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File: 1653310966774.jpg (105.36 KB, 1908x1146, 6819728-0-image-a-18_154353858…)

No. 1193579

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/1182903

>>1183090 Millie Bobbie Brown was styled to look like a Russian hooker in her 40s
>>1183227 Megan Fox snips a crotch hole in one of her outfits so she can have sex, then posts a screenshot about her messages about it
>>1183453 Dove Cameron can't stop/won't stop with the plastic surgeries
>>1183470 Cara Delabrow was creepy with Azelia banks and Megan Thee Stallion >>1183608, also has a 'vagina tunnel' in her house >>1183892
>>1183575 Kim K has a bikini photoshoot with nude gloves on??
>>1183697 Megan Fox inadvertantly channels Moria Casan
>>1183877 Chloe Sevigny weds her scrote
>>1184047 One of the BBMA presenters has a wardrobe malfunction
>>1184159 Lardy Del Rey shows up at a Gucci fashion show
>>1185063 Jordan Peterson tweets about not finding a model beautiful then promptly quits Twitter upon receiving negative feedback. What a pussy.
>>1185335 Miley and Tisch Cyrus supporting Pamela Anderson at her Broadway debut
>>1183893 a tranny is cast as Rose in Doctor Who
>>1185745 Kourtney marries her prison escapee looking boyfriend
>>1186096 Meg Thee stallion’s boyfriend is jealous and upset about her flings with other women
>>1186137 The Kardashians are allegedly friends with human trash Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild
>>1186433 Sydney Sweeney gets sued for bailing on swimsuit deal
>>1186666 Daniel Radcliffe is playing Weird Al despite looking nothing like him
>>1187502 Dove Cameron is crying about having either dysmorphia or dysphoria and posts about it on Insta
>>1187595 Emrata posts a morning routine video on Insta and pretends like his son is not being raised by a nanny
>>1188123 Rihanna and ASAP has a baby
>>1188693 Stan Lee returns to Marvel
>>1188784 Elongated Muskrat propositions flight attendant for sex then tries to pay her off to silence her
>>1188867 Simu Liu reveals he was rejected from playing the leading role in Crazy Rich Asians
>>1188947 Umbrella Academy S3 trailer is released
>>1189724 First glimpse of Rachel "theater kid" Zegler as Snow White, costume designer needs to be fired
>>1189724 Deuxmoi is exposed to be Lovallo and Kempner
>>1191104 LeBron James' 17 year old son takes a white girl to the prom, resulting in social media backlash about 'not keeping the bloodline pure'

No. 1193584

File: 1653311420808.png (380.27 KB, 973x811, Screenshot 2022-05-23 150449.p…)

Another director turns out to be a creep:
>A rep for Fukunaga, who last fall was accused of firing actress Raeden Greer while shooting the first season of HBO’s “True Detective” after she refused to appear topless on camera, declined to comment on the latest accusations

>The online accusations emerged after Fukunaga last week posted an Instagram story about the prospect of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

>The post enraged 23-year-old skater and actress Vinberg, who took a screenshot of Fukunaga’s post and responded, “It pisses me off cause he literally doesn’t care about women. He only traumatizes them. I’ve spoken to many girls. F— you Cary.”

>In a series of follow-up Instagram posts, Vinberg claimed that Fukunaga, who is now 44, pursued her romantically five years ago when she had just turned 18 after the pair worked together on a Samsung commercial. “Yeah, I was legal,” she said, adding that their relationship lasted till she was 21. “But is it right? No.”

>Vinberg’s posts prompted twin sisters Hannah and Cailin Loesch to come forward via Twitter with similar allegations:

>They said Fukunaga would show up to the sister’s family home in Pennsylvania and press them for a three-way romantic relationship.

>“Back at home, we all slipped into the family’s hot tub, where he asked us if we were virgins, and what our thoughts on threesomes are,” they wrote. “When we told him that we would never participate in one, he reminded us that they ‘do them in pornos all the time,’ and even suggested incest is fine ‘if all parties are okay with it.’”

He directed the 2021 James Bond and was the cinematographer for the 2011 Jane Exre and the TV show True Detective btw

No. 1193606

thanks for thread anon, hopefully, this won't get as derailed as much as the last one kek, but i doubt it

No. 1193615

Ah thank you for the appreciation kek I expected criticism since I wasn't as much of a perfectionist as the previous threadmakers were

No. 1193621

File: 1653313860909.png (32.18 KB, 513x495, a13.png)

Pete Davidson is leaving SNL. Is he going to star in Kardashians tv show?

No. 1193624

File: 1653313878676.jpg (61.79 KB, 995x613, FSPvYaJXIAADUAJ.jpg)

this has been spreading for a while yeah, someone even edited his Letterboxd page to this but it has inevitably been changed back now

No. 1193626

Am I supposed to be surprised? Is it bad that at this point it doesn't even elicit an emotional reaction from me? Can someone tell me why directors are considered gods here and they can literally do no wrong including rape? Even well-respected female actors will cape for them even though they were most likely victims or witnessed it happening to the women and children around them. I love good movies and shows, but it's like directors are deities for some damn reason and my brain is going numb.

No. 1193635

skete is an absolute slut for attention so it wouldn't be surprising if he does

No. 1193654

File: 1653316536242.jpg (125.93 KB, 1170x1158, FSz3D_BXwAEc4Ix.jpg)

Madonna's new horror face out in the wild

No. 1193669

bless you for making this thread

No. 1193685

She wouldn't look bad for her age if she just styled herself appropriately

No. 1193690

File: 1653318462276.jpeg (184.05 KB, 828x544, 4B71CAFD-6A61-4ABE-8333-7F167E…)

speaking of metoo a user put up a thread of men who've been accused of sexual misconduct and how little it has affected their careers

back when metoo was at its height there were a staggering 200 plus men accused as of 2020 across various sectors of entertainment, can think of a lot more low profile cancellations besides these.


No. 1193878

>that threadpic
Nonna why do you hate us?

No. 1193886

File: 1653327451408.jpg (212.72 KB, 1605x835, I9qg0sn.jpg)

Halsey trolling on tiktok and showing how the music industry uses tiktok for marketing:
>she had to change the unreleased song 2 times. The song was first produced emotional and slow. The label asked her to re-produce it as a “classic pop record”. Once they got that version, they said she needs to put out a “big pop song”.
>She convinced them to like the re-produced version (produced by Max Martin)
>A music video directed by Alev has been filmed.
>There was a release date, but the label said they don’t want to release it because “research shows 80% of new music is discovered because it goes viral on TikTok”.
>H mentions that the label has disagreed with her on releasing Bad at Love, Without Me (the label wanted to make them wait a year), You should be sad, & Nightmare (the label didn’t want them to put it out AT ALL).
>She can’t leak the song because the label owns the masters to it and it’ll get pulled down.
>The label wanted them to do a 6 video viral campaign over the course of a month to “slowly and organically make the record go viral”.
her video whining about making tiktoks using the song got almost 8 million views. the trolling worked.

No. 1193888

File: 1653327496020.jpeg (59.53 KB, 443x373, 7011.jpeg)

>Even well-respected female actors will cape for them even though they were most likely victims or witnessed it happening to the women and children around them.
reminder, pic related (there's a whole lot more but the list is so long I can't be assed). also farmer's beloved kstew supported woody allen.

No. 1193891

Damn, I better not hear that retard Natalie Portman complaining about coomers online counting the days until she turned 18 if she openly supports a convincted pedo. I have no pity for these people anymore.

No. 1193895

You mean Natalie who is all
>pro women directors muh feminism
>literally has never worked with any female directors other than in two anthology movies that had several directors.

No. 1193901

yes as soon as he got rid of his glasses and hipster hair i could tell he was about to moid out hard

No. 1193903

Actions speak more than words so at this point I don't assume a celebrity is a feminist until they prove it, including female celebrities.

No. 1193904

>can't wait to do something with celeb who is right now massively famous for being a shitbag to to his wife
this pete dude is just such an obvious fakeass user narcissist, he's so fucking annoying. look at this post, it's fucking tess holliday levels of fake humility that manage to also scream I'M A BIG FUCKING DEAL I'M AWESOME

No. 1193907

she signed up for this. she's not patti smith or francoise hardy, she literally signed up to be not about the music. write what your boss tells you to write, halsey you dumbass. if you don't want to work that way, then leave the pop industry and make your music allllll by yourself. you can do that, right? why don't you do that then?

No. 1193910

File: 1653328378843.jpg (50.55 KB, 661x697, Ql2rS1Q.jpg)

On that note, Marina went indie. I can't tell if Marina's music has declined over the years or if it just stayed the same and sounded aged as time went on.

No. 1193913

I may say something controversial, but her only two good albums were Electra Heart and Froot. Electra Heart created a character and aesthetic that was attractive for many, Froot had a good sound with decent songs, after that with her alien ussr aesthetic or whatever it is, this did go downhill. It's sad that she clearly hates Electra Heart era, when it was the most impactful.

No. 1193916

File: 1653328752353.gif (2.37 MB, 498x329, taylor-swift-blow-kiss.gif)

anything for you loves

kek I was just thinking about what the most memorable thing about the previous thread was and honestly that video left the deepest mark on me lmao

No. 1193918

File: 1653328962634.png (75.55 KB, 972x206, Screenshot 2022-05-23 195238.p…)

Pretty sure picrel is an actual thing that labels do, Florence Welch mentioned it as well. Seems like record labels are really aggressive about getting their music reach zoomers

No. 1193922

They did they same thing with youtube. These artists act like making a tiktok is so hard. It's not like they mind the music machine when it comes to playlisting on spotify or radio payola.

No. 1193927

Disgusting piece of shit. I guess all male directors really cant be trusted at this point. I hope for more call outs. Bless the brave women doing so.

Bitch fell off so hard after i found out about this. Same with Natalie portman, which is crazy since Leon the professional was a huge pedo tinted movie.

No. 1193933

I think it's just the format itself that's really stupid and it's hard to think of meaningful content that can only last for a few seconds

No. 1193941

my tinfoil is that celebrities doing reluctant "my record label is forcing me to make this tiktok" content is itself a marketing tactic. this way, they get to imply that they're grounded and authentic while still boosting their fan engagement numbers on tiktok.

No. 1193942

Musicians are not content creators, some people just want to be artists and not celebrities. Leave them alone.

No. 1193949

I’m sorry but acting like this is some sort of expose and that the things she has to do are just soo terrible is dumb. It’s business. If people don’t pay attention to them they don’t get streams and don’t make money. Very simple concept with music.

No. 1193950

not listed to ancient dreams but love + fear was kinda meh, felt like she ran out of steam creatively and took herself too seriously

No. 1193961

And you think Halsey is one of them? Which one of those artists besides Florence don’t actively try to be a part of the celebrity persona?

No. 1193964

To be an A list woman in Hollywood you must first have a decade of cock sucking and omega pickmeism.

No. 1193968

You can say Meryl Streep it's ok

No. 1193973

Halsey was homeless (kicked out of mom and dad's house for dropping off from college) when she was "discovered". I'm sure prostitution was involved.

No. 1193979

Who are those in the pic?

No. 1193982

File: 1653331493024.jpg (177.29 KB, 1079x768, uglydress.jpg)

Kourtney Kardashian's ugly wedding dress.

No. 1193984

are you lost?

No. 1193987

I recognize their faces, I'm bad with names though.

No. 1193989

File: 1653331675397.jpg (161.51 KB, 525x846, Ua5GZsJ.jpg)

Khloe at Kourtney's wedding. I'm gonna be honest she does look good, she should lay off the surgery now

No. 1193992

Wtf that's the ugliest wedding dress I've ever seen.

No. 1193993

tilda swinton
natalie portman
monica belluci
penelope cruz
idk who the women at the bottom left is

No. 1193996

literal prostitute outfit.
Is this a designer dress? Did she hire somebody for this mess? I have so many questions kek

No. 1194001

Penelope Cruz, Martin Scorsese, Tilda Swinton, Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Adrien Brody, Fanny Ardant, Guillermo Del Toro, Monica Belluci and Jeremy Irons.

No. 1194007

I would like this more if it was on literally anyone else. She looks better than the bride.
Also, wtf was the idea for this wedding? Kourtney is dressed like a hooker in a $25 Fashion Nova corset lingerie dress, and Khloe looks like she was supposed to be at the 2018 MET Gala.

No. 1194011

File: 1653332183981.jpg (333.13 KB, 1422x2048, TEbmIid.jpg)

Kimora Lee and her daughter Aoki at Dior's men show. It looks like Kim got a botox.
Aoki goes to Harvard and posts sad poems on ig along with tumblr aesthetic pics. She's going to be a vogue editor or something isn't she?

No. 1194012

Dolce & Gabbana

No. 1194019

File: 1653332336648.jpg (68.24 KB, 445x729, cygnVGj.jpg)

Florence Pugh broke up with the old scrote

No. 1194025

That looks like lingerie

No. 1194036

There's no proof she was actually homeless and I sincerely doubt she was a prostitute. That was just her edgy mysterious back story because being a tumblr One Direction stan was too boring.

No. 1194060

File: 1653333608060.jpg (60.58 KB, 442x844, tKagFMP.jpg)

Liam Payne is cheating on his fiance. A fan mistook this picture as a photo with her. She commented:
>“Please stop sending me these pictures of my fiancé wrapped around another woman. This is not me and it’s hard enough..”
Halsey was never homeless, tumblr already caught onto her lying. She was with her family at the time she claimed to be homeless.

No. 1194069

I would have hidden those knees and legs to body ratio

No. 1194072

Electra Heart was an excellent album. She sounded her best, the aesthetic was cool, and it's important to a whole generation of people. I dont understand how she could hate it. It literally has Bubblegum Bitch

How does one of the richest families America known in the world of fashion constantly manage to look like trash? This takes the cake though. Travis looks like a prison gang member and whichever one of the sisters that is wearing the worlds shittest dress

No. 1194073

And they all have one thing in common….

No. 1194077

Why does everyone forget Family Jewels? Makes me I feel like a hallucinated that entire album.

No. 1194084

holy shit. what a scrote

No. 1194086

thank you, imagine thinking marina didn't peak with TFJ

No. 1194100

Because money doesn't buy good taste.

No. 1194110


No. 1194116

I thought this retard was leaving snl like a year ago.

No. 1194119

File: 1653335996861.jpg (22.25 KB, 772x310, IZN0UBi.jpg)

Just when Times put him on the most influential list and he got a Hilary Clinton shout out. Is pete a sugar baby.

No. 1194134

File: 1653336801192.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1090, 30F2919D-8849-41B3-AD20-08C10E…)

And now it looks like she’s hanging out with Will Poulter now, seems like she’s finally free from that fossil

No. 1194136

File: 1653336945785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.01 KB, 225x225, travisbarkerwedding.jpg)

Kek at that woman rather taking pics of the plants.
There are so many wedding dress styles, and she decided to wear this. It's neither flattering nor particularly nice in design. He looks like Prince Phillip came back to haunt us.

No. 1194141

Yas! I usually don't care about celeb break-ups but this one sparks joy.

No. 1194142

Good for her, big upgrade

No. 1194144

Ohno Kourtney honey what are you doing? Her body is so nice and instead of showing it off that makes her look so bad. And the veil is so gorgeous it makes the "dress" look extra out of place.

Should have worn a dress like her sister but in white, would have been stunning.

No. 1194148

File: 1653337790069.png (1.38 MB, 940x1076, beauty&thebeast.png)

Yesss! Looks like she finally came to her senses. Nothing more depressing than seeing a beautiful and successful woman pairing up with (or god forbid having children with) the ugliest motherfucker you've ever seen

No. 1194152

that is the tackiest thing i have seen in my life

No. 1194171

the guys in the pictures all look like old evil wizards

No. 1194201

No. 1194207

File: 1653341959282.jpg (127.68 KB, 792x788, hillaryclinton.jpg)

His relationship with Hillary is so weird.

No. 1194210

File: 1653342301157.jpg (211.13 KB, 899x804, escortpete.jpg)

>Is pete a sugar baby.

No. 1194218

actors have to cape for directors so they get casted in things

No. 1194225

halsey's PULL thread debunked that. you can look through the PULL archives and see

No. 1194229

No. 1194232

who are those in the 2nd and 3rd pics

No. 1194240

Vincent Cassel (actor) and Tina Kunakey (model). Paulina Poriskova (model) and Ric Ocasek (lead singer of The Cars)

No. 1194241

agree. Halsey saying this has itself gone viral on TikTok and the title of the Florence video feels like it's explicitly intended to be read as marketing in that vein

the second one is Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey, idk the third

No. 1194249

File: 1653346393980.jpg (1017.31 KB, 2294x2278, alicia.jpg)

Alicia Silverstone is torturing her child.

No. 1194250

Don't forget about this kek

No. 1194251

maybe I don't understand but I feel like what she said here was pretty normal. When I was this kid's age and first tasted soy sauce, I literally made soy sauce soup with some rice. Stupid as shit but it's a kid thing when you first discover flavours and stuff you like. Am I missing something here?

No. 1194252

He was only allowed to eat plain rice, beans and veggies. Not even a sandwich.
Nothing is normal about this, you must be an anachan.

No. 1194253

No. 1194257

the family jewels is much better than both kek

No. 1194258

What kid doesnt want to eat a sandwich? It can be a good bread with veggies, meat, and whatever sauce he likes. Im all for teaching kids healthy food but making them eat the same shit is weird.

No. 1194264

>Oh, no my son wants a sandwich, he doesn't want to eat plain rice with plain beans anymore.
The state of middle aged ED anachan moms…

No. 1194266

Wow, salt AND hot sauce??? He must be mad!

No. 1194272

>sadly he has discovered salt
lmao what? Good way to give your kid a thyroid disease.

No. 1194275

If she's like that with her son imagine what she'd be like if she had a daughter… poor kid either way

No. 1194276

Alicia’s a nut but I don’t think she’s saying he can’t eat anything but plain beans and rice, just that he used to eat that way and has since started discovering sauces and processed, salty food. It doesn’t sound like she’s completely forbidding it just trying to limit his intake.

I mean it’s not great but if he’s eating mostly the foods in her cookbook, I wouldn’t call it torture.

No. 1194285

This has gotta be one of the weirdest Hollywood pairings to me. Florence is so pretty and her career seems to be doing great. Zach Braff has pretty much done nothing since Garden State/Scrubs, doesn’t seem like a particularly nice guy, and hasn’t aged well at all. I could kinda understand if she was some no-name model looking for Hollywood connections, but like wtf is going on there?

No. 1194286

Is seasoning unhealthy now? I'm mean fair enough limiting salt and things like sugar but what about herbs and spices? Plain beans with plain rice as a lunch as a regular thing. I mean thank god he got some veggies to add some other flavours in there

No. 1194287

File: 1653349233289.jpeg (363.63 KB, 1125x979, 0CBBDDB8-8B63-4D66-8ED6-BEC7CB…)

This past weekend: Jen Majura got fired from Evanescence


No. 1194290

In America a lot of people who lack cooking skills eat lots of salt, there’s tons of it in stuff like instant meals, processed meat and pasta mixes. Food education is very lacking in most schools. I kind of get what she’s saying but I doubt some millionaire kid is around other kids who eat garbage like families in food deserts do

No. 1194296

Natalie Portman revoked her signature/support a few years ago and issued an apology iirc. Cate Blanchett on the other hand has named one of her children after him and supports Woody Allen as well. Haven’t been able to look at her the same since I found that out.

No. 1194303


read between the lines. She's not saying she doesn't allow him to eat sandwiches or other things, she's saying that's what she just happened to raise him with and now that he's older he's wanting different things. Growing up parents try to get their kids to eat healthy but it's not always going to be the case especially as they get older and crave other things. Super cringe to assume she's not letting him eat xyz over this.

>assume everyone is anachan because you happen to grow up in burgerland and think everyone MUST eat exactly like you.

Good one nona. You really showed me there, my bones are rattling.

No. 1194306

File: 1653350858346.jpg (151.93 KB, 735x726, mulaney.jpg)

John Mulaney is canceled.

No. 1194307

thought this was Millie Bobby Brown

No. 1194308

File: 1653351053518.jpg (88.41 KB, 1270x644, FTSm4aRVUAEqTNS.jpg)

No. 1194311

those two somehow look like ugly versions of each other.

No. 1194312

File: 1653351570170.jpg (112.65 KB, 957x1675, FTZ9QsJWYAI2oc2.jpg)

Apparently this is the woman he cheated on Maya with.

No. 1194314

File: 1653351596234.jpg (18.16 KB, 579x742, FTZ65ebWAAIxJeC.jpg)

No. 1194316

File: 1653351695783.jpg (121 KB, 1080x1586, FTckyniXEAEiPEN.jpg)

No. 1194318

File: 1653351792246.png (1 MB, 842x686, gggg.png)

No. 1194321

File: 1653351938705.png (46.41 KB, 780x322, fkj.png)

No. 1194322

File: 1653351994986.png (203.87 KB, 522x373, jjjj.png)

She was also a part of one of his music videos a year ago.

No. 1194323

File: 1653352054070.png (15 KB, 558x130, rrrrrr.png)

No. 1194327

She looks like a kid here

No. 1194331

she is older than his fiancée lol.

No. 1194334

File: 1653352693216.jpg (158.64 KB, 1241x1241, 1653347724466.jpg)

No. 1194343

i can see halsey doing this for views but florence doesn't do much in the spotlight nor does she seem to care for internet clout. for the latter i can see making tiktoks not being something she'd want to do and she doesn't strike me as a tiktok creator although >>1194241 raises a decent point. doubt florence is uploading her own videos to youtube with those titles though. don't they usually have teams doing this for them?

i agree

No. 1194346

she faked that anon. her instagram posts during the time that she was "homeless" iirc showed her taking photos in her own room in her family home and photos of designer shit she'd buy kek. she just lied to get sympathy points from tumblrinas.

No. 1194349

i haven't been keeping up with evanescence for a long time, but i wonder why this happened.

No. 1194351

i hadn't been able to look at her the same since i read a few years ago that she admitted that she and sandra bullock like to get facials that are made out of baby foreskins or something. it was really fucking weird

No. 1194352

"transphobic jokes" is so vague and I'm very skeptical whenever someone says that. Dave Chapelle has apparently said said transphobic jokes in the past and they honestly are very tame as far as standup comedy goes.

No. 1194399

File: 1653358904769.jpeg (220.66 KB, 1000x667, 1E2D3519-ACBE-495F-B0E4-77D3ED…)

can you believe these two are 27 and 28 respectively? wtf

No. 1194400

Yeah but how old were they when they died? Holy fucking corpses

No. 1194403

jesus what the FUCK happened to this man???

No. 1194404

They’re probably doing a shit ton of coke and drinking and anorexia doesn’t help in her case

No. 1194405

>Korean Baby Farm
the what in the goddamn. anon i know you deleted the post but can you get back to this

No. 1194412

File: 1653360617463.jpeg (31.23 KB, 346x450, 1645669053522.jpeg)

Words cannot describe how much I fucking hate this dress. Nobody can make this work. NOBODY.

No. 1194413

what was the post? was it in response to >>1194351

No. 1194417

What is that thing on the right?

No. 1194418

This looks like a wedding skin for a character in a shitty jrpg.

No. 1194424

File: 1653361531095.jpeg (880.62 KB, 1125x1690, 851CA5BF-3227-4354-9A26-887570…)

never understood the appeal of this guy.

allegedly channing got mad at a group of people at a restaurant when he thought they were taking photos of him.


No. 1194425

samefag, they weren't but he still made staff remove them from the premises

No. 1194426

he looks like a thumb thumb from spy kids

No. 1194429

kek i can picture it

No. 1194432

Did he have an allergic reaction to something? or maybe bad botox? yikes

No. 1194464

what a self-absorbed dickhead.

i hope someone asks to have him removed next time he goes anywhere just for looking like a foreskin.

No. 1194473

Don't do drugs kids

What a narcissistic prick

No. 1194482

She looks even like a teen in the recent pic. The fake lip trend has to go away.

No. 1194484

When y'all complain about your labels that you have to make tiktoks so it becomes obvious that your complaining is fake and a part of the tiktok-marketing.

No. 1194487

It's the corset over it. I agree to the nonna who said she should've gone with a white version of Kholera's dress. Or even the black version.

No. 1194492

for some reason taylor swift reminds me of james carville. i thought it was cause i'm retarded but now i think it's just her eyes

No. 1194496

every couch surfing person in their 20s has picked someone at the club to hookup with so they could have a place to stay that night. it's not the same as being a homeless prostitute. and it's not how you find somewhere to sleep every single night, it's just sometimes ask me how i know. don't do meth, nonas

No. 1194499

the anon you replied to is a self-hating white.

No. 1194501

they both do A LOT of cocaine

No. 1194506

that makes sense, but halsey did lie about being homeless

No. 1194508

File: 1653370602681.png (214.06 KB, 609x427, 43543.png)

so this was a couple days old, but Tika Sumpter recently got married to her white fiance and black incels are fuming, it was pretty big drama in the black online-sphere

No. 1194519

ayrt i'm agreeing that she lied! i'm saying even if she was "homeless", it would have been the type i described.

No. 1194522

Every time I see those two I think of this song. Also at the rate Natalie is going she'll be the perfect casting for a Eugenia Cooney biopic.

Never get why so many bm go ballistic everytime a bw marries/dates a wm. Not even the most obnoxious /pol/fag is as vocal as bm when the opposite happens. Maybe it's because they never suffer repercussions for the abhorrent things they say about bw. Low-key Cynthia G. may be onto something.

No. 1194530

ayrt, i'm sorry for misunderstanding anon! couch surfing sounds rough, i've only heard of negative experiences of people having to do it in the past. just can't sympathize for someone like halsey who has to make up stories about it to make herself sound more interesting/"real" when there's quite a bit of public evidence pointing to her having a well-off life that she can easily be called out for

No. 1194650

Every single scrote in this pic knew. They all knew.

No. 1194919

I'm so pleased for her!

No. 1194936

File: 1653406548717.jpeg (118.9 KB, 634x776, 789BA060-755B-4220-BC55-2E582A…)

she's a typical fame chasing slag, with the kind of pornified look you'd expect 80 year old boomers to go crazy for, not a 28 year old. don't even reply to me defending her, she's just as wrong as that scrote liam payne. she KNEW they had been engaged for years and still went with him… and for what? payne has been hitting the wall hard, hasn't had a popular song in years. he's got a net worth of 70 million though so i guess that answers that question. i hope his ex-fiancée heals from this, it must be so traumatic to be tagged in pictures of your ex and his mistress with people thinking it's you.

No. 1194953

Since Charli just put out her last album with her label, is she switching to another or going indie?

No. 1194988

File: 1653409636383.jpg (60.52 KB, 743x716, ricky.JPG)

Twitter is currently cancelling Ricky Gervais because he makes jokes about trannies


here some of the jokes https://twitter.com/Aja02537920/status/1529025826712391681

No. 1194991

File: 1653409730806.jpg (77.71 KB, 732x532, bench.JPG)

TRAs already responded to it

No. 1195008

Aoki is really beautiful I'm surprised she didn't just go the nepo model route.
Good for her! He's hotter than I realized and it's nice to see a cute girl with a cute guy.
If you partner with a celebrity male you should really just assume he's going to cheat and try to get as much out of the arrangement as possible.

No. 1195010

File: 1653410991253.jpg (208.43 KB, 1080x1332, FTQdtXsUUAEaGMh.jpg)

tbh he has a really weird face to me but he is way better than that dinosaur pedo zach braff so i'm here for it

No. 1195025

this makes dave chapelle look like he's handling the trannies with kid gloves holy shit. this man has PEAKED

i just remembered he was in midsommar too. seems like a decent match

No. 1195040

i'm not into him but i think he definitely looks cleaner than zach braff, so that's good.

No. 1195045

He's got a good body, good for her

No. 1195049

I laughed when I read the joke and am tempted to actually watch it.

No. 1195065

File: 1653414167006.jpg (933.97 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220524_124003.jpg)

No. 1195067

Jesus, she's one of TWO women out of the 11+ guys at the table. They ALL knew. God I hate men sometimes

No. 1195077

watched the short clip, laughed, will watch the whole thing. Hope if he gets cancelled, he will pair with Rowling and Linehan and they make a britcom about trans people.

No. 1195103

I'm sorry but Ricky Gervais is based and nobody can tell me otherwise

No. 1195119

Kek trannies seething make the jokes so much funnier than they are. I want all the comedians to clown on them more.

No. 1195131

File: 1653417978038.png (33.98 KB, 594x232, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 3.45…)

Some freakass tried to kill Dave Chapelle and they're angry at his jokes. Really a line in the sand for comedians, this troon shit. What do you know, for decades they've made jokes at women's expenses and if women didn't like it you just couldn't take a joke. Same with LGBs, really. Now though, it gets serious. Most comedians do seem to be on the side of the jokes being okay, though. To me the worst one atm is Tim Heidecker, who used to be funny but fell WAY the fuck off recently. Doing the same gimmick for the better part of a decade must've really gotten to him. 15 years ago it was the height of comedy to get retarded guys to say retarded shit on your weedlord avant-garde comedy show…but now we've got to be careful cultural critics. So if only David Liebe Hart wore a dress you wouldn't have used him as a walking punchline for years?

No. 1195136

Goddamn Tim is such a fucking faggot. He's so easy to wind up on twitter dot com, and throws huge public meltdowns that last for way longer than the perceived slight. The dude's list of blocked accounts must be huge. Unfunny as fuck now, dude needs a PR team to run his twitter at this point. He's a mess.

No. 1195144

their faces kinda match, I hope they date

No. 1195145

John Mulaney is a known womanizer. His wokie fans complaining about this are retarded. He can be as shitty to women in his personal life as he wants, but the moment his buddy makes a boomer, I-identify-as-an-attack-helicopter tier joke, all Hell breaks loose. If Dave’s jokes actually hurt their feelings, then I’m fucking glad.

No. 1195146

Holy shit making my oldfag ass feel better about myself here. Natalia has looked like she had an ED for years. Makes me wonder if her “strong jaw” is in part gland swelling from vomiting tbh. Even at low body weights the glands along the neck can stay puffy. I don’t know much about her or really care but hope she gets help because she has to be suffering one way or another. That’s not normal.

No. 1195149

File: 1653419005313.jpg (138.22 KB, 1763x1175, isaiah-lee-06.jpg)

>>In an exclusive jailhouse interview, Isaiah Lee told The Post that Chappelle should be more “sensitive” when it comes to the jokes he cracks.
>>“I identify as bisexual and I wanted him to know what he said was triggering,” Lee said Saturday at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, dressed in brown jail garb and sporting a sling on his broken right arm.
>>“I wanted him to know that next time, he should consider first running his material by people it could affect.”
>>Lee said he expected to have a “good time” at the May 3 “Netflix is a Joke” show — but he grew angry and frustrated as Chappelle joked about his prior controversies with the LGBTQ community, as well as homelessness.
>>“I’m also a single dad and my son is 5,” said Lee, 23, who at one point was homeless himself. “It’s a struggle and I wanted Dave Chappelle to know it’s not a joke.”
>>He said his breaking point came when another comedian in the show’s lineup made a crude joke about pedophilia — which Lee said dredged up memories of his own molestation as a teen.

No. 1195150

I like how literally who "comedians" are pandering to "trans jokes le bad" narrative, can't wait for their demise once they say something their audience will find problematic

No. 1195151

her chest is stressing me out, she looks very ill

No. 1195157

>deals in cheap jokes and humiliating trans people
cross out trans and put women or black people or anything else and you have comedians in a nutshell. I dont care for them but good on him for opening fucking with trannies. they deserve the hate they get.

No. 1195164

I haven't watched the special yet but I'm sure he shits on women, as they all do. That special that Chapelle caught all the heat for had plenty of jokes at the expense of women, such as nobody wanting 30+ year old pussy. That's just in the "cheap jokes" category, I guess. Funny how few AFAB people ever try and kill comedians over it, considering there is no difference between the sexes and gender is a construct. makes you think…

No. 1195174

As an ignorant American, I have to ask, are people in the UK and Europe actually upset about this shit or is this just an American thing? It seems like it's just a bunch of TRAs and handmaidens here who are offended by every joke

No. 1195178

People in the UK definitely are upset about it. British troons tend to think of the whole world being against them even more than US troons, they call it "TERF Island" after all. I do think there is a little more popular opposition to the cult in the UK (don't know why except the influence of homespun celebrities like Rowling and Graham Linehan) but definitely UK troons, handmaidens, and chasers get pissy too.

No. 1195180

Ah, but of course. Women have had to sit through "My wife is such a bitch!" and "Women are dumb sluts, am i right?" jokes for all eternity, but we have to pander to the poor defenseless men who feel threatened by dumb jokes about their sexuality. O-kay.

No. 1195181

Comedians can make jokes at the expense of women, cripples, race, religion, but suddenly trannies are untouchable and sacred. These fuckers see themselves above god.

No. 1195188

literal chimp face. migrating filler? this dude will troon in the next month guaranteed

No. 1195200

KEK i didnt even realize at first that this was the guy who attacked Chappelle, I thought it was a random celebrity who was offended at the event. His opinion is completely invalid now

No. 1195214

People outside of English speaking countries care way less about it than the US, the UK, Canada, etc. Then again it depends on your social circle as well, here in France you can definitely find dangerhairs and spicy kweers advocating for "trans rights" and saying that being "forced" to get a note and several sessions for 2 years with a psychiatrist before getting sex change surgery is literally genocide, but a bunch of academics are a the opposite type of degenerates, you know the type of weird sex obsessed pedos who think the burka should be banned not because they care about Muslim women wellbeing but because they want to see half naked submissive brown women more often and who defend Roman Polanski like he's their son? No I'm not exaggerating.

As an example, I've seen that many Americans were shitting on the new Fantastic Beasts movie and boycotting it because JKR is a terf and should not be financially supported, and it made less money in the US than previous HP and FB movies, meanwhile it did great in many European countries and Asian countries despite covid restrictions. I keep seeing Korean and Japanese fangirls not giving a single fuck, buying official merchandises and drawing Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen making out on the internet, the only time I've seen any "JKR is a terf" discourse in Japanese was like one or two months ago on twitter when "トランス" was a trending tag and all the tweets with a lot of likes were about how JKR is correct to not want transwomen in bathrooms and changing rooms and how Americans are weird for not agreeing. I regret not taking screenshots.

No. 1195223

File: 1653423151661.jpg (Spoiler Image, 836.98 KB, 1079x1360, Screenshot_20220524-210837_Ins…)

Forgot to spoiler image because of nudity, but this is just a bad copy of Monica Bellucci's dress

No. 1195259

in Germany many people don't react at all, still we have things like "innen" (feminin form) added to gender stuff (like mailman is now "Postbotinnen"). It's very easy to get gender affirming surgeries, you just need something from your doctor/psychologist and they will go for it, took years and a lot of money some time ago. As a woman who doesn't want children or has huge breasts and therefore pain you still have to fight for what you need for sometimes years. One striking example is the reaction towards the new Harry Potter videogame, there are people that will tell you that you can't buy/play it and if you do it, they won't feel save around you. I think most German women have accepted the existence of trans people and try to protect them, because they are so brave and fragile for being themselves and speaking out. Had one mtf at my former workplace and he was horrible, aggressive like a man, just with added breast and no way you were allowed to speak up against him. We have even mtf in our parliament and army and you can't criticise them or you are a horrible person. Guess it has something to do with WWII, you can't just tell people to shut up and go home because you are a Nazi if you won't accept that everyone is equal and should be loved and cared for.

that take on burkas is out of the world, never heard of it, but we don't get many news about France in Germany (which is sad). The thing with the note and waiting years is the same in Germany and people are as bitchy about here as in France, even though the get the costs completely covered by health insurance and I won't even get my glasses paid for.

No. 1195261

She looks like an average escort in my country.

No. 1195276

i am britbong and don't care. not all of us are pro troons.

No. 1195285

> I keep seeing Korean and Japanese fangirls not giving a single fuck
Yeah because they are still very conservative and it isn't talked and sperged about so openly over there.

No. 1195319

Such a cautionary tale to never do hard drugs

No. 1195325

>it must have been a gun identifying as a knife
kek. Keep them jokes coming to make TRAs and trannies seethe

No. 1195334

File: 1653427051687.jpg (1.28 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220524_161258.jpg)

Monica Balluci is ridiculously beautiful. Kek at the stylist's uber gay 90's look.

No. 1195342

>that take on burkas is out of the world, never heard of it
Ok I really simplified it, what you will see on the news officially is that the burka and the hijab and all that stuff are "harmful to the French republic and our institutions" as opposed to, you know, being potentially harmful to Muslim women being forced into wearing them. But my point gets way more obvious once you see the whole burkini debate and the arguments most men will use against the burkini. It's either some bullshit about hygiene or things about how repressed Muslim women should show their ass and tits to the general public and be more "French" and how even wearing a one-piece swimsuit is way too conservative and you have to have a stick up your ass to not wear a bikini. And how men likes seeing cute women in bikinis. Then they'll give you examples of France being a sexually liberated countries by praising gross pedos and creeps like Serge Gainsbourg (dude who made a teenage girl sing about blowjob byusing metaphors, and who made a weirdly incestuous song with his daughter) or Brigitte Bardot (the racist lady who puts even the Le Pen family to shame and who thinks her being molested by producers or movie directors as a young woman was actually very flattering so actresses should be glad they're sexually harassed on set). I could go further and explain how Algerian women were treated by French men when Algeria was a French colony and how that whole "fucking brown women to make them ours" thing is actually quite old" but I won't.

I don't think it's just that they're conservative. I'm way more familiar with Japan but iirc most Japanese people will answer in surveys that they're supporting LGBT rights, it's just that they most of them don't actually care enough to vote for anything ever so conservatives are way more vocal than the rest of the population. The fans I saw online tended to be fujoshi in their 20s or 30s and they tend to at least support gay stuff in general, but they truly don't care about trans shit if they even know about it. On top of that, I think it's just like politics and most Japanese people will watch a movie because it's interesting or because they like an actor or actress in particular from another movie and won't care too much about the writers and actors' personal lives, and only dedicated fans will do research, aka looking for pictures of handsome middle aged actors they cant to fuck and nothing else.

No. 1195357

File: 1653428619114.jpeg (61.15 KB, 510x720, gotdick.jpeg)


No. 1195373

File: 1653429588837.jpg (484.42 KB, 1080x1174, 4GloNIk.jpg)

Well that was quick kek.

No. 1195394

File: 1653430448334.jpeg (133.15 KB, 1170x756, 97215FA3-7458-4244-B8AD-472DEB…)

apparently sebastian stan is now dating annabelle wallis and his buttmad simps are reeeeing on twitter about him mostly fucking with blondes lmao. his fans are so embarrassing (the photographer of picrel even had to take this down from ig cuz of the harassment kek) but i do gotta admit the man's a bit of a hoe

peak scrote activity

No. 1195395

Her face looks nothing like the photos. I hope she fucks him over.

No. 1195415

File: 1653431167247.jpeg (584.31 KB, 1114x846, 04CA3BF9-A173-4D95-9E25-C83DA0…)

If she’s south Asian now, will her last name still be dinkley? I remember people giving her shit because her character on The Mindy Project only ever dated white guys and one random black guy.

No. 1195416

File: 1653431236602.jpg (351.02 KB, 1075x965, ZN8UbXh.jpg)

Charli's now saying she was "just joking" and she wasn't actually complaining about making tiktoks because her label made her do it. Her and Halsey are just outrage baiting for clicks.

No. 1195418

think the term is gorilla marketing

No. 1195420

It’s guerrilla but that cracked me up and I needed that nonny

No. 1195429

She's obviously being sarcastic and probably throwing shade at someone higher up

No. 1195451

Velma Chowdhury is cute, if we were to SA-ify her name

No. 1195454

File: 1653432527521.jpg (43.1 KB, 550x550, fc,550x550,white.jpg)

> gorilla marketing
kek, see here the gorilla marketer preparing for the next viral tiktok release

No. 1195490

File: 1653433872278.png (344.15 KB, 640x392, 8BF166C2-9604-4D24-8DD3-8FA731…)

Mindy’s face looks botched as fuck

No. 1195501

File: 1653434313783.jpg (274.43 KB, 1179x838, charli.jpg)

Ok, but this is ridiculous.

No. 1195513

File: 1653434884825.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1272x1889, ECEB55B8-B820-428F-A7B8-5FA023…)

I’ll never be able to sleep with Sebastian Stan or Chris Pine so I have to admire this woman and wish her well kek. I liked her in Malignant. Such a campy silly horror movie.

No. 1195516

she was prettier before the nosejob

No. 1195518

Dayum, they look like dioxin poisoning survivors.

No. 1195524

File: 1653435526553.gif (494.02 KB, 500x259, 1639837130468.gif)

wait, why do his fans have a problem with sebastion stan(a white man) having relationships with mostly white women

No. 1195550

File: 1653436717820.png (594.42 KB, 546x751, Screenshot 5.png)

looked up Alicia Silverstone and came across this piece from a year ago, she apparently took baths together with her 9 year old son
>The Clueless star has revealed she and her son Bear have been soaking up some quality time together with shared baths during the lockdown measures imposed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
>And the actress has claimed that they find the activity ‘nourishing and comforting’.
>Silverstone explained: ‘My son and I take baths together, and when he’s not with me, I take a bath and that really feels nourishing and comforting.’
>Alicia – who has Bear with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki – also said she and her tot have been doing other activities together, including dancing, bouncing on the trampoline and jumping rope.
>And the duo are focusing on maintaining their vegan diet, as the 43-year-old actress says her mental health is affected by her eating habits
>She added: ‘I always bring everything back to diet. When I don’t eat well, I don’t feel well, and then my moods go all over the place.’
>Alicia says she turns to fresh herbs, greens, miso soup and ginger tea to keep her body healthy, and for her mental and physical health she takes daily long walks, practices yoga and meditation, and keeps a journal

>The Lodge actress also spoke about the bullying she has received because of her decision to have her son follow the same plant-based diet as her, as she said people have referred to her as ‘the freak’.

>Speaking to The New York Times newspaper, she said: ‘People said lots of different things, and I was sort of “the freak,” and I guess I’ll take pride in that because it is hard to be the person that’s speaking out, and it is hard to be the person that is saying the thing that isn’t what everybody else wants to hear.’
>And the star claims the vegan diet keeps her son’s behaviour level as she told US Weekly: ‘I can tell you that from the get-go, I think of him as a brown rice baby because I ate brown rice when he was conceived, when he was in my belly and when he was on my boob, and now he eats brown rice.
>‘The centering, grounding energy of that nourishment in his organs has left him such a calm boy.’

not mentioned in the article is she occasionally posts pics of underage son onto her Instagram account as well and I'm not saying abuse is happening but she has a very strange relationship with her son and is projecting her ideals on him

No. 1195559

Well he had seen her multiple times anyways. He is just like every other shallow scrote chasing after surgically enhanced instagram ladies at the end of the day.

No. 1195594

my tinfoil is she went nuts on botox after hanging out with Sandra Bollock on the set of Ocean's Eight. Her forehead looks like a cement block now

No. 1195645

I remember seeing a Reddit post saying she bleached her skin and Igor a nose job and the comments were full of people saying “she literally looks the same???”

No. 1195652

File: 1653444449683.jpeg (439.11 KB, 1728x887, 24D338A7-7F89-4E5B-9B72-2C6B21…)

Skin bleaching always makes me sad. She better quit before she starts to look sickly.

No. 1195653

File: 1653444461459.jpg (55.97 KB, 746x411, 8683576.jpg)

He makes jokes about women and the taliban and literally nobody cares.

No. 1195657

File: 1653444660630.jpeg (889.82 KB, 1495x827, DAFF79E5-AD89-43AE-B9C6-5DB9F0…)

Samefag it’s a slippery slope.

No. 1195670

Based Ricky, I just finished watching his show After Life and there are a few troon jokes in there too. In the second season there's a scene where his character interviews a man who identifies as an 8 year old girl, it kind of made me think he knows about Stefonknee

No. 1195675

Dropped link

No. 1195681

>she's just as wrong
take your meds. She didn't makes promises to Liam Payne's gf, he did. Cape for your ugly moid elsewhere.

No. 1195686

NTA but why don't you take a breather and learn to use imageboard lingo (take her meds… for what?). He might've cheated on his fiancee but she helped when she knew he was with her lol.

No. 1195688

ew i bet you've been the side chick a few times huh

No. 1195693

God forbid anon wants women to show some solidarity. It sounds more like you are taking the scrotes side than her.

No. 1195705

Men and fragile and weak minded. prove me wrong . imagine trying to inflict bodily harm because of a joke. Grow a pair

No. 1195708

Mindy is annoying af. Why retcon a character's race instead of making a new one?? this is why people hate poc characters, because they're usually lazy copy pastes of existing ones.

No. 1195769

Men will literally cheat with and flaut uglier women

No. 1195774

this guy needs medication, not publicity. look at the face - he's far away in the cluster A galaxy

No. 1195778

No. 1195779

chris pine looks like a monkey. no one should sleep with him.

No. 1195790

If you took away their fancy clothes, they would look like an average homeless junkie couple from a skid row street

No. 1195800

She looks like crap IRL

No. 1195807

I can't see his face anymore without thinking of the embarrassing sext pics from Olivia Munn with arrows pointing all over her body "I want your big dick here" "Yes Chris that's your pussy"

No. 1195812

Oh my god, what the hell. His skin looks so sallow and dead

No. 1195813

he looks gray

No. 1195857

File: 1653465349132.jpeg (753.21 KB, 750x1096, E18516C5-8523-4A79-8246-7DD380…)

Speaking of Olivia Munn her takes on motherhood are annoying TF out of me. Cool girl Olivia just wants to eat fried chicken on Mother’s Day teehee! Oh I totally don’t have the energy to make myself up even though I’m heavily styled in every single photo! Even the ones where my hair is tied back and I’m wearing glasses to give the illusion that I’m just a normal mom! Also her baby apparently sleeps 12 hours through the night and lots of women are commenting that their babies don’t do that (which is 100% normal) and Olivia is failing to mention that she likely has the money to pay for sleep consultants and night nannies.
Picrel 1/2

No. 1195859

File: 1653465378909.jpeg (562.48 KB, 750x1037, 5F9E71C8-5F35-491D-96D7-622DA2…)

Picrel 2/2

No. 1195912

>is projecting her ideals on him
that's what parents do, nonny. as long as she isn't terrorizing the kid to do everything she wants i think it's nice that she cares about healthy eating and stuff. she previously said that even though she doesn't want him to eat spicy sauce and other junk she lets him have it from time to time.

No. 1195940

File: 1653473130920.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.3 KB, 613x460, 511AFF49-256C-4D11-A217-24ADFE…)

Still hilarious.

No. 1195948

Is that… is that yung lean

No. 1195954

Laughing my ass off at jack in the background

No. 1195958

Anons you have to stop posting these olvia munn photosets, enough time goes by that I forget they existed then they show up and I cringe all over again, truly the weirdest shit, reminds me of that amber heard "this blonde Texan bitch will eat you alive" picture

No. 1195959

>Leana del rey collaboration when

No. 1195961

Women love to describe themselves in the third person for some reason

No. 1195993

File: 1653477265506.jpg (270.63 KB, 1364x2048, FTiGqRaWIAIdAVK.jpg)

speaking of Chris Pine, he's still keeping the beard and kept his hair gray

No. 1196005

they dont.

No. 1196006

No. 1196011

hate that there's this much uproar over tranny jokes but fat jokes, woman jokes, gay jokes, etc. fly without comment

No. 1196012

Looks like a hobo even though he's only 41 (minus the clothes and the glasses ofc). I don't have anything against actual hobos, just against moids who purposefully make themselves look like one.

No. 1196033

didn't think he'd run in those cycles but salem has been shit with their comeback

No. 1196036

Idk I like it, just shoot me now

No. 1196051

Lana X Yung Lean
please. please!!!

No. 1196089

>"I'm also a single dad and my son is 5"
So attacking Chapelle and risking going to prison was more important than being there for your 5 year old son? All because of some boomer tier jokes. Moids are worthless.

No. 1196114

File: 1653486607179.jpg (689.98 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_2022-05-25-14-45-57…)

Following on from the Die Antwoord / Tokkie drama, DA have released a statement pretty much saying he's lying for drug money and their "High IQ fans" will still support them (1/3)

No. 1196115

File: 1653486648271.jpg (775.19 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_2022-05-25-14-46-12…)

No. 1196120

File: 1653486752752.jpg (822.69 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_2022-05-25-14-46-27…)

No. 1196124

File: 1653486846159.jpg (179.07 KB, 1977x1123, 283921519_563094535176139_7536…)

Complete with a new, toned-down nonthreatening hippie look for Ninja and natural hair suburban mom look for Yolandi.

No. 1196140

>mfw she actually looked better in the platinum blonde wtf haircut.

No. 1196144

He looks like that cult dude. Can't remember his name.

No. 1196147

File: 1653488353672.jpg (156.4 KB, 1280x720, LBAMEV6VCP5LNXVKJYSSDQZTWU.jpg)

No. 1196151

Who's her boyfriend now?

No. 1196152

>literally who
>Tim heidecker

No. 1196153

File: 1653488564857.jpg (406.74 KB, 1200x1200, manson-ap-071015016281.jpg)

Charles Manson?

No. 1196158

Yes, thank you

No. 1196159

Didn't Zheani also talk about witnessing DA's children being mistreated or am I misremembering things?

No. 1196165

It looks like she's using her son as a replacement for a man.
you and all the other anons are so right. women as a whole are shat on for comedy and we take it. why are the trannies so well protected? Male privilege?
I noticed that too. won't his son need him?

No. 1196171

>>1196159 No I think she just spoke mostly about ninja and his abuse. I believe if she witnessed any kind of mistreatment of the children she would have spoken more about it- but she spent most of her time with Ninja. he looks like Manson now fr

No. 1196201

Jared Leto?

No. 1196230

>>hyper-intelligent international fan base.
Top kek. Very cynical though; lets massage the egos of the last remaining diehard fans by letting them think we respect them sooooo much because only speshul and v.v.clevver peeps can possibly understand our edgy project, also, everyone else are jellus hayterz.
>> Tokkie's a duuurrty druggie!
Hmm, but you guys had him acting out violence and drug taking in your Lilith Levisis tier videos when he was still a minor, doubt if Childrens' Services would find that a good look. Plus there's a very strong arument that he became interested in drugs being around you as it was pretty integral to your personae at the time, in your music, videos, social media and interviews.
Looking very groomy to me.
Hmmm, an up to date take on Max Normal.
Okay then. THEY WOULD NEVER with their cosy bungalow with an incense-diffuser selves. Nooit nie.

Also, I thought that Ninja was Jared Leto at first whilst scrolling! Venn diagram possible there…
And Yolandi looks nice with dark hair.

No. 1196266

File: 1653493918487.jpg (65.68 KB, 735x649, 8c439cead99f094573c838292389bb…)

did you not read the part where the adult woman revelated she was having bath times with a 9 year old, imagine how creepy it would be if the genders were reversed
my perspective as well, she's likely not sexually abusing him but wants from him the emotional aspects of a relationship that you expect with a husband or long term male partner

No. 1196275

She looks horrific. Her lips and chin were totally fine before. From all things she could've change on her face, those two were not needed. A botox eyebrow lift is fair enough. Probably also filled in the hollow under her eyes, we SA are prone for dark circles, so I can understand the desire to change it.

No. 1196289

Men will fuck a hole in the wall. I wish I was joking.

No. 1196293

making jokes were the punchline is being dressed as a fat ugly woman is a-okay but god forbid someone says something mean about the trannies

No. 1196301

He looks as if someone smashed Jesus and Charles Manson at high-velocity speed in CERN together.

No. 1196310

File: 1653495830340.jpeg (158.41 KB, 615x1060, AB40DE79-B7AA-4B8F-9C2F-BAFAAC…)

don’t feel like checking if this was posted already

No. 1196320

File: 1653496224810.png (363.29 KB, 640x360, 1653496197315.png)

sage for OT but its funny how a lot of white men can grow full beards in a matter of months with seemingly no effort, while men in my country spend a good chunk of their lives trying to good beards, they never shave, they buy ointments and vitamins for facial hair growth with diminishing results and some men in SEA and africa resort to fake beards and even surgery, Its funny how white men don't even realize that they have this power that men across the world covet, to grow a beard

No. 1196324

>men in my country
your not slick scrote with the covert racebaiting.

No. 1196328

whats racebaiting about this, every day I have to see god awful pube beards with men who refuse to shave and grown those monstrosities, I have to take note If I see a man with facial hair that's actually full and connects

No. 1196333

For every white guy with good beard growing genes there are five white guys who can't grow facial hair. Kind of a weird post imo.

No. 1196337

it has nothing to do with the thread either, i always see race posts like this where the anon later reveals they have a scrotum.

No. 1196338

It's not a scrote, just a certain anon.

No. 1196340

lol is he tucking in this? also that BBL looks so scary

No. 1196341

File: 1653497114763.jpeg (72.09 KB, 1280x720, 88377D31-DC49-4AD7-8BC7-A9F141…)

He reminds me of roger

No. 1196342

File: 1653497155661.png (743.47 KB, 527x877, Screenshot_14.png)

he looks like a hobo. pic related (greg berzinsky, model) is an actual hot example.

No. 1196343

That’s so disgusting and the BBL looks terrible. I genuinely wonder how people can look at this and think yeah that looks good I want it too

No. 1196388

Is that true? I’m so sad, I loved Tim and Eric for many years. Do you have any screenshots of what he meltdowns about?

No. 1196419

It's true but I'm having a hard time remembering what the topic was that made him sperg so hard which makes them hard to screencap! It happened roughly 2.5-3.5 years ago now. He's one of those boomers that ends up taking the bait and not being able to decipher when someone is being a troll despite making meta-satire humor his career. It's pathetic. AFAIK Eric isn't like that at all. Eric's living the scrote dream of just porking prostitutes on boats last I checked and makes wine and food I think? So it's not both of them, thankfully. Still a shame, I liked them but that's what I get for liking moid shit I guess. A lesson learned.

No. 1196438

There was a post on Reddit about this a few weeks back. I got heavily downvoted because I said a 40 something year old man dating a 18 year old girl is fucking creepy even if it is legal. Kek

No. 1196447

Um, no, they just do it because they think moids want to here it.

No. 1196448

Random but I hate it when parents of literal infants say that their baby has a best friend. It’s a fucking baby. They barely even know the concepts of relationships. Maybe I’m biased because I knew this one vapid cunt who did that and acted like her baby was super smart despite being only 3-5 months old.

No. 1196453

I don’t care about Velma being Indian but I hate that art style

No. 1196457

Found the whore. Do you enjoy being the other woman, anon?

No. 1196459

Ew all the gross creeps on reddit always repeat the same ”it’s legal so it’s ok” mantra, so fucking disgusting

No. 1196467

he looks like rasputin

No. 1196488

File: 1653503540273.jpg (195.67 KB, 1920x1080, mindy-kaling-shares-first-look…)

I know animation is expensive but jeez this looks cheap.

No. 1196492

Lots of parents do this. If their baby meets a milestone slightly early= my baby is special and gifted…even though it literally has 0 bearing on their intelligence.
Most of the things she’s listing are just normal baby things. It’s not impressive that an infant enjoys bath time I swear to god celebrity narcissists

No. 1196510

Ugh, I hate this. She's so obviously pivoting from her "Not-Like-OTHER-Girls Sexy Gamer Babe" male fanbase, to suddenly pandering to women for views and clicks as a "regular mommy blogger who's just like you!" So transparent.

She and John Mulaney are both so calculating, "LOOK AT OUR CUTE BABY DONT BE MAD AT US" and hiding behind their baby posts in hopes of people forgetting that he got her pregnant before he divorced his wife. I hate these two.

No. 1196532

ikr, the zoomers here are making my ass feel OLD

No. 1196595

beards on men of any race should be banned tbh
>It's true but I'm having a hard time remembering what the topic was that made him sperg so hard
wasn't it because of the 2016 elections?

No. 1196607

How the fuck is this man only 41?

No. 1196674

My tinfoil is that he realized he can't pull off the pretty boy look that he usually gets cast for, so instead of trying to linger onto his youth he's going into the extreme opposite direction and trying to present himself as a dignified older man, who knows it might work out for him

No. 1196675

wtf i love old men now

No. 1196683

he always had shitty, acne scarred skin. might as well lean in to the sun-damaged hobo lewk

No. 1196703

>his words hurt my feelings, so I wanted to cause him physical harm by stabbing him
Wokies, not even once.

No. 1196712

His son is 5 and he is only 23 years old. Think about that for a moment. Probably wasn't very smart to begin with, but I do feel bad for his son and hope he is in better care now.

No. 1196720

Jacks cool about it and has always admitted that Salem sucks. He does construction work and uses the Salem merch money for drugs. He likes to travel the Midwest and have nasty anonymous bisexual sex lol. He’s a funny guy so it makes sense they would like him.

No. 1196723

Why can’t we admit that this is a thing? I don’t and clearly you don’t, but it’s totally a thing with women a bit older especially. Think of how many women unironically cream over the “she was fierce, and crazier than him” meme and post quotes from books about how a woman is fiery and such as a self-insert. Women love to be described.

No. 1196738

Why do women like this become zombies when having babies? it's so annoying.

No. 1196739

Which ironically really insults poc because that’s like saying another character who happens to be another race wouldn’t hold up, when it’s the opposite if they’re fully formed characters that creators actually put effort into that reflected the human condition.

No. 1196742

>going from chris pine to sebastian
Big downgrade ngl

No. 1196745

They are ether self inserting autistic fans or fujos seething over him not getting buttfucked. Idk if he is that big on LSA tbh.

No. 1196746

Hahaha, sage for blogpost but you just described a girl I know to the T, all of her IG captions are written in the third person. "She found herself in the place she was most afraid to look…within". "She's fire and ice. You'll fear the cold and crave the burn".

fucking lmao

No. 1196751

Why did she do it? She ruined nice pics, like how can anyone look at this texts and don't laugh instead of being hot over her? What was the point??

No. 1196755

I hate that I thought this was Harry Styles at first.

No. 1196771

Ot, when I was working in a spa in Hollywood a few years ago he came in with another guy around his age and an older woman, they got foot massages even tho we technically don't offer those for normal customers lol, the massage therapist was so nervous and she said they made jokes about taking their pants off lol. When he left he took our champagne flute and I was about to say something since we're supposed to, but then realized my managers would probably be pissed at me for telling him to bring it back, it's so funny how celebs get special treatment
While im celebsperging also saw Trisha Paytas and Winnie Harlow (who was much prettier irl)

No. 1196800

Her nose it botched.

No. 1196807

Rumored to be Jack Donoghue by fans, though it is not confirmed by either.

No. 1196813

i actually love this dress. it's so beautiful/gothic. her face is so botched though it detracts from it

No. 1196820

Why tf did he get a bbl? Who does that appeal to?

No. 1196832

File: 1653523576131.jpeg (19.87 KB, 258x173, 3880C932-4B85-4490-B93E-5F531D…)

James just settle for being a ugly power bottom getting a fake ass won’t make straight men wanna fuck you

No. 1196932

File: 1653530369781.jpeg (306.01 KB, 1080x916, C85BC41E-83B9-4409-9BDB-B16E6A…)

No. 1196945

They all do this, they make an absurd claim like
> 12 face transplants
So they’re technically not lying. Their downfall cannot come fast enough.

No. 1196956

technically she is right, she didnt get that much surgery if you look at her face in real life candid's.
She is just bad at photoshoping/facetuning and shops herself to look different in every photo.

No. 1196961

Only one couldn't have possibly made her nose that pinched

No. 1196972

File: 1653532990212.jpg (72.3 KB, 544x626, Capture.JPG)

adriana lima

No. 1196973

i think she looks good, some people are upset she gained weight but like do you expect a pregnant woman to be on a diet or something.

No. 1196976

I cannot wait for fillers to die out. Her body is amazing but her face looks horrible. She was so beautiful before and would still have been beautiful without all that work….

No. 1196978

i think its just bloat due sudden weight again (due to pregnancy)

No. 1196979

File: 1653533347754.jpeg (452.31 KB, 1117x570, 2FD35DA2-568F-43C9-890D-3DEC12…)

Yeah there’s no way it was one nose job

No. 1196983

Damn haven’t seen her in a while and girl fat as hell. Her face looks like shit too, it’s not just fat but it’s gotten that frozen, puffy look due to the fillers she got before. She had that weird combo of sunken nasolabial lines while everything else looked hard and bloated. Really had the potential to age gracefully and she wrecked it

No. 1196984

This is horrendous. Low confidence bitches are the worst. And worse are the young girls who think this is normal.

No. 1196986

she's pregnant you mongoloid

No. 1196988

She's pregnant, dummy.

No. 1196994

File: 1653534149991.jpg (67.12 KB, 543x915, Capture.JPG)

cara back at it again

No. 1196996

File: 1653534202117.jpg (2.27 MB, 3055x2035, 1646325109_profimedia-06660518…)

i wonder if she cares or not that people are shitting on her for gaining weight since she is a model, i know she is pregnant btw

No. 1197000

File: 1653534457136.jpg (41.71 KB, 1000x1000, squidriana.jpg)

Those cheeks

No. 1197017

Kek I knew she was remindeding me of someone. This and Miss Piggy

No. 1197031

Looks like she's using a face app, judging by the dorito chip chin and bigger eyes

No. 1197070

men of any race should be banned, not just their beards

No. 1197073

after a lifetime of restricted eating and pressure, it must feel good to just get fat tbh

No. 1197075

What'd he cut off? his dick?

varg tier genes

No. 1197131

Tom Hanks discusses how to clean up sexual misconduct and abuse of power in Hollywood. The interviewer then immediately asks James Franco about his opinion, and Franco’s eyes bug out like a cartoon and he stutters all over himself.

No. 1197133

File: 1653547044666.jpeg (280.23 KB, 777x896, 1550C4C2-956C-4651-8212-C25D52…)

No. 1197138

Woman in the left has a face like a 13 year old Greek boy

No. 1197228

Indya Moore, she's trans

No. 1197256

She is preggo you idiots.

No. 1197258


Hahaha, this is meme material.

No. 1197275

James Charles wants straight men only.

No. 1197279

>Tom Hanks the child rapist talking about how to clean up abuse of power in Hollywood

No. 1197360

Has anyone seen Ricky Gervais at the Oscars when he makes a joke about celebrities being culpable for Epstein’s crimes because they all rode on the Lolita express, Tom Hanks looks fucking furious and that told me everything I needed to know

No. 1197373

I completely forgot all about Indya's bw hating ass. I'm glad he can't compare to an actual beauty like Winnie Harlow though.
I remember that! I wish more high profile people in the biz would regularly call this out.

No. 1197389

bc it's a troon (mtf)

No. 1197412

She actually looked so pretty and fresh faced in 2007. This instagram look needs to die already lol. It doesn't do anyone any favors.

No. 1197417

Kek, even lulzier after anons pointed out he's trans.

No. 1197452

Are they not ashamed talking about it when they have done those things themselves? I don’t know if the other men did anything and I didn’t know about Tom Hanks before a nona wrote about it but idk maybe I am missing something. Is this satire? A skit?
Dont know who indya moore is so when I saw this I thought the woman on the left had the same body type as me, then I saw >>1197228 and want to ki

No. 1197457

god he is so hot, especially when he was younger too. why are men like this?
really? i have never heard of this before, i always thought he was unproblematic. can't trust any men!!!!

No. 1197458

Do we have proof of this that isn't schizoposting?

No. 1197494

I believe her, one badly done nosejob and lots of ps

No. 1197505

File: 1653580554209.jpg (246.6 KB, 953x769, bbvZX9y.jpg)

People asked the creator of Abbott Elementary to make a school shooting episode to raise awareness. She said they should put more pressure on politicians.

No. 1197507

File: 1653580638417.jpg (208.88 KB, 934x758, jylsFKL.jpg)

Based. The same people calling for sitcoms to make school shooter plotlines will be the same people criticizing them for being tone deaf like they did 13 reasons why.

No. 1197511

I think she's right. I can't imagine hearing about a tragedy and then demanding that someone make an episode in a TV show about it, wtf.

No. 1197512

That wouldn't fit the tone of the show at all which is light and positive like The Office. People are braindead she shouldn't even have to say this

No. 1197522

Khloe looks good when she’s not tanning like crazy or piling on makeup. She is in great shape. I was shocked when I saw her without makeup because she looks way better..

No. 1197525

Honestly I don’t think she looks that different, she looks like she had a nose job, lip filler and Botox & fillers on the face. The rest is just hair color and makeup. Maybe, just maybe an eyebrow lift but it could have been done with a Botox. Just my unpopular opinion but she looks better after the nose job and her fitness journey, she just needs to tone down the makeup, especially contouring her nose and get less filler.

No. 1197537

File: 1653582540113.jpg (58.6 KB, 433x667, FDHRHLN.jpg)

Britney Spears with the Euphoria director and The Weeknd. People are speculating that she might appear in the Sam's new show Idol

No. 1197591

I hope not. It would just be continuing the abuse. Sam is a sick fuck.

No. 1197594

File: 1653583943011.jpg (206.44 KB, 805x1030, Sam_Levinson.jpg)

I've yet to see one photo of this guy where he doesn't look like a molester

No. 1197612

You know looking at this picture, makes me realize how people 100% over rate troons. Both Cara and Winne look so beautiful. Meanwhile the troon's body is decent for a scrote but that face gives me older botched gay prostitute lady boy.

No. 1197613

I don't think she's being weird here.

No. 1197619

yeah his body doesn't stick out imo but his face is so haggard and ugly. men hit the wall so early kek

No. 1197643

Yep, he's kinda tilting his hips, but he's slender and if he went OD with breast implants his body would have that Blaire White vibe but slightly better. However, compared to Cara and Winnie's naturally slim bodies you could tell the difference front on and unposed. Plus his head is huge and male shaped (of course).

No. 1197705

File: 1653587789888.jpeg (468.55 KB, 564x1163, 68E39BDD-D0D4-4052-ABA9-B49EDD…)

Issac Kappy was an actor from Thor who jumped from a bridge and was hit by a car on Route 66. Before his death he accused Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and a list of other celebrities of being elite pedos. He talked about degenerate things he’d seen in Hollywood and everyone saw him as a schizo. A month before Kappy died Tom hanks tweeted about roadkill on Route 66.

No. 1197709

Her issue is that she is trying so hard to fit an aesthetic that she has no business trying to emulate. She needs to abandon her yassification mission immidiently.

No. 1197750

I'll be honest, Cara Delavinegar's gollum video and weird house tour makes me want to be her friend. For some reason I always assumed she would be stuck up or something, so I'm pleased to learn that she's a fucking weirdo

No. 1197756

Isaac was just a schizo, unfortunately. He was a Qanon conspiracy theorist, and he attacked Paris Jackson and Seth Green at a party, accusing them all of being pedos. Before he died he posted on Instagram apologizing to Qanon, Donald Trump and Jesus, so make of that what you will.

No. 1197762

File: 1653590858295.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1620x1998, 6BFD143A-3B6B-4D91-A211-7B1441…)

I feel like he’s a legit sociopath.

No. 1197765

yea I feel the same. Especially after what AB said about her upbringing and how people use her. I feel like she'd be a farmer in another life lol

No. 1197769

File: 1653591193632.jpeg (792.59 KB, 1598x1215, 819D91DC-1F7B-4E0F-82A9-3A3BE1…)

No. 1197770

File: 1653591200590.png (16.51 KB, 583x225, Screenshot 2022-05-26 205245.p…)

I know it's only ablind item but he's a known perv and I wish he was caught already

No. 1197771

Woah, the iCarly spinoff Gibby show? It was never officially released afaik. Yeesh.

No. 1197772

tv isn't going to change the fact that southern states are retarded and won't boot their nra lobby pocketing politicians, she's 100% right

No. 1197775

The fuck is he putting out hits on his victims

No. 1197792

No. 1197793

File: 1653592364102.jpg (60.21 KB, 602x643, why.jpg)


Yeah I never understood why people want to use tv shows to "being awareness!!" when we're all very much aware of what's happening. It never helps.

This reminds of when glee did a school shooting episode a few months after sandy hook happened. I was a huge fan of the show at the time and even I could tell how bad and borderline offensive the episode was. Asking a comedy show to tackle this issue is an awful idea

No. 1197796

File: 1653592541552.jpeg (343.82 KB, 1908x1146, 055A3BED-8A05-4670-B182-B21CB1…)

That’s what I think every time I hear about him. He has friends in the highest of places.

No. 1197810

File: 1653592949667.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 591.79 KB, 2048x2048, E3028744-37A2-4C1C-B1E0-534002…)

No. 1197843

File: 1653594225942.jpeg (5.57 KB, 194x259, tinfoiljesus.jpeg)

Isaac Kappy said that while having dinner with Seth Green and Seth's wife in their home, Seth opened a small windowless bedroom off the foyer and said in a cartoonishly evil way, "…And this is where we keep the children!!"
I bet it's true tbh pedos probably tire of run of the mill pedophilia. Gotta up the game in true coomer fashion. And if they are rich/connected enough, well… it's obviously within their reach, as we've barely even touched upon with the Jeff Epstein/Jizzlane Maxwell revelations and non-trials

No. 1197845

the thing is that marina is good at concepts but has a bad habit of falling off in her "best" eras.
Ancient Dreams etc is a good album but it is a weird mix of EH sound + Froot themes. Idk how to explain it.

No. 1197851

File: 1653594420475.jpg (19.64 KB, 354x360, EClyCl-XUAA6y71.jpg)

Samefag but there is also dashcam footage of Kappy sitting on the wall at the highway right before he killed himself. It's grainy and he's just sitting but still, eerie. Just a fun little detail!

No. 1197864

File: 1653594960933.jpg (102.22 KB, 1000x1000, FTtPm91XoAAZKza.jpg)

Andy Fletcher from Depeche Mode has died

No. 1197871

is cara on the spectrum?

No. 1197874

no she's obviously just lonely and eccentric. Not everyone who does 'weird things' is on the spectrum, come on.

No. 1197893

she said in her house tour she has adhd iirc. which is why her house is very stimulating and colorful

No. 1197905

File: 1653596944914.jpeg (959.3 KB, 2048x2048, 02D21B55-593A-4BD1-81A0-0F06ED…)

Not a big fan of the vagina tunnel but I love her living room.

No. 1197906

i gotta say khloe has the nicest body out of all of them now, her nose is botched but her body is so much more elegant than all the other kardashes now

No. 1197912

She's on coke.

No. 1197922

How? She's always hanging out with people.

No. 1197932

go read AB's tweets from earlier. Just because you see someone hanging out with people a lot doesn't mean they aren't lonely and ngl her actions kinda show it, but that's just me tinfoiling.

No. 1197947

wow wtf. RIP

No. 1197963

I’m sure they were taking pictures of him. What did he do wrong?

No. 1197969

It's not about the vagina tunnel, but the fact she has a room inspired by Hugh Hefner and the playboy mansion. I hate when lesbians act like deranged coomer males.

No. 1197973

doesn't mean she's happy. cara's family is rich but they were very dysfunctional. cara's mother was a herion addict who went to wild parties. you can see how the problem affect cara because she has her own problems with addiction and partying.

No. 1197977

Pleasantly surprised with the new sky ferreira song

No. 1197989

No. 1197999

ignore the zoomer

No. 1198013

How dare-

No. 1198020

File: 1653603654809.jpg (41.04 KB, 490x618, 1653596991722.jpg)


No. 1198022

Is that supposed to mean something to me

No. 1198030

she sounds like a rip off of hatchie and hatchie is supposed to be her rip off.

No. 1198032

I'm not a zoomer, I just don't know who she is nor care to
>Inb4 she's very important!! Ree how dare you
Stans are so cringe

No. 1198034

Oh no am i cringe, whatever will i do

No. 1198037

kek, was thinking the same, I never heard of her and I'm older than a zoomer.
Still, listened to her stuff, don't like it, will move on.

No. 1198039

You didn't even deny you're a stan, oof

No. 1198048

But they weren't. He chimped out over nothing.

No. 1198054

NTA but you're so annoying. Some people like music that you don't even know. Big fucking whoop.

No. 1198064

girl I was agreeing with you, ignore the zoomer talking about whoever the fuck the latest bland 'pop' singer is.

No. 1198067

oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof

No. 1198070

latest? she's been popular for so long lmao

No. 1198077

it was her behavior around megan that made me wonder, like she wasn't picking up on social cues that she was being too much

No. 1198080

she was never super popular. you shouldn't even call people zoomers over not knowing who she was, because she was always an alt artists with a small but loyal following. she is not lana or even marina sorry.

No. 1198084

I have missed her so much

Cara is probably on cocaine, looking at how much she sticks her tongue out

No. 1198088

Actual autist
Why the fuck are you posting about someone who is not even an c-list on a celebricow thread? Kek

No. 1198105

Agreed, this was so cringe. There's no need.

No. 1198112

I want to live here

No. 1198182

File: 1653616275892.jpeg (639.47 KB, 2048x2048, 58213DB7-8827-45FE-81DD-B0801E…)

Some stills from Madonna’s new music video.
>>Madonna makes her music comeback with a special remix of her song titled “Frozen” from her seventh studio album “Ray Of Light“.
>>The hit track “Frozen” is one of her old songs but this time she adds a fresh and special feel to it by featuring Nigerian singer Fireboy DML

No. 1198189

How do you know they weren’t? It’s Channing Tatum. It’s so common to opportunistically creepshot celebs in public there’s such a high chance they were pretending to take selfies and zooming on him because that’s just what people do.

No. 1198199

How do you know they were? This is just turning into speculation at this point lol. Not saying that it's not possible but there's no proof in this case.

No. 1198203

Madonna is skinwalking Vicky Shingles in the top right kek

No. 1198223

Why is she a walking ayyyylmao meme now?
Also, she sucks. Frozen is one of my favorite songs.

No. 1198247

I also think he is a legit sociopath, I watched the movie K-Pax and it’s one of the best examples of how his acting style is literally just him being his true sociopathic self. The entire movie is so bad and it’s like you can see him smirking thinking “haha, im getting paid for this” with his creepy constant signature emotionless expression. Not good acting, just a straight up sociopath

No. 1198252

Aging faces look better than this weird plastic look. Stop doing this plz whoever is

No. 1198316

always interesting to me how celebs look so ordinary when they gain weight. this looks like a pic of a woman you would come across at target yogurt section

No. 1198317

Horrible move. She is already flopping, only reason her last tour sold tickets was because her EH songs went viral on tiktok. Going indie will make her completely obscure. Rip legend i will bop to Lies always

No. 1198333

I don’t care if it was either way but I think it’s extremely unlikely that he’s just suuuuch a raging narc that he flew of the handle at a group of people enjoying their night. Sounds more like they were attempting to take tons of covert pics and videos of him and when he reacted out of built up irritation they gaslit him and swore up and down they weren’t.

No. 1198346

That’s how I felt about Se7en. He played a sociopath so well; it was the creepiest shit. I always imagined he was just himself and thought he is probably exactly like that in person. Minus the autistic murderings.

No. 1198397

isn't she bisexual

No. 1198420

She is and lets not act like the Hugh Hefner shit isnt a deepseated issue with these models, they either glorify him or obviously hate him got what he did. Last time i checked online straight women are the ones making y2k playboy shit popular again so they can larp as “bimbo bunnies”.

No. 1198429

File: 1653637340907.png (145.83 KB, 314x341, bare.PNG)

Is Cara….barefoot here?

No. 1198460

She is levitating.

No. 1198538

While I don't deny all actors might be pedos including Tom Hanks, it's always ridiculous when people call someone "an actor from [famous movie]", you google them and it's always some extra from a 3s long scene. Isaac Kappy guy was an actor in Thor remembered for his incredible performance as an "pet store clerk", surely knows a lot about elites of hollywood

No. 1198558

lol yeh i found out like 5 seconds ago. literally cannot BELIEVE how rapidly that girl aged

No. 1198860

File: 1653663246741.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1620x1669, 69D7E23B-28FA-4EE1-852D-F95F80…)

>> Josh Duggar, who appeared in TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," was sentenced Wednesday to about 12 1/2 years for downloading and possessing child
>>Duggar downloaded a video of a 3-month-old being “tortured and sexually abused," according to the FBI.
>>Duggar was sentenced to 151 months in prison and fined $10,000, according to legal documents obtained by USA TODAY. He will also be required to participate in a "sex offense-specific treatment program."
>>U.S. Attorney David Clay Fowlkes said he was pleased with the sentence. “While this is not the sentence we asked for, this is a lengthy sentence,” Fowlkes said outside the courthouse. USA TODAY has reached out to prosecutors for further comment.

No. 1198867

He is one meme wonder literally who compared to Chapelle and Gervais.

No. 1198868

File: 1653663553862.jpg (587.75 KB, 2000x2000, miranda-kerr-soc-4142190344.jp…)

I thought that was Miranda Kerr, holy fuck

No. 1198872

I find it concerning how in some of her videos there is a dog poop (i hope it's dog's) on the floor while she is dancing

No. 1198908

It's almost like they're people

No. 1198911

I mean thank fucking god. And to think that his sisters stood up for him and forgave him for molesting them is insane

No. 1198933

actually he could have gotten more

No. 1198944

File: 1653666290595.png (419.51 KB, 1042x545, fj;ag.png)

No milk,but damn. Imagine having an expansive career starting from your 20s and becoming a universal icon, only to shit on that legacy in these last 15 years. Looking at today's Madonna compared to the one that had a breadth of interesting music and themes confounds me.

It seems like she deteriorated fast after the 2010's 'cause the "Bitch I'm Madonna" was the starting point of her trying to catch up with 20 year-olds. What caused it? Is this early dementia or drugs or something? She's technically not even that old, only in her 60s…

No. 1198949

>> Duggar faced up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 for each count. Prosecutors had asked U.S. District Judge Timothy Brooks to give the maximum term of 20 years to Duggar. They argued in a pre-sentencing court filing that Duggar has a “deep-seated, pervasive and violent sexual interest in children.”
>>Duggar, whose lawyers sought a five-year sentence, maintains his innocence and has said he will appeal.
Duggar lawyers only wanted five years gross.

No. 1198957

That's ridiculous. He molested his own sisters and had violent child pornography on his computer, 5 years is laughable

No. 1198974

Searched for her latest interview and found a Jimmy Fallon (ugh) show she did in late 2021. She looks weird in motion. Has she ever admitted having an ed? I thought she used to work out a lot (best toned arms out there) and yet she looks like this now. I hope she finds peace in her life.

No. 1198988

Rich people with small dogs let their dogs shit everywhere and don't bother training them because they have cleaning staff. It's gross but common.

No. 1198990

LMAO, but its kinda sad how they're talking about a topic like this yet allow someone who was accused of that same thing be with them. Just shows how fake and scripted their opinions are, none of them care about any victim.

No. 1199002

she walks on the balls of her feet?

No. 1199004

File: 1653669068070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 3072x1310, dfxefzrf5cs51.jpg)

I attached the police report. The whole family is fucked up tbh, and I always got the feeling the parents only cared about the money. It's careless to have so many kids, if you think you can raise them conscientiously, you're kidding yourself, those kids raised each other. It was also strange to me how the parents focused mostly on Josh in their interviews about the incidents, and not their daughters.

No. 1199009

A lot of her career relied on looks, it's not surprising that aging is hard for her

No. 1199035

Every time I see these new Madonna pics, I just remember how around 2008 (the “4 minutes” era) I heard that her husband at the time, Guy Ritchie, made fun of her and told her she “looks like a granny” when she dances onstage and that she was “past it” when she turned 50. She was a lot more confident back then, too. I wonder if that got to her and wrecked her self-esteem, and now as the years go by she’s overcompensating with the photoshop and fillers. I feel kind of bad for her. I know that would probably fuck me up if my husband said that to me, no matter how rich or famous I was.

No. 1199072

>>megan fox channels moria casan
aahahhaha im deaaaddd, as an argieanon this was unexpected and hilarious

No. 1199125

well she is a supermodel. Or was.

No. 1199209

Hate to break it to you anon but supermodels are just fucking people too.

No. 1199461

>a 3 month old

try not to a-log challenge. obviously him raping his sisters was beyond evil but it just gets worse and worse with this inbred freak

No. 1199480

i remember this too. sad

No. 1199508

No shit, it’s what they’re paid to do. What, they’re supposed to argue for the maximum sentence for their client? God forbid you ever need a defense attorney someday

No. 1199555

Yes we should all be incredibly concerned by the common phenomena of rich and famous people having a mafia of small dogs pissing and shitting all over their house while the assistant chases them around and cleans it up. In fact we need to put resources and government funding into this scary yet widespread issue.

No. 1199568

In respect of madonnas career and impact, I think she’s very out of touch with reality (as most aging celebrities are) and not used to losing attention and relevancy. She missed the boat on a lot of current trends in her youth and she wants to embody the current ideal standard but since she’s a grandma it doesn’t translate and is very odd and embarrassing to watch. Instead of aging gracefully and being smart and practical like Mariah Carey or something, she is trying way too hard to fish for acceptance from the youth because she is like entirely incapable of imagining a world where she isn’t desirable and worshiped and relevant.

No. 1199631

>sex offense-specific treatment program

I hope it's every bit as tortuous and effective as the one in A clockwork orange. And without a way to revert it

No. 1199730

I hate the remix, frozen was a beautiful song.

No. 1199731

File: 1653694836399.jpg (279.79 KB, 1080x1350, 1284012.jpg)

I really wish she stuff with her Madame X aesthetic. It embraced her older age whilst being sexy and edgy.

No. 1199855

File: 1653706398946.jpg (411.61 KB, 1080x1279, BtKdMA4.jpg)

Jennifer Aniston follows an Angelina Jolie hate thread

No. 1199856

File: 1653706438366.jpg (560.38 KB, 930x1391, F3wzPQ3.jpg)

No. 1199859

File: 1653706573257.jpg (111.97 KB, 1080x536, MQwt86p.jpg)

No. 1199866

File: 1653707298118.jpeg (898.43 KB, 1526x1017, 9B71DE98-BCD4-4A52-BF92-E2C468…)

Man all these celebs are really nasty to their core huh. Side note she also looks super botched and has for a while

No. 1199869

Tbf, Angelina did have accounts on a gossip site to talk shit about Jennifer kek

No. 1199875

damn along with 100 other Jennifer Aniston fan pages

No. 1199912

At least she hasn’t gone down the kielbasa lips route

No. 1199952

Holyshit, she really is mental

No. 1199955

Madonna could have aged gracefully. I think she really lost it and had a mid-life crisis. Really sucks. She's a big name celeb and now she's losing it. She could afford to retire and age gracefully on her own island or some really nice home away from the public, but here we are.

No. 1199964

All these 4 women are more beautiful than her. She's probably jealous.

No. 1199994

Lmao, I didn’t know who this was so I googled her name and then cackled

No. 1199996

I want to know more

No. 1200012

Not a fan of newfags idolizing this hasbeen trying smelly golum with a weak chin. She was better when she were straight and somewhat cute, at least she didn’t look and act repulsive. She brought back thick eyebrows and that’s
The only thing that’s good she’s done.

No. 1200015

Jennifer Aniston’s mental state is zen compared to Angelina Jolie. Also she’s childless and independent which makes her based. Sucks she did that for Amber, but aside from Jolie i can’t recognize any of the other actresses.
Newfags need to stop being spoonfed. Also why can’t I google that shit anymore, has she taken it down from the crawling engine? Based crazy jolie.

No. 1200020

Samefagging. Apparently I can’t google it anymore but this anon compiled it >>335659
Enjoy the old milk

No. 1200048

File: 1653725416527.jpg (1.25 MB, 1440x2056, Screenshot_20220528-074749.jpg)

Taylor Mac, a F-list theatre performer that nobody cares about and a different brand of special.
>Uses the pronoun judy after Judy Garland
>Personalized pronoun for someone whose gender (professionally and personally) is constantly changing.
>My gender isn’t male or female or non-binary.
>My gender is “performer” (one day I’ll get it on the passport).
>Imagine getting to have a pronoun that’s an art piece!
Is there anyone that is as delusional as him?

No. 1200053

Judy doesn't deserve this disrespect.

No. 1200057

LC’s own Katherine Harlow has some competition kek don’t let her see this

No. 1200071

File: 1653727384128.jpg (71.17 KB, 1280x720, rayliotta.jpg)

Ray Liotta has died yesterday in his sleep

No. 1200089

Aw, he's the dude that voiced Tommy Vercetti
RIP from all us gamers, he will be missed

No. 1200129

weird Al is cuter than Daniel Radcliffe

No. 1200192

I thought some random account she followed just posted this on their story so it didn't mean Aniston was invested in it, but god damn I checked the instagram and it's full of the same shit kek

No. 1200206

Why would she follow from her "official" IG, lmao? Do boomer celebrities not know about private/secret accounts?

No. 1200209

Maybe her social media intern just hates her?

No. 1200489

No. 1200493

What did he do?

No. 1200496

nothing. some anons are so psychotic for no reason

No. 1200512

he's a male, he did a lot of things

No. 1200523

Apparently he didn't believe Woody Allen was a pedo.

No. 1200582

Saw a KF post on the Madonna thread that pointed out Madonna’s decline coincides with the retirement of her publicist who had been with her since the start of her career. I think her current state is a mix of refusing to come to terms with the fact that she’s no longer a sex symbol and not having Liz Rosenberg there to reign her in

No. 1200592

I’ve yet to seen anyone idolizing her. I just see anons refusing to ride a hate train just because she was acting cringe at an awards ceremony.

No. 1200685

…sooooo he's a gay male. Got it.

No. 1200700

File: 1653770746712.png (536.65 KB, 635x515, 759178BF-BF6D-419B-B8C1-907D69…)

She looks great especially being in her 50’s what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1200710

Being an envious hater makes people ugly, plus she always had monkey like lips and mouth.
When fucking Britney Spears follows less people and normal account compared to you, something is wrong with you.

No. 1200733

Is she 18? Jesus christ, she looks 35 what the fuck

No. 1200735

do her and billie have the same stylist or something.

No. 1200748

I'm watching the show right now and this pic is jarring. what did she do to her lips!

No. 1200754

Theres no way shes 18. wtf

No. 1200763

She got lip fillers or something? She looks like a right wing 40 year old youtuber or something. I hate to do the, "she looks X" age. But she really does look so mature. Not old, just mature. maybe it's the styling and lip fillers(If she has them)

No. 1200777

Why do they style her like this wtf

No. 1200778

Madonna makes me sad because she has so many good songs and videos, but any zoomer growing up right now will only see her as a ratchet pill addict posting weird shit on tiktok

No. 1200791

you don't recognize megan markle? i envy you

No. 1200792

I think this was an inevitable revolution though, you can see in many interviews or any time she has been invited to speak upon a podium at awards ceremonies, she says some odd shit from a lense where she sees herself as a god or something lol. She’s been very out of touch for a long time which I’m sure comes from being surrounded by a gaggle of yes-men who treat you like a deity. Woman needs to settle down and find a hobby or something, imagine having that much money and willingly going out to make a mockery of yourself still because you want to party with the younger folx in your 60s.

No. 1200793

File: 1653775904840.jpeg (475.29 KB, 1125x634, B07126A5-8EE0-4475-ACF9-1CD7FF…)

Never been a bts fan but jeongguk used to look very cute. This bad boy stuff makes him look like shit. Or maybe it’s just that twink death is real

No. 1200800

But the way Drake was disgusted by Madonna's attempt at kissing him lives rent free in my head. Was her breath that bad or is he an ageist like most nonnas here?

No. 1200807

She's too old. Drake likes strong faced white women just not that old.
Also, Drake is such a trend hopper. He jumps on anything or anyone who is trending. Right now. I remember that white girl went viral for rapping that Lil Baby song, guess who started following her? Drake. That Dj, Guess who started following her? Drake. He was even "dating" the mom of a good basketball player, she looked his type but it was clear he was in it for sex and possibly being connected to the mom of the son of the "next" big basketball player. I hate drake and his ugly lace front looking braids.

No. 1200808

Always been overrated bordering on ugly

No. 1200837

Wasn't he revealed to be into teenagers a few years ago? Like he made out with one during one of his shows or something like that.

No. 1200842

He was texting Millie about "boys" and giving her advice. He also is involved in Eurphoia, which I don't see talked about enough. I don't know how involved he is.

No. 1200854

Would you be anything but disgusted if someone of the opposite sex 30 years your senior tried to kiss you publicly for clout out of left field?

No. 1200935

>that Reddit-tier soy-enriched body
>a performer

No. 1200939

Wow that's what he looks like nowadays? Unlike you I actually used to be a fan (I stopped when BTS started pandering to American audiences and showing up to American award shows and releasing shitty music), and I never thought that he would change his image like this. He never was the bad boy type in the past, I wonder what changed. I don't think he's necessarily ugly now (though I do think he looked better before), but this is just so different from before…it's weird

No. 1201004


She looks normal in Season 4, this is so weird >>1200763 kek youre right, she looks like a Fox News anchor here

No. 1201006

Drake is disgusted by anyone over 18

No. 1201042

File: 1653794001513.jpeg (865.63 KB, 1125x1065, AEDB30F1-9F06-463D-A452-01543C…)

Wait until you see his tattoos lol. No this is not a bad photoshop edit. He actually did this to himself.(kpop fag )

No. 1201049

File: 1653794496309.jpeg (648.47 KB, 1125x1753, 4000789F-85EF-476B-8E81-FD1A1C…)

Degens gonna degen I guess
Relax Amber anons, I’m just kinkshaming
Post him to the drag cows thread, he sounds milky

No. 1201055

Tbh all of them are looking like shit on the new promo photos.

No. 1201060

He looks like he'd try to sell drugs to some kids in a dark alleyway.

No. 1201085

File: 1653799309103.jpg (424.26 KB, 1079x1344, Screenshot_20220529-004033_Ins…)

still nowhere near as bad as harry styles, the only person with worse tattoos than him is pete davidson

No. 1201095

File: 1653800783385.jpg (59.16 KB, 500x586, ff2991677d973f457e21149087658c…)

Ed Sheeran's bad tattoos blow everyone else's out of the water. They look like they were done by an eight year old.

No. 1201098

>puzzle piece tattoos
Ed Sheeran is autistic.

No. 1201099

Do tattoos have negative connotations in Korea the way they do in Japan? I've heard that it's rare for non-criminals in Japan to have tattoos because of the conservative culture.

No. 1201100

File: 1653801157003.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1435x2000, image.jpeg)

What about Adam Levine? His have always looked a bit oddly placed

No. 1201102

i scrolled past this thinking it was lady gaga and that’s so sad

No. 1201115

Yes, it's actually illegal to get tattooed in Korea. Not sure how enforced it is, though

No. 1201116

That's kind of crazy. Now he can never go back to his cut boy image, I don't get why he would do this tbh.

No. 1201118

it looks like a child's coloring book

No. 1201120

Oh gross. I used to have a crush on him in the Songs about Jane era. Embarrassing

No. 1201124

I mean, I sill would

No. 1201164

he looks like diplo here, embarrassing
icy electric blue hair does a moid no favors

No. 1201182

If Aaron Taylor Johnson can do it, so can I.

No. 1201212

This stays funny because saint is not mad at all

No. 1201235

right? they're irritating. what i will say though is i think she's in a way still doing the nlog shit - just hidden under a "i'm such a relatable mommy" guise. as if she's the only woman celeb (or mom) to bring awareness to the hardships of motherhood and post partum depression as implied in >>1195857. not to mention the post is a whole 3 slides dedicated to her eating fried chicken and buns (?) and then pics of food right before one singular video of her baby while she praises her scrote for bringing her food

No. 1201249

File: 1653817475778.jpg (74.25 KB, 615x769, 2_Brooklyn-Beckham-Neck-Tattoo…)

True worst tattoos is Brooklyn Beckham, who got a tattoo of his gfs eyes on the back of his neck. David Beckhams tattoos are also cringe, he has way too many.

No. 1201250

File: 1653817738642.jpg (48.24 KB, 615x409, MAIN-9-David-Beckhams-head-tat…)

No. 1201258

Nicola didn’t want to shell out some of daddy’s money for this? Looks like an amateur did it adding to the cringe factor. Also dude is 200% killing himself when they divorce.

No. 1201271

File: 1653821230269.jpg (39.28 KB, 1080x1080, FT1w5FPXsAEErwb.jpg)

from a video where ariana was impersonating liz gillies but she needs to sue whoever did this to her face

No. 1201272

File: 1653821294909.jpg (33.92 KB, 960x960, FT1w5FNX0AArbwY.jpg)

No. 1201274

File: 1653821404798.jpeg (361.23 KB, 1124x1906, 43967E1E-54BC-4CC4-97C2-04D54B…)

funny, the eyes make me think of cara's tattoo

No. 1201275

she looks like a weird ass caricature in both kek

No. 1201283

She looks weirdly like Lady Gaga, idk if it's the expressions or they just went to the same surgeon

No. 1201285

File: 1653822915580.jpeg (90.61 KB, 1242x656, 29417F20-D558-4B7C-8394-03D05A…)

So trans Twitter are apparently coming hard for Ricky Gervais, harassing and trying to cancel him

No. 1201291

>all trans accounts
like all trans accounts on twitter? I'm pretty sure ricky has the time to block A L L of them, they prob send him some deaths threads and got blocked, as it always is. I feel like ricky will get some heat now but it won't be as bad as the JK situation in the long run.

No. 1201292

her only saving grace is her youth (and the skin smoothing filter). she's going to look terrible in a few years.

No. 1201293

File: 1653823645732.webm (1.12 MB, 1200x720, Stan Twitter- Ariana Grande im…)

Why does excessive ps always look so weird in motion? Like these stills don't do justice to how bad she actually looks now.

No. 1201298

Is this is some kind of promo for a Victorious reunion or something? Shudder. Ten year anniversary of the show would be next year I think. If they do it how would they manage to make her look like cat valentine again

No. 1201302

Of course not. He's a man, he won't get cancelled for this

No. 1201316

File: 1653825619898.jpeg (6.16 KB, 271x186, images (1) (5).jpeg)

Is there any known milk on Seth MacFarlane? He's one who pops into my mind on occasion, mostly because I never hear any milk but considering who he's connected to, I wonder.. and not just criticism for his liberal views etc since we know he gets shit for that. I wanna know if there's dirt

No. 1201318

if they can't reach him, they will go after his wife, after all they can't send him rape threats, that wouldn't make them look like lesbians. I'm just waiting for him to make a britcom about troons and I guess, that could happen if they annoy him too much.

No. 1201322

I want to know too. If I'm not mistaken he is connected to an extremely rich family but I don't remember exactly how or who they were (Rockefellers maybe¿?).

No. 1201347

Idk why but this mans has always given me bad vibes. I don't trust him.

No. 1201350

Years ago there was talk about how he narrowly avoided being in the middle of the 9/11 attacks. He was due to be there that day and just didn't go that morning. People were speculating on that. That's the only thing I can think of.

No. 1201384

That's too bad. Nothing of value would have been lost. His shitty cartoons are always filled with sexism and rape 'jokes.' The people into family guy are the same people who moved on and are into rick and morty.

No. 1201388

No it's not. His tattoos are ugly af, but it is not illegal. there are many tattoo shops in Korea. And learn to sage.

This photo makes me so repulsed every time it's posted.

I can't wait for tattoos to go out of trend. they are always hideous and age badly.

No. 1201390

Why do they care if he blocked trans accounts? They were probably harassing him anyway. laugh, block and move on is something more celebs should be doing tbh

No. 1201410

he made a 2 minute long "joke" about one of his characters, Quagmire raping Marge Simpson and killing the entire Simpson family, this was apparently pay back for a 1 second gag about family gag in a Simpsons episode, he was shocked and offended by the fact that the networks didn't wanna air it and thought they were being prudish and showing favoritism

No. 1201413

They’re thinking of Japan because tattoos are directly associated with gang crime there

No. 1201415

and this was the minor Simpsons Joke that he got so offended by

No. 1201416

I stopped watching family guy after season 1. It got worse and worse with the sexist rape jokes. I hate how men worship this guy so much. I wish we could round up male comedians and execute them.

No. 1201427

kek her eyebrows are surprisingly overactive for someone who does so much botox and filler, if you watch the video that's not their natural setting

I am actually impressed by how well she can move them, creeped out even

No. 1201432

File: 1653836829897.jpg (388.63 KB, 1080x1796, IMG_20220529_170707.jpg)

Camila Cabello performed at the Champions League final. The evening was a shitshow with overcrowding outside the gates and fans being tear gassed at some point. The match was delayed by half an hour and Camila was booed by frustrated fans. Eurofags generally don't care for music at sports events not even on a good day, they just want to see soccer, this was entirely expected lmao

No. 1201434

I was thinking th same, the Botox must be wearing off kek

No. 1201442

was it her fault for being late ?because im seeing fans defend her saying she isnt the reason it got delayed.

No. 1201444

She had nothing to do with the delay, it's just the way soccer fans are in Europe, they are born retarded pissed

No. 1201449

File: 1653837913075.jpeg (61.64 KB, 480x313, 46D188C9-412B-4099-AD93-52E77E…)

>It read: ‘Playing back our performance and I can’t believe people were singing their teams anthem so loud during our performance [sic].

>‘Like my team and I worked tirelessly for so long to bring right vibes and give a good show.

>‘Very rude but whatever. IM GLAD YOU GUYS LOVED IT.’

>However, a source told Metro.co.uk: ‘It was deleted because someone who has access to Camila’s account posted it intending to post on their own account.’

that is such a bald faced lie kek. camila definitely meant to post it. singers are such deluded egoists, why even comment on such a thing? cabello is a fucking nobody outside of america anyway

No. 1201459

I’m sorry but she looks like a skinnier Shayna, I think its the horrible eyeliner and dark eyebrows combination

No. 1201470

Was just gonna say this. No one gives a shit about her at the event she performed at. I'm glad she got boo'd. Especially if there was already a delay.

No. 1201472

Nta but most tattoos in korea are not illegal but the process of getting them is, idk if it’s still in place but there was a law that only medical professionals could give tattoos and obviously that’s insane because no medical professional will go through the trouble of becoming one simply to become a tattoo artist so most tattoo artists/shops are not legally qualified and tattoo their clients “illegally”. And while tattoos are not illegal in Korea, like in Japan there’s negative stigma around tattoos, although I think it’s becoming a lot more common to have tattoos there.

No. 1201479

Thank you for being informative, anon. Both Korea and Japan are non progressive countries anyway. Hope they change soon.

No. 1201526

>I'm glad she got boo'd
Football fans in Europe are 90% moid hooligans who don't give a shit about anyone or anything but the club they support. Camilla didn't deserve to get boo'd, not her fault that the event organizers thought it was a bright idea to have her perform.

No. 1201533

This shit looks scary and like it hurts so bad. It's like if she blinks hard enough, the rubber bands, tape and glue inside her face holding the corner of her eyes up will slowly snap and the lower half of her face will just hang.

No. 1201541

Let me let out some autism real quick.
I mentioned before that Kim REALLY competes with Kourtney. Everyone thought it was Kylie, but no. Kourtney. Kourtney's 100% is going to break the, "Only have kids by the same fucked up scrote" thing that all the Karjenners (besides Kris) is on.
If Kourtney has Travis's baby, suddenly… Kim is going to start talking about wanting Pete's kids. Kourtney has to do it first so Kim can feel comfortable and THEN try to out do her and compete.
None of the Karjenners have a personality besides Khloe (she used to at least), it's all based on the scrote they are with. Once Kourtney has that first non-scott baby, Kim =will follow. I think right now she's trying to find Pete's "Style" that complements hers. So she can walk around looking goth and "cool" like people think Kourt looks with Travis.

I feel like Kourtney is Kim's true competition because she never was the one who was super fame hungry, but was always well liked and didn't have to do much. Now she's getting all the attention, and Kim wants that. Which is why now she's with Pete, changing up her style, losing weight. She's used up the black rappers/athletes. Now she wants to start back on her white girl shit again. I truly believe Kylie is sick of even trying anymore, she just posts her pictures and wants to pop out babies with Travis.
My theory with Kylie is that she was abused/groomed so young and did so much so young, that she's kinda jaded. She got that "super fame". She had her thing with predator bisexual Tyga, now she just wants to pop in and out
Think about all the stunts and tricks Kim and Kylie have to do to get attention? All embarrassment, drama and all of that? Khloe's just a joke to most people. Kendell is just in her own safe lane.
Kourtney had to deal with scott, but compared to Kanye & Tyga, plus the shit with Travis scott and the Astroworld, is a scott really that bad?
Scott's a big joke and Kourtney's rep didn't take a huge hit because of Scott. People believe Travis and Kourtney.
I know this is retarded.

No. 1201565

Kylie Seems like she was just a regular little kid so she never got as much attention. Like I remember there was an episode where Kendall made a book of pictures because she wanted to be a model and wanted help from her mom for it. And then Kylie made one too and it was obvious she was just jealous of the attention Kendall was getting. I think this led to her getting all the plastic surgery and trying to keep up with her sisters to get attention. It’s sad because she was a cute kid and now she looks like a mid 30s woman with all her surgeries and filler. IMO Kendall is the only one who doesn’t look uncanny valley in the face now, I hope she doesn’t make a mess of it

No. 1201577

Kris is the root of it all and Bruce is/was a shitty dad who barely did anything to save his girls. To busy stealing their clothes and trying to be one.
Kris always favored the child that naturally was more pretty.
Out of the first 3, It was Kim, then Kourt, then Khloe.With Kendell and Kylie, Kendell had the height and the "look".
Kylie's issue was that nobody protected her and slicing your face & body is so normalized that nobody cared.
So she got with a troon chasing groomer, who already was dating a blow up doll stripper, plus Kim was on her blow up doll kinda vibe & Kylie just let all that get to her.
Kris was okay with her doing this with Tyga, cause she was finding her own way to being "rich" and famous. Sorta like Kim.
Kylie didn't get attention until she literally started changing her face around like a Mr. Pototoe head. Imagine being that young and the only attention you got before, was being the youngest Karjenner and being called ugly.
Then you changed it up and suddenly, everyone likes you.

No. 1201610

Moid style comment

I thought she had another tweak again and I was relieved reading that she didn’t get her temples stapled farther back on her head

No. 1201621

File: 1653847463723.jpeg (35.64 KB, 400x400, I0nuf8pK_400x400.jpeg)

my god nonnie I rarely see such accurate descriptions kek she looks exactly like this annoying bitch SE Cupp, AND Kyrsten Sinema. Why TF has she been styled like this? It's so unflattering to someone of any age, let alone a teenager.

No. 1201633

She looks like an alien that put an actresses skin on

No. 1201653

File: 1653849005427.jpg (1.11 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220529_132816.jpg)

Kim and north are almost the same height. Time flies.

No. 1201663

File: 1653849562021.jpg (666 KB, 2524x1355, 50.jpg)

Simone Ashley spotted with Jacob Elordi f1 gran prix monaco, giving hope to dark skinned indians girls everywhere about getting a tall white bf


No. 1201694

maybe, but he's tall, fit and white so he'll still be considered attractive towards women of shorter races

No. 1201695

She's really pretty

No. 1201697

I may be being a bit schizo but does anyone else think they look similar face-wise? They have similar noses and lips

No. 1201702

File: 1653851231789.png (172.91 KB, 247x600, 1653846665355.png)

Why is Kim dressing like a clean Shayna? I'm sorry but her body looks so odd. Like faker then normal.

No. 1201703

File: 1653851287670.png (454.21 KB, 531x600, 1653846714685.png)

She kinda looks like Jeffree star, botched weird booty and all.

No. 1201706

File: 1653851634303.jpg (41.95 KB, 398x664, a18a038b6565f450fe4f50ffa18548…)

she's Tamil(south Indain ethnic group) their super dark skinned but have a caucasian facial structure

No. 1201708

I honestly thought this was Nikita Dragun. Her outfit isn't terrible though, it just looks weird on her.
Also, if Kim got her butt reduced why didn't she do the same for her hips?

No. 1201711

Wow, I like him.

No. 1201735

File: 1653853122462.jpg (202.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

sage for OT, some people on the MTF threads disagree with me on this, but I truly can't tell the difference between actual female bimbos and TIM bimbos cause to me their so surgically mutilated and tacky that they look the same, anyone of these women could be TIMs and I wouldn't know

No. 1201752

You absolutely can tell a troon from a woman most of the time. They have yet to invent surgery that fixes gnarled giant man hands, removes Adam's apples, narrows shoulders, or smoothes out knobby gnarled man calves/knees. Unless they figure out how to break every bone in a mans body and recontruct him from scratch, male bonestructure and body language is stupidly clockable. All the photoshop can muddle it but with a (barely) trained eye it's very easy to tell.

No. 1201759

>removes Adam's apples
Pretty sure there is a surgery for that one but otherwise true.

No. 1201766

File: 1653853851623.jpg (1.21 MB, 2059x1069, Transgender-Tracheal-Shave-res…)

True, but even then, it's still quite clockable most of the time.

No. 1201770

is norths butt edited

No. 1201790

She’s being paid to wear those clothes.

No. 1201804

Didn't he actually get in trouble once for calling a 9 year old a 'bitch' at an awards show, or was that someone else

No. 1201845

File: 1653857511965.webm (370.06 KB, 480x480, X2Download.com-CLAP EVERYBODY …)

she deleted it of course. shes been a musician since x factor or whatever. she should get a grip and know not every crowd is gonna be into it. especially considering it wasnt her concert, it was a football game that started 40 minutes late and people just wanted it to fucking start.

camilla was performing at sams club to unimpressed moms just a few years ago. she can handle some booing cmon. and yes shes the one asking for claps.

No. 1201868

>dark skinned Indian girls getting a tall white bf
Cringe.. Also, not celebrities.

No. 1201881

fifth harmony has to be one of the worst girl groups of all time. no one in that girl group can perform.

No. 1201883

he cheats on like every one of his famous girlfriends. what's desirable about that

No. 1201895

Those are celebrities, just lesser known ones.

No. 1201897

I'm going to out myself as an uneducated fool and ask: why's it important for non-white women to get a white bf specifically?

No. 1201908

nta you're replying to but a lot of SA girls have some weird status symbol of 'making it' if you're dating/marry a white guy. It's a really common thing unfortunately.

No. 1201915

Great, now find a Pakistani girl dating a tall white guy to give hope to Paki-chan.

No. 1201920

File: 1653861832511.jpg (427.55 KB, 1519x810, maxresdefault.jpg)

sage for OT but its a far bigger tabbo and social issue for a non-white woman to be with a white man, for our brothers and cousins getting a white girl is a win for them, both a status symbol and a comeuppance against white supremacy , just compare the reaction you see when you its revelated a famous black/brown male is married to a white woman and then compare it when a black/brown woman being in a relationship with a white man
priyanka chopra was basically banished from India cause on her screen character had relationships with a white guy and cause she got married to a white guy, I don't think Germany had that level of a reaction to Heidi Klum, seriously its not comparable

No. 1201924

It’s not unless you no self-esteem

No. 1201974

File: 1653863513243.jpg (78.13 KB, 500x452, ec16iLZ.jpg)

>priyanka chopra was basically banished from India cause on her screen character had relationships with a white guy
No, Priyanka was banished from India because she was accused of trying to break up one of bollywood's power couples.

No. 1201980

honestly I wish there was a separate bollywood milk thread we could make, but there's not that enough users here so it would be dead with in weeks and most Indian celeb drama happens in big waves and then dies down, but its basically an entire Industry of nepo babies, where they don't even pretend to not to be nepo babies and celebs flaunt those connections

No. 1202068

100% agree, BUUUUTTT I think Normani is talented as fuck and fifth harmony held her back horribly. Now she has to release more music and an album so I don't eat my words.

No. 1202189

I don’t think he said that afaik. He cracked a joke about Quevenzhané Wallis to poke fun at George Clooney dating women too young for him. He said “To give you an idea of how young she is, it’ll be about 16 years before she’s too old for Clooney” You might be thinking of The Onion releasing a tweet calling her a cunt when she was 9

No. 1202214

God, both of those are really disgusting to say about her

No. 1202222

>poke fun at george clooney dating women too young for him
the joke is… not great and takes aim at her rather than clooney, but i do think older male celebs always targeting younger women should get called out, they need to be shamed more

No. 1202230

Didn't Chrissy Teigan also say something weird about that same actress? I find it so weird how at least 2 people felt it was okay to use her as a joke or disrespect a child like that. Why did they seem interested in using her in jokes in particular?

No. 1202248

Nta but afaik a lot of people have said horrible things about Quevenzhane, especially after the Annie movie.

No. 1202282

wow, that is BAD.

No. 1202283

Just put Bollywood milk here. I’m not really into Indian flicks but I love to read their real life drama.

No. 1202384

File: 1653890852512.jpeg (238.01 KB, 946x1429, E5E98BF6-E487-44A9-B902-F6FA95…)

No. 1202390

everytime a newfag bitches about sageing in /ot/ or /g/ my eyes roll into the back of my head

No. 1202426

HAIM has to be one the worst case of nepotism
>everytime a newfag bitches about sageing in /ot/ or /g/ my eyes roll into the back of my head
the reason it always takes long to make a new thread is because people don't sage non milk posts. and nonnies have to read through everything to decide what needs to get put in the OP. this thread used to be in /snow/

No. 1202438

Wondering why they look so different in height between the two photos, there is hardly that much of a distance/perspective change. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did edit that photo, she essentially made her entire family get fat transfer because of her momager forced porn career. North is so fucking young too I hate them.

No. 1202439

This photo is actually creepy, uncanny valley.

No. 1202457

File: 1653901909712.jpg (107.5 KB, 600x450, salman-khan-sanjay-dutt-young.…)

top of my head I can think off
>Salman Khan: called one of the three khans of bollywood, nepobaby(mother was a famous actresses and dad was a screenwriter), has killed at least one person in a drunk driving incident, refuses to play characters his own age, as in he continuously playas characters taht are in their 20's despite being a 56 year old man
>Sanjay Dutt: also nepobaby(dad and mom were both legends in old bollywood) has been involved with big name gangsters who finance bollywood films as money laundering schemes, long history of alcoholism and drug abuse, has been caught multiple times illegally possessing firearms, his reasoning being he just liked having guns
couple of other cases whose details I can't fully remember at the moment

No. 1202485

Kim's body looks so good after the weight loss… I feel bad for saying that cause it's not like she was overweight before

No. 1202559

I wish there was a dedicated Bollywood thread too. Non-milk but I almost shit myself when I heard the K3G theme in season 2 of Bridgeton

No. 1202596

I never noticed how gross adam's apples look until now

No. 1202669

didn’t salman khan kill someone on set or something

No. 1202671

File: 1653923195775.png (635.33 KB, 578x1004, Screenshot 2022-05-30 at 16.05…)


No. 1202673

why is there a bunch of blacks and indians in a show about regency england (not racebait)

No. 1202674

That's the show's thing, being racially diverse but not really making any commentary about race during that time.

No. 1202695

File: 1653925036617.jpeg (92.84 KB, 948x750, D2A74669-99B5-4EB8-8467-ABF556…)

Serving Jeff the Killer

No. 1202698

It’s not necessary to sage, but it is polite.

No. 1202738

im here to let you know people who disapprove of one type of interracial relationship usually disapprove of all of them. no one is congratulating men of color for marrying white women

No. 1202752

Didn't he cheat on Emilia Clarke? Was that someone else?

No. 1202754

Polite? I want anons to bump /ot/ threads. The board is more active when threads get bumped, it encourages anons to interact. I only sage if I'm samefagging or if there is already a lot of unsaged activity in a thread.

No. 1202758

File: 1653927899909.png (1.08 MB, 1181x731, 3745984798635.png)

This is what nitpicking someones looks does to the person. Some of you should just stop, calling someone ugly at first, than botchered ain't helping anyone.

No. 1202759

except men of colour themselves

No. 1202760

>I only sage if I'm samefagging or if there is already a lot of unsaged activity in a thread.
And why do you do that? Because you think it’s polite and considerate probably. Anons are telling you it makes it harder to read celeb milk and make new threads. Not having a go or anything x

No. 1202771

Holy fuck what happened to her face?

No. 1202773

This is most certainly the case. Which community are you from?

She's transformed into an Olsen twin.

No. 1202779

What the fuck? She looks like a detransitioned Ellen Page now

No. 1202787

File: 1653929256536.png (13.97 KB, 802x141, jnn.png)

Why did you steal a Daily Mail comment kek

No. 1202789

Hly shit, she looks so old. How can she only be 25 years old??

No. 1202790

File: 1653929294726.jpg (54.3 KB, 1080x224, Screenshot_20220530-114801.jpg)

Can spot it in a split second

No. 1202794

I thought this was Florence Pugh at first

No. 1202798

I didn't; I don't follow Chloe and rarely go to the Daily Mail. Given how much she resembles the Olsen twins in that photo, it's not unreasonable for different people to make that observation.

No. 1202802

Word for word? 3 month old image/news? Anon….

No. 1202811

It kinda looks like the disgusted mexican boy also grew up in the right picture.

No. 1202815

I fucking hate these suits that cover the entire shoe.

No. 1202826

Oh come on, I don't even know which article it came from on that site. If I were going to steal a comment from a popular website, why wouldn't I change a few things about it so it's not as obvious? Explain that, Veronica Mars.

No. 1202828

File: 1653930451604.jpg (53.03 KB, 1200x900, 13478892_8ee6cb9ayusufbuhari_j…)

No. 1202844

File: 1653930886985.png (304.58 KB, 686x821, trg.png)

No. 1202849

Poor thing. I always thought she was so beautiful. She hasn't really had it easy lately and it shows.
Probably one of those raw fruits and veggies types. Veganism fucked up my digestive tract and I'm still dealing with it two years later.

No. 1202850

>>1193888 sorry for late but
>Darren Aronofsky
While I like his movies I find him kind of suspicious somehow, anyone know any milk about him? I would be disappointed but not surprised.

No. 1202864

Can people please stop acting like it's because of the veganism, when they obviously just use it as a cover up for an eating disorder?

No. 1202867

It’s the eyebrows! They are h i g h

No. 1202872


No. 1202885

eyebrow lift, blepharoplasty, buccal fat removal, lip filler, and chin implant.

No. 1202887

ALL the trans accounts??? lmao I commend him

No. 1202889

kek I was thinking this two. such great reactions from both of them

No. 1202943

kek, would be nice if he had a list of all trans accounts on twitter, that way I might join and block them all.

No. 1202975

File: 1653935727860.png (260.74 KB, 577x498, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 2.33…)

On the subject of Tim Heidecker (who I think is a celebrity but I acknowledge I must be some musty old crone ITT kek) does anyone know what the fuck happened to him to just wrench all the comedy out of his mind? His entire Twitter profile is just nothing but political shit and very bad music. I hate it because I agree with his politics more or less but the hammy cornball high-waisted-jeans way that he talks about it all just bums me out. How could someone have been on the cutting edge of comedy not even that long ago, and then become a guy who asks Ted Cruz why he's "posting here", meaning Twitter? It's just weird, there are plenty of comedians dunking on rightwingers that are still funny, and he just went weepy-eyed MSNBC pundit instead.

No. 1202987

File: 1653936019060.png (3.05 MB, 1390x1390, file.png)

Imagine if this was your son's wedding… Jamie Lee Curtis didn't deserve this.

No. 1202999

File: 1653936361248.png (3.35 MB, 1374x1378, file_.png)

No. 1203005

Man I could not figure out what was going on with that chest for a second

No. 1203008

Jesus christ. He should've been disowned long ago.

No. 1203009

no one is meant to be vegan. Vegans always look like shit. They're so easy to spot now-a-days

Malnourished head ass

No. 1203013

Jamie lee Curtis is a great actress and seems like a good person overall. It's so sad and I'd be ashamed if this was my son. Definitely would have disowned him a long time ago

No. 1203017

Ummm… Are these some sort of cringe cartoon characters, or their own "OC"s? First pic looks like she's posting with her autistic children for Halloween.

No. 1203018

Why are people complaining about veganism when she obviously has a lot of plastic surgery that is pulling her skin tight as hell?

No. 1203020

I feel so bad for JLC, she is my favourite final girl in horror

No. 1203022

I have no idea about the clown costume the son is wearing but the girl is supposed to be Elphelt from Guilty Gear.

No. 1203023

File: 1653937249896.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 78A99CFE-81E7-498A-95A1-48962B…)

did twigs and ratty healy break up? I didn’t save it but like two days ago, she reposted a video about men not bringing anything to the table. Good for her if she did considering the men she dated (RobPats, Shia LB, healy & seems to be interested in yung lean now?) were all shit, weird and/or drugs addicts ugly and all white too (no racebait)
after all she went through she deserved someone good

No. 1203026

File: 1653937415953.png (603.49 KB, 775x522, Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 3.03…)

wait, what the fuck? Jamie Lee Curtis has a troon "daughter" and an actual daughter, neither of which look like these two people? I believe this is the wedding it's just weird.

No. 1203048

>made fun of her and told her she “looks like a granny” when she dances onstage and that she was “past it” when she turned 50

Guy Ritchie has earned millions of pounds when divorced her + got career/recognition boost and now is happily married to a model younger than him and have three children with her. Damn those scrotes
love his films tho

No. 1203051

>this thread used to be in /snow/
It was only moved there temporarily when /ot/ closed down in 2020 and when /ot/ got broken a few months ago. Otherwise it was always an /ot/ thread first.

No. 1203057

wtf? Does he even do anything new? I could of sworn not that long ago he was doing amazing skits. If he drank the pol koolaid guess it's time for us to pour another for yet another lost soul kek.

No. 1203077

Didn't she have a public tantrum over her son preferring to be be with his father rather then her, I mean I really don't blame him if he did, she seems like she'd be a narc parent

No. 1203085

that's really nasty. fuck him. he's only 53 now and has looked like a gramps for a long time

No. 1203093

I hate to sound like im wking a scrote but im sure they were both toxic to each other. doesnt make what he said not horrible, its disgusting, but im sure its a toxic response to her being a total narc controlling psycho. I was gunna say what nona said here >>1203077 but i remember this really well, she was having a huge fit over it at the time.

No. 1203094

because there would probably be an uproar on twitter how it is not uwu inclusive

No. 1203109

File: 1653941515167.jpg (9.69 KB, 166x304, images.jpg)

Squigly from Skullgirls (the massive coomerbait fighting game on steam). For some reasons trannie took over Squigly and keep making hcs of her being a troon which isn't true

No. 1203110

Instead we have you and every other racist scrote online whining about completely unrealistic romance fantasy with regency aesthetic daring to not be 100% white.

No. 1203121

calm down anon, you know that is the reason they chose do it

No. 1203122

> hcs of her being a troon which isn't true
it is crazy, i saw someone claim barbie is a Troon the other day

No. 1203135

Her genitals are as functional as theirs, I guess.

No. 1203153

She was so pretty wtf

No. 1203158

Theater kids in themselves are red flags, but male theater kids are a Sino-Soviet parade.

No. 1203165

I don't think she has had that many surgeries, she has gotten a lot of lines. To me it looks like she has started heavily smoking, some minor surgeries and a weird face expression. And weight loss of course.

No. 1203179

File: 1653944817937.jpeg (193.65 KB, 530x883, 03414D8D-A6C5-4683-B821-C418BF…)

Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley are allegedly engaged.
>>The couple is engaged, a source confirms to PEOPLE exclusively. Reps for each have not commented.
>>The actress, 27, had fans wondering if the Bleachers musician, 38, may have proposed when she was spotted wearing a diamond sparkler at the Cannes Film Festival last Wednesday.

No. 1203194

>but male theater kids are a Sino-Soviet parade.

No. 1203195

he has always been political. i don't mind it. seriously though it's pathetic the way sam hyde ripped him off so clearly and is the complete opposite of him yet scrotes think sam hyde somehow is so cutting edge despite blatantly ripping off a show that was already years and years old

No. 1203204

Given how fucked up and perverted the atmosphere of old Hollywood was (hardly changed, but you know what I mean), any man who is as obsessed with that era as much as he is is bound to have some skeletons in the closet.

No. 1203208

Wtf is that retarded comment, I'm not responsible for some stranger's face

No. 1203213

imagine having a son this autistic. i'd kms

No. 1203221

Her son is also top paid supporter of frequently banned streamer LowTierGod. Who pisses himself in rage playing videogames and shits on women because he's late 30s and alone. Also threatened to kill vid related video maker.

No. 1203231

I think he’s a smug egomaniac who I wouldn’t want my sister to date, but I appreciate his candor, on occasion, with regards to other celebrities. I haven’t watched Family Guy in years but it was funny like uh, a decade ago. I really haven’t kept up with him.

No. 1203236

File: 1653949292983.jpg (52.28 KB, 976x549, tired_woman.jpg)

Enjoy that old circumcised penis and the manlet attached to it, Qualley, truly a catch.

No. 1203238

Isn't this dude "transphobic?" Huh

No. 1203240

File: 1653949934451.jpeg (239.86 KB, 1200x675, 7A744028-1AAF-4091-A36B-0DEE6F…)

Jamie Lee seems like such a supportive mom kek

No. 1203249

ia she seems very sweet. she’s a normie who doesn’t know her pornsick son posts pedo shit on his twitter. i feel bad.

No. 1203250

Didn't he also do some fucked up shit to animals?

No. 1203259

File: 1653951047880.jpeg (1 MB, 1412x1722, 9A1DEC2C-31BF-44D9-AA83-E1E7E6…)

A few years from now the son will detransition and realize he’s autistic. Jamie Lee will be the spokesperson for “Is your kid trans? Or are they just an autist anime kid?”

No. 1203282

Jamie Lee doesnt deserve this. I hope he detransitions. piece of shit. I'll take her as my mom

No. 1203307

She seems so sweet, I cant get mad at her like I do other people like her. She just wants to support her stupid child. She goes above and beyond it seems.

No. 1203319

For every idiot twittertard that wants a racially diverse cast in a show set in the middle of nowhere in Finland, there will be 10 more equally as retarded people who lose it seeing a black and Asian character included in the same frame in a show as if the Bridgerton adaptation isn't literally just a historical AU

No. 1203321

not even looking for a fight but i know multiple lifelong vegans who have perfectly youthful plump faces (in their mid to late 20s and 30s) and perfect lean, slightly muscular fit bodies, so yeah this blind vegan hate on this site is quite detached from reality sorry.

No. 1203326

Like another anon pointed out earlier, some people get into veganism and end up with disordered eating OR they already have an eating disorder as just use being vegan as a shield/excuse, and I think that's where people get that image of a vegan who is malnourished looking and poorly aging from. Especially when Freelee is one of the most well known vegans and she promotes awful diets.

No. 1203329

File: 1653957408582.jpeg (64.39 KB, 440x600, 3EEFEFE7-0781-45D0-9B13-6BB099…)

I haven’t seen the show but I know that Queen Charlotte has black ancestors. I saw this painting of her last week in person and thought it was a black woman.

No. 1203332

fear and guilt.

No. 1203333

sam hyde sucks but tim literally was the same edgelord in his younger days.

No. 1203335

Because all tv shows have to be this retarded nowadays, unless its a K-drama or something

No. 1203336

I remember watching Munna Bhai MBBS with my dad and later my dad told me the guy who played Munna Bhai started hanging out with the actual slumlords after the movie was made. Fuckin crazy.

No. 1203342

i always thought he was gay

No. 1203344

I would kill myself if this were my son

No. 1203357

File: 1653961619856.jpg (76.96 KB, 1600x899, Hema_Malini_Dharmendra_1613643…)

Too add on to Bollywood Milk, an actress named Hema Malini and an actor named Dharmendra were having an affair. Eventually the two wanted to get married, but Dharmendra's wife refused to divorce him. To go around this, they converted to Islam so he could get married to a second woman and secretly got married kek.

No. 1203379

I think it’s brave and powerful of you to think that anyone on here cares

No. 1203385

Nta, I think drama from other countries is interesting. It's the celebcow thread, there's nothing that says it has to be any specific celebrities. Just scroll if you don't like it.

No. 1203407

it works for most /ot/ threads which are non drama and just general discussion, for ones like celebricows and has a recap of milk every new thread, there's nothing wrong with saging non milk to make it easier for thread creators

No. 1203416

don't be a cunt, they're still celebrities.

keep going nonna, i care

No. 1203485

It was a sincere comment but since yall want to be dickriders

No. 1203501

File: 1653977115423.jpeg (458.99 KB, 828x893, 8DAC56EC-4C05-4D0D-A2C6-97BD6D…)

get a job, stay away from her

No. 1203509

geriatric madonna using black people as accessories and black people eating it up kek

No. 1203517

are there really clowns out there defending this pos leprechaun moid who shot meg

No. 1203518

yeah don't worry i don't think he wants to "shoot" madonna

No. 1203520

It's sad that she can't embrace ageing, I'm sure she'd still be relevant and like a cool older woman.

No. 1203553

Shut up you retard. She traced her lineage to a 13th century moorish woman who may have possibly been black or had black ancestry.

No. 1203558

Cute fit to rob a bank.

No. 1203572

I agree. I used to look up to her in a way when I was younger but it's sad that she can't embrace it. I used to think of her as an independent and confident woman but apparently not, since she feels the need to get so much plastic surgery done and hangs out with people like Tory Lanez. She's an icon and doesn't need any of this to stay relevant.

No. 1203583

File: 1653987905528.jpeg (68.3 KB, 1000x541, yaniv.jpeg)

he looks like johnathan jessica yaniv but with glasses

No. 1203618

why are you replying to two comments with completely different contexts? which one of us are you replying to

No. 1203630

no but really wtf is going on with that chest???

No. 1203633

wait nvm i got it
jesus what a horrible photo

No. 1203664

I find bollywood drama interesting too, I'm not indian, but I find nepo baby drama fascinating.

No. 1203684

same, i think there should be a bollywood thread

No. 1203710

File: 1653999994981.jpg (90.63 KB, 855x841, qZ2BiX2.jpg)

Lil Nas X walked so Drake could run. Yes this is an actual image he posted on his instagram not a fan edit.

No. 1203712

That's the thing, 90% of mainstream actos are nepo-babies, its insane really and most of the original bollywood stars were from old wealthy feudal families

No. 1203714

I have so many questions.

No. 1203715

File: 1654000133580.jpg (128.54 KB, 847x834, 7mM36HY.jpg)

He looks like he just had a day off at the spa. Never trust a man who plucks his eyebrows more than you do

No. 1203720

wow those are some feminine hands

No. 1203721

aint no way

No. 1203726

File: 1654000711477.jpg (106.76 KB, 457x793, Nwxe0V3.jpg)

Themi's not bloated anymore and her music career is back on track. Looks like she is doing better.
apparently it's a female friend's hand but drake seems like the type to wax his arms these days

No. 1203729

File: 1654000885226.jpeg (277.42 KB, 958x1703, A4F658C0-ECF8-42F1-9526-0FBF4E…)

speaking of drake, i know picrel is fake but it still makes me laugh

No. 1203737

It should be legal to put down your son if he's on this level autism.

No. 1203740

this dude is incredibly homosexual
him and the weeknd definitely touched willies and clapped buttholes

No. 1203742

not saying this rudely, but is she truly? it would be interesting for her to have some sort of redemption arc as she often says/does some really dumb shit in the public eye. she desperately needed help and i hope she got it

No. 1203766

They’re also adopted imagine adopting a kid and they turn out like this.

No. 1203771

This dude literally thirsts after underage girls and has a history of this type of creepy behavior

No. 1203772

File: 1654003952198.jpg (10.39 KB, 256x197, download.jpg)

Drake is really a FTM. I know no one will believe me, but his name was Audraya. All the pictures have been wiped from the interenet, but I vividly remember seeing a picture of him pre-transition.
Don't be surprised if "Suddenly" drake comes out as a "woman". He's returning to his og form. Think about it, how come NO sex tapes of him exist?
He's a coomer (Because of the T he's been on, when he was Audraya he was actually really sweet and against hypersexuality), how come not ONE sex tape exists where you can see "his" dick? How come NO woman has ever spoken out on his dick size?
he doesn't have one. Remember "Drake" made that song about girls loving girls?
Yeah cause he's a girl who loves girls. Open your eyes. It's the truth. Drake has gotten a nose job, work on his chin ( he had a very weak chin as a young girl, it was flattering on her but Audraya hated it) and Lipo (Because he was chubby at one point and his breast were starting to grow back) and even fake abs.
What kinda normal man would do some shit like that?

Something is really wrong with this gross scrote.(Drake is not a tranny)

No. 1203773

Is she really a normie? All I know from her is that she mains Cammy in Street Fighter ever since she started playing a very long time ago, I can imagine her actually bonding with her son through weeb shit. Kind of like how Robin Williams was such a Legend of Zelda fan he named his daught Zelda.

No. 1203781

File: 1654004578528.jpg (266.07 KB, 455x546, ladydrake.jpg)

i want to believe

No. 1203783

File: 1654004707887.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.83 KB, 1093x1480, 343A44FF-126E-47FA-B0CE-C20F19…)

I know you jest nonnie but to even insinuate that he at any point was a woman in an affront to us all. He has literal caveman features which doesnt surprise me that hes had ps to soften his features around the barely legals. Spoiler bc drake is an ugly scrote even during degrassi era.

No. 1203789

I always thought it was semi well known that she was into nerd shit

No. 1203791

File: 1654005141360.png (242.06 KB, 297x316, Capture.PNG)

also "Drake" adds pieces to his "beard" I circled where. It's implanted velcro. No seriously this freak is so insecure about his masculinty (because it's fake) that he had some doctor, put velcro into his face so he can place custom made weave beard pieces on his face. It's gross and painful. So now he always has to keep a beard. In a way I think j gets so much work to "force" himself to continue this lie.
I'd feel bad if Audraya hadn't turned out to be the type of scrote she once hated.

No. 1203792

File: 1654005248867.jpg (11.06 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

look at how much work he got. The TRUE reason he did't like Madonna kissing him is because he realizes he's just as plastic as she is. He's a vain woman at heart pretending to be a vain man.

No. 1203798

I love you so much tinfoil-chan, you're onto something.
I think I've seen you in the tinfoil thread about the satanic inversion being perpetuated currently and I agree and would love to see more tbh
I'm anon calling drake gay and tbh his fraternizing with young actresses is bearding and hiding the fact he loves the dick. he does read as bio-male to me though, unless he got a bunch of surgery. seems like a classic closeted black dude who hates women but I could be wrong.
same with the Weeknd tbh, and Drake is the one who hooked him up with fame. like Nic Cage and Johnny Depp's super weird relationship.

No. 1203800

File: 1654005623068.jpg (8.66 KB, 153x329, download (2).jpg)

I wish I had more proof but Imma just post this. It speaks for itself. Doesn't this look like a man fighting his NATURAL femininity? He "jokes" but he knows what he is. Like seriously, this isn't "gay" it's just Audraya coming out.
His character on Digrassi? He was crippled by the truth. DRAKE IS NOT GAY. He's bisexual, he prefers women because he hates PIV. The ones who know know. I don't wanna get banned or worse, so imma stop right here. Keep your eyes open Nonnie. We are watching a young woman unravel in a older scrotes body. She's trapped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1203802

Him being an FtM explains him (supposedly) sleeping with troons. They'd probably keep the secret better. When people have posted about his groupies or partners, they also talked about them being kind of hard-looking for women

No. 1203807

Why did s/he transition in the first place, though? Any theorized reason?

No. 1203809

File: 1654006075308.jpg (99.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I really don't have time for the while drake is FTM schitzo LARP, but there is some weight to the theory that drake probably has a fake beard(a lot of men with african ancestry can't grow full beards) so maybe he uses a fake one

No. 1203811

File: 1654006265578.jpg (8.82 KB, 177x285, download (3).jpg)

Okay, i'm back. I can't find it but he also skin walks ariana grande. She was wearing a outfit similar to this and doing a similar pose as "Drake" is. Drake is ALWAYS dressing similar to her. Now that Ariana is trying to look asian, suddenly "drake" is posting with kwaii shit in his hair?
At one point he was skinwalking Kim Kardashian but that was really really short lived. Believe it or not, I think Drake likes, "Harder" looking bimbo women, because it's so different from the girl he once was. The vibe I got from the pretransitition picture was he dressed like Ariana Grande. Except he had a slightly goth twist to it, if you can imagine that.

No. 1203814

I can’t believe Pusha T is a farmer

No. 1203815

File: 1654006423999.jpg (21.95 KB, 306x306, 9bdea26472b341c9164e33f4b365e4…)

Anon, if he trooned out, it must've been his parents. And early. All these childhood/baby pics scream boy

No. 1203824

Nah it's really fake, I also think he's wearing a lacefront honestly. Those braids also look kind of weird. I would'nt be surpised. They apperently have lace front beards. Drake's really just a vain scrote. I don't have a issue with men grooming and caring about how they look, but Drake really does give me "bad bitch" vibes.
Like he really doesn't like how he looks and wants badly to be accepted even though he's already successful and loved.

No. 1203834

i don't think velco surgery is a thing, couldn't he just have a hair transplant for beards?

No. 1203970

Drake tinfoil chan reads like an LSA poster who got lost kekw

No. 1203998

She's funny, she can stay.

No. 1204006

Social media must be low on celeb milk today or something.

No. 1204024

I don't know if I should direct you to tinfoil or creepy pasta.

No. 1204037

They unfortunately made a transgender Barbie. https://apple.news/ArN8YN-10Txqz3vLpx-KzLA

No. 1204042

This anon is a ban evading moid/tranny who was shitting up the tinfoil thread for days, don’t encourage him

No. 1204043

File: 1654018082824.jpeg (740.03 KB, 3840x1920, finn-wolfhard-millie-bobby-bro…)

Watched the first ep of Stranger Things and Millie Bobby Brown is cute when she is dressed/styled more her age, it makes me even more sad that everyone around her thinks it's ok for her to dress the way she has been…

No. 1204057

drake is just ugly
the fact that his ass is one of the most famous men from toronto casts a great cloud of shame upon toronto

No. 1204058

File: 1654018646911.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20220531-123515-682…)

No milk just a random recent doja pic.

No. 1204061

Kinda worried with how skinny she's been getting

No. 1204062

It's official, being thicc is out.

No. 1204063

No I'm not. I'm just a Nonnie with a theory. I'm done now anyway. I don't even know what you are talking about.

No. 1204064

I am on LSA a lot, kek. They've never accused him of what I have though. Just of being bisexual and fucking Kim K.

No. 1204068

You guys think she's skinny?
Maybe I've been consuming too much Korean media

Also nitpick but it bothers me that her bikini top is fitting wrong kek

No. 1204069

i don't understand this take. she looks very average BMI and healthy. her legs look muscular and strong. she doesn't look 'too skinny' at all.

anyway, i love her tan and her fit look. i hope the next man she dates is on her level appearance-wise kek.

No. 1204122

nta I think she looks great but I guess she's lost quite a bit of weight, I don't think it's happened too quick or anything though. over 2ish years I guess?

No. 1204150

Yeah it's more the obvious weight loss around her stomach to thigh area happening in quick succession. She was known to have a very healthy, thicc type figure so it's concerning to see she's lost weight rapidly

No. 1204157

File: 1654022869633.jpg (1.4 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220531_134434.jpg)

These are from about 2019. Maybe a 20lb loss?

No. 1204170

File: 1654023388128.gif (3.33 MB, 498x498, doja-cat-juicy.gif)

honestly i like her fuller figure better

No. 1204175

Thank god almighty, can't wait to see low IQ porn addict scrotes seethe over this
this made me almost hurl, seriously what type of troglodyte thinks that looks good on any humans beings, its a coomer male idealized body type

No. 1204179

Rattle rattle

No. 1204180

think you meant "this made my bones curl"

No. 1204182

The watermelon suit is ridiculous but don't call women's bodies "coomer body types" just because scrotes are disgusting.

No. 1204184

hi (c)rap-chan

No. 1204191

thats just how her natural body used to look like before the weight loss (she is a extreme pear body-type)
whats up with that scrote-type of insult.

No. 1204198

see her earlier video's, she was always a thin girl with frankly an average ass, she got overhyped cause she was lightskin and rap scrotes are colorist misogynistic retards

No. 1204357

File: 1654029396398.jpg (93.73 KB, 541x745, cuC7GdP.jpg)

debatable, this is how she looked in 2014. Doja was never as toned as she is now. Maybe now doja's body is considered "average" because of photoshopped ig models. But it was not for a while. Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce's bodies used to be considered too curvy.
>she got overhyped cause she was lightskin and rap scrotes are colorist misogynistic retards
doja's fanbase is mostly women and gay guys. rap scrotes aren't the ones hyping her up.

No. 1204369

Regardless on how you feel about him, that does sound like a terrifying thing to go through. Imagine narrowly avoiding a terrible death only to find out so after it already happened. I would need years of therapy.
Family Guy was at least funny and had its own charm during the first few seasons. Rick and Morty was always overrated in terms of humor and popularity.

No. 1204374

File: 1654029919066.jpg (58.57 KB, 873x631, 4VpuPNT.jpg)

Was Halsey's tiktok a publicity stunt? Her label put a statement that the song and music video comes out next week

No. 1204377

Yes. I'm pretty sure celebs have stipulations in their contracts where they're not allowed to publicly post or talk shit about their record labels or studios.

No. 1204383

I keep thinking about how she used to call herself "tri bi".

No. 1204389

File: 1654030418021.jpeg (959.65 KB, 1159x1349, 82699AA0-4C55-48CC-BC59-B0407C…)

No. 1204393

File: 1654030478410.jpeg (40.79 KB, 1000x520, admls.jpeg)


ugh there she goes again. pic related this was her on late january/early february. knowing themi when this current album cycle is over shes gonna release another documentary. whine and bitch about how she relapsed on her eating disorder and milk it for attention like always. this is all about promo and not her health. shes a fucking lunatic but not in the edgy way she thinks. just a narc addicted to coke.

>Demi Lovato: Stay Strong (2012)

>Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (2017) >Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil (2021)
>Demi Lovato: I lost weight with cocaine and its societys fault not mine (2023)

No. 1204402

File: 1654030686845.gif (1.1 MB, 546x368, poxs430em81r9s0qn_640.gif)

Agreed, this video and her interviews made me fall in love with her. The thicc look really suited her

No. 1204405

God I wish the "smooshed boobs" look would fucking die.

No. 1204439

That makes me feel even worse for her. Damn.

No. 1204448

She looked better chubby

No. 1204449

This is her natural body. I know it might sound crazy to you, but many women are built like this naturally. Why do you hate yourself?

No. 1204453

there is a type of lonely depressed person who kind of does coke all their life but who isn't stupid, really uncommon personality type in females and they tend to confuse a lot of people who can't place them or "figure them out".

No. 1204458

her career was not based on music, that type of popstar is all "eras" and "looks" and "stage sets". it was never about the songs she made, so she went overboard trying to save what she thought was important, when really if she'd just gotten old but focused on writing music she'd be fine.

No. 1204463

she's already so botched here and the outfit is a scattered mess.

No. 1204468

who keeps doing this shit to her face and hair? she's beautiful just the way she was born like jfc literally nothing needs to be done to her at all. she doesn't need makeup or even a fancy hairstyle.

No. 1204471

she looks much better like that though. She looks average and healthy here?

No. 1204472

this style of tattoos, in that volume, mean that someone has no personality.

No. 1204473

>pandering to American audiences and showing up to American award shows
but you're american too

No. 1204480

nhe's a boring douche who think women should be able to "take a joke" when he says misogynist shit. i met him at a party once, he's like a cookie cutter sitcom moid. good singer though.

No. 1204485

holy fuck little girls don't need heels or to see their moms dress like that as every day clothing. the whole world is grooming.

No. 1204486

wtf is going on in india this woman is middle shade at most

No. 1204487

she's had something done to her stomach without also making her butt smaller

No. 1204491

isn't salman khan a massive sexual harasser

No. 1204492

it's not about real regency england. it's more like one of those animes set in old-timey vaguely european settings.

No. 1204497

THANK YOU. like shaolin monks and IDF vegans are unhealthy? both those types of people look great. you have to know how to actually make food to follow any kind of diet. these people just want to brag about not hurting animals while buying clothes made by exploited workers, OR they're anorexic. you can be vegan if you want. so many indian people are vegan and don't look anything like that.

No. 1204503

why does she look like she rubbed an italian sausage over her face like concealer and smells like it too?

No. 1204504

popstars like madonna depend on other people to write for them. that said madonna suffers from trying to always keep up with what's in. If she just retired milked off her fanbase with farewell tours like celine does she would be fine.

No. 1204505

anons are going to SKRREEEEE about how she so has not had any surgery, not even one. instabodies have rotted brains just as badly as 2000s photoshop did.

No. 1204508

people who find this cOnCeRnInG are fattychans trying to pull other crabs back into the bucket

No. 1204512

File: 1654034839626.png (234.41 KB, 439x543, ks.png)

>Article refers to the ages of the three men involved in the assaults to be now around their 40s (assault of 2005) and 30s (assaults of 2008 and 2013).

No. 1204527

halsey's whole thing seems to be saying and doing shit for attention so wouldn't surprise me if it was a publicity stunt from her. even charli said she lied for fun. >>1195416

No. 1204533

ntayrt, i think charli meant it but saw the backlash so she took it back

No. 1204540

hope he actually faces the consequences of his actions. i still think about how multiple people were going to testify against him and they all wound up dead.

No. 1204544

my god, she doesn't need that many documentaries. her life isn't that interesting. i haven't even seen her act or make music lately so wtf is she doing?

No. 1204549

iirc she also denied she came up with the label kek

No. 1204573

File: 1654036820773.png (282.15 KB, 739x1181, Elphelt-img.png)

Jesus fucking christ. You're telling me that she's supposed to be this character?

No. 1204592

She's been busy embarrassing herself on social media

No. 1204617

>touched willies and clapped buttholes

anon you have me yodeling

No. 1204633

File: 1654040908029.png (605.61 KB, 490x701, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.48…)

Lana Del Rey confirmed to be with Courtney Love's ex Jack Donoghue. Be prepared from some MGK/Megan Fox 2.0 try-hard cringe in the link.

> They're like this unexpected power couple of dark, twisted Americana


No. 1204634

File: 1654040945595.png (1.41 MB, 1186x882, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 7.48…)

What do y'all think? Was complaining about her label a publicity stunt or no

No. 1204637

File: 1654041013997.jpeg (78.46 KB, 960x720, 597013.jpeg)

No. 1204639

she looks like she took after ariana, too much surgery bobble head with thin neck, greasy slicked back thin hair

No. 1204640

Context please

No. 1204642

Uh obviously a pr stunt lol everything these people do is pretty much a pr stunt, an ad, or something to get them money

No. 1204645

No. 1204646

> she has started heavily smoking
Definitely. That Ana-Taylor Joy is going to have the exact thing happen, if it hasn't started already. It kills your youth.

No. 1204647

Why is it concerning? She's a full-fledged celeb now and probably has access to personal training, chef to cook her healthy meals, and cosmetic procedures like laser/cool sculpting. Performing and being on tour is a workout in and of itself, especially if you dance a lot like she does. Fwiw I think she looks nice at a higher weight and now, she can pull both off!

No. 1204651

why is he holding a pic of saddam hussein

they're probably perfect for each other, honestly

No. 1204652

that + the Mt.Carmel ATF shirt (Waco ref) really gives the impression he never outgrew his edgy phase. Seems perfect for Lana and I don't even mean that in a snarky way.

No. 1204662

File: 1654042169020.jpeg (58.1 KB, 504x501, original.jpeg)

yassified drake meme makers have been vindicated

No. 1204673

File: 1654042665967.jpg (144.15 KB, 1200x982, cb1kwh1zx2371.jpg)


I know you're only quoting the article but I think it's a bit of a stretch to call Jack Courtney's ex, pretty sure they only ever went on one date, I thought he was gay lol

No. 1204677

>> Lana del Rey's new boyfriend is Courtney Love's ex and bad boy Salem band member Jack Donoghue, whose debut EP was titled 'Yes I Smoke Crack', whose band mate has spent time in jail, and whose music genre was controversially dubbed 'rape-gaze.'

No. 1204687

I feel like Lana has cocaine eyes in this pic

No. 1204704

File: 1654044813754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 41.09 KB, 460x599, images.jpeg)

Bollywood's nepo obsession is honestly nothing in comparison to the amounts of pedos and molesters it has. Take Mahesh Bhatt for example, he groomed his own daughter and kissed her on a magazine cover (unspoiler at your own risk, it's gross as hell).

No. 1204705

File: 1654044864298.jpg (197.94 KB, 990x1761, dm2k5x1wffz81.jpg)

Samefag. To make it all worse/sadder, even the actresses who should be standing up for women are pick mes. When Preity Zinta was asked for her views on the Metoo movement and if she has ever been sexually assaulted, she said "I wish I had" along with this shit in the picrel.

No. 1204734

File: 1654047087500.jpeg (124.83 KB, 1206x1169, D6D7BD39-9EAD-4E85-BF17-34C1BC…)

Def on something with her pupils being that dilated even with the flash on. He does seem like a perfect fit with her new phase. This pic gives the perfect down home white trash vibes she’s been going for lately - the cross necklace, flannel shirt, vape (I think? I can’t quite tell what that is. Kinda looks like pepper spray too lol), eyelash extensions, saddam hussein pic, his weird hick bangs. They look like every other couple you’d stumble across at a Florida gas station

No. 1204797

No. 1204798

File: 1654052837236.jpeg (818.97 KB, 2048x2048, CB4810D2-73E9-418C-89E6-3086FC…)

Elon’s dating a 27 year old actress named Natasha Bassett. She played Britney Spears in a terrible lifetime biopic once kek.

No. 1204803

If you send this pic to the slavs (Ukraine or Russia, whichever side you want to lose) and tell them to surrender or we're sending these 2 in to join their Slavic nation, they will surrender immediately

No. 1204805

inb4 get ur bag sis!!

No. 1204816

god damn he is so fucking fat. his torso looks like a chocolate easter bell

No. 1204824

halsey literally lied about being homeless for attention. i dont know why people think shes above making a tik tok publicity stunt. shes always being a phony.

No. 1204842

OT but I thought that was young demi

No. 1204844

File: 1654057463477.jpg (349.57 KB, 1548x1920, waterloos2-glam-simoneashley-s…)

nta but what are you on about, she's pretty dark skinned by north indian standards

No. 1204865

File: 1654059304279.png (151.64 KB, 400x400, 1654059286276.png)

forgive me nonna's but I think he's kinda hot, I'm really into buff trashy looking dudes, I like men who look like they do crack

No. 1204867

He looks like he's been living in a jungle, but not in a hot way.

No. 1204869

that's exactly the point

No. 1204871

kurtina cobain on the right could get it

No. 1204878

Jack is hot. For girlies that aren’t aware though he does the arm candy thing sometimes, he fake-dated Courtney Love as well but he was just a sugar baby. However he’s bisexual and missing a tooth so by lolcow standards he deserves to die.

No. 1204892

There’s always a Demi hate train which is like, understandable but she does have a very beautiful face (inb4 chin dimple comments) and I teeter between thinking she’s a completely self aware troll or not really aware of herself. Wish she’d go back to styling herself in a way that flatters her, but right now she’s enamored by whatever notion that what she’s doing is “empowering” or something.

She looks oily, she’s making “that face”, and her hair isn’t really flattering.

Truly this disgusting piece of shit excuse for a man deserves to fall in a ditch and have rodents feasting upon his dying body.

No. 1204895

She’s had work but not the kind I think you’re wanting to accuse her of? Like she’s definitely had something done to her jaw to make her more angular and sleek, but this body is just very fit and shows no signs of surgery. I think she’s probably had cool sculpting done to her abdomen or something in the past but her breasts are natural, her fat distribution is natural, and it was obvious her lower body was natural before she lost weight as well. What about this screams instathottie nip tuck to you? She looks good and she looks like she goes to the gym regularly idgi. No I don’t have ig brainrot either.

No. 1204921

That was his bandmates baby mama, Heather. They did Salem briefly as a cash grab and weren’t expecting a cult following of idiots. Where are my anons that have encountered these people personally and know the lore? I know at least one of you have probably had sex with him or one of his friends.

Basic rundown for non witchhaus scene anons, Jack D is a bi construction worker and he started doing the hick thing as a bit and it just stuck because of his lifestyle. He spends most of his time in the Midwest but has had a revival recently and I have no idea how he met Lana because I haven’t kept up with him in the last two years but he may be chasing another bag. He is an avid drug user but he also is genuinely a decent guy, as far as I know. He likes transgender women though so not sure where this is going.

It was called witch house. Dunno why they are trying to pretend “rape gaze” was its category.

No. 1204922

this. she's one of the phoniest celebs out there just not having as much star power as other celebricows. iirc she's lied about multiple things and mostly caters to cringe zoomer kinds so anything she says or does should just be taken with a grain of salt. there's really no debate she's jumping on a bandwagon and doing this shit for attention, as she always does.

No. 1204926

>why is he holding a pic of saddam hussein

Lol, thought the same, didn't know his dad was Saddam.

Let's hope no one commented the same words on a daily fail article three years ago or we get blamed of plagiarism.

No. 1204938

He thinks ironic military aesthetics are edgy and obscure. He is also very into military men kek.

No. 1204940

File: 1654061897255.png (828.11 KB, 676x847, Kiminsta.png)

Wow she looks amazing.

I noticed that Kim Kardashian is looking a lot slimer lately she has less of an extreme hourglass even though her body is far from normal. I definitely think we're going back to skinny figures being the new thing. Obviously with all the shitty unhealthy behaviors that comes with it.

No. 1204945

i forgot to add but basically i would not believe for even a second she's doing a serious "expose" on her label because of things like >>1204377. i'm sure she just found a new way to get pity points and have her fans get riled up because there's songs of hers they can't hear. she probably could find a way to leak the unreleased song if >>1193886 is even true (artists get their shit leaked all the time) but doubt.

No. 1204947

She still has the weird, long alien ant body butt though. Maybe the memes about her looking like a wisdom tooth have finally gotten to her. Or, more than likely, now that she isn’t with Kanye her insecurity about having a huge fake ass has finally subsided.

No. 1204951

>I like men who look like they do crack
Kek based

No. 1204987

omg she's gorgeous

No. 1204990

but he looks like >>1204734 and >>1204633 now. aged like milk.

No. 1204993

That’s just nonstop drug use. Man’s been doing heroin since forever as well as meth. Is missing a front tooth and works construction. Yeah he gonna look like hot shite on a tin roof.

No. 1205002

Liam Payne called Zayn Malik disrespectful on Logan Paul's podcast and claims he outsold the rest of one direction

No. 1205004

File: 1654064596061.jpg (266.98 KB, 1071x983, HXapi78.jpg)

No. 1205008

Nobody even likes this asshole but love his cocaine confidence

No. 1205012

Samefag he also claims simon built one direction around him. He thinks he's their beyonce.

No. 1205013

File: 1654064849873.jpg (220.29 KB, 1170x2532, evfeympspv291.jpg)

I know korean celeb shit isn't allowed here(tbh I agree with that rule as well), but this is to fucking trending not to post
>BTS Appeared With Joe Biden At White House To Discuss Anti-Asian Hate Crimes
Right now this is #1 trending worldwide on Twitter as well as being picked up by all the major news outlets.

No. 1205015

here's the full vid

No. 1205018

this has got to be one of the most retarded bullshit biden has ever done

No. 1205031

Biden is smart to have BTS at the White House. Jimin personally stopped me from being incredibly racist.

No. 1205047

>liam payne on logan paul's podcast
>liam payne wants to fight justin bieber and ksi

cringe as all hell. he seems even more annoying than harry styles and i think that guy is overrated.

No. 1205053

iirc dude has the least follower count of the 1d guys, being a bit overly cocky i think liam

No. 1205079

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

No. 1205105

nonnie kekkk what the fuck

No. 1205109

Same, happy fat Lana is getting good dick

No. 1205122

File: 1654071338048.jpg (45.96 KB, 552x368, 226079_260880113925279_2939461…)

there's literally no hope for womankind if you all think this is anyway attractive, he looks like an inbred redneck retard

No. 1205127

is smelly crackhead dick actually good?

No. 1205142

I take it back I take it back, make it stop. I saw that one picture, googled him and the first pictures that came up obviously aren’t going to be bad ones. He looks like shit here lol, that’s what I get for reacting so fast and not thinking. I saw one shirtless man that looks buff with longer hair and I’m just happy I’m not looking at Elon musk, drake, Ezra, a comedian, or literally any man that ever gets shown here. The bar was so low.

No. 1205151

What is the lore I love stories

No. 1205179

this is so funny considering it takes me a second to even remember he was part of one direction every time i see him.

No. 1205181

Do you think Biden and Jimin have explored eachothers bodies?

No. 1205183

Inbred redneck retard is his fav aesthetic, male Ethel Cain. He’s funny though and very self aware.

No. 1205222

> male Ethel Caine
I’m here for it, get it Lana, and make sad girl music again

No. 1205253

File: 1654079543340.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1170x2050, 468B385B-FE5F-4845-A915-C86BC9…)

O-oppa blushes pink

No. 1205261

God bless. I know the next album is going to be good and not full of ballads because he's white trash.

No. 1205264

Ethel Cain already is the male Ethel Cain.

No. 1205271

Oh excuse my insolence your majesty

No. 1205280

if it's anything like poppy and ghostemane, their new albums will be shit

No. 1205284

File: 1654081606472.jpeg (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

Lmao Biden is such a retard

No. 1205285

I think she means Lana and not Salem. Salem knows Salem is shit. Lana fans want Lana to make music that hits again not whatever this mid shit is.

No. 1205301

For a second I thought "is this Lurch?"

No. 1205304

he was always the least important band member, no one gave a fuck about him. there were plenty of harry and zayn girls for obvious reasons, hell even louis and niall had dedicated fangirls. no one liked liam.

No. 1205319

He looks like shit in the other pics that were posted here earlier too. Or did you think the guy with the retard bangs was a different person lol

No. 1205320

File: 1654084089737.png (592.17 KB, 622x925, oppa.png)

I'm fucking dead nonnies hahah. fuck. Biden doesn't bother me much aside from being male, old, and a classic shitlib; but I will sleep well knowing that my vote for this grandpa was something that helped him go down the path of meeting ugly, surgically-altered K-pop singers and do the finger heart thing. my sides are in orbit around the earth. kek

No. 1205325

>Biden doesn't bother me much aside from being male, old, and a classic shitlib
what about the hair sniffing

No. 1205335

to be fair, all sexual deviancy can be categorized under the "male" adjective

No. 1205362

you voted for this decrepit old faggot? god I feel so bad for burgers sometimes.
USA, love yourself. or maybe in a different way?

No. 1205364

nta but you are acting like there is a good selection, the choice that is given is trash so people just choose the least shitty - it is the same in every country

No. 1205369

kek what country are you from where they keep the GOOD politicians? eurofags really don't believe their shit stinks

No. 1205401

ah shiet tbf you guys are right. my country (australia) is way more corrupt than yours. auspol is maybe more disgusting but more under wraps. also you aren't given many choices, if they can be even called that. lesser of two evils etc. sorry for being offensive to my burger sisters, I'm sure it's worse than I can perceive from here. "biden is such a pedo piece of shit I can't believe you had to vote for him" is how I should have worded it.
don't mean to take my hate out on nonas when it's the whole fucky system that needs to be hated.
I'm curious being a non-burger, is there someone you would genuinely want as president? even if they're not a potential candidate. like Logan Paul says he's going to run in 2024 or some shit, is that something to be scared about or? post-trump seems like a free-for-all now
again sorry to offend you nonas ily I fucking hate pedoBiden so much but I'm trying not to be blinded.

No. 1205424

your stupid country couldn’t even accept international mail or allow you to go outside for months. you are a cuck from a penal colony and no one respects you

No. 1205427

i also want to add that the only ppl worth a damn in your isolated hell nation are the ones that can act and do american accents. and where do they all move? here!

No. 1205441

it's easy for non-us nonnas to talk shit about the american system without ever having lived there and just knowing it through the media. fact is that american politics are getting blasted as worldwide news so every grandma can talk shit about it, while their own politicians snort coke off a strippers ass and delete corrupt messages off their burner phones. politics worldwide are crap

No. 1205457

KEK me too, Nona

No. 1205475

For what else should she have voted when the alternative was the insane orange. Sometimes you have to take one for the team.

No. 1205548

idk at my school she'd be in the middle

No. 1205555

>outsold the rest of the manufactured corporate boy band

No. 1205557

90% of burger anons don't vote at all so i'm happy she at least did that much

No. 1205559

She looks cute, but she has that face where she looks better kinda fat.

No. 1205573

>invite famous millionaire moids from a completely homogeneous country to speak about the problems normies on another continent face
…how does this make any sense?

No. 1205588

File: 1654099743871.jpg (2.63 MB, 6930x2160, madness.JPG)

Ellen Page is on the cover of Esquire. While an improvement from the gelled down fringe, she still looks miserable and sickly to me.

No. 1205591

those are the fakest looking abs i've ever seen in my life

No. 1205592

this idea that being in your true natural body is supposed to feel "euphoric" is going to cause a lot of damage, because being born in and living in your own body is supposed to feel like nothing. it's just being.

No. 1205597

I love how she had to have surgical abs to feel more male

No. 1205598

because its magical realism based in a regency england fantastical setting, you dingus. the show goes out of its way to create a fictional world where people of color are on the same level as european royalty as an opposition to history, and proceeds to not discuss race or racial issues throughout the show because in the universe of Bridgerton, it's just normal for POCs to be royalty. like >>1202674 said

No. 1205602

that isn't the vegan diet making them look like shit. ive been vegan for years and feel the same way when i look at burgerlanders and eurofags who clearly sustain their entire lifeforce off of dairy products and cheese. it is why they "age like milk" and it is easy to spot.

many celebrities like mentioned upthread use veganism as a coverup for disordered eating or drug use. you're clowning if you think what you see is anything to do with them refusing to eat factory farmed dead bodies and not due to their insane coke habits or celebrity body dysmorphia that makes them purge themselves. eat a salad

No. 1205604

Why couldn't she have just cut her hair off and dressed that way without the surgeries? She already had nice abs and her chest was already tiny, idk what they even took off.

No. 1205672

File: 1654103744004.jpeg (948.41 KB, 2048x2048, FC23F9A4-BDA4-4D70-A284-91C9FA…)

KEK I was going to say Oli London would be so jealous, but he is now a transracial transgender Korean woman. He looks like Pete Burns.

No. 1205674

lego tits

No. 1205675

his knees look like angry babies

No. 1205677

she looks like a homeless crack addict in the second pic

No. 1205706

File: 1654105030294.png (1.26 MB, 904x862, Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 1.27…)

they need to add it to the salem doc which features julia fox lmfao

No. 1205715

He dated Julia Fox as well.

No. 1205721

she dated John, not jack iirc

No. 1205745

Every man in this photo is fucking beat

No. 1205753

File: 1654105899919.jpeg (40.8 KB, 640x284, 743E6796-8660-402F-9BF0-52F097…)

Burgerfag here, I hate having to pretend having Kamala Harris as VP is meaningful in any way. She banged the married mayor of San Francisco for years until she made her way to the White House. Her being biracial and a woman is irrelevant.

No. 1205759

was everyone in this thread born after "douche and turd"? i mean it explains why you're all so dumb and take plant celebtrities so seriously

No. 1205764

And she's a fucking Canadian. I hate her with every fiber of my being. I can't believe that Disney Channel tried to do a special on her as a female role model. She slept her way to the fucking top. Way to inspire young girls to sell their bodies, Kamala.

No. 1205768

File: 1654106323406.jpg (49.46 KB, 972x600, 27041b372e7940feaf39a7eedb13d9…)

Low-poly model lookin tits

No. 1205771

No. 1205772

It doesn't. Everyone in Washington and any form of government is so completely disconnected from reality these days.

No. 1205777

Have they shooped her hands in that second pic or does T make them go veiny and get bigger? These pictures are terrifying, it really looks like some weird scrote's deepfake fantasy. She kinda looks like James Franco mixed with Joseph Gordon Levitt in the first pic.

No. 1205782

The silicone abs are really sending me. She's already on what's basically steroids and she's so skinny that if she just worked out like a couple of months she would get them, without looking like a complete freak. But no, to those transvestite retards everything gets solved by getting more pills, more surgery and 0 of actually improving your life. I'm so fucking mad. Looks like a feminine, decaying junkie on the brink of death and I really wish she did.

No. 1205783

Well said. Anyway, I don't believe most of the celebs who claim to be vegan actually stick with it - and many of them do drop it silently. They're too selfish to actually give anything up.

No. 1205788

File: 1654107678379.jpeg (105.66 KB, 464x700, B85F052A-9284-4D4A-952F-0391B6…)

Uncanny valley. My brain says petite masc woman. I can not make my brain not notice these obvious female characteristics.

No. 1205793

If I saw this photo I would think it was a very butch lesbian or a 12 year old boy with major glandular issues who's make-a-wish was to meet the Gyllenhaals.

No. 1205795

KEK this reminded me of when anons said she looked like a baby monkey and a lost child in a super market when she was at the met gala.

No. 1205796

You're so fucking misguided, also starving yourself for humanitarianism isn't going to save any animals. Also, your soy that you eat with a bunch of toxic processed shit gets farmed in a way that destroys a lot of local life. Just eat grassfed, organic and locally sourced meat and dairy.

No. 1205797

No. 1205815

her face still looks female and she can't hide the depression and self hatred in her eyes. Wonder how long she will be alive.

No. 1205816

Why would they give a shit about hate crimes in America when there is plenty of shit to dicuss about their own shit culture in korea, usually involving massive sex crimes against women? Wow, i love them pretending to really give a shit. BTS is worst group ever, pandering to the west and American audience. Embarrassing.

No. 1205824

Literally the vibes I get. Doesn't he have a country to run? We are facing overturn of roe vs wade, but here we are making finger hearts at the camera and meeting BTS. FFS

No. 1205825

from the article
>And then eventually, after him yelling, “Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!” some more, he started to walk off and I started to cross the street. And then he just started screaming, behind me, “I’m gonna kill you, you fucking faggot! I’m gonna kill you, you fucking faggot! I’m gonna gay-bash you!” So I ran—I was alone—I ran into a convenience store, and as I was opening the door he yelled, “This is why I need a gun!”

No. 1205828

That is literally just the result of crunches or whatever that has been their body type for ages

No. 1205829

every person in this photo looks like they have at least one STD

No. 1205831

File: 1654108700936.png (257.77 KB, 500x375, stupidmofo.png)

>the euphoria of Elliot Page
>visible top surgery scars
>obvious ED
>aged 10 years in the last one.

Anons…Is this really the future for women? holyshit. she looks disturbing. this is not something to admire. She should have been a butch instead of whatever this is.

No. 1205836

They never dated. She “dated” John, who is in a ltr with a man.

They’re obsessed with the redneck Midwest aesthetic.


No. 1205838

I feel like the day when Musk and Grimes decided to date and show up together at the Met Gala changed our timeline. I can't other explain the recent years happenings, for example THIS.
I usually don't care if someone swappes their gender, if they feel better (I know there is a problematic with delusionals getting surgeries but I digress). But Ellen Page becoming a male is the weirdest thing ever. I would've not batted an eye if it was Kristen Steward.
Someone once wrote here, that there was a blind item of an actress becoming FtM and another one also wanted to do it but now couldn't and it was debated if the other one was KS. Ellen was so pretty/cute. She still looks miserable. There is no euphoria, for no one involved.

No. 1205854

It's either woman or little boy. Both looks strange in that updo and setting.

No. 1205857

Hahahaha. The way Maggie looks also screams a little boy babbling some shit and the adult just politely reacting to it.

No. 1205878

Oil London is probably saying the same thing.

No. 1206008

she transitioned from being 35 to being an old lesbian

No. 1206026

calm down there are plenty of healthy pure vegetarian hindus and buddhists all over the world. learn to cook mei guo chans

No. 1206033

get out tiff

No. 1206092

No. It’s true though. Odd looking abs like that are pretty apparent on really thin people with orthorexia.

>unhappy looking, malnourished, tired
I feel so bad honestly.

No. 1206156

I'm so sad for the recent generation of kids who are groomed to believe that identity-hopping and maiming yourself via surgery is the thing that will make their mental issues go away if only they find the magic correct identity that will make them perma-happy. It literally does not exist.

I'm tired that a woman Ellen's age fell for that shit too. She's too old to be this stupid.

No. 1206413

i'm calling it now he's going to date Anya Taylor Joy once she's done with her current boyfriend

No. 1206414

sadly there is no age for stupidity, still, in her position she should have taking more time to start her surgeries and all that stuff, maybe going to a therapist for some years.

No. 1206458

I want to believe she wouldnt go for someone this cringy and ugly

No. 1206529

She’s a baddie and he’s a toad there is no way in hell

No. 1206549

Why. Why are BTS oing politics now like what is Jungkook supposed to do to fix anti Asian hate crimes

No. 1206614

So is the Drag Queen make up trend over? Megan Thee Stallion in her Plan B music video preview with Mugler. She looks so much younger with natural make up.

No. 1206630

No. 1206652

Tim took the 2016 election really hard. He even released an extremely gay dadrock album about Trump.

"Since 2010 he's been the butt of my jokes
And the special guest in my darker dreams"