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No. 1982250

Polina Pushkareva / Polina Nioly / @nioly on IG

28-year-old russian walmart anna delvey-esque huckster x lillee jean-tier delusional fake celebrity, who claims that she is a self-made influencer, PR manager, model, actress, investor, genius, and philanthropist. she churns out dozens of posts a day talking about how she is totally famous and rich, bizarre financial advice and lifestyle content larping as a millionaire celebrity, does constant designer/bag outfit hauls of fake designer goods she passes off as real, and claiming she spends $30,000 per month. and YOU can learn how to do all of the above, too, by buying her $400 social media course! she is a scammer who basically fakes being this rich, and is extremely narcissistic and delusional.
polina is a major lolcow in russia with a really dense thread on baginya (some of my information is translated from the OP on there.) it's a shame her milk is mostly limited to the russian language, but there is a lot of milk and now she is trying to build an english speaking audience to swindle too.

>lies that she grew up in extreme poverty in saint petersburg until 2017, when she graduated university

>posted a video "proving" she used to live in poverty by showing a tour of the apartment she lived in when she started her company, which is a totally normal eastern european affordable flatshare situation for students. many 20 year old students would have something similar, and polina was acting like it was some kind of extremely poor crackhouse and that she was soooo traumatized by having to share a bathroom and a kitchen with her flatmates
>she went to university in saint petersburg and studied marketing and fundraising, graduating with an E (barely passed her studies) and a harsh review from her professor on her bachelor's thesis, which is available publicly on the university's website: "in the empirical study conducted, P. V. Pushkareva has no clearly defined goals, objects nor subjects of study. a sample of 5 people who are not involved in fundraising activity and do not have sufficient experience in marketing is not adequate." "the author does not have the skills of text editing […] the text contains misuse of paragraphs, as well as a large number of spelling and grammatical errors."
>with this qualification and her parents' money, she moved to america, became the CEO of her nonexistent "company" founded by her girlboss PR skills and media tactics, and became a millionaire!
>she lives in NY and is there on a nonimmigrant O visa, but lies about being an immigrant and a citizen of the USA)
>started her scamming career at this point by selling some weird online courses to her audience of russian teenage girls (how to achieve your goals, how to move out of russia, how to make money on social media and go viral, etc) and many people were unhappy with the courses, but still she sold a lot. there are a lot of articles and bad reviews in russian
>following this embarrassment of the poorly received scammy online courses, she started coping by saying she doesn't need a russian speaking audience, and that she's going to only post in english now
>she convinced everyone that she invests thousands of dollars every day and talks to serious financial coaches regularly, and made a new online course about investment/finances. she got more angry reviews for this scam, the course kinda flopped because the 13 year old girl audience wasn't really interested in forbes larping, she lost 100k russian followers and started blocking everybody who mentioned her investment course in her comments
>started posting designer hauls with fake designer bags, clothes, furniture, and ridiculously inflated price tags on all her items. on the russian thread somebody realized polina bought a $300 couch from wayfair, then claimed it was designer and she spent 18k on it
>polina paid for a 3 day modeling/acting camp (while posting that it was an elite celebrity coaching session and she was there by special invitation,) and now considers herself a model and actress
>while at the camp, she sperged out because she had to share a room with somebody, posted dozens of stories bitching about her room and her roommate, and ragequit after 1 day to go back to her own apartment
>posted obviously shooped "modeling and acting agency contracts" with nonexistent agencies following this
>constantly posts angry rants on ig and tg where she shits on russians and how stupid and gullible they are (for buying her courses in the russian language) and constantly shits on americans for not giving a fuck about her and not treating her like a celebrity or believing she is a millionaire, "because she is russian" and not because she is a lying scammer
>polina's also an insane misogynist who believes women have nothing to offer to the world besides "used pussy"
>when a teenage russian fan of hers who paid for her shitty investment course spread the course's contents to some other teenager for free, polina freaked out about this being "literal robbery," started sperging online about suing the girl, found this teenager's nudes somehow and posted them all over her own socials
>created a wikipedia page for herself
>when she got mocked for creating a wiki page for herself, and that got deleted, she said it was one of her 150+ employees, who made a wikipedia page for polina as revenge because polina was about to fire her (?) and that she sued this rogue employee and won
>bought a ticket for a week-long event at richard branson's island (where everybody was paying to be there and richard only showed up for one dinner,) and now claims richard branson is her personal friend and mentor
>has a fetish for latino guys, bragged about "hopping on 100 mexican dicks from tinder" and tried to shill her online courses for girls who want to learn how to do the same
>brags about going on a tinder date with a different man every day and pretends dating as a millionaire is sooooo hard because everyone is after her money
>made up a crazy story about a rich boyfriend and all their amazing dates and would update detailed stories about him every day for months, never showing his face, then when people started to get suspicious of her lying, she was like "lol it was engagement bait and i made it all up to make more money and you are all retarded"
>bought tickets to cannes film festival for her nonexistant acting career having been in exactly 0 movies, and for fashion week, where she got kicked off the carpet and then posted more narc sperging about how the photographers ignored her
>she makes ridiculous lies that grow bigger every day: she has a net worth of 8 million dollars because of her media company, the company has 150 employees, she manages and does PR for thousands of celebrity clients and politicians, and if you hire her to manage you, she guarantees you will gain 10k followers per week! does she buy followers for her "clients?" does she even have any clients?…
>her "media company" has no website, no testimonials, and no list of previous projects worked on or clients worked with
>Nioly Media Group only has 4 employees on linkedin, and they are 15-17 year old russian schoolchildren who Polina pays $100 per month to reply to her comments and run her insane number of accounts (one of them is her 15 year old brother, who she pays an allowance to reply to her ig comments)
>says she's going to open a lingerie brand and a designer jewelry brand that have been "dropping next month" and getting pushed back every few months for 3 years
>has a "personal assistant" who is actually her friend, who she shares fake designer clothes with, and recently claimed to hire a bodyguard due to her social media fame
>claims to own property in dubai and france, but records show this is also false
>claims to own designer cars but ubers everywhere
>even though she has 1.5 million followers she gets really low interaction (like 15 comments per post) the followers are probably bots she paid for
>after the turkey earthquake she lied that she created a charity in turkey and spent millions helping turkish people, refused to give its name/details and never mentioned it again
>though most of her designer goods are fake and she's lying about her credentials and big projects she pretends to be involved in, she clearly has money from somewhere, her name is on the mortgage of a 3 million usd condo she bought in NYC (which on social media she claimed was 6 million) it's speculated she has very rich parents
>but then she posts videos of herself crying/angrily ranting when her card gets declined a lot (for flights, manicures, clothes shopping) and it's not that she's spending money she doesn't have, it's because she's russian…somehow
>she actually got sued by one of her teenage russian employees in 2022 for not paying him and making him lie on financial documents about the media company so she could get the mortgage for her condo, and that he would have to stay up all night in russia editing tiktoks/ig reels to post for polina on an american time schedule

ig: https://www.instagram.com/nioly/
tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@polina.nioly?lang=en
imdb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11778602/
website: https://niolymediagroup.com/polina-nioly/
online courses:https://niolysale.com/managers/eng
russian thread: https://forum.baginya.org/index.php?threads/polina-pushkareva-%D0%9F%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B0-%D0%9F%D1%83%D1%88%D0%BA%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%91%D0%B2%D0%B0-nioly-%D0%A5%D1%83%D0%B9%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%B8.11489/
some tabloid profiles she paid for: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/22571349/quit-food-job-million-age-25-red-carpet-celebrities/

No. 1982251

File: 1712130438684.webp (144.2 KB, 1080x2118, polina.jpg)

OP here, i hope the summary is not too long, posted her in personal cows at first and people were interested in a thread so i made! i'll translate some of the older russian milk when i have the time. however, she only posts in english now so i don't think it will be too much of a language issue.

i am curious where she actually gets her money beyond the rich parents theory, some russian theories are also that she is involved in money laundering but there's not proof of anything. but she is definitely not as rich as she claims, so maybe she is in a lot of debt or smth

No. 1982258

i mean she visited dubai, they got some pretty shitty rumors

No. 1982375

wonder if any of her actual projects will ever go out or if "investors" will keep "sabotaging"

No. 1982539

im seriously wondering how people keep falling for her whole movie investor larp, to my knowledge shes never even mentioned what movies shes invested in, and shes only credited for a few shitty 'movies'. id like to say that its only a matter of time until people start questioning her but her money flexxing has all her fanbase fooled

No. 1982853

File: 1712314783140.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0153.png)

she’s going to hire more 16 year olds to pay 100 dollars a month for staying up all night to run her social media? generous entrepreneur queen

No. 1982949

she’s not paying anybody—she wants them to be “interns”

No. 1983264

lol this chick. In Russian these types of people are called “info gypsies”. sage for OT, I got half a syringe of lip filler at her pr “client”/bff (olga modlanski)‘s clinic and it was a really subpar/bad experience. I figured at half a syringe they couldn’t mess my lips up that bad no matter what- I found out the hard way anything is possible. it’s uneven (not horribly noticeable but I can see it), her RN tried to give me that stupid keyhole even though I specifically asked not to do that and she didn’t actually deposit anything in the cupids bow so they have this weird, backwards pointing shape now. Also on one tip there is a weird flat scar from where she jammed in the needle. They make clients apply their own numbing cream in the lobby so they won’t take up rooms while they wait for the cream to take effect. I already spent the same amount of money the filler cost (300) to dissolve that shitty keyhole and I kinda want to dissolve more but can’t afford it and have my cupids bow reshaped by an actual doctor cause it’s looks so shapeless now- I had kind of shapeless cupids bow naturally so I was wanting more definition, not the TikTok sausage shape. This is the level of quality of people circulating polina I guess.

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