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File: 1646699761384.jpeg (41.83 KB, 640x574, rxXF3vO.jpeg)

No. 1089795

Previous: >>>/ot/1076919

No. 1089806

File: 1646700225913.gif (2.79 MB, 640x530, 180B6FB9-3C1E-4BCB-BBBC-D47DA9…)

i hope this queen is thriving

No. 1089810

reposting this from the last thread i recently got back in contact with a high school friend and after some talking he sends me a message saying that he got a new dress and asked what i thought. i can see that there are pictures he's sent. my god anons i'm not strong enough to open the message. why did this have to fucking happen. i thought he was normal.

No. 1089817

He's gonna stroke his dick to any hint of affirmation so the best thing to do is to block, after posting the pic here ofc

No. 1089821


No. 1089822

What I don't rmemeber that

No. 1089825

Just had a random memory and remembered that my mom used play SNES holding the controller upside down

No. 1089832

File: 1646702489641.jpeg (458.22 KB, 2048x2048, 58570B32-3F1C-4285-8B9A-4E51D0…)

Am I seriously going to wear my favorite twisted guys’ makeup to go to work? Yes, yes I am.

No. 1089833

I googled fantastic mr Fox and I’m suing you for emotional damages

No. 1089837

File: 1646702952987.jpeg (176.19 KB, 1242x699, 58B37F47-3F2F-423B-844B-7CAF1B…)

No. 1089839

Wait what character? Ash? As far as I know Ash wasn't trans he was just described as 'diffrent' by the other characters. Tumblrites might've just stuck to that as a headcannon

No. 1089842

The fuck are you on about?

No. 1089859

Ur mom, the chad: Hahaha game go brrrr

No. 1089877

My stupid ass has always called "funko pops" "poplos" and I don't know where I got that from. Just realized what they were actually called from the consoomer thread and feel dumb. Stupid plastic shit.

No. 1089879

damn your mom was hardcore

No. 1089897

My boss invited me out to dinner tonight (not in a creepy way) but I turned him down because it's my dog's birthday today (she's 18, not everyday you get to see your dog hit 18!). Also I stayed an extra three hours at work and my brain is mush and we're kind of awkward around each other because of a language barrier so I just didn't have it in me mentally to go. I feel a little bad because he's an expat who's here alone and his family is back overseas, so he really only interacts with me or other work related people.

No. 1089912

Left lolcow because I thought it was gonna get nuked anyway, mental health got much better, came back after months and realized I love you insane bitches, every single one of you

No. 1089917

A scrote just paid me $10 to show him my manga and say hi is it really this fucking easy why does shayna whine about not getting sent money

No. 1089919

It wasnt even a good manga and i showed him the cover and two pages LMFAO

No. 1089923

File: 1646713115361.jpeg (183.97 KB, 524x740, download (23).jpeg)

i just got a drawing tablet but have no idea about what to draw since i don't watch anime or participate in any fandoms anymore. i need some ideas nonas, what do you like drawing or looking at for inspiration? pic related but not mine, probably close to the quality of anything i'll make since i havent drawn shit in like 6 years

No. 1089926

OCs and landscapes

No. 1089927

anon what am I looking at right now

No. 1089928

Aw this yotsuba is so cute and full of SOUL. Anyway if you're really out of ideas there's always the doodle board thread! Maybe you could start there? I also like to go through pinterest or a bunch of pics I saved for inspiration and figure out what to draw from there. It's most important to just have fun nona.

No. 1089932

Me too anon, i watch and read anime and manga but i don’t have that obsession and drive to draw the characters i love like i did when i was a kid. Its quite frustrating

No. 1089934

anon that picture clearly says chibi yotsuba 5-23-08

No. 1089936

I recommend you a channel called "art prof" on youtube, really nice art content for professionals and beginners

No. 1089942

Draw your ocs until you get really good, and then draw my ocs.

No. 1089943

Thanks, I'm very fucking insane! ♥ Love ya too

No. 1089945

ty nonas i'm gonna draw some homestuck shit to get the old gears running again and then hopefully get motivated to start looking for other inspo!
Vintage Chibi Yotsuba
what if i have 0 ocs

No. 1089947

you draw homestuck and you have 0 ocs??? the disappointment…

No. 1089949

File: 1646714713375.jpg (36.42 KB, 529x298, fklbjfblfl.jpg)

REMINDER THAT /m/ NEEDS SOME LOVE. There's good threads in there as of now!!!

No. 1089958

It is time for you to make your own OC!

No. 1089959

Are you baiting? Wtf are you talking about

No. 1089962

File: 1646715692860.jpg (65.14 KB, 500x750, 1646416599681.jpg)

I really think its easier for men to deal with their bullies better then women, when I was growing up I was bullied a lot by most of female classmates cause I was a little odd, I had only one friend who was also an outcast but no one ever messed with him cause he'd go psycho and attack the people who messed with him and I couldn't do that with my bullies
like I physically wasn't able to fight back and had to endure the humiliation and pain my entire second year

No. 1089966

I think you're right. Men can resort to violence more often and sometimes it works. Not only that, but I feel like it's more common/accepted by normies for a man to be a quiet outcast. If you're a quiet outcast and a woman it's seen as an odder thing because it's less common and standing out is not good if you want to avoid getting bullied. It's also generally more accepted for men to be weirdos too. As a woman you must do a lot of things to be accepted, even here on lolcow that still holds true.

No. 1089973

that I don't think female bullying ever gets addressed as much and how truly damaging it can be on a woman's psyche, even with feminist's there's this exceotatuion that we are supposed to forgive our bullies cause we all are victims of patriarchy but I don't give a shit, I truly wish would suffer pain and torture cause of what they did to me for no reason
I don't wanna sound like romaanon but I truly believe that most humans are pieces of shit who will abuse those who are just a little different then them

No. 1089977

This. Men are told they can hit other men if there's bullying involved. But nooooo don't hit anyone if you're a girl because that's so unlady like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1089978

I hate seeing 2X-tan being posted around because he looks like my ex!!
And Kai from YTTD looks and acts like my fiancé so seeing him being posted around makes me feel some type of way too oopsie

No. 1089984

i hate seeing 2X-tan bc he shouldn't be a male

No. 1089985

i noticed this with my own siblings, my brother and i have the exact same personality but for some reason him acting like an autist makes him ~cool and mysterious~

No. 1089986

File: 1646717455633.jpeg (8.58 KB, 136x248, F89CD68F-6199-420C-9616-5AD4C9…)

H-hello…. I am hungry…

No. 1089989

I used to hit my bullies and it only made things worse even though I beat the boys up and they cried. To this day got no idea what to do if someone's rude or being a total bully.

No. 1089991

When my brother is angry my family accepts it, respects him and tries to calm him down. When I'm angry I get poked and probed by them until I break down crying from the added stress. Because I lack strength? I don't know.
I really do feel like my highschool life would have been easier if I were a guy. Maybe I'm just thinking in "the grass is always greener" terms.

No. 1089993

>To this day got no idea what to do if someone's rude or being a total bully.
Me neither. It really depends on the person being rude/a bully. My main bully reacted worse when I simply just ignored her vs when I fought back, but I didn't know what else to do, I tried everything and she only left me alone once I took an extended long break from school because of my mum dying. I hate her so much. What a genuinely bad person.

No. 1089997

File: 1646718028451.jpg (124.47 KB, 1525x1330, uguggugu.jpg)

here here

No. 1089998

>I really do feel like my highschool life would have been easier if I were a guy.
definetely. I feel this about middleschool.

No. 1090003

I think that size and strength is a factor, my male friend had no social skills, washed himself with anti-septic liquid and was just weird overall, I used to listen to his rants about god and hypothetical scenarios but he was six feet tall by the time he was 16 and pretty strong
when he went psycho people got scared cause he could throw them around like a rag-doll, I couldn't do that physically cause I was 5'2 and like 92 pounds, no was intimidated by me like they were of him

No. 1090006

File: 1646718465604.jpg (35.94 KB, 563x633, n0iwtxuloy161.jpg)

How can anybody be upset at being told to kill themselves online nowadays? It's pretty obvious that telling someone to kill themselves now means you're the upset one, and as we all know that in internet arguments, upset=automatic loss. It's no longer shocking. It no longer does what it is intended to do.

No. 1090018

You're absolutely right and I hate that. I hate that because I'm a woman and biologically weaker/smaller I won't earn the same respect I could have if I were a tall and strong man. Some people just won't respect you unless you can easily physically harm them.
I was thinking about this earlier and you're right. Feels like such an entry-level insult on the internet, how can people still be offended by it? Though that being said, there are people who'll get offended by everything and anything especially online. Maybe it triggers their narcissism.

No. 1090028

I took my septum piercing out after 16 years and IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE ABLE TO WIPE MY NOSE NORMALLY.
Also the visual weight of the septum ring (I even used a tiny ring) pulled my nose down and made it look bigger.
RIP to an era of my life!!!

No. 1090038

2X-kun is a parody genderbend of the actual 2X-tan

No. 1090044

Why does this need to be clarified like every day

No. 1090047

kys jk

No. 1090049

someone post 2X girl tan once and for all

No. 1090051

based mom

No. 1090066

please I have literally never seen her i’ve only seen the moid one

No. 1090067

I want to cow tip Manaknight so bad but I'm resisting. Just knowing he reads every dm he gets makes me want to call him out for the creep he is and see him sperg out. Side note but I'm surprised at how many anons in his thread have met him irl at cons and the like. I don't think there's any other cow that this many people have actually interacted with irl. Maybe Pixy?

No. 1090076


No. 1090102

File: 1646723297673.jpeg (195.68 KB, 828x889, 03EF779C-7222-4DD8-91F9-57BBCA…)

I hate it here

No. 1090116

There is something about black weeb husbandofags and their delusional unrealistic fantasies that is almost adorable.(racebait)

No. 1090121

Being a husbandofag is delusional in and of itself why are you putting them in particular under a microscope kek let loose

No. 1090124

What I was thinking. It's a racebaiter though.

No. 1090125

This lmao, and yeah agree with the other anon it’s obvious racebait

No. 1090131

imagine trying to racebait using husbandos on a tuesday night

No. 1090135

File: 1646726735859.png (1.96 MB, 1553x2040, Untitled_94.png)

It's from the drawing boards

No. 1090138

She's so cute

No. 1090139

holy shit she is so hot, explain why the male version is the one that caught on instead of her?

No. 1090140

/g/ coomers

No. 1090142

File: 1646727230176.png (205.86 KB, 698x618, 1645186860896.png)

I have no horse in this race (and I also think male 2x-tan is overhyped/boring and prefer the female 2X-tan) but unless 2x-tan existed before the /ot/ outage, the original 2x-tan is actually from this doodle, and thus, male first. I wish the anon who drew him will see this and weigh in with the truth. Who came first? kek

No. 1090143

once my room remodeling is done, i'm going to see if i can get two guinea pigs. i just want enough space for molcar friends.

No. 1090144

Yeah I think so too? I agree the girl version is cuter and makes more sense, imo lolcow having any male board tans would be retarded.

No. 1090145

That cute little Elsie tho

No. 1090178

File: 1646730784621.png (334.25 KB, 479x905, 2x original pepe.png)

Well I'm the one that originally drew/designed both of them (another Nona made a long haired female 2x in the middle though, I drew the butch one and steele-esque 2x) basically:
>Come up with a joke and draw Elsie being reborn into an isekai situation where all the board-tans are handsome men
>2X is most popular so I draw more of him, hope it makes people be aware of dead board more
>"Why is 2X a dude"
>Valid, draw female version, femcoomers draw more 2X(male) because there's more straight women and it's the original

I'm not shilling my drawings on the boards I promise nonas i created this beast unintentionally by autistic ally drawing them repeatedly on the boards, I thought there were actual preexisting board tans so I wouldn't be taken that seriously

No. 1090194

I'm still gonna say female /2x/-tan is the original because I love her more, but I love your work (and the work of all the other anons who draw /2x/-tan) nonna! I always look forward to seeing whether or not someone will draw one of them on the boards, I'm pretty sure there's one on the current board right now. They're both hot, so thank you for your contributions to the society of Lolcow.

No. 1090240

hahahahah what a chonky little study buddy hahahaha

No. 1090311

I passed a woman the other day who had a face full of absolutely botched Korean style plastic surgery. I’m so glad I was in a car because I inadvertently screamed.

Who’s your fav nona

No. 1090322

Come draw with us on the draw board nonna

No. 1090326

Please feel free to shill your drawings because butch 2X is my waifu now.

No. 1090350

The tinder swindler was so ugly cannot believe people fell for his shit.

No. 1090352

File: 1646740279820.gif (68.45 KB, 544x503, 1626733951850.gif)

Fuck it, I'm making an animation meme

No. 1090356

Make a homestuck OC!

No. 1090369

Is replying 'lmao' when a moid I went on a date with just sent me 'I've been told a few times by psychologists I'm very dominant' too mean? Because it's my honest reaction kek

No. 1090372

no, it's fine. ideally, we'd feel safe enough to tell him that he's an unbearable faggot, but yours is good and not too offensive

No. 1090379

no such thing as “too mean” when it comes to putting moids in their place

No. 1090383

It made me laugh because he's a ~anxious sensitive~ boy downing prescribed benzos the moment he gets upset yet tries to larp as an alpha all of a sudden kekkk men really want to have it both ways

No. 1090391

that's really pathetic. how old is he? just stop talking to him. he's already trying to lead you down the path to him choking you during sex

No. 1090397

not at all. i would've gone with "i never would've guessed lmao"

No. 1090400

He's 23, I'm older and don't worry I'm not taking him seriously at all

No. 1090405

nutting makes me feel like my head is inside one of those spherical fishbowls

No. 1090427

Getting close to an orgasm/cumming makes me feel a little dizzy sometimes and then I get worried.

No. 1090433

Reeeee my little sister keeps fucking up her phone, my parents say it's because it's a shit phone, but they only want to spend less than 100€ on it. Gee I wonder why it only has 2GB ram? It was only bought a year ago

No. 1090434

did you two ever have sex and what happened to him ?

No. 1090445

im breaking out really badly on one side of my face because thats the side i sleep on, but i cant sleep on my other side because i get nightmares lmao

No. 1090447


No. 1090450

No. 1090451

yo big momma

No. 1090452

Change your pillowcase

No. 1090458

I was bullied by boys and I fought back often. It was a shit middle school where almost everyone got bullied.
I was a psycho when they tried to physically attack me, I'd bite hard, go for their eyes and exposed skin and scratch. They'd get freaked out after they started bleeding. They'd usually stop and run away trying to tend to their wounds. It was always one on one, they weren't smart enough to ever organise luckily and even the bullies probably hated each other. I have to tell you, fighting back and winning did absolutely nothing. They only tried again and again to attack me to get back at me.
But I had way too much pride so I'd never give up and always fight back, it was never ending.
Fighting your bullies and having them leave you alone because of your strength is such a Hollywood bullshit.

No. 1090461

File: 1646745251458.jpg (67.46 KB, 564x751, 1584160324986.jpg)

I liked him but I wanted my first time to be special, so not with him
I did give him a couple handjobs but that's as far as it goes, I didn't ever wanna get pregnant, especially with his child
all things considered I was deeply terrified of him, guy was a psycho who'd go around pushing other students to the ground when the teacher's when present and no one jack shit to him cause he was big

I know he had a suicide attempt but survived, his family sent him to the US to work for his uncle in some labor related job, overall odd guy who had his own issues
idk how to feel about him, he was a weird and violent guy but he was my best and only friend

No. 1090468

Are you me? I turned down a guy in middle school and got bullied super hard for it by the girls that liked him and guys joined in to hit me and stuff. I'd beat them up and make them cry too but it only got worse. I was fairly small too but so were they, I don't think I could defend myself against a guy now.

No. 1090512

Pretty sure japan is still on lockdown and no one can get in atm

No. 1090515

File: 1646747883643.jpg (204.47 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20210127_200614.jpg)

happy women's day ♥

No. 1090522

Nah, it might even be the best time before things get worse.

No. 1090553

File: 1646750885864.png (118.28 KB, 466x228, articles.png)

It started off so well

No. 1090575

We stan a terf queen.

No. 1090577

Japan's borders are closed off until further notice since mid-2020. You should pick another destination.

No. 1090583

why does the celebricow thread attract so many schizos?

No. 1090589

interest in celebrity gossip and iq are inversely proportional

No. 1090632

This may be a cope but I really love living in America and how self-paced it is in both career and social life.

No. 1090643

File: 1646755644112.jpg (79.65 KB, 540x686, 6a02a82f68cf_6e709533_540.jpg)

Happy international women's day anons

No. 1090658

i would be so fucking hot if I had abs and muscular thighs and arms. Like, I’m gettin emotional just thinking about how hot I’d be. Fuck, stop being a lazy cunt and get RIPPED

No. 1090665

Go to the fitness thread in /g/ for inspo. Some of our farmers are ripped

No. 1090666

Ty for reminding me, I’m headed there now!

No. 1090725

I found a compilation of open-casket child funerals on youtube the other day and it was very odd. The description was something like “as a parent who has lost a child, this is one of the most painful experiences” and here they are compiling photos of dead children and putting some sad string music over the top of it

No. 1090733

File: 1646760450497.jpeg (88.97 KB, 732x800, F1A96B22-E04E-4B3B-BD86-4BB9E0…)

Currently binging Lee Dong Wook dramas at the moment. Watching Tail of the Nine Tailed right now. Literally lost in the world of his dramas and handsome face

No. 1090736

Yeah, that's sus. If it is so painful, why make a compilation about it? I bet it's some sicko thing. They always try to make it innocent on purpose.

No. 1090739

NTA but I had to look so here it is, in case someone's wondering. People are so fucking weird.

No. 1090741

How is that? I need some good dramas to watch

No. 1090749

i need him.

No. 1090762

can barely see his face. enhance it

No. 1090772

I know lolcow hates Reddit but I think it’s tolerable as long as you stay away from the really popular subreddits (because those are hot garbage). Anyway, I was really into the TrueCrime subreddit for a while but after a while, I’ve noticed that almost all the trending posts on there were about children either being murdered or dying due to severe neglect. It takes a lot to truly disturb me and I guess you can call me a true crime nerd (yeah, I know I’m a fucking loser). But even then, I wasn’t getting any valuable out of it and it ended up making my mental health worse.

No. 1090779

File: 1646763160233.jpg (47.4 KB, 675x910, Tumblr_l_360070134926080.jpg)

Send to your nigels

No. 1090784


No. 1090786

File: 1646763806243.gif (Spoiler Image,5.04 MB, 480x270, 1645409375109.gif)

here nonna

No. 1090794

discord and other sites are down too it's a server issue
I really hope it's not a russian cyberattack

No. 1090796

Oh fawk, thanks for letting me know anon!

No. 1090803

twitter and wikipedia were also having issues

No. 1090811

File: 1646765487221.jpeg (42.8 KB, 750x750, D2953D0F-3550-4E74-AD08-CF5B1E…)

I’m really enjoying it so far and I’m on episode 3, it is a fantasy drama, if you liked goblin (which he was also in) you will like it. His most recent drama finished not that long ago, Bad and Crazy. I recommend that!! I watched it twice, once with my dad too kek
>>1090762 >>1090749
KEK anon

No. 1090815

No. 1090824

File: 1646765869292.jpg (7.29 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20220308092939.jpg)

I had a strange experience today. I was heading to work and on the lawn near the pond I always pass by, there were three ducks and they started following me and then stood right before me and we've been staring at each other for like 30 seconds and then I was like holy shit I'm going to be late to work because I stare at ducks. I only captured two of them but the third one also came shortly after that. It was weird bc ducks usually run away from you or they just don't care but these three purposefully walked towards me and stood on my way with no shits given

No. 1090832

they've likely been fed before and wondered why you were being stingy

No. 1090835

File: 1646766356081.gif (Spoiler Image,4.57 MB, 640x360, ezgif-5-e6b7f6ae5b.gif)

Don't forget the side view

No. 1090838

Should I go for a walk? I really don't want to, but probably should. I wish someone could force me with a gun to go out

No. 1090842

you have been chosen.

No. 1090843

File: 1646766599363.jpg (24.95 KB, 470x348, da gun.jpg)

Take a walk.

No. 1090860

File: 1646767100133.jpg (7.43 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20220308092934.jpg)

Aw shit they comin'
You're probably right but I like to think that anon is right >>1090842

No. 1090868

You know what this world needs more of? Cool saxophone solos.

No. 1090920

No. 1090928

So what's up with all these websites going down

No. 1090938

we used to have muscovys around here, I haven't seen them for years

please come back chicken ducks

No. 1090940

File: 1646769809304.png (41.95 KB, 1920x499, 1920px-Death_Note_Logo.svg.png)

i just realized death note will be 20 next year

No. 1090951

When I am around a cute girl I get this urge to act in a manly way its mind boggling

No. 1090964

All those 2000's era anime make me nostalgic.

No. 1091008

you're cute.

No. 1091012

i will send you my rescue muscovys, people keep trying to kill them in my area. please take them from me. i just want these happy babies to be safe.

No. 1091017

sending this to all my bald headed butch friends for hashtag equality

No. 1091019

Still doesn't change the fact that all their favorite animu bois would call them the hard R if they met IRL, which does make them even more delusional than other husbandofags.

No. 1091021

They wouldn't, because they're imaginary men that you can project anything on. Baiting with husbandos on Women's Day…

No. 1091025

Why do people watch vtubers? This moid sounds like any old retard at my university

No. 1091034

Sorry but my suspension of disbelief can only go so far

No. 1091036

I enjoy your drawings nona, both female and male 2X are so hot. Keep it up!

No. 1091037

File: 1646772930869.jpeg (16.91 KB, 400x400, 5622CB2C-451F-40F5-B2C7-1F64C0…)

I somewhat like the girlblogging aesthetic superficially, but I am kinda disgusted by it on a core level (though there’s some cute stuff/ decent misandrist content on Pinterest and tumblr). Idk if I wanna die on this but whatever. pic unrelated

No. 1091053

Im sure the almost 6’ tall girl seeing my tiny ass put on a deeper voice and roll my shoulders thought the same

No. 1091056

I'm eating toastbrot and this song actually sounds like a song from spyro if you ignore the singing

No. 1091075

Last hatewatch link
You guys weren't kidding when you said 99% of men don't wipe or wash after they piss. Even the comments are trying to explain how it's normal to not wash because of the way piss exits their body… I'm sort of in shock

It starts at 3:28

No. 1091081

File: 1646774786826.jpg (835.81 KB, 1600x900, cover9.jpg)



No. 1091089

File: 1646775185805.gif (538.85 KB, 250x257, 1535044859605.gif)


No. 1091099

>Go on to literally any youtube comment section
>ctrl f: "women"
Is digital self-harm a real thing? because this certainly is.

No. 1091103

People have bad hygiene, not only men but men have the worst.
I remember a lady that was clearly taking a shit next to me (you could hear and smell) in McDonald's. After that she didn't wash her hands and left. As I walked past her, she was eating french fries with these hands.

No. 1091105

Stop shilling your clips

No. 1091107

samefag. And yes, men don't wipe and don't wash hands after peeing. Disgusting.

No. 1091114


No. 1091120

You have weird taste nonnie his nose lips and eyes make him look like a bird or something

No. 1091127

how can you have lips on your nose, do you mean nostrils

No. 1091139

nta but I think he looks like a turtle-bird hybrid, or kind of like an asian pro jared
She forgot to add commas nonna

No. 1091152

I'm never sucking dick again

No. 1091158

File: 1646777546150.jpeg (233.36 KB, 1024x768, E7FF0C4D-E16D-4B22-B834-79D0FB…)

I like to go on this website and look at homes I’ll never afford

No. 1091167

Interesting site, thank you for posting it. I feel like I may get addicted to this the same way that I'm addicted to looking at online home shopping.

No. 1091171

some of these are mad affordable nonny, go get one.

No. 1091175

lol smh wtf

No. 1091176

Ngl imo tbh

No. 1091177

oh lawd that looks dreamy. however dont listen to the above anon. keep your head up and keep on grindin getcha money up whoadee

No. 1091179

desu senpai idgaf fr nocap

No. 1091186

File: 1646778469680.jpeg (72.25 KB, 1024x682, 2F5372D7-5920-40D3-A345-F20A08…)

I’m not even american tho but if i moved id definitely hold out for one of those <100k churches lmao

No. 1091188

i put eyebag cream in my eye GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH im fine now.

No. 1091190

Are you stupid

No. 1091193

File: 1646778679840.jpeg (75.29 KB, 750x750, 12846CF4-3237-48AF-B211-3DC454…)

I am sick and ill need lots of care support and tomato soup thx

No. 1091225

File: 1646779819064.png (2.03 MB, 1000x1500, Creamy Tomato Cheddar Soup.png)

For you

No. 1091255

Ooh I want it too

No. 1091260

File: 1646781185113.jpg (56.7 KB, 1200x675, Iwpsx7bnhZJrzPJK.jpg)

I don't know if this belongs in the fiber arts thread since I'm not directly talking about the craft, but as a new addition to the fiber arts community, I really enjoy reading on crochet/knitting drama. The last thing I read was about two yarn makers faking their deaths.

No. 1091261

File: 1646781197739.jpg (384.53 KB, 1080x1841, IMG_20220309_000643.jpg)

This ain't spicy enough for the twitter hate thread, but lmao imagine playing games not because you enjoy them but for the sake of your reputation as a "true fan"

No. 1091265

The best part of getting a new hobby is learning about all the drama, tbh.

No. 1091266

Thank you nonnie but I can't eat the cheese
Okay I share you eat the cheesy things okay

No. 1091269

The only reason I don't play imas is because no global ver. All the rest have global vers.

No. 1091270

I'm so stupid, I had no idea there was a fiber arts thread! Which board, do you mind linking me? My night has been made!!

No. 1091274

It's actually only for yarn crafts, but maybe someone could make a fiber arts general!

No. 1091292

SEPHIROTH! Doodoodododododododododdo SEPHIROTH! Dododododododooddododododo

No. 1091297

>because no global ver.
thanks god, I hope that will never change.

No. 1091304

File: 1646783575503.gif (137.24 KB, 400x379, 291617293_1454165.gif)

No. 1091308

No. 1091315

File: 1646784446657.gif (996.08 KB, 359x400, 670825292_1204028.gif)

In the wonderful world of FF I have heard a tale. A tale of a man named Sephiroth. after his death, His will was so strong that he made three men with that will before being sent back to the lisfestream. only jenovas cells could make him whole again. He sends the three he has made out in search of " mother" this whole time the brothers think mother is guiding them.
(i do not explain things well so if i am wrong in any spot i am sorry)

I feel that each brother represents a part of Sephiroth

Loz: he is the brute force. the strength. he might not be as smart as the others as well and rather emotional and childish when mother is mentioned.

Yazoo: he is the elegant one. longer features and rather self absorbed.He does not say much.
more like Sephiroth then the others in terms of pride.(and hes purdy like Sephi)

Kadaj: he is the blood thirsty and not quite sane one. he is the leader. He seems to be short tempered.he also gets jealous easily and shares the same hate for Cloud(and even the people).smart+destructive= bad

this was my own thoughts. after going to the pages about them i see mine are alike. yey~~
i never even bothered to check them before this.I ROCK! anyway…….

let me know what you think. of the 3 who do you like the most…. and most importantly…..

Is being with all 3 of them at once the same as being with Sephiroth?(HAD to ask jajajaja it's not that bad of a question.)

thank you for reading. free LARGE Sephiroth cookies made form shapes of Loz, Kadaj and Yazoo for everyone!!
pardon any misspellings!!!

No. 1091331

File: 1646785999789.jpeg (295.9 KB, 794x639, 6292A303-08B0-4050-B904-E75E3C…)

who will i rawr ex dee with now

No. 1091339

No. 1091346

File: 1646787643251.gif (613 KB, 112x112, 1630797016304.gif)

Fuck it, all shame is lost. I already posted porn drawings in /m/, so I might just freak it and draw some of my favorite husbandos. Maybe it would make some nonny happy

No. 1091349

Yes queen do it we should post more original husbando content, this is literally the purpose of imageboards

No. 1091350

saw someone on /fa/ tell another anon over there to come to lolcow if they wanted to discuss something and that person responded with 'noo thank you i went there once and its the worst place on the internet'

like…… flattering, but also you have to be so ass backwards to be on 4chan and saying lolcow is messed up. must have still been a teenager

No. 1091351

I'm glad if 4chan scrotes stay as far away from here as possible though

No. 1091352

I genuinely can’t enjoy media portraying the rich sympathetically anymore. Every prince and pauper romance just evokes disgust.

No. 1091356

It's good to get rid of your shame. Nothing wrong with drawing some sexy imaginary guys.
Good for you nona

kek kinda same, last Sunday I went to the movies with my mom, aunt and sister to see yet another unoriginal piece of shit about an asshole retard of a manwhore in his 40s going through a middle age crisis who meets his daughter (who is pregnant) for the first time. Predictable as fuck plot, but the point is, modern Mexican movies like this tend to be shitty unoriginal and unfunny comedies heavily inspired by liberal American garbage that portrays upper-middle and upper class businesspeople as sympathetically as possible, "see? they're just like you proles! rich people are good deep down! Also they're woke and funny!"
>Every prince and pauper romance just evokes disgust.
That one's a special kind of disgusting for sure. And also every telenovela ever.

No. 1091361

Going to be K-holing tomorrow eeeeek I'm so excited! It's been so so long since I've done K let alone holed. The day after everything feels so nice and peaceful too, like your life is all figured out and the parts that aren't will be.

No. 1091370

File: 1646790884579.gif (2.05 MB, 250x250, DelectableBlushingAegeancat-si…)

I have not known peace since learning that Don Knotts was a ladies' man.

No. 1091372

File: 1646790945607.jpg (2.67 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20220115154514.jpg)

how did I go from doodling every day to not touching a pen at all for weeks. what depression does to a mf

No. 1091375

I know that feel, nonnie, I started drawing again this year after a whole year of not even doodling for fun, I draw something one week and then I spend two or more weeks not drawing, all of the things that I draw nowadays are mostly stuff that I can’t publish without alarming my family and friends.

No. 1091376

I cannot believe it

No. 1091379

File: 1646791314999.png (37.18 KB, 621x177, Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 6.01…)

No. 1091383

File: 1646791994857.jpg (26.65 KB, 500x388, confirmed.jpg)

I knew it guys. My parents saw it too, the invisible aliens I talked about days ago. I knew I wasnt crazy, I know they are inside my house and today I got the confirmation. They're around. They haven't done anything yet, what do you guys think? They didn't hurt the animals and they're walking around and breaking and entering (or just entering, everything is open, not that these fuckers care) do you guys think they smoke weed? They don't seem really into abduction I guess, but why would they come here and do nothing? They might not even be scientists.. like, what? Taking a stroll in the middle of nowhere? We just drink milk and smoke weed around here.
The dumbfucks around my area think they are ghosts but they're not. They might be hacking me too, I knew something was amiss. I feel it.
Also I think they were in my room yesterday.

No. 1091387

I really wish our eyes were detachable. I want to take them out, fix whatever keeps causing headaches and then pop them back in.

No. 1091391

Same, drawing in the doodle room helped a little but I swear, I know exactly what I have to do to improve my art, which is doing studies and practicing the fundamentals, but I NEVER do that. And then when I finally get in the mood to draw, I am frustrated because I can't draw how I want because I'm not skilled enough. And I'm usually not in the mood because I self-sabotage every day to only be free to draw at night and then I'm too exhausted to focus on drawing. So I never finish anything. There are so ,amy drawings I haven't finished in months, even years, that are just sitting there in my hard drive untouched. Just a bunch of shitty sketches, some have potential but they will never be finished because I never finish anything I start, I can barely reply to my friends 5 days after they message me and do the dishes 3 days after I'm told to.

No. 1091412

Hehehe this made me think of my husbando, sorry.
But I agree.

No. 1091416

I am seriously worried. My phone is acting up and it's been connected on the charger for some time now. It's still on 44%. The room is cold only in a certain area, my right arm is freezing, there are weird noises coming from outside and I feel like if I look sideways I can catch a glimpse of it, like yesterday when I saw it moving in the dark. I am nervous but they didn't do anything yesterday nor the other day when I felt it in the bathroom. Still, I wonder if they're the blue ones. I think these are the okay ones as opposed to the others? They have these things on their hands. I hope they're these guys. But in the end you cannot trust them. You can't trust anyone. Which ones are the ones with the ball of light? I lost all my documents and I can't find a single information about it, it's all bullshit, nothing is the same. It's driving me nuts. Maybe they just want to smoke weed. I'm gonna sleep in a little while.. if I'm able. Nothing might happen. The cats can see them too and they are looking outside. Something is going on. Tomorrow I have stuff to do, I'll forget about it hopefully.

No. 1091441

How many themlets or tranny cocksuckers do you think hang out here? I know several people online who I highly suspect go here but most of them are woke enbies

No. 1091447

There has to be a considerable amount of themlets, tras, and troons lurking and commenting. If you look at the TIM thread you will see that there are multiple users that admit to using lolcow during their nonbinary phase. I bet this post will be seen by at least one themlet lurking the site.

No. 1091451

File: 1646798693343.gif (8.85 MB, 360x640, ezgif-2-45b5902336.gif)

No. 1091453

kek I wonder how they can handle being on here, and what they get from it? Do they ever feel deep shame for hanging out with the terfs they supposedly hate so much

No. 1091462

Oh fuck you I almost had a heart attack jesus mary and joseph

No. 1091485

I just saw people I know have a fight over the JoJo anime regarding subs vs dubs. One friend was calling the other ableist over saying the subs are surpreme and it wouldn't even be worth watching dubbed. They've been good friends for years but not anymore kek I need new friends holy fuck

No. 1091490

File: 1646800755250.png (43.4 KB, 162x244, stupide.png)

Wait I have a relevant jojo screenshot

No. 1091514

I would

No. 1091515

I feel like I could've had this fight with one of my childhood friends who are now sjws

No. 1091521

i wish girls could experience mpreg

No. 1091524

File: 1646803778457.jpg (175.85 KB, 729x1200, 329a8d9a26cad7ef886abfb0ebf5cf…)

I'll fuck off with the jojoposting now but this made me laugh

No. 1091546

No offense to lurking faggots and faghags (as I know they like to fight), but this is one of the gayest fucking interviews I've ever seen in my life. I heard people say the Blur members were bullying Nardwuar, and I guess they were, but the prison homo vibes are way more obvious. The body language and proximity and entire vibe is just different. The fact that they tried to play it off near the end with jokes like "I would kiss you on behalf of all the girls of Canada"/"I know you want to" and "I find the way you bring out my drummer's aggression very attractive" only affirms it. Like it was just so blatant that they had to say something
We've all heard about the gay agenda, it's time we acknowledged the closeted bisexual scrote agenda. Gay-ass moids. Had to get this off my chest, thanks

No. 1091551

i feel bad for this girl because the /vg/ thread posts her face occasionally, and she almost immediately locks after. that tweet's weird though. sidemPs have been fucked over by scamco mistreating the branch for years, and there's no official TLs. it shouldn't be surprising why it isn't as big as something like enstars which has the bonus of attracting melodramatic western teens.

No. 1091554

Nonnie I can't tell which side you're on. Is this post against both Blur and Nardwuar for the homosexual behaviors? Kek but that is a gay-ass interview. The fuck.

No. 1091562

Not against, more just confused about the fact that literally no one in the comments seems to acknowledge it. Feels like a massive psyop

No. 1091564

I gotchu. I think I had a tard moment there because I was referencing the Nardwuar Blur debacle and was wondering if you were taking a side kek my bad.

No. 1091567

>I have female hysteria
>I'm deranged and unapologetically insane
t. literally the most boring women you will ever meet in your life

No. 1091573

American men, Muslim men and South Korean men are uniquely deranged and it's all because of circumcision.

No. 1091575

They're all deranged but it's not not because of circumcision lmao. Anti-circumcision spergs remind me of those men right activists who act like cutting 2mm skin is the reason they have mental problems and can't get with women.

No. 1091579

This is what a Real Korean Man sounds like. Your gaypoop plastic twinks could never

No. 1091580

No. 1091581

There are no "real korean men". They are manufactured at the k-pop factory and either integrated to a group or rejected and released into the wild

No. 1091582


No. 1091583

my Ryuji tulpa would have to disagree

No. 1091584

What's a tulpa?

No. 1091587

Jeffrez Star looks rough these days.

No. 1091619

File: 1646820847960.png (468.4 KB, 1027x641, Screenshot (3).png)

>Manga scholar Yukari Fujimoto argues that female interest in shōnen-ai(yaoi) is "rooted in self hatred of women", which she argues "sounds as a base note" throughout the genre in the form of misogynistic thoughts and statements expressed by male characters in the genre. She cites as evidence Gilbert’s overt disgust towards women, arguing that his misogynistic statements serve to draw the reader's attention to the subordinate position women occupy in society; as the female reader is ostensibly meant to self-identify with Gilbert, these statements expose "the mechanisms by which women cannot help falling into a state of self-hatred".
this was written in the 1980's and its even more accurate to this today, only a culture of pure self-hatred of womankind could produce the degernacy on a mass consumer scale, same with lolicon, a culture of men filled with self-hatred and lusting after an imagined ideal of womanhood in a peak neo-liberal society

TL'DR Japan should have been Invaded by the Soviets

No. 1091624

He wishes he looked like that.

No. 1091649

Yuri is just as bad though. Hating yaoi seems sexist since its a genre written by women and for women. I dont get how anons can say this but get triggered at anons saying women who like yuri are brainless retards who contribute to the sexualization of lesbians which is a much bigger issue.

No. 1091650

Take it to the appropriate thread

No. 1091653

I wish i couldve been a playboy bunny in the 2000s and party in his mansion and work in a bunny club. The costume is so cute. 2000s nightlife seems so much better than now. I dont wanna visit strip clubs and theres no male strippers where i live anyway. Sad

No. 1091665

I still can’t believe that there’s people out there who never drink water.

No. 1091672

NTA but I saw this on the front page and you're retarded. Yaoi is just a genre, it's not purely uwu made by women for women, plenty of men are into it just like how there's yuri for women by women.

No. 1091682

Gosh, they're so adorable but cleaning the poop and pee would be absolute hell. I got spoiled by how easy it is to keep cats as pets.

No. 1091689

Anon…. don't you know how much sexual abuse happened in the mansion? Or is this bait?

No. 1091699

>women who like yuri are brainless retards
I'm only attracted to women, I don't want any moids in the picture even fictional ones. I don't get why preferences are so hard to understand.
>who contribute to the sexualization of lesbians
Yeah blame the lesbians instead of the men doing it? What backwards handmaiden shit are you on

No. 1091709

File: 1646827725566.jpeg (230.06 KB, 1082x1200, 9809F4D2-6E63-4272-A9C6-BF7E28…)

I'm going to try seriously gaining weight again next week, please wish me luck nonnies
It's a lot harder than I thought it would be

No. 1091711

File: 1646828029951.png (583.44 KB, 1200x881, 1639644391454.png)

>when shitting up three threads a day with your sperging isn't enough, so you quote in the wrong thread to make it four

No. 1091713

We are all rooting for you! Keep us updated on your progress!

No. 1091714

She should use that energy to make the Fujoshi Debacle Thread #2

No. 1091719

Good luck! How is it hard though, unless you vomit constantly? Just add some high calorie food that is over your daily calorie expenditure. Take care not to give yourself an ED, though.

No. 1091720

Not bait. I just wanted the life they had on girls next door

No. 1091723

Nta but it can be hard if you don't eat unhealthy foods, which you shouldn't, weight gain should be healthy too. Particularly if you're bulking.

No. 1091726

NTA but fujospergs should also stick to the fujo threads, it's been unbearable after the bunker.

No. 1091731

No one cares.

No. 1091732

Stop replying to obvious trannies smh

No. 1091733

i don't think you'd want that life if you knew what really went on nonner

No. 1091734

Isn't that just taking a dump

No. 1091736

Im not a tranny. I just finished watching the show.

No. 1091737

File: 1646829980582.jpg (53.54 KB, 720x716, feiz.jpg)

I feel ashamed for finding this guy hot because I checked his profile out just to find out he's a TIM. Lawd, why do the long hair men with pretty skin have to troon out these days?

No. 1091739

Well on the show they had 5k each week, travelled, free food and had a staff for them completely. As for the bunny club, isnt it just kinda like a waitress thing but with a cute costume?

No. 1091742

Black pretty boys are so underrated for real. Unfortunately most of them are gay and many troon out, even more so than pretty boys of other races.

No. 1091743

Id still date him

No. 1091744

yeah yeah just get therapy or something

No. 1091745

Good news everyone, the aliens didn't get me. I dreamed a ketchup guy was trying to steal my girlfriend who was called Amber. Toph from avatar was there too writing an essay with pen and paper.

No. 1091746

at least i got the 80s black pretty boys to lust over.. ahhaa (im sad i know)

No. 1091750

Very sweet nonnie I am rooting for you too!
Thanks! For me it's multiple things that are hard. I'm used to eating very little, so what may be a normal amount to others feels like a very big amount to me. It's also more expensive since I'm literally eating more, running out of meal ideas, trying to gain weight healthily so trying to avoid snacks which are easy to just grab vs putting effort into a meal which takes time and thought etc. I think the main problem is that I'm very unused to it? But I'm tired of being unweight, I want to be healthy.

No. 1091753

>think I'm that sperg
You're full on schizo, congrats.

No. 1091755

Good luck! I'm working on losing right now. You got this nonna

No. 1091756

the previous celebricows thread go into more detail but you would have to fuck hefner regularly to do some of that stuff, he sexually abused these women and from what some of them said he was unhygienic too on top of all of that

No. 1091759

File: 1646831387025.jpg (99.7 KB, 1200x788, Three-Red-Shanked-Doucs-1200x7…)

When I think about it, it's actually pretty bizarre to use "monkey" as a racial insult. Like, of all animals, you pick the one that's the most genetically similar to humans, and is generally well-liked?
It doesn't really make sense unless you're one of those psychotic people who watches like, baby monkey torture videos on YouTube or something

No. 1091765

It's because monkeys are lesser than humans, so you're behaving agressive and stupid if you get called a monkey.

No. 1091767

It's because they scream and throw their own poo

No. 1091771

There are far more aggressive/"stupid"/dirty animals, though. It's just a weird one to focus on IMO. Plus I've seen people get called monkeys not because of their personality traits or actions, but because they're Southeast Asian or African-American or something

No. 1091772

no one cares

No. 1091778

File: 1646832813447.jpg (352.41 KB, 526x522, 20220306_061708.jpg)

I've noticed a rise in posters (like in the zoomer hate thread) that just need to respond to every post despite saying they don't care, kek

No. 1091779

Malding hard

No. 1091783

It’s amazing how males have to literally do the bare minimum to look decent and even that is too much to them.

No. 1091787

File: 1646833616442.jpg (1.94 MB, 1362x2675, __ootori_emu_and_tenma_tsukasa…)

I'm so happy they're adding Matryoshka and Donut Hole to project sekai! Now other game collabs are just a matter of time

No. 1091788

crypton should just buy gumi already, so they can use her in concerts too

No. 1091790

I dont wanna to go to work. Can anons send some positive vibes so i can survive my shift?

No. 1091792

File: 1646834303097.jpeg (9.5 KB, 236x204, BE15D41B-0AEA-4155-9008-DA7AB5…)

It will be fine, nonnie, you can do it!

No. 1091799

File: 1646834706676.jpeg (55.83 KB, 400x400, 7DA4DDCE-6D05-4EF0-85F4-458926…)

You can survive, and not only will you survive but you'll make money whilst doing it! You can do it nonnie!

No. 1091802

I hate that I relate to your picture

No. 1091803

File: 1646834878411.jpg (15.63 KB, 330x218, FNDV4IPXoAMUnR0.jpg)

You can do it, nonna!! You're ready to go!

No. 1091840

>start new piece of media
>look it up on tumblr to see what the fandom is like
>see spoiler
>repeat every single time
what mental illness is this

No. 1091844

File: 1646836360005.gif (571.16 KB, 540x304, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

I'm trying to watch a pimple popping video, but the dude keeps making little noises (moans?) and it annoys me

No. 1091847

File: 1646836403620.jpg (60.81 KB, 480x480, crop_480x480_2277845.jpg)


No. 1091848


No. 1091852

>google the name of a character in a show i'm watching
>google autocompletes to [character] death

No. 1091889

File: 1646837921073.png (201.94 KB, 1797x328, ieof.png)

You're good, anon

No. 1091907

That's how I named my dogs in nintendogs. The third one was called Nini

No. 1091910


No. 1091921

File: 1646839801785.jpg (881.4 KB, 1984x2116, flower.jpg)

I'm mad I missed the trend of people sticking dried flowers to themselves I love flower pressing I would've been all over that

No. 1091927

Were the first two Fifi and Mimi

No. 1091931

File: 1646841048939.jpg (94.84 KB, 600x900, ea9eb4cec359c6dc8d498981038315…)

Eating dragonfruit for the first time. It's not that good tbh. Maybe I'll buy it again when summer rolls around and see if I like it more then.

No. 1091936

As someone who buys and eats dragonfruit frequently and enjoys it, it really does not get that much better kek. At most/best it'll be more sweet than watery and tasteless, but it still feels like watered down fruit no matter what. I don't know why I like it. It reminds me of drinking flavored seltzer, where you drink it and the flavor is reminiscent of someone yelling out the name of the fruit you're supposed to be tasting. Dragonfruit with the yellow skin tends to be the most sweet (by comparison to red skin ones) but is usually the most expensive. Worth another try though! Maybe you can join the cult of liking dragonfruit but not really being able to explain why given that it's really mediocre. I never thought I'd like it because I was always disappointed when eating it but I guess once you get over the disappointment it's ok.

No. 1091941

Damn. It tastes exactly like an overripe watery melon, so I genuinely though that maybe I had a bad, out-of-season one lol (and I love melon so tasting that made it even more disappointing).
>It reminds me of drinking flavored seltzer, where you drink it and the flavor is reminiscent of someone yelling out the name of the fruit you're supposed to be tasting
Kek. I definitely still wanna try it again. Maybe I'll do an actual recipe next time, like mango lemonade. This might sound a little nasty but I ate the dragonfruit over granola and almond milk because I was out of any other fruit to put on it

No. 1091952

I bet some, if not most, of the people posting in the femboy thread are femboys themselves that are too ugly to have an actual following. There are so many instances of newfaggotry in that thread it's kind of weird how nobody has brought it up.

No. 1091953

File: 1646843085638.gif (11.42 MB, 400x300, Azumanga_Daioh_ending_Raspberr…)

No. 1091955

Yeah. There were a few instances where they were caught admitting to being male.

No. 1091956

dragonfruit and jasmine tea slush is the best thing on earth though. just blend frozen dragonfruit with honey and cool brewed jasmine tea.

No. 1091997

I want to watch Utena but I'm afraid I'll be too dumb to get it

No. 1092003

Embrace your dumbness and read summaries or explanations by people online after each episode! I did this with Eva. No shame nonnie.

No. 1092012

it's an autistic anime, i believe you are way more intelligent than you give yourself credit for.

No. 1092018

Just ask yourself what you can see happening on screen. You can usually find the meaning if you look at it objectively.

No. 1092021

File: 1646846617431.png (95.57 KB, 349x330, 5.PNG)

I finally send that package to momox and I completely forgot to dust off my books before sending them

No. 1092026

File: 1646846819089.jpeg (197.69 KB, 746x1070, 8B2D6291-B0AC-4933-AD54-96D70A…)

Honestly I didn’t understand everything the first time I watched it but still enjoyed it, and when I rewatched it with friends a lot more sunk in and I realized I loved it. It’s a great story, even if you’re not an anime fan (I’m not).

No. 1092027

definitely. I posted about this already somewhere in /ot/ but in one of those threads (I think #2) people were arguing that one of them (lilith lovett maybe?) is lying about his past as a child prostitute because he wasn't good looking enough (as a child) to be molested? or something like that. I want to believe no real anon would say that

No. 1092029

I don't think I'm a good enough cook to be eyeballing recipes but it's all I do after I've made a recipe once because I just can't be assed to wash all my little measuring cups and spoons. Shit usually turns out good or even better than when I measure out my ingredients so that's nice but it's a gamble every time I remake a dish kek

No. 1092033

Even if they weren't moids, that is an incredibly moid-like thing to say. Another instance of a possible moid was the poster that posted those self-harm images, iirc in the current thread, uncensored then threw a little bitchfit when an anon rightfully told them to spoiler that shit. It really does reek of moid in those threads.

No. 1092045

what do you think birds prefer walking or flying

No. 1092047

I started getting chilblains on mostly my right hand fingers a couple years ago (index and middle finger) but I didn't know what chilblains were at the time so I honestly thought it was an std. Like a gay, fingering kinda std.

No. 1092049

Standing still and doing a lil hop

No. 1092050

They never feel safe on the ground

No. 1092053

I regularly meet crows who are too lazy to fly away and will nervously let me walk too close to them.. all to avoid flying. Flying must suck.

No. 1092056

I don't know why, but I've just realized how much coily hair holds on to water. My hair is 4c and takes so long to airdry after showering.

No. 1092059

Good God I'm tired of seeing that kid everywhere

No. 1092063

Bjorn Andersen ?

No. 1092071

I saw a movie last night and dropped a bunch of popcorn in my cleavage and woke up with a massive breakout on my chest kms

No. 1092108

File: 1646852184706.jpg (55.41 KB, 800x800, L0924842.jpg)

The descriptions they put on Vitamin Water are a little stupid, but I enjoy reading them sometimes. Taco Bell does the same thing.

No. 1092114

File: 1646852567344.jpg (603.63 KB, 1000x1500, fa81fdcb9358776104ccb7e8943e52…)

This piece of caca spawned 7 sequels. Let that sink in.

No. 1092119

Understandable, kids love wolves I know if we ever had seen it, me and my friends would have fought to get to be the emo bangs wolf down there when we played pretend

No. 1092151

File: 1646853890583.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.13 KB, 870x696, d6q5pb4-3efd3995-ae1f-4dd1-847…)

I don't understand how they designed the kid wolves so fucking badly, how do fuck up a baby animals design? Spoiler for ugly

No. 1092152

File: 1646853955212.jpg (Spoiler Image,182.61 KB, 1920x1080, burned-Claudette-alpha-and-ome…)

And this one if I had to see you have to see it too bitch

No. 1092161

It's like they pasted a human face onto it

No. 1092167

File: 1646854461849.gif (3.33 MB, 224x224, 1616892913581.gif)

No. 1092169

Oh no it's decaying

No. 1092170

File: 1646854539603.png (3.06 MB, 1419x1263, Claudette-everything-alpha-and…)

I've been laughing at this for 5 mins I might actually have to watch these movies kek

No. 1092179

I hate her stupid hair-do

No. 1092181

File: 1646855019643.jpg (69.21 KB, 885x476, 1639433736990.jpg)

I got this pic of someone's husbando from /m/ a while ago, and two days ago I accidentally made it my desktop wallpaper. But I didn't replace it, it's a nice reminder to go outside and touch grass

this, but TVTropes instead of Tumblr

No. 1092184

File: 1646855203759.jpeg (109.66 KB, 750x571, 88CED5C2-6005-4EBF-9BA3-DF7765…)

Calling every toy store in town to see if they have a specific Good Luck Mini I’m looking for, like a complete idiot.

No. 1092186

Don’t they have a code or something? The transformers’ botbots has some code that lets you know which bot is it that you’re going to get, maybe there’s a special code to identify the thingy that you want.

No. 1092196

File: 1646855866127.jpeg (853.28 KB, 2048x2048, 5BD7C2E4-1C6E-44F6-B6A2-FEC72F…)

Oh they’re not random. They’re these little 50-cent flexible plastic animals that are sold out of big bins. There’s just a thousand different styles and I don’t want to drive to 5 stores and not get my Komodo dragon.

No. 1092200

I have a cat, cow, squid, and giraffe

No. 1092204

I'm a lone wolf

No. 1092208

File: 1646856362951.png (595.35 KB, 1000x1000, 35d8128807a2b537b7c959b2984170…)

I just saw a video of a worm coming out of a woman's tooth.

No. 1092209

I could change you, nonnie, let us live a beautiful and angsty romance.

No. 1092212

One cunt wolfpack

No. 1092214


No. 1092217

genuinely terrified

No. 1092218

that is a really cool hobby
look a clowfish! lol

No. 1092236

Anyone check /meta/ like the local news? Seems to be a lot of farmers angry at fujos today, and there's also some good ol' fashioned admin asslicking too. Eeeyup. Today's gonna be a good day!

No. 1092241

I keep checking "the news" for updates about /m/…

No. 1092243

File: 1646858212127.gif (257.72 KB, 350x350, 58d129422ee0b6ccca0385a6608cc9…)

seeing my favorite group in two weeks and I just looked up the setlist and it looks SO GOOD

No. 1092244

What group? Hope you have fun seeing them nonna!

No. 1092253

File: 1646858519659.jpg (220.65 KB, 2048x1366, 56551767_2561349207272485_8569…)

Epik High! They're the first group I ever saw a concert for, and I usually go alone since none of my friends like them, but I always have the best time going buck wild. So many of my favorite songs, including the first song I ever heard from them, are on the setlist this year!!

sorry they are kpop kek

No. 1092265

I don’t collect them, actually, I only want a Komodo dragon. When I was a kid my dad had a big plastic one on the top of his computer, a Monitor Monitor, get it? But screens are too thin for big ones now. I realized Good Luck Minis have a Komodo dragon and that’s small enough to restore the Monitor Monitor honor to my father’s office.

No. 1092278

File: 1646859713839.jpg (133.27 KB, 720x716, c28df5c50bd6c454117961f0fd26f0…)

I wish I had gotten into making sims cc and making mods back when I was little and had a load of time.
Theres so many things I wanna do and learn but its difficult to find time and when I do its hard to make myself learn

No. 1092289

someone on mpa once described dragonfruit as a kiwi that has cried all its flavor out, and i think is description is very fitting

No. 1092292

I used to play with little plastic animals like that so much as a kid. Got them at the dollar store and always tried to get ones with cats in them. They all had names and they lived in one big animal tribe. I had certain ones that I hated, like a hippo, who would always be sacrificed and eaten by the others.

No. 1092293


No. 1092336

what's mpa

No. 1092337


No. 1092342

No. 1092345

"Why I left California" videos is the new "Why I left Buzzfeed"

No. 1092348

yes i think it tastes like flavourless kiwi

No. 1092358

File: 1646864382264.jpg (12.62 KB, 400x300, tumblr_l92cjbYO6U1qa42d1o1_400…)


No. 1092363

they have converted me

No. 1092370

I could imagine being an influencer must be annoying if you are over the age of 20 and just want friends who aren't trying to leech off your clout or something.

No. 1092386

File: 1646865208301.jpeg (37.51 KB, 500x375, 7EA476E4-5699-42A4-A0FD-42DE99…)

I keep getting praised for my supposed amazing progress at my part time. I shit you not I have only been working an average of 20 mins a day because of how depressed I’ve been feeling. It’s really starting to make me wonder what kind of sad clowns my peers are

No. 1092434

I forget that Youtube will allow nudity for certain videos as long as it's considered educational. I'm watching someone wax a vagina right now.

No. 1092498

File: 1646873329812.jpg (79.67 KB, 759x500, drunk-759x500.jpg)

why am i socially retarded nonas. i just want drugs but i'm naive and all my friends moved away and nobody wants to sell me drugs just give me the drugs

No. 1092499

Wrong. Im not a troon. I love the costume and its a themed restaurant. Playboy is very popular in this y2k era, im convinced anons who scream “troon” are troons themselves. Its not that deep anon. I just like rhinestones and the costume since its created by a black female designer i love (zelda wynn valdes). Wish i couldve met her

No. 1092501

Basically scrotes or TIFS are larping as yurifags to bash fujos. Nothing new. Theyre so triggered kek

No. 1092552

When the world makes me feel crazy I come to lolcow and feel okay again

No. 1092556

I want to start a feeder Instagram and film myself eating junk food but otherwise eat healthily and just poorly Photoshop myself fatter over time to see how many scrotes still fall for it

No. 1092557

I accidently wasted 15 bucks and now I am mad

No. 1092564

I'm so glad there are more alien posts here. I love extraterrestrials so much

I thought TIF were into yaoi and not yuri? Not trying to start an argument, I just thought the whole stereotype of TIFs was that they love yaoi to the point of wanting to be ukes

No. 1092565

>I thought TIF were into yaoi and not yuri?
NTA but yes. The thing is that TIFs bash fujos (non-TIFs) for being "straight women who fetishize gays". It's said that many Twitter fujos troon out precisely to avoid that sort of criticism.
However that other anon is a retard trying to start an infight again.

No. 1092567

Those anons probably were neither TIFs or scrotes, anon is just dragging the infight on.

No. 1092576

File: 1646880182042.jpeg (777.97 KB, 2048x1536, C204F1BD-80F6-400C-A704-D1BB67…)


No. 1092583

No. 1092584

2015 even though it looks more spring-y than snow

No. 1092590

2018 is best snow Miku for ever

No. 1092591

I can't wait for the whole trans thing to blow over so I can ask ugly people if they're "bio". like imagine:
>"are you bio?"
said the ratty looking grungy-junkie girl
>"excuse me?"
some uggo
Like I fucking love it

No. 1092597

can you explain this a bit more, nonnie? i don't get it.

No. 1092603

Will paul dano be the new forbidden man? He looks like an ugly girl in certain pics, I can almost see the appeal

No. 1092609

I literally stole it from another anon who said that instead of asking if someone is trans you ask them if they are "bio" like in biological which I thought was super funny.

No. 1092626

File: 1646882708912.jpg (31 KB, 236x361, Brad_Renfro_in_Sleepers.jpg)

I wish there was a space to talk about beautiful males, just to post pics of them without any sort of degeneracy
It feels like most of those spaces are dominated by degenerate gay men who wanna rape and abuse them and fujos who also wanna see them getting raped and abuse

there's no space for hetorsexual women to talk about our desire without some group taking offense to it

No. 1092638

What about the men you want to fuck and similar threads on /g/?

No. 1092643

got a reeses with potato chip ad on a youtube video of becoming potatoes.

No. 1092648

Poor Brad. He never had a chance. Another victim of the Hollywood pedocracy.

No. 1092654

his story is so fucked up and proves that hollywood deserves to be burned to the ground, the fact these goddam adults let this 13 year old become an alcoholic and addicted to cocaine right in front of them and did nothing to stop it

>Fernando Altschul, the first assistant director of Apt Pupil, told BuzzFeed that he saw a 14-year-old Renfro at an on-set party where alcohol was available. According to Altschul, Renfro was the only underage attendee.

>During Renfro's early career, his worldliness and self-confidence caused many adults who came into contact with him to believe that he was some years older than his actual age. Gemma Jackson, production designer on Tom and Huck, remembered Renfro as being 15 or 16 years of age during filming when he was actually 13. Jackson recounted to BuzzFeed that during production, Renfro had a girlfriend who was several years his senior(13 year old dating a 20 year).

>Renfro's apparent maturity was reflected in his onscreen portrayals. In his early roles, he was often sexualized and shown shirtless. In Apt Pupil, he was shown showering. He also performed scenes with sexual and violent content.

No. 1092666

When I was younger and I asked how babies were made, my brother told me that a shooting star fell into my mama's drink, she drank it and then I was born because I was that star.
When my husband was younger, he thought babies were made in petri dishes and then their parents would raise them like a tamagotchi kek.

No. 1092672

I want someone with a formal education in music and/or crapper chan to analyze this song

No. 1092688

>its a themed restaurant
can't tell if joking or…

No. 1092697

tbh this isnt that interesting even as a joke or as a stupid song. her flow is your typical southern style rap but she doesn't have a good vocabulary and she isnt especially funny so there's not much to say about it. this is like if rebecca black was a wigger so she made a rap song instead of her parents buying her recording time for a pop song. see vidrel for an actual funny low effort southern rap song.

No. 1092710

is now a good time to invest in gold nonnies? my aunt's been bugging me to invest in some

No. 1092713

No I am pretty sure gold prices are down right now and may never be that great of an investment again.

No. 1092716

Boomer meme. Invest in ticker symbol DVN

No. 1092717

I've already seen this a few times, but only in the context of trolling women on dating apps.
Its a multilayered insult. By asking someone if they're transgender as if you genuinely cannot tell, translates to them not being attractive.
If you insult a "progressive" person this way, they cannot even react as if they've been insulted, because doing so would acknowledge that transgender people are unattractive.

No. 1092742

I know I am kind of ugly and I have a less-than-stellar personality but I still think I'm cool and interesting and these factors never lowered my self-esteem.

No. 1092747

Same, I either see that other people feel the same as me on certain things or I see some absolute batshit nonsense that makes me feel normal by comparison.

No. 1092750

My husband said my vagina smells like a "fresh school lunch chicken sandwich". He insists he means it in the best way possible.

No. 1092758

"fresh school lunch chicken sandwich" is an oxymoron in and of itself

No. 1092767

No. 1092776

Did /m/ used to have an interiors/interior design thread? I want to discuss design trends and styling advice, but I’m not sure if /m/ or /g/ would be better, considering there will probably be a lot of image posting.

No. 1092778

Wish i could be your friend and we could go dig in the plastic bin

No. 1092795

i started watching breaking bad a few weeks ago and gus looks exactly like my boyfriend and it’s throwing me off

No. 1092797

stupid fucking aylien i bet their blood is blue or some shit like a lobster NICE HAIRDO BOZO FUCK OFF TO UR ANUS

No. 1092799

that's hot

No. 1092814

I could never get over him making me constantly think of Anthy Himemiya while being aware that probably nobody else finds their demeanor horrifically similar

No. 1092824

I can picture the beautiful way their pure blue veins curls under they grey skin. It probably looks like a net of rivers cascading down the hills of iceland. Or the thousand shining streams that course from spring snowmelt. Of course aliens would have Blue Blood. It is the marker of nobility. The anatomy of theirs is probably a marvel to behold.

No. 1092832

File: 1646908818555.jpeg (123.71 KB, 640x480, 30D3A630-2126-40B4-BFD9-2A2FEF…)

No. 1092834

left and middle come fuck. the glasses guy can watch, i guess.

No. 1092835

The dude one right looks like his face is melting

No. 1092849

how old is this? this is the best pic ive seen of moot

No. 1092856

They are 90s boy band material, every boy band has an ugly member

No. 1092860

I want to be the little girl

No. 1092872

Gas above 2 bucks? Well time to ride a horse into town

No. 1092875

We gettin the bikes out for some winter riding

No. 1092877

I had dreams where I was doing cute things with random dudes like going on dates and cuddling for 2 consecutive nights LONELINESS IS GETTING TO ME HELP

No. 1092884

I must really be a dumbass because I just realized this was not posted in the stupid questions thread

No. 1092892

It did tho

No. 1092930

i don’t have yellow fever, but i would fuck the asian guy

No. 1092966

Sometimes I get dreams like this but end up feeling kinda horny
The other day I had a dream where I clinged on to some tall Japanese/hafu guy's arm. He was wearing a jacket but smelled super nice, like he was freshly showered but also his green jacket had a very pleasant smell that I can't describe. His name was either Hiroshi or Hitoshi (probably the latter because in the dream I thought about "hito-" meaning "one")

I hate calling it "yellow fever" when you show attraction to any Asian guy for any reason. That's fucking dumb. Sometimes Asian guys are just handsome like guys of any other race can be. However if you were exclusively and obsessively into them without being Asian yourself, then it may be called a fetish.

No. 1092989

Kinda want to start skating

No. 1093002

moot was my first crush on a 3d male and I still love him

No. 1093003

ice or roller?

No. 1093005

Which one is it? Please don't say the right…

No. 1093006

he's a fucking traitor i hate him

No. 1093025

I read grimes' baby's name and now I want to play the sims and have an ultra edgerino pretentious family where all their names are Pulßar Quæntum Particłe Raven Way

No. 1093027

left. I have taste.

No. 1093030

I have a habit of not watching tv finales idk. Still need to watch the last episodes for Big Love, Weeds, Jane the Virgin, and Ugly Betty.

No. 1093036

wow thats a long namerino lmao.
grimes a cyutie doe

No. 1093046

This guy in the library is absolutely devouring his chips

No. 1093053

that’s true, but i had to make the disclaimer because the yellow fever accusation gets thrown at any woman on here who’s attracted to an asian man for whatever reason

No. 1093054

Michelangelo and da Vinci were contemporaries and both gay and hated each other, how are there not more enemies to lovers fics about them?

No. 1093061

Got bored and looked up the kid of an old family friend (lots of family drama surrounding this family friend) and I just thought it was so funny/weird that this kid is in college now and for some reason puts his elementary school and the year he graduated it in his bio?? What the fuck hahahah

No. 1093072

Oh I meant with a skateboard. But I would love to try ice skating too.

No. 1093079

Lighting a candle after cleaning is the best thing ever. With that being said, it's terrifying when you're lighting a candle that's almost finished and the flame climbs up the glass.

No. 1093090

How new are you damn

No. 1093091

File: 1646931284621.jpeg (71.85 KB, 680x680, C286F9A7-ABD5-4DF1-8D5F-FAC445…)

No. 1093097

2017 and 2019

No. 1093101

I hate having oily skin so much. Literally seeping out of my pores.

No. 1093102

Why does /g/ feel so different to /ot/ and /m/

No. 1093103

File: 1646931900048.png (20.61 KB, 717x160, a.PNG)


No. 1093105

Maria has seen some shit

No. 1093109

my cat has a really naggy meow kek and i wonder if it's because i adopted him as a kitten and gave him so much love and attention that he developed a nagging meow because now he's a spoilt little shit lol.

No. 1093127

Not to be a bitch, but aren't a cats meow them imitating speech, maybe you sound naggy to him lol

No. 1093138

File: 1646933795045.jpeg (16.05 KB, 225x225, DF5D6855-1463-4B85-BD5C-2F3FF5…)

Just groveled for a part time job at a coffee shop, pls lord be kind to me and let me live my barista fantasy

No. 1093141

File: 1646934322477.jpeg (57.12 KB, 550x733, 9BCECE35-7413-411F-ABEC-30CFE0…)

I was watching a youtube video on my phone while eating my lunch when an unskippable ad popped up and it was of biore’s blackhead strips and it was like “WARNING!!! SATISFYING!!” then showed a close up. Ugh!!

No. 1093168

File: 1646936485660.gif (388.76 KB, 220x216, cat-biting.gif)


No. 1093185

I was in the process of compiling a chart of 3d men I have a crush on because I was curious to see if I have a type. But as I was making it I truly became so embarrassed and ashamed of my taste that I decided not to finish it. Why am I so cringe.

No. 1093186

Kekkk I love this and I love you

No. 1093346

I think I have a type
Unfortunately that type is "dickhead"

No. 1093351

So? What's your type? Is it the same in 2D?

No. 1093355

Oh no no no no no girls shes about to learn

No. 1093467

File: 1646953236317.jpeg (74.49 KB, 750x739, 3057DB6E-9723-43C1-8BA1-988508…)

Thinking about this one time I went to visit a professor at office hours and I had just come from spending the week with my mom so when I got up to leave the room and was by the door and he said something along the lines of “Have a good day” and I replied instinctively with “Okay, I love you”. I don’t think I have ever wanted to die more than I did in that moment. Every time I remember this I want to just disappear.

No. 1093470

I'VE DONE THIS, over the phone with strangers, I feel your pain

No. 1093477

Can't be worse than the time the well-meaning but weird and fat autistic kid told the teacher he loved him in all earnestness.

No. 1093484

Physically, I'm noticing that they tend to be pale, lanky guys with dark hair. That's not too cringe even though it's embarrassing to see my tastes haven't changed since middle school. It's mostly the personality… I'm noticing a frequent occurrence of moids who are intelligent, but also neurotic and socially inept. There's something about someone being pitiful and vulnerable in a very specific way that registers as attractive to me and it makes me really embarrassed to admit that to myself. Anyway even though I am attracted to men like that, it doesn't matter because I don't generally interact with men that much in my life and I'm not looking for that to change.

My 2d husbando is a very good boy. Pretty much the opposite of my 3d type. Strange how that works out!

No. 1093494

I was looking on desuarchive (trying to find something) and saw someone's pic that was in /g/ reposted there. I honestly feel really bad for whoever that nonna is, just solidified my decision to never ever post any part of my body here.

No. 1093497

Oh that's fucked. I try not to post any pictures of myself anywhere because of people like that.

No. 1093499

what was the picture? could it have been the same nonna just posting it here and over there?

No. 1093504

No it definitely wasn't. I'll just link it, the whole thread is just them talking about lolcow. I also feel bad for the anon whos post is in the OP.

No. 1093508

well that’s fucked, all those men sounds insufferable

No. 1093524

God I hate men. I hate them so much, why can't they just leave us alone. We can't have a single place without them being the subhuman pests they are.

No. 1093529

Anyone posting themselves is a /soc/ tourist who wouldn't mind this kind of attention

No. 1093566

File: 1646960186812.png (7.25 KB, 766x123, gag.PNG)

Ew, they really think we would all be better off as Vargtards than posting here

No. 1093583

Id rather spend the rest of my life in prison than with that old schlubby navel-gazing Twitter addicted attention whore

No. 1093596

Cringing at the girl(?) in the thread actively engaging with those scrotes. I really hope she isn't also a poster here. Moids can continue to seethe that they will never be able to have a board as comfy as lc.

No. 1093597

The way these autists type is fucking awful. I know a decent amount of us are probably retarded or have something but this felt like almost as much concentrated autism as hyper fixated speed runner.

No. 1093602

I genuinely don’t comprehend how anyone can lurk on imageboards with men after being on LC, whenever I got to 4chan or any other board with men just to find something it makes me recoil, they are so autistic and fucking awful overall I cannot comprehend why some women would willingly choose to share a space with men like that.

No. 1093603

Exactly how I feel

No. 1093607

File: 1646963326186.jpg (56.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Watching bad/cheap runway fashion shows is becoming my new guilty pleasure

No. 1093609

The benefit of never being affectionate or saying I love you to anyone. haha…

>they tend to be pale, lanky guys with dark hair. That's not too cringe even though it's embarrassing to see my tastes haven't changed since middle school. It's mostly the personality… I'm noticing a frequent occurrence of moids who are intelligent, but also neurotic and socially inept. There's something about someone being pitiful and vulnerable in a very specific way that registers as attractive to me
AYRT wtf same. I also don't interact much with men so it would be nearly impossible for me to find someone like that in the first place.

It's from the Kibbe body types thread, isn't it? Not even gonna open the thread, don't wanna ruin my night tbh

No. 1093613

>It's from the Kibbe body types thread, isn't it?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure. It's that anon who looks like a Roman sculpture, I think anons accused her of photoshopping.

No. 1093614

same, though I don't find it that hard to ignore the degenerate moid shit as long as they're not ruining the thread I'm in, or replying to me. What I find most insufferable is when I find other women that I share hobbies and tastes with, and the scrotes won't leave us alone. LC is way too fucking comfy compared to that. Also threads are too fast for me over there and once a thread is bumped off page 10 it's archived so it'll be harder to gather enough people in the next instance of that thread. Since it's a scrote site of course the most active threads are full of scrote shit.

No. 1093630

I've been taking autism tests to see if my diagnosis makes sense. Checked the comments, it's full of teenagers taking the test and talking about being neurodiverse or thinking they are. I want to believe it's in good faith but my mind just jumps to Tiktok mental illness trends

No. 1093635

Joined Bumble bff in hopes of finding fellow weirdos to talk about books, plants, memes, and stupid shit with. Getting endless profiles about wine loving and partying. I feel like I'm socializing wrong. Easiest way to make friends is through alcohol not babbling on to each other about whatever subject or plants you're each fixated on in the moment.

No. 1093642

Got any good ones?

No. 1093643

Nooooo I like your way better!

No. 1093644

Yeah, link em up!

No. 1093647

Am I desperate? Need a change of glasses? Maybe I’m so tired I’m hallucinating? Or do I tend to see hot guys whenever I travel or have to go somewhere in particular? Today I saw around 4 hot guys at the place where I’m doing my internships and I want to sexualize them to hell and back.

No. 1093648

File: 1646966757166.jpg (57.21 KB, 300x429, 283930283.jpg)

ANON where are you? I wish I had an irl friend who would go on walks though the woods and take pics of interesting plants/bugs/flowers we find. Maybe I should find a hiking club I'm in my early 20s but this doesn't seem to be the kind of thing most 20yr olds are intom

No. 1093653

Nta but hiking seems to be a young people hobby rather than a 70 yrs old club, tbh, most of the people that I’ve known that are into hiking are in their 20’s or early 30’s.

No. 1093669

File: 1646968095628.jpg (193.52 KB, 750x741, DigGiOEUEAA8FD5.jpg)

Kek nona I was afraid you were asking me about my type so that you could roast me, but now I only feel kinship toward you because we have the same taste in men. No one I have ever met irl understands where I'm coming from when I talk about men I find attractive except for this one moid I knew who also browsed imageboards. I wonder if it somehow has something to do with the internet? I'm relieved you know where I'm coming from.

No. 1093671

I wanna hug this baby cow so much

No. 1093684

Ehyy? I feel like this is an incredibly popular type, incredibly so. To the point that I’ve weaned myself off of it, seeing it as some kind of cliche. Like having to look at it realistically the way tv does with chad types. What is real? Am I misguided and its it actually uncommon taste?

No. 1093685

Nona have you never been to /g/? Pretty sure there are other people there who have the same type.
>I wonder if it somehow has something to do with the internet?
I definitely think so because I've only ever seen other women online be into that kind of guy, but not in real life. Maybe that type appeals to introverts who don't socialize much.

No. 1093686

bitch that flower smells like literal shit and death that is not fun and no hiking included, those are usually only in exotic horticultural gardens. sorry for the nitpick but i do agree. i don't think it should be too difficult though, there are a lot of young people that love hiking

No. 1093698

I want to smell that dead flower one day

No. 1093703

Also 4chan bans the majority of IPs related to mobile phones and I'm not comfortable posting under my real IP no vpn there. I swear I refreshed my phone IP 1000x on that fucking hellsite and never got an address that worked. And what faggot would actually pay for pro to bypass that blockade when the site is filled with scrotes who think it's subversive and edgy to infect every thread with /pol/faggotry

No. 1093706

File: 1646971303133.jpeg (80.57 KB, 720x712, C5DA081F-BD80-4FCA-95D7-63EC4E…)

No. 1093710

I joined a women only chat room on some website I've never heard of and was instantly overwhelmed by the room culture and the pushiness of the people in the room. I just wanted a chill place to talk to other women, some place just a little more active than LC so I can have more of a back and forth with another woman, but this was just too much. It's like if you're afk for two minutes you get 30 DMs asking why you aren't participating. And understandably the women-only chats are paranoid about scrotes, so they make you post a picture of yourself. It was really uncomfortable and I actually feel stupid for going there. I made and deleted my account all within 25 minutes.

No. 1093711

hahahahahhahah yes i'll be their sherpa hahahahahahahahahahaha

No. 1093714

Huh, maybe it's more common than I thought? I've definitely met other girls who are into pale, skinny guys with dark hair but I haven't really met anyone irl who understands the attraction of someone who is smart, but also pitiful and socially deficient. It's likely that I run in pretty normie circles though. I'm sure it's also possible that a lot of men fall into that category, so even if we have the same type we might be thinking of totally different people kek.

>Maybe that type appeals to introverts who don't socialize much
You are probably right. As I said, the only other person I knew irl who understood my type was also the only other person I've known who browsed imageboards. I actually post on /g/ pretty frequently so I might even be one of the nonas you're referring to hehe. It's really strange that this is a pretty common type on the internet and yet in real life sometimes I feel like an alien when I talk about what I'm attracted to (which is why I don't really do it anymore).

No. 1093716

I was going to bid on a hacked 3ds with games already installed but my internet crapped out. I think it was a sign for me to save my money.

No. 1093717

ackshually it's from the plastic surgery thread

No. 1093724

The adult gym bro version of finding a toy inside cereal is when you buy new protein powder and have to dig for the little scooper

No. 1093733

File: 1646973970425.png (12.9 KB, 390x393, 908uy4.png)

same tbh but I gave up before I even started. nearly all my 2D and 3D crushes with some exceptions have a face like pic related, are skinny manlets (but still taller than me) and have messy/wild hair or at least curly, personalities vary somewhat tho

No. 1093739

minus the manlet part, you're me

No. 1093740

File: 1646974731280.jpg (112.27 KB, 780x974, 7b956ah487_Crux_Gould_GettyIma…)

I feel like this type has always been popular, in rock music, in modelling and in art
only moids(cause they are insecure), fags(cause they want those males for themselves) and SJWs have a problem with this preferences, There was actual tubmlr/twitter discourse of why its so problematic to be attracted to tall, skinny white dudes
I fucking hated it so much, even now you'll get shamed by these bastards for not being attracted to fat chubby scrotes cause its so problematic
like fuck you bastards

No. 1093744

i despise horse people, but i miss my mare so much. she'd stand there with me when i was sad and nudge me with her nose. chestnut mares are the best horses and nobody can tell me otherwise.

No. 1093745

File: 1646975434827.jpg (97.43 KB, 724x441, harse.jpg)

Horses are magical, how isn't every person ever obsessed with horses?

No. 1093752

Horses big and scary. I don't like their watery bulgy cattle eyes. At least they don't have horns.

No. 1093754


No. 1093755

File: 1646976432660.jpg (37.95 KB, 474x355, a friend.jpg)

but look at how pretty..

No. 1093756

File: 1646976546170.jpg (54.37 KB, 564x705, efb6ffed0e81908248e9208969493f…)

Time for horse posting!

No. 1093757

horzoi. borse.

No. 1093762

>face like picrel
Literally the ideal phenotype

No. 1093765

Those bellbottom jeans…

No. 1093769

are you that one anon who always post that pic of that skinny druggie lookin guy with long hair ?

No. 1093773

File: 1646977843238.jpg (43.13 KB, 282x480, 1a294088e4b656b7c12039ce7f82af…)

I'll help

No. 1093776

nah that one's too greasy looking for my tastes

No. 1093777

every time i have seen this one guest around my hotel today she is always so fucking bubbly and cheerful, but at check-in she said she was in town for her mother's funeral. either this woman is the embodiment of sunshine or she must have really hated her mom

No. 1093779

maybe she was the culprit

No. 1093781

She's probably expecting a hefty inheritance
I like pony

No. 1093784

File: 1646978342386.jpg (103.58 KB, 600x957, 48b1c42935cdbaf6e9fa30fab103b3…)

No. 1093792

this would make sense. she's in a presidential suit
its always the nice ones you least suspect…

No. 1093821

File: 1646980689967.jpg (150.14 KB, 640x638, 22.jpg)

Look at this meme I made in 2 minutes

No. 1093825

File: 1646980957196.jpg (617.22 KB, 3024x3024, 6y8brayatep31.jpg)

This is good meme

No. 1093831

Hmmm nice, I will save and spread it

No. 1093832

false dichotomy, they are both posting to r/mental illness

No. 1093940

I miss the zodiac moodboard nonna. I know she's backed up with orders, but I hope she comes back soon.

No. 1093946

Kek, I was not thinking of the animal zodiac when I read this.

No. 1093950

my husbando autism does a lot for my daily tasks, but nothing can save me from multiple linear regression

No. 1093962

File: 1646991086140.jpg (346.69 KB, 1080x1260, IMG_20220311_103030.jpg)

The absolute state of incels (from a thread on /vg/)

No. 1093966

You can't tell me this isn't a line lifted straight from 40 Year Old Virgin

No. 1093967

do they think boobs are hollow gallons/bags??

No. 1093974

Just had to see part of Colin Farrell's sex tape against my will and… DISGUSTANG!! I never gave him a second thought and thank god for that because it was such a turn off for like, no real reason kek

No. 1093994

Surprised you didn't see that one on /sci/. If they think that's the case, I would bet they'd think that infants are drawn to the sound of sloshing like guinea pigs are to a crinkling bag of food.

No. 1093999

File: 1646995188537.png (1.47 MB, 900x900, 0896790_pe608671_s5.png)

I'm going to ikea tomorrow I can't wait, I'm going to buy these things because I have one right now and I put it on my toothpaste tube and it's so great you can put it on the tube and when you push more paste out of the tube it won't go backwards into the tube, it will just go out, I don't know how to explain it but I hope you get it

No. 1094001


No. 1094003

ahh… I remember having a crush on him when I was younger and seeing mere images from that sex tape turned me off from him eternally

No. 1094014

Nta and don't know who it is but why? Is it how he looks or what he does?

No. 1094025

File: 1646997932313.png (382.18 KB, 650x1000, getinsideme.png)

I want it bad

No. 1094035

I hate SEO writing so much it's unreal. if I click on a search result and the first 4 paragraphs are rephrasing the question rather than just fucking answering it I'm leaving your website and never coming back again idc if you actually had the answer

No. 1094077

has he not been around a woman ever? class fellows, mom, aunt, bus seat passenger?

No. 1094135

File: 1647008559011.webm (4 MB, 576x1024, video_twimg_com-tSB_cVfgNSfLLf…)

new jkr diss track just dropped

No. 1094138

Thought this was another degenerate posting in the husbando thread at first

No. 1094141

there is no need to own Rowling haters when they do it perfectly fine on their own

No. 1094148

>jk rowling's harsh words

did they ever figure out what exactly those were? Can they even quote what makes them seethe so much?

No. 1094156

The jokes are writing themselves.

No. 1094162

I know a guy irl who has a thick irish accent and raps online, tells everyone he meets that he's a rapper (works in a factory)… I thought he was pretty cringe til I saw what adding in some legit autism and 'transpobia' bars to that mix looks like. It can always get worse kek

No. 1094165

I wish there were other places outside LC where I could express how based I find Rowling's world views. Worst is she's not even an actual transphobe even, she just cares for women safety more than in men right to insert themselves in women spaces; which the proposed bill in Scotland (the recent thing people are outraged about) would allow for. But boohoo why dont we care about "transwomen" feelings more
Somehow transmen aren't so entitled which only further proves that transwomen can claim all they want that they're women but they're still entitled, needy men at heart.
(rant over)

No. 1094170

I've been waiting in on a parcel all fucking day. An awkward fat kid in a school uniform just showed up to my door with it and didn't explain if he's a neighbour or what's going on. Walked off too quickly to ask. He's not from this street at least.

No. 1094209

sounds like a scene from a Paranoia Agent episode kek

No. 1094214

Ok, vidrel is the one that I used in my pic. It's a fashion show from a gay clothing brand. The models are all either youtubers (Nikita Dragun, James Charles and Manny MUA are all there.), trannys or drag queens.

No. 1094216

Samefag, here's another one. The clothes are just tacky and cheap looking, and you can tell the models are just random Instagram women who don't know how to walk without looking like they're trying too hard or have a stick up their ass. I won't post more to avoid spamming the thread, but they're not hard to find.

No. 1094240

This looks like a prostitute auction. Many fashion shows are really just that with fancier presentation ig, but it feels especially trashy here

No. 1094249

Thank you for sharing this story anon, it really brought me back to when I was a weird-ass kid trying hard to emulate others around me and being weirdly captivated by the strangest shit. I think it's sweet how you kept the bag clip for so many years!

No. 1094251

I love you

No. 1094252

File: 1647016769682.png (498.61 KB, 612x612, bag cli^p.png)

Jesus Christ nonnie, I ABSOLUTELY understand why you like them so much. This is so embarrassing but seeing those bag clip on the image has awakened a very unfortunate memory from my teenage years.

>Be me

>14 yo, invited at a sleepover with my girl friends
>The one friend who invited us has rich and cool parents, I’m very impressed by the house and all the technology that they have
>We are all in a room in the basement, the five of us are sitting in a circle on top of several mattresses
>It’s 11 pm and the topic of conversation shifts to “boys”
>I start feeling very uncomfortable because I was already a confused autistic lesbian at the time, and I didn’t really care about boys
>One of my friend whips out her phone and starts showing us porn for some goddamn reason
>This is the first time that I saw anything like that, and I find the whole thing grotesque looking, everyone in the room is laughing and making commentaries
>Friends can see my visible disgust and embarrassment. Suddenly that friend with the phone starts saying “oh anon, maybe you would prefer seeing two women then” and she starts showing me a typical lesbian porn made for straight men. The scene consist of one woman on her knees and the other eating her out from behind
>I stare at it for an embarrassing amount of time in pure silence as everyone is looking for my reaction
>I had no idea how all of this works and I ask like a dumbass “why is she licking her ass it’s disgusting ?”
>Everyone laugh and a friend tell me “of course not, she is licking her pussy, the angle is just a bit different”
>”I see….” I answer dumbly as I keep on staring. The room is absolutely silent.
>I starts thinking about a plan to escape this awful situation, so I pretend that I’m hungry and that I will bring back some food for everyone
>I enter the kitchen, the cool parents are sitting there and are a bit surprised to see me there so late at night
>I ask them if I can bring some food back to the basement, they agree and open a drawer when suddenly something broke inside of me
>For some fucking reason I see a bunch of those very same bag clip in the drawer next to the forks and knifes, I point to one of them and ask what they are
>They look visibly confused as why my eyes are so large and excited about those tiny little thing
>The father explain calmly to me what they are, as I have to restrain myself from touching them, they look so beautiful to me in their multicoloured plastic perfection
>I don’t realise how weird I’m am and starts to enthusiastically ask if I can try them on some bag because I really want to understand “how it feels to use them” kek
>The parents look at me a bit confused but they are nice and very open minded people so they agree and give me a some bag of bread to try them on
>I ceremoniously took one of the bag clips, a light blue one, my favourite colour. I close the bread bag with the bag clip and I’m absolutely mesmerised
>The parents are looking at me and are very silent
>I start opening and closing the bag clip in different position, the worse is that I remember that I did this for SEVERAL MINUTES, while doing it I keep on commenting about “how nice they are” and “how useful they can be in a kitchen”, and how “in my family we only close bag with clothes peg and it is not really a good tool because the air can still enter the bag”
>After a while, one of the parents realised that my mind was absolutely broken and that I was not getting tired of doing this, the father finally propose me to take the bag clip home with me so I can finally gtf out of the kitchen probably
>I turn to look at him with the biggest smile “Really ?!!! Are you sure that you will not miss it ?!!! Thank you so much !!!”
>I can’t understand why everyone will give them away, they only have 6 or 7 of them after all, but I of course, greedily take the offer
>After 10 fucking minutes of pure autism I finally go back downstairs in the basement
>All of my friends are chatting and cheering me when I enter
>They start laughing and ask what the hell happened to me
>I realise that in my hands I don’t have any food and only that one bag clip

>tfw when my mind got broken because I saw lesbian porn

>tfw when that one friend knew before everyone, even myself, that I was gay
>tfw I still have the bag clip in a drawer, in my childhood room back at my parents house

No. 1094258

Does anyone else think he isn't actually autistic, he just sucks at singing and says he is autistic for the views and asspats

No. 1094259

I love you and I will think about your autistic ass every time I use one of these stupid clips from now on

No. 1094262

I love you, thank you for making my day with this post. Now I want to get some of these bag clips.

No. 1094265

fuckin KEK I love you so much nona. My best friend has a bunch of these and I also think they're fucking awesome. My parents won't buy any of them, we just use binder clips instead but god I want some kek

No. 1094266

legendary post and pic. i love you and your bag clip anon

No. 1094272

This is one of the best posts I have ever seen on this website

No. 1094273

I got a nice birthday present for my friend who routinely gets me really cheap shitty ones with zero thought behind them. I really like looking for presents and knowing I chose a good one for that person, so I thought it didn't matter but the more I think about it the more I'm regretting it, she really really really doesn't deserve it kek. The lack of thought is what bothers me the most, we were best friends all throughout in middle school and high school (so up until a few years ago), how hard is it to take 5 minutes to think about something I'd actually enjoy personally, even if it's cheap

No. 1094286

File: 1647018337525.gif (1010.34 KB, 500x661, Tumblr_l_170374417802818.gif)

I thought this was a fire element dog

No. 1094291

It is.

No. 1094307

I am starting to wonder if I should make a tiktok, but I feel like the constant stream of short clickbait videos would ruin my autistic brain

No. 1094309

File: 1647019427397.jpg (26.07 KB, 564x485, e39739fd4db0eb9d35d522035c5f4d…)

Thank you so much nonnies! I'm really glad that you found my silly post funnny! I feel better now kek!

No. 1094311

Anon it will destroy your attention span. Don't do it.

No. 1094314

I hate your friend nona. I'm retarded and started taking gift giving on a personal level ever since I found my best friends and discovered what a joy it is to actually give gifts with meaning and thought behind them. You've known each other for so long and she routinely pulls this shit?! If she can't be assed to think she could at least get you something generic but nice. Damn, I hope you still get good gifts from other friends at least.

No. 1094317

Don't. I'm guilty of scrolling through instagram reels but sometimes the algo fucks up and I escape while I can but even then I'll still find I just wasted 30 minutes with no effort. My friends keep telling me to get tiktok but I know it would be even worse. I compromise with reels because I know it's a shitty knock off that I'm able to escape from since it's shit.

No. 1094318

I feel ya, I had a friend like that once. I "dumped" her because it was tiresome watching her chase after people who treated her badly while taking me for granted.

No. 1094321

I know I NEED to get into some kind of community to have something interesting and interactive to do but on the same time idk how to interact with ppl most of the time and I don't even feel like doing so but then I get lonely and feel like shit and do nothing with my life why am I like this

No. 1094338

You don't need a community to interact with things. Just go do the things. You won't feel lonely because you'll be busy doing a thing you like.

No. 1094341

I offered €5,- on a old 4 megapixel point and shoot digital camera with no offers on it since it was listed in december and the seller sent me an angry message how he paid over €800 for it. Yeah he did, 20+ years ago.

No. 1094343

A marital arts club might do you good, It helped me make a lot of friends

No. 1094348

there's literally nothing good on there. i don't even get how people get addicted to scrolling there in the first place, i wanted to a-log everyone on that site within 5 minutes

No. 1094351

i downloaded tiktok again and the first thing i see is women stripping twerking and sexual videos. Im going to uninstall that shit app again.

No. 1094353

>marital arts
lesson one: how to find time to sex now that you have children

No. 1094355

does anyone know why a24 has suddenly become more and more degenerate? I always associated them with popular mindfuck movies like The Lighthouse, Midsommar, and Lamb but it seems like lately they've just been pushing out weird coomer propaganda like Euphoria, Red Rocket, and now they're making a movie called 'X'. I haven't seen any of the new stuff because I don't want to but has anyone else noticed that?

No. 1094357

File: 1647022500420.jpeg (243.09 KB, 1402x1142, 608ef989c399a.jpeg)

I'm feeling h y s t e r i c a l, what about you guys?

No. 1094361

File: 1647022786000.png (77.72 KB, 211x242, angry.png)

i'm angy

No. 1094367

Some men found out my true age in work (31) and all day I've had various men congratulate me on looking 19 at 31. At what point is looking great for my age going to get me laid, I get a lot of forward 40 and 50 year olds. Then the 20 year olds tell me I can date even younger and the 30 year olds just ignore me. Sometimes I wonder if because I'm so moral God made me beautiful

No. 1094410

Sometimes I think of the pets people leave behind during an evacuation due to a natural disaster or something, thinking "it'll only be for a little bit, we'll be back" but then they are unable to return home and their pet is still just at home, waiting for them to return. Fuck.

No. 1094413

It's definitely much more common than you think nonnie. My ex was exactly your type and he was a complete manwhore, he was able to be because so many women just liked how he looked.

No. 1094438

File: 1647027851714.gif (1.71 MB, 245x167, tumblr_inline_nr1fbrQwaQ1qeou2…)

Well, looks like I can't view single posts on Instagram without an account anymore. I thought the latest restrictions were already a lot, but I guess soon it won't go any further than the log in screen. I'm butthurt about this because many artists and bands I followed up to this point only use Insta and from now on it will be impossible for me to get the newest updates. I miss those "I can scroll through the entire profile in one sitting" times.

No. 1094444

There's a lot of websites that help you get around that. Google it, I use inflact.com. It's not ideal but it works if you don't mind the workaround.

No. 1094446

gibe kissu

No. 1094452

never heard of it but I will give it a try! I used some google excisions that did a decent job on giving me a "bigger" look into an account but can't do shit when looking on single posts at this point.

No. 1094458

>There was actual tubmlr/twitter discourse of why its so problematic to be attracted to tall, skinny white dudes
Thanks, now I have double motivation to find one like that and fuck him

No. 1094473

File: 1647029676195.gif (4.75 MB, 640x554, kitten-kiss.gif)

No. 1094475

Those disembodied, haunting lips wtf. Nightmare fuel. Also TOP KEK at dude bros tits bouncing all the way through that jig at the start wtf

No. 1094494

File: 1647030551229.gif (969.92 KB, 438x219, 13BE1077-1E28-444E-9B0C-96DC07…)

I love this place because it’s really hard to get addicted to it. Anons can be so rancid and annoying it makes you actually want to go outside and do shit and never come back and then a few weeks, days, months later you’re just yearning for this dark secret pleasure that will always be there no matter the DDOS or janny. Thank you nonnies for creating this online toxic waste environment for a home for the rest of us NONNIES everywhere. Godspeed NONNIES. Toast!

No. 1094509

This will forever be cemented in my memory thank you nonnie my sides are in orbit

No. 1094517

You're right, it's definitely a more popular look in alternative scenes and art scenes. I'm not really ashamed of being attracted to tall, skinny white guys, it's more the autistic personality bit that I'm embarrassed about. If I see a guy who looks like my type but is actually charismatic and well-adjusted, I lose a lot of attraction toward him which is really embarrassing to admit.

Ah yes I'm not surprised lol. I feel like any decently attractive man ends up that way. Did he also have the pathetic, autistic personality or just the looks?

No. 1094523

There somehow exist apartments in my terribly awful city that I could possibly afford and now I want to start saving up for a down payment because it'd be cheaper or just about the price of rent in my city right now. It'd be nice if my best friend would get on board (because we want to move out and live together) but buying property is a really big decision, so I understand her hesitancy.

No. 1094558

File: 1647032986306.jpg (30.8 KB, 456x810, b1175d5e415ca86a2946e3ecfad2f1…)

kekkk nonny i'm obsessed with you

No. 1094564

My cat knocked over my toaster last night and i awoke to crumbs ALL over the table. vile fucking beast

No. 1094565

Look like the bunker threads have been removed from the catalogue, don't worry they are still available through the search feature! But I think this is a good sign that /m/ is being worked on.

No. 1094571

God this made my whole fucking week

No. 1094576

File: 1647034033482.jpg (87.36 KB, 600x464, wolfquest-original-title.jpg)

Do you guys wanna play Wolfquest with me and join my pack

No. 1094579


No. 1094581

The best way to get back at a scrote is to ignore them. If you have a man in your life who treats you like disposable trash and only contacts you for sex, here's what you're going to do. Do not rage on them or ask them why they aren't texting or doing what you asked etc. That's behaviour will just get you blocked by a scrote who sees you as disposable and will make you even more pissed/sad.

1. Wait until he comes back after ghosting you because if a man has fucked you he's going to always come back. Let him message you when he's horny. Ya know, When he's being fake nice and excited so that he can link and pump and dump you again.
2. Ignore his texts in this phase.
3. ??????
4. Profit

Now this scrote will be texting you for years complaining about you not responding or he's going to be begging to hang out. Never respond though or agree to hangout! just enjoy watching the scrote embarass himself.

No. 1094583

It warms my heart that people here play wolfquest still

No. 1094587

They're still releasing maps and stuff. Hop online sometime nonnies, we're getting more maps and wolf customizations in 2022 as well

No. 1094601

I love you, nonnie, in a friendly straight way though.

No. 1094631

I go there to troll and shit on their tastes in the hobby boards

No. 1094644

What is going on?
I swear since I made a post about aliens in my home the other day I see countless posts about aliens. What is this? I cannot believe the men in black would be so stupid to do some obvious bullshit like that to get me paranoid, no, so whats up with you guys? Is it the horny? I don't think space jesus would approve this behaviour (not like he is doing much about anything anyway)

No. 1094653

File: 1647038425865.png (297.36 KB, 407x451, hehe.PNG)

Might cause some mischief

No. 1094662

Sorry to samefag, but I didn't properly read your post until I hit post on mine. I have been doing a lot of extraterrestrial posting lately because I love aliens and UFOs. I am not really horny or a psyop, I have just been consuming a lot more information about it lately because I think my cat is communicating with extraterrestrial life which is also possibly God. In turn, that gave me the idea that I would like to play an alien otome game and an anon helped me find one while another expressed interest in creating her own which I think is amazing.

No. 1094681

File: 1647040320532.jpg (31.81 KB, 452x678, pillow.jpg)

Ooh I would like to play something like that too.
I've been writing a story about aliens since the little invisible guys got in my home, but it's nothing nice like shagging some space commander.. hmmm I miss my perfect husbando

No. 1094698

File: 1647041806435.gif (1.18 MB, 565x250, anigif_sub-buzz-450-1591897245…)

watching the entire twilight saga for the third time in a month

No. 1094699

I watched the first movie for the first time on valentines with my s/o for the lulz, and weirdly enough, we both enjoyed it a lot! I loved how the first part was so embarrassing, awkward, and bad that I could relate to the way the characters badly acted, but after that, It turned into an interesting setting. I guess people were hating it for 'girly' reasons or whatever.

No. 1094701

I go there to talk to other women and shit on scrotes who try to ruin their threads, it's fun

I totally understand what you mean by other people not getting it. And yes I also want the specific personality that I find attractive, not just the physical appearance, but it's pretty hard to find that combination in fiction and in real life it's almost impossible to find a man like that who is not a piece of shit.
I also feel like an alien here on LC but it's the best place I've found so far.


No. 1094712

ayrt, i agree. its not that much worse then other teen focused series. i remember reading the books and really liking them, but by the time the movies came out i kind of outgrew it. so, i watched them for the first time this month and now every time it's on tv (which is often for whatever reason) i watch it. i love how cheesey and dumb they all are

No. 1094714

I seethe whenever I see Robert Pattinson's face now since he's still acting in cringe shit but gets no flack for it this time (wonder why)

No. 1094769

Are any Japanese learners around ich habe question about a sentence I wrote

No. 1094776

sure go ahead

No. 1094777

File: 1647049203287.jpg (70.37 KB, 640x480, mgs2_21_837.jpg)

I want the next U.S president to be a President Johnson so I can post this everywhere

No. 1094779

Nona I’m going to kiss you for this

No. 1094780

Does this sentence make sense? Also I'm not sure if using daidaidaidai like that is common-use but I wanted to make it a point that my love is huge in an autistic manner

No. 1094791

You have good taste anon, I hope your writing goes well

No. 1094794

NTA and I'm not sure if it's what you were going for, but it makes you sound like a 5 year old anime girl. Try 好きすぎる instead if you want to emphasize really liking something. Also in this case I would use や instead of と, since it comes off as more natural.

No. 1094805

File: 1647050980016.gif (63.5 KB, 112x112, 1627435177791.gif)

Have any of you nonas ever attempted to make youtube videos/become a youtuber?

No. 1094806

I have a minecraft meme video, vids of my dogs, and a re-upload of an old flash video on my Youtube channel. I have been contacted by ad companies with offers of cash for my videos and they barely had views, but I do have a meme dog (pug). It's fun and I recommend it but it sucks how a couple of my vids have been taken down for music issues even after YEARS so that pissed me off

No. 1094808

I did, filming was super fun but editing took a lot of time and effort and I gave up on it kek

No. 1094810

Is this better? 天城兄弟やアンデやクレビが好きすぎる

No. 1094813

That is a lot better.

No. 1094816

Thank you! It's going on my in-game profile so I wanted it to at least be accurate kek
I'm giving you a virtual kiss on the cheek mwah

No. 1094819

File: 1647051887738.jpg (384.54 KB, 1280x1663, tumblr_ofv0a6WBtt1vtdfblo1_128…)

I dunno how common it is IRL but 君のことが大大大大大好きな100人の彼女 is the title of that scrote manga where the guy has 100 girlfriends (it's translated as "really really really love you" or something like that)

I googled it and it seems to be used on the Japanese net from time to time
Here's a tweet https://twitter.com/narrrrta/status/1383034868771090433
Here's a tiktok video by a yumejo https://www.tiktok.com/@yuta0307o/video/7072003506944691458
Here's a manga page from Jujutsu Kaisen where it's used (potential spoilers?) https://twitter.com/jam05289623/status/1405405504512282628
I also found this really cute fanart of Pearl and Lapis by a Japanese artist who captioned it "parody of a movie I really really like (大大大好き)" http://web.archive.org/web/20181211173411/https://bonibon0729.tumblr.com/post/152505170950/大大大好き映画のパロディ

I suppose it does sound childish like if you said "I love love love love this", not something you hear every day but it's certainly not something that you'd only find in lolishit anime.

No. 1094827

>that yuta shrine
>her icon posing with his standee
Kek based. He seems to be really popular with nips lately.

No. 1094829

samefag but I just realized that the first and second examples are a reference to the JJK thing so you may count them as a single example
still, it's used outside of JJK so I think you should be fine with using "daidaidaisuki" if you want to come across as autistically obsessed

No. 1094837

Yes! One of my most popular vids has 25k views despite it being a really crusty cosplay video from years ago lol
But I’ve been trying to do asmr since I really enjoy it and so far it’s been fun, it’s just finding the time to get ready and film and then edit which can be not so motivating lol

No. 1094843

File: 1647054440824.jpg (7.27 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20220311161821.jpg)

duckanon here. holy shit I got literally attacked today. wanted to feed them, there wad like 6 ducks at first but then suddenly there was like fucking 20 of them and they all rushed at me, the muscovys were so impatient they were agressively pecking me on my legs, I couldn't even make a photo because I wasn't able to hold still. they also started to peck the smaller ducks and make it harder for them to get to the food so I was like haha fuck you big ducks! and I was purposefully giving more food to the smaller guys who could not fight for themselves

No. 1094844

anyway tomorrow I will show the big bullies muscovys who's the boss here

No. 1094845

is that a runner duck? those guys are hilarious

No. 1094848

Yeah. They were bullied the most and I felt sorry for them, they got the short end of the stick when it comes to the duck power scale I guess. But I'm gonna make sure they're getting their share of food and I'm not gonna give anything to muscovys tomorrow, they're fat anyway

No. 1094850

I'm thinking about it, making art videos, tutorials, video game streams, dumb memes and random informational videos about things I'm knowledgeable about to clear common misconceptions, but my life is a complete mess so I doubt I'll ever make it

No. 1094859

File: 1647056632421.png (504.53 KB, 720x531, Screenshot_20220309-183117.png)

>8 hours

No. 1094870

It seems like something that takes way too much energy unless you're the type of person who thrives off of that. I used to get decent numbers streaming games 7-8 years ago (no facecam) but it reached a point where I started to feel like nobody will watch unless you are whoring yourself out/putting on an overly enthusiastic persona. I still stream but to single digit viewers now and it's more like hanging out with my friends. I can't imagine trying to actually compete for viewers in 2022.

No. 1094890

File: 1647059445518.png (5.17 MB, 1784x1276, haru-chan.png)

I am so happy I went through my Haruka Kurebayashi phase way before 2015-2016, I don't know what I would have done if I were to be compared to the whole libfem pro sex work queer movement. Now I'm just a random grungy chick with black hair and a bad haircut, I was so lucky to be able to experiment not only with hair but with clothes as well without all that bullshit on my back.

No. 1094893

Wow it's amazing when hairstyles like the bottom right shave most of their hair off yet still have decently thick braids. If I did that it would be a pitifully thin rat tail of hair.

No. 1094894

Huh, is she an e-whore now or what do you mean nonny?

No. 1094895

File: 1647059818290.jpg (8.09 KB, 300x165, 300px-I'll_Fuckin_Do_It_Again.…)

and i'd watch it again

No. 1094896

Don't worry nonny, haruka actually uses a lot of hair extensions to thicken up her hair.

I think she is still a model and recently a youtuber, is just that now more than ever having your hair blue, for example, means you are poly queer KEK

No. 1094951

Christ what a garbage Youtubes algorythm now is. It is exclusively recommending me videos that I already watched. What's the point of that ffs???

No. 1094957

I sometimes think about it but my interests change rapidly and I don't think I'd be able to make videos in one single genre so to say. Unless there is demand for true crime/cooking/illustration/history/pop culture/film theory/asmr channel where I'd upload whatever I feel like at the moment lmao

Did you make money from that video with the 25k views?

No. 1094962

I remember getting a check from google Adsense once from that video but that was one time and it was before I had an idea of how to go about monetizing your channel tbh nona
Cause now you have to hit certain milestones to be part of the YouTube partner program, which if you figure out a consistent upload schedule you can hit

No. 1094989

NTA (I'm >>1094850) and tbh I don't care about going "professional", so I would just upload videos with minimal editing and not put a lot of effort into the presentation because at this point who the fuck cares, it's too much competition.
Also if you stream games Twitch definitely gives better results.

Maybe you've blocked so much garbage from your recommended that YouTube doesn't know what else to give you.

No. 1095024

File: 1647071692743.png (836.03 KB, 893x700, B021AC4D-4284-4673-AEA6-1C9DFF…)

I need more of whatever breed of scrote these two are

No. 1095027


No. 1095031

the thing is I don't FEEL like doing things most of the time. I don't get into stuff that much anymore to be immersed into it. I don't mind doing solitary activities like going to the cinema (some ppl find it weird but I think it's great) but I have tried to do bouldering and I felt so out of place and anxious to simply be there that I dropped it.

This was something I was made to do as a kid and I was kinda considering it again.


No. 1095054

Wet rat from Flushed Away lol still want more

No. 1095055

Which one do I choose? Make a homemade copycat strawberry surfer or buy chipotle? I can't make up my mind. I need opinions. Help me!!

No. 1095057

they both look like julian casablancas

No. 1095066

We need a cool bitch music thread (I'm too lazy to make one now)

No. 1095068

Strawberry surfer. But I’m biased because I hate going to chipotle since having to tell the employee every single ingredient I want turns me retarded.

No. 1095074

Do you think scrotes who are cat lovers are better on average than scrotes who are dog lovers? Based on some examples I do think so, but I wannt hear other opinions

NTA but that guy was hot in that Daft Punk music video

No. 1095076

I agree but I’m biased because I think that of women as well kek most dog owners now are batshit

No. 1095077

I think more highly of anyone that prefers cats over dogs

No. 1095078

My Nigel has a cat so I'm biased. I'd say it depends on the type of pet owner, like does he care about the cat's health? Some breeds of dogs have a general association with more aggression and masculinity, but if he owns something like an old female berneese mountain dog who he needs to take care of it's probably different.

No. 1095084

YES. the difference is like night and day. men prefer cats are often a million times better. it's honestly so attractive to me when they are crazy for cats.

No. 1095092

Probably biased because I'm in a long-term relationship with a moid and we have two cats but yes. He's kind and patient in a way other men I've dated haven't been tbh. And my first bf who was the best and I still have a lot of respect for was a cat lover too.

No. 1095094

In general I agree but my ex loved cats and was a huge porn/hentai addict and it was so bad that it broke up our relationship

No. 1095095

i used to think i was very much a cat lady but my boyfriends parents dog is the sweetest little dog ever, she totally changed my mind, my cat used to chase her around, even though shes kinda huge, and she just enjoyed getting attention from my little scaredy cat. i could never be the sole caretaker of a dog though.

No. 1095096

I know I should probably ask this in the hair thread, but do you nonas think that an undercut like bottom row, second from the right in >>1094890 would be a a horrible mistake? The way she does the colored designs is so cute to me, but I know undercuts aren't really in fashion right now, and I have pretty long hair so it would be a pain to grow out.

I've been thinking about it but I have the same issue as >>1094957
I want to do video essays but also travel vlogs but also vidya content but also cozy lifestyle vlogs like Leah's field notes, but also study tips and maybe song covers.

I think being good with animals in general is a good sign. Dogs are the only ones that don't work as a litmus test because they're the pickmes of the animal kingdom.

No. 1095104

I bought a fancy 5 dollar cookie and it tastes like rancid fish. I'm assuming the oil they used was off? This SUCKS

No. 1095105

No because I'm too autistic to speak in front of a camera, but I still have 38 pages in my notebook dedicated to detailed ideas for videos.

No. 1095107

use TTS or just text

No. 1095108

No, I hate that damn bot voice with a burning passion.

No. 1095110

You guys know that there are some popular youtubers who make videos about different topics, right? It's not impossible.

No. 1095112

I am a popular Twitch streamer and I fucking hate Twitch chat culture, making me wish I chose YouTube instead. I'd recommend being more women-oriented streamer if you don't want to spend years deleting dickpictures in your DMs and people saying as much disgusting stuff and backseat you as hard as they can.

No. 1095118

that's not a real cat lover, that's an internet induced cat lover. cats are a meme online but realistically far fewer men tend to really love and own them. he sounds like he was an internet obsessed weeb. it's just not the same as organically grown male cat lovers. but yeah obviously it's not a failsafe, just a green flag

No. 1095128

Do you just stick to one genre of games or swap things up?

No. 1095134

File: 1647080389201.jpg (2 MB, 4000x3000, IMG20220312111702.jpg)

Please help me I'm going insane. Any dutch speaking anon here? I don't know which settings to choose for my laundry, I have a couple of black t shirts, and a pair of skinny jeans and leggins

No. 1095143

not a dutchie but when I encounter text in a language I don't speak I just use Google Translate on my phone. The setting is on right now is a cold wash, I think that would be good for dark clothes

No. 1095171

I've never streamed but YouTube always seemed better for that than Twitch to me. YT isn't great but Twitch is too… zoomery? Moidy?

No. 1095173

Aangezien er geen setting voor zwarte/donkere was is, zou ik 'm gewoon op 30 of 40 bonte was doen. Kan weinig mis gaan met zulke lage temperaturen.

No. 1095203

bought okeefes hand and foot creams and damn… this shit good

No. 1095218

Haruka's style is so much and suits her so well. I rarely see it done well outside of Japan. She just suits the super crazy colorful hair.

No. 1095225

tell us your ideas nonny

No. 1095241

Having super long eyelashes that fall out easily is a fucking curse

No. 1095260

bump, cp be careful

No. 1095283

Yesterday I drank 2 huge ass glass of latte (half of what I used to drink every morning few years ago) and went out to do some stuff outside and I was so fucking bloated and a bit nauseous, then I come home and eat this enourmous plate of lasagna, lots of cheese and cream cheese in it, then after that I drink more latte. Result: I almost died of pain. I drank lots of water and I could feel it in my stomach, like, blurp blurp, weird shit, very uncomfortable. No diarrhea thankfully, though I feel like it would be welcome in this situation so I could just get rid of it, but no, I had to suffer all the way. I guess it's time to cut dairy entirely. What the fuck is that, you fucking grow old and your body goes "nope, no more dairy for you even though you drink milk everyday since you were born". It's a fucking tragedy.

No. 1095286

That is an insane amount of fat in one sitting, of course you're going to be sick after that. And nobody can tolerate 4-5+ cups of milk at once, please use your brain.

No. 1095292

I guess the lasgna was dumb but no one in my family felt sick and we had exact the same stuff. I was used to having lots of dairy eveyday, but it suddenly changed to the point just one cup of milk is making me feel awful sometimes.

No. 1095293

my cat-loving dad was an abusive boyfriend and husband, so no

No. 1095294

yuta yumejos are based

No. 1095296

I used to drink white coffee all day long and my stomach went that way too. I switched to black coffee (which I hated at first) and after a good while of that I brought back one white coffee a day which I can tolerate. Better than nothing.

I'm not usually a calorie counter or anything like that but it's probably better not to be consuming so many calories through just drinks anyway.

No. 1095299

I truly believe that if that woman who killed her kid can still have a dating life, then all the single nonnas here can have a thriving dating life and relationships.

No. 1095306

File: 1647100204190.jpg (339.61 KB, 1080x1457, IMG_20220312_164939.jpg)

JKR is so fucking based, I am sure she browses radfem blogs based on her talking points

No. 1095307

File: 1647100316827.jpg (122.87 KB, 750x750, c26b1d046da4192fd7cd64cf427228…)

Maybe I become incredibly cinical, but I have a disgusting feeling that the new Rilakkuma merch is just incredibly lazy. They know people, especially mentally fucked ones would buy this shit because it 'says wholesum stuff uwu' but to me, it just screams cheap and forced. It looks like trash! Wah, let's slap black and white colours without any design details at all, draw a quick bear and call it 'mental helz guise'! I feel like they are tricking people onto buying shit here for pathetic reasons. This collection is literally souless as fuck. Even plush is just black and grey shit. I know brand this, brand that, but I cannot stand it when they pull 'guise its for yer mental helz' card.

No. 1095309

>Not letting troonies invade women's spaces and act misogynistic freely is endangering women!
Kek. Males always try to spin shit around and manipulate you as if they're smart but their points are never right.

No. 1095312

What is this?

No. 1095317

Its a tissue box. Everything else is crap like 'black magazine rack with a lineart of a bear and uwu msg'. They are not even trying.

No. 1095330

J.K. "go die mad scrote" Rowling. I'm getting a shirt with her tweets on it.

No. 1095334

File: 1647101937803.jpg (28.56 KB, 604x234, damn.JPG)

Girl, she is on a rampage, she don't give a fuck no more.

No. 1095340

Seeing people try to own her with one liners is so embarrassing. I saw one trying to call her irrelevant and failing, claiming she hasn’t been able to produce anything decent since Harry Potter kek. They’re so transparent with how rabidly they try to twist history and take down women they disagree with

No. 1095342

This is so incredibly based. It makes me so sad she gets more and more hate. I'm also afraid to speak up when friends/co workers bash her because I'm a coward and handmaidens are rabid and dangerous. Argh.

No. 1095343

No. 1095347

The text is cringe to me but I think it would look fine and cute with just the little bears being drawn on it

No. 1095369

Fuck I think I've become somewhat anemic due to forgetting to eat regularly like a turbo autist.

No. 1095377

I got into an argument a while ago when discussing her with my roommate, and how I agree with the stuff she was saying. My roommate's stance was that the timing of her tweets was intentional and that she was trying to dog whistle to Trump supporters or something like that (which makes no sense) even if she wasn't outright hateful to trans people.

No. 1095382

She can’t have her own thoughts, she must be blindly following a man!

No. 1095386

File: 1647104903347.jpeg (148.93 KB, 720x691, 39BE6D77-BB5F-4BF2-88F4-225D09…)

She looks like she just wants the world to end.

No. 1095388

i’m so bewildered at how anyone can think people who look like this are pretty or sexy

No. 1095390

they look like sims w cc

No. 1095391

they are uglier than sims

No. 1095392

I lift heavy so that when the lesbian republic comes i won’t be hard pressed to find a wife

No. 1095394

Samefag but this looks perfect for the relationship advice thread.

No. 1095398

thank you for believing in me nona

No. 1095406

File: 1647105987718.jpeg (247.45 KB, 1500x1262, DB16E714-98E9-4E17-AFA5-D386F5…)

I got this magic mixie and I am not!! Ashamed!!!

No. 1095411

Ouch, I looked up the price. Tbh I would def get one if they were cheaper. I've used up my monthly toy budget already lol

No. 1095412

It was totally worth it, I keep doing the most thing and my cat reacts so cutely

No. 1095416

C-can I play with it too

No. 1095419

sometimes i can still hear the cool guitar soundtrack

No. 1095420

Yo who dat

No. 1095427

I think in general liking and taking care of an animal is a green flag. Unfortunately ive met a few cat moids whose house smelled like cat piss everywhere so that was unpleasant, clearly skimping on the cleaning
On the other hand dog owners arent as many because you gotta have a garden if you have a dog (i dont consider shit like pugs real dogs theyre gross)

No. 1095430

Holy shit I love this, she doesn't give a single fuck anymore and it's great

No. 1095431

File: 1647107693192.png (1.58 MB, 1920x1080, [OZR] Re_ZERO Starting Life in…)

I just realized that one of the reasons why Subaru is hated by isekaifags is probably because his love interest isn't slobbering over his dick for no good reason for once, and instead he's the one going to the ends of the earth to impress her. The one girl who lusted after him and was popular with self-inserters got written out of the story too kek.

No. 1095438

Starting to think I need one.

No. 1095441

would you consider subaru a high value male though

No. 1095442

In my personal experience, men who are cat lovers are more sensitive and introspective but also more likely to be toxic in the codependent way. Men who are dog lovers are usually basic and more normie (or at least they try to be) but also seem less empathetic and more likely to adhere to traditional 'toxic' masculine traits. Both not great in their own way. Rat lovers tend to be genderspecials or Adam Lanza. I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone, but just from what I've personally observed…

I will admit that I think it's really cute when I hear men talk to cats. Not when they baby talk them because that's cringe as hell, but when their voice gets really gentle and soft. I swear there was this one video on Youtube of this Russian guy with a really deep voice and then when he talked to his cat it changed and he sounded so gentle and it really made me feel a certain way.

No. 1095445

He's also just an annoying baby who isn't fun to watch. But yeah I'm glad the writer made Subaru still be loyal to Emilia even if she's shit too, she's at least not a pathetic self loathing cuck.

No. 1095446

I just think he's a little bitch

No. 1095464

Ngl I think the only male protagonist in shounen manga/anime I could tolerate was Kenshin. And he was written by a pedo scrote. Jojo protags (except Jotaro) are good too, but the manga swapped to being a bit more for older audiences later.

No. 1095466

File: 1647109939260.jpeg (342.25 KB, 1450x2048, 897E3B6C-3457-495F-83C5-5EE7F1…)

When the nonnies be infighting

No. 1095470

His sperginess fun to watch imo I'd hate it if he was too serious or one of those 'so relatable' isekaishit MCs, but I've noticed it puts a lot of people off. I agree that Emilia is completely uninteresting as a character though, LN/WNfags said that S2 was meant to breathe life into her character but it barely did much. The bare minimum.
Is it the crying? I think he's kinda brave considering the shit he's experienced

No. 1095473

This is so…sensual.

No. 1095475

this is why I get horny when we infight

No. 1095476

When 2 nonnies infight for hours because of a single shitpost I dropped in the thread

No. 1095479

Ew, troon vibes.

No. 1095480

I thought his sperginess was fun to watch at first but it got tiring quick especially as people started liking him more. The beginning of Re:Zero it's when it's the best to me. The mystery of who's killing him, trying to navigate through this unknown world full of strangers who are naturally suspicious of him, figuring out his 'power', the witch etc. Around the white whale arc is when I thought it started to get worse. I also think he's supposed to be that "so relatable character". But I think I just like mysteries.
>LN/WNfags said that S2 was meant to breathe life into her character but it barely did much.
And it did, but not enough. If you breathe more life into a plain character, they're still going to be a plain character, just slightly less so.

No. 1095481


No. 1095483

File: 1647110486843.jpeg (123.03 KB, 1080x1080, F00B2D2E-C153-4A17-8138-E77AB4…)

When will you leave and learn you don't fit in here

No. 1095488

Vid rel was in my recommendations for like 2 week. I ignored it because it looked like woke shit, but I caved in and decided to click on it. In the first few seconds I was jump-scared by the troon .I now actively refuse to watch it

No. 1095489

I get horny when the daily 'god I just hate lesbos' post appears, Fight me… come beat the (half) gay right outta me

No. 1095493

Saying you get horny over fighting women online is Y chromosome energy, you won't be getting any more replies out of me

No. 1095498

File: 1647110819866.png (2.31 KB, 128x61, cow.PNG)

I love her. I think about her everyday.

No. 1095500

>Is it the crying? I think he's kinda brave considering the shit he's experienced
I don't know, I just could not sympathize with him at all. I've seen lots of people go on about how he had to suffer so much but when I watched it I just did not give a shit and still hated him. His "growth as a character" seems superficial to me or something. (To be fair I've only seen the 1st season)

No. 1095502


No. 1095517

Lesbians aren't real I guess

No. 1095521

That voice. This pains me in a weirdly personal way. As a woman with a stupid deep voice myself this is kinda why I've leaned more into short hair and a butch style… because I legit worry that with troons becoming more common I'll be perceived as one of these someday, dolled up with a mismatched baritone voice that's jarring as it comes from between some scarlet lipstick wearing lips.. I hate it.

We now have bucth troons too tho.. idek what's a safe expression for a woman with one stand out masc trait anymore. At least I'm short I guess.

No. 1095532

so lonely I've been chatting on omegle with randos. found a woman (i guess) who did nice glitch art and idk if she disconnected herself or omegle fucked up but it was a nice little interaction sigh

No. 1095534

I feel like an asshole because I was watching Season 2 of Dollface and I totally thought Michaela Conlin was MtF because of her voice. It's not like I have a super high voice either so I'm just being over-paranoid. I don't think normal people even think about that if it helps

No. 1095543

This is why omegle breaks my heart sometimes. You meet someone cool and then one of you disconnects randomly.

No. 1095545

You know actual male rat lovers? The closest thing I've seen are Aidens lmao

No. 1095550

Just wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. I had a friend with PCOS who also suffered from that and worried about her voice, but it was still unmistakably female just like the rest of her. Look at all the talented female singers with altessimo voices too, they are praised.

No. 1095556

Huh. My friends have been trying to get me to watch it for quite some time now, but I wasn't interested at all. To think that it's now these two posts managing to convince me to… lol

No. 1095560

It's shit don't bother.

No. 1095563

I second this, the characters are boring

No. 1095575

my husband

No. 1095595

File: 1647115628289.jpg (17.84 KB, 275x229, 1646378631504.jpg)

I bought a bottle of red wine, am listening to shitty vocaloid playlist and just bought the new Elden ring
Tipsy and eating paprika flavoured peanuts
Fuck yeah
I hate people but I love wine and vidya

No. 1095598

It's sad when u disconnect because omegle is dumb but I think of the possibility she was bored of me which is worse for me lmao. but at least it happened it made my day a little

No. 1095601

samefag but is there a decent alternative to omegle that doesn't need a camera or login?

No. 1095613

Hi emoe

No. 1095627

Once when I was doing stuff for lab, me and my partner were bored and talking about shit on Netflix and I was passionately explaining to her the entire plot of Tall Girl (which I had just watched) and talking about how stupid it was, especially the ending reveal about why the short guy always carried a milk crate with him. I think my lab supervisor walked in like halfway through to check in on everything. When I finished my review, I looked over at her and her face was red and she was wiping her eyes because she had been laughing so hard and it was a nice moment because she kind of intimidated me before then. Looking back on it I don't really know if she was laughing at what I was saying or if she was just laughing at me, but I choose to believe that I was so funny that I made her cry.

No. 1095638

File: 1647118460101.gif (353.79 KB, 498x498, 8F2650F0-36E6-4F79-AF0B-62CEC2…)

I just finished playing A Way Out and it fucked me up

No. 1095678

The mysteries and world are interesting imo. I find that people either love or hate Re:Zero.

No. 1095735

My hair currently looks like Christina Ricci’s in Monster

No. 1095743

My mom watched euphoria the other day because she heard zendaya was in it and she likes zendaya but she told me it was trashy and a waste of time and that there was this "weird, very ugly girl" and that she never saw a woman as ugly as her.. it was the tranny dude. I told her it's a guy and she went "oh, that's why then" like everything suddenly made sense, kek. We now bash euphoria everytime we see the ads. I love that my mom hates the same things I do and we can be hateful together.

No. 1095777

>I love that my mom hates the same things I do and we can be hateful together.
Very based

No. 1095782

I love hating men with my mom

No. 1095785

Snow is God coming on us. Hail is him throwing rocks at us.

No. 1095790

my mom is a narcissistic and abusive cunt but one of the few things we actually get along over is media and our hatred of men

No. 1095800

snow is god shaking his head(smh) gracing us with his dandruff, hail is god passing kidney stones

No. 1095811

it's me anon, let's fight then make out

No. 1095842

I love my bf but i feel like i've become sex repulsed or something, I just don't want to have sex. His sex drive isn't that high so luckily it doesn't come up too much, but basically I try to do what I can to get away from having to have sex as often as I can or else just go with the flow. It's not like it's bad, it's just like I'd rather be doing anything else.
It's also not like I have no sex drive, but I'd just rather masturbate. I don't want to have sex with any other person. I haven't always been this way, I think part of it is body image issues from pandemic weight gain, I just hate being naked now at all or being touched in anyway that reminds me of being fat.
I know I should say something, but honestly I don't know what the resolution would even be.

No. 1095848

>or else just go with the flow. It's not like it's bad, it's just like I'd rather be doing anything else.
I have two friends who went through the same and decribed their feelings on this in the beginning in the exact same way, and it developed into them now entirely disassociating during sex even with new non-piece of shit boyfriends who apparently always make sure that everything's okay. I have no real solution for you, but please at the least don't put yourself through that, even if it seems fine now.

No. 1095851

you sure you arent single-person attracted and don't really love your boyfriend or never were attracted to him in the first place? Happened to me, been convinced for years I turned asexual because of meds when I've been in a relationship with a disgusting moid. My body knew better despite me lying to myself. Rejected the fucker before I was able to mentally

No. 1095857

I think sex drives can wane but it's also linked to your opportunities and if you can be with someone you're sexually attracted too. I was in a dead bedroom situation for like 3 years until I realised I didn't find the guy sexually appealing anymore. I had gained weight etc and worked it off and thought that would make me feel better but it didn't with him. There's been people I never had the attraction fade and we were always eager for each other but we cut contact for other reasons. I think chemistry is downplayed because people act like they have to suffer for love or something

No. 1095868

File: 1647135890610.jpg (50.78 KB, 400x400, 42203-L2.jpg)

Vanilla ice cream with granola is so good. Literally life changing.

No. 1095875

im retardedly tall (183 cm/6 ft) and i like this guy who's shorther than me…..who probably doesn't like me bc of my height. is this how manlets feel all the time???

No. 1095876

The music in Queen of the Damned is so good. I used to steal my friend’s computer when I’d come over to just ignore her and look up clips of my favorite songs from the film. Also Lestat was so hot in this movie oh my god

No. 1095879

This may not apply in your case, but birth control made me sex repulsed and stopping it brought my sex drive back to normal so that might also be something to consider. I was really distraught and almost thought my relationship was over, but it turned out to just be the birth control. If you aren't on it then as other anons said maybe you're just not attracted to him and it's time to move on.

No. 1095885

fuck anon the same thing happened to me but my sex drive never came back, i just got an implant which worked really well for me last time though, and im praying to fucking god that it comes back.

No. 1095893

That line was startling familiar to me from both my own experience and my friend basically describing the same thing to me in the past, too. Is it something our brains do to protect us? I swear I used to have a normal sex drive but now it's like even thinking about it makes something come unplugged in my head

No. 1095896

I have never used a filter or beauty technology in my life. I feel like seeing myself with a really pinched anime jaw or plump Bratz lips in a photo would make me think my natural face looks worse by comparison, especially after seeing other people come to that conclusion over the years. I don't even like using a slight grain or whatever in case people mistake my skin for being filtered to fuck. Just.. would rather come across as how I am, flaws and all. I like when you can see my human skin, pores and everything. But really, it's because I know that seeing myself looking like a snatched insta baddie (kek) will make me realize that I lack those modern beauty features and it'll probably weigh on me negatively. Seeing other people use them also kinda freaks me out because I can't help but think that they'll maybe feel the same way, but I know that's just projection of my own insecurities. Seeing children use them is worrying, especially when they have a go-to filter and never deviate from it or post candids.

No. 1095900

Whenever I fuck around with filters just for fun (on my sister's phone because I don't have instagram) the way it makes me look makes me feel visceral disgust. My sister's like omg you look so good, but it makes me look inhuman. I also don't wear makeup. I think I have a problem where if I can't recognize myself it freaks me out, and I cease to recognize myself if I wear makeup or use a filter. It's like uncanny valley.

No. 1095906

I don’t have sex because I’m celibate but I find that my sex drive ebbs and flows…I will not think even about masturbating for months and then randomly be really, really horny for like a couple days. Sometimes I will just masturbate to make sure my clit still works. I’ve been on antidepressants looooong term though so I think that fucked me up and I’m almost positive I have a thyroid problem so idk get that checked if you can, it’s really common in women
Anyway I find weed helps kek. Maybe try practicing tantric sex or something.

No. 1095914

File: 1647143631910.png (107.85 KB, 500x566, onik4-when-you-move-and-the-sn…)

I've used filters before and I usually feel happier that I don't look like some bizarre freak of nature. Men reacting to filters is funny though since they'll rant about fake bitches all day but then exclusively use pictures of their girlfriends with the Snapchat filter to show off

No. 1095915

I treat /ot/ like a group chat

No. 1095918

the filters chinese girls use freak me out. the feed tab on aliexpress mobile is full of "makeup tutorials" with breaking filters and wobbly eyeliner pens. also the leg lengthening ones are the worst. you can see their knees moving and distorting when they walk.

No. 1095925

File: 1647144729266.png (454.81 KB, 700x393, 4843706E-4108-433C-8309-937FB4…)

I love to do my skin care routine because that feeling when you go to pizza face to smooth face is amazing. I started doing this thing where you apply some antibiotics in cream to my cystic acne and now it’s getting all smooth, no more cystic acne, just some spots but tbh, I don’t even care anymore about them, at least my skin isn’t bumpy anymore.

No. 1095926

No. 1095933

Same, I think my depression meds have killed my libido which is fine by me, considering when I am horny by chance the things that get me off are less than favorable. Also tell me more about your thyroid problem because I've wondered if I have one as well. Also what the hell is tantric sex?

No. 1095935

meeeeeeeeeeee, I did this recently too and feel evolved

No. 1095938

I’m glad your skin is improving anon, but why is that after photo so ridiculously shooped?

No. 1095944

How do you do that? Which antibiotics are you using?

No. 1095955

File: 1647149436593.jpeg (761.78 KB, 3000x3000, 2B70D0D7-6D22-409D-915F-8B1161…)

I use equate’s triple antibiotic ointment, it’s seriously like magic.
She probably needed the views/clicks.

No. 1095964

I can vouch for this too (that's just generic Neosporin) but I eventually developed an allergy to neomycin and had to switch to Polysporin (same thing, without neomycin)

No. 1095965

Jerma985 moves like an animated 50's waif.

No. 1095970

Thanks anons, I will look for the equivalents in my country!

No. 1096001

anon this post is making me feel crazy, please elaborate.

No. 1096032

The Turning Red ad where she screams about being an ugly red monster triggers me because it reminds me of how I felt when my hair turned red during puberty lol

No. 1096034

anon!!! love your red hair, i think redish hair colors are the prettiest

No. 1096037

That's really sweet ♥ I learned to love it now but it was shocking at the time lol

No. 1096041

I've had a few old friends and family members send me pics of the protagonist with red hair saying "it's you when you were younger!!" I'm not asian but it does kind of look like me when I was that age. My hair actually started off bright red but got darker after puberty.

No. 1096047

File: 1647160098407.jpeg (27.5 KB, 339x500, AE8407FF-1801-4200-8DC5-02A722…)

week two of waiting for the historical crushes thread to return from war

No. 1096056

File: 1647162184397.png (1.42 MB, 952x1100, 1647098150840.png)

It's 11 pm on a thursady night, you enter a small city and only those 6 places are open, which one do you choose ?

No. 1096058

pee way sounds promising

No. 1096059

Imma have to go to ass world

No. 1096061

die mart

No. 1096070

Ass world, no contest

No. 1096081

I've had my heart set on leaving the country I work in this summer, but my mind is having a hard time because I earn a lot of money here, I underestimated the amount of money I had in my account by around 10k a few days ago. The savings I've made in the past year (which is how long i've been here) amounts to double what I'd earn from a years salary in my home country. The country I'm in isn't bad by any means, I just struggle to imagine actually building a life here, I feel like a tourist.

And I'm thinking that so many people live in an area they don't like, working a shit job for shit pay and I'm contemplating leaving a good job with good pay in an aesthetically beautiful and safe place because…it doesn't "feel" right?

Anons how retarded am I actually being right now? I'm seriously asking because I was kind of set on it because it felt right that I didn't really think of it. I'm in my 30s though so in terms of rough planning my life, maybe finding a partner, 5 years counts and I want some stability, or at least a country to commit to.

No. 1096088

nut dip. definately nut dip

No. 1096095

curry makes me hurry (to the bathroom)

No. 1096100

Did you have to say this non.. I'm having curry later.

No. 1096116

File: 1647171181417.jpg (88.53 KB, 1400x1400, 864141198291f71252ff0196993f5b…)

I swear it's so hard to study something my brain must be so smooth. I've always been passive when it comes to school and learning, can it be fixed?

No. 1096118

Beware the Dehli belly

No. 1096125

File: 1647172191455.jpeg (83.34 KB, 643x800, Rupert_Brooke_Profile.jpeg)

me too nona. Also Rupert Brooke was such a qt rip

No. 1096136

He looks so Bri'ish
Particularly from the profile with that typically bri'ish upturned nose

No. 1096157

File: 1647175255420.png (221.12 KB, 374x376, 010.png)

Nonnies I was catching up with the sperging on the past couple of dumbass threads and I noticed this comment >>>1080172
I don't know why but this channels is so fucking creepy to me and I can't grasp how sooo many people are obsessed with this? What's the point? What is going on?

No. 1096159

it's hard to trigger that curiosity drive in every things, because usually people just have a handful of things they're actually interested in. Maybe it helps you to pretend you're explaining it foe a child or generally to someone else, while you're studying. At least this works for me. Sort of how cooking for other people is easier to find motivation for than to just cook for yourself.

No. 1096164

me too, lets hold hands later nona

No. 1096169

had i known apple doesnt support webm formats i would’ve never bought this ipad. I want to burn every apple factory in the world

No. 1096187

2y : i love pink
6y : ew i hate pink its for girls
16y : i love pink now
20y : ew i hate pink its for trannies
22y : i love pink actually fuck trannies

No. 1096188

My period is late by 3 days but I know its coming because I have experienced a full day of mood swings before 1.30pm. First I was depressed and cried for about an hour, then I was angry then I didn't care then I got depressed again then I decided I want to go to the shops so got a shower then while I was driving everyone was annoying me and I flipped about 5 people off and now I'm back home and got food and tobacco and I feel giddy, yet my cramps are now starting. Not looking forward to work tomorrow

No. 1096218

Ever since i found this out ive been waiting for this chance for a post like this.

Do you know that originally red toned and pink colors were considered masculine. Meanwhile the color blue was seen as feminine color?

It was like this until the 20th century when the roles reversed and suddenly pink became feminine and blue became masculine.

tldr: we had blue to represent us and now we have ugly pink.

No. 1096219

fuck sry for the reddit spacing im using a phone that automatically does a spacing when a finish a sentence.

No. 1096225

101 Dalmatians had blue for girls and red for boys.

No. 1096243

How often do you apply it? I want to try this, but I also know you're not supposed to use antibiotic creams for longer than a week straight because the bacteria can grow resistant.

No. 1096244

File: 1647184508556.png (4.45 MB, 1902x1393, file-20190418-28116-1ed39ai.pn…)

I've heard of this and wonder if Christianity was the cause of this since the virgin Mary is usually depicted with a blue drape or whatever you call that in English

No. 1096245

samefag I wish I could remember other examples as well

No. 1096246

>ugly pink
Shut up.

No. 1096253

>pink vs blue
lol purple is superior bakas

No. 1096255

File: 1647185186637.jpg (81.58 KB, 466x640, dholbach-466x640.jpg)

blue was seen as a feminine color in the west and america until the 20th century. During the 1950's Mamie Eisenhower also led to the popularization of pink as feminine color after wearing a glam pink dress.

Blue is still seen as feminine in parts of africa through.

No. 1096256

Does someone have one of those soyjacks with the elongated neck pose staring at his monitor? That shit fucking triggers me and I'm not good enough to draw it on paint but I need to show it to someone doing that same shit pose. I hope the horror will make them change their ways.

No. 1096259

Note to self: next time don't drink the whole bottle of wine
My head hurts so fucking much. Well it's a price for the good time.

No. 1096260

What channel? >>1080172

No. 1096262

I've always wondered how we ended up gendering things like a whole colour or even scents. For the most part I prefer 'male' scents so my bathroom looks like a mans one but with some tampons thrown in breaking the overall theme.

I used to think the rising tranny numbers would result in more unisex marketing of products but if anything there's more and more effort now to scream that a product is for men… and then I still buy it cause I like the smell.

No. 1096271

lol am retarded and couldnt link it properly, ty nonz that's it!

No. 1096278

File: 1647186759227.jpg (45.3 KB, 1080x311, Screenshot_20220313_165135.jpg)

I need the tumblr post thread in /m/

No. 1096293

File: 1647189040484.png (Spoiler Image,95.57 KB, 680x685, 8af.png)


Spoiler because soyjacks are ugly

No. 1096296

yes! this one but from a lateral prospective so you can see the shitty deformed neck better. Saving this one too kek

No. 1096303

File: 1647189736802.jpg (78.23 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20220313-114220.jpg)

>I've always wondered how we ended up gendering things like a whole colour or even scents.

I've recommended this book before but I can't stop posting about it: Women's Work by Elizabeth Barber.

For most of human history, our wardrobes were small, and used to indicate aspects of our lives. You could tell who was married, who was a citizen, who belonged to which class, and even random things like who was a Shakespearean actor. Or a woman who never had children. Even the way you wore drapes indicated your status.

Clothing was like a signature, and it's honestly not hard to see why colors were gendered too. Humans like sorting and assigning, and following preset norms.

No. 1096338

I miss chivalry.

No. 1096342


No. 1096343

maybe my unconventional celeb crush and I look somewhat alike and the only reason I've wanted to fuck him is my own narcissism? but how can I be that narcissistic when I think I look like a gross human muppet. It's not like I think I'm attractive or anything. it's paradoxical and I don't like it

No. 1096355

and now I'm doubling down on my dysmorphia and consciously aware of how creepy my face looks when it starts emoting. I hate my big unsettling eyes, I hate my facial lines, I hate my long philtrum, I hate my weird lips. I maintain a constantly meh expression even when working my service job because my hatred of my own appearance worsens and worsens

oh my god this is why I am an ugly woman who barely anyone ever talks to. it's like my appearance alone radiates intimidating psycho energy and I can't escape it. this is why I only attract crazy people I literally look like a crazy man who everyone thinks is ugly except for me and I'm going to die alone. help

No. 1096360

Idc i hate blue

No. 1096369

File: 1647193187573.jpeg (193.05 KB, 750x1142, 0AEC7A6E-AF86-40F5-AAD4-D8504E…)

No. 1096370

paul dano's face is so wide. why are men's faces so wide

No. 1096373

I like that wholesome education

No. 1096375

Pink=men isn’t that crazy to me. Red is the color of blood, war, violence so it’s be natural to associate it with men, and pink is just light red. Technically the complete opposite of red is green, but if you can afford fancy dyes you’re not going to pick a color as basic and common as green, so blue it is. The sudden switch from pink being a men’s color to a women’s color is much more interesting to me.

No. 1096378

I want to stop having ugly thoughts

No. 1096383

I call myself bisexual but I'd literally rather put a loaded shotgun in my mouth than a penis. That is all.

No. 1096389

That's perfectly normal. Many straight women also feel this way.

No. 1096390

Understandable, considering how unlikely it is for a gun to spontaneously fire.

No. 1096401

nonna I hate my short midface/philtrum, zero respect or intimidation factor. I know it sucks to have face feature you cannot change. I bet your face would be my ideal face. what kind of crazy people do you attract?

No. 1096426

File: 1647197744948.jpeg (188.08 KB, 750x1094, 15A2A25F-85F2-4A52-BB4C-FA0A8D…)

damaged. I've dealt with some complete psychos. when they are nice and do stick around they often end up demoting me to a second rate friend and are still mentally crazy. i literally don't think i have ever had a normal, stable friend. idk what's wrong with me idk what aura I project and I only assume it has to do with my appearance, someone once told me I had an extremely tense vibe and it's never left me

i'll practice expressions trying to make myself look normal, but every aspect of my features disgusts me now. I used to be fascinated by my contradiction of a visage, able to own it. and now i want to break the mirror

No. 1096442

My casual feminism is saying sis instead of bro, and sensistive balls instead of sensitive vagina.

No. 1096498

anons moralfagging in the unconventional male attractions thread are so funny. What do they think that thread is used for?

No. 1096508

I went from wanting to look like a uwu skinny waif dressed in twee a decade ago to wanting to look like vid related in my late 20s

No. 1096513

File: 1647203915200.jpeg (78.12 KB, 701x616, F2C252D8-87FA-4147-A74D-4DA5D6…)

fml Peter Draws is so retarded he’s cute

No. 1096519

File: 1647204092954.png (344.98 KB, 662x536, baba.png)

>order frequently from this one shop
>made a very small order today ($4)
>turns out I don't have enough of the local currency (I thought I did) and it's too late to change money
>ask if they can come for the money tomorrow
>they say no because their cashier could get in trouble
>I say okay, and tell them to bring it tomorrow
My friend said the store was in the wrong (and that they're rude) because I spend a lot of money there, and they shouldn't have a customer unfriendly policy. IMO, it's their policy and if there's a chance it could cause problems for them, it's not really worth it. It wasn't a big deal, but she's pissed on my behalf, and says I should find another store. I'm autistic, was this actually rude of them? The store has rare/hard to find items and stuff so I also don't really want to just drop them

No. 1096521

No that isn't rude, it's how a business works kek regardless of how often you purchase from them. I can appreciate your friends passion though heh

No. 1096524

their policy is reasonable imo. your friend sounds entitled

No. 1096526

actually the opposite of red is cyan

No. 1096527

looks like zuckerburg

No. 1096531

Nta but I once complained on LC about always attracting damaged people who would tell me all about their really private mental health situations and about being bullied etc. really soon upon meeting them and one anon replied and told me that maybe it's because I'm sort of a "clean slate" or a very "neutral" person to talk to and I realized that was true; I talked just barely enough to hold a conversation with but never talked about myself, how I spend my free time, didn't share opinions etc. Since then I've started being a bit louder/present in my behaviour, share more about my private life etc. and I've had it happen significantly less. So maybe it's more so something about your behaviour that attracts those people and not your look?

No. 1096533

File: 1647204477536.jpeg (53.81 KB, 1280x960, 1400967008479.jpeg)

NTA and I love you but the opposite of red is definitely green, check any color wheel.

No. 1096537

File: 1647204715419.jpg (464.21 KB, 2053x1994, color-wheel.jpg)

>check any color wheel
Ok, I did

No. 1096542

No, the store wasn't rude. They where right about the cashier getting in trouble, the money needs to match the sales register. Also they can't trust you will actually pay when you've already got the item. Sometimes in very small, trusted communities where everyone knows everyone the store might've told you "nah it's okay, take the item and come back to pay later" but even then it would've not been rude refusing that.

No. 1096544

kek artfags tell me which one is right

No. 1096546

File: 1647205052732.jpg (56.19 KB, 602x602, main-qimg-f63656236a6873b74fab…)

This one >>1096533. Red and green are complementary.

No. 1096551

They’re both right, CMY palette was made up for printers or some shit

No. 1096553

File: 1647205610514.png (228.61 KB, 520x344, fff.PNG)

I love reading tinfoil about aliens where can I get more

No. 1096563

I want to fuck ayyliens and I’m tired of pretending I don’t.

No. 1096568

I relate to Bartelby the Scrivener

No. 1096569

I'd actually be afraid of them kek

No. 1096572

The idea that RYB (red, yellow and blue) are the "primary colors" is a myth based on limitations that artists used to have for the pigments they could actually acquire back then. CMY(K) and RGB have an actual scientific basis. You get red by mixing magenta and yellow paint, blue by mixing cyan and magenta paint, and green by mixing yellow and cyan paint. You cannot achieve a clean, vivid pink/magenta with this >>1096533
And, I mean, how can red and green be complete opposites when they both have yellow?
RYB is more limited than CMY, and there's practically no reason to use it nowadays since now we aren't limited by pigment availability anymore.

No. 1096593

File: 1647207715371.jpeg (198.73 KB, 893x940, DB0B92C8-FE80-4D95-952B-DBD0A9…)

Maybe. I barely talk to people anymore and come across a lot more aloof. I've always felt like a void so maybe it's my absorption of others problems and my empty self hatred that makes me desirable. They can project. If that were the case you think I'd attract more people all the time. Not weirdly and at random intervals.

Irony in the fact that I'm fucking crazy, I just prefer to internalize it. I shouldn't be calling anyone else who dares interact with me crazy, I'm the one who thinks I come across wrong both physically and aura wise

No. 1096598

I always use the female form in my gendered language as default and assume everyone on the internet is female unless explicitly stated otherwise, even when they're talking about their wife and six children.

No. 1096600

unbelievably based

No. 1096601

This is not at all an accurate wheel.

No. 1096603

mind posting an "accurate wheel" and explaining why that one's wrong and yours is right?

No. 1096604

Because I went to school and orange is the opposite of blue, suck my left titty and get litty

No. 1096605

File: 1647208341201.png (623.78 KB, 1571x783, Chevreul's color wheel.png)

No. 1096611

File: 1647208625002.jpg (29.3 KB, 500x487, wtf is going on.jpg)

what is happening?? who is right??

No. 1096616

I know nothing about art but >>1096572's
>And, I mean, how can red and green be complete opposites when they both have yellow?
convinces me, so I'm voting for her

No. 1096618

Thanks anon, that's interesting!

No. 1096619

File: 1647208833027.png (107.31 KB, 850x534, Diagram-of-the-lights-electrom…)

The opposite of red is blue/ultraviolet

No. 1096623

How does red have yellow in it? orange has yellow in it

No. 1096625

File: 1647209096267.png (57.91 KB, 1081x538, Additive-and-Subtractive-Color…)

No. 1096627

I mean think about it, I'm surely not the only one here who tried to create pink with red + white and maybe a tiny little bit of blue when that didn't work, and ended up with a greyish-purple mess. Magenta is impossible to get with red, so how can it, instead of magenta, be a primary color?

Yes, orange is red with extra yellow.

No. 1096629

File: 1647209314060.jpg (18.01 KB, 564x558, I AM CALM.jpg)

No. 1096635

File: 1647209564595.png (13.88 KB, 348x227, 8bf42a2d-e04b-401a-886f-ed53d0…)

I just watched mean girls and I am so fucking triggered by the math nerd teams picking the girls as their weakest link because it gave me such insane flashbacks to being in math competitions at school. Jesus fucking Christ, it hit too close to home, I have PTSD from the smell of those guys.

No. 1096638

Yep, notice how your pic shows both the RGB additive color model (for light, used for things like screens, goes from black to white by adding light of different colors) and the CMY substractive color model (for pigments, goes from white to black by adding pigments of different colors). None of them are Red-Yellow-Blue.

No. 1096640

Why would you put blue when you're trying to make pink?? All of your opinions are being discarded.

No. 1096644

File: 1647209789529.jpg (67.18 KB, 720x755, gb76t1aulng31.jpg)

No. 1096646

My brain right now

No. 1096650

File: 1647209914933.gif (777.89 KB, 220x220, nonverbal.gif)

I'm posting confusing replies on purpose to further the chaos

No. 1096653

I didn't know shit at the time ok? Someone said that adding a tiny bit of blue would make it less reddish/cooler (in other words, magenta), which is what I wanted to do.

>you won't be able to make red from other colors
kek then how are printers able to create red by mixing magenta and yellow all the time? What kind of retard wrote that answer?
>if you want a cooler red, try mixing red with a small amount of blue
See? This is the exact same advice I was talking about, and it's EXACTLY what I did and ended up with a shit color that was nothing like I wanted. LMAO
vid related

No. 1096655

File: 1647210251021.gif (7.25 MB, 360x640, alien-selfie(1).gif)

Did someone say aliens

No. 1096656


No. 1096658

This thread is in shambles, I am in shambles

No. 1096659

Mix me with you and we got the color of love baby

No. 1096662

File: 1647210396325.gif (730.93 KB, 498x346, me rn.gif)

No. 1096664

KEK. Smooth, anon.

No. 1096665

Sorry anon, that was my fault I guess.
Hope you learned something about colors, at least. Don't fall for RYB propaganda.


No. 1096666

What colors do I need to mix to make the perfect grey?

No. 1096667

File: 1647210530238.jpg (72.84 KB, 954x702, uehhhhhh.jpg)

This is my natural state.

No. 1096668

File: 1647210531616.jpg (82.45 KB, 960x720, slide_1.jpg)


No. 1096669

I did learn anon, I just need you to be hold for a while.

No. 1096670

File: 1647210608828.jpg (330.92 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20220313-172939.jpg)

Sometimes they're blue. Like in avatar.

No. 1096671

My brain is so fried I don't even know what I wrote. just know ily anon

No. 1096672

where do blue aliens come from?

No. 1096673

What is their preferred pronouns

No. 1096676


No. 1096678

>a bbw alien romance
excuse me?

No. 1096680

File: 1647210852498.gif (63.64 KB, 220x204, blue-dab.gif)


No. 1096681

Blue vaginas I suppose

No. 1096682


No. 1096685

File: 1647210945302.png (50.2 KB, 1000x1000, ryb-color-wheel.png)

RYB color wheel supremacy. I believe in her.

No. 1096687

File: 1647210998604.jpg (52.28 KB, 582x600, Floating on Space.JPG)

absolute mood

No. 1096688


No. 1096689

File: 1647211043741.gif (389.42 KB, 356x200, 200 (4).gif)

No. 1096690

File: 1647211083331.jpg (54.29 KB, 761x1024, CyIsVQNWIAE7o7w.jpg)

Big Beautiful Walien.

No. 1096691

Ok but the color wheel debate is missing something VERY IMPORTANT which is: are there stable pigments for CMY palette? I heard neons/brights are basically never stable and may require multiple pigments. It’s really quite moot if CMY is not lightfast, it’s useless to real artists

No. 1096692

File: 1647211088872.jpg (267.4 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20220313-173722.jpg)

No. 1096693

I am fucking dying

No. 1096695

Rogger is that you homie???

No. 1096696

enjoy your ugly pinks

No. 1096698


No. 1096699

File: 1647211215554.png (9.2 KB, 1200x1200, Color_icon_rose.png)

All pinks are beautiful.

No. 1096700

File: 1647211218810.png (645.17 KB, 935x488, jungo.png)

why is the thread so fast right now

No. 1096703

You're the one putting blue in your pinks like an autist, my precious cow. That's called a purple.

No. 1096704

We're horny

No. 1096705

Yeah I guess I am or maybe just retarded I can’t see the answer in that pic!

No. 1096707

I got on about the color wheels and other nonas were just as passionate, I love to see it

No. 1096708

IME CMY is superior to RYB even if, in practice, the colors you end up with aren't always perfectly accurate (due to the things that pigments are composed of chemically). Like I said, RYB is just more limited, though the difference might not matter much to some people, so you may use whatever the hell you want.

No. 1096709

File: 1647211360467.jpg (347.87 KB, 1006x1505, Screenshot_20220313-174145.jpg)

Pic related, it's me and my nigel

No. 1096710

File: 1647211383996.jpg (17.93 KB, 362x447, 4b628932cbe983510c33c413792a2b…)

we runing

No. 1096711

It's okay I forgave you already

No. 1096713

We all make mistakes and learning from them is good.

No. 1096715

File: 1647211492187.jpg (49.2 KB, 360x425, 1646895181863.jpg)

Men are built for labor and service

No. 1096716

So with CMY I gotta use at the least twice the pigments to get the same colors? Wtf

No. 1096717

File: 1647211514757.png (79.48 KB, 316x309, labeledcolorwheel.png)


No. 1096720

CMY and RYB nonnies should kiss

No. 1096723

I applied it for around 4 days.

No. 1096724

I owe someone $20 because I told them James/Jeffree would be troons by 2022. If they don't Troon out by June imma have to pay.
We made this bet in 2020 btw. I wonder if they even remember?

No. 1096725

I'm not kissing a retard

No. 1096726

>RYB color wheel
opinion discarded

No. 1096729

I'm sorry for dumping on you when you're clearly making progress in your color journey

No. 1096730

You're such a PICKME

No. 1096731

File: 1647211683341.jpg (111.42 KB, 736x980, 14a6f3fcca9311d321879c377bd598…)

CMY and RYB nonnies

No. 1096732

spits on you

No. 1096733

I will kiss whoever wants to kiss me, line up ladieeez

No. 1096734

How cute!

No. 1096735

my new OTP

No. 1096736


No. 1096737

Yes, but obviously, you can just buy red/blue/green instead of mixing them from cyan/magenta/yellow. I was just arguing that RYB aren't the actual primary colors since you can still get them by mixing other colors (which you can't get by mixing), and that the opposite of red is cyan.

No. 1096738

me! me! please!

No. 1096739

Okay I'm willing to settle our differences.

No. 1096740

>since you can still get them by mixing other colors
No you can't, oh my god.

No. 1096741

Daily reminder that the y chromosome is deficient and that as much as 10% of the male population has diminished color vision

No. 1096742

Is it really that common for flamboyant, openly gay men to troon out?

No. 1096743

File: 1647211842786.gif (996.43 KB, 201x200, 200 (5).gif)

No. 1096744

File: 1647211871326.jpeg (62.45 KB, 569x348, 8304A820-0F50-421A-B7BA-5CFC3B…)

No. 1096745

No. 1096746

I’m confused how this addressed pigment stability and number at all kek

No. 1096747

File: 1647211904566.jpg (57.43 KB, 735x912, 20fc157840af329692c32dd92da8ed…)

Okay but no tongue, I'm a virgin (this year)

No. 1096748

Sad and pathetic. 20% sad 80% pathetic.

No. 1096749

File: 1647211930703.jpg (41.08 KB, 507x720, f6598f0a032cfc05d5418bae3b93d7…)


No. 1096750

That’s it CMY nonnies are digital art fags who need to touch paint

No. 1096751

File: 1647212021378.png (217.14 KB, 840x918, 198-1981948_cat-angry-angrycat…)

I don't image you provided

No. 1096752

File: 1647212042396.jpg (113.24 KB, 735x413, 1646104872343.jpg)

mods watching this thread unfold

No. 1096753

No. 1096754

Preach it

No. 1096756

Sex work is real work and digital art is real art

No. 1096757

Drake why are u on LC

No. 1096758

I already mentioned that in the previous reply tho >>1096708
The chemical composition of the pigments makes the resulting colors inaccurate sometimes, so it's safer to just buy Red/Blue/Green to avoid having to deal with that, and to only get Magenta/Cyan if you really need them

No. 1096760

File: 1647212157173.jpeg (62.3 KB, 399x504, 1645424491676.jpeg)

Posting for the anon on cytube, this is the pic I was talking about. I believe this was done in Korea.

No. 1096761

Could the ducks get it?
Yes ☑
No □

No. 1096762

Actually computers use RGB and for graphic design purposes you use >>1096668
CMY is more accurate than RYB for real paint

No. 1096763

this image is illegal in china

No. 1096765

What's this?

No. 1096766

this is sad as fuck, she looked like a model

No. 1096767

I am illegal in China

No. 1096768

File: 1647212327692.jpg (19.48 KB, 267x275, 1531701568078.jpg)

No. 1096769

She got a jaw shave.

No. 1096770

Jaw and cheekbone shaved off

No. 1096771

Kpoopies be like: it's natural she just hit puberty

No. 1096772

Yeah that's actually what I learned in school, we have magenta, cyan and yellow paint, as well as white and black, and we weren't allowed to use any other paints. We had to mix everything ourselves. Also, who's side am I even on? Who am I?

No. 1096773

Me on the right

No. 1096774

Looking foine

No. 1096775

File: 1647212531979.jpg (70.2 KB, 552x583, Screenshot_20220313-180138.jpg)

>cums inside

No. 1096776

Which uhhh where??

No. 1096778

Is it wrong to think that her head looks too small now? Like, in an uncanny way. Knowing that she shaved off her face bones doesn't help

I think that's pretty cool actually

No. 1096780

File: 1647212730768.jpg (277.74 KB, 850x1316, kiss.jpg)

me submitting to the fine-art nonnies

No. 1096781

No, you're right. Admittedly, as someone with a chubby undefined face, I would kill for her jaw.

No. 1096783

File: 1647212892741.gif (19.81 KB, 220x220, cat-catcry.gif)

She was already so attractive this picture is depressing and maddeningggg

No. 1096785

File: 1647212960064.jpg (158.47 KB, 492x574, Plastic Surgery changes.jpg)

From incel to power bottom

No. 1096788

that jaw fixed him

No. 1096789

He looks the same except wearing makeup and photoshop smoothed skin. At least until the profile

No. 1096791

File: 1647213263370.png (317.28 KB, 600x587, 4ydr3y.png)

No. 1096793

Idk, but they had all the makings of a HSTS.
-hate for women (Jeffree)
-fetish for the magical "straight man" who fucks men in the ass.
I could see them trooning or at least being non-binary so they could get some sympathy.
Also, sidenote looking back at how many people legit would feel bad for Nate thinking he was a poor "straight" scrote, being overwhelmed and brought by Jeffree is annoying. Shit even I was one. Nate is bisexual. Even after Jeffree he followed troon/gay pornstars. It's clear that he likes men and probably even liked Jeffree but loved his money and being kept more.
I was so naive back when Jeffree's drama was at its peak. Can't believe I ever felt bad for that scrote.

No. 1096800

she looks so much better before

No. 1096802

What are the essential pink flavoured movies?
Legally Blonde, Heathers, Mean Girls?

No. 1096803

Nah, anon. Sometimes there is no place like home. Just don't move on a whim. Make a good long term financial and personal plan on what you are going to do and how you are going to live there, before you go back.

Think about something that makes you happy, a purring kitten, a hug from your mom, whatever, and try to let that feeling show on your face.

Also, if you don't catch kids starring at you, doubletaking, or making comments that have their parents apologizing, it's not that creepy.

This motherfucker has long, long ass horns, and wings, and tattoos. Jesus, talk about all the basic kinks combined.

No. 1096804

I keep thinking about a Panty and Stocking Netflix adaptation being announced in the future. I wonder how awful it would be

No. 1096805

File: 1647214514406.gif (1021.3 KB, 320x320, snufkin-6359.gif)

[I. Eruption]


[II. Stones of Years]

Has the dawn ever seen your eyes?
Have the days made you so unwise?
Realize, you are

Had you talked to the winds of time
Then you'd know how the waters rhyme
Taste of wine

How can you know where you've been?
In time you'll see the sign
And realize your sin

Will you know how the seed is sown?
All your time has been overgrown
Never known

Have you walked on the stones of years?
When you speak, is it you that hears?
Are your ears full?

You can't hear anything at all

[III. Iconoclast]


[IV. Mass]

The preacher said a prayer
Save every single hair on his head
He's dead

The minister of hate had just arrived too late to be spared
Who cared?
The weaver in the web that he made

The pilgrim wandered in
Commiting every sin that he could
So good

The cardinal of grief was set in his belief he'd saved
From the grave
The weaver in the web that he made

The high priest took a blade
To bless the ones that prayed
And all obeyed

The messenger of fear is slowly growing, nearer to the time
A sign
The weaver in the web that he made

A bishops rings a bell
A cloak of darkness fell across the ground
Without a sound

The silent choir sing and in their silence
Bring jaded sound, harmonic ground
The weaver in the web that he made

[V. Manticore]


[VI. The Battlefield]

Clear the battlefield and let me see
All the profit from our victory
You talk of freedom, starving children fall
Are you deaf when you hear the season's call?

Were you there to watch the earth be scorched?
Did you stand beside the spectral torch?
Know the leaves of sorrow turned their face
Scattered on the ashes of disgrace

Every blade is sharp; the arrows fly
Where the victims of your armies lie
We're the blades of grass and arrows rain
Then there will be no sorrow
Be no pain

[VII. Aquatarkus]


No. 1096807

what would they do with garterbelt

No. 1096808

Probably destroy his character by making him an extremely flamboyant yass queen gay man. Like Titus from Kimmy Schmidt

No. 1096812

But honestly I don't know what would be worse, marrying him without plastic surgery or marrying with plastic surgery and not knowing about it until you have his children kek

No. 1096823

you cant snap kpoppies out of their delusions that easy nonas

No. 1096834

I honestly do not like people with the same name/nickname as me. Be fucking original.

No. 1096864

Are any fujo anons around? Did Lan Zhan really fall in love with Wei Ying in the small time period they were classmates?

No. 1096920

No. 1096937

What part is confusing?

No. 1096947

No. 1096958

I hate myself for being so dumb at math. the embarrassment is eating at me from the inside honestly. i couldn’t even face my 20 yr old cousin who made it into the deans list for nursing. i already figured out which method i would use to ctb but i need to wait until the right time when my parents have enough money for the ambulance and funeral costs.

No. 1096960

You just need a good teacher

No. 1096970

File: 1647226195831.jpeg (70.63 KB, 720x713, FE09313C-A998-4D81-BF25-334337…)

>hates husbandofags
>thinks they’re kind of strange in a off-vibes kinnie sort of way
>becomes a husbandofag myself

i’ve seen the light

No. 1096976

Who changed you?

No. 1096985

Unlike kinnies, we are aware that our husbandos aren't real. It's just like thirsting over celebrities while knowing you will never meet them irl. It also helps cope with the fact that we're straight women with a libido but don't want or can't be with a real man (whatever the reason is)

No. 1097029

don't say i won't meet my celeb irl nona

No. 1097048

welcome to the club, anon! i wish you and your husbando many blessings

No. 1097049

File: 1647233250977.jpg (75.85 KB, 720x648, tumblr_d0651db638a1411f8b80aa4…)

people who pretend gay men are never misogynists are delusional.

No. 1097051

god i fucking despise faggots

No. 1097061

Why do they always use "science" as an argument when they're retarded?

No. 1097073

i love this place but i need to take a break and ultimately should stop coming back here. these kinds of sites i feel i have to check regularly take up too much mental real estate for me. the only way to stay off is to not want to and to fulfill what needs it fulfilled in other ways so i will try to do that.

No. 1097075

same, I'm a slave to this place

No. 1097109

I am talking to a guy for the first time in 21 years and I don't know what the FUCK I'm doing aaaaaa I've never been one of those people who regret not dating in high school (because I genuinely had no interest in it) but I'm starting to a little, some experience would be useful right now

No. 1097194

Lemme bitch about /g/ users. Hopeless bunch.
I just read the term "anti-hybristofags" there. That's how they call normal people. Same energy as troons calling women cis.

No. 1097197

I hate this bullshit thats not even an alien thats just a blue human. Fucking gross. The aliens i want have multiple limbs, scaly skin, and are terrifying

No. 1097227

File: 1647254754072.jpg (426.82 KB, 2048x2048, Tumblr_l_32403695380471.jpg)

samefag he asked me out aaa help, also he told me to send memes and I just I realized that most of the memes I have on my camera roll are from here and all of them are transphobic and/or completely incomprehensible to normal people let alone men let alone men from my non English speaking country. like how the fuck do i explain picrel to a guy

No. 1097229

I am learning Geography on lolcow.
Here's what I was taught so far:
>Australia is the melanoma capital of the world
>Sweden is the STD capital of Europe
>Ukraine is the CP capital of Europe

No. 1097236

can't decide who's more retarded : the triplets who are so inseparable that decide to trick a man to marry them all or the man who can't even tell who he is going out with and eventually marries the triplets as his tiny brain thinks he married the same womanx3 and doesn't care about being lied to?

I would love to see what happens with these people eventually

No. 1097238

This is so cute anon, hope you like him and have a good date! And for normie memes just check Instagram @daddyissues_ is the account my normie friends all share

No. 1097239