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File: 1587094107599.jpg (5.63 KB, 259x194, gfsgdfag.jpg)

No. 542085

alright you piece of shit stoners, have your very own thread. enjoy.

No. 542095

Why can’t stoners go three seconds without talking about how “baked” “ripped” “high” “baloney” they are?
You guys are fucking annoying.
Just smoke your weed, and shut up.(rule 7)

No. 542133

damn. maybe you should smoke some…

No. 542137

Don't blame them too much, anon. If it wasn't a part of their identity they'd be even more boring.

No. 542139

I've been chronic for years, smoking daily usually twice a day. I've been trying to quit recently or cut back to only weekends to improve my lung function and it's tough. I keep getting into stupid nitpicky fights with my bf who is also trying to cut back with me. I can't wait until Saturday when I can smoke again.

No. 542170

I have all this weed and a bong my sister let me take care of for her, filters everything super smooth.
Quaratini making me sad, I miss outside.

No. 542218

I love being super stoned and going for a run in the woods. Everything just looks so beautiful and I feel like I'm exactly where I should be and doing what I should be doing.

No. 542226

File: 1587125369266.png (177.43 KB, 594x356, 1505173039487.png)

trying to slowly reduce my intake by smoking CBD which is legal in my country, actually feels better. doesn't impair my ability to work during the day too much and I only have a sense of being "body" high and not braindead retarded in my head

No. 542246

lolcow anons being druggies. Not surprised.

No. 542247

File: 1587131139363.png (193.22 KB, 512x512, 1586340657328.png)

I'd argue that internet and shopping addictions are far more prevalent on LC, and much more damaging to the brain than weed ever will be.

No. 542249

File: 1587131462849.jpg (38.02 KB, 519x536, 1586377762467.jpg)

Agreed. I'm stoned right now but I don't think I'll be smoking much other than socially after quarantine anyways.

No. 542254

File: 1587132037735.jpeg (182.29 KB, 853x1024, 899B9A8A-D82B-40BE-A782-4DC5C1…)

Smoking weed helps me focusing on work and being more creative. I miss smoking, since quarantine started I haven’t had a clue how to get it. I don’t want CBD.

No. 542266

I’m living temporally with my parents because it’s easier to deal mentally with social distancing here. I haven’t smoke weed for a month and half. Usually I get high 1-2 times a week.
I have (diagnosed) ADHD and my symptoms are much worse despite my medicine. I feel restless and it’s hard to keep my thoughts in order. Exercise helps but oh boy how I miss weed.

Topic for discussion: is cannabis prohibited in your country/state and how does public see the issue?
In Finland where I live the situation is terrible. Cannabis is illegal substance and you can lose your job if you get caught. The majority of people think that it should be decriminalised but there is not enough political will to make it happen. Even our national health institute has stated multiple times that prohibition does more bad than good.
Only unemploeyed hippies can talk publicly about their pot habit but it’s widely used and accepted amongst the young adults.

No. 542270

You have to be 18 to post here, sorry!

No. 542273

I’m not surprised neets think pot is the devil. All the anons complaining literally sound like nerds. (Yes I just called you guys nerds, you sound SO dorky yelling about pot). I smoke weed, Not planning on stopping. Just fucking CHILLIN doods.
Cannabis is completely legal where I live, sold in pot stores etc. it’s incredibly nice and makes it harder for kids to get it. Also makes it so sketchy drug dealers don’t sell it, so everyone gets to try if they want, safely. My mom now uses a little oil pen and so does my sister which is insane for them. My grandma has even thought about trying it! It’s not something you get hooked on, it’s like having a sip of a beer. I think it’s a really good thing for it to be legal. It’s so shocking that more than half my country (America) it’s illegal still. I feel bad for all my fellow Americans getting put in jail for something I can go to the store and buy.

No. 542276

Not much of a solo smoker myself, cuz I can't afford to keep a permanent stash where I live, but man I love smoking weed socially. Alcohol makes me feel like shit, but weed always leaves me feeling light and carefree and ready to laugh. Some days last summer my bf and I would go on hikes in these woods somewhat near us, and we'd stop a few hours in and smoke a joint, eat some lunch, just lie together under the sun. Hope everything beings to normalise by summer and we can do the same again, I have only good associations with being high.

No. 542277

No. 542279

Oh and I’d like to add that now that weed is legal, CBD can be used. My grandma started using a CBD lotion for pain and she said she is completely amazed at how effective it works and every time. She thinks it’s insane she was told that cannabis is a horrible addictive drug and now she is treating pain with it, not even using it to be high. She is amazed by it and I love it! The legality really opens it up for people to be more open minded and accepting. I hope it starts being legal where you all are so maybe you can remove some of the stigmas if your lives as well.

No. 542288

It is prohibited where I live, but I’m i a university city so almost everyone uses it and even walks down the street with a joint. Only CBD is legal and they are still making war to that.

No. 542307

if you read the neet thread you'd know a lot of them are pot heads

No. 542309

I usually only do it in the evening, but made an exception this morning because I thought I have time for one of these nice comfortable days..
then my work called me and I had to go there asap. sheeeit

No. 542310

hello fellow stoners.

i love pot. i'm a daily smoker but am trying to cut down to weekends. my tolerance isn't what it used to be and i'm trying to smoke less, but it's so damn hard.

i live in the US and marijuana legalization is up to the individual states. where i live medical is legal, recreational is illegal. if you really want it, find a therapist who will refer you for anxiety. it's not a long or complicated process, just expensive.
people as a whole don't really care. i have people close to be who are totally against it, i know more who are totally for it.

it frustrates me how much it costs when it will become legal though. i was recently in a state on the east coast where recreational was legal and prices were insane. i read they don't have much competition so they can charge what they want.

it's cool being able to pick and choose different strains with a medical card, but i can save a good chunk of change getting the same amount of a mystery hybrid that gets me just as high from the guy across town.

No. 542312

File: 1587139205024.jpg (81.43 KB, 794x596, il_794xN.2249565232_3xcb.jpg)

I'm a little sad cause I'm smoking the rest of my leaf and carts, so I probably won't have anything for 420. I gotta flush my system of thc in case I need to search for a new job next month anyway. Every company in my state drug tests. I was actually a piss collector for awhile so I know how to beat the tests, I just think it would be really humiliating to fail at faking it (I've seen it obv and how pathetic people act) and I'd prefer to have zero anxiety over something so petty. It's about time I had a break anyway, I've been smoking almost daily since December so I don't get those fun head highs anymore. It helps with my sleep and food regulation but I miss being able to lose my mind to some music.

Sometimes for funsies I'll go on Etsy and hunt for new glass. I have a little collection and I love unique pieces.

No. 542345

These days I smoke a fraction of what I did in hs, which was fucking excessive. I'm pretty sure it did give me brain damage. My executive function is so shit I got diagnosed with adult ADD at 20. Oh well, what's done is done.

No. 542352

It’s still debatable whether marijuana can really cause brain damage so I wouldn’t be to hard on yourself. We stare at radioactive screens all day when we are naturally supposed to look at nothing, who really knows what damage can be done without effective accurate studies which cannabis does not have. Don’t call yourself brain damaged anon, we are all very dumb and crazy without weed anyways. You could have been born with ADD, there is absolutely no link to weed and ADD. There are actually studies on whether cannabis can help with ADD symptoms though.

No. 542364

I broke my bong by accident and have been smoking from a glass blunt, ever since. It's hell on my throat but it gets me higher than a plain old pipe or chillum since my tolerance is so tucked. I struggle with sobriety and now I've turned to drinking, but I cannot wait to go back to having one puff and getting effortlessly high.

No. 542366

Rule number 7 for /ot/, scroll down further.

No. 542369

>We stare at radioactive screens all day when we are naturally supposed to look at nothing.
>look at nothing

Truly the stoner thread.

No. 542376

How do y’all deal with anxiety when y’all smoke?
I moved in with my bf two years ago. We were both smokers and that continued when I moved in.
However, I noticed I started getting anxious and uncomfortable sometimes when I smoked. I get anxious around friends and in public, when before I moved, this never happened.
I take a rip and my mind starts going nuts with stupid shit like “oh my god I’m gonna say something dumb”. I don’t feel giggly and carefree, I feel stressed. This was not the case pre-moving…me and my friends would smoke, draw, hang, and i wouldn’t feel anxious at all.
My bf is awesome and doesn’t do anything that would warrant anxiety when I smoke.

Any advice to qualm this anxiety?
I’d love to smoke and go for a hike again…it was me happy place

No. 542380

Change kind of weed you smoke, try hashish. Having a beer will help you relax, too. I feel this very strongly, and it took me a lot of self discipline to learn how to relax, and breath, that’s totally manageable.

No. 542382

File: 1587145870916.gif (874.52 KB, 176x220, watchmedieinside.gif)

One thing that kinda makes me sad about being stoned is that I'm a much better person personality-wise when I am. It just takes away all my social aversion and hinderance. I don't fear as much what other people think so I interact more knowing that if it's not a hit with them I can laugh it off and not take it so personally.
When I come down I go quiet again. Often people think I'm straight up a bitch. Not because of what I say (or don't say) in particular, but because I'm less smiley and animated. Otherwise I just got this resting bitch face and these squinty almond eyes and half smile that make it look like I'm arrogantly smug 24/7. At least a little extroversion and perkiness takes the edge off people so I'm not constantly presenting like I'm a threat. It's really just my neutral state, I don't know how to change me permanently despite having worked on it.

No. 542384

My friend had the best advice:
>ride it, don't let it ride you
You have complete control over your trip. As soon as you remember that, it's easy to chill out.

No. 542396

File: 1587147167325.gif (43.22 KB, 220x147, tenor.gif)

I get this when smoking with others. I learned over time that I'm simply a solitary smoker.

No. 542405

It’s completely true though, there’s research that definitely says looking at computers, TVs, and phones is unhealthy for your brain. But there isn’t anything that explicitly states they cause brain damage. It’s the same with cannabis. It’s not a “stoner” way to think, it’s just logical. There’s isn’t enough evidence that says cannabis is harmful to the brain, so why does everyone try to push the agenda that it is?

No. 542407

I'm the other way around. I enjoy smoking with others the most. It's over all a social thing for me. I do like smoking alone on occassion though. After this whole corona thing started I miss smoking with friends and acquaintances.

No. 542409

one time i was smoking and puting make up and then i wondered that oh shit i sm too high how will i know when i put too much contoure and then i went to check feom different mirror to see if i had as if different mirror would let mee see better

today by thought ascended and i realized that i should make a 5000 page lesbian sexuality trilogy about like this magic girl who is in love in with a hero girl and the hero girl is cold and distand it would be a picture per page thing like jojos bizarre adventure style poses for thousands of pages of their love story

No. 542415

oh my god i love this too so much thge woods look so pretty yesterday i was jumpin on top of sticks to make them crack noice and the deer were so pretty too going jogging is the best stoned also because you want to run far and you get more exercise and its healthy and helps with like lungs you lose long capasity by smoking but by exercise you can better your lungs

No. 542423

I just want to share my joy: I’ve been without weed for a whole month (having previously smoked at least five spliffs throughout the day every day for the past decade) due to it being illegal here and the lockdown making it hard for me to pick up. I used to meet my plug in the city I work in but I’ve been stuck in my rural village without now that I’m working from home. He’s driving out to me tomorrow and I’m gonna get myself a few ounces to see me through the rest of this shit storm. I’m so fucking happy and excited that I can celebrate 420 properly on Monday! Thanks for reading, fellow stoners.; I look forward to joining you on your wavelength tomorrow.

No. 543703

Happy 4/20 anons!
Does anyone have any tips for making edibles?

Due to COVID I'm spending a lot of time in a place that is not weed friendly, but I still want to get high.

No. 543801

I miss smoking and enjoying it like I used to. This bullshit ED ruined everything. When I’m high I become hyper aware of my body and how fat it feels. Then I just worry about when the munchies gonna hit and I can’t stop myself from obsessively thinking about food. Any way to fix this anon? I miss just vibing and laughing and being in the moment with my friends.

No. 543803

Woah, really? When I smoke I get appreciative of food but it helps my appetite because I realize how full I feel after a reasonable amount. Weed actually helped me lose weight.

No. 543822

File: 1587425169739.jpeg (21.71 KB, 250x250, 1559523091290.jpeg)

My process:
You need a thermometer that goes up to 150*C min.
Grind your stuff up, its usually 1g (or like one nugget) for 50g of butter the way I've done it
You want to add a little bit of water to your pan, than add the butter and melt it.
Add the herb.
You want to warm it for about 40-60min at around 115-130C. Do this on very low heat to control the temperature. The butter will initially froth up and then slowly change colour. When the froth/bubbles are all gone, plant matter is brown and the butter is brown or amber it is done. You can use it in anything or consume it on its own, just remember to not exceed 140C when cooking.

I wish you a happy cooking!

No. 543860

i'm sorry, anon. that's pretty shitty and i can understand how you feel. do you ever listen to music while you smoke? one of my favorite things that really contributes to my high is putting on some great music, especially older music i used to love but haven't listened to in a while. throwbacks are always so much more entertaining when stoned.
do you have these feelings even when you're with your friends?

i'm jealous anon. i gained a decent amount of weight due to pot and munchies. it got to a point where i'd not eat anything all day, get high, and BINGE. i'm still trying to get over it. it's tough but unfortunately i've come to associate eating with being high and if i don't have snacks, it's all i can think about. i'm trying to stop this though.

No. 544611

Anyone got any decarboxylation / weed oil infusion tips?

No. 546382

Do any of you guys who smoke multiple times a day have the sensation that your mental health is fucked? For almost 2 months now, I find myself sobbing every single time I smoke, multiple times, regardless of if the cause was sad or not. The other night, I was literally bawling for no apparent reason. I remember thinking, “Why am I crying?” as I was sobbing.
Tbh, I think I’ve been using weed to try and ignore all the stressors in my life that it’s all finally spilling over into when I’m high now. I know I need to take a long break, but I’m actually pretty afraid of the emotional effects withdrawal will have on me. I only make stupid, harmful decisions when I’m upset and overwhelmed.

No. 546390

I wish I was high, hopefully I can get some shit on Tuesday.

No. 546391

Don't waste your smoke if you know its going to be make you cry, what a buzz kill. But seriously, can you not think of any reason why you're crying? Maybe try journalling to get your thoughts out, if you want to take a tolerance break just do it. I've been forced into one this week and the first day is always the shittest. I feel like quarantine is an easier time to quit cause its harder (where I am anyway) to get the stuff at the moment so my mind can't fixate on "I could be smoking right now" and I'm actually thinking of other ways to occupy myself

No. 546407

Hurray for my bf who got some! I'm going to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena all night while high.

No. 546505

File: 1587953205233.jpg (352.67 KB, 1600x900, 180220_21706_EscocbarCrumble_h…)

can you smoke dab from a regular ol bowl? i'm finally running out of bud (i've had the same g bag for two months) but i have a little bit of dab too. idk if i'd be able to use my bowl to smoke it tho or if i'd need some other device. problem is, im hunkered down away from home, so i dont have anything to smoke with other than my bowl and my lighter.

No. 546514

A glass pipe will not work. It will melt through and burn, you’ll pretty much just be sucking the lighter fluid from your lighter. You can try to put it in between some bud or in a joint, but you should really have a bong will a glass nail to smoke oil. You could use hot knifes (google it) or if you wanna get cancer, use tin foil, but you will look like a tweaker. And it will hurt your lungs. Maybe get more pot, or order a dab rig.

No. 546653

I've switched to carts. As much as I enjoy bud and oil I'm sick of the fucking messes, and I'm someone who likes to keep glass clean and doesn't like cleaning up ash. Anyone else do this?

No. 546692

I am a total noob when it comes to weed, only smoked once and barely felt anything, but I suspect I did not inhale it properly. I really want to try it again though, maybe it will work next time.

Regular users, how would you guys describe the feeling of being high? And can you get addicted to it? Like, do you get withdrawal symptoms if you stop smoking it?

No. 546698

Depends on what strain you smoke but you become generally very relaxed. There's obviously a head high too where you think differently but in short you'll absolutely notice it when you're high especially on your first time.
Also you can't get addicted in the sense of a physical addiction like other drugs so no withdrawal symptoms like that but you can get psychologically addicted where you can get cranky and moody for a while if you're not smoking but it's nothing horrible. Kind of like giving up coffee if you've been a long time drinker maybe?

No. 546699

It’s a different version of high now that I’ve smoked a lot. At first, it really does make you HIGH, everything is warm, bright, and like fuzzy I guess. You feel like everyone can tell you are high. Now, it’s just a muted version of the feeling unless I don’t smoke for like a month and than it hits me like bricks. I just get way more engrossed in things, like scrolling on instagram is 100% more interesting and can lock you in entertainment wise. You can have fun just looking at the wall. You can grow an emotional attachment to being high but there are no physical withdrawals. I have never experienced a single withdrawal from cannabis at all (I have smoked for 10 years, some years daily some years once a month), some say they have but I think it’s an emotional thing because a lot of people have mental illness’s their self medicating and burying. It takes form in “withdrawals” but it’s really just getting out of the emotional dependence and now that your not high, you experience your body illnesses or mental illness again. Cannabis is a good medicine for pain so if you are hurt and smoke 24/7 you might not feel it until you sober up. If you are depressed or hopeless, you might definitely get dependent on cannabis. Especially because it so quickly and drastically changes your mood without making you sick or hurting you like alcohol or other drugs. You have to have a strong sense of self, or you’ll just want to be stoned all the time. And you have to be sober sometimes, it’s not good to be constantly under the influence of anything. It does not give you caffeine withdrawal headaches, those are 100% different and worse than stopping cannabis. Plus if you just smoke a j once and wake up the next day, you will feel absolutely nothing. It will not give you a hangover and there is no emotional dependence to “withdrawal” from.

No. 546701

I also dig carts because they are easier, but they are super harsh. And sometimes if there is too much flavoring added I will get headaches from the chemicals. Sometimes I just love the taste of some fresh greens! But carts are super awesome for discreet public smoking. People like my mom like them, she feels less like she’s doing something bad I guess? Plus she doesn’t really load bowls all that well so it’s easier for her too.

No. 546731


I loved carts the first few times I was able to get them (TX, shits illegal). But after the first two, I noticed they would burn the fuck out of my throat and nose, then they all tasted like plastic. Last year I went to Cali and bought some carts from a seemingly well regarded shop. They tasted like ass and burnt the hell out of my throat. I barely finished 1/4 of a cart, and I bought two. I’ve gone through 3 different pens as well. Do carts secretly suck? I wish I could love them again, they are so discreet.

No. 546732

I def dont agree that its not addictive, there are many people experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and frankly(and no offence) but abstaining for a month is nothing lol, no judgement tho i smoke sometimes but rarely, maybe one every 6 months


No. 546741

I smoke like a chimney for months and then take a 6 month/year break without any issues but I guess it's different for different people

No. 546757

Addiction and dependence are two different things. I would never rob someone because I’m about to have a seizure from not
smoking pot. Alcohol, herion, even nicotine, coffee, and sugar cause more physical addiction and withdrawal symptoms than cannabis. Marijuana “withdrawal” is less harmful and less painful than caffeine withdrawal. If I stop drinking coffee I have a painful eye gouging migraine instantly, if I stop cannabis, never had a single withdrawal symptom. Thats enough right there to make me reconsider any sort of “information” people try to spew. Cannabis and cannabis withdrawal has not been effectively studied. Until we have consistent, effective, reliable research and legalization to research, I’m going to take any information with a grain of salt. I know mine and countless others personal experiences and I’ve never met someone in real life that says they have had withdrawals or addiction to marijuana. I think I explained emotional dependence pretty well in my other post. I’m not going to read some article that automatically changes what I have personally experienced, it doesn’t work like that when trying to convince people.

No. 546760

i'm a daily smoker. when i take a break, i usually get withdrawal symptoms: anxiety, cold sweats, trouble falling asleep, and loss of appetite. the anxiety and sleep issues usually last for about 3 days and my appetite comes back after a week. after that, i'm good to go until i start smoking and take my next t break again.
it sucks, but it makes it a lot easier knowing my anxiety and lack of appetite is due to not smoking rather than something actually being wrong with me. the first couple times i thought i was coming down with some kind of illness because i felt so shitty.

for me, taking a t-break = crash diet if i'd ever want to lose a few pounds. i get crazy munchies when i'm high and associate smoking with eating so during breaks i can easily go 1000 kcal or less per day without feeling hungry. trying to eat gets me so nauseous it's easier not to when i'm not smoking for more than a day or two.

No. 546767

How do you know you don’t experience anxiety in general, stopping cannabis peaks that anxiety that’s been building up, and than your mind regulates back out so you don’t experience the anxiety as dramatically. How do we know that it’s the weed causing that anxiety or if it’s just your mind doing that to it’s self, ya know? You can convince yourself of anything. I’m not trying to diminish your experience, it’s completely valid and I hear you! But there is just so many factors in play and I don’t know you personally enough to say “yes the pot is causing this”. I guess I would just like solid science based evidence before I say yes this is causing this. Personally I just decided to stop smoking one day and didn’t experience any cravings or symptoms, I just went on as normal. And it’s like why would it cause someone to feel withdrawals and others not, that’s not how withdrawl or addiction works. If you smoke crack you going to experience the same pain as anyone else who does (shitty example). I hear, I do. And I don’t get why you would continue if it causes you such hard times when you use it?

No. 546785

i do have anxiety from time to time, but i can usually pinpoint it to something going in my life - it's not a constant thing (fortunately).

i do see your point through. now that i'm thinking more into it i don't experience these symptoms nearly as strongly as when i'm on away on a vacation than when i'm taking a break when in places that are familiar to me. hmm…

i'm trying to wean off from daily to only on the weekends. as much as i love it, i know smoking every day is me doing a disservice to myself personally. so hopefully by cutting down my use it'll eliminate the withdrawal/pent up anxiety coming out/whatever it is that happens when i stop.

i guess to circle back to >>546692, my advice is enjoy it and don't worry about becoming addicted or being a degenerate. you won't get addicted like you would to alcohol or cocaine no matter how much you smoke, but like anything else, if you make it part of routine, it can be really uncomfortable for a few days to eliminate it from your routine.

No. 546816

Does anyone have any advice on what to do with stems? I've been saving them because I feel like I should use them for something but I don't know what. I've heard some people say you can cook them and make cannabis butter but I live right above my landlord and I'm scared that would make a strong smell.

No. 546857

post ur fave stoney tunez

No. 546863

save them until you have a lot. put them in a small container with a penny or a dime and shake the devil out of it. depending on how many stems you had, you should get a good amount of kief

No. 546865

You can boil them and make tea.

No. 546882

Thanks anon! How much is a lot? I have stems left over from maybe half an ounce's worth of weed.

Good idea! Will that make a smell?

No. 546888

ooo anon, do you make cannabis tea? I haven't ever done it but I want to try. I have a lot of stems, too and I've never saved them before.

No. 546891

NTA but I've read that full fat milk works better than just water, and that you need at least 1/4 cup of stems. Cook the stems and milk slowly, add some cinnamon, stir frequently and don't let the milk boil.

No. 546898

how much tea should you drink at a time?

No. 546945

any tips for stoner anons looking for a t-break??? how long should i take a break for as a heavy smoker? any ways to detox faster? thanks!

No. 546958

File: 1588062914721.jpeg (36.28 KB, 418x584, 0632FC79-33EF-4FD4-A30F-2672FB…)

I wanna smoke in my apartment but I live in a no smoke area, any tips?

I live in a second story… my patio faces the parking area.

I’m more of an edible taker but lately they haven’t been doing much…

No. 546964

just do it when it's dark out, it's lockdown so nobody will be about

No. 546973

Get a vaporizer— even a cheap dry vape like an apx works wonders, it’s like $75 and I used it for years in college dorms/in my car without any complaints. I’d also recommend a smokebuddy if you’re really nervous, you blow through it and it makes the smell in your exhalation go away.

No. 546975

Do you have good ventilation in your bathroom?
I used to smoke in the shower right under the ventilation, no odors, worked like a charm.

No. 546980

Seconding the vape/smoke buddy. I smoked for years in my dorm by blowing the vape out the window. Keep in mind wind direction if you do this though, but vape smoke doesn't nearly stick or is as potent as much as a joint or bong. You can also DIY a smoke buddy using laundry sheets and a toilet paper tube.

Stay away from joints for sure. Your hair will reek, your clothes will reek, your fingers and everything you touch will reek.

No. 546991

Light a candle, turn the shower on and get it steamy, smoke and blow out the vent, and then spray some perfume when you're all done.

No. 546998

Forgot to add— instead of just spraying perfume or febreeze, ozium is a lifesaver. You can get it at auto accessory shops or anywhere they sell car stuff (as well as online), it’s like a heavy duty air freshener for getting cigarette smoke out of cars. I’ve hotboxed my car, sprayed ozium overnight, and had people tell me the next day my car smelled really good, lol. It like, eliminates the smell, doesn’t just mingle with it cause imo if you just spray perfume it just ends up smelling like perfume and weed.

No. 547022

like the other anons have said, a smoke buddy is effective.
a cheap DIY smoke buddy - cover one end of a toilet paper roll with dryer sheet or two and secure it with a rubber band.
make sure you don't inhale into it, only exhale

No. 547081

Tolerance resets as fast as a couple of days but detoxing for heavy users can take a month. Depends on the goal of your t break.

No. 547170

I diy'd a smoke buddy and got a text from the landlord yelling at me not to let people smoke in my apartment. Pretty sure he knew it was me. I was next to a window and everything.

No. 547234

yeah don't diy a smokebuddy, anons. it never works as well as you think it does

No. 547240

lmao you need to buy the legit thing with the charcoal filter, you really thought fabric sheets would cut it?

No. 547243

we have all been young, dumb stoners anon

No. 547627

No. 547645

Is vapin to not fuck your skin a meme?

No. 547660

Don't be mean, a friend of mine who was a much more experienced smoker told me to make one.

On that subject, is a legit smokebuddy worth it? I hate having to go outside and hotbox or take a walk in shitty weather every time I want to smoke.

No. 547725

Yeah it is but I think mine needs to be replaced at this point. Nothing goes through it anymore and it's gunky. Seriously though it will change your life, I even use it to cover my bowl when I'm blowing out a window or in my bed being lazy.

No. 547772

File: 1588229624561.jpg (6.23 KB, 250x201, images(14).jpg)

hey all you anons either dry or on a t break, don't forget to do all those corny self care things like stay hydrated and get a little exercise while you're readjusting to sober life! it really does help.

No. 547813

Can anyone recommend a decent vape for carts? I bought a new leafbuddi ceto in February and the thing has already shit the bed. I have all the carts in the world to smoke and yet nothing to smoke them with. Abloobloo.

No. 547831

I live right on the border of a legal recreational state and carts are insanely expensive over there. I used to have a hook up for black market carts, but the last one is sold me was straight up poison. Made my throat itch and made me short of breath, so now I won't buy anything from him.
I hate that my state never gets anything done in terms of legalization. Gotta keep those private prisons bringing in $$$

No. 547876

File: 1588264587709.png (95.01 KB, 517x582, Kx9lmiZaT1.png)

this here Yocan Uni has lasted me about a year, i totally recommend it anon

i wish you luck with finding true dab carts! if it helps, real carts should taste like grass, plant matter, not like a flavoured oil (fake). usually if they're real, the dealer will specify that they're dab or distillate carts of higher quality and not "dank vape carts bro".

No. 547901


nah vaping it makes vaped bud which you can turn into brownies. im a big vaping fan.

No. 548065

How do you deal with anxiety when you're high? I get bad intrusive thoughts and the residual anxiety seems to stay for so much longer than usual, and is so hard to shake off.

No. 548114

Weed isn't for everyone. Smoke less and build up tolerance, but I know lots of people who just can't handle it. Different people react to drugs in different ways.

No. 548621

I’m considering a vape for ground weed to go in i.e. not cartridges or oils or whatever…
Any recommendations? The Nectar v2 has come up as a decent price with good reviews on Amazon in my country… I had a Magic Flight launch box vape about 5 years ago and really didn’t get on well with it so… yeah… recommendations welcome.

Also r.e. home made personal filters: We all know the classic loo roll tube with dryer sheets inside and kitchen roll attached with elastic bands at either end… if you add a teaspoon of activated charcoal in there it works even better.

No. 548645

I’ve been using an APX for 2 years and it still works nice, it was only $75. It’s the only one I’ve ever used that’s purely for bud and I love it!

Side note, I love having this thread. talking about weed with girls is 100x better than anywhere else on the Internet <3 <3 ily my fellow ganja girls <3

No. 548648


Thanks! And I agree - I’m a lass too and stoning alone through lockdown.

No. 548655

This is likely a dumb question but how much does a vape smell? I’ve never used one, just smoke traditionally which in the UK is weed + tobacco. I hate the underlying smell of smoke, I assume using a vape it smells only of weed if at all?

No. 548662

We smoke those too in the us but call them spliffs! Those obviously smell so much, the difference between a j that’s continuously burning and a vape is a lot different. Vaped weed smells different cause it’s not like, burnt, just heated up. It really only smells while you’re exhaling, but the smoke doesn’t linger. I use it a lot in public walking around in an illegal state and have never been stopped!!

No. 548749

thanks anon! I'd like to smoke more in my down time, but I don't want to risk stinking up my furniture so it seems like a vape is the way to go

No. 548762

NTA, but i have expensive furniture and my vape has never stunk anything up. it barely sticks to your clothes if at all while smoking.

No. 548793

What other anons said, compared to a bowl or spliff it only smells for a minute tops and not like burning, just weed.
Depends what kinda vape you're using too. Oil cartridges barely noticeable, but if you've got a heating chamber and using flower it will smell a bit more

No. 548804

File: 1588440657075.jpg (5.39 KB, 485x485, solo.jpg)

I've had the Arizer Solo for close to a decade now and it still works great. Very user friendly, a decent range of heat settings too.

No. 548834

I don’t know why you anons like smoking or vaping so much when oils exist.
God tier.

No. 548836

Vaping absolutely smells less but you live in your home so you can't know what it really smells like to others.

No. 548840

I would much rather have oils or pre-made edibles but it's much harder to get ahold of for me, I'm in the UK where it's illegal. I don't have the kind of friends who take weed in any way so I don't even know where to buy weed, I've always had to just keep an eye out for people sharing joints parties.

No. 548845

Speaking of vapes, any anons ever tried volcano? They seemed very popular in the weed lounges in vancouver bc

No. 548848

Do you have to use a grinder with these things or can you just pick the flower apart with your hands? Am cheapskate

No. 548851

No, but it helps. You'd just have to pick it a decent amount since its better for airflow, it helps get a better toke.

No. 548855

Tried it once, it's definitely unique. Your bud wont go to waste since it's really effective, and you don't need to use a lot of flower for a few super solid hits. But it's super expensive and pretty stationary due to its size.

No. 548876

I don’t like getting too high, I love edibles but whenever I’m with a dab pen (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by oils?) I hit that shit like a juul after a point and get way too fucked up. they’re almost impossible to get in my illegal state anyway after the knockoff ones started killing people. I’m way more into a mellow high from a bowl anyway.

No. 548921

Hi anon, I've tried the volcano vape a while ago with a friend and it was A+. It doesn't hurt your lungs as much as a joint, but obviously taking more does hurt. It got both of us really fucking high and I remember trying not to doze off. After our session, we left and the employee had to run after us since we forgot to claim our deposit lul.

No. 548938

i'm mostly getting that from asking people who visit, specifically my friend who doesn't smoke.

No. 549032


ty guys… got a vape and smoke buddy

No. 549088

Anons, what's your fave shows to watch while high? Me and my gf can't watch our normal shows because I lose the plot and have to re-watch the next day lmao so we usually end up watching competition shows or I watch her play vidya.

No. 549093

Stoned mode on YouTube

No. 549146

File: 1588489857108.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1427717685085.gif)

I can't believe you guys have weed lounges what the fuck do they look like is it wrong that I am just imagining them like airport lounges when really they're like the cafes in Amsterdam?? but then who the fuck wants to get high in a cafe? wait who am I kidding it probably looks like an airport lounge it's North America.

No. 549276

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, not the newer seasons though

No. 549277

How the fuck do I go about finding a weed plug when I don’t know/talk to anyone around where I live?( I moved a few months ago).

No. 549285

I got my connects from fellow stoner friends. I live in a legal state but I'm underaged. If you live in a legal state just ask your friends to get you stuff.

No. 549291

Ask a bartender or waiter, really good chance they smoke weed

No. 549320

King of the hill, workaholics, broad city, that 70s show. Pretty much anything funny!

No. 549321

I found my current plug by asking some guys who were coming back from the clubs while me and my friend were drunk. If you go to a bar or something and chat with a guy in his 20s, I’m sure he’ll know someone.

No. 549348

make a Tinder/popular dating app profile and indicate you're a stoner who recently moved here. just (obviously) be careful where you pick it up.
that's how i found my current plug.

No. 549349

planet earth, blue planet, or american dad.

No. 549350

I second what other anons said. It's Always Sunny is fantastic, especially seasons 3-10, King of the Hill, The Simpsons seasons 3-8. If i'm not stoned Big Bang Theory is awful, but it's almost funny if you're baked.

No. 549354

Anyone tried baking with leftover bud that you’ve vaped? Is it worth it?

No. 549368

seconding planet earth / blue planet / any bbc nature documentary. watching that shit stoned has brought me to tears

No. 549429

I used it to make butter in a crock pot. It was pretty good and worth the effort.

No. 549800


Sweet, thank you. I have a new vape arriving tomorrow and I think I’m going to save my already vaped bud in a jar and do the same!

No. 550041

What do you folks prefer, Indica, sativas or hybrids? Have any go-to strains?
Personally, (given the circumstances of having all day-every day to do nothing) Sativas or hybrids during the day and a heavy indica for the night.

No. 550053

i used to be really into indica but recently i've been appreciating sativas a lot more. indicas have been making me super sleepy as of recent.

my favorite indica dominant strain is huckleberry soda and my favorite sativa is pineapple muffin. pineapple muffin is a shining example of why you shouldn't go by THC %. it's under 10% and still provides a really nice high.

No. 550093

I like indicas cause sativas make me anxious and it’s wayyy too easy to get too high, I like hybrids where I can get the best of both worlds— not immediately fall asleep but also not get anxious. Tangerine dream is probably one of my favorite hybrids!

No. 550149

Just a warning to anyone who does it in a crockpot, mine has smelled like weed ever since I tried it. I had to get a new one, saved the old for pot butter.

No. 550530

not a tv show but I love watching people build miniatures and other crafty shit. HMS2 and 植物男子 Asu are both pretty good, no commentary and no music/cutesy toy piano like a lot of craft channels.
as far as actual shows go, I think flight of the conchords and mr. show hold up pretty well. on the flipside, watching letterkenny high kind of ruined it for me, but ymmv.

No. 550531

I’m going to do it in a glass jar in a slow cooker to avoid the stank, I reckon,

No. 550569

File: 1588707146590.jpeg (30.85 KB, 600x600, 4AC5864D-C7ED-4EDE-A8D6-63CC50…)

I went for the Airis Herborn and I LOVE it.

No. 550657

Anyone here or anyone you know been diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?
It's when you can't stop puking due to too much THC that fucks with your gut. I think it's becoming more prevalent because strains are so strong nowadays…

No. 550675

My roomate last year had that! She used to hit multiple geebs every day when she was in high school, and by the time she got to college she couldn’t smoke anymore without puking, probably because she was taking like, huge geeb hits all the time. I’ve heard of a lot of high schoolers getting it from hitting dab pens like juuls where I’m from.

No. 550682

yea, don't make it in anything made of ceramic or pottery or stone.

No. 550771

Anyone else get this insane burst of energy when you're sober after smoking for a few days straight? I mean I could stay up for 2 days or longer and barely get tired.

No. 550838

Lol how so anon? Letterkenny is one of my faves, I'd hate for that to happen.

No. 550840

this is gonna sound stupid but what should be my etiquette when talking to my weed guy? we're acquaintances at work but don't see each other outside of work (and only see each other during the summer, it's a seasonal job). is it okay to only hit him up to buy? i feel bad, like maybe it's impolite, like i should be asking him to hang out too. i can't invite him in to smoke or anything because i don't even smoke in my apartment. am i being rude? polite sage for stupidity.

No. 550998

Nah, man. I think that way sometimes too but really, as long as the transaction is chill (nice fun convo during trade-off works for me), you don’t need to worry about being impolite or having to hang out with him. He’s making some cash in the end, that should suffice. At least that’s usually what I tell myself.
On the other hand, one of my plugs and I keep planning to hang but we always have an excuse not to. Keeps us friendly with each other lol
But please don’t feel obligated to hang out with him unless he seems cool and you’d actually want to!

No. 551275

he's just a weedman. he doesn't want to hang out with you, he wants you to buy his weed. buy his weed and go

No. 551427

Not at all! Of course be polite, ask him how things are, etc., but don't feel like you need to hang out. Chances are he's thinking the same thing, nice quick chat, exchange and go enjoy your bud!

No. 551528

thank you anons! i'll keep doing things how i've been doing them then.

No. 551802

Depends if you have already bought for him. If you have, then you can ask.

I’m saying this because some people have tried to buy weed from me, just because they know that I smoke, and I hate it. I’m not anyone’s weed guy.
I’m generous to offer smokes for my friends when we are spending time together but when someone hits me up just to score it’s big nope.

Some people get friendly with their weed guys but for me it’s always been very fast with minimal contact. My friend had a fwb/fuckbuddy kind of relationship with his weed guy. They smoked together, had sex and the guy gave her some weed to bring home also.
Yeah before radfems attack: I know it’s borderline prostitution. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that kind of transaction , personally.

No. 551808

imo that sounds like a sweet set-up for your friend IF she's into it.
(hopefully) good, no strings attached sex, free weed. win win.

it's totally fine to only hit them up to buy. obviously when you're with them be kind and make conversation, but don't feel you need to have a more personal relationship just because they sell you weed.

No. 552564

If you're in an illegal state, as much as Reddit sucks most of the time, I've had luck from r/[name of city]Ents

No. 552826

Has anyone experienced anxiety manifesting when they smoke in an unwavering sensation that they need to pee/are gonna piss themselves? Thankfully I don't have this anymore but back when I first started smoking after my 4th or 5th time I started developing this weird sensation and delusion that I was gonna pee myself. I'd feel pressure in my bladder and sometimes trickling sensations down my legs and feeling the urge to pee every 2 minutes. Absolute torture, pure hell. Esp. when you're 16 and have to walk around outside to smoke. It happened for months every single time.

I was cured from it when I finally just blurted it out to my group of guy friends who just laughed and joked that they'd put a towel down for me. Anxiety instantly wavered after that because I knew they wouldn't care.

No. 552832

Just had my 21st birthday the other day so I’ve been smoking blunts like a chimney since. Today I just rolled my first second-gen blunt since I ran out of fresh bud for new blunts. This shit smacks, you guys. I was worried the taste would be foul due to the resin but I’m smoking it now and I can still taste the blackberry sangria white owls some of them were wrapped in and it’s chef’s kiss Now I want to save the roach for a future 3rd gen.

No. 552834

I have this with drinking, I go to the bathroom constantly because I'm paranoid about getting drunk and pissing myself in public. I go to the bathroom so much even though I don't need to that it looks like I actually do have a bladder problem.

I wish I could find a solution but it's nice your friends responded that way

No. 553279

I read the term 'woodfag' on a lolcow thread and haven't stopped laughing since

No. 553295

Lol at this anon, I have pelvic floor disfunction but weed never effects it, might be your body's own special response to the weed anxiety? Big hits used to effect my ears specifically

Any other everyday weed users (I vape) getting mild stomach problems? I ammm

No. 553305

I’ve been wanting to buy weed for years but I don’t know where to get it from? I’m in the UK and I’m rather intimidated by the people I’ve seen selling… is there a way to get it but not interact with the people who sell lol?

No. 553310

Same here but in finland, i used to have a friend who had a dealer but im stuck in another city due to covid and i am ddddrrryyyyy.

No. 553357


Where abouts are you?

No. 553360

i'm stoney balonely
but i just ordered a vape so that's something to look forward to
i should bake something

No. 553375

I mean unless you get a stoner friend or some kind of acquaintance who could do it for you it would be pretty hard. There's probably some nice dealers in your area though. Some are sketchy obviously, but a lot are just fairly normal people earning some extra money to get by. Do you know anyone who smokes? Would be the best place to start.

Reminds me of the time me and my boyfriend ended up giving some change and talking for quite a while to this heroin addict in London. We ended up asking if he could help us get some weed and he happily obliged. So we followed him for a while, he called up his dealer who came driving in a car and fixed the transaction for us. He could've easily fucked us over though.

No. 553437


Birmingham! Funnily enough I’m in a area where I know they do sell a lot of weed! I do know some people who know dealers but sadly their wack… I have asked an old neighbour today but he tried to sleep with my mum LOL so!!

No. 553469

I'm ghosting my misogynistic idiot drug dealer because I'm sick of hearing about his chronic pain. Also, he thinks he's hot shit and thinks every woman has a crush on him. Nope.

No. 553508

I’ve switched exclusively to dabs ever since my only friend (who also introduced me to weed and was my plug) fucked off out of my life. I had no one else to reach out to, so I went and got a medical card on a whim. My appointment took less than 5 minutes and I got it based on chronic pain (which is real, but I wanted it mainly for recreational purposes). Buds in dispensaries are too expensive and dried the fuck out, dabs at least last me way longer at the same price and smoke better. I miss a good fresh bag of flowers sometimes though, my friend was best buddies with a medical patient grower who sold on the side and got everything directly from him.

No. 554418

my plug is out of town to see family and i have no idea when she'll be back AND i just ran out of weed. kms

No. 554688

Just smoked for the first time in 2 weeks and then ordered take out (fried chicken and potato salad) for the first time since quarantine. It should be here in like 5 minutes hell yeahhh

No. 554777

I've been smoking at least 3 times a week. My resistance is crumbling up and I need advice to stay high more time or I'll DESTROY my quarantine supply.

Also I'm high rn after smoking a whole joint by myself.

No. 555105


Tolerance breaks are the only fix I know of, and even then it never dials you right back down or for very long. I generally take a week off every couple months to prevent myself from just pure burning money.

No. 555232

Anyone feel like sharing some law enforcement stories?
For example, a few years ago my friend and I rolled up 3 or 4 blunts to accompany us on a trip to the mall in a city an hour away. We smoked on the way and my paranoia got incredibly bad since I usually smoke at home/familiar places. On the way back, we contemplated smoking the rest of our blunts but I insisted we should have a sober ride home for the sake of my anxiety.
Next thing you know, we're like a few miles outside of our town and she gets pulled over. Her car is definitely a beater; the front bumper had fallen off a week ago and her tail lights were all kinds of fucked. Not to mention she had no power steering!
Cop comes to my side of the car and looks in at us with a flashlight. He points out her shitty car and runs her license. Meanwhile, our Mason jar of blunts is right at my feet, a few feet below his gaze, and he never even saw.
Apparently her license was suspended or expired, so I had to drive us home, and I got to truly appreciate the invention of power steering from that point on.

Other than that, I've never been caught by police/had weed confiscated, yet all of my friends have at one point or another.

No. 555238

Reminds me of my friend's story when she went to an off campus party. One of our friends got piss drunk and was trying to fight other people and was screaming, so she was like 'nah fuck this I'm out' and was walking back to campus while high as shit and ran into campus police. They were like "hey, we heard screaming in that direction you just came from, everything ok?" and she was like "uhhh, no, nope, sorry officer" and they let her go home but she was fucking terrified that they would smell the weed on her or some shit lol. My college town was full of hippies, everyone and their mom smoked weed, and our campus regularly reeked of it, but for whatever reason my school had a zero tolerance policy for it.

No. 555248

Weed coming in from BC was supposed to come today! But got switched for tomorrow! My doorbell doesn't work either so I'm probably going to have to wait all the way till fucking Thursday

No. 555333

Only time I got caught was for some text messages with a friend. Police in my city had a huge operation to catch teens smoking/selling weed or whatever.
I was still 17 at the time so my mum had to come with me to the station for the interview. I said I'd only smoked a few handful of times. When I went back to approve what she'd wrote down from the interview she read up that I'd said "Weed is a good drug" basically and I looked at her like what the fuck.. I never said that in our conversation. Saying that to a police officer like some retard? She deleted it but I found it very interesting that she wrote that down somehow. They wanted me to go to a drug program for teens but I didn't have to since I already went to mental health treatment. I was let off with a temporary warning if they caught me again it would have consequences basically.
I was also drinking and smoking with some friends in a park once. Police woman comes over and tells us to pour out our drinks and that was that. The joint wasn't burning very well at that point but still have no idea whether she just didn't smell it or chose to ignore it honestly.

No. 555434

This inspired me to smoke for the first time in a week and order fried chicken. Free delivery. Fucking good times, thank you.

No. 555788

Ladies! Finally got a hold of edibles, is it normal that I feel wobbly and like I'm popping in and out of conciousness?? like sometimes I stare at somrthing at my screeen and like I'm physically popping back into my head
is this weird at all??? honestly though just saying that I ate some edibles makes me feel cringey. I wish people didn't make weed so edgy

No. 555789

sage bc samefag buti I also feel heavy sometimes and wobbly what do

No. 555830

You're fine anon you probably just ate a little too much. It takes a while to kick in, next time just eat a small amount and see how you feel in 2 hours.

No. 555870

Edibles always make me hate myself. I always get too introspective and overwhelmed with guilt and grief. I'm usually a daily smoker but even low doses of 2-5mg thc in capsules make me question everything ugh

No. 556078

I feel you anon. I’m a daily smoker and a functional stoner, but fuck edibles. I feel like the high is entirely different. It gives me anxiety and makes me feel like a lazy swamp monster.

No. 556157

File: 1590016896120.gif (206.79 KB, 250x188, 420.gif)

I invested a portion of my stimulus check in half a p for fun and profit! I'm on disability so it's all Mad Money to me!

No. 556158

No. 556163

File: 1590017505608.jpg (110.45 KB, 1200x1500, iolite_vaporizer_iolite_9.jpg)

This is the flower vape I bought almost a year ago (I posted about it in the other weed thread last year). It's butane powered which I definitely prefer over batteries, cords, and the hunt for electricity. And in colder weather the heat generated nicely warms your hands. The entire site was 50% off for July 4th so I also got an extra screen kit and their best grinder.


No. 556165

File: 1590018035582.gif (941.22 KB, 245x184, 1560092787415.gif)


Oh, and since I last posted about it I've used it in several legit clubs (as opposed to underground venues) and it passed the sniff test. No one smelled it at all. And holding it cupped in both hands under your chin looks like your sipping a drink.

Orderings extra screens was definitely the way to go.

No. 556205

I'm out of weed and in awful pain everyone please send vibes my way so my fucking dealer texts me back before I seriously start considering seppuku

No. 556206

Ooh, thanks for the review anon! Next time I feel like treating myself this is definitely first on my list.

No. 556243


Here's hoping you find the ganjaman!


Truth be told I decided to get it after seeing a review by altcow Of Herbs & Altars.

I had no idea it was coming from Ireland when I ordered it, ya know, on their July 4th sale, and didn't know until I got the shipping info via email!

No. 556879

I bought couple grams of strain that makes me super horny and craving for munchies.

I have masturbated twice and now I’m going to take a shower and masturbate maybe more there.

There is nothing good in the fridge….
Maybe I’ll go to quick snack run. I wonder what the employees think when I’m obviously high and shop snacks. Probably they are happy that I’m not drunk and angry and stuff.
I just want to have some snacks.

And that’s the story of my life. Good night anons

No. 557452

My roommate has a court case and will be most likely be placed on probation with mandatory drug tests. Does this mean I have to throw my weed away? I don't want him to go to prison because I'm free to smoke, also if I smoke and he's near me would he test positive later? I haven't smoked inside since he was arrested but I have smoked outside on the porch while chatting with him. Is that enough for someone to test positive? (It's not illegal here but would be illegal for him since he isn't allowed to drink or use any kind of substance while on probation.)

No. 561144

What's a good amount to smoke? I'm thinking of limiting myself to one joint every three days, so I don't drive my tolerance up and waste my weed. I know if I let myself I'll just smoke every single day and waste money like an idiot, but fuck is it annoying to hold my own hand like that.

No. 561148

I also smoke cigarettes and for me it's the actual act of smoking the joint that I find myself really missing. You can roll with shorter papers or smoke half the joint and leave it safely until the end of the day/next day (but stored in, don't laugh, tupperware to stop it going shitty) if the "holding your own hand" thing is annoying. Your mind thinks YAY SMOKE and doesn't really take into account how much it is.

No. 561342

If you both make an effort to prevent him from inhaling the secondhand smoke outside the likelihood of anything showing up on a test is next to nothing. smoking somewhere else other than near him would be ideal though. it could be pretty demoralizing for him to be around something he can't enjoy and also be stressed about it ruining his life

No. 562651


Why can't i get high?

First time nothing, but my second time was on a gravity bong and had an amazing high.

Ever since then I havent had a good high. Smoked with friends all weekend and stil nothing. Finally got a decent buzz from someone's cartridge but now that I have my own, still nothing.

Geez how am I so bad at this?

No. 563446

Sad this thread isn't more active lol. I'm eating a mango an hour before smoking bc I was told it would improve my high, hopefully it helps!

No. 563447

is getting high more relaxing than getting drunk? its illegal here and ive never had a proper high. just curious if its something i wanna look into.

No. 563450

yes, by far! to be fair i have an issue with letting my thoughts spiral but instead of sobbing and having a mental breakdown like when drunk, i just get a bit anxious and then watch youtube to distract myself lol. there's no nausea, no headache, no gross sweatiness or overheated feeling, and no hangover. i used to have an issue with drinking too much until i switched to weed and now i hardly drink at all.

being drunk makes me wanna do stupid destructive shit and send dumb texts i'll regret. being high makes me wanna eat saltines and listen to music for three hours. the latter is highly preferable to me!

No. 563739

I can't stop hysterically laughing at the captions in my room about people doing the SM blackout but now I'm wondering if I'm going to get shit on if I don't post anything. Nobody is safe from the 2020 drama lmao

No. 564452

I've quit smoking every (goddamned) day, so my tolerance is low again and I actually get giggly-high when I do smoke. It's fucking great and makes me so glad I decided to quit smoking all the time.
Playing with my cat while high like that was so much fun. She's so beautiful & it's so cool to have an absolutely adorable little creature to interact with and brush and love, especially while pleasantly high.

No. 565017

File: 1591239161797.png (76.11 KB, 805x598, didsomeonesaymuffins.png)

did anyone watch the Magic Bullet infomercial growing up? my friends and i were fucking obsessed with it. we'd quote it all the time. god i'm gonna watch it now.

you go anon. that's good motivation. i'm trying to cut down so my highs are better and i save more money.

No. 565023

Wholesome! I havent smoked in 2-3 months now. I tend to buy a good amount at once and use it slowly over time and when i'm out, i forget about it for a while. It's def time to restock

No. 565050

ntayrt, but I also struggle with anxiety when I smoke (and in everyday life) and I remember this every time I start feeling anxious when I'm high. Thanks so much anon, you really helped me!

No. 565107

Omg anon my sis & I used to watch it every morning before school lmao. You're not the only one surprisingly!

No. 565253

I always quote the Magic bullet with my sister lmao
I thought we were the only ones

No. 565323

I miss getting high. Like I genuinely love the concept and I felt hella independent and lowkey kinda cool when I smoked. Because it was like I pay my own bills and I have my own place and I can afford to smoke whenever I want and no one can tell me shit because I’m “grown” but sadly since weed is illegal in my state I constantly get shitty indica which makes me lethargic and hungry as fuck. So I started to notice that weed was impacting me in a negative way because it demotivated me and made me over think everything to the extreme. It makes me sad because I wish i could be a stoner who becomes more active and gets shit done because of it but after a while I started to notice it made me complacent. Do you guys think it’s due to always smoking indica? Does sativa really make you motivated? I’d love to hear your experiences! Because I don’t want to give it up but maybe I’m just chasing my early 20s high lol. Hopefully this made sense lol

No. 565411

one day booze sober, getting baked to ride the withdrawals out. pms at the same time. bless this herb amen

No. 565413

good woman, enjoy the magic herb, it does more for women than teh anvkerretrerrrrrrrrrrrrr

No. 565416

I have a pen I've been using for the past couple of months but I miss taking fat ass bong hits. I had to move back in with my parents because of covid and I know that shit would not fly here

No. 565572

File: 1591312616964.jpg (69.85 KB, 700x800, 533b335facc8437e5692ad7d58012c…)

Why every time I eat an edible I feel so dumb I wanna quit pot altogether?

I'm not quite sure if it's because of the shitty strain edibles have over here but it doesn't matter how much or how little I eat them, I feel like my brain is melting. I feel so dumb and numb and depressed that makes me seriously reconsider weed and it sucks. I'm high rn after smoking and the difference in my mood is abysmal.

Are any anons having the same problem?

No. 565578

Weeds not a miracle drug unfortunately and can increase anxiety too. When my depression is acting up I feel more anxious when I smoke and take a t break for a while, and also to deal with whatever is making me anxious or at least try to deal more than just smoking. For example, it's hard to get a job at the moment but even harder if I'm too high and anxious to answer the phone.

No. 565579

Anon, what's up with edibles? I've seen so many edible memes and seen someone take a bad 'un in real time, it seems so dicey. It always seemed to me to be a fun thing to do when you don't like smoking but want to get high but you mention smoking here. Just wondering, occasional recreational weed smoker here but pretty clueless about anything outside of grind weed, put on tobacco, roll and smoke

No. 565584

Nta but I take edibles but prefer to roll a joint. Had a dealer always pushing his edibles on me and I hated it. Always felt like it was a shitter high. Smoke inhalation means the cannabinoids get absorbed straight into the bloodstream. If you eat them you have to wait for your stomach to metabolise them and just because of the different pathways it can hit differently depending on the person's own biology. I prefer inhaling, I thought my drug dealer was maybe just increasing margins making edibles but come to think of it even when I had a few in Amsterdam I didn't feel as high as compared to a joint

No. 565606

I've been smoking near-daily for over a year now to the point where my tolerance is becoming concerning but I'm still terrified of edibles. I really don't get it. I see people in legal states, who could get their hands on as much herb/carts/wax as they could ever want, buying edibles and posting bragging about it and I want someone to tell me what the appeal is. If you're a pussy who "doesn't want to smoke/inhale anything", sure, but literally why else? Why would you choose a method of consuming weed that can easily lead to too-large doses, and that you have to wait so fucking long to get high, when smoking/vaping is so easy and you get immediate feedback as to how high you're getting?

I also get the sense that a lot of normie-type weed newbies do edibles as their 1st exposure to weed, and maybe this is because I'm in an illegal state and people think it's less risky to sneak them over state lines than flower would be, but it's still insane to me. Telling someone that they should do edibles if they want to try weed for the first time seems like horrible advice.

No. 565690

GOD I fucking hate edibles. They taste bad, they take forever to get me high, and the few times I've tried them they've either gotten me way too high to the point of an anxiety attack or I become too dumb to function. My friends are always taking edibles but are also constantly getting too high on them and freaking out, I wonder why they bother? Just roll a j and have a nice breezy high that doesn't leave you lying on the floor spacing out for hours or sobbing into a bean bag because you can't get off the floor.

No. 565712

Do y'all think it's possible to tell the difference between fake carts made with synthetic cannabinoids vs real ones based on the high? My bf had a shitload of cheap carts shipped to him from a friend out of state and when he tried one (after like 2 months of no weed) he got anxious that they were fake and spent most of the high freaking out to me about it and googling shit. Afterwards he said the "dark, dissociated" feeling he had convinced him that they were synthetics of some sort. I'm skeptical and think he was just really anxious and too high, but I don't have any experience with synthetic cannabinoids so, thoughts?

He didn't suspect they were fake immediately after hitting one, he seemed stoned and happy initially so I'm wondering if synths are like a "you know it's different instantly" thing or not. Also, with fake street carts, how common even is it that they're synthetics vs just watered down THC distillate?

No. 565761

It's just watered down garbage, kids were unironically trying to buy weed carts off ebay and blowing Os with battery acid. He just freaked himself out. Try one yourself kek

No. 565985

Are edibles really that much worse than just smoking? I've only ever tried edibles and I love them even though they taste terrible. I usually feel them about half an hour later so time never really bothered me.

No. 565995

>Do y'all think it's possible to tell the difference between fake carts made with synthetic cannabinoids vs real ones based on the high?
Probably not, but you should be able to tell by the aftertaste, appearance, and packaging. I really wouldn't recommend buying carts from online, it's much better to buy them in person so you can inspect them yourself. If your dealer won't let you pick your own and handle them then it's a bad sign.
Checking for cart authenticity is a bit like checking for knockoff makeup. You want to observe the packaging. Never buy "indie" brand carts that aren't searchable, don't list manufacturing or ingredient info, and aren't available in shops in legal states. Observe the packaging, look for markers that the carts are bootleg and not professionally filled. Such markers include fingerprints, no rubber stoppers, and just sloppy packaging in general. You should be able to compare the packaging to what's listed on the brand website and it should be the same.
If the price for cart is too low, then it's too good to be true. If the cart tastes bad, don't use it.
Known fake brands:

No. 566004

>If your dealer won't let you pick your own and handle them then it's a bad sign.

Also applies to buying a puppy.

No. 566033

I prefer just smoking but for me edibles have always been more of a 'time to just crash for the night' type of high. I have a friend with insomnia who uses them to sleep as well. One time I did eat too many before going to see blade runner 2049 in theaters. That wasn't much fun.

No. 566088

Idk about 'that much worse' but they take 1-2 hours to hit me and I can't control the high so I definitely don't prefer them.

No. 566140

File: 1591397718889.jpg (53.42 KB, 500x500, arizer-air-2-colours_1.jpg)

This is a really late reply, and I don't have advice as to how to manage your tolerance as I'm really struggling with that myself rn, but getting a vaporizer instead of smoking is easily the most effective thing you can do to stretch your weed supply, seriously. Vaping herb takes a little getting used to but it's a lot more efficient than burning it - think of the smoke that inevitably doesn't make it into your lungs with a pipe, joint, or bong. Also, the leftover vaped herb can be consumed as an edible because the heat breaks the THC down into a form that can be absorbed orally, although I haven't worked up the courage to munch on my pile of it yet. I have an Arizer (pictured) and I love it but they're a little pricey, something cheaper would also do. As someone who lives in an illegal state and worries about my weed supply constantly, I'll never go back to smoking unless it's someone else's weed kek

It realllllllly depends anon. Honestly, I'm a huge stoner, but I was very let down as I started getting into weed like 2 years ago because I had heard my whole life how relaxing it was and how much it helped anxiety and I was taken aback by how it could CAUSE anxiety in some circumstances. You really need to try it for yourself and see how you feel with different amounts in different circumstances because too much, or the wrong setting, can be an anxiety nightmare. For myself, and many other anecdotes I've read, being high in public or around people you don't feel comfortable around, is NOT relaxing at all. Like, if I needed to loosen up before going to a party where I didn't know anyone or something, I would drink, not smoke.
But, weed does help my anxiety by helping me take my mind off of things, and I've found that smoking regularly seems to have reduced my anxiety overall even when I'm not high, but that's very subjective. I think you should look into it but don't expect it to be some overwhelming benzo-like relief (I seriously expected this after hearing people talk about what wonders weed did for their anxiety my whole life. I think there's not enough talk about the caveats of that)

No. 566214

For me anything sativa-based was like smoking a slow creeping terror sometimes, but as you say it's going to hit different people in different ways. Reading up on strains can only help.

No. 566432


this, and if you’re sensitive or new to it, be careful to not take too much caffeine when you plan to get high. the combo can trigger anxiety attacks in some people. (been there, it sucks.)

other anons here who had similar experiences?
It took me ages to realize that shit came from the caffeine

No. 566439

there are so many different strains, and the effects can vary quite drastically in my experience. from trippy af to just what you described.
It would be great if you could go to the pharmacy or coffeeshop and experiment with/get what suits you best, but if that’s not the case where you live and you don’t have good sources i’d say better no weed than bad weed which makes you feel like shit and fucks up your lungs for nothing.

No. 566455

i think the key is a higher ratio of cbd to thc in the flower itself. people generally need both in measurable quantities in order for it to be effective. some of the most anxiety free, truly happy times in my life were accompanied by harlequin or cannatonic.

you've really got to check those ratios, though. in 2016, harlequin was 12:1 and cannatonic 5-7:1. idiot growers fucking with the plants have screwed those pooches and i've seen thc predominant cannatonic and harlequin, which is dumb af.

companies that market carts like care by design will sell by ratio. they work, but it's also not the same as smoking bud that's the right ratio. everyone has their sweet spot.

most people i know will admit that you can be way more paranoid and fucked during a green out than if you were say, dropping acid or taking shrooms. valium will stop the bad acid trip, hell, vitamin c can stop a bad acid trip, and beer can blunt shrooms completely but it's way harder to put the brakes on weed once your mind has turned that corner. i've seen many people say you should crunch a few black peppercorns whole–it can help, but it doesn't always. being greened out fucking sucks.

No. 566637

Good point about how rough being greened out can be, but at least weed has the out of being able to sleep off a bad high. I've heard it's hard to sleep while tripping. At least in my experience I've always been able to eventually fall asleep even at my uncomfortably highest so if you find yourself in that situation, put on a comforting video and try and focus on that till you can fall asleep.

No. 566968

smoking my last cone after waking up at 4am hungover af pray for this sinner now anons amen

No. 567577

Hate the fact I have such an unhealthy relationship with weed. I can handle my alcohol but weed makes me fall back into old bad habits so hard

No. 567589

How does someone with no friends & no dispensaries source weed

No. 567602

I’ve got my first CBD tampon in rn and this shit slaps. It’s midnight here and I’m pumped to actually be able to get to sleep. Peace out. xo

No. 567603


With great difficulty lmao sorry I couldn’t resist.

No. 567629

I personally haven't done it, but I know some people ask via Tinder. The trick is to find someone who looks like a stoner heh

No. 567635

Are you outside of US or in a legal state??

No. 567639

CBD tampon? Man they really make weed everything these days.

No. 567670

there's also weed soda, weed pizza, gummies, and about anything else you can think of

No. 567795

If you're cute you can do this for basically any drug.

No. 567798

Kek, carry around a lighter and hope someone asks you to spark a joint. My condolences op

No. 568583

kek my bf in IL was bitching about how one of the only items not sold out at the closest dispensary to him was a weed suppository

No. 571045

No. 571877

I hate how much I love the angry video game nerd

No. 571884

I finally got a dab pen to complete my full transformation into a stoner fag and I am never going back to bongs after this. If they weren't so expensive to replace on top of being busy with clinicals I would just sit on the couch and hit the pen all goddamn day.

No. 572089

It's 2am here and I just went outside to smoke a joint and accidentally stepped on a snail. I feel really bad for the little guy.

No. 572115

I'm sure it was quick, don't feel bad. snail knows it was an accident and forgives you.

No. 572166

His stuff is so fun to rewatch, especially the first two seasons.

No. 572379

same. i just got a disposable and a new cart (just need to buy a new battery today) so I'm planning on a real nice next 2 weeks

No. 572448

File: 1592597277820.jpg (7.21 KB, 270x270, silver-one-hitter.jpg)

For apartments and such:
- One hitter straight pipe pic related
- Inflatable toy
It takes a while to get used to so start with little cannabis. Take all the smoke in one hit. Blow the smoke into the inflatable toy.
The toy will absorb all the smelly resin and you can keep the valve slightly open by sticking a wire.
PS. I use dried orange peel as filter which burns different.

No. 572469

Bruh just get an herb vaporizer. There are a couple of posts about them itt. They don't leave any lingering smell and produce almost no excess vapor to even worry about smoke alarms or anything, plus it's a more efficient way to use weed.

God I miss last summer before the bad vape panic happened and I felt safe using carts (illegal state). There's nothing better.

No. 572491

Got confirmation for my medical marijuana appointment, wish me luck girls

No. 574093

anyone ever try diamond? going to start a tbreak here soon and want to remind myself why im taking the break, i hear the concentration of diamonds is enough to get any daily-smoking stoner high again, but im not a resin person and have stuck to flower for the last 3 yrs now.

No. 574102

I have asbergers, severe anxiety and agoraphobia, rendering me a disabled NEET. I took out my Medical cannabis card due to a recommendation from my doctor and my ass burgers and anxiety have been under control like never before,better than wellbutrin and my other psych meds. I wish people would not judge me for using weed as medicine, it's natural unlike big pharma pills that just melt your brain in the long run.

No. 574120

10/10 agree anon.
stopped my meds and only smoke now, and i haven't felt this good in a while

No. 574282

Diamonds will get you high as FUCK if you smoke it after a t break

No. 574346

You are sorely mistaken if you think that weed won't melt your brain in the long run. You're already using it as a crutch, which is a bad sign.

No. 574356

I thought this was the stoners thread
>inb4 I smoke hella weed/used to smoke so much/have stoner friends/fam
no need for the negativity. If it helps that anon and its legally prescribed along with anything else they take then who gives a fuck

No. 574823

I really wanna get started but I dont live in a place with legal marijuana yet :<(emoticon)

No. 574929

I think most people in this thread probably don’t either— I bought from friends/friend’s parents who smoked when I was in high school, in college I started buying from a literal stranger I met on a night out + have been buying from him for 2 years. Just put yourself out there, if you know any guys or anyone who works in a restaurant they’ll probably be able to help you out!

No. 574979

Hey stoner anons I got some CBD oil for the first time today. I wanna bake some brownies or something but I want to avoid getting super fucked up and I want to just have a decent high. I don't have any tolerance since I've only done edibles once before(ended badly, did way too much). How many brownies should I eat and how long will the high last?

No. 574996

Cbd isnt going to get you high anon, you're looking for thc. Cbd is calming and relaxing without the high.

No. 574997

I think that's what I meant. Sorry it's not legal here either so I'm not too knowledgeable.

No. 575032

File: 1593112361865.png (4.58 MB, 2054x1392, fgdfgj.png)

What would you guys do with a bunch of bulk weed coconut oil? I'm going between making some homemade chocolates or mixing it with PB2. I'm bored of cereal treats and brownies and also I don't feel like gorging on baked goods rn I'm trying to lose weight

No. 575051

I feel like it would go better in chocolate.

No. 575054

Make some nice curries and get super high

No. 575673

playing ow super high right now and i was playing wm. Teammate was beside me getting shot and I was just watching blankly

No. 576381

How do you guys control munchies? I get them really bad and can't do much to stop myself devouring a bag of tortilla chips in a sitting.

No. 576388

I get mad munchies too lol. I eat stuff like popcorn or cucumber covered in lime and hot sauce since you can eat a ton for a low amount of calories.

No. 576392

I either just don’t go grocery shopping and let my cupboards run pretty bare so I never find anything enticing to eat, or I just make myself a fruit bowl to eat.
I haven’t been eating much when stoned anyway since whenever I smoke I can’t swallow as well and I’m at risk of choking on anything that isn’t liquid. It’s fuckin lame

No. 576573

if you get high enough you get nauseous and they go away kek

No. 576710

I used to get major munchies and now I only get them when I consume an edible instead of just smoking. When I take an edible I pretty much prepare for the munchies by not eating a lot the day before and getting some genuinely delicious food like sushi.
Ever since I started smoking spliffs every day the munchies went away, it's probably a combination of the tolerance and the tobacco suppressing my appetite.

No. 576719

My girls are getting really big. I'd love to share my harvest with you girls

No. 577016


First read I thought you meant your tits were growing kek. That’s a sweet generous thought though, bless u.

It’s not legal where I am.. I ordered some auto-flowering humboldt seeds a couple months ago but I’ve been too pussy to try planting them yet…. any tips from the green-fingered are welcome!

No. 577091

File: 1593471458578.jpeg (44.93 KB, 600x600, 9CFB7DAC-DD2D-4FD0-A62F-1C3737…)

Got accepted for a BA in programming and my guy restocked pretty much the same day because sometimes the timeline adds up i guess so im about to be clapped. (would love to see grower anons talk their shit on here)

No. 577148

Congrats anon! I'm about to graduate with my BS in computer science so I'm sending you fellow female stoner programmer love and good wishes.

I'd also love to hear from growers… can someone tell my dumb ass if it's possible to grow plants from stray seeds in purchased flower? Even if you need to have a whole setup to get a decent THC content I'd love to have a little plant for decoration/good vibes.

No. 577341

Just do it anon! I put some autos on my balcony and they are growing just fine. Put some lavendel and tomatoes there to cover up the smell/sight. Autos stay really small.

You can just treat them like normal plants, or you could buy specific soil and food and then its really a nobrainer.

No. 577789

My weed guy is constantly having issues with his supplier(s) (them leaving town, deciding to stop dealing, etc), and it always takes a while to hear back from him. I only buy an eighth about once a month but even so I feel like I'm constantly hitting patches where I'm all out and can't find more because he's dry AGAIN for whatever reason. I can't tell if these problems are legit or if he just doesn't like me lol. I want to find a new guy but I don't know anyone but him and I feel like I can't ask him how to find a new dealer, that would just be weird. Any advice or should I just deal with it?

No. 577816

What's the indoor care like? Do you need a lot of water? Sunlight (direct, indirect, shade)? How big does the planter need to be? Do you need to use fertilizer? I always wanted to grow some.

No. 577840

Direct sunlight, more is better, use special fertilizer like biobizz (use a little less then they recommened), pot 11litre or so can be always less or more. (Smaller pot, smaller plant in the end, doesnt damage to use to big pots). I use fabric pots. I use biobizz allmix soil, mixed with a bit of soil from the woods (lightmix for seeds and seedlings) put worms and mykorrhiza in there. Water, less then tomatoes I'd say.

But you can grow without fertilizer and special soil. I would at east use house remedis.

No. 577844


Have you got the funds to pick up an ounce at a time instead? Leaves you less vulnerable to whatever supply chain issues there may be and you won’t have to pick up as much. Before corona I used to pick up weekly; now I do a bigger amount and pick up around every six weeks…

No. 577973

Wow, thanks so much for the detailed reply. Looks like a fun challenge. I'll definitely try it out some time!

No. 578070

I feel like such a retarded stoner talking about this, but does anyone else feel like smoking weed has helped improve your body image/appearance insecurities? Idk what it is exactly but spending time super high staring at myself in the mirror and staring at pics of other women gradually made me realize I'm a perfectly normal/attractive enough young woman, not the hideous loser monster I always saw myself as. It just helped me to see myself from a different perspective than the one that I had ingrained in myself I guess? The shift in perspective has stayed even when I'm not high. I really never thought that I would ever love my face and body this much.

I also stopped wearing makeup last year during a depression and that was another thing that helped massively in correcting my skewed perception and realizing my face wasn't uniquely horrible, but still I think weed was a big part.

No. 578152

dude YES! same with the no-makeup thing. maybe our third eye is opening anon?

No. 578155

same. it's like being high is the only time I'm able to get an accurate glimpse of my own face.

No. 578158

File: 1593640592695.jpg (15.3 KB, 344x413, c26ba09d-8dd4-4ddd-a191-7bfb42…)

No. 578193

No. 578260

I've never considered it before because that's such a big chunk of money but with the issues I'm having, it might be time to bite the bullet. What's it usually cost where you are? Currently I've been paying around $40-60 for an eighth (shit sucks but apparently it's been dry as hell in my area for a while)

No. 578439

Chilling at the park after work wearing a super cute outfit and couldn’t wait to blaze this bowl/found a surprise cig in my car and I walk all the way to the park just to realize I don’t have a lighter/can’t buy one cause they changed the tobacco age here to older than I am, when I was already in the age group to buy cigs/lighters for a year. Fuck this gay earth and the fact I constantly switch purses without transferring lighters, I know I’ve got like 4 lighters in my other purse!! Bowl at the park ruined!!

No. 578479

starting a new job at a dispensary today. time to stop sitting around smoking weed all day and start selling it, i guess.

No. 578488

I am so close to just rolling down my car window by some teens and asking where to get weed easily ans safe in this bumfuck town. Been stuck here weedless for months now.

No. 578854

My dream job

No. 579134

Same anon, my dealer is a shit and I don't know anybody else but him. No idea what to do or who to ask and I'm constantly considering driving to the nearest legal state and buying a huge stash even though it's expensive as hell.

No. 579171

Hey anons, if I go one state over to a legal dispensary (that sells for both medical and recreational use) will I get in trouble for buying if I'm living in an illegal state? I'm 21 btw.

No. 579175

Nah you’re good

No. 579180

You should be good in terms of buying but if you get pulled over in your home state and they search your car/if you somehow get caught with it I'm almost certain you can and likely will still get charged with possession (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Not that that's likely to happen obviously but definitely take care when you're driving with it in your car, make sure it's not visible from anywhere on the outside.

No. 579417

my friend gave me some bud recently, but i don't have a grinder or a bowl anymore. people etsy the best place for kawaii ass shit. but is stuff from ebay/aliexpress okay? i don't want some garbage that breaks instantly.

No. 579463

slightly OT but does anyone have any recommendations for healthier snacks to eat while having the munchies?

No. 579469

at least you have legal states, heere it's illegal still

No. 579477

Cube up a sweet potato or garnet yam and put it in the oven at 375 for like 20 minutes
Best munchies ever

No. 579481

i'm weird but i always crave salad when i'm high.

No. 579484

Popcorn, pickles, berries, baby carrots are some of my favorites. You can do a lot of different things with popcorn. And raspberries fucking slap but they can be on the pricier side.

No. 579555

Thank you anons, I think I'll make a trip soon and stock up! Are vapes more cost efficient than buying flower? I smoke joints and want to get the best bang for my buck.

No. 579651

dabs > flower > vape carts

No. 579770

File: 1593978134046.jpeg (32.7 KB, 595x446, EcFf6XFWsAATGBg.jpeg)

u know what time it is girls?

No. 579875

Never used dabs but now i want to try. I've ever only used a water bong or a glass pipe.

No. 579912

Went for a walk in the alleys to smoke a joint and saw a man who was smoking too. This dude had two cats following him down the alley!! I wanted to say hi to see if maybe I could pet the cats but I chickened out.

No. 579940

I'm curious why do you say that flower is better than vape carts? I'm in an illegal state so I'll take what I can get but I hope one day that's not the case. When I've had vape carts I've thoroughly enjoyed them. I don't buy them anymore since the scare last summer but I always assumed I'd buy carts if I ever went to a dispensary.

No. 579954

Cost efficiency. Most pens don't give a high as stong as flower, it can easily last me up to 3 weeks. This is by smoking snaps versus full bowls. Dabs are the most efficient on a budget.

No. 579985

are one hitters worth the effort? i want to make my flower last as long as possible but i don't want to invest in an expensive vape and a bong isn't feasible for a few reasons.

ntayrt, but thanks for the info. i think i'll skip buying vapes.

No. 579988

>i don't want to invest in an expensive vape
I know you just said in your post you are gonna skip out but if you're in a legal state you can but a disposable pen and they cost around 40 bucks. I got one back in April and still have oil in mine, so still cost effective compared to flower (I take a couple puffs/week)

No. 580030

Anyone with a flower vape have experience consuming the vaped flower as edibles? I've never done it but my roommate told me it was possible. I'd like to try it but I'm apprehensive because I don't know what amount would be a proper dose. I vape it till it's very dark brown (sometimes burnt) so I imagine I'd have to eat a lot to feel anything but I have no clue how much.

Like >>579954 said, snaps are more efficient than bowls but you can do snaps out of a one-hitter or a regular pipe so the advantage of a one-hitter is mostly that it would force you to be more disciplined about doing snaps that aren't so big that you're gonna cough and exhale immediately instead of holding the smoke in. I tend to overestimate the amount I need when I do snaps out of a bong but maybe that's just me being retarded, other than that idk what the difference would be.

No. 580055

If it’s burnt you won’t get much from it to make eating it or cooking it into anything worthwhile. Everywhere I’ve looked online says to use abv when it’s golden brown and to toss it if it’s dark brown/black.

No. 580289

Yeah I know but I'm too autistic about getting the absolute most I can out of my weed to just toss it. I'll eat a whole damn ounce or more if that's what it takes. Or I've been considering just smoking a fuckload of it if I can't figure out how to dose it for edibles. Any of you girls wanna come over for a toasty AVB blunt?

No. 580310

unfortunately i'm not, although i've been considering driving out of state to a dispo. it would be a big trip/investment though so for now it's just an idea. thanks tho anon!

gotcha. i've mostly been concerned with wasting a ton of weed letting it burn whenever i'm not taking hits off a joint, so i think maybe it would help with forcing me to really pay attention to how much/when i'm smoking. thanks guys

No. 580502

Well, the latest batch I bought is total skunk weed. Really don't know what to do beyond smoke a shitton at a time and hope my plug has better shit next time, only thing is the smoke is super harsh for some reason.

No. 580539


I wouldn't recommend smoking ur ABV anon! It tastes like shit and you won't get high off it.

I have a pretty high tolerance and I've found 1-2 tbsp of ABV to get me nice and cooked, but ofc everyone's experience is different! If you can get those microwave mug cake mixes those are a great way to consume – I just mix the ABV in with the batter before I cook it. Or you can sprinkle it on toast w/ peanut butter/Nutella on it.

Also be warned that if you eat ABV you'll have weedy poops the next day.

No. 580561

Thanks for the tips. I'm actually smoking AVB rn and I have before. I know it's kind of cursed to do but I think it's worthwhile at least if you're already high. It definitely makes me feel somewhat higher, but idk how much of that is whatever amount of residual THC there is and how much of it is the placebo effect from the physical sensation of smoking. Because I usually vape and only smoke occasionally, the lung feeling and taste of smoking have become somewhat intensified and weirdly nostalgic, which is dumb and makes me sound like a weed addict but either way it enhances the experience.

Also idk if this is weird or not but bad tastes from consuming weed just never bother me enough to put me off of something? I still choke on alcohol but I've inhaled some gross shit in the name of getting as much out of weed as humanly possible lmfao.

No. 582041


omg no anon every word u wrote absolutely resonated with me, I totally get the "alcohol burns but I will do anything short of drinking bong water to get stoned" vibe.

I also get the diff feeling between vaping/smoking – after vaping for a while I find bongs/pipes/joints hit harder? I have terrible bronchitis so I rly shouldn't smoke period but I find switching it up keeps me from getting fucked by my tolerance levels

hmm maybe i am a pos stoner lmao

No. 582211

i've been smoking nightly for insomnia & anxiety for a couple years, but since quarantine has left me home alone all day (temp. unemployed bc i'm immunosuppressed) i've started smoking in the afternoon too. at first it was just occasionally, but now it's almost every day. it makes my nighttime bowl less satisfying, but i'm so bored out of my fucking mind that it helps me get through the day. i either need to stop daysmoking or stop feeling so guilty for being a lazy stoner piece of shit, and i don't know which would be easier.

No. 583364


aw anon i really feel u – i already had a high tolerance before quarantine started and now it's been upped to like 11 because everyday is a wake-n-bake day just to get through whatever fresh hell the news is gonna bring.

do you have access to CBD flower/distillate/etc? I find that sticking to CBD-dominant stuff in the mornings/afternoons and using high-THC only in the evenings keeps me from being completely nonfunctional all day/not getting anything from my evening sessions while still allowing me to enjoy my morning smoke. But I'm also lucky to live somewhere where it's legalized so it's very easy to find product – my heart goes out to all of u in this thread having to cop weed from the streets. stay safe my fellow stoney baloneys <3

No. 584005

I really wanted to go get some alcohol but bf suggested we smoke a bowl first and then see how I feel. Lol fuck I am pretty stoned. Sometimes I feel like I am smoking weed wrong because I only feel this good maybe 1/10 times. Also I'm glad I didn't go get alcohol because I would have regretted it tomorrow.

No. 584433

File: 1594769083921.gif (8.29 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

I love cooking while high. I just cooked some turmeric chicken and pasta with vegetables. I loved it. Delicious and nutritious. I haven't smoked since January, so i'm really chilling.

No. 584777

File: 1594828427489.jpg (38.64 KB, 561x471, 1573331665416.jpg)

Cooking while stoned is the best. Especially with munchies the longer you spend preparing the food the more hyped up you get about the prospect of getting to eat it. When I cook stoned I always feel like a damn genius whenever I find some ingredient in my pantry that I forgot about and figure out how to incorporate it.
Then when you're done making it you get to sit down and put on some music or whatever and finally dedicate all your attention to enjoying the food. Very cathartic experience really.

No. 584779


I wanna make some dank Mac’c cheese with you guys

No. 584784

Should I smoke one in the bathroom with the window open and risk my boyfriend complaining when he comes home or should I smoke on the balcony and risk our neighbours confronting me?

No. 584826

If you really think your neighbors are that lame, the bathroom would probably be best

No. 584845

There’s new people moving in and out all the time, I don’t know most of them. I chose the bathroom.

No. 584871

anon i hope i'm not stating the obvious here but if ur tryna be discreet abt the smell indoors incense is a rly nice option for covering up the smoke. i used to smoke up regularly in my dorm room and never had an issue w/ getting caught because i'd light incense afterwards. ofc incense is already rly associated with stoner/new agey types so maybe it's not what would work best for ur situation, or if ur bf has asthma or something and the smoke itself is the issue not the smell.

i hope ur smoke sesh was enjoyable regardless :^)

No. 584932

I quit but I used cannabis vape cartridges for 2 years and they have practically no smell compared to bud.

No. 587938

File: 1595379636396.jpg (13.1 KB, 480x360, NALALALA.jpg)

Mix high CBD flower with your bud. Seen this question several times but only one post loosely suggesting it. I used to get anxiety until I made 1:1 ratio shakes. The bonus to this is making your weed last longer cause you can get decent CBD for relatively cheap. Up the CBD ratio if you still feel anxious.


Inhale with your diaphragm, slow and deeply fill your lungs, take one small gasp of fresh air through your nose after the hit, and keep the clouds in there for about 5 seconds before slowly exhaling. You may be unknowingly holding it mostly in your mouth/throat/nose.

Throwing ABV into a cup of yogurt is the easiest way to consume it.

No. 590517

Does anyone else have a weird thing where you exclusively enjoy sativa? I always hated smoking weed despite living with stoners. I turn it down constantly and people joke I’m a narc. But I noticed I liked a sativa a long time ago and tried a 100% pure sativa as an experiment. I love it. I have energy to do things and it makes me creative and kills my pain off. But I’m not getting the paranoia and anxiety like I usually get. I think the body high and brain fog from sleepiness is actually what gives me paranoia and indica strains don’t work for me. Which is odd because most people with anxiety have the opposite preferences.

No. 590518

Yes. Ive had this exact same experience with indica , I get super dissociative/paranoid

No. 594089

made myself an edible preparation with some avb for late lunch and its now 7 hours later I'm still quite faded and I'm ordering taco bell.

No. 594123

I think I’m allergic to pot. Or thc, because every time I eat an edible I get the shits. Even cbd too. Doesn’t matter what I eat, how the edible was made, come next day I’ve gotta run. This is a depressing realization for me, and I’m letting my friend take my stash.

No. 601606

got blazed and ordered mickey d's and they gave me so much ice cream in my mcflurry. sometimes life is good.

No. 601658

File: 1597106371007.jpg (98.29 KB, 573x720, 44ed11a.jpg)

just inhaled a bite of pizza send help

No. 601664

File: 1597106764326.jpeg (99.27 KB, 500x375, 78395D26-6F33-4BD6-B79C-10A90C…)

lol hang in there anon

No. 605310

Wasn't going to buy weed this month since I had too many other expenses come up but as I was leaving my bf's parents house his stepdad handed me a huge ziploc of weed and then showed me all the plants he's growing. I didn't even know he smoked! I probably got what $100 would get me at my regular place. I know it's dumb cause it's just weed but it's nice when something like this happens, my luck has been so shit recently.

No. 605312

I really want to smoke but I'm too lazy to score any lately (corona pricing makes it less tempting as well) so guess I'll just wait until I can be bothered sometime next week maybe

No. 605328


That’s so sweet, and I agree it feels like the universe is rooting for you to smoke. Light one up for me, anon, I’m on a two week tolerance break til September.

No. 605392

this isn't dumb this is the dream lol. Enjoy it anon

No. 605539

This made me so happy

No. 606358

Anyone else struggle with withdrawal symptoms on the start of a tolerance break? (Trouble sleeping, nausea, low mood…)
It makes me wonder if I should just give up altogether.

No. 606401

Yep, same here. The first 4-5 days are the absolute worst, I only sleep for a couple hours a night and those hours are usually filled with extremely vivid nightmares. I'm also definitely more irritable the first few days.

No. 606981

File: 1597696736078.jpeg (159.41 KB, 990x1609, 9BC39795-369F-49CE-838D-D053B1…)

Withdrawal anon back again, hope I get some sleep tonight.

No. 606986

File: 1597697042234.jpg (92.37 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

Second sleepless night. My heart is with you

No. 607002

File: 1597697972834.jpeg (30.67 KB, 320x320, C7C0B7FE-05F2-4803-BE7C-7A3DAE…)


I hope we make it, anon. I’m rooting for you.

No. 607039

File: 1597700092965.jpg (175.62 KB, 1242x956, a76afdb9-b0eb-4040-8636-daa67d…)


wishing you luck, anons! i've been dry for a couple weeks so i'm finally starting to level out/readjust.
i take melatonin to knock my ass out when i get the withdrawal insomnia but it's not for everyone, esp if you're having vivd nightmares it can make them more intense
on the flipside sometimes you blink and suddenly it's morning and you're somehow refreshed so that's pretty great

pic unrelated

No. 607501


Melatonin is a great reminder, thank you! I need to order some.

No. 608567

File: 1597851408601.jpeg (36.76 KB, 435x269, 1A9ECDC7-4B69-4096-B55A-116863…)

I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I’m an addict. I put away about an ounce a month and i don’t even feel like I get a high off it any more. I feel like absolute shit but I’m going to try to stretch this tolerance break out into a real stop. Maybe if I can keep that up for a substantial amount of time I might eventually try to dip my toes back in the water and enjoy weed as I used to back in the day i.e. just one smoke in the evening for a nice buzz rather than throughout the day from waking just to feel ‘normal’. I found a reddit thread /leaves/ for folks doing the same, but I’d appreciate any of my anon sisters’ wisdom if you have it.

No. 608596

A few months ago I cold-turkey smoking weed after habitually smoking every day for 10 years, I did this because I wanted to be able to pass a drug test to get better job opportunities. It could help you to keep a goal in the forefront of your mind to help you cut back on your consumption, write out a pros and cons of limiting you consumption. And reminding yourself every day why this decision will be better for you in the long run. Getting high is immediate self gratification, so try understanding the importance of long term gratification. It can also be helpful to have a friend to support you.

No. 608603

Same. It's hard because I've got all the weed in the world. But now that I'm sober for three days I feel fucking great. It feels like a new high. I know that this will past but I enjoy it rn, the nights on the other hand…

No. 609215


Michael Scott anon again - thank you so so much for your comments ladies I really appreciate it. I’ll not sully the stoner thread with sobriety chat any further but just popping back to say my doctor has upped my Prozac while I get through this first hard bit (my anxiety that I was self-medicating has re-emerged big time), I’m using the ‘nomo’ app to track how I’m doing and journal as I go, and I’m mainly motivated by the fact that if I can keep this up I’ll save at least $3000 a year which is just wild when I really think about it. If there’s a soberfag thread please point me there!

No. 609330

I don’t think I like smoking weed as much as I used to. Fairly new regular user. I used to only smoke with friends/when offered but have been smoking almost every day for almost a year now. Was fun at first, and I still enjoy being high, but now I’m quite bored of it and annoyed that I’m useless and only dick around my phone, play vidya, and sleep if high. I’d like to stop for a) a tolerance break even though I still get plenty high and b) to be more productive again. Living the stoner life for a bit was fun but now I feel a bit bored with it. Anyone else go through this?

No. 609356

File: 1597929022400.jpeg (94.47 KB, 1080x1136, 9AF21AA4-6FE4-4161-A250-564D33…)


Hey anon, I’ve been chatting about giving up a little further up the thread. I’m in a similar position to you but I’ve been smoking a decade, and of that probably the last 4/5 years has been blazing through most of the day every day. Really hoping to ‘reset’ my neuroreceptors to some kind of normal with a substantial break (at least through to the end of 2020, where I used to take a few days to a week off every few months before) and then I’m planning to consider if I can/want to re-negotiate my relationship with weed next year and get back to one or two smokes of an evening. Lately I’ve been feeling like I don’t even get stoned any more even though I smoke loads, it’s just silly. If there isn’t a soberfag thread and people don’t mind us shitting up the stoney thread I’m happy/keen to chat about it more!

No. 609364

Thanks for the reply! I hope people don't mind the sober-ish chat either, otherwise maybe we can friend-finder this shit. Man, I can definitely see why you'd want to have a break–it sounds exhausting being blazed most of the day and it genuinely sucks not being able to get that high when smoking a lot. It used to take one or two hits, now I take big ones and can smoke maybe a bowl, bowl n a half in an evening. Plus taking hits off my pen is like nothing anymore. Like I said, still get plenty high, but I know tolerance builds fast. We can go through a little break together, though I'll probably stick to just smoking with friends (which tbh will be like 3xs a week total still). How does it feel to at least try and be blazed all day most days, though?

No. 610184

few things will kill your high quicker than having to change all your passwords because your dumbass clicked on a false security alert email

No. 610201

I love interacting with my bf when he's high, usually he's often reserved and often serious but when he's baked he seems just like a whole another person, honestly it's so cute and the stuff he does is hilarious e.g he just says random geographic locations for no reason or starts talking about native American languages

No. 610599

Did weed help you with your addiction to other drugs?

I was addicted to opiates since a teen for like 7 years. Mostly oxy. But then I discovered weed for me when I was unintentionally sober for a few month. And man did it changed my life. I remember laying in the bathtub high af thinking how anyone would choose opiates when there is weed. I stopped using opiates, even tho I could get it. Not gonna lie sometimes, like now, I pop a tilidin or so but that's just every few month and they lie around all the time without me even thinking about them. Maybe I play with fire, but it's like that for years now.

No. 610707

i always go through phases of being sick of weed when i'm smoking too much of it and desperately missing it when i go without it. substance addiction runs in the family and i always think "hey, at least it's not alcohol/tobacco," but my lungs still probably aren't loving it. although my psychiatrist knows that i smoke at least once a day for anxiety/insomnia and says that it's honestly as safe as if not safer than any sleeping meds out there… anyway, i've found that what works best for me is using weed as a milestone reward– it helps me be motivated/productive (like a carrot on a stick) and limits how often i smoke, and since it reigns in my tolerance it makes the highs afterward better. i will have to give my jar to my non-smoking roommate to hide from me, but… the self discipline makes me feel less guilty as a stoner.

it's hard when you have a high tolerance because you will never get the same highs as you did when you were first smoking, and you're always chasing it, but smoking more and more weed to try to get higher only makes it worse. for me the first day or two of a tolerance break is the hardest, because it's so hard for me to break out of routines and i'm focused on the fact i'm not smoking. the longer it goes the easier it gets.

i'm curious: what kinds of regrettable purchases have you guys made while high? once i bought $60 worth of unnecessary Sims 4 DLC in a stoned haze because i thought everything looked so amazing that i had to have it. i completely forgot about it until the next time i played.

No. 610714

>what kinds of regrettable purchases have you guys made while high?
Junk food/sweets, tons of it. I have to keep out of supermarkets when I'm high, otherwise the munchies will make me buy half their snack aisle.

No. 610721


> what kinds of regrettable purchases have you guys made while high?

I have four weed related tattoos, one of which takes up the whole outside of one of my (sizeable) thighs. I wish I could go into detail about how dumb they are in content but not tryna doxx myself. At least they’re well executed by good artists so that limits the cringe.

No. 610730

>what kinds of regrettable purchases have you guys made while high?
i bought cities skylines with at least $40 worth of dlc. haven't played it since because my computer can't handle it lmao.
i also bought a couple lifetime movies once, only regrettable because they're so easy to find online. for free.

No. 610738

>what kinds of regrettable purchases have you guys made while high?
Fun question, I love all other anons answers too.

I also buy a lot of stupid snacks, especially when my best friend and I are high together and go to the store. Other than that, clothes, especially leggings for some reason–probably bc they're off Aerie. I once also did some horny clothes shopping while stoned and dating my stoner ex and bought a bunch of cringey collars, fishnets, and lingerie bodysuits, though those are still quite cute tbh.

No. 610788

I really wish that, in the few times I've smoked pot, I could have had a really awesome experience or something, just once. Not even awesome, just a nice, chill time where I felt relaxed and ate a lot of food. I think I'm secretly jealous of stoners because they find enjoyment in pot and I had a really fucked up experience. I hope you all have the time of your life, maybe I'll get that if I ever smoke again

No. 610789

Lol you must have really been high to do that 4 times. I wish you could show them :(

No. 610808

File: 1598037571465.jpg (7.4 KB, 225x225, imagesOHOG88QX.jpg)

Smoke w me anon we'll have the chillest time ever

No. 613502

File: 1598292797662.jpeg (21.48 KB, 572x380, E1C27D85-A4FB-4501-9F2A-BBF9B0…)

sameanon as >>609356

My lovely mom had a stroke this weekend and is in hospital awaiting transfer to another one, so I’ve been desperately worried for her. This evening I picked up an ounce, rolled, and bunned a fatty on top of a hill behind my house: I regret nothing.

No. 613507


sameanon again - I would be there if I could, but pandemic ok love you bye x

No. 613533

>>613507 fuck anon. I hope she pulls through okay. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

No. 613543

I love you anon, it sucks that you have to experience this. Hopefully no serious damage took place. Are you the same anon from yesterday who’s mother was experiencing aphasia?

No. 613564

To add to the whole quitting/cutting back convo, I’ve gone back and forth on trying to quit ever since I started smoking 5 years ago. My overuse of marijuana would always turn my euphoria into depression within days of a smoking binge. Not to mention my wallet is tragic because of how much I smoke (blunts blunts blunts forever)
I used to express this idea to my smoking buddies, share my concerns for my finances and mental health, and surprise surprise, they didn’t care. They would practically scoff at the idea.
I’ve stopped talking to them recently and erased my plug contacts, so my access to weed has been greatly reduced. I drive 45 minutes away to a dispensary (legal state) every so often to try random edibles or carts, so I’m starting to change my relationship with it from less of a “need it to function” perspective and more of a reward for having to be so goddamn sober all the time.
Not to mention my tolerance is going down again, hellllll yeah

No. 613947


Thank you stoner sisters, yeah I’m the sameanon who was fretting about aphasia in the vent thread. Turned out my worst fear was what had actually happened. Grateful to have THC/CBD back in my life at this difficult time. Keeping everything crossed, thank you for your kind words.

No. 614143

Stay strong anon, this will pass and hopefully she will be able to recover nicely.
If you need to vent or chat or anything I will drop discord info

No. 615914

To the anon who said she overcame her BDD through watching herself stoned in the mirror: thank you! That really helped me

No. 616113

I never used to smoke on my own, only socially, but even then I was never really into it because all my friends smoke joints. The tobacco and the nasty weed we get makes me feel like I've had a lobotomy.
Now I have a vaporiser and I love it. I vape about once a week and it's so nice to get gently high, listen to music and play vidya/ practice tarot.

No. 616117

hey buddy

No. 616904

File: 1598555216118.gif (53.68 KB, 128x128, trainwreck.gif)

I'm currently dry as a bone and it's the worst.

I always get extremely tempted to drink when I don't have any weed. And drinking sucks.

No. 617024

Got some edibles and am looking forward to feeling comfy and having a nice long nap zzzzzz

No. 617333

this thc spray makes me feel more myself than I’ve been since I was a kid, no anxiety, just happy good times. time is slower or my concept of time changed in my head during this sentence

No. 618215

Took 3 edible gummies and will post the obligatory "this edible ain't shit" here so they will put me on my ass already

No. 618232

File: 1598662534486.jpeg (58.6 KB, 640x427, 909A41C2-0AB3-477A-9529-D28E29…)

I found a weed shop that’s literally across the street from my apartment.
Hell fuckin yes, no more 10 minute drive

No. 618240

god this pic is so fucking good

No. 618243

File: 1598663919723.jpeg (65.17 KB, 399x564, 015372EE-7DBC-4EEE-B80B-931EF8…)

I love the robin cosplayer guy

No. 618245

lmfao anon how long did it take you to find it?

I can't wait to smoke tonight. I'm staying at my parents house, and they are vehemently anti-weed. I put rum into my tea and waiting for the right time so I can sneak into the attic and light tf up.

I wish I could smoke with my parents. It would be fun af……

No. 618247

That is adorable anon, I hope it’s a pleasant visit besides the non smoking.

& it took me two years to find the store! kek it’s super discrete though.

No. 618249

Samefag yeah smoking with my mom is a super cool experience because we’re more open & patient with each other.
Maybe some day they’ll lighten up!

No. 618272

Update: the post worked. Have a great night anons!

No. 619744

File: 1598863293724.jpeg (103.45 KB, 739x723, BED2BA31-3735-4703-8974-030F7C…)


Hi, it’s me again. Really grateful that I took a 2 week tolerance break when I did (though I framed it as ‘giving up’ at the time before everything happened). I’ve been sticking to just one smoke before bed and it’s been great tbh, staying straight the rest of the time is easy because I went to be mentally present to communicate with my Mom. Anyway, today I’m on holiday and going to sew myself some clothes so I’ve allowed myself a little wake and bake… feels good, man. Hope everyone is ok and able to smoke if they want to x

No. 619747

Same here. Just smoking before bed after a tolerance break after smoking all day. Feels great to be focused and able to do things. But this morning I lay with my joint in my bed

No. 619751

File: 1598864143274.jpeg (314.28 KB, 750x735, 646BDA3C-38EA-41CA-875E-8C9FCD…)


I’m glad you’re experiencing similar benefits, it’s such a relief after running into a receptor burnout. I’m trying to be disciplined in allowing morning smoking (just one) only on rare holidays, and staying productive with it too. On that note, I’m away to get sewing, [pic related] - Have a great day stoneranon(s)!

No. 619982

hello all, hope you're having a lovely day :^)

i'm here with a conundrum… i used to LOVE cooking while high, it was so fun and satisfying. however, i've hardly done it since i moved in with my bf in june (we usually eat together). he doesn't really smoke but isn't against it, i'm moreso afraid of looking like a fool or screwing up the meal. sometimes he can come off as condescending in the kitchen, or act like i'm dumb when i'm confused… i don't want to get anxious and ruin my high from paranoia of being judged. also, usually if i mess up while cooking high i don't care because i'm stoned anyway, but i don't think my bf would appreciate it the same without the munchies. should i do it without him and tell him to keep out of the kitchen, or should i try to get him to do it with me? i've asked him about it and he just said "do whatever you want", but i don't know what i want.

i guess my real question is… do you guys ever feel guilty for being a stoner around your non-stoner partners/friends? i don't wanna "force" him to participate but i also don't want him to feel left out.

No. 619998

I personally don't feel weird or guilty about it. I don't smoke around my non-smoking partner, but I do it before I see him so I've been high around him plenty of times. He doesn't say anything about it besides poking fun at me about being a stoner when I say something weird, high or not. TI know for a fact he doesn't want to participate, so I don't feel bad about him feeling "left out" bc he's not going to feel left out of something he doesn't want to participate in!

No. 620092

If I were you & my bf was like that I’d honestly prefer to get stoned, cook & have a goofy ol’ time on my own. & don’t feel guilty like you’re leaving him out because it’s healthy to do things for fun by yourself, he’s a big boy & he can hang back while you take the kitchen for an hour or so

No. 620094

Good to hear from you again. A needed tolerance break is always a good thing, it’s awersome that you’re being there for your mother. Hope she is recovering well

No. 620212

I've quit for over three months now, after smoking 3+ minimum times daily for over 10 years.
I never really get the urge to smoke again, but I'm curious what the high would be like.
I'm unsure if I should ever smoke again. It didn't impact my life negatively beyond my wallet (like in terms of being a slacker, over eating, etc). I believe it did "help" me during emotional times, but should I really be relying on a substance to carry me through? A large reason I quit was to see how I would be able to navigate through tough times sober.
Sorry for the blogpost. It's just nice reading all of your experiences.

No. 621339

Yesterday I was tripping shrooms and went over to a friends house (he wasn’t tripping), he packed his bong and long story short, I end up taking a bong hit and fainting. He caught me, put me on the bed, and then proceeded to tell me that I was giving him ptsd and that I passed out because I took the hit wrong? I was laying there barely conscious cracking jokes to try to get HIM to feel better when I was the one who had just fainted. Read some articles about how smoking pot standing up isn’t always the best choice cause it makes you more likely to faint if your blood pressure drops so I know why it happened but I did get a hearty kek at being told if I had taken a big rip instead of several smaller ones I would’ve been fine and wouldn’t have triggered his ptsd, men learning mental health terms is cancerous.

No. 621428

sounds like a great friend, anon.

No. 623406

File: 1599279599636.jpg (70.37 KB, 540x388, 2d8f6b9ca1cc1264f687721563d837…)

it is time for me to hop in the shower and smoke a bowlllll

No. 624503

hit my pen about an hour ago. I still like getting high but over the past six months it just doesn't feel as fun anymore. I want to say it's COVID stress but I think the year+ of post-college anxiety would affect my smoke sessions regardless.

No. 624731

what the fuck are the rules for finding a dealer? just moved to a new city and I'm seeing people smoking all over the place (it's not legal but clearly there's a big scene)…is it acceptable to just walk up to someone and…ask? I'm a young white girl so obviously I feel ridiculous, always just got weed from my friend group back home so literally never had to use a dealer before HELP

No. 624738

I’d try to find a group of girls around your age, or at least a group containing girls, and just straight up asking and offering a little tip or something as a thank you. You could also make an account on tinder, set it to female only, and say in your bio that you’re looking for a plug.. even though that’s kinda extremely annoying to lesbians like me genuinely looking for something, BUT, people do it, it’s an option.

No. 625964

i got really high the other night and was really into my feelings about the vampire diaries and how stefan is literally a pyscho bf

but then i was dreaming about like being immortal with rich vampires and living out our dreams and like yeah

No. 627807

Hey ladies I'm having a bad trip got too high whats the best way out of it? Please hurry with help.

No. 627809

when i have a bad trip i just think about how it's going to end soon and then i forget about it

No. 627810

if you're anxious or paranoid, chew peppercorns, if you're having the spins, eat something sugary and focus on something like a calm video game or browse the internet, and if you're just too high try to take a nap. don't try to exercise because low blood pressure can cause fainting. a hot shower might help if you're feeling nauseous.

No. 627902

Food will instantly make it a good trip, every time.

No. 627997

holy shit the jungle theme is so cute, i am really enjoying just scrolling through everything, i highly recommend it ;)

late to the party but i hope bad trip anon got thru it ok! drink some orange juice maybe, that always perks me up for some reason

No. 628075


thanks anons turns out I just got too cold, so my shaking from that spiraled into a panic attack. I just made myself really cozy and slept through the night.

No. 628275

Can I come here i took some pills?

No. 628277

time 2get cross faded af.

No. 628339

Damn I ran out of weed and am bored at home. I was saving two blotters for me and my friend… Just cut a piece of them for me, microdosing is a thing ehhh.

No. 628608

Accidentally knocked my favorite bubbler onto some tile. RIP!!!!

No. 628673

File: 1599915066591.gif (1.17 MB, 430x352, 2CE7D714-7B2F-4E07-ADAB-D1790E…)

No. 629393

I busted out my bong for the first time in 2 years (I suck so bad at rolling lmao.) I feel so stoned. I don't even think it has to do with the bong it's just that I am smoking differently. I have been smoking a particular way for so long that the break in routine is really fun. I even put some ice in heh heh. (No offense to my dead bubbler I love you)

No. 630412

I've read in various articles/anecdotes that changing your routine or method can affect your high when you're starting to feel burnout, but I thought it was all bullshit! Although it probably is just different for each body.
Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed your post anon, RIP your bubbler (????-2020) forever in our hearts

No. 631161

Every week
> I’m going to take a thc break
Every day after work
> hits pen
> packs bowl
> smokes on both all night
Anons why am I like this

No. 631215

Same, bud. I've only been managing to get THC breaks when I'm out of weed and cash. If I have weed on hand, you bet ur ass I'm smoking it right away.

No. 631690

I set my bong down too hard in the sink and the entire bottom cracked off in a clean break. That bong got me through my worst days, RIP tentacle bong

No. 632033

holy fuck same! i've been meaning to take a break but life gets in the way kek

No. 634361

File: 1600579254041.png (942.07 KB, 640x619, 05A0242E-A457-4B21-A354-28B9AD…)

anons, i don't know who else out there has a slobbery you-know-what but as a late bloomer as i'm sure many of you are as well, here's something I just figured out: no water, only ice. that's it. no tricks, no gimmicks, just about five ice cubes and that's it, thanks for your time. have a good night n a good mornin, go easy on yourself.

No. 635015

Night one without smoking:
>paranoid as hell about someone being in my house bc I heard something move earlier
>fall asleep
>wake up from dream by these loud popping sounds like someone opening a plastic strawberry box
>have sleep paralysis moment
>feels like someone’s pressing down on my leg from behind me
>finally can move
>nothing there
Well anons, if I die just know.. you heard it here first

No. 637978

Is COVID fucking with anyone else’s plugs, or is it just where I’m at? Seriously, 3 different dudes have run out on me last minute or stopped selling. I’m so annoyed.

No. 641057

File: 1601352398350.png (94.95 KB, 317x309, b1755629-4250-4c18-894f-c096fc…)

>have problems
>do dab
>no longer have problems

thanks weed

also RIP >>637978 come up to canada anon the weed is bountiful and legal

since i'm bumping the thread: anyone have any personal favourite (or least favourite) strains?

No. 641077

How much do anons think is reasonable to spend on weed per month? For reference, it's $60 for an eighth of medical quality where I am. I go through an eighth in about 2-3 weeks and idk if that's too fast but I'd like to smoke more often.

No. 641079

File: 1601354747823.jpg (117.42 KB, 625x608, sub-buzz-16071-1477672584-9.jp…)

honestly this is a question for you and your finances and your personal life. everyone has a different threshold and lets it control their life to a different degree and has different financial flexibilities. find the balance where it's not draining you dry but is still giving you all the benefits you want without impacting your life outside of it, i think that's key.

fwiw we smoke at about the same rate, funnily

i hope everyone itt is having a great night~!

No. 641088

Did one puff after like months of not smoking, and I almost burn down the place. Stay safe!

No. 641116

File: 1601358273604.jpeg (129.32 KB, 1125x1121, 354A5F74-1A28-46C7-8792-4AEEE1…)

pulled a double match from my matchbox and i'm feeling pretty lucky! luck to all of you anons tonight too!

No. 641481

Thanks anon that's really good advice! I've had some people say I smoke through my stash super slow so I'm glad to know someone else has similar habits.

No. 641562

File: 1601403519912.jpg (98.27 KB, 960x960, 14520428_1807033919512700_4618…)

nah don't ever take shit about being "super slow" like that's awesome??? it's the weed equivalent of getting drunk off 1-2 drinks instead of having to empty your wallet at the bar to get a buzz? anyone saying that is in some weird "who can toke the most" contest and probably jerks off to the joe rogan podcast. dont ever let anyone pressure you into doing more of a substance than you're happy with, it's about what feels good to you not impressing someone who blew up their tolerance.

No. 641639


Couldn’t agree with this more; I’d love to have a lower threshold and that’s why most of us take tolerance breaks.. you smoke what you’re comfortable with and don’t feel the need to engage with people who are out to “one up” you on how much they consume, it’s dumb.

No. 645427

My friend makes 25mg THC capsules and sells them to me at $1 a pill. God bless him.

No. 645430

unrelated but that bunny is so adorable i almost cry

No. 645455

wish i lived in a legal state so i wasn’t drinking so much

No. 645495

Ended up taking two and now I'm just hanging with my cat and eating pickled jalapenos. Haven't felt this relaxed in a while.

No. 645502


No. 651222

Why do I need to take a shit every time a roll a joint? It always starts when I’m just rolling it, not when I’m smoking. It’s weird.

No. 651552


Probably Pavlovian conditioning at this point.

No. 651881

You are me, except blunts. I always figured it was from licking the nicotine off the wrap while closing it.

No. 652526

Shit's (everything) mad when you think about it. Like can earth only contain one super intelligent species at a time cause we're so stupidly resource heavy. I be there's other planets with the same consciousness shit happening. Wonder if we'll or some generation down the line will ever cross paths with them. Did aliens make us?

No. 652696

Could be. But I mean, it had to start at some point, right?

I kinda assumed it’s because I’m nervous or excited to smoke. (Idk if this theory holds up though, I smoke every day and it’s not like I get panicky or anything from it.)

No. 655862

File: 1602717799736.png (169 KB, 603x322, A2CFB1A7-3428-4B53-BCC9-E1C7D7…)


No. 656135

File: 1602736779748.jpg (196.92 KB, 1080x1121, SmartSelect_20201015-004107_Tu…)

Tumblrfag begone. This shit is not funny, don't bring it here

No. 659829

File: 1603149378347.png (191.34 KB, 477x422, smh.PNG)

I was really enjoying the new strain I got last week, but suddenly tonight it's making me anxious

No. 659832

listen to some nice music and ride the wave as well as u can. this too shall pass, pal.

No. 659833

I like greeble why be mean

No. 659839

Thanks anon, I love you. I put on some music and a funny video and am just gonna try and chill out

No. 662958

File: 1604036335627.gif (28.38 KB, 100x100, kitty.gif)

It just occurred to me that I haven't shared a joint with anyone since the pandemic started, and that I obviously won't in the foreseeable future. That whole puff puff pass thing is germ swapping galore, but I still want to do it again. It's so nice to share.

No. 662967

Holy fuck I haven’t seen this icon in so long, so nostalgic.

No. 663426

i'm too high to figure out in which thread i'm supposed to post this so i guessed that i cant go wrong by posting this here.
im a straight girl but for some reason this video just turned me on. kinda like the chemistry between them and the way that she touched her while doing her hair. fucking hot as hell even tho they have that fake/mean friends vibe.
ok, enough retardation for today!

No. 663638

ive been cutting way down on my consumption but i have some edibles in my fridge, tomorrow im gonna make a pumpkin pie and read a horror book and get stoned and thats gonna be my halloween

No. 668928

>be me
>saturday night
>weed and white claw in bed

No. 668931


No. 668966

File: 1604788079403.jpg (75.15 KB, 1280x720, 0cc.jpg)

This turned into a regular thing and I haven't had to buy weed for a couple months now. I even have a bit too much so I'm going over to my friend's place sometime soon to make a bunch of edibles.

No. 668978

Sage and I know this is an old post but goddamn anon(s) I didn’t know this happened to other people. One evening like a year ago I was high sitting in front of my mirror and I suddenly saw myself “as other people see me” and it made me feel a lot better about myself. I’m really cute! So weird.

No. 678533

got to smoke a joint outside for the first time since march. that shit is so much better than a pen

No. 678537

How is it better? I've been thinking of buying a vaping pen for weed, I've switched from regular cigarettes to e-cigs, and similarly want to switch from joints to pens.
I'd like to know is the high different and in what way? And does the same amount get you equally high.

No. 678540

YMMV. It makes me think I'm even uglier, I feel like I look like this strange ugly alien that's on earth trying to integrate with humans and I finally see my odd, real appearance for what it is. I get lots of compliments irl from strangers and the like, so I think it's a worse manifestation of my BDD kicking in. This has only happened to me on sativa, though.

No. 678712

Good for you, anon! One time, my coworker haded me a buncha weed for free and it has lasted me 3 months so far. Really helps when i'm stressed from work and dealing with idiots who dont want to wear their masks. I smoke at least once a day or 4 times a week. I'm glad that happened to you!

No. 678713

Omg boner Robin is an adult now and probably has his own family. Let that sink in

No. 678717

Not that anon, but something about vaping pens always feels really bleh for me. At home, i like the ritual of grinding the grass and packing my pipe for a good smoke. I use vape pens at work if i really, really need to, however i'm still weary about pens and how the metal coil heats up the wax. I need to know how safe it is versus grass, which i find cleaner for a good high.

No. 678748

I'm getting some good stuff and will report in when I smoke it. I've been very depressed today and without smoke so I'm hoping it'll be amazing. Give me a few hours lol

No. 678754

Yesss. The pen comes in handy for travel or if I’m painting my nails or something, but damn, I love smoking bud. Relatively new smoker (about 1yr) but I want to get a 1hitter and learn to roll joints and blunts. Any tips or best places to learn, or does any basic tutorial do?

No. 678870

Nta, but my coworker told me that his friend would practice rolling joints with tea… maybe you can try that lmao

No. 679027

Very high to comment

No. 679250

Hey does any anon know about this brand/ carts?? I bought one to try as my first time. I want to know what others experiance are. https://www.3chi.com/product/delta-8-thc-vape-cartridge/

No. 679990

This might be a dumb question, but my area has been pretty dry lately. I've bought carts and gummies from dispensaries, and they're expensive but worth is because I generally can't get them reliably from dealers, but is it worth it to buy bud from there too, or should I be patient and hope my dealers(!) come back around after the holidays? It's just so expensive, but my rationalization is that it's certified good shit, I guess. Ugh.
Also, this is a really good idea. Thanks anon/anon's friend, I'm going to do this.

No. 679993

As someone who never improved in rolling joints nor blunts: Try buying cones. IME they last longer and are more sturdy, plus they come with a filter which is nice.

No. 679994

If you buy from a dealer, you are risking the chance of getting a shitty fake cart or something with Vit E in it. Your health is more important than a quick fix. I used to buy carts from dealers (I'm in a recreationally and medically legal US state) and it turned out that I bought a fake cart, before. I found a list for my state with all the cart brands and their quality/tested status, as well as notable fakes. I was shocked, especially since my guy was a licensed caregiver. I got my card, so now I just go to dispensaries. I can shop around and usually find carts 5 for $100 or at least 4 for 100.

No. 679996

Sorry I misread. I agree that pot is way overpriced in dispensaries and it has gotten worse over the past 5 years. You should look into a flower vape so that you can get more out of your weed, if it's not as easy for you to get. I vape at a low temp and then I re-use the abv for edibles to save money. I agree that you should wait until your dealers come back and stick to carts because I think they are a better bang for your buck, if you think about hits/$ spent

No. 679997

Wow this thread got bumped right as I’m about to hit a dab! Cheers ladies!

No. 680008

My favorite online shop (Shop Burning Love) sells the cutest cones, but I'd never really given them much thought. Do you just pack it in there and smoke like a joint/blunt? I can live with that, haha.
Ah, gotcha! I agree about the carts. I've only bought a from my dealer once, and I read up on fake carts and won't be doing that again. I'm happy to make a daytrip to the dispensary (illegal state bordering a legal) to stock up. Noted about the flower, though. It really is just abysmally more expensive, it was impossible for me to justify to myself, so I'm glad to hear that others agree, especially since my dealers grow and sell beautiful bud. I'll look into that vape, though, I'd never heard of one before! Thanks, anon ♥
Cheers, bitch, enjoy yourself!!

No. 680033

File: 1606159457581.jpeg (306.22 KB, 1019x1440, 27041B24-112F-47C8-A2F2-27A642…)

Started smoking this year, entirely through bumming a hit or two from some friends. But my insomnia’s getting real awful so I ordered a vape so I can smoke at home. There’s some video games and music I’ve always wanted to experience stoned so I’m mad excited,

No. 680053

are you in a legal state? might want to try edibles, I get high recreationally and they always put me to sleep at night, but my friend actually suffers from insomnia and they've helped her loads as well

No. 680080

Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I hear edibles are great for insomnia, but I've never tried them (they hit differently, from what I understand?) so I wanted to stick to something familiar. And it'd be a hassle to make them myself since only medical use is legal here.

Getting a license is so fucking absurdly expensive. It costs like $300 to get a card and on top of that, it needs to be renewed for $100 more every 7 months. But for safety and convenience, I'll probably get a license when I resume working.

No. 681173

Yay nice thread, I am so high right now omg.

No. 685742

File: 1606858097727.jpeg (118.13 KB, 567x640, FDD2EF9F-CA4C-4A4E-A256-DA1F98…)

Obviously same anon from before but holy shit, anons. So pretty. Just had to sperg about how cute these are and how bad I want them.

No. 686099

I'm high right now and remembered this ad from like 7 years ago. idk why I find it so funny when the guy acts like he really ate the chicken bone

Those look nice
I miss smoking out of the bong I used in college (RIP)

No. 690964

Aw, man, last night I had a panic attack while high. It's the first time that's happened, and I hope it's just because I smoked too much and not an interaction with my new meds.

No. 690967

I rarely get anxiety when high but God damn when I do, it's awful.
Sorry you experienced that anon, maybe do some research about mixing your meds with Marijuana

No. 693319

I've been cutting back majorly on the marijuooni dooni because my dumbass got way too reliant on it & now when I do smoke, I get blown to the bone.
Just smoked some moonrock nugs that I was given today by someone I work with & it's put me in orbit, now I'm sitting here in the tub laughing at all the dumb shit on this site

No. 694556

File: 1608055447797.jpg (51.25 KB, 1000x1000, mighty-vaporizer.jpg)

I just got one of those Mighty vaporizers and I feel like I need to vent a little about it.

I never smoked tobacco and so doing a bong has always been somewhat of a pain. Because of that, I've decided to get something with the best "vapor quality", whatever it was worth. And that thing is absolutely incredible in that regard. Literally, zero discomfort, unless I pack it full, and you never have to do that, even 1/5th of the tank (just enough to cover its bottom) is more than enough for a session. It was so good that I accidentally got too high and had to lie down for a few minutes or maybe an hour. Apparently, you can also use leftover weed to make edibles or spliffs.

It's so freaking ugly. Easily the ugliest thing I own period. It is "portable" but there's absolutely no way to fit it anywhere other than my backpack. There are no programmable options and apparently no way to switch batteries without soldering either.

And so I'm sitting here with this huge ass chonker I paid $300 bucks for and… I guess I don't even know how to end this post. Thank you for reading.

No. 702734

File: 1608934740894.png (65.16 KB, 800x720, 584871d2e4e6f86ab5c3359e.png)

sounds like such a good time anon

No. 702986

File: 1608983159739.png (635.74 KB, 1440x1448, u3kpd9gaqcz31.png)

i'm about to roll a FATTY doink i love being a Complete piece of shit stoner

No. 703179

Do edibles not work that well for anyone else? I have a high tolerance, but I have edibles maybe 2-3 times a year. I ate a whole brownie and I was pretty high, but I wasn't as stoned as I should have been.

I had a mango about 20 minutes before but other than that I ate in on a completely empty stomach. Should I have eaten something fatty beforehand? I assumed the brownie would have been fatty enough itself.

No. 703181

Yea man. Any edible I ever does nada. I smoke a lot so that’s probably why. But cookies, butter, candy, whatever, it doesn’t even make me sleepy. It sucks tbh. Idk if what you ate before has anything to do with it.

No. 703183

It took a really long time to kick in for me, but the 1/4 gummy hit me like a bus out of nowhere. I was high when I had to get up for work the next day too. Maybe what you're eating isn't the best or you do better with some edible over others?

No. 708820

File: 1609870974288.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images2.jpg)

Tfw I still don't know how long I should wait to double text my plug

No. 708913

Flakey plugs are the worst thing about being a drug user. Thank fuck I live in a rec state

No. 711345

There is a National Onion Association lmaooo

I was cleaning up my bedroom and found some old packs of medical marijuana my friend used to get for me from almost a year ago and some joint canisters. There was a bit of a joint which was awesome despite it being from summer 2019.
I took the time to cut open the four bags scrape out what was there in the super deep creases at the bottom and there was a lot. I'm sooo happy that I didn't throw them out and I can hold off buying weed for another few days!

No. 711856

god daaaamn i miss smoking socially. i miss passing blunts at garage shows and smoking random people's bongs at house parties… mostly because the conversations with strangers are always interesting and weirdly deep/heartfelt. i'm a very anxious and shy person even though i'm an extrovert, so weed really lets me cut loose and enjoy the moment. this thread is the closest i get to those old times. i love everyone ITT, even though i never reply to posts i always enjoy them. even the ones that are just like "i'm high". peace & love… hedonism 5ever

No. 713917

I just realized I wasn't addicted to weed - I was addicted to sugar!

Now that I've cut sugar for a week I'm not smoking as much and don't need as much weed to get high. Amazing. Munchies were fun but I hope they'll only be a special treat rather that a daily thing.

No. 714577

ughhh i can blow smoke rings but theyre fuckin cheerios cuz my mouth is so goddamn small

No. 715157

I had edibles for the first time today and they're good, but expensive . Still, it's definitely a luxury spend, but i'd rather have oil/wax and grass.

No. 715176

File: 1610770550933.jpg (31.68 KB, 800x1200, Focus_V_Carta_Vape_Rig-0006.jp…)

REEEEE my expensive e rig melted sometime in the last 24 hours. I'm pretty sure something shorted which is extremely frustrating. I hate using a torch for dabs and if this company says they can't do anything for me, I'm going to spend ANOTHER 250 on a new one because I hate butane that much.
Pic related, the piece of shit that melted.

No. 715375

does anyone else hate smoking with other people? i get hyperaware of my body and super paranoid around people, i wish i could laugh at stupid stuff and enjoy having conversations like my friends do, is this something that can be overcomed? i love smoking alone but smoking with my friends is a nightmare i wish i could enjoy it

No. 715376

Why don't you try making your own? It's a bit of a hassle to figure out the decarboxilation (I think that's what it was called) process, but once you got it down you can make a whole bunch of weed butter, freeze it and make a batch of cake or cookies with it when you feel like it. Just make sure not to bake it at too high a temperature and you're all set.

No. 715396

I never smoke in the mornings but I did today and just got back into bed. My bf is making us coffee, I feel sooooo nice.

No. 715398

Sounds cool, enjoy your morning anon! An occasional wake & bake can be so heavenly

No. 715435

i need to stop smoking during the day but it's hard when i'm at home 24/7.

what do you anons do to try and keep yourself away until the evening? this is coming from someone who smokes weed like a person smokes cigs.

No. 715460

I smoked weed all day long for many years & am finally cutting it down to just in the evening.
The best thing you can do is create tasks or chores for yourself to complete throughout the day, or even do a bit of pampering like doing your nails or whatever. You'll feel much more productive & the high in the evening will be very chill

No. 715521

I use for medical reasons so I space them out like one would pharma meds (smoke a bowl once per day with a meal or as needed for pain/severe anxiety). It seems to help. My weed lady is also a chef and makes awesome edibles and baking ingredients

No. 715745

most of the time i enjoy smoking with others, but occasionally i'll get super paranoid, especially if i'm in public. i've gotten better at reminding myself that i'm hyperfocusing because i'm high, and it's helped redirect the focus from myself and what i say to whatever is around me. it's easy to spiral when you're high, so catching it ahead is the best bet to not wigging out. also, being less high will decrease the chances of wigging out.

been having the same fucking problem, but i make a checklist of stuff i have to do that day before i get to smoke. it's really hard not to cheat, and i have, but i agree it makes you more productive and the payoff much sweeter

No. 720337

Dry herb vaping is godsent. Clean, smooth rips and, woo wee, that discretion. I hope I don't turn into an annoying fuckhead who vapes in public and can't stop talking about vaping.

No. 720340

People just be jealous.

No. 720349

Everyone around me smokes spliffs and I can't deal with the tobacco, it makes it feel like an instant stoneover and I hate it. But vaping is amazing. Everything tastes clean and delicious, my lungs feel great, the high is never ever too much, and I can make a 20 bag last forever.
>annoying fuckhead who can't stop talking about vaping
Hey that's me!

No. 720400


Speaking from experience, you’ll feel it like two years.

No. 721048

Have any heavy smokers had COVID?

I was talking with a friend whose family all got infected with COVID, except for her girlfriend who is a heavy smoker. How the hell could someone be negative after they made out with someone who had COVID? We now think smoking can help prevent COVID.

No. 721074

weed makes me really tired, is there any solution to this?

No. 721076

I did a post grad on cannabinoids, they've a lot of antimicrobial properties, I've also not got covid or know any stoners who have and were all still meeting dealers etc and a lot of those dealers don't believe in covid etc so they're not taking precautions etc and still I don't know any potheads that have got it.

No. 721077


No. 721114

cool, my neighbors can thank me for being a piece of shit stoner who smokes on the porch all day while they walk past. just lookin out for the neighborhood y’all

No. 721205

Energy drink.

No. 727459

I just took a fat crumble snap and my GOD I feel like there is magma in my lungs

No. 727871

Had a really successful but stressful day.
Just smoked a joint while taking a bubble bath.
Put on some comfy clothes and now I'm lying in my bed with freshly washed sheets. This is heaven.

If anyone reads this, any recommendations on what to snack on? Super undecided.

God the bed is soft. I wish I could share the softness with you all.
sending virtual sofntess

No. 727872

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of fruit when I’m stoned, or pretzels in peanut butter or tortilla chips in hummus or salsa!! That sounds so cozy, can’t wait for that to be me once I get home from work! Have a lovely night anon.

No. 727881


Thank you so much!!!
I hope you'll get home safe and soon~

Ohhh fruit is amazing. I'm a suckered for grapes when stoned the texture is so satisfying and it's so refreshing too! I should check my fridge, maybe make a mini charcuterie board. With some fruit, nachos, cheese and veggies (if I have some definitely some hummus to dip thank you for the recommendations!!!).
Getting the best of all the worlds

No. 734282

Horny and high and hungry—what a triple threat.

No. 734406

hiding in the bathroom at work to hit my cart because I work third shift so 4:20 sits right in the middle of my hours, im on my period and trying to shit but having little success… I hope the oui’d propels the waste out of me

No. 734598

Day one of a long t-break for me… smokin CBD hemp to keep the physical habit but no more of that good good. Get nice and baked for me today, anons

No. 734683

File: 1612890634450.gif (306.94 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m7mprkFWtU1qfsxpyo1_r1_…)

There is a snow storm outside, I'm cuddled up in bed, I have my fairy light on and just smoked a big fat joint.

I'm gonna play Animal Crossing now and just relax, life is good.

No. 734692

hehehe i just smoked specifically for the reason of getting comfy and organizing the flowers on my island

No. 734765


That sounds like an amazing plan anon~
I hope you're having a great time

No. 734780

I haven't smoked since 2020 and im missing it so bad this week. It's below freezing where I live so all there is to do besides work is stay home and play vidya. It's boring af sober. I quit because I might be getting drug tested if I get this job that I've been wanting forever, so in the end it's worth it. I just miss it so damn bad rn. On the bright side my tolerance will be back down when I can start again.

No. 735314


Stay strong anon, same here on the not smoking since 2020 - trying to save money and also I’m doing Invisalign at the moment so I want to give it a chance without having to take my braces out every time I smoke. I’m also thinking about the tolerance benefits and how great my first spliff back will be… maybe early next month idk.

No. 740335

File: 1613428391033.png (241.55 KB, 498x260, imgoingin.png)

Live in a shitty 3rd world country where this shit is haram but I finally managed to get me some gummies. Kinda nervous, wish me luck lasses.

No. 740348

File: 1613429350782.png (1.11 MB, 1184x1054, 921ad50ef6398bba68932841c50fce…)

No. 740353

File: 1613429513773.gif (1.56 MB, 275x207, 2CF5A39E-7110-42C6-9981-53488D…)

Is this your first time? Start small and remember they can take a while to kick in. Have fun and stay home anon.

No. 740359

Have a great time anon!

No. 742258

File: 1613617302136.gif (98.01 KB, 184x187, 1592540166145.gif)

No. 742267

made my imaginary husband in fallout 4 and my really nice neighbor gave me some leftovers from a dinner she cooked today .. and I have tomorrow off. Time to get scoopity woop woopity scoop woop

No. 742292

not high this time, but mad drunk,m and iuve been staring at this gif for like 10 mins

No. 750149

I've smoked too much today, if you see any posts with a lot of grammar issues understand that I'm not in the right head space to be clear.

No. 750896

File: 1614478571199.jpg (30.74 KB, 537x400, 1613013963927.jpg)

honestly this site iss a fucking nightmare but tbh i love all you guys anyway. you're all like sister's to me, like this little petty mean girl gang i can always bitch to and fight with. i think women need places like this to go to, and be catty and mean but to also support one another and spill their darkest secrets to one another

No. 750909

I love you too anon.

No. 750938

anon i think i’ve seen u post in another thread and i love u too, bitch

No. 750955

anyone here smoke before surgery? i got a cart from a friend, but i have a revision surgery next week and am definitely going to hold off after until i’m completely recovered, but right now is so tempting…

No. 750956

please don't, that's apparently what killed my aunt

No. 750975

holy shit, i’ll abstain. how did it kill her?

No. 750979

Nta I don't know shit about weed but I've heard it messes with how anaesthesia works and if you don't tell the doctors you smoke, you could wake up in the middle of surgery
Probably could result in shock?
Don't know if this is real though or if it killed anon's aunt

No. 751009

also nta, wasn't aware it could kill (sorry to the anon in >>750956), but had some experience with this and can corroborate some of >>750979, at the very least that it inhibits the effectiveness of the anaesthesia…

nightly stoner, sometimes start earlier sometimes all day kek. my appendix burst, and i was put under for the appendectomy. wasn't stoned when it burst or for the op, but i knew vaguely about this and live in canada so wasn't too worried about being honest in advance about my weed habits; sure enough when i came to after the operation they told me that i would be groggier for a longer period of time because a larger amount of anaesthesia was required to put me under.

you might find this useful if you haven't already started googling: https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/coming-clean-your-anesthesiologist-needs-to-know-about-marijuana-use-before-surgery-2020011518642

i would recommend getting stoned in the recovery period after surgery though, especially if you have edibles (coughing from smoking might be an issue depending on the surgery). they gave me opiates for my recovery but i didn't even bother with them and just spaced on edibles for a week and was pretty pain free and blissed out

No. 752743

Am I crazy or do all of the boutique weeds like "cake mintz" or "banana cookies" definitely just have artificial scents/flavor spritzed on them?? Obvuously theres variation in scent and taste by strain but in the last couple years way too many of these things have appeared for them all to be real things.

I got something called "banana cookie" or something close to that a while ago, and when I used it in my herb vape, I got hit with this big blast of what I'm certain was artificial banana flavor (isoamyl acetate, like the banana in banana laffy taffy - I've done a synthesis of it in chen class (it was invented in like 1902 so it's not complicated) so I am far too familiar with its scent).

Let's be honest, weed growers havent been gene splicing banana smell into weed plants or anything, much less somehow breeding them to smell exactly like birthday cake flavoring. It's not like it's dangerous really, the scents are probably the same stuff used in vape juice, but I'm almost certain that a lot of boutique weeds are just a normal weed strain with a vapejuice flavor spritzed on. Normally when you smoke the weed, most of the scent is combusted, so you only get a faint banana-ish smell/taste in the smoke, but with a dry herb vape, since the scents are much easier to vaporize than the weed itself, I get a big lungful of artificial scent at first. After that it's fine, but I'm not gonna buy fancy strains anymore cause I swear it's just flavored normal weed. Maybe everyone already knew this but me though.

I guess the corollary is, feel free to make up your own weed strains called like "caramel apple kush", spritz some bottled caramel apple flavoring on normal weed, and sell it for double to suckers…

No. 752765

I’m living temporarily with my parents’ and feel like a teenager again when sneaking joints.
I’m 25 but there was some shit when my parents found out about my weed use as a teenager.
Now my only concern is to find a plug from this bumfuck city. I’m used to cycling to places but my (mother's ) bike is inexpensive and it gets long looks from locals. Crackheads are 100% sure going to steal it so I have to screen plugs near my place. Luckily i have three joints left

I’m so freaking jealous of you anons who are living in legal cannabis states

No. 752800

I live in Ireland where weed is illegal and idk how but there's shit weird here that has artificial scents sprayed. One of my dealers said some bud he's been offered to sell was like soaked in some kind of alcohol he wouldn't take it. I've been sold a few bad batches and they give me headaches.

No. 752823

I dont mean bad or sketch weed - here in the us they sell stuff in dispensaries called like "cherry cookies" and it really does smell like cherry cookies, but it's just normal weed flavored with cherry cookie flavoring. It's not bad for you or anything probably (vapers are inhaling the stuff straight all day and they seem…fine) - it's just marked up by a lot, and the companies pretend like they bred some incredible new weed that smells exactly like cherry. It's just a way to charge more for the same weed.

No. 752829

(Samefag) for example if you see like gorilla glue classic on the shelf next to "premium banana gorilla" or w/e that says shit like "the latest from dankseeds, potent head high with hints of banana" they lyin'. Its the same stuff, just has banana smell on it.

On a related note my conspiracy theory is that starbucks coffee is so bitter and burnt in order to make it barely drinkable without paying more for flavored coffee.

No. 753674

File: 1614832732971.jpg (11.57 KB, 600x600, vaporesso_orca_solo_aio_starte…)

I really would love to try vaping but weed is illegal here. is it still possible or should i just avoid it? do any anons have exprience with vaping in an illegal country?
if i could i would get a cute one like picrel… it looks so comfy

No. 753679

same here, i'm been thinking about it so long because i hate smoking in my apartment. it's way too easy to find bad or fake carts with dealers though, it stresses me out more than buying. i'm really close to just saying fuck it and dealing with the costs of a weed card + whatever else, or maybe asking someone i know who does to help me out. if you do try to find a cart please be careful and try to find someone very trusted that you know! i've come across a ton of fake ones years ago when i was a heavy smoker from various of dealers, maybe it's better now but i'm not sure. it's so much comfier to just take a hit in bed out of a cute vape though.. why can't i just live in a legal state gahh.

No. 753685

I've been ordering from this delivery place that gives you two free joints if they take longer than an hour. They take over an hour every time lmao. They're so big too!

No. 754200

File: 1614892661718.jpg (192.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210304-123616_Gal…)

I switched like 6 months ago from smoking to this (vleaf go), its a dry herb vape so no carts. Downside is you cant pack very much at a time (carts are way more concentrated ofc) but I'm a lightish smoker anyway. And you can use kief or moonrocks or w/e if you want which is probably still easier to find anywhere than carts. Its usb-battery powered and has a reasonable battery life (can smoke like 3 loads 3x each). It doesnt toast it very hard, the herb is like beige afterward, so it's still got a lot of thc left behind, but you can save it up to make edibles etc with. It's kinda flimsy seeming but they have a 2year warranty, and its only like $60-70, so even if I have to buy a new one every year I wouldn't really care. I also used some random coupon code on a blog review of it, not sure if it still works but it was like "stephen20" for I think 20% off. Biggest advantage tbh is I only go through my weed like half as fast compared to smoking…

No. 754210

oh also tip with this, you'll need a needle/safety pin to poke the filter mesh screen clear now and then as it tends to get blocked up. It's a pretty fine filter which is good - the mesh is too small to actually fit a needle/pin all the way through but if you just jab at it randomly you'll unclog it most of the way. Also the seal between the cap and the base has gotten iffy on mine, probably just from normal wear, but pressing the cap down firmly while inhaling still makes it seal well.

No. 760045

File: 1615587238403.jpg (37.41 KB, 567x521, 2285.jpg)

I made the mistake of getting high and then reading a bunch of articles on the horrific shit men put women through. Sorry if this is the wrong thread for it. lol Last time I got high (on shrooms), I was making a connection between sex & cannibalism. I was trying to put together sex & destruction. I think the sex & cannibalism connection for women is different between women than men.

For women, It's like a desire to fully become one to fully integrate another being into yourself. You love it so much you want to become fully one with them, morph into one being.

I feel like men are just inherently destructive, something in them wants to tear everything apart and destroy it. They want to take what is beautiful and pure and destroy it. The sex & cannibalism connection is more of a desire to, go beyond the regulars of proper society. You can only inflict so much damage with sex & violence, but cannibalism is seen as an even more extreme, grotesque taboo. It's a desire to desecrate their very soul, their very being.

inb4 crazy radfem bitch but i had to share

No. 760047

shes right tbh

No. 760073

Dude I wish I could get high and hang out with you, you seem totally chill and interesting. Sincerely, stoned britfag

No. 760087

my dumb ass read “cannibalism” as “cannabis” for your entire post and I was so confused. like, shit, apparently everyone other than me seem to be getting really intense when they smoke…

No. 762422

I've smoked daily since covid started so now I'm really trying to get back to reasonable levels and it's awful lol. I'm doing a tbreak from yesterday to Saturday, and gonna try to limit myself to 1-2 times a week going forward.

No. 762440

Girl I believe it, I remember a woman talking about the abuse she went through once and I don't remember the exact quote but she said something like, "The look in his eyes was as if he wanted to tear me apart until I was completely annihilated and there was nothing left." Fucking chilling, men are evil.

No. 762465

Kek my bf had to work late so I walked to meet him somewhere so we could smoke before going home and the whole time I was waiting for him I kept thinking "damn someone smells like weed" but it was me

No. 762485

Omg anon this made me kek. The other week I was at church like “oh god my hair/coat really smells like weed this is not good” and then I realized I had a little baggie in my purse I had meant to stash in my car the night before… I was so mortified!!

No. 767840

Woke up from a nap to a text from my bf of a picture of my jar of cannacoconut oil in the trash. It was a gift from my dealer before he had to move home and stop selling and I can’t bake edibles at my place so I had done it at his apartment with one of his roomates two months ago and still had enough left over for 5 batches. Idk if someone didn’t know what it was and threw it out but now I’m scared about leaving it there! I wasn’t ever scared of anyone using it just because I can’t see them putting 5+ hrs of work into baking it but if my bf didn’t see it in the trash it would’ve been gone forever…..

No. 770236

File: 1616781081397.jpg (218.75 KB, 1600x1167, depositphotos_171470828-stock-…)

I need to get out of this fucking state fck12 FCK12. Any enthusiasts have close-call with authorities stories? My bf and I had a cop knocking the other week (looking for someone who used to live here I guess) and I had never moved so fast to scurry away/cover up visible illegals.

No. 770240

I had a plant growing in my house want and my rats always alerted me to someone approaching the door. I was up in my room and I heard the rats and looked out the window and saw the fucking police lol. I ducked down so fast thankfully I wasn't in view of the window prior to that and my bf at the time was in the back of the house and wouldn't have been visible. I text him to stay hidden and the door knocked. We never answered and never knew what the fuck that was about. We moved the plant out tho we think a neighbour tipped someone off. I would love to try and have a plant again but the place im in is the first floor and Windows everywhere. Far too nervous someone would notice.

No. 770249

phew! I wish my cat would act as an alarm but she's pretty useless for that lol. Also fuck nosey neighbors if it's not a meth lab stay tf out.

We have a plant (that is now hidden even more in our tiny apartment) that was my main worry during the event. I think this will be our only grow for a while before we're able to move to a legal state. It's pretty frustrating but you can't really fight the law like that.

Do you remember what strain you were growing? I wish we had more space/freedom to plant more variety.

No. 770262

It was an autoflower,is northern lights an autoflower? I have a roof space but you see those bird eye view photos of houses that have grows and I get scared since we would get snow sometimes lol. Like does a single plant really need that much heat or light? my ex took everything to do with the grow I just financed it lol

No. 770279

File: 1616786315970.jpg (152.74 KB, 1000x1000, a01.jpg)

You could purchase a northern lights auto. And same, I've left most of the practical work to my S/O and financed some of it myself. I'd like to educate myself more though. That's too bad he took the stuff! You don't need too much room to actually grow but it depends on what kind of yield you're looking for (and security that is needed).

Not mine but pic related is a kind of space bucket that you can make yourself for cheap. We built something similar that has the light + plant contained within it and fans to help with the heat. Snow melting on the roof is probably from people with bigger, open grow spaces like a room with lights and such.

No. 770435

That looks expensive but also neat and tidy. I think it was my ex bringing the equipment in one day that tipped off the neighbour I suspect told on us. I live in a complex and would just be so worried about everything, even tho I smoke and have lived here years and never had a comment about the smell of it when I'm smoking so maybe I'm overthinking it. Then there's the drying of it once it's grown, just wish it was legal where I am lol

No. 772960

Had the biggest cry of my life and just took 100mg of edibles. Can't wait to sleep for 2 days.

No. 773012

I've only tried edibles with crazy-high (lol) THC levels, and the only blunt I've smoked was probably CBD-only and conked me the fuck out. Edibles are fun and all, but after the 4~6 hour mark I start wishing to come down and be sober, and the two or three day hangover just won't work now that I'm working full-time. Would smoking bring me a shorter and more tolerable high?

No. 773064

Yes. Smoking or vaping gives you wayyy more control over how much THC you're consuming because each hit only takes a few minutes to kick in, so you can start with 1 hit and go from there to get whatever intensity of effects you want (this takes some practice tho). How long the high from smoking lasts depends on how fast your metabolism is and your tolerance but it should wear off faster than edibles. Plus the duration of the experience should be more predictable because edibles are affected by how fast you digest them.

I would recommend a bong or a THC oil cart (if you can get them safely), these are probably the easiest ways to experiment with figuring out how much you want to consume to get the high you want.

No. 773088

Seconding on the cart suggestion. The ease and control of consumption is ideal if you're unfamiliar with your tolerance.

It is a bit of money to spend (mostly on lights and equipment you might not have already) and labor to actually put it all together. Def not worth it if you're not committed though, as it's a project to take care of. I've decided not to grow any more after this harvest because of growing legal concerns, which sucks. It'd be more fun if it didn't have to be a threatening secret.

No. 774739

File: 1617361312268.jpeg (133.71 KB, 837x761, 1B09C7EB-024B-413F-8665-D8540C…)

Stoned after a 3 month t-break god bless

No. 774919

I’d like to try smoking weed again but the last few times I’ve done it I had horrible panic attacks that ruined the experience. When I first started smoking I never had this issue but after hitting dabs for awhile it started happening. I haven’t smoke in 5+ years and part of the issue is getting weed from the street makes me super paranoid. I always think I’m “poisoned” when I smoke. Any tips for stopping this? I don’t drink anymore and it’d be nice to feel something once in awhile without the horrible hangover alcohol gives me

No. 774926

So i've smoked weed a couple times and each time my ears got weird and blocked. I couldn't hear very well and sounds were muted. Has anyone had this problem? Was it the way I inhaled or do I just have messed up ear/nose tubes?

No. 774951

It happens, it's just part how it messes with your senses. It can go both ways - you can suddenly become too sensitive to noise and everything starts sounding too loud, or everything can become muffled and it gets hard to hear.
Tl;dr you're imagining it. you're just tripping

No. 774960

File: 1617393254606.png (74.88 KB, 288x296, balanced.png)

I love smoking weed. I never feel bad while high. I am genetically suited for being high as balls

No. 774968

Every single time I've tried to smoke weed I've become a paranoid mess, what gives? I really want to feel what everyone else feels dammit.

No. 774973

File: 1617394538895.jpg (352.44 KB, 728x921, pickles.jpg)

I just had pickles for the first time in my life yesterday and I gotta say, these might be my new favorite snack. Or that could just be weed talking.

No. 774998

File: 1617396954795.jpg (66.59 KB, 600x600, its-a-tapestry.jpg)

Some questions for you stoneys:
>What shows or videos do you watch?>What music do you like to listen to when you're high as shit?
>Do you prefer to smoke alone or with people?
>How do you combat cotton mouth?
When ever I wind down with a bowl I usually prepare popcorn and default to some old shows I've seen a hundred times already. If I don't put something on quick I'll end wasting the high scrolling for something. Don't have any friends irl so I don't what its like smoking with people. I'd imagine I would be a lot more self concious than usual.

No. 775020

For years I never liked smoking with anyone and only took tiny baby hits (of flower) because that's all I could handle. When I first started dabbing I'd get waaay too high and would get sick or have to sleep it off. I fixed this by just taking only what I need and only smoking in a safe place. Do not feel like you have to smoke bc it just fucking ruins it if you go over you're threshold. After I sort of "learned" how to navigate while being super stoned I've gotten so much more comfortable smoking. Idk if would help at all, but I've been smoking instead of drinking alcohol too

Pickys are def the superior snack selection. Excellent taste.

>What shows or videos do you watch?
My go-to is Star Trek (TNG or DS9) or RedLetterMedia lmao. I love watching those middle-aged men suffer at the hands of schlock movies.
>What music do you like to listen to when you're high as shit?
Usually ambient house garbage or funky R&B. I like to just plug in and dance around my apartment.
>Do you prefer to smoke alone or with people?
Alone or with my sweetie. I feel comfortable enough to smoke with most, but I'd rather chill out in my own space.
>How do you combat cotton mouth?
It doesn't bother me that much. I'm usually eating or drinking some after I've smoked. Just drink more water or pop a hard candy or something lmao.

No. 775388

what type of weed are you smoking? the really strong stuff makes some people paranoid.

No. 776941

You guys, I have a problem. I started ironically saying "smonking" and "doing a heckin smonk" from the Shayna Clifford threads, but now I say it all the time before I smoke, I can't stop myself.

No. 777021

I bought some d8 gummies a few months ago and it was fun as fuck. It hit me with art inspo like a bag of bricks. Issue is, every time I moved slightly (turning my head or opening my eyes), it felt like a spikey electric blanket was being grazed across my brain. It was unpleasant enough for me to not touch it since.

Has that happened to any of you? Any idea what could have caused it? I swear I saw someone mention having the same experience and what a possible cause is… somewhere, either on 420chan or BL or elsewhere, but lord help me I haven't been able to find it.

No. 777032

Don’t worry Anon just embrace the heckin way. Kek

No. 777036

File: 1617681131385.gif (2.96 MB, 500x500, 08fe21bf-627b-4b62-8719-f8d2bc…)

Yes anon! I had this exact same experience. You were couch-locked (or if you were on the bed, bed-locked). You took too high of a dosage. Gradually, as your body began to succumb to the dosage, you lost the ability to move without experiencing that shit.

Ever since then, I've done smaller doses but I haven't felt anything. sO I'm gonna try and do 25mg again.

No. 777049

Yes! That was me!! I couldn't move for what felt like forever, laying all giddy on the couch, then somehow I managed to go upstairs to go to bed. I'll try a smaller dose next time and see if that does anything. Thank you anon!

No. 777315

Anon this made me cackle DO NOT feel like you have to stop

No. 780637

I'm high ok no one probabLy going to read but I remembered to put sage so it won't bump it's ok. I bought a record today and the lady at the store was cute and she said nice coat. It's a cute yellow coat. I said thanks. Cute girls at record stores are fucking scary theyre cool unless they like gay shit like metal sorry. I'd you like metal it's just so boring to me lol but she probably liked indie or something cute like belle and sebastian ahghf I want to talk about music with cute girls.

No. 780830

oppa lolcow style op op op heyyyy sexy farmer

No. 780831

op op OP greentext shit thread! hey hey hey hey hye ayyyyyyy sexy femcel op op op op OP is a liar

No. 781478

>>777021 here
Huh. I haven't consumed/smoked anything in a while, but right now my brain feels almost the exact same way as it did on those gummies. Like it faintly feels good. The only out of the ordinary thing that's happened is I got my second Pfizer shot yesterday afternoon. Fuckin weird.

No. 781506

Me and my friend both agree that this cart I got from a dealer smells and tastes weirdly of curry, what's up with that

My cousin told me once about getting high the day after smoking from physical exertion, supposedly since metabolized THC deposits in body fat, burning the fat can release it? idk if this is a myth or not

No. 782647

File: 1618301180794.jpg (115.9 KB, 1024x1024, SIUPXDOOM-SKANY1323-1024x1024.…)

Stoner anons, would a weed pipe like this be a nice gift for a friend? I don't know shit about smoking weed, so I have no idea if it would be comfortable to use, but I thought it looks cool.

No. 782651

I think it looks pretty cool and unique and yeah, looks comfortable enough. Is there a reason you think she would like it besides the fact it's a pipe?

No. 782654

Thanks. She's an artist and enjoys unique and colorful things, so I thought it'd be perfect for her. My only concern was convenience but if it looks usable I think I'll give it a go.

No. 787561

File: 1618930096416.png (226.47 KB, 460x550, thepizza.png)

What do you mean no thread bumps on 4/20 yet?

No. 787645

File: 1618938540236.gif (228.99 KB, 498x356, partyhard.gif)

Happy 4/20 farmers!
May your weed be dank and your bowls full! Naturally, I'll be celebrating by lighting up a joint.

No. 787673

Unfortunately I work until midnight tonight. I will be smoking after though! Happy 4/20

No. 787794

File: 1618954538506.jpg (44.34 KB, 1024x1012, EosOn5vVgAEA1Gk.jpg)

My weed isn't coming till Midnight and it's supposed to be really good stuff

I'm going to vibrate off of the table with anticipation

No. 787804

I asked for posi vibes earlier and the good lord heard. Ya girl is getting baked when everybody was against her. God bless.

No. 787824

File: 1618957119908.jpeg (140.16 KB, 750x720, 36A74608-E95F-4B93-81D3-CB92CB…)

I literally smoked resin and I’m scoopity poop woop woopity scoop

S/o to alcohol and calorie counting

No. 787835

The joint I rolled wasn't satisfactory I'm going to make a beefy one but might have some chocolate first.

No. 787890

Gonna smoke 6 bowls without guilt because it's 4/20 bitches!!!

I have Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean by Dance Gavin Dance on and I'm ready to melt to in the voice of that asshole Jonny Craig and my couch.
Life is fine.

No. 787982

File: 1618973354876.gif (939.53 KB, 220x220, tenor (3).gif)

I tried some delta-8 thc today & it's pretty fire. Or it could be the regular reggie I smoke. Either way

No. 788006

Edible just kicked in and I have a plate of jalapeno stuffed olives, feta cheese, and cucumbers to eat while I watch Frenemies.

No. 788007

hard agree. i suspect some of this shit is actually hot with d9 it's so good

No. 788020

File: 1618985087263.jpeg (537.32 KB, 1280x1520, B8F3E1C3-8DF4-478C-8EB0-6F06E2…)

about to spend 420 rest of it with my 2D husbando
had some bar food it was actually good but greasy as fuck so I went home and drank ramune mixed with powerade to wash it down… yeah……. Going to watch anime now

No. 788056

oh hey, it's the picture

No. 789089

to other people who smoke a lot, and also have mental illnesses, have you ever experienced intense, paranoid thoughts while high? also, how bad were they, and what did they revolve around? i've never experienced that before, so i'm curious what that's like.

No. 791763

File: 1619392602422.png (450.35 KB, 563x553, c79f704aca7169a7f223f09c776d93…)

nothing much to say except i don 't even feel like a real person right now

No. 791957

Last Thursday my sister pressured me into vaping weed (and I kind of wanted to) while still having to take care of her son. The hallucinations started kicking in while I was feeding him then I no longer recognized my nephew and started screaming “that’s not my baby!!!!” while crying and sobbing until I’ve realized I was dehydrated from tears and saliva as I was touching my face for some reason.

Soon after, I notice my hands and limbs started merging with each other and make portraits of what I see as I was looking underwater when in reality Spongebob was on so I subconsciously turned off the tv and was in a mind-hug playing with my hands and repeated other functions like checking the time on my phone because it felt like an eternity and asking my brother who was also high if the baby was okay and going to my room.

I felt everything, man… and imagined what I was doing while eating, drinking, swallowing, peeing and the urge or or relief to piss again. The high wore off a little as I finished drinking a Pepsi and was given my nephew back then I continued doing my daily nanny tasks like putting him to sleep, feeding them playing with him and another two hours of sleep while still high and tried not to do repeated motions or putting my hands together to not trigger more hallucinations.

Oh and I also saw the sandman on tv while my parents were watching the news in their lunch break, they probably noticed I was high but didn’t say anything because my nephew was okay for the most part.

No. 791960

That sounds intense anon. It was only a vape??

No. 791963

It was jenkem. I know a jenkem high when I see it.

No. 791965

TIL you can get high on poop

No. 791969

It was a thc wax pen as far as I know, I had three hits and the last one was huge

No. 792078

File: 1619436099339.jpeg (9.84 KB, 227x220, images (10).jpeg)

>The hallucinations started kicking in while I was feeding him then I no longer recognized my nephew and started screaming “that’s not my baby!!!!” while crying and sobbing

Wow cool

No. 793974

Yes. Sometimes I get paranoid my next door neighbors are looking at me from their windows when I let the dog out after I've been smoking. I just tell myself I'm being schizo and try to relax but my mind plays tricks on me. Like oh, their window just went dark as soon as you opened the door so they can look at you better without you seeing them. Straight mento illness shit but I just laugh at myself for being a retard and try to calm down

No. 793992

Anon that was not marijuana.
also your sister is a terrible parent

No. 793995

you definitely shouldn't be…hallucinating on THC, sounds kinda fucked up. wtf kinda spice is ur sister smoking

No. 794003

Why the fuck are you toking around a baby

No. 794006

You either have on your hands some internet-bought cheap untested shit full of bleach or you’re prone to schizophrenia. Either way, don’t smoke anymore.

No. 794011

Why did your sister tell you to do drugs around her baby, and why did you agree to it, wtf

No. 794012

File: 1619630351399.png (Spoiler Image,930.96 KB, 1146x1132, bewfchewt.png)

anon, I am dead serious I think you were given a cum cart unfortunately… a boof and poof, a poop chute boof poof.. it really sucks anon but you know, at least you can rest assured you got staoney as fuck… checck out the r/cumcarts fir more

No. 794014

I'm going to vomit

No. 794058

File: 1619634175511.jpeg (14.27 KB, 259x194, D97A79CD-98F0-486C-8003-DF5952…)

I find Dua Lipa to be very overrated, don't get me wrong, if I woke up tomorrow looking exactly like her my ugly ass would be delighted!kek but as a celebrity I don't understand why everyone says she's so beautiful, her lack of carisma doesn't help one bit. smokinggg doooobbbbsssss

No. 794081


KEK wtffff SO nasty.

Child Neglect Anon please never do drugs if you think it's ok to get high while taking care of a child jfc.

No. 797084

Turned the end of my stash and a bunch of already vaped bud into crockpot (vegan) cannabutter today, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

No. 797246

File: 1619996361541.gif (2.1 MB, 500x281, bake.gif)

Yum yum. Gonna make anything tasty with it? I've got some potent reclaim that I was planning on making rice krispy treats with. Not exciting but I know I will eat more than I'd like if it's too delicious.

No. 800619

File: 1620334659398.jpg (80.03 KB, 712x698, cptr4.JPG)

I have a journal I like to write on whenever I’m high and my brain is too full to remember things. Nothing too deep, just vague thoughts and stuff I come up with. When I’m sober I like to read whatever I wrote and get clean ideas and work on stuff I sketched there, it has come in handy when I have to get work done but have no material lol

Anyone does something like this? I think it’s fun and somehow have grown fond of my shitty stoner journal

No. 801153

Does anyone have experience with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome? I’ve been having stomach issues for over 2 years now, and finally going to a specialist. I’ve only started smoking at all over quarantine and somewhat regularly over the past few months, but the resident and doc mentioned CHS as a potential culprit. I really don’t think that’s it, but idk, can it come on that quickly? I’ve been somewhat sensitive to alcohol in the past as well. It just makes no sense to me since my issues with nausea and vomiting way predate smoking, so idk. Just throwing it out there and wondering, fellow stonies ♥

No. 801204

That only comes on from extremely frequent and heavy smoking, and only in an extremely small subset of the population. Honestly, I think it's a crock of shit and your doctors are retarded for even bringing that up. It's clearly something else going on, you shouldn't have even brought up the pot.

No. 801212

My plan for a relaxing Friday evening is to light up a joint and play the sims.
>shows, videos, music
None of that. I only ever smoke when I play videogames and I only ever play videogames when I smoke lol

No. 801318


Anon, I am such trash that I’ve just been stirring a spoonful of it into instant ramen lmao

No. 801483

My old roommate had it. He smoked constantly and dabbed a lot. He still smokes but only has flare ups sometimes, but they'll put him in the hospital for 3-4 days. It's probably not likely unless you are smoking a high concentration of THC. If you have had previous stomach problems, I'd probably write CHS off but I dont think CHS is the only way weed can induce nausea

No. 804014

I cut my smoking multiple times daily (for years) to only two sessions per week. It's so nice to not have to rely on weed for pain management and get crazy stoned again.

No. 804149

I'm so high and it's half past noon this shouldn't have happened!

No. 804154

Im jealous

No. 804155

It's fun ngl but I feel a tinge of guilt.

No. 807753

I flagged down the ice cream truck going down my alley while I was smoking kek. Got a watermelon popsicle.

No. 817440

File: 1622134503504.jpeg (90.41 KB, 1280x720, 15C6E4AA-D2AD-4B76-8AFC-3F8D5A…)

I don’t know if it’s because of the single bite of rice kweedspie i had for breakfast or what but the egg mcmuffin might just be the greatest fast food ever invented. I’m moved to tears. It’s perfect.

No. 817509

File: 1622140213546.jpeg (196.92 KB, 887x642, 1621485410382.jpeg)

Big mad because my licence expired on my birthday and I haven't gotten my renewed one in the mail yet so I can't enter my dispensary and buy shit. Bruh I just wanna get baked and fuck off into loaded land

No. 817516

this pic makes me lafff so much

No. 817541

Decided to splurge on an oil cartridge but it's bunk (I've used this brand plenty in the past with no issues) and they won't refund or replace it because I don't use their in-house battery. The customer service guy was nice though and I did get a couple free joints. I had a big dramatic "I'm never using your company again!" moment too kek

No. 817825

Kek good for you, I've had to get snippy over carts too and I'm glad you got some free joints out of the deal.

Any other anons smoke for chronic pain and have trouble with tolerance issues? I used to carry around a D8 vape with me because it gives me a mild, almost CBD-like high that helps with daytime pain. But it also boosts my tolerance just like D9 so I can't get super stoned at night to help with sleep, so it's a bit of a double edged sword.

No. 819178

File: 1622354170796.jpg (107.87 KB, 480x512, Muntjac-in-garden,-High-Kellin…)

bumping this tonight, some1 else stoned say hi. always wanted to make my own cannabis butter/oil but too afraid to fuk up and waste the weed

No. 819233


If you vape you could save up the used herb to cook with? Then you don’t have to bother decarboxylating either, and get more bang for your buck

No. 819311

File: 1622375808972.jpeg (884.72 KB, 3334x4834, OnTvXIr.jpeg)

This has everything you need to know, I make coconut oil exactly how this chart says and it's always super strong, it's idiot proof

No. 819321

I've tried growing my own weed several times now and it never comes out right. As far as I know I'm following all the necessary steps, growing picking drying curing and sorting basically. Yet it always has this more grassy smell to it, and when smoked it does couch lock me/knock me out a bit, but mostly just gives me nausea and a headache. It's very different from the weed I buy at the shop.
Anyone here have a clue what I'm doing wrong? I'm not using any lamps, just sunlight, and grow starting late spring and going into summer.

No. 819457

How do you check for maturity? As the trichomes (little sticky beads of thc/oil stuff on the surface of the plant) develop, they're clear when they first appear and grow, and then as they continue to grow they start to get an amber color that darkens as they mature. You can examine the trichomes with a jeweler's eyeglass thing to judge the maturity of the plant. Typically, the weed is harvested when the trichomes have reached a dark-honey-amber sort of color, hecause that's when the yield of thc by weight is highest.

However, what's happening as the truchomes darken is that the compounds are changing in some way. I suspect THC (clear when pure) starts to break down into other degraded cannabinoids that make you feel not so good. Personalky, if the trichomes are too dark brown in color, the weed makes me feel bad the same way you do, but if the weed is harvested when the trichomes are still clear, or have only just started to get an amber tint, the weed is so much better to me - clean, energetic, focused, way less tiredness and nausea. However, you might have to harvest the plant at only half the size to get the light & clear good stuff.

The hidden secret is, the difference between an early harvest of clear-trichome weed and a late harvest of darker amber higher-yield weed, from the same seeds, is a way bigger difference than indica vs sativa or whatever. It's basically the same concept as fingerling potatoes (seeet, fresh, light flavor, but smaller yield per potato) vs big old brown potatoes.

When weed growing was more illegal, growers would harvest plants at a younger age because they didn't have the space to let them get big, so you tended to get young weed with clearer trichomes. But now, growers can let the plants get to the full mature size, which means the weed you get tends to have darker trichomes and make you feel at least a littlw shitty. I basically have to grow it myself to get clear-trichome earlier-harvest weed these days.

No. 819476

File: 1622398792405.jpg (571.73 KB, 636x798, klipspringer.jpg)

I just ate a tasty weed stroopwafel. Hi.

I highly recommend making cannabis oil in a pressure cooker. You can control the temperature better. It also won't make your house reek if you put it in a plastic bag or mason jar.

No. 819489

Have you been removing the fan leaves before or after you dry it? I've read that trimming wet can lead to grassy weed. Drying or curing too quickly can lead to that, too. It's very important to "burp" your jars while curing. That's usually what gets the hay smell out of my weed.

No. 819602

Damn thanks for leaving such an elaborate reply, I appreciate it. I think harvesting too late might be at least partially the problem. I was under the impression that you had to wait until the trichomes were a dark amber colour all the way through, I didn't know you could also get good results by harvesting them at an earlier stage. Next time I'm growing a plant I'll definitely try cutting it off when the trichomes are still clear. I don't mind the smaller size really since a single plant still yields plenty.

>It's very important to "burp" your jars while curing
This is also part of the issue I think. It was completely dry when trimmed but afterwards the jars were probably left without refreshing the air for a bit too long. Thanks!
Also do you happen to know if not completely trimming (eg not getting rid of those tiny little leaves that grow in the buds themselves but still removing the bigger leaves) before curing impacts the weed? I had a bunch where I meticulously took the small stuff off with tweezers but for most of it there was still some left that I just picked off before using.

>weed stroopwafel
That sounds really good. Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere (if so: where)?

No. 819718

As long as its only little sugar leaves, you should be fine to cure them with the bud. If the sugar leaves are bit big they can have a light chlorophyll taste and smell initially, but that should go away with curing.

No. 820281

I just found out that a weed hangover means you took too much, is that true? I've always felt slow and confused as fuck the day after an edible

I went on the pride thread last night after a brownie and it struck me how angry everyone was in a very stereotypical hippy stoner type of way. Normally I wouldn't care about people's vent posts but at the time it just felt so surreally comical that everyone was wasting their time making posts to complain about stuff instead of doing something fun

No. 820926

any canadians know where to order edibles online?

No. 821863

shamrockcannabis is trusty - i love the astro ball candies

No. 821878

I miss living in a place where weed is legal

No. 822455

I honestly need to do this. it's such a good idea

No. 823028


I generally use Cannabudget,but their reviews are iffy (some people not getting orders, etc…). Personally, I like the shatterbars.

No. 823649

I remembered earlier today that my dab torch is in fact a culinary torch, so when I got home I roasted a couple marshmallows on some bamboo skewers lol I'm so happy rn

No. 823721

High thread

No. 823921

in bed, under my weighted blanket, white noise machine on, black-out curtain pulled, stoned as fuck. bliss.

No. 824499

File: 1623036042166.jpeg (48.37 KB, 550x366, 4AE52B47-400C-4AAD-924B-448720…)

every time i smoke, my stomach gets upset or i get wave of nausea. am i going to get weed syndrome, vomit and die? or just hungry and paranoid?

No. 824503

eat some crackers and sip some water or apple juice and breathe anon, you will not die

No. 824506

has it always been like this? it sometimes messes with my stomach and gives me nausea too but I noticed it happens more when I smoke cheap or low quality weed

No. 824507

thank you nonnie… i had some grapes and water and the upset stomach passed, now i will go to sleep… goodnight!

No. 824528

Does anyone else hyperfocus on flaws when they're high? Whenever I get high with someone else I tend to hyperfocus on their flaws and I get grossed out by how ugly they are.

No. 824560

File: 1623048568782.png (228.23 KB, 500x284, michaelfalk.png)



If I am around people, I pick at their flaws, and if I am alone I will pick at my own.

I find varying my surroundings can help, providing it can be done in a non-idiotic manner. No matter how much one might feel like she is about to explode if she doesn't run around with glee, if she's also standing near traffic her odds of not exploding will probably be better if she stands still.

By the way, since I know some of us struggle with paranoia, the last part of that isn't actually directed at any of you. Please do not run into traffic.

In conclusion,I apologize for sounding like this guy when I'm high.

No. 824563

I'm generally a well-liked person with friends in various different circles, but I was also a bully in school. I've since corrected my behaviour and try my best to not lash out or intimidate people around me, but when I get combative I immediately pick up on the other's flaws and make them known. When I'm high however I hyperfocus on my own flaws, which are more often than not identical to the ones I take note of in other people: weird posture, bad rhetoric, stupidity, being an underachiever etc etc

sage for blogpost

No. 824660

Yes. I try to avoid dating apps for that reason when I'm high kek.
I also have a harder time watching movies and media because I'm way more critical of it.

No. 824696

Do any of you stoners in weed legal states get those dart pods instead of the carts at medical dispensaries? I started with carts but the pods stretch out so much more. Better bang for your buck and the dart battery gives a smoother hit, less nose burning than what you get from regular carts.

No. 825124

I took a three day t-break and I just smoked and damn life is good. Listening to Ape Dos Mil by Glassjaw and sexy dancing on my couch and around my living room.
Music is so fucking great when you're high. I'm gonna listen to posthardcore from the 2000's and jam OUT the whole night bby.

No. 826730

Girl…Thrice were my jam

No. 826754

I fucking love Ape Dos Mil

No. 827560

File: 1623378455409.png (596.99 KB, 710x703, looking.png)

Sitting here totally blasted off my ass thinking about how much I love women, mmm, women ….. women are magical ….. i love women ….. it's hard to put into words but, i just, i really love women, everytime i get high that's what i think about. sorry for being a weird lesbian but i just love women, all (real) women in every possible way with my whole heart …. women …….

No. 827645

File: 1623389602623.jpg (92.87 KB, 600x600, attn.jpg)

nononono anon u don't have to apologize for loving women EVER… especially not in the stoney baloney thread. picrel

i make rly good edibles and every day i pray for a gf to share them with… someday…

No. 827647

File: 1623389677536.png (906.15 KB, 680x821, gfs.png)

or perhaps… 3 gfs…

No. 827648


No. 828205

thanks nonnies

No. 828353

Late to the party but I've always had good luck with cannacured [dot] co
They sell shrooms too if that's your thing! Ordered several times and never had a problem, fast shipping too! Have fun anon!

No. 828418

is there really that much of a difference in delta 8 and delta 9? i am in an illegal state and a complete social retard so i have only tried delta 8 stuff ive bought online (both sativa and indica, which feel pretty similar to me) but i was wondering if it would be worth my effort sourcing regular delta 9 or if it's not worth my time if it's almost the same

No. 828481

It's really not the same, delta 9 is well worth the effort.

Any anons have any advice on how to stop coughing like a pussy? I smoke all the time but I can't do rips or even little puffs without coughing super hard.

No. 828484

It's not the same, but it's definitely an awesome experience. I'm using it right now and feel like I'm floating atm

No. 828492

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Smoking weed makes me a cat on catnip. I wish my boyfriend was awake

No. 828505

Bout to smoke so much I turn to Shayna Clifford (yeeeaaaaa) fat white bitch swag (swag)

No. 828509

absolute sperg incoming, delta 8 "strains" are just flavors. it's just terpenes when they label the strain and it's debatable whether or not terped delta 8 affect your high. but as for black market stuff, a lot of what's going around my area is actually delta 8 sprayed flower and not "actual weed". no one believed me about it when I tried calling it out so I stopped buying flower on the street and switched to delta 8. I don't think the difference between delta 8 and 9 is enough for me to really miss "regular weed" and I really enjoy it. it's fun to mix my own terpenes and other cannabinoids into raw distillate. doing that makes it feel more like the effects from delta 9 flower because of the well rounded cannabinoid profile in the mixes

No. 828534

Personally, I love adding ice to a bong to help ease coughing. I think most of the time coughing is a result of irritation, so maybe try drinking some water beforehand? Best of luck~!

No. 828538

Samefag but I haven't been able to smoke for the past 3 weeks due to an employment drug screening. It's done with but now my bf has got my ass paranoid that they might do consistent drug screenings during my employment. I'm so impatient but I don't want to fuck up this job opportunity and continue to be unemployed…

No. 828549

Currently dry on stash and it's driving me insane. How does one sleep without a good rip? Almost feel like a druggie with how I'm trying to make up enough for a bowl.

No. 828578

File: 1623482374607.jpg (102.27 KB, 1078x1070, 1df6e75~2.jpg)

that sucks anon. when I take t-breaks I usually take a tablet of melatonin and have a cup of valerian root tea and it helps get me nice n tired. I hope you can get some good rest soon!

No. 828582

Seconding the melatonin, it's the best sleep aid.
I personally don't like valerian (it makes me feel heavy) and know of others who don't, same for other sleep aids, but I never heard anyone saying anything bad about melatonin.

No. 828585

Ive been watching bojack horseman while stoned and I relate to every single shitty person in this show except mr pb

No. 828589

File: 1623486400599.jpg (50.48 KB, 912x778, IMG_20190701_091340.jpg)

i should have plugged in my vape before i left for work. its gonna be dead when i get home… why do bad things happen to bad people

No. 829706

Stoned off my ass playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I've never played a Yakuza game before!

No. 829958

Like a Dragon
Touched for the very first time

No. 832185

File: 1623917961726.jpg (25.23 KB, 720x434, Shrek_dragon_1200x1200.jpg)

No. 832187

I'm so sorry but she's so hot.

No. 833001

File: 1624003430782.png (194.16 KB, 409x442, 3920491112.png)

anon your soulmate is out there

No. 833004

File: 1624004304849.jpg (13.39 KB, 547x521, DOKIDOKI.jpg)

I have to find her. Manifesting our paths to cross..

No. 833079

I need weed smoking girlfriends

No. 835692

File: 1624327909924.jpg (585.42 KB, 900x640, gaithersburg-elevated-screen-p…)

i wish i had a house with a raised deck with a roof and screens like pic related, my grandma lives in a house like this surrounded by bamboo in her backyard and it looks really beautiful and exotic even though we live in appalachia, would be lovely to be able to smoke in a room like that with a fan on instead of having to go fully outside in the heat. would be bliss.

No. 837316

I think I'm gonna attempt rolling a joint for th first time. My boyfriend rolls god tier joints so I usually ask him to do it for me but he's not here and I wanna go outside and enjoy the cool air.

No. 837453

Please wish me luck on my T break. I'm used to blazing before work and now I gotta deal with life. I just can't stand how high my tolerance is, it hasn't been fun to smoke lately and I've been spending too much, dispensary weed is steep. Typically 3 or 4 days resets me

No. 837461

File: 1624538727081.jpeg (31.7 KB, 236x236, 9D430B98-A855-4ECB-B490-55DA10…)

Late but love you too anon, gonna smoke w you in spirit today

No. 837470

I had about a 6 day t break there, wasn't so bad if you just keep busy. Had some pretty cool dreams too lol, might start tricking my brain that I love being sober so I can have realistic dreams. A new high.

No. 837486

Thanks for reminding me about dreams, that's something to look forward to. When I'm always high I only have vague memories of dreams. Never vivid ones which I miss. Woohoo!!

No. 837548

left my joint tin in my pocket when i washed my laundry. rip.

No. 837675

I need some good shows to watch while high! What's good my fellow stoner bitches?? I like comedy, drama, crime, a little bit of everything

No. 837676

watch castle rock season 1

No. 837881

Aw this is gonna sound dumb but Adventure Time, it's become my go-to. I also like Breaking Bad while stoned for some reason, it just hits different.

I just came here to bitch about tolerance, it's annoying to moderate my intake when I'd be a daily user if I could. That sounds bad lol but the truth is I just have chronic pain and like to get baked at night so I can sleep.

No. 837887

Weeds was very good. Well, at least the first two seasons.

No. 837898

can also confirm, breaking bad and also better call saul are much better while high

also a movie not a tv show, i watched the movie horns (2013) while high recently and it didn't even feel like it was a real movie and was fucking hilarious

No. 837944

File: 1624595848708.jpg (465.76 KB, 1600x1000, Red-Dead-Redemption-2-fauna.jp…)

Always Sunny or any 80s movie. Any nonnies who play vidya, got recs? RDR2 while high is amazing. I can spend hours in that game just chilling with my horse and taking photos. SoT and Deep Rock Galactic are sick too if you want to get lost as fuck. Wouldn't recommend SDV (too fast) or Animal Crossing (no tasks to focus on and no exploration). I haven't tried Cyberpunk high yet but I think the pace might be a little too fast. I'm going to try Yakuza 0 this weekend!

No. 838539

Anon I got you. No joke watch the Boss Baby back in Business.

No. 838541

I'm so high girlies

No. 838543

Gilmore Girls it's what I'm watching and it's great

No. 838550

about to eat an edible (homemade butter) but was too impatient for it to take two hours to hit so am smoking joint in the meantime

theme song slaps but I want to slap all the love interests

except for maybe Logan, team Logan forever in terms of least worst, Jess is a piece of shit

No. 838554

File: 1624671173320.jpeg (434.12 KB, 967x1761, 535DE4DA-5398-49EE-8DFB-1E9310…)

Opinions on this bowl from some girls thread in snow?

No. 838559

I don't like peaches but as a bowl it's fine, if it's thick enough glass it's probably pretty good just to toss in your purse and not worry about it

No. 838592

I would want a longer stem so i don't burn my nose lighting it lol

No. 838765

I didn't even realize it's supposed to be a peach. It useless imo, like anon above said it'll burn your nose and be harsh as fuck. I won't use anything that's not a bong or bubbler at least.

No. 839377

File: 1624779815885.jpg (11.92 KB, 288x340, cow.jpg)

How fast acting do you think edibles are in the form of liquid vs solids? Right now I have some as a chocolate bar but I find that it's hard to pace myself in addition to the fact that I'm too impatient to wait for roughly an hour for it to take affect.
Should I eat the chocolate bar as is or will it work faster if I turn it into hot chocolate?

No. 839380

Nonononono don't even think about doing that. I ate multiple edibles once and had the worst fucking trip of my life.

I would stick to solid stuff too, don't drink it, it's nasty shit that made me throw up uncontrollably. Be patient please, the edible high is a nice one but only if you don't risk it

No. 839391

File: 1624781648261.jpeg (8.34 KB, 225x225, choco.jpeg)

Lol. I should have more specific. The chocolate bar comes in breakable servings like in picrel. I was thinking of breaking off a serving or half (each contains around 10 mg) and then mixing it with some regular chocolate to make hot chocolate.
I've done waht you're talking about when I was first trying to get into weed and no it wasn't fun. It was the first time I actually understood what couch lock and dissociation was.

No. 839602

File: 1624808167551.jpeg (263.59 KB, 810x1079, 10867309-BE7A-4A82-A88B-A9F9A3…)

I just want to let it be known to all nonnies who read this to disregard the anon I'm replying to. she's just a hater and that edible ain't shit. it never is. always eat a second dose immediately after the first. if it doesn't put you out for a few hours and leave you shivering with hot/cold chills when you wake up then you were right. that edible wasn't shit.

No. 839685

File: 1624814751703.jpg (229.36 KB, 866x1390, fresh-hemp.jpg)

Ganja Girls, what's your preferred way of consuming your cannabis and how frequent of a user are you?
I live in an illegal state so I'm used to just smoking flower, but I've gotten so into concentrates the last couple years. I love dabbing quality shit when I can get it and don't really care for distillate pens as much as when I first learned about concentrates (other than for convenience). Don't like how long you have to wait for edibles to kick in but the body high really helps with pain. I'm hoping to move to a legal state within the next few years so I can get a medical card and live my stoned life in peace.

No. 839699

>hot/cold shivers
anon that was the worst experience I've had with weed in my life and actually made me scared of try it again

No. 839799

I can’t say I have a favorite way to partake, but considering my lungs tap out after enough smoking or vaping, edibles would probably be my number 1. A lot of edibles taste like shit though and most products only go up to 100mg at dispensaries in my state, so for someone like me who likes to take 200mg+, having to eat 20+ gummies or like two horribly flavored chocolate bars sucks. RSO is pretty goddamn awesome though, I usually get a 400mg syringe if it’s available and put it all on a chip or sandwich and eat it. Still tastes bad, but you don’t have to endure the flavor for so long, and it gets me beautifully stoned.

No. 840691

I found a plug on Twitter who seems reputable, but she's not local and I'm scared to get shit mailed.

No. 846039

Stoner anons… Let's keep this thread alive. What strain you smoking?? Right now I'm enjoying some OG 18

No. 846388

Just for you anon, I’ve been really vibing lemon sativas. Don’t seem to matter which one. Nice relaxing body high. Positive mind boost. Doesn’t make me dumb high or tired.

No. 846392

Blue cheese

No. 846453

I’m a regular stoner but it’s just so sad because I live in a 3rd world country so I have to content myself with the worst quality weed possible, like the shit that’s so bad you doubt there’s any actual weed in there. They also sell a slightly better quality mary in here but it’s so much more expensive it's not even worth it for me. Last year I went to Europe and had the chance to try the actual thing, I stayed for a few days at this couple of friends’ house who grow out their own shit in Rome, we’d spend our days just smoking and exploring the city, it was the most fun I’ve had in years. I just miss the feeling of taking a single hit and getting stupidly high.

No. 846454

whatever the weed man gave me

No. 846463

I'm so glad my state became legal recreationally and legally. It took like 3 years but the prices have gotten better so I don't even go to my dealer anymore, I just use the dispensaries. I feel for you, I really barely use flower anymore because my dab pen gets me so high after 2-3 hits I'm good for hours. So much cleaner and efficient. We all deserve this

No. 849736

If I were some retarded f*id I’d be doing drugs all day too.

You’re pathetic, both your gender and you as a “person”.(ok)

No. 849739

I love your brain damage, male anon it's so sexy and desirable please neg me for smoking weed Daddy

No. 849743

No one cares, faggot. Go jerk off and cry yourself to sleep because you know your oneitis is fucking Chad right now.

No. 850471

I';m smoking the delta strain

No. 850972

Prenup, got it from the OCS

No. 855541

File: 1626453600210.jpg (152.32 KB, 952x960, 20210424_074726.jpg)

I like my reflection so much better when I'm high. My usual resting expression is pretty deer-in-headlights and often makes people think i'm scared/confused. But when I'm stoned, the lips drop low enough to give me a aloof, mysterious vibe and it's so good. Who is that hottie in the mirror and why can't she be me.

No. 855548

I saw this image on the front page and came here to say that this is the cutest image of a dog I've ever seen in my life haha. Do you happen to know what is it from?

No. 855565

>My usual resting expression is pretty deer-in-headlights and often makes people think i'm scared/confused
Same. I do have an anxiety problem too tbh but it's made worse by the fact that even when I'm having a chill moment people act like I'm on edge.

No. 855573

File: 1626456233802.png (1.37 MB, 2048x1857, Screenshot_20210716-122301.png)

It was in some school newsletter (AATJ ??) by some art student. I've been considering it for a tattoo kek

No. 855574

i'm self conscious about how i look stoned because one time one of my friends pointed out how low my top eyelids get, like my eyes are almost closed and i had never noticed it before.
still do it though kek

No. 856283

Best lolcow threads to browse while high?

No. 856299

Anon.. this happens to literally everyone who smokes. You probably just have a lower tolerance than your friends, but the so-called "chink eyes" have always been a thing associated with getting really stoned.

No. 856306

no i was smoking on a regular basis when that was said. i just already kind of have low upper eyelids.

No. 856317

File: 1626535907475.jpeg (140.39 KB, 1080x1080, F7248665-94EA-468D-AD73-1EDCF0…)

I get this thing where my top lip will get stuck on my gums and stay there because dry mouth so if I’m talking it’s all teeth like picrel, I’m sure you look fine in comparison

No. 856320

File: 1626536059537.jpg (112.86 KB, 960x540, e0f.jpg)

I get the worst case of cotton mouth when i smoke and always have to have a bottle or two of water near me.

No. 856330

gum or something carbonated helps

No. 856344

Your blood sugar dips when that happens. I went blind in Amsterdam for not eating and the man that owned the shop gave me some sugar water to get my sight back. Came round and I was sitting outside like a wipe out victim and tourists staring lol. The visuals before I went blind were cool tho

No. 856349

I get like the opposite of dry mouth, i know ive gotten a strong hit because my mouth will instantly start overflowing with saliva. Only lasts about 2 minutes but i will literally drool like a bulldog if i dont spit a couple times. does this happen to anyone else?

No. 856364

i thought it was just the thc interacting with receptors on your tongue?

No. 856392

You're correct I think - while weed can have some effects on blood pressure and blood sugar, its not going to do anything very noticeable unless you're already on the low end. But for people in the normal range, the effect on blood sugar/blood pressure isnt that significant, and normal'range people still get drymouth. And because eating does help with dry mouth from weed, i can see why someone would think it was about blood sugar, but its really just that the act of eating stimulates saliva production directly, which is why chewing on gum also works to trick your saliva glands into squirting out more spit.

No. 856407

Damn i have the same problem, most edibles dont do anything unless i eat 200-300mg if not more. I think for me, this is because I don't digest or absorb oils/fats very well - idk if i dont have enough bile or what but it just comes put the other end.

Anyway, I realized that cheeba chew-type edibles, the small hard-ish candies that are like a slightly soft jolly rancher type thing, are way more effective for me than other things of the same labeled dose. I think this is because the hard candy dissolves more slowly and more evenly, and it just totally dissolves like a pill rather than being unevenly chewed like a foodstuff. One 50mg one of these was way stronger for me than any of the 200-300 mg whole bags of gummies i forced down. Fair wsrning though that the chews do taste a bit rank, but honestly as a hard candy it's not thaaat bad, kind of like a slightly stank licorice.

No. 856598

File: 1626561520566.jpeg (29.71 KB, 626x417, 0EFDD95A-5C0A-4050-80DD-9B7363…)

what's that, NONNY? you didn't save any Marijuana FLOWERS for THEY/THEMS/US?

No. 856853

File: 1626594162245.jpg (315.72 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20210718-024050_Sam…)

I'm very high right now but I need you to know that I googled her and she sells keychains and I am so charmed by them


No. 856986

Holy shit yess!! Thank you for finding this, I'm thrilled I'll be able to support the artist. Bless

No. 861041

File: 1627011093271.jpeg (242.97 KB, 750x396, 2631729A-E92E-4890-9D7C-A592A7…)

i bought a glow in the dark pipe on etsy kek

No. 861054

i thought this was a dildo

No. 861055

i wondered if anyone would say that when i posted it

No. 861769

This is art. I'm buying one right now

No. 861879

I love my new cart, it tastes like spice gumdrops.
I hate how everybody says this about spoon pipes. Doesn't look like any dildo I've ever met but ok keep repeating the same joke every time you see a pipe.

No. 862845

Fuck it my nonnies my stoned ass is buying one too.

No. 868468

I suck at rolling joints are those cone papers easy/worth it?

No. 868473

Practice makes perfect lol. People have critiqued my technique but I like it. I fold the paper up a bit so there's a base to fill the joint. Like a flat base taco. I put the roach in before rolling and hold the ends. Use tips of my finger to roll the joint and smooth it over.

Recently I've taken to using long skins, using a filter and then a roach for that fancy filtered elongated toke (I use roll with tobacco).

No. 868507

The cones you just pack yourself nonnie and don’t have to roll? Sorry nonnie my high ass can’t tell what you meant.

No. 868518

I'm pretty happy. My mom supports me getting my medicine MJ license and even offered to pay. I expected her to go the opposite direction and I was kinda scared to bring it up (I'm a legal adult but she's old school and religious).

First I have real bills to pay though. But soon I won't have to worry about finding a weedman or deal with their shit! Just enjoy my edibles and tinctures in peace.

No. 868519


No. 868989

File: 1627785471002.png (563.93 KB, 1000x1000, 3B3F9C20-E09A-4B5B-9609-3A89FA…)

buy one of these! you can find it by looking up “cigarette roller” or “hand cigarette roller”, they’re cheap and easy to use. some people just never get the hang of rolling, short blog but I found out about these because I used to roll my own cigarettes and a girlfriend of mine in those days was always asking me to roll hers too so I got her one of these for when I wasn’t around. she had (I guess has) arthritis and rolling was not something that came naturally for her hands, but she had no trouble operating one of these. they make king size length as well if you dont want short joints. best of luck!

No. 869338

Imageboard Right Now.

No. 869416

File: 1627841635418.jpeg (95.26 KB, 800x800, F20DF478-F034-4AB0-BED2-AFB393…)

make sure you get some potassium ok

No. 869432

File: 1627843266502.jpeg (247.87 KB, 1000x717, rolling-machine-cone-artist-3.…)

Forget everything else, get a cone artist (picrel). They're absolutely foolproof, look it up and hf <3

No. 870435

File: 1627949130099.gif (436.49 KB, 300x225, giphy (2).gif)

Thanks for the suggestions stonernons

No. 870437

File: 1627949205212.jpg (34.07 KB, 800x800, potassium-periodic-table-eleme…)

No. 870639

Taking a two week break, nonners. I wanna use my extra spending cash for video games instead of weed this month.

No. 870708

File: 1627976095617.jpg (107.45 KB, 1331x1010, E7x-FCPVgAULgtn.jpg)

No. 873648

>planned all day to masturbate
>too stoned to get horny

No. 873654

File: 1628206258224.gif (4.17 MB, 474x360, 0*hN0MY-FpJIzZN4D9.gif)

love you nonnie. would share Pina coladas above the pacific with you any night

No. 874248

File: 1628261894450.png (261.08 KB, 630x633, grannys b0ng.PNG)

I'm losing my mind over this bong I love it

No. 874270

Hello everybody gonna get lit rn yeeoo.

In fact I'm using the last of my tobacco. I have a vape and I want to quit tobacco. I did it before for a few weeks then bought a bag after a fight. But that was weak willed! I'm not buying anymore tobacco!! Period! Vape nation! Ix of course will not turn down a joint socially, but no longer by my hands!

So I'm choosing to document my last anti social joint to myself.

No. 874278

File: 1628263551320.jpg (58.54 KB, 600x571, castellodilarpo.jpg)

I need this for my Italian countryside eating an orgasmic orange larp for late summer

No. 874532

Lol I already feel high and mighty about having two vape hits and thinking it was the cleanest high I've had in a long time so then cleaned my apartment and now I'm about to have my third vape hit, eat some pizza and have a deluxe bubble bath because I've earned it. Can't believe how I kicked tobacco

No. 874608

File: 1628287760770.jpg (255.91 KB, 1536x2048, IMG00826-20110522-20343.jpg)

Do you guys feel like edibles vary so much? Like, my edibles are good. Everyone gets high from them. I do a great coconut oil extraction technique with soy lecithin and freezing cycles. They are just ok, to me. But I got this tiny gummy from a dispensary before and it made me so high I was like a frightened child- it was incredible despite it's size. I have never gotten a gummy that strong again. How do they do this?

No. 874774

I think my metabolism is fucked and don't really like edibles I need the shit straight to my bloodstream.

On another note, does anyone know what to do with the weed I vape? Or should I just vape that shit to black idk

No. 874798

Edibles don't work for me. I've only had about 150-200mg at a time but I'll feel really good for a minute, but that's it. I've never had a huge dose like 500mg plus which is a lot of weed or an expensive edible. I don't want to use/spend all of that for one high. No way am I spending $20 minimum for one high.

No. 875738

I smoked way too much weed, are visual and audio hallucinations something that can happen on stupid high doses or is my brain fucked..

No. 875743

You can use vaped weed to make edibles technically or I’ve used it to supplement blunts/joints so I’m using less green.

No. 875900

File: 1628423266157.png (312.95 KB, 745x677, yes.png)

best ways to eat/consume hash whilst self-isolating in student dorms?

No. 875908

I've ordered a pipe so I can do that, thanks nonny

No. 876883

What's the best way to clean resin out ot a vape? I've been scraping it with a dentist tool lol, but would warm water and soap remove it?

No. 876930

File: 1628518376506.jpg (97.53 KB, 400x400, why-are-you-in-the-egg-carton.…)

eggy weggy bread and reggie

No. 877299

I'm so high off of my homemade bong. I feel immensely proud and accomplished.

No. 877313

Rubbing alcohol is good to get weed pipes clean, if you can take out the part that has the resin in it I’m sure this will help. I usually soak mine in it for at least a day and scrapey scrapey, then wash with soap and water.

No. 877316

File: 1628542447079.jpeg (181.92 KB, 828x789, CECAAE9C-396F-4E2C-B0EB-B78C0C…)

Good for you stoner chan, you should feel proud! I’m about to eat the rest of my edibles and fuck off again

No. 877329

Hehehe, I haven't felt a high like this in ages it's a shame it's a solo session. I also just figured out a chord change I've been struggling with. Weeds so cool. No wonder all the best music is made with it

No. 878326

We out here in Bong City getting high feeling the vibes. It's a good time y'all

No. 878339

Hell yeah anon me too!

Dae get annoyed that you have to learn a whole new skill set however you choose to smoke weed? I feel fucking dumb trying to figure out how to take a deb and clean my pen and shit, like I'm a grandma with a cell phone lmao. Even rolling joints takes practice and bongs are pretty fool proof but there's still a learning curve. I've been looking into growing shrooms and weed at home and I feel the same way learning about gardening techniques.

No. 878340

I think the fern I bought is amplifying all the plant energy in its vicinity, affecting the weed particles entering my bloodstream because I'm higher than I expected to be and it's all I can look at, so beautiful

No. 879107

Which vidyja are you gonna get?

No. 880550

7 days without tobacco! Go me! It's been really easy lol and switching to pipes/bongs/vapes had made me smoke less but feel high for longer. I can't believe I use to think mixing with tobacco was economical, so retarded. It just made me smoke more, feel ill and spend money also on tobacco. Plus its harder to hide a joint then a vape. I was so dumb. Foolish. Omg.

No. 880553

Sounds like you’re just retarded, anon. If Shayna can figure it out, you can too. Also

No. 880569

You should just watch some stoner youtubers they have explanations for everything. It's how I learned to roll a joint and hit a dab with my nectar collector without shit flying in the back of my throat

No. 880575

it's been heavily documented that shaynus CANNOT dab properly, nonnie.

No. 880840

hi fellow stoner anons, do you have any tips for cheating a drug test? Looks like I'm going to have one about a week from now for a job. I've stopped smoking but since I've been a daily smoker for ages I'm worried a week won't be long enough to get it out of my system.

No. 880844

you can buy synthetic urine to pass drug tests, i don't smoke but my dad does and he buys synthetic urine for this purpose

No. 881216

there's also supplements that are supposed to help, try online headshops

No. 881543

i've never been high using a dating app before. this is dangerous. mods keep a track of me if i go a day or more without posting alert the authorities, I've been snatched!

No. 886073

Since I figured out how to purchase stuff online and can pick the strains my overall smoking experience had been lifted. I would love to be around legal weed with standardisation. Holy shit. I just finished off a score from a local dealer and it was either shit or a weak indica because I just had a puff of a sativa strain I ordered and I'm so high.

It's fun noticing how I function on a specific strain. I'm going to order an indica next month and get my shit together. These local dealers aren't cutting it

No. 886505

the fake pee has worked for my friends in the past

No. 889413

QuickFix synthetic urine has helped me pass at least 3 times. Every time I've used it.

No. 889424

i wish i had the nerve to figure out how to do this (living in an illegal state) but it’s never been worth the effort/risk for me

No. 889429

I can share my process if interested lmk

No. 889430

if it’s not too much of a hassle i’m actually really curious about how you go about it regardless

No. 889443

I never said I couldn't just that I hate learning how lol. Stoner yt has helped me a lot for sure.

No. 893422

Got given a mix and forgot most of the ones but I have discovered the cheese and will not be moving for further notice.

Also someone save the site.

No. 893460

File: 1630082627278.jpeg (24.85 KB, 450x358, 8D47E333-2038-4C30-9B05-D8439A…)

Threshold and the Limit
open pit pastels
yonder to farther
that's where you'll find me
sage because there are no bumps where I am at, only smooth

No. 893518

I'm going to be re-watching my favourite panel show. Not watched it high before (I'm starving, should I eat before smoking or no?). For non-Britbongs, here's a classic clip from series 4.

No. 896532

I should figure out the date I quit tobacco from this post lol, but it's been 25 days!

It hasn't been hard. I smoke way less weed now and haven't waked and baked in so long because i don't wake up gagging for a smoke. I feel like I've been higher too when I do smoke. I've been keeping my strains separated and smoke indica at night for bed and have sativa during the day. It's been working amazingly for me. I got high af the other night with some friends and lectures them all that tobacco made me depressed. I don't know if that's true but damn, smoking pure green is actually more economical, healthier and better for me. If anyone else mixes tobacco with weed for "economical" reasons or whatever, just stop. Trust me. I also feel like I can manage days off weed now much better because I was never craving a hit of weed I've been craving nicotine and now my high feels more durable if you get me. Like I can wake up the day after being high and still feeling the good vibes. I was properly smoking way too much and buying every week and I haven't bought any in the past 3 weeks. I've been able to spend my money on better things.

No. 896711

I want to take a tolerance break soon but I get withdrawals. Guess I'll see how many days I last until I cave and re-up. Does smoking CBD help?

No. 898142

File: 1630533030328.jpg (24.89 KB, 479x452, 38458615_677048739360197_87138…)

Is there any way to enjoy weed if you've got asthma? I know I could make edibles but I hear it just hits differently and isn't as controllable as just smoking weed so it's not my first choice in alternatives. Any ideas or am I just shit out of luck?

No. 898177

Are you an underagefag or something? You can buy edibles online from storefront sites like etsy to instagram instead of making them. There’s softgels and liquid drops as well as candy and other baked goods. You shouldn’t smoke at all if you have asthma.

No. 898245

i use gauze as a filter over the mouth end of the bong so not as much resin gets in my lungs. keeps me from coughing up stuff for most of the day. makes it a lot easier to take the hit, too

No. 899022

Y'all ever get so unexpectedly high in your old bedroom and watch a youtube video about Irish mythology and start to rationalise that you were visited by a banshee because your first words were actually the old Irish gaelic possibly also current Irish gaelic word for goddess and you have a vivid memory of lying in your bed in this exact same room (layout has since changed) unable to sleep so you open your blind of your window in your bungalow house to stare at the stars and while you're stargazing a woman with wild hair looks in at you, acknowledges you, smiles and leaves and you also think, no hope, that you're also a changling and were swapped at birth?

No. 899067

bro how high are you?

No. 899079

this mf at 33,000ft

No. 899168

File: 1630658590488.gif (3.38 MB, 1920x1080, v3t9xr3q1xo31.gif)

My new carts taste sweet and get me nice and stoned. It's going to be a relaxing weekend

No. 899302

yeah we all get that shit somestimes nonnie best to just roll with it and enjoy your marijuana induced psychosis

No. 900024

File: 1630727121900.png (92.49 KB, 540x250, F35A06FE-32C4-4F0E-A2D6-8B7190…)

Anons I need to figure out if someone pulled a fast one on me- I got dabs from a guy I admittedly barely know and I just tried them and literally feel nothing. Like 0 anything. And I know I took them the right way and all that I’ve done dabs multiple times before and enjoyed the strong effects. Is there any likelihood this dude gave me like CBD dabs or something because I’m absolutely stumped

No. 900026

you got scammed

No. 900036

That much I’m certain of now but I have to ask like…..is this a thing people do?? Im by no means an expert on concentrates but I’ve never heard of people making fakes or something

No. 900121

I really like to just smoke a just little bit and feeling this little buzz which lifts my depression and shows me how beautiful everything is. How about you nonnas?

No. 900189

I've gotten delta 8 sprayed hemp flower from middlemen who "didn't know better" before. 100% the black market is rife with cbd products

No. 900212

File: 1630763777246.jpg (5.52 KB, 300x168, Unknown.jpg)

sometimes when I hold my dab in I can taste Swiss cheese and I like it

No. 900425

NTA but do any of you have experience with ordering edibles from etsy or other online shops? I'm interested but a bit paranoid over it

No. 900428


NTA but I wouldn't trust it. Those are randoms who can do whatever they want with your edibles and disappear.

No. 900991

licked my empty essential oil bottle to test whether I had covid or not (loss of taste and smell) and now I'm really high it was ffrankincesncve and now I'm so high don't have covid though

No. 901494

You still might girl, go get a self-test.

No. 902371

I like to take a break for like 1-2 weeks. Sometimes a month before smoking again, and it feel so damn good and europhic.

No. 904826

File: 1631162443991.jpg (19.54 KB, 282x273, im ready son.jpg)

I broke my glass pipe. I loved it like a daughter…it's all so painful…

No. 905692

Vibing to caramelldansen
Manifest my tulpa just to pants em
Crossfaded and not jaded
Cuz I'm cute and elated

No. 905710

currently using tch-o and just experienced the weirdest hallucination, not sure if it was actually a ghost though because my grandma that lived with me and i was very close to died exactly 2 weeks ago
i was cooking and stirring a pot with very loud music on and i felt like someone walked directly behind my back, like facing me, i swear i could see a black shadow in the corner of my eye as it approached. freaky as fuck as i have never really hallucinated like that before. i have heard tch-o is meant to be more “psychedelic” than tch but i didn’t except anything like that. it’s either that or my grandma’s ghost is fucking with me but i don’t actually believe in ghosts at all.

No. 907318

I am having a friend come by later to smoke. He always worked day shift and me night, so we barely got time to know each other, so i'm pretty hyped. we both got different jobs now, so it feels right to chill and smoke

No. 907320

I'm high as shit and keep making grammar mistakes or typing to fast for my phone and not going back and correcting the mess of typos.

No. 907450

File: 1631390810360.gif (3.18 MB, 320x234, 1629633019156.gif)

tfw your torch blows most of your kief down the bowl before you can smoke it

No. 908258

I can see and I saw colours I’ve never seen before today.

No. 908588

File: 1631454527664.jpg (83.46 KB, 482x456, FB_IMG_16224898107380242.jpg)

hello nonnies. what do you like watching while high? i feel like i'm running out of stuff to do

No. 908592

I'm about to get silver haze high and I'm putting on a documentary called audrie and daisy to watch. It's about two teens that got cyberbullied after their sexual assaults where filmed. And after I was sexually assaulted and then called a slut for it in highschool I am about to feel all types of emotions

No. 908598

two words: mousetrap videos

No. 908618

Yea don't watch this high I'm crying very hard lol. I want to save every teenage girl from boys everywhere omg

No. 909377



No. 910407

Old sitcoms like Three's Company are nice to watch, and also it can be fun to watch videos that have kind of a deep dive or mystery to them (I like some of Nexpo's videos.)

No. 912087

Odd couple and Jefferson's are my favorites. Also, fresh price

No. 912215

The Source Family documentary on Amazon(I think) was so cool and trippy while high. I know they're a cult and everything but they were definitely the coolest cult

No. 912831

My new vape is so cute and pocket size it's making me want to act up

No. 913694

Same. What brand do you have? I bought a rose gold c-cell silo and I put some square puffy geometric stickers on it, looks fly

No. 913701

File: 1631796094637.jpg (480.68 KB, 3968x2976, IMG_20210916_134143_BURST001_C…)

I got it off amazon since my last one broke due to wear and tear. It was on sale! Works better than my last vape and the one the broke was more than double the price.

No. 913723

Sorry I'm kinda a dummy but is this for concentrates or is it a cartridge battery? I'm interested in switching from carts to something more cost effective

No. 913728

I have never smoked carts. You pull out the mouth piece and there's a ceramic chamber to put ground up bud into. It's got three temperature settings. It fits my phone charger and takes 2 hours to full charge. I only got it yesterday so I haven't ran down the battery yet and had it out with me yesterday

No. 913773

reminds me of my magic flight box. haven't used it in ages though.

No. 914025

File: 1631818345928.jpg (613.63 KB, 2662x1996, xoyDorYbeySi8SOtBS5x7YAJHZ1Sm2…)

I've never used a vape, would anyone here recommend the Dynavap? I've heard vaping bud is less intense than igniting it. Can you still use the AVB from a Dynavap to make edibles?

No. 914079

what sort of grinder did you use with the magic flight box? I've inherited one and never managed to grind my herb as fine as it looks in the instructions.

No. 914100

File: 1631822129193.png (1.61 MB, 1628x1291, 2021-09-16 15_54_13.png)

i just use their branded grinder that they sell on their website. it's a little pricey but i got the whole bundle as a gift a while back.

No. 914256

I'm super high and hyper aware of my teeth idk if they're going to fall out or they're widening apart for some reason.

No. 914274

Ugh anon I'm sorry.
Sometimes when I'm high I feel like one of my teeth are loose…like I could feel it wiggling it with my tongue. It's horrible but I've learned that it's all in my mind and my tooth wouldn't spontaneously come loose.

I really hope I don't fall asleep early on the couch again tonight. I've been passing out so early recently. I know it's the weed… So to treat myself I got a pizza and chips and I'm getting ready for a huge munchie/binge sesh tonight. Can't wait!

No. 914332

Ran out of weed a few days ago and cant sleep. Why did I condition myself to only be content and happy and have apetite and sleep if I have weed or alcohol. I'm rotten but everything sucks without.

No. 918487

I hope the weed fairy visits you soon

No. 918489

Today my man and I went on a hike in ‘this quiet trail near by. It’s a national park but I guess it’s under the radar. So beautiful and quiet. We brought some green.
Here’s a photo I snapped. Happy smoking guys, get outside if you can.

No. 918490

File: 1632189373550.jpeg (4.97 MB, 4032x3024, 02ABED56-0428-4AB6-892A-CB86B2…)

No. 919647

Thank you, one day I found a little from my storage (in a bag not loose but anyway haha) and it was nice.

Anyway I have cleaned my whole apartment, re-decorated and felt kinda wholesome. But still waiting for my weed fairy to txt and go back to my normal grim routine lol… SAD

No. 920513

Beautiful shot, anon!! I really need to go hiking with a good friend and smoke one.

No. 922022

File: 1632495498350.gif (97.97 KB, 220x309, EA7C5751-5679-49D9-A143-B54C38…)

Last night, I took a dab of wax and that shit destroyed me the moment immediately after I exhaled, I could not open my eyes and I couldn’t tell if they were welled up with tears from the rip. So I’m just collecting myself and then I realize that I am high as a kite and instead of feeling good, I tense up. I become weary of everything. My boyfriends friend gave me a soda to drink after the hit and it made my throat even worse. The ride home was so quiet, It was quiet when we came home. And my boyfriend see if I was paranoid and I was pretty much a bumbling retard incapable of stringing together a sentence and shaking and breathing heavy I was embarrassed and he got sort of frustrated because we were putting laundry away and I was just sitting there for a while.I think I am done with weed for a while especially wax and like strong ass stuff I don’t like how wax smells it almost gives me a headache. I felt like a complete retard, schizo, shaky, Tourette’s syndrome, everything tingly my heart racing, my mind going a mile a minute. I don’t recommend wax. Does anyone else have a bad experience from it, it sucks that I think weed doesn’t have good effects on me because people who say it helps you socially, it just stunts me and I’m already a shy autist.

No. 922028

kek you're lucky your boyfriend was concerned for you. I would have just laughed at you

No. 922047

I cant wait for my lunch break so I can get Panera and vape in my car

No. 922067

Oooh can you provide sources for that? I have heard it but never read a viable study

No. 922072

Not to ruin your Panera moment, but I worked there… it’s all premade and sodium/sugar filled, nothing is made there except for the frozen deserts they bake.. I know they give off the healthy vibe, but it’s all marketing. Maybe find local restaurant options moving forward?

But enjoy your smoke break!

No. 922097


The choices are horribly limited it's Panera or Wendys or the grocery store and I really wanted some soup. I know they are kinda shit tier even though they desperately don't want to be. my boyfriend despises Panera.

The smoke break was wonderful

No. 922944

File: 1632579773628.jpeg (6.24 MB, 4032x3024, 09D1E9E4-BC1D-4D5C-BFCA-E095A0…)

I also took a nice trail photo while smoking! Turns out we accidentally wandered down a hunting trail but it was fun. All the flowers we saw along the way really popped

No. 923475

Nonnie not to spook ya, but are you in NC too? Looks a lot like my area!

No. 924087

I’m actually in the midwest! Just your standard wildflower forest preserve here haha

No. 925471

File: 1632840834029.jpeg (86.47 KB, 1280x1280, 6D31DA31-BABA-4C73-9C59-86362E…)

y'all ever snort this shit?? I'm rockin on 5g of kiddy cocaine

No. 925478

Why do you need a source, that's just common sense. A dab vs a a bit out flower out of a pipe is like comparing taking a whole hookah bowl to the face vs smoking a cig. I'm not surprised you freaked out like that on a dab when it sounds like your tolerance is so low. Also your bf sounds like an asshole for getting annoyed at you for being high it's not like you can control it he should've just let you be comfy on the couch

No. 925567

File: 1632848961645.jpg (1.85 MB, 3968x2976, IMG_20210927_180219.jpg)

Yesterday's smoke had a prettier backdrop than today

No. 925634

Chefs Kiss, looks amazing

Anyone else smoke to help with migraines? I struggle so often with them and green tends to make it easier to at least function.
I get 3-4 migraines a week.

No. 926166

Sounds like you took way too much. Do not be afraid to only have a tiny bit of weed!! I had a crazy low tolerance for years with just flower. I had to start with very little wax when I started dabbing or else I would get really sick like you described. Don't take any more if you don't want to either.

Lol das an expensive snuff. I'm actually looking to purchase CBN isolate for appetite regulation. Don't get the munchies as easily because of my tolerance and health issues.

My bf gets migraines and the weed definitely helps, plus Excedrin. I'll smoke for pain too, but it doesn't make it go away exactly. Much easier to tolerate while stoned and comfy tho.

No. 927636

My boyfriend bitched at me for using his e-rig (that I bought for him) this morning because I "use it wrong" according to him. Should I buy myself an even better e-rig, like the puffco peak, and not let him use it just to be petty?

No. 927637

Why is he being a controlling tweaker over weed? Reminds me of a friend that would accuse me of bogarting the piece/double dipping if it took me more than 2 breaths to clear the bong. He needs to check himself

No. 927643

It’s always men who get weird about their pieces and flower, I swear. Never has another woman given me shit for anything weed-related (except for babysitting but I was in the midst of telling a story so who cares), but men have always eventually gotten possessive over their weed with me, even if they’re the ones offering to smoke me out.

No. 929099

Head shops are so awkward. There is one around me that I love because the guy doesn't charge tax because he hates the government but the other ones suck. But I had to visit a different one because I wanted a piece they didn't have. The retarded scrote employee was droning on and on overexplaining crap, he was probably high, it took forever to get it wrapped up and leave. Also I stopped visiting this one because the guys were overly friendly and they'd go HEY GIRL when I walked in the door. Need a good mix between professional and friendly. That's why I like being in a legal state with dispensaries with pickup parking spaces, the less interaction the better. I used to live by a drive thru headshop but moved away

No. 935023

Weed is good y'all. Was feeling so sad and acting like a martyr abstaining from having a smoke for some reason. It's my day off. I'm not hurting anyone and I'm high as a kite and feeling good! I'm cured!

No. 935050

imagine how awkward they are in illegal states

No. 935279

I love smoking a bowl before hittin the gym. I get incredibly anxious working out around a lot of people, but the weed helps me ignore that and focus on the goal.
I’m not sure it’s such a good idea for weightlifting but fun for cardio and yoga

No. 935466

Lol are you me? I did that last night, finally got my shit together and smoked a bowl, voila! Mental illness resigned.
Seriously, I hate it and I only go in if I need something short notice. At mine the employees are all men and they're either unpleasant/aggressive or go on and on about nothing and act high.

No. 944418

is it not common to hit sativa pen or smoke flower before exercise nowadays?

No. 944645

File: 1634780193899.jpeg (11.62 KB, 298x91, 6FA2BC7A-1763-4861-951B-D21382…)

grapple my napple but don't bite the apple ok

No. 944648

This made me laugh.

No. 944663

Anyone have a good tutorial on making your own carts? Getting real tired of the bs black market carts my plug sells

No. 944725

search the delta8 subreddit. before it got really popular last winter there was a ton of information about where to buy safe distillate, how to measure terpenes, how to fill carts with a syringe (best method is the backload pour and if you get good at that you can directly fill a tank if you buy one instead of a twist top cart) Use the search function and use their FAQ. I promise if you look beyond the dense autism you'll come out of it making high quality carts for next to no money.

No. 944730

samefag, there are other subreddits like oilpen, altcannabinoids (helpful for experimenting with cannabinoid ratios) if you're put off from delta8 for whatever reason. the information works across the board with distillate but thought I'd throw that in

No. 946293

File: 1634877883140.jpg (691.37 KB, 1079x2332, ab.jpg)

What the fuck are these people doing to where this is even an option? Callused throats? I'd be in the bathroom puking peeing crying after half that amount

No. 946312

File: 1634880398101.gif (1.22 MB, 275x275, 1622955376219.gif)

maybe weed is the new crack? much love to whichever one of you beautiful nonnerinos originally posted this gif

No. 946333

File: 1634881696963.jpeg (300.78 KB, 1678x1338, 5C013DE1-157F-4D91-942B-1E3EA7…)

Teehee I'm so high. I have no pictures on this tablet other than this. Hi

No. 946338

File: 1634881995275.png (Spoiler Image,4.85 MB, 2360x1640, 917536BD-2AAB-41EF-ACD8-4268F3…)

We're playing webkinz instead, nonnies!

No. 946544

wait, I honestly think I could win

No. 954196

File: 1635561162484.jpeg (97.49 KB, 700x700, 0f51d2a0433b4f7d8d02ae1b465c96…)

Bumping this thread just to say how amazing it is to eat a homemade cheddar jalapeño bagel after a fat rip.
So anyways, what do you stoners have planned for halloween?

No. 956999

File: 1635824160079.jpeg (364.74 KB, 1097x1225, FD48EE97-BD1C-4E87-8D1C-FBFB50…)

Nonitas, do you have any good dab torch recommendations? I honestly have no idea wtf to look for. Pic for attention.

No. 957004

File: 1635824891496.jpeg (21.82 KB, 679x610, 9460DE47-7874-4CE1-B14E-31E421…)

I got this one because it has a trigger (allows you to STOP the flame immediately vs twisting a knob like most others, that feature saved my ass twice already) and it's light yet good looking. I also use it to roast marshmallows on steel chopsticks. Haven't made creme brûlée yet but I must.

No. 957006

No. 957030

This has gotta be the cutest picture I’ve ever seen.

No. 957125

I didn't notice the thread and thought it's a self-defense tool and I was shocked that you are allowed to burn creeps

No. 958970

File: 1635986107484.jpg (244.81 KB, 1200x1640, duritos_chicharrones_chips.jpg)

A new weed place opened up really close to me and right beside it is a Mexican grocer I had no idea existed. Picked me up some of these and a manzanita sol

No. 959014

File: 1635989862543.png (839.77 KB, 1000x1477, 413DD326-6C31-414B-B700-D44A57…)

Mexican junk food doesn’t do it for me. Like their pastries - they look tasty but they all taste identical to each other, and that flavor is basically sugary white bread.

No. 959031

I'm Mexican and same. I wanna open my own fancy schmancy pastry place because of this. Wish me luck.

No. 959044

File: 1635991921752.jpg (2.45 MB, 2940x2430, tasteslikenothing.jpg)

The worst example of looking delicious but tasting like nothing is chocolate Hostess snacks. Cupcakes, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs or Swiss Rolls are extremely disappointing compared to how they look.
What's the texture of these like? It's crazy to me to put lime on snack foods.

No. 959045

You gotta improve the legacy of Mexican pastries, nonnie, the future is in your hands.

No. 959052

Kind of an airy crunch but you have to eat em quick or the lime will make them soggy

No. 959647

File: 1636055678092.jpeg (63.07 KB, 1280x693, C1740FD4-1B8F-4EEC-A365-A8EE03…)

ha, I wish. I have pointed it at myself in the mirror like a gun when I'm feeling dramatic though

No. 961009

File: 1636180194559.jpeg (141.92 KB, 750x728, 1636178080677.jpeg)

I saw picrel on the front page and it broke the bowl of oatmeal where my brain used to be
Guys GUYS I don't trust this vape man. Last time I took 3 puffs and felt fine, on the same setting I took one puff, felt like my throat burned out like I deep throated an erupting volcano, I got so fucking high I forgot my own name or what my legs were, I went to sleep woke up and can still barely rejoin muh society

No. 961026

wick prolly resaturated. enjoy your earth shattering buzz

No. 962185

I made my own edibles anons! They're gummies. I was in agreement with several anons who feel edibles aren't fun, it's difficult to control the dose, etc. but I'm a heavy vaper and need to get high more cost-effectively. I found a dosage calculator online and got some RSO (luckily I have a weed card but my state doesn't actually sell edibles) the other ingredients and a lot of gummy molds, and made them so they're 2.5 mg each. It's enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy and if I wanna feel actually high I eat 3 or 4. I think the average edible dose is 10 mg. They were easy and they're perfect too, I know exactly how much I'm getting with each.

No. 962192

Fuck yeah anon, getting an edibles batch right is so satisfying and cost effective as you say!
You probably already used it if you made gummies, but letting all anons know, use soy lecithin in your edibles! Just a tiny amount lets the active chemicals "bloom" more and you'll get even more bang for your buck. Plus it helps the texture if you make long lasting things like gummies or butters.

No. 962200

File: 1636287673726.jpg (62.4 KB, 1116x1500, 71HPnjl-lOL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Yes, thanks for adding that! It's important. I used a liquid soy lecithin, picrel. It's pricy ($18) but cost effective if you plan on making several batches, because my recipe called for only 1 tsp. It'll last at least a year.

No. 962212

you guys should try sunflower instead of soy

No. 962221

Yeah? A friend of mine uses sunflower. The price point is basically the same, what are the differences anon? I've noticed most recipes do call for either/or

No. 962228

File: 1636289992506.jpeg (30.61 KB, 320x288, D143ADF4-9960-4B23-9DFD-541C21…)

for starters there's that old (and honestly very true) saying that goes "you are what you eat" and frankly, nonnie, I would question anyone who chooses to be soy adjacent when they could be beautiful like picrel

No. 962252

Good job. What flavor? I made gummies a while back using cherry flavored jello and while they were too firm I liked how easy they were to eat, not as messy or filling as chocolate and brownies. I just cleaned my kitchen and found three mason jars of shitty homegrown a friend gave me I forgot about I'm about to copy you
You remind me of my old pot dealer that only used PURE ANIMAL FATS! for his edibles because everything else is poison for the body. We got into it a bit because I think coconut oil comes out stronger but whatever. I get what you mean about the lecithin, but I use sunflower too just because my health store had a giant tub of it. I have made oil without lecithin and the freezing/heat/freezing/heat cycle and it just wasn't the same

No. 962256

File: 1636293598566.jpeg (17.81 KB, 400x300, edamamebeansoyplant.jpeg)

But what if I want to be a bean?

And did u know judgy vibes are scientifically worse for you than beans and bean derivatives

No. 962261

I was shitposting, sorry lol I saw the opportunity to say "soy adjacent" and wanted to take it. but be a bean, no one is stopping you

No. 962265

lol it's all good anon, sorry the twitfag influx has lowered my shitpost tolerance. I like the lil sunflower pillow I want to squish it

No. 962330

File: 1636302076312.jpg (235.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211107_180427_com…)

Most of the time getting high makes me giggly, relaxed and hungry lol. Pretty standard stuff. But now and then something is different and I get an altered state of mind. Often when I get high around my period. I don't hallucinate, but I'm so intensely present I lose all sense of time, it's like my higher brain shuts down and I can't even read because I have to remember the meaning of the words I just saw, and I can't because they're not in the present anymore. If I let go of how confusing it is, it's really fun, feels like being a tiny little kid or animal living moment to moment and enjoying being alive, just the simple experience of watching a funny show, eating popcorn or wearing comfy clothes feels like a miracle. I get sad coming back to myself after and remembering how complex and cerebral real life is. Anyway picrel is the closest I've seen anyone else describe it, it's a quote I randomly found on a recipe blog lol

No. 962337

Bumpity bump, hope I'm wrong and it's not cp

No. 963920

I’m high and Jim Carey is looking extra hot. No wonder Ariana grande has a crush on him. But he over acts his roles though with the dumb duuurrr face. Mediocre white make are so hot when you’re high

No. 963923

I grew up surrounded by stoners. My babysitter was a dealer and there was always a plant growing in my closet as a kid kek. Never ended up smoking myself until 25 though.

No. 969746

sorry if this is super late! But my bf got a dynavap this week, and even having a bit of a learning curve, it's greeeat. We haven't tried making edibles with the AVB yet, but we do with the AVB from our davinci hq2, which is quite similar so I guess you can use it as well. Back to the dynavap, it's totally worth it, go for it!

No. 977312

File: 1637789969548.png (2.26 MB, 1000x1845, 1652325242132.png)

No. 977320

I don't know how I missed this post but this happens to me all the time when I get high. One tooth feels loose then when I'm sober it doesn't. It's like a waking tooth falling out dream. Just an internal manifestation of the anxiety that comes with excess THC consumption. This medical shit is ridiculous. A cart lasts my mom several months. She is smart, I need to be more like her.

No. 977511

About to order a large mushroom pizza. I'm high.

No. 977523

File: 1637807105356.jpg (143.43 KB, 1916x1142, Mulh01A.jpg)


No. 983960

hi i don't frequent this thread at all but is it normal to puke on edibles? i don't smoke often but the times i have i have never felt even slightly nauseous, it's only an issue with edibles. even if i've eaten nothing except the edible i will vomit spectacularly. (worth noting that this is all from the same dealer so maybe he's just a really poor chef kek)

No. 983965

I love this recipe blog anon kek. Good find.
I’m not smoking today but it’s SO HARD. Like. Smoking makes shit more fun. But I don’t feel like I have as much fun if my bf isn’t getting stoned with me. Usually I just sit around high and watch YouTube and browse lc. The latest weed we’ve bought is like a stimulant, i was smoking it before bed bc that’s what I usually do, but then I’d be up for hours on my phone and the time would just pass right by. It does help with doing housework though, my house is a wreck.

No. 984412

I need a strong nona to come open the bottom of my grinder. I just want some kief!

No. 984433

I puked a couple times just from smoking a big doink combined with my friend watching adult swim very loud on a giant tv. So it was just kind of being too high and geting overstimulated in that case.

I would think eating nothing else makes you more likely to get sick… and you should eat other stuff with edibles as a rule anyway, you need to stiumlate bile production which helps your body absorb fats and oils like thc. If you eat just an oily thc edible, which is a bit of a noxious unpleasant substance to your digestive tract, it kind of just passes through you and doesnt get digested that well. A whole wheat peanit butter sandwich is a good accompaniment b/c it has fiber to help digestion and fats to stinulate bile, and to mix & help dissolve the thc oil.

I get a sinilar feeling to what you described if I drink green tea on an empty stomach, so I wonder if it's just simple stomach irritation that you're feeling.

No. 985374

Nonnies please spare a thought for me, a stoner farmer in a country where it isn’t legal. I only had connections with one local dealer and I think he must have been arrested because his line’s gone dead. I don’t know anyone else locally who smokes who can point me to someone new. Is this the end for me?

No. 985822

i finally found a form of weed that i can have without having a panic attack (thanks 50/50 cbd/thc gummies) and its so delightful, honestly the most calm i feel even while being on anxiety meds. pretty much knocks me out/makes me too tired to be ~creative~ or overly functional its better than my heart beating out of my chest- a good feeling!

No. 986230

I need an xmas gift for my stoner friend, any recs? I'm UK based too. She smokes a lot daily, so I was thinking of a new grinder as she's complained before that her current one doesn't handle the amount of buds she uses very well. Any reputable brands for that kind of thing?

No. 986241

If she wants something that can hold a lot then Kingtop grinders are pretty good, I only did a quick google but it looks like they exist in the UK as well

No. 986331

Edibles and dab pens are super easy to ship undetected. You can buy them on the dark net. You run a little more risk getting weed shipped to you if your only acceptable intake method is smoking, due to the smell being harder to mask. And a couple hours to get everything set up to make darknet purchases is a hassle, but it works if you can't find a local connect. For added security, make sure your purchase comes from within your country.

No. 998606

My dealer gave me free prerolls and a candy cane, what the fuck are yours doing??

No. 998712

That's so cute, last year I got some free gummy bear edibles

No. 999111

weed only makes me sleep now

No. 1001415

God, I just got my boyfriend to buy some weed for me and my close friend who's coming back to town for the christmas/new year period and even though that shit is vacuum packed it's so dank anyone within four feet of me can smell it through my backpack if they know what cannabis smells like.

No. 1001483


You've actually ordered weed off the dankwebs? NTA but explain weed is finally legal here and I have a medical license. I'm curious

No. 1009263

i have always loved mbv since at least 2010 but i listen to them so much more now since i started smoking weed
nothing beats jet engine and vacuum guitar sounds while stoned, truly think this stuff is meant to be listened to this way for peak experience

what music makes you feel this way nonnies?

No. 1009272

Oncle Jazz by Men I Trust when I'm really stoned is like sweet nectar for my ear buds

No. 1022569

I ditched my smelly bong and bought my first vape, pax3 and I kind of feel like a better person now lol. Tried smoking joints too but I hated going out to smoke even though there rarely were any neighbors.

No. 1032735

File: 1642600414539.jpg (59.9 KB, 735x496, c42aa756141bc50649cc1f6566fa6b…)

Who else feels this

No. 1033252

File: 1642629277423.jpg (63.73 KB, 851x627, 1640970195542.jpg)

I got a desktop vape for cheap and its been pretty nice. Smoking with the hookah attachment means I can literally smoke while laying down, and vaping gets me so turnt. Might transition to vaping entirely just because of how much easier it is on my lungs, only problem is its more steps to refill it then with a bong. anyway i cant get up

No. 1041535

my bf buys an ounce at a time and I’ve never had to pay for any of it and I am very thankful to be a stoner in love with a stoner kek. He’s bring it over right now to sample.

No. 1041606

File: 1643166872665.png (300.15 KB, 600x600, B7EB5BC6-DC01-4A4D-8DD9-830663…)

Made good friends with my dealer and now I get my shit for free and we just vibe. Always gives me some to take home with me.

No. 1041677

Any other legal state USA nonnies like moi?

No. 1041719

its legal in my state and there is a dispensary every two blocks kek. never wanna move away because I've been able to sample every strain I want, i feel so spoiled

No. 1043366

wanted to write "sage cuz i'm high"on my post but didn't wanna get banned for bloogging or being dumb (it's happened for so many dumb reasons) now i regret it cuz my comment was retarded bu t i'm just high
saging cuz i'm high :)

No. 1044981

I thought it was Thursday but it's Fridaaay so I took two fat rips of rizzo. Lost contact with space and time. Probly psychic and magic right now, any questions for the subreal center of the universe? Spell or prayer requests since I'm touching the divine? Kek TGIF

No. 1044987

Yup. I'm probably gonna go to my smoke shop after work and see what they got today if the snow isn't too bad.

No. 1044992


boss gave us a little extra this weekend so yeah I'm probably definitely going to spend it on weed.

No. 1049238

Yeyeye, I just got back from my dispo and I’m ready to spend this coming snow storm nice and baked

No. 1050284

I'm so fucking tired and I'm gonna get so fucking high right now

Chill with me lolcow

No. 1050324

I want to get into dabbing. I’ve only ever smoked bud and used vapes. What would be the best kind device to go with with dabs? A full on glass rig? I’ve heard that dab pens tend to suck ass but idk how true that is.

No. 1050785

wax pens do kind of blow, they're messy and get really hot so they're hard to hold and refill. they'll get you ripped quickly but if you set it up wrong you can lose your whole dab it'll clog your shit up. using a glass nail on your usual bong is the simplest imo.

No. 1057490

I fuck that up every time, idk how. Heat for thirty seconds, cool for thirty seconds, sensibly sized beginner's dab, practically throw up from coughing, feel nothing. Maybe I need to let it cool longer?

Does anybody here mix their weed with anything? I've started cutting mine with damiana and the effect is basically the same but I go through weed slower now. I'm a daily smoker due to chronic pain and nausea so it's a pretty good system for m, I can't recommend it enough. At night I mix in skullcap to help me sleep, and I get nightmares all the time so I've been experimenting with mugwort and it seems to make the dreams brighter in a way? The elements of the nightmare are still there but what's happening isn't as scary anymore. I bought some kanna leaf from an etsy vendor a bit ago and so far I hate it lol, the taste/smell is bad when you smoke it and I can't feel a difference.

No. 1059705

Actually used wax for the first time the other day. The high was nice and instant but I coughed quite a bit. Had a buddy teach me how to do it, now I have a dope ass huge fucking torch and can convert my bong from bud to wax in an instant. People who hate smoking with others, try it for a bit because you get cool shit.

No. 1065526

File: 1645568179188.jpg (18.37 KB, 280x275, charlie.jpg)

Happy Tuesday all, I am sleep deprived &very high off some d8 edibles I got at a smoke shop. They're pretty good, I mean Id rather some d9 flower from a dispensary but unfortunately the weed prices in the failed state of Illinois are fucking abominable. cannabis taxes alone are higher than anywhere else practically. IL is a fucking embarrassment to the entire Midwest and that's saying something bc the Midwest in general is a miserable wastland and the environment is unfit for humans for about 3/4ths of the year, if you condense the bad weather days. If it weren't for Chicago the economy downstate would fall apart, but now Chicago itself is falling apart because the police are completely useless and so are the prosecutors and literally no one in the local government has a brain cell to spare

D8 is a handy loophole but it's just not the real thing…well I enjoyed the rest of my jack herer bud this morning, I was desperate so I used AVB to try and revape it. Worked surprisingly well.

No. 1065856

i found some old weed somewhere in my room last night, how old do y’all think weed gets before it starts losing potency?? I rehydrated it with a qtip in a sealed jar and I think imma smoke it tonight

No. 1066225

As long as it's not totally brown it's probably gonna be fine. Might not taste the best but it'll do the job.

Speaking of doing the job I'm gonna stuff some of this shake I got at a discount into my vape and pray I didn't get ripped off

No. 1070249

I posted a bit in the dumbass shit thread while high last night, but I got high for the first time last night and it was a god awful experience.

I ate 1/4th of this edible gummy but after an hour nothing happened, so the girl gave me the other 1/4th to eat. Half an hour after that it started to kick in. It felt like a buzz when I drink, but I don't drink alcohol because I don't feel the buzz or getting drunk anymore, I skip right to feeling sick. I think it was feeling like this and associating this with feeling terribly sick so I was like "I don't like this, I don't like feeling like this." I felt like I was hyper aware of what I was saying, and kept trying to explain myself then interrupting and explaining myself explaining myself. I started doing weird body shit kind of like tics, where I kept turning my head like "d'oh!" like Homer does when I kept catching myself "being high" and overexplaining. I felt like I was picrel, where the high is the fun and I'm the robot trying to stamp it out of my body. I didn't want fun anymore. Then it got worse.

My whole body was tense, and I kept having to rub my hand over something and kept moving my feet too. I tried to watch something to zonk out but I couldn't concentrate on it, the overwhelming feeling that I wasn't in control of my body anymore was too strong. I've never disassociated before but I guess the closest thing this feeling was like was feeling like I was disassociating. I'd feel like I moving in and out of my own body and at some point decided I was also having a depersonalization episode (which I've been through before). I tried to sleep but I kept jolting awake because I was afraid I'd fall into sleep paralysis, which does happen, and I have a system in place to stop it from happening (once it starts I will fall back into it until I fully wake up) but I knew I couldn't do it while high so I didn't want to be paralyzed too. Then I kept saying "if I fall asleep I'll die" while fighting off the feeling of wanting to pass out. Then I thought I had stopped breathing (I was breathing very heavily) and thought if I stopped breathing I'd die. The scariest part was went I felt numb, not emotionally but physically. I kept frantically rubbing the bedsheets or my own body and I couldn't feel anything. I'd be able to feel things for a second or two then I couldn't again, again like I was fading in and out of my own body. I think at one point I did fall asleep but I felt like I was jolting awake while trying to sleep again.

I don't know what strain I ate, I don't know if I took too much (the size of the gummy I had was like a gummy bear) although it had some pieces of actual weed stuck to it that I tried to take off as much as I could. I don't really think I want to try a different strain or different method again. I think I experienced the high (feeling buzzed) and it just set me off. I'm not very stressed or anxious in my everyday life, I actually think my life is really easygoing and carefree and I'm quite happy being a boring person but I felt like all the guardrails I'd set up for myself to be able to function happily were suddenly torn away and I was a young, stupid idiot again who didn't know how to cope or exist like a normal function human being.