country as they were surrounded by greenery and parks, we would play around them as kids in these safe areas while being watched over by adults. We'd get invited by neighbors to cool down after playing and have some cake - that kind of stuff. But then I moved to a different country that mostly had these similar buildings gated off from each other and they were all very close to busy roads and I can see why someone would grow up hating that whole environment.

No. 1235953

Kill yourself

No. 1235955

I'd rather this than cities full of cookie cutter mental institution white 3000/month apartments. It would be nice to have multiple buildings full of affordable housing

No. 1235963

Yep. Brutalism is supposed to be functional, not flashy. Good urban planning can make it look nice.

Agreed. Brutalist architecture did solve a lot of housing problems, after all.

No. 1235979

Room temp water is esquisite

No. 1235981

I have a strong urge to report this as bait

No. 1235982

She means the live-action barbie movie that was announced recently. Not the animated movies.

No. 1235985

anon is right, room temperature water is better

No. 1235986

File: 1655968369829.jpeg (199.37 KB, 682x1024, 631B9B30-D3D4-4713-A83D-405506…)

Jarritos is better than coke, Fanta etc. especially the cola one, my mouth waters just looking at picrel.

Only place I can get them down under is over $5 a bottle at fast food Mexican places which sucks.

No. 1235992

The fertility crisis is because of porn becoming so highly accessible. The upcoming underpopulation issue doesnt have a chance of being fixed because the root problem is never going to be addressed. Women will be blamed, for choosing careers and being overall selfish, when in reality its because of the mass addiction of porn effecting 50% of the population.

I'm sure if stats can be found, the decline in fertility rates will directly correalate with when the internet started.

I think there is an agenda with porn and the internet that is moving us into a dystopia

>sow division between men and women

>get every man addicted to a screen, working from home on a computer where he faps all day
>never goes out and so never meets a woman to proceeate with
>never gets married
>degrade the values of family, morals and marriage
>degrade society
>never have a kid.

The bottom line is no one is going to get married or have a child if no one is engaging with the opposite sex.

No. 1235998

Women are realizing having children with these cumbrained man children who make up 95% of men today is a liability and they're much better off childless and single. Scrotes have no one to blame but themselves for this.

No. 1236000

No. 1236002

What underpopulation issue? There's 8 billion people on this planet. Is it really such a bad thing that women don't want to bring more Americans into this world? Like we need any more?

No. 1236003

What the fuck I have never seen this flavor before. How does it taste different from regular cola?

No. 1236009

A lot of women 24+ want children, more than you think. Its easier to tell yourself that its not woth it, that kids are a hassle and that its better to be "carefree" but deep down they know that having children in this current world with these modern men is not an option. Men don't care about getting married, they don't value having a family, they dont want to be providers and they don't value women. AT ALL. Why care about 1 average woman over a thousand perfect ones at the click of a button? Its seriously depressing.

No. 1236010

The normalization of porn and it now being acceptable to talk about in public is destroying society. Male sexuality is causing the downfall of the developed world but they will never accept responsibility for this, as males always deflect and blame others, they think themselves god’s gift to the world so of course they can do no wrong. It is known that women internalize negative feelings and blame ourselves while retarded stunted scrotes turn their negative emotions outwards and blame everyone else, which explains things like mass shooters. They really all are mentally and emotionally stunted babies, they are not better at everything they just use their physical strength to beat women into submission or straight up kill us, to keep us from progressing and gaining independence so they can stay the majority in every field and therefore claim that they are the best. They know deep down how inferior they are and it terrifies them.

No. 1236017

File: 1655970799703.jpg (85.04 KB, 1200x1200, download (35).jpg)

It might be worth trying Red Bull cola. It's made with natural ingredients instead of being chemical slurry like Coca Cola or Pepsi. I don't usually drink coke because I think it tastes like coal tar but I can never resist buying a can of Red Bull cola if I see it for sale.

No. 1236044

File: 1655972316202.png (52.34 KB, 168x180, 7406C466-B03D-4D79-AD7E-68B525…)

Men are THE petty psycho bitches
They will literally claim they’re drama free then make a rate/scale based on looks and attractiveness which is the most “mean girl” thing ever lol

No. 1236046

Men literally view women as objects regardless of their sexuality and the only thing that changes is their motive. May they get drafted inshallah.

No. 1236054

Men are single-handedly ruining the world as a gender and they belong in concentration camps or something idk. Like they deserve to be in the metaphorical prison women are thrown into since birth.

No. 1236057

Saudi Arabia has it wrong. Men are the ones that need to be supervised. They need shock collars and curfews, they need to always be accompanied by a woman when out of the house, it should be required for a man to have women vouch for his character for him to get a job or have a relationship.

No. 1236062

I don't understand why you need a bachelor's degree to be a teacher. It's such a braindead easy job that anyone could do it

No. 1236063

Seeing this meme always makes me smile.

No. 1236065

Inshallah they will get the punishment they deserve

No. 1236069

It's not really a population size question but a race question, but no one wants to admit it.
At the moment Africa is doing its best at disproving basic evolutionary principles and people are starting to wonder why the most backward people are bound to inherit the earth.

No. 1236070

Just look at Jordan Peterson saying women are the chaos dragon of instability while being an addict with regular health issues from following his own retarded beliefs like all meat diets. Pure projection.

No. 1236077

Division between women and men was not done by the internet though? Scrotes hated and oppressed women before the internet, women just have more power now to go against them in some places. Men only care about 'depopulation' because muh white genocide, they see themselves as superior for traits they were naturally born with such as race and sex, and cope and seethe when they aren't seen as the god kings they like to larp as. Porn plays a part, but is not the only thing, and even if it was, scrotes did it to themselves. They can choose to coom or not and resist becoming tard addicts who chimpout at the slightest reprimand for being coomers, look at the moids who ree about depopulation and muh white genocide on gaming forums like One Angry Gamer while complaining about censoring loli in videogames. Not to mention, with people living longer, people just can't have kids all the time or we will reach a point like in studies they've done with mice where shit gets vicious as we can no longer replace the resources used in time and things get scarce so people get violent.

No. 1236081

Pretty much. They'd rather seethe its all a big conspiracy against the human race then self-reflect and try to be someone women are willing to put up with when they are no longer forced to due to financial or law shit.

No. 1236091

Can anons tell me about SA more?
My idiotic sibling is e-dating a moid 5 years younger than her (because she has the same maturity as some 18yo) and he is trying to disconnect her from her family, making her lie, avoid everyone, etc. What do you expect from moids from this shithole? He even made her leave a job so she is wasting her time playing vidyas and being babysitter by her own mother who cooks, works two jobs, cleans and takes care of the garden.

No. 1236092

File: 1655977018207.jpg (245.74 KB, 1080x1501, 20220623_053931.jpg)

Reminds me of this article. Many people have drawn this conclusion, that testosterone/males in general are the root cause of the world's problems.

No. 1236208

Because if you could just go right to teaching programs without the four year bachelor's degree first then the government and institutions wouldn't be able to fleece all that money out of you with loans. That's the reason.

No. 1236217

File: 1655993962826.jpg (120.11 KB, 1280x1280, Mexican-Candy-Mix-Chamoy__6807…)

Mexican snacks were good until they drowned everything in chamoy

No. 1236231

once white people figured out what spicy sweet was it was over for mexican candy

No. 1236264

The amount of men less than 35 who come to me for their ED makes me feel sorry for all the young women who want children and/or satisfying sex with a moid. And yes all of them wank to porn frequently and it never occurs to them that they did this to themselves.
Good luck to those seeking a non coomer moid.

No. 1236270

File: 1655997922962.jpg (138.96 KB, 675x900, DAngelo-Wallace-Photo-Source_-…)

D'Angelo Wallace is an FtM. The soft/rounded facial features, the singsong voice with the slightly froglike tone underneath the deepness, the body language, the eyes, the dainty hands and body, the "soft boy" fashion style. It all seems so obvious, this is a girl on T. I'm surprised no one's ever said anything, I can't unsee it

No. 1236278

ur actually insane. his voice is one of the deepest voices i've ever heard, it would be anatomically impossible to reach those level if he was ftm. he's just an effeminate gay guy

No. 1236279

I don't know anything about his upbringing, but iirc he went to college and pretty graduated early so I was thinking he might have been homeschooled, which could explain his demeanor.

No. 1236281

same anon and ew pardon my typo but you know what i mean

No. 1236283

Who the fuck is this anon obsessively trying to troon every celebrity? Go back to the tinfoil thread.

No. 1236287

Have you ever heard a voice on T? This person supposedly didn't transition until she was 18, and her voice literally sounds like this. Voice training and deliberately sounding deep post-T isn't exactly as difficult as you might think, either

No. 1236289

>every man who doesn't look as masc and big as henry cavill is a ftm
>every woman who doesn't look as fem and small as dove cameron is a mtf
I'm tired. As a slightly androgynous looking woman I'm especially tired.

No. 1236290

I've literally never said any other public figure was trans besides this one, try again. The person who posts random actress's bikini photos and accuses them of being MtFs and having male bodies was an obvious scrote

No. 1236292

I'm an androgynous woman. This isn't the same thing

No. 1236294

he looks like a male, his behavior is more like a ftm than his body.

No. 1236304

The chamoy doesn't even taste as good as it used to either. When I was younger, chamoy was a separate treat and was actually steeped in apricots or plums. Now it's just tasteless, cheap red sauce.

No. 1236318

do you really think a TIF in this day and age whose content revolves around being woke would hide they were a tranny? They would shove it in your face at every given opportunity.

No. 1236321

i don't think shota/loli is "literally cp." it's still gross and weird and morally questionable but it's a drawing. all pedos would probably be into it but I don't think that all people that are into it are pedos, a good portion just seem like 2d porn-sick coomers with brain rot that can't get it up for a 3d person. I have no idea why the people into it would be so open about it, though, when it's such a red flag. if you proudly proclaim your interest in it on your Twitter and people think you're a kiddie-diddler I have no sympathy for you, what did you think would happen? people need more shame and I wish this stuff wasn't so normalized in online spaces. it makes real pedos feel ~valid~ and enables them to find others that are into the real thing.

No. 1236326

A lot of that stuff is traced from actualcp…

No. 1236329

i wouldn't be surprised but how would this be proven

No. 1236331

The guys from stranger things everyone lusts over are some of the ugliest mfs I have EVER seen, wtf is wrong with people. Not one of those guys is hot.

No. 1236337

File: 1656002994605.jpg (91.7 KB, 687x490, im sorry.jpg)

nona i am very sorry…

No. 1236341

My unpopular opinion is that the "it's only a cartoon" argument only applies with women who like shota since there's no chance they would ever take it to real life, but with scrotes into loli they're always creeps perving on IRL children and young women, no exceptions. There's a stark difference between men being influenced by drawn porn since they already have sexual advantage and power over especially underage women in real life. I hate it when people try to act like it's a straightforward "if the genders were reversed" issue with no nuance or complexity.

No. 1236372

The main thing I hate about people saying that these manga and things are literally the same as the real thing is that I feel it is demeaning to real life abused people and might cause others to take the crime less seriously. I think the actual content of those works is disgusting and would heavily judge and avoid anyone into it, but people wasting the time and effort of reporting and railing against the consumers of it takes away from time and energy that could be put into stopping people who are abusing real actual children. I think most loli/shota people who are super vocal about it online are just really retarded and harmless, if pretty darn gross. It's like an extra annoying subset of the most autistic weebs you could imagine and they aren't really worth all the attention they get

No. 1236424

I don't think it's literal CP but I think it can easily turn regular coomers into actual pedos. Coomers love to say that pedos having access to lolicon shit is actually good because it means that 'they won't offend on real kids' but I've never seen any actual support for that at all. If anything, constantly getting off to drawings of children just strengthens the association between children and sexual pleasure so there's more risk that they'll start seeking out actual CP eventually, even if they didn't start out as a pedo.

I've seen this happen before on some 4chan generals I used to go to, with coomers who started as lolicons who hate 3DPD, then they start 'memeing' about the real thing, and then it turns out that it wasn't a joke and they've become actual pedos because they've been obsessing over fucking fictional kids for years (I've seen a similar thing happen with bestiality too). So because of that I think that the shota/loli shit can be really harmful even if it's not on the same level as actual CP, porn seriously rots the brain.

No. 1236428

(NTA) of course but even female shotafags with no interest in real life little boys are still maladjusted freaks for being into such things, even if they're less likely to actually get memed into seeking the real thing than men are. they do not instantly get the guillotine but they do deserve all the ostracization

No. 1236432

was it an American bento box? some of those portions are ridiculous.

No. 1236467

agree with you both. they're definitely fucked up but nowhere near to the degree that males are

No. 1236469

no, the men into lolicon or shotacon are actual pedos.

No. 1236474

Hot tap water tastes the best. I don't drink any other water genre.

No. 1236493

I think it is weird when people call themselves brown or other people brown. Just say your race. I hate the term POC too because it just lumps every single non-white race together and sounds like something an old racist would say kek. It makes me uncomfortable to be referred to as a "POC" by rando white people but I don't say anything because apparently everyone says it now.

No. 1236514

IA. I only started hearing people call themselves that in the last five years. It's not like brown is even a "concrete" race (tho none of them are and race is a dumb concept) like white or black which generally refer to Europeans and sub-saharan Africans and their diaspora. Anybody who isn't visibly white or black just gets called "brown" whether they are Indian/Asian, Latino/a, Polynesian, etc.

No. 1236536

Women who have a lot of casual sex are doing it because they have low self esteem or are using it as self harm. I don't believe any of them when they say they love having nsa sex as much as men because most men are terrible in bed and I know they aren't Cumming from 98% of those men. I don't care if this is slut shaming.

No. 1236538

File: 1656017154922.jpg (375.37 KB, 1500x1500, slowpoke.jpg)

You missed the discussion on this like 12 hours ago you're right tho

No. 1236545

Are we really igniting this fight AGAIN.

No. 1236548

File: 1656017463709.png (45.45 KB, 300x100, 1654644438445.png)

I really dislike banners that are just static, images instead of gifs. We have a lot of well done banners that are gifs and they are more often my favourite. However with image banners It's often just a poor quality image, not a properly sized or a stretched out image which just unappealing along with just some text slapped on, sometimes barely visble. Banner rules be dammed. People want low quality banners and out with the cow/ old banners that we had for years because they find them ugly/ inappropriate or just don't know the cow in the banner e.g. pixyteri. Picrel is a banner that some want to be in the banner rotation while we do have one Yotsuba which is fine as it is milk related, I just associate her to 4Chan and honestly the banner is a low effort one compared to other banners admissions

No. 1236557

File: 1656017951406.jpeg (35.94 KB, 500x336, 8950104F-42A5-4FC9-A4A3-56242E…)

>most men are terrible in bed
I wish this where true but unfortunately I’m still lusting after my dirtbag shithead ex from 6 years ago because he had a huge dick and he fucked like a clairvoyant nymphomaniac on acid. Yes I know I’m pathetic. He dumped me so many times and I’d always come running back like an asshole because my pussy growls at the mere thought of him.

No. 1236567

You may have terrible taste in men but you have a poet’s way with words

No. 1236570

I love you, anon.

No. 1236572

does he wash his asshole

No. 1236581

Extrene skellies like Eugenia Cooney attention whoring and body checking online don't cause people to develop eating disorders. It starts with wanting to look like pretty models or kpop idols.

No. 1236584

Me with my ex from 2013 that literally had a 9 inch dick and was a nympho

No. 1236585

Yeah, the quality of this banner sucks. Even there are some funny ones, I don't want to stare at a shit quality banner for years considering how infrequently they're updated.

No. 1236588

God forbid women want to have sex, it means there’s something wrong with them. Absolutely disgusting for a woman to crave intercourse. Omg you’re an idiot.

It’s been 9 years anon you gotta let go

No. 1236594

What can a scrote do that a dildo cant?

No. 1236599

NTA, but what's the value of sex with a bunch of random men? There's no way to guarantee most or even all of them will be good. Might as well just have one or two FWBs (but I feel like most women avoid doing this because catching feelings is a risk)

No. 1236601

I almost used to do it for that minimum amount of social interaction that comes with it… that's how isolated and poorly socialised I've been and that's me being painfully honest about a low point I'd reached. I'd rather just be a sexless hermit with a dildo now lol. It didn't fulfill me sexually or in any other way really if I'm honest. It was a whole lot of risk for very little pay off. The older I get the more that sinks in.

I mean there were rare exceptions. I had two genuinely good lovers. I lied to myself about the rest att but two stand out as being decently good. I'll keep those memories and use them when needed.

No. 1236607

>muh dildos!!!

No. 1236613

Yeah you won't answer that question because you know it's more than just about getting off for yoy

No. 1236619

Oh you’re crazy crazy

No. 1236620

Nta but an actual human is not comparable to a dildo don’t act retarded

No. 1236621

File: 1656020832895.jpg (43.21 KB, 674x720, DsEx4jwUwAA8GBt.jpg)

No. 1236623

NTA but I don't understand the dildo argument. Dildos suck, they're cold and slimy and I'm a lazy ass. Having a warm thing thrusting inside of me without doing any work instead of a lifeless object is going to be superior

No. 1236624

So tired of yet another asexual anon telling women that there’s something wrong with them if they actually want to have sex and don’t feel ashamed to have sex. Go fuck your stupid rose toy and leave women alone lol.

No. 1236626

If its just about getting off and nothing else whats difference between a scrote and a sex toy?

No. 1236631

The fact that you genuinely, truly think there isn’t a difference is either exposing you as asexual or gay. Either are fine but shut the fuck up and stay out of sexually active women who have sex with men’s business and stop trying to make them feel bad. You’re a loser.

No. 1236632

File: 1656021101979.jpeg (72.88 KB, 465x464, 40509B9A-D9EA-493E-AF65-0C47E1…)

Anyone ever noticed how fat his ass is?

No. 1236634

I would fuck the zuck ngl

No. 1236636

If you're just having a quickie with some random dude who is going to cum in 2 minutes then get up and leave there is no difference between a dildo and the scrote

No. 1236637

Same, having an attractive guy pressed against me is half of what gets me there

No. 1236638

lizardfuckers get OUT

No. 1236644

So is that specifically your argument? That the strict parameters of what you’re bitching about are “but only women who have casual sex with men who are fumbling and take two minutes and then leave.” That’s such a specific scenario. I’m just tired of seeing the same loser anon talk in circles about how inferior anons are for having sex. Like shut up you’re obnoxious.

No. 1236646

It's where he stores his dildos

No. 1236649

If you are having sex with numerous men casually I highly doubt the majority of them have pleased you sexually.

No. 1236650

One thing a lot of women who are super into casual sex don't want to admit is that they're in it for the validation. By its nature, sex with people you don't even know and who most likely won't care much about your pleasure isn't going to be that good, but female socialization puts importance on how well you can satisfy scrotes, so that's where all the "empowerment" memeing comes from. It's a fake win because men will stick their dicks into anything, but it's a win to them all the same

No. 1236652

File: 1656021549585.jpeg (117.98 KB, 735x752, DB93F84D-A115-4728-BBC5-B50552…)

No. 1236653

Okay and? A woman wants to have sex with men and not dildos. So? Like what is your point here.

No. 1236655

Uh, what? I didn't even bring up dildos. What's your problem, kek?

No. 1236660

Hehe just stop having sex, ladies. Women who have sex are inferior whores and they’re only doing it because they want compliments and attention, so vapid and empty, unlike me. The fact that you crave a males touch is unacceptable and makes you a being undeserving of everything, harlot. Your inability to receive full satisfaction from a $35 aliexpress dildo makes you lesser to me, subhuman even. Unevolved.

No. 1236661

Take your medication, Roman
Take a short vacation, Roman
You'll be okay

No. 1236664

Nta but it's fine if you fuck scrotes to feel Desired but just don't act like you're having all this great sex and having tons of orgasms

No. 1236666

File: 1656021882118.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, 7466F826-5E76-47A5-BD0C-6CA1A6…)

It’s always the same shit in every thread. I’m just here laughing over my sketty.

No. 1236672

Straight people (and that includes kinsey 1 bihets) who are genuinely offended by gay people making straight people jokes are ridiculous drama queens and need to grow up. Like fuck just enjoy being the majority sexuality and never having it cause you hardships in your life, no need to get so mad over me coping with the homophobia I need to deal with every day. It's like men whining about manhate hurting their feelings.

No. 1236674

It’s getting so old.

No. 1236676

No. 1236680

It's almost like we're women and we discuss sexuality and other woman-related things

No. 1236684

Either youve never engaged in the casual sex life style or you're in denial/coping. Any woman who has dabbled in casual sex for a while knows it's a waste of time once she stops.

No. 1236687

>sexuality and other woman-related things
Like what? The only reason we fuck is for validation from men and we are morally bankrupt whores for daring to fuck outside a relationship?

No. 1236690

Do you have like, a personal dilemma where you only think in black and white or teeter between extremes? No one said either of those things, you really need to calm down and appreciate nuances

No. 1236691

You’re ugly

No. 1236692

congrats on biting literally months old bait and almost verbatim recycled posts

No. 1236695

Nah, I'm fucking hot. Sorry if you aren't, but cum will not resolve the matter

No. 1236698

Prove it

No. 1236699

be my friend pls

No. 1236700

Nta but it was posted two hours ago.

No. 1236701

Prove what

No. 1236702

Prove that you’re hot

No. 1236705

Drop an email

No. 1236711

No, >>1236536 posted almost exacty this post already a few times within the past months. Including with the same responses.

No. 1236712


No. 1236714

Lana's cute here ngl

No. 1236715

Sent, fatty ♥

No. 1236718

Thanks ugly bitch! Shall we get brunch next week?(infighting)

No. 1236720

I don’t care what people say. I love fat Lana. She looks jolly.

No. 1236725

Sure thing, curmudgeonly hambeast!! I'm free Thursday(infighting)

No. 1236731

Can’t wait to sit next to you and look better by comparison so I can lure in some dick <3

No. 1236738

You're so strong, how do you do it? I wish I needed to offer hole access to men to know I'm pretty and get treated nicely. I feel like that'd teach me a lot

No. 1236742

Are you anons going to kiss rn?

No. 1236743

Lmao this combo is cracking me up

No. 1236749

File: 1656024496872.jpg (37.56 KB, 500x535, tumblr_m0qmouWpy71r9g4gho1_500…)

No. 1236750

File: 1656024554213.png (34.85 KB, 380x380, mcd-meals-2-cheeseburger.png)

What's so funny about a combo

No. 1236752

No. 1236755

I don’t want her rancid dildos anywhere near me

No. 1236759

I don't use dildos, I'm a superior being, sorry subhuman whore xoxo

No. 1236769

>subhuman whore
Oops, the mask fell off! But I thought you said nobody said those things? >>1236690
I’m sorry that you despise other women who are more attractive than you. We always knew that this is what it was all about so thanks for the confirmation. Can you stop with the weekly spergfests now? I know you’d love us to all be inside dildoing ourselves so that you can feel better about being a socially defunct virgin.

No. 1236773

>taking shitposts seriously
I was parodying your unhinged sperg post from earlier here: >>1236660. I thought you were just joking, were you serious this whole time with the "getting dick" and seething about other women? Damn, I'm actually sorry if so. You have problems that I don't know how to address or approach, but not chimping out at online strangers might help you significantly

No. 1236777

NTA but you're a retard

No. 1236780

How? I just can't understand this universe where if you're not fucking a bunch of guys and pretending it's powerful, you must be an asexual virgin with a dildo collection or whatever. Was genuinely hoping she was trolling, and now I feel bad. I do have sex with partners I actually like/care about and vice versa, I'm not sure if that's considered dildo-tier

No. 1236789

File: 1656026038266.jpeg (107.82 KB, 1024x682, 5F89F88D-88DA-445D-8BD6-513683…)

I was just trying to bait you and it worked kek. Why don’t you fuck off now? You’re obviously seething because nobody agrees with you.

No. 1236792

>feel better about being a socially defunct virgin.

It's not hard to get sex from a scrote if you're a woman. Even hot ones. Sleeping with numerous men is more of a sign of being ugly/weird than being a virgin for women.

No. 1236795

File: 1656026223444.jpeg (45.82 KB, 500x442, 1652758495086.jpeg)

I'm not seething, though. If you didn't like the words "subhuman whore" in our little ERP, even though you used them first, you should've let me know and I would've just avoided it you silly thing. You do seem to have been genuinely angry these past few posts if I'm to take >>1236769 at face value, so I'm sorry to have hurt you, though I don't understand where you're coming from. I hope we can be friendly next thread, ily

No. 1236796

Where you >>1236594

No. 1236798

No. 1236800

File: 1656026392952.jpg (125.18 KB, 1300x1390, heartbroken-crying-emoji-emoti…)

I thought you guys were in love what happened

No. 1236805

File: 1656026654746.jpg (7.83 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

No. 1236809

File: 1656026816296.jpg (67.18 KB, 500x518, cac94b3db30df0349bd4d92a16fd1e…)

Beds need too much fabric! Bedskirts, mattress covers, fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet, duvet cover, pillow cases, shams, comforter. Why so much for something so simple?

No. 1236811

They don't really need that much IMO, it's a meme to get you to buy more

No. 1236824

sniffs air scrotes walk among us

No. 1236829

You can have periods of deliberate celibacy and periods of casual sex. Both are fine. Neither are the be-all end-all answer for everyone. People who give a shit about other peoples’ sex lives need to get hobbies (that don’t involve imageboards)

No. 1236830

Who farted?

No. 1236834


No. 1236836

I hope that's true

No. 1236837

>farting and having scrotes come out

No. 1236841

File: 1656028272804.png (155.83 KB, 500x647, you-may-ignore-me-now-but-reme…)

Reeee virgin, use a dildo you lesbian

No. 1236867

i hate you i genuinely do, bitch.

No. 1236874

File: 1656029927025.gif (3.77 MB, 284x320, vs.gif)

No. 1236878

I literally only use an allergy cover, a fitted sheet, and a blanket

No. 1236884

You're right, but it's all so alluring and makes the beds look and feel more comfortable to me

No. 1237024

File: 1656039846525.jpg (68.26 KB, 666x1000, mangonada-smoothie.jpg)

It's not even just white people, it's Hispanics catering to what they think white people like. there's a Mexican dessert place not far from me that makes these puke inducing mango chamoy smoothies, on top of that someone gave me what I thought was going to be some awesome watermelon candy just to have the fucking bag drowned in chamoy, lo and behold cheap processed chamoy covered sugary garbage seems to be the only sweet stuff available at Mexican grocery stores now. I actually liked chamoy but it's so overplayed now and is making everything inedible

No. 1237036

I’m ugly and I’ve had sex men don’t give a fuck

No. 1237037

Samefag yeah I learned that too late men will hump you and then brag about it but they will never tell anyone they took you out or called you beautiful

No. 1237086

In Australia brown tends to refer to people from the middle-east/indian because they're not exactly black, haven't heard it for anyone latin/polynesian etc. Is that a thing in the US?

No. 1237100

Oh fuck yes.
I love the taste of hot tap water.

You have to stop drinking it though nonna
You’re only supposed to consume cold water cause hot tap water picks up all the metals and lead and stuff in the pipes and then you drink that

No. 1237112

>it's Hispanics catering to what they think white people like.
This might be one of the most retarded takes I've read here.
t. Mexican

No. 1237121

i don't like hot tap but what's up with people who refuse to drink tap and ONLY drink bottled? i understand if you have bad city water or if you prefer yours going through a brita filter or a household/refrigerator filter, but the obsession with bottled water is driving me insane. not only wasteful but there's considerably more microplastics in bottled water, plus it's a huge moneypit. i don't get it. it tastes no better. my tap water tastes good.

No. 1237198

The only people still choosing to e-date during current times are either insecure or teenagers.

No. 1237203

Save for the pandemic this has always been the case

No. 1237208

Is edating when the whole relationship is online or is edating like a tinder meet?

No. 1237210

The whole relationship online

No. 1237266

I agree I have a 3 figure bodycount and it all came from self harm I ended up being a fssw, putting myself in awful situations, getting drugged/raped, this thot culture is the worst thing to happen to women.

No. 1237287

i e-dated bc i hate the people around me. she moved here in the end, thank god

No. 1237288

It really boggles my mind that someone could have sex with that many people, it always sounds like a lie, I truly do not understand.

No. 1237322

Mine is "only" around 15, but I 100% agree. I was left with nothing but bad experiences.

No. 1237425

File: 1656084180757.jpeg (18.16 KB, 237x213, F0E0F117-FE01-4D04-88E8-9D7743…)

When nonas say whore/cunt/bitch as an insult you sound like a scrote. I realize these words have been so normalized and in use for who knows how long but you’re degrading your own body and gender, just stop.

No. 1237454


No. 1237500

Nothing says "I care about women" like perpetuating gender over sex. Gender was invented by the nonce John Money and is nothing but a bunch of stereotypes.

No. 1237611

I’m just an idiot and get gender and sex confused

No. 1237686

Fair enough, nonny. Sorry if I was an asshole but it's hard to tell between people who genuinely believe in gender and sex as separate entities and people who just get them confused. I'm an autist so that doesn't help matters, kek.

No. 1237798

What a nitpick. Some people use them interchangeably.

No. 1237805

Hard agree. I no longer use gendered slurs and only use male or gender neutral ones. Also my bf is not allowed to use gendered slurs either

No. 1238686

Idg get women who wear sexy clothes. I can't imagine being cold and or uncomfortable just to look hot.

No. 1238764

That’s why I like calling people spastics, mongs and retards. I don’t gender anybody or make sexualised comments because I’m woke af.

No. 1238785

Well if I were fat, unathletic, or unattractive I would probably feel the same way.

No. 1238828

There was that one sperg a couple months back who just loved the word whore. You couldn't talk about sex with attracting em to your post. That got old pretty quick.

No. 1238850

I so lament that these terms have been all but removed from the popular lexicon

No. 1238911

I so agree. Also: mongoloid, cretin, buffoon, ingrate, ruffian, ragamuffin, scoundrel, hooligan.

No. 1238980

Fat and ugly women dress like that too

No. 1239270

File: 1656123506697.jpeg (35.71 KB, 233x275, 25316739-1F24-4D80-9B36-E5B26D…)

I hate demure, cutsey, pure, shy girls. I don’t know how else to describe them. People, especially guys (but girls too) simp over these types of women and it’s cringe
They always act all oblivious to the fact that they have a bunch of orbiters but in reality I think they are acting overly coy on purpose and are just doing it to stir up all the attention.

No. 1239290

Agree. Call it jealousy but I just can't stand it, very performative in my view.

No. 1239313

File: 1656125562763.jpg (49.82 KB, 735x738, 6aa93b70ae18ffee792887112b575e…)

No. 1239369

Those ones always are selling nudes on the low

No. 1239378

i acted like that in my pickme phase and i still cringe thinking about it sometimes

No. 1239383

I am actually socially retarded and I wish it was an act like this and seen as cute

No. 1239385

File: 1656131247937.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 647.39 KB, 2560x1920, sykkuno.jpeg)

No. 1239388

isn’t sykkuno 30 years old why is he trying to act like an uwu femboy? nigga pls

No. 1239397

Which BTS is this

No. 1239430


No. 1239453

Thought this was a response to this

No. 1240231

The Roe v. Wade thread is just a sample of how crazy some anons come across. I know there were a lot of moids in the thread but I've seen similar messages across the site
>pickmes are traitors to the female sex
>if you really care about abortion/women/your rights you'd grab a gun and head down to Washington
Not to invoke Kaitlyn Tiffany or whatever her name was, but these read like peak femcel ideology. A bunch of keyboard warriors thinking they'll be like the American Zapatistas or female Kurdish fighters. Just as bad are the anons calling other women weak for calling violence impractical. I'm a feminist myself, but you can tell none of them have gone out of their way to so much as read the cover of a written feminist work and they're all terminally online.

No. 1240236

No. 1240239

literally no one in that thread claims to be a feminist

No. 1240245

i like the idea of 4chan hate threads. i know it’s low bar and would probably attract more of their native moids, but the reddit hate thread is too quiet for my tastes and a lot of it is internalized misogyny from women which is just sad. i want to mock vitriolic failscrotes more often.

i agree with this nonna i hate seeing women vs women.

No. 1240266

Its not just feminists, from my time online in various leftist online spaces, It seems many western leftists, communists and anarchists seem to have massive delusions of insurgency and battle, like literally the inbred ans illiterate goat shaggers of my nation aren't as retarded to just go to the capital and try to change things with a gun, cause they'd know they would be shot and killed at worse and arrested and beaten half to death at best
Its perplexing just how delusional these people can seem to be, its not even comical at a point, its just cringe inducing

No. 1240270

I agree. I hate how callous everyone in that thread is being and how they seem to not really understand much of anything. All the horrible "solutions" being posted there "just stop working!".

If you want to have a discussion about women's rights or feminism, lolcow isn't the place for it.

No. 1240283

The only way this would work is as banhammer honeypot.

No. 1240284

Yeah I'm sure reddit tumblr and twitter are much better for that.

No. 1240307

There are small radfem communities online that, despite drama, IMO are better for these type of topics.

No. 1240311

>literally no one in that thread claims to be a feminist!!!!!
If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…

No. 1240324

They're not telling you to literally go, grab a gun and shoot random people like an incel, you dumbass. They're trying to get the point across that you can't have big changes without violence, and eventually (not necessarily now) there'll be a point where our only option for positive change will be revolution. They're basically telling people not to be afraid of using violence to fight back against the state, if necessary, they're trying to agitate and radicalize. It's not delusional to say that you can't get shit done if you just ask nicely to the people who hold all the power and money, it's being realistic. All your life you've been brainwashed to think that voting is the only thing you need to have the government give you what you want or need, but naturally that's bullshit made up to keep people from taking their rights by force (as they should). You've been brainwashed to think that violence is always bad and that only someone stupid would suggest revolting against the government.
>like literally the inbred ans illiterate goat shaggers of my nation aren't as retarded to just go to the capital and try to change things with a gun, cause they'd know they would be shot and killed at worse and arrested and beaten half to death at best
Because being afraid of state repression (which is used by governments even at peaceful protests) is natural. It's one of the many ways in which the state keeps common people submissive and not agressive. Besides, a single retard with a gun won't change shit, obviously, people need to organize and prepare a lot for a revolution big and strong enough to topple a government.
It's been proven time and time again that the threat of physical violence is an effective method to get what the people want. Much more effective than just waiting forever for politicians to do things that go against their interests.

No. 1240326

Anybody coming here trying to sow seeds of terrorism and encourage mass shooting is a shill. Thats moid behavior. Ive seen posts like that on 4chin and its affiliated sites, which are likely being used as psyops in and of itself. Its no coincidence that we had someone trying to encourage shootings in the same thread that was swarming with moids. There was an anon in here who called you out for coming this thread and trying to start your grassroots bullshit again, I was glad another anon could see right through your shit. The comment is now gone however I wonder if the mods removed it ..I wouldn't be surprised with some of the weird shit they've been doing lately. Very strange.

No. 1240330

I don't know what you're talking about? Whomever you're referring to is not me.

No. 1240339

You brought up the poster in the roe v wade thread that was telling everyone to go get a gun and march down to Washington to shoot up the place , to which I responded that person is a male shill trying to persuade nonnies and stir up emotions. Those tactics are used on 4chins and other psyop forums. Even here in this post >>1240324 the shill is trying to persuade you and even admits that poster is just wanting to "agitate" everyone and radicalize them

No. 1240348

>There was an anon in here who called you out for coming this thread and trying to start your grassroots bullshit again
If you mean me >>1240324 that was literally my first post ever on this site talking about revolution and violence. Also I literally said that isolated acts of terrorism are retarded and do nothing but affect innocent people. Surprise surprise more than one person agrees that violence is not always bad and is justified sometimes, such as when a revolution happens (and it won't happen again anytime soon).
However I also know that encouraging potential shooters would be bad for the site, so I usually don't say anything about it and stay out of related discusisons, not to mention that lolcow is a terrible place to discuss politics.
>even admits that poster is just wanting to "agitate" everyone and radicalize them
No, I was talking specifically about the kind of people that >>1240266 was talking about, not about the poster that was telling everyone to commit a mass shooting, who I agree needs to shut up and fuck off.

No. 1240350

I got that part. What confused me was when you said
>There was an anon in here who called you out for coming this thread and trying to start your grassroots bullshit again
because this is the first time I have ever mentioned feminism in this thread. But looking at >>1240348
I assume you were referring to them and not me. Regardless, anyone who falls for these "radicalization" efforts is either too young or too gullible to be using the Internet. I guess this speaks to the larger society and how easy it is to divide and conquer.

No. 1240356

again can you give me at least 2 specific violent and radical actions cause you western radicals continuously give vauge platitudes of stuff that never gives anywhere
Also I assure you that will never have to go though a revolution, revolutions happens when your nations military incompetent and stupid and can get crashed by a bunch of goat shaggers ans tribesmen with d hunting rifles, any nation with a real army doesn't have to worry that shit
My nation is a Frankenstein abomination ans there laterally hundreds of thousands of Individuals in groups that want to disband it and its never gonna happen cause our nation has a good army
Revolutions happen with shitty arab and African countries that have shit militaries

No. 1240367

NTA It's not that a revolution in the US is impossible theoretically but you would need at least several hundreds of thousands of people, armed and willing to fight, in order to pose a serious revolutionary threat. This is not very practical for the time being, and that is why those who advocate for violence are out of touch with reality.

No. 1240399

The fact my third world nation can crush tens od thousands on a yearly basis and has survived for 75 years despite going through numerous separatist conflicts just cause we have a semi-decennt army, I mean then with America and any western army same principle applies but even more

No. 1240482

I think you underestimate some of the difficulties, logistical and tactical, that the US military would have fighting within its own country. They spent over fifteen years fighting rice farmers in Vietnam and still couldn't stop the flow of communism, which was their objective. We couldn't stop the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan without throwing billions of dollars away. So imagine a populace that is among the most armed citizenry (and we've got good arms) in the world and so adamantly defends its right to own firearms that it lets moids commit mass shootings with upwards of 60 victims without making any considerable changes (they did recently, but not as a direct effect of the events that I'm referring to). Then they have to deal with the vastness of the country and the diversity of climates and geography that not every member in the armed forces would be familiar with. These factors alone would make squashing a rebellion of hundreds of thousands of armed guerrilla fighters a fairly formidable task. I'm not saying that it can't be done, but in doing so, the residues of the ideology which spurred the motion would leave the country volatile for decades. But I digress, the closest thing we've had to a revolution in America was 160 years ago, so any chance of a repeat event occurring is exceedingly small, but not zero.

No. 1240484

So American women should just lay down and not have any rights until you move there, and slowly watch their country turn into a less functional version of Pakistan before your eyes so you can have the chance to do whatever Americans do for some time kek. You'll be an old lady and then you'll be like "Ok, it's bad enough…They can riot…now"

No. 1240485

Samefagging, before any nonny assumes I am pro-violence, I agree that a bunch of terminally online communists, femcels, and /pol/tards could never initiate a revolution.

No. 1240486

This isn't even a thing lmao, it's a man's jerk-off fantasy

No. 1240488

I'm talking about the spergs who think women are gonna pick up semiautos and storm the Capitol over Roe v. Wade, but they probably are moids. I'm sure there's at least one natal woman out there who thinks that this should be done, whatever you would call her or them

No. 1240511

I love giving orbiters the cold shoulder. Keep embarrassing yourself by leaving comments and message requests that I’ll never respond to kek.

No. 1240516

>>pickmes are traitors to the female sex
They are.

No. 1240537

They sure are but still the average pick-me is nowhere near as bad as the average moid. We're all socialized to see women as inferior to men, but it's not the same thing to grow up seeing yourself and people like you as inferiors versus growing up seeing people who are not like you as inferiors.

No. 1240608

this >>1240367
Only that those who advocate for violence are trying to make it happen sooner, is what I was trying to say. They're not calling for a revolution literally tomorrow (although there are some delusional ones who truly think it's that easy)

No. 1240609

this and you can tell when they're faking it because they'll go full embarrassing level simp over any moid that gives them attention

No. 1240810

I don't want to offend you but you are so disconnected from the world, The US beat the Taliban in one month, they couldn't fight an insurgency for over 20 years though, Vietnam was an ocean way, my nation has lost every single war with an outside country but we can still tens of thousand of insurgents on a yearly basis, western leftists really need to get out of this LARPing fantasy and focus on reality(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1240816


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little shit? Ill have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and Ive been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and Im the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. Youre fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and thats just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little clever comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldnt, you didnt, and now youre paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. Youre fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 1240852

welp mods aren’t active enough for that to work so i guess my dreams will stay dreams

No. 1240960

filtered water tastes worse

No. 1240968

Can I hear why, like what the taste difference is like to you?

No. 1241097

it's very easy physically but it can be hard mentally, many people have eating/overeating as their main coping mechanism with anything. plus a lot of fat people have BED

No. 1241104

No, most obese people were fed addictive garbage starting from the crib, on top of being trained to have awful eating habits and an unhealthy mental relationship to food.

No. 1241160

I kinda agree, it's easy in that the lifestyle changes are very manageable but the not trying hard enough part isn't about discipline or willpower, it's about self sabotage due to self limiting beliefs. I think most obese people are traumatised and use food to feel safe. When your subconscious is still stuck on "men abuse me when I'm thin" it will try protect you by fucking up every effort at weight loss including eating in your sleep.

No. 1241192

This is well said, I'm anorexic and the only women I've been able to relate to about it over the years have been obese because of binge eating (related to abuse by males in every instance). I know normal obese people too (not many in my country) and have nothing in common with them emotionally when it comes to food, but I can definitely say I've met obese people with identical motivations to distort her body to remove male voyeurism in general and to deter more direct physical abuse. I wish people understood this so badly. I don't care if people bully each other but at least do it with your facts straight. Also an overlap with tifs with eating disorders who feel the same. I'm not a TIF just acutely aware of their desires not to be seen as female in this man's world.

No. 1241319

File: 1656259821508.jpeg (126.51 KB, 640x622, 7E10BEFD-2988-4686-A7FB-74F4A5…)

Not sure if unpopular but super baby kittens are ugly, then they get extremely cute for a few weeks at picrel stage and still a bit wobbly, then they get meh and finally go back to being really cute as adults

No. 1241322

WRONG. though ngl I love adult cats the most

No. 1241334

File: 1656260465522.jpg (43.09 KB, 436x345, 192057.jpg)

all cats are cute

No. 1241386

kittens are not as cute as they should be, in theory. kind of rodent like but without any of the charm of actual rodents

No. 1241419

Newborns are always gross, they become better after they’ve aged a couple months and then they get really delicious at the 4-5 month range

No. 1241427

File: 1656263538717.jpeg (559.92 KB, 1600x1067, 3C4ACF6E-64B2-4BD9-8E59-161319…)

Sorry nonni I’m just not seeing it

No. 1241458

Last summer I helped a friend that found a newborn baby kitten and I agree it was gross especially before it opened its eyes. Also borderline retarded, I had never been around a kitten so young and didn't realize how long they were helpless for. I was constantly disgusted and afraid of it dying. He's a healthy cat now and much more charming

No. 1241504

File: 1656265946088.jpg (52.62 KB, 958x670, kjijsoxzfoc41.jpg)

I feel like some pro choice people make those of us who have had abortions look like we're irresponsible and heartless. The way they talk about getting an abortion like it's this fun, easy thing to do- you would think it's easier than getting a flu shot. It's funny because a lot of people who advocate for it so aggressively never even had one. And I'm not a doctor but I feel like if there's forms of birth control, plan Bs, and surrogacy that can leave you with health problems what makes these people think abortions won't harm your body in any way? Is there even research being done on this? Do they even give a fuck if a woman who got an abortion will want a child eventually? These are questions I really want answers to as I had to abort my baby because it was a high risk pregnancy (my abusive ex socked me in the stomach and I started to bleed). Will I be able to have a kid if I want? I feel like if I ask this though I will told that I am saying right wing propaganda about abortions but genuinely I am just concerned about effects it will have on my body. Why not advocate for men to save their sperm and get vasectomies? They can fuck all they want and decide exactly who they want to impregnate but for some reason all that responsibility falls on the woman according to libfems AND conservatives. Awesome. I just want these aggressively pro choice people who never even gotten abortions to shut the fuck up. Please. Let those of us who went through speak on it. Make support groups for us because this shit isn't some cute fun experience like it seems to be painted like.
These pro choice people always show how they really feel too when they discover a pro life woman had one or if a woman is pro choice only in cases of rape or incest. They will say how she is a hypocritical slut who is going to keep getting abortions in foreign countries like WTF? I thought we were all rape victims now it's mainly rich conservative sluts getting them? I just really wish people who never got one would shut the fuck up. You make us look bad. You make what we went through look like a joke. Some people believe life begins at conception. I'm not talking about sexist men who want women to carry their baby but actual people who think that fetus is a life. Saying "it's just a clump of cells" doesn't help anybody, it just makes us look like cold blooded baby killers. Because if two women are pregnant at 10 weeks, one has an abortion and the other has a miscarriage, we understand that the miscarried baby was not just a "clump of cells" but will act like the woman who got the abortion is just fine. Like they are suffering similarly mentally and physically why try to act like theyre not? Dehumanizing the fetus doesn't make abortion easier on the woman getting it. When pro choice people talk about it in such crass ways it just makes me feel more ashamed of myself. When ur pregnant there is a tiny life growing inside you, you get all these mommy hormones that make you attached to this "thing" even if you can't take care of it or won't be able to carry it to term. It fucking hurts. I have 3 friends who opened up to me about their abortions and it's a similar consensus that it's a difficult thing to go through. I'm for abortion in cases of teen/child pregnancy, rape, incest, medical reasons, and if the woman simply does not want or can't care for it. Nobody should have babies they don't want. We need better sex ED desperately. I just want pro choice people who never had one to sit down and stop putting their foots in their mouths. I'd rather a psychopath who had 10 abortions speak on it than some idiot who has never got one. Theyre very uncouth in their approach and don't seem to actually care about women at all. I especially can't stand men on either side of the issue. Like I said vasectomies and sperm saving are an option but they are too entitled and would rather make decisions over women and our bodies. Like of course pro choice dudes want to be able to make any girl they knock up get an abortion, of course pro life dudes want to force women to have babies. They're one in the same because if that pro choice man finds a woman he wants to trap you bet he will force her to keep it, that pro life man will definitely force a woman who is not his wife to get one. But "men can have babies" now so I'm not surprised at all things are turning out the way they are. Kinda hard to give a fuck about abortion if it's a bunch of mentally cross dressers and women who never had one yelling over each other (and over women who have had one).

No. 1241618

File: 1656270294956.png (117.23 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_20220624-215506.png)

I agree. I also hate the women making it all about themselves even though they will never get or need an abortion in their life. I've had an abortion before but I cringe hard at things like picrel of women acting like they were stripped of every single human right in the book, even though they obviously don't understand how the bill works at all

No. 1241631

it quite literally is a clump of cells, sorry that feels dehumanizing to you but it's the truth, in the very early stages of pregnancy it's not a baby any more than a couple bricks on the ground are a house. When pro choice women speak in favor of legal abortions it's for themselves and for the women who want to get one, it's not about you

No. 1241640

I follow a reddit for the state I live in and it’s so goddamn annoying how many people are posting about moving here because of the repeal, half of them are enbies or 19-20 years old thinking they can afford to move across the country and live without a car on the east coast (it’s barely doable). One guy was whining about how his trans boyfriend will go to jail if they repeal the anti-sodomy laws, I checked their profile and they’ve literally been dating for two months.

No. 1241666

>my abusive ex socked me in the stomach and I started to bleed
What happend to him after?

No. 1241686

Tbh her response is pretty common among women who've had abortions where they didn't really have much choice. I've seen it before. They become either staunchly anti abortion or they become this weird mix of 50/50 views where they skate the line in ways that don't make sense.

It's hard to tell a traumatized woman to step back and see her own trauma being projected onto everyone and everthing else

No. 1241750

He started being abusive when I got pregnant. I was totally blindsided because we were friends for a few years, our parents were friends back in the day, and he was never even toxic to me beforehand. But I know it's kinda common for men to become abusive during pregnancy because the attention isn't on them
Anyways he still hit me after the abortion. My family lived on the other side of the country but when they found out what was happening they came and got me and my dad almost killed him. So I'm ok now.

I know that but would you say it to a woman who miscarried? "It's just a clump of cells" and honestly do you think women who have had abortions wanna hear that? Some of us actually felt attached to that "clump" and hearing shit like that can kinda make it feel like your shame is for a legit reason. Because you killed a baby. Dehumanizing language just makes you sound cold and barbaric to people. If you had one and if that type of rhetoric makes you feel better than go for it but I'm sick of men and women who never went through it telling me it was just a clump of cells like I know it couldn't feel anything that doesn't mean it doesn't fucking hurt mentally to grow attached to something but know you can't care for it. People aren't robots.

No. 1241753

The oppression Olympics is strong af and the snowflakes of reddit and Twitter really can't make every little thing about how everything effects them. It wouldn't even surprise me that the flakes crying about how the roe vs wade overturn is literally murdering them are infertile, gay or not even having sex at all. Abortion is already extremely, extremely rare and you can still get plan c in the mail, plan b in the store and birth control is very easily accessible for crying out loud.

I've also been seeing women on Reddit claim that the law would make D&Cs illegal and that D&Cs are the exact same thing as an abortion, which also simply isn't true i was easily able to get a D&C for a miscarriage in a state where abortion was highly illegal
Everyone is just assuming the absolute worse of the bill and then making it about how "scared" they are since somehow the bill would…prevent medical care from a miscarriage?

No. 1241754

My best friend did the same thing when I told him about Roe v Wade. He was like omg what about meeeeee like bro shut the fuck up for 5 seconds. He's never talked about women's issues honestly idk why I expected him to even care but not even a "damn that's fucked up" lol

No. 1241756

> I'm sick of men and women who never went through it
Nta and I get why you feel this way but nonnie this is all about you needing to process something very personal to you. Stop thinking women who havent been through the exact same shit as you (yet) need to shut up and not speak on these matters. Sorry life handed some shit to you but this isn't how to cope with it.

No. 1241764

I'm not trying to come across as anti abortion. I'm still pro choice. But yeah you're right after I had one I felt different. me and the women I know of personally do have a weird resentment about getting one and feel weird towards people who didn't get one using the argument that it's not a living thing. Why not the argument the mom's life is in danger or the poor quality of life of the child? And I know it's hypocritical but like I said in my original post I don't care if a girl who had a bunch of abortions said it's a clump of cells to her because that's what helps her get through it. Idk. I truly just wish men just got vasectomies and saved their sperm so women wouldn't have to go through these things. It's not fair. Childbirth and pregnancy are also dangerous so the least men can do is be responsible and not impregnate women. We have the technology for them to be able to fuck and not knock anybody up. I hate men. They take women for granted.

No. 1241765

This is a retarded take. She HAS lost rights, we all have. There’s no way to know if she will need to get an abortion ever wtf.

No. 1241766

People argue those other things constantly. Sorry that facts make you feel bad, but they’re still facts and they should be stated.

No. 1241767

>People aren't robots.
I think that's why it's important to speak factually about these things. It's not a child, it's not a person, it's not a baby. There's no emotions or thoughts in there. It quite literally is a collection of cells without anything that makes someone a someone in the first place.

The questions is how we want to weigh the rights of this entity against the rights of the mother, who is a human being with a personality and thoughts and emotions and a life.

I think the point of talking about a lump of cells is not to minimize the experiences of women who have abortions or miscarriages, but to focus the discussion on what the real objective stakes are, so a rational discourse can be had about what to do about the situation.

No. 1241768

Roe vs wade was overturned but it's ultimately up to each state. Everything will likely remain exactly the same or you can travel to a state where abortion is legal. They're not witch hunting women who get abortions or banning any sort of anti baby thing like some are making it seem

No. 1241769

This is why people don't give a fuck about abortion though. It's just women who never even had one saying crude shit and LGBTQ people screaming that men need abortions. Then people stop focusing on the original message that women and girls who have been raped or victims of incest need one. That some women can't care for their children and how horrible the quality of life would be. No all people hear is some girl joking about yeeting a fetus and some nonbinary idiot crying about how trans men can have babies. Like nobody's even focusing on the original message anymore. That's why I'm saying women who went through it need to speak up. I'm allowed to cringe at these retards who made this issue look like a joke. I think they need to shut up. I'm allowed to feel that way

No. 1241774

> I truly just wish men just got vasectomies
Vasectomies actually have a relatively high rate of side effects. I was surprised to learn this because many men get them so casually, but they lead to chronic pain and such.

No. 1241775

No. 1241778

That’s really naive of you to think. Do you know what Texas had in place before Roe was overturned? This is most likely the beginning, the floodgates opening.

No. 1241779

NTA but you're right, anon. Edgelords and trannies just shit up the discussion of an important topic

No. 1241786

> Then people stop focusing on the original message that women and girls who have been raped or victims of incest need one
Oh you're one of those.

No. 1241788

>Because if two women are pregnant at 10 weeks, one has an abortion and the other has a miscarriage, we understand that the miscarried baby was not just a "clump of cells" but will act like the woman who got the abortion is just fine. Like they are suffering similarly mentally and physically why try to act like theyre not?
Thank you. I'm pro-choice, and I'm sick of the double thinking and endless copes. You spoke so much truth, anon. People are so callous about this topic, and it's honestly sick

No. 1241794

NTA but one of what? She literally said abortions should be available for all women.
>I'm for abortion in cases of teen/child pregnancy, rape, incest, medical reasons, and if the woman simply does not want or can't care for it. Nobody should have babies they don't want.
Women who've never had a single abortion in their life and think it means nothing, and narcissistic trannies making everything about themselves just makes all pro-choice people look like shitheads, and it ultimately harms women who've actually gotten them or are pregnant

No. 1241797

Can you give an example? If you're talking about the women arrested, from what I know all the charges were dropped

No. 1241808

Male trannies should keep their noses out but holding your abortion above other women and telling them to shut up… how many women have had abortions and never told a soul? How the fuck can you tell?

No. 1241811

Not all women have the same relationship with their fetus, what's so hard to get about it? One woman will mourn her unborn baby, another will go about her day and treat it like a necessary surgery or yes, a flu shot. Neither reaction is wrong.

No. 1241816

"Men can get pregnant too (because I'm a woman but I really want to be a man pls don't ruin this for me)" doesn't help anyone. It's pure narcissism.
>holding your abortion above other women and telling them to shut up… how many women have had abortions and never told a soul? How the fuck can you tell?
When did she do this, and what do you mean "How can you tell"? It's not a philosophical question. If you haven't had an abortion, your voice shouldn't overpower women who actually have that experience. It's that simple

No. 1241818

File: 1656276765581.jpg (135.21 KB, 628x837, factus.jpg)

This. It feels like those women aren't even speaking about abortion. They just want to antagonize moids and refuse to help other women.


No. 1241823

No reaction to one's own abortion is wrong. What's wrong is the constant disrespect and circus-making of those who haven't had any abortion, have no reverence or real care for the subject, and just treat it like a fun quirky little project that lets them scream at people

No. 1241827

No. 1241834

The pro-choice movement would be nothing if you want only women who had abortions to talk

No. 1241837

This. Plus how many women WANT to have to out their own abortion before they are allowed to speak.

No. 1241838

NTA but it's worse than nothing when only the shittiest possible people talk

No. 1241840

Sperging at other women to shut up might be the one legit retarded reaction that I've seen post abortion.

No. 1241846

You got it, sis. Let's go make some more heckin awesome memes about killing babies for upvotes on Reddit and remind everyone of the importance of twans and non-binary identities. How dare those icky women who've had abortions be exasperated with us?

No. 1241850

Are we going to pretend like it's not weird that OP got punched in the stomach by her bf and now its women and gays and trannies that she's so mad at when it comes to this subject? Misplaced anger aimed at other women after a man hurt her.

No. 1241854

I've lost a baby myself and had to have a d and c done afterwards.

No. 1241857

Then it shouldn't be hard to understand why this causes pain and frustration

No. 1241859

Girl, I promise you some 12 year olds online saying fetus deletus is not the reason Roe was abolished, get a grip.

No. 1241864

The fact that you think that's the only reason anyone would be upset just goes to show how low-empathy you really are about this shit

No. 1241870

Not OP but she is right that terminally online takes and transgenderism are making women abandon feminist activism. But >>1241859 is right. Let's all hate men together.

No. 1241873

Women are allowed to be mad that they lost bodily autonomy even if they haven’t had to exercise the right yet. Go cry some more about it

No. 1241877

Take your medication, you're the only one crying because women have the nerve to think your self-admitted 12-year old bullshit and lack of understanding is uncouth

No. 1241881

>thinking it’s uncouth
Actually you guys were telling women to shut up and that they’re the reason no one takes abortion seriously but nice try

No. 1241884

Who's "you guys"? I didn't say shit, I just agree the troon shit and juvenile behavior doesn't help a single woman on earth. And it doesn't, sorry

No. 1241888

Maybe pay attention to the context of what you’re replying to then brainlet

No. 1241890

Maybe learn how to read posts and understand you're talking to multiple people, this isn't Twitter kek

No. 1241894

I said uncouth first in another thread and I don't want associated with these freaks fyi

No. 1241895

? The word "uncouth" gets used semi-often. Did you come here during summer?

No. 1241896

Yeah I'm 10

No. 1241898

Go back

No. 1241899

No. 1241903

>I said uncouth first
Pretentious bitches love using uncouth you are not special

No. 1242149

More men should get vasectomies yes, but there are some ugly ass moids taking this abortion ban thing as an opportunity to brag on social media about how they’ve gotten one. It doesn’t make you any more attractive on the dating market, Timothy. A snipped uggo is still an uggo.

No. 1242165

Letterboxd shouldn't add tv shows to the database and should remain a site about movies. Tv shows can go on a different site.

No. 1242205

i actually don't mind sex dolls or even the idea of sex robots. simply because men who would buy those should never be allowed around real women, and those keep them away from us.

No. 1242421

Zoomer relationships are so sad why do they even bother at this point? Every single zoomer relationship I've seen is the girl begging for crumbs of attention while their boyfriend simps for every single girl except for the one they're in a relationship with. Why even bother with men who give all other women attention but you? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a relationship?

No. 1242448

my last relationship to a T. When we were breaking up he said he didn't get enough attention from me LMAO. Also his excuse for cheating. Modern young men have brainrot from cooming/simping for ethots. They have no understanding of loyalty, or delayed gratification. Even men with no history of cheating, who are vocally against it and know what it feels like to be cheated on or even just undervalued, will immediately cave when any woman besides their gf gives them attention, because it triggers the rat-lever in their brains formed by years of constantly shoving their hands down their pants every time they see an image of a woman online. They are so defective that whatever moral code they think they might have is easily overwritten. I compared them to rats in a Skinner box, but that's unfair to rats, because rats didn't build the box themselves.

No. 1242456

I think so. I don't think any woman dislikes the idea, only men thunk it's a gotcha to spend hundreds of thousands to fuck a robot because no real person can put up with theit bullshit. It'd actually be good for defective men to not breed.

No. 1242459

This feel way too universal to just be a zoomer thing. Maybe couples of all ages are like that too.

No. 1242463

Zoomers take it to a whole new level though. Men were always abusive and neglectful but at least abusive and neglectful in the past didn't turn around and give other women the amount of attention their gf is begging for. Zoomer girls deal with their man gawking at other women almost daily it's sad, at least other women were able to go days without their man simping for other women, zoomers can't do that.

No. 1242485

Tale as old as time

No. 1242508

unfortunately a naive fallacy. Sex dolls do not bar men from trying to harass women at all, they only grow comfortable with real date rape when they get bored of trying to fish the dried cum out of their dolls. if you're comfortable with the idea of men having better and more paraphalic means to practice rape on women (and children) i dont know what to tell you beyond seek help

No. 1242550

Late but 'Vitriolic Failscrotes' would be a great band name

No. 1242581

I just want one for myself…

No. 1242583

For real, I hate that men are treating this as an avenue to try and get laid


No. 1242590

Haven't heard about her for a while. Wonder what she is up to

No. 1242632

I've seen so many of this relationships with classmates. Is it really that normalized to cheat in college? I swear the longest they have been dating, the more unloyal the scrote is.

No. 1242803

File: 1656351045862.jpg (3 MB, 4368x2912, unite d'habitation.jpg)

Ayrt, I chose that picture mainly because most people whom I've spoken to and who said they liked brutalism associate brutalism with soviet architecture and panel blocks. But either way, I would argue that brutalism encompasses soviet concrete blocks, they're a direct spawn of the movement and they share a lot of traits, as you've mentioned. There are things to like about brutalism (exploiting the proprieties of concrete in order to create interesting forms) and there are also things to hate about it (horrible environmental impact, the tendency to wear down in a not-so-aesthetically pleasing way).
You seem to be a rare case of someone who does know about architecture and its recent history, I was mainly talking in my original post about uneducated people who think they're cool if they like controversial architecture.
Is there an architecture thread on any of the boards? I feel like it'd be fun to have one

No. 1242820

this is the stupidest thing i've ever read.

No. 1242846

No moids just highly sexualize the college experience and it ends up getting a lot of college girls sexually assaulted since moids think they live in porn and that college girls are all hypersexual maniacs

No. 1242864

I hate when people take selfies with their tongues out, it’s gross and cringey. It’s like the new peace sign, except disgusting. Why do so many do it? I think some women and teens do it to mimic ahegao, but I even see some guys do this too. Do they think it’s sexy or something? Because it’s not.
Same goes for the “I’m poopin” pose I see all the time on social media. Maybe moids like it but it always looks awkward and gross to me.

No. 1242870

Last I saw of her she was fully on youtube and moving her comics to a webtoon site, really should try to get caught up with her again

No. 1242902

File: 1656355033092.jpg (173.61 KB, 1241x1236, 20220623_073402.jpg)

Pop culture and high schools might meme it to death, but Shakespeare's "To be or not to be" speech is possibly the greatest literary work

To die, to sleep;
To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub:
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause—there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.

To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?

No. 1242915

Hating anything associated with Tumblr for no reason other than ">Tumblr" as a woman is a sign of being a NLOG

No. 1242917

File: 1656355627732.png (888.73 KB, 900x1178, 1 t563CB3BEnmWRHGVYQxjfQ.png)

>the “I’m poopin” pose
You mean slav squatting or what?

No. 1242923

Honestly some high school lit is decent and only dumbasses actively think its bad

No. 1243033

File: 1656362065455.jpeg (539.06 KB, 1638x2048, 1D4D1AC4-0439-48C9-BA1B-5EA866…)

Whatever this shit is
Can’t make a collage right now with the variations but you get the gist

No. 1243038

File: 1656362282137.jpeg (244.28 KB, 1054x1280, 2C776D66-0E83-472B-9D4B-FB97FA…)

Another example
I see zoomers do this on Depop and Instagram

No. 1243075

totally agree

No. 1243077

it's not even stupid, she's right. but men should just be castrated instead of given rape dolls

No. 1243180

reading this post made me immediately think of the Rat City experiments plus Pavlov's Dog. It's like it was intentional, a plot to program males to be dysfunctional, sexually aggressive coombeasts who can only spend money on their personal gratification.

No. 1243765

Raw spinach>cooked spinach

No. 1243783

File: 1656427296693.jpg (10.34 KB, 256x197, download.jpeg.jpg)

Yeah, because there's like 1000x more of it when it's fresh

No. 1243800

I think the majority of false nails are ugly and impractical. I don't like manicures. I don't understand why women do shit to their nails. Why not just leave them alone and wear them short.

No. 1243801


I like the tap tap sound that they make and I feel weirdly powerful when I have long nails. Can't do shit with them though so I don't put them on often. Also, it's something that most men hate, which makes me like them more.

No. 1243816

I have a health condition that shreds my nails down to the beds when my natural nails get wet a layer of poly gel sealing them. Maintained regularly stops the painful peeling every time I shower.
I like the clicking too. They don’t even have to be long since I like to lift. Just the barest edge and click click click.

No. 1243828

I agree but that's probably me just being a twat since I grow my natural nails long and keep them unpainted. Since they grow slowly you get used to the length and can still do stuff with them. The fake ones are unsanitary and look really trashy imo and yet people with actual poop and bacteria trapped between a layer of acrylic and their torn-up nail beds will say it's gross to have long natural nails.

No. 1243935

Most anime food doesn't look that good, it's mostly smoke

No. 1244203

i hate people who brag about being a picky eater. i know that a lot of the time you just cant help not liking something but it feels so immature to me. im also kind of picky but some people seriously turn it into a personality trait

No. 1244217

Cooked also tastes like a wet diaper imo

No. 1244225

File: 1656450001988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.34 KB, 620x620, 26e4cf72124e60fafb99c8261222a8…)

A lot of anons say this, but honestly I love having long nails and I love seeing talented nail techs and beautiful nail art. I do my own nails and it's like a hobby for me. I don't have the same view on all cosmetics as the rest of this site though.
Right now my nails are around the length of picrel, which is actually pretty short for me. Spoilered for the anons who are triggered by fake nails kek

No. 1244230

File: 1656450372976.png (619.24 KB, 650x799, 275603923_5647080621975615_864…)

nta but i wish i could feel more comfortable with longer nails. like picrel looks nice and has a nice length i think (i hate the square shape in your pic kek) but anything longer than a few millimeters feels gross and disgusting to me. i also find it gross when people cut off the entire white part of the nail so the nail digs into their skin, but that's not my problem so whatever. having nails that are just sliiightly too long always makes me feel like some unhinged witch in the woods, or like a werewolf with claws. idk what's wrong with me.

No. 1244239

Nta but I love the unhinged werewolf in the woods vibes it gives kek. But I agree anything longer than what you put in picrel is a bit too long for my taste. Also those are super cute. I wish I didn't have to wear shitty gloves on the job that ruin my hands so I could wear cute nails.

No. 1244248

>people cut off the entire white part of the nail so the nail digs into their skin,
Do you mean the cuticles? Those are just removed for looks and to make the nail look more natural, but some people just push them down. I always cut mine because they grow super long and I pick at my nails/skin so it helps to keep them cut. The false nail also doesn't dig into the skin, even if it's a press-on lol. Anyway, I love the witchy-werewolf feeling that long nails give me but I get if that's not your thing. Feeling comfortable with long nails is all about building up to the length you want but some people just can't take it and that's alright.

No. 1244251

i really mean the white part at the tip that a lot of people cut off completely.

i'm glad i never had to bother with cuticles, so even if i can't have pretty long nails, at least i don't have to worry about that? i guess it all evens out in the end.

No. 1244267

File: 1656452204610.jpg (97.03 KB, 1081x720, tumblr_inline_pmhkd71yJe1qjvim…)

I also love having long nails. Not fake ones, I grow my own out, but there's just something about them that feels so good… doing regular activities and gestures with your hands suddenly feels nicer and I guess more elegant and luxurious? Like you've got fancy elongated hands which couldn't possibly perform manual labour.

I'm not attached to my nails though, I cut them right down and regrow them regularly. There are pros and cons to both lengths, sometimes I've gotta do manual labour after all I'm not actually a chinese concubine.

No. 1244286

12-9 (pm) is the perfect job schedule. Enough time to sleep in in the morning, enough time to relax in the evening. I know this isn't for everyone but I wish this was just the regular work schedule instead of 9-5, I can't function until I've at least cooked a healthy breakfast and had half an hour to wake up. And the lovely walk home when it's dark out ♥ I wish I still had my stupid retail job, it became a hell when I had to work from 8 to 6 but when I started at 12 it was the best. I'd start off with the big crowds right away, be able to eat dinner at 5 for 45 mins (basically being paid for an hour of eating, doing nothing and talking to colleagues if any fun ones were around), after I returned from dinner the masses had disappeared and I had maybe 15 customers per hour, I was way nicer to them because I wasn't stressed out and in turn they were nice to me. Too bad our management turned to shit (and it didn't pay well either to be honest, but it was worth it. I still have 3 acquintances left from that job I visit from time to time).

No. 1244295

File: 1656453667305.jpeg (73.48 KB, 848x480, 2C04BD8C-F64C-4A33-89B7-192901…)

As a top I don’t do long fingernails anymore. Wear them in my stead nonna I bet you look gorgeous.

No. 1244297

They are super impractical and they make me so agitated when I have them on, but I love the way they look so much

No. 1244299

>doing regular activities and gestures with your hands suddenly feels nicer and I guess more elegant and luxurious?
Yes! I just feel more graceful and mindful of how I move. It sounds ridiculous but doing my skincare routine is one of the highlights of my day because, although I hate doing it, I love how my hands look kek.

No. 1244353

Agreed so much, I don't judge people for not liking foods, I've known people who will politely eat stuff even though it's extremely miserable for them and I don't think they should have to do that, but people who feel the need to look at what you're eating and go "ewwwww you like that??? that's so gross" gagging noise. Or they have to go out of their way to read out something on a menu they don't like and say "Definitely not ordering that!!" like bitch who asked? It's so childish.

No. 1244356

i'm a picky eater, well not 'picky', i just don't eat much variety and i am a vegetarian. god i wish i liked more things, i feel embarrassed going to restaurants sometimes..

No. 1244363

File: 1656457740559.jpg (7.13 KB, 120x120, hmphmh.jpg)

>I love seeing talented nail techs and beautiful nail art
Same. I follow a good chunk of celebrity nail techs that work with idols and others. It's really cool to see what they can do. Personally, I like designs that range from tacky duck nails to designs such as:
I'd like to try getting mine done one day, but until then I will stick to looking at pretty and unique nails online.
My mom is getting pickier as she's getting older and it's kind of a nightmare when it's time to ask what we all want to eat. We try to go based off what my mom wants or is currently craving, but she ends up telling us, "I'll just eat whatever ya'll get." I get so annoyed because that means she won't be happy while she's eating and later on, she's going to end up hungry again because she barely ate whatever it is we had. Sometimes I just want to strangle her and ask, "Why don't you just say what you want the first time so you're full and satisfied!" She's like a child sometimes. It's not always like this though there are times where she will state what she wants so I guess I should at least be grateful for that.

No. 1244366

Isn’t she a they/themlet now?

No. 1244427

File: 1656463320681.png (8.57 KB, 300x168, 8765456.png)

I would choose not to act.

I think people who wouldn't hesitate to personally murder one person to rescue 5 unlucky people are mildly sociopathic. By that logic we should have a lottery system where a certain percent of people have their organs forcibly harvested to save people with organ failure. It's just trading one life for five right? No big deal. I think it's dangerous to view human lives as purely a numbers game. I think it's better to have ideals bigger than "beep boop 1<5 time to die because math 001101001".

No. 1244430

No. 1244433

A man cannot be abused by a woman unless she is significantly older, wealthier, or bigger than him. Any man that alleges he was abused by a woman is either a pathetic, quivering worm incapable of walking away, or an emotionally manipulative narcissist.

No. 1244446

How does being old and fat (the absolute worst things a woman can be, by men's standards) make a woman capable of abusing? A man would happily and immediately dump a woman like that. If anything that just makes her more vulnerable to him abusing her because he resents her for not being cute.

No. 1244449

when my dad was younger and deployed overseas, his way older gf stole all his money because he was stupid enough to get his salary be put in her account, great example of dumb scrote being monetarily abused by a woman. He deserved it, what an asshole kek

No. 1244465

And then they never stfu about how they were "an abused man" and use it as an excuse to make insane demands and expect accommodations made from women they're currently with. Hell they will literally be cheated on in HIGH SCHOOL and use it as an excuse to be insanely controlling to every woman they're with or just cheat because "I sussed she was the one cheating doe". Once you convinced men they're victims they believe they'll never be the abuser and always the victim

No. 1244556

File: 1656473914421.jpg (4.92 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

what if it was YOU who didn't have any butter for your un seasoned fish and waffle with disgusting brown cheese

No. 1244561

anytime I hear about a man saying he was abused it was because he decided to stick his dick into a bpd woman. that's their problem for being a coomer retard with fucked up bdsm kinks

No. 1244575

File: 1656475705070.jpeg (135.62 KB, 220x303, 2F32F847-920D-43D3-B745-7CF7BB…)

Extremely unpopular opinion: believe it or not, this was not a pedophile soft core porn movie. It was a well written script by a Senegalese woman about her own experiences growing up.
Men saying this is soft core porn need to just admit they have a Madonna complex and cannot see the female race only falling into two categories: pure females OR sexually available female AKA whores.
I’m going to break this down with many spoilers.
This movie isn’t about dancing. There is probably ten minutes worth of dance scenes. This is about a girl choosing between two worlds: Her ultra conservative religious Senegalese family OR the overly sexualized French society.
The movie starts out with her Muslim mother finding out that her father is marrying a second wife, and how her mother has to bottle up how this is tormenting her. The main character, Amy, grows to hate her father for this, and rebels against her family. She does so by finding a group of girls who are clearly over sexualized by social media. She starts to dress in racey clothing and hang out with them.
At some point, she finds out that her dad is having a wedding and she has to help out and prepare for it. This includes her wearing a traditional Senegalese dress which is more covering that the crop tops she’s been wearing with her friends.
The wedding happens to be the same day as tbe dance competition. Of course she ditches the wedding to do the dance competition but starts crying at the end of
it because she realizes that everything’s been leading up to this point and her acting sexualized isn’t what she wanted or what makes her happy.
She runs home to her mom where here Auntie starts berating her and calling her a whore for dressing like pic related.
Finally, her mom, who has been too busy dealing with the torment of her husband tbe whole movie to help her daughter speaks up and tells the Auntie to shut up and leave her alone. She tells her daughter she doesn’t have to go to her fathers wedding of his second wife.
She looks at the Senegalese dress on the bed and thinks about wearing it, to finally conform to her family’s values. She walks towards her dads wedding but we can’t see what she’s wearing.
She doesn’t wear it, and she walks past his wedding. She’s not wearing the crop top, either.
She’s wearing normal jeans and a regular blouse. She walks over to the kids playing jump rope. She starts to jump rope with them and for the first time looks truly happy.

If you didn’t get it:
This movie is about how and 11 year old is incapable of navigating sexuality, and now there are no reliable guides for them in our society on the matter. They can only see in black and white. All she can see is two options: be treated like an object by her ultra religious conservative family, where men can have two wives and women don’t choose how tbe dress, or choose the other option: be a “liberated sexual being!!”
The final moments in the movie show how she finally figured it out: to go out and PLAY like a CHILD, and to dress how other children dress.
She was able to do so because her mom finally had time to guide her by accepting her and forgiving her for wanting to dress sexually, and admitting that her fathers wedding was wrong.
It’s honestly beautiful and the ending made me cry.
No ones going to know that though because people are perpetuating the problem of the movie: only seeing things in black and white , and acting like all women are sexual objects.

No. 1244578

kek thank you for reminding me this video exists. I love faymersh bloggers.

No. 1244580

Borjack horseman is an annoying and stupid show just cause they show ~mental illness~ Doesn’t make it profound . Why the fuck do you relate to a pedo Hollywood horse just cause he’s got muh BPD

No. 1244589

the marketing was 100% made by pedos though.

No. 1244591

Yeah for sure, I don’t doubt for a second there weren’t pedos involved because there are pedos everywhere and they would jump at the chance to be a part of this

No. 1244603

the plot sounds good and i like the ending but i just can’t handle the movie poster. it looks so disgusting. it’s honestly disrespectful to the woman who made the movie to have promoted it the way they did, it really discredits her work

No. 1244604

Imo, using real child actresses for this was still gross regardless of the message.

No. 1244606

I’ve tried at least 5 times to get into that show because everyone praises it but it’s just so bleak and hard to watch. The saving grace is the visual humor with the animal characters. The story is just wow he suffers because he had a hard life and is an alcoholic because being a washed up celebrity is hard and everyone has problems omg so deep really makes you think! Yawn

No. 1244612

Hmm thanks for explaining the movie nonna. Really changed what I initially thought about it. It's unfortunate about the advertising and it's negative press. Makes me think of the movie Thirteen which I don't remember much of aside from two 13 y/o girls doing a lot of drugs and seducing their adult neighbor. I guess it's hard to make a commentary of what we go through mentally when we're that young.

No. 1244613

Yeah like I appreciate the movie's message and it's good a woman created it but the fact that underage girls had to audition and twerk for multiple men in the industry will never sit well with me

No. 1244620

I still haven't watched it but I remember seeing the original poster at a French theater the day before Americans could watch it on Netflix and it looked so normal I didn't even pay attention to it. It's amazing how just a poster that's not even the original one managed to ruin the movie. And let's be real, I'm sure I could find the movie relatable because of my experience as a French woman born and raised in a Muslim family that would beat my ass in primary school for befriending male classmates but this is so specific I feel like the average American wouldn't get it and would need way more context on how France is, culturally speaking.

No. 1244631

It would have worked way better as an animated movie where real life children wouldn't have to be involved. Of course there would have still been naysayers but I doubt there would have been that many.

No. 1244634

>Her ultra conservative religious Senegalese family OR the overly sexualized French society
But it WASN'T overly sexualized. There were perfectly normal people and families wandering around. There were no other skanky tweens except them, and even then it was a gigantic stretch.

No. 1244637

Samefag but >>1244575 how do you defend the director claiming the movie wasn't aimed at pedos?

No. 1244659

I guess you'd need to live in France long term to see how over sexualized it is. That's why I said you'd probably need context to understand the movie better.

No. 1244660

If you commit crimes against/neglect your children you should be sterilized. I think it’s weird that if you’re capable of biologically having children you can have as many as you want and can’t be stopped but then it’s really hard to adopt and has so many requirements. I don’t like that having children is something just anyone can do.

No. 1244662

Pole dancing is kinda cringey

No. 1244663

The sw are coming.

No. 1244666

it’s extremely cringey

No. 1244688

I think it's cool

No. 1244698

Sterilize drug addicts

No. 1244709

Tbh I just don’t think it looks good. Same with aerial hoops and silks. It isn’t smooth unless you’re super professional and even then it just looks really painful and uncomfortable. Never looks like a fluid set, usually just looks like someone painfully exercising one exercise at a time . Pole dancing is the most fluid out of that but it’s sexualised as fuck.

No. 1244719

i agree with you. not to say there weren't pedos in the marketing team but the movie itself really was not like the way everyone portrayed it. it was very clearly meant to be comparing the ways in which both french and senegalese culture is extremely misogynistic and how it affects young girls, and addressing the general idea that there's basically no pervasive misogynistic, objectifying messaging in western society that trickles down to female children and that only "other" cultures objectify women and girls

No. 1244725

Kek I used to love it but you're right. One interesting thing is how it shows the difference between male and female depression… Bojack treats everyone horribly and ruins lives but is still an uwu victim, Diane does far less but gets a ton of hate for being "annoying"

No. 1244810

I don't fault the director for telling her story but unfortunately this movie was definitely misused by scrotes, just look at that MrGirl freak from youtube who blew up by making a video essentially about how much the movie turned him on. The American reception of it was using it for everything it was never intended to be.

No. 1244818

The latest florence and the machine album sucked ass and wasn’t worth the wait

No. 1244838

NTA but she didn't say old and fat she said "older and bigger" because male children exist and can be abused by adult women.

No. 1244876

Gay men are still men; they are no woman’s ally.

No. 1244881

You're 100% right but this one is gonna piss off the faghags.

No. 1244884

The new single that's been getting raduo play literally sounds like all her old songs. She's quite boring.

No. 1244890

The most outwardly misogynistic men I’ve been around have been gay. They’re also the only ones it has been excused for. They hate women because they want to be us or because they want us wiped off the planet - in extreme cases it’s both.

No. 1244897

gay men are some of the most openly misogynistic men there are, idk how any woman can think they are an ally.

Sometimes I wonder if women just root for moids (be it gay men in drag or in a case like in Johnny Depp) because doing that is easier than accepting that most males who're all around us are evil and dangerous to us women.

No. 1244905

Don’t even get me started on modern drag queens. Divine was one thing… “fish” being a term they use now should scare aware any woman. Gay men are not any woman’s ally in modern times yet they expect women to be theirs every time. That’s the male entitlement for you.

No. 1244910

Their misogyny hurts in a different way, too. It’s more insidious because they put themselves in female dominated spaces only to make fun of the women there. I swear it’s a form of womb envy.

No. 1244911

>They hate women because they want to be us or because they want us wiped off the planet - in extreme cases it’s both
Yep, also we need to remember that it's a very common male thing to want people you personally find unattractive wiped off the planet. Straight men have this too with categories of women they personally would not fuck and gay men also have it with other categories of men they personally would not fuck, so it makes perfect sense that many gay men do wish women did not exist since gay men by definition do not want to fuck women. Male sexual entitlement regardless of orientation is insane, only their "buddies" and the people they personally want to fuck should be allowed to exist in their twisted minds.

No. 1244914

Who cares about what handmaidens think

No. 1244941

Yep, my dad is a faggot (was closeted until I was 12) and he completely ignored my sister and I growing up but spend thousands of dollars and many many weekends enjoying hobbies with my brother. One day it hit me that my dad's a misogynist. I think it was because he described a woman we know as "disgusting." I was like oh, of course, faggots hate women.
I think a lot of gay men seethe because women get the attention of hetero men that they so desperately want but cannot get. Honestly that sounds like it sucks. Kek

No. 1244947

I think Berserk is overrated and it reminds me of the book push (precious). It’s so grim and I read a few chapters and it just gets worse

No. 1244953

A good deal of them also use their access to female dominated spaces to harass women by talking about us like we're their own little styling projects. Touching us without permission and making disgusting, borderline perverted comments about our bodies. It's happened to me and I've seen countless other women go through it too. If you speak up and establish boundaries you're labelled a cold, frigid bitch. They use the reasoning that they wouldn't fuck us so that makes it ok, all the while talking like they would wear your skin given half the chance.

No. 1244957

Scrotes in general refuse to entertain the idea of a woman not wanting men so they find it much more plausible for a gay men to have sex with women without actually desiring them but if a woman get pregnant even through IVF or even by rape it means that she actually does secretly desire men. Hell, I've even seen flaming homos argue that male homosexuality "makes more sense" than female homosexuality.

No. 1244971

>he completely ignored my sister and I growing up but spend thousands of dollars and many many weekends enjoying hobbies with my brother
That's actually pretty creepy, he's a faggot and he splurged money to enjoy weekends with him (while ignoring his daughters)? Yikes.

No. 1244978

Yeah I’m tinfoiling but maybe you oughtta check with your brother and see if he was ever abused.

No. 1244983

File: 1656511852159.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.51 KB, 1571x2000, 50902C66-BBD8-4B76-ADE4-8CBCE4…)

I kind of like tabis but I hate how yonic they look

No. 1244985

File: 1656511946570.jpg (132.15 KB, 640x746, 90c2c8d4dd5bd866f66103bab3bbc5…)

I read 10 volumes and I also thought it was overrated. There was not one moment that got me hooked, I just kept reading and pushing through because everyone kept praising it. I don't mind the violence at grim darkness of it, but it was just kinda boring. I don't like high fantasy that much anyway and I thought the world building was kinda messy; getting into nitpicking territory, I hated how the mixed medieval and baroque clothing (and some industrial horror elements for the cenobite like creatures of the hand) without much rhyme or reason, felt kinda cheap, like a high school play that grabs whatever "period clothes" they can get without any further knowledge.

Also manga Griffith is ugly.

No. 1244986

Thanks for the concern nonnies. He apparently never touched my brother but he's done extremely questionable shit in that regard and I will never speak to him again.

No. 1244994

Not based, a true tabi enjoyer would appreciate their labia majora-like appearance! But seriously they're so cute

No. 1245014

Personally I refuse to wear any garment that doesn't proclaim my love of vaginas to the world

No. 1245046

Berserk is overrated scrote shit and Griffith looks like a frog with Downs.

No. 1245047

I hate gay men especially if they have kids and pull this shit. I'm sorry you had to go through that, no matter how jealous gay men can be it doesn't excuse their strong misogyny.

No. 1245083

File: 1656516597242.png (210.36 KB, 425x239, BoJack_Horseman_S06_E15_-_The_…)

I don't know nonny, I feel like bojack actually gets what he deserves in the last season, spoiler but he actually ends in jail, and everybody is disgusted by his actions. The second to last episode is honestly amazing
I agree tho that the first season is really meh, and anyone who sympathies or relate to bojack (mostly if it's a man) is a walking red flag

No. 1245087

is this show worth watching?

No. 1245099

not the same anon but I actually really love the show and think it's a masterpieces. the first episode is hard to get through, however. I tried to start watching it at least 3 times, thinking "maybe I should give it another chance", but after I got through that first episode I was hooked. perhaps it's not everyone's cup of tea, which makes sense.

No. 1245105

File: 1656517345989.jpg (93.79 KB, 700x700, e1547854e6a546b9c11a13317ca19b…)

In my opinion yes, but again, the first season is kind of mediocre, but each season it gets better, also it has Princess Carolyn, the best character in the series, I love her so much
And in the beginning it feels like it's excusing bojack, but the more episodes you watch and the more fuck ups he make, the less forgiving the series is of him
Also, characters like Diane have amazing monologues

No. 1245222

Pulled pork sucks ass. I’d rather have a pork chop. I never understood why pulled pork was ever a thing.

No. 1245236

File: 1656524549830.jpg (65.97 KB, 720x788, Minions-Meme-7.jpg)

I love minion memes. I actually love boomer memes as long as they're neither scrotey nor Luddite.

No. 1245242

The concept as a whole is fine. It would have worked better as a book. There's a reason why the Bluest Eye doesn't have a film adaptation.

No. 1245274

Thanks bestie

No. 1245288

The average facebook mom is funnier than any man of any age ever. It's men who are biologically unfunny.

No. 1245295

This actually made me lol

No. 1245307

I feel so bad for the writer. She obviously didn't intend for all of that to happen. What kind of retard in the marketing team thought that poster was a good idea? Maybe they did it on purpose just for the negative publicity. And of course they didn't give a fuck about the writer, her work and her reputation.

No. 1245330

File: 1656528239671.jpg (515.24 KB, 1200x1600, 5981334.jpg)

Yeah the American Netflix marketing team proved her point with that shitty poster. Here's the original poster.

No. 1245331

Censoring your BABY'S face on social media is stupid and performative because:
1. If you care about privacy/consent/pedos why are you posting them on a public platform in the first place?
2. Nobody is going to recognize someone from a baby picture, baby pictures are basically anon.
3. …No one cares about someone seeing a picture of them as a baby. It's a non-issue.
4. Think about it this way: if you didn't want someone to post a picture of you, but they posted it anyways and just put a sticker over your head, you would probably still consider that an infringement.
Obviously older kids deserve privacy, I hate the "family blogger" thing for that reason, but censoring pictures of your 3 month old child is just retarded. Either don't post them (no one wants to see a picture of your kid with a sticker over their head anyways) or stop being dramatic.

No. 1245339

I always thought it was because of potential pedos, though

No. 1245342

Caring this much about people protecting their children's identities online and calling it "dramatic" is what's really stupid. More parents should care about that kind of stuff.

No. 1245344

NTA but just don't post any picture of your baby online.

No. 1245350

I agree, but I can understand it if they're posting a family photo or something. Censoring their face is better than nothing imo, and I just can't be upset about it when there are thousands of parents posting their children's face online.

No. 1245352

Addressed that in first point, why even post your kids somewhere where there are pedos lurking? Does the photo really need to be shared that badly?
Why does everyone on the internet think it's "caring too much" to have an opinion on anything? It took me 2 minutes max to type that. I do respect someone who wants to protect their kid's identity online, I just explained why I think that's a dumb way of going about it. "Dramatic" was the wrong word, sorry.

No. 1245361

>a lot of gay men seethe because women get the attention of hetero men that they so desperately want but cannot get
This is 100% true
>manga Griffith is ugly
Not a Berserk reader but I agree. Everyone seems to lust after Griffith, even the manga version, but he just looks so ugly most of the time. Straight male scrotes generally don't know how to draw attractive men.
>spoiler but
kek nonnie you could've used the literal spoiler tags for this

No. 1245362

"Western Europe" and "Eastern Europe" and actually "Europe" itself aren't fucking real, "Europe" is literally just a peninsula of (Eur)Asia and it shouldn't be considered a distinct continent.

No. 1245363

Sidenote from a Tech perspective. Simply putting stickers in an app over your child’s face won’t prevent someone from going in and removing it with a little knowledge. You would need to the meta data of the image to change. So if you are posting naked bath pics with a cute sticker (because I’ve seen it for whatever stupid reason) Pedos can and will remove them.

No. 1245367

Don't social media platforms also automatically remove the metadata of uploaded image files for this reason? At least I heard that Discord does that.

No. 1245375

Wednesday day would be better if it was pronounced as it's spelled and not "Winsday". No one can deny that it would be a more popular day if you just tweak the pronunciation a little.

No. 1245378

So if I upload a blurred/covered pic here one of you guys or a lurking moid can remove that shit and see the original? That's scary as fuck

No. 1245379

Only some of them. Facebook for example converts to JPEG and compresses. Most do, but some don’t. Check the site before uploading.

No. 1245380

It looks like it should be really good but then it just kind of isn't

No. 1245383

This would only be true if the website is saving a separate, un-edited copy to their servers, or if it’s a multi-layer file. A regular JPG doesn’t have the capability of preserving multiple layers of raster data. And in the former case, you’d need to be someone with internal access to the company’s servers to get the originals.

No. 1245389

Nah it should be Winsday, this way it's easier both to spell and pronounce it.

No. 1245390

yeah, lolcow doesn't change the metadata for uploaded images. i just checked.

No. 1245392

Griffith only looks good in the 1997 anime to me. I never really got hooked. The story is a bit dead.

No. 1245398

You should be okay as long as it’s a simple image like a JPEG not anything layered like a TIFF. (I don’t even know if the farms supports layered images I’ve never tried) This mostly applies to people who use art programs, PS or expensive cameras with layered file formats. I will say if the meta data doesn’t update, make sure your EXIF data is deleted farmers. That’s a bigger concern and more likely to happen.
The anon earlier is right it’s rare and not likely to happen with photo editing, but I think it’s worth pointing out all the same.

No. 1245403

So just adding a solid filled shape in Paint for censorship is safe?

No. 1245418

>make sure your EXIF data is deleted farmers
How do we make sure technona

No. 1245425

File: 1656532484461.png (876.61 KB, 720x713, afa8cac563943cc960e10d84bc1a99…)

No. 1245429

File: 1656532667405.gif (5.15 MB, 498x281, boobah-funny.gif)

Boo Bah's are better then Teletubbies, Barney and elmo is annoying.

No. 1245431

Yes and save it as a jpeg or other compressed file format. That changes the way the image is saved.
Windows desktop go to image properties. Click remove properties and personal information. Tell it you want a new copy with all personal data removed.
Mac you’ll need a program to do it on desktop. Only thing you can delete in properties is location.
Phone you’ll also need an app, but you can at least turn off geo tagging and location off your privacy settings.

No. 1245433

File: 1656532895940.jpg (77.97 KB, 780x438, 220629123417-02-taco-bell-chee…)

Also this "Big Cheez it Taco" shit Taco bell is doing is gross. Cheez it crackers are disgusting and they won't taste better with more shit piled on top. Sorry Cheez Chan.

No. 1245435

What about PNGs

No. 1245436

They are a raster (meaning the original image is overwritten and saved as a compressed layer if you add on to the image in paint) file and should be fine.

No. 1245440

i had nightmares about these as a small child but was obsessed with teletubbies, i have no idea how that worked because teletubbies are objectively creepier looking kek

No. 1245444

I want to eat it and pretend I’m tiny like a mouse

No. 1245780

I agree, it's obvious that the lines are drawn due to cultural differences.

No. 1245875

"Bitch I'm Madonna" is actually not a bad song

No. 1245877

I like it. Is it as good as other Madonna songs? Absolutely not, but it's mindless and clearly just meant to make people go crazy and have fun.

No. 1245879

By this logic the entire continent of Asia should be separated because there also plenty of cultural differences between let's say Indians and Chinese.

No. 1245978

if it makes you feel any better, teletubbies is like watching an acid trip for baby brains

No. 1246017

American left-leaning people are just as jingoist as the American right wing.

No. 1246040

do you mean the architects of bad policy or average people?

No. 1246048

I also mean the American lefties who act like American issues are the most important in the world above everyone else and everyone has to pay attention to them specifically.

No. 1246054

i haven't dealt with that issue because i'm not from the outside looking in, but i can say that our shit country affects other countries so i do think our awful country is important to keep tabs on, because we spread shit all over the world, shove our noses into shit for the benefit of war profiteers that run this country, and destroy many lives. and the further back we go, the more other far right extremists who wield power in other countries are emboldened to bring other countries back into the bronze age.

No. 1246071

Fair enough but that doesn't mean American self-proclaimed activists do not need to care about people outside of the United States of America. Plus non-US American countries' issues are more likely to be treated in a very simplistic and generalizing way that borders on dehumanization. It's fine to say "RUSSIA BAD ALL RUSSIANS LOVE PUTIN" or "UKRAINE BAD ALL UKRAINIANS NAZIS" but if you go "USA BAD ALL AMERICANS REPUBLICANS AND LOVE TRUMP" it's suddenly #NotAllAmericans and "most of us hate our government too okay???" and even "akshually some US Americans are BIPOC so anti USA is code word for anti BIPOC!!! black people do not exist outside the USA so saying Americans are privileged as a global superpower means you hate all black people ever!!!"

No. 1246072

oh no i agree with you

No. 1246201

Tennis skirts actually kind of suck even if you have the body type for them, save for when you are actually playing tennis

No. 1246207

File: 1656596335585.jpg (12.65 KB, 236x531, de2d49355cc286da826a0d6c7ae87a…)

I don't feel bad about the fujos or yumes or whatever whining about being "bullied by the aidens" for liking anime boys while still acknowledging they're straight women because they "fetishize" or "erase" "MLM". If you're a legal adult and some retarded American zoomer girl's "I'M SO GAY I HATE CISHETS XD" cringe LARP makes you feel so bad about yourself that you feel the need to join in by claiming to be either a "gay trans boy" or a "lesbian struggling with comphet" then you're just a brainless sheep who needs to log off and go touch grass. If anyone tries to give you shit for being "cishet" just block them it's literally just Twiter or Tumblr.

No. 1246229

I think it should be ok for women to call gay men slurs like “flamer” or “mincer”. Maybe “faggot” is a bit too offensive. Anything in between is pretty funny though.

No. 1246231

I think "poofter" is a very funny word that women should be allowed to use.

No. 1246292

I keep seeing ads for them and they look kinda cute online, why do they suck?

No. 1246294

>Maybe “faggot” is a bit too offensive
genuinely why do you care about being too offensive to gay moids kek

No. 1246303

She probably means in front of normies obviously not online

No. 1246308

I honestly think calling a gay man a "cock sucker" is actually a complement because that implies he gets a lot of dudes.

No. 1246335

I meant that it shouldn’t be on tv before 9 o’clock, for instance. Like saying “fuck”, But we should be able to freely call them mincers, poofters, flamers or anything else of the sort.
I forgot about poofter. I shall add it to my repertoire.

No. 1246456

I really don’t think gay men have any reason to gatekeep the word faggot like they don’t say every possible aggressive slur under the sun except maybe the n-word if they think they’re particularly morally righteous when no one that will “cancel” them is watching. Also they don’t care about women or their rights at all so I wouldn’t be wasting any time at a drawing board trying to cape for them in any way.

No. 1246458

I got so excited to see the new high school sims 4 trailer

And its literally just Gen Z vomit

Pronoun bullshit, gay flags forced down your gullet and everyone is queer it seems. Ugh.

No. 1246550

People that make a big song and dance about pineapple on pizza are dumb. Same goes with "omg you like steak well done!? clutches pearls. Meaningless, boring and void. Also meat and fruit is a thing: pork and apples, meatballs and berry jam, turkey and cranberry sauce.

No. 1246566

Not sure what I was expecting but this looks like a shitty mod one of those mean girl/popular girl/pregnant teen simmers would make but without the drama

No. 1246676

this trailer is so messy it's like they accidently uploaded a draft instead of the final edit.

No. 1246750

Choice feminism doesn't work because even though your body your Choice, your shitty choices do impact all women as a whole(for example doing porn, getting tons of plastic surgery, engaging in hookup culture or being a trad thot).

No. 1246758

I thought feminism was all about women being able to make their own choices. I get your point about sexworkers but everything else won't really impact women as a whole that much because men already view us all the same way. Catering to their dicks for money just makes them view us as property on a whole different level

No. 1246766

Why did the principal's daughter need to sneak out to prom

No. 1246817

Women who have sex with moids are stupid because they think they're going to change them. They think they can fix them and make them into a real man. But it doesn't work like that. Moids are born broken and there's nothing you can do to fix them.
These women are just setting themselves up for disappointment and heartache. They think they can love moids into being a real man, but it doesn't work like that. Moids are incapable of love. All they can do is hurt the women who try to love them.
So if you're a woman and you're thinking about having sex with a moid, just know that you're setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Moids are nothing but trouble and you're better off avoiding them altogether.

No. 1246846

Sure but can you quit it with the “real man” thing? That’s how we got tranny shit in the first place.

No. 1246900

What if I just have sex with moids because I want to fuck them and not because I love them

No. 1247207

My unpopular lolcow opinion is that the whole concept of being mad at women for "choice feminism" is retarded and is mostly about women who think they are superior to other women wanting to control those women's lives. I really felt that way after anons kept recommending Hannah Berelli and I watched her videos about it, her whole things reeks of using a guise of feminism to drone on about how you are not like those other girls. Yes, some women will make shitty choices, but it is scrotes who use women's choices against all women who are at fault, not women who live their lives differently from you while still facing the same issues you do. Feminist ideology shouldn't be a one-upping contest against all other women.

No. 1247243

I think the buzzword NPC is misrepresented and not used correctly anymore. Someone coming up to you and striking up a conversation even if it’s weird/erratic isn’t NPC behavior, in fact it makes them the very opposite of an NPC because out of the majority of people who just mind their own business in public it makes them more interesting and unpredictable. I don’t even think that NPCs exist, every human being is going to mask their real personalities and behavior everywhere they go.