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No. 1086480

Oh ho ho, a lucky number…
May this be the thread you find catharsis in.
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No. 1086485

I hate pms. I hate pms. I hate pms. I hate pms. I hate pms.

No. 1086499

I hate how one person can control how I feel so much. I'm tired of crying and having thoughts about killing myself. I hate how I get treated like shit everyday and still can't leave. I hate how even when she isn't speaking to me she still interferes with my daily life. I've been doing this for so long, I can't anymore.

No. 1086508

I'm broke, depressed and I fell off my diet and alcohol break for at least 7 days. I've been wanting to drink everyday. Just drink and not care. I feel like my life is going nowhere and I'd take being black out drunk tonight to not feel over anything. It's getting so hard. I want to drink but I don't have money and sont want to deal with the shame of it all. I drunk a whole 6 pack of Truly 20 ozs too days ago and I barely got drunk.

No. 1086579

Of course it's over now but I really, really hated highschool and college. They were legitimate torture and now they're over I'm scared of getting a job because I worry it'll be just the same experience again. Forced to be somewhere I don't want to be with hours of no social interaction because I don't fit in with the people who are also forced to be with and I'm not good at socialising therefore I'm not good at 90% of what they want me to do. At least jobs pay I guess. But I don't know how to just "get over it", it was genuinely traumatic to me.

No. 1086601

High school was torture for me but I work at a small office now and it's so chill. I find the "high school 2.0" fear about workplaces is valid if most of the staff is young and there's someone who likes to start drama. Or if it's shit like sales. But most in my office are just doing thier own thing and there's other antisocial people too.

No. 1086629

I keep dreaming of my ex, but when he was more attractive and younger. He's a couple years older but oh boy he did not age gracefully nor did he become any better in life. He was diagnosed as a sociopath around last year so I don't know why I bother thinking about him. Now that I think about it, all my exes aged horribly and most of them are under 30. Most of them peaked from 18 to 20. I dont understand how quickly they started to bald, get fat, and overall just become so prematurely wrinkly. All of them used to be muscular and had a full head of hair. Now they're just depressed psychotic balding lardasses who think they deserve better than what they got to fuck in the past. Ive learned to not date men who have absent fathers because they have the likelyhood to 99.9% cheat. I don't know what it is about not having your dad in your life that causes people to want to cheat, but damn.

No. 1086631

>wait why did you describe my pysch o ex????
Fuck i hate men

No. 1086632

How did you get that job? I haven't had a job before so I doubt I could get a comfy office job as my first job, and I live in a rural area in the countryside so I don't even know where the nearest office is

No. 1086635

you literally live in lolcow.farm land lmao

No. 1086641

File: 1646508946591.jpeg (26.76 KB, 444x556, 0DC38A8F-8B41-4684-B595-9DEA59…)


No. 1086648

I’m heartbroken

No. 1086651

My office is actually for a bunch of blue collar workers and not a big corporate one. I answer emails and phone a few times a day and add it to their schedule. It's very slow some days so I just shitpost. Wherever there's electricians, pest control, HVAC people etc, there's a home office for them somewhere.

No. 1086693

Friend is asking me for advice about her self-harm and I'm just sitting here trying to figure out what to say. I just managed to move on from a life time of obvious self-harm that I never got any support for nor had anyone really acknowledge even when I was honest about it, so idk what to say to her really.

No. 1086694

Lol guys are such a mess it’s insane. I was very up front with a guy from the beginning about not wanting casual sex. So we would just hang out and go on dates for the beginning. I told him making out was okay. Today we are supposed to go on a date and I asked if maybe our first kiss could be romantic, since I never had a romantic first kiss, and due to the conversations we had had before it seemed like he would maybe understand. It made him seethe sooo much though. He said it was annoying him that I switched plans so quickly, but I didn’t switch any plans. I’m fine with making out, I just want to have a romantic first kiss together for once. And if we can’t have that today, then it’s fine since there will be plenty more opportunities in the future. We both agreed we would take it slow, so it’s not an issue to me. I told him that my reasoning didn’t matter, though. This is what I’d like and if it’s an issue to him, we don’t have to meet up. I really don’t care that much and I have plenty of other things to do, lol. He started whining a bit and murmured about how it was a lot of gas (dude just don’t come, idgaf. Find a different girl or respect my boundaries.), that he was annoyed at me etc. He hung up on me really angrily too, it doesn’t make sense. Why do they throw these weird tantrums. He wasn’t getting pussy anyway and he knew it, so why the bratty attitude. And if he doesn’t want to come he doesn’t have to, I’m not the one causing problems about it. He can find a girl for a one night stand and I truly wouldn’t care. But I have a feeling he doesn’t want a different girl and wants me… it’s so hard for men when they actually have to work for what they want and can’t just act like babies.

No. 1086703

Men think "taking it slow" means anal waits until next week

No. 1086706

Most men hear "let's take it slow" as a challenge and get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing if they can break your boundaries. It's gross.

No. 1086707

Why is therapy so expensive i need it so bad

No. 1086718

You've got boundaries and maintain them, I unironically love that for you.

No. 1086744

Based nonna.

No. 1086785

I've gotta stop but I can't I literally can't I know it's an addiction and ruining my life but I can't make myself stop why is it so easily accessible for me

No. 1086797

File: 1646514008201.jpg (46.81 KB, 687x400, 02b24346c1e7a93c89c7e0e3490b10…)


No. 1086804

I have a two appartements in the same bulding, i live in the appartement on the 3rd floor and the studio on the 1st floor is in renovation. My (male) friend just ask me if a friend of his could spend the week end in it with him because he wants to go to a party i can't attend. He took some of my sweatshirts and left.
He hasn't send anything in 4 hours.
I feel so used, he didn't give me anything, i haven"t seen his friend, he told me other wanted to come but it say anything.
I feel so used, i'm confronting him as soon as he come back, i'm too nice to be angry during his night out.

No. 1086806

>i'm too nice to be angry during his night out.
Do you have a crush on him or smth? Ive never heard of a male friend using a female one its usually other way around as it should be

No. 1086808

I showed a friend the Dysphoric documentary and she still didn't peak. It's not looking good anons.

No. 1086815

lmao he's an ugly gay moid, he's an hypocrite who spend an entire day telling how much he hates his alleged best friend. I also pay a lot of stuff when we go out but i just learn he has more money than me ?

No. 1086825

How does one mourn lost time? I feel unable to be productive every time i remember 6 years of my life to mindlessness

No. 1086850

File: 1646517090316.jpeg (132.03 KB, 640x420, 519F9F6C-AD7E-43EB-B30B-17EF1A…)

Don’t mourn it, it’s lost time, all you will end up doing is lose even more time and keep on mourning. You could try becoming a professional mourner using your lost time as inspiration to cry though.

No. 1086854

There is no argument you can make for trannies that wouldn't apply to people who want to change their race, yet the latter is still largely mocked, why? Why is one delusion okay but the other isn't?
I want to have a genuine conversation with a tranny/trans supporter about this, but I know it's impossible to have an actual conversation with those people.

No. 1086866

File: 1646518227622.jpeg (216.98 KB, 1280x960, 2D23FA2B-E35B-4170-A338-60AEBB…)

I've been a sad sperg all day.
I worry I won't be fully happy until I can be fully out of my parent's house, and still feeling lost and directionless in life which I'm sure is common for 18 year olds but most 18 year olds have family that support them, at least the ones I know…
ALL of the ones I know, actually.
Which just makes me feel worse.
They say comparison is the enemy of happiness, but of course I'm jealous that my only friends that are my age got offered their own place and job just because they were born into rich families and how it'll likely take me years, if ever, to work up to something they just got handed to them. Life is unfair, of course it is. I know I have it better than a lot of people too. But it's very hard to be happy in a home you don't enjoy living in. It's very hard to find the motivation to work when housing prices are so high and when you know you won't have a comfortable home to return to after work. I just don't know what to do. I'm expected to figure everything out by myself but most people have parents that helped them or were born in a more fortunate place. Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself. I feel very lost and I'm not sure how to make myself not lost.

No. 1086879

I wish $10,000 would just appear in my bank account every week so I don't have to get up and leave the comfort of my home and work a 9-5 everyday and barely have enough energy to do what I want afterwards. I can see why some women get on twitch and act all cutesy now but I don't know how to copy that behavior without wanting to rip the skin off my face.

I'm taking a vacation for my birthday, that's a little over a week where my friend lives so hopefully that'll help me remove these thoughts.

No. 1086881

>characters hug while holding hands
>vagina starts clenching
Being a KHV legitimately kills

No. 1086886

Cut him off. Faggots are the worst men ever.

No. 1086892

File: 1646519595046.gif (1.86 MB, 568x320, 6B5F180E-205D-4EFC-9278-AA94C2…)

>mfw forced to stay in the UK for years
I am literally Eren Yeager. I am forced to stay on a tiny island full of giant retards I want to BREAK FREE

No. 1086897

File: 1646519719133.jpeg (129.72 KB, 1200x1283, 1635539061409.jpeg)

>Just found out my sister's friend is now going by they/them pronouns, dyed his hair blue, and is in a poly relationship with two of his roommates. (both are women)

Absolute clown world. It was painful listening to my sister trying to explain pronoun shit to my mom. I want to know who hell encouraged him to do this and if his roommates really are women or just trannies.

No. 1086899

I love Harry Nilsson so much. What a brilliant, brilliant artist.

No. 1086900

And Bobbie Gentry! My God, I can talk about that woman all day.

No. 1086901

File: 1646520140046.jpg (274.67 KB, 1280x876, tumblr_d0ec26a70e47d7af509e9e2…)


No. 1086921

I like where i work but some of my coworkers are too slow, one manager personally doesnt seem to like me, and now an older coworker 40-55 age range has started saying sexual comments when ive very dryly said im a lesbian and into a girl. I feel disgusted by it and after my managers melt down last night for something she scapegoated me with i have to look for a new job. I hate that it turned out like this within only a month.

No. 1086946

My sister has a creepy scrote as boyfriend.
>My sister and i are discussing about how horrible war is for innocent civilians like women and children.
>We are saying how men who do war crimes like rape while being in the army should be punished and just how horrible men can be me.
>Suddenly her boyfriend buds in with saying that we also wouldn't know how far we would go in a situation like that. He weirdly defends it by saying if you really hate someone like the country you are at war with you would do horrible things to civilians because uh monkey brain. >He suddenly started asking me that if i were raped by a man wouldnt it be the logical response of my dad be to rape the daughter of the rapist
>Sis exclaims loudly that he surely wouldnt do that if he was the dad
>Scrote bf says he doesn't know if he wouldn't do it

Wtf, was this conversation. He literally admitted to possibly being able to rape girl as some "punishment" for other scrotes he hates? Like wtf why was his first reaction to defend the rapist actions and even saying he finds it logical to rape some innocent girl just because her moid dad did the same thing? Scrotes have such fucked up brains, like i have so many examples of him being also super controlling in the relationship and an outright freak. I really dislike her bf but she has been with him for years so i know they wont break up.

No. 1086949

Wtf, please try again to convince your sister to break up, now you have more arguments to use. He literally sees women as property

No. 1086951

it's a cult. at this point, i don't bother being close to anybody who believes in that crap. all i can hope for is that it eventually collapses on itself within the next two decades.

No. 1086953

Logical response is for the dad or spouse to not rape a female relative but the rapist himself. There was a crime case in my country where a spouse and father raped and taped the rape of a man who attempted to do the same to his wife. Then he leaked the video so the guy would be exposed and lose everything.

No. 1086962

File: 1646525005845.jpg (32.17 KB, 474x475, bunnyhug.jpg)

idk the answer nonnie, other than to just move forward and try to bury your regrets. What's done is done, and there's no way to undo the past. I'm in the same boat as you, I feel like I wasted the last decade of my life living in a dream and am now scrambling to catch up.

But we've got the rest of our lives to catch up and make up for lost time. We're all going to make it, I believe in you.

No. 1086964

This cat is so beautiful like a puma

No. 1086971

This happened 2 years ago but haven't told anyone. My father asked me if I had a bf. There was a guy who was into me and I show him his picture. My dad tells me I'm so ugly and that's why(?) handsome guys always go for me and keeps mocking my looks. I've had handsome guys be interested in me before and my dad gave a very surprised response back then too. The guy asks me out, I freeze and leave because I'm so insecure and think I'm so ugly. See him out with another girl soon, she's very pretty and think she's the one he should be with.

No. 1087019

Everything is so unnecessarily complicated, I wish things were just simple and then you die. How did things get this way nonnas….

No. 1087027

why do i have to see a beautiful old fox with it's dark orange fur and hope that no one calls the police on it so it won't die

No. 1087066

Without getting into too much detail, I was an extremely sexual child. I have a lot of childhood memories of me trying to get my friends undressed, touching other peers inappropriately, and getting in trouble for taking off my clothes in public. Since I was 4, my primary interest when it came to having friends over was to do stuff with our bodies. It wasn't just curiosity, but I recall having a real sex drive when I was in kindergarten onward. I stopped getting invited to sleep overs because I would be extremely weird and make other kids and parents uncomfortable. I did things that were more extreme and disturbing that just getting undressed. My parents never questioned me or put me in therapy regarding it, they would just be upset with me and tell me to not be naked around people. I hate being explicit because it's just disgusting and I feel like I was kind of evil. I just want to be clear about the extent of my behavior at that age. I guess I just want to know if it's at all possible I WASN'T sexually abused as a child? Almost every sign points to yes, including low self image and chronic stomach aches and anxiety, but I just have no memory whatsoever. Even with everything indicating I was, I don't think it's possible for me to actually process that or take it seriously, because I have no memory of it.

No. 1087076

It's both a blessing and a curse

No. 1087103

File: 1646537456994.jpeg (47.6 KB, 442x469, 4E56FDC2-44E3-482C-A2A3-0FD9F9…)

Men really be out there looking at their phone lock screen pics of there smiling, gorgeous girlfriends, unlocking their phones, and immediately opening pornhub

No. 1087105

i hate myself for growing up fat and valuing male attention, am skinny and attractive now but still cant relate to anyone or healthily date or deal w male attention cause of early sa. i still feel bad when men buy me things or are nice to me and express interest in me but i'm just not interested, how did you guys get over this? an anon wrote on here a while ago a rant about how stupid men are and how good it feels to be superior to them because their horny and gross and emotional and they see a woman and immediately get flustered and emotional, it really helped me somehow lol to read this womans takedown of them. i cant find the post anymore but does anyone know what i'm talking about? or any other recs for reading to become pinkpilled

No. 1087112

I was such a spaz in highschool and a lot of people tell me that i was a kid and it’s fine but i don’t remember girls my age acting that way they seemed so smart and composed… i got into weird phases reading race and culture related bullshit (for some reason i adopted my abusive much older siblings (who told me this) thinking for like 2 years? Even tho they shat on me? I should’ve went the opposite direction?) and i’m so ashamed… i made it known too… i had a friend who met me while i was like this and would give me the side eye after graduation everytime i tried to distance myself from that persona i created i had a moment where i was embracing things pre said phase that i liked like anime manga vidya etc etc i was desperately trying to bring a sense of normalcy into my life and she would remind me of it i feel like a fake everytime i do something i truly like and enjoy in the present time i get reminded of this embarrassing time of my life i wish i could turn back time i wish my parents told me to love myself and others

No. 1087113

I fucking hate eating why do we have to eat? and 3 times a fucking day none the less the fuck I hate it here

No. 1087119

You don't have to eat three times a day.

No. 1087121

how many times are enough to not die? I really don't wanna eat 3 times a day anymore

No. 1087126

Like once. Remember to drink lots of water though!

No. 1087128

I like that plan, thanks anon.

No. 1087169

File: 1646542832663.jpg (61.5 KB, 500x500, lainy.jpg)

this tif told me i exuded such "masculine energy" and i told her in turn that she seemed very feminine. had a lot of fun with how uncomfortable she got.

on this note i often get mistaken for a guy/tgirl on the web. i dunno why it makes me smile.

No. 1087180

exact same
how I get categorized & how it turn it around on gendered ‘energy’ obsessed losers

No. 1087182

how *I
even better irl when someone has to explain offensive sex role stereotypes to justify their weirdass praise

No. 1087185

a lot of people don't remember it anon… i think you should talk to a professional because you probably were. you weren't evil though, you were a child and i don't think a kid really gets the extent of what they are doing and why it is wrong. i hope you're doing okay now.

No. 1087186

I hate my body, I hate being short. My proportions are so ugly, my torso is so fucking long and my legs are so short. My family all have long legs, why couldn't I get any good genes. I look so stumpy and ugly and I hate it.

No. 1087190

Kek so much for based nonna me. Let him use me and I still wasn’t good enough because he’s emotionall unavailable. Offered a shoulder to cry on and listened to his trauma and still not enough. Never enough just never enough for love. I wanted to even let him fuck me but I couldn’t because I wasn’t aroused and it hurt me so much. I tried but it hurt so much I almost passed out. I want to be enough

No. 1087191

Farmer genes prevail this is peak performance. Function>beauty grab that hoe let's till.

No. 1087199

A skunk sprayed in my house tonight (near the back door) and I can’t stop gagging. I think the air is mostly clear now due to open windows but the stink is still sticking to me even after showering and changing clothes.

No. 1087206

why would anyone call the cops on a fox?

No. 1087240

I'm suffering with extreme heartburn/acid reflux for like 2 months now. This is agony. Tried a dozen different meds and nothing fucking helps. Go to retard doctor, get a camera stuck down my throat. Hiatal/esophagus hernia confirmed. He just tells me to keep taking the pills that don't do shit. Like hello retard maybe I should have surgery to fix this shit? I guarantee if I were a scrote this would already be fixed by now.

No. 1087247

Recently have added online window shopping as an escape mechanism in my already large repertoire of them. I put off buying things so it's not a financial concern. But instead, I obsess over buying the perfect item or getting the best deal, fantasizing how happy I'll be when I buy it and have it in my life. When I do buy things they can make me happy, but other times purchase is revealed to be a poor decision.

No. 1087284

Ever since the start of this month i can’t shake the feeling that i’ve had a bad life so far. I’m 22 and my life has been a series of unfortunate events i can feel my sanity slipping away and my sense of identity is so blurry after a couple of bad years. I faced a ton of hardships and stress from a young age and i feel ruined and broken i think i’m irredeemable and i can’t shake off the feeling that its time for me to take my life and leave while i still have some dignity left

No. 1087288

Look dude, every couple of months you do something that affects me and our relationship greatly, and every time I try to confront you, you play the victim card, tell me how you have 0 friends, you're having "a mental breakdown", etc. Etc. Like that time I told to you stop bringing up my abusive ex in conversation cause it hurt me, and your answer was "I almost od last night and you don't care" as if I'm somehow supposed to know and be responsible of every shitty desition you make. Then I stop talking to you for a while, cause I have problems more important than dealing with you, and instead of taking that as a hint, you see it as a cue to pretend nothing happened, and then start talking to me again like whatever. The situations have been escalating like crazy the past years, to the point they no longer affect just our relationship; you literally made a scene in my house last time, and the image that left on my family was just priceless dude, I had to go out of my way to talk to everybody involved and ask them not to do anything to you. And I wish I could just stop being your friend, but chances are you're just going to go victim complex again, and argue that I'm "abandoning you", or that I'm "being awful to you", and so on instead of understanding that you did this to yourself, and is not easy for me to take this decision. I wish I could still talk to you, cause honestly we have such good times, but how does any of that still matter, if every three months you start saying you're going to kill yourself if I don't do what you ask of me? You're holding this friendship hostage dude, and I'm this point I'm no longer interested on negotiations. You need some serious professional help, and I mean actual help, not just buying xanax off some guy you met at uni. I really wish I could actually come and said this, but I'm a coward, and I'm scared that if you actually go and die, is gonna be on me, so I guess I'll just suffer through until the day I die, huh.

No. 1087302

I am so tired, this is the second day of no sleep and its 5am again. Agonizing.

No. 1087313

File: 1646561077550.jpeg (112.46 KB, 680x633, FH-zGtyWQAIGf2b.jpeg)

As I get older my patience for scrote nonsense gets less and less. Now when one of those things makes a lame "joke" or stupid comment in my presence I just ignore it. No fake laugh, no acknowledgment. They get so mad its hilarious "oh I guess you didn't hear me" no I heard you moid, I just don't recognize your words as having any value.

No. 1087316

File: 1646561199440.jpg (17.1 KB, 474x466, 69d745f469c030dadd0293bd48d36a…)

Found out my husband's been cheating on me virtually as I expected was happening because it's been an ongoing issue since we dated 7 years ago and I'm just so fucking over it nonnies, no one was awake while I went through a shit ton of emotions but I sent my bestie screenshots and vented to her and then in turn sent the screenshots of my venting to her to him while he's passed out on our couch. I took my whole daily atarax allotment and hoping I'll pass out soon but Idk if that will happen. I was so fucking close to self harming tonight after seeing it and thankfully didn't give in. I'm about 10 years clean of cutting I think and thankfully still going strong but fuck tonight was rough. Nervous for him to see the messages but also beyond caring at this point. It's not emotionally driven and we've had a relatively open relationship because he's more poly driven than I but I'm sure but the effort put towards sexting randoms could easily be fixing our fucking dead bedroom life. I haven't been proper fucked in a year now meanwhile he's sending dick pics to randos… Hold me while I wait for the meds to kick in nonitas?

No. 1087317

Recently ended my friendship with a lesbian friend that I met over the pandemic. She was an obnoxious twitter user who went to my college. We used to share stories together but she outright admitted if we werent friends she would deffo sent me death threats bcoz my story is problematic. I actually let a lot of this slide because I genuinely cared about her.

But when i introduced her to my new friends from school, she went batshit insane. Got really angry and jealous everytime one of my friend got an award or paper published (I run in the higher academic circle). I couldn't let this slide and ended things.

We're taking the same class, and it's mostly online. But there's an exam this week, and I will be forced to be in a room with her. Im not scared or anything, but I will be cringing during this entire exam.

No. 1087319

Take care, anon. Get off your phone if you can. Playing a familiar video game weirdly knocks me on my ass during periods I can't sleep.

No. 1087323

playing video games is quire literally the reason i dont want to sleep. theyre very, very, VERY entertaining. i forced myself to logoff just now was straight up havin a blast still wanting to play more

No. 1087330

fair enough. i thought maybe you were just anxious and not addicted to video games.

No. 1087335

i can't tell if it's love or infatuation. he makes me feel safe and i want to be with him all the time, but i could just be blinded by lust idk

No. 1087338

he's not worth a relapse, why should you hurt yourself when he's the one who fucked up? you deserve better nona, go get laid

No. 1087361

I hate your husband and he deserves nothing good in life, dumbass coomer that can't appreciate the things he has in his life, forcing you into accepting that awful semi-open relationship. I hope you'll find the strenght to divorce him very soon. And I'm very proud of you to manage to not self harm, I know how hard it is sometimes.

No. 1087366

File: 1646564761547.jpeg (166.09 KB, 996x1184, E88FC554-E5A8-4DFD-8CBA-FCA600…)

>stay at mother’s house four days if not more most weeks
>wake up this morning, have a five minute shower
>mother is outside the door waiting to go pee after i had just asked her if she needed to and she said no
>as i’m going into my room she says “anon you can’t shower here anymore, you live with your dad”
>tfw here four or more days a week
>tfw hormonal body acne that i have to stay on top of
>tfw moved out of mum’s because she had a bpd meltdown, threatened to kill herself, and then left the house without her phone and me and my sister had to get the police involved for the millionth time that she’s pulled that same stunt
>tfw toxic mostly absent emotionally unavailable father who i get along with more than bpd mum (but only because i’m also emotionally unavailable because of him) who has recently started losing his eyesight and is ten times more emotionally unavailable so i can’t even try to cheer him up without him shutting me down
>tfw he’s also neurotic about using water for showers despite having baths every single day
>tfw went through whole crisis of confidence because i thought i was being selfish and wasting water, started timing my showers and they were always less than eight minutes every time, literally never even got close to ten minutes which i’ve been told is “too long” my whole life
>tfw crippling autism and now i’m paranoid about wasting water so i only shower every three days to accommodate neurotic parents despite autism that needs healthy routine and also body acne
>tfw now can’t shower for four or more days if i’m staying at my mother’s house
>tfw can’t get my own place because i'm stuck on waiting lists still and was literally told they’re just waiting for someone to move out of their home, i’m quite high on the list because of my situation but even then it’ll probably take years to have a place of my own
>tfw chronic depression and anxiety, autism and history of suicidal tendencies
>tfw “get a healthy routine for your mental health uwu” is the only advice i’m given
>tfw can’t get a healthy routine for my mental health uwu because of toxic parents
>tfw can’t just move out because life doesn’t work like that
>tfw not autistic siblings are both in their own places after working hard as fuck and i’m self pitying because my autism has quite literally ruined my life and stopped me doing so many things i wanted to do
>tfw this whole thing has been set off by something as stupid as not being allowed to shower for four or more days
>tfw autism and bad parents

No. 1087375

my dog died last week and i miss her so much. she was a 14 year old dachshund. i miss you lisa, you were my only friend and i hope that we can be reuinted one day i love you so much

No. 1087379

My condolences anon ♥

No. 1087382


No. 1087386

There is no reason to laugh if you don't find it funny.

No. 1087397

Dangerously based ily. Makes me think of the time I happened to be at a party with this annoying as male who everyone over-hyped and said was "totally so funny". Turns out what people think is funny is just him hearing something funny someone else said and just cutting off the person and repeating it a little louder. So funny to see him short-circuit when I ignored his retarded "jokes" and didn't give him the reaction/validation he wanted.

No. 1087404

File: 1646566806180.jpg (14.96 KB, 206x275, 1610209243387.jpg)

Fuck. It's all fun and games until you actually match with someone on tinder and have to respond to her message. How do I stop being such a socially anxious retard?

No. 1087464

I hope the men who make those alpha male podcasts get a fucking car dropped on top of their head. I hate that they spread that stupid shit and make men even more annoying and evil than they already are.

They get right back to being fucking lonely anyways so why they continue to listen to their retarded advice is beyond me.

No. 1087472

File: 1646572756450.jpeg (502.99 KB, 1242x1197, B284E70C-4C45-4ED2-B85A-84DB8E…)

>W-wahmen are just as evil as men g-guys!! Equality!!

No. 1087473

I slept over 10 hours last night after getting barely more than 5 hours every night the previous week and I'm still so tired. I have to go grocery shopping and sort my work clothes out and make lunches and I cba. I'm booking time off tomorrow I have unfinished furniture to build and need to sort my life out. Bitch, I'm tired

No. 1087474

Amen. Had a cute guy that liked me but had to reject him because he bought into that alpha male mindset and it was so fucking cringy lmao

No. 1087475

Plus I had only one strong drink last night after not drinking since Christmas and I'm suffering for it. My stomach is in knots. I can't function lol

No. 1087476

>women could only rule kinder and gentler than men if they're not complete people
If anything THAT'S misogynistic. We've come full circle.

No. 1087477

Oh and of course the qrts are full of trannies agreeing

No. 1087480

Yet every Joe Rogan listener I know is a mega pussy to put it in layman's terms.

No. 1087481

Gretchen never got kissed in high-school and blamed other girls for it.

No. 1087495

your husband is a literal brainlet bing bing yahoo digital feedback retard, polyshitting stdbags deserve to permanently live on someone elses couch

you can use a bucket to shower if you're really autistic and paranoid I used to do it when I was really poor, it's fine and not that cold also it's kind of more efficient than showering somehow, get bucket lather up extensively shave (optional), scrub down with water (use one hand to pick up water so it's not cold) and rinse with rest of bucket water or by going in shower quickly. easy

No. 1087501

most modern social media and internet spaces encourage men to be incredibly toxic, condescending and up their own ass. Reddit makes men incredibly up their own ass, you're unable to carry a discourse with a Redditor he will bombard you with hundreds of science articles. science as in biased social sciences with no real quantifier of objectivity. They are deaf. Cannot listen or truly engage. To them it's a power hierarchy, they just want to win.

4channer men see you as subhuman simply for being female and they encourage this in their circles.

Men are addicted to porn which is now something propagated culturally. Both men on the right and left are incredibly ideologized towards women

No. 1087504

I used to hate fujoism but yesterday someone replied to one of my posts with Russia being drunk over America. I never felt this before. It made me blush. I think I am sexually attracted to depictions of countries being homosexual. I don't understand it very well. Two random characters I find them disgusting, but the idea of two countries personified makes me feel good

No. 1087505

Had an agp come to my workplace today. Probably not trans but a crossdresser, since he looked like a relatively normal man. I work in customer service so when he had to pay he ""accidentally"" flashed me a picture of himself in awful makeup and wearing a ratty wig. Literally wanted to strangle him then and there, knowing he did it because I have to be nice to him and he most definitely got a kick out of it.

No. 1087506

>Men are addicted to porn which is now something propagated culturally.

men oppressing and sexualising women has always existed of course but i do genuinely miss the days before the internet where porn wasn't as accessible. i feel like internet porn really fucked it up more allowing young boys to watch the most fucked up content for free without any sort of safeguarding.
my brothers grew up during the 80s and early 90s and they said it was a lot harder to find or watch porn back then unless you somehow managed to get stuff from the top shelf of stores or find a stack of videos/magazines in a shed. i also remember them saying shit like choking a woman or bondage etc wasn't even a normal thing and unheard of for younger men and women getting into sex/relationships.

it's so wild looking at that vs now where if you just enjoy normal healthy loving sex without any weird violence or choking you get called boring and vanilla. i really fucking hate both men and the internet for allowing more violent and extreme things to just become 'the average' and normal.

No. 1087507

Every now and then theres one anon who storms through a thread i lurk and they are a total bitch for no fucking reason. I feel like Im having a lunch at a cafe and this anon is at another table yelling at the server who is just doing their job. Its like this person has been active here SO long they are absolutely livid anyone else would post in -their- thread and berates anyone who says chill.
Like, maybe you're the bigger cow in real life and it drives you crazy? Please go somewhere else. Like another forum or the fucking gym. I wouldnt want to know you irl.

No. 1087508

because of the internet it has turned to an entire new level of sex addiction and it makes most of them develop erectile dysfunction so they become useless in bed while they expect you to perform like a pornstar

No. 1087513

I'll forever be mad there wasn't an ID-requirement implemented along with the first official porn sites. It'd be harder for kids to access it, and while grown men would still watch it, they'd have to get over the emotional hurdle of having stuff like that associated with their identity first, like it used to be when they wanted to buy magazines or rent porn at some video rental store.

No. 1087541

No. 1087549

Fucked up thing is as of now many young girls are tricked into liking porn, being told that its empowering and that only boring christian prudes are against porn
like I have witnessed some horrendous shit when I was just 11 years old and I was convinced that I was into degradation and being treated like crap, It took a long time of self healing, some vanilla erotica and understanding partner to "fix" myself essentially

No. 1087551

i was reading the winona thread and though my heart breaks for her death and what her family must be going with, i cant help but pathetically imagine what would happen if i became a junkie. people would care about me and want to help me, i wouldnt have to work, id always stay pretty and tiny from not eating, i could live my life how i wish to without being corrupted by society, work, college. i would be seen as someone who is truly struggling because i show it and not just dismissed because i push through work and school for my own sake. but its so tiring. i could be so loved and escape through drugs and its so enticing to me to start getting them.

No. 1087556

it's enmasse brain washing. It changes your brain chemistry and turns you into a mindless drone. It's not something that the human mind should be subjected to. It makes you dumber, lowers your self esteem, affects your IQ points, the way you function in society. I think technology is giving people mental illness. We really don't know how to use the internet and we are simply not made to use technology this much. It is so much easier for people to become ideologized through the internet and the corporations that have monopolized the internet are taking advantage of this and of the general population

No. 1087561

File: 1646579429143.jpg (662.68 KB, 4582x697, asdasd.jpg)

the even worst part is that they've branded anyone whose against porn as being a fascist and racist, even the women involved are labeled as radical bigoted Christians and "transphobes"
none are even willing to write about the damage porn does to the women performing, no they just label their critics as being intolerant bigots and that's the end of conversation
the only one compliant wokies have against pronography was that its not "diverse" enough

>Are there serious problems with porn? Sure. But we can’t have that conversation if we’re narrowly focused on poor men degenerating into antisocial incels. The biggest problem with porn, after all, is that people have stopped paying for it! Pirated content powers free tube sites that promise bottomless wells of dopamine blasts, making porn both more addictive and more accessible to children.

>If we started consuming porn ethically, we’d give a boost to better, more creative porn, and young folks could be exposed to sex that didn’t follow the pattern of bored kissing, bored blowjob, bored pussy-eating, bored missionary position, bored doggy-style, a little more bored blowjob, money shot. Paying for porn would also encourage productions with a more diverse array of bodies, skin tones and gender identities.

just kill me already

No. 1087574

yes, the leftist movement has turned into the modern religion, they do not allow critical thinking. Just as in the old days, Christianity dictated the thoughts you were allowed to have and the things you were allowed to say, now they have replaced that ideology with leftism and le modern science. They are as oppressive to critical thinking and open discourse as religion used to be and they are unaware of their hypocrisy. They are the modern fascists which persecute, label and shut down anyone that shares a different opinion. Just like religion did. Leftism is the new right wing movement. It censors and limits any sort of genuine self expression. As a woman, it is the worst. If you don't allign yourself with what they say, they turn you in a witch. Women are not truly welcome in neither right wing or left wing movements unless they become complete handmaides to that ideology.

No. 1087584

>when I was just 11 years old and I was convinced that I was into degradation and being treated like crap

I'm so happy you recovered from this nonny, I experienced the exact same thing. I grew up pretty much online and because of my social anxiety, didn't have a lot of street-skills or irl knowledge so my understanding of sex or sexuality as a woman came from porn. Like you I saw so much disgusting, degrading fetish shit online that I shouldn't have even known about at 14 years old. I grew up so obsessed with being NLOG and being the kinkiest freakiest around and it did absolutely nothing for my self-esteem or self-worth…at 16/17 it led me to doing some very questionable stuff with my bf at the time who was severely addicted to porn, specifically "cnc" or rape sort of stuff.
It is so hard to unlearn all of it and also 'revert' yourself back to your default sexual state when it's all you've seen or ever known since being a child, but not many people seem to understand how much it really does change your brain.

I can only speak for myself here but I absolutely think that If I didn't watch porn/get involved with fetish shit from a young age, and instead had a robust healthy outlook on consent and sex, then I would have avoided being assaulted or persuaded into a lot of weird stuff later on. We (young girls and women in general) really are brainwashed into this shit and it feels like you can't speak up about it much because you just get called a puritan or sex-negative.

No. 1087594

So they want more extreme and weird ass porn that also have a racial fetish undertones in the guise of diversity? And then they call you racist and bigoted for not wanting to support this weird race fetish humiliation thing that doesn't even resemble sex at this point?

No. 1087597

honestly more or less my life, I think getting a Job and my own self discipline training helped me gain some insanity
vanilla erotica also was great for "reprogramming" my brain as well

No. 1087600

They want fat brown gender queers with down syndrome to fuck each like pigs and that's apparently diverse and healthy for them

No. 1087601

I'm quite in support of marxist feminism and socialist/communist theory in general and I found this to be very very true in most left-wing spaces.
There's no critical thinking or even any question of anything allowed especially if it's towards sex, porn and prostitution, women or troons. In most of these spaces you get labelled as swerf or transphobic for even the most minor criticisms of stuff and it's fucking exhausting honestly, the key to learning and becoming a better person is questioning and constructively criticising things and they don't give a fuck about any of that.
I left a lot of spaces like that and the only ones I'm in now are rad-leaning leftist communities only consisting of women. There's also (in those other leftist spaces not the women-only ones) a blanket silence and refusal to acknowledge a lot of trans ideology is classist as fuck. They just can't acknowledge that because half of the people there are terminally online 'commie mommies' 27-year old porn addicted males with receding hairlines dyed pink.
You are completely correct in that you are never welcome nor integrated into those spaces unless you, exactly like in right-wing spaces, basically just shut the fuck up, don't question things, and just deny the most obvious classism and biology.

No. 1087617

anon, modern leftism and wokeism has absolutely nothing to do with real liberal leftist values, the movement has been entirely corrupted, they support capitalistic oppression. The movement has been corrupted by corporations. I am a liberal leftist myself and a Marxist feminist, but the modern leftist movement has nothing to do with what real leftist liberal school of thought promotes. They don't question authority, they don't question the government, they don't question what is imposed on society ideologically by power hierarchies such as science. They promote class opression, are obsessed with buying things, promote opression of women through prostitution which is exactly the opposite of Marxist school of thought. Some modern right wingers are literally becoming the new left wing of society. They question what is imposed of us and they question capitalism and the elites as they call them in their circles. Modern liberal leftist movement has became the opposite of what it used to be and what it should have been. They promote censoring of self expression, hatred, a form of authoritarianism. The liberal left was all about questioning AUTHORITY what it is imposed on you by society and now they do exactly the opposite. Modern communists are the new age capitalists and the right wingers have become the new communists because they question society. A crazy world. The political paradox happening right now.

No. 1087625

>bf record 5 music vids for shitty french artist
>all her songs are autotuned as hell
>jokingly play it in the car so it can stay stuck in her head
>ends up getting it stuck in MY head
>literally cannot get out of my head
>wake up and its in my head
>sleep and its in my head
>shower and its in my head
i will kill myself

No. 1087632

they promote a fake sense of acceptance they are the modern Christians. They have turned completely authoritarian and capitalistic. If you question anything, just like in the past religion persecuted you for questioning they literally harass you. If they were given more power they would literally throw anyone that has different thoughts than them in prison. They are insane and have absolutely nothing to do with real liberal leftism, real marxism and so on. They are obsessed with buying things, making money, sucking the dicks of corporations and creating an authoritarian like ideology where those that don't fit in are excluded. It is the modern day Christianity and the American government is using them as a tool of manipulating masses and profiting off them, just like Romans used Christianity to brainwash the entire world into submission.

No. 1087650

>loves to get mistaken as a scrote

anon you are fucked in the head, get better sweetie

No. 1087651

As a recovered addict this is 100% not what being a junkie is like. People only start aggrandising your “suffering” after you stop, whether that’s through recovery or through death. Ruining your entire life for attention is embarrassingly childish. If you want people to care more about what you do, find something out of the ordinary to pursue that won’t destroy you and everyone you love.

No. 1087662

I don't see the point of living anymore.

I'm not trying to unalive myself, just don't find any joy in anything and the idea of doing this for another 40+ years sounds exhausting. I don't look forward to anything in my future and I have no motivation to do anything. I just want to silently and painlessly disappear, I don't think I was meant to be here in the first place.

What's the point of all of this? What keeps other people going?

No. 1087667

My family I guess, but truth is I know there isn't any point to existence
I guess for you I'd say maybe a find an ideology or group(don't even have to fully believe in) that actually practices radical change and self improvement

No. 1087684

Jesus christ I get attached so easily. I got 2 hours of sleep because I was up all night thinking about some gross coomer god help me or put me down

No. 1087686

Where did you get that insane view of what being a junkie is like from? Like that other Nonnie said, addiction is NOTHING like that, in no way.

No. 1087695

I was looking at some nsfw art of husbandos/ship and it seems to be drawn nicely but then I notice that one of the two male characters is drawn with a vagina. Fucking hell I hate this tranny shit.

No. 1087697

We were just talking and I asked my mom to say two positive things about my personality, she said I keep my place clean but forget to keep myself clean and look like shit and that I have a cold harsh tone sometimes. How are these positives?

No. 1087707

the way that winona was cared for, or the way i've seen female junkies who are tiny and pretty about always cared for and worried about. i know its childish. im aware of that. but working hard, being nice, having hobbies and skills has not gotten me anywhere where i am loved or appreciated. i am always fucked over. its fucked to say for once i just want to feel loved, to get that attention, to have someone worry about me so much that they want to be there for me.

No. 1087709

I feel so useless. I had two months of free time, they are almost over and I haven't done anything. I wasted so much time oversleeping and scrolling social media. There were so many things I wanted to draw, but I can't seem to do it anymore. I just stay in bed all day or do some easy chores and go to sleep again. I wish I was dead already. Everything is so difficult for me, I don't get it

No. 1087733

i am so frustrated right now, i need to cry so bad but i want to be alone first or else she will start the whole 'you always cry at the smallest things to make me look bad'. i am just so tired right now.

No. 1087736

Yeah, it’s amazing being “cared for” by the kind of exploitative predators that focus their attention on women who are pretty, underweight, and seriously messed up in the head… don’t fall into the trap of romanticising suffering. It’s not fun to live through.

No. 1087738

Absolutely nobody cares for female junkies, they are at high risk of being sexually and otherwise abused and exploited by men because they will do just about anything for drugs.

No. 1087806

File: 1646587644078.jpg (23.85 KB, 673x448, images.jpeg-155.jpg)

This is really stupid but i have a genuine phobia of babies and pregnancy and i keep get recommended baby shit on social media because of my age and being a woman and i want to poke my eyes with a fork.

No. 1087880

Just overheard my parents tell my mentally challenged sister to not hit the dog. I didn't even know she did that. What the fuck. I always tell her not to yell at him if he misbehaves because he's a dog and can't speak english so don't scream at him because all it does is annoy the fuck out of everyone else and of course it's no good for the dog either. Honestly she stresses me out. My parents are older and I'm always worrying about what I'm gonna do if they die because even though it's selfish, I don't want to be responsible for a grown adult. I don't want to spend my early adulthood and the rest of my life caring for someone 10+ years older than me. It makes me feel like shit because my mom is always like "you're the only person she'll have left if me and your dad die" and she would say that to me as a child, too. Feels like I've been dealt a shit hand. I don't want to do that. I want to focus on myself. I want to focus on pursuing education and a career. Fuck this shit. It fucking sucks.

No. 1087900


You are not responsible for your siblings. Your parents should provide and, at best, far far into the future. Please don't feel pressured to be a 2nd mom. Your parents decided to have a child, not it is disabled which is no one's fault, but still.
Saying these things to you as a child or when you are an adult is pressuring you even more. What about your future & your dreams? I am infuriated with your parent nonna!

No. 1087906

Look into care for her and make a plan for when it happens. You're parents won't know.

No. 1087907

My bf is upset that I don't want to go with him to dinner at his parent's this week. We go every single week on the same day, same time, and I was told at the beginning there was no pressure for me to always join them…Now it's causing me so much stress to be there every week, not having that time to myself, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills for not wanting to see my s/o's parents every Sunday all year

No. 1087912

Legally speaking she could very well become responsible for her sister if her parents die though. I hope anon can escape that fate, I'd be scared of having my life ruined for a similar reason.

No. 1087913

Hate that. I use to experience that and you also had to arrive early and set their table and do the dishes after and there would be dog hair in the food, it was too much. I sympathise.

No. 1087970

I want to add on to this because I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about my family I've never spoken aloud or told anyone about. My mom would get into screaming matches with my dad when I was young. And they'd throw around divorce like it was nothing. My mom told me multiple time throughout my childhood that they were definitely going to split up (they never did) and my sister would go with her and I would go with my dad and that he and I could live in filth like we wanted to (keep in my I was like 7-12 years old when she would tell me this). It was always "you're acting just like [oldest sister who my mom hates]" any time I said something out of line or misbehaved in class. So I grew up with the idea that my mom didn't like me or who I was [oldest sister comparison] and that she would be able to drop me at any time, whenever [constantly reminding me that I'd go with my dad if they divorced]. Not only this but I was conceived like a year after my oldest sister had her first child. So now I can't help but feel like my mom had me to take care of my mentally challenged sister and or because she was competing with my oldest sister.
My dad is physically disabled and has a hard time walking place to place (it's to do with a condition he was born with). I'm fine physically but now I worry about passing the gene on to my child if I ever choose to have children. And I worry about taking care of him and my mother when they get older. My dad couldn't take care of my mother physically and I'm probably going to have to take care of her before I take care of my dad because she's older than him. This is very frustrating to me. All of it. My mom and my dad and my sister. It's hard to think about. I spend most of my time in my room. I think I stopped being around them very much when I was at the end of elementary school. I discovered the internet very early and it was much more pleasant than my family was, even the bad parts because even though I saw things a child shouldn't see, it was all much more exciting than my family was, so I've had nearly a lifelong internet addiction. It's fucking rough.
I know the logical thing to do would be to find care for her. It's most likely what I'll end up doing. It's just hard to think about because she doesn't have friends, hasn't worked in years, has never been in a relationship, all she does is watch tv/movies/youtube and collect toys and dolls. It makes me feel awful to think about putting her in care because she's living such a lonely life with nothing very mentally stimulating. She can't tell time or do basic math. If things went my way I'd put her in some sort of day treatment or something to maybe keep her doing things that are stimulating and meet people she can maybe have a conversation with. It feels like cruelty, almost. Just having her sit all day and eat junkfood. Fuck it stresses me out just thinking about it all. And the thought of sending her away and forgetting about is tough too. But I barely have a relationship with her in the first place. I barely even speak to her. I appreciate the positive words and advice, and it's what I'm going to have to do. But it's rough.

No. 1087992

File: 1646595020045.png (40.97 KB, 806x771, something.png)

My therapist asked me to draw whenever I have a angry outburst like to take it out slowly onto something creative rather than on myself. She wanted to see it too so I am showing her this picture later today when I don't feel as embarrassed of my grand creation kek.

No. 1088006

KEK why does this speak to me

No. 1088007

I love it, I hope it gets incorporated as a regular reaction pic on here lol

No. 1088009

Bring us /m/ baaaaaaaaack

No. 1088010

>distant friend starts dating a tranny, of course they call themselves lesbians
>friend moves in with tranny to a trailer that his aunt owns and therefore does not pay rent for, owns multiple guns
>friend explains how tranny is too ~mentally ill~ for a job or school. does nothing all day.
>tranny takes and posts selfies in goff girl clothes and makeup despite being 6 ft and gangly. reminiscent to the weird high school boys who play d&d after class. endless praise from handmaidens
>friend talks about having sex with tranny in group chat proudly claiming her "cervix was bruised"
>they plan to get married while i plan an elaborate excuse at to why i'm not able to attend

i am so sick of the depravity

No. 1088019

File: 1646597071836.jpeg (53.42 KB, 1170x634, 4E69309E-8FF0-413C-A411-EA29B1…)

>we've had a relatively open relationship
Anyway just leave him

No. 1088020

I'm so tired of having panic attacks every other day. I don't want to think about how I'm going to die nearly every day. I feel weak, dizzy, nauseous and scared so much. I take medication for them every day but I still get them and some times I really can't control them. I know I should try to change my life and be less stressed, but it is how it is and some things can't be changed. How do others handle life? Every day I'm just scared I won't wake up the next morning.

No. 1088022

You're not responsible for her. Don't let people make you think you are. She is your sister and you should care about her but giving away the chance to have a normal life to take care of her is too much.
Anon my mom hated me too because I am a lot like my dad. I don't know what to say to help you feel better but I want you to know you aren't responsible about your parents, they're not your children. Try to move away and build a life on your own, distance yourself from them as far as you like. You don't owe them anything, they decided to have a kid not a caretaker.

No. 1088026

Most groups fall into this, honestly. Not even just leftists.

No. 1088028

I feel you anon, I dislike seeing both of those things as well and it really emphasizes how "broken" you are when it gets shoved in your face constantly. Maybe this is a sign to stay off social media more often?

No. 1088037

I'm sorry that your parents are poisoning your habits about showering. Is there any chance you can shower at night? If that's not an option, something that people travelling or that don't have access to showers sometimes do is use sanitizer/soap at a sink. I know it isn't ideal, but it might help. You're not wasting water if it's being used to keep yourself clean and healthy. Public showers at gyms and pools are usually free to use, and gyms can be open late! Worst case scenario, maybe use those, and you can go for a swim too if just going to the pool for a shower makes you feel uncomfortable.

No. 1088064

File: 1646600802218.gif (1.78 MB, 498x245, pepe1.gif)

Any nonnies who feel like a nuisance just for existing? I feel like a waste of cells and sometimes I wish someone was born instead of me. Someone who'd appreciate being alive and someone who's loved by the people around them. And I swear I'm not one of those "Ueeeeh everyone else sucks why are people so mean to me reeee" people either but I genuinely don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've tried bending myself over backwards so many times. I feel so invisible to this world.

I've always felt like just my mere presence was annoying to those around me. I was never invited to anything, never seen as funny or a good friend. And I don't get it. I don't bug people with my problems, I'm not obnoxious nor do I have a weird or inappropriate sense of humor and I don't just latch onto people or insert myself into other people's business. Some uni colleagues and I just chatted through Whatsapp and they all wished each other a good night but they left me on read when I said good night. Just. Why.

No. 1088066

File: 1646600957008.jpg (113.32 KB, 800x600, pine.jpg)

i first discovered this imageboard around 3-4 years ago when i became extremely invested in the Onision drama. i came back about a year ago after someone i knew was briefly posted about and developed an on and off "addiction" (probably at least 2 hours almost every day) checking snow and pt, mostly. its weird to admit and at first i felt holier than thou because i never replied to the threads and was sort of appalled at how nonnies would reply in some of the threads (i still am). i was never one to gossip or be into drama, and at first it definitely was for entertainment purposes (which is not okay, still) but i did find/do find going here to check snow/pt was very subconsciously causing me to be more judgmental toward others in order to feel better about myself, and i still struggle to really admit that because its something im not certain about. do i believe its more of a way to waste time and procrastinate? yes. but the exposure of the threads and coming on so often most certainly has had some other effects im not all that aware of. i just cant bring myself to believe im not somehow making myself feel better by reading about people shittier than i am.

regardless im not posting this to shame anons who lurk these threads or post in them for whatever personal reasons they have. my vent is that i know i have enough self control to avoid the topics and discussion of others even if some of them are truly degenerate and disgusting people.

i have come to really adore ot/g and i know its still not a healthy habit for myself to lurk daily, but id like to limit myself to just those boards a few times a week. i wanted to thank all of the sweet nonnies who are always so helpful and kind and it breaks my heart that so many of you go through so much. im grateful this isnt a hugbox imageboard and im not here with a desire to reform it or something…i suppose my point is that i dont want to lurk discussions of cows anymore, i just want to enjoy the threads where i can engage in conversation, offer help, and receive help from like-minded girls. its a nice feeling. i so thank you nonnies. i adore you guys.

No. 1088069

I fucking hate it when people come to apologize to you when they did something wrong but keep defending themselves over their shitty actions and then make you feel bad for even calling them out on it so you feel like you are in the wrong because you are "too sensitive". Then don't apologize at all bitch. My parents always did this to me and all those years I felt like I was too sensitive, my opinion doesn't matter and that my perception of reality is somehow wrong and flawed. My mother did it again yesterday. She told me that I was gaining weight and that my stomach and body was so big and ugly (she used a swear word for a fat stomach in my native language) and when I told her to take a better look at herself and that it is a vile thing to say (I had an eating disorder when I was younger) she backtracked and said that I was too sensitive and that it was just harmless fun. Does this sound like fun to you? Because I was clearly hurt and wasn't laughing. She tried to apologize three times but always still defended herself and her shitty actions so I didn't let it go. I hate my parents so much.

No. 1088072

I'm sorry nona. I used to feel like that for the longest time. I hope you'll find a group of people who will love and cherish you and actively seek out and enjoy your company. It can take a long time until you find those people, it took a very long time for me.

No. 1088077

Aw that's sweet of you! I enjoy ot/g way more for the same reasons.

Thank you nonny. I really hope so.

No. 1088092

i should've elaborated; what makes me smile is the fact that my enby/"transmasc" friends are all very clockable as female despite desperately identifying as anything but whereas i, existing in my natural state – just doing whatever the fuck i want – am not. i have what they want but don't know how to get because their minds have been rotted through by tumblr and etc.

i have what tims want too, but will never have: a female body (but once again: while just living how i want).

No. 1088093

When did you take this pic of my cat, anon?

No. 1088101

File: 1646603133239.gif (128.64 KB, 259x259, 1625725123559.gif)

Went on reddit and the second thing I see is some topless protest for Ukraine. The camera fucking leers and stops on their chests and you see the anger and embarrassment in their faces. Whether a woman or man is behind the camera, they know how people walking by will see them, how the internet and random men will sexualize them for daring to stand in bodypaint without a shirt. I don't want to see the comments, I don't want to look at it, I don't want to see all the misogynist comments and sexualizion of these women's boobs that we know will be in the comments. "WOW LUCKY CAMERAMAN HAHA" "GONNA SUPPORT UKRAINR HARDER NOW IF YOU KNWK WHAT I MEEEEAN" "INSERT BOOB JOKE HERE" You don't have to imagine the comments when they write this shit every time they see a baby simply being breastfed. I am so fucking sick and tired of men, even more than usual lately. I wish they would all die so I can walk 2 miles into town without groups of boys of all ages leering at me or making gestures in checkout lines.
You could put posters of men in speedos on the side of liquor stores, insta ads,put blurred out porn on YT ads so men will report them for once. All this would not fucking help or make them feel like we do because women, teenagers, and young girls don't want sexualized images surrounding us 24/7 each day. Mother's don't want their daughters to see sexual images degrading women, they definitely don't want to expose them to men who'll "RUIN YOUR PURITY DONT YOU DARE HAVE SEX." Meanwhile in Moidland: "Hey Son, heard you slept over at your gf's house. Niiiice, you're a real man now!"
It is insane that for 99% of our existence, women have had to curate where they go, how they dress, what words they use around men, and shield themselves from male depravity. Or join in and brainwash themselves to "reduce" the risk of becoming a victim. You can not go to the front page of a website you use to talk about video games for the first time in a week without sexualizion and objectification launching itself straight at your brain.

No. 1088106

I'm the anon who had to say goodbye to her 17 year old cat last week and I'm really sorry for your loss nona. I got her remains back from the crematorium yesterday and I feel a little less crazy now that I have an object to fixate on, but I miss her more than I could possibly put into words. I still love her so much. I am sure your dog knew how much you loved him

No. 1088107

* her, sorry. still kind of a mess

No. 1088112

I know I'm gonna get a
>Went on Reddit
I know I should delete my account on that male site but its so fast-paced, convenient and safe compared to 4chan. If I didn't like games I'd delete it all.

No. 1088114


thank you anon, it’s really hard trying to unlearn all the ridiculous things they’ve planted in my head. it’s so weird you mention that though because this morning before i posted in here i was thinking about starting to go swimming for fitness/health reasons, i didn’t even think about the showers. i guess that’s a good sign that i should push aside my nervousness/paranoia about public spaces and give it a try, thank you!


i like your idea too! i used to do something similar but instead of a bucket i would fill up the bath to about ankle level and do it that way. i think i’ll get a cute funky bucket and spice it up now though lmao

No. 1088122

My (pretty much) only friend has schizophrenia of some sort but she won't accept treatment because she thinks everyone is in on the conspiracy.

I'm probably the last friend she has left because all the other friends blocked her or she got at mad them.
I thought it was good to be her friend so she can have some support, I don't argue with her I just try to talk about normal things.

But lately she's been much worse, last time we talked she said I was acting suspicious, I know she is crazy but it made me feel like shit.

Naturally I didn't really wanna talk to her after that, plus I was really busy with studies anyway. Today she asked if I even want to be in contact anymore, I explained I was busy but now I am thinking maybe I should have just said ok let's cut contact because I have so much on my plate right now.

I know it's not her fault but I can't talk about made up things while all this other stuff is going on + I have family in Ukraine which makes me feel even more shitty every morning I wake up and I feel like my world is ending.

And I don't want to tell her about my problems because she physically can't understand those things anymore.

Idk I am supposed to talk to her tomorrow and I'm already dreading it I wish she just stopped talking to me without making me explicitly say it fuck.

No. 1088137

I have lots of troubles atm but my real vent right now is that I can find any good smut fics of my preferred characters or pairings. Everything that even remotely fits what I like either doesn't get the promised smut chapter or is all "reader is genderless" despite the fact they're clearly written by an aiden who wants to get creampied.
I don't care for writing but at this point I just want to do it out of sheer spite for the bad smut quality.

No. 1088142

Best friend of over a decade just announced that she's migrating to another country and has no plans to return here to live. Everyone else managed to be excited for her but I couldn't, just told her good luck and muted the chat like an ass. It hurts so much and I'm mad that that I can't muster any form of happiness for her because I'm consumed by the feeling that she's abandoning me. I don't deserve to be her friend.

No. 1088151

It's normal anon. Let yourself feel sad and angry. It sucks when your good friends move away or have big life changes that don't involve you. It won't feel like this forever.

No. 1088164

I hate most of the internet. Paywalls, ads, stupid blockers trying to get you to join their site instead of reading their content as a non-member… the sheer irritation is forcing me offline

No. 1088181

I ate a lot of junk food today because I was bored and I'm really disappointed in myself. It's not a lot at one time but at the end of the day it all adds up. I live with family and they love to keep junk and temptation in the house. When I move out I'm not going to keep snacks in the house except for special occasions.

No. 1088189

I know petty Cinemassacre drama hasn't been much in Lolcow's radar but that's exactly the thing about it, you go into any space filled with neurodivergent moids they go on these unironically autistic spiels about how they're being scammed because the Angry Video Game Nerd doesn't actually play that many games and has help from his staff to write the new episodes. Are you stupid manbabies for real? James has two daughters and a wife, he's very transparent about his co-producers and how they help him finish things on time and keep producing content so that he can take care of his family as well. Of course his priorities are different from when he was a 20something living at his parents'. Of course the shtick has been played out and it's not as fresh as it was in 2009. But someone who has been making videos for two decades while evading any major drama is creating a living off of it and these ingrate scrotes are mad that he's not spending his time yelling at old games around the clock and that the AVGN is just a character he plays? And this also justifies them constantly attacking his family by calling his wife a cock hungry slut and her daughter a retard because she was born with a completely treatable physical disability? It's like they're jealous of their daddy figure having a life outside of pandering to them.

So to make long story short, I feel sorry for every person who ends up cultivating an audience filled with mentally impaired men because there's no escaping their entitlement. These people who don't pay the creator a cent and enjoy hours and hours of free content find it necessary to write endless posts and video essays bitching about how they hate this thing. They're like PULLfags amped up to 100 but instead of being ridiculed they have an enormous equally autistic hugbox to validate their tantrums. Men on the spectrum should be put back to cataloguing all the different dung beetles in the region and barred from accessing the internet.

No. 1088197

I didn't know they were targeting AVGN, anon. If so, that's a real shame. I agree with most of your points since I have seen a lot of that behavior you described with other circumstances so I understand your frustration towards it. I think the autistic moids dislike him because he's a family man who seems to respect his wife and daughter instead of being a single incel or some woman-hating chud they can relate to. I wish they'd kill themselves tbh

No. 1088205

I completely agree with you anon. Had no idea there even was drama until I saw a long video in my suggestions the other day. And it's so nothing. Meanwhile these same dudes will defend their other fav male creators being sexual abusers.
It's a good reminder tho to never date an autistic man, even if you are a sperg yourself.

No. 1088218

Fully agreed nona, I've only read about the whole drama once because I had no idea about what was going on behind the scenes and didn't really care after reading it. There's this one obsessed autist on various sites (YouTube, Reddit, Know Your Meme) who won't shut up about it (that's how I found out) and he can't understand when people don't give a shit, even after learning what's going on. Ignoring all the drama surrounding his channel is literally the best thing we could do for him and his family, not turning it into an unavoidable mess of a scandal. People like that obsessed guy are selfish, entitled pieces of shit who pretend to care about James but in reality they just care about their own nostalgia.
I did not know scrotes insulted his wife and daughter like that, I always try to avoid anything related to him on sites like 4chan. Fucking disgusting. That's usually what happens when a popular male content creator gets into a serious relationship, they automatically blame the girlfriend or wife for everything.
I remember how hard they were projecting onto him when he announced that he would not review the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. That was fucking vile, the way they used him for their own rightoid misogynistic scrote agenda, when he always wants to avoid drama.

No. 1088222

It dates back to when he was out filming his movie and Mike took over for a while, Mike in turn managing to piss off the autistic half of their fanbase by running his mouth at them and being his usual egoistical self. They started spreading rumors that James was using the crowdfunded money for the movie in buying a new house for himself despite there never being any proof for it, made a huge deal about James saying that he doesn't really play video games that much because he prefers movies and dug up every single piece of drama from people he had associated at some point and tied it back to him.

So because of this they still fill the video comments with their screeching at how Screenwave ruined Cinemassacre and how James is a hack and the old AVGN was so much better as if someone was there forcing themselves to watch it. I haven't followed AVGN in at least six years and I was legitimately shocked at people still wasting their time bitching about the dropping quality when they could just as well tune out and find something else to watch like I did. But no, when moidspergs hyperfixate on something they're not letting it go until a new obsession sets in a decade later. The partner company Channel Awesome crashed and burned so hard it was almost painful to see yet they barely turned their gaze from writing the 100th post about how the AVGN doesn't even really play vidya and he's scamming all the true gamerbros.

I think I know what long video you mean because it showed up in my suggestions too and inspired me to sperg out like this kek

Back when he was filming the movie in LA he asked his wife to produce some posts for the Cinemassacre site to give the fans content so she wrote some really nice blogposts answering the fans' questions about their relationship (how they met, how she helped behind the scenes etc) and the Nerd and some cooking tips and so forth. The worst moids seethed so hard over an icky woman taking daddy James away and after having an incel meltdown in the comments they developed a deeply rooted hatred for her, spreading rumors about her fucking men behind James's back and their daughter not being his real kid etc. It's so awful and James being one of the few male content creators who hasn't been involved in drama, has always been attentive to his fans and is actually a responsible father for once doesn't deserve it, and neither does his wife.

No. 1088223

I'm trying to lose weight, like about 15lbs. It's not that much weight but I'd like to lose it for my own peace of mind. But it feels like my family is actively sabotaging me. I don't have space for a mini fridge to put my own groceries, and there's not much space in the kitchen fridge for many of my own groceries. Everyone in my family cooks and eats super oily, fatty, and unhealthy food. I try to eat as healthy as possible on my own, when I can, and have been trying to avoid as much of the fried food they bring in as much as possible, but it's like they won't stand for it. If I want to make my own small dinner because I don't want to eat take out with them, it's suddenly a problem. Fuck off!! I'm not starving myself, I'm just tired of eating shit all the time.

No. 1088225

Lilboweeps death kinda hit me hard. I’m sorry if this is the most overdramatic thing ever but I’ve been struggling with my own addiction for so long. Everyone in my family is addicts and everyone in my area are too. It’s been so difficult. Of course I haven’t done the batshit insane things shes done but I’ve been reading her thread since it got made. I was actually a fan of her music when it came out and I still think she’s very beautiful before all the plastic surgery. I just feel so sad. I and so many other people spent so long watching her struggle. Her threads alone made me sad as fuck In general because even though she’s done all these things you can tell deep down she’s just so sick and deep in her addiction. I’m surprised she even lived this long with her having an ED and addiction for so long. I always secretly hoped for her to get better. It just sucks when you have to face reality that this the faith most sick people have. It’s just really getting to me. I just wish there was some way to help these people

No. 1088254

>Lilboweeps death kinda hit me hard.
Lilboweep's fucking WHAT?

No. 1088262

yep, boweep is fucking dead, she OD'd.

No. 1088264

Ashley Isaacs outlives another one

No. 1088266

Tbh anon at this point i think Ashley is gonna make it to her 40s.

No. 1088271

That's crazy. I wasn't that invested in her thread, but I was just thinking about how I feel like I've heard of a lot of cow deaths recently and it made me a little sad and it's even worse when it's stuff like an OD. I saw anons talking about a Winona in the stupid questions thread, but just assumed they were talking about Winona Ryder for whatever reason. Anyway, RIP.
Ashley is gonna outlive everyone, even The Queen. of England herself.

No. 1088286

Now I feel kind of bad for saying she looked hideous in her thread pics to the point that I had to hide them.

No. 1088287

I actually can’t stand the anons who are too busy trying to achieve cummies rather than using their actual braincels.

what is wrong with you? STAND UP.

No. 1088301


No. 1088329

Your cat took it and sent it to me actually

No. 1088333

File: 1646615240010.jpeg (26.62 KB, 314x326, 8A172013-2565-4FE0-8454-14175C…)

You are not a nuisance nonnie. As for the group chat, don't think too much into it. Someone's gotta be the last to say it or it'll just be "goodnight!" all night with no sleep Kek.

No. 1088336

>I wish they would all die so I can walk 2 miles into town without groups of boys of all ages leering at me or making gestures in checkout lines.
God, yes, please. The last time I went into town a group of teenage boys were in my way so I simply said "excuse me" and then they followed me around shouting coomer and harassing shit at me. For me, lolcow is the only small safe haven I have away from men for the most part. I wish I could make a universe in which only kind nonnies lived, including you. We would have men there but they wouldn't ever speak and would just do manual labour for us. We wouldn't ever even
see them.
I get it. Reddit is not good, but compared to 4chan it's great. Somehow after the years have gone by I can have better genuine discussions about my interests such as vidya than I ever could on /v/. Where else is there to go? Subreddits make places to discuss a niche interest very easy to find.

No. 1088338

File: 1646615867350.png (61.2 KB, 777x719, 760A8553-7882-4F96-B55E-4203F7…)

I stayed up all night playing puzzle mahjong, now my brain is delirious and I just keep thinking of bad things.
I wish the last time I spoke to my rapist I would have been crueler to him. I do not blame myself, I was only 16 and still scared of him… but I hate that by telling him that I don't hate him I just boosted his ego up more. I ghosted him, but before ghosting him I wish I would have told him something simple like to kill himself. Anything. My religious ""friends"" at the time brainwashed me into not being hateful, but I say fuck that now. Being hateful is justified sometimes. That man deserves nothing but hate. I want him to suffer. I want him to die.
I met a girl that has exactly the same sense of humour as me but other than that I can't stand her. She constantly speaks like she thinks she's above everyone else and always knows better. No, you don't. You are nothing special!
I hate how cruel and judgemental the officers I was forced to interact with were. "You haven't gotten a job after college?" Hey, boomer, it's not that easy, I was going through things, fuck you.

No. 1088341

Nona dox ur rapist so we can all be mean together

No. 1088344

File: 1646616706008.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, AA233991-1A25-4B04-885F-C87DDF…)

God I'm tempted but I don't think he has any public social media anymore. I stupidly forgot his address too. If I remembered it I would have set him up a fake profile on Grindr and sent every ugly old man I could to his house. It would be funny, I don't care!

No. 1088360

I was stupid and took a high dose of benzo's (after taking a very small dose for a few weeks) now I keep waking up shaking and I know I'll stay in withdrawal for a while too and I keep acting retarded because I can't follow my own thoughts and bleghhhhh

No. 1088371

made the mistake of reading about food shortages and increased prices in food because of gas prices increasing (cost of transportation) and i made an entire list of things to buy like flour, eggs, bread, frozen veggies, canned beans, etc. and i feel like a paranoid schizo

No. 1088377

I get the same way, but then I remember:
Today's paranoid schizo is tomorrow's wise prophet. Keep the list handy, and sleep on it. If you still feel that way in the morning: It would be best to stock up on things that don't expire that you would not be against eating if this turns out to be lots of hot air. Dry beans, canned foods, powdered goods are a good example of things you may want to buy a little bit of on top of your regular shopping list. Maybe buy a little bit at a time so you don't end up buying 6+ months of canned food or something like that.

This is coming from someone who may or may not have stocked up 3 months of canned and freeze-dried food on the lead-up to Covid and found herself having to embarrassingly give it away to friends and family.

No. 1088383

I want to go to sleep but I don't want to disturb my cat.

No. 1088390

I wish my brain worked differently. I'm always ruining everything

No. 1088395

me too anon

No. 1088412

File: 1646624230919.png (550.74 KB, 828x807, image0.png)

sometimes i just stare in the mirror and cry because of my looks. im a bit on the chubbier side and have been actively dieting and losing weight, i've recovered from BED and im logging my food, doing everything correct. i wonder if im not getting enough exercise, though i start a fairly active job next week part time so maybe that will help. or ive just fucked my metabolism from bounding between bulimia and BED since i was 12.

my body is one thing, but i look past it sometimes (probably a cope) because im hoping ill lose these next 30 pounds and be a lot happier. but god my face. my philtrum is too long and i feel like it makes me look manly with my resting face. my eyes are hooded and my nose is wide and i have chubby cheeks. dairy bloats my face like hell maybe this is just because my period is coming but ive cried so much today over my looks. many people tell me im pretty but ive had a couple of comments over my lifetime, one where a guy said i looked like fiona kek. i wish i didnt care but my appearance is the one thing in life that has kept me from doing so much and im just tired. i keep hoping once those 30 pounds fall off ill feel happier but will it even change much? will i still look ugly? its hard to compare my skinnier pictures to now because im in my 20s. ive also noticed small wrinkles forming on my forehead when i lift my eyebrows up. it just sucks. i want to feel pretty but despite all the skincare and self care in general i do i feel like im stuck in forever ugly limbo.

No. 1088415

>because im in my 20s
Everything is reversible rn. You don't start to see irreversible wrinkles and bodyfat until you hit 40. Everything right now can be explained by a combination of hormones and diet, and maybe a deeper look at the hormonal side could give you your answers

No. 1088421

im interested to know more if thats okay nonnie. my diet is relatively clean but the two issues i believe i have are my sugar intake and dairy.

dairy i only have cheese because everything else i can get dairy free. sugar ive replaced with berries, apples, tea, keto bars and such but when im out of those ill have a serving of something sweet i can find and i know that causes wrinkles. ive just been working on self improvement for so long now it feels like a forever battle. i dont know about the hormones part as far as appearance goes…

No. 1088433

Literally every one of my problems right now could be solved with enough money. Money can, in fact, buy happiness.

No. 1088450

File: 1646625956033.jpeg (272.85 KB, 1238x1504, 7FFA931D-2E99-4E02-8AE2-B4DE94…)

What the fuck did I just read. You can’t post pictures about fucking nap time? I mean, I honestly think it’s retarded and weird to post your kids’ lives since the moment they’re born, but to think that some piece of shit is into children sleeping makes me wish I could personally stab all pedophiles with a rusty knife.

No. 1088462

okay I wrote this and it'll be long but I hope it helps someone.

sugar is the devil. I say this in no small terms: the problem with sugar isn't that you eat some of it, it's that it or some substitute for it is in everything. When you start looking for it, High fructose corn syrup, or substitutes like Agave Nectar. You may believe that you're avoiding it, but be missing a sugar substitute in something that you're eating regularly, and they can be just as bad. Keto bars are one such example of something that may have a substitute in them that you should be wary of.
Fruits and vegetables are a great staple of your diet but can't be the only staple, fruits, for instance, also contain sugar. Known as 'fructose'. Fructose is generally not as bad as Sucrose, but it's still a sugar, and you should still keep an eye on your consumption of them. Your body processes it, but it can't be the only thing you eat.

The hormone side is a bit foggy because it's dependent on a number of environmental factors. Your hormones depend on the food you eat, the stress you feel, the time you spend outdoors, and if you're on your period, along with a number of tiny things you cannot account for on your own. There are a couple things to keep in mind though: Some foods you eat, particularly dairy, may contain hormones from the host animal that produced it. Milk and cheese can contain hormones used to force cows to produce more. Red meat and Chicken could contain hormones that get absorbed into your body and mistaken as your own. An overabundance of these hormones messes with your hormone imbalance. In moderation, this should never be an issue.
This works both ways, though. Your body also uses food, particular types of protein only found in meat and meat supplements/replacements, to produce hormones. So if you're starving yourself, you're also messing up your hormone imbalance. Imbalanced hormones = imbalanced growth and weight gain = You start finding puffy or swollen pockets of fat where it shouldn't be even though you've eaten no where near enough to build any sort of fat whatsoever.

Thankfully you can do things about this. The correct way to think about hormones isn't too little/too much, but a balance. It's a compromise of body chemistry with the things you eat.

I've been watching a youtube series from a cardiologist who talks about fasting and the effects on the human body. I don't like his language because it gets pretty toxic at times and he's very straightforward with his accusations, but you have to remember he's lecturing a seminar full of 70 year olds who are on the brink of death. If you can look past that, the advice he gives about paleo and fasting is pretty eye-opening. You don't have to go on a paleo diet and I think that stuff is kind of out-there anyway, but the statements he makes on the frequency of food intake is probably the best part of it.

No. 1088464

I've been talking to this guy (a coworker) and I get strong vibes that we really like each other. I haven't told him because im scared of rejection due to it occurring to me in the past. We tease each other and play fight a lot too. Our manager (a friend of mine before he got the job) has also teased us about constantly being together and doesn't even try to separate us anymore.

I've been getting paranoid that maybe im being too intense and that im just following him around like a lost dog and I look embarrassing to him. A bit earlier I teased him and, because I am terrible about reading tone through texts, I cant tell if I actually annoyed him or if he was playing back. fuck. Part of me is worried he never liked me back at all and im looking into a friendship too much, but he shows a lot of signs? He invites me to go places with him a lot, lets me know when we get food/drinks in stock I may like (we work at a grocery store), once literally let me rest on his shoulder when I was tired, comes over to talk to me every time he sees me, and today specifically went out of his way (making more work for himself) to help me. I was extremely stressed out over a drive up order I had to put together for a customer- things had happened and when I had only 5 minutes left, an essential piece of equipment I needed died. I was freaking out and even though I could probably finish it on time myself, he overheard and immediately stopped what he was doing to help me.

We've also been staying up to play games with each other lately and been getting to know each other a lot more. With every new thing I come to learn about him, I fall a little bit harder. He has so many of my ideal traits. We only see each other twice a week at work, but we work the same shifts those two days. I was thinking about offering to carpool with him those two days so we could see each other more (and save on gas), but im scared im coming on too strong. I really, really, really like him and I want to tell him but im fucking terrified of rejection and im awful with emotions. I struggle so much to open up to someone the first time and im scared of what will happen if I put my heart on my sleeve. im just so scared of being hurt despite how badly I want it. I'm scared of being wrong and the hit my self esteem will take if I get turned away by someone who so clearly seems into me. I'm also scared that rejection could change our relationship- we talk every day and I consider him one of my closest friends, possibly even my best friend. I really want him to make the first move so all this stupid fear can just disappear but he doesnt seem to have a lot of dating experience, so im worried he wont have the confidence to do it (I may be wrong about this, but im nervous that asking him about his dating history would be too on the nose and bring about some awkward questions even though hes asked about mine and we even laughed about it together).

Anyway, mushy shit below. I looked for a love related thread, but couldn't find one.
R, I really like you. You have fantastic music taste, which is really important to me. You laugh at all my jokes and I love all of yours. When you showed me you could tell the difference between my real and fake laughs (which is usually not noticed), I realized how much you really pay attention to me and notice me. You told me you like my laugh and my voice and you make me feel so pretty when you just look at me and smile. You're dorky and take interest in my hobbies and I really love the reasons why you want to be a nurse. You're smarter than you think and i'm envious of your work ethic. You also struggle with ADHD, im so fucking happy you understand me when I talk about how my ADHD impacts me. I know you have a soft spot for me and the little things you do make me melt. You also surprise me with my favorite drink so often and I love how sweet and caring you are towards your mom. You're hair is also really cute. Thanks for making me so happy when I wake up every morning.
Anyways sorry if this is autistic, I feel embarrassed to pour my heart out like this so anonymous thread it is!

No. 1088467

this is disgusting honestly if i ever have kids i’m not posting any pictures of them anywhere because of sick fucks like this, to think disgusting men get off to even innocent pictures of children seriously makes me want to pray on the destruction of humanity

No. 1088468

I have developed a strong hatred towards anime and anyone that likes it. It is so stupid, a waste of time and associated with degeneracy

No. 1088469

Go for it sister, pull the trigger and never regret doing it for even a second.

No. 1088474

I'm re-reading this and realize that I've really simplified the Hormone problem. Your body is in balance with hormones like estrogen and testosterone (yes, you make some too) and the amount isn't actually as important as the ratio. If you're still producing say, 75%estrogen and 25% testosterone (these aren't real numbers I'm just saying hypothetically) and this is in balance for your body, it doesn't matter if you're producing/consuming a lot of it or a little bit of it, as long as the ratio sticks.
But we can't measure percentages of these chemicals, just the effects they have on our body. And your body is producing estrogen and a little bit of testosterone all of the time. I don't want to say it's trial/error to find the right balance point but trying to cut your food intake back (which is hard, I still haven't done it all of the way) and adding a little bit at a time until you get your desired results is a safe way of finding it.

No. 1088475

In a world where money is everything, and more important that human lives, of course being poor is going to make you miserable.

No. 1088478

thank you for this nonnie its a lot to take in and i still have to watch the video and do some outside research on paleo. my takeaways right now are:

>basically avoid sugar like the plague, but with my self control i think i need a fruit every other day at least. ill stick to flavored tea more often to sate the sweet tooth.

>get outdoors more for walks because i never spend time in nature anymore
>cut out cheese completely (i feel this has a lot of effects on my diet not to mention im lactose intolerant anyway)

i hate how weight loss feels so mathematical. the thing is, ive done all of the above before but i guess the issue was it was never consistent for a long period of time.

No. 1088481

no more crying
only murder

No. 1088482

nonas im an older virgin due to social ineptness and im about to lose it and im freaking out???

No. 1088484

np nonnie
If you can't do it all consistently, don't try to force yourself to do it all at once. Forming habits takes about three weeks of reinforcement per habit you want to break. It's why stop-smoking programs operate on steps. Each food you eat right now you can think of as a habit, and instead of trying to cut it all out cold turkey, instead try substituting pieces parts of the stuff you want to get rid of gradually over time. 20s is still young, and you have plenty of time to course correct.
Instead of saying "I need to cut all of this out right now" think "I need to cut all of this out in the next six months". Think about things you could crave for to replace something like cheese that may not also be as healthy, but is a step in the right direction. Yogurt would be a great direction to go in, especially probiotic yogurt.

Supplement this with exercise, maybe some light jogging or just taking a nice hike someplace where you can get your pulse up (this is the important part, make your pulse reach levels it wouldn't normally hit), and you're onto a winning formula.

Remember: We're all gonna make it

No. 1088487

>The worst moids seethed so hard over an icky woman taking daddy James away and after having an incel meltdown in the comments they developed a deeply rooted hatred for her, spreading rumors about her fucking men behind James's back and their daughter not being his real kid etc. It's so awful and James being one of the few male content creators who hasn't been involved in drama, has always been attentive to his fans and is actually a responsible father for once doesn't deserve it, and neither does his wife.
This is fucking revolting, now I know the origin of that idiotic "cuck" meme on 4shit that I used to see sometimes. Of course scrotes would try to cause insecurity in an actually decent man as revenge, and accuse the wife of cheating. I'm glad their screeching is ignored outside of that shithole.

No. 1088488

Oh wow, how cool and amazing, something that hasn’t happened in 100 years, the prophecy will be fulfilled thanks to your sacrifice, oh valiant heroine! Please do tell us about your wonderful experience full of insights about life.
Maybe even tell us about the future, most of those who lose their virginity become able to see the future and prevent catastrophes and the sorts, you are our only salvation, soon-to-lose-her-virginity, the precious, unique and amazing gift given by god himself, the only thing that only you have and that nobody has ever gotten in 100 years.
Thank you so much, for losing your virginity tonight.

No. 1088489

It will all go just fine. Enjoy.

No. 1088491

No. 1088493

Making a big deal of something so common is what makes having sex such an unnecessary hassle, my dear retard.

No. 1088494

op here, i just meant that im worried about the pain and getting stupidly attached. sorry

No. 1088496

Don’t feel sorry, nonnie, as long as your moid isn’t a beast, he should be able to know when to go slow and such. It will be fine! And remember that men are disposable, just have fun.

No. 1088501

all i want to say is that it hurts that the one person i truly love lives so far away. i dont know what to do. i want to wait but there are so many factors involved. it feels so wrong and unfair. i wont be foolish and just run off there but sometimes i just want to speed it up, just meet him then go live with him and study and start my life. just hurts.

No. 1088502

who pissed in your cheerios, anon?

No. 1088505

I will do this just for you
> Oh wow, how cool and amazing, something that hasn’t happened in 100 years, the prophecy will be fulfilled thanks to your sacrifice, oh valiant heroine! Please do tell us about your wonderful experience full of insights about life.
Maybe even tell us about the future, most of those who lose their virginity become able to see the future and prevent catastrophes and the sorts, you are our only salvation, soon-to-lose-her-virginity, the precious, unique and amazing gift given by god himself, the only thing that only you have and that nobody has ever gotten in 100 years.
Thank you so much, for losing your virginity tonight. /J
It means it’s a joke in underaged autist, I hope you understand now

No. 1088507

File: 1646631773002.jpeg (44.15 KB, 578x466, 5505A41E-3BD4-4AD5-ACA0-A4BD58…)

nonnies I will never feel happy the deeper I go into the void… help

No. 1088515

Being nervous first time having sex isn't making it a big deal. Someone can be nervous about the first time making bread or whatever as well.

No. 1088516

I have no idea how to help you anon cause I'm right there with you. I can share you my cigarettes tho.

No. 1088521

I'm an ugly lesbian and I feel so guilty whenever I feel attraction to a beautiful woman. Or any woman, really. It's like I'm not allowed. Saying this because I saw a gifset of Zoe Kravitz on Tumblr and she's so gorgeous, I feel like I shouldn't even be allowed to watch the new Batman movie. (I'm still going to watch it though because the Robert guy is meme-y but still.) No idea how ugly moids don't kill themselves from the shame.

No. 1088522

I think about my first boyfriend too often.

When I was 17, I dated a guy a few years older than me, a college guy. I thought I was so cool for being able to snatch a college guy. He had gone to my high school and I saw him around a few times, but never spoke too much. we started talking over snapchat and he asked me out. First boyfriend ever, yay!

Our relationship had been going so well. He took me out to such nice dates and paid for it all- even took me on an overnight trip to the beach. He was so sweet and normal. Things started to go fast pretty fast.

He started to lie about strange things. For example, I love boba tea. He knew this and once took me to a place. He looked at the menu, even told me what he was going to get, but when we ordered, he got nothing and just paid for my drink. When I asked why he didnt get anything, he told me he actually hated boba and didnt want to get anything. I got annoyed and told him the only reason I wanted us to go was because I thought we both liked it- I felt selfish and awkward because of him. Why did he lie about wanting it? I told him to be more honest with me because I felt weird about it and wanted to do things we both liked. This happened repeatedly throughout the relationship and he never tried to change this. It got more intense and I began to feel guilt by default any time we did something I wanted to do since I knew he probably wouldnt like it.

I lost my virginity to him. It was not good and I did not enjoy it, even though he did. I had terrible self esteem at the time, so I insisted on keeping as much clothes on as possible. As we had sex more, I would wear less clothes. The first time he saw my breasts, I blushed and asked if he liked them (or something similar to that). He shrugged and said they were okay. He kept making comments about everything about my body. Even whether I had shaved my legs. He refused to eat me out and said I tasted weird, which I found humiliating. I was so nervous, I had kept everything so clean and eaten as healthy as possible so it wouldnt taste, well, bad. Mind you, I was also his first, so he had no frame of reference. After time, I became self conscious about every part of my body. I'm still so hyper aware of everything. It got to the point of me never wanting to have sex with him. He became more angry and pushy every time he wanted it. He would count the days since the last time we had sex and get angry if it had been too long for him. Shortly before the end of our relationship, he had cornered me. I thought he was going to rape me. He got a phone call he had to answer and I left while they were talking. I still wonder if he would have done it. Every day I regret that I wasted my virginity on him.

He introduced me to his friends after a while. I didnt think they were very funny and didnt get many of their jokes. I wanted to be polite and leave a good impression though. I pretended to laugh when I could tell it was appropriate. After a bit, we decided to go out to dinner. We rode in the same car, but when we arrived, he told his friends to go inside and that we would catch up. I was confused, but could tell he wanted to talk. When they were gone, I could see his hands gripping the steering wheel until they were white. He looked at me in rage and with tears in his eyes and told me firmly to stop laughing at their jokes. I felt guilty- maybe I had accidently been flirtatious or ignoring him. I apologized and helped him calm down before we went inside, where I carefully calculated how often I laughed at their jokes for the rest of the night.

As we got closer, he began to make dark comments about his parents (whom he lived with). He would talk about how much he hated them and even started to tell me that he wanted to kill them. I had no idea how to react and tried to brush it off- I thought he was just being dramatic and edgy. I told myself relationships were about understanding each other emotionally.

He had diabetes. He ate pretty poorly and, for some reason, refused to take his insulin. On multiple occasions, he exploded at me and screamed until I was frozen. I became too terrified to speak during these episodes. A few times, he went catatonic and I had to take him to the hospital mid panic attack. He never took it no matter how much I begged him to.

I found out he had been using weed, shrooms, LCD, and heroin. When I confronted him, he explained that my source was an old ex friend and that he had cleaned up. He didnt do any of that stuff anymore. I never got a definite answer on whether or not this was the truth, but I now believe I have good reason to believe he was lying. At the time though, I felt guilty for being so mad and I acted happy for him in his sobriety.

One day, while we were hanging out, his parents called him down to talk about school. I had been wary and suspicious of him. He was still logged onto his computer. I went through his desktop folders and found my worst nightmare. Pictures of mutilated body parts and dead people. He didn't take them- they had watermarks and were clearly downloaded from those dumbass gore websites. I was still scared shitless, though. I closed everything and tried to act normal. When he came back, I quickly made up an excuse and left. I was fucking terrified.

He always carried a gun with him. I wasnt weirded out by this. My dad is a gun loving republican and I am a born and raised Texan. Guns are everywhere and im not surprised when people have them, much less scared. He began to have a bit too much fun with it. He would wave it around constantly and play with it. One day, he pulled it out and pointed it at me. He told me to give him a kiss. After I did, he burst into laughter and put it away. He did it a few more times before we broke up.

It was hard to hang out with my friends. He always wanted to be with me and got mad when I wanted to leave. He would constantly text me and would get mad if I didnt respond soon enough. The time frame got smaller- a few hours, one hour, thirty minutes, ten minutes. He would blow up my phone, calling me and telling me he was crying and having a panic attack and asking if I was going to break up with him. It was impossible to hang out with my friends because I had to constantly be texting him to support him.

One day, he looked me in the eye and told me he was a terrorist. I had no idea how to react and tried laughing. I thought it was a ridiculous joke. This was right before we broke up- I had been thinking about it, but was nervous and had no idea how to do it. To prove it, he showed me proof of him being in the registered terrorist database and being on the no fly list. I don't know if he was being honest or unbearably edgy. I have not tried looking it up myself due to 1. not remembering the spelling of his name and 2. wanting to distance myself from the information and situation as much as possible. Regardless, considering everything that had occurred prior (above), I was terrified. I went home that day sobbing, calling all my friends and finally revealing everything about our relationship that I had tried to hide.

I had a bad relationship and lived separately from them. I called them, though. They answered and I told them everything. Our talk was awkward and strained and they had called me stupid. We had agreed I would break up with him and made a plan for my safety. Where I lived at the time had no house key; I entered with a number pad and code. Due to my boyfriends insistence, he knew the code. I was sobbing and thought he was going to try to kill me. I dont know if he would have actually, but I was overwhelmed and more scared than I had ever felt in my entire life. He could get to me whenever he wanted. My parents bought me plane tickets to go stay with them at their home in Colorado until I could find a new place to stay. I called my friends again and told them my own plan.

I met him at a popular park. My parents told me to just ghost him- I wish I had. He didnt deserve to hear from me ever again. My friends sat in their car in the parking lot with 911 punched into a phone. My signal to call 911 was if I rubbed the back of my neck with my hand. I had no idea what to expect. He didnt know they were there- he just thought we were meeting up. It was short. He broke down into tears and I had no idea what to do. I was scared of him lashing out, so I gave him a hug and quickly left. I hid until he left and joined my friends in their car. They were mad at me for hugging him, but relieved my fears didnt come true. I spent the night at my best friends house and left the next day for my parents. The "old friend" I had heard about the drugs from? Apparently he had lied about their relationship- they were still close. The friend was upset when I told them everything, but decided to keep neutral to keep tabs on my now ex. He told me that the night I broke up with my ex, he wrote a suicide note and went back to the park where I broke up with him. He put the gun in his mouth but couldnt bring himself to pull the trigger. I dont know whether I wish he had. Maybe he just lied for pity points. Who knows. I kept tabs on him online still, and for good reason. Years later and he was still making tweets about missing me and never loving anyone again. He talked about hating me as well and how I deserve to be raped and killed. I havent checked in a while. I wish he would forget I ever existed. Our entire relationship was blinded by me thinking things were my fault and that I wasnt being understanding or kind enough. I was stupid.

I'm doing good now. It was traumatic and I sometimes have nightmares about the experience. I still think about what could have happened. Maybe I was being dramatic and none of my fears would have come true. I was scared and that may have distorted it all. Maybe I was just being dramatic. I have an okay relationship with my parents now. I'm fully independent and am moving in with my best friend soon (the one who let me spend the night with her and watched me in that parking lot). Things arent great, but theyre okay. I cant afford therapy. I've managed this long, so I may not even need it. He only comes back to haunt me every once in a while. I guess i'll see. I still feel so conflicted and gross about it all. I hate that I remember it all.

I'm sorry this is so long. I needed to get it off my chest, its really been getting to me today. I hope you are all doing well. Im sorry you guys are even in this thread in the first place, I hope things get better for you soon.

No. 1088523

I’m right there with you nona. Can’t give you advice but I can give you company and a hug.

No. 1088527

damn girl

No. 1088530

That escalated so much, Jesus nona. Really glad you’re away from that psycho, never look back girl

No. 1088531

nona omfg this pic is too funny. I'm glad for you, I should try putting up with less shit as well.

No. 1088533

I'm bi and lmao as desperate as I'm going to sound I literally think there's no ugly woman. Even the ugliest woman looks cuter than your average moid so don't feel shamed. Women are taught to feel shamed for their attractions and sexuality while men get celebrated over theirs, to the point they rage when a woman dares to reject their advances.

No. 1088538

Everyone is into ultra hot people they feel are out of their league. I cant speak on your appearance, but beauty is very much only skin deep. im a bi woman and every time I have been into someone attractive, I have quickly lost interest if I do not like their personality. I would (along with many others) rather date someone considered conventionally unattractive if I have a deep love for them. Your heart is what truly makes you beautiful- appearances are temporary.

Know that there are so many people who feel how you do and even more who will date you and find you beautiful even if you do not think you are. ily nona

No. 1088539

Your words made me cry anon.. it's a wonderful thing you're doing better now. You remind me so much of my own friend.

No. 1088546

File: 1646634910006.png (55.2 KB, 362x281, 75043875034354.png)

Wow nonny. That's a lot to be put through especially when you were so young. I've been in an abusive relationship before but it definitely wasn't this intense and I still had nightmares and trauma reactions from it for quite so time, so honestly I think you're doing amazing for handling it as well as you are. Therapy would definitely be a plus at some point but I'm super proud of you for getting out and being independent now. I believe you will only keep healing in time.

No. 1088557

File: 1646635553687.jpg (58.07 KB, 628x619, hug.jpg)

Christ, that was hard to read, but I'm glad nothing happened to you when you broke up with him nonny and I'm sorry for all the shit he did to you.

No. 1088561

File: 1646635823269.gif (8.42 MB, 498x378, 5165163163.gif)

the lead in my deli department pisses me of so much. yeah i hate this job too and i also do the bare minimum because this just a part time job for me but i don’t do shit that screws over my other coworkers.

he never fucking tells me when he’s going on breaks or lunches so when i’m swamped with customers, i go looking for him and waste time trying to find him when he’s actually just in the break room. often times i get such a short shift, i do not get a lunch, only a 15 minute break and i’m never asked if i want to go before he takes his lunch. he just goes.

he also just randomly leaves to go talk to other employees at different departments or in the break room, leaving me all alone. today was the worst of it since this limped dick decided to do this on a really busy day.

it all started with me being in the front ALONE with customer after customer. he was working on shit in the back and when i asked him if he could help me with a customer that was waiting, he sent another coworker to help me instead. she was actually working and you know what he was doing?? making a sandwich just for one girl in a different department. with a bunch of add ons that shouldn’t be on the sandwich and she didn’t get charged for. (we don’t make sandwiches to order btw. we just have one or two types of sandwiches on a heat display.) so that was annoying.

but then, when i want to desperately go to the bathroom to change my pad, i keep getting one customer after another AND MY FUCKING LEAD NO WHERE IN SIGHT AGAIN!!!!! so when customers finally stopped showing up, i said fuck it and ran to the break room bathrooms to change my pad. and who do i see??? my fucking lead talking to the girl he made the sandwich for while she’s eating the sandwich. i was so fucking pissed.

and that’s not all. it didn’t just piss me off as an employee, it pissed me off as a woman. because here he is making sandwiches, practically flirting with this girl all while being engaged to a woman he’s been in a relationship with for years and has been living with for years. what he’s doing is absolutely emotional cheating.

i feel so fucking bad for his gf and i’ve never even met her. i have seen pictures of her and she’s honestly drop dead gorgeous and she’s smart and successful too. she’s a nurse and makes far more money than he does since he’s such a unmotivated loser who just gets by. i’ve heard through the grapevine that they often have periods where they fight and i honestly hope in the next one that they have, she kicks him the fuck out.

imagine being the breadwinner and your useless 30 year old bf is emotionally cheating with a girl younger than you and he can’t even get his shit together enough to finally marry you. why the fuck does any woman put up with this??? i bet my left tit he doesn’t do shit around the house, like all fucking men, and she does all the chores. oh but he CAN make a sandwich for his coworker. just coworkers btw. i fucking hate men and i fucking hate my job. the only cope i have is that i graduate next year and hopefully have a better life with my degree. fuck wage slave part time jobs. you get the worst fucking specimens.

No. 1088562

You type like an unironic fedora tipper who's a mod on r/atheism

No. 1088569

i was there once too, nonna. i really thought my life would never get better but it did. i know it's cliche as fuck to say but it WILL get better, one way or another. you need to find ways to make your own life better don't just wait on it.

i know it's way easier said than done. it took me so long to start fighting for myself. but just know you are worth the fight and effort. take the time to heal and take care of your basic needs and i guarantee you'll have the strength to work on improving your life.

do it for yourself because you owe it to yourself. i wish you well.

No. 1088571

>Years later and he was still making tweets about missing me and never loving anyone again. He talked about hating me as well and how I deserve to be raped and killed.
Stupid BPD moids. Uwaaa I love you you're the only one for me, also get raped and killed! Ridiculous.

No. 1088585

i get along with autistic women the most tbh but theyre rare. I feel like i font get along with men and neurotypical women (I just feel like im an alien when i talk to them). Hopefully ill make more friends

No. 1088635

Y-you like me!?

No. 1088644

I think stress may have fucked up my period again

No. 1088676

Relatable. I didn't get my period last month

No. 1088678

File: 1646643489483.png (895.97 KB, 1361x1294, 1632781315401.png)

i missed a major deadline for a super easy class and now my grade is fucking abysmal (i'm talking sub 50%). i feel so numb to it. i can't ask to turn it in late either because she has a "one late assignment only :)!" rule.

late on some other assignments for another course as well. i feel utterly retarded but at least i have a chance at getting those in late. gonna go to sleep now (it's 3am) and plow through everything. at least i have a's in my other classes (though one of them is like, a group-based course, so that's fucked in its own ways). cannot wait until spring break i'm gonna zone out even harder than usual

No. 1088680

Yes anon

No. 1088685

i have been there. consider not showing up to any of the remaining classes. might as well take the completely ignorant route at this point.

No. 1088686

I asked these fuckers one thing, one fucking thing. That I'll be having a big fight at home so can they please just email the goddamn presentation. I made the fucking presentation, I did all that, I sent it to them to just mail it before the deadline and they fucking didn't. Now I have a huge fucking bleeding bump on my head and I am also going to deal with this bs on top of it. I hate my fucking group. Oh god, I told them HOURS ago to just mail it. Fuckers.

No. 1088691

can you still drop the class even for a dropped grade, at least it won’t hurt your GPA then?

No. 1088699

Fuck I hate everyone talking about uni and consequent job prospects so much. "A bachelor isn't enough, you need a master's degree too! Anyone can get a bachelor nowadays, so it's a must or you won't get any job". But then there are also people saying that their degrees overqualify them for most stuff and that's why they can't get a job, so what's the point in scaring me like that!! Fuck you, I just want to take my time and relax a bit, there's no way I'm writing more than one thesis in my life. Fuck uni, I missed the first sign-up period and sent the payment for this stupid semester a day late too because even looking at the plan for this year is stressing me out

No. 1088713

Pathetic as hell but online dating is making me suicidal. I get so many matches but none of them give a fuck, they’re so low effort and one note and dispassionate. I would rather date a guy who is fuck ugly and broke, yet passionate and loving, than an attractive rich man who doesn’t give a fuck. Who barely displays emotions at all. I hate “mysterious” men. They aren’t mysterious, they just dont give a shit and are too dumb to be interesting.

No. 1088726

Please don't use dating apps. Men who are really looking for relationships go on a few dates, get a girl and leave the app while shitty men stay there for ages and amount for %99 of the men using the app.

No. 1088734

Samefag, in the end I had to mail it by my fucking self after some asskissing and begging to be allowed to submit late. Why did I have to get stuck with the most incompetent little fuckers. I am so annoyed, my head is bleeding and I want to cry.

No. 1088811

It's March and it's fricking freezing outside

No. 1088823

Anon i know my experience is not like yours, but i casually dated through apps for fucking years and it was awful (like coffee dates so most dates fizzled out quick when i realized they were lame. They all were so… vapid? Fake? Pushy.
When I Finally except ill be alone forever and delete the app i met my person 3 weeks later and the spark was there, it was dorky, and we are still happily together years later.
Cupid is gonna shoot his arrow - not match ya on some app made by silicon valley men who are far too socially inept.
Get ur but out there socially so cupid can take its shot ♥

No. 1088825

I have a flight at 7:30, but it’s almost 6:30 and my friend is still clearing snow off her car to drive me to the airport. I’m so anxious I’m not going to have enough time to check in for my flight aaaaaaaah

No. 1088885

im so stupid

No. 1088890

Are you anon's cat? >>1088881
She didnt mean it sweetie

No. 1088895

At this point everything accurate and useful is beyond a paywall. Scihub creater had their Google account accessed by court without their permission. So many owners of paywalled science sites were pissed that they banded together and shit it down + fucked up the owners life.

No. 1088897

File: 1646661578904.jpg (9.16 KB, 261x196, 205438542_120388693583750_8289…)

I'm so weak mentally, the more I grow and the simpliest task becomes harder to do. I just can't stand a single wall and give up easily, I want simplicity and clarity for everything I have to do or else I procrastinate because I'm confused. Fuck my defitist mind I want to be stronger.

No. 1088901

I fucking hate being such a hairy woman. I hate having sensitive skin that is prone to ingrowns no matter what I do, I hate that I'm poor but all I ever hear is "laser hair removal" it's such shit advice, and not accessible to everyone. I hate 14 year old me for shaving my stomach that first time, and subsequently I HATE when people say "it's a myth that shaving makes hair grow back thicker!!1!" I have heard it all and now I'm over it. I don't even really want to shave because I'm lazy as fuck, but I'm also just sick of feeling like I have to do something about it

No. 1088902

I honestly just really hate working and going to work. I hate that I have bills so I have no choice but work in the end. I wish I could win the lottery or some shit and pay them all off and just fuck off in my room all day.

No. 1088907

Anon, the site is fine. She doesn't have anything important on her Google or Apple accounts. She's chilling, don't be scared

No. 1088916

No. 1088932

are you me??

No. 1089006

I feel like it's impossible for me to try and date.

I developed BED as a way to cope with my as I now know undiagnosed disorders. It spiraled hard because I also spiraled hard and nobody thought to think that when I mentioned I'll eat to not feel the anxiety that I might have an eating disorder. Even worse because eating disorders are at a very high comorbidity with both of my other disorders.
I go between phases of wanting to hide until I somehow get skinny (despite being extremely obese) and feeling like why even bother because even if I do, I'll be left with loose skin and countless stretchmarks. Who would even want me?

Its hard to feel like you have worth when you know how people think about fat women. I often wish I developed some other addiction, or even just bulimia (which I tried but I couldn't get myself to throw up) because now I wear my moral failings on my sleeve and everyone judges me for just existing. I've had men even in just casual convo in the workplace or at college just act like I didn't exist when my hot friend left.

Sorry for dumping this here, I can't talk about this to friends because I always want to hide just how bad it is, thinking they'll also think I'm disgusting.

No. 1089115

I hate how my mother saw my dad's previous house before they moved in together, saw he was a hoarder but decided he'd somehow make a great father. Now she's dead and I'm stuck with his mess. Of course she never taught my brother how to clean either so now I'm left by myself with two grown men who never ever fucking clean.

No. 1089129

The site doesn't work

No. 1089147

Men have hardened me so much that when I interact with them I feel like a middle aged woman whos been divorced 4 times. I'm in my 20s and supposed to be cutesy and flirty and open minded but I'm just done with all of it and act super closed off.

No. 1089153

Same nonna. Just the sound of them breathing is enough to annoy me.

No. 1089163

>I would rather date a guy who is fuck ugly and broke, yet passionate and loving, than an attractive rich man who doesn’t give a fuck.

BASED NONA!!! The happiest relationships ive been in have been with some ugly guys tbfh I cant stand attractive guys because theyre all so shallow and their heads are empty. No personality, I can predict probably 80% of the shit they'll say

No. 1089169


I'm pretty sure that there is some 12 foot ladder trick to get around paywalls, I would recommend it to any nonitas that are sick of em

No. 1089185

File: 1646675661344.jpg (44.72 KB, 523x616, billie.jpg)

How do you get past their looks though? Obv it's not the most important thing in a relationship but how do you manage to be intimate with them?

Being with an "ugly" guy can give him an ego boost though and I've seen girls getting cheated on by their ugly moids because they suddenly got a burst of confidence and thought they could do better (the irony).

No. 1089186

Anon, ex bulimic here, its not fun and is actually immensely painful. Its like feeling your body slowly die because of your actions, your teeth rotting, ulcers forming everywhere, you cant function. I used to faint all the time from it and had a lot of deficiencies as well.

I also used to have bed so I understand it can be hard. I still struggle with it on occasion. I would recommend seeing a therapist or reading some books on bed to learn how to move on from it. I personally recovered by getting into vaping for a few months until I was able to transition into chewing gum and other coping methods that didnt involve my mouth. But if you really think you'll get long term addicted to the nicotine try not doing that

No. 1089197

Ugly guys are just as bad.

No. 1089204

I think for my its just a lot of psychological association. Like, I associate attractive men with bad relationships and unhappiness due to my own dating history. I just always try to keep an open mind and have seen in myself that when I love someone's heart, they become immensely physically attractive to me as well. And getting cheated on by an ugly guy DOES happen but it happens way less than when with attractive ones

I mean any guy can be. I believe really strongly in meeting people through hobbies so you can actually be friends and know their morals before committing. Ugly guys, from what ive experienced, just tend to be more humble cause they didnt get shit handed to them for their looks and they dont feel immensely entitled (like for sex)

No. 1089206

Apologies, I didn't meant to imply it's actually better, I know that's the disordered thoughts talking. It's like intrusive thoughts when I see someone who gets so ill they can't hold down food and I realize it's absolutely terrible but a voice in my head wishes that was me.
I'm starting intensive therapy for it this month actually, I guess that's part of why it's on my mind even more then usual.

No. 1089213

File: 1646676326110.gif (1.5 MB, 498x278, punch.gif)

Almost flipped out on my friend's boyfriend today for calling another friend of ours a whore (she wasn't present though). I HATE HATE HATE it when moids do that. They're the biggest whores.

No. 1089237

Its okay anon, im glad you know. Any eating disorder is awful and my heart breaks that youre dealing with it. I'm happy youre getting help for it, though. The journey is hard but cheers to you becoming your best self! I hope everything becomes better for you!

No. 1089257

This post was brought to you by a deformed scrotie who won't get to breed because he has inferior genes

No. 1089276

I mean, everyone has their own opinions and experiences, thats just mine. If someone is able to find a conventionally attractive person with a good personality then im genuinely happy for them. I certainly wouldnt complain if I found one, I just think its rare so ive stopped making it a priority

No. 1089294

Average is fine but ugly men are the worst. When ugly dudes finally get a gf, they either cheat because they think they can do better or neg her so she won't leave. Never ever advice women to go for the bottom of the barrel because they're the only men who will fuck you. Don't forget that men are only nice if they like you or think you're the best/only woman they can get and end up settling for you. It's smarter for women to improve themselves and be pickier so they get a proper man than date ugly men who are only with her because she's the only woman dumb enough to give him a chance. Also ugly men are hyperaware of attractiveness compared to normies so they actually care more and will be meaner to you when your looks fade, you can look at researches of people ranking attractiveness and ugly people always gave the lowest ratings to others. Just something to keep in mind.

No. 1089299

Sometimes I'm the only woman in the canteen at work and I can feel eyes on me and do you know how nerve wrecking it is eating a sandwich in a socially distanced spaced out canteen where everyone faces each other.

No. 1089314

I m feeling like I'll die and when it's like this I always think of various depressing things I've experienced in the past.
Right now I'm thinking of how I've only ever had two friends, but they would almost never hang out with me and didn't even say hi to me if by chance I met them while they were with someone else. I guess they were ashamed to show others that they knew me because I'm weird. Actually they only talked to me because they had no one else to talk to. I've always been worthless and unwanted. I often fantasize about having a friend group, or some people who genuinely don't mind my presence.

No. 1089342

i started a new job today and everything was okay my coworkers are very lovely but its the typical corporate brainwashing and heavy workload for low pay. i have 2.5 years left of college if i pursue a bachelor and im just gonna stay here part time but how the fuck do people afford to live outside of a degree and even within a degree? i see jobs here for degree holders hiring at $15/hr when the price of rent for a 1 bedroom in my town is $2100. i had an argument with my moms boyfriend because he said people just dont want to climb the ranks and $15/hour is a liveable wage and he made even less at his age and didnt want to hear about inflation or anything. i feel like ill always be fucked working stupid jobs just to get by i dont know how some anons get so lucky with pay and work. is college even worth it?

No. 1089355

A majority of the year I'm fine but a few weeks out of the year, I have really severe symptoms of PTSD where I can't go into work, leave the house etc.
It's not professional for my workplace, even if it's just a shitty restaurant but I can't afford to keep losing money but it's just out of my control I'm so upset.

No. 1089365

Why do people tick me off so much? I'm almost always in a good mood up until someone talks to me, why am I like this.

No. 1089380

>he said people just dont want to climb the ranks and $15/hour is a liveable wage and he made even less at his age and didnt want to hear about inflation or anything
kek I fucking hate people like this so much.

I think college is only worth it if you're in a tech related field, or if you're making tons of connections to secure a job. I went to school for international relations and only recently lucked out for a job slightly related to my field but the pay is absolute shit. It has its upsides (I maintain good worklife balance and my boss doesn't mind even though the poor dude id overworked af, decent benefits, and easy workload) but god damn the pay sucks. If I didn't live rent free with my parents I don't know what the fuck I'd do. It's bleak. I would say to stay in college regardless of your degree because a lot of jobs just want a bachelors. Doesn't matter if your degree is related or not, I've seen a lot of jobs require it as the bare minimum which is stupid as fuck if it's not even related to the position.

No. 1089382

File: 1646684502156.jpg (32.83 KB, 400x402, 1d8ad772_400.jpg)

I hate that I can't carry a decent conversation due to social anxiety and language barrier. I always get old people trying to talk to me and I can tell they're lonely but my autistic brain can't handle it REEEEE

No. 1089393

I slept weird again last night after a week of having trouble sleeping at all and every single thing today is annoying and irritating to me reeee

No. 1089398

Not US but my field also has decent wages generally. But man the housing market is so fucked I wonder if I'll ever be able to move out. Worse, I'll make too much for social housing.
Even for the most basic of 1 bedroom apartments its an average of a 1000 euro a month and they all want you to make at least 3 to 4 times that.

No. 1089411

tbh you have to be the type of woman to value emotional connection and satisfaction over looks in order to date an ugly guy. i have to be emotionally validated to be turned on.

to me, my bf isn't ugly (like duh of course i'd say that) but i know he's not considered attractive by most people but i don't care. my attraction to him is how sweet and considerate he is. he's also funny and i'm attracted to humor. it's how he makes me feel that keeps me with him. i feel safe with him too. if a scrote actually has a personality and satisfies your needs, it can completely over shadow his looks.

don't date stinky men tho. no excuse for not washing your ass and cock.

No. 1089450

i hate when my mom allows my rapist dad to come at the house. I hate how she tells me to die everyday and she wants me gone. I might as well just become homeless at this point shes gonna kicked me out eventually. I just want to die. I dont want to be raped at a homeless shelter. I wish i had a mother who wanted me and loved me

No. 1089533

She's so dumb ffs…

No. 1089541

a childhood friend of mine died last night in a freak accident through no fault of her own. we drifted apart as teenagers but we were very close from when we were about 5 until we were 15. she came from a very strange toxic and isolated family but since leaving high school she had grown so much and was travelling and working and living a life i didn't ever dream she would. i hadn't spoken to her for years but i was so proud of her for leaving that situation and it made me so happy to think of her living her best life. i'm so heartbroken i don't know what to do. i can't really do anything. she was only 21.

No. 1089543

My best friend and I have been planning to move out for years, but whenever she sends me listings, 90% of the time they're usually too far from public transport. For YEARS she has refused to acknowledge that I want to live <10 minute walk from the subway. It's a luxury, sure, but if she plans on having a car and driving to and from work and has the luxury to just pull up to the apartment, I should get to have the luxury to be able to walk to/from the subway in less than 10 minutes. My reasoning used to be because I used to work very late shifts, but even as I work an office job with regular hours now, I just don't want to walk so far to the subway!

It's so fucking annoying that she doesn't consider proximity to public transport. She doesn't even drive yet, nevermind the cost of owning a car in my state (plus dealing with parking), so I don't know why she acts like she most likely won't be relying on public transportation too! Also fuck the buses in my city, I want to be near the subway, being near a bus stop isn't good enough.

No. 1089551

No. 1089562

File: 1646690665536.jpeg (139.38 KB, 1440x810, CBE5D505-887B-43D4-9E41-B0DD84…)

seeing my friends still be into weebshit into their twenties gives me secondhand embarrassment now that I don't like the majority of weebshit. and it feels like we have nothing in common anymore. there is a very complex reason I started disliking anime and abandoned it, but I feel like a sperg everytime I try and explain it. i just wish they'd discuss other shit that wasn't teeth rotting, mind numbing nihonjo cartoons. anything for gods sake, or I didn't have to see it so much, because I am starting to feel repulsed, especially by the sight of 2d men

No. 1089566

Yet you still use an anime reaction image kek, have fun being a Not Like Other Weebs

No. 1089567

I used an uncanny one for emphasis, it's ironic, it's purposeful

No. 1089568

I actually want to know why you're not into manga and anime anymore, I'm very curious. I can somewhat relate, not because I don't like that kind of stuff anymore but specifically because my friends are into specific series I don't even want to hear about. And one of them is 26, will be 27 this year and she's still a very incompetent cosplayer who spends her time in cons doing the most retarded photoshoots and skits I've ever seen in my life on top of being obsessed with the most basic shonen shit I've ever seen.

No. 1089571

Why does parental rejection still hurt even though you're ought to be used to it after twenty years coloncircumflexclosebracket

No. 1089572

>And one of them is 26, will be 27 this year and she's still a very incompetent cosplayer who spends her time in cons doing the most retarded photoshoots and skits I've ever seen in my life on top of being obsessed with the most basic shonen shit I've ever seen.
As I entered my 30's I realized how blessed people like this are. Just being unironically cringe, enjoying their lives, not giving a shit about what other people think of them. I wish I had that kind of self-confidence, it's miserable being cripplingly self-conscious and always holding yourself back from expressing yourself. I wish I didn't spend my 20's being a stick in the mud and actually went out and did cringe shit like this.

No. 1089573

Because seeing how well adjusted people from nice families are, hurts.

No. 1089574

>not giving a shit about what other people think of them
Oh, you clearly don't know my friend at all then. She treats that shit like it's her duty and will sperg if she can't finish a badly made costume for a photoshoot.

No. 1089579

So she's passionate about her hobby then. Good for her.

No. 1089584

You'd have to see her face to face for sometime to truly understand what I mean.

No. 1089585

I was into it since my early teens until my early twenties. After spending a long time around weeb spaces and in weeb interest groups, I started to lose patience. As I became increasingly educated on feminism I also realized how the genre objectifies women and youth, and pushes some disturbing fetishistic implications. When the pandemic onset I had contemplated ditching japanese animated media for awhile. I did. Occasionally I will still read manga. There are anime I still don't hate, a few still hold up, but I realized Japan had a degeneracy problem seeping into their animated media. Like unironically Miyazaki was right that anime is a mistake.

while in anime communities I was harassed by numerous groups of people, mostly pedophilic men, incel men, deranged fujoshis, and the people therein were quite catty. I used to be sort of a pickme, I'd throw myself into slights for the sake of attention. This backfired on me when years later I had revenge porn spread that contained old photos. They tried to push those photos as recent. The moids who spread them also made badly shooped deepfakes of me. Having felt disgraced and disgusted by weebs behavior, this combined with my feminist ideals made me want to stop watching anime altogether. It's both personal and social reasons. Plus, as someone who loves expressions, I realized a 3d person can emote a lot better than a weeb character can. I don't really like idealization of 2d dorito chins, I'm now attracted to 3d folks with flaws, and that's ok. Just drives me batty to see my friends so into it

I feel like I wasted ten years of my life watching fetish crap, even though I know it's not all like that. It didn't compile everything I watched. I feel so stunted and childish because of it

No. 1089596

I see. I never truly cared about fan "communities" so I like manga I buy or borrow at the library, and I used to watch a lot of good anime on TV so we really don't have the same experience. But I also can't stand most recent popular trends in recent anime and manga for similar reasons: it's all excessive fanservice, ugly art and no plot. These days I stick to reading old manga I already like.

No. 1089602

That's also a reason. On a genre level the generic slop that's been coming out since the isekai surge and the increased fanservice in shows that otherwise wouldn't have it. Even Kyoto Animation adapting a show like Dragon Maid whose mangaka used to write disgusting shotacon manga and the fanservicication of Phantom World made me lose faith in what was one of my favorite studios. The genre has declined in quality. Pretty much all the shows that were on my favs list were from the 00s or early to mid 2010s

No. 1089609

I'm not surprised by Kyoani, it's not like Haruhi Suzumiya didn't have a lot of weird fanservice as well. Which is a shame because the plot could have been way more interesting if it weren't for that and the endless 8 fiasco. But yeah, it feels like nowadays the only family friendly, normal series you'll see that last more than 12 episodes a season are stuff from the shonen jump, the rest is niche fanservice trash that exists just to sell figurines and keychains. Compare this to, say, the 90s and the 2000s when there was a lot more variety in terms or original anime and which novels and manga got animated adaptations.

No. 1089612

>weeb pickme hanging around greasy neckbeard orbitors abusing and exploiting her slams an entire form of media based on her experience instead of taking the fujopill and becoming a separatist manhater only into objectifying and sexualizing 2D males and completely cutting moids out of your life
I don't know how straight girls stay sane tbh

No. 1089623

nta but bitch, what are you talking about? Also yaoi is peak straight shit. You're so straight you cant even stand seeing a woman naked you just watch two faggots fuck instead.

No. 1089627

I wasn't talking to you, faggot-chan

No. 1089634

not that anon but lmao fujos are huge pickmes. Did you see how much they got turned on when yeonbum kiled that female character in that manhwa.

No. 1089635

You're the one watching fags fuck, rotten brained faghag. You're one of the weird fujos op was complaining about dumbass. I never met a fujo that was a high functioning person either, all of you look unwashed and ugly and cape for faggots while pretending to be separatist and so not straight but when an actual lesbian or bi woman comes around, your little act crumbles because you know deep down your jealousy of other women is what drives you to yaoi, it's not because you're not straight or anything, you just can't even stand the sight of a woman getting any attention. That's why you trashed on op too, because she got attention.

No. 1089638

Fujos are such pickmes they can't handle their dream men picking another woman and would rather imagine him fuck a dude. Since they dont consider homosexual relationships real, they don't feel threatened or jealous. I've had fujo friends irl and they all fucked me over when a random dude dared to talk to me instead of them. They can't stand seeing a woman get more attention than them.

No. 1089641

Your posts really start to get recognizable lmao.

No. 1089645

I was harassed by fujos, and I was also harassed by self proclaimed shotacon consuming pedo fujos, so idk what you're getting at. also, I never really liked yaoi much, it probably would've made me more of a coomer if I did

No. 1089646

Nice argument after you blame a girl who got fucked over by weebs because it hurts your feelings and your totally valid addiction to cartoon gay porn.

No. 1089648

Based. I also got harassed by fujos and they spammed porn and very weird stuff to me when I was underage.

No. 1089650

No. 1089653

adding to this that I'm also bisexual and not straight and I never got any gratification out of watching two men fuck, so take with that what you will, I'm not sexually attracted to watching gay dudes fuck and never will be. western fangirls on tumblr with the superwholock shit weirded me out too

if anything again, all this would have made me a worse pickme coomer than I was. I can't understand why y'all uphold watching scrotes fuck as powerful or feminist, it's not

No. 1089654

I get harrassed by fujos almost every day on lolcow.farm
They pile on me calling me a moid

No. 1089655

I'm not even the original anon, I just think your constant sperging is funny.

No. 1089659

My heart breaks for you. I hope you're able to receive other kinds of love in your life. Do you have anyone else to turn to?

No. 1089660

This is the first time I expressed by opinion about this topic. Take ur meds. Not everyone who hates your aids riddles porn addiction is the same person.
I'm bi too and it does nothing to me either.

No. 1089663

Alright, I believe you, just please don't start sanefagging again.

No. 1089665

No. 1089666

I'm OP not the other chan and I don't really care about fujoshit as long as you're a harmless fujoshit, problem is there does exist a deranged form of fujoshit. I don't really care as long as you keep it away from me.

I always hated when I went through my sports anime phase how rude the fandoms were if you dared to say the cast wasn't homoerotically gay for one another. Like far be it for me to say they're not gay I guess

The west does gay stories a lot better, yaoi is a needlessly sexed up genre that fetishizes its characters and unhealthy power dynamics

No. 1089684

Are you you slow? I never samefagged.

No. 1089715

File: 1646695718764.jpeg (31.44 KB, 360x348, 84A7DDD9-05AB-406B-87CD-D85FA3…)

this site or at least ot is practically dead. i’m so bored i will gladly take my ban if it’s handed out. i am doing art while sperging so i’m not totally wasting time but yes I am too retarded to log off.

No. 1089739

Can they be my friends instead

No. 1089746

If you're bored, start an infight, or re-ignite another. The dumbass shit thread had a good one today.

No. 1089765

i can understand that feel. my friends are in their late 20s and still consoom the latest pokemon crap and even play pokemon go.

No. 1089775

I'm feeling so sad right now because I feel like I always overextend myself to others in ways they don't for me. And it's conflicting because I know that I don't have to overextend myself, you know? But I like to do stuff for people I love. For example, I spent a lot of time and money crafting a gift for my friend. (we discussed prior that we were gonna get each other gifts). I even went out of my way to bring it to her house and surprise her. But she still has not given me anything for christmas, even though she has alluded to knowing that she should have got me something. I try to plan stuff for my friends special events, but if I have a special event I have to plan for myself… I respond to texts as soon as I can but when I text first I feel like a burden. I'm really beating myself up over this right now becuase I can't seem to pull away and it's hurting me. I don't think they're bad friends at all and they are super kind and understanding and amazing when we are together, but when it comes to putting effort into me they just don't have it. I dont know

No. 1089788

Yesterday I was joking with a friend about how much I hate talking to men and she took as an opportunity to humblebrag(?) about how talking to men is actually sooo easy you just have to emasculate them and they will listen to you blah blah blah I learned it from my family and if I were straight I would be soo powerful with this knowledge. It really rubbed me the wrong way. I just wanted to complain and joke around a bit about how I don't want to talk to men. I didn't want to hear about how it is apparently actually so easy to talk to them and that I just need to follow her advice or something. I don't even think she was actually listening to what I was saying because it's not that I don't want to talk to men because I don't know how to but because I don't like the way they don't treat you like a person when they talk to you. I listen to her complain about how hard it is to date girls all the time and I don't try to give advice on how "talking to girls is sooo easy" because obviously it's different when you're straight versus when you aren't. And she tries to talk to me sometimes about how she's working on trying to "accept men" into her life because misandry is damaging toward feminism as well. I respect her opinion and she can do that if she wants, but she keeps recommending me books that she's been reading on why misandry is bad. Just let me hate men goddamn. If you want to work on accepting men into your life then fine, but I don't know why I have to do that too. I should probably just stop bringing this topic up around her honestly.

No. 1089791

Please find new friends and direct your current ones to me. Good luck in your no more anime journey anon.

No. 1089812

I have the opposite experience where my high school friends enabled me to be a weeb pickme until we hit our 20s. They finally told me to "wake up" and see all the degenerate shit anime presents as an ultimatum in our friendship and I instantly stopped following seasonal anime.

No. 1089823

I want to be friends with them

No. 1089827

I wish my friends would stop liking it. They have other interests but they talk about it enough to irritate me. I was trying to get some of them into other media but they always default back to it. I don't know how to tell them I'm tired of it without sounding rude I guess

No. 1089836

based I hope we go back to bullying weebs especially scrotes

No. 1089838

That sucks shit, but good on you for being brave enough to try. I wish I was brave enough to show my friends something like that.

No. 1089847

Why don't people just get friends with mutual interests

No. 1089849

Some people love making fun of their unknowing “friends” when they have someone with interests they perceive as cringy/wrong it can make them feel better about themselves

No. 1089851

why do ppl on this site pretend like they have frenz

No. 1089852

You guys are my friends. Lol
smiley face

No. 1089857

Sometimes you just can’t choose who likes you and who doesn’t like you. Maybe those anons are too spergy for the type of friends that they want,

No. 1089860

it's not a big deal in my case but i just don't get how anyone can still be into pokemon after how awful sun and moon were. i hate how pokemon fans have such low standards.

No. 1089868

They told me to watch some "cool" films like american psycho or pulp fiction to replace the anime addiction so im probably going to still be insufferable. I try to identity archetypes in those movies like they're anime characters, but my friends appreciate my criticisms with it. It's hard to convince them to change over to another set of media unless they themselves see the faults of anime.

No. 1089870

thank you anon. I have no one to turn to unfortunately. i wish i could stop crying about it. I dont have much friends

No. 1089873

I just want a home that doesn’t change. I feel like I’ve been bouncing around from place to place without much choice in the matter since I was 4 years old. I just want to be able to stand still for a while.

No. 1089875

>goes out and enjoys life for a whole 15 hours
>experience extreme tiredness and sleepiness the days after, need almost a week to recover
why. why? is it because I’m getting old? I work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle but why can’t I enjoy a nice busy weekend and go back to regular programming after. I always feel so drained and I can’t be as productive as I usually am reeeeeeeeeee give me my energy back

No. 1089887

File: 1646709700083.jpg (148.41 KB, 1200x630, GOOD ANIME.jpg)

>I also realized how the genre objectifies women and youth
anime is not a monolith, but alright.

> japanese animated media

faggot-y way to phrase this.

>Like unironically Miyazaki was right that anime is a mistake.

he never actually said that, that screenshot was a meme edit, check your sources.

> I was harassed

oh man that sucks what did you do to get their attenti–

>I'd throw myself into slights for the sake of attention

yeah, that'll do it!

>I had revenge porn spread that contained old photos

sooo…YOU yourself sent your nude body to a moid, or let him record you during sex? smart move seesta.

>I don't really like idealization of 2d dorito chins

not every show features dorito chins, but alright.

> I'm now attracted to 3d folks with flaws

woww you're so mature, and it's impossible for fictional characters to be complicated. yass queen yasss!

anyway you just sound balls to the wall retarded. i bet you only watched shonen anime and seasonal moecrap/harem shows. very sorry that you restricted your experience of an entire art medium to a few shitty series and double sorry that you think ditching "weebshit" makes you somehow superior to anyone that enjoys it. hope you enjoy whatever you're into now. probably euphoria or some other normie shit.

>this entire post
holy shit kill yourself and i mean that

No. 1089891

File: 1646709988409.jpeg (221.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1646604775655.jpeg)

the nice old lady housesitting next door left me my mail by my door but it was placed exactly underneath a shelf so when i stood up i boinked the fuck out of my head and now i have a goose-egg bump and it hurts a lot. whats the likelihood she was actually attempting to murder me?

No. 1089892

File: 1646710098175.jpg (72.48 KB, 828x816, FHXm69HXMAAYacO.jpg)

The Ivy league school my sister goes to doesn't have any fucking vegan food for her. A school that generations of successful/rich fuck business people have graduated from and the only thing she could eat was 3 PIECES OF BROCCOLI. She has an exam tomorrow and she's only going to have unfulfilling cereal and hurt with hunger pangs. Ivy league colleges are such a fucking sham what the fuck is my little 90 pound sister going to eat

No. 1089894

It’s pickme but common behavior. She just feels shocked and insecure and is taking it out on you, sorry. You did the right thing by telling her though, maybe after she grieves she’ll drop him

No. 1089895

The thing is she already knew because my friend told her and showed her the horny messages scrote was sending (I’m not innocent either I texted him but I still wanted to be with him because we have been together) and my ex got really mad when he found out and blocked me on everything. She still has his initials in her bio and has photos of them up. So yeah. I guess I shouldn’t have bothered her again but he was pissing me off because he didn’t want to talk to me like mature people. Like I just wanted to talk and be civil friends. Idk I’m dumb

No. 1089896

File: 1646710456915.png (794.46 KB, 746x425, sighsindeep.PNG)

Some people are just letting themselves be lied to in order to confirm their biases at times. It previously made me feel bad and annoyed at the person doing the lying, until I realized that some falsehoods and hypocrisy are so incredibly glaring and if anyone doesn't see it they either aren't paying attention or are actively choosing not to

No. 1089900

What’s this about, nonny?

No. 1089902

File: 1646710987929.jpeg (112.2 KB, 1367x769, EA56008C-4039-41FB-B4F6-AB3F7B…)

I just want karma to get his ass. I shouldn’t put out negative energy but I can’t believe he fucking betrayed me after accusing me of having another bf. I was so in love with him and I’m embarrassed how he moved on so quick. I feel like a loser. He was like my best friend we would text everyday and not having that hurts. I just miss laying next to him. I don’t think he will ever be with me again and I hate myself for thinking maybe he will realize he fucked up and regret losing me. But I doubt that. I don’t know if this relationship was real, everything he said was probably lies I feel like I’m going insane

No. 1089909

tell her to suck it up and enjoy a nice burger or something idk

No. 1089920

Wish I was taught dental hygiene. I didn't brush my teeth like, ever as a child and I still suffer the consequences.

No. 1089925

Same, i spent age 18 to 20 running around clinics fixing every tooth and having transplants here and there because of neglect as a kid no one checked up on me and i’m still bitter about it

No. 1089960

You're seething

No. 1089961

Every anon here complaining about their friends interests sound like they're not friends at all, if it bothers you so much just get new friends I do not understand

No. 1089964

i met my closest friends on lc kek i love them

No. 1089969

File: 1646716494270.png (540.37 KB, 447x446, 10A0AD8F-AB38-4584-AE39-CFE109…)

No. 1089970


No. 1089971

>holy shit kill yourself and i mean that
Kek. Looks like I hit a nerve, faghag. Imagine telling someone to kys for not liking your shitty porn. Weebs are degenerates and are more likely to hang themselves than any demographic.

No. 1089975

Even as a weeb myself I agree that anon sounds unhinged kek

No. 1090013

I miss having a group of female friends but all of mine grew into pickmes or addicts. I can't be comfortable around people who drink too much or take drugs because of my upbringing with a substance abuser parent. I especially miss this one girl who used to be very kind, thoughtful and sweet, but now she's the biggest pickme I know, even flirting with married men, it disgusts me. After a certain point in time all she'd talk about would be what boys she was flirting with, all the sex she was having, even when I tried to change the conversation topic. I know she is how she is because of very low self esteem, but still. I complain about this but I won't search for new friends either because I hate how disheartening it can be. I just wish things had turned out differently.

No. 1090021

File: 1646719039469.jpg (Spoiler Image, 841.7 KB, 1600x1200, ev4701_NY_uiOYEJCL.jpg)

lmao NTA but you made me remember that time I was in middle school and a massive fujo with fujo friends who were even bigger spergs than me irl, I forgot exactly how I met them but these two adult women (in their 20s or 30s) in a fujo Facebook group invited us to a meetup to talk about yaoi and other than them only my friend and I showed up. They gave us this CG printed as a postcard for attending.
Those older fujos would post pretty explicit shit on their FB all the time too. One of them posted her cellphone theme and it was all full of gay anime porn

>I realized Japan had a degeneracy problem seeping into their animated media
have you read this article? because it's true
>I was harassed by numerous groups of people, mostly pedophilic men, incel men
ugh I remember when I used to go to cons every year, also in middle school, and I hanged out with some of the people who frequented them. I was super into Pokemon at the time so I went to a small event organized by the local Pokemon autists. One of the organizers was a creepy, literally autistic guy in his 20s while I was like 15 and had just met the guy who would later be my first boyfriend. Not sure how true this is (probably 100%) but later when we became a couple he told me that the autist and he had talked for a while that day, and that the autist had told him that he liked me and about his love for lolicon. I used to wear shorts all the time so imagining that he was looking at me, a 15 year old that way is revolting.
I am still into some anime and manga (but find most of it terrible for many different reasons), and enjoy playing video games from time to time, but I unironically believe that anime, cartoons and video games attract more autistic, degenerate and childish people than most other hobbies. They're hobbies full of people who haven't matured psychologically despite being fully developed adults, manchildren (and plenty of womanchildren too, lbr). My mother always told me this. I became convinced of it after I found out that someone who I had known since childhood, a man in his late 20s who is into all that nerd shit and very invested in those hobbies, had molested a kid in his family when he was almost an adult. Before we knew about that, my parents would use him as an example.

You're not wrong, I've also noticed that anime has only gotten worse over the years, in many different ways. There are still a few good anime coming out each season, sure, but few of them become as popular as the cheap shit full of fanservice or dumb, still sexist shonenshit.

No. 1090025

>that the autist had told him that he liked me and about his love for lolicon
I wanna kill him, disgusting.

No. 1090070


me too anon and it makes me wish blade's thread hadn't been deleted, luna and all the drug addict girls kinda helped me not to relapse or romanticize my using days. does anyone know what blade's tumblr is? one of the fan accounts on instagram has been posting screen shots of old tumblr posts of hers so I think it's still up, or maybe an old one is? i loved the internet ghost threads and wish there was another one.

also the thing with lil bo weep that was so sad is I really do think she went downhill and everything the surgery and the tattoos and the anorexia ensured that she wouldn't recover because it was so visible. altering your appereance to that extent makes people in society treat you differently, you don't get to be treated as a normal person ever again, even in small interactions and that stuff kinda wears on you. reminds me of when I had two black eyes and would be followed around stores and treated like a crackhead.

No. 1090129

I'm in love too! Love exists! Happy for you nona!

No. 1090136

I deleted because I forgot about the Nigel thread when I posted that. But, yes!! I'm happy for you too. Love is SO real I'm shocked. It's like the opposite of discovering Santa Claus doesn't exist

No. 1090147

disappointment incoming

No. 1090151

i haven't ever had a friend who i could take through my issues with; never have i interacted with another human being past very baseline problems (i'm hungry, my favorite show just got canceled, etc.). it took me up to this point in my life to understand that FRIENDS are people you can confess actual problems with, y'know?

i can't speak to either of my parents about the things that hurt me. i tried to tell my mom about my irritation at a professor scheduling an in class exam for a web-based course and she sounded so uncomfortable. she's always like that with my problems. dad too.

i don't know. this semester has been tough. i've got about several big things due and i'm typing this at 2am. but fuck it. i plan to sleep soon regardless. tomorrow's class doesn't start until 3pm anyway. i'll make it.

No. 1090156

Nonnie, it's been nearly a decade for me.

No. 1090158

File: 1646729009173.png (35.58 KB, 422x352, tumblr_inline_pn417zFlHR1s768c…)

No. 1090161

shush anon just ignore the sperg or the psychotic "lmao u mad faghag sucking fag dick watching faggot ass sex you disgusting pickme faghag" schizo ranting begins again

No. 1090165

File: 1646729872371.jpg (185.18 KB, 857x1134, 1492592070045.jpg)

I think the real pink-pill is that post-WWII Japanese is just really fucked up and unnatural for both men and women
fujoism, lolicon, kawaii culture e.t.c all come up from a really fucked up society that embraced neo-liberalism and destroyed itself

It is fucked up to read to read stories of little boys and girls getting raped and the fact people actually argue that this is somehow art just blows up my mind, like Christ

No. 1090168

Gotta love how people group fujos in with moids who like watching loli rape. Like no, women enjoying even the most degenerate BL will never be as horrible as predatory men who like their underage cervix penetration porn and are inspired to hurt real children because of it. How many fujos have actually kidnapped gay boys and raped them versus lolicon moids doing it to children? Blaming "le degeneration of western society by muh neo-liberalism" is bullshit, it's all just men being terminally hedonistic, violent and perverse by their innate nature. Even during the middle ages they were embracing it behind closed doors while acting all chaste in public.

No. 1090169

Stop trying to start infighting again. Schizo

No. 1090171

Yaoi is bad because it harms the viewer more than anyone. Most of those girls are insecure or want to disassociate from their own sex for one reason or another. Some even end up becoming trans. The overlap between tif and yaoi watchers just proves its not a positive thing and people enjoying it more often than not don't have a positive outlook about their own bodies.

No. 1090172

This is what I mean, it shouldn't be controversial to say that both are fucked up
literally some of the first Fujo "artwork" is just full on filled with rape

Sure one may be a worse but the other still is just filled with rape and sexualization of children, I just don't get it

No. 1090174

>It's not the built-in misogyny and sexism of the society around us demanding access to female bodies and a billion-dollar medical industry full of lobbying brainwashing young women into opting out of womahood, it's YAOI!!!! two nukes werent enough guys!!!

No. 1090175

>His manipulation of Gilbert is so significant that Gilbert believes that the two are in love, and he remains beguiled by Auguste even after he later learns that Auguste is not his uncle, but his biological father.
Holy shit what the fuck??

No. 1090176

Youre using yaoi to escape from the reality of being a female. You cant escape. Youre acting like most yaoi watchers only do so because they dislike the unreasonable standards media has for women but for some reason yaoi fans are the ones who jump first to criticize and hate on female characters for even the smallest flaw and get happy when a male character gets treated better. Internalized misogyny.

No. 1090180

Why do both characters look like 12 year old girls

No. 1090181

My mobage anime girls bring me joy. Who gives a fuck about what others think, you aren't solving misogyny by not enjoying things you used to just because.

No. 1090182

>I-I'm just concerned for those poor fictional female characters being victims of ~internalized misogyny~ uwu
Uh-huh. Your pseudointelligent redditor analysis shows an absolute lack of understanding of female experiences so there's really no point in even humouring you.

No. 1090184

I don't care about drawn characters, retard. Most fujos harbor a weird anger and jealousy towards women in general and they let it show when they make those weird comments. You're probably one of them and just like how you seethe when a female character gets with a guy, you probably also seethe irl when a guy gets with a girl instead of you. There's a reason fujos get called pickmes, they can't stand seeing any woman and feel happy for her.

No. 1090185

Kek based

No. 1090187

Based and truthpilled. Also fujos are the ones moralfagging about content targeting women i.e. joseimuke like they have a place to speak with their women stand-in anus rape content.

No. 1090188

For fucks sake what is this pearl clutching lmao we consume straight relationships in literally every other aspect of our lives, let us indulge in something else for once ffs. It's enjoyable to be sexually attracted to both halves of a couple, what kind of retard can't fathom that?

No. 1090191

File: 1646732197178.jpg (17.36 KB, 220x289, Björn_Andrésen_dans_Mort_à_Ven…)

>The primary characters of Kaze to Ki no Uta are bishōnen, a term for androgynous male characters that sociologist Chizuko Ueno describes as representing "the idealized self-image of girls". Takemiya has stated that her use of protagonists that blur gender distinctions was done intentionally, in order "to mentally liberate girls from the sexual restrictions imposed on us [as women]." By portraying male characters with physical traits typical of female characters in manga – such as slender bodies, long hair, and large eyes – the presumed female reader is invited to self-identify with the male protagonist

I always find this odd, cause apparently
the appearance of most of the cast was based of then 14 year old Bjornn Anderson and while he was a cute kid, he was still undeniably male looking
there was nothing gender bending about him

No. 1090195

Don't you have gore to spam or something?

No. 1090197

my friend is dead and i dont know what to do

No. 1090203

I'm so sorry anon. I hope you're able to have time to grieve and come to terms with their death

No. 1090204

you'll often see the claim that going to Japan helped him somehow and he liked going there but in his In a recent documentary he actually said he fucking hated Japan and the pedo art of him

No. 1090207

so it's fine for moids to like loli shit as long as they don't act on it?

No. 1090208

one of these days after I've drank and downed pills I'm not going to wake up with just a hellish stomachache

No. 1090209

I think the point was that moids will likely act on it unlike women, even the most degen women who like loli porn and other coomer moidshit would never rape kids unless coerced and groomed into it by male pedos.

No. 1090210

Only gore I'd ever post would be male suicide related and sent to scrotes to make them seethe. Take your pills, I'm not a man for telling you it's unhealthy to hate on women.
Kek. Thank you anon. They judge all women for consuming any other media like this anon did here >>1090108
by calling any woman who likes anything else than yaoi self inserting narcs.
Ofc not.

No. 1090212

thank you. we'd been friends since we were kids. i was so proud of how she had grown recently and its so gutting to see that get cut short.

No. 1090214

>other coomer moidshit would never rape kids unless coerced and groomed into it by male pedos.
Nta, but uh what? You can't be coerced into raping/molesting someone. If you do that it's 100% your fault.

No. 1090216

Didn't janke who was into pedoshit end up going the whole way and made chris chan rape his mother? I don't care if women abuse moids but these fujos are more likely to try and harm a real woman because of their women hatred than annoy a gay scrote. Time and time again they've harassed actresses and directors for not making their gay ship canon.

No. 1090217

I hate that my ex is still a moid despite being a "woman" now.

I had a long distance relationship at the beginning of which he told me he wanted to transition, and like the handmaiden I was I tried to be supportive to the point of losing myself (since he wanted me to settle in the US with him I was basically gonna leave everything behind and had no fucking clue what to do with my life). He kept mentioning that we could have an open relationship but I could only basically have hookups with girls and it took me getting a crush on another person to wake me up and tell him it's not going to work. After I had to block him everywhere except by mail because he kept fucking spamming me with calls my phone was unusable he has the gall now to say that what I did was shitty…?

I didn't even leave him on read, fuck him and fuck his entitlement. I was willing to leave everything I had behind for him and he has the audacity to see it like it's my fault.

I wish I could cuss him out but tbh even if I do I'm still gonna be more affected cuz of my own attachment issues aaaaaaaaaagh fuck him and his moid brain, I wish I never agreed to try a relationship with a literal OCD and ADHD infested moid (sorry nonas, the actual disorders are not a plague per se he's just so toxic)

No. 1090218

Based. Groomed into it is a male defense. They love acting like a man touching their butt 30 years ago is the reason they raped and killed multiple kids.

No. 1090225

More info about Bjornn Anderson? Why do Japanese idealize preteen looks so much to the point of borderline pedophilia?

No. 1090230

cherish the time you had with her, remember one day in the distant future you'll reunite. i know it's hard to process and probably sudden but take as much time as you need for yourself

No. 1090234

Today I struck up a convo with the girl next to me on the bus and she asked to exchange first impressions. I told her she dressed really well and seemed to be sharp/aware of her environments. She told me she thought I was a teenager and that my demeanor is “childish, like a lost kid” in a “cute, intelligent way”. She was trying to be nice about like it’s actually cute! But what the fuck? Do I come off as a retarded baby in real life? What? I don’t want to be a “kid in behavior”. Don’t get me wrong she was pleasant but! I’m tired of coming off as childish in public

No. 1090238

You look young, dress casual and have a childish personality. None of those are bad things and I'd say it's better than being a serious boring adult honestly, you were probably energetic and excited which gave her that impression.

No. 1090243

kek I've been on a film kick but most of what I watch is random or trash cinema and not critical darlings, I do enjoy what's labeled a film bro movie every now and then. I think I'm also pretty insufferable with or without the anime lmao. the problem is I like to be entertained so a lot of movies bore me with their lack of engagement. no matter how much scrotes like to prop up crap like the Irishman as good film a lot of scrote films bore me. 2.5-3hour movies are heavily hit or miss

I wish you luck with your film venture, nona. If you ever feel like hyper fixing on an actor, it's pretty fun to watch their entire filmography. These days for me it's mostly about random films at random times. My latest was some 00s teen romcom and now I want to watch something completely different

No. 1090250

Like Romaniananon-

No. 1090261

Thank you anon, it’s just not the first time that something similar has happened. I don’t believe I’m helpless or childish in anyway, it’s weird that something about my demeanor gives that off. I can understand “weird” or “awkward”, but never childish

No. 1090262

She didn't rape kids as an adult. She had inappropriate contact with kids her age which isn't really rape. I don't like her but she's not a rapist.

No. 1090264

I dont get the yaoi hate. I dont care for yaoi because im a lesbian but fujos are based for making men feel uncomfortable. Why should we care about fictional moids being raped? Im glad to see moids in media being treated like shit kek
I just dont get how yaoi is seen as bad meanwhile im a lesbian and most stuff meant for lesbians are actually meant for gross moids.

No. 1090265

I'm okay with fujos as long as they're okay with me liking yuri but they rarely ever are. I really do believe a lot of them have internalised misogyny.

No. 1090266

I know he's been a mentioned a lot but the case of Robert Maudsley disproves the childhood trauma defense of serial killers and rapists
Maudsley was physically and sexually abused his entire childhood and had to work as a call boy when he was a teenager and despite that he never harmed any innocent woman or child
he murdered a client who had a collection of child smut porn almost immediately after he showed him, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and so murdered 3 other human cockroaches, 2 Pedophile rapists and a wife beater who beat his wife to death

>In 1978, Maudsley killed two fellow prisoners at Wakefield Prison in one day. His first victim was Salney Darwood, convicted of the manslaughter of his wife. Maudsley had invited Darwood to his cell, where he garrotted and stabbed him before hiding his body under his bed.

he was in prison, he could have any killed any drug dealer or petty thief, but he only went after the truly horrible pieces of shit

No. 1090267

Why the fuck does twitter keep recommending me random ships?? I barely like anything to do with shipping, yet I keep getting recommended shipping content. Why???

No. 1090268

Yuri is garbage made for men. Objectifying lesbians get us killed. Fujos are harmless because women dont go out raping and killing gay men. Imagine thinking you can even compare the two.

No. 1090269

See >>1090191 where fujo writer uses an underage boy as the idealized female, proving the misogyny and wish to be male.
>>1090184 and >>1090187 about the internalized misogyny of most fujos. They don't make men uncomfortable, they usually act weird towards women and even send porn to underage girls instead. They call women interested in fm or ff stuff narcissistic and treat any woman character or actress as a potential threat to their gay ship. They only like yaoi because there's no male competition and whenever a female character id depicted happy in one of their comics, they get very upset because they can't stand the sight of happy women.

No. 1090270

Nobody has an issue with it. You just invade all spaces and are very aggressive due to your extreme mental illness. If you didn't push it down on everyone's throats nobody would care

No. 1090272

How does one anon liking yuri relate to men killing women? Where are lesbian or bi women supposed to have representation if lesbians existing is just a male fetish?

No. 1090273

Thats disturbing anon. I always assumed yaoi only triggered moids and troons but its creepy theyd take it out on women wtf

No. 1090274

Nonna, are you doing things genuinely because you want to or because you're expecting your friends to do the same for you?

It seems that you're doing this to be liked/valued more, and it could be that your friends already know that you're gonna be the one to always put up the effort for things to happen (planning special events, for instance) instead of doing it themselves, because you're the doing it all the time. It is okay to be a bit "selfish" and let people fend for themselves every now and then to show that you're also have responsabilities and other stuff going in your life (even if you actually don't have anything going, your time is precious too!). Why are you always putting up the effort? You need to match their energy if you've seen time and time again that you're the one keeping the fire alive on the friendship.

Try not to be so reactive to them; if there's an event coming up, don't be the one to organize. If they ask for you help to push the responsability to you again (weaponized incompetence), be a bit aloof and vague about your availability to do it ("ah I have XYZ happening the same week, will be hard for me to help").

I know it sounds kinda schizo but I once was in your schoes and a lot of times I'd be the one doing everything while my friends would just leeched my goodwill out. I still struggle a bit with this but nowadays I only put the effort for people that actually has done something for me and has been a good friend/emotional support in times of need, and made my friendships way better. You might lose people in the process, but it's better to not have them in the first place once you know they don't care about you. Remember that not everyone that hangs out with you is trully your friend, sometimes they just want to spent time with someone and be entertained, but you won't be the one whom they tell their deep darkest secret (and nether should you).
Sorry for the blogpost, but I wish I knew this type of stuff earlier in life and I hope it helps. Video related for more in-depth of what I'm trying to say.

No. 1090276

also most of them are mentally ill virgins and you're right about the woman hate. Most of them are mentally ill virgins that think they're asexual or lesbians when they look at underaged 2D gay porn all day. If they were asexual or lesbians for real they wouldn't be doing that. They have repressed sexual desires towards moids but are too autistic to socialize, part of it is also childhood regression. But due to their sexual frustration they become hateful towards others, project or are simply aggressive. They have a lot of internalized mysoginy and borderline sociopathic tendencies

No. 1090277

Yuri is a genre where the demographic is literally men and you can tell they write lesbian romance for men just like how yaoi is meant for girls. For actual lesbian content i read manhwas. Some mangas are fine but most animes that have lesbians just pander to moids

No. 1090280

I hate how because of how much moids objectify lesbians it makes me ashamed to be one. Everytime id find a cute lesbian media written by a woman id see moids online talk about fucking the characters and it makes me sick. I dont know how to stop feeling this way.

No. 1090283

Ignore them. By being affected you're only giving them what they want. They love writing about lesbians because they know those women wouldn't be interested in them and it's the powerplay of having someone that doesn't want them which turns them on.
I don't consume manga, manwha or anime so I didn't know the difference.

No. 1090286

we discussed this sometime back, it was a set unique cultural phenomena in east asian society that led to this
it's a combination of a culture that has no problem or shame with finding a child attractive and thus sexualizing them + good looking kid + not being around white people enough

only Japanese culture could have produced loli and BL and have it be accepted in the mainstream, sure there pedos in other cultures but they do it behind closed doors, nothing really captures the openness of pedophilia in Japan and so it makes sense of why Japanese think its okay to see young boys getting raped, cause of the culture they grew up in

No. 1090289

File: 1646737357316.jpeg (46.89 KB, 660x371, C985091A-A154-4519-8F92-4CE0E3…)

Can I recommend some? I love, love, love the Wicker Man (1973). It’s so fun and good. If you’re into folk horror in general or think it might be to your liking, look for the Blood on Satan’s Claw and Witchfinder General. One of the actresses in the Wicker Man is called Ingrid Pitt, and she starred in some cool hammer horror films from the seventies, most notably the lesbian vampire film the Vampire Lovers. It’s really fun too. I also recommend Dario Argento films, particularly Suspiria and Phenomena. I think a lot of nonnies would like Phenomena, since one underlying theme of the film centers on being an outsider.

Queen Margot (1993) is also really fun if you’re into historical dramas. The Brontë Sisters (1979) is really good. It’s about (hint hint!) the Brontë sisters, but also about the limitations and immanence of womanhood, and trying to transcend the immanent self. And the paradox between the writer and experience! Writers write wild, wild stories, but they shut themselves off from the outside world; writing is inherently a solitary activity that demands isolation, so there is an irony in the fact that these writers write from a sterile, unblemished castle. Hence, their words can be even more dangerous, since they’re arranged with care and strung in tune; inherently impractical and inapplicable (in a practical, direct sense, at leastt) in real life, since real life is rarely as neat or as sing-songy! The Brontë sisters were great writers, but they lived uneventful lives, locked to their home, unable to roam and move beyond their gendered borders, unlike men. It’s very broody and “slow”, so if you want something quick and fun, ignore iit and watch Sunny (2011), which is a Korean film about female friendship. If you want something funny, then I really recommend Serial Mom. I don’t laugh easily at all, but there were some really good bits there as well. There are other stuff I like, but can’t really think of any at the moment. Mhm.

No. 1090318

File: 1646738909681.gif (698.54 KB, 300x224, ECB1408D-E435-4961-A255-87551B…)

And there it is, like clockwork

No. 1090320

I mean this in a nice way but you just have to get over it. They'll always be here and they'll always objectify. Just teach yourself not to give a shit.

No. 1090323

>Yuri is garbage made for men.
Don't care
>Objectifying lesbians get us killed.
Reading yuri isn't getting anyone killed
>Fujos are harmless because women dont go out raping and killing gay men. Imagine thinking you can even compare the two.
Women who like yuri are harmless because they don't go out raping and killing lesbians.

No. 1090331

mobage and gacha games are fun when you don't have a bitch in your ear yelling about mental illness and cringe

No. 1090334

Stop having fun!!!!

No. 1090351

I had a big fight with my mother yesterday. At the end of the day we promised not to bring it up and apologized to eachother. Today, out of nowhere she brings up a bit of it as some backhanded comment about me, I call her out on it and she says she didn't even say it, didn't mean it that way, I'm taking it out of context, I'm always so negative and always want to make her out to be the villain. After all the breathe and tears I wasted yesterday trying so hard and to see absolutely fucking fuck all has changed, it's still the fucking same. I let it go because I know if I say anything it will make her angry. This is just great, and I really thought there was progress made.

No. 1090353

What's mobaga and gacha

No. 1090354

Fuck off. Women who support sexualizing lesbians like moids are worthless

No. 1090357

>women who support sexualizing lesbians
What if they're lesbians themselves?

No. 1090359

If its lesbians consuming yuri written by and for lesbians, how? You can't force lesbian women to like gay or straight stuff

No. 1090360

She's one of the fujos who don't think samesex couples are real. That's why they like gay couples, they still think they have a chance with both of them.

No. 1090361

Do you not know most yuri animes? Theyre fucking garbage with autistic female characters that act like pure innocent girls. No way an actual lesbian likes this garbage (the same garbage that turns men and troons on). come on

No. 1090362

Im not a fujo lmfao im tired of people supporting shitty medias that are pornified for men. You masturbate to lolicon yuri too? Stfu

No. 1090365

I don't watch anime or read manga. I used to like yuri manga written by women when I was in middle school though so I don't see how it's going inherently bad?

No. 1090366

I don't watch yuri. Anime is too autistic for me but I can imagine some teen girl liking that sort of stuff. Since other lesbian media is way too sexualized maybe she'd enjoy some corny moe lesbian plot.

No. 1090371

Many yuri mangas are good. Everytime i tried to watch a yuri anime it was just garbage

No. 1090373

True. I just have good experience with yuri mangas (that are mostly liked by women).
I guess its just harder to find good yuri animes tbh kinda like how gal mangas are good but gal animes are badly written

No. 1090376

sorry for my autistic raging anon. If any of you have any good yuri animes then let me know then.

No. 1090381

Do all "actual lesbians" act the same exact way in your mind and like the same things with no nuance?

No. 1090382

mobile games and games that have lootbox mechanics.
Think Genshit impact, fate grand order, etc.

No. 1090394

Wish some anons here would consider that a lot of us don't have a single care about men. I don't care what men like, I don't care if I happen to like the same things that men like, because I don't care for men. Wish the anons who keep repeating "but what about the men" over and over would shut the fuck up for a second. Less man talk on lolcow overall please. Even if it's hating on them, I'm sick of how much men get talked about on here. They're fucking boring I don't care. I'm not going to stop liking something just because of men and the fact that so many of you let men have that much control over your life is sad.

No. 1090425

Farmers need to stop trying to decide what women can and cannot enjoy based off of whether or not men also enjoy it. Men sexualize everything, stop revolving every decision in your life around them! I'm not a yuri reader, but I refuse to let men take up this much space in my brain and I support anons reading yuri if that's what they like. Men are not harming lesbians because of what women read. It's not bad for bisexual and gay women to read/watch content that's about women instead of watching men fuck.

No. 1090453

One time when I was young, my mother saw me crying and kind of scoffed at me. She didn't bring it up until weeks later in an argument to insult me. I haven't thought about it in years, but it still makes me upset that she only ever talked about times where I was upset to use it against me, like there was something wrong with me for crying. It wasn't even anything serious that I was crying over. I didn't completely understand why she was like that then. I think it still hurts a lot because I've never talked to anyone about any of this stuff.

No. 1090456

Did the same to me but demanded all attention when she herself cried about stupid stuff like her favorite singer dying everyday.

No. 1090466

how do I get my mom to stop buying me clothes? I've told her to stop but she's got a bit of a shopping addiction so when she buys stuff for herself she'll see stuff that she'd want to see me wear and buy it. Most of it is stuff I'd never wear, she's bought me those fashion nova type crop top and leggings combos… Two white coats even though I don't wear white, and a pink turtle neck sweater with those god awful 'edgy' stud things all over it.

I've told her nicely to either not buy stuff for me or ask before she does, but she doesn't and gets offended if she sees I don't wear it. I'm considering just selling the stuff on one of those resale apps if she keeps it up but I'd feel bad.

No. 1090469

They didn't tell you what you can or cannot enjoy, they told you that your taste us awful.

No. 1090470

Why are you all obsessed with dictating what lesbians should and should not like

No. 1090473

>your taste
Learn how to read.

No. 1090474

>being a lesbian and liking lesbian media is bad taste

No. 1090478

>They don't make men uncomfortable
Then how come one always moids out like clockwork whenever someone posts it?

No. 1090480

No, being a lesbian and liking the retarded shit written by moids is bad taste.

No. 1090481

No one moids out. It's your schizophrenia nonny

No. 1090483

Anons have clarified they like content written by women for lesbian women. What should lesbian women consume then? Yaoi?? Why are fujos so entitled and act like they have more taste than anyone else while there's a ton of gay men, as you can see on 4chan yaoi board, who enjoy the content fujos praise to be repellent to men?

No. 1090485


No. 1090486

No. 1090489

Stop bringing up the topic to cause infight. If you want to talk to men about yaoi go to the 4chan board

No. 1090491

Bless you, fucking this. I am in a discord for a mobage about boys and there's a ton of gay men in the chat and same goes for a lot of threads on 4chan,even back in the days of the bl/otome general on /jp/.

No. 1090492

Really? Saying a specific moid is triggered whenever he sees two vaguely male anime humans kissing is infighting to you and not everything above? And no, I will keep bringing it up because it obviously bothers him.

No. 1090493

There is yuri made by women for women if you look for it

No. 1090494

NTA Sorry nonna but you sound like a schizo. If a moid got upset at your yaoi posting he'd start spamming stuff like shindol/asanagi, that's how they usually respond on 4chan when you piss them off.

No. 1090495

Thank you anon.
I'm not a moid but it "triggers" me because I had fujos spam violent porn to me when I was 11-13. Happy? Men don't get triggered by seeing women lust after men, if anything they'd be happy considering almost %30-40 of men are bi-flexible and could get turned on by yaoi.

No. 1090500

Also I think we have proven over and over that if we upset actual men on this site they start spamming gore or CP or insult the posters, if they're trannies they post TRA slogans.

No. 1090503

One in the bunker thread has been sperging out who has been redtexted as a moid and samefag before and has been carrying his seething in various threads but keep gaslighting lol.

I'm sorry about your experience but lucky for you it doesn't even take sexual stuff to trigger them and moids definitely get triggered by it, which is why it's funny.

No. 1090504

>One in the bunker thread has been sperging out who has been redtexted as a moid and samefag before
Where? The bunker threads were a wild west with barely any bans and I only remember one nonna getting redtexted for a shitpost reply like "I am still here" or something

No. 1090506

There were plenty of bans, farmhands just gave them out way too late

No. 1090508

True. They'd either post gore and attack posters by wishing them harm or brag about being a tranny and muh girldick

No. 1090509

No. 1090511

No. 1090518

File: 1646748227161.jpg (225.98 KB, 540x464, 20220130_214513.jpg)

I envy Shayna's confidence that she's a small uwu baby and yaoi spammer's confidence that the only people that don't like her are moids. I'd gain 8 extra gigabytes of brain ram if I stopped considering everyone's perspective and questioning my own actions.

No. 1090520

I feel sick emotionally.

No. 1090525

>you aren't solving misogyny by not enjoying things you used to just because
I was just thinking about this while I was reading this thread last night anon, very well put

No. 1090526

here we go again

No. 1090530

Agreed, yaoi is gay

No. 1090532

I know it's been said a hundred times but it's so stupid how women feel pressure to be so thin and have absolutely no fat. But only on specific parts of their bodies. And yet men who naturally have less fat are not scrutinized, yes some of them feel insecure about not having huge muscles but just compare the number of them who feel insecure. Every single one of my girl friends has said deprecating things about her body or done something to try to lose weight, and of the men I know maybe one who wished he had more muscle. But god is it stupid, when we don't have muscles showing under our skin like men do does not mean we aren't beautiful, and I'm not talking about obesity I'm talking about your average slim woman who is not stick thin, inb4 anachans come to yell "cope" at me please you know it's a plague on society and it would be better if nobody thought this way

No. 1090535

Yeah. Plus it's hard to walk the line between calling out unrealistic expectations vs sounding like a body positivity SJW.

No. 1090549

Even if you weren't an XY you still sound like one you obsessed schizo

No. 1090558

Most of the moids start posting concave brain redditor spergouts with an aggressively male perspective once they get upset over female issues they find offensive, like that one lawyer larper in the eurofag thread that wrote walls of texts defending rapists and claiming that a large amount of rape cases are false claims. Most scrotes here know better than to give themselves away head first by saying it out loud but you can still tell by the autism and their compulsive mansplaining and caping for muh men's rights. The one spamming gore is the tranny who got upset about the MTF thread, he admitted it himself and he's known to do it at the /cow/ board as well.

No. 1090562

I actually check all those check boxes for a tumblrinas desired modelpig e.g. ethnic minority, vitiligo, physical disability, mild faggotry, schizo etc. But I hate those trotter dragging retards so, so much, get the fuck away from me, I actually think they gave me dissociative issues because I was terrified that I looked like a fucking chimpanzee clown character to everyone around me.

No. 1090563

PMSing and having unbearable sugar cravings. Like I just want to dump a whole sack of sugar in my mouth. Problem is that I'm trying to lose weight ffs

No. 1090567

I think i fell in love with a scrote

No. 1090570

samefag with another vent: I used to be the warmest of humans, but nowadays I'm literally freezing all the time. Working out helps for a few hours and then I'm cold again

No. 1090574

File: 1646751915231.gif (206.9 KB, 400x323, 578229286_865082.gif)

No. 1090582

same i hope we get well soon

No. 1090584

Thank you for recommendations! Yeah I'll feel better injecting these films into letterboxd and finally can forget that myanimelist ever happened

No. 1090596

Proving my point by calling me an obsessed psycho. Kek.

No. 1090598

I'm sorry anon. My mom never cried, but she was horrible in a lot of other ways. With those type of parents, it's always them expecting things from you that they would never give to you.

No. 1090609

Thanks anons

No. 1090639

i hate that i still let bullying in my formative years take over my mind. no matter how hard i try or mask i feel like i’ll never be okay with myself

No. 1090650

FML. Ended up crying on the bus on the way home today but now that I'm home I can't cry anymore.

No. 1090656

am dangerously close to terfing out on my friends, i may get cancelled

No. 1090662

I was in a similar position, but after a while (years) of forcing myself to stop negative thoughts I got better. You're not locked into this for life, it just takes a while to decondition yourself.

No. 1090692

I love this book series that I started reading in middle school. I found the first book at one of those book fairs and begged my mom to buy it for me because the cover was so beautiful and the synopsis sounded so fun and mysterious. I’ve been #1 fangirling over these books ever since (the series ended a few years ago, but now there is a spin off series). Trust me when I say this book has massive fandom potential. The characters are just the type fandom people love , plenty of potential for shipping and head canoning, the world is very fun and unique, there are lots of places and magical items that could easily be ran with for fanfiction…

But there never was a fandom. This series was supposedly well received and a best seller, but I have never in my life found even one person who has so much as heard of it. There is next to nothing about the series online. I’m still bitter.

No. 1090695

Tell me which series, this is how I feel about the Magyk books or Barthimaeus trilogy

No. 1090699

File: 1646759166211.png (48.83 KB, 350x350, Fredr.png)

My leg is feels so uncomfortable from how I've been sitting these past couple of days. I usually don't have to sit for as long as I have been.

No. 1090701


No. 1090703

Sadly only the first two books were translated in my language, I need to buy the english ones and finish it. The witches and their lore are so good

No. 1090714

File: 1646759789157.jpeg (58.86 KB, 750x750, DA0C301D-9DAB-4F9F-BAE4-D75EEE…)

Warning: I’m about to overshare as much as romanianon does. I’m a younger anon, not underaged but considered a mentally ill zoomer by the oldfags here. I don’t go to an intensive university/college or anything I go to the community college in my area and I’m slowly getting disengaged with everything. My classes are starting up because fuck accessibility and I have a hard time getting there because I have no desire or energy to even try to get my permit over the age of 18 in my shitty area. It takes an hour or more to get to my classes and the buses are already so unreliable in a car-centric society. I obviously can’t rely on family for anything because they are sometimes shitty people so I’m really considering just dropping out entirely and starting everything over with a crumby entry-level job. Am I overreacting because no one will help me or should I just deal with this shit or should I really just drop out of community college and enter the workforce? I hate education. It would be sad to not finish my (semi-useless) degree because you have to finish what you started but whatever. Don’t expect anyone to reply with advice I just needed to vent

No. 1090719

You have an opportunity to get a degree, look at it that way. Think of how bad the transport shit will be when you have to work and can't be late.

No. 1090724

I'd say finish it, just so you're not left wondering "what could have been". Plus staying in academia is a good way to extend your youth - once you get into the workforce it's hard to get out. Your situation sucks, but it'll build character.

No. 1090728

No ones has asked me out or has had romantic interest in me in a year. I haven’t had any luck with dating apps and I do go out occasionally but no one catches my eye and no ones ever tried to get to know me for dating reasons. Unless it was for hook ups and I don’t do sex only relationships. It’s really disappointing and discouraging. I want to be with some one really bad but there’s like no one and I don’t want to be alone.

No. 1090729

i was watching a video about breastfeeding and the comments on this pretty old video were disabled, which is honestly good, but it kind of made me hate scrotes. i know this is so stupid but i wish men had no knowledge of periods or women producing milk so they wouldn't sexualize it or make fun of it. i hate when breastfeeding is sexualized and they call breastfeeding moms degrading things.

No. 1090742

it's fucked up to play games about people getting murdered too wtf why does anyone do this?? don't they realize those are actual people they're shooting in their fps games and etc.???

No. 1090744

agreed, no murder games. now shoo.

No. 1090747

Uh-oh, you triggered a fujo.
More are probably coming to bury you.

No. 1090750

Ok well let me know when the rate of people being murdered matches the rate of women who have been sexually assaulted, even just before turning 18. Fucking retard

No. 1090752

why reply to bait?

No. 1090754

File: 1646761290640.gif (113.57 KB, 400x400, 1436615632307.gif)

No. 1090755

This is the same argument lolicon scrotes use for their porn and I find that funny, kek.

No. 1090761

I'm actually going to go post that vent on 2X since I am self conscious about it going here and am not sure it if is too gc focused to be allowed in a regular thread

No. 1090765

I hate spring and summer I love the weather but everyone is outside yelling at each other and it's so fucking annoying. I would move to the middle of nowhere but my country is so overpopulated I'd have to be filthy filthy rich. Reeee

No. 1090773

Feeling sad because at 30 i’ve never been in love and i have no sexual desire, and it makes me feel very disconnected from people. Most of my moid friends end up falling for me and then losing interest when they realize they realize i can’t give them what they want. It’s not a nice way to be.

No. 1090790


No. 1090791

even a community college degree can open a lot of doors for jobs, even if you learn nothing of note

No. 1090798

I wish I was 19 again, not because I feel old but because I never kept up with current happenings in the world and at the time was so busy with figuring myself out to give a shit anyway. Now I have to force myself to shut down the news and not worry too much.

No. 1090799

>typical flatmate experience

No. 1090828

File: 1646766007386.jpg (141.53 KB, 1079x742, f34e5350e5365242d79845ba009196…)

>class chat talks about going to a women's march
>one dude's gf made pamphlets and signs
>they all have the troon sign (⚧) right in the middle

No. 1090866

This moid I was "dating" won't leave me alone because I was acting thirsty and we cuddled and his dick is fucking tiny, like 3 inches semi-hard. I was mind fucked like gahdamn, on one hand he is really fucking hot, goes to the gym and is very fit. What a fucking let down. I was fantizising aboust being dicked down by this guy and he has a shrimp for a dick… lmfao. I'm trying to ghost him but he won't stop trying to meet up. Shit is so fucking weird, how good looking men can have tiny dicks. Nonnas, I'm so mad. Idk I kind of want to tell him his dick is small and he should fuck off since moids tell women straight up that they are ugly or fat. Hmm.

No. 1090867

That dude is gonna troon out soon isnt he?
My god, not even a day we can escape fellating the troons dick.

No. 1090875

I am sure every pedophile is a weeb.

No. 1090892


I'm on holiday at my mom's house and we've been having some friction, as always. Today I had therapy remotely from my room (doors closed and I was speaking quietly), and I talked about our fights and some things that bothered me, etc. Well, I think mom heard everything. She's been cold and barely spoke to me since.

I'm worried because I don't like hurting her feelings, but erything I've complained about today we're things I had already tried to talk to her about, but she just gets angry when I try to bring it up. Also it's kind of disrespectful to listen to a therapy session, if she did listen, she had to be sitting in the room right next to mine, and there are plenty of other rooms she could have moved to when she heard me talking.

No. 1090911

Aren't we all nonna

No. 1090937

File: 1646769719374.jpeg (15.46 KB, 280x210, B99CF51D-A8B7-4199-AEC2-B23A5D…)

my mother is so misogynistic its insane. today is womens day so of course she has to be like "what about the men what about mens day what about fathers day?" as if those dont exist, she doesnt even care about them when they happen she just wants to say this to be against women. this extends to animals as well; for example, my brother's cat shits and pisses everywhere but its fine even gives him wet food afterwards almost as if she wants to reward that behavior, but when the female cat scratches her nails on already damaged furniture its reason to beat her up like a crazy person. i dont understand what goes through her mind. when somebody says anything remotely nice about females, she has to counter it by saying about how males are better because MUH RELIGION.
this mindset of hers to tell her to just kill me if she didnt like me that much when i was only seven and wanted to run away when i was eight, she just laughed in my face made fun of me and then beat me. she was like this with her own sister too, beat her until she was black and blue for simple mistakes that she would have otherwise not done to any male no matter what he does. when i presented masculinely to be more like my older brother, she hated me even more, called me a dyke, tranny you name it. she will never be satisfied with whatever females do because of the fact that they are females and males are inherently better. i wasnt even meant to be born, i bet she hates me even more because not only did i almost killed her but i caused her permanent irreversible damage to her body AND i happened to be female. i wish i was never saved.

No. 1091069

Idk, that sounds mean to me. Yeah it sucks that his dick is tiny, but he seems interested in you.

No. 1091073

Run away as soon as you can, she sounds like a psycho

No. 1091119

File: 1646776564624.jpg (41.37 KB, 429x377, 1600820630006.jpg)

>mid-term coming up
>open book
>three questions
>professor wants us to come into the classroom for some reason
>it's a web-based course

i would not be complaining if it weren't open book (i can understand not wanting us to cheat) + three questions long, but c'mon man.

it doesn't help that i can't drive, uber is unreliable, and thanks to covid bus routes are all fucked up (i have to walk 10 minutes to the nearest bus route in cold weather just to get on the bus). ubers are unreliable; i could try scheduling a ride but what if the driver cancels on me at the last moment? then i'm fucked.

tried e-mailing him about it and he said "no you must come in" fuck.

No. 1091123

i'm 1000% sure men don't rape women because they were inspired to do so by japanese cartoons, you stupid bitch. i'm totally certain men have been raping and abusing women and children for literal centuries before the first anime was ever put to paper.

you can't blame ficitonal shit for real world tragedies that's brainless behavior, practice some critical thought maybe.

No. 1091133

File: 1646776926191.gif (843.45 KB, 500x278, 6EC06724-95AB-49D2-BC28-751576…)

man i’ve been thinking about how florida passed an extremely strict abortion law the day before international women’s day and i’ve seen basically nobody talk/post about it, it’s like that quote from the handmaids tale about being boiled to death or whatever, and it’s making me depressed…fuck.

No. 1091136

This is such a non problem but I propositioned my exclusive FWB who i've had a while to come fuck and he said he couldn't. I've been thinking about PIV sex and how great it is all day, so it pissed me off and I went on tinder. How fucking bad is tinder? There's only the extreme of every moid stereotype, and if you come across one who'd have maybe a tolerable personality they're either balding or 5'5". The pickings are impossible to work with. And I realised there's no quick fix solution to having good sex. Like it needs to come from one reliable, trustworthy source you've built a rapport with. Anything else would just be degrading myself. Not in a trad way, but no moid will invest anything in a quick, same day fuck, so guaranteed my body will just be used and I'd be left unsatisfied.

Like with OLD I can't even find a man decent enough to meet and make out with.

No. 1091146

God me too
I love the warmth and the blue skies, what I hate is that other people love it too so they go outside and I hear their every conversation because of my extremely thin windows and walls. Also fuck anyone who plays music outside.

No. 1091153

My unpopular opinion is that tiny dicks are probably better. I say probably because I've never had sex with one but them never hurting me is very appealing. If it's not your thing it's not your thing but try not to be too mean to him I guess

No. 1091157

I'm sorry nonnie. I agree with the other anon. Your mother is a bad person and I doubt she'll ever be reasoned with. You and your sister should leave her so in her old age no one will be taking care of her because I doubt any moid will. Let her experience first hand where her hatred for other women will get her in life: alone.

No. 1091169

This might be surprising, but tiny dicks can hurt. A normal/big one will fill the entire vagina, a tiny one will stab at your walls if he aims wrong and it's extremely uncomfortable.

Regardless of that, the instinctive psychological repulsion is real when confronted with one irl. They look really pathetic.

No. 1091181

they really do stab you, don't they?

No. 1091182

ngl nonna you sound based and im not saying that because i have a tiny dick which i might however you are smart and not thinking about gettin your hole expanded into oblivion however moreso about the sheer enjoyment(moid)

No. 1091185

File: 1646778441057.jpeg (264.66 KB, 595x720, 50F9FAA1-A3B1-4696-BE8D-770F8B…)

>im not saying that because i have a tiny dick which i might
MOOOOODDDSSSS fuck off male nobody wants you here

No. 1091191

>i have a tiny dick

No. 1091195

don't laugh too hard he might have a humiliation feitsh. why would he bring it up? just ignore moids, don't reply to them, etc.

No. 1091201

I know, but it's hard not to laugh.

No. 1091215

how is that even funny

No. 1091221

you're not banned? kys male

No. 1091222

NTA but he literally got banned you can see the red text what are you talking about
Anyway props to that mod for banning him so quickly, thank you ♥

No. 1091227

File: 1646779888637.jpeg (16.82 KB, 400x400, 1608541326_17223.jpeg)

I hate it when moids say nonna nonnie etc. That's anon to you.

No. 1091228

NTA but I find the way scrotes are so desperate for attention that they can't help but reveal themselves in the most retarded ways funny. But I also agree that laughing at the tiny dick thing is just giving them what they want because they are degenerates who will meme themselves into getting off to anything humiliating to cope with a hurt ego.

No. 1091229

I wish my room was bigger. I want to stretch and exercise but I don't want to go to the gym because moids. I feel restrained to my tiny bedroom because I want to avoid my abusive family members. There really isn't enough room to really stretch/exercise. I pretty much just have a bed and storage. It sucks.

No. 1091230

I love when they say it. Anon is too formal. Nonna, nonnie, they're cute!!

No. 1091231

Never mind samefag but I misread and didn't realise you meant moids in particular. Sorry sorry. You're right. Men should not address us in any way. But I love when the women here say them.

No. 1091242

maybe you already considered it but female only gyms?

No. 1091250

I love that the husbando thread has the potential to piss any lurking males off. Based Arthur Morgan posters, real males cannot compare

Same, that's why sometimes I'm suspicious of anyone who uses those too much. There was one incel scrote (which got banned) in the bunker threads that could be identified by its excessive use of "nonnie".

No. 1091256

File: 1646780858606.jpg (46.59 KB, 750x688, y0b60jppyhr51.jpg)

I'm about to fucking snap. I'm laying here on the couch because my boyfriend keeps grinding his fucking teeth at night while he sleeps and it makes it impossible for me to sleep. Even when I do go to sleep I end up waking up because he squeaks his fucking teeth. He got a mouthguard but it was too big for his teeth. Okay then get a smaller one you dumb bitch.
He woke up before because I lightly smacked his chest and told him to shut the fuck up. He flipped and didnt even bother to apologise for grinding his teeth and preventing MY sleep. I guess all that matters is that he is up for work and he gets a nights rest, not me or my quality of sleep. I'm not speaking to him until he apologises to me, I've had enough. If he can't even be bothered to say sorry to me and try and get me to come back to bed and sleep then I will treat him like a roommate acquaintance. I now understand the motives behind Amy Dunne.

No. 1091257

Jesus I have this too, I live in a pretty old house and my room is in the attic, it's not insulated so I can hear people's full on conversations. Drives me nuts, thank god I have a bluetooth speaker so I can drown it out. Spring and summer (and all seasons for that matter) are so beautiful, my only wish is to live someplace quiet one day.

No. 1091262

I've checked and there's none near me unfortunately. Even if there were I'm not even sure if I can afford a gym membership to begin with honestly.

No. 1091271

File: 1646781558287.jpg (3.18 KB, 125x118, 1607854511180s.jpg)

This is such a stupid problem, but I'm afraid of taking commissions simply for the fact that I don't want people to see my name in paypal and find out I'm a woman.I really shot myself in the foot by chosing to draw nsfw on 4chan and not wholesome stuff on twitter or some shit And I can't and also don't want to make a business account.

No. 1091278

Why doesn't he try to get a guard that fits? That shit will ruin his teeth.

No. 1091287

Most men only orbit, hate the word, women when the said woman is hot and don't even notice the existence of women they don't want to fuck. Your mother is delusional and I hope you manage to move away from her toxicology views.

No. 1091288

Bullying in your formative years is serious shit. You're not letting yourself be affected by it, you are understandably affected by it. Hope you can overcome it, but don't blame yourself for something that was done to you <3

No. 1091300

>I don't want people to see my name in paypal and find out I'm a woman
Maybe try to do other account with fake name? Once they send you money on that fake account, you can send it to the right one.
But idk if it is possible.

No. 1091309

I gotta agree with this nonny. Imagine not knowing the Miyazaki thing is a meme

No. 1091310

I’m outgrowing anime and i feel sad about it… i guess it brings me bad memories now and its making me feel sad since i don’t wanna let go, i feel like i hadn’t had my fill It’s like letting go of my adolescence, which was a bad time itself but anime stands out as the only feel good thing i had

No. 1091313

Same but with Pokemon. I'm just not interested in the series anymore & even when I tried to replay the games I'm nostalgic for I just kind quit halfway through… I enjoyed it for the time I did but now I need to move on

No. 1091314

File: 1646784439447.gif (Spoiler Image, 76.13 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mfu88zva3i1rfjowdo1_500…)

Samefag, there's brown shit coming out of my vagina so it's starting thank god

No. 1091319

I feel that but with Manga, I loved being able to be excited about reading a new chapter or finding a story with a ridiculous amount of chapters, but I swear reading My hero academia was a curse, I felt like it was too annoying. Now it’s difficult to me to pick up stuff that I recommend to my best friend so we could read together. I’m just so tired of everything, but I also want to immerse myself in those silly japanese comics again.

No. 1091323

Nona, this might not mean much as an anonymous post on the internet, but you're a real person, not the caricature that Tumblrinas make of people like you. They are incapable of portraying real people in their art, for them those traits of yours are just accessories to give their shallow characters to wear, not to mention that they have a particularly bad art style that makes anything look worse than it really is. But you are not shallow or two-dimensional, and most people aren't or know about Tumblrinas so they don't know about those ugly caricatures they make, you can rest assured that normal people aren't comparing you to some shitty drawings. Also in real life people don't judge looks or nitpick as much as you might think they do. If they looked at you most strangers would probably think that it's uncommon to see someone with vitiligo, but that's it.

Please get over him as soon as possible. Being attached to a pornsick troon is not good.

No. 1091330

I thought it was possible to hide your name and address using some PayPal feature but apparently it's not. Fuck this shit, how will I ever do commissions like this?

No. 1091332

I originally posted on the tranny thread but it was moved to 2x and I do t know what that means because I’m retarded. I’m here to scream into the void

> grow up an actual honest to god same sex attracted lesbian and bullied mercilessly over it because shithole country

> always lefty leaning, made fighting for reproductive rights my career in my backwards shithole country and take shit off people all day over being a murderess abortion fetishist or whatever
> naturally have a lefty circle of friends because I work for human rights so believe that TWAW and the weird ones in nightclubs are just isolated cases or whatever
> see a “cut terfs” sticker on a pole in my city, with a cute drawing of a prison shiv. Briefly see into the matrix and realize that I do not condone violence against women in any form and that sticker is wrong
> uncomfortable with terfy thoughts, decide to educate myself on trans rights
> months of research later, realize that most gender education books don’t give a fuck about women, reproductive rights, and most say that only bigoted lesbians don’t take the girldick

Have changed my career since, realized it’s not a coincidence that all the trans people in my life are insane with tragic backstories, and am not active in the gay community. This thread provides a lot of refuge for me, thanks nonnies

No. 1091362

sad I am a failure at life so far. I hope I can change. It shouldnt be but why does it feel so hard.

No. 1091364

I get really annoyed with how my friend comes off like an incel sometimes. She's even self-aware and jokes about it, but it's getting really tiring. Obviously she isn't misogynistic, but she complains a lot about not having a gf, how she finds it so hard to talk to girls, and how she hasn't had sex in so long and is so lonely. Maybe she thinks I can relate since I'm also perpetually single, but I made the conscious decision to not date men and be alone so I really can't relate when she complains about feeling jealous when she sees women together in relationships and all that crap. Sure I get lonely sometimes, but I guess it's different because I don't look at women in relationships with men and feel jealous and angry about it lol. She talks about being so lonely and not having a gf but then she always has a reason as to why dating is so hard for her. I get it because dating is hard, but either do something about it or just be okay with being single. She's been my friend for so long so I'll just have to put up with it since there are obviously positives to our friendship too, but I am tired of hearing her talk about how much it sucks to be single when I've been single my whole life and don't feel any resentment about it.

No. 1091365

I love u nonny, glad you snapped out of it, hopefully it becomes a trend in your country too
2X is a hidden board, change the link in the URL bar

No. 1091373

I've been having trouble dealing with my panic disorder lately and having at least two attacks a day is really taking its toll on me. Anxiety/panic disorders are supposed to be really treatable but I've been in therapy and on meds for years… Not sure how long I can keep living like this.

No. 1091392

i'm dealing with a literal shitbird at work who may or may not be bipolar. i don't understand why my generation feels entitled to a higher wage simply due to their age? you need experience to justify a stellar wage. and knowledge of how to get shit done. tired of these "ideas" guys.

No. 1091394

just read about what mackenzie phillips dad did to her and I once again want all men to rot

No. 1091399

I'm about to graduate from college this year at barely 21 and I'm so close to just taking any underpaying stress-free job even though I'm about to complete a stem degree. Money doesn't seem like it'll buy my happiness because my dog recently passed away and I was really looking forward to taking graduation pictures with her. I just don't know what to do or what to strive for because I lost my best friend.

No. 1091408

I'm tired of living with other people. I'm tired of trying to teach etiquette to grown ass people. Why should I have to beg you to do your dishes? Why should I have to deal with you + your friends drunkenly screaming on a TUESDAY night because you have no obligations and assume I don't either??
I'm moving out of my current apartment in 2 months. I can't wait. But then I'm moving in with my boyfriend. On one hand I'm very excited, but on the other I am afraid that this is going to lead me into being stuck with him and being unable to break up if I want to. I can't afford to live on my own. I don't want to live with random people anymore.

No. 1091409

I wish I broke up with my BF when he used my laptop to watch porn and didn't even delete the browser history. I really wish I did.

No. 1091420

I really don’t care about being alive, I am bitter all the time, and I don’t have a single person I can actually consider as close. My life is pathetic but I’m such a coward I can’t even end it. Every day is a fuckign chore and everything requires too much effort for so little result. I really don’t enjoy being alive. Like at all.

Repost because my retarded fat fingers keep mistyping

No. 1091421

I’ve been like this for the past 2 years with anime, I used to binge seasonals and shit, i would barf and pee and snort anime. nowadays I will watch 2 episodes and then watch nothing anime for the next 2 months kek. I think I am too old now I can’t relate to all those edgy 16 year olds saving the world

No. 1091423

You suck it up and finish your degree because your dog would have liked to have seen you happy at some point, not constantly scraping by from some shit income job and wondering if things could have been different.

No. 1091427

Hahahahahah I just opened my mother's WhatsApp by accident on her phone and accidentally read a convo with some scrote that looked younger than her (she's in her 40s, dude looked in his 30s and like a typical fuckboy)
He said something like "It's hard for me to let you go" and she replied something like "I'll remember the beautiful moments we spent together" blah blah blah or some shit. I swear I… I didn't even know what to feel. My whole body tensed up in the split second it took me to accidentally read the first message. I feel like puking for a second, then I felt like crying but I held back my tears. I briefly fantasized about murdering that motherfucker, about sending a message saying that I'll shoot him, about pummeling his retarded scrote face with all my strenght. Then I thought about screaming to my mother. But I remained silent while she watched TV. My rage and sadness quickly turned into numbness. And now I'm cold, shaking and tearing up.
When I was a kid I accidentally found a video of her sucking some guy's dick in her phone (I wanted to record something so I asked her if I could use her phone's camera). I think I've already mentioned it in some other thread before so I won't elaborate on how I reacted. Later (not the same day, but not many years later either) I was playing on her phone when she got a message, I opened it and it was some moid calling her something that only lovers say to each other, I forgot what the exact word was, but I got angry and started to cry, and showed it to her. She tried to make me believe that it was "JUST A FRIEND!!1" and that he was just very friendly. I pretended to be dumb and that I believed her at the time.
Many years later, when I was already an adult (I think), she finally told me how she and my dad fell out of love not too long after my little sister was born, and that she had "cheated" on him ("cheated" because apparently my dad was aware of it/they had given each other permission to cheat), and that that message had been from a lover and not a friend like she told me. But supposedly she and my father had been working on their relationship and that they were relatively stable again. I guess not so stable after all. I don't know what my dad has done and I don't want to find out ever, but I don't think I've ever found anything incriminating other than him watching porn like 100% of scrotoids in the world (which, of course, also affects me and from time to time it makes me depressed to think about that). Although I've had many nightmares about finding out that my dad cheated on my mom too, and me beating the fuck out of him haha. So this kind of shit has been traumatizing me since childhood.
But, you know what? I hope that my mother is trying to cut that random piece of shit out of her life, just in a way that is… TOO passive and polite. I just hope that was just her trying to tell him that she doesn't want to ever see him again. I just hope the fuckboy was trying to find her again after many years of not knowing where she was and her rejecting him. Please, please just let it be that.
I wanna kill myself I wanna kill myself I wanna kill myself

No. 1091429

File: 1646796982985.jpeg (56.97 KB, 1080x606, B4DD9A3F-E34F-41B8-80F1-77704B…)

No. 1091433

I'm sorry you're going through this shit, anon. Something similar happened to me with my parents, but I just stopped caring. I went through pretty much all the fucked up feelings you're talk about when I first found out, though. Parents are fucking retarded, but they're also adults who can do their own thing. Best you can do is shrug it off

No. 1091434

I just watched a video about a child with a horrific face tumor. Seeing shit like that makes me so upset. Even when i see disabled children in person all i can feel is sadness. I can't stop imagining how hard it has to be to keep them happy and how much stress taking care of them has. With particularly severe disabilities, I can't imagine what it must feel like to live without having full agency and forever reliant on others. I thought i was numb to that stuff but seeing them in action and struggling always makes me sad.

No. 1091437

May I ask why moving back with your parents isn't an option? imo i think nobody should move out if they can't 100% take care of themselves.

I'm so sorry anon. I think the best course of action is to accept your mother for who she is, as nasty as she is. I hope one day her behaviour stops being a shock. I also think you should distance yourself from her as much as you can.

No. 1091440

I can relate to you nonnie one time I was using my moms computer for a school project and while saving pictures I found a folder with pictures of her spreading her cooch and holding up signs with scrote usernames from a chat site she used to frequent I've never recovered.

No. 1091446

File: 1646798440829.png (12.95 KB, 1137x117, cdk.png)

Tried checking out /cgl/ for the first time in a long time. Outside of J-fashion image dump and haul threads, it's literally just a series of battles with retarded scrotes and trannies, jannies not banning any of them for derailing multiple threads with pedo shit, racebait, general off-topic stupidity (but apparently banning actual seagulls for derailing or drama), etc. What a fucking cesspool. Lolcow's definitely not perfect, but at least it's not this bad. I'm glad it exists, and surprised I used to just deal with this shit before. It gives me a headache now

No. 1091448

I was going to say that sounded like an overreaction but seeing your mom suck cock must have really fucked you up, sorry you had to see that.

I do think it’s fair for a woman to cheat if her moid watches porn though. Of course breaking up would be preferable.

No. 1091456

i dont know how to ask my brother not to drink around me. my mom is starting a dnd game with him, my friends, and i, and its so embarrassing when he gets drunk. i should just be able to have a normal conversation with my brother, but our relationship has never really been normal, he didnt even live with us for about half of my childhood because he was abusive when i was younger which i think is why even thinking about it and typing this has me shaking. im not afraid of him anymore, he got hit by a car and is disabled, sometimes its just so hard not to feel like that little girl that just had to suck it up and quietly deal with things. i think im going to have to ask my mom to talk to him for me, but even that conversation makes me anxious to think about. i just wish i had a normal fucking family.

No. 1091460

I'm so sad I was sleeping during an infight on here, I thought up some juicy replies reading it back but I have enough etiquette to not dig up a fresh grave.

No. 1091464

Thank you, anon. Sorry that you went through something like that too.
As hard as it is to not let this affect me, because my whole life I lived with the illusion of my parents loving each other and being my main example of a loving relationship, and because I love both of them, I guess my best option is to try to move on and treat this stuff like I would a dumb friend's personal matters. I mean, she even said it herself that time we talked about this, she told me that it ahd nothing to do with me and that I shouldn't try to interfere because it was an issue between her and my dad. Guess I should just listen to her.
>I also think you should distance yourself from her as much as you can.
I wish I could do that, anon, but I still live with her. I already wanted to move out and become fully independent, for many reasons, but now I'm convinced that moving out is the best thing I could do for my mental health.
Holy shit that sounds even worse, I'm so sorry. I can't be sure that my mom's video was ever posted online, but in your case, it's different. I wanna give you a hug.
>I was going to say that sounded like an overreaction but seeing your mom suck cock must have really fucked you up, sorry you had to see that.
It wasn't just that and the text messages. I just remembered that time she asked me how to delete her account on a dating website. For fuck's sake how did she ever think that was okay?

No. 1091466




No. 1091468


No. 1091473

I wish my mother wouldn't keep guilt tripping me into wearing a hijab. Saying she will go to hell because she couldn't teach her daughter and how happy I will be to see her burning in hellfire or whatever. I really, really don't want to. Also, all of my friends also wear hijabs or burkas and it makes me feel even more pressured to, just to fit in.

No. 1091474

Ugh anon that's so hard and I'm sorry. I know that divorce can fuck kids up, but I think it's equally as damaging (if not more) for parents to stay together in a loveless marriage and try to pretend that everything is okay when it's obviously not. Your mom is right that this is a personal issue between her and your dad and that it isn't your responsibility to do anything about it. I'm sure being a perfect parent is hard and it's easy for me to see what could be done differently when I'm not married with kids, but I'm sorry you had to experience that because that's a really uncomfortable position to be in.

No. 1091484

This might go better in stupid questions but is there a specific reason twitter might recommend you to follow someone you know irl without linking any of your socials to your account? Ive always hated twitter, but I made an anonymous sock puppet account to argue with trannies and to scream into the void in general, and the account of the man I was molested at 13 by, showed up in my recommended. He’s blocked on every other social media platform I don’t understand. I haven’t connected this account to anything. Idk I just feel sick i hate social media, why do I even try to use it

No. 1091486

>the cult threatening the parents and families with eternal damnation if they dare don't force their kids to partake
And they never question this insanity once. What kind of god punishes a true believer because their kid chose not to? He sounds like an asshole.

No. 1091488

You may need to delete your cookies for all social media, anon. Never use any of these identifying apps outside of an incognito window, it's just not worth it for the "convenience"

No. 1091493

Maybe I'm just desensitized because my mom is divorced three times and each one of my parents has always made it clear that their romantic lives aren't my business but
>i wanna kill myself
Anon calm down, you accidentally found out your mom has sex and hits up dudes. It's not like she was flaunting it in your face, she felt genuine embarassment when you did find out. You're going through the same disenchantment every adult kid goes through when they figure out their parents are flawed and have selfish desires. You're gonna be angry but you will also be fine.

No. 1091506

Right? And I actually quote her islamic text which says something like on doomsday every man will answer for itself, so she doesn't need to worry, but she won't budge.

No. 1091510

Do you know who /cgl/ mods are? I bet they're all male.
>Lolcow's definitely not perfect, but at least it's not this bad. I'm glad it exists, and surprised I used to just deal with this shit before. It gives me a headache now
Same. /cgl/ was never my home board, although I lurked or posted on it sometimes because it was pretty nice, many years ago. But after spending a couple of years or so using less shitty altchans (most notably LC and CC, since they're unique in that they're for women), I really can't tolerate 4chan anymore. I'll visit an interesting thread, but after a while I'll stop checking for new replies because eventually it'll be flooded with degenerate pedo moids or annoying males who won't leave women post in their own threads in peace. That's far from being the only problem, though. But I also think that 4shit has definitely gotten worse since I stopped using it regularly.
Slightly ot but I wish the lolita/cosplay community here was more active. Maybe it could lead to more female /cgl/ users who are fed up with the state of their board to leave that place. And also I want some advice from nonas here for my first cosplay.

kek I know that feeling, it pisses me off.

Maybe they used your location. They also sell your data to who knows what third parties, and they definitely buy data too, through who knows what shady means. That's how every website is able to sell/recommend shit to us.

No. 1091511

I don't have the energy to muster up a rant or anything. I'm deeply unhappy down to my soul. It's been getting worse since graduating college. I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow, first time with her. I'm so over it at this point that I'm honestly doubtful therapy and medication will help me change. But who knows… Wish me luck i guess

No. 1091516

I dont understand my coworkers weird fascination with one of my food intolerances. yes, I dont eat out hardly ever and cook the majority of my food. no, I'm not going to eat the thing you brought even just a little bit because I still have 6-12 hours of work to do that i dont want the shits, stomach pain, or rash with. it's been years like this which I'm used to so it's not a big deal. I've tried to still eat that stuff but after 5+ years and medicated cream what the hell is the point other than causing pain for hours compared to a few seconds in my mouth.

No. 1091518

Thanks for the advice, anon. I’ve definitely not been careful with cookies, and that’s probably why it happened. It’s just sent me into a tailspin to be honest. I don’t know if I’m asking a question, or just want to cry and whinge really. it’s a memory I keep deeply buried in my subconscious. I’m trying to not be graphic while still conveying what I went through, it was some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt and there was heavy bleeding and internal tearing. I didn’t expect to see his face tonight. I should’ve reported him to law enforcement when there was physical evidence. Now it’s been so long, why doesn’t the pain ever go away fully ugh

No. 1091520

I can't keep pretending that you're my friend. I've been there for you as much as I can in the short time I've known you, and honestly you demand to much of me while treating me like shit. There's only so much mistreatment someone can take from someone who does almost nothing, but I can't turn to you for my achievements let alone any of my hobbies or new experiences because I expect you to insult me as you have time and time again. You've told me in the past multiple times how terrible you think I am for not bending to your whim when you're not trying to flake on our plans, how many birthdays can your dad have in a month ? Your favourite pass time is shitting on the other people you have abused out of your life, you are not someone I can rely on or trust no matter what I do. You are cruel and dismissive to my partner to the point you not only didn't congratulate us on our engagement properly but you insulted us and showed jealousy over not joing the trip you were invited on, its all reached the point we have both decided you are currently not someone we can have around us as we grow our future together. It pains me to say this but I don't think you care, seeing how you have treated us. This isn't the first letter I've written up to cut you out but it needs to be the last and we can return to a casual relationship since you're clearly not interested in friendship.

No. 1091522

Fuck I had a graded discussion due today but I waited way too long to do it and now I have no feasible way to complete it on time. FUCK. I kind of want to die like explode in a bunch of flames very randomly and suddenly!

No. 1091526

I am still writing a paper I should have written last semester it's past 6 am and I stayed up all night to do it, I'm just a super perfectionist and I don't want to write something down if I don't understand it and can't say with my own words but it's about some particle detector and I'm just reading through 10 of the same books and articles to understand and I read one and don't understand and then the other and don't understand and then all the others and don't understand, then I do it again and understand one sentence and write it down and rinse and repeat kek holy shit how did I become like this I used to be a model student just 2 years ago, sorry to reply to your vent with my own but I understand you and I don't know what to say except whatever happens it will pass

No. 1091529

This made me feel a bit better, anon. I always forget that there are people who go through the same struggles as I do wrt schooling. I'm kind of dragging my ass a bit because it's supposed to be my last semester and I guess I was not prepared for the workload. School sucks but yeah it will pass. Thank u! I'll write down all the assignments I need to do and then email my professors about getting my late work in. For now though I am going to get a little high and read through an old cow thread because I am stressed kek.

No. 1091533

I went on a date with a sligtly older guy and he made me feel so dumb the whole time. And I'm not dumb, I'm a fucking doctor and he's what, a job-hopping economist working for a shitty game company. But he'd invalidate every sentence by making weird faces and shit. I somehow started feeling like I'm some kind of a dumb bitch, I was so unsure of my sentences I started ending them on 'like' 'so'. And somehow I was so tired the moment we started speaking. Honestly I thought we'd just hang. Our and relax, didn't think he'd probe so much and we'd have to talk about war and politics. He'd judge everything down to my movie choices. It was terribllleee I regret going out with him so much. The first time we met he told me people hate him a lot of times so I guess it's not a 'me' problem but God it sucked. I felt like I lost myself that evening and couldn't find where my personality was.

No. 1091535

File: 1646805758165.jpg (172.75 KB, 472x355, Tumblr_l_1130590616694336.jpg)

>he'd invalidate every sentence by making weird faces and shit.

Literally a redpill tactic.

Please ladies, don't fall into the trap of trying to validate yourself with men. They use the natural social responses and feelings to try and make you anxious and wanting approval.

No. 1091537

This is moronic. A paper full of flaws that’s actually finished is worth way more than a perfect paper that isn’t.
>it was due last semester
I hope you’re aware that people don’t tolerate this kind of crap in the working world and cultivating that sort of attitude early on is a great way to screw over your future self.

No. 1091538

He's probably just some sigma mindset asswipe. Your nervousness was your body's way of telling you to leave. He'll die alone. It'll be alright.

No. 1091539

It was not due last semester I can turn it in whenever but I should have done it last semester to have less work now when I have to study new things, but what you said is right

No. 1091542

Yeah he's older so has less time. Has a job thats not respectable and probably earns less than you. That's why he's negging you. Don't let guys pull that shit, mock them when they pull that shit so they won't do it again.

No. 1091552

My mom let all her daughters get fucked over by men. I have had very minimal contact for years but tonight I called and just screamed and screamed and screamed every single word I've ever wanted to say. I've never heard her sob like that. She couldn't even speak. I just hung up. I doubt this will make me feel better in the end.

No. 1091553

You did good. My father does the same thing, always tells me to go for low value ugly poor men because he's an ugly old man who scammed my mother into marriage by pretending to be rich and wants me to get fucked over as well.

No. 1091557

File: 1646809206071.png (44.51 KB, 1034x973, spilled milk.png)

tfw i procrastinated replying to an anon on /m/ and i will never get to reply now

No. 1091559

Phone number?

No. 1091565

I have zero idea of what to do with my life and no desire to go outside and figure it all out

No. 1091569

my s/o got deployed within 48 hours and i am alone in a hell state where i know literally 0 people. great now they are for sure for sure like why didn't i just fly home when he left three weeks ago? putin is a brain dead idiot that will kill us all and i am going to be so mad if i die before seeing my dogs again(namefag )

No. 1091588

I hate that everyone who is into my niche is also a fucking genderspecial aiden, he/it/ze/they/them queer nonbinary DID system agere snowflake, so I can't make friends with the same interests as me which sucks.

No. 1091599

I’m finally cracking and getting the urge to want an irl s/o . I want to be an absolutely disgusting degenerate and hold someone’s hand in public, kiss each other good bye or hug hello. I’ve been in a LDR online relationship for nearly 8 years ( pls no bully) and finally have cracked. It took 3 years to finally get an updated pic of my “bf” and once I received it I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be. I thought I was asexual/aromantic so the lack of attention was fine for the while we’ve been “dating”. I would be contempt and happy if he at least attempted to video chat once but I don’t see that likely. Why do I have to be obsessed with just one moid. I don’t find anyone attractive irl. I am thinking of hiring a male escort to hold hands with and pretend to be a boyfriend so I can get the urges met and be done with it(will explicitly not hire for sex). I would rather deal with an escort than deal with real romance. Do I have the mind of scrote to go through such means to find the means to an end???

No. 1091600


No. 1091601

No but you sound autistic, not in a bad way of course but thinking you're aromantic or asexual and moving on to escorts sounds makes it sound like it. You wouldn't be able to afford an escort anyways unless you're rich so maybe you can try having your friends set up you up with someone?

No. 1091603

Same thing happened to me, it was my first (and last) interaction with a fandom, everyone was a trannie, fakeboi or a libfem, it was hell. The more i posted, the more it become apparent that I was the only one who avoided trans arguments/didn't constantly share tranny propaganda, I had enough when I saw trannie fanart of my fav so I went full terf on main, got hate in my dm's and someone threatened me with doxxing, bunch of lunatics

No. 1091607

I saw some pride art of my favs too and I'm just so sick of it. Why must everything be turned into lgbtq+ garbage? In the universe gays don't even exist. They have no gendered things either. I really want to make a sideblog and go full terf there.

No. 1091614

I've never used an escort but i unfortunately knew people that did or knew the actual pimps, and I would advise not to get a male escort. Paying a male for trust, don't buy it. You're making yourself extremely vulnerable.

No. 1091615

Love you for saying it like it is

No. 1091640

A couple years ago I was going through an intersection in downtown with my boyfriend driving and the mayor's daughter T-boned us speeding so fast she spun the fucking car. You know she was going like 45-50 in a 25, she came out of nowhere. The cops and mayor immediately show up because they were literally 3 businesses down at Town hall/the police station and of course no report is made and all the focus is on the mayor's daughter's poor smushed first car. Meanwhile I had wisdom tooth surgery at the same time and I thought the infection was causing radiating pain to my neck afterwards. I now see that I had pretty bad whiplash and it still kind of impacts me and I never got any help

No. 1091641

Rich and influential people's kids should be forbidden to drive by law. Let someone drive them. They're always a menace on the road and they never get consequences.

No. 1091642

I dont get where anons find fujos who hate women. All the ones ive met love women meanwhile yuri fans are just troons, scrotes and mentally ill women desperate for male attention. Why should i care about fictional moids being raped? Inb4 “youre a fujo”. I dont like anime

No. 1091644

Just get an escort anon

No. 1091645

Please keep all discussion of fujoshit in the containment thread

No. 1091647

I fully share this sentiment. The closest to irritating Fujos have gotten have been comparing real life event to their ships in my experience. Yuri fans, so unhinged men and trannies, will unabashedly talk about incest and ask to borrow your clothes after one brief interaction.

No. 1091651

to put it simply, i would be in a very bad mental state living with my parents. and i wouldn’t have a bedroom. ultimately i could if worst comes to worst but it’s definitely not ideal. I have a job and a substantial amount of money saved, its just that living alone costs from $1200-1600 a month without bills and splitting that with others brings it to about $700-900. I have looked at other areas too but nowhere is much better

No. 1091654

Want a long hug from god

No. 1091657

File: 1646824643961.jpeg (11.13 KB, 225x225, VVNQkYTM.jpeg)

I thought people were overexaggerating when they said that doomscrolling was addicting but here I am trying to wean myself off it and it feels like picrel

No. 1091659

Read >>1091614 male escorts are dangerous. Most of their clients are gay males too so you can get their shit dick or aida even if they don't hurt you in other ways.

No. 1091663

Yuri fans are mentally ill women? Most are lesbians or bi women, does that make them mentally ill? Why would they even be pickmes for males, retard? Go take your retarded faggot pandering to your own thread and stop advertising gay porn while condemning those who enjoy lesbian or straight romance. All fujos are pickmes who love yaoi because there's no woman that they perceive as competition.

No. 1091671


Ily nonnie be my gf

No. 1091677

REEEEEEEE they won't listen they won't go to their own thread

No. 1091684

Well shit I'm an idiot I tried to bump it but it's maxxed out.
Someone pls make a new one, I'm not into that and wouldn't know what picture to pick.

No. 1091685

Sometimes when a nonnie here gives a sweet response to a vent I made I feel my heart skip a beat. If this site wasn't anonymous then I'd be crushing on some of you

No. 1091688

Occasionally I'll randomly remember something cringe my first boyfriend said/did. Right now it's how when I asked why he quit being a hairdresser he said it's because he thought he'd be giving people "cool anime hairstyles" but was upset that they all just wanted normal things instead. What a fucking autist. What did you expect? He was 19 and I was a very naive and sheltered 14 year old at the time so back then I didn't realise how stupid a lot of the things he said were. If I didn't hate thinking about him so much I'm sure I'd be able to make a funny post about him on the cringe ex boyfriends thread or whatever it was called, but I get too sad thinking back because of how badly I was treated and manipulated.

No. 1091690

>19 years old
>14 years old
Ummm when have you two started dating?

No. 1091692

At that very age. Obviously, I was groomed.

No. 1091696

I'm so fucking sorry, I wish I could slit him open

No. 1091703

Me too, let's do it together

No. 1091706

Groomer killer girlgang ♥ I wish that was real. A movie would be nice too

No. 1091712

I gave in and scrolled a bit throught r/worldnews and now I'm having another crisis

No. 1091721

Solidarity anon, I too also dated a 18/19 year old when I was 13/14.
He was super cringe, but I was left feeling like such an ugly duckling out of middle school that I basically took the first guy who asked me out in high school. Of course older high school dudes have mental defects for wanting to go out with immature freshmen. He was way more trouble for me than what he was worth.
At least the hairdresser story has some levity and is pretty funny, perfect example of how dudes think the world is gonna cater to them like their parents do.

No. 1091725

It's kinda pathetic that cc has better communication from their admin than we do.

No. 1091727

does he want to be with me?

No. 1091728

>calling everyone fat who they disagree with with a dash of misogyny
Nah, /cgl/ hasn't changed. You just grew up a little anon.

No. 1091729

sorry thought it was sonic totem

No. 1091735

Good luck nonnie. I am also on the same boat. Hopefully it gets better

No. 1091749

You and I are in the same place, nonnie. Just broke up with my bf, will move to a nearby city to save up on rent because I will fucking kill myself if I have to go back to my parents. They live in the middle of nowhere with no car and there is barely any heating - that would change if I supported them, but it wouldn't make up for no convenient way to go to a veterinarian if my dog gets sick. In b4 "uwu why aren't you helping them," - I've been living with them until I was 25 years old out of the guilt of leaving them with financial problems. It has stunted me socially and in other ways, as I wasn't allowed to be an adult (and probably they would still treat me like a child).
I also cannot fucking live with roommates because I can't stand the stress of living with random people bitching at me and using common space as if they are their bedrooms, laughing at 1 AM and stressing me out whenever I want to cook. Been there, done that. It made me move in with a bf of 2 months and I ended up in a miserable relationship. I'm scared of being on my own, losing job etc. but I don't see what else I can do…

No. 1091752

I hope it'll change with the new admin

No. 1091762

i want to peak my friends but i'm a coward

No. 1091770

I am in a toxic relationship with The Sims franchise.

No. 1091773

File: 1646832235601.jpg (16.75 KB, 275x237, 1646222238969.jpg)

I will hold your hand nonnie

No. 1091794

File: 1646834353885.jpg (730.6 KB, 1080x1065, Screenshot_20210826-120813_Ins…)

I probably sound so mean for saying this but fuck it, my boyfriends sister is so annoying and whenever I'm in a situation where I have to interact with her, I try and get out of it asap. She has epilepsy but is overall a spoiled brat, I understand her epilepsy is horrible but I've been told she never apologises when she flips out, for some dumb reason she decided to have a kid even though she was informed beforehand that she wouldn't even be able to take care of the kid most of the time and would miss out on crucial parts of the childs life due to seizures. Okay, she had the kid regardless and can't even do the most basic tasks with her. I know she didn't choose to have epilepsy, but if I had an illness that crippled me the last thing I'd want to be worried about is also birthing and taking care of a child. It's a miserable existence for her I understand as she can't drive or get a job etc but she seems to use it as an excuse to lash out at others and speak to her parents like shit one minute then love them the next.

Her limited lifestyle and attitude has just made it so that her life is pretty much just buying Amazon wigs, posting pictures on Facebook and bitching at her parents, the same parents that bought her an entire house and built a conservatory for it. She didnt even bother to keep the house clean, I'm not talking spotless but even the simplest of tasks like washing clothes or doing three dishes. When I walked in the house it was fucking gross, even more so considering she has already had some treatment for epilepsy and doesn't have seizures every day. Idk I just really dislike her and my bf says she's always been like that since she was diagnosed, like she expects everyone to grovel to her even after she acts super ungrateful.

No. 1091801

Yuri fans are pick me lesbians and bi women who contribute to their same sexualization. Yall like garbage content for male approval kek. Im a lesbian and yuri fans shouldnt breathe. At least yaoi fans trigger moids. Yuri literally pleases moids you retard

No. 1091806

Hating yuri also pleases moids. Even hating moids pleases moids. Are you going to let moids police what you like? I don't. I don't care if what I do pleases them or upsets them because they are not a factor in my personal interests or hobbies ever.

No. 1091807

Fujos stop insulting other women challenge starts now

No. 1091808

Its so funny how anons will ree about men and troons then enjoy the same garbage that dehumanizes women and falsely represents lesbian relationships for the male gaze. You know youre down bad when your taste is the same as a troon KEK no wonder troons invade our spaces because of autistic pick me lesbians like you

No. 1091809

Not a fujo. At least fujos recognize theyre retarded. Yuri fans think theyre better when theyre worse

No. 1091810

Our karma for laughing at mentally ill cows

No. 1091811

>implying troons aren't into yaoi
Do that challenge nonnie, I'd pay to see fujos go even just a week without insulting other women

No. 1091812

Enough with this scrote shit its not funny

No. 1091813

Your obsession with troons and men is sad.

No. 1091814

>not fujo
>yurifags are worse
Ok girlie. At least female Yuri fans don't seethe and wish death to female characters or actresses when their dream guys gets with them.
True. Fujos love to tear down women and act like their faggy boycrushes are better than the women depicted in media they consume. Misogynistic autists.

No. 1091815

Yuri fans insult women all the time and kek at you thinking im a fujo. Youre right some troons are into yaoi but theyre the gay ones who leave women alone so idgaf. Fujos stay in their lane

No. 1091816

Pick me lesbians siding with men who want to rape women. Not surprised. Keep defending your autistic disgusting genre that lesbians complain about

No. 1091817

>defends media depicting two men fucking and idealizing men over women. So obsessed with men literally only reads stuff where all characters are male
>"Your obsession with troons and men is sad."
You're reflecting.

No. 1091818

And here we go with the samefagging again.

No. 1091819

>defending fags
>trashing on lesbians

No. 1091820

having criticisms and disliking another woman based on objectively shit decisions and attitude does not equal scrote shit retard

No. 1091822

I hate fags and i dont watch anime. Yuri is still a disgusting genre much worse than yaoi.

No. 1091823

Nta and you can dislike her. She sounds annoying but remember she's disabled and like most sisters do, probably jealous you're close to her brother.

No. 1091824

>Fujos stay in their lane
They really don't though, for exactly what the other anon said.
I think you're confused. I like yuri and am not into yaoi. I am saying that factoring troons and men to this extent into so many trivial likes/hobbies is pointless and I wish there was less of it here. And no, that doesn't mean I'm defending them, I'm just sick of talk about moids. That because I'm a woman, I may not dare to like something that men like. Like I have to let them have control over every aspect of my life. I hate that. It's pathetic to me.
Two cartoon girls kissing is never this serious, anon.

No. 1091825

Its her sister. Respect her anon. If someone i was dating would dislike my sister then id be disgusted. She knows him way more than you and you dont know her full story.

No. 1091826

>Youre right some troons are into yaoi but theyre the gay ones who leave women alone so idgaf.
>I hate fags
You're defending fags while blaming lesbain women reading a few comics for the shit decisions straight men make. Why do you dislike lesbians more than gays? Why do you think lesbians want to be picked by men and call them pickme when you're the one bending over for gay men and trannies?

No. 1091828

Are you the same anon as:

No. 1091831

Whyre you asking?

No. 1091832

im a lesbian and i hate the ones who like retarded shit that makes us seem stupid. You do realize we can have different opinions? I dont read yaoi so nice try. Everytime someone criticizes yuri then dumbass pick me lesbians will come and be like “BBBUT HOMOPHOBIA UWU” even when the anime is clearly a pedo’s wet dream

No. 1091833

Because if so then your typing style is recognisable and you're being annoying

No. 1091834

At least sage

No. 1091835

I don't dislike her because of the disability and would never think any less of someone because they're disabled, I just dislike her because she uses that as an excuse to talk to and treat people like shit, especially her parents who have done a lot for her and she doesn't even try to apologise to them whatsoever

I'm not obliged to like people just because they're someones relative, she's consistently been proven to be spoiled and aggressive over the most minor things and doesn't even try to say sorry for anything. That doesn't warrant "respect" disabled or not. She didnt choose to have epilepsy and I understand that, but she can choose to at least try and be a semi decent kind person capable of apologies.

No. 1091837

Whh do you care about being seen as stupid because of strangers that have little to do with you? Anyone that judges such a wide group like lesbians like that is stupid. The only thing lesbians as a whole have in common is their sexuality. Generalisation is stupid.
>even when the anime is clearly a pedo’s wet dream
Do you really think yaoi is also completely free of this?

No. 1091838

Saging on /ot/ is a newfag thing, there's no point because there's no milk in the vent thread.

No. 1091839

>im a lesbian
>pickme lesbians
So you agree? You're a pickme?

No. 1091841

Stfu retard.

No. 1091842

Go outside anon, have a snack, you seem angry

No. 1091843

a pick me for criticizing a genre that falsely represents real lesbian relationships for the male gaze? Sure anon.

No. 1091846

I think my coworkers hate me. I don’t really know why since I haven’t been working there long, don’t talk much, and am polite. I think it’s because I’m “taking their overtime”. This is a job that pays a lot for the overtime and most of them try to get it as much as possible. Now that I’m added, the work is now more spread out. They’re short-staffed and yet they’ve continuously pushed me to quit. “Are you sure you want to do this”, “This part of the job sucks, maybe you want to rethink this”, etc. I don’t get it.
No way those two-faced assholes are going to get me to leave.

No. 1091849

Why care about men?

No. 1091857

Are these from the same poster? If so why are you so obsessed? And why do you act nicer towards gay males than gay females if you really are lesbian?

No. 1091858

Because she's not a lesbian but straight. Why would a lesbian woman defend homosexual male porn for 4 hours?

No. 1091862

Or maybe it's a gay fudanshi scrote LARPing as a lesbian

No. 1091864

Makes sense considering how they cape for males so hard

No. 1091865

I bet it's Putin

No. 1091866

Stop samefagging. Anons can criticize yuri if they want

No. 1091867

Ive never defended yaoi. I acknowledged fujos are retarded and yaoi is braindead. All i did was say yuri is garbage and falsely represents lesbian relationships which is annoying and autists got mad

No. 1091868

I agree with this but not because the porn itself is better or worse but because men react more autistically and obsessive with porn. Women, generally, can watch porn and move on with their lives at most just be insecure about their bodies, men just project these unattainable fantasies irl, break their dicks, ruin their relationships, etc

No. 1091869

>lesbians must all have the same opinion

No. 1091871

not samefagging, shame lolcow has no (you) equivalent

No. 1091872

Almost every single romantic media falsely represents real relationships and that's okay. Fantasy is a popular fiction genre for a reason.

No. 1091873

I literally said i hate fags. How do i cape for moids if my problem with yuri is connected to them? Just more proof anime fans are retarded

No. 1091874

I fucking hate the cold I don't want to leave bed or do anything!! Why is it colder in March than it was the past 4 months?
The kitchen is the coldest room in my house reeeee

No. 1091875

I'm >>1091857 and none of the other posts are mine. Obsessed?

No. 1091877

JFC this shit happens every once in a while, it’s either
Just shut up already, this is obnoxious.

No. 1091878


No. 1091879

Letting mens opinions and preferences dictate what you like, dislike and how you live sounds very lesbian.

No. 1091882

I hate yuri and im a lesbian. My attraction to women will not disappear because i have different opinions.

No. 1091883

I've never even had coffee once in my life because I already know tea is superior. Especially green and chamomile

No. 1091884

I just think its funny how you think yuri cannot be criticized or else its homophobia

No. 1091885

Here you said yuri is worse. >>1091809 and >>1091801

No. 1091887

>I don't watch anime but I spent this much time being angry and arguing about a very specific type of anime porn
Not adding up luv

No. 1091888

Try genmaicha

No. 1091890

Criticizing is fine. Telling women they support men who want to rape women like anon did here >>1091816 just because they watched some jap cartoons is braindead.(infighting)

No. 1091891

File: 1646837964536.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.74 MB, 720x384, qaZLkt.gif)

Samefag. Just received an email from my supervisor asking me to have a 'talk' first thing in the morning. Someone complained about me again and this time 'this has serious ramifications'. I don't have illusions, I know I'm getting fired I just feel like shit because I know for a fact noone will employ me ever again. My last employment lasted for months as well. I probably have ADHD and even though I kept checking my work for mistakes, it was still full of them and really stupid ones at that. I just don't know what to do. I feel like I cannot do anything right. And this is not low self-esteem speaking from me, this is a factual observation. And for fuck's sake I actually liked this place, the people were nice, the management was not narcissistic, the benefits were amazing, etc. I'm so fucking nervous I'm not going to sleep tonight, I just know it. I literally always disappoint every fucking person around me all the fucking time and cannot even do anything to prevent it

No. 1091892

Yuri is worse and i used to watch anime. I dont anymore. Stop being triggered at people criticizing yuri. Yaoi doesnt affect me so why would i care? How are anons this autistic they cant see criticizing yuri is the same as criticize “lesbian” porn. Its not that hard to understand(infighting)

No. 1091894

Im so sorry anon

No. 1091895

My forehead has always been a problem area for me, but my skin has been so bad this week. Fuck.

No. 1091897

Yuri also doesn't affect me. With or without it, men would sexualise lesbians because men sexualise everything. Stop being triggered at women liking yuri. There are yuri made by women for women.(infighting)

No. 1091898

thank you

No. 1091900

File: 1646838254613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.48 KB, 280x464, 20211030_062007.jpg)

>sadistic beauty released new comic
>Oh cool, looks a bit rapey though and authors penchant for incels is a bit cringe
>Guy grows vagina on his side
>Like literally on his side where his ribs are
>This mutant vulva stays there for the whole manga ruining everything
>Literally used in every sex scene

I'm sorry for being a coomer this genuinely shocked and grossed me out for the first time in a while why the fuck did she do that why? Why. Why?!

No. 1091901

>I just feel like shit because I know for a fact noone will employ me ever again.
First of all, this is completely wrong nonny. There are always places that can and will hire you. I promise you that, no matter the stuff that has happened to you or no matter how short your employment is.
>I probably have ADHD and even though I kept checking my work for mistakes, it was still full of them and really stupid ones at that. I just don't know what to do.
You can still come back for this, I believe. Maybe you will be "let go" or "demoted", but regardless of that… You can find a better opportunity that more fits your ADHD, and possibly a job that requires less focus. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do?

No. 1091903

You said this >>1091866 here and then proceeded to actually…nvm lol

No. 1091904

She's not triggered it appeals to men. She stated above she was fine with men getting off to yaoi and that it didn't make yaoi bad but somehow Yuri is rapefuel. It's a fujo larping as a lesbo, why else would she think lesbians were pickmes who act like they like yuri to make moids happy?

No. 1091905

Give me the link, I want to hate read

No. 1091906

Liking yuri doesn't even make moids happy.

No. 1091908


No. 1091912

Me too anon. Me too…

No. 1091913

Use the weeb/yaoi thread next time

No. 1091914

The Rib of Adam (Jinmi)

No. 1091917

File: 1646839538248.png (137 KB, 465x996, Avzw1G6CMAAIj4j.png)

Unironically, is there even any reason to work anymore? The world has always fucked women and neoliberalism has made it even worse

No. 1091926

I'm a NEET but I have a husband to support me but before him did I have cause I'd feel guilty for mooching of my parents and didn't wanna be a disappointment

No. 1091928

I think it was wrong to get a male therapist because I think that he lowkey hates or resents me. When I try to tell him about my abusive family he constantly tries to get me to "understand their intentions" which leads me nowhere and doesn't help me. He doesn't like me that's for sure. He was the only one that was available tho. Fucking dumbass scrote.

No. 1091935

I'm just happy these are actual sperges and not just psychotic anons getting obsessed with a single anon they disagreed with in one thread. It was annoying and cringey years ago when anons would run around claiming "omg it's her! It's anti-loli anon! She's crazy don't respond!" When there was no signs it was them at all or the person was harmless

No. 1091940

there are so many "neets with husbands" on lolcow half of you bitches have got to be larping

world fucks everybody bb. there's no choice but to work unless you're one of the many wife-neets (lmao) or born into a rich family

No. 1091942

Or it's the same 10 neets with husbands who keep repeating themselves.

No. 1091944


No. 1091947

I was a content writer. I know you're being kind, thank you, but I genuinely think I'm unemployable. What type of job exists where focus and precision are not important? Also my last job, as well as this one only lasted for months and this is a huge red flag for potential employers. I really think I fucked myself over this time

No. 1091948

It can't be helped, 2 of them ban evade, one should have been heavily banned the first time ge sperged out and the last one is at least harmless.

No. 1091949

Literally. Or anons who claim to be high end career women in med school making 6-7 figs, anons claiming they're all married to HVM with kids, like yeah I'm so sure rich women just go on a board known for shit talking cosplayers and infighting over stupid things all day. Or when they did the polls and all anons claimed they had PhDs, were married, made at least 100k a year and so on.

Anyway this board is anonymous for a reason. There's no way to really know if anons are telling the truth or not but what is factual is that this place is filled with mentally unstable people who are in the perfect place to lie with zero consequences or anyone ever finding out, of course you'll get LARPers claiming they're high status

No. 1091957

I fucking hate it that I forgot about the fact that the mask mandatory will drop really soon bc I planned to get my teeth cleaned before that because they look nasty due to my heavy black tea drinking habits but wasn't in a hurry since nobody saw my mouth anyways, but now I feel like I will get an appointment much later after it drops so I guess I will spend a few days not smiling that shows my teeth or have chat face to face … I could have done it last month when I had my days off from work but noooo.

No. 1091958

maybe their husbands get unemployment checks from the government

No. 1091960

As a content writer you can get all kinds of boring jobs for e-commerce, like writing descriptions of clothes and type up the materials they're made out of. It is pretty boring but there's always work as the turnover is pretty high. You'll get things wrong all the time since you don't get any of the products but you don't deal with the consequences as that goes to the returns department.

No. 1091963

Wear a mask until your teeth get cleaned saying you have light spring allergies and use it to be polite. Mask mandate stopped here just as I got a pimple on my cheek and I've kept wearing it.

No. 1091964

Users may have metal instabilities but not everyone here is a neet with no love life or an academic failure. It's also quite easy to get a man to support you while you stay home if you dont mind being broke.

No. 1091974

No one is saying it's exclusively NEETs it's just the fact anons are claiming all kinds of stuff that make no sense. Most of the world is poor with little education, only a very small percentage of people are legitimate rich housewives with PhDs, you can't tell me that 1% of people just happen to all flock on this niche board out of all places

No. 1091976

I mean sure there are options, but I feel like I'd get fired after a month or two again

No. 1091978

Feel like is not the same as will. Give yourself a chance.

No. 1091979

File: 1646844354217.jpg (210.06 KB, 1600x985, mad.jpg)

Got bloodwork done for my PCOS and when the tech saw that I was getting my T checked she asked if I ‘prefer to be called another name’ and I'm still pissed about it. I get that she has to ask because actual trannies will tard rage but fuck I hate that this shit has infiltrated everything.

No. 1091982

I'm a med student myself so I don't think it's unbelievable for some random people to sometimes post on a gossip forum, especially these past year where people spent a lot of time indoors we probably got more normie posters than weebs and neets.

No. 1091984

>Or it's the same 10 neets with husbands who keep repeating themselves.
there are a couple of us, maybe a dozen or so I think
I don't think any of us have ever claimed that, I was a misrelate wagie who married my co-worker

No. 1091988

I re-read your first post and there might be a chance you won't get fired. However, if you do, you have already survived it once before. And if the next place fires you after that, you'll have it have happened twice before. It might be a really shitty experience that crumbles your self esteem for a but, but nothing permanent.

Also, >>1091978 is right, you might have a set-back, but it doesn't mean everything is over.

No. 1091990

God I'm seething with you nona. Did she know it was for PCOS or no? So stupid

No. 1091992

how do i stop giving away too much love? it hurts

No. 1091993

based, I want to slap all the retards who hate scrotes so much that they obsess over what they like or don't like and follow suit instead of not giving a fuck

No. 1091995

Fuck the anon who asked for peak stories in the mtf thread. I just want to laugh at ugly trannies, not read every other anon’s blogpost.

No. 1091996

Why can't you do it now?

No. 1091999

Was the search history heinous as shit or your standard porn entries? I keep thinking about anon who found her dad’s “dog knotting in girl” history and I’m still trying to grasp how one could even manage to move on from discovering something like that.

No. 1092010

Set boundaries for how much you’ll do for other people without payment and de-center romance in your life by pursuing means of self improvement and societal good

No. 1092013

No, just that my bloodwork form was calling for a bunch of hormone stuff. I'm kinda GNC though so I don't blame her, I'm sure she's had trannies freak out over 'deadnames' before and was just protecting herself. I just hate that I can't even get my blood drawn in peace anymore this is retarded. 'It's just a bunch of kids on Tumblr it'll never actually change anything!!!' my ass, it's spread like cancer to everything and it's so annoying.

No. 1092016

This. And at the end of the day it's not a big deal if anons on an imageboard think someone's life is a larp because they mentioned it offhandedly. What are they going to do, track you down and demand to see your husband and watch you all day to make sure you don't have a job?

No. 1092054

pretty normal stuff. what really bothers me is that he has used sites like fetlife which is basically a social media for kinky people. lol after posting this i found out he still uses it (after setting the boundary multiple times before that its not okay) and broke up

i actually did like an hour after

No. 1092072

even on anon sites idk why people lie, you're just disappointing yourself and fabricating a life that will never be achievable. much better to be humble and honest about your situations, there's a greater chance of actually achieving something in life that way

No. 1092092

Fuck America!! This new girl transferred to my job, looking Luke every hipster stereotype ever with her makeup and eyeliner and she wrote me a passive aggressive note on my locker saying "BTW IM NONBINARY"
Bitch shut the fuck up!! You are a woman. What the fuck is up with zoomers??

No. 1092094

I just genuinely feel so fucking inadequate. I didn't think I had AD(H)D until I had this job and this made me realize that the only reason I could stay at my first workplace for as long as I did (4 years) was because literally noone was supervising me and checking my work. This was the first place where they did and BAM, turns out I am shit. I also suck at socializing and get easily stressed out. I am just all-round a horrible workforce

I just feel like my carrer from now on will be a continuous cycle of being fired after a few months, unless I find something like my first job, where the management didn't give a fuck about anything and the pay was also shit

No. 1092096

I have such a hard time sticking to fasting everyday

No. 1092100

unpopular opinion but if you're a mom and you're on this site, you are sad. seethe all you want girls, but it's true. maybe mumsnet or ovarit is more your speed

No. 1092104

If you're on this website at all its sad. Not a mom.

No. 1092106

Someone new at my job is getting on my nerves lately. I get that when you start you’re nervous about doing things right and of course my company loves people who can take their own decisions but she’s just so…bitchy about everything.
For example, we have our tasks distributed so people don’t get too much weight on their shoulders but when someone has to do this specific task because maybe someone’s busy and what not, she will start to complain asking what the reason about distributing tasks.
She’s also so negative all the time, it drains me so much. She’s always putting herself under pressure and moaning about not being capable of doing the job if we don’t ask her to do this or that like…we really don’t care?
For the past months our work environment was actually good but lately I just feel pissed off with all other people. I know it comes from being overworked right now but ffs I just wish people had the decency to speak to me with respect. I feel like I’m always a nuisance.

No. 1092113

why exactly?

No. 1092117

I don’t know how to tell her that I don’t like her anymore. It feels too awkward because nothing actually bad happened, I just got tired after years and complaining and self loathing. How do even tell someone that you don’t want them around your life anymore, ever?
I thought my actions would speak louder than my words but apparently it’s not the case.
I feel pretty terrible about it too. I used to love her, even when I know she didn’t deserve it but it got to a point where having to deal with her became an obligation.
I know I can’t be responsible of her happiness but it feels terrible when I know I’m all she has. I even feel bad talking about her personality because I know she’s not doing it on purpose but she’s so…unlikable. So hard to please, to love, to get happy. It was the only thing I could think of when I was with her, how I truly wished I had never met her.
And it makes me sad because I know I could pretend and be like I was before but it’s so hard when I’m around her. She takes all my energy away.

No. 1092118

I agree I always do a double take when I see an anon say they have kids

Also agree, but it’s ten times worse if you’re a mom because then your patheticness is leaking into a child’s life kek

No. 1092144

I was expecting you to bitch about the new person being annoying because they would be constantly asking too many questions/asking the same thing over and over but damn she does sound insufferable. I'm too fucking nervous to bitch or complain when I start a new job because I'm afraid they won't keep me past probation so it baffles me that people act like this kek

No. 1092171

File: 1646854578297.jpeg (37.9 KB, 600x600, 1645244554282.jpeg)

i just realized- whenever i have felt genuinely suicidal, like truly miserable enough and self-loathing enough to feel like there is no meaning in my life and wishing for an end just so that the painful thoughts/feelings would also end, it has ALWAYS been correlated strongly with being super hormonal. i mean these episodes of severe hopelessness have always been 3-5 days before the start of my period. its relieving to be able to make this connection but also frustrating because there is no real solution, women's healthcare is an absolute joke, and i will never ever ever ever take SSRIs or psych meds again for any reason.

No. 1092178

samefag but i have been hoping recently i genetically acquired my father's bipolar disorder and that i have a latent manic episode lying in wait for me around the corner. unipolar depression is so fucking gay

No. 1092199

What is something you guys do to feel better when you're feeling really depressed? I'm not even sad about anything in particular right now, but I'm just getting really bad brain fog and have trouble focusing because I feel so… bad. I feel very empty and want to lie down and stop thinking for a little while. I felt like this yesterday too and hope I can snap out of it soon because I finally have a week off and don't want to waste it just lying around doing nothing because I'm depressed for no reason.

No. 1092202

Not to sound like a boomer but for real just going out for a walk

No. 1092210

When you’re so lonely and desperate for love you sign yourself up for a kinkster dating site because at this point you’ll accept anyone and you’re crying because you’re disgusting

No. 1092213

Joining boomer anon and also going to suggest fixing yourself up a nice snack, or taking a shower, and if you are eventually able to focus a bit, maybe following some easy yoga or stretching routines on youtube.

No. 1092215

Thank you dear, that means a lot to me. I wish you luck on your own healing journey

No. 1092220

Going to be honest, changing my clothes into more 'presentable'(aka take off your nightclothes), wash my face and teeth, brushing my unmanageable hair, and cleaning up my space. It's really hard when I don't have the motivation to do it but I do feel noticeably better when my stuff is in order

No. 1092221

lol im you before you did all that extra stuff

No. 1092222


No. 1092224


No. 1092226

File: 1646857208942.jpg (96.25 KB, 1164x778, EsH_hPfXYAMK3kp.jpg)

Why didn't I tell that girl I saw at this festival once she was cute I'm so angry we both made eye contact twice and lingered on it but we were with different groups so I guess we didn't have time to talk. We even got on the same bus to leave reeeeeeeeeee

No. 1092233

I wish I had the guts to break up with my boyfriend whom I never will have sex with anyways and admit to myself that I am a lesbian.

No. 1092275

Thank you nonnies. I took a short nap just to muster up enough will to live and now I have made a list of your suggestions from easiest to hardest and will go through them in order!

No. 1092280

Lost all my pictures because I didn’t back my phone up recently but I also didn’t expect them to wipe it for a SCREEN REPAIR fuck

No. 1092288

I'm sorry anon, I know that kind of struggle. You may be able to get them back if you can pay for a retrieval app or something, "deleted" doesn't mean anything as long as you don't overwrite the data on your phone

No. 1092299

An ex bf kicked me in the face but not square on he came at an angle and smashed my nose to the side. It was swollen and I had my eyes close over and I never went to the doctor or hospital because I was in shock and he stayed in my apartment until my face went normal. You can definitely see it bent from different angles and it doesn't have a bump it curves instead of goes straight down. It hurts in cold weather. If you look up the nostril at the side he kicked you can see its been pushed out of shape and I have what I assume is scar tissue kind of closing the airway a bit. I wish I would have went to the police but I have no proof he did anything and I haven't went to a doctor because what can they reasonably do at this point.

No. 1092301

I use Recuva on PC, maybe that'll work

No. 1092302

My step mom is using my little bro as leverage against my dad. They are married, and Im much older than my bro. Sometimes I babysit, sometimes its just hanging out. Sometimes in a pinch they call me last minute to get him from school. I dont mind, that kid is cool as fuck and I know our time is limited. I live in a different city, so the miles stack. I work outside of this and have a social life.
My dad approached me after 6 years of solid active involvement in my little brothers life and was like “whats the actual wage for babysitters?” And I told him it stresses me out to discuss the… hourly value of taking care of my brother? even if it does take money out of my pocket to do so. Theres fuel, activities, snacks, etc. We made a compromise to gather current data and discuss. He picked a number. Its a 3 dollar increase. He says hes gonna tell his wife and thats that.
Turns out he forgot to tell her and now shes pissed. Even though she asked me to keep a clear schedule this weekend for a sleepover, now its “no sleepover, youre at our house from x to x bc “ I cant afford it”.
>3 story house
>upper white class unawareness
> who gives a fuck if money is that important.
>you value your money more than (kid) having a bond with me
>dad is making 50+ an hour

No. 1092304

You most likely have a deviated septum. Most people have asymmetric noses so don't worry about it unless it bothers you so much you're willing to get surgery to fix it. Are you safe now? How are you psychologically? How you feel and the state of your mind matter more than how your nose looks, trust me no one is going to notice anything wrong with your nose.

No. 1092306

Sorry same fagging it but i dont care about the money. I care about knowing and supporting my brother. I care about him having experiences outside the silver spoon life you shove in his throat.

No. 1092309

Even if you don't care about the money, a compensation for your fuel and other expenses to break-even is very reasonable. Especially when the parents directly profit from your "babysitting". You should at least ask for that.

No. 1092314

I am safe now thanks! I haven't seen that horrible moid in almost 2 years. I hope drugs get the better of him. The most annoying thing is I'm a glasses wearer and I feel like my glasses end up always going askew cause the bridge of my nose is askew.

No. 1092316

lmao why are you even surprised? It's clear that the author has issues AND is a coomer.

No. 1092320

Don't worry too much anon, my nose is naturally like that and so are most people's. You could maybe get your glasses fixed to fit your nose better or something by one of those glasses shops. I hope he gets what he deserves and you get to live a happy life without scum like him!

No. 1092326

I think so too but im tired of the evil step mom trope. Im tired of her playing these little games. I talked to my dad (who is currently cooking in NYC for a tasting that would result in a 40 mIlLion DolLar contract for the company he works for. This man once was a manager at lil ceasers pizza, way 2 go) .
He said shes angry he did that, and he said “tough shit”. So this power play is to piss him off and hurt me. She is almost 50…. I dont have time for this. I just want to be apart of his life and not lose money. I didnt grow up rich and i work so hard to build myself. Sorry i cant keep up with the joneses.
Also why is my step mom the trope of the resentful cheerleader with complex??? Girl we could be friends. Im a good sister, just let me be, and let the kid leave his neighborhood.

Thanls formltting me rant, i love this lil space on the web

No. 1092327

Why are you fasting anon?

No. 1092400

Why does every single fucking app have to need my email and all of my data??? I just want to fucking get help for my eating disorder management without giving my social security number and bank details :))))(:)))))

No. 1092406

File: 1646867785704.jpg (37.34 KB, 640x356, PXqtfTu.jpg)

I hate parents who force their kids to be what they wanted to be. Boils my blood especially when they act like they give two shits what their own kids think. Dumbasses couldn't do it themselves so they think their child doing it is them doing it by proxy. Bonus points when no extended family member wants to really help the kids out but virtue signal instead.

No. 1092415

Thank you nonnies, I’ve already taken the loss and just had to restart my phone from an old backup in the meantime. I’ll still try, who knows. Recuva seems to struggle to identify what my actual phone is though (to scan it)

No. 1092416

I can't get a job anywhere, places I can work don't accept me, it's getting so tiering. I want to start selling commissions but I'm so inconsistent in how often I produce so it'd be impossible to build an account anywhere. Discord servers are always so full of commission sheets and adopts I feel like I wont get noticed. I want to do what I love but I'm so mentally fucked it feels impossible

No. 1092446

Replying but also venting myself, I guess
Don't do that. just broke up with a bf that I settled on who:
>had a face that only looked good with long hair, and yet…
>"fucking hair!!! I want to be bald!!! Fuck wasting time on washing it"
>would go 3 days without washing himself
>was constantly walking around in underwear
>would fart and burp like an animal
>survived on a diet of junk food that I had to get him
>almost never cooked, cleaned or got groceries
>never got me gifts
>screamed at video games
>only interest was a tcg
>randomly quit his low-effort job knowing it will stress me out, the other two I had to find/suggest for him because we would be in financial issue otherwise
>zero fashion sense, dgaf about it
>despite all of that, expected me to fuck him ("can you give me a bj", "hey, I want to make love" in a way that made him sound like a child asking mommy to tie his shoelaces). Didn't question why I suddenly became asexual
And today he told me that I never was "the most beautiful creature on earth" to him (even when he was supposedly in love with me), contrary to some bitch that he just saw on a dating app. That my looks "were good enough to not be an issue when pursuing a relationship because of my wonderful personality" (that he was incapable of fully appreciating anyway). Do you know how humiliating it is to hear from a scrote that is below your level almost in every way? That looks worse than you? maybe it's my fault for asking, but… I would never tell him as hurtful truth
I've wasted years emotionally supporting him, trying to help him with his mental illness etc. Now he does the things he refused to do for me to get pussy from that one girl or other women way above his level. Do not fucking get into a relationship with someone who doesn't deserve you, even if you are lonely or in a bad economical situation (as I was). Please don't make that mistake. You deserve someone who will not waste your time, energy and mental health.
yes I'm severely mentally ill and have self-esteem issues, no need to snarkily point that out

No. 1092449

File: 1646870072060.png (41.73 KB, 320x280, 47-470730_pepe-meme-facepalm-p…)

my stupid fucking brother came out as trans earlier this year. He's huge, hulking and has a deep voice and chose the female version of his name. He looks ridiculous. He's even a speed-runner, it's like the jokes write themselves.

My mom is a saint of a woman. She has (and still does) sacrifice so much for her kids' happiness. She was supportive to my brother's face but afterwards cried for two days. And society is telling her if she reacts with anything other than immediate acceptance and joy, she is a bigot who hates her child.

I run in very liberal circles and in 99% of my life I'm a typical libtard. The exception has always been tranny shit. And now I have one for a brother. No one in my life knows I'm a terf except my mom, not even my husband or best friend. I see people around me praise these ~beautiful stunning womxn~ and welcoming them into spaces they don't belong and letting them take things that don't belong to them. I look at jk Rowling who says the most moderate, reasonable things and gets death threats. I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills.

And now at Sunday dinner I have to look across the table and see my piss-dumb 6' brother stuffed into a sun dress with wobbly eye liner and trans comb-over and pretend I am so happy. I love my mom more than anything and even though she hates this she loves him too much to cut him off. She'd rather go along with this facade to keep him in her life and keep him happy. And I won't make her choose a side between him or me. So I'm along for the ride too.

No. 1092458

All you can really do is distance yourself. He's not worth having as a brother or a son. Reading enough of /LGBT/, I guarantee he's a pervert too. So I'd recommend for you and your mom to not live with him and just ignore him. Sorry for your mother, I can't imagine the anguish and shame; If I sacrificed my body and most of my lifespan just for my son to sabotage his mind, body, and life.

No. 1092462

I do intermittent fasting because it helps with my eating habits and weight loss.

No. 1092463

File: 1646871008027.jpg (70.31 KB, 994x720, original.jpg)

HR told me that a reasonable solution to helping with my financial problems (after being denied a promised promotion, being informed of my 3% raise aka 60 cents more an hour, and telling me I have to fill out disability papers for my work from home request for two days a week to avoid commute) is to sell my home to get quick cash and then go back to renting apartments because it's a "seller's market."

To reiterate: A professional corporate bootlicker who probably lives in a $400k+ home who makes sure her own salary gets her bag is telling one of the most underpaid and overloaded employees in the company to sell my home and go pay local rental apartments even higher than my current mortgage price for a single bedroom.
When I even explained how with rising gas prices wfh would help my financial expenses being that I commute more than 30 minutes, she said "well that couldn't make all that difference." The privileged bitch doesn't understand the gas dance and how not reporting to work for four days of the week makes a HUGE difference.
I had a full on panic attack because she made me go into details about my anxiety and the financial situation which made me cry in her office. My director told me she'd approve the request but HR wanted to deny it unless I get a doctor's note so whatever I'm gonna go make some fucking noise at the doctor's office I guess. Everyone else got to wfh except me and now when I need the consideration I get told no unless I jump through a dozen hoops.

Hope she gets vulva warts. Insensitive fucking cunt.

No. 1092468

that's some of the worst advice I have ever heard. I bet she's a landlord

No. 1092473

She's just a cunt getting paid to pretend to be ignorant when it comes to legitimate employee complaints.

We live in an area where it's popular news that people are desperate to buy affordable homes and every home is bought and under contract within 48 hours and sometimes less. People's rents are increasing anywhere between 20-60% when they go to renew this year for the same shitty places.
Even if I wanted to accept a cash offer on my home, I'd never be able to buy another house in the area now and as mentioned, they don't pay me enough to be able to make rent at the half forsaken apartment complexes around here.
She knew exactly what she was saying to me but doesn't give a shit.

No. 1092475

i want omurice i want omurice

No. 1092480

Don't ever think of selling your house. That shit is not worth it. I hope she dies.

No. 1092481

File: 1646872451294.jpg (175.62 KB, 1000x750, wedwe.jpg)

No. 1092482

File: 1646872459102.png (411.24 KB, 400x541, 4886E6FA-9B41-4591-B348-1440A8…)

today my sister texted me a photo of myself from when i was a pickme and said i should start dressing and doing my makeup like that again. her and my grandmother are finally over constantly nagging me for not shaving, but GOD their internalized misogyny is so depressing. they are two of the strongest women i have ever met but they are so wrapped up in looking pretty and trying to push me to do the same. my looks are naturally above average (i think i’m 10/10 but that’s subjective) so i would rather not go back to starving myself and spending money on looking like a bimbo. my sister will put on a full face of makeup at 9 pm just to stay home and maybe take selfies, and my grandma worries that she looks like an “old lady.” my sister is insanely gorgeous, like lindsay lohan before the drugs level of beauty, but she styles herself to look like bhad bhabie. and yeah, my grandmother is obviously an older woman but the fact that she still spends money on looking young (because young=beautiful and beautiful woman=woman who is worthy of respect) is fucking sad. love them both but my grandma has the mindset that it’s too late to change her beliefs, and maybe she’s right. i have some hope for my sister but she’s so stubborn that idk if she’ll ever let go of the “i do my makeup for myself!” mindset. ugh.

No. 1092488

i feel like you're a little dumb

No. 1092491

Nta but how?

No. 1092492

The only people I like in my family are my mom and Aunt, that's literally it. I also have my boyfriend. In real life these are the only people I speak to. Weirdly I just don't want to make friends anymore. I think I am just fed up

No. 1092494

sorry but i feel like giving up again even though i thought i was better for so long

No. 1092496

i am the anon and yeah, how did you get that impression? i might be a little dumb sometimes, but i can live with that.

No. 1092502

File: 1646873826630.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 540x304, 81E8D2E1-871D-4DCB-9CA3-8A28E0…)

Scrotes shut the fuck UP about sex work challenge. You don’t give a single fuck about women or sex workers you stupid shit stain. All your talking points come from middle class whites who can afford to do gentrified hoe lite and act oppressed on twitter. Who gives a shit about the 99% of prostitutes of the world right. Having no better options due to life circumstances, financial destitution, addiction and mental illness will never ever be “consent” or “agency”. Sex workers will never not be victimized by the men who buy sex from them, the men who profit off them, and the men who seek to punish them. Feminists weren’t the ones making the world unsafe for sex workers. You are not changing the world or empowering women by buying Onlyfans OH MY GOD fuck off and dieeeee.

No. 1092504

You’re based and free

No. 1092507

I don't know what "sex work challenge" is and I'm not gonna look it up but based post. I hate all scrotes that support sex work and pornography. Especially the ones that double down just to spite women and """moralfags""", those simply cannot be reasoned with.

No. 1092516

ahem. south Korea Politian is running on making women second class citizen, and he's polling ahead. males are subhuman

No. 1092519

I stopped posting on lolcow for a while (no specific reason, just found other stuff to do with my time) and for some reason I find myself despising troons even more than when I was here. Is it because I'm actually seeing their stupidity more frequently outside of LC? Was it the lead-up to IWD? I don't know anymore and it's irritating me since I wasn't even a frequent troon-hate poster here. Just blogposting, /m/posting and engaging in the occasional infight/terf discussion.

No. 1092522

South Korea is just Japan lite. Tiny ass country with maximum sexism. Disgusting

No. 1092531

I'm so sick of being the manager of a gaggle of zoomers. They can have "good vibes" and hammer & sickles in their Instagram bios all they want but at the end of the day they're still rich brats with more money in their trust funds than I make in a year who try to pit their coworkers against eachother and come to me asking for secret special privileges, then throwing an absolute bitch fit when I won't because I believe in fairness. I love the company I work for but I no longer have any trust or care for the staff I supervise, because every one of them that I thought was sweet and diligent ended up doing it to butter me up and dropped the facade as soon as I refused $4 raises for doing a very simple and relaxing job. They make around $20/hour but only want to work 15 hour weeks so they say that we're paying them "poverty wages" when I refuse more pay. I hope I can fit into a different department in my company that won't have me responsible for anyone else, especially college agers who get their worldview from Euphoria lmao.

No. 1092535

I just genuinely don't care about school anymore. Last week I skipped class one day. Three years ago I would have been riddled with anxiety about it for the entire day and unable to enjoy myself. But this time I just got a coffee and sat by the water. I think it's maybe cause I'm graduating next year and still don't have any plans.

No. 1092536

They, and incels alike, are endemic anyplace on the internet that's considered 'normal' because every normalfag space shelters them as if they're a precious commodity. Everywhere you go on the internet at large is either incels seething about women while hiding it under a passive-aggressive layer of irony or troons trying to seek out attention under the guise of identifying with the concept of having a vagina (actual vagina owners don't count in this sphere for some reason).
And calling either of these groups out varies from either being dogpiled to outright being banned depending on what time of the day you do it and which safe-space enforcing moderators are online to protect them. Needless to say, I miss the 00's internet a whole bunch.

Speaking of safe-space enforcement, I can't imagine how much of a nightmare that is. I'm thankful to work with a bunch of older people whose egos have long since got a hold of themselves. It gets better when they go on tangents about how we need to fight for social justice and all of that jazz but then immediately become social ogres when it comes to dealing with their immediate staff. It gets worse when they eventually become supervisors themselves.

No. 1092548

When I went to school, this was called "Last Year Burnout" or "Senior Burnout". You're in the final stretch and can see the end, so you're starting to stop caring about school and academics altogether.
The relaxation part isn't bad, the burn-out part is. It's stress from being anxious about it for so long that you simply quit caring. When you quit caring, you quit putting in effort, which is what used to happen to Seniors who experienced it; They would get almost to the finish line and wash out at the very last minute. That's not to say you're in danger of doing that, but being mindful about your classes while balancing relaxation and studytime is crucial at this point because it's very easy to get overwhelmed right now when you can see the end.

No. 1092553

Theyre based. Im glad zoomers treat employers like how theyve been treating workers for ages and that they demand more.

No. 1092554

"Safe-space enforcement" is exactly what it feels like. I'm trying so hard to give them a stress-free environment with ample staff, resources and paths for maintaining wellness and work-life balance, on-demand scheduling, implemented PTO when I first got in the position, empowerment in the form of being able to shut down clients who harass them or get angry instead of a "customer first" enviro, on and on. And honestly I think that's where I fucked up. If I let it continue to be a busy bare-bones environment instead of a cushy uwu-feelings-come-first workplace, they wouldn't have all this time to larp their Commie TikTok fantasies. I absolutely support workers' rights and condemn toxic environments and poverty wages. I've been in jobs like that for over a decade. But this company isn't that, and that's why I deliberately worked to be in management so that I could make it a career. It turns out when you try your best to make a safe space, it bites you in the ass. Of course I have a core of people I HOPE are normal and just vibing with the job - they give me feedback where needed and suggestions and ideas to help implement with them - but it's too small a group for the whole to be worth working for.

No. 1092555

You sound like an old hag mad at zoomers wanting more money for shitty jobs with a lot of requirements kek

No. 1092558

Also the modern internet: I don't post anywhere on the internet anymore except for here. I almost never log into any of my twitter accounts, I never use my youtube account, I've had facebook deleted for ages. I don't use Instagram anymore, my telegram is basically a ghosttown except for the music people I follow, I have several more that I haven't used in so long that I have basically forgot their existence.
I feel so isolated but these places are such hives of toxic shit it's not even worth having them on my phone. It's the worst kind of abusive relationship, and it's fed by every person I know being there and sharing pictures and things that I just get to look at but lack the urge to do anything other than like.

No. 1092560

They're being paid $20 an hour to do customer service emails part-time for a clothing company with email templates as their little side hustle while they go to college, no experience needed. I'm not paying them $25 an hour for it when they've only worked here 4 months and if you think a $4-$5 raise after a couple months of work where they still misspell anything off-script with spellcheck built in right there is reasonable then you're zoomer trash too, have fun with the climate change killing your generation or whatever

No. 1092561

I hate to say it but the hands-off attitude attracts these kinds of people. I used to not know how toxic workplaces formed and believed it was just a function of capitalism itself, but then I realized that it just took a generation of absolute slackers who thrived in these stress-free environments for years becoming managers themselves and deciding that the workers being generally stress-free made their jobs harder and required them to pick up the extra slack. Which they could never stand for if they're not the ones doing it.

nonnie has every reason to be, the latest generation of zoomers are not cut out for the real world just yet.

No. 1092562

I used to feel this way too, and that's all fun and games until they themselves want to start working long-term for a company and maybe get a job more substantial than burger flipper or customer service. Then it's the younger generation being jackoffs to them.
The people who are the stereotypical asshole manager usually act that way because they're not a low-level manager and there is no way for the average employee to even interact with them. They get to bully, harass, and abuse the lower-level workers and leave the supervisors and middle managers to pick up the pieces.

No. 1092575

Did they sage? Just hide saged posts if you just want milk and no commentary, that's what it's for.

No. 1092578

File: 1646880366576.jpeg (75.17 KB, 750x742, 508C4382-FAF5-422E-B729-9E9B2D…)

Feel like shit

No. 1092581

When you call a taxi hours in advance on a Wednesday it should be on time! I was waiting at my work for 30 minutes… hurgh

No. 1092585

i have a car. never had to wait more than minutes walk to my car lole

No. 1092586

People who have hate accounts are psychotic. Some hate accounts are based, like troon or coomer hate accounts, but hate accounts over something like a fictional character or show are just sad. How angry do you have to be to make an account like that and post on it everyday…
Very chronically online.

No. 1092588

thank you for your contribution

No. 1092594

i just need to admit this somewhere but if someone is very ugly i cant be friends with them because i cant stop thinking about how ugly they are, legitimately how do I stop this

No. 1092595

Stop visiting lolcow and similar sites and touch grass

No. 1092599

As someone with degrees and a decade in the workforce, my salary is around 20/hr and yes it is starting to be the poverty wage.
I barely make ends owning a home and paying back my debts and having a car payment. Children? Fucking forget it. I'm getting a second job soon. All absorbing extra duties and working hard at my job got me was being taken advantage of by the company and catching ire from coworkers who thought I was trying to make them look like pieces of shit by being competent or whatever.

It sucks what you're going through anon but don't take it personally. Being lower and middle management is about taking the employee complaints akin to how lower level employees are paid to take complaints from the front end.

No. 1092600

I hate how hard it is to fix a sleep schedule aaaaaa
Just staying up one night can screw me up for days

No. 1092601

Really trying not to let projections from others bring my image down with my nose mole. I have a (smooth, not-hairy, light brown) mole alongside my nose and my family makes comments on it every visit telling me it's getting bigger as I age. A cousin told me it's like a witch mole. Someone at work asked me if I ever thought of taking it off. It's not very big - maybe the size of an earring stud. And my girlfriend thinks it's cute. I shouldn't care about the opinions of others but now my eyes instinctively go to it when I look in the mirror and I have the fleeting thought of "This is going to get bigger and uglier huh?" Idk

No. 1092602

Mole removal. See a derm, anon.

No. 1092608

No, I'm not removing it. I like it and always viewed it as a unique and uninvasive feature. It's the words of others that's bothering me, like I just want them to shut the fuck up because I have a hard time not acknowledging opinions of people I care about.

No. 1092612

pshh you go nonna i get obnoxious and tell people how much i like what i have when they try me.

No. 1092613

Ntayrt but those people are fucking retards who can't appreciate beauty marks.

No. 1092614

>"This is going to get bigger and uglier huh?"
Sounds like it bothers you a deal.

No. 1092615

its like the chocolate chip on a cookie
simply amazing

No. 1092618

Sounds like you're egging on insecurity

No. 1092620

Don't let others bring you down, anon. Moles are really cute. I used to get picked on for mine but now I love it and I think it makes me look like me

No. 1092624

>start learning spanish so i can communicate with housekeeping even if im the only one here
>none of the spanish speaking housekeepers will carry a radio because theyre not comfortable since they dont speak english
i just…… need clean towels…… to room 394

No. 1092625

that was just a yolk, oops i mean jokek

No. 1092629

It's so hard for me to make friends with other women my age. The girls at work are always kind to me and we chat while on the clock, but it's like they can smell the weird on me. It's always been this way since preschool.

No. 1092630

File: 1646882914808.jpeg (24.14 KB, 413x296, 1342B598-C701-451D-92BF-F517D0…)

I refuse to be a jealous bitch. I refuse it. I won’t give in to my monkey brain. I will not be jealous of other’s achievements, especially those I love. I WILL be happy for them. Everyone’s pace is different. I have my roadmap for the next 5 years in front of me. I know what I’m doing. I have no reason to be jealous. I WILL NOT BE THAT JEALOUS BITJDKSKSKDMSLMSHFKSDMKDKSKSKDKNSJDJDJD just kill me already I hate everything

No. 1092632

Same nonnie. I never felt close to men/manliness but I always knew I was a different breed of a girl. Not in a i’m-not-like-other-girls kind. I have always carried a cloud of weird on top of my head like a cartoon effect. I remember back in kindergarten how the other girls would avoid me. Oh how I wish I could be loved by others

No. 1092633

even this website?

No. 1092634

This probably isn't it for you and you were just regular weird but I felt the same way and upon being diagnosed with The Autism as an adult everything made sense kek

No. 1092637

NTA but I relate to you anon and I'm autistic too. It's very hard to make friends because I feel like nowhere accepts me or judge me over things I can't really control.

No. 1092639

Not op but it's almost like psychopaths and manipulators rise the ranks without hard work and the cooperative trusting ppl are made into workhorses. I feel it in the air ppl are starting to snap, there will be a massive "quit everything and move to become part of Amish/etc community".

No. 1092640

Would really like (preferably dark mode) bedtime story sources to get invested in before bed. Reddit is a hellhole where only scary stories or sex stories run freely. I want some cute fantasy things to get lost in before I sleep so I can have good dreams. I've been filling my head with too many real-world thoughts, worries, and media consumption which results in stressful realistic dreams nightly. TIA

No. 1092641

read 1001 nights

No. 1092642

It's the tism. But for real if you aren't very social and have specific experiences then it's hard to fit in among women. The only women I get along with are other autists. There are so many unspoken things and body language shit that women pick up on.

No. 1092650

ive always gotten along so well with my coworkers but have never been able to translate this into any actual friendship where you like message each other and hang out outside of work. i was literally heartbroken at my current place when i realized so many of my coworkers were in a group chat and i had only managed to get one of their numbers by that point

No. 1092656

tbh it could be. I don’t know how would I get diagnosed as an adult though. Or would that even make a difference? I already wasted my youth with loneliness and isolation.

No. 1092667

im obviously against and not a fan of the dont say gay bill but seeing all the online buzz around the ceo of disney funding desantis is irking me bc florida is a state that hasnt expanded medicaid yet and desantis says he wont ever expand it. there's literally hundreds of thousands of people in the state who dont have insurance bc of this guy and are literally, physically dying from lack of healthcare. i hate how online people sleep on the real, tangible issues in this country that actually affects lives day to day. again i dont want these anti lgbt laws to be passed but it just feels like people dont give a fuck about the poor. wheres the outrage for healthcare, wheres the boycotts and twitter campaigns?

No. 1092669

youth is only the beginning. make progess on the new and upcoming day
lol you youngins always so quick to get to the end

No. 1092675

i've seen some posts online lately about how self deprecating humor isn't funny and i don't know what to do because poking fun at myself was actually the way i got people to like me while i was growing up kek. i was an awkward emo teenager and i've always been ugly so naturally i got bullied whenever i interacted with peers and the only way i ever got them to back off and start making friends was to go along with everything in a humorous light. it worked for years. now i'm learning that people find it annoying? fml

No. 1092676

Not medically transitioning children is a good thing.

No. 1092679

NTA but that's not the only thing that happens with shit healthcare you retard, people who aren't trannies literally die because of it

No. 1092682

i browse r/detrans a lot to peak myself even further and holy shit i just saw a post about a 15 year old who chopped off her tits and regretted it a few months later. i am trying so hard not to a-log right now. i hate trannies i hate that these greedy doctors are mutilating little kids and no one cares

No. 1092686

ayrt and i agree 100% that kids shouldnt ever be medicalized or transed. the dont say gay bill isnt about the medicalization of children, its about banning people from teaching lgbt things in schools. i dont support any legislation that bans teachers from teaching or having books about certain topics in school, its authoritarian as fuck

No. 1092706

If it makes you feel any better it's disliked because of unfunny repetitive people who complain about their bad habits and things they can change/fix but just keep making self deprecating jokes so people pity them and give them a pass
What you described sounds like just letting people make fun of you so they won't think you're lame and "can't take a joke"

No. 1092719

oh i feel you. that hits really close to home. i just broke up with my bf and i’m on the brink of houselessness now. i will probably have to settle for roommates but i hate being confined to my bedroom and eating snacks because i don’t have the energy to cook when they have social gatherings in common areas 24/7… so it’s either that or settling in a relationship that i know doesn’t serve me

No. 1092728

it's still better than toxic false positivity, idgaf what anyone says, too much positivity makes me sick. I'm a very gray area slash positive negative sliding person t. bpdfag so I can't prefer one side or the other, I have to mix both or else I'll go insane