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No. 1180691

For all your dumbass thoughts
Previous thread >>1169330

No. 1180695

File: 1652511783533.jpg (302.81 KB, 1080x1081, duckaboo.jpg)

hahahhahaha FIRST

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No. 1180710

File: 1652515339883.jpg (12.6 KB, 367x247, 110154.jpg)

nice duck

No. 1180760

File: 1652523636014.png (135.71 KB, 367x247, DUX.png)

No. 1180776

File: 1652524932011.gif (28.83 KB, 155x200, duck-waddling.gif)

I am a DUMBASS I am a MORON and I am PROUD OF IT

No. 1180779

Why is she binging on 2 extra dinner meals
Can the anon re-explain how to embed shorts. Can’t be bothered to use the shitty search function(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1180804

File: 1652528809509.jpg (44.6 KB, 720x597, chix.jpg)

No. 1180809

cutest animal cruelty ever

No. 1180819

Based IT anon. Yes I will listen to you and hug all of those cupcake chicks who just hopefully were posed for the pic like this.

No. 1180830

File: 1652530437302.png (40.67 KB, 1226x366, how to embed shorts.png)

it's in the technical help thread in meta

No. 1180839

went drinking with one of my gay male friends (i’m a lesbian) and i said some lowkey transphobic things against trans women. then he started talking about the discord server with trans girls he’s in and their opinions on the russia/ukraine issue. kms. also i’m drunk right now

No. 1180854

>Russian is also difficult because they don’t take the time to teach letters the way Japanese does.
There's a section for learning the characters that exists in both the Japanese and Russian courses. However, as someone who already knew kana and cyrillic pretty well before starting Duolingo, I must agree that the Japanese lessons are piss easy while Russian is proving much more difficult. But it might just be that I'm waaaay more familiar with Japanese grammar and vocabulary and its pronunciation is incredibly easy for me.
Yes, different courses have different levels of difficulty. That's because different teams work on them.

No. 1180862


No. 1180864

he sounds like a tranny himself lel

No. 1180868

i thought he was a normie gay dude but he seems sympathetic to trannies this is a nightmare lol

No. 1180871

I second that, busuu is incomparably better

No. 1180919

It's all about moids with big noses. What about us girls with schnozs, huh?!

No. 1180923

File: 1652538261679.jpeg (402.98 KB, 1776x2048, 3C8CD0B7-6D20-4A3E-9C64-8DBB0C…)

No. 1180935

I hate big noses on men but love them on women.

No. 1180937

Why not both. gif

No. 1180970

File: 1652541372835.jpeg (101.94 KB, 640x617, 0936EDF8-7A6E-41F4-B335-2AF567…)

What’s the subgenre of men who listen to car seat headrest, aphex twin, ecco2K and black midi ,who also spends thousands of dollars on designer clothing from streetwear brands, has at least 1 tattoo and was probably wore supreme when they were in middle-school or high-school called? I think it’s a cross-hybrid with men who are into fashion, skater druggies, and music men. I think they’re terminally online American men aged 20-24 who have really rich parents

No. 1180975

File: 1652541578498.png (126.5 KB, 296x478, EyH9ph6U4AE9xj0.png)

Alex used to be my favorite spy but I was so dissapointed in her when she became emo that I switched to Clover

No. 1180976

The last sentence is the one and only accurate all encompassing description of those men

No. 1180979

I know nothing about subcultures but how is Kafka's Metamorphosis is radicalization literature?

No. 1180983

I don't remember emo Alex, was that in a later season?

No. 1180985

She became emo??

No. 1180986

Nta and no homo but she's so damn pretty. Her eyebrows are incredible

No. 1180989

File: 1652542174258.jpg (31.21 KB, 474x474, th-2323190886.jpg)

TFW last reblog from someone who was your mutual was 6 years ago

No. 1180991

Yes she fell in love in an emo guy, season 3 episode 17 according to the wikia

No. 1180993

Why is it better?

No. 1180994

thanks I'm gonna watch it

No. 1180995

File: 1652542408026.jpg (149.89 KB, 640x628, Tumblr_l_44070011846025.jpg)

I haven't came to the farms in a while, hope all you ladies are doing well

No. 1180996

File: 1652542423915.jpeg (73.84 KB, 594x594, 95B82418-8281-4FF9-AA2B-E2904D…)

so i found out last night that portable saunas are a thing

No. 1180997

Why's she gotta put her feet in there while that lady's using it

No. 1181000


No. 1181003

No. 1181018

I am going to report you for emoji use.

No. 1181040

File: 1652544304292.png (8.78 KB, 533x202, nothin personnel kid.png)

Joke's on you, text hearts are allowed. Mods even show us how. Better luck next time Noni ♥

No. 1181044

Saunas are a communal activity, stop making it weird.

No. 1181045

<3 _3(emote)

No. 1181049

No. 1181050

Every since I started tracking my mood changes and horniness on a calendar, I'm convinced that my menstrual cycle fucks up my hormones more than I used to think.
Like right now and since a couple days ago, I've been feeling like shit no matter what I try, whereas a week ago I was feeling pretty good.

Let's see if this works ♥

No. 1181054

I am reporting all of you

No. 1181071

kiss marry kill
> ezra miller
> john bogeya
> paul dano

No. 1181073

Hello Sylvanian Families anon!!!

No. 1181074

Kiss Ezra

Kill everyone else

No. 1181088

Marry John Boyega and make her carry my children with those hips (she is ftm)
Kiss paul dano but on the cheek
Kill Ezra and save Hawaii, becoming a local hero

No. 1181093

>fuck Ezra Miller
>marry Paul Dano
>kill John Boyega

No. 1181094

kiss and marry ezra and kill the others
> Kiss paul dano but on the cheek
kek anon

No. 1181095

samefagging but kissing is not enough.

No. 1181096

The only acceptable option

No. 1181098

No. 1181100

I don't know shit about jack harlow or whether he's controversial but I'm reading hundreds (and i mean hundreds) of angry scrotes replying to a now deleted comment on youtube where a woman afaik just said she fancies him. Lots of bitching about feeemales having bad taste. Scrotes are too much.

No. 1181101

File: 1652547258000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 652.24 KB, 2080x2773, 1652430173062.jpg)

I am losing my shit at this pic she posted of her shooped ass

No. 1181103

Holy shit it looks terrible. How would anyone believe that?

No. 1181106

File: 1652547532316.jpg (17.23 KB, 467x534, CNtEcmiUwAEY-EH.jpg)

No. 1181113

Kill Ezra, he's pretty but he's too much of a shitty asshole.
Fuck Boyega, he's short and average looking and a bit of a sperg online, but maybe he fucks okay and it would be only once
Marry Paul Dano, he's kinda average on the uglier side, but he's tall, has nice hair and hands and seem like an okay guy

No. 1181133

To those who can fake cry no problem, do you cry easily in general, too?

No. 1181135

Yeah but only with IRL things. Books/shows/games don't make me cry easily.

No. 1181144

marry ezra kiss dano lightly punch boyega
I don't want to hurt anyone

No. 1181145

File: 1652550016510.jpg (33.85 KB, 660x495, 2dcf63c23e359dd5fec6ced32d4d88…)


No. 1181149

Even having 10 tabs open stresses me out. Idk how you do it

No. 1181151

my phone has almost 300

No. 1181158

I don't understand how you can work with so little tabs. Do you never think to yourself "I'm gonna read this later?" Do you just immediately get working with it? What are you, productive?

No. 1181160

ezra deserves hurt

No. 1181161

anon that is crazy and makes me uneasy!! how many are lolcow threads?

No. 1181164

File: 1652551045620.jpg (18.1 KB, 256x247, goingtodie.jpg)

>they have less than 1900 tabs open on PC and less than 800 on mobile

No. 1181165

Marry ezra
Kiss dano
Kill bogeya and his child bearing hips

No. 1181166

Kill Ezra, easy.
Marry Dano
Kiss Boyega

No. 1181168

File: 1652551246149.jpg (761.58 KB, 1075x1716, Screenshot_20220503-203004_Han…)

I'm still cracking up about this

No. 1181172

File: 1652551342990.jpg (72.62 KB, 549x767, 90b.jpg)

it reminded me of this meme when i first saw it kek

No. 1181174

Omg I never knew there were sweet mole families, I only ever had the kitties and bunnies when I was little.

No. 1181175

Kek thank you

No. 1181179

Jojo liveaction?

No. 1181183

I want a girlfriend who is just as whiny, bitchy, judgemental as me. But she has to like me and find me attractive.

No. 1181186

File: 1652552437139.jpeg (67.07 KB, 564x544, FA596298-62F7-4494-86C6-B43F64…)

Ezra Miller

No. 1181191

Responding here since I couldn't in the last one.
Thank you anon, you're really kind. I know it's childish to care this much about what people think of me. I just feel so exposed wearing clothing that doesn't fully cover me.
I'm sorry for your situation as well, I hope we can both get over this.

No. 1181220

Sorry, I'm in a relationship slready.

No. 1181223

No. 1181231

I'm actually free today and now I understand what you guys mean by this place being fucking DEAD on weekends. Holy shit it's like night and day

No. 1181233

File: 1652555645536.gif (11.59 KB, 194x26, fRqv.gif)

use this when trannies

No. 1181235

Idk who this is but she looks cute

No. 1181267

File: 1652557630984.png (24.86 KB, 80x72, flag-burning-trans-pride-2G3J6…)

pls ignore

No. 1181268

File: 1652557680366.png (22.48 KB, 80x65, 0460230972.png)

No. 1181289

I thought Dua Lipa was a makeup brand

No. 1181292

No. 1181293

the anon who googled her dual lupian sends me

No. 1181300

File: 1652559190037.gif (8.91 KB, 124x67, 1641259381349.gif)

Basado. Here's another one

No. 1181400

dude looks like abed from community and has the voice of aziz ansari

No. 1181407

File: 1652565896329.png (560.1 KB, 497x776, Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 3.03…)

The co-founder of Google in a speedo will never not be funny to me

No. 1181414

Going out on a hinge date tonight ladies please pray that I don't get murdered!

No. 1181427

File: 1652568139013.gif (1.34 MB, 220x124, malcolm-in-the-middle-dewey.gi…)

Feeling homicidal, may take pics later of my outfit. Idk.

No. 1181433

Looks like Kendall Roy in 10-15 years

Sidenote but I seriously envy the absurdly inflated confidence of moids sometimes lol. Like when's the last time you saw a flabby unattractive 50 something woman in a tiny bikini at the beach…basically never, yet fat old scrotes will just let it all hang out shamelessly. It'd be a power move if they weren't all literally delusional. I'm sure this geriatric dates models and genuinely thinks they're attracted to him, kek.

No. 1181446

Kendall Roy KEK

No but you’re totally right. When women are older and not in as good shape as they once were, they usually wear 1-piece swimsuits and just in general dress in a way that’s more flattering to their body type. Old fat moids will straight up wear banana hammocks with all their rolls hanging over it.

If you’ve ever been to a nude beach it’s the same way. Old fat dudes just hanging out buck ass naked. So gross. Where do they find the audacity?

No. 1181447

No. 1181448

I ship it

No. 1181464

I find it so endearing lmao

No. 1181472

what was this years eurovision even

No. 1181473

I understand if retarded coomers voted for Spain, but why did the UK get such high points?!

No. 1181480

women with specific British accents are so cute men with the accent always sound like fucking troglodytes as always

No. 1181483

WHat is a specific british accent

No. 1181494

The moid had too many followers.

No. 1181496

My first guess would be something like vidrel

No. 1181500

File: 1652572252763.jpg (430.73 KB, 750x1075, IMG_7425.jpg)

The fallout of moids crying over their internet father leaving them just like the biological fathers did is glorious. I've never had so much joy out of a death of an person in my life.

No. 1181502

There is this girl hat edits herself into the twilight movies as bella. I wanted to make fun of her first but at least she has something she really likes

No. 1181503

Who is that? Sorry to be a spoonfed baby

No. 1181505

a regional accent i guess, here in the uk you can drive for like 20 mins into a different county and the accent is different, like dialects etc

No. 1181510

My brother blasts this motherfuckering faggot low-value bastard piece of cuck shit scum's videos every day in his room and I am beyond happy to hear of his death. You have NO idea. I hope every moid who gave him views an imminent death too.

No. 1181519

He's a famous youtuber who had 1m subs who struck gold by dedicating his content to making hate speech about black women and embarrassing idiot pick-mes who call in to his show trying to prove they are not like other black women or asking for advice just to be roasted by his scrote followers. Oh yeah, that shooter in new york was a massive fan of him and mentioned him on his youtube where he talked about his crime. He had a huge hate boner for fat woman but died on top of an overweight sex worker. He was massive lolcow and watching all his lies fall apart was hilarious.

No. 1181521

> He had a huge hate boner for fat woman but died on top of an overweight sex worker
kek really? the irony!!

No. 1181585

Okay, nonanas. Is the mountain dew energy drink worth it or do I get the monster java mean bean? I need to know!

No. 1181591

That cherry kickstart stuff used to be my main source of energy I haven't had it in years but now I want one. Get htat

No. 1181601

Sounds good. Thanks!

No. 1181602

He would spew all that shit about 'women over 30' but even with his platform he was paying to fuck women who were both 30 and overweight. Paying for sex and croaking in your 50s is the life men want? Go for it.

No. 1181632

why is xqc's pp so large. it makes me uncomfortable. he shouldn't have that

No. 1181634

im afraid to ask but how do you know he's pp is big

No. 1181637

he hiked up his pants on stream and showed his print

No. 1181638

File: 1652583693919.gif (1.02 MB, 268x160, Tumblr_l_210107288211930.gif)

t-thanks nonnie

No. 1181656

File: 1652586801497.jpg (11.98 KB, 272x264, download (26).jpg)


No. 1181660

I’m thinking about doing a Hunger Games simulator (followed by Survivor and Big Brother simulators) with lolcows. Should I do it nonnas?

No. 1181661

i knew you'd love the news xqcnona, i'm happy for you

No. 1181664

Bless the /sci/ shitposter(s). Many cramp and leak-free periods be upon you in your future.

No. 1181671

yeah do it, would be funny

No. 1181703

Anybody else feel like it’s all falling apart?

No. 1181711

i wish i had a clone of myself so we could strangle each other

No. 1181727

Aw, that sounds nice

No. 1181733

Okay I'll bite, why strangle?

No. 1181740

i hate myself very much

No. 1181747

no, keep that energy for those who deserve it. like awful violent people (likely men) who seek to cause suffering and revel in their cruelty

No. 1181765

I wish I could figure out how to stop the feeling of disgust

No. 1181787

Does anyone else get random twitching in their foot? Not like the whole foot twitching, but one specific part. I get it pretty often and hate it. Feels like a bug is under my skin and trying to come out or something.

No. 1181810

I want to make friends at work but I crafted this super npc normie nice girl worksona and I don't know how to turn it off. I also feel like I don't have a strong sense of identity anymore, at least in terms of style since I've stopped dressing in this super flashy alt fashion and usually wear monochrome neutral colors.

No. 1181849

File: 1652609766292.jpeg (110.4 KB, 638x832, 1D85D6D5-A65A-4845-8A40-2833B0…)

Damn he belongs in the men age like milk thread. Never was my cup of tea but fuck dude got fugly. He looks like an Eastern European uncle lol

No. 1181880

Because you actually interact with native speakers and you'll know whether you're intelligible to native speakers. You will get prompts after learning vocabulary and grammar like "talk about your hobbies" or "talk about what you're studying", "talk about your family" and you write it down or say it. The natives can't even see what prompt you got afaik, so they will just critique you and offer tips based on what you wrote or said and what they think you meant to say. You learn things based on what you need (for work, socializing, literature etc.), not just random shit where you learn "the duck kicked the horse" like with Duolingo. Duolingo is also gamified and acts like you can learn a language by working on it just 5 or 10 minutes a day, meanwhile Busuu is serious and does expect you to put some actual time in. It also doesn't turn everything into a retarded competition of "keeping up your streak" and trying to be on the learderboard.

No. 1181925

File: 1652617197986.jpg (84.84 KB, 700x700, shutterstock_608495408.jpg)

Made macaroons last night using oat flour because I didn't have almonds. They turned out great, they have feet and everything! Only had to bake them twice as long as the recipe called for, kek. Anyways, who wants to have a tea party with me now?

No. 1181926

File: 1652617374648.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.32 KB, 581x732, SmartSelect_20220515-082054_On…)

jesus christ I just came across risuka/jirai kei culture on tiktok and I feel sick. I did some more looking into it on twitter and found a video of someone with a weird straw needle or something jabbed into their arm, just spurting blood all over the place. NSFW. Why would someone do this? They could literally die just by losing so much blood.

Side note, I've never been the type to feel this way but I'm starting to feel woozy/sick when seeing blood. Not sure what changed in me. My bf cut his finger the other day and I couldn't even look.

No. 1181928

Those teas cups are adorable and I'll gladly have a tea party with you anon. We can to in a big fancy garden under the trees while we watch the wonderful landscape and our pets play with each other in the grass.

No. 1181932

wtf is this? aesthetics wiki shows none of that gorey stuff, just boring uwu girly outfits

No. 1181933

There are blogs were people collect pictures of anime feet and shoes. DRAWN FEET AND SHOES WTF

No. 1181935

risuka ("wristcut") is like a subculture part of jirai kei. Basically jirai kei is about being a mentally ill/dark cute girl. So they glorify wrist cutting.

No. 1181962

When I was a child (but now too actually) I used to really like any song or track that had a lot of what I interpreted as "purple" notes. Purple notes for me were those notes that are in between all
the regular notes, if that makes sense.

No. 1181990

File: 1652622628385.jpeg (47.15 KB, 320x321, D35B4EF0-D564-40B4-80A6-690FE9…)

my sister gave me a teasingly nasty look because I like listening to music with my headphones in the bathroom kek. pls don’t judge me anons

No. 1182002

So incredibly tryhard. Ugh.

No. 1182004

Holy shit, same. I'm literally the normiest, clueless, boring girl to everyone. I literally cannot physically talk about my interests or even my honest thoughts. Complete npc tier.

No. 1182021

File: 1652624868898.jpg (40.46 KB, 600x590, 00273cc13e79bbad8f167f1c7b920f…)

Can someone edit this pic with a suitable background

No. 1182024

i literally cannot imagine why this is something to give anyone any sort of look over lol. she's the weird one for having an opinion about it tbh

No. 1182025

File: 1652625133027.png (289.67 KB, 600x590, 1652624868898.png)

knock yourself out

No. 1182060

Thanks Ill leave it like this and use it when I'm unnecessary getting involved in the next heated infight

No. 1182062

which songs have a lot of purple notes? Can you post some examples?

No. 1182063

File: 1652626775272.jpg (67.31 KB, 720x902, 4dbc32c2d8c7c7c268be62918a658e…)

Pray or manifest or whatever for me nonas
I have this job entry exam today and although I studied for it, it's gonna be a bitch ass exam because whenever you get a thing wrong, it cancels out a thing you got right. Plus I also have to write a short essay.
I just wanna help my mom pay the bills at home and leave neetdom aghh

No. 1182085

File: 1652627791583.jpg (109.96 KB, 540x910, a85c6d282504239ebbeed0f65de079…)

No. 1182088

No. 1182111

Anyone else think this to themselves? Obviously using ‘scrotes’ instead of ‘bitches’

No. 1182207

He looks like boyega

No. 1182221

File: 1652637184657.jpg (76.82 KB, 612x472, Untitled56_polarr.jpg)

Imagine you're walking down a dark alleyway, all alone, at 3am and hear a sound behind you, then you turn your head around and see this…

No. 1182225

There's a wasp in my room! How the fuck did it get in? As soon as I realised the insect buzzing was coming from inside I closed the door and ran out. How do I get rid of it… I don't want to kill it… I'm scared.

No. 1182227

This looks like an interesting screenshot of a psychological thriller visual novel

No. 1182228

File: 1652637536212.png (136.75 KB, 896x186, wasp trap.png)

This works, but idk how long it will take.

No. 1182230

It’s been almost 6 months and I’m still angry at this guy I briefly dated for manipulating me into sleeping with him. I don’t even know who I’m more mad at. Him or myself for putting myself in such a dangerous situation. I used to feel bad for ghosting him but you know what? Fuck that. He got off easy.

No. 1182233

File: 1652637688229.jpg (77.03 KB, 612x472, cat.jpg)

what does the cat say

No. 1182236

Thank you Nona I'm going to try this! I don't have any huge Litre bottles like that, hopefully a standard water bottle will work.

No. 1182237

File: 1652637840531.jpg (81.24 KB, 612x472, sage.jpg)

you may save this pic and use it as necessary, sisters.

No. 1182242

File: 1652638237425.jpg (576.71 KB, 1400x1080, 1652638133138.jpg)

Same anon as >>1182221 and this just made me realise that this pic looks a thousand times better with this visual novel header kek. Thanks nonnie.

No. 1182246

What do you guys do when you’re sad at nothing in particular but just the general sad state of your life and when you want to do something but nothing feels interesting and when you want to snack on something but there’s nothing in particular you actually want and when you want to cry but there’s no tears coming out
Appreciate any help for this weird feeling

No. 1182251

Recently “woke up” from like a horrific schizoid depression in which I loathe everything I’ve ever done with my life up til this point in the last four years. Actually I still loathe the things I’m kind of stuck with but I’ve been counteracting them with simple things. Basic bitch things like sitting out in the sun and reading or going on a walk or just in general kind of view the miserable wiring of my brain from the outside and being like girl shut up. Just doing the things being depressed or sick makes you avoid and neglect even if I don’t want to. I think that’s probably like the best form of “self care” just making sure you’re doing what you should be even if you don’t want to. I also watch YouTube videos of things I do not give a fuck about that mean nothing to my life in any way if they’re interesting. And if you don’t want to eat a snack drink a beverage. Get fun ones you’ve never tried and keep ‘‘em in the fridge idk. Life as a whole can suck so bad if you let it pile up lol.

No. 1182253

i like to window shop to see if there is a worthy find to buy. also just snack lol i mean i might as well make it fun if im sad. or go for a walk to brighten the day.

No. 1182325

i mean it's not too often you see someone wearing headphones in a bathroom. it is interesting.

No. 1182329

Self-harm, but don't do that. Sometimes I watch cute or wholesome YouTube videos for some time and it takes me out of it. Or go for a simple walk, maybe you'll see something cool or interesting.

No. 1182335

I got one of these as a gift. Haven't used it yet.

No. 1182338

nta but there's nothing cool or interesting if you live in the suburbs..a walk would be fine but boring tbh

No. 1182340

File: 1652643112707.jpg (94.36 KB, 800x800, Portable-Sauna-New-Steam-Gener…)

this image is even better

No. 1182341

This feels like something I would find on deviantart. Like "woman trapping another woman and making her smell her feet steam" fetish art.

No. 1182342

Secret footjob device

No. 1182448

File: 1652647985267.jpeg (17.4 KB, 200x174, E5BEDF8E-236D-4D81-A3E8-C96EF8…)

do you anons remember max and ruby? I was just thinking about it and decided to Google when it first came out and I've just gone down a rabbit hole of different theories and apparently max has autism kek

No. 1182457

This shit was my entire life back in the day

No. 1182465

I wish it was fall already. I love fall fashion, can't wait to go to school again (starting college!) and movies, walks, everything is just better in the fall. No neighbors outside talking about this and that, just rain, peace and quiet. I hate the sun, can't wear scarves and I have no insulation so my place is scolding all the time, when I go outside it's too hot and when it's dark it's humid as fuck. Fall is the best.

No. 1182498

So the trap didn't work. I must have made a mistake creating it because the wasp was completely disinterested. In the end I had to stun it with air freshener and beat the shit out of it with a roll of newspaper. My room smells horrible and I can't open the windows to ventilate for fear of another unwelcome guest, but I feel so much better knowing it's dead and gone.
Thank you Nona who mentioned the trap. Just the fact that you replied gave me some emotional strength.

No. 1182502

Same nonna. It's already sitting at mid 70F in my city and I already feel uncomfortable. It gets super humid here too, and I hate it. I want my chilly weather back!! Sweater weather! Beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows everywhere! Apple picking!!

No. 1182507

i like trying new things to see if they maybe can momentarily break that monotonous, depressed, apathetic feeling. i go to the store with headphones on and see if there's a candy or drink i haven't tried before that looks good. i like to put on a new anime in the background while doing chores, that way i don't have to focus on it but can tell if i'll enjoy it. i started playing old gameboy games online also, so i guess i like to surround myself with nostalgic things since they'll always make me feel some type of way

No. 1182510

oh also, going on long drives. sometimes i'll take myself camping or just travel to a small town for the day

No. 1182513

how do you know you'll enjoy an anime if you don't focus on it tho, like what if it's plot-heavy or has little details you'll miss

No. 1182534

I hate how the Colourpop website will say "Hey, where'd you go?" if I leave the tab. Clingy ass site.

No. 1182586

No. 1182616

File: 1652659227563.jpeg (134.78 KB, 530x824, 8F8FF30F-4EED-402E-951A-A2CEF4…)

had my brain just been melted by weed or does this character’s proportions look really weird? all official art of her looks stiff like this and it’s bothering me. is it just her giant boobs?? she looks so strange.

No. 1182619

I think it's because of the tiny head + pencil neck.

No. 1182650

File: 1652663590254.jpeg (15.72 KB, 640x480, images (4).jpeg)

Yeah, it's super stiff
My main issue is with the shoulders, it doesn't have a natural slope and it looks like picrel

No. 1182682

The artist is kinda retarded, tbh in his defense he was a sculptor and not really an illustrator previosly to danganronpa, if you compare some of his in game illustrations from the later games to the first one there's some improvement there but kek

No. 1182698

i hope all of you had a good day, and if you didn't, i hope tomorrow is kinder to you

No. 1182700

Thank you nonita that's very kind. Sweet dreams tonight and safe travels tomorrow

No. 1182709

File: 1652670598666.jpeg (127.62 KB, 1600x1155, 5FDE3DDE-306A-4AF3-BC89-7A7B5E…)

Sleep well, anonaninacina, I hope tomorrow is also a good day for you.

No. 1182855

TIL my cat likes cucumbers. I gave her a slice so she'd sniff it and go away but she chomped down on it

No. 1182860

I started to collage again out of nowhere and almost completed one in a single go, albeit a small one. I have no friends or social media though, so my parents just got a text at 1am with a picture if it so far kek

No. 1182879

File: 1652682466732.gif (1.07 MB, 242x378, a86d4f63dc41c7fb1c519e0ab0ca85…)

Anyone use Bullfrog sunscreen? Need to know thoughts. I am aware there is a thread in /g/, just figured I may fine a lovely nona that may use the sunscreen but not the thread. Kek

No. 1182916

this random ass lee pace gif

No. 1182982

File: 1652686731392.gif (2.66 MB, 360x202, 2ii2ks.gif)

Nonna, you like the gif don't you.

No. 1183006

no way Microsoft was not named after Bill Ga(y)tes weener

No. 1183036

try it and report back

No. 1183040

The styling in Twilight did all of the actors so dirty especially Robert Pattinson my god

No. 1183041

File: 1652690563534.jpg (56.39 KB, 600x600, 5a9e2a099359edec6ce4d030dda384…)

I know right?? And the fact that some zoomers are copying Bella's 'style' cracks me up like why

No. 1183055

This is how I used to dress back then, kek.

No. 1183057

File: 1652691645751.png (1.57 MB, 979x652, Screenshot 2022-05-16 110010.p…)

I love vaporwave color palettes

No. 1183064

File: 1652692005773.gif (1.99 MB, 343x230, 1341543993363.gif)

Thank you kind tranny for once again showing us your true colors and what you think of women, feminists and lesbians! When us women are told to listen to the TRA's we will know exactly what values you hold.

No. 1183070

Troons aren’t women dumbass

No. 1183072

It's a tranny, just ignore it. He does the work of peaking more people by showing how they see and hate women the way all incels do for us.

No. 1183073

famous old saying call a trans woman a man and he’ll show you exactly why he is one kek

No. 1183077

The eunuchs who are the paypigs of big pharma are the ones eugenics-ing themselves. It's kind of based.

No. 1183078

Just going to start capping threads to show and peak handmaidens. It's worked so far for all the men and women at my otherwise liberal university really well.

No. 1183079

File: 1652692860990.jpg (41.3 KB, 540x303, 1650160222373.jpg)

A little bit of male audacity to peak every once in a while

No. 1183083

I kinda want to get a penpal. I wouldn't know what to write about though. I used to have one when I was like 10, I wish I still had the letters just to look through them one more time.

Also stamps have become so expensive, €1,55 for one letter abroad??

No. 1183086

>misogyny on full display and spamming porn
Ah, how very feminist of you. Thank you for adding to my collection and proving my point

No. 1183087

File: 1652693120627.png (255.24 KB, 700x700, 80E2DE5C-7053-47A0-89ED-A867BD…)

Men can never become women and they need to accept the biological reality or kill themselves. We don’t care either way.

No. 1183088

Ironically, this is very male tranny behaviour. Nicholas Parrott aka Contrapoints did the same thing to feminists. They're just incels who hate women.

No. 1183091

Wanna be my penpal??? I've also been thinking about it recently.

No. 1183092

Male hates women and feminists despite putting on a dress and a wig. What's new?

No. 1183093

Face the truth: mens sexual failure is the result of an overconsumption of porn. Though men are reticent to admit this, as to admit fault immediately dictates they are a worse mate then another non-porn watching man, lessening their chances of getting a real girlfriend. Did you think he beats off to other men? That's the only reason he is like this. Accept you are homosexual, nothing wrong with that. Just don't expect people to lie.

No. 1183095

I’m so sorry my eyesight is shit I thought that was Ezra in there and I was gonna say gas him.

No. 1183096

Awww I'm proud of you!!!

No. 1183098

Wtf is happening right now

No. 1183101

Fair point, except that this implies that men have ever been sexually competent in the first place, before the invention of easily available pornography.

No. 1183106

Sorry nona but I'm not going to give my address to someone on LC lol, I don't think you should either

No. 1183117

There are websites to find penpals like this one https://www.penpalworld.com/ but idk, one look at last logged in people's photos makes me feel uncomfortable lmao. I remember setting account on sth like this when I was younger and only people that would want to exchange addresses were of course old men.
Ideal scenario would be to get to know someone through digital means and once you establish that you get along and are normal, exchange addresses.

No. 1183236

Damn LC is dead as fuck while burgers are asleep… I thought we were predominantly Eurofags. I'm usually asleep around this time too guess I was never missing out on much

No. 1183249

File: 1652700258381.jpg (48.89 KB, 204x205, images.jpg)


No. 1183254

Eurofags are still recovering from Eurovision

No. 1183274

File: 1652701726043.jpg (130.82 KB, 612x874, 20220515_121226.jpg)

Tiktok is so fucking cursed

No. 1183277

File: 1652701758580.jpg (51.48 KB, 734x960, Tumblr_l_296257144589538.jpg)

L o l c o r

No. 1183281

Nonita it's 2pm on a Monday, I'm only on lolcow because I just finished lunch and am enjoying a break

No. 1183282

wtf???? is this grooming???

No. 1183285

File: 1652702087800.jpg (119.08 KB, 1169x916, 20220516_135417.jpg)

Some twitter user (angelengage) compiled stuff from idol tiktok and to me it feels like it's 4chan groomers.

No. 1183286

File: 1652702167789.jpg (120.94 KB, 1169x1556, 20220516_135607.jpg)

It's just fucking weird

No. 1183287

this picture is right though? the fnaf robots are not gay

No. 1183289

I don't know jack shit about fnaf, I just find the concept of japanese idols discussing the sexuality of a popular horror game with robots hilarious. There are a ton of creepy masturbation tiktoks though, didn't want to post more of those.

No. 1183377

File: 1652709405546.jpg (48.83 KB, 600x448, 31fc2c9227ac03641979ff8389edf0…)

/g/ anons have some of the worst taste I've ever seen in my life.

No. 1183393

NTA but I have three LC penpals.
Analytic sites say LC is 52% burgs

No. 1183397

fashion thread could really use an age split

No. 1183401

Which age split do you suggest?

No. 1183403

Hi nonna, I made some penpals on here and if you are comfortable with it, feel free to email me on this throwaway! I am a burgerfag though, so postage will be expensive lol

No. 1183408

It'd only slow down the threads.

No. 1183409

Why do men think they have the right to be fat? That shit is so unappealing

No. 1183411

I've seen anons mention having LC penpals before but how did you feel safe giving someone your full name and address? I get dedicated penpal sites, but LC? I've seen so many raging moids and trannies on here, I fully believe one would be willing to put in the time and effort to get your personal info and do something awful with it.

No. 1183429

I was very nervous but I guess I lucked out lol. There has to be some trust between both sides and things could've gone very, very badly but I'm lucky that they didn't. I gave one penpal my address first, but my other penpal gave me her address first so I didn't have to give any of my info up to her. Give and take.

Honestly my penpals could be raging troons but I'll keep telling myself they aren't lol.

No. 1183436

I exchange emails with them on a throwaway before hand, I don't just drop my address. All three of my pen pals are really awesome.

No. 1183440

File: 1652713576844.png (492.14 KB, 828x841, huehue.png)

The fact that you could literally be one of my penpals is making me so happy kekk

No. 1183442

ahh I see. I'll think about contacting you then (whoever the burgerfag is who dropped her throwaway). It sounds really nice to have an LC penpal but idk about the safety. I'll think about it, thanks nonas!

No. 1183444

i'd never give anyone from this site my address lmao

No. 1183449

File: 1652713956327.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x490, 1630338284787.jpg)


No. 1183452

File: 1652714171642.png (757.63 KB, 739x1393, great good for you wow youre r…)

Yeah, good for you. No one asked for it.

No. 1183454

Man, British news shows are something else lmao

No. 1183455

>Do you identify as broccoli?

No. 1183458

Kek I hate Piers Morgan so fucking much.

No. 1183491

Agreed. And as if they weren't already unwashed and nasty enough as it is, imagine all the lard on to of that. Sometimes I wonder if males are silently competing in who can be the most repulsing creature to roam this earth lol

No. 1183547

What kind of collage? A physical one? Tell me how you made it. I made one before, I have it on my wall right now but I want more.

No. 1183560

File: 1652717186927.jpg (283.07 KB, 1169x2046, 20220516_135749.jpg)

I lovehate this dumb shit

No. 1183665

I'm board

No. 1183728

No. 1183758

Hi board I'm nonnie

No. 1183782

It’s like an infighting between a pickme and radfem

No. 1183809

I swear the goth one jade definitely had a crush on that other girl, tori. Super obvious enemies to lovers but nickelodeon couldn’t do that with the homophobic midwesten biblethumpers who have kids that watch nick

No. 1183814

I had my first proper "sex" dream yesterday (I'm a 24 year old ugly virgin). The guy was hot, with a great body and fluffy hair and I was groping his dick, but then he pulled it out and it was hideous. I kissed him though.

No. 1183879

My condolences

No. 1183912

I know it is impossible and too idealistic to all sit around in a circle singing kumbaya but I wish people would stop looking at each other with so much hatred and suspicion. We are all just human beings, all suffering together, all just trying to carry the burden of being alive on our shoulders. Maybe I am just too young and too naive, but I'm tired of people being pit against each other. Just shut the fuck up.

No. 1183930

Hey girls just came back from a leisurely walk what productive thing did you do in the last hour hm?

No. 1183933

Nah, I don't think that's young and naive. People who think everything is going to be a ratfuck high school war against everyone are naive and probably rootless. But let the people who wish to fight go and fight.

No. 1183942

File: 1652728940754.jpg (16.74 KB, 338x340, farm.jpg)

I spread some grass seed

No. 1183950


No. 1183956

File: 1652729300557.jpg (28.76 KB, 564x654, 5dfa7834251bc08bb26d0b44860a60…)

I just realized that for a big part of my life I thought I didn't like strong/buff men, then I started liking an specific type of stronger men when I was around 25~27 and I thought my tastes just changed - which true enough, but I thought I did an 180 when in actuality, I just finally realized that I never liked and probably never will like men on roids. For a big chunk of my life I just thought all buff dudes were these big, stiff, popping vein ridded weird proportionated Schwarzenegger types and I thought "I guess I like them if they don't work out so much, they could be softer", but they just need to not take enhancing drugs

No. 1183990

tell that to the scrote who shot up a supermarket

No. 1184151

Based nona, congrats on your sexual awakening kek. I agree naturally muscular men look fantastic and it's such a shame many moids into fitness get hooked onto transforming into Hulk-like monstrositites. It's funny because a lot of them say a big reason they start going to the gym is to attract women's attention but then they share memes about how only other fitbros are impressed by their figure. They never actually listen to what we want, only their own warped interpretation of it

No. 1184171

looks like we're back, ladies!!!

No. 1184172

No. 1184173

mods need to show samefagging more often because watching people obviously defend themselves multiple times in a thread and then turn around and accuse others of doing it is pure comedy but they need to be put in their place

No. 1184256

File: 1652753550380.jpg (71.86 KB, 500x487, IMG_20220505_181752.jpg)

im forever going to hate my coworker for doing her makeup in the lobby bathroom for 20 whole minutes while i needed to have explosive diarrhea in PEACE!

this pic is giving me impure thoughts

No. 1184277

I’m chewing gum listening to chewing gum

No. 1184297

File: 1652757586008.jpg (125.03 KB, 683x1024, Sandow.jpg)

imo a natural fit male build trumps all other male aesthetic, also looking at pics of early natural bodybuilders has been enlightening, they all look 1000x times better then the freakish steroid freaks we see on tv and Instagram


No. 1184300

now compare these guys with modern steroid obsessed gym bros

No. 1184301

this looks just as ugly as the roided types tbh

No. 1184302

File: 1652758235987.jpg (7.59 MB, 3072x3158, IMG_20220516_212658.jpg)

ma'am???? this is someone's real last name? this is like the time i checked in a reservation for a black dude whose first name was adolf

No. 1184303

That guy and your picrel should hook up to have a kid named Adolf Hittler Jr. The place you work at can become famous for being the worst matchmaking facility ever

No. 1184306

File: 1652758662514.jpg (32.44 KB, 300x442, Sandow.jpg)

for me these guys are the limit of what muscularity on a human being and I still think they look better then modern steroid freaks

No. 1184312

It always confuses me when I see women say they have trouble finding their own clit. While I understand that some women just have small clits, doesn't everyone's clit get bigger when they're horny or stimulate that general area? Maybe I'm the one with the weird clit.

No. 1184315

no one should have trouble finding it, its in a fixed fuckin location right at the dang top. i feel like those women have to be confusing it for something else

No. 1184321

Mine is really small and doesn't get bigger or exposed, but I always knew it existed because I can feel it. I think women that can't find it are scared of their own sexuality or scared of exploring themselves because it is so easy. That has to be the only explanation.

No. 1184334

do any of you just write paragraphs of text on here as posts or replies and just delete them out of insecurity of sounding insane and people remembering you? im often high and rambling and i only become self aware when i finish writing and just exit the page. imagine all the posts that never got posted for similar reasons to me im sure some of them were great

No. 1184337

File: 1652761309303.png (176.84 KB, 312x439, otp.png)

no shit i write paragarphs of garbage and don't even read them myself that's not a me problem that's a you problem because you have to read the absolute dogggrel that is my stream of conciousness and then suffer through my horrific anime reaction images i do not envy you but lmao you dumbass you actually read this message all the way you are such a clown

No. 1184340

I MEAN, are your pictures really that bad?

No. 1184343


No. 1184344

No. 1184346

File: 1652762624680.jpg (6.08 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

No. 1184353

Why do you post an ugly man kek

No. 1184357

He's my grandfather, show him some respect.

No. 1184360

File: 1652763909324.jpg (37.33 KB, 736x736, c29fd75a4bc11665a890bfb03b1f95…)

Making granola is hard. I don't like that everyone pretends that it is easy.

No. 1184363

I just cannot fucking shave properly. I ALWAYS miss a spot, ALWAYS cut myself accidently and also develop these bleeding ingrown hair follicles. Shaving is a mystery to me

No. 1184369

File: 1652765568323.jpg (56.74 KB, 736x725, 437c3d2405e005c6e192570ebf27a3…)

>Be me
>Watching video
>The guys mentions an oldschool milsim about the Vietnam War with really cool pixel graphics
>"I recommend watching <this person> video about this game, she goes really in depth about it"
>Oh damn, a woman? This is so cool, it's kinda hard to see women in ultra niche stuff like this on yt, I'll definitely check her out
>Clicks on random video on her channel
>Fucking male voice and not even trying to sound anything but
I hate it here, nonnies.

No. 1184373

what game though ?

No. 1184375

The Lost Patrol for Amiga

No. 1184377

A girl I'd known for 2 years suddenly deleted me as a friend sometime the past month. We had the same passions and values. She always sent me pdf books to check out or interesting tutorial videos. I thought some day we'd meet up, damn. I don't even know what to say cause last we talked she basically wanted to mostly quit the net.

No. 1184410

File: 1652771455256.jpg (86.28 KB, 483x462, 1652771402204.jpg)


No. 1184414

No. 1184427

File: 1652773192036.gif (155.27 KB, 150x120, shoe.gif)

The urge to get myself arressted and thrown into jail for a year or 2 so that I can finally get through my /lit/ backlog is back.

No. 1184433

File: 1652773510971.gif (3.18 MB, 640x640, red-dead-redemption2-arthur-mo…)

why tf did kaitlyn tiffany only mention how we're totes ~femcels~ and shit but never mentioned how much we love husbandos?

No. 1184436

File: 1652773650647.jpg (75.01 KB, 721x480, joy.jpg)

My favourite thing about lolcow is that there are NO ADS
YAAAAAY it feels so good, I love lolcow

No. 1184455

when someone is like "my interests are so autistic and weird lolol" and it's just videogames and manga.

No. 1184463

No. 1184469

"this is my special interest!!" and it's my hero academia

No. 1184470

lmaoooo fuck

No. 1184497

I get random twitching in the soft part of my foot every once in a while. Almost feels like a muscle cramp.

No. 1184499

File: 1652776943180.jpg (112.37 KB, 667x350, 1651735963748.jpg)

I picked up running and cardio because I want a flat stomach but I wish my boobs just stayed at this size. I don't get any pain from running but I got some stretch marks on my boobs and now I'm worried, maybe a bit of chub isn't so bad.

No. 1184600

After a week of scorching heat, the temperature is finally dropping and it's raining. I'm happyy

No. 1184608

File: 1652782029218.jpg (1.35 MB, 1044x1046, PEEEEEEPOOOO.JPG)

Being a millenial/gen z cusp is kinda cool. I get best and worst from both worlds.

No. 1184612

Flat stomach comes from the kitchen/what you eat. Cardio is great for you and you should keep doing it, but yah… Have realistic expectations.

No. 1184643

A proper running bra might help i think, there’s some that have so much support they’re basically chestplates

No. 1184731

Same. I hate it here.

No. 1184737

File: 1652785582124.jpg (21.85 KB, 640x462, FFECbjOVIAAcwUj.jpg)

So I feel like lolcow can be like this at times, there are so many "hypothetical people" mentioned on lc that I have never seen or heard off in real life, boymoms, gamer bfs who live off their girlfriend and seeing troons everywhere(I think I saw one TIM prostitute on the street once and that's it) its absurd cause IRL if you were to ask 90% of people normal people about all the hypothetical peoples I listed, they would be confused

No. 1184743

The transgender boogeyman is a common theme I’m tired of, it’s never contained to a respective thread and somehow always leaches into threads you shouldn’t possibly be seeing it mentioned.

No. 1184746

Then leave.

No. 1184747

No bitch stop being crazy

No. 1184749

I always wonder how people know multiple trannies. I went to art college and still only knew about 2. Mind you I left 6 years go so maybe things are different now…maybe its worse if you’re studying tech.

No. 1184751

Um, that's boogeyperson to you

No. 1184752

>I left 6 years ago
Yeah get on with the times

No. 1184755

Same. Too millennial for the zoomers, too zoomer for millennials. Love to see it.
Let’s all start a club for fags born 1994 - 1996.

No. 1184759

I just think it’s mentally exhaustive to see it in literally every single thread. Like if I’m in some random thread why do I have to see the same thing being talked about in circles as all the other ones. It’s become so boring.

No. 1184760

File: 1652786127646.jpeg (47.27 KB, 800x533, 74EC9451-8F69-4D21-B607-B84C07…)

Come again?

No. 1184763

Nobody likes you.

No. 1184764

I'm in your walls.

No. 1184765

Transvestite whores are very common in my country, boymoms are a commin phenomenon too. It's cultural and it might not apply to you but that doesn't change the fact that some anons might have those experiences.

No. 1184766

Not possible, I’m in your walls. The rats told me nobody likes you.

No. 1184767

Close the lolcow tab and go watch youtube then, shit talking trannies is fun

No. 1184768

What the fuck is a boymom

No. 1184770

Not true. The rats told me they love me.

No. 1184771

It may shock you to hear this but other people can have different lived experiences from you

No. 1184772

But do you understand what I’m saying? It’s like when an autist has to bring up their special interest when it doesn’t apply in any way.

No. 1184775

Of course they told you that, they don’t want you to call the exterminator. But they told me you’re a bitch and your farts smell like you need to reset your diet.

No. 1184778

Ok give me some tips on a better diet then. Since you like smelling my farts.

No. 1184780

A mom with a son who is obsessed with the fact she birthed a male

No. 1184781

The rats said not to give you any tips for your well-being because they need the rotisserie chicken scraps you shove under your bed.

No. 1184784

Oh, those are totally real and they’ve been around since the dawn of time, only in my day we called them narc moms.

No. 1184785

File: 1652786762346.png (280.94 KB, 690x388, pfwe9ruwrfio.png)

>rotisserie chicken scraps

No. 1184792

Because I’m in your walls.

No. 1184805

File: 1652787486037.png (253.24 KB, 301x400, rerefvgv.png)

True I forgot. Want some chicken?

No. 1184818

Your drywall is very filling thanks

No. 1184835

Bump for regular troon moid degeneracy once again proving why we need single sex spaces away from deranged incel men in dresses.

No. 1184839

What are you even talking about

No. 1184844

There was some tranny faggot posting dicksucking pics right now but they stopped, I think he got banned

No. 1184845

Can you read? Tranny posting porn, so bumped to save anons from the degenerate coomer spam.

No. 1184846

NTA but don't scroll down page 1. Prepare for yet another possible CP raid. This time they'll surely prove that they're valid "girls" and better than biological women!

No. 1184848

File: 1652788853020.jpeg (12.05 KB, 480x360, 8CE8967B-8391-422E-B69D-6BB59C…)

They follow the exact same pattern as the really horrible cp spam a week or so ago and all of those trannies where talking about how “terfs deserve it” on that incel forum. They’re all fucking pedos and prove it time and time again.

No. 1184849

I think it's gone now, thankfully

No. 1184851

Kek an incel forum? Really? I thought trans women were not men?

No. 1184856

Maybe the true femcels were trannies all along.

No. 1184866

No. 1184892

someone did post cp on /m/

No. 1184894

So is it edgy le epic tr0lololing or just a desperate attempt to get the board taken down?

No. 1184897

does anyone else remember the robot containment threads? it's bizarre to imagine that being a thing here now, the attitude towards moids has changed so much

No. 1184902

And I'm thankful for that. Hopefully in the future more women online will realize that being free from males is better than having to hide among them, afraid of having your own opinions.

No. 1184918

File: 1652792210879.png (2.08 MB, 2112x2012, 1650752580023.png)

Yes, it was discussed recently on a thread. Here's a link to the rk9 one though

>the attitude towards moids has changed so much
As it should

No. 1184927

Why the fuck do moids feel compelled to post pictures of themselves on anonymous imageboards? Even if it's censored, it's just fucking weird. Literally all they can talk about otherwise is cooming, you can tell they're men instantly just by the way they're retarded

No. 1184962

File: 1652793728509.jpeg (596.95 KB, 640x921, 7C667941-E997-41C2-8EEE-FE91F9…)

Men are so fucking disgusting it’s unbelievable. I can’t believe they where ever allowed a space on this site. This is the shit they post when they do: pictures of (mostly) little girls and young teenagers, numbered, with “rolling” which in scrote language means “roll some dice and see which one you will be fucking”. Disgusting subhumans.

No. 1184968

32 is a bearded man, right?

No. 1184976

File: 1652794057403.jpeg (335.51 KB, 568x1007, DF9F3D7C-3631-4C99-BDD7-B37B84…)

Yeah not all of them are but some of them are little girls
Also look at this femoids: we need to give up our precious time to deal with their vile behaviour and hope that one day maybe they will consider being nice to us and “consider” seeing us as full human beings. They should all fucking kill themselves.

No. 1184978

Yup, that’s 4chan.

No. 1184981

It’s not 4chan, it was a “robot containment thread” that was on this site 6 years ago.

No. 1184987

The source of the images is 4chan. They lifted the images from threads on 4chan.

No. 1184991

Yes and they carried their degeneracy over here to shove it in our faces that they’re all fucking pedos. They think it will make us jealous of the 12 year old girls but really it’s a gigantic black pill that half of the human species doesn’t deserve to fucking breathe.

No. 1184994

Take a breather anon, they’ve done this shit for years, yeah. It’s literally just to troll you and by the sound of it, it worked. That screenshot is six years old.

No. 1184996

The reason is simple: man love to suck each other's dicks. They post they horrendous greasy fugly mug shots and their fellas be like: "looking good, king!" and shit like that. And they believe each other so much they think they are entitled to criticize any woman, from the girl next door to the model. Men are retarded like that.

Basic male behavior.

I think is past the time we solve the men problem. They are literal plague in the planet. Men don't deserve rights and there is too much of them. I am so sick of being obligated to pretend they are "equal" to me.

No. 1185000

I think that’s always been the most painful part about chans. There could be a sea of just pure vitriolic unending hatred toward women and then there would be threads of selfies asking how to “improve” and it would be the most fucked up looking Petri dish specimen and everyone will be like oh you look okay king but you should exercise and get a hair cut and wear comfy but nice clothes etc.

No. 1185058

I translated the OP song of one of my favorite shoujo anime into my language and just trying to sing it is making me cry
It's just so cute, why do I have to cry at cute things?

And you know what's funny and stupid is how they'll tell each other that they look fine, or alternatively tell each other what women like, because scrotes don't give a fuck about what women have to say so they'd rather listen to other braindead males, and then wonder why no woman wants them. lmao

No. 1185071

It’s almost like they’re all secretly gay with how obsessed with being attractive to other men they are.

No. 1185079

Men only care about preening to other men and the “ha ha it’s so gay” thing is tired and not funny anymore because it’s a “ha ha everyone hates women and refuse to acknowledge their humanity” thing.

No. 1185080

My dad's lock screen is a baby photo of me but if you look closely it's a photo he uploaded to facebook and then screenshotted hahahahaha. I just think it's so funny. Also I was a really fucking cute baby, like god damn.

No. 1185213

File: 1652802751984.jpg (39.07 KB, 482x375, B5IAWDSCMNG7VKHM76ZZHC7A6Y.JPG)

This is how interacting with lurking males on lolcow feels like smh

No. 1185289

It took me 2 seconds to spot the Y but maybe it's just me kek

No. 1185307

there's like 5 lol

No. 1185322

File: 1652807527203.jpg (14.29 KB, 306x600, f47c753cce76a0e12af2c3b4f9728f…)

What style of shirt is this called?

No. 1185324

That's a mock neck.

No. 1185330

For real though, it'd never look good on anyone else.

No. 1185462

this and she lets her son get away with awful shit while shitting on her daughter for miniscule things. anyone who has never met a boymom probably has a really nice family.

No. 1185586

tfw I'll never have a bf like this

No. 1185589

I have a patron, a woman who keeps asking me to paint for her, which is great but she only ever asks for paintings of mother theresa, I think I've painted six mother theresas so far, I forget. I don't mind, I like painting the wrinkles on her face

No. 1185596

why would you want one like that

No. 1185684

File: 1652819004398.jpg (152.89 KB, 1024x683, 16buffalo-survivors2-jumbo.jpg)

I used to draw people on my subway ride home to practice. It was really fun! I did get nervous because some people noticed me doing it. I wasn't trying to make people into caricatures or anything, it was genuinely just practice. I was never good at art but it's something that I like to do. Maybe I should go out this weekend and draw some places around my city.

No. 1185686

Wrong picture?

No. 1185691

File: 1652819174053.gif (2.91 MB, 275x275, 794411D9-38C0-489A-9D02-2F8538…)

This website bores me but I still go on it for hours every day

No. 1185701

File: 1652819574676.jpg (145.66 KB, 600x383, Telluride-Festival-Plein-Air-A…)

KEK I meant to upload this but I just my brain shit itself and the multitude of colors blurred together

No. 1185703

Gyno asked me if i grow hair on my face, inner thigs and stomach, i said yes, a little - later i read the doctors summary and she diagnoses me with hirsutism?? I thought we were friends bitch!

No. 1185707

>> but I just my brain shit itself
Anon please kek you’ve made me laugh. I hope you and your brain have a good day.

No. 1185711

You has a case of hairy bitchness

No. 1185724

I don't know if this is weird, but I wish I could remember my first orgasm better. I only have a very vague memory of it. I do remember my first good orgasm well though.

No. 1185734

So I'm not supposed to be growing hair on those places after all? I suspected I might have a mild case of hirsutism, but whenever I googled how much body hair for a woman is normal I only got the answer that anything's fine. It's a good message and all, but if that's all it takes to get diagnosed with it, I'm wondering again if I maybe do have hirsutism in the end…

No. 1185759

update: I did a quick diagnostic test on myself to see if I actually do have hirsutism, and I don't even have it in mild form. Here it is: https://www.aafp.org/afp/2012/0215/afp20120215p373.pdf
I suspected she was bullshitting, and confirmed my suspicions when she also diagnosed genital warts to me. Again, did 5 mins of research and no, don't have them either. You're probably just the tiniest bit hairier than the average woman (which I think is kinda hot)

No. 1185779

My first one.. I thought I was having a spiritual experience. I was standing up during it and it was all very dramatic. Glad my first was a good one but at the same time..I feel like it was probably my best one and there's no topping it.

Maybe it was a spiritual experience

No. 1185782

I love being a lesbian for this reason, I'm pale with dark hair so any sort of tiny peach fuzz I have will be visible in high lighting. I've had so many people try to gaslight me to make me feel like there's something wrong with me for having hair but little do they know I've slept with a lot of women to know it's 100% normal and my body hair is pretty light in comparison

No. 1185808

I have never had one but I pray when I do it will be to thoughts of my husbando

No. 1185862

despite browsing this site almost daily, i’ve somehow managed to avoid every single cp spam. knock on wood, of course

No. 1185884

Bump for scrote spam. How shocking they are incel men in dresses.

No. 1185910

I'm watching a youtube vid and the woman in it is pretty glam looking, she's telling a storytime and is talking about a time when she was dating and two men wanted her. Mid sentence she lets out the biggest belch and carries on like nothing happened. She just seems like the kind of woman to not do that and leave it in in. Weirdly jarring lol

No. 1185919

fucking same I hate it

my dad is supposed to be tech/computer-savvy and yet he still keeps copy-pasting low-res pictures from google images and pasting them on a Word document and saving them like that, and also screenshotting whole web pages using Prnt Scrn and pasting them on Word from the beginning to the end of the page to print them like that. Holy shit dad, ffs

No. 1185923

File: 1652829805999.gif (1.03 MB, 245x225, download.gif)

I'm so happy, I hope i don't jinx myself though.

No. 1185924

Uhhh so the scoop is my bf's cousins were caught being inappropriate with each other. They're brother and sister in their early 20s. What the fuck

No. 1185926

I used to think I have hirsutism or PCOS because I grow hair out of my chin, chest, stomach, pretty much everywhere except my fingers and it’s pretty bad and a damper on my already shitty self-esteem but I think it is a random genetic thing that has nothing to do with any disorders. Who knows I could be wrong but there’s nothing wrong with I lol

No. 1185934

I hate when I sit up and a bunch of blood just rushes out of my vagina

No. 1185964

At first I thought they were cousins, so I thought "oh well, those things happen sometimes" but then I read "they're brother and sister". Yeah, that's pretty fucked up

Same, going through it right now

No. 1186025

File: 1652838343404.jpg (27.74 KB, 413x413, mfw.jpg)

is it bad that i'm strictly attracted to guys who look like they haven't eaten or slept in days? do i have shit taste?

No. 1186049

File: 1652841116713.gif (8.16 MB, 640x480, DC845916-0F13-4C73-8D8A-8F99D9…)

i’m almost on the verge of tears right now gus-anon i’m exactly like you i love you i’m not just like patrick bateman i’m gustavo from breaking bad

No. 1186051

No. 1186054

File: 1652841484739.jpg (42.67 KB, 379x720, fd273e3bb9153aefecef1ec9f78949…)

This post is dead serious. I'm going back in time and need a partner. You can pick the year and place but I can't take you back. I will teleport to you. You can take a backpack full of stuff. I fully expect to use our technology to start a new religion that forces men to be submissive and requires them to take an oath of silence.

No. 1186059

I think dark circles under eyes are attractive. jfc stop worrying so much about what you like

No. 1186062

Let’s go back to 1984. It’s a good place to start — not too far back but just far back enough that it'd be interesting. I’m down to start the religion, one of the main facets should be aborting males. If we were in the early 80s we could save the world a lot of pain by making sure people like Onision were aborted instead of born. <3

No. 1186065

i feel guilty for liking anything at all honestly

No. 1186083

I love the broil setting on my oven so much. Just broiled some hashbrowns.

No. 1186085

I'll let you pick everything so long as I can come along. This is the only way to make the world a better place and I'm so so down

No. 1186086

I've been working out for only a week (or maybe a few days more, I'm not really counting) and my butt is already looking fantastic muhaha! I've only been doing squats but I might try sit ups too to get a slightly less flabby stomach. And maybe push ups eventually, though I'm very bad at those, I can't even get myself off the ground lol so I'll have to train my arms a bit. I want to maintain my natural figure though, but I think if I don't go overboard with it it will be okay. Or only do sit ups or push ups every other day instead of every day and less of them since I only really wanted a nicer looking ass lol.

No. 1186099


No. 1186107

My English professor has the same voice as Kevin Conroy’s Batman, too bad my essays were never good enough for him.

No. 1186119

File: 1652846610020.gif (5.44 MB, 498x377, salami-slicing-machine.gif)

No. 1186128

Genuinely surprised this wasn’t a reply to some moid

No. 1186130

I've been swimming for a few months and I can't believe that I have a normal-looking butt now. It used to be so horrible and pathetic. I'm happy for you as well, nona!

No. 1186136

>chilling in my room reading something on my computer in silence
>suddenly hear a cat yowling bloody murder outside
>ermmm… wtf lol
>goes into my sister's room and asks her if she heard that
>"I didn't hear anything anon"
>ermmmm wtf lol
>hear it again
>looks out my window and the cat yowling stops, doesn't hear again after that
>Oh dios mio I've done a terrible thing haven't I
>If I let in a spooky scary ghost I can at least film it and monetize on youtube

No. 1186158

kek i'd definitely use that gif as a response to dumb scrote shit

No. 1186196

My cat is sitting on my lap as I skim Foodie Beauty videos and she burped so loud he lifted his head and started sniffing for it. Gross kitty.

No. 1186214

unironically my ~manifestation~ song

No. 1186219

File: 1652857854815.jpg (30.89 KB, 512x512, cat.jpg)


No. 1186222

File: 1652858069181.jpg (227.41 KB, 1820x1820, birds-critters-animals-3d-mode…)

sup gurl

No. 1186223

My cat likes to smell my mouth. If I'm laying in my bed, she'll crawl onto me until she reaches my mouth and stares at me until I open my mouth. Cats are strange. Kek.

No. 1186310

seriously everyone on the drama boards is an ethot of some kind or what

No. 1186332

File: 1652870612328.gif (14.38 KB, 56x53, 1651985728325.gif)

Nonnie, do you ever check your past classmates after years? I am so bored after the workout I might as well do that.

No. 1186334

Yess, they all seem a lot more social and active than I am and it makes me feel sad. I'm still doing cool stuff I think, but I'm doing it on my lonesome.

No. 1186349

The normie ones have normie lives with their normie wives lol (and husbands). The high achievers are all doing well in their respective careers and are turning into fine members of society lol. The trashy ones have stayed trashy. Some have become sex offenders. Some have emigrated to the Emirates to be property tycoons and me and the burnouts are all working but living in a state of arrested development getting high and still acting like we're young and free in our off time.

No. 1186421

My cats simply love the toys I bought them and I feel so proud. They're both SO picky with treats and toys, but that just leads to the streetcats ending up with bomb ass treats and toys to play with. This neighbourhood has like 40+ strays, and I have room in my heart for each one. So far no cat likes beef liver treats.

No. 1186432

What kind of toys?? Please tell as I also have picky babies. I recently got them this crinkle fish though that they both are obsessed with, so much so that I've already bought three more! I bought beef liver cat treats as well and my cats completely ignore them.

No. 1186434

File: 1652877842922.jpg (2.58 MB, 4032x3024, crinkle fish.jpg)

Samefag, here is a pic of my little old man with the crinkle fish

No. 1186445

Oh he's SO cute!! I bought them one of those mice that squeak when they're touched because they're so obsessed with bird noises. I have a bunch of apps/games for them on an old iPad and they seemed more preoccupied with where the sound was coming from than the screen. So it worked nicely! I'm gonna try one of those battery-operated rolling toys covered in feathers next. I feel like a really shitty parent when I can tell that they're bored

No. 1186489

i still find it hilarious that an anon posted a pic of a gay moid from a reddit bodybuilding sub on the celebricow thread and claimed it was her boyfriend kek

No. 1186532

I have a job interview I today and I’m so nervous. It’s 4 back to back zoom calls and I’m so bad at those, so I’m just coping right now and saying that it’s all for practice and I don’t even want the job.

No. 1186549

File: 1652886001749.png (1.03 MB, 1200x630, download.png)

My birthday is in a few weeks. Might ask my parents if we can go to Outback Steakhouse again. Yeah I can ask to go someplace fancy but… I'm just a basic bitch who loves Outback kek.

Also their free bread is the best free bread of them all and I will die on this hill.

No. 1186560

I remember I used to read the r/smalldickproblems sub a few years ago just for lols and there was one thread in particular that always stuck with me. These guys never shut up about how no woman would ever want or accept them and how they didn't want to get good at oral or to use toys or to do anything else construsctive to please a partner… they just wanted a woman to come along and tell them their dick is perfect and big and it even hurts to take (all the pain talk surprised me) So one day someone starts a thread with a list of medical problems women can have that lead to them not being able to handle size. The suggestion being to date a woman with one of these disorders. The list ranged from vaginismus all the way to types of cancer women get.

The response from pretty much every guy… I don't want to date a defective woman! Talking about cancer survivors with sensitive cervixes as if they're a write off and should now die alone even rejected by guys with one inch dicks. What the actual fuck. You've found your small dick loving woman though guys?

I was reading some of the weird small dick caping posts in g yesterday and it made me wish I had the link to drop lol. Wtf are you caping for. Assuming you're actually a woman they wouldn't do the same for you. They'll seethe over you liking big ones and then shit on you for the opposite too.

No. 1186577

nonnie i have to say…the bread that comes before a meal hits different, it's always better than the actual meal. i hope you have an awesome birthday and lots of free bread!

No. 1186651

omg anon he is so cute and fluffy

No. 1186661

outback bread is so good they now sell a whole ass loaf in my country. wish they'd sell their butter too, that shit is so good, i've never been able to replicate it

also, happy birthday!

No. 1186667

You guys really need to learn to recognize trolls I’ve never seen so many clueless summerfags

No. 1186798

i never find info on any of them beyond their address and phone number

No. 1186956

File: 1652902272915.gif (6.83 MB, 480x360, FAF2CDB2-8DB2-41C4-9CC8-23A0B1…)

Another day of scrolling for hours on end while being totally uninterested in everything I see

No. 1186957

No. 1186965

No. 1186981

wanna die tbh

No. 1186992

File: 1652904179522.png (1.14 MB, 1200x630, shutterstock_1051309439.png)

>take my sleeping pill
>read a little bit of manga
>play 'Rain On The Window | Sleep Meditation, White Noise and Sleep Music by Sleep Sounds Podcast' on spotify with timer
>knock out snug at 12
This last week has felt like pure heaven. The pills are only temporary so I'm scared for when I run out.

No. 1187000

Hopefully the ritual you made will be enough for the future, nonnatella.

No. 1187031

Thanks nona!! I wish I could just go and eat the bread. The food is good, but I'm really there for the bread. It's so good, the best of them all.

Thank you!! Also what country do you live in?! I need to move there lol. Don't they just give whipped butter on the side? Aaaaaaaaahhh I'm so excited to eat their bread now hehe

No. 1187043

File: 1652906907766.jpg (106.81 KB, 530x821, f0bd6392d7f73d3682dc4e95e4f69f…)

nonnie you have to take me and we have to go to 1910, I'm taking a backpack full of soaps and antibiotics and I give you my word that there is no better time period to attempt this, men were very receptive to new ideas at the turn of the century, we can change history forever please please please please PLE I'M BEGGING YOU NONNIE

No. 1187078

I nominate >>1187043 and may the goddess aid you on your journey

No. 1187088

File: 1652908654993.jpg (111.96 KB, 750x500, PD2A181420j4.jpg)

I've been watching a lot of workout videos, especially military training/work out/courses, and naturally that usually has a lot of buff dudes on the thumbnails. My boyfriend saw my recommended full of these videos and he was like: "Okay, I got your message", which fine, that would be cool… But sweaty, I just wanna achieve that marine corps body, strength, mobility and endurance I deserve. I will carry you upstairs.

No. 1187091

I love that, despite the downfall of Jeffree Star, the makeup community still has little bits and pieces of drama. I don't think it will ever be as juicy as it used to be though.

No. 1187111

File: 1652909409132.jpg (39.74 KB, 545x452, 1912.jpg)

thank you sister, I pray you will begin to see the effects of our work very soon

No. 1187128

File: 1652910032980.jpeg (99.72 KB, 606x918, E94A4345-FF56-4CAA-81E2-1450A3…)

I’m going to do a test that I feel like I’m going to do mediocre in/fail. Pray for me nonas

No. 1187132

File: 1652910491411.jpeg (13.85 KB, 275x182, 1648882556115.jpeg)

Good luck nonny!

No. 1187137

No. 1187199

me too nonita! Let's be bffs and be hot together <3

No. 1187239

>Dress with the coolest clothes I own
>Get approached by girls all the time
>"Wow anon you look great!!!"
>Boys visibly intimidated by my Stacy energy
I did it anons I fucking did it, I'm so proud of myself

No. 1187250

No. 1187280

File: 1652925629353.jpg (48.42 KB, 449x588, cat-sitting-like-a-person-with…)

I'll never get over that my closest grocery store stopped carrying Quorn products.
On the plus side, they started selling some other vegan chicken brand that's pretty good, so I guess I'll live. nothing can compare to the Quorn nuggets and pieces though.

No. 1187297

I bought a shirt with an extremely low cut (the bottom of the cut sits close to the bottom of my tits) but I'm flat chested so all you see is… the disappointment of my flat chest and barely visible boobs in this flowy blouse with a very busy, colorful pattern. It makes me feel hot as fuck though so I'm happy I bought it. I hope I disappoint someone when they expect cleavage and get absolutely none of it.

No. 1187303

I just drew a self portrait and It's fucking ugly.

No. 1187316

Anyone else get the urge to dance when you listen to metal? Especially power and folk metal

No. 1187340

What’s one of your favorite folk metal songs? I’ve never listened to much of that stuff

No. 1187404

I've always loved folk and power metal nona, my favorites are Stratovarius, Elvenking, Nightwish, Epica, Korpiklaani, and Sonata Arctica.

No. 1187412

File: 1652936004584.jpg (76.56 KB, 960x1188, 281873119_3303670566535178_390…)

No. 1187414

Doritos arent as good as i remember

No. 1187416

Cool ranch taste like shit now.

No. 1187420

This is disappointing, i thought theyd at least be good still cause these ones are spicy nacho. there's only 50% of the powder since i last had them a few years ago. They discontinued the buffalo ones i bought too.

No. 1187464

this but gushers

No. 1187483


No. 1187484

I gotta admit, the whole James Charles/Tati situation was one of the best times of my life KEK

No. 1187608

I love these random old interviews, some of the answers are hilarious

No. 1187621

Life on other planet edition
>Do you think there's life on other planets?
>er I'm a German

No. 1187635

File: 1652959217798.png (116.11 KB, 538x132, Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 4.19…)

I just want to find an eyeshadow shade, not get stared down by a psychopath

No. 1187762

Everyday i live with the knowledge that at least one Indonesian artfag is a farmer. I'd kill to know who you are because i need more non-PC friends in the local art community lel

No. 1187834

File: 1652968377432.jpg (94.49 KB, 1080x991, 1648933601400.jpg)

kek I fucking knew it was romanianon having a mental breakdown in the amber thread (and probably also the horrifying news thread) again. I want to know how she instantly manages to pop up everytime pakianon shares her useless off topic opinions.

No. 1187981

I have that "unhinged" gene, and live in a bad city so sometimes I think "fuck it, clown world. Nothing is real." and just act like how I was programmed to act. One time I was sobbing while driving, and this dude driving in front of me decided to use my driveway to temporarily pull into, causing me to have to drive around the block while he fucked around. So after like five minutes I'm back from around the block, he's still there on his phone. The unhinged gene went into a spasm, causing me to park illegally, exit my vehicle and fucking scream at him. And not something intelligible like "you're in my driveway" but rather shit that you'd see a SanFran homeless man yelling at 3am. It might as well have been dog barking broken up by "fuck" and "cuntstain" and jesus christ, the look on this poor bastards face. We're like the same age and he looked fucking bewildered. He raced out of my driveway and I was finally allowed to park. I know which car is his though and sometimes I hope to see him again just to hold lengthy eye contact. I fucking hate men! That fuck has no idea that he has created an enemy in me now, and his stupid Frenchman facial hair will be visible from hundreds of feet away, long before he recognizes my boring, standard brunette female form. I live in a bad city, and from that I will use their tools for survival. Although sometimes I think "wow I'm gonna be murdered and the news will rightfully spin it like I earned it for my hysteria." but seriously, when I go full-unhinged, men do not have a loaded or calculated reaction to it and are always scared and offput. I also just decided that instead of being kind for the #2847th time to my stupid neighbour, I would just scream in his face "SHUT THE FUCK UP DUDE, HOLY JESUS CHRIST." and it fucking worked, he shut off his music and went inside. I'm so done with being polite, that shit is just for my family at this rate. Everyone else gets male-pattern abuse from me. I feel like I unlocked how regular men act.

No. 1188000

I love you anon, I think you're based as fuck.

No. 1188014

No. 1188037

Please marry me anon ily.

My life has improved 100% after I stopped holding back my sperg gene due to stupid societal expectations ad started going full schitzo on moids that do annoying shit like play loud music in the middle of the night or honk their car horn at me when I'm biking. Fuck them.

No. 1188045

i want to get on your level some day

No. 1188046

Ugh sorry to blogpost but I was reminded of something while I was reading your post. Once this moid in the apartment above mine was playing his drum set at 8am and I was pissed. I went upstairs and pounded on the door and told him he was a freak and to fucking stop, he looked really shocked, and he did stop. Later on down the line my brother became friends with him, and we went to his apartment together to play video games and he told me that he thought me yelling at him was hot. I was so grossed out. I was 17 and he was 24 btw.

No. 1188060

Just realised the TV I'm so proud of that I bought with my first bonus at my first big girl job is more than 10 years old. I still love you Sony bravia

No. 1188062

I wonder how skin care affects the face mites that live on our face and eat our sebum

No. 1188066

How pathetic kek

No. 1188082

i would love the sheer blind, nonsensical confidence and fearlessness of a girl who has failed relationship after failed relationship but still posts every single one of her boyfriends with a caption about true love and being the happiest she's ever been.

No. 1188089

I would love having the sheer blind nonsensical confidence of some of our cows.

No. 1188107

they get a lil pampering

No. 1188200

File: 1652984080278.jpg (193.62 KB, 892x1080, 13563017.jpg)

i get somewhat optimistic whenever an anon posts on here and mentions a city near where i live.. just knowing that there are other unhinged women around me, its kind of comforting in a way

No. 1188271

It does not.

No. 1188357

How can faggot pewdiepie move to japan but I can't visit, faggot. I hate weebs who move to japan.

No. 1188369

This world is built for people like him. He can be a degenerate offensive asshole doing something he loves and make money off it. In fact, people worship him for it. Meanwhile the rest of us can try everything we can but if we're not born in lucky circumstances we might aswell kill ourselves. Fucking evil earth.

No. 1188400

I can't wait for his wakeup call when he realizes living in Japan is far different from the weeb-oriented tours he went on that "made him fall in love with the country"

No. 1188432

I can't stop watching videos about toxic shock syndrome and it's so terrifying. Like I knew you could get it from tampons (glad I don't use them), but it feels like sometimes it just comes out of the blue?? Like this guy says he felt like he had a cold and a day later he couldn't even button his shirt and his skin was turning purple. I mean, yeah, he was also alcoholic but would the bacteria had to come from the outside somewhere?? It's scary to think that you could just be walking around in a public place and you could be exposed to it and catch it and then you either die or have to live with your extremities amputated, or if you're extremely lucky, you'll survive

No. 1188442

My moms generation were very wary of tampons because of tss. I remember her just not letting me use them full stop as a teen. I don't know what stories she must've heard but she went her whole life refusing to ever try a tampon based on the possibility of tss.

No. 1188507

File: 1652995482030.png (19.25 KB, 300x250, PKBKNm9TW5-2.png)

I thought that trial was supposed to end today, but it's still fucking going.
Lord, I pray you let of this mess end soon so that I may never hear the names of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, or the crazy people pretending this is a fandom war, ever again. In Jesus name, amen.

No. 1188575

No. 1188580

Inshallah we will not hear about this shit ever again.

No. 1188598

My mom told me to stay the fuck away from tampons (and i'm glad there are period underwear and cups now) but holyshit. that's terrifying.

No. 1188617

File: 1652998673616.jpg (76.92 KB, 543x925, Screenshot_20220519-171544.jpg)

At first glance i thought this was a plaid skirt with cheeks cutout

No. 1188663

Planning a weekend getaway for me and my friends birthday… it's gonna be pricey and I'm cringing at the price but this is the first time I'm doing something like this for my birthday! Usually it's just a shopping trip or lunch/dinner at a nice spot in my city, but I've always wanted to just go out for a mini vacation. Maybe I'll ask my parents for birthday money kek.

No. 1188827

Supposedly tampons used to be a lot worse for TSS, I believe it was something to do with how they bleached the cotton or something like that. Deaths from it peaked in the 80s. Nowadays they're much safer thanks to regulations, but of course you still shouldn't wear them in for hours and hours.

I still use them if I'll be out all day or physically active, but otherwise I've switched to washable pads and period proof underwear for the night.

No. 1188829

Thinking about the first time I met an AGP tranny around 2010 and how everyone treated his disgusting narcissism as an elephant in the room and too afraid to confront him because he was an overly aggressive asshole. My friend at the time even misgendered him behind his back but is now a TRA. He brought up Bayonetta cosplay and said that he thinks he could pull it off, and everyone just went silent. I bet now he'd be met with rousing 'yass girl go get it' support.
Oh yeah, fast forward 12 years and he's had 2 breast enhancement surgeries but nothing to fix his hideous mug and is a professional e-begger in his late 30s now. Very typical.

No. 1188858

File: 1653014444737.jpg (24.31 KB, 450x450, 1913.jpg)

I'm afraid that if I get a cat I'll go crazy and start trying to buy everything with Hello Kitty on it.

No. 1188859

File: 1653014496936.png (120.62 KB, 500x500, HK-4-removebg-preview.png)

No. 1188871

File: 1653015662839.jpg (127.46 KB, 1024x768, 2844469290_3f0f795ffd_b.jpg)

Ignore me, I'm just curious


No. 1188887

My cat has a bur stuck in his ass hair and whenever I approach him with scissors to cut it off he runs away scared.

No. 1188891

Have you tried hiding the scissors in your pocket? I usually hide mine and pet my cat. Once I can secure her, I take out the scissors and trim. May work.

No. 1188902

I tried when he was sleeping with his ass exposed and as soon as I touched him he woke up, saw the scissors and I could see the fear in his eyes. Last time I had to trim his ass hair was like 6 years ago, I don't know why he's suddenly so scared of scissors. He knows what I'm gonna do and he obviously enjoys having that bur stuck in his fur.

No. 1188966

File: 1653025810420.jpeg (358.35 KB, 1280x697, 7D5EA6D0-5ADC-461C-9C73-76846C…)


No. 1188969

File: 1653025863672.jpeg (128.28 KB, 700x421, B1637A46-978A-4352-9B10-3585A2…)


No. 1188970

Chocolate eclair, please!!!

No. 1188971

Chips galore please and thank you nonnie

No. 1188974

the fucking bubble gum snowcone and the cherry twoball was my shit!!

No. 1188979

sour wower sorry idk what's wrong with me either

No. 1188981

Chocolate eclaire and five more of the little blonde bitches

No. 1188984

Strawberry shortcake and chips galore please I really could go for a strawberry shortcake right now

No. 1189041

Why is the website so dead rn? Where my fellow Eurofags at?

No. 1189045

shut up finn

No. 1189046

kek not finn, guess again

No. 1189093

NTA but I'm guessing, you're either polish or german

No. 1189096

Vatican City?

No. 1189098

Can't stop thinking about Les Miserables in Swedish

No. 1189253

Nothing, not gonna pay $6 for a stick of ice cream, you're crazy anon

No. 1189265

File: 1653049941715.jpeg (106.14 KB, 698x658, 1436649250984.jpeg)

I have 3 days to cram a semester's worth of work and make sure I get at least 60% on my last finals otherwise I start applying to the closest retail job and accept my new miserable future… I don't know if this is even possible.

No. 1189301

I think you have a fighting chance depending on how many of your questions are free response. Just making educated guesses supplied by even a few hours of studying might get you at 60%! Ganbatte!!

No. 1189326

1 powerpuff and 1 banana fudge lets goooo

No. 1189350

File: 1653053387764.jpg (100.08 KB, 1242x1260, FSp9e1OWQAIkrei.jpg)

imagine being so misogynistic you'd rather support a drug lord and killer than a mother trying to keep her family together and not immediately being on board with her husband being a criminal

No. 1189351

Men who want the children never want them because they want to spend time with them, they just use it as a gotcha to hurt the woman. I've known divorced men who literally forced for time with theit children but dropped them off to their parents or random friends instead of spending time with them.

No. 1189355

File: 1653053889866.png (415.47 KB, 500x376, b8261eb519c9d5eae0016e7c8a1155…)

No. 1189362

i always got either a screwball or the ninja turtles pop with gumballs for eyes.

No. 1189374

I grew up in a country with the shittiest ice cream options compared to this. Damn. I want a tweety pie.

No. 1189378

ROMANIAN flag ice cream bubblegum pls ♥

No. 1189382

Pls give me a lollipop bomb pop, I’ve never tried any of these before.

No. 1189429

I fucking love salsa, as long as it's home-made. I love chopping tomatoes, peaches, onions and cilantro, add a touch of tabasco sauce and eat it straight from the bowl, or add chunks of chicken to make the best meal ever. It's just so good.

No. 1189462

Should I get myself some frozen yogurt or a beer nonnies? I feel like a treat but I’m being indecisive

No. 1189469

I'd pick the yogurt

No. 1189496

Fro yo

No. 1189513

File: 1653061222365.jpg (41.91 KB, 384x512, slp5ecz0fy701.jpg)

Anime figures are cute, but I don't think they're worth $200+ (without even factoring in shipping, customs, etc). Weebs seem like such consoomers, and for what?

No. 1189560

Japan's merch culture is nuts. It's based around how much you can CONSOOOOM with one round of purchasing. It makes me wonder how high the wages are over there unless these people forego food to splash everything on merch??

No. 1189578

These figures are handpainted I think, so maybe the high price can be contributed to the crafsmanship.

No. 1189582

People in their 20s spending all their spare cash on consumerist crap only to be hit by the consequences of not having savings in their 30s-40s later (this is just my theory tho). They don't have to be rich, they just spend all they have.

No. 1189653

> I will NEVER have a love like this

No. 1189665

2019 was such a good year for movies

No. 1189674

How do I meet Finnish TERFs?

No. 1189690

File: 1653066282383.png (5.42 MB, 2072x3169, asdfdf.png)

honorary farmers

No. 1189719

File: 1653067785104.gif (1.25 MB, 500x267, 54732277h.gif)

I think I've finally gotten to the point of not caring about ever being in a relationship again and it's so freeing not centering yourself around being "relationship material" and what you can bring to the table. It causes me less stress about the goals I want to reach. I know nonnies will say "you just haven't found your Nigel yet!!!" but I honestly don't care to kiss frogs before I might ever find a Nigel. Humans are complicated and you can't always tell if your scrote's gonna turn out to be an asshole or not. I honestly take being by myself over going through endless hardships and then MAYBE finding someone.

No. 1189727

Awesome, I'm happy for you! I've made progress towards that direction but I'm not there yet. It must be so freeing and good for your self esteem when you're at that point.

No. 1189729

I don't know, I bet there aren't that many compared to TERF island. Probably on the internet since actual events are so rare and you're always in danger of being harmed by TRA scrotes

No. 1189757

Yes it feels great! Sure, it's hard in the beginning because no one wants to end up lonely for the rest of their life, without realizing that you don't need a romantic relationship to feel fulfilled. It really annoys be how much emphasis society puts on romantic relationships and treats people like they're doomed if they don't find someone even though friends and family are just as important. I thought I peaked a long time ago, but I have to admit, I still subconsciously did certain things to possibly appeal to a future partner, which left me miserable in many ways. Nowadays I just can't see myself centering my life around one person/ building a future with someone and it might not even last. I know to some people it's worth it, but not to me. I'd rather build something for myself with myself.

No. 1189774

I just opened up a new incognito tab and searched my crushes name, intending to have a peek at his socials like I do every now and then… recommendations for amazon books popped up before the results and the first one was 'why men hate women' The authors name isn't the same as my crushes. What are those recommendations based on then?

No. 1189839

>I know nonnies will say "you just haven't found your Nigel yet!!!"
Hell no, I say good on you for centering yourself and living your life without feeling like you need a man to complete it. I've reached that point as well and I think more women should just swear off men until they stop being so violent and disgusting as a whole. Glad you're pursuing your own goals and enjoying real freedom.

No. 1189845

one of my favourite interactions on here was anon calling another anon autimus prime

No. 1189864


No. 1189874

I died laughing at the parappa crotch sperg, why are anons so autistic sometimes? kekk

No. 1189879

File: 1653071832413.jpg (91.74 KB, 600x600, 99d4a3c1b2fd88b8eb57bd6cff134c…)

When you learn how to do certain things yourself, the thought of ever giving money to someone to do it just sounds ridiculous. Paying someone over $150 for braids when I can go buy hair for less than $30 and do it myself? Pffftt, do I look like a fucking fool

No. 1189919


No. 1190089

Doesn't doing it yourself take hours though? And it sounds tiring.

No. 1190090

It can take days for me since I'm pretty slow at it, but it's still worth it to me.

No. 1190093

File: 1653076521821.jpg (39.07 KB, 296x360, me.jpg)

Me no like when neighbor honk horn to say they arrive. Me angry pace at door. Me hit neighbor with rock

No. 1190108

No. 1190317

File: 1653080989511.jpg (235 KB, 1125x1113, plsdontletthistriggeranindoorv…)

>be me
>8 years old
>watch spirit religiously
>scene of little creek letting spirit go
>so moved
>look at my cat
>"so cruel…"
>open veranda door
>try to shoo her out under tears
>It's The Right Thing To Do
>doesn't move an inch
>lazily looks up to me
>welp guess she likes it here well enough
>never try again
>think back on it a more than a decade later
>mfw i realize she's always been free roaming

No. 1190322

8 year old you had a big heart, cute story

No. 1190361

File: 1653083017813.jpg (217.1 KB, 720x812, 1653082874576.jpg)

Kek wut?

No. 1190364

Kaitlyn Tiffany at it again

No. 1190371


No. 1190375

File: 1653083771452.jpeg (49.16 KB, 500x426, ACC7549A-DC4F-4A2A-97E1-ADADB0…)

I hate those types more than anyone, why give them the spotlight?

No. 1190391

File: 1653084712693.jpeg (157.43 KB, 1024x1016, 50758122-FF0E-4693-91B7-1DEDA0…)

I'm banning ads and commercials, we've endured enough

No. 1190397

My queen, how shall I repay you?

No. 1190400

one little kiss is all I ask

No. 1190514

i'm so horny. need a girl to trib with or to suck on her clit

No. 1190517

Can you make my husbando real?

No. 1190522

M u r i c a

No. 1190528

where u at

No. 1190530

Forehead kiss good? ♥

No. 1190535

Probably your IP and location. Maybe your OS and browser too.

No. 1190542

File: 1653088392983.gif (10.3 KB, 500x500, 4a9.gif)

Well hello there anon….

No. 1190562

if you had the option to check your whole post history once, would you do it?

No. 1190585

I remember most of my post history so I don't see the point

No. 1190601

tbh i just say the same shit all the time so what would be the point.

No. 1190622

File: 1653093338548.jpg (26.75 KB, 564x544, 17770832568.jpg)

armin, levy and eren are so fucking ugly and insufferable and i'm tired of pretending otherwise. isayama cannot draw nor write for shit

No. 1190629

Based and true

No. 1190644

File: 1653094278566.jpg (65.47 KB, 563x683, c840ad9ac52a937240cee33467a097…)

He is a garbage mangaka. But he also created my husbando. fml.

No. 1190648

File: 1653094630930.png (954.84 KB, 1080x2135, Screenshot_20220520-205445.png)

I randomly thought of Yandere Simulator after like 5 years so I looked to see what's going on with that trainwreck. Turns out theres a bajillion(and counting) new "sexy" but ultimately pointless characters for the creator to presumably jack off to that have priority over old characters when it comes to art, essays of contrived lore that only exist to explain poor writing and game design (this lore involves eugenics and WW2 for some reason) and a million contrived easter eggs and even more lore paragraphs that have no effect on actual gameplay. I am floored by how this guy is still coming up with new ideas and characters. At some point you just have to give up

No. 1190649

He still gets support too. You'd think with all the whining he did about being a fuggo bitch he would have used some of the money to get plastic surgery and to prevent himself from looking like a meth addict.

No. 1190656

File: 1653095123643.jpg (185.1 KB, 851x964, 1648675937520.jpg)

eren is ugly-cute though and timskip armin is handsome in some shots

No. 1190657

>(this lore involves eugenics and WW2 for some reason)
Kek what?

No. 1190658

They're ugly drawings made by an ugly man.

No. 1190661

File: 1653095366940.png (68.65 KB, 867x200, what.PNG)

Yeah I don't even fucking know what's happening with this game

No. 1190664

File: 1653095428530.jpg (187.48 KB, 1447x1151, 97565082_p4.jpg)

well, thank god for fanart

No. 1190665

He really can't draw. It's shocking how low male standards are that he's so rich now despite having chicken shit scribbles for the beginning chapters of AOT.

No. 1190667

this art is so bad. I swear half look like badly redrawn Dangon rampa character models.

No. 1190680

Don't talk about my man.

No. 1190684

I want to give my boobs names but I don't know what. I like the idea of them having old lady names.

No. 1190685

Kaitlyn and Tiffany

No. 1190686

No. 1190692

he's only half a man

No. 1190694

You know what they say, what he lacks in height…

No. 1190758

File: 1653103761275.png (3.77 MB, 1920x1424, 1190395.png)

me and who else?

No. 1190759

File: 1653103834534.png (6.09 MB, 2894x2412, 1188551.png)

florence pugh midsommar anime

No. 1190764

Me on the left.

No. 1190766

File: 1653104474399.jpg (32.29 KB, 474x355, dhtrjajtj.jpg)


No. 1190769

File: 1653104622669.gif (573.23 KB, 294x392, pretend she has brown eyes.gif)

No you, cutie

No. 1190775

File: 1653105109888.jpg (112.91 KB, 800x598, 1653102966838.jpg)

me omw back in time to warn Juliet about lovebombing

No. 1190776

I love this

No. 1190797

should i go to bed? background details: it's late and i'm sorta sleepy but could stand to stay awake

No. 1190801

Go get rest nona

No. 1190802

I'm the cat

No. 1190803

Thank you my guardian angel anon

No. 1190805

Both of them?

No. 1190809

No. 1190812

Lately I've been having a few sleepless nights per month but like… I'm wide awake and not feeling rough for having lost that sleep. It doesn't really make sense that I'd feel fine seeing as I've never handled a lack of sleep very well before now

So it's a brain tumour right?

No. 1190813

File: 1653110804796.jpg (153.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1190814

No. 1190833

File: 1653112997646.png (53.7 KB, 277x278, 4527452875.png)

>at work (retailfag)
>lady shopping near me with baby in cart
>baby is babbling loudly and constantly
>no big deal, she's learning to speak
>get nearer to baby because I have to grab something off a shelf
>her eyes lock onto me like a predator as she realizes I am a new conversation mate
>I nod and say "so true, bestie"
>her mom glares at me, huffs, and shuffles her away from me

what did I do wrong, anons

No. 1190836

You used twitter talk to an infant

No. 1190837

nothing, a guess would be the mom is strung out from taking care of the baby and it was easier to brush you off than put on the smiley face. don't take it personally you were just being cute and friendly. you never know whether a new parent is having the time of their life or about to crack

No. 1190840

>so true bestie
It's not that you said something it's what you said.

No. 1190841

I would had found that very cute if I was the mom. I guess she was like "employees don't speak to my baby" or something

No. 1190845

same, I think it's because of stress, the stress causes a lack of sleep but is also fuel sometimes

No. 1190849

I don't even use twitter talk, I think I panicked or something LOL. I work with lots of late teens/early twenties people who hate babies and children and would have evacuated the area when they heard the baby making noise, so I felt like I should be nice and indulge the kid talking to me but then didn't know how to respond kek.

No. 1190851

You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t dwell on it. People love to treat retail workers like crap when they’re in a bad mood but most people are nice. Maybe she’s even possessive of her baby or scared of strangers? At least you didn’t make the baby cry KEK.

No. 1190852

I think moms just feel lots of stress while shopping, sometimes they have that 'its me and my child versus the world' vibe about them when they're out of the house.

No. 1190858

True, I guess you get on edge because it's literally just you and your baby.

No. 1190861

File: 1653115072671.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.13 KB, 348x356, CD293B93-C129-4211-AF76-F17631…)

Omg remember that retard moid posting Wojacks earlier I’d click on a thread to report it and it would already be deleted blessed farmhands

No. 1190866

If I was the mom I would have laughed. I thought people at regular reproduction age at this point would be in tune with lingo like that and would find it funny? Like the oldest millennials right now are early 40s.
Anyway fuck that bitch. You're cute, anon. Retail sucks.

No. 1190871

You're cute. I dunno why she'd be offended. I'd be happy someone was interacting positively with my kid. Strange lady. If it makes you feel better, I once was told by a customer I was too happy. Took me by surprise. I swear people like being miserable and spreading it.

No. 1190875

You reminded me of how I used to work with a bunch of bitter old ladies in retail that were absolutely horrible to all the younger workers, myself included. There was one girl who was socially awkward but sweet and said hi to everyone. I heard them shit talking her one day saying that she "says hi too much and is too friendly". Yeah because being bitter and mean is so much better? Fuck off.

No. 1190877

>once told by a customer I was too happy
Omg I fucking hate them. Yet if you’re not happy enough they phone up and complain.

No. 1190882

I wouldn't want to shop somewhere the workers looked overworked and sad, I'd feel bad for supporting such a business. I don't get why anyone would complain employees are too happy? Sounds super bitter.

No. 1190890

LOL someone from my building talked shit to my neighbor about my cat always watching them when they go outside for a smoke. Yeah you stand right outside my window you fucking loser. Glad my cat creeps you out.

No. 1190892

Male or female? Be careful if it's a moid. Most people hate cats enough already and men aren't afraid to do awful things to them

No. 1190897

File: 1653118090363.jpeg (1 MB, 3072x4096, 0E5D9EDC-0644-420D-91B2-D2BB98…)

Fuck off burger I want mr whippy

No. 1190912

When I used to cashier, I would often end up on the check lane closest to the salesfloor and would end up with the biggest line, so I would ring people up while offering to send the next people in my line to the nearest open check lane. The amount of people who accused me of being "lazy" and "not wanting to work" was so frustrating. I was literally trying to make their shopping experience easier by sending them to a shorter line. But I'm lazy?

No. 1190913

File: 1653119396593.jpg (148.56 KB, 1024x593, nogger.jpg)

Give me a Feast, or as the Swedes and Germans call it…

No. 1190915

File: 1653119700037.jpg (489.26 KB, 1600x1600, Nestle_3x1m_Maxibon_Icream_San…)

All this ice-cream posting makes me miss picrelated. I don't know if it's even popular anywhere other than than my home country. Haven't had it in years

No. 1190922

File: 1653120074264.jpg (26.3 KB, 177x480, 798000000.jpg)

I wanna join the icecreamposting too. Here, have a spurdo spärde ice cream. I haven't eaten one in years but these take be back to childhood summers when we were allowed to pick one (1) single serving ice cream so ofc everyone would pick the largest one.

No. 1190937

File: 1653121183052.jpg (10.25 KB, 350x144, index.jpg)

Weeb ice cream

No. 1190938

File: 1653121344559.jpg (47.37 KB, 625x386, 1546271097127.jpg)

No. 1190940

File: 1653121519485.jpg (166.52 KB, 567x580, twister.jpg)

I'm not the only one right

No. 1190942

File: 1653121637620.jpeg (191.2 KB, 800x800, AHI_43545239383637313736.jpeg)

These were so good, especially the coca cola ones

No. 1190943

nta but i thought 40 year olds were gen-x?

No. 1190947

saw this on the main page, fuck now i want one

No. 1190948

gen X ends at 1980ish and milennials start at 1980ish so yes the youngest gen x-er is 40ish and the oldest millenial is 40ish

No. 1190961

File: 1653122689840.png (195.19 KB, 706x211, internet art.PNG)

Does anyone else find things like this funny and cute? The simple, wholesome search query is part of it. The singular nouns when there should be some plural that give it has the earnestness of a web 1.0 page personally run by someone is part of it, too. And the pictures of the things above the words making it seem like google is teaching the reader what those things are like you'd show a toddler flash cards with the name and picture of an animal.

It's as though some kind of nature guardian saw my good intentions and and decided to personally provide an answer to my search.

Does anyone else get any of these vibes?

No. 1190963

I absolutely hate Bobbi Brown. Not the brand. The person. she a is dogshit makeup artist all her products suck ass I fucking hate her. If I see one more video of that wrinkly stupid bitch OR her asslicking comments. "yEaH BoBbI is the FoUNDatiion QUEEN!!!" Shut up SHUT UP DHUTP just admit you can't do makeup and are an ugly dried up wench These smug hoes make me want to start emailing people anthrax

No. 1190993

anon are you ok

No. 1190996

anon kek

No. 1191004

Im actually not. you try working on makeup counters for 4 years and trying to sell her busted ass yellow foundation. SHE TRULY BELIEVES YELLOW foundation looks good on everyone literally retareded

No. 1191030

the woman in the beginning of the video gives me Azealia banks vibes

No. 1191123

Whenever an app or company gets too spammy with their notifications/promo emails, I think to myself “thats it, youve lost your push notification/promo email privileges” as i remove permissions/unsubscribe. Like a mom scolding a kid and taking away something as punishmrnt bc the kid was being annoying. And for apps, whenever I go back to those apps and see them push “turn on push notifications!!!” I grin to myself thinking “now IM in control” even though I’m still on their app and thats what they want lol. Still not letting them give me notifications.

No. 1191440

I simp over Andrew
God i h8 men so much

No. 1191441

File: 1653157959433.jpg (32.76 KB, 736x488, sweet dreams.jpg)

I wanted to check a fic someone linked in m before it was completely obliterated but I can't even remember where it was linked damn you incompetent admin now I'll never know if that fic was any good

No. 1191455

Do you remember any specific about said fic or thread it was posted in? Because you can still visit the old thread by googling

No. 1191474

mr whippy is garbage compared to a powerpuff girl popsicle you jealous baboon ass faced bitch

No. 1191479

I cannot remember which thread it was but I checked some old threads links that were posted in m but it's kinda annoying having to link each one on mobile, gave up after a while. Might just go venturing through the ao3 tags later

No. 1191484

i asked the sonic totem several questions regarding my crush across months and i don't mean to imply i ever doubted such a powerful deity but it turned out to be correct on all of them

No. 1191489

WAIT NEVERMIND I just found it

No. 1191526

I thought you meant the singer

No. 1191530

I get you anon. "Oat" particularly is funny to me.

No. 1191575

File: 1653166555807.png (427.48 KB, 768x292, YA-series-768x292.png)

I kinda miss the era where young adult book trends dominated movies and television. mostly for nostalgia, but it was also fun to see the rise of whatever the "next big thing" was at the time. first it was harry potter and other fantasy films, then it was twilight and the supernatural romance era, then hunger games and the dystopian era. hollywood has been stuck on superhero blockbusters for awhile and now young adult adaptations have been moved to being tv shows on streaming platforms. I want to see a new genre explode in popularity again, it's so boring now…give me a fun billion dollar franchise that hasn't been beaten to death already! I do wonder what the next trend will be though

No. 1191580

File: 1653166792914.jpg (152.51 KB, 794x794, extreme_reddit.jpg)

As someone that keeps geese for eggs, geese fucking love romaine lettuce and round lettuce. The first day I let them in my vegetable garden to eat pests with the chickens, they decimated my entire lettuce crop. Every time I tried to stop them I was hissed at. Five geese demolished a whole summer's worth of lettuce plants in 10 minutes.

No. 1191591

I miss these goofy franchises. I doubt there will be anything as silly and endearing anytime soon.

No. 1191592

File: 1653167581590.png (40.59 KB, 596x339, 3467d6279ce0692df4e6e15dc5570c…)

saw this on a pic of bruised hands holding flowers… guess the kids are finally peaking, baby!

No. 1191596

File: 1653167846768.jpeg (8.2 KB, 236x243, hendery.jpeg)

i have seen this guy around and i assumed he was 'cool' because he seems popular and outgoing. well i had a convo with him for the first time the other day and nonitas, and he was so spergy. idk if he was nervous to talk to me or what but i immediately got the ick. i wasn't romantically interested in him in the first place or attracted to him, but he def is one of the men that i find off-putting and want to avoid. he didn't even talk about any weird or inappropriate topics, it was just the way he talked.. idk how to explain it.. this guy looks like a stereotypical 'chad' so his sperginess was a surprise kek.

have you guys experienced something like this? have u ever talked to someone who seemed cool at first but as soon as they opened their mouth the image you had of them in your mind immediately fell apart?

No. 1191606

They are real bastards and that's part of the appeal. The Canada geese I feed will be eating from a pile of cracked corn, and they'll see another goose eating from another pile 5 feet away, and they'll leave their pile just to charge at the other goose to get it away from its pile.

They are aggressive and kind of dumb. But they love their families and they can be sweet. Wild ones will eat from your hand if they trust you and they make soft little honks sometimes when eating…. I honk back at them to try and let them know they're safe. And they have peaceful moments where they sit near me and just rest and close their eyes… having an animal trust you is priceless. I will try feeding them lettuce to try and gain their trust to eventually be able to pet them.

No. 1191638

This is me but with crows. There's a murder of crows that hangs out in the parking lot of my work that I want to befriend some of them. I already have a routine schedule of going into work at the same time everyday just need to bring some food along and see if any of them will catch on. What's cool about crows is they will remember your face so if you're nice to them they will trust you and sometimes even bring stuff to you

No. 1191664

ayrt, I also feed crows lol. They like peanuts (make sure to get unsalted), and supposedly dog food.

This is just anecdotal, but if you're in an urban area, the crows may be spoiled because they get a lot of human food, so they might not be as appreciative of peanuts. I hear they also like dog food but I don't know if that's good for them. Please just don't feed them (or any other birds) bread.

The problem with crows is that they're too smart to come too close to humans so you will never get to pet them, it's like unrequited love. But to see that intelligent look in their eyes, as they clearly evaluate you as you watch them is something else. They are incredibly intelligent.

No. 1191780

the end of the vid where she starts going on about witches really seals it

No. 1191902

Washing rice feels like it take a million years

No. 1191903

You're supposed to wash it?

No. 1191927

Today I learned the word BOMBACLAT and I will not stop using it

No. 1191933


No. 1191948

Why am I only horny when I'm drunk? I'm never horny. not on any kind of drugs either, jsut when I'm drinking. Aaaaaaaa

No. 1191950

No. 1191953

is it rejection sensitive dysphoria for me to feel like an absolutely hated reply guy just because the last 3 friends/ mutuals i've replied to or DM'ed never responded or left me on read all in a row today (they could literally just be busy, or forgot, or they don't place a retarded high value on validation in the form of liking and replying on social media like i do) or am i just genuinely that unfunny, unlikable and unremarkable? and why does my broken brain always have to assume the worst like that? i'm not even that terminally online, so it sucks even more on days like these when i do log on and interact with people and get like nothing back. just makes me want to isolate even more. meanwhile these friends will never have any idea the hoops that i jump through for the most mundane shit, they literally probably jst have busier lives than my loser ass

MAKE ONE! this kinda made me want to self-soothe via logging back onto neopets or like finding those old 2000s era dollz makers

No. 1191956

it shut down…

No. 1191957

File: 1653193604367.gif (233.07 KB, 400x300, 290148541_90cb9552.gif)

No. 1191959

File: 1653193759741.gif (96.31 KB, 400x400, 866131817_1104176.gif)

No. 1191960

i just found a pretty good alternative
but having pics without the blingee logo in the corner feels so… soulless…

No. 1191963

Why'd you post a blank photo?

No. 1191966

Same, I’ll have a quarter of a can of seltzer and I feel my clit acting up instantly like girl chill. And when I’m sloppy drunk I just throw myself at my boyfriend and fuck until I cry

No. 1192000

Forget Chip 'n Dale, Mac and Tosh are superior.

No. 1192027

File: 1653200708504.jpg (26.58 KB, 592x414, 3837475da68d3fd450232888b2458d…)

I've been struggling with UTIs for so long, I'm surprised I haven't got a kidney infection, gone into insanity (yes that's a real side effect) or developed sepsis yet…or at least I don't think I have

No. 1192044

ok good news one person replied (and the other person is one of two friends that i have who i love talking to but they don't necessarily always like/ reply to every single thing like i do, and sometimes i do say too much and i KNOW it's not intentional to leave me on read because they're good friends and when they do respond it's always nice and enthusiastic, but because they are people i think are really cool and eclectic and therefore appreciate validation from them more, i always get dramatic and weird about it…. note to self to remember next time to not be a freak about mundane interactions and also to not just expect immediate social validation because you aren't owed it by anyone) i drew in an old sketchbook, made myself practice a guitar chord and just made a really nice hot mug of milk honey tea and i'm rolling my face with an ice roller which feels amaze because i have a fever rn. and i'm looking at a time capsule of blingees inspired by blingee anons and it's sparking joy

No. 1192058

I've had chronic UTIs since I was like 10. I am also surprisingly not dead, thanks to antibiotics. Probiotics really work for the diarrhea they cause, trust me. I have tried D-mannose and it's kind of hit or miss, but it sometimes works for prevention if it is E.coli. I may have gone insane from all my UTIs, though.

No. 1192069

I've tried D-Mannose too, they're ok ime. They work more like a cranberry pill for me, where they soothe burning. I was really disappointed that they didn't cure my infections like I heard other women (online) say they do. I would probably buy again just as a preventative measure.

No. 1192082

File: 1653206225668.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I got it yesterday and I have no clue what to do since all of the doctors are open only tomorrow and I've got a trip soon. Are pills with cranberries a meme?

No. 1192083

I can't sleep so I looked at my secondary school graduation facebook page to stalk my old classmates. Two of them trooned out kek. One of them was a friend that I lost touch with when we graduated and he obviously trooned out right after having a kid. All the comments on his photos are about how gorgeous "she" looks when he looks deranged. I'm kinda sad to see this is how he ended up. I can't pinpoint who the other one is cause he's using a different last name. I kinda feel like going through my yearbook to try and recognise him. So far there's 3 of them that I know of. All men.

No. 1192095

i can't give relationship advice for shit kek. the first thought in my mind is always "leave him" bc why the hell are you letting yourself go through unnecessary stress for some guy

No. 1192097

They're not a meme, they don't cure UTIs but OTC cranberry pills (like Azo) do help with the symptoms. Try a telehealth place if you can't get to a doctor and they can prescribe you antibiotics. Don't let an infection stick around too long like me kek
Don't do cranberry juice because most of them have sugar or are a mix of other juices (well, in America they are. I'm not sure where you live). Iirc, there's also nothing to support that cranberries do much for vaginal health. Drink your weight in water instead, and pray to the vagina gods.

No. 1192237

File: 1653219745207.jpg (532.13 KB, 1280x720, dfjz.jpg)

Is there anything more annoying than having a KK Slider song stuck in your head? I can't google the lyrics, but I know it's one of the more popular songs… Dadadaaa da…
steep hill>any other

No. 1192238

I've had an UTI only once, bought cranberry pills and drank lots of water and never had an UTI again.

No. 1192273

I had a book about Mozart when I was little (like a full biograpy type of book for adults that was also full of curse words because I had an extreme interest in music composers and their life stories for some reason) and I read it to my music class in second grade and the teacher grounded me. Just remembered that and cringed.

No. 1192275

Kanye West physically disgusts me. Not only because he's an ugly scrote, something about the expression he always has makes my blood boil. Maybe it's the fat head? Or the retarded mentally ill blank stare he has? I can't fucking stand looking at him. It's even worse when he dresses up like some kind of special ed toddler.

No. 1192288

File: 1653224992501.jpg (56.1 KB, 500x500, 1652128794350.jpg)

Just checked out my psycho ex on insta after a long time and he got so fat lmaooo no way that's karma bitch

No. 1192289

File: 1653225000752.jpg (4.36 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20220522_140704.jpg)

I've started listening to the bible project podcast and when I was buying tobacco this figure was staring at me. Loves Him

No. 1192290

Yes, he always looks like he just came from the dentist and has no wisdom teeth left

No. 1192294

Remembering the time when my mom dragged me out of the house when I was a kid because I did some shit and I was wailing and crying, beating at the door to be let in again. Wild. She let me in like a minute after.

No. 1192315

File: 1653227645394.jpg (83.96 KB, 1074x1295, 1653000099216.jpg)

No. 1192323

what is the podcast about?

No. 1192328

File: 1653229291721.jpg (200.96 KB, 720x889, Screenshot_20220522-151715_Ins…)

No. 1192405

I miss the days when stores played red jumpsuit apparatus face down instead of songs about “cake” and fucking thots

No. 1192411


No. 1192506

File: 1653239702511.png (111.11 KB, 519x449, 1650296859052.png)

Would 'redpill pick-up artist' men consider nigels betas or HVM? I always got the impression that they'd view them as'beta providers', even if their gfs/wives genuinely love them

No. 1192510

If I die today from a caffeine induced heart attack, please know that I love you anons (even the ones I hate)

No. 1192511

Just witnessed a cis male they themlet, baffled because he's not even ugly or unconventional at all. What causes this? He does not have misogyny to fall on.

No. 1192518

I love you too anon, but don't die!

No. 1192524

It could be an attention thing maybe

No. 1192528

>(even the ones I hate)
Kek thanks

No. 1192529

HOLA LINDO NONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1192537

hola hola nonasita chiquita banana

No. 1192540

This is why I stay here

No. 1192548

Noni Noni Punoni My Love

No. 1192550

My driving seems to emasculated men on the road. A man reported me for driving too close to him when he made an abrupt stop then indicated to turn hut half way during his manoeuvre he opened his driver door and I was like fuck this I am not having a confrontation with some man so I drove on and flipped the bird as is my want and it's not illegal and he followed me but I think he was intimidated by the shitty area I live and left and rang the police lol. The female officer sympathised with me because he submitted dashcam footage and you can see he stopped suddenly and me come to a safe stop and then lift lift my arms up like "what are you doing" we were both also going under 10mph. The officer was laughing. A man literally phoned the police on me for giving him the finger I bet his dick is inverted

No. 1192564

File: 1653242655015.gif (2.31 MB, 330x364, ec2f2e4c789262bc58d1fea7da20ab…)


No. 1192566

No. 1192578

what a faggot LOOOOL i’m glad the cop was on your side

No. 1192579

good read

No. 1192613

someone make a celebricows thread

No. 1192623

I second this. Please

No. 1192626

File: 1653245998011.jpg (75.36 KB, 1200x901, 1586141917325_GCA2MS8IH.1-1.jp…)

Which celebrity would you want to resemble if you could look like anyone? For me it's either Phoebe Tonkin or Jennifer Connelly

No. 1192629

Thought about typing Conan O Brian and hitting new reply just to feel something

No. 1192630

I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself, another weekend gone and I've nobody to cuddle with. Then an upset stomach hit me with no warning. I take back my self pity. Its good to live alone.

No. 1192654

No. 1192655

File: 1653247549264.jpg (28.57 KB, 400x400, 1c0433c511c57d0fbefcb7d28cfba4…)

This beautiful succubus.

No. 1192658

Conan O Brian

No. 1192660

The first celeb that came to mind for me was a guy, and not even as a joke.

I will not tran out.. I will not tran out kek

No. 1192662

File: 1653247869159.jpg (27.11 KB, 460x575, agAm06q_460s.jpg)

not sure if she counts as a celeb but I always thought the lead singer from Within Temptation is striking and gorgeous and I would love to look like her.

No. 1192666

File: 1653247963676.jpg (26.13 KB, 320x495, 3f2b920118da8335b0e2f1ad16c974…)

Also her?? I have no idea what her name is honestly, I only know her as a character from NCIS lol but she's particularly striking

No. 1192669

I just enjoy a good reply ratio. I’ve said much worse for much less on lolcow out of boredom. If replying “Jimmy Fallon” and disappearing into the sunset makes nonnies talk then at least the board is still going idk.

No. 1192688

File: 1653248895790.jpeg (86.8 KB, 933x699, E27E604C-AE55-4A42-B46D-52EBD2…)

I had some googly eyes stuck to my sweater sleeves all fucking day, I was wondering about the rattling but only realised once I got home and changed

No. 1192690

omg that's cute nonnie

No. 1192701

Thanks nonnie, I still feel stupid for getting annoyed at the sound, I heard it even through headphones I wonder if other people were looking at me kek

No. 1192731

File: 1653251643945.gif (29.41 KB, 220x220, 1637814578859.gif)

Just got banned from Tinder forever lmao. I kept creating and deleting fake accounts just to see who was there. I didn't plan to use it for real anyway so fuck it. Curiosity isn't going to kill me.

No. 1192740

curtain haircuts on men do so much for me it's insane, but only when they're average looking or slightly ugly for some reason. when they're already very good looking I feel indifferent. I was thinking about it and I had a gigantic crush on a guy but if he didn't have that hairstyle I don't think I would've gone so nuts over him. he just suited it so much. good god

No. 1192741

I think men need to cope with the fact that certain manly facial features really work better with certain hairstyles and not others. There are some ugly men out there curved by having longer hair, for example.

No. 1192757

File: 1653253940210.jpg (92.48 KB, 600x923, 08a.jpg)

I just want to stare at handsome men through a screen, preferably a handsome man in a movie. Why do 3D men look better on 2D format?

No. 1192786

Thanks anon, I haven't had a heart attack yet, the caffeine has probably worn off now.
I'm going to go drink a decaf sweet tea. I hope I have lemons so I can make an Arnold Palmer.

No. 1192793


No. 1192799

i know this is basic as fuck but i would KILLL to look like winona ryder or anne hathaway or halle berry. young or old does not matter they are all still so ethereal

No. 1192833

File: 1653259178285.jpg (680.23 KB, 1920x1200, krysten-ritter-567436.jpg)

Krysten Ritter
I had a teacher in highschool that looked exactly like Anne Hathaway and I was so confused why she seemed so familiar until I watched The Princess Diaries out of all movies lol.

No. 1192877

None. I look great.

No. 1192887

Same. I'm not completely comfortable with all my features, but I don't wish I looked like anyone else, either.

No. 1192888

I'd rather have their body than face
You are so hot anons

No. 1192889

File: 1653264116610.jpeg (102.94 KB, 395x594, 0256BE54-B0C8-4B1B-84FE-05D1B9…)

kristen stewart
sky ferreira
winona ryder
jennifer connolly
taylor momsen
krystal jung
elle fanning
anya taylor joy
drew barrymore
rose mcgowan
stacy martin
amber heard
ann hathaway
marion cotillard
emma roberts
leighton meester

i want to be pretty but not the kind of botched kardashian look that's now considered "pretty". I want to be more like a 80s-00s basic girl and have a nice body

No. 1192892

My boyfriend keeps saying he wants to pamper my pussy when he dirty talks me and it just sounds more funny than hot to me, especially since he keeps using that line.

No. 1192917

It sounds like it could be hot depending on how he's saying it, but it's weird to re-use that line kek. Make him say worship or something.

No. 1192919

Want a new celebricow thread. It's weird no one has made one yet. I love how it is derailed into the stupidest shit imaginable, it's incredible.

No. 1192922

omfg what does that even mean

No. 1192933

File: 1653266757988.gif (987.55 KB, 500x279, 3b643a69c530c653cfd3227035fa7a…)

>inb4 kpopfaggie
But Nana before her jaw shaving, Yuki Nakama or Suzy Bae.

No. 1192934

anok yai if she only wore simone rocha.

No. 1192935

all i can imagine are the diapers called pampers. like he's gonna put baby powder on it or something

No. 1192950

File: 1653268207744.jpeg (367.22 KB, 950x1305, 1743294F4DAC791A19.jpeg)

tao okamoto with short hair

No. 1192996

go nonnie go hear those sweet sweet sound effects again

No. 1192997

Mattress protector
Fitted sheet
Pillow protectors
Fucking duvet protector??
Duvet cover

I didn't know duvet protectors were a thing til just now. Shit's gone too far.

No. 1192999

Alright nonas, I got some local honey. Which one do I try first?
Options are:
>Wild flower
>Orange blossom
>Wild mountain pecan
>Cat Claw
>Desert blue clover
*All of these are 2 ozs, and in real jars

No. 1193001

I think all of those protectors are mostly used by people that tend to soil themself in bed.

No. 1193006

i like wildflower then clover, the orange i had tasted way too much like orange for things like coffee or tea

No. 1193012

File: 1653272257783.jpeg (791.44 KB, 1000x1250, 494F5763-5336-478E-956A-22A73F…)

technically model not celeb but im obsessed with ugbad

No. 1193013

Wild flower it is! Thanks for the info on orange blossom, nona! ♥

No. 1193019

Just realized I look a bit like Angelina Jolie when she played Lisa in Girl Interrupted if she was middle Eastern. Same face structure, same eyes, same lips (and Turkish nose kek). Talk about a confidence boost!

No. 1193022

Wow she is beautiful. I thought she might be Ethiopian and I was close, Somalian. Idk why but it seems like people from that area are always strikingly beautiful.

No. 1193037

File: 1653274705026.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x375, 1651005405135.jpg)

Who's gonna make the new tru crime thread on /m/?

No. 1193038

File: 1653274891640.jpeg (162.48 KB, 1170x432, 2B10AE54-3B3A-4F17-A8BE-333E86…)

we get it you are grown up and woke. Enough with this shitty opener.

No. 1193075

Wearing a full face of makeup when it's hot is so dreadful. I need to start going light on my foundation/concealer again.

No. 1193081

No. 1193413

came across someone on discord who I assumed was a black woman because of their way of typing and avi and I found them endearing if not a bit strange. but they started getting irritating and something felt wrong and I have realised they are just a gay moid. It all makes so much sense now

No. 1193415

File: 1653297964986.gif (347.42 KB, 220x220, cat-funny.gif)

Two American moids thought I was Asian because of the way my voice sounds. Both of them don't even know eachother. My profile picture is not anime or cartoony. People are weird.

No. 1193493

Isn't that just LSA in a nutshell? And Twitter? They always do that shit.

No. 1193557

File: 1653308383145.gif (372.87 KB, 360x240, d6213905a25ebb6550c09f50c623c6…)

Oh sweet bananoners will you hold my hand?

No. 1193561

Should I create the new celebricows thread? It won't be as fastidious as the previous ones though, I'm not as precise as the anon who made those

No. 1193562

but at least we'll have one

No. 1193572

These kind of people kind of irk me I don't know. I liked the romance when I was younger and kind of naive because it showed me that love can be nice and was a great escape from when my parents would argue and get physical kek

No. 1193580

ended up making it here: >>>/ot/1193579
yes, I know I did a shitty job but at least we have a thread

No. 1193603



No. 1193638

K.K. Bubblegum?

No. 1193736

File: 1653320282961.jpg (169.73 KB, 1100x1650, best-mojito-recipe-2.jpg)

I went out for dinner the other night and got roped into paying for bottomless drinks because the rest of the table wanted to do it and the restaurant said it had to be a whole table deal, even though I can't drink alcohol. My friends paid for my share since my birthday is coming up though so it was nice. I was sad because I couldn't get a virgin pina colada since their blender was broken but I got a virgin mojito and I'm… surprised because it was really good kek. I always thought a mojito was 90% alcohol and some mint thrown in but this one was good lol.

Anyway I don't drink so I don't really know any drinks and what can be made virgin. Virgin mojitos are so good and I want more now though.

No. 1193747

It isn't hot because he's scandinavian and talks like skwisgaar skwigelf from metalocalypse. He would just get shy if I laugh at his accent though so I gotta keep it on the dl.

No. 1193825

File: 1653323800489.jpeg (80.61 KB, 750x793, 315276C5-CCFB-4512-B785-35901A…)

This is stupid but I love it

No. 1193828

File: 1653323893474.jpg (41.48 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-479079920-612x612.…)

virgin watermelon mojitos are the best summer drink ever!

No. 1193830

That's what conservative moids do, and they do it to annoy women, not to own the trannies. There's whole compilations on YouTube of moids messaging women like this.

No. 1193837

This is very retarded, at most she will maybe end up as a tradthot.
also its 2022 most woman are used to men shitting on their appearance, that tactic is dumb and outdated,

No. 1193857

Dang, I'm not just out of the loop but also outdated. Ah well. I'm just thinking from the perspective if someone did that to me, I think I'd recoil and privatize that social media entirely

No. 1193897

File: 1653327868685.jpeg (66.5 KB, 500x375, A932D0D0-7113-4416-ADFE-57DDBB…)

I miss them so much girls

No. 1193925

She's pretty but too bad her name is ugh bad

No. 1193932

Holy shit I'm about to make these all summer. Thanks nona!

No. 1194083

File: 1653334785619.jpg (123.32 KB, 1200x800, unicorn-sparkle-ice-cream.jpg)

This from Walmart is pretty good but I cannot stand colorful ice cream

No. 1194088

File: 1653334942739.png (Spoiler Image, 833.36 KB, 1260x744, Screenshot 2022-05-23 212527.p…)

There's this Youtube channel where they interview physically or mentally disabled people and I feel so conflicted about it. Like on one hand it's useful to know about their lives and their condition and how they are coping but at the same time it feels somehow wrong. Like they are obviously cashing in on people's misery

No. 1194112

i don’t feel that way. I think they interview them respectfully and it’s coming from a good place unlike other channels ehm truly ehm.. It’s great at humanizing disability. I’d say even the best way to educate people about their lives at the moment.

No. 1194115

the man doing these videos comes off as fake and creepy to me

No. 1194130

time to dump

No. 1194132

Kek she deleted it

No. 1194147

You won't be the first or last person to talk shit about this guy. They call him Malibu Ken sometimes on KF if you want to read shit about him. As they put it he's a carny barker for an internet freakshow

No. 1194149

There was this weird professor crush tumblr blog I used to follow that belonged to a woman in her early 20s a few years ago. She had a crush on her professor and even recorded him and then posted it on her blog. Eventually she met a 50 year old guy on tinder, had sex with him and then made a new blog about their relationship. This was a few years ago and I cannot find her blog anymore but sometimes I wonder if she is doing ok.

No. 1194176

>Madrid’s senior health official said on Monday that the Spanish capital had 30 confirmed cases. Enrique Ruiz Escudero said authorities are investigating possible links between a recent Gay Pride event in the Canary Islands, which drew 80,000 people, and cases at a Madrid sauna.
Did I just read that the pox spread is all because of some slutty gays at a bathhouse.. where have I heard this story before lol

No. 1194189

in my limited knowledge, pretty much every drink can be made virgin! There're bitters that can replace the alcohol. Honestly I never thought of this before but I might just do in the future that since sometimes I just don't want to drink lol

No. 1194191

I wanna say lol at the stupid men but i know some of these slutty men fuck women too, sorry for the women

No. 1194197

File: 1653340287797.jpg (111.49 KB, 933x701, 1648975597605.jpg)

When will they fucking stop

No. 1194220

File: 1653342789319.png (81.45 KB, 1200x422, png.png)

You know, the more I learn about penguins, the more I realize that thing about penguins sometimes being gay actually isn't the W for the LGBT some people thought it was

No. 1194260

When will men learn

No. 1194359

Not to sound like a 14 year old tumblrina but I just watched season 2 episode 16 of the owl house and Hunter is so cute and sweet I want to marry him and his reaction at the end about not being able to go home was so accurate, I’ve lived that exact moment.

No. 1194378

i find the word ''bussy'' so funny and i hate how fagguetes try to gatekeep it.
bussy fresh bussy poppin.

No. 1194385

im definitely either psychic or schizophrenic

No. 1194389

It's one of the most revolting words I've ever heard.

No. 1194398

That's what my dog's name was autofilled to in Stardew valley kek

No. 1194439

File: 1653362901641.jpeg (16.34 KB, 556x284, E-DNr4wXsAI4Xt3.jpeg)

i'm so horny but not like sex horny like i need to put my hands all over a man's body or else i WILL DIE

No. 1194445

File: 1653363947544.gif (832.78 KB, 498x348, B6A327F3-4319-4D73-BB12-18192E…)

I thought moving out to the country would be nice and it is for the most part but NO ONE WARNED ME ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF LARGE SPIDERS IN THIS HOUSE I need an adult y’all I just woke up to pee and there was just a giant one CHILLING ON THE WALL LIKE IT OWNS THE DAMN BATHROOM I blasted that thing with pesticide like my life depended on it. I can handle most things in life but spiders, MULTIPLE OF THEM IN LIKE 2 DAYS are a hard no. Im in my late 20s so very much an adult but I need a more adult adult to handle this shit for me

No. 1194461

File: 1653365585346.png (417.02 KB, 600x498, 13486222.png)

i love when puppies and kitties wake up from a nap with scruffy bedhead my dog woke up like this and i gave him 20 kisses

No. 1194470

What's with people that use an AI art generator calling themselves artist? Sorry but you did not actually create anything.

No. 1194476

I'm searching for my mainline
I said I couldn't hit it sideways
I said I couldn't hit it sideways
Oh, just like Sister Ray said
Whip it on

No. 1194483

File: 1653368493527.jpg (180.59 KB, 600x480, dd35eql-6cc6463c-76dc-4243-957…)

I just ate molded berries by accident. About how much time do I have left before the mold takes over my body?

No. 1194489

An hour.

No. 1194520

File: 1653371264872.gif (2.33 MB, 498x276, love-live-nico.gif)

I dreamed I drew this and posted on lolcow:
>a 4 panel vertical comic
>first picture: a bunch of different girls, someone asks them "what kind of boys do you like?"
>second picture: they respond with varied answers, athletic guys, skinny emo guys, singer/artist types, boy next door, nerdy guy, mads mikkelsen
>third picture: same as 1 but with guys, what kind of girls do you like?
>fourth picture: tits, ass, tits, ass, tits, ass

I don't even own a drawing tablet

No. 1194532

Did you become a mold person yet?

No. 1194571

went to the belle delphine thread and holy shit its like an actual cesspool of the most retarded anons/pull refugees. its weirdly fun to read

No. 1194581

Went to get a blood test for hormones and the nurse casually suggested that I should have a child in order to cure my irregular period

No. 1194600

File: 1653379897626.jpg (40.83 KB, 477x345, br8wmWmpxOeC-fYJtgW_S6z9SPy6N-…)

At least I still have my personality

No. 1194627

I just want a friend to be absolutely off the wall retarded with again. I want to laugh at stupid shit on the internet with someone and be random ecks dee and not give a fuck. I want to run around and act like an idiot and scream. Aaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1194654

I've been told that as a "cure" option for my endo as well

No. 1194660

At least she's "just" a nurse. I get where she's coming from because of hormones and shit but did any woman get regular period after having a kid or is it some kind of common belief based on bullshit?

No. 1194670

I had a horse obsessed teacher in second grade who would always divide the kids in my class into "warmblood" and "coldblood" teams depending on their weight, appearance and popularity

No. 1194678


No. 1194679

you are now Boo Radley and you will die of mold

No. 1194680

The nurse should be fired & what she said was inappropriate. I never had children or got pregnant in my life and my period is extremely punctual. I hope your blood test sheds some light on the issue and I hope you are doing well anon.

No. 1194682

social media websites' increasing aggression and pressure towards lurkers is fucking evil. there i said it.

No. 1194685

What do you mean "increasing aggression towards lurkers" ?

No. 1194694

excessive pressure to log in with continuous pop-ups that often cannot be closed

No. 1194705

i can deal with spiders i cant fucking deal with roaches you wanna switch?

No. 1194708

File: 1653390781609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20220524_070556087.jpg)

Why do I have to see this ugly ass motherfucker? I've went years without seeing him in my actual YouTube feed, I've only seen him in his thread. Would it be bad to say I wanna restrict all moids from playing dating games or maybe from just breathing in general.

No. 1194715

Ugh he's still around? I was hoping he'd killed himself.

No. 1194722

File: 1653391996678.jpg (12.36 KB, 275x274, 1651427917454.jpg)

Let's scream from the rooftops nonnie

No. 1194727

Watch out for the monkey plague, nona!

No. 1194728

File: 1653392382760.gif (33.39 KB, 200x156, 137379j2fq4ie80c.gif)

Go crazy! Go wild!!

No. 1194734

if this site were a real farm, what would your roles on the farm be nonitas? I would like to spend my days ploughing the fields and travelling to the local towns to catch some gossip

No. 1194739

I'd want to tend to the animals. I know it can be a messy job and kind of smelly, but it's worth it for happy and healthy animals.

No. 1194743

Cooking the books

No. 1194759

I'd take care of crops, I don't want a cow or a horse to kick me to death.

No. 1194763

Based. I would be your doting secretary bringing you fresh fruits and porridge.

No. 1194769

I want to play with the chickens and take care of them

No. 1194774

I'd work at the farm's market and tasting room I imagine it'd be very charming one of those down to earth places with rotating varieties of jam, cheese, fruit wines and pick your own berries. You can meet the cow your cheese comes from too

No. 1194793

A guy from a dating app messaged me asking 'What is on your mind these days?' The fuck am I supposed to answer that?

No. 1194794

Playing with the animals and doing pottery

No. 1194795

Milk maid, I make butter and cheese. I also like to make jam.

No. 1194801

I would like to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse please

No. 1194805

All i ever wanted, i would give a you nice bonus

No. 1194811

Block him. In fact, delete the entire app because that is not how you meet someone who's sane. Dating apps are full of reject loser men with problems.

No. 1194812

I'll take the cows out to pasture and yodel

No. 1194813

I tried to get one of the bar's specialty cocktails made virgin but they said since it was alcohol based that they couldn't (I guess because the flavors of the alcohol complimented the other juice flavors). Honestly all I really want is seltzer mixed with a little variety of fruit juices kek. Maybe next time I go to a bar I'm going to ask if any of their specialty drinks can be made virgin! This has opened up a whole new world for me lol

No. 1194820

I drive our big ole pickup truck, farm to market

No. 1194837

i would like to look after the baby chicks and other small animals. feed the lambs milk bottles

No. 1194838

I'd be one of the shelf fillers or cashiers in the shop or sales stall who sells the stuff we produce but would spend 3/4 of my work hours chatting with our custoners and spreading gossip.

No. 1194840

I could probably build some fences for herding.

No. 1194872

File: 1653399976119.jpg (67.1 KB, 634x479, 32e459ab799858e546bd857ccda81b…)

We got ourselves a beautiful farm here, nonnies

No. 1194880

I would take care of the cats (especially the strays), and give them many kisses

No. 1194894

I have a browser extension that lets you change the speed at which media is played, I started listening to music and I didn't even notice I had the speed at 1.7 times faster until half of the song had passed. It sounds nice

No. 1194905

I wanna be like Shane

No. 1194935

At first I thought of shane dawson but now I remembered shane the chicken guy from stardew valley, which one did you want to be like?

No. 1194965

File: 1653408300336.png (647.04 KB, 1024x1017, seriously.png)

papa smoke

No. 1194970

Soldier-chan has bigger titties than Zhanna-chan!

No. 1194982

Was watching a video about kim kardashians sex tape and whether or not it was truly leaked or if it was purposefully released by both of them. I scroll down to the comments and there's so much talk about male abuse and male issues and how hard it is to be a man and how women keep kids away from their fathers… mens rights and 'mens lives matter' .. Kim never had a kid with this guy so I dunno wtf these people are bringing fathers rights up for. All female usernames too. Just patting each other on the back for suupporting men and seeing their struggle. ffs spend your energy and your empathy more wisely.

No. 1194992

Lolcows be like

[retarded discord link](USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1194998

File: 1653410205179.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, bbbait.png)

No. 1195001

File: 1653410358048.jpeg (3.19 MB, 4032x3024, 8D41ED5F-6CAC-4246-8467-504893…)

I have no social media or friends and I must scream! I'm designing a little Winnie the Pooh raglan for my baby boy and he let me try it on to see if the torso was wide enough. Heavenly!! If I could attach this photo to the back of an airplane and fly around major cities with it, I would.

No. 1195005

SUPER CUTE NONA! It looks like it's coming along very well (and your little guy looks very handsome!). Please post pics when you are done (if you want ofc) because I'd love to see the finished result!!

No. 1195009

that is soooooo adorable. congrats nonnie! his colour is perfect for winnie the pooh. your baby seems very patient and cute

No. 1195013

Omg babieee

No. 1195015

this is so fucking cute

No. 1195019

What's the link?

No. 1195022

i would look at all your planes. adorable cat with an adorable sweater.

No. 1195028

I’d want to bake stuff with the produce to sell. Quiches, pies, jams, etc. Maybe even meat dishes, if we have livestock on this hypothetical farm. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make butter and cheese.

Also the idea of a literal lolcow farm just makes me think of little Chris-Chans and Onisions sprouting out of the ground like cabbages.

No. 1195031

Tranny furry discord, don’t click

No. 1195052

100% agree and it's fucking awful and needs to be called out as the clear manipulation it is.

No. 1195078

I wish I could enjoy early 2000s japanese merch without being viewed as weeby or childish by people. In fact, I hate anime and stopped watching it 14 years ago. I just like niche stuff and harajuku related shit from that era. I want a neo licca gyaru phone strap for my flip phone but I'll let someone else have it.

No. 1195089

Stop letting sour strangers define how you live

No. 1195093

File: 1653415814531.gif (1021.67 KB, 500x246, cIv3o3O.gif)


No. 1195096

File: 1653416036810.jpg (14.1 KB, 360x248, 2bdb4951b2a438f40966f1abe6e0ec…)

i'm quoting neon genesis evangelion to a normie guy who's in love with me and doesn't know shit about anime so he doesn't know these are just quotes and he tells me how smart I am, this is is the best time of my life nonnies

No. 1195100

>moid kissing ur ass to get in ur pants
wisen up anon

No. 1195107

File: 1653416684729.jpg (44.9 KB, 584x924, photo4906996167586458311.jpg)

I had this saved on my phone from a game ad kek

No. 1195108

>has a flip phone
>won't buy cute phone strap because of what normies think
Nonnie you are simply too funny.

No. 1195109

File: 1653416792423.jpg (324.92 KB, 1000x2195, egg.jpg)

I haven't had eyelashes or eyebrows for the last twenty years because of a health thing. I've never used make-up to try and create the look of having them either. It's never bothered me much. I am egg.

No. 1195112

hell yeah anon. going to boil an egg now in your honor

No. 1195113

You’re aerodynamic

No. 1195114

kek i used to basically do the reverse on reddit when troons would post asking for critique on their looks. I'd treat them as if I was a modeling scout and I was talking to a real live natal woman who looked so manly. I'd say shit like, "Your jaw is very pronounced/your forehead is too high/I can see your peach fuzz, I recommend contouring/tone correcting" or, "Your waist lacks definition, you carry a lot of weight in your abdomen" or other things I knew they couldn't ever really figure out how to do, like condition their hair or apply fake eyelashes. Often they'd come back and say something about how that was more criticism than they expected but it was fair KEK

No. 1195126

he chased me for months and respectfully backed off when I didn't show him any interest back then, I'm the one who reached out to him now, he said he would wait for me 10 years kek

No. 1195128

Lmao based. Pointing out unfixable male features to trannies to give them a taste of female experience.

No. 1195134

exactly my theory anon! you want to be treated like a woman, here's a little taste. Enjoy the self doubt if it can get through to your giant, jaw-jutting balding male dome.

No. 1195159

File: 1653419385864.jpeg (75.84 KB, 976x549, 08601774-D8F3-4230-943A-1B4C82…)

> slapping him in the face and doesn't even flinch, just laughs and says something like "How delightful" before sipping champagne
Funny, if a man did something bad enough to warrant a slap and they responded like this I think I would try to tear their balls off.

No. 1195162

This anime guy looks like my skeezy 50 year old manager who tried to fuck me and told me he cheated on the girl in my position before me who also happened to be the same age.

No. 1195175

I'll tend to the shrooms… WHo wants some

No. 1195190

File: 1653421145528.png (249.23 KB, 586x542, otp (2).png)

It's ok zhanna has bigger guns

No. 1195220

File: 1653423081174.png (1020.04 KB, 800x1000, 28298229282.png)

There's no time to explain, nonny. Get on

No. 1195222

Where are we going?

No. 1195238

While you stood there blatantly ignoring the instructions, I rushed past and hopped on

No. 1195251

O-okay…where should I put my hands?

No. 1195270

scrote or cara delevigne? kek

No. 1195292

Reading an article about monkeypox and
>Cases are predominantly being identified in individuals who self-identify as gay or bisexual or men who have sex with other men
If you're having sex with men but you're not gay or bi then what are you? Gay for pay? A repeat rape victim? In denial? The wording is just so weird 'self-identify as gay' 'man who has sex with men but totes isn't gay or anything' kek

No. 1195302

File: 1653425765446.jpeg (54.82 KB, 413x310, F27426AC-8D44-4FDB-B872-B54B71…)

But my IBS will act up!

No. 1195308

File: 1653425869621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.79 KB, 527x746, 7e46be1eae25a5c03e4b2370b16b59…)

You wanna be a depressed messy alcoholic with a room like picrel?

No. 1195317

Damn I didn’t know the gay male connection to monkeypox, crazy. That self identifier seems to mostly be guys who are on the down-low, i think its an attempt to seperate gay culture and/or a romantic attachment to men from just porking other dudes secretly. I don’t know why it caught on in like academic circles.

No. 1195328

It looks like my room but I'm not even an alcoholic

No. 1195329

I've so far read articles talking about raves and saunas and gay pride events.. they're wording that delicately too but bathhouse is the word they're looking for and orgy is the other word lol. Now that those sex tourists are all returning home after their trip it's been spread to a few countries all at once.

No. 1195333

>Gay for pay? A repeat rape victim? In denial?

No. 1195352

God bless yellow face powders

No. 1195363

File: 1653429108863.png (55.9 KB, 348x297, 1395113670112.png)

So yesterday I posted on Stupid Questions lamenting that it looks like my periods have now devolved into diarrhea fests and some anons shared their own experiences with chronic period shits. I felt much better (aside from my ass) but today by partner texted me from work telling me that he's experiencing the same symptoms and is almost literally shitting himself
>surprise it was a fucking stomach virus

No. 1195397

File: 1653430550229.jpeg (63.51 KB, 626x598, E851C856-C59D-4EB4-8D89-81A3D9…)

The absolute state of men.

No. 1195407

File: 1653430867910.jpeg (23.88 KB, 615x351, 8BDB0438-4774-49D3-8981-02C8E5…)

How many teenagers do you have to sniff to come to this conclusion?

No. 1195409

The fuck does this even mean. Does he know each individual person can stink or not stink? Why is he attempting to smell girls and children? So many questions.

No. 1195423

File: 1653431612380.jpeg (83.42 KB, 1000x1000, BF811BC3-FC81-4E81-A49E-A94A14…)

Tfw you turn 28

No. 1195426

I'm guessing he's an opportunistic panty sniffer who rummages through dirty clothes baskets any time he stays at a relatives house. I mean look at him and tell me he's been getting consent off any young woman.

No. 1195427

I can't believe I'm not creamy butter and anymore

No. 1195441

File: 1653432158513.jpeg (500.19 KB, 1095x626, 84FF95E0-71D1-4371-8B77-11E4EA…)

Grafic desin

No. 1195444

If you're on lolcow, you have crazy bitch azealia banks energy in one way or another.

No. 1195447

No. 1195460

File: 1653432713129.jpg (54.85 KB, 600x450, stillcreamy.jpg)

I have an ex who I upset once because I told her she tasted like mashed potatoes. I meant like when you're doing internal play and there's cream on the toy after.. it kinda smells and tastes like mash to me. I've noticed it with multiple partners

Mashed potato is the next phase

No. 1195473

>bf sends penis pic (i asked for)
>wearing the sweatpants his dog shat on weeks ago
>they're washed but it's all i can think about

No. 1195477

Nta but I know exactly what you're talking about. I was always wondering what it reminded me of kek.

No. 1195484

anon that's so fucking cute! I almost cried!! and such a cute boy too omg

No. 1195486


No. 1195487

What a sweet baby!

No. 1195489

Just trying learn about formal wear and this weird scary elf looking mf appears. I'm freaking out, why does he look like he's about to snap at any moment when he stares right through the screen and straight into my soul like that?

No. 1195491

That's what I thought of bc my discharge used to smell like mcdonalds fries. Wetness and cum shouldn't taste potato-y but everyone's different ig

No. 1195492

Is the white stuff on dildos (or dicks or whetever) the same as regular dicharge though? I always thought it was different

No. 1195519

I think it's the eyes. His eyebrows are super low and he is raising his lower eyelids when he speaks that is why he looks so unhinged and psychotic

No. 1195521

gentlemans gazette is a meme

No. 1195526

Hadn’t heard much about them before but yeah, when I came across videos like how to accept a compliment like a gentleman I get it kek

No. 1195530

Do you like leave the house

No. 1195536


No. 1195537

File: 1653436316471.jpg (30.28 KB, 500x454, aNgP8Mr_700b.jpg)

anons I just made tres leches for the first time, it is sitting in the fridge to set, please send positive energy at it

No. 1195538

No, not really.

No. 1195544

may your tres leches be delectable

No. 1195561

File: 1653437320351.jpg (163.04 KB, 900x1176, metalhead_jinguji_by_aureawolf…)

why arent metalheads like this cutie picrel
they're fat greasy and old neckbeards here

No. 1195568

File: 1653437632296.jpg (33.98 KB, 479x640, 1593642197427.jpg)

Why do so many of them troon out nowadays? There definitely used to be plenty of cute ones once upon of time. Maybe it was all just a dream.

No. 1195573

File: 1653438416198.png (1.04 MB, 906x906, 165341562836.png)

In my shithole EE country I see plenty of cute metal head dudes, as well as buff metalhead dudes and uber normie dudes who happen to like metal

No. 1195576

File: 1653438682652.png (561.63 KB, 1526x520, imagem_2022-05-24_212953066.pn…)

This dude looked so good before he just bulked up insanely (I think from roids), why so many moids just lack the moderation gene ffs
it's a tiktoker egomaniac bodybuilder, not worthy it, but his name is tyler gram

No. 1195577

File: 1653438713661.jpg (78.72 KB, 628x705, a517dfb3f112bea1614f036049f92d…)

what is this phenomenon? a few hot dudes from back in high school decided to sissify themselves. completely ruined. can't even do hair or makeup, or look good in skirts. just because the eggshaped neckbeards called them faggots?
if they cared so much then maybe they are, but then i see them serially dating arthoes with septum piercings

No. 1195578

needs long hair

No. 1195583

File: 1653439231411.png (203.81 KB, 332x446, instagram.PNG)

This guys "QnA" on Instagram is really corny. I can tell he is insufferable as fuck.

No. 1195590

How is this not satire

No. 1195593

If she doesn't come with her entire genome sequencing printed on the first date, red flag! What if her father wins the display of homoeroticism and masculinity through arm wrestling? Then what?

No. 1195595

File: 1653440232888.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

some combination of porn addiction and picrel
nonna's, this is very clearly meant as a dumb joke

No. 1195598

Even if he's "joking" his Instagram stories are filled with shit like that. Still makes him seem annoying.

No. 1195611

Yeah, I think that was a joke too, but he is insufferable and full of himself. And he lies a lot about how he achieved his current body.

No. 1195622

Lots of men lie about roids the way women lie about plastic surgery

No. 1195625

is this guy serious?
>because he's ginger

No. 1195628

Kek I was watching a weird gameshow and there was an Aiden(?) on. Either an Aiden or butch lesbian but the name was Wyatt. Either way, I noticed everyone on the show avoided using any pronouns for her, one man even referring to her as "the bowtie"
Yes she wore a bowtie.

No. 1195641

File: 1653443055098.png (73.69 KB, 319x323, instagram 2.PNG)

Sorry I deleted it anon, here

No. 1195651

File: 1653444211327.jpg (203.16 KB, 1286x1629, __link_the_legend_of_zelda_and…)


No. 1195658

You ever do that thing in elementary school where you point at an ugly person in a textbook and tell your friend "i found your boyfriend" or "this is your husband"

No. 1195701

yes, also pointing to weird people and saying "that's you"

No. 1195702

Oh yeah that one as well, those kind of jokes never get old

No. 1195709

File: 1653449177393.jpg (77.83 KB, 853x1200, 45cf82ac0fc39b38cfc384935457b7…)

I like this one too

No. 1195710

I want to Link to get destroyed by Ganon's dick. fuck me. I'm drunk but i want to see it happen

No. 1195801

sidon's slimy dick >>

though that twink faggot does already have plenty of experience riding him…

No. 1195828

Thank you nonna

No. 1195854

File: 1653464676576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.86 KB, 640x905, ovl9imty7e871.jpg)

Beat him up

No. 1195885

i had a teacher who numbered us 1-28 based off last name. i think she was too lazy to learn 28 kids names even though we were her only class.

No. 1195893

File: 1653468193276.jpg (45.79 KB, 800x800, white-angel-digitally-rendered…)

My greatest crime was being a petite woman with a high pitched voice and small wrists and big naturals. Everything that this thing cannot attain, not even with a scalpel. And that's why they whip up hate mobs against me. This is what gender based violence looks like in 2022.

No. 1195894


No. 1195898

I was looking for female only gyms and saw some stuff about how nonbinary and trans people don't feel it's inclusive enough. a bit annoying. You'd think trans people would want a gym of their own instead.

No. 1195899

Let's say, theoretically, I made a Kikomi sticker with YWNBAW on it. Would nonnies, hypothetically, want to join in on tagging areas with tranny stickers with them? Asking for a friend of course

No. 1195904

No. 1195919

File: 1653471494753.jpg (20.58 KB, 400x250, shane.jpg)

You both make me feel ten thousand years old.

No. 1195962

Actually yea

No. 1196010

if you make it or other anons make similar ones i will print it on my sticker paper for posting in random places, especially the 'all inclusive' gender bs bathrooms in some cafes

No. 1196023


No. 1196035

File: 1653481747674.jpg (129.57 KB, 1080x1080, dcb1c30c6aeb4f99f53759d2426024…)

I love James Gandolfini and Edie Falco but I hate how much "we saw you from across the bar and really dig your vibe" energy this image has. It haunts me.

No. 1196040

High art

No. 1196041


No. 1196069


No. 1196098

I started upping my protein intake because I started to seriously work out with the intention of gaining muscle. On the upside, I'm not ravenous or feel the need to mindlessly snack all the time now, on the downside I have protein farts and they stink. Trade off is worth it though lol.

No. 1196101

I think there is something wrong with me or I have brain damage or something because whenever I'm out I never feel like I'm actually there. Obviously I'm in my body but I always feel like my mind is very far away and I don't mean to be spacey, I just can't help it. It's frustrating. Any other anons feel the sake way?

No. 1196116

Right now I have it lesbian themed, with the flag as a backdrop. Too much? I can make lesbian and non lesbian versions if needed

No. 1196132

banned from a video game discord because of "transphobia" and "sexism" for questioning why some person who calculated height statistics for the series cast did not separate the characters by sex. no, the game is not fantasy or sci-fi, the characters are all just regular humans on 21st (mostly) century earth. i said that he should have made separate charts for the male and female characters since men tend to be quite taller than women, including in these games. people then piled on me and said it's not true because a few female characters are taller than a few of the males, and that there are no real biological differences between men and women as groups and arguing otherwise is both transphobic and sexist. and the janny banned me kek

No. 1196135

Could you share which game attracted this group?
>there are no real biological differences between men and women
How about dicks and pussies? pardon my french.

No. 1196156

File: 1653488673229.jpg (411.05 KB, 1670x1024, SEED-OIL.jpg)

I made this meme, idk where to post it so here you go, enjoy

No. 1196162

Kek I love it anon (and also an interesting observation about men, I've never noticed it before).

No. 1196195

File: 1653490400753.png (171.78 KB, 1383x881, what the fuck.PNG)

I don't know what the proper thread is for this shit but I'm in a discord server (mainly lurk) and someone posted that they ~*~updated their pronouns profile~*~ so my nosy ass went to go look and god what the FUCK am I looking at. Go outside and touch some fucking grass girlie

No. 1196200

File: 1653490644162.jpeg (21.8 KB, 750x724, 0a9.jpeg)

kek I love this so much nona

No. 1196206

That has to be satire….

No. 1196210

What is it with the seed oil thing? I had never heard that before and then suddenly everyone on lc is saying it and then some friends in real life started saying it.

No. 1196211

My period is rotting my fucking brain from the inside out. I know it's my period brain but I can't stop feeling like I want to fucking cry about everything. I wanted to watch some dog videos to get away from the horrific shit on the news but even that's making me cry because it just makes me think about my dog and the inevitable countdown of her lifespan. What the fuck. Nonnas please help me I'm at work and I'm like 3 seconds away from bawling my eyes out like a pathetic baby.

No. 1196215

It is, unfortunately, not. I saw them get in a tiff with another user the other day because of their uwu twans sister. God speed to this bitch's parents. I hope they take away their kids internet.

No. 1196217

I dare you to just hysterically cry at work, if we all give into the temptation the world will be a better place.

No. 1196234

If I was a youtuber and I had a virtual avatar I would make one that looks like a robot, but not an anime girl robot, a real huge rusty armored robot with wires sticking out of it and a body like a literal fridge and I would talk in my girl voice and coomers would seethe because they can't fuck the girl robot because it's a rusty fridge with appendages. This is my cringe power fantasy.
How do these retard pronouns even work, ghost/ghost's?
>He is missing. Have you seen him?
>Ghost is missing. Have you seen ghost's?
Makes no sense

No. 1196240

Just cry at work anon, honestly it's kind of cathartic. I've cried at every job I've had, even while dealing with customers. When you can't hold back, you can't hold back. Let it out.

No. 1196306

File: 1653495587559.jpg (71.63 KB, 580x580, m_5a524ad93800c57a4900ca82.jpg)

A couple of years ago I came home and this was on my bed. I asked my parents where it came from and my dad said he was at Target with my mom and saw a little girl pick it up. She apparently looked like she really wanted it and put it back down, maybe so she could go find her mom to ask her to buy it. My dad took it and bought it (it was the last one) and gave it to me lol. I still have it and laugh at the thought that my dad just wanted to be a little petty kek. I like Hello Kitty stuff so it worked out for me in the end.

No. 1196313

I don't get why anons keep trying to make K-Pop a thing here, even as someone who likes it myself.

No. 1196316

kek this is so cute

No. 1196329

I found this really cute guy on a dating app and he has a VERY direct bio where he writes that he wants to be dominated. I'm tempted to write to him but I've never been a dom. How would I go about it?

No. 1196332

why be petty over a child

No. 1196334

File: 1653496804502.jpg (29.04 KB, 500x500, a345102eec8d15a80cbedaa62077c5…)

Watch your back anon, I'm gonna steal this from you next

No. 1196336

I had the dumbest dream. In waking life I have never expressed an interest to lip fillers, maybe subconsciously I would not be opposed to the Lindsay Lohan pout circa that Nylon Magazine YouTube video. In my dream I went to a lady to get lip filler, couldn't tell you why, and I trusted her explicitly, but the bitch gave me way too much!!! I had the Kris Jenner allergic reaction pout. My bottom lip wasn't even in the picture, my face was all top lip. Fully curved back like a ducks beak and it had length. The rest of the dream became a nightmare, these were my lips! The absolute horror. I only wanted to die.

No. 1196344

File: 1653497369225.gif (365.88 KB, 909x890, D8BD3A06-6452-45AC-BBAF-A9659F…)

I can’t believe ur dad did that. Fucked up.

No. 1196345

I've thought about getting tear trough filler before but, when I was younger my mother would tell me about how she doesn't like my eyebags (despite them being genetic) so I refuse to get it "fixed". I also used to want to get a nose job because of my mother, but I've let that dream go because I've seen how shitty nose jobs can be, even with good plastic surgeons.
My grandmother also used to tell me (and sometimes still does) about how I, someone with super thick 4C hair, should straighten my hair so now I refuse to get a relaxer, texturizer or even a keratin treatment. It's incredibly petty, but that shit hurt me.

No. 1196347

I might have monkey pox

No. 1196348

Symptom list now, anon

No. 1196354

Ew anon has the pox

No. 1196358

…so you're a gay man?

No. 1196360

I think you’re based for rising above the hurt and exist unapologetically

No. 1196361

This is a site for women.

No. 1196365

Did you let a gay scrote in??

No. 1196373


I’m not a man lmao. I have some pus filled cysts on my inner lip.. I thought they kinda looked similar so I’m worried

No. 1196377

Whoever's dick your sucking is gay

No. 1196378

Anon has cooties, eeeeewww

No. 1196379

There's a handful of looks based things my mom used to nitpick about me and I made it my mission to fully embrace them. I'm super low maintenance in general now and I link it back to that. It confused the hell out of me that as a kid my mom would be listing off my flaws… when it's all shit you inherited. I got it all from her. She's dead now and the older I get the more I see my resemblance to her. I wish she hadn't been so self hating.

No. 1196380

Not suckin any

No. 1196393

Bitch that just may be a cyst, google bartholins cyst or just a clogged pore. Got us all riled up for nothing.

No. 1196394

No wait, pussy or face lips?

No. 1196412

File: 1653499640328.png (447.46 KB, 496x497, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa…)


No. 1196430

Aw thank you. It does feel immature for me since I still have these insecurities, I'm just not completely acting on them.
I actually have a lot of my father's features, so I think that might actually be where my mother's nitpicking comes from. I know it's common for mother's to do that with their daughters, but man it fucking sucks.

No. 1196475

Some people give the wrong answers on purpose to fuck with Google Captcha as a form of protest against it.
look up "ren*gger", I think it's what it was called

No. 1196484

Kek so that’s why it always thinks I’m a robot

No. 1196504

File: 1653504169440.jpg (209.04 KB, 1280x1556, YEAAAAHHH.jpg)

I was dealing with terrible tooth pain recently (I think a cut on my gum got infected). It got to the point where my head and throat hurt, I was shaking and sweating. I guess infections are not fun. In my half-lucid state, I found some old-ass antibiotics and started just taking them, and mixing some with alcohol and oragel, and applying it to my tooth. Thank Jesus for antibiotics I woke up this morning a new person. finally healing, no more almost passing out, thank you Alexander Fleming, i love you

No. 1196528

Kek wtf. This is so chaotic.

No. 1196539

Taking a singular dose of antibiotics is probably not smart. You're prescribed them for a period of time because that is the amount of time analyzed to best kill off the bacteria. Bacteria have waves of reproduction, and when the infectious ones aren't killed off entirely they can come back with an even worse infection.

No. 1196541

File: 1653505537537.jpg (575 KB, 1077x1066, Screenshot_20220525-210139_Ins…)

I love pic related but fuck me I can't justify giving 80€ for it. Maybe one day when I'm rich or something

No. 1196554

I agree with the anon above. I know you feel better because of the antibiotics but you should see a dentist if you're able too. You can still have an infection with no symptoms, that's why you're supposed to always finish your medicine even if you feel better. Also, the antibiotics you took may not be the best for what you could have.

No. 1196555

This is gorgeous, is it a belly ring?

No. 1196564

if it makes you feel better, i can tell from this pic this is crystal and surgical steel. you should find a cheaper one.

No. 1196567

Crazy factory, go.

No. 1196569

I download ebooks through my city's library and usually I'll download the epub and run it through calibre to strip the DRM before sending it to my kindle to keep forever but for whatever reason, the stupid library website won't let me download epub files!!! It's only giving me the option to send to my kindle even though it says epubs are an available format UGH

No. 1196570

True, however, these antibiotics were not prescribed to me, they were prescribed to my mom.I would hate for this to get worse and for me to make some new kind of superbug in my mouth. In that case, I'll keep taking then until I can see a doctor then, thank you.


True, they definitely weren't they were originally prescribed to my mom for a vaginal infection (not to air her business out here). I don't think I will be able to see a dentist for a few months, but I will try to see what I can do, thank you.

No. 1196576


It's from Anatometal and titanium, but yea the stone is zirconium I think

I bought stuff multiple times from them and the quality is really hit or miss. They also don't have stuff like this

No. 1196577

I don't know why but instagram is suddenly showing me pics of craazy fucking obese babies and kids in bikinis and outfits that look weird on kids… who are these parents doing this for? Nobody who likes babies in 'the normal way' wants to see a baby that looks close to death in a fucking bathing suit. Did I stumble into some sort of fat loving pedo algorithm?

No. 1196611

it's probably listed as that, but it's definitely not any of that material.

No. 1196649

just watch this, you will thank me later
(it's cringe tho so be prepared)

No. 1196667

I've already seen it

No. 1196692

nice, I will prepare a medal for u

No. 1196702

I think everyone here has seen that 10 years ago except you. And I'll take a medal too.

No. 1196707

every flag after nonbinary sounds like a prescription medicine

No. 1196708

I also want a medal nonnie insert heart emoji

No. 1196710

Ah yes I'll take some of that carniatonic for my blood pressure kek

No. 1196719

thanks ♥

If this is a Carrd, you can post it in the Carrd cringe thread.

No. 1196732

I need gelatin-less gummies to be a more widespread thing. Fuck, I just want some gummy bears and peach rings and worms

No. 1196787

Lmao I just explained to my mom what the word scrote means and she started laughing out loud, and now she call my brother a scrote too kek. I told her I learnt that word myself from the "anonymous farm forum" (she loves cows so she thinks this place is cool)

No. 1196797

I’m so fucking sad and binge watching American dad

No. 1196803

So wholesome, I love reading happy posts like this before going to sleep

No. 1196809

No. 1196826

File: 1653523232137.png (456.28 KB, 857x879, 1648089352154.png)

I'm fine with nonny's mommies posting and even grandmas. But anyone bringing their scrotes here deserves spicy diarrhea.

No. 1196836

KEK I love this so much, based momma